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From " First Im- 
pressions of Country 
Bookselling" in 
The Bookseller 

Messrs. W. H. Smith do wonders 
for the country bookseller. The work 
they do is beyond praise; is, indeed, 
far better than their own advertisements 
claim. Judging by results, the men 
and women on the job take a personal 
pride in finding the most obscure works 
from the vaguest clues. For speed of 
service, Messrs. W. H. Smith can give 
weight to most of the publishers 
and beat them in a canter. 




for all your books 

and good service 9 too 


of Distribution 
by Hubert M. Wilson 
in The Bookseller. 

W. H. SMITH & 


: HOLBORN 4348 














and giving 






J. WHITAKER & SONS, LTD., 13 Bedford Square, London, W.C.I 

NEW YORK : The R. R. Bowker Co., 62 West 45th Street 
TORONTO : Mr. 1. L. Hobden, 53 Avenue Road 

This is Volume Two (TITLK INDEX) of the two-volume 

Lists of publishers and the abbreviations used to denote their names, 

and many pages of invaluable information will be found in the 

preliminary pages of VOLUME ONE (AUTHOR INDEX) 



A Apple Pie C4.39. III. Grecnaway's Pict.Bks bds.7/6 U'arne 
A Bon Chat. Bon Rat (Wilson. P.G ) ('35) G18.vju.110. Mod H.S 

1/9 Macniillan 

A-Going to Westward (Lenski) 8vo 111. 24/- Ltppincott 
A-Hikmg we Will Go! Play (Buchanan). siLOtl. McQueen 
A-Hikine we Will Go (Coevermg). Kvo.215. lOOill 20/- Lipphuott 
A-Kamba and Other Hast African Tribes. Ethnol of (Hoble\). CIO) 

D8.xvi,172 54ill 1M. Archaeol S. 12/6 Camb 
A la Carte- Plays (Zwar & Melville). 1)846. sd 4/- S French 
A I'Enseigne du Coci (Saxelhy) 030) sC8 160 III 3/6* Gmn 
A I'Ombrc dcs Ailcs (Perochon). Ed Daniels CM) C8.204. 3/-* 


A Mi-Chemm (Newsham) C50) CK 04 1/6* Dent 
Al Cookery Book (Lawson). 5r c 046} O8 l l >8 6/- C I ockwood 

Guide to London and Outer Suburbs, sd 2/6 Geographia 

A Stands for Angel (Thomas. JG) 039) 4to 48. 4i>ill. bds 3/6 

to / of Soviet Union (Pane) 046) I/- B .S I ,s [Mvwhrav 
A.25 Speaks (Davis. N.). 2nd S 96. Ill Lond Suppti Rdrs. sd 1/4* 

Univ Land. 

A'Wede Away (Scott. B.M ) n.e ('50) 1C8 240 5/- Hutchmson 
" A.A " Motorist Diary. 1951. C'32 cl 2M; L 4/-. ?/6 Lett* 
A.A.I . Guide to Professional Lxaininations hd Walford \ I 050) 

5/6 A.A L. 

I ibrarv. Catalogue of (T waits). 049) 1/6 A.A.L 

ABC American Cars (Warring). C50) J'ou8 III sd 2/- / Allan 

and All that (Rces. G.M.). ('48) C4 86. Ill (25col.) bds.(>/- K.Hah- 

and 1 23 ('38 > 6/- OM 

-- and XY/, ol Bee Culture (Root). C47) M8.720 32,'- Dcnlcv 
-Book 26. 111. 2/6 Kvlee [<t Co 

Book Picture Book ('5(0 sM8 16 lucol.ill Acorn S. sd 2/6 Nutt 
--British Locomotives. 1-4. (*50) 4\. caDlh72 80 K.) 88 ABC 1 

Loco.S sd.2/- I.Allan 

Bus Books, llv ca D16 2/--2/6 1. Allan 

Ch. (Jones. J ). n.e 049) C4.32. HOill Plant S 2/6 Brvthon 

- for Special Constables and Police Wai Rc.scr\es (Hewitt.) 5r c. 

C43) D8.I32. sd 1/4 Police 

-for You and Me (Tempest) C5(h 1CS ?? 25col ill bds Vt> Metliti 
-Guide to Education Acts. 1944 and 1946 (Hogg) C^M G18 136 

sd.V6 /Vn//;> <t 7 1 . \raith 

Guide to 1 auh and Practice of Church (Dart) 046) C8 17b 5/- 

Guide to Practice of Supicme Court (Boland) ?6e.C49) 20,'- Sweet 
-- Japanese-English Dictionary (Vaccan). 2\. C49) sR8 1746. 

10/10/- K.Paul 

- Libro (Gregory. E ). C50) C8 16. 2Sill sd I/- T^pcranw 

- Locomotive Series. 7v. ca.DI6. 2J- - 8, 6 / Allan 

-Locoshcd Books (Allan. I.). Pts 1-4 050) Pott8.48. easdl/- 
I. Allan 

Murders (Christie. A ). (*48) sC8.224 sd.J/6 Penguin 

- of Afrikaans (Haarhoft) 6r e. J-8 142 sd h/- Bailey 
-of Afrikaans (HaarhofT) 18 142. 3/6 Gordon 

-ot Algebra (Ballard). C38) C8.128. d sd.l/y*. limp 2/3*: a sep 

1/9* Umv.Lond. 

-of Anarchism (Bcrkmann). 2e.('45) DS.100 sd I/- Freedom 
-of Basic- English (Ogdcn). r e C44) Pott8 212 Psvche Mm S 3/6; 

Tr. into Dutch, Ficnch. German. Italian. Spanish. ea.I 8. ca.3/6 

Basic Lnglnh 

of Birmingham Citv Tiansport. ("50) 2\ ca.D16.56 72. ABC Bus 

Bks. sd.2/6 / Allan 

~-of Birmingham Coiporation \\hicles ("50) D16 64 ABC' Bus Bks 
2/6 LAllan 

of Bookcraft (Catton). 050) C4 96. 75d 7/6 Evans 

of Brighton and Hove (l\\fe). 4r e.('50) C8.136. lOilI 12pl 4M 

sd.1/6 Crabtree 
-- of Bristol Tramways. Buses and Coaches (*49) D16.64. ABC Bus 

Bks. 2/6 I.Allan \l.Allan 

--of British Electric Trains. C49) D16 80. ABC Loco.S bds.2/- 

of Builders' Estimating CBailey. R.G.) 3eX'50) 28 sd 2/6 r 


- of Chairmanship. C49) C8.284 4/- N.C.L.C. 

- of Christian Living (Hudson. C.E.). C8.96. Ch'man's Pop.Lib. 2/6 


of Civil Aircraft Markings (Taylor. J.W.R.). 050) D16.72. bds.2/- 

1. Allan 

of Eastbourne and District (Ruff). C50) C8 96. 3ill.8pl.2M. sd.1/6 


of Electronics (Walton). ('47) C8.141. III. 7/6 PManhall 

of English Usage (Treble & Vallms). C36) FN 192. 3/6* Oxf. 

of First Aid Treatment (Whimngham). 3e.C50) 1/6 Red Cross 

- of Gardening Series (Cooper. W.E.S.-) 8v. ca.C8. 111. ca.5/- Ens. 

of Glass. 10y- Stone A C [U.P. 

- of Gregg Shorthand. C42) 40. 6d. Gregg 

of Hastings and East Sussex (Titman). 3r.c.('5( C8.96. 3ill.8pl.2M. 

sd.1/6 Crabtree 

of Home Decoration (Parry). (*9) 1C8.320. lOSill. 10/6 Lng.V.P. 

of Homemakmg (Horncrj. <*49) 1C8.320. 178ill. 10/6 Eng.U.P- 

of Homoeopathy (Woods). sD16. 110. 4/6 Homeopath 

of Irish Locomotives. ('49) D16.64 ABC Loco S. bds.2/. I.Allan 

ABC ot Iron and Steel. 6c C50) D4 440. III. 80,- Penton 

of Liberalism. C50) 1C 12.46. sd.tkl. liberal 

of London Transport Railwa\s. C50) 2v ea D16 80. 2/- / Allan 

ot London's Transport. 1 cS: 2. ('50) ca.DK>.72:64. ABC Bus Mk^ 

2/- I.Allan 

of Marine Diesels (Page) ('37) 16/- Penton 

of Medical Treatment (Chamberlain). ('46) C8.214. 10/6 Oxf. 

of Midland Red Buses. ('50) D16 88. ABC Bus Bks 2/6 I.Allan 
of Millmerv (Kitchen C50) C8 128. 55tU.5Cfif!s. 8/6 Skeffington 

of Musical Theory (Dimstan) C97) D8 101. sd 4/6 ( urwen 

of Needlework (Holt. J.M ). ('50) C8.\.118 143lu/s 5/- G Bell 

of our Alphabet (Thompson, T ) C42) C4.64. 111. 8/6 Studio 

of Photography (Partmgton). C4 l >) C8.80 I6pl.22d bds 3/6; cl V- 


ol Poultry-Keeping (Florca) ('49) CS 176 5ill. 8/6 Ca\\ell 

of Practical Astio-Navigation (Vanclervoid). C46) D8.55. bds h - 


- of Psychology (Waterhousc). r C.C50) C8.124. 5/- / pwnrth 

of Public Health (Garnei). ('50) C8.2^3. 15 /- Samtarv 
-- of Punctuation (Simpson) C3M C8 24 9d.* <>\f. 

of Roofing (Cotgrave). 2e C48) CK 48. 2ld 4/0 ( .Lotkwood 

of Shooting (Clapham) C^OJ D8 160 14ill S/6 Heath. C. 

ol Southdown Buses and Coaches. ('50) D16.4U ABC Bus Bks 2 

/.Allan \A\\tx New>pi\ 

ot the Svmphonv (Tvlei) C48) sC4 24 Til Young Brit.S. sd I/< 

of To vs. D4 28ill (26col ). sd.3/- Net\on 

of United Nations (Moore. B ) ('49) CN sd 2/6 I'.N Awi 

- - of Western Welsh Vehicles. DI6 ABC Bus Hks. ?/(> / Allan 

of Woodwork (Hayward) C4 61. Ill Handyman S sd 4/6 Lvan\ 

of Worthing and West Sussex (King, Gj. 2r c.('50) C8 96. lill 8pl 

8M Sd.1/6 Crabtree 
of Writing and Painting (*50) 1C4 16 Col ill. sd I/- Collins 

o\ Yacht Racing (Smith. S H ) 2e ('49) C8 194. 47il! 8 ; 6 L.Arnold 

Picture Book. C45) 1C4 96. Col l-i. bds. 3/6 Collins 

Picture Book. ('50) 4/6 .V Low 

Picture Hook. ('50) C4 64. Ill (2col ). Cosy Coiner Pict S bds ^/( 

\Vard. l^ock 

Pocket Atlas Guide to London and its Outei Districts 17r.c C^O) 

D8 39col pi limp 6/ 6 G Philip 
-Rail and Bus Guide. 122 1M sd 9d. Arrowwith 

Rhyming (Cooper) sD4 16 Col. ill 2/- Anw> 

Storv Book. C49) C4 128 111 (4col.) Bumpv S bds 5/- IVard.l oe A 

Telegraphic Code. 5e . 6c . 7e.. Span e ea C45) IO/10/- Pitman 

Van F.ngcls (Tavermer). C45) Imp 16 205. sd.14/- Bailey 

ABf"s of Sultonamide and Antibiotic Thjrapy (Long. P.H ). ('48)11 8. 

211. III. 17/6 Saundrn 
ABDA Despatch by Supreme Commander of \BDA Area to C C 

Staffs on Ops. in SAV. Pacific. Jan 15-f-eb.25. 1942. sd.9d. War 

Off -.HM.S.O. 
\ C. See Alternating Current 
A.G 's Book ol the Rifle (Banks). 4c.C50> C8.227. Ilpl7d. 8/<> 

A J S (Neill). 2c C49) C8.148 Mot Cvc S. 5/- C.A.Peanon 

Book of the (Haycraft) 7c.C50) (^8 192. III. Mot.Cyc S 4/6 Pitmun 
AL Series 1\ F12.16. sd.9d MJ Llovil 
A P.S.A. System ot Education and a faith (Smith, C T.) ('37) D8 

\\ix.581. 5ill 7ch. 3/6 Watt\ 
A.R P. i<*f Air Raul Precautions. 
A.S.A. Handbook. C50) 5/- A.S.A.:Slmpktn 
\. r \ .D S. Cookery Book. 10r.e.('48) SC4.12S. sd.3/6 Domestic 
Aardrykskunde. Mcd. Afrikaans. Jun.Ccrt.Tests S 1/6 Juta 
Aardrvkskundige Vtacstclle. Std VIII (Spuv) C49) 1/6 Juta 
Aaron's Rod (Lawrence. D.H ). n C.C50) F8312 7/6 Hetnentann 

(Lawrence. D.H.) C50) sC8 348. sd.2/6 PenKum 

Abaana Abamu Ab'omu Baibuh (I>i\on. J.). ('49) C8.32. 3ill. 

Luganda Rdrs. 6d.* Oxf. 

Abailard. Peter (Sikcs). (M2) D8.xvi.282. I5/- Camb. 
Abascnpt (Lcly). M8.40. 3/-* Pitman 
Abatement of Radio Interference Caused by Motor Vehicles and 

Internal Combustion Engines. 047) 23 2/- B.S.I. 

of Radio Interference from Electro-Medical and Industrial Radio- 

Frequency Equipment. C47) 18. 2/- B.S.I. 
Abbave of Holy Ghost. 12/6 Camb. 
Abb6 Constantm (Hatevy). Ed.Petilleau. C8.316. 4/6* Hachette 

Daniel (Theunct). Ed.Park. Longer Fr.Txts S. limp 1/9* Blackte 

dc l'Ep6e (Bouilly). Ed.Hartog. Fr.Plays S. limp 1/9* Blackle 
Abbess of Castro (Stendhal). n.e.('26) C8. 6/- Chatto 

Abbev Church of St. Denis and us Art Treasures (Super, Abbt.) Ed. 
ATr.Panofsky. C'46) M8.264. 25pl.lM. III. 21 j- Princeton U.P.: 

English (Crosslev). 3e.('49) D8.xiv.114. 161ill.(2col.) 2fldg.d. Bnt. 

Heritages. 12/6 Batsford 

Girls at Home (Oxenham) n e.C38) C8.276. Seagull Lib. 3/6 


Girls Go Back to School (Oxenham). ('49) C8.320. Seagull Lib. 

3/6 Colltm 

Girls in Town (Oxenham). T49) C8.314. Seagull Lib. 3/6 Collins 

Girls on Trial (Oxenham) 049) C8.288. Seagull Lib. 3/6 Collins 

Girls Play Up (Oxcnham,}. n.c.('38) C8.288. Seagull Lib. 3/6 





Abbey Girls Win Through (Oxcnham). ('49) C8.320. Seagull Lib. 3/6 

History Readers. New (Parkinson). 6v. re. ca.CS. 111. M. 2/6*- 

3/6* G.Bell 

of St. Gall (Clark. J.M.). C26) D8.viii.322. 4pl.3d. 18/- Camb. 

of St Mary of Meadows. Leicester (Thompson. A.H ). (*49) D8. 

274. 7pl. 2 1/- Leics.Archae.Soc.'. Backus 

Abbeys and Cathedrals. English. ('50) suRS.128. 129ill 1M. 10/6 

Cistercian, of Scotland Galoot). C39) C8 sd 1/3 Burns, O. 

English (Beard). C49) M8 111. 10/6 Ltttlebury 

Ruined, of Yorkshire (Lefroy). C8. 111. 3/6 Seeley 

Scottish, and Social Life (Coulton). ('33) D8.X.294. Camb.Stud.uj 

Med Life & Thought S. 15/- Camb. 
Abbie (Chandos). ('47) sD8 240 10/6 M.Joseph 
Abbo of Fleurv's " Quaestioncs Grammaiicales " (Bradley). R8 Br. 

Ac. M- 0x1. 
Abbot. The (Scott. W.). F8. 111. Oxford Scott. 6/- Oxf. 

Samson, etc. (Carlylc). Ed Walmslcy. Pott8.256. King's 1 reas.S 

1/10* Dent 

Abbott Memorial Lectures Scries 12v. ca D8. sd 1/6 Nott Univ. 
Abbotts Langlev (Thicknesse). (*46) F4.64. 111. 6/- Staples 
Abbrcvia (Jones. A.T.& R.M.). ('48) F8. 5/- Newnes 
Abbreviated Catechism with Explanations (Dnnkwater) C50) C8.88 

sd 2/6 Burn\. O. 
Abbreviations and Num.. Latin and Italian Dictionary of. used in 

old MSS. (Cappelli). (*49) Pott8.lxxni.531. 9p! 24/- Bailey 

Dictionary of (Matthews). ('47) C8.viii.232 6/- Routleder 

Dictionary cif (Partridge). D8.106 8/6 Allen & V. 

Dictionary oKStcphenson) ('43) IC8 viii,12o. 15/-N.Y. Macmillan 

French (Latham) F8.255. 2/6 Pitman 

German Common Phrases and with Trans ('48) C8 48 1/6* Pitman 

in Greek Inscriptions (Avi-Yonah). ('40) 4to 130. 6tabs 8/- Oxf. 
in International Med. Literature. Pars pro Tutor (Peycr). ('50) FS 

196 20 /- Bailey 

Abdallah on le Tiefle a Ouatie Fcuilles (Laboulavc) Ed Wilson, 
J.A ^c C29) F8 80. Simpl.Fr.Txts.S 1/6* Mrthum 

ou le Trefle a Quatre Feuilles (Laboulayc). Ed.Schnu C13) R>o 

308 4/6 Oxf, 

Abdomen, Acute. Early Diagnosis of (Cope). 2c ('46) D8.278. 38nps 
15/- Ovf 

Diseases of. S>nopsis of Diagnosis of Surgical (Hardy. 1 A ). 2r e 

C45) C8.526 lOOill. 38/6 KimpUm 

How to Develop a Powerful (Trevor) 40 12ill 2/6 Trc\i>r 

in Rhyme. Diagnosis of Acme (Zeta) 2e ('49) \in.94. 111. P. 

Collmfiwood 6/- H.K.Lfwi\ 

Physical Signs in Chest and (Blake. A J J ) C2I) Rfi ITS 27ill 9/6 


Surgical 'Ireatment of the (Bancroft <t Wade). C47) D8 1026 4'>0 

ill.(3u>l ) 7 Lippincoft 

Abdominal Imurics in Warfare (Tavlor. Sir G G -) ('39) IDS' 06 
68col ill 10/6 J.WriRlit 

Operations (Maingot). 2c C48) suRK xxi\ .1274 4<>Kill J5/10/- 

H K I ewi\ 

Pain (Morley) ('31)08208 22ill 10/6 F.rf A / iv. 

Surgery (Hammeil). C41) D8 368 Oxf Med Ouilinr S. 12/6 (>\f 

Surgery in Infancy and Childhood (Ladd & Gross) C41) suR8 

4** 614ill 60/- Sounders 

Surgery, Pionecis in (Cope) C19) C8.148 18ill. 8/6 O\1 

Trauma. Surgciv of (Paikcr. G.E ) ('44) L>8 120 lOill. 10/6 

Abdu'I-Bah1. Comm. on Will and Testament of (Hofman). ('42) C8 

28 scl I/- Btiha'i 
Abdul Ilamid (Witthn) Tr Denny ('40) D8 296 111 12 /6/ Lorn- 

Latif. Shah of Bhit (Sorb\) C40) D8 442 21 /- O\t 

Abe Lincoln of Pigeon Creek (Wilson, W E) DS 25/6 McGraw 
Abelard and Heloise. Liu's, Amours. Misloriuncs and I cttcis of 
C48) R6 9col pi Ic(H)OO) 2V- F./^M-/S 

Peter. Christian 'theology of (McCallurn) C49) DKvn.117 7/6 

Black well 
Abcnccrrai? (Villcgas) Poti8.28 Camb Pin Txts 2/-* Camb 

El Ed.OlmstecJ <*4K) F8 64 Oxf Rap.Rdg Sp TcMs 2/6* Ot/ 
Abentcuer der Neuiahrsnacht (Zschokkc) Ed Hagboldl. Punn & 

Morgan. ('34) 64 Grad Gcr.Rdrs limp 2/6* Harrar 

des Glaubens Tr into German (Chesterton). C8.266. 17 /- 


dcs Sectcufels (Luckncr). ('34) 48. III. Pin Texts Gcr. sd 1/3*; 

limp 1/6* Harrap 

in Tongking (I userke) Mod Ger S 2/-* r Arnold 

\on Paula und Peter (Johannscn & Wagner). C37) CS 124. limp 

2/-*; bds2/3* Vmv Lond. 
Abcntrucrliche Simpli/ius Simplizissimus (Lichtenbcrgcr) Ed Curts 

('45 ) 98. 3/6* Harrap 
Abercarn. Baptist Church. History of (Pugh) C33) M8 128 23iII 

10/6 3 ohm 

Abercromhie. L.. Obituary (Elton) R8 Bnt.Acad. 2/6 ()\f 
Aberdaie Guide. C50) C8. sd 1/6 Pyramid 
Aberdeen and Angus: Map C47) 3/6 Gall 

Angus. Kincardine and Fife (ORR. Stamp. Dohson. etc ) C46) 

LandofBrS. 10/- Geog Pubm .Stanford 

Council Letters. Ed.Taylor. L.B. v.l. 1552-1633 C42) D8 488. 2pl ; 

v.2. 1634-1644. C50) ea.30/- Oxt. 

Dceside- Guide. ('49) C8 HIM d 5/- Ward.lsxk 

Directory. P.O.. 1950. Ed.Grant D8720'10/- PO.Aberdffn 

Four Books Frae Nos 1-4 5/- : Nos 5-8 II- r\\lemont 

Getting Around rHarvev. G.R ). 2c C48) C8 48 111 1/6 Alhvn 

Map: |" C48) 27" x 22". sd.2/-; cl.3/6 Bartholomew 

Stones Frac. Nos 1-1 C42-'48) ea sd 6d : cl I/- Lsslemont 

Univ. Liby., MacBean Collection. Ed.Allardyce. (*49) R8.334. 

lOill. 25 /- Aberdeen 

Aberdeenshire. Education in. before { 1872 (Simpson) C47) D8.232. 
Sill. 5/- Scot. Council: Univ. Land. 

Aberdcenshire. N.E. Parts (Wilson. J.S G ) C86) 9d. Geol.-H.M.S.O. 

West and Banffshirc (Teall). (*96) 1/f Geol.:ll.M.S.O. 
Aberdovey, Towyn: Guide. (*47) C8. Ill.M. d. 5/- Ward.Lock 
Aberrations. Tour Papers on (Smith, T.). R4. Coll. Researches, sd 

3/- Nat.Phys.jMb.-H.M.S.O. 

of Lens Systems (Smith. T.ctc.). R.4. Co 11. Researches, sd.3/6 

Nat.Phyt.Lab '.If.MSO. 

Primary, Rcf. Svst. for, etc. (Smith, T ). R4. Coll.Researches. sd. 

9d. Nat P/ivv /./i/i // M S.O 

Wave Theory of (Hopkins). ('50) D8.178. 64d. 17/6 Oxf. 
Abcrystwyth, Awen (Jones. T.). 2/6 Gomenan 

Guide. C50) C8. Ill.M. d. 5/- Ward.Lock 
Abhisamavalamkara, Anal, of (Obermillcr). 3\. ca.8v<. sd. v.l. & 3. 

JO/-; v.2. 12/6 Luzac 
Abide in Christ (Murray, A.). C21) C8. 6/- Nisbet 

With Me (BcltniKC). C50) C8.328. 10/6 Seeker [Ltndiev 
Abiding Values (Ratter). C48) C8.24. Rclig.m Chang. Wld S. sd.6d 

Words. R64 132 Tiny lex; Bks.S. sd.1/6 Barter 

Abilities, Human. Structure of (Vcrnon, P.). ('50) D8.xu.151. 6ill 
Man.Mod. Psych. S. 12/6 Methuen 

Know Your Real (Broadley). (*48) D8.2I6. 23/6 McGraw 

Measurement of (Vcrnon, P.E.). ('40) D8 308 d. J5/- Umv.Lond 
Ability (Spearman & Jones). ('50) D8.viu.108. 7figs. 16/- Macmillan 

hxercises in English (Ashmore). 14v. 50r C.C50) sd.l/--2/6; cl 

1/6- 3/-* H.Ru^ell 

Hereditary, Studies in (Gun). D8. 10/6 Allen & V. 

in Typewriting in Relation to Vocational Guidance (Biencman) 

C23) R846. sd.l/- I. L O. -.Staple* 

Selling Your (Knowlson). ('44) D8.176. 10/6 Thors>on\ 

Tests, Duplex Series of (Earle). r c.('47) Tests 1 & 2. Hid*; 

Tcsts3<Sc4. 16:24. l/3i*; Man. 3/6* Harrap 
Abmgdon Bible Commentary, hd.hiselen. Lewis. E &. Downey 
('32 ) RK 1468. 55/- Lpworth 

Chnmicon Monasteru de, A.D.201-1 189. Ed.Stcvcnson. 3 

(1858). 2v. R8. 10/- Puh.Rec -H.M.S.O. 
Ahmyer Harvest (1-orster, E M.) n.e.('40) I 8 M, 330 6/- f .Arnold 
Abkanvat-al-Arab FTJ-'ilm wa'1-talsafah (Farrukh) 8vo.l87. sd 

187. sd.10/- Luzac 
Ablation of Frontal Cortex, Selective Partial. Ed.Mcttlcr (*49) 530 

123ill. 75/- Horher-Ca^fll 

Abla/e Yet Not Consumed (Martin. D J.) ('49) C8 194. 8/6 Lutt. P 
Able Dealer (MacCarthv). (*28) C8.76. 1/9 M.H.Gill 

Seaman (Carter. G.G.) (*48) 9/6 Comtuhlr 

Abnormal and Personal, Morbid (Picton). ('23) D8.19 sdl/- Vr 
Sr\..Soc. .Jvrth\treant ' \McGraw 

Behaviour, Psychodvnamics of (Brown. J F.). ('48) 484 42/6 
--Mental Strain (Read, C.S ). ('20) R8 via, 160. 10/6 H K.Lewn 

PncumoencephaloRram (Davidoff Sc Epstein). ('50) 18vo.506 69*5 

ill. 5/5/- Kimpton 

Psychology (Page). ('47) 34/- M(Graw 

Psychology and Education ( C8. 8/6 Allen & If 

Psychology, Introduction to (1-isher). r.e.('37) 8vo.xu.S32. 33/6 

N.Y.: Macmillan 

Psvcholoev, Normal and (Nicole). ('48) D8.104. 8/6 Allen & V. 
--Psychology, Outline of (McDougall). 6e.('48) D8.xviii.572. 18/- 


Psychology. Pnn. of (ConUm). D8 20/- Allen & V 

Psychology. Textbook ol (Dorcus & ShafTei) 3e ('45) MR.iv.548 

31/6 Bfiillierf 

Psychology, Textbook of (Landis &, Bollcs). M8. 37/6 N.Y. 


Speech (Boome. Barnes &. Harris. D G.). 2r.e.('50) C8.xvi.164 

9/6 Methuen 
Ahnotmaliiies of Eve, Developmental (Mann, L). (*37) R8.xh.444 

284figs 55 /- BritJnl Ophthal \Cumb 
Abnormality. Crime and (Bmnev). ('49) F8.184. II LT.L ^/- Oxf 

Mental (Culpin). C48) C8.196. Umv.Lih 7/6 Hutchison 
Abolition of Man (Lewis, C.S ). ('46) D8.64 sd 3/6 Itle^ 
Abominable Twilight (Campbell. R ). ('49) C8.212 8/6 Ca^ell 
Aboriginal Siberia (Czaphca). ('14) D8.392. 16pl. 257- Oxf 

Tribes of Hyderabad (Ilaimcndorf). v.2. ('45) Imp8 xvui.374. 

19ill.48pl 5M. 35/-; v.3 Bk.I Imp8. 35/- MacmtW.n 

Woman (Kaberry). ('39) D8.xxxi.294. 111. 16/6 Routledgf 
Aborigines, Australian (Elkm). D8.275. 28ill. 12/6 Angus 

Australian, Boomerang Leg and Yaws in (Hackett). (*36) 66.17pl 

bds.5/- R S Trop.Med. 

Australian, Myths and Legends of (Thomas). (*39) C8.75. 6ill. 2/- 


of Highlands of Central India (Mazumdar). 8vo 84 3/- Luzac 

Passing of the (Bates. D.). (*38) DR. 111. IS/- J.Murray 
Abortion (Birkctt) sd.2/6 Mm of Health:H M.S.O. 

(Browne.S .Ludovici & Roberts, H.). 1C8.143. sd.3/6; cl.4/6 

Allen &. U. 

Right or Wrong? fThurtle). (*48) C8.xii,83. 2ill. 2/6 Watts 
About Books for Children (White. D N.). C46) D8.236. 12/6 Oxf. 

the Bush- Play (" Columba "). ('50) C8.24. 1/9 H.R.Carter 

Buxton (Evans, E.S.) ('48) sC8.32. HIM sd.1/6 F.f'vam 

Castleton (Evans, E.S.) . ('48) sC8 32. Ill.M. sd.1/6 F.lvam 

Catherine de Mfdici (Balzac). Tr.Bell. C. sC8.xvi.350. Ev'man S 

4/6 Dent 

Conducting (Wood, Sir H.). C45) C8. 2d. 5/6 W. Reeve* 

Conducting (Wood, Sir H.). n.c('49) C8.128. d. 3/6 Svlvan 

Cosmic Rays (Wilson. J G.) C48) C8 140. Sci.S. 8/6 

Education (Joad). ('45) C8 172. 7/6 Faber [Sigma 

England (Hughes. M V.) (*28) CR.384. 111. 7/6 Dent 
Engliih Poetry (Bradby) (*29) C8.86. 5/- Oxf. 

Fishing (Hartman). 4c.('48) D8.xii,308. 111. d. 12/6 Methuen 

Girls (Boole), n e.C35) R16.40x sd.l/- C.W.Daniel 

Gospels (Dodd) C50) sC8 vin,352. 3/6 Camb 

It and About (Gielgud). C28) D8.318 III. 12/6 Blackwood 

Jesus (M.M.& Robin). ('49) C8.61. 24ill.(llcol.). sd.1/6*; bds 

4/- Longmans 




About Jesus: in Swahih (M.M.& Robin). Tr.Factt.lcr. ('47 ) C8.64. 
24ill. Swahih Rdrs.S. sd.l/-* Longmans 

Jesus (Woollen). C8. 6/- Sands 

Maps (Hood). obD6. Puffin Pict.S. 2/- Penguin 

Our Birds (Wall). ('43) C8.57. 2/6 IVhittombe [Lock 

Our DORS (Smith, A.C.). r.e.(*48) D8.448. Ill.(8col ) 25/- Ward, 

Our Town (Moore, M.F.). C8.ii,62 111. Social S. sd.l/ 6 Macmillan 

Ourselves (Nccdham). D8.288. 15/- Allen & V. 

Parables (Roll). ('49) IC8.142. Col.Fr. Sill.lM. 6/6 Black 

Russia (Benn). ('30) D8.168. 6/- E.Bfnn 

Science (Griffiths). (*30) CH. 3/6* J .Murray 

to Marry (Thompson, D.W.). ('49) C8.68. 3/6 Epworth 

William Law (Hopkmson). C48) D8.I44. 8/6 S.P C K . 

Your Food (Plummer) ^'40) D8.V.41. 3d. sd.1/9* Longman* 

Your Home (Coles). 111. 2/9* Blackie 

Above All Liberties (CraiR). C8.210. 7/6 Allen & V 

All Nations (Bnttam.Hodges & Catlin). C8 I/- Gollancz 

Dark Circus (Walpolo. (*25) Pkt e. 4/6 Macmillan 

Rubies (Cook. A.I.) ('48) F8.64. III. sd 1/3 Mur\hall. M & S 

Rubies (Hunter). (*50) C8. Chi Sunshine S. Christ. Lit 

Suspicion (Maclnnes). C8.243 8/- Harrap 

Abiaham (.Cohen & Kamm). ('48) C8.12. Sill. Gt.Jews S. sd.l/- 
- (Pittaway). C8. sd.1/6 1'ittawav [l> L.P.S. 

- (Scott. C.A ) Bib Class S. sd.1/6; cl 1/9 T &T ClurL 

(Wocilley). ('36) 1C8.304. 1M. 10/6 Faber 

-- and his Son Isaac (Han, R.). ('48) DI648. J8ilJ (2col ) Stories 
from Bib.S. bds.2/- Staple 

Lincoln and U.S. (Whcarc). (.'48) IF8.300. lill.2M 1 Y.Hist S 

5/- Eng U.P. 

Tlncoln. Play (Dnnkwater) D8 42. sd.2/6 S.Frendi 

Lincoln Play (Dnnkwater). Ed.Scth. ('47) CK.88. 3ill Plays 

Retold S. 1/6* Oxf. 
-Testament of (Box). ('27) C8 124. Transl.of Early Doc S 6/- 


Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants ('I homas. J.L.). ('97) D8.99 2/6 
Abrasive Handbook (Jacobs). ('28) 16/- Penton {Covenant 

Papers and Cloths for General Purposes O9) 27. 3/- If S.I. 
~- Papers and Cloths Technical Products. ('39) 29 3/- If ^ 1 
Abravanel. Isaac. Ed.'Ircnd & loewe. (*37) D8.xxMi.158. 4pl. 7/6 

Abridged Bedside Book Ed Stanley. C8.282. 4/f Gollancz 

Callcndar Steam Tabs.: Fahr. and Cent. (Callendur). 4e.('39) 

M8.8. ca.1/3 E Arnold 

Catholic Directory. Ed CosRrave. ('50) C8 176 sd 2/- Dufjv 

- Diet of I.sidin (or Romansh) Language w. Gcr., Fr and i\ny 

Tr. (Vclleman). ('29) D16.xlvn.928 28/- Bailev 

English-Zulu Word Book (Brvant) C4S) D16475 8/6 Baile\ 
--Greek Lexicon scjl2 812 12/6* Ovf 

Malay-English Dictionary (Romanized) (Wilkinson). rCoope 

7re('48) G18 x,270. 8/6 Macmillan 
Abnss der Altwestnordischen Grammatik (Krause) ('48) xi,124 

12 /- Bailtv 

Abroad, At Home and. 2e.('39) C8.xi.244. 89ill. GCOR for To-Dav S 
4/9* Longman* [Pitman 

So You're Takinp Your Car (Nockolds). C8 70. Ill Mot.S 2/6 
Absalom :md Achitophcl (Dryden). Ed.Chnstie. 5r.e('ll) F8.372. 

3/6* Oxf 

Gideon to (Whyte) 12e C47) C8.307. Bib Charact S. 7/6 Oliphanti 
Abscess of the Brain (Atkinson) C14) ->D8 289 45col ill. 21 /- Rich 
Abschied vom Paradies (Thicss) Ed Bohzkes. C30) 6/6* Harrup 
Absence. Sickness. Certified, among Women in Industry (Wvatt. 

etc ) ('45) R8 lndust.Hlth.Rc*. BU Kept, sd 9d. Med.Res 
Council ff.M.S.O. 

- Su-kness. Recording of, in Industry (*44) R8 Indust.Hlth Res. 

Bd.Rcpt sd.6d Med.Res Council U M S () 
Absent Without 1 c-ave (Jenkins). ('44) CK 316 10/6 Jlememann 
Absentee (Edgeworth). sC8 Tvi,i,346. Ev'man S 4/6 I)<nt 

(Strong, I .A G ) ('39) C R 29. 1-Act Plavs S I/- Methuen 
Absolute Collective (Gutkmd). Tr Gabam. ('37) D8.124. 6/- 

C W Daniel 

Dailv RanRe of Mapnetic Declination at Kew. 1901-19IO (Stagg). 

Gcsphvs.Mcm.S. Id. 3/- Mft.Ofj :U.M.SO 

Differential Calc. (Civita) Ed Persico. 'Ir.long.M IDS.xvi 452 

25 /- Blcickle 

Measurements in Elec and Magnetism (Grav, A.). 2r.e C21) 

D8xx.838 252figs. 42 /- MatMillun 

Measurements of Resistance by Method Based on 1 orcnz (Smith. 

F.E.) R 4 Coll Researches sd.4/6 Nut Phvt.Lab. ft M S C) 
--Range of MaRnctic Declination, 1858-1900 (Chree). ('21) Gcophvs 
McmS. sd.2/6 Met Off U.M.S.O. 

Relations of Time and Space (Robb). f'21) D8 5/- Camb. 

Surrender (Murray. A^ G18 128. Colportage S. 2/- Moody: 

Absolution, Ministry of (Kirk). D8.12. 9d Daw Black 

Sacrament of (Stuart). ('36) F8.104. sd.2/6 Faith 
Absorbers, Resonant and Reverberators ('47) R8.57. sd.7/6 Physical 
Absorptiometer, Spekkcr. Metallurgical Analysis by Means of the 

(Havwood & Wood.A.A.R.). ('44) D8.xn.142 32ill ch 18/- 

Absorption and Extraction (Sherwood) ('37) 347- McGraw 

and Scattering of Gamma Rays (.Owen, E A . Fleming A Fage). 

R4. Coll. Researches, sd.l/- Nat.Phvt.lMb iH.M.S.O. 

Metabolism and Storage of Vitamin A and Carotene (With). 

C40) R8.272. 18/- Oxf. 

of Nitrous Gases (Webb, H.W.). ('23) D8.vui.372. 145ill. 257- 


Spectra. Application of. to Study of Vitamins, Hormones and 

Coenzymes (Morton. R.A.). 2c.('42) D8.226. 75ill.d 5ch.7pl. 28 /- 

Spectra. Ultra-Violet, Apparatus for Rapid Studv of (Philpot &. 

Schuster). ('33) R8. Spec.Rept.S. sd.l 7 3 Med. Res. Council: 

Absorption Spectrophotomctry (Lothian). C49) D8.196. 76U1 d. 26/- 

Spcctrophotometry and its Applications: Bib. and Abstrs., 1932- 

38 (Walker, O.J.). ('39) R8.68. lirap.7/6 HilRer 

Spcctroscopy. Analytical. Ed. Mellon. ( P 50) M8.618. III. 72/- 

Abstinence, Christian Claim for Total (Edwards. M.) (*50) C8 20. 

Bcckly Occ.Pprs. sd.l/- Lpworth 
Abstract Algebra. Introduction to (MacDuffee). ('40) M8.303. IIJ 

36 /- Wncv.Chap &H. 

Why? (Hilcr, etc.). ('48) M8 108. 8/6 Falcon 

Abstiacts. List of Period, and Bull. Containing, Pub. in G.B. 2e.(*50\ 
D8.80. 3/6 Rov.Soc.:Camb. 

of Yorkshire Wills in the Time of the Commonwealth, at 

Somerset House. London. Ed Clay. (*90) 1D8. 10/6 Yorks.Arch. 
Abu Tammam: in Arabic (Farrukh). Svo.100 sd 4/- l.uzuc 
Abu'l Ala. Diwan of (Bactlcm). C08) F8. Wisdom of bast S. 2/6 

J Murray 

Abul Fa^i and Akbar (Jmarajadasa). C8. 2/6 Theosoph.Pub. 
Abundance. Economy of (Chase). ('34) 1C8. vi.326. 15/- N.Y 


Abundant Living (Jones, E.S.). ('46) C8.384. 8/6 Hodder 
AbusaKe. Usase and (PartridRC), C47) D8.381 157- H. Hamilton 
Abuse of Learning (Lilgc). C48) 21/- N.Y Macmillan 

of LcRal Procedure. Present Law of (Wmficld). ('21) D8.xx.256 

18/- Camb. 
Abutments and Footings, foundations (Hool & Kinne). 2e.('43) 

417. 38/6 McGraw 
Abwa and Her Picture (Martin. N.). (*46) D16. Til (Icol.) Nursery S. 

2/6 Edin.Ho. 

Abwchrmechanismen. Ich und dia (Freud) ('46) C8.199 9/- Inwto 
Abydos (Petnc. etc.). E.E.S. Mem. 22. 24-25. v.1-2. ea.25/-; v.3.o.p 


Cemeteries of (Navillc. etc ) E.E.S Mem. 33-35 v 1-3 ea.25/- Oxf. 

Cenotaph of Sell I at (1-rankfort. Buck A. dunn). L E S.Mem. 39 

2v. 52/6 Oxf. 

El Amrah and (Maclvcr. Mace & Griffith). C02) 60pl 25 /- FgyPt 

Temple of Scthos I at. Ed Gardiner. A.H. 3v v.l (*33) ImpF.12 

42pl. 5; v.2.('35) ImpF 10 46pl. 5; V.3.C38) ImpF.12. 65pl. 
6 Oxf. 

Abyssinia, Arthur Rimbaud in (Starkie). ('37) D8.166 1M. Oxf.Stud. 
Mod. Langs & Lit.S 7/6 Oxf 

Church of (Hvatt). 8vo.294. Ori. Research S 8/6 Luztic 

'I he Real (Kc>) D8. HIM. 10/6 Setley 

See also Ethiopia. [S.P (* K 
Abyssinian Church, Features of (O'Hanlon). C47) C8 84 sd.2/- 

Church. Teaching of 7r Matthew C36) C8 116 sd.2/- Faith 

Patchwork Ed Gower ('49) D8 288. Col ill IS/- Muller 
Acacia Avenue. Play (Constanduros). D8.92. sd.4/- S.I'rcnrh 
Academ Roial of King James I (Portal) R8. Br.Ac 1/6 O\f. 
Academic Burden in Changint; Wld. (Irvine). ('42) C4.I6 sdl/- 


1-As.. Private Corresp. and (Milton) Tr.Tillyard. ('32) D8 xl,144. 

12/6 Camb. 
-- Man (Wilson, L.). ('42) D8.256. 9tabs. 12/6 N Y., Oxf. 

Studv, Art-Hist as (Frv). ('.H) C8 48. 2/6 Camb [Ovf. 
Academical Sciences, Inter-Relation of (Hodfison) R8 Br.Ac. l/- 
Acadcmies, DissentmR. in Eng (Parker, I.) C14) ('8. 6/- Camb 

of Art (Pevsner). (*40) R8.xiv,324. 28ill. 27/6 Camb 
Academus Bk. of Questions (Watson, R B -. McKmlay &. Thomson, 

R.H.). 2e('49) C8 J06 Mus.ex 4/- Oxf. 

Rudiments Primer (Watson. R.B.-. McKmlav & Thomson, R.H.) 

C33) C8.106. musex.5/- Oxf 

Academv. People's (Pish) (.'49) 18 192. 2/6 Collet 
ACADINE POETS. Ed. Skelton & Metcalfe. 3 v. a. sC8. sd.2/- - 
3/-; 1 s.e.3/6 - 5/- Lotus 

1. The Blessed Pastures, by Wilfred Rowland Childe. 2/- - 3/6 

2. The Creation, by James Kirkup. 3/--5/- 

3. The Shell and The Ear. by Jules Supcrvielle. 3/--5/- 
Acanthodnlme Earthworms of S.A., Monog. of (Pickford). ('37) 

F4.612. 25 /- Heffer 
Acanthus, Guide for Drawing the (Page). (*86) C8.xv.245. 53pJ.200ill. 

9/- Quarltch 

Accadian f'ravers. Lexicon of (Weir). (*34) C8.432 21 /- Oxf. 
Acceleration of Particles of HiRh 1-nerRics. Ed Lang. C50) R8.56 

5pl.l5d. Phys in Indust.S. 10y6 Ph\'\ic& 

Accent, Foreign. Drop Your (Tremte") C8 118 6/- Allen & I' 
Accentual Symmetry in Vergil Kmnht (W.I J.) C3 1 C8.xu.108. ft/- 
Accept a Miracle (Culley). ('50) C8.160. 6/- SkeffitiRion [Blackwell 
Acceptance Tests for Positive-Displacement Compressors and 

Exhausters. C49) 20. 2y6 BS I 

'Icsts for Steam Turbines. (*40) 94. 776 B S.I 
Accessories of Dress (Lester Oerke) DN 111 50 /- Batsford 
Accidence. French. Tutorial (Weeklcy) 4c.('20) CK xvi.322 w.cxk. 

6/6*; K vi.72. sd.3/6*; exs.(sep ). iv.lOT sd.2/-* Vniv.Tut 
--Giammar (Janton). C8.219. 4/-*; Key 2/f>* R.Gibson 
Accident and Health Insurance (Faulkner). C40) D8. 38/6 McGraw 

By Design (Lome). C50) C8.256. 8/6 Cellini 

Disease, and Sickness Insurance. Pcrs. (Wclson). C43)3e. D8.122. 

7/6 Pitman 

Fire and Marine Insurance Year Book C50) 30/- Stone A Co. 

Insurance. Claims (WcLson). C49) D8.169. 10/6 Pitman 

Insurance. Dictionary of F.d.Welson 2e. C4 939 iL.60/- Pitman 

Insurance. Miscellaneous (Welson). ('50) D8 227. 15/- Pitman 

Insurance. Pnn. and Law of (Banficld). 5e.('50) D8.170. 1276 


Manslaughter or Murder? (Thaycr). n.e.CSO) C8.160. 5/- Hurst 

Prevention Admin. (Lippert). ('47) 159. 23/6 McGraw [E.Benn 

Prevention, fire Protection and. Year Book. ('51) C8.1364. 10/6 

Prevention, Industrial (Hcmrtch). 3e.('50) 42/6 McGraw 

Prevention. Occupational (Judson & Brown). ('44) D8.234. 287- 

IV Hey: Chap. & U. 




Accident Statistics, Industrial. ('38) R8.129. sd.4/- /. L.O.: Staples 
Accidental Injuries (Kessler) 2r.c.('41) RK.K03. 2()2ill. 70/- Kimpton 
Accidents jind Congestion. Traffic (Hulscy). C'41) uR8 408. 134ill 
40/- Wile\-.Chap.&. U. Wiley.Chap.& H. 

Automobile. Why We Have (Siha). ('42 ) M8.394. IJJ. 36; - 

Causes of (I-'armer). ('48) C8.88. 5/- Pitman 

Railway Legislation and Statistics. 1825-1924 (Wilson. H.R.). 

C25) sFfo!43 d. sd.5/- Totltill 

Rehabilitation. Final Report (Dclevingnc). s.d.3/6 Min. of Health' 
H.M S.O. 

- Resulting in Injuries to Arm> Motor Cjclists (PiKc) ('49) R8 

&d.6d. Sci.lndu\t. H.M S O 

Road and Sketchmp (Hutchmson, W.J.). 6r.c.('47) DK.64 d. sd. 

3/- Polite 

Road. Involving Personal Injury. G.B. 1938 Report. C39) sd d. 

Mm of Tram : H.M SO 

Road Reports (Jones. J.ll.X ('45) sd 1/3 Min.of Tratt\ H.M. S.O. 

'Iraflic. and Congestion (Halsey) 44/'- Wiley: Chair. A. H. 
\ccompanied Vocal Writing. Six Lectuies on (Kitson). CV\)) C8.72. 

mus.ex V- Oxf. 
\ccompaniment. An of. in the Chinch Services (Twinning) sd 3 /ft; M Reeve\ 
--from Thorough-Bass. Art of. in ?7th arid 18th Centimes (Arnold. 

FT.). C11) C4942 mu&.cx 8/8,'- (M/ 
-of Plamchant (Oldroyd). C24) C4 59 sd 7/6 Curwen 

- Song Book. Nos M ca>d 4d * or cl 6d * R Gih\on 

- to the Psalms. Rational (Wchhc) Posts !/- II' Reeve\ 
Accompanist. Unashamed (Moore, G ). C-43) D8 77 bds.6, - 

Archer hers 

\ccompanv at the Piano. How to (I- vans. V ). C17j C& 10'- H". 
Accomplice, The (PudncO. ('50) C8.272. 9/6 J.Lane [Reeve 

\ccorclmr 10 instructions: Play (Chalmers,). C8.20 sd.1/6 

t('> Matthew (Wills). ('48) 8vo 229 78ill. 10/6 H.HH1 

to Plan (Grautoft) C47) C'8.334 bds.7/6 Pardy 

to Plan: Pla> (Peach). C8. sd.3/6 S.Pren<h 

to Plan (Watkms) ('45) C8 128. 5/- Architect. P. 

to the- Sciipturcs (Ciaflncv) C40) C8.138. 1/6 Tall>t r 
Account Book. Fanners' Td Thome. C50) D4. 17/6 Jakemaw 

- Book ol Kentish Estate. 1616-1704. lid Lodge C27) R8 ^SO Bt At 

31/6 0\l 

of the Battle of 1 tao-vanp (Bird) C25) D8 66 3/6 Gale 

of the Earlv llistor.\ ol F-reemasonry in England, (fox. 1 .L ). C72) 

Po<tR 62 sd.V-: cl V- W. Reeves 

of I i nances of College of St John the Evangelist. 1511-1926 

(Howard. Sir II.F.) ('35) R8 xui.182. 1M. ColUIist S. 21/- 

--of the Foxglove (Withering). facsim.e.('48) M8.208 I Jdg Fr. l.c 

(2M 4L 6/6 /- Brnnm\leiKh 
--of his Life (Stewart. Sir D ). Ed.Elsmic. ('02) D8 111 P M 18/- 

3 Murrav \J. Murrav 

of the Lile and Woiks of Dr. R. Wait (Hnlaysom 1)8. P 3/6 

of Memorial Mtp. at Royal Instn. (Ma)mkowski) ('41 ) D8 24. IT. 

I/- Oxf 

of my Life (Bhopal). Tr Pavnc C12) M8 Ill.M 15/- J. Murrav 

of Ottonun Conquest of Egypt (lyasj. Ir.Salmon. ('21) 8vo. 5/- 


of Railway Dc\clopment in Notts. Coalfield (Birks A Coxon) 

C50) sC4 81. 6pl 3M. sd 5/2 Dirk* <t C 

of Rare MS. Hist, of Seliuqs (Browne). 8vo 82. sd.2/6 Luzac 

of Schools of Suigerv. Roval College of Surgeons. Dublin. 1789- 

1948 (Wicldess) C49)suR81l6 16ill 17/b L.& S.Liv. 

of Tibrt Ed.Fihppi r.e('37) DSxvm.478. 16pi.(lcol ) Broadway 

Trav.S 10/6 Routledfte 

- Settled (Schacht). Tr.Fit/gcrald. E. C49) D8 328 Fr 15 '- Weid 
Accountancy (Pickles). 2e ('50) D8.I366 30/- Pitman \&N. 

and Secretarial Students. Examination Note Book for (Palmer) 

7C.C50) D8400. 12/6 Gee 

Book-Keeping and (Munro). r.Palmer. 18r.e.('49) C8 748 10/6*; 

K9/6 Pitman 

Careers (Coles) r.Radford C4R) D8 88. 7/6 Gee 

- - for Private Companies, Book-Keeping: and (West, O.J ) 4c C50) 

D8 188. 10/6 Jordan 

Hotel Organization. Management, and (Boni &. Sharlcs) 3r.c C48) 

D8.196 10/6 Pitman 

Industrial (Simpson). 2e.C49) D8.205 257- Pitman 

Key to (Pickles) n e.C46) D8 379 15/-* Pitman 

Manapement (Fa?akcrlrv). C45) D8 72 15'- Stnp1e\ 
--Mechanized (Cuilis, C.R ). 2r.e.f39) 1C4 \ui.l57 72ill I5/- 


Practical Book-RecpinR and (Northcott A. I-orsyth) ('5i sD8 

^76 12y 6 Odhamv 

-Precision and Desicn in (Brav). ('47) D8 146. 15/- Gee 
- Rotary Guide to Careers. ('46) D8 14. As 8 India :Orf 

- Trust (Scott, C.A.& Dobie) 2e.C50) K8.viti.lft6. 12/6 Other 
Accountant (Angwin). ('49> C8.70. Careers S. 2/6 A.\*oc.Newsprs. 
Manapement and the (Gillett) C50) D8.96. 3/- Gee 

Professional Punched Card Accounting and the ('47) D8.40. 6/- 

Macd & F 
Accountants' Tees and Profits (Sproujl). ('49) DR 292. 28/- Pitman 

Office, Organization of (Doibv). ("38) D8 112. 6/- Pitman 
\ccounting (Cropper, Morris F.D.& Ftson). 6r.e.('50) D8 1130. 24/- 

Macd.& F 

(Owens A Kennedy). 3e.C50) x.780. 45/- V.Nostrand .Macmillan 

(Rowland & Magce). Pt.l 5e.('49) D8.404. 15/- Gee 

Advanced (Paton). C41) M8.xx.838. 41/- N.Y.iMacmfllan 

Answers and Solutions in Fundamentals of (Wade). 2c.('41) M8. 

172. sd.18/- Wttev.Chap&H. 

Bank, English (Holgate). '(48) D8 160. III. 17/6 St^lfi 

Book-Keeping and (Booth). n.c.('4J) D8.146. 6/-*; K.C48) 45. 7/6 


- Brewery (Hamilton. G.S.). ('39) D8.148. 12/6 Gee 

Accounting Building Society (Stoddart). ('49) M8.120. 7/6 Dldg.Soc 

bv Punched Card Methods. Local Authority (Hascl). ('45) D8.162 

25 /- Gee 

Cost. See Cost Accounting. 

Developments in (Paula). ('48) R8.278. 21 /- Pitman 

DFUK Store CHcckert & Dickerson) C4l) 415 38/6 MiGraw 

Essentials of CPaton). 2e C49) M8 \\.864. 4 1/- N Y. : Macmillan 

1-arm (Mitchell. D.R.). C41) 25/6 MiGraw 

1-arm. and Management (Stuirock). 2c.C50) DR21J. 16/- Pitmati 

1-arm Book-Keepmu and (Harvey. J.R.Ac Dymond) C49) R6.5h 

20 Exs. bds7/6 S.P B A. 

Farm. Good (Campbell. A C ). 3c.('47) 1F8.200 1 Y Farming S 

4/6 LttR.U.P. 

- Financial (May, G.O ) C'44) IC8.283. 30/- NY Mutmillnn 

for Students of Economics. Intro, to (Ashley). C'42) D8 144. 8/ti 

Toronto V .P :Oxf 

Fundamentals (Maclarland Vi Ayars). 2c.('47) 759. 3S/6 McGra\\ 

Fundamentals of (Mackenzie). C46) 33/6 N Y. 


Fundamentals of (Wade). 2c ('41) M8 319. III. Accounts. 30'- 

Wile\:nnip.& //. 

Governmental. Fundamentals of (Morey & Hacketi) (M2) MS 48N 

111 Accounts 3k/- ll'ilev.Chan & H 

Governmental. Solutions for Problems in (Moicv tV, HackciO. ('42) 

D4 344 Account S sd 26/- ll'ilevChap <X H 

Hospital and Secretarial Pract (Dean & SpcnceV ('33) D8.174 

7/0 Pitman 

Integral (Setmon) ?r ('44) DS 68 2*, ( - Gcr 

Intermed. flavloi. J B ^ Miller). 2e.C38) 38/6; Suppty.Maiertal 

C41) 4;h McGraw 
-- Machine (Sutton). 2r e C45) D8 3^0. 66ill 30/- Macd A F 

Machine, and Accounts. Office Practice (Wallis). (*48) DK.2^7 

2 1 / - I'ltni'm 

Management. C50) Post471. 2/- Productivity \A. 

Mechani7cd. and the Auditor C49) I>S 32 limp 2/- ln\(Ch'>r> 

Mechanised. Auditor and Atcountant (Burton, J H ) 2c('50) DS 

227 \* I -Jordan 

Mechanised, Management (Cadigan) C42) DR 164 W/- Gee 
Method (Rorem <t Kornuan) U-C42) 42/6; Praci Sets. Nos 1-? 

C42) ca.3/6; 8/6; 8/6 MtGrw 

Methods. Handbook of (Lasscrj. C4^) M8.xn.l350 7^/- I 

No^trand Mmmillnn 

Modern (Desborough) C35) I>8 12. 6d Gee \Soc :Tech.P. 

- Modern Practice (Sahers) ('47) 2v ^65 >68 ea.28/- Am Tech 

Municipal (Morev A: Diehl). C42) M84I5. Ill Accounts 44 - 

H'l/rv Chap C // 

Principles for Engineers (Reitrll Ar Sickle) 2c t"16) 42/6 McGnm 

Principles Ed Rowland 3e DS 4.'5.\\ \$;- DnnniRton GrctK 

Principles of Machine (Langdon). C48) D8 96 157- Pitman 

Recommendations on A Principles w 6 suppts D8 28 V^ Gee 

Requirements for CompaniCvS, New (Jones, F.H.) 5c.C50) D8.32 


Series. Ed.Scmill & Mover 9v 26/- - 52/- Wilrv Chap & H 

Studies in (Baxter) C50) 2 ^'6 Sweet 

Systems. Modern (Gordon. W D Si Lockwood) 2r.e C^7) MR 47? 

Account.S. 40/- Wilev:Chap.&H \\V He \ :Cfwp.& H 

Svstems, Specialised (Baily) ('41 ) MR 488 111. Accounts 36 - 

Theory (Norns. II.). ('47) D8 128 8/6 Pitman 

Trade Union, and Fman. Admin. (Ward, A.EA Sweet inpham) 

C8 126 3/6 1'itmnn 

- Univcrsttv and College (Morey). ('30) MR. 323. Ill Account S. 52 - 

Wilev.Chnp & H. 
Accounts, Advanced Ed Carter. R. 4e.(*^0) D8 1120. 12/6* Pitman 

Advanced. Ed Wulfsohn S.A. n.e C45) D81112 IK/- Pitman 

Advanced. Key to (Goodman) 5e.C49) DK 973 22/6 Pitman 

Advanced. N./.. (Entmr) 5r.c C49) IM8 600 37/6 Whitcomln- 

Analysis (Mackmnon A Troupe). r.e.('48) DK.44 6/- Gee 

Annual, of Companies. Summary of Statutory and Othrt 

Requirements in the Production of 2e.C50) Ffol 44. 5/- Gee 

Architects' (Brown. () M ). 2c C34) D8.132. 7/6 Gee 

Aruhmrtic and (Ropers. N.A. Walls). C36) C8.208. Iimp3/-*; 

Aas. ('37 ) 84. 3/6 Pitman 
- Authors' Records and (Burton. J.IH C48) DR.80 10/6 Gee 

Balance Sheets and. under the Companies Act. 1948 (Kettle) ('48 

D840 1/6 Gee 

Book-keeping and (Coaklcy). 3e.C32) 256. 6/- GreKf? 

~ Book-Keeping and (Cousins). 4c.('47) D8 408 8/6 / UK V P 

Book-Keeping and (Cropper, Moris, F.D.& Fison). 19r.e.('49) 

C8 996 10 /- Macd A F 

Book-keeping and (Spiccr & Pcgler). Ed.Bigg & Wilson. 12r.c.('50) 

C4 xvi .695. 30 /- H F.L. 

Book-Kecpmg and (Spicer & Pcgler). Ed.Bigg & Wilson, II.A.R J 

lie C4.507. 30 /- Pitman 

Builders' (Walbank). 6c.C44) D8 88. 12/6 Gee 

Builders' and Costs (Legge). C48) D8 114. (>/- Pitman 

Builders', and Office Supervision (Keen). 2e.C47) C'8.96. 5/- 


Business (Terry & Smith. W.T.). 2c.('48) D8.267. sd.6/6*; cl 8/6* 

Pitman Pitman 

Business, and Finance (Campbell. W.). C30) F8.64. Bus Lib S. l/- 

Canteen (AHanV). C49> C8 94 Catering S. hmp 6/- Pitman 

Company (Frank). ('48) R8. 25 /- Sweet \Birheler 

Company. Modern Structure of (Jones. F.H) C49) DR.96. 7/6 

Company, under the Companies Act. 1948 (Bray A Shea.sby). ('48) 

DR.216. 17/6 Gee 

Company's, Presentation (Fison). C50) R8.44. sd.1/6 Heffer 

Consolidated and other Group (RobsonX 2e.('50) D8 152. 17/6 

Control Through (Burton, J.H.). ('50) D8.64. 8/6 Gee [Gee 

Cost (BigR). 5r.e.C50) D8.294. 12/6 Macd.& E. 

Cost (Strachan) 6e.C36) D8. 10/- Sweet 

Cost. Manual of (l.unu& Riplcy). 7c.('39) D8.265. 10/6* Pitman 




Accounts Costs and Cost (Horton & Mason. R.R.). n.e.('46) D8.320. 
12/6 Pitman 

Dairy (Dalv). D8.130. 10/6 Pitman 

Design of (Bray & Shcasby). 3e.('49) D8.384. 15 /- Oxf. 

Dictionary. Finance and. German-English, English-German 

(Dobbck). C48) 2v. Impl6.17b: 136. 7/6 Bailey 

- liasy Calculations and (Beard). C21) 13d. 2/3* Methuen 

- Instate (Oiwm & Kersey). 2r.c.(*36.) D8.46. 5/- Camb. 
hxccutorship Law and (Ranking. Spiccr & Pcglcr). Ld. Wilson, 

H.A.K.J. 17e.('49) C4.480. 30/- Pitman 
1-actory. in Principle and Practice (Garcke & Fells). 7r.e.('22) D8 

310. 17 /- Tech. P. 

I arm (Bray & Dawe). C48) DR. 162 15/- Ox/. 
1'armcrs'. Simplified (Wesion). 4e. IFfol. 8/- White ombf 
for Small Hospitals. C28) 2/- G. Barber 
Foreign Currencies in (Halls). DR. 156. 3/6 Pitman 

- I orm Incomplete Records (Simpkins). 2c.('48) D8.72. 12/6 Gee 

- (government. Form of. ( 1 50) RR.88 sd 2/-W.M.S.O. 
Group (Bogie) C49) R8.333. llcol.ill.27d. 63/- Jordan 

- Higher Book-Keeping and (Cropper. Morris. KD.& Fison). 7r.e. 

C50) D8.854. 10/6 Macd A h. 

- Hosier\ Cost (Russell. S F.). ('32) D8.176. 10/6 Pitman 
Hospital. Report of Joint Committee on. ('48) 13" x 8". 8/6 Hosp. 

Household (Deakm & Humphreys). 5e.('24) CR 56. I/-* Milh & B. 

- in Abstract. 1948-9 ('5( suRK.116. sd.l/- L.C.C. 

in the Sheriff Court. Model (Brown. A.R.). n.e.C39) 376. 30/- 


Insurance Companies (Robertson) C37) D8.193. 10/6 Pitman 
Mechttl , Intro to (Linton). ('38) C4.64 111 3/6* Pitmun 
Municipal Book-keeping and. Ed. Brown. II. 2c.('47) 35 /- Shaw 

& Son* 
Notes for use of Accts. Branches of Govt. Depts. 4c.('29) sd.3/6 

Treasury :H.M.S.O. 
of Churchwardens, Constables. Overseers of Poor, and Overseers 

of Highways ot Parish of Hooton Pagnell. 1767-1820. Ld. 

Whiting. ('38) 1DR. 10/6 Yorki.Arch. 

- - of Lxccutor (Spiccr). Ed.Wilson. H.A.R.J. r e.('48) D8.30. &d.4/6 


- of Executors, Administrators and Trustees (Phillips, W.B.) Ed 

Wright, F.T. 9eC45) D8.168. (,/-* Pitman 

of hxccutors. Administrators and Trustees. I aw and (Vickery). 
lOe. DH412.XM l$J- Doningtnn Grew 

of Lord Hiph Treasurer of Scotland. 1500-1^66. v2-ll. Fd Dick- 
son &. Paul (1900-1916). !()/- Puh.Rcc H.M.S.O. 

of Masters of Revels (Slopes). ('22^ R8. Shaks. Assn. Pump. 2/- 

of Snidll Company (Lancaster) C49) DR. 18 sd 2/- Cornish Brov. 

Partnership Law and (Holland ) 3c.('46) D8 122 8/6 Pitman 

- - Prin. and Intcrprtn. of (F:ihs. HI.) n e.('47) DR. 162 6/-* Pitman 

- - Prm. and Pract. of Book-keeping and (Vickery) 12c D8.879 vn 

15 /- Donmgton Gregg 

Regimental. Keeping off (Rithcx). C4R) C8.44 sd.3/6 Gale 
Solctr 's Office Oiganan.. Mgmt , and (Cope & Robins). D8 176 
6/- Pitman \Pltman 

Stores, and Stores Contiol (Burton. J.H ) 4e C47) D8 278. 12/6 
Tests in Prm. of (Smith. W.T ) C50) C4.24. 1/6* Pitman 
-Trust. Apportionmt in Rclat. to (Ch-ck). 2e D8.236. 10/6 Pitman 
\ccoutrements of the Riding Horse (Tiew). D4 160. 111. 2 1/- Seelev 
\<:cumul 'tor Charging, Matntnce , and Repair (Ibbetson) lOe (*49) 

C8.193 10 /- Pitman 

-Manual, Electric (Elliott. T C.). ('48) D8. tabs 16/- Newne* 
Accuracy of Fconomic Observations, on (Morgenstern). ('50 > C4.112. 

12/6 Princeton (1 P :O\'I 
Accurate Shooting in War (Smith, T S ) (*42) CR.4R III. 1/6 Gale 

Woodwork (Ficnnes) ('49) C4 vin.71. 25iil. bds.6/6 I ongmam 
"Ace" Bks. of Model Aeroplanes (Smcttcn). (*47) D8.12. Hill. 

sd.l/- Pitkin 

Carew Airman Speed King (Gall), n c.('50) C8.224. Col.Fr. 4/6 

W. H Allen 

Aces Made hasy (McCullough & Fougasse). 5c.(*47) C8.xii,134. 111. 
5/- Methuen 

Run Wild (Rennie). CSO) C8.192. 5/- Qual.P 

Acetate, Cellulose (Lipscomh). (*33) D8.318. Hid. 10/6 L.Benn 
Acetic Acid. ("?()) 2/6 B.S.I. 
Acetone. (*50) 2/- B.S.I. 

Acctvlcne and Carbon Mon. Chem. (Copenhaver & Bigelow). ('49) 
MR 360. TH 88/- Remhold:Cht>p t H. 

Chcm. of (BcrRmann). ('48) M8.116. 3tabs. 16/- Jnterscience 

Compounds. Some Applic. of. in Organic Svnthesis (Johnson, 

A.W.) C4R) Meldola Mrdal I ect 3/- Rov Imt.Chem. 

Oxv-. WldR.. Elcc. Arc and (Attkim & Walker. A.G ). 3e.C36) 

C8.394. 178ill 10/6 Pitman 

Safetv in the Mnfr. and Use of ('3D R8.xii,188. sd.6/- /./,(>.: 


--Welding. Arc and (Kerwm). (*44) C8.250. 30/- McGraw 
Acctvlcnic Acids (Johnson. A.W.). (*5()) D8. v.2. Acet. Compounds. 

50/- E.Arnold 

- - Alcohols (Johnson, A W.). C46) D8.xx.394. v.l. Acet. Compounds. 

35 /- E.Arnold 

Compounds (Johnson. A.W). v.l.('46) DR.xx,394. V.2.C50) D8 

35/-: 50/- E.Arnold 
Achacmenian Emperors. Old Persian Inscriptions of (Sen). 8vo x, 

288. sd.6/- Luzac 
Achan. Adam to (Whyte) 12e.('47) C8.302. Bib Charact.S 7/6 

Oliphant* G.Bcll 

Acharmans- Parallel Texts (Aristophanes). Tr. Rogers, B.B F4. 10/6 

(Aristophanes). Ed.Groves. C.E. F8.xvi,144. Pitt Press S 4/-* 

Aristophanes). Tr.Hailstonc. C8. sd.2/6 Deighton [Camb. 
--(Aristophanes). Tr.Tyrrell. I/- Dublin V. P. -.Hodges, F. 

Knights. Birds, Frogs (Aristophoncs). Tr.Frcrc. ('07) Pott8.380. 

World's Classics. 4/6 Oxf. 

Aches. Your (Nye). (*49) M8.160. SOill. 19/6 Funk : Mayflower 
Achievement Arithmetic (Sims & Hanson). ('35) ca.CS. Bk.l. 40. 

sd.1/3*; Bk.2. sd.1/5*; Bk.3. sd.1/6*; Bk 4. 72. sd.1/9*; cl.ea 

+4d.; a.sep.l/-* - 1/6* Schofield 

Mental Arithmetic (Humphreys). ('36) Bks. 1-3 ea.G18.48. sd.1/3*. 

cM/7.* Tchr's.Bks. ea.1/9* Schofield 

Achievement of T.S. Eliot (Matthiessen). 2c.('47) D8.220. 18/- N.Y.. 

. Oxf. [Klsevter: Cleaver 

Achievements in Optics (Bonwcrs). ('47) lC8.vii,135. 64ill. 15/- 

of Mod. Sci. (Mernman). ('49) 272. Ill.(lcoL). 21/- Gregg 
Achieving Maturity (Wartcrs). ('49) 25/6 McGraw 

Achilleis. Thcbais and (Statius). Ed.Garrod. (*06) C8.408. Oxf .Class 

Texts. 10/- Oxf. 
Achoh Traditions: in Acholi (Malandra) ('47) C8.v,88. Afr & Orient 

Lang.S. sd I/-* Longmans 
Acid, Ammo-, Scries. Relatn. of Optical Form to Biol. Activity in 

Ed.Williams. R.T. ('48) R8. Biochcm.S. 5/- Camh 

Base Catalysis (Bell, R. P.). ('41) D8.220. 22d. IS/- Ox/. 

Base Indicators (Kolthoff) Tr.Roscnblum. ('37) 1C8.X.414. 6tabs. 

63 /- N.Y.:Macmillan 

Drops: Play (Jennings). C8.24. sd.1/6 S.French 

Nucleic. Jid.Damelh & Brown, R. C47) R8. 18pl.21tabOlfigs. 

35 /- Exp.Biol So( . : Camb. 

Resisting High Silicon Iron Castings. ('49) 8. 2/- B.S.I. 

Resisting Paint. I/- B.S.1. 

Resisting Silicon Iron Pipes and Pipe Fittings C46) 24. 3/- fl.V./ 
Acidity. Gastric (Robertson. J.D.). ('30) D8. 5/- Mddx.Hosp.P -J 


Acids, Acetylenic (Johnson, A.W.). ('50) D8. v.2. Acct.Compoundlti 
50/- E.Arnold 

Ammo, and Pepudes. Proteins (Cohn & Ldsall). (*43) M8.686. Ill 

ACSMon.S. 5/8/- Remhold'Chap & H. 

Ammo, and Proteins. Outline of. Ed.Sahyun. 2r.e.('48) M8.286. Ill 

40/- Remhold:Chap.& H 

Ammo, Proteins and. in Nutrition. Ld.Sahyun. ('48) M8.580. Ill 

68/- Keinhold .Chap.& H. 

and Bases. Electronic Theory of (Luder & Zuffami). C46) D8 

165. 28 /- Wiley: Chap. & H 

Fatty (Marklcy). ('47) M8 678. 81 ill .21 Stabs. Fats & Oils S. 80/- 

Fatt vTam! 1 Their Derivatives (Ralston). ('48) D8.986. 95/- Wtlty 

Chap.& //. 

Fatty. Biochem. of (Bloor). C43) M8.387. ACSMon.S. 56/- 

Remhold-Chap.& H. 

1 attv. Melting and Solidification of Fats and (Bailey, A.E.). 400 

150ill.66tabs. Fats & Oils S. 52/- intencience 

Nucleic, Biochem. of (Davidson). ('50) F8.X.163. 4pl.l5d. Bio- 

chem.Subi.Mon.S. 7/6 Methuen 
Ack-Ack (Pile). ('49) D8.416. 28ill. 18/- Harrap 
Acol Svstem of Contract Bridge (Cohen & Reese). 2c.('49) C8 127 

10/6 Joiner 

Acorn Scries. 6v. ('47-'50) sM8.16. 16col.ill. sd.2/6 Nutt & Co. 
Acoustic Measurement (Beranek). ('49) D8.914. 56/- WUev.Chap 


Prm., Pract. Application of (Cullum). ('49) D8.208. 96ill. Aichu 

& Bldg.S. 16/- Spon 

Acoustical Designing (Knudsen & Harris). ('50) sD8 457. 111. 60/- 

Engm. Elem. of (Olson). 2c.('47) M8.xviii,540. 13figs. 56/- 

V.Nostrand : Macmillan 

Measurement on Church Bells and Carillons (Henvcn). (*49) M8 

148. 77ill d.tabs. sd.16/- Ballev 
Acoustics (Marks) ('40) DR. 160. 23ill. 9J- Tech.P. 

(Smith, CJ ). 3e.C47) D8.xi.87. Inter physics. 3/6 E.Arnold 

(Stewart, G.W.& Lindsay). ('3D M8.368. 142figs. 42/- Chop.& H 

(Wood. A.). lD8.xvi,588. 310figs. Stud.Phvs.S. 30/- Blackle 

Architectural (Knudscn). ('32) M8.617. 272ill. 64/- Wiley.Chap 


Dutch-Fnplish and English-Dutch Diet, for Film. Photo and 

(Martmot). ('49) D16 191. sd.7/6 Bailev 

Electro (Meyer). (*39) sD8.xn.118. 12pl. 82ftgs. 10/- G.Bell 

Engineering, Ells, of (Hughes, L.E.C.). ('33) D8.159. 4pl.32d. 

8/6 Benn 

for Architects (Richardson. E.G.). ('45) C8.90. 29iH. 5/- E.Arnold 

Introduction to (Stewart, G W.). 2c.('33) lC8.xiv.200. ISfigs. 

Stabs. 22/6 V.Nostrand: Macmillan 

New (McLachlan). ('36) C8 174. lllfigs.3tabs. 7/6 Ovf. 

of Bldws. (Davis. A.H.& Ka>e). 2e. DS.x.216. 21pl.81figs. 157- 

(J.Bell \AH. 

of Bldgs. (Watson. F.R.). 3e.('41) M8.171. III. 28/- WUev.Chap 

Sound Insulation and Rept. (Sharpies). R8. Post-War Bldgs.S. 

sd.l/- Min of Wks.:H.M.S.O. 

Acquainted with Nignt (Price. N.). C49) IPostS. 7/6 Konald 
Acquisition of Land. Compulsory. Law of (Skinner). ('39) D8.460. 

19/6 Estates 

Acquisitive Society (Tawney). C21) C8.viii,242. 6/- G.Bell 
Acre of Green Grass (Bose). C48) D8.ix.107. 7/6 Longman* 
Acreage and Individual (Bowley). (*39) D8. Barnett Ho.Pap 1 /-* Oxf 

of Heart (Todd). Ed .Lindsay, M. Poetry Scotland S. 6/- Mac Julian 
Acrobatics, Practical (Ash). 3c. C8.70. 36ill. sd.2/6 Link 
Acrocephalv and Acrocephalosyndactlyly (Ferriman). ('41) D8.130. 

9figs. 10/6 Oxf. 

Acropolis (Merejowski). Tr.Mounsey. COS) 2/6 M or ing 
Across the Border (Dix). ('16) C8.iv.96. 2ill. 4/- Methuen 

the Busy Years (Butler. N.M.). 2v. C35) D8.923. 25ill. 36/- Serlbner 

Equ-'torial Africa (Migcod). ('23) D8.388. 87ill. 1M. 35/- Heath. C. 

the Frontiers (Langndge). n.e.C38) C8.156. 2/6 Indep.P. 

the Gt. Deserts (Etherton). (*48) D8.184. 47pl. 12/6 Lutt.P. 

the Gulf (Barbanell). ('40) C8.144. 6/- Spiritualist 

Her Path (Swan). (*50) C%.224. 5/- Oliphants 

Isthmus of Panama (Elsbree). ('39) F8.76. 111. Our ChangTimet S. 

2/- Basic English 




Across Lapland (Chapman, O.M.). r.c.('49) 1C8.164. 25ill.(4col ). 8/6 

~ the Marshes (Jacobs) ('49) D16 80. 6ill.M. sd.2/6 Adams & S. 

the Plains (Stevenson R.L.). n.e PottS. 3/6 Chatto 

the Rio Grande (Hallsworth). ('50) C8.128. 111. New Adv S. 3/-* 


the River and into the Trees (Hemingway). ('50) 9/6 Cape 

Siberia with Baby (Polhill). C04) C8 84. 7pl.M. 2/6 Deighton 

Three Oceans (O'Brien, C.). (*49) C8.272. Ill.M. Manners 1 ib.S 

9/6 Hart-Davis 

the Wide Missouri (Voto). (*48) 1R8.512 128pl.n2col ) 50/- 
Acrostics, Dublin (Shea). 2e.f'69) 150 2/6 Hodge\,F. {F.vre 

Shakespearean (Johnson, E.D ). 2c(*47) IDS 139 7/6 Bacon Soc. 
Acrylic Inlavs, Crowns and Bridges (Levy). ('50) R8.12K. ISlill. 27 /- 


Pla&tics in Dentistry (Schwartz) ('50) R8.xj\,447. 372ill.(8col ) 

84 /- Kimpton 
Acrylics and Other Synthetic Resins Used in Dentistry (Jylman &. 

Peyton). ('46) M8.480 44f)ill 8()/- Uppmcott 
Act, Learn German while ^ou Iid.Kallman. ('39) C8 67 1/6* 


Let's (Wright, G.A ). <"*R) Impl6.8R limp 1/2* Pitman 

of State in English 1 aw (Moore. Sir W H.). DK. 12/- J Murray 

of Thinking (Watson. N.W.). 9d. Thtwph.Pub. 

of Touch Tone Production (Matthay) C12) C8 10/6 Bosworth 
Acta Sanctorum Hibermae (Smedt & Backer). C89) 4to.975. sd.31/6- 

L.42/- Blackwood 

Actau'r Aposiolion. I/- I'nlv.Walev 

Actfivc and Other Poems (MacLeish) ('50) D8.64. 7/6 J lane 
Acting (B(jleslavskv). C50) C8.126. 6/- D.Dobson 

(Speaight). ('39) C8.96. 4/6 Ca\\ell 

Amat. Teach Yourself (Bourne). C'39) 1F8 204. 4/6 IngUP 

and Play Product.. Probs. of (White. EC ). ('39) D8 168. 'Iheatre 

S. 7/6 Pitman 

First Steps in (Selden). ('47) 12/6 Ilarrap 

for All (Newton) C40) F8 40. 6d Nelson 

for Amateurs (Whytc). C48) C8 %. Mnd.Stape Hdbks. 2/6 Albvn 

for Stage (Carroll). 3e C50) DK 204 Theatres 12/6 Pitman 

for Youth (Newton). C8 40 sd 1/6 .S' French 

Games (Collins, F.). ('46) C8 160 111. 6/6 Vntv.Lond. 

Improvised (Newton). ('37) sC8 128 9ill. 5/- Nehpn 

Rhvmcs. Kd.Sansom C8 48 111. 3v, ea.1/3* Black 

Teacher, liss. Std.IV. C3J) I/, juta 
Actinic Series. Iv D8. 111. 3/6 Actinic 

Actmomyccs Group. Pathogenic Aerobic Organisms of 'Erikson). 

C35) R8. Spec.Rept.S sd.l/- Mea Re\ Cotmcil'H.M ,S o. 
Actinomvcetes. Molds, Yeasts and (Henrici) r Emmons & Skinner 

etc 2r.e.('47) Imp16409 136ill. 40/- Wilrv'Chap.A II 

Their Nature, Occurrence. Activities and Importance (Waksman) 

('50)suR8210 39pl 40/- Chron.Bot.-.Wm Daw\on 
Actinothcrapy, Dental. Sci. and Pract. of (Tanguy). ('28) D8 110 
13ill 6/ Kimpton 

Electrothcr and. for Studts. (Clayton) ('49) DS.Mii 452 132ill 

12/6 Baillltre 

Ultra-Violet Radiation and (Russell. E.H.). 3e.('33) D8.648 259 

ill 21 /- F. & S Liv. 
Action against Unemplovmt. C50) R8 260. sd 9/- J.L.O.' Staples 

and Adventure (McKellar). ('36) C8 x.204 3/- Macmillan 

and Debate. Bv (Williams, M.S -). (*40) C8 100. sd.2/- S PC K 
--and Decision (Curtis. L ) ('41-'42) C8 148. 1/6: "Decision" sep 

and Passion (Wren) n e.('33) C8 6/- J Murray 

and Use of Colchicme in Prod, of Polvplmd Plants (Fyfc) ('19) 

C4.20 sd.1/6 Comm. Auric. 
- Bv Night (HavorO. (*43)n.e. sC8 192 3/6 Hodtler 

Figures in (Wood, C ). ('48) F6 64 III How to Draw S 3/- 


for Slander (Horden) n e C49) sC8.256 fd 2/- Pan ftks 

--of the Beater (Smith. S) Ed.Marsh. R. ('23 ) D8.212 53ill 7/6 

of Muscles (Mackenzie. C."). C45) DR.xxh,288. lOOill 12/6 H K 

on Rolling Road (I ec. N.). C8 111. 6/- Oxf. \Lewh 

Perception and Measurement. ('38) 15/- Aristot Harrison S 

Photography (Dobbin) C8.48. 16pl. Photofarts S 2/- Fountain 

Poems of Ed Collins. V H S 1-2. F8 1Q2 160 160, ea.3/6*- S 3 

o.p. Oxt. 

Preface to (Cmlm) ICR.319 8/6 Allen & jr. 

Sermons (Mair) ('17) DR 124 1/6 Hlackwood 

Tales of. Ed Collins. V.H.rt Treble 1st S (*26) F8 158 3/6* Or/ 

Voluntary (Beveridge) ('48) D8 420. 16/- Alien & V 

Voluntary, E\idence on (licvendge). DR 336 16/- Allen & 1 1 

Writing and Ed Palmer D8 111 8/6 Allen & V. 

Actions and Uses of Drugs (Cutting). C46) D8 342 27firs 16/- 

Limitations of (Preston & Newsom) 2e ('43) D8 318 w sunnt 

bds.4(>/- SoUaw ' ' '{Bros 

Activating Prm of Life (Nesfield). 2r.e.('49) D12.176. sd5/- King 
Active and Contemplative Life- States of I lie Gratuitous Graces- 

(Thos. Aquinas. St ). Ed.Domimcan Frs C29) D8 Summa Thcol 

v.14. 12/6 Burns. O. 

English Course (Humphreys). C8. Bk 1. ('39) 192. 2. 2c.('47) 230 

3. C40) 270. 4. 2e.('49) 384. Bk 4 2pts ('47) 136-158 3/6*; 4/-* 
4/6*; 5/6*; 2/9*; 3/9* Untv.Lond. ' 

French Course (Hcdgcock) 4bks lst-4th yrs C8. 144- 160:204:232 

bds.4/-* ; 4/6*; 4/9*; 5/-*. Tchrs. 1st vr 1/9* Vnlv.Lond. 

French Preparation Book (Hedgcock). ('33) C8.170. 111. bds.3/9* 

Tchrs. bds.4/- Vntv.Lond. 

French Readers (Bennett, G.M.& Pcyre). Bks.1-3. ('29-*31) C8. 

124:160-160. limp 1/9*: bds.2/-* Vniv.Lond. 

Human Biology (Bibby). C50) CS.liO. 86ill 4/-* Hememonn 

Immunisation Against Diphtheria CDudlcv. May &. O'Flynn). 

C34) R8 Spec.Rept.S. sd.3/- Med.Res.Council-.H.M.S.O. 

Aaive Life: What it is (Pallis). ('49) C8.44. sd.4/6 Watkins 

Play Readers (Everett). 5v. ('48) ea.C8.64. 111. sd.1/3* Chat 

ACTIVE READERS. 6 v. ea. 4/6 Ginn 

White Hawk, by K.M.Gadd 

La Bronte, by K.M.Gadd 

X Bar Y Ranch, by K.M Gadd 

Wang Shu-mm. by K.M.Gadd 

Diamonds in Springbok Valley, bv F.King 

Bushvcld Adventure, by F.Kiny 
Active Readme (Charlwood). 4Bks. ca C8 Bks 1-2. C4K) 64. 6ill sd 

1/3*; 1/7*; Bk.3. ('49) 80. Till, sd.1/6*; 1/10*; Bk.4. ('50) 

96 6ill. sd.l/ 10*; 2/2* Cha*,Pear\{>n 
ACTIVE READING. By J. E. Miles. 4 v. 3/-* - 3/3* Ginn 

Get Ready for Bonfire Night Ca workbook). 3/3* 

Pieces of Eight (a game) il/12/- plus Pur. Tax 8/8 = 2/0/8 

Bonfire Night (a reader). 3-* 

Teaching Notes. !/ 
Active Service. On. in Peace and War (Stimson & Bundy). C49) IDS' 

424. Fr 25 /- Hutchunon 

Service with Christ (Dobbie) C4) C8 104. 5/- Marshall. M A V 
Activities in I lementary School (McKown). C38) 34/- McGraw 

- in the Sunday School (Doidgc) C50) CK.H sd.6d Meth Youth 
Activity, Book of. ('47) Cfol.12 12col pi. Activity Rdrs S sd 6 
/ van:, 

Creative. Nature of (Lowenfeld). Tr Ocscr C39) D8 \-vn.272 

150ill 25 /- Routlfdfe 

Games (Kingston). ('50) D8.64. sd.2/-* VnivlMnd. 

in the Primary School (Daniel) C47) lC8.xi.310 10/6 tllnckwcll 

Methods for Children under Eight. Ld Sturmry. ('50) DH 239. 19pl 

8/0 l"van\ 

---of God (David) ('40) C8.160 Christian Challenges. ^/- Ble< 
ACTIVITY READERS. 12 v. ea. sd. 1/3* Evans 
Group 1 ; Watci 

Group 2; WasJiinn 
At Home 

Group 3; Out to Play 

Reading: An Educational Approach C8. 3/9 net. 
Book of Activity Pictures. CF. 6/- net. 

Activity Reading Scheme (Bovcc). 4 sets. 'Ichr's. 1/3 Macmillan 
Acton. Dir of r e.('40) (^8.396 5 /- Kelly's 

I ord (Huttcrfield). C48) D8 24. sd 1/7 Hnt.Avn 

1 ord. on Nationality and Socialism (Fasnacht). ('49) D8.32. 2/t 


Actor, Amateur (Mackenzie, F.). r.e.('35) C8.176. 6ill. Little Theatre 
S 3/6 Nrlwn 

and His Audience (Darlington). ('49) D8.188 8ill 12/6 Phoem\ 

How I Became (Kouprin). ('49) C8 68 Russ Rdrs S sd.2/6* Pitman 

Managers, Last (Pearson). (*50) F4.xn.82. 4Kill 18/- Methuen 

Prepares (Stani&lavskv). 4e.('37) DK 124 Fi 18/- Bles 

Young, Letter to a (Jeaves). C8.27. sd I/- S.Fremh 

Actors, Amateur. Hints for. ('^4) CH 71 Recrtn.Bks sd I/- Warm 
Amateur 99 Points for (Barrv) CK 64 sd 2 / - S Fre nch 

Audiences in U.S.S.R (Capon). (*44) 6d R.S.V S 

Cross Volga (MacLeod) ('46) D8.359. 111. I6/- Allen tl f/. 

l-,nplish. Pipeant of (Brook). ("SO) D8 vin.278 15pl. 16/- Rockllft 

Great, of 18th Cent (Mant/ius). ('()9) R8.434. III. v.5. Hist of Art 18y- Duclwth 

I ct's Talk Shop ( ('45 ) C8 R^. 6/- Allen & V. 

Shakespeare and the (Sprague) DK 466 1 1 pi. 3111. 21 /- Harvcml 
Actress. The- Play (Sylvame). ('31) C8. 1/6 Deane ff/.P.:Ov/ 
Acts. The C40) C8.54. sd I/- Lutt P 

The (Baird) Primers for Tchrs S sd.1/6 T <t T.Clark 

- The (Fialleme). C15) C8.218 4/- Home Worth 

--The Ed Beck C37) F8 xln.162 Fr. 3M.4pl 2/6* Vniv.Tut 

The. Ed Burnside. F8. Ill.M Gk Test. for Begnrs.S. 7/6* Camb 

The. lid Blum. ('14) 1-8160. 20ill. M. Schl.Clarend.Bible. 4/6* 

The. Ed.Clark. A.C. C33) D8.580. 30/- Oxf. [Oxf 
--The (Dixon. W S ). C99) C8.iu.52 sd 1/6 J Thornton 

- The F.d I'.dwards, J R W -. 2Pts. C8 12 Comm A. Rel 
Know S 9d * 6d.* Pitman 

The Ed 1-mdlav 3e ('34) C8.240. Id.lM 6/- S.C.M. 

The Ld Gardiner. C34) C8.176 3/-* Rtvinplon 

The (Jackson. I -J F.-) C49) 1M8.360. Moffat N.T Comm S 10/6 

The Tr.Knox, R.A C49) Imp32mo, sd.6d. Burns,O. [Hodder 

The (Knox. W L.). ('483 CK viu.102. K/6 Camb 

- The. Fxl Lanchestcr FS Sm Camb Bib Schls.S. 2/6* Camb 

The (Lindsay. T.M.) Hdbks. for Bib Classes. 2v. ra 3/- T.&J 

The (Lord). ('30) C8.117. Miss.Mes.of N.T. 3/6 Carey [Clark 

'I he. Ed.Luce. CK xvm.108. 4/-* Black 

- - The. Ed I umbv F8 Camb.Elem Gk Tcst.S 7/6 Camb 

The. Kd Marshall. F C2H Relig.Knowl.S. Chap i-xvi. C8.240 

3/6; Chap.xm-xxviii C8.150. 3/6; C8.264 5/- C.Gill 

The (Morgan. G.C.). D8 432. I5/- Pick. & I. 

The. Ed.Rackham. 13e('49) D8 cxviii.513. fldfi.M. Westmiastcr 

Comm.S 15 /- Methuen 

The. Ed.Rubie 3e C22) C8.209. 3M. Jun.Schl.Bks.S 3/6* Methuen 

The. Ld.Watson, C.W -. F8. RA'.for Schls.S. 3/6* Camb. 

The. Ed.Whitham. ('20) Pt.l. Chaps.I-XV; Pt.2. Chaps.XVI 

C8 176:136. ea.2/6* Rivington 

The (Wilson. J.M.). C23) C8.104. 3/6 S.P.C.K. 

The. I <t II. Comm on lid. Hastings. C4. 2v. ea 12/6 Sveak.Bib. 

The, and Epistles. Allan of ('14) sd.2/-*; bds.2/6* G.PMHp 




Acts, The. and Pastoral Epistles. sqC16. Fr. M. Tem.Bib.S. cl.2/6; 
L.4/- Dent 

The. and Pauline Epistles : Coptic V. in Sahidic. Ed.Thompson. 

SirH. ('32) R8. 13pl. 21 /- Camb. 

The. and St. John. ('36) D8.1xviii,333. Westmm.Vers.tN.T. 10/6 


The. Aramaic Approach to Gospels and (Black). ('46) D8.258. 

157- Oxf. 

The. Book of Comm.on. (Willink). C50) C8.128. 6d. Pathfinder S. 

limp 3y- Rflig Lduc. 

The. for Divinity Moderations. f!2) C8 ii.6(). sd.2/6 J.Thornton 

The. Four Gospels and. A V. Pott8.342 World's Classics. 4/6 Oxf. 

The. Gospels and Synoptic. Alterations to the Texts of (Williams, 

C.S C.) C50) D8 9/6 Blackwell 

'I he, in Present-Day Preaching (Luccock) C^R, '39) 2\ . en C8. 

ea.7/- McCallum 

- The. Numbers and (Wood. G.R.H ) C30) 124 Sunday Schl.S. 

3/6 CSS.M * . 

The. R V. Intro.and Comm. (Blunt). ('22) C8 272 Clarend. Bible. 

7/6 Oxf 
-The, Western Text in Gospels and (Kcnyon) RK Br Ac. 2/- Oxf. 

and Orders Relating to Death Dunes in hire, 1922-1940 (Collins, 

B.& G L.) ('4(0 DR. 114 bds.10/6 Hodnes. F 

of Affectations foi Mental Prayer (Blundell) F8 3/6 Sand* 

of Convocation of Canterbury and York (Smcihurst & Wilson). 

C48) D8 140. 7/6 S.PC.K. 

of Court of Mercers' Co., 1453-1^27 C36) RR.xxiv.818. 63/- 

of Devotion. C28) C8.64. sd I/- S.P.C K \Camb. 

of Lords Auditons of Causes and Complaints. 1466-'94. Ed. 

Thomson. T C1839) fol sd 10/6 Puh Kt>< IIMSO. 

of Lords of Council in Civil Causes. 1478-1501 Ed. Thomson, T. 

v.l fl839):v.2.(1918). v.l. sd.10/6: v.2. sd2l/- I'uh Rfc. : 
H.MS.O. [Pub.Rec. H.M.S.O. 

- of the I ords of Council in Public Affairs. 1501-1554 (1932) ,sd.45/- 

of Parliament of Scotland J<d Thomson, 'I <t Innes (1844-*75). 13. (v.5 & 6n.e ). fol sd.21/- - 73/(S Puh.Rer :H MS O. 

of Prayer and Meditation (Kav). C36) C8 68. Camh Gp.Man.S. 

sd I/- Epworth 

- ot Privy Couicil of EnRland. llv 1542-1558 ('90-'93). 1586-'88 

C96-'97), 1590-'91 (1900). Ld.Dasem & Lvlc ImpR. 
I'nb.Kec \11.M. S.O 

of St Peter: Play (Rottnmlev) f'33) C8 bd Af- Cotntahle 
Actual Business English (DcfTcndall) C43) lC8.xiv.474. 22/6 N.Y 


- Grace and the Spiritual Life (Matthews). ("50) 156 7/6 Merrier 
Actuarial Aspect, I-nendly Soc. Finance Consid in its (Watson, 
SirA.W.) ('12) 6/6 Imt.of Attuaries 'Camb. 

Congress. 2nd Internal. Transactions. ('98) R8 30/- Imt.of 

Actinries Camb. 

Sci. (Davidson). C26) D8.72 7/6 W Grew 

Science Elems. of (Underwood). 4e.('50) C8 166. 10/- Pitman 

Statistics. Ed.Frccman, II. 2v. 2r.e ('50)-('48) D8.xvi.286:xu,282. 

ca.21 /- Imt of Actuaries : Camh 

Studts., Maths for (Freeman. II ). C39) 2Pts. D8.viu.l84:xn,340. 

figs. 9/--2S/- ln\t.of Actuaries Camb. 

Technique and Financial Organisation of Social Ins (T-draud) 

C40) sd 15/-. cl.17/6 I.I, O .Staple 

Theory (Robertson. W.A.& Ross). 2c C20) D8.456 30/- Oliver 
Actuaries Students' Society. Journal of Inst. ('50) 3/- Imt.of 

Actuaries ' Camb. 

Acuendos, Libro dc I os. Tr.Barnctt. ('31) s4to 144. 3pl. 2V- K raid 
Acute Abdomen, JLarly Diagnosis of (Cope). 9e.C46) D8 278. 38figs. 

157- 0\f. 

Aplastic Anrcmta (Smith. A H ). ('28) R8.viii,80. 6/- H.K.t*wlv 
Appendicitis and us Complications (Boyce) ('49) M8 510 88figs. 
70firs N Y -Otf. 

Infectious Fevers (Joe) ('47) D8.284 64i11 18/- Churchill 

Injuries of the Head (Kowhothum). 3e.('49) R8.500. 259ill (34col ) 

35 /- E.&. S.J,tv 
--Intestinal Obstruction (Smith, R.). C4R) D8.xu,259 102ill 18/- 

E. Arnold 
Ad Atticum. Bk. IV (Cicero.K Ed.Haydon Trans.3/6* Unfr.Tut. 

Dcmomcum el Panegyncus (Isocrates). Tr.Perkins. C8. sd.1/6 

Height on 
Limen (Walters A Conwav) ('17) C8. 3/6* J.Murrav 

Valorem Stamp Duties, Oye? Table of C47) bds I/- Sol. Law 
Ada Wodderspoon: Play (Ould) ('39) C8. 3/- Deane 

Adam. ARC of (Milne. J. Lees-). ('47) MRviii.]84. 170ill.(6col ) Brit 
Art & Bldg.S. 2iy- Bat\ford 

and Eve and Pinch Me (Coppard). '(47) sC8.168. sd 1/6 Penguin 

and Kve and Us: Poems (Scott. IL). (*46) Pott4.64. 9ill. 7/6 

Bede (Eliot). See Author Entry. [Sylvan 
- the Gardener (Cowcll & Adams). ('50) IC8 160. sd.2/6 DIv. Express 

-of the Road (Grav, EJ ). ('41) D8 viii,174 23ill 7/6 Black 

the Prodigal Son (Bt-ndu) D8. 2/- Theo\oph.Puh. 

to Achan (Whyte). 12e C47) C8 302 Bib Charact S. 7/6 OUphants 

was a Ploughman (Warren, C.H.) C47) D8.206. III. 10/6 Eyre 
Adam's Breed (Hall. R.). n.e.('49) D8.384 12/6 Falcon 

Peak to Elephanta. From (Carpenter). 4e. IC8. 41H1. 8/6 Allen 

& U . 
Adam's, Abigail (Whitney). ('49) D8.352. 7pl endp.M. 15/- Harrap 

Frank, Colour Bks. Series. 4v. ca.3/6 Blachie 

Henry, Young (Samuels) ('48) D8 394 18/- Harvard U P Oxf 

John (Sadler). C4 18. Univ.Lond.Inst.Ed. I/- Ovf. 

John Couch, and Discovery of Neptune (Jones, Sir H.S ). ('47) 

C8. P. 2/- Camb. 

Adamson of Wesley. Ed.Mever. (*i2) C8.21R Till, in/- Rob & M 
Adaptable Commonwealth (Soward). C50) C8.62. sd 21- R 1 1 A 
Adapting 200B Pathcscope to Sound (Hall, R.W.& Benson FG) 

3r l e.C46) D8.8. 13d sd.3/- Cineluxe 
Adaptive Coloration In Animals (Cott). ('40) IR8 xxxn.508 

111. 40/- Methuen 

Addams and Evil (Addams). ('47) D8.112. Ill 12/6 H.Hamilton 
Addendum to King's and Some King's Men (Lyle). ('SO) R8.220. 

6pl. 30/- Oxf. 

Addewidion: Play (Jones, B.) 1/3 Gomtrlan 
Addison. (*05) 48. Prose Bks. sd.7d.*; cl.lOd * K.Arnold 

and Goldsmith. Narramr and Descriptive Essays by. Ed Collins. 

V.H.& Treble. ('38) I<8 192 3/6* Ox/. 

Essay on (Macaulay). CIO) F8 90. Oxf Plain Text. I/-* Oxf. 

Essay on (Macaulay). Ed Sheldon Std Kng.Class.S 2/9* Blackie 

Essay on (Macaulay). Ed.Weekcsv Lng.Class.S. 2/- UnlvTut. 

Essay on. Essav on Milton and (Macaulav). Ed. Morgan, R M.& 

H.L. C8 32 Comm.& O m Eng.Lit 6d * Pitman 

Lives of Milton and (lohnson.S.). Ed.Duff. ('00) F<X 282 Kng Class 

S. 2/6 Blackwood 
Addition and Subtraction Facts and Processes. (.'48) D8 68 I/- Scot. 

Council: Vmv.Lond. 
Additional Analogs to The Wright's Chaste Wife (Adam of Cobham). 

Ed.Clouston ('86). E.ET.S. I/- O*1 

Christian Arabic and Synac. Cat. of MSS. v.3. (Mmgara). C39) 

R4.138. Ipl. 25/- Settv Oak 

Exs. on Shorter Course in Shorthand. C8.40 6d.* Pitman 

Indices to Doctrine of PrajnS-Paramita (Obcrmiller). 8vo 21. sd l/- 


Additions and Corrections to Haggard Bibliog. (McKay. G.L.& Scott, 
J.L.). (*36) D8.28. 21 /- Mitre 

and Corrections to Sir John I ortescue's Ld. of Corresp. of King 

George III (Namier) C37) R8 86 10/6 Man V.P. 
Address at Unveiling of Roll of Honour at Camb 'I ipperary Club. 
1916 (James. M R.) ('183 s8vo. 2/6 Camb. 

on Teaching of Science in Schools (Bragg) C8.32 6d G.Bell 

presented to Marcus Niebuhr Tod ('48) DR.24 S/- O\i. 

Titles and Forms, of. 7c.C49) C8.xiv.160. 7/6 Black 

to Swmdon. W.E.A . etc (Bridges. R.). ('36) C8 148. 5/- Oxl. 

to Venezuelan Congress at Angostura (Bolivar). Pott8.38. Camb 

PlnTxts. 2/-* Camb 

Unknown (Philpotts) n e ('50) C8 224. 5/- Hutchimon 
Addresses and hssavs. Selected (Haldanc) ('28) C8 7/6 / Murray 

Biographical and Hist (Gordon. A.). C22) C8 349. 5/- Limhev 

Creative Man and Other (Samuel) C49) D8.150. Fr 9/6 Cresset 

1886-1910. St. Andrews Univ. (Donaldson). ('11) D8.688. 12/6 


for To-morrow (Couch) C48) C8.144. 8/6 Skeffinpton 

of Reception to Mri. Alice Meynell (Newbolt, etc). C14) 44. l/- 


on Lord's Praver (Matthews). ('12) F8 80. 2/6 Allemon 

on Psvcho-Anal. (Putnam). ('21 ) D8. Internal. Psychoan.S. 25/- 


--on Rev. Vers. of Holy Script (Elhcott). ('33) F8.155. sd.l/- Ch. 
Bk Rm. 

R eiccted (Smith. J.&H ) ('94) TR 3/6 J Murray 

Selected Sermons and (Hirsch). C4R) DR 144. 9/6 F Cold\ton 

Simple (Cobbokl) C36) C8 96 2/- .V /' C.K 

to "Christian Minor" (Menzics) (*14) CR.172 4/- S./'CK 

upon the American Road. 1941-5 (Hoovci) T46) 1C8 x.442 30/- 

V.Nostrand : Macmillan [V.Nostrand : Macmtllan 

upon the American Road. 1945-8 (Hoover) C49) 8vo.xn.32(). 30/- 
Addvsg (Williams. W.M.) ('44) C8 64 Pobun S 2/- Brvthon 
Adelaide. Queen (Hopkirk). ('50) 1C8. 111. Albemarlc Lib. 10/6 

J Mnrrav 

Adelc and Co. (Yatcs. D ) C41) CR. 6/- Ward.Lock 
Adclphi (Terence) C28) C8 Class.Tr.S sd 1/6 Rrodie 

(Terence). Ed Sloman. 2e.C92) I-R 162 57- Oxf 

(Terence). Ed.Masom. Trans 1 /9* Text 4/6* I'niv Tut 
Aden: Annual Report. 1948 84 sd2/6 Colonial Off '1TM.SO 

Protect. Soc and Econ Conditions in: Svy. (Ingrams). sD4.216 

75 pi 1M. 10/6 Crown 

to Hadkramaut (Meulen). C46) MR lOOill. 18/- J.Murrav 
Adenme Nucleo-Tidcs. Biological Actions of (Green, H.N A Stoner). 

C50) DRxvi.222. 65ill. 25/- II.K Lewis 
Adenoma. Bronchiogcnic Carcinoma and (Fried). ('48) M8.xiv,306 

3l7ill. 46/6 Bailliere 

Adequate Resources (Horncr). C46) C8.24. sd.6d. Fpworth 
Adhesive Insulating Tape for Electrical Purposes. (*42) 4. I/- B.S.I. 
Adhesivcs C50) R8.108. 7/6 Trade: H.M.S.O. 

for Wood. Requirements and Props of (Knight, R.A G.). C50) 

R8 32 sd.l /- Dept of Sci. & lndu\t.Re\. :H.M.S.O 

Industrial Cold (Dulac & Roscnbaum). ('36) lC8xn.l92. 9/6 


Synthetic (Smith. P.S ). C44) D8.125 llpl 15/- Chap.A H. 

Tcehnol. of (Delmontc) ('47) M8.520. 111. 64/- ReinholdiChap. 


Wood (Pinto) C4R) D8 173 9ill. Archil & Bldg.S 12/6 Spon 

Wood. Modern (Perry) M8.208. 17/6 Pitman 
Adhvatnaramavanam In Sanskrit. Ed Siddhontaratna. R8. 2v. 22/6 
Aditus (Hitchen). 111. 2/6 Juta \Luzac 

Facihores (Polls & Darnell). 13e.('lO) 197. 2/- Blackwood 
Adjectives from Proper Names (Chapman, R W.). ('39) D8 44. S.P E. 

Tracts. 2/6 Oxf. 
Adjustment of Fire Losses (Reed. P B.) C29) DR 3R/6 McGraw 

of Muscular Habits (McConnel). C33) CR xii.130. Sill. 4/6 H.K. 


Personal (Dunlap). ('46) D8.446. 34/- McGraw 

Pcrslty. and Problems of (Young, K.). (*47) DS.x.868. Internat 

Lib.of Sociol. 35/- Routledge 
Adjustments of Engineer's Transit and Level (Ives). 2e.('06) F8.15. 

Hill, bds.6/- Wiley :Chap_.&H. 
Adler, Alfred (Bottome) 2e.('46) IC8.280. 12/6 Faher 

Alfred, Contrib. of (Mairei, etc.). C'38) D8.76. Indiv.PsychoI.S. 

sd.2/6 C W.Daniel 

Alfred: The Man and Hi* Work (Orgler). C39) D8.240. 15/- 


Jankel (Haytcr). C48) D4. 38pl. (some col.) 2 1/- Nich A W 




Adler Jankc) (Themcrson) C48) C4.36. Col. ill. l.s.e.30/- Gaberbocchus 
Adlcr's Place in Psychology (Way). D8.320. 18/- Allen & 11 . 
Adhngton, Arthur. Mem. of: Radiant Faith. ('48) C8.64. sd.3/6 

Administration Acts. Property, Settled Land. Trustee and. and 

other Recent Acts Affecting Conveyancing (.Hood & Chelhs). 

Ed.Boraston. 8e.('38) R8.cxxxii,980. 45/- Stevens & Sons 

and Finance. 1558-1825. Studios in (Hushes. E.). C34) D8.528,xn. 

Fr. Lcon.Hst.S 21 /- Man U.P. 

Business. Hdbk. of (Donald). ('31) C8.1752 85/- McGraw 
-Elcmts. of (Urwick). 2c.C48) D8J32. 7/b Pitman 

Factory, in Practice (Hiscox & Stirling). 6c ('48) D8.300 8/6 

Industrial. C20) D8.203. 7/6 Man.U.P. {Pitman 

Industrial Fundamentals of (Elbournc). r.Davis, H.Mc.F. v.l. 

4C.C47) D8.299. 34ugs. 12/6; v.2. 4c.('48) D8.442. 15figs. 17/6 
Macd.& E. 

Modern and Probate Pract. and Law (Risdon \v. Hancock). 2e. 

C50) D4.807. 6/6/- Pitman 

Municipal (Warren, J. ID. ('48) D8.254. 15/- Pitman 

of Business Enterprise (Branton). C50) DH.324. IK/- Pitman 

of Charities (Chilcott, T.B -) 3c D8. fsuppt.32/6 Sweet 
of Health and Phys. Educ. (Williams, J.F.& Browned). 3e.C46) 

C8.483. 111. 17/6 Sounder*. 

of Law (Slcsscr). C'48) C8.144. Univ. Lib. 7/6 Hutchmson 

of Lord's Supper (Robinson. W.). 1/6 Rerean, P. 

of Marketing and Selling (Whitchead). 2c.('5U) D8.338. 25/- 


of Modern Secondary School (Edmonson), etc. 3e ('48)) ICS.xu, 

690. Ch figs. 33/6 N.Y. :Macnnllan 

of Mysore under Sir Mark Cubbon (Sastri). D8.322. 16/- Allen 
A. U. 

of Pub. Recreation (Hjeltc). C'40) lC8.xv,416. llch. 31/6 N.Y.: 

~- of Revolutionary Army (Hutch). ('04) 222. 8/6 Harvard V.P.-Oxf 

of Trade Board Acts. 1909 and 1918. ('22) sd.2/- Mm. of Lab.: 


of Trade Board Acts 1922-3. sd.6d. Min of Lab. : H.M.S.O. 

- Order, Guide to CBalyuzi). r.c.('48) C8.32. sd.9d. Beho t 

Personnel (Pigors & Bycrs). ('47) 38/6 McGraw 

Personnel (Tcad &. Mctcalf). 3e.('33) 40/6 MiGraw 

Personnel, Programme for (Evans, J.). ('45) D8.100. 15/- McGraw 

Public, in Ireland. Vol.11. ('49) D8.260 limp 10/6 Parkside 

Public, Intro, to (Gladden). ('49) D8.J48. 12/6 Staple* 

- Public Primer of (Finer). ('50) C8.160. Man and Society S. 6/- 


Public. Prin. of (Warner, R.). ('48) D8.212. 15/- Pitman 

Public, leach Yourseil (Martin, R.R.). ('49) 1F8.168. lOill. 4/6 

Ens U.P. 

Regulatory (Graham. G. A. & Reining). (*43) M8.254. 26/- Wilev: 

Char & H. 

Social (Clarke, J.J.). 4e C46) D8.774. 25/- Pitman 
Administrative Behaviour (Simon). ('47) lC8.xvi,259. 30/- N.Y.: 


Control (Whartc-n) D8 140 15'- Gee 

History English During 14th Cent. (Tout), sd.2/- Man U.P. 

History of Mediev. England. Chanters in (Tout). f'20-'23) 6v. ea. 

D8. 8pl. v.l &2. 22/6; v.3. 4 & 5. 30/-; v.6, 40/- Man.l'.P. 

Law, American (Schwartz). ('50) R8.144. 25/- Pitman 

Law, Justice and (Robson). 2e.('47) DS.xxxu.554 30/- Sttvtm 

Process (Landis). 12/6 Vale U.P.: Oxf. {A. Sons 

Proficiency tn Business (Schcll). C36) D8. 23/6 McGraw 

Removal of Parish Priests (RonchettO. C48) 1)8. sd.3/- Burm, O. 

Tribunals at Work. Ed. Pollard, R.S.W. ('50) DK.xx,154. Pub. 

Adrnm.S. 17/6 Stevens ct Sans 

Administrators, and Trustees, Accts. of Executors (Phillips, W.B.). 
Ed.Wrighi, F.T. 9e.C45) D8.168. 6/-* Pitman 

Law of Executors and. in a Nutshell (Finlay). ('48) D8. bds.6/- 

Admirable Crichton (Amsworth). sC8.xiv,400. FVmanS. 4/6 Dent 

Crichton- Play (Barne) D8.98. sd.4/- S.French 

Crichton (Barnc). ('18) 1F8.224. 4/6 Hodder 

Lady Mary (Gibbs. L.). C49) D8.255. 16P. 15/- Dent 
Admiral Halscy's Story (Halscy & Bryan). C47) 310. 34 /- McGraw 

of the Blue (Hargrove). C8.126. 4ill. 4/6 Heath, C. 

Peters: Play (Jacobs & Mills. H.). C8.16. sd.1/3 S.French 
Admirals All- Play (Hay & Hall, S.K.). D8.88 sd.3/- S.French 
Admiral's Daughters (Askwith). C8. 8/6 Gollancz 

Wife in the Making (Poore). ('17) IPostS. P. 7/6 J.Murrav 
Admiralty Handbk. of Wireless 'Iclegraphv. ('38) 2v. sd.5/-; 7/6 

Admiralty: H.M.S.O. 

Law and Pract. (Roscoe). Ed.Hutchmson, G.I. 5c.('31) RS.lxvi, 

578. 47/6 Stevens & Son* 

Manual of Navigation. ('38) 3v. R8. sd.10/-; 7/6; 7/6 Admiralty : 


Price of (McGuirc, P.& F.M.). (*44) D8.342. 47pl 1M. 15/- Oxf 
Admissions to College of St. John the FIvangelist. Camb.. Pts.l & 

II. C93) C8.495. 30/-; Pt.II. sd.30/- Deighton 

to Pcterhousc. 1615 to 1930. Ed.Walkcr. T.A.& Anscll. 2v. ('12- 

'40) R8.xi,760: xxiv, 164. Coll. Hist. S 30/-; 15 /- Camb. 
Adobe, Build Your Own (Allcr). C'46) Imp8.122. 25ill.(lcol.). 16/- 

Stanford U.P.:Oxf. 
Adoddiad'U i Fabanod (Edwards, F.). ('34) C8.40. 7ill. sd.l/- 

Adolescence (Fleming). ('45) D8.262. Intcrnat.Lib.of Sociol. 16/- 

(Heald). ('50) C8 20. sd.1/3 Stockwell [Routledge 

and Youth (Landis). C45) D8.470. 32/- McGraw 

Christianity and (Rccs, D.E.). ('47) 104. 4/- ReHR.Fduc. 

Friendship Love in (Tereshchcjiko). D8.367. 16/- Allen & V, 

Problems (Sadler). ('48) D8.466. 33/- Kimpton 

Psych, of (Cole. L.). D8.xvi.503. f()ch. 30/- Allen & U. 
Adolescent. The CArlitt). C38) D8. 21/6 McGraw 

and the Convert (Murphy). ('44) C8.54. sd.1/6 Burns. O. 

Adolescent and the Family (Churchill). ('49) C8.166. 7/6 Cresset 

at School (Mdllinson) ('49) D8.164. lill. 10/6 Hememann 

Challenge of (Crabb). ('48) 28. sd.l/- C.S.S.M. 

Character and Personality (Havighurst & Taba). ('49) D8.315. 

32 /- Wiley: Chap. & H. 

Character. Religion and (Backhouse). ('47) D8.160. 6/- Lutt.P. 

Child (Wall). ('48) C8.X.206. 8/6 Methuen 

Commonscnsc and (Mannin). n.c.('45) C8.192. 5/- Jarroldi 

Crime, Boys in Trouble (Mcsuner). ('38) C8. bds.3/6 J.Murrav 

Criminal (East w. Stocks & Young,H.T.P.). C'42) C4.338. 112tabs. 

45 /- Churchill 

Development (Hurlock). ('49) 567. 38/6 McGraw 

Education of. ('26) sd.2/- Min.of rduc.: H.M.S.O. 

Girl. Subnormal (Abel & Kinder). ('42) D8.230. 15/- Columbia: 


in Social Groups (Newman, F.B.). (*46) D8.94. 10figs.9tabs. 6/- 

Stanford U.P.'.Oxf. 

Psycholoev of the (JYollmgwtmh). ('30) D8.188. 10/6 Staples 

Sex and the. ('49) D8.25. sd.l/- Ch.lnto. 

Training the (McCarthy). 8vo.318. 22/6 Herder 

Young: Play (Phelps). C8.24. sd.1/3 S.French 
Adolescents. Counselling (Williamson. EG.). C50) 38/6 McGraw 

Eighty Thousand. D4.196. 111. 12/6 Allen & U 

in S. Africa, Education of (Smuts). C35) 15/- Jutci 
Adolphc (Constant). Ed.Rudler. ('19) CK.104,xxiv. sd.3/6 Man I .P 

and the Red Note Book (Constant). n.e.('49) F8.152. Novel Lih 

bds.6/- H.Hamilton 
Adonais (Shellev). Sm.Eng. Class. S. sd.6d *; cl 9d * niackte 

(Shelley). Ed.Wcekes. Eng.Class.S. 2/6* tJntv.Titt 

a Life of John Keats (Hewlett), r e.C49) 1D8.408. 21111. 25,'- 


Adoption. Law of. Law rcl. to Children and Ync Persons mcl 
(Hall. W.C.. Morrison, A.C.L.& Bamvell). 3e.('47) md. C49, 
Pckt.Suppt. 42/- Shaw & Sons 

of Children (Joslmg). 2e.('50) DR 94. O.P.N. sd7/6 Sol.lMw 

Societies and Agencies Rept. sd.l/- Home (>//. 11.M.S.O. 

Theory of (Sastri). C09) D8.59. 7/6 I.uzar 

Adoration of the Kings (Gossacrt). ('48) D4.24. 18ilL Gallery Bks. 
sd.4/ 6 Lund, H. 

of the Lamb (Rattcnbury). (*50) C8 160. 6/- J.pworth 
Adorcrnus (Tyndall & Parker). C36) D16 40 sd.l/-*; w. Collects, 

Epistles and Gospels. D16.232 3/- S.P.C.K. 
Adornment, Through Chemistry (Cronshaw). ('49) Dalton Lccts. 3'- 


Adrenal Cortex (Brostcr & Vines). C33) D8 94 sd.6/- JJ.KJewi* 
--Gland (Hartrrun & Brownell). C49) R8.581. 72ill 60/- Kimpton 

Gland, Mammalian (Bourne). C49) R8.248. 15pl.226figs. 30/- Ox1 
Adrenals, Diseases of CSoffcr). 2r.c.('48) J<8 320. 48ill Ocol.). 32/6 

Adres Kitaberi (Direct, of Flxporteis & Importers). 7urk.,Enp.,Fi.tV 

Gm.text C50) R8. 2M. 63 /- Prob\tham 
Adrift in the Stratosphere (Low, A.M.) C49) sC8.224. Col.l i 

Meteor Lib. 3/6 Ulackie 
Adsorption (Cassidv). Tech. of Org.Chcm.S. Inter science 

(Mantell). C45) D8.386. 42/6 McGraw 

Analysis, Chromatographic (Strain) ('45) I>8 332. 

20tabs. Chem.Analvsis S. 4()/- lnter\cience 

of Gases and Vapours (Brunaucr). v.l. ('44) M8.520. 168figs. 35/- 


of Ciases by Solids (Gregg). C34) I 8.viii.l20 I5d. C:hcm Subi 

Mon.S. 3/- Methuen 

of Gases on Sol'ds (Miller, A.R ). C49) DS.xn,134. 38fips. Stabs. 

Math.Phvs.S. 12/6 Camb. 
Adult Class (Ratchfl). ('38) C8.172. Discussion S. 3/6 Nelson 

Defective Rcpt. of Cttec. on Mental Deficiency. Pt. 3. C29) sd. 

2/- Min of Educ.: H.M.S.O. 

Difficult, Doctor and (Moodic). C47) D8.304. 15/- Ca\*ell 

Education (Hawkins & Bnmblc). ('47) ( 1 8.viti,42() l^/- Micmillan 

Education, Community Associations and. 43. 111. sd.2/ 6 N.C.S.S 

Education, Counselling Techs, in (Klein & Moflit). ('46) D8.18* 

21/6 McGraw 

Education, for Homemaking (Pollard, L.B.). 2c (*47) D8.194. 24/- 

WlleyChap.& H. 

Education Grants. Reports of Adv. Co. on Education in Scot. 

sd.4d. Scot. Educ. '.H.M.S.O. 

Education, Ideals and Realities in (Wood, H G.). ('49) D8.16. 

sd.1/3 Cornish Bros. 

Education, m the Devel. Plans of Local Education Authorities. 

C48) C8.79. sd.4/- N.I.A.E. 

Education in N.7 (Thompson, A.B.). ('45) D8.396. 14tabs.7figs. 

N.Z.Educ.Res.S. 15 /- Oxf. 

Education in the U.K. Directory of Organisations. (*50) D8.80 

sd.2/- N.I.A.E. 

Education, Rural (Ranganathan). ('49) C8.43. sd.2/6* Blunt 

Intelligence, Measure ot (Wechslcr). 3c.('44) M8.viii.258. 20/- 


Adulteration and Analysis, History of Food (Filby). D8.269. Hist, 
of Sci.S. 12/6 Allen & L> . 

and Analysis of Food and Drugs (Liversecgc). (*32) RR.616. 36; - 


Advaita, Philosophy of (Mahadcvan). (*38) 8vo.xvi.284. 7/6 IMZOI 
Advaitasiddhi, Nyayamnta and: in Sanskrit. ('34) R8. 25 /- Lutac 
Advance of Fungi (Large). ('40) D8. III. 18/- Cape 

to Barbarism ("Jurist"). ('48) C8.182. lill. 7/6 Merrvmeade 
Advanced Accounting (Paton). ('41) M8.xx.838. 4iy- N.Y.- 

Macmillan [Pitman 

Accounts. Ed.Cartcr, R.N.& W.R. 4c.('50) DR. 1167. 12/6* 

Accounts. Ed.Wulfsohn. S.A.n.e.('45) D81112. 18/ -Pitman 

Accounts, Key to (Goodman). 5c.('49) DS.973. 22/6 Pitman 

Algebra (Barnard & Child). C39) D8.x,280. 16/- Macmillan 

Algebra (Durcll & Robson). 3v. 13e.:7e.:5c. C8 .224: 198: 168. 

6/-*; 7/6*; 7/6*. Joints for v.2 & 3. ca.2/6 G.Bell 




Advanced Analytic. Gcom. (Campbell. A.D.). ('38) D8.310. 111. 36/- 
W Key Chap. &. H. 

Arithmetic. Pt. 2 (Lightfoot). sCS.139. 3/- Normal 

Atlas of Modern Geography. Ed. Bartholomew. r.c.('50) Cfol. 

%M. 25/-, lib.e.35/- Meiklejohn 

Auxiliary Fireman (Wilmoth). 2e.('46) C8.250. 76111. 3/6 Lomax. 

Book-keeping (Grierson). Exs. 4/-* Blackie ' 

Building Craft Geometry (Emery). 050) lOOfigs. sd. 

5/6 Macmillan [Macmillan 

Calculus (Osgood). ('25) 8vo. xvi.530. 128figs. 45/- N.K.: 

Calculus (Sokolnikoff). ('39) 38/6 McGraw 

Calculus (Stewart, C.A.). 2e.('46) D8.xviii,523. 166d. 25/- 
- Calculus fWiddcr). C47) M8. 45 /- Constable [Methuen 

Calculus (Wilson, E.B.). Cll) M8.ix.566. 42y- Gmn 

Calculus (Woods). n.c.('34) M8.ix.397. 36/- Gmn 

Ca'culus. Treatise on (Frankhnt. C40) . M8.595. 52/- Wiley: 

Chap.& II. 

--Carpenry and Joinery (Emery). ('48) G18.vui.116. Will. 8/6 

Macmillan [Macmillan 

-Chemical Calculations (Smith, S.J.). ('50) D8.\in,454. 17/- 

Course in Mandarin (Chiang Kcr-chm). Bks.I & II. 5e.t'46) 8vo. 

sd.9/- Probsthain 

- Course in Yogi Philos. (Yogi). C8.280. 8/6 Fowler 

- Dynamics (Timoshenko & Young). ('48) 42/6 McGraw 

- Electrical Measurements (Michcls). 2c.('41) lC8.x,348. 155figs. 

30/- V Nostrand . Macmillan 
English (Walters). ('38) F8.192. Laurel & Gold S 2/6* Collins 

- English Course for Foreign Students CKelly). 2e.('47) C8.xv.429. 

8/6* l,ongman\ 
--English Exercises (Clay). ('39) C8.242. 4/- llfinemann 

- Excretes in English for Foreign Students (Judd). C50) CK.x.117. 

limp 4/-* Longmans 

Exercises in Physics (Allen, A.O.). 2e ('22) C8.80. 2/6 E.Arnold 

- Experiments in Practical Physics (Calthrop). 2c C50) D8.144. 

170ih. 9/6* Heinemann 

Figure Skating (Vinson). (*40j 34/- McGraw 

-French Composition CBerthon & Onions). 2e.('24) C8.1n,176. 5/-; 

Kev. (*32),,140 6/- Macmillan 
-French Composition (Goodndge). 034) C8.184 7/6* Ox/. 

French Conversation (Kany & Dondo). 60, 2/6* Harrap 

French Course (Whitmarsh & Jukes).. 040) C8.xii.3Kl. 8/6* 


French Revision Course (Gould). 050) 4/9 G Bell 

French Unseens (Stockton). ('34) 1/9* Methuen 

ADVANCED GEOGRAPHIES. 15 v. ea. D8. M.d. 10/6 - 36/- 

Africa. W.Fitzgerald, 22/6 
Asia. L.Dudley Stamp, 3d/- 
Australia. GriHith Taylor. 35 /- 
Canada. Gr.llith Taylor. 21 /- 
Ireland. 1 .W. Freeman. 32/6 
Map Projections. G P Kellaway. 10/6 
The Middle East. W B Fisher. 27/b 
The New Europe, W. Fitzgerald. 14/- 
Climatology. A.Austin Miller, 18/- 
Fr.ince. Hilda Ormsby. 25/- 

An Economic Geography of Great Britain. Wilfred Smith, 32/6 
North America. Ll.Rodwell Jones and P.W.Bryan. 25 /- 
South America. E.W.Shanahan. 18/- 
Southern Euiope. M.I.Nrwbigm. 30/- 
Urban Geography. Gnflith Taylor. 25 /- 

Advanced German Composition (Bithcll). 7e.('49) C8.xu,26(). 5/6* 

German Composition, Key to (Bilhall & Theilkuhl). 2c.('47) C8. 

viii.176. 8/6 Methuen 

German Conversation (Kany <fe Sachs). 045) 89 2/6* Harrap 

German Prose Composition (Eggelmg). 033) C8.228. 7/6* Oxf. 

- German Unseens (Stockton). 3e.049) F8.vm,64. 2/-* Methuen 
Greek Unseens 2e.(.'04) C8.xu.272. 8/6*; K iv,128. sd.4/-* Univ. 
Hatch (Parkinson). 049) D8.215. 25 /- Pitman [Tut. 

History of G.B. Clout). Pt.2 & 3. n.e.034) CK.xv.238:xvi.271 M. 

d. Hist.S.for SchLs. 5/6*; 6/-* Longmans 

- History of India (Majumdar. Raychandhun & Datta). 046) 1C8 xi, 
1082. I11.10M 35/-; 049) 3v. ea.lCK.xi.295 \ii.387 :xn.404. figs. 
M. 15/-; 17/6; 17/6 Macmillan 

- Italian Conversation (Kany &. Spcroni). 2/6* Harrap 

Laboratory Manual of Organ Chcm. (Jleidelberger). 023) Impl6. 

103. 16/- Retnhohl:Chap.& H. 

- - Laboratory Practice in Jr,lect. and Magnetism (Terry &. Wahhn). 

3c.C36) 30/- M(C7raw 

- Latin Prose (Loscby). ( j2) C8 176. 3/6*; K 5/1* Harrap 

Latin Tests (Milne. J.M.). ('29) 80. 1/3*; K.S/1* Harrap 

- Latin Unseens (Maidment & Mills. T.R.). 2e.010) C8.iv,298 8/6*; 

K. iv,160. sd.7/6* UmvTut. 

Lessons in Greek (KaegO. Tr.Kleist. 1C8.118 15/- Herder 

Life Insurance (Knight. C.K.). 026) M8.426. Ill 44/- Wiley: Chap. 

& H. 

-- Maths for Engineers (Recidick & Miller) 2e.('47) D8.508. 13hll. 
40 /- Wiley: Chap. & H. 

Maths, for Technical Students (Geary. Lowry & Hayden). Pt.l. 

045) D8.viii.419. 262d. 14/-* Longmans 

- - Maths, for Technical Students (Lowry & Hayden). Pt.2. 050) 

D8.ix,422. 228d. 18/-* Longmans 

Mechanics of Materials (Murnhy) 04h> 36/6 McGraw 

Mechanics of Materials (Seely). 032) M8.331. 242ill. 44/- Wiley. 

Chap.& H. 

Modern Atlas. Ed.Mathcson & Kermack. 3e. sD4.68. bds.6/9* 


Modern French Proses (Trehern). 049) 62. 2/-* Harrap 

Modern German Unseens (Williams. T.P.). 048) 144. 3/6* Harrap 

Advanced Organic Chemistry (Fuson). ('50) D8.609. 64 /- Wiley: 
Chap.&H. [Chap.&H. 

Organic Chemistry (Wheland). 049) M8.799. 111. 64/- Wilev 

Perspective. Third Grade (Dennis). 7c.('96) Imp8.xii.186. lOOilI. 

15 /- Bailliere 

Piping and CaKe Designs (Nirvana). 050) C4.180. 135U1. 30/- 

MacLaren & Sons 

Portuguese Conversation CKany & Figueiredo). 043) 2/6* Harrap 

Practical Physics for Students (Worsnop & Flint). 9r.e.('50) DK. 

736. 492H1. 35 /- Memuen 

Progressive Typewriting Course (Marshall. J.). 045) C4.57. 4/-* 


Prose Interpretation (Mosby & Thomas). 047) 5/-* Blackie 

Radiodontic Interpretation (Simpson). 3r.c.047) D4.78. ISOill. 70 /- 


Readings in Chcm. and Technical German. Ed.Fatos & Shreve 

040) D8.304. 111. 26;- Wtlev.Chap.* H 
Russian Conversation (Kany <fc Kaun). 047) 2/6 Harrap 

Russian Reader (Patrick), n c 049) rs 256 7/6* Pitman 

Spanish Conversation (Kany). 039) sC8. 2/6* Harrap 

Spoken Swedish (Sodcrbacck). 047i Impl6.166 20/- Bailer 

Steps in Ballet (French & Demery). 050) sC8.48 2pl. 6/- French 

& D. 

Surveying (Jameson). 2e.('49) D8.388. 20/- Pitman 
--Surveying (Ravncr). v.2. 2e.('50) C8.xvi.370. 262ligs.lOtabs. 33/6 

V.Nostrand : Macmillan 

Tests in French Comp. and Grammar (Milne, J.M.). 96. limp 1/6*. 

K.3/9* Harrap 

Tests in German Comp. and Grammar (Wanstall) 026) 80 sd 

1/6*; K.5/3* Harrap 

Textile Design (Watson. W.). 3c.('47) M8.xn.519. 508d 2S/ 

Longman * 

Theory of Statistics (Kendall), v.l. 4r.c.048) K.'4.xii,457 16MI 7^ 

tabs. 42/-; v.2 2r.c lC4.ix.521. 30ill 52tabs. 50/- Griffin 

Treatise on Phys. Chem. (Partmgton). v.l. 049) R8.xlu.944. 269d 

80 /- Longmans 

Trigonometry (Durfell & Robson) lie. C8.vni.288.xlviii. 10/6* 

K.17/6 G.Bell 

Typewriting (Ilcehs). 050) IPost4.14() 5/-* Pitman 

Vector Analysis (Wcatherburn). 6c. DS.xvi.222. Math.S. (Adv.) 

17/6 G.Bell 

Verse Appreciation (Mosby & Thomas). 050) 5/-* Blackie 
Advancement of Learning (Bacon). Bk 1. Pott8.78 Camb.Pln.Txis S 

1/9* Camb. 

of Learning (Bacon). sC8.xn.244. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

of Learning (Bacon). Bk.l. Ed.Selby. 092),152. 21- 


of Learning (Bacon). Ed.Wright. W A. Sc.OOO) C8.424. 5/-* Oxf 

of Learning and New Atlantis (Bacon). Ed. Case. 006) Pott8.300 

World's Classics. 4/6 Oxf. 

of Spenser Button (James). D8.288. 12/6 Auxin 

Advances and Assessment of Means. Control of. 2/6 Blackwood 

in Colloid Science. 2v. ea.MH. 36/- Intencleme 

in Colloid Science. Ed. Mark & Verwcy. v 3. 050) D8.700. 250ill 

36tabs 64/- Interference 

in Enzymology (Nord). v.1-10. 041-'50) ea.M8.444 : 382:420 -340 

276:573:677:550:770. 111. tabs, v.1-5. ea.44/-; 56/-; 64/-; 72/-; 
60 /- Interscience 

in Grassland Husbandry and Fodder Prod. 1st and 2nd Sym- 

posiums. 2v. 044-46) C4. 108:83. sd 4/-; 6/- Comm Agric. 

in Internal Medicine. Ed. Dock & Snapper, v.2-4. ('47-'50) ca.M8 

652:478:693. 111. tabs. 56/-; 68/-; 72/- lnter\cience 

in Modern Surgery CSauerbruch). 037) D8.24. 12ill. sd.l/- 

Glasgow : Jack son 

in Pediatrics. Ed.Lcvme. etc v.2-4. 047-'49) ca.M8.419:373 :324 

111 tabs. 48/-; 60/-; 52/- Interscience 

\n Radiochcmistry (Broda). ('50) D8.xu,152. 16tabs. Math. Phys. S 


--in Surgery. Ed.Andrus. etc. 050) M8.462. 162ill.44tabs 4pl.(lcol.). 
88 /- Inter science 

of Harriet (Bottome). 033) C8.312. 8/6 J.lMne 

on Nuclear Chem and Theorct. Org. Chcm Ld.Burk & Grummiti 

045) D8.178. 42ill.7tabs. Front. in Chcm.S. 20/- Interscience 

Recovery of. 2/6 Blackwood 

Securities for. 2/6 Blackwood 

Advancing Church in Latin America (Grubb). 036) C8.81 lM.5pl 
Survey S 1/6 World Dom 

Front of Medicine (Gray. G.W.). 041) 425. 25/6 McGraw 

to Communism (Dubkovctsky). 050) F8 144. sd.9d Collet 
Advantages of Being Shy: Play (Hoffman). C8.24. sd.1/3 S.French 
Advent (DarncTou) 8/6 Sheed 

Assurances (Thomas). 037) C8 3/6 Skcffington 

From Exile to O-airwcather). Hdbks. for Bib. Classes. 3/6 T.&T 


of Aircraft Gas Turbine (Whittle). 046) D8.21. 4d. Akroyd. Stuart 

Lccts. sd.1/6 Nott.Univ. 

The Second (Glasson). r e.('47) C8.244. 7/6 Fpworth 

Sigmlicancc of (Wcathcrhcad). 041) C8.24. Bdcast S. 6d. 


Testimony and Prep. Hvmn Book. 036) D8.160. sd.2/6; cl.3/6 

to Trinity (Lonsdale). 036) C8. 6/- Skeffington ' [Pick.& I. 
Adventure. An (Mobcrly & Jourdam). 4e.031) C8.118. 4M 7/6 

Abroad (Kennedy, M.). ('49) C8. 111. 6/- Newnes I-aber 

All Roads Led to (Crad). Advent . Lives S 5/- S.Low 

and Discovery. 047-'50) Nos.2-5. ea.lMS. 111. ea.12/6 Cape 

and Exploration in S. America (QuickC). Pott8.256. M. King's 

Trcas.S. 1/10* Dent 

and Imagination. Tales of. Ed.Treble. 028) F8.192. 2/6* Oxf 

and Life (Scotland & Wood). Pts.l & 2. 038) ea.D8.200:228. III. 

(some col.). Open Road S. 4/6* Nisbet 

and Romance. Personal. Ed.Parnwell. 031) F8.190. 2/6* Oxf. 

at Eighty CFarieon. J.J.). f'48) C8.224. 8/6 Mard A r f > 




Adventure at Sea-Gull's Lsland (Foster, W.) Grade 2.48. III. Bright 
Story Rdrs. sd.9d * L.J.Arnold 

British Clurncr. W.J.). n.e.CSO) DK.324. Ill 10/6 Collins 

Lxploration and (Colhnson). C8 152. ca.3/6* Allen & U. 

for April (Noakes). n.e.CSO) C8.224 51- Hutchimon 

for Hvepcncc (Lovett). ('45) ICK.176. 31ill. 6/- alter 

for Two (Oxcnham). C8. Ill S/- O\! 

Haunts of High (Llhcrtcm). ('SCO IDK.200 39ill 18/- J.Lant 
Hour. L'd.Swann C36) 112 111. 3/-* Warn* 

-1 1-ound (lnj?rani). C50) D8.21d. 2^pl !()/- J.Lons 

in Art (Wcnhcim) C47) C4.86. 40ill.(5col.). 21 /- Nich <t W, 
in August (Borer). n.e.CSO) Read n S sd 2/- 4 Pitman 

--in Early Church CHotini). C40) C8.272. sd.3/6 //// 
-- in Trance (Holltv). C49) C8.188 6/6 Laurie* 

- in LivinR (Benjamin) ('50) C8.192. 8/6 //<<////* 

- in the Sun (I'carlman). C8. 7; 6 Gollantz, 

-in Vision (Swift). C50) DK.223. Ill 1*1- Lchmann 
into Unknown. Sermons (Charles) Schol as Prc.ich S 9/- T &T. 

Island (McGrath). C8.196. 2/2 / due Co. Ireland \Clark 

- of Ametlnst (Hallack). C37) Pott4 Mi.394. Col IT 74fis 10/6 

Macnilllun \Siotk\vell 

ol Jiobby .md the Bunkm (Muir. I).B ) C4S) 1-4 144 30ill. 5/- 
of Building (lillis. C W -> C47) G1K 92 40ill 10/6 Architetl.r 

ol Death (Mackcnna) Cld) sciCK 6/- ./ Murray 

- of the Lifeboat Service (Saville) C5()> IDS XO. Oil I i Mill </- 

Mu(.(J A ( t> 

oi Lookmit CAdams. II ). C49j sC4 vin.Mfi 4()i|l. 12/6 G. licit 
ot Man (llappold) 4r.e C49) CK 24K I87ill 14M (>/- Chn\t<rphrr\ 
of 1'aul of larsus (Mackav. H KB ). (MO) C8 2NN 6/- tf/rs 

- of Poetry (Kcndon*). C32) CS 96 How A. Wh\ S 3/6 Blink 
of Pruvri (Andif*). C2K) I X ((> .sd 2/- Mitwbrav 

ol Publishing (Joseph) t'49) C8.20S 8;6 M f/igu/c 
ca. ICft. Col. III. 2/9 .4/3 Black 
Intro Book. MaRic Box. lid.A.Ncwell. 2/9 

1 All Aboard. 3/6 

2 'Ircasure Cave. 3/9 

3 Clock ol Gold, 41- 

4. Cargoes and Cruises. 4/3 
Adventure of Religion (WriKht, C.M.) (*4K) DN 94 2/6 Und\tv 

ol 'Iravel Ld.Lockitt. (M(>) 1-8. 19U 1M lirntaiu of Lit S 2/9* 

- ol ^iwh (Wheeler. O A ) C45) CK.212 d/- Um\ I otid 

Omnibus (Ley land) C'49) C8 41d 33ill d/- (>iiham\ 

on the Moon (Canoll) ('47) ICK 4S 6pl J2ill 1/3 Huithmwn 
- 1'iople m (Leathcs) Cld) CN 336 lllill. 3/-* Hctnemann 

Postsciipt to (Schuster) C5) DK 21b. Col I r Hill l*/-L\rr 
-Real hd.Paiker. h W.fc Hutch ins ('34) I S 176 13ill. Heritage 

of Lit S 2/9* Longman^ 
Souttht and Unsought (Cummins) C50) L 8 MI. 242 Scholar's Lib 

4/- Macnilllan 

ADVENTURE STORIES. 18 v. a. C8. Illustrated. 3/6* E. J. 

1 Behind the Wall Monica Marsdcn 

2 Prom Dusk to Dawn G.llidwards 

* Across the Rio Grandr C Hall.sworth 
4 The Mystery of the Marshes L .1 Barnard 
.V '] he House of Mystcrv Murjoiu Norton 
6 '1 he Moated Manor Norah M.NYhitile 
7. |ctei 1-rame. Detective Alice M Baxter 
K ()\cr the Yellow Rixu C llallsworth 
9 The Rm Norah M Whittle 

10. Black Hawks of Peru Arthur '1 Draper 

11. The BOY hom H'Ciomi J I Bainaid 
12 Titicaca Adventure. Nicholas houcjuet 
13. Caravan Adventure. Monica Marsdcn 

14 llu HanUketchiel Man I orn.t Wood 

15. Brown Men's Jungle L 11 Wakcloicl and N Jarmc-v 

16. Man Hunt LH Wakefoid and N.Jarmey 

17. 'I he Spy at the Castle 1 .11 Wakciord and N Jarmev 

15 I'olat Adventures H.J.Slu-psioric- 

Adventure Stories, r lwent>. ('41 > sDS vin,lS4. Spl (4col ) Twenty S 
(./- ff far A 

Story : Play (Rattiuan). D8.96. sd.5/- .V / rtnch 

laics ol Heroism and Ld.'Ireble C37) 1'S 160 2/d* O\f 
~ with 1'uppets (Beard. L.B.) Ill M.h.ticurd 5/- Ox/ 
Adventurers Ila\ (Barne) C31) CK wotds.2/^. mus.l/- Dt'anc 

- (l-ntwistlc & SpriKBs) C35) CK. Storv S 1/6 I'din.Ho 

All Ld.HuRhes. A.G it Parker, h \V. C'3R) C8 vin.312. 27tll Lxs 

2nd .set Bk i Heritage ot Bks S 4/9* Longmaiu 
-Company ol (Tharp) C50) ICS 238 IIl.endp.M Tales of Olden 
Times S h/6 llarrap 

Fen (l-.nmon). n.C.C49) D8.110. 77ill 10/d JrnUns 
Adventures (Queen) ne C8 ^,6 Golltincz 

- Afloat (Miller. J D.) C'49) sDK vtn.2()4 111 7/6 Black 

- Amonn Hooks, hd Sullivan. C47) CS.192. Ill G(ld Gate- 

wax S. bds 4/6* l'nt\,Limd 
and Lncounters. hd. Parker. L W & Moon (*36) FN 190 HcrituRe 

of Lit.S. 2/9* Longmans \Parmd xriMuller 

Andv and Ann (Stccle) 2e C4(0 Rlf>62 h3ill (33col ). sd.l/- 

- at 1 riendly larm tllow) C48) C 2'5 111. d/- Holli\ 

at Pebble Bav (Lllsworth.) n e.C48) Read It S. sd l/^* Pitman 

- bv Sea (.Coxero hd Mcvcrstcin C4.M C8.146 M. 10/- Ovf 

from Dumas GI4 Ir l.ns.Aui h S 2/t>* Biackic 

6 v. ea. 3/6* Grant Educ. 
Rob Robin 
Ronnie Rabbit 
Daisy Duck 
Ernest Elephant 
Hermes Horse 
Percy Piy 

Adventures in Bolivia (ProdKers). C22)3c. F8.258. Week-End Lib. 4/6 
3. Lane 

in a Caravan (Hann). C50) C8.86. 6ill. bds.3/6 Mowbray 

in Composition (Mansfield) hd White, A ('48) D8.200 223d. 8/6 


in Contentment (Grayson) n.c.CSO) F8.256 b/- Melroic 

in Discovery (Rogers. S.). ('47) 1C8.20K. LSpl 10/6 Harrap 

in hmbroidery (Thesi^er). C41) C4.96. 124ill 12y6 Studia 

in Iinhsh (Qucvatre) Bks 1-4. C'42) CS 136 III 3/-*I 3/3*; 3/6*. 

3/6* R.Gibson 
ADVENTURES IN ENGLISH. 4 v. ea. ImpU. Illustrated. 1/4* 

E. J. Arnold 
Adventures in Grace (Mantain). C45) D8. 9,262. 8ill. 15 /- I^namam 

in the Life of Count Geo. Albert of hrbach. Tr Princess Beatrice 

C8 III. P. 10/6 J.Murntv 

in I itcrature (Wordsworth) C29) OK 293. 15 /- Heath. C. 

in the Occult. My (Desmoncft. C47) CK 144. 10/6 Rider 

in Old Shoe House (Richards. D.). C48) RI6 ^2 bds.3/6 

in Reading (Decker), i e CS Jh/- Ijpptmott [Faber 

in Reading (Brander) 2c C46) C'8.156 Ks 1 12. India Oxf. 

in RcddmK (.Keir). v.J-6. ca.sm4to.Id III. C: Jackson ea 9d.* Oxf 

in Reputation (Abbott. W.C.). C35) DS 276. dpi. 10/d Harvard 


in Sp.nn (Borrow) Ed. Marshall, J.B Grade 5 96 III Bright Sior\ 

RUrs. scl 1/3* LJ Arnold 

- in " Starlight " (Cicdi?i) C8216 Col IT 6/- llarrap 

in Stitcher (Karas/) ("49) obC4.10(i Col ill. 27/6 / unk .Mayflower 

in Switzerland (Dumas; iiJ.\Vnht, A. 1 it.J-r.CJass S limp I/-* 


in Symphonic Music (Downs) C50) D8.xu.^2^. 12/d A^cherherg 

in 'Jhcosophy (.Arundale). CK 5/- Theowph.Pub \Mulltr 

- - in VCKSC (Willton) C4S) C8 64 l/d* ()\\ 

in Words Scries. 1st S. 4v sd 9d * - .sd 1/2*; limp 1/1* - 1/9*; 

Tehrs. 5v. 2/-*-3/-*: 2nd S. 3\ sdl/2*; limp 1/6*; 'Ichts 
2/6* I'Wv.Umd 

in Writing (Keir). Ill C.Jackson. 4\. ca 1CK.16. 9U * Oxf. 

- into GCOK (Noyle). Lasv Study S. Jum Bks.lA. 2/6; IB 2/-. IlA 

2/3. IIB. 2/6 Ma<millan 

- into History (Smith. J V& Lay) Lasy Suid\ S Pnmarv Bks IA- 

IVA. lit-lVi. C41-'42) Col.ill. sd.2/-; 2/-; 2/6. 2/3 I/*- J/? 
1/9, 2/-; Sccondaiy Mod. BLs.MII 2r.e.C48) ea.sd3 / l 
Mat miltan 

inio Literature (Noyle). Primary Bks. 1-4 C42-'43) 148-224. Ill 

liasy Study S Ca 2/6. 3/- t 3/4; 3/9 ; Macnnltan 

Into Literature CNo\lc *V Blore). Secondary. Bk-,.1-111 C40-'42) 

.146-37S III. liasv Studv S 4/6. 5/-; 5/- Matnntlun 

into Nature. Bks lA-UU; IH-IVH C'44) 80.144 III (16tol ) 1 as% 

Mucl> S 3/6, 3/h, (sd.3/6), 4/-; (sd 3/6); 4/-; 2/9, 2/9; 3/4. 
3/4 Mat niillun 

into Poetry (Daunt), liasy Studv S Intro Bk C49) 46 18col ill 
1/3: Pnmarv. Bks. I-IV C41j 5S-90 Col ill 2/-: 2/-. 1/9. 1/9. 
Secondary Mod.. Bks.I-lII C43-'47) 74-106. Col ill. 1/6. J/9, 
2f- MudHilUin 

My Psychic (.Bird) CK 3 IK 7/6 Allen <t f/ 

- of Albert (Wain) C4S) Bks 1-4. ea.sDS.32 Mill., comb c. SD8.140 
Mill. 4\ ea.sd7d.*; comb c.sUJ/9* Collins 

of Alice (Wain). C48) Bks. 1-4. ca sDS.12. 16iJl.; comb.c sl)8 140 

Mill. 4v 7d *; comb e limp 2/9* Collim 

of Alice in Wondeiland (Carroll) Sec Author entry. 

of Anne (Williams, U.M.). CK 111 Millv-M -M S 3/6 Harrap 

of Baron Munchauscn. Singular Tiavcls. Campaigns and (Raspc). 

etc. Ld Cars well. C4S) 1C 'h 224 Crcxsccnt I ih.S 9/f- Cre^\tt 

ol the " Bit hour " (Woodward. A.), (irade 3 64 III Bnyht Stor\ 

Rdrs sd 10d * LJ Arnold 

of Bill Holmes (JluKhes. (J I ). C50) III Muldlchurst. 6/- Ox1. 

- of Billy Bouncei and lommv '1 error (Gee). ('44) C'8 88 3,d 

Lp worth 

of Bmdle (Jenkins), n.c C47) CS 176. 5/- Jenkm\ 

of Bobs (BIyton) 111 " Old Thatch " S limp 1/6* W Johnston 

of Chanticleer and Partlet CGnmm). n.e C50) llmpK.36 ("ol.ill 

4/d Cassell 

ol Chunky (Berg) III. Downs. 7/6 Oxf. 

of Common Days (Hilton). ('49) C8.50. III. Wayside Spec. Bks 

sd.2/ 6 / p worth 

of Don Quixote (Cervantes). See Author entry. 

ol Dr. Barnado (Williams. A.h ). C8.102 111 5/- Allen A l r 

- of an Ensign (" Vedette "). C17) C8.34K. 5/- Blackuood 

of Ldward Wopan (Maurice). ('45) C8. \iii,16K. M. 10/6 Routledge 

of Lvebnyht (Whitakcr). Grade 3.M 111 Bnsht Story Rdrs sd 

K)d * E.J Arnold [Warne 

of hrcdcnck (Wood, L & M.) ('45) Pott4 48 Col.ill bds.3/6 

of GeorKina Pauline (Clarke, S X C39) Impl6.96. 111. Broadcast 

hthocs S sd.1/3* I.J.Arnold 

ol Gerard (Dovlc) Unil.c. C8. 6/- Gryphon J.Murray 

of Gil Bias. See Gil Bias. 

of Gnselda (Williamson. I.G.). 111. Suppty.lnf.Rdrs.S sdlld* 


of Grump (McGregor). ('4d) 1C8 1M. 30ill. 6/- Fabfr 

of Gulliver. C50) C8.M III. hasy to Read S. 1/3 Blackie 

of Gulliver (Ellsworth). Ill Supply. Inf.Rdrs. sd.lld.* Blackie 

of Haju Baba. See Ham Baba 

of Harry Revel (Couch). Pott8.256. King's Treas.S. 1/10*; C03) 

SC8.272. Duchy e 5/- Dent 

of Hcnrv Pcnn (Vincent. I.St.). D8.125. 111. 5/- Harrap 

of Homely Women (Inchfawn). C'46) C8. d/- Ward.Lock 

of Hoppitv Bobtail (Bennett, R,) ('34) C8.128. 111. CoI.Fr. sd 

1/6*; hmp 1/8* Vniv.Lond. 

of Hucklebcrrv Finn. See Huckleberrv Finn 

of Ideas (Whuchcad). n.e.C38) D8.xn.393 9/- Camb. 

of Ideas (Whitchcad). C42) sCS.349. Pelican S. sd.2/- Penguin 
of Jip & Co (Milne, J P ). sC8.224. Col.Fr Meteor Lib. 3/6 






Adventures of John (Jackson. P.). C50) C8.32. 6111. sd.1/9 Stockwell 

of John and Jim (Cooke, L.). Grade 3.64. 111. Bright Story Rdrs. 

sd.lOd.* E .J.Arnold 

of John and Marv (James. G.). ('48)n.c. C8.236. 53ill. John & 

Mary S. 7/6 Mullet 

of John Renton (Marwick). C35) R8 95 111. 3/- Mackintosh 

Jonathan Seal (Salles). (.'48) C4. 111. 6/- Cape 

of Jum (Eagar). ('46) GI4 30. Col.ill. 1/6 Talhot P. 

of Juma (Dick). ('49) C8.228 111. f/- Museum 

of King Vikrama (Mehta) 7/6 India. Oxf 

- of Lamombal the Yak (.Moules). C50) C8. C:hi.Sunshme S. sd 6d 

of Lindamira. Fxl.Boyce C49) D8.186 24/- Minnesota V .P :O*f 

of the Little Wooden Horse (Williams. V.M ). 1CX 204 Col 1 r 

ill. 6/- Harrap 

of the Mind (CastiRliom). ('47) D8. Ill IK/- S.Lo* 

of a Mountaineer (Smvthe). < 40J D8.240 16ill 8/6 Dent 

of Mrs. Plnkvwhistle (Blvton) ('41 ) ICK. 111. 6/- Newnes 

of Mr. Pip (Mint). IC8.92. III. 6/- Harrap 

of No Ordinary Rabbit (Uttlev) C37) 1C8 208 111 6/- / aber 

of Odvsseus (Cox.Sir G.W.) C27) C8.64 Brodit Bks sd bd. 


of Odysseus (Homer). Ed.Mamn.Mayor & Stawcll. PottK 224 

Kinss Treas.S. 1/10* Dent 

of Paul (Mathews). C8. Ill Story of Christendom S. 6/- Oxf 

of Peter (Fyfc). 111. Grad.Storv Rdrs. sd 7d *; cl 10d.* Blackie 
-of Peter (Smyth). C8 III Story of Christendom S. 6/- Oxf. 

of Philip (Thackeray). Ld.Sairushurv F8. 111. h/- o\f 

of Philip; Shabby Genteel Stotv (Thackeray), sl-8 Pckt c. 2v. 

ea.1/6; Lib.e. sD8. Ill 2\. ea.10/6; Biog.e. 1C8 III 10/6 
J. Murray 

of Pinocchio (Collodi). See Author entrv 

of Pipkin Elf (Pcterscn). C48) K6 Hull (Kccil ) 5/- Wurd.lMck 

of Polish Prisoner (PiotrowskO C43) D8.207. JO/6 L.Benn 

of Pollie Dare (Hurrell). ('34) CK 48. IT Starling S. sdl/6 

Pick.A I. 

of Prince Charles after Woicester (Kelly). 48. Mayflowet Hist 

Rdrs. sd.7d.*: cl.lOd.* Chamber\ 

of Redcrosse Knight (Churuina). 3/6 Shfed 

of Richard (Charter). ('46) C4 56. sd 5/- Dundalgan 

of Robrrt Devereux (Spencer. A.P.H.). C8.76. sd.2/4, bd^/- 


of Robm Hood ('49) C4. 1l6ilUl6c-ol) bds 6/- Ward. I oik 

of Rollo and Reckcl (Barnard) C49) ImplO.M. Ill Broadcast 

Echoes S. sd I/-* E.J Arnold 

- of Rubby (Bennett. R ) (*48) D8 128 4pl.57ill 3/6 Hutilimon 

of Rufus the Flook C"loy "). ('49) suR6 48. 111. sd 9d. As\w 


of Sajo (" Grey Owl "). ('35) C8.256. 20pl. 8/6 P Davits 
of Sally (Wodehousc). n.e('43) C8.320. 5/- Jrnkim 

of Sam Pig (Utlcy). C40) IC8.248 111 6/- fitter 

of Sherlock Holmes (I)ovlc). bee Author Entrv 

- of Skip the Squirrel (Foster. K.) ('47) C8.138. Ill Col I r sd 

2/6*; gifted. 5/- Vntv Loud 

- of Spot (Bennett. R.). ('33) C8.128. Ill Col IT sd.1/8*; limp 

2/6* Unlv.Lond. 

- of Svlvia Scarlett (Mackcn/ic. C.). ('50) 1C.696 111. 10/6 Macd 

A Co. 

of a 'leddyBcar (Cradock) C8. Ill Milly-M -M.S 3/6 Harrap 
-of Three-Guinea Watch (Reed. T B.). ('48) 1C:8.216. 6/- Lattmer 

of Tim Rabbit (Uttlev) C45) 1C8.172. 111. 6/- haber 

of Tip the Terrier (Llovd. J 1.). ('47) C8 14K. 111. 6/- Duckwth 

of Tom Sawyer (Twain) See Author entry 

of Tommy (Miozzi). 'Ir.Fvleman C50) 1C8 80 111. 5/- J Lane 
of Ulysses Ed.Rutlev Grade P.24. Ill Bright Story Rdrs sd 

6d.* r.J.Arnold 

of Ulysses (Lamb), Eng.Txts.S 1/8. Minster Eng. Txts S 2/1* 
-- of Velvet (Wagstaff). C45) M16.48. 111. 2/6 Faber [Blatk,e 
-of Wesley Jackson (Saroyan). ('47) C8.336 8/6 Faher 

of Willie Worm (Brumby). 3 hks. ca.Impl6.4S. 20ill. sd 1 M* 

of the Wishing Chair (Blvton) C39) 1C8. Ill 6/- Newnfs 

of the Young Soldier in Search of the Bcttci World (Joad). ('43) 

1C8.124. 22ill. 6/- Faher 

--of Younger Son (Trclawney). PottS 192 Kms Treas.S 1/10* 

of a Younger Son (Trelawncy). Ed .Smith. E. C8. 111. Tales Retold 

for Easy Rdg. 1/6* Oxf 

on the Road to Pans During the Campaigns of 1813-4 (StcfTens). 

('02 ) PostS 2/6 J.Murray 
on Seas (Arkcr). Lng.Txts.S. 1/8* Blackie 

Recollections and (Eckcrslcy). ('48) C8.128. III. Esscnt.Eng.Rdrs 

sd 2/3* Longman* 

Some Australian. Ed.Heddlc. ('44) F8 182. III. Heritage of Lit S. 

4/-; C8. 5/- Longmans 

Travels and Political (Boulton). ('39) D8. 16ill. 8/6 Heath, C. 

Unexpected (Cosgrave). ('49) C8.176. 4ill 3/6 A P.C .K. 

with Animals and Plants (Krocbcr & Wolff). ('49) 600 111 d 

1 5 / - ; Teachers '7/6* Harrap 

with Living Things (Krocbcr & Wolff). ('38) D8 812 5()3ill. 

IS/- Harrap [Harrap 

with Plastics (Newkirk, Hewitt & Zutter) ('47) C4 276 III. 15/- 

with Rosalind (Austen). C47) C8.160. 111. 1-acnc S. 3/6 


with a Typewriter (Moore. D K ) ('34) 4to.32. 2/- Gregg 

with Zoo Man (Smith, D.S -). n.c ('48) C8.224. 111. Greenjacket 

S. 6/6 Pitman 

Adventuring (Beaumont). ('34) C8.128. 111. 5/- Heath, C. 

with Nomad (Ellison). ('50) 1C8 192. III. bds.7/6 I'mv.Lond. 
Adventurous Four! (Blyton). ('41) 1C8. III. 6/- Newnes 

Four Again! (Blyton). ('47) 1C8 III. 6/- Newnes 

Life (Moumcvans). C46) ID8.260. 17JI1. 20/- Hutchinson 

Adventurous Lives Scries. 16v. ca.5/-- 12/6 S.Low 

Nine (Prime). ('49) IC8.240. 26ill. 7/6 Blackie 

Adverbs of Plautus, Index of (Allaidvce At Junks). (*13) D8.72 2/6 

of 'Icrcnce. Index of (Junks). ('15) D8.32. 2/6 Oxf. [Oxf. 
Adversaria Critica Sacra (Scrivener). (*93) 170. 10/- Camb. 
Adversary in the House (Stone). C49) C8.484. 12/6 Falcon 
Adversis Major (Holland) (Ld ). '49) DS.163. 20ill (14cul.) 10/6 


Adversity, Patience in (Ellis, V.S.). ('41) C8 88. sd.1/6 Ch Lit. 
Advertisement Control (Lyons & Magnus) ( % 4 l >) C8.xxv.19K. 5ill 

12/6 Thome* Bank 

Production (Farmer). ('50) D8 146. 12/6 Pitman [Pitman 
Advertisements, Lay-Out of (Cox, K H.W.) (Ml) 1)8196 111. 7/6 

Planning (Russell. G ). C8.159. 4()ill. 6/- Allen & V. 
Advertisers' Aid C50) 1)4. 21/- New\pr.boc 

Annual. Ld Robinson. W.R 26r.c C50) D8 884 35/- Bus Pubn\ 
Advertising (Iredrex) ('47) CS 84. 6/ - Pitman 

Agency 1'inancial Management and Accounting (Rubrl). 1>8 384 

39/6 Funk. Mayflower [1-imk Mayflower 

Agencv. So You'ie Going to Choose (Chining) 1)8 128 25/- 

Anatomv of (Mclvcr) IMS. Current AfTairs. sd 9d Bureau 

and Economic Theory (lever) C47) C8 144 9/6 O\t 

and Editorial Art. Ann. of (Art Directors Club ol N.Y.). D4. 

353. 42 /- Pitman 

and Editorial Layout (Price, M.) C4V) C4. 51 /- McGraw 

and IndiLstiy, Camera in (Bnggs). 2e('39) M4II7. 111. 20/- 


and Printing Costs, Cutting (" Printers' Ink "). IC8 408. 40ill 

J9/6 rank -.Mayflower 

and Printing. Modern Design for -Grafika (Reiner). (*46) Imp 

h 112. 120iH. bds.31/6 Swi\\ 

and IMblicitv. 'leach Yourself (Chandor). (*50) IF8.224. 28ill. 

4/6 Lns.V.P. 

April- Play (Farjcon, H. & Horsncll). D8 64 sd.3/- S trench 

Art, Technique and Piacticc ol (Hymcrs A: Sharpc). R4.314 III 

40 /- Pitman 

Copy and Layouts (Knights). ('46) C8.188 111 6/6 Teth.P. 

Copy Care of (Glim). '49) D8.258. 25/6 MrGraw 

Copy that Sells. How to Write (Fchlman). D8.370. 39/6 Funk 


Copywruing (Burton, P W., Krecr & Gray, J B ). C50) R8.496 
106ill. 35/- N.Kuve 

Dept. Routine of (Cox, R II W ) (*33) 1)8.204. III. K)/6 

Direct Mail (Dennett). C32) D8.222 111 7/6 fitmtm [Pitman 

- Ixonomics ol (Bishop) 2c ('4() D8.200. 7/e> K Half 

Economics of (Taylor, 1 W ) IC^8 248 K/6 Allen A I'. 

Effective (Hcpncr). 2c C49) C4 716. 47/-; Students' Hdbk D4 8h 

13 /- McGraw 

Ethics of (Bishop) ('49) D8.256 10/6 K.Hale 

-- Expenditure. Statistical Anal. of. and ol Revenue* of Press 
(Kaldor & Silvcrman). ('48) sR8.xi\,200. 14ch 77tabs. 1S/- 
N l.K.S.R.:Camb. 
I'Aplamed (Caton). C8.112. III. 8/6 Allen & V. 

Hdbk. of (Weiss. Kendall & Larrabcc) C18) 5I/- MiCiraw 

Intro to (Brcwster, etc.). 5e.C47) 29/- McGraw 

is Written arid Why, How (Glim). ('4M D8 150 21/6 McGraw 

Launil. Technique of (Young, KM.). ('49) R4 185. III. 12col pi. 

30/- PartrldRe M idler 

Management, Pract. (Higgmson) (*40) D8.201. 8/6 Pitman 

Medium, Radio as (Dygeit) ('39) 261. 30/- McGraw 
-Modern Art in (Jucobson) (*46) 4to 8. 89col ill 58/h Theobald 

A Tiranti 

National, in Newspapers (Borden, Taylor, M.D.& Ilovdc) C46) 

D8500 32ch.fe tabs. 2I/- Harvard I LP : Oxf. 

of Chemical and Allied Products (Gcddcs) ('46) D8.244. 9figs 

18/- Chap.& //. 

Outline of (Hotchkiss). r.c.C40) 8vo.xxvii.632. I25figs 37/6 

N Y.:Macmillan 

Outline of, lor Lngmccrs (Tunstall). C48) C8.16 III 2/- / mmott 

Poster, History of (Sheldon) (M7) D8 x.116 12/6 Chap & H. 

Principles of (Nixon). C37) 42/6 McGraw 

Problems in (Borden). 3e CV7) 698. 51/- McGruw 

Procedure, Pract. (Rochester Indust. Advertisers) C48) 38/<i 

Jroduction (Dalgm) ('46) D8.241. 42y6 McGraw [McGraw 

Radio, Modern (Wolfe). D8.800. 42/- l-unk -Mayflower 

Retail, Planned (Blake. A E.) D8. 7/6 Blandford 

Sales and (Gauss & Bates, H.A.). 2c.C45) 574 32/- Am.Tech. 

Soc.:Tech.P. [Funk M a \< flower 

Sales and. Opport. for Small Mfr. (Tompkms) D8 320. 35 /- 

Salesmanship and (Houghton). 2e.('30) 299. 7/6 Gregg 

Salesmanship and (Newcomb). ('47) C8 123. 8/6 Pitman 

Small Space ("Primers' Ink"). 1C8.261. 74ill 31/6 l-unk 

Mayflo wer [Funk : Ma vflo wer 

--Successful, Case Histories of ("Printers' Ink"). D8.314. 36/- 

Technique of (I-iommgs) ('40) D8.284. 10/6 Pitman 

Terms Commonly Used in Distribtn. and Eng.-Fr.-Gcr.. Fr -Eng.- 

Ger . Gcr.-Eng.-Fr C40) C8 113.102.114 28/- B.iilev 

Terms Commonly Used m Distribtn. and Eng -Fr.-Swcd., Fr.- 

Eng.-Swed.. Swcd.-Eng.-Fr. C47) C8. 113. 102.86 28/- Bailev 

Terms Commonly Used in Distribtn. and Eng .-Span. -Port.. Span.- 

Port.-Eng.. Port. -Eng -Span. ('44) C8. 135. 146.146. 28/- Bailey 

Terms Commonly Used in Distribtn and. Gcr -Ital.-Span., Ital - 

Span-Gcr.. Span -Gcr. -Ital. C42) C8 124.95,134 28/- Bailey 

That Sells. How to Write (Bedell) 2e.r'40) 369. 40/6 McGraw 

Truth About (Brandon). ('49) D8.xvi,262 10/- Chap&H 

Woman. How to be a Successful (McBndc). (*48) D8.251. 25/6 


Work. Ed.Olsen ID4 160. 400iII. 63 /- Funk -.Mayflower 
Advice for Boys (Siekmann). C8.146. 18/6 Herder 

for Relief Workers (Wilstn. P.M.). C45) D8. sd.1/6 J.Murrav 

to Expectant Mother on the Care of Her Health and that of Her 

Child (Browne. F.J.). 8c.( f 47) C8.52. 9d.* E.& S.Liv. 





Advice to Mother (Chavassc). r.Chavasse. lle.('49) C8.320. 7/6 

- to Officers in Brit. Army. III. F.Wilson. ('48) 1C8. Ill.(somc col.). 

7/6 Cape 

to Violin Students (Ritchie). C8. sd.4/-; cI.7/6 W. Reeves 
-to Young Organists (Field, J.T.). 6d. W. Reeves 

-to Young Poet (1'owys). C49) C8.64. 4/6 J .Lane 

to Young Solicitor (Lock). ('47) 5/- Stevens & Son* 
Advising the Citizen. 114. 5/- N.C.S.S 

Advisory Bodies. Ed.Mansergh &. Vcrnon, R.V. D8.520 18/- 

Allen & V. 
Advocacy. Conduct at Bar and Some Problems of (Singleton). '33) 

C8. 5/- Sweet 

Duty and Art in (Hilbcrv) ('46) D8.35. 6/- Stevens & Som 
-First Steps in (Page). ('43) C8.132. 6/- Faber 

-Hints on (Harris. K.). Ed.Kccton. 18c.('48) R12.iv.334. 12/6 

Stevens <. Son* 

Professional Conduct and (Aiyar). 2c.('45) D8.262. Rs.7.8 Oxf. 
Adyar- Experiment in '1 heosophical Living (Arundale) 8d Theosoph. 

Guide to (NefT). 2/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

Ac. Forest ot (Dumfries-shire). British Forests S. sd.6d lor.Comm 

/Egcan, Anct. Greece and: Wall Map of Classic Hist. 40" x 30" 

J2/-* WJohmton 

and Orient in Second Millenium, B.C. (Kanior). ('47) D4 108. 

26pl. 32/6 Prmctpia:Wm\.& N. 

-Islands (Spencer, B.). C4t>) D8.47. 6/- Ldm.Poetrv 
-Memories (MacKen/.ie C.). ('40) 1C8 III. 12/6 Chatto 
/Egyptiaca, etc.; Tetrabiblos (Manctho &. Ptolemy). Tr.WaddcII & 

Robbins. F8. Loeb Ok.S. 15/- Hememann 
Aelfric's Colloquy (Garmonsway). 2e.('47) C8.X.65. Fr. Old Eng.S. 

3/6* Methuen 

Aelis (Liverani). ('32) 128. Mod.Fr.S. 2/6* E.Arnold 
Aena and Other Poems (Evelvn). ('38) 1C8 65. 3/6 P.1)avie\ 
Aeneas at the Site of Rome (Virgil). Ed. Fowler. 2c.('17-'18) CX.ix.129. 

6/- Blackwell [Camb. 

Roman (Vergil). Ed.Loesby. 2c.C42) F8. Camb.Elem.Class.S. 3/6* 
--Triumphant: Abr. from Acncid VII-XI1 (Lake <ft Porter). GJ8. 

xvi, 170. Fr.(M.). 2/6 Macmlllan 
Aeneid (Virgil). See Author F:ntry. 

Allegory of the (Drew). ('27) C8 101. 6/- Black well 

Growth of the (Crump). ('20) C8.vm.124. 6/- BlatkweU 

U. Ess. on, Vergil's Troy (Knight, W.F.J.). ('32) C8 158 6/- 


Aeneid. VII, Observations on- " Virgil's Gathering of the Clans " 
(Fowler, W.W.). 2c.('18) C8.98. 6/- Blackwell 

VIII, Observations on "Aeneas at the Site of Rome " (Fowler, 

W.W.). 2e.('18) C8.ix.129. 6/- Blackweli 

XII, Observations on: " Death of lurnus " (Fowler. W.W.). 2e. 

C8. 6/- Blackweli 

Acolia (Venczis). Tr.Kilvcrt, ('49) C8.260. 10/6 Campion 
Acquammuas (Osier). 3e.('46) D8.xiv,452. P. 12/6 H.K.Iwn 
Aerated Concrete BIdg. Blocks (Dimensions only). ('47) 6. I/- B.S I. 
Aerial and Terrcstial Photogrammetry, Engm. Applctns. of (1 alley). 

M8.612. III. 4()y- Pitman 

- Mapping and Photogrammetrv, Hdbk. of (Trorey). ('50) RS.xvi. 

178. Slfigs.Mtabs. 25/- Camb. \& H . 

Navigation (Benham). ('45) D8.344. 1206ill. 36/- Wiley -.Chap. 

Navigation and Dead Reckoning, Simphf. (McMullen). 3r.c.('42) 

IC8viii.96. Fr. 24ill.(8col.) 5J- Griffin 

or Wire-Rope Ways (Tayler, A.J.W.-). 6r.e.C20) D8.254. 155ill. 

14 /- Tech.P. 

Photography (Winchester & Wills). ('28) C4.248. 176ill. 28/- 

Chap.& H. [Chap.& U. 

Photography, Applied (McKmley). ('29) M8.341. 111. 44/- Wllev: 

Photography in Urban Planning and Research (Branch). ('48) 

4to.l58 17ill.67figs.ltab. 16/- Harvard V.P. \Oxf. 
-Radio. Handbook ("Radiotrician"). ('47) C8.64. 37d. sd.2/6 
Stowaway (Sargent). 6/- 6'. Low [Bernards 

Survey in Forestry and Agriculture. Use of (Sisam). ('47) C4.59. 

67ill. bds-7/6 Comm.Agnc. 
- Survey in Relation to Economic Development of New Countries 

with Special Reference to Investigation carried out in N.Rhodesia 

(Bourne). C28) 32. 2M. 7/6 Forestry 
-Surveying and Photo Interpretation. Essentials of (Alrams). ('44) 

C8.289. 32/- McGraw 
Aerials for Centimetre Wave-Lengths (Fry & Goward) ('50) D8.X.172. 

figs. Mod.Radio S. 18/- Camb. 

- for Metre and Decimetre Wave-Lengths (Smith, R.A.). C49) D8. 

xii,214. 125figs.l Stabs. Mod.Radio S. 18/- Carnb. 

Radio (Moullin). ('49) R8.532. 4pl.figs. Internal. Monogs on Radio. 

50/- Oxf. 

Aero and Auto Engine Facts and Data (Longman). C37) C8.96 111. 
4/- Tech.P. 

Engine Pract. Simply Explained (Coats). ('42) C8.38. Simpl. 

Expld.S. 9d. Pitman 

Engine Theory (Archer & Ree). D8.200 10/6 Pitman 
--Engine Theory Simply Explained (Coats). (*42) C8.39. Simpl. 

Expld.S. sd.9d. Pitman 

Engines For Pilots and Ground Engineers (Caudwell). ('40) C8. 

11 2 S/- Pitman 

Engines for Students (Beaumont). 2r.e.('47) C8.202. 111. 12/6 

Allen & I/. 

Engines. Inspection (Barrett). 9e.('42) D8.160. bds.5/- Pitman 

Engines. Overhaul (Caudwell). C8.111. 5/- Pitman 

Engines, Pilot's Book on Elementary (Russell, H.C.). F8 76. 2/6 

Allen U. 

Motors, Mmiat. (Warring). ('49) C8.160. d. 7/6 I.Allan 
Aerobatics (Stewart, O.). C8.78. Ill.d. S/- Pitman 

Simply Explained (Cravell). C42) C8.40. Simpl.Expld.S. sd.9d * 


Aerodrome, The (Warner. R.). ('41) C8.336. 7/6 J.Lane 

Aviation and (Dale, H.A.L.-). ('32) IM8.ix.168. Fr. 51ill. 16/- 


Lighting, Civil Land. Guide to. ('46) 18. 2/6 BS.I. 
Aerodynamic Compressibility, Int. to (J. Black). ('47) C4. 78d.8pl 

IK/- Bunhill 
Aerodynamics (Parkinson). ('47) lC8.viii.112. 73figs. 18/6 N.Y.- 

(Piercv). 3e.('47) 1M8.448. 246ill. 30/- [Macmtllan 
-- (Sherwood). ('46) 25/6 McGraw 

Analysed (Bowden). ('40) D8.64. 13pl.70d. sd.2/- Harboro'.Beds 

and the Aeroplane (Cowley). ('43) C8.204. 42d. Aerosci.S. 5/- 


Applied (Bairstow). 2e.C39) D8.xviii,808. 27pl.d. 65/- Longman* 
-- Elementary Applied (Hemke). C46) MS. 111. 26,'- Constable 

Elementary, Complete Course in (Piercy). 2e.('45) D8.324. 124ill 

21 /- InK.V.P. 

Elements of Practical (Jones % B.). 4e.('50) D8.440 Wiley: Chan 

Engineering Supersonic (Bonney). 34/- McGraw (<$, H. 

Foundation's of (Kuclthc & Schct/cr). ('50) D8.374 III 46/- 

Wtlev : Chap.& H. \Chap. & H. 

of Airplane (Millikan). C4l) MS. 171. 12Sill. Galcit S. 28/- Wiley 

of Compressible Fluid, Intro, to (Liepmann <t Puckctt), ('47) MH. 

262. 122ill. Galcit S. 32/- Wiley Chap.& H . 

of Supersonic Flows, Elements of (r-ern) C49) M8.x,434. 248fig^ 

5tabs. 75/- N.Y . Matmillan 

Principles of (Dwmnell). ('49) 391. 47/-; Answers 2/6 McGraw 
--Simple (Smith, A.H ). ('41) D8.128 17pl.32d. sd.l/- Harboio*. 


Supersonic- (Miles, E.R.C.). ('50) 34/- McGraw 

Technical (Wood, K.D.). 2e C47) C8. 47/-; Answers I/- McGra* 

Theoretical (Thompson, L.M.M.-). C'48) R8.xvi 364. Fr. 19figs. 

40 /- Macmlllati 
Aerofoil and Airscrew Theory, Elements of (Glauert). 2e C47) 

232. ll6fiRS. 15 / Camb. [McGraw 

Aerology lor Pilots (U.S.Navv). ('43) D4. Flight Prep 1 mK.S. 22/6 
Aeromechanics. Applied Hydro- and (Tiejcns). (M4) 34 /- McGraw 

Fundamentals of Hydro- and (Tiejens). ('34) 34/- MiGraw 
AeromodcUer. Ed.Rushbrooke 6v. ('42 fc '44 -'48) GI4 548 -640 -640- 

800-736:672. 111. \.7, 9&IO. ea.22/6; v.ll. 25/-; v.12 & 11 
ca.27/6 Mod. Aero. 

Annual 1950 (Dickson). Ed. Russell. D. A. D8.160. 61pl.78d 7/6 

Mod.Ae'o H. Marshall 

AeronautiCdi and Meteorological Terms, .lapancsc-Chinesc-English 
Dictionary of fGerr). ('45) vi.439. 52 /- Hairier 

Dictionary (Dickinson) D8 484 16/- Pitman 

Engineering ior National Certificate (Tatham). v.l. ('49) IDS. 172 

33ill. Tech.Coll.S. 10/6 Eng.l'.P. 

Engineering, Introduction to (Kcrmode A Haddon). 3v. 6c.('50)- 

5e('45):5e.C46) D8. 372 : 189: 192. 18/-:8/6:8/6 Pitman 

Engineering Series. 7v. ca 4/6-8/6 Pitman 

Engineers' Pocket Book. Molesworlh's ('I hurston & Warring) 2e 

C47) F8.550. III. 30y- Spon 

English-Japanese Glossary (Shukvosha). C8. 6/- Luzac 

Meteorology (Tavlor, G.F.). ('39) MK.455. Ill IS/- Pitman 

Radio EnRineenng. Principles of (Sandrctto). ('42) 42/6 McGraw 

Research Council Review for 1919-48. C50) R4.34. sd.l/- H.M.S.O. 

Technical Reports. 1939, Internal. Index to (Soc.of Bnt.Aircra/i 

Constructors. Ltd.). D8.191. 7/6 Pitman 

Terms, Dictionary of (Nelson. H.). ('46) D8.178. 10/6 Pitman 

Terms. Glossary of. ('50) 7/6 B.S.I. 

Aeronautics (Haddon). 2v.('46:'45) C8 J19-132 ea.8/6 Pitman 

a College of (Fcddcn). ('44) sd.2/- Min of Supply: H.MS.O 

Definitions and Formulae for Students (Frier). 2c.C30) F8.41. 

8d.* Pitman 

Demonstrations and Lab. Experiences in Sci. of (Civ. Aeronautic* 

Admin.). ('45) D4. 34/- McGraw 

Elements of (Schiitt). Tr.Reissncr & Flectwood. ('41) D8.175. 12/6 


etc., German-English Tech. Dictionary of (Leidcckcr), (*49-'50) 2\. 

16 Bailev 

Heavicr-than-Air Aircraft. ('50) R8.94. sd.2/6 Sci.Mus. :H.M.S.O. 

Hcavicr-than-Air Aircraft, with Reference to National Aero- 

nautical College. 2pts. sd.2/6:3/- A'r/ Mus. : H.MS.O. 

in High Schools, Teaching (Civ. Aeronautics Admin.). ('47) D8.419 

38/6 McGraw 

Intro, to (Toms). ('47) M8.xii,404. 23hll.47tabs. 40/- Griffin 

Work of Henson and Stnngfellow in. sd.5/- Sc.Mus.: H.MS.O. 
Acrophotography and Aerosurveying (Bagley) C41) 324. 34 /- McGraw 
Aeroplane, Aerodynamics and (Cowley). ('43) C8.204. 42d. Aerosci S 

5/- Nelson [Nelson 

Chemistry and the (Clanccv). C42) C8.176. 7d. Aerosci.S. 5/- 

Design (Wilkins). (*38) IM8.ix,318 256ill. 22/- Griffin 

Diary, 1951. C.32. cI.2/4; L.4/- Lett\ 

Directory. Ed.Whittle. C50) C8.574. 10/6 Temple P. 

Holiday (Moore, M.F ). ('44) C8.64. 30ill sd.l/- Macmtllan 

Manual, Light (Bradbrooke). ('3D D8.260. JlSill.d. 12/- Chap 


Metal Work (Robson). 5v. ( f 40-'42) ea GI8. III. ca.6/6 Chap.& H. 

Military (Shepherd, E.G.). ('41) C8.32. Oxf.Pamp.World Affairs. 

6d. Oxl. 

Model. Handbook (Camm). ('49) C8. 12/6 Nfwnes 

of Tomorrow (Billing). ('48) D8.324. 65ill. 12/6 R.Hale 

Simply Explained (Logan). 2e.('42) C8.48. 111. Simpl.Expld.S. 9d 

Structure (Kermode). (*40) C8.231. 7/6 Pitman \Pttman 

that Crashed (Anderson.!.). ('48) Discov.Rdrs. 1/3* Harrap 

See al\o Airplane 

Aeroplanes and Engines (Manning). le.('33) D8.84. 4/- Pitman 

British (Adpnnt). ('50) Impl2.52. Col.ill. bds.6/- Collins 

Design Requirements for R.A.F. and R.N. ('48) C4. 15/-; Amcnd- 

ment,4/- Min. of Supply H.M.S.O. 

Model, "Ace" Book* of (Smcttem). ('47) D8.12. Hill, sd.l/- 






Aeroplanes, Modern Brit. (Gardner, C.). C49) C4.122. 36111. 
32d. Boy's Power S. 8/6 Temple /'. 

Motor-Cars, Railways. Ships and, Complete Book of (Ferneyhough. 

Clifford & Dean). C49) M8.384. 309ill. 10/6 Odhams 

Rules for Constr.. Survey and Classification of. 20/- V'entas 
Aerosciencc Manuals Series. 7v. C8. 5/-. 6/- Nelson 
AcroMirveymg, Aerophotography and (Bagley). ('41) 324. 34/- 


Acs Grave (Svdenham). III. bds.21/- Spink 
Aeschylus (Coplcstone). ('71) F8.203. Anc.Class. for ling. Rdrs S. 3/- 

(Murray, G.G.A.). ('40) D8.254. 10/- Oxf. [Blackwood 

(Sheppard). F8. Interpreter S. sd.2/- Allen t f 7 . 

Agamemnon of. Notes to the (Fletcher, }.). ('50) CS.v.79. sd.4/6 

Black well 

-Style of (Earp). ('48) C8.viu.176. 12/6 Camb. 
Aesop- Eagle and the Fox. the Fox and the Eagle (Inemcrson). ('49 ) 

C4.36. Col ill. l.e.21/- Gaberbafthus 

Fables of Avianus, Early MS. of, etc. (Gftldschmidt) f 47) 4to.74. 

32pl. 32/6 Princeton f I. P.- Oxf. 

Fables. Ir.Lstransc. ('49) C8.98. Sill. 6/- Euphorion 

Aesthete, Memoirs of an (Acton). ('48> D8. \.416. 15pl. 2 1/- Methuen 
Aesthetic Adventure (Gaunt). ('45 ) 1C8. 111. 10/6 Cape 

Appreciation of Belgium's Past (Verhaercn). R8. Br.Ac.Hertz Art 

Lcn.1917. \j- Uxf. 

-Experiences in Religion (MacGregor, G.). ('47) DK.xiv.264. 15 /- 

Judgement. Critique of (Kant). Ed.fc Ir.Mcredith ('11) C8.504. 

15/- Ov/. 

Object (Jordan. K \ M8. 24/- Prlnclpla \Wrns. & N. 

Symbolist, in I-rancc (Lehmann). ('50) D8.viii,32R. Mod. Lang. 

Stud.S 25/'BlackweU 
-Theories of French Artists 1855 to Present (Gauss). ('49) D8.122. 

24/- John* Hopkins U.P.'.Oxf. 
Aesthetics and Hist. (Berenson.) C50) D8. ]5/- Constable 

Critical History ot Modern (Listowcl). D8.288. 12/6 Alien & V 

Goethe as Founder of New Science (Sterner). ('37) C8.55. sd.2/6 


History of (BosanqueO. 2e. M8. Philos.S. 21 /- Allen & V. 

Introduction to (Carritt). ('49) C8.152. Umv.l.ib. 7/6 Hutchimon 

of Musical Art CHand). Tr.Lawson. 2c. C8. 7/6 B". Reeve* 

- Science of, Goethe as Founder of New (Steiner). ('37) C8.55. &d. 

2/6 Steiner 

Aetermtas tHaflctt). ('30) D8.364. 18/- Oxf. 
Aetiology. See Etiology. 
Affair at Invergarroch (Elder). C50) C8.212. 4ill. 6/- Black 

at Sidi Brahim (Stuart). (*50) C8. Targets. 5/- Ward.Lock 

of A.20 (Robcrtson.W.). C8. Ill 5/- Oxf. 

Affaire dcs Comrebandiers (Topffer). Ed.O'Grady. F8.56. exs. Short 

Fr.Rdrs lOd * Dent 
~ des Parfums (Adair & Degrcve). (*34) C8.64. 111. Bas.I-r.Tcxts S. 

sd.1/6; cl.1/9 Christopher* 
Affairs of Bryngoleu: Play (Evans. E.E.). D8. sd.2/6 S. French 

- of Destiny (Simcnon). Ir.Gilbcrt, S. (*42) C8 256. 5/- Rmnledge 

of the Heart (Mupgendge). C49) C8.208. 8/6 H.Hamilton 
Affectionately Yours, Fanny (Gibbs, H.). ('47) D8.192. Pill. 1K/- 

\ffcctions of Eye in General Practice (Rea). ('30) D8.xvi.156. 4()ill 

(7col.). Gen.Pract.S. 10/6 H.K.Lewh 
Affichcs de Toulouse-Lautrec (Julicn). Fr.text. ('50) R4.101. 32col pi. 

sd.84/- Zwemmer 
Affinity as Impediments to Marriage. Kindred and. ("40) D8.156. sd 

2/6. V P.C.K. 
Affirmation of Immortality (Holmes, J.H.). (*47) R8 vu,76. J]/- 

N.Y.: Macmillan 
Affirmations (Bell. 1. etc.). 7/6 Shred 

Oaths and, in G.B. & Ireland (Stringer). 4e.('29) C8.xxiv,256. 6/- 

Steven* & Sow 
Afforestation in Southern Lands (Maxwell). D8.315. 22ill. 12 '6 

Afghan and Pathan (Scott, G.B.). (*29) C8 188. 3pl 8/- Mitre 

Frontier, among Wild Tribes of (PcnnclO. D8. IH.M. 16/- Seelev 

Frontier, Pcnnell of (Penncll). D8. III. 6/- Seelev 

Scrapbook, Leaves from an (Thornton). (*10) sqD8. Til 10/6 

J.Murray [J.Murrav 

War, Second (1878-80), Official Account. C08) MS. 111. M. 24/- 
Afghanistan CTytler). ('50) D8.344. 4pl.4M. 21/- Oxf. 

Constitution and Laws of (Mohammad Khan). D8 sd.2/6 J.Mttrrav 

Report on Linguistic Mission to (Morgenstiernc). ('26) D8.94. 

I.C.R.H.C.S. 3/6 K.Paul 

Sale's Brigade in (Glcig). PostS. 3/6 J.Murrav 

Travels in (Fox, E.F.). ('43) lC8.xxiv.285. SOill 30/- N.Y.. 

Afke's Ten (Hichtum). Tr.Pidgeon. 039) F8.188. 22ill Heritage of 

Lit.S. 2/9* Longmans 

Aflame for God (Watt). (*37) C8.125. 111. sd.3/- Marshall. M.& S 
Afoot in England (Hudson, W.H.). ('09) sDS.328. N.Pop.e 6/-; 

n.e.('33) sC8.256. Fr. Open-Air Lib. 5/- Dent 

in Fife (Snoddv). (*50) C8.244. 21pUM. 12/6 Serif 

in the Hebrides (Gordon. S.). ('50) S-R8.322. 65ill. 30/- Country 
Africa. C33) C4.48. Geog.Notebks. 1/8* Dent \L. 

72. 7ill.16M.and d. limp 1/6* H.Riusell 

3e.('46) C8.ix,15. 58ill. Geog.for To-Duv S. 4/-* Longmans 

Map. 1:10.800.000. 170m. 1". 30" x 40". 12/-* Bacon 

Map. 1:10.000,000. ('49). 39i"x 32". sd.4/-; cl.6/6; 10/- 


Map. C'21) 28"x 21". sd.l/- Erlin.Ho. 

1:15,000,000. 22"x28". PtBlip-Stanford Ref.Map S. sd.3/- G. 


r 94m. C48) Col. 4sh. set 40/-; fldg.or c.r.V. 80/- Stanford 

34"x 26". (*45). 2; 6 Stanford 

(Beaver & Stamp). 2e.C38) M.d Univ.Geog.S. Il/-* 

Africa (Brooks). Pi.l. C8.132. 111. New Reg.Gcojj.S. limp 3/-* Unto. 

(Coysh & Hunt, D.M.). ('38) D4.32. PI. 13m d. L\s.m Mod.Gcou. 

S. sd.1/6* Untv.Tut. 

(Farrar & Matheson). ('31) sC8.x,146. M.d Gateway Gcogs.S 

2/3* Methuen \Methuen 

(Fitzgerald. W.). 7r.c C50) D8.xvi.507. 107M. Adv.Gcou.S. 22/6 

(Heaton). 115. 38M.and d. 2/-* H.Ru^ell 

(Murray, A.). i.c.C50) C4.64. M. sd.2/-* Collins 

(Pudmorc). ('50) D8.266. bds.6/6; cl.12/6 n.Dofaon 

(Parry). C35) C8.iv,124. Ill.M. Alr.Geog.S. sd.2/6* Longmum 

(Redgrave). 3e.C50) O'er Land & Sea S. 5/- Juta 

(Silley). Ed.Jervis. ('48) R8.126. Ill.d. Col.M. Sec Schl.Gcop S 

4/-*; Supply .I-olui 1/6* Schofield 

(Stembridge). C'K.120. 8pl.29ngs. New Oxf.Geogs. 2/-*; w. 

Australia. Asia. 4/6* Oxf. 

(SUKKdlO. 4e.('29) 396. 111. M.d. 8/6* Harrap 

(Warr). ('40) D8.80. Ill.d. Pract.Bks.S. 2/- Ed:n.Ho. 

America and Aus-N.Z. (Simpson). 3c. C8.xn.404. HIM d. Geoe 

Wrld.S. 7/-; in 3Its. 3/3*; 3/6*; 1/6* CMcll 

America and, Routes to: 1" 300m. 45" x 47". cl.31/6; 37/6 

(J. Philip 

and Australasia. ('33) 32. Bk 2. Prog. Exs. in Pract.Gcog. 2/-* 

r. Arnold 

and Australasia. ('25) 192. 37ill. Bk.2. Prog GCOR. 3/6* F.Arnold 

and Egypt- ('48) C4.24._I11. Overseas Pict.S. I/- 

and Europe (Brooks) C8.468. III. New Reg.Gcog.S 7/-* Univ. 

Lond. [Lond. 

and Europe (Spary). C30) C4.32. New RcK.Mup S. I/-* Unn. 

and European Trade (Ward, W.E.). (*39) C8.viu.Kb. 8iI1.5M. 

Atr.Hist.S. sd.1/6* LonKmans 

and Making of Books (Wrong). C34) D8.64. sd.6d.* S.P.C.K. 

and the Pacihc, Mandates System in Relation to (Helmer). ('29) 

D8.331. 19/6 Staples 

and S. America, Map Bk. of (Fcrnday). (*40) C4.64. M. 2/6 


and S. Europe (Fairgncve & Young, F, ). 2c.C48) 111. Real Gcop 

S. 4/6* G. Philip 

is I have Known it (Maugham). ('29) D8. Ill.M. 21/- J.Murrav 

Asia and (Frew). New Syst Geoi;s.S. I/-* Blackte 

Asia and Oceans (Jones. J.). ('31) C8.224. 4iSjlI9d.l8M. 3/9 


Attacks Poverty (Vivian). ('47),85. Pathfinders, sd.2/-* 


Australia, and N.Z., Homelands in (Bradford) ('37) 152. 2/3* 


Australia. Asia (Stembridge). C8.360. 28pl. 101 figs. New Oxf. 

Geogs. 4/6* Oxf. 

Australia, Asia and (Searson & Evans, I 7 .). sD8. Ill M. New Era 

Gcog.S 4/4* W Johnston 

Australia, New Zealand. C33) CK.236. Mod.Schl.GcoRs. 3/3* 


Beasts and Birds in (Longdcn). ('40) C8.80. III. Simple Sci.S 

1/4 Ox/. 

Big Game Shooting m (Maydon) D8. III. Lonsdalc Lib.S. 25/- 


British Territories in East and Cent.. 1945-50. R8.166. 4/- 


Building for God in (Callawav). C36) C8.208. 3/6 S.P.C.K. 

Capital Investment m (Prankcl). ('38; D8.506. 6ch. 2M.102tabs 

15 /- Oxf. 

Central. See Central Africa. 

China's Discovery of (Duyvendak). C8.31. 6pl. sd.6/- Prohsthain 

Cities of (Harman). ('38) C8.ix,228. 111. 6/-* LoiiRnwn* 

Crisis in (Silbcrman). C8. C'ol.Controv.S. 6d. CoUancz 

Dances (Gorer). r.e.('49) D8.254. 32ill. Lib. Cert & Trav.S. 12/6 

Lehmann [Gill 

Darkest, Light and Laughter in (Fmtan). C43) C8.52. 6d. M.H. 

Dis-tnb of Nilotic and Nilo-Hamitic Langs, of (Bryan). ('48) 

M8.60. 7/6 Oxf. 

Distnb. of Semitic and Cushitic Langs, of (Bryan). ('47) MR.36 

4/6 Oxf. 

East. See Easi Africa. 

Education for Cui/enship in Rept. (Ward. W.E.F.) &d.9d 


" Effective " Phvs. Map. 45" x 35". 13/- Johnston 

Emergent (Macmillan). ('49) sC8.352. Pelican S. sd.2/6 Penguin 

Empire in (Campbell, A.). C8. 6/- Gollancz 

End in CMoorehead). C43) D8.210. 10/6 H.Hamilton 

Equatorial, Across (Migeod). C23) D8.388. 87ill. M 35/- Heath. 


Equipping (Lewis. L.J.). ('48) C8.48. sd.l/- Edin.Ho. 

Ethnography of Contribution to (Lagercrantz). ('50) Rfol.430 

99ill. Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensa I. sd.9 B.M.: K.Paul 

Eurasia and. Ed.Spmk. ('28) R8.112. Research Geogs. S. limp 2/-* 


Europe, and the East: 30" x 24". ('44) 2/6 Stanford 

First Year English for (French), pt.l. 4e.('50) sC8.30. 111. 6d.*. 

Speaking 6d.*; Pt.2. 2e.(*50) sC8.48. 111. Oxf.Prog.Eng.S. 9d.*: 
Reading Bk. 9d.* Oxf. 

First Year English Prhner for (French). C43) 2pts. 5d.*: 

9d.* Oxf. 

Flannelgraph (Manin, N.) ('50) C4.48. 40col.ill. 3/6 Edin.Ho. 

Geography of CAlnwick). ('36> 412. 6/6* Harrap 

Germans and (Lcwin) , n.c.('39) C8.304. 6M. 3/6 Cassell 

Here is (Gatti). C44) Imp8.170. 12/6 Scribner 

Holiday in (Darville). C50) C8.288. 50U1. 7/6 Stockwell 
~ 44 Imperial" Schl. Wall Map. 72" x 63". 35/- W.Johmton 

Imperial. Vocation in (Broomfield). ('43) C8.16. sd.6d. Univ. 


Journey of the Pombeiros. P.J. Baptista and A.Josd, Across. Tr. 

Beadle. D8. 5/- Geog.Soc.: J.Murray 





Atrica. " Large Wall " Schl. Map. Phys.-Polit. 50" x 42". 22/-* W 


- Large Wall Schl. Map. Poht. 50" x 42". 22/-* W. Johnston 
Last Chance in (Farson). D8. C50) 15 /- Gollancz 

Leader of (Jones, W.M.A.). ('40) C8.96. 111. limp 1/6* Harrap 
--Literate. Towards. Ld.Lewis. L.J.& Wrong. ('48) D8.xi.90. sd 

3/6* Longman v 

-Looks Ahead (Fisher, W.S.& Hoyte). ('48) D8.212. Col.ill. 3M 
15 /- Pick.&I. 

Looks Ahead (Main). (*47) D8.24. sd.9d. Liv.P. 

Man's Act and God's in (Moore, R.J.B.). (*40) C8 96. 1/6 Liv P. 

Marches (Yovell). C49) C8.144. 8pl. sd.5/6 S.P.C.K. 

Methods of Study of Culture in. ('38) 2/6 Internal. Afric. 

Mungo Park in. Ed. Smith, F.B.U. C'33) C8.90. 1M. Oxf.Eng. 

Course. 1/3* Oxf. 

North. Set North Africa. 

North East: 1:7,645,000. 22" x 28". Philip-Stanford Ref.Map S. 

sd.3/- G.Philip 

North West: 1-7.645,000. 22" x 28". Philip-Stanford Rct.MapS. 

sd.3/- G.PMliD 

of Albert Schweitzer (Joy & Arnold, M.). ('49) IMS. 160. 148ill. 

15 /- Black 

on Hilltops (Pearse) ('26) C8.64. 6111. 1/6 VnivMiulon 

Out of (Bhxen). ('37) lC8.ix.416. 12/6 Putnam 

Oxford English Readers for. ('50) C8. Bks.2-6; 'Jeachcr's Notes 

Oxf.Prog.Eng.S. ea.1/6 Oxf. 

Oxford English Rdrs. tor (Fremont & French). C8. Ill 6v. 1/2* - 

2/6*; Teacher's c. 2/6 -4/- Oxf. 

Oxfoid Story Rdrs. for (Fremont). Grade II. (*49) C8.56. lOill. 

lOd* Oxf. 

Past and Present (Batcn). ('43) C8.112. 8M. African Welfare S 

2/- Oxf. 

Planting of Christianity in. v.l. (Groves). ('49) D8.344. Lib.S 

21 /- Lutt.P. 

Political Econ. Map. 1950. 1-12M. 9Jt> Geographia 

Principles and Methods in Chnstn. Schl. In (Young. R.R.). ('39) 

C8.198. lOill. 4/-* Longmans 

Round (Wmterbottom). ('50) C8.112. 35ill.l6M. Afr.Geog.S 

sd.2/6* Longmans 

-- Shadow Over (Scott. M.). ('50) SC8.26 sd.l/- Democratic 
- Short Hist, of E. Coast of (Hollingsworth). 2r.e.('49) GIS.Mii, 

182. Fr.M.lSfigs. sd.3/- Macmillan 

Six Missionancs in (Northcolt & Reason), sd.1/6; limp 2/- 


" Small Wall " Schl. Map. 34" x 28". 10/6 W.Johnston 

... Something New out of (H.W ). C34) C4.208. 111. 7/6 Pitman 

South. See South Africa. 

South America and. Sketch Maps BL 5. (Pickles). ('43) C4. sd. 

2/-* J.Murray 

South-hast. 1488-1530 (Axclson) C40) D8.xw,3()6. 14ill.2M. 15/- 


South of the Zambesi (Spry). 4e.('4R) 2/9 Juta 

South of Zambesi, Hist. of. to 1884 (Theal). n.c. llv. D8 ea. 

15/- Allen &. V. 

South West. Native Tribes of. C28) III. 10/6 Juta 

South West, and Internal Court of Just. (Mockford). ('58) 

1C8.16. 1M. Intcrnat.Stud.S. sd.l/- Diplomatic 

Southern. C50) D8.42. sd.l/- Times 

Southern. Hist, of (Pcgg). C49) D8.X.245. 64ill.9M. 13/6* 


Southern, Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of (Watt A Brand- 

wijk). ('32) C4.334. 52ill.(12coU. 25/- E.&S.Lt\. 

Southern, Problems of Nat. and Race in (Plessis). (*49) 1C8.16. 

1M. Imernat.Stud.S. sd.l/- Diplomatic 

Southern. Selections from Travel in Interior of (Burchell) Ed 

Notcutt. 4e.C50) C8.192. Fr.lM. 3/-* Oxf. 

Sport and Adven. (Shorthose). D8. 111. 2 1/- Seelev 

Suggestions for Trng. Tchrs. in (Young, R.R.). (*31) C8.64. sd 

1/9* Longman* 

Talcs of. ('33) C8.316. Tales f r. Outposts S. 4/- Blackwood 
--Talking Drums of (Carnngton). ('49) D8.96. 12ill. 5/- Carev 

"Teachers" Large Outline Map. 45" x 35" 2/-* W. Johnston 

Teaching of Domestic Subjects in (Plummer). ('40) C8.ix.65. 10 

ill. sd.2/-* Longmans 

-To-day and To-morrow (Westermann). n.e.C39) C8.376. 8pl. 
2M. 8/6 Oxf. 

To-morrow's Men in (Orchard). C48) C8.72. 2/6 Liv.P. 

Trail. (*47) C8.64. 2/- Liv.P. 

--Traits of Divine Kingship in (Hadfield). C'49) lC8.vii,134. 8/6 

Travels in Asia and (Ibn Battuta). Ed.& Tr.Gibb C29) DS.vii, 

398. Broadway Trav.S. 10/6 Routledge 

--Tropical, Flora of (Oliver. Dyer & Pram). C68-'37) llv. ea. 
63/--S4/-, set36/15/- v.10. Pt.l. 21/- L.Reeve 

Tropical, in World History. Bks.1-3. ea.2/3* - 3/-*; Bk.4. 

(Batton). 3/6* Oxf. 

Tropical. Some Aspects of Educ. in (Hussey, Scott, H.S.& 

Willis). C4.66. Umv.Lond.Inst.Ed. 2/- Oxf. 

Verses (Cnpps). (*39) C8.116. 6/- Oxf. 

West. See West Africa 

Western. C32) C8. Mod.Geogs.S. limp 2/3* J.Murray 

White Fathers in (Attwater). ('37) C8. III. sd.3/6 Burns, O. 

Woman of: in Cinyanja (Nthara). ('49) C8.iv.117. Afr.& Orient. 

Lang.S. sd.1/9* Longmans 

African Adventures (Houghton). ('47) C8.48. 6ill. sd.1/3 Univ. 

Adventures (Taylor. A.K.). C49) D8.176, 6/- Redman 

and the Cinema (Notcutt & Latham). 256. III. 3/6 rdin.Ho 

and his Livestock (Thornton & Leckie). C42) C8.76. 16111. 

African Welfare S. 2/- Oxf. 

and Oriental Language Series. Longmaw 

Angle: Play (Peach). D8.28. sd.1/6 S.French 

African Aristocracy (Kuper). C47) D8.264. 16pl. 30 /- Oxf. 

Arithmetic, New. ('49> 2 Bks. C8.79:123. d. sd.1/2*: 1/8*; Bk. 

3. ('50) C8. sd.2/-*: Tchr's.Comp.& a. Bks.1-3 in 2v. ('50) 
C8. sd.2/-*; 1/6* Bks.1-2 in Iv. Njger.e. sd.2/-* Longmans 

Arithmetic, New: in Igbo. Bk.l. ('49) C8.79. d. sd.1/2*; Bk.2. 

('50) C8.109. d. sd.1/8* Longmans 

Arithmetic. New: In Twi. Bk.4. (*50) C8.80. d. sd.1/2* 


Arithmeuc, New: in Yomba. ('49) Bk.l. C8.80. d. sd.1/2*; Bk.2. 

C50) C8.112. d. sd.1/8* Longmans 

Arithmetic, Pract. CHarman). C32-'36) Bks.1-7. C8.64:64:80: 

62:80:127-95. d sd.lld * - 1/9*; Tchr's.Bks.1-6 .C42-'45) C8 
32:40 64-64.63.64. sd.l/-* - 1/6*; Bk.7.Ans. (*36) C8.ll. sd 
I/-* Longman* 

Boy (Huxtable). (*50) C8.viii,254. III. 8/6 Methuen 

Cameia Hunts (Stocklcy). ('48) C4.192. 74.11. 25/- Country L. 

Central. See Central African. 

Challenge (Kamm). 46) sC8.104. 2M. 21111. 6/- Nehon 

Child, Health and Diet of (Fiawoo). ('47) D8.viu.3. sd.lM* 


Citizenship, Thoughts on (Batten) ('44) C8.7S. African Welfare S 

2/- Oxf. 

Contrasts (Shcpheid. R.H.W.& Pa^cv). ('47) C4.276. 90ill.2col.M. 

25 /- Oxf. 

Copper Miners. These (Moore. R.J.H ). C48) C8 152. 6/- Liv P. 

Culture Change, Native Standards of Living and (Read. M.). 

038) I/- Internal. Afric. 

Development, Probs. of (Batten). ('48) C8.378 M. 7/6 Oxf. 

Dilemmas (Huxlev). ('48) D8.22. 2M. Roy.Emp.Soc.Br.Comm. 

Aff.S. sd.l/- Longmans 

Discovery (Perham & Simmons). ('42) D8.280. 16pl.llM. 15/- 


Discovery (Perham & Simmons). C'48) sC8.247. sd.1/6 Penguin 

East. See East African 

Education (Winter). (*39) C8.v,192. Gill, limp 4/-* Longmam 

Explorers (Standing). ('39) C8.93. 9ill.5M New Mcth.Supptv 

Rdrs. sd.2/-* Longmans 

Explorers: in Cinyanja (Standing). ('47) CS.v.82. Afr.& Orient 

Lang.S. sd.1/2* Longmans 

Factory Worker. Dcpt. of Economics. Univ. of Natal. ('50) 

D8.230. 9pl. 30/- Oxf. 

Folk Tales: in Yoruba. ('49) 3v. C8.56:63-62. III. lOd * 


Foods and Feeding-stuffs Mainly of Vcg. Origin.. Compos, of 

Some. ('36) C4.32. sd.l/- Comm.Agnc. 

1-ruits (Baker, E.M ). C49) C8.248. sd.1/9* Vmv.Lond 

Geographies Series. 5v. ea.C8. sd.2/6* -2/9* Longman* 

Gospel and (Helthcrwick). 5/-T & T.Clark 

Heartbeat (Hurst) ('47) C8.256. 9/6 J Long 

Heir (Hedges & Ructe) C28) C8 160. Bedford Lib. 3/6 Warne 

Histories Series. Iv C8. 1/6* Longmam 

Hoe Culture. Division of Work According to Sex in (Baumunn) 

('28) 1/6 Internat. Afric. 

Home (Berrv). ('46) D8.iv.4i. 27111. 19d. sd.l/-* Longmans 

Ideas of God. Ed.Smith. E ('50) D8.320. JM. 21 /- Ldin.Ho. 

in Europe (Kayamba).C48) C8 80 sd.1/9 Lutt I 1 

Industrialisation of. C37) R8.22 sd.6d. Anti-Slavery 

Journey (Siegfried). Tr.Fitzgcrald, E. C50) 1C8.159. M.and d 

10/6 Cape 

Knowing the (Smith. EW.). (*47) C8 194. 5/- Lutt P. 

Labour Efficiency Survey. 1947. sd.2/- Colonial" H M.S.O. 

Land Tenure C50) R8.156. 4/- Colonial Off :H.M.S.O. 

Land Usage in N.Rhodesia. Studies in (Allan. W.). (*49) 92 

14M.figs. Rhodes-I mnpstone Papers. 7/6 Oxf 

Language, Practical Suggestions for Learning in the Field (Ward. 

I.C.). ('37) 2/- Internet Afric 

Languages, Practical Orthography of. r.e.('30) in Eng., Fr., <& 

Ger. I/- Internat. Afric. 

Languages, Practical Phonetics for Students of (Westermann & 

Ward. I.C.). ('33) C8.244. 3pl.53figs 10/6 Oxf. 

Languages. Short Guide to the Recording of. ('33) I/- Internal 


Life Readers (Fuller). Ed.Sibley. 4 Bks. C8 64 80 12R 128 III*; 1/6*; 1/9*; 1/9*; Teacher's C8 64 sd.2/3* Ginn 

Misery, Anatomy of' (Olivier). ('27) C8. 6/- Honarth 

Modern Indust. and the. Ed. Davis. J.M. ('33) D8.xviii.426. 5M. 

12/6 Macmillan \Longmani 

Music, Ngoma. Intro, to (Jraccv). ('48) DR.xxi.91. 32ill. 9/6 

Native. Arts of (Gnaule). (*50) 1M8.107. 108U1. M. 15/- Thames 

& H. -.Constable 

Negro-, Lang. (Homburger). C49) 21 /- Routledge 

Negro Music (Hornbastcl). C28) 1/6 Internat. Afric. 

Negro Sculptures (Kicrsmeicr). C47) D4 88 40pl. 18/- Zwemmtr 

New Writing. (*48) C8.128. 5/- Lutt.P. 

Nights (Vinter). C49) C8.158. 6/- Anal.P. 

Participation in Govt. (Dumbrell & Hooper). (*49) C8.iv,139. d. 

Pathfinders, sd.3/-* Longmans 
- Pattern (Stuart). C45) C8 96. 2/- Edin.Ho. 

Political Systems (Fortes A Pntchard). (*40) DR.326. 5M.3d. 18/- 

Problems (Kayamba). C48) C8.96. sd2/- Lutt.P Oxf. 

Pursuits (Bright). ('49) C8.256. Seagull Lib. 3/6 Collins 

Queen (Forester). n.e.CSO) C8.184. 4/6 M.Joseph 

River (Tlcmmg). C47) C8.256. Magnet Lib. 4/6 Cavendish Lib 

3/6* Warne 

School, Suggested Methods for (Jowitt). (*34) C8.xiv,304. 57111. 

8/6* Longmans 

School. Suggested Organstn. fot (Jowitt). (*49) D8.viii.134. 6iII. 

lOd. 8/-* Longmans 

Schools. Craftwork for (Walton,). (*49) 111. 3/6 Juta 

Schools. Infant Singing in CBoatemg). ('48) C8.30. I/- Oxf. 
Schools. Language Tchg. in (Elliott, A. V.P.& Gurrey). ('40) C8. 

ix, 150. sd.3/-* Longmans 





African Schools. Mod. Arith. for (Smton). Std.5. ('50) C8.xi,68. sd. 
J/9* Longmans 

Schools, Script and Writing Patterns for (Douet). C50) C8.36. 111. 

6/6 I'niv.Lond. 

Schools, Songs from Overseas for (Marshall. N.). ('48) D8.xiv,49. 

sd.3/-* Longmans 

Schools, Teaching in (Francis). ('47) C8.64. 5d. sd.1/3* Longmans 

Schools. Textbooks for. C28). 6d. Internat.Afric. 

Slave Traffic and W. Indian Emancipation (Lctham). ('48) R8.12. 

sd.6d. Anti-Slavery 

Society, Mass Fiducation in. Kept, sd.l/- Colonial :H.M.S.O. 

Song Trails (Miller). Bks.1-4. C48) C8. 48: 64: 80: 96. sd.l/ 2*; sd 

1/4*; sd.i/6*: sd.1/8* Univ.Lond. 

South. Stt South African. 

Story (Carncll). ('44) D8.74. 111. Story Rdrs.of Wld S 1/6 (7 Gill 

Switzerland (Ro.cnthal) ('49) D8.256. 16111. 15/- llutclnnwn 

Switzerland (Rosinthal) ('48) 25Q. 22ill. 15/- Juta 

Systems ol Kinship und Marriage (Brown,* A.R R - & Fordc) ('50) 

D8.410 23d 357- () x f. 

Tales (Hostc). n.e ('48> D8.223. 7/6 Pitman 

Tales, Seven (Fremont) ('39) C8.32. 111. Oxf.Stor\ Rdrs. Africa 

6d * 0x7 

Teachers, Blackboard Drawing for (Young. R.R.). ('41) C4.vii.52. 

77ill. sd.3 79* Longmans 

Teachers, Homecraft Notes for (Clark. F..P ) 2v.r47.'49) C8.xm. 

143:vi.90 III. 3/-* Longnwn\ 

Teachers in '1 raining. Principles of Iducation for (Jowitt). ('3D 

C8.viii,216. 26ill 7/6* IsniKmam 

To-day and To-morrow (Westcrmann) lc.('49) D8 184 12/6 Oxf 

Trade Unions (Marc). ('49) C8.m,84 Pathfinders sd.1/9* 


Understand the (Wmterbottom). (*46) 27-* Longmum 

Village. I-aith and Works in (Gnmwond). ('49) CK 48 Community 

Bklets. I/-* Oxf 

Way of Life. Our. Ir.Young & Bandu. ('46) C8 154. 57- Lutt.P. 

Welfares C8. 7v. 1/6-2/- Oxf. 

West See West African 

Witch (Carv). umf.c C50) C8.304 9/6 M Joseph 
Africander I and (Colcjuhottn) M8 4M IS/- J Murrav 
Africans. Agriculture for (Hampton). C43) ("8 \i,195 3()ill 4/6* 


and British Rule (Pcrham). C41) CK 106. AfncanWcllare S. 2/- 

and Their Land Series (Humphrcv) 7\ ea C8 sd 1/6 Longmans 

Hotel-Keeping for (Colhson). C47) C8.32 Highwav Cit.Gdcs.S 

sd I/-* Longman\ 

House Building for (Colchester & Collison) C47) C8 47 Highway 

Cit Gdt-s S sd 1/3* I onumam 

in Khaki (Barber) ('48.^ C8 128 Til 3/6 I din Ho 

Lives of Eminent In longa (Gollock). ('49) CNui.I1? sd 2/9* 


More Stories of Famous- in Cmyanja. lid.Gollock. (*46) C8.iii,43. 

111. Afr St Orient. Lang S sd l()d * / onRtnan\ 

Shopkccpmg for (Collison) ('47) C8 32 Highway Cit Gdcs.S. 

sd.l/-* Ismgmam 

South, Great (ButK-r.IU.) C8 94 IIP < / 6 Dalle v 
Africa's Past. Study of (Shaw. A.T.) C46) 2/- Intermit Afrh 
Afric's Sunnv Fountains (Ogilvie) ('21) C8 100. 21- RUukwood 
Afrika. Bcsuide die Zambesi (Sprv) ('48) 2/9 Jnta 

Afrikaans (Vierde druk). .lun Cert 'Icsts S 1/6 Jnta 

A. B.C. of (H.iarhnff). F8 142. 3/0 Gordon; 6/- Bailev 

all-, Pocket Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, and Lnglish- 

Afnkaan Idioms (Wagener) C8 212 8/- Bailev 

and English Dictionary (Potgictcr). (*32) 676. !()/- D Nutt 

and English Pocket Dictionary. 2e.C47) 446. 6/- D.Nutt 

as Second Language. St. V. (Boshoff & Kcrdcll). ('44) 2/6 Juta 

as Second Language. St. VI (BoshofT) C48) 2/6 Juta 

" B " Papers ('48) Matnc.Tcsts S. 3/6 Juta 

Basic (Aucamp). C48) 4/6 Juta 

Basic A Vocabulary (Aucamp) ('48) D8 68. sd.7/6 Duller 

Companion. Our (Lint & Malan) 3r.c C45) C8 sd 6/- K.Puul 

Duits en Duits Afrikaans Skoolwordeboek (Boehm). (*48) C8. 

574. 7/6 Juta 

Easily Learnt (Brcwis). ('48) C8 181. w K sd 8/6 Bailev 

Engels. bngels-Afnkaan Dictionary (Potgicter). ('32) 2r.c 8vo. 

10/- K.Paul 

Engels and Engcls-Afnkaan Dictionary. Large (Kntzmjer & 

Stevn) C46) D8.1320. 66/- Baltrv 

Engels and Engcls-Afrikaans Dictionary. Pocket C49) D16.448. 

5/- K.Paul 

Engels and Engcls-Afrikaan School Dictionary (Busman & 

Merwe) C46) C8 798. 2()/- Bailev 

Engels Dictionary, Ivngcls-Afnkaans and (Potgietcr). 2i.e('47) 

C8676 127- Bailer 

EngeLs School Dictionary . F,nrels-Afrikaan.s and (Kntzingcr & 

Stcvn) ('49) C8.716. IV- Bailev 

English and (Os). ('28) C12.84. Traveller's Pract.Man of Convers. 

sd.3/- Marlboro' 

English. German Idioms (Brand). ('36) C8.280. 9/6 Bailev 

Essentials of (Wiid). C50) 6/6 Juta 

Exercises tfiougaard). 2 Pts. D8.174. limp ea.4/6 Battev 

Exercises for Junior and Middle School (Hougaard). C36) 2 Pts 

D8.101. 174. ea.limp 2/6 Juta 

for English Speaking Students. Pract. (Botha & Burger). 2e. C8. 

307. sd.12/- Bailev 

for English Speaking Students. Pract. (Botha & Burger). 2e. 308 

Sd.7/6 K.Paul 

for English-Speaking Students (Potgieter & Geldcnhuys). Pts. 1-2. 

5e. limp 5/6; 6/6 K.Paul 

Grammar (Potgicter). C34) 2pts. 166:205. ca.6/- D.Nutt 

Grammar, Juta's Practical (Lint * Mainm iir^ r*R -?*< */<<, 

K.5/6 K.Paul 

Afrikaans Laer (Toil & Louw). 2v. ('48 & '49) ca.4/- Juta 

Learn to Speak (Groencwald). C46) C8.143. sd.6/6 Bailey 

Made Easv (Pick). C8.141. 5/- K.Paul 

Marlborough's Pract. Manual of Conversation in English and 

(Os). ('28) Pott8.82. sd.2/-; cl.37- Bailey 

Origin and Growth of: In Dutch with English ind. and Summ 

(Kloeke). C50) xvi.375. 45M. 60/- Bailey 

Practical CBotha <fc Burger). 308. 7/6 D.Nutt 

Reading Book. First CLint & Malan). C8.106 limp 4/6 Bailey 

Reading Book for English-Speaking Pupils. First (Lint & Malan). 

5r.e.('45) 2/6 Juta 

Selt-Taught (Os). C30) C8.246. sd.3/6 Marlboro' 

Self Taught. Marlborough's (Os). ('30) C8.246. 3/6 Bailey 

Speaking Pupils. Reading and Comprehension for (Slander). C50) 

111. bd.1/9 JN/O 

thro' English Idiom (Lingen). Impl6.342 6/6 Bailev 

vir Matnkulasie en Semor-Sertifikaat. Matric.Tcsts S. 1/6 Juta 
Afnkaanse Fonctick (Roux & Pienaar) C48) 12/6 Juta 

Grammatika en Tegnicsc Terme, Bcknoptc (Brand). C36) CH 99 

bds.2/3 Juta [Juta 

Grammatika, Nuwe. Vir Middelbare Skole (Potgietcr). C4S) 5/h 

Idiomc (Reynolds, J.). ('41) 4/6 Juta 

Lcesbotke vir die Lacrskool. 3v. for Afrikaans-Speaking Children; 

4v. for Lnglish-Spcaking Children, and Sids I-VI 6v I3v 
C47-'50)ea.l/10-4/6 Juta 

Snclsknf. 4e C48) C8.183. 6/-*; K.3/6* Pitman 

Snelskrif-Woordebock (Gcldenhuys & Beyer). C36) R32.144 bds 

4/-* Pitman 

Stvllecr Nuwc (Rouendal & Toit). C50) 5/6 Juta 

laalbockicfc. Modcrnc, vir die Laerskool (Potgietcr). Bits. 1-5. ("?()) 

1/9; 27-1 2/3: 2/6; 2/9; Bk.6. C49) 3/-Juta 

'I aaloefemnge (Bonthuvs). v en vi. 2e.('48) C8 69. sd 1/6 Juta 

Taalocfenmge (Lindeque). 3pts. (*49) 4/6 Juta \Juta 

Taaloetenmgc (Rabic <fc Burtel) 2v. Junior &. Senior. C8. ea 1/6 

1 aaloefemnge, Moderne (Potgictf-r) 2pts ('48) ea 2/6 Juta 
Afrikaner, Religion der. in ihrem ZmammcnhanR mit dem Wirt- 

schattslcben (Mcmhof). ('26) 96 7pl IC.R.H.C.S. sd.3/6 K 
After All: Play (Drutcn). D8 76. sd.3/- S French [Paul 

All (Fylcman). ( ( 39) C8.27 1-Act Plays S. I/- Methuen 

the Bale (Nelson. V.K ). C49) CS 192. 8/6 Mills i B. 

Bath (Wilkins). ('45) 1C8 8/6 Cape 

Battle- Poems (Monahan). ('48) C8 vi.45. 57- Macmlllan 

the Bombing: Poems (Blunden) (*49) 6/- Macnullun 

C T.Studd (Grubb) C48) C8.192 $/- Lutt P. 

Care and Rehabilitation. Ed.Moncnctt A: Rolleston. (*43) D8 128. 

111. Practitioner S. 8/6 Lyre 

Conduct of Discharged Prisoners. C45) D8.xvi.H4 v.5. Enp Stnd. 

Criminal Law. 8/6 Macmillan 

Confirmation. Ed.Inskip. ('46) 68. 5/6 Skeffington 

C\mfirmation- How and What? (Joynt) C36) 1F8 2/9 Nhbet 

(Conversion What? (Fletcher. L B.). ('36) C8. III. 2/6 Manh<Jl. 

Dark: Plays (Jeans), sd.3/- S.I rench [M.&S. 

Death (O'Brien. W.B.). 18.8. sd 6d. Ch.IM. 

Death (Weatherhcad). lOc ('48) C8 192 57- Epworth 

the Deluge (Woolf). v.2. C31) D8 15 /- Hogarth 

Dinner Science (Swezev). C49) M8 182. 187pl 8d. 15/- N.Kave 

Dinner Science (Swezey). ('48) 25/6 McGraw 

Dinner Story (Irish), n.e C49) C8.192. 5/- Hutchinson 

The tvcnt: Play (Williamson. ILR.) C35) C8. 1/6 Deane 

Everest (Somcrvcll). ('38) II 8.120. 4/6 11 odder 

Every Green Thing (Abse). ('49; IC8 64. 5/- Hutchinson 

Glow: Play (Rubinstein), sd.1/3 S 1 rench 

Harvest (Marsh. C.F.) C8. 7/6 Allen A U. 

Life (Pardue). ('50) C8.112. sd.3/6 Mowbrav 

Life in Pag in and Christian Imagery. Archaeology and (Richmond. 

I.A ). C50) D8.60. 9pl. Riddell Mem Lccts. 57- Oxf. 

Life in Unseen World (Nurse). ('31) Skeffmgton 

London (Jcftcncs). sC8.xvi.344. Ev'man S 4/6 Dent 

Long Years (Morrison. M.). (*46)n.c 1C8.224 5/- Hutchimon 

Long Years (Nelson. V.K ). C50) C8 192. 8/6 Mills & B 

Manv Davs (Cams). C50) C8. Chi.Sunshme S. sd.6d. C/irw Ut 

Many a Summer (Huxley). ('50) sC8. New Phoenix S. 6/-; Uniform 

e('50) sC8. 7/6 Chatto 

Marston Moor: Play (Hyde). C39) C8 1/6 Deane 

Materialism What? (Tutc). n e.('50) C8.176. 5/- Melrose 

Midnight (Albrand). C49) C8. 8/6 Chatto 

Midnight- Play (Wyngate). C8.16 sd 1/3 S.French 

My Own Fashion (Elder). ('49) C8.238. 8/6 Longmans 

Nazism Democracy. Ed.IIillcr. C45) D8 204. 10/6 F.Benn 

1903 What? (Benchley). C50) 1C8.256. 111. 8/6 D.Dobson 

October: Play (Ackland). D8 100. sd.3/- S.French 

Ram (Muskett). n.e.('49) C8.304. 4/6 Rutchtn\on 

the Reforms (Avvar). 8vo.iv.120. sd.2/- Luzac 

the Strike of a Sex. or. Zugasscm's Discovery (Miller, G.N.). C8. 

107. sd.2/- W. Reeves 

These Many Quests (Gander). C49) D8.367. ISill. 12/6 Macd.A 


This Manner (Mason, L.). ('47) C8.23. Rchg.Lifc S sd.6d. Lindiev 

Treatment. Surgical Nursing and (Darling). 9e.C46) C8.704. 211 

ill. 12/6 Churchill 

2.000 Years (Dickmson). C8.213. 67- Allen & U. 

Victorians (Cruse). D8.264. 10/6 Allen & V. 

the War (Esher). (*18) C8. 2/6 

Wesley (Edwards. M.). C35) D8.192. 7/6 Epworth 

Winter Comes Spring (Noke). ('50) Pott8.30. sd.2/6: cl.3/6 P. 


Work on Negative and Print (Fanstonc). 4e.C48) C8.80. llill.7d. 

6/- Fountain 

Worlds Collide and When Worlds Collide (BaJrocr A Wvhe). 

C50) 24/- Lippmcott * 

You. Columbus (Miclche). C50) D8.280. III. 12/6 Hodge 

Your Confirmation (Wright. M.). ('49) C8.104. sd.376 Mowbray 




Aftermath (Gwynn). (*46) 1C8.40. 3/6 Dundalgan 
~ (Habe) C48) 1C8\328. 10/6 Harrap 

Play CMurray. T.C.). n.c. C8. 3/6 Allen &. V. 
--(Wilson. P.M.). C50) sC8. sd.1/6 Penguin 

of Napoleonic Wars (Schenk). C'47) D8.X.228. 111. Intcinat.Lib.of 

Sociol. 16/- Routledgf 
Afternoon (Johnson, P.). ('28) C8.40. sd.1/3 Blackwell 

Play (Johnson. P.). sd.1/3 S. French 
Afterwards: Play (Hackett). D8.100. sd.3/- S. French 

-in Europe (Portoeus). 10/6 MacLellan 

AR and Bert: Play (Constanduros & Hogan). C8.16. sd.1/3 S I rfmh 
Aga. Small. Death of. Tr. Wiles. sC8. 2/- Allen & U. 
Agadir Crisis CBarlow). 10 J- N.Carolina V.P.-.Oxf. 
Again in October CNess). ('46) C8.iv.248. 8/6 Chap.& H. 

Rags (Dutton). (*35) sf-4.96. Col. ill. Rays S bds.4/- Warne 

Switzerland (Smythe) C48) 1M8 256. 20 /- Hodder 

This Rapture (Cartland). n r.C50) C8.224. 5/- llutchiwon 
Against Catiline (Cicero). Tr .Green. W.C. C8 sd.2/6 Dntthton 

Great Odds (Hunter). (*50) C8. Chi.Sunshmc S sd.6d. Christ. Lit 

Heresies (Ivenreus). Tr.Unger. ('50) 18/- Mercier 

the Lighting (Popham). ('44) D8.56. 7yt> J.Lanc 

Meidias (.Demosthenes). Tr.Fcnnel. C8. sd 2/- Deighton 

Meidias (Demosthenes). Ed. King. J.R. C8.136. 5/- Oxf. 

the Pagans (Arnobms). Tr.McCracken. C50) 2v. ca IS/- Mercier 
-Philip (Demosthenes). Ed. Abbott. E.& Mathcson. v.l. C88) IN 

154. 5/-; v.2. o.p.; Philippics I-III. 5/-* Oxf. 

Sun (Wadenoycnj. ('41) All About S. sd.1/6 Focal 

that Day (Mathews). C49) C8.24. sd.9d. Epworth 
Agamasastra of Gaudapada (Bhattacharya). R8.cxlvi,30K. sd.9/- 

Luzac (Allen &. U. 

Agamemnon, The (Aeschylus). Tr. Murray. G. C8. sd.2/6; cl.3/6 

m Greek and English (Aeschylus). Tr.Lawson. ('32) D8.xIvm,16S. 

151- Camb. 

(Aeschylus). Ed.Fraenkel. ('50) R8.1076. 2pl. 3v. 84/- Oxf 

(Aeschylus). Ed.Sidgwick. 6e.('05) F8.178. 3/6* Oxf. 

of Aeschylus. Notes to the (Hetchcr. Jr.). ('50) C8.V.79 sd 4/6 

Black n ell 
Agar, British Seaweecb and Their Utilisation in Preparation ot. ('49) 

D4. 27/6 Mtn.of Health -H.M.S.O . 
Agarics and Boleti, British Rev. List of (Pearson <fc Dennis) C49) 

R8. 5/- Brit.M vcoLSoc. : Camb. 
Agatha's Heaven: Play (Stewer). sd.2/6 S. French 

Heaven (Stewer). ('33) C8.112. 3/6 Jenkm\ 

Age and Area (Willis). ('22) D8.X.252. tabs. d. 17/6 Camb. 

and Mind (Hunt, A.). ('49) C8.16. 111. sd.3/6 Backus 

Cannot Wither (Harding. B.). C50) 1C8.256. 16ill. 12/6 Harrap 

Challenges Youth (i-recman. W.F.). ('49) C8.112. sd 2/6; c!4/- 

Consummation of (Cissold). 2/6 Nf\v-Church [Meth.Youth 

is Opportunity. ('50) J18. sd.3/6 N.C.S.S. 

Long Questions (Hammond). C42) C8.125. 3/6 Marshall, M.& S. 

of Adam (Milne. J. Lees-). ('47) M8.vm,184. 170ill.(6coL). Brit. 

Art & BIdg.S. 21 /- Batsford 

of Antonmes (Gibbon). Ed.Fowler. ('07) G18.xvi.102. IM. 21- 


of Anxiety (Anden). C48) D8.128. 8/6 Faber 

of Bach and Handel (Maitland). 2e.('31) D8.378. Oxf. Hist of Mus. 

17/6 Oxf. 

of Beauty, This (Forester). ('35) C8.viii.150. 12pl. 6/- Methuen 

of Catherine de Medici (Neale). ('43) sC8. 6/- Cape 

of Change (Evans, H.T.). C8.256. 111. Periodic Hist.S. 3/9* 


of Charlemagne (Wells. C.L.). Eras S. 8/- T.& T.Clark 

of Consent (Lindsay. N.). n.c.('38) C8.242. 111. 6/- Laurte 

of Constantine the Gt. (Burckhardt). Tr.Hadas. ('49) D8.400. 

18 /- Routledge 
-of Crusades (Ludlow). Eras S. 8/- T.& T.Clark 

of Discovery, 1453-1660 (Brcndon). ('24) C8.vni,182. Bkte.Mod 

Wld. 3/6* E.Arnold 

of Drake (Williamson, J. A.). 2e.('46) D8.xii,402. 8M. Pionr.Hist. 

2 M- Black 

of Elegance (Bryant). ('50) D8.464. 15 /- Collim 

of Enlightened Despotism. 1660-1789 (Johnson, A. H ). r. Atkin- 

son. 20r.e.C50) C8.xxvi.230. 11M. Six Ages of Eur.Hist.S. 5/-* 
-of Enterprise (Cochran & Miller). ('42) M8.X.394. 37/6 N.Y.: 

-of Expansion (Evans. H.T.). C8.248. 111. Periodic Hist.S. 4/- 

-of Fable (Bulfinch). C8.392. L.Y.T.S. 2/8*; C8.X.37I. Ev'man 

S. 4/6 Dent 
--of Grc-'t Depression. 1929-41 (Wecter). ('48) 8vo.xiv.4tt. 17pl. 

v. XXII Hist.of Amcr.Life. 37/- N Y .-M^cmillan 
- of Hildcbrand (Vincent). Eras S. 8/- T.& T.Clark 
of Hus (Workman). ('13) C8.388. v.2. of Dawn of Reform. 4/- 


of Ind scretion (Davis. C.B.). ('50) 12mo. 24/- Lipptncott 
of Jackson (Schlesingcr). ('47) D8.578. 21 /- Evre 
-of Johnson: Essays prcs. to C.B. Tinker. ('49) M8.438. Fi. 30/- 

of Louis XIV (Voltaire). Tr.Pollack. sC8.xiv.476. Ev'man S. 

4/6 Dent 
of Psitrnrchs (Hcaton). n.c.('45) C8.24. Pt.l. Heroes of O.T. sd. 

6d. Fp worth 

-ot Plenty. This (Hattcrslev). 5e. C8.427. sd.3/6. cl.6/- Pitman 
-of Pope, 1700-1744 (Dennis). 15e. C8.viii.260. Hdbks.of Eng.Lit. 

6/6 G.Bell 

of Reason (Paine). n.e.(M7) F8.xx,236. Thinker's Lib. 2/6 Watts 

of Reason (Sartre). C47) C8.359. !()/- H.Hamilton 

of Reason. Fr. Puritanism to (Cragg). (*50) C8.viii,248. 12/6 

Camb. , 

of Reform (Woodward). ('38) D8.676. 6M. Oxf.Hist.Eng. 21 /- 


Age of Reformation (Smith, P.). ('21) M8. 3()/- Capt 

of Renaissance (Dyke). Eras S. 8/- T.& T.Clark 
--of Scandal (White. T.H.). ('50) D8. 111. 15/- Cape 

of Science (Claxton). ('49) C8.190. III. Bk.VI. Homeland Hist. 

S. 5/- Wells, G.D. 

of Shakespeare. 1579-1631 (Seccombc & Allen. J.W.). 2v. 14e,292:xiv.232. Hdbks.of Eng.Lit. ea.6/6 G.Bell 

of Taste (Rcndel). ('48) D8.24. sd.l/- Regencv Soc. 

of Tennyson. 1830-1870 (Walker. H.). 12e. C8.X.310. Hdbks.of 

Eng.Lit. 6/6 G.Bell 

of Transition. Ed.Oesterley. v.l, Judaism and Christianity. ('37) 

D8.316. fol.d. 10/6 Sheldon -.S.P.C.K. 

of Transition, 1400-1579 (Snell). 2v. 3e. C8.viu,226:xxx,168. 

Hdbks.of En. Lit. ea.6/6 G.Bell 

of Tudors and Stuarts (Edwards, C.). ('49) C8.247. Ashley Hist 

S. 6/- Hollis 

of Wordsworth, 1798-1832 (Herford). 22e. Hdbks 

of Eng.Lit. 6/6 G.Blll 

of Wychf (Workman). ('13) C8.328. v.l.of Dawn of Reform. 3/6 

Ep worth 

of Youth: Play (Maltby & Wynn). CS.124. sd.3/- S.French 

Old (Vischcr). Tr.Miall. ('47) D8.200. 111. 12/6 Allen & U . 

Old Kingdom (" Smbad "). n.e.('50) C8.176. 5/- Hutchimon 

Pnvelcge of (Scuddcr) C39) M8 320. 12/6 Dent 

Without Pity (Prcffle). C50) O?.292. 10/6 Seeker 

Aged. Care of (Thcwlis). 5e.('46) R8.S04. 67ill. 56/- Kimpton 
-Interests of the: 1949. 47. .-.d.2/- N.C.S.S. 

26 (Flcxncr). ('37) D8.116 6/- Oxj. 

Agency, Law of. Digest of (Bowstcad). r. Forbes. 10e.('44) R8. 

35 /- Sweet 

Atfent No. 5 (CorbettX n.e.C50) C8 184. 4/- Jenkim 
Agents and Witnesses (Newby). ('47) C8. 9/- Cape \Brrn. 

Emulsifying. Pharmacent. Emulsions and (Spalton). 5/- Moroni 

Estate, Law of Commissn. for (Wolstenholme). ('37) C8 92. 5/- 

in Arms (Vintner). ('50) C8.272. 9/6 J Long [Pitman 

Insurance and Brokers. Law Rclatg. to (Welson). C31) D8.102 

5/- Pitman 

Surface Active (Schwartz & Perry). ('49) MS. 590. 51ilk4tabs. 

80 /- Inter science 

Aggression, Combine of (Ottcn). Tr.Paul & Field. KM. D8.366. 15/- 
Allen & U. 

Ego. Hunger and (Perls). ('47) D8.273. 12/6 Allen & U. 

Personal, and War (Durbm tt Bowlby). ('39) D8.160. 8/6 

Agrc>, Dr. (Macartney). C49) C8.108. P. Torch Biop.S. 5/- S.C.M. 

Dr.. Life of: in Swahili. ('48) C8 48. sd I/-* Umgmcns 

of Achimota. In Eagle Omn.Bks. \.6. C46) C8. bds.2/6 Edm.Ho. 
Agnnppina. Tr Evelyn. C8.50. 3/6 Heath, C. 

Apilitv Apparatus for Primary Schls. (Head). M8.31. 45pl. sd.3/6 

Vaulting and (Wilson. S.). 3e. C8.81. III. 5/-* Allen & V . 
Aglavaine and Sclyscttc: Play (Maeterlinck). Tr.Sutro. 3e. sd.l/- 

Allen & U. 
Agnellus, Blessed, and the Enp. Grey Friars (Gilbert). ('37) C8, Fr. 

5f- Burns, O. 
Agnes Bernauer (Hcbbel). Condor S 2/3*. Ed. Evans, M.B. ('12) 

3/- Harrap 

Bernauer (Hcbbel). Ed.Klenze. ('11) C8.220. 6/6 Oxf. 

Grey (Bronte. A.). sC8.x,548. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

Grey. Wuthcnng Heights and (Bronte 1 ). ('49) C8.528. Heather c 

10/6 Wmgate 
Agnosia, Apraxia. Aphasia (Neilsen w. Fitzgibbon). 2e.('45) 302 

59111. 40/- Hoeber-.Casiell 
Agnosticism. Beyond (Bell. B.I.). C8.156. 3/6 Allen A U 

to Belief, From (Hill, J.A.). ('24) C8.X.213. 8/6 Methuen 
Agnostic's Apology, and Other Essays (Stephen). ('17) 1C8. 7/6 

J. Murrav 

Agoratus. Eratosthenes and (Lysias). lrans.2/3* Dnlv.Tut. 
Agostmo (Moravia). Tr.Zoete. ('47) 1C8.116. 7/6 Seeker 
Agranulocvtosis. Leukopcnia and (Dameshck). Ed. Christian. ('44) 

M8.86. 10/6 Oxf. 
Agranulocvtosis or Agranulocytic Anaemia. ('35) sd.6d. Min of 

Aeran.m Life of Mid. ARCS. Ed.Claphajn & Power. ('41) RS.xvlii, 

650. 9pl.3M. Camb Econ. Hist. S. 31/6 Camb. 

Problem in Poland (Mincer). ('44) D8.75. sd.2/- Polhh Res. 

Revolution (Claxton). ('49) C8.168. III. Bk.V. Homeland Hist.S. 

5/- Wells, G.D. 

Revolution m Roumama (Evans, I. L.). ('24) D8.xvi.198. 2M. 

15/- Camb. 

Unrest in S.E. Asia (Jacoby). C49) M8.308. 7M. 22/- Columbia 

Agreements. Collective. Methods of Compiling Statistics of (*26) 

R8.36. sd.lOd. l.L.O. -.Staples 
Agricola (Heithnd). C21) R8.x,492^ 52/6 Camb. 

(Tacitus). C8.X.90. Simpl.Lat.Class.S. 1/6* G.Bell 

(Tacitus). Ed.Waltcrs. Ill.Lat.S. 2/6* Blackie 

(Tacitus). ('28) C8. Class.Tr.S. sd.1/6 Brodle 

(Tacitus). Ed.Church & Brodribb. ('69) F8.xx,102. IM. 3/- 


(Tacitus), hd. Norwood & Watt. Trans.2/-*. In lv. 6/6* Univ. 


and Germama (Tacitus). Tr.Townshend. ('95) C8.X.98. Class. 

Tr.S. 51- Methuen 

and German m (Tacitus). Tr. Wells. E.A. r.Forbcs. 5e.C31) C8. 

iv,71. sd.2/6 J.Thornton 

and Germany, and Dialogue on Oratory (Tacitus). Tr.Church 

& Brodribb. 2r.e.('77) C8.xx,206. 2M. 5/- Macmillan 

Germama, and Dialogue (Tacitus). Tr.Fyfc. ('08) F8.152. Oxf. 

Trans. S. 7/6 Oxf 

Germania, Dialogue (Tacitus). Tr. Peterson & Hutton. F8. Fr. 

2M. Loeb Lat.S. 15 /- jjlelnemann 





Agricultural Act 1947. ('48) M8.350. 30/- Span 

and Allied Interests ('49} D4.56. sd.16/- Aslib 

- - and Food Products, Quamitat., Anal. w. Appns. to ('I richold). 

C46) lC8.xii.332. 47figs.27tabs. 22/6 V.Nostrand:Macmtllan 

- - and Forest Products of B.W. Afr. (Dudgeon). D8. Ill.M. Imper. 

last.S. 7/6 J.Murray 

and Horticult. Insts.. Interim Rept. ('47) sd.l/- Min.of Agric. : 


and Rural Districts. Electrification of (Goldmg). ('37) 1D8.256. 

67ill. 16/- Eng.V.P. 

Botany (Pcrcival). 8e.('36) 1C8.854. 265ill. 18/- Duckwth. 

Chemistry (Frcar). vi. (*50) 56figs.50tabs. 6(>/- V 

Nostrand : Macmillan 

- Chemistry Elcm. (Ingle). 3r.e. lC8.ix,250. 5ill. 6/- Griffin 
Chemistry Intro, to (Comber. Jones &. Willcox). (*47) CH.viii. 

315. 9/- E.Arnold 
Chemistry. Pract. Cse. in (KnowAcs & Watkm). 2r.e. C47) D8. 

xii.216. 20figs. 12/6 Macmillan 
Chemistry, Source Bk. of (Browne, C.A.). ('44) suR 8.290. 14d 

Ipl. sd.40/- Chron.Bot.'.Wm.Dawson 
Co-operation in G.B. (Digby). ('49) C8.120. 6/- C.I ockwood 

Co-operation in Scotland Rept. ('30) sd 9d. Scot. Agric.: 

-- Co-operation. Year bk. of. 1950. Ld.Digby. C50) D8.iii.337. 

21 1- Blackwell 
Cooperation Assn. Limited Yr. Bk. C50) D8.48. hr.ld, sd. 

I/- Agric.Co-op. 
Credit and Organ, in France. Rept. ('20) sd.3/- Scot. Agric. 


- Development in the Colonies. Future Prospect*; for (Evans. Sir 

G.). ('50) D8.19. Cust.Found.I ccts. sd I/ft Nott Vniv. 

- - Development of And and Semi-Arid Regions (Lcppan). ('28) 

sMS.279. 25 /- Gordon 
--Economics (Ilibbard). ('48) 441. 42/ft McGraw 

Economics. Fndtns. of (Venn). 2r.c.(*33) R8 xx,568. 20pl.24M. 

d. 30/- Camb. 

Economics. Intro, to (Thomas. L.). ('49) C8.304. 2d. Agric. S. 

10/6 Nelson 

Economics. Outlines of (Taylor. H.C.). 2c.('31) C8.xii,ftJ4. 32 

tabs. 33/6 N .Y .: Macmillan 

- Economics Research Inst. Country Planning. ('44) C8.296. 29pl. 

M.ill. d. 7/6 Oxf. 

Economics Research Inst., Oxford. Country Planning. 3e.('46) 
C8.296. 111. 7/6 Oxf. 

- Economics. Scottish, v.l. ('50) R8.58. sd.1/6 Agric.: H.M.S.O 

- Economics, Statistical Methods App. to (Pearson & Bennett) 

C42) M8.443. 111. 40/- Wiley.Chap & H. 
Economists, Internal. Confs. of. Procdgs.. 1934, *36. '38. \.3-5 

C35-*37) M8. ea.21/-; v.4. only w. set of 6/- Oxf. 
Economists. Internal. Confs. of. Procdgs. 1949. ('50) M8.386. 

2pl. 25 /- Oxf. 
Economists, Sixth Internal. Conf. Procdgs , 1947. ('48) MS. 520 

Fr. 25 /- Oxf. 
Economists, Seventh Internal. Conf. of. Procdgns. of, 21-27 

August, 1949. (*50) M8.386. 2pl. 25 /- Oxf. 
-Education in Canada (Madill). ll/- Toronto U .P.: Oxf 
-Education in Eng. and Wales. Higher. Rept. Cmd. 6728 (Lo\c- 

day). ('45) sd.2/- Min.of Agric.: H.M.S.O. 

Education in G.B. (Comber). ('48) M8.32. Hill. Sci.m Bru.S. 

sd. 1 /6 Br. Council Longmans 

-Education in Scotland. Rept. C45) sd 9d. Scot. Agric :1I M.S.O. 
--Engineering Series. 4v. 111. 26/- - 44/- Wilev:Chap.& H. 

Entomology. Textbk. of (Smith. K.M.). 2e.('48) D8xiv,290. Fr. 

84figs. 18/- Camb. 

-Everything. ('50) 4to.l20. sd.2/6 Tf 'here to lluy 
-Hold'ngs Act. '48. Agric. Act. '47 and. sd.9d. Mm of Agric : 

-Holdings Act. 1948. Guide to (Watt) D12. sd.6/6 Sweet 

Holdings and Tenant Right Valuation (Jackson. T.C.). r.Aggs. 

10r.e.('49) D8. 40/- Sweet 
-Holdings (Scot.). Act, 1923 (Dobic). ('23) R8.132. 7/6 W. Green 

Holdings (Scot.), Act. 1923 (Reid, J.S.C.). D8.220. 12/6 


Implements and Machinery. Student's Hdbk. to (Lowe). Ed. 

Purvis. (*50) M8 146. 111. 12/6 Ltttleburv 

-Labour in England and Wales, Pt.l.. 1900-1920 (Mejer). ('49) 
M8.77. 4/- Nott.Vniv. 

Land. Rights and Oblig. of Landlords, Tenants anO Owner 

Occupiers of Agric. Land. sd.9d. Min.of Agric.: H.M.S.O. 
-Land, Tenure of (Orwin <& Peel). 2e.('26) C8.X.80. 4/6 Camb. 
-Law and Tenant Right CHavics, C.E.). r.Mustoe, N.E.& Wood, 

R.H. 2r.c.C49) D8.1140. 55/- Estates 
-Machinery. ('49) sRS.116. bds.10/6 P.E.P. 
-Machinery (Davidson). ('31) M8.396. 600111. Agric.Eng.S 32/- 

Wilev:Chap.& H. 

- Management Series. 5v. ca.24/- Lippinrott 

Mnrketing Acts (Conachcr) ('35) C8.192. 15/- W.Cretn 
-Marketing Acts. Rept. t'47) Econ.S. sd.2/- M in. of Agric.: 

-Marketing in N. Ind. (Husain). D8.342. 18/- Allen & V. 

Mission, Brit., to S. America, sd. Min.of Agric.: H.M.S.O. 

Motors, Report on the Trials of. 9ill. sd.2/6 Rov.Agric.Soc.' 

J. Murray 

Parasitology (Walton & Wright, W.R.). ('27) C8. 111. 6/- Sidg. 

& *- [Oxf. 

Policy. Canadian (Fowke) ('46) M8.316. 19/6 Vniv. Toronto P.: 

Policy in South Africa (Leppihi). I.lmpl6.101. 6/- Gordon 

Press. American CDemarec). 25 /- Columbia V .P.: Oxf . 
--Prices (Thomsen). (*36) 38/6 McGrnw 

-Problem. Colonial (Pirn). ('46) D8.200. 10/6 Oxf. 

Products. Marketing, in the U.S. (Clark & Weld). ('32) 1C8. 

xiv.672. 30flgs.62tabs. 41 /- N.Y.-.Micmillan 

Agricultural Products, Proceedings of Colloquium on Industrial 
Utilisation of, and of Seaweed. ('48) S/- Irish Chem.As^oc.:Roy. 
Inst. Chem. 

Progress on Prairie Frontier (Murchic). ('36) suR8.xii.344. 97ill 

Canad. Front. ot Settlement S. 25 /- Macmillan 

Questions of Malaya (Dobby). ('49) D8. IM.lng. Malay.Quest. 

S. 1/6 Camb. 

Research. British: Rothamsted (Russcll.Sir E.J.). r.e.('46) M8. 

35. Hill. Sci.m Bnt.S. sd.1/6 Br. Council: Longman > 

Research Institutes. Rept. 1935-6. sd.5/- Scot. Agrtc.: H.M.S.O. 

Research, Statistical Tables for Biological and Med. (I-isher, 

R.A.&Yates). 3r.e.(*49) D4.viii.112. 16/- Oliver 

Research, Statistical Technique in CPaterson). C39) 28/- McGraw 

Science, Elementary (Smith, W.). ('23) C8.188. 61ill. 3/- Oliver 

Series. 5v. ca.DS. 14/--21/- Spon 

Statistics. R8. 1939-44. Pt.l. &d.3/6; 1945. Pt.l. sd.9d.; 1945, 

Pt.2. sd.l/- Scot. Agric.: H.M.S.O. 

Statistics: England and Wales. 2pts.(1939-'44). sd.2/-; 4/- Mm. 

of Agric.: H.M.S.O. 

Statistics: U.K. Pt.l. sd.9d. Mm.of Agric.: H.M.S.O. 

Studcnls and Planters, Surveying for (Stewart, F.R.&. Grassie). 

('48) D8.236. 111. 15/- Allen <t U. 

Students, Course of Practical Chemistry for (Neville &. Newman. 

L.F.). v.l, v.2. Pt.l. C2()-'21) D8. 10/6; 6/- Camb. 

Students, Course of Practical Physiology for (Hammond & 

Hainan). 2c.('50) D8.124. Interleaved. 7/6 Camb. 

Survey of Scotland, sd.8/6 Scot. Agric.: H.M.S.O. 

Surveyor and Estate Agents' Handbook (Bright). 2r.e.('ll) F8. 

10/6 Tech. P. (Tech. P. 

--Tenancies (Curtis. C.E.& Gordon. R. A.). ('10) D8.340. 10/6 

Testament (Howard, A.). C40) D8.270. 13pl.llfigs. 15/- Oxf. 

Tractor Details. ('48) 10. 2J- B.S.I. 

Workers in Austria, Germany and Hungary. Law on the Con- 

tract of Employment of. C30) R8.63. sd.1/6 /. L.O.: Staples 

Workers, Representation and Organisation of. C28) R8.207. sd. 

3/- /. L.O.: Staple* 
Agriculture (Connell & Hadficld). 6c.('50) D8. 9/6 Whitcombe 

(Waison, J.A.S.& More). r.Watson. J.A.S.& West. 9r.c.('50) D8. 

955. 135ill.41d. 26/- Oliver 

(Wrightson w. Newsham). 3r.e.('37) H8.660. 320ill. 21 /- Tech.P. 

Act, '47 and Holdings Act, '48. sd.9d. Mm.of Agric.: H.M.S.O. 

after the War (Hall.Sir A.D.). ('15) C8. 5/- J.Murray 

and Politics (Bremndge). C50) D8.59. sd.l/- Conserv. 

and Population in Ganges Valley. Trends of (Ganguh). (*38) D8. 

xx,315. 1M. 18/- Methuen 

Book on: In Yoruba (Olafimihan). ('50) C8.xii.125. 23ill. sd.4/-* 

Longmans [Pict. Charts 

Britain's. Ed.Cons. Bks.1-2. 049) 1C4.10. 111. Strip Bk.S. sd.1/6 

British (Eastcrbrook). 4c.('50) D8.56. Sill. Brit.Life & Thought S. 

sd.l /- Br. Council : Longmans 

British (Orr). C22) C8.96. World's Manuals. 3/6 Oxf. 

British Grasses and their Employment in (Armstrong, S.F.). 3e. 

('37) D8.X.350. 194ill. 18y- Camb. 

British, War and (Harkness). C8.109. 7/6 Staples 

Collective Agreements in. C33) R8.122. sd.3/- I. L.O.: Staples 

Cost Accounting Applied to (King. J.S.). ('27) D8.196. tabs. 

10/6 Ox/. 

Dictionary for. Dutch-Lat.-Eng. and Lat.-Eng.-Dmch (Heum). 

('49) Imp8.158. 30 /- Bailey 

Dictionary of: Gcr.-Eng. and Eng.-Ger. (Bading). ('47) Impl6. 

156. sd.6/- Bailey 

E. African (Matheson & Bovill). ('50) D8.348. 32pl. 4M. 25/- 


Economics of (Cohen). r.c.('49) C8. Camb.Econ.Hdbks. 6/- 


Economics with Application to (Dummcicr. Hcflebower <Sc 

Norman). 3c. 42/6 McGraw 

Elements of (Fream). Ed. Robinson. D.H. 13r.e.('47) D8. 111. 

2 1 / - R oy.Agric.Soc. : J.Murray 

Food and (Portsmouth), sd.l/- Food E due. 

for Africans (Hampton). C43) 30111. 4/6* Longman* 

Forestry and Related Sciences. Some British Books on. 1939-45. 

C46) C4.37. sd.3/- Comm. Agric. 

Genetics in Relation to (Babcock & Clausen). 2e.('27) 673. 64 / - 


Guilds, Trade, and (Pcntv). C8. S/- Allen & V. 

History of (Franklin). (*48) C8.viii,240. 75ill. 10/6 G.Bell 

in British Colonies, Short History of (Masetield). ('50) C8.186. 

10/6 Oxf. 

in Scotland : Dcpt. of Agriculture for Scotland Annual Reports. 

2v. 1938. sd.3/-; 1939-48 sd.2/6 Scot.Agru .'.H.M.S.O. 
--in Sudan. Ed.Tothill. ('48) D8.992. 408,11. 17M.tabs. d. 42/- Oxf. 

in Tropical African Colonies. Mechanisation of Native. ('50) 

R8.160. 4/6 Colonial Off.:H.M.S.O. 

in Unstable Economy (Schuhz). ('45) D8. 25/6 McGraw 

Labour in (Howard, L.E.). ('35) R8.354 tabs. 18/- Oxf. 

Lime in (Corrie). ('26) C8.110. 4/- Chap & H. 

Mechanised, Farming and. Ed.Staplcdon. ('44)3c. D8.404. 25 /- 

Todd : Harrap 

Mechanized (Davies. C.). ('50) C8.168. 23. Tech . Trends S. 8/6 

Temple P. 

Moisture Requirements in (Roc) 47/- McGraw 

Native, Improvement of (Hall. A.D.). (*36) D8.112. Heath Clark 

Lccts.1935. 12/6 Oxf. 

of Cultivation Steppe of Lake Western and Central Province : 

In Swahih (Rounce). C49) C4.ix.114. 28U1.1M. 4/3* Longmans 

of Cultivation Steppe of Lake Western and Central Province : 

(Rounce). ('49) C4.ix.105. 28ill.lM. 4/3* Longm ns 

of To-morrow (Kolisko). ('46) C8.426. 303ill.(4col.).10ch. 42/- 

Kollsko '* 

of Wales and Monmouthshire (Evans, J.L.& Ashby). ('44) D8.280. 

tabs. 15/- Vniv. Wales 





Agriculture Permanent (Scott, W.& Paul). ('41) sD8.614. 210111. Farm 
S. 287- Wiley -.Chap. & H. 

Policy, Future Food and (Black & Kicfer). ('48) 348. 34 /- 


Principle of (Ede). C46) D8.272. 15/- Pitman , 

Pnnciple of (Williams. W.R.). Tr.Jacks. ('49) D8.160. 111. Sci. 

ATech.Pubns. 15/- Hutchinson 

Science in (Paterson). 4e.('48) C8.viii,303. 181HI. 8/6 Longmans 

Scries. 9v. ca.CS. 9v. ea.CS. 10/6 -15/- Nelson 

Social Economy of (Gee). r.c.C'42) M8.xu.720. K)flgs.27tabs. 

37/6 N.Y,:Macmillan 

Social Problems in. (*38) R8.iv.162. sd.4/- I.L.O.- Staples 

Socialized, of U.S.S.R. (Jasny). (*49) M8.854. 60/- Stanford 


Teaching (Hammonds). ('50) 30/- McGraw 

Text-Book on (Huss). ('21) C8.viii.168. 79ill. 5/6* 1 ongmans 

To-dav's (Hammonds & Woods). 3c.('49) 12mo.544. III. 18/- 


Trade and (Johnson, D.G.). C'50) P8.198. 20/- Wilev.Chap. 

& H. 

Tropical, Handbook of (Masefield). ('49) D8.204. 12/6 Oxf. 

Use of Aerial Survey in Forestry and (Sisam). ('47) C4.59. 67ill. 

bds 7/6 Comm.Agric. 

Vocational Education in. ('29) R8.vii,244. sd.5/- I.I..O Staples 

Wartime Kconomy, Planning in (Gold). C49) R8.594 55/- 

Columbia U.P.:Oxf. 

West African (Faulkner Jc Mackie). ('33) D8.vni,168. Fr. 10/6 

West" African. Textbook of (Irvine). C34) C8.304. 32pl 33iigs 

10/6 Oxf. 

Worlds. Reconstruction of (Brandt) C46) D8. 32/- Allen <S* U. 
Agriculturists. Horticulturists and Domestic Producers: Part-time 

Instruction by Local Educational Authorities, sd.l/- Mm of 

Educ : H.M.S.O. 

Agnppma (Garstang). C8.viii.102. Ill 1/9* G.Bcll 
Agronomy. General Soil Science. I<ertili/crs and. Bibhog. of. '34- 

M7; '.37-*40; *44-'47. 3v. C8.540:504:451. 25/-; 25/-; 35/- 


Ah, Promised Land (Collins. D.). n c.('48) C8.284. 5/- Jenkins 
Ahuhopel to Nehemiah (Whyte). 12e.('47) C8.302 Bib.Charact.S. 

7/6 Oliphants 

Ahknaton: Play. C8. 5f- Theosoph.Pub. 
Ahmad, Sultan. Letter from James I to (Ross. E.D,). 8vo.8. 2pl 

Ahnas El Medineh; Tomb of Paheri at El Kab (Naville.Tylor & 

Griffith). E.E.S.Mcm.II. 25 /- Oxf. 
Aid. Legal (Eeerton). r.e.('46) D8.xvi.167. Internal. Lib. of Sociol. 

10/6 Kentledge 

to Apportionment, bds. I/- Sol.Law 

to Practical Written Arabic (Lss). 8vo.viii.384. 10/- Luzac 

to Textual Amendment of O.T. (Kennedy,!.). Ed.l.evison. 12/- 

T.& T.Clark 
Aide-Memoirc (Baker. H.H.). 9c. R32.96 1/3* G.Bell 

Memoirc (Thomas, R.C.W.). ('50.) D16. 2/6 Gale 

Memoirc for Examination Candidates (Duchenc & Wilks). ('42) 

C8. sd.6d. Hirschfeld 

Mcmoire 1 with Facts About Engineering Industry. C'49) C8.16. 

sd.2/- Br.Enginrs. 
Aids and Hints in English (Collins, V.H ). C3S) F8 46. 1/9* Oxf. 

for French Teacher CHeimers). ('39) 65. sd.3/- Hajner 

for Spanish Teacher (Hcimers). C41) 76. sd.3/- Hafner 
Aids to For titles commencing thus, tee under Subject. 
Aigle d'Or (Smith, R.T.). ('29) C8.14 sd.1/6* llachettf 
Aiguille qui tuc (Cauvain). Ed. Packer. ('33) F8.64. Oxf.Rap.Rdg. 

I-r.lcxts. sd.1/3*; limp 1/9* Oxf. 

Ailes dc Courage (Sand). Ed, Proper. Lit.Fr.Clas.S. w.vocab. lirhp 
1/5* Blackie 

Naturclles et Vol Humain (Mollard). C50) R8.xii,58. Ill figs 

sd.9/- Bailey [Link 

Ailments. Herman, and Other Treatments. C8.150. 12ill. sd.2/- 
Aim of Educ. in Rchg. (O'Neill). C46) C8.56. sd.3/- Faith 

of Gcog. Teaching (Mernman). ('40) 28. I/- GrtKg 

of Jesus Christ (Cooley). C8. 7/6 Allen & U. 

Aims and Failures of German New Order (Winiewicz). ('43) D8. 
107. 3M. sd.l/- Polish Res. 

of Education (Whitehead). C32) C8.256. 7/6 Wmi & N. 
Amos: us Hist, and Coinage (May). ('50) D8.308. 10pl.3d.lM. 25 /- 


Air-Aye GCOR and Soc. (Chamberlain &. Stewart, H.E ). 12mo.716. 
24 /- Lippmcott 

Age, Human Geol. in the (Rcnner). ('42) lC8.xiv.238. 55figs. 

$/- N Y.-.Macmillan 

Age Map of World: 40" x 43". 2r.e.('48) Col. sd.5/-; fldg. 

16/6; c.r v.17/6 Stanford 

Age World. Our (Packard, Overton & Wood). ('44) M8.x,838. 

Sltabs.ngs. 25/6 N.Y. :Macmillan 

Analgesia. Gas and (Mmnitt). 4e.('49) C8.viii,86. 22ill. 5/- 


Analysis. Methods of (Haldane & Graham). 4r.e.('35) ICS.vii. 

176 34ill. 8/6 Griffin 

and Gas Compression (Gill. T.T.). ('41) M8.181. 111. 30/- Wiley- 

Chap. & a. 

and Gas Power. Steam (Severns & Degler). 4c.('48) M8.509. 

230ill. 40/- Wiley :Chap.&H. 

and Gases, Flow and Measurement of (Eason). 2r.e.('30) IMS.xii. 

254. 22 /- Griffin 

and Ocean, Land (Beckmsalc). p.e.('43) C8.407. 138ill. 10/- 


Aristocrats of (Knight, C.W.R.). n.e.('49) C4.150. 53ill. 

18/- Wms.&N. 

around Us (Flood). C48) C8.141. 30ill.54d. Mod.Wld.S 

sd.3/-. bds.4/-* Longmans 

Air Attack, Resistance of Reinforced Concrete to. D4. Wartime Bldg. 
S. sd.6d. Scl. Indus. '.H.M.S.O. 

Book of the. C47) C8.64. 50111. Headway Rdrs.S. sd.I/9 Evans 

Break Circuit-Breakers (mcl. Totally Enclosed and Flameproof 

Types) for Voltages not excdg. 660 volts. ('39) Amendt.('46) 
29. 31- B.S.I. 

Break Switches (incl. Isolating Switches, Totally Enclosed and 

Flameproof Tvpes) for Voltages not excdg. 660 volts. ('39) 
Amendt.C46) 22. 2/6 B.S.I. 

Brush. Treat, on (Frazer & Storie). C30) C4.213. 98ill. 14/- 

Chap.& H. 

Cadets, Ens. for (Bell, II."). ('43) C8.112. lOill. 8d.2/- Nehon 

Cadet's Hdbk. No. 1 (Allen. W.J.D.). 2/- Allen & U. 

Cadet's Hdbk. on Eng.: Mechanics (Arnot). ('42) F8.78. 2/- 

Allen & V. {Allen & V. 

Cadets Hdbk. on Radio (Morrison, R.D.&. Vesselo). F8.98. 2/- 

Cadet's Handbooks Series, iv. F8 2/6 Allen & U . 

Cadet's Navigation, Tt.2 (Allan. W.J.D.). 80. 2/- Allen & V 

Chucks and Fixtuies. r.e.('SO) D8.72. 111. Yellow Back S. bds 

3/6 Machinery 

Compressors (Bevis). (*50) D8.200. 111. 20/- Pitman 

Compressors (Fcllei). ('44) 1)8.460. 42/6 McGraw 

Compressors, Installation and Maintenance of (Braid) ('47) 

C8.50 111. 2/6 Emmott 

Conditioned Nightmare (Miller. H ). ('47) D8.292. 15/- Seeker 

Conditioning (Brett) ('46) 226. 102ill 15tabs. 17/6 Am.Tech 

Soc. : Tech .P. \Soc. : Tech P. 

Conditioning (Dal/ell) ('45) 430. 184ilI.100tabs. 21/- Am Tech 

Conditioning (Dal/ell & Hubbard). ('44) 571. 300ill.l49tabs 

28 /- Am.Tfcfi.Soc :Tech.P. 

Conditioning (Ilcrkimcr) ('47) 1)8 629 104figs. 40/- Chap & H 

Conditioning (Mover & Fittz). 2e ('38) 42/6 McGraw 
^Conditioning Anal. (Goodman) ('43) xxvii,456. 32tabs.7ch. 

47 /- NY Macrntllan 

Conditioning and Llts. of Refrigeration (Brown. S.P.). ('47) 644 

5 1/- McGraw 

Conditioning hngin . Refrigeration and (Raber & Hutchmson) 

C4M M8.2 C >1. 124ill. 38/- Wilev Chap & H 

Conditng. Lqpmt. for Bldgs.. Ileatg. and CTurpin). ('48) D8 

286. 30 /- Pitman 

~ Conditioning Tund^.. Hcatins. Ventilating and (Se\crm A 
Fellows). 2C.C49) M8 666 382ill. 52/- Wilev: Chap.A. H. 

Conditioning Gdc.. Refrigrtn and (Andel). ('49) 1F8.1242. 32/- 


Conditioning, Heating and (Allen, J.R., Walker & James). 6e 

(46) 667 47 /- McGraw 

Conditioning in Summer and Winter (Holmes, R.E.) C38) 296 

3d /- McGraw 

Conditioning of Bldgs . Heating and (Fabcr A Kell). 2r.c C3f>) 

11)8.596. 350H1.32pl.87tiibs. 45/- Architect. P. 

Conditioning. Pract. (Rummel & Vogelsang) ('41) D8.282 61 

ill. 30 /- Wilev Chap, & H 

Conditioning. Prm of Heating. Ventilating and (Greene, A.M.) 

C3M M8.446. 254i!l. 40/- Wilev Chap.& H . 

Conditioning. Refngcratn. and (Jordan, R.C. Jc Pricstcr). ('48) 

M8 111. 30/- Constable 

Conditioning. Ventilating and (Rayner). ('47) F8. Q.& A S. 5/- 


Conditioning, Ventilation and (Joselm). 2e.('47) D8.viii.320. 

249ill.2ch.sep. 9d. ( I/-. 21 /- E.Arnold 

Conditioning. Ventilation, incl. (Marks). C38) D8.128. 63111 

9/- Tech. P. 

Conditioning, Winter, Warm Air Heating and (Norris. J.W.I 

55/6 McGraw 

Cooled Blastfurnace Slag Coarse Aggregate. (*42> 24. 3/- B S.I 

Currents in Bav of Gibraltar, Survcv of. 1929-30 (Field A 

Wurdcn) ('31) Geophvs.Mcm.S 5/- MetOff.H.M.SO. 

Currents, Smoky Chimneys. Study of (Stanworth) (*47) C8.54. 

Hill 3/6 Tech.P. 

Depolarized Primary Cells C46) 14 2/- B.SJ 

Discovery of Nat of (Tavlor. C.M.). 3e C8.X.84. 8p! Class Scl 

Mcth.S 2/6* G.Bell 

Drying Black Paint for Cooking Appliances. ('44) 12. 2/- B.S.I 

Earth Current at Kew (Scrase). ('33) Geophys.Mcm.S. sd.2/6 

Met. Off. -.H.M.S.O. 

Expcnmts. on (Cavendish). C8.52 Alembic S 4/- E.&S.Uv 

Facts and Problems (Lord Thomson). ('27) C8. 6/- J. Murray 

Fiend (Burragc). 6/- S.Low 

Flow, Meas. of (Ower).3c.('50) D8.293. 161figs. 30/- Chap.&H. 

Force. See Royal Air Force 

Forces, Army. Develop, of Tactical Services in (Colcman). C50) 

M8.316. 25 /- Columbia U P :Oxf 

Great Exploits in (Monk & Winter). Rill.d.M. 2/9* Blackie 

Hardening Nickel-Chrome Steel. I/- B.S.1. 

Highways of CMearles). ('49) C8.196. 70ill. 5/6 Dav & M . 

How to Find Yr. Way in (Ferguson. G.W.). 2e.C35) C8.88 

111. 3/6 Pitman 

HvRiene. Studies in. ('49) R8. Spcc.Rept.S. bds.7/6 Med.Res. 

Council '.H.M.S.O. 

Line Traffic and Operations (Baker, M.). ('47) D8.450. 38/6 


Mail. Baghdad (Hill. Sir R.). C29) D8.X.328. 39ill. IB/- E. 


Mails, Brit.. 1784-1946. Ed. Baldwin. N.C. ('47) D8.213 234ill 

30 /- FJ.Fiela 

Mariner (Bennett. D.C.T.). 2e.('43) C8.128. 7/6 Pitman 

Mastery of (Claxton) 111. 5/- Blackie 

Ministry, Hist, of (Grey, C.G.). C40) D8.319. 10/6 Allen A U. 

Navigation, v.l. C44) sd.7/6 Air M in.: H.M.S.O. 

Navigtn. (Allan. W.J.D.). 2c.('40) C8.80. 3/6 Pitman 

Navigation (Hamilton. E.R.). n.e.C44) C8.176. 87d Acrosd.S. 

51- Nehon 




Air Navigation (Freundlich). ('45) C8.120. 56d. 7/6 Oliver 

Navigation (Hewitt). C'42) C8.50. sd.1/9 Sherratt 

Navigation (U.S. Navy). Pts.I-VII. ('43-'45) 7v. ea.D4. Flight 

Prcp.Trng.S. ll/-; 15/-; ll/-; 15/-; 13/-; 21/6; 23/6 McGraw 

Navigation (Weems). ('42) 25/- McGraw 

Navigation, Astron. (Hadmgham). 2c.('45) 1C8.144. Ill.d. 14/- 


Navigation. Essentials of (Brown, F.G.). D8.435. d. 30/- Ant-m 

Navigation, First Csc. in (Crossley). ('43),86,iv. 67figs. 

2/6 Macmillan 
Navigation for Beginners (Siddons). ('42) C8.31. 111. a.scp.2d.; 

I/- E. Arnold 
Navigation for Cadets (Webster, D.E.). C42) Pott4.96. 2/6* 


Navigation, History of (Hughes, A. J.). ('46) D8.160. Ill.M.d. 

10/6 Allen & U . 

Navigation, Intro, to Sea and (Srnart). C42) D8.ii.114. 81d. bds. 

5/- Longmans 

Navigation, Marine and (Stewart. J.Q.& Pierce). ('44) lC4.xii, 

472 42 /- Ginn 

Navigation, Numer. Exs. in Elem. (Clatworthy). 2e. D8.55. bds. 

3/6 Pitman 

Navigation, Pnn. of (Anderson. E.W.). ('50) D8.xiv.262. 203iII. 

25 /- Methuen 

Navigation Simply Expld. (Myerscough). 2e.('46) C8.40. Simpl. 

Expld. S. sd.9d. Pitman {Pitman 

Navigation Simply Expld.. Pract. (Summers). C35) C8.57. 2/6 

Navigation Stars. Observers Planisphere of (Chichester). 2/6 

Allen & U. \Allen & V. 

Navigation Stars, Planisphere of (Chichester). Observer's S. 2/6 

Navigation. See also Avigation 

Navigator. Complete (Bennett, D.C.T.). 5e.('50) D8.430. 25 /- 


-Navigators Self-Exam. Hdbk. (Williams, E.B.&. Branch). ('39) 
D8.238. 12/6 Brown, Son & F. 

Observer's Hdbk.. Met. ('45) sd.4/6 Met.Off.-H.M.S.O. 
-Our World from the (Gutkmd). C51) K4. 111. 42/- Chatto 

Peril on Amazon (Poole). 6/- S.Low 

Photo Atlas of London, v.l. ('49) C4.25. 6ill. 15col M. bds. 3/6 

Phoenix. Ho. 

Photographs, Military Maps and (Lobeck & Tellmgton). ('44) D4. 

3S/(S McGruw 

- Photographs Multiplex Technique for Radio-Controlled. ('45) 

Ffol. Air Survey Research S. sd 1/3 War Oft >H M.S.O. 

Photography Applied to Surveying (Hart. C.A.). 2c C43) R8.xx. 

366 50iU.108d. 32 /- Ismsman* 

Physics of (Humphreys). 3c C40) 676. 59/6 McGraw 

Pilot, 1948 Pis. 1-4. sd7/6; 3/-; 1U/-; 10/-; set 30/6; 50/- C/v. 


Pilot 'Irainm (Shields). 3c ('48) 42/6 MtCruw 

Posts, World. Ed. Field, F.J. C48) UK 42 III limp 3 /6 / J field 
-- Power and Civilization. (Davy). 1CK.214. 8/6 Allen & I 1 

Power and War Rights (Spaight). 3c.('47) D8.\iu,523. 25/- 


Power Can Disarm (Spaight). ('48) D8.I73. 10/6 Pitman 

Power in War (Tedder). C48) IMS 128. 9/6 Hodder 

Raid (MacL.eish). ('39) D8. 3/6 J .Lane 

-Raid Casualties. War Wounds and. C39) D8.xn.256 111. 10/6 

- Raid Precautions and All That. Ed.Wright. C.K. C8.130. 2/6 

Allen & U. 

Raid Shelters for Factory Workers. Report on Occupancy Tests 
of (Hall. E.&J.). C39) D4.28. d. 2/- H.K.Lewis 

- Receivers and Compressed Air Installations. Valves, Gauges ,mcl 

Other Safety Httings for. C50) 2J- B.S.L 
Routes. Imperial (Salt). ('30) C8. M. 6/- J.Murra\ 
Spies of Malta (Jackson. P.T.) ('49) C8.220. Jm Lib.S. 3/6 

Wells, G.D. 

Spotter and Air Observer. C48) C8.22. Scout Badge S. sd 6d 

Brown. Son <C F. 

Stories of the. Ed.Crossland. C41) F8.224. Laurel & Gold S 2/6* 


Stowaways (Rutley). Grade 3.64. 111. Bright Story Rdrs sd.lOd.* 

/: .J.Arnold 

Surgeon (Slaughter). n.e.('49) 1C8.208. 5/- Jarrolds 

Survey (Hart. C.A.). D8. d. I/- Geog.Soc. J Murrav 

Survey Research Papers. Ffol. 7v. I/-- 12/6 War Oft -H.M.S.O. 

Tales of the. C32) F8.160. Trcas. of Mod. Prose S. limp 1/9*; bds. 

2/-* Vniv.Lond. 

Temperature and Pressure at British Observatories. 4to. 12/- Met. 


Terms. English-Japanese: Japanese-English Glossary of (Sansndo). 

8vo. 6/- Lumc 

-Training Corps Practical Maths. (Fallows). C37) C8 114. w.a.I/10* 

- -Training Maths. (Vessels). ('41) C8.44. SimpI.Expl.S. sd.9d.* 


-Transport and Gcog. (Balchm). C47) D8 M. I/- GeogSoc.:J. 

Transport Design, Human Factors in (McFarlnnd). ('46) 670. 64/- 


--Transport. International. Ld.Scmpill. C43)3c. D8.476. 251- Todd: 

Transport. International (Mance with Wheeler). ('43) D8.128. 

6tabs.indB.M. 7/6 Oxf. 

Transport. Modern CStuart & Baird). ('47) IDS. 184. 18/- J.Lonx 

Transport Navigation (RcdpatJl & Coburn). n.c.('49) D8.612. 25/- 


Transportation: Traffic Management (Wolfe). 51 /- McGraw 
Travel. Epidemiology in Relation to (Massey). C33) D8.viii.60. 

5M. 7/6 H.K.Lewis 


Air Venting, Steam Trapping and (Northcroft). ('44) D8.172. 111. Sci 
fcTech.Pubns. 10/6 Hutchimon 

War in the (Garnett). C41) 1C8. 111. 7/6 Chatto 

we Breathe (Thornhill). 3e.('50) F4.iv.75. 111. Life A. Sci ,S. fid. 

3/6*; cl.4/6* Methuen 

Whaler (Gncrson). ('49) D8. 18/- S.Low 

World, and Future (Burney). D8. III. 21/- Allen A U. 
Airborne. First (Packe). ('48) D8.264. 2M. 15 /- Seeker 

Infect., Experimental (Rosebury). ('47) M8.xii,222. 31/6 Batlliere 

Invasion (Hethcnngton). 9/6 Schindler:VauKhan 

Airbrakes, Railway. Modern (Drennan). ('47) 533. III. 84/- Am.Tech. 

Airbricks and Gratings (Dimensions and Workmanship). ('45) 8. 21- 

Aircraft (Palmer & Penny). (*49) C8.160. 111. Merlin Bks. 3/- E. 

A.C. Generators for. ('50) I/- B.S.I. [Arnold 

Analytical Geometry (Apalatcgui & Adams). ('44) D8.285. 30/- 


Basic Science (Northrop Acronut. Inst.). ('48) D4. 51 /- McGraw 

Bench Fitter Clownsend). 2e.('37) D8.75. bds.3/6 pitman 

Blueprint Reading (Almen & Mead). ('40) D8.124. 6/- Pitman 

Calculations, n.e. of " Aircraft Maths." (Walling & Hill, J C.) 

C42) JhO. 76d. 3/-* Camb. 

Camouflage of, 1939-42 (Thctford). ('46) D8.112. 79ill.(12col.). 

8/6 H arbor o.' Beds. 

Carburction (Thorncr). ('46) D8.393. 188ill 32 /- Wiley :Chap.& H 

Civil Markings, ABC of (lavl^r, J.W.R.). ('50) D16.72. bds.2/- 

/. Allan 

Civil. Performance of (Baker, F ). ('50) D8.320. Ill 35/- Pieman 

Construction Handbook, American (Dickinson). ('46) C8.258. 111. 

d. 8/6 Harrup 

Construction, Materials of (Hill, F.T.). 6e.('44) D8.469. 20/- 

P it man 

Design. Modern (Nayler). ('50) C8.128. 23111. Tcch.Trends S. bds. 

7/6 Temple P. 

Detail Drafting (Mcadowcroft). ('42) 21/6 MtGraw 

Diesels (Wilkinson). C41) D8.275. 30/- Pitman 

Dope and Protective Covering, Standard of Reference for. ('22) 

Amcndts. 24. 3/- li.S /. 

Drafting (Rat/). (*46) Imp8.ix,386. III. Fr. 452figs. 37/6 N.F. : 

Ma cm titan 

Drafting, Manual of (Svcnsen). 2e.('42) F4.286. 111. 30/- Span 

Draughtsmen. Exs. and Charts for (Parkinson). ("39) C4.56. 111. 

Acro.Eng.S 6/- Pitman 

Electncits and Wireless Equipment of " X " Licence (Wybrow) 

5c. D8.189 txls.K/6 Pttman 

Electrical Engineering (Matson). C43) 372. 34/- McGraw 

Electrical Engineering (Spreadburv). 2e.('47) D8.381 30/- Pitman 

Elcc. in (Crook). 2c. D8.104. bds.5/- Pitman 

Electrical Systems. Hydraulic Svstcms and Instruments (Drake). 

C49) M8.ix.393. Fr. 405 figs. 42/- N .Y .: Macmillan 

Engine and Airframc Parts. Metallurgical Study of German and 

Italian. Ed.Otto. v.l. ('43) M8.140. 220fiRS 10/6* Kennedy 

EnRinc ana Airtrame Parts. Metallurgical Study of German Ed 

Otto. v.2. ('48) M8.140. 128figs. 10/6* Kennedy 

Engine Design (Liston). ('42) 486. 42/6 McGraw 

Engine Maintenance (Bnmm & Boggess). n.e. ('49) D8.470. 207- 


Engine Maintenance (Suddeth). ('44) M8.400. 268ill 32/- Wiley- 

Chap. & H. 

Engines (Drake). C48) M8.xi.348. Fr. 334figs. 45/- N.Y .'.Macmillan 

Engines (Judge), v.2. 2r e. D8.528. 390ill. 36/- Chap < H 

Engines, Auto, and (Judge), v.l. 4r.c. D8.307. 25/- Pitman 

Engines. Elementary Handbook of (Judge). ('43) D8 226 189ill 

12/6 Chap.& H. ... 

Engines of World. 1949 (Wilkinson) ('49) M8 324 50/- Pitman 

Engines, Operation of (U.S. Navy). ('43) C8. Flight Prep.Trng.S. 

15/6 McGraw 

Gas Turbines for (Godsey & Young). C49) 357. 38/6 McGraw 

Hdbk. (Colvin). 5e.('42) D8.785. 51 /- McGraw 

Hydraulics (Adams. H W.). ('43) 159. 25/6 McGraw 

Hydraulics, Practical (Bloxham). (*47) D8.146. 18/- Pttman 

Inspection Methods (Bartholomew). ('41) D8.138. 7/6 Pttman 

Inspection of. after Overhaul. Category " B " Licence (Norton) 

4e.('34) D8.119. bds.3/6 Pitman 

Instrument Maintenance and Installation (Werner) ('48) 64 /- 


Instrument (Allan, W.J.D.). F8. d. Observers* S. 2/6 Allen & U 

Instruments (Irvm). 2e.C44) D8.607. 51 /- McGraw 

Jane's All the Wld.'s. 1950-51. Ed.Bndgman ('50) 63/- .9 l^ow 

Japanese (Stroud). ('45) D4.64. 129ill.(45col.). sd.6/- Harboro.' 

Lamps. 5/- B^S.L {Bfdx 

Layout and Detail Design (Anderson, N.H.). 2e.('46) D8 42/6 


Layout. Manual of (Faltus & Stcinmetz). ('44) D4.240 248H1 sd 

28/- Chap.& H. 

Limits. Engm. and (Parkinson). ('42) C8.29 bds.2/- Pitman 

Maintenance (Bnmm & Boggess). M8.492. 10/6 Pitman 

Maintenance and Repairs (Northrop Aeronaut. Inst ) C49) D4 

5 1/- McGraw 

Maintenance and Servicing (Drake). ('49) R8.xii,238. 219ftgs 37/6 

N.Y.: Macmillan 

Maintenance Engineers' Exams. Guide to (Murray. P.F.). ('49) 

D8.110. sd.6/- J.M.P. 

Manual. Aviation Mechanic's (Vale). ('49) C8 51 /- McGraw 

Manufacture (Wood. R.M.). C8. 6d. Gollancz 

Materials and Processes (Tmerton). 3e.C49) M8.357. 25 /- Pitman 
~~ M , ath 2';J 00 Test Cards with sep. Ans. Cds. (Walling & Hill. J.C.). 

3/6* Camb. 

Mechanics, Fundamentals* for (Markley). (*43) D8 347 28 /- 

McGraw ' ' ' 

Mechanic's Pocket Book (Henshaw). (*44) F8.64. bds.2 /6 Pitman 




Aircraft Mechanic's Pocket Manual (Ashkouti). 3r.c.('47) C8. Aircr. 
Prod.& Main.S. 8/6 Pitman 

Metal. Construction (Lanyley). 4c.('41) D8.443. 111. d. 15/- Pitman 
--Metal, for Mcch. (Healey). 3c.('38) M8.98. 111. Aero.Eng.S. S/- 


Miles. Book of (Lukms). C46) D4.96. 82pl.34d. 10/6 Harboro.' 


-Model. Control Line (Dickson). Ed. Russell. D.A. C'49) D8.128. 
96ill. 7/6 Harboro. Beds. 

Model. Design and Construction of Flying (Russell. D.A.). r.c. 

C43) D8.25h. J95pl,42d. 10/6 Harboro.' Beds. 
~- Mod^l. First Book ol (Cluck). ('44) 1-6.64. 111. Make it Yourself S. 

3/- Studio 
" Model. History of (Bowdcn). ('46) D4.80. 128ill. sd.5/- Harboro', 


Model. Pctrol-EnKined (Bowdcn). ('47) C8.240 111 7/6 P. Marshall 

Model. Solid Scale (Elwell). ('39) M8.80. 48pl.62d. sd.5/- 

Harboro' , Beds. 

Modeller and Aircraft Constiuctor. ('47) C8.28. Scout Badge S. 

sd.9d. Brown, Son & F. 

Observer's Book of (Lawrence. J.). ('49) sPott8.256. 109ill. 

Observer's Pckl.S. 5/- H'ar/ir 

--of lighting Powers (Cooper. H.J.& Thctford). Ed. Russell. D.A. 
('42) v.3. D4.127. Col. IT. 236ill. 31/6 Harboro', Beds. 

of Fighting Powers (Cooper. H.J.& Thctford). Ed. Russell. D.A. 

C44) v.5. D4.157. Col.Fr. 217ill. 31/6 Harboro', Beds. 

of Fighting Powers (Thctford & Maycock). Ed.RusselJ. D.A. ('45) 

v.6. D4.133. Col.Fr. 202ill. 31/6 Harboro'. Beds. 

of Fighting Powers (Thettord & Riding. Ed.Russcll, D.A. C46) 

v.7. D4.95. Col.Fr. 191UI. 31/6 Harboro'. Beds. 

Planning. Planning in Practice: Ess. in (Dcvons). ('50) D8.viii.232. 

15 /- Camb. 

Power Plants (Fraas). ('43) 472. 42/6 McGraw 

Power Plants (Northrop Aeronaut. Inst ). ('48) D4. 5 1/- McGraw 

Press Tool Maker (Towasend). ('41) DK775. bds.5/- Pitman 

Production. 2e.('41) M8. 111. Compl.Lng.S. 7/6 Newnes 

Production and Maintenance Series. Iv. C8. 8/6 Pitman 

Production. Flight Testing of (Warren. J.A.C.). ('43) D8.132. 8/6 


Propeller Design (Weick). C30) 38/6 McGraw 

Propeller Design. Elements of (Meacock). D8 94. 8H11 12/6 Span 

Propulsion Machinery. Principle of (Kat/.). ('50) M8.492. 111. 35 /- 

Pitman \Pitman 

Radio and Electrical Equipment (Morgan. H.K.). D8.374. 22/6 

Recognition of Operational (Ransford). C44) C8.114. 3/6 Pitman 

Sheet Metal (Drake). ('47) M8.ix.23J. Fr. 291figs. 41/- N.Y.: 


Sheet Metal Blueprint Reading (Coxon. Jackson & Masters). ('44) 

132. 12/6 Am.Tech.Soc.'.Tech.P. 

Sheet Metal Work (Boggess). (*41) D8.118. 7/6 Pitman 

Sheet Metal Work (Le Master). ('44) 388. 177ill. 27 /- Am. Tech. 

Soc. \Tech.P. 

Strength of Materials (Conway). ('47) D8.256. 155d. 21/- Chap. 

& H. 

Stress Anal.. Pract. (Adams. D.R.). 3e. M8 168. 8/6 Pitman 

Stressing. Principle of (Morse). C41) lM8.vni.130. 116d. 12/- 

Struas. (Pcery). ('50) 55/6 McGraw [Griffin 

Structs.. Mechanics of (Younger). 2e.f42) 38/6 McGraw 

Twin-Engined. Maintenance Schedule for (Murray. P.F.). ('48) C4. 

32. sd.2/6 J.M.P. 

Vibration and Flutter (Frcberg & Kemlcr). ('44) D8.214. 149ill. 

28 /- Wiley :Chap.& H. 

Welding (Drake). ('47) MS.x.254. Fr. 326figs. 30/- N.Y.: 


Welding CElzea). ('42) D4.123. 25/6 McGraw 

Wcstland. Book of (Lukias). Ed.Russell. D.A. ('44) D4.104. 108 

ill.41d. 10/6 Harboro', Beds. 

Wheels. Brakes, and Olco Struts. Reference Book of (Vine). 2c. 

C41) F8.64. I/- Pitman [Pitman 

Wooden. Construction of (Wilkinson). C37) D4.94. 111. bds.10/6 

Woodwork (Drake). ('47) M8.ix.198. Fr. ill.figs. 21 J- N.Y.: 


Aircrafty Tale (S.M.-M.). F4.34. 111. 3/- Pitman 
Airedale (Johns). 5c.C50) F8.vni.88. Fr. Our Friend the Dog S. 4/- 

Methuf i 

for Work and Show (Hochwalt). ('21) C8.xii.130. 111. sd.8/6 


Airedales (Bowcn). C50) C8.95. Mill. 6/- Wm\.& N. 
Airfield Construction. Soils. Concretes and Bituminous Materials 

C43) 12/6 Sci.lndiut. :HM.S.O. 
Airfields. Meteorology of (Durst). C49) 8vo. sd.2/- Met. Off : 

Airfoil Sections (Warring). ('46) D8.66. lpl.40d. sd.2/- Harboro'. 

Airframc Construction and Repair CHenshaw). ('43) D8.138. bds.7/6 


Materials (Stewart. F.S.). ('45) D8. 30/- McGraw 

Servicing Handbook (Jones. J.K.). C8.viii,126. 85iII. Technique S. 

5/- Blackie 
Alrframcs (Corlett). 2e.('42) D8.126. 6J- Pitman 

Flight and (Bishop & Bosanquet). ('43) D8.192. bds.10/6 Pitman 
Airigh a* Chulchinn: Song CMacleod). Tr. Macmillan. ('32) 2J- A. 

Airline Traffic Procedures (Kropf). (*49) 406. 47 /- McGraw 

Transport Pilots Licence Exam. Papers, - 3/- Civ.Av.: 


Airliners (Stroud). C50) D6.32. Puffin Pict.S. sd.1/6 Penguin 
Airlines. British (Vcrnon, E.). ('49) sC4.32. 111. Young Brit,S. sd.1/6 


Airman Singing (Wright. J.). i'44) C8; sd.4/6 Sidg.& J 
Airman's Guide (CarrS). ('39) F8.96. sd.Sd. Pick.A I. 

Song Book. Ed.Jackson, C.H.W.- ('46) R8.204. 21 /- Svlvan 

Airmen. Enclish for (Moon). n.e.('43) C8.110. 3/- Pitman 

Hymns for (Taylor. V.M.). C8. sd.iy- V.M.Tavlor 

Maps and Elcm. Meteorol. for (Myerscough). 2e.('45) C8.74. bds. 

4/6 Pitman 

Airmen's Maths. (Hcarlcy & Smith. R.I..). C41) C8.115. 3/6 Pitman 
Airplane. The (Bedell & Thompson). 2e.('30) 169figs. 

28/6 V.Nourand: Macmillan 

Aerodynamics of (Millikan). (*41) M8.171. 128ill. Galcit S. 28/- 

Wiley.Chap.A H. 

and Engine Mechanics. Q.and A. for (Aviat. Research Associates). 

('44) C8. 38/6 McGraw 

and its Components (Sears). ('42) M8.75. 34ill. Galcit S. 14/- 

W Hey: Chap. A. H. 

and Its Engine (Chatfield. Taylor A, Over). 5e.('49) 380. 38/6 

Design (Warner, E.P.). v.l. 2c.('36) 64/- McGraw [McGraw 

Design Manual (Teichmann). n.e.('46) MS. 345. 24 /- Pitman 

Maintenance- (Lesley). ('40) JVJ8.511. 3K4ill. 32/- Wllev:Chap.& U. 

Maintenance (Younrftr. Bonnahe & Ward). 2e.C44) D8. 34 /- 


Mech . Basic (Lesley). C'44) D8.404 111 24 /- Wtlev.Chap & H 

Performance. Stability and Control (Perkins & Hagc). ('49) 493. 

56/- Wilev:Ch(ip.& H. [Chap.& H 

Propeller Prm. (Nelson. W.C.). C44) D8.129. 87ill. 24/- Wiley. 

Structural Anal, and Des (SechlcT &. Dunn). ('42) M8.412 231 ill 

Galcit S. 40/- Wilev:Chap.&H. [Wiley. Chap.& H. 

Structures (Niles & Newell). 2v. 3e.('43) M8.454; 439. 111. ca.42/- 

See aho Aeroplane. 

Airport Engineering (Sharp, Shaw & Dunlop). ('44) D4.150 249ill 
48/- Wtley:Chap.& H. 

London. 111. sd.J/- Civ.Av. :H.M.S.O. 

London, Ground Traffic Movement, sd.1/6 C/v.Av.:H.M.SO. 

London: Layout Panel Report. ('46) sd.6d. Civ.Av.-.H .M.S.O. 
- Northolt. 111. sd I/- Civ.Av. :H. MS O. 

Planning (Frocsch &. Prokosch). C'46) D4 250. 211111. 60/- Wiley 

Chap.& H. 

Prestwick. 111. sd.l/- Civ.Av. -H.MS.O. 

Airports (Glidden. Law &. Cowles). C46) 662. 64/- McGraw 
Airscrew Hubs and Their Fixings. ('31) 2pts. 13. 10. ea.2/- B.S.I. 

Theorv, JJements of Aerofoil and (Glauert). 2c.('47) D8 vt,232 

116figs. 15 /- Cantb. 

Airscrews for Aeromodeller (Warring). C42) D8.64. 16ill.24d. sd.2/- 
Harboro' , Beds. 

Airships and Kite Balloons (Sumner). ('25) D8.I20. Ill.d. Ifi/- 

Airwavs of the Empire: their History and Development (London- 
derry). C36) D8.24. 1M. Cast Found. Lects sd.1/6 Nott.Umv. 

World's, and How They Work. Ed.James. J.W.G.& Stroud. C50) 

M8.320. 292ill. 9/6 Odhams 

Airwomen's Work O aylor. L ). C8.54. 1/6 Pitman 
Airy Castles (Hepenstall). ('49) C8.92. 2/6 M.H.Gill 

Nothings: Plays (Simpson), sd.3/- S.French 

Aissa Saved (Cary). Umf.c.('49) C8.206. 8/6 M.Joxeph 
Aisti Staire (Pender). C47) D8.203. sd.5/- Cork 
Aiyam-al-Arab, Women in the (Lichtenstadter). C35) fivo. 5/- Luza< 
Aiyangar Commemoration Vol. (*36) 4to.xxiv.500. sd.15/- Luzac 
Ajanta Frescoes (Yazdani). pts.1-3. (*30-'46) R4.& ptfol. Texts*. 

Plates. Oxf. 
Ajax (Sophocles). Tr.Trcvclyan. C8. sd.2/-, c!3/6 Allen &. U. 

(Sophocles). Tr.Wilson. J.C C8. sd.1/6 Deishton 

(Sophocles). Ed.Haydon. Word List 1/6*. Trans. 1/6* Univ. Tut 

and Electra (Sophocles). Tr.Morshcad. ('95) C8.iv,137. Class. 

Tr..S. 5/- Methuen 

Akan and Ga-Adangme Peoples of Gold Coast (Manoukian). ('50) 
suR8.112. 1M. Ethnog.Survcy of Africa S. 8/6 Oxf. 

Doctrine of God (Danquah). ('49) D8.228. Lib.S. 14/- iMtt.P. 

Series. Rdrs.l & 2. ('50) C8.48:96. Col. ill. sd.l/-*: 1/3* Longman* 
Akanfos Ananscsem (Nketia). Bk.l. ('49) C8.40. Oxf.Akan S. 8d.* 


Nnwom Bi (Nketia). C49) C8.%. Oxf.Akan S. 1/6* Oxf. 
Akanthist Hymn and Little Compline. Gk. Service S. 3/6 Wms.A N 
Akathistos Hymn (McNabb). n.e ('47) C8.40. 3/6 Blackfriars 
Akbar. Abul Fayl and (Jmarajadasa). C8. 2/6 Theosoph.Pub. 
Akela's Yarn Book (Addis). ('47) C8.64. 3/- Boy Scouts 

Akhbilr Ar-R6di wal Multaki: in Arabic CAbu Bakr Muhammad). 

Ed. Dunne. vo. sd.l 0/6 IMZOC 
Akhcnaten, City of. v.l.(Peet, etc.); v. 2. (Frankfort, Pcndlebury & 

Fairman). E. E.S.Mem. 38. 40. ca.42/- Oxf 
Akhethetep at Saggareh and Mastaba of Ptahhetep (Davies, N.dc G. 

& Griffith). Arch Survey Egvpt 8. 9. 2v. ca.25/- Oxf. 
Akhlak i Hindi. Ed.Syed Abdoollah. Tr.Ali, Bahadur. ('68) RS.xll. 

220 8/6 Probsthain 

i-Muhsini: Morals of the Beneficent in Urdu (Husain Vai/. 

Kashifi) C50) Svo.viii 110. 5/- Probsthain 

Akim KotoKU (Field. M.L). C48) D8.211. 22pl.lM. 15/- Crown 
Akkad. History of Sumer and (King. L.W.). ('ID R8. 111. 21/- 


Sumer and, Early Dynasties of (Gadd). 3pl. bds.6/- 


Akkadian Genesis (King. E.G \ ('88) C8.76. sd.3/- Deifhton 
Al 'Adun Hausawa (Taylor, F.W.& Webb. A.G.G.). ('32) C8.238. 

12/6 Oxf. 

Al-Bibu '1-Hddi 'Ashar. Tr.Miller. W.E. C28) 8vo. 15/- Luzac 
Al Bu Sai'id Dynasty of Oman, Arab Rule under (Thomas). KH. 

Br.Ac. Raleigh Lcct.1938. 1/6 Oxf. 
Al Fakhri (Muhammad). Tr.Whitting. ('47) 8vo.vii.326. sd.12/6; 

cl.15/- Luznc 

AI-Farabivan : in Arabic (Farrukh*. 8vo.39. sd.4/- Luzac 
Al Hajjaj B. Yusuf (Farrukh). C50) 8vo.31. sd.2/6 Luzac 
Al-Hidayatu'1-Amiriya. Ed.Fyzee. ('38) D8.70. IsIam.Rea.AssnJ. 

3/6 Oxf 
AI-Kitab AI-Bari MS.fac. Ed. Fulton. (*33) 4to.xv.148. 10/6 B.M . : 






Al-Musnad. Traditions: In Arabic (Abi 'Awanah). 2v. ('43 & '44) 

R8.462:424. 21 /- Probstham 

Ala M-Mihakk (Maroun Abboud). C8.290. sd.12/- Luzac 
Alabama Student, etc. (Oslec). ('08) D8.346. 12/6 Oxf. 
Alabaster Carvings, Eng.. as Records of Medieval Religious Drama 

(Hildburgh). ('49) M4.52. llpl. sd.15/- Antiquaries .Quariuh 

Cup (Jesse). ('50) C8.191. 8/6 Evan\ 

Hand (Munby). ('49) C8.192. 8/6 D.Dobson 

Tombs of Pre-Reformation Period in England (Gardner, A ). (*40) 

R8.xviii.l()4. 305ill. 25 /- Camb. 
Aladdin (from the Arabian Niahts). Grade 2.48. 111. Bright Story 

Rdrs.S. sd.9d.* E.J.Arnold 
--1C4. Col.ill.Hassall. limp I/- Blackie 

C49) sD8.48. Col.Fr. Treasure Trove S. bds.1/6 Collin* 

R6.28. Puppet Bks. bds.3/- Medallion 

Play (Adams. P.H.& Carter, C.). sd.3/- S.French 

Play (Bacldelcy). C8.88. sd.4/- S. French 

Play (Carter, M.). C8.88. sd.2/- S.I' remit ' 

Ld. Joyce. ('49) C16.32. 15col ill. Old Wld.Talc* S. bdsl/- Perrv 

(Spcaight) C47) sPott8.12. Toy Theatre Plavbks. sd.6d. B. Pollock 

and his Wonderful Lamp. ('48) J_>6. lll.J.Hanvood Porpoise S 

sd.3/6 Penguin 

and the Magic 1 amp: Play (Quid), sd.l/- S. Trench 

and the Wonderful Lamp: Plav (Samuel). C8.56 sd.2 - S Trent h 

Children's. Ed.Pntchard, Lee. F.H.& Forrester. ('3K) C8 111. Chi. 

Bksheli S. 1/6*. sd 1/3* Harrap 

or the Very Wonderful Lamp: Play (Keating), sd.1/3 .S / rcnch 
Aladdin's Cave: Play (Jennings), sd.2/- S.French 

Aladorc (Ncwbolt). ('14) C8.363. 111. 6/- Blackwood 

Alalakh and Chronology (Smith, S.). 8vo.iv,S2. 3 tabs, sd 5/- Luzai 

Alam II. Shah, and His Court (Pohcr). Ed. Gupta. ('47) 8vo MI 116. 

Fr. 10/6 Prab&hain 
Alamem. Men of (Young, C.P.S., Denholm-). ('44) 9/V14/9 

Schindler: Vaughan 

Prisoner from (Stone). ('44) C8.J90. 3pI.lM. 2/6 Witherhv 

to Zem Zem (Douglas. K.). ('46) D4.159. Col.Fr. Ill bds.8/6 

Edm. Poetry 
Alamkharamahodhadi : in Sanskrit (Sun). Ed. Gandhi. ('42 ) 8vo. 

Gaekwad's Ori.S. I5/- Luzac 

Alan Carr in Command (Westerman). C8 4pl. 6/6 Blackie 
Alarm among Clerks (Wall). ('40) C8.76. sd.2/ 6 Browne & N 
Alarum and Excursion (Perdue). n.e.('50) C8 176. 5/- Jarroltlv 
Alas. That Great City (Ashton). n.e.CSO) C8.396. 3/6 Daken 
Alaska, Here is (Stcfansson). ('44) Imp8.154. III. 15 /- Scribner 

Land of Tomorrow (Herron). C47) D8.232. 34/- McGraw 

Pict. Map Geog. of Canada and (Quinn). 8vo. Col. ill. M. 20/- 


To Far Western, for Big Game (Hubback). ('29) 8vo.xiJi.232. 

67ill.3M. 25/- R.Ward 

Alaskan Eskimo Words (Rasmusscn). ('41) 83 1M. 10/6 Bailer 
Alaskans All (FJiott). ('48) 1C8.62. III. Rnd Globe S. sd I/-* Warne 
Alawiye Readers (Odunjo). ('49) 3v. C8.32:64:96. III. sd.Sd.*: I/-* . 

1/4* Longman^ 
Alaye" fun Oluko mpa hlo Iwe Taiwo ati Kehinde (Fagunwa & Lewis, 

L.J.). ('49) C8.62. Yoruba S. 2/- Oxf. 
Alba, Great Duke of, as Public Servant (Berwick and Alba). ('47) 

F8.34. 2/- Oxf. 
Albanian-English Dictionary, Hist. (Mann, S.E.). ('48) Imp8.ix,601. 

5 Br. Council :I^ongmans 

Grammar and Reader for Ital. (Librandi). ('28) Pott8.381. 7/6 


Grammar, Sht. (Mann. S.E.). C32) 220. 9f- D.Nutt 

Italian Dictionary, Italian-Albanian and (Logos). ('40) F16.297. 

7/6 Bailey 

Spoken and Written (Drizari). ('47) M8.188. 36/- Bailey 
Albany. Countess of (Lee. V.). C09) C8.224. 3P. 4/6 J.T^ane 
Albatross Book of Living Verse. Ed.Untcrmeyer. SC8.684. cl.7/6, 

L.12/- Collins 

Comes Home (Knight, F.E.). ('49) C8.238. 111. 6/- Hollis 

Home of the Wandering (Lukis). ('27) III. 2/- Juta 
Albemarle. Christopher Monck, Duke of (Ward. E.F.). C14) D8. P. 

15/- J.Murray 

Library. lOv. ea.lC8. 9/6-10/6 J.Murrav 

Albert the Ant (Ogle). C46) C8.126. lOill. 5/- Harrap 

the Camel's Son (Hcaton & Sellen). ('40) R16.44. 111. bds,3/6 


Gates: Play (Brighouse). C8.24. sd.1/6 S.French 

the Great (Albert). ('48) C8.xii,144. 2pl. 7/6 Blackfriar<; 

Homng, Rape of Lucretia and (Britten). Ed.Kcller. ('47) D8.36. 

Cov.Gdn. Opera Bklts. 2/6 Boosey 

Memorial, Handbook to the C20) 16mo. 6ilL sd.6d. J.Murrav 

St., Patron of Scientists (Taylor, F.S.). ('50) D8.14. sd.l/- 

Albcrtina Collection of Old Master Drawings: Catalogue. ('48) sC8. 

40. sd.l/-: lllus.Suppt. D4. 5/- Art* Council 
Albert's Way Out: Play (Evans, M.S. M.). sd.1/3 S.French 
Albinus and History of Mid. Platonism (Witt). ('37) D8.xii.148. 

Camb.Class.Stud.S. 7/6 Camb. 
Album and Five Other Tales (Chekhov). Ed.Segal. 2e.('38) C8.60. 

1/6* Pitman 

of American History (Adams, J.T.). v.l.('44) C4411. \.2.C45) 

C4.418. v.3.('46) C4.433. v.4.('48) C4.315. 111. ea.42/- Index v. 5. 
('49) C4.222. 30 J- Scribner 

of Chalk Streams (Barton, E.A.). ('46) Imp8.60. 47pl. 18/- Black 
Alcalde de Zalamea (Calderon). Ed.Geddes. ('18) 7/-* Harrap 
-de Zalamea (Calderon). Ed.Farnell. ('21) C8.126,xlviu. sd.3/6 
Alcestis (Euripides). See Author Jntry. [Man.U.P. 
Alchemist (Jonson) Ed.Kingsford. (*28) F8.xiv.134. Eng.Lit.Schls.S. 

3/-* Camb. 

in Life, Literature and Art (Read, J.). C47) D8.112 30pl.(Jcol ). 

6ill. 10/6 Nelson 
Alchemy (Mercer). ('21) 1C8.254. 4pl. &/-$. P.C.K. 

Alchimy, Ordmall of (Norton). C28) D8.viii,125. 10/6 E.Arnold 
Alcock, Benjamin (O'Rahilly). ('48) D8.37. Centenary S. sd.l/- Cork 
Alcohol I/- B.S.I. 

(Pleeth). ('50) D8.276. 111. 28/- Chap.& H. 

tStrecker & Chambers). ('38) lC8.xvi,230. 26/- N.Y.:Macmillan 

and Behaviour (Smith, S.). ('30) C4.38. Henderson Trust Lect sd. 

6d. Oliver 

and Inheritance (Durham & Woods). (*32) R8. Spec.Rept.S. sd. 

1/3 Med. Res. Council: H.M.S.O. 

Determination of (Nicholls). C'48) Tatlock Mem.Lccts. 3/- Roy. 

Diacetone. ('50) 2/- B.S.I. \inst.Chem. 

Ethyl. ('50) 2/- B.S.I. 

Habit and its Treatment (Masters). ('3!) C8.xvi,192. 6/- H.K. Lewis 

Isopropyl. ('50) 2/- B.S.I. 

Methyl. ('50) 2/- B.S.I. 

Normal Butyl. ('50) 2/- B.S.I. [Inter science 

Synthetic Rubber from (Talalay & Masai) ('45) D8.312. 64ill. 16/- 
Alcohols. Acetylenic (Johnson. A.W.). ('46) D8.xx,394. v.l. Acet. 

Compounds. 35 /- E.Arnold 
Alcum Club Seiies. 9v. Ij- - 5/- Mowbray 

Alcymum (Hickson). ('01) MK.vni.22. L.M.B.C.S. 4/6 L'Pool U.P 
Alcyone (Phillpotts). ('30) C8.194. 3/6 E.Benn 
Aldebaran, Under (McAuley). ('46) D8.76. 6/- Melbourne U.P.:Oxf. 
Alderley Edge Guide. C50) C8. sd.1/6 Pyramid 
Alderman Cockayne's Project and Cloth Trade (Friis). ('27) C4.526. 

21 /- Oxf. 
Aldersey, M. of China. In Eagle Omn. Bks. v.5. ('46) C8. bds.2/6 


Aldersgate and After (Schofield). C38) C8.80. sd.l/- Epworth 
Aldershot, Around (Domsthorpe). ('47) Imp32.80. I11.M. Footpath 

Guide S. sd.2/ 6 St.Cath.P. 

Aldersyde (Swan). n.e.('49) C8.224. Castle S. 5/- Oltphant\ 
Aldgate. East of CThoroKOod). C8.167. 111. 6/- Allen & V. 
Aldme Bible: N.T. Ld.James. M.R.& Lyttelton. 4v. ea.ICS 2ill cl 

5/-; L.8/6Dent 

Aldme Library. 8v. ea.sDS. 6/- Dent 
Aldmgbourne Mtmcs (Wood, E.). D8.24. sd.l /- S.French 
Aldington, Richard, Bibliog. of Works of, 1915-1948 (Kershaw). ('50) 

D8.57. 7/6 Quadrant 

Aldis, W. H. (MacBcath). (*49) D8.104. Bd.4/6 Marshall. M .& S. 
Aldwych Stamp Album, Plain. Loose-Leaf. 63/-:84/- Bright 
Alegoriau Christmas Evans (Bevan, H.). ('50) C8. 1/6 Univ. Wales 
Alekhine, LInknown, 1905-1914 (Reinfeld). (*49) D8.278. 15 /- Pitman 
Alekhine's Best Games of Chess. 1938-45. Ed.Alexander. ('49) sD8. 

118. 9/- G.Bell 

Alembic Club Reprint S. 19v. ea.CS. 4/- E.& S.Liv. 
Alexa (Burford). n.e.('50) C8.256. 5/- Jenkins 
Alexamenos, Christus Natus Est and (" S.E.J."). sd.l/- Sands 
Alexander (Dunsany). ('25) C8.95. sd.1/6 Putnam 

I of Russia (Strakhovsky). ('49) D8.302. 21ill. 16/- Wms.& N 

VI, Bull of (Little, A.G.). R8. Br.Ac. 1/6 Oxf. 

and Dindimus. Ed.Skcat. C78) E.E.T.S 6/- Oxf. 

and the Greeks (Ehrenbcrg). ('38) D8.viii,112. 7/6 Blackwell 

the Great (Curtius). Ed.Hett. abr.e. F8. Fr. 2M. Camb Elcm 

Class.S. 2/6* Camb. \Camb. 

the Great (Tarn). ('48) 2v. D8.xii,162:xvi,478. 2fldg.M. 10/6:35/- 

the Great and Hellenistic Emp. (Burn). (*47) 1F8.314 Fr 2ill 

2M. T.Y.Hist.S. 51- Ent.V.P. 

the Great, History of, Book VIII, Ch. 11-14 (Boardman). sCS.80. 

sd.2/- Normal 

the Great. History of. Book 9 (Curtius). Ed.Cotterill. 111. Lat.S. 

2/6* Blackie 

the Great. History of. Book IX. Ch. 1-5 and Book IX. Ch. 6 to 

end (Lightfoot). 2v. sC8.87:74. ea.2/- Normal 

the Great. History of Greece to Death of (Oman). 7e.('0l) CS.xiv, 

560. 88ill.llM. 16/-* Longmans 

History of (Curtius Q.). Tr.Rolfc. v.2. F8. Loeb Lat.S. 15 /- 

Heinemann [Heinemann 

History of, Indica (Arrian). Tr.Robson. F8. Loeb Gk.S. 2v. ca.15/- 

in India (Curtius). Ed.Heitland & Raven. F8.204. Pitt P.S 4/6* 


Life of (Plutarch). Eng.Txts.S. 1/8* Blackie 

of Macedon (Mersey). ('46) D8. Fr. 5/- J.Murray 

Prose Life of. Ed.Westlakc. ('13) E.E.T.S. 10/- Oxf. 

Romance of. MS. Bodl. 264. C33) Fol.462. 4col.facs. 12/12/- 

S.. Obituary. R8. Bnt.Acad. 1/6 Oxf. [Oxf. 

Sir William. 1st Earl of Stirling (McGrail). ('40) D8.287. 10/6 


Alexander's Feast (Kelly). ('50),304. 12/6 Macmillan 
Alexandra (Schmitt). ('49) C8.236. 9/- H.rTamilton 

Arithmetics. Bks. 1-6. C8. 32:32:48:64:64:96. cl.lld.*; lid.*; 

1/2*; 1/4*; 1/4*; 1/9*; Teacher's Bk.2-5. 2/-; 2/6; 2/6; 
2/9. A.only26/ McDougatl 

Theatre B'ham.. Hist., of (Fraser, M.F.K.). ('48) D8.137. 59pl. 

15 /- Cornhh Bros. 
Alexandria. Guide to. 148. Sill. M.d. 3/3 Schindler: Vaughan 

Schindler's Guide to. 8vo.l48. 3M.(lcol.). Id. 9pl. 3/6 Probsthain 
Alexandrian and Carthaginian Theol. (Heard). II- T.& T.Clark 

Coins in Ashmol. Mus., Catal. of (Milne, J.G.). ('33) 4to.224. 

9pl. 42 /- Oxf. 
Alexis, St.. Vie de. Ed.Storey. ('46) xvii.38. French Texts S. sd. 

4/6 Blackwell 
Alf Frothblowcr v. Batsin-Belfry : Play CFarmcr). C8.40. sd.1/9 


Alfic's Sunday Afternoon (Dennis). C3R) C8.24. sd.6d. Faith 
Alfonso XIII (Pilar & Huston). C31) D8. 24pl. 21 /- J. Murray 
Alford and Sutton Tramway (Dow). C47) C8.20. llpl. sd.2/ 6 

Alfred, King of the English (Oman). C8.264. L.Y.T.S. 2/8* ('39) 

C8.356. III. 7/6 Dent * 

Life of CAsscr). Ed.Stcvcnson. W.H. C04) C8.518. 21/- Oxf. 

Marshall Lectures Scries. 3v. 2/6 - 9/- Camb. 





Alfred of Wessex : Play (Priestley). Paternoster 1-Act Plays S. 1 /-* 

Allen & U. 
Alfred's Jewel (Scaby). 049) C8.176. III. Talcs of Olden Times S. 

7/6 Harrap 

Alfnston. Hist, of (Pagden). 9r.e.( f 50) F8.69. Sill. 2/- Cambridge* 
Alfs Button: Play (Darlington). D8.72. sd.4/- S. French 
Alf's Button (Darlington). n.e.('50) sC8.320. 2/- Jenkins 
Algae: Botany Charts. 2 shts. ca. 29" x 40". ea.4/6*; 7/-*; 8/6* 


Freshwater, of U.S. (Smith, G.M ). ('33) 64/- McGraw 

Pure Cultures of (Pnngsheim). C'46j C8.xn.120. Fr. 8fi;;s. 7/6 


Structure and Reproduction of (Fntsch). \ 1. C35) D8.xviu.792. 

Fr. 245figs. 3 1/- Camb. 
Algebra. Jun. Cert. Tests S. 1/6 a.scp.l/- Jw/ 

(Cowlcs & Thompson) 2c.('47) M8.x.276.Ii\. 32figs. 24/6 V. 

Nosfrand : MacmiUan 

(Ferrar). ('11) D8.210. 12/6 Oxf. 

(Herman & Ross, C.). ('47) C8.128:248:212. 2/11*; 4/4*; 1/1 1*; 

3pts. in 1. C8.572. 8/6* Chambers 

(Page). C47) 1)8.346. d. 18/- Univ. Land. 

(Wilkinson). Maine Tests S. 1/6; a.sep.1/3 Juta 

ABC of (Ballard). ('38) C8.128. d. sd.1/9*; limp 2/3*; a sep 

1/9* Univ.Lond. 

Abstract. Intro, to (MacDuffee). ('40) M8.303. III. 36/- IVilev 

Chap.& H. 

Adv. (Barnard & Child). C39) D8.X.280. J6/- MacmiUan 

Ach. (Durrll & Robson). 3v. 13e :7e.:5e. C8.224. 198: 168. 6,'-*: 

7/6*-7/6*. Hints for. v.2&3. ea.2/6 G.Bell 

and Arithmetic. Junior Revision and Mental Tests in (Fulford). 

('37) C8.iv.82. 3figs. limp, wo.a.1/6*; w.a.2/-* Univ. Tut 

and Geom.. Lectures on Fundamental Concepts of (Young, J.W.) 

2c.C39) lC8.viii.248. 26flgs. 30/- N.Y.:Macmillan 

and Geometry. Test Papers in. Ed.Dougall w.a.1/4* Blackle 

and Trie.. College (Miller. F.H.). ('45) D8.324. 111. 28/- Wiley 

Chap.& H. 

and 'Ing.. Indust. (Wolfe. Mueller & Mullikin) C4S) D8. 24/- 


Arithmetic and TriRonometry. Revision and Mental Tests in 

(F-ulford). C35) C8.iv.92. limp, wo.a.2/3*. w.a.2/9* VnlvTut. 

by Visual Aids (Meredith). Ed.Hogben. 4v. 10/-:S/6- 

7/6-9/6; A.6/- Allen & V. 

Camb. Inter. Maths.: (Larcombe). C28- t 29) 2Pts C8 v,o.a 

2/9*: 3/-*: w.a.3/3*:3/6* Camb. 

Classbk. of (Trustram). 2e. C8 vni,338 6/9*; w.a.8/-* Pts.l & 

2. wo.a.4/-* :4/6*. Tchr's.Notes & a 4/6 G Bell 

College (Albert). C46) D8.278. 25/6 McGraw 

College (Fine). (*01) C8.viii.595. 26/6 Gmn 

College (Hememann). ('47) lC8.ix.359. 111. 35figs. Stabs 24/- 


College (Nowlan). ('47) D8. 2</6 McGraw 

College (Palmer <ffc Misei). 2e.('37) C8. 25/6 McGrnw 

College (Pettit & Luteyn). 2e.C41) D8.247. Ill 22/- Wtlev: 

College (Recs & Sparks). 2e.('45) D8. 23/6 McGraw 

College (Rouse). 2c.C39) C8.462. Ill 28/- Wilev.Chap & H. 

College (Simmons). ('48) 1C8.X.619. 30/- NY.'.Macmillan 
College for Freshmen (Fuller). C48) M8.V.255. 23/- V.Novrand. 

Commercial-Statistical (Richardson & Miller). ('46) M8 viii,234 

17figs.4tabs. 27/6 V.Nostrand:Macmi1lan 

Common-Sense, for Jun. (Potter & Rogers. J.W.). C8 156 w.a 

Complete Schl. (Scott, A.Ritchie -) ('35) C8.646. 6/-*, w.a 

7/6*. In 2pts. ea.3/6*. w.a. ea.4/6* Harrap 

Concentric (Bate). 5v. Impl6. v.1-2. ea.( f 36) 1/6*; w.a.2/-; 

v.3. C36) 1/9*; w.a. C37) 3/-; v.4-5. ea.('37) 2/3*; w a. 3/3 
Pitman {Methuen 

Easy Test Pprs. in Arith. and (Beard). (*19) CR.x.34. 1/2* 

Elcm (Baker, W.M.& Bourne) C8.xii.506. 7/6*; w.a.8/-*. In 

2pts. Pt.I. 61e. viii.276. 4/6*; w.a.5/-*: Pi.II. 42c. viii.230. 
4/6* w.a.5/-*. a.only. Pts.l & II. I/-. Key 4e. 13/-; in 2pts. 
ea.6/6 G.Bell 

Elcm. (Borchardt). ('05) C8.574. 6/-*; w.a.6/6*. In 2pts., Pt.I. 

3/9*. w.a4/-*; Pt.2. 3/3*; w.a. 3/6*. Key in 2pts., ea.7/6* 

Elcm. (Durell. Palmer <fc Wright, R.M.). C8.xlviii.588,xcviii. 

w.a.JO/6*; a.sep.2/-. Pt.I. 30c. w.sel.a.5/-*; a.sep.1/6. Pt.2. 
18e. w.scl.a.6/-*; a.sep.1/6 G.Bell 

--Elem (Godfrey & Siddons). 2r.e.('20) 2v. C8.cii.570. 7/6*; 
vl wo.a.4/-*. w.a.5/-*; v.2. wo.a.5/-*. w.a.6/-*; Exs v.2. 
wo.a.2/9*. w.a.3/3* Camb. 

Elcm. (Siddons & Daltry). C33-*35) C8.xii.616.. 9/-*; a.3/-*; 

Pt.I. wo.a.2/6*. w.a.3/-*; Pts.l & 2. wo.a.5/6*. w.a.6/-*; 
chap. 11-35. wo.a.5/-*. w.a.6/-*; chap.36-42. w.a.3/-* Cnmb. 

Elem. (Smith, C.). r.e.('90) G18.vni.452. 6/-; Key.('91) 

108. 12/6 MacmiUan 

Elcm. (Yuckey). ('21) Pt.I. C8.vii.152. w.or wo.a.3/6*. Pt.2. 

C8.vni,290. w.a.3/6*. Complete C8.xi,309. w.or wo.a.6/6* 

Elem. and Intermed. (Lightfoot). C8.472. 5/-* rf.Ruuell 

Elem., Exercise Pprs. in (Radford). C8.120. 1/9*; a.sep.l/-* 

Elem. for Schls. (Fawdry & Beaven). C8.viii,432. w.a.8/ 6; 

wo.a.7/6. In 2Pt.: Pt.I. 3c. viii,222; Pt.II. 2e. viii.210. ca. 
w.a.5/-; wo.a.4/6 Black 

Elem. for Schls. (Hall.H.S.A Knight). 10r.e.('35) G18.viii.488. 

26figs. wo.a.6/-; w.a.7/-; Key.12/- MacmiUan 

Elcm. Mod. (Bridgett). r.Bell. J.R. 3pts.*;cl.l/4*; in 

Iv. 3/3*; w.a.3/9*; a.only I/ IN Blackie 

Elements of (Carson & Smith. D.E.). Pt.I. ('14) d. 

3/3* Ginn 

Algebra. Elements of (Peck). ('50) 23/6 McGraw 

hxam. Pprs., Jun. (Finn). 2c.C15) Jun.Exam.S. 1/6* 


Examples in (Baker, W.M.& Bourne). 34e. C8.vih.230. 5/6*; 

w.a.5/-* Pt.I.sep.3/6*; w.a.3/-* G.Bell 

Examples in (Hall, H.S ). ('13) C8.vm.l68.xxxviii. 30figs. wo.a. 

3/6; w.a.4/- MacmiUan 

Exercises in (Beard). 5e. viii,64. sd.l/-*; A.only 6d. G.Uell 

Jbxerciscs in (Browne. H.H.). ('36) Pts.l -3. SC8.I60. d. a.sep.6d.; 

ea.3/-* Ginn 

Exercises in (Hearlev). C38) C8.270. 4/-*; a.only 1/6*; 'leacher'i 

Bk.excl.Exs,2/6* Harrap 

First Course in (Borchardt). C28) C8.320. 3/6*; w.a.4/- 


First Course in (Lennes *, Maucker). 2e.('49) lC8.xi.562. 18/- 

N.Y.: MacmiUan 

for Beginners, w.a.1/4* Blackie 

for Beginners (Borchardt). ('48) C8.324. 4/6*; a 

5/-*; 4/-*; wo.append. w.a.4/6* Rlvtngton 

for Beginners (Hall. H.S. & Knight). C92) GI8.vni,246(xxxii). 

25fiRS. wo.a.4/-; w.a.7/6; Answers. 8d. Macmillun 

for Beginners. Easy Exs. in (Heard). 13e.('49> C8.X.I20. 2/9* 


for Elcm. Schls, (Hall. H.S.& Wood). Pts.I-JII ('00- '01) 

G18. 74-92. Figs. 1/6; Answers, MacmiUan 

for Junior Cert. (Diever) 2r.e.('48) 5/6; a.sep.3/- Juta 

for the Pract. Man (Thompson, Jas.t.). 2c.('46) ICN.xx.300. 46 

figs. Maths. for Self Study S. !()/- V.Nostrand . MucmtUan 
-- for Sen. Cert, and Maine (Dreyer & Schmidt). C49) 7/6 Juta 

for Schools tAbson). Pts.MII ('33) C8.iv. 112. 13d.; iv.144. 36d.; 

vin.142 51d. 2/3*-3/-*ca. a.('33) C8.68. 1/6*; in Iv. wo.a. 
(MJ) C8.vm.39S. 5 Id. 6/-*; w.a.6/6* Univ. Tut. 

for Schools (Milne. J & Robertson, J.W .). 2Pts. 26e.:15e. C8. 

vni.l74:vni.l26. Math.S. wo.a.3/6*: 3/-*; w.a.3/9* (a.sep. 
6d.): 3/3*; compl.wu.a.5/6*; w.a.6/-* G.Bell 

for Schools New (Durell). Pts.l & 2. 27e. CK x.256. 4/6*; w.a 

5/-*. Pt.I. wo.a.2/9*. lt.2. wo.a.2/6*. w.Append. x.328. 5/6*. 
w.a.6/-*. Pt.2. wo.a.3/6* Pt.3. 20e. C8 xiv.176. 3/6*; w.a 
3/9*. wr.Appendi xi\,23(). 4/3*; w.a.4/9*. I't.3. abr.w.a. 
pcrlortd. iv,92.xvi. 2/-* G.Bell 

for Sci. and Engm. Studts. (Lockwood). ('40) DS.x.102. 6/6* 


Fundamtl. (Erichson). ('49) 317. 24/- McGraw 

Graded Hxs. in (Humphreys). Bks.1-3. ('36-'3K) ea.64-96. 2/5*; 

2/7*; 2/10*; Answers, ca.3/- Nisbet 

Graphic, for Bepmners (Carter. C.). sC8 84. 3/6 Normal 

Graphic, for L,lcm. and Intermed. Students (Lightloot). C8.91. 

I/-* H Russell 

HiKhcr (Barnard & Child) ('36) D8.xiv,585. 24/- MacmiUan 

Higher (Fcrrar). C48) D8.330. 17/6 Oxf. 

Hmhcr (Hall H.S.& Knight). 4r.e.('9l) C8.xxn.558. 10/-; K 

12/6 MacmiUan 

Higher (Milne. W.P.). f'13) C8 xn,586 10/6 f. Arnold 

Higher, for Undergrad. (Weiss). (*49) D8.165. 30/- Wiley. 

Chap & H. 

Higher. Intro, to (Bdcher) ('07) lC8.xu.322. 37/6 N.Y.: 


Internied. (McArthur & Keith). 4e.('50) CS.x.449. 42d. 10/6* 


Intermed. (Underwood. Nelson & Selby). ('47) lC8.vii.283. 21 /- 

N.Y.: MacmiUan 

Intermcd. (Urner & Orange). (*37) C8. 23/6 McGraw 

Intermed., for Colls. (Rider). ('49) C8. x.242. 21/- N.Y.: 


Imermcd.. for Tech. Schls. (Wilson, J.R. ). ('49) C8.148. limp 

4/6 Rob.&M. 

Intro, to (Chrystal). rWoodall. 4e. sC8. 6/-* Black 

Intro, to (Walters). ('44) C8.vni.l60(xxii). wo.a. limp 3/-; w.a 

limp 3/- Macnullan 
-- Introductory (Farqubarson). (*17) 212. 3/6*. w.a.4/3* Harrap 

Junior (Crocknell & Barraclough) ('15) C8.iv.280. 23fis. 6/-; 

w.a.6/6* Vniv.Tut. 

Junior Schl. (Beard). n.e.('06),171. 3/6*; w.a.4/6* 


Manual of (Buck). 3r.e.(*23) C8.viu,158. 4/- Griffin 

Matnc. (Durell & Palmer). C8 Pt.I. w.sel.det a. vni.288.vJii. 

5/-*. Pt.2 w.det.a. 12e. viu.166.xvi 3/3*. Tchr's.Intro.A a. 
96. 2/- G.Btll 

Maine, and Sen. Cert. Types in, Stds. IX & X (Moorrees). ('29) 

2/6 Juta 

Middle Schl. (Walters). (*46) C8.1I2. wo.a. limp 2/6; w.a. 

limp 3/- Macmillan 

Modern Schl. (Smith, P.J.). Bks.1-2. 1C8. Bk.1. 64 limp 1/10*. 

w.a.2/3*; Bk.2. 136. cl.3/10*. w.a.4/6*. Set w.a.5 /9* 

New (Barnard & Child), v.2. Pts.IV-VI. ('12) C8.X.432. w.a.7/6 


New School (Walker). r.e.C48) C8.320. w.or wo.a.5/6*: Pt 1. 

C8.164. w.or wo.a.3/6*; Pts.l & 2. C8.256. w.or wo.a.4/6*; 
Pts.2 & 3. C8.156. w.or wo.a.3/6* Mllh & B. 

New Syllab. (Tuckey & Armistead). C48) IC8.vii.202. 73figs. 4/6*; 

w.a.5/-* Camb. 

Number-System of. Treated Theor. and Hist. (Fine), n e.('32) 

x.131. 16 /- Hafner \Hafner 

of Invariants (Grace & Young, A.). a.c.('41) viii.384. 26/- 

Philosophy and Fun of (Boole) C09) R16.96. 3/- C.W.Daniel 

Pract. (Wolfe, Mueller & Muljikin). ('40) C8. 22/6 McGraw 

Pract. Schl. (Durell). 15e. C8.xii.320. w.a.6/-*. Pt.I. wo.a.3/-*; 

a.9d. G.Bell 

Practice and Progress in (Filshie). C30) C8.72. 1/3* Grant Educ. 

Revision, for Schl. Cert. (Heath & Davis. H.R.). C36) C8.72. 

1/9* Univ.Lond. 





Algebra Right Rd. First & Sec. Yr. 2v. ca.C8.63: 116. sd8d.: 1/2 
Educ. Co. Ireland 

School (Batten & Brown. M.W.). Pt.l. (*30) C8. wo.a.3/3*. 

w.a.3/9* J Murray 

School (Boonan). ('3D ca.CS. Pt.l. & 2. wo.a. ea.3/-*; w.a. ca. 

3/3*; Complete wo.a. 5/6*; w.a. 6/-* Dent 

School (Carey). 037) Ccrt.Crse. C8.vui.355. limp 6/-*; Pt.3. 

viii.231. limp 4/-* Longmans 

School CChannon & Smith. A.M.). 048) 2Pts. C8.vii,204:vii. 

184. d. 3/9*: 3/6*; Compl.6/9*; w.a. 7/6* Longmans 

Scjiool (Cracknell & Rosenburg). wo.a. matnc.e. ('34) CS.viii. 

456; w.a. 2e.C49) C8.iv,524. 55figs. ea. w.or wo.a. 7/6*; K. 
5/-* Univ. Tut. 

School (Godfrey & Tail). Pts.3-4. ea.2/6*; w.a.2/9*; in Iv. 4/9*; 

w.a.5/-* Blackie 

School (Hall. H.S.). Pt.l. CIO) C8.xn.306(xl). 30figs. wo.a. 5/-; 

w.a.5/6; Pt.II. 012) CS.viii, IJO(xu). ,wo.a. 3/-; w.a. 3/6; 
Pts.I&II. (Ml) C8.xii,456(ln). wo.a. 6/6; w.a. 7/-; Pt.III. 
(M2),112(xii). wo.a. 2/9; w.a.3/-; Pts.II & III. 012- 
CH.262(xxiv). wo.a. 4/-; w.a. 5/-. Complete 012) C8.xiv.568 
(Ixiv). Hss. 8/-; Key.12/- Macmillan 

School (Walker, A & McNicol). C38) C8.vm,272. 6/-*; w.a. 

6/6*; Pt.l. vn.105. limp 3/-* Longman* 

School and THR. w. Introd. Calculus (Walters). ('50) CS.viii. 178. 

wo.a sd.3/-; w.a. sd.3/4 Macmillan 

School Cert. (Borchardt). C35) C8. w.a. 6/6*; wo.a. 6/-*; or in 

2pts. Pt.l. w.a. 4/-*; wo a. 3/9*. Pi.2. w.a. 3/6*; wo.a. 3/3* 

School Cert. (Durcll). 19c C8.xii.406. 6/3*; w.a. 6;6*. Pt.l. 

wo.a. 3/9*; w.a. 4/-*. Pt.2. wo.a. 4/-*; w.a. 4/3*. A.sep.l/- 

School Cert. (Larrett). C34) C8.400. 4/6*. w.a. 5/-* llarrap 

School Cert. Maths. (Larcombc & Fletcher, J.R.). C33-'36) 

3Pts. C8 wo.a. 2/9*: 4/-*: 2/6; w.a. 3/-*: 4/6* 2/9* Camb. 

School. Essen, of (Maync). Pts.I-III. 038) 5v. ea.C8. 134-352. 

Figs, wo.a.l. 3/9; II. 3/-; III. 4/-; MI 5/-; II & III. 5/-; 
w.a. 4d. - 6d. extra; Complete. C8.xn.486(xci). 32figs. wo.a. 
7/-; w.a.7/6 Macmillan 

Sec. Cse. (Cornett). 045) D8.313 22/6 McCraw 

Second Course in (Borchardt). ('29) C8.356. 4/6* w.ans 5/-* 

Riving ton 

Senior (Larrett). (-33). Pt.l. 169 2/3*. w.a. 2/6*; Pt.II. 108 

2/-*. w.a. 2/3*; Compl.3/6*. w.a. 4/-* Harrap 

Simple (Milford St. Lyncss). ('40) C8.172. 3/3*; w a. 3/9* E. 


S. African Schl. w.a. (Hutchinson. G.A.&. Ward. F.G.S.). Pt.l. 

Stds. VII & VIII. 3e.r'47) 5/-; Pt.II. 4e.C48) 5/- Juta 

Survey of Mod. (Birkhoff & Machane). 041) lC8.xu.448. 37/6 

N.Y.: Macmillan 

Symbol A.C. Nctwk. Anal, hv (Miller, W.H >. C48) D8.41. 37 

figs. Classifax S. sd.4/- Classi/ax 

Teach Yourself CAbott. P.). 6e,f49) 1F8.308. 52ill. 4/6 Fng.V.P. 

Test Papers for Cape Dept. Jun. Cert. Exam. (Wiles). 1/6; 

a.sep. I/- Juta 

Test Papers for J.C. (Wiles). 1/6; a.scp I/- Juta 

Test Pprs. in (Donkin). D8.100. Test Ppr.S limp 3/-*. w.a. 

2/6*. w.a.etc.3/6* /'//man 

Tests for Sen. Cert. (Dcpt.) and Matnc. Tests (Wilkinson). 1/6 

a.sep.1/6 Juta 

Toetsvnustellc (Wiles). ('38) 1/6 Juta 

Treatise on (Smith. C.). 5r.c.('96) C8.xviii.646. 10/-; Key. 2r.e. 

('90) 12/6 Macmillan 

Tutorial (Bnggs & Bryan), v.l. 5e 040) D8.xii.464. 55d. v.2. 

Se.042) D8vni.860. 10/6*; 53d. 15/-* Vniv.Tut. 

Upper School (Crosland). f'40) C8.xvi,272 6/- Macmillan 

vir Jun. Sertifikaat (Prever). ('38) 4/6; a.sep 3 /- Juta 

vir Senior Sen. en Matnkulasic (Drever & SchmidO. 7/6 Juta 
Algebraic Curves CWalkcr, R.J.). (*50) M8.212. 25/- Princeton U.P.. 


Equations Made Easy (Hagopian). sC8.50. sd.2/-; w.Key. sd 

4/6 Normal [Normal 

Factors Made Easy (Roberts. P.L.& Lightfoot). sC8.106. 2/6 

Geom. (Baker. W.M.). 20e 8/6*; Pt.l. 3/6* 


Geom., Intro, to (Semple & Roth). C49) D8.462 30/- Oxf. 

Gcom.. Methods of (Hode & Pedoe). v.l. ('47) U8.vm,440 

4pl.46figs. 30/- Camb. 

Geom. of a Plane. Intro, to (Archbold). C'48) xiv.282. 108d. 

25 /- E.Arnold 

Numbers, Elements of the Theory of (Reid. L.W.). ('10) M8 

xx.454. 45/- N.Y.: Macmillan 

Numbers. Fndtns. of the Theory of CHancock). 2v. (*32) C8 

6 /IS/- N.Y.: Macmillan 

Numbers. Theorv of (Pollard). ('50) D8.190. Curus Math.Mon. 

24 /- Wllev:Chap.&H. 

Solid Geom. (Green. S.L.). C41) C8.H4. 19fij?s. 6/- Camb. 
Algebraical Dictation CWisdom). ('38) C8.32. 1/6* Vmv.1 ond. 

Geom., Intro, to (Jones. A.C.). 012) D8.548. 15/- Oxf. 
Algebras and their Anths. (Dickson). n.e.('38) xii.241. 20/- Hafner 

Cardinal (Tarski). C49) D8.338. 50/- N.Y.,Oxf 

AlBemene en Sutd-Afrikaanse Geskiedems Std. VIII. (Lindeque). 
C48) 7/9 Juta 

Musieklecr (Luiit). <"25) 3/6 Juta [Juta 

Natuurwetenskep. Std.VI. (Gililand * Malherbe). <'46) 6/6 

Wetenskop. Stds. VII & VIII (Gililand). C45) 8/6 Juta 
Algeria, Bibliog. of (Plavfair). R8. A/- Geog.S oc.: J.Murray 

Road Map. 15M-1. 3/6 Taride:Geographia 

Algiers. French in (Gordon. Ladv D.). PostS. 2/6 J.Murrav 
Algonquin Hotel: Tales of a Wayward Inn (Case). 18vo. 111. 28/- 


Alhambra (Irving). 096) C8.xviii.436. 111. 6/- Macmillan 
Ali Baba. Grade 3.64. Ill/Bright Story fcdrs. sd.lOd.* E.J.Arnold 

Ah Baba. Ed.Joyce. 050) C16.32.!. Old Wld.Talcs S. bds. 
I/- Perry 

Baba and the Forty Thieves lonicus '). 050) 6111. Peepsbow S. 

7/6 Folding Bks. 

Baba and the Forty Thieves: Play (Samuel). C8.44. sd.3/- 


Baba and the Forty Thieves: Play (West, T.). sd.3/- S.French 

Baba. Children's. Ed.Pritchard, Lee, I.H. & Forrester. 038) C8. 

111. Chi.Bkshelf.S. 1/6*. sd.1/3 Harrap 

the Caliph (Salmin). 031) C8.xv.485. 111. 10/- Luzac 
Alias the Hangman (Gunn). 050) C8.192. 8/6 Collins 

J.J. Connmston (Stewart. A. W.). 047) D8.290. 15/- Hollis 

Norman Conquest (Gray, B.). n.c.('50) C8.160. sd.l/- Colltni 
~ Oves Habeo (Rcgcr). C8.215. 15/- Herder 

the Saint (Charteris). ('31)n.c. sCS.192. 3/6 Hodder 

lorn Smith (Morrison, M.). n.e.('50) 1C8.320. 5/- Hutchinson 
Alibt. Play (Christie, A.). Dram.Morton. M. D8.84. sd.3/- S.French 
Alice and 'Ihomas and Jane (Bagnold). 030) F4.171. 39ill. 9/6 


au Pavs des Mcrveilles et de Autre Cote du Miroir (Carroll). F8. 

320. 36ill. Bibl.IIlustrf.S. 5/- Nelson 

Children's (Carroll). Ed.Putchard. Lee. F.H.& Forrester. 036) C8. 

111. Chi.Bkshelf S. 1/6*. sd.1/3 Harrap 

in Orchestra Land (Pradc). 034) C8.170. 6/- J.l^ane 

in Wonderland. Adventures of (Carroll) See Auihor entry. 

Thomas and Jane: Play (Bcrmger). 1)8.104. sd.2/ 6 S.French. 

Through the Looking Glass (Canoll). C4. 6/- Gawthorn 

throUKh the Looking Glass (Carroll). 050) F4.152. 9/6 


Alicia or Manic Fishbone: Operetta (Dunhill). 3/6 F.Arnold 
Alien and Asiatic in American Law (Konvim. 046) M8.314. 16/- 


How to be an (Mikes). (*46) C8.84. 30ill.N.Bemlcy. 6/- Winsate 

Years (Collins, S.M.) ('49) M8.234. IT. 10/b Hodder 

Aliens. World Statistics of ('36) R8.vni,252. sd.10/6. cl.12/6 7.L.O.: 


Alifihieri. Dante (Toynbee). 6e.024) F8.244. I2ill. 5/- Methuen 
Alignment Charts (Kraitchik). 047) M8 vi,94. 43fig&. 18/6 

V.Noitrand : Macmillan 

Charts for hngm. and Stud. (Kearton Ic Wood). 2r.e.('32) IMS. 

vni.220. 35ch & d. 12/- Griffin 
Alimentation. Parentcral. in Surg. (Elman). 047) 306. 40ill. 27/6 

Aliphatic Orthoesters. Chcm. of (Post). 043) M8.188 ACS Mon.S. 

20/- Rcinhold'.Chap &. H. 

All's Elephant (Creekmore). 049) suR6.3R. 31ill. 15/- N.Y '.Macmillan 
Alison's Christmas Adventure (Stuart). 048) 1C8. 4pl. 7/6 Blackie 

taster Adventure (StuarO. 050) C8. 4pl. 6/6 Blackie 

Highland Holiday (Stuart). C8. 4pl. 6/6 Blackie 

Ahstair of the Isles (MacDonald, J.). 047) C8.72. 111. 3/6 Harrap 
Alkali Industry (Levy. D.I. ). M8. Mod.Sci.Mem.S. sd.l/- J.Murray 

Metals (Walker. A.J.). v.2. Txt.bk.of Inorg.Chcm. M8.xxA-i.379. 

Fr. III. 22y- Grtffin 
Alkalies and Alkaline Earths. Decomposition of (Davy). C8.52. 

Alembic S. 4/- K.&S.Liv. 
Alkaline-Earth and Heavy Metal Soaps (Elliott. S.B ). 046) M8.340. 

Ill ACS Mon S. 60/- Retnhold:Chnp & H. 

Earth Metals (Burr), v.3. Pt.l. Txt bk.of Inorg.Chcm. MS.xxvi, 

346. Fr. 111. 22/- Griffin 

Substances. Experiments upon Magnesia Alba. Quicklime, and 

Some Other (Black). C8.48. Alembic S. 4/- r.dfe S.Liv. 

Trainin-lihtmg Accumulators. ('36) 20. 2/6 BS.I. 
Alkaloids. Plant (Henry). 4e.049) R8.828. 63/- Churchill 
Alkanes. Alkylation of (Esloff & Hulla). 048) M8.1144. 111. ACS 

Mon.S. 9 Reinhold:Chap.& H. 
Alkestis (Euripides). See Author entry. 
Alkylation of Alkanes (Egloff & Hulla). 048) M8.1144. 111. ACS 

Mon.S 9 Reinhold\Chap.& H. 
All Aboard. 1C8.128. Ill.(4col.). Adv. of Reading. 3/3* Black 

Aboard for Adventure (O'Connor). 050) C8.96. Domm.Lib. 3/- 


Aboard for Aranat (Wells). n.e.(*48) C8 106. 5/- Seeker 

Aboard the Centurion (Roche). 2e.049) C8.158. 111. 5/- Hollis 

Aboard the Whale! (Hatch), n.e.050) 1C8.144. 7/6 Cape 

About Arran (.Downie). 4/- Blackie 

About Bible (" London Journalist "). 4r.e 040) C8 64. 20ill. To 

Start You Think S. sd.1/6 H.E Walter 

About Billiards (Peall). 047) C8.256. 10ill.80d. fi/- Ward,Lock 

About Bowls (Burrows). 048) D8.136. 111. Lib.Sports & Past. 10/6 


About Burv (Brown, L.E.). 048) C8.279. 32111. 10/6 Combridges 

About Butterflies and Moths (Gordon. R. St. L.& Sparrow). 049) 

sC8.44. 24col.ill. Do-You-Know S bds.2/6. cl 4/- Perry 

About Cigarette Cards (Cruse). 050) sC8.44. 24col.ill. Do-You- 

Know S bds.2/6, cl.4/- Perry 

About the Circus (Blyton). 111. " Old Thatch " S. limp 1/6* W. 


About Cookery (Beeton). n.e.050) D8.640. 32ifl.(8col.). 12/6 


About Dogs (Joyce). 048) sC8.44. 24col.ill. Do-You-Know S. 

bds.2/6. cl.4/- Perrv 

About Engines (Davies, R.). ('48) sC8.44. 24col.ill. Do-You-Know 
. S. bds.2/6, cl.4/- Perry 

About Fatima (Kearney). 050) 98. 3/- Mercier 

about Fox Terriers (Skelley). 048) D8.xiv,299. 80111. 32/- 


About Fretwork (Chambers). 048) C8.111. 61111. sd.2/6; cl.5/- 


about Gardening (Coutts)^ 048) D8.384. Ill.(4col.). 12/6 Ward, 


About Horses (Gordon, R.St.L.A Sparrow). 050) sCS.44. 24col.ill. 

Do-You-Know S. bds.2/6. cl.4/- Perry 




AH About House Plants (Free). (*50) sDS.352. 99ill.(I7col.). 25/- 
W Id's. Work 

About Models (Birch). ('50) sCS.44. 24col.ill. Do-You-Know S. 

bds.2/6. cl.4/- Perry 

-About Motor Cars (Hardiman). ('49) sC8.44. 24col.iIJ. Do-You- 
Rnow S. bds.2/6, cl.4/- Perry 

About Motion Pictures (Wead). ('39) F8.68. III. Our Chang.Timcs 

S. 2J- Basic English 

- About Photography (Salmon). r.e.C4Q) C8. JOOilI. 6/~ Ward.Lock 
--About Series. 31v. Focal 

About Ships (Birch). C49) sC8.44. 24col.ill. Do-You-Know S. 

bds.2/6. cl.4/- Perry 

about Ships and Shipping. Ed.Harnack. 9c.('50) M16.h,647.i. Ill 

<4col.). d. lb'/- taber 

--About Skating (Harrison, R.). 4r.c.C49) C8.96. sd.2/6; cl.3/6 

about Stamp*; and Stamp Coll. (Trindcn. ('50) sC8.44. 24col.ill. Do- 

You-Know S. bds.2/6, cl.4/- Perry 

- about Tommy (Goldsack). ('39) C8 16. lill. sd.Sd. Man.l'.P. 

- About Wild Flowers (Baker, P.). ('49) sC8.44. 24col.ill. Do-You- 

Know S. bds.2/6, cl 4/- perry 
-and Everything (Gurdjieff). (*50) FS ix.1238. 30/- Routledve 

Around Scotland (Drummond). n.e.C50) C8.160. 15iJl. 7/6 Ettrirh 

the Beauty I Behold. Ed. Hayes, E.H. ('50) G18.12. 9pl.(3col ) 

Putg.Bk.S. sd.6d Relig.Educ. 

Camouflage: Play (Pakington). (*31) C8. 1/6 Deane 

Change at Bethlehem: Play (Cumbers). ('49) C8.32. I/- Epworth 

Change for Peterborough: Play (Smith, F.S.-). ('45) viu.52. 5/- 
~ Days (Gilliard). ('48) C8.84. sd.2/- Salv.Armv \Muller 

Details Supplied (Hervey). ('48) Crf.16. sd.1/6 Hampton P. 
-England at Home (Gloag). ('49) C8.336. 10/6 Catsell 

Enfiland Directory. ('50) C4 1146. 84/- Prov.Bus. 

-Essentials Schl. Atlas. 1G14.48. bds.3/6*; London cd w.suppt. 
4/-* Bacon 

Fall Down (Kennington). ('50) C8.232. 9/6 Jarrolds 

Fools' Eve: Play (Talbot). C8.24. sd.1/3 S.French 

for AH r Religious. A"), r e C46) F8.48. sd.1/6 Faith 

-lor Hecuba (Machiammrtir). 2e C47),390. 15pl 2\l-Methuen 
-for the Ladies: Monologues (Carroll). C8 80. sd 4/- S.French 

for Love (Drydcn). Ed Sate. Eng Class.S. S/-* Univ.Tut. 
-for You (Robins), n C.C50) C8.J68. bds.2/- Hutchmson 

-French Verbs in Twelve Hours (Wyatt) COD 43. 21- Blackwood 
--Friends are Strangers (Metcalfc). ('48) C8 352. 9/6 Nich.& W. 

- the Germans Are They Really Guilty? (Litten). C8. 6d. Gollancz 

Glorious Within (Marshall. B.). ('44) 8/6 Constable 

~ Glory be to God (Cropper). C36) F8.40. Inner Lile S. sd.6d*; cl. 
I/-* S.P.C.K. 

Guns Ablaze (Groom). ('49) C8.152. 6/- Boardman 

Hallows' Eve (Williams, C.). ('45) C8.240. 8/6 Faber 

-- Heaven and Hell (Peterson). n.e. ('50) C8.192. 5/- Melrose 

I Ask (Sark). n.e.C50) F8.208. 1/6 Rich 
~ 1 Could Never Be (Nichols. B.). ('49) 1C8. III. 15/- Cape 

- in the Cooking (Breathnach, etc.). Pts.l & 2. C46-'47) ea.D8.254: 

230. 6/- E due. Co. Ireland 

- in Day's Work (Snow). ('50) C8.192. 8/6 Collins 
-in Favour: Play CPcach). sd.1/6 S.French 
-in Line (Steinberg). ('48) 1C8. sd.12/6 Penguin 

in-One Camera Bk. (Emanuel). 18e.('46) C8.231. 8/6 Focal: Pitman 

in-One Shikar Bk. Clulloch). ('47) J8vo.l53. R9ill. 20/- Probtthain 

in Twilight (Evans, A.R.). ('50) C8. Target S. 5/- Ward, Lock 

India Services. ('50) D8.I6. Rotary Guide to Careers S. As. 8. 

India, Oxf. 

Is not Gold: Play (Vosper). ('31) C8. 1/6 Deane 

the King's Horses: Play (Openshaw). D8.68. sd.3/- S.French 

the King's Men (Warren, R.P.). ('48) C8.514. 7/6 Eyre 

Male One Set Plays, sd.5/- S.French 
-Mary (Rac). C30) 1C8.154. 111. 4/6 Routledge 

-Men arc Enemies (Aldington). ('48) CK.495. 10/6 A.Darker 

- the Mowah Stories (Kipling). ('33) vin.272. 10/6 


My Davs for God. Ed.Coyle. C46) C8.230:248:232:246 

6/6 M.H.Gill 

My Own. C49) 1G18. Col. ill. bds.6/- Blcickie 
-Night Service: Play (Menvale). ('35) C8 1/6 Deane 

ot Grace (Spurgeon). G18.128. Colportage S. 21- Moodv.Oliphants 
-of-a Sudden Peggy: Play (Denny). C8.160. sd.3/- S.French 

of a Twist Caricatures (Carstairs). ('36) 21- Monng 

on a Summer's Day: Play (Agg). C8.28 sd.1/6 S.French 
--on Summer's Day (Garden). ('49) C8.204. K/d M.Joseph 

One (Adam). C48) C8.45. 111. sd.l/- Ch.lnfo. 

- Our Tomorrows (Read. D.). ('42) 1C8. 10/6 Cape 

Over the Place (MacKcnzie. C.). ('49) 1C8. 111. 18/- Chatto 

Over Town (Delderfield). n.c.C50) C8.192. S/- Bles 

Over the Town: Play (Delderfield). C8.108. sd.5/- S.French 

- Over the World (Ethcrton). C47) 1D8.260. 18/- J.Long 

Over the World (Workman). ('49) C8.144. 111. Afr.Gcog.S. sd.2/ 9* 


Passion Spent (West, V.S.-). C50) sC8. New Phoenix S. 6/- Chatto 
-Past Yrs. (Lancaster) C49) C8 218 8/6 R.Hale 

Photo Tricks (Smith. E.). ('40) 10/6 Focal 

Picture Bks. llv. ca. 1C4-1M4. 3/-- 5/6 Blackie 

-Quiet on W. Prom (Remarque). Tr.Whcen. ('29) C8.319. 6/- 

Rights Reserved: Play (Hunter). D8.68. sd.3/- S.French 

Roads Led to Adventure (Crad). Advent. Lives S 51- S.Low 

Round Angler Series. 4v. ea. C8. 3/6 Link 
-Sail Set (Sperry). ('46) F4.160. 111. 7/6 J.Lanc 

Smiles. M4. Col.ill. Wonderful S. i;9 Blackie 

--Sorts and Kinds (La Farge). ('50) lC8.xvii.30I. 10/6 Macmillan 
-Sorts of Delights. Ed.Hughcs, A.G.&Parker, E.W. C39) 
248. 71HI.(4coL). Exs. 1st Ser.Bk.3. Heritage of Bks.S. 3/10* 

Souis (Symons). C50) C8.viii.328. 9/6 Longmans [l^ongmans 

All Souls' Night (Walpole). ('35) F8.x,370. Pkt.e.4/6 Macmillan 

Star Cast: Plays (Furbcr). C8.72. sd.3/6 S.French 

Summer in Day (Sitwell. S.). ('49) sC8.240. Holiday Lib. 6/- 

Lehmann {Macd.& Co. 

Sweetness Under Heaven (Turner. M.). ('50) C8.240. 8/6 

the Tea in China: Play (Harvey. W.) sd.1/6 S.French 

that Glitters (Renin). C49) C8.96. sd.1/6 Locker 

that Swagger (Franklin). D8.422. 9/6 Allen & V. 

That Swagger (Franklin). D8.418. 10/6 XngMs 

these People (Vance & Danilevsky). ('45) C8.540. 146tabs. 281 figs . 

22/6 N. Carolina U.P.'.Oxf. 

Things Betray Thee (Thomas). ('49) C8.320. 10/6 M Joseph 

Thing Bright and Beautiful. Ed. Hayes. E.H. C50) G18.12. 9pl. 

(3col.). Pntg.Bks.S. sd.6d. Relig.Lduc. 

Things Human (Viereck). ('50) D8.384. IS/- Duckwth. 

Things New (St. Clair). ('48) sCK.96. 3/6 G.F.S. 

This and Burnham Tf>o! (H(fpe). C48) C8.95. 111. 5/- Muller 

This and Heaven Too (Feild. R ). n.e C50) C8.548. 7/6 Collins 

This and That (Runyon). ('50) 10/6 Constable 

thro' the Day (King, G.H.). ('48) C8.108. ;>/- Ch.Bk.Rm. 

Through the Gandhian Era (lyengar). ('50) 8\o.x.327. 111. 12/6 


Through Martha: Play (Howard, K.). C8 72. sd.1/9 S.French 

Through the Night: Play (hvans. E.E.). C8.96 sd.3/6 S.French 

the Tithes, or Tcrumah (Thompson. P.W.). t'46) C8.195. 6/- 

(*0ven f mt 

Trivia (Smith. L.P ). ('33) C8. 7/6 Constable 

Trivial Fond Records (Harper). ('50) D8.246. 12/6 Grey Wall* 
ALL TRUE SERIES. Ed. Ernest H. Hayes. 12 v. ea. Ft. *d. 

Relig. Educ. Press 
Grip of Ice 
Drum-Skin Trophy 
Ploughboys' Champion 
The Cheese-Factor's Vow 
Up from an Orange-Box 
On the Isle of Death 
On the Red Indian Trail 
Lion of the East 
Piccaninny's Progress 
The Oil Seekers 
Bov o* 1 the Backwoods 
'Mid Polar PeriK 
All Vigil Ended (Howe. D.) C48) C8. Target S. 5/- Ward.Lock 

Visitors Ashore (Elsna). ('48) C8.192. 8/6 Collins 

the Way (Cecil. Vsct.). ('49) D8.256. 21/- H odder 

--the Way (Hunter). ('50) C8. Chi. Sunshine S. scl.6d Christ.Lit. 

Year Round (Ringer & Downie). 12mo. NcwCitu.Rdrs. 15/- 


Year Round: Pntng. Bk. C4.16. HUsomc col.), sd I/- Juv.Prodm 
- Young Men Born Between . . . (Coles), t'49) C8.20. sd.6d.* 


Allah. Back-Garden of (Jarvis). C39) D8. III. 8/6 J.Murrav 
Allahabad Mumc. Mus., Sculp, in (Kala). Mto.32. 26pl. 25/- Luzac 
AMahakharnes (Barrie). ('50) III. 5/- Barrie 
Allan Ouatermam (Haggard). Std Fic.S C8. 5/- Harrap 

Ouatermain (Haggard), n.e. sC8 120. 3/6 Hodder 

Quatermam (Haggard). ('34) C8.157. 111. Supply. Rdrs.S. Overseas 

c. sd.1/6* Longmans 

Ouatermain (Haggard). C49) C8 304. 7ill. 8/6 Macd.& Co. 

Ouatermain (Haggard). C50) C8.208. 111. Pilots, sd.2/9* Unfv. 


Allardyce Adventure (Norling). ('49) C8.240. 111. 5/-:8/6 Stanmore 
Alle FUnf. Ed.Hagboldt. All Grad Ger.Rdrs. limp 2/6* Harrap 
Alleged I-ounder of Ismailism (Ivanow). ('46) 8vo.xv.197. 12/- IMZOC; 

16/- Probstham 

AllCKiancc (Brennan) ('50) DS.x.374. 28ill. 15/- Browne <t N. 
Allegorical Drama of Caldcron (Parker. A.A.). ('43) D8.232. 16/- 


Allegories of the Land (Parry). ('17) IPostS. 6/- J. Murray 
Allegorische Weltbild der Heiligen Hildcgard von Bingen 
(LiebeschUtz). C30) C4.xi,179. 6pl. Stud.dcr Bibliothek War- 
burg. sd.15/- Warburg 
Allegory of the Acncid (Drew). ('27) C8.101. 6/- Blackwell 

of Love (Lewis. C.S.). C36) D8.388. 15/- Oxf. 
Allegra (Onga). ('35) D8. 111. 5/- Hogarth 

Allegro and II Pcnseroso (Milton). Sm.Eng. Class.S. sd.6d.*; 
cl.9d.* Blackie 

L'. and II Penscroso (Milton). Ed.Boardman. sC8.86. Normal 

Class. S. 1/6 Normal 

L', II Penseroso and Lycidas, Nativity Ode (Milton). Lii,172. 

Camb. Milton for Schls.S 3/-* Camb. 
Allen. Hugh Percy (Bailev, C ). ('48) 1C8.180. lOpl. 12/6 Ox/. 

P.S.. Obituary (Garrod). R8. Brit.Acad. 1/6 Oxf. 
Allenby (Wavell). 1C8.382. Sill.M.d. IS/- Harrap 

Allergies. Elimination Diets and Patients (Rowe). 2r.e.('44) 

R8.256. 251- Kimpton \Kimpton 

Allergy. Clinical (Tuft). 2r.e.('49) R8.690. 57Hl.(3co'.). 84/- 

Constitutional Medicine, Endocrinology and. Ed. Pulay and 

Lansel. C48) v.2-4. R8. 102:64: 115. ca.hmp 10/6 Muller 

Essentials of (Criep). ('45) sC8.381. 43ill(2col.). 40/- Llppincott 

in Theory and Pract. (Cookc, R.A.). ('47) 1D8.572. 111. 50/- 

Pract. of (Vaughan). r.Black. 2r.e.('48) R8.1,092. 319ill. 5/5/- 

Kimpton [Kimpton 

Primer of (Vaughan). r.Black. 3r.c.('50) C8.176. 111. 25/- 

Serum. Exucr. Investigs. in (Bruun). 040) M8.230. 26pl. 24/- 


Synopsis of (Alexander) 2c.(47) C8.255. 22ill. 28 /- Kimpton 
Allerlei. Ed.Hagboldt. Purin and Morgan. ('33) 64. Grad.Gcr. 

Rdrs. limp. 2/6* Harrap 

Alliance of Lat. and Eng. Studies (Mackail). (22) D8. sd.l/- 
J. Murray f 





Alliance Strange (Deanc). ('47) D8. 18/- J.Murray 
Allied Armies in Italy. ('50) Ffol.96. 3M. 5/- Land. Gazette: 

Arts and Crafts (Littlcjohns & Horth). Bks. 1-4. ('34); Bk.7 

C36). ea. D4.24. Col.ill. ea.2/6* Pitman 

~ Co-operation. 1914-18, Lessons of (Maurice). D8.204. 10/6 

Expeditionary Force. Report by Supreme Commander to C.C. 

Staffs on Ops. in Europe, June 6. 1944-May 8. 1945. 2/6 
War Off. :H.M.S.O. 

Military Government of Germany (Friedmann). ('47) DS.xii, 

360. M. Wld. Affairs Lib. 251- Steven* & Son* 

Occupation of Japan (Martin, E.M.). 24/- Stanford V.P.:Ox(. 
Allies. Croce. King and (Croce). Tr.Sprigge. D8.160. 12/6 

Allen <t U. 

of Health (Bottoms). ('45) C8.32. sd.9d. Lutt.P. 
Alliterative Poems. Scottish (Craigie). RS.Br.Ac.GoIlancz Lcct. 

1942. II- Oxf. 

Poetry in M.E. (Oakdcn). 2v. ('30-'35) 1)8.273:290. 14/-; 20/- 

Man U.P. 

Revival. Poetry of (Oakden). C35) D8.113. sd.1/6 Man. U.P. 
Allotments: Play (Jennings). C8.14. sd.1/6 S.French 

Report. C50) R8.16. sd.6d. Agric.: H.M.S.O. 

Law of (Mitchell. E.L.). 3e. D8.166. 10/6 Staples 
Allotropy of /me (Bmgham). R4. Coll. Researches. sd.1/6 Nat. 

Phys. Lab. :H.M.S.O. 

Allouma (Maupassant). C8.128. sd.1/6 Camden 
Alloy Steel Castings for Struct, and Gen. hngnrg. Purposes. ('48> 

12. 2/- B.SI. 

Steels (Winning). (*48) C8.72. 111. 2/6 Emnwtt 

Steels, Sampling and Anal, of Carbon and (U.S Steel Corp.). 

C38) M8.356. 20figs. 24/- Rcinhold:Chap.& II. 

System (Lord). M8.380. 111. 40/- Pitman 

Systems, Thermal E.M.F. as aid to Investig. of (Haughton). 

R4. Coll. Researches, sd.1/6 Nat. Ph\^. Lab.: H.M.S.O. 
Alloys. Aluminium and its (Buducn). 2e. D8.369. 111. 25 /- Pitman 
^-Aluminium. Metallurgy of Aluminium and (Anderson, R.J.). 

026) MS. 944. 295ill. 50/- Chap & U 

Aluminium. Mod. Meths. for Anal, of (Ass. of Light Alloy 

Refiners. (49) D8.160. 111. 15/- Chap.A. H 

and Manufacturing Processes, Metallurgical Materials (Wood, 

V N.). C46) D8.340. 287ligs. 25/- Chap.&H 

Copper and Copper Base (Wilkms & Bunn). ('43) D4. 51/- 


Corrosion Resistance of Metals and (McKav. RJ. fc WorthuiR- 

ton). ('36) M8.492 figs. tabs. ACSMon.S. 60/- Remhold: 
Chap & 11. 

Data Bk , Metals and (Hoyt). ('43) suR8.334. Ill tabs. 52'- 

Reinhold:Chap.& H. 

Diet.. Metal and (Sokcl). 046) D8 244. 22/- Chap & H 

Gold (Gee). ('29). D8.344. 111. 17/6 Tech.P. 

Gold-Copper, 1 ransfomiution in, etc. (lloughton. Pavne & 

Preston). R4. Coll. Researches. sd.1/3 Nat.Phys.lMl>.: 
H M.S.O. 

Light, Gas in (Eastwood). ('46) D8 09. 34ill. 22'- Wiley: 

Chap.A H. 

Mcch. Testing of Metals and (Foster, P.F.). 4c.('48) D8.319. 

18/- Pitman 

Metallic Creep and Creep Resistant (Sully). ('49) D8.250. J 32111. 

25 /- Buttwth.Sci. 

Metallurgy of. Mod. (Harrington). ('48) D8.209. III. 28/- 

Wlley:Chap.& H. 

Metals and. 5r.e.C49) D8.214. 15 /- lliffe 

Metals and, Creep of (Stanford). ('49) D8.162. 32ill. 15/- 

Temple P. 

Nickel-Iron (Hanson & Hanson). R4. Coll. Researches, sd.3/- 


of Aluminium and Copper (Carpenter, Edwards, C.A. A. 

Rosenham). R4. Coll. Researches, sd.10/- Nat.Phys.Lab.: 

of Aluminium, Copper and Zinc. Constitution of Alloys of 

(Haughton & Bingham). R4. Coll. Researches, sd.3/- Nat. 
Phys.Lab H.M.S.O. 

of Aluminium and Magnesium (Hanson & Gayler). R4. Coll. 

Researches, sd.2/- N at. Phv^.Lah.: H.M.S.O 

of Aluminium and Zinc (Rosenham & Archbutt). R4. Coll. 

Researches, scl.5/- Nat.Phys.lMb.: H.M.S.O. 

of Aluminium and Zinc, Constitution of (Rosenhain & 

Archbutt). R4. Coll. Researches. sd.2/6 Nat.Phys.Lab.: 

of Cadmium and Zinc, etc. (Jcnkias & Preston). R4. Coll. 

Researches, sd.3/ 6 N at. Phys.l^b.: H.M.S.O. 

of Copper, Aluminium and Manganese (Rosenhain <t Lauts- 

bury). R4. Coll. Researches, sd.10/- Nat. Phvt.Lab.: H.M.S.O. 

of Iron and Carbon (Epstein). V.1.C36) 476. 47/- McGraw 

of Iron and Carbon (Sisco). V.2.C37) 76/6 McGraw 

of Iron and Chromium (Kmzel &. Crafts). v.l.('37) 535. 59/6 


of Iron and Chromium (Kinzcl & Franks), v.2.040) 530. 59/6 


of Iron and Copper (Gregg & Daniloff). 034) 454. 59/6 McGraw 

of Iron and Molybdenum (Gregg). ('32) 507. 59/6 McGraw 

of Iron and Nickel (Marsh, J.). (*38) 593. 59/6 McGraw 

of Iron and Silicon (Gremer, Marsh & Stoughton). ('33) 457. 

59/6 McGraw 

of Iron and Tungsten (Gregg). 034) 511. 59/6 McGraw 

of Iron Research (Rosenhain, etc.). R4. Coll. Researches, sd. 

12/- Nat. Phys.Lab. :H.M.S\O. 

of Lead and Tin. Eutcctic Research (Rosenhain & Tucker). R4. 

Coll. Researches, sd.4/- Nat. Phvs. Lab.: H.M.S.O. 

Physical Structure of (Beynon). ('45) C8.viii,126. 39d. 6/6 E. 


Alloys Structure and Properties of (Brick & Phillips). 2e.('49) SI/- 

Structure of Metals and (Rothery). r.c.('49) D8.137. 61ill.21tabs. 

10/6 Metals 

Symposium on Internal Stresses in Metals and. Ed.Guillan. 

048) figs. tabs. 42 /- Metals 

Ternary, Constitution of (Rosenhain). R4. Coll. Researches. 

sd.3/- Nat. Phys.Lab.: H.M.S.O. 

Theory of Properties of Metals and (Mott & Jones, ID. C36) 

R8.360. Internal. Monogs.on Phys. 25/- Oxf. 

Zinc-Copper, X-Ray Analysis of (Owen, E.A. & Preston). R4. 

Coll. Researches, sd.l/- Nat. Phys. Lab.: H.M.S.O. 

Zinc with Aluminium and Copper (Rosenhain, Haughton A 

Bmgham). R4. Coll. Researches. sd.3/- Nat.Phy>.lMb.: 


All's Well that Ends Well (Shakespeare). See Author entry. 
Allston, Oliver, Opinions of (Brooks). ('42) D8.216. 12/6 Dent 
Alltags Englisch. In English and German (Bremer). ('31) C8.127. 

sd.10/ 6 Bailey 
Alluvial and Kindred Ore Deposits. Exam., Boring and Valuation 

of (Harrison. H.L.H.). ('46). D8.266. 111. 30/- Mining Pubm 

Prospecting and Mining (Griffith). ('38) D8.142. 111. 14/- Mining 

Allwydd neu Agonad Paradwys i'r Cymry, 1670. ('30) C8.235. 2/6 

Alma Mater (Bcnstcad). (*45)n.e. C8.152. 111. 7/6 Muller 

Roma (MacKinnon). 6/- Bluckie 
Almanac (Douglas. N.). ('45) 1C8. 6/- Chatto 

Almanac and Household Guide. 050) sd.1/9 News of Wld. 

Prophetic (Raphael). 128. sd.1/6 Fouhham 

World, and Book of Facts. Kd.Hanscn. ('50) D8 912 sd.21/- 


etc., for 1598 (Buckmaster). ('35) D8.62. Shaks.Assn.Facs. 6/- 


Whitaker's. 1951. Shorter e. C8 676.xxiii. 7/6: C8 1156.xxui. 

1M. 12/6; Library c. 17M.(16col.). \L. 25/- J.Whitaker 
Wisdcn's Cricketers', 1950. Ld. Preston. F8.viii,1003. 12pl.20d. 

Iimp9/6:cl.l2/- Sporting Hdbki. 

Almanacs, Book of (Morgan. 3r.c.('07) obD8. 6/- Bowe\ 
Alrnavers Folly and Talcs of Unrest (Conrad). n.e.('48) SC8.440. 

Coll. c. 7/6 Dent 

AlmiRhty Waiter: Play (Stesard). C30) C8. 1/6 Dtane 
Almond Blossom (Thorne). C8. Trcas. S. 5/- J. Ritchie 

in Pctcrhouse, and Other Poems (Kidd). ('50) C8.viii,92. (>/- 


Tree (Almedmgen). ('47) IC8.192. 8/6 J. Lane 

Almoner Do. Whatever Does an (Manchce) ('46),90. 6/- 
Bailliere {Bailliw 

Almoners. Textbook for (Manchfe). C47) M8.xii,466. 56ill. 27/6 
Almost Blue Tulip. ('47) FN.32. 111. Blotty Bk.s. sd.6d Liv.P. 

Glorv (Benedict). ('49) CK. 8/6 Chatto 

a Honeymoon: Play (Ellis. W.). D8.88. sd.3/- S. French 

a Tragedy : Monologue (Fisk). C8.8. sd.9d. S. French 
Alms From an Amazon (Bennett, K.). C8.208. 9/6 A. Barker 

Ten Decades of (Rocmer). C8.329. 20/- Herder 
Almsgiving (Clarke, W.K.L.). ('36) F8.140. sd I/-* S.P.C.K. 
Almshouse and St. Margaret's Leper Hospital, Ilchcster (Cox. 

J.S.). ('49) C8.24. 6pl.ld. Ilchcster Hist Mon.S. sd.2/6 

Alnwick District. Geol. of (Carruthers, etc.). ('30) R8. 3/- Geol.: 


AI6 O. etc. (Oyelese). (*48) C8.54. Fr.Yoruba, S. 10d.* O\f. 
Aloha (Tcmpski). ('50) D8.224. 12/6 Mmeum 
Alone (Mare). C27) 4. 2ill. Ariel Poems, sd.l/- Faber 

(Milhgan). ('50) C8.160. Fr. 7/6 Wms.&N. 

at Sea (Hampton). ('48) C8.96. 8pl. 8/6 Guernsey 

I Walked (Cardigan). C50) D8.viu,206. 21 /- Rontledne 

Over Tasman Sea (Chichester). ('46) C8.314. HIM. H)/- Allen 

&. U. 

to the Alone (Thomas. G.). ('47) C8.164 8/6 Nich.&W. 

We Embark (Laverty). ('43) C8.216. 6/- Longmans 

With God (Banks). ('38) F8.80. 2/- S.P.C.K. 

Along Comes Judy Jo (Hill. M.B.). 12mo. 111. 12/6 Lippincott 

the Indian Road. ('42) C4.24. 111. Fritze Pntg. Bks. I/- Edin.Ho. 

Maine Coast (Mitchell. D.). ('47) 30/- McGraw 

the Road (Huxley). unif.c.('48) sC8. 7/6 Chatto 

Winding Way: Poems (Macnab). C49) C8.32. sd.2/6 Innet 
Alonzo, St.. Rodriguez, Life of (Casanuovas). Tr.O'Leary. C8. 

Fr. 5/- Sands 

Aloysius Let Loose (" Klaxon "). C50) C8.288. 111. 8/6 Collins 
Alpha Classics Series. Ed.Carnngton. 14v. ea.FS. 3/-*-3/6* 


of the Plough (Gardiner, A.G.). Pott8.128. Kings. Treas.S. 1/10* 


Panicles and Electrons. Chemical Effects of (Lind). 2e.('28) 

M8.252. 13figs.45tabs. ACSMon.S. 20/- RelnholA : Chapman 
Alphabet. The (Diringer). (*48) 1D8.608. 111. Sci.& Tech. Pubns. 
50 / Hutchinson 

(Greenaway). C32. bds.1/3 Warne 

A.B.C. of our (Thompson. T.) ('42) C4.64. 111. 8/6 Studio 

Art (Wroblewski). D4. 12/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

Bedel (Bcedle). C50) D8.4. sd.6d. Stratford 

English (Henning). ('47) F4.52. 26col.ill. 5/- Hachette 

Fly-Fisherman's (Wanless). (*49) 1C8.156. 111. 7/6 Jenklm 

for Odette (Goidel). ('45) D8.viii.211. Fr. 12/6 Methuen 

New, in Use (Arncliffe). ('36) R8.32. sd.2/- Eagle P. 

of Holiness (Holmes, W.H.G.). C43) C8.122. bds.4/6 Mowbrav 

of Life (Hulme). ('49) D8.288. 18/- Ex-Officers 

of Soil (Nanneti). 1M.8. Current Affairs. sd.9d. Bureau 

of Tales. Ed.Banks. ('04-'05) E.E.T.S. 2pts. ea.10/- Oxf. 

Picture Book. C38) Irapl6.24. 111. Pict.Bks.S. sd.1/3* EJ. 






Alphabet Royal. 12mo. 2/6 Uppincott 

Writing and the (Moorhouse). ('47) C8.110. 9pl.24figs. Past & 

Pres.S. 7/6 Cobbett 

Alphabetical Arrangement of Ministers and Circuits. ('47) D8.460. 
10/- Epworth 

Index to the Chinese Ency. (Giles). ('11) 4to.l()2. 15 /- B.M.: 


List of MSS. in Oriental Inst.. Baroda, v.l and 2 (Namiyah). 

v.l. 8vo.744. V.2.C50) 8vo.x.1653. 18/-; 48/6 Lnzac 

Order (George). ('49) 1C8. 15 /- Cape 
Alphabets (Reiner). ('47) G18.46. bds.10/6 Swm 

for Signwriters, Artists and Illuminators (Dclamotte & Ainslie). 

20e.('50) obR8. 6/- Tech.P. 

Merchant of (Orcutt). ('47) 1D8.206 16/- Jarrold\ 

of Foreign Languages (Gleichcn & Reynolds, J.H.). N. Aurous- 

scau. 2r.e.('38) R8. 7/6 Geog.Soc -J Murruv 

Pocket Book of. Ornamental Penman. ('46) C8.45 3/6 Spon 

Sixty (Hunt. W.B. & EC.) R8. 111. 12/6 Batsford 
Alphonce, E. of Panama. In Eagle Omn. Bks. v.4.('45) C8 hds. 

2/6 Edin.Ho. 

Alphonsus. St. (Miller. D.F. & Aubin). D8. J5/- Sand\ 
Alpine A. B.C. (Methucn). C22) sPott8.x,35. sd 1/6 Methuen 

Adventure (King, D.). 111. Grad.Story Rclrs. sdlOd*; cl.l/-* 


Adventure (Snaith). C46) C8.153. 111. 6/- Percv 

Album, My (Smythe). 2c.('47) Ilmp8 102. 47pl.lM 21 /- Black 

Annual. Ed.Brown, T.G. C30) D8.255 Col.Fr 111. 25/- Dent 

Club Registers (Mumm), 1857-63. ('23) D8vm,391; 1864-76 ('25) 

D8vh,375; 1877-1890 ('28) e,i.21/- /,. Arnold 

Countries: Road Map. 16M-1". 7/6 Kummerlv Geographia 

Flora. Coloured Vadc-Mccum to (Schrotcr. L &. C ). 52. 26pl 

22/6 D. Nutt 

Flora, Coloured Vaclc-Mecum to: In England, France, Ger- 

many (Schroter). C8. 217ill (207col ). 24/- Bailev 

Flora, with Latin index (Correvon <k Robert) 436. ISOcol ill 

45 /- Bailev 

Flowers (Schroeter). ('45)sfol.l2. 18col.ill. Ins Col.Bks. 12/6 


Flowers. Swiss (Miller, W.R.-) C49) 64. 64col pi 6/- Stanford 

Gardening. Miniature (Hills). ('45) C8 194 Mill. 8/h Faber 

Gardens, Miniature. sd.9d. N.C.S.S. 

Guides. Early (Clark, R.W.). ('49) D8.208. 28ill. 4m. 15/- 

Phoenix Ho. 

Highways of Switzerland (Wagner). ('50) D8.128. 39pl sd.7/6 

Plants. Rock Garden and (Phillips, G.A.R.). r e.('50) M8.262. 

90ill. 15/- CoUhiRndge 

Roundabout (Robinson, A.M.). ('47). DR x.214. 9pl.(lcol.). IS/- 

Chap <t //. 

Ski-inp at all Heights and Seasons (Lunn). 3r.e.('48) F8.xiv,106 

Sill. 3d. Sports S. 6/- Mtthutn 

Tragedy (Gos ). Tr Barnes, M. sRS.292. ill. 18/- Allen & I' 
- Ways (Smvthe). ('42) Hmp8.60 47pI.lM. 21 /- Black 

Weaving (Kennedy, J.). C50) C8.224 9/6 Hutchison 
Alp-ncs (Mansfield). ('42) D8.282. 80col.ill.30d. Garden in Col.S 

21 1- Collins 

Propagation of (Hills). C50). D8 464. 111. 25/- Fvber 
Alpona: Ritual Decoration in Bengal (Chatterii). C48) C8.ii,67 

35 ill. sd 51- Longman* 

Alps (Irving) 3e.('47) D8.viii,120. 131ill.(lcol ) Countries of Eur 
S. J5/- Bats ford 

and Caucasus. My Climbs in the (Mummery). C36) 1C8 256 

xxiv.Pl. Mountamg. S. 8/6 Blackwell 
--Hannibal Crosses (Torr). 2e ('25) F"6 vm.64. 3/6 Camb. 
-History of Mountaineering in (Hngcl). sR8 296. Ill 21 /- Allen 
& U. 

Nappe Theory m (Hcritsch). Tr.Boswcll. C29) C8 xxxii,228 

16J11.M d. Geol.S. \6l-Methuen 

of Chinese Tibet. To (Gregory). D8, Ill.M 2V- Seelev 

of Savoy, Limestone (Collingwood). C8. 16ill. 7/6 Allen & U. 

Physical: 1. 2,000,000. 22" x 14". Philip-Stanford Ref.Map S 

sd.3/- G. Philip 

Scrambles Amongst the (Whymper). r.Tyndale. r.e.('36) M8 

111. 21 /- J.Murray 

West: Road Map. 8M 1". 7/6 Kummerlv Geosraphia 
Already Walks Tomorrow (Street). ('38) C8.432. 9/6 Faber 
Alsace-Lorraine. Sisters (Newman. B.). ('50) D8.256. 29pl.6M. 15/- 


Vosges-, Guide. SC8.150. HIM 7/- Anglo-Fr Per. 

Alsatian (Johns). 6e.('50) Fr. Our Friend the Dog S. 
4/- Methuen 

Dog. Bk. of (Pickett). (*50) C8 176. 42ill IV- Wenld Bnilev 

Popular (Schwabacher). 5r.e.('50) D8.248. 65ill.23d. 15/- Pop. 

Alsatians. Ed. Ross, J. ('51) C8 32. 12JI1. Dogs of Breedg.S. l/- 

Alsfeld. Passion Play of (Neumann). Tr.Katzm. ('34),63. 

Sacred Plays S. Mb Methuen 

Alsos (Goudsmid). C48) 1C8.274. III. 15 /- Sigma 
Alt-Preussische Grammatik (End/.chn). ('44) 202. 32 /- Bailey 
Altamira (Riddell). C38) C8.52. 3/6 Oliver 
Altar and World (Bell. B.I.). C46) 1C8 94. 5/- D.Dobson 

Book. 3r.e.C30) R4.480. 52/6 Rtvington 

Book for Servers. 2e.C32) 32mo.l02. 3/- Mowbrav 

Flowers (Russell. M.). C26) D16.104. 3/- M.H.Gill 

How to Serve at the (Lane). C8. 111. 3/6 Clonmore- Burns, O. 

Linen (Richards, W.) C32) D8.24. 13ill. sd.l/- Faith 

of God (ShcerarO. ('47) D8.8. sd.6d. Sower 

of Youth (Dunnings). C46) 88. 3/6 Rellg.Ednf 

Piece: Play (Levy. E.). (*33) C8. 1/6 Deane 

Servers. Bk. for (Quigley). f'22) Ff,.72. 2/- M.H.Gill 

Services. Gt. Primer. R8. from 65/-; n.e. from 72/6 Oxf. 


Altar Services, as proposed in 1928. English 4to. wo. Music, from 

35/-; w.Music. 42/-. & from 77/6; Pica.Svo. from 40/- Oxf. 
Altdeutsche Handschriften (Eis). ('49) M8.103. 111. 16/- Bailey 

Textbibliothck Series. 6v. ca.5/-- 16/- Bailey 

Alte Jugend-Freunde. Ed.SchafFrath. C38) C8.356. 4/6* Pitman 

Pinakothek, Masterpieces from: Catalogue. ('49) 8C8.64. sd. 

I/-; Illus.Suppt. C4. 5/- Arts Council 

Altera Colloquia Latina (Erasmus). Ed. Edwards. G.M. F8. Pitt 
P.S. 3/-* Camb. 

Alterations to Bldgs. (Snell). C8.105. 8/6 Pitman 

Alternaria and Stemphvlium, Danish Species of (Neergaard). (*45) 
R8.500. 115tabs.l59flgs. 60/- Oxf. 

Alternate Husbandry. ('44) C4.157. sd.5/- Comm.Agric. 

Alternating Current and D.C. Motors and Generators, excl. Ship- 
borne and Airborne Machines. ('45) 14. 2/- B.S.I 

Current and D.C. Switchbds. and Motor Control Equipt. (excl. 

Shipborne and Airborne Equipt.) for Govt. Dcpt. Requircmts. 
(45) 12. II- B.S.I. 

Current Arc Weldiftg Plant and Equipt. for Heavy Construc- 

tional Work. C43) Amendts. C45-'48) 18. 2/6 B.S.I. 

Current Armature Winding (Croft). C24) D8.352. 28/- McGraw 

Current Bridge Methods (Hague). 5e.('43) D8.616. 30/- Pitman 

Current Bridges, Earth Capacity Effects in (Butterworth). R4 

Coll. Researches. sd.6d. Nat.Phvs.Lab.-H.M.S.O. 

Current Circuit (Kemp). 3c.('46) C8 104. 5/- Pitman 

Current Circuits (Brvant, Corell & Johnson). 3e.('39) 522. 42/6; 

Answers I/- McGraw 

Current Circuits (Kcrchncr & Corcoran). 2e.('4.3) D8.553. 431ill 

40 /- WilevChap & H. 
- Current Circuits (Wcmbach). ('33) 8vo. xvi,418. 154figs. 43/6 

N.Y.: Macmillan \n t np & H. 

--Current Commutator Motor (Olliver). C27) R8.292. 184figs. 24/- 
- Current/DC. " Quality " Receiver. How to Make. ('48) B/pnm. 

sd.2/6 Bernards 

Current /DC. Receiver Constr. Manual CDavies, J.R.) C49) C8. 

72. 49d sd.2/6 Bernards 

Current /DC Supcrhet Receiver. " Economy " 4-Valvc Plus 

Rectifier. How to Make. C48) B/pnm. sd.2/- Bern rrds 

Current/DC. TRF Receiver. 3-Valvc Plus Reel ficr, How 10 

Make. ('48) B/ print sd.2/- Ufrnard^ 

Current Elcctricitv and Its Application to Industry (Timbie & 

Higbie). 2v.('16) Hmpl6. 111. v.l. 534. 34/-; v.2. 729. 4C)/- 
Wilev.Chap & H 

Current lUectrical Engineering (Kemp). 7r.c.('47) D8.ix,659. 

450figs. 2^/- Macmillan 

Current. Elect. Machines Dncct and (Siskind). C50) 40/6 

McGraw \McGraw 

Current Energy, Measurement of (Canfield) ('40) D8.2IO 25/6 

Current for Technical Students (Bishop). 2c C41) C8.424. 111. 2(>/- 

Chap.& H. 

(Current Generators for Aircraft C50) I/- B S.I 

Current Line Relays (single-element. ?-posuion) for Railway 

Signalling Purposes. C34) 11 2/- BS I. 

Current Line Relays (2-elcmcnt, 3-posttion) for Railway Signal- 

ling Purposes. C34) 13. 2/- B S.I. 

Cunent Machinery (Bcwley). ('49) R8.xvi,376. 111. 40/- N Y 


Current Machinery (Bryant & Johnson). C35) 790. 59/6, 

Answers. I/- McGraw 

Current Machinery Performance and Design of (Siv). 2e.(' 4l 

D8.636. 111. Engin. Degree S. 25/- Pitman 

Current Machinery. Principle of (Lawrence. R.R.). 3e C40) 678 

5 1/- McGraw 

Current Machinery. Problems in (Lvon). 2e.('28) 243. 25/6. 

Answers. I/- McG raw \McGraw 

Current Machinery, Theory of (Langsdorf). (*37) 788. 55/6 

Current Machines ( C48) M8.ix,540. llfigs. Answers 

12p..sep. 47/- V.Nostrand-.Macmilhm 

Current Machines (FMchstem & Lloyd). 2e C42) M8.655. 356ill. 

48 /- Wilev.Chap & H. 

Current Machines and Equipment (Mollov). 2c.('50) Q.&. A.S. 5/- 


Current Machines, Fundamentals of (Sah). ('46) D8. 42/6 


Current Machines. Winding (Garick). ('50) suR8.xvi.766. figs. 

tabs. 63 /- V.Noitrand: Macmillan 

Current Meas. (Owen.D.). 3e.('50) 80d. Physical 

Subj.Mon.S. 5/- Methuen 

Current Measurements. Precision. Non-inductive Water-Cooled 

Standard Resistances for (Paterson & Rayncr). R4. Coll. 
Researches, sd.1/6 Nat.Phvf TMb. :H.M.S.O. 

Current Motor Coils. Winding (Brunt & Roe) C38) 28/6 McGraw 

Current Motor Windings (Hopwood). C50) D8. 25/- Newnei 

Current Motors (Hodikc.Groat & Dnnkall). C48) 360. 324ill. 24/- 

Am.Tech.Soc. :Tech.P. 

Current Motors and Control Gear. 4e.('46) C8. Elect. Eng.S. 7/6 


Current Motors and Control Gear (Cooke. C.H.C.). 2r.e.C45) 

C896. 5/- C.Lockwood 

Current Motors, Rewinding and Conn. (Bravmer &. Roe). C32) 

372. 34 /- McGraw 

Current Motors. Small (Avcry). (Ml) C8.47. 111. bds.2/6 P. 


Current Network: Anal, by Symbol. Algebra (Miller, W.H.). 

C48) D8.41. 37figs. Classifax S. sd.4/- Classifax 

Current Power Circuits and Machines, Protective Methods tor 

(Marklew & Collier). ('48) 1D8.X.142. 98ill. Elect.Eng.S. 10/- 
Blackie r 

Current Practice (Cooke, C.H.C.). 2r.e.('46) D8.240. 111. 15/- 


Current. Rectification of (Rissik). C38) 1D8.232. 92111. 21 /- Kng. 





Alternating Current Resistance of Non-Magnetic Conductors. ('45) 
F.fol. sd.12/6 Nat.Phys.Lab.-.H.M.S.O. 

Current. School Experiments w. (Pcarcc). 8/6 G.Bell 

Current Track Relays (2-clemcm, 2-position) ('33) 12. 2/- B.S.I. 

Current Transformers, Small (Avery). n.c.('45) C8.84. 111. bds.3/- 


Current Work (Maycock). 2e. C8.428. 264JI1. 10/6 Pitman 

Currents (Agger). (*34) C8.viii,204. 146figs. 6/- Macmillan 

Currents (Clayton). 2e.C34) D8.viii,334. 283U1. 12/6 Lon^man^ 

Currents (Dancc.Savagc &. Ghey). M8. Mod.Sci.Mcm.S. sd.l/- 

/. Murray 

Currents, Arith. of (Crappcr). ('46) C8.208. S/- Pitman 

Currents, Dirca and (Loew). 3c.('46) D8.748. 42/6; Answers l/- 


Currents. Essentials of (Timbie & Higbie). 2e.(*39) C8.377. 249ill. 

26 /- Wiley: Chap. & H. 

Currents, Practical and. and A.C. Testing (Smith, C.F.). 25e. 

DR. 13/- Sci.Pub.Co. * 

Currents. Principle of (Lawrence. R.R.). 2e.('35) D8.474. 42/6 


Currents. Problems in (Lyon). 2e.('31) 233. 25/6; A.I/- McGraw 

Currents Simplified (Stubbings). 2r.e.('47) C8.224. 111. 10/6 


Currents. Theory and Calculation of (L'cc, B.C.). D8.150. 151ill. 

16/- Span 

Currents. Theory and Practice of (Dover). 3e.('47) D8.591. 25/- 


Source. Peak Potential. Measurement of (Paterson & Campbell, 

V.). R4. Coll. Researches. sd.6d. Nat.Phvi.Lah H.M.S.O. 
- Stress Testing Machine (Stanton). R4. Coll. Researches, sd.l/- 

Alternative Classified Revision Exs. in Jr. (Dyke & Cure). C37) 

SC8 88. 1/6*; K 3/9* Harrap 

Graded German Rdrs. Ed.Hapsboldt. 6v. ca. limp 2/6* Harrap 

Graded French Readers. Ed. Bond. 5v. ea.2/6* Harrap 

Jun. Classified Revision Kxs. in 1-rcnch (Dyke & Cure). ('37) 

SC8.88 1/6*; K.3/9* Harrap 

Model End. T. Papers (Charlton). (*46) D8.84. bds.2/3 Brodit 

Tests in French (Milne. J M ). 64. I/-*; K.3/9* Harrap 

Tests in German Composition &. Grammar (Wanstall). (*34) 64 

1/3*; 5/3* Harrap 

to Serfdom (Clark, J.M ) ('49) lC8.xii.153.vf. R/6 Blackwell 
Alternators and D.C. Generators. Internal-Combustion-Enginc 

Driven. ('42) 1 I/- B.S.I. 

Altes urn] Ncues (Seelipmann). r.e.('34) sF8.iv.136. 3/-* Ginn 
Althea (I,ec. V.). ('10) C8. 3/6 J.Lanf 
Althochdeutschcs Lesebuch (Bratine). ]lc.(*49) 248. 24/- Bailey 

I.esebuch ftlr Anfanger (Mansion). ('32) Imp. 16. 173. sd 7/- 


Alton 1 ocke (Kinqslev). Ed.Wilson. II.M. C8.32. Comm & Q in 
Eng.Lit. 6d.* Pitman 

Locke: Notes (Kmpslev). F.d.Allemandv. sCK.101. Normal Class 

S. sd.2/6 Normal 
Altportupicsischcs Elcmentarbuch (Ilubcr). ('33) limp 16.xvl,356. sd 

18/- Bailev 

Altus of St. Columba (Bute). C82) 52. sd.2/6 Blackwood 
Aluminium (Hobbs). C8. 111. I8/- Bat^ord 

Allov Bars and Forpmgs (.Greater than 3 inches Diameter across 

Flat 1 ; or Minor Sectional Dimensions). Amendments. ('40-'45) 
I/- B S 1. 

Allov Bars and Forcings (Greater than 3 inches Diameter or 

Width ncross Flats or Minor Sectional Dimensions). Amend- 
ment C44) I/- B.S.I. 

Allov BPTS, Extruded Sections and forpinps (not Greater than 

3 inches Diameter or Minor Sectional Dimensions). Amend- 
ment. C44) I/- B.S I. 

Allov Bars for Manufacture of Fuses and Fuse Parts. ('42) 4 

II- B.S.I. 

Allov Castings. C50) D8.46. 27ill.4tahs. sd.l/- Alnmin. 

Allov Castings (Carrinpton). ('46) lMSviii,326. 121ill. 2*/- Griffin 

Allov Forpings (incl. Pistons and Cylinder Heads). (4L25) l/- 

B.S.I. IB.S.I. 

Allov Forgings (incl. Pistons and Cvlinder Heads). (2L42). 1 /- 
- Allov Hexagonal-Headed Bolts (Machined from Bar) for Aircraft 

Purposes. ('50) I/- B.S.I. 

Allov Hexagonal Nuts (Ordinary and Slotted) for Aircraft 

Purposes. ('50) 1/- B S.I. 

Allov Ingots and Castings (Heat Treated) (Suitable for Pistons) 

C50) I/- B S.I. 

Allov Inpots and Castings (Heat Treated) (Suitable for Pistons), 

" Y." ('50) I/- B.S.I. 

Alloy Ingots and Castings (Precipitation Treated). C50) I/- 

Allov Rivets. Amendments C42-'44) I/- B.S.I. [B V f 

Allov Sections. ('44) 23. 2/6 B S.I 

Allov Sections for Road Vehicle Bodies ('50) D8.44. 5ill.lltabs. 

bds.2/6 Alnmin. 

Alloy Sheets and Coils. Amendments C43-'45) I/- B.S.I 

Alloy Tubes. Amendments. (;41-'44) I/- B.S.I. 

Allovs, App. of. to Marine Uses. ('48) D4.44. 53111. bds.2/6 

~ Allovs for Naval Use. Rept. C45) sd.6d. Admiraltv.H M.S O. 

Allovs, Forming of. by Rubber Die Press. C45) D8.32 25ill. 

2tabs. sd.l/- AJumln. 

-Allovs, Fusion Welding of Wrought. ('43) D8.52. 42.11 7tabs 
sd.l / Alumtn. , 

Alloys, Heat-Treatment of Wrought. Pt.1-2. ('43) D8.28-36. 111. 

tabs, ca sd I/- Alumtn. > [Alumtn. 

Alloys. Machinery of Wrought. C44) D8.40. 20ill.lOtabs. sd.l/- 

Allovs, Modern Methods for Anal, of (Ass. of Light Alloy 

Refiners). C49) D8.160. 111. 15/- Chap.& H, 

Alloys. Resistance Welding of Wrought. C43) D8.52. 42111. 7tab. 

sd.l/- Alnmin. 

Aluminium Allovs: Riveting of Wrought. C44) D8.40. 42ill.l3tabs. sd 
I/- Alumin. 

Alloys. Spinning and Panel Beating of. C'44) D8.32. 17ill.4tabs 

sd.l/- Alumin. 

Alloys. Use ol in Structural Engineering Introductory Survey. 

C50) D4.44. 22ill.5tabs. 2/6 Alumin. 

and Aluminium Alloy Bars. Rods and Sections. ('49) 4/- B.S.I. 

and Alumin. Alloy Extruded Sections. ('49) D8.46. 26ill.9tata. 

sd.l/- Alumin. 

and Aluminium Allov Ingots and Castings for General Engnrg. 

Purposes. C49) 68. 7/6 B. S.I. 

and Aluminium Alloy Tubes. ('49) 4/- B.S.I. 

and Aluminium Alloy Wire. ('49) 5/- B.S.I. 

and Aluminium Alloys in the Food Industry (Bryan). ('48) sd 

3/- Sci. Induct, i H.M.S.O. 

and Aluminium Alloys. Metallurgy of (Anderson. R.J.). ('26) 

MS 944. 295iII. 50/- Chap. AH. 

and Copper, Allovs of (Carpenter. Edwards. C.A. & Rosenhain) 

R4. Coll. Researches sd.U)/- Nat Phvs.Lab. :H.M S.O. 

and its Alloys (Budgcn). 2c. D8.369. 111. 25 /- Pitman 

and its Alloys (Sage). ('48) C8.44. 2/6 Emmott 

and its Allovs. Analysis of (Withcv). R4. Coll.Rescarches. sd 

I/- Nat Phvs.Lab -.H.M.S.O. 

and its Alloys. Anodic Oxidation of. (*49) D8.64. 10ill.(4col.). 

6tabs. sd.l/- Alumin. 

- and its Alloys. Anodic Oxidation of (Jenny & Lewis. W.). ('40) 
lMRvii.231. 107ill. 20/- Griffin 

and us Allovs. Application of. to Passenger Road Service Vehicles. 

C49) D8.56. 52ill. bds.2/6 Alumin. 

and its Alloys, Deep Drawing and lressing of. C45) D8.40. 33ill. 

7tabs. sd.l/- Alumin 

and its Alloys. Handling. Storing and Transporting. ('49) D8.64 

l()ill.(4col.).6tabs. sd.l/- Alumin. 

and its Alloys. Intro, to. ('50) D8. sd.l/- Alumin. 

and its Allovs, Surface Finishing of. ('47) D8.44. 6ill.4tabs. sd 

I/- Alumin. 

and Mapncsium Desipn and Fabrication (Schulze). C49) 64 /- 


Bronze. Practical Applications of (Meigh). ('48) 17/6 McGraw 

Chloride. Anhydrous (Thomas, C.A.. Moshier & Morris), etc 

C41) MS 972. 111. ACS Mon.S. 6/12/- Remhold-.Chnp.A H 

Coated Aluminium Alloy Sheets and Coils. Amendments T42- 

-'43) M- B.S.1. 

Electrodes for Metal-Arc Welding. C50) 2/- B.S.I. 

from Mine to Skv (Mctcalf). ('47) 23/6 McGraw 

in Service. ('49) D4.84. 72ill. bds.3/6 Alumin 

Indust (Edwards, J.D ,Friary & Jeffries). ('30) 2v. 5/10/6 


Ingots. Aluminium Alloy Ingots and Castings. Mapncsium Inpots. 

Mapnesium Allov Inpots and Castings. Inspecting and Testing 
Procedure lor. ('50) 2/- B S.I 

Mapnesium Alloy Ingots and Castings (Solution Treated) C50) 

I/- B S.I. 

Mapnesium, Equilibrium Diagram of Svstem (Raynor). ('45) D4 

6. Ifip.. sd.2/- Metals 

a Menace to Health (Clement). sCS.66. sd.2/6 True Health 

Notched Bars and Ingots for Re-Melting. 99.0 per cent. Primary 

(Virgin). ('50) I/- B S.I. 

Notched Bars and Ingots for Re-Meltinp, 99.0 per cent. Secondary 

(0) I/- B.S.I 

Notched Bars and Ingots for Re-Melting. 99.7 per cent Primar\ 

(Virgin). C50) I/- B.S.I. 

Pans are Danperous. Why (Saxon). 2e C46) C8.24. sd.l/- CW. 

Pistons. ('43) sd.rxl. Min.of Supply: H.M.S.O. \Danie! 

Powder I/- B.S /. 

Props, of. and its Alloys. 3r.e.('49) D8.56. 3ill 16tabs. sd.l/- 


RainwuTcr Goods (Cast and Extruded). ('47) Amendment. ('48) 

23. 2/6 B.S.I. 

Rainwater Goods: Cast and Extruded. Amendment. C50) BS I 

Repairing (Plato C22) C8.80. 12pl. 5/- Tech. P. 

Rivets. M- B S.I. 

Sheets (Half-hard). Amendment ('42) I/- B.S.I. 

Sheets (Hard). Amendment. ('42) I/- B.S I. 

Sheets (Soft) Amendment. C42) I/- B.S.I 

Silicon Allov Inpots and Castings. ('50) I/- B.S.I. 

Tubes. M- B.S I. 

Zinc-Copper Alloy Castings. I/- B.S.I. 

Zinc. Equilibrium Diagram of System (Raynor). ('44) D4.4 Inti 

sd.2/- Metah 
Aluminous Latente. Bauxite and (Fox, Sir C.S.). ('32) R 8.3 16 III 

40 /- Tech. P. 
Alumni Cantabrigienscs. Ed .Venn Pt 1 (to 1751). 1 e (500) ('27) 4v 

C4 465 492 504 . 538 ea.7/ JO/- Camh. 

Cantabripienses. Ed.Venn. Pt.2 (1752-1900). v.1-3. 1 e.(500) ('40- 

44: '47) C4. 612: 592: 620. ca.7/10/- Camb. 
Alva. 1567-8 (Motlcv). Enp.Txts.S 1/8* Bl'tckie 
Alveston. Parish of, r.nd Borouph of Stratford-upon-\von (Styles <% 

Bloc). C46) 4to.72. 8pl.lM. sd.10/6; cl.15/- Oxf. 
Alwavs Abounding (Orr). C41) C8.122. 5/- Marshall. M.&S. 

Adam (Jcnnett). ('43 ) D8.64. 6/- Faher 

Advancing (Easton). ('40) F8.120. sd.3/6 Marshall, M.&. S 

a Fusilier (Parkinson). ('50) 12/6 S Low 

Love (Collins, K.U.M.). n.c.('48) C8.176. Fr. 5/- Pick. A I 

Murder a Friend (Scherf). C50) C8 8/6 S.Low 

A Prisoner- Play (Salamon). ('39) C8. 1/6 Deane 

Ready (Clark & Gates). ('40) Pott4.49. 111. Today's Work-Play 

Bks. sd.2/- N.Y.:MacmiUan 

Reddy (Dennis & Henry). W) 80. 17/- McGraw 

Scout (Dimmock). ('49) sC8. Fr. Sovereign S. 3/6 Ward. Lock 
Aly the Philosopher: Stories (Roberts. S.). ('30),192. llcol.Ul 

2/- Macmillan 





Am Breacadh: Gaelic Rdr. (Nicolson). ('50) C8.48. 1/6 AMacLarcn 

I my Brother's Keeper? (Aurchus). C8. sd.l/- Gollancz 

I my Brother's Keeper? (Brennan). C46) C8.238. 8/6 Metropol. 
Amabel and Marv Vercnu (Beach). ('44) C8.344. 10/6 Faber 
Amalgamation, Methods of (Cutforth). 4e. D8.xiv,336. 35/- G.Bell 
Amalgamations. Transfers of Engagements. Disputes, Investigations 

and Dissolutions (Shrimpton). ('46) D8.78. 3/- Bldg.Soc.: 

F raney 
Amalgams, Cadmium, and Wcston Normal Cell (Smith, F.E.). R4. 

Coll. Researches, sd.2/- Nat.Phys.lMh. \HM.S.O. 
Metallography of Solid Mercury and, etc. (Rosenham, Murphy & 

Preston). R4. Coll. Researches, sd.3/6 Nat.I'hrs.Lab. H.M.S.O. 
Amaranth, Mvrrh and. G14.111. I/- Fruitarian 
Amaryllis at the Fair (Jeffcnes). sC8.xvi.344. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

at the Fair (Jeffcnes). C'48) C8.200. WeMawav 

- -Cruise of the (Muhlhauscr). ('50) C8.317. III. M. Mariners Lib.S. 

9/6 Hart-Davi* 

Amateur Acting (Tcncnt). ('46) D12.100. Id. Q.&. A.S. bds.3/6 

Acting, Teach Yourself (Bourne). C39) 1F8.204. 4/6 E/jpJ/.P. 
-- Actor (Mackenzie, F.). r.e.('35) C8.176. Gill. Little Theatre S. 3/6 


and the Theatre (Dohree). ('47) F8. Essays S. bds.3/6 Hogarth 

Boat Building (Vcrney). C'47) CH. Ill 8/6 J.Murray 

Boxing (Clarke. R.). ('48) C8 104. 46ill. sd 3/6; d.5/- Thorums 

Carbro Col. Prints (Hanworth). ('50) 10/6 Focal 

Choir Trainer (Coleman). C32) C8.160. mus.ex. 5/- Oxf. 

Cm6 World Series. 4v. ea C8. 3/6 Link 

Dramatics (Lee. N ). Ill.Kns. 6/- Oxf. 

Film-Making (Sewell). C8.X.114. Ill Techniques. 6/- Blackie 

Gardener (Hellyer). ('48) M8.800. 203ill. 25/- ColUnf>ndRe 

Gardening Pocket Guide (Hellyer). r.e.('47) F24.336. 5/- 


Guncraftsman (Howe. J V.). M8.313. 27ill. 31/6 Funk -.Mayflower 

- in Music (Shera). ('39) D8.86. 3/6 Oxf. 

Landscape Gardener (Vant). ('3D C8.64 111. sd.2/- Wartir 

Modern Stagecraft for (Lea). ('50) C8.78. 10/6 Pitman 

Movies (Strasser). ('37) C4.88. 46ill. How to do it S. 15 /- Studio 

Outlaw (Gooden). ('50) C8.256. 7/6 Harrap 
--Photographer Diary. 51 x 2J. 70. cl.3/-(-f P.T ); L.4/6( j P.T.) 


Photographer Handbook (Sussman). r.Downes. 3e.('49) M8.399. 

20 /- Pitman 

Photography. Ed lohnstonc. A. 6c.('48) 1C8. Til. 10/6 Newnes 

Photomicrography (Jackson. A.) C40) C8.18}. 8/6 Focal 1 Pitman 

Pianist's Comp. (Chmg). ('50) D8.114. 111. d 8/6 Hall, Oxf.'. 


Poacher and Gamekeeper at Home (JefTenes). C48) Pott8.374 

World's Class. 4/6 Oxf. 

Producer's Handbook (Smith. F.S -). ('33) 18 84. 4/6 Umv.Lond. 

Radio Series. 8v. C8. 111. sd 9d. - 1/6 Radio S<>< . 

Sailor (Harlmg). ('47) C8. 3/6 Chatto 

Singer (Antcliffe). ('20) D8.28. sd.l/- Augener 

Stage, Homc-Made Lighting Apparatus for tha (.Wilson, A.), ('36) 

C8. 4/6 Deane 

--Transmitters' Construction Manual ("Radiotrician"). (*47) C8 
72. 42d. sd.2/6 Bernards 

Vocalist (Twinning). ('30) PostS. 2/6 W. Reeves 

Amateur's Darkroom (Dalby). C8. 31illJ9d. Photofacts S. 2/- 

Filming for (Burnford). n.c.('48) M4.108. 18/- Pitman 

Greenhouse (Macself). 2r.e.C48) D8.296. lOOill.lOOd. 15/- 


Irish. Play Guide for (O'Mahony). ('47) C8 120. sd.V- Duffy 

Just Like You. ('48) 15/6 Focal 

Lathe (Sparey). ('48) D8.232. 153U1 79d. 12/6 Drvtdale 

Lens Work for (Orford). r.Lockett. 5r e. C8.230. 231111. 10/6 


Workshop (Bradley). C47) C8.272. 111. 7/6 P.Man,hall 
Amaxosa Lite and Customs (Soga). C31) R8.411. 32ill. 25 /- K.Paul 
Amazing Career pf Bernadotte CBarton. Sir D.P.). ('29) D8. III. P. 

2 1/- J.Murray 

Dr. Clitterhouse : Play (Lvndon). D8 112. sd.4/- S.French 

English (Shahani). ('48) sDR viii.158. 8/6 Black 

Influence (Oakley). ('48) C8.108. 3pl.ld. 6/- Health 

Journey of David Ingram (Kelly), 12mo. 20/- Lippincott 

Mr. Bunn (Atkey). n.c.C49) C8.224 5/- Macd.& Co. 
--Paradox (Hunt. D.A.). n.e.('50) Hunt 

Pranks of Master Till Eulenspiegel. ('48) 144. 57iH.(16col.). $cl. 

8/6 Parrish 

Quest of Dr. Syn (Thorndike). n.c.('50) C8.224. 6/- Rich 
Amazon. The (Miclche) Tr. Michael ('49) 1D8 312 III. 15/- Hodge 

and Other Stories (Lcskov). Tr.Magarshack. C8.282. 1076 Allen 

& V. 

Down the, with Orellana (Finch). (*48) 1C8.208. Col.Fr. 111. 6/6 


Rubber Industry of the (Woodroffc & Smith. H.H.). ('16) D8.435. 

III. 21 J- Staples 

Thousand Miles up (Wadia). ('36) C4.92. 16ill. 10/6 Dent 
Amazons: Play (Pinero). sd.2/6 S.French 

The (Bannet). C49) Imp8.256. lOill.Webb. C. iMor.5/5/-: Mor. 

15/15/- Gold.Cock.P. 

Naturalist on the (Bates. H.W.). sC8.xx.412. 111. Ev'man S. 4/6 

Ambassador Dodd's Diary. Ed.Dodd. DR. 7/6 Gollancz 

in Bonds (Oliphant). C46) D8. ISill.M. 17/6 Putnam 

of Christ (Blacam). ('45) C8.90. 2/6 M.H.Gill 

of Christ CMathews). ('50) C8.32..P. Servants of Univ.Ch.S. sd. 


Ambassadors, The (Holbein). Ed.Wengraf. (*47) D4.24. 18111. Gallery 
Bks. sd.4/ 6 Lund, H. 

The (James. IL). sC8.xiv.370. Ev'man S. 4/6 Drnt 

Ambassadors for Christ (Cable & French). ('35) C8.158. 5/- Patern P. 
Ambassadress, The (Keyes). ('38) D8.440. 10/6 Eyre 
Amber Light (Muirhead). ('45) D8.190. 12/6 Heath, C. 
Ambcrlcy Close (Watney). ('50) C8.240. 111. 8/6 Macd.& Co. 

Papers (Russell. B.<fc P.). ('37) M8. 111. 2v. ea.7/6 Hogarth 
Ambiguity in Greek Literature (Stanford). ('39) D8.xii.188. 10/6 


of the Word " Good " (Carnlt). R8. Br.Ac. Hertz Philos.Lcct. 

1937. t/6 Oxf. 

Seven Types of (Empson). C30) 1C8. 12/6 Chatto 
Ambition of Annabella Stordic: Play (R;>c). sd.l/- S.French 
Ambleside and Grasmere. Around (Banks). ('48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. 

Footpath Guide S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.T. 

Book of Verse. Ed. Parker. E.W. ('49) F8.xvi.256. Heritage of Lit 

S. 4/-* Longmans 
Ambrose Applejohn's Adv Play (Hackctt) 1)8 84 sd.4/- S.French 

St., Life and Times of (Dudden). C35) M8 782. hr. 2v. 40/- Oxf. 

St.. Life and Times of (Lfcbnollc). 1 r. Wilson. H. C8.328. 18/6 


St.. on Sacraments and on Mysteries (Thompson. T.& Srawley). 

C50) C8.172. 10/6 S.P.C.K. 

Ambrosia by Request (Wright, C.K.) ('46) R16 96. 2/6 Allen & V. 
Ambulance. First Aid and. ('48) C8.38. Scout Badge S. sd.9d. 

Brown, Son &. F. 

for Bov Scouts. ('48) C8.32. sd.6d. Brown. Son A. F. [U. 

Unit. Friends (Dimes. A.T.) C4K) D8 506. Ill.M. IS/- Allen & 
Ambulatory Patient. Surg. of (Ferguson. L.K.). 2e.C47) M8.932. 645 

ill. 96/- Lippincott 

Proctology (Cantor). ('46) 542 347ill. 44/- Hoe ber : Cassell 
Ambush (Read, H ). C30) Impl6.44. Cnt.Misc.S. sd.l/- Faber 

(Short). C50) C8.192. 7/6 Collins 
Amddiffyriad Socrates. ('36) D8.48 1/6 VnivM'ale* 

Amelia (Fielding). 2v. sC8 x\,300:viu.312. Ev'man S. ra 4/6 Dent 

(Wilson. J.M.-) & Lloyd (H ). C35) D8.312. 8pl. 5/- Oxf. 

Jane Again! (BIyton). ('46) 1C8. III. 6/- Newnei 
Amcharanne and the Green Umbrella (Howard). F4. 32col.ill. 

Ameharanne S. sd.3/6 Harr'tp 

and the Jumble Sale (Osbornc). F4. 32col.ill. Amcharanne S. sd. 

3/6 Ht;rr,i{> \Harrap 

Bridesmaid (Morris. E.). F4. 32col.ill. Amcharanne S. sd.3/6 

Camps Out (Heward). F4.32. Col ill Amcharanne S. sd.3/6 

Harrap \Harrap 

Gi\cs a Concert (Gilmoui). F4 32. Col ill. Ameharanne S. sd.3/6 

Gives a Party (Hcwaid). F4.32. Col. ill. Amcharanne S sd.3/6 

Harrap [Harrap 

Goes Digging (Wood, L.). F4. 32col.ill. Ameharanne S. sd.3/6 

Goes Touring (Heward). F4. 32col.ill. Amdiarannc S. sd.3/6 

Harrap [Harrap 

Keeps School (Heward) F4. 32col ill. Ameharanne S. sd.3/6 
AMELIARANNE SERIES. 10 v. ea F4.60. 5/- Harrap 

Kach volume contains 32 illustrations in full colour by Susan 

Beatrice Pcarsc. 

Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella Constance Heward 
Ameharanne and the Jumble Sale. E.Osborne 
Ameharanne Bridesmaid. Ethclberta Morris 
Ameliaranne Camps Out. Constance Heward 
Ameharanne Gives a Concert. M.Gilmour 
Ameliaranne Gives a Party. Constance Howard 
Ameliaranne Goes Digging. Lorna Wood 
Ameltaranne Goes Touring. Constance Heward 
Ameliaranne Keeps School. Constance Howard 
Ameliaranne's Moving Day. Ethclburta Morris 
Amended Lectionary. Intros. to Tabt>. A & B. (Houghton). ('48) D8 
132. 5/- 0x1. 

Lectionary Table A. Intros. to (Houghton). ('47) D8 68. 2/6 Oxf. 

Lectionary Table B. Intros. to (Houghton). C46) D8 66. 2/6 Oxf. 
Amending of Life (Rollc). Tr.Hubbard. C22) 92. sd.2/- Watkins 
Amendments Made by Acts. Statutory Rules and Orders, etc.. of 

1947. to Revised Statutes to 1920 and Ann. Vols. Since that Date. 

5/- Treasurv : H.M.S.O. 
Amentia. Textbook of Mental Deficiency (Tredgold). 7c.('49) DS.xvi, 

534 47pl 9tabs. 30/- Ballliere 
America. ('26) 224. 55J1I. Bk.3 Prog.Geog. 3/6* E.Arnold 

('34) 32. Bk.3. Prog.Exs.m Pract.Geog. 2/-* F.Arnold 

(Blake. W.). (*47) suR4.44. 36ill. 21 /- Falcon 

(Kafka). Tr.Muir, W.& E. n.c.('SO) C8.300. 9/6 Seeker 

(Nevms & Commagcr). ('42) C8.476. 15M. 2/6 Oxf. 

and Africa. Routes to: 1" 300m. 45"x47". cl.31/6; 37/6 G. 


and Britain (Florence & Smellie). ('46) D8.184. \Kf-Harrap 

and Cosmic Man (Lewis. W.). C48) C8.231. 10/6 Nich.& W. 

and Oceania (Frew). New Svst GCOR?.S I/-* Blackie 

And So To (Roberts. C ). C47) 1C8.512. 15/- Hodder 

and World Leadership. Brit. (Snell). C40) F8.X.50. Conway Mem. 

Lect. sd.iy- Watt* 

Backwoods (Wilson. C.M.). 8/- N.Carolina U.P.:Oxf. 

Black Odyssey; Story of the Negro in (Ottlcy). C49) D8. 18/- 

J. Murray 

Britain and (Atlanticus). C50) C8.84. 5/- Falcon 

Brooklyn is (Weld). D8.276. 16pl. 22/6 Columbia U.P.'.Oxf. 

Central (Wilson. C.M.). D8.303. 12/6 Allen A (/. 

Central and South (Coysh & Hunt. D.M.). ('38) D4.32. PL 12M. d. Mod.Geog.S. sd.1/6* Univ.Tut. 

China and (Dulles). C46) C8.286. 14/- Princeton U.P.iOxf. 

Cities of (Perry). ('47) 34/- McGraw 

Democracv in (Tocqueville), Ed.Commager. Tr.Recve. C46) PottS. 

628. World's Class. I.P. 6/- Ov/. 

Did the Phoenicians Discover (Johnston. T.C.). D8. M. 7/6 Nisbet 

Domestic Heating in. ('46) sd.3/- Sci.Indust. : H.M.S.O, 

England and (Hacker). C48) D8.24. Oxf.Umv.Inaug.Lect. 2/- Oxf. 

Epic ot (Adams. J.T.). r.e.C38) D8.ix.446. 111. 8/6 Routledg* 

Expom to. C50) D8.31. g Bd.6d. Times 





America, Fabulous (Payne). C8. 12/6 Gollancz 

Trance and (Tarclieu). D8. 12/- Allen & V [Oxf. 

Greek Revival Arch, in (Hambhn). ('44) M8.480. 95p!.Vngs. 42/- 

Growth of (Ahngton). C40) 1C8.320. 2M. 12/6 falter 

Growth of Modern (Ecclestonc). C8.124. Ill.M. 2/6* G.Bell 
-Here and There in. 014) C8.112. figs. Here & There S. sd.Sd. 

--History of Buccaneers of (Burney). C50) 18/- Allen & V. 

History ot Horticulture in, to 1860 (Hednck). C50) M8 55b. 32pl. 
45/- O.V.P.'.N.Y. 

- How War Came .o CDavkS. F.& Lmdlcy). D8.286. 12/6 Allen & 


Ideal and Reality (Stark). (*47) Internal I th of Social. 
10/6 Rontledge 

- In (Gorky). ('49) F8.15I. sd.9d. Collet (Muller 
in England (Underwood). (*49) F8.16().xvi. 13111. bds.5/-: cl 7/6 

in the New Pacilic (Taylor. G.E.). ('42) 1C8.16U. 15/- N.Y.: 

Macmillan n 

In Search of Regional Balance of. Ed.Odum & Jochcr. C45) R8. 
170 14 J- N. Carolina U.P.iUxf. 

- Inside Black (Ottlcy). ('48 ) D8.288. 12/6 Kvre 

Intellectual (Cargill). C4I) M8.xxn.777. 45/- N.Y. : Macmillan 
Introducing (Humphreys & BC-RRS). n.c.C'47) C8.116 3/6 Pitman 

- Introducing (Humphreys & BCKKS). schl.c.('42) C8.116. bds.2/-* 


- Isthmus of. New Voyage and Description of the (Wafer). Ld. 

Joyce. C33) D8.lxxi.221. 4pl 4M. 2nd S.73. 31/6 Hakluvf 
Last, Can (Phavnc). ('33) D8. 10/6 J.Murray \Quarltih 

Latin (Humphreys). ('43) D8.24. sd.1/1 Hi\t.Assn. 
Latin (Humphreys). (*49) D8.63. sd.5/- R.I.I. A. 

- Latin (Kirkpatnck). ('38) D8.xn.456. 3pl 11M. Hist.S 2 1/- Camb 
Latin (Platt). ('42) 47 /- McGraw 

Latin. Corning Struggle for (Deals). 112mo.320. 28/- Lippincott 
Latin. Economic Problems of (Hams. S.E.). ('44 ) 465. 40, h 


Latin. Industrialization of (HuRhlctt). C46) 517. 42/6 McGraw 
-Latin. Inside (Gunthcr). C42) D8.388. 28/- H.Hamilton 

Latin. Labour Courts in C49) R8.110. sd.3/9 I. L.O.: Staples 
-Letters from (Brooke). ('31) D8. 15/- Siilg.A J. 

- Lit. and Hist Atlas of (Bartholomew). r.Mckcc. sC8.\iv.242 Col. 

M. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

Little Golden (Ilf & Pctrov). ('44) D8.296. 12/6 Routledge 

Lord Lothian Speaks to. ('41) C8.110 6d. Oxf. 

Makers of (Scwell). 12mo. New. Citiz.Rdrs. 16/- Lippincott 
-Making of (Davies, H.A.). (*42) C8 140. HIM. 2/6* Oxf. 

--Making of (Scott, B.D.). 12mo. New Cmz.Rdrs. ift/- Jjpplmott 

the Menace (Duhamel). Tr.Thompson. C. 1C8 217. 7/6 Allen & t> 

Modern. Emergence of 1865-78 (Nevms). C45) 8vo.xix,446. vS 

Hist, of Amer. Life. 33/- N.Y. Macmillan 

a Mod. Geog. (Wood, C.A. . Herd man). sC8 77. III. 3 - 

-Negro in (Rose) C49) D8.344. 21 /- Seeker 

- North. See North America. 

North and South (Murray, A ). r e C^O) P4.64. M. ^d 2/-* Colliw 
Northwest, Pioneer in. 1K41-185N (Unomus). Ld Olsson. 1 r. 

Backlund. (*50) M8.432. 48/- Minnesota U.P.:Oxf. 
Physical and Econ. Geog. (Wood, C.A.& Herdman). SC8.115. 

111. 3/- Normal 

- Plumbing in (Barrow). (*48) R8. Nat.Bldg.Stud.S. sd 6d. Set. 

Indwt.'.H.M S.O. 

- Polit. and Polu. Organisations in (Cousens). ('42) 8vo.x,618. 

53Tabs.,5d. 36/- N.Y. : Macmillan 

- Principal Women of. Ed.Fudgc. v 1.C30) G18 130; v.2.('36) 

C8.733; v.3 C40) C8.750. ea.42/- Mitre 
-Religion in (Spcrrv). ('45) 1C8. Amcr.Lifc & Inst.S. 10/6 Camb. 

- Shakespeare in (Thorndikc). R8. Br.Ac Shakesp.Lect.1927. l/- 


- Six Cents, of French Master Drawings in (Shoolman & Slatkin). 

C50) 4to.288. Col.Fr. 145ill. 45/- N.Y.:Ox). 

South. See South America 

Spanish, Bolivar and Independence of (Trend). ('46) 11 S 302. 

Fr. 3M. T.Y.HistS. 5/- Eng.V.P. 

Spanish Empire in (Hanng). (*47) M8.396. 25/- NY.:Oxf. 

Spanish Struggle for Justice in Conquest of (llanke). ('49) 
D8.230. 4pl.M. 28/- Penn.V.P :Oxf. 

Speeches on (Burke. E.). Eng.Txts.S. 1/8* Blackie 

Speeches on (Burke. E.). Ed.Collins, A.J.F. Eng.Class.S 3/6* 

- Stevens. C50) D8.634. M. 40/- Bnllev [I'ntv.Tut. 

- Still-Life Painting in (Born). (*47) 4to 68. 134pl. Col.Fr. 42/- 

Storv of (Rutley). ('43) I ; 8.160. 9J11.1M. Laurel & Gold S. 2/3* 

This Was (Handlin). ('49) M8.612. 16pl. 40/- Harvard I'. P.: 

Oxf. [Oxf. 

Through British Eyes. Ed.Nevins. n.c.('48) D8.542. 25 f- N.Y.: 

Travelling Toncues: Debating Across (Hams, K.). ('49) 1C8. 

8/6 J. Murray 

United States of : 1 : 2.500,000. 28" x 22". Philip-Stanford Ref. 

Map. S. sd.3/- G. Philip 

was Promises (Macl^ish). C40) D8. l.e.(500). 2/6 J. Lane 

Who's Who in. v.26. 1950-51. C50) C4.3347. 7; Monthly 

suppts.: 1 yr.48/6. 2 y re. 93/6 Bailey 

Wildlife for (Graham, E.H.& DersaJ). ('49) F4.112. 70HI. 12/6 

N.Y. :0xf. 
--Yesterday and Today (Strong). ('42) C8.126. III. hmp3/- Vnlv. 

American. The (Adams, J.T.) W ('43) D8.404. I8/- Scribner 

(Fast). (*49) 1C8.352. 10/6 J. Lane 

(James, H.). ('48) C8.343. Chiltern Lib. 8/6 Lehmann 

Admin. Law (Schwartz). C50) R8.144. 25/-Pitman 

Affairs, French, Irish and (Burke). Ed.RafTcty. ('07) Pott8.388. 

World's Class. 4/6 Oxf. 

American Affairs, Speeches and Letters on (Burke. E.). &C8.xvi,296. 
Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

Agricultural Press (Demaree). 25/- Columbia U.P.:Oxf. 

Aircraft Const. Handbook (Dickinson). ('46) C8.258. lll.d. 8/6 


Anglo-. Democ., Hist. Study of (Nichols. R.F.). ('49) C8.44. 

]/6Camb. [Bailey 

Anglo-. Leg. Diet. (Weisscnstein). Pt.l.Kng.-Ger.('50) C4. 44/- 

Anglo-, Relations (Tyler). ('42) D8.24. sd.1/1 Hist.' Ann. 

Annual of Photography, 1950 (Frapne & Jordan). C4.246. 

ll!pl.6()Hgs. sd.I7/6; cl.21/- Chap&H. 

Anthropology, Hist, of (Mitra). 8vo.239. P. 5/- Luzac 

-Arc Welding Patents (Simon). v.l.2e.w.suppts ('48) D4.602. 
5/12/- Billey 

Argument (Buck). ('50) C8.X.214. 8/6 Methuen 

Army, Soldiers of, 1775-1941 (Todd). l.e.('41) 14to. 

Kredcl. 9/9/- Bats ford 

Art and Antique Dealers. Classified Directory of, v.4. Ed. 

Mastiu. ('49) M8.496. 35 /- Rockliff 

Art. Medieval (Kelemen). 2v.('46) Imp8.xiv,414:34; v.2. 306pl. 

set 1I/V- N.Y..Macnulhn 

Association of Great Chemists Series. Iv. M8. 36/- Interscience 

Australian Relations (Levi). ('47) D8.188. 16/- Minnesota U.P.: 

Authors. Sel. fr.: Shorthand, w.k. ('49) F8.119. 3/-* Pitman 

Automobiles, Early, Ireas. of (Clvmer) 42/6 McGraw 

Banking. Molding of (Redlich). C47) Pt 1. x.334. 32/6 Hafner 

Banking Svstem (Savers). ('48) C8 136. 7/6 Oxf. 

Hiog., Diet. of. Ed.Johnson, A.& Malone. C28-'36) M8.20v. 

47/5/-; ea.52/6; Index to v.1-20 ('37) M8.622. 52/0; v.21 . 
Suppt.l C44) M8726. 58/6 Oxf. 
-- Book Illustrators (Bolton). R8.298. 60/- Bowker:J.Whltaker 

Hook ot Common Prayer (Sutcr & Cleaveland). C49) D8.96. 

9pl.(lcol.). 12/6 N.Y.:Oxf 

- Book Trade Directory. lle.('50) sR8.vii.576. 7 Bowker:J. 

Books and Printing. Early (Wmtcrich). 1C8.252. 111. 12/6 Allen 

& U. 

Bovs' Book of Birds and Brownies of the Woods (Beard). 

8vo. 67ill. 20/- Ltppmcott 

Bow' Book of Buys, Butterflies and Beetles (Beard). 8vo. 

292 ill. 24 /- Lippincott 

Browning Auto-Rifle (Smith, C.J.C.). 3e.('43) sd 9d Sherratt 

Building (Fitch). ('47) M8.382. 177ill.d. 25 /- Vitsford 

Business, Understanding (Ncill & Cool). (39) 1C8.X.448. 76figs. 

2 1/- N.Y. '.Macmillan 

Capitalism. Triumph ot (Hacker). re-issue(*46) M8.470. 21 /- 

Columbia V.P.:Ovf 

Caravan (Frost). ('44) C4. 19/6 McGraw 

Catholicism, Story of (Maynaid). ('41) lC8.xvin,604. 30/- N.Y.: 


Century (Flanders). ('50) C8.112. 16/- Harvard V.P.-.Oxf. 

Champions (Cook, G.E.). C45) sC4.xu,234. 97M1. 14/- N.Y.: 


Chemical Industry (Hayncs). v.2^,6C45-'49). R8.xliv.440-xvi, 

606:xlii,638-viii,559. figs.tabs. 60/-; 60/-; 60/-; 75/- V. 
No it rand Macmillan 

Chemical Society Monographs Series. 43v. M8. 16/-8 Rein- 

hold. Chap & H. 

Churches (Sweet). C47) D8.55. Becklv Lect. 5/- Epworth 

Citv Government (Weidner & Anderson, W.). sRS.638. 35/- 

Allen & U. 

Civil Kngms. Handbook. Tld.Merriman & Wiggin 5r.e.(*30) 

sPost8.2263. 1749ill. In lv.80/-; 72/-; in 2v.90/- Wiley.Chap. 
& H. 

Civil War (Formby). CIO) D8. 2v. lv.68M.<fcd. 24/- J. Murray 

Civil War (Paxson) ('ID F8. H.U.L. 3/6 Oxf. 

Civil War. 1864-65 (Shcppard) (*38) DK.184. 6/6 Gale 

Civilization, Changing Patterns in (Wecter,Mathiessen,Bronk, 

etc.). ('49) D8.I90. 20/- Penn.U .P.-.Oxf. 

Civilization, 1608-1865, Econ. Mind in (Dorfonan). 2v. (*47) 

D8 1074. set 36/- Harrap 

Civilization. Making of (Beard. C.A.& M.R.). r.e.('39) 8vo. 

xiv,934.xhii. 183ill.(4col.).26M 36/- N.Y.: Macmillan 

Civilization. Rise of (Beard). C27) D8. 30/- Cape 

Colonies (Osgood). 17th Cent. 2e.C30) M8. v.1-2 ca.27/6; 18th 

Cent. 2e.('30) M8. v.2. 28/- Columbia V.P.'.Oxf. 

Constitution (Kelly & Harbison). R8.956 6/- Allen & V 

Constitutional System (Mathews). 2e.('40) 526. 42/6 McGraw 

Copyright Pract.. Manual of (Nicholson. M.). ('46) M8.266. 

16/- 0x1. 

Crafts Scries. 4v. F4. 111. 15/- Parrhh 

Democracy (Laski). sR8.798. 30/- Allen & V. 

Democracy, Disruption of (Nichols, R.F.). (*48) lC8.xvii,612. 

16tabs. 56/- N.Y. '.Macmillan 

Democracy. Economic Roads for (Til). C47) D8. 17/- McGriw 

Democracy, Today's (Williams, J.L.& Howard, P.P.). 620. 111. 

21 /- Lippincott 

Design, Index of (Christenscn). (*50) R4.xviii,230. 378nBS.(somc 

col.). 5/10/- N.Y.:Macmtllan 

Dialect Diet. (Wemworth). C44) R8. 35 /- Constable 

Diesel Engines (Morrison. L.H ). 2e.('39) 47/- McGraw 

Diplomacy (Williams. B.H.). ('39) 47/6 McGraw 

Diplomacy. Conduct of (Plischke). (*50) M8.xiv.542. III. 36/- 

V.Nostrand : Macmillan 

Diplomacy in Action (Alstyne). 32/6 Stanford U.P.-.Oxf. 

Diplomatic Revolution (Rostow). ('46) D8.24. Oxf. Univ. Tnaug. 

Lect.1946. 2/- Oxf. 

Diplomats, Truth About (Bucar). ('49) M16.175. sd.9d. Collet 

Dishes. Simple (Heath). C43) C8.80. 3/6 Faber 

Drama. Revolution in tGagey). ('47) D8.326. 21 /- Columbia 






American Drawings, Treas. of (Slatkin & Schoolman). C47) 4to.54. 
163pl. 42y- N.Y.iOxf. 

Drinks. Barkeeper's Golden Book. Exquisite Book of. in Eng.. 

Fr., Ger. (Blunicr). C35) D8.276. III. 15 /- Bailev 

Economic Association Scries. 2v. ca.D8. 25/-; 30 /- Allen & I 1 . 

Economic System (Ncwbury). 42 /ft McGraw 

Economy 1860-1940 (Brown. A.J.Y.). 15 /- Allen & U. 

Economy. Inflation and (Harris. S.Iaj. C45) D8.559. 47/- 


Economy. Labor in (Hopkins'). ('48) 360. 30/- McGraw 

Education. For Langs, and Cultures in (Kanlfers.Kcfauver & 

Roberts). (*42) 405. 34/- McGraw 

Electrician's Handbook (Crofi) 6C.C48) C8.17J4. 51 /- McGraw 

English (Gaze). Ed. Newton. ('28) D8.xxxii,407. 12pl. Broadway 

Trav.S. 15/- RoutledKe 

English (Goddard.C'amp.Lycan.eic.). 12mo.Bks.l-4. 356. 87ill.; 

354. 60H1.; 344. 50ill ; 332. SOiII. ca.16/- Lippincott 

English. Growth of (Craigie). ('40) D8.28.42. S.P.E.Tracts. 2v. 

2/6: 3/6 Oxf. 

English, Intonation of (Pike). (*45) 4to.212. 8/6 Michigan V.P.: 


Episcopal Ch.. Men and Movements in (Chorlev). (*46) D8.501. 

12/6 Scribner 

Excursion (Morpurgo). ('49) D8.264. 12/6 Cresset 

Experiment (Bonn). 'Ir.Brailsford. D8.308. 12/6 Allen & U. 

1'jimily Contemp. (Groves). 12mo.K3K. 36/- Lippincott 

Farmer, Letters from (Crevccccur). sC8.xxiv,256. Ev'man S 4/6 


Farmers in World Crisis (Schmidt). ('41) D8.358. 13ill.3ch. 

2tabs. 12/6 N.Y.:Oxf. 

--Federal Government (Ferguson, J.IL& McIIenry). 2e.('50) 38/6 

Federalism, Crisis in (Brogan). ('44) D8.44. sd.2/3 Glasgow: 


Fiction, 1920-40 (Beach). ('41) 1C8.X.372. 22/6 N.Y.'.Macmillan 

Fighting (Mason. V.W.). (*45) D8.512. 21 /- Jarrolds 

First Editions (Johnson, M.). r.Blanck. 4r.e.('42) G8.xvhi,554 

80 / - Bo wker - J Whttaker 

Folk-Songs, Bigliog. of (Henry). ('37) RR.142. 25/- Mitre 

Foreign Policy (Brogan). (*41) C8.32. Oxf. Pamp. World Affairs. 

6d. Oxf. 

Foreign Policy, Evol. of (Perkins). ('48) F8.192. H.U.L. 5/- Oxf. 

Foreign Policy in Making 1932-40 (Beard). ('46) M8.342. 18/- 

Yale U.P.'.Oxf. 

Foreign Policy. Nightmare of (Mowrcr). C8. 12/6 Gollancz 

Foreign Relations. Docs. on. Ed.Dennett & Turner. R.K.. v.8 

('48) M8.1000 Wld. Peace Fndtn. 32/6 Princeton U.P :Oxf 

Foreign Relations. Docs. on. Ed.Dennett & Turner, R.K. v.9. 

1947. (*49) M8.792. 48/- Princeton U.P.'Oxt. 

Foreign Relations, Docs. on. Kd. Dennett & Turner, R.K. v.10 

1948. C50) M8.732. 4()/- Princeton l'.P.:Oxf. 

Forestry, Introduction to (Allen, S.). 2c.C50) 402. 38/6 MtGraw 

Forests, Management of (Matthews). C35) 495. 47 /- McGraw 

Frontier, W. Ontario and (Landon). ('41) R8.324. 3M. Relations 

of Canada & U.S. 19/6 Oxf. 

Furniture (Nagcl). (*50) 1*4.104. 60ill.(4col.) Amer.Crafis S. 15/- 


Furn. and Decor., Practical Book of (Holloway). n.e. 8vo 191. 

200ill. Pract.Bk.S. 40/- Lippincott 

Furniture. Early. Knowing. Coll. and Restor. (Tavlor, II IL). 

8vo.l56. 81 ill. 24/- Lippincott 

Furniture, Story of (Ormsbcc). ('34) M8.xxi.276. 148ill. 22/6 

N.Y. \Macmillon 

Future (Ogersborg). ('34) C8.177. 9pl. 5/- Mitre 

Gent., First (Cabell). C42) C8.204. 7/6 J.Lane 

German-, Handbook (Krcmer). 12mo.39(). 40 /- Lippincott 

Glass and Glassmakmg (Watkins). <*50) F4.104. 55ill.(4col.). 

Amer.Crafts. S. 15 /- Parri\h 

Government (Dixpn & Plischke). ('50) C4.xx.420. 27/- V. 

Noitrand : Macmillan 

Government and Citizenship (Shurtcn. 12 mo. New Citiz.Rdrs. 

16/- Lippincott 

Government and Politics (Beard). 10e.('49) M8.viii.832. 41 /- 
N.Y.: Macmillan 

Government. Aspects of. Ed.Bailey. S.D. ('50) C8.201. 6/- 


Government, Elts. of (Ferguson, J.H.& McIIenry). ('50) 36/6 


Government. Survey of (Zmk). ('48) 1C8.X.809. Figs. 36/- N Y - 


Guide Series. C39-*41) D8. pl.M. llv. ea.15/- N.Y. '.Oxf. 

Gun Mystcrv (Queen), lie. C8. 4/6 Gollancz 

Heritage, Our (Covle & Evans), v.2. 15/- McGraw 

Highway Pract. (Hewes). 2v. C41-'42) M8. 111. v.l 459 44/-; 

v.2. 492. 52/- Wilev.Chap.&H. 

History, Album of (Adams. J.T.). v.l. (*44) C4411; v.2 (*4) 

C4.418; v.3. C46) C4.433; v.4 ('48) C4.315. 111. ea.42/-. 
Index v.5 ('49) C4.222. 30/- Scribner 

History, Atlas of (Adams. J.T.). C43) R8.300. 144M. 50/- 


Historv. Colonial Period of (Andrews. C.M.). ( f 34-'38) M8.566. 

418.370,492. 4v. ca.22/6 Yale V P. '.Oxf . 

History. Dictionary of. Ed. Adams, J.T.& Coleman. ('40) 

C4.2636 5v.& Index. 17 Oxf. 

History, Early. Conservatism in (Labaree). C48) M8.196. 21 /- 


History. Harvard Reading List in. (*49) D8.30. 3/6 Harvard 


History, Immigrant in (Hansen). 16/- Harvard V. P.: Oxf . 

History, Lost Men of (Holbrook). ('47) lC8.xiv,370. I11..19fips. 

24 /- N.Y.'.Macmillan r 

History. New (Woodward, W.E.). ('38) D8.752. 18 /- Faber 

American History, New Viewpoints in (Schlesmger). (*22) C8.X.30U. 
28/6 N.Y.'.Macmillan (Longman* 

History Pageant of Mid. (Peck). (*47) D8.xi,496. I11.5M. 21 /- 

History, Speeches and Docs. in. Ed.Birley. C42-*44) Pott8. 

312,336.344,320. World's Class. 4v. ea.4/6 Oxf. 

Homes, Early, Trcas. of (Pratt). ('49) Imp4. 5/6/6 McGraw 

Honey Plants (Pellett). 4c.('47) R8.467. 200ill. 48/- RoutledKe 

Hospital (Corwin). ('46) D8.242. 25tabs.2ttgs. 6/6 C'wlth.Fttnd: 


Housing, District Heating in. R8. Nat .Bldg. Stud. S. sd.4/6 

Min. of Fuel'.H.MS.O. 

Hunter (Rutledge). 18vo. 111. 32 /- Lippincott 

Husbandry. Ed Carman. 32/6 Columbia C.P :Oxf. 

Illustrated Med. Diet. Ed.Dorland. 21e.('47) ID8.1660. 880ill. 

(lOOcoD.lSltabs. cl.40/-; thumb indexed 42/- Sounders 

(or Englishman) in Greece (Atlantis). Impl6. sd.6/- Bailev 

Industry, Comp. Productivity in Brit, and (Rostas). (*48) 

R8.264. 3ch.lK2tab. 18/-*N.I.E.S.R.:Camb. 

Industry. Development of. Ed. G lover, J.G & Cornell. M8.896. 

21 /- Pitman 

Industry. Structure of (Adams. W.) (Ed.). ('50) D8.X.588. 36/- 

N. Y . ' Macmillan \Macmttlan 

Jew. Future of the (Kaplan). C48) MSxx.571. 45/- N.Y. 

Journal, My (Mautois). Tr.Charles. ('50) DS.2M). 9/6 Falcon 

Journalism (Mott) 2e.('50) 8vo.xiv.83h. Sfljjs. 37/- N.Y.: 


Labor (Harris. H.). 27/6 Yale V.P.:Oxf. 

Labor, Ideologies and (Grosser) (*41) D8.238. 10/6 N.Y.- 
- Land (Dcrsal). C43) DS.2^2. 65pl. 21 /- Oxf. \Oxt. 

Landscape. Through (Klitpaard). 10/- N. Carotin 4 U.P. :Oxf. 

Language (Mencken). 4r.e.('19) suppt,!. C45) suppt.2.C48). R8 

817:789:946. v.l & 2. ea.30/-; N.3. 37/6; set 9()/- RoutledKe 

Latin-. Tourist. Conversational Spanish lor (Romero). ('47) IXS. 

106. sd.10/- Bailey 

Law. Alien and Asiatic in (Konvit?). (*46) M8.314. 16/- Cornell 


Law of Collision (Griffin). ('49) x\ 1.946. 111. 84/- Ste\ern <t Son\ 

Library Directory, 1948. Ed.Brown. K. sukS.700. 7 liowket 


Life and Institutions Series. Hd.Benians. Iv. IC8. 10/6 Camh 

Life Insurance, Century of (Clough). ('46) M8.416. 3pl.59tabs 

21ch. 22/6 Columbia V. P.: Oxf. 

Literature, Historv ol. Ed.Trcm, W.P., Erskme & Sherman. ('17- 

'20) v.3 &. 4. R8. ea.30/- Cumb. 

Literature in 19th Century England (Godhcs). 15/- Columbia 


Literature, Indian in (Keiscr). ('33) D8.320. 10/6 Oxf. 

Literature. Oxlord Comp. to (Hart, J.D.). 2e C4S) R8.898. 42/- 

N Y.iOxf. 

Literature. Theory of (Jones. H.M.). ('48) D8.220. 22/- Cornell 


Loyalty, Roots of (Curti). (*46) D8.280. 15/- Columbia V .? :Or/. 

Machinists' Handbook (Colvm & Stanley). 9e.('45) sC8.1546 

59/6 McGraw 

Mammals (Hamilton. W.J.). C39) 434 34/- McGraw 

Medical Research Past and Present (Shryock). (*47) D8.38. 14/- 

C' with. Fund: Oxf. 

Henry David Thoreau. Joseph Wood Krutch 

Nathaniel Hawthorne. Mark Van Dorcn 

James Fentmorc Cooper James Grossman 

Edwin Arlington Robinson. Emery Neff 

Herman Melville Newton Amn 

Stephen Crane, by John Berryman 

Theodore Dreiser, by F.O.Matthiessm 

Henry James, by F W.Dupcc 

Sherwood Anderson, bv Irving Howe 
American Methodism. Dawn of (Pvke). r*53) CK 184. I/- Fpwotth 

Military Government in Germany (Zmk). ('47) ings 

4M. 30 /- N.Y.'.Macmillan 

Mind (Commager). C50) M8.488. Fr. 30/- Yale V.P.-.Oxf. 

Mind. Moldcrs of (Wocfel). 20/- Columbia U.P. : Oxf. 

Mining. History of (Rickard). ('12) D8 38/6 McGraw 

Mother Goose (Wood, R.). s4u>. 111. 15/- Lippincott 

Nation (GloaK). C42) C8.400. 7/6 Cas\ell 

Nation, tcon. Develop, of (McGrane). n.e.('50) D8.xn,813. 3*^111 

d. 28M. llch. 37/6 Gtnn 

National Histonog.. Lincoln Theme and (Pottei). ('48) D8.24 

Inaug.Lect.Oxf.Univ.1947 2/- Oxf. 

Nationality. Growth of, 1492-1865 (Wellborn). ('43) MR.xvi,1042 

Fr.52figs.35M. 31/6 N.Y.'.Macmillan 

Natural History Scries. 6v. 24/--37/6 Constable 

Navy, History of the Modern (Mitchell. D.W ). ('47) D8. 

21 /- J. Murray 

Negro Slave Revolts (Aptheker). 26/- Columbia U.P :Oxf 

Notes and Pictures from Italy (Dickens). 18. Ill.e. 6/6; Fireside 

e.7/6 Oxf. 

Notes, Hard Times, etc. (Dickens). F8 IP. cl.7/-: L.13/6 Oxt 

Novel, 1779-1939 (Doren, C.van). 2e.('40) viii,406. 28/6 N.Y.; 


Nurses Dictionary (Price, A.L.). ('49) 1C8.656. 19/- Saunden 

Oil Operations Abroad (Fanning). (*47) D8.270. 42/6 McGraw 

Opinion and War (MacLeish). C42) C8. Rede Lect.S. ]J- Camb 

Origin of Polyncs (Heyerdahl). D8. 111. 63 /- Allen & U. 

Painting (Barker. V.). C50) C4.xxviii,718. lOOill. 94/6 N.Y. 


Painting (Sutton). Ed.Bott. ('48),,C4.36. 46pl.(4col.). Disc.on An 

S. 8/6 Avalon 

Paintings, Great (Walker, J.& James, M ). ('43) 4to.48. 104pl. 

(8col.). 42/- Oxf. 

Paintings. Milestones of (Wright). ('49) C4.136. 50ill.(12col.) 

2 1/- Parrish 





American Party System (Merriam & Gosnell). 4c.('49) M8.viii.530. 
34/6 N.Y.:Macmtllarf 

People (Parkcs). ('49) D8.368. 15 /- Eyre 

People, Econ. Hist, of (Bogart & Kcmmerer.) 2e.(*47) D8.viii. 

856. 17U1.19M. Econ.S. 18/- Longmans 

People. History 01 (Muzzcy). n.e.('35) lC8.viii.754.xlvi. 34M. 111. 

25 /- Ginn 

People. Polit. and Social Growth of the, 1492-1940 (Hockett & 

Schlcsinger). 2v.('40-'41) lC8.xxii,860:xxii,784. Pl.figs.M.Ch. 
36/-; 33/6 N.Y.'.Macminan 

People. Short History of the (Chitwood. Owslcy & Nixon). 2v. 

C47) M8.xxii.842:xxii,812. Figs.M.Ch. 22/6; 36/- V. Nostrand: 

People. Story of (Strong, C.F.). 2e.('50) C8.352. 42ill. 12/6 


Petrol. Refining (Bell. H.S.). 3e.('45) M8. 111. 60/- Constable 

Pharmacy (Lvman). v.l. 2e.('48) SC4.540. 197ill. 63/-; V.2.C47) 

SC4.377. lllill. 55/- Lippincott 

Philosophic Addresses 1700-1900. Ed.Blatl. ('46) M8.774 37/6 

Columbia V /. Oxf. [U.P.:Oxf. 

Philosophy. History of (Schneider). C46) MR.660. 25 f- Columbia 

Philosophy of Education. Foundations of an (Knode. etc ). C42),554. 30/- V. Nostrand :MacmilUm 

Plantations. Appeals to Privy Council from (Smith. J.I I.). C50) 

M8.832. 63/- Columbia 11 .P.: Oxf . 

Pocket Medical Dictionary. Ed.Dorland. 18c.('46). sF8.1061. 

Tabs. 12/6; Thumb Indexed 15/- Sounders 

Poets, Some Modern (Southworth). ('50) D8.vm,180. 10/6 


Poltical and Social History (Faulkner). D8.860. 111. 25/- Allen 

& I). 

Political Mind (Wilson, F.G.). ('49) 47/- McGraw 
-Political System (Brogan). ('43) D8.415. 18/- H.Hamilton 

Politician. Ed.Salter. 10/- N. Carolina V P. '.Oxf. 

Politics and Party System (Bone). ('49) 777. 47/- McGraw 

Politics, Grammar of (Bmklcy &. Moos). ('50) sR8.760.xviii. 36/- 


Praver Book Commentary. Oxford (Shepherd, M.H.). ('50) D8 

982. SO/- N.Y.:Oxf. 

Presbvtcnanism (Briggs). 8/6 T.& T.Clark 

Presidency in Action. 1789 (Hart, J.). ('48) M8.xv.256. 30/- N.Y.: 


Primitive Painting (Lipman). (*42) 4to.l74. 102pl.(12col.). 111. 

42 /- Oxf. 

Problem (Brogan). ('44) D8.176. 10/6 H.Hamilton 

Prose. Ed.Boas. ('38) F8.xvi.262. 3/6 Macmillan 

Psalter. Oxford. lid.Brown. R.F. ('49) M8.256. 28/- N.Y.:Oxf. 

Psychiatrists Assn. One Hundred Years of American Psychiatry. 

55/- Columbia U.P -Oxf. 

Public Address, History and Crit. of (Brigance). ('43) 2V.1030. 

93 /ft McGraw [McGraw 

Public Education. Introduction to (Young, C.A.De). 2c.('50) 38/6 

Quilts and Coverlets (Peto). ('49) J-4.104. 56ill.(4col.). Amer. 

Crafts S. 15 /- Parrhh 

Renaissance (Matthicssen). ('41) M8.704. 8pl. 42 /- Oxf. 

Republic. Growth of (Monson & Comma^cr). 3c.('43) 1670. 2pl. 

44M. 50/- Oxf. 

--Revolution (Greene. A. B.). Ed.Morris. 32/- Columbia V. P.- Oxf. 
-- Rc\olution, Debate on (Bcloff). ('50) 1C8.304. Bnt.PolTrad.S. 

schl e. !()/-*; 16/- N.Kave 

Revolution. 1764-88. Sources and Doctrines illustrating, etc. Ed. 

Morison. 2e.('31) C8.422. 15/- Oxf. 

Rifle (IfaKie). ('44) lCH.xn,174. 34hgs. 15/- N Y.' Macmillan 

Road, Addresses upon the, 1941-45. ('46) 1C8.X.442. 30/- 

V .Nostrand : Macmillan 

Road, Addresses upon the, 1945-8 (Hoover). (*49) 8vo. xii.320. 

30/- V.No!>trand:Macmtllan 

Sailing Navy, History of (ChapcIIc). C4.612. III. 84/- Allen & V. 
--Scene (James, II.). ('46) M8.591. 21/- Scribner 

-Scenes (Boas). R8.20. Eng. Assn. Presid. Address. 1944. 2/- Oxf. 

Schools of Business (Bowie). D8.40. sd.l/-* Pitman 

--Sea Power Since 1775 (Westcott.etc.). 12mo.609. 111. 40/- 

Senator (Trollope). Pott8.566. World's Class. 4/6 Oxf. 

Sewerage Practice (Metcalf & Eddy), v.l. 2e.('28) 76/6; v.2.('15) 

55/6; v.3. 3c.('35) 68/- McGraw 

Short Stories of 19th Century. Ed.Cournos. sC8.xii,372. Ev'man 

S. 4/6 Dent 

Silver (Phillips. J.M.). ('49) F4.128, 57ill.(4col.). Amer.Crafts 

S. 15 /- Parrish 

Silver, Practical Book of (Wenham). ('49) 12mo.275. 212U1. 

Pract.Bk.S. 48 /- Lippincott 

Society. Negroes in (Davie). C'49) 1M8.542. 51 /- McGraw 

Soldier (Stouffer, etc.). C49) M8.612.682. Studs.m Soc.Psych. 

Wld.War 11,1-2. 2v.90/-; ea.50/- Princeton V. P.: Oxf . 

Song Book (Horton). ('43) C4.48. sd.2/6 E.J.Arnold 

South. See South American. 

Spanish-, Studies. British Contribution to Spanish and (Mctford). 

C50) D8.86. 17H1. sd.2/6 Br.Council : Longmans 

Speech (Hedde <k Brigance). r.e.!2mo.596. 111. 2 1/- Lippincott 

Speeches (Burke, E.). PottS. Fr. Tem.Class.S. 4/6 Dent 

Speeches of Earl of Halifax. C47) D8.460. Fr. 21/- Oxf. 

Spiders (Gertsch). ('49) D8.xiv,286. 64pl.(4col.). 52/6 V. 

Nostrand : Macmillan 

- Spirit in Europe (Koht). ('49) M8.300. 30/- Pennsylvania U.P. : 


- Sporting Dogs (Ed.Connctt). ('48) M8.xiv.550. lOSflgs. 56/- 

V. Nostrand: Macmillan * 

Sporting Scene (Kier an). ('41) C4.xii,212. 75col.iH. 30/- N.Y.: 


Standard Version, Bible. R.V.Minion. 16mo. G14.14M. 12/6; 

F8. 14M. IS/- Oxf. 

American Story (Carter, E.H.& Holroyd). ('42) D8.130. III. sd.2/6*; 
cl.6/-* 1C. J.Arnold [McGraw 

System of Government (Ferguson, J.H.& McHenry). 2e.('50) 42/6 

Tariff Policy towards Philippines 1898-1946 (Abelarde). (*47) M8. 

244. 15/- Columbia V. P.: Oxf. 

Taxation, Speech on (Burke, E.). Ed.Selby. ('95) G18.xlvltl,328. 

6/- Macmillan 

Textbook of Operative Dentistry (Gabel). 8r.c.('47) R8.674. 438 

ill. 75 /- Kimpton 

Textbook of Prosthenic Dentistry. Ed. Anthony. 7e.('42) R8.926. 

845ill.(3col.). 75/- Kimpton 

Themes (Brogan). ('48) D8.284. 12/6 H.Hamilton 

Thesaurus of Slang (Bcrrey & Bark). R8. 40/- Constable 

Trade and Finance, House of Baring in (Hidy). ('49) D8.688. 

13pl. 60/- Harvard V. P.: Oxf. 

Tradition. Shaping of (Hacker). C47) Imp8.1272. 2v. 42/- 

Columbia V.P.:Oxf. 

Treasure ... in Spain (Hamilton. E.J.). 19/- Harvard U*P. : 


Trials. Famous (Roberts, C.E.B.). ('48) C8.208. 10/6 Jarrolds 

Twins of Revolution (Perkins). C43) 1C8.184. 111. Twins S. 6/- 


Union (Jensen). (*50) Oxf.Univ.Inaug.l.ect. ('50) 2J- OxJ. 

Union (Nicholas). C48) 1C8.328. 8ill. 10/6 Christophers 

Union (Nicholas). ('50) SC8.288. Pelican S. sd.1/6 Penguin 

University of Beirut. Social Sci.S. List of Publications, sd.2/-; 

Pronunciation, sd.2/- Oxf. 

Usage, Dictionary of Modern (Horwill). 2e.('44) C8.392. 8/6 Oxf. 

Verse, Book of. Ed.Ward, A.C. ('35) Pott8.394. World's Class. 

4/6 Oxf. 

Verse, Oxford Book of. Ed.Matthiesscn. n.eX'50) C8.1188. 30/- 

Ox/., N.Y. 

Visitor (Gary). Unif.e.('49) C8.232. 8/6 M Joseph 

War of Independence. Letters on (Walpole), Eng.Txts.S. 1/8* 


Wild Flowers (Moldcnke). ('49) lC8.xxv.453. 64ill.(32col.). 52/6 

V. Nostrand : Macmillan 

Women's Ency. of Home Decorating (Koues). ('48) M8.976. 

1036ill.(36col.). 50/- Bailey 

Wool Manufacture (Cole. A. N.). ('26) M8.748. 111. 2v. 31/6 

Harvard U.P.:Oxf. 

World Policy, Strategic Intellig. for (Kent. S.). ('49) D8.240. 

20/- Princeton U. P.: Oxf. 

Year Book. 1949 Ed.Schuylcr M8.886. 84/- Nelton 
Americana in Lib. of James F. Bell. Jesuit Relations and other 

(Walter *. Doneghy). (*50) C4.434. Ipl. 10 Minnesota V .P.: 


Americanism. Pan-. Probs. in (Inman). IC8. If)/- Allen & U. 
Americans. The (Gorer). n e.('SO) D8.219. 12/6 Cresset 

1-irsi 1607-90 (Wcrtenbaker). ('27) 8vo. xx,358. 12pl. VII. Hilt 

of Amcr.Life. 33/- N.Y.: Macmillan 

from Holland (Mulder). 12mo.320. 16H1. Peoples of Amer.S. 

40 /- Lippincott {Lippincott 

from Norway (Bergman). ('50) C8. Peoples of Amer.S. 28/- 

from Sweden (Benson. A B.& Hedm). C50) C8.448. Peoples of 

Amer.S. 40 /- Lippincott 

Great (Rutley). C45) C8.xii.336. Figs. 4/6 Macmillan 

in Glass Houses (James. L.). C50) D8.124. 8/6 Falcon 

- Short Hist, of Canada for (Burt). 22/- Minnesota V.P. :Oxf 
~ 1000 (Seldes). ('47) !Post8.312. 12/- Collet 

Young, War-Time Hdbk. for (Leaf). 12mo. 111. 10/6 Lippincott 
Americas, The (Brooks). ('16) C8.236. 111. New Regional Geog.S. 

bds 4/3* Univ.Lond. 

(Redgrave). C48) O'er Land & Sea S 5/- Jiita 

(Srarson & Kvans, F.). sD8. lll.M. New Era Geog.S. 4/4* W 

(Spary). T29) C4.24. d. New Rcg.Map S. I/-* Untv.Lond. 

(Stamp). 5e.('39) D8.vii,177. M.d. Univ.Gcoe.S. 7/6* Longman* 

(Stembndge). ('41) C8.300. 20pl. 102figs. New Oxf.Gcogs. 3/6* 


Ambassadors to France (Wilson). C28) M8. P. 21 /- J.Mum\> 

and Aus.-N.Z.. Afr. (Simpson). 3e. C8.xii.404. Ill.M.d. Gcog 

Wrld.S. 7/-*; in 3 Pis. 3/3*: 3/6*: 1/6* G.Bell 

Colonial Record (Collier). C8. Fabian Res. S. I/- Gollancz 

Cook Bk. r.e.C47) M8.1107. 25ill. 21/- Scribner 

Economic Growth (Shannon). 2c.('40) 8vo. viii,868. 37/6 N.Y.- 


Fabrics (Bendure <fc Pfeiffer). ('47) M8.xv.688. 111. (some col.). 

75 /- N.Y.: Macmillan 

Housekeeping Book. C41) M8.607. 112H1. 15/- Scribner 

The, Pictorial Geog. (Sanders'). ('46) C4. 111. sd.3/6* G.Philtp 

Sixty Families (Lundberg). ('46) F4.578. 18/- Collet 

Stake in Britain's Future (Soule). ('46) C8.248. JO/6 Oxf. 

Stamps (Petersham, M.& M.). ('47) R6.144. 111. (some col.). 26/- 

N.Y.: Macmillan 

Yesterday (Brown, F.M.). 12mo.320. 111. 28/- Lippincott 
Amerika, Veremigten Stattcn von, Geschichtc dcr: Tr.mto Gcr. 

(Beard). ('49) sC4.427. 28/6 Barmerlea 
Amenkanische Tragodie: Tr.into Ger. (Drdiscr). D8.840. 22/6 


Amerikas, Die (Redgrave). C40) Oor Land en See S 5/- Juta 
Amersham and Nbrhd., Dir. of Chesham. r.e.('41) C8.292. 4/- 


Around (Morrison, J.). ('48) Imp32.80. lll.M. Footpath Guide S. 

sd.2/6 St.Cath.P 
Amethyst, H.M.S.. Glorious Story of. Ed.Pitkin. ('49) C4.24. 46 

ill. bds .2/6 Pitktn 
Amharic Lang.. Short Man. of (Alone & Stokes). 4e.('46) F8.206 

7/6 Macmillan 

Principles of (Abraham). C8.245. sd.12/6 Luzac 

Amharica. Mitia (Armbaistert. Pts.l. 2 & 3. v.l. ('08-:* 10: '20) 
R8.422:532:996. 27/6:35/-:95/- 





Amherst College. Pictv and Intellect at (Due). ('46) D8.178. 10/- 
Columbia U.P.-.Oxf. {Columbia U.P.iOxf. 

Remembrance of (Hammond). Ed.Whicher. t'46) D8.318. 15/ 
Amie de Madame Maigret (Simenon). ('50) C8.220. sd.5/6 Ang 


Amiens. Battle of, 1918 (Kearsey). C50) D8.92. 7/6 Calf 
Amigos. Siempre (Pittaro). (*47) JC8.xiii.866. 37/6 N.Y. : Macmillan 
Amino-Acid Scries, Rclatn. of Optical Form to Biol. Activity in. 

fid.Wilhazns. R.T. ('48) R8. Biochem.S. 5/- Camb. 

Acids and Peptides. Proteins (Cohn & Edsall). ('43) M8.686. 

III. ACSMon.S. 5/8/- Remhold:Chap.& H . 

Acids and Proteins. Outline of. Ed.Sahyun. 2r.c.('48) M8.286. 

111. 40/- Reinhold:Chap.&H. 

Acids in Nutrition, Proteins and. Ed.Sahyun. ('48) M8.580. 111. 

68/- Reinhald:Chap.& H. 

Aminoplastics (Vale). C8.224. 36d.8pl. 12/6 Cleaver 
Amir's Ruby (Westerman). C8. 4pl. 6/6 Blackie 
Amis and Amiloun. Ed.Leach. ('37) E.E.'l .S. 12/- O\f 

dc Jacquot (Turnbull). ('38) C8.iv.51. Col.Fr. 4ill. Fr.Kdrs. 

Grade I. bds.l/-* Univ.Tut. 
Amlyn ac Amig (Lewis, S.). 2/6 Gomerian 

Ammianus Marcellmus. Hist. Wk. of (Thompson, E. A.). ('47) 

D8.xii.146. 10/6 Camb. 
Ammines, Metal (Sutherland), v.10. Txt.bk.of Inorg.Chem IMS. 

xxvi.260. Fr.Ill. 20/- Griffin 

Ammonia and Nitrides (Maxtcd). ('21) C8.124. Iftill. 7/6 Churchill 
Ammonites from the Upper KimmenUgc Clay (.Ncaverson). ('25) 

R4.64. III. 10/6 L'PoolU.P. 
Ammonuim Sulphate. Coal Tar Distill, and its ProtK , and Gas 

Liquor and (Adam). M8. Mod.Sci.Mem.S. sdl/- J Murr-iv 
Ammunition, Elems. ot (Ohart). ('46) M8.412. 245ill 52 /- H iler: 

Chap.& H. 

Amoebae Living in Man (Dobell). ('19) R8.155. Ill 7/6 Staple* 
Amocbiasis, Etiol.. Diagn. and Trcatmt. of (Crais). ('44) M8.\in. 

332. 44figs. 35/- Bailliert 
Among the Bantu Nomads (Brown. J.T.). D8. III. 2 1/- Seelev 

the Bushrangers (Henty). ('49) C8.96. Fr. Summit 1 ih. bds.2/3 


Doctors (Cox, A.). ('50) D8.224. 2ilL 12/6 C.Johmon 

Vie Gauchos (Backhouse). C50) D8.216. 5hll. 15/- Jnrrold\ 

the Mystics (Fairweathcr). 6/- T.& T.Clark 

Nature's Children (Wcssell). 1C8.96. III. Naturecraft S. limp 2/1* 


Papuan Head Hunters (Riley). DK. Ill.M. 21.'- Seelev 

the Thinkers (Lindsay, J. A.). ('3D CR.x.lQK. 5/- ll.KJ.ew is 

Wild Flowers: Spring and Summer (Wood. H.) 111. 3/6 Allen 

& U. 

Wild Tribes of the Afghan Frontier (Pennclh. 1)8. Ill.M J6/- 

Amor Christ! : Play (Myers). 4c.C46) CR.52. sd.1/6 I pwonh 

Dei (Burnabv). ('39) 1M8.352. 15/- Hodder 

Amores. Hcroides (Ovid). Ir.Showerman. 18. Loch Lat.S 15/- 

Amorous Baron (Thomas, J.B.). ('48) C8.220 8/6 R.IJale 

Flute (Manifold). ('48) SC8.48. Mus.exs. bcis.3/6 Wrkr<..Mus. 
Amorphous Materials, Indust. Chem. of Colloidal and (Lewis, 

Squires & Broughton). ('42) M8.xi,540. 45/- N.Y.: 
Amos. Ed.Gwynn. F8. R.V.for Schls.S. 3/6* Camb. 

(Snaith). Pt.l. ('45) C8.40. Pt.2. ('46) C8.48. Stud. Notes on Bib. 

Bks. 2/6; 4/- Epworth 

Tr. into Colloq. Eng. (Robinson, T.H.). 4e. sC8.27. limp l/- 


and Hosea (Harper). Im.Cnt.Comm.S. 18/- T.&T.Clark 

and Hosea. Sketch of (Twcedie). ('16) CS.118. 2/6 Blackwood 

Grit, and Exegctical Comm. on (Cnpps). ('29) D8.384. 15 /- 


Intolerable (Mallctt). (*48) sC8. 5/- Cape 

Joel and. Ed.How. F8. Sin.Camb.Bib.Schls.S. 2/3* Camb 

the Prophet, Story of (Cosgravc). C39) F4.28. sd I/-* S.P.C.K. 
Amoundcrness, Kirkham in (Shaw, R.C.). 2e.('50) D4.772. 42.11.(2 

col.). 9tabs. 72/- R.C.Shaw 

Amour Mdecin (Moliere). Ed.Moore. S.H. Fr. Plays S. limp 1/9* 

M6decm, Lc Sicilien (Moliere). Pott8.58. Camb.Pln.Txts S. 1/9* 

Ampcne Standard Balance. B.O.T.. Comparison of with Ayrton- 

Joncs Current Weigher (Maker & Smith. F.E.). R4. Coll. 

Researches, sd.l/- Nat.Phys.Lab.:H.M.S.O. 
Amphibia, Brit. Reptiles and (Smith. M.). ('49) sC8.34. sd. 

1/6 Penguin 
Amphibians, Hardy Reptiles and CPayne). 2c. D8.36. III. sd.1/6 

Poultry Wld. 
Amphibious Warfare in Br. Hist. (Richmond). ('41) D8.24. sd.l /I 

Amphoxus, Early Develop, of (Newell & Grove). M8. Mod.Sci. 

Mem.S. sd.l/- J.Murray 
Amplcforth Country Guide Bk. 2r.c.('49) C8.90. 9iIl.lM. sd.3/- 

Amplification and Distribution of Sound (Greenlees). 2e.('48) D8. 

255. 82figs. 16/- Chap.&H. 

given by Triode Amplifiers (Smith, F.E.& Napier). R4. Coll. 

Researches. sd.9d. Nat.Phys.?Mb.:H.M.S.O, 

Amplifier (Williamson, D.T.). C50) SC4.32. 38ill. sd.3/6 Iliffe 

Feedback, Design Nctwk. Anal, and (Bode). ('47) M8.xii,551 

56/- V.Nostrand: Macmillan 

Magnetic (Reyner). C50) D8.120. 72d. 8pl. 15/- Stuart & R. 

Manual, Wireless. No. 2 (Babani). C8.64. 22d. sd.3/- Bernards 

Public Address, Ptble. AC/DC, How to Make. ('48) B/print. 

sd.2/- Bernards 

2-watt " Quality/* How to Mak* De luxe Tuning Unit for. 

('48) B/ print, sd.2/- Bernards 

Amplifiers, Applicatns. of Vales in Radio Recvrs. and. Ed. Dam - 
mers, etc. No.IV. C50) 450. 256ill.; No.V. C50) III.; No VI 
C50) 111. Philips :Cleaver 

High Quality Audio. Ed." Wireless World." SC4.20. 3ill 17d 

sd.2/ 6 Iliffe 

Performance of (Thomas, H.A.). R4. Coll.Researchcs. sd.1/6 

Nat.Phyx.Lab. : H.M.S.O. 

Vacuum lubes (Valley & Wallman). ( % 48) 85/- McGraw 
Ampoules. ('38) 24. ?/- BSJ 

Amputation Prosthesis (Thomas & Haddan). C45) 12mo.305. 207 

ill. 65 /- Lippincott 
Amputations and Artif. Limbs (Kelham & Perkins). ('42) F8.108. 

39figs. Oxf.WarMan. 5/- Oxf. 

Atlas of (Slocum). ('49) D4.562. 564ill. 7 Kimpton 
Amsterdam, Answer from (Northcott). ('48) C8.64. sd.2/ 6 Indep.P. 

Bruxclles-Pans, Map. 1:1.000.000. 1/3 Anglo-Fr.l'er. 

Meet (Doeser & Reiger). ('49) R8.64. 111. 10/6 Bailey 

On Road to (Beard). ('48*) C8.32. sd.l/- Indep.P. 
Amulet, Story of (Nesbtt). 10e.('49) 1C8.368. 111. 7/6 E.Benn 
Amulets, Magical, chiefly Graeco-Egyptian. Studies in (Bonncr) 

C50) Imp8.360. 25pl. 5 Michigan UJ'.:O\f. 
Amulett, Das (Mevcr). Condor S. 1/9* Harrap 
Amulcttc, L* (HolenkofT). C 39 ) C8.ii.62. limp I/- Macmillan 
Amuri The County, Old Times and Old Peopk- (Macfarlanc) 

2c.('46) D8.135. 2U1.1M. 12/6 Whitcombe 
Amusements, 101, for All (Bishop). ('49) C8.84. 5/- Faber 

in Maths (Dudcney). ('17) D8.268. 498ill. 7/6 Nelson 

Inestimable (Wood. F.P.). ('38) C8.36. 111. sd.l/- Marshall, 


of Khan Kharuda (Dunsany). ('25) C8. sd.1/6 Putn tn 

Photographic (I-rapne & O'Connor). llc.('37) R4.25t>. 250ill 

21 /- Chap.&H. 
Amusez-Vous ! (Hawks). ('40) G18.vui,96 Mod.Fr.S. 2/3 


Amusons-Nous (Malhnson). ('40) F8.112. 2/3* Dent 
Amyl Acetate. ('50) 2/- B.S.I. 

An a Australie (Mourot). C'46) C8.96. 111. 3/-* Longmans 
-- a Noumea (Mourot). C39) C8.94. 23ill. 3/-* Longmans 

l ; ioraon Og. Tr. of "Holy Childhood" (MacMahon). ('48) sd. 

21- Eason, Dublin 

Glr-nn San Robh Mi Og CMacLeod). Tr.Whyie. (*27) 2/- A. 

MacLaren \Drum.Tract. 

luchair Oir: Gaelic Sermons (Macleoid). C50) DS.I48. 4/6 

Nabigha al-'/ubyam: in Arabic (JunUi). 8vo.143 sd.7/6 Luzac 

Ouarantc, L' (Adair & Dcgreve). ('49) C8.64. 111. Bus.H.'lcxts S. 

sdl/6; cl.1/9 Christophers 

Rcitc.ichadh Rathail: Plav (MacCormick). C29) C8. I/- A. 


Ribhinn Alainn: Song (White). C30) 8. 2/- A.Maclaren 

Rosarnach: Gaelic Miscellany. 2v. ca C4.162. 158. v.l-3(m lv.). 

10/-; v.4. 5/- A.M admen \MacLaren 

-- Sgoil Bhcag: Kmdcrspiel (Grant. K.W.). ('27) C8.16. 6d. A 
--t-Agh Odhar: Play (MacCormick). ('3D Cfi.26. I/- A.MacLaren 
-'leid Thu Leam a Ribhinn Os (Macleod). C27) 8. 27- A MacLaren 

t-Eilcan Muileach: Song CMacPhail). Tr.MacFarlane. C35) 8. 

2/- AMaclMren 

t-Eilcan Uam Llcach: Song (MacNcill). If.Macfarlane. C32) 8. 

2/- A.MacLaren 

t-Eileanach : Songs and Rdgs. (Macfadycn). 2e.('2l) C8.xii,314 

6/- A.MacjMren 

Anabaptists of 16th Cent (Payne). C49) Impl6.24. sd.l/- Carey 
Anabasis (Xenophon). See Author entrv 

Symposium, Hellemca (Xenophon). Ir.Brownson & Todd. F8. 

I ocb Gk.S. 3v. ea.15/- Heinemann 

Bks.J-III. (Arnan). Ed.Audur. C02) 204. Class.Texts S. 2/6 


Anemia. Acute Aplastic (Smith. A. H.). C28) R8.viii.80. 6/- U.K. 

Agranulocytic, Agranulocytosis or. ('35) sd.6d. Mtn.oJ Health : 


I.cuctcmia and Aplastic Anaemia, Pernicious (McGowan). (*26) 

D8.viii,116. Sill.dcol.). 7/6 H.K.Lewis 

Nutritional Macrocytic (Sippe). ('47) R8.76. 12pl.(4col.).lM. 

2 1/- Crown 

Pernicious, Recent Researches upon the Nature and Therapy of 

C34) sd.6d. Min.of Health: H.M.S.O. 
Anarsthcnia, Blind Intubation and Signs of (Human). 3e.('47) F8. 

x.232. 60ill. 10/- H.K.Lewis 
Anaesthesia. Ed.Evans, F.T. ('49) xx,566,40. 228U1. Mod.Pract.S. 50/- 


Aids to (Goldman). 2e.('48) F8.viii.316. 84ill. Students' Aids S. 

7/6 Baillierc 

and Analgesia. Rec. Advan. in (Hewer). 6e.('48) D8.388. 149111. 

2 1/- Churchill 

Art of (Flagg). 7e.('44) 8vo.519. Fr. 166U1. 48/- Lippincott 

Clinical (Lundv). C42) M8.771. 266ill. 55/- Sounders 

Conduction (Pitkin). Ed.Southworth &. Hmgson. ('46) SC4.981. 

606ill. 8 Lippincott 

Dental (Smith, G.F.R.). ('26) C8.160. 25ill. Outlines of Dental 

Sci.S. 7/6 E.&S.Liv. 

Elcm. (Kemp). ('48) M8.xi,289. lOOill. 38/6 Bailliere 

for Dental and Oral Surgery, Pract. (Seldin). 3r.e.('47) R8.562. 

238ill. 60 /- Kimpton 

Fundamental Considerations in (Burstein). (*49) D8.xii,154. 111. 

64figs. 30/- N.Y.: Macmillan 

in Gen. Pract.. Problem of (Lukis). ('35) D8.158. 7/6 Hoddcr: 


Inhalation (Gncdel), (*37) ffvo. xiv.172. 6Ch. 30/- N.Y.: 


Inhalation. Develop, of (Duncum). C47) D8.656. 161J11. 35/- Oxf. 

Local, Dental (lames, J.). (*29) C8.128. ISill. Outl. of Dental Sci. 

S. 7/6 E.&S.Liv. 





Anesthesia, Local. Surgeon's Guide to (Corlettc). ('48) D8.367. 200ill. 
30/-J Wright [Saunders 

Obstetric Analgesia and (Snydcr). ('49) 1D8.401. 111. 32/6 

Pediatric (Leigh & Belton). ('48) lC8.xv.240. Fr.76figs. 41 / - 


Spinal (Vehrs). C34) R8.269. Slill. 38/6 Kimpton 

Synopsis of (Lee, J.A.). C47) G18.262. 42ill. Synopsis S. 12/6 


Technic of Local (Hcnzler). 6c.('37) R8.284. 142ill. 35/- Kimpton 

Vet. (Wright. J.G.). 2e.C48) M8.viii,218. 62ill. 12/6 Bailliere 
Anassthctic Practice, Modern. Ed.Moncneff & Rollcston. ('38) D8. 

146. Practitioner S. 12/6 Eyre 
Anfcsthctics (Nisbet). ('49) 3/- Rov.lnst.Chem. 

Afloat (Woolmcr). ('42) C8.X.120. III. 6/- H.K.Lewis 

And the Patient (Ostlcre). ('49) C8.116. Ill.d. Sci.S. 

7/6 Sigma 

for Medical Students (Ostlere). ('49) C8.116. 7/6 Churchill 

Practical (Mackenzie, J.R.). 2c.(''6) D8.xh.172. 71ill. 10/6 


Practical. Short Hdbk. of (Price, H. P.-). ('46) G18.135. 50ill. 

12/6 J. Wright 

Texthjc. of (Minnitt & Gillies). 7e.('48) D8.562. 250ill. 30/- 

E.& SJ.iv. 

Analacta Liturgica (Wcale). (*89-'92) 3v. 18vo. 56/- Quaritch 
Analects. The (Confucius). Ld.Hosic. Tr.Soothill. Pott8.314. World's 

Class. 4/6 Oxf. 

(Confucius). Ir.Walcv. D8. 12/6 Allen <fc V. 

Analpesia and Anesthesia, Obstetric (Snvder). ('49) IDS 401. 111. 
32/6 Saunders 

Gas and Air (Minnitt). 4e.('49) C8 viii.86. 22iJl. 5/- BaiUierr 

Gas and Air, in Midwifery (Stovia). ('45) F8.80. Col. ill. 5/- 


Obstetric, Evolution of (Clayc). ('39) D8.114 I r. Sfigs.tabs 6/- 


Rec. Advan. in Anesthesia and (Hewer). 6e.('4S) D8.388. 149 

ill. 2 1/- Churchill 

Regional (Molcsworth). 2e.("46) D8.viii,92. III. 8/6 H.K.lewi* 
Analogies (Tomlmson). "West Riding" Tests of Mental Ability. 

sd.7d. ( + P.T.). Vniv.l.ond. 
Analogues of Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrimage (Kirk & Furnivall). 

C03) 8vo. Chaucer Soc. 4/6 Oxf. 
Analogy and Symbolism, Philos. of (Cargill). ('47) IDS. 264. 26d. 21 /- 


Existence and (Mascall). ('49) D8.xix.188. 12/6 Longman* 

of Rclig. (Butler, J.). sC8.xxxii.280. Lv'man S. 4/6 Dent 
Analysed Samples In Metallurgical Anal. ('49) 6. I/- B S.I. 
Analvscr, DifTerml. (Crank). (*47) C8 viii,137. 6U1.30d. 10/6 

Analysing. Passing and Corrcn. of Sentences. Exs. in (James. D M.J ) 

('96) 9d. Blackwood 
Analysis and Ackilter. yf Food and DriiKS (Liversecg?). ('32) R8 

616. 36/- Churchill 
--- and Design of Steel Structures (Fuller & Kerekes) M8. 45 '- 

V.Nostrand : Macntillan 

and Lubrication of Bearings (Shaw & Macks). 85/- McGraw 

and Metaphysics. ('45) 15/- Arntot. -.Harrison & S. 

Applied Inorpan. (Hillebrand & Lundcll). C29) M8.929. 401ill. 

72 /- Wiley: Chap. & H. 

Chemical of Food and Food Products (Jacobs). ('38) MS.xxii. 

538. 56figs.69tabs. 48/6 V.Nostrand :Macmillan 

Chemical, Outlines of Mcths. of (Lundcll & Hoffman). C38) 

M8.250. III. 32/- Wiley: Chap.& H. 

Chemical,, Text.-Bk, of (Cummins & Kay). r.Guthne, 

Nance & Occlcshaw. 10r.e.('48> D8 549. 85d IK/6 Oliver 

Chemical, lech. Methods of (Lunge <t Keanc). Ed.Keane & 

Thornc. 2r.c. 4v. R8. 722: 664 -.698: 980. v.1-3. ca.63/-; v.4. 
84 /- Oliver 

Colorimetric Methods of (Snell. F.D.& C.T.). 2v, 3c.('49, '49) 

M8.xii.239:x,950. 111. 33/6:90/- V.Nmtrand:Mocmill^n 

Combmatorv (Macmahon) v.2. C16) R8.xx.340. 27/6 Camb. 

Commercial Methods of (Snell & Biffin). ('44) D8. 55/6 McGraw 

Correlation, Meths. of (Ezekiel). 2e.('41) M8.531. III. 4R/- 

Wllev:Chap.& H. 

Course of (Phillips. E.G.). 2e.('39) D8. 16/- Camb. 

Course of Mod. (Whittaker & Watson, G.N.). 4e.('27) R8.608. 

42 /- Camb. 

Deep (Berg). C47) D8.261. 15/- Allen & V, 

Dimensional (Brtdgman). 25/- Yale V.P. :Oxf. 

Dream (Sharpe). (*37) D8. Internal. Psychoan.S. 12/6 Hogarth 

Elementary (Dakin & Porter). lOe. C8.x,316.xl. 7/- G.Bell 

Elementary Qualitative (Rcedv). 2e.('41) DR. 19/6 McGraw 

Elementary, Tabs, for (Lambert, J.). 2e.('48) D8.16. sd.9d.* 


in Engineering. Numerical Methods of (Grintcr). ('49) MS.xvi, 

208. 111. 45 /- N.Y.iMacmillan 

Infinitesimal, Intro, to (Vcblen & Lennes). n.e.('07) viii,227. 

16/6 Hafner 

Inorg., Intro, to Microtechnique of (Pichler). (*42) M8.302. 84 

ill. 32 /- Wiley: Chap. AH. 

Inorg., Qual. (Berry). 2e.('48) D8.viii.148. 8/6 Camb. 

Instrumental Methods of (Willard, Merritt & Dean). ('48) D4. 

vi.248. 17figs. 30/- V.Nostrand -.Macmillan 

Lay Question of (Freud). Tr.Gregg. ('47) D8.80. 9/- Imago 

Math.. Course in, v.l. (Goussat). Tr.Hcdnck. ('04) M8.viii,548. 

44 /- Ginn 

Math., Course in, v.2 (Goussat). Tr.Hedrick & Dunkel. Pt.l. 

(*!6) M8.X.259. Pt.2. ('17) M8.viii.300. ca.37/6 Gtnn 

Math.. Pract. (Sandcn). Tr.LcVy. ('23) D8.xvi,195. 27d. 11/6 


Methods of. ('26) 15/- Arlstot.i Harrison & S. 

Micro-Chem., Methods of Quantitative (Milton &. Waters). C49) 

M8.viii.599. 28ill. 60/- E.Arnold 

Analysis, Microscpc.. of Cattle-Foods (Morris. T.N.). C17) C8.74. 
54fis. 4/- Camb. 

of Abhisamayalamkara (Obermiller). 3v. ea.Svo. sd.v.l &. 3. 10/- 

v.2, 12/6 Luzac 

of Alumm. and its Alloys (Withey). R4. Coll. Researches, sd. 

I/- Nat.Phys.Lab.'.H.M.S.O. 

of Austin's " Jurisprudence." Ed.Campbell, G. ('05) C8. 7/6 


of Concretes (Bowden & Green). (*50) R8.20. sd.9d. Dept.of Sct.A 


of Drugs and Chemicals (Evers & Elsdon). 1M8.X.372, 19111. 28/- 

Griffin (Grtffm 

of Dyestuffs (Green, A. G.). 3r.e. IMS. ix, 150. 3111.^1 tabs. 16/- 

of Economic Times Series (Davis, H.T.). C41) D8.634. Tabs 

32/6 Prindpia : Wms.A. N. 

of Engineering Structures (Pippard & Baker). 2c.('43) DS.ix, 

627. 111. 30 /- E.Arnold 

of Eng. Church Hist. (IMnnock). F8.448. 5/6 Deighton 

of Food (Winton & Wmton). ('45) D8.999. 111. 5/4/- Wilev: 

Chap.& H. 

of Food and Drugs. Aids to. r.Nicholls. 6c.C45) 

Students' Aids S. !()/- Bailliere 

of Foods, Chem. (Cox. H.E.). 4c.('50) D8.348. 39ill. 28,'- 

Chur chill 

of Fuel, Gas. Water and Lubricants (Parr). 4e.('32) D8. 34 /- 


of Handwrtg. (Jacoby). D8. III. 16/- Allen & V. 

of Heat Flow. Numer. (Dusmberrc). C50) 227. 38/6 McGraw 

of J.S.Bach's " 48 Preludes and Fugues " (Riemann). Pis. I & II 

C93) ca.C8.xix, 168:210. limp 4/6 Augener 

of Leadersh! P (Henson). D8. Walker Trust Lcct.1934. 2/6 Oxf 

of Marine and Other Insurance Clauses (Dover). 6r.e.('50) C8. 

618. 25 /- Wither by 

of Marine Steam Engine Indicator Diags. CMackav, J.S.). ('49) 

lC4.xiv.130 50ill.5d.28tabs. 32/- Griffin 

of Melody (MacMahon). C35) 2/-* Schoheld 

of Mendelsohn's Organ Wks. (Hathaway). C8. P.facs. 7/6 W. 

of Mind (Russell, B.A.W.) D8. Philos.S. 12/6 Allen & V. 

of Objects, or The Four Prin. Categories (Osgniach). C8.319. 

22/6 Herder 

of Pearson on Creed (Gorle). 6e.('84) F8.404. 4/6 DetRhton 

of Political Bchav. (Lasswell). ('48) DS.ix. 314. Imcrnat.Lib.of 

Sociol. 21 /- Routledge 

of Prob. of Perccptn. in Brit. Empiricism (Hartnack). C50) R8. 

203. 30/- Bailev 

of Rate of Ascent of Pilot Balloons (Batty). ('20) sd.6d. Met. 


of SocioloR. Theories of B.Malinowski (Gluckman). ("49) 32. 

Rhodes-Livingstone Papers. 3/- Oxf. 

of Taswcll-Langmead's Constit. Hist. (Wilsherc). 5c C29) C8. 

6/6 Sweet 

of Volitional Life (Lambek). sd.8/- Mimksf<aard:Wm\.& N. 

Official Methods of (Leather Trades' Chemists Soc.). (*38)n c 

D8.164. 9flgs. 8/6 A.Harvev 

On Fundamentals of (Lcvi). (*39) *Svo.56. sd.2/6 

Organic (Barnett). ('21) D8.180. 111. 7/6 Vniv.Lond. 

Organic. Hdbk. of (Clarke, H.T.). 4c.('26) C8.xii,364. 23figs. 9/- 


Organic Qualitative. Intro, to (Standmger). Tr.Braunholtz. ('24) 

MS. 128. 6/6 Oliver 

Organic Semi-Micro Qualitative (Cheroms & Emrikin). (*47> 

M8. 37/6 Constable 

Organic, System me Qualitative (Middleton, H.). 2c.('43) 

D8.viii ( 280. 12ill. 9/- E.Arnold 

Photometric Chem. (Yoe). 2v. C28-'29) M8. 111. v.l. 171. 80/-; 

v.2. 337. 48/- Wlle\-.Chap.& H. 

Probit (Fmncv). ('47) D8.xiv.256. 23figs.tabs. 18/- Camb. 

Qualitative. See Qualitative Analysis 

Qtnnmatne See Quantative Analysis. 

Self-. (Hornev). ('42) C8.309. 10/6 Routledge 

Self-. Pract. Method of_CFarrow). 2r.e. C8.153. 7/6 Allen A V. 

Semi-Micro Qual. (Arthur & Smith). 2e.('42) 322. 28/- McGraw 

Semi-Micro Quant. Org. CBelchcr & Godbert). ('45) D8.viii,168. 

42d. Mod. Anal. Chem. S. 10/6 Longmans 

Sequential (Wald). ('47) M8.212. 32/- Wilev.Chap.A H. 

Silicate (Groves). D8. 14/- Allen & C. 

Statistical, in Biol. (Mather). 3e.('49) ,267. 9d. 16/- 

Statistical. Meths. of (Goulden). (*39) M8.277 111. 32 /- Wiley: 

Chap.& H. 

Stress. Pract. Aircraft (Adams, D.R.). 3e. M8.168. 8/6 Pitman 

Struct. (Cassic). C47) D8.xi.260. 320d. 16/- Lonftmam 

Struct., by Moment Distrib. (Butterworth). ('49) D8.vii,119. 

88d. 10/6 Longmans 

Structrl., Intro, to Distrib. Methods of (Steed). D8.116. 12/6 


Substnl. (Rutherford). ('48) C4.113. 25/- Edin.U. P. -.Oliver 

Symmct, Compont.. of Unsymmet. Polyphase Syst. (Neumann). 

D8.219. 2 1/- Pitman 

Tech. Methods of (Griffin). 2e.C27) D8.936. 72/6 McGraw 

Tensor and Vector (Brand). ('47) D8.439. 187111. 44/- Wiley: 

Chap. & H. 

Tensor, for Elec. Engins., Short Co. in (Kron). ('42) M8.250. 

130ill. 38/- Wiley :Chap.&H. 

Theoret. Qualitative (Reedy). ('38) D8. 32/- McGraw 

Vector. See Vector Analysis 

Volumetric. See Volumetric Analysis 

X-Ray Org. Structure. Fourier Technique in (Booth). ('48) D8 

48figs. Phvs.Chem.S. 12/6 Camb. 

Analyst's Lab. Comp. (Johnson? A.E.). 5e.('20) C8.186. Tabs. 10/6 





Analytic Curves. Meromorphic Functions and (Wcyl). ('43) M8. 
280. Annals of Maths.Studs. 20/- Princeton V. P.: Oxf. 

Gcom. (Lehmann). C42) M8.425. 200II1. 34/- Wilev:Chap.& H. 

Geom. (love) 4c.C48) lCR.xi.306. 26/- N.Y.: Macmillan 

Gcom. (Phillips. H.B.). ('16) C8.197. 20/- lVlley:Chap.& TL 

Geom. (Rider). ('47) ICR.x.383. 203figs. 24/- N.Y : Macmillan 

Geom (Smith. E.S.. Salkover & Justice). " ('43) M8.298. 165111. 

26/- Wilev :Chap.& H. 

Geom. (Woods). ('39) 8vo. xiv.294. 193fi B s. 27/- N Y.: Macmillan 

Geom. and Calculus (Miller, F.H.). ('49) D8.658. 193ill. 40/- 


Geom. and Calculus (Phillips. H.B.). 2c.('46) D8.504. 271ill. 

40 /- Wiley 'Chap.&H. 

Geom. and Calculus (Randolph & Kac). C46) M8.xii.642. 36/- 

N Y.: Macmillan 

Geom. New (Smith, P.P., Gale & Neellev). r e.C28) C8.X.32A. 

22 /- Cinn 

Group Psychotherapy with Children. Adolescents and Adults 

(SlavsonX C50) M8 286. 22/6 Columbia U. P.: Oxf . 

Philos.. Elements of (Pap). ('49) D8.x\i.526 3S/-N.Y. Macmillan 

Theory of Continued Fractions (Watt). ('48) M8.Mii.434. 48/* 

V .Nostrand : Macmillan 

Analytical Absorption Spectroscopy. Ed.Mellon. C50) M8.618. 111. 
72 /- Wilev : Chap & H. 

and Appd. Mechanics (Clements & Wilson). 3e.('43) D8.475. 

42/6 MtGraw 

and Vector Mechanics (Edwards. H.W.) ('33) 428. 42/6 McGraw 
-- Biology (Sommcrhoff). C50) D8.216. 17/6 Oxf. 

Chemistry (Trcadwcll & Hall). 2v. M8. v.l Qual.Anal. 9r.e. 

C17) 630 44/-; v.2. Quant.Anal. 9r.e.('42) 806. 111. 56/- 
W tie v: Chap &H 

Chemistry and Chcm. Analysis. ('48) M8.445. 129ill sd.27/6 

Ehevier : Cleaver 

Chemistry Calculations of (Hamilton. L.F.& Simpson). 4e.C47) 

D8 387. 30 /- McGraw 

Chemistry. Elem (domes & Coleman). r.Lyons & Appleyard. 

14lc('47) M8.288. 15111. 9/- Churchill 

Chem.. Inorgan. and (Baldwin. E.J.). ('40) D8.518. Ill.d.tabs. 

11/6 Tech P \I ongm -\ 

Chemistry, Modern, Series, Textbooks on. Iv. D8 10/6 

Chemistry of Industrial Poisons, Hazards, and Solvents (Jacobs). 

2r.e('49) M8.806 12M1.32tabs 108/- Intencience 

Chemistry. Rec. Advances in Ed Burk & Grummitt. C49) D8 

222. 93111. lOtabs. Front in Chem S 44/- Inter\cience 

Concordance to the Bible. Ed Young. R. D4 1220. 45/- Lutt.P 

Conies (Sommcrville). 9e. D8.vih,314. Math S (Adv.). 17/6 

G Dfll 

Comes. Elcm. (Bailey. J.H.S.). 2c f'50) C8.378 8/6 Oxf. 

Diet, of Chinese lane. (Kartaren). r?^) CR.436. 75/- D Nntt 

Dynamics of Particles and Rigid Bodies. Treatise on (Whittaker). 

4c.('37) RS. 25 /- Camb. 

Factors and Their Logarithms (Oalcv),. ('!?) C8.112. 20/- 

Wilev.Chap & H. 

Gcom. (Midcllcmiss). C45) D8. 2 7 /f> McGraw 

Geom. (Nowlan) 3e.C46) D8. 2* /ft MrGnw 

Geom. (Palmer & Kraltwohl) ('21 ) 25/6 McGraw 

Geom. (Robinson. R.). ('49) D8. 19/6. Ans\vcrs I/- McGraw 

Geom., Advanced (Campbell. A. D.). C38) D8.3IO. 111. 34/- 


Geom., Aircraft (Apalatepui & Adams). ('44) D8.285. 30/- 

Gcom. and C-lciilu- (Cm ). ('<()) 42/h McGraw [McGraw 

Geom. and Calculus (Morris. M.& Brown). ('37) 34/- McGraw 

Geom. and Determinants, Solid (Dresden). ('30) D8.310. 111. 

28 /- Wiley: Chap AH. 

Gcom. Brief Course in (Bovd & Down inc.). C47) lC8.xi,180, 

147figs. 18/6 V Noitrand: Macmillan 

Gcom.. Calculus <-md (Holmes. B.T ). C50) 40/6 McGraw 

Geom. Elem (Hill. T.H W ). 4e.C35) C8.272. 5/-* Harrap 

Geom Elem. Course in (Molony). 9c. C8.vui.I68.xvi. 4/6* 


Geom Elts. of (Brown, J.T.& Mamoh) C34) Pt.I. 35 

MRS. 2/-: PtII. 1lfiYs 2/-; Pt.TII. vi.12R.vm 23figs. 
3/6: Complete vi.326.xviii. 72fi>s 6/6 M-icniilltm 

Geom. Elts of (Gibson & Pinkerton) (*11) C8 xxn.476 149 

figs. 8/6 Macmillan 

Geom., First (Milne. J.). C8.64. 1/8* G.Rell 

Gcom., Intro, to (Robson). 2v. C'40:'47) D8.xiv,410:viii,216. 

12/6*: 10/6* Camb. 

Geom of Conic Sections (Askwith). 3e.C50) xii.444. d. 21 /- 


Geom of Conic Scctns. (Grieve). 7e. C8.xii.314.xiv. Math.S. 

10/-* G Bell 

Geom. of Straight Line (Baker, W.M.). 2e. C8.72. 1/6* G.Bell 

Geom of Three Dimensions (McCrea"). 3e.C47) C8.152. 5/- 


Geom., Protect, and (Todd). C47) D8.2R9. 25 /- Pitman 

Geom.. ProlcRomena to (Neville) ('22) R8.xxu.368. 31/6 Camb. 

Greek Lexicon Post4 444. 18/6 Bagster 

Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon Post4.384 27/6 Bagster 

Instruments and Tech (Mueller). Chcm. An -lysis S. Intencience 

Kittens (Carlisle). ('39) IPost8.64. 1/8* Dent 

-Mechanics (Chambers & Faires). ('43) lC8.xii.376. 542flgs. 36/- 
N Y.- Macmillan 

Mechanics for Englns. (Seely & Ensign). 3e.('41) M8.450. 612 

ill. 36 /- Wiley: Chap. A H. 

Mechanics of Gears (Buckingham). ('49) 546. 85 /- McGraw 

Method in Dynamics CNcwboult). C46) D8.90 16flgs. 8/6 Oxf 

Processes (Smith, T.B.). 2e ('40) D8.vii.470. 50ill. 25/- E.Arnold 

Psychology and Eng. Mind (Baynes). (*50) D8.x,242. 18/- 


Psychology Contribtns. to (June). Tr.BayneK. ( ? 28) D8.xi,412. 

Internal. Lib. of Psychol. 21 /- Routledte 

Analytical Psycholopy, Studies in (Adler). (*48) D8.vii.214. 20ill.(4col.). 
21 /- Routledse 

Psychotherapy, Technique of (Stekel). Tr.Paul. ('39) D8.424. 

2 1/- J.Lane 

Reagents, Organ. (Yoe A Sarvcr). C41) M8.339. 40/- Wiley: 


Reagents, Organic (Welcher). 4v. ('47, '48) M8.xv,442:xi,530:ri, 

593:xiv.624. ea.60/- V.Nostrand-.Macmtth.n 

Studies in Psalms (Clarke. A G ). C49) D8. 12/6 3. Ritchie 

Survey of Bengal Regulations (Gupta). ('43) R8.xii.534. sd.12/- 


Theory of Heat (Fourier). Ed.Freeman, A. n.c.('45) xxiv,466 

32/6 Hafner 
Analytics, Prior and Posterior (Aristotle). Ed .Ross. W.D. ('49) 

D8.700. 42 /- Oxf. 
Anarchism. A.B C of (Berkmann). 2e.('45) D8 100. sd.1/- Freedom 

Existentialism. Marxism and (Read, H.). ('50) D8.56. bds.3/6 

Freedom <i T 

or Socialism? (Stalin). ('50) F8.108. sd.6d. Collet 

Philos. of (Read. ID. ('40) D8.32. sd.l/-: cl.2/6 rreedom 

IMace of, in the Socialist Evol. (Kropotkin). Tr.Glasse. enl.e. 

D8 16. sd.6d. W .Reeves 

Poetry and (Read. H ) 2e.('47) D8.80. 5/- rreedom 
Anarchist Prince (Woodcock & Avakumorvic). C50) D8.464. 8111. 

2 1/- Board man 
Anarchy (Malatesta). 8e.('49) D8 44. sd 6d Freedom 

Commonwealth or (Marriott). ('39) C8.228 8/6 Oxf. 

Culture and (Arnold. M.). Ed.Wilson, J.D C32) C8.xl.242 

Landmarks in Hist. of Educ.S. 6/6 Camb 

Culture and (Arnold. M ) C8 7/6 J.Murrav 

European (Dickinson). C8. V6 Allen & U. 

Experiment in (Gra\es. R.M ) T8 15 /- Gollancz 

or Chaos (Woodcock) (*44) CR 124 sd.2/6; cl 4/6 Freedom 
Anatolian Studies prcs to Sir W M Ramsav Ed. Buckler A 

Calder C23) C4 479,xxxvm 14pl 35/- Man U.P 

Studies prcs to W.H Buckler. Ed.Calder & Keil. C39) C4. 

3R2.xviii IPIlpI. 25/- Man.U.P. 

Venture. Greece's and After (Pallis). ('37) D8.xvi,240. 8pl.lM 

11/6 Metfnten 
AnatomtCMl Atlas. C50) F8 12col.ill 4/- Allman 

Atlas Oepson) ('42) D4 sd 2/6 J Murray 

Atlas for Nurses and Students (Burdon & Macdonald). 2e.('41) 

IMS 58 27pl. 6/- Faber 

Atlas for the Student (Holland). D4 8 42col.d sd.2/6 lllff* 

- Charts. Quick-Aid (Drcvcr). (M9) C4 sd.1/6 U.K.lewis 
--Derivations and Meanings (Roberts. W.L.). SM16.66. sd I/- 
Angus [G Hell 

- niaprams for Art Sttldts (Dunlop) ('99) 1G18 82 12/6 
- Eponvms (Dobson) C46) ]<4.x.24(). I r. 30/- Bailliere 

-- InvestiR. into Routes bv which Infections Pass from Nasal 
Cavities to Rrain C29) sdl/- Mm of Health 'H M S O. 

Teaching in Oxford. Short Hist, of (Sinclair &. Smith). ('50) 

D8.82 22pl Id. sd Vf> Bodleian 

Terms (I- icld. E..T.& Harrison). ('47) 7/6 ffeffer 
Anatomic des Fnedens: Tr into Gcr. (Revcs) ('47) 108.283. 21/6 

Ear merle a 

of Bodic of Man (Vicarv) Ed.Furnivall. ('88) E.E.T.S. 15/- 

Anatomist. The: Play (Bridie). 2c.C32) C8. Theatre c. sd 4/- 

Play (Bridie). sd.V- S.French \Con i -hie 

Burton the (Burton. R.) Ed.Mcad & Clift. C25) F8.xxxvi.251. 

6/- Methuen 

Anatomy (Ellis, G.V.). Ed.Keen. r.e.C47) D8. 216ill.(79col.). 42/- 
J. Murray 

(Gray. H.) Ed.Johnston, T.B.A Whillis. 30c.('49) R8.xtx.1533 

1333ill (612col.). 84/- Longman}, 

7pts. Ed Whittaker. 6e. Catechism S. ea.2/- & S.Ltv. 

and Ballet CSparycr). C49) C4. 79ill. 12/6 Black 

and Tonstr, of Human Fig (Bradbury). C49) D4.212. 85/- 


and PrawinK (Perard). lSq.8. 111. 36/- Batsford 

- ;>nd Kmesiologv, Applied (Bowcn. W.P.). 6r.c.('49) R8.390. 

252ill(lScol ). 33 /- Kimpton 

-and Phvsiol. (Williams, J.F.). 7e.('43) C8.573. 344ill.(31col.). 
16/f) Saunders 

and Phvsiol. and Causes of Disease (Mitchell. J.P.). 2e.f48) 

F8.\vi.226. 87ill Klem.Trop.Hdbks 6/- Bailliere 

and Phvsiol., Dental, and Dental Histology. Special or (Wid- 

dowson). 2v. 7e.C46) D8.472:333. Col.ill. ea.42/- Staple* 

and Physiol.. Dental, for Students (Auchison). 2c.('50) D8.416. 

111. 25 /- Staple\ 

and Phvsiol.. Elem. (Belilios. Mulvaney <t Armstrong). ('45) 4/6 

Red Trcm 

and Phvsiol.. Elementary (Whillis). 3e.('49) sC4.304. 108111. 16/- 


;;nd Physiol. for Jun. Nurses (Norton). 7r.e.('48) 1/8. 27ill. 

6/- Faber 

- and Phvsiol. for Nurses (Paterson). (*46) D8.viii.74. 93ill. 9/- 

H. K.Lewis 

and Physiol. for Nurses (Pearce). llr.e.CSO) 352. 234111. 8/6 


and Phvsiol. for Nurses (Scars). ('41) C8.vii.376. 188U1. 7/6 


and Phvsiol. for Nurses. Aids to (Armstrong, K.F.). 4e.(*49) 

F8.xii.452. 192ill. Nurses' Aids S. 6/- Bailliere 

and Physiol. for VI. Instructors, Pnn. of. ('50) R8.186. sd. 

7/6 Air Min.:H.M.S.O. ,. 

and Physiol. for Students of Physiotherapy. Occupational 

Therapy and Gym. (Smout & McDowall). 2e.('47) viii,470. 
318ill. 30/- E.Arnold 

and Physiol.. Hdbk. of Elem. (Belilios. Mulvany & Armstrong. 

K.F.). C47) F8.viii.186. 116ill. 4/6 Bailliere 





Anatomy and Phvsiol.. Human (Millard & King). 2c.('45) C8.514. 297 
ill.(43col.). 17/6 Sounders 

and Phvsiol.. Human. Large Charts Scries. 3shts. 58" x 39". 

ea.3()/-*; Handbk.l/-* W.Johnston 

and Phvsiol. Lab. Guide (Farris). 5e. 4to.l46. 132ill. sd.20/- 


and Phvsiol. Laboratory Manual (Anthony). 3c.(*49) 4to.295. 

111. 17/6 Kimpton 

and Phvsiol. Lab. Man. (Kins, B.C. & Roscr). 3e.C48) D4.267. 

III. 15 /- Sounders 

and Physiol.. Lub. Man. of (Millard & Showers). ('46) D4.119. 

111. sd.7/6 Sounders 

and Phvsiol.. Nurses' Textbk. of (Spencer, A.M.). (*46) 288. 

77ill. 8/6 Faber 

and Physiol. of Capillaries (Krogh). 2e.('29) M8.436. Figs. 

Silliman Lccts. 20/- Yale V.P. :Oxf. 

and PhyMol. of Fcm. Gcner. OiKaa 1 - and of Pregnancy, Atlas of, 

Ed.Giles. 3C.C43) IC4. III. 5/- Bpllliere 

and Physiol. of Pern. Human Body, Atlay of (Dupuy). Bd.Biss. 

3c('49) 17" x 9i". Col. ill. 5/6 BaiUiere 

and Phvsiol. of Male Human Body. Atlas of (Dupuy). Ed.Biss. 

3c('49) 17" x 9|". Col. ill. 5/< Bailliere 

and Phvsiol. of Physical Training (Galloway). (*37),182. 

6/6 E.Arnold 

and Physiol., Prep. (Bennett, B.A.). ('44) 96. 60ill. 5/- Faber 

and Phvsiol.. Principles of. for P.T. Instructors in R.A.F. (*45) 

sd.7/6 Air Mm.://. M.S.O. , 

and Phvsiology, Textbook of (Anthony). 3c.('50) D8.596. 280iH. 

28 /- Kimpton 

and Phvsiology, Textbook of (Bundy). r.Weeder. 7e.('40) R8.500. 

283111. (47col.). 18/- Churchill 

and Phvsiology. Textbook of (Francis & Knowlton). 2e C50) D8. 

624. 3 fc $ill. 45/- Kimpton 

and Phvsiologv, Textbook of (Kimbcr.Gray & Stackpolc). 12e. 

C48) MSx.744. 360d. 30/- N.Y. -.Macmillan 

Animal, and Psych, for Artist and Layman (Knight. C.). ('47) 

D4 149. 42/6 McGraw 

Animal Lymphatic Glands, Jointing of Carcases and (Good- 

fellow), 2C.C36) D843. Ill bds.5/- Sanltarv 

Animal PaintmR and (Caldcrson). C4. New Art Lib. S. 25/- 


Applied, of Head and Neck (Shapiro). 2e.('47) 8vo.304. 221ill. 

80 / Lippmcott 

Art Students' (Farris). 2c.(*44) 8vo.l53. 143111. 35/- Lipplncott 

Artistic, of Human Form (Parkes). 2c.('49) D4.127. 111. 15/- 

as Seen in Hand, Principle of (lones. F.W.& Collins.Slr W.) 2c. 

C48) D8xii.418. 146ill. 25/- Bailliere 

Atlas of (Grant. J.C.U ). ('47) D4.xxvi,496. 591figs. 84/- Bailliere 

All, is of. for Nurses (Lakeland). C4.88. 15/- Angus 

Biological Reversion of Hippocratic (Higgins). ('29) D8.X.150. 

7/6 H.K.Lewis 

Chordatc (Ncal & Rand). (*49) 18vo.x,478. 378ill. 25/- H.K.Lwu 

Chordate. Atlas of Drawings for (Eddy). ('49) D4. 189hs. sd. 

2S/- WilevCh {<>.& H. [Chap & H. 

Compar. (Adams. L.A.& Eddv). (*49) M8.520. 364J1I. 44/- Wilev: 

Compar. (Neal &. Rand). ('36) 18vo.xxii,740. 540ill. 27/6 U.K. 


Company Lab. Studies in (Sennmg). (*37) 21/6; Outl. Drawings. 

D4 17/- McGraw 

Compar., Manual of (Brcland). ('43) D8.250. 25/6 McGruw 

Compar.. Manual of (Saylcs). 5e.('50) 92figs. 22/6 N.Y.: 


Concise Comp. (Atwood). ('47) D8.413. 303ill. 28/- Kimpton 

Dental (Headridge & Gibson). ('26) C8.240. 66ill. Outl.of Dental 

Sci.S. 8/6 & S.Liv. 

Dental (7cisz & Nuckolls). ('49) D4.48*. 427ill. 5 Kimpton 

Dental, Manual of (Tomes). Ed.Tims & Henry. 8c.('23) 8vo.556. 

325ill. 18/- Churchill 

Developmental (Arey). 5e.('46) suR8.616. 1400ill.(some col.). 

40 /- Sounders 

Elementary Handbook of (Tcklenburg). ('47) IMS. 16pl.(15col.) 

sd.5/6 H.K.Lewis 

Elementary Textbook of (Clark, H.E.). r.Graham. J. CS.x.278. 

173ill 8/- Blackie 

for Artists (Wolff) 3e.C48) C4.viii,104. J65ill I5/- H. K.Lewis 

for Dental Students (Keene & Whilhs). C50) m8.vii,342. 220J11. 

40 /- E.Arnold 

Galens, Some Notes on (Duckworth). ('49) D8.42. sd.2/6 Hefter 

Guide to (Ewart). 6e.('47) D8.xii,312. 174ill.(35col.). 35/- U.K. 


History of Compar. (Cole, F.J.). ('44) D8.viii,524. Fr.200flgs 

30 /- Macmillan [Sounders 

Human, Atlas of (Anson). ('50) R6.518. 1301ill. (93col.). 57/6 

Human, Atlas of (Woerdcman). C50) 2v. ea.440. 19: 584,40. 665- 

642ill. 63 /- Buttwth. 

Human, Atlas of, for Students and Physicians (Toldt & Rosa). 

2v. ('19) D4.1028. 1505figs. set 6/3/6 NY.iMncmlllan 

Human Cross-Section, Manual of (Morton, D.J.. Truex 1: 

Kellner) ('41) IImp4.viii.250. Ktfill. 46/6 Bailliere 

Human Fig. Drawing and (Jackson, A.G.). ('48) C8.152. 42ill. 

Right Way S. 6/- A.G.Elliot 

Human, for Art Students (Fnpp). C8. 159ill. New Art Lib.S. 25 /- 


Human, Hand Atlas of (Spalteholz). Tr.Barker, L.F. 7e.('37) 

12mo.902. 994col.ill. 6/6 f- Lippmcott 

Human, Introduction to (Marshall, C.). r.Lazier. 3c.('46) C8.418. 

303ill.(13col.). I5/- Sounder* 9 

Human Sex, Atlas of (Dickinson). 2e.('50) D4.viii,158. 214pl. 

76/6 Bailliere 

Illustration of. for Nurses (Jamieson). 3r.c.('50) F4.92. 99111. 

(some col.). 12/- E.& S Ltv. 

Anatomy in the Living Model (Waterston). (*31) 1R8.252. Ill.(16col.). 
15 /- 

in Surg. (Ihorek). C50) 12mo.lOOO. 700ill.(400col.). 9 Lipplncott 

Livm (Lockhart). 2c.('50) 72. 154pl. 12/6 Faber 

Living (O'Rahilly). ('49) C8.88. 18d. sd.5/- Cork 

Manual of (Buchanan). Ed.Joncs, F.W. 8e.('49) M8.viii.1616. 

847ill. 45/- Bailliere 

Manual of Pract. (Walmslcy). 3v. 2e.('34;'39;'36). D8.viii.376: 

viii,331 : viii,357. Pl.figs. ea.16/- Longmum 

Manuals of Pract. (Cunningham). Ed. Brash & Jamieson. lOc. 

C40) C8.432.5 10.546. pl.Ill. 3v. ea.16/- OxH 

Method of (Grant, J.C.B.). 4e.('48) C4.xxiv,852. SOOill. 54/- 


Mnemonics (Irving). r.Smith, A.G. 4e.('49) D32.133. 1/6 E.& S. 


Morbid, Manual of Pract. (Rollcston & Kanthack). ('94) x,240. 

Biol.S. 10/6 Comb. 

Morbid. Surgical Pathol. and (Bowlbv & Andrewes). Ed.Kcyncs. 

8e.('30) RX/-54. 224ill. 2 1/- Churchill 

Neuro-, Functional (Buchanan). ('48) 18vo.242. 218ill.(19col.). 

45 / - Kimpton 

Neuro-, Human (Strong, O.S.& Elwyn). 2e.('48) C4.X.442. 336ill. 

46/6 Bailliere 

Neuro-, Pract. (Globus). ('37) C4.xxii.388. 147ill. 46/6 Bailltere 

Neuro-, Textbook of (Kumz). 5e.('50) M8.520. 325ill. 61/6 


of Advertising (Mclver). IMS. Current Affairs. sd.9d. Bureau 

of African Misery (Olivier). ('27) C8. 6/- Hoftarth 

of Animal Types (Bnggs). D8.290. 12/6 Angus 

of Bibliomania (Jackson, H.). n.e.('50) D8 662,ii. 31/6 Faber 

of Bronchial Tree (Brock). ('46) M8.102. 138pl.(14col.). 42/- Oxf. 

of Christ. Joy (Williamson, E.W.). ('46) C8.44. sd.l/-* S.P.C.K. 

of Courage (Moran). ('45) C8. 4/- Constable 

of Dessert (Bunyard). C33) sC8. 4/6 Chatto 

of Dicotyledons (Metcalfe.Chalk w.Chattaway,etc.). ('50) R8. 

1564 tabs.d. 2v. 6/*/- Oxf. 

of Dom. Animals (Sisson). r. Grossman. 3c.('38) suRS.972. 770111. 

72 /- Sounder^ 

of Eye and Orbit (Wolff). 3e.('48) C4.viii.440. 323ill.(20col.). 45 /- 

H K.Lewis 

of Female Pelvis (Maguirc). sM8 190. 55ill. 42/- Angus 

of Female PeKis. now Gynaecological and Obstetrical Anatomy 

(Smout) r. Arnold 

of the Film (Wollenberg). ('47) C4.104. lOlill. 10/6 Marsland 

of Genius (Jaubcs). C4.156. Col. ill. 21/- Allen & V. 

- of Head and Neck (Hill. R.T.). ('46) R8.125. 34ill.(4col.). 20/- 


of Human Skeleton (Frazer). 4e.('48) C4.300. Col. ill. 36/- 

Chur chill 

of Inspiration (Harding. R.E.M.). 3r.e.('48) D8.xvi,190. 10/6 


of Lango Religion and Groups (Haylcy). ('47) D8.xi.207. 21111 

Uldg.M.figs. 21 /- Comb. 

of Leg and Foot (Vaus). ('47) M8.xiv.108. Col.ill. 12/6 Bailliere 
-of Lettering (Laker). ('46) C4.96. 58ill. How to do it S. 10/6 


of Mammal, Functional (Leach) .('46) 231. 25/6 McGraw 

of Melancholy (Burton, R.). 3v. sC8.xx,524: vin,312:viii,548. 

Ev'man S. ea.4/6 Dent 

of Murdet (Saycrs.ctc.). ('50) F8.290. sd.1/6 Pckt.Bks. 

of Nervous System (Ranson). r.Clark. 8e.('47) suR8.532. 417ill. 

(some col.). 40 /- Sounders 

of Peace (Reves). C50) C8.304. 7/6 Cassell 

of Rabbit. Pract. (Benslcy). Ed.Craigic. 8r.e.(*48) D8.404. IU. 

32/- Toronto U.P.'.Oxf. 

of Root Canals of Teeth (Hess &. Zlircher). ('25) RS.200. 111. 

16/- Staples 

of Salamander (Francis). ('34) R8.414. 25ill. Col.Fr. 25/- Oxf. 

of Satire (Vulliamy). C50) D8.33.6. 15/- M.Joseph 

of the Shark, Necturus and Cat. Guide to Studv of (Eddy.Oliver 

&Turncr). (*47) m8.H5. III. sd.18/- Wiley : Chap. & H. 

of Sheep's Brain (Bnggs). D8.55. 8pl.4d. 6/- Angus 

of Spirit (Lindsav, J.) C37) C8.viii,183. 6/- Methuen 

of Truth (Capron). ('25) 328. 7/6 H odder 

of Vertebrates. Microscopic (Kendall). 3r.c.(*47) M8.354. 225111 

42 /- Kimpton 

of the Village (Sharp). ('46) D6. sd.2/6 Penguin 

of Villainy (Balchm). ('50) D8.256. 111. 12/6 Collins 

Oral (Sicher). C49) 18vo.529. 310ill.(24col.). 5/5/- Kimpton 

- Phvsiol. and (Gardiner. H.). n.e.('46) D8.414. 111. 15/- Pitman 
--Phvsiol and Hyg. (Raeburn w.Gration). ('40) 1C8. d. 6/6* 

J Murray 

Phvsiol. and Hyg., Textbook of (Ashdown & Bleazby). 5r.e.('39) 

C8.340. 111. d. 7/6 Dent 

- - Pocket Atlas of (Pauchet & Duprct). 3e.('37) C8.36. 345pl. 18/- 


Practical (Clark, W.E.Le G.). 2c.('46) D8.xvi,496. 251ill. 30/- 

E. Arnold 

Practical, Companion to Manuals of (Jamieson). 7e.('50) F8.744. 

18/- Oxf. 

Pract. Invertebrate (Bullough). C50) suR8.xii.464. 168figs. 28/- 


Pract., Manual of (Cunningham). Ed. Brash, lire. ('48) v.1-3. C8. 

408:498:524. pl.hgs. ca.21/- Oxf. 

Pract., Manual of (Frazer in Robbins). ('37) 2v. C8.546:464. Col. 

ill. ca.12/6 Bailliere 

Pract., Physiol. and Hyg. (Raeburn). C47) C8. d. 6/-* J.Murray 

Principles of (Abbic). D8.300. 25/- Angus 

Regional Illus. of (Jamieson). 7e.('47) 7 pts. (loose-leaf) 12/-; 15/-; 

10/-; 8/6; 7/6; 10/-; 12/-; tn Iv. 320pl 75/- E.& S.Liv. 

Regional, Sht. Manual of (Keen). 2e.('49) D8.vii.164. 75ill. 10/6 


35 B2 




Anatomy, Regional, Synopsis of (Johnston. T.B.). 6c.('48) D8.440. 
17ill. IS/- Churchill 

Short History of (Hunter). 2c.('31) C8.86. 5/- Staples 

Shorter (Wolff). C28) D7.viii,452. 130111. 12/6 H.K.Lewi* 

Study of (Whitnall). 4e.('39) C8.124. 5/- E.Arnold 

- Surface and Radiolog. (Appleton, Hamilton & Tchaperoff). r. 
Appleton.Hamilton & Simon. 3r.c.('39) sC4sviii,332 390figs. 
35 /- Heffer 

Surgical (QUlandcr). 2c.('39) C4.858. 1371111. 55/ Sounders 

- - Surgical, Aids to (Baxter). 3e.('50) F8.viii.204. 30ill. Students' 

Aids S. 51- Battler e 

Surgical. Applied (Treves). r. Rogers, L. llr.e.C47) C8.572. 192 

Ul.(66coU. 20/- Cassell 

- -Surgical, Manual of (Jones,T.& Shcpard). (*45) Impl6.254. 111. 

20/- Sounders 

Surgical Synopsis of (McGregor, A.I.). 6s, ('48) G18.730. 699UL 

Synopsis S. 25/- J.Wright 

Synthetic (Cheesman). I4pts. ea.M6. ca.3/6; 

case 3/6; set in case 52/6 Ballliere 

Teach Yourself (Vay). ('48) 1F8.312. 175ill.(15col.). 4/6 Ens. V.I'. 

Text-Book of (Cunningham). Ed. Brash & Jamieson. 8e.('43) R8. 

1578. 76pl. 1227figs.(701col.). 84/- Oxf. 

Textbook of Physiol. and (Greisheimer). 5e.('45) 8vo.841. 478ill. 

(S2col.). 32 /- Llpplncott 

Topographical of Head and Neck of Horse (Bradley). r.Grahame, 

T. 2r.e.('47) R8.242. 30/- W .Green 

Topographical, of Limbs of Horse (Bradley). r.Grahame, T. 2r.c. 

C46) R8.187. 30/- W. Green 

Topographical, of Thorax and Abdomen of Horse (Bradley), r. 

Grahamc, T. 2r.e.('46) R8.211. 30/- W.Green 

Vertebrate. Atlas of Outline Drawings lor (Eddy.Ohvcr & 

Turner). ('47) M4.102. 102ill, sd.22/- Wiley:Chap.& H. 
Ancestor Worship My Attitude towards (Tai). C26) 8voJ13. bds. 

3/6 Luzac 
Ancestors, Contemporary (Young. T.C.). C'40) D8.196. 6/- Lutt.P. 

Meet Your (Andrews, R.C.). C48) D8.176. ISill. 16/- 3. Long 

Our Early (Burkitt). ('26) C8.xii.243. 31pl. 10/6 Camb. 

Searching for Your (Doane). 2c.('48) D8.192. 20/- Minnesota 


Shadow, Under CHsu). C49) D8.xiv,317. 27d. Internat.Lib.of 

Sociol. 16/- Routledge 
Ancestral Law, Athenian Expounders of Sacred and (Oliver). ('50) 

M8.194. 40/- Johm Hopkins U.P.:Oxf. 
Ancestry, Human, from Gcnetical Point of View (Gates). ('48) M8. 

438. 27pl.8figs.lM.23tabs. 42/- Harvard V. P.: Oxf. 

of Harklean. N.T. (Zuntz). R8.128. tabs. Br.Ac.Supp.Paper 7. 

1945. 12/6 > Oxf. [Oxf. 

Anchor of Civilization (Murray. G.G. A.). Dencke I.ect.1942. l/- 
Anchorage of Life (Lamom). C40) C8.214. 3/6 Inter-Varsitv 
Anchors-Approved Designs, r.e.('45) 21/- Llovd'i 
Ancicn Regime (Tocqueville). 'Ir.Pattcrson. ('33) D8.xvin.233. sd. 

9/6 Blackwell 

Regime ct la Revolution (Tocqueville). Ed.Headlam. 8/6 Oxf. 
Ancient and Classical Geography. Atlas of. r.e.('33) sC8.xiv.268. 

M. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

and Medieval History (Hayes & Moon). C29) lC8.xxi,893. 43M, 4ch.262figs. 20/- N.Y. '.Macmillan 

and Medieval Times and People (Dnscoli). D8.158. 4/6 Angus 

and Modern History. Class-Books of (Lay). Bks.1-4. ('31-'33), 122-186. figs, limp 1/3; sd.1/6; 2/6; 2/- Macmillan 

and Modern Initiation (Heindcl). C8.148. 15/- Fowler 

and Modern Marvels (Hogbcn). ('45) C8.127. III. 2/~ Staples 

Art and Ritual (Harrison, J.E.). (*13) F8. H.U.L. 3/6 Oxf. 

Britain and Invasions of Julius Caesar (Holmes, T.R.). 2e.('36) 

D8.784. 44ill.3M. 36/- Oxf. 

British Heroes CMasinogcn). Ed.Macguirc. Tr. Guest. Grade 6.96. 

111. Bright Story Rdrs. sd.1/3* E.J.Arnold 

Burial-Mounds of Eng. (Grmscll). ('36) D8.xiv,240. 24pl lid. 

14 /- Methuen 

Catholic Church (Rainy). Im.Theol.S. 18/- T.& T.Clark 

Charters in the B.M.: Autotype Facs. Pts.3 & 4. C77-'78) H>1. 

30/-; 42/- B.M. :K.Paul 

China, Food and Money in. Ed.&Tr.Swann. ('50) M8.496. 8pl. 

63 /- Princeton U. P.: Oxf. 

Chinese Astronomy (Chatley). 8vo.8. sd.l/- Luzac 

Christian Wr/ter's Scries. 5v. 13/f-18/- Mercter 

Cities of India, Some (Piggott). (*45) C8.108. Spl.figs. M. 5/- 

India : Oxf. 

Civilizations (Gadd). C32) C8.256. Ill.M. Hist.2nd S. 4/9; 

Teacher's. C8.130. M. d. 6/-* Ginn 

Civilisations (Mackenzie, D.A.). 111. 5/6* Blackte 

Classics for English Readers Series. Ed.Collins. W.L. 22v. F8 

ea.3/- Black wood 

Codes and Laws of Near East: Assyrian Laws. Ed. & Tr Driver 

& Miles, J.C. (*35) D8.500. 35/- Oxf 

Coinage of S. Arabia (Hill. G.F.). R8. Br.Ac. 2/- Oxf. 

Cyprus (Casson). ('37) C8.xii.214. 16pl.lM. 8/6 Methuen 

Deeds. Catalogue of. 4v. ('00-'15) Imp8. sd,15/- Pub.Rec.: 


Dckhan, Historical Sketches of. v.l. (Iyer). R8.439. 10/6 Luzac 

East (Hogarth). C14) F8. H.U.L. 3/6 Oxf. 

East, Ideas of Divine Rule in (Gadd). ('48) R8.110. Br.Ac. 

SchweichLcct.1945. 7/6 Oxf. 

Economic History (Jones. A.H.M.). (*48) D8.ii.20. sd.2/6 H.K. 


Editions of Martial (Lindsay, W.M.). (*03) D8.120. 4/- Oxf 

Editions of Terence (Craig) (*29) D8.190. 3/6 Oxf. 

Egypt.. Myths and Legends of (Spence). D8.384. 111. Myths 

S. cl.10/6; L.18/- Harrap 

Egypt. Old Kingdom An in (Aldred). (*49) C8.48. 64pl. 

An S. 6/- A.Tirnati 

Ancient Egypt. Relipion of (Mercer). ('49) R8.xix.460. 118U1.M. A5J- 

Egypt. Religion of (Sayce). 2e. 7/- T.& T.Clark [Luzac 

Egypt. 2300 to 1590 B.C.. Middle Kingdom Art in (Aldred). 

C50) C8.64. 64pl.M. Art S. 6/- A.Tirunti 

Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, etc.. Topog. Bibliog. of (Porter A 

Moss). ('27-'39) 6v. ca.C4. 42 /- Oxf. 

Egyptian Masonry (Clarke, S. &. Engelbach). ('30) C4.258. Mill. 

& d. 63 /- Oxf. 

Egyptian Materials and Industries (Lucas, A.). 3c.C48) D8.X.570 

25 /- E.Arnold 

Egyptian Onomastica (Gardiner, A.H.). ('47) Text:R8.882: 

Plates :IFol.23pl.4tabs. 5/5/-; w.cxtra pl.6/6/- Oxf. 

English Christmas Carols 1400-1700. ('40) Posts. Mediev.S. bds 

5/- 111. 7/6 Chat to 

Far East. Slavery in (Mendelssohn). 30/- N.Y.:Oxf. 

Free Grammar School of Skipton in Craven (Gibbon). ('47) D8. 

158. 10/6 L'pool U.P. 

Furnituic (Richter,. C26) 4to.230. 365ill. 5/5/- Oxf. 

Gems, Lewes Collection of (Bcazley). ('20) C4.136. 14pl. 50/- 


Gcog.. Manual of CBcvan). ('97) C8. 150H1. Stud.Man.S. 9/-* 


Glass in Winchester. Ed.Coutcur. ('20) lPost8.147. 39ill. 8/6 

Warren & Son 

Glass of Canterbury Cathedral (Rackham). C49) SR4.210. lOlpl 

(21col.). C12/12/- Lund, H. 

Greece and yEgian: Wall Map 40* x 30" 12/- W Johnson 

Greece and Rome. Myths and Legends of (Berens). 111. 5y6* 


Greece. Everyday Life in (Robinson. C.E.). ('33) C8.160. 49ill 

5/-* Oxf. 

Greece. Tales of rCox, Sir G.). sC8.viii,236 Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

Greek Literature (Bowra). ('33) F8. H.U.L. 3/6 Oxf. 

Greek Manners (Hyde). ('47) D8.372. 5M. 21 f- N Y.'Oxf. 

Greek RcliK. (Rose). C48) C8.160. Univ. Lib. 7/6 Hutchm\om 

Greek, Roman, and Bvzant. Costume and Dccorat. (Houston) 

2c.C47) SF4.X.182. Ill.(RcoL). 20/- Black 

Hebrew Literature. Ld Taylor, R.B. 4v. sC8.xvni.485 : 530: 558- 

421. Ev'man S. ca.4/6 Dent 

Hebrew Poems (Ostcrley). ('38^ D8 216. 6/- S.P.C.K. 

Hebrew Seals (Keifenbcrp). ('50) 1C8.60. 52ill. 12/6 l.&W.Lib 

Hindu Politv, Studies in, v.l (Law). C8.xlv,203. 5/- Luzac 

Hindus, on Weapons. Army Organ, and Polit. Maxims of (Oppcrt) 

C80),162. sd.7/6 Luzac 

History (Haves & Moon). ('29) C8.xvi,542. 25M.2coLpl.4cL. 162 

fips. 16/6 N.Y. \Macmillan 

History (Kcatmge & Perry).,194, 53ilI.6M. Life & Prog 

Hist. 4/-* Black 

History (Monkhousc). ('38) C8.128 6/- Heath, C. 

History, Aids to Students of (Harding, T.W.). (*26) C8. 2/6 

His'tory of Near East (Hall. H.R.). llc.C50) D8.xxxiv,620. 33pl. 

14M. 25/-Mfthufn 

History. Our (Bell. J.J.). C39) C8.178. 111. limp 3/6*; bds.3/9* 


History. Outline of (Hamilton, M. A. A. Blunt). 2c.('24) C8.272 

128ill.M. 5/* Ov/. 

Ideals (Taylor, H.O.). 2v. 2e.('31) 8vo.xii,462:vin,430. 48/6 N.Y.- 


Ideals in Modern Life (Besam). C8. 2/- Thfosoph.Pub. 

Ideals in Modern Masonry (Leadbcatcr.). sd.9d. Theosoph.Pub. 

India and Indian Civilisation (Ourscl, Grabowska & Sivrn) Tr. 

Dobie. C34) R8.xxiv,415. 40ilI.5M. Jlisi.of Civilis.S. 24/- 
R outledge 

India, Chronolopv of (Pradham). Rvo.xxix.291. sd 12/- IMZUC 

India, Econ. Life and Progress in. v.l (Bandyopadhyaya). Svo.xx, 

347. sd.8y- Luzac 

India, Fverydav Life in (Sengupta). C50) C8.212. 39111. 8/6 Oxf. 

India. Inter-State Relations in. Pt.l (Law). (*20) 12mo.vm,99. 

sd.4/- Luzac 

India, Study in Econ. Condition of (Pran Nath). C29) 8vo. bds 

12/6 Luzac 

Indian ChronoloRy (Senupta). RR.xxviii,287. 30/- Luzac 

Indian Education (Brahman and Buddhist) (Mookcrji). ('47) R8 

xxxvi,655. 42 /- MacnnlUtn 

Indian Tribes (Law). 2v. v.l, cl.6/6; v.2, sd 4/- Luzac 

Irrigation Works in Ceylon (Brohiei). 2v.,iv,43. Ill.M 

d. ea.4/6 Luzac 

Italy and Modem Religion (Conway). ('32) D8. 27111 Hibbert Lect. 

S. 10/6 Camb. 

Italy: Wall Map of Classic. History. 40" x 30" 12/- W. Johnston 

Japanese, Phonetic System of (Yoshitakc). ('34) 8vo. bds.6/- Luzac 

Kingdom of Gwcnt (Phillips, O.). (*47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath 

GuideS. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Law (Maine). Ed. Pollock, n.e. D8. 10/6 J.Murray 

Law (Maine). ('31) Pott8.372. World's Class. 4/6 Oxf 

Laws and lasts, of Ireland, v.4 (1879). sd.K)/- Pub.Rr< . :H.M S.O 

Laws and Institutes of Wales, v.l. Ed.Owen. A. (1841). Fol. sd. 

44/- Pub.Krc.:H.M.S.O. 

Lights (Stobart). ('23) C8.xxi.344. 8/6 RcutledRe 

Lights, New Lamps and (Spender). ('40) 1D8.256. 8/6 Cassell 

Manner (Coleridge). Sm.linR.Class.S. sd.6d.*; cl.9d.* Blackie 

Manner (Coleridge). Heath's Eng.Class.S. 9cl.* Harrap 

Mariner (Martin, B.). C49) D8.82. 7/6 Heinentann 

Mariner and Chnstabel (Coleridge). ('05) 48. Laureate Poetry Bks. 

sd.7d.*; cl.lOd.* E. Arnold 

Mariner and Christabcl (Coleridge). ('09) F8.48. Oxf.Plain Text. 

6d.* Oxf. 

Mariner and other Poems (Coleridge). Ed.Hollmgworth. Eng. 

Class.S. 2/- Vniv.Tut. 

Mariner; and Sel. Old English Ballads (Coleridge). Ed.Guthkclch. 

3e. C8. Ena.Txts.S. 1/5* G.Bell 





Ancient Maya (Morley). ('46) M8.552. 95pl.l2tabe.57figs. 55 /- Stanford 

- Monuments in Ownership or Guardianship of Ministry of Works, 
Illustrated Regional Guides to. 3v. Min.of Wks. : 

Monuments, Temples, and Sculptures of India (Burgess). (*11) 170 

pi. 14 Probsthain 

Mystenes Described (Hone). (1823) D8.300. 7/6 W. Reeves 

Near East, Slavery in (Mendelsohn). ('49) D8.J72. 25 /- N.Y.'.Oxf. 

Near Eastern Texts relating to O.J. Ed.Pruchard. (*50) 4to.548. 

97/6 Princeton U.P.:Oxf. 

Novels. Some (Todd). C4( D8.152. 7/6 Oxf. 

One (Bright). C8 2/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

Past. Light from (Fmegan). ('46) M8.534. 204H1. 32/6 Princeton 


Peoples of Classic East. History of (Maspcro). v.2. 096) R8 794. 

Ill.M. 12/6 S.P.C.K. , 

Philosopher's View of Perfect Life (Morgan, E.). 8vo.l9. sd.2/- 


Philosophy, Intro, to (Armstrong, A.H.). 2r.e.('49) D8.xvi.242. 

15 /- Methuen 

Plants and the World They Lived In (Andrews. H.N.). ('47) M8. 

III. 33/6 Constable 

Prophets (Brenglc). ('29) C8. 3/6 Salv.Army 

Roads of England (Oliver). C36) C8.256. 18H1. 8/6 Cassell 

Roman Relig. (Rose). ('49) C8.164. Univ.Lib. 7/6 Hutchinson 

Rome, Econ. Survcv of (Frank). C33-'40) R8. 5v. v.1-3. o.p.; v.4. 

25/-; v.5. 28/6; Index 28/6 Johns Hopkins H.P.:Ox1. 

Rome, Phases in Religion of (Bailey, C.). ('32) R8.350. Sather 

Class.Lect. 18/- Oxf. 

Rome, Topog. Dictionary of (Plainer & Ashby). C29) R8.632. III. 

50/- Oxf. 

Sculpture in Municlp. Collections of Rome, Cat. of. Ed. Jones. 

H.S Museo Capitoiina. 2v.('l2) D8.428. 4to 93pl. 84/-; Palazzo 
dei Conscrvatori. 2v. ('26) D8.432. 4to. 124pl. 5 Oxf. 

Shrines in Central Asia. Wall Pmgs. from (Stein & Andrews. 

F.H.). ('49) v.l. Imp4.162. 4pl.; v.2. Ptfol. 32pl.(12col.). 10/10/- 

Siamese Government and Administration (Wales). ('34) Svo.viii. 

263. 30/- Quarltch 

Society (Morgan, L.H.) ('48) Imp8 574. bds.12/6 Collet 

South America, Mvst of (Wilkins) ('46) D8.216. 32ill 18/- Rider 

Sparta (Chr.mes). C49) D8.526. 9pl 1M. 45/- Man U.P. 

Stained and Painted Glass in London (Eden). ('39) D16.4S. 8pl. 

Papes from Past S. sd.6d.* S.P.C.K. 

Stories Simply Told (Snell). ('33) C8.128 2/-* Oxf. 

Synagogues in Palestine and Greece (Sukcnik). R8.106 Br.Ac. 

Schweich Lect.1930. 7/6 Oxf. 

Times (Breasted). 2r.e.C35) IC8.xiii,823. IlI.M.4col pi. 26/6 Ginn 

Towns, Notes on the Treatment of (Randolph). ('35) D8 24. 1/6 

Way (Well.ird). ('49) C8.208. 9/6 Laurie [Heath.C. 

Windows of Gt. Mahcrn Priorv Church (Hamand). ('47) C4.104. 

14ill.4ch 20/- Campfield 

Wisdom (Besant). C8. 10/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

Wisdom: Essays (Steynor) (*40) C8.216. 7/6 C.W.Daniel 

Wisdom of Wales (Willmms. J ) D8. 3/6 Theosoph Pub. 

World (Glover. T R ). ('45) sC8.350. Pelican S. sd.2/- Penguin 

World. Athletics of (Gardiner, K N ). (*30) R8 25f>. 25ill 40/- Oxf. 

World. F.con Life of (Toutain). Tr.Dobie. C30) R8.xxvii.361. 6M 

Hist.of Civilis.S. 20J- Routledxr 

World. Israel and (Rops) ('50) D8.320. 5M. 16/- Eyre 

World. Junr. Histories (Tcnen), 1. ('36) C8.viii,276. 10M.6d.figs. 

5/6 Macmillan 

World. Legacv of (Burgh). 3r e.('47) D8 478. 21 /- Macd.& E. 

World. Science and Politic 1 , in (Farnnston). C39) D8. 12/6 Allen 

World Series. 4v. D8. 5/- - 10/6 L'pool U.P. & U. 

World. Storv of the (Clement). ('36) 1C8.256. 111. 4/-* Harrap 
Ancients, Six Esavs on the (Dawes). (*93) s4to. sd.3/- Luzac 
Ancilla to the Pre-Soeratic Philosophers (Freeman. K.). C48) D8.x, 

162. 8/6 Black well 

Ancilla's Debt: Play (Cecilia). sd.Sd. Burnt. O. 
" Ancrene Riwle," French Text of. Ed. Herbert, J.A. ('44) E.E.T.S. 

28/- Oxf. 

Riwlc, Latin Text of. Ed.D'Fvelvn. ('44) E.T.T.S. 31/6 Oxf. 

And After That The Dark (Wallace, K.). n.e.CSO) C8.311. 4/6 

All for What? (Cuddiford). ('42) D8. 8/6 Heath, C. 

Berry Came Too (Yates, D.). ('49) C8. 6/- Ward. Lock 

a Bottle of Rum (Graeme) n e.('50) C8.208. 5/- Hutchinson 

Cock Crew (MacColla). D8. 7/6 MacLellan 

Even Now (Beerbohm). ('50) 1C8.319. 10/6 Heinemann 

Far Away (Hogg). ('46) D8.192. 18U1.16M. 12/6 Phoenix Ho. 

Five were Foolish (Yates, D.). ('50) C8. 6/- Ward.Lock 

Ga/.cllcs Leaping (Ghose). ('49) sD8.228. 14ill. 12/6 M.Joseph 

a Green Thumb (Arkell). (*50) C8.96. 49ill. 5/- Jenkins 

He Did Hide Hrmself : play (Silonc) Tr Silone. C46) C8. 6/- Cape 

Hearts are Brave Again (Storev). ('49) C8.128. 6/- Epworth 

Here is Mr Streeter (Elev). ('50) D8.224. 111. 10/6 C.l.ockwood 

Here a Rainbow (Church). C47) C8.196. 5/- Epworth 

Hope to Dir (Powell. R.). C50) C8.256. 8/6 Hodder 

I Dance Mine Own Child (Farjeon, E.). ('35) F4.32. Contin.Rdrs. 

1/9* Bl<ickwell 

in the Humnn Heart (Aiken). (*49) D8.96. 5/-StapIes 

it Came to Pass: Play (Andrews). ('50) C8.32. sd.l/- Faith 

it Came to Pass: Play (Mar&sh). DR. 80. sd.4/- S.French 

the Life Everlasting (Baillie). ('^4) D8.306. 12/6 Oxl. 

Love Thee Evermore (Allan, L.) 10/6 MacLellan 

No Birds Sing: Play (Laird & Fernald). D8 92. sd.4/- S.French 

No Quarter (Walsh, M.). ('37) C8.319. 6/- Chambers 

no Regrets (Brett). n.e.('50) C8.192. 5/- Rich 

Now All This (Sellar & Yeatman). 13c.C50) sC8.viii,120. III. 5/- 


And Now. O Father (Hollis). ('38) F8.160. sd.1/6 Faith 

Now to Live Again (Barton, B.). ('49) C8.160. 7/6 Qual.P. 

Other Mary (Hopwood). ('43) C8.92. 3/6 J.Clarke 

Quiet Hows the Don (Sholokhov). Tr.Garry. ('34) lC8.ix.755. 12/6 


Ride Forth Singing (Dunlap). ('50) C8.190. 7/6 P.Davies 

so ad Infimtum (Capek). Tr.Selver. C23) C8.70. 3/6 Oxf. 

So it Goes on: Play (Ruttcr). ('42) C8. 1/6 Deane 

So They Were Married: Play (Constanduros & Agg). sd.1/6 5. 


So to America (Roberts. C.). ('47) IC8.512. I5/- Hodder 

so to Bath (Roberts, C.). ('40) 1C8.416. 111. 10/6 Hodder 

So To Bed: Play (Fagan). D8.76. sd 4/- S.French 

So to Bed (West. E.S.-). n.e.('49) 1C8.235. 6ill. 6/- Phoenix Ho 

so to Rome (Roberts. C.). C50) 1M8.248. 111. 15/- Hodder 

so to Wed (Balliol). ('50) C8.144. III. 6/- Duckwth 

So Victoria (Wilkms). ('37) 1C8. 12/6 Cape 

Sombre the Valleys (Gloss). ('49) C8.320. 10/6 Dakers 

Some There Be (Scutt). ('50) C8.240. 9/6 Hutchinson 

-their Voices Prevailed (Cheshire). ('38) C8.48. suppt.3d.: 9d 

then Came Fear (Cumberland). ('49) C8.200. 8/6 Hurst 

Then Came Spring (Hepplc). n.e.('49) C8.288. 4/6 Hutchinson 

Then He Danced (Espmosa). D8. 111. 18/- S.Low 

Then Judgment (Biggart). ('46) C8.104. Mirfield Bks. A/- Dacre 

Then You Came (Bridge). ('48) IC8. 10/6 Chatto [Black 

This Our Life: Play (Ready). C8.24. sd.1/6 S.French 

to Dust (Rogers, C.). n.c.CSO) C8.264. 3/6 H.Hammond 

Turned to Clay (Offord). ('50) C8.192. 9/6 Jarrolds 

Waters were Divided (Foster. A.). ('49) C8. 8/6 Ward.Lock 

What aboui Love? (Clibborn). (*44) C8.44. sd.1/6 Marshall, M.A 


When Pie Was Opened (Francis). 111. Grad.Story Rdrs. sd.9d.*; 

d.lld.* Blackie 

Which the Knave? (Scott, B.M.). n.c.('50) 1C8.304. 5/- 


Wind Blows Free (Short). n.e.('49) C8.160. 4/6 Collins 

Worms have Latcn Them (Cumberland). n.e.('50) C8.224. 5/- 


Worms have Eaten Them (Elliott, W.J.). ('50) C8.160. sd.2/- 

Harboro'. Pub. 

Yet I Love Her (Colpitts). C49) C8.192. 8/6 Mills & B. 
Andalusia, Southern, Rock Pmgs. of (Breuil & Burkitt with Pollock) 

C29) R4.100. 34pl 54fijrs.7M. 847- Oxf. 
Andalusian Pottery and Lace. Seville: Ill.Dcsc.Acct.of the Mus.ot 

(Whishaw,. D8. I/- J.Murray 
Andamanese Languages. Manual of (Portman). ('87) s8vo.viii,229 

6/- Probvthain 

Anderby Wold (Holtby). C23)n.e. C8.310. 6/- J.I^ane 
Anders Sandoe Orsted (Dahl). C8. sd.2/ 6 Munk<gaard:Wms.& N 
Andersen. Hans Christian, Life of (Toksvig). ('33) D8.xii,290. 36fiR.s 

10/6 Macmillan 

Hans, Story of (Meyncll). ('49) C8.viii,136. 18111. Story Biog.S 

8/6 Methuen 

Tales from. Ld.Moorhouse. Pott8.256. King's Treas.S. 1/10* Dent 
Anderson, Elizabeth Garrett (Anderson, L.G.). ('39) 1C8.340. Sill. 

12/6 Faber 

Marian (Vehanen). ('41) D8. 25/6 McGraw 

Sir. R.. Life of (Anderson, A. P.M.-). ('47) D8.173. 7^6 Marshall, 

M.& S. 
Anderson's Bridge for Measurement of Variations of Capacity, etc.. 

of Condenser w. Frcciv. (Butterworth). R4. Coll. Researches, nd 

6d. Nat.Phvs.T*b.:H.M.S.O. 
Andes. Fire on the (Bcals). 8vo 482. 111. 28/- Lipplncott 

Plant Hunters m the (Goodspeed). ('50) M8.450. 116H1. 217- R 


Travels among Gt. (Whymper). Ed.Smythe ('49) C8. Chiltcrn Lib 

8/6 Lehmann 

Travels Amongst the Gt.. of the Equator. Supp. Appendix to 

(Whymper). ('09) M8. Ill 64flgs. 21 /- J.Mnrrav 
Andorra: Map 1:50.000. 4/6 Ceographia 

(Sandy) Tr.Monnier & White. F D. n.e.(*49) C8.192. 5/- Bles 

Round about (Newman. B.C.). D8. 111. 12/6 Allen & V. 
Andover and Neighbourhood. C50) C8.256. 6/- Kelly's 

Andre" Ein Kampf um den Pol (Baumgart). Ed. Lloyd, M. Grad.Ger 

Txts.S 2y-* Blnckie 
Andrew Lees and the Lion CHillas). ('49) C8.206. 8/6 Pilgrim 

Saint (Church). ('42) C8.24. Wld.Parish Bdcasts S. sd.6d 


St. (Maxwell). PottS. III. Stories of Sts. S. bds I/- Oxf, 
Andrewes. Bishop. C.32. cl.1/6: L.3/-: vellum 6/- Seelev 

Devotions of. 'Ir.Newman. J.H. C20) F8.184. Inner Life S. 6/- 


to Tillotson, English Pulpit Oratory from (Mitchell, W.). ('32) D8. 

528. 10/6 S.P.C.K. 

Andrews. C.F. (Macmcol). ('45) C8.96. Mod.Christn.Revol.S. 4/6 

C.F.. Story of; Brother of Humble (Smith, S.L.). (*49) C8.32. P. 

Servants of Umv.Ch.S. sd I/- S.C.M. 

Charles Freer (Sykes & Chaturvedi). D8.288. III. sd.10/6; cl.18/- 

Allen A l> 

Andria (Terence). Ed.Freeman, C.E.& Sloman. 3c.('12) F8.156. 5/- 

(Terence), Ed.Shipp. ('38) C8.176. 8/6 Oxf. 

Andriev, Reminiscences of Tolstoy. Chekhov and (Gorky). ('34) D8. 

7/6 Hogarth 
Androcles and the Lion (Shaw. G.B.). (*46) SC8.158. sd.1/6 PenKwn 

and the Lion and Other Plays (Shaw. G.B.). ('31) Ktd.c 7/6 


Andromache (Euripides). Tr.Murray. G. CR. 2/6 Allen & V. 

(Euripides). Tr.Hailstone. C8. sd.l/- Deighton 

(Euripides). Ed.Clarke, H. Trans. 1/9*; Text 4/6* Untv.Tut. 





Andromache Orestes. Four Dramas: Hecuba. Heracles (Euripides). 

Tr.Meredith. 1C8.253. 8/6 Allen & V. 
Andromaquc CRacme). Ed.Grovcs. Fr. Plays S. limp 1/9* Blackie 

(Racine). Ed.Tarver. C8.71. Fr Class. S. sd.1/6* Hachette 

(Racine). Ed Roach. ('48) Fr.Class.S. 3/6* Harrap 

(Racine). Ed. Clinton. ('35) G18.1vni,152. Siepmann's Class.Fr. 

Txts.S. limp 3/- Macmillan 

(Racjne). Hd. Brown. T.B.R.-. (*17) C8 168. 5/6* Ox1. 
Andromeda in Wimpole Street (Crcston). ('50) D8.288. 2pl 18/- Eyre 
Androtion (Demosthenes). fcd.Mills. T.R. Trans.2/-*; Text 7/6* 

Univ. Tut. 
A ndv- A 1 1- A lone (Westcrman) C8. 4pl. 5/6 Blackie 

Tmpockets (Mulloy). F4.128. NewTrcas.Lib bds.5/- Juv.Prodm. 
Andv's Exciting Day. suR6.24. sd.2/- Juv.Prodns. 

Anecdotes for French Oral Tests (Kastner & Marks). (*37) F8 96. 1/8* 

from Pliny's Letters. Ed.Lowe. ('13) F8.96. 23ill. Latin Rdrs>. 2/-* 


of Painting in England (Walpole). v 5. Ed. I lilies & Daghlian. 

('37) M8.278. Ipl 15/- Yale V.P.:Oxf. 

Sur Napoleon (Hilairc). Ed Anzas. C09) 10d.* Harrap 
Anekamaiavapataka : in Sanskrit (Suri). Ed.Kapadia. 2v. Svo.xxxi. 

404 Gaekwad's On S v.I. 20/-; v 2, 31/6 Luzac 
Anekdoten (Schiller). Ed.Maurer C38) C8.xviii.158. 3/6* Methuen 

und Erziihlungen Ed.HagboIdl. Punn & Morgan. ('333 64. Grad. 

Gcr.Rdrs. limp 2/6* Harrap 
Anemograph at Lizard. Notes on Behaviour of. ('36) sd.9d. Met.Off.: 

H M.S.O. 
Anemometer Records, Comparisons ot the (Johnson. N.R.). C22) sd. 

6d. Mfl.Off. : H.M. S.O. \Mct.Off. : H.M S.O. 

Anemometers at Aberdeen, Exposure of (Clarke. G.A ). ('47) sd.9d 
Anemone Nemorosa: Botany Anat. 40" x 29". 4/6*; 7/-*; 8/6* W. 

John* ton 

Pearl (Allen M.). ('48) C4 24. Gill, bds. 3 /ft Faith 

Aneroid Barometer, How to Use the (Whympcr). (.'90 M8. tabs. sd. 

2/6 J.Murray 

Anesthesia Sft Anaesthesia. 
Aneurvsm, Arteriovenous (Holman). ('37) 8vo.xvi.244. 79figs. Fr. 

2 1/- N.Y.: Macmillan 
Aneurvsms. Dissecting (Shennan). (*34) R8. Spcc.Rept.S. sd.2/6 Med. 

Res. Council : H.M. S.O. 

Intracramal Arterial (Dandy). (*44) D8. 111. 26/6 Constable 
Anfarwol Wcrin (Hudson) 3/- Gontenan 

Angau Ar Y Cornm (Breeze). C46) C8 148 lill 3/6 Urvihon 
Ange Pitou (Dumas). 2v. ca.F8.480 Coll Nelson S. ea.5/- Nelson 
Anpel of Altar (Kmane). C75) D16.488. 4/- M.H.Gill 

of Schools Play (Lloyd. T ). (*48) sd.l/- Duckett 

of Terror (Willace. E) C22)n.e C8.320 5/- Hodder 

Pavement (Priestley) sC8 xvi.4fiO Ev'man S 4/6 Dent 

Pavement (Priestley) n.e.CSO) 1C8.608. 7/6 Hcmemann 

Teaching of N T. (Langton). C37) C8.224. 5/- J Clarke 

Whispers fAnsgar). C47) C8 24 Sill sd 1/6 Bloomsbury 

Who Guarded the Toys (Burton. D ). D8 111 7/6 Sands 

with Spuro (Wellman). ('48) 1C8416 12/6 Casiell 

Angela at School (Rccd. M.B ) ('46) C8.196. C8.196. 3ill.(lcol ). 51- 

D-rhng. D8.128. III. 1/6 Rvlee [Carey 
Angelic Avengers (Andrczcl). (*46) 1C8.303 6/- Putnam 

Shepherd : Life of H.H.Pope Pius XII (Senan). ('50) 8vo 96. 48H1. 

5/- Capuchin 

Angehco. Fra (Bazin) C49) suR4.I85. 150ill. 36 /- Hyperion: 

Fra (l.eclerc) C50) sF6.37. 40H1. Hyperion Min.S. 3/6 

Hvperton : Heinemann 
Angel* and Men. Brotherhood of (Hodson) C4. 7/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

and Ministers of Gracr (Whvtc). C46) 5/- Watts 

at Home (Ansgar). C49) D4 8 Rill, sd 1/6 Bloom\burv 

Come to Mass (Ansnar) ('49) C8 48. 23i11. sd 2/- Bloomsbury 

of Incarnation- Plav (Dnnkwater) sd 8d Burns,, O. 

Twelve Lesions of (Dowding), ('46) C8 80 6/- Jarrolds 

Weep (Leslie. D.) e.C48) C8.270. 8/6 Laurie 

The- Work of the Six Davs (Thos. Aquinas. St ). Kd. Dominican 

Fathers C11) D8 Summa Theol. v.3. 12/6 Burns, O. 
Anger in the Skv (Ertz) n e ('48) C8.340. 7/6 H odder 
Angevins. tnc. under Normans and. 1066-1272 (Davis. H W C.) 

Hr e C49) D8.xx,591. 11M Oman's Hist.of Eng S. 21 /- Methuen 
Angina Pectoris and its Surreal Treatment (Lenche) ('35) D8.24. 

7HI. sd.1/6 Glasgow \3ack\on 

Angiographv. Cerebral (Lima). C50) M8.236. 181d 45 /- Oxf. 
Angiosperms. Intro to Embrvol of (Maheshwari). C50) 5 1/- McGraw 
Anglais Moderne (tmcrson). ('42) C8 104 28iII limp 2/9* Hachette 

Modcrne Mod French: In French and English (Macquinghen). 

C49> D8.264. SQ.14/- Bailev 

Nos Amis les (Lcgrand). ('44) F8 60. sd.2/- Hachrtte 

sans Maitre (Topham). C19) C8.136 sd.2/6 Marlboro' 

Tel Ou'on Le Parle (Bernard). Ed.Holland. Fr. Plays S. limp 1/9* 


tcl qu'on le parlc. IS (Bernard). Ed.Bond. (*40) C8.60. Grad.Fr. 

Rdrs Bk.7. limp 2/6* Harrap 
Angle Comparatons for Goniometry of Prisms (Guild) R4 Coll 

Researches sd 1/6 Nat,Phv*.Lab.:H.M.S.O. 
Angler and Fisherman. ('49) C8.42. Scout Badge S. sd.9d. Brown, 

Son & r 

and Otter (Davison). C50) D8.199 Fr. 17111. 12/6 N.Kave 

and Trout (Kdve). C41) D8 viii.172. 15pl. 10/6 Black 

Complcat (Walton), n.c C45) sFR.xvi.210 III 51- Black 

Complex (Walton). sCR 272. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

Compleat (Walton & Cotton). Ed.Major. (*48) D&.458. 74ill. 12/6 


Compleat (Walton & Cotton). F8.2R8. Class.S. 3/6 Nehon 

Enterprising (Adamson). C50) D8.2/2. 16pl. 15/- Jenkins 

Meditations, in an Armchair, of a Middle-Aged (Taunatt). ('32) 

D.294. 7/6 Blackwood 

Angler Passionate (Wiggin). ('49) D8.136. 18111. l.e.(300) L.26/-; g.t. 
28 /- Brun 

Passionate (Wiggin). ('49) DR. 136. 17111. Pezare. 12/6 Sylvan 

Roving (Palmer). r.e.('48) C8.266. Ill 8/6 Dent 

Sometimes an (Maurice). ('47) CR.x.137. III. 8/6 Chap.A H. 

Studies of (Wackett). C50) C8.235. 25/- WacketfSimpkin 

Young (Plans). ('40) D8.viii.232. 43H1. Yng.Sportsmen's Lib. 9/6 

Angler's, Almanac (Brown. W.G.). C'49) D8.140. 111. 10/6 Muller 

Handbook, Northern (Wilson, T.K.). ('49) C16.160. sd.2/6 

Dalesman [Bros. 

Knots in Gut and Nylon (Barnes. S.). 3r.e.('50) C8 8/6 Cornish 

Nat Hist.. Br (Boulcnger). ('46) D8.48. III. (some col.). 

Pict.S. bds.5/- Collins 

Textbook for (Gardner, A.). Ill 12/6 MacLellan 

Trout. Notebook (Joyce). ('48) 1C8 176. 20ill 7/6 Jenkin* 

Weck-End Book (Tavcrncr & Moore J.). C8. Wk -End S. 12/6 

Angles (Morrison, M.). n.c.CSO) C8.288. bds.2/- Hutchinson 

Measurement ot, Auto-Collimating Telescope in (Guild). R4. Coll. 

Researches, sd.l/- Nat. Ph vs. Lab.: H.M. S.O. 

Anglesey (Lewis, A.D.). C41) Land of Br.S. 4/- Geog.Pubns.: 

and N. Wales: Guide. ('47) C8. II1.M. d. 5/- Ward .Lock 

Social Life in Mid-18th Century (livans. G N.). ('36) D8 216. 7/6 

Univ. Wales 

Angletcrre Extraits dc Tu Vicns en (Grand'combc). Ed Boillot. 
Longer FrTxts S, limp 1/9* Blackie 

jugcc par Ics Frangais du XVIIc Siecle (Jacquart). C47) 1C8.39. 

2/6 J. A. Allen 

La Revolution en (Guirot). Ed.Hartog. Lit. Fr.Class.S. limp I/-* 


Tu Viens en (Grand' Combe). C8 224 sd 7/6 Hachette 
Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches, Report of Joint Doct. 

Commission on. (*32) D8.20. Abr.e. sd 6d * S.P.C K. 

and Free Church Ministries (Broomfield). C43) C8.24. sd.6d.* 

S P.C.K. 

Church and Christian Unity (Gorton). (*48) D8.27. sd.2/- 


Church, hpiscopi Vapantes and (Brandreth). ('47) D8.104. 6/6 

S.P C K. 

Churches, Destiny of (Palmer). ('3D D8. sd.l/- Nhbet 

Chums, Roman and (Howclls) C33) DR. 198 5/- Indep.P. 

Communion. Ed Wand. (*48) D8 368 18/- Oxf. 

Communion Ed Wilson. H.A. C29) C8. 7/6 J.Murray 

Communion and Old Catholic Churches, Report of Commission 

of. C31) D8.40. sd I/-* .V P C.K. 

Communion. Mission of (Morgan, E R.<t Lloyd). C48) D8.220. 

10/6 S.P.G.:S.PC.K. 

Communion throughout World. Ed.Morchouse. C8. 111. 10/6 

Allen & V 

Contemporaries, Wesley's (Whitclev) C35) C8.68 sd I/- Epworth 

in Estonia (Wilson. H.R ). (*39) C8 128 sd2/- S.P C.K. 

Interpretation of Fouth Commandment (McDermott). C46) D8.20. 

Theol Occas.New S. sd 6d * S.P.C.K. 

Mission v.7. Unto a Full-Grown Man. ('49) C8.296. sd.6/-* 


Modernism, Bibhog. of (Smythc). Impl6.16 sd.6d. Mod. 

Churchmen s 

Noah's Ark (Forrest') ('47) DR. 32. 12111. sd 1/6 Corltan 

Orders, Question of (Dix). ('44 > C8 92. 4/6 Dacre- Black 

Proper Psalms (Godwin) COS) C8 88. 6/- Deirhton 

Reformation (Clark. W R ). Eras S 8/- T & T Clark 

Reformers, Doct. of Justification in (Recs. A.H.). C39) D8.32. 

Theol Occas New S sd I/-* S /' r K. 

Tradition in Life of Lng. (Williams, A.T.P.). ('47) C8.128. 6/- 

S.C M 

Wav (Johnstonc. V ) C48) F8 200 bds 5/- Mowbrav 

Worship, Arch. Setting of (Addlcshaw & Etchells). C48) D8.288. 

12pl57d. 25 /- Faber 
Anglicanism and S India (Hodpson). ('43) C8. I/- Camb. 

Future of CRawImson). C48) D8 16 sd.6d.* S.P.C.K. 

of William Land (Bourne). ('47) D8.116 12/6 S P.C.K. 
Anglicised Words and Phrases, Stanford Diet, of (Fcnnell). C92) D4. 

xvi, 826 42 /- Camb. 
Annlinp (Michaelson). C49) CR.107. bds.2/ 6 Fovle 

Adventures of an Artist (Fox, J.S.-). ('13) C8. III. 9/- J.Murray 

Approach to (Hardy. E.M.-) C50) 1C8 226 137d 10/6 Jenkins 

Be Quiet and Go a- (Traherne). ('49) 1C8.200. 25ill 8/6 Lutt.P. 

BcKinncrs Guide to (" Cheshire Roarncr "). C48) C8 94. 70d. bds. 

2/6 Watnioughi 

Bibliographv. Mod (Hampton). C47) C8.104. 5/- Jenkins 

Border River (Lawric) 2e('46) C8 111 7/ft Oliver 

Conclusions (Reynolds. W.F.R.X ('47) 1C8.2R8. 47iII. 12/6 Faber 

Diversions (Williams, A.C.). C46) C8.268. 14pl. 8/6 Jenkins 

Fine, for Coarse Fish (Parker. E.). D8. 111. Lonsdalc Lib.S. 21/- 

for Coarse Fish (Bickerdvke). r.Williams, A.C. C8.150. 73111. 

All-Round Angler S. sd.3/6 Link 

for Game Fish (Bickerdvke). r.WiIliams. A.C. lie. C8.150. 81111. 

All-Round. Angler S. sd.3/6 Link 

' for Pike (Bickerdykc). r.Williams. A.C. 16e. C8.90. 54ill. Ail- 
Round Anlcr S. sd.3/6 Link 

in New Zealand (Rollett). ('25) C8 160. 37ill. 4/- Oxf. 

in New Zealand (Rollett). 159. 37HI.2M. 3/6 Whitcombe 

in Salt Water (Bickerdvke). r.Bell. A.F. 20e. C8.120. 89111. All- 

Round Angler S. sd.3/6 LtnV' 

in Southern Scotland (Kerr, A.J.C.). 2r.e.(*49) C8.74. 6pl.3M. 

sd.2/6 Dinwiddif 

Literature. Notable (Robb). C47) D8.232. 9pl. 10/6 Jenkins 

Practical. Hints and Recipes (Lawrie). 3e.('46) CR.88. 111. 3/6 






Angling Secrets (Castle). ('48) C8. III. S/- Oliver 

Thoughts on (Mottram). C48) IC8.144. 111. 7/6 Jenkins 

Threadhnc (Wanless). (*48) 1C8.180. d. 8/6 Jenkins. 

Ways (Hardy. E.M.-). 5e.('47) D8.312. 111. 15/- Jenkins 
Anglo-American and I.smn-Amencan Law. Comparative Survey of 

(Eder). ('50) M8.270. 48/- N.Y.U.P.:Oxf. 

American Democ.. Hist. Study of (Nichols. R.F.). C49) C8.44. 

1/6 Camb. [Oxf. 

American Law. Historians of (Holdsworth) C36) D8.1X2. 14/- 

American Leg. Diet. (Weisscnstem). Pt.l. English-German. ('50) 

C4 Ml- Bailey 

American Relations (Tyler). ('42) D8.24. sd.1/1 Hist. Assn. 

American Year Book, 1950 25/- Vaughan 

American Year Book. Ed.P.Hamlin. 38c.('50) C8.520. Fr. 25/- 


Assamese Relations (Bhuyan). ('50) R8.xxiii.636 50/- ProbMhain 

Catholic Congress, Sixth. London. July. 1948. D8.xvi.158. 12/6 

Dticrf : Black ' 

Catholicism (Llewellin). C8.126. sd.1/6 Prof Truth 

Catholicism at Bar of Hist . ling's. Divine and Holy Script 

(Kcnsit). MS.24 sd.fad. Prot.Truth 

Egyptian Settlement. Few Words on (Abbas Hilmi II). C8.105. 

2P. 4/6 Allen & U. 

Egyptian Sudan (Gisburn & Thompson). ('47) D8 118. 16pl. 10/6 


Egyptian Sudan. Bibliography of (Hill. R.L.). C39) R8.226. 20/- 


Egyptian Sudan from Within. Ed.Hamilton. C. ('35) D8. 

3S4 Id 1M. 10/6 Faber 

Egyptian Sudan, Survey of. 1898-1944 (Henderson. K.D.D.). C46) 

CR 59 24ill 2M 2/6 Longman* 

French Course (Charhn) Pt 1. C8.32. sd I/-*; Pt II. English Text. 

C8 136. French Text. C8.140. ca.hmp3/-*; Pl.III. C8.319. 4/6* 

* Fieneh History Stud. in. Ed Coville & Tempcrlcy. (*35) D8 xvi. 
180 8/6 Comb. 

Hindi Dictionary. Standard Illustrated (Bhargava) Ed.Pathak 

R8 WK 20/- Luzm 

Indian Codes (Stokes). C87-*88) DR.2280 2v. 60/- O\f 

Irish Literature. 1200-1582 (Seymour. St.J.D ). ('29) D8.X.170. 15/- 


Irish Literature. Survey and (Coikery). n.e.('47) D8.247. sd 3/6 


Irish Pla/s. Three Ed.Stamm. ('43 ) Impl6.114. 12/6 Bailev 

Irish Relations (Shearman). ('48) DH.288 16/- Faber 

Norman Apocalypse (Giffard) Ed Rhys. ('46) D8.x.lix.l64 Atifclo- 

Norm Texi S 30 /- Black well 

Norman Custumal of Exeter (Schopp Jt Easterling). ('25) 60. 4pl. 

5/- Exeter I'.C -Man. If. P. 

Norman Llement in our Vocab (Pope). (*14) 1C8.14. I/ft Man 


Norman in the Cloisters (Legge). ('50) M8.155. 14/6 Edin V.F.- 


Norman Letters and Petitions Ed.Lcggc. C41) D8.xxiv.496. Anglo- 

Norm Te\tS. 63 /- Black well 

Norman Te\i Society. 5v ea.DS. 30/--63/- Blickwtl 

Norman Vo\ugc of St. Brendan (Bcnedcit). Ed Waters ('28) D8. 

414 11 f- Oxf. 

Polish Medical Dictionary. Ed.Tomaszewski. (*45) DIG 170. 8pl. 

8/6 E.<fc S.Liv. 

Saxon Abbot (Gem) 6/- T.& T.Clark 

Saxon Arch. Arts in Earlv Eng. v.2 (Brown, G.B.). C01) M8. III. 

35 /- J Murray 

Saxon Art and Archacol.. Early (Leeds) ('36) R8.142. 33pl.26fig<? 

Rhmd Led W35 15/- O\f 

Saxon Art to A.D.900 (Kendrick). C38) D8.xxiv.227. 129iII 27/6 


Saxon Biblical Poetrv, Cacdmon Manuscripts of. 027) J-ol.360. 

Col facs. flO/10/- Oxf. 

Saxon Hook of Verse and Prose. Ed.Sedgcfield C28) C8.473,xii. 

12/6 Man U.r. 

Saxon Brit.. Saxon and Sturdy- (Place). (*50) D8.28. New Project 

S. sd sch! e.l/-*; 1/6 Rockliff 

Saxon Chumicle. Ed. Classen & Harmcr. ('26) C8 150.xvi. limp 5/- 

Man I' P 

Saxon Chronicle. Tr.Ingram. sC8 vih.302. Ex 'man S 4/6 Dent 

Saxon Chronicle. Ed. Plummet & Earlc (*92-'00) CR.914 2v. 25 f- 


Saxon Chronicle. Ed.Thorpe. 2v. (1861). Pub.Rec.: 

H.M.S O 

Saxon Dictionary (Bosworth & Toller) ('82-'98) C4.1302. 63/-; 

Suppt. (Toller). C21) C4.768. 50/- O\-f. \Oxf. 

Saxon England (Stentom. 2e.('47) D8 758 Oxf.Hist.of Enc. 21 /- 

Saxon England, Culture in Early (Clarke. D.E.M.-). C'47) D8.112. 

28pl. 12/6 Johns Hopkim U.P.:Oxf. 

Saxon Gold Coinage in Light of Crondall Hoard (Sutherland). 

C48) C4.106. 5pl. 25/- Oxf. 

Saxon Grammar. Essentials of (Ross, A.S.C.) (*48) D8.20 sd.2/6 


Saxon Gt. Square-Headed Brooches, Early (Leeds). ('49) R8.154. 

154HI.3M 30 /- Oxf. 

Saxon Illumination after Norman Conquest. Aspects of 

(Wormald). ('46) R8.20. 9pl. Br. Ac. : Aspects of An Lcct.1944. 
5/- Oxf. 

Saxon Jewellery (Jessup). C50) R8.148. 64ill (4col.). 20d. 42/- 


Saxon, Latin, Glossary. Lati 8th Century (Hcssels). (*06) D8. 

Ivlh, 240. 17/6 Camb. 

Saxon M.S.S ; Facs. w. Trans. (1878-1885). Pt.l. 50/-; Pt.2. 

70/-; Pt.3. 6/6/- Pub.Rcc.-.H.MS.O. 

Saxon Philosophy. Platonic Tradition in (Muirhcad). D8.446. 

Philos.S. 16/- Allen + " 

Anglo-Saxon Poetry (Bone). C43) 1C8.80. IP. 7/6 Oxf. 

Saxon Poetry. Ed.& Tr.Gordon. R.K. sC8.xvi.368. Ev'man S. 4/6 


Saxon Poetry. 3v. ('23-'31) D8.80:78:88. Man.V.P. 

Saxon Primer (Sweet). 8c.('05) 126. 3/6 Oxf. 

Saxon Prose. 3v. (*23-'29) D8.77:64:92. Man.V.P. 

Saxon Reader (Sweet). Ed.Omons. 10r.e.('46) C8.320. 10/6 Oxf. 

Saxon Reader (Wyatt). ('19) D8.X.360. 16/- Camb 

Saxon Reader in Prose and Verse (Sweet). r.Onions. 12c.C50) 

C8.320. 10/6 Oxf. 

Saxon Saints and Scholars (Duckett). C47) 8vo. x.488. 37/6 

N.Y : Macmillan , 

Saxon Sculpture Arts in Early Eng. v.6. Pt.2. (Brown.G.B,). 

C36) M8 111. 35 /- J Murray 

Saxon Settlements. Archaeol. of (Leeds). ('13) D8.144. 111. 6/- 


Saxon. Student's Dictionary of (Sweet). (Ml) sm4.234. 10/6 Oxf. 

Saxon, Study of (Chadwick). (Ml) C8.xii.78. sd.3/- Heffer 

Saxon Texts 1. Gospel of Nicodcmus. Ed.Crawford. C27) D8.32. 

sd.l/- Man.V.P. 

Saxon Wills. Ed Whitclock. (*30) D8.xliv.244. Camb. Stud. Eng. 

Lcg.Hist.S. 15/- Camb. 

Saxondom, Calling (Sprmgctt). C8.64. sd.2/- Coven^jpt 

Siixons. History of (Hodgkin). 2e.(*39) R8.798. 111. 2v. 30/- 


Saxons, In the Steps of ihe (Houghton) C48) C8.244. 17111. 12/6 


Saxons, Lit. of (Anderson). ('49) D8.442. 30/- Princeton V.P. : 


Souct Radio Chess Match CKlem & Winter). C8.119. 10/t 


Sudan. Bibliog. of (Hill. R.\ ('39) H8.226. 20/- Oxf. 

Swedish Year Book. 1950. IPost 8 140. sd.3/6 Swedish 

Welsh Novelists. Three Contemporary (Adam). (*49) M8.109. id. 

22/6 Bailev 

Angola: Land of the Blacksmith Prince (Tucker). (*33) R8.180. 2M. 
llpl. Survey S. sd.3/6 World Dom 

Through (Statham). ('22) D8.395. 138ill. 2M.4ch. 28/- Blackwood 
Anpora Rabbit for Show and Wool. ('42) C8.55. bds.2/- Watmoughs 

Wool, Hand Spinning of (Mceson). ('35) C8.15. bds.6d. 

Angostura. Address to Venezuelan Congress at (Bolivar). Pott8.38. 

Camb. Pin. Txts. 2/-* Camb. 
Angrv Heart (Edglev) C49) C8.190. 7/6 A Barker 

Mountain (Inncs). ('50) C8 256. 9/6 Collins 

Mountain (Robles). Tr Bolton. ('48) C8 176. 8/6 Hutchinson 

Summer (Da vies. I ). ('43) D8.56. 6/- Faber 

Wife (Sedges). C48) C8 iv.238. 8/6 Meth'uen 

Woman (Ronald) f4K) C8.224 8/6 Hodder 
Angus- Map, ('36) 2/6 Call 

Aberdeen and- Map ('47) 3/6 Gall 

Aberdeen, Kincardine and Fife (Og.Stamp.Dobson.etc.). ('46) 

Land of Br.S. 10/- Gfog.Pubm -Stanford 

Education in (Jcssop). ('31) D8.328 5/- Vntv.Lond 

Marion. Select. Poems of. Ed. Lindsay, M.& Cruickshank. C8.67. 

Ipl. 8/6 Serif 

Angmtar.i-Nikava. Tr.Javasundere. ('25) 8vovii,328. 15/- Probsthatn 
Anhelh (Slowacki). Ed.Noyes. Tr.Radm. C8.118. Polish Authow S. 

5/- Allen &. V. 
Anhvdntc Plasters. Gvpsura and (Andrews). R8. Nat.Bldg.Stud.S. 

sd.6d. Scl lndust.:H M.S.O. 
Anhvdrous Aluminium Chloride (Thomas, C.A.,Moshier A Morris), 

etc C'41) M8 972 111. ACS Mon.S. 6/12/- Reinhold-.Chap. 
Amma Chnsti (Pass). ('34) CR.304 Fr 6/- .S P.C K [&.H. 

Divota (Pagnni). ('43) 18mo. 3/6 Burn\, O. 
Animadversions, etc. (Thynne). Ed.Furmvall. ('75) 8vo. Chaucer Soc. 

17/6 Oxf. 

Animal ABC. C49) F8. 24111 (16col.). Little Wonder S. bds.3/6; 
C14/6 Ward.Lock 

ABC. C50) C4.64 Rainbow Pict S. bds.3/6 Ward.Lock 

ABC (Ycllm). C49) C16.32. 32col.ill. bds.l/- Perry 

Anat. and Psych for Artist and Layman (Knight. C.). (*47) D4. 

149. 42/6 McGraw 

Anatomy, Lvmphatic Glands. Jointing of Carcases and (Good- 

fellow). 2e('36) D841 111. bds.5/- Sanitnrv 

and Plant Tissues. Element. Histolog. Technique for (Holder). 

('3D D8.I12. 23ill 7/6 Churchill 

Babies. ('49) C4.64. l^ Rainbow Pict.S. bds.3/6 Ward, 


BabiM, My (Benchley). (*46) 1C8.256. 16pl. 12/6 Faber 

Behaviour (Loeser) ('40) DR. x. 178. 41figs. 10/6 Macmillan 

Behaviour. Mechanistic Biology and (Savory). (*36) C8.xv.182. 

sd.2/6 Watts 

Behaxiour, Phvsiol. Mechanisms of. Ed. Danielli & Brown, R. 

T'50) 12pl.7tabs. 35/- Exp Biol Soc. : Camb 

Biology (Grove & Newell). 3e.(*50) D8.xii.760. Fr.8pl.62ings. 

2 1/* Univ. Tut. 

Biology (Haldane & Huxley). C27) C8.360. 132ill. Clarcnd.Sci.S. 

10/- Oxf. 

Biology (WolcotO. 3e.('46) 38/6 McGraw 

Biology (Woodruff). 2e.('38) 8vo.xiv.536. Fr.313figs. 33/6 N.Y.: 


Biology. Elements of (Dakin). ( f !8) C8.xii.306. 197ngs. 7/- 


Biology. Introduction to (Parker, I.B.& Clarke, J.J.). 3r.e.(*49) 

D8.554. 172111. 28/- Kimpton 

Biology, Lab. Guide in (Wolcott & Powell). 2e.C48) 15/- 


Biology, Monogs. on. Ed. Beer. 2v. D8. 12/6; 25/- Oxf. 

Biology. Pract. (Green. "B.L.). 4c.(*47) C8.277. 98ill.(3col.). 8/- 


Biology, Prin. of (Hogben). 2e.('40) CS.415. III. 7/6 Allen A U. 





Animal Biology. Prin. of (Shull). 6e.('46) 34/-; Lab.Directions. 5e.('42) 
10/- McGraw 

Boat (Taylor. G.). C49) 16. Col.ill. Bib. Stories for Chi. S. sd.l/- 


Book (Blyton). ('42) 1C8. 111. 6/- Newnev 

Book. Australian (Barrett). r.c.('47) D8.374. 65ill. 15/- Oxf. 

Breeding (Hagedoorn). 4r.e.('50) D8.347. 111. 15/- C.Lockwood 

Breeding (Winters). 4c.('48) M8.404. 155ill. 38/- Wiley \Chap. 

Breeding in Brit., Sci. of (Marshall, F.H.A. A Hammond). ('46) 
M8.28. 9ill. Brit.S. sd.1/6 Br. Council -.Longmans 

Breeding Prin and Methods of (Kcllcv). D8.390. d. 21 /- Angus 

Classification and Distribution (Reid, D.M.). ('25) lC8.xv,5L 

t;-bs.M.d 7/6 Griffin 

Colour Changes and their Neurohumours (Parker, G.H.). (*48) 
D8x.376. 126figs.l Stabs. 30/- Camb 

Cytology and Evolution (White, M.J.D.). ('45) R8. I21figs. 36/- 


Diagrams (Anthony). ('26) 22" x 30*. 12sh.(10coL). set 31/6 


Diseases in South Africa (Heming). 2e.('49) sR8.879. 70/- Gordon 

Drawins (Medworth). ('34) F4.232. HOill. 16/- Faber 

Drawing (Skeaping). ('36) C4.80. 45ill. How to do it S. 12/6 
-Drawing. Art of (HtilK-ren). 34/- McGraw [Studio 

Ecologv (Elton) r e f'27) D8. 21ill. 18/- Sidg.&J. 

Ecology (Pcarse). 2c.('39) 59/6 McGraw 

Enrvclopedni Mammals (Wcnder). Ed.Himon. (*48) D8.28. 

III. 12/6 Allen & V. 

Facts and Fallacies (Breland). 111. Hcrshfield. C50) lC8.245,iii. 

10/6 Fabtr 

Families (Johnston, A.V C39) R4.56. Col.ill. 7/6 Royle:J. Murray 

harm (Orwell). n.c.('49) C8.92. 3/6 Seeker 

}.>Hin" Students Handbook to Foundations of CLowc). ('48) 

M8.100. 8/6 Ltttlebury 

Fodder in Tropical and Sub-tropical Countries. Provision of. 

Pl.l. ('44) C4.84. sd.4/- Comm Agric. 

Friends Fd Pritchard. ('40) C8.64. 111. New Eng.Rdrs. jcl.1/3*; 

limp 1/9* Harrap 

Friends. My. ('49) C4.64. Rainbow Pict.S. bds.3/6 

W r '.f nri< \Ward.Lock 

Friends, Our (Golding). ('50) C4. 24ill.(8col.). Sunshine S. 8/6 

Fun Pin. Book. ('50) C4.64. Rainbow Pict.S. bds.3/6 

Ward. Lock 

Genetics artd Med. (OhinebergV C47) 1C8.308. 33H1. 21 /- Cassell 

Geography (NewbiRiri). ('13) C8.238 48ill. 6/-* Oxf. 

Geographv. Ecological (Hesse), v. Alice & Schmidt. r.e.('37) M8. 

597. 135HI. 52/- Wllev. Chap.A H. 

Geographv. Plant and (Ncwbigin). 3c.('50) D8.xvi,298. Ill.M. 

16/- Methuen 

Glue for Wood. C49) 16. 2/- B S.I. 

Hu^bandrv for Schools (Harper). r.e.('24) CS.ix/16. 2410gs. 

64tabs. 28/6 N Y.iMacmWan 

H"*h'n^rv. Introductory (Anderson, A.L.). ('44) M8.787. 43/6 

Macmillan'rv, Pract. (Miller, W.C.& Robertson). 6e.('49) D8.590. 

233d. 24 /- Oliver 

Hirbndrv. Practical (AVidmar). ('50) Post4.159. 111. 24/- Scrlbner 

Hygiene and Preventive Veterinary Med.. Prin. of (Es.). ('32) 

M8.768. III. 60/- Wllev.Chap.& H. 

Improvement, Pop. Genetics and (Lemer). C50) D8.xvlii.342. 

36figs.42tabs. Biol.S. 30/- Camb. 

in Far Eastern Art (Volkter). (*50) sRS.190. 98ill. sd.22/6 

Tncenii'tv of To-r-w TFiInnd). C8. Til. 6/- Selley [K.Paul 

Inn (Moc). C48) D8.I04. 111. 5/- Harrap 

Inward (Tiller). ('44) C8. 5/- Hogarth 

Joe (Grigs). Pott4 Ill.Whittaker. Caravan S. 5/- Oxf. 

Kingdom. Individual in (Huxley). (*12) R16.X.168. 17figs. Camb. 

Man.S. 4/- Camb. 

Kingdom, Parade of the (Hegner, R.W.& J.Z.). ('47) 

74311 17/6 N Y.: Macmillan 

Life. cGlft.48. III. Visual S. 1/6* Black 

Life, Bookano. obC4. 12/6 Strand \M<*thuen 

Life in Fresh Writer (Mellanbv). 3r.e.C49) C8.viii.296. 2lliII. 9/<> 

Life in Percolating Filters (Tomlinson). (*46) R8. ed.9d. Sci. 

Indu<t.:H.M S.O. 

Life in Scotland. Influence of Man on (Ritchie). ('20) RS.viii, 

550. 91H1.8M. 17/6 Camb. 

Life of Brtish Isles rStep). ('21) 1F8.184. llHll.(48col.). Wayside 

& WoodS. 12/6 Wnrne 

Life. Plant and (Shove). 2e.('35) C8.viii.312. 136ill. 6/-* Methuen 

Life. Sricncc of (Lindsev) .('39) M8.667. 304ill. 17/6 Chap. AH. 

Life, Story of (Burton, M.). (*49) 2v. ca.Iimp4.390:430. 2v. 63/- 


Lovers ABC (Hobson). ('49) Imp32.32. sd.l/- E.Warde 

Mvster'es (Boulenger). n.e.('48) C8.191. 111. 7/6 Duckwth. 

Nutrition (Mavnard). 2e.('47) 494. 42/6 McGraw 

Nutrition (Tyler). (*50) C8.216. 22figs. From.of Sci.S. 15/- 

Chap.A H. 

Nutrition, Elements of (Ashton). (*50) lM8.vii,208. 20/- Griffin 

Pointing (Linton). ('28) D8.56. 26pl.(4col.). Art Man.S. bds.5/- 


Painting and Anat. (Calderson). C4. New An Lib.S. 25 /- Seeley 

Painting Book. C44) R24.20. lOill. Rd.6d. Wlmor 

Parade (O-tes A Brown). C39) Pott4.49. 111. Today's Work-Play 

Bks. sd.2/- N.Y. :Macmlllan 

Parasites, Immunity Against (Culbertson). 21/- Columbia U. P.: 


Parasitology. Pr^ct. Bacteriology, Hacmatology and (Stitt.Clough 

ABranham). 10e.('48) xiv,992. III. 50/- H.K.Lewh 

Physiology for Beginners (Murch^),, 83figs. 3/-* Blackie 

Pnv<!}ologv, Introduction to (Yapp). ('39) C8.320. 4pl 45figs. 

10/6 Oxf. 

Animal Picture Book. ('50) C4. Col.ill. Opal Pict.S. bds.5/- Ward, 

Picture Book. My. C50) 4/6 S.Low [Lock 

Plant and. Ecology (Stork & Renouf). ('32) C8. 90ill. 5/6* 


Prehistoric Maps (Carter, H.). set 8/6 Lippfncott 

Production, Principle of (McMeckan, etc.). 2e.('49) D8.243. 111. 

16/6 Whitcombe 

Psychology (Haan). C48) C8.160. Univ.Lib. 7/6 Hutchtmon 

Psychology, Principle of (Maier & Schneirla). C35) 529. 42/6 


Puppetry (Whanslaw). (*48) C8.158. 111. Mod.Thcat.S. 5/- Wells, 


Shelf Series. 6v. ea.R24.64. bds.2/6 Collins 

Sketching (Doust) ('34) C8.63. Arts & Crafts S. sd.1/6 Warne 

Stories. sD4.64. Col ill. 4/- Blackie 

Stories (Gillcspie). C38) F8.96. Silver Torch S. 1/8* Collins 

Stories (Mare). ('39) IC8.476. 43ill. 10/6 Faber 

Stories, Further (Roberts, ..C.G.D.). Pott 8. 128. Kings Treas.S. 

l/10*/Vr \Dcnt 

Stones. More (Roberts. C.G.D.). Pott 8.128. Kings Treas.S. 1/10* 

Stories. Some (Roberts, C.G.D.). Pott 8.128. Kings Ireus.S. 1/10* 


Stones, Twenty. ('40) sD8.viii.214. Ill.(4col.). Twenty S. 6/- Black 

Stories. Twenty More. ('41) sD8.vhi.180. Ill.(4col.). Twenty S. 

6/- Black 

Story Book. sD4.128. Col.ill. bds.6/6 Blackie 

Tales, Children's Book of. Ed. Pritchard. Lee. F.H.& Forrester. 

('41) C8. 111. Chi.Bkshelf S. 1/6*; sd.1/3 Harrap 

Talcs from Blackwood. C49) C8.384. 7/6 Blackwoocl 

Tales from History (Morton. K.F.). C8.96. ICpl. sd 2/- Fwmt 

Talcs, Youngest Reader's. C4.72. 70ill.(4col.). bds.4/- Nehon 

Testimomum (Sihler) ('08) x.45^. 20/- Hafner 

Tvpes, Anatomv of (Briggs). D8.290. 12/6 AnKui 

Verse. Book of. Ed.Hadficld. C8. 111. Pinner Chameleon Bks. 

bds.3/- Oxf. 

Wild Life in Britain (Stevens. W.H.). (*48) D8.32. 46col.ill. 

Yng.Nat.S. bds.3/6 Brockhampton 

Wonderland (Lane. F.W.). ('48) M8.240. SOill. 15/- Country L. 

Wonders, Every Child's Book of. (Aistrop). ('50) 1C8.176. 16111. 

8/6 D. Dob^on 

World, Oddities of (Davidson). (*48) 111. 5/6 Blackie 
Animaland: Painting and Crayoning Book. 2v. ea.D4. Tcol.tll. 

Animaland S. ea.2/- Juv.Prodns. 

Series. 5v. ea.D4. bds.2/- Juv Prodni. 

Animals (Kent. M.). ('44) Chi Nat.S. Iimp2/-* Harrap 

(Savory). C8. 111. Realms of Nat. Sci.S. 5/- Oxf. 

Adaptive Coloration in (Cott). ('40) lR8.xxxn.50R. Col.Fr. Ill 

40 /- Methuen 

Alive (Clark, A.H.). ('48) M8.viii,472. 20figs. 30/- V.Nastrand: 


All (Rodv) C40) C8.xii,164. 111. 3/-* Camb. 

and Birds Picture Book. ('38) Impl6.24. 111. B.Pict.Bks.S. Bd. 

1/3* E.J.Arnold 

and the Law (Fisher). ('50) D12.viii.104. This is the Law S. 4/- 

S (evens & Som 

and v Men (Hodson). 9d. Theosoph.Pub. 

and Other Nests (Stamper). 64. 21111. limp 1/6* W. Johnson 

and Plants. Advs. with (Kroeber & Wolff). ('49) 600. 111. d. IS/-*; 

Teachers' 7/** Harrap 

and Pl'mts n N.Z.. Nnturalization of (Thomson, Hon.G.M.). 

C22) R8.x,608. 42/- Camb. 

and Plants. Nature Study Talks on (Cowan). ('49) D8. 111. 6/- 


and Plants. Variation of. under Domestication (Darwin). ('02) 

1C8. 111. 2v. 21 /- J.Murray 

and Soil Fertility: in English & Swahili (Humphrey). (*48) C8.56. 

Mill. Afr.& Their Land S. sd.1/2* Longman- 

and Their Behaviour (Burton. M.). (*50) C8.144. III. Merlin Bk*. 

3/-* E.Arnold 

and Trees. My Book of (Harvey. K.). ('43) 96. Easy 

Study S. sd.3/6 Macmillan 

Aquatic. Osmotic Rewilat. in (Krogh). ('39) D8.viii.242. 54figs. 

Camb Comp.Physiol.S. 16/- Camb. 

Arc Fun (Gates & Beery). T40) Pott4.49. 111. Today's Work-PIar 

Bks. sd.2/- N.Y. 'Macmillan 

at Home (Blyton). Ill " Old Thatch " S. limp 1/6* W. Johnston 

Baby, on the Farm (Temple. V.). C4I) F6.64. 111. How to Draw S. 

31- Studio 

Band. etc. (Frdmont). ('42) C8.48. 111. Oxf.Story Rdrs.Africa. 8d.* 


Behaviour of (Russell, E.S.). 2e.('38) D8.viii,196. 6pl. 12/6 E. 


Behaviour of. Objectivist. Study of Innate (Tinbergen). C42) C4. 

39,98. 9/- Bailey 

Book of. ('50) C4. 64ill.(4con. Gold.Pict.S. bds.3/6 Ward,Ts>ck 

Breakfast (Guinness). C50) D8.100. 111. 6/- Hefnemann 

Carved and Jointed (Haslam). 2r.e.('49) D8.12. 14pl.5d. Dryad 

Lflt.S. sd.8d.* Dryad 

Classification of (Caiman). ('49) F8.viii.54. Biol.Subj.Mon.S. 4/6 


Curious Facts about (Guest). ('15) C8.80. figs. How A Why Stories. 

sd.7d. Macmlllan 

Develop, How (Waddington). C35) C8.128. 111. 5/- Allen & V. 

Domestic. Anat. of (Sisson). r.Grossman. 3c.('38) suR8.972. 770ill. 

72 /- Saunders 

Domestic, Clm. Diagn. of Intern. Diseases of (Malkmus). r. 

Opprrmann. Tr.MOhler & Eichhorn. llr.c.('37) D8.312. 72i. 
(Icol.) 31/6 Batlllere r 

Domestic, Diseases df Genlt. Organs of (Williams. W.L.). 4c.(*47) 

M8.xvin.642 200ill.(4col.). 76/6 Bailliere 

Domestic. Infectious Diseases of (Hagan). C47) lM8.xxviii.666. 

145ill. 50 /-Bailliere 





Animals. Domestic. Physiol. of (Dukes). 6e.C47) xii.818. 184U1. 57/6 

Domestic, Special Pathol. and Therapeut. of Disease of 

(Hutyra, Marck & Manninger). Ed.Grcig with Mohler & 
Eichhorn. 5e('49) 3v. C4.978:716:774. Col. ill. set 7/7/- Bailtlere 

Domestic. Textbook of Diseases of Small (Brumlcy). 4e.('44) IMS. 

422. 37ill. 38/6 Bailltere 

Domesticated. Bursate Lungworms of (Cameron. T.W.M.). ('33) 

C4.36. sd.5/- Comm.Agric. 

Drawing and Construction of CLinton). n.e.('49) D8.xvi.244. 9pl. 

12/6 Chap.& H. 

Ecology of (Elton). 3e.('50) F8.X.97. Biol.Subj.Mon.S. 5/- 


--Extinct (Stebbmg). (*46) D6.32. Puffin Pia.S. sd.1/6 Penguin 
- Farm. See Farm Animals. 

Farmer's (Garner). C43) C8.x,100 I6ill. schl.e.3/-* Camb. 

Favourite. D4. 18ill.(16col.). sd.3/-; sD4. Hercules S. 

bds.6/- Nehon 

--Food. Biol. of. Science of Meat and (JLine). v.1-2. (*31-'32) C8. 
576:279. 111. 2 1/-: 15 /- Meat Trades 

for Show and Pleasure in Ancient Rome (Jcnnison). ('37) D8. 

209.xiu. 19pl. 12/6 Man.U.P. 

for yon to Make (Martin. P.L.). 4to. 111. 8/6 Lippincotf 

- - from A to Z (Pinner). R4.48. 23col ill. 7/6 H.Hammond 

from Everywhere (Webb. C ). r.e.('SO) D4.63. 17ill. 7/6 


from National Gallery. Birds and. (*46) CS.viii. 32pl. 3/6 Nat. 

Gallery Longmans 

Purred, of Australia (Troughton). M8.400. 

-- Game, of India, Burma. Malaya and Tibet (Lydckker). r.Dollman, 
2e.C24) 8vo.xv,411. 6flgs.l3pl.(4fldg.). 30/- R.Ward 

Genetics of Sexuality in (Crew). ('27) DS.x.188. 37figs.29tabs. 

Camb Comp.Physiol.S. 15/- Camb. 

- - Good and Healthy (Paterson). ('48.) 1F8.240. T.Y.Farmmg S. 4/6 


--History of (Aristotle). CIO) D8. Oxf.Transl. v.4. 15/- Oxf. 
-- in Black and White Series. 2v. ea.sC4. 2/6 Dent 
- in Greek Sculpture (Kichtcr). C30) R8 300. 247ill. 45 /- Oxf. 

in the Picture (Anderson, J.). ('50) Discov.Rdrs. 1/3* Harrap 

Indian. Book of (Prater). ('48) 8vo,296. M. 176pl.(73col.). 30/- 


Injuries by. Prin. of Legal Liability for Trespasses and (Robson). 

C15) C8.xvi.180. 5/- Camb. 

Inside 1-arm (Sanderson & Edwardson). ('48) sF8.32. 7 cut-out ill. 

7d. 2/6 Methuen {Methuen 

Inside Living CSanderson). 3e.('50) sF4.34. 7 cut out ill 7d 2/6 

Intelligence of (Grmdley). 2c.('50) F8.viii.70. Phil.A. Psych.Mon. 

S. 4/6 Methuen 

-Investigation of Mind in (Smith. E.M.). 2e.('23) CS.x.196. lOill. 
6/- Comb 

Lab.. UFAW Handbook on Care and Management of. Ed. 

Worden. ('47) R8.xvi,368. 70111. 31/6 Ballliere 

Leather (.Aldndgei (.'50) F6 64 III Make n ^ ourself S. If- Studio 

Liability for (Williams, G.L.). C39) R8.lxvi.410. 27/6 Camb. 

Man and (Dawes). C47) C8.vii.100 7/6 Longman* 
Marine, Nat. Hist, of (MacGinuie). C49) 473 5 1/- McGraw 

Minds of (Thomson. J. A.). ('28) R16.200. John O'Lond.S. sd.l/- 


Nematodes Parasitic in (Lapage). ('37) FS.x.172. Biol Subj.Mon.S. 

Ncutro * Effects on (McDonald. D.E.). ('48) M8.vlil.200. 26111. 

24 /- Dulliere 

of Australia (Hawkins). (*47) D6.32. Puffin Pict.S. sd.1/6 Penguin 

of Bible. Ed. Fish. 4to. 30ill.D.Lathrop. 20/- Lirmncoti 

of Bible: Painting Book. ('47) G18.14. 111. Richards, A.B. sd.l/- 

Allen^on [Nelson 

of British Isles (Cory). ('41) D8.296. 40HI. Nelsonian Lib. 7/6 

of Buttermilk Hall (Morton. K.F.). ('48) D8 104. 111. 5/- Harrap 

of Countryside (Roland). ('48) sC8.44. 24col.ill. Do-You-Know S. 

bds 2/6, cl 4/- Perrv 

of the Farm (Kent, M.). ('49) Chi.Nat.S. limp 2/-*; cI.3/6 Harrap 

of the Farm in Health and Disease (Brown. Sir G.). 52ill. sd.2/- 

Rov.Agric.Soc. : J.Murray 

of India: Coll. Wall Ch. No. 1. Ed. Finn. ('17) 30" x 42*. 9/- 


of U SS.R (Vevers). ('48) C4 95. 97H1. 21 /- Helnemann 

~ of West Africa (Cansdalc). ('46) C8.144. 46111. bds.3/-* Longman* 

of the Wild. C43) Impl6.4(). Everychild Rdrs sd 9d.* E.J.Arnold 

of the World, Popular (Vevers). C47) D8. 200ill. 6/- Linleburv 

On Formation of Uric Acid in (Latham). ('84) C8.50. 2/- Deighion 

Orientation of (Fraenkel & Gunn). D8.360. Monogs.on Animal 

B-ol. 25 1 -Oxf. 

Parts of (Aristotle). (*12) D8. OxfTransl. v.5. 15/- Oxf. 

Psychology of (Alverdes). Tr.Hatficld. ('32) D8.viii,156. Internal. 

Lib. of Psychol. 12/6 Rouiledge 

Small Carved (Haslam). 2r.e.('49) D8.12. 8pl.5d. Dryad Lflt.S. 

sd 8d.* Dryad 

Spotlight on (Pincher). (*50) D8.192. 12/6 Hutchinson 

to Paint. 1/9 Blackie 

Trace Elcmts. in Plants and (Stiles). (*46) D8.xii,190. 7pl. 12/6 


Transport of. Some Suggestions on. (*50) D8.32. sd.1/6 ZooJog. 

Vertebrate, Intro, to Systematic Zoo. and Morph. of (Macalister). 

12/6 Dublin U.P. '.Hodges t- 

we Use (Johnston. A.). C'48) R4.34. 32col.ill. 10/6 Methuen 

Were There (Moss & Kirby). f'47) C8.144. III. 6/- Hutchinson 

Wild, and the Land (Lancum). ('47) D8.132. III. 10/6 C.Lockwood 

Wild, at Home (Batten). ('39) F8.X.181. lOill. Heritage of Lit.S. 

2/9* Longmans 

Wild. British. ('50) Col.ill. 4/- Blackie 

Wild, in Britain. (Pike). (*50) suR8.xli32. Fr. figs. 18/- 


Animals, Wild, in Britain (Pitt). ('38)2e. D8.viii,120. 1 04111. (3 col.). 9d. 
Brit.Nature Lib. 12/6 Batsford 

Wild, in Captivity (Hediger). Tr.Sircom. ('50) R8.200. 30ill. 35/- 


Wild, m Central India (Brander). ('23) D8.xvi,296. 16pl. 18/- 


Wild. Observer's Book of Britain (Stokoe). ('38) sPott8.224. 68ill. 

(46col.). Observer's Pckt.S. 5/- Warne 

Wild, ot Britain (Richmond, W.K.). 111. Realms of Nai.Sci.S. 51- 


Wild, of Our Country. Zoo Man Talks about (Smith, D.S.-X D8. 

III. 8/6 Litttebury 

Wild, of Our Countryside (HamUn). ('49) C8.110. 16U1.B.J. 

Hosking. 6/- Carey 

Wild, of the World (Baker, M.& Bridges). ('47) D4.272. 250pl. 

(lOOcoI.). 27/6 W.H.Allen 

Wonder Book of. ('49) C4. Ill.(8col.). 12/6 Ward.Lock 

Work, too (Gates & McClenaghan). C40) Pott4.49. 111. To-day's 

Work-Play Bks sd.2/- N.Y. \Macmilian 

Zoo (Boulengcr & Wilson, M.). ('48) D6.32. Puffin Pict.S. sd.1/6 

Anjou. Margaret of (Bagley). (*48) D8.256. 9pl. 15 /- Jenkins 
Ankle Deep (Thirkell) n.e.('50) sC8.192. sd.1/6 Guild Bks. 

Foot and (Lewm). 3c.('47) R8.847. 389ill.H.Laufman. 77/- 

Ankylostomiasis in Pregnant Woman, Malaria and (Wickramasunya). 

C37) D8.194. llfiH6.4d.9tabs. 10/6 Oxf. 
Ann: Play (Worrall). C8.90 sd.3/- S.French 

and Aurelia (Ahngton). ('34) C8. 7/6 Chatto 

and Hei Mother (Douglas, O.). F8.288. 3/- Nehon 

Jane Arabella Elizabeth (Jones. I.). I/- Gomenan 

Marlowe: Play in Welsh (Howell). Ir.Hughes. M. sd.2/6 S.French 

of Oxford Street (Qumcey). ('48) C8. Ill Zodiac S. bds.2/- Chatte 

Veionica (Wells, 11 G.). feC8.xvi.295. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 
Anna (Collins, N.). ('42) D8.416. 10/6 Collins 

Karenma (Tolstoy). Tr.lownsend. 2v. sC8.x,428: viii,360. Ev'man 

S. ea4/6 Dent 

Karenma (Tolstoy). ('01) C8.919. 15 /- Hetnemann 

Karenma (Tolstoy). Tr. Maude. r.c.('39) Pott8.956. World's Class. 

2v. ea.4/6 Oxf. 

Muhanna (Lange). C8. 8/6 S. Low 

of Five Towns (Bennett, A.). Unif.e.CSO) C8.254. 6/- Methuen 
Annalcs Cambria; 444-1288. Ed. Williams. J. (1860). sd in/. Pub. 

Rcc.iH.M.S.O. [H.MJ5.O. 

Monastici. E.Luard. 5v. (1864-'69) R8. I'uo.Rec.: 

of Caesar (Sihlen. Cll) x.330. 16/- Hafner 
Annals (Tacitus). See Author entry. 

and Antiquities of Rajasthan (Tod). 2v. ('14) 8vo.l336. M. 42/- 

R out ledge 

of Archaeology and Anthropology, v.1-27, ea.21/-: v.28. 30/- 

L'Pool U P. 

of Bodleian (Macray). 2c.('90) D8.358. 25/- Oxf. 

of Brechm Cricket, 1849-1927 (O'Neil). ('27) D8.313 15ill. 7/6 

Black & J 

of Delhi Badshahate. Tr.Bhuyan. ('47) 8vo.xi,244. 10/- Probsthain 

of European Civilisation 1501-1900 (Mayer). ('50) D8.480. 25 /- 


of Inmsfallen (Best <t McNeill). 42/- R.I. A. \Hodges, F. 

of Innocence and Experience (Read, H.). r.e.(*46) 1C8.236. 10/6 


of the Irish Harpers (Fox. C.M.). sD8. 6P. 9/- J.Murray 

of the Kings of Assyria. Ed. Budge and King. W.L. C03) 4to. 20/- 

B M.:K Paul 

of New York Stage (Odell). v.1-14. ca.70/- Columbia U.P.iOxf. 

of the Parish (Gait). sC8.xvi.310. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

of a Publishing House (Oliphant). D8. 3c. P. 2v. 42/-. 84/-. v.3. 

(Porter) 21 /-. 42 /- Bluckwood 

of Roentgenology. 3v. 93/-- 5/18/6 Hoeber-.Cassell 

of Ulster v.2&3, 1057-1541. Ed.MacCarthy (1894-5). 


Annam Jewel (Wcntworth). n.e.('49) C8.192. 6/- Melrose 
Annancy Stories (Newman. A J.& Sherlock). ('36) C8.96. 111. Beacoi 

Suppt Rdrs. limp 2J-* Ginn 

ANNE BOOKS, THE. Novels of L. H. Montgomery. 11 v. *. CS. 
S/- - 7/6 Harrap 

Anne of Avonlea. 5/- net 

Anne ol Green Gables. 6/- net 

Anne's House of Dreams. 6/- net 

Anne of Ingleside. 7/6 net 

Anne ot the Island. 7/6 net 

Anne of Windy Willows. 7/6 net 

Chronicles of Avonlea. 7/6 net 

Golden Road. The. 7/6 net 

Jane of Lantern Hill. 7/6 net 

Kilmenv of the Orchard. 5/- net 

Story Girl. The. 7/6 net 
Anne Des lies (Fdval). Ed.Barbd. Longer Fr.Txts.S. limp 1/9* Blackie 

George II. M8. Eng.Hist.Cost.Pntg.S. sd.2/- Warne 

of Avonlea (Montgomery) C8 5/- Harrap 

of Green Gables (Montgomery). C8. 5/- Harrap 

of Ingleside (Montgomery). C8. 5/- Harrap 

of the Islands (Montgomery). C8. 5/- Harrap 

of Je c us, Venerabl", Lilf of DR III 7/6 Sends 

of Veld (Bevan). (*49) C8.284. 25ill.(lcol.). New Era S. 5/- Nelson 

of Windy Willows (Montgomery). C8. 5/- Harrap 

One Hundred Per Cent.: Play (Collins. M.). C8.116. sd.2/6 

S.French [Methuen 

Queen. Background for (Sutherland). C39) D8.xii.228. 8pl. 11/6 

Queen England under: Blenheim (Trevelyan). ('30) D8.xii,477. 

10M. 17/6 Longmans 

Queen. Reign of. Until the Peace of Utrecht (Stanhope). ("08) C* 

Fr. 6/- J.Murray 





Anne. Queen. Reign. Sel. Doc. for (Trevelyan). ('29) C8.xiv.252. 7/6 

Queen. War at Sea under. 1702-1708 (Owen. J.H.). C38) DS.xii, 

316. epl.cb.d. 25 /- Camb. 

Reign of. I/-* H Russell 

St.. Life of CGaffney). sd.6d. Browne & N. 

St.. M.K. Stanzaic Versions of Life of. Ed. Parker. R.E. C28) 

E.E.I .S. 10/- Uxl. 

Shakespeare's Other CHutchcson). 12/6 MacLellan 

Annealed Steel Wire for Oil-Hardened and Tempered Springs. ('48) 

10. 2/- B.S.I. 

Anneau Vert (Rosmer). (-35) 96. Mod.Fr.S. 2/-* E.Arnold 
Annecy. Plan Guides S. 2/3 Anglo-Fr.Per. 
Annie Francaise CHedgcock & Hugues). lie. 111. 3/6* 

Annelids, Brit.. Monogr. of (Mclntosh). v.l. Pt.l. Sect.2. C74). 

25/-: v.l, Pt.2. v.2, Pt.l & 2, v.3. Pt.l. (*00-'15). ea.25/-. v.4. 

Pt.l A 2. ('22- 23). ea.50/- Ray.Quantch 
Anne's House of Dreams (Montgomery). C8. 5/- Harrap 
Annette and Co. (Chcync). C8.214. 4/6 Angus 

of River Bend (Cheyne). C8 230. Fr 4/6 X/I/TMT 

Annie Besant Calendar (Besterman). C8. 2/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

Besant Centenary Book R4 32/b Theowph Pub. 

Annie Laurie (Irving). 2e.C50) obD8.44. 23pl. mus.exs. sd.2/6 


Annihilation of Man (Paul). C44) IC8.200. 8/6 Faber 
Anniversary: Play (Ashhurst). ( ? 30) C8. 1/6 Deane 

Issues, Roman (Gram, M.). ('50) D8 xxiv,2()4. ?pl 21/- Camb. 

Services for the Primary (Furniss) C50) C8.52. sd.1/6 Epworth 
Annonce Fane a Mane (Claudel). Ed. Sel Is & Girdk-stonc. ('43) C8.xx, 

128 5/-* Camb. 

Annotated Bibliog. of Selected Chinese Reference Books (Ssu-Yu 
'Ieng& BiegerstalT), r.e.C'50) R8.336 40/- Harvard U.P.: Oxf. 

English Classics Series 2v. ea.CS. 1/9* G Bell 

Model Bvc-Laws (Woods). 9r.c.C38) R8.470. 38/6 C.Knight 

Poets Series. lOv. ca.l/4*-2/9* Blackie 

Announcing Psalms and Lessons (Hardman). ('39) D8.120. 9/- 

Annuaire de rHorlogerarie Swiss. 1949. 32/6 Vaughan 

du Baiiment-Egypt. 40 /- Vaughan 

General dc I'Exportation: In French, English and Spanish. C49) 

4to.768 75 /- Probstham 

General 1'Exporiation 1'runce. ('48 ) 800. 50/- Vaughan 

Annual Archaeol. Reports, 1892-1912. Ed Griffith, ea.2/6 Gen.Index. 
4/- Lsypt 

Bibliog of Eng. Lang, and Lit. v. 16-20, 1935-39. ('36: '38: '39: 

'40 '48). D8.292 : 292 -324: 296 :304.v. 16-19. ea.8/6, v.20. 18/- 
Mod.Hum.Rct.Assn -Comb. 

Bibhog. of History of British Art. C34-M7) 4v. D8 108:170:210: 

188. 5/-:7/6:7/6:7/6 Courtauld Imt.of ArfCamb 

Charges, Apporuonirm Tables for (Inplis <fc Bain). ('24) suR8.88. 

15/- Gall 
--Chanties Reg and Diyest. ('50) D8. bds 12/6 Longman* 

Digest of Reported Decisions in all the Courts (Mews). R8. ('98- 

24). ea.15/-. (MO) w. index *36-'40. 30/-; (*41). 21/-; C42-'47). 
ca2S/-; ('48-'49). ea.30/- Sweet 

Dividing Societies. Slate Clubs and Thrift Clubs, Complete Pract. 

Guide to the Management of (Pilgrim). ('29) D8.120. 7/6 Macd. 

Jumble Sale: Play (Darmadv). C8.28 sd.1/6 S.French 

1951 (Phillips. A.) ('50) 1C8.333. 12ill. J2/f> H.Hamilton 

of Advertising and Editorial An (Art Directors Club of N.V.). 

D4.353. 42 /- Pitman 

Practice (Burnand & Hall, B.G.B.-). 66e ('49) 3\. D8 5/15/6 


Register. (*49) D8.xvi,524. 63/- Longmans 

Report and Summary of Conference Proceedings ('49). C8.32 

sd.2/- N.LA.E. 
- Report ot Chief Medical Officer ol Health, for 1938 and 1939-45. 

2v. sd.3?6: 5/- Min.of Health iH.M.S.O. 

- Rcpori on Progress of Rubber lechnol v.l, 6. 9-12. <"37-*48) 6v vi.132: vi,117: xv.129: xii,142: x.108. 

Resume of H. R. Harmcr Organi?. ("*()) G14 III sd I/- Hurmer 
-- Review of United Nations Affairs. 1949. Ld Eaglcton ('50) MS. 

332. 40 /- N Y.:0x1 

Statutes of Practical LTtility (Chitty). R8 ('28-^9). ea.15/6; ('40- 

'42) (M.21/-; C4.V45) ea 40/-; ('46-'48). ea.63/- Sweet 

Survey of English Law. R8. ('28). 10/6; C29). 15/-; C32-*39). ca. 

10/6: T40). 15/- Sweet 

Survev ol Shakespearian Studv and Production Ed.Nicoll. 3v. 

C48.'49-'50) C4 154-170:174. III. ea.12/6 Camb. 

Survey of S. African Law. C50) 257- Juta 

Tables of Electricity Undertakings of the World. 1950-51. Ed. 

Rattec 60e. M8.600. 30/- L.Benn 
Annuals (Ilav). r e.('50) C8 240. 45ill (21 col.). 12/6 J.Lane 

(Mansfield) C49) D8.224. 64col.ill 36d. Garden in Col.S. 21 /- 


-for your Garden (Foley). ('47) CR.96. ll/- N.Y : 
MacnuHan \Macmillan 

How to Grow (Robbins). ('49) D8.xi.300 fics. 26/6 N.Y.: 
Annuario Estadistico dc hspana. C50) 40 /- VaitKhun 

Politecnico Itahano. 1948/9. 1000 6 Vaughan 

Annuitants. Life, Combined Experience of (1863-9T) (*00) D8. 21 /- 
Imt.of Actuaries Camb 

Mortalitv of . 1900-1920 18v. 1/6-63/- Inst.of Actuaries- Camb. 
Annuities. Compound Interest and fThoman) ('181 C8 sd.5/- Tech.P 

Compound Interest and. Tables of (McKie). ('ll)r.e. C4. 21 /- 

Baxen dine 

Premiums for Life Assurance and. mid Treatment of Extra Risks 

(Gunlakr & Wood. CF.). ('39) D8.xii,72. 9/6 Inst.of Actuaries- 

Annuities. Testamentary, considered from the Point of View of 
Executors and Trustees (Bowles). ('31) D8.xxviii.148. 7/6 Steven* 
& Sons 

Annuity and Loan Redemption Tables (Stubbins & Dougherty). 3e. 

C37) D8 95. 6J- Pitman 

Tables. Compound Interest and (Kent. F.E.). C26) 214. 38/6 

Annunciation (Crivelli). Ed.Davies, M. (*47) Imp4.ii. 25pl. sd.8/6 

Nat. Gallery : Longman* 
Annunziata (Selwyn). S/- M.H.Gill 

Annus Mirabilis (McGeogh). ('49) C8.45. 6/- Heinemann 
Anny (Bernard). Tr.George. C48) C8.139. 8/6 Boardman 
Anobms, Against the Pagans. Tr.McCracken. 2v. Anc.Chr.Writcrs* S. 

ca.18/- Mercier 

Anochel. Yr (Roberts. D.). 2/6 Gomerian 
Anodic Oxidation Finishes for Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys. 

C49) 24. 3/- B.S.1. t 

Oxidation ot Aluminium and its Alloys. ('49) D8.64. 10ill.(4coL). 

6tabs. sd.l/- Alumm. 

Oxidation of Aluminium and its Alloys (Jenny & Lewis, W.). 

C40) lM8.vii.231. 107ill. 20/- Griffin 

Anodismg. Electro-Plating and. ('41)4e C8. Elect. Eng.S. 7/6 NewneM 
Anommalle Chronicle, 1333-1381 (Galbraith). C27) D8.214.xlix. 2fac8. 

18/- Man. If. P. 
Anonvmous and Pseud. Eng. Lit.. Diet, of (Halkrtt <fc Laing). r. 

Kennedy. J.. Smith & Johnson. r.e.('34) 7v. R8.3218. set 12/12/- 


and Suspect Doc.. Forged (Quirke). ('30) D8.xii.282. III. 16/6 

Rout ledge 

Lover: Play (Sylvaine). D8.68. sd.4/- S.French 

Short English Metrical Chronicle. Ed 7ettl. C35) E.E.T.S. 20/- 

Anonymus Londmcnsis, Med. Wrtgs of (Jones. W.H.S.). C47) 

D8 viii. 168. Camb.Class.Stud S. 12/6 Camb. 
Anopheles nnd Malaria in the Near East (Leeson, Lumsden, Yofe, 

etc ). (*50) C4.xu.224 73ill. 35/- H.K.Lewts 
Anophehne Mosquito (Dauglish). ('ID C8. III. 6d. J.Murrav 
Anophelmes. Short Illus. Guide to the A. of Trop. and S W.Afric. 

(Evans, A.M.). '(27) C4.78. 12pl. 7/6 L'Pool U.P. 
Ano-Rcctal Diseases. Synopsis of (Hirschman). 2e.('42) D8.315. 185 

ill.(12col ). 35/- Kimpton [Daniel 

Anorexia Ncrvosa (Brown, W.L.. etc.). ('3D D8.64. sd.2/6 C.W. 
Another Cheerful Day (.Gee). 6e.('50) 6/- Methuen 

Chorus (Burke. J.F.). C49) C8 256. 9/6 Laurie 

Claudia (Frankcn). n.e.CSO) C8.127 sd 1/6 W.JI.Allen 

Day Another Dollar (Wmterich). C48) C8.203 111 9/6 l.Benn 

Forty Talcs (Southwold). ('39) F8.288. Laurel & Gold S. 2/6* 


Letter from Svdnev (Battersbv). ('50) D8.32. 2pl. sd.l/- Kingdom 

Little Drink iChunoj. n.e C50) C8.256. 4/6 ( ollim 

Little Murder (Morgan. L N ). ('48) C8 224. 8/6 Macd.& Co. 

Man's Poison (Holman) C50) CK 160. 6/- Fonhham 

Man's Wife (Grose). n.c.C'50) C8.192 4/6 Collim 

Morning (Smittcr). ('47) IC8.iv.299 9/6 Chap <t // 

Naval Digression (Franklin). C21) C8 98. 7/6 Heath, C. 

Pair of Spectacles: Play (Bridges, V.). C8.20. sd 1/3 S.French 

Shore (Reddm) ('45 ) C8.204. 8/- Creuet 

Storv Please. D8.144 40ill (36col.) Bks of Delight 5/- Nelson 

Sunday Book of Delight (Cotton). ('49) D8.216. 30pl Illus Bible S. 

5/- Lutt P. 

Time (AudenX ('40) D8.128. 7/6 Faber 

Two Hundred Sermon Notes (Drmkwatci). C48) D8.222. 15/- 

Wav to Fly (Oswald) ('50) C8.256. 6/- Barrie \Burns, O. 

Woman's Love (Lindsay. K ). C50) C8.256 8/6 Jenkm\ 

World than This (West, V.S.& Nicolson) ('45) 1C8.248. 10/6 

M Joseph 

Year (Shcrnff). C48.> C8.286. 9/6 Heinrmann 
Anrhydedd: Play (Jones. T G ). sd.2/6 6 I rrnth 

Ans an Ti^hearna: Hymns (Smith. J.). C50) C8.36 I/- A.MacLaren 
Anselm and His Work (.Welch). Wld's.Epoch Mkrs.S. 4/6 T.& T. 

Anselm's Letters as Archbishop (Schmitt) C49) v.l. 1D4.248 2pl. 

42 /- Nehon 

Anson Lesson S. Iv. C8. sd I/-* S.P.C.K. 
Anson's Vovage, Lord (Walter) ('48) SC8.220 sd 1/6 Penguin 
Answer Book Boekie met Antwoordc (Bilmgual-Twcetalig). (Wild). 

C40) 3/6 Juta 

for Everything (Hoover). C48) D8.256 25/6 McGraw 

from Amsterdam (Northcott). ('48) C8.64. sd 2/6 Indep.P. 

is (Andrade) ('41) sD8 vin.80. 5/- G.Bell 

is ... your Nerves (Jackson, A.S ). (*47) CR 168. 8/6 Wld's. Work 

to Communism (Hvde). 3c.C49) C8 96. sd 1/6 Paternoster 

to Lambeth (Group of Lavmen). ('48) sC4.1(S III sd.9d. Keating 

to Question 33 (Svkcs). C48) C8 256 8/6 Collim 

Yes or No (Mortimer). ('50) C8.224. 9/- J.Isinc 

Answering Glory (Hutchinson. R C.) n.e C50) C8 320. 6/- Cassell 
Answers and Hints to Easy Calculations and Accounts (Beard). ('21) 
C8xiu sd 1/3 Methuen 

and Solutions in Fundamentals of Accounting (Wade) 2c.C41) 

M8 172 sd 18/- Wiley Chip.A H. 

of Jesus to Job (Morgan, G.C ) ('50) C8 128 6/- Marshall, M.& S. 

to Easy Test Papers in Arithmetic and Algebra (Beard) (*19) C8 

xiii. 2/6 Methuen 

to Junior Arithmetic Examination Papers (Beard). C02) FR iv.16. 

sd 9d. Methuen [Methuen 

to Jumoi Mathematics (Pratt & Kitchener). ('3D C8.20 1/2 

to Pravcr (Mullcr). G18 128. Corportage S. 2/- Moodv.Ollphants 

to " Questions on Parliament " (Gibberd). C50) C8 8. sd.6d. 


to Test Papers in English. Arithmetic. Intelligence and General 

Knowledge (Charlton) (*49) C8.104. 2/- Macmillan 

Twenty (Hadnll). C50) C8.48. d.l/3 S.P.C.K 





Ant and Bee (Banner). C50) D24.112. 52col.ill. bds.3/- E.Ward 

Hill. Through the (Brookes). 8vo.l58. 19ill.(9col.). 15/- Lippincott 

Lite of (Maeterlinck). Tr.Miall. C8.192. 6/- Allen & U. 

Little (Freeman. N.). ('46) R 16.48. Col.ill. 3/6 Dent 

Lost (Fombona). ('48) IC8.178. 7/6 Allen &. V. 

Pest. Biology and Control of. ('50) R8.52. sd.l/- H.M.S.O. 

Story ot the (Bateman). C'48) sC4.22. 111. Young Brit. S. sd.1/3 


White. Soul of (Marais). Tr.Kok. 6e.('50) lC8.xvi.184. 23ill. 9/6 

Amagada-dasao and Anuttarovavaiya-dasio (Barnett). ('07) 8vo. 9/- 

Antarctic, " Birdie " Bowers of the (Seaver). (*38) D8. 15ill.(3col.). 

2M. 12/6 J.Murray 

Desolate CMountevans). ('50) D8.184. 23pl. 12/6 Lutt.P. 

Edward Wilson of the (Seaver). n.e.C33) D8. 111. 2M.2facs. 10/6 

J. Murray ^ 

Antarctica, Camera in (Saundcrs. A.). (50) C4.160. 72pl. 21 /- 

Ante-Bcllum North Carolina (Johnson, G.G.). 16/- N.Carolina V.P.\ 


Limcn (Walters & Conway). Ld.Rces. R.II. (*28) C8. 2/3* 

J Murray 

Nicenc Christian Lib. Ed. Roberts. A. & Donaldson. 36v. ea.11/6 

T & T.Clark 

Roonr Play CKershavv) ('49) C8. 1/6 Deane 
Antechnst, Lepende de (WalberB) C28j Svo.180. Ipl 7/- Oxf. 
Antclumi Sculptor (Quintuvalle). Ital.tcxt. ('47) 4to.40. 40pl. 35/- 


Antenatal and Postnatal Care (Browne. F.J.). 6e C46) D8.652. 90HI. 
25 /- Churchill 

Clinic. Midwife's (Parnell). ('28) 74. 2/6 Faber 

Antenna Design. Rhombic (Harper) C41) IC4. 111. 30/- Chap.A. H. 

Theory and Design (Williams. H P.). 2v. C50) D8. 142: 522. 21/-: 

63 /- Pitman 

Theory and Design. Microwave (Silver) C49) 68/- McGraw 
Antennae (Aharoni) C46) R8 274 30/- Oxf. 

Systems. Beam (Wilmotte & McPetne). R4. Coll. Researches, sd. 

21- Nat /'/in. Lab :H M.S.O 
Antennas, and Wave Guides. Traasmission Lines (King, R.W.P.). 

Mimno & Wing). ('45) D8.347. 36/6 McGraw 
Antequcra. Don Fernando de (Macdonald. I.I.) ('48) D8.237. 25 /- 

Anthca's Ambition (Hams. B C ). ('35) C8.96. Fr. Sunshine S. 3/- 

Pick & I 
Anthem Book, Church Ed Davics. W.& Ley. Words c.(*34) C8.50. 

2/6: Music e C33) F4 578 10/6 Oxf 
Anthologie de la Poesie Franchise Ld. McLaren. (*29) C8.237. bds.5/-* 


Anthologies Study in (Grcvillc). ('45) 2/- Juta 
Anthology Ed Crossland C50) FR.96 35ill Silver Torch S. 1/8*; 

Clh FS 256 32ill Laurel & Gold S. 2/6* Collins 

Shakespeare Ld Maine sF8 IhO Col fr Foniana S 2/6 Collins 

(Snlovyov) Ed Prank ('50) D8.2S6. I8/- S C M 

(Wordsworth) Ed Davies. H sP8 160. Fr Fontana S. 2/6 Collins 

Commercial (Sladcn) C41) C8 87 limp 2/-* Pitman 

Countryman's (Thomas) 2e.C45) C8.xxn.274. III. cl.7/6. L.15/- 


for Lent (Chambers. P.F.). C50) C8 114. sd.3/6 Mowbray 

for Verse Sp".ikers Ed Pertwcc C8.336. 7/6 S.French 

Greek See Greek Anthology 

Junior I -turd and Gold Ed Crossland. ( >: *6) F8.256 Slill. Laurel 

A Gold S 2/3* Collmi 

I mil- Reviews. 1949 Ed Bstker. D V ('49) CR x.228. 10/6 Methuen 

Modern Eu Crossland f 48) F8 160. Laurel & Gold S 2/6* Collins 

of the Bible (Parker. E ) F4 12/6 Sfflev 

of British Historical Speeches. Ed. Rhys. sC8.xvi.. 7 52. Ev'man S 

4/6 Dent 

of Contemporary French Novel. 1919-1949 (McMillan). ('50) C8. 

280 5/6* Dent 

of Contemporary Northern Poetry. Ed.Sergeant. C48) D8.154. 8/6 


of English Poetrv. Dryden to Blake. Ed. Campbell. K C30) F8. 

H U L. 3/6 Oxf 

of English Prose C8 424. I..Y T.S 2/8* Dent 

of English Prose from Bcde to Stevenson. Ed.Edwaids. S.L. sC8. 

xvj 400 Ev'man S 4/6 Dent 

of English Verse (Grr illc) ('44) 2/- Juta 

of English Verse, for Schools Ed Potter. Imp16. 111. Prim Ser Bks. 

1-3 n.c('50>: Bk 4 n c C49-'50); Sec Scr Bks 1-4 n e C50) sd. 
2/T-V1*. limp 2/8*. c!2/8*-3/-*: tchr's.5/- Pitman 

of Errors (Whvte) ('47) C8 80 I/- Chater\on 

of European Poetry v 1 From Mauchault to Malherbe. Ed.Savill, 

Tr Stirling C47) D8231. 15/- WinRate 

of French Poetrv (Conder) C50) C8 158 10/6 Cassell 

of Friendship- lolaus Ed. Carpenter. 3r c C8 5/- Allen & U. 

of Gardens and Flowers (Lvdall) 2c C48) C8 168. 6/6 Allman 

of German Poetrv. 1830-1880. Ed.Bithcll. C47) F8.cviii.212. schl.e. 

6/-*. 7/(> Methuen 

of German Poetry. 1880-1940. Ed.Bithcll. 5e.C50) F8.1x,271. 

sch!6e6/-*, 7/6 Mfthuen 

of German Songs and Lyrics. Tr.Davidson. ("48) D8 152. 5/- 


of God (Marchant). ('47) C8.156. 7/6 Cassell 

of Greek Prose. Ed. Forster & Webster. T.B.L. ('38) C8.168. A/- 

Man. U. P. . [U.P. 

of Greek Verse. Ed. Fomer & Webster. ('35) C8.184. 4/- Man. 

of Home Counties (Mortimer). ('47) C8.xxxh.256. 16ill. 10/6 


of Italian Prose and Poetry in Italian (Morpurgo). C49) D8.xx.911. 

sd.21/- Bailey 

Anthology of Joy. Ed. Nelson. M. ('47) C8.60. Wayside Bks. sd.1/3 

of Latin and English Verse (Roberts. G.D.). C34) C8.xxviii.150. 

4/6 Ma cm Ulan 

of Longer' Poems. Ed.Moles & Moon. C38) C8.288. Fr. Heritage of 

Lit.S. 3/6* Longmans 

of Love and Marriage. Ed.Yaffe. (*47) C8.344. 8/6 Faber 

of Modern Nature Writing. Ed.Wilhamson. H. C36) sCS.296. 

Mod.AnthoI.S. 57- Nehon 

of Modern Poetry (Lynd). C39) C8.268. 5/- Nelson 

of Modern Verse. Ed.Methuen. F8. 45schl.e.('49) Eng.Class.S. 

xlvi.254. 3/-*. xlvi.303. 3/6*; 39e.('50) xlvi.254. 7/6 Methuen 

of Modern Verse, New. 1920-1940. Ed Lewis, C.D.& Strong, 

L.AG C49) F8.xxxiv.221. 15schl.e. Eng.Class.S. 3/6*; 14e.6/- 

of Musical Criticism from 15th to 20th Century. Ed.DenurtH. (*48) 

F8.432. 12/6 Eyre 

of Narrai. Poems. Tale Told: Ed.Bcbbington. C8.156. schl.e. 3/-*; 

hb.c.6/- Allen & V. 

of Orkney Verse. fcd.Marwick. ('49) D8.198. 10/- Mackintosh 

of Play Scenes (Downs). ('49) D8.258 Theatre S. 12/6 Pitman 

of Poetry of Age of Shakespeare (Young. W.T.). CIO) C8.X.308. 

Camb Anihol S 6/6* Camb 

of Prayers (Fisher, A.S.T.). 5e.('50) F8.X.132. id.3/6. C34) bdj. 

6/- Longmam 

of Prayers for Schools (Hartley). ('49) D8. 6/- Macd.A Co. 

of Recent Poetry. Ed.Waltcrs & Bayliss. 3e.('20) C8.128. limp 

2/6* Harrap 

of Scientific German. Ld.Wild. ('37) 8vo.300. 59figs. 20/- Oxf.: 

N Y. 

of Sporting Prose and Verse CParker. E.). C8:D8. III. Lonsdale 

Lib.S \2/b:l5/-Seeley 

of Victorian Verse. Ed.Evans. M.R. (*49) F8.xxxii.245. schl.e.4/-*. 

8/6 Methuen 

of Wine CMowat). C49) R8.78. 9ill. 7/6 UouldenhawiSkilton 

of Wit (Boas). ('34) F8.xiv.286 4/- Macmillan 

Poetry Speaking (Adams. H.& Croasdell). 3 Bks. C8. I 5c.f49) 

x,44. 2/-*; II. 7c.C50) x,94. 2/6*; III. 5e.('50) xii.168. 3/6*. 
Compl 6/-* Methuen 

Anthony and Antimacassar (Emeu & Rowland). (*43) 1C4.32. 23H1. 
Emett bds 6/- Faber 

Ant and the Earwig Pirates (Gilmore). M6.47. IlUsome col.). 6/- 

Cicero and. Ed.Tui berville. ('28) F8.128. 13U1. Oxf.Schl.Lat.S. 

3/-* Oxf 

Lvveden (Yates. D ). C50) C8. 6/- Ward. Lock 

St , of Padua (Curtavne). C49) C8 104. 5/- Mercler 

St . the Hermit (Ward. M.) III. Saints in Picts.S 4/- Sheed 

Slade Scries (Gnbble) Iv C8. 7/6 \V H Allen 

Trent. Master Criminal (Martyn). n.e C47) C8 208. 5/- Jenkins 
Anthracene and Anthraqumone (Barnett). C21) D8.xu.436 27/6 

Dailliere [Untv Wales 

Anthracite Coal Industry of Swansea District (Hare). D8 84. sd.l/- 
Anthraqumone. Anthracene and CBarnctt). ('21) D8.xn,436. 27/6 

Anthrax in the Tannery Industry (Leymann). ('23) R8.30. sd.l/- 

/./, O.- Staples 
Anthropological Essays pres. to E. B. Tylor. (*07) Imp8 424. 21 / 


Expedition. Camb. to Torres Straits. Reports of. Ed.Haddon. 

D4. v 1 (*35) xiv.421. llpl 10M. 40/-: v.2 Pt.l &2 ('01: '03) 
146:223- 15/-:I2/6; v.3. C07) viu.527. 45/-; v 4. ('12) vii.393. 
40pl 4()/-: v.5. ('04) xii.378. 22pl.tabs. 40/-; v.6. COS) xx.316. 
30pl 35 /- Camb. 

Research in Kenya Colony. Some Problems of (Schapera). (*49) 

2/6 Intermit. A fric. 

Research, Missionary and (Westerrnan & Thurnwald). C32) 2/- 

Anthropology (Goldenwciscr) C37) 1M8.560. 32pl.80ill. 25/-* Harrap 

(Marett). 2e.('14) F8. H U.L 3/6 Oxf. 

(Tylor) n.c.C46) 2v. F8.xvi.180. 65111.; 166. 13H1. Thmkcr'i Lib. 

2/6 Watts 

American. Hist.of (Mitra). 8vo.239 P. 5/- Luzac 

and Apocalypse (Burch) C39) D8.x,254. 10/6 Macmillan 

and Religion (Buck). 10/- Yale I'.P \Oxf 

Annals of Archaeology and. v.1-27. ea.21/-. v.28.. 30/- L'Pooi 


Essays in. Ld.Mills. J.P., Majumdar, D.N.. Chattopodhyay. K.P.. 

etc R8viii,268. 24/- / uzac 

General (Boas, etc ). ('39) D8.730. lOpI 97ill 22/6* Harrap 

History of (Haddon). n.e.('49) F8.xiv,146. 12ill. Thinker's Lib. 2/6 


Lamps of (Murphy). C43) C8. 179.x. 7/6 Man V.P. 

of Si Thomas (Hislop). C5Q) D8.IO. sd.l/- Blackfrlan 

O T in Light of (James, E O ). ('38) C8 160 8pl 4/- S.P.C.K. 

Principles of (Chappie & Coon). ('48) sR8. 25 /- Cape 

Reader in General (Coon) C50) R8 36/- Cape 

Social (Pritchard). ('48> D8 16. Oxf.Univ Inaug.I ect.1948 1/6 Oxf. 

Social (Slotkm). ('50) D8.xviii,604. 36/- N.Y '.Macmillan 

Social. Intro to. v.l. (Piddington) ('50) M8.458 111. 25/- Oliver 
Anthropomorphism and Physics (Nunn). R8. Br.Ac.Hertz Philos.Lect. 

1926. 2/- Oxf. 

Anthroposophical Knowledge of Man. Three Fundamental Problems 
of. 4v (Kolisko). ('43-'44) D8.22: 16: 19:20. 2pl. 4/-; 2/6; 2/6; 
2/6 Kolhko 

Leading Thoughts (Stciner). C27) GI8.124. 3/6 Anthropos. 
Anthroposophy, Foundations of (Sterner). (*47) C8.110. sd.4/fi 


Human Life in Light of (Steiner). C28) F8.48. sd.l/- Anthropos. 

Philosophy and (Steinert. C28) F8.62. sd.l/- Anthropos. 

World History in Light of. Tr. Adams, G.A N. ('50) D8.140. 12/6 






\nti-Ohnstian Movement. Freemasonry and (Cahill). C30J C8.272. 
7/6 M.H.Gill 

Clockwise: Plav (Box). C8.28. sd.I/6 S.French 

Pemocnuic Thought. Patterns of (Spitz). C49) lC8.xiu.304. 33/6 


--Uuhnng (hngcls). C'34) C8.364. 8/6 J^awrence 
Anubiotic Agents. Penicillin and Oihcr (Herrell). (*45) 1D8.348. 45111. 

(some col.). 25 /- Sounders 

Thcxapv. A-B-C\s of Sulfonamidc and (Long, P.H ). C48) IPb. 

231. 111. 17 J 6 Saundrn 
Antibiotics (Moiev. etc.). C49) R8.1798. 107111. 2v. 8/8/- Oxf. 

- (Pratt & Uufrcnoy). ('49) M8.225. 66ill. 40/- Lippincott 

- Handbook of CBaron). 52/- Remhold \Chap. & H. 

-Selective Toxicity and. Ed.Daniclli & Biown. R. C49) R8.vm,372. 

6pl.71tabs.42fi8S. 35/- Lxp.BioLSoc.:Camb 
Antibodies. Production of (Burnet & Fcnncr). 2r.c.('49> D8.vni,142. 

10figs.2tabs. 12/6 Macmillan 
Antic Hay (Huxley). Umf.e.('49) sC8. 7/6 Chatto 

Hay (Huxley). C48) SC8.253. sd.J/6 Penguin 
Antichrist and Gog and Magog (Ali). C8.91. bds.7/- Luzac 

and His 'I en Kingdoms (Close) C39) limp J/6; cl.4/6 Channel 
AntiBone (Sophocles). See Author entrv. 

Antigua. Penny. Puce (Graves. Rj. C48) sCS.315. sd.2/6 Penguin 
Amike Cotter in der Spatrcnaissance (Saxc). C27) C4.vii.13S. 4pl. 

Stud.dci Bibliothck Warburg, sd.8/- Warburg 
Antimony and Bismuth (Thornycrott). v.6. Pt.5. Txt.bk.of Inorg. 

Cliem. lM8.xxvin.248. Fr. 111. 20/- Griffin 

and Bismuth. Derivatives of Phosphorus (Goddard). v.ll. Pt.3. 

Txt.bk.of Inorg.Chem. lM8.xix.317. Fr. 111. 22/- Griffin 

Ores (Halse). (*24) DK. Imper.Inst.S. sd.5/- J.Murray 
Antioch. Eustathms of (Sellers). C28) C8.X.124. 8/6 Camb. 

Mosaic Pavements (Levi). (*47) Imp4.672. 229ill. I83pl.4M. 11 

Princeton U.P.'.Oxf. 

Mosaics of (Morey). ('39) D4. 111. 31/6 Longmans 
Antioch-on-the-Orontcs. hxcavs. Lcl.SulIwcll. v.1-3. 1932-39. 82/6- 

6/17/6 Princeton U.P.:Oxf. 

Antiquarian Prejudice (Betjcman). C39) sd.6d. Hogarth 
Antiquaries Journal. Index to v.J-10. U)/- Oxf. 
Antiquary, The (Scon. Sir W.). &C8.X.4J8. Lv'man S. 4/6 Dent 

(Scott. Sir W.). lid. Clay. C49) C8.478. Guide Novels S. 4/6* 


--(Scott. Sir W.). F8.516. Class.S. 3/6 Nehon 
-(Scott. Sir WJ. F8. 111. Oxford Scott. 6/- Oxf. 
Antique Blue and White Spade (Williams. S.B ). 3r.e f 49) C4. xvin. 

248. 1 85111. (145col.). 42/- Batsford 
-Furniture (Siebert). ('50) D8.84. IbiJl. bds.3/9. cl.5/6 Furniture 

- Land (Shipton). ('50) D8.220. 13ill.23pl. l.e.(I5()j. L.32/-; g t.M/- 

-Land (Shipton). ('50) 1M8.220. III. 2()/- Uodder 

Reproductions for Home Craftsmen (Yatcs. R F ). 34/- MiGraw 
Antiques: Play (Russell. IO. C8.28 sd.i;3 S. French 

-and Curios in Our Homes (Vallois). (*12)n.c. C8.314. 111. 8/6 

Collecting (Hughes. G.B.). ('49) C4.350. 185J1I. 42/- 

Country L. 

Collecting of (Singleton). C26) M8.xxix.338. 172ill. 30/- N.Y.: 


of Shetland. Celtic and Scand. (GoudiU. ('04 ) D8.320 7/6 

Yearbook, Encyclopaedia and Directory. 1950-51 (Pvtchelcy). C8. 

328. 6/- Tantivy 

Antiquities. Bull, of Mus. of Far East.. Stockholm. Nos 1-21. C4. 
pi. sd.30/--90/-: sep.pts.32/6-90/- K.Paul 

Christian, Dictionary of. Ed.Smith. Sir W._V Chcctham f08) M. 

111. 2v. 73/6 J.Murray 

Greek Manual of (Maisch). 003) PottS. Fr. Tem.Cyc.Pnm.S. 1/9 


Guide to Early Christian and Byzantine, in the B.M. 2e.('21) 15pl. 

2/6 B.M.: K.Paul 

- Guide to Early Iron Age. in the B.M. 2c.C25) 213ill. 2/6 B.M : 


of Selborne (White. G.). Ed. Scott. S. r.c.('50) D8.268. 12ill 15/- 


Preservation of (Plenderleith). ('34) C8.80. 2pl.5flgs. Mus. Assn. 

3/6 Oxf. 

Roman (Dionysius of Halicama&sus). Tr.Cary. J-8. Loeb Gk.S. 

v.l, 4, 5. 6. ea.15/- Heinemann 
Antiquity. British (Kendnck). C50) DR.xii.171. 20111. 21 /- Methuen 

Claim of. Ed.Ashmolc. etc. 4e.('35) C8.48. 1/6* Oxf. 

Classical World of Books in (Pinner). M8.64. III. 8/6 Allen & V. 

of Buddha Image (Gangolyh 8vo. Fr. 10H1. SI- Luzac 

of Man in E. Ajigha (Moir). C27) R8.xm.172. 25pl.74figs 17/6 


of Roval Arch (Castclls3. ('27) F8.308. 9y- A.Lewis 
Ami-Semite, Portrait of the (Sartre). Tr.Mauny. (*48) C8.128. 7/6 

Anti-Semitism (Maritain). ('39) D8.64. 5/- Bles 

Reports and Recommendations of Emer. Conf. on. ('47) M8.32. 

5pl. sd.l/- C.C.J. 

- Tr.igcdv of (Chesterton & Leftwich) ('48) C8.296. 10/6 Anscombe 
Anti-Slavery Movement, Brit. (Coupland). ('33) F8. H.U.L. 3/6 Oxf. 

-Theistic Theories (Flint) 9e.C79) CK.563. 10/6 Vlackwood 

Tuberculosis Service in Wales and Monmouthshire: Report. ('38) 

sd.4/6 Mm of Health -.H.M.S.O, 

- Venereal Measures in Certain Scandinavian Countries and 

Holland. ('38) sd.2/6 Mtn.of Health :H.M.S.O . 
Antoinette Mane. See Marie Antoinette. 

de Ensayos Espanoles. Ed.Alonso. ('36) sC8.xxii.326. 7/6* Harrap 
Antologia de la Literature Espanola (Navarro). C33) D8.440. 15 /- 

Harrap ^ 

Antomnc Wall. Topog. of Rom. Scot. N. of (Crawford). (*49) C4. 

jtii,162. 21pl.32figs IM.lfldg.d. 25/- Camb. 

Antonines. Age of (Gibbon). Ed.Fowler. (*07) GI8.xvi.102. 1M. 2/- 

Antonio kaj Klcopatio (Shakespeare). Tr.Andrew. ('47) C8.90. sd.2/6 


Antonio. Mother Gary. Life of. C8. 7/6 Sands 
Antony iDumas). Ed.Baudm. ('29) C8.134. 7/- N.Y.'Oxf. 

(Lytton). ('35) D8.568. Fr. 10/6 P.Davies 

and Cleopatra (Shakespeare). See Author entry. 
Antonyms, Book ol Synonyms and. 4c.('47) C8.134. 3/6 Pitman 
Antrim. Belfast: Guide. (*48) C8. 111. M.d. 5/- WardjMck 

Louisa, Countess of (M.R.). ('49) D8.36. III. sd.1/6 Oxf. Group 
Ants (Huxley). C30) C8.150. Hill. 6/- D.Dobion 

(McKay). Swahili e. Simple Simple L-ng.S. lOd * Oxf, 

and Men. Of (Haskms). ('46) 1)8.252. 111. 10/6 Allen & V. 

and their Ways (Fitzsimons). C27) 3/6 Juta 

and their Ways (McKay). ('37) C8.52. 111. 10d.; Swahih e. 7d.* 


Castle (Trevor). C49),C8.168f 6/- Falcon 

Collecting (Domsthorpc). ('46) C8.12. Sflgs. sd.6d. Entomol. 
Amur Fawr (hdwards. D.M.). C8.291. 111. bds.7/ 6* Lduc.Pub. 
Antunaethau (" Meuryn "). (*44) C8.88. bill. 3/- Rrvthon 

Gwas y Wern (Jenkins). ('38) C8.62. 4ill. Stracon i Blunt S. sd 1 / ? 


Lili Lwyd Scries. 6v. ea.D8.16. 1/3 Brvthon 

Morwvr C>mru (Williams. D.J.). 1/6 Comcnan 
Anwrydhapura. Excavations in Citadel of (Paranavitana). R4. vi,38 

25pl.5d IS/- Luzac 
Anus. Rectum and Simoid Colon (Bacon). 3c.('49) DS.1128. 774ill 

(I9col.). 2v. JL12 lApinnivir 
Anuttarovavuiya-dasao, Antagada-dasdo and (Burnett). ('07) 8vo. 9/- 


Anwar-i-Suhaili : in Persian CBidpai). 8vo 420. sd.5/- JMZOC 
Anwar-1-Suhaili. or. Lights of Canopus. Tr Wollaston. ('04> R4. 42/-; 

RS. 18/- J.Murray 
Anxiety Hysteria (Rixun & Matthew) (*20) C8 xn.124 4yr> II. K L?wh 

Inhibitions. Symptoms and (Frcnd) ('36J 1J8. Imcinat Psychoan.S 

8/6 Hogarth 

Nervous. Conditions of (Stekel). Tr.Gcihler. r.c C50) D8 xx.43(> 

25,/- Routledge 
Any Body?: Play (Whitchcad). C8.24. sd.1/6 SJrenth 

More for the Gondola? (Carson) C50) C8.208 9,, Httr\t 

Saint to Any Nun (Benedictine of Stanbrook Abbzy). (*48) C8.176 

fturn\. U. 

Shape or Foim (Daly). C49) C8.208. 8/6 HMumnwnd 

Time for Grumbling (Hubnack). 1MK Currtiv Allans st!.9d 

Anybody Can Do An>thms (MacDonald, B ) ('50) D8 224. 10/6 fl. 


Anydate Calendar. Ed.WiRhtman. (*42) F4. 2/- Covenant 
Anyone Can Draw r/uidcnbirg) ('48 sD4.36U. 5u.nll J?/- W H 

Can Paint (Zaidenbcrg). C4. 111. 30 /- Batsford {Allen 
Anything for a Lauh (Ccif). ('49) D8.218 111. 8/0 D.Dolwn 

Goes: Music:,! Play (Porter. Bdlton & Wodehousc). C8.68. sd.6/-; 

v.score IO/- S.frrcnih 
Anywoman (Hurst). C50) C8. 10/6 Cape 
Aona. Diseases of the CRcich). ('49) sR8.xv.288. 60fiRs.5tabs. 56/- 

N.Y.: Macmillan 
Aortic Valve. Calciflc Disease of (Karsncr & Kolctsky>. C47) M8.1 12 

12ill. 40y- Lipptncott 
Apabhramsa Texts of Dakarnava. Studies in. Ld.Chaudhuri. ('35 ) 

R8. IO/- Luzac 
Apartment Houses (Abel & Severud). M4.280. III. 92/- Reinhold' 

Chap.& //. 
Ape and Essence (Huxley). C49) CX 7/6 Chatto 

Up from the (Hooton). r.e.('46) M8.xxn.788. 68figs.ll4ill. 40/- 

N.Y.:Macmilla n 

Apel at Hanes (Jenkins). C8. bds.4/6* Educ.Pub. 
Apes O-elce). C49) D8.X.90. 20ill. 10/6 Chap A //. 

Man and, Lumbar Curve in (Cunningham). 13pl. Cunningham 

Mem.S. 51- R. I. A. '.Hodges, F. 

Men and Morons (Hooumi. D8.307. 12/6 Allen <t U. 

Mentality of (Kohler). Tr.Wmter 2r e C'27) D8.viu.W>. 9pl.I9fig,s 

Internal. Lib of Psycnol. 15/- Routlcdge 

My Pncnds the (Benchlrry) C44) 1C8.236. 25pl. 12/6 Faher 

Social Life of Monkeys and (Zuckerman). ('32) DS.xn.357. 24pl 

Internal. 1 ib of Psvchol 17/6 Routlrdzr 

Aphasia. Agnosia, Apraxia (Ncilson with Fitzgibbon). 2e.('46> 302. 
59ill. 40/- Hotber-C'aucll 

and Kindred Disorders of Speech (Head). ('26) 2v. C4.xvi,550: 

xxxiv.430. 30ill. set 70/- Camb. 

Developmental. Ocular Dominance in Relation to (MacMcckcn) 

('39) R8.60. 27- Ross : Univ. Land. 
Aphides. Brit.. Monograph of (Buckton). v.3 & 4. (*76-*83) C8. Col 

pi. ca.20y- Ray: Quart tch 

Aphonsmen (Schopenhauer), n C.C46) Parnassus S. 4/6 Sidg.A J. 
Aphorisms, Treasury of Kng. (Smith. L.P.). C28) C8 7/6 Constable 
Aphra. Incomparable (Woodcock). ('48) sDS.248. 6111. 12/6 Boardman 
Aphrodite Aculcated (Fordham). C25) M8.vni.96. L.M.B C.S. 12/6 

L'pool V.P. 

Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite and Pervigilium Vencris ; m Latin 

and English. Tr. Lucas. F.L. ( 48) Pott4.54. 6/6 Camb. 
Apiary Record Book and Guide. ('50) M32.72. 2/6 Bee Craft 
Aplastic Anaemia. Acute (Smith. A.H.). ('28) R8.viii.80. G/- H.K. 

Anaemia. Pernicious Anaemia. Leucaemia and (McGowan). ('26) 

D8.viii.J16. Sill.dool.). 7/6 H.K.Lewis 
Aplysia (Eales). C21) M8.viii.84. L.MB.C.S. IO/- L'pool V.P. 
Apocalypse. The (Anderson. J.A.). 2r.e.('49) C8.71. 2/6 J.A. 


(Mavcock). C8.172. 2/6 DacreiBlack 

Anglo-Norman (Giffard). Ed. Rhys. ('46) D8.xlix,164. Anglo-Norm. 

Texts. 30/- Blackwell 





Apocalypse, Anthropol. and (Burch). ('39) DS.x.254. 10/6 Macmlllan 

Explained (Ferrar). C36) C8.136. 3/6 S.P.C.K. 

Explained (Swcdenborg). 6v. D8.2.936. ea.10/6 Swedenborg 

in Art (James. M.R.). R8.124. Br.Ac.Schweich Lect.1927. 6/- Oxf. 

Lectures on (Charles). R8.88. Br.Ac.Schweich Lect.1919. 6/- Oxf. 

Notes on the (Bonello). 32. C8. sd.1/3 Burns, O. 

of Freemasonry (Castells). ('43) P8.256. 6/- A.Lewis 

of Hist. (Lamport). ('48) D8.180. IK/- Faber 

of Peter. Vision of Thcophilus and. Ed.& Tr.Mmgana. ('31) R8. 

vii,449. 163facs. Woodbrooke Stud. It)/- Selby Oak 

of St. John (Glazebrook). ('23) C8. Mod.Chman's.S, 6/- J.Murray 

of St. John. Ed.Gwynn. 30/- Dublin U. P.: Hodges, F. 

of St. John (Loencrtz). 8/6 Shecd 

of St. John. Hebrews; Pastoral and Catholic Epistles. ('31) D8. 

lxii.220. Westmm.Vcrs. :N.T. 8/6 Longmans 

Pageantry of (Allan. A.). C34) DH.104. 5/- C.W.Daniel 

Studies in (Charles). 8y- T.& T.Clark 

Apocalvptic. Relevance of (Rowley). C46) C8.J08. 8/6 Lntt.P. 
Apooolocyntosis (Seneca) with Cena Trimalchionis CPctronius). etc. 

Ed.SedRwick. 2e.('5U) C8.152. 4pl. 7/6 Uxl. 
Apocrypha (.Maiden). ('36) C8.106. 5/- Oxf. 

and Pseud cpiRrapha of O.T. Ed. Charles, etc. (*I3) D4.1582. 4v. 

5/5/- Oxf. 

A.V. Brevier Clar. 16mo. from 5/-; Ruby 32mo. from 3/-: Minion 

Clar. 16mo. from 4/- Oxf. 

Gleanings from, Ed.Dorsctt & Scott. C45)2e. C8.67. 7ill. 4/6 


Its Story and Messages (Mellonc) ('27) C8.142. bds.2/- Lindsey 

of O.T.. Lost (James. M.R.). ('20) C8 126. Transl of Larly Doc.S. 

5/bS P.C.K. 

O.T. and Cloync). ('33) C8.237. 3/6* E.Arnold 

Readme from (Blakcncy). ('22) C8.64. Txts. for Stud S sd.1/6 

R.V. Brevier. 16mo. from 8/- Oxf. [S.P.C.K. 

R.V. Pott8.446. World's Class. 4/6 Oxf. 
Apocryphal N.I. (Howe). D8.271. 7/6 H'. Reeves 

N.T. Tr.J.imes. M.R. C24j C8.616. 12/6 Oxf. 

Stories (Capck). Tr. Round. C49) C8.144 7/6 Allen & U. 
Apollmaire to Aragon. Tr.Strachun. ('48) lC8.xxiv.109. 7/6 Methuen 
Apollo und Daphne (Stcchow). ('32) sC4.xiii,76. 34pl. Stud.der 

Bibhothck Warburg. sd.K/0 WarburR 
Apollonius of Tyana. Life of (Philostratus). Tr.Conybeare. F8. Fr. 

Locb Gk.S. 2v. ca.15/- Heinemann 

Apollyon (Hamilton. G.R.). C41) 1CR.45. 3/6 Heinemann 
Apolo. Canon, of Uganda. In Eagle Omn. Books, v.5. C46) C8. bds. 

2/6 Edin.Ho. 

of Pigmy Forests: In Swahili. ('50) C8.iv.64. Fr. sd.1/10* 

Apologetics (Bruc-e). Int.Theol.S. 16/- T.& T.Clark 

(Glenn) C8.325. 18/6 Herder 

and Catholic Doct. (Shcehan). Pt.I f!8) C8.258. 2/-: Pt II. (*22) 

C8.258. 3/-; Combined v. ('22) C8.548 6/- M.H.G/7/ 

Christian (Devmer). Ed.and Tr. Sasia. C8. 2v. 45/- Herder 

Christian (Richardson. A.). 4e.C47) D8.256. 12/6 S.C.M. 

For the Pulpit (Roche). C8. 18/- Burns, O. 
Apologia Alchymiac (Counccll). ('25) C8.100 5/- Watkini 

Newman's Art of (Houghton). ('45) 8vo.l26. I4/- Yale U.P.iOxf. 

pro Vita sua (Newman. J.H.). sC8.x.326. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

pro Vita Sua (Newman, J.H.). n.e.('47) D8. 16/- Longmans 

Pro Vita Sua (Newman. J.H.). 7/6 Shced 

Apologie du Luxe-Matisse (Aragon). (*46) Imp4.8. 
la Pcint Francaise S. sd.31/6 Zwemmer 

for Poetry (Sidney). Ed.Colliris. J.C. ('07) C8.142. 3/-* Oxf. 
Apology (Plato). C27) C8. Class Tr S. sd.1/6 Brodie 

(Plato). Ed.Stock. n.c.('38) F8.140. 3/6* Oxf. 

(Plato) Ed.Mills. T.R. Word list 1/3*; Trans.2/-*; Text 4/6* 

(7fr/v Tut, 

and Divers Voyages (Pard). Ed.Kcynes. 10/6 Falcon 

Crito. Phaedo, Phacdrus. Euthyphro (Plato). Tr. Fowler. F8. Fr. 

Loeb Gk.S IS/- Heinemann 

Euthvphro. Crito (Plato) Ed.Burnet. ('24) C8.228. 8/6 Oxf. 

for the Arts (Dixon). C44) 215. 7/6 F.Arnold 

for British Government in Ireland (Mitchell. J.). (*20) C8.90. 2/6 


for a Hero (Barker. A.L.). C50) 1C8.10/6 Hogarth 

for Heroism (Anand). ('46) C8.121. 5/- E.Benn 

for Poetry (Sidney) with Defence of Poetry (Shelley). Ed.Necdham. 

('3D F8 178. Select.Eng.Class. 4/6* Ginn 

of a Nobody (Libbey). ('44) C8.95. 3/6 SkcffinRton 

of a Patient Poison (Shepperd). C8. 3/6 Skeffmgton 

of Socrates (Plato). Ed.Adam. F8.xx.110. Fr. Camb.EIcm. Class. S. 

3/-* Camb. 

of Socrates (Plato). Tr.Nickltn. C8. sd.1/6 Deiphton 

of Socrates (Plato). Ed .Williamson. H. COS) F8.xxxiv.116. 3/- 


Apologvpe of Syr Thomas More. Ed.Taft. C30) E.E.T.S. 30/- Oxf. 
Apostate (Reid. F.). n.c.('47) D8.180. Sill. 10/6 Faber 

Christendom (Fairbairn). ('49) C8.92. Ipl. sd.3/6 Ken-Pax 
Apostel: Tr. into German (Asch). ('46) D8.779. 25/- Barmerlea 
Apostle. The (Asch). (*49) 1C8.752. 15/- Macd.& Co. 

of Catholic Dublin (Ronan). ('44) D8.326. III. 15/- Browne <t N. 

of Charity Life of St. Vincent de Paul (Maynard). ICS.vii.319. 

10/6 Allen A U. [Allen & U. 

of Empire: Sir Lloyd William Mathews (Lyne). D8.247. Ill 10/6 

of India (Emmet). ('49) C8.32. P. Servants of Univ.Ch.S. sd.l/- 


of Indies (Stranks). ('33) C8.224. 5/- S.P.C.K. 

of Monism (Shivani). C47) 8vo.xV.314. 111. 15/- Luzac 

Paul (Hcaton). C48) C8.32. sd.l/- Epworth 

Play (Mell). Tr.White. M.V. ('34) Sacred Plays S. 1/6 


Apostles and Fathers. Church of (Barker F F,.). (3g) C8.244. Ch. 
TotorialS. sd.2/6 S.P.C.K. 

Apostles Creed. See Creed, Apostles 

Messiah of the (Bnggs). 8/6 T.& T.Clark 

Twelve. Teaching of (Taylor. C.). C86) C8.136. 6/- Delghton 

Words of (Stier). 8/6 T. & T.Clark 
Apostolate, Lay (HarbrechO. C8.512. 26/- Herder 

of Sunday Mass (Messenger). 4v. C47-'49) D8. 176: 124: 182: 172. 

ea.8/6 Sands 
Apostolic Age (BartlcO. Eras S. 8/~ T.& T.Clark 

Age. Authority in (Williams. R.R.). ('50) C8.144. 8/6 S.C.M. 

Age. Christianity at Rome in (Barnes. A.S.). C38) lC8.xvi.222. 9/6 


Age. History of Christianity in (McGiffcrt). Int.Theol.S 18/- 

T.& T.Clark 

and Post-Apostolic Times (Lechler). 2v. I4/- T.& T.Clark 

Camera and Scottish Benefices (Cameron. A.LJ. ('34) D8.472. 20/- 


Church. Diet. of. Ed.Hastmgs. 2v. ca. cl.34/-; JL.58/- T.&. T 


Constitution. Liturgy of Eighth Book of (Cresswcll). ('00) C8.96. 

5 1 -S.P.C.K. 

Fathers. Doct. of Grace in (Torrance). C48) D8.158. 12/6 Oliver 

Mim&trv (Kirk). ('46) R8.592. 42/- H odder 

Order and Unity (Bruce). 3/6 T.& T.Clark 

Preaching and its Developments (Dodd). ('36) C8 96. 61- Hodder 

Succession (Robinson. J.A.J. ('44) D8 16. 9d. Dacre-Black 
-'leaching, Rel. of. to Teaching of Christ (Diummond). 11/6 T.A 


Tradit. (Hippolvtus). Tr.Easton. ('34) D8.vih.112. 8/6 Camb. 
Apouolortim. Commcntanus in Symbolum (Rufinus). Ed.Morison. 

C16) C8.xx.100. 3/6 Methuen 
Apotheosis m Ancient Portraiture (Orange). C47) C4.156 97iII. 

I.C.R.H.C.S. sd.26/-; cl.32/6 K.Paul 
Appalachians. S.. English Folk Songs from (Sharp). Ed.Karpeles. 

C17) R8.476.424. 1M. 2v. ea 35/- Oxf. 

Southern. Songs Sung in (Henry). C34) C8.253. 8/- Mitre 
Apparatus for Determination of Heat of Evaporation of Liquids of 

High Boiling Points (Awbery & Griffiths). R4. Coll. Researches.. 
sd.9d. Nat.Phvs.Lab.:H.M.S.O. 

for the Rapid Study of Ultra-Violet Absorption Spectra (Philpot 

A. Schuster). ('S3) R8. Spec.Rept.S. sd.I/3 Med.Re*. Council: 

Scientific Instruments and. Catalogue 31st and 32nd Exhibition. 

C47-'48) R 8. 298: 2 88. sd.2/6; 5/- Physical 

Scientific Instruments and. Handbook 33rd Exhibition of C49) 

R8.277. sd.5/- Physical 
Apparel Design. Fundamentals of (Pepin). Imp8.262. 339ill. 37/6 

Funk : Mayflower 
Apparitions. Ghosts and (Saltcr). C38) C8.viii.138. Psychic Exp S 

3/6 G.Bell 

Appartcmcnt in Brussels (Mrcklc). ('45) D8.219. 7/6 Rob.&M. 
Appeal. Criminal Proced. from Arrest to (Orfield). ('47) M8.646 30/- 

New York U.P.-.Oxf. 

of Quakerism to Non-Mystic (Littleboy). 4c.('50) D8.15. sd.6d. 


of Rome (Smyth). ('46) P8.16. sd.6d.* S.P.C.K. 

to Common Sense (Wells. G.). ('37) D8.X.262. 8/6 Methuen 

to Scots Honour (Young. D.X C45) C8.36. sd.l/- ScotSec. 

to the Young (Kropoikm). C8.16. sd.6d. W. Reeves 

Appeals to Privy Council from American Plantations (Smith. J.H ) 

C50) M8.832. 63/- Columbia V.P.:Oxf. 
Appearance and Reality (Bradley). 9r.e.('30) D8.592. 16/- Oxf. 

of Housing Estates (Fanngdon). (*47) Suppt. ('48) sd.6d. Suppt 

sd.l/- Min.ofllealth'.H.MS.O 
Appearances (Dickinson). C8.244. 6/- Allen & U. 
Appel dc Forct (London). F8.184. 24ill. Bibl.Illustrd.S. 5/- Nelson 
Appellate Jurisdiction of the House of Lords and hull Parliament 

(Gordon. J.W.). D8. sd.2/6 J.Murray 
Appellations. Names. Designations, and (Chapman. R.W) C36) D8 

36. S.P.E Tracts. 2/6 Oxf ' 

Appendicitis (Bowen. W.H.). ('37) C8.xn.202. 2d. 8/6 Camb. 

(Thomson, J.C.). C46) C8.40. sdJ/6 Thorsons 

Acute, and Its Complications fBovce) C49) M8510. KKfiRS 70/- 

Causation of (Short). ('46) G18.79. 10/- J.Wright [N.Y.:Oxf. 

Patients and (English). ('46) D8.164. Sill. 10/6 Churchill 
Appendix. The (Love). C47) 54ill. 12/6 H.K. Lewis 

ad Edit. Noui Test, Graeci (Woide). (1799) fol.528. 42/- Oxf 

to Lloyd's Register Book. C50) 63/- Lloyd's 

to Rowfant Library. Catalosuc (Lampson). COO) R8 P 1 e 20/- 


~ Vergihana. Ed. Ellis. R. ('07) C8. Oxf.Class.Texts. 7/6 Oxf 
Apple a Dav (Gosse). ('48) D8.196. 10/6 Cassell 

Acre CBell. A.). C42)n e. C8.196. 6/- J.Lan* 

for Doctor (Essex). ('50) C8.224. 8/6 Jenkins 

Growing. Commercial (Hoare). r.e.('49) D8.254. Ill.(Col Fr ) 12/6 


Pie Bed. Ed.Crossland. ('39) 1C8.48. 111. sd.lld.* Collins 

Tree: Play (Brighousc). sd I/- S.French 

Tree: Play (Richardson. E.). C38) C8. 1/6 Deane 
Appleby on Ararat (Innes). n.e. CS. 4J- Gollancz 
Appleby's End tlnnes). n.c. C8. 4/- Gollancz 

Apples (Smock & Ncwbert). ('50) D8.630. 75ill. Eco n. Crops S 76/- 

and Excursions (Bradley). ('49) 1C8.16. Col.ill. Oakapple Fm.S. 

and Pears. 17iI1.3M. d. sd.3/6 Min.of Agric.iH M S O 

I have Picked (Milnes). C39) D8 216. 16ill. 12/6 Dent 

N. Zealand. Prevention of Wastage in (Barker). ('30) sd.6d. Set. 


of England CTaylor, H.V.). 3r.e.('46) C4.220. III. 30/- CJ^ockwood 

Storage ot (Hulme). ('49) R8. sd.9d. SciJndust.:H.M.S.O. 





Apples. Tree Fruit Growing (Bush). ('43) sC8.196. sd.1/6 Penguin 
Applet on 's English-Spanish and Spanish-English. Diet. (Cuyas). ('40) 

C8.1135. studt.'s c.40/-: 44/-: w.ind.60/- Bailey 
Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes (Poiter). ('17) D 16.53. bds.3/6 

Appliances for Metallographic Research (Rosenhain). R4. Coll. 

Researches, sd.1/6 Nat. Phys. Lab. \HMS.O. 
Application of Absorption Spectra to the Study of Vitamins, 

Hormones and Coenzymes (Morton, R.A.). 2c.C42) D8.226. 

75ill d 5ch.7pl. 28/- Hilger 

n. Alloj 

of Alumm. Alloys to Marine Uses. (*48) D4.44. 53111. bds.2/6 

of Alumm. and its Alloys to Passenger Road Service Vehicles. 
C49) D8.56. 52ill. bds.2/6 Alumin. 

of Chemical Lngm. (McCormack). ('41) R8.431. 34/- Chap.& H. 

of Dvestuffs to Textile, Paper. Leather and Other Mats (Matthews. 

J.M.). (*20) M8.768. 303flgs. 96/- WHey:Chap.& H. 

of Meteorology to Forest Hrc Protection (Wright, J.G.& Beall). 

C45) C4.23. Sill. sd.2/b Comm.Agrtc. 

of Radar to Seamanship and Marine Navigation (Robb). ('49) 

100. 12/6 Birch all 

of Radiant Heat to Metal Finishing (Nelson, J.H.). 2r.e.('45) D8. 

79. 37ill. 8/6 Chap.A H. 

of Rorschach Test to Young Children (Ford, M.). ('46) M8.126. 

22tabs.21figs. 11/6 Minnesota V.t> :Oxf. 

of Statistical Methods to Industrial Standardization and Quality 

Control (.Pearson). (*35) 163. 12/6 B.S.I. 

of Three-Shift System to Iron and Steel Industry. (*22) R8.156. 

sd.2/6 /. L.O.: Staples 

Applications of the Absolute Differential Calc. (McConnell). IDB.xn. 
318.43d. 26 /- Blackie 

of Germicidal, hrythemal and Infra-Red Energy. ('46) ICS.viii, 

464 145figs.l6pl.48tabs. 41 /- V .N oitrand : M acmtllan 

of Intcrferometry (Williams. W.E.). 4c.('50) F8.viii,104. 43d. 

Physical Subj.Mon.S. 5/- Methuen 

of Valves in Radio Receivers and Amplifiers. Ed.Dammers. etc. 

No IV. C50) 450. 256ill.: No.V. C50) III.; No. VI. ('50) 111. 
Philips : Cleaver 

Applied Aerial Photog. (McKmlcy). ('29) M8.341. III. 44/- Wiley: 
Chap.A. H. 

Aerodyn (Bairstow). 2c.('39) D8.xvin.808. 27pl. d. 65 /- Longmans 

Anat. and Kmcsiology (Bowcn, W.P.). 6r.e.('49) R8.390. 252ill. 

(I8col ). 33 /- Kimpwn 

Anal of Head and Neck (Shapiro). 2e.('47) 8vo.304. 221ill. 80/- 


Arithmetic (Whitwcll & Goddard). C35) Bks.1-3. ea.D8.40. sd 

1/3*, cl 1/7*; Ans.ea.1/3* Schofield 

Arts in Denmark (Christoffersen). Tr.Spmk. (*48) D8.96. 97pl. 

Denmark m Print S sd.7/6 Dan Soc. 

Besscl Functions (Ralton). ('46) ID8.vui.192. lOd 20/- Blackie 

Business Finance (Lincoln). 5e.C41) Q48 59/6 McGraw 

Calculus (Bisacrc). 2c. C8.xvi.446 121ill w.a 10/- Blackie 

Chcmism (Tinkler) v.2. 3r.e (*48) D8.280. Ill 16/- Tech P. 

Chemistry Differential Equations in (Hitchcock &. Robinson, 

C.S) 2C.C36) C8.120. 111. 18/- Wiley.Chap & H. 

Costing in Scl. Industries (Wheldon). C45) D8.236. 90ill. 20/- 

Macd.& I.. 

DR. Navigation and Flight Planning (Smith. J.H C.-). C47) D8. 

241 22/6 Pitman 
-^-Descnpi. G.-om (Warner. F.M X 3e ('46) DR. 23/6 McGraw 

Descript Geom Problem Book (Warner, KM.& Douglass). ('48) 

Dfol 21/6 MfGraw 

Dietetics (Stern). r.Rosenthal, Baker, P.C.& McVey. 3r.e.('50) 

C4 xx.293 7ill tabs. 38/6 Bailliere 

Differential Equations (Rclton). ('48) lD8.viii.264. 12d. 20/- 


Drawing and Sketching (Fleming & Banch). C50) 156. lOOill. 16/- 

Am Tech Soc. : Tech P. 

Economics (Brown. A.J ). (*48) DR 252. Econ S. 15/- Allen & V. 

Economics (Bvr tit. Hcwett) D8. 35 /- Allen & U. 

Economics Scries. 2v. ea.RS 10/6- 12/6 Comb. 

Elasticity (Prcscott). n c ('46) D8 vm.666. d. 35/- Longmans 

Electricity. C47) 8v. 3769. 2784iI1.134tabs. set10/l()/- Am.Tech. 

Soc Tech P. 

Electricity (Hirst) 2e. ID8 xil.368 22()fig<(. 18/6 Blackie 

Elccmciiv (Hughes. E ) (*50) C8 ix.412 269d 10/6* Longmans 

Electronics C43) M8 772 343.11 52 /- Wiley Chap A H 

Electronics (Thomas). ('48) ID8.xn.132. 90HI. Elect.Eng.S. 7/6 


Electronics Annual Ed Blaise. ('50) sC4 250 III 30/- Br Cont. 

Electronics Massachusetts Inst. of Technol. ('43) M8.772. 343ill. 

56 /- WilevChap & H 

Energy Conversion (Skrotski & Vopat). ('45) 42/6; Answers l/- 


Energy Elcm of (Morse). ('47) M8 ix.444 15figs. 41 /- V.Nostrand: 


EnpmccrmR Mechanics (Jensen). (*47) 316 25/6 McGraw 

Entumol (Fernald & Shcpard). 4c C42) 400 34/- McGraw 

Forms (Prout). C95) D8 \ii.W7 10/- Aunmer 

General Statistics (Croxton & Cowden) C49) D8 944. 35/- Pitman 

Heat Ed Moss. suR8.x.3^4 27()figs IS/- Blafkie 

Heat for Engineers (Sneeden). ('47) lD8.xii.284. 118111. 13/6 


HCJII Transmission (Stoever) f'40 23/6 McGraw 

Hvdro-und Aeromechanics (Ttcgens> ('34) 34 /- McGraw 

Hvdrologv (Lmslcv. Kohler & Pauhjs). ('49) 689 72/6 McGraw 

Inorgan Anal (Hillcbrand & Lundell). C29) M8 929. 401J11. 72/- 


K'ncmatics (Billings). 2e.('43) M8.X.320. 16ftgs. 17/6 V.Nostrand: 


Lcathcrcr ft (Groneman). C8. 208ilL 16/- Batiford 

Maths. Examples m (Kellaway). 59figs. 4/6 Blackie 

Applied Maths.. Exercises in (Street). 2e.('49) C8.viii.160. 5/- 

Maths, for Engineers and Physicists (Pipes). ('46) 47/- McGraw 

Maths, for Engineers and Scientists (Schclkunoff). ('48) M8.xi,472. 

48 / 6 V .N our and : Macmillun 

Maths, for Radio and Communication Engineers (Smith. C.E.). 

C45) D8. 30/- McGraw 

Maths.. Handbook of (Janssen). 2e.C36) 1C8.X.1010. figs.tabs. 45/- 

V .No\trand : Macmillan [McGraw 

Maths, in Chcm. Engineering (Sherwood & Reed). C39) 38/6 

Maths.. Intro, to CMurnaghan). ('48) M8.389. 111. 40/- Wiley: 

Chap.A H. 

Maths.. Operational Methods in (Carslaw & Jaeger). 2c.('48) D8. 

376. 16figs. 20/- Oxf. 

Maths, 'lest Papers. Higher Certificate (Pratt). 6e.C50) F8.viii.72: 

w.a.viii.8(). Test Lxam.S. 1/9 Methuen 

Mechanical Drawing, ( Paull U Sgro). ('36) R8.viii.204. 318figs. 18/- 

V .No\trand : Macmillan 

Mechanics (Low. D.A.). ('09) D8.vii.551. 850ill.780Exs. 15/- 


Mechanics (Morley). C43) CK vni.360. 162d 8/- Longmans 

Mechanics (Poorman). 5e.C49) D8. 34/- McGraw 

Mechanics and Heat (Smith. L.R.). v.3. Indust.Physics. C43) C8. 

24/-; Answers. I/- McGraw 

Mechanics, Definitions and Formulae for Students (Lcwitt). 2e. 

C50) F8.44. I/-* Pitman 

Mechanics: Dynamics (Housher & Hudson). ('50) M 8.x, 296. 111. 

22 / 6 V .Nostrand : Macmillan 

Mechanics. Elementary (Morlev & Inchley). 7/6* Longmans 

Mechanics for Beginn. (Duncan). 2r.e.('ll) G18.xii.338 347figs. 

5/6 Macmillan [Macmillan 

Mechanics for Engineers (Duncan). (*13) D8.xiv.718. 726tigs. 18/- 

Mechanics, Introduction to (Andrews. E.S.). CIS) D8.X.316. 

187figs. lech.S. 10/6 Camb. 

Mechanics, Questions in. w.a.(Bentlcy). 9r.e. C8. I/- Chap A H. 

Mechanics: Statics (Housher & Hudson). ('49; MS.v.220. 209fiys. 

22/6 V.Nottrand : Macmtllan 

Medical Bacteriology (Marshall. M.S.). (*47) R8.340. 111. 31/6 


Medicine (Beaumont). ('50) R8.550. 72ill. 30 /- Churchill 

Mycology and Bacteriology (Galloway). 3e.('50) D8.192. III. 12/- 


Nuclear Physics (Pollard. E.& Davidson). C42) M8.249. 111. 26/- 


Optics and Optical Design (Conrady). Pt.l.('29) C4.518. llOfigs. 

50 /- Oxf. 

Orthodontics (McCoy). 6r.c.('46) R8.336. 231U1. 31/6 Kimpton 

Perspective (Holmes. J.M.). 2e.('48) D4.56. 8/6 Pitman 

Pharmacology (Clark. A.J. ). r. Wilson, A.& Schild. Sr.c.CSO) M8. 


Physics. Pract. (Stanley). C14) C8.X.224. 79d. 3/6* Methuen 

Physiology (Wright. S.). 8e.('45) D8.974. 515figs. 30/- Oxf. 

Plastic Product Design (Davis, R.L.& Beck). C48) M8.285. 111. 

28 /- Chap & //. 

Psycho-Analysis, Essays in (Jones. E.). (*50) D8. Internal. 

Psychoan.S 2v. ea.21/- Hogarth 

Psychologv. Introduction to (Griffith). (*34) 8vo.xvi,680. 36/- 

N Y.: Macmillan 

Science (Banks) C42) D8.212. 93JI1. 20/- Wiley.Chap A H. 

Science, Introductory (Brown, H.B.& Jones) ('40) 2v. ca.C8. 

vui.208.ix xiu.256.ix. figs. 4/6; 4/- Macmillan 

Sedimentation (Trask). ('50) M8 707. Ill 40/- Wllev.Chap & H. 

Silviculture in U.S. (Westvcld). 2r.c.('49) 540. 48/- Wiley: 

Chap. A H. 

Thermodynamics (Faircs). r.c.('47) 8vo.xvil,480. Fr.247figs. 39/6 

N Y '.Macmillan 

Thermodynamics (Robinson. W.). r.Dickson. 2r.e.('48) D8.585. 

Engin. Degree S. 20 /- Pitman 

Thermodynamics (Walshaw). (*47) lD8.xii.404. ISlfigs. 30/- 


Thermodynamics Probs. for Engineers (Peck & Richmond). C50) 

L>8 vni. 344. 2 1/- E.Arnold 

Wing Theory (Reid. E.G.). ('32) 30/- McGraw 

Workshop Calculations (Chapman, W.A.J.). (*38) C8.viii,248 

295d. 5/-* E.Arnold 

X-Rays (Clark. G.L.). 3e.('40) 674. 55/6 McGraw 

Applique Design and Method (Mann. K.). ('37) G18.48. Col.Fr. 

Ill 6/- Black 
Appointment in Cairo (Kneale). ('50) C8.255. 8/6 Evans 

in Manilla (Chamberlain) ('49) C8 8/f Evre 

in Samarra (O'Hara). C35) C&.300. 8/6 haber 

in the Sun (Forbes). ('49) D8 484. 15111. 21 /- C as sell 

with Death (Christie. A.). ('48) SC8.207. sd.1/6 Penguin 
Appointments in H.M. Colonial Service. C50) K8.I12. M. id.l/- 

Colonial O fj. : H M. SO 
Apportioning Tabs for Ann. Charges (Inglis & Bain). (*24) IUR8.88. 

15 /- Gall 
Apportionment, Aid to, bds.l/- Sol.Law 

in Rclat to Trust Accounts (Chick) 2c. D8.236. 10/6 Pitman 

Tables (Bolton) r.e.C47) R8 viii.368. 35/- Steven\ & Sons 
Apportionments, Average Clauses and Fire-Loss CMmnion). 2c.('47) 

D8.138. 12/6 Pitman 

for Executors and Trustees (Josling & Caplin). ('49) D8.28. 

O.P.N. sd.2/- Sol.Law 
Apraxia, Aphasia, Agnosia (Neilsen w.Fitzgibbon). 2e.(*46) 302. 

59ill. 4()/- Hoeber-.Caiselt 
Appreciation. Musical. Schools (Jones. G.K.). ('40) C8.X.100. 2/9 

-of Music (Welch). ('48) DR 198. 9/6 D.Dobson 

of Poetry (Gurrev). 035) C8.120. 3/6 Oxf. 

of Sculpture (Maclagan). R8. Br. Ac. Hertz Art Lect.1925. 1/6 Oxf. 

Poetry and (Scott. A.P.). 2r.e.('43) C8.xlv.222. 4/- Macmillan 





Appreciation. Understanding and (Collins. A.S.). ('43) C8.iv.72. bds. 

1/9* UnlvTut. 

Appreciations (Pater). ('31) N.Evcrsley S. 3/6 Macmillan 
Apprehensions: Play 'Aklem). C8.20. sd.1/6 S.French 
Apprendre par Cocur (Fmnegan). ('34) F8.94. 1/6* Dent 
Apprenons le Franvais (Forrest & Fordc). C36-'38) Bks.1-3. Pott4. 

208:204:272. 3/-*; 3/-*; 3/6*; Phonetic Bk.l. (*36) 

Pott4.40. 1/3* Dent 

le Mot Juste! (Storey). 2v. n.e.('49) C8.3:134. limp 2/6*; 3/6* 


Apprentice Majesty (Mackenzie, A.M.). (*50) D8.339. 12/6 Serif 
Apprentices, Teaching, and Prep. Training Materials (Anderson. 

M.FL). C49) 168. 27ill. 24/- Am.Tech.Soc.-.Tech.P. 
Aprenticeship tor Skilled Trade (Twyman). ('44) D8.iv.70. sd.5/- 


Indust. (Bergcvm). ('47) D8.280. 28/- MtGraw 

My (Webb, B.). ('26) D8.xn.390. 12ill. J8/- Longman* 

New Views on (McLamc). C48) D8.198. JO/6 Staples 

Studies in (Latrobe.Keys & Kirk). ('39) D8.98. N.Z.Educ.Res.S. 

4/- uxt. [Jenkins 

Approach to Angling (Hardy, E.M.-). C50) 1C8.226. 137d. 10/6 

to Archuectuic (Bngp.s). CS.76. 111. County Coll.S. (>/- Allen &. U, 

to Archuectuic (Robertson, M. *t N.K.). (.'4S> D8.104. 16pl. 10/6 


to Ait Seties Ld.Ruhemann. 2v. C4.KO. 111. 10/6 Parnsh 

to Ballet (Flanks). n.e.('49) D8.300, III. 21/- Pitman 

to Better Housing (Wating) ('4N) D8.102. ill. 9/- Leon. Hill 

to Choral Speech (Swann). 3r.e.('4t C8.88. 3/6 Macmillan 

to Christianity (Biclby). ('47) C8.88. sd.2/- S.(\M. 

to Chnstology (Vine). C48) 1C8.496. 2 1/- Indep.l'. 

to Church Membership (Skinner) ('46) C8.152. 5/- Fpworth 

to Economics (Croome). 4r.e.('49) C8.224. /- Christophers 

to English Literature tor Students Abroad (Drake). ('50) C8.222. 

Oxf.Prog.Eng.S. 3/6* Oxf. 

to Farming (Donaldson). ('41) 1C8.228. 7/6 Faber 

to French Literature (Wane). ('47) 1C8.300. 111. cl.10/6; L.12/6 


to God (Hughson). ('37) C8.204. 5/- S.P.C.K. 

to Greek Art (Scltraan). ('48) K8.200. 200ill. 25/- Studio 

to the Hills (Meade). ('48) 1C8. 111. Albemarle Lib. 9/6 J.Murray 

to History (Happold). 3/9 Christophers 

to Landscape Painting (Adams. H.). n.e.('49) C4. Col. ill. 6/- 


to Management (Milward). ('46) D8.90. 8/6 Macd.A. E. 

to Metaphysics (lomhn). ('47) C8.xi.276 12/6 Routledgt 

to MUMC (Abbott. L.). 1C8.286. 10/6 Harrap 

to Music (Horton). C8.64. 111. County Coll.S. 6/- Allen & U . 

to Painting (Bodkin). 1C8.192. 111. 8/6 Collins 

to Palestine (Maugham). ('47) C8.100. Forum Bks. 5/- Falcon 

to Philosophy (Hawkins). C8. 5/- bunds 

to Philosophy of Education (Eaton). ('38) sD8.273. 24/- Wiley. 

Chap.& //. 

to Plamsong (Arnold. J.IL). 3/6 Oxf. 

to Poetry (Mallam). ('29) C8.vui,120. 4/- Methuen 

to " Remaking Wld " (Mowat). ('48) D8.24. sd.l/- Oxf.Group 

to Sight Reading (MacMahon). ('37) 24. 1/9* Schofield 

to Sincerity (Ainger). 2e.('47) C8.(>4. 3/6 Chnsiop/iers 

to Social Probs. (Herman). ('49) M8.xi,516. 28/6 Gmn 

to Standard English (Barclay & Knox. D.H.). ('42; C8.352. 4/9* 

R <jib\on 

to 'leaching (Ward. 1L& Roscoe). He. 6/6 G.Bell 

to 'Iruih (Siratton). ('47) C8. Essex Hail Lect.S. sd.l/- Lindsev 

to 'hpc (Biggs). ('49) C4.152. 16/- Blandford 

to Understanding (Walters). ('50) F8.192. 8ill.l6d. Laurel &, Gold 

S. 2/6* Collins 
Approaches to Philately. Ed.Erskmc. ('50) D8.212. 12/6 Blandford 

to Social Security. ('42) sd.2/- I.L.O. -.Staples 
Approaching Ad\ent of Christ (Reese). D8.328. 7/6 Marshall, M.& S. 

Climax (Nicklm). ('48) 4/6 Covenant 

Manhood (MacAndrew). (*39) C8.96. 5/- Thorsom 

Womanhood (MacAndrew). ('40) C8.94. 5/- Thorsons 
Approved Schools and Remand Homes, Remuneration and Con- 
dition of Service. ('46) sd.9d. Home Off.: H. M.S. O. 

Societies. Absorption ot : Statement bv Minister and Report of 

Committee. ('47) sd.6d. Nat.lmur -.II.M.S.O. 

Societies. Compensation and Superannuation of Staffs. Report. 

sd.9d. Nut.lnsur.-.II.M.S.O. 

- unto God (Chambers, O.). ('36) C8.72. 3/6 O. Chambers -.Simpkin 
April Clouds: Play (Jacobi). Tr.Barwell & Malleson. sd.2/6 S.French 

Conlcrencr. ('33) Little Lenin Lib. C8.62. sd.l/- iMwrence 

Escapade (Norns). n.c.('49) C'8.25o. 6/- Gryphon 

the Fust Makes Merry: Play. (Kedland). sd.1/3 S.French 

Fool (Roderick). ('48) C8.224. 9/- Eyre 

Fool (Lmdsey). ('41) C8.352. 9/6 Rich 

Fools (Mackenzie. C.). ('50) C8.372. bds.2/- Hutchmson 

in August: Play (Bax). C8.84. sd.1/9 S.French 

May. June (Peacocke). ('44) C8. Targets. 5/- Ward.Lock 
Apron Strings: Play (Corne). ('35) C8 96. sd.2/6 Brown , S on & F. 
Apted Book of Country Dances (Hefler & Porter). ('3D Instrns. 

obM8.viii.38. 4/-; Tunes 4to.iv. 24. sd.2/6 Hcfjer 
Aptitude, Mech. (Cox. J.W.). ('28) C8.xiv,209. 63d.37tabs. 8/6 

Apuleius, " Storv of Eros and Psyche " from, and Other Poems 

(Carpenter). Impl6. Fr. 4/6 Allen & U. 
Aqar Quf, Lvcavs at. Interim Rpts. (Baqir). 1942-43. ('44) Imp8.36. 

20pl. 7/6; 1943-44. ('45 ) Imp8.43. 27pl. 10/- Oxf 
Aqsa Mosque, Structural History of (Hamilton. R.W.). (*49) 4to.ll6. 

79pl. 25 /- Oxf. 
Aquamctry (Mitchell, J.& Smith). ('48) D8.456. 51ill.l43tabs. Chem. 

Analysis S. 64 /- Inter science 
Aquaria. Fishponds and Home (Wation. F.A.). r.e.('48) C8.128. 

23lll.l2d. 6/- Collingridge 

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ (" Lcvi "). suR9.268. 12/6 

Aquarium Book CBoulcnger). n.e.('48) C8.208. 55111. 7/6 Duckwth. 

Fishes. F.xotic (Innes). F4.500. 111. 65/- Bailey 

Fishes, Live foods for (Wells, A.L.). 2e. D8.40. 111. sd.1/6 

Poultry Wld. 

Keep (Boulenger). ('48) C8. Col.Fr.8ill. 5/- Ward.Lock 

Keeping, First Steps in (Elwin). 4e. D8.36. 111. sd.1/6 Poultry 

Modern (innes). ('49) D8.62. 111. 8/6 Bailey [Wld. 

1,001 Questions Answered about Your (Mellen & Lamer). ('35) 

D8.xiii.450. 111. 28/- Bailey 

Aquariums and Fishponds (Wells. A.L.). ('36) C8.64. Inf.S. bdi. 
3/6 Warne 

Fish Ponds and (Harman). ('50) C8. 111. 6/- Sidg.& J. 

Tropical (Harman). ('49) D8. 111. 10/6 Sidg.&J. 
Aquarius, Revelation of (Atty). ('34) C8.56. 2/6 C.W.Daniel 

Towards (Reid, V.M.). ('46) D8.111. J5/- Rider 

Aquatic Animals. Composition of Depot Fats of (Lovcrn). ('42) 
sd.1/6 Sci.Indusi.-.H.M.S.O. 

Animals, Osmotic Regulat. m (Krogh). (*39) D8.viii,242. 54fifi. 

Camb.Comp.Physiol.S. 16/- Camb. 

Insects (Clcgg). 2c. D8.36. 38ill. sd.1/6 Poultry Wld. 

(Naiad). Stage of Brit. Dragonfiies CLucas. W.J.). ('30) C8. 35pl. 

(lOcol.). 25 /- Roy.Quaritch 

Plants. Manual of (Fassett). ('40) 382. 42/6 McGraw 

Plants of U.S. (Muenscher). ('44) D8. 111. Hdbks.of Amer.Nat. 

Hist. 30/- Constable 

Aqueducts ot Ancient Rome (Ashby). Ed. Richmond, l.A. (*35) 
R8.358. IP. 24pl.27d.7M. 63/- Oxf. 

Stratagems (J-ontmus). Tr. Bennett, C.L., Smith, G.& McElwaln. 

F8. Loeb Lat.S. 15 /- Hememann 
Aqueous Solution and Phase Diagram (Pardon & Slater). ('46) C4. 

iv.167. 47ill. 24/- E.Arnold 

Aquila and Onkelos (Silverstone). ('31) D8.172. 12/6 Man.U.P. 
Aquinas and Kant (Ardley). ('50) D8.ix.256. 18 /- Longmans 
-- St. 1 homas. See Thomas Aquinas, St. 
Aquis Submersus (Storm). Condor S. 2/3* Harrap 
Ar Faes a Morlan (Walker, T.G.). ('50) SF8.64. 30ill. sd.2/- Educ. 

Ffo! (Walters). ('50) G18.109. 4/6 Educ.Pub. {Pub. 

Hyd Nos (Davies, D.J.). I/- Gomerian 

Lannau Cen (Crowther). C8.132. 3/9* Educ.Pub. 

Risayil wa'l Maqamat (Farrukh). 8vo.31. sd.2/6 Luzac 

Slanuighcar: Hymns (Mackmnon). C8.20. I/- A.MacLaren 
Arab Administration (Husaini). 8vo.xvi.272. 13/6 Luzac 

Awakening (Antonius). ('46) D8.471. 12/6 H. Hamilton 

Command (Jams). ('42) ID. 160. Ill 18/- Hutchison 

Horse Nonsense (Wentworth). ('50) C4.32. 111. 6/- Ronald 

Jewish Unity (Magnes <ic Bubcr) C8. 5/- Gollanci 

Kingdom and its Fall (WellhauscnJ. Tr.Weir. 8vo.xvii.592. id. 

15 /- Luzac 

Legion. Story of (Glubb). ('48) 1M8.372. 25/- Hodder 

Museum in Cairo. Cat. Ed.Poole. ('96) 12mo. 111. d.l/- 


Music and Musical Instruments of the (Daniel). Ed. Farmer. C8. 

111. 18/- W.Reevet 

Navigation (Nadwi). ('35) D8.216. In Urdu. Islam Rcs.Assn.5. 

2/6 Ox/. 

Philos. ot History. Ed.& Tr.Issawi. ('50) F8. Wisdom of East S. 

6/- J.Murray 

Retugees (Thickness). ('49) vD8.68. 2M. sd.5/- R.I.I. A. 

Rule under Al Bu Sai'id Dynasty of Oman (Thomas). R8. Br.Ac. 

Raleigh Lcct.1938. 1/6 Oxf. 

Sassamiun Coins in the B.M., Catalogue of (Walker. J ) ('41) 

244. 40pl. 42/- B.M.:K.Paul 

Schools, Landmarks of History for: in Arabic, v.l. ('38) C8.112. 

Slill.(4coL). Atr.^ Orient. Lang. S. sd.3/-* Longmans 

Schools. World Atlas for Pupils in. ('37) D4. 34M. Afr.& Orient. 

Lang.S. bds.5/-* Longmans 

States, Brit, and (Scth). C48) 8vo.ix.330. 4M. 21 /- Luzac 

Students. English Usage for (Bright) 1 . ('46) C8.ix.85. sd.2/- 


Tells his Story (Atiyah). ('46) D8. Hill. 12/6 J.Murray 

Tribes. Tales from (Campbell, C.G.). ('49) C8.252. III. 12/6 


War (Bell. G.). ('40) C4.52. l.e.(SOO). \ Niger. 42/- Gold.Cock.P. 

World (Wright, E.). sd.9d. Bureau 

World. G.B. and the (Haurani). ('46) D8. sd.1/6 J.Murray 
Arabc-Francais. Francais-Arabc, Petit Dictionnaire (Belot). 2v. C8. 

vni,819:viii,963. ea.16/- Luzac 

par I'lmage (Mercier). C46) 8vo xiii.312. 111. 24/- Probsthaln 
Arabella (Heycr). ('49) C8.315. 10/6 Hememann 

Arabesque (Household). ('48) 1C8. 10/6 Chatto 

(Storcv). ('48) D8. 12/6 Newman W. 
Arabia (Hogarth). C22) C8.146 M. 10/6 Oxf. 

and the Isles (ingrams) C41) M8. Ill.M. 18/- J.Murrav 

and Nile Valley : 1: 5.000,000. 33" x 23". Philip-Stanford Rcf 

MapS &&.3/-G. Philip (Pro'jsthain 

Chronological Synopsis of History of (Redhouse) 36 6/- 

Deserta. Passages from (Doughty). Ed.Garnett. ('31) 1C8 Fr M 

10/6 Cape 

Deserta. Travels in (Doughty). ('36) 2v C4. Ill.M. set 88/- Cap* 

Phoenix (Gaury). 1C8.170. 64pl 10/6 Harrap 

Prince of (Sutt). (*48) D8.320. 21 /- Allen &. U. 

Saudi. See Saudi Arabia. 

South. Extracts Relating to. from Diet, of Nashwan ol-Himyari- 

in Arabic. Ed.Ahmad. C16) 8/- Luzac 

South. Four Strange Tongues from (Thomas. B.). R8. Br.Ac. 7/6 

Southern, Ancient Coinage of (Hill. G.F.). R8 Br Ac 2/- Oxf 

Southern Gates of (Stark^ ('40) F8. M.Fr. I.P.e.6/- JMurray 

Wanderings in (Doughty). ('26) D8.623. abr. of Trav in Arabia 

Deserta 21 /- Duckwth. 





Arabia, Winter in (Stark). ('49) 1C8. 111. Albemarle Lib. 9/6 J.Murray 
Arabian Bird (FitzGibbon). C'49) C8.228. 8/6 Cassell 

Days (Philby). ('48) R8.350. 52ill. 21 /- R.Hale 

Influence on Musical Theory. Hist. Facts for the (Farmer). ('30) 

C8. 25 /- W. Reeves 

Inscriptions. 'I wo South (Margoliouth). R8. Br.Ac. 2/- Oxf. 

Journey and other Desert Travels (Gaury). (*50) 1C8.192. 47I1I.3M. 

12/6 Harrap 

Love Tales. Tr.Maihers. ('49) M8.256. 111. 16/- Folio:Cassell 

Medicinal (Browne. E.G.). C20) D8.vih.138. Fr. Fitzpatnck Lcct. 

S. 15/ Lamb. 

Music. History of. to 13th Century (Farmer). ('29) 8vo.xv,264. 

15 /- Luzac 

Nights n t.CSO) D8.viii.248. 4col.ill. 7/6 Black 

Nights. sCS.128. Col. ill. Stand.Class.S. 2/6; Stories Old A New 

S 2/4*; bds.3/-: sDS.352. Col.iII. 10/6 Blackie 

Nights. sCS.x.276. 111. Ev'man S 4/6 Dent 

Nights. Ed.Chisholm. F8.128. Scol.ill. 3/- Nehon 

Nights. Play (Grundv). sd.l/Q S trench 

Nights. Tr .Mathers. r.uabr.e.('49) 4v. D8.879:825:795 :745. set 

5/5/- Rout ledge 

Nights. C50) C4. 24ill.(8col.). Sunshine S. 8/6 Ward.Lock 

Nights' Entertainments: in Swahili. Ed. Johnson. F. Ir.Brenn. 

('29) 4v C8. 122: 100: 121: 120. 111. Swuhih Rdrs.S.* 

Nights' Entertainments. n.c.('50) C8. Fr. New Prize S. 5f- Ward, 


Nights Murder (Can J.D.). ('49) C8.352. 4/6 H. Hamilton 

Nights. Talcs from. F8.264. Ifcill. Class.S 3/6 NeLon 

Nights. Talcs from. 1C8. Ill.Nicoll. Oxf.Ill. Classics. 7/6 Oxf. 

Nights, Tales from. C47) F4. 48ill.(30col.). 12/6 Ward.Lock 

Tales from. Retold (Smith. F.M.U.). ('38; C8.64. Oxf.Eng. Course. 

Suppty.Rdrs.C. 10d.* Oxf. [Oxf. 

Oil (Mikesdl A Chencrv). ('49) M8.216. M. 28/- N.Carolina U.P.: 
Arabic (Rabin). (*47) C8.viii.174. Mod. Lang. Rdrs. 12/6 Lund. H. 

Aid to Practical Written (Ess). 8vo.viii.J84. 10/- Luzac 

Authors (Arbuthnot). ('90) 8vo.xiv.247. 7/fi Luzac 

Books in the British Museum. Catalogue of. v.3. Index (Fulton). 

C35) 4to. 40/- B.M. : K Paul 

Books in the British Museum Catalogue of. Suppt. CFulton &. 

Ellis), C26) 4to. 90/- B.M . : K.Paul 

Camb. School of (Arberry). C48) C8. 1/6 Camb. 

Christian. Add., and Syriac. Cat. of MSS. v.3 (MinganaX ('39) 

R4.138. Ipl. 25 /- Selby Oak 

Christian, and Add. Synac. Cat. of MSS. v.2 (Mmgana). C36) R4. 

viii.208 30 /- Stlbv Oak 

Colloq. (O'Lcary). 6e. C8.xviii.192. Colloq.Manls. 4/6 Routledge 

Colloquial. Manual of (Tien). 6e. s8vo.xi.419. 57- Probsthain 

Colloquial, of Syria and Palestine, Grammar of (Driver). ('25) 

R8.xii,257. 12/6 Prob\thain 

Colloquial (Palest.). Romanised (Cosmos). C42) 112. sd.7/6 


Colloquial. Pract. Grammar and Vocab. of (Ellas). C43) C8.103. 

sd.6/- K.Paul 

Conversational Dictionary, English. (*43) M32.383. 4/- Htrschfeld 

Diplomatic and Political. Handbook of (Lewis, B.). ('47) 8vo.79. 

sd.4/6 Luzac 

Egyptian. Handbook of Spoken (Willmore). 4e.('27) F8.120. 3/6 


Egyptian. Manual for Self-Study with Transliteration (Elias). 12e. 

240. 8/6 K Paul 

Elem. Second Reading Book (Nicholson. R.A.). 3e.('46) C8. 9/- 


English and Eng. -Arabic Diet, of Modern Arabic of Egypt (Spiro 

Bev). 8vo. 72/6 Probithain 

English and Eng. -Arabic Pckt Diet. (Elias). s8vo. 157- Probsthain 

English and Eng.-Arabic. Pocket Diet. CElias). 9c. D16.878. 16/- 


English. Centennial Dictionary (Saad. etc.). I8vo. 52/6 Probsthain 

English Dictionary (Elias). 6e. I8vo. 57/6 Probsthain 

English Dictionary (Hava). (*47) Impl6.915. 40/- Bailey; 357- 


English Dictionary for Use of Students (Hava). r.e.CIS) C8.914. 

21 /- K.Paul 

EnRJish. English-Arabic and. Diet, of Modern Arabic of Egypt 

(Spiro Bey). R8. 72/6 Luzac 

English. Eng.-Arabic Modern Dictionary (Elias). 2v. R8. 111. ea.L. 

57 / 6 Luznc : Probsthain 

English. Eng.-Arabic School Diet. (Elias). 9c. D8.800. 257- 


English Modern Dictionary (Elias). 5e. R8.832. 607- K.Paul 

English Pocket Diet. (Elias). 9e. D16.533. 9/6 K.Paul 

Evervdav (Mahmad &. Rabin). C40) sqC8.112 111. 7/6 Dent 

French Dictionary (Saisse & Chehata). ('50) C8.xi.396. 7/6* 

Longman ~ 

Grammat (Socin). Ed. Worrell. n.e.('42) xviii.191. 22/6 Hafner 

Grammar (Thatcher). 4c.f42) C8.4M 18/-; K 99. -d.3/6 Bailey 

Grammar of Written Language (Thatcher). r.Trilton. ('48) C8. 

18/-; key sd. 3/6 Lund.H.; D.Nutt 

Grammar. Pract. (Green, A.O.). pt.l. 4e.('01) C8.246. 8/6; pt.2. 

o.p Oxf. 

History of Gujarat. Ed.Ross. Sir E.D. C10-'28) M8. Tnd . Texts S. 

3v. v.l. 127-. v.2. 217-. v.3. 21/-. Indx. 7/6 J.Murray 

Historians. Lectures on (Margoliouth). 8vo.l60. sd.4/- Luzac 

Islamic. Cat. of MSS. v.4 (Mingana). 2v. ('48-'50) R4.xii,100: 182. Selly Oak 

Koran. Brief Doctrinal Comm. on (Foster, F.H.). ('32) C8.90. 3/- 


Language and Grammar (Kapliwatsky). ea.Svo. Pt.l. 14/-: Pt.2. 

C42). I47-: Pt.3. ('46). 22/6: Pt.4. ('47). 26/6 Luzac 

Language. Artistic Style in : in Arabic (Farrukh). 2e.(*50) 8vo.78. 

sd.4/6 Luzac 

Arabic Language. Grammar of (Wright, W.). 3e.('33) 2v. D8. 15 7-; 
18 /- Camb. [Luzac 

Language, Grammar of (Suhrawardy). ('38) 12mo.xviii,263. 276 

Lists of the Byzantine Themes (Brooks). ('01) R8.ll. 2/6 


MSS. acquired by the British Museum since 1894. Descriptive List 

of (Ellis. A.G.& Edwards. E.). ('12) 8vo.Hl. 4/- B.M.'.K.Paul 

Map No 1. Eur. and Mid. E.- (Roy.Geog.Soc.). ('45) S/-* 


Modern Egyptian Dialect of (Vollers). Tr.Burkitt. ('95) C8. 17/6 


Musical MSS. in the Bodleian Lib. (Farmer). ('25) 8vo. sd.5/- 

W. Reeve!,; 6/- Hinrichsen 

MSS in the B.M.. Suppt. to the Catalogue of. in the B.M. (Ricu). 

C94) 4to. 42/- B.M. : K.Paul 

Numerals in Europe. Develop, of (Hill. G.F.). ('14) D8.126. 64 

tabs. 12/6 Oxf. r 

Numerals. Writing 'of (Wright. G.G.N.). ('50) D8.160. 5/- Scot. 

Council: Univ. Land. 

of Egypt. Vocab. of Mod. &. Colloq.. English-Arabic. 3r.e.C29) 

326; Arabic-English. 2r.e.('23) 518. in one V. (Spiro Bey). 72/6 

Persian and Hindu MSS. of New Coll.. Edinburgh. Handlist of 

(Serjeant) 8vo.l6. sd.3/6 Luzac 

Practical Dictionary. English-Arabic of Colloq. (Romanised) 

(Elias) 1F8.252. sd.7/0 B lilcy 

Practical Grammar and Vocab. of Colloq. (Romanised) (Elias). 

('43) C8.103. sd.77- Bailey 

Press, Selections from (Kapliwatski) 12mo.68. 2pts. ca 4/- Luzac 

Primer: in Arabic. 2c.('47) C8.117. 111. Afr.& Oncnt.Lang.S. sd. 

1/7* Longmans 

Reader. Book 2. ('37) 3 Pts. C8.48:48:32. 111. Afr.& Orient. Lang. 

S. sd.8d.*:8d.*:6d.* Longman* 

Reader, Egyptian Colloquial. Ed.Eldcr. ('27) D8.70. 

Cairo. Orient Stud. 8/6 Oxf. 

Reading Lessons (Forbes).,232. 8/6 Probsthain 

Science of Medicine: In Arabic (Ibn Hubal). 4v. C43-'45) R8. 

42 /- Probsthain 

Selected Passages for Translation from and into (Davics. D .!.-). 

C49) 8vo 173. sd.6/- Luznc 

Sentences, Modern (Sh?rmKham). ('27) D8.X.246. 14/- Routledge 

Spain CWhishaw). sD8. III. 10/6 J.Murrav 

Speakinp Siudcnts. English Pronunciation Drill for (Bowman). 

('49) C8 iv.74. sd.1/8* Longmans 

Speakinp Students. Speaking of English I'or (Wear A Rankin) 

C40) C8.X.88. d. limp 5/-* Longmans 

Spoken, of Iraq (Ess). 2c C38) C8.288. 6/- Oxf. 

Sudan Colloquial (Trimim:h"m). C46) C8 184. 7/6 Oxf 

Swahili-, Reader (Allen, J.W.T.). ('38) C8.30. sd.l/-* I 

(Syrian) Sclf-I aught (Hassam). r.Odeh. 5c.('15) C8.128. sd.3/6 


Teach Yourself (Tntton). ('50) IF8.296. 4/6 Eng.U.P. 

Texts. Sudan (Hillelson). ('36) R8.xxiv,22(). 12/6 Camb. 

Vocabulary (Robertson. G.). 5/- Tech. P. 

Arable Crops (Thomas, J.O.). 2v. ea.D8.48. 111. Yng. Farmers' S. 
sd 1 / 6 /-. van s 

Crops of the Farm (Bond). 2e. sd.1/3 Min.of Agrlc.\H.M.S.O. 
Arabs, The (Gibb). C40) C8.32. Oxf. Pamp. World Affairs. 6d. Oxf. 

(Serjeant & Bawden). ('47) D6.32. Puffin Pict.S. sd.1/6 Penguin 

and Jews prior to Rise of Islam, Relation b^tw^cn (Margoliouth). 

R8.94. Br.Ac.Schweich Lcct. 1921. 6/- Oxf. 

History of: in Arabic (Hitti). C8.272. sd 12/- Luzac 

History of (Hitti). 4r.e.('49) D8.xx,768. 58figs.20M. 36/- Macmlllan 

in Asia Minor (641-750) (Brooks). ('98) R8 27. 3/6 Probsthain 

in History (Lewis, B.). ('50) C8.192. Univ. Lib. 7/6 Hutchinson 

in Sudan. History of (MacMichacl). ('22) 2v. R8.xxii,488. set 95 /- 


Oil and History (Roosevelt). D8. 15/- Gollancz 

Short History (Hitti). ('48) lC8.vni.207. 10/6 Macmlllan 
Arachmda, The (Savory). C35) C4.xi,218. 99ill.l4pl. 25/- K.Arnold 
Aragon and Catalonia, History of (Chaytor). ('33) D8.xvii,322. 8M. 

167- Meihuen 

Apollmaire to. Tr.Strachan. ('48) lC8.xxiv,109. 7/6 Methuen 
Arakan and Kohima, Infantry Co. ('50) C8 146. 10/6 G >le 
Aramaic Approach to Gospels and Acts (Black). ('46) D8.258. 15 /- 


Language, Manual of (Marshall. L.T.). C29) RS.x.259. 48/- Bailey 

of Old Testament (Rowley). C29) D8 176. 12/6 Oxf. 

Palestin. Jewish, Grammar of (Stevenson, W B ). f'24) C8.96. 7/6 

Papyri. Ed.& Tr.Cowlcy. ('23) M8.352. 30/- Oxf. [Oxf. 
Arammta Popkins Prue (Baillieu). ('39) D4. 28col.ill. 6/- Heath, C. 
Arapa'ho Charlie (Hutton). ('50) C8 188. 5/- Qual.P. 

Aratos of Sicyon (Walbank). ('33) C8.X.222. 8/6 Camb. 
Aratus, Life of (Plutarch). Ed. Porter. ('37) D8.98. 5/- Cork 
Arba'at Udabaa Mu'assireen (Farrukh). 8vo.39. sd.5/- Luzac 
Arbeiten aus Jahrcn 1904-05 (Freud). n.e.('49) D8.312. 17/-; 21/- 

aus Jahren 1906-09 (Freud). n.c.('47) Dfi.468. 20/-; 25/- Imago 

aus Jahren 1909-13 (Freud). n.e.C48) D8.478. 20/-; 25/- Imago 

aus Jahren 1913-17 (Freud). n.e.('49) D8.450. 20/-; 257- Imago 

aus Jahren 1917-20 (Freud). n.e.('47) D8.329 17/-; 217- imago 

aus Jahren 1920-24 (Freud). n.c.('47) D8.440. 20/-; 257- Imago 

aus Jahren 1925-31 (Freud). n.e.C48) D8.567. 247-; 30/- Imago 

seit 1932 (Freud). C50> D8.266. 17/-: 21 /- Imago 

Arbitrage in Bull'on. Coin. B'lls. Stocks. Shares, and Options 

(Deutsch). r.Weber. 3r.e. F4.384. 42/- Pitmnn 
Arbitration (Menander). Tr.Murray" G. ('45) C8.125. 5/- Allen A U. 

Act, 1950 (White, T.A.B.). ('50) 6/- Sweet 

and Award, Law of (Russell. F.). Ed.Wclton. 14c.('49) R8.Ii,537. 

70 /- Stevens & Sons 

in Industrial Disputes. Conciliation and ('33) R8.xv.696. sd.20/- 

I.L.O.: Staples 





Arbitration in Scotland, Law of (Guild). (*36) R8.148. 25 /- W. Green 

in the Timber Trade (Parry). ('29) D8.108. 6/- E.Benn 

Industrial Conciliation and. in G.B. (Sharp). D8. 251- Allen & U. 

International. Process of (Carlston). C47) M8.332. 25 /- Columbia 


Procedure and Evidence in (Creswcll & Grcig). C8. 10/6 Eyre 
Arbitrations and Awards (Lawrence). 25 /- Estates 

Commercial (Bacon). ('25) D8.224. 8/6 Jenkins 

-Costs in (Robinson, J.L.R.). ('50) D8.61. O.i'.N. sd.6/- Sol.Law 
Arboj de Arbaro kaj Kampo (Booth). Tr.Long, B.E. ('47) R16.40. 

16d. sd.1/9 Esperanto 
Arboretums and Botanic Gardens of N. America (Wyman). ('47) suKS. 

104. lld.23pl. sd.12/- Chron,Bot. \Wm.Dawon 
Arc and Acetylene Welding (Kerwm). ('44) C8.250. 30 /- McGraw 

Electric, and Oxy-Acetylene Welding (Atkins & Walker, A.G.). 

3e.('36) C8.394. 178U1. 10/6 Pitman [Pitman 

Mercury-, Current Convenors (Kissik). 2e,('41) D8.434. 25/- 

Welders' Tables and Data. Ed.Coker. ('50) CI6. 5/- Newnes 
--Welding, Electric (Crawford). ('50) 1-8. Q.& A.S. 5/- Newnes 

Wcldm Engineering and Production Control (Brooking). ('44) 

D8.340. 38/b McGraw 

Welding Patents. American (Simon), v.l. 2e. w.suppts. ('48) D4. 

602. 5/12/- Bailey 
-Welding, Practice of (Heigh). C40) C8.114 III. 5/- Pitman 

Welding, Theory and Practice of (Sacks). C43) R8.xii.383. 

442figs d. 30/- V.Nostrand \Macmillan 
-Welds. Examination of, in the Shipyard. C46) sd.I/- Admiralty: 


Arcades (Milton), xxxii.28. Camb. Milton for Sdhls.S. 2/-* Camb. 
Arcadians: Musical Play (Ambient, Courtncidac &. Thompson). 

sd.4/-; v. Score 10 J- S.French 
Arcana Caelestia (Swcdenborg). v.]-4. PottS'. 540 : 565 : 5 16:453. ea. 

sd.I/-, rex.3/6. L.10/G. 13v. D8.6047. cl.ea.10/6 set 6/6/- 

Arch Bridges. Elastic (McCullough & Thayer). ('31) M8.372. J89ill. 

44 /- Wilev\Chap.& H. 

-Design Simplified (Pairhurst). ('46) 68. 22ill.31tabs. 12/- Concrete 
- Fixed, Influence Lines for Thrust and Bending in (Enksen). ('39) 
27 12ill.12tabs. 3/- Concrete 

of Triumph (.Kemarque). n.e.('48) 1C8.320. 6/- Hutchmson 

Roofs, Design of (Tcrrmgton). ('37) 28. Bill 2(>tabs. 3/- Concrete 
Archaeologia Cambrertsis Ann. (Cambrian Arch. Assn.). ('50) sd.18/- 

Cambrian Arch. 
ArchzEologica Sinica. II. Hsiao-T'un. v.2. Yin Hsu Wen Tzu. Kia 

Pien (Yin Inscript from the Excavations at Anvang). Ser.A ('47). 

Pt.2 in 8pts.('49) Fol. Pt.2.800pl. 6/6/-:15 BM.:K.Paul 
Archaeological and Numismatic Sections of Sri Pratap Singh Mus., 

Snnagar. Handbook of (Kak). D12.165. Ill sd.JO/- Luzac 

Collection in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Short Guide 

to (Oswald). C50) D8. 12ill. sd I/- BirminRham 

Facts, I inguistic Evidence and (Fraser, J.). R8. Br.Ac.Rhys Mem. 

Lcct.1926. 21- 0x1. 

Reconnaisances in N.W.India and S.E.Iran (Stem). ('37) M4.xiv, 

268 18ill.34pl.88figs.2M. ftl/- Macmillari 

-Record of Rome (Ryberg). (*40) M8.xiv,248. Stud.and Docts.S. 
2v. 35 /- Christopher* 

Remains (Garrood). ('49) F4.xii.48. 144ill.(4col.). Field Study S. 

6/- Methuen 

Reports 1892-1912. Ed. Griffith. Arch Surv. Egypt. 1892-94. ea.2/6; 

1894-95. 3/6; 1895-96. 3/-; 1897-1912. ea.2/6; Gen.Indcx.4/- 

Research in Indo-China (Janse). v.l. ('47) 4to.ll4. 169pl, 6/17/6 

Harvard U.P.:Oxf. 

Series. 8v. S/6-24/- Camb. 

Studies in Far East, Topog. and (Andcrsson). ('39) C4.110. 56pl. 

M.F.E.A.S sd.54/- K.Paitl 

Survcv of Ceylon; Memoirs. Ed.Hocan. 5v. ca.R4. v.l. 13/6; 

v.2-3, 15/-; v4, 21/-; v.5, 30/- Luzac 

Survey of Egypt, Publication of. 18/--42/- Oxf. 

Survey of Kashmir, Mem. of, Pt.l. Antiq.of Marcv-Wadwan 

(Kak). s4to.32. 19pl. sd.10/6 Luzac 

Archaeologv and After-Life in Pagan and Christian Imagery (Rich- 
mond. I. A.). C50) D8.60. 9pl. Riddcll Man.Lccts. 5/- Oxf 

and Anthropology, Annals of. v.1-27, ea.21/-: v.28, 30/- L'Pool 


and Folk Tradition (Fleure). R8. Br.Acad.Rhys Mem.Lcct.1931. 

1/6 Oxf. 

and Hist.. Guide to Periodicals and Bibliogs. dealing w. Geog. 

Ed. Davis. E.J.& Taylor. ('38) D8.24. sd.1/1 Hist.Aun. 

and Hist, of Europe CHawkcs). ('48) D8.24. Oxf.Univ.Inaug. 

Lcct 1947 21- Oxf. 

and the New Testament (Caiger). (*39) C8.208. 8HI. 7/6 Cassell 

and Old Tcstmt. (Hooke). F8.32. sd.6d. M od .Churchmen 's 

and Religion of Israel (Albright). 14/- Johns Hopkins U.P.iOxf. 

and Soc. (Clark. G.). 2r.e.('47) C8.xvi.222. 53UT. 1M. 10/6 


Art and. Abroad (Nag). ('37) 8vo.Ix.125. Col.Fr.19pl. sd.4/- 

Bble and (Kenyon). ('40) D8.320. 31111. 15/- Harrap 

Classical Rise and Progress of (Cook. A. B.). ('3D C8.61. 21- 


Egvptian Concise Diet, of (Broderick & Morton, A.A.). 5e.('45) 

F8.viii.193. 111. 7/6 Methuen 

European, Text-bk. of (Macalister). v.l. C'21) R8.vii,610. I84ill. 

52/6 Camb. 

Field (Atkinson). ('46) C8.x,238. pl.87d. 12/6 Methuen 

Hundred Years of CDanicf). C50) D8.344. 100 Yrs.S. 21 /- 


Middle E-st (Woolley). ('49) F8.46. Bryce Lect.1949. 2/6 Oxf. 

of Anglo-Saxon Settlements (Leeds). ('13) D8.144. Ill 6/- Oxf. 

of Camb. Region (Fox. C.). 049) R8.xxv,360. 37pl.14M.lfig. 

37/6 Camb. 

Archaeology of Channel Is. (Kendrick). v.l. ('28) C4.xxiv.273. 151111. 
25 /- Methuen 

of Crete (Pendlcbury). ('39) D8.xxxii.400. 103U1.24M. Hdbks.of 

Archaeol. 32/6 Methuen 

of Ireland (Macalister). 2c.('49) D8.xx,386. 55ill. 30/- Methuen 

of Malay Penin. Pprs. on Ethnol. and CEvans, I.H.N.). ('27) 

D8.X.104. 43ill. 17/6 Camb. 

of Palestine (Albright). (*49) sCS.271. Pelican S. sd.2/6 Penguin 

of South Chihuahua. Rcpt. of (Zingg). vi.95. sd.10/- Hafner 

Prehist., and O.T. (Astley). 8/- T.& J.Clark 

Progress and (Childc). n.c.('45) F8.iv, 119. Thinker's Lib. 2/6 


Scandinavian (Shctelig & Falk). r.Gordon. E.V. ('37) D8.478. 

63pl.33figs. 21 /- Oxf 

Archaeology Series. Handbooks of. 7v. ea. D8. 25/--50/- 

Southwestern (McGregor, J.C.). ('41) suRS.403. 233111. 48/- 

Wlley:Chap.& H. 

Wales and (Wheeler). R8. Br.Ac.Rhys.Mcm.Lect.1929. 1/6. Oxf. 

War and. in Brit. Excavations of Ancient Sites and Preserva- 

tion of Hist. Bldgs. ('49) yd. 1/6 Mm.of Wks. -.H.M.S.O. 

Welsh. Hundred Yrs. of. 1846-1946. Ed.Williams. V.E.N.- (*49) 

C4.160. Bpl.lSfigs. sd.21/- Cambrian Arch. '.Bellows 
Archaic Greek Art against its Hist. Backgrd. (Richter). ('49) R8. 
252. 107pl. 63/- N.Y.,Oxf. 

Seal Impressions. Ur Excavations. B.M.& Univ.Pennsylv.Expdn. 

to Mesopot. Texts.Sev.l. v.3. (Legrain). ('36) 50. 58pl. 32/6 

B.M.: K.Paul 

Archaism of Irish Tradition CDillon). ('48) R8.20. Br.Ac. 4/- Oxf, 
Archbishop Herring's Visitation Returns. Ed.Ollard & Walker, P.C. 

v.1-5. C28-'31) IDS. 1 & 2. ea.17/6; 3 & 4. 15/-; S.10/6 York*. 


Land (Roper). ('40) M8.X.464. 8pl. 21/- Macmillan 

Thomas Bccket (Knowles). ('50) R8.32. Br .Acad.: Raleigh Lect. 

1949. 2/6 Oxf. 
Archbishops of St. Andrews, v.2 and v.5. (Hcrklcss & Kcrr). D8. 

v.2. ('09) 270; v.5. CIS) 272. ca.7/6 Blackwood 
Archdeacons Afloat (Almgton). ('46) C8.148. 7/6 Faber 

Ashore (Almgton). ('47) C8.192. 7/6 Faber 
Arche dc Noc (Dufour). C8.viu.170. 111. 2/-* Black 

Archer, Thomas (Whiffen). ('50) Imp 16.96. Architcct.Biog.S. 10/6 

Art & Tech. 
Archers, Hist, of Royal Co. of (Paul). ('75) C4.396. 111. 42/- 


Archery, Modern (Bilson). ('49) D8.64. 5/- Patern.P. 
Arches, Elliptic and Pseudo-Ellipt'c. on Pract. Theory of (Pearson, 

Reynolds, W.D.& Stanton). Biomet.Lab.Tech.S. 6/- Camb. 

Metal, On Graphics of (Atcherley & Pearson). Biomet.Lab.Tech. 

S. 5/ Camb. 

of Years (Sutherland). n.e.('34) D8.304. 10/6 Bles 

Theory of Continuous Struct?, and (Spofford). ('37) 30/- McGraw 
Archetvpal Patterns in Poetry (Bodkin). ('34) D8.354. 12/6 Oxf. 
Archibald: Play (Robertson. W.G.). C8.28. sd 1/6 S.French 

Geo. Hamilton (Johnston, E.A.). ('45) 164. 14pl. 2/6 Kelt K .Educ. 

Russell. Modelling the (Bowncss). C47) R8.91. 111. 5/- P.Marshall 
Archie (Leveret). (Thomson. R.). C50) 111. I/- Oxf. 
Archimedes, Method of.: Suppt. (Heath). (*12) C8. 3/- Camb. 
Architect (Secrett). ('49) C8.70. Careers S. 2/6 Assoc.Newsprs. 

and Builder. Structural Economy for (Fairweathcr). ('49) suR4. 

178 74pl.d. JL. 2 1/- Iliffe 

in History (Briggs). C27) C8.452. 46111. 15/- Oxf. [Oxf. 

of Roman Empire (Holmes. T.R.). ('28-'31) D8.506. 8M. 2v. 35 /- 
Architects Accounts (Brown. O.M.). 2e.('34) D8.U2. 7/t> Gee 

Acoustics for (Richardson, F.J.). ('45) C8.90. 29ill. 5/- E.Arnold 

and Builders, Descriptive Geom. for (Lee, L.A.& Reekie). ('43) 

D8.viii.224. 6pl 314ill 7/6 E.Arnold 

and Bldrs'. Hdbk. (Kiddcr). r.Parkcr. 18r.c.('31) SC8.2315. 

1003MI. 68/- Wilev:Chap.&H. 

and Builders' Pocket Price Bk. 76c.('50) F8.540. 15/- Span 

and Bldrs., Simplified DCS. of Roof Trusses for (Parker, H.). 

C41) 1C8.195. 104111. 26/- Wiley.Chap & H. 

and Bldrs.. Simplified Engin. for (Parker. H.). 2e.('47) 1C8.245. 

26/- WilevChap & H. 

and Builders' Size Bk (Tansley). ('50) F8. 17/6 Newnes 

and Civil Engineers' Manual. Builders'. ('47) C8. 10/6 Littlebury 

and Craftsmen. Brit. (Sitwell. S.). 4e.C48) M8.viii.196. 304ill. 

(4col.). Brit. Art & Bldg.S. 2 1/- Batsford 

British. Short Biog. Diet, of (Ware & Beatty). D8. 21/- Allen 

& V. 

Bu>lders' and Civ. Engineers' Pocket Bk. Ed.Molloy. ('50) D4. 

880. 63 /- Newnes 

Builders and Contractors Pckt. Bk. CFowlcr). 5c.('48) sFS.lOOO. 

10/6 Sci.Pub.Co. 

Electricity for (Waghorn). C8.X.148. Mill. 7/- Blackie 

Encinccrs' and Surveyors Boxwood Scales. (*47) 14 2/- B.S.I. 

in Ireland. Rov. Inst of. Year Bk. C50) 4/6 R I A.I. 

Journal Lib. of Information Sheets. Ed. Butler. C. C47- f 50) ea.D4 

3d.; comp. set 52/6; binderOOOshts.). 4/6 Architect. P 

Lives of Painters. Sculptors and (Vasani). Tr. Hinds. 4v. sC8 

xxi.364-\ii.V72:vij.326:vii.321. Ev'man S. ea.4/6 Dent 

Naval, and Shipbuilder's Pocket-Book (Mackrow). r. Gates. 14r.c. 

C46) F8.744. d. 30/- Tech.P. 

Repister of. C50) C4.253. 5/- Architects 

Architectural Acoustics (Kundsen). ('32) M8.617. 272U1. 64 / - 
W Hey. Chap. & H. 

and Bldg. Construct. Plates (laggard). 014) Pt.l. 30drwgs. 30pl. 

in Portf.Tech.S. 12/; in 6 sets of 5pl. ea.set 2/-; single pi. 
per doz.4/- Camb. 

and Bldg. Drawing Office Pract. ('44) 32. 5/- B.S.I. 

and Building Scries, llv. ea.DS. 7/6 -IS/- Spon 

Biographies Scries. 3v. ea.Impl6. 8/6 Art & Tech. 





Architectural Bldg. Construct. (Jaggard & Drury). 3v. 4c.('38): 2e. 
('36 : '37) D8.31 1:413:460. 111. drwgs.m pckt.Tech.S. 10/6; 15/-; 
15 /- Camh. 

Bids. Construct., Quantities in (Drury & Doyle). ('34) C8.viii,248. 

62ill. S/6*; Contract Drwg. 6d.* Camb. 
^Bldg. Trades Diet. (Burke, A.E., Dalzcll & Townsend). ('50) 

389. 411U1. 45/- Am.Tech.Soc.'.Tech.P. 
Composition, Prin. of (Robertson. H.). ('24) 1D8.180. 160111. 10/6 


Constrcn. (Crane). ('47) R8.414. 260111. 48/- Wiley :Chap.& H. 

Constrcn., Mats, and Methods of (Gay & Parker). 2e.('43) D8. 

036. 323111. 52/- Wiley '.Chap. &.H. 

Design (Pickering). 2e.('41) D4.329. 416111. 60 /- Wiley: Chap. & H. 

Design, f-undamtls. ol (Turner, W.W.). C'30) M4. 42/0 McGraw 

Details (Rouillion & Ramsey). C24) SD4.131. 71ill. 28/- Wiley: 


Drafting (Svcnsen & Shclton). C29) M8.X.206. 472figs. 18/- V. 

Nostrand : Macmillan 

Drawing (Field. W.B.). ('22) M4.161. 42/6 McGraw 

Drawing (Hake & Button) 2e.('48) D8.viu.98. 111. 12/6 Battford 

Drawing (Morgan. S.W.). ('50) 64/- McGraw 

Drawing and Detail (Dalzcll & McKinneyJ. 2e.('46) 212. JOHilI 

20 / - Am. Tech .Soc. : 7 ech .P. 

Drawing tor Bids. Trades (Kenney & McGrail). C49) M4.128. 

25/6 McGraw 

Drawing. Intro, to (Field. W.B.). 2c.('43) R4.245. 34/- McGraw 

Drawing, Perspective and Rendering (.Farcy Edwards, A.T.). 

2c.C49) C4.viu.96. 108ill.(9col.). 2J/- Batsford 

Drawing, Simpi. (Buss). ('46) D4.258. 264ill.& d. 40/- Am.Tech. 


Graphic Standards (Ramsey & Sleeper). 3c.('41) M4.344. 52/- 

Wiiey \Chup & H. 

Guides Series. 2v. ca. C4. 15/-- 18/- J.Murray 

Hist, of Benedictine Monast. ot St. Etheldrcda at Lly (Atkinson). 

C33) Foho xxxiv.214. 41pl.24col.d.4?figs. 16/10/- Camb. 

Hygiene (Fletcher. Sir B.& H.P.). 8e.('48) C8.371. 310ill. IS/- 


Model-Making. ('48) C8.16. 2ill.l3d. sd.1/6 N.A.G.C. 

Models (Forman). ('46) F6.64. 111. Make it Yourself S. 3/- 


Painting in Oils (Hubbard). ('38) C4.28. bds.2/6 Pitman 

Practice (Cowgill & Small), r.e. M4.422. 111. 96/- Remhold: 

Chap & H. 

Practice and Procedure (Turner, H.H.). 4e.('50) D8.xiv,414. 9d. 

18/- B afford 

Principles in Age of Humanism (Wittkower). C50) SC4.144 

31 pi. 35 /- Warburg 

Principles in Annrodcsis (Bnttain). ('42) R8.144. 144ill.(8col.). 

21 /- L.&S.Liv. 

Setting of Anglican Worship (Addlcshaw &. ttchells). ('48) D8. 

288. 12pl.57d. 25/- Faber 

Specifcns. (Sleeper). ('40) M4.822. 5/8/- Wil?v:Chai>.& H. 

Surveyors' Hdbk. (Hurst). l.e.('48) ob.32.732. 235ill. 12/6 


Tradition. Process of (Eden). (*42) C8.XJ16. 7pl. 6/- Macmillan 

Use of Building Materials Rept. ('45) R8. Post-War Bldgs.S. sd. 

2/6 Mm ol Wk*.:H.M.S.O. 

Archue-iurc (Batley). C46) C8.32. Oxf.Pamps.on Ind.Affairs. 9d. 
India, Oxt. 

(Bnwss). (.47) F8.236. 59ill. H.U.L. (new style). 5/- Oxf. 

(Fanstane). C41) All About S sd.1/6 Focal 

(Lethaby & Purchon). 3e.C39) F8. H.U.L. 3/6 Oxf. 

Among the Poets (Staham) (1898). 8vo.iv,154. 111. 2/- Batsford 

Amusante iMouenly). ('48) 8vo. III. 8/- Dufficld 

and Decoration. Byzantine (Hamilton. J.A.). ('33) M8.viii.182. 

12hll.Ucol.). IS/- Bats ford 

and its Place in Gen. Education (Fletcher. B.). ('30) 18vo.l6. 

sd.l/- Batsford 

and Sculp., Colonial, in Peru (Wcthey). ('49) Imp8.350. 218pl. 

M K2/- Harvard I I.P.: Oxf. 

and Sculp.. Focus on (Gcrnsheim). (*49) C4.144. 64pl. 25/- 


and Sculp.. Mdnasdrer on. t.d.& Tr. Acharya. Text.('34) C4 

584. 37/6; Tr.('33) C4.866. 37/6; Plates.('33) C4.70. I57pl. 
(12col.). 63 /- Oxf. [Oxf. 

and Spirit of Man (Hudnut). (*49) D8.310. 36/- Harvard V. P.: 

and Stonecarvins in S. France in 10th and llth Cents., Renais- 

sance of (Clapham). R8. Br.Ac.Hertz Art Lcct. 1932. 3/6 Oxf 

Anglo-Sax. Arts in Early Eng. v.2. (Brown. G.B.). ('03) M8. 

III. 35 /- J.Murray 

Approach to (Brwus) C8.76. III. County Coll. S. 6/- Allen & I' 

Approach to (Robertson. M.& N.K.). ('48) D8.164. 16pl. 10/6 


Arising (Robertson, H.). (*44) D8.128. 27pl.5d. 12/6 Faber 

Art for all Men (Hamlm). ('47) M8.302. 33pl.29fi8S. 25 /- 

Columbia U.P.'.Oxf. 

Art of (Richardson. A. E.& Confiato). 3e.('48) 1R8.662. 471ill. 

148d. 52/6 Eng.U.P. 

as Communal Art (Reilly). 2e.('46) C8.20. 6ill. 9d. Batsford 

Canons of Indian, or. Study of Vastnavidya (Dhattacharya). 

C48) R8.vii.374. 28/- Probsthatn 

Chemical. Ed.Burk & Grummitt. C48) D8.2J6. 66ill.46tabs. 

Front. in Chcm.S 28/- Interference 

Church. Modern (Maufe). C48) D8. 5()ill. bds.5/6 IncCh.BldK. 

Church, of Protestantism (Drummond). lOOill. 17/- T.&T 


Civil, Design in v.l. Elevational Treatments (Richardson, A.E.& 

Corfiato). C48) R4.216. 93ill. 32/6 Eng.U.P. 

Classic (Mitchell, C.F.& G.A.). ('26) Ifol.lOpl.w.text in Ponfol. 

10/*,; wo. text or Portfol. 8 /-* Batsford 

Comemp Structure in (Michaels). ('50) D4.229. 111. 80 /- 


Architecture. Domestic Col., of Tidewater. Virginia (Waterman & 
Barrows). (*47) Imp4.210. 115111. 96/- N.Carolina U.P.'.Oxf. 

Early Domestic, ot Connecticut (Kelly). 5 Yale U.P.'.Oxf. 

Earlv Muslim (Crcsswcll): v.l. ('32) lfol.440. 98pl.400ill.; v.2. 

C40) lfol.442. 123pl.261ill. 2v. 25/4/-; v.2.sep.10/10/- Oxf. 

English (Atkinson). 13e.('48) F8.xxxn,222. 200ill.lM. 7/6 

Mcthucn [P. 

English at Glance (Chattenon) 5c.('45) D8. 90H1. 2/6 Architect. 

English Cent, ot (Randolph). C39) D8. 1/6 Heath, C. 

English Gloss, of Terms Used in (Atkinson). 7c.('48) F8.xxviii 

336. 270ill. 7/6 Methuen 

Knyhsh Gothic (Ditchfield). C09) F8.144. 2/6* Dent 

English Gothic, Guide to (Gardner. S.). 2e.('25) Imp8.xii,228. 

780pl.56figs. 16/- Camb. 

English. Local Style in CAtkmson). C47) D8.\iu.l83. 193ill.(l 

col ). 15/- Bat\ford 

English Outline of (Gardner, A.H.). 2e.('47),122. 155111. 

(Icol.). 12/6 Batsford 

English, Recent (Ellis, C.W.& Eastwickficld). ('47) C4.84. 60111. 

7/6 Country L 
English Story of (Braun). C50) D8.200. 54111. 12/6 Faber 

European (Pevsner). ('47) DK. III. 25 /- J.Murnn 

European, in 20th Cent. (Whutick). v.l. (*50) C4.232. SOill. 

30 /- C.Lockwood 

European Outline of (Pevsner). ('50) sC8.320. Pelcican S. sd. 

2/6 Penguin 

Evolution in (Cortiato). ('48) D8.II.22. sd.3/- H.K.Lewh 

Hr,t Bk. of (Reed, G.H.). sC4.32. 68ill. 2/- schl.e.1/8* Black 

French Church (Green. E.T.). C28) D8 282. 16pl. 10/6 S.P.C.K. 

Georgian (Richardson, A.E.). ('49) SC4.256. 200ill. Arcfiit. 

S. 25 /- An & Tech. 

Georgian, in Northern Ireland: Catalogue. ('49) 1C8.23. 15ill. 

sd.l/- Arts Council 

Good and Bad Manners in (Edwards, A.T.). ('46) C8.176. 42d. 

8/6 A.Tirantl 

Giet-k Rc\ival. in America (Hamlm). ('44) M8.480. 95pl.39figs. 

42 /- Oxt. 

Hellenistic (Fyfc). ('36) R8.xx.246. 30pl.58fis. 25/- Cumh. 

~ Hellenistic, in Syria (Murray, S.B.). ('17) M8.54. 3/6 Princeton 

Hindu. Diet, of (Acharya). ('27) C4.884. 30/- Oxf. 

Hist, ol (Statham). r.Braun. 3e.('50) M8.viii.296. 346ill. 255d. 

21 1- Batsford 

Hist, of Cast Iron in (Gloag & Bndjrwater). C4.516. 500ill.(6 

col.). 63 /- Allen & U. 

Hist, of, on the Comparative Method (Fletcher, Sir B.). 15c.(*50) 

R8.\xx,1036. 4000ill.&d. 52/6 Batsford 

in Brit., Nineteenth Century (Turner). (*50) M8.X.118. 127ill. 

21 /- Bat* ford 

in liny, since Wren (Summcrson). r.e.('48) C8.38. 24ill. Arts in 

Brit S. sd .2 / - Or. Council : Longmam 

in the Middle Ages (Allen, A.B.). ('50) D8.32. New Project S. sd. 

schl.c.l/-*; 1/6 Rockliff 

- in Oxf. Stone. Story of CLamborn). (*12) F8.288. 121 ill. 7/6 Oxf. 

in l/>th. Cent.. Music and (Allen. A. B.). D8.28. New Project S.*; sd.1/6 Rockliff 

Indian (Acharva). vj. 42/-; v.4. 42/-: v 5. 63/- Oxf. [Oxf. 

Ind.. ace. to M^nas^ra-Silpassa"stra (Acharya). ('27) C4.272. 15/- 

Indian. Glimpses of (Litawski). C'47) s4to.62. 31ill. l.e.(230) 

sd 12 /- Luzac 

Indian Links with Central Asia in (Chaghtai). 4to.21. Sill. sd. 

2/6 Luwc 

- Japanese. Short Hist, of (Sadler). C4.175. 120 21 /- Annui 

Landscape. Formal Design in (Waugh). ('27; R8.190. 60ill. 

28 /- Routledge 

Late Rom. and Early Med., Ital. Element in (Perkins). ('49) R8. 

32. 4pl. 7/6 Oxf. 

- Little Bk. of (Jewson). C8. Chameleon Bks. bds.3/- Oxf. 

Lomburdic (Rivoira). Ed.& Tr.Rushtorth. (*33) U4.728. 600111. 

2v. 5/5/- Oxt. 

Manchester Schl. of Sketch Bk. (15) Rfol.8. 19pl. sd.10/6 Man. 


Military and Domest., Second Bk. of (Reed, G.H.). GI8.32. 52 

ill. 2/-, schl.c.1/8* Black 

Military, in Eng. in Mid. Ages (Thompson, A. II.). ('12) M8.394. 

20(Mll. 21 /- Oxf. 

Modelled (Wickham). ('48) R8.170. III. 12/6 P.Mnnhall 

Modern (Conder). ('49) SC4.96. 104ill. Archit.S. 10/6 

An.&. Tech. [Penguin 

Modern (Richards, J.M.). ('40) sCS.150. Pelican S. sd.I/6 

Modern Key to (Yorke & Pcnn). 6/- Blackie 

Moslem (Rivoira). Tr.Rushforth. ('19) 4to.l92. 159pl. 63/- Oxf. 

Muharnmadan, in Egypt and Pal. (Briggs). ('24) 4to.272. 134111. 

15 /5/- Oxf. 

Naval (Stecle). Pt.l. ('17),142. 121figs. Tcch.S. 7/6 Camb. 

Naval, and Ship Construction (Hogg). (*42) C8.322. 30(hll. 10/- 


Naval, Basic (Barnaby). ('49) 1D8.340. 111. Sci.& Tech.Pubns. 

42 /- Hutchimon 

Naval, Man. of (Manning). ('30) lC8.xiv.814. Fr.5pl.56figs. 21 /- 

V. Nostrand : Macmillan 

New, Towards (Corbusier). Tr.Etchells. (*27) D8.272. 111. 15/- 


of Ancient Greece (Dinsmoor). 3r.e.('50) M8.xxiv.424. 131U1. 

125d. 30/- Batsford 

of Bikancr State. Art and (Goetz). ('50) R4.180. 105ill.(10col.). 

l.e.63/- Casstrer * 

of Brighton, History of (Dale). C50) D8.96. Col pi. 10/6 Bredon 

of British History (Smith, F.R.). n.e.('47) D8.113. 5/- Pitman 

of Denmark (Hansen. Fisher, Atkinson, etc.). ('49) 1M4. 230ill. 

bds.12/6 Architect.P. 

of England (Gibberd). C38) M4.48. 230UI. 7/6 Architect.?. 





Architecture of Eng. Renaissance (Bishop). ('38) Prt.fol.112. 48pl. 48/- 
Witey.Chap.& H. 

of Eng. Sentence (Treble & Vallms). 2 Pts. ('38),42:vi,61. 

1/2*: 1/6* Melhuen 

of Humanism (Scott, G.). 2c.('47) D8. 12/6 Constable 

of N. Carolina. Larly (Johnston, KB. & Waterman). C47) Imp4. 

314. 324111. 5 N.Carolina U.P.'.Oxf. 

of Old South (Forman). ('48) C4.218. 12pl. 111. 55/- Harvard U.P.: 


of U.S.S.R. ('48) D8.36. sd.l/- S.C.R. 

Orders of (Greeve, A.B.). (*15) Imp8. Loo$c-lf. 22pl sd.12/- 

Wiley:Chap.& H. 

Organic. Towards an (Zevi). ('50) D8.180. 177ill. 25 f- Fitter 

Parallel ol Orders of. Greek, Roman and Renaissance: in French, 

English & Spanish (Cordinglcy). Ed.Normand. ('46 ) Fol.12. 
68pl. bds.12/6 A.Tiranti 

Railway (Barman). ('50) sC4.96. Archit.S. 15/- Art A 

Tech. [Tech. 

-Regency (Reilly). ('48) sC4. 111. Intro to Archit.S. 10/6 Art & 

Roman Renaissance of (Jackson, Sir T.G.). (*21-'23) Pt.2 & 3. 

C4. \ii.228-xiv.220. 111. ca.15/- Camb. 

Roman, under Empire (Rivoira). Tr.Rushforth. (*25) 4to.342. 358ill. 

6/6/- 0x1. 

Romance- of (Fletcher, B ) C29) R8.16. 9H1. sd I/- Batsford 

Romanesque, in England (Clapham). ('50) C8.47. 22ill. Arts in 

Brit.S. sd.2/- Br. Council -.Longmans 

Romanesque, in W. Europe (Clapham). ('36) 1C8.224. 45pl.5Kd. 

15/- Oxf. 

Romanesque, of Order of Cluny (Evans. J.). C38) D4.xxxviii,218. 

259ill 7M. 70/- Camb. 
Rotary Guide to Careers. ('46) D8.16. As.8 India: Oxf. 

Rules for Drawing Several Parts of (Gibbs, J.). 3e.('49) D8.111. 

64ill 10/6 Lns.U.P. 

Scottish (Lindsay. I.). (*48) sC8.32. 21pl.ld. Scot.Trad. sd.2/6 


Scottish Church (Coltart). ('36) D8.276 III. 12/6 Sheldon:S P.C K. 

Scries. Introduction to. 6v. ea.sC4 10/6 -25/- Art & Tech. 

Short Bibhosraphy of (Stratton). ('23) D8.24. sd.l /I Hi\t Aisn 

Short Cnt. History of (Statham). 3e.C50) M8.vm.296. 601ill. 21/- 

Short Dictionary of (Ware & Bcatty). 2r.c.('44) C8.109. 111. 6/- 

Allen 6 (/. 

South American (Niemeycr). Ed.Papadak6. 220. 111. 72/- Rttnhold: 

Chap A H 

Space, Time and (Giedion). n.e.(*49) C4.684. 321ill. 50/- Harvard 


Storv of (Waterhousc). 3r.e.(*50) C8 xii,228. 79ill.(lcol.). 55d. 

10/6 Batsford 

Style and 1 Composition in (Edwards, A.T.). (*45) C8.177. 74d. 7/6 


Stvle in (Lcathart). n.e.('45) C8.204. 2d.l5pl. Discussions. 3/6 


Stvlcs of English (Stratton). Pt.l. 13pl. sd.13/-: Pt.2. 12pl. sd.12/- 


Stvles of English Handbooks nf (Stratton). f'49) Pt.l D8 36 39111. 

Pt2 D844 41ill Pop GuidcS ca.v.2/- 1. 5/- Batsford 

Swedish, Ten Lectures on. ('49) 8vo.ll6. Ill 10/- Bygsmaituren: 

A Tirfintt 

Svmhesis in (Budden) (M4) C4 24. I/- J.'Pool V P 

Texi-book of Hktory of (Hamlm). r.c.(*28) C8.xxvili.493. 111. 12/6 


Third Book of. Parish Church (Reed. G.H ). G18.32. 93ill. 2/-, 

schle 1/8* Black 

This Business of (Wills) D8 210. Ill 28/- R einh old -.Chap & H. 

Tudor (Harvey. J.). ('49) sC4.96. Archit.S. 10/6 Art & 


Understanding of (Lutyens & Greenwood). ('48) C8.116. 6/6 


Victorian (Casson). (*48) sC4. 111. Archit.S. 10/6 Art <fc 


Wavs to N. Stvle of (Sterner). C27) R4 60. 13ill.d 10/6 Anthropos 

Western. Guide to (WriRht. H & Gloag). 25 /- Allen & l> 
Architectures of Religions of Europe (Holborn) 9/- T & T Clark 
Archives. British. Repertory of. Pt 1. Lng. (Hall. H.). ('20) 10/6 


National, of Latin America. Ed Hill. R.R. (*45) M8.190. 2pl. 6/6 

Harvard (/./ :Oxf 

Archivist. En* (Jcnkmson). f'48) D8 11.32 sd4/- H K Lewh 
Archmum Hibermcum. v.l-XI; XI11-XIV C14) Hv. ea.R8.383: 

422 -600 -288: 298: 244:4 16 241 294 210: 153 : 110:100. v.1-7. ea. 

15/-; v.8. 12/-; v.9-14. 15/- M H Gill 
Archwork, Constructional (Smith, H. P.). ('47) C8.152. 111. 7/6 r 

Lock wo >d 

Archv and Mehitabel (Marquis) ('34) C8 168 7/6 Faber 
Archv's Life of Mchnabcl (Marquis). ('34) C8 192 7/6 Faber 
Arcs, Mercurv (Teago & Gill. J F ). 2r e.(*49) F8.viii,107. Fr. 50d. 

Physical Subj Mon.S. 6/6 Methiten 
Arctic Eskimo (Whittaker). D8 HIM. 16/- Seeley 

Papers for the Expedition of 1875. D8. M. 7/6 GeonSoc-.J. 

Murray [J Murray 

Seas, Vovage of the Fox in (McClintock). ('08) 1C8. 111. M 6/- 

Soviets in the (Taracouzio). ('38) M8.xiv,564. 7M. 56/- N.Y.: 


To the (Mlrsky). C50) R8.xxii.334.xviii. 111. SM.lfldg.M. 21/- 


Unfolded (Polunin). C49) ID8.352 III. 2M. 21 /- Hutrhimon 

We Live In the (Helmencks). C50) IMS. 136 III. 20/- Hodder 
Arden of Fcversham. sqC16. Fr. Tem.Dram S cl 4/6; L.5/- Dent 

Polesworth In. Chapter in Early Life of Shakespeare (Gray, A.). 

C26) C8. 9111. 1M. 9/- Camb. 

ARDEN SHAKESPEARE SERIES. Ed. Una Ellii-Fermor. 5 v. e. OS. 

6/6 - 15/- Metnuen 

Macbeth. Ed. by Kenneth Muir. 12/6 

King Henrv VI. Pt. II. Ed. H C.Hart. 6/6 

The Life and Death of King John Ed.Ivor B.John. 6/6 

'I roil us and Cress id a. Ed. by K.Dcighton. 7/6 

Love's Labour's Lost Ed. Richard David. 15 /- 
Ardent Flame: Play (Douglas. E.). sd.l/- Fantasma 
Ardgour, 'ILrcoc and. Rock Climbs (Murray. W.H.). ('49) M 16.164. 

2()d.2M. 7/6 Scot. Mount. '.Douglas & F. 
Ardmcaple Castle and its Lairds (Welles). (*30) C4.220. 5ill.lM. *L. 

31/6 Jackson 
Ardizzone (E.J.I.) ail.). Library, The (Crabbe). ('30) 12ill. 2/6 

M or ing 
Ardwall. Andrew Jameson, Lord (Buchan, J.). 2e.('13) C8.164. 4/- 

Arc Catholic Schools Progressive? (O'Connell). C8.175. 13/- Herder 

Clothes Modern? (Rudofsky). C47) 4to.241. 111. 63/- Theobald: 

the 'N.I. Documents Reliable? (Bruce). (*43) C8.118. Half-Crn.S. 

sd.2/6 Inter-Vanity 

Officers Necessary? (Boothroyd). C46) C8.133. 5/- Allen & V. 

these Hardships Necessary? (Harrod). r.c.('47) C8.178. sd.5/- 


We Too Many? (Myrdal & Vincent). D8.52. Background Hdbki. 

2/- Bureau 

we Two Nations? (Vairanapillai). (*47) 8vo.332. 

18/- Probuham 

Workers Human 7 (Taylor. G.R.). C50) D8.I96. 10/6 Falcon 

you Readv. Caroline? (J-emer). ('50) C8.336. 10/6 R.Hale 

You Sure? (Wright, W D.). ('36) C8 96. 1/8* Dent 
Area. Age and (Willis). ('22) DS.x.252. tabs.d 17/6 Camb. 

Belle- Play (Brough & Hdlliddy). C8.13. sd.1/3 S.French 
Areas. Superficial. Ready Reckoner of. 4/6 Shaw & Son* 
Areithau Pros (Jones. D.G.). C34) C8xx,131 2/6 UmvWale* 
Arena (Saunders, P.M.). ('48) IC8 48 6/- Hutchinson 
Aren't Men Beasts (Svlvame). n.e.('48) C8.288. 4/- Jenkins 

Men Beasts! Play (Sylvame) D8 88 sd.2/6 S French 

We AIP Play (Lonsdulc). D8.68. sd.3/- S.French 

Women Wonderful? Play (Deans). C8.100. sd.2/6 S.French 
Arcopagiticu (Milton). See Author entry. 

and Other Prose (Milton). sC8.xvin,306. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

and Other Tracts (Milton). PottS. I r Tcm Class. S 4/6 Dent 
Areopagus Address (Stonehouse). C49) C8 48. sd.2/- Tyndale 
Argentina. ('45) D8. Rev.of Comm Condns S. sd.l/- Trade -H.M.S.O. 

C47) R8 Overseas Econ. Surveys S. sd.2/6 Trade :H.M.S.O. 

(MacKcn?ie. N.) C8. 6y- Collamz 

Histona. C<impcndio dc (K-rkpatrick). Tr.Casalducro & Mascar6. 

C30) xxviii.280. 15/- Camb. 
Argentine Anthology Ed.herkm, etc. (*48) C8 92. 3/- Oxf. 

Federalism, Economic Aspects ot. 1820-52 (Burgm). (*46) D8.318. 

51 tubs 17 /- Harvard I' P 'O\f 

International Trade (Williams. J H ). 15 /- Harvard U.P '.Oxf. 

Republic (Rcnnie). C45) 8vo.xvn.448 16pl. 30/- N.Y '.Macmillan 
Armusae to Mantinca: Selections (Xcnophon). Ed.Phillpotts. 12e. 

COO) F8.218. Ill M. 3/6*; Kcv 4/6 Oxf. 

Argonaut Gold iSnow. C.H ). ('49) C8.160. sd 1/6 Archer P. 
Argonautica (Apollomus). Ed.Mooncy. 12/6 Dublin U.P. : Hodges, 

Argonauts of W. Pacific (Malinowski). (*22) R8.xxxi.527. 66ill.5M. 

42 /- Routledge 

Arcosv (Ml) C8256. Ill Beacon Lit. Rdrs. 3/8* Clnn 
Arpuello. Conchita (Espmosa). ('38) RS.x.72. 4/- N Y.- Macmillan 
Arpumtt. O E D. Some Points on (MarnoiO. ('44) 64 1/6 Harrap 
ArRumcnt for Christunitv (Kennedy. J ). C46) CH 104. 6/- Hodder 
Arguments ana Discussions (Marriott) (*37) C8.168. 3/-* Harrap 

on Either Side of the Fiscal Question (Buxton). C90) C8. tabs. 

1 /- J Mnrrav 

Argyll RH. Ill Nnt.For.Park Gdes S. sd.1/6 Forest. Comm :H M.S O. 
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. 1st Battalion (Graham, F.C C.). 

C48> SR8.272 31pl 14M 15/- Nehon 

and Sutherland Highlanders. 2nd Battalion (Malavan Campaign 

1941-42) (Stewart. I M.). ('47) sR8.190. 4pl 8M. 15 /- Nehon 

and Sutherland Highlanders, 2nd Battalion (Reconstituted). 

(McLlwec) ('49) .sRN.224. llpl 14M. 15/- Kelson 

and Sutherland Highlanders. 5th Battalion (91st Anti-Tank Regt.). 

(Howcr) C50) sR8 15 /- Nel\on 

and Sutherland Highlanders. 6th Battalion (Anti-Tank Regt.). 

(Paul) ('49) sR8 144 5M 17pl 6ill 15/- Nelson 

and Sutherland Highlanders, 7th Battalion (Cameron, I C.). ('47) 

sR8 2St>. 10M 16pl 15/- Nelson 

and Suthrrhnd Highlanders, 8th Battalion (Malcolm). C49) sR8. 

296 21pl23M 15/- Nelson 

and Sutherland Highlanders. 9th Battalion (54th L A.A. Regt.). 

(Barker F R B ) C50) sR8 144. llpl 1M. I5/- Nelson 

Historv of (MacDonuktt. C50) D8 344. 15/- Holmes 
Argyllshire Highlanders. History of 91st (Pattison). ('10) D4.429. 111. 

42 /- Bl-'ckwood 

Ariadne (I ucas. F L.). l.e.(450). ('32) Pott 4. 8/6 Camb. 
Anan (Glvn) ('5fn C8 224 9/6 Glyn 

Ac Aur (Davies. BE.) 2/6 Gomerian 

Am Ddim: Play (Howard. F M X sd.l /I S French 

Movement in England (Colligan). ('13) C8.174. 1/6 Man.U.P. 
Arianism. Stud on (Gwatkin) C8.30T. 12/6 Deighton 
Anconmm. Romxno-Rnt Smelting Town, Excavation at (Jack). ('23) 

53 III 5/- Woolhope 
Arid and Semi-Arid Regions. Agricultural Development of (Leppan). 

(*28) SM8279 25 /- Cordon 
AriH (Maurois). Tr D'Arcv ('24^ C8 320 Fr. 7/6 J Lane 

(Waller). 3e.('50) C8 148 Mot Cvc.S 5/- C.A Pearson 

Book of (Havcraft) 9c C50) C8 204. Ill Mot.Cvc S 5/- Pitman 

Books on the Arts Series. 5v. ea.CS. 5/- Shenval Press: Faber 





Ariel Poems Series. 36v. ea.l/--7/6 Faber 

Ariel's Fnend (Laws). ('49) sC8. Fr. Sovereign S. 3/6 Ward.Lock 

Arise and Walk (Herring). C9.193. sd.15/- fowler 

Ansteas. Letter of (Meccham). (*35) D8.355.xxi. J2/6 Man.U.P. 

Ansteidcs and Marcus Cato, Lives of (Plutarch). Eng.Txts.S. 1/8* 

Aristocracy CMairct). (*31) R8.104. 5/- C.W.Damel (BtockU 

Towards a New (Happold). ('43) C8.116. 5/- t'aber 

Transition from (Christie. O.F.). D8. 12/6 Seeley 
Aristocrat. The (Parker. L.N.). ('17) C8.104. sd.l/-. cl.2/- JJjmr 
Aristocrats ol the Air (Knight. C.W.R.). n.e.('49) C4.150. 

53ill. 18/- Wms.& N. 

of Flower Border (Phillips. G.A.R.). n.c.('48) M8.196. 32H1. 15/- 

Country L. 

Aristodcmocracy (Walston). (*16) D8. 7/6 J. Murray 
Aristophanes (Collins, W.L.). ('72) F8.178. Anc.Class.for Eng.Rdrs. 

S. 37- Black wood 

(Murray. G.G.A.). ('33) D8.280. 10/- Oxf. 

Excerpt from the General Catalogue of the British Museum. ('33) 

sd.2/6 B.M.: K.Paul 

Scenes from. Knights (Sidgwick). F8.63. limp 3/-* Longmans 
Aristotelian Learning. Intro, of. to Oxford (Callus). Ri>. Br.Ac. 7/- 

Papers (Cooper, L.). ('39) D8.250. 11/6 Cornell V .P.: Oxf . 
Aristotle (Grant. Sir A.). ('77) F8.201. Anc.Class.for Eng.Rdrs.S. 3/- 

(Jaeger). C48) D8.484. 21 /- Oxf. [Blackwood 

(Ross, W.D.). Se.f 49) D8.viii.300. Fr. 18/- Methuen 

(Taylor. A.E.). C8.160. Discussions. 5/- Nelson 

Excerpt from the General Catalogue of British Museum. (*33) 

sd.6/- B.M.:K.Paul 

Galileo, and Tower of Pisa (Cooper, L.). ('35) D8.102. 7/- Cornell 


Index to (Organ). ('49) M8.188. 40/- Princeton U.P.:Oxf. 

Mathematics in (Heath). ('49) D8.206. 74figs. 21 /- Oxf. 

on the Constitution of Athens. Catalogue of the Greek Class. Txts. 

from Papyri in B.M. ('92) 8vo. Autotype Fac. Fol. 10/6; Fac. 
42 /- B.M.: K.Paul 
Aristotle's Bellows (Gregory. I.A.). C8.73. sd.1/6 Putnam 

Ethics, Notes Introductory to Study of (Gough). ('15) C8.55. sd.l/- 

J. Thornton 

Arithmetic. Books I-HI. (*39) 3v. ca.64-80. Easy Study S. Answers 
toBks.MII. ('39) 3v. ca.30-40. sd.6d.; sd.l/-; cl.1/3; sd.1/2; 
sd.1/4; cl.l/b; Macmillan 

(Alexander). Thanet Mental Tests. sd.6d.*(-f P.T.) Univ.Lond. 

(Chambers, F.W.). First Year 'leachcr's Book. ('35) C8.Mii,l52. 

Scn.Schl.S. 3/6 Macmillan 

(Chambers. F.W.). Scc.Yr. ('35) Sen.Schl.S. 2/-; 

Ichr's.Bk. C8.vni.202. 4y6 Macmillan 

(Durell & 1-awdry). 3Ue. i'ts.l<fc2. CK.xvi,164. 3/6*; w.a.3/9*. 

Pts.3&4. C8.xvi.222. 4/-*; w.a.4/3*. Pts.1-4. xvi.386. 6/-*; 
w.a.6/6*. A.sep.1/6 G.Bell 

(Freeman. H.). 12r.e. C8.viu.232. wo.a.3/-*; a.only 6d. G.Bell 

(Godfrey & Price, E.A.). 2e.C'27) C8. wo.a.5/6*. w.a.6/-*; Pts.l 

&2. w.a.3/9*; Pts.2 & 3. wo.a.3/6*. w.a.4/-*; Pi 2. wo.a.2/6*; 
Pt.3. w.a.3/-*. Exs. Pts.1-3. wo.a.4/6*. w.a.5/*; Pts.l & 2. 
wo.a.2/9*; l't.3. wo.a.2/3* Camb. 

(Hill, C.H.& Welford). Bks.MIL ('37) C8.vm.14*; vui.190; vni, 

120: ea. wo.a.1/6*; w.a.1/9*; Bk.IV. ('38) C8.viu.92. wo.a. 
1/3*; w.a.1/6* Vmv.Tut. 

(Hughes. R.T.). (*39) Pts.1-3. ('39) C8.132:132: 172. w.a. 156:156- 

196. d. 1 &2. ca.3/9*; w.a. 4/-*; 3. 4/-*; w.a. 4/-*. Pts.l & 2. 
in Iv. 5/6*. w.a. 6/-*; Pts.2 & 3. in Iv. 5/6*: Pts.1-3 in Iv. 
C8.436. w.a. C8.504. d. 7/-; w.a. 7/6* Lond.Maths.S. Univ. 
Lond. [Lond. 

(Lambert. C.M.). Seven Plus Assessment. sd.6d.*(+P.T.). Univ. 

(Layng). txs. 7/-*; w.a. 7/6* Blackle 

(Loney & Grcnville). 2r.e.('25) (xxiv). wo.a. 3/4; w.a. 

3/6 Macmillan 

(Lothian). ('04) 441. 3/6 Blackwood 

(Pendlebury). 39c. C8.xii.388,xlii. w.or wo.a. 7/6*. 2pts. w.a. 3/6* 

ea. A.only 6d. Colonial e. 4 /-* G.Bfll 

(Svmon & Milliken). r.e.('35) C8.316. 4/- R.Gibson 

(Tomlmson). "West Riding" Tests ol Mental Ability. sd.7d.* 

( + P.T.) Univ.Lond. 

(Young, D.A.). 429. w.a. 9y6 Gregg 

(Young. J.R.). C8. K.only 3/-; 3/6 Tech.P. 

Achievement (Sims & Hanson). ('35) ea.CS. Bk.l. 40. sd.1/3*; 

cI.1/7*; Bk.2. sd.1/5*; cl.1/9*: Bk.3. sd.1/6*; cl.l/U)*; Bk.4. 
72. sd.1/9*; cl.2/1*; a.sep. !/-*-!/ 6* Schoficld 

Advanced. Pt.2 (Lighiioot). sCS.139. 3/- Normal 

African. New. Bk.3.('50) C8. sd.2/-* : Tcnr's.Comp.& A.Bk. Bks. 

1-3 in 2v. ('50) C8. sd.2/-*: 1/6*; Bks.l&2mlv. Niger.e. 
sd.2/-* Longman^ 

African, New: in Igbo. Bk.l. C49) C8.79. d. sd.1/2*; Longmans 

Bk.2. ('50) C8.109. d. sd.1/8* Longmam 

African. New: In Twi. Bk.4. (*50) C8.80. d. sd.1/2* Longman* 

African, New: In Yoruba. ('50) Bk.2. C8.112. d. sd.1/8* 


and Accounts (Rogers. N.& Walls). ('36) C8.208. limp 3/-*; Ans. 

C37) 84. 3/6 Pitman 

and Algebra. Easy Test Papers in (Beard). ('19) C8.X.34. 1/2* 


and Algebra, Junior Revision and Mental Tests in (Fulford). C37) 

C8.iv.82. 3ftgs. limp, wo.a.1/6*. w.a.2/-* Univ. Tut. 

and Book-Keeping (Brown, T.& Collmge). C8.I38. 2/6* Pitman 

and English, Classified Tests in. SD8.77. sd.2/-*; a.sep. sd.9d.* 


and Geometry, Vital (Williamson. R.S.). C47) C8.96. figs sd.2/-- 

Tchr's. ('42) C8.viii,96. figs. 3/6 Macmtllan 

and Mensuration, Comprehensive, for Jun. and Sen. Second. 

Schls. (Hogg). C8.287. wo.a.4/3*; w.a.4/6*; a.sep.8d. Holmes 

and Mensuration, Pract. (Castle). r.Brown. F.G.W. 2r.e.('42) 143figs. 6/- Macmillan I 

Arithmetic and Pract. of. For. Exch. (Sugg) 2e. D8.144. 3/6* Pitman 

Applied (Whitwell & Goddard). ('35) Bks.1-3, ca. D8.40. sd. 

1/3*; cl.1/7*; Ans.ea.1/3* Schofield 

Average Mental Tests in (Gibson). 4v. (*34) C8.63. ea.9d.*: 

a.sep.ea.9d.* R.Gibson 

Ban: m Bari. Bk.l. ('48) C8.71. 111. Afr.& Oricnt.Lang JS. sd. 

I/-* Longmans 

Beginning Bks.1-4 (Runciman). ('37) C6.15: 15: 19:21. Col.d.*; Tchr' Grant Educ. 

Business. C8.160. limp 2/9*. w.a.3/6* McDougall 

Business (Plant). C8. Pt.l. (*48) 184. 3/6*. Ans. 1/6; Pt.2. 182. 

3/-*. Ans.('47) 3/-. Compl. n.c.('48) 360. 6/-*, Ans.4/6 Pitman 

Business Essentials of (Ueimtock). ('46) D8.342. 111. 6/-* Harrap 

Business. Exercises in Pract. (Hcmstock). ('44) D8.96. w.a. 2/6* 


Camb. Elem. (Webster, J.H.). ('23) C8. Bk.8. (Old or New Ser.). 

sd.1/3*. cl.w.a.2/-* Ctimb. 

Camb. Inter. Maths. : (Larcombe). (*28-'29) 2Pts. C8. wo.a. 

2/9*: 3/-*; w.a.3/3*: 3/6* Camb. 

Chcm. (Arcnson).2e.('41) D8.130. 16/- Wiley : Chap. A H. 

Chcm. (GoddarU). ('37) limp 3/-* Longmuns 

Chem.. System of (Lay). C29) C8.48. sd.l/-* Harrap 

Cinyama: in Cmyanja. 3v. n.e.('49: '49):(*35) C8. d. Afr.A 

Orient.Lang.S.* Longmans 

Civic (Rodgers). 3v. ea. C8.64. 111. 1/8*; w.a.2/-* Black 

Civil Service (Court). r.Bertaui. ('26) 164. w.a.3/6 Gregg 

"Class" (Gibson). ('30) Bks.IV & V. C8.144:176. limp 2/-*; 

a.sep.ea.l/-* R.Gibson 

Class Bk. (Barham). w.a. 5c.('47) C8.148. 5/-* Pitman 

Commercial (Allen, H.V.). r.e.('48) C8.ix.446. 98d. ea.w.a.sdU.e. 

S/-*; 10/6 Longman\ 

Commercial (Brown. F.G.W.). ('40) C8.x,358.xvi. 40figs. 6/- 


Commercial (Grant. F.L.& Hill. A.M.). 8e.('39) C8.X.428. w.a. 

6/6* Longmans 

Commercial (Jones. H.L.). ('32) C8.159. 3/-; w.a.3/6* E.Arnold 

Commercial (Kerdel). ('35 ) 3/6 Juta 

Commercial, Stds.VII & VIII (Olver). 2r.e.('44) 3/; a.scp.(*48) 

2/- Juta 

Commercial (Sankey & Tomlinson). Pt.2. ('21) C8.viii,123. 

a.sep. I/-*; wo.a.2/3* w.a.2/0* t.Arnold 

Commercial. Concise Sen. (Chamnj. C8.272. 4/-* Pitman 

Commercial. Elem. (Jones. ILL.). ('33) C8.143. 2/6*; w.a.3/-* 


Commercial, Exercises in (Parks). ('34) Bk.l. 72; Bk.2. 71; Bk. 

3, 72. w.a. ca.3/- Greng 

Commercial, first Step* in (Williams, A.E.). C8.90. First Stcpb 

m Bus.S. limp 1/3* Pitman 

Commercial, lor S. African Students (Ilutchmson. G.A.). 6e. 

C48) 7/6; a.sep. 3/6 Juta 

Commercial Prm. and Pract. of (Morris, P.W.). ('47) D8.426. 

10/6* Pitman 

Commercial. Revision Notes (Walt). C49) 3/6 Juta 

Commercial Schl. Cert. (Atkinson <*. Bate). n.c.('46) Imp 16.1 10. 

3/-*; w.a. n.e.('49) 188. 5/-* Pitman 

Commercial, Smaller (Crook). C8.128. limp 1/6*. cl.2/-; Ans. 

1/6 Pitman 

Commercial, Teach Yourself (Harvey. J.H.). ('49) 1F8.199. 15 

ill. 4/6 Lng.U.P. 

Common-Sense (Potter). 8v. ('45-'49) sd.lOd.* - 1/9*. limp 

1/2* - 2/4*. Tchr's.3/6* - 7/6* Pitman 

Common-Sense, for Girls in Sec. Mod. Schls. (Potter & Hilliard). 

3v. n.e.C49) Impl6. sd.l/ 10*: 2/6*: 2/9*; cl.2/4*: 3/-*: 
3/3*; Tchr's.3/-: 3/6: 3/6 Pitman 

Common-Sense, for Jun. (Potter). Intro. (*33- f 47); Bks. 1-4 a. 

C33-'49). sd.l/-*-2/-. limp 2/3*. cI.1/4* - 2/6*, Tchr's. 
2/--3/6 Pitman 

Common-Sense, for Sen. Boys (Potter & Bamford). Bk.l. n.e. 

('49) sd.2/3*, limp 2/9*. w.a.('32) 3/-; Bk.2. n.e.('46) sd. 
1/7*. limp 1/11*. w.a.('32) 3/6; Bk.3. n.e.('49) sd.2/3*. limp 
2/9*. w.a.('33) 3/6 Pitman 

Common-Sense, Mech. Tests in (Potter). 7v. ('42- '47) 1C8. 

Commonsensc Arith.S. Schlr's. sd.Sd.* - I/-*, -2/- 

Common-Sense, Mental and Intelltg. Test in (Potter). 8v. ('46- 

'49) Commonsensc Arith.S. Schlr's.8d.* - 1/4*. Tchr's.lOd. - 
2/8 Pitman 

Compact (Borchardl). C34) C8.344. w.a.4/6*; wo.a.47-* 


Complete Short Course of (Layng). r.Bell. J.R. 3/6*; w.a.4/3 


Comprehensive (Bell. J.R. ). r.e. 2/3*; w.a.2/9* Blarkle 

Comprehensive (Hogg). 8v. sCS.48: 67: 98: 108: 149: 128: 164: 144. 

wo.a. limp I/-* -2/3*; bks.6-8 w.a. ca.2/6; a.sep. ea.9d. 

Comprch., and Mensuration for Sec. Schls. ('36) C8.264. wo.a. 

3/9; w.a.4/-; Answers 8d. Holmes 

Compreh. Post Primary S. Bks. 6-8. C37) ca.C8.128: 164: 144. 

2/-; w.a.2 /3; Answers ca.Sd. Holmes 

Comprch. Primary S. Bks. 1-5. C35) 8.48:68:98:110:154. 

limp lid.: 17-: 175: 178:27-: Answers ea.Sd. Holmes 

Concise (Durell & Fawdry). 15e. C8.xii.244. 4/-*; w.a*4/3* 


Concise Schl. (Walker. A.& McNicol). 2e.('35),249. 57-; 

w.a.6/-* Longmans 

Constructive (Robinson, A.F.). Bks.1-3. ca.2/3*; w.Ans. ea.2/6*; 

Bk.4. 2/6*; w.Ans.2/8* 05rf. 

Countryside (Stowe). ('48) D8.80. 16111. 19d. sd.2/9; Am.Bk. 

sd.2/-* Longmans 

Course. Mod. (Motts). C8.224. 3/6* Pitman 

Course of Elementary Workshop (Darling). 165figs. w.a.3 7-* 





Arithmetic. Definite. The. 5 Bks. 026) Impl6.52:48:56:74.9(). 1/4; 
1/4; 1/6; 1/9; 2/-; Tchr's.1-3. ca.3/6; 4. 5. ea.4/- Grant Educ. 

Diagn. of Individual Difficulties in (Schonell). 3e.('49) C8.128. 

5/- Oliver 
-Dinka: in Dinka. ('49) C8.iv,59. 111. Afr.& Oncnt.S. sd.1/2* 

Elcm. Chemical (Gihbs, R.H.). 032) C8.96. 2/6* E. Arnold 

Elcm. for the Jun. Schl. (Russell. A.H.). Bks.l-lV ('35-'36) 64. 

ca.1/3*; w.a.2/-* Harrap 

- Elcm.. its Meaning and Pract. (Buckingham). ('47) M8.viii,744. 

d, 36 /- Gtnn 
English and. Control Examination Tests. C36) 16th Series. C8. 

90. I/-*; ('37) 17th Series. C8.96. I/-; C'49) 29th Series. C8.8U. 

1/3*; a.sep. ea.9d.* R.Gibson 
Essential (Manfield). Bks. 1-3. ea.C8.80. ca.1/9*; Teacher's Bk. 

C4. 5/-* E. Arnold 
Essential 'Tests in (White, W.B.). 1st S. C'38) C8.48. d. sd.9d.*; 

limp 1/3*; Tchrs.2/9*; 2nd S. C'36) C8.64. d. sd.lOd.*; limp 

1/4*; 'lchrs.2/9* Univ.Lond. 
hvday. Lilc (Bate). 3v. ('35) Impl6. sd.1/2*: 1/2*' 1/4*; limp 

1/6*: 1/6*: 1/8*; Pitman 
Everyone's (Trevelyan <t Murlcv). C48) 2\. CH. 103: 120. 111. ea. 

limp 3/10*; Tchr's.Bk. 2v. C8.4():39. ea.3/10* Lonw-.n\ 
Exam. Pprs.. Jun. (Heard). 10e.C'26) I-8.viii.92. Jun.Exam.S. 

1/6* Methuen 

Examples in (Baker, W.M.& Bourne). Ibe. C8.xn,218 4/3*; 

a.only I/- G.Bell 

Examples in (Hall, H.S. At Stevens). Pt.Il. ('12) 16 
figs wo.a.2/6 Macmillan 

- - Examples in (Loncy). C98),250. 3/6 Macmillan 

Examples in (Fendlebury). 27c. C8.x.214.xlii. w. or wo a. 3/9* 

- Exchange (HolKatc). 3c.('50) D8.128. 8/6 Pitmen 

- Exercises lor 1'rotess. Exams. (Bennett. W.). C8.101. 2/-* Pitman 

- ~ Exercises in (Layng). 3/0*; w.a.4/-*. In 2pts. ea.2/0*; w.a. 

3/-* Blackie 

Exercises in (Layng). ('20) C8. 1/6*. w.a.2/-* J.Murrav 

Extra ^ r (Whitwcll & Goddard). r.e.('39) D8.90. sd.2/9*; cl. 
3/11*; Ans.sep.2/-* Schofield 

- 1 irst and Second Course in (Borchardt). ('31) C8.4<)2. w.a.6/-*; 

wo.a.5/6* Rivtngton [Rivtngton 

- First Course in (Borchardt). ('31) C8.252. 3/3*: w.a. 3/0* 
--First C'ourse in (Newth). ('49) C8.vm.244. 4/6*; w.a.5/-* Univ. 

- foi \fr Schls-. Mod. CSinton). Std.5. C50) C8.xi.68. sd.1/9* 


- foi Carpenters and Bldrs. (Dale). ('15) C8.231. 109ill. 18 /- 

Wiley: Chap & H. 

for Civil Service Studts. Inter. Crse. CIcare). w.a. n.e.('47) C8. 

456. 6/-* Pitman 

for Commerce (Harvey. J.H.). ('37) 1st. Course. 186. w.a.4/6; 

Imernmcd. Course 224. w.a. 5/6 Gregg 

for Commercial Students. Rational (iioughton). Bk.l. ('27) 184. 

3/-; Bk.2. ('28) 163. 4/- Gregg 

for Engineers (Clapham). 4e.('25) D8.492. 167figs. Exs.w.a. 

10/6 Chup.JL H. 

for Every Day (Mcllwraith). Bks. 1-7. ea.lCS. Bks. 1-5. 48:48: 

64:80:96. sd.lOd.*; I/-*; 1/2*; 1/5*; 1/6*. cl.1/3*; 1/5*; 
1/6; 1/9*; 1/10*. Bks.6-7. 96:112. limp 2/-*. 2/3*. Teacher's 
4/-; 4/-; 4/3; 4/0; 4/9; S/-; S/- McDougall 

-- for Girls, Real Lite (Morgan. D.J.). Bk.l. ('38) 64; Bk.2. ('39) 
63; Bk.3. ('40) 72; Bk.4. ('35) 88. III. w.a 2/3; 2/3; 2/6; 2/9 
Gt t'KK 

for Grocers (Harrington). C8.102. 2/-* Pitman 

for Infants (Potter). Impl6. Bk.l. C33-'48) 24. cl.7d.*. sd.1/2*; 

Bk.2. n.e.('48-'50) 32. sd.1/3*. tchr's.2/-; Bk.3. ('34) 32. 7d.*, 
tchr's.2/- Pitman 
for Imams. Pract. ('25) C8.119. 2/6 Grant Educ. 

for Nurses, Self-Teaching Tests in (Jessee). 3e.('49) 4\o.ll7. 

spir. 14 /- Kimplon 

for the Pract. Man (Thompson, Jas.E.). r.e.('46) lC8.xiv.280. 

Maths. for Sell Study S. K)/- V.No\trand: Macmillan 
~ for Printers, Everyday (Mansfield). 3c.('40) D8.135. 17/- McGraw 

for Secondary Schls. (Hodge & Wood, B.G.J.). C49) Pts.1-2. 

5/-*, 4/9 1 "; w.a.5/3*. 5/-*; in Iv. 7/6*; w.a.8/-* Blackie 

for Sen.; Facts and Figures (Parks). ('36) 96. w.a. 2/6 Gregg 

for Sen.. Topical (Wright. W.D.). ('34) 79. w.a.2/- Gregg 

for Services (Peacock & Davey). (*41) C8. d. 2/6* Camb. 

for S. African Schls. (Charles). r.c.('49) Std.1-6. C8. 56:64:78: 

69.94:107. sd.l/-*: 1/3*: 1/6*: 1/7*: 1/9*: 2/-* Longmans 

for South African Schools (Charles. Simon & Bocrsma). C50) 

Std.1-6 & Ank.e. n.e.('49) 1/2*; 1/4*; 1/7*; 1/8*; 1/10*; 
2/2* Longmans 

for Women's Trades (Farina). ('39) C8.144. 3/6* Pitman 

Forward to (Barons). 4bks. Col. ill. 1/5*; 1/7*; 1/7*; 1/9*. 

Tchrs.4/9* Blackie 

Foundations in (Mackenzie. A.F.). ('48) C8.96. 96d. 3/-* R. 


Foundations of (Fregc). Tr. Austin. J.L. ('50) D8.256. 16/- 

B lack well 

Fre-h Start (Wright. G.A.). 6v. ('37-'47) Jmpl. sd.J/-*. limp 

1/2* -1/3*. Tchr's.2/-- 3 /- Pitman 
--Functional 5 Bks. (Lapslcy). ('48) Implb.31 :31:32: 32:48. sd. 

I/-*; I/-*; I/-*; I/-*; 1/3*. Tchr's.2/- Grant I due. 
- Fundamental (Ballard). Bks. 1-7. C8.64:64:80:80:96:9^,: 144: d. 

sd.1/2* -2/-*; limp 1/9* -2/6*; Bks. 5-7 in Iv. 5/6* or w.a. 

6/6*; Tchrs.l&2. ca.2/3*; 3. 2^6*; 4-7. ca.2/9*; a.sep. 1. 

sd.l/-*; 2. sd.l/-*; 3. sd.1/2*; 4. sd.1/3*; 5. sd.1/6*; 6. sd. 

1/3*; 7. limp I/-* Vniv.Lond. 

Fundamental S. Air. Edit. (Ballard w.Lawlor). C8.d. Bks. 1-4. 

sd.1/5*; limp 1/7*; 5. sd.1/6*; limp 1/7*; 6. sd.1/8*; limp 
1/9*; Tchrs.Bks.1-6. limp 2/3* -3/9* Vniv.Lond. 

Arithmetic, General, for Schlrs.. Pis. 1-3 (Dwell). 20e. In lv.S/3*, wo. 
arts. 7/6*;*; ans.6/6*. Pts.1-3 sep. ea.3/6*; 
wo.ans.3/3*; wo.app3/-*. Pts.1-2 in Iv. wo.ans.6/-*; wo.ans. 
app.4/9*. Pts.2-3 in Iv. 7/3*; wo. ans.6/6*; w.ans.5/6*; wo. 
app.& ans. 5/-*, ans.sep.2/6 G.Bell 

Girls' Realistic (McKenzie, Mrs. E.& Wood, H.G.). Bks 4-7. ('33- 

'34) ca.sq.C8.64-80. sd.l/-*: 1/2*: 1/2*: 1/4*; limp 4d. extra; 
Tchrs.Bks.4 & 5. ea.2/9; 6 & 7. ea.2/11 Nisbet 

Graded, for Junior Certificate (Wiles). ('50) 6/6 Juta 

Graded Tests in. for Senior Girls (Barron). Bks.2-3. ea.1/5*; 

a.7d.* Blackie 

Graduated. Scheme A (Pendlebury & Beard). Pts.I-III. 

9d.* Pt.IV. sd.lOd.* A.only Pts.I & II. 6d.; Pts.IIl-Vl. ca 
6d. G.Bell 

Ground wk. in Bks. 1-5 (Westworth). 1C8.48:56:72:80:96. sd 

IUd.*; I/-*; 1/2*; 1/3*; 1/5*. Teacher's cl.4/-; 4/-; 4/6; 
4/6; 5/-; 5/6 McDougall 

Ground wk. in for Secondary Classes. 3 Bks. ea. 1C8.9S. limp 

2/3*; 2/3*; 2/6*. Teacher's 6/6; 7/-; 7/- McDouxall 

Higher (1 hompson, F.H.). Pts.I & 2. ('25 & '26) 4/- & 4/6; 

a. sep. 1/6 Juta 

in Action (.Bndeoake). 2e.('48) C8.128. 111. 5/- Vniv.Lond. 

in Africa (Raum). C38) C8 94. 3/6 Lvans 

in Prim. Schls. (Assoc.of Tchrs.m Colls.and Depts.of Educ.). 2 

r.c.('47) D8.xvi,7h. 4/-* Longmans 

Infants (Larcombe). 3v. Prelim. v., Pupils. C8.48. sd.Sd.; 

Teachers C8.51. hmp 2/9. Bks. 1-2. F4.32. Pupils sd.Sd.; 
Teachers cl.3/9 Evans 

Inter. Comm. (Allen. H.V.). ('47) C8.viii,269. schl.e.5/-*; 7/6 


Jun. (FawUry). 13e. C8.viii,210. 3/9*; w.a.4/6*. A.only 6d. 

Jun. (Filby). C8. d. 5/-*. w.a.5/6* J.Murray \G.Bell 

Junior (Larcombe). 4v. Transition v.. Pupils. D8.32. sd.9d. : 

Ans. DK.ll. cl.1/3. Bks. 1-3. Pupils. D8.46. sd.l/-; Ans. D8. 
16. cl.1/3 Lvans 

Jun. (Pendlebury w. Robinson. F.E.). 24e. C8. C8.xn,204. 3/6*; 

w.a.4/-*. A.only 6d. G.Bell 

Junior (Tweedy). ('32) wo. a. C8.128. 2/6*; w.a. C8.144. 2/9* 


Jun., Civ. Ser. Test Pprs. (Beverley & Carr. H.G. C47) C8.87. 

Civil S.Prep.S. 3/6* Pitman 

Junior, on the Trail (Smith, C.V.). ('50) Impl6.48. sd.l/-* 


Jun. Schl. (Beard), wo.a.4/-* Longmans 

Jun. Schl. Mental and Pract. (Allen. J.W.). n.e.('26) C8.iv,245 

wo.a.4/ 6*. w.a.5/-* Longman* 
-- (lunr.Studcms) (Davidson & Alcock). ('98)8c. C8.200. 3/- Allman 

Jun. Test Pprs. in (Donkm). n.e.('48) C8.75. Jun.Test Ppr.S 

limp 2/0*; w.a. 84. 1/0*; w.a.etc. 84.23. 3/6* Pitman 

Keep Fit Mcch. Tests in (Davidson). 8d.*; a.8d.* Blackie 

Keystone (Campbell, J.). Bks. 1-6. ca.lC8.56:64:64: 104: 112 : 196 

sd.7d. :8d. :9d. : 1 /-: 1/4: 1 /6 Educ. Co. Ireland 

Learning, by the Montessori Method (Drummond). (*47) Impl6. 

64. 111. 2/6 Harrap 

-- Lectures on Teaching of. through Experiment in Primary Schl. 
(Parker. J.M.). (*47) 6/6 Juta 

[any Examples (Young, T.M.& Lockhan, J.G.). ('34) Bks. 1-8. 
C8. 64: 72: 80: 96 : 128: 192: 200: 160. limp I/-*; I/-*; 1/2*; 
1/4*; 1/9*; 3/-*; 3/-*. a.sep. Bks. 1-5. ea.1/3*. Bks.6-8. ea. 
1/6*. Bks.6-8 w.a. ('35) C8.256:249:250. ea.3/9* R.Gibson 

Mechanical Exs. in. ('33) Bks. 1-4. D8.16. sd.Sd.* Ans.ea.6d.* 

Scho field 

Median., Southcrd Attainment Test in. ('39) C4. 8sets ca.3/6*. 

Hd.bks.10d.* Harrap 

Mcch. Speed Tests in (Jubb). Intro .Bks. 1-2.*; cl.8d.*; a. 

9d.*. Bks. 1-3.*; cl.9d.*; a.9d.* Blackie 

Mental (Newth). C8. limp 2/6* Macd.&Co. 

Mental, Achievement (Humphreys). ('36) Bks. 1-3. ca.G18.48. 

sd.1/3*; cl.1/7* Tchr's.Bks. ea.1/9* Schofield 

Mental, Cards. Mod. Guide. SI-5. Ed.Moughton. ('49) ea.sCS. 

10: 10:15:15 conds. sl-2. ea.2/t; 3-5. ea.3/- Davis AM. 

Mental for J.C. Stds.VTI & VIII (Miller, W.B.). 2r.c.('50) 3/6 


Mental, for Jun. Division. Methodical (Hogg), 2v. G18.24:3L 

ea. sd.Sd.* Holmes 

Mental, for Lower Primary (James, W.H.). ('50) Prog. Prim. Arith. 

sd.l/-*; cl.1/3* Blackie 

Mental, for Qualifying and Control Classes, Methodical (Hogg). 

G18.47. sd.8d.*; w.a. I/-* Holmes 

Mental, for Senior Divisions. Methodical (Hogg). 2v. G18. 39:32. 

sd.8d.*; w.a. I/-* Holmes 

Mental, for Upper Primary (James. W.H.). ('50) Prog. Prim. 

Arith sd.lld.*; cI.1/2*. w.a. 1/3* Blackie 

Mental. Intelligence Tests (Humphreys). ea.GlS. Primary S. 

Prelim.. Bks.l-la. I/-* Secondary S. Bks. 1-3, 1/3*. Bk.4. 1/4*. 
Tchr's.Bk. ea.1/9* Schofield 

Mental, Methodical. ('39) Bks. 1-5. ea.C8.32. wo.a.7d.; Bks.3-5. 

w.a. ea.l/- Holmes 

Mental, New (Larcombe). ('39) Yrs.3 & 4, Junr, Yrs.1-3. Senr. 

C39) 5v. ea. 32. sd.1/3; Tchr's. ea.20. limp 8d. Macmillan 

Mental, Speed Tests in: Junior. Bks. 1-2 (Larcombe). Pupils. 

D8.40. sd.lld.: Ans. D8.12. sd.1/6 Evans 

Mental. Speed Tests in: Senior. Bks. 1-3 (Larcombe). Pupils 

D8.48. sd.1/2: Ans. D8.12. sd.1/6 Evans 

Mental. Stdrds.1-4. ('94) 4v. F8.iv.118. Macmillan 

Mental, "Suggestive," Stds.I-VI (Johns).. 2v. ('46-'49) w.or wo. 

a ea.l/- Juta 

Mental, Tests. Clear Objective (Maher). 8v. ('36) Bks. 1-3. C8 

32:32:48. ea.8d.*; Bks.4-7. ea.C8.48. ea.9d.*; a.scp. ca.9d.* 
R.Gibson f 

Mental. Tests: w.a. (Pratt & Kitchener). ('39) F8.iv f 60. I/-* 







Arithmetic, Mercantile, Cornpl. (Green. H.P.). C8.704. 7/-*; w.a.('47) 
704,48. 8/-; K.l/3; In 3 Pts. 1. 3b8. limp ('37) 2/6*; cl. (*48) 
5/-*; 3. 100. I/-* Pitman 

Method in (Pine). C8. 6v. 1/4-1/10; Ans.2/6* H.Russell 

Methodical (Craig). C34) 5Bks. C8.60:72:80:88: 104. ea.1/3. 

Tchr's. ea.2/- Grant Educ. 

Minium Standard, for Senr. Schls. (Larcombe). C39) 128. sd. 

2/-; Answers. ('39) 48. I/- Macmillan 

Modern Civic (Eaves). C49) D8.40. sd.l/-: w.a.1/6 E J.Arnold 

Mod., for Afr. Schls. (Simon). ('45T47) C8. Begnrs.Bk. 80. sd. 

1/6*; Std.1-4. 62:80:92:94. sd.l/-*; 1/3*; 1/6*; 1/6*; Ans.Bk. 
32. sd.l/ 2* Longmam 

Mod. Illustrated. ea.DS. Bk.l. ('20) 32. sd.l/-*: cl.1/4*; Bk.2. 

C20) 32. sd.1/2*. cl.1/6*; Bk.3. ('20) 48. sd.1/4*; ci.1/8*; 
Bk.4. ('20) 48. sd.1/8*; cl.2/-*; Bk.5a. C30) 80. sd.1/8*: cl. 
2/-; Bks.5. ('20) 64. sd.l/9; cl.2/1*; Bk.6. ('21) 80. sd.2/-*; 
cl.2/4*; Uk.7. ('22) sd.2/3*; cl.2/7*; Bk.8. ('25) w.a. sd.3/-; 
cl.3/4*; a.sep.9d.*; Tchrs.2/3* & 3/-* Schofield 

New (Siddons, Sncll & Lockwood). C'47) 3Pts. 1C8. 3/-*:3/6: 

3/-*; a.5/-* Comb. 

New African. C49) 2Bks. C8.79:123. d. sd.1/2*: 1/8* Longmans 

New Atr.: in Yoruba. Bk.l. C49) C8.80. d. sd.1/2* Lon&mam 

New-Approach, 4 Bks. (Flack). ('47) w.a. ca. 48. 2/- Gregg 

New Confidence (Whitwell & Goddard). Bks.1-3. ('36) ea.C8.64. 

sd.1/9*; cl.2/1*. Bk.4. ('48) C8.86. sd.2/2*; cl.2/ 6* bcho/ield 

New Eclipse (Lapsley). ('48) Impl6.96. 2/9*, a.2/6 Grant Lduc. 

New, for Secondary Mod. Schls. CLarcombe). ('39) Bks.1-3. 48. 

sd.1/2; Bk.4. sd.7d.; Tchrs'. Bks.1-4. 34-54. ea. limp l/- 

New, for Prim. Schls. (Larcombe). C38) Bksil-4. 40-48. ea. 

sd.l/-; Bks.3A. 4A. ca. 48. &d.I/2: (sd.l/-). cl.I/3; Tchrs'. 
Bks.1-3. 3A. 4, 4A. 46-44. ea. limp 1/6 Macmillun 

New Freedom (Turner & Foot). ('36) Bk.l-lV. C8.72:84:96: 112. 

Jimp 1/6*: 1/6*: 1/9*: 1/9* Blackwell 

New Outlook, Bks.l-4 (Kenyon). IDS. sd.1/4*; 1/6*; 1/8*; 

1/8*. cl.1/9*; 1/10*; 2/-*; 2/-*. Tchrs. Bks. ca.4/6* Bluckie 

New Primary (Whitwell & Goddard). C47) ea.DS. No.Bk.42. 

sd.1/6*; cll/10*; Bk.l. 70. sd2/3*; cl.2/7*; Bk.2. 82. sd. 
2/4*; cl.2/ 8* ; Bk.3. 98. sd.2/6*; cl.2/ 10*; Bk.4. 98. sd.2/6; 
cl.2/ 10* Scho field 

New Realistic (Wood. H.G.). Bks.1-4. (*36-'38) ea. sD8.92. 111. 

sd.l/ 10*; limp 2/3*; Tchrs. Bks. 1-4. ea.5/- Nisbet 

New Schl (Crosland) ('36) C8.vm.224. 4/- Macmillan 

New Shilling O'endlcbury w. Robinson. F.E.). 35e. C8.xii,176. 

2/3*; w.a.2/9*. A.only 9d. G Bell 

New Speed and Accuracy Tests in (Saunn). Bks. 1-6. sd.7d.*. 7d.*. 

9d.*, 11d*. I/-*. 1/2*; cl.lOd.*. I/-*. 1/2*. 1/3*. 1/5*. A.ea. 
1/2* Blackie 

of A C.s (Crappcr). (*46) C8.208. 5/- Pitman 

of Building (Dobson). 2r.e.('43) C8.94. 111. bds.4/- Tech.P. 

of Commerce (Norris. P.W.). 3e.('35) D8.236. 3/6*; wo.a.3/6* 


of Countryside (Bunkle). C8.112. 3/6 Meiklejohn 

of Daily Life (Wrbb. H.& Hill, J.C.). (*37-'38) 3 Bks. C8. 111.*; tchrs.'c.3/9* Cantb. [Sounders 

of Drugs and Solutions (Hills & Policy). C45) D4.63. sd.5/- 

of Earning and Spending (Bubbers). ('35) Scn.Schl.S. 

limp 1/6 Macmillan 

of Elcc. Engm. (Whittaker's). r.Starr. 4r.e.(*47) C8.194. 492Exs. 

5/- Pitman 

of Elec. Meas. (Hobbs). Ed.Palmer. 46c. C8. 2/6 Allen & V, 

of Equation (Chambers, F.W.). ('36) C8.66,viu. ISfigs. Scn.Schl.S. 

wo.a. limp I/-; w.a.1/3 Macmillan 

of Farm and Garden (Carr. W.). C35),82,xvi. Scn.Schl.S. 

wo.a limp I/-; w.a. limp 1/3 Macmillan 

of Freemasonry (Castells) 2r.e.('41) DIG. 4/3 A.Lewis 

of Home (Ackland). Imp16. Bk.l. n.e.C49). wo.a.2/8*, w.a.3/6*; 

Bk.2. wo.a. n e.('49) 2/8*. w.a. ('38). 4/-* Pitman 

of Logs (Chambers. F.W.). ('35) Sen.Schl.S. wo.a. limp 

I/-; w.a. limp 1/3 Macmillan 

of Pharmacy (Stocking, Catalinc & Stevens). 7e.('42) JC8.xiv.164. 

2figs 11 /ft V.Nostrand :Macmillan 

of Time and Distance (Chambers, F.W.). (*35) C8.90,xxiv. Sen. 

Schl S. wo.a. limp I/-; w a. limp 1/3 Macmillan 

of Triangle (Burnell). ('35),104,xii. 38figs. Sen.Schl.S. 

wo.a limp 1/2. w.a.1/6 Macmillun 

of Workshop (Gurr). ('50) C8.x.l42,xxxvj. Sen.Schl.S. wo.a. 

limp 1/6. w.a. limp 3/- Macmillan 

on the Trail (Smith. C V.). Impl6.48. sd.l/-* F.J.Arnold 

Papers Std VI (Redgrave). ('47) 2/-; a scp. ('48) 2/- Juta 

Pikestaff (Neil). ('50) Bks.1-3. C8. 152: 132: 112. ca 2/9*. a.sep.2/-* 

R Gibson 

Plain Sailing (Duley). 4 Bks. (*47) Imp 16.52: 64: 84: 88. Ill.d bds. 

1/3*; 1/6*; 1/9*; 2/-*. Tchrs'.J&2. 5/-, 3 A 4. 6/- Grant 

Political (Hogben) ('38) sRS.531. 30/- Allen A U. [Educ. 

Pract. (Goggin). ('48) 212. w.a. 5/- Gregg 

Pract. African (Harman). (*32-'36) Bks 1-7. C8 64:64:80:62-80: 

127:95. d. sd 1 ld.*-1 /9*; Tchrs. Bks. 1-6. C42-'45) C8.32:40: 
64:64:63:64. sd.l/-*-l/6: Bk.7. Ans. C36) C8.ll. sd.l/-* 

Pract. Caribbean (Hopkins & Harman). (*49) Bk.1-4. C8.80-.72: 

95:72 d sd.1/4*: 1 /5*: 1/6*: 1/7* Longmans 

Pract. Caribbean (Hopkins & Harman). Bks.5-7. C50) C8 sd.2/6*. 

2/9*:3/-*; Tchrs'.Comp.A A.Bk. Bks.1-4. C50) C8.* 

Pract. Comm (Sutana). 5e.C47) C8.500. Rs.5 8. India :Oxf. 

Pract., in Schools (Borchardt). (*09) C8.540 w.a.6/-*; wo. a. 5/6*. 

orin2pts. Pi.l. w.a.3/9*; wo.a.3/6*. Pt.2. w.a.3/3*; wo.a.3/-* 
Riving ton 

Pract. Malay. (Payne & Harman). ( f 48-'49). Prim.Bk., Std. 1-2. C8. 

112:72:87. d. sd.1/8*: 1/7*: 1/8*; Tchrs.Bks.Prin.& Std.l. C8. 
31:32. d. sd.l/4*:2/- Longmam 

Arithmetic. Prep. (Pendlebury). 14c. C8.xiv.290. wo .a.5/-*; a.only 6d. 

Prm. of CKeith & Robertson. J.). ('49) 8/- Blackie 

Printers' (Avis). (*49) C8.148. 13d. 8/6 Avh : Lea grave 

Progressive (Canham). Bks.1-3. ea.C8.64. ea.Iimp 1/4. Tchrs'.3/3 

A. Brown 

Progressive (Canham & Blades). Infants Bk. C8.64. limp 1/3. 

TchrsM/8 A Brown 

Progressive (Canham & Chipperfield) Transitional. C8.80. limp 1/7, 

Tchrs '.2/9 A. Brown 

Progressive (Canham & Gascoignc). Simplified. C8.80. limp 1/7. 

Tchrs'.l/6 A. Brown 

Progress. Bks.6 & 7. (O'Hagan). ea.C8.104.120. sd.1/6: 1/9 Educ. 

Progress.' Bks.1-5 (Sheridan). ea.C8.48:56:64:96: 104. sd.7d.:8d.: 

9d. : 1 /- : 1 /4 Educ. Co. Ireland 

-Public School (Bdker, W.M.& Bourne). 28c. C8.xii,400. 6/6; 
w.a.7/-*; a.only I/- G.Bell 

Rapid (Sloane). C22) C8.viu,190. ll/- V.Nostrand: Macmillan 

Rapid Methods in (Bucknall). n.e.('47) F8.88. limp 1/9 Pitman 

Rational Business (John) ('36) 4/6 Gregg 

Read. Think and Do (Gibson. R.). C39-'49). Bks. 1-5. C8.76:76: 

87:96:144. limp I/-*; I/-*; 1/2*; 1/4*; 2/3*; 2/3*. a.sep. ea. 
1/3* R.Gihon 

Real, Junior (Burmston). ('36) Bks.0-4. ea.M6.64:72:96: 112: 144. 

d. 5v. ea. limp 2/3*. 2/4*. 2/10*. 3/1*; 3/6* 

Real. Junior (Burmston). ('3M Teachers' Bks.0-4. tM.M6.128: 144: 

192:224:288. d 5v. ca.5/-* Collm* 

Real, Senior (Burmston). r.e.(*47) Bks. 1-2. ea.sD8.128; ('38) Bks. 

3-5. ca.sD8.12K:160:160; r.c.('49). Bk.6. sD8.160. d. 6v. ca. 
limp 2/6*. 2/6*. 2/6*. 2/9*. 2/9*. 2/9* Collins 

Real, Senior (Burmsion). C38) Teachers' Bks.1-5. ea.sD8.256: 

256:256:320:320; Bk.6. sD8.320 d. ON. ca.5/-* Colltns 

Realistic (Wood. H.G ). Bks.1-7. C34-'37) ca.sq.C8. Bks. 1-2. ea. 

sd.l/-: limp 1/5; 3 & 4. sd.1/2; Jimp J/7; 5. sd.1/4; limp 
1/9; 6. sd.1/5; limp 1/10; 7. sd.1/6; limp 2/-; Tchrs.Bks. 1-4. 
ea.4/6: 5-7. ca.5/- Nubet 

Reason in (Lamborn). ('30) C8.144. 5/-* Oxf. 

Refresher (Hooper). C49) C8.I28. 6/- Oliver 

Romance u. (.Bowman). ('30) IC8.I60 111. 6/- Univ. Lond. 

Rural (Stowe). Bk.l. ('49) D8.80. 48d. sd.2/6*; Ans.Bk. sd.2/-* 


Sane, for Seniors (Warren). C37-'39). Bks.1-3. ea.D8.64. 111. sd. 

1/6*; Bk 4. D8.80. Ill sd.1/9*; w.a 3/-* Hurrap 

Scholarship. Tests (Curtis, S.J.). (*42) DK 40. sd.l/-*; w.a.1/6 

E.J Arnola 

School (Bozman). C38-'39). ca.CS. Pt.l&2. wo.a.2/9*; 2/6*; 

w.a.2/9*; 3/3* Dent 

School (Channon <fc Smith, A.M.). C38) 2 Pts. C8.xii,183:viii.231. 

4/-*-4/3*; Compl 6/3*. w.a?/-* Longman*. 

School (Borch.irdt) ('38) C8.636. w.a. 6/6*: wo.a.6/-*; or in 2 pts. 

Pt 1. w.a4/-*; wo.a 3/9*. Pt.2. w.o.3/6*; wo.a.3/3* Rivmgton 

School (Godfrey & Tan). Pts.l & 2. ca.2/11*; wa3/2*: w.add. 

cxs. ea.3/2*; w.a.3/5*. exs.only, w.a.2/ 1*: compl.4/7*; w.a. 
4/9* Blackie 

School (Hull, H.S.& Stevens). (*08) Pt.T. C8.xii,240. 20fiRS. wo.a. 

4/-; w.a.4/6. Pi II C8.xu.255. 15figs. wo.a 4/-; w.a 4/6. Com- 
plete. C8.xiv,496. 35hf-s wo a.7/-; w a.7/6. Key. 12/6 Macmillan 

School (Workman). r.Ncwth. 3r.e.('46) C8.vui,492. I7figs. 6/-*; 

w.a.7/-* Univ Tut. 

School Certificate (Jones, H.L.). ('42) C8.viii.100. w.a.2/6* 


School, Essentials of (Maync). Pt I. ('47) C8.xv,276.(lvi) wo.a. 

4/6; w.a.5/-; Pt.II. ('48) C8.xv.283(xxix). wo.a. 5/-; w.a.5/6 

School, New (Pendlebury w. Robinson. F.E.). 3 I e. C8.xx,468, 

xlvi. w.a. 7/6* A.onlv Gd. Key 10 Pt.II 10/6 G.Bell 

School. Shorter (Newth). C'47) C8.iv.248. 4/3*; w.a.4/9* Univ. 


Second Course in (Borchardt). f31) w.a.3/6*; wo.a.3/3* Riving ton 

Selection Tests (Curtis, S.J ). ('49) D8.40. sd.l/-*. w.a.1/6 E.J. 


Senior (Larcombe) 5v. ca D8 Prelim v. Bks 1-3. Pupils and ans. 

sd 1/3. Bk.4. Pupils, sd 1/9; 1/3 Lvam 

Senior Class-Book (Lay). Bks.1-7 C24-'26). 64-256. ca. 1/6: 1/6: 

2/-:2/-:2/6:2/6:4/-. Tchrs ' Bks. 1-2. ca.2/6: 3-7 ea.3/6. 
Answers. Bks. 3-6 6d , Bk.7 sd.8d Macmillan 

Senior, for Girls (Palmer). C30) Bks. 1-2. D8.64:72. sd.1/8*, 1/10*; 

cl ca.-f 4d I/-* Schofield 

Senior. Realistic (Wood. H G.). ('34) wo.a. sq.C8.128. 2/3*; w.a. 

144. 2/6* Ni\bet 

Series, Beacon (Firming). ('39) Bks.1-3, ea.2 Pts. F4 128 III. 

a.sep. I/-*; ea limp 2/K*. ('42). Bk.4. 2 Pts. F4.128 III. 
a.sep. sd.l/-*; limp 2/8*. Teacher's r.c.('48) F8.x,262. cl.6/-* 

Shilling (Pendlebury & Beard). 52e. C8.x,192. 2/6*; w.a.3/>. A. 

onlv 9d. C Bell 

Shop, for Machinist (Allen, C.E.). r.e.('49) D8.74. 111. Yellow 

Back S bds.3/6 Machinery 

Short Methods in (Eastwood & LightfooO. C8 150. I/-* IJ.Ru\sell 

Simple Pract. (Edwards. W.A.H.). IC8 96. limp 2/-*. w.a.2/6*. 

a. onlv sd 9d. McDougall 

Simplified (Potter). 4v. (*36-'49)* - 1/10*; limp 

10d.* - 2/4*; Tchr.'s cl 3/- - 5/- Pitman 

Stepping Stones in (Holrovd). ('48) Bks 1 & 2. ea.48. 2/-; Bks. 

3 A 4. ca.64 2/3; Tchrs. Ntan w.a. limp 3/- Gregg 

Students' (Baker, W.M.& Bourne). 26e. C8.vili,340. 5/6*; w.a. 

6/-*; a only I/- G.Bell 

Teaching the Essentials of (Ballard). n.e.C34) C8.264. d. 6/6 Vniv. 

Lond. \McGraw 

Teaching, New (Wilson, G.M., Stone & Dalrvmple). (*39) 34/- 

Teaching of. W) D8.36. I/- Scot. Council: Univ. Lond. 





Arithmetic. Teaching of (Meld rum .Turner. L.S.& Bates. L.M.). sD8. 
146. 5/- Angus 

Teaching of (Monteith). C28) 236. 8/6 Harrap 

Teaching of (Potter). n.c.(*47) C8.462. 10/6 Pitman 

Teaching of (Sumner). 4e.('49) lC8.iv,252. 8/6 Blackwell 

Teaching of. through 400 Years (Yclclham). ('36) IC8.144. 111. 6/- . 


Technical (Gibbs. R.W.M.). w.a.3/6* Blackie 

Test 1. Ed.Burt. 8. Northumberland Stand .Tests. sd.4d.*(-f P.I.). 


Test Papers in (Donkin). (*42) D8.107. Test Ppr.S. limp 2/-*; w.a. 

(*46) 119. limp 3/-*; w.a.etc. 162. 3/6* Pitman 

Test Papers in (Smith. W.). ('31) C8. 2 pts.* J.Murray 

Tests (Bloch). C35) 1/6 Juta 

Tests. Stds. VII & VIII (Bloch). (*35) 1/6 Juta 

Tests. Std. IV (Redgrave). (*37) 1/6; a.scp. 1/6 Juta 

Tests, Graded (Wisdom). Kd.Ballard. Bks.1-4. d 1.24 9d.*: 

a.9d.; 2.24. 7d.*; a.9d.*; 3.32. 8d.*; a.l/-*; 4.48. I/-*; a. 
I/-*; Univ. Land. 

Tests in. Keep Fit Mechanical (Davidson) 7d *: w.a.Sd.* Blackie 

Tests in. Mechanical Speed (Jubb). Jun.Imro.1-2, Bks.1-3. sd.4d.*; 

4d.*; 5d.*; 5d.*; 5d.*; cl.7d.*; 7d.*; 8d.; 8d.*; 8d.*; w.a.ea. 
8d.* Blackie 

Tests in. New Speed and Accuracy. Bks.1-3 (Saurin). sd.6d.*: 6d.*; 

8d.*; cl.9d.*; 9d.*; lid.*: w.a.ea. 1/1*; Bks.4-6 (Saurin & 
Murphy). sd.lOd.*; lid.*; 1/1*; cl.1/1*; 1/2*; 1/4*; w.a.ea. 
1/1* Blackie 

Tests, More Progr. (Reynolds. W.). 1C8 64. 1/4*; w.a. 1/8* Black 

Tests of Today: Mental and Script (White. W B.). Bks.l & 2. 

C38) ca.64. 2/-; Tchrs.Bks. w.a. (Jun.). C45); Sen, C38) ea.2/6 

Tests. Primary (Chisncll). 3 Bks. C49) ca.C8.64. sd.1/3 Chas. 

Pearson [Chas. Pear ton 

Tests, Primary. Answers (Chisncll). 3 Bks. (*49) ea.C8.32. sd.9d. 

Tests, Problem. ('28) Grades 4-7. ea.DIG 32. sd.Sd.*; Am.ea.4d.* 

Scho field 

Tests, Progr. (Reynolds. W.). 1C8.64. 1/4*; w.a 1/8* Black 

Theory of Quadratic Forms (Jones. B.W.). ('50) D8 190. Carus 

Math Mon. 24 /- Wiley : Chap A H. 

379 Brain Trainers in. sC8.26. sd.9d. Normal 

Through Experiment in Primary School. Lectures on Teaching of. 

(Parker, J M.). C'47) 6/6 Juta 

Transition, foi Jun. (Lewis. R.J.). sd.l/-*; cl.1/3*;*; 

cl.1/6* Blackie 

Trigonometry and Algebra. Revision and Mental Tests in 

(Fulford). ('35) C8.iv.92. limp wo.a.2/1*: w.a.2/9* Univ. Tut. 

Tutorial (Workman). r.Bosson. 4r.e.C47) D8.vni.426. 8/6*; w.a. 

9/-* Univ. Tut. 

Twentieth Cent. C15) C8.506. 4/9* Dent 

Two Group (Whitwcll & Goddard). C33) Bks. 1-3. ea.D8.80. sd. 

2/6*; cl.2/10*;* Schofield 

Visual, Bks.1-4 (Holroyd & Morns,. NJ. ('49) Impl6. Ill ea.1/6* 

Macel.d. Co. 

Visual Self-Help (Walter. H.& Morgan. W ). ('49) D8. Bks.1-2. 

3/6*; Bks.3-4. 4/-*; Tchrs'.Bks. ca.3/-* Scho field 

Vital Prim. (Williamson. R.S ). BkO-TTl C49-'50) ea C8. 64-80 

figs, limp 2/-; 2/-; 2/6; Tchr's.I-III. ea.C8 48:62:68. limp 
2/6; 3/-; 4/- Macnullan 

- Woik Books (MacLarty). 5v. C8.96:96- 112: 112 138. 1 & 2. 1/6*; 
3&4 1/10*; 5. 2/-*; a.scp.9d : Tchrs.l/ 10- -2/9 Holtne\ 

Work Books for Infant Classes (Maclart>). Bks. A & B. ('49) ea. 

lPost8.64. sd.1/3; I/- Holme* 

Work Books for Primary Schools (Maclarty) Bks 1-5. C39-'47) ca. 

C8 96:96: 112: 108: 140. limp 1/4; 1/4; 1/8; 1/8; 2/-; Answers 
ca.8d.; Teachers Bk. to Bks.l & 2. ('391 2/9; to Bks.3 & 4 C49) 
2/9 Holmes \Macmtllan 

Wkshps. (Castle). ('15) 122fiBS. w.a.3/6; wo.a.3/- 

Written, for Lower Primary (James. W.H ). C50) Prog. Prim. Arith. 

sd.1/1*; cl.1/4* Blackie 

Written, for Upper Primary (James. W.H.). ('50) Prog. Prim. Arith 

sd.l/-*: cl.1/3*; w.a 1/6* Blackie 

Arithmetical Dictation (Wisdom). 7v ('27 & f 28) C8 32:32:32:32: 
48:56. 111. 1-3. sd.1/3*; limp 1/6*; 4. sd.1/3*; limp 1/4*: 5 & 6. 
sd.1/4*: limp 1/7*; 7. sd.1/6*; limp 1/9*; 1-4 in Iv. 128. sds. 
3/-*: 5-7 in Iv. ('3D 150. sd.3/-* I'niv.LoncL 

Examples (Rivctt). ('36) 92. wo.a.1/9* E.Arnold 

Examples for Juniors. Unconventional (Williamson. R.S.). ('26) 

D8. 2/9* Caw/7. 

Examples, Suggestive, Stds.I-VI (Johns). 3v. C48-'49) ea.l/- a.sep. 

ea.l/- Juta 

Exercises. Practical. 2r.c.('9I) 436 w.a.3/6 Black wood 

Problem Papers (Radtord). C29) C8. 2/3* Camb. 

Tests. Five Years'. 9d.* R.Gibson 

Arithmetics. Alexandra. Bks. 1-6. C8. 32- 32-48:64:64-96. cl.lld.*; 
lid.*: 1/2*; 1/4*; 1/4*; 1/9*; Teacher's Bks. 2-5. 2/-; 2/6; 
2/6: 2/9; A.only2/6 McDougall 

Algebras and their (Dickson). n.c.('38) xii.241. 20/- Hafner 

Burlington (Parks). Bks.Jun.lA-IVA; In-IVn. ('40) ea.D8.32. sd. 

7d.: a.5d. Brodie 

Camb. New Elem (Webster. J.H.). ('29) C8. Bks.1-3.*; 

Tchrs.'e.3/6*: Bk.6. sd.l/-*: Tchrs.'c 3/9* Camb. 

Efficiency. Bks. 1-6. 48:48:64:80:96:128. sd.lOd.*; 10d.*; I/-*; 

1/3*: 1/5*: 1/10*; cl.1/2*: 1/2*: 1/5*; 1/7*: 1/9*: 2/3*; 
Teacher's 3/9; 3/9; 4/-; 4/3; 4/6; 5/- McDougall 

Flexible (Knowles). 12 Bks. sd.l/-* -3/2* Chamber* 

for the Primary School. Speedway (Wright. H ). ('331 Bks.1-4. ca. 

Impl6.40. Tchrs.' Bks.1-4. ea.Tmpi6.60. sd.9d.*; cl.lld. 

Highway (Francis). C49-'50) Bks.5-8. C8.96:96: 111 : 112. d. sd. 

!/-*; 1/2*; 1/4*; 1/6*; Tchrs.Bks.5-6. ea.C8.40.*; 
7-8. C8.20. sd.9d. Longmans 

Highway: In Luganda (Francis). Tr.Laight. Bks.l &2. C50) C8. 

111. sd.l/-*: 1/3*: Tchrs.' Bk. Bks.l & 2.* Longmans 

Arithmetics Highway: in Swahili (Francis). C'49) 8v. C8. 111. sd.9d. - 
1/6* Longmans 

In English. Earliest. Ed.Steele. ('22) E.E.T.S. 15/- Oxf. 

London (Baliard). 1st S. Bks.1-4. C8.64 -.64:64:80. 111. sd.1/2* - 

1/4*; limp 1/9* - 2/2*; Tchrs. 1. 2/3*; 2. 3/6*; 3 & 4. ca.3/9*; 
a.sep. 1. sd.1/2*; 2. limp 1/6*; 3 & 4. sd.l/-*; 2nd S. Bks.1-4. 
ea.C8.80. 111. sd.1/6* - 1/8*; limp 1/10* -2/3*; Tchrs. I. 3/-*; 
2-4. ea.2/6*; a.sep.1/2* - 1/6* Univ.Lond. 

Mental. Tcst-a-Week (Ridout). Bk.l. sd.7d.*; cl.lOd.*: Bk.2. sd. 

9d.*; cl.l/-*; Bk.3. sd.lOd.*; cl.l/-*; Bks.4. 4x, 5-7.*; 
cl.1/2;* Blackie 

Modern, for S. African Schools. Stds.I-VI (Vaughan & Basson). 

7v. ('49) ca.1/6-2/-; a.sep. (Bilingual). I/- Juta 

Modern Guide (Flavell). Bks. 1-7. ('30-'33) ea.lC8.48 : 56: 64:72 : 

80:88:96. I11.& d. sd.2/-; 2/2; 2/4; 2/6: 2/9; 3/-: 3/3; cl.8d. 
extra Davis <fc M. 

Modern Secondary. 3 Bks. 3 (Cawlcy). ('3D C8.76:88:96. ea.limp 

2/3*; Tchrs.' ea.3/9 Grant Educ. ,. 

New Method (Murray. J.). 3v. ('39 - '41) ea.D8.96. sd.1/4* - 1/8*; 

limp 1/6* - 1/10*; Tchrs.w.a. Bk.l. 2/6*; 2 & 3. ca.2/9* Univ. 

- New Syllabus (Vaughan & Basson). 7v ('47) Standards 1-6. ea. 
1/6 -2/-; Teacher's Ld. C38) ca.l/ir. a sep. (Bilingual). ('47) 
ea.l/- Juta 

"No Lumber" (Woodburn). 7 Bks. sd.lOd.* - 1/11* Chambers 

Pract. 6 Bks. ('16) C8.48 :48:56:64:80: 157. Bks.1-5. sd.1/3*; 

Bk.6.*; Tchrs.' 1-5. ea.2/- Grant Lduc. 

Progress Primary (James. W.H.). Bk.l. sd.1/1*: cl.1/4*; Bk.2. 

sd.1/2*: cl.1/5*; Bk.2A. sd.1/1*: cl.1/4*: Bk.3. sd.l/1*: cl. 
1/4*; ans.Bk. 1/8*; Bk.3A. sd.l/-*; cl.1/3*; ans.Bk. 1/4* 

Progressive Mental. Bks.1-5. C8.32'32:32:40:48. sd 9d *; 9d.*: 

10U.*: Kid.*; I/-*: Teacher's sd.2/2: 2/2: 2/5: 2/6: 2/9 

Real (Burniston). C39) Bk.6. tabs. D8 8 sd 8d.* Collins 

Rightwaj (Clark. W.& Gnlliihs). C8 U. Bk.l. Pi.l. 44. Pt.2. 38.*: limp 1/1*: Bk l.(compL). 80. Ml.l/ft*: limp2/3*: 
Bk.2. 80. sd.1/6*; limp 2/-*; Bk.3. 96. sd.1/8*; limp 2/4*; 
Bk4. sd 1/8*; limp 2/4*; Tchrs.w.a.2/4* - 4/-* a.sep. 1/3*- 
2/-*; Univ.Lond. 

Scottish (Baliard). Bks 1-5. C8.64:64:64:80:80. d.* - 

1/4*; limp 1/6* - 1/10*: a.sep Bks.1-5. ea.1/2*; Tchrs. 1-3. ea. 
limp 2/3*; 4 & 5. limp 2/6* Univ I^nd. 

Supplementary Practice, Bks.1-3 (Larcombe). ca.F4.48. sd.1/2; 4/6 Evam [U. 

Three Stream Senior School. Ed. Nugent 3 Bks. ea.1/7* Allen & 

Utility Uessc & Bevan). Bks.1-4. C8.4N-57:64. I. 1/6*; 2. 1/8*; 

a scp.9d *: 3. 1/10*: a.sep.l/-*: 4. 2/-* a.sep.l/-* Lduc.Pub. 

Wide Outlook (Saurin). 4 Bks. sd.9d.*; I/I*; 1/5*; 1/6*: cl. 

I/I*: 1/5*: 1/9*: 1/10*; Tchrs Bks.1-4. ca.3/6*; Bk.5. a.l/-* 
Arizona Lo\c (Fcarn). C50) C8.168. 7/6 Rich \Blackie 

Ranger (Richardson. G.). n.e.('50) C8.192. sd.1/6 Fouhham (Baldwin. I-.). ('49) C8.254. 8/6 R Hale 
Ark Hook (Derrick). sM4. 3/6 Bhukie 
Arkatlv (Duffield). n.e.C'50) C8.256. 4y6 Ca^sell 
Arkansas (Knoop <& Grant. J.R.). 12mo. 12/6 Ltpptmott 
Arkwnghts. Samuel Oklknow and (Unwm). C24) D8.259.xvi. 8ill.3d. 

Leon. Hist S. 12/6 Man.U.P. 
Arm of Law (Campbell. G.A.). 2c.('49) C8.100. Hill. Men & Women 

at Work S. 1/6* Oxf. 
Armada Gold (" Aquarius "). ('50) C8.32. 5/- Aquarius 

Horatius, Lake Regillus (Macaulay). td. Collins. A.J.F. Eng.Class. 

S 1/6* Vntv.Tut. 

I\rv and Battle of Naseby (Macaulay). Sm.Eng.Class.S. sd.6d.*; 

cl.9d.* Blackie 

Lavs, Ivry (Macaulay). CIO) F8.80. Oxf.Plain Text. 10d.* Oxf. 

Spanish (Hakluvt). Eng.Txts.S. 1/8* Blackie 
Armageddon (Phillips, S.). ('15) C8.96. sd.l/-: c\.2/6J.Lane 

(Ross. N.). C50) D8 48 6/- Albyn 

Solved (Grav. J ). C41) C8.20 sd 6d. Hepburn 
Armagh Guide. C50) C8. sd.1/6 Pyramid 

Mcdiev. Prov. of (Gwynn). C46) M8 300. 21 /- Dundalgan 
Armament and Hist. (Fuller. J I- C.). ('46) D8.188. 16/- Eyre 
Armaments King. Zaharoff (Neumann). Tr.Clark. R.T. D8. 7/6 Allen 

&. U. 

Armani T. Cemeteries of (Mond. etc.). (*37) E.E.S.Mcm 42. 2v. 25/- 

Temples of (Mond. etc.). C40) E.L.S.Mem.43. 2v. 63/- Oxf. 
Armature Winding CMoreton & Dunlap). 4e.('47) 289. 266ill. 20/- 

Am.Tech.Soc. : Tech. P. 

Winding. A -C. (CrofO. C24) D8.352. 28/- McGraw 

Winding and Motor Repair (Braymer). (*20) 500 30/- McGraw 

Winding. Practical (A\eiv). (*48) C8.106. III. bds.3/6 P.Marshall 

Windings. D.-C (Siskind). ('49) C4. 25/6 McGraw 
Armatures. D.-C.. Rewinding Data for (Brunt & Roe). 2e.C43) 23/6 

Armchair Booklets: Poems. Ser.J & 2. <*48-'SO> suR 32.20 25. ea 6d. 

Crosswords r Afrit "). (*49) Pott4. sd.3/6 Wante ' [Mole 

Detective Reader. Ed.Dudlejf. 030) ,sC8392, .sd.1/6 Boardman 

in Hell (Kane). C50) sC8.l92. sd.V/6. Boardman 

Arme Hcinnch (Aue). Ed. Paul. Ahfteilt. Txtbib'.S. 3/- BMey 

Hemrich (Hauptmann). Ed.R^iehan. ('37) 3/6* H<rrrak 

Heinnch (Ouwe. von). Ed^ostock. C47) C8.xiJ97. Gt.Texts S. 

sd 8/6 Blackwell , , ^ 

Spielmann (Gnllparzcr). PpuS. Camb.PIn Txts.S. 2/* Comb. 
Armed Forces as Career (CaHahfcn). C47) D8.334 34/- Mdbraw 
Arm^e dc Metier. Vers 1' (Gaujltf). ('46) C8.108. Silt. 8/6 ftutchinson 
Armenia. Side-lights on BarlV fOr^pnTVTT r72Vyvo'.16. sd.1/6 Luiac 

Travel and Politics in (Buxtoo). C17) IPostS. fll^. 67- J.Murray 
Armenian-Lnglish. Eng.-Arfnen! and. Diet. (Romanised). (Yacou- 

bian). C44) C8.176. 30/- Bai\tv 7 \Bailey 

English, Eng.-Armen. and. Pckt. Dirt. f^cranV <Pott8.624. 48/- 





Armenian Journalism, Madras, Birthplace of (Seth). 4to.l9. Ipl.lfacs. 
sd . 1 / 6 Luzac 

Language and Literature. Land of Khurri in (Safrastian). ('48) 

D8.16. M. sd.5/- Safrastian 

MSS. in B.M., Catalogue of (Conybeare) w. Catalogue of 

Georgian MSS. in B.M. (Wardrop). ('13) 4to.410. 57/6 B.M.: 

Version of Pseudo-Athanasian Letter (Casey). (*47) M8.X.78. 

Stud. and Docts.S. 15/- Christophers 
ArmC-menne, Manuel de Languc (Feydit). (*48) M8.viii.342. sd.21/- 

Armies of First French Republic (Phipps). C26-'39) D8.1988. M. 5v. 

5/5/- Oxf. 

RcmakmK ot Mod. (Hart. B.H.L.). ('27) D8. 12/- J.Murray 
Arminmnism (Harrison, A.W.). C37) C8.246. Stud. in Thcol. 7/6 

Armmius to Wesley, Holy Spirit from (Jones, H.W.-). (*29) D8.336 

8/6 Ep worth 

Armistice of 1918 (Maurice). ('43) D8.112. 7/6 Oxf. 
Armlet of Jade: Play (Longford). 91. sd.1/6 Hodges. F. 
Armorel of Lvoncssc (Bcsant). n c. 6/- Chatto 
Armorial Glass of Oxford Diocese (Lamborn). ('49) D8.212. 65pl. 

30/- Oxf. 
Armour and Weapons (Ffoulkes). ('09) R8.112. 64111. 10/6 Oxf. 

Etched Decoration of (Mann, J.G.). R8. Br.Ac.Hcrtz Art Led. 

1940. 9/6 Oxf. 

Foreign, in England (Gardner. J.S.). suR8. col. ill. 9/- Seeley 

Green (White, O.). C45) D8.288. 12/6 Allen & U. 

of Christ (Kelly). C48) 8/6 Clonmore: Burns, O. 

Wherein he Trusted (Webo. M ). C29) sCS.253. 5/- Cope 
Armoured Brigade. 4th, History of. ('45) C4.46. sd.2/- Gale 

Division, 7th. Short History of. ('45) D8.178. 7/6 Gale 

Division. 11th. History of. ('45) D8.176. 7/6 Gale 

Forces, Our (Martel). ('45) D8.408. 17M. 21/- Faber 
Armourer of Solmgen (Hcrchenbach). Tr.Gill, H.J. COS) C8.150. 

4/6 M.h.Gill 
Armourer's Handbook (" Labore "). ('43) 3pts. C8.44:32:52. 111. 

ea.2/- Gale 
Arms and Armament (Ffoulkes). ('45) Post4.158. 176II1. 15 /- Harrap 

an'" Blazons of Colleges of Oxford (Barnard & Shepard). ('29) 

F8.62. 3/6 Oxf. 

and Jewellery ot Indian Mughuls (Aziz). (*47) 8vo.l59. 6pl. 16/- 


and the Maid or Rustic Ribaldry: Play dagger). C8.I6. sd.1/6 

S.Fremh [Basic English 

and the Man (Shaw, G.B.) Tr.Lockhart. T36) F8.108. 2/6 

and the Men (Hay, 1.). ('50) D8.354. 10/6 H.M.S.O. 

and Spv (McKenna). n.c.('4R) C8.160. 6/- Jarrolds 

and the Woman (Culling w.Booth). ('31) C8. 7/6 J. Murray 

of Baronial and Police Burghs of Scotland (Bute,Stcvcnson & 

Lonsdnlc). C'08) C4.532. III. 42/ Blackwood 

of Birmingham (Smith. S.C.K.). ('36) C8. sd.6d. B'ham.Mm. 

of Royal and Parliamentary Burghs of .Scotland (Butc.McPhail & 

Lonsdale). C97) C4.352. 142il) 42/- Blnckwood 
-- Old Times under (Field, C.). ('39) D8.476. 10/- Hodge 

Small, Manual (Barlow). ('44) 111. d. 21- J.Murray 
Armstrong. E.. Obituary (Hutton). R8. Bnt.Acad. 6d. Oxf. 

George. Premonition (Armstrong. G.). ('49) D8.12. bds.10/- Magic 

H.R., Trial of. Ed. Young, F. ('27) D8.408. 5pl. Notable Brit. 

Trials S. 15 /- Hodge 
Armure du Magyar (Bernay). Ed.Gurney & Scott. G.C. ('31) F8.62. 

Oxf Rap.Rda.Fr.Texts. sd.1/3*; limp 1/9* Oxf. 
Army Air Forces, Develop, of Tactical Services in (Coleman). (*50) 

M8.316. 25/- Columbia V. P.: Oxf. 

and Air Force Courts Martial. Rcpt., 1946. ('48) sd.1/3 Air 

Min.: H.M.S.O. 

and Sea Power (Pargiter & Eady). ('27) D8.220. 12/6 E.Benn 

Badges, Distinctive, of Rank of Officers in the, ('40) Col. ill. 3/- 


Books for (Jamieson). C'50) M8.352. 30/- Columbia V .P :Oxf. 

Britain's Other (Bigland). ('46) C8.190. Hill. 8/6 Nich & W. 

British, nnd Continent. 1904-1914 (Tyler). ('38) D8.190. 10/6 


Brtrh History of Regiments and Uniforms (Barnes, R.M.). R8. 30/- Seeley 

British. History of Uniforms of the (Lawson). v.2. ('42) 4to.276. 

I|I.(2coI.). 17/6 P.Davies 

British, Short Account of Canteens in (Fortescue). ('28), 

180. 4ill 3/6 Camb. 

British. Short Hisiory of (Sheppard). 4c.('50) D8. M. 30/- 


Cadet Force Handbook. C44) 7/6 Cole 

Cadets. English for (Bell, H.). ('43) C8.112. Will, sd.2/- Nelson 

Chaplain (Brumwelt). C43) C8 72. 3/- Black 

Courts-Martial Procedure, Guide to (Pullar). ('41) D8.120. 4/6 


Cromwell's, Regimental History of (Firth w. Davies, G.). (*40) 

D8.776. 40 /- Oxf. 

District Court-Martial Procedure and Notes on Field General 

Court-Martial Procedure (Shurlock). ('41) Ffol.124. 10/- Gale 

Games and Sports in the. 1950-51. sCS.736. 6/- Army Sport 

History of Irish Citizen (Fox, R.M.). C44) C8.264. 6/- Duffy 

List. 1949. Corrected to Nov. 15, 1948 (War Off.). D8. 42/- 

War Off.:H M.S.O. 

Medical Corps in Egypt, Australian (Barrett & Deane). ('18) 

D8.xiv.25jf). 111. 12/6 H.K.Lewh 

Parliament and, 1642-1904 (Omond). ('33) D8.X.188 10/6 Camb. 

Red (Berchin & Horin). ('43) D8.242. 111. 16/- Allen & U. 

Russian (Ken, W.). C8. 7/6 Ck)Uncz 

Surgeon, Memoifs or (J.A.R.). 7/6 W.Blackwood 

White Coated (Smith, J.H.). n.e.('50) F8.192. Pckt.Lib. 6/- 


Arne, Dr. (Langley). C38) C8.120. 2pl. 9/- Camb. 

Arnhem Land, Econ. Struct, and Ceremonial Exch. Cycle ia 

(Thomson). ('49) D8.viii,106. llpl. 12/6 MacmilLn 
Arnold, Matthew (Chambers, E.K.). R8. Br.Ac.Warton Poetry Lect. 

1932. I/- Oxf. 

Matthew (Dyment). ('48) C8.288. Fr. Poets on Pocti S. 9/6 

Phoenix Ho. 

Matthew (Harvey C.). C31) C8.256. 6/- J.Clarke 

Matthew (Trilling). D8. 25/- Allen & U. 

Matthew, and France (Sells). ('35) D8.xvi.282. lOpl. 12/6 Camb. 

Matthew, Educ. Thought and Influence of (Connell). ('50) 8vo. 

xvi. 304. 2 1/- Routledge 

Matthew, Poetry of (Tinker & Lowry). 15/- N.Y.iOxf. 

of Brescia (Greenaway). ('31) C8.xn,238. 8/6 Camb. 

of Rugby (Fmdlay). (*97) C8. 8/6 Camb. 

On Diction of Tennyson, Browning, and (Groom). (*39) D8.60. 

S.P.E. Tracts. 3/6 Oxf. 

Tennyson, Browning, Selections from. C8.112. 2/6* Oxf. 

Thomas, Life and Correspondence ot (Stanley). ('05) 1C8. 111. 

10/6 J. Murray 

Arnot, F.S., Life and Explor. (Baker. E.). D8. 6/- Seeley 
Arnott. Arthur S. (Ah Row). ('44) C8.80. sd.2/- Salv.Army 
Aromatic Diazo-Compound-i and Their 'lech. App. (Saunders, K.H.). 

2e.C49) M8.xu.442 50/- E.Arnold 

Rings. Biol. Oxidation of. Ed. Williams. R.T. ('50) R8. Biochcm. 

S. 8/- Camb. 

Around Aldcrshot (Donisthorpe). ('47) Imp32.80. II1.M. Footpath 
Guide S. sd 2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Ambleside and Grasmere (Banks). ('48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath 

Guides, sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Amersham (Morrison, J.). C'48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide 

S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

and About. Ed.Pritchard. ('36) C8.128. 111. New Eng.Rdrs. 3/-* 


Avlesbury (Finncmore). ('49) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. 

sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Barmouth (Bowen, A.) ('47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. 

sd.2/6 St.Coth.P. 

Barnstaple (Elliott, F.C.). C'48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Gid 

S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Bath (Brown, L.). ('49) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. sd. 

2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Berkhamstcd (Fmnemore). ('48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide 

S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

the Borce LOR and Other Verses (O'Brien). C8.168. 7/6 Angus 

Bradford (Gaunt). ('48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. sd. 

2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Brighton (Mais). ('48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. &d. 

2/6 St.Cath.P. 

British Isles in Poetry (WillinRhnm). ('50) C8.16. sd.9cl. Stockwtll 

Broom Lane (O'Brien.Mrs.WiIIiam). C8. 4/6 Heath.^C. 

Cinemas (Agate). ('48) D8.284. Col.Fr 18/- Home&V.T. 

Crowborouph (Silver). ('47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. 

sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Farnham (Cross). C48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. sd. 

2/6 StCath.P. 

France in an 8 h.p. Car (Budd). (*50) SD8.1212. 25pl.M. 12/6 

Stonevale : Simpkins 

Godalming (Banks). ('47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. 

sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Harrogate (Gaunt). ('48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. sd. 

2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Helston and Lizard (Jones, E.G.). ('48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Foot- 

path Guide S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Hereford (Ward, B.E.). ('47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. 

sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Keswick (Learoyd). C47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. sd. 

2/6 St.Cath.P. [St.Cath.P. 

Lewes (Silver). ('47) Imp32.80, Ill.M. Footpath Guide S sd.2/- 

Llangollen (Jones, B.C.). ('47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide 

S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P 

Maidstone (Erwood). ('47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. sd. 

2/6 StCath.P. 

Marlboro* (Johnson. G.N.). ('48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide 

S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Midhurst (Banks). ('48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. sd. 

2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Orkney Peat-fires (Mackintosh). 5e.('49) C8.342. 10/- Mackintosh 

Reading (Brennan). ('49) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. sd. 

2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Rcigate and Redhill (Bailev. H.G.). (*48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Foot- 

path Guide S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Roval Windsor (" Fieldfare"). ('49) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath 

Guide S. sd.2/6 St.Cath P. 

Rve and Winchclsea (Jacobs). ('47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath 

Guide S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

St. Albans (Shearer). ('47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. 

sd.2/6 St.Cath.P 

Ullswatcr and Patterdalc (Banks). (*49) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Foot- 

path Guide S. sd.2/6 St.Cath. P. 

the World in Eighty Days (Verne). Tr.Desages. sC8.xxvi,374. 

Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

the World Single-Handed (Pidgeon). C50) C8. Ill.M. Mariners 
Lib.S. 9/6 Hart-Davti 

Wvcombe (" Fieldfare ") (*48). Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath 

GuideS. sd.2/6 St Cath.l\ 
ArpeRgi, Fingering of Scales and (McMillan). (*34) C8.8. 

6d. Oxf. 
Arpeggio Tests. Candidate's Scale and. for the Piano (Manhire). 

I/- W. Reeves [Reeves 

Tests for the Piano, Candidate's Scale and (Manhire). I/- W. 
Arrabbiata. L' (Heyse). Ed.Bernhardt. ('13) 4/6* Harrow 





Arraignment of Paris (Peele). sqC16. Fr. Tcra.Dram.S. cl.4/6; L.5/- 
Arran, AH About (Downic). 4/- Blackie [Dent 

Guide. G14. ill.d. sd.l/- Y.H.AScot. 
Arrangement of Bibliographies (Pollard, A.W.). I/- A.A.L. 

of Field Experiments and Statist. Reduction of Results (Fisher 

A Wishart). ('30) C4.24. sd.2/- Comm.Agric. 

of Flowers (Hinc). C33) suR.147. 111. 21/- Scribner 
Arrant Anist (Read. H.V.J.-). ('39) C8. 6/- Heath, C. 
Arras of Youth (Onions). ('49) C8.336. 10/6 M.Joseph 
Arrest is Expected: Play CPcach). D8.24. sd.1/6 S.French 

to Appeal. Criminal Proced. from (Orfleld). ('47) M8.646. 30/- 

NewYork V.P.:Oxf. 

Arrival and Departure (Koestler). ('43) C8, 7/6 Cope 
Arrogance of Power: Play (Davies. N.). sd.2/ 6 S. French 
Arrogant Dragoon (Hamilton. S.). C50) C8.232. 9/6 Hur\t 
Arrol, Sir William (Purvis). ('13) C8.160. 5/- Blackwood 
Arrow and the Sword (Williamson. H.R.). ('47) D8.200. 10/6 Faber 

of Gold (Conrad), n.e ('47) sC8.368. Coll.c.7/6 Dent 

of Song: Play (Morris. T.B.). C8.132. sd.4/- S.French 
Arrows of the Sun (Banner). ('49) C8.266. 1M. 10/6 Cte\\et 

Ars Islannica. Ed.Ettinghausen. v. 11-12. 58/6 Michisan (/./'.: Oxf. 

Poeuca (Horace). (Aristotle) Poetics, etc. (Demetrius). On Style. 

Ed.Moxon. sC8.xiv.268. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

Poctica. Epistles and (Horace). Ed.Wilkins. C'85) F8.xii.442. 7/- 


Poctica. Satires, Epistles (Horace). Tr.Fairclough. F8. Loeb Lat. 

S. 15/- Heinemann 

Poetica. Sel. Epodes nnd (Horace). Ed.Dalton. C84) PottS.viii, 

92. lings. 2/- Macmillan 

Arsemil of Democracy (Brown. A.J.). (*41) C8.32. Oxf.Pamp. World 
Affairs. 6d. Oxf. 

Stadium Mvstcrv (Gribble). n.e ('50) C8 224. Fr. 7/6 Jenkins 
Arscnc Lupin. Confidences d' (Leblanc). Ed.Emerson. ('33) C8.88. 

Hill, limp 2/9* Hachette 

Lupin. Gcntleman-Cambnoleur. Ed.Hartog. ('32) Bk.2. C8.166. 

2/3* Dent 

Lupn-Trois Contcs (Leblanc). Ed. Morris, II.R.& Emerson, H.O. 

C30) C8.128. 9ill. limp 3/-* Hachette 

Arseniatcs. Phosphates .and Modifications of Phosphoric Acid, Re- 
searches of (Graham. T.). CK.46. Alembic S. 4/- E.& S.Liv 

Arsenic (Vallancc). v.6. Pt.4. Textbook of Inorg.Chem. lM8.vxxt,351. 
Fr.Ill. 28/- Griffin 

Derivatives of (Goddard). vii. Pt.2. Txtbk.of Inorg Chem. IMS. 

xxviii,602. Fr.Ill. 45 /- Griffin 
Art (Bell. C.). (*47) C8. 7/6 Chatto 

(Gill, E.). ("?4)n.e. C8.152. 6/- J Lane 

Academy of (Persncr). ('40) R8.xiv.324. 28iII. 27/6 Cnmb. 

Adventure in (Wcrtheim). ('47) C4.86. 40ill(5col.). 21/-~ Nich. 


-- Advertising. Technique and Practice of (Hymers & Sharpc). R4. 
314. III. 40 /- Pitman 

Alphabet (Wroblcwski). D4. 12/6 Theowph.Pub. 

and Antique Dealers. Amer., Classified Directory of. v.4. Ed. 

Mastai. ('49) M8.496. 35/- RocKlift 

and Archncol. Abroad (Nag). ('37) 8vo.ix,125. Col.Fr.19pl. sd. 

4/- Luzac 

and Art Appreciation: Book List. 2nd S. (Murray. P. & L.). ('50) 

D8. I/- N.B.L.:Camb. 

and Artist (Rank). C50) D8.431. 30/- Vision 

and Anistic Handicrafts for the School (Allen, A.B.) ('32) 3v. 

ea.GI 4 236:336:470. 12/6; 15/-: 21/- Hnrrap 

and the Child (Richardson, M.). ('48) F4.132. 39pl.(23col.). 18/- 

Vniv Land. 

and Child Personality CDunnett). ('48) D8.viii,72. 33ill.(4col.). Mod Educ.S. 10/6 Methuen 

and Conoisscurship, On (Friedlandcr). Tr.Borenius. ('42) D8.288. 

40pl. 21 /- Cassirer: Faber 

and rr-ft of Garden Making (Mawson). 5e.('26) sCfol.xii.440. 

549ill.(5col.). 75 /- Batsford 

and Craft of Hairdressing (Foan). Ed.Woollss. 2e.('31) D4.624. 

III. iL. 60 /- Pitman 

and Craft of Play Product. (Hewitt). 8vo.400. 89JI1. 36/- 


and Culture. Catholic (Watkin). C47) D8.191. III. 18/- TToWi 

and Design in Brit. Film (Carrick). ('48) C4.134. 128ill.(3coU. 

18/- D Dob\on 

and Evervman (Adams. H.). 2e.f'46) C8.32. sd.l/- Batsfanl 

and Geometry (Ivins). C46) D8.14^. 16/- Harvard U.P.:Oxf. 

and Indust Revolution (Klingendcr). ('47) C4.232. Col. ill. 21 /- 

Rovlf.J. Murray 

and Industry (Read, H.). r.e.C44) D8.188. 106pl. 15/- Faber 

and Industry. Council of. Scottish Committee Reports. 4v. 

9d-l/3 Scot.'.H.M.S.O. 

and Industry. Phvs. Science in (Richardson. E.G.). 2e.('47) 1D8. 

326. 77ill. 15/- Erg.U .P. 

and Industry. Saxon .in the Pagan Period. Arts in Earlv Eng. v.3 

and 4 (Brown, G.B.). (*15) M8. 111. 2v. ea.25/- J.Murrav 

and Labour (Raffc). ('27) C8.88. 111. 3/6 C W.Daniel 

and Letters. Scot. : 5th Collection (MacDiarmid & Fergusson). 

C4.56. sd.5/- Maclellan 

and Life in Ancient Mexico (Burland). C48) C4.112. 47ill. JL. 
10/6 Cassirer 

and Life in Ancient Mexico (Burland). ('48) 112. 94ill. bds.16/- 

Casstrcr : Faber 

and Life of W. Shakespeare (Spencer. H.). C47) lD8.xx.496. 

21pl. 21 /- G Bell 

and Life of William James MUller (Bunt). ('49) C4. I.e. 

(500) 5/5 '- F.Lewis 

and Life. Thought and Imagination in (Wilson. K.M.). 1C8.210. 

7/6 Allen & U. 

and Literature. Interplay of Greek (Webster, T.B.L.). ('49) D8. 

iUO. sd.3/- H.K.Lewis 

Art and Poetry (Maritain). Tr.Matthews. C45) C8.75. 6/- Edns. 

and Practice of Eng. (Smith. A.). ('22) C8.xii,170. 1M. 4/-* 


and Practice of Lino-Cutting (Green, F.N.). ('48) 64. 40ill. 6/- 


and Prin. of Writing (Ramey). 8vo.637. 24/- Lippincott 

and Relig. (Dearmcr). r.c.('36) C8.96. Rel.& Lite S. sd.1/6 


and Religion (Vogt). 2e.('29) M8.286. 111. 15/- Yale U.P.-:Oxf. 

and Ritual. Ancient (Harrison. I.E.). C'13) F8. H.U.L. 3/6 Ox/. 

and Scholasticism (Maritain). 8/6 Sheed 

and Science (Stokes). ('49) D8.76. 24pl. 15/- Faber 

and Science of Brewing (Kloss). (*50) D8.128. 14ill.9d. 12/6 

Stuart & R. 

and Science of Hand Bell Ringing (Turner, J.M.). ('50) D8.24. 

111. sd.3/ 6 Ttverton 

and Science of Nutrition (Hawley & Garden). 3r.e.('49) D8.700 

91ill.(lcol.). 33 /- Kimpton 

and Science of Personal Magnetism (Dumont). Impl6.238. 15/- 


and Science of Voice Training (Hyde). ('50) D8.236. lpl.12d.3ch. 

18/- Oxf. 

and Scientific Thought (Johnson. M.). ('44) D8.200. 16pl. Id. 16/- 


and Social Responsibility (Comfort). ('46) M8.100. 4ill. 7/6 


and Socialism. On: Essays (Mavis, W.). 335. 8/6 Lehmann 
- and Society (Read, H.). r.e.('45) D8.168. 66pl. 15/- / aher 

and Technology of Oil Painting (Taubes). ('48) US. 82. 111. 7/6 


and Theory. Seicemo. Studies in (Mahon). ('48) SC4.351. 40pl. 

50 /- Warburg 

and Thought (Coomaraswamy). Ed.Iyer. ('47) Imp8.xvi,259. 51pl. 

63 /- Luzac 

and Truth (Purser). (*37) D8.248. 7/6 Glasgow -Jackson 

and World Conception, Man (Sze"kely). Ed .Weaver. ('47) D8.56. 

4/6 C.W Daniel 

Anglo-S <xon, to A.D.900 (Kcndrick). ('38) D8.xxiv,227. 129ill. 

27/6 Methuen 

Ann. of Advtg. and Editorial (Art Directors Clubs of N.Y.). D4. 

353. 42 /- Pitman 

Apocalvpsc in (James. M.R.). R8.124. Br.Ac.Schweich Lcct.1927. 

6/- Oxf. 

Applied to Handwork, Simple (Rankin & Brown, F. ID. v.l 

D8.248. Col.ill. 5/- Pitman 

Applied to Window Display (Downing). D8. 10/6 Blandford 

Archaic Greek, against its Hist. Background (Richter). ('49) R8. 

252. 107pl. 63/- N.Y.-.Oxf. 

Artists on, from XlVth to XXth Century (Goldwatcr & Treves). 

C47) M8.xii.500. 100111. 21 /- Rotttledge 

Asiatic, in Private Collections of Holland and Belgium (Visscr). 

('47) SF83. 214pl.(8col.). 7/10/- K.Paul 

Aspects of. in England. C4.48 44pl. 21- B B.C. 

Baptism of (Weidle"). ('49) D8.36. 8pl. 3/6 Dacre:Black 

Baroque (Webb, G.). ('49) R8.20. 8pl. Br. Ac. : Aspects of Art Lcct. 

1947. 6/- Oxf. 

Hook. Children's (Holmes). ('38) C4.96. lOOill. 10/6 Studio 

British. Ann. Bibliog. of History of^ C34-'37) 4v. D8. 108: 170: 

210:188. 5/-: 7/6; 7/6; 7/6 Courtauld /nst.of An . Camb. 

British, Aspects of (Turner. W.J.). n.e.('50) D8 324. 111. 10/6 


Bvzamine (Rice). (*35) D8.270. 49pl. figs. 12/* Oxf 

Cahiers de. 1945-46. C46) R4.428. 300pl. sd.70/- Zwcmmer 

Celtic (Bain). 42/- Maclellan 

Child (Viola). ('42) C4.224. 111. 15/- Vntv.Lond. 

Child, to Man Art (Johnstone, W.). ('41) Pott4.xvj,144. lOOill 

7/6 Macmillan 

Chinese (Ashton & Grav). C35) R8.368. 192pl.M. 30/- Fnber 

Chinese (Bmyon.Sircn.Rackham.ctc.). 4e.('49) suR8.xvi.86. 85ill 

(23col.). 2 1/- Batiford 

Chinese Pictorial. Native Sources for the (Hirth). ('17) 8vo.28. 

3/6 Probtthain 

Christ of Men of (Aitken). Col.Fr.48iIl. 22/- T & T.Clnrk 

Christian, Prin. of (Gardner, P.). ('28) D8. 10/6 J.Murrav 

Class in Action (Horne). 2e.('45) D4.vii.140. 328d. 15/- Long- 


Cluniac, of Romanesque Period (Evans, J.). ('50) D4.xxxvi.120. 

210pl. 70/- Camb. 

Collector's and Chattel Auctioneer's Handbook (Whiffcn). ('47) 

C8 540. 30 /- Estates 

Commercial (Wallace, C.E.). 2c.('39) 30/- McGraw 

Commercial, Student's Guide in (Missingham). ('48) D8.196. 8pl 

36d. 18 /- Faber 

Commercial. Teach Yourself (Cutner). ('47) 1F8.224. 35ill. 4/6 


Contemporary British: Catalogue. (*49) sC4.8. 8511. sd.l/- Art* 


Contemp., English Society of 18th Century, in (Davies, R.). 

suR8. Ill.( 9/- Seeley 

Creative, in Brit. (Johnstone. W.). 2r.e.('50) C4.xxvi,292. Fr 

236pl.(8col.). 50/- Macmtllan 

Critics and You (Ducasse). (*44) 170. 16/- Hafner 

Decorative, 1950-51 (Holme & Frost). ('50) D4.138. 400ill. 25/- 


Decorative, of Victoria's Era (Lichtcn). ('50) M4.288. 111. 63/- 


Dehumanization of, and Notes on Novel (Ortegay Gasset). Tr. 

Wevl. ('48) D8.110. 11/6 Princeton U. P.: Oxf . 

Discourses on (Reynolds, Sir J.). Ed. Bennett. H. (*24) sPott8.128 

Carlton Class. S. sd.7d. Hudscn 

Early Celtic (Jacobsthal). ('44) R4.270. 280pl. 10/10/- Oxf. 





An. Early Christian History of Painting in Italy. v.I. (Crowe & 
Cavalcasellc). Ed. Douglas. L. n C.C23) 1D8. 111. 25/~ J.Murray 

East Christian (Dalton). ('25) D4.4I2. 70pl. 5/5/- Oxf. 

Education: Pamph. No. 6. sd.2/6 Min of Educ. :H.M. S.O. 

Education for Daily Living (Russell. M.& Gwynnc). D8. 111. 

16 /- Bat if or d 

Education Through (Read, H.). ('43) D8.344. 106pl.8d. 25 /- Faber 

Egyptian. Masterpieces of (Rankc). sk4. 111. Holbein Art S. 25 /- 

Allen & V. 

English Med., Sequence of (Oakeshott). ('50) Imp8.xii,56. 87111. 

(16cl.). 35 /- Faber 

English, Oxf Hist of. v.5. 1307-1561 (Evans, J.). ('49) R8.250. 

97pl.l3d.figs. 30/- Oxf. 

Exams (Brav) sd.6d. Min.of Educ. :H.M. S.O. 

Exams, in Quest. Papers for Inter. Exam, in Arts aftd Crafts 

and Nat Dipl. in Design. ('49) sd.2/6 Min.of Educ.: H.M S.O. 

Far Eastern. Animal in (.Volkter). ('50) sRS.190. 98111. sd.22/6 

A' Paul 

Hemish. Genius of (Puyveldc). ('49) M4.32 14ill. 10/6 Phaidon 

Florentine. Under Fire (Hartt). ('49) R8.158. ttpl. 32/6 Prince- 

ton U.P.:Oxf. 

Folk, of Rural Pennsylvania (Lichten). C46) M4.276. Col.ill. 

63 /- Scrihner 

for All. C49) Post4 108. 68pl. sd.6/-. cl.7/6 Art & Tech. 

feu AJ1 Pastel Series. Iv D4. 2/6 Pitman 

for All Water Colour Scries. 3v. ca.D4. 2/6 - 6/- Pitman 

for Children (Berry). C29) C4.152. 130111. 12/0 Studio 
-- for Young Amcr. (Nicolas). M8 111. If)/- Bdtiford 

- G.'llencs Yr. Bk.. Libraries. Mus. and. C48) D8 96 45/- J. 

Clarke [Mus. 

Gallery Sh. Guide to (Woodall). C50) C8.16 Sill, sd I/- B'ham. 
-- Ciicck (Chittenden & Scltmun). C47) R8.72. 238pl 30/- Faber 

- -Greek. Approach 10 (Seltman). ('48) R8.2UO. 200111. 25/- Studio 

Greek Sculp, and Mod. (Walston). ('14) D8.xii.70. 78pl. 15/- 


- Greek. Why Study (Robertson, C.M.). ('49) JJ8.ii.14. sd.2/- 

II.K Lewi* 
-Hedonism and (I-arnell). R8. Br.Ac. I/- Oxf. 

- History as Acad. Studv (Fry). ('33) C8.48. 2/6 Camb. 

History. Illus. Handbk. of (Roos). ('37) C4.iv.304. 111. 33"/6 


Hist.. Literary Sources of. Ed.Holt, E.G. ('47) M8.576. 16pl. 

4(>/- Princeton U.I' :Oxf. 

- in America. Lnjovmcnt of (Shoolman & Slatkin). 12mo.792. 

74 r )ill 6 Lippincott 

in Elementary Educ. (Winslow). C42) 30/- M<Graw 

- in England. 1821-1837 (Whitley). ('30) RK.xvi.372 8pl. 12/6 


in Iwervday Life (Goldstein). 3c.('40) 8vo.xxvi,498. 335figrf. 36/- 

N Y.'.Macnrillan 

in General Educ. in Scotland, Educ. for the Consumer. ('35) 

Counc. of Art & Indust.Rcpts. sd.1/3 Scot. :H.M. S.O. 

in Home and Dress (Trilling & Williams, F.). 12mo.527. 262ill. 

24 /- Lippincott 

in Industry (Cursita). C8.32. sd.l/- Saltirc : Oliver 

in Mediaeval 1-rance (Evans. J.). ('48) Imp8.346. 281pl. llpl. 

1M. 63/- Oxf. 

in Primary Schl. (Allen, A.B.). ('48) sMS.154. Ill.(3col.). 7/6 


in Quattrocento. History and (Armstrong, E ). R8 Br.Ac.ltal. 

Lect.1923. 1/6 Oxf. 

in SchK , Teaching of (Gibbs. E.). 4r.e C48) C4.78. 73ill.(6col.). 

12 / b Wms.& N. 

in Scotland (Fmlav). C48) D8 188. Col Fr. 16pl. 15/- Oxf. 

in Secondary Schl (Allen. A.B.). C4K) sM8.217. III. (lOcol.). 

7/6 Warne 

in the Service of (Nin). Tr.Licbich Post8. 2/- W. Reeve* 

in Shthd.. Balanced Outlines and (Marshall. A.). ('29) C8.29. 

fid * Pitman 

in Sussex. Med. (Blakiston). 4to. 8pl. sd.3/6 Batslord 

in Switzerland (Meyer). Tr.Hottmgcr. (*46) C8.102. 111. sd.6/ 

Nich.A. W. 

in U S., Pop. (Christophers). ('49) sC8 30. sd.1/6 Penguin 

Indian. Ed.Winstedt. ('47) C8.200. I6pl.l2d. 7/6 Faber 

Indian, Himalayas in (Huvell). ('24) M8. III. 16/- J.Murray 

Indian. Illus. of (Conn). C47) C4.9. 48pl. sd.8/6 C Johnson 

Indian, of the Americas (Appleton). C50) 1D4 309. 84/- 


Indian. Significance of (Aurobindo). C8 103. sd.3/- Luzac 

Indian, Studv of (Codrington). C44) 4to 16. Fr. sd.3/6 Luzac 

Industry. Explnd. (Gloag). r e C46) D8 248. III. I5/- Allen & U. 

Iranian (Spiegel). ('86) 8vo,59. 4/- Prabsthain 

Irish, in Early Christian Period (Henry). 2e.('47) D8 xx.220. 111. 

30 /- Methncn 

is Long (Edwards). Art is Long. n.e.('49) D8.150. 5/- Melrose 

Italian, Short Hist, of (Vcnturi). Tr.Hutton. C26),376. 

300ill. 10/6 Macmlllan 

Jewish, in European Synagogues (Loukomski). ('47) C4.184. 111. 

63 /- Hutchinson 

Jewish. Short Hist, of (Rosemin) (*48) C4.RO 60pl 15/- J.Clarke 

- Landscape into (Clark, K.). ('49) M8. 116H1. 25/- J.Murrav 
--Late Saxon and Viking (Kendrick). C49) D8.xvi,152. 117H1. 

32/6 Methuen 

Little about (Flight & Lawrence. E.) R4 63. 111. 3/6 Pitman 
ART MANUALS. 11 v. M8. D8. 6/- Winsor 

How to Use Water Colours. S J.Cartlidge 
Sketching from Nature Line & Tone. J.Latlcjohns 
Animal Painting. W.Evans Linton 
Landscape Painting in Oil Colours. Temck Williams 
Landscape Painting in Wateir Colours. Oswald Garsidc 
Flower Painting in Oil & Water Colour. H.Davis Richtcr 

ART MANUALS (continued) 

Modelling lor Sculpture. Gilbert Baycs 
Figure Drawing. Harry Watson 
The Art of Pastel. Anna Airy 

The Art of Portrait Painting in Oil Colours. Henry Murray 
The Composition of a Landscape. J.Littlejohns 
Art Masterpieces (Brock). C50) F8.116. 32col.ill. Permabks.S. bds 
3/6 W.H. Allen 

Maurva and Sun B a (Ray). C8.viii.117. 18pl. 25/- Luzac 

Meaning of (Read. H.). r.c.('36) C8.224. 46pl. 8/6 Faber 

Meaning of (Read. H.). ('49) sC8.191. Pelican S. sd.2/6 Penguin 

Mediaeval (Morey). R8. 55/- Allen & U. 

Medieval: A.D. 312 to 1350. (Lcthaby). r.Rice. 2r.e.(*49) R8. 

218. 80pl.l04d. 30/- Nelson 

Mediae\al Amer. (Kelemen) 2v. (*46) Imp8.xiv.414:34. v.2. 306 

pi. Setll/5/- N.Y.-.Macmillcm 

Metal Work (Kronquist). C42) 200. 30/- McGraw 

Metalwork (Pavne). D8. III. I8/- Battford 

Metal Wotk. Indwdl Work in (Crossland). n.c.('48) C8.34. 

111. Indn. WorkS. limp 1/6* Pitman 

Metrop. Museum of, Hist, of (Howe. W.E.). v.2. ('46) M8.286. 

12pl. 16/- Columbia I /. P.: Oxf. 

Middle Kingdom, in Ancient Egypt 2300 to 1590 B.C. ('50) C8. 

64 64pl.M An S. 6/- A Tirantt 

-- Modern. Ethics in (Bowen. M ). ('39) P8.x,50. Conway Mem.I-ect. 
I/- Watt* 

Modern, in Making (Mvers). ('50) 47/- McGraw 

Modern, Intro to (Ramsdcn). 2e ('49) C8.52. 24pl 8/6 Oxf. 

Modern Lavman's Guide to (Rathbun & Hayes). (*49) MS. 110. 

III. 2 1/- N Y.,0xf. 

- Modern Movement in (Wilenski). 3r.e.('45) 1C8.212. 32pl. 12/6 

Nature of (Lutlc. A.). C4.6) C8.X.264. 8/6 Longmans 

Now (Read. H ). r.c ('48) D8.144 196pl. 25/- Faber 

of Accompaniment from Thorough-Bass in 17th and 18th Cents. 

(Arnold. I T ). ('3D C4.942 8/8/- Oxf. 

of Arnimmnimem in the Ch. Services (Twinning), sd.3/6; cl. 

6/- W. Reeves 

ol the Admiral (Grcnfell). C37) D8.256. 7d. 12/6 Faber 

of Achcmure (Linklatcr). ('47) C8.viii.294 10/6 Macmillan 

of Anaesthesia (Flae). 7c ('44) 8vo.S19. Fr. 166ill. 48/- 


of Animal Drawing (Hultgrcn). 34 /- McGraw 

of Arch (Ricru.rclson. A.E.& Confiuto). 3e.(*48) IR8.662. 47H11. 

148d. 52/6 rnz.V.r. 

of Beekeeping (Hamilton, W.). 3r.e.('50) D8.204. 24ill. 22d. 

12 /G Herald 

of Being Ruled (Lewis. W.\ C26) D8. 18/- Chatto 

of Bird Photography (Hosking & Newbcrry). n.e.('48) D8.104. 

70111 6col pi 12/6 Country I.. 

of Blind. Psvch and (R^vcsz). Tr. Wolff. ('50) M8.xiv,338. 105 

ill. 42 /- Longmam 

of Botanical III. (Blunt). (*50) 1D8.336 111. New Nat .S. 21 /- 

Collim \Fonl\ham 

of Boxing (Wilde). IPottS 80. 16pl. Sports Lib. bds.2/6 

of Brass Repousse" (Gawthorp). 5r.e.,8f.. 45iII, sd.1/6 

of Breathmp (Pcarce). 6d. Theowph.Pub. [Batsford 

of Breeding Better Drips (Onstott). ('46) M8.231. 32/- Bailev 

of Buildtnp Cities (Sine). Tr.Stewar, C.T. R6.130. 111. 40/- 

Retnhold-Chap & H. 

of Color and Design rGravcs, M.). ('41) C4.292. 38/6 McGraw 

of Communing with God ("Christian Brother"). (*25) C8.206. 

3/6 M H Gill 

of the Conductor (Berlioz). Tr.Broadhouse. 41d. sd.3/-; cl.6/- 

W Reevco 

of Contemplation (Peers), f'25) F8.128 3/6 S.P.C K. 

of Conversation (Wright, M.) C36) D8. 23/6 McGraw 

of Counterpoint (Kitson). 2e C?.4) C8.352. 15/- Oxf. 

of Courtship and Marriage (Gallichan). ('^) C8.1J6 3/6 Wales 

of Creation (Carpenter). C8 fi/- Allen & U. 

of Cutting and Fitting (Wilson. J.K.). (*49) C8.92. 111. 7/6 C. 

Lock wood 

of Cvclmg (Spencer. N ). (M8) C8 120. sd.3/-; cl 4/- Thorsonf 

of Dancing (Smith. K.). ('25) F8 x.53. 2/, A . Methuen 

of Debating (BapRandge & Masel). C49) G18.101. Nat.Hdbkn. 

sd 2/6 Rob.& M. 

of Dining (Havwnrd). I ; 8 2/- J Mnrrav 

of Dispensing. lle.('37) 10y6 Mown Hro\. 

of Dramatic Writing (Egn). C50) C8.126. 12/6 Pitmnn 

of Effective Speech (Henderson, A.M. ).n.e.('47) C8.124. 5/- 


of English Costume (Cunmngton). ('48) D8.256. III. 16/- Collins 

of Enjoving Music (Spaeth). ('49) F8.246. Permabks.S. bds.2/6 


of Essayist. Ed.Lockitt. ('49) C8.256. Fr Clifford Lib. 5/- 


of Etching (Lumsden). C8. 208111. New Art Lib.S. 21 /- Seeley 

of Far East (Binyon). sfol.8.15. Col.ill. Iris Col.Bks. 2l/- 


of Fiction, etc. (James, H ). ('48) D8.264. 15/- N.Y.,Oxf. 

of Film (Lindgrcn) ('48) D8.256. 111. 16/- Allen A U. 

of Fugue. Companion to (Tovey). 7/6 Oxf. 

of Good Speech (Birch). ('48) D8.200. Sci.& Tech.Pubns. 12/6 


of Happiness (Powvs). C35)n.e. F8.22^.. 6/- J.Lane 

of Holding the Violin and Bow as Exemplified by Ole Bull 

(Crosbv). 8vo. sd.2/6- cl.5/- W .Reeves 

of Hooked-Rug Making CBatchelder). R8. 111. 21 /- Batsford 

of Illumination (Delamotte). 2e.('25) F4.44. bds.8/6 

Tech. P. 

of J.S. Bach (Dickinson). CSO) C8.260. Fr.4pl. Mui.en. 12/i 






Art of Ju-Jitsu (Harrison. E.J.). lPott8.96. 111. Sports Lib. bds.2/6 

of Landscape: Catalogue. C48) DR. 16. 4ill. sd.l/- Arts Council 

of Landscape Pntg. (Richmond. L.). ('47) D4.108. Col.ill. 30/- 


of Lawn Tennis (TUden). lle.(*48) C8.xvi.96. 19ill. 7/6 Methuen 
^of Leadership (Tead). ('35) 25/6 McGraw 

of Lettcr-WriiinR (Robertson. J.) ('43) F4.80. 7/6 L'PoolV.P. 

of Lettering (Deighton). (*47) M8.xii.86. 66il1. 10/. Battford 

of Lettering (Mott). ('48) sD8.56. 27ill. 6/6 Mllburn 

of Lettering (Svcnsen). 2c.('47) lllpl. 37/6 V. 

Nostrand : Macmillan 

of Life (Kmpsland). C34) C8.104. 3/6 C W.Daniel 

of Lino Cutting (Doust) (*36) C8.64. Inf.S. bds.3/- Warne 

of Living (Maurois). ('49) C8.224. 121I. 7/6 Lns.V.P. 

of Logos (Thomson. J. A K.). 1C8.246. 7/6 Allen & U . 

of I ovc and other Poems (Ovid). Tr.Mozley. F8. Loeb Lat.S. 

15 /- Heinemann 

of Making Friends (Teear). 2r.e.('47) C8.48. Pract.Psychol. 

Hdbks. sd.1/3 Psvchol.Mag. 

of M kmc Gilts (Yaics. W.A.). ('49) C8. 111. Craft for All S. 

hds.5/- Pitman 

of Map-Maker in Essex. (*47) 5/- Essex Rec. 

of Med in Relatn. to Progress ot Thought (Kennedy, A.E.C-.). 

C45) C8.48. 2/- Camb. 

of Mental Prayer CFrost). D8.288. 10/fi S.P.C.K. 

of Mime (Mawcr). 5e.('49) C8.xii.244. 27M1. 12/6 Methuen 

of Modulating (Bunister) CH. sd.3/6; cl.6/- W .Reeves 

of Modulation. Hd.Zoeller. 3e R8. sd.5/-; cl.8/- W Reeves 

of Mothercraft. Pts.l &. 2 (Housden). C39-'43) 92;108. sd.3/6; 

2/6 N A M.C W. 

of Newman's 'Apologia' (Houghton). ('45) 8vo.l26. 14/- Yale 


of the Novel (James, H.). ('48) MK.348. 21/- Scribner 

of Orchestral Conducting (Dolmetsch). C38) D8. sd.3/h Boworth 

of Pace-Judgment (Butler. G.). Pckt.e.32. 2/- G .Butler 

of Part-Time Tchr. (Spencer, F.H.& Ingram). ('47) C8.80. 5/- 


of Pastel (Airy). ('30) D8.52. 17pl.(7col.). Art Man.S. bds.5/- 


of the Pen (Aris). ('48) C8 95. lill. 10/6 Pen-in-Hand 

of Pencil (Johnson. B ). ('49) D4.144. 62pl. 18/- Pitman 

of Phndias. Ess. on (Walston). ('85) R8.xxvi.430. 41111. 42/- 


of the Photographer (Young. E.D.). 1C8. lOOill. New Art Lib.S. 

21 /- Seeley 

of Piano Teacher (Pcarcc). ('16) C8.376. Questions on. ('21) C8. 

56. 10/6. 3/- Boosey 

of Plain Cookg (Jerome) ('50) C8.228. 10/6 Pitman 

of the Plav (Ould). ('48) D8.180 Theatres. 12/6 Pitman 

of Pluck (Scriblerus Redivius). R.16. 6d. J.Thornton 

of Poetry (Aristotle). Tr.Bvwater. ('09) C8.96. 2/6; Oxf. ('40) 

Ed.Fyfe. Tr.Bywater C8 114. 6/- Oxf. 

of Port. Paint in Oil Colours (Murray. H.). ('3D D8.70. Art 

Man.S. bds.5/- Wtnsor 

of Potter (Billmgton). ('37) C8.138. 4pl.l8ill. Little Craft Bks. 

6/- Oxf. 

of the Potter (Honev). ('46) R8 128. 160pl. 35/- Fuber 

of Preaching (Smyth). ('40) D8.270. 8/6 S.P.C.K. 

of Questioning in the Classroom (Austin, F.M.). ('49) C8.208 

6/6 Univ.Lond. 

of Renaissance (Benesch). 27/6 Harvard I /./*.: Ox/. 

- of Retouching Photographic Negatives (Johnson, R.). r.Bruce & 
Braithwaite. 12e. r.Hammond. 12r.e.('41) D8.164. 16pl. 14/- 
Chap & H. 

of Rhetoric (Aristotle). Tr.Freesc. F8. Loeb Gk.S. 15/- 


of Rhctoncmc (Wilson. T.). Ed.Mair. ('09) D8.338. Tudor * 

Stuart Lib. 10/- Oxf. 

of Richard Wagner (Ward. W.C.). sd.6d. Theosoph .Pub. 

of Riding (McTaggart). 8c.('50) C8.xvi.88. 74ill.2d. 10/6 


of Scientific Invcstig. (Bcvcridge). ('50) D8.184. 16111. 10/6 


of Scraperboard (Forman). (*47) sD8.60. 26ill. 2/6 Milburn 

ol Scraper Board (Harrison. R.). ('47) 1-4. 111. 4/6 Medici 

of Seeing (Huxley). ('43) C8. 7/- Chutto 

of Shoe Fitting ("Jumus Resurgens"). ('48) sCS.76. 3/6 Foot 


ol Singing (Shakespeare). ('98) C8.201. 10/- Cramer 

of South Pacific. Outline Guide to (Wingert). ('46) D8.74. 20pl. 

2M. \()/- Columbian. P.: Oxf. 

of Spcakg. (Pertwee). ('48) C8.96. 111. 4/6 Routledge 

of Speaking for Young People (Esdaile). ('43) C8.52. 2/6 


of Speech (Rich). 2e.('46) C8.xii,98. 4/- Methuen 

of Speech (Traynor). 2e.('48) D8.89. 111. 4/9 Whitcombe 

of the Stage. On the (Stanislavsky). Tr.Magarshack. (*50) sR8. 

512. 111. 25/- Faber 

of Synthesis (Leo). 6e.('50) C4.xvi.284. 25/- Internal. Pub. Co. 

of T.S. Eliot (Gardner. H.). ('49) D8.194. 12/6 Cre^tt 

of Table (Senn). ('49) C8. 80ill. 6/- Ward, Lock 

of Teaching Eng. (Fowler). C32) C8.xii.218. 6/- Macmillan 

of Thought (Wallas). n.c.('49) F8.vii.162. Thinker's Lib. 3/6 


of Treatment (Houston). ('36) M8.xil.744. 45/- N.Y^MacmiUan 

of Tuning the Pianoforte (Smith, H.). r.c. C8. 6/- W. Reeves 

of Useful Writing (Pitkin). ('40) L>8. 19/6 McGraw 

of Versification and Tech. of Poe. with Rhyming Diet. (Brewer). 

7e.(*50) D8.xv.376. 10/6 J.Grant 

of Vocal Expression (Gib). C8. sd.2/6; cl.5/- W. Reeves 

of War (Birnie). t'42) D8.268. 34M.& d. Trafalgar S. 7/6 Nehon 

Art of War in Italy. 1494-1529 (Taylor. F.L.). C20) C8.viii,228. 
4M. 12/6 Camb. 

of War on Land (Burne). 2e.('50) C8.xii,227. 23M.lld. 12/6 

of Whittling (Faurot). D8. 111. 8/6 Batsford [Methuen 

of Wicket-Keeping (Stanyforth). ('35) D8.56. 5/- Gale 

of Wood Turning (Klenke). D8. 111. 15 /- Batsford 

of Woodwkng. and Furniture Mkng. (Gregory). 5r.e.('49) C4. 

148. 41pl.60d. 12/6 Dryad 

of Writing (Merry). ('37i C8.viii.312. 5/-* Longmans 

of Writing History (Bryant). (*46) M8.16. Eng.Assn.Presid. 

Address 1946. 2/- Oxf. 

Old Kingdom, in Ancient Egypt CAldrcd). ('49) C8.48. 64pl. Art S. 6/- A.Ttranti 

Persian (Wavne). ('49) D8.xi.242. 15 /- LotiKmani 

Persian Survey of. Ed. Pope &. Ackerman. Imp4. pi. 6v. 75 de 

luxe e. 9v. 100 Oxf. 

Philosophical and Rclig.. Thoughts on (Dobell). C8. 5/- J 


Podtique. Cinq Prefaces (Ronsard). Pott8^6. Camb.Pln.Txts.S. 

1/9* Camb. 

Polit. Econ. of (Ruskin). sC8.xxiv.312. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

Prices Current, v.23. '44-5; v.24. '45-6; v.25. '46-'47; v.26. 

'47-'49. ca.DS. v.23-4-5. ea.7/7/-; v.26. 19/10/- Rockliff 

Primitive (Adam). r.e.('49) sC8.271. Pelican S. sd.2/6 Penguin 

Principles of (Collmgwood). ('38) D8.360. 15/- Oxf. 

Prize (Morlcv). ('46) C8.64. Fr. Dewdrop S. 2/3 Pick. & I. 

Profile, Through the Ages (Mcgroz). ('48) C4.viii.132. 224tll. 

25 /- Rockliff 

Projects (Allen, F.). ('48) Imp4.40. 111. 8/6 E J.Arnold 

Psychotic (Reitman). ('50) bvo.x.180. 17ill.(lcol.). 16/- Routledge 

Psychol. of (Malraux). Tr.Gilbcrt. ('49) D4.276. 196pl.(36col.). 

6/6/- Zwemmer 

Relation in (Blake. V.). ('25) D8.350. 32pl. 25/- Oxf. 

Religious and Common Life (Pointing). (*44) C8.48. sd.1/6 


Religious, from 12th to 18th C. (Mftle). ('49) D8.208. 48111. 

30 /- Routledge 

Reproductions. Fr.-Eng. and Eng.-Fr. Diet, for Ppr. and Statnry. 

Trades and (Argy & Supper). GI4.231. sd.20/- Bailey 

Review. Ed.Roi. ('50) R4.84. 96ill.(16col.). bds.6/- Artist 

Roman Spirit in Relig.. Thought and (Grenicr). Tr.Dobie. ('26) 

R8.xvi.42}. 32ill. Hist.of Civilis.S. 20/- Routledge 

Russian (Hunt). ('46) R8.272. 200ill. 21/- Studio 

Russian (Rice). (*49) sCS.276. Pelican S. sd.2/6 Penguin 

Scandinavian, Classical Impulses m, from the Migration Period 

to the Viking Age (Shctelig). ('49) D8.15L* 60ill. I.C.R.H.C.S. 
sd.16/-; cl.21/- K Paul 

Scenic (James, H.). Ed. Wade. ('49) 1C8.284. 21 f- Hart-Davis 

Scottish (Cursiter). ('49) C4.128. 54ill.(16col,). 17/6 Harrap 

Scottish (f mlav). ('45) C8.47. 22ill. Arts in Brlt.S. sd.2/- Br. 

Council : Longmans 

seen through Chinese and Western Eyes (Rose). 8vo.4. sd.2/- 


Social Function of (Mukcrjee). R8.402. 62ill (3col.). 47/6 Luzac 

Spirit (Henri). Ed.Rycrson. n.e. 8vo.292. 16ill 28/- Lippincott 

Sport in (Warner, O.). (*50) C8 111. Zodiac S. bds.2/- Chutto 
--Story of (Gombrich) 2e.C50) suR8.464. 370ill.(21col.). 25/- 

Structure (Rasmuscn). C50) 34 /- McGraw [Phaidon 

Student of Nineties. Diary of (Thornton). n.e.('38) C8.106. 111. 

Students' Anat. (Farris). 2e.('44) 8vo.l53. 143111. 35/- 


Students, Anat. Diagrams for (Dunlop). ('99) 1G18.82. 

12/6 G.Bell 

Students. Gcom. Drwg. for (Morris. I.H.). 13c.('23) C8.viii,228. 

d. 4/6* Longmans 

Students, Human Anat. for (Fripp). C8. 159ill. New Art Lib.S. 

25 /- Seelfv 

Teacher (I.emos), IMS. 63/- Batsford 

Teacher's Primer (O'Hara). ('39) 180. pi. 17/6 Putnam 

Teaching Creative (Eccott). C4.79. 111. 7/6 Evans 

Terms, Glossary of (O'Dwycr & Mage). ('50) C8.160. 8/6 


Theory, Leonardo da Vinci's. Codex Huygens and (Panofsky). 

('40) sC4 H8. 90pl. 30/- Warburg 

Thou a King: Play (Meadows). C8.32. sd.l/- Epworth 

Through the Ages (Allen. A.B.). ('47) Bks. 1-7. C8.32.*. 

cl.l/- Warne 

Through the Ages (Gardner, ID. 3r.e.('49) sG18.xit,852. 700ill. 35 /- G.Bell 

Treasures from Vienna- Catalogue. ('49) IC8.180. sd.1/6; Illus. 

Suppt. D4. 7/6 Arts Council 

Treasures of the Vatican (Nogara). ('50) 4to.308. 247ill.(50col.). 

63 / - Bergamo Inst. : A.Tirrnti 

Wrsws Illness (Hill. A ). C48> OK 100. Ill 10/6 Allen & V . 

What is. and Essays on An (Tolstoy). Tr.Maude. ('30) Pott8.360. 

World's Class. 4/6 Oxf. 

Who's Who In. 5e ('27) C8.xviii,552. 42/- Rockliff 

World. Hist, of (Upjohn. Wingert & Mahler). ('49) M8.581. (313 

of ill.). 36/- NT. .Ox/. 

World's. Hist, of (Leicht). Ed.Gere. Tr.Miall. D8. 111. 25/- 

Allen & U. 

Year's. 1942-1944. Ed .Carter. A. C.R. C46) D4.298. Col.ill. 63/- 

Hutchinwn [Hutchtnson 

Year's. 1948-1950. Ed. Carter. A. C.R. C50) D4. 111. 63/- 
Artamonov Business (Gorki). Tr.Brown. A. n.e.('48) F8.344. Novel 

Lib. bds.6/- H.Hamilton 
Arte of English Poesic (Puttcnham). Ed.Willcock & Walker. A. 

('36) 21 /- Camb. 
Artcgal (Hardy). C14) C8 224. 3/6 J.Long 
ArtemesMa, Archaic, Excavations it Ephcsus 2pts. (Hogarth). COS) 

Txt.4to. Atlas Fol. 50/- B.M.:K.Paul 





Arterial Hypertension (Ayman). Ed.Chnstian. ('48) M8.98. 9ch. 

12/6 N.Y., Oxf. 
Arteries. Mean and: Human Anat. and Physio). Chart. 40" x 30". 

3/-* W. Johns ton 

Heart and : Large Chart of Human Anat. and Physiol. 58" x 

39". 30/-* W Johnston 

Peripheral, Diseases of (Samuels). 2e.C40) D8.398. 106figs. 31/6 


Synopsis of Diseases of Heart and (Herrmann). 3e.('44) C8.516. 

103ill.(4col.). 42/- Kimpton 
Arteriosclerosis, Vascular Silerosis with spec. ref. to (Moschcowitz). 

C42) M8.198. 43ill.4tabs. 20/- Oxf. 
Artcruwcnous Aneurvsm (Holman). ('37) 8vo.xvi.244. 79figs.Fr. 

2 1/- N.Y.:Macmillan 
Anhasastra (Kauulya) Tr.Shamasastry. Rvo.xl.484. 14/- Luzac 

in Sanskrit (Kautilya). Ed.Sastn. (*24-'25) 8vo. 3v. set 50/- 

Arthritis (Phclps). C45) C8.96. 6/- Medical Put>n*\llutrhtn\on 

and Allied Conditions (Comvol). 4r.e.('49) R8.1108. 370ill. 

5/12/- Kimpton 

and Rheumatic Diseases (I<autman). ('36) D8.177. 2^/6 McGraw 

Chronic (Non-Tuberculous ). (Fisher. A.G.T.) ('29) D8.xii.232. 

!86ill.(lcol.). 25/- H.K. Lewis 

Chronic, w. Spec. Rcf. to Provision of Treatment. C28) sdJ/6 

Min of Health '.H.M.S.O. 

in Women (Fox, R.F.). C'36) R8.iv,36. sd.2/6 II.KJewi* 

Rheumatism and (Stockman). ('20) R8.132. 15/- W .Green 

Rheumatic Pathol. and Treatment of (Latham). C05) C8.42. &d. 

1/6 Deighton 

Rheumatoid, and its treatment (Coates &. Dehcati). ('3D C8. 

xvi. 114. III. 6/- H.K.Lewh 
Arihrodesis, Architectural Principles in CBmtain). ('42) R8.144. 

144ill.(8col.). 21 /- r AS.Ltv. 
Arthur and His Knights (Chaundler). ('20) 111. Mackenzie. 7/6 


Coming and Passing of (Tennvson). Ed.Morgan. R.M &. H L. CR. 

32. Comm & Eng.Lit. 6d.* Pitman 

Death of (Padmoic) ( f 3f) C8.56. 2/- Jenkins 
Arthur, King. See King Arthur. 

Arthurian Chronicles (Wacc & Layamon). sC8. \\rv.264. Ev'man S 
4/6 Dent 

Legend (Rhys). (*91) D8.464. 2 1/- Oxf. 

Legend in Mod. Lit. (Reid, M.J.C.). f'38) M8.2K8. IS/- Oliver 

Romance. Celtic Mvth and (Loomis). ('27) M8.384. 251- 


Romance, Classical Myth, and (I ewis, C.B.). ('32) D8.350. 12/6 


Romances (Trayes). Tr.Comfort. sC8.xxii.378. Ev'man S. 4/6 


Torso (Williams. C.) Ed. Lewis, C.S. C48) D8.2D8. 12/6 Oxf. 

Tradition and Chretien de Troyes (Loomis). C49) D8.518. 42/- 


Arthur's Pass and Otira Gorge (Baughan). 1C8.67. 20ill. 2/6 

Seat Volcano (Peach). 2c ('2n 2/- Geol.:H M.S.O. 
Article Writing, Gdc. to (Matson). 6/- Blaikie 

Articles and Pamphlets (Gorkv). C50) Imp 16.408. 6/- Collet 

and Rules. (*49) sd.2/6. cl.6/6 New-Church 

of Stationerv and Allied Materials (Bromley & Shore). ('39) 

DSx.126. 4pl.5d. 12/6 Graf ton 

Thirtv-nine (Day, M.F.). ('90) C8.31. 5/- Hodxes.F. 
Articulate Sisters. Ed.Howc. W. ('46) D8.260. 8pl. 15/- 

Harvard V.P.-.Oxf. 
Articulos Escogidos (Larra). Ed.Mohna. 1F8 viii.200. Span.Class.S. 

4/6* G.Bell 

Anic and the Princess (Torrev). (*48) GI8.80. Ill.(6col.). 7/6 Harrap 
Artificero. Statute of, Wage Regulat. under (Kelsall). (*38) CH.xu, 

132. 8/6 Methuen i 

Artificinl Daylight Fittings for Colour Matching. ('41) 14. 2/- 


Fibres (Moncricff). C50) D8. 25/- Nat.Trade 

Hatching of Salmon CHutton). ('29) C4 54. sd.2/- Sherratt 

Inorgan. Solid Substances, Microscop. Characters of (Wmchell). 

2e('31) M8.403. 311111. 44/- Wilev:Chap.& H. 

Insemination of Cattle (Edwards, J.. Rowson & Walton). Ed. 

Hammond. ('46) D8.viii,62. bds.3/6 Hefter 

Insemination of Farm Animals (Perry). ('47) 1C8.265. 47ill. 15/- 

Chap.& H. 

Insemination. Semen of Anim. and Its Use for (Anderson. J.). 

('45) C4.151. sd.7/6 Comm.Agrtc. 

Lipsht and X-rav Therapy. Interim Report. C25) sd.l/- Scot. 


Lirht in Photograph (Ricck & Verbek). ('51) 350. 190ill. Philips: 


Light Treatment of Children (Gamgcc). (*27) D8.xx,172. 39ill. 

10/6 H.K.Lewis 

Lighting (Alder). C8.48. 16pl. Photofacts S. 2/- Fountain 

Lighting. Sci. of (Ackcrlcy). ('48) D8.135. 73ill. Archit.A Bldg. 

S. 12/6 Spon 

Limbs. ('24) R8.320. sd.5/- / I.O.: Staples 

1 imbs, Amputations and (Kclham & Perkins). ('42) F8.108. 39 

figs. Oxf .War Man. 5/- Oxf. 

Minerals (Winchcll). 48/- Wlley.Chap.&H. 

Pneumothorax in Pulmonary Tuberculosis (Heaton). 2r.e.('47) 

lC8.xvi.292. 20/- Macmittan 

Radioactivity (Moon). ('49) DS.x.102. 28figs.5tabs. Math.Phys.S. 

12/6 Camb. 

Respiration. 14r.e.(*47) sC8.72. 30d. sd.I/6 R.L.S.S. 

Respiration Explained (Eve). C46) C8.80. 32ill. 3/- E.& S.Liv. 

Silk: Play (Lomax). D8.96. sA4/- S.French 

Sunlight Treatment in Industry (Colebrook). ('46) R8. Indust. 

Hlth.Res.Bd.Rept. sd.l/- Med.Res.Council:H.MS.O. 

Anigos et Contos Portugueses. Ed. Dale. ('42) 222. 5/-* Harrap 
Artillery, Coast. Elcm. Maths, for (Hymans). (*42) C8.96. 2/6 Gale 

Field, Medium and Anti-Tank, Sighting Gear of (Sinclair). ('50) 

C8.20. 2/6 Gale 

Roval Common. Bk.. 1939-45. Ed.Duncan. ('50) lM4.xl,790. 54col. 

pl.115ill.26M. 5/5/- G.Bell 
Artist, The: Play (Milne, A.A.). C8.16. sd.1/3 S. French 

Among Missing (Manning). (*49) C8.256. 9/6 Heinemann 

and the Country House (Stcegman). C49) D4.108. 96ill. 30/- 

Countrv L. 

and Crattsman (Ruhcmann). ('44) C4.80. 68ill.(8col.). Art 

S. 10/6 Parri\h 

and his Public (Bell. G.). C39) sd.6d. Hearth 

and Lavman. Animal Anatomy and Psychology (Knight. C.). (*47) 

D4.149. 42/6 McGraw 

and Soc. (Scvermi). ('47) D8.viii,94. Gill, sd.4/- Harvill 

Art and (Rank) C50) DK.411 30/- Vision 

at the Piano (Woodhousc). re. K\o. 5/6 W .Rrevev 

Commercial (Bradfoid). ('49) C8.70. Careers S. 2/6 Avwc.Newsprs. 

Commercial. How to Become (Harrison. R.). 2r.c.('49) C8.96. 

8ill. 3/6 Vaww 

Commercial, I cttcring for (Hunter) R8. 7/6 Dltndfortl 

Copyright for (Pearcc). ('47) Pott4.22. 4ill. 2/6 Dttt \ford 

Designer and (*49) C8.12. Scout Badge S. sd.6d. Brown, Son A /'. 

in Unknown India (Milward). ('48) C8.274. 21 /- iMurfe 

Materials of the, and their Use in Painting (Docrner). Tr. 

Neuhaus. ('35) DK.432. 8pl. 21 /- Harrap 

Self-Portrait of an (Kcnnct). ('49) DK. 12il! 21 /- J Murrav 

Venturer (Collins). C4.210. 57ill. l.s.e.('49) 21/-; Std.c.l'50) 15/6 


Artistic Activities, Pract. and. in Schools (Edmonds & Waterfall). 
C8.21L 6/- Allen <t T. 

Anatomy of Human frorm (Parkcs). 2c.('49) D4.127. 111. H/- 


Anatomy of Trees (Cole. R.V.). CN. 500111. 2 1/- Srelev 

Crafts Scries. 6v. ca C. 8/6-15/- Pitman 

Creation and Cosmic Cieation (Alexander). RK. Br Ac.Hert/ 

Philos.l ect, 1027. 1/h Oxf. 

Mctalwork (Biek). D8 III 18/- Batiford 

Possibilities of I tterarv Chim-sc (MarHUlie-.). Kvo.19 sd 2/6 Luzac 

Style in Arabic language: in Aiabic (hurrukh). 2e.( f 50> 8vo.78 

sd 4/6 Luzac 
Artists, Anat. tor (Wolff). 3c.(*48) C4 vin.104 165ill 15 /- // K Lew 

and Dccoratois* Maienls, Sci. Aspects of (Morr^ll). ('39) C8.154 

9figs 7tabs. 5J-Oxf 

and Illuminators. Alphabets for Signwritcrs (Dclamotte & Ainslie) 

20e.C50) obR8. 6/- Tech. P. 

British Romantic (Piper). ('42) D8 48. III. (some col ) Brit. in Pict. 

S bds.5/- Collins 

Children as (Tomlmson). ('44) &CK.30. Col. pi. sd.1/6 Penguin 

Daughters (Bradshaw). ('50) C8.20H. 8/6 Mills d B. 

Diary in Picts. (Wilczynski). ('49) R4.83. 37111. l.c.(550) 21 /- 

Dilemma (Boswell). ('47) C8.64. New Develop.S. bds.2/6 J.Lane 

European. Hist. Chart of Great (Martin, I-.). 2e.('30> C8.4. 1/2* 

Flemish, of Valois Courts (TovcII). ('50) 4to.I76. 

30 /- Oxf. 

Great Italian, and World (Lucas, li V.V C30) 16. I/- Methuen 

Hints lor (Trew). ('40) D8.viu.112. 111. 6/- Blach 

in Crime (Marsh. N.). n.e.('39) C8.320. 5/- Ble* 

in Crime (Marsh. N.). (*41) sC8.281. sd.1/6 PenRiun 

Life, An (Munmngs). ('50) 1D8.320. 140H1. 2 1/- Mmcum: l.e.(2SO) 

L.52/- Bntn 

Murder: Play (Cary). D8 63. sd.3/- S.French 

of the Winchester Bible. lid.Oakcshott. ('45) R8.32. 44pl. 10/6 


on Art from XlVth to XXth Century (Go Id water A Trevcs). (*47) 

M8.xii.500. lOOill. 21 /- Routledge 

Represented in the B.M. (Cust). 2v. ('93-'9h) 8vo.394:264. 12/-: 

9/- B.M. : K.Paul 

Year Book. Writers' and. Ann. C8. 7/6 Black 

Arts and Crafts. Allied (Lntlcjohns & Horth). Bks.l-4.C34); Bk.7.('36). 
ea.D4.24. Col.ill. ea.2/6* Pitman 

and Crafts in Training of Bemba Youth, etc. (Quick). C4.54. Univ. 

Lond.Inst.Ed. 2/- Oxf. 

and Crafts, Nature's (Claxton). (*48) 16mo.l24. III. Easy Rdrs.S 

4/6 Welh, G.D. 

and Crafts Series. 8v. ea.C8. sd 1/6 Warne 

and Crafts. Training of Taste in (Littlcjohns). C33) R8.160. 42pl. 

6/6 Pitman 

and Future of Scotland (Mackenzie, A.M.). C8.32. sd.l/- Saltire: 

and Man (Stites). C40) C4. 77/6 McGraw [Oliver 

Apology for the (Dixon). ('44) 215. 7/6 E.Arnold 

Applied, in Denmark (Christofferscn). Tr.Spmk. (*48) D8.96. 97pl. 

DenmarR in Print S. sd.7/6 Dan. Soc. 

Applied, in Denmark (Christoffersen). Tr.Spink. ('48) D8.96. 97pl. 

Denmark in Print S. sd.7/6 Dan.Soc. 

Appreciation Series. 3v. ea.DS. 3/6-4/6 Metropol 

Chart of the (Bedford). 30" x 40". rolled 5/- Routine 

Council of Great Britain. Annual Report. 1949-50. ('50)" F4.112. 

111. sd.2/6 Arts Council 

Democracy and the (Brooke). 046) 1C8.32. Fr. 6/- Hart-Davis 

Dilemma of (Wcidtc). Tr.Kcrr, M.J. (*48) D8.136. Fr. 10/- S.C.M. 

Eng. Popular and Traditional (Marx & Lambert). (*47) D8.48. 

Ill.(somccoL). PicrS. bds.5/- Collins 

Five (Halliday). ('46) D8.258. 111. 12/6 Duckwth. 

in Britain Series. 12v. ea.CS. sd.2/- Or. Council: Longmans 

in Early England (Brown. G.B.). M8. 111. 6v. v.l ('03) 25/-; v.2 

C03) 35/-; v.3 C15) 25/-: v.4 ('15) 25/-; v.5 ('20) 35/-; v.6.Pt.2 
C36) 35/- J.Munpy 





Arts in England (Evans. I.& Glasgow). ('49) D8.140. 12ill. 9/6 Falcon 

in N.Z., Year Book of. Ed.Tombs. No.5.J949('50). C4.188. 111. 

(5col.). 30/- Oxf. 

Life in Saxon England in its Relation to the Arts in Early 

England, v.l (Brown, G.B.). ('03) M8. 111. 25/- J.Murray 

Literature and the (M'Mullcn). ('43) C8.128. bds.3/6 Tech.P 

Local Authority and the. 14. sd.6d. N.C.S.S. 

Meaning and Truth in (Hospers). (46) DS.262. 22/- N. Carolina 


Native, of Pacific Northwest. Ed.Davis. R.T. ('49) 4to.l76 5col pi. 

194ill. 50/- Stanford U.P.i Oxf, 

of African Native (Gnaule). C50) 1M8.J07. 108UI.M. 15 /- Thames 

<fc H.: Constable 

of Costume and Personal Appearance (Morton, G.M.). ('43 ) 

G18.400. 149ill. 4()/- Wiley \Chap. & H. 

of Japan. Historic (Hart. E.). ('17) R8. sd.1/6 J. Murray 

of Mankind (Loon). C38) D8.572. Col. ill. 17/6 Harrap 

of Oceanic Peoples (Leenhardt). C50) IMS. 124. 134ill.JlM. 15/- 

Thames & H.: Constable 

Philosophy of (Weitz). C50) D8.256. 25/- Harvard U.P.-.Oxf. 

Typographic (Morison). ('49) M8. 32ill.l.c.(250). L.32/-; g.t.34/- 


-Under Socialism (Priestley). ('47) DR. 32. sd.l/- Turnstile 

- ~ Visual. Darlington Hall Trustees. ('46) D8.184. 10/6 Ox/ 

Visual in Yorkshire. C50) D8.64. sd.l/- Arts Council 
Aramugam: Ceylon Tamil: Play. (Meek). ('35) C8.44. sd.9d. Epworth 
Aruna Asaf All (Dhan). C8.106. 111. bds.5/-/,wc 

Arunchala. Message from (Brunton). ('36) C8.104. 7/6 Rider 
Arundel (Roberts. K.). ('36) C8.536. 9/6 J. Lanr 

and Burncy MSS. in the B.M.. Index to (1840). Fol 15/- B M. : 

K. Paul 

Little Town of (Allison). ('47) C8.80. 32111. bds.3/6 Arundel 

MSS. in the B.M.. Catalogue of (1834). Pol. 28/- B M : K.Paul 
Arva Latma. Bk.l (Atkinson). Bk.4 (Macnutt). Bk.5 (Evcrs) ('28-' 35) 

C8 128:136:120. ea.1/10* Dent 
Arwyr Doe a Heddiw (Williams. N.). ('36) C8.64. figs. sd.5d.; limp 

7d. Macmlllan 
Aryan Rule in Ind. (Ilavcll). 2e. D8.616. 32pl 15 /- Harrap 

Sumer-. Dictionary. Pt.l. A.-F. (Waddcll). (*27) F4.xlvi.80. 5pl. 

12 /- Luzic 

Trail in Iran and India (Ghozc). (*37) 8voxiii.333 sd7/ Lu*ac 
Aryas. Sacred Laws of. Tr.BUhler. v.l. Sacred Bks.of East. 15/- Oxf. 
Aryballoi and Figurines from Rhitsona in Bolotiu (Urr) C34) R8 107 

30ill. Reading Univ.Stud.S. 21 /- Camb. 
A* Birds Flying (Stears). ('41) C8.20 sd 6d. Covenant 

Cooks Go (Jordan, E.). (*50) IC8.199.i. 10/6 Faber 

-~de la Route (Goublet). Ed. Lee. A. ('40) C8.88. 111. Lond Mod. 

Lang.S limp 1/6* Univ. Lond 

-- Devi! Burned (Kemp). C49) C8.256. 8/6 H.Hammoncl 
-He Walked (Chambers. O.). ('30) C8.48. sd.1/6 O. Chambers: 


I Drove Down Grafton Street (O'Donovan). C45) III. sd.1/6 

-- I Have loved You (Kearney). C47) 7/6 Clonmore- Burns, O 

1 Lav Thinking (Inchfawn). C50) CR. 6/- Ward, Lock 

I Remember (Kellett). D8. 10/6 Golhmcz 
--I Se Life (Burdick). D8. 5/- Mncletlnn 

I Was a-Savin* (Mardle). ('501 C8 149 7/6 Augustine 

I Was Savins (Elliott. W.H ). C44) C8 96. 5/- Skcfftn>(on 

if." Philos. of (Vachinger). Tr.Ogdcn. 2e.('35) D8.\l\ m 370 

Internal. Lib. of Psychol. 28/- Routledge 

In a Mirror (James). (*47) D8 144 R/6 Merrier 

Iron Hills (Hudson). C44) C8 151. 8/6 Rob.& M. 

It Was in Beginning (Muchison & Giclgud) (*39) C8 New Play S 

3/6 Opr 

Little Children (Bernard). C49) D8 208. 12/6 D Dohson 

Love Knows How: phv (Drmkwater). sd 1/3 Bum^ O 

Luck Will Have It (Campbell. M.H.). (M8) D8.160. 'llill 2M. 

9/6 Dimdnlgnn 

a Man Grows Older (Svevo). Tr.7octe. 2v.e.('49) D8. 10/6 Putnam 
--Man Thinketh (Allen. J ). C16 60 3/- Fowler 

the Narcissus (Wade) ('45> C8.352. 9/6 Macd.& Co 

Often as Not (French). (49) CK 25* 8/fi Jenkins 

One Ghost to Another (Scott. J.). C48) C8 144. 7/6 Spiritualist 

One Woman to Another and Other Plays (Morris. T.B.) C8 40 

Kd.l2/- S.French 

Other Men Arc (Yates. D.). f'50) C8. 6/- Ward.Lock 

Peat Fire Burns (Dare). ('50> sC8.160. sd 1/6 Hutchinvon 

Silver is Tried (Baxter). Ed.Surman. C48) F8.60 Devotional S 

4/- Indep.P. 

Thev Liked it garbage). C47) lC8.xiii.238 22/6 N.Y.-.Macniillnn 
~ So ht \ SU ,!^ Whatelev). C491 1D8.212 111. 21/- Hutchison 

We Ought (McConv). ('501 C8.210 10/6 Merrier 

We Saw it in Prague (Lechner). C8.210. ne.3/6 : lib c.7/6 Allen 

You Are: Plav (Mills. H.& Root), sd 3/- S.French \& U 

Yon Hike It: Plav (Comer), sd.1/6 S.French 

You Like It (Shakespeare). See Author entrv 

You Like It. Notes on (Eastwood). C45) C8.64. Not. on Chosen 

Eng.Txts. sd.l/- Brodle 

You Like It: Passed and Anal. (Shakespeare). Ed. Parry sC8 152 

Normal Shaks.S. sd.2/- Normal 

You See it: in Ewe (Abutiate). C48) C8.80. Mill. Ewe Rdrs sd 

1/4* Longman* 

Asame and Fame langs. (Christaller). Called Tshi (Twi> Diet of 
F.C.C33) M8.608. 52/6 K.Ptml ' 

Gold Coast and. History of (Reindorf). 2r.e.C50) 344 P 111 M 

25/- K Paul . .... 

Asbestos (Williams. A.E.). ('48) C8.44. 111. 2/6 Ennnott 

Cement Flue Pipes and Fittings Heavy Quality. ('48) 28. 3/- 


~ Cement Flue Pipes and Fittings Light Quality. (*48) 24 3/-B.S.7. 

Cement Pressure Pipes. C33) 13. 2/- B.S.L I 

Asbestos Cement Rainwater Pipes, Gutters and Fittings. ('49) Amendt. 
(*49) 60. 6/- B.S.L [B.S.I. 

Cement Rainwater Pipes, Gutiers and Finings, Amendi. ('50) 

Cement Roofing Materials. Weathering Tests on (Jones. F.E.). 

C47) R8. sd.l/- Sci.lndust.-.H.MS.O. 

Cement Slates and Unreinforced Flat Sheets and Corrugated 

Sheets. C45) 22. 2/6 B.S.I. 

Cement Soil. Waste and Ventilating Pipes and Fittings. ('48) 34. 

4/- Amcndt.CSO) B.S.L 

Cement Spigot and Socket Rainwater Pipes. Gutters and Fixings. 

('45) 34. 4/- B.S.I. 

Asbestosis, Silicosis and. Ed. Lanza. C38) D8.466. 61figs.JOtabs. 25/- 
Ascanio (Dumas). C8.356. Fr. 2ill. 4/6 Dent \Oxf. 

Ascaris Lumbrocoides. Infestation of Human Subject by Nematode 

Worm. C25) R8. sd.6d. Min.of Health :H. M.S. O. 
Ascendancy of France. 1598-1715 (Wakeman). C91) C8.408. Periods 

Eur.Hist.S. 10/6 Rivinftton 
Ascending Line (Hoarc). C8.128. 6/- Hodder 
Ascension and Whitsuntide Sermons. (*26) C8.192. 5/- J.Clarke 

of Mr. Judson (Hunter). ('50) C8.238. 8/6 R.Hale 

Ascent of F 6 (Audcn & Isherwood). 2r.e.C37) D8.128. 7/6 Faber 

of Nanda Devi (TilmanX n.e.('49) sC8.160. sd.1/6 Guild Bk*. 

of Soul (Revnalds). C39) F8.160. sd.1/6 Faith 

to Heaven (Rudnicki). ('50) 1C8.224. 8/6 D.Dobson 

Ascetic Works of St. Basil (Clarke. W.K.L.). C25) D8.364. 12/6 

Ascetical Ascent of Love of God (Giloteaux). Po8.128, 3/6 Herder 

Conferences for Religious (Gabriel). C8.380. 24/- Herder 

Life (Parente). C8.279. 18/6 Herder 

Asceticism. Psychiatry and (Duffevl. (*50) D8.132. 15/- Herder 

Ascetics. Pract. (Smith, M.J.W.). C8.200. 13/- Herder 

Ascleptus (Edclstcm). ('45) C4.776. 2v. 37/6 Johns Hopkins V.P.: 

Aseptic Treatment of Wounds (Walter). (48) Imp8.ix.372. 255figs. 

67/6 N Y.:Macm!llan 

Ascy Mayo Trio (Taylor. P.A.). C46) C8.192. 8/6 Collins 
Asgard and Norse Heroes. Tr.Boult. sC8.xii.268. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 
Asgrc Lan: Play (Berry), sd.3/- S.French 
Ash. Amendments. C30-'43) I/- B.S.L 

and Douglas Fir. Formation of Spring and Summer Wood in 

(Chalk). C30) 42. 34ill. 7/6 Forestry 

Handling Plant. Coal and (Troup). C26) D8.156. lOlill. 15 /- Chap. 

& H. 

Ashanti Hinterland. Tribes of (Rattray) C32) D8.642. 159I1I. 45/- 

in. and Bcvond (Cardinall). D8. HIM. 21/- Setlev 

Ash'ar Awlad al-Khulaja* wa Akhbaruhum: in Arabic (Abu Batar 
Muhammad). Ed. Dunne. R8.xii.321. lill. sd 10/6; cI.12/6 Luzac 
Ashcombe (Beaton). ('49) D8.viii,124 82ill.(lcol.). 15/- Bats ford 
Ashenden (Maugham). C28)n e. C8 320. 7/6 Helnemann 
Ashes for the Living (Cromarty). (*49) C8.256. 8/6 Hodder 

of Hiroshima (Clune). D8.320. 15/- Angus 

Ashford and District, Guide to. 7e.(*50) C8.108. sd.l/- 


Ashlar, Perfect (Lawrence. J T ). ('37) F8.352. PI. P. 9/- A.I^wh 
Ashley Histories Series. Ed. Carter and Ilollis. 4v. ca.CS. 6/- Hants 
Ashmolcan Mus.. Catal. of Alexandrian Coins in (Milne, J.G.). ('33 ) 

4to.224. 9nl. 427- Oxf. 

Mus.. Catal of Drawings in (Parker, K.T.). v.l. ('38) D8.316. 

l()5pl. 30/- Ov/. 

Museum Summary Guide. 4c.(31) C8.122.82. 2v. ea.6d. Oxf. 
Ashridge and District Field-Path Map, Bcrkhamsted. 29* x 39". sd. 

fldg.3/- Stanford 

Berkhampstcd, and District Field-Path Map: 3": 1m. ('48) Col. 

sd.3/- Stanford 

Ashtavakra Gita (Shastri). ('49) C8.66. 4/6 l.uzac : Shanti 
Ashtead nnd Neighbourhood, Dorking, Leatherhead. ('50) C8.506. 

7/6 Kelly's 
Ashton. Thos., Thos Grav, and Richard West, Corresp. with 

(Walpole). Ed. Lewis. W.S., Larn & Bennett, C.II. ('48) R8.630. 

12pl 94/6 Yale U. P. 'Oxf. 
Ashurbanipal, Prisms of Esarhaddon and. Found at Nineveh, 1927- 

38. now in B.M. 4to 36. 18pl. 10/- BM.:K.Poul 
Ashwood to the Rescue (Dunne). (*50.) C8.300. 6/- Talbot P. 
Ashwood's Firhting Fourth (Dunne). ('48) C8.262. 6/- Talbot P. 
Asia. ('32) C4.48. 1/8* Dent 

"25) T8256. Hist.A Econ.Geogs.S. 3/6* Dent 

2c.C46) C8.ix.184. HOill. Gcog. for To-day S. 4/6* 7 ongmans 

90. 6i11 21M.and d. limp 1/6* H.Ruvvell 

(Brooks). Pt.l. C16) C8.218. 111. New Reg.Gcog.S. bds.3/9* Untv. 


(Brooks & Fjnch). Pt.2. 2nd S. (*30) C8.114. Columb. 

Reg.Geog.S. limp 2/4*; bds.2/6* Univ. Lond. 

(Cornish). ('49) C8.viii,188. Fr.42pl.50d. Mod.Geog S. 5/-* Univ. 


(Coysh & Hunt, D.M.). ('39) D4.36. PU4M.d. Mod.Get>p.. 

S. sd.1/6* Univ. Tut. 

(Fairgrieve & Young, E.). ('48) 111. Reel Geog.S. 4/6* C. Philip 

(Hamilton, C.H.& Rickards). C8. Mod.Geogs.S. limp 2/1* 

J .Murray 

(Herbcrtson). 3r.c C30) C8.120. 32H1. Clarend Geogs. 2/-* Oxf. 

(Murray, A.). r.c.('50) C4.64. M. sd.2/-* Collins 

(Sillcv). Ed.Jerris. ('49) R8.200 Ill.d.Col.M. Sec. Schl. Geog.S. 

6/-*; Supply. Folio 1/fi* Schofield 

(Simpson). 3e. CS.x.208. Ill.M.d. Geog.Wrld.S. 4/- G Bell 

(Stamp). 9c.C48) D8viii.204. M.d. Univ.Gcog.S. 7/6* Lonzmans 

(Stamp). 8r.e.('50) D8.xxii,704. M.d. Adv.Geog.S. 30/- Methuen 
(Stembridgc.'). C8.158. 12pl.45fis. New Oxf.Geogs. 2/6*; w. 

Africa. Australia. 4/6* Oxf. 

and Africa (Frew). New Syst Geogs. S. I/-* Blackle 

and Africa. Australia (Scarson & Evans, F.). sD8. 111. M. New 
End Geog.S. 4/4* W.Johnston 




Asia and Afr.. Travels in (Ibn Battuta). Ed.&Tr.Gibb. C29) 
398. Broadway Trav.S. 10/6 Routledge 

and Australasia CBrooks). ('16) C8.286. 111. New Reg. Geog. S. 

bds.5/-* Univ. Land [Univ. Lend. 

and Australasia (Spary). C29) C4.24. New Reg.Map S. I/-* 

and Oceans. Africa (Jones,!.). (*33) C8.224. 48ill.9d.i8M. 3/9* 


Australia and New Zealand (Redgrave). C'47) O'er Land & Sea S. 

5/- Juta 

Central (Marian). Ed.Roy;, F.E. ('39) 8vo.l63. 4U1.M. 8/6 Luzac 

Cemral. Challenge oi. ('29) R8.136. 2M. Surveys. sd.Vfi World 


Cent . Recent Geog. of (Morgan, E.D.). R8. M. S/- Geog.Soc.; 


Oi.miMnis Map of (Last &. Spate). C50) D8.X.406. M.d. 25/> 

Met hit en 

Devclopmt. ot the Co-op. Movcmt. in ('49) R8.84. sd.2/6 I.L.O.: 

..' //<. 
Eastern (Ennis). 12mo.627. 40 /- Lipplncott 

Eastern. British Rule in (Mills, L.A.). C'42) D8.590. M tabs. 

25 /- Uxf. 

Eastern. Gcog. of. "Ptolemy's. Researches on (Genni). (*09) 

D8. M. 15 /- GfOg.Soc.:J. Murray 

Eastern. Mammals of (Tate). C47) lC8.xiv,366. 79figs. 30/- 

N Y -.Macmillcm 

Eclipse of Christianity in (Browne. L.E.), ('33),198. 1M. 

12 /(S Camb. 

"Effective" Phys. Map. 45" x 35*. 13/-* W Johnson 

"fcflective" Wall Map sht. a. Relief 45" x 35". 13/-* W Johnston 

Europe and. ('32) C8.256 Mod.Schl Geogs. 3/6* Dent 

Great Game in (Davis. W.H.C.). R8. Br.Ac.Raleigh Lea. 1926. 

I/ft Oxf 

Green Edge of (Pyke). 1C8.151. 111. 7/6 Allen & U. 

Imperial Schl. Wall Map 72" x 63" 35/-* John\ton 

In. 96. Life of Adv.S. sd.lOd.*; cl.1/3* Chamber 

Ins-cir CGunthei). C39) D8.637. 28/- H.Hamilton 

"Lnrpe Wall" Schl. Map. Phys.-Polit. 50" x 42". 22/> W. 


"Large Wall" Schl. Map Polit. 50" x 42". 22/-* WJohmton 

Light from (Barclay). C8.236. 7/- Heath, C. 

Living Geog., Bk.3 (Weaver). ('37) 240. 111. 5/- Gregg 

Map. 1:12.700.000 200m. 1", 30" x 40". 12/-* Hucon 

Map: 1:18,750.000. 30" x 22". Philip-Stanford Ref.Map S. sd 

3/- G Philip 

Map: 1-14.000,000. 29" x 24". Philip-Stanford Ref .Map S. sd. 

3/- G. Philip 

Map. 48" x 40". ('43) sd.10/6; cl.24/- Stanford 

Map: r-110m. C49). Col. 4sh.set 40/-; fldg.or C.R.V.80/- 

Map Bk. ol (Fcrnday). ('40) C4.64. M 2/6 Macmillan 

Men Out of (Gladwin). ('47) DX.390 34/- MaGraw 

Minor. Arabs in (641-750) (Brooks). ('98) R8.27. 3/6 Probsthaln 

Minor, L., Mod. and Anct. Road in (Hogarth & Munro). R8. 

5/- GeoR.Soc :J.Murrav I 

Minor in 1921, Towards Disaster: Greek Army in (Prince 

Andrew). ('36) D8. III. 15/- J.Murrav \ 

Minor, Intermixture of Races in (Ramsay). R8. Br.Ac. 3/6 Oxf. 

Mimu, "Large Wall" Map ot Anct. Hist. 50" x 42" 22/-* W. 

~ Minor. Modern Greek in (Hawkins). ('16) D8.xii,696. 9HI.2M. 

42 /- Camb. 

- Monsoon Region of (Hcaton). 79. 12ill. 31M.and d. sd.1/6* H. 

New Cvcle in (Isaacs). C47) M8 xiii.212. 22/6 NT. '.Macmillan 

Next Step in (I^airbank). ('49) D8.96. 10/- Harvard U. P.: O\f 

Ninth America and. 2c.('46) C8.xu,404. 253ill Geog. tor 'lo-dav 

S. 7/6* Longmans 

North America and (Brooks and Finch). 2nd S. C30) C8.256. Columb.Keg Geog.S. limp 4/3*; bds.4/9* Vtuv.Lond. 

Noith America and (Spary & Perkins). 1C8.256. Conquest Gcogs. 

S. 4/9* MtDougall 

North America and (Stemhridfie). ('41) C8.328. 24pl. lOOfigs 

New Oxf.Geogs. Bk.}. 4/-* Oxf. I 

~-Phvs. and Leon. Gcoy. (Wood, C A. & Minns). sC8.84. 111. 2/6 

Pict. Map Geog. of (Qumn). 12mo. Ill M. 20/- Lippmcott 

Pol. and Econ. Map. 1950. 1:12M. 9/6 Geographia 
- Reborn (.Wolton). ('45) 6d. B.S.F.S. 

Red Banners over (Trullmger). ('50) D8.240. 12/6 Pen-in-Hand 

Resurgence of (Raicliflc). ('46) F8.X.32. Conway Mem.Lcct. sd. 

I/-; cl.2/- Watt* 

Revolt ot (Payne). C8. 12/6 Gollancz 

Richer by (Tavlor, E.). C48) 1C8.442. 16/- Seeker 

Seven Churches of (Alcock). Bib.Class S. 2/- T.& T.Clark 

"Small Wall" Schl. Map. 34" x 28". 10/6* W.Johmton 

Solution m (Lattimore). ('45) C8.168. 7/6 Cre^et 

South-East. See South East Asm 

Soviet (Conolly). ('42) C8.32. Oxf.Pamp.World Affairs. 6d. Oxf. 

Stormswept Roof of (Trmklcr). D8. II1.M. 21/- Seeley 

"Teacher's" large Outline Map. 45" x 35". 1/6* W Johnston 

Vatican in (Manhattan). ('48) C8.ll.53. Thinker's Forum S. sd. 

I/- Watts 

Vision or (Byng). ('46) F8. Fr. 6/- J.Murray 

Western. Phoenicia and (Weill). Tr.Row. ('40) C8.204. M. 6/- 

Asiae Minoris Antiqua. Monumenta. Ed.Calder, Cox, C.W.M.. 

Buckler, etc. 6v. ('28-*39) D4. Pl.d. ca,40/- Man.U.P. 
Asian Odyssey (Alioshm). ('41) D8.320. 10/6 Cassell 
Asiamc Elements in Gk. Civiliz. (Ramsay). ('27) D8. 111. 12/- 

J. Murrav 

Asia's Lands and People's (Cressy). 2e.('44) C4.607. 64/- McGraw 
Trade (Ghate). ('48) D8.166. 12/6 India, Oxf. 

Asiatic Art in Private Collections of Holland and Belgium (Visser). 
('47) sF83. 214pU8col.). 7/10/- K.Paul 

Explor . Wonders of (Williams. A.). C8. Sill. 3/6 Seeley 

in Amcr. Law. Alien and (Konvn?). ('46) M8.3J4. 16/- Cornell 


Jones. Life of Sir William Jones (Arbcrry). ('46) D8.40. 9ill 

Aspects of Brit.S. sd.2/- Br. Council : Longmans 

Neighbours (Thorburn). ('94) D8.315. 2M. 10/6 Blackwood 

Studies: Religious and Social (Lyall). ('07) D8. v.2. 9/- J.Murray 
Asiatics. The (Prokosch). n.c.C'50) C8.382.ii. 10/6 tuber 
Asicmiri (Efa) C8. 2/6 Macmillan 

Asme. King of (Sefens). Tr.Durrcll, Spencer, B.& Valaoritis. ('48> 

D8.82. Fr. 7/6 Lehmann 
Ask Albert (Spokes). n.e.('SO) Read It S. sd.2/-* Pitman 

Beccles: Play (Campion & Dignon). D8.76. sd.3/- ^.French 

the Children (Thomson, F.). (*50) D8.280. 15/- Catsell 

Mamma (Surtees). 7c.('49) Ih8.xvi,525. 83ill.(13col.). J.Leech. 

8/6 Methuen 

the Map (Duce & Heester). 2r. n.e.('47:'48) Impl6.85:92. 3/-*' 

3/3* Pitman 

Margaret Harwood (Harwood). ('50) CK.160. 6/- Epworth 
Me No More (Hepplc). n.e C49) C8.25&. bds?./- Hutchimon 

Me To-Morrow (Cozzcns). C40) C8.318. 6/- Longmans 

What 1 Shall Give Thee (Hall. 1 .G.). 3/6 Ch.Bk.Rm. 

your Grandpa! (Kimbcll). ('50) C8.48. sd.l/- Mure 

Askham Bog, Survey ol (School). ('46) G 18.76. 111. 12/6 Bannisdale 
Asking for Trouble (Beachcroft). ('48) C8.176. 7/6 J.Lune 

Them Questions. Ed Wright, R.S. ('36-'38) C8.262.260. 2S. ca. 

4/6; 3rd S. ('50) C8.210. 7/6 Oxf. 

Why (Wright, R.S.& Loos). (*39) C8.160. 4/6 Oxf. 
Asoka. Buddhism and (Gokhalc). R8.V.296. Till. 27 /- Luzac 

Edicts of. 'Ir.Muru . Aigangc. D8. 5/- Theosoph.Pub. 

Lmperor ol India (Seligman). ('47) C8.12. sd.2/- Probsthain 

Inscriptions of, Pt.2. (Barua). (*43) s4to. v,221. sd.10/- Luzac 
Ar.olando (Browning). (*17) M8. 10/6 J.Murray 

Asparagus (Kidner). C47) D8.168. 17pl.2d. 15/- Faber 

Growing. ('50) R8.34. 16pl. sd.1/6 Agric.iH.M.S.O. 

its Culture for Home Use and for Market (Hexamer). ('01) U68. 

44ill. 10/- Routledge 

Production (Thompson. H.C.). ('42) M8.124. 12111. 12/- Routledge 
Aspect of Sex in Marriage (Havil). ('49) C8.112. 6/- Thorsons 
Aspects de la Guerre Moderne (Sheiler). C8.211. 6/-* Pitman 

ol American Government. Ed.BaJey, S.D. C50) C8.201. 6/- 

of Art in fcnghmd. C4.4S 44pl 2/- B.B.C. lHamard 

of Belief (Bezzant). (*37) 1C8. 7/6 Nisbet 

of Bengali Society from Old Bengali Lit. (Dasgupta). ('35) RS.xl, 

371. sd.9/- Luzac 

ot Britain Series. lOv. sd.l/- -3/6 Br.Council:LonKman\ 

of British Art (Turner, W.J.). n.t C50) D8.324. 111. 10/6 Collin* 

of British Econ. History, 1918-25 (Pigou). ('47) D8.vm,252. 15/- 


ol Celtic Mythology (Hamel). RS. Br.Ac.Rhys Mem.Lcct.1934. 

3/- Oxf. 

ol Changing Soc. Structure (Alden). ('36) 1C8. Hallcy Stewart 

Lects. 7/6 Allen . U. 

of Constitution of Mineral Oils (Nes & Wcstcn). El\evier: 


of Eighteenth Century Nature Poetry (Deane). ('35) D8.145. 8/6 

Black well 

of Evolution (Migeod). ('32) C8.128. 6/- Heath, C. 

of Foreign Policy of U.S. (Learned). C25) D8.24. sd.1/1 Hht. 

of ' Greek Life (Martin, R C.& Richards.A.N.G.). ('29). C8.116. 

3/0* Mills & B. 
of I tterary Theory and Practice (Thomas. P.O.). ('43) D8. 8/6 

- of Modern Oxford (Godlcv). C8. Ill 3/bSeelev \Heuth, C. 
-~ of Novel (Forstcr. E.M.). Pckt e ('49) 160. 6/- E.Arnold 

of Scott. Church History (Maclean), fe/- T.& T.Clark 
Aspen, Raising of, from Seed. D4. sd.6d. Forrest. Comm.:H.M.S.O 
Aspergilli, Manual of (Thorn & Raper). ('45) M8.X.374. 76ill. 54/- 

Aspern Papers (James. H.). sC8.x,300. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

- Papers, etc. (James H.). (*88),370. Pckt.c. 4/6 Macmillan 
Asphalt. Fine Cold. C50) 2/- B S.I. 

- Jungle (Burnett). C50) C8.240. 111. 8/6 Macd.A Co. 

Rolled. Asphalttc Bitumen and Fluxed Lake Asphalt (Hot Pro- 

cess). ('50) 6/- B.S.1. 

Tiles ior Paving and Flooring (Mineral Aggregate w. No Inherent 

Bitumen. C46) 8. 2/- B.S.I. [B.S.I. 

Tiles tor Paving and Flooring (Nat.Rock Asphalt). ('46) 8. 2/- 

Work, Mastic (Drury & Gmins). (*50) C8.164. 111. 10/6 

Asphalte in Modern Building Construction (Hancock). ('SO) M8. 

30/- Newnes 
Asphaltic Bitumen. Properties of. Ed.Pfeiffer. C50) R8.400. 84 tabs. 

59figs. 45 /- tMevier: Cleaver 

Bitumens. Road Tans and. in Relation to Road Construction 

(Lee) C48) R8. sd.9d. i>ci.lndust.:H.M.S.O. 
Asphalts and Allied Substances (Abraham). 2v. 5r.e.('45) R8 8/5/- 

Chap.& H. 
Asphvxia, Carbon Monoxide CD r inker). ('38) M8.298. 40figs.21tabt. 

25/- Oxf. 

Aspiration (Allan, R.M.). ('50) C8.16. sd.9d. Stock well 
Aspirin Age. Ed.Leighton. C50) D8.504. 16/- J.Lane 
Asplund. Gunnar. Architect. 1885-1940 (Holmdahl. etc.). ('SO) 4 to. 

241. d. III. 5/5/- Bvggmastaren-.A.Tirunti 
Assam (All & Lambert, E.). ('46) C8.32. Oxf .Pamps.on Ind.Affain. 

9d. India: Oxf. 

Directory. C50) 17/6 Vaughan 

Kala-Azar in (Young, T.C.M.). ('24) C4.viii.76. Ill.M. 7/- H.JT. 


Valley (Thomson. M.). ('48) 8vo.96. 17ill. 10/6 Luzac 





Assamese. Anglo-. Relations (Bhuyan). ('50) R8.xxiii.636. 50/- 

Literature (Barua). ('41) Rvo.iii.102. 3/6 Probsthain 
Assassin, The (Yates, P.). C45) D8. 6/- Chatto 

Assassination. Government by (Byas). ('44) 1C8 385. 10/6 Allen A U. 
Assault from Sea (Maund). C49) D8.xvi.311. 57ill. 25/- Methuen 

Landings. Three (Bredin). ('46) C8.186. IH.M. 8/6 Gale 
Assay, Biolog., Prin. of (Emmens). ('48) D8.206. 22flgs.tabi. 21 /- 

Chap.A H. 

of Precious Metals, Sampling and (Smith. E.A.). 2r.e.('47) 1M8. 

xvi.505. 167ill. 42/- Griffin 
Assaying, Five (Shepard A. Dietrich). ('40) 34/- McGraw 

Fire, Manual of (Fulton &. Sharwood). 3e.('29) 268. 28/- McGraw 

Fire. Textbook of (Bugbee). 3e.('40) M8.314. 111. 32/- Wiley: 

Chap.& H. 

of Brabantius. etc. (Sherrington). 2e.('40) C8.96. 4/6 Oxf. 
Assemble ot Goddes (Lydgate). 17/6 Camb 

Assembly ol Gods (Lvdgate). Ed.Triggi. C96) E E.T.S. 15/- Oxf. 

Processes, Modern (Miller. J.L.). 2r.e.('46) D8.212. nOHgs. 18/- 

Chap.& H. 
Assent. Gram. of. Ess. in Aid of (Newman, J.H.). n.e.('47) D8. 16/- 

Assertion of King Arthute (Robinson. R.), w. Chinon of Eng. 

(Middle-ton, C.). Ed.Mead. C25) E.E.T.S 25/- 
Assessing of Salvage Awards (Sutton). (*49) C4.xvi,757 6/6/- 

Stevens &. Sons 
Assessment of Compensation Water: Report. (*30) sd.9d. Min.of 


ol Surface Texture (Centre-Line Average Height Method). C50) 

6/- B.S /. 
Assignment in Brittany (Maclnnes). CR.322. 9/- Harrap 

of Choscs in Action (Marshall. O.R.). C50) R8.240. 30/- Pitman 

to Rome (Pattison). 8vo.l28. 15/- Herder 

U.S.A. (Mencfce). C8. 10/6 Gollancz 

Assist (Gordon. L.D.). 8r.e.('2<)) F8.401. Ill.M. Mediev.Towns S. 
8/6 Dent 

St. Francis of. See Francis. St.. of Assisl 

Sonj^ of (Lewis, h.) 2/fa Gomerian \N.S.S.S. 
Assistance Act, Nat., Vol. Organizations and (Moss). 20. sd.l/- 

Board Reports. 1946-48.; 9d.; 6d.; 1/3. Nat.Insur.: 


Public (I)r.iKe). ('.<>) ON. 15/- J.Murrav [H.M.S.O. 

to Necessitous Areas. Report. (*26) sd.9d. Min.of Health: 
Assistant Nurse, Handbook foi (Swire). ('49) sD8.xii.308. 211ill. 

Hdbks.for Nurses. 10/6 Bailllere 

Assistants at the Passion (Mackay. H.F.B). C29) C8.192 5/- Ble* 
Assize, Great- Exam, of the Law of the Nuremburg Trials (Morgan. 

J H.). f'48) D8. sd.2/- J.Murrav 

of Arms (Morgan. J.H.). v.l. (*45) DK.xviu.291 12111. 1M. 15/- 


Rolls, Yorkshire (John & Henry III). Ed.Clay. IDS. 10/6 


Associates of Holy Angels, Rules of. ('14) R32.64. 6d. M. II. Gill 
Association and Conditions ot Wk. in Venezuela. Freedom of. 

C50) R8.185. sd6/- I. L.O.: Staples 

Football. See Football 

Freedom of 5v. ('27-'30) R8. sd.20/- I. L O.: Staples 

of Polish Univ. Profs, and Lecturers in G B. Polish Science 

and Learning. Nov 2-6 C43-M5) ea.C4. 2/6 O\f. 
Associations. Trade, and Indust. Co-Ordin. (David. W.T.). 3e. 
C48) D8.150. 15 /- Pitman 

Trade. Retail (Levy, H.). ('42) DS.x.264. Internal. Lib. of 

Sociol. 15/- Routledge 

Unincorporated, Law of (Lloyd D.) (*48) D8. 23/- Sweet 
Assumption of Our Lady and Cath. Theol. (Winch & Bennett). 

('50) C8.I28. sd.5/- S.P.C K 

Sisters of, Foundress of (Martindale). C8. 111. 4/- Burns. O. 
Assurance, Industrial (Wilson, A.T.& Levy, H ). C37) R8.554. 

tabs. 25 /- O.\/. 

Indust., Law of (Hoskins). 10/- Stone ct T. 

Indu i t , Organ/in, and Routine (Dinnac & Hills). D8.202 

10/6 Fltmttn 

Indust., Prm and Pract. of (Walker, R.B. & Woodgate). 2e. 

D8.232 10/6 Pitman 

Life, and Annuit , Premiums for. and Treatmt of Extra Risks 

(Gunlakc & Wood. C.F.). ('39) D8.xii.72. 9/6 Inst.of 
Actuaries: Camb. 

Life. Diet. of. Ed.Richmond, G.W &. Shernff . C4.608. |L.40/- 


Life, tr Propsl. to Policy (Tavlor, fl.H.&Tylei) Ed.Freeman, 

H N. C48) DR. 194 8/6 Pitman 

Life, Salesmanship (Harris, G.H.). 10/- Stone A C. 

Life, Student's Guide to (Tarn, A.W.). 2r.c.('26) D8.307. 10/- 

Macd.& E. 

Assurance, Whole-Life: Females. (*00). D8. 21 /- Inst.of Actuaries: 

Whole-Life: Males. COO) D8. 42/- Imt.of Actuaries: Camb. 
Assured Lives. Combined Experience of. (1863-'93). COO) D8. 21 /- 

Intt.of Actuaries: Camb. 
Assyrer. Hethner. Chumter und (Gfttze). C36) C8.194. 79pl. 5M. 

IC.R.HC.S sd.ll/-; cM3/6 K.Paul 
Assyria. Babylonia and (Murison). Bib.Class.S. sd.1/6; cl.1/9 

7 & T.Clark 

Earlv Hist, of, to 1000 B.C. (Smith, S).. (*28) R8. III. 25/- 


Kings of. Annals of. Ed.Budge and King, W.L. f 03) 4to. 20/- 

B M. : K.Paul 

Stones of (Gadd). C36) M4. 111. 30/- Chatto 

Assyrian Botany, Diet, of (Thompson, R.C.). C49) M8.422. Br. 
Acad. 50 /- Oxf. 

Deeds and Docts. (Johns). v.4.('23) C8.384. 30/-; 7th Cent. 

C24) C8. 30 /- Deighton. 

Assyrian Invasions and Deportations of Israel CThomas. J.L.). (*37) 
D8.48 6d. Covenant 

Laws: Anct. Codes and Laws of Near East. Ed.&Tr. Driver 

& Miles, J.C. C35) D8.560. 35 /- Oxf. 

Laws, Contracts, and Letters. Babylonian and (Johns). 17/- 

T.& T.Clark 

Medical Texts. Pt.l (Thompson, R.C.). C24) R8.34. sd.2/6 


Medical Texts (Thompson, R.C.). ('23) 4to.8. 107pl. 42/- Ox/. 

Medical Texts, from Brit. Mus. (Thompson, R.C.). C23) 4to.ll6. 

42 /- Oxf. 

Monuments, Inscriptions in the Cuneiform Character from, 

discovered by Sir A. H. Layard. C51) Fol. 2 1/- B.M.: K.Paul 

Sculptures (Gadd). ('34) 8vo. 18ill. sd.1/6 B.M.: K.Paul 

Sculptures from Shalmeneser III to Senachcril. Ed.Gadd. ('38) 

4to 19. 69pl. 27/6 B.M.: K.Paul 
Astardbdd, Mdzandartn and (Rabino). 37/6 Luzac 
Astarte (Lovelace). ('21) M8.364. le. 63 /- Christophers 
Astenas (Chadwick). C23) M8 viii.63. L.M.B.C.S. 10/- L'pool, U .P. 
Asteroids. Calculation of Orbits of (Williams, K.P.). D8. 24/- 

Prmclpia:Wnn & N. 
Asthma (Coke w. Coke). 2e.C39) SD8.278. 111. 15/- J Wright 

Bronch., Diagn. and Treatmt. of (Gay). ('47) MS.x.334. 4pl. 

SOfigs. 38/6 Batlliere 

Bronchial. Treat, of (Derbcs *. Englchardt). ('46) M8.466. 111. 

65 /- Llppincott 

Modern Treatment of (Banszky). ('50) G18.136. 10/6 J Wnxht 

Treatment of (Douthwaite). C30) C8.vni.164. 7/6 H.K.Lewn 
Asthmatic Child (Walker. G F.). C50) SD8.20. III. 2/6 J Wrlsht 
Aston Hall Booklet. (*48) C8 12. Sill, sd.l/- B'ham MM. 

Hall. Pict. Bk. of. C50) C8. Mill, sd.1/6 B'ham.Mw. 
Astonished Heart: Play (Coward). C8 48. sd.1/6 S.French 

Ostrich: Play (Menzies). sd.4/- S French 

Astonishing Advent, of Jane Smith (Wcntworth). n.e.CSO) sCS.192 
sd.1/6 Melroie 

Hist, of Troy Town (Couch). (*28) sCS.280. Duchv e.5/- Dent 

History of Troy Town (Couch. A. O.-). C50) sCS.222. sd 1/6 


Ladder (Blvton). (*50) C8.192. lOOcol ill 6/- Macmillan 
Astounding Dr Yell (Knight. L.A ) C50) C8. 7/6 S.Low 

Astral Body. Proiection ol the (Muldoon <ft Carrington). 4cC29) 
D8.242. llpl. 18/- Rider 

Plane (Lcadbeater) C49) D16 sd.1/6; 2/- Theowph.Pub. 

Wld (Panchadasi). F8.94. sd4/ft Fowler 

Astray in Torest (Ratlev). C35) C8.128. Contln. Story Rdrg 2/6* 

Astro Bio-Chemistry (Sawtell) sD8.56. sd.3/6 True Health 

Diagnosis (Hemdcl). C8.482 22/6 Fowler 

Astrolabe. Bvzantme, at Brescia (Dalton). R8. Br.Ac. 2/- Oxf 
Astrologer (Barcvnska). n.c.C'48) F8 176. 1/6 Rich 

The (Hyams). C50) 9/6 Longmam 
Astrologer's Day (Narayan) C47) C8. 8/6 Eyre 
Astrological Aspects (Carter. C.E.O.). C8.160. 6/6 Fowler 

Essavs (Leo). C09) C8.viii.372. 6/- Internal. Pub. Co. 
Astrology (Jones. M E.). D8437. 22/6 Fowler 

("Wvnn"). C8.317. 7/6 Fowler 

and Ductless Glands (Heindel). C8.34. sd.2/6 fowler 

and Prediction (Rogers, C.F.). C48) F8.96. Vicwpts.S. bds.2/6 


Directional, of Hindus as propounded in Vimshottarl Daaa 

(Relc) 4e(*35) 140. 3fis. bds.6/6 K Paul 

Essays on Foundations of (Carter. C.E O.). C8.179 10/6 Fowler 

Fixed Stars and Constellations in (Robson) 2e. 12mo.264. 20/- 


for All (Leo). 7e C46) C4 x.336. 25/- Internat.Pub Co 

Fresh Side Lights on (Adam). ('16) C8.100. <./- Internal .Pubn Co. 

Horarv (I ro). R 16. 139 sd 3/6 Fowler 

Horary (luce). C8 171. sd 11/6 Fowler 

How to Learn (Jones. M.E.). D8.179. 11 /ft Fowler 

in Epigram (Margersan) D16. 2/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

Link Between Two Worlds (Hall. E.S.) ('25) C8.59. sd 1/6 

Medical (Leo). R 16. 108. sd.3/6 Fowler [Watkinx 

Medical (Raphael), limp 12 96. 3/6 Fouhham 

Mondane (Leo). R16.125. Fd.V6 Fowler 

Mundane (Raphael). Hmp32.80 3/f> Foulsham 

Practical (Leo). 4e.C38) C8.xii.224. 7/6 Internet Pub. Co 

Psychological, Encyclopaedia of (Carter. C.E.O.). C8. 7/6 


Science of (Hartley). C48) D8.126. d. 8/6 Qu //./ 

Simplified Scientific (Heindel). C8 198. 15/- Fowler 

Astro Navigation (Chichcster). Pts.1-4 Observer's S. Pts.1-3 ca2/6; 
Pt.44/6; complete c 10/- Allen & U 

Navigation, A.B.C. of Practical (Vandcrvofd). C46) D8.55. bds. 

6/- Pitman 

Navigation, Tables for Comm. Tanaem Method (Bem"t& 

Timberlake). ('45) 4to.ii.108. sd.7/6 Hcffer 
Astronome, Spherical Stellar Chan (Grimwood) suRR 1/6 Allen 

& V. 
Astronomer, the. Francis Baily (Smith, L G.H II -). C3R) DK. sd 

I/- R. Smith 

Man and (Gill. Sir D.). Ed.Forbes. D8. Ill.P. 12/- J Murrav 

Starman and. C47) 18.40. Scout Badge S. sd.9d. Brown. S < >n & F. 
Astronomical Air Navigation (Hadingham). 2e.C45) 1C8.144 Ill.d. 

14 /- Tech. P. 

Association. British, Handbook of. C50> 5/- Br. Action 

Association, Memoirs of. v.36,No.3&4. Lunar: Mars. ca7/6 Br. 


Chart. Soochow (Rufus & Tien). C45) Imp6.10 2pl. 10/6 

Michigan U.P.:Oxf. 

Ephemeris, Nautical Almanac and. ('50) R8. sd.15/-: Abr.e.6/- 


Horizon (Jeans). -Dcncke Lect.1944. 2/6 Oxf 





Astronomical Navigation (Smart). (*42) D8.120. 51d. bds.5/- Longmans 

Navigation Made Easy (Ferguson, G.W.). (*4f>) D8.70. 5/- 


Navigation Tables. 15v. R8. sd.7/6-10/6 Air Mtn. :H.M.S.O. 

Navigation Without Maps (Mieville). ('45) 8vo.ix,26. lings. 

sd.3/- N.Y.: Macmillan 

Photography for Amateurs (Waters). ('21) C8.96. 6/- Gill 
Astronomy (Baker, R.H.). 5c.('50) M8.x,526. ISfigs. 36/- V. 

Nostrand : Macmillan 

(Fisher.C.& Lockwood). ('40) D8.205. 111. 22/- Wiley: Chap. &. H. 

(Hinks). 2e.('36) F8. H.U.L. 3/6 Oxf. 

(Russell. H.N..Dugon, E.,Stewart). vl. r.c.('45) D8.502. Ill.d.tabs. 

v.2. n.e.('38) D8.53I. Ill.d.tabs. ea.32/- Ginn 

(Skilling & Richardson). 2e.C47) D8.692. 308ftgs.4M. 28/- Chan. 

Ancient Chinese (Chatley). 8vo.8. sd.t/- Luzac [&H. 

Basic (Salzcdo). (*34) Pott8.96. Psyche Min.S. 3/6 Basic English 

Cent, of (Armitage). C50) 8 '6 S.Lo* 

Concise History of (Doig). (*50) D8.320. 21 /- Chap.* 11. 

Copernicus and Reformation of (Armitage). ('50) D8.24. sd 1/7 

Hist. Assn. 

Easy (Homer). r.e.('44) Post8.140. 34ill 3/- BrownSon & P. 

Easy Outline of (Davidson). n.e.('46), 112. 14ill Thinkers- 

Lib. 2/6 Watts 

Elementary, Heat. Light, etc. (Anniss). ('33) 239. New Pract. 

Phys. 5/6 GreKK 

Elements of (Fait) 4e ('44) D8.386. 30/- McGraw 

Field. Survey and. Hints to Travs. v.l (Reeves), r.c. sqC8. 16/- Geoz.Soc :J. Murray 

First Steps in (Burns. P. K). ('44) C8.244. d 6/6* Ginn 

for Beginners (Davidson). ('48) F8.X.150. 49ill. Thinkers' Lib. 

2/6 Watt* 

for Surveyors (Oxlcy & Shearer). ('29) CK.x.208. 36d. 9/6 

for Surveyors. Elts. of (Chapman. R.W.). 1C&.X.255. SOill. 12/- 


Foundation of (Smart). ('42) D8.vii.268. 119d. 17/6 LonmiG/i'v 

Frontiers of (Evans, D.S.). ('46) C8.176. III. Intro to Sci.S. 6/- 


Greek (Health). ('32) 1C8.248. Gk.Thought S. 10/6 Dent 

Introduction to (Baker, R.H.). 3e.('47) Fr. 15figs. 

26/- V.Novtrand'.MacmtWm 

Mathematical, Elementary (Barlow & Brvan). r Jones, H.S. 5r.e. 

C44),388. 170figs. 13/6* Univ.Tnt 

' MathemMtical, Elements of (Davidson). C47) DR.224. Fr. Sci.A 
Tech.Pubns. 15 /- Hutchison 

Navigation and, for Students (Allison). C48) DR 440. 162d.3ch. 

25 /- Harrap 

of Stellar Energy and Decay (Johnson, MA C50) D8 216. 4i!l 

22d. 16/- Faber 

Practical (Hosmcr). r.Robbms. 4r.e.('48) D8.355. 111. 40/- WHev: 

Prnct'CJ'l (Nassau). 2e.('48) 42/6 McGraw \Chap &. H. 

Practical, of Fixed Stars (Lasson). M8.16. sd I/- Fowler 

Simply Explained (Murray. F.W.). ('26) C8 62. 59d. sd.1/6 

Brown, Son &. F. 

Source Book in (Shapley & Howarth). ('29) 42/6 McGraw 

Spherical. Text-Book on (Smart). 4e.('44) DS.xn.430 149figs. 

21 /- Camb. 

Stellnr, Astrophysics and (Russell, H.N..Dugan & Stewart), n.e. 

C38) DR.531. Ill.d.tabs. v.2. Astronomv. 32/- Ginn 

Stellar. Outline of (Doig). ('47) P8.176. Ill Sci & Tech.Pubns. 

10/6 Hutch in<on 

To-day (Smart). 1C8. 111. Pag.of Prog S. 6/- Oxf. 

Treatise on (Godfrnv) ('34) D8 xvi.320. FIRS 12/6 Marmillan 
Astrophysics and Stellar Astronomy (Russell, H.N.& Dugan.A 

Stewart). n.c.('38) DS.531. Ill.d tabs v.2. Astronomy 32 /- Ginn 

Theoretical (Rosseland). ('36) R8.376. Internat.Monogs.on 

Phvs. 25 /- Oxf. 

Astudiacthau (Jones, T.B ). C8.178. 7/6 Educ.Pub. 
Asvaghosa (Low). (*46) 8vo.ix.92 bds.5/6 Luznr 
Asvlum, Inside (Vincent). ('48) C8.115. 6/- Allen <t H . 

Island (Brown. H.). ('50) C8.232. 10/6 Methuen 

At Abdon Burf (Evans, S.). ('32) CR.194. 3/ft Heath.C. 

the Beginning of the Way (Navlor). ('42") D16. sd.6d Meth. 

the Brip End: Plav (Aspold). C28) C8. 1/6 Deane [Youth 

the Bus-Stop: Duologue. C8.16. sd 1/6 S French 

the Cedars (Hocking). ('49) CR.224. 8/6 Bles 

Close of Eve (Scott. J.). n e C49) D8.226. 6/- Jarrolds 

Close Ouaners (Murray, A.C.). C46) D8. 111. 9/- J.Murray 

Close Ouaners (Tavlor. J.E.). C49) C8. 9/6 S.Low 

the "Coach and Horses": Play (Armstrong, A.). (*31) C8. 

1/6 Denne 

Couns of Great Canficld, Essex. Ed.Eland. ('49) D8.190. 15pl. 

10/- Oxf. 

Cross Purposes: Play (Rose). C8 14. sd.1/3 S.French 

Cross-Ror>ds (Miller, D.B.). C38) C8.72. 2/6 C.W.Daniel 

Dawn I Die (Corbett). C49) C8.256. 8/6 Jenkins 

the Easel (Leopold) D8.230. 17/- McGraw 

the Eleventh Hour (Rutley). C50) C8. 4pl. 6/6 Blackie 

the Fall of the Leaf: Play (Corrie). C8.32. sd.1/6 S.French 

the Feet of the Master (Knshnamuni). D32. sd.6d.; cl.l/- 

Theosoph. Pub 

First Sight (Burchell). C50) C8 T92. 8/6 Mills & B. 

Foot of Cotswolds (Boole). ('23) R16.32. sdl/- C.W Daniel 

the Foot of Wooden Hill (Bartlett). ('48) C8.78. Fr. 51HI. 6/- 


Freedom's Door (Darling). C49) D8.384. Rpl M. 2 1/- Indin-Oxf. 

the Gai-Moulin. Battle of Nerves and (Simcnon). ('50) sC8.286. 

sd.1/6 Penguin 

the Gate:: Play (Richmond, S.). C30) CR. 1/3 Deane 

the Gate of the Prison (Anon.). (*27) C8.112. 4/6 Heath.C. 

the Golden Ram: Play (PeachV D8.26. sd.1/6. S.French 

Golgotha: Play (Eagles). ('36) C8.48. sd.9d. Epworth 

At Grandmother's House (Tippett). ('40) Impl6.80. Col. ill. |cl.I/6; 
limp 2/- Harrap 

Grips with Everest (Snaith). ('46) C8.240. 111. 6/- Percy 

the Half Moon Inn: Play (Tanner). C34) C8. 1/6 Deane 

Henry's House (Tippett). ('40) Irnpl6.72. Col. ill. |cl.l/6*; limp 

2/-* Harrap 

High Mass (Aloysius). ('46) D16.78. sd.l/- M.H Gill 

His Feet (Concannon). C48) F8.118. 3/6 M H.Gill 

Holy Communion (Durham). D16. 2/- Seelev 

Home. ('47) C8.32. III. Activity Rdrs.S sd.1/3 Fvam 

Home (Allan, E.V.). Pam & Tom Bks. IstS. 6d * Oxf. 

Home Among Atoms (Kendall). ('29) C8.xvi.270. 16pl.63figs. 

8/6 G.Bell 

Home and Abroad. 2e.('39) C8.xi,244. 89ill. Gcog. for To-day S. 

4/9* Longmans 

Home and Abroad. Ed.Pritchard. ('34) C8.256. New Eng.Rdrs. 

4/-* Harrap 

Home in Distant Lands OVoung, E.). ('33) Impl6.96. 30pl. 

Kingsway Geog. S. sd.2/-: limp 2/3 F.vani 

Home in Tyrone (Marshall. R.L.). ('44) C8 94. 5/- Quota 

Home on the Range (Potter). 12mo. 24/- Ltppimott 

Home with Income Tax (Harris, R.W) 8/6 Stone AC. 

John Murray's: Records of a Lit Circle 1843-92 (Paston) 

C32) M8. 16ill. 16/- J. Murray 

King Arthur's Court. 64. Stories fr. Fam Picts. sd.9d.*; cl.l/-* 


the Lord's Table (Wilson, H A ). C27) 2/6 ChBk.Rm. 

Low Mass (Aloysius). C48) D16.220. sd.3/-; cl 4/6 M H.Gill 

Mme. Isabel's Play (Holden). C32) C8.24. sdl/- Oliver 

Mrs. Beam's: Plav (Munro). DR. 72 sd.l/- S. French 

Mv Side (Blackwell). ('43) D8.71. 2/6 Greater Win 

a New Dawning: Plav (Talbot). C8. sdl/6 S.Frenth 

One (Palmer). C50) C8 120 sd.2/9 SPC.K 

Peace About God and Death (Paine). f48) C8.24. sd.9d. 


the Registry Office: Monologue (Fisk). CS R sd 9d S French 

the Ribbon Counter: Piny (Jennings). CS.19 sd1/3 S. French 

Rise of Cunain: Plays (Adkins). sC8 152. Til. 4/6 Harrap 

School (Tippett). ('40) Impl6. 48col ill. Jc!1/3*; limp 1/6* 


Sea. Ed.Crosland. (*38) 1CR 32. 111. sd.^1 * Colllw 

the Seaside (Hume) C50) Col. ill. H;ippv Storit-s S. 1/4* Blackie 

the Seaside (Roc). C8.48. Col. ill. Fundam.Rdg.S. sd.l/-* Tw/v. 

Lend \Deune 

the Sign of the Bluebell: Play (Churchcr) (M3) C8. 1/6 

Sipn of Cdt and Racket (Bal/ac). Tr.Bell, C. sC8.xii,278. Ev'man 

S. 4/6 Dent 

the Sign of the Dolphin (Groudge). C47) 1C8.M4 12/6 Hrxider 

Sign of Reine Pc"dauauc (France). Tr. Jackson, Mrs. W. sCB.xii. 

461. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

the Silver Swan: Musical Play (Samuek.Mackay. P.,Bolton. 

etc.). sd.3/- S. French 

Slicvc Gullion's Foot (Murphv). ('41) D8.116. Ifiill. 7/6 


the Snob-Court Hotel: Plav (Forwood). C31) C8. 1/6 Deane 

Stanton's Folly (Williams. V.M.). Grade 3.64. III. Bright Storv 

Rdrs.S. sd.lOd.* E.J.Arnold 

Starting Price (Gould). C50) sCS.144. Racing Lib. Rd.l/- 


the Steamie: Plav (Kennedy. A.), sd 9d McQueen 

Such and Such a Time (Evans, H.T.). C8216. Ill Periodic Hist. 

S. 3/6* Educ.Pub. 

Tabivat-1-Watanujyya (Shahla & Shafiq Gcha). C8 114. sd 12/- 


Temple Church (Wood, S.). Schol. as Preach.S. 9/- T.&T.Clark 

That Time (Lawson) ('49) TC8.127 111 8/6 Heinw nn 

the Theatre- Monologue (Fisk). C8 8. sd.9cl. S French 

Tweecllc's Farm (Kent, M.). C49) C8.760. Til 4/- M-icmillan 

Uplands Farm. ('48) 1C4.24. Col. ill. E E Sopcr limp 1/6 


the Villa Rose (Mason. A.E.W.). n.e. C8.224. 5/ loader 

the Villa Rose (Mason, A.E.W.). (*50) C8.176. Pilot S. 2/9* 


Wood's Edge (Lindsav. M.). ('50) C8.52 5/- Serif 

Work in Britain (Young. E.). ('33) Impl6.112. 50pl. Kingswav 

Gcog.S. sd.2/-; limp 2/3 Evam 

Work in Many Lands (Young. E.). C33) Impl6 96. 50pl. Kings- 

way Gcog.S. sd.2/-; limp 2/3 Evans 

the Zoo. Picture Book. ('49) sM8.16. 16col.ill. Acorn S. sd.2/6 

Nutt & Co 
Atala (Chateaubriand). Ed.Kuhus. C29) 4/6* Harmp {Oxf. 

and Ren6 (Chateaubriand). Ed Stewart, C. ('26) C8.200. 8/- 
Atalanta aiargrcaves). ('49) C4.224. 7ill.(4col.). 30 /- Hutchlnxon 

in Calydon (Swinburne). Ed.BIackie. ('30) G18.xxiv,86. 2/9 


in Wimbledon (Dunsany). C29) C8.42. sd.1/6 Putnam 
Atalanta's Race, etc. (Morris, W.). Pott8.192. Kings Treas.S. 1/10* 

Atcham Rural District Guide. Ed.Garrett. ('49) C8.68. 13HI. 

bds.l/- U.S.H. 

Atsof a Mvfyr (George). G18.220. 10/- Educ.Pub. 
Atgofion: Play (Jones. B..) 1/3 Gomerian 

Tri Chwarter Canrif (Williams, J.L.). 4/- Gomerian 

Ath^lie (Racine). Ed.Clarke. G.H. Fr Plavs S. limp 1/9* Blackie 

(RadneX Ed.Eve. F8.xl.156. Pitt P.S. 3/6* Comb. 

(Racine). Ed.Brettc. C8.109. Fr.Class.S. sd.1/6* Hachette 

(Racine). Ed.Roach. C48) Fr.Class S. 3/6* Harrap 
Athanasian Creed (Burn). ('00) F8.120. Oxf.Ch.Text.Bks. 3/- 


Creed in Twentieth Century (Taylor. R.O.P.). 6/- T.&T.Clark 

Pseudo-, Letter. Armenian Versian of (Casey). ('47) MS.x.78. 

Stud.& Docts.S. 15 /- Christophers 





Athanasius, DC Incarnatione of. Pt, I: Long Recension MSS. 

(Ryan). ('45) M8.xii,126. Stud.& Docts.S. 15/- Christophers 
-De Incarnatione. Pt. II: Sht. Recension MSS. (Casey). (*46) 

M8.I.86. Stud.A Docts.S. 15/- Christophers 

St.. on the Psalms. (*50) F8.76. bds.3/6 Mowbray 
Athar-al-Falsafar al Islamiyah (Farrukh). 8vo.l5. sd.2/6 Lutac 
Atharva-Vcda. Hymns of. Tr.Bloomfield. D8. Sac.Bks.of E. 21/- 


Athen e Cantab. (Cooper. C.H.&T.). ( f !3) 3v. ea.DS. 3v.21/- 

Cantab. (Cooper, C.H.). C58-'61) 2v. C8.589. 36/- Deighton 
Athenian Empire, rise of (Thucydides). From Bk.l. Ed.Colson. 

C84) Pott8xvi,ll 8. 17figs. 2/6 Macmlllan 

Expounders of Sacred and Ancestral Law (Oliver). (*50) 

M8.194. 40/- Johns Hopkins V. P.: Oxf. 

Vases. Red-Figured (Richter). ('36) D4.300. 181pl.34figs.83ill. 

L.F.Hall. 2v.10/10/- Yale U.P. :Oxf. 

Vases, White. Designs from, in the B.M. (Murray. A.S.& 

Smith. A.H.). C96) Fol. 27pl. cl.25/-; iL.30/- B.M.:K.Paul 
Athenians in Sicily (Thucvdides). Ed.Compton. 6e. C8.xliv.238. 111. 

Class.Inter.S. 3/6* G.Bell 
Athcnicnsium Rcspublica (Aristotle). Bd.Kenyon. ('20) C8. Oxf. 

Class. Texts. 7/6 Oxf. [Oxf. 

Athens. Ancient. Potter and Painter in (Bcazley). R8. Br.Ac. 7/6 

and Greek Miracle (RodocanachO. C48) D8.ix.194. 12/6 


Constitution of (Aristotle). Ed.& Tr.Fntz & Kapp. (*50) CS.lxvi. 

233. 13/- Hafner 

Hellenistic (Ferguson). (Ml) D8.xviii,488. 15/- Macmlllan 

Modern. ('50) SG18.40. sd.2/6 Stewart 

Pericles and (Burn). ('48) 1F8.314. Fr.2m. T.Y.Hist.S. S/- Eng. 


Primitive, as Described by Thucydides (Harrison. I.E.). ('06) 

D8.xii.170. 51 ill. 12/6 Camb. 

Theatre of Dionysius in (Cambridge). ('46) R8.306. 141ill.3pl. 

30 /. Oxf. 

Athetic Philosophy Axioms and Postulates of (Tamer). ('16) C8.8. 
sd.l/- Deighton 

Philosophy. Some Remarks on Axioms and Postulates of 

(Tarner). ('22) C8.44. 2/6 Deighton 

Athlete, Master-at-Arms, Ropcspmner and Marksman. ('50) C8.64. 
Scout BadgeS. sd.l/- Brown,Son&F. 

Sex and the (Trevor). 4e.('50) 40. 2/6 Trevor 

Young (Tisdall & Sheric). 4/- Blackie 

Athletes of God (Hughson). ('40) C8.432. 10/6 S.P.C.K. 

Scientific Massage for (Clarke, B.M.). 4e. C8.70. 20H1. sd.2/6 


Athletic and Football Club Trainers, Medical Handbook for 
(Jams). C50) D4.144. 111. 10/6 Faber 

Injuries (Thorndikc). 3r.c.('48) C8.243. 114U1. 26/- Kimpton 

Records and Results (1937) (Abrahams). C8. Mod.Sports S. 

sd 1/6: cl.2/6 Seelev 

Sports (Vergil). C8 x,88. Simpl.Lat.Class.S. 1/6* G Bell 

Training (Hansen). Tr.Holtzc. ('48) D8.iv.59. 111. 7/6 Methuen 

Training. Oxford Pocket Book of (Duncan). ('48) F8.84. 5/- 


Athletics (Duckett). ('38) M8.40. 111. How to Succeed S. sd.l/- 

(Hansen). Tr.Holtze. 2e.('47) C8.X.121. lOOill. 10/6 Methuen 

Ed .Marshall. H. ('37)r.e. 1C8.352. Ill.d. Mod.Spons S. 10/6 


(Webster. F.A.M.). ('48) D8.241. III. 30/- Pitman 

ot Ancient World (Gardiner, E.N.). (*30) R8.256. 25ill. 40/- 


Physical Training. Games and, in Schools (Davies. M.B ). 7r.e. 

C8. d. 9/6* Allen & V, 

Rowing and (Fisher. B.C.). C48) C8.ii,74. bds.3/- Heffer 

Track and Field (Brcsnahan & Tuttle). 2e.('47) R8.551. 74ill. 

35 /- Kimpton 

Track and Field (Lowe), n.e ('50) 143. Games S. 7/6 Pitman 
Athos. Beards of, 6,000 (Brewstcr). ('35) D8.220. 16ill. 12/6 

" Atis." German Popular Play, and Venetian Opera (Beare). 

C38) D8.xii.82. 5pl. 7/6 Camb. 
Atlantic Adventure (O'Brien, C.). C8.256. 4ill.endp.d. 6/- Harrap 

Battle of. Sept.. 1939-May. 1943 (Morison). ('47) D8.492. 16pl. 

30ch. Hist. of U.S. Naval Ops. Wld.War II. I. 42/- Oxf. 

Civilization (Kraus). ('49) M8.348. 30/- Cornell V .P.: Oxf . 

Consts, N., Glaciological Research on the (Ahlmann). ('48) 

C4. figs.M.d. 7/6 Geog.Soc.'.J.Murrnv 

Crossing (Knight. G.W.). n.e.('39> D8 352. Fr. 5/- Dent 

Hemisphere (Fairgneve & Young. E.). Human GeoRS.S. 6/6 G. 


I Flv (Menrlcs). C50) C8.53. Ill limp 3/-* Pitman 

Interlude (Hall. J.F.). C50) 1C8.240. 10/6 Hutchinson 

Islands (Williamson. K.). ('48) D8.360. 111. 16/- Collins 

North (Coles). ('50) D8.152. 8col pi. 12/6 R.Ross 

North, Deep-Sea Sounding Expedition in (Peakc). R8. 51- 

Geog.Soc.-.J Murrav \Geog.Sor.-J Murrav 

Ocean, N., Floor of the (Murray. Sir J.& Peake). R8. M. 5/- 

Ordeal (Huxley). ('41) C8. 4/- Chatto 

Pact. Ed.Boyd & Mcrtson. ('49) D8 100. 8/6 rfutchin\on 

Seaboard of North America (Hcaton). 69. 7ill.35M.andd. limp 

1/6* H.Russell 

Svstcm (Davis, F.). D8.330. 15/- Allen A U. 

Wings Over (Walker. R.). C45) lC8.viii.182. 4ill. 5/- Black 
Atlantis (Donnelly). Ed.Svkcs. C50)D8. 111. 18/- Sidg.4J. 

Myth (Bellamy). ('48) 1C8.168. 2M. 10/6 Faber 

to Thames, From (Ryan). D8. 2/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

Will Europe Follow (Spence). C42) C8.192. 10/6 Rider 
Atlas, Advanced Modern. Ed.Matheson & Kermock. sD4.68. bds. 

6/9* W. Johnston 

Atlas. All Essentials Schl. 1G14.48. bds.3/6*; London ed.w.Suppt.4/-* 

and Gazetteer. Handy World. Ed. Bartholomew. ('50) Pott8. M. 

3/6 Ward, Lock {Bacon 

and Guide to London. Up-to-Date: 3"-lm. G18. limp 6/- 

Bible. Westminster Smaller. 3e.('47) sR8.24. 16M. sd.2/6 S.C.M. 

British Isles Pocket.: l-10Mm. 3e.('48) sPottS. 120M. 4/- 


Clarion. 2e.('48) Welsh e.('50) C4.64. M. ca.bds.3/4* Collau 


Classical for Schools. Ed.Grimdy. ('04) fol. 15/- J.Murray 

Clear School. D6. 48M. bds.2/3 Collins 

Colour (Domineuez & Villalobos). 38pl. 10. Hafner 

Contour, and Geography, Student's Own. 2pts. ('26) R6. sd.1/6* 

1/3* Grant Educ. 

County Council School. M4. bds. 3/10* G.Philip 

Dual Contour. 1C4.56. Col.M. bds. 2/9* Scot.e.bds.3/-* 


Elementary. C4.16. 16col.M. sd.1/2* McDougnll 

Elementary, of Comparative Geog. Ed.Goodall. ('50) M4.64. 

bds.3 /4 Philip & T. 

Essential World. 1C4.16. 8U1.24M. bds.2/-: cl.3/- Collins 

Exercise Bk., Bilingual (Malan). C50) R6.80. M. 4/6 Juta 

First (Stamp). r.e.('49) C4 40. Col M. 2/- G Gill 

for Australia and N.Z., Oxf. Schl. 2/3* Oxf. 

for India, Burma, and Ccvlon. Oxf. Schl. (.Bartholomew). 13c. 

('46) 4to.64. M.d. Rs.1.8 India: Oxf. 

for West Afr.. Pathfinder. 2c.('50) C4.48. sd.3/- Collins: 


Graphic. r.e.('50) sD4.64. 8J11.64M. 8/6 Collins 

Guide to London and its Outer Districts, ABC Pckt. 17r.e. 

C50) D8. limp 6/6 G Philip 

Historical (Dale of Rennard). ('41) 4/6 Juta 

Historical Anc.. Med. and Mod. Ed.Muir. R. (*38) 32/6* 

G. Philip \G. Philip 

Historical. Intermediate. 13c.('49) M6. sd.2/9*; limp 3/6* 

Historical Med. and Modern. Ed.Goodall. 7c.('47) D4. 27/6* 


Historical, of Indian Peninsula (Davies, C.C.). ('49) C4.96. 

47M. 6/- India, Oxf. 

Historical, Primary. ('33) M6. sd.1/6*; limp 1/9* G Philip 

Historical, to Bible. Westminster. Ed. Wright, G.E. t Filson. 

2e.('46) Ilmp4.114. 77H1.35M. 40/- S.C.M. 

Historico Espanol (Pidal). ('41) suR4.45. 42M. 15/- Bailev 

Holmes' Clean Schl. ('36) G18. Small c. 1/4; Senr.e.2/8 Holmes 

Holmes' Up-to-date. ('37) C4.36. Forth and Clyde c. sd.1/11; 

Inverness e. sd.2/- Holmes 

Imperial Gazetteer of India (Bartholomew). n.e.('31) 17/6 Oxf. 

Intermediate Schl. Ed. Bartholomew. D4.40M. limp 3/6. cl.3/9 

Irish Students. D4.60. sd.5/- Educ.Co.Irelmd [Meikleiohn 

Junior. C4.20. 20M.(16col.). sd.1/6* McDougall 

Junior Schl. 1G18.32. sd.2/3* Bacon 

Large Print. Pott4.16. sd.1/6 Educ. Co. Ireland 

Library, of Physical, Polit. and Econ. Geog. 5e.(*47) 20. 32/6 


Modern Schl. sD4.40. sd.3/9*; limp 4/3*. Loc.eld.-3d. ext 

W Johnston 

Modern School, of Comp. Geog. Ed.Goodall. 41e.('50) M4. 

185col.M. and d. 8/6* G Philip 

Modern Teaching. Ed.Johnston, W.D. & Midgley. 2e.(*48) 54. 

4/6 Juto 

Modern World. 32col.M. III. sd.1/6 G.Phtlip 

New Era Schl. C4. sd.1/10*: 1/11*; limp 2/6*; Loc.e.ld.- 

3d. cxt. W John* ton 

New Scripture. M4. 16col pi. sd.1/9* G Philip 

Ocfenmgbock, Twcctalige (Malan). (*50) 4/6 Juta 

of Acts and Epistles. ('14) sd.2/-*; bds.2/6* G.Philtp 

of Amcr., Lit. and Hist. (Bartholomew). r.Mckee. sC8.xiv.242. 

Col.M. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

of American History (Adams. J.T.). ('43) R8.300. 144M. 50/- 


of Amputations (Slocum). (*49) D4.562. 564HI. 7 Kimpton 

of Anatomy (Gram, J.C.B.). ('47) D4.xxvi.496. 59 Ings. 84/- 
. Bailliere 

of Anatomy and Physiol. of Fem. Gcner. Organs and of 

Pregnancy. Ed. Giles. 3e.('43) 1C4. 111. 5/- Boilliere 

of Anatomy and Physiol. of Fem. Human Body (Dupuy). 

Ed.Biss. 3e.('49) 17* x 9r. Col. ill. 5/6 Bnilliere 

of Anatomv and Phvsiol. of Male Human Body. (Dupuy). 

Ed.Biss. 3e.('49) 17* x 9{". Col. ill. V6 Bnilliere 

of Anatomy for Nurses (Lakeland). C4.88. 15/- Anzus 

of Ancient and Class. Geog. r.e.('33) sC8.xiv.268. M. Ev'man 

S. 4/6 Dent 

of Ancient and Classical Hist. (Muir, R. & Philip). ('38) D4 d. 6/6* G.Philip 

of Bacteriology (Low. R.C. & Dodds). ('47) R8. 168col.ill. 

32 /ft E.& S Liv. 

of Blood and Bone Marrow (Custer). (*49) Ilmp8.321. 288111. 

(42col.). 75 /- Snunders 

of Blood in Children (Blackfan & Diamond). ('44) Imp8.334. 19ch. 50/- C' with Fund: Oxf. 

of Brit. Emp. (Stcmbridge). C44) C8. 20M. I/-* Oxf. 

of Brit. Isles, Survey Gazetteer and 1/10" 1 m. 9e. 1C4. 52/6 


of Cardiovascular Diseases (Treigcr). ('47) D4.180. 244ill(ll col.). 

70 /- Kimpton 

of Cat Anntomy (Horsburgh & Heath). 3e.('50) 4to,40. 43d. 10/- 

Stanford U.P.:Oxf. 

of Commoner Skin Diseases (Scmon). 3e.('46) SC4.352. 

50/- J Wright 

of Comparative Geography, Elementary. Ed.Goodall. 89c.('49) 
M4. bds.3/4* G.Philip 





Atlas of Comparative Geography. New School Atlas of. Ed.Goodall. 
40e.('50) M4. 7/-* C. Philip 

of Dental Extractions (Wallis). 2e.('19) R8.26. llpl. 6/- Churchill 

of Drawings for Chordate Anat. (Eddy). ("49) D4. 189figs. sd. 

28 /- WHey.Chap.&H. 

of Econ. Geography (Bartholomew & Lydc). 3r.c.('28) 4to.l66. 

(74 of M.). 10/6 Oxf. 

of Eng. and Empire History (Bowman). ('37) Pott4.32. 17M. sd. 

1 / 3 : limp 1 / 6 Macmillan 

of Eng. and Wales, Survey: i" 1m. 2e.('39) 18" x 24". 77pl. |L. 

7/10/- Bartholomew 

of Fairyland (Cobb). C48) R4.24.& 24col.ill. sd.1/6 Hutchison 

of Fungi (Kavina) C47) 1M4.160. 124ill.(24col.). 42/- Lincoln* 

of Geography (Cumberland). 7r.c.('50) D4.72. M. 4/6 


of G.B. and Ireland: Age 9-12. 4e. C4. sd.1/6*; 1/7*; limp 2/-*. 

loc.e. Id. - 3d. ext. W .Johnston 

of Head Sections (Macewen). ('93) D4. 53pl. 70/ Jackson 

of Human Anatomy (Anson). (*50) R6.518. 1301ill.(93col.). 57/6 


of Human Anat. (Woerdcman). ('50) 2v. ca.440,19:584,40. 665: 

642 ill. 63 /- Buttwth. 

of Human Anat. for Students and Physicians (Toldt & Rosa). 2v. 

('19) D4.1028. 1505figs. set 6/3/6 N.Y.: Macmillan 

of Human Sex Anat. (Dickinson). 2e.('50) D4.viii.158. 214pl. 

76/6 BaiMfre 

of India (Lorenzo). C43) C8.32. 16M. Oxf .Pamp.Ind. Affairs, l/- 


of Indian History. Oxford Pictorial (Kini & Ruo). 5e.('45) C4.64. 

flgs.M. Rs.1-8. India: Oxf. 

of Life of Christ. 2c.C37) sd.2/-*; bds.2/6* G.Philip 

of Mahfouz' Obstetric and Gynaecological Museum (Mahfouz). 

('49) 3v. C4.1276. 111. (some col.). 3v.9/9/- Sherratt 

of Modern Geography, Advanced. Ed. Bartholomew. r.c.('50) 

Cfol.96M. 25/-; lib.c.35/- Meiklejohn 

of Neuro-Pathology (Blackwood.Dodds & Sommcrvillc). ('48) C4. 

212. Col.ill. 35/- E.&S.Liv. 

of New Testament (Stirling) 2e.('37) D8. 5/6* G. Philip 

of Normal Labour (Robinson, G.D.). ('25) G18.8.104. 405ill. 6/- 


of Obstetric Technique (Titus). 2r.e.('49) D4.197. 111. 52/6 

of Otology (Gray. A. A.). ('33) R4.80. 92ill. 6/6/- Jackson 

of Outline Drawings for Vertebrate Anat. (liddv,Olivcr & Turner). 

('47) M4.102. 102ill. sd.22/- Wiley: Chap.& H. 

of Pathol. of Tropical Diseases (Ash & Spitz). ('45) simp. 8.350. 

941 ill (some coL). 50 /- Sounders 

of Peripheral Nerve Injuries (Lyons & Woodhall). ('49) R4.339. 

I1I.O6 col.). 80/- Sounders 

of Physical and Pol. Gcog., Comparative. Ed .Bartholomew, r.e. 

D4.80M. 8/6 Meiklejohn 

of Pract. Incision and Some Procedures (Cox, O.C.). ('47) D4. 

vin,86. 61ill.27figs. 24/- Bailliere 

of Radiographs, Descriptive (Bcrtwistle). 7r.e.('49) C4.650. 980ill. 

50 /- Kinjpton 

of Roemgenographic Positions (Merrill). ('49) 2v. 1M4.712. 1,500 

ill. 7/lO/- Kimpton 

of Scotland, Survey: i" 1m. 2e.('12) 18" x 24". iL. 6 

Bartholomew \Eabfr 

of the Sensory Cutaneous Nerves (Ibbotson). C20) 26. 13ill. 2/6 

of Surgical Approaches to Joints and Bones (Nicola). ('46) Imp8. 

viii.218. figs. 37/6 N.Y. '.Macmillan 

of Surgical Operations (Cutler & Zolhnger). 2c.('49) Imp4.226. 

106pl. 67/6 N.Y.:Macminan 

of U.S.A (Stembridgc). ('43) C8.32. 19M. Oxf.Pamp.World 

Affairs. 6d. Oxf. 

of Universal History, New School. Ed.Goodall. 18e.('48) D4. 

10/6* G.Philip 

of the War (Baker, J.N.L.). 2c.('41) C8.32. 15M. Oxf.Pamp. 

World Affairs. 6d. Oxf. 

of the World, Citizen's (Bartholomew). 9r.e.('47) 14to. 90/- 


of the World, Commercial and Economic: Age 13-17. R8. sd. 

I/-* W .Johns ton 

of the World. Compact. 3e.('50) F8. 7/6 Bartholomew 

of World, Excel. 1/6 Larky 

of World Geography, Oxford Sketch-Map (Stembridge). ('39) D4. 

80. 2/6* Oxf. 

of the World. Graphic (Bartholomew). 9r.e.('49) 1C4. 10/6 

Bartholomew [Bartholomew 

of the World, Handy Reference (Bartholomew). 15r e.C49) 25 /- 

of the World, Regional (Bartholomew). C48) Hmp8. 45 /- 


Oxford Econ. (Bartholomew). 7r.e.C'37) D4.76. 7/6* Oxf. 

Oxford, for India. Pakistan. Burma and Ceylon (Bartholomew). 

15e.('50) 4to4. Rs.2. Oxf. 

Palaeogeographical (Wills). C50) D4.64. 22M. 15/- Blackie 

Pictorial, of World. Ed. Philip. ('34) C4. sd.1/6*; bds.1/8*. Brit. 

Is.e. sd.2/2*: bds.2/5*; suppt.Sd.* G.PhtUp 

Pocket. ('48) 1C8.96. 32pl.26M. 5/- Lincolns 

Pocket. C50) C8.104. 80M. sd.4/6 G.Philip 

Record. Ed Goodall. C50) D4.340. M. 25 /- G Philip 

Road, of G.B.: l-5th" 1m. w. District Maps I" 1m. 1C4. 7/6 


School. C4.56. Col.M. bds.2/6*; Scot. e.bds. 2/9*; S.A.e.bds. 

2/6* McDougall 

School, of the World and Commonwealth of Australia and 

N.Z. (Philip). r.e.('49) C4.25. 32M. 2/6 Whitcombe 

Secondary School. M4. 90col.M. Iimp3/tl* G Philip 

Standard Irish School. D4.32. sd.2/$ Educ. Co. Ireland 

Standard. South African. 8e.C50) D4.49. M. Eng.e.A Afrlk.e. 

ea.limp4/-* Collins : Longmans 

Atlas, Star. Ed. Hurst. Madawar & Samaha. 4r.c. 5/- Schindler: 

Study. schl.e.CSO) D4.126. 26ill.M. 7/6* Col'tns: Longmans 

University (Goodall & Darbv). 6c.('48) Imp4.112. 22/6* G.Philip 

Visible Regions. 8e.('50) D4.70. 26ill.M. bds.4/10* Collins: 


Visual Contour. Ed.Philip. ('13) M6, 58col.M.and d. sd.2/-; 

bds.2/4*; limp 2/6* G.Philip 

West Indies Clear School. D6. 40M. bds.3/- Collins 

Wonder. sD4. 8ill.24M. bds.1/6 Collins 

World. 32. 2/6 Geographia 

World, for Pupils in Arab Schools. ('37) D4. 34M. Afr.A Orient. 

Lang.S. bds.5/-* Longmans 

World, Pcrma Handv. Ed. Gross. ('50) F8.190. 127M.(63col.). 

4d. Permabks.S. bds.2/6 W. H.Allen 

World Pocket/. ('49) sM16.160. 3/6 Bartholomew 

World Premier. sD4.1()0. bds.10/6* W.Johmton 

World, to Everyman's Encyclo. (Bartholomew). ('3I)r.c. 1C8.427. 

M. 25 /- Dent 
Atlases, Hist., and Hand-Maps for Use in Schools, Bibliog. of 

(Treharne). ('39) D8.24. sd.1/1 Hlst.Aisn. 
Atmosphere, The (Berry). ('13) R16. lOill. Camb.Man.S. 4/- Camb. 

Earth's, Oscillatiom of (Wilkes). C49) D8.xii.76. 23figs.9tabs. 

Math.Phys.S. 12/6 Camb. 

Electricity During Disturbed Weather (Simpson). C49) Geophys. 

Mcm.S. 3/6 Met.Off: H.M. S.O. \ll.M.S.O. 

over Benson. Structure of (Bilham). ('21) sd.9d. Met.Off.: 
Atmospheres in Heat Treatment. Controlled (Dunklcy). D8.70. 7/6 


Irrespirable, Breathing in (Davis, Sir R.H.). C47) suR8.386. III. 

(some col). 25/- St.Cath.P. 

Atmospheric Circularon over Tropical Africa. Study of (Brooks 
& Mirrlecs). ('32) Gcophvs.Mem.S. sd.2/- Met.Off. :H.M S.O. 

Conditions. Characteristic Data on Mixture of Air and Water 

Vapour for (Fmniccome). f46) C8.31. 19cl 2tabs. 2/6 Emmott 

Electricity (Chalmers). C49) D8.182. 15/- Oxf. 

Electricity and Terrestial Magnetism. Report on Observations 

(Chrec, etc.). ('24) sd.l/ Met Off. : H.M S.O. 

Electricitv at Kew, Observ. of: Results 1843-1931 (Scrase). (*33) 

Geophvs.Mem.S. sd.2/- Met.Off .:H M.S. O. 

Nitrogen. Fixation of (Knox, J -). 2r.e. 132. 4/- Oliver 

N'trogen Indus. (Wacscr). Tr.Fylcman. ('26) 8vo.772. 72111. 2v. 

42 /- Churchill 

Pollution Adv Cttce. on. Ann. Rrpo-ts 1914-1926 (Met Office). 

(Later Reports bv Dept.of Sci.& Indust. Research.) 4to. 1 /- - 6/6 

Pollution in Leicester. ('45) sd.3/- Sci.lndu<st.:H.M.S.O. 

Pollution Rcpt. C49) sd.2/6 Sci.Indi^t. H.M .S O 

Turbulence (.Sutton). ('49) F8.vui,107. 4d. Physical Subj.Mon.S. 

6/- Methuen 
Atqm.The (Hadath). III. N.Howard. 6/- Oxf. 

(Thomson. G.). 3e C47) F8 204. H U L. 5/- Oxf 

and Cosmos CReichenbach). Tr. Allen. E.S. 1C8.300. III. IO/- 

Allen d V. 

and Its Energy (Andrade). ('47) C8.xii,196. 12pl 17ftgs 10/- 

and the Wav (Browne. M ). C8. 3/6 Golhncz [G.Bell 

Church and the. C48) D8.130. sd.4/- Ch.lnfo. 

Consciousness of the (Railev. A.). ('22) D8.164. 10/6 Watkins 

God and the (Knox). 7/6 Sheed 

Mass of the (Pingriff). M8. Mod.Sci.Mem.S sd.1/3 J.Murray 

" Minor " Mark III Engine (Westbury). ('47) C8.56. 111. bds.3/- 


Nature of (Conn). 2e. x.130. 18ill. 5/6 fihckie \Harrap 

Modern Ideas of the (Lucas. S.). ('47) C8.160. 26d 2tr>bs. 6/- 

Mr. Tompkins Explores the (Gamow). (*45) F4.X.98. 22ill. 12/6 


Smashing Power of Mind (Fillmorc). F8.204. 7/6 fowler 

Structure of (Campbell. N.R.). C23) D8.X.15R Phys.S. 10/- Camb. 

to Kosmos. From (Plummcr). 14/- Theos.Bks. 

World and (Mollcr & Rasmussen). Tr.Whcclcr, G.C.& Minll. 

2r.e.('48) D8. 12/6 Allen & V. \& U. 

Atomic Age (Blacken, etc.). C49) 1C8 Hallcy Stewart Lc'-ts. 7/6 Allen 

Age. Into the (Pincher). n.e.C49) C8.160. Ill 5/- Hutchison 

and Free Radical Reactions (Stcacie). C46) M8.560. 111. ACS Mon. 

S. 68/- Reinhold:Chap.& H. 

Artillery and the Atomic Bomb (Robertson. J.K V C45) C8. 

xiv.174. 20flgs.3tabs.8pl. 18/6 V.Noitron'l:M"cmillf>n 

Bomb. Atomic Artillery and the (Robertson. J.K.). ('45) CS.xiv, 

174. 20figs.3tabs.8pl. 18/6 V.Nostrand:Macmill'in 

Bomb in World Politics (Shils). ('48) D8.80. Peace Aims S. sd. 

2/- Nat. Peace 

Bomb. Some Polit. Consequences of (Woodward, E.L.). ('45) 

D8.22. 21- Oxf. 

Bomb, Story of (Clark, C.H.D.). C45) D8.52. III. sd.3/6 


Bomb What of Future? (Clark, R.E. P.). T47) F8.48. sd.l/- 


Bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Effects of. Rept. sd.l/ Home 

Off.:H.M.S.O. IH.M.S.O. 

Bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Effects of. sd.l/- Air M in.: 

Bombs, Problem of Reducing Vulnerability to (Coale). ('47) 

C8.132. 10/6 Princeton U. P.: Oxf. 

Collisions, Theory of (Mott & Masscy). 2e.('49) R8.404. 69figs. 

Internat.Monog.on Phys. 35 /- Oxf. 

Construction, Theory of Spectra and (Bohr) .2e.('24) D8.viii,138. 

10/6 Cnmb. 
Deadlock. Breaking the. C50) C8. sd.6d. U.N.Assn. 

Energy. ('49) IC4.10. III. Strip Bk.S. sd.1/6 Pict.Charts 

Energy. ('48) D8.128. sd.4/- RJ.l.A. 

Energy. Ed. Crammer & Pcierls. ('50) sC8.200. Pelican S. sd.1/6 


Energy (Darrow). f48) D8.80. III. 16/- Wiley :Chap.& H. 





Atomic Energy (Nimmo). (-47) C8.204. 45figs. Front.of Sci.S. 9/6 
Chap. &. H. 

Energy (Turner. N.C.). 046) D8. sd.l/- Oliver 

Energy. Atoms and (Hallows). 050) C8.196.ix. 27figs.8pl. 10/6 


Energy. Control of (Newman & Miller). 048) D8. 5 1/- McGraw 

Energy for Layman (Dixon, A.L.). 050) C8.250. 20111. 8/6 

Chantry : Bland ford 

Energy for Military Purposes (Smyth). 046) D8.316. Spl.flgs. 111. 

10 /- Oxf. 

Energy in Cosmic and Human Life (Gamow). ('47) C8.x,160. 

5pl.46figs. 7/6 Camb. 

Energy in War and Peace (Hawley & Leifson). ('45) G14.211. 111. 

16/- Reinhold:Chap.& H. 
"-Energy. Military and Political Consequences of (Blackctt). 2r.c. 

049) D8.222. 12/6 Turnstile 

-Energy. Source Book of (Glasstone). (*51) 1D8.500. III. 24/- 

Energy, What is? (Mendelssohn). ('47) C8.180. 111. Intro. to Sci. 

S. 6/- Sigma 

Energy, World Power and (Wimpcris), 04/5) C8. 111. 6/- 


Energy Yearbook (Twin). ('50) D8.237. 25111. 21/- Temple P. 

Murder (Gnbble). (*47) C8.224. 8/6 Harrap 

Nucleus and Nuclear Energy Sources, Theory of (Gamow & 

Cntchficld). ('49) R8.352. 5pl.62figs. Int.Monogs.on Phys. 30/- 

Phantasy: Krakatit (Capek). Tr.Hydc. n.e.('48) C8.294. 9/6 

Allen & U. 

Physics (Born). Tr.DouRall. 4e. lD8.xii.370. 108ill. 25/- Blackie 

Physics (Finkelnburg). ('50) 55/6 McGraw 

Physics Experimental (Harnwcll & Livingood). 033) 472. 47/- 


Physics. Introduction to (Oldcnberp). ('49) 42/6 McGraw 

Physics. Introduction to (Semat). 2r.e.('48) M8.412. 169flgs. 24/- 

Chap.& H. 

Physics. Introduction to (Thomson, I.). ('35) D8.X.228. 4pl.36d. 

11/6 Methuen 

Phvsics, Introduction to (Tolansky). 3c.('49) D8.xi.371. 5pl.ll5d. 

15 /- Longmans 

Physics, Outline of (Blackwood, Worthing & Peter, etc.). 2e.('37) 

M8.414. 207111. 36/- Wiley:Chap.& H. 

Power (Way). (*49) lPost8.144. 111. Mod.How it Wks.S. 5/- 

Welh, G D. 

Power. Era of. ('46) C8.84. sd.2/- Brit Co.of Churches : S >C. M . 

Problem (Spaight). ('48) C8.56. 3/6 Darron 

Spectra (Johnson, R.C.). 2c.('50) F8.viii.120. 38d. Physical Subj. 

Mon.S. 5/- Methuen 

Spectra and Vector Model (Candler). C37) 2v. viii.238:280. 8pl. 

figs, ca.21/- Camb. 

Spectra. Introduction to (White, II. E.). ('34) 42/6 McGraw 

Spectra. Theory of (Condon & Shortlcy). (*35) R8. figs. 45/- 


Structure (Locb). ('38) M8.446. lllill. 48/- Wiley \Chap,& H. 

Structure and the Periodic Tab. (Sidgwick). M8. Mod.Sci.Mcm. 

S. sd.1/3 J.Murray 

Structure and Spectral Lines (Sommerfcld).. v.l. Tr.Brose. 3e. 

('34) D8.xii,675. 111. d. 37/6 Methuen 

Structure of Minerals (Bragg). 2c.('50) M8.30/S. 9pl.d. 30/- 

Cornfll U.P.:Oxf. 

Struct, of Two Intermediate Compounds (Owen. E.A.& Preston). 

R4. Coll. Researches. sd.6d. Nat.Phvs.Lab.iH.M.S.O. 

Theories (Loring). 2e.('23) D8.X.213. 66fips. 14/- Methuen 

Theory (Hans). 2e.('36) D8. 15/- Constable 

Theory for Students of Metallurgy (Rothery). 2r.e.C48) D8.viii. 

2^9. 7tabs. 21 /- Metals 

Theory, Foundations of (Dalton, Wollaston & Thomson, T.). 

C8 48. Alembic S. 4/- E & S.Liv. 

Valley (Duff). C47) C8. 4pl. 6/6 BJicki* 

Warfare. C50) R8.62. sd 2/- Home Off. :H.M.S.O. 

Weapons, Effects of (U.S. Atomic Energy Comm.). 25/6 McGraw 
Atomics. (Eidinoflf & Ruchlis). ('50) C8.272. 111. 10/6 Harrap 

for Millions (Eidinoff & Ruchlis). ('47) 281. 32/- McGraw 
Atomists, Greek, and Epicurus (Bailey. C.). ('28) D8 630. 24/- Oxf. 
Atoms and Atomic Energy (Hallows). ('50) C8.196,ix. 27figs.8pl. 

10/6 Chap & H. 

At Home Among (Kendall). C'29) C8.xvi.270. 16pl.63figs. 8/6 


Excited. Resonance Radiatn. and (Mitchell. A.C.G.& Zcmanskv). 

C34) D8.xvi.338. 84figs. Phys.Chcm.S. 20/- Camb. [I/. 

in Action (Harrison, G.R.). 3r.e.C49) D8.381. 111. 12/6 Allen & 

Meet the (Frisch). ('47) 1C8.226. III. 12/6 Sigma 

Molecules and Quanta (Ruark & Urey). ('30) 68 /- McGraw 

New (Hahn). C50) D8.180. 18ill.4tabs. Elsevier: Cleaver 

Order and Chaos in World of (Saunders, B.C.& Clark). 2e.('48) 

1C8.308. 89ill. 10/6 Eng.V.P. 

-Stars and Nebulae (Goldberg & Aller). ('46) M8.324. Harvard 
Astron.Bks. 21 /- Churchill 

Why Smash? (Solomon). r.e.('46) M8.216. 40pl.d. Ill.DufT. 12/6 

Harvard V.P.'.Oxf. 
Atonement, The (Hughes, T.H.). ('49) D8.328. 15/- Allen & V. 

Play (Rose & Tighe). C29) C8. 1/6 Deane 

C'S. K.&N."). Csc. Ill, This Thy Family. ('48) C8.56. sd.l/-* 

(Smith, H.M.). 025) D8.xii,336. 7/6 Macmillan [S.P.C.K. 

and Personality (Moberly). ('07) D8. 7/6 J.Murray 

Day of (Montcfiore). C8.16. Pprs. for Jews S. sd.6d. U.L.P.S. 

Doctrine of the (Mozley). ('I5f C8.244. Stud. in Theol. 7/6 

Duckwth. \Man.V.P. 

Doctrine of. Short Hist, of (Grenstcd). 020) C8.376.ix. 9/6 

Emotnl, Aspects of (Robinson, W.E.). 048) C8.96, 4/6 Faith 

Idea of. in Christ. Thcol. (Rashdall). 019) D8.xx,502. 15/- 


Atonement in Hist, and Life (Grenstcd). 029) D8.344. 7/6 S.P.C.K. 

in New Testament Teaching (Taylor. V.). 5c.050) D8.224. 10/6 


Way of (Adams. W.J.P.-). 044) D8.128. 7/6 S.C.M. 
Atrocities. Bulgarian and other. 1875*1878 (Tetnperley). R8. Br.Ac. 

2/- Oxf. 

Nazi. Soviet Government Statements on. 046) D8.320. 10/6 


Attachment and Drive of Circular Metal Cutting Saws for Cold 
Working. ('48) 8. 2/- B.S.I. [B.S.l. 

of Circular Metal Cutting Saws (for Hot Working). 033) 7. 2f- 

Attack. The (Bagnall). 047) C8.220. 8/6 H. Hamilton 

on St. Nazaire (Ryder). 046) C8. 111. d. 6/- I.Murray 

Transport (Marsden). 046) D8.210. 16pl. 11/6 Minnesota U.P.: 


upon " Christendom " (Kierkegaard). Tr.Lowrie. 044) D8.322. 

15 /- Oxf. 
Attainment Exs.. Classified. 1C8.80 sd.1/6* McDougall 

Jest. Geometry (Walton). 6d.*(-fP.T.) Univ. Lond. 

Testing. Diagnostic and (Schoncll). 050) C4.176. 18/6 Oliver 

Tests (Perry). 049) 3/2*;w.a.3/5* Blackie 

Tests. Mod. Guide (Payne). (037) C8.72. sd.2/- Davis <t M. 
Attalids of Pcrgamon (Hanscn). 047) M8.50. 1M. 221- Cornell U.P.: 


Attaque du Moulin (Zola). Ed.Daniclson. Longer Fr.Txts.S. limp 
1/9* Blackie 

du Moulin (Zola). Ed.Bond. 037) C8.60. Grad.Fr.Rdrs.,Bk.5. 

limp 2/6* Harrap 
Attempted Proof of Fcrmat's Last Theorem by New Method 

(Walsh, C.M.). 032) iv,41. sd.6/6 Hafner 
Attendance. Schl.. Offic.. Child Employment, and Other Offic., 

Hdbk. for (Stevenson. J.&. Capes). 3e.045) D8. 240. 10/6 Pitman 
Attemat Tr. into Ger. (Greene, G.). 050) sCS.312. 15 /- Barmerlea 
Atthis (Jacoby). 049) R8.440. 35 /- Oxf. 
Attic and Area (Marion). 048) C8.422. 5/- H. Hamilton 

Comedy. Ong. of (Cornford). 034) DS.xxii 252. 12/6 Camb. 

Greek. Short Syntax of (Nunn). 048) C8.viii,176. 4/6 Heffer 

in Jermyn Street (Henncy). n.c.CSO) C8.319. S/- Dent 

Inscriptions. Non-Athenians in (Pope). 035) 230. s.d.l3/-Hafn*r 

Life (Baty). 2e.('39) C8.92. 4/- Christopher* 

Nichts (Gelhus). Tr.Rolfe. F8. Loeb Lat.S. v.l & 2. ea.15/- 


Orators. Selections from. Ed.Gcnncr. 028) C8.262. 7/6 Oxf. 

Pretender (Krcnder). Tr.Kce. 048) 1C8.186. 8/6 Putnam 

Red-Figured Vases (Richtcr). 046) M8.250. 30pl.33figi 14/- 

Yale UP. : Oxf. 

Tales (Dunning). Grade 2.48. 111. Bright Story Rdrs sd.9d.* 


Tragedy. Structure of Stichomythia in (Myrcs). 050) R8.36. 

Br.Acad. 6/- Oxf. 

Vases in Cyprus Mus.. Some (Bcazley). 048) R8.52. 8pl. Br.Ac. 

7/6 Oxf. 
Attica, Views of (Warner. R.). 050) D8.174. 111. 15 /- Lehmann 

Wild Flowers of (Atchlcy). Ed Turrill. 038) D4.80. 22pl. 25/- 
Attila (Binyon). ('07) C8. 3/6 J.Murrav [Oxf. 

and Huns. History of (Thompson. E.A.). C48) D8.240. 15/- Oxf. 
Attitude Interest Anal. Test (Terman & Milese). Forms A & B. 038) 

ea.D4. per doz. 8/6; Manual and Stencils. 038) 17 /- McGraw 

of Ancient Egyptians to Death and Dead (Gardiner. A.H.). ('35) 

C8. Frazcr Lect. S. 3/- Camb. 

of Vedanta towards Religion (Abhedananda). 8vo.xvi.192. P. 

12 /- Luzac 
Attitudes of 17th-century France Toward Middle Ages (Edclman). 

046) M8.476. 20/- King's Crown P.: Oxf. 
Attleborough. Walton and Wymondham (Bennctl. F.J.). (*84) 1/6 

Geol: H.M.S.O. 

Aitlee. Clement (Brome). 049) C4.92. 40ill. 7/6 Lincolns 
Attorney General. Liberal (Kecton). 049) D8. III. 15/- Nisbef 

Powers of (Caplm & Wcxlcr). 049) D8.64. O.P.N sd.6/- 

Sol. Law 

Powers of (Cohen). 7e.046) D8.viii.152. 7/6 Heffer 
Atiraciive Readings in Prose and Verse (Henderson, Mrs.A.M.). 

C8.150. 2/6* Allen & U. 
Au Bout du Rouleau (Simenon). 047) C8.246. sd.5/6 Anglo-Fr.Ut. 

Coin du Feu (Soavestre). 031) C8.98. Plain Fr. Texis.S. sd.1/3* 


Greenland avec Charcot (Faure). F8.256. 41JH.5M. Bib.Illustre* S 

5/- Nelson 

Moulin Rouge (Lautrcc). Ed.Wengraf. 049) D4.24. 18111 Gallery 

Bks. sd.4/6 Lund. H. 

Auberge Rouge (Balzac). F8.56. Plain Fr.Tcxts S. 10d.* Dent 
Aubrey. John, and his Friends (Powell. A.). 048) D8.312. 8pl. 18/- 

Aucassin and Nicoleite. C47) M8.62. 10/6 Folio: Cassell 

and Nicolctie. 046) C4. Col.ill. F.A.Cox. le.(1250) 18/- F. Lewis 

and Nicoleuc. eic. Tr.Mason.E. 010) F8.80. Col.ill. 4/- Dent 

and Nicoleue. wilh Oihcr Mcd. Rom. Tr.Mason.E. sC8.xx,236. 

Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

et Nicoleite. Ed.Suchier. 8c.036) xiv.139. bds.8/- Hafner 

fit Nicoleue Abr. (Bida). Ed.Bond. 036) Grad.Fr.Rdrs. 2/6* 


et Nicoleue. Ed.Bourdillon. 030) C8.120,xxxviii. 4/6 Man.U.P. 
Auction. The: Play (Fitch). 034) C8. 1/6 Deane 

Bridge Dialogues (Foster. A.E.M.). 026) 4/- Methuen 

Bridge Do's and Don'ts (Foster. A.E.M.). 7e.031) F8.xviii,152. 

4/- Methuen 

Mart: Play(Black). 029) C8.20. sd.1/3 Brown, Son & F. 

Picquet ("Rubicon"). 020) F8.viii.119. 5/- Methuen 

Sale (Kitchin). 049) C8.192. 8? 6 Seeker 

Auctioneers and Surveyors Hdbk. (Cave). 047) C3.400. 25/- 
F. P. Wilson 





Auctioneers Tables, Pocket Diary with Surveyors' and: 051) C32. 

tabs. 6/3 Estates 
Aoctioas. Estate Agency. Valuations and Commission. Law of 

(Hart.H.). 3e.C30) DS.xlviii. 464. 21/- Stevens A Sons 
Auden and After (Scarfe). C42) C8.xvi.208. 111. 8/6 Routledge 
Audience. Actor and His CDarlington). ('49) D8.188. Sill. 12/6 

Phoenix Ho. 

Influence of. on Shakespeare's Drama (Bridges. R.). C27) C8.40. 

2/6 0x1. 

Shakespeare's. Twelfth Night of (Draper). C50) M8.294. 4pl. 40/- 

St-nford U.P.: Oxf. 
Audiencia of New Galicia in 16th Cent. (Parry). ('48) D8.X.206. 

Ifldg.M. 12/6 Camb. 
Audiometers. Hearing Aids and ('47) R.8 Spec.Rept.S. sd.1/3 

Audio-Visual Aids to Instruction (Exton). ('47) 236. 34/- McGraw 

VisunI Methods in Teaching (Dale) (*47) 546. 30/-* Harrap 
Audit. District. Law Rcl. to (Hobbs). C'49) R8.280. 35 / C. Knight 

Management (Rose). ('48) D8.48. 7/6 Gee 

Programmes (Spiccr & Peglcr). 8e. C46) D8.124. 4/6 Pitman 

St ff, Notes For (Lewis. C.H.S ). 2e.f'50) D8.124. 8/6 Gee 

Working Papers (Peloubet). ('49) 72/6 McGraw 

Working Papers for XYZ Corporation (Wellington). ('48) 

D4.220. 39tabs. 93/6 V. Nostrand-.Macmillan 
Auditing (Hanson). (*42) 488. 38/6 McGraw 

Case Law. Summary of (Taylor. E.M.). 5c.('49) limp 

7/6 Textbks. 

Future of. C42) D8.28. I/- Gee [H.F.L. 

Pract. (Spiccr & Pcgler). Ed.Bigg. 9r.e.('49) D8.xx,656. 257- 

Pract. (Spiccr &. Peglcr). Ed.Bigg. 9e.C49) R8.616. 25/- Pitman 

Principle and Practice of (Lancaster). Ed Lancaster &. Williams. 

R G. 6c. D8.534,xii. J2/6 Donington : Gregg . 

Principle of (Paula). 10e.C48) M8.360. 15/-* Pitman 

Principles of. with Typical Question and Answer (Taylor, E.M. 

A. Perry), r. Simmonds. llc.C49) DS.x.375. 157- Textbks. 

Procedure (Eggleston). 3e.('47) M8.438. 111. Account.S. 44/- 

W Hey: Chap. & H. 

Audition, Discussion on. C31) R8.151. sd.4/- Physical 
Auditions. (Girls). Scenes for (Jeaycs). C8. sd.2/- S. French 

(Men). Dialect Cuttings for. Ed. Abbott. N. C8. sd.2/- 5". French 

(Women). Dialect Cuttings for. Ed. Abbott.N. C8. sd.2/- 

S. French 

Auditor and Accountant and Mechanised Accounting (Burton. J.H.). 
2c.('50) D8.227. 157- Jordan 

Mechanized Accounting and the. ('49) D8.32. limp 2/- Inst.Chart. 

Auditoriums, Theatres and (Meyer . Cole). M4.230. 111. 80/- 

Reinhold-.Chap & H. 
Auditors, Legal Decisions Affecting. Summary of the Principal 

(Cocke). 4e.('46) D8.110. 12/6 Gee 
Audits, Cutforth's (Palmer & Crawford). I0c.(*50) D8.336 15 /- Gee 

Municipal Internal (Coll ns, A.). 8r.e.('4R). D8.366. 27/6 Gee 

of Local Authorities (Bedford). 2e.('48) 35/- Shaw & Sons 
Audrey. A New Girl (Lloyd, J.). ('48^ C8. 4pl. 6/6 Dl ck e 
Audubon's American Birds (Sitwell. S.). ('49) C4.iv,12. 16col.ill. 

Colour Bks. 6/6 Bats ford 

Auf Grosser F.^hrt (Dawlish). D8 232. 27ill. 12/6 Bormerlea 
Aufenthalt in Deutschland (Anderson, W.E.). 2pts. ('49) 184:150. 

III. ea 5/-* Hcrrajy 
August Adventure CAtkinson). C36) 1C8. 111. 8/6 Cape 

Folly (Thirkclh. ('39) C8.J82. 6/- H. Hamilton 

Folly (Jhirkell). C50) sC8.250. sd.1/6 Penguin [Oxf. 
Aupustans. Peace of (Snnt'burv). ('46) Pott8 428 World's Class. 4/6 
Augustin. Don Antonio (Zuluna). ('39) D8.48. sd.l/- Glasgow: 

Augustine Age (Butt). ('50) C8.152. Univ. Lib. 7/6 Hutchinson 

St., and Donatist Controversy (Willis). C50) D8.208. 15 7- S.P.C.K. 

St., and St. Gilbert, Lives of. etc. (Capgrave). Ed.Munro. ('10) 

E.ETS. 10/- 0x7. 

St., Daily Thoupht from (Grrtrude). F8. 1/6 Sands 

St.. Letters of (Smpson.WJ.S-). C19) C8.336. 6/- S.PC.K. 

St., The Lord's Sermon on the Mount. Tr.Jcpson. ('48) 227. Anc. 

Chr Writer's S. 15 /- Merrier 

St., Monument to. 10/6 Shfed 

Stewart's House. 1549 (Clark, G.R.). C47) C8.16. Sill, sd.1/3 

August tne 

Studies in Tertullian and (Warficld). ('30) M8.418. 15/- N.Y.:Oxf. 

Synthesis (Przvwara). 12/6 Sheed 

to Galileo (Crombie). ('50) 65pl. 25/- Falcon 

Augustine's. St.. Autobiog. (Duff). ('47) D8.xlix,114. 8/6 Browne 
& N. 

St., Episcopate (Simpson, W J S.-). (*44) C8 160. 7/6 S.P.C.K. 
Aupustini Dacti Scribe super Tullianis Elogancijs. 15/- Camb 

S.. Histona Monasterii. Centuarirnsis (Elmham). Ed.Hardwick 

(1858 1 ! sd.10/- Pub.Rfc.:H.M.S.O. 
Augustmian Miscellanea CForan). ('31) D8 96. 111. sd.2/- Burns, O. 

Priorv of St. John the Evangelist of the Park of Helaugh 

Chartularv of. ('36) IDS. 12/6 Yorks.Arch 
Augunus (Buchan. J.). ('37) 1F8.320. Fr. 4/6 Hotfder 

and the Dragon and Other Plays (Plunkctt). Troubadour S. 1/8* 


and Tiberius. Docs. Illust. Hist, of Reigns of. Ed.Ehrenburg & 

Jones, A.H.M. ('49) D8.164. 12/6 Oxf. 

in Search of a Father: Play (Chapin). sd.l/- S.French 

Life of (Suetonius). Ed. Adams. M. (*38) F8.1xiv,240. 1M. 4/- 


"Roman Empire at the Death of: Wall Map of Classic. Hist. 40* x 
30*. 12/-* W.Johnston ' 

Short History of Rome to Death of (Wells. J.). 29c.('48) CS.xii. 

353. 3M.4d. 8/6 Methuen 

Augustus to Justinian. Text-Book of Roman Law from (Buckland). 

2e.('32) R8. 37/6 Camb. 
Auk Tribe. Morphology of the Duck Tribe and (Parker. W.K.). 9pl. 

Cunningham Mem.S. 3/6 R.I. A.: Hodges, F. 
Aukylosing Spondylms (Johnson, F.H.-& Law). (*49) viii. 184,16. 41 

ill. 25/- Buttwth. 
Auld Nick: Play (Wilson, A.P.). sd.1/6 McQueen 

Robin Gray: Play (Cocker). ('32) C8.16. sd.1/3 Brown, Son & F. 
Aulos. Greek (Schlesinger). ('39) R8.1.577. 18pU08d. 427-* Methuen 
Aulularia (Plautus). Ed.Thomas. E.J. ('13) C8.96. 6/- Oxf. 
Aumbries. Detection of CDix). ('42) C8.72. 4pl. 3/6 DacreiBlack 
Aunt Ailsa (Ross. J.). n.c.('48) C8. 5/- Eyre 

Bel (McCrone). C49) 9/6 Constable 

Daisy's New Cookery Book. No. 6 (Basham). ('48) C8.384. 4/6 


Deborah (Ratcliff). F8.24. lilt. Playbooks. sd.1/3 Nelson 

Janet: Play (Adam). C'46) C8.91. sd.2/6 Brown, Son & F. 

Lizzie's Millions: Play (Baker. E.). C8.20. sd.1/6 S.French 

Maria's Wireless: Play (Constanduros). C8.16. sd.1/6 S. French 

of England: Play (Hamilton, C. Gibbs. A.). D8.72. sd.3/- 5. 

Auntran Blads (Young, D.). Ed.Lindsay. M. Poetry Scotland S. 6/- 


Aunt's Story (White, P.). ('48) C8.346. 10/6 Routledge 
Aura. Human (Panchadasi). F8.94. sd.4/6 Fowler 

Human, Mystery of the (Roberts). C50) C8.32. 2/- Rider 

Science of (Ouseley). ('47) C8.32. sd.2/- Fowler 
Aural Tests. Exam. CShinn). ('24) D8. viii. 102. 4/- Augener 
Aurelia, Mother Catherine. Life of. of the Precious Blood. IC8.227. 

18/6 Herder 
Aurclms, Marcus (Hayward). D8.303. Fr. 10/6 Allen & V . 

Marcus. Death of. Short History of Roman Empire to (Wells. J 

& Barrow). 5e.C50) C8.viii.399. 8M. 6/-* Methuen 
Auricula and Primula Society (North.Scct.) 1949-50. Year Book of 

(Bnggs). C4.64. sd.5/- Nat.AuricuU 
Aurobindo and his Aihram (Aurobmdo). ('48) C8.69. sd.2/6 Luzac 

Sri (lycngar). 8vo. P. 20/- Luzac 

Sri (Langlcy). C49) D8.135. lill. 10/6 C.Johnson 
Aurora Dawn (Wouk). n.e.C48) C8.264. 57- Barrie 

of January 25 to 26. 1938 (Dixon). C48) Geophys.Mem.S. sd.2/- 

Aurorac. Night Sky and. Emission Spectra of. ('48) R8.140. sd.20/- 

Aus altr&mischcn PriesterbUchcrn (Norden). ('39) M8.314. 18/- Ox/. 

Aufansen dcr Psychoanalyse (Freud). ('50) D8.466. 3()/- Imago 

dem Buch dcr Licder (Heine). n.e.('46) Parnassus S. 4/6 Sldg.A. J. 

dem Lebcn (Walters & HirschJ. ('27) F8.75. 1/8* Dent 

dem Lcbcn ernes Taugemchts (Eichcndorff). Ed.Osthaus. ('42) 4/-* 


den Memoircn des Harm von Schnabclcwopski (Heine). Ed. Rose. 

C8.57. German Term Rdrs. limp 1/9* Hachette 
Auscultation of Heart, Clinical (Lcvine & Harvey). ('49) 1D8.327. 

286U1. 32/6 Sounders 
Ausdrucksfunktion Extrcm Vcrktirzter Figuren (Ratbe). ('38) SC4.73. 

16pl. 6/- Warburg 
Auslaga's Knight. Undine. Sintram and his Companions. Two 

Captains (Fouquc"). Tr.Gossc. Hare. etc. Pott8.366. World's 

Classics. 4/6 Uxf. [Oxf. 

Austen, Jane (Chapman, R.W.). ('48) C8.232. Clark Lccts.1948. 10/6 

Jane (Jenkins). ('50) D8. 12/6 Golloncz 

Jane and her Art. Ed.LasccIles. (*12) C8.436. 4/6 Ox/. 

Jane, Dialogues from. Ed. Spearing. Pott8.192. 111. Kings Treas.S 

1/10* Dent 

Jane. More Talk of (Smith. S.K.- & Stern). ('50) D8.236. 12/6 


Jane, Notes on Novels of (Evans. J.M.). C49) C8.88. Not.on 

Chosen Lng.Txts. sd.1/6 Brodie 

Jane. Personal Aspects of (.Leigh). ('20) 1C8. III. 9/- J.Murray 

Jane, Talking of (Smith, S.K.- & Stern). n.e.('50) F8.272. Pckt. 

Lib. 6/- Cassell 

Austcmtic Manganese Steel Castings. (*48) 8. 2/- B.S.I. 
Austerlitz (Thiers). Ed.Dyson. Lit.Fr.CIass.S. limp I/-* Blackie 
Austin Elliott (Kmgsley). Pott8.346. World's Class. 4/6 Oxf. 

Seven and Eight. Book of (Abbey). 3c.('48) C8.118. III. Mot.S. 

5/- Pitman 

Ten, Book of (Abbey). 2e.C50) C8.140. 111. Mot.S. 5/- Pitman 

Twelve, Book of (Abbey). 2c.('49) C8.133. III. Mot.S. 4/6 Pitman 
Australasia (Brooks). Pt.2. ('16) C8.68. III. New Reg.Geog.S. 

bds.1/10* Univ.Lond. 

(Coysh & Hunt. D.M.). ('38) D4. 32pI.14M.d. Mod.Geog 

S. sd.1/6* Univ. Tut. 
(Hcaton). 106 42M.&d. 2/-* H.Russell 

(Jose). ('01) PottS. Ill.M. Fr. Tcm.Cvc.Prim.S. 1/9 Dent 

Africa and. (*25) 192. 37ill. Bk.2. Prog.Geog. 376* E.Arnold 

Africa and. ('33) 32. Bk.2. Pract.Geog. 2/-* F. 


Asia and (Brooks). ('16) C8.286. 111. New Reg.Geog.S. bds.5/-* 


Asia and (Spary). ('29) C4.24. New Reg.Map S. I/-* Vnlv.Lond. 

In. 96. LifeofAdv.S. sd.lOd.*; cl.1/3* Chambers 

Map. r:64m. C44) Col.4sh. set 40/-; fldg.or C.R.V.807- 


Map Book of (Ferriday). ('41) C4.48. M. 2/6 Macmlllan 

Modern Geography (Wood, C. A.). sC8.39. 111. 27- Normal 

Physical and Economic Geography (Wood, C. A.). BC8.38. 27- 

since 1606 (Portus). 6e.('373 C8.2^6. 31111. 4/6 Oxf. 
Australasian Verse, Book of. Ed.Murdoch. r.e.C45) C8.292. Fr. 

8/6 Oxf. 
Australia. 6.7. 7H1.26M.& d. limp 1/6* H.Russell 

('45) D8. Review of Comm.Condnt.S. sd.17- Trade:H.M.S,O 

Ed.Mines & J caves, M8.12. Double Tax. S. sd.2/6 Tolley 




Australia (Gregory. J.W.). C*16) R16.156. lOill. Camb.Man.S. 4/- 

(Madeley). C49) C8.208. III. Four-in-Hand S. 6/- Laurie 

(Rawson). ('48) 1C8. 111. 12/6 Chatto [Methuen 

(Taylor. G.). 5c.('48) D8.xvi,455. 146111. 1M. Adv.Geogs.S. 21/- 

(Taylor, G.). 5c.('28) C8.268. 59M.& d. 6/-* Oxf. 

(Wood). ('47) 8vo.xviii,334. 28figs.28pl. 33/6 N.Y.'.Macmillan 

and New Zealand. (*32) C4.48. Geog.Notebks. 1/8* Dent 

and New Zealand. 3e.('46) C8.viii,118. 47111. Geog. for To-day S. 

3/9* Longman* 

and New Zealand (Critchley). (*47) C8.32. Oxf.Pamps.on Ind. 

Affairs. 9d. India: Oxf. 

and New Zealand (Silley). Ed.Jervis. (*48) R8.88. IIl.d.coI.M. 

Scc.Schl.GeoR.S. 4/-*; suppty.Folio 1/6* Schofield 

and New Zealand (Stamp). 5r.e.('50) M.d. Univ. 

Geog.S. 7/6* Longmans 

and New Zealand (Wheeler, W.J.). (*32) C8. Mod.Geogs.S 

limp 2/-* J.Murray [IV. Johnston 

and New Zealand, " Effective " Phys. Map. 45" x 35". 13/-* 

and New Zealand, " Effective " Wall Map. 3 shts. a.Rclicf. 

b.Tcmp. c.Indust. 45" x 35". ca.13/-* W Johnston 

and New Zealand. Homelands in Afr. (Bradford). C37) 152. 

2/3* Harrap 

and New Zealand, Junior Geography of (Shrimpton & Might) 

4e.('28) C8.237. 111. 2/6 Whitcombe 

and New Zealand. Oxford School Atlas for. 2/3* Oxf. 

and New Zealand. School Atlas of World and Commonwealth 

of (Philip). r.e.('49) C4.25. 32M. 2/6 Whitcombe 

Animals of (Hawkins). ('47) D6.32. Puffin Pict.S. sd.1/6 Penguin 

Asia and Africa (Scarson & Evans, F.). sD8. 1I1.M. New End 

Geog.S. 4/4* W Johnston 

at Work Scries. Ed.Baync. 4v. ca.C4. 2/6* Longmans 

Bigliopraphv of (Fenmson. J.A.). v.3. R8.580. 5/5/- Angus 

Bird Wonders of (Chisholm). D8.285. 63ill. 15/- Angus 

Britain and (Portus). ('46) D8.67. 2M. Br.Commwlth.S. id.l/- 


Central (Madigan). (*36) D8.280. 8pl.2M. 7/6 Oxf. 

Central. Nntivc Tribes of (Spencer, B.& Gillen). ('99) D8.xxiv,672. 

133figs.l2M. 25/- Macmillm 

Central, Savage Life in (Home & Ariston). ('24) D8.xii,184. 

90fips.lM. 1R/- Macmilhn 

Commonwealth of: 1:6,000.000. 31"x25". Philip-Stanford Ref. 

MapS. sd.3/- G.Phtlip 

Commonwealth of. Geolosv of (David). Ed Browne, W.R. 3v. 

C50) suR8.767:622. 2col.M. Ill.fldg.tabs.M. set12/12/- E. 

Cottage and Garden in (Walling). C47) C4.160. 223ill. 21 /- Oxf. 

Economic Development of (Shaw, A.G.L.). r.e.('46) C8.193. 7/6 


-Economic History of (Shann). ('30) D8. 20/- Camb. 
-England v. (cricket). C4. 111. sd.2/- Dnv &. M. 

England v. Ed.Rivers. ('49) sC8 233. 15111. sd.2/6 Boardmn 

EnRland v.. 1877-1939 (Roberts, E.L.). ('46) sC8.H2. sd.2/- 

Hudson [Hudson 

England v.. 1877-1947 (Roberts, E.L.). C48) sC8.126. sd.2/- 

Failure of Federalism in (Canaway). C30) D8.226. 12/6 Oxf. 

Fairy Wrens of (Cavley). C4.88. 29ill.(9col.). 15 /- Awns 

Far East and. Routes to: l" = 300m. 57" x 47". cI.31/6, 37/6 

G. Philip 
-Foundation of (O'Brien). D8.336. 25/- Angus 

Furred Animals of (Troughton). M8.400. 21/- Angus 

Gardens in (Willing). (*46) C4.158. III. 21 /- Oxf. 

I Find (Hatfield). 4e.('49) C8.352. 4pl. 9/6 Oxf. 

in New Guinea (Mair). ('48) D8.256. Sill. 18/- Christophers 

in World Aflhirs (Evatt). D8.220. Fr. 10/6 Angus 

in World Crisis, 1929-33 (Copland). (*33) D8.xii.212. 21tabs. 

Alfred Marshall Lcct.S. 9/- Camb. 

Introduction to Criminal Law in. (*48) D8.x,128. v.6. Eng.Smd. 

Criminal Sci. 10/6 Macmillnn 

" Large Wall " School Map. Phys.-Polit. 50" x 42". 22/-* 


"Large Wall" School Map. Polit. 50" x 42". 22/- W Johnston 
- Lvrebirds Calling from (Littlejohns). ('43) D9.40. 24ill. sd.2/6 

Rob & M 

Makes Music (Moresby). C48) DS.x.197. 20ill. 15/- Longmans 

Map. 1:4.769.503. 75.2m. 1". 30" x 40". 12/- Bacon 

Nature in (McKlown). D8.245. ISill.d 12/6 Angus 

New Light on the Discovery of. Ed.Stevens, H.N. ( f 29) DS.xvi. 

261. 2pl.5M. 2ndS.64. 25/- Hakluvt : Quiritch 

New Zealand. Afrca. C33) C8.236. Mod.Schl.Geogs. 3/3* Dent 

New Zealand, Africa, America and (Simpson). 3e. CS.xii 404. 

Ill.Md Geog.Wrld.S. 7/-*; in3Pts.3/3*; 3/6*; 1/6* G Belt 

New Zcalnnd and Pacific Isles (Laborde). 2e.('50) D8.288. IU.M. 

8/6* Heinemnnn 

New Zealand, Oceania. Living Geography. Bk.4 (Weaver). ('38) 

143. 5/- Gregg 

New Zealand, Pacific Islands (Stembrdge). C8.88. 8pl.27figs. 

New Oxf.Geogs. 1/6*; W.Africa, Asia 4/6* Oxf. 

New Zealand. South America (Fairgrieve & Young, E.). 2c.('48) 

111. Real Geog.S. 4/6* G. Philip 

1949. R8 162. Overseas Econ Survey S. 4/- Trade'.H.M.S.O. 

Opportunity in (Douglas. R.I. ). (*47) D8.xii.186. 15pl.M. 15/- 


Parliamentary Government of Commonwealth of (Crisp). ('49) 

D8.X.344. 21 / Longmans 

Problems of Distribution in. No. 1. Survey of Distribution. 

C46) D8.48. 2/- Melbourne V.P*Oxf. 

Short History of (Scott, E.). r. Burton. H. 7e.('48) C8.494. 8/6 

Since 1606 (Ponus). 12c.('47) C8.256. 111. 5/- Oxf. {Oxf. 

'Small Wall" School Map. 34" x 28". 10/6* W Johnson 

South Intermediate Geography of (Fenner). 6e.('49) D8.163. 111. 

6/6 Whitcombe 

Australia. South-East. Map: 1:2.500.000. ('22) 29" x 39". sd.3/-; 
cl.4/6; 6/- Bartholomew 

South East. 1:3.420,000. 22" x 28". Philip-Stanford Rcf. Map S. 

sd.3/- G.Philip 

Story of (Dnscoll). D8.235. 4/6 Angus 

"Teachers'" Large Outline Map. 45" x 35*. 1/6* W. Johnston 

Unpromised Land (Steinberg). C8. 9/6 Gollancz 

Wall Map. 30"x20". ('49) I/- H.M.S.O. 

Wanderers in. Ed.Rodenck. D8.280. 21ill. 15/- Angus 

We Went to (Walker, D.). n.c.('50) D8.X.244. 12/6 Chap.&H. 

Western. See Western Australia. 

White and Black, in (Necdham). C35) C8.192. sd.2/6 S.P.C.K. 

Wild Flowers of (Harris, T.Y.). C4.220. 21 /- Angus 

With England in (Harris. B.). ('48) D8.216. III. Lib.Sports & 

Past. 12/6 Hutchinson 
Young Traveller in (Marvpcnny). ('48) C8.160. 27MI.1M. Yng. 

Trav.S. 7/6 Phoenix Ho. 
Australian Aborigines (Elkin). D8.275. 28ill. 12/6 Angus 

Aborigines, Myths and Legends of (Thomas). ('39) C8.75. 6ill. 

2/- Whitcombe 

Adventures. Some. Ed.Heddle. ('44) F8.182. III. Heritage of Lit. 

S. 4/-*; C8. 5/- Longmans 

and New Zealand Primary Products. Marketing of (Smith. 

W.M.). D8.352. 12/6 Pitman 

Animal Book (Barrett). r.e.(*47) D8.374. 65ill. 15/- Oxf. 

Army Medical Corps in Egypt (Barrett & Dcanc). (*18) DS.xiv, 

260. III. 12/6 H.K.Lewis 

Biography, Dictionary of Ed.Serle. 2v. C4.ea.200. 5/5/- Angus 

Bird Book (Leach). Ed.Barrett 8e.('45) C8.200. 48ill. 9/6 


Bird Life (Barrett). ('47) C8.240. 38pl. 8/6 Oxf. 

Book of Trams (Martin, J.H.& W.D.). C4.250. 227ill.(somecol.). 

25 /- Angus 

Boston (Cook. A.M.). 2e.('46) D8.42. 4pl. 2/6 Ch.House 

Carpenter (Lloyd). ('48) G18.xii.212. figs. 10/- Macmillan 

Community (Baync & Lazarus). C40) C8.231. 25ill. 5/9* 


Directory of Manufacturers, 1950. 35/- Vaughan 

Economy in War and Reconstruction (Walker. E.R.). C47) 

M8.440. 30/- Oxf. 

Economy. Outline of (Walker, E.R.& Madgwick). 4c.('40) 

C8.344. 5/9 Whitcombe (Melbourne V.P.:Oxf. 

Federalism, Future of (Greenwood). (*46) D8.336. 17/6 

Fiction. Introduction to (Roderick). D8.190. 12/6 Angus 

Fishing, Concise Handbook of (" Taggeny "). C47) C8.94. 

12ill. sd.2/- Rob & M. 

Heritage (Christcsen). ('49) C8.xxi,226. bds.7/6* Longmans 

History. Select Docs. in. 1788-1850. D8. 30/- Angw 

Journey (McGuirc). C39) D8.264. 39ill. 10/6 Heinemann 

Labour Leader: Story of W. A. Holman and Labour Movement 

(Evatt). D8.510. 8/6 Amtw 

Language (Biker, S J ). D8.435. Till. 21 /- Angus 

Literature Now (Heddlc). ('49) D8 96. 26ill. 7/6 Longmans 

Loneliness, Great (Hill, E.). ('48) D8.346. 36i|l. 12/6 Rob.A M, 

Meteorology (Taylor, G.). ('20) D8.324. 229figs Id 12/* Oxf. 

Methods of Building Construction (Sharp). D8.345. 107d. 15/- 


Muster. Ed. Phillips, A.A. ('48) C8.ix,134. limp 3/9* Longmans 

Muster. Ed.Philhps, A.A. ('46) C8.44. 3/- Melbourne V .P.: Oxf. 

Nature Stories (Monro). ('47) G18.116. 111111. 10/6 Rob. A M. 

Nature Wonders (Barrett. C.). ('44) Impl6.59. 32pl. Bd.2/6 

Rob.A M. 

Navy. Roval (McGuirc). ('48) D8.434. 39pl. 16/- OvA 

Outlook (Wakehurst). IMS. Current Affairs. sd.Md. Bureau 

People. 1788-1945 (Fitzpatrick). ('46) D8.288. 12/6 Melbourne 

U P.: Oxf 

Pocket Library. Ir. C8.155. sd.1/6 Rob.AM. 

Poetry 1948 (Wright). C8. 7/6 Angus 

Poetry, 1949 (Dobson). C8. 7/6 Angus [U.P.:Oxf. 

Poetry. Modern. Ed. Green. H.M. (*46) D8.I76. 8/6 Melbourne 

Poultry Book (Hadlinpton). D8.184. Ill.d. 7/6 Angus 

Pronunciation (B^kcr, S J.). D8.54. 6/- Angus 

Rip Van Winkle (Hay). C8. 7/6 Allen & U. [Angus 

Sanitary EnRineenng Practice (Randerson). sRS.444. d. 32/6 

Schools, General Science for (Dnniel & Turner). Bk 1. 6/6 Oxf. 

Slang, Popular Dictionary of (Baker, S.J.). (*43) G18.91. sd.3/6 

Rob & M. 

Son (Brown. M.). ('50) D8.282. 15H1.1M. 12/6 Phoenix Hfl. 

Students, Biology for (Curtis. W.M.). C48) C8 516. 206flg. 10/6 

Slimmer (Girdus). ('49) C8.205. 6/- Hart-Davis \Oxf. 

Theatre (McGu re. P. w. Arnott &. McGuire, F.M.). (*48) D8. 

198. 37ill.(6col.). 12/6 Oxf. 

Totemism (Roheim). R8. M. 35/- Allen & V. 

Trade Directory. 9v. ea.!5/-35/-; sct10/15/- Vaughnn 

Trials. Famous (Jacobs). ('44) C8.231. sd.5/-; cl 7/6 Rob.AM. 

Universities. Present and Future of (Medley). ('45) D8.48. 2/- 

Melbourne V.P.:Oxf. 

Wld Flower Book (Barrett). ('42) C8.206. 39pl. 8/6 Ox/. 

Wild Flowers. Ed.St.John. ('44) D8.32. 44ill. Nat.Hdbks. Bd.2/- 

Rob.A M. 

Wool Industry (Munz). D8.180. 21 /- Angus 
Australians, The (Haskell). C43) C8.vl.122. Fr. 5M. 4/6 Black 
Australia's Alps (Mitchell). sC4 195. 57U1.M. 12/6 Angus 

Empty Spaces (Upton). D8.2S8. 111. 10/6 Allen & U . 

Entail (Barrett. A.O.). (*37) C8.205. 17pl.(lcol.). 6/- Rob.A M. 

Frontier Province (Abbott). D8.240. 16/- Angus 

Austria (Brewer). (*48) C8.40. Europ. Nat .Dances S. 3/6 

(Butchbeck). (*49) C8.264. 10/6 Oxf. 

and Switzerland, Germany. Nofth A South: Map. 1:1,000,000. 

C45-'48) 78" x 50". cl.17/6; or in 2 sects,; cl.6/6; 
10/- Bartholomew 





Austria. Book of (Marboc). C8.568. 25 f- Allen & U. 

Book of (Marboc). ('48) Impl6.xxxi,544. col.ill.M. (available 

also in Gcr.). 25 / Bailey 

Direct Taxation in (Sickle). 12/6 Harvard U. P.: Oxf. 
Farewell (Schuschnigg). ('38) D8.340. 8111. 51- Cassell 

Hungary, Secret Treaties of (Pibram). Ed.Coolidge. C20) D8.282. 

v.2. 15 /- Harvard U.P.:Oxf 

Problem of (Passant). (*45) C8.40. Ox f.Pamp. World Affairs. 6d 


Ramblers Map. 42 sheets. 1:100,000. 5/6 Geographic 

Republic of. 1918-34 (MacDonald. M.). ('46) C8.74. 8/6 Oxf. 
-Road Map. l":9m. 5/- Geographic! 

Social Revolution in (Macarmcv). (*26) C8.xii.282, 8/6 Cemb. 

Thus Died (Dutch). (*38) DS.270. 19411. 10/6 E. Arnold 

Tragedy of (Braunthal). C8. 7/6 Gollancz 

Austrian Diplomatist in Fifties (Satow). ('08) C8.60. Rede Lect.S. 
2/6 Camb. 

Economy Since 1945 (Rothschild) ('50) D8.82. Bd.7/6 R.I. I. A. 
- Export Directory, 1950. 40 /- Vaughan 

-Foreign Policy. 1908-1910 (Pribram). C8. 4/6 Allen A I'. 

Requiem (Schuschnigg). D8. 7/6 Gollancz 

Theories of Capital, Interest and Trade Cycle (Claudi). C37) 

D8 6/- Allen & U. 
Austria's International Position. C48) 1C8.16. Internal. Stud. S. sd.l/- 

Austro-Gcrman Diplomatic Relations (Wcdcl). ('32) M8 242. 14/- 

Stanford U.P.:Oxf. 

Authentic Atlas of London and Outer Suburbs. 6/- Geographla 
Author, Editor to (Wheelock). ('50) R8.315. 25/- Scrilmer 
Authoress of Odyssey (Butler. S ). ('22) C8. 7/6 Cape 
Authorised Edition of English Bible, 1611 (Scrivener). ('84) 

312. 7/6 Camb. ' 
Authoritarianism and the Individual (Met? & Thomson). (*50) M8 

x,371,iii. 25/- Brooking\ Imt.iFaher 
-New (Hogben). (*49) FS.x.44. sd.2/-; cl.3/6 Watt* 
Authority and Delinquency in the Modern State (Comfort). C50) 

8vo.xii.112. 8/6 Routledge 

and Individual (Russell, B.A.W.). ('49) C8.128. Rcith Lccts. 6/- 

Allen & U. 

and Theology, History (Headlam). ('09) iC8. 6/- J.Murray 

in Apostlic Age (Williams. R.R.). ('50) C8.144. 8/6 S CM. 

in Medicine (Greenwood). ('43) C8. Lmacre Lect.S. 1/6 Camb. 

in Religion (Leckie). PostS. 7/- T.& T.Clark 

in Western Church, Canonization and (Kemp). ('48) D8.204. 

12/6 Oxf. 

- Law and (Kropotkin). C8.23. sd.6d. W.Reeve\ 

Leadership and Concern (Wilson. R.). ('49) C8.78. Swurthmore 

Lects. sd.3/6; cl.5/- Allen & V. 

Observation and Experiment in Medicine. (Topley). (*40) C8. 

1/6 Camb. 

of the Bible (Dodd). 6e.('28) D8. Ltb.Constr.Theol.S. 12/6 


of Bible (Wright. J.S ). ('46) C8.36 sd.l/- Tvndale 

of Biblical Revelation (Jones, H.C.-). (*45) D8.120. Lib.of 

Contemp. Theol. 10/6 J.Clarke 

of Christ (Forrest). 4c. 8/- T.& T.Clark 

of Jesus and its Foundation (Woolf). D8. 12/6 Allen & I'. 

of New Testament (Maiden). (*37) C8.104. 5/- Oxf. 

of Old Testament (Hcbcrt). C47) D8.328. 15/- Faber 
of Scriptures (Wand). ('49) C8.J20 bds.5/- Mowbray 

Authors, American, Selection from: Shorthand. w.K. ('49) F8.119. 
3/-* Pitman 

and Journalists, Hints to (Ley). ('48) C8.iii,66. Pathfinder S. 

sd . 1 / 9* Longmans 

and Printers' Dictionary (Collins, F.H ). 9e.C46) F8.444. 7/6 Oxf. 
and Publishers (Sadleir). ('32) C16.64. 1/6 Dent 

and Writers' Who's Who. Ed. Pine. 3c.('48) D8.832. 30/- 

- British (Church). n.c.('48) D8.145. 53P. sd.5/-. bds.8/6 


English. Hours with. Ed.Campagnac. Bks.4-6. ('27: *28:'3l) 207: 

208:228. 111. 2/3*; 2/6*; 2/9* Pitman 

Guide for Preparinc Manuscript and Handling Proof. C50) 

M8.80. 20,'- Wiley \Chcip.&H. 
Half-Hours with. Pop.: Shorthand. Ed Munro 4v. ('47: '49: 

'47:n.d.). ea.F8.64. 1/9*; 2/6*; 2/-*; 2/6* Pitman 
Handbook, Printers', Publishers' and (Thwaiu-s). ('48) Pott8.96. 

2/6 Bernards 

- - Lives of (Gordon, G.). C50) 1C8. 10/6 Chatto 

Modern and Contemporary. Fr Translations of Extracts from 

Ed.LeRros. C8.102. Iimp3/-* Hachette 
-Mod. French half Hours with, Pt.I. Ed.Lazare. C8.216. limp 

4/6* Hachette 
Post-War Gde. (Green, L.G.). C47) C8.143. 7/6 Allen & V. 

Rdgs. fr. Pop.: Shthand. Ed. Munro. v.1-3. ea. F8.64. 1.C50) 

2/-*; 2.C47) 1/10*; 3 .('48) 2/6* Pitman 

Records and Accounts (Burton, J.H.). C48) D8.80. 10/6 Gee 
Sel. Extracts fr. Favourite: Shthand Ed. Munro. 3v. n.c.('46- 

'49: '49) ea. 64. 1/6*; 2/6*; 2/6* Pitman 
Authorship, Divine, Criterion of (Buss). If- Nfw Church. 
-Guide to Literary Technique. C8. 6/- Allen & V. 

in India. Literature and (lycngar). C8.45. P.E.N.S. 2/- Allen 

& U. 

in its Early Stages, How to Write or (Wood, S.). (*39) C8.216. 

bds.5/ 6 G.Gill 

Literature and. in N.Z. (Mulgan). ('44) C8.67. P.E.N.S. 2/- 

Allen & V. [Burns, (). 

of the Epistle to the Hebrews (Leonard). C39) R8.42<5. 10/6 
Auto-Collinating Telescope in Measurement of Angles (Guild). R4. 

Coll. Researches, sd.l/- Nat.Phvi.lsib.:H.M.S.O. 

Engine, Aero and, Facts and Data (Lanpman). ('37) C8.96. 111. 

4 /-Tech. P. 

Auto-Nomad in Sweden (MacArthur). (*48) D8.288. 33ill. 16/- Cassell 
Autobiographical Study (Freud). C35) D8. Internal. Psychoan.h. 

7/6 Hogarth 
Autobiography (Anderson), J.A.). ('48) C8.192. 7/6 J.A.Anderson 

(Baxter). Ed.Thomas. sC8.xl,312. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

(Besant). R8. 12/6 Theosoph. Pub. 

(CardiLs). ('47) D8 288. 111. 12/6 Collins 

(Cellini). Tr.Macdonell. sC8.xii.368. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

(Cellini). ('47) IC8.403. 9/6 W.H.Allen 

(Cellini). ('49) G14.498. 96ill. 10/6 Phaidon 

(Chesterton). n.e.('49) D8.348. 8111. 12/6 Hutchinson 

(Cobbett). Ed.Reilzel. r.e.('47) C8.272. 8/6 Faber 

(Crile). 12mo.624. III. 2v. fldr. 80/- Lippincoft 

(Darwin). n.e.('49),154. Thinker's Lib. 2/6 Watt\ 

(Douglas, Lord A.). C31) 1C8.354. 8/6 Seeker 

(FairbridBf). ('27) C8.200. 5/- Oxf. 

(Franklin). Ed.Bigelow. ('24) Pott8.3l8. World's Class. 4/6 Oxf 

(Franklin). Ed.Macdonald. W. sC8.xvi.240. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

(Froebcl). Tr.Moore, H.K. 12e. C8. 3/6 Allen &. U. 

(Gandhi). Abr.-e. ('50) C8.viii,253. 12/- Luzac:Probsthain 

(Gibbon). Ed.Bury. ('07) Pott8.372. World's Class 4/6 Oxf. 

(Gibbon). Ed.Groom. ('30) G18.xiv.200. sd.3/- Mncmlllm 

(Gibbon). Ed Sheffield. sC8.xii,202. Ev'man S 4/6 Dent 

(Gibbon). Ed.Shefficld. ('07) PottS 372 World's Class. 3/6 Oxt 

(Gill. E.). ('40) 1C8. 111. 12/6 Cape 

(Harris). ('47) D8.552. Fr. 25/- Rtchirds.P. 

(Hastings). ('48) D8.302. 8ill 5/- Heinenmnn 

(Hunt. J H.L). ('28) Pott8.584. World's Class. 3/6 Oxf. 

(Innes). Ed.Tindall. C49) D8.360. Fr. 21 /- Oxf. 

(Keith). ('50),721. 6pl. 21/- Watts 

Lindsay. J.). C24) C8 172. Fr. 7/6 Blackwood 

(Martineau). C8. 111. 3v. 36/- J. Murray 

(Mill, J.S ). ('24) Pott8.364. World's Classics 4/6 Oxf. 

(Mill, J.S.). Ed.Coss. ('24) M8.230. 14/-; Text-bk.c. 7 '6 

Columbia U.P.-.Oxf. 

(Nasmyth). Ed. Smiles. ('12) F8. 111. Lib.e. 3/- J.Murray 

(Noel). Ed.Dark. n.e.('49) D8 136. Sill. 6/- Dent 

(Powys). C34) D8.652. 15/- J .Lane 

(Reynolds, C.). ('48) 1C8.244. Fr. 10/6 J.Lane 

(Sangcr). D8. 16/- Gollancz 

(Sitwcll, O.). 5v. in box. R4/- Macmillan 

(Smiles). Ed.Mackay, T. COS) D8. P. 16/- J Murray 

(Smith. Sir H.). Ed.Smith, G.C.M.- ('02) D8. 111. P. 15/- J 

(Trollope). Pott8.3AO. World's Class. 4/-; ('50) C8.438. 30pl. 

lOiII. Oxf .Illus. Trollope. 15/- Oxf. 

(Trollope). C46) C8.319. Fr. 8/6 Wms & N. [Oxf 

(Vico). Tr.Fisch & Burgin. C44) D8.250. Fr. 20/- Cornell V.P. 

(Washington). ('46) Pott8.256. World's Class. 3/6 Oxf. 

(White, Wm.A.). ('46) 8vo.xii,670. 17ill. 21/- N.Y .'.Macmillan 

(White, W.H.). ('13) C8.36. 3/6 Oxf 

(Wright, F.L.). C45) SG18.490. 76pl. 35/- Faber 

(Wright, T.) C36) D8.256. 26pl. 15/- Jenkins 

1891-1941 (Thomas, G.). ('46) 12/- Chrp.&H. 

and corrcsp. of an Econ Entomologist (Ormcrod). T<xl. Wallace. 

R. D8. 111. P. 25/- J.Murray 

and Diary (Davidson). 8/6 T.<t T.Clark \Macd & Co. 

and Journals (Hnvdon). C50) C8 712. 16ill Ill.Class.S. 9/6 

and Letters (Layard). Ed Bruce. D8. 111. 2v. 30 /- J.Murray 

and Other Ess. (Trcvclyan). ('49) D8.V.237. Fr. 12/6 Longman* 

and Sclcc. from Jewish War (Joscphus). Ed.Winbolt. Std.Enp 

Class.S. bds.2/9* Blackie 

Experimt in (Wells. H.G ). v.l. D8. 5/- Gollancz 

Experiment in (Wells. G.H ). Ed.A Abr Brandcr. ('48) C8.122 

Life Stones Retold S. Rs.1.8. India, Oxf. 

-Hist. of. in Antiquity (Misch). Tr.Dickes. 2v. 8vo.xu,706. 42,- 

Its Genesis and Phases (Clark, A.M.). ('35) M8.42. bds.2/6 


Modern (Wood. F.T.). ('46) F8.X.246. 3/6 Macmillan 

of A. Bottle, Esq. (Isabellc). ('49) 1R8.32. Fr. 37ill. 2/- Vniv. 


of Alice B. Toklas (Stein). ('33)n.e. F8.338. Week-End Lib. 4/6 

3. Lane 

of Benjamin Rush. Ed.Corncr. ('48) M8.408. 13pl. 32/6 Princeton 


of a Chinese Girl (Hsieh). Tr.Tsuichi. D8.216. 12/6 Allen A t j 

of David. D8. 4/- Gollancz 

of Leigh Hunt. Ed.Morpurgo. ('49) IC8.540. Cresset Lib.S. 9/6 


of Mark Rutherford. C8.204. Fr. 3/6 Oxf. [A V. 

of a Super Tramp (Davies. W.H.). C8.144. Schl.e. 3/6* Allen 

of a Super Tramp (Davies, W.H.). ('21) sC8. 5/- Cape 

of a Thief (Rcade). n.e.('82) C8. 5f- Chattr 

of a Turkish Girl (GUntekm). Tr.Deedes. D8.352. 15/- Allen 

of a Yogi (Yopananda). C50) D8.403. 48ill. 21/- Rider |<& 17. 

Scientific (Planck). C50) 1C8.192. 8/6 Wms.A. N 

Selections (Nasmyth). C8.xvi,104. 12pl.8figs. Craftsman S. 3/6* 

Some Chapters of (Leaf). C31) D8. 111. 10/6 J.Murrav 
"Autocar' 1 Diary. D24.64. cl.3/- ( + P.T.); L.4/6 ( + P.T.). 4/6 


Hdbk. Ed.Autocar. 20r.e.('48) C8.242. 280ill. bds.5/- lllffc 
Auiocral of Breakfast-Table (Holmes. O.W.). Ed.Blakcncy. Std. 

Eng.Class.S. bds.3/-* Blackie 

of Breakfast Table (Holmes, O.W.). Potl8. Fr. Tem.Class.S. 4/6 

Dent t 

of Breakfast Tab.; Professor at Breakfast Tab.; Poet at Breakfast 

Tab. (Holmes, O.W.). 3v. sC8.x.300:viii,300:viii,344. Ev'man 
S. ea.4/6 Dent 

Autocvcle. Your. Ed." Motor Cycle" ('49) F8.H6. 59ill bds.2/6 





Autocycles. Modern (Chadwick). 2e.('50) C8.82. 111. Mot.Cyc.S. 

bds.4/ Pitman 

Autoemancipation (Pinsker). ('47) D8.32. sd.1/6; cl.5/- Fordes 
Autograph Letters and Hist. Documents Formed btw. 1865 and 

1882, Cat. of Coll. of. Ed.Thibaudcau. 2nd Series. 3C. C93-'98) 

Imp8.473:376:318. 84 /- Quaritch 
Autographs: a Key to Collecting (Benjamin). ('46) M8.xviii.306. 

35pl. Itab. 47/6 Bowker-.J.Whitaker 

Eng. Poet. (Flower). ('38) C4.96. 111. 21 /- Cassfll 
Autoinoculation in Pulmonary Tuberculosis (Patcrson). D8. 12111. 

ch. 25 /- Nisbet 

Automatic Change-over Switches and Contractors for Emergency 
Lighting Systems. ('37) 20. 2/6 B.S.I. 

Control Engnrg. (Smith, E.S.) ('44) D8. 38/6 McGraw 

Control of Industrial Plant and Processes (Ashley). ('50) C8.65. 

23ill. sd.3/- Emmott 

Couplings and the Safety of Rly. Workers. C24) R8.62. sd.l/- 


Design of Continuous Frames in Steel and Reinforced Concrete 

(Grmtcr). ('39) 83figs. 30/- N.Y.'.Macmillm 

Lathes and Screw Machs. (Westbury). n.c.('40) C8.90. 111. 2/6 


Lathes, Centre, Capstan and. Ed. Judge. ('50) sC4.xx,567. 623ill. 

16pl. 57 /- Caxton 

Mach Operation, Econ. of (Fluskey). ('46) D8.86. 111. bds.7/6 


Sequence Controlled Calculation, Manual of Operation for. 

Computation Lab. Harvard Univ. ('46) Imp8.576. 17pl. 42/- 
Uarvard U.P.:Oxf. 

Street Traffic Signlg. (Harrison, H.H. A. Priest). D8.187. 12/6 


Telephony (Wilman). 2r.c.('38) D8.230. 103ill. 14/- Tech. P. 
Automatics in lingin. Prod. ('42) M8. 111. Compl.Eng.S. 7/6 

Troubles Experienced with (Fluskey). ('42) D8.50. 111. Yellow 

Back S. bcls 3/6 Machinery 

Automobile Accidents, Why we Have (Silva). ('42) M8.394. 111. 
36/- Chap.A H. 

and Aircraft Engines (Judpe). vl. 4r.e. D8.307. 25/- Pitman 

and Allied Industries. Ens-French Diet, of (Sell). C32) C8. 85 /- 


and Gasoline Encyclopaedia (Dyke). ('50) 8vo.xxxvi.1364. 4,600ill. 

60/- Goodheart, W. : A Thomas 

Brakes (Laurence. J.). (*49) F8. 111. d. Q.& A.S. 5/- Newnes 

Brakes and Brake Testing (Platt). n.c.('47) 136. Auto.Maint.S. 

ft/- Pit nun 

Chassis and Power Trans., Fundamentals of (Runs & Plumndge). 

('46) 754. 631J11. 38/- Am.Tech.Soc. \Tech.P. 

Chassis Design (Avcins). ('48) D8.238. 160d.and ill. 15/- Iltfff 

Chassis Maintenance and Overhaul (Abbey). ('49) C8.172. Auto. 

Maint.S. 12/6 Pitman 

Elcc. Equip. (Page). C48) C8. *//6 Newnes 

Elec Equipment (Young and Griffiths). 4r.e.('50) D8.386. 350111. 

25 /- Iltfte [Pitman 

Elec. Maintenance (Judge). 2e.('48) 279. Auto.Maint.S. 8/6 

Electrical Service Data. " Wilkson." C50) 8vo.40. 5/- Wllkcs 

Electrical Systems (Molloy). ('48) F8. Q.&A.S. 5/- Newnes 

Engine Overhaul (Judge). 3e.('48) 234. Auto.Ma m.S. 8/6 Pitman 

Engineering. (*49) 6v. 2848. 1762ill. 209d. set 8 Am Tech. hoc : 

Tech. P. 

Engin. Ed.Thomas. 7v. 2e.('49) C8. 111. ea.8/6 Pitman 

Engineering (Tonkin). ('36) C8.vii,192. 122ill. 6/- E.Arnold 

Engin., Defintns. and Formula: for Studts. (Thomas). ('36) F8.21. 

8d.* Pitman 

Engin.. Llemts. of (Platt). n.e.f 46) C8.192. 6/- Pitman 

Engin. 111.. Pract. r.e.('47) M8.448.264111. 212d. 10/6 Odhams 

Engines (Runs and Plumndge). ('49) 732. 575ill. 38/- Am. 


Engines (Smith, D.J.). ('47) F8. Q.& A.S. 5/- Newnes 

Gasoline (Elliott and Com.oliver). 5e.('39) 754. 42/6 McGraw 

Guide. New (Audel). C49) 1F8.1607. 32/- Biilev 

Ignition and Elec. Equip, (Kuns and Plumridgc). ('50) 515. 

390U1. 34/- AmTech.Soc.-.Tech.P. 

Indust.. Brit. Standards for. ('50) 21/- B.S.I. [BS.I. 

Industry, Brit. Standards for (Hdbk. No. 8). C48) 335. 15/- 

Lcxiquc 111. de I*. Fr.-Eng.-Gcr.-Ital. ('49) SD4.164. 62ill. 36/- 


Maintenance (Bent). 2e.('48) C8.68. bds.3/6 Pitman 

Maint. (Kuns and Plumridgc). ('47) 754. 700ill.d. 38/- Am. 


Maintenance Series. 8v. ca C8. 6/- - 12/6 Pitman 

Repairs, Everyday (Grouse). (*46) D8.296. 25/6 McGraw 

Shop Meths. (Harper). ('28) 77ngs. 16/6 V.Nostrand'. 


Transmission Overhaul (Abbey). ('49) C8.119. Auto.Maint.S. 

8/6 Pitman [Pitman 

Workshop Pract. (Abbey). C8.178. 111. Auto.Maint.S. 10/6 
Automobiles, Early American Treas. of (Clymen). 42/6 McGraw 

Elec. Equip, of (Smith. S.P.). 5e('49). C8.331. 141figs. 12/6 

Chap.A H. 

Automotive Constrcn. and Opern. (Wright, J.C. & Smith). ('33) 
M8.435. 411111. 30/- Wiley.Chap.A II. 

Elect. Equipt. (Grouse). 2c.('42) 223. 20/6 McGraw 

Engineering. Soc. of, Hdbk. ('50) 90/- Bailey 

Engines (Frazce). etc.). C50) 394. 295U1. 36/- Am.Tech.Soc.: 

Tech. P. [Soc. :Tech. P. 

Fundamentals (Frazee. etc.). ('49)*538. 423ill. 39/-. Am.Tech. 

Mechanics (Crousc). 2e.('46) 673. 42/6 McGraw 

Mechanics. Elem. of (Hcitner, Shidle and Bisscll). 2e.(46) 

M8.X.396. Figs. 21/- V.Nostrand \Macmlllan 

Mechanics, Funds of (Frost). <"4^ ns 4S win. 26/- Wllev 

Chap.A H. 

Automotive Service Management (Packer). ('49) 8vo.xvii.462. 223ill. 

40/- Goodheart, W.:A. Thomas 
Autonomic Nervous System (Kuntz). 3e.(*46) M8.688. 91111. 60/- 


Nervous Syst., Anat., Physiology, and Surgical Application 

(White, J.C. and Smithwick). 2e.('42) 8vo.469. III. 55 /- 


Autopsia, Wild Life in (Hunt, C.). ('44) IC8.96. 9111. 7/6 Jenkins 
Autores Contemporineos. l.ibros y (Barja). ('35) viii,493. 22/6 


Modernos, Libros y (Barja). r.e.('33) viii,446. cl.20/- Hafner 
Autosuggestion. Christianity and (Brooks and Charles). C8. New 

Psychol.Hdbks.S. 5/- Allen & V. [A U. 

for Mothers (Waters). C8. New Psychol.Hdbks.S. 3/6 Allen 

How to Practise (Fletcher. P.). 2r.c.('47) C8.48. Pract. Psychol. 

Hbks. sd.1/3 Psychol.Mag. 

Pract. of (Brooks). C8. New Psychol.Hdbks.S. 5/- Allen & V 

Self Mastery through Conscious (Couc). C8. sd.2/6 Allen & V. 

Suggestion and (Baudoum). Tr.Paul. 2e.('D8. 12/6 Allen & V. 
Autour du Pole Sud (Charcot). Ed. Cohen. Highways. Fr.Lit.S. 

2/3* Blackie 

Autumn (Chaplin). r.c.('48) C8.48. 20ill. Seasons' Rdrs.S. I/- G. 

(Kennedy, M.& Ratoff). C8.104. lill. Plays for Amat.S. sd.3/6 


Play (Surguchev). Tr.& Ed.Kcnnedy. M.& Ratoff). sd.3/6 S. 


and W.nter (Sparrow). (MS) D8.218. Nature Rambles S. 

15 /- Evans 

at Cherry-Trec Farm (Kent, M.). ('42) Impl6.64. limp 1/9* 


Crocus ("An Philibin"). ('49) 1C4.48. 10/6 Kerryman 

Crocus: Play (Anthony). D8.84. sd.4/- S.French 

Fields (Home). 3e.('46) D8.viii,197. I11.2M. 12/6 Methuen 

for Henry (Hartley). ('49) C8.224. 9/6 Skcfflngton 

in Kyle (Cuthbcrtson). C'47) D8.216. 25pl. 12/6 Jenkins 

Journal (Maculice). ('39) D8.96. 7/6 Faber 

Sunshine (Collins). (*49) C8.64. 3/6 Johns 

Term (Forest). ('48) IC8.256. 26ill. 8/6 Faber 

Term at St. Gabriel's (Wcbbc). C8.204. bill. 7/6 Harrap 
Autumns in Skve. Ross and Sutherland (Barnetl). r.e.('46) C8.vlii. 

J98. 24ill. 7/6 J Grant 

Auvcnture di Pinocclno (Collodi). Ed.GoRgis. (*45) III. 4/-* Harrap 
Auvcrgne, Guide. sC8.162. Tll.M. 7/- Anglo-Fr.Pcr. 
Auxiliary Tabs. Nos.l&2. ('46) ea.6d. Camb. 
Avadhut Gita (Duttatreya). Tr.Shastri. ('48) 12mo.44. sd.3/- Liiztic 

Gita. Tr.Shastri. 2e.('48) C8 44. sd.1/6 Shantl 
Avalanche (Boyle). ('46) C8.146. 5/- Faber 

Avalanches, Nomenclature of Glaciers and: in Gcr. & Eng. (Pult). 

C47) 140. 5M. sd.21/- Bailey 
Avare (Moliere). See Author entry 
Avataras (Besam). C8. 2/- Theosoph.Pub. 
Avc Maria (Dyer). C47) F8. C39) sd.l/* Burns, O. 

Maria! (.Powell, M.). C50) 1C8.20. sd.2/- Pioneer 

Mans Stella (Walz). C8.78. 117- Herder 

Avenger, The (Wallace, E.). n.e.('49) C8.256. 4/6 3 .Long 
Avenging Saint (Charteris). n.e.C49) SC8.224. sd.2/- Pan Bks. 
Avcnturc de Ted Bopp (Ccppi). 14c. C8.64. 111. Jun.Fr.S. sd.1/6* 

Aventures dc Belle-Rose. Artillcur (Achard). Ed.Draper. Longer 

FrTxts.S. limp 1/9* Blackie 

de Cougourdan (Mouton). Ed.Grovcs. (*24) F8.62. Sht.Fr.Txts. 

S. 8d.* Methuen 

de la Famille Gautier (Spinks). C2R) Ill.M. 4/-* Ginn 

de Jerome Gibert (Laroque). C8.36. III. sd.l/- Evens 

dc Maltre Renard. Ed. Ccppi. C13) C8.vjii.88. 111. 2/3* F.Arnold 

dc Maltre Rcnart et Scs Comperes (Brotherton). l/9 Blackie 

dc Tom Pouce (Stahl). Ed.Horton. Lit.Fr.Class.S. limp I/-* 

de Tristan Tiault (Brotherton). 1/9* Blackie [Blackie 

du Dernier Abcncerage (Chatpaubriand). Ed.Noblct. Longer Fr. 

Txts.S. limp 1/9* Blackie 

d'un Gcntilhomme sous Charles IX (M6rimce). Ed.Yandcll. 

1F8 xn, 152. Grad.Fr.Rdrs. 2/3* G.Bell 
Avemuroi de Marteno Drake (Norway). Tr.Severn. ('36) C8.2U6. 

5/- Esperanto 

Avenue of Stone (Johnson, P.H.). C47) C8.352. 10/6 M.Joseph 
Average Clauses and Fire-Loss Apportmts. (Minnion). 2e.('47) 

D8.138. 12/6 Pitman 

General, Law and Rules (Cole, S.D.). (*28) C8.104. 4/- Pitman 

General. Law of. and the York-Antwerp Rules (Lourdcs & 

Rudolf). Ed.Hodsson & Rudolf. (*48) R8.xxvi,593. Shipping 
Law His. 70 /- Stevens & Sons 

Mental Tests in Arith. (Gibson). 4v. 034) C8.63, ea.9d.* a.sep. 

ca.9d. R.Gib'! on 

Time Taken to Test Sight. ('50) R8.40. 15tabs.2ch. sd.l/ 3 Health 

Aycry Business. The (Broadbent). (*49) D8.86. Slpl.lld. sd.5/- 

Avian Egg (Romanoff). ('49) M8.918. 435U1. 6/8/- W Hey. Chap. & 

Avianus. Early MS. of Aesop Fables of. etc. (Goldschmidt). ('47) 

4to.74. 32pl. 32/6 Princeton V .P.: Oxf. 
Aviaries, Bird-Rooms and Cages (Luke). Sc. C8.160 40ill. bds.6/- 

Poultry Wld. 
Aviary on the Plains (Lamond). C8.160. III. Jun. Austral. S. 4/- 

Aviation. (*43) 6v. I860. 183H11. set 7 AmTech.Soc.'.Tech.P. 

and Aerodrome (Dale. H.A.L-.). ('32) lM8.ix.168. Fr.Slill. 16/- 


Annual World. 1948. Ed.Zandtf C49) D4.540. 111. 84/- Pitman 

Business Law of (Dykstra). (*46) 523. 42/6; Answers I/- McGraw 

Civil (Mearles). C'49) C8.118. Careen S. 2/6 Assoc.Newsprs, 





Aviation, Civil, and Export Trade (Freeman, N.J). D8.123. bds.7/6 

Civil, and Peace (Zandt). ('45) sM8.168. M.tabs. 7/6 bookings 

Civil/Radio Aids to C46) sd.5/- Civ.Av.-.H.M.S.O. 

Civil, Radio Systems for Use in. C45) sd.l/- Civ Av.:H.MS.U. 

Dict.:Eng.Fr. and Fr.-Eng. (Fontanet). ('45) C8.452. 10/6 Bailey 

Diet.: Eng.-Fr. and Fr.-Eng. (Lycett). C40) F8.314. 12/- Bailev 

Diet, for Boys and Girls (Neville). ('44) 21/6 McGraw 

Diet, in Eng.-Span.-Pon.. Fr.-Ital.-Ger.lRuss.-Chm.-Jap. (Lan^). 

C44) M8.430. 52 /- Bailey 

Diet.: Swed.-Eng. and Eng.-Swed. CSundstrom). (*46) G14.216. 

sd.10/6 Bailey 

from Ground up (Floherty). ('50) C8.. III. 22/- Lipplncott 

Gasoline Manufacture (Winkle). (*44) D8. 28/- McGraw 

in Peace and War (Sykes). ('22) D8.J39 8/6 E.Arnold 

Law of (Nokcs & Bridges). ('30) D8.240. 14/- Chap.A H. 

Mechanic's Aircraft Manual (Vale). C49) C8. 51 /- McGraw 

Mechanics' Engine Manual with Q.and A. (Vale). ('46) D8. 

42/6 McGraw 

Medicine (Bauer). Ed.Christlan. ('43) M8.62. llftgs.ltab. 8/6 Oxf. 

Medicine (Bergm). C49) D8.464. I3HI1. 35/- J.Wri K ht 

Medicine its Preventive Aspects (Fulton). ('48) D8.184. 43figs. 

12/6 Oxf. 

Medicine Pr n. and Pract. of (Armstrong, H.G.). 2c.('43) M8. 

xiv,514. 86ill.46tabs. SO/- Bailliere 

Meteorology of Azores. ('49) sd.3/6 Met.Off.-.H.M.S.O. 

Meteorology of Route Castcl Benito-Cairo. C50) sd.1/6 Met, 

Off.iH.M.S.0. [OiJ.'.H.M.S.O. 

Meteorology of Route Marseilles-Castcl Benito. ('50) sd.1/3 Met. 

Metcrorology of Route Marseillcs-Castel Benito. C50) R8.46. sd. 

1/3 Met. Off. iff M.S.O. 

Meteorology of South America. ('48) sd.5/ Met.Off.-.Il.M.S.O. 

Ncuro-Psychiatry (Ironside & Batchclor). (*45) D8.176. 8/6 E.& 

S.Uv. [Pitman 

Quest, and Ans. (Duguid & McMahon). ('44) C8.101. bds.3/6 

Soviet, Story of (Craven). ('45) 6d. BS.F.S. 

Tech. Diet. Ed. Fontanet. ('46) F8.452. 10/6 Harrap 

Terms, Casey Jones Cyclopedia of (Aviut. Research Associates). 

C46) R4. 55 /- McGraw 

Terms, Eng.Spanish and Sp.-Eng. Diet, of (Scrralles). C44) C8. 

25/6 McGraw 

Trades Math, for (Naidich). C42) 20/6; Answers I/- McGraw 

U.S. Naval, Hist, of (Turnbull & Lord). ('4$) M8.360. 17pl. 

40/- YaleU.P.-.Oxf. 

Aviators. Met. for (Sutcliffc). (*40) 8vo. 7/6 Met.Off.:H.M.S.O. 
AviRption, Map Reading and (Field. R.M.& Stetson). C43) D4.129. 

83figs. 22/6 Chap A H. 

Avigation. See aho Air Navigation [Bailliere 

Avitaminoscs (Eddy & Dalidorf). 3e.C44) M8.xiv,438. 93ill. 35 /- 
Avocat Patelin (Brucys & Palaprat). Ed. Francois. Fr. Plays S limp 

1/9* Blickie 

Patelin (Briceys & Palaprat). Ed.Ceppi. 10d. Harrap 
Avocet Is. (Hornbv). Col. ill. Crusader S. I/-* Blackie 
Avoirdupois Weight Calculator. King's. (1875). 1G14. 7/6 Warne 
Avon. Hampshire (Fitzgerald, B.V.-.). ('50) D8.216. 27J11. 1M. 12/6 


River, By (H.D.). C49) D8.iv,98. 10/6 N Y.:Macmillan 

Shakespeare's (Cash). C49) C4.viii.38. 80pl. 2iy- Chap. AH. 
Avril (Belloc). 6/- Sheed 

Awake' and Other Poems (Rodgers). ('41) C8.70. 5/- Seeker 

in Hewen (Vann). ('48) C8.160. 7/6 Bles 

My Heart (Robins). ('50) C8.208. 9/6 Hutchinwn 
Awakening of Japan (Okakura-Kakuzo), ('04) C8. 6/- /.Murray 

of Mod. Egypt (Rifaat Bey). ('47) D8.viii.242. 2HI.4M. I5/- 

Longmans [Allen & V. 

of Western Legal Thought (Hamburger). Tr.Miall. D8.193. 10/6 
Awakes My Heart (Winchester). C49) C8. 8/6 Ward.Lock 
Award, Law of Arbitration and (Russell. F.). Ed.Wclton 14e.('49) 

R8.I .537. 70/- Stevens <fc Sow 

of Custody (Leslie. C.). ('49) C8.288. 9/6 Cassell 
Awards to Inventors (Graham, J. P.). ('4*) D8. 21/- Sweet 
Awnv, Come Away (Beatty). C49) C8.240. 9/6 A.Barker 

We Go. Painting Bks. sd.2/- Oxf. 

Went the Little Fish (Bennett. M.). (*46) C8.236. 8/6 Nich.& W. 

with Nerves (Inch). ('46) C8.100. 20ill. sd.2/6 Thorsons 
Awel Dro (Griffiths). 2/6 Gomerian 

Awen Aberystwyth (Jones. T.). 2/6 Gomerian 
Awful Lot of Coffee (Wcstcrby). ('50) C8.240. 9/6 A.Barker 
Awkward Age (James H.). n.c.C49) F8.44Q. Novel Lib. bds.6/- H. 

Marine (Spenser). ('48) D8.304, 5/- Longmans \Lanr 

Questions of Childhood (Tucker & Pont). ('34) C8.170. 5/- J. 
Awol at Large (Shurtleff). n.e.CSO) C8.192. 5/- Hurst 

Axe of Bn-ndomar: Play (Graveley). C28) Post8.64. 2ill. bds.2/6 

of W -nd'bck (Zweig). Tr.Sutton. n.e.CSO) D8.392. 5/- Hutchmson 
Axel's Castle (Wilson. E.). r.e.('48) D8.319. 1R/- Scribner 

Axes against Eng. (Cooke. W.V.). C48) C8. 8/6 S.Low 

Axial Flow Pumps. Centrifugal and (Stepanoff). ('48) M8.428. 310 

ill. 60/- WHcy.Chap.&H. 
Axioms and Postulates of Athetic Philos. (Tarner). C16) C8.8. sd. 

I/- Del Rh ton 
Axles ana Shifting, On Torsional Vibratns. in (Pearson). Biomet.Lnb. 

Tech.S. 6/- Crmb. 

Ayale's Angel (Trollope). Pott8.*40. World's Class. 4/6 Oxf. 
Ayesha (Haggard). ('50) C8. Master Novelties' S. 5/- Ward, Lock 
Aylcsbury, Around (Finnemore). C49) Omp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath 

GudeS. sd.2/6 sd.2/6 St.Cath P. 
Aylward. Gladys (Latham). ('50) C8 48. 1/6 Edin.Ho. 
Aymerillot and Le Petit Roi de Galice (Hugo). Ed. Keen. Lit.Fr. 

Class.S. limp I/-* Blackie 

Ayot St. Lawrence, Rhyming Picture Guide to (Shaw, G.B.). (*50) 

D8.32. sd.l/-; cl.5/- Leagrave 

Ayrcs of Studleigh (Swan). n.e.CSO) C8.256. 6/- Ollphants 
Ayrshire (Lcbon). C37) Land of Br.S. 2/6 Geog.Pubns. -.Stanford 

Central, Geol. of (Eylcs, etc.). 2e.('50) 7/6 Geol.'.H.M.S.O. 

Idylls: Post Pibroch; Jaunty Jock; in l.v. (Munro). ('35) C8.332. 

5/- Black wood 

Legatees (Gait). sC8.xvi,310. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

South. Poor Relief in (Hamilton, T.). ('42) C8.168. fldg.M. 9/6 


Azaleas, Magnolias. Camelias and Ornnm. Cherries, Rhododendrom 
(Johnson, A.T.). C48) C8.96. 17pl.(lcol.). 8y6 My Garden 

on Hill (Starr). ('50) C8.272. 8/6 Jenkins 

Azande, Witchcraft. Oracles, and Magic among (Pritchard). 30/- 

Azanah, Bp. of Dornakal; Apostle of India (Emmet). C49) C8.32 

P. Servants of Umv.Ch.S. sd.l/- 5.C.M. 
Azimuth Tabs.. Complete Burdwood. r.e.('48) suR8.340. 16 /- 

Brown, Son & F. [Son & h 

Tabs., Navigators Star Altitude and (Bain). R8.64. 7/6 Brown. 
Aztecs of Mexico (Vaillant). ('50) SC8.336. Pelican S. sd.2/6 

Aztekon, Uto-. Hist.. Reconst. of (Zingg). iv.274. sd.10/- Hafner 




Annually in December 


" B " Version Further Steps in French (Ripman). C25) C8.230. 2/9* 


B.A. Bolts. Screws. Nuts and Washers (*44) 18. 2/6 B.S.I. 
B.A. Washers for Aircraft Purposes (Primarily for Instrument Use). 

C50) l/- B.S.I. 
B.B.C. Diary, 1951. C.32. cl.2/-; L.3/6 Letts 

Features (Gillinm). C50) M8.208. 52pl. 10/6 Evans 

German Vocab. (Hamilton. L.). ('47) F8.vii,245. 7/6 Longmans 

Job at (MacLeod). C8. 7/6 Maclell^n 

Television Service. C4.32. sd.2/- B.B.C. 

WH-t to do with the (Postgate). ('35) G14. Day to Day S. sd 

1/6 Hogarth 

Writing for (Kester & Collier). C37) C8.59. 2/- Pitman 

Ye->r Book, 1950. C8.150. 111. 3/6 B.B.C. 

B.B.C.'s Recommendations for Pronounc. Doubtful Words. Ed 

Bridges. R. D8. S.P.E.Tracts. 3/6 Oxf. 
B.J. One: Play OMl, S K-.). sd.1/3 S.French 
B.P. (Reynolds, E.E.). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

B.R.M., Ambassador for Britain. (*50) R6.64. 111. 2/6 Dlv.Fxpress 
B.S.A. (Munro) 3c C50) C8 148 Mot.Cvc.S. 5/- C. A. Pennon 

Bk. of (H'^vcraft). lle.CSO) C8.148 III. Mot.Cyc.S. 3/6 Pitman 
B.S.I. Bldg. Cttee. in Scotland (First Rcpt.). ('48) 6. 6d. BS I. 
B.S.W. and B.S.F. Open-ended Carbon Steel Spanners. ('43) 10 



B.V.M., Office of the C44) C8.156. 3/6 Duffy 
Ba James. C47) F8.32. 111. Blotty Bks. sd.6d. 7/v./ 
Baa, Baa. Black Sheep: Play (Hay & Wodchousc). 80. sd.4/- 

5 French 
Bab n -11 C K "TTI Son** of Savoyard (Gilbert). 6e.(*04) C8.xii.564. 

350111. 10/6 Macmillan 

Builds, Fifty (Gilbert, Sir W.S.). n.c.C49) 32mo.317. 4/6 

Rout ledge 

B-llads. More (Gilbert). C25),198. Ill.Pkt.Class.S. 4/6 

Baba Dicne et Morceau-dc-Sucre (Aveline). Ed.Quinaull. C39) 160. 

21 ^ Hnrrrp 

Bababukra (Hofbaurr). C47) D4.64. Col. ill. 10/6 Collins 
Babar nnd Father Christmas (BrunhofF). n.e.('48) lCfol.40. Ill, 10/6* 

Methuen \Methuen 

and That Rascal Arthur (Brunhoff). (*48) ICfol.4R. 111. 12/6 

at Home (BrunhofT). n.c ('48) ICfol.40. 111. 10/6 Methuen 

the King (Brunhoff). n.c.C4R) lCfol.48. III. 10/6 Methuen 

Rtorv of (Brunhoff). n c C49) lCfol.48. 111. 10/6 Methuen 

Talcs of (Brunhoff). Ed.Blyton. n.c.(*47) C8.viii,117. SOill. Mod 

Class.S. 2/3* Methuen 
Bnb'-r's A. B.C. (Brunhoff). n.c.C49) F4.56. 111. 8/6 Methuen 

Friend Zephir (BrunhofT). n.c ('47) ICfol 40. III. 10/6 Methuen 

Travels (Brunhoff). n.e.C47) ICfol 48. 111. 10/6 Methuen 
Bfbbncombe's (Scarlett). ('41)n e. C8.288. 5/- Hodder 
Babbitt (Lewis. S.). C23) sC8. 6/- Cape 

Babe of Bethlehem: Play (Archer). ('50) C8.16. d. sd.l/ Blackburn 

of Bethlehem: Play (Evans. R.). 6d. Retlg.Educ. 
Babel B'-bble (Dovle). ('45) 1C8.26. 2/6 Talbot P. 

Babes in the Wood. C50) 32. Ill.(12col.). Adams' Col.Bks. 3/9 

in the Wood. C8.16. Pridt Wrte.S. sd.6d.* R.Gihon 

in the Wood. SC4.30. 111. Caldecott's Pict.Bks. bds.2/6 Warne 

in the Wood: Play (Baddelev). sd.1/3 S.French 

in the Wood: Play (Bridie). C38) C8. Thentre e. sd.4/- Constable 

in the Wood: Play (Carter. M.). C8.92. sd.2/ S.French 

in the Wood: Pl,iy (Policy & Carter, C.). C8.74. sd.3/- S.French 





Babes in the World: Play (Nagra). sd.1/3 S.French 
Babette (Newberry). ('38) C4.30. 111. 5/- H.Hamllton 
Babeuf Plot (Thomson, D.). (*47) C8.xi.112. 111. 7/6 Routledge 
Babies: Advice by Letter (Morrison. E.). ('49) 1C8.292. III. 10/6 

and Their Families. Feeding CMonsch & Harper). (*43) sD8.386. 

III. 28/- Wilev.Chap &.H. 

and Young Children in Tropics, Care of (Gibbens). r.c.('48> 

sCS.15. sd.l/- N.AM.CW. 

Care of Young (Gibbens). 3e/'50) C8.208. 7pl.7figs. 5/- Churchill 

Feeding Mothers and (Hcaton & Dayncs). C50) C8.214. 7/6 


First Lessons (Eastwood). ('22) C8.88. Col.Fr. sd.2/6 Faith 

Our (Cross). 2/- Juta 

Babington Plot (Close). ('39) 7d. Channel \Methuen 

Baboons, My Friends the (Marais). 2e.('47) lC8.viii,124. 6/- 
Bubur, Zehir-ed-Din Muhammed, Memoirs of. Ed. King, L. Tr. 

Leyden & Erskine. ('21) C8.908. 2v. Classics Ind.Hist. 21/- 

Babv and Camera (Wakcficld). 2e.('49) D8.80. 75ill. 8/6 Fountain 

Animals on the Farm (Temple. V.). C41) F6.64. 111. How to 

Draw S. 3/- Studio 

Book, Housewife (Cuthbert). ('49) 1C8.256. 32ill. 8/6 Hulion 

Book. Sunday Express (Woodman). ('50) SD4.240. III. 21/- Dlv. 

Express [Lewis 

Breast-Fed, in Gen. Pract. (Housdcn). ('32) C8.X.H8. 4/6 U.K. 

Camera and You (Nurnberg). ('46) C4.52. 48ill. 21/- Chup.&H. 

Care (Law). 2c.f43) 111. fldr.12/6 Lippmcott 

Care (Mylcs). ('47) C8.96. 30ill. 3/6 Nchon 

Care, Mother and. in Pictures (Zabnskic). 3c.('46) 8vo.204. 229 

ill.7tabs. 20/- Lippmcott 
Easily. Having a (Brady). ('44) D8.240. Ipl.lOd. 8/6 Health 

Elephant (Dunlop). ('48) G18.32. Col.ill. bds.3/6 Collins 

Enjoy Your. ('44) C8.148. 111. 5/- Evam 

Feeding and Care of (King. K T.). r.c.('45) D8.268. 48figs. 4/6 


Getting to Know your (Winnicott). ('45) C8.27. sd.l/- Wmnicott 

- Grows. How a (Gesell). ('50) M4.84. 111. 14/- H.Httmtltun 

- Having Your. Now (Martin. M.). ('44) C^-160 6/- Hodder 
-Home, Velpke. Trial (Brand). ('50) D8.410. lOpl. Notable Brit. 

Trials S. 18 /- Hodge 
-How to Care for (Libby). C8.115. 3/6 Allen & V. 

- in the Ash Can (Shame). C47) C8.216. 6/- Nich.& W 

in Cradle Boat (Taylor. G.). ('49) 16. Col.ill. Bib.Stories for 

Cln.S. sd.l/- Warne 

in Manger (Taylor, G.). ('49) 16. Col.ill. Bib.Stories for Chi.S. 

sd.l/- Warnf 

is Born. How (Schweimtz). 2e.('32) C8.63. 19pl. 3/- Routledge 

looks to You. Your (Hudson). ('48) C8.92. Health &. Hyg.S. 

bds 4/6 Century 

Make Yours a Fine (Manm. M.). ('46) C8.192. 7/6 Hoddef 

Mine: Play (Mayo), sd.3/- S I rench 

-- Moses (Emwistle). f 34) 18mo.64. 28col.ill. Bib. Bits. for Small 
Pple. sd.2/6 S.C.M. 

Mv. ('48) 1-4.32. 6/1 Chambers 

-Naming Your (Smith, S.C.). ('46) D8.96. 3/6 Allenson 

National (Campion). ('50) C8.160. 7/6 L.Benn 

New Born, Management of (Mopcr.cff). 3r.e.('49) sC8.47. sd. 

1/6 N.A.M.C.W. 

of Today (Hewer). Ed Brown, M.S -. 8c.('45) G 18.44. I/- J. Wright 

Ordinary Devoted Mother and Her (Winnicott). ('50) D8.47. 

.sd.l/- WmmtiHi {Wright 

-Our (Hewer). Ed.Brown. M.S.-. 23e ('45) G18.200. 111. 5/- J. 
-Premature (Crossc). 2e.('49) D8.176. 14ill. 12/6 Churchill 

- Puflin Scries. Jv. sC8. sd.9d. Penguin 

Show, and other Plays (Marlowe). C37) C8.77. 3y6* BLickwell 
-Story ot Our. ('50) 1F8.18. Col.ill. bds.2/-(-f P.T.) Collins 

Utility (Collins. D.). C44) IC8.96. 111. 7/6 JrnUm 

Wear, Making Maternity and (MontO. ('49) D8.111. 12/6 Pitman 

Your First (Medley). ('43) C8.228. 56-11. 6/6 Faber 
Babyhood. Life in Nursery Schl. and in Early CLissa). 3c.('49) C8. 

xx .339. 22ill. 12/6 Longmans 

Babylon Bruis'd and Mt. Moinh Mended. Ed.Bnttain & Manning 
2c.C48) D8.16. sd.l/- Heffer 

Captive in ("Manasses"). ('49) F8.64. sd.2/9; cl.5/- S.P.C.K. 

Domination of (Davidson). ('41) D4. sd.2/6 Covenant 

First Dyn. of. Year Names of (Johns). Ft. I. (*11) C4. sd.4/6 

Deign ton 

Greece and CFarnell). 8/6 T.& T.Clark 

Hist, of (King. L.W.). ('11) R8. 111. 21 /- Chatto 

Babylonia and Assyria CMurison). Bib.Class.S. sd.1/6; cl.1/9 T.& 

Babylonian and Assyrian Laws. Contracts, and Letters (Johns). 

17/- T.&T.Clark 

Apocryphal Writings. Tobit and. saC16. Fr.M. Tcm.Bib.S. cl. 

2/6; L.4/- Dent 

Boundary Stones and Memorial Tablets now in the B.M. Ed. 

King, L.W. C12) 4to.l36. 133pl. 40/- B.M.'.K.Paul 

Chronology (MacNaughton). C8.xii,189. 7/6 Luzac 

Epic of Creation (Langdon). ('23) D8.228. 20/- Oxf. 

Mcnologics and Semitic Calendars (Langdon). R8.178. Br.Ac. 

Schweich Lect.1933. 7/6 Oxf. 

Period, New. Business Documents of. (B.M.& Univ.Pennsylv. Mesopot.). Texts.Ser.3.(Pts.l& 2). and 4 C37-'49) PI. 
3pts.l&2) 90/-; 4. 58/6 B.M. '.K.Paul 

Problems (Lane, W.H.). ('22) D8. Ill.M. 21/- J.Murray 

Sumcro-, Year-Formulae (Mercer). *to.x. 121. 2d. sd.21/6 Luzac 

Tablets. Cat. of Late, in Bodleian Lib.. Oxford (Thompson. 

R.C.). ('27) Ffol.80. 4facs. tlds.12/6 Luzac 

Tablets in the B.M.. Cuneiform Texts from. C96-'28) Fol. ca. 

SOpl. Pts.2. 3. 13. 15, 16. 17. 34. ea.7/6; Pt.35. 12/-; Pt.36. 
18/-; Pt.38. 16/-; Pts.37. 39. 40. 41. ea,15/- B.M. '.K.Paul 

Babylonian Tablets of Bcrens Coll, (Pinches). (*15) 8vo. bds.4/- Luzac 

Talmud (Aucrbach). ('46) C8.160. 5/- Skeffington 

Texts, Selected Sumerian and (Lutz). ('19) 4to.l22. 92pl. 16/- 

Pennsylvania V.P.:Oxf. 

Baby's Birthday, etc. (Harris, .). 111. Tiny Ones Rdrs. sd.7d.*; 
cl.lOd.* Blackie 

First Year. Your (Slopes). 2r.e.('49) C8. 7/6 Putnam 

Log Bk. C49) M8.48. 5/6 C.A.Pearson 

Record (Anderson, A.). C4.64. Col.ill. 8/6; L.15/- Harrap 
Bacchac (Euripides). See Author entry 

Bacchanals (Euripides). Tr.'Icnnant. ('26) F8.xiv.81. 4y- Methuen 

Cyclops and The (Euripides). ('46) C8. 2pl. Parnassus Bks. sd.2/-; 

cl.3/6Iue Bk. 
Bacchants of Euripides and Other Ess. (Verrall). ('10) D8.396. 17/6 

Bacchic Element in Shakespeare's Plays (Legouis). R8. Br.Ac. 

Shakcsp.Lcct.1926. I/- Oxf. 
Bacchylidcs, Poems. Catalogue of Greek Class Txts. from Papyri 

in B.M. C97) 8vo. 5/- B M.: K.Paul 
Baccy. Better (Gardner. C.W.-.& Simmonds). 3e.('50) sCS.48. 12111. 

sd.1/6 Int. Garden 
Bach, Ldward. Physician. Med. Discoveries of (Weeks). 3e.C50) 

C8.144. 7/6 C.W.Daniel 

John Christian (Terry). ('29) D8.390. 34pl. 25 /- Oxf. 

Magdalena, Little Chronicle of (Mcynell). n.e.('49),245 

6/- Chap.& H. 

J.S. (Azulay). (*17) D8.16. 2/- Boosey 

(Grace). ('38) C8.24. sd.9d. Novello 

(Grew). C47) sC8.256. 111. Master Mus.S. 7/6 Dent 

(Mann, W.). ('50) Pott8.64. Intro. to Mus.S. 3/6 D.Dobson 
~ (Mcyncll. .). C34) sC8.136. P. Gt.Livcs S. 4/6 Duckwth. 

(Parry). r.e.('27) D8.584. III. 15/- Putnam 

(Schallenberg). ('49) 1C4. S^mphonia Bks. 7/6 Sidg.A. ]. 

(Schweitzer). Tr. Newman, L. 2v. n.c.('49) M8.xvi,428. 3pl.. 

viii,498. 2pl. set40/- Black 

(Terry). 2e.('33) D8.312. 76pl.2figs.2tabsld. 21/- Oxf. 

(Wheeler & Deucher). ('39) sPost4.I28. 62ill. 9/6 faber 

and Handel, Age of (Maitland). 2e.('31) D8.378. Oxf.Hist.of Mus 

17/6 Oxf. 

Art of (Dickinson). ('50) C8.260. Fr.4pl. mus.exs. 12/6 


Bicentenary Calendar. C50) R8.52. 26pl. sd.8/6 Hinrichsen 

" Brandenburg " Concertos (Maitland). (*29) Pott8.48. Mus.Pilg.S. 

3/- Oxf. 

Cantatas and Oratorios flcrry). ('25) Pott8.52,38. Mus.Pilg.S. 

2v. ca.3/- Oxf. 

Choral Preludes of (Taylor, B.). ('42) D8.138. 


Chorals (Terry). Pt.3. C21) C4.xiv,162. 30/- Camb. 

Family (Geirmger). D8. 111. 30/- Allen & U. 

the '48' (Maitland). ('25) Pott8.38, 3H. Mus.Pilg.S. 2v. ca.3/- Oxf. 

48 cclcbr. Fugues fr. the "Well-tempered Clavier." Digest of 

the Analyses of (Sampson). 5pts. R8. Scp.2/6; 2/6; 5/-; 5/-; 
5/-; compl.21/- W Reeves 

48 Fugues. Outline Anal, of (Sampson). D8. 3/6 W. Reeves 

Forty-Light Preludes and Fugues (Gray, C.). ('38) C8.156. mu. 

ex. 8/6 Oxf. 

"48 Preludes and Fugues," Anal, of (Ricmann). Pts.I & II. 

('93 ) ea.C8.xi\.168:210. limp 4/6 Augener 

48 Preludes and Fugues. Commentary on. Bks.l & 2. (Macphcr- 

son). C34-'37) D8. 6/6; 5/- Novello 

48 Preludes and Fugues, How to Play (Wilkinson). ('39) C8. 8/6 

W. Reeves 

Leben, Kunst und Kunstwcrke (Forkel). ('50) Imp8.71. Fr. sd. 

10/- Hinrichsen 

Life and Times of (Loon). ('42) 1C8.102. 111. */- Harrrp 

Mass in B minor (Terry). n.e.('31) Pott8.48. Mus.Pilg.S. 3/- Oxf 

Organ Wks. of (Grace). ('22) D8.320. 15/- Novello 

The Passions (Jerry). ('26) Pott8.56, 80. Mus.Pilg.S. 2v. ca.3/- 


Reader (David & Mendel). ('46) R8.431. Fr. 32ill. 30 /- Dent 

Sons of (Reeser). ('49) 1C4. Symphonia Bks. 7/6 Stdg.& J. 

Two Centuries of (Blumc). Tr. Goodman. ('50) C8.86. 6/- Oxf. 
Wcltliche Kantaten (Fmlay). ('50) D8.98. sd.12/6 Hinrichsen 
Bachelor (Gibbons. S.). ('44) C8.394. 6/- Longmans 

Beware: Play (Brodenck). sd.1/3 S.French 

of Arts (Narayan). ('48) C8.136. 8/6 Eyre 

Bachelors arc Bold: Play (Watson, T.M.). ('50) C8.79. sd.3/- 

Brown, Son & F. 
Bachgen Newydd and Ysbryd Arthur: Plays (Jones. B.). 1/6 

Bacillarv and Rickettsial Infections: Black Death to White Plague 

(Holmes. W.H.). ('40) M8.xii.676. 52/6 N.Y. : M'cmill n 

Dysentry in Glamorgan. ('22) R8. sd.l/- Min.of Health: 

Back (Green, H.). ('46) C8. 8/6 Hogarth 

and Its Disorders (Lcwin, P.). ('48) D8.170. 23/6 McGraw 

Bencher and Chairman (Hemingford). ('45) D8. Fr. 18/- J.Murray 

Duty (Staples). sD8.135. 21/6 Taxation 

Duty. Staples on (Hughes, P.F.& Staples). 5e.('50) D8.148. 21 /- 


from the From (Browne. S.). (*46) D8.140. 111. 6/- Oliver 

Room Girl (Durbridge). C50) C8.176. 9/6 J.Long 

to Adam: Play (Bnghouse). C8.32. sd.1/6 S.French 

to Better Grass (Lewis. I.G.). ('42) C8.68. 3/6 Faber 

to the Bible (Houghton). f'42) C8.32. sd.Sd. Covenant 

to the Bible (Lattey). C45) C8.128. 5/- Burns. O 

to Billabong (Bruce). ('49) C8. 6/- Ward .Lock 

to Country (Smith. F.D.& Wilcpxl. 3c.('47) C8.X.222. 7111. 7/6 


to God (Elliott. W.T.). C37) F8. 2/6 Nlsbet 

to the Local (Gorham). (*49) 126.vii. 111. 8/6 P. Marshall 





Back to Marble Mountain (Gardner. H.). IH.Monroe. 6/- Oxf. 

to Methuselah: Play (Shaw. G.B.). ('31) std.e.7/6 Constable 

to Methuselah: Play (Shaw, G.B.). r.e.('46) Pott8.388. World'fc 

Class. 4/6 Oxf. 

to Realities (Mellone). C28) C8.99. sd.6d. Lindscy 

to the Sun (Whitby). ('49) D8.196. 12/6 C.& J. Temple :Rockliff 

to Work? (Levy). C8. 6d. Collancz 

Ventcx-Powcr of a Combm. of Lenses, etc. (Smith, T.). R4. 

Coll.Researchcs. sd.l/- Nat.Phys.Lab.-.H.M.S.O. 
Backache and Sciatic Neuritis (Lewm). C43) R8.745. 235111. 70/- 

Due to Low Back Structural Derangement. Chronic Structural 

Low (Roberts, R.A.). C47) C4.viii.100. 137ill. 45/- H.K.Lewis 
Backbone of England (Pouchcr). ('46) M4.208. 200ill. 30/- Country 


Backers. Bk. for (Windsor). (*47) C8.24. l.c.40/- Postllb 
Backfischkastcn. Der (Zobeltitz). Ed.Hem. ('06) 139. 2/6* E.Arnold 
Backgarden Batteries (Hicks). ('48) 1C8.15. 9pl. sd.9d. Poultry 

Egg Production (Hicks). sD8J7. J7pl. sd.1/3 Poultry 

of Allah (Jarvis). C39) D8. 111. 8/6 J. Murray 
Background : Play (Smee). sd.1/3 S.French 

and Issues of the War (Fisher. H.A.L.. etc.). ('40) C8.150. 6/- 


BACKGROUND BOOKS. 5 v. C8. 1/6 Batchworth 
What is Communism? by A Student ot Affairs 
Trade Unions True or False? by Victor Feather 
Co-operatives True or False? by J. A. Hough, M. A. 
Why Communism Must Fail by Bertrand Russell, and others 
South-East Asia and Its Future by Guy Wint 

Background for Citizenship (Blaksley). ('48) CS.14U. 8/6 Gale 

lor Hyacmthc (Hoy). ('49) C8.192. 6/- Mills & B. 

for On. Anne (Sutherland). C39) D8.xn.22K. 8pl. 11/6 Methuen 

for a Song (Vernon. M.). C49) C8.256. 9/6 J.Long 

to Sweden (Heywood). D8. III. 25 /- Constable 

Give Yourself (Bond). 2e.('42> D8.277. 21/6 McGraw 

Handbooks, llv. ea.DS. 2/- Bureau 

of Lastern Sea Power (Eldridge). ('48) D8.404. 17ill.20M. 18/- 

Phoenix Ho. 

of English Lit. (Gricrson). C25) 1C8. 16/- Chatto 

of Epistles (Fairweather). 14/- T.& T.Clark 

of Gospels (Fairweather). 3e. 14/- T.&.T Clark 

of Guidance (McQueen, etc.). ('41) D8.140. N.Z.Educ.Res.S. 6/- 


of Modern Poetry (Bowra). ('46) D8.20. Oxf.Unlv.lnaug.Lect. 

1946. 2/- Oxf. 

of Phys. Geog. (Kellaway). ('45) D8.viii.232. 10/- Macmillan 
-of Praver Bk. (Phillips. C.S.). ('38) C8.152. Ch.Tutonal S. sd. 

3/-; cl.5/- S.P.C.K 

of Spiritual Healing akin). C8.224. 6/- Allen & V. 

of Therapeutics (Burn)'. C48) D8.376. 59figs.26tabs. 22/6 Oxf. 

Science Scries. 3v. ea.CS. 3/- Nelson 

to Farming (Moore. H.I.) n.e. D8 162. 111. 12/6 Allen & V . 

to Man (Vickcrs). ('49) D8.171. 25iI1.10d.& M. 7/6 Chas.Peurson 

to Mod. Thought (Hardic). f'47) F8.ix,174. Thinker's Lib. 2/6 


to the O.T. (Towers). C44) C8.64. 3/6 Indep.P. 

to Sweden (Heywood). D8. 111. 25 /- Cons'able 
Backgrounds of Conflict (London). (*45) lC8.xvi,488 33/6 N.Y.: 
Backstage: Play (Ready). ('49) C8. 1/6 De^ne 


with Joe (Aistrop) ('46) C8.108. 6/- D.Dobson 

Backward Areas, Industrialization In (Mandelbaum). ('46) viii.lll 
10/6 Blackwell 

Bride (Menen). C50) C8. 8/6 Chatto 

Child: Play (Pemberton). sd.1/3 S. French 

Child, being v2. of Sub-Normal School Child (Burl). 3e.C50) 

D8.724. pi. 25 /- Univ. Land. 

Child. Trcatmt. of (Robertson, R.K.). ('50) CS.x.36. Fr. sd.2/- 


Children in the Making (Segal). ('50) C8.xi.172. 7/6 Muller 

Children in N.Z.. Educating (Wimerbourn). ('44) D8.406. 45 

tabs. N.Z.Educ.Res.S. 15/- Oxf. 

Class. Expsrmts. with (Taylor. E.A.). 3c.('49) C8.viii.I12. Sill. Mod.Educ.S. 6/- Methuen 

Glance (Wyndham). (*50) D. JO/6 Clowes \& V. 

Peoples, Mod. Prodctn. among (Greaves). D8.229. 12/6 Allen 
Backwardness in the Basic Subjects (Schonell). 4c.('48) D8.586. 

25 /- Oliver 

in Elementary Schools. ('37) D8.25. sd.6d. L.C.C. 
Backwater (Morgan.}.) ('42) Fr. 7/6 Chap.&H. 

of Life (Payn). ('17) C8. 6/- J. Murray 

Backwood Bk. (Oldham). C48) OR.96. Col.ill. 7/6 Dent 
Backwoods America (Wilson. C.M.). 8/- N.Carolina V. P.: Oxf . 

Utopias (Bester). C50) D8.300. 28/- Pennsylvania VJ'.: Oxf. 
Backwoodsman, Pioneer and Forester. ('49) C8.42. Scout Badge S. 

sd.9d. Brown, Son &. F. 
Backwoodsmen. The (Roberts. C.G.D.). C50) C8. Sill. 6/- Ward, 

Lock IThemoph.Pub. 

Bacon, Francis, and the Cipher Story (Woodward, F.L ). C8. 2/- 

Francis, and Shakespeare (Johnson, E.D.). ('49) IDS. 32. sd.l/- 

Bacon Soc. [Scrivener 

Francis. Bibliography (Gibson). (*50) D4.369. 200111. 7/7/- 

Francis. Bi-Latcral Cipher ot (Johnson, E.D.). (*47) 1D8.36. 

9ill. 3/6 Bacon Soc. 

Francis. Cipher Signatures (Johnson. E.D.). 2c.C47) 1D8.35. 24 

ill. 4/- Bacon Soc. 

Francis, Concealed and Revealed (Theobald). ('30) 1D8.389. 15 

ill. 8/7 Bacon Soc. 

Francis, Enter (Theobald). Q32) IDS, 122. 3/6 Bacon Soc. 

Francis. Guide to His Home and Haunts (Gundry). ('46) IDS. 50. 

21 ill. 4/- Bacon Soc. 

Francis. Martyrdom of (Dodd). ('46) 1D8.192. 17111. 21 /- Rider 

Bacon. Francis. Pt.2. (Nichol). ('86) F8.260. Philos.CIass.for Eng. 
Rdrs. 2/6 Black wood 

Francis, Personal Life-Story, v.l (Dodd). (*49) 1D8.382. 49ilL 

30 /- Rider 

Francis, v. Lord Macaulay (Johnson, E.D.). ('49) IDS. 34. sd.l/- 

Bacon Soc. 

Francis, etc., Shakespeare (Murray. E.). C4.12. sd.2/- Fcntasma 

Francis, or Shakespeare CBridgewatcr). 2e.('42) IDS. 16. sd.6d. 

Bacon Soc. [Bacon Soc. 

Francis. Shakespeare Anatomy (Melsome). ('45) 1D8.250 15/- 

Francis. Shakespeare Coincidences (Johnson, E.D.). (*47) 1D8.49. 

3/6 Bacon Soc. 

Roger (Crowley). ('50) D8.232. 21 /- Duffy 

Roger (Little. A.G.). R8. Br.Ac.Master-Mind Lect.1928 2/- Oxf. 

Roger. Palissy. and Revival of Nat. Sci. (Allbutt). R8. Br.Ac. 

I/- Oxf. 

and Hams. Home Curing of. 2e. 17ill. sd.1/3 Min.ol Agric. : 


Bacteria as Friends and Foes of Dairy Farmer (Sadler). (*12) C8. 
xvi.112. Sill. 2/6 Methuen 

Biology of (Henrtci). 3e.('39) D8.4N4. 112ill 25/-* Harr p 

Chemical Activities of (Gale). 2e.('48) C8.iv,20U. Fr. llfiys. 8/6* 

Univ. Tut. 

Cytology and Life History of (Bissct). (*50) R8.144. 43figs. 18/6 


in Relation to Domestic Science (Dukes). ('47) C8.248. Ipl.9fig8. 

12/6 Oxf. 

in Relation to Milk Supply (Chalmers). 3e.('45) C8.viii,272. 55ill 

9/- E. Arnold 

in Relation to Nursing (Dukes). (*46) D8.viii.186. 10ill.(2u>l.) 

12/6 H.K.Lewis 

Introduction to (Clifton). ('50) 42/6 McGraw 

Transmutation of (Dixon. S.G.-). C19) D8.viu.180. 12/- Camb. 

Yeasts and Molds in the Home (Conn). 3r.e.('45) C8.vtii,320. 

83ill. d. 20/6 Cinn 

Bacterial Anal, of Water and Sewerage. Lab. Manual for Chcm. 
and (Theroux.Eldridge & Mailman). 3e.('43) D8. 2K/- McGraw 

and Mycotic Infections of Man. Ed.Dubos. ('48) sC4.785. lOlill. 

(3col.). 45 /- Lippincntt 

and Virus Diseases (Parish). ('48) C8.168 111. 7/6 E.&S.liv. 

Cell (Dubos). C45) D8.480. 39pl.44tabs. 27/6 Harvard I'.P :Oxf. 

Chcm. and Physiology (Porter). ('46) MS. 1073. 111. 5 Wiley: 

Chap,& H. 

Flora, Nasopharvngeal. of a Group of Manchester Population. 

sd.6d. Min.ol Health :H .M.S. O. 

Flora. NasopharvnReal. of Groups of Persons in London and 

S.E. England. ('39) sd.2/- Mm.of lie Vh :H.M.S O. 

Infection (Appleton). 4c.('50) RH.644. 113ill.(4rol.). 70/- Kimpton 

Infection,, Diagnosis and Treatment (Strean). ('49) R8.185. 

57ill. 38/6 Kimpton 

Metabolism (Stephcnson). 3c.('49) D8.xiv.398. IpI.Sld. 30/- 


Bacteriological Chemistry, Introduction to (Anderson, C.G.). 2c.('46) 
C8.500. d. 20/- L & S.Llv. 

Examination of Water Supplies. r.e.('34) sd.l/- Min.of Heilth . 

H.M.S.O. [H.M.S.O. 

Studies on Pneumococcus ('22) R8. sd.2/6 Min.of Health 

Technique (McEwcn). ('49) D8.302. 70ill. 15/- Churchill 

Test Tubes. Durham Fermentation Tubes and Dreyer Agglutin- 

ation Tubes. ('35) 7. 21- B.S.I. 
Bacteriology (Tanner). 4e.('4S) D8 625. 111. 40/- Wiler:Chap.& H. 

Aids to (Wilson, H.W.S.-). 7e.(*46) F8.viii.30(). Students' Aids 

S. 6/- Bailliere 

and Biochemistry, Oxidation-Reduction Potentials in (Hewitt) 

6e.C50) C4.212. 44figs. 20/- E.&S.Liv. 

and Immunity for Nurses. Elementary (Marshall, S.). 2e C50) 

C8.viii.88. 111. 6/6 H.K.Lewh 

and Immunity, Prin. of (Toplev , Wilson & Miles). 3e.('46) suR8 

1025: 1135. 111. 2v. 70/- E.Arnold 

and Pathol. for Nurses (Clark, E.I.). 2r.e.('49) 35ill 18/- Faber 

and Protozoology. Ed.Locan. 5c. Catechism S. ea.2/- E.&S.Liv. 

Applied Med. (Marshall, M.S.). C47) R8.34I). 111. 31/6 Kimpton 

Applied Mycology and (Galloway). 3e.('50) D8.192. 111. 12/- 

Leon.Hitt (Ltv. 

Atlas of (Low. R.C.&Dodds). ('47) R8. 168col ill. 32/6 E.& S. 

Dairy (Hammer). 3r.e.('48) M8.593. 111. 48/- Wiles:Chap.& H. 

Dairy (Jensen). Tr.Arup. 2e.('31) RR 210. 67ill. 18/- Churchill 

Dental (Brodenck). ('26) C8.144. 20ill.(lcol.). Outl. of Dental Sci. 

S. 7/6 E &S.Liv. 

Determination, Manual of (Bcrpev). Ed .Breed .Murray, E.G.D. 

& Hitchens.etc. 6e.C48) M8.xvi.1560. 5/14/- Bmlliere 

Diagnostic (Schaub & Foley). 3r.e.(*47) D8.532. 31/6 Kimpton 

Elementary (Greaves). 5e.('46) C8.613. 169ill. 25 /- Saunters 

Experimental (Kolle & Hctsch). Ed. Eyre. Tr.Erikson. ('34) 2v. 

R8.592:613. 111. ea.30/- Allen & V. 

for Medical Students and Practitioners (Gardner, A.D.). 3e.('44) 

F8.272. 31figs. 2^tabs. 8/6 Oxf. 

for Students in General and Household Science (Buchanan, E.D. 

&R.E.). 4e.('38) C8.xvi.548. 245figs. 37/6 N.Y.:Mecmill n 

Fundamental Prin. of (Salle). 3c.( f 48) 51/ Lab.Manual. 21/6 


Fundamentals of (Frobisher). 4e.('49) D8.936. 420ill. 27/6 


General (Swingle). 2e.('47) M8.xiv.370. Fr.l72ftgs. 26/- V. 

Nostrand : Macmillan 

Hucmatology and Animal Parasitology, Pract. (Stitt.Clough &. 

Branham). 10e.('48) xiv t .992. 111. 50/- H.K.Lewis 

Handbook of (Bigger). 6e.('49) IC8.xii,548. 113ill. 20/- Bmlliere 

Introduction to Laboratory Technique in (Levme). 2c.(*33) CS.xiv, 

290. 21 /- N.Y.: Macmillan 

Laboratory Directions for Pharm. Students (Novak <& Meyer). 

2e.('47) C4.248 r loose-leaf. 19/- Kimpton 





Bacteriology Lab. Manual for Gen. (Peltier. Georgi & Lindgren). 
3c.('46) D4.295. sd.26/- Wiley: Chap. & H. 

Lab. Manual. Gen. (McClung). (*46) D4.106. 7/6 Sounders 

Manual of (Hewlett & Mclntosh). 9e.('32) Post 8.750. 43pl. 

66figs. 18/- Churchill 

of Spray-Dried Egg. ('46) R8. Spec.Rcpt.S. sd.l/- Med.Res. 

Council \HMS.O. 

Pathol. and. for Med. Stud, in Tropics. Intro, to (Smith. B.C.). 

('39) R8.293. 95ill.(18col.). 25/- Staples 

Pract. (Cunningham). 3r.e. C8.230. 28d. 12/6 Oliver 

Pract. (Tanner). 2e.('33) M8.425. 111. 26/- Wiley -.Chap. A H. 

Pract. Dairy (Ellikcr). C49) 391. 34/- McGraw 

Pract., Handbook of (Mackic & McCartney). 8c.(*48) D8.660. d. 
25/- E.AS.Llv. 

Pract., Principles of. for Scientific Workers (Johnston, J.H.& 

Simpson). ('27) 8vo.l20. 5/- Churchill 

- System of. in Relation to Medicine. 9v.('29-'31). ca.21/-; set 
8/8/- Med. Res. Council iH.MS.O. 

Textbook of (Burrows). 15r.e.('49) M8.981. 264ill. 45 /- Sounder* 

- Textbook of (Dougheny & Lambeni). 2e.('50) R8.491. 14H11. 40/- 


Textbook of (Muir. R.& Ritchie). Ed. Browning & Mackie lie. 

('49) R8.1008. 226ftgs. SO/- Oxf. 

Textbook of (Rice). 4e.('47) M8.603. 111. 32/6 Sounder', 

Veterinary, Manual of (Kelser & Schoenig). 5e.('48) M8.xii,768. 

101 ill. 50 /- Bailliere 

Veterinary Pathol. and (Gainer & Davics. G.O.). 3c.('49) D8.x, 

766. 203111. 30/- Bailliere 

Water (Prescott.Winslow & McCrady). 6e.('46) D8.368. 38- 

W Hey \ Chap. & H. 
Bactenophagc in Treatment and Prevention of Cholera (Morison). 

(*32) D8.viii,32. 27ill. sd.4/- H.K.Ltwis 
Bacterium Staphylococcus Aureus, Changes Produced In Meat 

Extracts by (Foreman & Smith, G.S.G.). ('28) sd.2/- Sci. 

Bad Boy Bhim (Hughes,!.). ('46) C8.120. 13ill.(lcol.). 5/- Nelson 

Boy of Music (Anthcil). ('47) 1C8.296. 12/6 Hurst 

Business: Play (Carter, C.). C8.36. sd.1/6 S.French 

Child's Book of Beasts and More Beasts for Worse Children 

(Bclloc). ('48) F4.96, 111. bds.5/- Duckwth. 

Language (Barklcy). ('46) C8.48. I/- Pitman 

Little Star (Bignell). ('50) C8.16. sd.9d. Stockwell 

Man (Winslowe). ('50) C8. 5/- Ward.Lock 

Man's Return (MacDonald). ('50) C8.256. 8/6 U odder 

Medicine (Hall, V.C.). ('47) C8.352. 6/- Rob, A M. 

Men of the Cayngas (Garth). ('49) C8.248. 4/6 R.Hale 

Quarto of Romeo and Juliet (Hoppe). ('48) D8.240. 16/- Cornell 


'Temper Bureau: Play (Fotheringham). sd.2/6 S. French 

Tempered Princess (Gabert). ('47) C4. 21col.ill. bds.2/- 

Badaga and Kung Books in B.M.. Catalogue of Kannnda (Barnctt). 

('10) 4to.278. 21 /- BM. '.K.Paul 
Badakhshani, Bakhtiari, and Madaglashti Dialects of Modern 

Persian, Phonology of (Lorirner). ('22) R8.xi,205. 5/- Luzac 
Badayi: in Persian (Sadi). D8.viii.243. sd.15/- Luzac 

Poems (Sadi). Ed.A Tr.King, L.W. D8.204. sd.6/- Luzac 
Baddeley's English Lake District. C'49) F8.320. 20M.& d. 10/6 


Baden-Powell. See Powell, Baden-. 
Badger. The (Blackmorc). C48) SC4.20. 111. Young Bnt.S. sd.l/- 


The (Neal). ('49) 1C8.176. Ill .(some col.). New Nat.S. 12/6 


Badgerole Business (Huntley). (*49) C8.72. 2/- Epworth 
Badgers. The (Lconov). Tr.Kazanina. ('46) 1C8.336. 12/6 


- End (Hill). 64. 15ill. limp 2/-* W Johnston 

Green: Play (Sheriff). Pott8.192. Kings Ireas.S. 1/10* Dent 

Green: Play (Sheriff). C8.100. sd.3/- S.trench 

Moon (Trevor). C49) C8.160. 8/6 Falcon 

of Qumion (Mackenzie. K.). C50) C8.262. 8pl. 6/- Evam 
Badges. Distinctive, of Rank of Officers in the Army. ('40) Col. ill. 

3/- Gale 

Formation, 1939-1946. ('48) 111. 7/6; bds.9/- Gale 

Girl Guide, Hints on. 21e.('50) C8.532. limp 6/- Brown,Son & F. 

on Battledress (Cole. H.N.). C49) C8.82. 111. 6/- Gale 

- Tokens and Passes in the B.M.. Catalogue of Montague Guest 

Collection. ('30) 8vo. 13/- BM. '.K.Paul 
Badminton. C50) 1C8.40. Col. ill. Know the Game S. sd.2/-: cl.4/- 

-(Thomas, Sir G.A.). D8. 111. Mod. Sports S. 5/- Seelfy 

Association of England's Annual Handbook. Ed.Schccle. C50) 

sCS.360. sd.2/6 Badminton 

International, Federation's Annual Handbook. Ed.Scheclc. ('50) 

F8 128. sd.2/- Bfdmtnton 

Intro, to (Last). C49) C8.74. 16111. sd.2/6; cl 4/- Thorsonx 

Racquet. That (Uber). ('50) D8.128. 111. Lib. Sports & Past. 10/6 


Squash. Tennis and Fives Rackets (Aberdare). D8. lOOill. 

Lonsdale Lib.S. 21 /- Seeley 

Badoli the Ox (Bourke). D4. III. 42/- Allen A U. 
Baffled to Fight Better (Chambers, O.). ('3D C8.112. 4/6 O. 

Chambers : Slmpktn 

Bafflers or Draught Divcners on Gas Appliances, incl. Recommenda- 
tions for Flue Terminals. ('38) Amcndt. (*38) 11. 2/- B.S.I. 
Bag of Dreams. Ed.Crossland. ('38) 1C8.96. III. sd.1/5* Collins 
Bagful of Bones (Kennington). n.c.('49) D8.160. sd.1/6 Jnrrolds 
Baghdad Air Mail (Hill. Sir R.). ('29) D8.X.328. 39ill. 18/- E.Arnold 

Chronicle (Levy, R.). ('29) D8.xii.2RO. 4pl. 15/- Comb. 

Hitler's Route to (Ward, B.). ('39) D8.356. M. 10/6 Allen & V. 

Sketches (Stark). C39) 1C8. Ill.M. 7/6 J.Munay 

Bagpipe (Flood). xx,237. 29ill. Mus.Story S. 6/- W. Reeves 
Bags. Sacks and Wrappings. Textile. C50) 5/- B.S.I 

Slippers. Belts. Mats, and (Dolman). 1C8.48. 111. Wk.of Our 

Hands S. sd.2/6 Oxf. 

Bahj&'i Admin.. Prm. of. Ed.Shoghi Effendi. C50) C8.128. sd.4/6; 
cl.6/6 Baha't 

Faith. Study Course on. ('46) 16. sd.6d. Baha't 

Fyddy (In Welsh). C49) F8.12. sd.6d. Baha'l 

Life. Pattern of. C48) C8.56. sd.1/6 Baha't 

Prayers: Selection. C47) F8.156. L.5/- Baha'l 

Prayers, Some. C46) F8.96. 2/6 Baha'l 

Scriptures. Sel. from. ('41) D8 340. 7/6 Baha'l 

Bahama Islands (Rigg). ('49) C4.xviii.168. Fr. 23pl.l7ch. 56/- V. 
Nostrand : Macmillan 

Songs and Stories (Edwards, C.L.). n.e.('42) 111. 111. 32/6 Hafntr 
Bahamas (Gisburn). ('50) D8.144. 12/6 Gibbons 

Bahasa Indonesia (Molcn & Cemach). ('49) Impl6.96. sd.9/- Bailey 
Baha*'u'Hjih (Balyuzi). ('38) C8.34. sd.6d. Baha'l 

and N. Era (Esslemont). ('50) C8.320. sd.3/6: cl.7/6 Baha't 

Dispensation of (Shoghi Effendi). ('48) C8.70. sd.1/6 Baha'i 

Glad Tidings of. Ed.Townshend. C49) F8. Wisdom of East S. 4/- 

J. Murray 

Message of. r.e.('49) F8.32. sd 6d. Baha'l 

Bahia From Santos to (Mielchc). Tr. Michael. ('48) 1D8.362. 111. 15/- 

Baignade Asnifcrc Urc (Seurat). Ed.Wcngraf. ('46) D4.24 18111. 

Gallery tfks. sd.4/6 Lund, H. 

Bailey's Crowded Hour: Flay (falbot). C43) C8. 1/6 Deane 
Baily, Francis, the Astronomer (Smith, L.G.H.H.-). ('38) D8. sd.l/- 

Baily's Hunting Directory. Ed.Neilson. C50) sD8.640. 111. 21/- 


Bam. Donald. C50) M4. Mod.Scot.Pntrs.S. 21 /- MacLellan 
Baincs, Thomas, of King's Lynn (.Wallis). ('41) 1C8. 12/6 Cape 
Baird Chill-Chomain : Songs (MacNivcn). ('36) C8.160. S/- A. 


Baital Pachchisi (Forbes). Tr.Platts. ('71) 8vo.vnl81. 6/- Profythatn 
Baji Rao II and East India Co. (Gupta). ('39) D8.232. 10/6'/ndifl- 


Bakehouse. The: Play (.Francis), sd 1/6 S French 
Bakelitc Materials. Moulding. r.e.('50) D8.62. Ill Yellow Back S. 

bds.3/6 Machinery 
Baker, Elizabeth. 1778-86, Based on Diary of: The Old Order 

(Thomas. B.B.). ('45) D8.52. 1/6 Vnlv.Wales 

of the Nile (Middleton. D.). ('49) D8.2HO. 19ill. 12/6 Falcon 
THE BAKER TWINS. 8 v. a. F4. Illustrated. 1/3* E. J. Arnold 

1. When we were Tiny 5. Making and Doing 

2. On the Farm 6. Down to the Sea 

3. Our Pets 7. Fun in the Woods 

4. IlelpmR Mother 8. A Visit to the Zoo 
Bakers and Confectioners (Turner. H.E.& Amsdon). ('46) C8.54 

Mod.Mgmt.S. 7/6 Trade Tech.S. 

Biscuit, Bread, and Sugar Boiler's Asst. (Wells, R.). ('29) C8.122. 

5/- Tech. P. 

Dictionary (Daniel). ('49) D8.119. 21/- MacLaren & Sam 

Repository of Recipes (Tear). ('47) C8.152. 7/6 MacLaren A Sons 
Bakery and Confectionery Studs.. Micnobol. for (McEwcn). C50) 

C8.128. 36111. 8/6 Churchill 

and Confectionery. Swiss. Ed.Bachmann, W. (*49) C4 320. 182ill. 

(32col.). 57/6 MacLaren A Sons [MacLaren A Sons 

Materials and Methods (Daniel). 2c.('49) D8.490 81111. 32/6 

Students. Basic Science for (Jewell, Mulholland & Evcnss). ('50) 

D8.264. 134ill. 20/- MacLaren A Sam 

Trade as a Career (Daniel). 3e (*49) D8.220. ll/- MacLaren A 


Trade, Notes on Costing for (Grant, J.). C25) C8.32. 3/6 E.Arnold 
Bakhtiari. Badakhshani and Madaglashti Dialects of Mod. Persian- 

PhonoloRy of (Lorimer). C22) R8.xi.205 5/- Luzac 
Baking. C'47) C8.32. 111. Activity Rdrs.S sd.1/3 Evans 

Insulating Varnish (Bitumen Type) for Elec. Purpose. C33) 13 

21- B.S.I. 

Quality Tests, Bibliog. of (SupptJ. ('39) C4.31. sd.1/6 Comm 


Test (Mounfield). (*48) D8.32. Til. 3/- North. Pub. 

Bakunin. Michael (Carr, E.H ). ('37) M8.X.502 Fr.25/- Macmillan 

Michael, and Karl Marx (Kenafick). ('48) C8.384. sd.6/-; bds.7/6 


Bala, Llangollen. Corwen: Guide. ('47) C8. Ill.M. d. 5/- Ward.l^ck 
Balaam and Britain (Clyde). C46) C8.95. bds.2/9 Covenant 

Jacob and. Oracles of (Burrows). C45) D8.126. Bellarmine S 

12/6 Burn, O. 

Jonah and (Fcreday). C8. 4/3 J. Ritchie 
Balabish (Wamwnpht). E.E.S.Mem.37. 42/- Oxf. 

Balaich an T-Stratha (Maclntyrc). ('46) C8.48. 1/6 A.MacLaren 
Balalaika: Musical Play (Posford, Grun & Maschwitz). sd.4/-; v. 

score 10/- S.French 
Balance of Payments and Standard of Living (Hawtrcy). ('50) D8.I58. 

sd.8/6 R.l.l.A. 

of Payments in Nigeria (Bower). ('49) DS.x.86. sd.1/6 Blackwell 

of Paments of United States (Kcynes). R8. I/- Macmillan 

of Payments. U.K.. 1946-50. R8.36. sd.l/- H.M.S.O. 

of Power. 1715-1789 (Hassall). ('96) C8.456. Periods Eur.Hist.S. 

10/6 Riving ton 

of Trade Delusions (Cannan). ('3D D8. Barnett Ho Pap. 1/6* 

of Truth (Watkin). ('44) D8.142. 9/- Holtts [Oxf. 

Sheet Values (Leake) 4e.('47) D8.88. 8/- Gee 

Sheets (Tovcy). 3e.C47) D8.103. 5/- Pliman 

Sheets and Accounts Under the Companies Act. 1948 (Kettle). 

C48) D8.40. 1/6 Gee 

Sheets and Lending Bnnkcr (Clemens), f'49) D8. 12/6 Europa 

Sheets. Company, Guide to (Jones, F.H.). 3r.e.(*48) D8.xiv.312. 

5/- Heffer 





Balance Sheets. Preparation of Consolidated, of Holding and 
Subsidiary Companies. 2e.('49) D8.34. 2/6 Gee 

Time Int. Tabs. (Jones. T.R.). C4. 15/- Allen & U. 

Balanced Farming: in Eng. and Swahili (Humphrey). ('49) C8.60. 
12UI. Afr.& their Land S. sd.1/2* Longman* 

Menus (Magill & Morkam). ('47) F4.71. 6/- Pitman 

Outlines and An in Shorthand (Marshall. A.). ('29) C8.29. 6d.* 

Balancing of Machinery (Fletcher. C.N.). ('31) C8.172. 99ill. 10/- 

of Oil Engines (Wilson. W.K.). lM8.xii.279. Fr. 83ill.2pl. 28/- 
Balbus (Lync). C34) C8.128. 111. 2/9* E.Arnold [Griffin 
Balcony. The (Bell. A.). C34)n.c. C8.248. 6/- J Lane 

Balder Dead and Myccrinus (Arnold. M.). ('09) F8.22. Oxf. Plain Test. 
6d.* Oxf. 

Dead, Sohrab and Rust urn, Tristan and Is?ull (Arnold. M.). Ed. 

Hollmgworth. Eng. C lass. S. 1/3* Umv.Tut. 

Baldwin. Arch.. Itin. of. Thro' Wales (Giraldus Cambrensis). Tr. 
Hoarc sC8.xxiii.210. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

Real Stanley (Steed). C30) D8. 111. 3/6 Nisbet 

Balearic, Catalan-Valencian. Diet. CAlcovcr & Moll). 2v. sd.10; 

cl.12 Bailey 

Balfe: his Life and Work (Barrett). C8. 8/6 W. Reeves 
Balfour. Earl of, Obituary (Webb. C.C.J.& Kcnyon). R8. Bnt.Acad. 

I/- Ox/. 

Lectures on Realism (Pattison). (*33) Post8.268. 7/6 Blackwood 

Lord, in his Relatn. to Science (Rayleigh). (*30) C8.46. Fr. 2/6 

Bali (Yates, H.E.). 1C8.188 111. 7/6 Allen & V. 

Belle of (Wadia). ('37) C4.xvi,112. 20pl. 12/6 Dent 

Island ot (Covarrubias). ('37) M8.454. 132ill.(4col.).fldg.M. 427- 


Sanskrit Texts from. Ed.Lcvi. 8vo. 7/- Luzac 

Balkan Peninsula after the Treaty of Berlin. 1878: Map 30" x 40" 
12/-* W.Johnston 

Penms.. Growth of Freedom in the (Minchin). C8. JO/6 J.Murray 

Peniasula. Plant Life of (Turrill). ('29) R8.514. lOpl.lM. 30/- 


Politics (Roucek). ('48) M8.312. 6M. 20/- Stanford U.P.'.Oxf. 

States. ('36) D8.154. 1M. v.l. 5/- Oxf. 

Tangle. Twenty Years of (Durham). D8. 16/- Allen & U. 
Balkans and Near East. Contoured Map of: 1" 64m. 31"x23". 

Col. sd.1/6; cI.3/6; 6/- C. Philip 

Great Powers and. 1875-8 (Stojanovic). (*39> D8.x,296. 15/- Camb. 

Italy snd Map: 1:2.000,000. ('49) 39" x 30". sd.3/-; cl.4/6; 6/- 

"Road Map. 32m. 1". 6/6 Kummerly.Geogranhia 

Russia Astride the (Cranfield & Bishop). ('49) D8.287. 12/6 Evans 

Together with Hungary. 2r.c.('45) D8.70. sd.1/6 R.l.l.A. 

Truce in the (Barker. E.). ('48) 256. 10/6 P.Marshall 

Ball and Polo Stick (Arifi). Tr.Grcenshields. ('32) 8vo.31. 3col.ill. 
I.e. (250^ 12/6 Lutac 

and Roller Bearing Plummer Blocks (Gen. Purposes Series). ('50) 

I/- BS 1. 

and Roller Bearings (Billington). (*49) C8.161. 111. 4/6 Emmotf 

Bearings and Parallel-Roller Bzanngs. Dimensions of. C50) 6/- 


Clavs (Scott, A.). C'29) R8. Min. Resources S. sd.2/6 Geol.: 


Turns Once: Play (Loudan). sd.2/6 S.French 

Valves (" Portsmouth " Type). ('46) Amendt. ('50) 30. 3/6 B.S.I. 
Ballad and Source (Lehmann). n.c.('50) CX.320 5/- Collins 

English How to Sing an (Philn). 7c. C8. sd.l/- W.Reeves 

Last (Davidson). ('98)2c. F8.188. 4/6 J.Lane 

of the Mari Lwyd and Other Poems (Watkms). ('41) D8.92. 7/6 

of Reading Gaol (Wilde), n e.('48> D8 64. 34i1I. 8/6 Castle 

of Reading Gnol (Wilde). ('98) C8 32 4/6 Vn-corn 

of Tradition (Gcrould). C32) D8.320. 12/6 Oxf. 

of Whte Horse (Chesterton). 12e.('48) F8.xx.182. 57- Methuen 
Ballads. The (Hodgart). ('50) C8 184. Univ.Lib. 7/6 Hutchinson 

(Schillen. Ed Johnson. H. ('88) 3/6* Harrap 

and Ballad-Poems. Ed.Pocock. Pott8.192. King's Treas.S. 1/10* 


and Miscellanies (Thackeray). IC8 111 Bioc.r JO/6 J Murrnv 

and Nnrrat. Poems. Ed.Molcs. ('36) F8.xvii,176. Heritage of Lit. 

S. 2/9* Longmans 

and Other Poems (Southey). Sm. Eng. Class. S. sd.6d.: cl.9d.* 


and Poems. 4th Series (Glasgow Ballad Club). ('24) 334. 10/6 


and Talcs (Thackeray). sD8. 111. Lib.e.IO/6 J Murray 

" Bnb " Fifty (Gilbert, Sir W.S.). n.e.C49) 32mo.317. 4/6 

Bar-Room (Service). C40) C8.206. 67- E.Benn 

Book ot. Ed.Crossland. ('40) F8.160. Laurel & Gold S. 2/6* 


Book of. Ed.Gant. ('50) C8.64. Crown Class. S. bds.3/6 Grey 


Book of fHrrb-rt, Sir A. P.). r.e.('4R> C8.487. Ill 15/- E.Benn 

Britkh. C8.72. Temple Poet. Bks. 10d.* Dent [Dent 

British Book of. Ed. Johnson, R.B. sC8.xxiv,340. Ev'man S 4/6 

Dollv fBl 'fhforcn. n r C50) ?uRR9S. 255ill. F.Chesworth 6/- 

FnH'-h. Sm-ller Enf.Clas S. sd.6d.* Blackie \Odhams 

English (Newbolt). C8.191. 3/-* E.ArnoH 

Eni'li-h and Scottrh 'ChildV C04> DR 750 15 /- Harrap 

etc. (Thackeray). Ed. Salisbury. F8. III. 6/- Orf. 

Hunt'nc, Racing and Sporting (Fothergill). ('26) R6.208. 17pl 

25 /- Henth, C. 

Lvrical (Wordsworth & Cofcridge). 10e.('44) sPott8.432. Eng. 

Class .S 4/-* Methuen 

Lyrics and (Woods). ('13) C8.100. 4/- J.Lane 

Ballads. Mtn. E.Tennessec and W. Virginia (Cambiaire). ('34) 
C8.179 8/- Mitre 

of Battle (Lee. J.). ('16) F8. 111. 3/6 J.Murray 

of Britain (Goss). ('37) M4. 111. 15 /- J.Lane 

of tar Past. Stories and. Norse. Ed.Kershaw, ('21) 

256. 8/6 Camb. 

of Kentucky Highlands (Fuson). C33) C8.219. 8/- Mitre 

of Mournc (Rowley). ('50) C8.104. Ipl. 7/6 Dundalgan 

Old (Sidgwick). ('08) F8. Pitt P.S. 3/6* Camb. 

Old English. 1553-1625 (Rollins). ('20) D8. 10/6 Camb. 

Old Spanish. Pott8.44. Camb. Pin Txts. 2/-* Camb. 

Oxford Book of. Ed.Couch. ( 10) C8.896. 10/-; F8. I. P. 12/6 Oxf. 

Pepys. Ed.Rollins. ('29-'32) D8. 111. 7v.& Index. ea.16/- Harvard 


Poems and (Rooney). ('01) F8.204. 2/6 M.H.Gtll 

Revolt of Serbs against Turks: Nat. Tr.Monson. (*42) C8.xl,182. 

8/6 Camb. 

Rose and the Ring (Thackeray). D8. III. Cent. Biog.e. 10/6 J. 


Scottish. Ed.Stcwart. R. Pin .Txt. Poets S. 1/8* Blackie 

Scottish, Three (McEwan). ('41) M8.8. sd.l/- Oliver 

Selected (Schiller). Ed.Wcekley. Ger.Txts.S. l,mp 10d. Blackie 

Scl. Old ling., Ancient Manner; and (Coleridge). Ed.Guthkelch. 

3e. C8. Eng. Txts .S. 1/5* G.Betl 

Spanish (Strange). C20) C8.xvi.218. 10/6 Camb. 

Yugoslav, Popular (Subotic). ('32) C8 xvi.288 2pl 12/6 Camb. 
Ballard Geography Tests (Johnston, W.D.). C48) 2/6 Juta 

History Tests (Dodd & Cordingley). C50) 2/6 Juta 
Bal-lL-e-Ah (Blackburn). D16.186. sd.8/- Fowler 
Ballerina (Smith. E.). n.c.('50) sCS.256. sd.2/- Pan Bto. 
Ballet (Beaton). ('50) M8.160. 111. 15/- Wmgate 

(Hall.F.). ('47) C8.80. New Develop S. 2/6 J.Lcne 

(Haskcll). C47) D8. Rdr's.Gdes.S. sd I/- N.B.L.:Camb. 

(Haskell). r.e.C49). sC8.217. Pelican S. sd.1/6 Penguin 

Advanced Steps in (French & Demcry). ('50) sC8.48. 2pl. 6/- 

French & D. 

Anatomy and (Sparger). (*49) C4. 79ill. 12/6 Black 

Annual. Ed.HaskcIl. Col.Fr. 111. 21 /- Black 

Approach to (Franks). n.e.('49) D8.300. 111. 2 1/- Pitman 

Baron at C50) D4.224. 111. (some col.). 30/-; l.e.('50) L.5/5/- 


Called Giselle (Beaumont). r.e.C45) D8.40. 47pl. 2 1/- Beaumont 

Classical, Allegro in, Theory and Pract. of (Beaumont & Craskc) 

C30) D8.120. 111. 12/6 Beaumont 

Classical. Basic Prin. of (Vaganova). Tr.Chujoy. ('48) D8.140. 

118)11. 8/6 Black 

Classical, for Children, Primers 1-3 (Beaumont). r35-'41) D8. 

1 mp 5/-; 5/-; 6/- Beaumont 

Classical, Fr.-Eng. Diet, of Tech. Terms used in (Beaumont). 

re.C38) F8.44. 3/6 Beaumont 

Company, Studies of the Sadler's Wells, at Govern Gdn. (Anthony), 

C47) C4. 65pl. 42/- Home & V.T. 

Contemporary (Williamson. A.). ('46) D8.xii.184. 64ill. 21 /- 

Rockliff \Jirrolds 

Dance and, Pageant of (Perugini). n.e.('47) SC8.316. Sill. 187- 

Design, Past and Present (Beaumont). ('46) D4.216. 500111. 30/- 


Education (Legal). ('47) C4.188. Fr.56d. 18/- Bles 

Enslish (Turner, W.J.). ('45) D8.48. 111. (some col.). Brit.ln Pict. 

S. bds.5/- Com5 

First Steps in (French & Demery). 7e.('50) sC8.74. 2pl.6d. 6/- 

French & D. 

Footnotes to the (Ed.Brahms). ('36) D8.268. 60pl 15/- P.Davies 

for Film and Television (Franks). C50) D8.96. III. 12/6 Pi'm n 

Going to (Haskell). ('50) C8.128. 43ill. Excursions. 7/6 Phoenl* 


Hoo (Bentley). r.e.('48) C8.120. 24.11. 6/- M.Joteph 

Impromptu (Ambrose). ('46) D4.100. 56ill.(32col.iIU. 25/- Gold 

G "lie v: Perry 

in Action (Severn). Ed.Haskell. ('38^ D4.160. 230 ; 11. 42/- J Lane 

Intermediate Step? in (French & Dcmcry). 4c.('50) sCS.50. 2pl. 

2d. 6/- French & D. 

Invitation to (Borodin). C50) D8.248. III. 12/6 Laurie 

Invitation to (Valals). ('37) D8.304. 40ill. 15/- / Lcnr 

Lover's Companion (Ambrose). ('49) C8.80 1JI. 6/- Black 

Lover's Pocket Book. (Ambrose). 2e.C49) C8.64. III. S/- Bhck 

Modern, English (Hall.F.). C50) ID8.540. 86ill. 20/- Metros 

Nation -1 (Haskell). 2e.('47) D8.viii.96. Col.Fr.8pl 10/6 Black 

New (Colon). ('47) 4to.l56. Ill (8col.). 35/- D.Dobson 

of Momcnis Unborn (Vmev). n.c ('49) C8.303. 6/- Melrose 

Panorama (Haskell). 3e.('48) D8.viii,120. 158.1l.(lcol.). 12/6 

Bits ford 
BALLET POCKET SERIES. 10 v. ta. Col. ill. 3/- Black 

Posncr, Sindy, Coppelia 

Posner. Sandy, Giselle 

Posner, Sandy, Petrouahka 

Posner, Sandv. The Sleeping Princess 

Robertson, Marion, Hamlet nnd Miracle in the Gorbab 

Robertson, Marion, La Boutique Famasque 

Robenson. Marion, Lc Beau Danube aid Le THco-ne 

Robertson, Manon. L'Oiscr-u de Feu and Sche^ernzade 

Robertson, Mar-on, The Rake's Progress and Checkmate 

Robertson, Marion. Swan Lake 
Ballet. Prelude to (Haskell). r.e.C47) C8.128. lOill. Little Theatre S. 

67- Nelson 

Progress, Vic-Wells (Manchester). D8. 111. 3/6 Goll-n~z 

Rambcrt. Sixteen Years ol (Bradley). C46) C4.84. Fr.73pl. 12/6 


Renaissance (Williamson, A.). ('48) D8.163. 48111. 157- Gold. 

Gillev: Perry 

Rormntic (Sitwell. S.). ('48) C4.iv,12. 16col.ill. Colour Bks. 6/6 






Ballet. Romantic. 1837-1848 (Gamier). Tr.Bcaumont. r.e.('47) D8.87. 
14pl. 12/6 Beaumont 

Russian (Anthony). C39) R4.224. 96pl. 63/- Bles 

Sadler's Wells (Anthony). (*42) C4.64. 48pl. 21 /- Ble* 

Sadler's Wells (Beaumont). r.e.('47) D8.214. 49pl. 21 /- Beaumont 

Sadler's Wells, at Govern Garden (Severn). ('47) ob4to.96. 80.11. 

2 1/- J.Lane 

School (Gabriel). ('47) D4.128. 1122ill. 42/- Faber 

Shoes (Streaifield). C8.320. 111. L.Y.T.S. 2/8*; ('36) 111. 8/6 Dent 

Short History of (Beaumont). C33) D8.40. 17pl. Essays on 

Dancing S. 6/- Beaumont 

since 1939 (Haskcll). r.e.('48) C8.56. 27ill. Arts in Brit.S. sd.2/- 

Br. Council : Longmans 

Sketching at the (Marshall, F.). (*50) F6.64. 111. How to Draw S. 

3/- Studio 

Stories of the (Davidson), n e.('49) C8.486. III. IS/- Laurie 

Studies in (Chappell). ('48) D8.158. 111. 15/- l.ehmann 

Then and Now (Lynham). C47) C4.216. 60pl. l.e.30/- Sylvan 

To-night, the (Stokes). r.e.('35) C8.136. 6/- Faber 

Tunes to Remember (Clark, P.M.). ('49) D8.88. 15ill. 5/- Nelson 

Vignettes (Haskell). ('48) C4.80. 20ill. 10/6 Albyn 
Ballctomania (Haskell). C8. 9/- Gollancz 

Ballets, Complete Book of (Beaumont). D8.1104. 160ill. 30/- Putnam 

Russian (Stokes). ('35) C8.216. 16pl. 8/6 Faber 

Balli d'Arpicordo di Gio. Mario Radino, Primo Lib. d' (Harding, 

R.E.M.). ('49),76. 26ill. 2 1/- Hefter 
Ballistic Consequences of Assuming a Rate of Burning for a 

Propcllant Prop, to Gas Density. Woolwich Res. Dept.S. sd.l/- 

Ballistics, Exterior (Hayes, T.J.). ('38) M8.98. 111. sd.12/- Wiley: 

Chap & H. 

Exterior, Math, for (Bliss). 1C8.128. 111. 20/- Wiley \Chap.&H. 

of Rockets, Internal (Wimpress). CSO) 38/6 McGraw 
Ballooning (Smith, C.H.G.). ('48) sCK.40. sd.1/6 Penguin 
Balloons, Kite, Airships and (Sumner). ('25) D8.120. 111. 16/- Tech. 


Kite. Streamline (Sumner). ('19) M8.152. d.tabs. 12/- Tech.P. 
Ballroom Dancers' Handbook (Franks). 3e.('47) C8.137. 6/- Pitman 

Dances Olde Tyme (Johnston, A.). ('46) C8.64. bds.2/6 Stanhope 

Dancing (Moore. A.). 5e.('48) 306. 6/- Pitman 

Dancing Ann., 1948 (Dilwonh). ('47) D8.128. sd.3/6 Pitman 

Dancing, Basic (Franks). ('47) C8.73. sd.2/6 Pitman 

Dancing for Beginners (Borrows). (*47)n.e. 1C8.115. hd.s3/6 


Dancing, Guide to. ('43) sF8.48. 111. 1/6 Whitcombe 

Dancing Made Easy (Brandon). n.e.('48) C8.48. 3/6 C.A. 


Dancing. Modern (Bryant). ('47) C8.240. Till. d. 5/- Ward.Lock 

Dancing, Modern (Silvester). 38c.('49) C8.208. 4pl. 5/-. Jenkins 

Dancing, Theory and Technique of (Silvester). 5e.('48) C8.344. 

2d. 7/6 Jenkins 

Dancing to Bronze Medal Standard. D18.31. sd.6d. Dilworth: 


Techn. for Stud, and Teachers (Borrows). ('50) D8.132 (suppt.54) 

lpl.3d. sd.10/6 Borrows 

Ballycronin Mystery (Webster. H.M.). n.c.C49) C8.176. S/- Hurst 
Ballygullion (Doyle, L.). ('08) C8.224. 6/- Duckwth. 
Ballymote, Book of. Ed.Atkinson. Imp.fol. 5/5/- R.I.A.: 

Hodges, F. 

Balmoral Reel Book for Piano (Lees). ('94) suR4.56. 4/- Bayley & F. 
Bnloch Race (Dames). (*04) 8vo. bds.4/- Luzac 
Baloches, Pop. Poetry of the (Dames). C07) 8vo. 2v. bds.15/- Luzac 
Balochi. Eng.-, Colloquial Diet. (Gilbcrtson). (*25) 8vo. 2v. 32/- 


Lang., Grammar (Gilbertson w. Ghno KhSn). ('23) 8vo.xvi,312 

16/- Luzac 
Balsam. Brother, and the Presentments of the Seen and Unseen 

(Postgate). C23) 8vo. bds.3/6 MorinR 

Balti Grammar (Read, A.F.C.). ('34) 108. bds.8/6 Luzac 
Baltic Bubble. Great (Erskine). ('40) C8.vni.122. 5/- Internet. 


Nations (Pick). C45) C8.172. 2M. 7/6 Boreis 

Normandy to the (Montgomery). (*47) 1D8.240. fldg.M. 25/- 


Ports. Scandinavia and: r 28m. ('48) sd.10/6; fldg.24/-; 

c.r.v. 25/- Stanford 

Refugees and Displaced Persons. (*47) C8.40. sd.3/- Boreas 

Republics, Soviet Russia and (Farr). C44) 1/6 B.S.F.S. 

Spy (Oman), n.e ('47) C8.183. 111. Greenjacket S. 6/- Pitman 

States. C38) D8.194. 61tabs.lM. 7/6 Oxf. 

States. Sweden and Norway and: 1:3,300,000. 22" x 28". Philip- 

Stanford Ref.Map.S. sd.3/- G.Philip 

Timber and Mercantile Map of: 1" 15m. sd.20/-; cl.32/-; 35/- 


Baltimore Catechism, Scriptural Rcfs. for the (Guyot). 1C8.158. 22/6 

Tom Cullen of (Robinson, J.). C49) M8.448. 20pl. 25/- Oxf. 
Baltischen Spnchcn (Fraenkel). (*50) C8.126. 14/6 Bailey 
Baluchistan (Imtiaz). ('50) 1C8.12. 1M. Imcrnut.Stud.S. sd.l/- 


Balzac (Zweig). ('47) D8.416. Sill. 21 /- Cassell 
Bamangwato. Scrctsc Khama and the (Mockford). C50) D8.236. 111. 

12/6 Staples 

Bnmberg, Beautiful (Beck). ('49) C8.43. 131II. sd.6/- Bailey 
Bambi (Saltcn). n.c.CSO) C8. 111. 6/- Crpe 

(Snlten). ('46) F8.96. 29ill. Silver Torch S. 1/8*; ('43) D4.68. 

Col. ill. bds.6/6 Collins 

P-Mmine Book. C50) C4.16. III. sd.6d. Collim 
Bambi's Children (Salten). C8.200. 111. 3/6 R o vie :J Murray 
Bamboo and Grasses. Digestion of, for Papermaking (Rain). (*31) 

C4.12R. 20pl. 22/6 Tech.P. 

Flute (Wilkins). (*49) C8.35. 4/- Cramer 

Bamboo. Lotus and Palm. Ed.Edwards, E.D. (*48) C8.390. 134ili. 10/6 


Bamboula (Trcves). CofcFr. 1/6* Blackte 
Ban of the Bori (Tremearne). D8.504. 61111. 25/- Heath. C. 
Banana Circus (Box * Fisher). ('43) tC4.48. 2711L bds.3/6 H. 


Ridge: Play (Travcrs). sd.3/- S.French 

Bananas (Loesecke). C49) D8.201. 29 ill. (some col. ),51 tabs. Econ. 

Crops S. 36 /- Inter science 
Banbury and Neighbourhood. r.c.('40) C8.254. 7/6 Kelly's 

Nose: Play (Ustinov). ('45) C8. 5/- Cape 
Banchory, Book of (Watt). C47) C8.216. 9111. 10/6 Oliver 
Band. Brass (Hind). C34) D8.124. 10/- Boosey 

Leaders (Vcdey). ('50) D8.220. 28ill. 12/6 Rockliff 

Military, Treatise on (Adkins). ('45) Imp8.329. 37/6 Boosey 

Music, Percussion (Pardoc). Pts.lJt2. (*33) ca.28:32. sd.4/6 
- ot Hope Hymnal. sd.9d. Onward [Nisbet 

of Sencrs (Lead beater). 9d. Theotph.Pub. 

Oh Listen to (Cook, K.). C50) C8.96. Fr. 111. bds.5/- Htnrichsen 

Orchestral and, Instruments (Broadhead). ('34) PostS. 24111. 

sd.3/-; cl.5/- W. Reeves 

Percussion (Greenfield). ('39) C4.40. sd.l/- Macmilhn 

Spectra of Diatomic Molecules, Report on (Jevons) .('32) R8.308. 

sd.25/-; 30 /- Physical 

Youth Club (Hedges). C8. sd.2/- N.S.S.U. 

Bandage, Roller (Bradford). D16.92. sd.1/6; cl.2/6 Allen & U. 
Bandaged Nude (Hnnegan). C49) C8.242. 8/6 Bosrdmn 
Bandaging and First Aid, Illus. of (Oakes). 3e.('44) IC8.280. Col. 111. 
6/- E.&.S.UV. 

and Simple Nursing Notes tor Masseuses (Prosser). ('40) 116. 52d. 

5/- Faber 

First Aid (Bradford). D16.64. sd.1/6; cl.2/6 Allen & U. 

Handbook of First Aid and (Belilios.Milvany & Armstrong, K.F.). 

3c.C48) F8.viii,512. 244ill. 6/- Bailliere 

M.ide Easy (Hosking). 6e.C43) 112. 109ill. 2/6 Faber 

Practical (Eliason). 6c.('43) 8vo.l28. 185ill. 16/- Lippincott 

Roller and Triangular. Illustrated (Farnworth). 2e.('45) viii.148. 

162 11. 3/6 Falser 

Strapping and Splinting, Manual of (Thorndikc). 2c.('50) C8.148. 

119111. 14 /- Kimpton 
Bandit (Chartens). ('50) C8. Master Novelists 'S. 5/- Ward.Lock 

Chase (Wickham). ('49) C8. Sill, sd.l/- Media 

Trail (Lcyland). C50) C8.192. Fr. 5/- Hutchimon 
Bandits' Bay (Clark, D.). ('49) C8.176. 5/- Lutt P. 

Cache (Adams. L.Z.). ('48) C8.127. sd.l/- Nich & W. 

Bands of Soldiers for War (Gih). ('39) C8.120. 111. sd.1/6 Marshall, 

Bandsman's Everything Within (Cook, K.). C50) C8.208. 17pl.mus. 

cxs. bds.8/6 Hinrichsen 

Bandy Loo (Roberts. C.E.). ('42) D8. 111. 3/6 Edin.Ho. 
Banff. H.mtly and Ticrnfff. Geol. of Country around (Read. H.H.) 

C23) 6/6 Geol.:H.M.S.O. 

Banffshire (Dobson). ('41) Land of Br.S. 2/6 Geog.Pubni.: Stanford 
Bangarh, Excavations at, 1938-41 (Goswami). D4.ix,42. 33pl.and 1M. 

sd.12/- Luzac 

Bangor and North Wales: Guide ('47) CR. 111. M d. 5/- Wnrd.Lock Ill-Health (Phillips, G.). ('50) D8.80. 7/6 C.W.Daniel 
Banjo the Crow (Dubois). D8.144. 111. 6/- Harrap 
Bank Accounting, English (Holgatc). ('48) D8.160. III. 17/6 Staples 

Book-keeping, Princ. of (Hoddcr). D8.158. 5/- Pitman 

Book, My. Ed.Perry. r.c.C43) F8.72. 2/6 Carey 

Failures, National, and Non-Failures (Scchrist). D8. 27/6 

PrincipiaiWms.A N. 

How to Use Your (Kniffin). 2e.C49) D8.229. 25/6 McGraw 

Management (Ebersolc). 3e.C40) 626. 47 /- McGraw 

Medici (Roover). ('48) R8.114. 7pl. 22/- New York U. P.: Oxf. 

of Canada (Stokes). ('39) D8.xii.382. Fr. 1R/- Macmlllan 

of Ireland, 1783-1946 (Hall. F.G.). Ed.O'Brien, G. ('49) Stud e 

C4.xii.,428. 111. 18/-; R8.X.523. 63/- Bfrckwell 

Rate, Century of (Hawtrey). ('38) D8.X.328. 12/6 Longmans 

Work of (Easton). r.Hodder. C8.322. 7/6 Pitman 
Banker and Customer. 2/6 Blickwood 

and Customer (Thomes & Megrah). 5c.('48) D8.568. 25/- Pitman 

Country (Rae). r.Svkes. 7r.e.(*30) C8. 7/6 J Murray 

Lending. Balance Sheets and (Clemens). C49) D8. 12/6 Ftiropa 
Bankers' Aim-mac and Year Book. 1950-51. R8.1860. 70/- T Skinner 

and Borrowers (Brunton). C'21) D8.viii.128. 7/*> E.Arnold 

and Exporters' Manual, Manufacturers'. (*47) M8.628. 30/- 


Interest Tables (Ingl ; s). C33) Pott8.96. 2/6 Gall 

Selected Decisions of Interest to, 1925-44 (Thorne). (*48) svR8.84 

sd.3/6 Waterlow 
Banking (Leaf & Svkes). 4e.('43) F8. H U.L. 3/6 Oxf. 

(Thorne). ('48) F8.174. H.U.L. 5/- Oxf. 

American, Molding of (Redlich). (*47) Pt.l. x,334. 32/6 Hafner 

and Currency Development in S. Africa 1862-1927. Amdt. ('29) 

564. 25/-;wra 

and Finance, Labour's Way to Control (Wilmot). 2e.('47) sC8. 

viii,119. 4J- Methuen 

and Foreign Exchange, Law Relating to (Mmty). (*36^2e. C4.414. 

1L.60/-; Suppt.No.3. 21 /- Pitman [Pitman 

and Foreign Exchange, Outline of (Thorne). (*38) C8.179. 5/- 

and Stock Exchange Transactions, Law of (Hart, H.). 2v. 4e.('31) 

R8. set 84/- Stevens & Sons 

Branch, Pract. (Fergus). 2e.C50) D8.257. 15/- Pitman 

Cases, 1787-1948, Notes on (Johnson. F.D.). C49) C8.136. 6/- 

Macd.& E. 

Central (Kock\ 2e.(46) D8.244. 25/- Staples 

Central, in British Dominions (Plumtre). 25 /- Toronto U,P.;Oxf. 

Ceylon Currency and (Shpnoy). (*41) D8.xi.300. 4ch. 15/~ 


Crisis (Madler & Bogen). C8.210. 6/- Allen & U. 





Banking, Elementary (Sheldon). 4r.e.('37) D8.303. 10/6 Macd.& E. 

for Everyman (Cope). C8. Everyman's Guide S. 4/- Pen-in-Hand 

in Japan. Money and (Sarasas). C40) D8.554. 21 /- Heath, C. 

In Scotland. (*49) 2/6 Blackwood 

Indigenous, in India (Jain). ('29) D8.xx,274. Fr. 2M. 7d. 15/- 


Joint Stock, Rise and Growth of. v.l (Thomas). R8.688. 20/- 

Law of (Chorley). 3e.('50) D8.390. 18/- Pitman [Pitman 

Law with Forms (Wallace. W.& McNeil). r.Chalmcrs. 8r.c.('49) 

R8.524. 35 / W. Green 

Modern (Sayers). 2c.C47) D8.320. 15/- Oxf. 

Money and (Bradford). 6e.('49) D8.xvii,860. Econ.S. 18/- 

Money and (Kilborne & Woodworth). 4e.('37) 34/- McGraw 

Money and (Peterson & Cawthornc). 2c.('49) 8vo.xxiv,63(). 19ch. 

48tabs. 37/6 N.Y.: Macmillan 

Money and, Princ. and Practice of (Whittlcscy). ('48) ICS.xxiv. 

688. 36/- N.Y.: Macmillan 

Money, Currency and (Reed, H.). ('42) 34/- McGraw IE. 

Practice and Law of (Sheldon). 6r.c.('49) D8.640. 21/- Macd.A. 

Principle of (Thomas & Megrah). 4c.('46) D8.314. 16/- Pitman 

Principle. Practice and Law, Intro, to (Ghosc). 2c.('48) C8.366. 

Rs.6. India. Ox1. 

Rotary Guide to Careers. ('46) D8.14. As. 8. ImUa:Oxf. 

Studies in Pract. (Jones. R.W.). 2c.('45) D8.321. 10/6 Pitman 

System. Amer. (Sayers), ('48) C8.136. 7/6 Oxf. 

System, Monetary and (Woodworth) C50) 42/6 McGraw 

System of Syria. Monetary and (Himadch). ('35) M8.388. 

tabs. Amer. Univ. Beirut.Soc.Sci.S. Eng.& Arab.c. Oxf. 

Systems of Gt. Britain. France. Germany and U.S.A. (Mackenzie. 

K.). 3r.c.C45) C8.xxi.284 6/- Macmillan 

Theories in U.S. before 1860 (Miller. H.E.). 10/6 Harvard U.P.: 


Theory and Practice (Harr & Harris). 2c.('36) 616. 47/- McGraw 

Theory and Practice of Cent., 1791-1913 (Morgan, E.V.). ('43) D8. 

2ch.22tabs. Camb.Stud.Econ.HiU.S. 15 /- Canib. 
Bankrupt (Bonifazi). C39) C8.128. 3/- Vlct.P. 

Bookseller (Darling). C47) CK.352. 9/6 R.Grant 

Bankruptcy (Gibson). Ed.Weldon. Rivington. Cockshutt. 7c.('47) 
293. 27/6 Law Notes [Waterlow 

Acts, 1914 and 1926 (Aronson & Campling). 9c.('38) R4.836. 37/6 

and Diligence. Liquidation. 2/6 Blackwood 

European and Emigration (Key). ('24) C8.viu.l69. 2M. 6/- 


Law and Practice. Handbook on (Cruchley). ('50) D8.208. bda. 

18/- Sol.Law 

Law and Practice in (Williams. Sir R.V.). Ed. Aronson & Hunter 

16e.('49) R8.xcvi.1032. 84/- Stevem & Som 

Law in a Nutshell (Garsia). 3e.('47) D8. bds.6/- Sweet 

Law. Notes on (Anderson. V.R.). ('29) C8.86. 2/6 Pitman 

Law of. in Scotland (Levie). r.Runkm. ('50) D8 172. 12/6 Hodgf 

Law Relating to. Deeds of Arrangement. Receiverships and 

Trusteeships (Griffiths). 4e.('49) M8.xx.250. 15/- Textbki. 

Liquidations and Receiverships. Law Relating to (Sales), 4r.e.('49) 

D8.484. 15/- Macd.A E. 

Pract. Guide to Duties and Liabilities of Trustees in (Roper). ('29) 

D8. 25 /- Sweet 

Prin. of Law of (Ringwood). r.Jacobs. 18r.c.('47) D8. 25 /- Sweet 
Banks, State, for India (Qureshi). ('39) D8.viii.248. 12/6 Macmillan 
Banksidc, Old (Golden). ('50) D8.240. 49ill. 15/- Wms.& N. 
Banned Broadcast (Haldanc). C47) 1C8. 10/6 Chatto 

by the Church (Barbancll). C8 48. sd.1/3 Spiritualist 
Banners and Advent (Carpenter). C46) C8.58. sd.1/3 Salv.Army 
Bannister's Cafe: Play (Gibson). ('50) C8.77. 4/6 H,R. Carter 
Bannockburn. Battle of. Site of (Miller. T.). ('31) D8.24. sd.1/1 Htst. 

I was at (Mackenzie. A.M.). 2c.('48) C8.152. 111. 51- Oliver 
Banns, I Publish the (Flint). C38) C8. 6d. Skeffington 

of Marriage CLce. C.). ('27) 48. sd.l/- Dent 
Banquet, The (Roberts. W.). ('49) D8.72. 7/6 Staples 
Banquo's Chair: Play (Cooke, R.C.-). C30) C8. iy6 Deane 
Bantams (Hutton). C49) SD8.69. 21pl Id. 3/6 Poultry 

for Eggs (May. C G.). C43)3c. C8.44. sd.l/- Poultry W Id 
Banting's Miracle (Harris. S.). ('46) 12mo.245. 28/- Lippinrott 
Bantu and Semi-Bantu Languages (Johnston. H.H.), C19-'22) C4. 

1448. 2v. S/5/- Oxf. 

Beliefs and Magic (Hobley). 2r.e.('38) D8.370. Ilpl. I5/- Witherby 

Book of English Verse (Greville). C44) 1/6 Juta [Juta 

Children. Stones from Hist. for. Stds.III & IV (Waters). 3e.('36) 

Civilization on Limpopo. Mapungubwe. Ancient. Ed.Fouche\ 

('37) R4.xiv.183. 44pl.(4col.).9M. 50/- Camb. 

Kavitondo. Changing Family Among (Wagner). ('39) I/- Internat. 

A trie. 

Languages. Classification of (Guthrie). ('48) R8.92. Ifldg.M. 8/6 

Nomads, Among (Brown. J.T.). D8. 111. 21 /- Seeley [Oxf. 

of N.Kavirondo (Wagner), v.l. (*49) D8.532. 17pl. 45/- Oxf. 

Primary and High Schools. Simplified English Grammar for 

(Greville). ('44) 1/3 Juta [Lutt.P. 

Prophets in S. Africa flSundkler). f'48) D8.344. III. Lib.S. 30/- 

Schools, English Readers for. Bks.I-IV. (*41-'45) ca.1/6 - 1/9 Juta 

Schools of Tomorrow. ('50) 8/6 Juta 

Speaking. Tribes of S. Africa (Schapera). ('37) R8.xv,453. 24ill. 

1M. 30 /- Routledge 

Speech. Notes on Form and Structure in (Ashton). ('45) 2/- 


Students. English Composition for (Winter). ('38) 3v. ca.C8.48. 

III.*; 1/3*; 1/3*; Tchrs.' c. sd.3/6* Longmans 

Studies. South-Eastcrn (Soga). ('30) 8vo.490. lltabs.M. 10/- Jt. 


Tribes of S. Africa (Cronin). v.2? Secs.I-III. v.3. Sees I-IV. v.4. 

Sec.I. (*29-'49) ca.RS. v.2. Mil. ca.21/-; v.3. Mil & v.4. I. 
ca.25/- Deighton 


Bantu Word Division (Guthrie). 3/- Internat. A frtc 

Baptised. Why Infants are (Marshall. H.S.). C47) F8.32. id.9d.* 

Baptism and Confirmation. Offices of (Thompson. T.). C8. Liturg. 

Study S. 8/6 Camb. 

and Temptation of Christ (Buchanan). C47) 1C8.104. 6/- J.Clarke 

Confirmation and the Eucharist (Gamble). C'18) C8. Mod.Chman'K 

S. 3/6 J.Murray 

Confirmation: Holy Eucharist. Sacraments in Gen. (Thos. 

Aquinas. St.). Ed.Dommican Frs. ('40) D8. Summa Theol. v.17. 
12/6 Burns. O. 

Early Christian, and the Creed (Crchan). ('50) D8. Bellarmine S. 

2 1/- Burns. O. 

Holy. Meaning of (Boughton). C20) 1/6 Ch.Bk.Rm. 

Holy. Sacrament of. Gk.Service S. 3/6 Wms.A. N. [Rm. 

in the Church (Taylor. J.R.S.& F.J.). (*50) D8.47. sd.2/- Ch.Bk. 

in N.T. (Cullum). ('50) D8.96. Stud. in Bib.Theol.S. sd.6/- S.C.M. 

Meaning ot (Siddons). C36) C8.16. Little Bks.of K.L. 6d. 


Mystery of (Axtell). ('25),396. 8/6 Bib. Churchmen's 

N.T. Doct. of (Flemington). ('48) R8.164. 10/6 S.P.C.K. 

of Art (Weidtt). C49) D8.36. 8pl. 3/6 Dacre : Bl ick 

Teaching of Church Regarding (Barth). Tr. Payne. 2e.('48) C8.64. 

sd.2/6 S.C.M. 

Theology of Confirmation in Relation to (Dix). C46) D8.36. II- 

Today. ('49) D8.48. sd.1/6 Ch.lnfo. \Dacre\Black 

Towards 'I rue (Gray. J.). IJ- llerean P. 

Baptismal Fonts (Green. E.T.). ('28) D8.200. Hist.Mon.of Eng.S. 
6/- S.P.C.K. 

Revision. Essay in (Hebcrt). C47) C8.44. 2/- Dacre-.Black 
Baptist Church Abcrcarn. History of (Pugh). C33) M8.128. 23iil. 

10/6 Johns 

Church. Heroes of (Thomson. R.W.). ('37) C8.157. 9iII. 5/- Carey 

Missionary Society. Achievement. Short History of (Lord). C42) 

C8.150. 5ill. 3/6 Carev [Carey 

Movement in Reform, and Onwards (Payne). ('47) C8 24. sd.l/- 

Principles (Robinson, H.W.). C25) C8.80. sd.1/6; cl.2/6 Carey 

Sacrament of. ('50) F8.32. Church & Kingdom S. sd.6d. Indep.P 

View of Church and Ministry (Dakin). ('44) C8.60. sd.J/6 Carey 
Baptists and Christian Unity (Child). ('48) C8.16. sd.6d. Carey 

Congregationalists and Presbyterians (Price. E.J.). r.e.(*45) C8.48. 

sd I/- Indep.P. 

English History of (Underwood). C47) D8.286. 16ill 12/6 Carey 

Life and Faith of (Robinson. H.W.). r.c.('46) C8.158. 6/- Carey 

Stand For. What (Cook. H.). ('47) C8.188. 6/- Carey 
Bapu (Gandhi). ('49) Portfo. 2/6 Prohsthain 

Six Photographic Studies of Mahatma Gandhi, with Hindi Text 

(Gandhi). R6. 2/6 Luzac 

Bar, Conduct at. and Some Problems of Advocacy (Singleton). <*33) 
C8. 5/- Sweet [Sweet 

Examination Questions. Digest of (Finlay). ('47) D8. bds.6/ - 

" M " Boss (Sims). C50) SC8.128. sd I/- Boardman 

Nothing Ranch (Taylor. R.). (*49) C8.viii.191. 8/6 Mfthutn 

of England. Bench and (Strahan). ('19) C8.266. 7/6 Blackwood 

Questions (Finlay). 2e.('51) 6/6 Sweet 

Room Ballad-? (Service). ('40) C8.206. 6/- E.Benn 

Sinister (Hughes. G.F.). n.e.CSO) C8.242.iv. 5/- Chap. AH. 

20 (Mulford). C21)n.e. SC8.192. 3/6 Hodder 

20 Three (Mulford) C21)n.e. C8.256. sd.2/- Hodder 
Bara (Cadwaladr). I/- Gomertan 

Barbados: Annual Report. 1948. sd.2/- Colonial Off. :H .MS. O. 

History of, 1625-1685 (Harlow). C26) D8.366. 3()/- Oxf. 
Barbara at School (Elder). C8. 4pl. 6/6 Blackie 

Lamb (Cam). C44) C4. Col. ill. bds.5/- J.tene 
Barbara's Wedding: Play (Barrie). sd.1/6 S. French 

Barbarian Inroads, Roman Empire Showing. Map 40" x 30". J2/-* 

Barbarians at the Gate (Woolf). C8. 6/- Gollancz 

Greeks and (Inge). C34) D8. sd.l/- Classical Assn. : J.Murray 
Barbarism. Advance to (" Jurist "). ('48; C8.182. lill. 7/6 


and Sexual Freedom (Comfort). ('48) D8.68. 3d. sd.2/6; bds.3/6 

Barbary Court (FrazerX n.c ('50) C8.X.261. 5/- Chap.& H. 

States-Tripoli and the Cyrcnaica. Bibhog. of (Playfair). R8. M 

3/- Geog.Soc. : J.Murray 

Barbe BIcue. Sister Beatrice and Ardiane. and: Plavs (Maeterlinck) 
Tr.Miall. G18. S/- Allen & V. 

ou les Chevcux (Maury). Ed.Bond. C44) Alt.Grad.Fr.Rdrs.Bk.2. 

2/6* Harrap 
Barbed Wire (Greene. E.E.). ("35) C8.256. 2/6 S.Paul 

Wire Feud (Johnson. B.). C48) C8. 7/6 S Low 

Wire, Keep Out (Miall). C50) C8.192. 14ill. Col.Fr. Brock Bks.S 

6/- Brockhampton 

Wire Memories (McKibbin). f'47) C4.128. 111. 10/6 Staple* 
Barber of Seville (Beaumarchais). Tr.Myrick. sq.C16 Fr. Tern. Dram 

S. cl.4/6; L.5/- Dent 

of Seville (Rossini): Libretto (Sterbini). Tr.Dcnt. C40) C8.78. 

Opera Librettos. 3/- Oxf. 

of Tubac (Nyc). ('48) C8.174. 5/- Qual.P. 

Barbcri. Father Dominic (Gwynn). ('48) D8.254. Fr. 12/6 Burns, O. 

Barber's Trade Union (Anand). ('44) C8. 3/6 Cape 

Barbier de Seville (Beaumarchais). Ed.Hartog. limp 1/9* Blackie 

dc Seville (Beaumarchais). Ed. Spiers. C93) 5/-* Harrap 

dc Seville (Beaumarchais). Ed.Frcund. CIO) G18.xxiv,146. 

Siepmann's Class. Fr.Txts.S. limp 3/- Macmillan 

de Seville (Beaumarchais). Ed.Oobson. C84) F8.158. 4/6* Ox/. 
Barbirolli. John (Rigby). ('48) D8.192. Fr. 15pl. 10/6 Sherrott 
Barbour, R.W.. Thoughts from Writings of (Barbour). (*25) 8vo. 

153. 2/6 Blackwood 

Barchestcr Towers OTrollope). See Author entrv. 
Barclay. Robt.. Faith of t (Wragge). ('48) C8.153. 5/- Friends 




Barcud Olaf (" Mcuryn "). ('44) C8.86. 8iU. 3/- Brython 
Bard. The. and Ode on Spring : Paraphrased (Gray. T.). Ed.Denncy. 
sCS.24. Normal Class.S. sd.6d. Normal 

Bharabhais: Songs (MacDonald, B.). ('50) C8.128. 6/- AMacLaren 

The, Elegy and (Gray, T.). ('05) 48. Laureate Poetry Bks. sd.7d.*; 

cl.lOd * E.Arnold 

The. Elegy and Ode on Eton College (Gray. T.). Sm.Eng. Class.S. 

sd.Sd.*; cl.8d.* Blackle 

of Clanryc: Poems (Blackhara). ('32) C8.31. sd.l/-; cl.2/- Talbot 


yn ci Wcithdy (Williams. T.H.P.-). ('48) C8.64. Pobun S. 2/6 


BardachU nam Beann: Songs (Morrison, A.). D8. 5/- AMacLaren 
Bardd a'l G^fndir (Jenkins. R.T.). ('49) C8.55. 2/6 Vnlv.Wales 
Barddoniacth Bangor (Caerwyn). 2/6 Gomerian 

Neu Brydyddiaeth (Midlcton). ('30) C8.103. 1/6 Vntv.Wales 

Y Plant. Bks. 1-3. C8. sd.lOd.: sd.l/-: sd.1/2 Educ.Pub. 
Bardcll v. Pickwick: Play (Hollmgshcad). C8.20. sd.1/6 S.Frtnch 
Bardclow's Heir (Vickers). n.c.('49) sC8.312. 2/- Jenkins 
Bardelys. the Magnificent (Sabatini). ('47) F8.288. 3/- Nelson 
Bard's Cloak (Gnggs). C49j C8.224. III. 4/6 Pitkin 

Bardsley. Cyrit, Evangelist (Bayldon). ('42) D8.224. 8pl. 9/- S.P.C.K. 
Bare Rod or Wire Electrodes for Metal Arc Welding. Wrought Iron 

and Mild Steel. ('35) 9. 2/- B.S.I. 
Barefoot Mailman (Pratt). C49) C8.224. 8/6 Cassell 
Bargaining, Collective, and Decadence (McGregor, A.G.). ('46) C8. 

78. 5/- Pitman 

Construct. Coll. (Cheyfitz). ('47) 161. 21/6 McGraw [McGraw 

Table, Management at CHill. L.H.& Hook). ('45) 300. 30/- 

with Organised Labour (Smyth & Murphy). 1C8.314. 29/6 Funk: 


Bargate harm (Young, T.M.). n.e.(*50) Read It S. sd.2/-* Pitman 
Barge Ahoy! (Pembcrton). (*46) C8.127. 10111. 2/6 Merld.Bks. 

in Creek (Hcming). ('47) C8.104. 111. 2/6 Hutchison 

Trip on a (Thomas, B.). ('48) C8.32. 32col.ill. I/- Pict.Art 
Barges and People, Canals (O'Connor). (*50) F4. Col. ill. 10/6 Art 

& Tech. 

Spritsuil. of Thames and Mcdway (March). C4.240. 76pl. 30/- 


Bargold Farm, Llwyncelyn. ('41) D8.16. Vniv Wales 
Bari Arithmetic: in Ban, Bk.l. ('48) C8.71. 111. Afr.& Orient. Lang. 

S. sd.l/"* Longmans 

Hymn-Book: in Ban. ('49) lmo.80. Afr.& Oricnjt.Lang.S. sd. 

8d.* Longmam 

Primer. ('50) C8.32. 20HI. sd.7d.* Longman* 

Baring. House of. in American Trade and Finance (Hidy). ('49) 
D8.688. 13pl. 60/- Harvard V.P. :Oxf. 

Mauria (Lovat). 2c.('48) D8.116. 10/6 Hollh 
Baritone-Bass Song Book (Wmn). ('42) D8.32. sd.l/-* F J.Arnold 

Songs, No.l. ('27) Imp8.96. 3/- Bavley & F. 

Barkeeper's Golden Book. Exquisite Book of American Drinks, 

in English, French. German (Blunicr). ('35) D8.276. 111. 15 /- 


Barkhouse Days (Fullerton). ('31) D8.190. 111. 7/6 Heath, C. 
Barklcy's Notebook. William (Barklcy). ('48) 1C8.200. 6/- Dly. 

Barlasch of the Guard (Mernman). Pott8.256. Fr. Pckt.Class.S. 3/6; 

4/6; L.7/- Collins 

of the Guard (Merriman). n.e.('46) C8. 6/- J.Murray 
Barley: 50 Years of Observation and Experiment (Beaven). ('47) 

D8.414. 51 ill. 30/- Duckwth. 

Barlcycomb Billy (Thorlev). ('44) 1C8.96. 111. 7/*, Jenkins 
Barmen Declaration, Significance of, for Occumen. Church (Kramm & 

Cobham). (*43) D8 44. Theol.Occas.New S. sd.2/- S.P.C.K. 
Barmouth. Around (Bowcn. A.). ('47) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath 

GuidcS. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Guide. C50) C8. IIl.M.d. 5/- WardJ.ock 

Barnabas, English Tr. of Epistle of. C23) C8.32. Txts.for Stud.S. 
sd.6d.* S.P.C.K. [S.P.C.K. 

Epistle of. Ed.Crafer. ('20) C8.3Z. Txts.for Stud.S. sd.6d.* 
Barnaby Camps Out (Helps). ('47) F6.48 Col. ill. bds.3/6 Collins 

Search of a House (Helps). ('48) F6.48. Col.ill. bds.3/6 Collim 

Rudge (Dickens). See Author entry. 
Barnacle Bella: Play (Ritchie). sd.9d. McQueen 

Barnard, Lady Anne (Masson). ('48) D8.354. III. 18/- Allen & V. 
Barnardo, Dr.. Advs. of (Williams. A.E.). C8.102. 111. 5/- Allen & V. 

of Stepney (Williams. A.E.). ('43) D8.236. 111. 12/6 Allen & V. 

of Stepney, Man who Didn't Go to China (Powell,!.). ('47) 

C8.96. 4/- Lutt.P. 

Thomas (Rogers. E.J.G.). G t. Churchmen S. sd.9d. Ch.Bk.Rm. 
Barnes, Sydney (White. W.S.). C34) sC8.56. 3d sd.l/- Hudson 

Thomas, of 4< The Times " (Hudson, D.). Ed.Child. ('43) DS.xii, 

196. 8pl. 10/6 Camb. 

Morthikc and Sheen. Directory of. llr.c.(*39) C8.250. S/- Kelly 
Bamet's Follv (Stewer). ('32) C8.112. 3/6 Jenkins 

Folly: Play (Stewer). sd.3/- S.French 

Barnett, Lionel David, Oriental and African Studies presented to. 
C48) 8vo. sd.45/- Luzac 

Rev. Canon S.A. (Barnett). CIS) D8. 111. 2v. 28/- J.Mnrray 

House Papers No.2. 5, 6. 9-11, 13-22, 27-28. (*17-'45) D8. 6d.*-2/~* 


House Study Group. London Children in War-time Oxford. C47) 

D8.126. Fr. 6/- Oxf. 
Barnev Blue Eyes (Marlowe). ('34) D8.320. 41ill.(lcol.). Nclsonian 

Lib. 7/6 Nehon 

Barns Experiment (Wills). (*45) D8.148. Fr. 8/6 Allen A U. 
Barnslcy. Geology of Country Around (Mitchell, J.H., etc.). C47) 

R8. 7/6 Geol.-.H.M.S.O. 

Railway, Hull and (Parkes). 2e.('48) C8.28. 5pl. sd.4/- Oakwood 

Town Pla-i. 4J" 1m. sd.J/6 Geographic 

Barnstaplc and N.W. Devon: Guide. ('47) C8. IIl.M.d. 5/- Ward, 

Barnstaple, Around (Elliott. F.C.). ('48) Imp32.80. Ill.M. Footpath 
Guide S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Railway. Lynton and (Catchpole). 4e.('49) D8.36 Col.Fr. 12pl. 

6/- Oakwood 

Barnstormer Plays Series. 2v. ca.CS. sd.3/- 3. Lane 
Barnyard Babiea. ('48) F12.40. Col.ill. Pixie-Bks. sd.1/6 Collins 
Barometer, Aneroid. How to Use the (Whymper). C91) M8. tabi. 

sd.2/6 J.Murray 

Kcw Pattern, Design of (Sen). ('25) Geophys.Mem.S. sd.2/- 


On the Measurement of Heights by the (Ball, J.). R8. 2/6 Geog. 

Soc.: J.Murray 

Barometric Gradient and Wind Force (Gold). 4to. sd.2/ Met. 

Pressure. Effects of Change of. on Rates of Watches (Chree). 

R4. Coll. Researches, sd.l/- Nat.Phys.Lab.-.H.M.S.O. 
Baron and Beggar (Morton, A.) C8. 4/6 S.Low 

at Ballet. C50) D4.224. HUsome col.). 30/-; l.c.(150) L.5/5/- 

-de Fourchcvif (Labiche). Fr.Plays S. w.vocab. limp 1/11* Blackle 

Munchausen (Raspe). C50) F4.108. Ill.(8col.). 8/6 Parrisfi 
Baronage and the Senate (MacPhersoji). M8. 18/- J.Murray 

King and, 1135-1327 (Hutton). M. Oxf.Mans.of Eng.Hist. 2/6* 


Baroness, The (Frank). Tr.Brooks. ('50) C8.136. 7/6 Nevill 
Baronetage and Knightage, Burkc's Peerage. Ed. Pine. 99e.('49) 

suR8.2765. IIP. 9/9/- Burkc's 

Knightage and Compamonage, Dcbrett's Peerage. Ed.Hunkmson. 

r.e.('50) R8.3000. 1500U1. 6/6/-Debrett 
Baronial Reform and Rebellion. 1258-67. Studies in Period of 

(Jacob). C25) D8.460. Oxf.Stud.Soc.A Legal Hist. 30/- Oxf. 
Baron's Holiday: Play (Bridge). Mus.Parratt & Akerman. D8. 1/6; 

w.mus.3/- Deane [R.Hale 

Barony Buried (MacGregor. A.A.). C50) D8.180. Col.Fr. 54ill. 15/- 

of Upper Jews (Donaldson). (*23) C8.118. sd.l/- Dundalgan 
Baroque and Gothic. City of (Plicka). (*46) suR4.242. 208ill. 42 /- 


Art (Webb, G.). ('49) R8.20. 8pl. Br. Ac. : Aspects of Art Lect.1947. 

6/- Oxf. 

Era. Music in (Bukofzcr). ('48) R8.489. 16111. 36/- Dent 

Tradition in Lit. of German Enlightenment, 1700-1750 (Kettlcr). 

('43) D8.viii.156. 8/6 Heffer 
Barphukan. Lachit, and His Times (Bhuyan). ('47) 8vo.xlv.224. 8/- 

Barque and a Bight: Play (Crosse). sd.1/6 S.French 

of Peter (Scanlan). ('48) C8.88. 5/- M.H.Gill 
Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verses (Kipling). 70e.('51) F8.xx, 

208. 7/6 Methuen 
Barrel Polishing (West. F.G.). C46) D8.46. 111. Yellow Back S. 

bds.3/6 Machinery 
Barretts of Wimpolc Street: Play (Bcsicr). scene plot 6d.. sd.3/6 


of Wimpole Street (Besicr). C8. sd.3/6, cl.5/- Gollancz 

of Wimpole Street (Bcsicr). ('48) C8.96. 4ill. Esscm.Eng.Lib. 

sd.2/6* Longmans 
Barne Country. Thrums and the (Kennedy. J.). ('30) D8.186. 17111. 

2d. 7/6 Heath, C. 
Barriers arc Down (Lindsay, J.). C8. 10/6 Gollancz 

Between (Brandel). C'50) C8.288. 10/6 Eyre 

Down (Howard, E.F.). ('50) C8.111. 5pl. sd.3/6 Friends 
Barrow Down Folk (Inchfawn). C48) C8.160. 6/- Lutt.P. 

Barry, Dr. Jas.. Journal of (Racstcr & Grove). n.e.('49) D8.184. 
15/- J.Lane 

Lyndon (Thackeray). See Author entry. 

Barsalibi. Dionysius, Work of. against Armenians. Ed.& Tr.Mingana. 

C31) K8.vii.lll. 40facs. Woodbrooke Stud. 5/- Sellv Oak 
Barsalibi's Treatise against the Mclchites. Ed. & Tr.Mingana. ('27) 

R8.viii,294. 76facs. Woodbrooke Stud. 10/- Selly Oak 
Bartender's Guide, Standard (Duffy). ('49) M8.244. Permabks.S. 

bds.2/6 W.H.Allen 

Bartcnstem Case (Fletcher, J.S.). C36) C8.256. 2/6 J.Long 
Bartered Bride (MacGill). n.e.C50) sC8.314. 2/- Jenkins 
Barth. Karl, Shall We Follow? (Spencer, S.). C'47) C8.59. sd.I/6 

Banlett, Adelaide. Trial of (Vcalc). ('50) C8.48. Verdict in Doubt 

TrialS. sd.1/6 Merrymeade 

Bartlctts of Box B Ranch (Campbell, C.B.). (*49) D8. 19/6 McGraw 
Bartok, Bcla, String Quartets of (Seiber) ('45) C8.24. 3/- Booiey 
Barton, Edmund (Reynolds, J .). D8.226. 15/- Angus 

Mystery: Play (Hackett). D8.64. sd.4/- S.French 

Variation Contract Bridge (Barton). (*4*>) Impl6.88. sd.5/- Joiner 
Baruch, Bernard. Park Bench Statesman (Field, C.). C44) 314. 30/- 


Barusche Mystery (Plummer). (*47) C8.192. 9/6 S.Paul 
Basal Ganglia and Subthalamic Nuclei, Diseases of (Brown, D.D.-). 

Ed. Christian. ('46) M8.122. 4pl. 15 /- Oxf. 
Basaruah, History of Kingdom of, etc. (MorganJ.). Ed.Schlatter. 

('46) C8.180. 17/- Harvard U. P.: Oxf. 

Basca, Lingua: In Italian (Portal). C26) PottS 127. 7/6 Bailey 
Baseball for Everyone (DimaRgio). ('48) D8.232. 21/6 McGraw 

Winning (Allen, E.G.). ('42) M4.64. 15 /- McGraw 

Basel, Berne and Zurich (Hottinger). ('33) F8.352. Ill.M. Mediev. 

Towns S. 8/6 Dent 

Basement Bogle (Derm). C35) F4.30. Contin.Rdrs. 1/9* Blackwell 
Bases and Empire (Marion). ('48) lPost8.192 9/6 Collet 

Electronic Theory of Acids and (Luder & Zuffami). (*46) D8.165. 

24/- Wllev:Chap.& H. 

of Thcosophy (Cousins). C8. 2/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

of a World Commonwealth (Fawcett). 2e.('43) lC8.xviii,179. 7/6 


Basharbin Bwd: in Arabic (Farrukh). 8vo.85. sd.8/6 Luzac 
Basic (Young, G.M.). ('43) D8.16. S.P.E.Tracts. 1/6 Oxf. 





Basic Afrikaans (Aucamp). ('48) 4/6 Juta; sd.7/6 Bailey 

Airplane Mech. (Lesley). ('44) D8.404. 111. 24/- Wiley:Chap.& H. 

Astronomy (Salzcdo). ('34) Pott8.96. Psyche Min.S. 3/6 Basic 


Atlas of Modern Geography (Stamp). 6r.e.(*47) R4.24. Ill.M. 

limp 2/6 G.GIU 

Ballroom Dancing (Franks). ('47) C8.73. sd.2/6 Pitman 

by Isotvpc (Neurath). C37) Pott8.132. 111. Psyche Min.S. 3/6 

Basic English 

Calculation- tor R.A.F. Ground Duties: Fitter Trades (Dructt). 

('43) C8.72. bds.3/6 Pitman 

Calculations for R.A F. Ground Duties: Radio. Wireless and 

Electrical Trades (Dructt). C8.80. bds.3/6 Pitman 

Chemistry for Fire Engineers (Kingsley). Ed.Seabrook. C47) 

F8.89. 10/- Hodgetts 

Chess Endings (Fine). ('41) sC8.xiv,574. 27/6 G.Bell 

Christian Ethics (Ramsey). ('50) D8.434. 21 /- Scribner 

Christianity (Major). ('44) F8.71. 3/6 Blackwell 

Color, an Interpretation of the Ostwald Theory (Jacobson). ('49) 

4to.207. Col. ill. Theobald: A, Tiranti 

Conception of Buddhism (Bhattacharya). 8vo.xi.103. sd.3/6 Lwrar 

Constitutional Cases. Ed. Post, Dclaney & Darby. ('48) M8.330. 


Contract Bridge (Scarfi). ('49) lPost8.110. 49d. 7/$Johm 

Course in Botany (Pool). ('40) 1M8.V.654. 541ill. 36/- Gmn 

Course in Technical Drawing (Sierp). sD4.142. d. 15/- Angus 

Design of Ships (Manning). ('45) 8vo.xiv.212. 22figs. 28/6 V. 

Nostrand : Macmillan 

Electrical Engineering (Corcoran). (*49) M8.449. 294ill. 38/- 

W Hey: Chap &H. 

Electrical Engineering (Fitzgerald. A.). ('45) D8.443. 36/6; 

Answers I/- McGraw 

Electrical Prm. (Suffern). ('49) D8. 27/6 McGraw 

Electricity and Magnetism (Frid). n.c.('48) C8.48. Pckt.Hdbks. 

1/6 Pitman 

Electricity for Communications (Timbie). ('43) D8.603. 111. 34/- 

Wiley : Chap.& H. [Wiley : Chap.& H. 

Electronics (Klocffler & Horrell). C49) M8 435. 404ill. 407- 

- English (Esdaile). ('44) C8.64. 2/6 Qual.P. 

English (Ogden). r.c.('44) Pott8.96. Psyche Min.S. 3/6 Basic 


- English, ABC (Ogden). r.e.('44) Potl8.212. Psvchc Mm S. 3/0. 

Tr.into Dut.,Fr.,Ger..It.,Span. ea.F8. ea.3/ft Ba\ic EnKlish 
-English and Grammatical Reform (Ogden). C37) suR8.25. sd.2/6 
Basic English 

English and its Uses (Richards. I.A.). ('43) C8.127. 3/6 Routledge 

English. Bible in. C49) 1C8. schl.e. 8/6; lib.e. 12/6 Camb. 

English Dictionary. General. Ed.Ogden. (*40) C8.438. 4/- Evans 

English in Etapas Progresivas (Ogden). In Spanish. C40) F8.266. 

111. S/- Basic English 

- English, New Testament in. ('41) F8. 3/6 Camb. 
English Series. Iv. C8. 3/6 Nelson 

-English, Sounds and Forms (Rantz). ('36) Pott8.124. 111. Psyche 

Min.S. 8/6 Basic English 

English Stap voor Stap (Ogden). In Dutch. ('50) F8.280. 111. 
5/- Basic English 

English versus Art. Lang. (Ogden). C35) Pott8.184. Psyche Min.S. 

3/6 Basic English 

Facts of Health Education. C48) D8.193. 7/6 Pharmaceut. 
-for Economics (Lockhart). ('33) Pott8.140. Psyche M in S 3/6 
Basic English [Basic English 

for Geology (Rossiter). r.c.('45) Pott8.166. Psyche Min.S. 3/6 

- for Science (Ogden). r.e.C44) Pott8.328. Psyche Min.S. 3/6 Basic 


- French Composition (Fletcher. F.T.H.). ('34) C8.190. 3/6* 


French Texts S. 6v. ca.C8.64. sd.1/6; cl.1/9 Christophers 
-German for Science Stud. (Barker, M.L.). 4r.e.('45) D8.x,176. 

7/6 Heffer 

- German Reader for Beginners (Barker. M.L.). (*33) D8.viii.120. 

26HI. 4/6 Heffer 

Greek Vocabulary (Cheadle). ('39) C8.xii,50. 2/- Macmillan 
History of U.S. (Beard). ('46) 1C8.504. New Home Lib. 

10/6 W.H.Allen 
-Horticulture (Gardner. V.R.). ('42) 1C8.X.442. 18figs. 33/6 N.Y.: 

-in Teaching (Richards). C35) Pott8.114. Psyche Min.S. 3/6 

Basic English 
-Latin Vocabulary (Gosling). ('38) C8.128 limp 2/3*; bds.3/-* 


Mathematical Anal. (Avre). 42/*S McGraw 

Mathematics for Engineers (Andres. Miser & Reingold). ('41) 

D8.776. 40/- Wiley iChap.AH. 

Mathematics for Radio Students (Colebrook). 2r.e.('49) F8.298. 

77d. 10 '6 ntfjr 

Mathematics of Technology (Chance). C50) 1C8.272. 8/6 Univ. 


Mental Concepts (Glover. E.). (*47) D8.32. sd.3/6 Imago 

Motion Pictures (Ogden & Forsyth). {'38) suRS.32. 111. sd.2/6 

Basic English 

Motoring Atlas of G.B. & Ireland. IC4.80. 6/- W Johnston 

Naval Architecture (Barnaby). ('49) 1D8.340. 111. Sci.& Tech.Pubns. 

42 / Hutchinson 

Phonic English Reader (James, A. L.). ('37) G18.208. 3/6 Nelson 

Physics (Archer). C8.41. x Pckt.Hdbks. sd.1/6 Pitman 

Picture Talks (Lockhart}. ('42) R8.128. 111. 3/6 Basic English 

Principles in Educational and Medical Mission Work (Hamilton, 

F.E.& Cochrane). sd.6d. World Dom. 

Principles of Class. Ballet (Vaganova). Tr.Chujoy. ('48) D8.140. 

118111. 8/6 Black . 

Principles of Ventilation and Heating (Bedford). ('48) DS.x.402. 

123111. 25 /- H.K.Lewis 

Basic Problems of Behaviour (Sherman). (*41) D8.viii.440. 25/- 

Problems of Relief. Rchabiliation and Reconstruction in SJS. 

Asia (Andrus). ('46) D8.78. 5/6 IndlaiOxf. 

Problems of Sales Management (Laclave). ('45) C4.115. 17/- 


Psychology (Ross. J.S.). ('46) C8.1*0. 4/6* Harrap 

Public Speaking (Soper). ('48) D8.416. lOill. 22/- N.Y.\Oxf. 

Radio (Boltz). ('43) C8.272. 166d. Mod.Sci.S. 6/- Nelson 

Radio (Hoag). ('43) D8.388. 412H1. 28/- Chap.&H. 

Radio Prin. (Suffern). ('43) D8. 30/-; Answers I/- McGraw 

Reading Bks. (Lockhart). 3v.(*46:'46:'47) Impl6.56:64:96. 

sd.1/3* -2/-*; limp 1/9* - 1/11* Pitman 

Refractories (Rait). C50) D8.410. 109ill. 60/- lliffe 

Religion (Jessop). (*44) C8.32. sd.6d. Epworth 

Requirements of the Junior Schl. ('49) D8.64. 2/6 Univ.l^nd. 

Rumanian (Jamset). ('50) F8.60. sd.3/6 Hirschfeld 

School Subjects, Remedial Techs, in (Fcrnald). ('43) 345. 30/- 


Science for Bakery Students (Jewell, MulhoJIand and Everiss). 

C50) D8.264. 134ill. 20/- Macl^ren & Som 

Science in Nursing Arts (Day. M.A.C.). 2e.('47) D8.725. 145111. 

28 /- Ktmpton 

Slags and Rock Phosphates (Robertson. G.S.). C22) R8.xiv.120 

Spl.l M. Camb.Agnc.Mon.S. 14 /- Camb. 

Social, Princip. (Jones, M.E.). ('49) M8.xiv.524. 30/- Ginn 

Spanish (Barlow). C39) C8.xvi.208. 8/- G Bfll 

Step by Step (Ogden). r.c.('48) Pott8.284. 111. Psyche Min.S. 3/6; 

Tr. into Dut., Fr.. Gcr.. It.. Span. ca. 18. III. ea .i/b Baste 

Structures (Shaulcy). (*44) D8.392. 347111. 40/- Chap. A H. 

Surveys for Planning (Tyrwhitt and Waidc). ('49) F4.42. 3d 

sd.5/- Illffe 

Swedish (Jamset). (*47) F8.48. 3/- Hlrichfeld 

Tech. Electricity (Cotton). ('49) C8.238. SOill. Elcct.S. 8/6 

Television (Grob). ('49) 492. 55/6 McGraw [Cleaver 

Typography (Lock). ('40) C8.110. 4/6 Pitman 

Units in Mcch. Drawing (Hoclscher and Mays). 2 bks. M8. Ill 

Bk.l. 2e.('41) 305. Bk.2 C34) 277. ca.18/- Wllev\Chap.& H 

Vocab. for Elem Schl. Children (Rinsland). (*45) M8.X.636. 

56 /- N.Y.: Macmillan 

Woodwork for Village Craftsmen (Fiennes). ('48) C4.vii,63 

24ill. sd.4/6* l^ngmant 

Words (Ogden). r.e.('47) Pott8.116. Psyche Min.S. 3/6 Basic 

Writings (Jefferson). C49) R8.833. 21 /- W.H.Allen 

Writings: Common Sense; Rights of Man; Age of Reason 

(Pamc). C46) MR.xit.609 21 /- W H Allen 

Basil, St. Ascetic Wks. of (Clarke. W.K.L.). C25) D8.364. 12/6 

the Babv Seal (Mason, P.). ('48) F4.32 III. 4/6 / Isine 
Basilikon Doron, 1604 (Holland). (*31) M8. I/- Univ.Wales 
Basilisk of Si James (Mvers). n.e.('46) C8 viii.256. 9/6 Chap.&H 
Basilissa (Mascficld). ('40) C8.282. 8/6 Ueinemann 

BASIS AND ESSENTIALS SERIES. 12 v. ea. F8. 4/6 - 5/- . 7/6 

Basis and Essentials of French. 5/-; Reader. 4/6 
Basis and Essentials of German. 5/-; Reader. 4/6 
Basis and Essentials of Spanish. 5/-; Reader. 4/6 
Basis and Essentials of Italian. 5/-; Reader. 4/6 
Basis and Essentials of Russian. 6/-; Reader. 5/- 
Basis and Essentials of Portuguese, and Reader. 7/6 
Basis and Essentials of Welsh. 5/- 

Basis of Chemotherapy (Work). C48) D8.455. 26/- Oliver 

of Clinical Neurology (Brock). 2e.('48) 69figs. 42/6 


of Combination in Chess (Mom). ('38) D8..xii,218. 111. 8/6 


of Communal Living (Woodcock). ('47) D8.44. sd. I/- Freedom 

of Federalism. Ed. Hart. C49) G14.19 sdl/- Ftil.rnion 

of an Indo-Bnt. Treaty (Panikkar) ('46) D8.56. 2/6 fniia.Oxf. 

of Lasting Peace (Hoover and Gibson). '(45) CS.iv ,44. 7/6 

V .Nostrand : Macmillan 

of Pakistan (Ahmad). C8.viii,203. 9M. 15/- Luzac 

of Reconstruction (Bowie). C8.32. sdl/- Satire '.Oliver 

of Sensation (Adrian). 3e.('28) D8.124. 8/6 Christophers 

of Sheet Metal Drafting (Hedley). ('45) D8.viii,118. 273d. 6/- 


of Soviet Strength (Crcssey). ('45) D8.287. 34 /- McGraw 

of Tissue Evolution and Pathogcnesis (Gray. A.A.). ('37) D8.112 

12ill. 7/6 Jackson 
Basket of Flowers (Schmid). G14. Fr. Eng.Amh.S 2/6*; C49) 

sC8. Fam.Bks.S. 3/9 Blackie 
Basketball (Browning). ('49) C8 156. Games S. 10/- Pitman 

Better (Allen, F.C.). C37) 490. 34/- McGraw 
Basketry (Christopher). ('50) C8.103. 27d. bds.2/6 Foylr 

and Related Arts (Lee. M.L.). (*48) lC8.vii.188. 176figs. 21 /- 

V .Nostrand : Macmillan 

and Weaving (Orman). n.e.C49) D8.84. 111. Jun.Hdwk.S. 6/6 


Enamelled Cane Craft and (Burke, E.H.). n.e.C48) D8.54. 111. 

limp 2/- Pitman 

Raffia Work and (Crampton). ('29) C8. Inf.S. bds.3/6 Warne 

Simple (Roffev). C8. 111. Craft for Afl S. bds.6/- Pitman 

Willow (Knock). 3r.e.('48) D8.42. 6pl.32d. sd.3/- Dryad 
Baskets. Wicker and Veneer. C50) 2/6 B.S.I. 

Basketwork Through Ages (Bobart). ('36) D8.194. 86511. 12/6 Oxf. 
Baskisch Kaukasische Etymologicn (Bouda). (*49) M8.55. sd.14/- 

Basque Children in England (Cloud & Ellis, R.). C8. I/. Gollancz 

French Diet. (Lhande). ('26) M8.Hi,lll7. sd.42/- BiUcy 

Qu'est-ce quc la Langue (Kolovrat). ('30) sMS.47. 2/- Batley 





Bass Clef Companion: Songs (Dunstan). ('30) D8.32. sd.l/-* 

Figured, and Melody Harmonization. Exs. in (Lyon). 4to. 3/6 

W. Reeve* 

Songs. (27) Imp. 8.98. 3/- Bavley & F. 

Thorough, Pract. Ells, of (Mozart). ('00) D8.32. sd.2/6 Augener 
Basses. Figured, and Given Melodies, Exs. of Four-part Writing 

fr. (Lyon). 4to. 5/6 W. Reeve* 

Basset Down (Forster. M.A.-). C49) C4.176. 38i11 .30/- Country L. 
Bas.sini's Operation for Radical Treat, of Inguinal Hernia 

(Cattcnna). ('34) oblmp4.58. 16UI. 15/- H.K.Lewis 
Bassoon and Double Bassoon (Langwill). ('48) C8.40. 2 till. Id. 

sd.3/- Hinrich\en 

Bastablc, C.F., Obituary (Duncan). R8.Brit.Acad. 1/3 Oxf 
Bastar, Maria Gonds of (Grigson). enlgd.e. ('49) D8.430. 20pl. 111. 

32/6 India, Oxf. 

Bastardy Orders (Lyon). ('23) D8.xii,72. 7/6 Stevem & Soni 
Bastin, Cliff, Remembers (Bastm and Glanvillc). C50) D8.211. 

32 ill. 8/6 Ft trick 

Bastion of Damned (Cassells). n.e.('48) C8.255. 6/- Melrose 
Basutoland. Gcol. of: Report (Stocklcy). ('47) 1M8.114. 40ill. 3d. 

bds.10/- Crown 
Bat. The: Play (Rinehart & Hopwood). sd3/6 S.French 

Ball, Wicket and All (Martincau). C50) C8.128. Fr. 20ill. 2d. 

7/6 Sporting Hdbkx. 

v. Ball (Betham). ('50) R16.112. 33ill. 3/6 Johns 
Bataan (Ind) ('44) 1C8.X.396. Fr. 22/6 N.Y. : Macmillan 

Bataille des Falkland (Farrere and Chack). Ed.Hartos. C28) F8.112. 

Contemp.Fr.Auth.S. 3/-* Oxf. 
Batalla de Ronccsvalles. Ed. Peers Sp-n S. 1/6* Blackie 

del Marne (Ibafier). Ed.Oms. ('32) 3/3* Harrap 

Batch Type Concrete Mixers. C46) Amcndt.('4f>) 12. 2/- B.S.I. 
Bath: Map. 2M 1*. 30 Miles Round S. sd.2/6; cl.5/6; C.R.V. 

27/6 Geographia 
-(Mee). ('50) D8.56. 111. City Gdcs.S. 3/6 St.HuKh's P. 

(Sitwell. E.). ('32) D8.288. 16pl. 12/6 Faher 

(Smith, R.A.L.). 3c.('48) D8.118. 84ill.(4col.) Brit Cities S. 12/6 

B it\ford 

Abbey (Pittaway). C8. Fr. sd.3/6 P!ttawa\> 

and Malmcsbury, Bristol (Home). ('25) F8.192. 17UI. Cathed.S. 

2/6 Dent 

and Neighbourhood, Dir. of. 16r.e.C50) C8.814. 15/- Kelly's 

And so to (Roberts, C.). ('40) 1C8 416. Ill 10/6 Uodder 

and Wells. 1D8.64. 12ill. Beaut. En^.S. 3/6 BLickie 
--Around (Brown. L.). ('49) Imp 32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. 

sd 2/6 St. Cath.P. 

BuildmR of (Little). C47) D8.172. 111. 15/- Collins 

Few Hours in (Stratton). ('50) Post. 8. 32. 5d. sd.2/- 

R W. Stratton 

Georsian Buildings, 1700-1830 (Ison). ('48) Imp8.212. 247pl.67d. 

52/6 Fabcr 

Plan for (Abcrcrombie, Owenj> and Mealand). C47) R4.120. 111. 

30 /- Pitman 

Town Plan. 4i" 1M. sd.1/6; cl.3/- Geographic* 

Wells: Guide. ('48) C8 III. M.d 5/- Ward Lock 

Bathers, The (CCzanne). Text.Casson. ('47) Mfol.14. 8pl. 1.C.C30) 

18/18/6 Trtanon 

Bathroom Door: Play (Jennings). C8.24. sd.1/6 S.French 
Baths, Modern Public (Cross) Hid. A.S A.iSimpkm 

of Borcovicus: Plav (Walker. R.). ('30) C8. 1/6 Deane 

Public Modern (Cross). n.e.('38) C4.114. bds.5/- ASA. 

Batifolle Letters, Concordance of (Rand & Wilkins). f 26) M8 16 

1/6 Harvard V.P.:Oxf 
Baton (Rundle). ('50) D8. 7/6 Clowe* 

and Jackboot ( CM DR 4H. Ill 7/6 H. Hamilton 

Mmnques ct Aures Contes (Wahlcnberg) Ed.Hartog. ('36) 76. 

2/6 Gregg 

Batrachians, Brit. Reptiles and (Hopley). 3e. C8. 111. limp 2/- Allen 
& V. 

Tailless, of Eur. (Boulenger). 2v. C97-'98) C8. 24pl. ea.20/- 


Bats (Blackmorc). ('48) sC4 16. 111. Young Brit.S. sd.l/- Assoc. 

and Insects. Flight of Birds (Lane, F.W.). C48) Pts. 1 & 2. 

ea.sC4.20. 111. Young Brit.S. ea.sdl/3 Astoc.Newtprt. 

British (Fitzgerald. B.V.-). ('49) F4.X.61. Ill.(4col.) . Field 

Study S. 6/- Methuen 

in the Belfry: Plav (Morgan, D.& MacDermot). sd.4/- S.French 

of Hell (Chctwynd). C49) C8.256 9/6 Hutchimon 

Batsford Century. Ed.Bolitho. 2e.('44) M8.viii.148. 58ill.(lcol.). 

Eng.Soc.Lifc S. 10/6 Batsford 
Batsman, How to Become a First-Class (Sutcliffe). ('49) sC8.64. 8pl. 

8d. bds.3/- Sutcliffe 
Battalions of Heaven (Owen, G.V.). n.e.(*48) D8.155. 3/6 Greater 

Batteries and Battery Charging (Molloy). ('47) F8. Q.& A.S. 5/- 


Backgardcn (Hicks). ('48) 1C8.15. 9pl. sd.9d. Poultry 

LavinR Ciees and (Owen. W.P.-). ('42) 3c. C8.90. 111. sd.3'- 

Poultrv Wld. 

Lead/Acid (Non Acrobatic). ('50) 2/- BS1. 

Primary (Vinal). ('50) D8.336. 111. 40/- Wilev.Chap.A. H. 

Storage (Vinal). 3e.('40) M8.464. 170U1 48/- Wlley.Chap & H. 
Battery Book (Cross). ('47) C8.200. lOOill. 8/6 Tech.P. 

Connectors for Elcc. Vehicles. ('47) 8. 2/- B SJ. 

Cut-Outs (Reverse Current Relavsi. 2/- B S.I. 

ERR Product.. Pract. Guide to (Robinson, L.). 2r.e.('48) D8.104. 

30ill. bds.5/- S.PB.A. 

Electrical Vehicles (Hills). ('43) M8. 12/6 Newnes 

Operated Elec. Fences. ('45) Amendt.('46) 6. 2/- B S.I. 

Radio and Car. Hdbk. (Meming). C48) F8. 51- Newnes 

Batting Strokes (Hutton & Crabtree). ('50) D8.32. 62ill. d.2/6 

Battle (Mann, E.L.). ('48) D8.36. sd.1/6 Adams AS. 

and Breeze (Coutts). ('46) C8.64. sd.2/- Salv.Army 

and Neighbourhood, Hastings, St. Leonards. C50). C8.710. 15/- 


at Black Mesa (Smith, W.). n.e.CSO) SC8.160. 4/6 Collins 

for Inspector West (Creasey). (48) 1C8.288. 10/6 S.Paul 

Hymn of China (Smedley). C8. 7/6 Gollmcz 

of Amazons. Ed.Puywclde. ('50) R4.16. 12/6 


of Amiens, 1918 (Kearsey). (*50). D8.92. 7/6 Gale 

of Atlantic, Sept. 1939 May 1943 (Morison). (47) D8.492. 16pl. 

30ch. Hist.of U.S. Naval Ops.Wld.War II. 1 42/- Oxf. 

of Bannockburn, Site of (Miller, T.). ('31) D8.24. sd.l /I 

Hist. Assn. 

of the Books (Swift). sC8xx.326. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

of the Books (Swift). Ed.Craik. ('12) C8.90. 3/6* Oxf. 

of Britain (Spaight). ('41) D8.232. 24pl. 10/6 Bles 

of Brunanburh (Campbell, A.). ('38) D8.184. 10/6 Heinemann 

of Cressy: Play (Barrow), sd.1/3 S.French 

of France (Mauruis). Tr.Ludman. ('40) IC8.212. 111. 7/6 J.l^ne 

of the Goldfish Pond (Nicolson). ('48) C4.32. 13ill. bds.6/- 

Casiirer \Faber 

of Lake Regillus (Macaulay). Sm.Eng.Class.S. sd.6d.*; cl.9d.* 


of Land (Ganpulee). r.e.('44) C8.150. 6/- E.Benn 

of Leytc Gulf (Woodward). ('47) 8vo.xii,244. 20tabs.,6ch. 30/- 


of Life (Bouchier) ('33) C8. 3/6 SkefftnKton 

of Maldon (Gordon, E.V.). 2e.('49) C8.x,86. Fr. 1M. Old Eng.S. 

2/9* Methuen 

of Naseby; Armada and Ivey (Macaulay). Sm.Eng.Class.S. 

sd.5d *; cl.Sd.* Blackie 

of Nerves and At the Gai-Moulin (Simenon). ('50) sCS.286 
! sd 1 /6 Penguin 

of Nicuport. ('35) D8.48. Shaks.Assn.Facs. 6/- Oxf. 

of the Plate (Campbell, A.B.). C40) D8.256. 16pl. 7/6 Jenkins 

of the Pump (Davis, C.A.C.). C8.90. 111. sd.3/- Harrap 

of Waterloo (Amhcrst). F8.16. Toy Theatre Playbks. sd.6d. 

B. Pollock 

Royal (Dawson). ('49) C8.192 7/6 Collins 

Training Lectures Eleven More. ('43)20. C8.82 III 2/- Gale 

Without Glory (Trown). n.e.('48) 1C8.256 6/- Hutchison 
Battlecraft, How to Teach (Humphrey & Ardizzone). ('43) C8.20. 

III. I/- Gale 

Battlefields of Eng. (Burne). ('50) D8.xviii,315. 9UI.32M. 21 /- 

Ski Track on (Firsoff). (43) MS. 158. 38pl. 12/6 E.Benn 
Battles. Brit., and Medals (Gordon, L.L.). ('48)2r.e. R8.432. 168111. 

ch. 63 /- Gale 

Brit. Decisive (Creasy). Ed.McKcllar. ('34) G18.x,174. 7flgs. 1/9 


Decisive, of India from 1746 to 1849 (Malleson). 4c.('14) 

D8 452. M F.d. 10/6 W.Reeves 

of World. Fifteen Decisive (Creasy). sC8.xiv,434. d. Ev'man S. 

4/6 Dent 

Roval of the Chess Board (Coles). ('48) D8.155. d. 8/6 

Wrm.<& N 

Batty Book (Foster, C.G.). ('49> F4.76. lOill. 8/6 Country L. 
Batu Khan (Van). Tr Bntton. ne('47) 1C. 320. 6/- Hutchinvon 
Baudelaire (Sartre). ('50) 1C8. 10/6 Horizon : Chatto 

et la Belle aux Chevcux d'or (Feuillerat). ('41) D8.108. 3pl. 10/- 

Yale UP.: Oxf. 
Bausteme zur Psychoanalyse (Fcrcnczi). C39) D8. v.3-4. 542:410. 

2v. 30 /- Imago 
Bauxite and Aluminous Lateritc (Fox, Sir C.S.). 2e.C32) R8.316. 

III. 40 /- Tech.P. 

Bavarian Story (Mannin). ('49) 1C8.288. 10/6 Jarrolds 
Bawden. Edward (Richards. J.M.). C47) D6.16. 32pl. Mod.Painters 

S. sd.3/6 Penguin 

Edward. Drawmps of (Harlmg). ('50) sC4.104. 111. Eng.Mastcrs of 

B.& W.S. 8/6 Art & Tech. 

Bawenda ot the Spclonkcn (Transvaal) (Wessmann). ('08) 4/6 Juta 
Bax. Arnold (Schcrek. etc.). ('49) D8.54. sd.2/- Hinrichsen 
Baxter. Richard (Carter. C.S.). Gt. Churchmen S. sd.9d. Ch.Bk.Rm. 

Richard, Nonconformity of (Morgan, I.). ('46) D8.266. 12/6 

Bav, The (Strong. L.A.G.). Unif.e.('48) C8.iv,356. 6/- Methuen 

Fillv (Lindsev). n.e.CSO) F8.192. 1/6 Rich 
Bayamus (Thcmcrsonl. C49) D8.92. 111. 7/6 Edns. Poetry 

Baycux Tapestry. O*8) sR6.18. 18ill.(3col.). Gall. of Masterpieces S. 
bds.7/6 Parrish 

Tapestry (Maclagen). ('43) sC8.28. sd.1/6 Penguin 
Baylev's Chemists' Pocket Book. Ed.Angcll. 10e.('48) F8.513. 30/- 


Bayonet Battle Training (Twine). ('42) C8.44. III. 1/6 Gale 
Bayonets. Bloody (Lidstone). (*42)3c. C8.72. 111. 2/- Gale 
Bayrcuth. Royal Family of (Wagner). (*48) D8.214. 6pl. 15 /- Eyre 

Three Impressions of (Koentg). C8. fac. sd.2/-; cl.3/6 W .Reeves 
Bays. Book of (Beebe). D8.240 III. 15/- 3. Lane 

Bazaar Malay (Blackwcll). ('45) F12.61. sd.2/6 Bailey [Bailey 

Malay. Handbook of Spoken (McHugh). C48) D16.152. 6/6 
Be Clean. Be Tidy (Berndge). ('49) C8.240. 8/6 Falcon 

Clever with Felt (Evans. R.). C48) C8.48. 21d. sd.2/- Bear 

Clever with Leather (Read. C.W.). Bks.1-4. ('46-'49) caC8.40- 

48:64:80. d. sd.1/6: 2/-; 2/6; 2/6; Bear 

Clever with Plastics (Read. C.W.). ('48) C8.70. 52d. sd.2/6 Bear 

Comforted. Ed.George. ('30) F8.70. 6d, Lindsey 

Domes Daege. etc. (Bcdc). Ed.lumby. ('76) E.E.T.S. 2/- Oxf 

Glad You're Neurotic (Bisch). 2e.('46) D8.230. 21/6 McGraw 

a Man! CBuCknall). 1C8.160. 3/6 Harrao 





Be Prepared: Handbook for Guides (Maynard). n.c.('48) C8.320. 
5/-; abr.c.1/3 C.A.Pearson 

Quiet and Go a-Anslmg (Trahcrnc). ('49) 1C8.200. 25ill. 8/6 


Still My Love (Truesdell). C50) sCS.192. sd.1/6 Boardman 

Sure its Love (Hanna). ('49) C8.128. sd.l/b Archer P. 

Sure Your Sex Will Find You Out: Play (Box), sd.1/3 S.French 

Thou Made Clean: Story of Leprosy (Myers). C50) C8.168. 111. 

10/6 Kerryman 

Ye Perfect CHodson). 4/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

Your Own Boss. Hd. Hedges. ('46; C8.152. 51- Allenson 

Your Own Chef (Marion). C48) D8.320. 15 f- Duckwth. 

Your Own Decorator (Glynn & Boyce). C42) C8. 4Jb Heath, C. 

Your Own Doctor (Semple). 51- MacLellan 
Beach Red (Bowman). ('46) sD8.128. 7/6 M.Joseph 

BEACON ARITHMETIC SERIES. By C. M. Fltminf. 1 /-"-*/** 

Number Reader (for preliminary language training). 2/4* 
Book One. Part One, 3/8* 

Part Two. 3/8* 
Book Two. Part One. 3/8* 

Part Two. 3/8* 
Book Three. Part One. 3/8* 

Part Two. 3/8* 
Book Four. Part One. 3/8* 

Part Two, 3/8* 

Answer Books (to accompany each Part), each I/-* 
Question-Answer Cards (.for the 39U basic combinations) 

1. Addition, per set, 5/3* 

2. Subtraction, per set. 5/3* 

3. Multiplication, per set, 5/3* 

4. Division, per set, 5/3* 
Teachers' Manual (new edition). 6/6* 

Diagnostic Test Sheets (for each Part). p*r pkt. of 1 dozen set*, 

Survey Test Sheets (covering Books One and Two), per pkt. of 

1 doren sets, 2/6* 
Beacon Cottage Mystery (Langton). C48) C8. III. 7/6 Newnes 

How to Get the Best Out of (Grassam). C49) C8 96. 111. sd.1/6* 

Infant Readers: For use with ea. "Approach" (Fassctt). Bk.2. 

re.('33) C8.iv.92. 111. limp 1/10*; Bk.3. r.c.('3I) C8.96. 111. 
limp 1/10*; Bk.4. r.c.('33) C8.128. 111. limp 2/-*; Bk.5. r.e.('34) 
C8.128. 111. limp 2/2*; Bk.6. r.c.('33) C8.160. III. limp 2/5* 

Infant Readers: Old Lob Approach (GrassamX n.e.('49) Pict.Bk. 

C424 Col. ill. sd.1/3*; Introd. F4.48. Col. ill. limp 1/6*: Bk.l. 
F4.64! Col. ill. limp 1/9*; Teacher's C8.160. sd.4/-* Ginn 

Infant Readers: Original Approach (Fassett). Bk 1. r.e.('33) C8. 

iv.60. Col.ill. limp 1/7* Ginn 

Infant Readers: Original Approach (Grassam A Morss). Teacher's 

r.e.('33) C8.128. 111. 3/6* Ginn 

Infant Readers: Original Approach (Sullivan & Cox). Introd. 

('28) C8.32. Col.ill. limp 1/1* Ginn 

LiRht CHorler). (*49) C8.256. 8/6 Jenkins 

BEACON LITERARY READERS. Ed. J. Compton. 6 v. 1/6* - S/-* 

Book One (Friendly Tales). 3/9* 
Book Two (White Magic). 4/3* 
Book Three (A Noble Company). 4/9* 
Book Four (Argosy). 5/-* 
Book Five (Good Adventure). 5/-* 
Teaching Literature. 1/6* 

BEACON NUMBER BOOKS. By C. M. Fleming. 4 v. 1/6* -2/3* 

Book One. 2/3* 
Book Two. 2/3* 
Book Three. 2/3* 
Teachers' Manual, 1/6* 

BEACON READING SERIES. 4d.* - 10/10* Ginn 
Getting Ready for Reading; Book One. 1/3* 

Book Two. 1/3*; Teachers' Manual. 3/6* 
Old Lob Approach 
Big Book of Old Lob Pictures. 5/-* 
Picture Book (Old Lob and His Family). 1/9* 
Accompanying Flash Cards, per set 8/6* plus Purchase Tax 

Individual Sentence Matching Cards (Stage A). 3/9* plus 

Purchase Tax I/- -4/9* 

Individual Sentence Reading Cards (Stage B). 3/-* plus Pur- 
chase Tax 10d.3/10* 
Old Lob Reading Cards 1-8 (with matching slips). 2/8* plus 

Purchase Tax 9d. = 3/5* 
Old Lob Reading Cards 9-16 (with matching slips). 2/8* plus 

Purchase Tax 9d.-3/5* 
At Old Lob's (Introductory Book). 2/-* 

Work Book for At Old Lob's, 6d.* 
Individual Word Matching and Sentence Building Cards (Stage 

C). 3/6* plus Purchase Tax lld.4/5* 
The Move (Book One). 2/5* 

Work Book for The Move. 7d.* 
My Take-Home-Book of The Move, 4d.* 
A Visit to Updown. 2/9; What Happened at Updown. 2/9; 

Supplementary to The Move 
Teachers' Handbook for Old Lob Approach. 4/2* 
Original Approach 

Reading Pictures (6 in set). 5/-* plus Purchase Tax 4/1 - 9/1* 
Miniature Pictures, per pkt. 8d.* plus Purchase Tax 6d. = 1 /2* 
Reading Cards (1-8 with matching slips). 2/4* plus Purchase 

Tax 8d. = 3/- 

Readmg Cards (9-15 with matching slips). 2/4* plus Purchase 


Word Builders, per pkt. 1/10* plus Purchase Tax 6d.*2/4* 
Introductory Book. 1/6* 

Book One. 1/10* 

Teachers' Manual for the Original Approach. 3/8* 
For both Approaches 

Phonic Cards (red). 5/6* 

Phonic Cards (blue). 7/3* 

Beacon Reading Tests for Books One. Two. Three. Four, per 
dozen, 3/9*. each 4d.* 

How to get the best out of Beacon (for teachcrg), 1/6* 
Main Readers 

Book Two, 2/2* 

Book Three. 2/2* 

Book Four. 2/10* 

Book Five. 2/10* 

Book Six, 3/-* 
Supplementary Readers: 

For Book One: Old Friends. 1/8* 

For Book Two : Clever Folk. 2/-* 

For Book Three: Wise Little Goat. 2/-* 

For Book Four: Faithful Beasts. 2/4* 

Book Five: The Seven Proud Sisters. 2/6 

Book Six: The Winged Horse. 3/6 

Toys at Play. 1/8* 

Folk Tales and Fancies. 2/-* 

Stories to Act. 2/-* 

The Dragon Princess. 2/2* 

The Golden Fish. 3/-* 

Annancy Stones. 2/2* 

Number Reader. 2/4* 

BEACON STUDY READERS. Ed. Frank Roscoe. 7 v. 1/6* - 5/-* 

First Lessons (new edition). 3/6* 
Book One. 4/3* 
Book Two (new edition). 4/6* 
Book Three. 4/6* 
Book Four. 5/-* 
Book Five, 5/-* 
Reading to Learn. 1/6* 

Beacon Supplementary Readers C8. lOv. limp 1/6* -2/4* Ginn 
Beaconsflcld Guide. ('SO) C8. sd 1/6 Pyramid 
Beagle and Terrier (Free). ('46) C8.X.H8. mill. R/6 Chap&H. 

Voyage of the (Darwin). sC8.xvi,496. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 
Beagling (Shepherd. C.B.) D8. 111. Mod Sports S. SI- .SYr/o 

and Otter Hunting (Colville). ('40) C8.240. 8pl. Sportsman's Lib 

7/6 Black 

Bealby (Wells. H.G.). Unif.e.('49) C8.viii,336. 6/- Methuen 
Beam Antennae Systems (Wilmotte &. McPetne). R4. CoIl.Rcscarchek, 

sd.2/- Nat.Phys.lMb.'U.MS.O. 

Structures, Continuous (Shepley). C42) 122. 77ill.l9tabs. 8/6 

Beams. Molecular (Fraser. R.G.J.). ("37) F8.X.70. Fr. 22d. Physical 

Subj.Mon.S. 3/- Methuen 
Bean and Beet Aphis (Jones. M.G.). M8. Mod.Sci.Mem.S. d.6d 


Torra Dhamh: Songs (MacPherson). Ed.MacRae. C8.80. 2/6 A 


Bcannaihy Bomb (Stewart. H.D.). C37) C8.144. sd.2/6 Brown. Son 
Beano Annual. C50) Imp8.128. 111. 6/- Thomnson-Leng [A F 

Beany-Eye. Sailor's Return and (Garnett) C48) SC8.221. set 1/6 
Bear Brothers (Hawkins). C4. III. bds.4/- Oxf. [Penguin 

Brothers' Holiday (Hawkins). C4. 111. bds.4/- Oxf. 

Bus (Gorell). (*48) C8. 111. 61- J.Murray 

Cubs in Rockies (Eliotn. ('48) 1C8.64. III. Falcon Nat.S. Fd I/-* 

Garden (Gorell). ('45) C8. 111. 5/- J.Murray [Warne 

that Wasn't (Tashlin). ('46) D8. 44ill 2/6 J Murray 
Beardless Counsellors (Hallack) r e.('49) C8.250. 7/6 S.Walker 
Beards (Reynolds. R.). D8.304. 18/- Allen & V. 

of Athos, 6.000 (Brewster). C35) D8.220. 16H1. 12/6 Duckwth. 
Beardslcy, Aubrey (Symons). C98) CR.32. 16pl. 5/- Unicorn 

Best of. Ed.Walker. R.A. C48) sD4 n4ill. 25/- J.Isine 

Miscellany: Drawings and Designs. Ed.Walker. R.A. ('49) C4.116. 

I.e.(SOO) 42/- J.lsine 

Bearing Metal, Typical (Fry & Roscnhain). R4. Coll. Researches 
sd.9d. Nat.Phys.Lab.'.H.M.S.O 

True, and Dist. Diag. (Reeves). ('28) R8.12. d. 7/6 Geog.Soc.:J. 

Bearings, Anal, and Lubrication of (Shaw & Macks). 85 /- McGraw 

Ball, and Parallel. Roller Bearings, Dimensions of. (*50) 6/- B.S.I. 

Ball and Roller (Billmgton). ('49) C8.161. 111. 4/6 Emmott 

On Taking (Walsh, H.P,). ('15) D16. d. 1/3 J.Murray 

Rolling (Allan, R.K.). 2e.('4S) D8.401. 30/- Pitman 
Bear's Nest: Play (Donahue), sd.1/3 S.French 

Beast Book for Pocket (Sandars). ('37) Pott8.382. figs. 12/6 

in Me (Thurber). ('49) D8.340. III. 12/6 H.Hamtlton [Oxf. 

Must Die (Blake, N.). ('49) xC8.2()8. Holiday Lib. 6/- Lehmann 

Nature of the (Noble). ('50) D8.176. 111. Nat.Lib. 15/- Hutchinson 
Beasts and Birds of Africa (Longden). ('40) C8.80. 111. Simple Sci.S. 

1/4* Oxf. 

and Flowers, Birds. ('48) C8. III. 10/6 Uttlebury 

and Humans, Insects, Birds (Hernc). C46) C8.IOO. 2/6 Epworth 

and Saints (Waddell). f'34) C8. III. 7/6 Constable 

and Super Beasts (Sakl). C50) sC8. sd.1/6 Penguin [Oxf. 

Common. Book of (Sandars). C8. 111. Chameleon Bks. bds.3/- 

Game Birds and Fishes (Parker, E.). D8. 111. Lonsdale Lib.S. 21 /- 


How to See. C33) C8.124. Daglish Nat.S. 1/9* Dent 

My Friends the (Taylor, A.K.). ('49) C4.88. lOill. bds.6/- W,B 


of Chase (Edwards, L.). R4.64. 21/- Putnam; l.e.(lOO). L.63/- 






Beasts of the Field (Whanslaw). ('45) 30. Bible Bckgrnd.S. 
sd.9d. Rflig.Educ. 

of Prey. Britain's (Robinson. W.K.). 049) C8.128. 4ill. 7/6 


of Tarzan (Burroughs). n.e.CSO) C8.viii.247. 5/- Methuen 

Smaller (Daglish). (*28) SC4.48. 20ill. B.and W.S. 2/6 


Beat Drum. Beat Heart (Wingfield). ('46) lPost8.78. 7/6 Crenel 
Beaten Metal Work (Horth). n.c.('47) C8.98. 111. Craft for All S. 

bds.5/- Pitman 

Metalcraft (Kceley). ('46),72. Fr, figs. 2/6 Macmillan 

Track: Play (Francis), sd.2/6 S.French 

Beater, Action of (Smith, S.). Ed. Marsh, R. ('23) D8.212. 53ill. 7/6 

Beatitudes (Fisher, R.H.). Sht.Cse.S. 3/6 T.& T.Clark 
-(Scavcr). (*48) C8.44. sd.2/- S.P.C.K. 

Beatrice. Figure of (Williams, C.). C43) D8.236. 15 /- Faber 

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter 
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin. by Beatrix Potter 
The Tailor of Gloucester, by Beatrix Potter 
The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, bv B -atrix Potter 
The Tale of Two Bad Mice, by Beatrix Potter 
The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Wmklc, by B:atrix Potter 
The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, by Beatrix Potter 
The Talc of Tom Kitten, by Beatrix Potter 
The Tale of Jemima Puddlcduck. by Beatrix Potter 
The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnirs. by Beatrix Potter 
The Talc of Mrs. Tittlemousc. by Beatrix Potter 
The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes, by Beatrix Potter 
The Talc of Johny Town-Mouse, by Beatrix Potter 
The Tale of Mr. Todd. by Beatrix Potter 
The Tale of Pigling Bland, by Beatrix Potter 
The Talc of Samuel Whiskers (or The Roly-Poly Pudding), by 

Beatrix Potter 

The Pie and the Patty-pan, by Beatrix Potter 
Ginger and Pickbs. by Beatrix Potter 
The Tale of Little Pig Robinson, by Beatrix Potter 
The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit, by B -atrix Potter 
The Story of Miss Moppet, by Beatrix Potter 
Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes, by Beatrix Potter 
Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes, by Beatrix Potter 

Beanie's (Jas ). Lond. Diary (Walker, R.S.). C46) C4.148. 15111. 12/6 

Beau Brocade (Orczy). n.e.C50) sC8.192. sd.1/6 Pan Bks. 

Brummcll (Campbell, K.). ('48) D8.126. Col.Fr. 2()col.ill. 15/- 

H. Hammond 

Danube and Tricorne (Robertson, M.). ('47) sC16.9b. Ill.(4col.). 

Ballet Pckt.S. 2y6 Black 

Dare, Amer. Saddle-Colt (Crovvell). C46) D4.57. 34/- McGraw 

Gestc (Wren). n.e.('26) C8. 6/- J Murray 

Ideal (Wren). n.e.C29) C8. 6/- J Murrav 

of Bath, etc: One-Act Plays (Mackay, C.D.). Pott8.128. Kings 

Treas.S. 1/10* Dent 

Sabreur (Wren). n.c.('27) C8. 6/- J. Murray 

Sabreur (Wren). C48) sC8.320. sd.2/- Penguin 

Bcauchamp's Career (Meredith). C50) Pott8.562. World's Classics 

" Double." 11- Oxf. 
Beaufort Scale of Wind Force. Report. (*06) 4to. sd.1/6 Met.Off.: 

H.M.S O. 
Beauly and Inverness. Geol. of Country around (Home & Hinxrnan). 

C14) 2/- Geol.:H MS O. 
Beaumont, William. Life and Letters of (Myers). C39) R8.327. III. 

42 /- Kimpton 
Beauties of Catholic Church (Shadier). C8.507. sd.7/6 Herder 

of Islam (Besant). sd.8d. Theotoph.Puh 

Beautiful. The (Lee. V.). ('13) R16.viii.148. Camb.Man.S 4/- Camb. 
-and Damned (Fitzgerald, F.S.). C50) CR.468 12/6 Grey Walls 

Bamberg (Beck). ('49) C8.43. 13I1I. sd.6/- Bailey 

Dreamer (Gooding). C50) C8.248 9/6 Hurst 

-End (Holme). Pott8.230. World's Class. 4/6 Oxf. \Blackte 

England and Scotland Series. Ill.E W.Haslehust. 33v. 1D8. ca.3/6 

Flowering Shrubs, Trees and Heather (Nuttall). r.e.C38) D8.276. 16/- Casxell 

Flowers and How to Grow Them (Morton. J.W.). C8.192. Scol.ill. 

Home Lib. 6/- Fouhham 

Flowers of Kashmir, v.l. (Blatter). ('27) D8.198. 64ill.(63col.). 

2 1/- Staples 

Joe (Saunders. M.). n.e.('50) C8.320. Col.Fr. 14111. 6/- Jarrolds 

Lady (Loyne). ('49^ C8.25. sd.1/6 Romnev 

Miss BurrouRhes (Meredith), n c.('50) C8.256. 5/- Faber 

Morning (Simpson). ('48) F8 24, sd.l/- Ptck.&I. 

One: Play (Morris. T.B.). sd.2/6 S. French 

People and Other Plays (Sarovan). (*4l) C8.140. 7/6 Faber 

Stories of Ancient Greece (West. F.E.). Grade 3.64. 111. Bright 

Story Rdrs. sd.lOd.* E.J.Arnold 

Visit (Howard. E.J.). (*50) C8. 12/6 Cpe 

Years (Williamson. H.). 2r.e.C29) C8.240. 6/- Faber 

Years (Williamson. H.). ('49) sC8.256. sd.1/6 Penguin 
Beauty (Bloom). ('46). D12 106. 8pl. Q.& A.S. 2/6 Jordan 

and the Beast. 1C4. Col.ill.Hassall. limp I/-; sD4.24. Col. ill. limp 

2/- Blackie 

and the Beast. ('48) C4.96. 52ill. 10/6 E.Ward 

and the Beast: Play (Carter. M.). C8.72. sd.2/- S.French 

and the Beast: Play (Consnnduros & Agg). C8.31. sd.1/6 S.Frtnch 

and Beast (StubbsV ('43) C8.48. New Poets S. bds.5/- Routledge 

and Mystery of Well Dressing (PJrteous). C49) M8.144. 31pl. 

(19col.). 15 /- Pilgrim 

and Truth of Catholic Church (Jones, E.). C8 4v. 60/- Herder 

Book, Modern Girl's (Cross). C38) C8.128. 3/6 Pitman 

Culture, Hairdressing and. Ed. Hairdressers' Registration Council. 

C48) D8.217. 12/6 Pitman 

Beauty Exercises. Health and. for Business Girls (Hanckel). (*37) 
C8.146. 111. Games S. 3/6 Pitman 

for Ashes (Fortescue). ('48) D8.333. 111. 12/6 Blackwood 

for Ashes (Neill). ('35) C8.160. Fr. Honour S. 4/6 Pick. A I. 

for Sale: Play (Box), sd.1/6 S.French 

in Poetic Mind, Reason and (Williams. C.). C33) C8.194. 7/6 

is Field: Play (Carroll). C8.23. sd.1/6 S.French \Oxf. 

is a Phoenix (England). n.e.CSO) C8.224. 5/- Hurst 

Manual. Visual (Duckworth & Webb). C50.) 23/6 McGraw 

Married (Dorset). ('48) C8. Target S. 5/- Ward.Lock 

Meaning of (Newton). C50) M8.205. 53ill. 15 /- Longmans 

of Britain (Priestley. Street. Blake. G.. etc.). 5c.('50) C8.viii.248. 

109ill.(lcol.). Pilgrim's Lib. 8/6 Batsford [Batsford 

of Butterflies (Huxley). C45) sfol.12.!. Iris Col. Bks. 12/6 

of England CBurke. T.). 1C8.368. 4()pl. 10/6 Harrap 

of Holiness (Fursc). D8. 9/- J.Murray 

of Jesus (Orsborn). ('47) C8.96. sd.2/- Salv.Army 

of Tone in String Playing (Tertis). ('38) F4.22. 2/- Oxf. 

Origin of the Sense of (Clay), f 17) 1C8. 7/67 Murray 

Parlour: Play (Lander). sd.9d. McQueen 

Philosophies of. Ed.Carntt. C31) D8.356. 15/- Oxf. 

Products. Technique of. Tr.A.R.I.C. ('49) D8.1/8. 111. 17/6 

Leon. Hill 

Theory ot (Carritt). 5r,e.C49) C8.viii.344. 8/6 Methurn 

This Age of (Forester). ('35) C8.viii.150. 12pl. 6/- Methuen 

too Rich (Whetter). ('50) C8. Target S. 5/- Ward, Lock 

Treatments for Home (Hardy. K.). C4.208. 300ill. 23/6 Funk: 

Beaux-Stratagem CFarquhar). sqC16. Fr. Tem.Dram.S. cl.4/6; L.5/- 

Beaver. Life Story of (Vevers). C46) 32. Col.ill. bds.l/- Royle:J. 

People (Cory). C8.80. 111. Wild Life Ways S. sd.1/3* Univ.Lond. 

Twins (Tompkins). C44) SF4.112. 111. 6/- Warne 

Beavers (Grey Owl). Ed.Reynolds. E.E. C40) 1C8.128. lOill. Horizon 

S. 2/6* Camb. 
Bee, EnRlish Lands of Abbey of (Morgan. M.). (*46) D8.172. Oxf. 

Hist.S. 10/- Oxf. 
Because I Must (Lewis, H.). n c.('49) F8.196. sd.1/6 Jarrolds 

No Angels Came CAlanc). C49) C8.9,*, 3/6 Stockwell 

of Judy (Lawford). (*40) C8.256. 8/6 S.Paul 

of the Lockwoods (Whipple) C49) C8. JO/ 6 J.Murray 

You Belong to Christ (Albion). ('49) D8.90. sd.3/- Arundel 
Bccclcs and Neighbourhood, Directory of LowesTblt. r.e.('49) C8.454. 

15 /- Kelly's 

B6champ or Pasteur (Home). 3r.e.C47) D8.264. 15/- C.W Daniel 
Bechegyn y Bryniau (Jenkins). ('34) C8.62. 6111. Straeon i Blant S. sd 

1/3 Brython 
Bcchuanaland Protectorate (Miller, O.B.). ('48j 77. For.Trees of 

Br.Emp.S. 5/6 Forestry 
Beck, Adolf, Trial of. Ed Watson. E.R. ('24) D8.308. 7pl. Notable 

Bril.Trials S. 15 /- Hodge 
Bcckenham, Pengc and Neighbourhood. Directory of. r.e.('39) 

C8.654. 6/- Kelly's 

Becker Wives (Lavin). f'46) C8.224. 9/6 M.Joseph 
Bcckct, Thomas. See Thomas 2t Becket. 
Beckets of Chcapsidc: Play (Arlett). C50) C8.32. Speedwell Plays S. 

sd.l/- Indep.P. 
Beckly Lectures. 5v. ea.CH. 2/6 - 5/- Epworth 

Occasional Papers. Ed. Edwards, M. ea.CS. Epworth 

Pamphlets. Ed. Edwards. M. 3v. ea.C8.16. Epworth 
BcckonmR Door (Seclcv). C50) C8.192. 8/6 Collins 

Shore (Timms). D8.288. 12/6 Angus 
Becoming (Townshend). C8. 6/- Allen & U. 

a Man (James. S.B ). (*44) C8.126. 8/6 Miles 

Bed and Sometimes Breakfast. Ed.Owens. ('45) D8.162. 14111. R. 
Turner. 10/6 Sylvan 

Book of Eating and Drinking (Wright. R.). 12mo.320. 20/- 


BUR Infestation Report, 1935-40. (*42) R8. Spcc.Rept.S. sd.l/- 

Med. Re*. Council :H.M.S.O. 

BUR. Prevention of House Infestation. C33) sd.9d. Scot.Health : 


Manners (Hopton & Balliol). ('36) C8.122. III. 5/- Duckwth. 

Manners, Better (Hopton). ('36) C8.128. 111. 5/- Duckwth. 

of Rose's (Thomson, A.A.). ('49) C8.256. 8/6 Jenkins 

of Rose's: Play (Thomson. A. A. & Gary). C8.110. sd.4/- 


HeSales Since the War (Crump). lC8.iv.140. 5/- Chop.&H. 
Bedchamber Plot (Housman) 1C8. acting e. sd.l/- Cape 
Beddau'r Proffwydi: Play (Gruff ydd). sd.2/6 S.French 
Bedding Book. Clothing and C26) 2/6 Nisbet 
Beddocs. Thomas Lovell CDonner). ('35) D8.403. 111. 20/- 

Bede. O.E.. Selection from. Ed.Sedgefleld. ('17) D8.109. 4/6 


Bede Noster Est: Play. (Rios). ('35) D8.34. sd. 1/6 Monastery 
Bedel Alphabet (Beedle). ('50) D8.4. sd.6d. Stratford 
Bedelia (Caspary). n.c.CSO) sCS.192. sd. 1/6 Pan Bks. 
Bedfast Prophet: Play in Scots (Mitchell, R.E.). Tr.Rorie. sd.1/3 

Bedford: County and District Maps, sd.1/6 cl.3/- Geographia 

and Neighbourhood. Directory of. r.e.f'50) C8.544. 10/6 Kelly's 

College for Women, History of (Tuke). ('39) D8.380. 12pl. ch. 51- 


BaskeVville (G.). English Monks and the Suppression of the 

Monasteries. 18/- 

Chambcrs (R.W.). Thomas More, 15 /- 
Cooper (Sir Duff). Talleyrand.' 15 /- 
Mattingly (G.). Catherine of Aragon. 15 /- 
Nealc (J.E.). Queen Elizabeth. 15 /- 






Rowsc (A.L.). Sir Richard Grenvillc of the Revenge. 18/- 
Thomson (G.S.). Life in a Noble Household. 18/- 
Wedgwood (C V.). Strafford, 15/- 
Wedgwood (C.V.). The Thirty Years War. 15 /- 

Bedford Library. 4v. C8. 3/6 Warne 

Bedfordshire. ('04 -'12) M4. 434: 406: 482. Vict.Hist.Cos.Eng. 3v. 
ea. cl. 84/-;L.5/5/-; Index (*14) M4.70. cl.28/-;L.42/- Oxf. 

(Fitchett). ('43) Land of Br.S. 4/- Geog.Pubns.: Stanford 

(Mcvnell). Ed.FitzGerald. B.V.- C50) D8.380. 49111. 1M. 

County.Bks.S. 15 /- R. Hale 

and Huntingdonshire, Place-Namcs of (Mawcr & Stenton). (*26) 

D8.xlii.316. M. Eng.Pl.Name Soc.S. 20/- Camb. 

Guide to (Larkman). (*50) C8.110. sd.2/6; cl.6/6 Leagrave Huntingdonshire (Mee). ('48) 1C8. 111. King's Eng.S. 10/6 


Bedlam House (Balsdon). n.e.C49) C8.192. 5/- Jarrolds 
Bed-Rock (Coffin). ('48) C8.99. 3/10 Covenant 

Book-keeping. Chart (Stcphcason). 22 \" x 17i". I/-* Pitman 

of Bel,ef (Robison). C8.216. 11 /- Herder 

Series. 4v. ea.DS. 5/-* - 7/6* Pitman 

Bedside Barsetshire. Ed.Tingay. ('49) 1C8.312. 111. 15/- Faber 

Book for Ch.ldren. Ed.Stanlcy. (*50) C8. 8/6 Col net 

Book of English Saints After 1066 (Roche). ('48) C8.127. 6/- 

fiwrm, O. 

Book of Irish Saints (Roche). ('43) C8.185. 6/- Burns, O. 

Book Scries. 4v. 12/6 - 21 /- Eyre 

Diagnosis (S^wardX ('49) C8.380 111. limp 17/6 E.& S.Uv. 

Esquire (Gingrich). ('46) 1C.625. 12/6 A.Bt.rker 

Lilliput. C50) IC8.480. 96ill.(32col.). 10/6 Hulton 

Manner: Monologue (Stayton). sd.9d. S. trench 

Shakespeare. Ed.Stanley. C8. 6/- GolL-ncz 
Bedsteads, Hospital for General Purposes. C50) 2/6 B.S.I. 
Bedtime at Eleven (Mills. M.). ('50) C8.156. 6/- Qual.P. 

Prayer (V.G.L.). ('44) C8.29. sd.l/- Stanbrook 

Rhvmes (Lapage). SC8.56. Col.ill. Ladybird S. bds.2/6 

Wills & H. (Blyton). C42) F8.32. 111. sd.6d. Evans 

Stories (Gibson). ('50) C8.20. sd.1/6 Stockwell 

Stories (Jolly). (*48) IC8.64. 23col.ill 2/6 Sunbeam 

Stories ("Tee Dee"). (*50) C8.32. 2111. sd.1/9 Stockwell 

Story: Play (Ellis, W.). sd.4/6 S.French 

Story Book ('50) C4.64. Ill.(2col.). Cosy Corner Pict.S. bds.3/6 


Bedworth Guide. C50) C8. sd.1/6 Pvramid 
Bee, The and Citizen of World (Goldsmith). sC8.xx,452. Ev'man S. 

4/6 Dent 

Children s Life of the (Maeterlinck) Ed.Sutro & Williams. H. 

Pott8.192. Kings Treas. S. 1/10* Dent 

Community (Metcalf). (*48) 102. 111. (some. col.). 7/6 Bee Craft 

Craftsman. Ed.Wadey. C47)5e. lie. Sill. 4/6 Bee Craft 

Culture, ABC and XYZ of (Root). ('47) M8.720. 32/- Bailey 

Diseases (Mace). ('44) C8.12. sd.9d. Mace 

Folk. Down Among (Sm th, V.J.). C46) C8.74. 111. 3/6 Carey 

Gardens (Mace). ('44). C8.16. sd.9d. Mace 

Guide. Pruct. (Digges). 16e.('50) 253. sd.7/6 Talbot P. 

Hive (Canter. G. A.). ('47) M8. 16111. 7/6 Littlebury 

Honey, and her Master (Chapman, A. D'A.). ('36) D8.239. 111. 

7/6 Blackwell 

Honev , Lore of (Edwardcs). 20e.('49) F8.xx,196. 4/1 Methuen 

Honey. Spell of (Kelsey). 2e.(*47) D8.xii.274. 173111. 18/- 

Chcp.& H. 

Honev, Understanding (Baker. C.T.G.). (*48) C8.32. Hill. 

sd.2/6; cl.3/6 Anthropos. Agric. 

Matters and Bcemastcrs (Mace). r.e.('31). C8.152. 16ill.22d. 

c!5/-; sd.3/- Mace 

Stings (Pearson). M8. 111. 6/- Littlebury 

Swarms (M-<ce). (*44) C8 12. sd.9d. Mace 
Beehive (Powell. E.). C8.285. Fr. 4/6 Angus 

B by Book. ('48) C8 44. 33U1 sd.1/6 Patons &B. 
Beehives. C50) R8.28. sd.9d. Avrlc. :H.MS O, 

and Bee Houses (Mace & Spill.*). C45) C8.16. 7d. sd.9d. Mace 

Frames and Wax Foundation. (*46) 24. 3/-; Amcndts.('47) 18. 


Frames and Wax Foundation. Amendt. (*50> 2/- B.S.I. 

Ventilation of (Wedmore). C47) 116. 111. 7/- Bee Cr~ft 
Beekeepers* Associations, a Critical Survey (Mace). C28) D8.36. 

sd.l/- Mace 

Encyclopaedia (Deans). 2e.(*50) C8.208. Slill. Right Way S. 6/- 

A C. Elliot \Macd. & Co. 

Folly (Rrtcliff). C49) D8.270. 2Spl.(lcol.). 25figs. 15/- 

Progress (Bent). ('50) D8. 12/6 Gale 
Beekeeping. sd.9d. Min of Agric :H.M S.O. 

(Cumming). f'50) D8.176. 24pl. 31111. 10/6 Oliver 

(Gamble). D8 48. 111. Yng. Farmers' S. sd.1/6 Evans 

(Phillips). 2e('28) C8.xxviii,490. 195ngs. 30/- N.Y.iMacmlllan 

(Wedmore). T48) C8 163. 6pl 4Pd b's2/6 Fovlf 

Art of (Hamilton, W X 3r.e.C50^ D8 204. 24ill22d, 12/6 Herald 

Book of (Webster W.B.). r.Hempsall. 8e. C8.90. 34111. sd.2/6 


Commonscnse (Hooper). 4e. C8.80. 14111. sd.2/6 Link 

for All (Edward-s). 9e.(*48) C8*ii,221. 37ill 6/- Methuen 

for Beginners (Jackson. I.H.). III. 3/6 Blackie 

for BtKinncrs and Others (James, E.L.& B.). ('50) D8.281. 130U1. 

2 1/- F J'imes \Museum 

for Profit and Pleasure (Webb. A.). C50) C8.160. 48111. 7/6 

in Britain (ManleyX (*48) D8.440. 56ill 40d 21/- Faber 

In Smplicity (Macr). ('45) C8.16. sd.Qd Mace 

Introduction to (Butler. C.G.). ('48) BC4.24. III. Young Brit.S. 

sd.l /3 Aixoc Newsprs. i 

Manual of (Wedmore). 2c.('45) D8.xxiv.387. 38ill.9pl. 18/- 

E. Arnold 

Beekeeping, Philos. and Pract. of (Gregg). C'49) 240. 12/6 
Bef Craft 

Plants and (Howes). ('45) D8.224. 59pl. 12/6 Faber 

Practice (Stuart). 3c.('48) C8.216. S/- C.A.Pe rson 

Teach Yourself (Schofield). 3c.('49) 1F8.156. 35ill. 4/6 Eng.U.P. 
Beef Cattle (Sn.-pp). 3e.('39) M8.550. 111. 44/- Wiler.Chap & H. 

Farming for (1-rascr.A.). ('50) D8.144. 111. 10/6 C.Lockwood 

Production in England. Cattle and Future of ( Mackenzie, 

K.J.J.). ('19) D8. 8/6 Camb. 

Production, Practical (Widmcr). (*46) Post4.93. 111. 21 /- 

Scritmer [Chap & H. 

Production, Range (Hultz). C30) sDS.208. 111. 26/- Wiley. 
Beclsby, History of, on Nonh Lincolnshire Wolds (Sinclair). 

C8.136. 111. 10/- A.Brown 
Beer for Psvche (Gardiner. D.). n.e.('SO) C8.192. 5/- Hurst 

Has a History (King. F.A.). ('47) D8.180. 111. Sci.& Tech.Pubns. 

12/6 Hutchin\on 
Bees and Honey (Carter, G.A.). 3e.('45) 113. 111. 5/6 Bee Craft 

and Honey: Play (Maltby). sd.2/6 S.French 

and Wasps (Latter). ('13) R16 21HI. Camb.Man.S. 4/- Camb. 

Behaviour of (Wadcy). ('48) 111. 6/- Bee Craft 

City of CStunrt). C47) D8.183. 10/6 Allen & U. 

(Colonies and Nuclei). C47) Amendt. C47) 6. I/- B.S.I. 

Diseases of. Sill. sd.9d. Min.of Agric. -.H.M.S.U. 

Experiments with (Ham, lion & Hertz). (*47) C8.12. 3figs. sd.6d. 

I ntomol. 

Flowers and Fruit (Mace). ('49) C8.184. 30figs. 8/6 Mace 

for Pleasure and Profit (Samson). 4r.e.('21) C8.124. 111. 55d. 

5/- Tech. P. 

Honey, and Their Management (Whitchcad). ('46) D8.156. 

48pl.l7d. 12/6 Faber 

in Amber (Oxenham). n.e.('47) sPott 8.x, 118. 2/6 Methuen 

Living from (Pellctt). 2e ('43) M8.335 111. 20/- Routledge 

Man and his (Lund). (*47) C8. 7/6 Stdg.& J. 

Mind of (Francson). Tr.Eltringham. 2c.('47) lC8.xii.l46. 7/fc 


Wasps, Ants and Allied Insects of British Isles (Step). ('32) 

1F8.238. Ill.(44col.). Wavsidc & Wood.S 15/- Wi.rne 

Wedding (Buxton). ('47) 1D8.64. col. ill. 3/6 Qual.P. 
Beeswax (Mace). r.e.C45) C8 12. sd 9d Mace 

Honey and. Marketing of. in England and Wales. ('31) Econ.S. 

sd.6d. Min of Agric :H.M.S O. 
Beet Aphis, Bean and (Jones, M.G.). M8. Mod.Sci.Mem S. sd.6d. 

J. Murray 
Beethoven (Azuhv). ('17) D8.16. 2/- Boosey 

(Dickinson). ('41) G18.256. Discussions. 3/6 Nelson 

(Howes). ('33) Pott 8.46. Mus.Pilg S. 3/- Oxf. 

(Jones, A.P -). C33) SC8.I18. P. Gt Lives S 4/6 Duckwth. 

(Ludwig). Tr.Mc.Manus. (*45) ID8.272. 9ill. 21/- Hutchinson 

(McNaught). ('40) C8.28. sd.9d. Novello 

(Paap). ('49) IC4. Symphonia Bks. 7/6 Sidg.A /. 

(Scott, M.). C34) sC8.352. III. Master Mus.S. 7/6 Dent 

(Sullivan). C50) sCS.159. Pelican S. sd 1/6 Penguin 

(Tovcy). ('44) D8.146. Mus.ex. 7/6 Oxf. 

(Turner, W.J.). ('33) C8 348. 7/6 Dent 

(Wagner). Tr.Dannreuther. 3e. C8. 10/- W. Reeves 

(Wheeler). ('45) sPo*t4.157. 58111. 10/6 Faber 

and his Nine Svmpnonies (Grove). 2e.('96) C8.416. 

18/- Oxf. & Novello 

nnd his Pi;-no Works (Westerby). C8. 3ill. 7/6 W. Reeves 

5th Concerto (Shaw. H.W.). ('46) C8.24. mus.exs. sd.1/6 


Last Qu-mets (FiFke). C40) Pott 8.78. Mus.Pilg.S. 3/- Oxf. 

Nine Svmphonies (Evans. E.). 2v. ea 17/6 W .Reaves 

Nine S'-mphonies, Crit. Study of (Berlioz). Tr.E ans. E. C8. P. 

8/6 W Reeves 

Op.18 Quartets (Hadow). ('26) Pott 8.64. Mus.Pilg.S. 3/- Oxf. 

Own Words. Ed.Krusempn. ('47) C8.59. Fr. 6/- Htnrich<en 

Piano Sonatas (Eltcrl-in). Tr Hill, E. r.e. C8. P. 7/6 W. Reeves 

Piano Sonatas (Kastncr). Tr.Abrahams. Post8.55. sd.3/6; cl.5/6 

W. Reeves 

Piano Son-itas of. Notes on the Interpretation of 24 Fi-mou* 

Uohmtone. J.A.). C8. P. 10/- W,Ree\e< 

Pianoforte Sonatas (Milne, A.B.). (*25-'28) Pott8.66:66. Mus. 

PilgS. 2v ca.3/- Oxf. 

Pianoforte Son-Has (Shedlock). C18) 1/6 Auxener 

Ou nets of (Mason, D.G.). ('47) M8.304. Fr. 21figs. 21/- 


Second Period Quartets (Abraham). ('42) Pott 8.80. Mus.Pilg.S 

3/- Oxf. 

Svmphonies (Elterlcin). Tr .Weber. 2e. C8. P. 7/6 W. Reeves 

Svmphonies (TeetRcn). 2c. Post8. 6/6 W. Reeves 

to Berl oz's Orch. from (Carse). ('48) D8.xiv,514. 58ill.23pl 

30 / Heffer 

See also Author entry. 

Beetles, American Bovs' Book of Butterflies. Bugs and (Beard). 
8vo. 292111. 24 /- Lipp'n^ott 

Bark. British C26) R8. sd.3/6 Forest Comm.:H.M.S.O. 

British (Jov). ('33) 1C8 143. 31ill. d. 7/6 W rne 

Brtish j-nd Spiders. Common (Scdgwick). C18) F8.64. How to 

IdentifvS. 1/9 Epworth 

British, Some (Tavlor, G.). C49) sC8.30. Col pi. sd.1/6 Pengufn 

Field Book of (Dibb). D82IO. III. 21/- A.Brown 

Inlurious to Timber nnd Furniture, sd.1/6 Set Indwt.-.H.M.S O 
Becton Tnck. Off the (Pirbright). C46) D8.146. 9col.i!l. Binnacle 

Bks. 10/6 Gold Gillev.Perrv 

Beezer's End (Hassett). C49) C8.iv.283. 9/6 

\. R.J.). 3 
C.E.G. 92. 1/9 Mowbray 

Before the Altar (Wilson. 

32mo. w. C.E.G. 148. 3/6; wo. 

and After Independence (Nehru). Ed.Bright. 2v.('50) 8vo.612. 

15 /- Probsthaln 

and After Socrates (Cornford). C32) C8.X.114 6/- Camb. 




Before Bed Stories (Morin). C50) C8.102. 111. 5/- Stanmore 

Bluestockings (Wallas). D8. 111. 8/6 Allen & V. 

the Bombardment (Sitwcll. O.) ('26) C8.320. 8/6 Duckwth. 

the Crossing (Jameson). n.c.CSO) C8.280. 3/6 MacmdLn 

Dawn (Lyons). ('46) C8.184. 2/6 M.H.Gill 

Dawn of History (Knight, C.). ('33) M4.119. 32/- McGraw 

the Deluge (Aldanov). ('48) C8. 12/6 Cape 

the Doctor Comes (Cox. D.& Jones. T.W.H.-). G14.32. g<U/- 

Homeop th. 

God's Throne (Church). C39) C8.128. 4/- Fpworth 

Grcut Silence (Maeterlinck). Tr.Miall. C8.200. 6/- Allen & V. 

His Presence. C48) D16:32. sd.6d.* S.P.C.K. 

I Go to Sleep (BIyton). (*47) C4.128. 125ill.(3col.). 10/6 

Jesus Came (Nicholl). (*50) BQ.C8.80. Illus. Bible S. 

4/6 Lutt.P. 

Lamps Went Out (Stratford). C46) D8.256. Fr. 12/6 Hodder 

Lunch (Thirkell). ('49) C8.200. 6/- H.Hamilton 

the Morning: Play (Constanduros & Agg). sd.1/6 S.French 

the Party: Play (Maugham). Dram.Ackland. D8.87. fd.5/- 

S French 

Ronrmics (Grigson). C46) C8.xi.349. 10/6 Routledge 

Throne (Bcllars). 28e. 32mo. cl.4/-. Fr. limp & L. extra 

Allen & U. 

Trafalgar: Play (Hodson). sd.1/3 S.French 

Wars (Ch -liners). ('47) C8.iv.325. 9/6 Internet. Pub. Co. 

Winkv (Ouinlan. M.B.). C47) Pott4.48 Col ill. 4/6* Harrap 

You Go Home (Ross. C.H.). ('50) C8.56. sd.2/6 Epworth 
Begegnung vorm Skagerrak (Frcnssen). Ed.Ridgway & Hannay. 

C28) F8.iv.60. Sht.Gcr.Txts.S. I/-* Methuen 
Bcggpr, The (Newton). ('46) C8.287. "9/6 Organ 

Prince: Play (Coates & Hamilton. C.). sd.3/- S.French 
Beggars (Forfits). C49) C8.280. 2/6 D.DobiOn 

Opera (Gay). sqC16. Fr. Tcm.Dram.S. cl.4/6; L.5/- Dent 

Opera: Play (Gay), sd.1/3 S.French 

Opera: its Predecessors and Successors (Kidson). (*22) F8.104. 

Sill 5/- Camb. 

Begin Play. Ed.Carrington. C34) C8.64. Brodie Bks. sd.6d. Brodie 
Bcgmnci in Sail (Williamson. J.A.). ('33) C8.160. 8ill. 7/6 

Beginners' Bengali-English Dictionary (Mitra). 9e.('39) C8.1396. 

bds.20/- K.Paul 

Book B. C38) R16.32. sd.9d.* R.Gibson 

Book of Chess (Hollings). 10re.('49) sC8.72. bds.2/- Hollings 

Book of St'-mps (Phill ps. S.). C49) C8. 5/- S.Low 

Book of Working Models (Morgan. A.) ('50) D8.108. 90111. 6/- 

Books Series. 7v. ca.1/9* - 3/-* Methuen {Stanmore 

Chemistry (Jones, C.M.). C33) C8. d. 2/6* J Murrav 

Chinese-English Dictionary Gwoyeu (Simon). "47) C8.1064. 

32/6 Bulev 

Chm^e-Enplish Diction-iry of National Language (Simon). C47) 

C8.1200 32/6 Lund. H. 

Concise Guide. Ed.Hayes. E.H. ('19) C8. Concise Gdes.S. 4/- 


Course in Showcard Writing (Matasek). sqSvo. 111. 5/- 


Diction *rv of Chinese-Japanese Characters (Innes). C42) C8. 

10/- Tuzc 

E;isv German Grammar (Winter). r.e.('4R) 172. 3/6* Harr-p 

Enrlish-French Dictionary (Palmer). C40) R24.16. sd.6d. 


Gr-ded Teacher, v.20. Ed.Lucker C51) C8.xvi.192. 111. 5/- 

N S S U. 

Guide to Angl ng (" Cheshire Roamer "). ('48) C8.94. 70d. 

bds.2/ 6 W-tmouths 

Guide to Fitting (Law). C47) C8.163. 111. 7/6 P.Mar\h~ll 

Gu'dc to Flving (Parhnm) ('47> DR. 60. 24M1. 5/- DrvsdM 

Guide to Hnrmonv (Scholes). 2e.('24) C8 62. 4/- Oxf. 

Guide to the Lathe (Marshall. P.). n.c.C48) C8.104. 111. bds. 

3/6 P Mwhnll 

Guide to M?tch Fisrrng ("Cheshire Roamer"). ('47) C8.31. 

6d bds . 1 / 6 W trnoiiKh i 

Hebrew Grammar (Crcnper A Allem~nV C27) 1C8.366. 15/-* 

Luck: Pt-<y (Atkinson). ('32) C8. 1/6 Deane [Ilarrap 

on Horseb'Ck (MncmillanV f'50). D8 I'l 15/- Constable 

Plavwny Book A. C38) R 16.40. 9d * R. Gibbon 

Please! (Compton). 2e.('51) C8.xit.12R. 3/6* Methuen 

Please: Plav (Turner). C50) C8. 1/6 De-ne 

Russian Conversation (Fen). 2c.C46) 2/-* Methuen 

Russian Rdr. (Fen). 4e.C47) 2/- Methuen 

Spanish (PUuro & Green. A.). (*32) C8.518. 111. 10/-* Harrap 

Tales. Ed.KrallCR. sd 1/6 M.SS.U. 
Beginning Again (Whitncv). F8.114. 7/6 Fowler 

Arithmetic Books 1-4 fRuncim n). ('37) C6. 15: 15: 19:21. Col.d. T/-*: Tchrs.'cl.2/6 Gr-nt Educ 

Experimental Psychology (B-rtlev). C50) 34/- McGraw 

Geonrnphv n Africa and Elsewhere (Griffiths & Rahman Ali 

Torn). C39) 5/- Evam 

Norwegian (Hnugen). 228. R/6 Harrap 

of Goodness (Elwes). ('47) 3/6 Clonmore: Burns, O. 

of Gospel (Mamon). ('50) C8.124. Primer of 1. 

6/* : S^hle.5/-* Oxf. 

of Things Series. Iv. F8. 2/6 J.Tsine {Macmlll-n 

of Third Republic in Fr-nce (Brabant). C40) M8 xii.556. 251- 

of Wisdom (Blair) ('45) C8 90. ?d.2/6 Inter-Vanity 

Spnnish (Lofsy). ('38) lC8.xviii.324. Fr. 17tabs.3Ms. 21/- N.Y.: 


Swedish (Johmon. W G ). C49) C8.290. 24 /. Bilev 

ws a Dutchman (Mitchell, I.). ('44") 1CR 192. 4li11 6/- F~ber 
Beinn : ngs. 55 B C. A.D 1066 (Frsw & Hogg). Brit.& 

Her Neighbours S. 3/3* Buckle 

in Drama (Browne. E.M.). (*37) C8. 2/ Deane 

Beginnings or Christian Church (S ted man). 5c. C8.viii.128. 4M.tabs. 
3/-* G.Bell 

of Christianity. Ed.Jackson. F.J.F. * Lake. Pt.I.v3-5. (^ft-'JJ) 

ea.D8.xvi.464:xii,42:xiv.548. 12 /- Macmillan 

of Diplomacy (Numelin). C50) R8372. 45 /- Oxf. 

of Secular and Romantic Drama (Reed. A.W.). ('22) 

R8. Shaks.Assn.Pamp. 2/- Oxf. lOxf. 

of a Modern Capital (Tout). R8. Br.Ac.Raleigh Lect.1923. 1/6 

of Quakerism (Braithwaite). ('12) D8.xhv.562.1M. 12/- 


of Religion (James, E.O.). ('48) C8.160. Univ.Lib. 7/6 


of r lo-morrow (Miller. H.A.). ('33) D8.324. 8/6* Harrap 

of the Way. Ed.Young. T.C. ('44) C8.146. 2/- Lutt.P. 

of W. Christendom (Binns). ('48) D8.412. Lib.S. 25/- Lutt.P. 

of Western Civilisation to the Renaissance (Lewis.C.). ('24) 

3/6 Jut a 

Begonia. Tubcrrus (Langdon). ('49) 1D8.92. 28ill. 12/6 Blackmore 
Begonias and How to Grow Them (Button). ('46; D8.176. 21pl. 

12/6 Oxf. 
BegrirTsform im Mythischen Denken (Cassirer). ('22) sC4.ii.62. 

Stud.der Bibliothek Warburg, sd.2/- Warburg 
Behave and Why. How to (Leaf). 12mo. 111. 15/- Lippinrott 

Yourself (Allen. B. & Briggs). n.c.CSO) C8.167. 20/- Uppincott 
Behaviour, Abnormal. Psychodynamics of (Brown. J.K). ('48) 484. 

42/6 McGraw 

and DcNclopmcnt. Child (Barker. R.C.. Kounin & Wright). C43) 

652. 38/6 McGraw 

Animal. Physiol. Mechanisms of. Ed.Dan elli tt. Brown. R 

C50) R8.viii.482. 12pl.7tabs. 35 /- Exp.Biol.Soc.:Camb. 

Bad. Measuring CStruthers). 19. sd.l/- N.C.S.S. 

Basic Probs. of (Sherman). ('41) D8.viii.440. 25/- Longman* 

Collective (La Piere). ('38) 567. 38/6 McGraw 

Criminal (Reckless). (*40) 38/6 McGraw 

Disorders. Psych, of (Cameron. N.). ('47) D8.xvili.622. 32/6 

Food and (Pearson), sd.l/- Food Lduc. [H. K.Lewi* 

Hormones and (Beach). C48) 382. 47/6 Hoeber : Casse It 

Human (Bagley & Colvm). ('13) C8.xvi,336. 7/- N.Y.:Macmilla* 

Human, Energetics of (Freeman. G.L.). ('48) C8.352. 28/- 

Cornell U.P.: Oxf. 

Human, Framework of (Blackburn). ('47) D8.viii,158. Internal. 

LibofSociol. 12/6 Routledge 

Human, Psychology ot (Griffiths). D8.515. 111. 16/- Allen & U. 

Human. Studies in (Laurence. M.). ('49) 4to.l94. 14111. 28/- 

Princeton U.P.:Oxf. 

in Insects. Soc. (Imms). 3e.('47) F8.x,117. 20ill. Biol.Subj.Mon.S. 

4/- Methuen 

Inn te. of Animals. Objectivistic Study of (Tlnbergen). (*42) 

C4. 39.98. sd.9/- Bailey 

Miiturc, Body and (Fcldcnkrais). ('49) D8.1.57. 12/6 Routledge 

Motivation of (Young. P.T.). ('36) M8.562. 111. Psych. 

44 /- WHey:Chap.4.H. 

of Animals (Russell, E.S.). 2e.('38) D8.viii.196. 6pl. 12/6 


of Animals. Objectivism Study of Innate (Tinbergen). (*42) C4. 

39:98. 9/- Biiley 

of Bees (Wadey) C48) III. 6/- Bee Craft 

of Fused Silica at High Temperatures (Blackie). R4. Coll. 

Researches, sd.1/6 Nat.Phys.Lab. :H.M.S.O. 

of Nutons (Roberts. M.). ('41) sRS.180. 12/6 Dent 

Organisation of (Hebb). C49) sDS.335. Clinic.Psych.S. 32/- 


Pol, i.. Anal, of (Lasswell). ('48) D8.ix.314. Internal. Lib.of Sociol. 

2 1/- Routledge 

Behemoth (Neumann). C8. 8/6 Gollancz 
Behind and Before (He.thnd). C24) C8.xvi.166. 6/- Camb. 

Bamboo (Rivctt). D8.290. 15/- Angus 

the Bir (Bowker). (*47) D8.324. 18/- Staples 

the Curtain (Gibbs, P.). n.e.CSO) 1C8.288. 6/- Hutchlnson 

the Curtain (Powell. J.). ('47) C8.40. 9d. Lutt.P. 

the Curtain: Plays (Tither; dge). sd.3/- S.French 

Dark Shutters (Drummond). ('49) C8.246. 8/6 Duckwth. 

the Dragon's Teeth (Marsden). (*48) 1C8 224. 28U1. 7/6 Bl-ckie 

Europe's Curtain (Gunther). (*49j D8.343. 15/- U.Hamilton 

God's Back (Parson). D8. 6/- Gollrncz 

the Japanese Mask (Steiner). ('43) 15/- N.Y.: 


the L-cc Curtains: Play CMcCracken). 32. sd.1/6 S.French 

the Microphone (Floherty). C8. 111. 22/- lAppincott 

My Greasepaint (" Coco the Clown "). C50) D8.128. 32ill. 10/6 


My Skull: Play (Dinner & Morum). sd.1/6 S.french 

Ranges (Reynolds. E.E.). C40) 1C8.126. 10,11. 10M. Horizon S. 

2/6* Camb. 

the Ranges (Taylor. H.). ('44) D8.255. 18111. 10/6 China I.M.: 


Ration Book (Blitz). C8.110. 3/6 Allen & U. 

Scenes at Horse Show (Sinderen). ('48) R8.136. 111. 21 /- Scribner 

Scenes in Days of Our Lord (Harris. B.C.). C8. FthfuI.S. 4/6 

J. Ritchie 

Scenes in Manv Wars (Macmunn). C30) D8. 111. 15 /- J.Murray 

Scenes in Peking (Hooker). (MO) sqD8. 111. 10/6 J Murray 

Scenes of External H- ppenings (Steiner). C'47) D8.60. sd.3/9 

the Schemes: Play (Grimaldi). ('39) 3/- Deane [Sterner 

the Seen (Sevmour. C.J.). C49) C8.146. 7/6 Psychic 

the Shop: Plav (Airton). ('.W C8. 1/6 Derne 

the S'lvcr Shield (Flohertv). C8. 111. 22/- Lipp'-ncott 

that Door (Goodchild). C44) C8. Tnrget S. 5/- Ward.Lock 

the W-ll (Mprsdcn). ('50) C8.128. III. N?w Adv.S. 3/-* E.J.Arnold 
Behold the Axe CHernannnV (*tR) C8.248. 9/6 Staples 

He Priveth (Bacon). C47) C8.72. 2/9 Drum.Trirt. 

the Hebrides (Macgregor. A.A.). C48) C8.200. 49ill. 8/6 Ettrlck 





Behold lona. Ed. Morrison, J. 4e.C50) sD8.34. bds.2/6 lona 

My Glory (St. John). C49) C8.60. 2/6 Patern.P. 

My Love (Dcering). ('49) C8.192. 8/6 Mills &.B. 

Our Dawn (Douglas, T.). ('48) C8.256. 8/6 Century 

the Spirit (Waits). ('47) 1C8. 12/6 J.Murray 

This Dreamer (Marc). C39) D8.712. 2U1. 25/- Faber 

Thy Daughter (Paterson). C50) 1C8.480. 10/6 Hodder 

Thy King Cometh CEdward). ('50) C8.128. S/- Cantby.P. 

We Live: Play (Drutcn). D8.72. sd.4/- S.French 

We live: Play (Druten). C8. sd.3/6; c!5/- Gotland 

the Woman: Play (Landor). ('47) C8.56. sd.1/6 Lpworih 

your King: Play (Donm). C42) 76. sd.3/6 Midler 

Bclbl Ynghvmraec. Ed.Jones, Y. ('40) C8.xch,157. 5/- Univ.Wales 
Beilstem's Handbuch der Organischcn Chcmie, Brief Introduction 
to Use of (Huntress). 2e.('38) M8.44. sd.10/- Wiley -.Chap. A H. 
Being and Doing (Whishaw). ('33) C16.380. 7/6 Allenwn 

and Doing (Whishaw). 18mo. I. P. 8/6 Oxf. 

and Doing (Whishaw). n.e.C48) C16. 7/6 H.Young 

and Having (Marcel). Tr.Farrer. ('49) C8.240 10/6 Dacre-.Black 

Existence and (Heidegger), C49) C8.399. 15/- Vision 

Great Chain of (Lovcjoy). 32/6 Harvard U.P.iOxf. 

Met Together (Wilkms). ('44) C8. 10/6 Cape 

Mvsterv of (Marcel) v.l. C50) D8.xiv.219. 15/- Harvill 
Beirdd Bin Canrif. Llyfr.I & II. ea.2/6 Gomerian 
Beirmadaeth a Myfyrdod (Jones, T.G.X C8.150. 7/6 Fduc.Pub. 
Beitidh: Play (MacKinnon). ('25) C8.24. I/- A.MacLarcn 
Beitragc zur Kenntms der Renmiemicht kci den Juraksamojcdcn 

(Lchtisalo). ('32) 180. 16pl. I.CR.H.CS, sd.6/6 K.Paul 

zur Rcchtsgesichte im Bcreiche dc Kdischnftlichn Rechtsqucllcn 

(Nicolo). ('31) C8.273. 9pl. I.C.R.H.C.S. sd.8/6; cl 11 /- K.Paul 
Beknopte Afrikaansc Grammatika en Tcgniese Terme (Brand). C36) 

C899. bds.2/3 Juta 
Bcktashl Order of Dervishes (Birgc). ('37) R8.291. 32ill. Ori.Rel.S. 

18/6 Luz-ic 
Bel-Ami (Maupassant). Tr.Sutton. n.e.C48) F8.368. Novel Lib. bds. 

6/- H. Hamilton 

Ami (Maupassant). C23)n.c. C8.340. 6/- Laurie 

Moorhouse: Tr.into Ger. (McCrone). C50) D8.397. 16/6 Barmerlea 
Bela (Lcrmontov). FN. Bilmpual S. 2/6 Harrap 

Belchamber (Sturgis). Pott8.348 World's Class. 4/6 Oxf. 
Bclcmnitidal. on Structure of (Huxlev). ('64) 8vo. 2/6 Geol -H.M.S.O 
Belfast and N. Ireland Directory. C50) D8.1ROO 30 /- Belfast 

Antrim: Guide. (MR) C8 111. M d. 5/- Wcird.Lock 

Town Plan. 51" IM. sd.6/6. cl 10/6 Geographli 

Ulster and Ctty of (Hayward). ('50) D8.256. III. This is Ireland S. 

15 /- A. Barker 
Bclford. Holy Jslc and Fame Island. Geology of (Gunn. W.). 2e. 

C27) R8. 4/- Gfol.'.H MS O. 

Belfry as Usual: Play (Hall. K.M.E ). C8.28. Rd.1/6 S.French 
Belgian Bv-Pass: Play (Anderson. A.). 20. sd.1/6 Albyn 

Colonial Office. Official Year Book of 28c. 60/- Vmighan 

Congo and Berlin Act (Keith). C19) D8.344. 15/- Oxf. 

Co-op Office. Seventh Congress of. ('21) R8.10. sd.lOd. 7.L.O. : 


Hare (Wilkins). ('48) C8.40. bds.1/6 Wat nought 

Kempenland (Monkhouse). ('49) DR 252 111. 17/6 I/Pool V. P. 

Manor in Two Wars (D'Ydcwallc). Tr.Sutton. ('49) C8.ix,200. 10/6 


Products. Index of. 8e. Imp8.1400. 60/- Voughan 

Twins (Perkins). ('40) 1C8.174. 111. Twins S. 6/- Cape 
Belgium. C47) R8. Overseas Fcon Surveys S sd.1/3 Trade: H.M.S.O. 

(Andrews. C.E.A.). ('32) sPott8.xii.307. 24UI.2M. Lit.Gdes.S. 6/6 


(Eppstcin). (*44),112. Ifldg.M. Br.Survey Hdbks 3/- Camb. 

and Luxembourg. ('50) Pott8.500. M.d Guides Bleus S. 22/6 


and Luxembourg. ('50) R8.88. Overseas Econ.Survey S. sd.1/6 

Trade '.H.M.S.O. 

Guide and Ouiz (Thompson, C. A.). ('49) C8.viii.98. sd.3/- Belux 

and the War (Clark. G.N.). ('42) C8.32. Oxf.Pamp.World Affairs. 

6d. Oxf. 

Bilingual Teaching in (Dawcs). ('02) C8.64. 3/6 Camb. 

Guide to (Harvard). ('49) C8.64. sd 2/- Harvard 

Luxemburg. C50) Post 8.500. 42M.& d 22/6 Nagel 

Maps. 1:200,000. 4M, ca.3/- AnRlo-Fr.Per. [Stanford 

Netherlands and: 30" x 40". C49) sd.7/6: fldg.20/-; CR.V.21/- 

Netherlands and. with Luxembourg. 1:760,320. 22" x 30". Philip- 

Stanford Ref. Map S. sd.3/- G. Philip 

Renaissance of Sculpture (Destrce). suR8. 111. 6/- Seeley 

Road Map. 4M 1". 4/- TarldeiGeographia 

Things Seen in (Holland). F4. 32ill. Things Seen S. 6/- Seeley 

Triangle of Terror in (Aston). ('18) F8. sd.2/- J.Murray 

Unvanquished (Motz). 3c.C43) D8.157. 20pl. 6/- F.Benn 
Belgium's Past. Aesthetic Appreciation of (Verhaeren). R8. Br.Ac. 

Hertz Art Lect.1917. I/- Oxf. 

Bclgravia and Pimlico. Dir. of Chelsea. r.e.('39) C8.542. 5/- Kelly's 
Belief and Behaviour (Baker. E.W.). ('5fo C8.60. sd.2/6 Epworth 

and Life (Sclbie) Sht.Csc.S. 3/6 T.& T.Clnrk 

and Life. Thoughts on (Lawlor). COO) C8.195. 3/6 Hodges, F 

and Reason (D'Arcy). C47) D8.110. 15/- Burns, O. 

Aspects of (Bezzant). ('37) IC8. 7/6 Nisbet 

Bedrock of (Robison) C8.216. 11 /- Herder 

Christian (Maiden). C42) C8 96. 3/- S.P.C.K 

Christian (Yidler). 2e.C50) D8.120. 10/6 S.C.M 

Ethics of (Clifford). ('47) F8.xi.128. Th'nkrr's Lib. 2/6 Watts 

From Agnosticism to (Hill. J.A.). C24) CS.x.213. 8/6 Methuen 

in Christ and Christian Community (Ramsbotham). C49) D8.56. 

sd.2/6 S.P.C K. 

in God (Henderson. R.B.). F8. Irterpreter S. 2/6 Allen & V. 

in God (Toth). Ed.Thompson. N. Tr.Agotai. C8.180. 18/6 Herder 

in Personal Immortality (Haynes). 2r.e.('25) D8.184. 2/6 Watts 

Belief in Progress (Baillie). ('50) 1C8.248. 10/6 Oxf. 

Matter. Does? (Hobday). C49) C8.32. sd.l/-* S.P.C.K. 

Nature of (D'Arcy). 10/6 Sheed 

Nature of (Tcnnant). ('43) C8.128. Christian Challenge S. 5/- Bits 

Psychology of (Lindsay. J.). CIO) C8.80. 2/6 Blackwood 

Reconstruction of (Gore). ('26) C8. 9/6 J. Murray 

that Behaves (King, G.H.). ('41) C8.127. 5/- Marshall, M.& S. 
Beliefs, Doctrines and. Book of (Saayda). Ed.Altmann. A. ('46) D8. 

190. 10/6 E.& W.Lib. 

Familiar, and Transcendent Reason (Balfour). R8. Br.Ac. Hertz 

Philos.Lcct.1925. I/- Oxf. 

of a Unitarian (Hall, A.). r.e.('47) C8.150. sd.1/6 Lindsey 

Religious and Cosmic, of Central Polynesia (Williamson. R.W.). 

C33) 2v. R8.xx.797. set SO/- Camb. 
Believe the Heart (Burford). ('50) C8.256. 8/6 Jenkins 

in Yourself (Wilson. M.). 12mo.292. 24/-; 1 c.30/- Llpplncott 
Believer's Christ (Koesters). Tr.Grundner. C8 420. 24; - Herder 

Fellowship of (Payne). C44) C8.110. 3/6 Carev 

Hymn Book. Ed.Caldwell, etc. ('84) words only 1/6-15/-; I.P.e. 

C16). 9/--21/-; mus.& words. 8/6 -33/- Pick. & I. 
Believing. Peace in (Dart). C41) 1-8.160. sd.3/- Faith 
Belinda: Play (Milne. A.A.). sd.3/- S.French 

and her Adventures (Margaret). C50) C8.16. 2111. sd.9d. Stockwell 

Bear (Cam). ('49) 1R16. Col ill. bds.4/6 J l^ane 

May and Her Sixpence (Martin. N.). C49) M16.57. Ill.(28col.). 

bds.2/6 Vict.P. 

May and Her White Mice (Martin, N.). ('49) M16.57. Ill.(28col.). 

bds.2/6 Vict.P. 
Bell, George Joseph (Wilton). ("29) DK.9. sd.l/- Hodge 

James F., Jesuit Relations and other Americana in Library of 

(Walter &. Doneghy), ('50) C4.434. Jpl. 10 Minnesota U.P.:Oxf. 

for Adano (Herscy). n.c C8. 4/6 Gollancz 

for Ursli (Chdnz). ('50) Ill.Cangict. 8/6 Oxf. 

of Four Evangelists (Needham). C47) C8.256. 111. 8/6 Colltns 

Ringer's Guide to Church Bells of Britain (Dove). (*50) C8.160. 

bds.5/- Viggeri 

Ringing, Hand, Art and Science of (Turner. J.M.). C50) D8.24. 

111. sd.3/6 Tiverton 

Transformers (excl.Transformers for Use in Mines). ('45) 10. 2/- 

Bella Thomson's Wedding Morning: Play in Scots (Howard, F.M.). 

Tr.Milnc N. sd.1/3 S.French 
Bcllarmine, Robert, 1542-1621 (Brodnck). n.c.CJO) 2v. D8.xxiii,521 : 

ix.543 44ill. set 50/- Longmans 

Scries. 3v. DS. 12/6-21/- llurm.O. 

Bellasis. Sergeant, Memorials of (Bdlasis) C25) C8. 3/- Burns, O. 
Belle au Bois Dormant (Hamsselm). Lit. Plays S. 7d.* Blacklc 

au Bois Dormant. Ed.Minsscn. ('93) I 8.56. Mod.Frcnch S. sd.9d.* 


Nivernaise (Daudet). Ed. Daniels. C14) 3/-* Harrap 

of Bali (Wadia). C37) C4.xvi,112. 20pl. 12/6 Dent 

of New York: Musical Play (Kcrkar & Morton. H.). D8.34. sd.6/-; 

v. score 12 /- S French 

O'Morphi (Hcnz). C47) Post 8.36. lOill. 30/- Gold.Cock : P. 

Rose (Achard). F8.576. Coll.Nelson S. S/- Nehon 

Belles Hi,toires (Roe). C49) C8.159. 32ill limp 3/6* Longmans 

on Their Toes (Gilbreth & Carey). C50) 1C8.237. 8/6 Helnemann 
Bellini. Giovanni (Hendy & Goldschcider). C45) suR4.144. 120pl.(5 

col ) 30/- Phaidon 
Bellini's Feast of Gods (Wind). C48) Imp8.90. 56pl. 42/- Harvard 

Bellman (Barker. K.F.) ('33) C8.viii.208. 40ill. 5/- Black 

Carries on (Barker, K.F.). C34) C8.viii,200 33ill. 5/- Black 
Belloc. Hilaire (Hamilton, R.). C45) C8.63. 6/6 Organ 

Bells. The: Play (Lewis. L.). sd.1/3 S.French 

and Grass (Marc). C41) 1C8.160. 39U1. 7/6 Faber 

and Pomegranates (Tail). ('46) F8.72. 5/- Pick & I. 

and Signalling Systems, House-Telephones. 4c.('49) C8. Elect. Eng. 

S. 7/6 Ncwnes 

Church (Vesev) ('50) C8.12 Sill, sd 6d Home 

Church (Walters). (*37) D16.48. 111. Pages from Past. S. sd.6d.* 


Church, and Carillons, Acoust. Meas. on (Heuven). ('49) M8.148. 

77 1 11. d. tabs, sd.16/- Bailey 

Church, and Ringers of Norwich (Thurlow). 2e.('48) D8.52. Fr. 

lOpl bds.5/- Thurlow 

Church, of Britain. Bell-Ringer's Guide to (Dove). ('50) C8.160. 

bds.5/- Viggers 

" Experiment," Lancaster's " Improvements " and. the Pract. 

Pis. Ed.Salmon. ('32) C8.1ii,112. Landmarks in Hist of Educ.S. 
6/6 Camb. 

of Attorney Court (Adams, G.). C50) C8.216. 9/6 Hutchlnson 

of Bruges: Operetta (Longmire). 7/6 E.Arnold 

of Doom (Norbert). ('47) D8.272. 4ill. 18/- Hutchinvon 

~ of Great Rollright (RendaU). C49) sPost 8.167. 12ill. 10/6 Warren 
& Son 

of Heaven (Clark, G ). n.e.CSO) C8.208 5/- Rich 

of London Town (Thompson, M.B.). C49) sC4.16. Col. 111. Kiddie 

Kut.S. bds.1/6 Collins 

of Moulton (Culc) C42) C8.160. 4ill. 3/6 Carey 

of Westminster Abbey. Organ and (Perkins). C37) C4.120. 32pl. 

11 / 6 Novella 

of Youth. C49> C8.104, Rs.1.4. India'.Oxf. 

Ring: Play (Dcnnys). D8. sd.4/- S.French [H. 

Thro' Ages (Nichols. J.R.). n,e.('28) D8.322. 128i!I. 8/6 Chap.& 
Bellum Civile (Caesar). Ed.Du Poi.tet. ('00) C8. Oxf .Class. Texts. 7/i; 

also in CommentarU. I. P. I0y- Oxf. 

Gallicum (Caesar). Ed.Du Pontct. ('00) C8. Oxf.Class.Tcxts. 7/6; 

also in Commcntaru. I. P. 10/- Oxf. 

Gallicum VII. Caesar and Vcrcingctorix : (Caesar). Ed. N or r it, 

J.W.C. F8.xviii.182. M. Camb.Elem .Class .S. 3/6* Camb. 





Belman of London (Dckkcr). PottS. Fr. Tcm.Class.S. 4/6 Dent 
Beloved Hnemy (DuffieldJ. C50) C8.228. 8/6 Cassell 

Intruder CEastwood). ('49) C8.224. 8/6 Eldon 

Physician (Jacob). n.c.('SO) sC8.272. sd.2/- Pan Bks. 
Below Stairs: Play (Janes), sd.1/6 S.French 

the Surface (King. R.). C21) C8.238. 3/6 J.Lane 

Suspicion (Carr, J.D.). (*50) C8.249. 8/6 H. Hamilton 

Belsen Trial. R. ('49) 2v.ini. D8.798. 83pl.& M. War 

Crimes Trials S. 30/- Hodge 
Belt Conveyor and Belt Elevators (Hetzel & Albright). 3e.('41) M8. 

439. 323ill. 52/- Wiley: Chap. & U. 
Beltane the Smith (Farnol). C'49) C8. 6/- S. Low 
Belting and Belt Drives (Jude). ('47). D8.320. 114figs.35tabs. 30/- 

Trade & Tech. P. 

and its Application (Dawson). ('34) D8.268. 167figs. 12/- Chap. 

&. H. 

Bclton Estate (Trollope). PottS. 438. World's Class. 4/6 Oxf. 
Belts. Bracelets and Necklets, How to Make (Thornton). ('50) C8.64. 

30d. sd.2/ 6 Bear 

Slippers, Mats, and Bags (Dolman). 1C8.48. 111. Wk.of Our Hands 

S. sd.2/ 6 Oxf. 
Bemba-English Dictionary. ('47) 8vo.l505. bds.31/6 K.Paul 

English. Phrase Book (Yamba). ('48) C8.vii,53. 1/6 Macmlllan 

Testament: Sel. Text. ('48) C8.ii,270. Afr,* Oncnt.LanH.S. 2/8* 


Youth, Arts and Crafts in Training of, etc. (Quick). C4.54. Univ. 

l.ond.Inst.Ed. 2/- Oxf. 
BembridRC, Ruskin the Painter and his Work at (Whitehouse). ('38) 

M8.142. 68pl. 16/- Oxf. 

Be"mont, C.. Obituary (Jacob). R8. Bnt.Acad. 9d. Oxf. 
Ben (Gumming). ('39) sF4.48. 60ill. 7/6 Dent 

(Townend). C44) sD8.28. Col.ill. bds.3/6 Fabtr 

and Kit (Drewsen). ('22) CK.64. Fr. Dcwdrop S 2/3 Pick.& I. 

Bo'sun. ('50) F8. 24ill.(16col.). Little Wonder S. bds.3/6, cl.4/6 

Ward. Lock 

Hur (Wallace, L.). Pott8.576. Fr. Pckt.Class.S. 3/6. 4/6. L.7/- 


of the Barrier (Syme). C49) C8.208. III. 5/- Evans 

Bench and Bar of England (Strahan). C19) C8 266 7/6 Blackwood 

Fitter. Aircraft (Townsend). 2e.('37) D8 75 bds.3/6 Pitman 

Notes Woodwork (Darlington). ('48) F4 32 limp 2/-* Pitman 

Work and Fitting (Peck). 2c.('46) D8.74 bds 5/- Pitman 
Benchley or Else (Bcnchlry). ('48) C8.262. III. 8/6 D.Oobson 
Bend of Rucr (Winn). C49) D8.232. 111. 12/6 Hutchison 
Bending Dimensions of Bars for Concrete Reinforcement. ('48) 14. 2/- 


the Sails (Burrage). ('49) C8.192. Juv.Lib.S. 3/6 Wells, G.D. 

the Twig (Welling). ('48) C8.104. 5/- Thorsom 
Bcni'ath Magic (Hichens). ('50) IC8 352 10/6 llutchtnvon 

the Mask (Webster. F. A.M.). ('50) C8.192. 7/- Skeffington 

the Moon (Robins). ('50) C8 224. 9/6 Hutchimon 

the Surface (Rhodes). d7) C8.64. sd.l/- C W.Daniel 

the Threshold (Mitchell. T.W.). (*31) C8 iv.27 sd.l/- Methuen 

Wee Red Lums: Play (Watson, T.M.). ('45) C8.95 sd.2/ 6 Brown, 

Son & F. 
Benedict (Causley). ('38)2e. 23. 1-Act PlayS. sd 1/6 Muller 

IX and Gregory VI (Poole). R8. Br.Ac. 3/- Oxf. 

St. (Lindsay, T.F.). ('50) D8.200. 111. 10/6 Burnt, O. 

St., Commentary on Rule of (Delatte). Ed.& Tr.McCann. (*50) 

R8. 42 /- Burns, O. 

St.. High History of. and his Monks. DR. 15/- Sands 

St.. Rule of. C31) F8.128. Inner Life S. 4/- S P C.K. 
penedictincs of Thanet. C31) D8.66. sd.l/- Monastery 

of Today (Romanus Rios). ('46) C8 533. 12/6 Stanbrook 
Bcnedictini. Corona Sanctorum Anni (Rios). C48) R8.158. sd.15/- 


Benedictionalc (MacMahon). C46) D4.106. I5/- M.H.Gill 
Benefit of the Doubt: Play (Pinero). sd.2/6 S.French 

Street (Abbott. J.). C8. 15 /- Uppincott 
Benefits Forgot (Stern). ('49) D8.308. 15/- Cassell 

of the German Sickness Ins. Syst. from the Point of View of 

Social Hygiene (Goldmann & Grotjahn). ('28) R8.188. sd.4/- 
I.L.O.: Staples 

of His Passion (Dodd). ('47) C8.32. Fd.1/3 Lutt.P. 
Bene-Isracl in India, History and Culture of (Ezekiel). ('48) C8.123. 

4/- Probvthnin 
Benes, Dr. (Mackenzie. C.). (*48) D8.352. 45J11. 21 /- Harrap 

of Czechoslovakia (Lias). ('40) 1C8. III. 8/6 Allen & U. 
Benet, St.. Rule of. Ed.Logeman. ('88) E.ET.S. 12/- Oxf. 
Benevcntan Script (Lowe. E.A ). C14) R8.404. lOfacs. 30/- Oxf. 
Bengal. Alpona: Ritual Decoration in (Chatterji). ('48) C8.ii.62. 

35111 sd.5/- LonRmam 

and Bihar. Dutch in, 1740-1825 (Datta). ('48) s8vo.273 bds. 10/6 

Conquest of (Bose). 12mo.99. sd.1/6 Luzac [Probsthatn 

Cornwallis in (Aspinall). (*31) D8.210. 15/- ManU.P. 

Countries Round the Bay of (Bowrev). Ed. Temple. R.C. ('03) 

D8.lvi.387. 19pl.lch. 2nd S.12 12/6 Hakluyf.Quaritch 

Early History of (Monahan). ('25) D8.248. 111. 15 /- Oxf 

Folk-Lit, of (Sen). 8vo.xxix,362,xiii. 8/6 Luzac 

Hindu Customs in (Bose). 12mo.iii,125. bds.2/6 Luzac 

in Maps (Chatterjee). ('49) D4.viii,105. 80M 30/- Longman 

Inscriptions of. Some Historical Aspects of (Sen). R8.lxxviii.613. 

sd.20/- Luzic 

Journey (Godden). (*45) 142. Mill. 10/6 Longmans 

Jungle. In (Symington). 8/- N. Carolina V. P.: Oxf. 

Land System of (Gupta). C40) R8.xv.300 II- Luzac 

Permanent Settlement in (Gopaft. C8.56 4/6 Allen & U. 

Post-Caitanya Sahajiya Cult of (Bose), ('30) 8vo.xviii.320. id.8/- 


Public Admin, in. Crit. Study of Some Aspects of (Rov). 

8vo.vl,104. sd.2/6 Luzac [Lutac 

Regulations, Analyt. Survey of (Gupta). ('43) R8.xii,534. sd.12/- 

Bcngal West. Planning for (Ghosc & Sinha). ('48) C8.42. Re.l. India: 

Bengali Bks. in B.M.. Catalogue of (Blumhardt). ('86) 2 suppts. 

CIO). ('39) 4to.410:678. 25/-; 52/6 BM.: K.Paul 

Colloq., Intro, to (Page). ('34) F4.xii.96. 10/6 Heffer 

Eng. Diet.. Beginners' (Mitra). 9c.C39) C8.1396. bds.20/- 


Language, Man. of (Anderson, J.D.). ('20) C8.xvni.178. Camb. 

Gdes.Mod.Lang.S. 10/6 Camb. 

Literature (Ghosh). ('48) D8.206. 15/- Oxf. 

Phonetic Reader (Chatterji). ('28) C8.134. Lond.Phonet.Rdrs. 


Self-Taught (Chattcrii). ('27) C8.200. sd.3/6 Marlboro' 

Society, Aspects of, from Old Bengali Lit. (Dasgupta). ("35) 

R8.xl.371. sd.9/- Luzac 
Beni Hasan (Newbsrry & Griffith). Arch. Survey Egypt, 1-2, 5, 7. 

v.l. o.p.; v.2-4 ca.25/- Oxf. 

Benign Stupors (Hoch). ('20 C8.X.284. 14/- Camb. 
Bcnito Cereno: Tr. into German (Melville). ('45) C8.230. 5ili. 16/- 

Bcnjamin, Judah P. (Meadc). ('43) DR.446. 4pl. 21 /- N.Y.:Oxf. 

Knabbcl (Potter). (*12) D16. bds.3/6 Warne 
Benjie's Hat (Hunt, M.L.). s4to. 111. 18/- Ltppincott 

Bcnn, John, and Progressive Movement (Gardiner. A.G.). ('25) 
1D8.522. 25 /- E.Benn 

v. Maxton, Case of (Bcnn). C29) D8 215. 5/- E.Benn 

Bennett, Arnold (Allen. W.). C50) C8 107. Eng.Nov.S 6/- A. Barker 

Arnold (Darton). C24) sq.FR. Writers of Day S 2/6 Niibet 

Arnold (Swinnenon). C50) D8.32. Fr. Bnt.Bk. News Suppts. S. 

sd.l/- Br. Council -.Longmans 

Place (Capite). C48) C8.204. 8/6 Falcon 

Benny went First (Kathrens) C50) C8.224. 9/6 Melrose 

Benologues: Six Plays (Farjeon, J.J.) sd.3/- S French 

Bcn-Sira, Wisdom of (Ocstcrley). ('16) C8.96. Transl. of Early Doc. 

S. 7/- S.P.C.K. 
Benson, Maggie, Life and Letters of (Benson, A.C.). ('17) IPostS. 

7/6 J.Murray 

Murder Case (Dine). 2e.C50) C8.280. 6/- E.Benn 
Bent Tubular Furniture (Groneman). C8. 111. 12/6 B at t ford 
Bentham and Coleridge. Mill on (Leairs). ('50) C8. 7/6 Chatto 

Jeremy, and the Law. Ed.Keeton & Schwarzenbergcr. ('48) 25 /- Steven* & Sons 

Bemivoglio of Bologna (Adv). ('37) D8.240. 7pl.ltab. 15 /- Oxf. 
Bentley's Milton (MacKail). R8. Br.Ac.Warton Poetry Lect. 1924. 

1/6 Oxf. 

Bcnvcnuta, Rilke and (Hattingbert). Tr. Brooks. ('49) DR t93. 10/6 
Benzol. I/- B.S.I. (Heinemann 

Ben/olc and Toluene from Coal Gas. ('50) Ffol.76. 5/6 Colonial 


Benzyl Alcohol. 1 /- B.S.7. [Blackwell 

Beowulf (Bone) (Ed.). ('46) D8.84. Col.ill. 15/-; hd.made p. 42/- 

I Ld.Holthausen. 8r.e.('4R) xiv,125. 8/6 Bailey 

Tr. Kennedv. C.W. f'40) DR. 188 Fr. 22/- N.Y.-Oxf. 

Ed. SedRefield. 3e.C35) lCR.250.liv. 10/6 Man.U.P 

and, the Fight at Finnsburg. Ed.Klacber. (*22) 608. 111. 21/6* 


and Hnnsburg Fragment. Tr. Hall, J.R.C. r.e.C8.228. 10/6 

Allen & V. 

Digressions in (Bonjour). C50) R8. sd.7/6 Blickwell 

in Mod. English. Tr.Watcrhousc. C50) D8.152. 10/6 Bowel 

Postscript on (Andrew). C48) D8.viii,158. 16/- Camb. 

with Finnsburg Fragment. Ed.Wyatt. r.Charnbers. R.W. CM) 

n.e. DSxxxviii.358. 2ill I/- Camb. 
Bequest to Charity (Williamson. G.). n.e.('49) C8.232. 6/- 

Berdvaev. Intro, to (Clarke. O.F.). (*50) D8 192. Fr. 15 /- Bles 

Nicholas (Seavcr). C50) IC8.122. 6/- J.Clirke 
Berengcr to the Rescue (Duff). ('49) IC8. 4pl. 7/6 Blackte 
Berenice (Racine) Tr Maseficld. (*22) C8.61. 2/6 Heinemann 

(Racine). Ed.Maguinness. ('29) C8.116.lii. sd.3/6 ManU.P. 

Scenes from (Uacine). Ed.Cran. Lit.Fr.Qass.S. limp I/-* 

Berens College, Babylonian Tablets of (Pincheo). ('15) 8vo. bd.4/- 

Beresford Boys (Grant. G.F.). 4/- 5. Low 

Hopes. Bk. of the (Law). ('25) D8.282. 111. 15/- Heath, C. 
Bergauf! (Marc). ('50) C8.152. 38ill. 5/-* Methuen 

Bergen in Nutshell. CR 16. Ill M. sd 4> Bailev 

Smiling (Bogh). C49) C8.10. 56ill. 10/- Bailey 

Berger. Anna. Mystery of (Godwin). n.e.('48) F8.226. Thinker'R 

Lib 3/6 Watts 
Berggrav, Eivind (Godal). ('49) C8.32. P. Servants of Univ. Ch.S. 

sd.l/- SC.M. 

Rergkristall (Slifter). F8. Bilingual S, 2/- Harrap 
Bergson and Education (Wheeler, O.A.). ('22) C8.131,viii. 6/6 


H.. Bibliography of. C13) D8.70. 2/6 Columbia U. P.: Oxf. 

Crit. of Philosophy of (Macwilliam). 10/- T.& T Clark 

Ruskin et (Delattre). C47) D8.28. Zaharoff Lcct.1947. 2/- Oxf. 
Boric- Play (Forrester). (*29) C8. 1/6 Deane 

Berkeley, Comparison of Kant's Idealism with that of (Joseph). 
R8. Br.Ac.Hertz Ph : los.L<-ct.l929. 1/6 Oxf. 

George, Life of (Luce). ('49) MR 272 13111. 25 /- Nelson 

Locke, Hume (Morris, C.R.). ('3D C8.74. 6/- Oxf. 

Sister Xavier (1861-1944) (" M.L.H."). (*49) D8.270. 111. 15/- 

Burns, O. 

Square: Play (Baldemon). D8.88. sd.4/- S.French 
Berkelev's Immaterialism (Luce). (*45) sC8.176. 6/- Nelson 
Berkhamsted, Around (Finnemore). (*48) Imp32.80. IH.M. Footpath 

Guide S. sd.2/6 St.Cath.P. 

Ashridge and Distria Field-Path Map. 29" x 39" fid.fldg.3/- 






Berkshire. C06- f 24) M4.446 -.370:572:572. Vict.Hist.Cos.Eng. 4v.; L.5/5/-; Index ('27) M4.128. cl.28/-; L.42/- Oxf. 

Ed.Betjcman and Piper. ('49) C4. 171ill.(lcoD. IM. Archil. 

Gdes.S. 18/- J.Murray 

(Lamborn). ('08) C8.256. 571II. 4M. Oxf.Co.Hist. 3/-* Oxf. 

(Mee). ('39) 1C8.280. III. King's Eng.S. 10/6 Hodder 

(Stephenson and Hast). ('36) Land of Br.S. 2/6 Geog.Pubns.: 


and Oxfordshire (Jowm). sCS.219. sd.1/6 Penguin 

Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, Dir. of. r.e.('39) R8.1356. 60/- 

- Bucks., Devon, etc., Counties of ('50) C4.260. sd.12/6 Prov.Bus. 

Directory of. r.e.('39) R8.446. 25/- Kelly's 

Ridgeway (Jones. F.). ('49) Imp. 32.80. Ill.M. Footpath Guide S. 

sd 2/6 St.Cath.P. 
Bcrlichmgen. G6tz von (Goethe). Ed.Bull. C83) Pott8.xvi,180. 2/9 

Berlin Act, Belgian Congo and (Krith). ('19) D8.344. 15/- Oxf. 

Air Lift, sd.1/6 Air Min.iH.M.S O. 

Congress of, and After, 1878-1880 (Medlicott). (*38) D8.xii,442. 

3M. 16/6 Methuen 

Diary. End of a (Shircr). ('47) D8.368. 15/- H.Hamilton 

HotJ (Baum). n.c.CSO) C8.214. 4/6 M.Joseph 

Miracle before (McMillan). (*46) D8.160. 9iil. 15/- Jarrolds 

Treaty of. 1878, Balkan Peninsula after: Map. 30" x 40" 12/-* 


Underground (Friedrich). ('48) D8.256. 12/6 Latimer 

West Africa Conference, 18K4-1885 (Crowe). ('42) DS.x.249. 

3M. Roy. Emp.Soc.Imp. Stud. S. 15 /- Longman* 
Berlingske Diet. Dan.-Eng.. Lng -Dan. 2 pts. Impl6. I. C47) 365. 

10/6; II. ('50) 416. 12/- Ballev 
Berlioz, H. (D-miskas). ('49) 1C4. Symphonia Bks. 7/6 Sidg.&J. 

(Elliot). C38) sCS.244 111. Master Mus.S. 7/6 Dent 

(Lockspeiscr). ('39) C8.16. sd.9d. Novetlo 

(Turner, W.J.). ('39) sDS.384. Sill Aldinc Lib 6/- Dent 

in London (Ganz). C50) D8.208. 111. 15/- Qual.P. 

Orch from Beethoven to (Carse). ('48) D8.xn,514. 58ill.23pl. 

30 /- Heffer 

Bermondsey Story (Brockwav). D8.256. 111. 15/- Allen & V. 
Bermuda: Ann. Report. 1948 sd 1/6 Colonial Off :H.M.S.O. 

Holiday (Tweedy). C50) C8.162. Ill.M. sd.21/- Bailev 

in Old Empire (Wilkinson). C50) D8.470. 20pl. 251- O\1 
Bern; Map. J : 12,500. 4/6 Kumtnerley.Geographia 
Bcrnadottc. Saint (Pctitot). (*49) C8.174. 8/6 Mercler 
Bernaclotte, Amazing Career of (Barton, Sir D.P.). ('29) DS III P. 

21 /- J.Murray [J.Murray 

Prince and King. 1810-44 (Barton. Sir D.P.). C25) D8. III. 12/- 
Bernard. Claude, Physiologist (Olmstcad). ('39) D8.320. 9ill.(lcol.). 

7/6 Caxsell 

Clayrc (Farrcll). (*48) C8.367. 10/6 Koutledge 

St. (Williams, W.). ('44) C8.72. 2pl. S/- Man.U.P. 

St.. on the Love of God. ('49) F8 44. sd 1/6 Mowbray 
Bernardus de Cura Rci Famuliaris, etc. (Barbour). Ed.Lumb\ 

C70) E.E.T.S. 2/- Oxf. 

Bernaucr. Agnes (Hcbbel). Ed.Klenze. 13/- Oxf..N Y. 
Berne and Zurich, Basel (Hottinger). ('33) F8.352. Ill.M. Mediev. 

Towns S. 8/6 Dent 
Berneri. Marie Louise. Ed.Richards. V. ('50) D8.56. 15HI. 5/- 

Freedom \Sidg.A J. 

Bcmers. Lord. Selections from Ed. Pinto. C37) Eng.Text S. 4/6 
Bernese Oberland: Map. 1:75,000. 7/- Kummerlv -.Geographia 
Bernewcllc, Liber Memorandorum Ecclesie de (Clark. J.W.). ('07) 

D8. 15 /- Camb. 
Bcmhardt, Sarah, My Grandmother (Bernhardt). Tr.Holland (*49) 

1D8.232. 37111. 21 /- Hurst 

Bernice (Glasdcll). C24) C8.56. Contcmp. Drama. S. 2/- E.Bfnn 
Berried Fruits in G.B.. Cultivation ot (Oldham). (*46) D8.360. 

III. 21 /- C.lsockwood 
Berries, Hedgerow, Bk of (Ward. D.A ). C8. III. Gillies 

Chameleon Bks. bds.3/- Oxf. 
Berry and Co. (Yates. D.). C49) C8 6/- Ward.Lock 

Scene (Yates. D.). C47) C8. 6/- Ward.Lock 

Berry Went West (Hillson). C50) C8.240. 36ill. 6/- Boardman 

Bert: Play (Phillpotts). sd.1/3 S French 

Bertha's Luck (Woodward, A.). Grade 2.48. Ill.Bnght Story Rdrs. 

sd.9d.* EJ.Arnold 
Benhe aux Grands Picds. Ed. Butts. r.Hartog. ('35) 84. w.vocab. 

2/6 Gregg 

Bertie's Escapade (Grahame). ('49),42. III. 5/~ Methuen 
Bertram the Be;r (Leonard). ('47) C8.63. III. New Times Rdrs. 

sd.1/5* Schofield 
Bertrand du Gucsclin (Bonnechosc). Ed.Weeklcy. (*96) C8.viii,156. 

1/3* Univ. Tut. 
Berwick (Waite). ('41 ) Land of Br.S. 2/6 Geog.Pubns. -.Stanford 

on-Tweed. Notham and Scremcrston, Gcol. of (Fowler). C26) 

R8. 1/6 Geol -.H.M.S.O. 
Berwvn Log (Weston). ('47) F8.48. 4pl.4d.lM. Log S. sd.1/3 


Berygl i Berygl (" Meuryn "). ('46) C8.88. 6111. 3/6 Brython 
Beryl and Derek Bible Bks. S. 8v.('50) ea.F4. bds. 2/-; 

4 2-sect. v. ea.3/6; 2 4-sect. v. ea.6/-. 8v. in 1. F4.128. 

96col.ill. bds. 10/6; cl.12/6 N.S.S.U. 
Beryllium (Grcnorv and Burr), v.3. pt.2. Txt.bk.of Inorg.Chcm. 

lM8.xxvi,342. Fr. 111. 20/- Griffin 
Besant, Annie, and Changing World (Das). 1/6 Theosoph.Pub. 

Annie: as Woman and as Lender (Prakasa). C8. 4/- Theosoph. 

Amve, Calendar (Besterman). C8. 2/6 Theosoph.Pub. [Pub. 

Annie, Centenary Bk. R4. 32/6 Theosoph Pub. 

Annie, Conservations with (Arundale). 6d. Theosoph.Pub. 

Annie, Mind of (Besterman). C#. 2/6 Theosoph.Pub. 
Annie, Short Biography of (linarajadasa). C16. I/- Theosoph. 

Spirit (Besant). C8. 7v. ea.l/- Theosoph.Pub. [Pub. 

Beside the Sea (Reason). 046) C4.24. 111. Frieze Pmg.Bks. l/- 

the Seaside. Ed.Claud. n.c.('38) D8. 111. 10/6 J.Lane 

the Seaside: Play (Walters). sd.9d. McQueen 
Bespoken Mile (Cost). C50) C8.448. 10/6 Collins 

Bessel Functions. Applied (Relton). ('46) ID8.viii,192. 10d. 20/- 

Functions for Engin. (McLachlan). ('34) R8.202. 15tabs.23figs. 

Oxf.Engin.Sci.S. 18/- Oxf. 

Functions of First Kind of Orders, Tables of. C47-'49) Imp8. 

Zero and One; 2 and 3; 28 thro' 39 ca.55/-; 40 thro' 51. 45/-; 
52 thro' 63; 64 thro' 78. ca.52/- Harvard U.P.:Oxf. 

Functions, Treatise on Theory of (Watson, G.N.). 2c.('44),804. 60 /- Camb. 
Bessie Buntcr of Cliff House Schl. ('49) C8.240. Col.Fr. 5ill. 7/6 

Best, R.H., Brass Chandelier. Biography of (Best, R.D.). D8.252. 111. 

15 /- Allen & V. 

Thomas, Voyage of. to the E. Indies. 1612-14. Ed. Foster. W 

C34) D8.1vi,316. 4M. 2nd S.75. 18/6 HakluytiQuariuh 

Adventure (Dale). ('45) 1C8.128. 111. 6/- J.lMne 

Adventure Stories. Ed.Lcyland. C49) C8.255. Fr. 6/- Burke 

American Detective Stones. Ed.Cookc, D.C. 1C8 10/6 S. Low 

Book of All (Hamilton, I-.J.). ('50) C8.48. Wickhffc S. id.9d 

Prot. Truth 

Broadcast Stories. Ed.Brown. H. C44) C8.456. 9/6 Faber 

Butter (Dclamam). n.c.fSO) C8.192. 5/- Hurst 

Crime Stories. ('34) C8 480. 8/6 Faber 

Days (MassinKham). C49J C8.372. 10/6 Cresset 

Detective Stones. 1st & 2nd Series. C29-'30) C8 480. en. 8/6 

DOR Stories. Ed.Poultney. C42) C8.448. 8/6 Fabtr [Faber 

Fairy Tales (And-Tsen). C8 128 Col. ill. Boy & Girl Lib 4/6 

Ghost Stones. Ed.Ridlcr. C45) C8.360. 9/6 Faber [Foulsham 

Howlers (Hunt. C.). 2r.e.('49> C8 130. 6/- i: Benn 

Hundred Puzzles (Kmp,. T.). C8.t>4. New Pop.Hdbks. sd.2/- 


in their Kind (Mais), f 49) DS 456. 18/- Richards P. 

is Yet to be (Warner. S M ). ('45) C8.56 sd.1/6 M-rshnll. M.& S. 

Known Novels (Lliot). C8.1350. Mod Lib. Giants. 12/6 H.Hlll 
~ Laid Schemes: Play (Cornc). ('39) C8 21. sd.1/3 Biown, Son & F. 

of Alex. Maclarcn (Maclarcn,). Ed. Atkins. ('50) C8.224 9/6 

of All. Col. ill. 4/- Blackle [Hodder 

of Beardslcv. Ld. Walker, R.A. ('48) sD4. 134111. 25 /- J lane 

of Both Worlds (Vaughan & Marvcll). Ed.Meyndl. sC8. bds.3/- 

Allen &U. 

of Dogs (Parker, E.). ('49) 1D8 192. III. 12/6 HutcMnson 

of Edinburgh (Mackay, J.& Morris, D.). ('48) C8.64. 62111. 4/- 


of Ernest Thompson Scton (Scion). C49) JC8.416. Ill 12/6 Hodder 

of H^zlitt (Hazlitt). Ed.Howe, P.P. 8e.('47) Em> Class.S. 

2/9* Methuen {Methuen 

of Lamb (Lucas, E.V.). 12e.C51) F8.192. Eng.Class.S. 2/6* 

of O. Henry (Henry). ('2th 1C8.1152 15/- Hodder 

of S. Kennedy (Kennedy, S.). ('48) C8 240. 8/6 Hodder 

of Saki. Ed.Grccn-. G. n e C50) G18.180. sd.l /6 Guild Bks. 

One-Act Plavs of 1948-49. Ed.Marriott ('50) 1C8.288 8/6 Harrap 

People: Play (Grev, D & Hopwood). D8.84. sd.3/- S.French 

Seller: Plays, sd.2/6 S French 

Seller. Write Your Own (McKenna). ('46) D8.20'). 12/6 Jarrotd< 

Sellers, I-iftv Years of, 1895-1945 (Hackett). C45) D8.152. 25/- 


Short Stories (Shicl). C8. 10/6 Gollancz 

Sporting Stories. Ed. Day, J.W. ('42) C8 448. R/6 Faber 

Stories (Burke). Fd.G-usworth C50) C8.256. 8/6 Phoenix Ho. 

Stories (Marc). ('42) C8.400 8/6 Faber 

Stories (Saroyan). ('42) C8.320. 8/6 Faber 

Stones of the Underworld. Ld.Chevncy. ('42 1 * IC8 864 9/6 Faber 

Terrible Tales from the French, German. Italian, Spanish. 4v. 

SC8.1KO: 19V 1X1:178. 10/- W.Keeve\ 

Word Ever (Baxter). C40) DR.J92. 9/6 Marshall, M .A S. 

World Possible (Dav, A.) C8.143. 4/6 Allen & U. 

" Best Yorkshire " Wrought Iron. ('39) Amendt.('40) 17. 2/6 J9.5.7. 
Bestcn Novellen: Tr. into German (Dreiser). ('50) D8.45f>. 19/6 


Bet; Better; Best' : Play (Bmnton). sd 1/3 S trench 
Bete Dans Les NCIKCS (Parn). Ed.Ridinc. Highways Fr. Lit S. 2/3* 

Bctha Colmain Maic I uachain (Meyer). ('11) C8.135 Todd Lccts. 

2/6 R.I. A. -.Hodges, F. 
Bethany. Mary of (Loanc). C49) C8.128. 2/- Marshal, M.& S. 

to Calvarv (Gleeson). C34) C8 48. sd.l/- Browne & N. 
Bethl-hcm (W-'lke). r'36) C vni.25 1/6 Methuen 

Christmas Crib Model Cut-out (Whanslaw). ('50) 1M4.16. Col. ill 

sd 2/6 ReliK.frduc, 

Cut out Model Crib. Ed.Haycs, E.H. C50) R4.16. sd.2/6 


Evcrvwhere a (Church). ('46) F8.64. III. 3/6 Fpworth 

How Far to (WiphtmanV ('49) D4.16 111 B'b.Pict.Bks. bds. 1/6 

Play (Housman). C27) C8.iv,46. 3/- Macmillan [Lutt.P. 

Road to (Whuehouse & Cook J.C K.) ( f: U> D T44 4ill 2/6 

Road to (Worledge). C37) C8.32. Sill, sd.1/3 Mowbray [Oxf. 

Storv. C45) D16.12. Story Bklets. sd.6d.* S.P.C.K. 

Tableaux (Candwcll). C38) C8.28. sd.1/6 Faith 

to Calvary. From (Bailey. A.). ('37) 1C8.528 17/6 Watklns 

Today (Farmer). ('47) C8.48. III. sd.5/- Epworlh 

Treasure of 'Regl-stonr) f'32) C8.62. 3ill. 3/6 Heath, C. 
Bcthnal Green, Use of Leisure K (Harris, M.C.). C27) C8.95. sd.2/- 
Betrayal (Kahn). ('50) F4.237. 10/6 Collet [Lindsey 

(Willis). C8.192. sd.2/- Camden 

in India (Karaka). C50) 12/6 Gollancz 
Betrayer. The (Needham). C50) C8.288. III. 8/6 Collins 
Betrothed. The (Scott. Sir W.). sC8.x,264. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 




Betrothed, etc. (Scott. W.). F8. 111. Qxf. Scott. 6/- Oxf. 
Betsinda Dances, etc. (Struther). ('3D C8.58. 3/6 Oxf. 
Betsy-go-Lucky of Fourth CHerbertson). n.e.CSO) C8.200. Col.Fr. Till. 

6/- Jarrolds 
Better Baccy (Gardner. C.W.- & Simmonds). 3e.('50) sCS.48. 12ill. 

sd.1/6 Int Garden 

Basketball CAllen. F.C.). C'37) 490. 34/- McGraw 

Bed Manners (Iloptnn). C36) C8.128. Ill 5/- Duckwth. 

Bridge for Better Players (Gorcn). Ed.Stephenson. 2e.('49) CS.xiii, 

508. 12/6 Rocklrff 

Bulbs Indoors CHay). C8.22. 111. d. sd.1/6 Hay.Stmpkin 

Dead (Bame). C8. 5/- Allen & V. 

Done in France (Devoy). ('48) C8. 5/- Glfford 

Dressmaking (Spears). ('48) C4.256. 200,11. 18/- Wld's.Work 

Eyes Without Glasses (Hauser). ('42) 80. 4lpl. 6/6 Faber 
Foremunship (Gardiner. G.). 2e.('41) D8.330. 30/- McGraw 

' Glasshouse Crops (Lawrence. W.J.C.). 2e. C8.64. S/- Allen & V. 

Horsemanship (Hance). ('48) C4.108. 32ill. 15/- Country L. 

Known as Johnny. Appleseed (Hunt. (M.L.). C50) 12mo. 111. 18/6 


-- Lawns (James. E.B.). ('50) M8.28. III. sd.1/6 Hay.Stmpkin 
--Letters (Gaskin). r'SO) IC8.64. sd.1/6 Univ.Lond. 

- Life (Hennnch). C8.333. 18/6 Herder 

Life CHourston). ('49) C8.16. sd.6d. Hourston 

Parish Mags. (Fish). ('49) D8.133. bds.7/6 Ch.lnfo. 

- Prints CFrerk). C'41) All About S. sd,l/6 Focal 
-Rationalised Building CMouchly). 047) 18vo.ll2. 111. 16/- 

- Rural Life (Schnredeler). C8.311. 18/6 Herder (Duffield 

Sell ng bv Better Letters (Perry). C45) 138. 12/6 Sidg.& J 

Sight Without Glasses (Benjamin). C'29) C8.1I2. lOpl.ld. 6/- 


Speaking (Bradley & Daniel). C41) M8.X.340. 22/6 V.Nostrand: 


Spelling (Arncliffe). ('42) C8.144. 111. sd.2/6 Eagle P. 

than Laughter (Boie). C'46) D8.76. 16/- Minnesota U.P.:Oxf. 

Thinking (Castle). ('39) C8.48. bds.1/6* Univ.Lond. 

to Marry (Margetson). ('47) C8. Target S 5/- Ward .Lock 

Utilization of Milk CHutchmson, R C ). D8.244. Fr. 25/- Angus 

Villages (Brayne). 3e.('45) F8.314. 14<11. 4/- lndla:Oxf. 

Wav (Harris. B C ) C49) CK.119. 4/- Viet. P. 

Your English (Gaskin). 2Bks. ('49) C8 64. ea.1/6* Univ.Lond. 
Betting and Gambling (Churchill). 1/9 Ntsbet 

Annual (Shaw). (*50) C8.330. 10/- Postlib. 

for Profit (" Marvex "). ('48) C8.64. sd.2/6 Marvex 
- Gambl nR and (Charles), bds.2/- T & T Cl rk 

Law of Gaming and (Schoolbred). 2e ('35) D8.320. 15 /- Pitman 
Bettws-v-Cocd. Snowdon: Guide. C47) C8 Ill.M. d. 5/- Ward.Lock 
Bettv: Play (Drinkwatrr). sd.Sd. Bums. O. 

in Mavfair: Musical Plav (Simson. Turner. J.H.& Graham, H.). 

D896. sd.3/-; v score 12/- S.French 

Seres. 3v. ea.l/- G.Glll 

Bcttv's Geography Lessons (Carncll). " B"ttv " S. I/- G Gill 

History Lessons (Carncll). " Betty " S I/- G Gill 

Nnture Lesions (Cnrn-ll). " B"ttv S !/- G Gill 

Between the Acts (Woolf). (*41) C8. 7/6 Hogarth [Falcon 

Earth and Sky (Piccard). Tr Apchcr C50> D8.160. 60ill. I5/- 

Forest and Sea (Armattoc). C50) R6.100. 10/6 Lomeshle 

Friends: Play CMenzies & Clare) sd 2/6 S. French 

God and Man (Hadham). C42) C8.vii,104. 4/6 tongmans 

Heaven and Earth (WerfeJ). Tr.Ncwmark. ('47) 1C8.176. 10/6 


the Linsj (Repton). ('50) Pott8.HO. Psyche Min S. 3/6 Basic 


the Lines: Play (Constanduros <t Ag) sd 1/6 S. French 

the Lines, or How to Read a Newspaper (Thompson. D.). ('39)3e. 

CR.157 6/- Midler 

Man and Man (jBuber). Tr.Smith. R.G. ('47) D8.210. 12/6 


Mountain and Marsh (Pickford) C46) M8.174. lOill. 9/6 Johns 

Ourselves (Roche). C44) C8 182. 7/6 Brown" & N 

Ourscl"cs : Letters to my Brethren (Church). (*44) CR 112. 6/- 


Planets (Watson. F.G.). ('45) D8.222. 106111. Harvard Astron.Bks. 

21 /- Churchill 

the Red Lines (Houghton). ('49) CR. Tlf. 6/- Newnei 

the Soup and the Savoury: Play (Jennings), sd.1/6 S.French 

Sun "ml Snnrt (Soillv). 3/6 Jtttn 

the Tid-<: Play (Lewis. E.). T30> C8. 1/fi Define 

the Twilights (Charques). (*47) C8 34^. 9/^ H Hamilton 

Two Terms (T"lbot). C49) sC8 Fr S(vrre : Rn S V6 Ward, Lock 

Two World 1 ? (Sinclair). C41) C8.700 Wld's.End S. 15/- Laurie 

us and th- D'<rk (McCall). 12mo 3fH 24/- Lippincott 

War World. The (Jackson. J H.) D8 10/*> Gollnncz 

Wnrs (Somen-elP. C48) F8.viii,2l8 Horn? Studv S. 4/6 Methuen 

You and Me (Pickles). C49) D8.224. Ill 8/6 Laurie 

You and Your Dog (Badcock & S-llick). C48) D8.59. sd.4/8 


Beulnh Land (Davis. H.L.). C50) C8 320 10/6 Cavil 
Bcunmrcn O G V^n Collection. Catalogue of (Hannema). ('49) 

8UR4.469 255ill.(16col.) Luxe 14/1 4/- Zwemmer 
Beuve. S'^mte-. and the Fr. Romantics. Ed. Wilson. N.S -. ('3D 

sD8 270. 7/6* Flachette 

Bcvan. E.R.. Obituary (Murray, G G A.). R8. Brit.Acad. 2/- Oxf. 
Bevel Genrs (Machine Cut). C49) 36. 7/6 B S.I. 
Beverage Amilvses. Food and (Bridges & Mattice). 3c.('50) R8.412. 

38/6 Kimpton 

Beverages and Food. 049) D4.44. si. 12/6 Aslib 
Beverirtg-pbn. Der CBsveridge). Tr.into Ger. (*43) sC4.272. sd.10/- 

Beverlev and its Minster (Nolloth). 2r.e. D8. 111. 2/6 Allen & U. 

Borouch Records. 1571-1821. Ed Dennett. ('33) IDS. 10/6 York*. 
Bcvin lEvans, T.). ('46) D8.231. 111. 10/6 Allen. &U. {Arch. 

Bevin Boy (Agnew). ('47) C8.140. 111. 7/6 Allen & U. 
Bevis (Jeffenes). C32) 1C8. 111. 9/- Cape 

(Jeff erics). sC8.xviii.430. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

(Jcfferies). n.e.C48) 1. sCS.400. 8/6 Eyre 

and Giant (Fraser, PJ. ('48) R16.64. 61ill.(30col.). id.l/- 

Partridge : Muller 
-and Mark (J fferies). Ed.Pocock. Pott8.256. King's Treas.S. 1/10* 

- at Home (Jefferics). ('40) C8.324. 111. 3/6 Dent (Dent 

Marks Records. Ed.Barnett. 2pts. C40-'49) 4to.l62. 22pl.facs. 

sd.42/- K.Paul 

Beware of Pity (Zweig). ('39) 1C8.360. 10/6 Cassell 
Bewcastle and Ruthwcll Crosses . . . etc. Arts in Early England, v.5. 

(Brown. G.B.). ('20) M8. 111. 35 /- J.Murrav 
Bewick. Thomas (Reynolds. G.). ('49.) F4. 111. Eng.Wood Engr.S 

10/6 Art & Tech 

Thomas. Wood Engravings by (Rayner). (*47) sCS.25. sd 

1/6 Penguin 

Bewildered Heart (Blair). ('50) C8.1Q2. 6/- Mills & B. 
Bewitched Broomsticks (Duncan). ('47) 1C8.112. 17111. 4/6 Faber 
Bexhill. C50) C8.322. 10/6 Kellv's 

and District: Guide. C50) C8. Ill.M. d. S/- Ward.Lock 
Bey of Bamra: Play (Bridge). T13) C8. 1/6 Deane 
Beyond Agnosticism (Bell. B I.). C8.156. 3/6 Allen & U. 

Belief (Jones, L.E.). ('49) C8.136. 5/- Seeker [Gawthorn 

the Bounds of History (Br.uil). ('49) C4. 42ill.(31col.). 12/6 

the Burma Road (Westerman). ('49; IC8. 4pl. 7/6 Blackle 

the Caspian (Carruthers). ('49) D8.309. 22pl.(6col.). fldg.M. 22/6 


Clapping Mts. (Gillham). C8 111. Chammun. Chameleon Bks 

bds.3/- Oxf. 

Clinical Frontiers (Strccker). ('40) 1C8.210. 9/6 Chap.&H. 

Collective Bargaining (Heron). 24/- Stanford U.P.:Oxf. 

Convention (Renin). ('50) C8.128. ^d.1/6 Harboro', Pub. 

the Desert (Alexander). n.e.('50) C8.224. 5/- Hurst 

the Eagle's Rage (Popham). ('50) C8.256. 9/6 J.Lane 

the Five Senses (Bazett). C46) C8.96. 7/ Black well 

the Forest (Engstrand). ('50) C8.368. 12/6 Cape 

the Great Glen (Corson). 2e.C50) C8.256. 8I11.9M. 10/6 Oliver 

High School (Bennett, M.E.& Hand). ('38) 19/- McGraw 

the Laager (Duffus). (*50) D8.160. 18ill. 12/6 Hurst 

Marble Mountain (Gardner. H.). Ill.Monroe. 6/- Oxf. 

the Mcxiquc Bay (Huxley). unif.c.('5( sC8. 111. 8/6 Chatto 

Pardon (Clay). ('50) C8. Master Novelists' S. 5/- Ward.Lock 

Personality (Lewis. C.S.). ('44) C8.64. sd.2/6 Bles 

the Physical Horizon (Blackwcll). ('47) D8.75. 2/6 Greater Wld. 

the Pleasure Principle (Freud). ('22) D8. Intc;nat.Psychoan.S. 

7/6 Hogarth 

Realism and Idealism (Urban). D8.288. 18/- Allen & V. 

the River (Wiphtman). C49) D4 16. 111. Bib.Pict.Bks. bds.1/6 

the Stars (Hamilton, T.). 4e. 4/- T.& T.Clark [Lw/f.P. 

the Sunset (Robertson. M.). ('50) D8.212. 111. 10/6 Falcon 

Sunset (Watson. E.J.B.- & Carruthers). ('35) C8.192. 81111. 4/- 


Sunset: In Arabic (Watson. EJ.B.-). C50) C8.120. 27111. gd.2/9* 


Supplv and Demand (Gambs). ('4^) D8.116. 10/6 Columbia V.P.: 

- this Disregard (Pudney). ('43) 1C8. 2/6 J.Lane lOxf 

Tomorrow: Play (Philp). sd.4/- S.French 

Tragedy (Niebuhr). C38) D8. 10/6 Niibet 

Trumpet (Wright, J.). ('48) C8. 5/- Stdg.&J. 

the West: Play (King. P.& Can'), sd.1/6 S.French 
White Paper (Lumb). ('43) C8.56. 3/6 Dacre:Black 

Beyremh Letters of Richard Wagner. Tr.Kerr. C.V. D8. 111. 7/- 


Bezac Camnbrigiensis. Bible: Codex. Facs e.C98) 2v. 20 Camb. 
Bha Min Radir an Coille Chaoil: Song (MacLeod). Tr.MacFarlane. 

C25) 8. 2/- A.M-clMren 
Bhngavad-Gita. Ml 6. 133. 7/6 Theos.Bk. 

Ed A Tr.Edperton. C44) C4.394. 2v. 18/- Harvard U. P.: Oxf 

Ed.Judge. 8/9 Thcos.Bk*. 

(Srimad). Tr.Vireswaramnda.,536. 14/- Luzac 

Tr.Telanp. Snrred Bks. of East. 15/- Oxf. 

(Yogi). F8.184. 8/6 Fowler 

and the Epistles of St. Paul (Steiner). ('45) C8.128. 7/6 Stetner 

and Modern Scholarship (Roy). ('41) 8vo.xvili,270. sd.7/6; d 

10/6 Lnz"c 

Gems of (Dhnr). C8.28*>. 4/6 Luzac 

Hints on Studv of (Besnnt). C8. 3/- Theowph Pub. 

in Sanskrit & Enplish. Ed.Radhakrishnan. 2e.('48) 1C8.388. Ind 

e.7/6; cI.10/6 Allen & U. 

or Lord's Song. Tr.Besant. D16. 4/f Theovoph.Pub. 

or Song Cclcstbl. from the Sanskrit (Arnold, Sir E.). n.C.('48) 

Pott8.112 3/6 Routledge 

Song of God (Ishcrwood & Prabhavananda). (*47) D16.192. 6/- 

Phoenix Ho. 

Song of the Lord: Tr . Thomas. E.J. ('31) F8. Wisdom of Bast S. 

4/- J Murray 

Strccmad-Bhagabat Gita. Tr.Banerjee. C47) s8vo.l25. 5/- 

Pr obit ha In 

Tcadvngs from. Tr.Shastri. 2r e.('49) C896. 3/6 Luzac'.Shanil 

Yoga of the (Prem). 2r.e.C48) D8.254. 12/6 Watkins 

See flso Gita. 

Bhnkti Marea (Simpson). obl2mo. P. 2/6 Luzac 

Yoga (Bhikshu). C8.148. 15/- Fowler 

Yoga (Vivekanandi).. 8e.C46) suR16 144. sd.3/- K Paul 

Yoga, Essence of CSivamnda). C47) C8.xxv.157. sd.4/- Luzac 
Bh-^nnti Catussutri (Snstri & Raia). D8 20/- Theoioph.Pub. 
Bharata-Kpumud', Studies in Indologv in Lon. of Dr. R. K 

Mookeni. ('47) R8. 2v. sd.50/- Luzac 

Bhasa Te Tina Nataka. Tr.Seh^l. C49) 8vo.86. III. 3/6 Probsthatn 
Bhatnagar, S.S. : His Life and Work (Richards, N.). ('49) 8vo.239 

P. 12/6 Probsthatn 





Bhimsa: Dancing Bear (Wcston). ('48) Pott4.127. 17ngs. 7/6 

Bhota-Prakasa : Tibetan Chrestomathy CBhattacharya). s4to.lw,578. 

Fac. sd.10/- Luzac 
Bias and Education for Democracy (Stewart. M.). ('38) C8.48. Assn. 

Ediic.Ciuzen. 1/6 Oxf. 

in the Schools. ('46) D8.15. 2111. 6d. N.C.L.C. 

Bibi (Michaelis). Tr.Fyleman. C8.27*. 111. 8/6 Allen & U. 
Bible. 4/6 -75/- Collins A.V. sC8. 10/6 -25/- Lutt.P. 

(Denison). sClb.63. sd.1/3 Ch.Llt. 

(Evans, C.F.). ('49) D8.64. Chr.Discussion S. sd.1/3 S.P.C.K. 

(Lawson). ('49) C8.264. Rsn.Why S. 7/6 Jenkins 

Tr.Moffatt. cl.21/- - 35/-; L.45/--80/- Hodder 

A.B.C. C4. 111. 2/6 N.S.S.V. 

Abingdon Commentary. Eds. Eiselen, Lewis, F.&. Downey. ('32) 

R8.1468. 55 /- Lpworth 

Aldmc: N.f. Ld.James, M.R.& Lyttclton. 4v. ea.lCS. 2ill cl. 

5/-; L.8/6 Dent 

All About (" London Journalist "). 4e.('48) C8.64. 20111. To Start 

YouThmk.S. sd.1/6 H.E.Walter 

Amcr. Standard Version. R.V. Minion. lf>mo. 14M. 12/6; F8. 

14M. 15 /- Oxf. 

Analytical Concordance. Ed. Young, R. D4.1220. 45/- Lutt.P. 

and the Ancient MSS, Our (Kcnyon). C48) M8.266. 32pl. 18/- 


and Apocrypha, Golden Treasury of. Ed. Howe. C34) C8 1076. 

c!9/6; L.18/-; m2v. O.T.& Apoc. C8.6S6. 6/6; N.T. C8.347. 
3/- Lind\ey 

and Archaeology (Kcnyon). ('40) D8.320. 31ill. 15/- Harrcp 

and British Race (Pruchard). C2^)4e C8.32. sd.6d. Covenant 

and the Child (Morgan, G.C.). ('48) C8.48. sd.2/- Oliphants 
BIBLE AND THE CHRISTIAN FAITH. Ed. C. B. Firth. 8 v. 5/3* . 

7/6* Ginn 

Book Two (Christ in the Early Church), by A.F.Titterton, 5/9* 

Reference Book. 5/3* 

Book Three (A People of Hope), by C.B. Firth. 6/8* 

Reference Book. 7/6* 

Book Four (Poets. Wise Men and Sccrs). by L.C.Latham. 6/6* 

Reference Book, 5/3* 

Book Six (Prom Bible to Creed), by J K.Mozlcy. F.J, Sherd, 
E.C.Rich, E.A.Payne and T.H.RobinM<n, 7/3*; Reference- 
Book, 6/6* 
Bible and Church's Messauc to World. ("49) sD8 sd.l /- Br Counc Ch. 

and the Cross (Morgan, G.C.). n e.('48) C8.72. 3/6 Oliphants 

and Early History of Mankind (Johnson, H.J.T.). ('47) C8.125. 

8/6 Burns, O 

and its Background (Robertson. A.). 2c.('49) 2v. ca.F8.v,120. 

Thinker Lib. ca.2/6 Wans 

and Ministry (Newbolt). ('42) C8.64. J/6 Dacrr:BLck 

and Mod. Scholarship (Kcnyon). ('48) CX. 3/6 J Murray 

and Our Prayers (Murray. J.N.). ('49) F8.50. Devotional S. 4/- 


and Polygamy (Parrmdcr). ('50) C8.80. sd.2/6 S.P.C.K. 

and Reformation (Coulton). 1-8.32. sd.6d. Mod. Churchmen's 

and Reformation (Llewellm). ('50) C8.48. Wickl.ffe S. sd.9d. 

Prot. Truth 

and Science (Hardwick). F8.32. sd 6d. Mod. Churchmen's 

and Spado (Caiger). C36) C8.230. 24ill. 2M. 7/6 Oxf. 

and Spade (Peters). 111. 9/- T.& T.Clark 

and Spoken Word (Allen, A.B.). ('50) F8.18. Rclig.Drama S. 

sd.2/-* Allman 

and Teacher (Allen, A.B.). ('48) C8.214. 7/6 Wtrnt 

and War (McWhiner). ('40) C8.24. sd.6d. Coven mt 

An:mals of. Ed. Fish. 4to. 30ill. D.Lathrop. 20/- Lippincott 

Anthology. Ed . Treble & Vail ins. ('28) C8. 1/9* J.Murray 

Anthology of (Parker, E.). F4. 12/6 Seelcv 

Anthology, Old Trcas. (Lytton). C8.126. 3/6 Allen & U. 

as Book of Praver (Sedding). Ser.l&2. ('46) 2v. ea.CS. 36:48. 

sd.l/-*: 1/6* S.P.C.K. 

as Drama (Downs). 2e.('44) 80. 2/- Rfltg.Educ. 

as History, as Lit., as Relig.. Reading of the (Kcnyon). ('43) 

C8. 4/6 / Murrnv 

as Literature. ('46) C8.16. sd.9d. N.A.G.C. 

A.V. 4/6 -10 Oxf. 

A.V. Literary Text. PottS. 8v. ca.2/6 Marshall, M.& S. 

Authority of (Dodd). 6c.C28) D8. Lib.Constr.Theol.S. 12/6 


Authority of (Wright. J.S.). ('46) C8.36. sd.l/- Tvndale 

Back to the (HouKhton). ('42) C8.32. sd.Sd. Covenant 

BIBLE BACKGROUND BOOKS. By H. W. Whanilaw. 6 v. e. 
D16. 9d. Relig. Educ. Press 

A Sower Went Forth 

Man Goeth to His Work 

I Know My Sheep 

Beasts of the Field 

Birds of the Air 

Men of Skill 
Bible Based Hymnary (Pratt). ('49) C8.64. bds.2/6 Epworth 

Battles (Bell, L.). ('48) C8.211. Col.Fr. 4/6 C.S.SM. 

Bishop Taylor Smith's, Spiritual Secrets from (Ruoff). ('44) C8. 

142. 5/- Marshall, M.&S. 

Board Books. 4v. ea.lC4. IH.Csome col), bds.3/- Nelson 

Bobbie and (Hann). C49) F4.104. bds.5/- S.P.C.K. 

Book, My (Bnslcy). C8.272. Col.ill. 7/6 Harrap 

Book of Soul (Goldsack). C8.71. sd.6d.; cl.l/- New-Church 

Books for Children Series. 4v. ca.C'8. bds.2/- Allenson 

The Song the Shepherds Heard, by Mary Entwistle 
The Star of the King, by MaryEntwistle 
When Jesus was a Boy. by Mary Entwistle 
The Shepherd and His Sheep, by Muriel Chalmers 


The Lost Coin, by Muriel Chalmers 
The Fanner and his Field, by Muriel Chalmers 
Samuel, The Temple Boy. by Mary Entwistle 
Baby Moses, by Mary Entwistle 
Isaac of the Tents, by Mary Entwistle 
The Nobleman's Son. by Muriel Chalmers 
Jesus, Friend of Little Children, by Muriel Chalmers 
Hosanna to The King, by Muriel Chalmers 
The Lord God Made Them All, by Vera Pewtrcss 
Elisha and The Lady of Shunem, by Marion Milton 
The Two Houses, by Barbara Pnestman 
A Book of Little Things, by Barbara Pncstman 
Bible, Boys and Girls of (Balleme). r.c.('SO) C8.210. 4/- Home Words 

Brevier. 16mo. w.widc margins & central col. cols. I.P., L. from 

82/6 Oxf. 

Briefs (Stewart, H.). C44) C8.198. 3/6 Marshall JA.& S. 

Camb. Companion to. ('93) 7/6 Camb. \Camb. 

Camb. Senior. Ed. Nairne, Couch & Glover. T.R. (*4J) 1C8. 4/6* 

Campbell Morgan Analyzed. Bourgeois. 8vo. 14M. buchram 22/6; 

I. P. L.SO/- Oxf. 

Can I Believe the? (Graham. J.D.). ('50) F8.24. sd.6d. Mowbray 

Catholic School (Ecker). ('48) C8.390. 6/6 Foyle Educ. 

Characters (Goodman & Wood, G.R.H.). ('34) 128. Sunday Schl. 

S. 4/6 C.S.S.M. 

Characters (Moody). G18.128. Colportagc S. 2/- Moody: 

Characters Series. 6v. ca.C8. 7/6 Oliphants [Oliphants 

Children of (Pewtress). ill.Scol. bds.l/- N.S.S.U. 

Children's. Ed. Nairne, Couch & Glover. T.R. ('24) C8 schl.e. 

limp 3/3*; in Welsh. ('31) 2/10*; Pts.2 & 3. O.T. ('30) 2/-* 

Children's Book of (Kabcrry). 111. 5/- Oxf. 

Children's Great Texts of. Ed. Hastings. 6v. en. 8/6 T <t T.Clark 

Child's Guide to (Barnes, F.M.). ('47) F4.33. 111. sd.4/6 C.S.S.M. 

Choral Speaking and the. ('50) F8.18. Rclig.Drama S. 2/-* 


Christian Contemplates His (Moule). C46) C8.28. sd.l/- Ch Bk. 

Christians. Early (Pyke). ('41) C8.48. sd.1/3 Epworth [Rm. 

The Church and the Reason (Dnggs). 7/6 T.&TClurk 

Church and S. India (Jalland). ('44) C8.148. 5/- Dm re -.Black 

Churchmen's Missionary Society. 1922-47. First 25 Years of 

(Hooton & Wright). ('47) C8.xn.242. 23ilI.llM. 7/6 Bib. 

Clarendon. Ed.Wild, Strong & Box. C8. Ill.M. 13v. ea.7/6; Schl.e 

R.V. F8. 4v. ea.4/6* Oxf. 

Class Series. Ed.Salmond. 39v.; cl.1/9 T.& T.Clark 

Class Topics. Ed.Luckcr. C8. 4/6 N.S.S.V. 

Classes and Private Students, Handbooks for. Ed.Whyte & 

Moffat. 46v. ea.3/--7/- T.&T.Clark 

Classes, Forty-five Talks for (Sands). ('25) sCS.252. 3/6* 


Codex Bezal Cantabngiensis. Facs.e.('98) 2v. 20 Camb. 

Comes Alive (Marston). C44)6e. 16ill. 6/- Covemnt 

Comes Alive CMarston). n.e.('48) C8. 16pl.4d. 7/6 E\re 

Commentary on. Ed.Peake. ('19) M8.1088. Id.SM. 25/- Nelson 

Comm. O.T. Ed. Cook, F C. 6v. M8. v.l ('99) 30/-; v.2 C99) 

20/-; v.3 ('00) 16/-; v.4 ('09) 24/-; v.5 ('09) 20/-; v.6 ('11) 
25 /- J.Murray 
-Companion. A.V. n.c. R8.2154. cl.52/6; L.5 Oxf. 

Companion to (Manson). 16/- T.&TClurk 

Concerning (Skinner). ('49) C8. III. 7/6 S.Low 

Concordance of. Ed.Gant. Tr.Moffat. C50) M8.550 52/6 Hodder 

Concordance, Topical. Ed. Miller, D.M. C8.128. 5/- Lutt.P. 

Confirmed by Archaeology (Woods). ('45) 2c. C8.3I. sd.6d 


Contents and Message (Moule). ('43") C8.64. sd.2/- Ch Rk.Rm. 

Convoy (Thompson, P.). ('49) F8.70. sd 1/6 China I. M.: Lutt.P. 

Daily Readings from. Tr.Moftatt. 4/6 Hodder 

Day by Day. Ed.Haywood. 2e.('33) F8.914 3/6 Sherratt 

Days. Early (Hislop). C49) 1C4.1.6. 111. Bib.Storv Bks. sd.1/6 

Pick.A /. 

Designed to be Read as Literature. (Bates. E.S.). C37) sG18.1243. 

cl.21/-; iL.31/6; L.42/- Heinemann 

Devotional Use of (Buttcrworth). C48) D 16.24. Inner Life S. 

sd.6d.* S.P.C.K. 

Dictionary, Concise. C8. 8M. 4/- Camb 

Dictionary. New Standard. C4.965. III. 50/- Funk -.Mayflower 

Dictionary of. Ed.Hastmgs & Sclbie. 32/-; 5v. Ill.M. cl.34/-; 

iL.60/- T.& T.Clark 

Dictionary, Univ. Ed.Buckland & Williams. A.L. D8.516 12/6 

Lutt.P \Ol phants 

Difficulties in (Torrey). G18.128. Colportage S. 2/- Moody: 

Doctrine of Salvation (Smith. C.R.). r.c.('46) D8.280. 12/6 


Doctrine. Studies in (Hoste). ('48) D8.190. 8/6 Olfphants 

Douay Version. 8vo.l376. cl.25/-; 30/-; 35/-; L.40/-; 45/- 


(Douay Version). Complete Concordance to (Thompson, N.A 

Stock). 1C8.1914. 151- Herder 

Earlv Iranslaton of (Softhouse). ('49) C8.24. Little Bks. of K.L. 

sd.9d. Epworth 

English (Dunlop). C8.56. sd.6d. Barter 

English (Gngson), C44) D8.48. Ill.(some col.). Pict.S. 

bds.5/- Collins 

English (Thomson, W.B.). Bib.CIass S. sd.1/6; cI.1/9 T.& T. 


English, A.V. Ed. of, 1611 (Scrivener). ('84),312. 7/6 Camb. 

English, Book About (Pcnniman). 2e.('31) C8.456. 9/- Oxf. 

English Folio for Church Desk. R.V. suR4. from 9/7/6; w. 

Apocrypha. L. from 8/17/6 Oxf. 

English, History of (Brown, J.). Cll) lOpl. Camb. 

Man.S. 4/- Camb. 





Bible, English. History of (Moulton). Ed.Harrison, A.W. abr.e.('37) 
C8.160. 2/6 Epworth 

English Liturgy in Light of (Clarke. W.K.L.). C40) Pott8.I12. 

sd.1/6; cl.3/9 S.P.C.K. 

English, 1611. A.V. of. Ed . Wright. W. A. ('09) 5v. C8. ea.12/6 


Enjoy Your (Wood, G.R.H.). C49) C8.86. sd.2/6 H.E.Walter 

Evolution, Science and (Hathaway). ('44) C8.142. 2pl.2d. S/- 

Dawn Bk. 

Examining Dad on (Cowers). 4c.('49) C8.64. sd.2/6 Epworth 

Excerpt from the General Catalogue of the B.M. 3v. f36-'37) 

sd.12 B.M. : K.Paul 

Exhaustive Concordance of (Strong. ].). 5/5/- Hodder 

First. I5/- Oxf. 

for Teachers. Oxf. 2e. Brevier Clar. 16mo. I.P.from250/-: w. 

Apocrypha. 65/-: Onyx.l6mo. from21/-: I. P. from 40 /- Oxf. 

for Young and Old. Light on (Gould.). ('26),206. 1M. l/- 


from Day to Day. Committee on Public Worship, of General 

Assembly of Church of Scotland. ('48) C8.400. 6/- Oxf. 

from Within (Hebert). ('50) C8.198. 8/6 Oxf. 

Gaelic. C.24. cl 5/-: 10/6; 12/6; L.15/- A.MacLaren 

Gaelic Pew. 18vo. 7/6 A.Macl^ren 

Garnet Pronouncing. 16mo. from 12/6; I. P. from 31/6 Oxf. 

Geography and Atlas. Ill.(Conder). 1C8.21. 32ill.l6col.M. bds.1/6 


Graphic (Browne. L.). r.e.CSO) C4.140. lOOill. 8/6 Indfp.P. 

Great Chapters of the (Morgan. G.C.). C47) D8.379. 12/6 

Marshall, M.&S. 

Great Chapters of (Parsons). ('47> CK.72. sd 1/6 Inter-Varstty 

Great Men and Women of (Wihon. T.W.). 12col.ill. bds.4/- 


Great Prayers of: O.T.(Thomas). ('41) 1C8.192 6/- Aileron 

Great Texts of. Ed. Hastings. 21v. ca.11/6: any 4v. 36/-; 20v. 9; 

Index v. 7/- T.& T.Clark 

Greater Men and Women of. Ed. Hastings. 6v. ea.11/6; sets of '6. 

54 /- T.& T.Clark 

Greek. Text of (Kenyon). n.c.C49) CR.264. Theol. 7/6 


Growing Up with the (Harvey. G.M.-). ('48) C8.36. sd.J/- Drum. 


Guide Book. Ed.Entwistle. 4e.('36) D8.248. 37ilI.2M. 10/6 S.C.M. 

Handbook (Alington). 2e.('46) C8 64. sd.1/6 S.C.M. 

Handbook. New. Ed.Manlcy. 2e.('47) D8.480. 10/6 Inter-Vanity 

Heart of (Davies, J.B.T.). 3v. D8.280:256:248. 1M. ea.5/- Allen 


History (Reeve). ('78) C8.638. 7/6 M.H.Gill 

History. Background of (Schofickl). (*38) M8.344. 60J11.& M. 12/6 


History. Child's (Knecht). C12.98. 43U1.3M. sd.2/3 Herder 

History 111 . of O. and N T. (Schuster). C8.348. 5/6 Herder 

History: In Fantc. ('50) C8.240. 70ill. 3/-* Longman* 

History. Short, for Schools (Healy). ('06) O.T. Pts.l & 2. C8.96: 

208 ea.l/-; N.T. Pts.l & 2. C8.112:214. ca.l/-; complete 3/6 

Holy. 1737. Cl. 12/6 L.21/- Burns. O. 

Holy. A.V. Prom 4/6; R.V. From 8/6 Camb. 

Holy. Commentary on. Ed.Dummclow. ('09) D8.cliii.1092. 7M. 

25 /- Macmillan 

Holy, in Modern English. Tr.Femon. 2e.('46) lC8.xviii.1272. 25/- 


How to Master the (Anstcy). ('31) C8.204. S/- Viet. P. 

How to Read (Adency). 2r.c.C29) F8.128. sd.2/- Indep.P. 

How to Read (Goodspeed). C48) C8.240. 7/6 Oxf. 

How to Read (Richardson. A.). ('43) D8.39 sd.6d. Ch.Info. 

How We Got Our (Smvth). 1/6 S.Low 

Human (Robertson. E.S.). C20) D8. 15/- Nisbet 

Human Interest in (May. W.J.). ('36) C8.16. Little Bks.of K.L. 

6d. Epworth 

in Basic English. ('49) 1C8. schl.e.8/6; lib.c.12/6 Camb. 

in Britain (Harrison. F.). C49) C8.208. 12pl. 7/6 Nelion 

in English (Payne). ('49) C8.24. Little Bks.of K L. sd.9d. Epworth 

in English Life. Catalogue of Exhibition. ('48) D8.64. 2/- N.B.L.: 


in its Ancient and Modern Versions (Robinson, H.W.) C40) 

C8.336. 12/6 Oxf. 

in Light of To-day (" Enquiring Layman "). (*29) F8.180. Outline 

Lib. sd.l/- Hudson 

In Search of the Real (Smith. A.D.H.). 2e.('47) F8.iv.I20. 

Thinker's Lib. 2/6 Watts 

in Spain (Borrow). Ed.Browne. H.B. ('09) 96. Eng. Texts S 1/6* 


in Spain (Borrow). sC8.xvi.510. M. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

in Spain (Borrow). pefin.e.(*30) 1C8. III. 8/6 J Murrav 

Influence of. on Civilisation (Dobschtitz). 16III. 6/- T.& T.Clark 

Inspiration of (McClorey). C8.124. 7/6 Herder 

Inspiration of (Maiden). C35) C8.82. 5/- Oxf. 

Inspiration of (Stow). T08) sPost8.32. sd.l/- Warren &. Son 

Inspired? Is the (Burnaby). (*49) sC8.120. Colet Lib. 6/- Duckwth. 

Intelligence Work and the (McQueen). ('49) C8.104. sd.2/6 


Interleaved with Central col. refs. Minion Clar. 16mo. 95/-; 

Onyx. 16mo. 80/-; Bourgeois. Svo.R.V with Apocrypha. D8. 
50 /- Oxf. 

Imerlinjar. A.V.&R.V. C8. cl.12/6; L. Camb. 

Interpretation of. Ed.Dugmorc. ('44) C8.136. 6/- S.P.C.K. 

Introducing the (Grayson). C44) UPostS.161. 5/-* Dent 

Intro, to the (Cook. S.). C50) sC8.223. Pelican S. sd.1/6 Penguin 

its Nature and Inspiration (Grubb). 2e. C8. 6/- Allen & U. 

Key Words. Tr.Coatcs. 4v. ea.ICS. 6/- Black 

Know Your (Scroggie). ('40) v.l. D8.224. 9/-; v.2. D8.384. 10/6: 

2v. 20/- Pick.* I. 

Bible Lands. Singing Games for (Saunders. P.). ('33) D8.36. id.2/- 

Lesson Handbooks. Primary. Junior. Senior. Ed.Krall. ea.6/- 


Lessons, 52 (Rodgers). 3v. C8. ea.v. 4/3; et 13/3 J.Ritchie 

Let's Look at (Rcdlich). C38) D8.264. Hill. 7/6 Nelson 

Little. ('3D ch.4M. 4/6*; Pocket e.3/6; N.T.only. 2/6; n.e.C3S) 

C8.468. 32pl.4M. S/- Oxf. 

Little Children's. Ed.Nairnc. Couch & Glover. T.R. r'24) C8 

schl.e.hmp2/-*; in Welsh. ('30) Fr. 1/6* Camb. 

Local Colour of (Budden & Hastings 1 ). 3v. ea.K)/- T.&T.Clark 

Lollard, and Other Mcd. B'ble Versions (Deanesby). C20) D8. 

Stud.Med.Life S. 32/6 Camb. 

Lord's Prayci in (Moss). ('48) F8.xi.197. 6/6 Lonzmani 

Making and Meaning of (Barclay). 9c.C23) C8.160. id.3/6 


Masonic Pedestal. Pica. R8. L.7/10; Pica Clarendon. 4to. L. 

8/12/6; also with clasps. Oxf. 

Measured Times of the (Lennep). C28) D8.368. 21 /- Heath, C. 

Men and Women of. F.d.I ucker. C8. 4/6 N.S.S.U. 

Message of the (Orchard). C47) 92p. 2/6 Lutt.P. 

Minion Clarendon Text, with Masonic Concordance. 16rao. Ill.M. 

32/6 Oxf. 

Modern Discovery and the (Short). 2r.e.('49) C8.244. 5/- Infer- 


Modern Readej's (Moulton). C95) lC8.xiv.1734. 37/6 N,Y. : 


Modern Research as illustrating (Driver). R8.104. Br.Ac.SchweicJi 

Lect.1908. 67- Oxf. 
-Mothers in the. CR.128. 7/6 Marshall. M.&S. 

Mv Own: Pt.I. O.T. (Pack). C47) D8.224. 10/6 Indep.P. 

Mvstcrv and Bib. Meaning (Troward). C8.321. 18/6 Fowler 

National Message of (GoardV ('32^2e C8.48. sd.fid Covenant 

Natural Law in (Dodd). C46) D8.88. Thcol. Reprint S. sd.6d * 

Nature and (Reusch). 2v. 20/- T.& T.Clark IS.P.C.K. 

Nature and Purpose (Seyzinger). ('45) C16.32. sd.8d. Faith 

New Oxf. Lectern. A.V. with Apocrypha (*35) 5x13x18}. 1242. 

I.e., handmade p 78/15/-; bindmc extra. Oxf 

New Oxford Pict.e. Minion Clar.. Text. 16mo. Ill.Twidle. from 

7/6; Onyx. Ref. 16mo from 12/- Oxf. 

Ncwberrv. ICK 976 12M. 18/- Uodder 

of To-Day (Blakiston). (*14) C8.xvi.240. 3/6 Camb. 

on Englishing the (Knox. R.A.). ('49) C8.101 6/- Burns, O. 

on Faith Healing (Poljak). C46) D8 8. d.6d Greater Wld. 

Open (Orchard). ('43) C8.76. Forward Bks.S. sd.2/- Indep.P. 

Our (Leach & Torrcy). G18.128. Colportage S. 2/- Moody: 


Our. and the Anct. MSS. (Kenyon). C9ft M8.266. 32pl. I5/- Eyre 

Outlined (Lee, R.). ("21) C8.72. sd 4/6 Ptck.A I. 

Oxford Concordance. M. from 14/- Oxf. [Oxf. 

Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance, with Concordance from 17/6 

Oxford Helps to Study of. le. Nonpareil. 8vo. 104pl. 14M 9/-; 

2e/*31) Nonpareil. 8vo. 120pl. 9/-*; Ruby. 24mo. 120pl. 7/6 

Oxford Photogravure. Ruby. Text. 32mo. from 4/9: Minion Clar., 

Text. 16mo from 7/6; Onvx. Rcf. 16mo. from 10/6 Oxf. 

Paintinp Books. 9v. sC4. ca.6d Relin.Educ. 

Parables and Alleeor. from (Dominicans of Woodchcster). ('40) 

C4.52. 13ill. sd.4/6 Bloomsbury 

Parallel History of Jewish Monarchy. R.V. Arr.Somervell. C97) 

2Pts. D8. ea.6/- Camb. 

Philo's (Katz). f'50) R8. 25/- Camb. 

Picture Book. C4 106. lOOcol pi. 15/- Nelson 

Picture Book (Kerr. A.). 3c.C37) C8. 3/6 C.T.S. 

Picture Book. My. ('49^ C4.16. 111. sd.2/6 Plck.& /. 

Picture Books Series. 7v. S.C.M. 

Picture Painting Books, Watchman. 4v. ea.C8.16. sd.l/- J Ritchie 

Picture Story Books. 16v. ea.D4. hds.1/6 Luff P. 

Pictures: O.T. (Blyton). (*49) 30pl. 45/-; Ref.Bk. ('49) vii.78. S/- 


Pictures to P^int. C50) 1C4.32. 111. sd.2/6 Pick & J. 

Pilgrim c. C48) C8.1746. 13col.M.& d. 30/- N.Y. :Oxf. 

Plays for Littl* Plavers (Wrstley) C42) C8 80 sd.2/9 S.P.C.K. 

Plavs for Small Children (Tonpue). T38) C8.80. sd.2/6 Faith 

Pocket World (Ballou\ ('48) F8.579 7/6 Routledge 

Poetry. Ed.David. I..7/6 Blackie 

Praver Book, and Hymns Ancient and Modern. 2v. Prcsem.e. 

L.92/6; smaller c. 17/6 Oxf. 

Puppetry (Whanslaw). (*44) 40. IHpl. 2/- Relig.Educ. 

Pure Science of (Doorly). (*48) C8.33. 2/- Foundatnl. 

Puzzle Stories and Painting Book (Tate). 2pts. C45-'48) ea.suR16. 

32. sd.l J- Viet P. 

Quiz (Davies. W.E.). 2e.C50) C8.64. To Start You Think. S. bds. 

2/6 H. F Walter 

Quizzes for All Occasions (Howard. V.). C47) D8.64. 111. gpir.3/6 

Pick.& /. 

Quizzes, More (Howard. V.). f'50) D8.64. III. Spir 3/6 Plck.& I. 

Quotations. Home Book of (Stevenson. B.). C4.672. 4/- Allen A 

Reader. Dramatised (Gray. E.G.). Bk.1-3 C39-*4*> F4. 185:556: 

363. IH.M. Bk.l. 4/-; in 2Pts. ea.3/-*; Bk.2, 10/6*; in 4Ptt. 
3/3*; 4/-; 6/-*; 3/3*; Bk.3. 6/-*; in 2Pts. ca.3/9* Grant Educ. 

Readers Encyclopedia and Concordance (Clow). 1C8.416. 32iI1.16 

coI.M. Iimp6/- Collins 

Reading your (Davies, R.E.). (*48) 1C8.222. 7/6 Epworth 

Readings. Book of Prayers with (Girdlestone). F8.136. It- 

Marshall. M.& S. 

Readings from, for School Prayers. Ed.Jarvis. (*36) C8.184. 3/6 


Reading in the First Epistle bt St. Peter (Cash). ('47) C8.64. id 

2/6 Marshall, M.& S. 

Readings. School. ('14) F8.27. sd.9d. Warren A Son 





Bible Readings. Two-Minute. 10r.e.('47) C8.228. 5/- S.CM. 

Readings. Year's CChannon). C8. sd.l/- N.S.S.U. 

Red (Dark). C8. 2/6 Gollancz 

Reformer's Latin, on (Batlcy). C40) C8.55. A/- Dftghton 

Relevance of (Rowlcv). 2e.('48> C8.192. 6/- J.Cl rle 

Reliable? Is (Tatford). ('48) C8.56. To Stan You Think.S. bds.2/- 

H. E.Walter 

Religious Background of (Schotteld). C44) M8.304. 1M. 12/6 


Resurrection of (Bentley). ('40) C8.128. Signposts S. 2/- Dacre: 


a Revelation from God (Henderson, G.). Primers for Tchrs.S. 

sd.1/6 T.A T.Clark 

R.V. C31) 6v. PottS. ca.4/6 Camb. 

R.V. 4/6 -5/2/6 Oxf. 

* Romance of (Raikic). C8. 111. 6/- Seelty 

Rulers of CWilson. T W.).!. bds.1/6 BlackU 

Runners. Ed.Holm. F8.173. 5/- Allen & V. 

School. 784. 37M.(8col.). 2/9*: 3/6* Nehon 

School Clarendon. R.V. 4v. ea.FR. 4/6* Oxf. {R.E.Walter 

School, How to Run (Ellis, FT.). 2r.c.('44) C8.96. 3d. sd.l/- 

Science and (Grist). C41) CR. 7/6 Skeffington 

Science of. Imrod. to (Morgan. J.L.). C48) G14.32. sd.2/- J. 


Selections. Enplish. Ed.Mayhcw. (*39) F8.292. IlI.E.OiH. Select. 

EnR.CI'ss 4/6* Ginn 

Series. H.M. Primer's Annotated. v.lft2. Ed.Bcwcr. ('50) D8. Eyre 

Short (Brook, David. Fyfe. etc.) (Eds.). ('29) C8.xiv.5T) 4/6* 

Shorter. Tr.MofTatt. 4/6 ft odder [Blackwell 

Simll Child's CDoanc). Path & Prot.e. ea.15/- N.Y.-.Oxf. 

Soldiers of (Wilson. T.W.). 4col.i11. bds.1/6 Buckle 

Some Moral Difficulties of (Guillebaud). 2e.('41) C8.208. 5/- 


Speak. Let (Redwood). 2c.('46) C8.136. 4/6 Oliphmts \Oxf. 

Sneaks to Our Generation (Lankard>. C'4J) M8212 8/6 N.K.: 

Storirs. ('49) F8. 8col.Hl. Stori-s for Cfa' S. 3/fi Wnrrt.Lock 

Stories (Morton. J.X 6v. ea.('33) 1D16.32. 2/6 BJ^ck 

Stories (Ridout). Ill Grad.Storv Rdrs. sd.9d.*; cl 11d * Bl-ickfe 

Stories. Children's Book of (Gardiner. E.A.). (*38) C8.200. 3/-* 


Stories. Favourite. C49) MI6 111. d.2/6 Ptck.Al. 

Stones. First Book of (Rolt). <"4!) CRx.I46. 6/- Black 

Stories for Children. 20v. ea C8. I/- Worn? 

Stories fo? Children (Chalmers). 2v. D8. 172:794. III. (some col.). 

ea.4/- N el ion 

Stories for Children (Gascoigne). Bk.l. ('46): Bk.2. ('47) F4.80. 

III. en bds 5/- Covenant 

Stories for Children (Taylor. G.). 2v. ('49) 1C8.162. Col.ill. Yng. 

Fks.Lib. ca7/6 Warne 

Stones for Children (Winder). ('49) C4.128. Ill.(4col.). Bumpy S. 

bds.5/- War 4. Lock 

Stories from the (Mare). 2c.('47> 1C8.372. 7Ti|l. 12/6 Fnber 

Stories, Heroines of (Wilson T W.). 4col ill. bds.1/6 Blackle 

Stores. How to Tell (Mav^ CR. 4/- N.S S.I). 

Stories: In Twi (Barth). C50) DR. 162. 4/-* T.ongmanx 

Stories. Little Book of (Clark. E.). C'38) C8.12R. III. 4/6 Univ. 


Stories. My First Book of. C4.62. 22Ul.(Rcol ). bds 4/6 Nehon 

Stories. New Old (Prcscott). C39) DR.150. 6iII. fi/- Btnndfnrrf 

Stories: New Testament. ('49) C4 64. 16col pi. Rainbow Pict.S. 

(*50) 16rol pi. Cosv Corner Pirt S ea.bds.3/6 Wr>rd,T.ock 

Stori^: Old Testament. C49) C4.64. 16col pi Rainbow Pict.S. 

C50) 8col pi. Cosv Corner Pict S ra bd* V6 W*r<1.J.ork 

Stories: O T. (Blvton). Books I-XIV. (*49) ea.sC8.32. 20coUll. 

sd.lOd. Macmill^n 

Stories, O.T. (Moulton). ('04) PottR xii.310. 1M. 2/6 Macmillan 

Stories Re-Told (McCr-a). C45) C8 15R bd< V* Fvnm 

Stories Retold for Children (P-wtrrs^ D *OTIF ill, V- N.S.S.U. 

Stories. Seventy Best (Goodman). (*28) CR.272 7/6 Pick & I. 

Stories, Seventy Familiar (Goodman). ('31) C8.2RO. 7/6 p c k A f. 

Stories. Seventy Less-Known (Goodman). C3R) C8.328. 8/6 Pick. 

A I. 

Stories, Ten Favourite (Anstev). (MR) CR.64 lOili bds.3/- Viet P. 

Storv nnd Message of our fCookc. M.) C30) FR.118. 2/- Covenant 

Story Book. 1st (Llovd. T.). C8. III. 5/- S*nds 

Storv Books. 7v. ea.lC4. 1/6-5/- PtrkAl. 

Storv of (Clow) f'50) FR 256. 3RW Lnur-1 ft Gold S. 2/6* Collins 

Story of the (Kenvon). (*35) CR. 111. 4/6 / Murrav 

Stnrv of the (Ycarslcy). 3e.('48) F8.X.150. Thinker's Lib. 2/6 


Storv of Israel Throughout the (Lucas, W.W.). ('46) D8.179. 8/6 

Minhalt. M.AS. 

Student. Every Man a (Chtirrh). (*3R) DR 90 3/6 C.S.S.M. 

Student's Comrrnion fNi"io1-on. W ). D* R"^ 111 15/- Pirk, 

Studies fDaiches). C50) D8.I34. 10/6 E.Goldston [A I. 

vSturfies (Deim*nn). 2e. 11/6 T. AT Clerk 

Studies on Hod's Plan of Redemption (Paxson). C8.48. sd.l/- 

Mnrsh"lL M.A S. 

Studv. Comprehensive Helps to. CR.332. 16M. 7/6 Bngnter 

Studv, Eff-"*tive Pnwer and. Ed.Crittenden. ('49) CR. Service 

Bklts. sd.6d. Inter-Varsity 

Studv. Methods of (Thomas, W.H.G.). G18.128. Colportage S. 2/ 


Studv. Preface to (Richardson. A.). 6e C43) C8.12R. sd 4f- S.C M. 

Studv. United. Ed Stibbs A Martin. W.G.M. 2v. C'43-'47) ea.CS. 

sd 1/6 lnter-V"rstty 

Tales for Little Folk (Ferguson. M.). 3r.e.('49) C8.1I6. 3/- Home 


Talcs for Little Folk (Scott. R.1 T50) R4 16 Rpl sd.3/* Pick. A I. 

Tales from (Blvton). 5e.('49) C8.158. Col. Fr. 111. */- Methuen 

Tales of the Seas (Laing). ('49) C4.32. sd.2/6 Drum.Tract. 

22/6 - 47/6 Foundational 

Vol. 1 Talk Nos. 1-10 and Summary. The True and False 

Records of Creation. 36/- 
Vol. 2 Talk Nos. 11-22 Noah, Abraham. Isaac. Jacob. 

Joseph 35/- 

Vol. 3 Talk Nos. 23-34 Moses, 35 /- 
Vol. 4 Talk Nos. 35-41 Joshua, Judges. Ruth. 22/6 
Vol. 5 Talk Nos. 42-47 I & II Samuel. 2^1- 
Vol. 6 Talk Nos. 48-57 I & II K nss. 30/- 
Vol. 7 Talk Nos. 58-74 Amos. Micah. Isaiah. 47/6 
Vol. 8 Talk Nos. 75-85 Ezckicl, 32/6 
Vol. 9 Talk Nos. 86-99 Daniel. Ezra. Nebcrrm-h, Haggai. 

Zechariah, Malachi, 40/- 
Bible. Teach Yourself Guide to (Parmebe) ('50) 1FK 192. 4/6 ' ng .V.P. 

Teaching by Storv Tellinp (Wilson, D.F.). C8. 9d. N.S.S.V. 

Teaching of (Frost). 3e.('4R) C8.132 bds.5/- Mowbray 

Teaching, Reality in (Ballard> 7/- T & T Cfnrk 

Teaching, This is (Frost). ('45> CR 40. sd.9d.* Mowbray 

Teaching, Visual Aids in (Combe). ('48) 40. sd.l/- C.S.S.M. 

Text, Light on (Bbke B ^ f'V-) C 108 3/- *V- " 

- Theolog. Word Book of. Ed.Richardson. A. 2e.(*50) M8.290. 25/- 

Thousand Wonderful Things About (Pickering). ('33) C8.232. 5/- 

Plck.A /. 

Through the (Wilson. T.W.-). ('38) sRS.600. Pageant of 

Knowl S. 12/6 Collins 

Throtiph Lands of (Morton. H.V.). 7e.('49) C8.xii,400. 15ill.2M. 

10/6 Methuen 

throughout the World (Kilgour). C39) D8.201. 9M. Survey S. 5/- 

World Dom. 

Timrs. Men of (Htslop). C49) 1C4.16. 111. Bib.Story Bks. sd.1/6 

Pick.A /. 

to Creed. From. 3 Pts. C49) sCR.x.294. III. Bibls & Christ. Faith 

*> 6/-*: RefBk sCRviijRn 6/-* Ginn 

To-day (Dodd). C46) CR.x.168. 6/-* Camb. \Lindsey 

To-day (McLachlan). C32) C8 62 R-lig Mod.Nreds S sd.l/- 

Todav and Tomorrow (Brooke). ('24^ C8. I/- Cnmb. 

Todav find You (Hnth-'wav). (*50) CR 190. Id. 5/- Dawn Bk. 

Treasures from. ('47) CR 196 7/6 Allen A U. 

Truth. Church Doct. (Donovan). ('38> CR.152. sd 2/-; cl 3/- Faith 

Truth. Ilhrtr-tjons of (Ironside). G1R.128. Colponagr S. 2/- 

Moodv : Oliphanfs 

Truth of (Newbolt). C49) C8.xvi.96. Mirfield Bks. 4/6 fiacre: 


Two-Version A. A R V. Brevicr.Svo. w. central col refs. from 8/6; 

w wide mnrpins L 70/- Oxf. 

Understanding the (Norris. A D) ('48) sCR.159. 7/6 Sessions 

View of life (C^rpemrrX ('17^ D8 270 9/- Eyre 

Vulpatc. C22) C8. cl 12/-: iL.20/- D Nntt 

W rr nts Pom-n Claims and (Whateley). C8.64. Wickliffe S. sd. 

9d. Prot Truth 

W-eklv Tnlks on Sr^ncc of (Doorly). ('48) Pw.t-47. ('49) Pts. 

48-85 (*50) Pts R6-Q9. ea C8.32. ea sd 2/6 Fo^n^-ttjJ 

Wrstmin:ter Histori^l Atlas to Ed Wripht G " ft F ; 1 p on 2e 

C46) Imp4.114. 77ill ^5M 40/-; Smaller e. 4c.('47) sd.2/6; Wall 
maps, ea.10/-; set of 6 55 /- S.CM 

What is? (Hooke). ('4R 1 * FR 80 Vi-wpts.S. Ms 2/ 5 <~ M 

Whv Read (Frost) C50 1 * CR 16. Little Bks. of K L d 6d Fnworth 

w. Scott. Metrical Psnlms ft. Rev. Ch Hymn^rv T-rt e from 5/-; 

T P. from 10/6; Ref e from 16/6; I. P. from 31 /6 Oxf. 

Women of (Morton HV) 11e.('49> C8vi.176 7/* Methuen 

Women. Stores of CMav) ('50> CR 168. 6/- In*rr> p 

Women : Who's Wh" Ed Colton C50) DR WT!/* Chrht.Ltf. 

Wonders (N~wton). CR Tnnh ft Trst S 4/- J Pltrfif* 

World Outlook of (Scrogpie). C44> FR 64. d I/- PI'k.A I. 

Youn<> People of (Horc). C37) 130. Sunday Schl^.S 3/6 r S S M. 
Biblia Hebrpir? In H*hr-w F KittH C49) R8.xl.1434. 2M. 70/- 

B"iley; l^pts. ea 10/6; 2v 50/- D.Nntt 

Sncra. Biblical Monum-nt bv Fnmou'' Dutrh M"<-tTS of 17th 

Centtirv in 12 T^nR (*47> CR 400 200M1 ^1- B-il" 
Biblical and Other Subjects. Studies on Throl. (Flint). C05) 46R. 7/6 

Criticism (Brom'lev). (MR) CR 32. sd 1/- !nttr-V"rsitv 

Criticism and H?r-sv in Milton (Conklin). (*49) CR 152. 20/- 

Klnz'i Crown P :Oxf 

Criticism nnd Mod. Thought (lordan, WG.) 9/- T A T. Clark 

Doctrine of ChUTh (Pobimon, W > n/'- Ber^-n P 

nortr-ne of Election (Rowley) C50) D8.192. 12/6 Lutt.P. 

Doctrine of Sin (Candlish). Hdbks.for Bib.Cl isses - ' ^ * T 

Clark IT. A T.Clark 

Doctrine of Societv in Its HM. Evolution (Smi'h CP ) 14/- 

Encv.. Cath. (Steinmu-llcr ft SulHvan). C50) 18vo.71R. III. 72/- 


Ethics (Chambers. O ). ( f 47) CR 128. 4/6 O. Chamber* :M~i>Ir'ii 

Hitorv. Divine Up T)uncan). v.l&2. ('313 ea.D8.290:270. 

32:40pl 12/6 5 PC.K. 

Law. Studio in (D^ub-) C47) DR.vifl 32R. 21 /- r**~h. 

MSS in the B M. F*cs (Kenvon). COO) 4to 15/- B M -K Pmrt 

Models (Walker. A H A Evam). C45) 4to 48 srf/^* Spr.K. 

Plavs for Boys Three rConnell). ('47) Troubadour S V 1 * Blnckie 

PsvcholoRy (Chambers. O.). ('28) C8.28R 7/ n r-i. h^: 

Slmpkln \O .Chambers : Stmpkin 

Psvcholoffv, Outline Stud on (Chambers. O > (*2^ C* '"i sd.9d. 

Rcf. Book. Class, and (Trrble). ('48) 1CR. Ill M 7/6 / Murray 

Revelation. Author, of (Jones. H.C.-). C45) D8.120. Lib. of Con- 

temp Throl 10/6 J Clirkei 

Secrets of Creation (Steinrr). (*44) DR 128. 10/6 Sflnrr 

Studies. Companion to. Ed.Barnes. W.E. (*16) R8.xii,678. Sill. 

10M. 30 /- Camb. 

Theology and Sovereignty of God (Hodw?on\ ('47) CR. 1/6 Camb. 

Theology of St. Irenacus (Lawson). ('38) D8.320. 21 /- Epworth 





Bibliographers, Librarians and. Man of Class, for (Sayers). 2r.c. 

('47) D8.xvi.344. 16ill.9fldg.tabs. 35/- Grafton 
Bibliographia Luurgica (Wcalc). C28) 8vo.xxxii.380. 63 /- Quaritch 
Bibliographic Classification. Decimal: Optics. Light and Cognate 

Subj. CPollard). C26) R8.109. 4/- Physical 
Bibliographical Cat. of Macmillan and Co.'s Publications. 1843-1889. 

('91 ) 2P. 10/- Macmillan 

Description and Cataloguing (Cowley). C39) D8.x,256. Fr.lOill. 

15 /- Gralton 

Description, Prin. of (Bowers). (*49) M8.524. 63/- Princeton U.P.: 


Description. Some Points in (Pollard. A.W.& Greg). I/- A.A.L. 

Description, Standards of (Btthler.McManaway & Wroth). (*49) 

D8.128. 20/- Pennsylvania V. P.: Oxf. 

References. ('50) 2/6 B.S.I . 

Soc.. Camb.. Transactions, v.l, No.l. Ed.Dickins & Munby. ('49) 

R8. sd.25/- Bowes 

Bibliographic dcs D.ct. Patois (Galloromans) (Wartburg). ('34) R8. 
146. sd.9/- Bailey 

Man. Pratique de, et dc Bibliothecon. a 1'Usage dcs Pays du 

Prochc-Orient : in Arabic (Dagher). ('47) 8vo.f>34. *d 63/- Luzac 
-Occitane. 1919-42. (Bcrthaud). ('46) Impl6.xvii,93 :2. sd.4/6 

Bibliographies and Rcfs.. 18th Century. Register of (Cordasco). ('50) 

M8.74. 24/- Bailey 

Arrangement of (Pollard. A. W.). iy- A.A.L. 

Countv. Compilation of. 8. Local Hist.S. sd 6d. N.C.SS. 

Pamphlet (Smith, F.S.). ('48) D8. Rdr's.Gdcs.S. sd.l/- N.B.L.: 


Bibliopraphy and Cartog. of Hispaniola (Roth). R8. 2/6 Geog.Soc.: 

- and PerodicaLs. Terms Used in. in 38 Lang. (Pinto). 029) D8.89. 

sd 20 /- Ratify 

Angling, Modern (Hampton). ('47) CR.104. 5/- Jrnklm 

Cano-, eye.. Hand-List of Cat. and Wks. of Reference Relating 

to, 1720-1927 (Fordham). I.e.(350), ('28) F4.26. 2/6 Camb. 
-Cockalorum (Sandford). ('50) R8.112. 83ill. cl.10/6; l.c.JMor. 
63 /- Gold.Cock.P. 

Elementary (Philip). (.'44) C8.64. Lib Prof.Hclbks. sd.5/6 J.Clarke 

- for Literary Students. Introduction to (McKcrrow). C27) D8.376. 

23ill. 18y- Oxf. 

-Hazard, Add. and Coir, to (McKay. G.L.& Scott, I.E.). (*36) 
DK.28. 2 1/- Mitre 

Horology. History of (Baillic). ('50) D8.400. ISOill. 42/- N.A.G. 

in Politics. C50) D8.55. sd.3/- Blackwell 

~ Linpuistic. for Vrs. 1939-1947. v.l. ('49) R8.xxiv,238 sd.25/- 

of Algeria (Playfair). R8. 4/- Geojt.Soc. : J Murray 

of Amencan Folk-Sonps (Henry) C37) R8 142. 25/- Mitre 

of Anglic. Modernism (Smythe). Impl6.16. sd.6d. Mod. 


of Anplo-EKvptian Sudan (Hill. R.L.). (^9) RR.226. 20/- Oxf. 

of Australia (Ferguson, J. A.), v.3. R8.5RO. 5/5/- Angw 

of Baking Quality Tests. (Suppt.). ('39) C4.31. sd.1/6 Comm. 


of the Barbary States Tripoli arid the Cyrenaica (Playfair). R8. 

M. 3/- Geog.Soc. :J Murray 

of H.BcrKSon. ('13) D8.70. 2/6 Columbia ll.P.-.Oxf. 

of British History: Stuart Period. Ed.Davics. G. C28) R8 470. 

25 /- Oxf. 

of Brjtish History: Tudor Period. Ed. Read. C. C33) R8.492. 

35 1 -Oxf. 

of Sir Thomas Browne (Keynes). l.e.(500). ('24) C4.xii.256. 46ill. 

47 /ft Camb. 

of Chios (ArRenti). C40> D8.866. 42/- Oxf. 

of Oliver Cromwell (Abbott, W.C.). ('29) M8.568. pi. 52/6 

Harvard U.P.:Oxf. 

of Dr. John Donne (Keynes). 2 l.e.(350). ('32) C4.xiv.194. llpl. 

57/6 Camb. 

of Dyeing and Text. Ptg. (Lawrie). ('49) D8 128. I5/- Chap <t H. 

of Economic History (Clapham). r.c.('20> D8.24. sd 1 / 1 Hht.Assn. 

of Emblem Books (Praz). ('47) M8.xi,209. v.2. " Stud. in 17th Cent. 

Iimfirrv." 40/- Warburg 

of English Translations from Medieval Sources (Farrar & Evans. 

A. P.). C46) M8.548. 37/6 Colombia V.P.-Oxf. 

of European History. 1918-1939 (Gooch). ('40) D8.24. sd.l /I Hist. 


-of ST J G.Frazer (Besterman). ('34) D8.X.100. Fr.II1.lch. 12/6 

of Hist. Atlases and Hand-Maps for Use in Schools (Tr name). 

C39) DR 24. sd.1/1 Hist. Assn. 
~ of Hist. Writings pub. in G.B. & the Empire, 1940-5 (Frcwcr). 

C48) R8. 45 /- Blackwell 
- of Important Studies on Old Iranian Subjects (Hcnning). ('50) R8. 

iv.53. 12/- Probsthain 

of Inf. Paralysis (Hektoen & Salmonscn). C46) 12mo.672. 6; 

l.c.8 Lippincott 
-of Italy. Select (Hassall). ('46) RR R2. sd R/6 A^lib 

of Modern Prosody (Shapiro). ('48) DR. 40. 10/6 Johns Hopkins 


of Morocco (Playfair & Brown, R.). R8. 5/- Geog Soc :J Murray 

- of Naval History (Callendcr). ('24) Pt.l. ('25) Pt.2 ca.D8.24. ea. 

sd.1/1 Hist. Assn. 

of Near-Eastern Mandates, 1919-30, Post-Wnr Ed.Dodd. sd 51/-; 
in 7fascs.('33-'36) M8. Amer.Univ.Bdnit.Soc.Sci.S.; 
cl.15/9 Oxf. 

-of N.Z. Education (Mules & ButcMrrs). r.McQueen. 2c.(*47) D8. 
124. 5/- Oxf. 

of Non-Euclidean Gcom. (Somerville). ('IP D8.416. IO/- Oxf. 

of Nutrition in India (Gangulee). ('40) D8.88. 4/6 IndiaiOxf. 

of Periodical Works of Charles Dickens (Hatton &. Cleaver) (*34) 

C4.xx.384. 31pl. 63/- Chap.& H. 

Bibliography of Persia (Wilson. A.T.). C30) M8.264. 30/- Oxf 

or Poetical Works of Sir W. Scott. 1796-1832 (Ruff). Imp8.140. 

23facs. sd.21/- Edin.Blb. 

of Political Theory (Carlyle & Gooch). (*16) D8.24. sd.1/1 Hbt. 


of Printing (Wyman & Bigmore). ('45) 3v. 8vo. 111. 90/- Quaritch 

of Religion (Saklatwalla.). 116mo.l59. 4y- Luzac 

of Research on Hy. Hydrogen Compounds (Kimball). C49) 350. 

28 / McGraw 

of Sir Walter Scott (Corson). ('42) D8.428. 32/- Oliver 

of Selected Chinese Reference Books. Annotated (Ssu-Yu Ttng & 

Biggerstaff). r.e.CSO) R8.336. 40/- Harvard U. P.. Oxf. 

of Sequence Novel (Krrr, E.M.). ('50) 4to.l32. 80/- Minn.U.P.: 


of Sheffield and Vicinity (Frccmantle). Cll) C4.280. 15/- Pawsom 

of Soil Science, Fertilizers and General Agronomy, '34-'37; '37- 

'40; '44-'47. 3v. C8. 540: 504: 451. 25/-; 25/-; 35/- Comm.Agric. 

of Sponges. 1551-1913 (Vosmaer). Ed. Bidder & R5cll. ('28) DR. 

15 /- Camb. 

of Strawberry Hill Press (Hazen). ('42) C4.300. Fr.facs. 50/- Yale 


of Survival of Classics, v.l. 1931. C34); v,2 1932-33. C38) Text 

in German. sC4.xxiv,333:xvi,380. ea.21/- Warburg I nst. 

of lunciatd (Hopkinson). (*13) C8, 15/- Ray : Quaritch 

of Unemployment (Trilingual). ('30) R8.227. sd.4/- J.L.O.: 


of Horace Walpole (Hazen). (*48) C4.19ff. 47facs. 66/- Yale U.P. : 


of Sir Adolphus William Ward, 1837-1924 (Bartholomew). ('26, 

D8xxx.98. Fr.7/6 Camb. 

of Welsh History from Earliest Times to Present Day. Eel. Jenkins 

&Rees. ('32) M8.xiv,218. 10/6 Vniv.Wales 

of Gilbert White of Selborne (Martin. E.A.). ('34) D8.194. 111. 

7/6 Staples 

of Works of Richard Aldington. 1915-1948 CKcrshaw). ('50) D8.57. 

7/6 Quadrant 

of Works of I.B.Bury (Bayncs). ('29) D8.184. 10/6 Camb. 

of Works of Edward Gibbon (Norton). C4I) D8.512. 21 /- Oxf. 

of Writings of Washington Irving (Williams. S.T.& Edge). C36) 

M8.222. 50/- Oxf. 

of Writings of Charles and Mary Lamb. Ed.Thomson, J.C. COS) 

8voxiv,141. bds.15/- Quaritch 

on Biology of Fleece. ('31) C4.32. sd.!/6 Comm.Agric. 

on Fur Breeding. ('3D C4.37. sd.l/- Comm.Agric. 

on Genetics of Drosophila (Muller). ('39) C4.132. sd.5/- Comm. 

Agric. [Agrlc. 

on Insect Pest Resistance in Plants. ('44) C4.39. sd.1/6 Comm. 

Proverb Lib. (Stephens). Ed. Bowser. C27-'28) D8.516. 21 /- 


Reference Service and. v.l (Ranganathan). D8 642. 25/-* Blunt 
Bibliomania. Anatomy of (Jackson. H.). n.e.CSO) D8.662.ii. 31/6 


B'blioquir. (Collins. H.). ('48) C8.128. 7/6 Phoenix Ho. 
Bibliotheca Britiannica Philosophica. 2v. ea.sRS, 30/- Nelson 
Raddiviana. 1749-1949. ('49) D8.48. 17pl. sd.2/6; without pi. sd. 

1 /- Bodleian 
Bihliothfcque Aldine dcs Arts Series. 15v. ea.FS. sd.9/- 


BIBLIOTHEQUE ALDINE DES ARTS. 23 v. e. F8. 10/6 Zwmmer 
Bonnard, by C Roger-Marx. Text in English. 24 colour plates 
Braqu*. Paintings, by Andre Lcjard. Tcxj in English. With 24 

plates in colour 

Corot. bv Maurice SeruIIaz. Text in English. With 24 colour plates 
Degas, Drawings, by J.Leymanc. Text in English. With 24 colour 


Delacroix. Text in English. With 20 colour plates 
Dufv Watercolours. by C. Roger-Marx. Text in English. With 24 

colour plates 

El Gn'cu. by A.Vallcntin Text in English. With 20 colour plates 
Egyptian Sculpture. Text in Enolish. With 80 plates 
French Portraits (XIV. XV and XVI Centuries) in the Louvre, by 

H Adhemar Text in English. WMi 24 colour plates 
Gaupuin, Paintings, by Frank Elgar. Text in English. With 24 

colour plates 
Goya, Lcs Caprices, by J.Adhcmaf. Text in French. With 82 

Greek Sculpture, by J.Charbonneaux. Text in English. With 90 

Holbein. Drawings, by A.Hulfteggcr. Text in French. With 24 

colour plates 

Ingres. Drawings, by P.Labrouche. Text in French. W th 24 plates 
Lautrec, Lithographs, by C.Roger Marx. Text in English. With 

24 colour plates 

Manet, by J Leymarie. Text in English W th 24 colour plates 
Matisse. Paintings, by A. Lcjard. Text in English. With 20 colour 

Michel-Angelo. Sculptures, by J.Alazard. Text in French. With 

76 plates 

Modigliam. bv J.Coctrau. Text in English. With 24 colour plates 
Picasso. Painting, by C.Zervos. Text in English. With 24 colour 

Renoir, Pastels. Water-Colours and Drawings, by J.Leymarie. 

Text in English. With 24 colour plates 
Rodin, Sculptures, by J Charbonncaux. Text in French. With 

80 plates 
Van Goph. Paintings, by F. Elgar. Text in French. With 24 

colour plates 

Bibliothcquc Nelson Illustrd. lOv. ea.FS. 5/- Nelson 
Bicchieri. Blessed Emily. Life of (MacCarthy). C02> 2/6 M.H.Gtll 
Bicycle that Rode Away (Daunt). (^9) Pott4.32. 20col.Ul. Pict.Pa*e 3. 

sd.1/6 Macmillan 
Bid for Freedom (Lea). ('46) IC8.200. 9/6 Rich 





Bid Her Come Forth (Percy). C50) C8.294. 9/6 Museum 
Bidar (Yazdani). ('47) 4to.256. 123pl.(9col.). 5 Oxf. 
Bidding. Design for (Simon). (*49) C8.268. 8/6 Nich.A W. 

Vienna System of (Smith. A.J.). C42) C8.64. 4/6 Faber 
Biddy at Greystone (Francis). C8. 4pl. Girls' Lib. 5/6 Blackit 

Bantam and Others (Thompson, A.). III. Yng. Life Rdrs. sd.9d.*; 

cl.l/-* Blackie 

the Brownie (Armstrong. M.V.). ('50) 1C8.174. 111. Yng.Fks.Lib. 

6/- Warne 

Christmas (Warner, P.M.). ('48) C8.205. 111. 6/- Blackwell 
Bideford. Westward Ho! Guide. ('49) C8. Ill.M.d. 5/- Ward, Lock 
Bids, Opening, Responses to (Bcasley). ('34) F8.viii,32 I/- Methuen 
Bicn Ecrirc (Dufour). C36) C8.256. 5/-* E.Arnold 

Biene Maja (Bonscls). Ed.Balg. Sabr.c. C8.21*. 3/6* G.Bell 
Bienvcnu (Hugo). Ed Brigstockc. F8.56.cxs. Short Fr.Rdrs. I/- 
Big and Little (Vila). C4.64. 28ill. 8/6 Country L. [Dent 

Bedtime Story Book. ('50) C4.128. Ill.(4col.). Bumpy S. bds.5/- 


Ben Struck Twelve (Wood. A.). n.e.('50) C8.240. 5/- Hunt 

Brcwster Family (Lucas. J.M.). 12mo 111 18,'- Lippincoit 

Buffin Book No. 1 & 2 (Hartman). ('49) ea.3/6 A.Barker 

^ Business. Small and (Steinde). ('46) D8.v,66. sd.5/-; cl.7/6 

Business, Toddler's Guide to (Lowe). 2e.('49) D8.56. 9/6 E.E. 


Cats. Ed.Brcntano. (*49) 1C8.344. 12/6 E.Bfnn 

Claus and Little Claus, and Top and the Ball (Andersen). Grade 

1.32. Bright-Story Rdrs. sd.Sd.* E J.Arnold 

Clock (Fearing). ('47) C8.192. 7/6 J.Lant 

Clock (Fearing). (*50) SC8.187. scl.1/6 Penguin 

Doc's Girl (Medeans). n.e.('50) 12mo. 18/6 Lipplncott 

Drive (Lander). n.e.('SO) 5/- Wright & B. 

Drum: Play (Pinero). sd.3/- S.lrench 

Fisherman (Douglas, L.C.). (*49) 1C8.460. 12 Ik P. Davits 

Game and Big Game Rifles (Taylor. J.). ('48) D8.216. Fr. 12/6 


Game Fishing (Watkins). C50) D8.224. 19pl. 16/- Bles 

Game. North American, How to Hunt (Hagic). ('46) lC8.xii,195. 

42ill. 15/- N.Y.:Macmillan 

Game, Records of (Ward, R.). Ed.Dollman & Surlace. 10e.('35) 

18vo.xii.408. 198ill. 63 /- R.Ward 

Game Shooting in Africa (Maydon). D8. 111. Lonsdale Lib.S. 

25 /- Seeley 

Game, To Far Western Alaska for (Hubback). C29) 8vo.xiii,232. 

67111.3M. 25 / R.Ward 

Government (Gervasi). C49) 350. 34 /- McGraw 

Heart (Anand). n.e.('47) C8.216. 6/- Hutchison 

House (Mitchison). C50) 1C8. 169,vii. 9/6 Faber 

Idea (Douglas, C.H.). sC8 64. sd.2/6 K.R P. 

MacRae, Life and Teachings of (Mor). 64. I/- A.MacLaren 

Matt McKec (Hopson). ('49) C8.128. sd.l/- Archer p. 

Middle, and Little (Anderson. D.M.). 111. Meredith. 6/- Oxf 

Miss Liberty (Rogers. F.). 8vo. 111. 15/- Lippincott 

Moment: Play (Holland), sd.1/6 S. French 

Moment (Massey). 2r.e.C50) D8.80. sd.3/- Maisey 

Money (Wodehouse). n.c.C43) C8.320. 5/- Jenkins 

Red (Elgard). ('48) C8. 12ill end pr. 6/- Ward.Lock 

Road Walker (Duncan). 18vo. 111. \f-l- Lippincott 

Rock Candy Mountain (Stcsner). ('50) 1C8.632. 15/- H.Hammond 

Six (Ransomc). ('40) 1C8. 111. 9/- Cape 

Sky (Guthne. n.e.('50) D8.360. 6/- Boardman 

Sleep (Chandler). C48) C8.304. 6/- H.Hamilton 

So-So and Small (Edwards. E.M.). ('49) C8.28. 30col.iU. Bk. 

Corners. If- Macmillan 

Story (Walden). ('40) C8.xiii,401. 15/- N.Y.'.Macmillan 

Sweep: Play (Brennan). ('44) C8.68. sd.2/- Duffy 

Test (Christian). ('47) C8.112. 26ill. 3/6 Girl Guides 

Three (Dallin). (*46) C8.232. 8/6 Allen & U. 

Trees (Fry & White, J.R.) 11/6 Standard U.P.:Oxf. 

Wheel (Brooks). (*50) 9/6 Gollancz 

Biggies. Air Commodore (Johns). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

& Co. (Johns). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

Breaks the Silence (Johns). ('49) C8.192. 111. 6/- Hodder 

Chaner Pilot (Johns). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

Defies Swastika (Johns). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

Delivers the Goods (Johns). ('46) C8.182. 6/- Hodder 

Fails to Return (Johns). C43) C8.224. 6/- Hodder 

Flies South (Johns). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

Flies West (Johns). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

Gets His Man (Johns). '(50) C8 192 III. 6/- Hodder 

Goes to War (Johns). C8. III. 5/- Oxf. 

Hunts Big Game (Johns). C48) C8.208. 6/- Hodder 

in Africa (Johns). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

in Baltic (Johns). C8. III. 5/- Oxf. 

in Borneo (Johns). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

in Jungle (Johns). C8.I11. 5/- Oxf. 

in the Orient (Johns). C45) C8.192. 6/- Hodder 

in South Seas (Johns). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

in Spain (Johns). C8. 111. S/- Oxf. 

Second Case (Johns). ('48) C8.192. 6/- Hodder 

Secret Agent (Johns). C8. 111. 5/- Oxf. 

Sweeps the Desert fJohns). ('42) CR.208. 6/- Hodder 

Takes a Holiday (Johns). (*49) C8.192. 6/- Hodder 

Bignold Family. Five Generations of. 1761-1947 (Bignold). C48) 

M8.xviii.320. 45ill. 21 /- Datsford 

Bihar, Mahatma Gandhi and (Prasad). C8.iv,132. P. 7/6 Luzac 
Bijou (Amiot) Tr.Leon. ('50) sD4.24. 111. 6/- Thames &H.\ 


Reckoner and Wages Calculator. 160. 3/ Warne 

Timber Calculator. 39. L.3/-*E.Benn 

Bikramajit, Singhasan Battisi. or 32 Tales of. Tr.Lalluji lal Kabi. 
C69) R8.xvi,216. 7/6 Probithain 

Bi-Lateral Cipher of Francis Bacon (Johnson, E.D.). (*47) 1D8.36. 

9H1. 3/6 Bacon-Soc. 
Bild'des Friihislam in dcr Arab. Dichtung von der Higra bis zum 

Todc des Kalifer 'Umar (Farrukh.). R8.xv.142. sd.7/6 Luzac 

des Kaisers (Hauff). Ed.Breul. F8.xxviii.216. Pitt P.S. 3/6* Camb. 
Bildcrfibel. Die (Koischwitz). ('40) D8.132. 111. 3/6* Harrap 
Bildnii von Jenny: Tr. into Ger. (Nathan). ('49) C8.201. 9/- 


Bile Ducts, Diseases of Liver. Gallbladder and (Lichtman). 2r.c. 
C49) R8.1135. 149ill.(2col.). 6/6/- Kimpton 

Ducts, Diseases of Liver, Gall-Bladder and ORolleston & McNee). 

3r.e.('29) D8.xiv,884. 87figs. 42/- Macmillan 

Pigments, Hematin Compounds and (Lemberg & Leggc). ('49) 

M8.775. 150ill.67tabs. 6 Interscience 

Bilharzial Cancer (Afifi). ('48) D8.viii.112. 60ill. 16/- H.K.Lewh 
Bilingual Atlas-Exercise Book (Malan). ('50) R6.80. M. 4/6 Juta 

School (Malherbe). ('46),122. sd.5/- Longmans 
BI-LINGUAL SERIES. 30 v. ea. F4.100. 1/6-3/- Harrap 

French. Les Jumeaux de 1'Hotel Corneille. E.About 1/6 net 
Comes du Lundi. A.Daudet. 2/6 net 
Lettres dc mon Moulin. A.Daudct. 1/6 net 
La Lcgende dc Saint Julicn. G. Flaubsrt. 2/6 net 
Lc Jongleur dc Notre Dame. Anatole France 1/6 net 
Introduction to French. J.E. Mansion. 1/6 Net 
Mile. Perlc. Guy dc Maupassant. 1/6 net 
The Venus D'llle. Prosper Merimec. 2/6 net 

German. Introduction to German. R.T.Currall. 1/6 net 
Germelhausen. F.Gerstackcr. 1/6 net 
Das Leiden cin-s Knabcn. C.F.Meycr. 3/- net 
Bergkri.stall. A Stifter. 2/6 net 
Immcnsce. Th Storm 2/- net 
The Senator's Sons. Th. Storm. 1/6 net 

Italian. Capitan Dodcro. A.G.Barrili. 1/6 net 

Italian Short Stories of Today. Borgcs. E. 1/6 net 
Selections from the Inferno. Dante. 1/6 net 
Introduction to Italian. E.Makin 2/6 net 
Quattro Novcllc. L.Pirandello. 1/6 net 

Portuguese. Josd Mathias and A Man of Talent. Dc Quciroz 

2/6 net 
Tia Philomela. Julio Diniz. 2/6 net 

Russian. The Greatcoat. Gogol. 2/6 net 
Bela. Lermomov. 2/6 net 
The Captive in the Caucasus. Tolstoi. 2/6 net 
Mumu. I.Turgencv. 2/6 net 

Spanish. The Inn of the Cats, and other Stones. C.A BecQucr. 

1/6 net 

La Corrida. V.Blasco Ibanez 1/6 net 
Introduction to Spanish. R.O.Walkcr. 1/6 net 
Chit-Chat in Spanish. 3/- net 

Swedish. 12 Tales. A.Engstrom. 2/6 net 

Bilmpuul Teaching in Belgium (Dawes). (*02) C8.64. V6 Camb 
Bilingu-tJism (Christophcrscn). C49) D8.16. sd.l/- Methuen 

in Secondary Schools in Wales. ('49) sd.l/- Mtn.of Educ. 


Bill Badser and the Bathing Pool (Severn). ('49) D16.32. Col.ill. 
bds.2/6 J.Lane 

Badger and the Pine Martens (Severn). ('47) D16.32. Col.ill. 

bds.2/6 J.Lane 

Bercnger Wins Command (Duff). C50) 1C8. 4pl. 7/6 Blackie 

Bercngcr's First Case (Duff). ('48) 1C8. 4pl. 7/6 Blackit 

Breaks Out: Play (Bartle). ('32) C8. 1/6 Deane 

the Budgie (Smith. G.I ) Col.ill bds 3/- Blackie 

Chamber Practice (Maclaren). C15) R8.353. 31/6 Hodge 

the Conqueror (Wodehouse). 17e.('50) C8.viil.312. 6/- Methuen 

Folds. Purses and Under-Arm Bags (Wren). ('45) G18.16. Fig*. 

Craftsmen's S. sd.l/- Macmillan 

Frog (Cam). ('50) C4. Col.ill. bds.5/- J.Lane 

of Billabong. ('49) C8. 6/- Ward.Lock 

of Divorcement: Play (Dane), sd 4/- S.French 

of Exchange, Working of (Samueh. 3e. D8 78. 2/- Pitman 

Squirrell (Hopton). R6.24. Col.ill. sd.2/6 Royle: J.Murray 

to Establish Workers' Control in Jjaly. ('21) R8.31. id.lOd. 

7. L.O.: Staples 
Billabong Adventurers (Bruce). C$0) C8. 6/- Ward.Lock 

Gold (Bruce). C50) C8. 6/- Ward.Lock 
Billabong's Daughter (Bruce). ('48) C8. 6/- Ward.Lock 

Luck (Bruce). C49) C8. 6/- Ward.Lock 

Billeted: Play (Jesse & Harwood). D8.76. sd.6/- S.French 

Billeting, Wartime (Cole, M.V C8. 6d Gollancz 

Billiard Table Games (Clifford). C8.64. New Pop.Hdbks. sd.2/- 

Billiards (Inman). IPott8.112. Pckt.Lib. bds.2/6 Foulsham 

(Lindrum). 5e.('49) C8.viii,149 8pl 70d. 5/- Methuen 

All About (Peal!). ('47) C8.256. 10ill.80d. 6/- Ward.Lock 

and Snooker. ('28) C8.64. Recrtn.Bks. sd.l/- Warne 

and Snooker for Amateur (Lindrum). ('48) C8.119. Games S 

6/- Pitman 

for Beginner (Clifford). C8.64. Pop.Ref.Bks. sd.2/- Foulsham 

in Easy Stages (Smith, W.). n.e.C46) C8.93. bds3/6 Pitman 
Billie's Birthday Dream (Woodward. A.). Grade 1.32. III. Bright 

Story Rdrs. sd.Sd.* E.J.Arnold 
Billion-Dollar Body (Shallit). 12mo. 20/- Lippincott 
Bill's Book (Hole). ('25) F8.96. sd.2/- Faith 
Bills, Bullion and London Money Market (Duke). C37) D8.142. 51- 


Cheaues, Notes and I.O.U.'s. Law of (Smith, J.W.). Ed.Borre- 

gaard. n.c.('30) C8.207. /- Pitman 

of Exchange Act. 1882 (Chalmers). r.Mcgrah. 16e.('48) M8.IO*. 

7/- Waterlow 

of Exchange Act, 1882 (Mcgrah). 4e.('49) D8.243. 10/6 Pitman 

of Exchange Acts. Practical Examination of (Pennell). 2e.('31) 

M8.170. 7/6 Pitman 





Bills of Exchange. Cheques and Promissory Notes (McNeil). 
r.McLeish. 5r.e.('42) C8.205. 12/6 W.Green 

of Exchange. Law of (Coningsby). ('47) F4.viii.140. 12/6 Stevens 

A Sons 

of Exchange. Law Relating to (Jacobs). 4e.('43) 21/- Sweet 

of Exchange. Promissory Notes. Cheques and Negotiable 

Securities. Digest of the Law of (Chalmers). Ed.Batt. lle.('47) 
D8.xlviii,423. 25/- Steven* & Sons 

of Lading. Chartcrpartics and (Scrutton). 15r.e.('48) D8. 63 /- 


of Lading Shipowners' Point of View (Harris. L.C.). C50) C8.40. 

5/- Witherby 

Private (Landers). (*19) R8.xii,304. 42/- Stevens AJons 

Stocks. Shares and Options. Arbitrage in Bullion. Coin 

(Dcutsch). r.Weber. 3r.c. F4.384. 42/- Pitman 
Billy Beaver Book (Wadeson). ('47) C4.32. sd.l/- Meth. Youth 

Bob Tales (Blyton). n.e.(*50)]^0. III. schl.e. 2/6*; 5/- 


Bray. King's Son (Bourne). 20e.C49) C8.124 3/6 Epworth 

Budd: Tr.into Ger. (Melville). sC8.144. bd^ 14/- Barmerlea 

~ Budd (Melville). Ed.Frceman, F.B. ('48) D8.398. 27/6 Harvard 

Budd (Melville). ('47) SF8.124. S/- Lehmann 

Bumblebee (Carter, V.B.-). ('46). obC4.32. Col. ill. bds.2/6 

H .Hammond 

--Bunnv (Powell. P.). ('48) C16.32. IScoI.ill. Peekobooks S. bds.l/- 

Bunter AmonR the Cannibals (Richards, F.). ('50) C8.236. 

Col.Fr. Sill. 7/6 Skilton \Skllton 

Bunter in Brazil (Richards. F.). C49) C8.254. Col. Fr.Sill. 7/6 

Bunter of Grevfruirs School (Richards, F.). ('47),232. 

Col Fr. Sill. 7/6 Skilton 

Burner's Barring-Out (Richards. F.). ('48) C8.iv.236. CoI.Fr.5iII. 

7/6 Skilton 

Burner's Benefit (Richards. F.). C50) C8.236. Col. Fr.Sill. 7/6 


Burner's Xmas Party (Richards. F.). ('49) C8 vi,245. Col.Fr.5ill. 

7/6 Skilton 

Mink (Burgess). ('35) F8. Col. ill. 3/6 J. Lane 

Potter (Wallace. D ). n c.C49) C8 192 51- Collins 
Billv's Adventure. C4,8. IIl.(4col ). sd.6d. Juv Prodnv. 

Island (Lamb). IstS. 32. Col. ill. I ond.Suppty.Rdrs. sd.Sd.* 

Bilsinpton. Kent. Cartulary and Terrier of. Ed.Neilson. C28) 

R8.268. Br.Ac. 21/- Oxf. 

Bimbi (" Ouida "). n e.('32) C8 V- Chatto 
Bimbo and Topvv (Blvton). ('43) 1C8. 111. 6/- Newne\ 
Bin Ventilation ('45). Storage and Drving of Gram in Bulk: Rept. 

C46) sd9d. Mln.of ARrlc.-.H.M.S.O. 
Bind a Book. Let's (Pratt). M8. III. 15/- Baftford 
Bmder Knottrr. n c.('50) MR 40 9d sd.1/9 Rural 
Binders. Tables, Dnta and Standard Specifications for Primers and. 

3r.e.(*49) D8.62. 5/- B.F.M.P. 
Binding Craft* for Primary School (Davenport). n.c.('48) P8.112. 

111. Jun.Hdwk.S. 7/6 Pitman \Pitman 

Editions Case (Mnson. J ) ('48) C8. PrntR/T>eorv & P.S 4/6 

EnRlish. before 1500 (Hobson). r.c.(500). (*29) Folio. 58. III. 

Sundars I.ect.S. 84 /- Comb. 

of Books (Perry & Baab). D8. 104ill. 15/- BiMord 

Pract. Printing and Ed. Whetton. r e.('49) MR.448 264ill.(8col.). 

63d. 12/6 Odhams 

Stationery (Mason. J ). ('48) C8. Prntp.Theory <fe P.S. 4/6 

Bindinps in Camb. Lib. (Hobson). 1 e.(230). C29) Folio. xvt. 180. 

Ill.(27col). 10/10/- Camb. 
Rindle (Jenkins). n.e.('47) C8.176. 5/- Jenkim 
Bindles on the Rocks (Jenkins), n C.C47) C8.IQ2. 5/- Jenkins 
Binet-Simon Tests. Rev. of the (Hen-ins). ('23) Teachers' Man. 

4/6* Harrap 

Bing (Hinkle). ('48) C8 168. 5/- Lutt<P 
Binghfim Familv (McCalmont). Ed. Barrett. C15) 4to.xviii,185. 

2col.P. 33pl.25ill. 12/- Qunrltch 

Sarah (Cpmpbell. E.H.). C51) C8.288. 8/6 Heath, C. 
Binpo (Fvfe). III. Grad.Storv Rdrs. sd.7d.*; cl.lOd.* Blackie 

Book (Harrow). ('SO) Col. ill. bds.3/6 Blackie 

Bini Lang, of S. Nigeria. Concise Dictionary of (Melzian). ('37) 

DR.xviii.233. 16/6 Routledge 

Binkie Boo's B-manas. C49) F6.36. 13col ill. sd.1/6 LFoulis 
Binnacles. Ship's Compasses and. C50) 21- B S.I. 
Binns Comes a Cropper (Doran & Martin). C48) 14. 1 -Act Play S. 

8d. 1/6 Mutter 
Binocular Imbalance, Mgmt. of (Krimsky). C48) Imp4.464. 200ill. 

63 /- Kimpton 

Vision. Mathematical Ananlvsis of (Luncberg). ('47) 4to.llO. 

82flgs. 14/- Princton U.P.:Oxf. 

Vision. Pract. Orthoptics in Treatment of Snuint nnd Other 

Anomalies of (Lyle & Jackson, S.). 3c.('49) C4.xii.272. 151111. 

(3col.). 35 /- H.K.Lewis 
Binoculars (Hebditch). ('47) sC8.28. Sill. Suppt.CSO) sC8.16. 6ill. 1/6 Hebdttch 
Binomial Limit. Poisson's Exponential (Molina). Imps. 14 /- V. 

Nostrand : MacmiUan 
Bins Pnd Grain Elevators. Design of Walls (Ketchum). 3e.('19) 

DR. 556. 5 1/- McGraw 
Bio-Chemic Therapeutics (Eyre). sC8.72. sd.4/- Homeopath. 

Treatment. Guide to (Saunder). C8.166. 6/- Homeopath. 
Biochemical Aspects of Genetics. -Ed/Williams, R.T. ('50) R8. 

Biochcm.S. 6/- Camb. 

Preparations, v.l. Ed. Carter. H.E. ('49) M8.76. 20/- Wiley: 

Chap. A H. 

Reactions of Chemical Warfare Agents. EU. Williams. R.T. C48) 

R8. Biochem.S. 5/- Carftb. 

Biochemical Research, Currents in. Ed.Grccn, D.E. ('46) M8.494. 
27ill. 32 /- Interscience 

Society. Hist. of. 1911-1949 (Plimmer). ('49) 1R8. ISill. 2/6 


Society Symposia Series. 5v. ea.RB. 5/--R/- Camb. 
Biochemistry, Aids to (Cooper. E.A. and Nicholas). 4e.('48) 

F8.viii,244. Hill. Students' Aids S. 5/- Bailliere 

and Bio-Physics, Notes on (Milner). ('39) 2/6 Juta 

and Morphogenesis (Necdham). ('42) R8.xvi,788. 328U1. (4col.). 

52/6 Camb. 

Applied to Malting and Brewing (Hopkins and Krause). 2r.c. 

C48) D8.342. d. 12/6 Allen & V. 

Astro (SawtcII). sDS.56. sd.3/6 True Health 

Carbohydrate. Intro, to (Bell. D.J.). 2c.('48) C8.viii.108. 6/-* 


Clinical (Cantarrow and Trumper). 4r.e.('49) 1D8.642. 111. 40/- 

Clinical. Photoelectric Methods in (Delory). D8.90. 21ill.d. 

15 /- H tiger 

Comparative. Intro, to (Baldwin. E.). 3c.C48) C8.xvi,164. 

12figs.9tabs. 7/6 Camb. 

Dynam. Aspects of (Baldwin. E.). C47) D8.xiv,458. 34flgs. 

27tabs. 2 1/- Camb. 

for Medical Students 4e.('47) D8.504. 36111. 18/- Churchill 

Fundamentals of, with Lab. Experiments (Schmidt and Allen). 

C38) D8. 34 /- McGraw 

Hdbk. of Phvsiol. and (McDowall). 40e.('50) D8. 400col.ill. 

30 /- J.Murray 

Hopkins and: 1861-1947. Ed.Ncedham and Baldwin. ('49) 

DS.x.362. 18/- Heffer 

Human (Kleiner). 2e.C48) R8.600. 75ill.(5col ). SO/- Kimpton 

in Relation to Medicine (Carter. C W. and Thompson. R.H.S.). 

C49) D8.xi,442. Col.Fr.2iII.34d. 25/- Longmans 

Intro, to (Williams. R.J. and Brers trcher). 2c.('48) lC8.xiii.736. 

51tabs..flgs. 43/6 NT. V.Noitran'l- MacmiUan 

Laboratory Directions in (Myers). C42) C4.2K8. loose-leaf 25 /- 


Laboratory Instructions in (Kleiner and Doui). 2e.('47) C4.245. 

loose-leaf 19 /- Kimpton 

Lab. Man. of (Harrow). 3e.('50) M8 149. Ill wire 12/- Sounders 

Lab. Methods of (Bertho and Grassman). Tr .McCartney. (*38) 

D8.xiv,282. 33flgs.lch. 18/- MacmilUm 

Manual of (McClendon). C34) M8.381. Ill 32/- Wilev.Chap. 


Medical (Everett). 2e.C46) 780. 106tnbs 52/6 Hoeber'Cassell 

Medical. Micro-Analysis in (King. E.J.). C46) D8.176. 16111. 

10/6 Churchill 

of B Vitamins (Williams. RJ. and Eakin). ('50) M8.741. 111. 

96 / - R einhold : Chap. & H . 

of Cellulose (Norman). C37) D8 242. 15/- O\f. 

of Eye (Krause). ('35) M8.280. 17figs.92tabs. 16/6 Johns 

Hopkins V.P.:Oxf. 

of Fatty Acids (Bloor). (*43) M8.387. ACS Mon.S. 56/- 

Rfinhold'.Chap.A H. 

of Lipids (Bull). ('37) M8.169. 63111. 28/- Wllev.Chip & H. 

of Nitrogen Conservation. Intro, to (Fowler). ('34) D8.viii,280. 

6pl. 12/6 E.Arnold 

of Nucleic Acids (Davidson). ('50) FS.x.163. 4pl.l5d. Biocbem. 

Subj. Mon.S 7/6 Methuen 

of Teeth (Leicester). ('49> R8.106. III. 35/- Kimpton 

Outlines of (Gortner). Ed Gortner, R.A.. Jnr. and W.A. 3e('49) 

M8.1078. 195H1. 62/- Wilev.Chap. A H. 

Oxidation-Reduction Potentials in Bactenol. and (Hewitt). 

6e.C50) C4.212. 44flgs. 20/- F A S Liv. 

Physical (Bull). (*43) D8.347. Ill 32/- Wilev.Chap A H. 

Physical, Intro, to (Johlin). 2e.('49> 258 27/6 Hoeber:Cassell 

Phvsiol. and, Tcxtbk. of (Bell. Davidson and Scarborough). 

C50) R8.930. 1327511. 45/- E.A S.Liv. 

Plant. Prin. of (Onslow). Pt.l. ('3D R8.326. 20/- Camb. 

Practical Course in (Cameron and White, F.D.). 5e.(*46) 

D8.226. 27H1. 12/6 Churchill 

Pract. for Medical Students (Mills. G.T.). (*49) C4.244. 8ftgs. 

4pl.(lcol.). 15/- J.Smtth A Son 

Pract. Methods in (Koch and Hanke). 5e.('48) MS.x.420. 22ill 

51 tabs. 24 /- Biilliere 

Progress in (Haurowitz). ('50) M8.416. 7ill.6tabs. 50/- 


Textbk. of (Cameron. A.T.). 6e.('42) D8.376. 3pl.25figs. 18/- 


Textbk. of (Harrow). 5c.C50) M8.609 111. 30/- Sounders 

Textbook of (Mitchell. P.H.). 2e.C50) 51 /- McGraw 

Textbk. of (Williams, RJ.). 2e.('46) 1C8.X.533. 33/6 V. 

Nostrand : Macmtllan 
Bio-Ecology (Clements and Shelford). C39) M8.425. III. 40/- 

WIlev.ChapA H. 

Bio-Economics (Yahuda) ('43) C8.204. 8/6 Pltmn 
Bioenergetics and Growth (Brody). ('45) M8.1023. 524U1. 40 / - 

Reinhold-.Chap.A H. 
Biogeography (Anderson. M.S.). ('50) C8.208. 4ill. T.Y.Geog.S. 

6/- Eng.U.P. 
Biographer, Progress of (Kingsmill). ('49) D8.viii,194. 10/6 

Biographer's Note-Bk. (Bolitho). C50) D8.xi,206. 7111. 12/6 

BioRraphia. Litcraria (Coleridge). sC8.xvi,334. Ev'man S. 4/6 

Litcraria (Coleridge). Ed.Shawcross. (*07) C8.704. 2v. 15/- Oxf. 
Biographical and Grit. Studies (Thomson. J.). ('96) CR.483. 12/6 


Dictionary. Ed.Geddie. W.&J.L. r.e.CSO) 1C8.1006. 23/- 


Dictionary (Webster's). 1736. 60/- G.Bell 





Biographical Dictionary of British Architects, Short (Ware & Beatty). 
D8. 21 1- Allen & U. 

Dictionary of English Literature Ed. Cousin. r.e.('33) sCS.viii. 

452. Ev'man S. 4/6 Dent 

Dictionary of Fiddlers (Clarke, A.M.), PostS. 9P. 10/- 

W. Reeves \M. H.Gill 

Dictionary of Irishmen in France (Hayes). ('49) D8.332. 15/- 
-Dictionary of Jersey (Balleine). 048) D8.713. 35/- Staples 

Essays (Salisbury). IC8. P. 7/6 J Murray 

Essays (Strachev). Unif.e.('49) C8. 7/6 Chatto 

Etymol. and. Dictionary. C8.320. cl.3/3* McDougall 

Histories Seres. 3v. ea.CS. 3/9* -5/6* Collins 

Hist, of Gonville and Caius Coll. Ed.Vcnn. Roberts, E.S.& 

Gross. 5v. RR.558:610:456: 124:438 Coll.Hist.S. 15/-; 21/-; 
21/-: 15/-; 25/- Camb. 

Register of Petcrhouse Men, 1284-1616. Ed.Walker. T.A. 2\. 

C27-'30) R8.x,324. Coll. Hist S ea.42/- Camb. 

Roundup (Carnegie). ('46) C8.104. 8/6 Wld's Work 

Studies in Modern Indian Education (Hampton). 047) D8.268. 

Sill. 10/6 India: Oxf. 

Biographies. Five Minute (Carnegie). ('49) F8.187. Permabks.S. 
bds.2/6 W. H.Allen 

Five Minute (Carnegie). 046) C8.220. 8/6 Wld's.Work 

of Famous Men and Women. Brief (Scwell). ('48) F8.244. 

Permabks.S. bds.2/6 W .H Allen 

Series. 5v. ca.lCS. 6/- J.Lane [Camb. 
Biography (Trevelyan). (*47) D8. Rdr's.Odes.S. sd.l/- N B .L. : 

American, Dictionary of. Ed.Johnson, A.& Malone (*28-'36) 

M8. 20v. 47/5/; ea.52/6; Index to v.1-20 ('37) M8.622 52/6; 
v.2I: Suppt.I 044) M8.726. 58/6 Oxf. 

and Lit., Christian, Dictionary of. Ed.Wace & Piercy ('11) 

M8. 25/- J Murray 

Australian Dictionary of. Ed.Serlc. 2v. C4 ea.200. 5/5/- Angus 

English Development of (Nicolson). ('27) C8 Lect.on Lit.S. 5/- 

Industrial (Smiles). ('02) O. 111. 7/6 J.Murray [Hogarth 

Irish. Essays in (Stocklcy). ('33) D8.191. 6/- Cork 

Myth and Geog., Smaller Class. Dictionary of (Smith, Sir W.). 

Ed.Marindin. ('10) C8. 200111. 12/6 J .Mnrmv 

National. Diaionary of. Earliest Times to 1900. 22v. M8.. 30,500. 

30; 020) 1901-11. M8.2088 35/-; 027) 1912-21. M8.650. 3')/. : 
C37) 1922-30. M8.976. 42/-; ('49) 1931-40. M8.980. 50/; 
Concise. 25 /- Oxf 

N.Z., Diaionary of. Ed.Scholefield. (*40) v.l. C4.512; v.2. 

C4.571. 50/- Whltcombe 

of Common Man of City of York As Recorded in His Epitaph 

(Morrell). D8.244. 111. 12/6 Batsford 

of the Earth (Gamon). ('41) 8vo.xiii,242. 58figs. 18/- NT.: 

Ma cm Ulan 

of Genius, Psychol. Approaches to (Terman). (*47) D8. Eugen. 

Soc.Pubns. sd.1/6 Catiell 

of John Nelson Darby (Turner. W.G.). ('26) C8.80. 5/6 

C.A Hammond 

of To-day. Ed.Lockitt. ('38) C8.192. Fr. Heritage of Lit S. 3/-* 


of War Novel (Rufener). (*46) D8.136. 16/- Columbia U.P.: 


Perspective of (Lee, S.). (*18) R8. Eng.Assn.Pamp. 3/6 Oxf. 
Biological Actions of Adenine Nuclco-Tidcs (Green, H.N.& 

Stoner). ('50) D8.xvi,222. 65ill 25 /- H.K Uwh 

Aaions of Sex Hormones (Burrows). 2e.('49) R8.xiv,616. 42/- 


Aaivity, Chemical Construction and (Sexton). ('44) R8.464. 

Indus. Chcm.S 55 /- Spon 

Activitv in Amino-Acid Series. Relationship of Optical Form 

to. Ed Williams. R.T. ('48) R8. Biochem S. 5/- Camb. 

and Medical Committee. Reports (Population, Royal 

Commission on). 050) R8.56. sd.1/6 H.M.S.O. 

Assav. Pnn. of (Emmens). ('48) D8.206. 22flgs.tabs. 21 /- 

Chap.& H. 

Chcm'stry. Intro, to Org. and (Arnow & Reitz). 2r.e 049) 

D8795. 90'!!. 40/- Kimpton 

Drawings (Denne). (*47) C4.61. 2/3* E.Arnold 

Drawings. Gen. Sci. (Jepson). ('42) D4 2Pts.*; in Iv. 

sd.5/-* J.Murrav 

Drawings with Notes (Jepson). (*38) D4. 2Pts.*; in 

Iv sd.6/-* J.Mitrrnv 

Field Stations of Wld. (Jack). (*45) R8.74. 6d. 20/- Chron.Bot : 

Wm D'>w\on 

Foundations of Dream-Interpretations. Psych, and (Lowy). ('42) 

D8.ix.260. 16/6 Routledge 

Foundations of Health Education Procdps. Eastern States Health 

Educ.Conf.1948. ('50) 1C8 178. 16/- Columbia V .P : Oxf. 

Fundamentals of Radiation Therapy (Ellinger). ('41) M8.xvi.360. 

79' H. 22/6 Elsevlcr-.Clenver 

Memory (Rignano). Tr.MacBride. (*26) D8.253. Intemat.L5b.of 

Psvchol. 12/6 Routledge 

Monographs and Manuals Series. 1')v 10/6 -42/- Oliver 

Oxidation of Aromatic Rings. Ed.Williams, R.T. C50) R8. 

Biorhem.S. 8/- Camb. 

Principles (Woodger). 029) D8.495. Imernat.Lib.of Psychol. 

24 /- Routledge 

Reactions Caused by Elec. Currents and X-rays (Werff). ('48) 

D8.xii.203. 38ill 30/- EKevier: Heaver 

Research Series. 2v. 20/- - 24/- Wilev:Chap.& H, 

Research, Stats. Tables for, Agricl. and Med. (Fisher, R.A.& 

Votes). 3reC49) D4.viii.112. 16/- Oliver 

Resources, World's, Populat. Trends and (Bertram). ('49) D8. 

Eugen Soc.Pubns. sd.2/- Cassell 

Reversion and Hippocratic Anat. (Higgins). ('29) D8.X.150. 

7/6 H K Lewti 

Science, Situation in (Verbatim Rep.). ('49) D8.631. 9/6 


Biological Sciences, Methods and Materials for Tchg. CMiller, D.F.& 
Blaydes). ('38) 34 /- McGraw 

Series. 5v. 6/6 -30/- Camb. 

Standardization (Burn, Fmney & Goodwin) 2e.('50) D8.450. 

77d. 35 /- Oxf. 

Standardization of Vitamins (Coward). 2e.('47) D8.viii,224. 

38J1. 16 /- Batlliere 

Standards. Pt 4. Vinmin A. Ed.Hume & Chick. 035) R8. Spec. 

Rept.S. sd.1/- Med Re* Council: H.M.S.O. 

Students, Statist. Methods for Med. and (Dahlberg). 040) D8. 

232. 15 /- Allen & U. 

Studie!? with Polonium, Plutonium and Radium (Fink). 050) 

32 /- McGnw 

Terms, English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary ot 

Medical and (Plans & Turner, C.G.). 047) F8.776. 42 / 
Bailey [Oxf 

Theories, Hist, of (Ra"dl). Ed.& Tr.Hatfield. 030) D8.420. 17/6 

Tragedy of Women (Nemilov). C8.220. 7/6 Allen & V . 

Works, Minor (Aristotle). ('13)D8. Oxf.Transl. v.6. 10/6 Oxl 

World, Man and (Roger, J.S.. Hubbcll & Bycrs). 042) 38/6 

World. Man and his (Jean, Harrah, Herman, etc.). r.e.044) 

M8.viii.631. III. 34/- Ginn 

BioloRie die Plattcland. Jun. Sen. (McDonald, T.P.). 043) 3/6 

Nuwe. vir Jun Sert (Jordaan & Kirsten). 050) 8/6 Juta 

Senior. Stds. IX & X (Grobbclaar & Nel). 046) 15/- Juta 

Sen. Sert. (Nel & Grobbehar). ('42) 11/6 Juta 

Toetsc vir Jun. Sertifikaru (Euvrard). 046) 2/- Juta 

vir Jun. Sert. (Nel & Grobbelaar). ('39) 7/6 Juti 
Biologists. Greek and Latin for (Savory). 046) F8.42. limp 2/6* 


in Search of Material (Williamson. G.S.& Innes). r.e.047) 1C8 

108. 2pl.3d. 5/- Faber 

Seven (Savory, Joselvn &. Walton). C8.92. Living Names S. 

sd.l/ 3*: limp 1/6* Oxf. 
Biology. Jun. Cen. Tests S 1/6 Juta 

(Cookc. HJ., Burkitt & Barker, W.B.). 049) C8.viH,481. 8pl 

247d. 10/6* Longmans 

(Fitzpatrick & Horton). 040) C8 111. 18/- Constable 

(Fox, H.M.). 3e.('42) C8.xvi.352. 153ill. 7/6* Camb. 

(Graham. A.P. & Marples) ('37) C8.384. 5/6* Dent 

(Green, P.M.). 045) 1C8. d. Gen Sci for Schls.S. 6/-* J.Murray 

(MfcDougall & Hepn-r). ('43) 963. 40/6 McGrw 

(Mumv. P.D.F.) 050) suR8.viji,600. 381figs. 25/- Macmillan 

(Parshley). 040) D8.232. Ill 22/- Wtlev.Chap&H. 

(Snratt). 034) C8.iv,140. 89figs. Elcm.Sci.S. Iimp3/-*; cl.4/-* 

Univ. Tut. 

Activities (Vance. Barker, C.A.& Miller, D.F.). 046)r.e. 14to 

sd.10/6 lApplncott 

Aids to (Neill). 3c.('48) F8.viii,280. 21ill. Students' Aids S. 6/- 


Amlyticil (Sommerhoff). 050) D8.216. 17/6 Oxf. 

and Anirml Behaviour. Mechanistic (Savory). ('36) C8.xv.192. 

sd 2 / *> Wrin* 

and Christhn Belief (Greenwood). 038) C8 102. sd 3/6 S C.M 

and Control of Ant Pest. O50) RR 52. sd.1/- HM.SO 

and its Rehtion to Mank-nd (Winchester) 049) M8.ix,777 

48nj?s. 40/6 V Noitrand Macmilhn 

and Man (Gruenberg & Bingham). 044) M8.viii.719. 111. 25 '6 


and Mrn (Knowles) 049) C8.304. Frill. 10/6 Harrap 

and Med 'cine. Isotopic Tracers and Nuclear Radiations with 

Applications to (Siri). 049) 5/6/6 McGraw 

and Medicine. Laboratory Technique in (Cowdry). 2e.048> 

M8.viii.270 31/6 B filler e 

and Pathology of the Tooth and its Su^nortinp Mechanism 

(Gottlieb & Orban). (*38) xii.196. 166flgs. 41 /- N.Y. . 

An'rml (Grove and Newell). 3c.('50) D8.X'i.760 . Fr. 8pl. 

621figs. 2 1/-* VnlvTnt 

An ; ma1 (Haldanr & Huxley). 027) C8.360. 132111. Clarend.Sci.S. 

10/- Oxf 

Animal (Wolcott) 3e.046) 38/6 McGriw 

Anirml (Woodruff). 2^.038) 8vo xiv,536. 33/6 N.Y Macmillan 

Animal. Bits, of (Dakin). 018) C8.xii,306. 197figs. 7/- 

M 'cmill-n 

Animal, Intro, to (Parker. J.B & Clarke, J.J.). 3r e.('49) D8.554. 

T72MI. 28 /- Kimpton 

Anmv'l. Laboratory Guide in (Wolcott & Powell). 2e.048) 15/- 

Animal Practical (Green. T.L.). 4e.047) C8.277. 95ill.(3col.) 

8/6* AUrmn 

Anm-^l. Prin. of (Hopbcn) 2e 040) C8.415. HI. 7/6 Allen & U 

Animal, Prin. of (Shull). 6e.046) 34/-; Lab.Directions. 5e.042) 

10/- M"Gr"w 

Brief (M^or). 049) M8vHi.42R 2Rflps. 30/- NY '.MacMiUrm 

Common-Sense (Crane). 049) D8.32. 3d. Common-Sense Bklets 

s d l/* Cr^ne 

Completion T*sts in (Combr). 042> C4.63. 2/6* E Arnold 

Course for Schls (Dvhnll) 21ill fi/-*; in 2pts. rn.3/3* Blickie 

Dictionary of (Johnson, M.L.& Abercrombic). 050) sCR. sd.1/6 

Elementary (Lambert. M.R). Bks.1-3. 037-'39) C8.158.320. Figs. 

3/. : 4/-; 4/6 Mncmi^n 

Elementary (S^vorv). 030) 182. 3/6* Hnrrap 

Elemenrrv: for Matric. .(Phillips, M.E.). 9e.('48) C8.552. III. 

7/6* Vnlv Lond. 

Elemen^rv Gen. (Wyeth). 14e. C8.xii,432. 192ill. 7/6*; Pt.l 

3/9* G Bell 

Elementary Readers in (Rutley & Brimble). 042-'45) 4v. ea.lCS. 

136-200. figs. 4/6:3/-:3/-:3/- Macmillan 




Biology, Elements of (Strausbaugh &. Weimer). ('44) D8.461. 208111. 
(llcol.). 32;- Wiley: Chap. A H. 

Essentials of (Wheeler. W.F.). C47) M8.280. 238ill. 7;6* 


Essentials to Study of Nature and Simple (Harvey, K.). ('40) viii, 

152. lOOfigs. Easy Study S. 3;- Macmillan 

Everyday (Curtis. F.D.. CaldwelJ & Sherman). n.e.('46) M8.xi,698. 

111. 25/6 Ginn 

Everyday (Smith, A.P.). 4r.c. C8.xii,284. 111. figs. 5/6* G.Bell 

Evolutionary. Principles of (Hogben). ('27) III. 16/- Juta 

Experimental (Warmmgton). Pts.1-3. D8.78:80;88. III.*; 

cl.3/-*. Tchr's.Bks.1-3. ca.3/-* Schofield 

for Australian Students (.Curtis, W.M.). (*48) C8.516. 206figs. 10/6 


for Everyman (Thomson, Sir J.A.). ('34) 2v. 1C8.750:750. 500H1. 

set 25 /- Dent 

for Junior Forms (Lambert, M.R.). ('39) C8.320. 140figs. 4/6 


for Medical Students (Hentschel & Cook. W.R.I.). 4r.c.('47) D8. 

xii.752. 453H1. 25;- Longmans 

for Schools (Spratt). 5c.('46) C8.iv,424. 430ftgs. 6/6* Vnlv.Tut. 

for Students of Pharmacy (Moore, E.J.). ('37) D8 vii,415 2U4ill. 

16/- E.Arnold 

for You (Vance & Miller, D.F.). r.c.CSO) 12mo. 28;- Lippincott 

Foundations of (Woodruff). 6c.('41) C8.xvii.774. 469figs. 37;6 


Freshwater (Ward. H.B.& Whipple). ('18) M8.1111. 1547flgs. 68;- 


Fresh-Water. Guide to Study of (Needham). 4e.C41) D8. 111. 7/6 


Fundamentals of (Haupt). 3e.(*40) 443. 32;- McGraw 

Fundamentals of (Stork & Rcnouf). (*3I) C8. 111. 6/6* J.Murray 
-General (Beaver). 3c.('46) R8.K90. 335ill.(14col.). 33/- Kimpton 

General (Mavor). 3c.C47) M8.xiii.986. 111. 24figs. 41/- N.Y.: 


General (Phillips, M.E.& Cox. L.E ). C8.224. 111. New Gcn.Sci S 

bds.5/- Univ.Lond. 

General (Strausbaunh & Weimer). 2e.('47) D8 718 3*lOill 44/- 

Wilev.Chap.&H. ' ' 

General, Lab. Directions in (Haupt). 3e.('40) 65. 13 /- McGraw 

General. Laboratory Exercises in (Mavor), 3c.('47) xiv,334. 33flgs 

sd.24/- N.Y.: Macmillan 

General Laboratory Man. of (Arnold, J.G.& Duggan). 4c C40) 

C4.275. 16;- Kimpton 

General, Laboratory Man. of (White. E.G.). 3r.e.('47) C4.278. 

16 /- Kimpton 

General Science (Spratt). ('37) C8.iv,216. 130flgs. limp 4/-* Univ. 


General Science (White. A.S.). C39) C8.256. 3;3* Dent 

Genexal. Textbook of (White. E.G.). 3r.e.('46) D8.659. 334111. 31/6 


History of (Singer). r.c.('50) D8.xxxv.579 35/- H.K Lewis 

Human (Baitsell). 2e.('40) 621 38/6 McGraw 

Human, Active (Bibby). '50) C8.150. 86ill. 4/-* Tfeinemann 

Human. Experimental (Bibby). 2e ('44) C8.108. 48iII. 3/6* 


Illustrated Test Papers in (Jepson). ('49) D4. 4/-* J.Murray 

in Everyday Life (Baker, J.R.& Haldane). 2c.('33) C8.123 4;6 

Allen & U. 

in World To-Day (Fcnn). C36) 3/- Methuen 

Individual Exercise Books. Part 1 (Bilingual) (Owen, G.E.& 

Kirsten). 1/9 Juta 

Individual Exercise Books. Part 2 (Bilingual) (Littler & Kirsten) 

1/9 Juta 

Intermediate (Wheeler, W.F.). 3e.(*47) M8.586. 304J11. 20/-* 


Intro, to (Hatfleld). ('38) C8.504. 168U1 H)/-* Oxf 

Intro, to (Wycth). 9c. Cfi.vni.200. lOlfigs. 4/- G.Bell 

Introductory (Stauffer. etc.). ('49) R8 ix.722. 326figs. 37/6 V 

Nostrand : Macmillan 

Introductory (Stenhouse). ('36) C8.X.370. 249flgs. 4/6 Macmillan 

Junior (Stork & Rcnouf). C33) C8. 111. 3;-* J.Murrav 

Laboratory, New Manual for the (Weimer & Coxc). C44) M4.213 

156U1. sd.22/- W Hey. Chap. & H. 

Manual of (Baitsell). 6e.('41) lC8.x,450. 8pl. 28/6 N.Y '.Macmillan 

Methods in (Kinsey). 12mo.280 40/- Lippincott 

Modern (Holmes, E.J.& Gibbs, R.D.). 3e.('46) C8.xvi.278 163figs 

6;-* Camb. 

New. Ed.Johnson, M.L.& Abcrcrombie. Nos.1-5. 9 sC8 ca sd 


New. for Junior Certificate (Jordaan & Kirstem). 3r.e.C50) III 

8/6 Juta 

New Intro, to (Kinscy). r.e. 8vo. 18/- JJppincotf 

New Style Exercises in (Jones. F.W.). Pts.1-2. ('40) ca C4 64 ca 

1/10* Dent 

of Bacteria (Hcnrici). 3c.('39) D8.484. 112ill. 25/-* Harrap 

of Drosophila. Ed.Dcmcrcc. ('50) D8.600. 111. 80/- Wiley : Chap. 

ct H. 

of Fishes (Kyle). C26) D8. 93ill. 25;- Sidg.& J 

of Flight (Fitzpatnck & Stiles). ('45) D8.168. 111. 8;6 Allen & U 

of Flowering Plants (Skene). r.e.('24) D8. 76ill. 30;- Sidg.A J. 

of Flowers (James, W.O.& Clapham). (*35) R8.128. 71ill. 10/- 


of Food Animals, Sci. of Meat and (Line) v.1-2. (*31-'32) C8 576- 

279. 21/-:15/- Meat Trades ' ... 

of the Frog (Holmes, S.J.). 4c.('27) CS.x.386. Fr. 112ngs. 30;- 

N.Y.: Macmillan 

of Human Starvation (Keys, Brozck, Henschel, etc). C50) C4.1426 

159d.565tabs. 2v. 6; JO/- Minnesota V.P.-.Oxf. 

of Insects (Carpenter). ('28) D8. 25 /- Stdg.A J. 

of Mayflies (Needham. Travcr & Hsu). ('35) M8. Ill 56/6 

Constable ' \ 

Biology of Mental Defect (Penrose). C'49) D8. 111. 21 /- SMg.& J. 

of Schizophrenia (Hoskins). (*46) D8.191. 15/- Chap.&H. 

of Sea-Shore (Flattely & Walton). ('22) D8. 39ill. 25/- Sfdg.& J. 

of Spiders (Savory). C28) D8. 137111. 25/- Stdg.A J. 

of Tissue Cells (Fischer). C48) x.348. 42;- Hafner 

-Plant (Godwin). 4e.('45) CS.x.308. 83J11. 8; 6 Camb. [P. 

Plant, Practical (Dixon. H.H.). 2c.C43) C8.337. lllill. 8;6 Hodget f 

Plant (Weatherwax). 2c.C47) D8.451. 38()ill. 21/- Sounders 

~ Plant, Elements of (Tansley). r.Jamcs. W.O. 3r.e.('49) D8. 111. 21 ;- 
Allen & U. 

Practical (Mason, J.). 2 Pts. 1C8.144:96. 111. d.*. get 

6/-* McDougall 

Practical (Sanders). C47) M8.viii,652. 43ftgs. 27/- V.Noitrand 


Practical Workbook (Sanders & Goldstein). ('49) Imp8.viii.130. 

111. figs, V Nostrand : Macmillan 

Public School (Hankinson). 111. 6/3* Blackie [Man.'U.P. 

Quantitative Method in (Macleod). 2e.(*26) D8.228. 27d. 15;- 

Readable School (Latter). 5e. C8.xn,144. 48fis. 2/6* G.B.fll 

School Course of (Brimblc). 2r.c.('45) CS.x.470. 355'figs. 7/6 


- School Course of (Hunter). 2c.('38) C8.viil,172. 121111. limp 3/-* 

Second Book of (Phillips. M.& Cox, L.E.). ('40) C8.280. 111. 4/9* 


Short Course in (Little. W.B.). n.e.('47) Impl6.168. 111. 4/6* 


Simple Experiments in (Bibby). r.c.('50) C8.176. 8/6 Heinemann 

Social (Rolfc). ('49) D8.416. 2l/- Allen & If. 

Solar (Butler, H.E.). suR9.570. 7d. 37;6 Fowler 

Spectro (Chrapowicki). C38) D8.64. 7d.lch. 3/6 C.W.Daniel 

Staining Schedules (Fowell). 3c.('48) D8.28. sd.2/- H.K.Lewis 

Statist. Anal, in (Mather). 3e.('49) DH.iv.267. 9d. 16/- Methuen 

Students, German Reader for. Ed. Fiedler & Beer. ('33) D8.100. 6/- 


Teach Yourself (Phillips, M.E.& Cox). 3e.('49) 1F8.192 42UI. 4/6 

Eng U.P. 

Teaching and Learning of. in Secondary Schools (Green, T.L.). 

C49) D8.214. 8ill.6pl. 8;6* Allman 

Teaching of (Phillips. M.E.). ('35) C8.156. III. 5/- Univ.Lond. 

Test Examinations in (Walsh, G.B.). ('30) F8.viii,56. Test Exam 

S. 1/3* Methuen 

Test-Papers (Ridley). ('38) C8.56. d.l/6* Harrap 

Test Papers. HiKher Certificate (Foott). ('38) F8.viii.64. Tett 

Exam.S. l;6* Methuen 

Textbook of (Spratt). 3r.e.('43) C8.viii,700. 542figs. 12/6* Untv. 


Theoretical (Ucxkull). Tr.MacKinnon. ('26) D8.xvi,362. Internal. 
Lib.of Psychol. 21/- Routledge 

Unitary Prm. in Physics and (Whyte). ('49> D8.192. 12/6 CrtHtt 

Workbook in (Kinsey). 4to. sd 7/6 Lippincott 
Biomctnc Laboratory Technical S'*ncs. 6v. 4J--7J6 Camb. 
Biomcincal Genetics (Mather). ('49) D8.x,162. 16d. 18;- Methuen 
Biomicroscopy of Eye (Berliner), v.l. 2c. v.2. ('49) R8.1600. 1233111 

(503col.). v.2.12/12/-. set 18 Hoeber:Casselt 
Biophysical Research Methods. Ed.Uber. ('50) M8.680. 141 ill. 76/- 

Biophysics, Groundwork of (Wishart). D8.viii,376. Slfigs. 13 /- G.Bell 

Intro, to (Stuhlman). ('43) M8.375. 155ill. 36/- Wiley. Chap. & H. 

Math., of Central Nervous System (Householder & Landahl). 15;- 

Prlncipla:Wms.& N. 

Progress in. and Biophy. Chemistry (Butler. J.A.V.A Randall). 

('50) R8.268. I34ill. Progress S. 50;- ButtwthSci. 

Studies in (Nouv). C45) M8.185. 89ill. 24;- Remhold:Chap.& H. 
Bio-Politics (Roberts, M.). C38) lM8.xvi,240. 15/- Dent 

Biopsy. Bone Marrow (Leitncr). Ed.& Tr Bntton & Neumark. (*49) 

R8.448. 7pI.(6coI.).194fiRS. 42;- Churchill 
Biosynthesis (Mott) C48) D8.358. 42;- Wvtkins 
Bir Hakim. Siege of. Tr.Houghton. 40ill. 2M. 7/3 Schindler-Vaughan 
Bird, M. of Persia. In Eagle Omn.Bks. v.7. ('47) C8. bds.2/6 Edin. 


ABC ("Adprint "). C50) Impl2.52. Col. ill. bds.6/- Coltlni 

Ailments and Accidents (John). 4c. C8.140. 111. &d.3/6 Poultry 

Behaviour. Intro, to Study of (Howard. H.E.). ('29) R4. Hill 2d 

42 /- Camb. 

Book. Australian (Leach). Ed.Barrctt. 8c ('45) C8.200. 48ill. 9;6 

Book for Pocket (Sandars). 3e.('33) Pott8.266. 14flgi. 

Book. Our (Rogerson). ('47) Imp8.128. Ill.(somc col.) 21 /- Collins 

British (Ennion). C8. III. Realms of Nat.Sci 5 /- Oxf 

Cay (Stacpoole). ('48) C8.256. 111. 5J- Wells. G.D. ' 

Display and Behaviour (Armstrong, E.A.). r.e. ('47) D8 430 32ol 

2 1/- b.Benn 

Exhibits, Guide to (Matheson). 5e.('49) 16. fig. sd.6d, NaiMm 


Haunts in N. Britain (Ycates). (*48) R8.176. 123pl 25/- Faber 

Haunts in S. England (Ycates). ('47) R8.112. 99pl 15;- Faber 

in Bush (Rivers). n.e.('49) C8.192. 4/- Jenkins 

in Hand: Play (Drmkwater) sd.4;- S.French 

in the Tree (Goudge). ('40) C8.312. 7y6 Duckwth. 

Life (Armstrong, E.A.). ('49) D8.152. 24pL 12/6 E.Benn 

Life, Australian (Barrett). ('47) C8.240. 38pl. 8/6 Oxf. 

Life. Book of (Allen, A.A.). ('30) M8.xx,426 275figs. 30/- V 

Nostrand : Macmillan 

Life in Cornwall (Ryves). ('48) sC8.256. 111. 10/6 Collins 

Life in Two Deltas (Yeates). ('46) R8.160. 68pl.3M. 15;- Faber 

Life, Intimate Sketches from (Ncwberry & Masking) n e ('50T 

M8.112. 53ill.(4col.). 10/6 Country L. 

Life on Island and Shore (Smith, H.G.-). C25) D8.215. 111. 25;- 






Bird Life. Territory in (Howard, E.). (*48) sC8.224. 111. 10/6 Collins 

Life, Triumphs in (Patten). (*31),58. Thinker's Forum S. sd. 

7d. Watts 

Life. Wild. Tales of (Batten). ('48> 111. 5/- Blaikte 

- Look at 'I his (Gaze). C43) IC4.32. 29pl bds.6/- Faber 

Migration. 3e.('49) 1C8.183. 8pl. 8/6 Witherby 

-Migration (Smith, S.). C48) sC4.24. 111. Young Brit. S. sd.l/- 
A \soc Nt'M'spri. 

Migration (Thomson. A.L.). 1C8.183. 8pl.l3M. 8/6 Wttherbv 
Music (Turnbull). ('43) D8.128. 46pl. 7/6 Faber 

-Name this (Daglish). r.e.('48j &CK.215. I)l.(tv4col.). 10/6 Dent 

of Dawning (Masefield). ('49) C8.290 6/- Heinemann 

on a Broken Wing (Robinson, B.S.). ('50) C8.224. 8/6 Millv & D. 

Painter's Journal. Sketches and Notes from (Rickman). ('49) D4. 

130 85ill.C2col ). 30/- Evre 

Painting Book. 4y6 Blackie 

Painting Book. ('44) R24.20. lOill. sd 6d Wlnvor 

- Painting Book. Ill.Moore. L -. ('48) D4 Scol pi 2/- Hlundford 
Photographer in India (Lowthcr). ('49) R8.162 79pl. 2 1/- India: 


- Photography (Vcates). (*46) R8.116. 57pl.4d. 12/6 Faber 

- Portraits (.Harrison. J.C.). ('49) M4.120. 500ill.(16col.). 6V- 

Country L 

Portraiture (Tunmcliffe). C45) C4 96. 98ill. How to do it S 10/6 

-Recognition (Fisher, J.). \ 1. ('48). SC8.190. Pelican S. sd.2/d 


Rooms and Cages, Aviaries (Luke). 4e. C8.160. 40ill. bds 3/6 
Poultry Wld 

- Sanctuary (Gaze) ('47) 1C4.36 29pl 1M. 4/6 Faber 

Secrets (Buddle\ D8. Ill ca.18/- Allen <t f/ 

Talisman (Wedgwood). (*J9) D8 80. 55ill. 7/6 Faber 

Watchers, Young (Hillstrad). C47) ICX.204 lOpl JOd. 8/6 I'aher 

Watching (Smith, S.). ('48) sC4.36. 111. Young Bnt.S. sd.l/- AMOC. 

Watching for hvei \txidy (Harrison, R ) ('43) C8.60. 9ill 3/6 

-Watching, Guide to (Hickcy). <*43) DK 276. llill.Jauues. 3(itabs 

2ch. 16/- Ov/. 
--What, is that (Cavley). sMS.340. 50ill (I6col ). 21 /- AHRUS 

Wonders of Australia (Chisholm). D8.285. 6lill, !.*/- AnguA 
Birdikm Family (Marshall. A.). 032) .sqC8.160. Ill 6/- Dent 
Birdland Calling (Gaze) C48) 1C4.32. 33pl. 7/6 //> 

Birds (Aristophanes). Ed Merry. 4e.('()4) F8.206. 6/- Oxf. 

(Bavnc & Gudgeon). C48) SC4.102. Col. ill. Getting to Know S 

10/6 Collins 
--(Kent. M.). C44) Chi.Nat.S limp 2/-* Harrap 

- (Pickwell) ('39) M4. 42/6 McCraw 

(Sam, M.K C & Henderson, J A ). sC8 112. M- Nch<m 

(Sheppard). C40) F6 64. 111. How to Draw S. 3/- Siudw 
--('Ihomson. A.L ). C27) F8. H.U L. 3/6 O\i. 

-Acharnians. Knights, Frogs (Aristophanes). Tr.Frerc PottS 380 
World's Classics 4/6 Oxf. 

and Animals from Nat Gallery. ('46) CS.viii. 32pl. 3/6 Nat. 

Gitllerv Longmans 

- and Beasts (Young. P.M.). (*45) M4 18 sd.2/6 E.J.Arnold 
and Bird Watching (Huxley). ('30) C8 116 8ill 6/- D.Dolnon 
and Brownies of the Woods, American Bovs' Book of (Beard) 

8vo 67i 11 20; - Uppincott 

and Butterflies (Hoskmj;). ('48) sC4 82. 111. Young Bnt.S sd V- 

A\\oc Nrwsprs. 

and I (Brown. L.) ('47) SD8.196. 24pl 15/- M Joseph 

and Mammals of Bury (Horan). ('49) D8.70. 6/6 Horan:K W B 


and Men (Nicholson. F.M.). ('50) 1D8.272. III. New Nat S 21 /- 


and their Eggs (Abbey). ('49) IC8.112. 47ill.(2ScoL). 7/6 Ward 


and their Messages, Of (Harman). (*43) F8 48. sd.1/6 Wessex P 
-at Buttermilk Hall (Morton, K.F.) C50) 1C8.128. Col.Fr. IRill' 

5/- Harrap 

at Home fBlyton). III. " Old Thatch." S limp 1/6* W.Johwton 
- at Sight (Bcmon, S V.). C43) F8.111. 111. 2/6 Warne 

Audubon's American (Sitwcll. S.). C49) C4.iv.12 16col 111 

Colour Bks. 6/6 Bats ford 
-Ballot and Other Plays. Ed.Swmson SC8.64. III. Chi.Theai S 

1/4* Black 
-- Beasts and Flowers. (*48) C8. III. 10/6 Litfleburv 

Beasts and Humans, Insects (Hcrne). C46) C8 101). 2/6 Tpnorth 

Book of (Morse). ('44) F8.160. 19ill. I aurel A Gold S. 2/6* 


Bred in Captivity, Records of (Hopkmson). C26) D8.350. 15/- 


British (Frohawk). ('50) D8.256. 15UH.(31col.). 17/6 Ward, Lock 

British (Kirkman & Jourdam). ('30) sC4.226. 203ill.(4col.) 4V- 


British (Willett). 2e.('49) D8.viii.196. 50ill.(16col). 8/6 Black 
- British, Breeding, in Aviaries and Cages (Norman) C8.136 

35ill. 3/6 Poultry Wld, 

British, Check List of (Witherby). ('41) D8 78 5/- Witherby 
British, Eggs (Butler, A.G.). C50) D8.viii.220. 50 /- 

Jan von 

"- British, Eggs and Nests (Pochin). ('46) D8.32. Ynp. Nat S 
bds.3/6 Brockhampton 

British, Eggs and Nests of (Ford, R.L.E.). C50) 1C8.96. 24pl. 

(8col.). Yng.Nat.S. 6/- Black 

British. Eggs and Nests. Pckt.Bk.of (Hall, C.A.). ('39) sC8.160. 

48ill.(16col.). 7/6 Black 

- British, Eggs of (Mathson). *4e.('49) 26. 2pl. sd.6d. Nat.Mus 

British. Hdbk.of (Witherby, etc.). 5v. ('43-44). 1D8.326-.352: 

387:461:381. ea.30/-; set 7. Suppt. D8.21. 1/9 Witherby 


Birds. British. How to Know (Joy). C'36) C8.136. 40pl.(16col.). 6/- 

Briush^Nesting (Westell). CIO) C8.130. 22ill.(16col.). 4/- Dent 

British Nesting, and their Eggs (Hodgson). ('49) D8.80. 

8/6 Eyre 

British, Observer's Book of (Benson, S.V.). ('37) sPott8.224. 

200ill.(100col.). Observer's Pckt.S. 5/- Warne 

British Sea (Hill, C.A.G.). ('47) C4.144. 95pl.(lcol.).16M. 18/- 


British, Studies of ("Fish-Hawk"). ('50) C8.144. 32ill. 7/6 


British, their Nests and Eggs. lid.Perry. ('47) sC8.44. 24col.ilL 

Do-Y ou-Know S . bds .2 / 6 ; cl .4 / - Perry 

British Wild (Pochin). ('43) D8.32. 97col.ill. Yng.Nat.S 

bds.3/6 Brockhampton 

British Wild, More About (Pochin). (*44) D8.32. 84col.ill. Yng 

Nat.S. bds.3/6 Brockhampton 

Cage (Dick). (*48) D12.139. 4pl.7d O.& A.S. bds.3/6 Jordan 

Charm of (Grey of Fallodon). C37) 1F8.320. 4/6 Hodder 

Common, Bk. of (Sandars). C8. 111. Chameleon Bks. bds.3/- 


Consider the (Sargent). ('43) C8.120. 23ill. 5/- Vnlv.Lond. 

Eggs, British (Butler, A.G.). C50) D8.\iii,220. 50/- 

J union 

European. Gloss, of, in Latin and 17 Other Languages 

(Jorgensen & BlackburneX ('41) Impl6.192 17/6 Ballev 

Eye Bible Study (Patterson). G18.128. Colportage S. 2/- Moody 


Eye History of Music (Reeier). ( 49) 1C4. Svmphoma Bks. 7/6 

Sidz & J. 

Eve View of Christianity (Crosby). T50) C8.64. sd.2/6 Epworth 

Eye View of Church Historv C47) C8. 2/6 C.T.S. 

Eye View of India's Past as Foundation for India's Future. C8 

1/6 Theosoph. Pub. 

Flight of. Bats and Insects (Lane, F.W.). ('48) Pts.l&2. eu 

s>C4.20. 111. Young Bnt.S. 1/3 A^oc.Newspr^. 

Foreign, for Garden Aviaries (Brooksbank). (*50) D8.240. 7hll. 

10/6 Poultry Wld, 

Game. Beasts and Fishes (Parker, E.). D8. III. Lonsd.ile Lib S 

21 /- Sfflev 

Game, Raising, in Captivitv (Grcenberg). ('49) SuR8.xiv.224 

117figs. 37/6 V.No\trand:Macmtllan 

Garden. Some (Put). C48) sC4.l6 111. Young Brit S sd.l/- 

--High, and Low (Richards. C ). C50) D8.240. Ill 12/6 Jenkins 

How to See (Duglish). ('32) sC8 112 20il1. 2/6 Dent 

How to Study (Smith, S.) n.e C50) C8 192. 111. 5/- Collins 

in Action (Hoskmp, & Newberry) C49) 1D8.128. 77ill. 16/- 


in Africa, Beasts and (Longden). C40) C8.80. 111. Simple Sci.S 

1/2* Oxf. 

in Britain (Fisher, J.). C42) D8.48 HUsome col ). Brit. in Pict.S 

bds.5/- Collins 

in Britain (Pitt) ('48) M8 vm.576 25/- Macmillan 

in Camera (Higham). ('49) ID8.128 111. IS/- Coliiw 

in a Garden Sanctuary (Staples). C46) 1D8.182. 111. 12/6 Warne 

in Greek and English par. txts. (Aristophanes). Tr.Rogers. B.B 

F4. 10/6 G.Bell 

in London (Hurcomb). (*49) sd.9d. Mln.otWks iH.MS.O. 

in Our Garden (Kcrr, M.). ('47) Imp32.64. 111. Truth 

in a TalcS. 3/6 /; War,] 

In Praise of (Raven). D8.208 111. 15/- Allen & U. 

in Winter (Edwards. G.). ('48) sC4.24. 111. Young Brit.S. sd.l/- 

/4v.\r Newsprt. 

in a Wvnberg Garden (Barnard). C30) 1/9 Juta 

Indian (Dewar). ('10) C8.230. 8/6 J.Lane 

Indian, Bk. of (Saiim Ah). 2r.c.('43) 8\o.268. M. 206pl. 

(I88col ). 3ill. )/- Prohtthain 

Indian Hill (Ali). ('49) C8.240. 72ill.Henrv. 30/- Jndla-.Oxf 

Indian, Pop. Hdbk. of (Whistler). r.Kmncar. 4e('49) D8.588 

24pl (7col.).108d 22/6 Oliver 

Led. Where the (Brandon). 048) CS.x.122 17pl. 8/6 Chap.&H. 

Let's Watch (Westell) C43) D8.256. 204ill.(lcol.). 7/6 Nelson 

Life Story of (Daglish). ('30) D8.250 32ill. 7/6 Dent 

Live, Way (Armstrong, E.A.). ('43) D8.96. 29i|l. 7/6 E.Brnn 

London's (Fitter). C49) 1C8.256. 111. 10/6 Collim 

Making Friends With (Park). C48) C4. III. 21 /- Chatto 

Meet these (Nicholas). ('49) 1C8.96. 36pl. 6/- Lutt.P. 

Migration of (Coward). ('12) R.16. 4M. Camb.Man.S. 4/- 


Month by Month, Our (Hemlm). ('46) C8 112. 16ill. 6/- Carey 

Moorland, Mountain and (Kelly). C47) D6.32. Puffin Pict.S. 

Bd.1/6 Penguin 

More About (Hendy). ('50> D8.224. 15pl. 12/6 Eyre 

My Book of (Daunt & Lay). C43) 112. Easv Study S 

3/6 Mncmillan 

N.7., and How to Identify Them (Moncrieff). 3e. C8.140. 42111. 

8/6 Whitcombe 

N. American Man. of (Ridgway). 4e. 8vo.777. 464ill. 48/- 


No. 1 (French). ('48) sC4.32. 111. Young Brit.S. sd.1/3 Assoc. 

Newspn . 

Oceanic, of S. America (Murphy). 2v. ('48> xx,640;vii,605 Col 

111 . Set 6 / 1 1 / - N. Y . : Macmtllan 

of Africa, Beasts and (Longden). 1/4* Oxf. 

of the Air (Whanslaw). ('45) 30. Bible Bckgrnd S. 

sd.9d. ReligEduc. ' 

of America (Audubon). n.e.('50) 320. 22/- N.Y.: 

Macmillan [Allen&on 

of Bible: Pntg.Bk. ('37) M4.14. 111. Richards. A. B. sd.l/- 

of Brewery Creek (Macdonald, M.). ('47) M8.344. 23pl.(7col.). 

A.A. Allen & Cr/ck. 21 /- Oxf. 




Birds of Britain (Macdonald, J.D.). ('49) C8.1S4. 8/6 

of Britain (Wilton). ( ? 50) IC8.96. 33ill.(8col.). Yng.NatS. 6/- 


of British Isles (Coward). r.Boyd. ('50) 3v. 1F8.400:384:286. 

Col.ill. Wayside & Wood S. ca.17/6 Warne 

of British Isles (Daglish). (*48) 1C4.222. 70ill. l.e.(1.500) 5/5/- 


of Brit. Somaliland and the Gulf of Aden (Archer &. Goodman). 

(*37) 2v. Imp8.xcvi.626. 48pl.Ill.M. set 84/- Oliver 

of the Coast (Hill, C.A.G.-). (*49) C8.216. 16pl.l36figs.& M. 

10/6 Withcrby 

of Coaht and Sea. Ed.Blair. C49) C8.78. IlJ.Bird Gdcs. 6/- 


of Concord (Griscom). ('49) D8.352. 16U1. 40/- Harvard U.P.: 


of Day (Hosking and Newbcrry). n.e.('SO) ID8.128. 111. 6/- 


of Day. More (Hoskmg and Newberry). n c f 50) ID8.12N. 111. 

6/- Collins 

of E. Africa, Some (Fremont). C50) C8.100. 53ill. Highway Nat. 

Gdes S. sd.4/6* Longm-'m 

of a Feather (Doran and Manin). ('48) 11. 1 -Act Play S. sd.1/6 


of a Feather: Play (Francis), sd.1/6 S.French 

of a Feather (Spiller). ('50) C8.224. 9/6 S.Paul 

of Field and Garden. Ed.Blair. (*49) C8 78. III. Ill.Bird Gdes. 

6/- Chambers 

- of the Field and Woodland (Tansley). ('48) Col ill. 4/- Blackie 

of Firth of Clyde (McWilham). ('36) D8.164. lOpUM. 12/6 


of the Garden. C50) Coll.ill. bds.1/6 Blackie 

of Grey Wind (Armstrong. E.A.). 3e.('4fa) D8.J74 61pl. 6/- 

/ Benn 

of Hedgerow Field and Woodland (Nelson. R.). C48) C8 192 

III 8/6 Jenkins 

of Hill and Forest. Ed.Blair. ('49) C8.78. 111. Ill.Bird Odes. 

6/- Chamber* 

of Hill. Moor and Marsh (Tanslev). C50) Col.ill. 4/- Blackte 

of III Omen (Knight. K.M ) (*50) C8 192. 8/'> 77 H">ionil 

of Kutch (Ali), ('45). C4.192. 35pl.(20col.Cowen). 1M. 35/- 

Indta - Oxf. 

of Malaysia (Dclacour). ('47) lC8.xvi.382. Ill 37/6 N.Y 


of Marsh and Mere and How to Shoot them (Nichols. J.G.M.) 

C26) D8.288. Sill. 8/6 Heath, C. 

of Meadow and Stream. ('50) Col.ill. bds.1/6 Blackif 

of Moor, Lake and Stream. Ed. Blair. ('49) CS 74 111 111. 

Bird Gdes. 6/- Chambers 

of Moorland. Hill and Stream. ('50) Colill. bdsl/6 Blackie 

- of Nippon (Taka-Tsukasa). 7v. ImpK. ca.1V- Witherbv 

of No-th Kent Marshes (Gilinam and Holmes). f50) IC8.320 

111. 12/6 Collins 

of N. Rhodesia- Check List (White. C.M.N. and Winter- 

bottom) C49) D8.168. 1M sd.2/6 Crown 

of Nyasaland (Belcher). C30) D8.384. M 17/6 Tech.P. 

of the Ocean (Alexander). ('28) F8 42X 140ill 21 /- Putnam 

of Our Countrv Ed.Smith. D.S.- C50) C8. v.l. 610; v.2 582 

Col ill. set 30 /- Hutchison 

of Our Gardens (Blyton). ('40) 1C8. III. 6/- Newnes 

of Passage (Masson). 192 12/6 Allen & V 

of Passage (Thomas. G ). CI2) C8.X.31 1/6 Chrt * 77 

of Philippine Is. (Hachisuka). 4v. SuR8. ea.25/- 


of the Philippines (Dclacour and Mayr). ('46) ICK.xOlO 69d 

27 /- N.Y. : Macmillan 

of Prey: Play (Constanduras and ARR). C8.24 sd.1/6 S Fremh 

of Prev, Monograph of. 1924-45 (Swann). 2\. in 15 pts. 4to 

56pl.(39col ). set sd.25 Wheldon 

of the River (Kerr, M.). ('48) Imp52 64. Ill lOcol pi. Truth 
in a Tale S. 3/6 E.Ward 

of the Sea and Shore (Davidson). C48) Col.ill 4/- Blackie 

of S. Africa (Roberts. A.). 3r.e C42) D8 463 35,'- 


of S. America CRraboumc and Chubb), v.l. C12) Imp8.523 

M. sd.30/- Wheldon 

of the Southwest Pacific (Mayr). ('45) C8.xx,316. 15fiRS.3pl. 30 f - 

7V Y.\ Macmillan 

of Tierra del Fuego (Crawshay). ('07) Imp8.xl.158 III 

M 10/10/- Quaritch 

of Trop. W. Africa (Bannerman). v.7. C49) G18.413. 

40fiRR. 55 /- Crown 

of Valley (Philipson). ('48) D8.vii,17() 30ill 5/- l^ngmans 

of Warwickshire. Notes on (Norris, C.A ). C48) C8.83. bds.8/6 

Cornish Bros. 

of Wayside and Woodland. Ed.Blyton. (*36) 1F8.352. Col.ill 

Wavside Pckt.Gdes. 10/- Warne 

of the W. Indies. Field Guide to (Bond). C36) C8.ix.257. 

211figs. 28/6 N.Y. '.Macmillan 

of Wing. etc. (Hudson. W.H.). Ed.Fox. Pott8.256. Kings 

Treas.S. 1/10* Dent 

of Woodland and Hedgerow. C50) Col.ill. bds.1/6 Blackie 

of Worcestershire (Hartham). C47) C4. 16H1 10/6 lAttlebury 

of World. Check-List of (Peters). C34-45) M8. v.2-3 ea.17/-- 

v.l. 4-5. o.p. v.6('48) 36/- Harvard V.P,:Oxf. 

on Wins (Barlee). (*47) 1D8 128. III. 12/6 Collins 

Our Common (Grey. E. Viscount). ^('49) D8. III. Rdrs.Gdes.S. 

sd.l/- N.B.L.:Camb 

Scenes from (Aristophanes). Ed.Oldaker. F8.xx,72. 3111. Camb. 

Elem.Class.S. 3/-* Camb. 

Sidelights on (Hoisfleld). D8.224. 20ill. 15/- Heath, C. 

Story of (Patten). C28) C8.478. 111. 12/6 Pawson 

Birds through the Year (" Fish-Hawk "). ('50) C8.128. Col.Fr. 32iJI. 
7/6 Duckwth. 

to Paint. 1/9 Blackie 

Trees and Flowers III. r.e.('48) M8.384. 346U1. 10/6 Odhams 

Tropical (Sitwell, S.). (*48) C4.iv.12. 16col.ill. Colour Bks. 6/6 


Watching (Fisher. J.). (*50) sC8.192. Pelican S. sd.1/6 Penguin 

which Breed in G.B.. List of (Butler. A.G.). 8vo. Rd.6d. Janson 

Wild and Free (Robertson, A.W.P.). C50) 1C8.224. 111. 16/- 


Wild, and the Land, sd.2/6 M in of Agrlc.-.H.M.S.O. 

Wild, in Brit. (Gordon. S.). 3e.('49) D8.viii,120. 102ill.(2col.). 

Brit. Nature Lib. 12/6 Batsford 

Wild, More Songs of (Nicholson, E.M. and Koch). ('37) C8.104. 

28pl. (w.3 gram.rcc.). 30/- Witherby 

Wild, of Our Country, Zoo Man Talks about (Smith, D.S.-). 

C45) D8. Ill 9/f Littleburv \\Vld. 

Wild Plants and Seeds for (Morse). 3e. C8.108. sd.2/6 Poultrv 
--Wild. Songs of (Nicholson h.M. and Koch). ('36) C8.2I6 

11 pi. (w.2 gram.rec.). 30/- Witherby 

Birdseed Pool (Roberts, C.E.B.). n.e.('SO) F8.160. sd.1/6 Jarrold* 
Birgitta, St., Revelations of. Ed.Cumm ng. (*29) E.E.T.S. 10/- Ox/ 
Birhors. The (Roy). ('35),608. 111. 21 /- Luzac 
Birkcnhcad. Story of St. Aldan's Coll. ('49) C4. 12ill. 10/6 


Town Plan. 4" 1m. sd.1/6 Geographia 

Birkscraft Movie Cut-Out (Birks). ('49) R4.16 Col.ill. Cut-Out 

Bks. bds.3/6 B/rfcv 

Birl (Frcy). Tr. David and Mosbacher. ('47 ) C8 6/- Cape 
Birmingham (Birmingham Info. Dept.). ('50) C8.48. 39ill.fldK.M 

bds.6d. B'ham. Info. 
(Mee). C50) D8.56. Ill City Gdes.S. 3/6 St.Hugh'o P. 

A.A. Duplex Throughw.> Map: 2i" 1m. C49) sj.4-d 


Arms of (Smith. S.C.K.). C36) C8. sd.6d. B'ham.Mu*.. 

Art Gall.. Some Picts. in (Woodall). ('49) C8.43. 30H1. sd.l/- 

B 'ham. MM*. 

Citv of. Off. Hdbk., 1950. Ed.Bradnock. ('50) C4.304. 91ill.3d 

sd.2/6 B'ham.Info. 

Cuv of^ Pict. Map ot (Birmingham Info. Dept.). ('50) 30* x 40". 

Co! M (in tube) 7/6 B'ham.Info. 

Citv Transpt., ABC of. ('50) 2v. ea.D16.56:72. ABCBus.Bks. 

sd.2/6 I.Allan 

- Corporation Vehicles. ABC of C50) D16.64. ABC Bus.Bks 

2/6 I Allan 

50 Miles Round : Map. sd 9d Gfottraphia 

50 Week-End Walks Round (Hmgclcy). C50) C8.128 2/6 St. 

Hush's I 1 

(Greater) Town Plan, sd.6/6; cl.10/6 Geographia 

Gun Barrel Proof House, Hist, of the. Ed Harris. C. 2e.('49) 

MS. 150. Ill 2dpl. 7/6 B'ham.Proof 

-Map. 2m. 1". 30 Miles Round S. sd.2/6; cl.5/6; c.r v.27/ti 
Geographia [Geograptiia 

Map. 3m 1". 50 Miles Round S. sd.2/6; cl.5/6; c.r.\.27/(> 

Music and An Gallery, Short Guide to Archaeol. Coll in 

(Oswald). ('50) D8. 12ill. sdl/- Birmingham 

- Music in. Story of (Smith, J.S.). ('45) D8.122. I11.9pl. 12/6 

Cornhh Bros. 

- HK) Miles Round, Wales and Midlands: Route Gde. sd.l/- 


Our. ('43) G14.52 2/6* Cadburv: Univ.Lond. 

Plan 3t"~ 1m C4S) 34" \ 36". sd.4/-; cI.7/6 Bartholomew 

Pkt Atlas and Guide 6c ( '4> sC8.18. bds.4/- Bartholomew 
-- Rep. Theatre (Kemp). 2r.e.( f 48> T>8.177. 9pl. 12/6 Cornish Broi. 

- Guide and Map for Motorists and Cyclists. (*47) 110 1/6 

So This is (Tiptaft). ('47) sC8. 45hl. to/6 Tiptaft [Littleburv 

Street Guide sdl/6 Geographia 

Town Plan. 3" 1m. sd.l/-; 4" 1m. sd.3/.- cl.6/- Geographia 

Univ. of (Vincent & Hmton). ('47) C4.240. 83pl. 25 /- Cornish 

-- With Suburbs and Smethwick, Directory of. (750) suR 8.2300 

75 /- Kellv's 
Birstall. Yorkshire. History of Anc. Par. of (Cradock). (*33) 

D8 336. pl.M. 10/6 S.P.C.K. 
Bitth and Death of the Sun (Gamow). (*40) 8yo.xvi.246. 60ftB< 

27 /- N.Y.:Macmillan 

and Growth of Religion (Moore, G.F.). 7/- T.&. T.Clark 

and Spread of Plants (Willis). M8.561. sd.50/- Bailty 

Control (Wright, H.). C36) D16.96. sd.2/- Cassell 

Control. Christian and (Dyttleton). ('30) C8.128. sd.2/- S.P.C.K 

Control Explained. Methods of CBcale). ('30) F8.62. sd.2/6 


--Control. Female Methods of (Scott. G.R.). 2e.('50) C8.64. 6d 
bds. 3/6 Torchstream 

Control, Judgment on (Guchteneere). 5/- Sheed 

Control, Male Methods of (Scott. G.R.). ('37) C8.96 4d 

bds.3/6 Torchstream 

Control, Marriage and (Barwon). C8.152. 5/- Camden 

Control, Marnase and (David & Fursc). ('3D D8 sd.l/- Nt\b*t 

Control Methods (Huire). C8.192. Ill.d. 6/- Allen & V. 

Control Methods (Kerry). C8.32. sd.1/3 Camden 

Control Methods, Modem (Scott. G.R.). 2c.('47) C8.156. 5d 

7/6 Torchstream 

Control Methods, Pract. Olimes). rJackson. M.H. 2e D8.248. d. 

15 /- Allen A U. 

Control. Nature's Own (Gcrsier). Tr.Yglesias. C'49) C8.128. 

18111. 6/- Thorsons \Wm\.& N. 

Control. Nature's Way of (Pcderson). (*35) C8.116. 4/6 

Wms.& N. . 

Control on Trial (Florence). C8.160. 5/- Allen A U. 

Control, Practical Guide to (Chesser) ('50) C8.128. 7/6 






Birth Control, R.C. Methods of (Slopes). (33) C8.235. 7/6 P.Davies 

Miracle of (Hodson). C8. 5/- Theosoph.Pub. 

Mystery of (Oldficld). ('49) D8.192. 12/6 Rider 

of Arthur: Mus. Drama (Buckley & Boughton). 1/6 W. Reeves 

of Christian Religion (Loisy). Tr.Jacks. C48) D8.413. 18/- 

Allen & V. 

of Christianity (Ratcliffe). ('36) C8.356. 5/- Allenson 

of Dutch Republic (Clark, G.N.). (*47) R8.32. Br.Ac. : Raleigh 

Lect.1946. 3/6 Oxf. 

of England (White, R.M.). ('35) C8.110. 111. Sen.Schl.S. limp 

1/2 Macmillan 

of Flight (Cook, H.K.). C8.206. 7/6 Allen & V. 

of German Republic (Rosenberg). Tr.Morrow. ('31) D8.298. 

18/- Oxf. 

of Indian Psychol. and its Devt. in Buddhism (Davids). ('36) 

C8.X.444. bds.5/- Luwc 

of Indonesia (WchI). D8.224. M. 15/- Allen & V. 

of Judaism (Batho). ('45) C8.128. 8pl. 5/- S.P.C.K. 

of Judaism (Maynard). 8vo.l44. Ori. Research S. sd.5/-; cl.6/- 


of Middle Ages (Moss). C35) D8.310. 18/- Oxf. 

of a Movement (Baron). Pt.II 1919-22. C46) sMS.120. 17pl. 2/- 


of a Nation and its Destiny (Bayley & Morrish). f32) D8.240. 

sd.2/6 Covenant 
--Pangs of New Kashmir (Phadke). C48) s8vo.34. I/- Probsthain 

to Maturity. From (Btihler). ('35) C8.xiv,237. III. 10/6 


Universal Design of (Mott). (*48) D8.178. 21 /- Watkim 
Binhday: Play (Ackland). sd.2/6 S.French 

Play (Adam). C45) C8.24. sd.1/3 Brown. Son & F. 

Book (Dickens). Ed.HawksIey. ('48) R8.292. 14ill.Ardiz7onc. 

16/- Faber 

Book (Greenaway. K.). ('09) sF.12.130. 7/fi Warne 

Book for Children. Ed.Heath. ('30) C16.256. 6/3 Warne 

Books Series. 7v. ea.Postl6. 3/- Ward.Lock 

Caravan (English). C8. 111. Comin.Rdrs.S. limp 2/-* G.Bell 

of a Nation (Rogers. F. & Beard). 12mo. III. 16/- Lippincotf 

Party (Binyon). Impl6, bds.1/6 Oxf. 

Party (Boyes). ('49) C8.12. mus.cxs. sd.1/6 Blackburn 

Party and Other Stories (Milne, A.A.). ('49) C8.X.228. 8/6 

Picnic. sD4.16. sd.l/- Juv.Prodns. [Methuen 

Readings (Hyland). CIO) F4.60. sd.l/- M.Hyland 

Story, Tell me a (Bailey, C.S.). 8vo. 26ill. 18/6 Lipplncott 
Birthdays for Robin (Sewell). ('48) Imp 12. 44. 44ill. bds.4/- R.Hale 
Birthmark (Houghton). (*50) C8.288. 9/6 Collins 

Birthplace of St. Patrick (Malone). 16. 2/- Browne A N. 

of St. Patrick (O'Brien, E.). D8. 1/6 Browne AN. 
Birthrate. Britain and her ("Mass-Observation"). D8. 21 /- 


Britain's (Corina). C46) C8.48. sd.l/- Sunbeam 

Education arid (Leybourne & White, K.). ('40) 1C8. 10/6 Cape 

Fall of (Yule). (*20) D8.44. 4/- Camb. 
Birthright (Cluver). ('45) C8.165. 8/6 Gordon 

Britain's (Roe). C4.80. 88ill.(25col.). 4M(2fldg.). R/6 Gawthorn 

of Multitudes (Gillian). n.e.('49) C8.223. 6/- Melrose 

Success your (Brown. W.J.). D8.192. 12/6 Allen & V . 
Births. Deaths and Marriages. Registrar-General of. for Scotland. 

Ann.Rcpt.1946. sd.5/6 Scot.-.H.M.S.O. 
Biscoe, C.E.T.- of N.W. India. In Eagle Omn. Bks. r.2.('44) C8. 

bds.2/6 Edin.Ho, 
Biscuit Baker's, Bread, and Sugar Boiler's Asst. (Wells. R.). ('29) 

C8.122. 5/- Tech.P. 
Biscu'ts. Plain and Fancy (Boyd). C49) D8.127. 32UI. 17/6 

Macljaren & Sons 
Bisexunlitv as Reflected in Circumcision, Problems of (Nunbcrg). 

('49) D8.83. 10/- Imago 
Bishop and Caterpillar (Manners). (*43) C8.108. limp 3/6 J.Clarke 

And the Cobbler (Jones, L.E.). ('48) C8.232. 10/6 Seeker 

and Friend (Headlam). ('45) D8.158. 9pl. 10/6 Mncd.A Co. 

The, and Other Stories CTchehov). ('19)n.e. PottS. 4/6 Chatto 

Auckland: Local Studies. D8. sd.3/6 Min.of Educ. :H.M.S.O. 

Chall-mer (Gwyn). ('46) C8.25/5. 8/6 Organ 

the Hamster (Reynolds, H.W.). C8.36. III. sd.l/*- ff.Revnold\ 

Misbehaves: Play (Jackson, F.). sd.3/6 S.French 

of Hell (Bowen, M.). ('49) 246. 8/6 J.Lane 

of Penal Times (Power). ('32) D8.102. sd.2/6 Cork 

Office of a. sd.1/6 Ch.Bk.Rm. 

said Amen (Battersby). ('47) D8.114. Ipl. 5/- Kingdom 

Shanahan, C.S.Sp. (Jordan.!.). ('49) D8. 16/- Clonmore: 

Burns, O. (Seeley 

Sterling of Falkland Islands (Macdonald. F.C.). D8. Ill.M. 10/6 
Bishoprick Papers (Henson). ('46) D8.368. 16/- Oxf. 

Bishop's and Reform 1215-1272 (Gibbs. M. A Lang). (*34) D8.224. 
Oxf. Hist .S. 12/6 Oxf. 

Candlesticks: Play (McKinnel). sd.I/6 S.French 

Candlesticks (McKinnel). ('33) C8.iv,44. Simpl. Plays S. Overseas 

e. sd.l/-* Longmans 

Cap Murder (Linklater). C49) C8.160. sd.iy6, cl.6/- Foulsham 

Chanceries, Eng., 1100-1250 (Cheney). C50) F4.17,xii. 7pl. 

Kd.11/6; cl.12/6 Man.U.P. 

English (Moon). 2e. C8. IP. 3/6 Allen A U. 

Jaegers (Smith, T.). n.e.('49) C8.viii,312. 6/> Methuen 

Latimer and Ridley (Rylc). Impl6.80. 2pl. sd.9d. Prot.Truth 

Mantle (Turnbull). ('48). C8.320. 10/6 Collins 

Stortford. r.c,('48) F4.128. sd.6/-; cl.10/- Le Play 

Sword (Bcrrow). ('50) C8. Target S. 5/- Ward.I^ck 
Bismarck (Ludwig). Tr.Paul. M8. 111. 18/- Allen & U. 

(Robertson. Sir C.G.). (*18) D8. Fr. 15/- Constable 

(Scvdewitz). F8.80. 111. Ger.Contact Rdrs. 2/-* Camb. 

after Fifty Years (Eyck). ('48) D8.24. sd,l/l Hist.Assn. 

Bismarck and Creation of Second Reich (Darmstaedter). ('48) DS.xii. 
426. 4pl. 2 1/- Methuen 

and German Empire (Eyck). D8.328. 18/- Allen A V. 

and Russia. Saburov Mems. or (Simpson). ('29) D8.x,304. Fr.lM. 

15 /- Camb. 

Episode (Grenfell). C48) 1C8.220. 14pl.7M. 12/6 Faber 

From Constantinc to (Archer). ('27) C8.X.274. 30.11.9M. 5/6* 


Bismuth. Antimony and (Thornycroft). v.6.Pt.S. Txt.bk.of Inorg. 
Chem. lM8.xxviii.248. Fr.Ill. 20/- Griffin 

Derivatives of Phosphorus. Antimony and (Goddard). v.ll.Pt.3. 

Txt.bk.of Inorg.Chem. lM8.xix.317. Fr.III. 22/- Griffin 

Metallic Thermal Expansion of Crystals of (Roberts. J.K.). R4. 

Coll. Researches, sd.l/- Nat.Phys.Lab.iH.M.S.O. 

Ores (Allen, R.). ('24) DR. Impcr.Inst.S. sd.3/6 J.Mttrrav 

Thermal Conductivities of Metal Crystals. 1.: (Kayc & Roberts. 

J.K.). R4. Coll. Researches, sd.2/- Nat.Phys.Lab.-.H.MS.O. 
Bit of Help: Play (Hyde). C28) C8. 1/3 Deane 

of Italian. C8.56. sd.2/- Bailey 

o' Laikm: Play CRowland). ('29) C8. 1/6 Deane 

of Land: Play (Adam). ('48) C8.24. sd.1/3 Brown, Son & F. 

of Tact: Play (Howard, F.E.). C39) C8. 1/6 De~ne 

of War: Play (Brighouse). sd.1/6 S.French 

Biu- of the Apple: Play (Sylvaine). C32) C8. 1/6 Deane 

of Film Clips. ('47) 4. I/- B.S.I. 

Bits and Pieces (Birabongsc). ('42) C8.192. 17ill.(lcol.). 7/f- 

and Pieces: Plays (Sargent). D8.80. sd.3/- S.French 
Bitter Box (Clarke. E.). C47) C8.272. 9/6 M Joseph 

is Harvest (Craig). n.e.('50) 1C8.320. 5/- Hutchinson 

Root Deadline (Laramec). n.e.('50) C8.224. 5/- Jenkins 

Season (Coatcs). C8. 8/6 Goll-ncz 

Sweet: Operette (Coward). C8.68. sd.6/- v.scorelO/- S.French 
Bitumen and Fluxed Pitch Roofing Felts. C44) 22. 2/6 B.S.I. 

Asphaltic. Properties of. Ed.Pfeiffcr. C50) R8.400. 84tabs.59fifts. 

Ehevier : Cleaver 

Macadam with Crushed Rock or Slag Aggregate. C50) 2/- B.S.I. 
Bituminous Coatings for the Protection of Iron and Steel Against 

Corrosion (Preston). ('46) sd.l/- Sci.Indust.iH.M.S.O. 

Dense, Rd. Carpets, Plasticity in Design of (Nijboer). ('48) 

R8.xvi.184. 51 ill. 30/- Elsevier : Cleaver 

Mixtures. Testing of (Broome). 2e.('49) M8.viii.396. 120111. 

Rdmkrs.Lib. 40/- E.Arnold 

Paint. I/- B.S.I. 

Road Mixtures. Sampling and Exam. of. (*50) 4/- B.S.I. 

Roofing Felts. ('37) 18. 2/6 B.S.I. 

Bizet (Dean). ('48) sCS.262. 111. Master Mus. S. 7/6 Dent 

(Dean). C50) Pott8.64. Intro. to Mus.S. 3/6 D.Dobxon 

Bizhad and His Paintings in the Zafar-Namah MS. (Arnold, Sir 

T.W.). ('30),24. 2111. bds.42/- Quarltch 
Black, Huso L. (Williams. C.). C50) M8.216. 28/- Johm ffopkim 

Abbot (Wallace. E.). C26)n.e. C8.256. 5f- Hodder [U.P.:Oxf. 

Agent (Flynn). C50) C8.256. 9/6, J.Long 

and Purple Oxides of Iron for Paints. (*37) 16. 2/6 B.S.L 

and White in E. Africa (Thurnwald). C35) D8.xxii.419. 16pl 

23 /- Routledge 

Angel (Taylor. S.). ('50) C8.128. sd.1/6 Scion 

Angel (Woolnch). C50) C8.223. 8/6 R.Hale 

Arab (Prishvin). Tr.Magarshack. ('47) 1C8.288. 10/6 Hutchison 

Arrow (Stevenson, R.L.). See Author entry. 

August (Wheatley). n.e.('49) C8.240. 4/6 Hutchinson 

Baroness (Wheatley). n.e.('49) C8.384. 7/6 Hutchinson 

Bartlemv's Treasure (Farnol). ('49) C8. 6/- S.Low 

Beautv (Sewell). See Author entry. 

Bethlehem (Cooper, L.). n.e.CS. 3/6 Gollancz 

Bob. ('50) G18.128. 111. 4/- Thomson-Lent 

Bonanza (Taylor & Welly). 34/- McGraw 

Book. See Register of Saint Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury. 

Book of Limerick (MacCaffrey). C07) R8.188. 10/- M.H.Gtll 

Boulder (Austin, B.). ('50) 5/- Wright A B. 

Brocade (Owen, D.G.). ('50) C8.256. 9/6 

Bun: Play (Muir, M.M.). ('39) C8.28. sd.1/3 Brown, Son A F. 

Bvzamium (Nadel). C42) D8.436. 25/- Oxf. 

Cabinet: Play (Feist), sd.1/6 S.French 

Cat Mystery (Welch). ('50) C8.172. 111. 6/- Pitman 
-(Carbon). Pigments for Paints. ('37) Amendt.('40) 23. 3/* BS.I. 

Caribbean (Thompson, R.W.). C46) D8.286. 27U1.2M. 12/6 

Coat (Little. C.). ('48) C8.192. 8/6 Colltm. [Macd.A Co. 

Colt (Jerome). C50) C8.192. 5/- Qual.P. 

Company (Ferguson, W.B.M.). n.e.C50) sCS.312. 2/- Jenkint 

Country Folk (Hatton). C8.89. bds.6/- Cornish Bros. 

Country. History of (Jones, J.W.-). ('50) D8.145. 24pl. 18/- 

CornUh Bros. 

Country Stories (Baker, E.). C8. ea.7/6 Allen A V. 

Country Stories. Ed.Gough. C34) Pott8.102. 5/- Hudson 

Country Words and Phrases, Glossary of (Shaw, T.V.). C30) 

C8.15. sd.l/- Cornish Bros. {B.S.I. 

Cup and Countersunk Bolts, Nuts and Washers. ('47) 16. 2/- 

Cypress (Crane). C50) C8.208. 8/6 H.Hammond 

Death on Estates of See of Winchester, etc. (Levett). ('16) D8.368. Soc.& Lcg.Hist. '12/6 Oxf. 

Diamond (Woodward, A.). Grade 3.64. 111. Bright Story Rdrs. sd. 

10d.* E.J.Arnold 

Diamond (Young, F.B.). (*21)n.e. C8.485. 10/6 Hetnemann 

Dog and Other Stories (Coppard). n.c.CSO) C8. 9/6 Cape 

Dogs: Play (Ibbotson). (*29) C8. }'/6 Deane 

Donkey (Bell, A.). ('49>, CB.229. 111. 10/6 Blandford 

Dragon (Sylvester). C50) C8. New Chatsworth S. 6/- Ward, Lock 

Dwarf and Legend of Momrose (Scott, W.). F8. III. Oxf .Scott. 

6/- Oxf. 

Dwarf of Mongolia (Collins. E.). ('49) C8.320. Seagull Lib. 3/6 






Black Emperor, Story of Toussaim Louvcrture (Jones, W.M.A.). ('49) 
96. 111. M. 1/9* Harrap 

Forest. Peasant Costume of (Pettigrew). ('37) suR8.96. 40Ul.(8col.). 

10/6 Black 

Fountains (Wynd). ('48) C8.296. 10/6 Home &V.T. 

Fox (Heard). C50) C8.240. 9/6 Cassell 

Gang (" Sapper "). ('22)n.e. SC8.320. 3/6 H odder 

Ghost (Newton). Ill.Haworth. 7/6 Oxf. 

Girl (Shaw, G.B.). ('34) std.c.7/6 Constable 

Girl in Search of God, and Lesser Tales (Shaw, G.B.). ('46) sC8. 

285. sd.1/6 Penguin 

Goatee (Little. C.). ('47) sC8.160. 7/6 Collins 

Gull (Lamport). ('48) C8.224. 111. 6/- Harrap 

Hawks of Peru (Draper). C50) C8.128. 111. New Adv.S. 3/-* E./. 

Horseman: Play (Pakington) ('44) 23. 1/6 Blackwell [Arnold 
-Horseman: Play (Pakington). sd.1/6 S.French 

--House (Little. C.). ('50) C8.192. 8/6 Collins 

Hunting Whip (Edwards, M.). ('50) C8.256. III. Pony Bks. 8/6 


Joke (Scott. J.M.). ('50) 10/6 H odder 

Lamb and Grey Falcon (West, R.). ('42) 2v. D8.xii,654:viii,586. 

pi. 42 / Macmtllan 

Laurel (Jameson). C48) C8.349. 10/6 Macmillan 

Letter Saints' Days (Frcre). ('38) D16.80. sd.l/-*; cl.2/- S.P.C.K. 

Liberator (Alexis). Tr.Stirhng. ('49) D8.227. lOpl. 18/- E.Benn 

Limelight (Sherry). C8.104. Plays for Amat.S. sd.3/6 Nehon 

Limelight: Play (Sherry), sd.3/6 S.French 

Magic, Witchcraft and (Summers). ('46) 1D8.228. ill. 28/- Rider 

Man's Country (Ryan). C50) 1C8. 12/6 Cape 

Market (Maude). 1M8. Current Affairs. sd.9d. Bureau 

Market (Newman. B.). n.e. C8. 4/- Gollancz 

Market Green (Kaye). ('50) C8.224. 9/6 Hurst 

Metropolis (Drake & Cayton). ('46) D8. 18/- Cape 

Mirror (Duke). n.c.('49) C8.208. 5/- Jarrolds 

Mischief (Waugh). n.c.('48) C8.viii,223. 7/6 Chap. A H. 

Narcissus (Goddcn). n.e.C50) C8.319. 5/- P.Davies 

Narcissus (Goddcn). ('50) sC8.224. sd.1/6 Penguin 

Night: Play (Bourne). C8.28. sd.1/6 S.French 

North (Blacam). (.'38) 1C8.318. 7/6 M.H.Gill 

Nuts and Bolts, Hexagon and Square, B.S.W. and B.S.F. ('46) 

Amcndt.('48) 12. 2/- B.S.I. 

Odyssey Story of the Negro in America (Ottley). ("49) D8. 18/- 

Opal (Linklater). ('50) sC8.192. sd.1/6 Boardman U.Murray 

Paint (Tar Base) for Use on Iron and Steel. ('42) 5. I/- BS.I.