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David Rodriguez 
Chris Rosenberg 
Janet Scariot 
Karen Shatas 
Sandra Steele 
Lisa Weaver 

Fall Semester Editor 

Sonya Golden 

Contributing Staff 

Tina Alligood 

Benn Barr 

Laura Blasi 

Jennifer Kiellach 

Robert LoBello 

Paul Mason 

E. Mark "Skip" Mitchell 

We would like to extend our Special Thanks to the following for their help and support 

in publishing this book: 

ECOS and the Executive Council, 

Angela DeRose and the Media Committee, 

Barry McDowell, Nina Wilmot and the rest of the Student Affairs Staff, 

The Triton Tribune for the use of their office space and staff assistance, 

All those who submitted candids for our pages, AND all the seniors who contributed 

their thoughts and faces to the Senior Section. 

We hope that you enjoy this 1988-89 yearbook which we slaved very hard over. We 
hope that you will keep in mind that putting a yearbook together is not an easy task, 
especially for a small staff. We tried our best to produce the highest quality yearbook 
possible with the money, time and resources allotted. Please remember this if you find 
any faults within the pages. Thank you. 

Double the pleasure, double the fun. 

Tom . . . your raincoat? 
I am woman. 

I'm not doing the wave. 

WECR • The choice of a new generation. 

Brown, with the . . . Interceptic 
This Bud's for us. 


'What are you looking at?" 

Beauty is only jock-strap deep. 
Students get wrapped up for a cause. 

See ya next fall. 
VISA, take me away. 

W 'W^. 

"It's easier if you use the pump.' 

'Can't get enough of the stuff." 
'Help me, help me. I'm hypnotized." 

Top: Fun, fun, fun 'til security takes the golf cart 


Left: All I need is my bike. That's all I need. 

Above: We are women, see us lounge. 

Right: When roommates snore. 

Who you calling a gargoyle? 

Far left: Once I got started, 1 just couldn't seem to stop 

Left: "Get outa my way. I'm late for class. 
Below: You drink like a fish. 







Nasir Abbasi 

If you can dream it, you can do it! 

— Walt Disney 
Eckerd got us to this point, from this point on it's all up 
to us! 

Yousef Abu-Izzam 

Michelc Acker 

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love 
and to work and to play and to look at the stars. 

— Henry van Dyke 

-^ .A 


Katherinc "Kay" Acol 

"San Diego isn't that far away . . . neither is Long Island, 
Louisville. Pittsburg, Punta Gorde, Shelbyville, Saugus, or 
Billerica ... as long as we can remember, we'll always be 

Bart Allen 

Just bang something!! 

Hussein Al-Nooh 


Michele Anderson 

Cathy Banks 

Benn Barr 

A couple of tips on how to be a swell person. Be: active, 
real, amiable, modest, open, nice, energetic, enthusias- 
tic, listening, optimistic, caring. 

Mike Bethke (right) 

Kim Boss 

Christine Brown 

Pat Cannizaro 

Sandy Collum 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and not on your own 
understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and 
he will make your paths straight. 

— Proverbs 3:5-6 

Katherine (K.) Coric 

"Love is the devil's coma." 

Brian Creighton 

Mark Davenport 

Opportunities will present themselves. When they do, i, 
have to act on them. 

Tom Davidowicz 

Yvette DeLama 

Angela DeRose 

"Let me sleep on it, baby." 

"Wake me up before you go-go." 

Darryll Dockstader 

These four years have gone by like I'd slipped on a ba- 
nana peel and bumped my head. I'm waking up to find 
I'm graduating. The peel is nowhere in sight. 


Susan Dove 

Gretchen Fajardo 



^££2^ : 



1 s & 


Doreen Erickson 

"The only limits in life are those which are self-imposed 
... all dreams can be realized although altered slightly, 
sometimes reality surpasses our dreams." 

Petros Flerianos 

Anne Frederique 

Catherine C. Genge 

Happiness can be thought, sought or caught, but never 
bought, and the best way to keep happiness is to share 

Claire Gladstone 

Heather Hanson 

'BURP' ... an expression of love in Heather language. 

Steve Harris 


James J. Hater 

Jason Hill 

CLI, TGIF, ILBT, BH, Three little birds 

- > -,:\ 

Kevin Hill 


Lana Hodge 

Happiness is not just dreaming as you live, but living as 
you dream. 

Melisa Horton 

Friends, independence . . . women of the 90'i 

Holly Huber 

Kathy Hwang 

Susan Jennus 


Harold "Hap" Johnson 

Ian Johnson 

. i^fc mSm mi 


*• c if 



- 1 

l :'L^\: 

Pamela Jones 

"It might have appeared to go unnoticed, but I've got 
it all here in my heart. I want you to know I know the 
truth, of course I know it. I would be nothing without you. 
Did you ever know that you're my hero? You're every- 
thing I wish I could be. I could fly higher than an eagle, 
if you were the wind beneath my wings." 

— Bette Midler 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Pete Kalogridis 

Andy Keltner 


Nobuko Kikuchi 

Joanne Kindred 


Abdoul Kone 

Hard work is not just a word, it's a behavior; the end 
always justifies the means. 

— Felix Boigny 


Tupi Konstan 

Susan Kroh 


Matt LaForme 

Jared S. Lagemann 

"You've got to give it away to keep it!" Thank you Mom, 
Derek and my H.P. I love you all. I couldn't have done 
it without you. 

Jennifer Lanza 

. ^-'.v-4 i 

Greg Lepore 

Good luck Razor, Bruiser. Ion. JB. and Coot. Love ya 
Smilely — Geek. Thanx Mom and Dad. Thanx Tom 
West and Thanx Eckerd for an awesome time. Sincerely, 


Theo Lotz 

Kristin Magnusen 

( IP 



iff 4 


Lillian (Stcvie) McCord 

Matt McDermott 




Terry McHale 

Kevin McMahon 

Silvina S-Manrique 

Carolyn C. May 

I don't think, therefore I know. 

Call me crazy but . . . 

You're a brain surgeon, aren't you? 

Mike Merz 

Joe Montouri 

Raul Morales Zorilla 

"Walker, it is your footsteps that are the path and nothing more. Walker, 
there is no path, you make the path by walking. Walking makes the path, 
and when turning to look back, the path is seen where you will never pass 
again. Walker, there is no path, merely wakes in the sea." 

— Antonio Machado 





Sean E. Murphy 

Silvia Padilla 

Kristin Parker 

Be tender with the young, 

compassionate with the aged, 

sympathetic with the striving, and 

tolerant of the weak and the wrong. 

Sometime in life, you will have been all of these. 


Allison Pate 

Michele Pelzer 






Elaine M. Potter 

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny com- 
pared to what lies within us. 

— Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Quit worrying, Just do it! 


Mclisa Reiter 

Susan Reuter 

"I could be wrong — but I'm not.' 

Robert "Shag" Rogers 

Douglas Rose 

Becky Rowland 

"Follow your dreams, we have the means.' 

Juan Rubio 

"One must learn by doing the thing; for though you think 
you know it You have no certainty until you try." 

— Sophocles, 400 B.C. 

Janet Scariot 

"Interplanet Janet, she's a galazy girl!" 

- Senior Class 1989 

Karl Schuppe 

"When you feel how depressingly, slowly you climb; it's 
well to remember that good things take time. The reward 
of things well done, is having done it." 

Roxannc Shatas 

It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow. H 
and G: I'll miss you! Smile ■ It will help you through the 
rough times. 


Gillian Smith 

Patty Smith 

Melissa Solla 

Roxy • Daytona, New Oleans, Miami • Party! Art, Eric, 
Tom, G and G, Hap - Can you Putt-Putt? Thanks Mom 
and Dad. Love you Bryan! 




Cristina (Tia) Suarez 

". . . we'll have to change our jaded ways, but I've loved 
these days." 

— Billy Joel 

Jeff Thomas 

Mark Tluszcz 

I J** 

Beth Ustas 

No drinks incurred. 

Bill Van de Weerd 

Beth A. Virgil 

What, are you dreaming? 



Carolyn Jane Wright 

Elisabeth Wright 

"Plus que je connais les hommes, plus que j'aime mon 

Rachel Wright 

Deborah Vlahakes 

Patricia Ann Walsh and 
Rachel Murray 

Ernestine Williams 

"Just get that 'paper'." 

— Quote from Mother, Claudine Williams 

Mamma and Daddy, I DID IT! 

I, Nasir Abbasi, leave behind all my memories — to 
security, the memory of my red "dot" CRX; to the admis- 
sions office, the memory of me coming in whenever there 
was food; to my friends, the memory of all the good times 
we've had; to the next person whose last name starts with 
an "A", my campus mailbox, #1; to the next ISA President, 
I leave all the things 1 couldn't finish; to Ms. Lillie Collins 1 
leave the mini-festival of cultures; and to the Ford scholars 
less stipend money — sorry! 

I, Katherine "Kay" Acol, leave to upstairs Knox, 
"THE" sash . . . Adria and Duwa, EARPLUGS; to Tommie, 
a "twinkie", love, a decision, and quarters (for Dan too); and 
to TKHFBUMGJBJT and the cast of 100's everlasting mem- 

I, Bart Allen, leave to Dan Winter the advice to lift 
weights 'cause Lou and I won't be there to save you any- 
more; to Chris Patton, all the "bangits"; to Ace and Los, 
all my spur-of-the-moment, half ass, road trip ideas; to the 
whole bunch of Kennedy idiots, "You're all a bunch of F- 
-ing Rednecks anyhow!!" 

I, Carmen J. Andress, leave to Dr. Jennings my Mark 
Trail Comic and road rash; and to Dr. Reynolds 1000 red 
pens, 300 new plaid shirts. 

I, Benn Barr, leave to all my friends the best of luck 
in all you do, and don't forget to have a good time while 
you're doing it. Seeeee ya! 

I, Mark D. Blakeman, leave Betsy (my bike) to anyone 
who dares to ride a death trap, my skateboard to Colin who 
should keep trying to get a ramp on campus; and to Mr. C, 
Fuzzbot, Dogsh — Digger, Fish, John and Dean what's left 
of the greenhouse to the Three Amigos tradition alive. 

I, Sherry L. Boyer, leave to Lena Wilfalk my undying 
respect; to Dan Jeffre one long distance hug a day and 25 
cents; to Scott Alexander all of Japan: Gambate, ne!; and 
to Skip my mission to de-elite the Honours Program. 

I, Sandy Collum, leave to Kathy Hwang thanks, 
friendship, love, support, Chinese food; to Scott Sandmeyer 
my neverending love and undying devotion; and to Eckerd 
College all my bills! 

I, Katherine Coric, leave to this happy golf course of 
a college my baby, the rag over which I laboured so long 
and hard. Good riddance! 

I, Mark Davenport, leave to Connie the height to come 
up in the world; and to Brad some study (what?) habits, and 
to Scott my guitar skills. 

I, Angela Derose, leave Lizzer, Beffer, Allifart, and 
Debs T/A monorail rides, smut, laughter, ice cream, Eu- 
rope, OWCS, wee wee rooms, and all my love! 

I, Jenny Dillon, leave Kim my beyond-white skin, gum- 
mers, and a "bottle of red . . ."; and to Helen a shotglass, 
bottle of tequila, and a blender; to Susan great study habits; 
to Sherry "real food"; and to Eckerd my purple shadow. 

Not being of sound mind or body, I, Darryll Dockstader, 
fully recognize that at this point and time in my life I have 
very little to bequeath. However, if it is in any way possible, 
1 would like to somehow give my ability to speak in clear 
English to my boss and good friend, Mohammad Torabi. 
Maybe, someday you will acquire that ability. Until then. 
Praise the Lord. 

I, Doreen Erickson, leave to computer majors endless 
hours at the terminals; to math majors the joy of completing 
proofs; and to progressive music fans memories of Masquer- 

I, T. Jay Farley, leave behind all my problems and look 
to the future. To those who knew me, I hope I gave you some- 
thing to think about. 

I, Heather Hanson, leave to Greta Eck - TV and all of 
the adrenaline that is necessary; and to Steve my big blue; 
and to Skip my buzzed giggles; and to Teri, my last wet 


I, Lana Hodge, leave to Cyndi, Robert, Christina, and 
Stephanie, for all you've been to me, my zany and adventur- 
ous love of life. Missing you already — Lana. 

I hope that I've been able to convey the message that 
all people from all cultures share the same feelings and emo- 
; tions. The cultural differences stuff is overrated and serves 
' as an obstacle because it frightens people. — Taner Horoz. 

I, Melissa Horton, leave to my friends all the wonderful 
times and memories of Darwin and Eckerd. I'll miss you! 

I, Doug Hulst, will the good times and the bad to the 
Tritons of the past and the future. 

I, Pamela Jones, of "petite" mind and body, leave Syd- 
ney (the last remaining TRUE Henderson Hall Hussie) a new 
and improved dorm — head mascot; to Lumpy, some shorts 
with good elastic; to Pratichi, a pair of invisible glass dancing 
shoes; to Addy, all my old Bio tests; to Kief, a drive thru 
window at Saga so he can eat even faster. 

Ain't mo poor, he with no cent but he with no dreams. 
— Abdoul Karim Kone 

I, Jared S. Lagemenn, leave all my parking ticket fees 
in an Escrow Account; don't spend it all in one place. 

I, Greg Lepore, leave to Keith Jackson my Dick Vitale 
voice to carry on the PT performance. 

You can always count on your friends as long as you 
know who they are. — Tracey Maxfield 

I, Carolyn C. May, leave to all my friends my wit and 
humour, along with my various facial expressions, which al- 
ways brightened their day! 

Thanks Eckerd for 4 great years! — Kristin Parker. 

I, Elaine Potter, being of kind heart and halfway sound 
body leave to my best buddy Kristy my Circle K Spirit, to 
my friend Julio all my Madonna tapes; and to my favourite 
professor Howard my crayons and colouring book. 

I, Susan Reuter, leave to Beth the hell box; to Pete and 
Lorin the "three man" dice; to Eileen O'Reilly Henderson 
14; and to Paul my unpaid bills. 

I, Beckster (Becky Rowland), leave to T. memories of 
fun, friendship, and one wild Christmas party! 

Thanks Eckerd for the memories! — Juan Rubio 

I, Janet Scariot, leave to my wonderful waterski team 
the best of luck in the future! I leave the bunch in student 

affairs my excellent organizational skills and my apprecia- 
tion for their support. To the underclassman friends in Ken- 
nedy B-G something and leave Bart alone! To my "love" 
Chris thanks for the memories! Don't visit Dendy too often. 
Finally, to all my graduation buddies I'll miss you lots! 

I, Lorin Schuchavdt, leave Hubbard house the volley- 
ball that has gotten so much use over the year as well as 
a pair of dice, and the sta-puff man for the new R.A.'s to 
keep up the Zeta tradition. 

I, Karl Schuppe, leave the Eckerd Community this 
thought: Remember that life, like school, is what you make 
of it. (Thanks Dean Hallin and Dean Smith for the opportuni- 


I, John Sebring, leave to Jackie Nickolson a comps gift: 
a defective Litton microwave. 

I, Linda Sebring, leave to Mark Smith a sense of the 
ridiculous; to Sandra Harris a less eventful group work class; 
and to Dave White memories of you sailing free — 1 miss 
you and I love you. 

I, Roxanne Shatas, leave to Karin our fun and travels. 
Remember — live it up!; and to Mila, Anne and friends camp 
Eckerd. Enjoy it — you'll be out before you know it. 

I, Melissa Solla, leave Karen S. the Sunday night movie 
and to Mr. Bill and Tracey — Mohammad!' and to Student 
Affairs the Dance Marathon! Love you all. 

I, Beth Ustas, leave to Lumpy ten man dice; to Pete 
and Lorin double sixes; to Susan, Otto; and to Kay, screw- 

I, Beth A. Virgil, leave to all my friends my best wishes 
in all their endeavors and a happy and successful future, 
hope all your dreams are fulfilled! 

I, Patricia Ann Walsh, leave to Kelli Hammer, Angela 
Reinhardt, and Robin Payne many more good times cheer- 
leading! I'll miss you guys! 

I, Ernestine Williams, leave Tina Stroh and Elaine Hin- 
chey in charge of ISA Fashion Show 1990! — Plenty of luck!; 
and to Elaine "I still haven't found what I'm looking for." 

I, Elizabeth Wright, leave to Douglas House all my lef- 
tover inventory forms: next year, do your own!; and to Tina 
Bombina all my photos from London and my travel journal! 

I, Raul Morales Zorrilla, offer my thanks to "Gnomo" 
Janet R. Mangum for her patience in proofreading all my 
papers. Y a la gallega y a la viesa por bancarme este tiempo. 






r " A 







w* * ™ 



Ik J"L 



:;-- ^ 







, ~k - 


Class of 1989 





Parti cipatcim 
the oorm photos 


AND 4 Lot of wniTt 

Faye Craig Harrington Lackey 

Holly Richardson Erin Kelly 

Leigh Ann Babigian David Bluestein 

Karen Gulla Kyle Marsh 

Erin Henry John Heigl 

Sandra Bush Kenny Pompier 

Elizabeth Baton Julio Veaz 

Erin Murley Mark Tluszoz 

Deborah Parnell Daniel Berry 

Kimberly Hill Keith Hanson 

Jody Doyon Michael Van Ommeren 

Kristian Smith Timothy McQuaidc 

Laura Oldanie Richard Harden 

Julie Webb Joseph Haynes 

Kathleen Gossett Paul Brodkorb 

Patty Bartlett Christopher Mills 
Casas Adelantado 



MILL House 







Tarra Gaines 
Verella Pollock 
Jennifer Leue 
Leslie Jones 
Larissa Romer 
Mary Carroll 
Melanie Meyer 
Esperanza Rivera 
Livia Montana 
Michelle Forsythe 
Marion Gavin 
Brita Osmundsvaag 
Teresa Dunlop 
Pamela Cain 
Laura Brink 
Ariane-Manon Richter 
Diannc Sands 

Andre Karsten 
Casey Kulscar 
Arturo Sus 
Luis Ramos 
John Rine 
Phillip Stakely 
Ian Johnston 
Bernd Spelbos 
Richard Kephart 
Ricardo Acevedo 
Juan Consuegra 
Enrique Pascual 
Ignacio Ayestaran 
John Harris 
Claus Beier 
Stewart Meacham 
David Shaffer 






Andrea Bennett 

Monique Rice 

Malinda Pauly 

Jennifer Webb 

Barbara Underbrink 

Kira Hayes 

Nada Soussou 

Heather Gaines 

Lynette Matey 

Dana Marino 

Lauren Jeffery 

Julie Bohn 

Monica Vyas 

Lynda-Beth Myers 

Christine Allen 

Lisa Ireland 

Silvia Padilla 

Susan Kroh 

(Catherine Robertson 

Katherine McCoy 

Kirsten Barber 

Emily Herrington 

Dortrecia Moore 

Carole Zarrella 

Maria Brown 

Rebecca Bridges 

Evelyne Armougom 

Kristin Houchins 

Hillary Larson 

Tracy Rathmell 

Elizabeth Leverton 

Nichole Braun 

Michele Whaling 

Laura Wanner 






Anastasia Weierbach 

Daphney Gaylord 

Sandra Steele 

Shalonda Perry 

Rhonda Mayo 

Treveno Gaylord 

Colleen Brennan 

Yoko Kishimoto 

Amy Dillenbeck 

Amanda McCloud 

Nicole Gallagher 

Melanie Paula 

Diana Hobbs 

Terri Bodnar 

Heather Peters 

Melody Heal 

Dawn Jackson 

Mariola Tauro 

Esther Rodriguez 

Stephanie Urriola 

Ellen Turco 

Cassandra Wilson 

Christina Mein 

Karla Finken 

Neysa Covington 

Adelicia Mossel 

Jennifer Shugert 

Lisa Coffi 

Jozelle Holmes 

Violeta Philips 

Annette Migliore 

Cynthia Koss 






Jason Palmateer 
James Corte 
Alvaro Jimenez 
Eric Hess 
Joseph Orthoefer 
David Rasnake 
Randy Nelson 
Michael Opitz 
Mark Moses 
James Votava 
Mitchell Franseth 
John Kress 
Sumner King 
James Welch 
John Dahlberg 
David D'Auria 

Edwin Ewing 
Peter Van Den Eng 
Philip D'Oronzio 
Michael Bentley 
Richard Kline 
Vincent Coljee 
Michael Bethke 
David Meyering 
Brian Babiak 
Bernard Grosman 
Albert Grosman 
Robert Duncan 
Richard Hammer 
Gregory Schwabe 
Alan Hale 






Florence Courtes 
Michelle Reidel 
Jill Pratt 
Ronice Lauck 
Kim Stensrud 
Angela Sosa Manrique 
Anne Varia 
Ulrika Grahn 
Doreen Erickson 
Natasha Braughler 
Ann Hickey 
Lisa Kirchner 
Tiffany Harnage 
Dawn Koester 
Eve Boutsis 

Wendy Wragg 
Irm Haleem 
Shana Thomson 
Tania Fitzgerald 
Carolyn May 
Beth Virgil 
Michele Acker 
Kimberly Eidt 
Michele Anderson 
Monique Oehlers 
Caroline Lanctot-Bedard 
Christine Reynolds 
Kimberly Amendola 
Gretchen Guinn 






James Mecir 
Christopher Patton 
James Vonesh 
Daniel Sutherlin 
William Schweitzer 
John Clinton, III 
Michael Broderick 
James Harter 
Russell Allen 
Carlos Somoano 
Tuppy Smith 
Todd Boulander 
Christopher Nelson 
Benjamin Hanson 
Daniel Winter 
Jeffrey Allen 

Yermal Sanjay Bhat 
Michael Wellons 
Adam Forster 
Sean Blair 
Christopher Giuffre 
Sean Murphy 
Douglas Hulst 
Joseph Speed 
David Chandler 
Charles Kyriakou 
Jerry Theophilos 
Kenneth Bowman 
Adam Ievine 
Russell Gehman 
Philip Hoffman 






Julie Evans 

Charles Burwell 

Rebecca Hadden 

Patrick Burke 

Denise Frinier 

John Borg 

Stephanie Farrell 

Kevin Seeley 

Jennifer Kiellach 

Scott Bransford 

Stacey Johnson 

Jeffrey Stoakes 

Sandi Holtzclaw 

Jeffrey Carey 

Michelle Reid 

Kief Morris 

Charlene Tuttle 

James Bishop 

Lisa Russo 

Richard Welch 

Kelly Moore 

Michael Sheffield 

Melinda Gawle 

James Andrews 

Marya Willis 

Kenneth Howard 

Rocio Rios 

Nicholas Biase 

Cheryl Kiellach 

David Firstman 

Christopher Cox 






William Collins 
John Briggs 
Robert Gill 
Sean Barnes 
Louis Long III 
Chase Smith 
Christopher Parisi 
Mark Klein 
James Welty 
Kristen Coontz 
Thad Coontz 
Millard Younkers III 
Christopher Moores 
William Goodwin 

Bradley Orlosky 
Ian Schweid 
Michael Hudanick 
Bonnie Bennett 
Sherri Hayden 
Karen Arcand 
Eileen O'Reilly 
Jane Miotke 
Katherine Acel 
Adria De Caro 
Sharon Eidt 
Sally Wood 
Kimberley Majury 
Marisa Pasqualotto 






Angela Heaton 
Cheryl Hoerle 
Cheryl Bendetto 
Anita Battoe 
Lisa Nathan 
Connie Stevens 
Amy Petri 
Carla Cosio 
Jennifer West 
Kelly Klauder 
Dianna Waugh 
[Catherine Piccin 
Yvonne Deyo 
Wendi West 
Keri Stevenson 
John Zwernemann 
Frederick Wilkins 
Mark Davenport 

Brian Creighton 
Robert Redo 
Christopher Kelley 
Michael Purcell 
Matthew Ankley 
Robert Bowen 
Dwayne Perry 
Ron Watson 
Jeffrey Coakley 
Mark Lewis 
Patrick Diggs 
Landon Jenkins 
Brian Gaudreau 
Matthew Laforme 
Mark Firstman 






Elizabeth Mains 
Heather Omerod 
Stacy Karp 
Gabriela Perez 
Ann Marie Yali 
Yabrinya Tisdale 
Karen LeBlond 
Heihe DuTemeyer 
Carolyn Wright 
Elizabeth Egan 
Silvia Fernandez 
Annemarie Hennelly 
April Harshaw 
Lauren Rector 
Tara O'Brien 
Jennifer Lindsay 
Suzanne Quattro 
Michelle Sullivan 

Christina Bishop 
Karen O'Brien 
Leslie Hill 
Rebecca Bearden 
Michele Loparco 
Tiffany Holodnak 
Sheri Baker 
Tracy Engel 
Nancy Baker 
Kimberly Welch 
Kate McGregor 
Elisabeth Cusack 
Renee Blubaugh 
Andrea Turnbull 
Tami Ginnaty 






Dennis Harting 
Richard Nowakowski 
David German 
Jeffrey Collison 
"Steven Matz 
James Copeland III 
Charles O'Donnell 
Reuben Pribble 
John Generalli 
David Bateman 
Matthew Rowe 
Brian MacHarg 
John Muro 
Geoffrey Konstan 
Jamie Hinman 
John Campbell 
Eric Fisher 
Katherine Ericson 

Karen Geddes 
Debra Nail 
Elizabeth Clark 
Dawn Carney 
Margaret McClean 
Maureen Clayton 
Alexandra Creel 
Gretchen Loebel 
Patricia Walsh 
Rachel Murray 
Almira Martina 
Stacy Trost 
Susan Moss 
Kara Richter 
Alicia Ormond 
Wendy Pepping 






Michael McCollum 
Kurt Didier 
David Spielvogel 
John OTlanagan III 
Robert LoBello 
Paul Mason 
Michael Griffiths 
Michael Corbosiero 
James Gelsleichter 
Christopher Reich 
George Rodney Jr. 
Adam Crummer 
Ray Schulthess 
Richard Lenholt Jr. 
Victor Stephens 
John Wiser 
Eric Webb 

Samina Russell 
Anne Hickok 
Debra Tuskowski 
Cheryl Heisler 
Angela Reinhardt 
Anne Hover 
Brooke Friedrich 
Susan Dove 
Monique Thibault 
Karen Shatas 
Jennifer Emde 
Tara Gilbertson 
Toya Ash 
Terry Plumley 






Ronald Draa Jr. 
Shane Berry 
Matthew Esser 
Scott Toth 
Jed Freeman 
Brian Joseph 
Michael Ford 
Jack Brown 
Richard Suvak 
Matthew Gerdeman 
Glenn Luckinbill 
Christopher Strong 
Evan Katzman 
William LaFemina 
George Breitwieser III 
Elliott Harris IV 
John Meyers 

Gregory Lepore 
William DeSantis 
Troy Grubb 
Robert Wogan 
Jonathan Baker 
Gregory Cesarz 
Kevin McCormack 
Edwin Wolfe Jr. 
Paul Wiley 
Sean Conklin 
Robert Marcario 
Kenneth Casebier 
Jason Hill 
Matthew March 
William Hardy 






Teri Hayslett 
Catherine Graham 
Coy Miller 
Stacy Van Ness 
Julie Assaf 
Tami Simms 
Jessica Woolley 
Amy Vieillard 
Jennifer Lanza 
Alyson Henschel 
Cassandra Mayo 
Keely Paul 
Julie Stevenson 
Stefania Zenuti 
Valerie Claudet 
Grenita Ellis 
David Roberts 
Thomas Chully 

Robert Fenwick III 
Scott Alexander 
Michael McGlynn 
Thomas Mammano 
Garen Haddad 
Jeremy Smith 
Daniel Jeffre 
Paul Hoeper 
Douglas Robbins 
Jeremy Mason 
Jonathon Neal 
Sean Corenki 
Patrick Kelly 
John Howard 
Neal Hallisey 






Jason Storm 
Bryce Hill 
Scott Ludlum 
Jonathan Thoburn 
David Hanna 
Philip Baldwin 
James French 
Anthony Gianopulos 
Stillman Thomas 
Fielding Grasty 
James Cappio 
James Hoag 
Christopher Nanai 
Brian Suarez 
Martin McRobb 
Mark Bonfiglio 
Christopher Bell 
Michelle Malburg 

Jennifer Phillips 
Lisa Higgins 
Nancy Hanna 
Laura Helmuth 
Jennifer Lammers 
Suzette Maki 
Cynthia Maki 
Eunice Rizzo 
Karen Worthington 
June Arnini 
Kacia Wenger 
Coleen O'Mara 
Heather Dewar 
Ginamarie Pugliese 
Nicoela Connolly 
Sharon Gross 
Laura Wilson 
Sandra Warren 










Kimberly Colton 
Heather Crawford 
Barbara Palummeri 
Kimberly Roxby 
Jennifer Dickerson 
Frances Fileger 
Carrie Oliver 
Melissa Horton 
Stacey Wraga 
Kimberly Ferris 
Karen Holifield 
Christyn Dolbier 
Kimberly Fagen 
Kathryn Fenderson 
Katrina Clark 
Kara Linna 
Donna Wheeler 
Kristen LaBella 

Deborah Heisler 
Laura Davidson 
Mellody Gordon 
Katherine Estes 
Robin Payne 
Erica Perkins 
Felicia Payne 
Tina Von Dohlen 
Tatia Grant-Levy 
Michelle Lipinski 
Trudy Israel 
Teresa Camisa 
Greta Setterlind 
Yolanda Anderson 
Roxanne Spencer 
Kathryn Zucker 
Yolanda Farley 

100 DORMS 



DORMS 101 


Lorri Olson 
Doreen Day 
Katharine Davis 
Angela Hutchison 
Robin Bower 
Robin Rowe 
Kristen Young 
Gretchen Fajardo 
Angela DeRose 
Amy D'Oliviera 
Maria Schaufele 
Jennifer Giovingo 
Jennifer Miller 
Kristen Weidman 
Kristen Salomon 
Katherine Coric 
Tricia Harless 

Patricia Hazelton 
Jennifer Mitchell 
Pratichi Shah 
Tracy Roess 
Elizabeth Huffman 
Laura Rogers 
Jennifer Block 
Caryl Grawunder 
Jeanne Wright 
Kathy Hwang 
Sandra Collum 
Evelyn Anderson 
Allison Nunn 
Pamela Hoefer 
Rebecca Hoffart 
Maureen Brennan 

102 DORMS 



DORMS 103 


Jan-Hein Phelps 
James Jaso 
Kenneth Henderson 
Jeffrey Voell 
Michael Garner 
Jeffrey Sands 
Nicholas James 
Michael Bray 
Keith Gapinski 
Louis Chianella 
Erich Landrum 
Amos Warren 
William Sanderson 
Erich Schultz 
Erik Calhoun 
John Aspenleiter 
Daniel Frecland 
Steven Bosley 

Thomas Russell 
Charles Hien 
James Beeler 
Gregg Sudduth 
Erik Dohm 
Christopher Deason 
Keith Omerso 
Erik Hunter 
Amir Hasan 
Peter Kalogridis 
Gregory Pike 
Jeffrey Robinson 
Timothy Thielen 
James Sullivan 
Richard De Gale 
Scott Cheyne 
Bradley Myers 
Michael Pugh 

104 DORMS 



DORMS 105 


Dawn Neville 

Helen Cornwall 

Stefanie Pence 

Lynnet Murray 

Juliette Mulholland 

Heidi Steinschaden 

Amy King 

Martina Stroh 

Michelle Russo 

Jennifer Condon 

Mary-Beth Ustas 

Heather Whitaker 

Tracy Grubb 

Victoria Perk 

Kelli Hammer 

Stephanie Beutlich 

Susan Reuter 

Darcie Chapin 

Kimbcrly Boss 

Michele Pelzer 

Carolyn Vaccaro 

Karin Howley 

Jennifer Ingalls 

Jane Silovsky 

Kristen Wittine 

Janet Scariot 

Roxana Crellana 

Elizabeth McNair 

Sydney Decker 

Kristin Hann 

Jennifer Dillon 

Paula Houhoulis 

106 DORMS 




DORMS 107 


Axel Dross 
Daniel Freeman 
Gregory Davis 
Jeffrey Glade 
Stephen Jordan 
Bruce Rosenberg 
Kirt Christensen 
John Pesack 
David DiSalvo 
Thomas Farley 
Mark Gordon 
Paul Seaber 
Christopher Hunter 
Scott Newton 
Sean Cleary 
Ronald Smedley 
Aaron Bleetstein 
John McGowan 

Juan Abanses 
Christopher O'Leary 
Robert Gordon 
William McCook 
Stephen Gill 
Thomas Davidowicz 
Gil Vachon 
Andrew Traver 
Kenneth Albright 
Dorin Schuchardt 
Takeshi Ikeuchi 
Pierre-Oliver Sery 
Frederick Malak 
Bret Mowatt 
Robert Hawkins 
Jeffrey Borza 
John Whitaker 

108 DORMS 



DORMS 109 


Tara Mirkar 
Edon Copparini 
Doralee Ockerlund 
Jill Barre 
Sherry Boyer 
Heather Anderson 
Jennifer Monrose 
Suzanne Myer 
Christine Murray 
Sharon Erlenbusch 
Samantha Girton 
Patricia Boland 
Neelam Aujla 
Rosemary Candelario 
Laura Hensey 
Suzanne Reid 

Kathleen Aiosa 

Allison Deborah Vlahakes 

Karen Edge 

Charlotte Todd 

Lisa Ashley 

Ernestine Williams 

Elizabeth Deitemeyer 

Jill Nordbrock 

Carole Fell 

Patsy Hinchey 

Valerie Starr 

Tara Hand 

Gina Murray 

Elizabeth Testa 

Tina Alligood 

110 DORMS 



DORMS 111 



Susanne Wilson 

Nina Collins 

Anita Randolph 

Peter Markham 

Lori Ducharme 

William Keating 

Annick Herviou- 

Timothy Hollis 

Barbara Decker 

Sean Byrne 

Susan Martin 

Joseph "Finley" Lee 

Irene Aistars 

Stephen Sobering 

Patricia Requardt 

Terry McHale 

Diana Quintal 

Jens Edgren 

Alexandria Ivons 

Scott Johni 

Carey Alumbaugh 

Benjamin Barr 

Angela Matusik 

David Rodriguez 

Pamala Dillon 

Robert Hazelton 

Catherine Tooze 

Tweed Hanusek 

Kellianne Gartland 

Joseph Gilligan 

Rebecca Kregling 

Craig Rose 

Laura Blasi 

Frank Perkinson 

112 DORMS 



DORMS 113 


Lloyd Iden 
Glenn Ellis 
David Onorato 
Steven West 
Bradford Thompson 
Kevin Cullimore 
Timyn Rice 
John Harbottle 
James Logan 
Juan Rubio 
Robert Leventhal 
Weems McArthur 
John Whitten 
Shadforth Paula 
Timothy Foret 

Keith Aebischer 
Ranjit Mayadas 
Nicholas Schultz 
Elizabeth D'Wolf 
Jessica Titus 
Sheri Rathje 
Catherine Brutvan 
Kathryn Ross 
Stephanie Boles 
Denise Fleming 
Rosary Giuliano 
Mary Hayley 
Paola Ried 
Robin Seaman 

114 DORMS 



DORMS 115 







Jerry Simmerly 
Michael Myers 
Tom McDonald 
William Puz 
Matthew Staman 
Edward Mitchell 
Joseph Senechal 
Clifford Hulsart 
Charles Keltner 
Matthew McDermott 
Gregory Washburn 
Robert Hinds 
Jose Finat 
Eugene Staquet 
Robert Haslam 
Christopher Blau 
Kurt Andreaus 
Edward Brownlie 

Michele Murteza 
Amy Alwood 
Kelli Sullivan 
Kristen Grosser 
Heather Tharpe 
Elena Mastors 
Polly Buckingham 
Mary Garlick 
Willa Superville 
Catherine Genge 
Michelle Buheit 
Amanda Bennett 
Lisa Weaver 
Meg Ruppel 
Mary Yates 
Kerry Connard 
Joanne Ratchlbrd 

118 DORMS 


DORMS 119 

Day Students 

120 DORMS 



Zeta Halloween 

"Where does it hurt . . . You mean right now or 
from the accident?" 


Left: Two guys not afraid to hang their moons out 
in public. 

"... and I will hug him and squeeze him and call 
him George." 

"Me Tarzan, You . . . Clown?!? 


■f " . . . And with that hand I collect six more of your pota- 
to chips." 

H'Tank you, tank you - and now for some JAZZ." 

Casino Night 

■f""Of course you'll win. Trust us!" 
•♦A fool and his money . . . 


Sid Vicious 

"Isn't there more than one circle on a Twister 

"Sid, come on over. We'll compare notes." 

"Dancing shadows, firelight ..." 

- The Eagles 

"If someone bothers our physics project, boy, Oh, boy!" 







Styles for the year 

SA hosts the Annual Fashion Show 

The International Students Association (ISA) 
hosted its annual Fashion Show in Bininger The- 
atre. The show featured the latest styles mod- 
eled by Eckerd students. The outfits for the 
show were donated by local clothing stores. 
Among the outfits modeled were swimwear, ca- 
sual wear, sports wear, and formal wear. 


Gello Jam 

Top left: So chunky you can eat it with your whole 


Above: "Hey, I was fine until someone screamed 

'Food fight!'" 

Below: Eager contestants?! 


Left: We're He-e-e-ere . . . 

Above: "All right, so I lost control of myself . . . Sue me!' 

Right: 1989 Floride Gello Rush 



m m 

i Mifflin 

r «Pv 

%, «J1§ 

Left: "I can t believe you dropped your 
contact lens." 

Above: Follow the leader? What lead- 

Top right: "Just look a little closer. 
Right: The Blob revisited? 

Left: Gello anxiety for all ages. 

Bottom left: A splash of orange. 

Below: He-e-e-e's Safe! 

Bottom right: Think Guinness! Think Guinness! 




1 32 

Festival of Cultures 


St. Petersburg Hilton and Towers hosts 
Spring Ball '89 

The 1989 Eckerd College Spring Ball 
was held at the St. Petersburg Hilton and 
Towers Hotel. Spring Ball is sponsored 
by the Afro-American Society (AAS) and 
funded by ECOS. This year, for the first 
time, a Spring Ball King was crowned. 
Sean Murphy, pictured above with date 
Dawn Koester was selected as the 1989 
Spring Ball King. 

This year's King and Queen Sean Murphy and Dawn 


Triton Athletes . . . 

We regret that photos for all the sports teams were unavail- 
able. The team pictures on these pages were submitted by 
the coaches or team members. 

Softball (from left) 

Front: Anne Marie Hennelly, Coy Miller, Lorre Fritchy. Cathy Genge, Lisa Higgins. Cathy Ericson. Kelly "Wil- 
ley" Wilson; Back. Coach Jim DiNoble, Michelle Lemons. Amanda Bennett, Catherine Zucker, Aldona Bobelis. 
Kim McBride, Susan Green, Barbi Palumerri. Julie Evans, Nicey Rizzo 

Men's Basketball 

Front: Tom Russell, Eric Webb, Pat Diggs. John Sebring, Dwayne Perry, John Mueller, Vic Stephens; Back: Student Trainer Kemp Talbott, 
Mike Pugh, Glenn Piersall, John Wiser. Mark Lewis, Coach Tom Ryan, Coach Jim Harley, Coach Hap Johnson, Ric Lenholt, Randy 
Nelson, Greg Pike, Dave Spielvogel 

Women's Basketball 

Lorre Fritchy, Kathy Bonollo, Julie Evans, Becky Rios, Michelle Lemons. Nicey Rizzo, Dianne Sands, Kelly Moore, Heather 
Peters, Gina Murray, Sherri Hayden, Cammie Maki, Coach Celia Bloodworth 


On the Ball!! 

* ., 



K7 > tl£ 

■ ^ jH^^' 



f -i 

Women's Tennis 

Kemp Talbott, Becki Rios, Coach Celia Bloodworth, Kathy Hwang, April Harshaw, Elizabeth Cuzak, 
Karen Howley. 


Top: Patty Walsh, Dawn Carney, Kelli Hammer; Bottom: Sean Blair, Grenita Ellis, 
Robin Payne, Yolanda Anderson, Sharon Gross, John Howard 



Front: Scott Newton, Mike Myers, Sean Blair, Mike Griffiths, Terry McHale; Middle: Thor Crum- 
mer, Juan Rubio, Luis Casas, Mark Tluszcz, Bernd Spelbos, Mike Corbosiero, Mike McCollum, 
Ron Draa: Back: Assistant Coach Ruben Astigarraga, Bill Keating. Larry Owens, Kris Coontz, Paul 
Abromovich, Carlos Somoano, Jeremy Mason, Chuck Kyriakou. Jerry Theophilos, Steve Katsarel- 
is, David Bluesteen, Student Trainer Yvette de Lama, Coach Jim DiNoble. 


Triton Tribune Staff (from left) front 
row: Ted Brownlie, Dan Jeffre, Anne 
Hennelly second row: Brian Suarez, 
Matt Staman, Kim Roxby, Wendy 

Rowley, , Karen O'Brien third 

row: Colleen Brennan, Lisa Weaver, 
Leslie Hill, Tina Alligood, standing: Kief 
Morris, Barbi Palummeri, Karen Wor- 
thington. Skip Mitchell, Jason Palma- 
teer, Gillian Smith, Laura Davidson, 
Sean Cleary, Babette Collins, Robert 

WECR D.J.'s 

seated: Dortrecia Moore, Jen Kiellach, Stacy Karp, Liz Wright, Beth Deitem- 
eyer, Kevin Hill, Sonya Golden second row: Cliff Hulsart, Barbi Decker, 
Laura Robinson, Heather Omerod, Heather Crawford, Faye Craig, Ed 
Ewing, Axel Dross, Andre DeSilva, Kelly "Willey" Wilson, Tim McQuaide, 
Kelly Moore, Dave DeFresne, Chris Giuffre third row: Shalonda Perry, Caryl 
Grawunder. Betsy Huffman, Holly Richardson, Grenita Ellis, Greta Setter- 

ECK TV Staff 

front row: David Rodriguez, Jens Edgren, Heather Hanson back row: Na- 
tasha Braughler, Keith Gapinski, Kim Boss, Ann Hickey, Terri Hayslett 


Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) 

Competition Team (from left) Doreen Erickson, Quinta Zondervan, Lauri White (sponsor), 

Terri McHale, David Rodriguez, Ken Vanous, Steve Bierenbaum 

Waterfront Teams 

^Sailing Team (from left) John Clinton, Ariane Richter, Brita Osmundsvaag, Scott Ludlum, 
Katrina Clark, Roe Giuliano, Sally Wood, Dan Freeland, Brad Beeler, Mike Clemons, Erik Hunt- 

^Boardsailing Team 

Joe Senechel, Kirsten Snellenberg (Coach), Joe Speed, Bud Howard, Cathy Graham, Charley 

Burwell, Ben LeForme, Petros Flerianos, Eric Fritz 

J.EC-SAR Team (below from left) 

Stacey Bricka, Nichole Braun, Joanne Ratchford, Angie Hutchison, Laura 
Brink, Max Bricka, Jennifer Neckers, Betsy Huffman, Jennifer Block, Sara 
Stewart, Kate Davis, Kim Amendola, Jill Barre, Jeff Collison Back row: Renee 
Petrassi, Heather Thompson, Jon Aspenleiter, Mike Purcell, Bill Schmidt, Matt 
Ankley, Mark Gordon, Brian MacDonald, Dan Sutherlin, Shaddy Paula, Jeff 
Borza, Nick Schultz, Dave German, Murray Fournie, Bill Sayre, Bill Covert 

fWaterski Team (above) 
Front: Tami Ginnaty, Carolyn Vaccaro, 
Cathy Graham, Ann Regas, Jill Pratt, 
Anne Hover Back: Coach Russ Clifford, 
Doug Robbins, Jim Donnolly, Paul Hoe- 
per, Andrew McGlynn, Andre Karsten, 
Ken Watson 



Two By Two 

The theatre department's major 
production this year was Richard Rog- 
er's, Two by Two. The musical come- 
dy told the story of Noah and his ark. 
Cast and crew sang and danced their 
way through a twenty-two show tour 
of Florida, the last four shows being 
held in Bininger Theatre. The show 
was directed by Professor Richard 
Rice and his stage crew included Stage 
Manager June Arnini, Sound Techni- 
cians, David Lowe and Scott Preston, 
and Lighting Technician, Matt Sta- 

Two by Two starred alumnus 
Chris Rosenberg as Noah and dis- 
played the talents of the following Eck- 
erd students: 

Benn Barr Japeth 

Eric Bonesteel Ham 

Carole Fell Esther 

John D. Godbout Shem 

Amy King Goldie 

Colleen O'Mara Rachel 

Debbie Stacey Leah 


When they weren't working on 
Two by Two, the theatre depart- 
ment kept busy with many other 
projects. These efforts took the 
forms of a weekly variety show 
called "D'Wolf and Pender- 
grass", and a Winter Term pre- 
sentation of Shakespeare's 
"Comedy of Errors" in Slater's 
Woods. In addition one-acts such 
as "Roots of Chaos" were pro- 
duced throughout the year. 

Photos: Opposite page (clockwise from 
top) - John Godbout, Benn Barr and Eric 
Bonesteel carry on a musical argument 
with their "father". Chris Rosenberg; Amy 
King as Goldie. a cult priestess.; Colleen 
O'Mara, Eric Bonesteel, Debbie Stacey, 

John Godbout, Chris Rosenberg, and 
Carole Fell attempt to convince Benn 
Barr of the joys of living "Two by 
Two."; Colleen O'Mara sings a song of 
woe to Carole Fell. 

This page: (clockwise from top) "Wheel 
of Torture" host Chris Rosenberg intro- 
duces his guests, Christopher Franseth, 
June Arnini, and John D. Godbout.; 
Grenita Ellis, Matt Staman, Pete Van 
Den Eng, and Brad Thomas as the 
D'Wolf and Pendergrass Shakespeare 
Troupe.; Brian Joseph, Katie Estes, 
and Jeremy Smith pull out the stops in 
"Roots of Chaos."; Finley Lee woos 
Robin Seamen in "A Comedy of 


Delta partiers • No ifs. ands. or . . . Well 

Look out Suzy Chapstick 


Auto maintenance, whew! 

Oh where, oh where, did that Gummy Bear Go?! 


Forever in my Garden 

Blossom breathes the night air 
And drinks the morning dew 
But frost, when it comes early 
Hurts many after claiming the few. 
And the garden, less the richer 
For the loss within its fold 
The delicate stem and petals 
But a truth remains untold . . . 
Spring will follow Winter 
And life will bloom again 
The garden will rejoice 
And greet the sun as friend. 

David White 


A ship's silhouette in the sunset 
Sails hoisted to hall mast 
Isolated from the regatta 
For its racing days have passed. 

Gliding free out towards beyond 
Away from bar. and beach, and bay. 
It's cutting deeper waters 
Where some by chance may stray. 

Growing fainter still 
Since setting off. without a wave 
Bui the memories you left behind 
Mean the most of those who save. 

Perhaps it's in those moments 
When all alone you stand 
The traces that are left behind 
Can't be washed away like sand. 

Gulls fly over the water 
And the day begins anew 
Time itself sails onward 
As we remember you. 

This page is dedicated in memory of Bridget Denier and David White. 

Thanks for all that you gave us, especially the memories you have left and the chance to know you. 

Poems by Laura Blasii Dedication photos by Takeshi Ikeuchii other photos courtesy of Triton Tribune and David Ornstein.