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"%» ''' t 



Digitized by the Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Reflections 1990 

Eckerd College 

4200 54th Avenue South 

St. Petersburg, Florida 33711 

(813) 864-8416 

Welcome to a new decade. We are wit- 
nessing the rebirth of time which, like 
the Phoenix, is born of its own ashes, 
rising to great heights only to die and 
be reincarnated again. Part of that cy- 
cle, a new beginning, is just beyond the 

The 90s will offer new opportunities, 
and fulfill great promises, whether it be 
through the launching of a career, 
achieving academic goals, or by initiat- 
ing new steps towards discovery and 
freedom. For others, we will witness the 
birth of ideas, perspectives, and emo- 
tions. The 90s will offer graduating Sen- 
iors a new beginning of their lives — 
the beginning of their careers and an 
end to torturous days of continual 
study. Then there are those who opt to 
study, and the 90s offers them only the 
best as they journey on towards gradu- 
ate school. 

In any case we must remember that 
we are a small part of a vast universe. 

swept up together in one continual cy- 
cle. Trom day to day the Sun follows a 
cycle from sunrise to sunset; and from 
birth to death we rise and are gently laid 
to rest. What has been diminished lives 
on through words, photographs and 
other reflections of our yesterdays. 

The phoenix is represented through- 
out this book to illustrate the cycle of 
life at Eckerd College, and to help us 
reflect on our year, to say good bye to 
the 80s while looking towards the 90s 
and our future. 


Welcome To The 1990's: The 
Birth Of A New Decade 


SJuM Life^ 

Autumn Term Helps Fresh -Ecks 
Orient To Life In College 

Throughout Autumn Term freshmen from all over the world 
got acquainted with each other, and they had one thing in 
common: they were new to Eckerd College. Most of them 
weren't used to sharing a bathroom with sixteen people, or 
even living with another person. An objective of Autumn Term 
was to help them make the transition from home-life to com- 
munal living. New quests ranged from eating 'Saga " to at- 
tempting to get to sleep before 4 a.m. Cooperation was the 
word throughout Autumn Term. Resident Advisors and Au- 
tumn Term activators tried to make the transition easier, and 
even the games at Funlympics emphasized cooperation be- 
tween dormmates. 


Krazy Kappa 

Krazy Kappa Carnival was 
Eckerd's way of welcoming 
the upperclassmen back after 
a seemingly short summer, 
and it also helped the fresh- 
men realize that, yes, there is 
life after Camp Eckerd. From 
volleyball to water bombard- 
ment competitions, each 
complex had its chance to 

show everyone what it's made 
of. During the day Krazy- 
Kappa was a good old Ameri- 
can picnic, with sun, ftin, 
food, and music, and that 
night, with music provided by 
Shamrock, students partied 
all through the night to start 
the year off with a bang. 

^ '^* 

w^^K^... imr 


ipr.*<j J v|. 



Zcta. Halloween 

, -TNERIt . 

' \ ABQU' ir... 

I ^[Al I.Y kllv^V^- J 


' .4 . 


Parents And Students Enjoy _ 
The Annual Kon-Tiki Events 

Kon-Tiki was held riovember 4, as part of the annual 
Parent's Weekend. The main event was the exciting and 
amusing raft race in Frenchman's Creek. The winning team 
manned the "AIDS Awareness Raft ". Constructed by Delta 
Complex, this raft was made entirely of inflated condoms. 
The best-theme-award was presented to Dante House for its 
"Exxon Valdez." 

In addition to the raft race, parents and students had the 
opportunity to try out waterfront equipment. There was also 
two-on-two volleyball competition, as well as a variety of 
other sports activities. Refreshments and T-shirts were 
available, with all proceeds going to All-Childrens' Hospital. 

Homelycoming '89 

When people in Florida think of 
Homecoming, they think of pep ral- 
lies and tailgate parties and serious 
football competition. Well Eckerd 
may not be able to compete with UF's 
Gator Growl, but we have something 
that is unique and special to us . . . 

This year's theme was "Winter 
Wonderiand." Office windows and 
bathroom mirrors all over campus 
were decorated with spray snow an- 
nouncements that "Homelycoming 
'89" was upon us. 

The big day began with the tradi- 
tional float parade. Beecher, Scott, 
Blakely, Wilson and the Cheerieaders 
all gave their impressions of an Eck- 
erd Christmas. Beecher, with their 
"Santa Pimp" float, came in first 
place, followed by the Cheerleaders 
and Wilson. 

After the parade, fooLball fans were 
treated to not one, but Kvo exciting 
football games. The fu'- was be- 
tween the Alumni team am - intra- 
mural champs, the Nu Wt am. 

Members of the Alumni team includ- 
ed such noteables as Housing Direc- 
tor Wayne Harwell, Recreation Coor- 
dinator Chris Roby and Basketball 
Coach Tom Ryan. After a Mu West vic- 
tory, both teams settled back to relax 
and watch the second game of the 

Unlike the sound of its name, the 
Powderpuff game was as rough and 
tumble as the guy's game. Both 
teams fought a tough battle and both 
left the field with their share of iryu- 

next came fun for all in the Queen 
Contest. After modeling for the 
judges and a brief question and an- 
swer session, Blakely's own Tom 
"Big Bombs" Bertoni and his escort, 
Sam Penetta, walked away with first 

After all the excitement for the day, 
students danced the night away at 
the Dalton-Douglas semi-formal 
dance in Fox hall. All proceeds from 
the dance were donated to AIDS re- 











We regret that Knox House is not pictured 
here due to our camera failure. We 
apologize for the error. 

^ I i 


f^ %§'.J!1, ^^^ ■^'- f 




Juliet Agostan 

Tina Alligood 

Jim Andrews 

Lisa Ashley 

Mike Auger 

Sherri Baker 

Cheryl Bendetto 

Stephanie Beutlich 

Sanjay Bhat 

nick Biase 

Jennifer Block 

Senior Quotes 

Tina Alligood 

"Tjrn your head, Don't look back, 

just set your sails for a new horizon, 

Don't turn around, don't look down. 

New worlds lie across the track and 

it's really not surprising. 

It gets better when you get there." 

— Phil Collins 

Jim Andrews, Nick Biase, Jim Gels- 

leichter. Bud Howard, Surf Moores, Mike 


"Friends may come and friends may go, 

and some friends may peter-out you 

know, but we'll be friends through thick 

or thin, peter-out or peter-m." 

Cheryl Bendetto 

"We all have our own kind of life to 
pursue, our own kind of dreams to be 
weaving ... and we all have the power 
to make wishes come true, as long as we 
keep on believing." 

— Amanda Bradley 

Nancy Baker 

"It's a big enough unbrella. but it's al- 
ways me that ends up getting wet . . . " 

— The Police 

Y. Sanjay Bhat 

"I'd rather have a root canal, than take 


— Mike Bentley 

Christina Bishop 

"We got nothin' better to do than to 

watch t.v. and have a couple o' brew." 

— Black Flag 

Jennifer Ann Block 

"Paradise By The Dashboard Light" 

— MeatLoaf 

Jeff Carey 

"Isn't it time for the Love Boat?" 

Christine Coddmgton 
"Be open to change and growth! I can 
never thank you enough mom and dad. 
I love you m & d sis X 2." 

George Bochis 

Terri Bodnar 

Stephanie Boles 

Kathy Bonollo and Karen Arcand 

Robin Bower 

riatasha Braughler 

JeflF Carey 

Christopher Cox 


Lexi Creel 

Domenico "Gianni" D'Ambrosio 

Chad Davis 

Scott Deery 


Pam DeSimone 

Yvonne Deyo 

Lori Ducharme 

Tracy Engel 


Je-Mien Ernst 

Nark rirstman 


Senior Quotes, Cont'd 

Shelley Catlin Conzelman 

"Yes I'm gom' insane, I'm laughm' at the 

pourin' ram." 

— Steely Dan 

Neysa Covington 

"I can do all things through Christ which 

strengthens me." 

— Philippians 4:13 

Lori Ducharme 

"I need to think something lasts forever, 
and it might as well be that state of 
being that is the game; it might as well 
be that, in a green field, m the sun." 
— A. Bartlett Giamatti, 1977 

Mark Firstman 

"Ya'll know me know how I earn a livin' 
I'll catch that bird for ya' but it's not 
gom' to be that easy. Bad fish, Not like 
gom' down to the pond chasin' bluegills 
or tommycats!" 

Craig Fleming 
"Wild, wild west!" 

William Scott Goodwin 

The worst day of fishing is better than 

the best day of school work. 

Gayle Green 

"So, if not for me, then Do it for your- 
self. If not for me, then Do it for the 
world ..." 

David Haller 

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than 
cry with the saints because the sinners 
are much more fun." 

— Billy Joel 

Rich Hammer 

"I went to the woods because I wished 

to live deliberately to front only the 

essential facts of life, and see if I could 

learn what it had to teach, and not when 

I came to die, discover that I had not 


— Henry David Thoreau 
"Shut up or I'll kill you" 

— V.Y.V. 

Kool Moe Dee 


Bud Howard 

I *Sk../ f 

Kelly Klauder 

Nark Klein 

Peter Knapp 

Becky Kregling 

Steve Kress 

Caroline Lanctot-Bedard 

Nike Laukaitis 

Brian LeBrasseur 

Chris Moores 

Caron Moran 

Kief Morris 

Manette Nascone 

Bob Nash 


Wf <! 




Lisa riathan 

Javed riazier 

Chris Nesbit 

Senior Quotes Cont'd 

Tara Hand 

"Follow your dreams" 

Lee Hill 

Live and learn. 

Peter Knapp 

"The best is the deep silence in which I 
live against the world and grow and gain 
what they can not take away from me 
with fire or sword." 

— J.W. Goethe 

Becky Kreglmg 

Life IS a strange journey through harsh 
and forbidding territory. No one gets out 
of here alive. The dangers are many, the 
rewards are few. Life is sarcastic and 
cruel. It plays havoc with the best of 
intentions and always sows the seeds of 
the worst. The only sources of light and 
hope in this dark and barren land are 

love and friendship. Without these, no 
mortal can survive the mockery of fate. 
Friendship is the best defense one has 
against the malevolent forces along the 
road. Friendship is very valuable and 
important . . . 

— DKV (the key) 

Steve Kress 

"I came, I saw, I conquered." 

Michael Richard Laukaitis IV 

Brian LeBrasseur 

"Frisbee Golf, what a great sensation." 

Chris Mendoza 

"I may be going to hell in a handbasket 

but at least I'm enjoying the ride." 

— Grateful Dead 

Kenji Ochiai 

David Ornstein 

Felicia Payne 

Chris Parisi 

Dwayne Perry 

Heather Peters 

John Pollock 

i 'ti 


...^ -^ ** ^^1 



Michael Pugh 

Debra Ross 

Lindsay Seward 

Mike Sheffield 


Chris Strong 

Michele Sukkariyyah 

Michelle "Mich" Sullivan 

Trudi Swiatek 

Kemp Talbott 

Charlotte Todd 

Billy Wannen 




s^ mm 




Lisa Weaver 

Kim Welch 

Jennifer West 

Bill Winter 

Sally Wood 

Karen Worthington 

John Zwerneman 


Lisa Weaver 

This is the time to remember, 'cause it will not last forever. 

These are the days to hold on to, but we won't although we'll 

want to. " . . 

— Billy Joel 

Thanks Eckerd for the time of m life. Mom and Dad, You're 

the greatest for helping me through these last four years. Kief, 

1 love you and always will. 

Senior Quotes 

Chris Mesbit 

"How sharper than a ser- 
pent's tooth it is to have a 
thankless child " 

Shakespeare . . . and my 

Dwayne C. Perry 
"Believe in yourself and vi- 
sualize in your mind achiev- 
ing all your dreams in all 
phases of life. " 

Lindsay Seward 

You can't always get what 

you want. 

But if you try sometime. 

You just might find. 

You get what you need! 

— The Rolling Stones 

Chris Strong 
"Bring the noisel" 

— Public Enemy 
"Joker, Joker . . . and a Tri- 

— Most of "Joker's Wild" 

Michele M. Sullivan 
"Show me everybody naked 
and disfigured — Nothing's 
Shocking ..." 

— Jane's Addiction 

Tina vonDohlen 

May God bless and keep 

you always 

may your wishes all come 


may you always do for 


and let others do for you 

may you build a ladder to 

the stars 

and climb every road 

and may you stay. Forever 


Chares Wannen 

"Oh, so THIS is where the 

library isll " 

^ % 

♦ i 




The Men's Soccer Team, on the verge of 
building a new program, has a lot to look 
forward to. Twelve out of the nineteen 
members on the team are freshmen, 
bringing with them enthusiasm and some 

Instrumental in the rebirth of the team 
are the leading scorers. Carlos Somoano, 
a junior, plays forward. Chris Casey, a 
freshman, is a midfielder. Mike Corbosiero, 
another junior, also plays forward. 

Although last year's team had three wins 
and eight losses. Coach Jim DiNoble 
explains that the team is coming together, 
trying to compete in a very tough 
conference. With the emergence of young 
and talented players, the men's soccer 
team will rise above the others who have 
been holding them down. 

Front (L-R): Ben Harris, Paul Abramovich, 

David Morse, Rick Taircloth, Adam 

Crummer, Dave Baker; Middle: Chris Casey, 

Wilkin Shanley, Mike Corbosiero, Patrick 

Wagner, Coach Jim DiMoble; Back: Kevin 

Jonell, Johan Eriksson, Joakim Lialias, 

Michael Paulsmeyer, Carlos Abanses, Luis 

Casas Adelantado, Mike Griffiths. 

Wo me I 

Senior Tara Hand acted as 
Coach/Captain for the Women's Soccer 
team's second year of existence at Eckerd. 
Sean "Slick " Blair also acted as coach. 
Senior Charlotte Todd also acted as 
captain for the "St. Pete Strikers". This 
year's team started its Sept.-March season 
with seven players from the previous year 
and new additions. Highlighting the 
season was a 4-3 home game win over the 
Excaliburs on parents weekend. 

Front (L-R): Happy Olmstead, Tara Hand, 
Susan Moss, Charlotte Todd, Barbi 
Palumerri; Middle: Mia Zinsner, Jen 
Sparks, Anne Mailer, Erin Karkheck, 
Karen Koropatny; Back: Robin Querriero, 
Jennifer Cole, Laureen Pape, Laura 
Wilson, Manager Sean "slick" Blair. 

V| |P ' .>ai , i^'w'^^^^^^^ 



Front (L-R): Jim Andrews, Keith Hanson, Craig Rose, Mike Sheffield, Chuck Small; Back: 
Bobby Rego, Willie Puz, Sean Blair, Fete Sjoberg, Mick Biase, Chris Moores. 

Front (L-R): Christine Kelly, Kindra Rankin, Aldona Bobelis, Diane Sands; Middle: Tara 
O'Brien, Sue Holston, Pamela Vandeven, Cammie Maki, Sherry Howell; Back: Coach Nancy 
Roby, Deborah Grant-Slemmons, Eileen O Reilly, Rebecca Burke, Rhonda Mayo. 


This year's Women's Volleyball 
Team started with bright hopes. 
Under the direction of Coach 
Mancy Roby the Lady Tritons 
hope to have their first winning 
season ever. 

Playing prominent roles in the 
return of the team were the three 
co-captains, all seniors. Middle 
Blocker Diane Sands holds the 
school record in solo blocks, 
with 95, and received the MVP 
for the team last year. Eileen 
O'Reilly, the setter, led the team 
on the court by directing the 
plays. Cammie Maki was the 
hitter and a distinct force on the 
front line. 

Coach Roby hopes to change 
the mindset' ' of the students 
toward supporting the players to 
give them a winning attitude. 


The Cross Country Team, regrouped in 
1989 with runners from the previous year 
and new recruits, building one of the 
largest teams (13 runners) in Eckerd 
College's history. Scott Bransford and 
Sean Conklin were the number one and 
two runners respectively. Bransford the 
first runner to be sent to regional finals 
from Eckerd, remains the leading force on 
the team. 

The Women's team was also the largest 
in recent history. Kim Eagen, ranked last 
year in the top 30 of Division II, was also 
in the top 3 of the Southeastern 
Regionals. Coach Wes Koenig attributes the 
recent rise in the team's performance to 
the organization of his staff, and the talent 
of the running teams. 

Women, Front (L-R): Loire rritchy, 

Michele Ryder, Christine Herrington, Kim 

Fagen; Back; Terry Dunlop, Laura 

Wanner, Je-Mien Ernest, Suzanne LaMore. 

Men, Front (L-R): Scott Bransford, Theaux 

LeGardeur, nick James, George Rodney, 

Jeff Glade; Back: Adam Garson, Erich 

Linneman, Andrew Conklin, Renny 

Pompier, Brendan Callahan, Ron 



The golf team had a record breaking 

season, thanks to member Vince Cherrix. 

Cherrix scored a 4-under par, 68, on the 

final round of the Florida Intercollegiate 

Championship at Doral in Miami. 

rront (L-R): Thad Coontz; Back: Mike 
Hudanick, Brad Orlosky, John Muro, 
Dennis Mailing (not pictured: Dave 
Roberts, Vince Cherrix, Ian McCarthy, 
Msyor Mittendorf, Steve Kusenko). 


Front (L-R)- Fat Diggs, Assistant Coach Tom Ryan, Jon Mueller, Manager Kemp Talbott 

Dwayne Perry Assistant Coach Paul Morrison, Rolf Koch; Middle: Leron Howard, Tac 

Balanda Eric Webb, Paul Kinsella, Head Coach Jim Harley; Back: Vic Stephens, Ton^ 

Russell Mark Lewis, Ric Lenholt, Greg Pike, David Spielvogel, Tom Lowe 

The 1989-90 Triton basketball 
team combined a blend of 
experienced talent and exciting 
new faces this year. As a result 
they made it to the top of the 
Sunshine State Conference. All- 
American candidate Dwayne 
Perry continued to lead the team 
to victory throughout his senior 
year. Returning teammates 
included Perry's co-captain, Vic 
Stephens, and center Pat Diggs. 

Front (L-R): Jennie OTIanagan, Sherri Hayden, Kathy Bonollo, Heather Peters, Cynthia Maki 
Anna Murray, Becky Rios; Back: Manager Lorre rritchy, Angela Wood, Michele Lemons Janet 
Kaleda, Kelly Moore, Cindy Smith, Julie Evans, Head Coach Bob Michols. 


Optimism is the key v.ord for 
the Lady Triton's 1989-90 
season, and they seem to have 
every reason to be. Under new 
head coach Bob Nichols, the 
team will emphasize defense and 
rebounding through offensive 
improvement. Team members 
gained valuable experience, with 
nine returning from last year's 
team. Two transfers and two 
freshmen round out a Lady 
Triton team which could be a top 
contender in the Sunshine State 

Bas all 

The 1989 Baseball Teawi, 
ranked in the top ten in Division 
II for the 15th year in a row. 
finished the season with a record 
of 30 wins and 19 losses, tying 
for 3rd in the Sunshine State 
Conference. The season had 
807o pitching victories. The team 
was headed by seniors Ron 
Watson. Steve Gill and Jamie 
Holway. sophomores Scott 
Brodkorb, Eric Zylman, Tim 
Thielen, Shane Berry, and Jim 
Mecir (who went 8-3 as a 
freshman last year). Junior 3rd 
baseman Bill Morris made All- 
South Region and was an Ail- 
American Candidate. 

J^'v. r 





, !'*-,»■'- 

The Triton Softball team is 
going into the 90s seeking to 
improve last season's record. 
The team was 12-18 (9-15 in 
conference games), with only 
three players graduating. Coach 
Di Moble is confident that 
capable replacements will be 
found. Key returning players 
include: first-team, all-conference 
selection. Coy Miller at 
shortstop, and Michele Lemons, 
who was selected to the second- 
team, all-conference. When this 
proven talent is combined with 
new players, an exciting season 
is surely on the horizon. 


The Eckerd College ;,:rch and 
Rescue Team (ES-SARj was 
established in 1971 to provide 
safety for the watersports program. 
Since 1977, it has served the entire 
Tampa Bay Community, and has 
become one of the most respected 
search and rescue organizations on 
the west coast of Florida. 

front (L-R): Jen Pleckers, Max Brika, Renee 
Petrassi; Second: Steve Brundage, Michole 
Braun. Meathcr Bro.xson, Martha Kuykendall, 
Kate Davis. Kim Amendola Jennifer Wagner, 
Wii: Dunn, Jeff Collison, Virginia Shepard, 
Stefanic Allison Mark Gordon; Third: Gerilyn 
Gossen, Riley Young, Kelly Insoft, Laura 
Brink Jennifer Block, Joanne Ratchford; 
Back: Jon Aspenleiter, Greg Amino, Ryan 
Walker Alison Quinn, Dan Sutherlin, Brian 
Macdonald, Matt Ankley, Tyler Johnson, 
Chris Marten, GeofT Ahlers, Mike Purcell, Bill 
Schmidt, Darius Keblinskas, Murray Fournie, 
Dave German, Bill Covert. 

The Eckerd College Triton tvater- 
Ski team has been competing in 
the Southern Conference since 
1985. Although the Tritons could 
be considered a young team, they 
have managed to build a 
competitive program. In the past 
five years the team has captured 
first place in a conference 
tournament, and in 1989 they sent 
six members to the National 
Collegiate All-Star Tournament with 
one water-skier placing first overall. 
The Tritons are currently rated 
third in the Southern Conference. 

Front (L-R): Anne Hover, Kim Rice, Monique 
Thibault, Carolyn Vaccaro, Tami Ginnaty, Jill 
Pratt, Coach Russ Clifford; Back: Pitt 
Derryberry, Doug Robbins, Bob Maug, Travis 
Gedney, Andre Karsten, Jim Donnelly (not 
pictured Andrea Regas). 

Boardsailing Team 

Eckerd College v.>- - -.^c 
college to develop an 
intercollegiate boardsailing team. 
The team is a strong competitor in 
the South Atlantic Intercollegiate 
Sailing Association (SAISA). In 
recent years, several members have 
placed in the top second at the 
intercollegiate national 
championships and they have also 
been invited to join the U.S. 
Boardsailing Team. A typical 
semester will see the team 
compete in four regattas with one 
being a host event. 

front (LR): Ben La Feure, Cathy Graham, 
Bill Hunter. Joe Senechal; Back: Charles 
Dean. JefT Rannik, Charlie Burwell, Bud 
Moward, John Whitten. 

Sailing Team 

Under the supervision of Coach 
Kirsten Snellenburg, an Eckerd 
alumnus, the Eckerd College 
Sailing team looks forward to a 
successful season in the South 
Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing 
Association (SAISA). Among the 
team's goals this year is a return to 
national competition and a possible 
berth in the National championship 
regatta. With the combination of 
talented sailors, a knowledgeable 
coach and Eckerd's waterfront 
facilities, these goals lie within 
their grasp. The sailing program is 
definitely headed for smooth seas 
and a bright future. 

Front (L-R): April Bradley, Rosary Giullano, 
Dan Freeland; Middle; Steve Bosley, Katrina 
Clark, Amy Gross, Brita Osmundsvaag, Mike 
Doherty, Sally Wood; Back: Scott Ludlum, 
Brad Beeler, Brian McCloud, Bill McCarthy, 
Fielding Grasty, Erik Hunter, Steve Mulst. 



»*• • »••*» 



Administra tors 

Peter Armacost, President 

Mark Smith 

Dean of Students 

Prof, of Human Resources 

Richard Hallin 

Dean of Admissions and Records 

Lloyd Chapin 
Vice President 
Dean of Faculty 

Bruce Robertson 
Vice President for Ci 

'.':"• Rela- 

Joan Fry, Exec. Asst. to President 
Vice President for Public Relations 

James Deegan 

Dean of Special Programs 

Comparative Cultures Collegr ^ 

Meysa Neumann, Victoria Baker, Joseph Bearson, Dudley DeGroot, Thomas DiSalvo, 
Frank Tigueroa, Margarita Lezcano, John Maclnnes, Maveen Malhotra, Brinda Mehta, 
Vivian Parsons, William Parsons, Hendrick Serrie, Pedro Trakas — Adjuncts: Robert 
Austin, Diane Boyle, Linda Carroll, Eari Conteh-Morgan, Lee Evans-DiSalvo, Mildred 
rigueroa, Jacques Habit, Helmut Kreitz, Melanie Whitaker, Neal Storrs, Ross Thomson, 
Haruki Yokochi 

Gilbert Johnston, Chair 

Prof. Asian Studies and Religion 

Foundations Collegium 

Photograph not available 

Harry Ellis, Chair 

Associate Dean for General Education 

Behr oral Sciences Collegium 

Michael naherty. Chair 
Associate Professor of Sociology 

Linda OBryant, Anthony Brunello, Sal Capobianco, Mark Davis, Ted Dowd, Wendell 
French, Richard Fryslnger (Major), Diana Fuigitt, Peter Hammerschmidt, James Harley, 
J. Patrick Henry, Jeffrey Howard, Constance Hylton, James MacDougall, John Mayotte, 
Mary Meyer, Jacqueline Micholson, Tom Oberhofer, William Pyle, Edward Stevens, 
Robert Tebbs, William Winston, — Adjuncts: Thomas Birmingham, Richard Georges, 
Paul Hitchens, Linda Kraus, Gary Matter 

Letters Collegium 

Stanley Chestnut. Chair 

Professor of Humanities and Religion 

Shirley Davis, Jewel Spears Brookcr, David Bryant, Robert Collins, Julienne Empric, 
Bruce Foltz, Judith Green, Patricia Handy, Keith Irwin, Carolyn Johnston, Olivia 
Mclntyre, William McKee. George Meese, Gregory Padgett, Peter Pav, Robert Wigton, 
— ,'\djuncls: Robert Mertzman, Ruth Whitney 

Creative Arts Collegium 

Eleanor Fugh, Russel Bailey, Samuel Banks, Thomas Bunch, Howard Carter, Mancy 
Carter, James Crane, Sarah Dean, Joan Epstein, Sandra Harris, Peter Kranz, Christine 
McLean, Peter Meinke, Richard Rice, Margaret Rigg, Arthur Skinner, Marion Smith, 
Mark Smith, Claire Stiles, Kathryn Watson, Sterling Watson, Andra Weddington, 
Thomas West, Molly Alcott, Gloria Bolivar 

Molly Ransbury, Chair 
Professor of Education 

Natural Sciences Collegium 

Picture not Available 

John Reynolds, Chair 

Associate Professor of Biology and Marine 


Business Office 

James Christison, 

Vice President for Tinance 

Controllers Office: Alan Bunch, Gala Badgley, Linda Branam, Chris Brennan. Vicki 
Chestine, FranK Hill, Patricia Jacono, Barbara Kalvoda, Sandi Lance, Angie Moronow, 
Cathy Ridings, Melody Roland 

Library: Larry Hardesty, Myrtle Coursin, Jamie Mastreiter, David Henderson, Kathryn 
Johnston, Catherine McCoy, Susan Obrebski, Sarah Peaden, Carolyn Stearns, Minette 
'^ "icderhold, Ellen James 

94 |_ 

Student Affairs 

student Affairs and Career Services: Mark Smith, Jerry Oalmann, Lillie Collins, Wayne 
Harwell, Barry McDowell, Shari Miller, Christopher Roby, Nina Wilmot, Lena Wilfalk, 
Andrew Haines, Pat Ritz 

Barbara Eli, Director, 
nursing Services 

Academy Of Senior Professionals At EC 

Richard Hallin, Dean of Admissions 
Eric Boelkins, Asst. Dean of Admissions 
J. Douglas Branch, Asst. Dean of 

Kathy Dunmire Ralph, Counselor, Assoc 

Dean of Admissions, and Coord. New 

Student Financial Aid 
Betty Lowrey, Admissions Systems 

J. Timothy Martin, Asst. Dean of 

Michele Pelzer, Counselor 
Scott Rivinius, Counselor 
Janet Scariot, Secy./Receptionist 
Barbara Thrun, Secy, to Dean 


James Marley, Prof. Physical Education 
and Director, Athletics 
Scott Dei, Mead Tennis Coach 
Jim DINobie, Mead Soccer and Softball 

Richard foikers, Asst. Baseball Coach 
Wes Koenig, Head Coach, Cross Country 
John Mayotte, Baseball Coach, Asst. 
Prof. P.E. 
Larry Moore, Office Manager 
Robert Michols, Women's Basketball 
Coach and Co-Coord. Women's 
Nancy Roby, Volleyball Coach and Co- 
Coord. Women's Athletics 
Tom Ryan, Asst. Athletic Director and 
Gym Manager 

Physical Education 

James Deegan, Dean of Special 

Patty Cassell, Admin. Asst. 
Regina Pheil, Secy. 
Stella Anderson, Asst. Registrar, PEL 
Dana Cozad, Coord. — LLV 
Carolyn Dawson, PEL-ASPEC Project, 

Diane Ferris, PEL, Student 

Services/Financial Aid 
Sandra Grimes, PEL, Admissions 
Patricia Jacono, PEL Bookkeeper 
Linda Johnston, Director of Marketing 
Elizabeth Morgan, PEL, Secy. 
Leo Mussbaum, PEL-ASPEC Project, 

Jane Shaw, PEL, Secy. 
Linda Swindall, PEL, Adjunct 
Donna Underhill, PEL, Secy. 
Betty Zandi, PEL, Adjunct 

Special Programs 

Haydn Ambrose, Director of Planned 
Samual Banks, Director of Foundation 
Relations and Prof. Human Resources 
David Cozad, Director of Corporate 
Jane Grunska, Program Asst. to Dir. of 
Alumni Affairs 
Nancy Horn, Secy. 
Catherine McGarry, Director of Major 

Patricia Neary-Hayward, Program Asst. 
to Dir. of Major Gifts 
Lore Raymond-Straub, Director of 
Annual Giving 
Betty Simpson, Exec. Secy, to V.P. for 
Margaret Block, Secy, to Dir. of Records 
and Development Computer Services 
Virginia Cardinale, Secy., Office of 
2arol Hardesty, Director of Development 
Records and Computer Support 
Lunita Knox, Record Keeper/Data Entry 
Marcia Read, Director of Research 

Development Office 

NUiUftk HA 

rinancial Aid Office: Margaret Morris, Director; Sally Crockett, Tinancial Aid 
Analyst; Robin Famiglietti, Asst. Director for Federal Programs; Karen Kadel, 
Financial Aid Evaluator; Joan Kaplan, Asst. Director for Florida Programs and 
PEL; Pat Mumaw, Financial Aid Adviser 

President's Office: Gwcn<i'..|ine Hawcutt, Admin. Asst. 
and Exec. Secretary to : : 'ririU; Patricia deFreese, 

Registrar's Office: Russell Kennedy, Registrar; Denise 
McCabe, Asst. Registrar; Louis Alarcon, Asst. to Regis- 
trar; Ellen Walters, Asst. to Registrar 

Public Relations: Patricia Baldwin, Director of Me- 
dia Relations; Marjorie Mincehelser, Director of 
Central Scheduling and Office Manager; Kathryn 
Rawson, Asst. to V.P. for Public Relations; Dennis 
Sercombe, Director of Publications 

International Education Office/Off-Campus Pro- 
grams: Sheila Johnston, Director; Tina Moto, As- 
sistant; Anne Rohr, Assistant 

Computer Center: Sharon Setterlind, Director; Todd Bowman, Coord, of Aca- 
demic Computing; Loretha Johnson, Asst. to the Database Administrator; 
Marisa Pfalzgraf, Database Administrator; Laura Randall, Programmer/Analyst 
of Administrative Computing; Leonard Walkoviak, Director of Computer Opera- 
tions; Lawrence Wilke, Microcomputer Coordinator; Kathleen Jewell, Computer 
Software Instructor 

Bookstore: John King, Manager; Bob Hirshlag, Asst. Manager; Glenda Colston, 


Counseling Center: Peter Kranz, Director: Sandra 
Harris, Counselor 


ELS Language Center: Judy Judd Price, Director; 
Meg Moore Duvall, Director of Courses; Thomas 
Santee, Student Adviser; Raandi Morales, Direc- 
tor of Admissions; Jane Hilbert, Contact America; 
Debi Edwards, Secy. 

Mark Smith 

The beginning of the 1990s marks the end of an era 
at Eckerd College. Not only do we bid farewell to the 
eighties, but we will also say good bye to a very 
special man. Mark Smith will be ending his tenure as 
Dean of Students on June 30, 1990. Mark came to 
Eckerd in 1978, and in his eleven years here has 
touched the lives of many students. He has helped us 
learn, by his example, to be competent givers. Mark 
will leave behind big shoes to fill, and he will be 
remembered as an important part of many lives. 
Wishing Mark well with his retirement, we know that he 
and Woody will remain a part of Eckerd for years to 


TV OV\< B'E.UJV&p 




HOLiy/^ rox 


Pam — 

As always, we are proud of 


Mom fiu Dad 

We're proud of you 


Our Love Always 

Grandma, Dad, Mom 
Donna & Larry 

Congratulations. We're proud of you. 
Mom, Dad, and Cindy 


Congratulation! We knew you 
could do it. Piece of cake! We 
are proud of your accomplish- 


Mom, Dad, Craig, Lynn and 


Don't worry — Be Happy 
Mom and Dad 


Surrs Up SkUr 






You haven't changed a bit. 
Love you more than words can say. 
Ma 6f Pa 


From all those who love you, good luck & best wishes for 
a happy & productive future. 

The Golds & Hammers 



You were great then, but even 
better nowl 

Congratulations on getting 
your degree. Now the learn- 
ing beginsi 

May God richly bless and 
keep you as you establish a 
life of your own. 

Love Mom 


Scott (Capt'n Squint) 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Dear Andrea, 

Congratulations on a job well done. 

You will find that your college education opens 
a whole new world to you. When used wisely and 
with God as a partner, it will allow you to reap 
rewards which only you will limit. 

Love, Mom and Dad 





Congra tula tions! 
Mom and Dad ^^ 

Congratula tions! 

Service. We Guarantee It.' 

Ol ID QEDUI^E Nothing gives us 
WWn wHiwIwE greater pleasure 

Ui AITRrC TUP ^^^"^ ^^'^'"^9 °'" 

lwl#%ffmKw I llB customers grow 

^|P^PE^nE|k|^P financially. Because 
l^ll rCnd^\#Ei your growth is our 
community's growth, too. At First Union, our people 
have a commitment to service that can make a big 
difference to your future banking needs. 

We can be your resource for financial growth. 
With faster, streamlined procedures. Personal 
attention you won't get from any other bank. And 
service so good we guarantee it in writing. 

Come in soon and talk to us. You'll discover that 
at First Union, our service makes the difference. 

&1989 First Union Corporation 

First Union National Bank 

Branch Offices Statewide fjfember FDiC 



Commercial Residential 



4332 44th Street South 
St. Petersburg, FL 33711 

Roger Townsend 




i^i^l! ^i^H 



art supplies 

Serving St.Pete For 31 Years! 

1 756 Conlrol Avonue 

fS 13) 894-4719 

^f- Picture This! 

HILTON on St. Petersburg Beach 

Relax and unwind in one of our 

spacious deluxe guest rooms 
overlooking the water. 

Enjoy the beautiful Gulf of 
Mexico, the beaches and our 
fresh water pool. Have fun 
parasailing, hobie sailing, 
fishing and much more. Enjoy a 
sunset as never before from the 
suncoast's only revolving 
rooftop lounge. 

Dine at C. Chan's or live a little 
at Schooner's Beach Bar & Grill. 

Who Says Tou Can't Have It All? 

Informatinn or Reservations: Ol «5"«JDU"1 ol 1 
5250 Gulf Blvd., St. Petersburg Beach, FL 33706 

/i^/9A/v c///?A/G^s //v yocy /I l/fe. . 
Coo/^r^/ES . Vau —/CtyLV l/i/e 

UP TO TT^S S/9y/A/0 ■■ 

«• 77iE. OA/LV CO^Sr/9A/r /A/ L/^E. 

/S c/y/?/vGE » 
h'E /)/2.E p^ou/) TO SE you^ 

P/^PEA/TS . 

c*oA/G/:prc/c/9r/o/v^ TO yot/xi 

J/0/vV/^S i>EG^E:E 
GjeEA^/A/O E^ - SP^S/Oa^ 
LUCE/Zr^E , S^V/ rZEP CPA/^ 

Inspections • Repair & Maintenance • Cleaning 

TJie ^Dependable (DiW 

■■■'i . ; DMng Service 

James D. Wood 

Professional Diver 


pass-a-grllle beach, florfcla 
famoyv since 1972 

Presidents Club 

Cynthia L. Johnson 

Membership Director 

r'honc (8131821 7608 • 100 Second Avonuc So • Suilc 1000 • SI Pclcisliuig. FL 33701 
PC Box 31986 • Si- Pclcrsburg. FlonUa 33732 

C ongr atulations 

Sam's Hot Dog Stand 


3859 Gulf Boulevard 
St. Petersburg Beach 

Compliments: Sally & Roger Tredway 

tU^v To 



A Smiling Start 

The Macho risheiman 

Still Smiling after all these YcarsI 

With Mom and Dad 

The Big Brother 

The Proud rather 

Eckcrd College Barber Shof. Q. ..tot 

The Thinker 

The Singer with the Caroling Company 

Congratulations Taral 

We are so very proud of 

Love Mom, Dad and Tammy 

Douglas Robbins 
Congra tula tions! 

■"' ".' "JVIWIM!.)!..' 

'Ec(<^rcC Coffcfje's 

Triton ^riSune 

1990 Reflections Yearbook St. Petersburg, Florida 


The newspaper staff would like to wish the 

graduating class of 1990 good luck. May you each 

be successful in everything you do, and happy always. 

A special thanks goes out to all seniors who have participated in the media, especially: 

Karen Worthington, Lisa Weaver, 
Mark Klein, Tina Alligood, Kief Morris. 

•Triton Staff 1990* Jason Palmalccr*Laura Blasi*Mindy Boguc*Babcltc Collins*Robcrt LoBcllo*E. Mark Mitchcll*Grcg Grajncr*J. Todd Montgomery* 
•Colleen Brcnnan*Mary-Ann MuiIi*Christa Calamas*Scan Clcary*Annic English*Lccsa Swmt*Barbi Palunimcri*Pcggy Walton*P.J. Dillon* 

To Christina 
With much love. 

Mom and Dad 

David and John 

and Oliver 

mfianf^ to the %ef[cctiorts staff for alC those Cong 

hard, hours and. ail day Ihyout sessions. It's Been a 

great year. I never couCdhave done it zuithout you. 

Qiiu 're the Best. 

QoodCxicfi to Laura and 

on ne?(t year's Bool^ 

George — 

From the time you could stand you knew what you 

wanted and went after it with great determination. 

May your future life make you as happy as you have 

made us. You are a Son to be extremely proud of. 

We love you much. 

Mom & Dad 






Now that you're finally a graduate, you probably think that college is all behind 
you. Not so, Baccalaureate breath! Now you're an official member of the "A- 
Team" — your Alumni Association. That not only entitles you to some special 
privileges, but also carries some responsibilities such as letting us know where 
you are and what you're doing. 

As an EC Alum, you're invited to be a volunteer in one of our many exciting 
alumni programs such as career service, admissions, reunion weekends, phon- 
athons and more. It's a great way to be a "giver" after graduation. 

Even though you'll probably be leaving the Bay area, Eckerd College will always 
be a part of you. And we want to know how you're doing — your goals, accom- 
plishments, etc. Call us at (8 1 3) 864-8405 or write: Alumni Association, Eckerd 
College, 4200 54th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33711. 

Good luck and keep in touch! 

The 6000 Members of the 


my daughter Kelly upon graduation' 

Mew tc . vvorld," 
Barei\ .'. ife. 
So mui-.j crossroads; 
You entered my life. 

With little to "go on " 
But a guiding light, 
It was always a test 
To pick wrong from right. 

Mot enough spoken 

Or said out loud. 

Kindergarten through High School, 

I was always proud. 

Mow through college. 

An opportunity "\" nere had. 

Don't forget . . . 

To say, 'thank you dadi " 

The last four years 
Away from the nest. 
And with flying colors. 
You passed the test. 

So try your wings 

From me and heaven above. 

1 wish you the best 





Mil Younkers 

"I can do all things through Christ which strength- 
eneth me. " 
Phiiippians 4:13 

Our Love, 
Dad, Mom, and Christina 

Dear Son, 

Good luck in both your academic and athletic 

Love, Mom 



The 1990 Reflections staff would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the yearbook. We 
appreciate their support. 

Carl & Sandra Ahlers 
Vivian Z. Baker 
Mr & Mrs Steven Bendetto 
Dr 8f Mrs C.K. Bobelis 
Bob and Helen Bodnar 
Cdr 8f Mrs. John S. Calhoun 
Mr & Mrs Joseph Cormier 
Mr & Mrs Peter J. Decarlo 
Walter E. Derryberry, M.D. 
Jim & Stephanie Goodwin 
Lewis J. Gramer, M.D. 
Mr 6f Mrs Albert R. Havener 
Mancy & George Iden 
Don & Mardy Kinsella 
Marilyn & Dick Knorr 
Dr 8f Mrs Harvey Levine 
Geraldine B. Martorano 

Mr & Mrs R.F. McMahan, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs Wilfred Morin 

John M. Nelson 

Mr & Mrs P.W. Parisi 

Mr & Mrs Charles J. Pollard 

Lyle & Sharon Reimann 

Mr & Mrs Donald Ruopp 

Dr & Mrs Robert Sheffield 

Mr & Mrs Robert R. Smith, Jr. 

Dr & Mrs. David Stacy 

Mr &r Mrs Matthew X. Stone, Jr. 

Ralph & Shirley Thurmond 

Wayne Sf Mary Todd 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth L. Vanous 

Charley &; Judy Weaver 

Mr & Mrs Gerald Wesson 

Dr fif Mrs Wm. K. Zollinger 

..£. ? t. 



^ ^ ^ 


1^. - ^ 



^■■pp«««*'°''*7^jf''~' • 

JCP Festival Of 

h^hTAlu.1. "^. J-^-J^K ^i<: 




London Study 

Ccn tcr 

Fall '89 Students 

Reflections Staff 

As the final semester of the 1990s draws to a close, 
so does another successful edition of the Reflections 
Yearbook. The previous decade was one of reconstruc- 
tion. The repercussions of these events spanned the 
decade, impacting the community here at Eckerd to all 
people around the globe. At its start bridges were con- 
structed. Our own Sunshine Skyway was rebuilt. The 
end of the Eighties presented us with a different view of 
ourselves and the world around us. Barriers were de- 
stroyed. We all witnessed the destruction of the Berlin 
Wall as the decade drew to a close. Hopefully, in our 
own persona! lives we each rebuilt bridges and tore 
down walls. 

The Reflections Yearbook also underwent a recon- 
struction. The phoenix was chosen to symbolize such a 
rebirth, and despite the projections of others, it has 
been established once again. There was a struggle 
financially and, with a staff of only ten, at times morale 

was low. Were our efforts worth it? You decide. Our 
work now rests in your hands. 

Our wish is extended to you, especially the Seniors, 
to make the new decade a time of your own rebirth. We 
gratefully thank all staff members who made another 
edition possible, and everyone else who encouraged 
and supported its publication. Without Lisa, our Senior 
Editor-in-Chief, This yearbook would not exist. As with 
her work on other publications she organized our ef- 
forts, and united our spirits. She not only deserves a 
big thank you . . . Lisa has earned a heartfelt goodbye. 
Lisa, we will remember you as a co-worker and as a 

The new decade holds a promise of hope and peace 
on its horizon. 

Like the phoenix, leave behind the ashes of yester- 
day. Rise from todays fires and fly high into your fu- 

Editor in Chief, Lisa Weaver 
Assistant Editor, Laura Blasi 
Assistant Editor, Robert LoBello 
Photo Editor, Robyn Swaim 
Faculty Editor, frilzi Brocklebank 
Events Editor, Chris Stimac 
CoCurricular Editor, Laureen Pape 
Sales, Mikki Hord 
Copy Editor. Colleen Rr^nnan 

Staff Artist, Todd Elatt 

Contributing Staff 

Tina Alligood 

J. Todd Montgomery 

Skip Mitchell 

Matt Staman 

Ben Harris 

Philip Hoffman 

Elise Kohagura 

Lucy Kriz 

Peggy Walton 

Rabbi Werber | 

and the rest of the staff ... 

especially Corey for making us work 
just a little bit faster . . . Woofl 


I am fire and life incarnate. 
Now and forever, I am Phoenix.