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Full text of "A register of portraits painted by Thomas Sully, 1801-1871, arranged and ed. with an introduction and notes"

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One Hundred and Ten Copies Printed 

Copyrighted, 1908, by Charles Henry Hart 









I. Portrait of Thomas Sully, ^t. 77 ... . Frontispiece 

II. Portrait of Thomas Sully, ^t. 38 100 

III. Facsimile of page of original Register, in Thomas 
Sully's autograph, showing the entries of the 
portraits of Queen Victoria 170 

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K^A^J r»J9A^A pJB^^A f'JBA^LA t»J9m^^j 



Thomas Sully did for posterity that, for which many other 
artists would have received the blessings of posterity had they 
done. He kept a register of his work day by day, noting the 
name of the subject, the size of the canvas, the dates when 
each was begun and when finished, for whom painted and 
his price for the same. At the end of each year he added up 
the total number of his works during the year and their 
total value; and as his artistic career covered the span of 
three score and ten,' he has recorded the painting of 2520 
pictures, of a value of $246,744.00, or an average of 36 paint- 
ings a year, of an average annual value of $3525.00, a very 
comfortable income for the greater part of his life, during the 
period he lived. But these figures do not show precisely the 
entire number of his works, for, difficult as it is to understand 

'His first entry is "May 10, 1801. Began miniature of Chester 
Siilly, in Norfolk, Va., being mj^ first attempt from life, for Mary Lee" ; 
and his last entry, " January 26, 1872. Copy of Michael Angelo's 
from a print." 


8 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 

when he seems to have followed this apparently exact method 
of entering his works from the very commencement of his 
professional career, he did not record all of the portraits that 
he painted. This lack of completeness takes away from the 
register its authority as a final means of identification of 
those he did paint or of condemnation of those he did not 
paint but are attributed to him. These omissions may be 
accounted for in part from his custom, as his great-nephew 
and step-grandson, Mr. Garrett Cross Neagle,^ informs me, of 
writing " his memoranda on a slate which he kept hang- 
ing over his desk, in his study, upon which he would, each 
day, enter the occurrences of the day, and when a portrait 
was ordered he would in that way make a memorandum of 
it. These he transcribed into monthly memoranda of por- 
traits he painted, and at the expiration of each year he would 
enter the memoranda into his Register. In transcribing the 
same he may have omitted entering, in some cases, such 
portraits as had not been finished at the end of the year, 
intending to do so on their completion, as at the end of each 
year he notes the unfinished work on hand." It is of course 
to be regretted that there are any omissions of portraits 
known to have been painted by Mr. Sully, but such is cer- 
tainly the case, and while those so known have not been inserted 
in their proper places in the list as prepared for publication, 
they will be given at the end of the hst, as " Portraits not in 
the Register." 

The register is written throughout in Mr. Sully's minute 
chirography, in a book seven inches square, and so little did 
his handwriting change that it is difficult to judge from it 
when the entries may have been transcribed, excepting that 
toward the last the tremor of advancing age becomes ap- 
parent. As was not unnatural in writing unfamiliar proper 
names, they are often set down phonetically, and Mr. Sully's 
spelling has been followed in printing, the correction being 
given in the notes. To many names he has added some 
description, as means of identification or for other purposes, 

' I am also indebted to Mr. Neagle for the records from the Sully 
Family Bible printed here for the first time. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 9 

and all of these notes are printed after the names, within 
quotation marks. Mr. Sully made his "I" and "J" ahke, 
above the line, so that in some instances they may be incor- 
rectly transcribed, which of course was unavoidable; with 
this exception the list is believed to be a faithful transcript 
of the names as he recorded them, only arranged alphabetic- 
ally for convenience of reference. Some very few entries had 
to be omitted for lack of means of identification, such as 
"A lady from description"; "From a sketch of a gentle- 
man"; "A whole-length of a child"; etc. Although his 
work was chiefly in portraiture, Mr. Sully did paint some 
other pictures, but they are not included in this publication; 
a few, interesting for their history, are, however, noted in this 
introduction. This original register, on the death of the 
painter, became the property of his daughter. Miss Blanche 
Sully, who presented it in May, 1896, to Mr. Ferdinand J. 
Dreer, and it became the property of the Historical Society of 
Pennsylvania through Mr. Dreer's munificent gift of his in- 
valuable collection of manuscripts. Owing to its chronological 
arrangement, the only possible one consonant with its con- 
temporary character, the register was almost useless as a 
work of reference, although one frequently referred to, and 
at the request of the learned librarian of the Historical 
Society I undertook the present publication, so as to make 
it generally accessible, and it has been a great pleasure for me 
to do so, as I remember the author of it among my earliest 

When a mere lad, just entering my teens, I became pos- 
sessed with the desire to have the autographs of distinguished 
artists, and with that end in view addressed letters to Rem- 
brandt Peale, Asher Brown Durand, S. F. B. Morse, better 
known as the inventor of the electric telegraph than as an 
artist, Thomas Sully, and others, to secure theirs. But even 
in that incipient stage of the disease, I was not content with 
a mere signature, so that instead of respectfully soliciting an 
autograph I concealed my immaturity by asking some per- 
sonal question of each, the answer to which would have an 
abiding interest. In this way came to me the following note 
from Mr. Sully: 

10 Thomas Sidly's Becjistcr of Portraits, 1801-1871. 

„ _ Philadelphia 25 Sept, 1860. 

Dear Sir; — 

I have no objection to complj'' with your request. I was born in 
Horncastle, Lincolonshire, Great Britain, 1783. Have resided in 
Philadelphia since 1808. 

Respectfully your obd. Servt 

Mr Chas. H Hart Thos. Sully 

Later on I had the privilege to become acquainted with 
the venerable painter, and made several visits to his historic 
painting room on the east side of Fifth Street, between 
Chestnut and Market Streets, the site of his house being the 
bed of the present Ranstead Street, at Fifth Street. This 
house belonged to the Girard Estate and was specially built 
for Mr. Sully, by Stephen Girard, w^th a suitable painting 
room (vide 10), expressly for the purpose in the back part 
of the house. This room was very large and lofty, lighted 
by a single window, extending from floor to ceiling and large 
enough to make half a dozen windows of ordinary size, which 
gave the painter a flood of light which he regulated of course 
by easily adjusted curtains. The piece de resistance upon the 
walls was his original life study of Queen Victoria, painted in 
Buckingham Palace, signed "T. S. London, May 15th 1838" 
and which was the first portrait painted of the young Queen 
after her coronation.^ Some years before Mr. Sully's death an 

'The Register reveals a very curious history of the whole-length 
portrait of the Queen painted for the St. George's Society of Philadel- 
phia, which is directly contrary to the commonly accepted history of that 
picture. Instead of its being the original portrait painted from life, as 
generally supposed, it is the last of four that Sully painted. It was 
possibly begun in England but was actually finished in Philadelphia 
after his return. These facts are shown by the dates he has set down for 
the beginning and the finishing of these portraits. The life study of 
Victoria (1749) was begun March 22, 1838, and finished May loth; the 
Bishop's half-length for the engraver (1750) was begun ]\Iay 25th and 
finished June 24th ; the whole-length " for the St Georges Society" (1751) 
was not begun until September 30th, 1838, or finished until January 14, 
1839 — indeed, at the close of the year 1838, he notes among his un- 
finished work " ^'ictoria for St George Society " — while the whole-length 
he painted for himself (1752) was begun after and finished before that 
for the St. George's Society. This accounts too, for 1751, being signed 
and dated " 1839," which heretofore has been considered a mistake. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801 1S71. 11 


ordinance of Philadelphia City Councils was passed providing 
for the opening of Ranstead Street from Fourth to Fifth 
Streets. To accomplish this the demolition of Mr. Sully's 
house was necessary, but upon the representation to Coun- 
cils, by some influential citizens, that Mr. Sully was an 
octogenarian and had occupied the house for nearly forty 
years, the ordinance was held in abeyance until after his 
demise, so that he should not be disturbed in the enjoyment 
of his old home. Mr. Sully was very diminutive in stature 
and frail in appearance, but with that courtly manner that 
is properly termed '' of the old school," now, alas, seen 
no more. He was always pleased to talk, in his quite 
gentle way, of the days that had gone and of the people 
he had known and painted, and he was always ready to 
give attention and counsel to any one really interested in 
his life pursuit. 

Thomas Sully was born June 19, 1783, and was the young- 
est son of Matthew^ (1769-1815) and Sarah Chester Sully 
(d. 1793), who were actors and came to this country, from 
England, with their family in 1792, settling in Charleston, 
S. C. They had a number of children, at least four sons -and 
five daughters, Lawrence, Matthew,' Chester, and Thomas; 
Harriet (m. Prof. Porcher of South Carolina), Elizabeth (m. 
Middleton Smith of Charleston, S. C), Jane (m, J. B. Le 
Roy), Mar}^, and Sarah (one of these m. Mons. Belzons, a 
French miniature painter in Charleston). Lawrence Sully, 
the eldest child, named for his grandfather, Dr. Lawrence 
Sully (d. 1775), of Exeter, England, was born in Kilkenny, 
Ireland, December 28, 1769. He was a miniature painter and 
soon removed to Richmond, Va., where on the last day of 
1793 he married Sarah Annis, of Annapolis, Md. He did not 
possess any great ability as a painter, judging from the two 
miniatures by him I have seen, and died toward the close 

*He married Elizabeth Robertson, of Virginia, and their son was 
Robert Matthew Sully, born in Petersburg, Va., July 17, 1803, and died 
in Madison, Wis., October 16, 185.5. He studied art with his uncle and 
later in England from 1824 to 1826. His portrait of Chief Justice 
John Marshall is in the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C, 
but wrongly attributed to Thomas Sull3^ 

12 Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 

of 1803, leaving his widow to survive him with three little 
daughters: — 

(1) Sarah Chester Sully, b. October 1, 1796; d. 

December 15, 1856. 

(2) Ehzabeth Chester Sully, b. January 7, 1799; d. 

October 13, 1821. 

(3) Mary Chester Sully, b. September 18, 1802; m. 

May 28, 1826, John Neagle;* d. March 4, 1845. 

Thomas Sully was sent to the same school in Charleston 
as was attended by Charles Fraser, later the well-known 
miniature painter, and the similar tastes of the two boys 
made them fast friends. Sully was eager to follow the pro- 
fession of his brother Lawrence, and Fraser gave him his 
first lesson in art, but he was balked in this desire and placed 
in an insurance office, where he paid no attention to the 
drudgery of business, devoting all of his time to sketching, 
until he was apprenticed to his brother-in-law, M. Belzons, to 
learn the art of miniature painting. But Belzons not only 
was an insignificant painter, but he had a violent temper 
which resulted in the severance of the relation of master and 
pupil, and Thomas joined his brother LawTence in Richmond. 
In 1801, the two brothers removed to Norfolk, and here on 
May 10, Thomas Sully painted his first miniature from 
life, the portrait of his brother Chester. He soon determined 
to abandon painting in little for oil portraits, and his first 
sitter was William Armistead, whose portrait in oil he began 
November 23, 1802. The next year Sully went to Richmond 
to join his brother Lawrence, who had returned there the 
previous season, and he had been there but a short time 

'John Neagle was born in Boston, ]\Iass., during the temporary 
sojourn of his parents from Philadelphia, November 4, 1796, and died 
in Philadelphia, September 17, 1865. He was among the most eminent 
of the early portrait painters of America, easily standing second only 
to Gilbert Stuart. He was a powerful colorist, a skilful delineator of 
character, and a vigorous draughtsman. A register of his portraits 
would be as interesting as this of his friend and kinsman Sully. What 
is curious, neither of these fine portraitists painted the portrait of the 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 13 

when death came to Lawrence, whose widow and helpless 
family, being unprovided for, Thomas undertook the burden 
of supporting, a burden that was changed into a pleasure 
and a duty on June 27, 1805, when he married Mrs. Lawrence 
Sully, in Warren County, North Carolina. Mrs, Sully, who 
was born November 24, 1770, died in Philadelphia July 25, 
1867, having had nine children by him: — 

(1) Jane Chester Sully, b. May 7, 1806; d. May — , 


(2) Jane Cooper Sully, b. January 14, 1807; m. 

February 16, 1833, WiUiam Henry Westray 
Barley;! d. March 3, 1877. 

(3) Thomas Sully, Jr., b. April 29, 1809; d. January 

— , 1810. 

(4) Thomas Wilcocks Sully ,=> b. January 3, 1811; 

d. April 18, 1847. 

(5) Blanche Sully, b. August 13, 1814; d. April 30, 


*Son of John and Eleanora (Westray) Darley (407 and 408), two 
well-known English actors, and brother of Felix 0. C. Darley, the emi- 
nent illustrator. I\Irs. Darley painted some portraits and her son 
is Francis Thomas Sully Darley, the well-known organist. 

*He was born in Sansom Street above 7th, Philadelphia, and fol- 
lowed his father's profession with no little ability. His portraits of 
WiUiam E. Burton as Bob Acres, of Edwin S. Conner as Romeo, of 
Edwin Forrest, of Robert Hamilton, of Robert Campbell Maywood 
as Tam O'Shanter, of John R. Scott as St. Pierre, of Francis C. 
Wemyss, of William Henry Harrison, and of Governor Francis R. 
Shunk, were lithographed by Newsam, but by some unaccountable 
carelessness the affix "Jr." after the name of the painter, as it appears 
on each of the Newsam lithographs just mentioned, has been, with 
marked unanimity, omitted from the titles as printed in the Catalogue 
of the Lithographic Portraits of Albert Newsam, published in the Penn- 
sylvania Magazine of History and Biography for October, 1900, 
January and April, 1901, so that persons have been misled into attrib- 
uting these portraits to Thomas Sully the elder, instead of to his son 
Thomas Wilcocks Sully, or, as he was commonly called," Thomas Sully, 
Jr." A portrait that he painted of John Tyler, with the White House 
in the background, is an excellent virile piece of work. 

14 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 

(6) Ellen Oldmixon Sully, b. January 22, 1816; m. 

November 8, 1838, John H. Wheeler ;i d. 
August 6, 1896. 

(7) Rosalie Kemble Sully, b. June 3, 1818; d. July 

8, 1847. 

(8) Alfred Sully,- b. May 22, 1820; 1st m. May 28, 

1850, Manuella Zimeno of Monterey, Cal. She 
d. March 27, 1851. 2nd m.,— , 1864, Henri- 
etta Wilson of England. He d. Apr. 27, 1879. 

(9) Virginia Isabella Sully, b. April 22, 1824; d. 

August 22, 1825. 

Soon after his marriage Sully, at the suggestion of Thomas 
Apthorpe Cooper (356), the tragedian, removed to New York, 
where he sought instruction from John Trumbull, who how- 
ever was loath to teach one who he easily found would 
soon outstrip him, so to acquire some technical knowledge, 
that he felt he needed, Sully paid Trumbull SlOO to paint 
the portrait of his wife and thus by being present gained what 
he was seeking. From New York he went to Hartford, in 
1807, and thence to Boston, where he painted a portrait of 
Isaac P. Davis (421), the warm friend of Gilbert Stuart, 
which introduced Sully's art to the master painter of America, 
who was most unusually generous in his criticism. At the 
instigation of Benjamin Chew Wilcocks (1870), whose por- 
trait he had painted in New York, Sully visited Philadelphia 

'Colonel John Hill Wheeler was b. in Murfreesboro, N. C, August 
6, 1806, and died in Washington, D. C, December 7, 1882. He was 
the author of the History of North Carolina, published in 1851. 

'Was graduated at West Point in 1841 and assigned to the 2nd 
Infantry then engaged in the war with the Seminole Indians, and par- 
ticipated with credit in the attack on Hawe Creek Camp, January 25, 
1842. In 1853 he was engaged in the operations against the Rogue 
River Indians and in 1860 in those against the Cheyennes. In the 
Civil War he participated at Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, and Chancellors- 
ville, receiving brevets for each of these engagements. In 1863 he 
was assigned to the command of the department of Dakota, where 
he soon gained note for his expeditions against hostile Indians. At 
the close of the war he was brevetted ^lajor-General of Volunteers 
and Brigadier-General in the regular army. 

Thomas Sully's Begistev of Portraits, 1801-1871. 15 

in December, 1807, and early in 1808 took up his permanent 
residence there, then and for a dozen years after the metropo- 
lis of the country, and the first portrait he painted here was 
of Mr. Wilcocks's sister Ann (1872), afterward Mrs. Joseph R. 
Ingersoll. At the end of eighteen months he went to England 
for a year's study and like most American painters sought 
instruction from Be n j amiii West. Upon his return his im- 
provement was so marked that he at once became the most 
prominent portrait painter in Philadelphia, a position he 
never had to relinquish, and strange as it may seem his best 
work was done at this early period. His unquestioned master- 
piece, a full length of General Jonathan Williams (1878), 
was painted in 1815, while his exceptionally fine portraits 
of George Frederick Cooke (346), Samuel Coates (318), and 
James Ross (1448) were painted earlier. 

I do not intend to follow Sully's career in detail. That is 
shown by his work as entered in his register and can be found, 
down to 1835, his best period, with autobiographical minute- 
ness, in Dunlap's History of the Arts of Design in the United 
States, Vol. 2, pp. 101-141. But it is important to bear in 
mind the various places where he painted portraits during 
his art life. In Richmond and Norfolk, Va., 1801 to 1805; 
New York 1805 to 1807; Hartford and Boston 1807; Phila- 
delphia 1808 until his death, with the exception of his two 
visits to England, 1809-10 and 1837-38; and visits to Balti- 
more in March and April, 1820, and again November, 1820, to 
August, 1821, June to September, 1840, and October, 1852, to 
June, 1853; to Boston, July to September, 1831, August, 1836, 
December, 1840, and July, 1848; to Washington, D. C, April 
to June, 1840; to Charleston, S. C, December, 1841, to end of 
1842 and winter of 1845-46; to Providence, R. I., June, 1847, 
and to Richmond, Va., April to June, 1849, and October, 1850, 
to June, 1851. This itinerary will account for the wide dis- 
tribution of Sully's portraits over the entire country and the 
reason for his name's being so well known and respected. 

Besides portraits it may be worth noting that Sully, like 
so many eminent artists, was not above sign-painting in the 
early part of his career. In March, 1805, he enters in his 
Register a large " Sign of an Eagle," (8 ft. x 5 ft.) for the Eagle 
Tavern, Richmond, Va., for which he was paid fifty dollars. 

16 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 

This is however the only entry of the kind, unless with it 
may be classed his painting, ten years later, a " Frontispiece 
to the Chestnut St. Theatre" (8 ft. x 8 ft.) of the "Genii of 
Comedy and Tragedy." Just what a "frontispiece" for a 
theatre means, I am unable to say. Perhaps it was a stage 
curtain, although of rather small dimensions. In September, 
1824, he painted in a week, for William Strickland, the 
architect, the Arms of the City of Philadelphia to be placed 
over the triumphal arch for the reception of La Fayette. 
It is still intact in possession of the city. The only- history 
pieces he painted were in 1812, a Capture of Major Andri, for 
Kearney, the engraver, who doubtless intended to make a 
plate from it, but I cannot ascertain that he did so, and 
Washington Crossing the Delaware, the study for which he 
began in 1816, for the state of North Carolina, on a canvas 
36 X 48. He completed the next year the large picture (17 ft. 
X 12 ft.), when the state refused to accept it and it was thrown 
on the painter's hands. He was to have been paid the insignifi- 
cant sum of $1000 for it, but was glad to sell it to Doggett, 
a frame maker of Boston, for $500, who turned it over to 
the Boston Museum, where it was when the museum was 
broken up in 1892. Its present whereabouts are unknown. 
He later made a finished picture from the original sketch, and 
of the same size, for Sir James Wright, of Edinburgh, and it 
was in the old Scotch capital until recently and may still 
be there. In the same category belongs the huge equestrian 
picture of Washington (12 ft. 6 in. x 9 ft. 6 in.), painted in 
1842, which now is owned by the Union League of Phila- 
delphia but which adds nothing to the painter's fame. 

Mr. Sully was in his ninetieth year when he died on Novem- 
ber 5, 1872, and his last portrait (1053) was finished October 
31st, 1871, just a year and a few days before his death. This 
canvas I have seen recently and it is wonderfully good, both 
as a likeness and as a painting, considering the great age of 
the painter, far better indeed than the work that generally 
proceeded from the artist's easel in his later years, as though 
he had determined to make his valedictory worthy of his 
art and of his reputation. It is always sad to see the deca- 
dence of a great man's powers, in whatever field he may have 
tilled, but with an artist, perhaps more than in any other 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 17 

vocation, the change from strength to weakness is so ap- 
parent, that one can have only the feeling of regret that the 
brush had not fallen from the hand in its fulness of power, 
rather than in its final struggle. 


The sizes given in the Register for portraits are the standard sizes 
of the several canvases used and not necessarily the size of the picture 
upon the canvas. These standard sizes are, in inches, Head, 17 x 20; 
Bust, 20 x 24 ; Half-Length, 25 x 30 ; Kit-Kat, 29 x 36 ; Three- 
QuARTER, 40 x 50 ; Bishop's Half-Length, 44 x 56; Whole-Length, 
58 X 94. In describing portraits, a head includes the shoulders, but 
not the arms ; a bust, the arms, but not the hands ; a half-length, the 
hands and may also include the legs above the knee; kit-kat, the same 
as half-length, only larger ; three-quarter length, includes the legs below 
the knee; Bishop's half-length, the same as three-quarters, only larger ; 
and whole length, includes the feet. There may of course be variations 
in sizes of canvas and in the placing of the portrait upon the canvas, 
at the pleasure of the artist, but the above are the standard sizes and 
descriptions of life size portraits. Sully's signature was a cypher of T. S. 



1. Abercrombie Dr. Kit-kat 1810 

Presumably the Rev. James Abercrombie, D.D. (1758-1841), 
who was for more than thirty-eight years one of the ministers 
of the United Churches of Christ Church and St. Peters, Phila- 
delphia and the head of the Philadelphia Academy, 1800-1817. 

2. Abercrombie Dr., "for his son 

in Baltimore." 3.6 x 2.10 1826 

3. Abert Col., "of Topo Engi- 

neers Washingn." S. Half-length 1839 

John James Abert (1788-1863), Colonel of Topographical En- 
gineers, 1811, was painted at the request of his corps and pre- 
sented to the U. S. ]\Iilitary Academy at West Point, where it 
now is. 

18 Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


4. Adams John. " P. U. S. small 

whole length (Morgan)." 2 f. 9 x 2 f . 1 1825 

This was a portrait of John Quincy Adams, President of the 
United States, which Mr. Sully painted for W. H. Morgan, a 
printseller of Philadelphia, and which was engraved by A. B. 
Durand, who received $700 for the plate, or nearly three times 
what Sully was paid for the painting. The head in this picture 
was after Stuart. Vide 5 and 6. 

5. Adams Prest. " Study in chalk 

to finish Stuart's whole 

length." ' 1829 

6. Adams Prest. "The back-gd. 

and drapery to Stuart." Whole length 1829 

Stuart painted John Quincy Adams in 1818. From this the 
Hon. Ward Nicholas Boylston ordered a whole length, but 
Stuart never painted more than the head, although repeatedly 
urged to finish it, and left it unfinished at his death, in 1828, and 
Sully was engaged to complete it. It was then given to Har- 
vard and is now in Memorial Hall. These items, 4, 5, and 6, 
are confusing. The plate by Durand, published by Morgan, is 
of the same picture as that in Harvard, yet it was painted and 
engraved in 1825. Why then four years afterward Sully should 
have made a "study in chalk" to finish Stuart's whole length 
when he had already four years before painted a like picture 
it is impossible to tell, unless it were difference in size, as also why 
the next item should read as though he had only painted in " the 
background and drapery to Stuart," when he painted everything 
but the head, for which he charged $350, and in his summary of 
unfinished work at end of the year he writes "Whole length 
of J. Q. Adams, head painted by Stuart, half finished." 

7. Adams Miss Mary, "for Mrs 

Adams." Bust 1834 

8. Adams Mrs., "for Mrs Wash- 

ington M. V." Bust 1836 

9. Adams Mrs., " of N. Orleans, late 

Miss McCall." Kit-kat 1840 

Tliomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 19 


10. Aitkin Dr., " 1st work begun 

in Girard's house." Head 1828 

"In Girard's House" means the house on the east side of 
Fifth Street above Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, that was 
built by Stephen Girard for Mr. Sully and where he died forty- 
four years later. This portrait was begun October 24, 1828. 
Vide Introduction, p. 10. 

11. Alexander Elizabeth, "about 

2 years old." Whole length 1851 

12. Alexander Mr. M., " & hand as 

one of the group of five." Bust 1851 

13. Alexander Mrs., "deceased. 

Copied from miniature." Kit-kat 1851 

14. Alexander Pauline, "for Mrs 

T. Biddle." Head 1828 

15. Alibone Mrs., "of Walnut St." Bust 1830 

Sarah Alibone, widow, had a boarding house at 139 Wal- 
nut Street in 1830. 

16. Allen Prof. Geo. " For his 

Son." Bust 1855 

George Allen (1808-1876) was professor of ancient languages 
and then of Greek in the University of Pennsylvania from 1845 
until his death. He was the most profound scholar who has 
ever held a chair in that college, a noted chess player and 
author of the Life of Philidor. 

17. Allen Mrs. "For her hus- 

band Professor Allen." Head 1864 

18. Allen Mrs. George. Head 1865 

19. Allen Herman, "for his 

father." Head 1864 

20. Allen Herman, "copy for, of 

his Father-in-law." Head 1866 

21. Allen Miss Toolula, "of 

Savannah." Head 1846 

22. Allisson Miss Maria, "for 

T Armistead Richmd." Miniature 1802 

20 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


23. Allston Mrs., "great grand 

mother R W Allston." Head 1842 

24. Allston Mrs. R., "of George- 

town." Head 1842 

25. Allston Mrs. "Copy from 

Morse of Mrs AUston's por- 
trait." Bust 1846 

26. Allston Mr. "Copy from 

Morse of Mr Allston." Bust 1846 

27. Alston Mr., "of Georgetown, 

S. C." Bust 1825 

28. Alston Mrs., "from George- 

town." Head 1837 

29. Alston Thos., "for his father, 

at Georgetown." Bust 1826 

30. Alston, "for his father, study 

for whole It." Head 1826 

31. Alston, "a whole length. 300 

charge 200." 5 f . 3 x 3 f. 8 1826 

32. Alston Wm., "for his father 

ColJ. A. A. of Georgetown." Bust 1826 

Portraits of William Allston and of Mrs. William Allston, 
attributed to Sully, were exhibited at Portrait Exhibition, 
Cincinnati, O., in 1896 by G. T. Miller. 

33. Anable Miss H. I. "For her 

relations." Head 1853 

34. Anderson Mrs., "of New 

Orleans." Small half length 1851 

35. Andrews Dr. Head 1813 

The Rev. John Andrews (1746-1813), Provost of the University 
of Pennsylvania, 1810-1813. Engraved by David Edwin for 
the Portfolio, 1813. Owned by Rev. John Andrews Harris, D.D., 
Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 

36. Andrews Misses, "2 heads on 

one canvas." Head 1832 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 21 


37. Andrews Mr. "Cashier Bank 

of U.S." 24x20 1836 

38. Annaly Miss Amelia. Head 1842 

39. Annaly Miss Maria. Head 1842 

Portraits of Amelia and Maria Annely, by Sully, are owned by 
Mrs. Blake, Charleston, S. C. 

40. AppletonRevd., "of Trenton." Head 1865 

Reverend Edward T. Appleton, D.D. 

41. Appleton Mrs. Samuel, "of 

De Lancey St." Head 1865 

Wife of Rev. Samuel E. Appleton, D.D., twin brother of 40, for 
many years rector of the P. E. Church of the Mediator, Phila. 

42. Armistead General, "for 

West Point." Bust 1829 

Walker Keith Armistead (1785-1845) was third on the list 
of West Point graduates and chief engineer in the war of 
1812. This portrait is at U. S. Military Academy, West Point. 

43. Armstead Thomas, "from a 

Sketch Richmond." Miniature 1801 

44. Armstead William, "being 

my first attempt in oil 

colours." 12 X 10 in. 1802 

Brother of 43. Begun Nov. 23, finished Dec. 1. 

45. Arrot Mr. Bust 1819 

46. Ashe T. Bust 1807 

47. AsHURST Elizabeth " Ather- 

son?" Head 1834 

Under "Atherston" there is a portrait painted the same year 
for Mr. Ashhurst. Vide 54. 

48. AsHURST Elizabeth, "pend- 

ant for Atherston's." Head 1834 

Owned by Mrs. Catharine Helen Bowie, Philadelphia. 

22 Tliomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


49. AsHURST Lewis, "for his 

mother." Bust 1833 

Lewis Richard Ashhurst (1806-1874), son of 50 and 51. 

50. AsHURST Mr. Kit-kat 1826 

This was of Richard Ashhurst. Vide 51. 

51. AsHURST Mrs. "Arch St. (Mrs. 

Hughes)." Kit-kat 1832 

Mrs. Richard Ashhurst lived at 263 Arch Street, Philadelphia. 
She was Elizabeth Croto, widow of Captain Hughes. 

52. AsHURST Mary, Elizh and 

Catherine. "Group." 44x34 1830 

Mary Jane Ashhurst m. Charles McEuen (1110) ; Elizabeth m. 
Charles D. Arfwedson (54) ; and Catharine Helen m. Thomas 
Latimer Bowie. 51 and 52 owned by Mrs. Catharine Helen 
Bowie, Philadelphia. 

53. AsTOR Miss Margret. "For her 

Father." Bust 1807 

John Jacob Astor had but three daughters, Magdalen, Dorothea, 
and Eliza, so that "Margret" must be an error. 

54. Atherston Mr., "of Stock- 

holm for Mr Ashurst. " Head 1834 

This name should be "Arfwedson." See 52 n. Owned by 
Mrs. Catharine Helen Bowie, Philadelphia. 

55. Ayers Mr. "Copy from an old 

picture for Mr Savage. " 4 ft. 3 x 3 ft. 4 1850 


56. Bach John Sebastian. "By 

Kaussmann" [Hausemann]. 17 x 12 1862 

57. Bache Capt. Head 1824 

Hartman Bache (1797-1872), a great-grandson of Benjamin 
Franklin, was graduated at West Point in 1817 and for forty- 
seven years was in the engineer department of the U. S. 
Army, receiving the brevet of Brigadier-General, the highest 
grade in the engineer corps, in 1865. 

Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 23 


58. Bache Capt. Hartman, "for 

Mother." Head 1828 

59. Bache Mrs., '' deceased. Hopp- 

ner's. Copy for myself. " Bust 1834 

Sarah Bache (1744-1808), daughter of Benjamin Franklin. 
The original portrait by John Hoppner, from which this copy 
was made, is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 

60. Bache Mrs. S., "for her grand- 

son. Copied from Hopp- 
ner." 30x25 1865 

61. Bache Mrs. Lizzie, "from 

Brooklyn, NY." Head 1864 

62. Backer I. Bust 1805 

63. Backman Miss Sarah. 12 x 10 1806 

This name should doubtless be Beekman, as Sully was em- 
ployed about this time by the Beekman family of NewJYork. 

64. Bacon Mrs., "painted in 1808; 

retouched in 1835." Bust 1835 

Vide 1082. 

65. Bacon Mrs. " Formerly Miss 

Fry." Head 1850 

66. Bacon Mr., "companion to 

his wife's portrait." Head 1851 

67. Badger Mrs., "for Alderman 

Badger." Head 1835 

68. Baldwin Judge, "for his son." Bust 1833 

69. Baldwin Judge. Bust 1834 

Henry Baldwin (1780-1844), Justice of the Supreme Court of 
the United States, 1830. 

70. Ball Mr., "copied from Can- 

ter for Mrs Simmons." Bust 1846 

Joshua Cantir was a Dane who painted in Charleston, South 
Carolina, circa 1800. 

24 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


71. Baltimore Lord, "copy of Sir 

G. Kneller pt." Whole length 1853 

Sir Charles Calvert, 5th Lord Baltimore, by Sully, after Kneller, 
is in the Maryland Historical Society. 

72. Bancker Mr. Head 1812 

Charles N. Bancker ( 1 776-1 S69), for many years President of 
the Franklin Insurance Co., of Philadelphia. 

73. Bancker Charles, "in place 

of a former." Bust 1830 

74. Bancker Charles, "for his 

son James." 18x14 1846 

75. Bancker Senr., Chas., "in lieu 

of the condemned." Head 1855 

76. Banks J. Bust 1805 

77. Barber Mr., "deceased. From 

a Dagugerreotype. " Bust 1853 

78. Barber Mrs., "of George- 

town D C." Bust 1853 

79. Barber Mrs. "Sister. From 

a Daugerreo." Bust 1855 

80. Barclay Mrs. Bust 1828 

81. Barker Mrs. Abraham. Bust 1817 

82. Barker Mrs. "For Major 

Barker." Head 1829 

83. BarksdaleMr., "of Virginia." Bust 1830 

84. Barksdale Mr., "deceased. 

For his father, at W." Head 1840 

85. Barksdale Mr. Junr., "for 

his father." Head 1851 

Tliomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 25 


86. Barksdale Mrs. "From one 

by J Worral." Head 1853 

87. Barksdale Mrs., "copy of 

port by J Worrell." Bust 1860 

88. Barksdale Miss Hanna. " In- 

fant less than 8 months." Bust 1850 

89. Barnes Miss, "for Dr. J. 

Rush." 20x17 1849 

90. Barrow Mr. Robert L. W., 

"N.Orleans." Kit-kat 1844 

91. Barrow Mrs., "of New 

Orleans." Kit-kat 1844 

92. Barton Dr. W. Bust 1809 

Doctor William Barton, of Lancaster, Pa., was a nephew of 
David Rittenhouse, whose biography he published, Philadelphia, 

93. Bates Mrs. E. "Painted in 

London 46 G. Marlb." Bust 1837 

First work painted in London. Begun Nov. 29th. 

94. Bayard A,, "copied from 

Eicholtz." Bust 1832 

Andrew Bayard (1761-1832), President of the Philadelphia 
Saving Fund, to which institution the portrait belongs. 

95. Bayard Mr. Bust 1822 

96. Bayard Mrs., "of Wilmington 

N J-Delaware." Bust 1822 

97. Bayley Mr., "of Maryland." Bust 1815 

98. Bayrard Willm., "of Edisto 

Isl. hand introd." Bust 1825 

99. Beard Caroline & Fanny 

Lea. "Children neces E. 

Carey." Bust 1836 


26 Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


100. Beard Caroline. " Ditto for 

Ed. Carey. Subscribed at 

low price $50." Head 1842 

The siirname in numbers 99 and 100 should be "Baird." 

101. Beck Paul. Kit-kat 1813 

Sully's portrait of Paul Beck (1757-1844) was engraved 
by Samuel Sartain, for Eminent Philadelphians. 

102. Beck Mr. "copied from one 

I painted in 1813." Bust 1860 

103. Beck Mrs. Kit-kat 1813 

Mary Harvey, second wife of 101. 

104. Beckman Miss Ann, "hand 

introduced." Bust 1807 

Ann Beekman married George Hoffman. Owned by George 
Hoffman, New York. 

105. Beckman I. "For B. Wil- 

cocks." Bust 1807 

106. Beckman Miss Sarah. Bust 1807 

The surname of the three numbers 104, 105, and 106 should 
be "Beekman." The christian name of 105 was "James." 

107. Beethoven, "by a German 

artist. One of the series." 17 x 12 1862 

108. Beethoven, " Erased the 

first." Head 1863 

109. Bell Dr. "For tlie Coloniza- 

tion Society." Head 1860 

This portrait of Dr John Bell (1796-1872) is in the hall of 
the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

110. Bell Mr. S. Bust 1816 

111. Bellows Mr., "of North- 

umberland." Bust 1830 

Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 27 


112. Bender Major. "Corps Engi- 

neers." Bust 1830 

George Bender (d. 1865) entered army in 1812 and was made 
Major 5th Infantry, April 23, 1830. 

113. Bernard Mrs. "Copy of 

Vanderlyn's portrait for 

Tennent." Head 1852 

114. Betton Mrs., "of German- 

town deceased." Kit-kat 1815 

115. Beylard Mr. Head 1827 

116. Beylard Mrs., "formerly 

Miss Du Barry." Kit-kat 1825 

117. Beylard Mrs. "For her 

relations in Bordeaux. " 23x18 1826 

118. BiDDLE Master Alexander, 

"for his mother." Head 1861 

Dr. Alexander Williams Biddle (1856- ), eldest son of 
Colonel Alexander and Julia Williams Biddle. 

119. Biddle Miss Anne, "for her 

mother." Head 1827 

Doubtless afterward Mrs. Francis Hopkinson (785), daughter 
of Mrs. Charles Biddle. 

120. Biddle Mrs. C, "for her son 

Thomas Biddle. " Bust 1824 

Mrs. Clement Biddle was Rebecca Cornell and her son 
Thomas was the founder of the banking house of Thomas A. 
Biddle and Co. 

121. Biddle Mrs. C. "Copy for 

James Biddle Esq." 10x8 1824 

122. Biddle Master Henry, "for 

his Mother." Head 1861 

Henry Rush Biddle (1858-1877), younger brother of 118. 

28 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


123. BiDDLE Capt. James C, "for 

Mrs Craig Biddle." Head 1826 

This portrait must be of Commodore James Biddle (1783- 
1848), who had no middle name, and for Mrs. Nicholas Biddle, 
who was Miss Craig, as there was no Mrs. Craig Biddle in 1826. 

124. Biddle Com., "for his brother 

Nicholas." Bust 1839 

Belongs to Judge Craig Biddle, Philadelphia. 

125. Biddle Lieut. James, U. S. N., 

"for Meta Biddle." Bust 1846 

This portrait was of James Stokes Biddle, who entered the 
navy in 1833 and resigned in 1856. He married in 1846 his 
cousin Meta Craig Biddle, for whom the portrait was painted. 

126. Biddle James C, "deceased 

from Inman." Kit-kat 1841 

127. Biddle Major John, "U. S. 

Army." Bust 1818 

128. Biddle Mrs. J., "Miss Brad- 

dish of New York." Bust 1821 

Major John Biddle (1792-1859) married Eliza Bradish. 

129. Biddle Master J. Craig, 

"for his mother." Head 1839 

This portrait is of Judge Craig Biddle at the age of sixteen 
years, who dropped the name of John, and is owned by Mrs. 
James S. Biddle. 

130. Biddle Miss Mary, "and her 

cousin Meta." Bust 1836 

This portrait was of Miss Annie E. Biddle, not Mary, and is 
owned by Mrs. James S. Biddle, who was the "Meta" in the 

131. Biddle Miss, "for her 

mother." 17x12 1863 

This portrait was of Julia Rush Biddle (1859-1885), sister of 
lis and 122. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 29 


132. BiDDLE Mrs., "of 4th St 

for her son William." Head 1826 

The Philadelphia Directory gives Lydia Biddle, at 52 South 
4th Street, and William Biddle, at S. W. corner 4th and Race. 
This may have been Lydia, daughter of the Rev. Elihu 
Spencer, who married William McFunn Biddle and removed 
to Carlisle, Pa., circa 1828, where she died in 1858 set. 92. 
She had a son William. Vide 337. 

133. Biddle Nicholas. "Prest 

Bank U. S." Bust 1826 

This is the well known portrait of Nicholas Biddle (1786- 
1844) that was so beautifully engraved in mezzotint by 
Samuel Cousins. The painting belongs to Judge Craig Biddle. 

134. Biddle Mr.^Nicholas. "Hand 

introduced." Bust 1828 

This is 133, but is signed and dated "1828," the year of the 
introduction of the hand, and not of the painting of the portrait. 

135. Biddle Nicholas. " Presd 

Bank U. S." Bust 1830 

136. Biddle Nicholas, "copy of 

my likeness of 1826." Head 1837 

137. Biddle Nicholas. "Copy, 

painted in 1826, for Coper- 

thwait." Head 1839 

138. Biddle Mrs. N. "For her 

brother J Craig." Head 1826 

Owned by Mrs. James S. Biddle, Philadelphia. 

139. Biddle Mrs. Nicholas. Bust 1827 

This portrait of Mrs. Biddle, who was Jane M. Craig, was 
beautifully lithographed by Newsam, and is owned by Judge 
Craig Biddle, Philadelphia. Vide 1492. 

140. Biddle Major T., "United 

States Army." Kit-kat 1818 

Major Thomas Biddle (1790-1831) was killed in a duel. 
This portrait was owned by Miss Annie E. Biddle, of Phila- 
delphia, lately deceased, who bequeathed it to the Pennsyl- 
vania Academy of Fine Arts, after a life estate. Engraved 
by Samuel Sartain. 

30 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


141. BiDDLE Major T., "copied 

by Tom. Retouched." Kit-kat 1832 

142. BiDDLE Thomas C. 19x15 1828 

This portrait was of Thomas Biddle (1776-1857), not Thomas 

143. Biddle Mrs. Thomas. Head 1828 

144. Bills Capt. Miniature 1801 

145. BiNNEY Miss Hester. Bust 1836 

This portrait was of Esther Binney, who married Judge J. 
I. Clark Hare. 

146. Binney Horace, "for Law 

Library." Kit-kat 1833 

This portrait of Hon. Horace Binney (1780-1875) was engraved 
by John Sartain and belongs to the Law Association of 

147. Binney Horace, "for Genl. 

Cadwallader." Bust 1833 

Vide 261. 

148. Binney Mrs. H., "grand- 

child Elizabeth." Head 1835 

149. Birch Dr. Bust 1807 

150. BisPHAM Mrs. Junr., "for 

her husband." Head 1834 

Martha Laurie, wife of John B. Bispham and daughter of 
338. Owned by William Bispham, New York. 

151. Black Mr,, "deceased from 

a portrait by Otis." 24 x 20 1847 

152. Black Mrs. "For her grand- 

son-Young." 24x20 1850 

153. Black Mrs. "Deceased a 

copy from a Photograph." 30 x 25 1862 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 31 


154. Blackburne Wm. "Mer- 

chant." Head 1829 

155. Blackmore Rev. "From a 

miniature for Mr. Wallace." Bust 1853 

This name must be a mistake for Rev. Robert Backwell, 
D.D. (1748-1831), one of the ministers of the United Churches, 
whose only daughter Rebecca m. George Willing, whose daugh- 
ter Dorothea Frances m. John William Wallace. 

156. Blair Miss E., "of Wash- 

ington." Head 1840 

157. Blair Francis P., "formerly 

editor of the Globe. " Bust 1845 

This portrait of F. P. Blair (1791-1876) was engraved by 
John Sartain. 

158. Blair Mr. James. "For his 

father at Washn." Head 1843 

159. Blair Mr. "Son of Fr Blair 

(Montgomery)." Head 1845 

This portrait was of Judge Montgomery Blair (1813-1883). 

160. Blair Judge Montgomery, 

"2d Portrait." Head 1845 

161. Blair Mrs., "painted at 

Washington." Bust 1840 

162. Blair Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Woodbury." Head 1846 

163. Blair Mrs., "copy from the 

former." Head 1846 

164. Blakeley Miss Udney, "for 

Mrs Abbot, St. Croix." Bust 1830 

165. Blamyer Miss, " of Charleston 

S. C. for Mrs P. Smith." Head 1854 

32 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


166. Bloget Mrs. "Copy from 

Stuart for H Smith." Head 1855 

This was the portrait of Mrs. Samuel Blodget (1772-1837) 
of which the original is in the Penna. Academy of Fine Arts. 

167. Bloomfield Mrs. Gen., "of 

Burlington." Kit-kat 1822 

Presumably of the wife of General and Governor Joseph 
Bloomfield, of New Jersey. 

168. Blythe Mrs., "then dying 

of consumption." Miniature 1802 

169. BoGGS Mr. "Merchant." Bust 1815 

170. BoGGS Mrs. Bust 1815 

171. BoiLEAU Mr. "Secy. State 

Penna." Bust 1809 

Nathaniel B. Boileau, Secretary of State under Governor 

172. BoLLiNG Robert, "of Peters- 

burg Va." Head 1825 

173. BoLLiNG Mrs., "of Peters- 

burg." Bust 1832 

174. BoLLiNG Mr., "of Peters- 

burg." Bust 1832 

175. Boone Mrs., "for her son in 

Baltimore." 30x25 1868 

176. BoRiE Mr., "a picture begun 

by J. Robinson." Bust 1825 

John Robinson was a miniature painter who came here from 
London, in 1817, with introductions from Benjamin West. 

177. BoRKEL Mrs. "Daughter of 

Dr. Mc Cauley. Not ap- 
proved." Head 1853 

178. BosLEY Col. Nicholas. Bust 1823 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 33 


179. BosLEY Mrs. Nicholas. Bust 1823 

180. BouDiNOT Dr., "of Burling- 

ton as a study for whole 

length." Bust 1816 

181. BouDiNOT Elias, "of Bur- 

lington." Whole length 1817 

This whole length portrait of Elias Boudinot (1740-1821) 
belongs to the American Bible Society, New York, of which he 
was President, and has been for years attributed erroneously 
to Waldo and Jewett. 

182. BowDEN Mr., "of Virginia." Bust 1816 

183. BoYCE Miss. Head 1835 

184. Boyd Mr., "colored man from 

Liberia. Colona." Head 1864 

Edward James Roye, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of 
Liberia. In the hall of Hist. Soc. of Penna. 

185. BoYER Mrs* "for Dr. 

Deweese." Bust 1811 

186. BoYLAND LiLiE. " For her 

Father." Group 1857 

187. BoYLAND Louisa. "For her 

Father." Group 1857 

188. BoYLAND Master Walter. 

"For his Father." Head 1857 

189. Brackenridge Mr., "from 

a miniature." Head 1814 

190. Bradford Mr. Bust 1807 

191. Bradley Dr., "for Mrs. 

Badger his daughter." Head 1835 

192. Brattle Mr., "deceased for 

his son from a Danger." Bust 1855 












34 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1S01-1S71. 


193. Brazer p. "Alderman." 

194. Brinton Miss & Master 

"one canvas." 

195. Brinton Mrs. 

196. Brodbknt Mr. " For 

Father." Head 1864 

197. Brooks Mrs., "Miss Shep- 

herd." Bust 1831 

Mrs. Gorham Brooks, owned by Shepard Brooks, Boston. 

198. Broujere Madame. Bust 1814 

199. Broujere Mr. Bust 1815 

200. Broujere Mrs., "and child." Bust 1815 

201. Brown A. G., "Govr. of 

Missippe from Congress." Bust 1849 

Albert Gallatin Brown (1813-1880) was Governor of Missis- 
sippi, 1843 to 1848, member of Congress, 1848 to 1854, and 
U. S. Senator, 1854 until 1861, when he resigned to take part 
in the rebellion. He was the colleague of Jefferson Davis in 
the Senate. 

202. Brown Mrs. Alexander, 

"for Mr Hunter." Kit-kat 1839 

Owned by Mrs. Howard Potter, New York. 

203. Brown Dixon. 12x10 1804 

204. Brown Genl., "for a medal 

ordered by Congress." Head 1816 

General Jacob Brown (1775-1828), commander in chief of the 
army of the United States, was given the thanks of Congress 
and awarded a gold medal for his services in the war of 1812. 

205. Brown James. 12 x 10 1805 

206. Brown Master Jno. G., 

"Whole length." Bust 1842 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 35 


207. Brown Mr., "late brother of 

Mr C. Ingersoll." Head 1845 

Vide 830. 

208. Brown Mr., "deceased, com- 

panion to the former." Whole length 1847 

"The former" was portrait of Mr. Butler, Xo. 253. 

209. Brown 0. "From portr. by 

King. To present to 

Wheeler." Bust 1848 

210. Brown Mrs. "Wife of the 

Governor of Miss." Bust 1848 

Vide 201. 

211. Brown Mr. Wm., "of Chest- 

nut St." Bust 1833 

212. Brown Mrs. W. Bust 1833 

213. Brown Mrs. William, "Miss 

Norris." * Bust 1833 

214. Bruce Mr. Ch. " Painted in 

Richmond Va." 




Bruce Mr. Chas. 




Bruce Sen. Mrs. 




Bruce Sen. Mrs., 

" a copy 

of my first." 




Bryan Guy. 



219. Bryan Guy, " copy, begun by 

Jane." Bust 1826 

220. Bryan Guy, "the 2nd cop}-, 

hand introduced (son)." Bust 1826 

221. Bryan Guy, "the 3rd copy." Bust 1826 

222. Bryan Guy, "the 4th copy." Bust 1826 

36 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


223. Bryan Guy, "for his son 

Timothy. Copy 6th." Bust 1830 

224. Bryan Guy, 'Hhe 7th copy 

for G. Bryan, Jr. " Bust 1830 

225. Bryan Guy. ''Copy the 8th 

for his son Tom." Kit-kat 1832 

A portrait of Guy Bryan, by Sully, is in the New York His- 
torical Society. Vide 228. 

226. Bryan Mrs. J., " & son Francis 

in group." Kit-kat 1839 

227. Bryan Mrs., "deceased of 

Texas. From Daguer." Head 1851 

228. Bryan Thos. Head 1829 

229. Bryan Tom, "copy begun by 

Jane." Head 1831 

230. Buccanon Revd., "omitted 

in list." Miniature 1804 

231. Buck Mrs., "from a Photo- 

graph. She being ill." Kit-kat 1857 

232. Buckler Dr. John, " at Balti- 

more." Bust 1840 

Owned by Thomas H. Buckler, Baltimore. 

233. Buckley Mrs., "for her son 

Edward." Bust 1854 

234. Buckley Sen. Mr. "For his 

son." Bust 1854 

235. BuDD Harry. " For his grand- 

mother Mrs Burgh." Head 1856 

236. BuDD Ida. " For her grand- 

mother Mrs Burgh." Head 1856 

237. BuDD Mrs. M., "for Blanch." 16 x 20 1870 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 37 


238. BuERTON Miss Mary. Head 1853 

239. Bullock Mr./' of Savannah." Bust 1816 

240. BuRD Ed., "for Mr Cox his 

stepson." Bust 1828 

241. BuRK Miss Caroline, "for 

Miss North." Head 1864 

242. BuRK Mrs. "Gothic Mansion." Kit-kat 1827 

The "Gothic Mansion" built by John Dorsey, was on the 
north side of Chestnut Street between 12th and 13th, the 
site of the present Public Library of Philada. 

243. BuRK Mrs., " copy of. ordered 

by Miss North." Kit-kat 1862 

244. BuRK Mr. Kit-kat 1835 

245. BuRK Mrs., "of New Orleans 

(Miss Rogers)." Kit-kat 1835 

246. Burke Mrs., " of New Orleans 

formerly Miss Carline." Kit-kat 1844 

247. BuRKHEAD Senr, Mr., "of 

Baltimore. For's son." Head 1853 

248. Burnett Mrs., "of Philadel- 

phia." Head 1844 

249. Burr D. Miniature 1805 

250. Burr David, "of Richmond 

Va." Bust 1834 

251. Burr Mrs. D., "wife of D 

Burr." Bust 1834 

252. Burrows Mrs., " for her father 

Mr Mitchell." 24x30 1863 

Mrs. Horatio Nelson Burroughs, daughter of Samuel Augustus 
Mitchell, the publisher of Mitchell's School Atlas. 

38 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


253. Butler Mr. "For the Insane 

Hospital." Whole length 1847 

This portrait, as also 208, was painted in Providence, R. I. 

254. Byron Lord. "Copy begun in 

1826." Bust 1828 

255. Cabbel Mrs. Dr. "For her 

father Mr Caskie." Head 1849 

Vide 283 and 284. 

256. Cabel Mrs. Colter, "form- 

erly of South Carolina." Head 1850 

257. Cabot Mrs., "deceased from 

a sketch by Jarvais. " Bust 1819 

258. Cadwallader Doctor. " Late. 

copy for Mr Read of Al- 
bany." Bust 1864 

259. Cadwallader's Genl. "Fa- 

ther deceased from Peale." Bust 1818 

260. Cadwallader Genl., "2nd 

copy from PI." 

261. Cadwallader Genl., "for 

H. Binney." Bust 1833 

Thomas Cadwalader (1779-1841), eldest son of General John 
Cadwalader of the Revolutionary War. Vide 149. 

262. Cage Mr., "of Cincinnati." Kit-kat 1828 

263. Caldwell Mr. "From a 

miniature." Head 1849 

Elias Boudiiiot Caldwell (1776-1825) was clerk of the Supreme 
Court of the United States, 1801 to 1825. In the hall of 
Hist. Soc. of Penna. 

Thomas Sully's Regisler of Portraits, 1801-1871. 39 


264. Camac Mrs., "for Mrs. Markoe 

her mother." Head 1839 

265. Camel Miss, "of Charleston 

S. C. (Campbell)." Head 1842 

266. Camel Mrs., "daughter of Dr 

Patterson Mint." Bust 1843 

267. Campbell Miss Emma, "for 

Dr. Patterson. 2nd at- 
tempt." Bust 1843 

268. Campbell Geo., "deceased. 

ForMF." 30x25 1855 

269. Campbell Mrs., "of Potts- 

ville." 24x20 1862 

Juliet H., daughter of Judge Ellis Lewis of Philadelphia, and 
wife of Hon. James H. Campbell, United States Minister to 
Sweden. Vide 1875. Owned by Mrs. Archibald Keightley, 
Glanmanddach, Dolgelly, Wales. 

270. Canietor Segnor. Bust 1831 

271. Canietor Segnora. Bust 1831 

272. Caperton Mrs., "of George- 

town D C, Formerly Miss 

Mosher." Head 1853 

Vide 1238. 

273. Carey E. " From a drawing 

by Myers." Head 1856 

Edward L. Carey (1806-1845) was at the time of his death 
President of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and 
one of the earliest collectors of paintings in this country. 
His collection, including several by Sully, is now owned by 
the Academy. Hoppner Meyer, a nephew of John Hoppner, 
visited this country shortly before Mr. Carey's death and 
made the water color from which this was painted, now also 
belonging to the Academy. 

274. Carey E., "for H Carey from 

my first." Bust 1857 

40 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


275. Carey E., "copy of the late, 

for Henry Carey." 30x25 1859 

276. Carrol Mrs, Bust 1822 

277. Carrol Chs. of Carrolton, 

"a study for a whole 

length for the Marquess 

Wellsley. Panel." Bust 1826 

A copy of this head of Charles Carroll of Carrollton (1737- 
1830), the last survivor of the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence, signed "C S 1836," is in the hall of the His- 
torical Society of Penna., and is noted here on account of 
its having been attributed to Sully. It, with like portraits of 
President Monroe, copy of 1209, and of Bishop White, copy 
of 1855, are signed in the same way and are recorded as 
" Painted and presented by the Sully family " to the Penna. 
Colonization Society. 

278. Carrol Chs. of Carrolton, 

"for Wellesley, $500." Whole length 1827 

There is a whole length of Carroll attributed to Sully in the 
Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore. 

279. Carroll Chs. of Carrollton, 

"Mrs Carroll." Bust 1827 

280. Carrol Chs. of Carrolton, 

"for State of Maryland. Whole length 1833 

The price of this was $1000, the highest to this date. 

281. Carrol Mr. Henry. "For Mr. 

Winchester." Bust 1853 

282. Carter Miss, "of Virginia 

for Mr Hopkinson." Kit-kat 1812 

Vide 1328. 

283. Caskie Mr., "of Richmond 

Va." Bust 1835 

284. Caskie Mrs. Bust 1835 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 41 


285. Cassidy Mrs. "For her hus- 

band." Head 1864 

286. Chaffer Mrs. Bust 1846 

287. Chamberlin Mr. Bust 1810 

288. Chamberlin Mrs. Bust 1810 

289. Chambers Mrs. 30 x 25 1862 

290. Chapman Dr., "a small half 

length." 43x33 1817 

Owned by Dr. Henry C. Chapman, Phila., son of 294. 

291. Chapman Dr., "for his class 

of Students." Half length 1848 

This portrait of Dr. Nathaniel Chapman (1780-1853) belongs 
to the University of Penna. 

292. Chapman Ella* " for Dr. Chap- 


man." Head 1837 

Gabriella Chapman, grand-daughter of Dr. Chapman, married 
Luis de Potesdad. Vide 1328. 

293. Chapman Emily, " for Mrs T 

Biddle." Head 1828 

1810-1852. Vide 298. 

294. Chapman George, " for the Dr. 

his father." Head 1833 

George William Chapman (1816-1853) m. Emily, daughter of 
John Markoe. He was in the U. S. Navy. 

295. Chapman John, "for Mrs. 

Brockenborough." Head 1833 

John Biddle Chapman (1812-1845), eldest son of 290. 

296. Chapman Mrs. Jn., "for her 

mother Mrs Randolph." Head 1833 

John Biddle Chapman married Mary Randolph of Va. 

42 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


297. Chapman Master, "for Dr 

Chapman." Head 1829 

298. Chapman Miss, " Gordon, son 

of, that was. Copy." Head 1846 

This curious entry is explained by the fact that Emily, 293, 
eldest child of Dr. Nathaniel Chapman, married John Mont- 
gomery Gordon of Virginia. 

299. Chase Mrs., "for Mrs Bis- 

pham." Head 1840 

Guihelma Maria Collins, sister of 150, m. Philip Brown 

300. Chauncey Chs., "for his 

students." Kit-kat 1833 

This portrait of Charles Chauncey (1777-1849), of the Phila- 
delphia bar, was engraved by John Sartain and belongs to the 
Law Association of Philadelphia. 

301. Chauncey Elihu, "for Mr 

Dillingham." Bust 1834 

302. Chauncey Miss, "deceased. 

Copy from Otis." Head 1836 

303. Chauncey Miss, "daughter of 

Charles Chauncey." Head 1836 

304. Chauncey Mrs. Nathaniel. Head 1837 

305. Chauncey Nathaniel, "for 

Mr Dillingham." Bust 1834 

306. Chevalier Mons. 12 x 10 1804 

307. Chevallier Miss, "daughter 

Peter C. Rich." Bust 1832 

" Peter C. Rich " means Peter Chevalier of Richmond, Va. 

308. Chevaller Miss, " copy for 

Mr Barksdale." Bust 1860 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 43 


309. Chevaller Miss, " copy No 2. 

Mrs Warnock." Bust I'SGO 

Sally Chevalier of Virginia was one of the trio known as the 
Richmond Graces, another of whom, Fanny Taylor, also was 
painted by Sully, No. 1667. She married Abram Warwick, 
not Warnock. Owned by Col. Thomas Harding Ellis, Rich- 
mond, Va. Vide 499 and 500. Reproduced in Peacock's 
Famous American Belles of the 19th Century, p. 122. 

310. Chissem ^Iiss, "of Charleston 

S C for her Mo'." Kit-kat 1826 

The surname is doubtless a phonetic spelling for Chisholm, 
a well known South Carolina family name. 

311. Clark Col. I., ''of the Ar- 


moury." 12x10 1806 

312. Clark Miss, "of Baltimore." Head 1834 

313. Clark Mrs. "Mother Mrs 

Alexander." Head 1851 

314. Clement Charles W., "of 

New Orleans." Bust 1825 

315. Clifford Miss, "both hands 

included." Bust 1810 

316. Clopper Mr., "hand intro- 

duced." Bust 1810 

317. Coates Mr., "a present to the 

Colonization Sy." 24x20 1863 

Benjamin Coates (1808-1887). In the hall of Hist. Soc. of 

318. Coates Samuel, " Pres Penna 

Hospital." Whole length 1812 

This portrait of Samuel Coates (1748-18.30) is one of Sully's 
finest works. It was engraved by Samuel Sartain and belongs 
to the Pennsylvania Hospital. The price was S400, the high- 
est to this time. 

44 Thomas Sully's Eegister of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


319. CocKRAN Mr., "of Baltimore." Bust 1815 

320. Cochran Mrs., "for Mrs 

Brady." 10x8 1815 

321. CoGNiET Leon, "copy of, 

from the ' Arts Union'." 18 x 14 1849 

322. Cole Mrs. Governor, "of 

Virginia." Head 1836 

Sally Logan Roberts, wife of Edward Coles, Governor of 
Illinois, 1823-26. Vide 333 and 334. 

323. Coleman Miss. "Sketch for 

whole length." 10 x 8 1828 

324. Coleman Miss Anna and Miss 

Harriet. Half length 1846 

325. Coleman Misses Margarett 

AND Isabella, " a group." Half length 1844 

326. Coleman Mary, " whole length 

for J Ross." Kit-kat 1828 

327. Coleman Mary, " copy of 

foregoing for myself." Kit-kat 1828 

328. Coleman Mary. "Design for a 

whole length Present to Dr 

Morton." 12x8 1833 

329. Coleman Mary, " whole length 

Mrs J Coleman." 49 x 36 1833 

330. Coleman Mr. "Father of 

Mrs Alexander deceased." Bust and hand 1851 

331. Coleman Miss, "of Lancaster 

deceased." Bust 1820 

332. Coleman Mr,, "of Lancaster. 

Copied from Peale." Bust 1821 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 45 


333. Coles Mr., "of Albermarle 

Va." Bust 1835 

334. Coles Mrs. Bust 1835 

Vide 322. 

335. Coles Miss Mary, " a sub- 

scriber." Bust 1809 

Mary Abby Willing (1789-1831), daughter of Dr. Samuel 
Stringer and Anne Hopkinson Coale ; m. 1813, William 
Town Proud of New Bedford, Mass. 

336. Collet Mrs., "of Patterson 

N.J.formerly M.Wallace." Bust 1836 

337. Collins Master, "deceased 

for Mrs Biddle of 4th." 24 x 16 1826 

Lydia Biddle, daughter of James and Frances Marks Biddle, 
married James f!ollins. Vide 132. 

338. Collins Mrs., "for her son 

Mr Bispham." Head 1834 

Margaret Morris (1792-1852), wife of Isaac Collins, whose 
daughter Martha (150) married John B. Bispham, 

339. .Collins Mrs., "of Pittsburg. 

copy." Bust 1837 

340. Colt Mr., "of Baltimore." Bust 1832 

Lithographed by Newsam. 

341. Colvert Mr., "of Bladens- 

burg." Bust 1824 

342. Colvert Mrs., "of Bladens- 

burg, hand also." Head 1843 

The surnames in 341 and 342 are undoubtedly phoneti- 
cally spelled for "Calvert." 

343. Connelly H., ''cabinet maker." Bust 1808 

344. Connolly J., "for Mrs Eyre." Kit-kat 1813 

John Connelly (1752-1827), an auctioneer of Philadelphia. 
Owned by Manuel Eyre Griffith of Philadelphia. 

46 Thomas 8ulh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


345. Cook George, "of Covent 

Garden Theatre." Bust 1811 

346. Cook G. F., "as Richard 3rd." Whole length 1811 

347. Cook G. F., "for B. Wilcocks 

Esq." Bust 1811 

348. Cook G. F., "comedian copied 

from my 1st." Head 1816 

349. Cook G. " Actor from a pict- 

ure painted 1st." Bust 1819 

George Frederick Cooke (1755-1812), an eminent English 
actor, of very dissipated habits, who came to this country 
in 1810 and died in New York two years later. 346 is a life 
size portrait and exceedingly fine as a work of art. It was 
finished January 18, 1812 and sold for S300 to the Pennsyl- 
vania Academy of Fine Arts where it now is. I have been 
unable to locate 345 and 347, one of which was engraved by 
D. Edwin for The Mirror of Taste. For a full account of 
Cooke's visit to Philadelphia and his several sittings to Sully, 
see Dunlap's Life of Cooke, Vol. 2, pp. 222-294. Dunlap 
says that 345 was painted for William B. Wood, the manager 
of the theatre where Cooke played. 

350. Cook Mrs. Rebecca. "In 

Richmond Va." Miniature 1801 

351. Cook Mrs. Wm., "of Rich- 

mond." Head 1813 

352. Cook Mrs. J "deceased of Richd 

fromMin\" . Head 1813 

353. Coolidge Miss A. S., "of 

Boston." Head 1845 

354. Coolidge Mrs., "deceased for 

her daughter." Head 1845 

355. Cooper Mrs., " where we 

boarded." Miniature 1802 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 47 


356. Cooper T., " of the Theatre 

for Mrs Nicholas." 12x10 1805 

357. Cooper T. " Begun when m 

Richmond." 12x10 1807 

3.58. Cooper Mrs. "For T Cooper 

Esq." Kit-kat 1807 

356 and 357 are of Thomas Apthorpe Cooper (1776-1849), 
a distinguished actor who came from England to America 
at the age of twenty and for many years was lessee of the 
Park Theatre, New York. Cooper was a remarkably hand- 
some man and his wife, 358, was the beautiful Mary Fairlie, 
noted for her mental as well as her personal attractions. 
Their daughter, Priscilla, married Robert Tyler, a son of 
President Tyler, and for a time presided over the White 

359. Cope Caleb. " Fo<- the Hor- 

ticulture Socy." Bust 1852 

Caleb Cope (1797-1888) was the seventh President of the 
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1859-1871, and 
President of the Philadelphia Saving Fund from 1863 until 
his death. Owned by Horticultural Society of Phila. 

360. Cope Miss, ''for her- cousin 

Caleb Cope." Kit-kat 1837 

Abbie Ann Cope (d. 184.5) married Caleb Cope in 1838. 

361. Cornish Capt., "English East 

India service." Kit-kat 1817 

362. Cox Mrs. Dr. Kit-kat 1813 

Sarah, daughter of Col. John Cox of New Jersey, married Dr. 
John Redman Coxe, of Philada. Owned by Mrs. Edward 
Parke Custis Lewis, Hoboken, N. J. Reproduced in Whar- 
ton's Salons Colonial and Republican. 

363. Cox Mr. Bust 1829 

364. Cox Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Martha Lyman. 2nd Por- 
trait. 1st condemned." Bust 1829 

365. Craig Mrs. John. Bust 1836 

48 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


366. Craig John, "son of Mrs J. 

Craig." Head 1839 

365 was of the beautiful Jane Josephine Sarmiento, whose 
first husband Mr. Craig was a brother of Mrs. Nicholas 
Biddle and whose second husband, Edward Biddle, was a 
son of her first husband's sister. This portrait as well as 

366 was burned at the fire of Marquand's storage house in 
New York a few years since. 

367. Crawford Mrs. Judge, "of 

Mobile." Kit-kat 1837 

368. Crbsson C, " copied from one 

by Leslie for's Nepw." Head 1824 

369. Cresson Elliott. Head 1824 

370. Cresson ELLiOTT/'size 24x20." Head 1849 

371. Cresson Elliott, "copied 

from a former Portrait." Head 1855 

Elliot Cresson (1796-1854) was an American Philanthropist, 
and 370 belongs to the Pennsylvania Colonization Society 
and is now in the hall of the Historical Society of Penna. 

372. Cresson Miss, "for J. B. 

Smith." ■ Head 1828 

373. Cresson Sarah, "for her 

brother Caleb." Head 1826 

374. Crosier Mr., " Presd Coloni- 

zation S'y Pennsylvania." 30x25 1862 

There is no such portrait in the Colonization Society's collec- 
tion in the hall of the Hist. Soc. of Penna. 

375. Crosman Col. "For Mr. 

Fitzgerald." 30x25 1861 

376. Crosman Mrs. "For Fitz- 

gerald." 30x25 1861 

Doubtless of George H. Grossman (1798-1882), U. S. A., and 
his wife. General Grossman was for many years Chief Quarter 
Master for the Department of the East with his head-quarters 
at Philadelphia, where he died. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 49 


377. Cross B. " From a daugerreo- 

type. For M. F." Bust 1861 

378. Cross B., "deceased, A copy 

for his Edward." 30x26 1866 

Benjamin Cross (1786-1857) was a well known Philadelphia 
organist and musician. " M. F." to 377 means Musical Fund 

379. Cruger Mrs. H. D., "copied 

from Sir W Beechey." Kit-kat 1844 

Vide 456, 458, 1211. 

380. CuMMiNGs Mrs. Bust 1847 

Emily Richardet (1805-1847), daughter of Richard Alexander, 
married William Cummings, a well-known merchant of Phila- 
delphia. Owned by Hon. Xorris S. Barratt, Philadelphia. 

381. Cunningham Mr. Bust 1807 

382. CusHMAN Charlotte, "of 

Walnut St Theatre." Head 1843 

383. CusHMAN Charlotte, " for 

Mrs Gardette. Very bad 

—obliterated." Head 1843 

384. Cushman C, "in lieu of one 

expunged." Head 1843 

Charlotte Cushman (1816-1876) was one of the most famous 
of actresses. 

385. Cuthbert Mr., "of Beaufort 

S. Carolina." Bust 1825 

386. Cuthbert Mrs,, "deceased 

copied from a miniat." Bust 1826 

387. Cuthbert Mrs. "Copy for 

Mrs Biddle." ' 30x25 1862 


50 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 



388. Dabney Mr. J. Miniature 1806 

389. Daclay Miss. Head 1810 

390. Dale Com'', ''deceased copied 

from Eicholtz." Bust 1833 

Richard Dale (1756-1826) was Paul Jones's first lieutenant 
in the fight between the Bonhomme Richard and the Serapis. 

391. Dale Lieut., "United States 

Navy." Bust 1818 

John Montgomery Dale (1797-1852), son of 390. Attained 
the rank of Commander. 

392. Dall Mrs., "Austin Dall." Head 1853 

393. Dallas Alexander. Kit-kat 1811 

This was of Alexander James Dallas (1791-1844), son of 
Alexander James and Arabella Maria Dallas. He entered 
the navy in 1805 and attained the rank of Commodore. 
The portrait was owned by Mrs. Carl Morrell, Philadelphia. 

394. Dallas G., " copied from 

Stuart for's son." Head 1834 

395. Dallas Hon. G., "deceased 

copy for Alex. D." Head 1835 

394 and 395 should have been Alexander James Dallas after 

396. Dallas Hon. G. Bust 1844 

George Mifflin Dallas (1792-1864) was son of 394 and brother 
of 393. He was Vice President of the United States when 
Polk was President and Minister to England under Bucha- 
nan. Sully painted an earlier portrait of Mr. Dallas that 
was engraved by T. B. Welch, which is not entered in 
Sully's Register. It is thought to have been painted in 1830 
when Sully painted I\Irs. Dallas the same size. This was 
owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Dallas Tucker and 396 by Mrs. 
Carl Morrell, 

397. Dallas Mrs. George. Head 1830 

Thorrms Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 51 


398. Dallas Mrs. G., "the second 

attempt." Head 1830 

399. Dallas Mrs. G. Bust 1844 

397 to 399 were of Mrs. George Mifflin Dallas (1798-1869), 
who was Sophia Ann, daughter of Philip and Juliana Chew 
Nicklin. 398 was owned by Mrs. Tucker and 399 by Mrs. 

400. Dallas J., "Secy, to Russian 

Legation." Kit-kat 1813 

401. Dallas Junr., Mr. Bust 1810 

Alexander James Dallas, Jr., eldest child of 396. Died Sept. 
30, 1826. Was owned by Miss Sophia Dallas. 

402. Dalmatia Mrs., ."the 1st on 

my return to Phila." Bust 1810 

Begun April 24, 1810, and finished May 30th, 1810. 

403. Daniel Judge, "of the Su- 

preme Court US." 33x26 1858 

Peter Vivian Daniel (1784-1860) of Virginia was made 
Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States in March, 

404. Daniel Mrs., "deceased for 

Judge Daniel U S C." 33x26 18.58 

Was Lucy Nelson Randolph, daughter of Edmund Randolph 
of Washington's cabinet. 

405. Dannenberg Mr. Head 1815 

406. Dannenberg Mrs. Head . 1815 

407. Darley Mr., "of the Theatre 

for Cooper." Head 1807 

John Darley (1765-1853) was an Englishman who first 
appeared on the American stage in 1794. He afterward 
entered the U. S. Marines, but returned to the stage. 

52 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


408. Darley Mrs., "of N. York 

Theatre for Cooper." Bust 1806 

Eleanora Westray (1780-18 ), wife of 407 and mother of F. 
O. C. Darley the illustrator and of William Henry Westray 
Darley, who married Jane Chester, daughter of Thomas Sully. 

409. Darley Jane. " Whole length 

& her son Francis." 4 ft. 9 x 3 ft. 9 1839 

Jane Sully married William Henry Westray Darley and 
"her son Francis" is Francis Thomas Sully Darley of 
Philadelphia, the well known organist, who owns the 

410. Darley Jane Sully. 1840 

411. Darley Jane and Francis. 

" Small copy for Stanfield." 18 x 14 1866 

For other portraits of Mrs. Darley see Jane Sully. 

412. Darley Francis. 18x14 1866 

413. David Ferd. "4 years. Study 

for a group for J David." Head 1826 

414. David John. Kit-kat 1813 

415. David Mrs. J. Kit-kat 1813 

416. David Julia. "6 years. Study 

for a group for J David." Head 1826 

417. David Julia, Ferd. & Steven, 

" David's three children." Half length 1826 

414, 415, and 417 owned by J. Foster Jenkins, Yonkers, 
New York. 

418. Davidge Mrs. F., "and child. 

Mrs Scot Eding." Bust 1822 

419. Davis Col. " Whole length for 

State of Delaware." 7 ft. 2 x 5 ft. 1819 

Samuel B. Davis (1776-1854), Colonel U. S. A., was in com- 
mand of the coast defences of Delaware and the Eastern 
shore of Maryland and Virginia in War of 1812. Owned 
by a grandson, Sussex Delaware Davis, of Philadelphia. 
Head lithographed by Newsam. Mde 1916. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 53 


420. Davis I. Miniature 1804 

421. Davis I. P., "as a specimen 

to show Stuart." Head 1807 

Isaac P. Davis (1771-1855) of Boston, was an early patron 
of American artists and meeting Sully at Stuart's, when 
Sully made his first call, offered to sit for his portrait to 
Sully, that Stuart might see what Sully could do. Accord- 
ingly Davis sat, as entered in the Register, and the picture 
was shown to Stuart. After looking at it attentively for some 
time he said, "Keep what you have got and get as much as 
you can," which was high praise from Stuart, who usually 
advised to forget what you knew and not try again. 

422. Davis Master, " grandson of 

Mrs Florence." Head 1853 

423. Davis Mr. "Collector of the 

Port of Norfolk." Miniature 1803 

424. Davis Mr., "of 256 Chestnut 

opposite Markoe." Bust 1839 

Samuel Davis lived at above address. 

425. Davy Mrs., "deceased. From 

a photograph for Miss D. " 30 x 25 1862 

The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts owns a portrait 
by Sully of "Mrs. Elizabeth Davy, of Dover, Delaware," 
presumably 425. 

426. Day Mrs., "of New London. 

For Her son Thos." Bust 1849 

427. Dayton Mr., "of N. York 

for M. Levy." Bust 1813 

428. Decatur Commodore, "for 

City of N. York." Whole length 1814 

In the City Hall, New York. The price of this portrait, $500, 
was the highest to this time. 

54 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1S01-1S71. 


429. Decatur Commodore, "small 

whole length of above as 

a study." 38x30 1814 

430. Decatur Comme., "for S 

Price." Bust 1814 

431. Decatur Commodore, "for a 

medal ordered by Con- 
gress." Head 1816 
Stephen Decatur (1779-1820), one of the most distinguished 
officers of the U. S. Navy, whose career is too well known 
to require notice here. 

432. De Cuesta Signora E., "for 

her daughter." Bust 1831 

433. Delaplaine Brockholst L. Head 1817 

434. Denny Joseph. "Copied from 

RPeale." Head 1835 

Joseph Dennie (1768-1812) was editor of the Portfolio from 
its beginning in 1801 until his death, and was the head of 
the literary coterie that made Philadelphia famous at this 

435. De Silver Antinette, "de- 

ceased from a mask." Head 1837 

436. Deweese Doctor. Kit-kat 1811 

437. Deweese Doctor, "for B. 

Carr." Head 1814 

438. Deweese Doctor. "From 

Neagle's University Port." Bust 1856 

WilUam Potts Dewees (1768-1841), a distinguished Phila- 
delphia physician and first President of the Musical Fund 
Society, 1820-1838. 

439. Deweese Mrs. Doctor. Kit-kat 1808 

Owned by Mrs. H. M. Dewees, New York. 

440. Deweese Miss Adeline, "for 

Dr. Deweese." Kit-kat 1824 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 55 


441. Dewey Capt., "for Chs 

Wetherill." Bust 1834 

Samuel Dewey, the Boston sea captain, who amidst a violent 
thunder storm in the night of July 2-3, 1834, rowed out 
into Boston harbor and sawed the figure-head of Andrew 
Jackson from off the U. S. frigate Constitution, to which it 
had just been affixed. Owned by Mrs. Henry M. Wetherill, 

442. DiBBLEE Mr. "Lawyer." Bust 1807 

443. DiLLARD Dr. Thos. "For his 

wife (Khuln)." Head 1854 

Mrs. Dillard was a daughter of Henry Kuhl, 973. 

444. Dobbin Miss, "from a Dauger- 

reotype. For her Father," Head 1854 

445. DoDSON Sen. Mr., "for his 

son. A copy." 24x20 1862 

446. Donaldson Mrs., "of Balti- 

more." Bust 1816 

Sully painted Mrs. James Laury Donaldson, which is owned 
by Mrs. Robert M. Gushing, Baltimore, Md. 

447. Donnelly Mrs., "for her 

father Mr Slevin." Head 1856 

448. Donnelly Mrs., " copied from 

my first." Head 1856 

449. DoRSEN Mr. & Son. "Copy 

begun by Tom." Half length. 1839 

450. Dorsey Dr., "hands intro- 

duced." Bust 1812 

Doctor John Syng Dorsey (1783-1819) after Sully was 
engraved by Goodman and Piggot for the Portfolio, 1819. 
He received the degree of doctor of medicine from the 
University of Pennsylvania at the early age of 18, the 
trustees by special action having in his case dispensed with 
the requirement that graduates in medicine should be 

56 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


451. Dorset Mrs. Dr., "with 

hands." Bust 1812 

450 and 451 owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Gardner DuPont, 
Wilmington, Del. 

452. Dorset Mrs., "of Baltimore." Bust 1808 

453. DouGAN Joseph. Kit-kat 1810 

Joseph Dugan was a merchant of Philadelphia and President 
of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1842-1845. 

454. DouGAN Miss. Kit-kat 1810 

455. DouGAN Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Gilliams." Head 1864 

456. Douglass Miss, "deceased 

for Mrs Cruger N. Y." Head 1836 

457. Douglass Miss M., "after 

death two specimens." Bust 1844 

458. Douglass Saml. "Uncle of 

Mrs. C both from 

Miss." Bust 1843 

" Mrs. C," Mrs. Crugar. Vide 1211. 

459. Downing Mart, "of Down- 

ingville." Head 1837 

This portrait was finished October 3, 1837, and was the last 
portrait painted by Sully before he left on his visit to England. 

460. Downing Mrs., "formerly 

Elizh Bartleson." Kit-kat 1825 

Mrs. John W. Downing (1800-1826), owned by great-grand- 
daughter, Mrs. Henry Whelen, Jr., Philadelphia. 

461. Dratton Mr., "of Georgia for 

Col. D. his father." Kit-kat 1843 

462. Dratton Mr. Junr., "of 

United States Navy." Bust 1835 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 57 


463. Drayton Percival, "for Mrs 

Gadsden." Bust 1827 

Percival Drayton (1812-1865) of South Carolina entered 
the U. S. N. at fifteen and was commander of Farragut's 
flag ship in the battle of Mobile Bay, Aug. 5, 1864. Owned by 
W. Heyward Drayton, Philadelphia. 

464. Drayton Capt. Percival, 

"for R. Rush Esq." Head 1857 

465. Drew Mrs. John, "of the 

Theatre, Arch St." Bust 1864 

Louisa Lane (1820-1897) married first Henry Hunt, 2nd 
George Mossop, and 3rd John Drew. As Mrs. John Drew, 
she became a finished comedy actress, her Mrs. Malaprop 
being without a rival. Owned by her son John Drew, 
New York. 

466. Drinker Miss, '"assumed 

name Edith Phoebe May." 24x20 1850 

Anna Drinker (1827- ) under her nomme de plume 
published many poems. 

467. DuANE Mrs. Deborah. "For 

her daughter." Bust 1841 

Granddaughter of Benjamin Franklin and wife of 468. 

468. DuANE William, "for his 

daughter Ellen." Bust 1841 

William John Duane (1780-1865) was Secretary of the 
Treasury under Jackson until removed for refusing to order 
the removal of the deposits from the U. S. Bank. 

469. DuFFiELD Miss. 12x10 1805 

470. DuGAN Cumberland. Kit-kat 1821 

471. DuGAN Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Gilliams. " 

472. DuMOUNT Mr. 

473. DuNANT Miss Rebecca 

474. Duncan Mr., 

another picture." Bust 1827 








" copy 


58 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


475. DuNGLisoN Dr. "For the 

M. F. S. of Prest." 30x25 1868 

Robley Dunglison (1798-1869) was an eminent physician, 

teacher, and writer, and President of the Musical Fund 
Society of Philadelphia. 

476. DuNLAP Senr. Mrs. Bust ' 1809 

477. DuNLOP Anne, "for her Par- 

ents." Head 1849 

478. DuNSMURE I. "Merchant." Bust 1805 

479. DuNSMURE I., "of Richmond." Bust 1808 

480. DupoNCEAU Mr., "for Philo- 

sophical Hall." Bust 1830 

Peter Stephen Duponceau (1760-1844) was a Frenchman 
who came to this country at the age of 17, as Secretary 
and aide to Baron Steuben. He became a lawyer, and 
student of Indian languages, and was for many years Presi- 
dent of the American Philosophical Society, to which body 
this portrait belongs. It has been engraved by John Sartain. 

481. DupoNT Mr., "for Mrs. R. 

Smith. Expunged." Bust 1827 

482. DupoNT Mr., "of Brandy- 

wine. Charles." Bust 1831 

483. DupoNT Mrs., " Miss Vandyke. 

Painted at Phila." Bust 1831 

Charles Irenee Dupont (1797-1869), 482, married Dorcas 
Montgomery Van Dyke (1806-1838), 483, of New Castle, 
Del., in October, 1824, in the presence of La Fayette. Owned 
by Miss Mary V. D. Dupont, Wilmington, Del. Repro- 
duced in Wharton's Salons Colonial and Republican. 

484. Duval Mr. "Copied in part 

from Remt. Peale. For L. 

Duval his son. " Bust 1822 

485. Duval Sen. Mrs., "for "her 

son." Bust 1822 

486. DwiGHT Mr., "as a specimen." Bust 1807 

487. DwYER Mr. "Comedian." Bust 1810 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 59 



488. Earley (Earely) Mr. "Mer- 

chant Market & Water St." 30x25 1862 

489. Earley Mrs. 30x25 1863 

490. Earp Miss, "for her Mother." 30x25 1859 

491. Eastman Miss, "of her late 

sister from a Daug." 24x20 1869 

492. Edds Mrs., "Mrs. Carson's 

mother." Bust 1852 

493. Ege Mr., "child of." 24x20 1870 

494. Elfrith Mrs., " and her daugh- 

ter." ' 24x20 1836 

495. Elliott Miss, "of Beaufort 

S.Carolina." Kit-kat 1821 

496. Elliott Miss Ann, " of Beau- 

fort S. C." Kit-kat 1839 

497. Elliott Miss Mary, "daugh- 

ters of Wm. Elliott." Kit-kat 1839 

Owned by Miss M. E. Pinckney, Blowing Rock, N. C. 

498. Elliott Mr., "of Beaufort 

S. C." Kit-kat 1823 

499. Ellis Mr. T. H. "Painted in 

Richmond Virginia." Head 1850 

500. Ellis Mrs. T. H. "Painted 

in Richmond Va." Head 1850 

Vide 309 and 1667. 

501. Ellis Mrs., "for her husband 

John W. of Salisbury." Bust 1846 

60 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


502. Ellis Powhatan, "of Rich- 

mond Va. (Misse)." Bust 1846 

503. Ellison Mrs. Bust 1860 

504. Ellison Mrs., "in lieu of the 

first." Head 1861 

505. Elwin Alfred, "for Dr. 

Elwin." Bust 1837 

This is of Rev. Alfred Langdon Elwyn, when a child, and 
although Sully has entered "For Dr. Elwin," that is, his 
father, it became the property of Edward L. Carey, who 
had it exquisitely engraved, by John Cheney, for The Gift, 
for 1840, under the title of "Childhood," and it went to the 
Penna. Academy of the Fine Arts as a part of the Carey 
Collection. Some years since, when the writer was Chair- 
man of the Committee on Exhibitions at the Academy, Mr. 
Elwyn expressed to him his desire to possess the picture, 
and it was given him in exchange for Stuart's portrait of 
Admiral Sir Henry Lorraine Baker, which takes the place 
of the Sully in the Carey Collection. 

506. Emlin Dr., "deceased, from 

a cast Dr Meigs." Head 1828 

Dr. Samuel Emlen (1789-1828) was on the staff of the Penn- 
sylvania Hospital from 1823 until his death. 

507. Erskine Lady, "for Genl. 

Cadwallader." Head 1830 

Was Francis Cadwalader (1781-1843), who married David 
Montague Erksine, afterward Lord Erskine. She was a 
sister of General Thomas Cadwalader, for whom it was painted. 
Vide 1571, painted the same year. 

508. Espy Mr. Bust 1849 

509. Etherage Miss Caroline, "of 

Boston." Head 1835 

510. Etting Miss, "of Baltimore." Bust 1808 

511. Etting Mrs. S., "sister of 

Miss R Gratz." Head 1835 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 61 


512. Eugenie Empress, "from a 

Photograph." Head 1863 

513. EwEN Mr. "Merchant of 

3rd St." Bust 1831 

514. EwEN Mrs., "of No 7 So 4." Bust 1831 

513 and 514 were of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ewing. 

515. Eyre Mr., "of Vh'ginia." Bust 1830 


516. Fairman George, "son of 

Gideon Fairman." Head 1816 

517. Fairman Gedioi^, "for Mr 

Childs." 12x10 1824 

Colonel Gideon Fairman (1774-1827), an engraver and pub- 
lisher of lithographs. Owned by the Pennsylvania Academy 
of the Fine Arts. Another portrait of Col. Gideon Fairman 
by Sully, but not registered, is owned by Mrs. James S. War- 
ren, New York. Mde 1917. 

518. Fairman George and Caro- 

line, "for their Father." Head 1819 

519. Falcon Mr. Miniature 1804 

520. Farely Mrs., "as a Madonna." Kit-kat 1807 

This is of Mrs. Fairlie, daughter of Ch. Just. Robert Yates 
and wife of Major James Fairlie, whose daughter was 358. 
Owned by Alfred Nelson, Astoria, L. I. 

521. Farlow Mrs., "then dying of 

consumption." Miniature 1802 

522. Farr Miss, "for her Mother." Head 1850 

523. Farren Miss, "afterward 

Countess of Derby." 21x17 1867 

62 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


524. Farren Miss, " began after 

Lawrence." 10x8 1870 

Elizabeth Farren (1759-1829) is the subject of one of Law- 
rence's most famous portraits, lately purchased by J. P. 
Morgan, reported for the highest price ever paid for a paint- 
ing by Lawrence. 

525. FiNLEY John, "for H. Robin- 

son." Head 1821 

This portrait is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New 
York, wrongfully attributed to Rembrandt Peale. 

526. Firth Mr. Bust 1814 

527. Fisher Chs. Henry, "for his 

brothers." Head 1833 

Charles Henry Fisher, President of the Western Saving Fund, 
Philadelphia, died in 1862. 

528. Fisher James, " Sidney Fish- 

er's brother, deceased." Head 1833 

James Logan Fisher died in Paris, 1833. 

529. Fisher Sidney George, "for 

his brother H." Head 1833 

Of the Philadelphia bar, died 1871. He was a man of literary 
attainments, married a daughter of Charles J. Ingersoll (829, n.) 
and was the father of Sidney George Fisher, the historian. 

530. Fisher Mr. F. "Group of 2 

daughters Elizabeth and 

Sophy." Bust 1847 

These were portraits of two daughters of Joshua Francis 
Fisher. Elizabeth married Robert Patterson Kane and 
Sophia married Eckley Brinton Coxe. 

531. Fisher James. "Merchant." 12x10 1804 

532. Fisher James Mrs. 12x10 1805 

533. Fisher James. Bust 1811 

534. Fisher James C, "corner of 

9th & Chestnut St." Bust 1827 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 63 


535. Fisher Mrs. James C, "this 

& the foregoing for his 

son." Bust 1827 

536. Fisher Joseph. "Optician." Bust 1828 

This portrait belongs to the Library Company of Philadelphia, 
to which the subject bequeathed $50,000. 

537. Fisher Redwood. Bust 1808 

In 1847 Sully enters this portrait again with "painted in 
1808 retouched it." 

538. Fisher William. Bust 1808 

539. FiTZCHUE Mr., "for Princeton 

College." Bust 1808 
William Henry Fitzhugh (1792-1830) of Virginia was gradu- 
ated at Princeton, 1808. He became Mce-preSident of the 
American Colonization Society and was an active opponent 
to slavery. 

540. Fitzgerald H., "for his 

Father." 30x25 1863 

541. Fitzgerald Miss Maud. Kit-kat 1864 

542. Fitzgerald Mr. Bust I860 

543. Fitzgerald Mr. 30x25 1865 

544. Fitzgerald Mr., "in place of 

one condemned." 30x25 1866 

545. Fitzgerald Mrs., "of Nor- 

folk." Head 1853 

546. Fitzgerald Mrs. Bust 1858 

547. Fitzgerald Mrs., "for her son 

Riter." 30x25 1861 

548. Fitzgerald Mrs. 34 x 25 1862 

549. Fitzgerald Mrs., "& her 

daughter Matilda." 30x25 1861 

64 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


550. FitzgeraldMrs.,"& son Hill." Kit-kat 1863 

551. Fitzgerald Mrs. Bust 1864 

552. Fitzgerald Mrs., "as a Peas- 

ant. For her son." Bust 1864 

553. Fitzgerald Mrs., "for her son 

Riter." Bust 1866 

554. Fitzgerald Riter, "for his 

Mother." Bust 1860 

555. Fitzgerald Robert & Gil- 

bert," for their Mother." 30 x 25 1867 

540 to 555 are of Colonel Thomas Fitzgerald, of the Philadel- 
phia City Item, and members of his family. 

556. FiTZHUE Mr. Bust 1816 

557. FiTZHUE Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Goldsborough." Bust 1816 

The surname of 556 and 557 should doubtless^be as 539, 

558. FiTZWHYLSONN W., " of Rich- 

mond." Bust 1824 

559. FiTZWHYLSONN W., " copied 

from the first." Bust 1824 

560. Fleming Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Roach." Bust 1831 

561. Fleming Mrs. Bust 1844 

562. Fleming Mr., "as a pendant 

to Jane's port, of Mrs." Head 1851 

563. Fletcher Levi, " for his 

Mother." Bust 1830 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 65 


564. Flinn Revd. Dr., "of Charles- 

ton S. C." Bust 1812 

565. Flursly Master Ketland, 

" nephew of Mrs Meade. " Kit-kat 181 1 

The surname is blotted and may be "Hursly." 

566. FoNSHEE Dr. I. 12 x 10 1805 

567. Ford Mr., "a sketch to cancel 

Jane's." Head 1831 

568. Ford Mrs., " for Mr T Bryan." Head 1829 

569. Ford Mrs. C, "being the 2nd 

portrait." Head 1830 

570. Forney Mr. "Editor of the 

Press." • 30x25 1863 

John Weiss Forney (1817-18S1), a well known journalist 
and politician who for several terms was Clerk of the House 
of Representatives of the U. S. and then of the U. S. Senate. 

571. Forney Mrs. 30 x 25 1862 

572. Forrest Edwin. "Theatre. 

For Garrick Club." Bust 1839 

Edwin Forrest (1806-1872) was the well known tragedian 
who for years was the stage idol of the masses, but whose 
intense personahty kept him from appealling to the refine- 
ments of intellect. 

573. Forrest Rev. J., "presented 

to him (Charleston S C)." Bust 1846 

574. Fox Mr. "Engraver (Head 

size)." Bust 1824 

Gilbert Fox was an engraver, actor, and singer, for whom 
Joseph Hopkinson wrote "Hail, Columbia." 

575. Franklin, "copy begun by 

Jane Sully." Half length 1834 

There being but one FRANKLIN, to mention his Christian 
name is superfluous. 

66 Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


676. Franklin Benjn. " Bass relief 
Franklin Inste. Pre- 

sented." Head 1825 

Owned by the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. 

577. Franklin Dr. B. "For Mr 

W. Duane. A present." Bust 1860 

William Duane (1807-1882) was a son of 467 and 468 and 
a great-grandson of Franklin. 

578. Franklin Mr., " Atty. Genl." Bust 1810 

Walter Franklin (1773-1838) was Attorney General of Penn- 
sylvania in 1809 and Presiding Judge of the Court of Common 
Pleas, Judicial District No. 2, from 1811. 

579. Franklin Mrs. Walter. Bust 1810 

580. Freland Mr., "from a Dau- 

gerreotype." Head 1856 

581. Freland Mr. "Ditto, for Mr 

Daniel of Miss." Bust ' 1856 

582. Frblinghuysbn Mr. "The 

late. From Photo." Head 1865 

583. Frblinghuysen. "For Coloni- 

zation Society. Copy." Head 1865 

Theodore Frelinghuysen (1787-1862), in the hall of Hist. 
Soc. of Penna. 

584. French Mrs., "painted in 

Baltimore." Bust 1820 

585. French Mrs. " Formerly Miss 

Read." 17 x 14 1847 

586. Frieland Mr. Kit-kat 1857 

587. Frieland Mrs., "from Missis- 

sippi." Kit-kat 1857 

Vide 580 and 581. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 67 


588. Fry Gross. "From a Photo- 





Fry Gross. 




Fry Mr. "Printer." 




Fry Mr. "Father of. 



30 X 25 



Fry Mrs. "Mother 



17 X 14 



Fry Mrs. "Father. 



17 X 14 



Fry Mrs. "Father. 






Fry Mrs., "of Green Hill." 




Fry Mrs. "Son of Mr. &." 



597. Fry Mrs. "Parent of, a copy 

of a sketch." 14x17 1869 

598. Fry Mrs. " Grandfather of, a 

copy." 17x14 1869 

699. Fry Mrs. "Late. Infant of, 

and Angel." 24x20 1870 

600. Fuller Mrs., "Miss Montel- 

lius." Bust 1837 

601. FuRNESS Mrs., "for her hus- 

band J. T." Bust 1829 

602. FuRNEss Revd. W. " For Mrs 

Hughes." Bust 1830 

William Henry Furness (1802-1896), one of the most dis- 
tinguished of Unitarian ministers and one of the most accom- 
plished of belles lettres writers. Father of Horace Howard 
Furness, the eminent Shakespearian scholar. 

68 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 



603. Gales Mr., "of Washington 

Gales & Seton Nat. Gaz." Bust 1843 

Joseph Gales (1786-1860), who with W. W. Seton published 
the National Intelligencer, in Washington, from 1810 until 
his death. From 1812 until 1820 Gales and Seton were the 
exclusive reporters of the proceeding of Congress and but 
for their industry a most important part of our national 
record would now be lost. 

604. Gallego Mr., "from a draw- 

ing by Field." 12 x 10 1803 

Robert Field was an eminent miniature painter who came 
here from England circa 1794. He remained here a dozen 
years following his art in Maryland, Philadelphia, and Boston, 
and engraving a few stipple plates, when he removed to 
Halifax, N. S., and thence to the West Indies, where he died 
at Jamaica, August 9, 1819. He signed his miniatures with 
his initials " R. F." which being the same as those of Robert 
Fulton, his signed work is usually attributed to the latter. 

605. Gamble Robert. 12x10 1804 

606. Ganuet Mr., "for his partner 

Johnston." Bust 1810 

607. Gardette Mrs., "Miss Badger 

that was." Head 1829 

608. Gaskill Miss Jane, "for Mr. 

Hall." Bust 1829 

(1808-1832), daughter of 1926. Vide 696 and 1925 to 1928. 

609. Gee Miss Martha, "of Va. 

by Dr. Mutter." Bust & hands 1835 

610. George Capt. Ed. Head 1826 

611. George Mrs. M., "formerly 

Miss Potter." Head 1826 

Vide 1355. 610 and 611 owned by Mrs. H. E. George, 
Mobile, Alabama. 

612. Getty Mr., " Presd. Bank 

Corn exchange." Kit-kat 1863 

Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 69 


613. Getty Mr., " Presd. of the Bank 

Corn exchange." Kit-kat 1863 

614. Gibbon Mr., "and Lady." Bust 1805 

615. Gibbon Lieut. Miniature 1805 

616. Gibbon Mrs., "of Richmond." Bust 1810 

617. Gibson Dr., " 17 x 14 for Ch. 

Bell of London." Head 1820 

William Gibson (1788-1868), a distinguished surgeon and 
professor of surgery in the University of Pennsj'lvania for 
more than thirty years. Sir Charles Bell was a famous sur- 
geon in London. 

618. Gibson Mrs. Dr., "for her 

Mother in Baltimore." Bust 1820 

619. Gibson Mrs. James, "formerly 

Miss Borderley." Half-length 1821 

Elizabeth (1773-1863), daughter of John Beale Bordley, 
married James Gibson in May, 1817. This portrait did be- 
long to the late Edward Shippen, of Philadelphia. A por- 
trait of Mrs. Gibson, by Stuart, is in the Pennsylvania Acad- 
emy of the Fine Arts. 

620. GiGER Prof. Musgrave, "of 

Princeton, N. J." Bust 1859 

George Musgrave Giger (1822-1865) was professor of Greek 
and of Latin in Princeton College from 1846 until the year 
of his death. 

621. GiLESPiE Mr., "of Nashville 

Tenn." Bust 1841 

622. Gill Mrs. "Sister to Mr. 

Lockwood." 24x20 1850 

Vide 1064. 

623. GiLLiAT Alfred, "and his 

Dog.— For Mr Gallego." 12x10 1803 

70 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


624. Oilman Rev. S., "presented 

to him." 30x25 1846 

This portrait was painted in Charleston, S. C, where Samuel 
Oilman (1791-1858) had charge of the Unitarian Church 
from 1819 until his death. 

625. GiLMORE Robert, "copied 

from Lawrence." Bust 1823 

Robert Oilmore, Jr. (1774-1848), of Baltimore, was one of 
the earliest collectors of paintings and of autographs in this 
country. His portrait by Lawrence was engraved by John 

626. Oilmore R., "from Lawrence 

for Charleston." Kit-kat 1823 

627. Oilmore Mrs. Robert, "from 

Lawrence for Charleston." Bust 1823 

628. Oilmore Mrs. R., "for Char- 

leston S C." Kit-kat 1823 

Mrs. Gilmore's maiden name was Ellen Ward. 626 and 628 
owned by Mrs. William Henry Ladson, Charleston, S. C. 

629. Oilmore Mrs. Wm., " painted 

in Baltimore." Bust 1820 

630. OiRAULDTS Mr., "of Natchez." Bust 1816 

631. Olene Miss, "that was. for 

Mr Thompson, copy." Head 1846 

632. Olenn John, "deceased of 

Baltimore, for his son." 24x20 1857 

633. Olentworth Dr. Bust 1812 

Plunkett Fleeson Olentworth, M.D. (1760-1833), of 144 Sas- 
safras Street, was the only "Dr." of the name at that time, 
in Philadelphia. 

634. Oodey Charlotte, " deceased 

from a Daguereotype." 24x20 1847 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 71 


635. GoDEY Louis, "3 children in 

group." Kit-kat 1844 

636. GoDEY Mrs., "wife to Mr. G. 

of the firm of G. & Mc M. " Head 1843 

This portrait was of the wife of Louis A. Godey, originator and 
pubUsher of Godey's Lady's Book. At one time he was in 
partnership with McMillan, afterward Parry & McMillan. 

637. GouRDiN Esq., "M. C. from 

Charleston." Bust 1815 

Theodore Gourdin (d. 1826) was a member of Congress, 1813 
to 1815. 

638. Graham Mrs., "the 1st bust 

of the reduced price $100." Bust 1842 

Elizabeth, wife of George Rex Graham, publisher of Graham's 
Magazine. • 

639. Gratiot General, "for West 

Point." Bust 1830 

640. Gratiot Genl., " for West 

Point. 1st Pont. Com." Bust 1832 

641. Gratiot Genl., "copied at 

W Point— Col. North." Bust 1833 

Charles Gratiot (1788-1855) was graduated at the U. S. 
military academy in 1806 and served in the war of 1812 
with distinction. He was Inspector at West Point from 
1828 to 1838 and his portrait hangs in the academy. 

642. Gratiot Mrs., "Lady of Genl. 

G." Kit-kat 1829 

643. Gratz Miss, " copied from a 

miniature painted by Mal- 

burn. This and foregoing 

Cooper." Bust 1807 

" Malburn" should of course be Malbone, the most eminent 
of American miniature painters, and " foregoing " was 1757. 

644. Gratz Senr. Mr. Bust 1808 

Michael Gratz, a merchant of Philadelphia. Owned by 
Henry Joseph, Montreal, Canada. 

72 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


645. Gratz Benjamin. Head 1831 

Benjamin Gratz (1792-1884), son of 644. 

646. Gratz Mrs. Benjamin. Head 1831 

Was Maria Cecil Gist (d. 1841). 645 and 646 owned by Mrs. 
Thomas Clay, Lexington, Ky, 

647. Gratz Rebecca, "for her 

brother." Bust 1830 

Owned by Henry Joseph, Montreal, Canada. 

648. Gratz Rebecca, "2nd por- 

trait for H. G. erased." Bust 1830 

649. Gratz Rebecca, " for Mrs 

Gratz." Head 1831 

Owned by Mrs. Thomas Clay, Lexington, Ky. 
For some account of Rebecca Gratz (1781-1869) and a 
reproduction of her portrait by Sully, see Reminiscences of a 
Very Old Man by John Sartain. 

650. Gray Miss Martha. "For her 

Father Ed. Gray Esq." Head 1853 

651. Gray Mr., "of New Orleans." Bust 1808 

652. Gray Mr. "Brewer." • Kit-kat 1811 

653. Green Edmund. Bust 1819 

654. Green Genl., "deceased cop- 

ied from Peales." Head 1816 

Nathaniel Greene (1742-1786), one of the most distinguished 
officers in the Revolutionary War. 

655. Green John, "child of W. 

Green Commedian." Miniature 1804 

656. Green Mrs., "of Natchez." Bust 1816 

657. Green Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Ritche." Bust 1833 

658. Green William. "Comedian." Miniature 1804 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 73 


659. Greinobaum Mr. " Father in 

law of Mrs G." 30x25 1863 


Greinobaum Mrs. 




Grey John. 




Griffin Mr. 



663. Griffin Mrs., "of Cincin- 

nati." Bust 1830 

664. Griffin Mrs., "of Wilming- 

ton Delaware." Head 1866 

665. Griffith Mr. "Copy from a 

portrait by Stuart (Mr 

Pollock)." Kit-kat 1825 

Stuart painted the portrait of Robert Eglesfeld Griffith 
(1756-1833), a merchant of Philadelphia, as also of his wife, 
the latter being one of Stuart's most important portraits. 
Vide The Century Magazine for May, 1899. 

666. Griffith Mrs., "of 'Charlie's 

Hope' for Mrs Hughes." Bust 1829 

667. Griffiths Dr. E., "being the 

first in the list of sub- 
scribers to a list of 30." Bust 1808 

Thirty persons each subscribed $30, for which each had a 
portrait painted. 

668. Grigg Miss Emily, "the 

youngest." Head 1856 

669. Grigg Miss Fanny. Head 1856 

670. Grigg Miss Nanny. Head 1856 

671. Grigg Miss Nanny, "a second 

picture." Head 1856 

74 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


672. Grigg Miss Nanny, "in lieu 

of a failure." 24x20 1857 

668 to 672 were the daughters of John Grigg, an eminent 

673. Grillet Mad. Half-length 1807 

674. Grimes Chancellor. Miniature 1804 

675. Groome Lawyer, "of Elkton 

Md." Bust 1855 

676. Groome Lawyer, "of Elkton 

Md." Bust 1856 

James Black Groome (1838-1893), Governor of Maryland, 
1874, and U. S. Senator, 1879-1885. 

677. Grub Mr., "copied from St. 

Memin." Bust 1824 

There is no portrait named "Grub," or "Grubb," as the name 
is commonly spelled, in the volume published by E. Dexter of 
St. Memin Portraits. 

678. Grub Mr., "for his Mother." Head 1833 

679. Grub Mrs., "of Mount Hope, 

above Lancaster." Bust 1824 

680. Grub Mr., "of Burlington." 24x20 1864 

681. Grundy Mr., "of Baltimore. 

Hands introd." Bust 1814 

682. Guerard Miss Sophia, "for 

Mrs Crawford." Bust 1846 

Owned by Miss A. B. Rose, Charleston, S. C. 

683. Guerin Monr., " of Savannah." Bust 1816 

684. Gum Mrs., "for Price 

Wetherill." Bust 1822 

Rebecca Wetherill Gumbes was daughter of John Price 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 75 


685. GwATHONEY Mrs., "in place 

of Hubbard's port." Head 1851 

686. GwiNN Capt., "United States 

Navy." Head 1837 

John Gwinn (d. 1849) entered the Navy in 1809. 

687. GwYNN Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Lynch." Head 1839 

688. GwYNN Wm., "for H. Robin- 


son." Bust 1821 

This portrait is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New 
York, under the name of "William Glynn." I do not know 
which name is correct. 



689. Hackley Mrs., "for Mrs 

Talcot." Bust 1835 

Owned by Mrs. Richard D. Cutts, Washington, D. C. 

690. Hackley Miss Fanny, "for 

her Mother." Head 1836 

691. Haldeman Sarah, "for Miss 

Fox." Head 1829 

Sarah Jacobs Haldeman married William J. Haly, one of 
the authors of Troubat and Haly's Practice in the Courts 
of Pennsylvania. 

692. Haldiman Miss, "of Harris- 

burg." Bust I860 

693. Hale Mr. R. C., "of Harris- 

burg." Bust 1863 

694. Hale Mrs., "both hands 

introduced." Bust 1810 

695. Hale Mrs., "of Phillipsburg." Bust 1865 

76 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


696. Hall Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Ga. GasMU." Bust 1829 

Christiana Guilielma Penn-Gaskell (1806-1830) married Wil- 
liam Hall. Vide 608 and 1925 to 1928. 

697. Hamilton Estelle. " For Mrs 

Mayer her mother." Head 1855 

698. Hamilton Jas., "of Philadel- 

phia." Bust 1807 

699. Hamilton James. Head 1808 

700. Hamilton James. Bust 1810 

701. Hamilton J., "in Vandyke 

Dress." Bust 1810 

702. Hamilton Mr., "of Williams- 

borough N. C." Head 1851 

703. Hamilton Mr., "of Ken- 

tucky." Bust 1850 

704. Hamilton Mrs., "of Ken- 

tucky." Bust 1850 

705. Hamilton Wm., " of the Wood- 

lands deceased, copied from 

a Miniature." Bust 1814 

William Hamilton (1745-1813). His portrait by West is in 
the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

706. Hammond Mr., "H. & New- 

man." Bust 1821 

707. Handle, "by a German artist 

one of the series." 17 x 12 1862 

Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759), the great musical 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 77 


708. Hare Binney. "Sketch of a 

portrait for Mrs Hare's 

son." 13 X 18 1847 

709. Hare Master Horace, " hand 

introduced." Bust 1847 

Horace Binney Hare was the only child of Judge John Innes 
Clark and Esther Binney Hare (145), and grandson of the 
Hon. Horace Binney (146). 

710. Hare Charles, ''for Mr 

Merredith." Bust 1814 

Charles WiUing Hare (1778-1827) was a brother of Pro- 
fessor Robert Hare (711) and an eminent lawyer of Phila- 
delphia. He was the grandfather of Charles Hare Hutch- 
inson. , 

711. Hare Professor. Bust 1827 

Robert Hare (1781-1858) was a distinguished scientist and 
inventor of the compound blow-pipe. Held the chair of 
Chemistry in the University of Pennsylvania from 1818 
until 1847. Was one of the early advocates of Spiritualism. 

712. Harper Chancellor. "For 

the College at Columbia." Bust 1846 

713. Harper Chancellor. "Copied 

from the 1st." Bust 1846 

William Harper (1790-1847), Senator from South CaroUna, 
1826 ; Chancellor, 1828 ; Judge of the Court of Appeals, 1830 ; 
and again Chancellor, 1835. Member of the convention that 
passed the ordinance of Nullification, 1833. 

714. Harper Miss Emily. Head 1853 

715. Harris Mr. Bust 1836 

716. Harrison Gen. "Design for 

Medal." 10x12 1822 

By resolution of Congress of April 4, 1818, a gold medal 
was voted to William Henry Harrison for his victory over 
the English and Indian forces at the battle of the Thames, 
October 5, 1813. 

78 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


717. Harrison Mrs., "deceased 

from a D. for Mr Fisher." Head 1852 

Of Mrs. George Harrison (d. 1851) of Philadelphia, for Joshua 
Francis Fisher, her nephew and residuary legatee. 

718. Harwood John, "of N. York 

Theatre for Cooper." Bust 1806 

John Edmund Harwood (1771-1809) was an English co- 
median who was noted for his handsome face and fine 
physique. He married Miss Bache, a granddaughter of 
Benjamin Franklin, and was the father of Admiral Andrew 
Allen Harwood of the U. S. Navy. 

719. Haslam Mrs., "for Anna 

Peale." Bust 1839 

720. Hatch Mr., "of Vicksburg 

Ten." Head 1843 

721. Haven Leslie, Emma & 

George, "in a group." Kit-kat 1848 

722. Haviland Mrs. Bust 1837 

723. Haxall Mrs. "For her son." Head 1849 

724. Haxall Mrs., "formerly Boil- 

ing." Head 1850 

725. Haydn, "one of a series." 

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), the musical composer. 

726. Hayne Miss, "of Charleston 

S. C." Head 1840 

727. Hayne Mrs. Paul, "for Miss 

Hayne." . Head 1842 

728. Haynes Macaulay. "In oil 

colours." Bust 1803 

729. Haynes Mrs., " and her grand- 

daughter." Kit-kat 1803 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 79 


730. Hazelhurst Mrs. Isaac. Head 1839 

731. Hazelhurst Miss, "now Mrs 

Ashurst." Bust 1831 

Lewis Richard Ashhurst (49) married Mary, daughter of 
Samuel Hazlehurst. 

732. Hazelhurst Mr. Bust 1835 

733. Hazelhurst Mrs., "for her 

son, Codemned." Bust 1831 

734. Hazelhurst Mrs., "the 2nd 

attempt." Bust 1831 

735. Hazelhurst Mrs. "Late. 

Copy from my own." 


736. Hazelton Mrs. 

737. Head Joseph. 

738. Henderson Mr., "near Norris- 


739. Hendree Mrs. G., "hands." 

740. Hendy Mrs., "of Boston." 

741. Henry Mrs. 

Mrs. Bernard Henry (1789-1876) was Mary Miller, daughter 
of Dr. Samuel Jackson and one of the three pocket Venuses 
mentioned in Salmagundi. This portrait did belong to 
Morton P. Henry, of Philadelphia. 

742. Henry Patrick, "from a 

miniature." Bust 1815 

This portrait of Patrick Henry (1736-1799) is not authentic, 
the miniature from which it was painted having been manu- 
factured from description and from portraits of Capt. James 
Cook, the circumnavigator, whom Henry was supposed to 
resemble. It was engraved by W. S. Leney for the Ana- 
lectic Magazine and by E. Wellmore for the National Por- 
trait Gallery. 















80 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


743. Henry Patrick. "Presented 

to Hist. Soc. of Virginia." Bust 1851 

744. Herring Major, "of New 

Orleans. Formerly Army. " Bust 1846 

745. Hewit Mrs. "Sister of C. 

Hupfeild," 10x8 1824 

746. Hewson Dr., "deceased." Bust 1848 

Thomas Tickell Hewson (1773-1848) was the son of Dr. 
Franklin's friend Mary Stevenson, who married William 
Hewson, a celebrated Enghsh anatomist. He became one 
of the most eminent of Philadelphia's medical practitioners. 

747. Hewson Mrs. Dr., "for Dr. 

Hewson." Bust 1825 

748. Hewson Mrs., "for Mrs 

Biddle." Head 1826 

749. Hewson Mrs., " a copy for 

Dr. Hewson." Head 1839 

The wife of Dr. Hewson (746) was Emily Banks of Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

750. Heyward Mr., "for C Mani- 

gaultS. C." Bust 1837 

751. Heyward Mr., "a Signer of 

the D. of I. For his 

grand-s." Head 1854 

Thomas Heyivard, Jr. (1746-1809), was a signer of the Dec- 
laration of Independence from South Carolina. 

752. Hindeman Mrs., "daughter 

about 4 years." Whole length 1831 

753. HiNDMAN Miss Sarah, "at 

full length." Half-length 1832 

754. HiNDMAN Mrs. Bust 1832 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 81 


755. HiOTT Mrs,, "deceased frm 

a sketch." Miniature 1802 

756. HisLOP Mr. Bust 1807 

757. HoBAN Mrs,, "formerly Miss 

French of Washington." 24x20 1844 

758. HoDGKiN Dr. " From a Photo- 

graph. For the C. S." Head 1858 

Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866), in the hall of Hist, See. of 

759. HoDsoN John. 12x10 1804 

760. Hoffman George, "painted 

in Baltimore^" Kit-kat 1820 

761. Hoffman Master. "Son of 

G. H." Head 1821 

762. Hoffman Mrs. Kit-kat 1807 

763. Hoffman Mrs., "for the 

Female Asylum." Kit-kat 1814 

764. Hoffman Mrs. David, Bust 1821 

765. Hoffman Mrs. George, "& 

child." Kit-kat 1821 

766. Hoffman Peter, "painted in 

Baltimore." Kit-kat 1820 

767. Hoffman Mrs. P. • Kit-kat 1821 

768. Hoffman Mrs. Peter. Bust 1821 

769. Hogg Mr,, "formerly of the 

Theatre." Bust 1807 

770. HoLBRooK Mrs., "of Charles- 

ton." Bust 1860 


82 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


771. Holiday Mr. Bust 1858 

772. HoLLiDAY Mrs., "formerly 

Miss Gamble." Bust 1858 

773. HoLLiNGswoRTH Miss Lydia, 

"for T B Morris." Bust 1823 


Sam. Bust 1823 

775. Holmes John, "of the Bowl- 

ing Gr." Miniature 1804 

776. HoNQUA, "Chinese Merchant 

for Mr Cabot." Bust 1819 

777. HoNQUA, " full length in small, 

copy Wilcocks." 26x19 1828 

778. HooD Mr., "of Missouri for 

Edinburgh." Head 1824 

779. Horner Dr. Head 1836 

William Edmonds Horner (1793-1853) was Professor of 
Anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania, 1831 to 1853. 

780. Hooper Miss, "for Mrs Mal- 

lon." Bust 1816 

781. Hopkins Bh., "of Vermont." Head 1835 

John Henry Hopkins (1792-1868), first Protestant Episcopal 
Bishop of Vermont, October 31, 1832. 

782. Hopkins Mr. Kit-kat 1813 

783. Hopkins Mrs. Miniature 1803 

784. Hopkinson Frank. Head 1834 

785. Hopkinson Mrs. Frank. Head 1834 

Was Miss Anne Biddle (1800-1863). Vide 119. 

786. Hopkinson Judge Joseph, Head 1832 

Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, ISO 1-1 871. 83 


787. HoPKiNsoN Judge Joseph, 

"for Dartmouth College." Bust 1835 

Joseph Hopkinson (1770-1842), author of "Hail Columbia" 
and U. S. Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania 
from 1828. Was President of the Pennsylvania Academy 
of the Fine Arts from 1813 to 1842. 786 was engraved by 
' John Sartain and lithographed by A. Newsam. 

788. Hopkinson Mrs. J., "a sub- 

scriber." Bust 1808 

Was Emily, daughter of Governor Thomas Mifflin. Mar- 
ried Joseph Hopkinson, February 27, 1794. Her portrait by 
Stuart is in the Hist. Soc. of Penna. 

789. HosAC Mrs. Dr., "& child of 

New York." Kit-kat 1815 

790. HossAC Dr. D., '.'of N. York." Kit-kat 1815 

Da\nd Hossack (1769-1835), an eminent scientist and prac- 
titioner of medicine in New York. A pioneer in the study 
of Botany in America. Engraved by A. B. Durand. 

791. Houston Lady, "at Oat- 

ville, Trenton, N. Jersey. " Bust 1819 

Vide Woodrough, 1903 and 1904. 

792. Howard Col., "after Peale, 

for Maryland Sc." Bust 1834 

John Eager Howard (1752-1827), Governor of Maryland, 
1789-1792, and U.S. Senator, 1796-1803. He married "Peggy," 
daughter of Ch. Just. Chew, who was so much admired by 
Major Andr6. Owned by Marjdand Historical Society, 

793. Howard Miss Juliet, "for 

MrsRawle." Head 1837 

794. Howard Mrs. Benjamin, 

"painted in Baltimore." Bust 1820 

795. Howard Mrs. B., " alteration 

of her portrait of 1820." Bust 1834 

Mrs. Benjamin Chew Howard was Jane Grant Gilmore, 
sister of 625, and wife of son of 792. 

84 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


796. HowellCol.," of New Jersey." Kit-kat 1813 

797. Howell Col., "of N. Jersey 

from a sketch begun of 

him in 1812 for his son." Bust 1818 

Joshua Ladd Howell (1762-1818). Bom in Philadelphia but 
resided in New Jersey. Colonel 2nd Regiment, New Jersey 
Militia. 796 owned by Henry W. Howell, New York, and 
797 by Mrs. Joshua L. Howell, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 

798. Howell Miss F. Bust 1808 

Frances Howell (1791-1829), daughter of 796, married her 
cousin Benjamin Betterton Howell. Owned by Benjamin 
Howell Campbell, Elizabeth, New Jersey. 

799. Howell Miss Nanny, " daugh- 

ter of Mr H." Head 1856 

Anna B. Howell (1836-1904), daughter of Joshua B. Howell, 
married D. Shriver Stewart. Owned by Andrew Stewart, 
Washington, D. C. 

800. Howell Mrs. B., "the mother 

of B. H." Bust 1813 

Anna Blackwood Howell (1764-1855), wife of 796. Owned by 
Mrs. John Jessup, Woodbury, New Jersey. 

801. Howell Mrs. B., "& her two 

children." Kit-kat 1814 

Same as 798, with her two sons, Lewis Howell (1811-1854) 
and Henry W. Howell (1813-1899). Owned by Mrs. Edmund 
H. Rippert, Uniontown, Pennsylvania. 

802. Howell Mrs. B. "From a 

Daugerreotype. " Bust 1855 

Same as 800. Owned by Mrs. James Findlay, Hagerstown 

803. Howell Senr. Mrs. " For Mrs 

Jones Copy No 2." Bust 1855 

804. Howell Mrs., "deceased. 3d 

copy for her son Joshua." Bust 1855 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 85 


805. Howell Mrs., "deceased 4th 

copy for B P How." Bust 1855 

806. Howell Mrs., "5th copy for 

her daughter of Kingston." Bust 1855 

803 and 806 owned by Mrs. Malcolm Lloj'd, Philadelphia. 

807. Hubble Ferdinand. "Late. 

from Conaroe. " Bust 1858 

Ferdinand Wakeman Hubbell (1800-1852) was a prominent 
lawyer. This portrait belongs to the Law Association of 

808. Hudson Dr., "dentist for 

Strainer." Bust 1824 

809. Hudson Dr. ;' Dentist for 

Chinnery." ' Head 1828 

810. Hudson E. "Dentist." Bust 1810 

811. Hudson E., "deceased, copy 

for Chinnery." Head 1841 

812. Hudson Mrs. Bust 1814 

813. Hudson Mrs., "for Mr Train- 

er of N.York." Bust 1824 

814. Hughes Master Macy, "son 

of Capt Hughes T E." Head 1844 

815. Hughes Meggy, "for her 

adopted mother." Whole length 1827 

816. Hughes Mrs., "for her sister 

in England." Bust 1831 

817. Hughs Mrs. "Mother of." 10x8 1824 

818. Hundige Mrs. E., "deceased 

from a Min\"— "Handy." Bust 1842 

819. Hunt Mrs. S. W. "Copy of 

miniature for her father." 27x23 1852 

86 Thomas SulUj's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


820. Hunter, " the celebrated anat- 

omist. Copy from Leslie." 24x20 1863 

John Hunter (1728-1793), whose portrait by Reynolds is 
one of that painter's most noted portraits. Leslie's copy 
of Reynolds was doubtless what Sully copied. 

821. Hurley Mr., "Roman Cath- 

olic Priest." Bust 1810 

822. Hurley Revd,, "of St. Au- 

gustine's Church." Kit-kat 1813 

823. HusTiCK Mrs., "for Mr. 

Harris." Bust 1828 

824. Hutchinson Mrs. Pemberton. 

"Miss Hare." Bust 1840 

Margaretta Hare (1810-1849), daughter of 710, married 
Israel Pemberton Hutchinson, April 28, 1831. The por- 
trait did belong to Charles Hare Hutchinson. 


825. Ingersol Mrs. Charles. Bust 1808 

826. Ingersol Mrs. "Copy of the 

foregoing." Bust 1808 

827. Ingersoll Mrs. C, "copied 

from one done in 1808." Head 1842 

Mary Wilcocks (1784-1862), sister of 1870, married Charles 
Jared Ingersoll, October 18, 1804. 827 is owned by Miss Ann 
Ingersoll Meigs, Philadelphia. 

828. Ingersoll Junr. Chas., "for 

his son." Bust 1839 

829. Ingersoll Junr. Chas., "for 

B. Wilcocks." Kit-kat 1841 

Charles Ingersoll (1805-1882) was a son of 825 and his por- 
trait, 829, is owned by his daughter, Mrs. James H. Hutch- 
inson, Philadelphia. Sully painted a portrait of his father, 
the Hon. Chas. J. Ingersoll, in 1838, which did belong to Mrs. 
Harry Ingersoll and is not in the Register, unless 828 is a 
wrong entry for it, as it probably is, Charles Ingersoll, 
"Junr.," not having had any son. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 87 

name size date 

830. Ingersoll Mrs. Charles, 

"for B. Wilcocks." Kit-kat 1841 

Susan Catherine, daughter of Gen. Brown, of Tenn., and wife 
of 829. Owned by Mrs. J. Moylan Thomas, Philadelphia. 
Vide 207. 

831. Ingersoll Mrs. Ed., "for- 

merly Miss Brinton." Bust 1816 

832. Ingersoll Mrs. Harry, "for 

B. Wilcocks." Kit-kat 1841 

833. Ingersoll Miss Mary, "for 

Jos. Ingersoll Esq. Present 

Mrs McCall." Kit-kat 1844 

This entry should undoubtedly be "Miss Mary Wilcocks," 
the niece and adopted daughter of Joseph R. Ingersoll, who 
married Kirk Boott Wells. Her sister Charlotte Manigault 
married Harry McCall. Sully also painted a portrait of 
Joseph R. Ingersoll, owned by the Law Association of Phila- 
delphia, which is not in the register. "\'ide 1919. 

^34. Ingraham Mrs. Ed., "for 

Lawyer Ingraham." Head 1830 

835. Ingraham Mrs. Ed., "for Mrs 

Barney." Head 1836 

Mrs. Edward Duffield Ingraham, wife of the noted wit and 
book collector, of Philadelphia. 

836. Inman, "in exchange for one 

painted of me." 24x20 1837 

Henry Inman (1801-1846) was a well known painter whose 
work was very unequal, some of his portraits being extremely 
fine, especially of old men, and some of his genre paintings 
were exquisitely rendered. On the other hand many of his 
portraits are cold, hard, stiff and most imsatisfactory. In- 
man 's portrait of Sully belongs to the Pennsylvania Academy 
of the Fine Arts. 

837. Inskeep Mr. Bust 1810 

John Inskeep (1757-1834) was Mayor of Philadelphia, 1800- 
1801 and 1805-1806, and President of the Insurance Com- 
pany of North America, 1806-1836, 

88 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 


838. Irving W. "Partly from 

memory. Hints from a 

portrait in Harper's 

Weekly." 30x25 1870 

Washington Irving (1783-1859) is too well known to require 
more mention than his name. 

839. IsRiAL Mr., "hands intro- 

duced." Bust 1810 

840. IsRAiL Mrs., "for her son." Bust 1808 

841. Israel Mrs., "began to re- 

touch a copy by Ellen." Bust 1836 

Observe the three different spellings of the same name in 
839, 840 and 841. "Ellen" was Sully's daughter, afterward 
Mrs. Wheeler. 

842. Ives Mrs. Hope, "for her son 

RIves." Kit-kat 1847 

843. Ives Mrs. R., "painted at 

Providence." Kit-kat 1847 

844. Izard General, "father. 

whole length from West. " Kit-kat 1818 

Ralph Izard (1742-1804) was the father of General George 
Izard, U. S. Army. West painted his whole length portrait 
in a group of his college chums, which now belongs to The 
Brook Club, New York. 

845. Izard Mrs. Rosa, "for Mrs 

Pinckney." Head 1842 

846. Jackson Dr. S., "for Dr 

Gibbes of Columbia S. C." Head 1845 

847. Jackson Dr., "for his wife. 

Ordered by Dr. Gibbes." Head 1845 

As there were two Doctor Samuel Jackson's in Philadelphia 
at the same time it is impossible to identify this one. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 89 


848. Jackson Gen. " Drawing for 

a Medal." 6x6 1817 

849. Jackson Genl. "Design for a 

Medal ordered by Congress 

being the 2nd." 10 x 12 1822 

February 27, 1816, Congress ordered a medal for General 
Jackson for the battle of New Orleans. 

850. Jackson General, "of Ten- 

nessee." Bust 1819 

851. Jackson General, "for 'So- 

ciety of American Artists'." Half-length 1819 

Engraved by James B. Longacre and published Nov. 2, 1820. 

852. Jackson General, "for Mr 

Loyd." • 9x7 in. 1829 

Owned by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

853. Jackson Genl., "whole 

length." 8 ft. X 5 ft. 1845 

Owned by the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C. 

854. Jackson Genl., "from a 

study from him in 1824." 24 x 20 1845 

This study is not entered in the Register under 1824. Vide 
983 n. and 1920. 

855. Jackson Genl. " Ex. Pt. U. S. 

copy from a former P." Head 1845 

856. Jackson, "from a Study I 

painted in 1819." Bust 1857 

857. Jackson General, "copy for 

Edwin Forrest Esq." Bust 1858 

Owned by the Forrest Home, Holmesbm-g, Philadelphia. 

858. Jackson General, "small 

whole length from a 

sketch." 25 x 16+ 1870 

Vide "Life Portraits of Andrew Jackson" by Charles Henry 
Hart, McC lure's Magazine, July, 1897, p. 801. 

90 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


859. Jackson Miss Mary, "a sub- 

scriber." Bust 1808 

This was very probably 741 before her marriage to Mr. Henry. 

860. Jackson John, "for Mrs 

Kirkman." Bust 1819 

Owned by Miss Ellen R. Hunt, Louisville, Kentucky. 

861. Jackson Miss, "deceased from 

a pencil sketch." Bust 1822 

862. Jackson Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Grant of Bait." Bust 1818 

863. Jackson Mr., "husband of 

the aforementioned." Bust 1818 

864. Jackson Mr. P., "from New 

Orleans." Bust 1818 

865. Jackson Mrs., "for Dr Jack- 

son." Bust 1830 

866. Jackson Washington, "Mrs. 

Kirkman's brother." Bust 1818 

Vide 860 and 954. 

867. Jacobs Mr. S., "of Rich- 

mond." Bust 1812 

868. Jacobs Mrs., "of Rich'd. 

hand introduced." Bust 1815 

869. Janey Mrs., "of Baltimore 

for Mrs Merrefield. " Kit-kat 1849 

Vide 1184. 

870. Jane WAY Miss, "the late. 

For her parents." Head 1851 

Martha, daughter of Rev. John Livingston Janeway and 
granddaughter of 872. Owned by Miss Maria K. Janeway, 
Walnut Hills, Chester Co., Penna. 

TJiomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-187 1. 91 


871. Janeway Mrs. "For one of 

a group of 5 Heads." Head 1854 

This group consisted of John Price Wetherill, 1839, Mrs. J. P. 
Wetherill, 1840, and their three children, J. P. Wetherill, Jr., 
1844, Rachel Wetherill, 1827, and Mrs. John Livingston Jane- 
way, 871 . Owned by Mrs. Albert L. Wetherill, Jamestown, R.I. 

872. Janeway Revd. Dr., "for 

Mrs Kane." Bust 1839 

Jacob Jones Janeway (1774-1858) was a prominent Pres- 
byterian minister connected with Rutgers and Princeton Col- 
leges in New Jersey. He married Martha Gray Leiper, sister 
of 914, for whom 872 was painted. A portrait of 872 by 
Sully is owned by Miss Maria K. Janeway, Walnut Hills, 
Chester Co., Penna. 

873. Janeway Dr., "copy from my 

portrait of him in 1839." Bust 1853 

874. Janeway Rev'd. "Copy No. 

2." Bust 1857 

875. Janeway Rev'd. "Copy No. 

3." Bust 1857 

876. Janeway Rev'd. "Copy No. 

4." Bust 1857 

877. Janeway Rev'd. "Copy No. 

5." Bust 1857 

878. Janney Miss, "of Baltimore. 

For Mr Heath." Kit-kat 1844 

879. Jaudon Samuel, "for Coper- 

twait." Bust 1837 

Painted in London. Cashier of the Bank of the United 
States, and Coperthwait was Assistant Cashier. 

880. Jaudon, "copy begun by Tom." 30x35 1839 

881. Jefferson Thos. " His Excel. 

Ex Fresd. U. S. painted 

at his seat Monticello." Bust 1821 

This fine portrait, endorsed by Sully "From Jefferson 1821. 
Completed 1830" is owned by the American Philosophical 
Society at Philadelphia. 

92 Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


882. Jefferson. "Small whole 

length as a study." 29x18 1822 

883. Jefferson Thos. "Whole 

length of the Ex Presd 

for the Military Academy 

West Point." 103x67 1822 

The head in this is from 881. It has been engraved by J. 
A. J. Wilcox and is in the MiHtary Academy at West Point. 

884. Jefferson. "For Mr E 

Forrest. A copy." Bust 1856 

Owned by the Forrest Home, Holmesburg, Pa. 

885. Jefferson. "For myself. 

Second copy." Bust 1856 

884 and 885 are copies of 881. Vide " Life Portraits of Thomas 
Jefiferson," by Charles Henry Hart, McClure's Magazine, May, 

886. Jenks Mr., "for Dr. Kirk- 

bride." Bust 1843 

Joseph R. Jenks, owned by Dr. Stacy B. Collins, N. Y. 

887. Jennings Mrs. Miniature 1803 

888. Johnson Mrs. Reverdy. 

"Painted at Baltimore." Whole length 1840 

889. Johnston David. Miniature 1804 

890. Johnston Master, " 19 months 

old. Gilpin." 30x25 1841 

William S. Johnston, grandson of Mrs. Henry D. Gilpin, 
who was first Mrs. Josiah Stoddard Johnston. 

891. Johnston Mr. Bust 1808 

892. Johnston Mr., "a copy of the 

first." Head 1808 

SuUy painted a portrait of William Royal Johnston, owned 
by Stitson Hutchins, New York. 

893. Mrs. Johnston, "deceased by 

description." Miniature 1803 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1S71. 93 


894. Johnston Mrs. "Ganet & 

Johnston." Kit-kat 1813 

895. Johnston Mrs., "deceased 

from a profile Savannah." Bust 1819 

896. Johnston Robert. 12x10 1804 

897. Johnston Mrs. R. 12 x 10 1805 

898. Jones Capt. J. "For a Medal 

ordered by Congress." Head 1816 

Congress by resolution of Jan. 29, 1813, ordered a medal 
for Captain Jacob Jones for the capture of the British sloop- 
of-war Frolic on the 20th October, 1812. 

899. Jones Capt. J., "for Delaware 

State." Bust 1817 

Jacob Jones ^1768-1850) was a native of Delaware, studied 
medicine, entered the Navy in 1799, commanded The 
Wasp at the opening of the war, capturing the Frolic, for 
which 898 was presented to him. In the State Capitol, 
Dover, Delaware. 

900. Jones Mr. Bust 1807 

901. Jones Mrs. David. Bust 1807 

902. Jones Honble, "for W 

Morton Esq." Bust 1807 

903. Jones Isaac, "for his son B. 

Jones." Head 1829 

904. Jones Mrs., "formerly Mrs 

Grinnel." Head 1853 

905. Jones Mrs., "Mr. Irvine's 

sister-in-law." Head 1858 

906. Jones Mrs. "From a Photo- 

graph. For Mrs Fitz- 
gerald." Head 1860 

907. Jones W. W., "a fellow 

boarder at the ' Powhat- 

tan'." Head 1851 

94 Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


908. Jordan G. N., "of Tabula, 

in Yazoo Co. Miss." Head 1855 

909. Jordan Miss Mary, "deceased 

from a Phon." Head 1855 

910. JoYNE Miss, "grand-daughter 

to Miss May." Head 1858 

911. JuNKiN Mrs., "of the neigh- 

borhood of Richd. Va." Head 1855 

General " Stonewall" Jackson had a sister Mrs. Junkin. 

912. Kane John K. ^ Bust 1836 

913. Kane Judge, " a copy for the 

Musical Fund." Bust 1861 

John Kintzing Kane (1795-1858) was Judge of the U. S. 
District Court at Philadelphia and father of Dr. Elisha Kent 
Kane, the Arctic explorer. 

914. Kane Mrs. J. K., "in the cos- 

tume of 'Mary'." Bust 1832 

Was Jane Duval Leiper and her portrait by Sully, as also 
that of her husband, was reproduced in The Century, vol. 
34, p. 489. Vide 872. 

915. Keim Miss, "for her intended 

Dr Wetherill. " Head 1855 

916. Kemble Chs. "Tragedian, 

self." Head 1832 

917. Kemble C, "as Fazio for Mrs 

Ford." Head 1833 

918. Kemble C, " as Fazio. Copied 

from a former work." Bust 1865 

Charles Kemble (1775-1854), an eminent actor and brother 
of Mrs. Siddons and of John Philip Kemble and father of 
Fanny Kemble, Mrs. Pierce Butler. 917 was presented to 
the Penna. Academy of Fine Arts by Mrs. John Ford. 

919. Kemble Miss Fanny, "from 

recollection. Childs." Head 1832 

Lithographed by Newsam for Childs and Inman, 1833. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 95 


920. Kemble Miss Fanny, "as Ju- 

liet recollection. Sketch." Head 1832 

921. Kemble Miss, "as Bianca for 

Mrs Ford." Head 1833 

922. Kemble Miss, " as Bianco. 

Copied from a former." Bust 1865 

923. Kemble F., " as Julia for Miss 

North." Head 1833 

924. Kemble F., "as Lady Mac- 

beath— self. Erased." Bust 1833 

925. Kemble F., "as Beatrice for 

E Carey.'.' Bust 1833 

926. Kemble F. A., "for myself." Head 1833 

927. Kemble F., "for Pierce But- 

ler." Kit-kat 1834 

928. Kemble F., " copy to acc'y 

her to England." Kit-kat 1834 

Frances Ann Kemble (1809-1893), commonly called "Fanny 
Kemble," was daughter of 916 and came vnth. him to this 
country in 1832, with whom she played in the principal 
cities of the country for two years, until her marriage to 
Pierce Butler, June 7, 1834, from whom she was divorced 
in 1848. 921 and 925 are owned by the Penna. Academy 
of Fine Arts, the latter was beautifully engraved by John 

929. Kemble Gouvenir, "copy 

from a miniature." Head 1839 

Gouverneur Kemble (1786-1875) was the intimate friend of 
Washington Irving, the brother-in-law of James K. Pauld- 
ing, and General Scott said "the most perfect gentleman in 
the United States." 

930. Kemble John, "as Richard 

III. Copied from Stuart." 21 x 16 1867 

96 Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


931. Kennedy Mrs. J. P. "For 

her father Mr Gray." Head 1853 

932. Keply Mrs. "Adding the 

Drapery to a picture by 

Stuart." Bust 1824 

This was the portrait of Mrs. Michael Keppele, who was 
Catharine Caldwell (1774-1862), of Philadelphia, whose 
husband, also painted by Stuart, was Mayor of the city. 
For an anecdote connected with this portrait and the reason 
for Sully's "adding the drapery" see Mason's Life of Stuart, 
p. 209. Owned by Mrs. William P. Tatham, Philadelphia. 

933. Kerry Peter, "and his pet 

dog." 12x10 



Kerr Capt. Bust 



Kerr Mrs. Bust 



Kersey Jesse, "for Elliot 

Cresson." Head 



Kersey Jesse. "Sketch from 

my original." Head 



Kid Mrs. Head 



Kid R. Head 



King Charles B., "as a 

specimen to show West. " Head 1809 

Charles Bird King (1785-1862) was an American painter 
whom Sully found in London studying art and this was the 
first picture he painted after his arrival there, beginning 
it July 25 and finishing it August 2, and it was the only 
portrait he painted while there. All of his other work was 
copying. The entry in the register shows the purpose for which 
it was painted and Sully and King chummed together during 
Sully's sojourn in London and were firm friends ever afterward. 

941. King Mrs., "consort of J 

King, Gold Beater." Bust 1830 

942. Kingsbury Major, "for Mrs. 

Buckner." Bust 1859 

Tliomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 97 


943. Kingsbury Mrs. "This & 

the foregoing from Daugs." Bust 1859 

944. Kingston Miss Harriott. Kit-kat 1812 

945. Kingston Miss, "the second 

attempt." Bust 1813 

946. Kingston Steven. Kit-kat 1812 

Owned by Stephen Kingston McCay, Philadelphia. 

947. KiNZiNG Mrs., "painted in 

wax as foregoing." Kit-kat 1812 

The foregoing was portrait of "Tom and Jane [Sully] with 
Fidele," 1644. 

948. KiNziNG Mrs., "second por- 

trait." Kit-kat 1812 

949. KiNziNG Senr. Mr. Kit-kat 1815 

950. Kinzing Senr. Mr. "Two 

copies of Mr Kinzing's 

portrait." Bust 1815 

947 and 949 are doubtless the portraits of Mr. and Mrs. 
Abraham Kintzing of Philadelphia, which were exhibited 
at the Historical Portrait Exhibition at the Penna. Academy 
of Fine Arts, 1887-88, then owned by Mr. Henry Pratt Kint- 
zing, and ascribed to Gilbert Stuart. They were subse- 
quently offered to the Academy as a gift, as portraits by Stuart, 
when the writer was Chairman of the Exhibition Committee 
and refused as he was of the opinion they were not by Stuart. 
Abraham Kintzing was a merchant of the firm of Pratt and 
Kintzing and Mrs. Kintzing was Margaret Harbeson. 

951. Kip Bh., "of California. Taken 

from a Photograph." 24 x 20 1863 

William Ingraham Kip (1811-1893) was first Protestant 
Episcopal Bishop of Cahfornia and considered the hand- 
somest man in the house of Bishops. He was much inter- 
ested in art and had a fine collection of paintings which were 
acquired by the Mark Hopkins gallery and destroyed in the 
San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Among them were 
Stuart's portrait of Mrs. James Greenleaf and Vanderlyn's 
Marius, the picture that was medalled by Napoleon personally. 

98 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 


952. KirkmanMiss, "of Nashville." Kit-kat 1826 

953. KiRKMAN Mr. Bust 1818 

954. KiRKMAN Mrs. Bust 1817 

Vide 860 and 866. Owned by Mrs. A. D. Hunt, Louisville, 

955. KiTTERA Mr. "Lawyer." Kit-kat 1825 

Thomas Kittera (1789-1839) graduated University of Penn- 
sylvania, 1805, was Attorney General of Penna., 1817-18, 
and member of Congress, 1826-27. 

956. Klapp Dr. Kit-kat 1814 

Joseph Klapp (1783-1843). Graduated Doctor of Medicine, 
University of Pennsylvania, 1805. 

957. Klapp Mrs. Kit-kat 1814 

Anna Breintnall Milner (1783-1841) married 956. 956 and 
957 owned by Dr. William H. Klapp, Philadelphia. 

958. Knease Mr., "deceased for 

his son." Head 1841 

At the exhibition of the Artist Fund Society, Philadelphia, 
in 1841, a portrait of William Kneass by Sully was exhibited 
by S. H. Kneass. William Kneass was an engraver. 

959. Knease Mrs., "wife of the 

Engineer." Bust 1839 

Strickland Kneass was a prominent civil engineer in Phila- 

960. Knecht Mr., "for the Corn 

Exchange." Kit-kat 1862 

961. Knecht Mrs. "To match 

her husband's port." Kit-kat 1863 

962. Knoor Mrs., "for her aunt 

Miss Gilbert. " Bust 1859 

963. Knox General, "from a 

miniature — also sketch." Head 1824 

Henry Knox (1750-1806), a Major General of Artillery in 
the Revolutionary War and Secretary of War in Washing- 
ton's cabinet. The only miniature known to have been 
painted by Gilbert Stuart is one of General Knox. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 99 


964. Koch Gerard, "outline from 

Peale for Tom." Kit-kat 1833 

965. Koch Mrs., "copied from R. 

Peale for Meschert." Kit-kat 1834 

966. KoECKER L. "Dentist." Kit-kat 1818 

967. KoECKER Mrs., " began last 

spring." Kit-kat 1820 

968. KoECKER Mrs., "formerly 

Miss Dunant." Head 1822 

969. KoECKER Mrs. L., "pre- 

sented." Head 1850 


Louisa Melizet, wife of Leonard R. Koecker, dentist, of 
Philadelphia. Owned by Mrs. L. M. Koecker, Philadelphia. 

970. Krumbaugh Mr. Head 1813 

971. Krumbaugh Mrs. Head 1813 

972. Krumbar Mr. " From a Port. 

by R. Peale." Bust 1854 

The proper spelling of 970-972 is doubtless "Krumbhaar." 

973. KuHL Mr., "or Khul, Presd 

Bank N. A." Bust 1829 

Henry Kuhl (1764-1856) was never President of the Bank 
of North America but was Assistant Cashier of the Bank 
of the United States. 

974. Kuhl Mrs. Bust 1829 

Deborah (1772-1853), daughter of Michael Hillegas, first 
Treasurer of the United States, wife of 973. 

975. KuHN Elizh., " daughter Hart- 

man Kuhn." Head 1829 

976. KuHN Hartman. Bust 1829 

100 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 


977. KusENBERG Mr. " He recom- 

mended Pullman." Kit-kat 1866 

978. KusENBERG Mrs. " To go to 

Germany." Kit-kat 1866 

979. La Bruce Mrs. Head 1846 

980. La Comb Mr. " Infant of. 

Sketch." Head 1828 

98L La Fayette Gen., "a small 

whole length as a study," 30 x 24 1826 

Owned by Arthur Church, Philadelphia. 

982. La Fayette Gen., "size life — 

painted by subscription." Whole length 1826 

983. La Fayette Gen., "for Colon- 

ization So'y." 22-1 X 19* 1845 

Gilbert Motier de La Fayette (1757-1834) made his farewell 
visit to and tour through this country in 1824-25, arriving 
August 15, 1824, and departing Sept. 7, 1825. He was in 
Philadelphia from Sept. 28 to Oct. 5th, 1824, and again 
from July 18 to 21, 1825, and Sully made a study of his 
head while in Philadelphia during the first visit, which orig- 
inal study, signed and dated 1824, is owned by Herbert 
Welsh, Esq., of Germantown. This important study is not 
entered in the Register, which may be accounted for by 
a note under that year, "Some studies for other pictures 
are begun, but not registered." The subscriptions for 982 
failed and the portrait, which was not finished until 1833, was 
left on Sully's hands. He subsequently presented it to the 
Pa. Academy of the Fine Ai'ts and that institution later, 
with the artist's consent, transferred it to the city of Phila- 
delphia in exchange for West's painting of Paul and 
Barnabas which had been bequeathed to the City, and thus 
982 finally reached the destination originally intended for it 
and it hangs in the old State House. It is one of Sully's 
fine works. 983 is in hall of Hist. Soc. of Penna. 


AET. 38 

From the original portrait painted by himself in 1S21 


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 

Tliomas Sully's Register of Podrmis, 1S01-187L 101 


984. LaFevre Dr. "The child of, 

and his favorite Dog." 24x20 1852 

985. Lamb Thomas, "for his 

mother." Bust 1831 

Owned by H. A. Lamb, New York. 

986. Lambdin Mr., "my pupil." Bust 1824 

James Read Lambdin (1807-1889) was a portrait painter 
of Philadelphia, who painted many notable local portraits. 
He was born in Pittsburg and came to Philadelphia at the age 
of sixteen and studied under Sully for three years. Owned 
by Dr. Alfred C. Lambdin, Philadelphia. 

987. Lambert Miss, "of N. York." Bust 1814 

988. La Motte Mr. Kit-kat 1812 

989. Lardner Mrs., "formerly 

Miss Hoppy." 24x20 1840 

Esther Hoppin (1819-1905) of Providence, R. I., married 
Alexander Lardner, of Philadelphia. Owned by Mrs. Isaac 
Starr, Philadelphia. 

990. Latrobe Mr. "For the Col- 

onization Soc. Presented." 30x25 1862 

John Hazlehurst Boneval Latrobe (1803-1891) was an emi- 
nent lawyer of Baltimore and President of the Maryland 
Historical Society. In hall of Hist. Soc. of Penna. 

991. Landman Mrs. "Mr Land- 

man's late wife. From a 

Daugerreotype." Head 1853 

992. Lawrence Dr. Bust 1813 

John Lawence (1747-1830), Princeton A. B., 1764; Phila- 
delphia M. D., 1768. Owned by Miss Mary H. Penington, 

993. Lawrence Miss A. Bust 1807 

994. Law^rence Miss A. Bust 1808 

Annie Lawrence married George Wright Hawkes. Owned 
by C. McDougall Hawkes, New York. 

995. Lawrence Mrs., "of Mary- 

land. For's son." Bust 1850 

102 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


996. Lawrence Sir T., "copy for 

myself." Head 1830 

997. Lea Lieut. U. S. N., "for F P 

Blair of Washington. " Head 1845 

Samuel Philips Lee (1812-1897) of Virginia, grandson of 
Richard Henry Lee, entered the navy in 1825 and during the 
war of the Rebellion was actively engaged on the Union side, 
receiving a vote of Congress for his services. He married 
a daughter of 157, possibly 156. 

998. Lea Mrs., "copy from a 

former portrait." Head 1835 

There is no "former portrait" of 998 in the Register, under 
the name of Lea ; possibly 156. 

999. Lealand Dr., " of Charleston 

SC." Bust 1814 

1000. Legare Hugh, "from a mini- 

ature." Bust 1846 

Hugh Swinton Legare (1789-1843), Attorney General of South 
Carolina during the nullification fever, when he supported 
the Union, and Attorney General of the United States in 
Tyler's cabinet. 

1001. Leaming Miss, "a sub- 

scriber." Bust 1808 

1002. Leaming Mr., "a subscriber." Bust 1809 

1003. Ledyard Miss, "for Mrs 

Vanderkemp." Head 1834 

1004. Lee Mrs., "for her brother 

Capt. Boyce." Head 1828 

1005. Lee Rev., "a clergyman 

deceased. For Mrs Lee." Head 1848 

1006. Lee Mrs., "companion portr. 

to Revd. Lee." 24x20 1848 

1007. Lee Mrs. .Tosiah. Kit-kat 1853 

Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 103 


1008. Leeman Mrs., "for her 

daughter Mrs Smith." Bust 1832 

This name should be Mrs. Thomas Learning, whose daughter 
Lydia married James S. Smith, of Philadelphia. 

1009. Leiper Miss, "for J. K 

Kane." Bust 1836 

Vide 912 to 914. 

1010. Le Roy J. B., " my brother 

inlaw." Kit-kat 1807 

1011. LeRoy J. B. Bust 1814 

1012. Le Roy Mrs. J. B., "my 

sister." Bust 1807 

1013. Le Roy Jane, "copied for 

my sister Betsy." Bust 1815 

1014. Le Roy Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Gardette." Bust 1817 

1015. Leslie Capt. T., "at West 

Point." Head 1829 

1016. Leslie Capt., "copy for 

Charles Leslie." Head 1829 

Thomas Jefferson Leslie (1796-1874) was a brother of 
Charles Robert Leslie, the painter to whom Sully gave his 
first instruction in the art, as he enters in his Register, 
October 4, 1811, "Study of an Old Man's Head in the 
style of Rembrandt to instruct Charles Leslie in the man- 
agement of oil colours." He was graduated at West Point 
Military Academy in 1815 and in 1865 was brevetted colonel 
and brigadier general for faithful performance of duty 
during a continuous period of fifty years service. 

1017. Leslie E., "for Mr Godey." Kit-kat 1844 

Eliza Leslie (1787-1858) was sister of 1015, and was the 
author of the famous cookery book bearing her name. 
1017 was beautifully engraved by John Cheney for Godey's 
Ladj'^'s Book, January, 1846, and is owned by the Penna. 
Acad, of Fine Arts. 

10-i Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1018. Leslie Emma & Adelaide & 

Virginia Gary. "For 

Henry Gary." Kit-kat 1829 

1019. Leslie Miss Adelaide and 

Emma, "copy for H. 

Garey." Bust 1855 

273 married a sister of 1015, and 1018 and 1019 were the 
children of 1015. Henrj' Charles Carey was a brother of 

1020. Leslie Miss, "of Alabama. 

For Miss Grelaud." Bust 1824 

1021. Leslie Mrs. T. "During my 

stay at W. P." Head 1829 

The wife of 1015. 

Sully also painted a portrait of Mrs. Robert Leslie, the 
mother of 1015 and 1017, which is not in the Register, 
as shown from the following extract from a letter from 
Charles Robert Leslie to Sully, dated London, August 9, 
1816. "I received some time ago your very acceptable 
present of my Mother's portrait, for which I return you 
my warmest thanks. I do not think the likeness could 
be better, excepting that it appears rather too young for 
my mother. It has a double value in my estimation which 
places it above everything else I possess on account of the 
subject and the giver." 

1022. Leutze Mrs., "for her son 

at Dusseldorf." Bust 1844 

Emanuel Leutze (1816-1868), history painter, was born in 
Gmund, Wiirttemberg, but came to America with his pa- 
rents at a verv early age and showing a bent for art was sent 
to Dusseldorf in 1841 to study under Lessing. He became 
a history painter and his Washington Crossing the Delaware 
is in the Metropolitan Museum, New York. 

1023. Levy Miss Henrietta, 

"hands." 10x12 1810 

1024. Levy Miss Martha. Sm. three-quarter 1810 

1025. Levy S., "a subscriber." Bust 1808 

Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 105 


1026. Levy Mrs. Sansom, "a sub- 

scriber." Bust 1808 

1027. Levy Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Yates of Liverl." Head 1842 

1028. Lewis Com^ Kit-kat 1807 

William Lewis (d. 1815) entered the U. S. Navy in 1802, 
was Lieutenant in 1807 and was lost on the Epervier. This 
was Sully's first Kit-kat for which he was paid $70. It 
was begun Jan. 6, and finished June 6. 

1029. Lewis Com^. " Father. Copied 

from Copley." Half-length 1807 

This was Sully's first $U)0 picture. 

1030. Lewis J. "Painted in 

Charleston for Misses 

Anally." 25x30 1846 

1031. Lewis J. D., "copied from 

one painted in Russia." Bust 1820 

1031 was of John Delaware Lewis, brother of 1036. 

1032. Lewis J. W., "in exchange 

for my 1st." Head 1829 

1033. Lewis Miss Ann. " Study for 

a large picture." Head 1810 

1034. Lewis Mrs. Mordecai, "for 

Mrs Fisher, her daugh- 
ter." Head 1843 

1035. Lewis Mr. J. R. Bust 1809 

1036. Lewis Mr. Wm. D. Bust 1820 

1037. Lewis Mr. Wm. D., "copy of 

the foregoing. " Bust 1820 

1036-1037 were of WilHam David Lewis (1792-1881), 
brother of 1031, who, was private secretary to Henry Clay, 
and accoiripanied him to Great Britain when he went in 
1815 as Peace Commissioner. Collector of the Port of 
Philadelphia, 1851. 

106 Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1038. Lewis Mrs. W. D., "Miss 

Laypoole." Head 1829 

Sarah Claypoole (1801-1870) married William D. Lewis 
(1036), June 23, 1825. 

1039. Lewis Mrs. "For Mrs Dr 

Cox her mother." Head 1832 

Mrs. Edward Parke Custis Lewis of Hoboken, N. J. Vide 

1040. Lewis Mrs., "for her hus- 

band." Bust 1842 

1041. Lewis Mrs. S., "and her 

infant." Kit-kat 1811 

1042. Lewis Mrs. Saml. Bust 1810 

1043. Lewis R. " Infant, whole 

length study." Bust 1810 

1044. Lewis R., "3rd child. Study 

for a large picture." Head 1810 

1045. Lewis Reeve, "a sub- 

scriber." Bust 1808 

1046. Lewis Mrs. Reeve, "a sub- 

scriber." Bust 1808 

1047. Lewis Mrs. S., " mother of 

Reeve Lewis." Kit-kat 1813 

1045, 1046, and 1047 owned by Mrs. John Jessup, Woodbury, 
New Jersey. 

1048. Lewis Saml., "copied from 

RPeale." Bust 1809 

1049. Lewis Susannah, "daughter 

of R Lewis." Head 1810 

1050. Lincoln Ex Pres., "de- 

ceased from a photo- 
graph." Head 1865 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1S71. 107 


1051. Lincoln Prest. and Son. 

"From a photograph." Kit-kat 1865 

1052. Lincoln Pres. " From a 

Photograph. " 30 x 25 1 868 

1053. Lindsay Mr. Robert M. 24x20 1871 

This was the last portrait painted by Sully and was fin- 
ished October 31, 1871. Owned by Robert M. Lindsay, 
Philadelphia. Vide Introduction, p. 16. 

1054. LiNGEN Mrs. Dr., "for pro- 

fessional services." Bust 1842 

Maria Oldmixon married Doctor George Lingen. Owned by 
Mrs. Alfred C Lambdirf, Philadelphia. 

1055. Link Miss, "from a Daug. 

for her mother." Head 1856 

1056. Link Miss, "for her mother." Head 1858 

1057. Linticum Miss, "of George- 

town D C." Head 1855 

1058. LivESLEY Mr., "of certain 

Mills on the Wisaccon." Head 1826 

1059. Livingston. "Copy of Rae- 

burns." Bust 1828 

The Wadsworth Athenaeum at Hartford, Conn., owns a 
portrait of Peter Van Brugh Livingston, by Raeburn. 

1060. Livingston Miss, "of New 

York." Bust 1815 

1061. Livingston Miss Angelica, 

"of New York." Bust 1815 

1062. Livingston Mr. E., "de- 

ceased. Copy for Mrs 

Potter." Head 1848 

1063. Livingston Mrs. Montg., 

"deceased. From Da- 
guerreotype." Head 1848 

108 Thomas Sidh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1064. LocKwooD Mr. "From a 

Dagguerreotype." 24x20 1850 

1065. Logan James. " Copy for 

Franklin Liby." Bust 1831 

James Logan (1664-1751) came to this country as Secre- 
tary to William Penn in 1699 and died at Stenton, his 
country place, where the portrait copied by Sully always 
hung and is believed to be from life. Sully's copy belongs 
to the Library Company of Philadelphia and was paid for 
by issuing a share of stock. 

1066. LoRTON Richard, "of Peters- 

burg. Artist." 12x10 1804 

1067. LowBER Mr. "Attorney at 

Law." Head 1822 

1068. LowBER Mrs., "formerly 

Miss F. Seargant." Head 1822 

1069. LowBER, "deceased for Sav- 

ing Fund." Bust 1834 

John C. Lowber (1789-1834), Third President of the Phila- 
delphia Saving Fund, to which institution 1069, which is a 
replica of 1067, belongs. 

1070. Lucas Miss Eliza, "of N. 

York for Mrs Berg." Head 1836 

1071. Lucas Mr., "a subscriber." Bust 1808 

1072. Lucas Mrs. Fielding, "of 

Baltimore." Kit-kat 1810 

1073. Ludlow Mary, "of Balti- 

more for Mr Towne." Head 1847 

1074. Lugenbeat Dr., "for Col- 

onization Society." 24x20 1864 

James Washington Lugenbeel (1819-1857), in hall of Hist. 
Soc. of Penna. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 109 


1075. Lyman Genl., "put a Back 

gd & Drapery." 21x18 1828 

1076. Lyman Miss, "of Boston." Head 1855 

1077. Lyman Miss Susan, "of 

Northampton for Can- 
ton." 24 X 20 1844 

1078. Lyons Judge. Bust 1806 

1079. Lyons Mr. "Two children 

separately." 12x10 1804 


1080. McAllister. "Optician 

Chestnut St." Bust 1830 

John McAllister, Jr. (1786-1877), was a well known local 
antiquary in Phila. and at the time of his death was the 
oldest living graduate of the Univ. of Pa. 

1081. McAllister Mrs., "wife of 

optician." Bust 1830 

Was Ehza Melville, daughter of William Young of Rock- 
land, Del. 

1082. McCalaster Miss, "for Mr 

Bacon Junr." Bust 1808 

Vide 64. 

1083. McCallaster Miss. Kit-kat 1812 

1084. McCall Miss Catherine, " a 

subscriber." Bust 1809 

1085. McCall Mrs., "of Chestnut 

St." Bust 1829 

Judith Kemble McCall (174.3-1829), \\idow of Archibald 
McCall, resided at 308 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Her sister 
married the British General, Thomas Gage. 

1086. McCall Mrs., "copied from 

my painting. " Busi 1830 







110 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1087. McCall Mrs., "2nd copy 

from my picture." Bust 1830 

1088. McCall Mrs., "for her son 

Peter." Bust 1839 

1089. McCall Mrs. Peter, "for P. 

McCall Esq." 

1090. McCallester Miss. 

1091. McCallmont Mr. 

1092. McCandless Mrs., "with 

hands." Bust 1837 

1093. McCauley Senr. Mr. "Cop- 

per-smith." Bust 1817 

1094. McCaw Doctor, "and lady 

separately." 12x10 1804 

1095. McClerg Walter. Miniature 1805 

1096. McClure Mr., "for the Acad- 

emy of Natur. Scs." Bust 1825 

William Maclure (1763-1840) was a Scotchman who came 
to this country and became an eminent naturalist and 
pioneer in American Geology. He was President of the 
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, from 1818 until 
death. This portrait, which belongs to the Acad, of Nat- 
ural Sciences, was lithographed by Newsam. 

1097. McClure Mr. "Attorney of 

Pittsburg." Head 1841 

1098. McClure Mrs., " of Pittsburg. 

formerly Collins." Head 1841 

1099. McConnell Mrs., " and child. 

Poddy Savage. " 30 x 25 1843 

1100. McCoy Mr., "from New 

Orleans." Bust 1818 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. Ill 





McCrea Master, "full 





McCrea Mrs., "of Camden 

for her sister." 




McDonald Mrs. 



1104. McDonald Mrs., "deceased. 

From a Daugerreotype. " Kit-kat 1854 

1105. McDonough Com^, "for 

State Delaware." Bust 1815 

Thomas Macdonough (1783-1825) was born in New Castle, 
Delaware, and entered* the navy in 1800. He commanded 
the American fleet on Lake Champlain and on September 
11, 1814, won a decisive victory over the British fleet of 
superior force, for which he was promoted to a captaincy 
and awarded a gold medal by Congress. In the State 
Capitol at Dover, Delaware. 

1106. McDouGAL Gn. "A likeness 

from remembrance." Head 1811 

1107. McDouGAL Gordon, "for his 

sister." Head 1829 

1108. McEuEN Misses Mary and 

Emily. Half-length 1823 

1109. McEuEN Mary, "for Mrs. 

Emily Smith sister. " Head 1826 

1110. McEuen Mr. Chars., "for 

Mrs. Smith — sister." Head 1826 

Charles McEuen (1801-1857) graduated Univ. of Penna., 
1821. Vide 52. 

1111. McGruder Mrs., "formerly 

Miss Johnston. " 30x25 1852 

This name undoubtedly should be spelled "Magruder." 

1112. McIlvaine B. R. Head 1833 

112 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1113. McIlvaine Mrs. B. R., "of 

Kentucky, with foregoing 

forG. McI." Head 1833 

1114. McIlvaine Henry. Bust 1836 

1115. McIlvaine Mrs. H., "de- 

ceased from Inman. " Bust 1834 

1116. McIlvaine Mrs. H., "begun 

by Inman." Head 1835 

1117. McIlvaine Joseph, "for 

Princeton College." Head 1818 

1118. McIlvaine, "from a picture 

painted formerly. " Bust 1827 

1119. McIlvaine Joseph, "for his 

mother." Head 1837 

Joseph McIlvaine (1768-1826) was born in Bristol, Pa., 
and died in Burlington, N. J. He succeeded Samuel L. 
Southard in the United States Senate in 1823, and was the 
father of Bishop Charles Pettit McIlvaine of Ohio. 

1120. McIlvaine Miss Ellen and 

Mary. Bust 1834 

Ellen McIlvaine married Doctor William Camac, of Philada. 

1121. McKeane Mrs., "for the 

Marquis de Rugua." Bust 1819 

Sarah Armitage (1747-1820) married Thomas McKean, 
Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Chief Justice 
and Governor of Penna., as his second wife, Sept. 3, 1774, 
and their daughter "Sally" married, April 10, 1798, the 
Marquis Casa d'Yrujo, for whom 1121 was painted. This 
portrait is undoubtedly the one owned by their grandson, 
the Duke of Sotomayor, in Madrid, attributed to Stuart, 
an ascription I doubted from a photograph sent to me 
by its present owner. It is evidently an interesting and 
fine picture by Sully. 

1122. McKenzie Mrs. Miniature 1804 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, ISO 1-1871. 113 


1123. McLain Dr., "for Coloniza- 

tion Soc. Portrait from a 

Photo." 24x20 1865 

William IMcLain (1806-1873), a Presbyterian clergyman, in 
hall of Hist. Soc. of Penna. 

1124. McLaughlin Mr. Frank. 30x25 1864 

1125. McLaughlin Mrs. Sally, 

"sister in law to Mc L." 30x25 1864 

1126. McLauthgalen Mr. 25x30 1864 

1127. McLauthgalen Mrs. 25x30 1864 

1128. McLean Judge, "for S. 

Richards, Mayor." Head 1831 

John McLean (1785-1861) was Postmaster General of the 
U. S., 1823, and Associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme 
Court, 1829 to 1861. This portrait, which is owned by the 
Penna. Acad, of the Fine Arts, was engraved by W. G. 
Armstrong for the Nat. Port. Gallery and lithographed by 
A. Newsam. " S. Richards " was never Mayor of Phila- 
delphia, but his brother Benjamin W. Richards was. 
Vide 1402. 

1129. McMical Mrs., "& child for 

her father Mr Shaw." 30 x 25 1866 

1130. McMuRTRiE James. Bust 1808 

James McMurtrie (1784-1854) was one of the earUest patrons 
of art in this country as well as an amateur painter of some 

1131. McMurtrieMrs. James, " and 

child, whole length." 54x45 1819 

Rebecca Mifflin Harrison (1791-1870), daughter of Matthias 
Aspden Harrison of Phila., m. James McMurtrie (1130), 
June 4, 1812. 

1132. Macfarland Mrs., "& her 

daughter." 30x25 1849 

1133. Mackie Mr., "for E Hud- 

son." Bust 1817 


114 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1134. Mackie Mrs., "for E Hud- 

son." Bust 1817 

1135. Macomb General, "for M. 

A. West Point. " Bust 1829 

Alexander Macomb (1782-1841) entered the army as cornet 
of cavalry in 1799 and at the opening of the war of 1812 
had attained the rank of lieutenant-colonel of engineers, 
succeeding Jacob Brown (207) in 1835 as commander in 
chief of the army. This portrait, which is at the Military 
Academy at West Point, has been engraved by J. B. Longacre 
for the Xat. Port. Gallery. 

1136. Madison J., "Presd. U. S. 

painted at length re- 
duced." Bust 1809 
This small whole length portrait of James Madison (1751- 
1836) was painted for David Edwin to engrave and is in 
the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C. The price 
was $150, his highest price to this time. 

1137. Madison Ex Pres., "from 

Stuart for H S V." Bust 1856 

Owned by Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va. 

1138. Madison Mrs., "deceased. 

From a Daugerreotype. " Head 1857 

1139. Magruder Ellen, "daughter 

of Richard M." Bust 1823 

1140. Magruder Ezekiah, "for his 

aunt." Bust 1823 

1141. Malcolm Mr., "deceased 

from Miniature." Head 1810 

A portrait of Angelica Malcolm (1792-1834), belonging to 
Estate of Mrs. John Lloyd of Philadelphia, is attributed to 
Sully as of about 1813. Her maiden and married names 
were the same. Vide 1923. 

1142. Malcom Rev. Mr. Head 1864 

Howard Malcom (1799-18 ) was a baptist divine born 
in Phila. and one of the founders of the American Tract 
Society and of the American Sunday School Union. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 115 


1143. Mallon Mrs. Bust 1812 

1144. Manigault Capt. Kit-kat 1814 

Gabriel Henry Manigault (1788-1834) of South Carolina 
served on the staff of his relative Gen. George Izard, in 
in the war of 1812, with the rank of Captain. 

1145. Manigault Mr. C. Kit-kat 1817 

Charles Manigault (1795-1874), brother of 1144, was a mer- 
chant and collected some fine pictures, including one by 
Romney and another by Vigee Le Brun of Malibran singing, 
which were inherited by his son Dr. Gabriel Edward Mani- 
gault of Charleston, S. C, who disposed of them in London 
for large prices. 

1146. Mansfield Col., "for West 

Point." Bust 1828 

Jared Mansfield (1759-1830) was professor of Natural 
Philosophy in the Military Academy, West Point, from 
1812 to 1818. Owned by U. S. :Military Academy, West Point. 

1147. Markoe Mrs. Head 1835 

1148. Marshall L. 

R. " Presd 

Branch B. 

U. S. Nat- 


Bust 1834 

1149. Marshall L. R. "Copy to be 

worked on by Tom." Bust 1834 

1150. Mason Honble John Y., 

" finished the Sketch. " Head 1847 

1151. Mason Judge, "Secy Navy 

U. S. For College Chapel 

Hill." Half-length 1847 

John Young Mason (1799-1859) was born in ^"irginia and 
graduated at the University of North Carolina, at Chapel 
Hill, in 1816. He was made U. S. District Judge for Yirginia 
and he was Secretary of the Na^^ under Presidents Tyler 
and Polk. At the time of his death he was U. S. Minister 
to France. 

1152. Mason Mr. Head 1856 

1 16 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1153. Mason Mrs., ''of Md. From 

a Daugerreotype. " Head 1856 

1154. Mason Mrs., "formerly Miss 

McGee." Head 1856 

1155. Mason Mrs., "& son. Chil- 

dren of Genl. Macomb. " Kit-kat 1829 

1156. Mason Mrs. Emma, "late Miss 

Wheatly from a Photo- 
graph." Kit-kat 1854 

1157. Mason Mrs. Johnan, 

" painted at Boston. " Head 1836 

1158. Matthews Mary. Miniature 1803 

1159. Matthews Mrs. "Sister to 

Mrs. Mallon." Bust 1812 

Sully's portrait of Mrs. Katharine Matthews is in the Metro- 
politan Museum of Art, N. Y. 

1160. May Judge. "Copy for Mrs 

Joynes." Bust 1858 

1161. May Judge, "from a photo- 

graph." Bust 1858 

1162. May Mr., "Mrs. T. Poultney's 

father. From a Photo- 
graph." Head 1857 

1163. May Senr. Mr. Saml., "at 

Boston for his son John." Head 1848 

1164. May Senr. Mrs., "for her 

son J May." Head 1848 

1165. May Mrs., "of Virginia." Bust 1858 

1166. May Mrs., "copy of forego- 

ing." Bust 1858 

1167. May Mrs. John, "for her 

husband." Head 1848 

Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 117 


1168. Mayer C. F. "Painted at 

Baltimore." Bust 1849 

1169. Maywood Mrs., "dress of 

Roman matron." Bust 1835 

1170. Mead Rev. Mr., "for Prince- 

ton College." Bust 1808 

William Meade (1789-1862) was graduated at Princeton in 
1808 and in 1829 was made Assistant P. E. Bishop of 
Virginia, becoming Bishop in 1841. 

1171. Meade Mrs. R., "for Mrs 

Levy." Kit-kat 1811 

Margaret Coates Butler, wife of Richard Worsam Meade 
and mother of General George Gordon Meade, the hero of 

1172. Meares Mrs., "& her son." Half-length 1813 

1173. Mease Dr., "for his son 

Pierce." Kit-kat 1834 

James Mease (1771-1846) was born in Philadelphia, where 
he was a prominent physician and author. " His son Pierce " 
changed his name to Butler and was the husband of 919-928. 
The portrait is owned by the subject's grandson Rev. Alfred 
Elwyn (505), Philadelphia. 

1174. Megs Dr. Head 1824 

Charles Delucina Meigs (1792-1869), a prominent physician 
of Philadelphia and professor in the Jefferson Medical 
College from 1841 to 1861. Vide 1215. Owned by grandson 
William M. Meigs, of Philadelphia. 

1175. Melanchton, "copied from 

Holbien for Brimmer. " 24 x 28 1828 

Philip Melanthon (1497-1560), the German reformer famous 
as the colaborer of Martin Luther. 

1176. Mendelssohn, "one of a 

Series." Head 1863 

Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786), a noted German musical 

118 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1177. Menge Mr., ''of James River 

Va. a copy." Bust 1832 

1178. Menge Mrs., "Mrs. Boiling's 

mother." Bust 1832 

Vide 172 and 174. 

1179. Mercer Miss, "deceased 

from a Daguerrotype. " 21x20 1848 

Margaret Mercer (1791-1846), daughter of John F. Mercer, 
Governor of Maryland, 1801-03. She reduced herself to 
poverty by liberating all of her slaves. In hall of His- 
torical Society of Pennsylvania. 

1180. Meredith Mrs., "outline for 

Tom to continue." Bust 1833 

1181. Meredith Wm., "Pred Schyl. 

Bank." Head 1833 

William Tuckey Meredith (1772-1844) was born in Phila- 
delphia and admitted to the bar in 1795. He married 
Gertrude Gouverneur Ogden, a favorite niece of Gouv- 
erneur Morris. Father of Hon. William Morris Meredith. 
His portrait by Sully was engraved by John Sartain for 
Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians. 

1182. Meredith Wm., "for Mrs 

Ogden." Bust 1833 

1183. Merredith Mrs. W. Bust 1808 

1184. Merrefield Mrs. Jos., "for- 

merly Rebe Janey of Bal." 1849 

Vide 869. 

1185. Meshert Junr. Mrs. Head 1859 

Mary Ann McKenty (1822-1884) married Matthew Huizinga 
Messchert, son of Huizinga Messchert of Phila. and grandson 
of Matthew Huizinga Messchert, of Rotterdam, Holland. 

1186. Meeschert Mrs. "The 1st 

portrait not approved." Head 1859 

Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 119 


1187. Meeschert Miss Lily. "For 

her Father." 30x25 1871 

Mary Elizabeth Albertine, daughter of 1185, married John 
Blackwood Grant and resides at Douglassville, Pa. 

1188. Meeschert Senr. Mr., " copy 

from a daugerreotype of 

the late, for his son." 30x25 1871 

Huizinga Meeschert (1808-1871) was born in Philadelphia 
and was a noted bon vivant. In his latter days he grew to 
such an enormous size that locomotion was impossible 
for him. He was the last to drive about the city with a 
footman standing on a rack at the back of his carriage. 

1189. Metcalf Thos., "£or Dr 

Dewees." Bust 1811 

1190. MiDDLETON Miss. Head 1856 

1191. MiDDLETON Miss, "& sister. 

For their father." — 
" Painted for myself as 
their father counter- 
manded." Bust 1856 

1192. MiDDLETON Mrs. A., "of 

South Carolina." Kit-kat 1816 

1193. MiDDLETON Mrs. Jn. Izard, 

" copy from my former 

Pict." Kit-kat 1826 

There is no "former picture" under the name of Mrs. John 
Izard Middleton, in the Register. Sully has either made a 
mistake in the Christian name (vide 1192) or has failed to 
enter the "former picture," or it was painted under her 
maiden name. There were two Mesdames of this name 
at the same period. Owned by Mrs. Hawkins K. Jenkins, 
South Carolina. 

1194. MiDDLETON Mrs. H., "of 

Charleston for her son." Bust 1831 

120 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1195. Millar G. "Modeller." Head 1815 

George M. Miller (d. 1819) was doubtless a German as we 
find his name spelled Miiller, He was a potter, stonecutter, 
and modeller, and executed a fine bas relief of Washington 
in possession of the writer and one of Jefferson in the Amer. 
Phil. Soc. See the %vTiter's Life Portraits of Washington 
and of Jefferson in McClure's Magazine, Feb., 1897, p. 
305, and May, 1898, p. 52, for extended notices of Miller. 

1196. Miller Dr., "of New York." Kit-kat 1812 

1197. Miller Gen. "Design for 

Medal." 10x12 1822 

James Miller (1776-1851). Entered the army in 1808 as 
Major of the 4th Infantry and saw important ser\ice in the 
War of 1812. At the battle of Lundy's Lane he captured a 
British battery which decided the fortune of the day. For 
this service he was brevetted Brigadier General and re- 
ceived a gold medal from Congress. 

1198. Miller Jno. S. "Merchant." Head 1835 

1199. MillerMrs., "of Tennessee." 24x20 1845 

1200. Miller Mrs., "of New York, 

late Miss Wheatly. " Head 1854 

1201. Minis Miss, "Georgetown S. 

C. Mother was D. Cohen." Bust 1833 

Sarah Anna Minis (1811-1884) of Savannah, Ga., m. Dr. 
Isaac Hays, of Philadelphia. Owned by Miss Hays, Phila. 

1202. Minor Miss Catharine, "of 

Natchez." Kit-kat 1816 

1203. Minor Miss Fanny, "of 

Natchez." Kit-kat 1816 

1204. Mitchell Master G., "from 

a Daugerreotype. " Head 1854 

Thomas SidU/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 121 


1205. Mitchell Master G., " Be- 

gan a 2nd Portrait of 

Mitchell's son." Head 1854 

Son of 1206. 

1206. Mitchell Mrs., "for her hus- 

band." Head 1853 

Elizabeth T3''ndale, wife of Edward P. ^litchell and mother 
of James Tyndale Mitchell, Chief Justice of the Supreme 
Court of Pennsylvania, who owns Xos. 1204, 1205, and 1206. 

1207. Mitchell Miss Sally. 12 x 10 1805 

1208. MoALE Mr. Saml. "Attor- 

ney." Bust 1823 

1209. Monroe Colonel, " Ex Pres. 

U. S. for M. A. .W. P. 
The 2 first named were 
begun at Washington. 
The Presd. at his place 

Oak Hill." Head 1829 

"The 2 first" were 1135 and 1154. 

1210. Monroe Ex. Prest., "for 

West Point." Whole length 1832 

James Monroe (1758-1831) should always be remembered 
as an honest and an upright poUtician and his administra- 
tion has been designated "the era of good feeUng. " 1210 is 
owned by the U. S. Military Academy at West Point. 

1211. Monroe Mrs. " Sister to Mrs 

Cruggar New York." Head 1843 

Vide 379 and 458. 

1212. Monroe Mrs. James, "for her 

brother Douglas." Bust 1844 

This could not have been the wife of the President, who was 
Ehzabeth Kortright and died in 1830. 

1213. Monroe Miss Fanny, "for 

her uncle W Douglas." Bust 1844 

122 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1214. Montgomery Dr. DD., "for 

Dr. Wiltbank." Bust 1833 

James Montgomery (1787-1834) was born in Philadelphia, 
graduated at Princeton, admitted to the bar and entered 
the ministry in 1816 under Bishop White, whose grand- 
daughter he married. He was rector of St. Stephen's 
Church, Phila., from 1823 until his death. 

1215. Montgomery Miss Mary. Bust 1815 

Daughter of 1217 (1754-1865), married 1174, March 5, 1815. 
This portrait was retouched by Sully in 1837 and is owned 
by her granddaughter Miss Emily Williams Biddle, of 

1216. Montgomery Mr. J., "for 

Mrs Phillips." Kit-kat 1818 

1217. Montgomery Mrs. Bust 1815 

John Crathorne Montgomery, 1216, married Nov. 25, 1817, 
Elizabeth Henrietta PhiUps, 1312. 1216 and 1217 were 
owned by Austin J. Montgomery, of Philadelphia. 

1218. Moore Mrs., "of Baltimore." 12 x 10 1804 

1219. MoRDACi Capt., "of Arsenal 

at Frankford." Head 1836 

Alfred Mordecai (1804-1887) graduated first in the class 
of 1823, U. S. Military Academy at West Point, and was a 
member of the military commission from this government 
to the Crimea in 1855-57 and his report was published by 
order of Congress. He attained the rank of Major and 
resigned at the breaking out of the rebellion, being a North 
Carolinian by birth, but took no active part in the war. 

1220. MoREAU General, "copied 

fromaMin." Bust 1815 

Jean Victor Moreau (1763-1813), a French soldier and the 
only military rival of Napoleon, who exiled him in 1804. 
He came to this country and settled at Morrisville, Pa., on the 
Delaware River, opposite Trenton, and when war between 
Great Britain and this country was imminent President 
Madison offered Moreau the command of the U. S. troops, 
which he was about to accept when Napoleon's disastrous 
Russian campaign decided him to return to Europe. He 
entered a campaign against Napoleon and fell mortally 
wounded at the battle of Dresden. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 123 


1221. Morgan Mr., "a subscriber 

forMrRawle." Bust 1808 

Benjamin R. Morgan (1765-1840), a prominent lawyer of 

1222. Morris Gasper, "a sub- 

scriber." Bust 1808 

1223. Morris Gasper, "copied 

from my port." Bust 1828 

1224. Morris Mrs. Gaspar. Bust 1808 

1225. Morris Gouvenier, "a sub- 

scriber for Mr Meredith." Kit-kat 1808 

Gouverneur Morris (1752-1816), member of Constitutional 
Convention, 1787, Minister to France, 1792, and elected U. S. 
Senator in April, 1800. Mr. Meredith (1 182) married the niece 
of 1225. Owned by Miss Catharine K. Meredith, Philadelphia. 

1226. Morris Gouvenier, "copied 

from the first." Half length 1808 

Owned by grandchildren of Mr. Morris, Morrisania, N. Y. 
Engraved by J. B. Longacre. 

1227. Morris Mrs. T., "painted 

when on a visit to N. 

York." Bust 1814 

Sally Kane (1778-1853) married May 28, 1799, Thomas, 
second son of 1230. Owned by C. F. M. Stark, of Dun- 
barton, N. Hamp. 

1228.|MoRRis Mr. T. B., "South 

St." Bust 1823 

1229. Morris Mrs. T. B., "of South 

St." Bust 1822 

1230. Morris Robert. "Retouch- 

ing a copy of Otis from 

Stuart." Bust 1824 

Robert Morris (1734-1806), signer of the Declaration of 
Independence and financier of the American Revolution. 
"Without Robert Morris the sword of Washington would 

124 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 


have rusted in its sheath." Owned by the Historical Society 
of Penna. There must have been considerable " retouching," 
as the charge was $120, when Sully's regular price for 
portraits, at this time was only $100. 

1231. Morris Thomas W. "Brew- 

er." Bust 1825 

Thomas Morris (1778-1840), fifth in descent from Anthony 
Morris, who came with Penn to found Pennsylvania. Owned 
by great-grandson T. Morris Perot, Phila. 

1232. Morrison Mrs., "of Arch 

St." Bust 1839 

Anne Morrison (1798-1866). Owned by Mrs. Frederic 
Collins, Philadelphia. 

1233. Morton George, "painted 

in Baltimore." Bust 1822 

1234. Morton Washington, "for 

Mrs. Schyler." Head 1807 

1235. Morton Mrs. W., "for P. 

Schyler Esq." Head 1807 

Cornelia Schuyler married Washington Morton. Vide 1482. 

1236. Moses Mr., "of New York." Bust 1808 

1237. MosHER Mr. "Son of Mrs 

Mosher of Georgetown." Bust 1853 

1238. Mosher Mrs. "Mother of 

Mrs Caperton." Bust 1853 

Vide 272. 

1239. Mozart, "copied from a 

Print painted by Teisch- 

bein." 17x12 1862 

1240. Mulenberg Mr., "deceased 

from Peale's painting." Bust 1814 

The name should doubtless be spelled "Mulilenburg. " 

1241. Mulenberg Mr., "2nd copy 

for Mr. Sheaf . " Bust 1814 

Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 125 


1242. MuMFORD Mrs., "of Schen- 

nectady for Harding 

Page." Bust 1858 

1243. MuRDOCK Margaretta. Kit-kat 1811 

1244. MuRDOCK Mrs. "Sister of 

Alex Turnbull Esq." Head 1853 

1245. Mutter Mrs., "a subscriber 

to my low price $50." Head 1842 

1246. Mye^s Gustavus, "for his 

family." Head 1859 

1247. Myers Mr., "of Norfolk a 

subscriber." Bust 1808 

1248. Myers Mr. * Kit-kat 1814 

John Myers (d. 1844). 

1249. Myers Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Merkin." Kit-kat 1814 

Catherine Miercken (1796-1874) was the daughter of Captain 
Peter Miercken, of Phila., and wife of 1248. 1248 and 
1249 are owned by Mrs. Dr. Laws, of Washington, D. C. 
1249 is one of the finest portraits of women painted by Sully. 



1250. Napoleon, "copied for Mr 

Alston of Georgetown." Bust 1825 

1251. Neagle Elizabeth, "for her 

brother." 24x20 1867 

1252. Neagle Garrett. Head 1866 

To Mr. Garrett Cross Neagle I am indebted for much assist- 
ance in the preparation of this work. Although his mother 
was the daughter of Thomas Sully's brother Lawrence, 
Mr. Sully always called him and treated him as his own 

126 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1253. Neagle Mary, "for her 

brother Garrett. " 24 x 20 1867 

1254. Neagle Sally, "for her 

brother." 24x20 1867 

Wife of Rev. S. F. Hotchkin. 

1255. Neagle Susan, "for her 

brother Garrett. " 24x20 1867 

1251 to 1255 are owned by Garrett C. Neagle, Philadelphia. 

1256. Neilson J. C, "of Balti- 

more." Bust 1818 

1257. Neilson Miss, "for Mrs 

Mallon." Bust 1814 

1258. Neilson Miss, "deceased. 

Copied from my 1st 

Pict." Bust 1818 

1259. Neilson Miss, "2nd copy for 

her brother." Bust 1818 

1260. Nemo Lawyer. Miniature 1803 

1261. New Elizabeth. Miniature 1802 

1262. Newbold Mrs., "& her 

child." Half length 1813 

1263. Newbold Mary, "& lap dog 

whole length." Kit-kat 1816 

1264. Newman Mary. Half length 1832 

1265. Nones Miss, " for Mr Moss." Bust 1815 

1266. NoRRis Wm., "mercht. for- 

merly of Bait." Bust 1830 

William Norris (1802-1867), founder of the Norris Locomo- 
tive Works in Philadelphia. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 127 


1267. NoRRis Mrs. Wm., "formerly 

of Baltimore." Bust 1830 

Was Mary Ann Heide (1803-1865). 1266 and 1267 owned 
by G. Heide Norris, Philadelphia. 

1268. Norris Wm., "of the Club 

'United Bowman.' " Bust 1837 

1269. Norris Mrs. Wm. Bust 1839 

1268 and 1269 are the same subjects as 1266 and 1267. 
Owned by S. Henry Norris, Philadelphia. 

1270. NoTT Mrs., " wife of Professor 

Nott of Wisconsin." Bust 1839 

1271. Nugent Mr., "for Mr 

Wagner." Bust 1827 

Vide 1764. 

1272. Ogden Samuel G., " for Beck- 

man & Mortin." Bust 1807 

This undoubtedly should be Beekman and Morton. 

1273. O'Neill Miss, " copied from a 

Sketch." Head 1822 

Elizabeth O'Neill (1791-1872) was a highly gifted tragic 
actress, born in Ireland, who withdrew from the stage, in 
1819, on her marriage with W. Wrixon Becher, M.P., who 
was created a baronet in 1831. Her portrait by Masquerier 
is in the National Portrait Gallery, London. 1273 belongs 
to the Historical Society of Penna. 

1274. O'Neill Mrs., "of No. 424 

Coates St. below 5th." Bust 1865 

1275. Orcutt Rev. John D.D. 

"For Colonization Soc." 24x30 1868 

Not in the collection of Colonization Society portraits in 
the Hist. Soc. of Penna. 

1276. Orne Mr. "Copy of a Dau- 

gerreotype of the late. " 30 x 24 1853 

128 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 


1277. Osborne Mrs., "of N. York. 

Sister to Mrs Furnace. " Bust 1826 

1278. Otey Bh., "of Tennessee." Half length 1844 

James Hervey Otey (1800-1863) was born in Virginia and 
made Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Tenn. m 1834. He 
founded the University of the South at Suwanee, Tenn. 

1279. OttMons. ''Jewler." Miniature 1801 

Sully painted six miniatures in 1801, the 5th being that of 
" Mons Ott Jewler." In the unique collection of miniatures 
owned by Mrs. Lucy Wharton Drexel, there is one by Sullj'- 
signed " T. Sully 5 " and on the back, " T. Sully Miniature 
and Fancy Painter, Norfolk, 1801." From being numbered 
"5," after the painter's signature, this is doubtless 1279. 

1280. Otto Mr. Bust 1809 


1281. Page Miss, "Potter & Page." Bust 1810 

1282. Page Mrs., "house of Potter 

& Page." Small size 1808 

1283. Pageot Mad. "Mother of. 

Copy Put by & begun 

another." Bust 1845 

1284. Pageot Mad. "Mother de- 

ceased from a pic'r." Bust 1845 

1285. Paine Thomas. " Copied from 

Jarvais & sold to him." Bust 1807 

The only portrait of Paine (1737-1809) painted by Jar\as 
that is known is a copy of the familiar portrait of Paine by 
Romney, that was engraved by Sharp, from which print 
Jarvis's portrait was doubtless made. 

1286. Parke Dr., "for the City 

Library." Kit-kat 1822 

Thomas Parke (1749-1835) was a physician, born in Chester 
County, Pa., began the practice of his profession in Phila. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 129 


in 1773, attaining eminence. He was a founder of the Col- 
lege of Physicians, 1787, and its President from 1818 until his 
death. From 1778 he was a Director of the Library Com- 
pany of Phila., and this portrait belongs to that library. 

1287. Parker Miss Lizzie, "of 

Media." Head 1866 

1288. Parsons Miss C. "Study for 

'Lady of the Lake.'" Head 1812 

1289. Patterson Joseph, Bust 1821 

1290. Patterson J. "2nd Por- 

trait." Bust 1821 

The ]\Iaryland Historical Society owns a pprtrait catalogued 
"WiUiam Patterson," the father of Madame Bonaparte, 
signed "T. S. 1821, "wHch is not in the Register. Sully 
may have erred in entering the Christian name of 1289 and 
1290, or the portrait in the Md. Hist. Soc. may be of 
Joseph and not of William Patterson, as the dates are the 

1291. Patterson Mrs. G., "for- 

merly C. Nichols." Bust 1821 

1292. Patterson Dr. R, M. "From 

a Port, by Du Bois." Bust 1856 

Robert Maskell Patterson (1787-1854), physician, was born 
in Phila. and in 1812 became professor of natural philosophy, 
etc., in the University of Penna. and was Director of the U. 
S. Mint from 1835 to 1851. He was President of the Amer. 
Philosophical Society, and one of the founders of the Frank- 
hn Institute and of the Musical Fund Societ)^ of PhHa. 
"Du Bois" was Samuel Fisher Du Bois (1,808-1889) of 
Doylestown, Penna. 

1293. Paul Mrs. James W., "of 4th 

St." Head 1844 

Was Hannah C. Bunker, daughter of Nathan Bunker, of 
Philadelphia, and mother of Mrs. William Waldorf Astor. 
Owned by Frank W. Paul, Mlla Xova, Pennsylvania. 

]30 Thomas Sallys Rcyistcr of Portraits, 1S01~1871. 


1294. Payne Mr., "of Warrington 

Va." Bust 1854 

1295. Payne Mrs., "of Warrenton 

Va. Formerly Semmes. " Head 1853 

1296. Peacock Mr., "of German- 

town." Head 1832 

1297. Peale Franklin, "for the 

Musical F.S." 30x25 1868 

Franklin Peale (1795-1870) was son of Charles Will son 
Peale and was appointed to the U. S. Mint in 1833, becom- 
ing chief coiner in 1839, an office he held until 1854. 

1298. Peale Rembrandt. "Mu- 

seum. Painted in Balti- 
more." Head 1820 

1299. Peale Rembrandt," for Mr 

Joseph Harrison." Head 1859 

Rembrandt Peale (1778-1860) was son of Charles Willson 
Peale and at the early age of seventeen painted a portrait 
of Washington from life. But this is not the familiar " Rem- 
brandt Peale portrait of Washington," which is a compos- 
ite portrait, not from hfe, painted in 1823. 1299 is owmed 
by the Penna. Academy of Fine Arts, as also Peale's por- 
trait of Thomas Sully painted for Mr. Harrison at the same 

1300. Pearce Mr. G., "copied from 

a miniature." Bust 1807 

1301. Pendleton Judge," deceased. 

Copy for Mr Taylor. " Bust 1855 

1302. Penn Wm., "for Marquis of 

Townsend." Bust 1807 

It would be interesting to know what portrait of Penn Mr. 
Sully copied at this period. 

1304. Perennaeu Mr., 

"for his 



1305. Ferine Mr., "for 

his son 


20 x^ 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portvaiis, 1801-1871. 131 


1303. Penn Will., " from the statue 
in Hospital Yard, City 
C." Kit-kat 1824 

This statue was presented to the Hospital by John Penn in 
1804, it having, in 1775, adorned the garden of Lord Le 
Despenser's place at Wyecomb, but subsequently found its 
way to the junk shop where John Penn rescued it and sent 
it as a gift to the hospital. It has no iconographic value, 
having been modelled apparently after the figure in West's 
picture of the Treaty with the Indians. 



1306. Perkins Col. T. H., "for the 

Athenaeum of Boston 

and begun there at his 

house." Whole length 1831 

Thomas Handasyde Perkins (1764-1854), a prominent mer- 
chant of Boston and philanthropist and a generous con- 
tributor to the Boston Athenaeum, where the portrait now 
is. Its price was 1600, the highest to this time. 

1307. Perkins Mrs., "from New 

Orleans." Bust 1846 

1308. Peters Dr. "Copy from an 

old picture for St 

Peters." 30x25 1862 

Richard Peters (1704-1776) was born in England and came 
to Phila., where in 1762 he became rector of the United 
Churches of Christ and St. Peters. 

1309. Peters Miss Eliza. "In 

Philadelphia." Bust 1841 

Eliza W. S. Peters married John Field and in 1887 Mr. and 
Mrs. Field gave to the Penna, Acad, of Fine Arts a small 
collection of paintings including this portrait. 

132 Thomas Sully's liegisier of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 


1310. Petigru Miss C. "Painted 

in Charleston S C." Kit-kat 1841 

1311. Petigru Mr., "for Mrs Car- 

son his daughter." Head 1842 

1312. Philips Miss Elizh. Kit-kat 1812 

Elizabeth Henrietta Philips (1797-1850), daughter of Henry 
and Sophia Chew Philips, married 1216. Owned by her son 
Austin W. Montgomery. Vide 1217. 

1313. Physick Dr., "for Dr. 

Deweese." Bust 1809 

Philip Syng Physick (1768-1837), born in Philadelphia and 
one of her most eminent phj^sicians. Professor of Surgery 
and Anatomy in the Universit}'^ of Penna., 1805-1831. There 
is a chalk engraving, in outline, of this portrait and the 
painting belongs to the U. S. Army Medical Museum, 
Washington, D. C. 

1314. Physick Mrs., "late consort 

of Dr. Physick. " Head 1844 

Dr. Physick married EHzabeth Emlen (1773-1820). 1314 
was painted from a miniature circa 1800, with the costume 
changed to the period of the painting. O^iied by Philip 
Syng Physick Conner, Octorara, Md. 

1315. Physic Philip, "deceased. 

hand introduced." Bust 1848 

Portrait of Philip Physick, eldest son of 1313 and 1314. 
It was from a daguerreotype and is owTied by Mrs. Charles 
P. Keith, Philadelphia. 

1316. Pickering H. "Study of 

three children." Bust 1818 

1317. PicoT Mrs. "Copied from a 

photograph for her son." Kit-kat 1866 

1318. Pike Marinus. Bust 1809 

Marinus W. Pike was a carver, gilder, and frame maker 
at 6th and North Streets, Philadelphia. 

Thomas SulJi/s Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 133 


1319. Pike Mrs. Bust 1809 

1320. PiNCKNEY Mrs. Cotesworth, 

"for Mrs Elliott." Kit-kat 1827 

Sully's portrait of Mrs. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney was 
exhibited at the Charleston Exposition, 1901-02, by Miss 
M. E. Pinckney of Blowing Rock, N. C. Reproduced in 
Earle's Two Centuries of Costume in America. 

1321. Pipkin Dr., "of Mufflebor- 

borough North Carolina." Kit-kat 1825 

1322. Pipkin Mrs., "Murfresbor- 

ough." Kit-kat 1825 

1323. Pipkin Mr., "deceased from 

a miniature." * Bust 1826 

1324. PiTKiNS Genl., "copy for his 

grandson." Bust 1835 

1325. Planch^ Master A. B., "of 

N. 0. for Mr Constant." Bust 1825 

1326. Platt Mr. "Merchant." Head 1841 

William Platt, an East Indian merchant of Philadelphia, 
and father of Charles Platt, President of the Insurance 
Company of North America, 1S78-1909. 

1327. Platt Mrs. " Mother of Mrs 

Pepper Junr." Head 1841 

Maria Taylor, wife of 1326, whose daughter was Mrs. David 

1328. Podesta Mrs., " a copy for 

Mrs Carter." Head 1844 

This is doubtless a copy of 282, as Mildred Lee Carter, 
daughter of Bernard Moore Carter, married Luis de Potes- 
dad, whose son married 292. 

1329. Poinsett Joel, "for Col. 

Pinkney." Head 1827 

134 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits^ lSOl-1871. 


1330. Poinsett Honble J., " copy 

for Mr. Burn." Head 1827 

1331. Poinsett Joel. "For P. S. 

Painted in Washingn." Bust 1840 

Joel Roberts Poinsett (1779-1851) was a South Carolinian 
and first minister to Mexico from the U. S. He opposed 
nullification and was Secy, of War under Van Buren. 1331 
is in the hall of the American Philosophical Society at Phila. 

1332. Polk James K. " Presd. U. 

S. for College Chapel 

Hill." Half length 1847 

1333. Polk J. K. " Presd Finished 

the Sketch begun in 

June." Head 1847 

I James Knox Polk (1795-1849), eleventh President of the 

U. S. 1332 is owned by the University of North Carolina, 
at Chapel Hill, and 1333 is in the possession of Albert Rosen- 
thal of Phila. 

1334. Pollard Mr., "of Norfolk 

Va." Bust 1835 

1335. Pollock George, " North 

C." Bust 1825 

1336. PoRCHER Mrs. Harriet, "for 

our sister E. Smith." Head 1837 

Mrs. Porcher was a sister of Mr. Sully and her portrait, by 
her brother, was exhibited at the Charleston Exposition of 
1901-02 by Mrs. Elizabeth W. Hughes and is reproduced 
in Earle's Two Centuries of Costume in America. 

1337. Pore Mr., "cabinet maker." Bust 1806 

1338. Porter Mr. Head 1807 

1339. Post Rev., "of the Circular 

Church." Bust 1846 

Painted in Charleston, S. C. 

Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 135 


1340. Potter Elizabeth. " For Mr. 

Dr. T Potter." 20x17 1849 

Married Henry Ashhurst of Philadelphia. 

1341. Potter Maria & Emily, "for 

their Father." Head 1849 

1342. Potter Master John, "for 

his Father." 20x17 1849 

1343. Potter Miss Alice, "18 

months old." Head 1847 

Married J. Dundas Lippincott of Philadelfihia. 

1344. Potter Miss Mary, "at 

Princeton where I vis- 
ited." ♦ 20x17 1849 

1345. Potter Miss Sarah, "for her 

Father." 20x17 1849 

1346. Potter Mr. J., "of Trenton 

or Princeton." Bust 1841 

1347. Potter Mr. James. Bust 1849 

1348. Potter Mr., "of Princeton. 

A copy for his son." Bust 1851 

1349. Potter Mrs., "of Princeton. 

A second copy." Bust 1851 

1350. Potter Mrs., "of Trenton. 

Formerly of S. Caro- 
lina." Bust 1841 

1351. Potter Mr., "of Princeton. 

A second copy." Bust 1851 

1352. Potter Mrs., "of Princeton. 

A copy for her son." Bust 1851 

1353. Potter Mrs. T., "for her 

husband." Kit-kat 1849 

136 TJiomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1354. Potter Rev. Mr., "for Mr 

Tuckerman." Kit-kat 1831 

1355. Potter Richard. Kit-kat 1814 

Father of 611. 

1356. PouLSON Z., "for the City 

Library of Philada." Bust 1843 

Zachary Poulson (1761-1844) from 1800 to 1839 published 
and edited in Phila. the Daily Advertiser and was for twenty- 
one years hbrarian of the Library Company of Philada., in 
whose building his portrait hangs. 

1357. Poultney Sen. Mrs., "of 

Baltimore." Bust 1857 

1358. Poultney Mrs. T., "of Bal- 

timore." Head 1857 

1359. Powel Mrs., "partly from a 

miniature by Trott." Bust 1817 

Elizabeth Willing (1742-1830) married Samuel Powel, after- 
ward Mayor of Phila. A miniature of Mrs. Powel, that 
belonged to Rev. George Emlen Hare, ascribed to Malbone, 
I pronounced a number of years since to be, in my opinion, 
by B. Trott, and it is doubtless the one that Sully used. 

1360. Powel Col., "copy of his 

ancestor's portrait." Bust 1827 

1361. Prale Miss, "3 Broadway 

New York." Head 1848 

1362. Pratt Mr. Erasmus. " Head. 

A present." 20x17 1870 

1363. Pratt Mr. H. "Merchant." Kit-kat 1815 

Henry Pratt (1761-1838), an eminent shipping merchant of 
Phila. Eldest son of Matthew Pratt, the portrait painter. 
Owned by Mrs. Rosalie V. Tiers Jackson, Jupiter, Florida. 

1364. Pratt Mrs. "From a minia- 

ture for Thompson." Bust 1828 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 137 


1365. Price Mr. Stephen. Kit-kat 1838 

Painted in London. Manager of the Park Theatre, New York. 

1366. Price Mrs, Steven. Bust 1807 

1367. Pringle Mrs. Wm. Bull, "of 

Georgetown." Head 1842 

1368. Pringle Mrs., "formerly 

Miss Ladson." Head 1846 

Mrs. James R. Pringle. Owned by William Henry Ladson 
of Charleston, S. C. 

1369. Prosser Mr. Bust 1806 

1370. Prosser Mrs. Bust 1806 

1371. Purveyance J. "Lawyer." Kit-kat 1821 

1372. Purveyance Mrs. J. Kit-kat 1821 

This name doubtless should be " Purviance. " 

1373. Pyatt J. F. "For his 

mother." Bust 1846 

1374. Pyatt Miss, "for her Mother." Bust 1842 

1375. Pyatt Mrs., " for her daugh- 

ter." Bust 1842 

1376. Pyatt Mr. "Brother of J. F." Bust 1846 


1377. Raltson Junr. Matthew. Kit-kat 1812 

1378. Raltson Junr. Matthew, 

" deceased. Copy for Wil- 

cocks." Head 1842 

1379. Raltson Mrs. Matthew. Bust 1818 

1380. Raltson Miss E., "for Dr. 

Dorsey." Bust 1816 

1381. Raltson Miss, "deceased. 

Hand introduced." Bust 1847 

138 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1382. Raltson Mr., "for Dr. Dor- 

sey." Bust 1809 

Finished June 6 and the last portrait painted by Sully before 
he sailed for England, June 10, 1809. Owned by Mrs. 
Alexander Proudfit, Newcastle, Delaware. 

1383. Raltson Robert, "deceased 

for Colonization S'y." Bust 1846 

The proper name of 1377 to 1383 is "Ralston." Robert 
Ralston (1761-1836) was a prominent merchant and phil- 
anthropist of Philada. and is the subject of 1382. Dr. 
Dorsey (450) married his daughter Maria (451). 1383 is in 
hall of Hist. Soc. of Penna. 

1384. Randolph Miss, "since Mrs 

Hackley." 12x10 1805 

1385. Randolph Mrs., "daughter 

Jefferson." Bust 1836 

1386. Randolph Mrs., "for T. J. 

Randolph her son, copy." Bust 1836 

1387. Randolph Mrs., "2nd copy of 

the above for Mrs Cool- 
edge." Bust 1836 
Owned by Miss Ella W. CooUdge, Boston, Mass. 

1388. Randolph Mrs., "3rd copy 

ditto Mr Talcot. I only 
painted the outline and 
retouched." Bust 1836 

1389. Randolph Mrs., "for J Ran- 

dolph. Begun by Tom." Bust 1836 

Martha Jefferson (1772-1836) married Feby. 23, 1790, her 
cousin Thomas Mann Randolph. "Mrs. Cooledge" was 
their daughter, having married Joseph Coolidge of Boston. 
Engraved for Griswold's Republican Court. 

1390. Rankin Mrs. "Father, a 

copy." Bust 1866 

Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 139 


1391. Rawle Miss Reba, "de- 

ceased from Profile." Bust 1815 

1392. Rawle Mr. "Lawyer." Kit-kat 1808 

William Rawle (1759-1836), first President of the Historical 
Society of Pennsylvania, 1824. 

1393. Read Mr., " copied from Pine 

subscriber." Bust 1808 

1394. Read G., "a signer of the D. 

I. for his great grand 

son Mr Read of Albany. 

Copied from 1 I copied of 

Pine." Bust 1860 

1395. Read G. "Copied for J^idge 

Read see above." Bust 1860 

1396. Read J. Meredith, " his 

grandfather copied from 

miniature." 30x25 1862 

The portrait of George Read (1734-1798) by Robert Edge 
Pine is owned by William Read Fisher of Philadelphia. 
1394 was painted for John Meredith Read, Jr., of Albany 
and 1395 for his father. Judge John M. Read of the Supreme 
Court of Penna. A portrait of George Read, by Sully, 
after Pine, is in Independence Hall, the Old State House, 

1397. Read Mrs., "late mother of 

Mrs French." Head 1847 

1398. Redwood J., "a subscriber." Bust 1808 

1399. Rhoads Mrs., "for Mrs Wag- 

ener her daughr." Bust 1848 

1400. Rice Mrs., "part to be paid 

by Indian Cost^ " Head 1842 

1401. Rice Mr., "to be paid for in 

books & $10." Head 1854 

140 Thomas Suliys Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 


1402. Richards Saml., "347 Arch 

St. for Mr White." Bust 1827 

Samuel Richards (1769-1842) was brother of Benjamin W. 
Richards, Mayor of Philadelphia. He was a large iron- 
maker with works at We3Tnouth, New Jersey. Owned by 
Herbert Dupuy, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

1403. Richards S., "a copy from 

my former P." Bust 1829 

1404. RicKETTS Mr,, "copied from 

a painting." 12x10 1807 

1405. RiCKETTS Mr. Bust 1807 

1406. RiDGLEY Genl., "painted in 

Baltimore." Half length 1820 

Charles Ridgely (1762-1829), Gov. of Maryland, 1815-17, 
was commonly called "General." 

1407. RiDGLEY John, "of Hampton 

near Bait." Bust 1841 

1408. Ridgely Miss Elizh., "of 

Baltimore." Whole length 1818 

Married John Ridgely of Hampton, Bait. Co., Md., where 
the painting is. Reproduced in Earle's Two Centuries of Cos- 
tume in America. 

1409. Ridgely Nicholas, "painted 

in Baltimore." Bust 1820 

1410. Ritchie Mrs., "daughter 

Harrison Gray Otis, Bos- 
ton." Head 1835 

1411. Ritchings Miss, "for her 

Father, (reduced)." Bust 1845 

Caroline Ritchings of Philadelphia, a singer in English opera 
and adopted daughter of Peter Ritchings, an actor and 

1412. Ritchings Mrs. Bust 1845 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 141 


1413. Roach Miss, "for Mrs. Jacob 

Smith. Declined." Head 1831 

1414. Roach Mrs,, "formerly Miss 

Ridgway." Kit-kat 1816 

1415. Roach Mrs., "that was Miss 

Ridgway." Bust 1827 

1416. Roach Mrs., "copy from my 

portrait." Head 1832 

Daughter of Jacob Ridgway and wife of Thomas Rotch, of 
New Bedford, Mass., who married, for her second husband, 
Dr. John Rhea Barton.' She was sister to the famous Mrs. 
Doctor James Rush. 

1417. Roach Mrs. Joseph, "of TSTew 

Bedford." Bust 1831 

1418. Roach Thos., "of Bedford, 

Mass." Head 1825 

See 1449 and 1450. 1413 to 1418 should be spelled Rotch. 

1419. RoBB Mrs., "& 3 children 

from New Orleans, Isa- 
bella, Louisa and Mary. " Bh. half length 1844 

1420. RoBBiNS Luke, "of the 

Theatre." Bust 1808 

1421. Roberts Jesse, " a present to 

McDonald's." Bust 1847 

1422. Robertson Miss Anna. "Sis- 

ter to Mrs Barksdale." Head 1851 

1423. Robertson Mrs., "English 

lady of Alabama." Head 1834 

1424. Robeson Mrs., "formerly 

Rodman of New Bed- 
ford." Kit-kat 1845 

142 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1425. Robinson Conway, "for his 

brother Moncure." Head 1850 

C!onway Robinson (1805-1884), born in Virginia, was a dis- 
tinguished lawyer and writer upon legal and historico-legal 

1426. Robinson Henry, "of Bos- 

ton." Head 1846 

1427. Robinson Mrs. Henry, "of 

Boston." Head 1849 

1428. Robinson Louisa, "formerly 

Miss Campbell." Head 1824 

1429. Robinson Mr., "of the 

Theatre." Bust 1807 

1430. Robinson Mr., "of Augusta 

Ga." Bust 1846 

1431. Robinson Mrs. John, "for 

Moncure her son. " Bust 1849 

1432. Robinson Mrs. Moncure, 

"for her Husband." Head 1845 

1433. Robinson Moncure. Head 1849 

Moncure Robinson (1802-1891), of Virginia, resident of 
Philadelphia, eminent civil engineer. Vide 1425. 

1434. RoBisoN Mr., "of Mills near 

Schuylkill." Bust 1827 

1435. RoBSON Mr., "Mrs. Hughs's 

Father." 11x14 1826 

1436. Rockafellow Miss, "for 

Mrs Graham a copy." Head 1864 

1437. RocKALLO Master Harry, 

"for Mr Graham." Kit-kat 1843 

1437 should be spelled the same as 1436, as they were 
brother and sister, and niece and nephew of 638. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, ISO 1-1871. 143 


1438. RoDGERs Mrs. Caroline, 

" formerly Fairman. " Bust 1831 

Daughter of 517, wife of Evan Rogers, and mother of Prof. 
Fairman Rogers and of Mrs. Horace Howard Furness. 

1439. Rogers Mrs. Bust 1833 

1440. Rogers Mrs., "of Pitts- 

burgh." Head 1863 

1441. Rolando Lieut. "To hang 

on Dr Buckler's wall." Bust 1852 

Henry Rolando (d. 1869) entered the U. S. Navy in 1836. 
Attained the rank of Commander. 

1442. Roots Mr. Bust 1805 

1443. Roper Mr., "of the gym- 

nasium. Erased." Bust 1832 

1444. Rose Miss Amelia, "for her 

Aunt." Head 1846 

1445. RosiNi. "A daggureotype. 

One of the series. " 17 x 12 1862 

Gioachino Antonio Rossini (1792-1868), a celebrated Italian 
operatic composer. 

1446. Ross John. 12x10 1805 

1447. Ross James, "of Pittsburg." Head 1812 

1448. Ross James, "for the Acad- 

emy Fine Arts." Half length 1813 

James Ross (1762-1847), lawyer, member of the Pennsyl- 
vania Constitutional Convention of 1790, and U. S. Senator, 
1794-1803. 1448 was engraved by Goodman and Piggot and 
the painting is owned by the Penna. Acad, of Fine Arts. 

1449. RoTCH Mrs. J., "begun by 

Tom from Min. " Head 1832 

Mrs. Winthrop Sargent, Boston, owns a portrait of Mrs. 
Joseph Rotch of New Bedford by Sully. 

1450. Rotch Miss Elizabeth, "for 

Mrs Smith." Head 1833 

This is probably 1413 with the name spelled correctly. 

144 TJiomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1451. RowBOTHAM Mrs., "as a pres- 

ent. Caddy." Head 1832 

1452. Ruffian Mrs., "formerly 

Miss R,oan of Richmond." Head 1839 

1453. RuNDLE Fanny, "from mem- 

ory in part." Head 1828 

1454. RuNDLE Miss, "copy for 

Earle." 18x15 1859 

1455. RuNDLE Miss, "copy of the 

late. For Mr. Earle. " Head 1859 

1456. RuNDLE Miss. "Copy 3rd 

Portrait for Earle. " Head 1859 

1457. RushDr., "forDrDeweese." Bust 1809 

1458. Rush Dr., "for Dr. Hossac 

of N.York." Kit-kat 1812 

1459. Rush Dr., "deceased from 

my 1st Picture." Whole length 1813 

The price for this was $400, the highest to this date. 

1460. Rush Dr., "for his daughter." Half length 1813 

1461. Rush Dr., "deceased from 

my 1st painting." Kit-kat 1815 

Benjamin Rush (1745-1813), distinguished physician and 
politician. Born in Phila. Signer Dec. of Inde. and Surgeon 
and Physician General to the army of the revolution. 1459 
is owned by the Penna. Hospital and 1460 by Estate of 
Colonel Alexander Biddle, Phila. The American Philosoph- 
ical Society owns a portrait of Dr. Rush which is ascribed 
to Sully and answers the description of 1461. 

1462. Rush Mrs. Dr., "for her son 

R. Rush Minister to Great 

Britain." Half length 1817 

Julia Stockton (1759-1848) of New Jersey married Dr. 
Benjamin Rush in 1776. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 145 


1463. Rush Honble., "copy of a 

portrait of, for Judge 

Black." Bust 1857 

1464. Rush Mr., "late son of the 

Honble R. Rush, copy." Head 1856 

1465. Rush Mr., "ditto for Mr 

Drayton from a Photo- 
graph." Head 1856 

1466. Rush Murray, "for his 

father R Rush." Bust 1857 

1467. Rush Mrs. Murray, "de- 

ceased. From a Daug*." 24x20 1857 

1468. Rush Mr. Richard, "of Bal- 

timore." Head 1857 

1469. Rush Jun. Mr. R., "for his 

father, a copy from 1st." Head 1858 

1470. Rush Mrs. Richard. "Be- 

gan in Decbr. 19th." Head 1858 

1471. Rush Mrs. Benjamin. 30 x 25 1862 

1472. Rutherford Miss Emily. Head 1850 

1473. Rutherford Mrs. Emily, 

"of Richmond Va." Head 1847 

1474. Sands Mrs., "of Washington. 

Miss French." Head 1840 

1475. Sanford Jr., "Cashier Bank 

of U. S. Fayetville." Bust 1830 

1476. Sanford Mrs., "of North 

Carohna." Bust 1830 


146 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1477. Sartain Mrs., "for her rela- 

tions in England." Bust 1843 

Susannah Longman Swaine of London married John Sar- 
tain, the well known mezzotinto engraver, in 1830, and that 
year came with him to Philadelphia through the persuasion 
of Mr. Sully. 

1478. Sartain Junr. Mr. "Eldest 

son of J. Sartain. " Head 1852 

Samuel Sartain (1831-1906), eldest son of John Sartain, 
followed his father's profession of mezzotinto engraver, 
but his work never equalled his father's at its best. 

1479. Savage John. " Kit-kat can- 

vas." Bust 1824 

1480. Savage Miss. Kit-kat 1810 

1481. Savage Mrs., "formerly Jane 

White a sketch." Head 1826 

1482. ScHYLER Philip, "for W 

Morton." Bust 1807 

This name should be spelled "Schuyler," of the well known 
New York family. Philip J. Schuyler (1768-1855) was the 
son of General Philip Schuyler and was present at the 
inauguration of Washington, April 30, 1789. Vide 1234 
and 1235. 

1483. ScHYLER Mrs. Philip, "for 

Washn. Morton. " Bust 1807 

Mary Ann Sawyer (1786-1852), of Newburyport, Mass., 
married Philip J. Schuyler in 1806. Vide 1234 and 1235. 

1484. Scott Sir Walter, " copied 

from Lawrence." 20 x 17* 1870 

1485. Seabrook Miss La Fayette, 

"for her mother." Head 1843 

1486. Seargant John. Bust 1810 

1487. Seargant John, "for the 

mems. of the Bar." Kit-kat 1832 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 147 


1488. Seargant Mrs. John. Bust 1819 

This name should be spelled "Sergeant." John Sergeant 
(1779-1852) was one of Phila. most eminent lawj^ers, 
member of Congress, candidate for Vice President of the 
U. S. on ticket with Henry Clay, and President of the Penna. 
Constitutional Convention of 1837. 1487 is owned by the 
Law Association of Phila. 

1489. Sears Ellen, "for her 

father." Head 1831 

1490. Sears Mr. " Drapery etc to 

Stuart' head." Half length 1831 

Stuart painted several portraits of David Sears of Boston 
and 1490 is most probabty the one in the Metropolitan 
Museum, New York, which has the appearance of work by 
another hand than Stuart's. Considerable must have 
been done to this, as the charge was $150. 

1491. Seddon Mr., "for Mr 

Bruce." Bust 1849 

1492. Segoine Adele. Bust 1829 

There is a tradition in the Biddle family that Miss Sigoigne 
and Mrs. Nicholas Biddle exchanged their portraits by 
Sully, Miss Sigoigne having been Mrs. Biddle's bridesmaid. 
From Nicholas Biddle's bill for 139, it would seem to have 
been given to Mrs. Sigoigne. 

" N. Biddle Esq Dr. Tho. Sully. Phila. July 20, 1827. 
Portrait and frame sent to Mrs. Segoine $88. 

Rec'd Payment for Th. Sully 
Thomas W Sully."" 
On the death of Miss Sigoigne 139 was returned to the 
Biddle family. A portrait of Miss Sigoigne is at Andalusia, 
Pa., the seat of the Biddle family, which may be 1492. 

1493. Sessions Mr. Jo. W., "of 

Natchez." Bust 1847 

1494. Sevier Mrs., "of Arkansas. 

Painted at W." Bust 1840 

148 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 


1495. Sewel Mr., "who married 

Miss Janeway." Bust 1852 

1496. Shakespeare. "Copied from 

Engravings." 20x17 1864 

1497. Shakespeare. "From the 

Chandos." Head 1865 

1498. Sharp Mr. "Merchant." Bust 1807 

1499. Sharp Mrs. T. Bust 1807 

1500. Sharp Master, "of German- 

town for his mother." Head 1864 

1501. Shaw Miss Charlotte. "For 

her Father." Head 1858 

1502. Shaw Miss Nancy. "For her 

Father." Head 1858 

1503. Shaw Bart. Sir J., "for W. 

Douglas." Bust 1844 

1504. Sheaf Mr. Kit-kat 1804 

1505. Sheaf Mrs. Kit-kat 1814 

1506. Shelby Gov. "Drawing for 

a medal voted by Con- 
gress." Sin. Diam. 1821 

Isaac Shelby (1750-1826), soldier and first Governor of 
Kentucky, 1792, was voted by Congress, April 4, 1818, a 
gold medal for the victory at the battle of the Thames. 

1507. Skelton Mrs., "formerly 

Miss King." Head 1844 

1508. Shields Mrs., "deceased. 

From a Talbottype." Head 1854 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 149 

name size datb 

1509. Shippen Chief Justice E., 

"deceased. Copy Stuart." Bust 1848 

Edward Shippen (1729-1806), Chief Justice of the Supreme 
Court of Penna., 1799 to 1805. He was the father of Peggy 
Shippen who married Benedict Arnold. Stuart's original 
portrait of Shippen is owned by the Corcoran Gallery of 
Art, Washington, D. C, and 1509 by the Law Association 
of Philada. 

1510. Shirlock Mr., "of Balti- 

more." Bust 1808 

1511. Shirlock Mrs., "painted in 

Baltimore." Bust 1820 

This name should doubtless be spelled " Sherlock, " a well- 
known name in Maryland. 

1512. Shoemaker Caroline, "of 

Baltimore by remc." Miniature 1804 

1513. Shoemaker Mrs. Edw,, "a 

subscriber." Bust 1808 

1514. Shoenberger Mr., "of Pitts- 

burg. Iron worker." Bust 1841 

Doubtless John H. Schoenberger, a prominent philanthropist 
of Pittsburg, Pa. 

1515. Shoenberger Mrs., "of 

Pittsburg." Bust 1841 

1516. Shoenberger Mrs., "of Cin- 

cinnati." Bust 1841 

1517. Shonenberg Mary, "de- 

ceased. Daughter of Mr. 

ofCina." Head 1844 

This name doubtless should be the same as 1514 to 1516. 

1518. Sigourney Mrs., "from a 

phoh. for Colonn. So- 
ciety." Head 1865 

Lydia Huntley Sigourney (1791-1865), poetess and philan- 
thropist. In hall of Hist. Society of Penna. 

150 Tho7nas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1519. Sill Joseph. Head 1832 

1520. Sill Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Todhunter." Head 1832 

1519 and 1520 are owned by their daughter, Mrs. Enoch W. 
Clark, of Germantown, Phila. Vide 1706. 

1521. Silvester Mrs. Louisa, "for 

E Gardette." Head 1832 

1522. Simmons Miss, " daughter of 

Dr. Simmons." Head 1846 

1523. Simmons Mr., "of the West 

Indies." Bust 1847 

1524. Simons Mrs., "daughter of 

the late Mr Ball." Head 1846 

1525. Simpson Mr., "of Pittsburg." Bust 1841 

1526. Skinner Mr., "of North Car- 

olina." Bust 1825 

1527. Skinner Mr., "of North Car- 

olina." Bust 1837 

1528. Skinner Rev. Dr., "for Mrs 

Montgomery." Bust 1816 

Newsam lithographed portrait of Rev. Thomas H. Skinner 
after Sully. 

1529. Skinner Mrs., "for Mrs 

Montgomery." Bust 1816 

1530. Skinner Mrs., "copy from a 

former picture. Meggs." Head 1824 

1531. Skinner Mrs., "wife of Rev. 

Skinner." Head 1829 

Emily Montgomery (1797-1824), sister of 1215, m. May 24, 
1814, Rev. Thomas H. Skinner, D.D., a Presbyterian clergy- 
man. Vide 1528. 

Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 151 


1532. Slevin Miss Jane, "for her 

parents." Head 1856 

1533. Slevin Mr. Head 1856 

1534. Slevin Mrs. Head 1856 

1535. Smith Betsey, "my sister 

for herself." 19x15 1828 

Elizabeth Sully married Middleton Smith of South Carolina 
and her portrait by her brother was exhibited at the Charles- 
ton Exposition, 1901-2, by Henry C. Cheves. 

1536. Smith Fanny, "whole length 

for Mr Cresson Senr.r 50x37 1833 

1537. Smith Francis G., "for my- 

self." Bust 1856 

Francis Gurney Smith (1784-1873), Treasurer of the Musi- 
cal Fund Society, 1820-1864, and for thirty-eight years 
Warden of St. Peter's P. E. Church, Phila. Owned by the 
Musical Fund Society. 

1538. Smith Miss, "for Mrs AUi- 

bon." Bust 1830 

1539. Smith Miss Emma, "of South 

Bay." Head 1842 

1540. Smith Miss Susan, "of South 

Bay." Head 1842 

1541. Smith Mr., "a subscriber." Bust 1808 

1542. Smith Mr., "relative of 

Kraumbarrg. " Bust 1813 

Vide 970-972. 

1543. Smith Mr. Chs., "for J B 

Smith." Head 1828 

1544. Smith Ch., "copy from my 

original." Head 1828 

152 Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1545. Smith Mr. J. B., "of Arch 

near 12th." 19x15 1828 

1546. Smith Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Wharton." Bust 1828 

Rebecca Shoemaker Wharton (1795-1846) married Jacob 
Ridgway Smith, Xovember 12, 1817. Owned by Mrs. 
William H. Gaw, Philadelphia. 

1547. Smith Mrs., "hand intro- 

duced for Misses Mc- 

Euen." Bust 1823 

Vide 1108-1110. 

1548. Smith Mrs., "copied from 

McEuen begun 20." Head 1825 

1549. Smith Mrs. Joseph, "for Mrs 

Cresson." Bust 1833 

1550. Smith Mrs. Newbury, "for 

her husband." Bust 1848 

1551. Smith Mrs. R., "sister of 

Mrs Govr. Coles." Head 1837 

Mary Roberts married George Roberts Smith of Phila. 
Vide 322. 

1552. Smith Mrs. Robert, "of 

South Bay." Head 1842 

Vide 1539 and 1540. 

1553. Smith Prof. W., "for his 

grandson. Copy." Bust 1855 

This was a copy of Stuart's portrait of Provost Wm. Smith, 
Univ. of Penna. 

1554. Smith S., "former Provost of 

Princeton Coll." Head 1814 

Samuel Stanhope Smith (1750-1819), President of Prince- 
ton College, 1795 to 1812. 









Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 153 


1555. Smith S., "copy of the fore- 


1556. Snider Junr. Jacob. 

1557. Snider Jacob, "to cancel the 

former port." 

1558. Snider Mrs., "consort of 

Jacob S. Junr." 

1559. Snider Jacob, "three chil- 

dren in Group." Kit-kat 1841 

1560. Snyder Miss, "hand intro- 

duced." • Bust 1812 

1561. Snyder Simon, "Govr. of 

State Penna." Bust 1809 

Simon Snyder (1759-1819), Governor of Penna., 1808 to 
1817, ser\'ing three terms. 1561 was engraved by David 
Edwin and published July, 1809, by John Binns. 

1562. Solace Madame, "of Nor- 

folk." Miniature 1801 

1563. Southgate Mrs., "of Rich- 

mond." Bust 1814 

1564. Spang Mrs. C. F., "of Pitts- 

burg." Head and hand 1843 

1565. Spang Rosalie. "For her 

parents of Pittsburg." Head 1848 

1566. Sparks Mr., "for Mr EUiot 

of Boston." Kit-kat 1831 

Jared Sparks (1789-1866), historian. He used the editorial 
pencil too liberally, yet his work is invaluable to the student 
and paved the way for works which without his would 
never have been projected and published. 1566 was litho- 
graphed by Newsam, and engraved by Stephen A. Schoflf 
for the National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans. 
Owned by Mrs. W. J. Clemson, Taunton, Mass. 

154 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1567. Sparks Mrs. Head 1855 

1568. Sparks Senr. Mrs. 20 x 17 1856 

1569. Stanard Mrs. Head 1851 

1570. Stanard Mrs. "Copy for 

MrSurtees." Head 1851 

1571. Sterling Lord. " Erskin from 

Stuart for Cadwallader." Head 1830 

1571 was of David Montague, Lord Erskine, not Sterling 
as Sully wrote and then corrected, who married Frances 
Cadwalader and whose portrait by Stuart belongs to the 
Cadwalader family. There is no portrait of SterUng in the 
Cadwalader family, or by Stuart. Vide 507. 

1572. Sterling Mrs. Bust 1853 

1573. Sterrett Mrs., "for Mr 

Winchester." Head 1852 

1574. Steth Mrs. Catharine, 

"formerly Potter." Head 1824 

1575. Stith Major, " deceased from 

a portrait." Head 1825 

1576. Stevenson Andrew. Bust 1805 

1577. Stevenson Miss Frances. 

"Neice McCallester." Bust 1848 

1678. Stewart Com^, "for 


medal." Head 1817 

Charles Stewart (1778-1869), distinguished naval officer 
who commanded the frigate Constitution in the war of 1812 
and was voted a gold medal by Congress for the capture of 
the Cyane and the Levant. He was in the service for 
seventy-one years and was the senior officer for seven- 
teen. His daughter Delia was the mother of Charles Stewart 
Parnell, the Irish agitator. 1606 is of the same. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 155 


1579. Stewart Dugald, ''after 

Raeburn for Dr. P Tidy- 
man." Half-length 1825 
Sir Henry Raeburn was elected an honorary academician of 
the Penna Acad, of the Fine Arts, in acknowledgment of 
which compliment he presented the academy with a replica 
of his famous portrait of Dugald Stewart. This is the por- 
trait that Sully copied, the original of which was destroyed 
in the great fire, at the Academy, in 1845. 1579 is owned 
by the St. Andrews Society of Charleston, S. C. 

1580. Stocker, Mr. C, "for New 

Orleans." Kit-kat 1814 

1581. Stocker Mrs. Clemt. Kit-kat 1814 

1582. Stockton Com., "of Prince- 

ton." Bust 1851 

1583. Stockton Com. "Copy for 

Princeton College." Bust 1851 

1584. Stockton CoM^ "Copy 3d at 

his request"—" 1857 Pre- 
sented to Colonization." Bust 1851 
Robert Field Stockton (1795-1866) entered the navy in 
1811 and took possession of California for the U. S. in 1846. 
He resigned in 1850 and the next year was made U. S. Sen- 
ator from New Jersey. 1584, inscribed by Sully on the 
back "1851 No. 3," belonged to the Pennsylvania Coloniza- 
tion Society and is with the rest of that Society's collection 
in the hall of the Historical Society of Penna. 

1585. Stockton, "for Mr Biddle 

copied from an old pic- 
ture." 30x25 1862 

1586. Stockton Mrs., "wife of 

Stockton. For Mr. 

Biddle." 30 X 25 1862 

These were the portraits of Richard Stockton and of Annis 
Boudinot his wife, the parents of Julia, wife of Dr. Benjamin 
Rush, and were painted for Col. Alexander Biddle, whose 
wife was Julia Williams, daughter of Samuel Rush, youngest 
son of 1461. 

156 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 


1587. Stockton Master Robert, 

"at full length 3 years." Kit-kat 1849 

1588. Stockton Mrs., "of Prince- 

ton N J." Kit-kat 1847 

1589. Stockton Mrs. Augs. Bust 1847 

1590. Stockton Mrs. Augs., "for 

her husband." Bust 1850 

1591. Stockton Revd. T. H., "a 

bust with hand ordered." ffit-kat 1843 

Thomas Hewlings Stockton (1808-1868), an eloquent Metho- 
dist divine, who for many years was chaplain to the House of 
Representatives and to the U. S. Senate at Washington. 
He was half brother of Frank R. Stockton, the writer of 
short stories. Owned by Mrs. Anna Stockton Allen, Phila- 

1592. Stoddard Honble., "copy of 

a miniature of the late." Head 1851 

1593. Stott Mr., "deceased from a 

print." Bust 1830 

1594. Stott Mr., "deceased copied 

from a former." Bust 1831 

1595. Stott Mrs., "copy of Por- 

trait." Bust 1831 

1596. Stott Mrs. Ebenezer, "from 

Scotland." Bust 1830 

1597. Stott Sarah, "for her 

nephew Col Cooper Lon- 
don." Bust 1840 

1598. Stought Mrs., "of Allen- 

town N. Jersey." Bust 1835 

Thomas Sidh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 157 


1599. Stout R. M., "of Allen Town 

N.J." Bust 1830 

1598 and 1599 should doubtless be spelled the same, which- 
ever is correct. 

1600. Strickland Mr. Senr. Head 1809 

1601. Strickland William, "ar- 

^ , chitect." Bust 1820 

1602. Strickland William, "ar- 

chitect." Head 1836 

William Strickland (1789-1854), the most eminent architect 
of Philadelphia, whose works speak for themselves. 

1603. Strobia Frank, "and his 

Father." Bust 1805 

This was the first work for which Sully received as much as 
fifty dollars. 

1604. Strothers Miss, " (Theodosia) 

of St Louis." Head 1844 

1605. Struthers Mrs. Bust 1832 

1606. Stuart Capt., "United 

States Navy." Whole length 1811 

Name mis-spelled for "Stewart." Vide 1578. The where- 
abouts of this important picture I have been unable to 

1607. Stuart Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Calvert." Head 1833 

1608. Stuart Mrs., "of Jamaica 

New Jersey." Bust 1837 

1609. Styles Miss, "cousin of 

Fanny Hayne." Head 1843 

1610. Styles Mr., "of Carlisle." Head 1843 

158 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 

name size date 

1611. Sully Alfred and Jane, 

"for myself." Kit-kat 1829 

The son and daughter of the painter, the former aged eight 
and the latter twenty-two (vide Introduction). This 
picture was engraved by I. B. Forrest with title "Brother 
and Sister Reading," and the painting is owned b)'^ Mr. 
Gilbert Sunderland Parker, Philadelphia. 

1612. Sully Alfred, "my son as a 

present Peticolas. " Bust 1830 

"Peticolas" was doubtless Phillippe S. Peticolas (1760- 
1843), the miniature painter who settled in Richmond in 
1805 and gave Sully some instruction in painting. Or it 
may have been his son, Edward F. Peticolas, who was 
also a miniature painter, in Virginia. 

1613. Sully Alfred, "for his 

mother." Head 1839 

In his uniform as a cadet at West Point. 

1614. Sully Alfred and Manula. 

" From Daugerreotypes. 

Heads." Bust 1851 

Vide Introduction, p. 14. 

1615. Sully Alfred. "Sketch for 

Blanch." 18x14 1863 

1616. Sully Blanch and Ellen, 

"for their mother S 

Sully." Head 1818 

Daughters of the painter, aged respectively four years and 
two years. 

1617. Sully Blanch, "for the pur- 

pose of Ellen's instruc- 
tion." Head 1834 

1618. Sully Blanch and Rosalie, 

"in group." Bust 1842 

Daughters of the painter, aged respectively twenty-eight 
and twenty-four years. This picture has been engraved 
with the title "The Lilv and the Rose." 

Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 159 


1619. Sully Chester, "in Norfolk 

Virga. being my first at- 
tempt from life for Mary 

Lee." Miniature 1801 

Begun ^lay 13, finished June 1. Price $15. 

1620. Sully Chester. 12 x 10 1803 

1621. Sully Chester, "my 

brother." Bust 1810 

1622. Sully Ellen, "my daugh- 

ter a sketch." • Head 1824 

1623. Sully Jane, Blanch, Ellen, 

Rosalie & Alfred. 
" Group of my children 
for their mother." Bish. half length 1822 

1624. Sully Jane, " my daugh- 

ter a sketch." Head 1824 

1625. Sully Jane. "Sketch for Mrs 

M.Smith." Head 1828 

1626. Sully Lawrence. Bust 1803 

1627. Sully Mary, "a sketch pre- 

sented to Mrs J Savage." Head 1824 

1628. Sully Matthew, " my 

father." 12x10 1803 

1629. Sully Matthew, "from a 

miniature." Bust 1815 

1630. Sully Matthew, " my 

father copied from one 

painted for Betsey." Head 1829 

A portrait of Matthew Sully (1769-1815) by his son was 
exhibited at the Charleston Exposition, 1901-'02, by Mrs. 
E. W. Hughes. 

160 Thomas SuUij's Register of Portraits, lSOl-1871. 


1631. Sully Rosalie. "To help H 

Bridport." Head 1839 

Hugh Bridport was a miniature painter born in London in 
1794 who came to this country and settled in Phila. in 1816, 
where he taught drawing and painting as well as following 
his profession. He also drew on stone and engraved on 
copper and his name last appears in the Phila. Directory 
for 1837. "To help H Bridport" could not have been 
artistically, so must have been financially. 

1632. Sully Rosalie. "Sketch in 

oil. Reading." 17x13 1840 

1633. Sully Rosalie. "copied 

for Blanch." 12x1^ 1871 

1634. Sully Sarah, Betsey & 

Mary, "my neices." 12x10 1803 

1635. Sully Sarah. Bust 1803 

1636. Sully Sarah, "my wife, sis- 

ter, Jane, Sally, Tom, for 

myself." Kit-kat 1828 

1637. Sully Sarah, "my wife for 

myself." Bust 1830 

1638. Sully Sarah, " at full length 

for Blanch." 5 ft. 2 x 3 ft. 5 1848 

This portrait of Mrs. Sully, with her dog Ponto, is owned by 
Garrett C. Neagle, Philadelphia. 

1639. Sully Sarah, "copy from a 

former pt. for Sally." Bust 1851 

1640. Sully Sarah, "copy to 

supply one sold to E." 30 x 25 1859 

1641. Sully Sarah, "painted in 

1832, copy of head for 

Blanch." 15x13 1870 

There is no portrait of Sarah Sully entered in 1832. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 161 


1642. Sully Sally, "deceased. 

Partly from recollection. 

For G Neagle." 21 x 17 1867 

1643. Sully Sophia, "daughter of 

Mattw Sully Jun." Miniature 1801 

1644. Sully Tom and Jane, "at 

full length with Fidele." Half length 1812 

1645. Sully Thos., "my son a 

study." Head 1820 

1646. Sully Thomas & Rosalie. 

" Present for Vogel of 

Dresden." 25x21 1840 

1647. Sully Thomas, "myself for 

J. B. LeRoy." Head 1807 

1648. Sully Thomas, "myself for 

Mr Wads worth." Head 1807 

Owned by the Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, Conn. 

1649. Sully Thomas, "for Chester 

Sully." Bust 1815 

1650. Sully Thomas, " myself for 

H Robinson." Head 1821 

Owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 

1651. Sully Thomas, "myself for 

Harriott Porcher, my 

sister." 19 x 15 1828 

1652. Sully Thomas, " my own 

head for Welfare's child T 

S W." Head 1836 

1653. Sully Thomas, "my own 

portrait for the order of 

Mr Tyler." Bust 1850 


162 Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1654. Sully Thomas. "Self for Mr 

Dreer." 20x17 1856 

Owned by the Historical Society of Penna. 

1655. Sully Thomas, "for the Col- 

onization Society." Head 1860 

In hall of Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

1656. Sully Thomas, "ordered for 

the Musical Fund." 30 x 25 1867 

1657. Sully Thomas. "Yesterday 

began my portrait on a 

reduced size for Garrett." 30 x 25 1867 

" Garrett " is Garrett C. Neagle. 

1658. Sully Thomas. "From a 

Daugerreotype, for 

Blanch." 15 x 13 1867 

1659. Swan Miss and Miss M. 

Bryan, " grouped." Bust 1831 

1660. Swift General, "for Eng. 

Dept. West Point." Bust 1829 

Joseph Gardner Swift (1783-1865) was the first graduate 
of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, Oct. 12, 
1802, and became a distinguished engineer, but resigned in 
Nov., 1818, with other officers, on the appointment of a 
French general, Simon Bernard, to investigate the coast 
defences of the United States. 


1661. TalcotMrs., "for Mrs Hack- 

ley of Richd." Bust 1832 

1662. Taliaferro Miss, " (Toliver) 

for Mr Soddon." Head 1849 

1663. Taylor James. "Pastor of 

Unitarian Church. " Bust 1818 

1664. Taylor James. "Unitarian 

Clergn." Bust 1830 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 163 


1665. Taylor Mrs. J. Bust 1817 

1666. Taylor Miss. 30 x 25 1862 

1667. Taylor Miss Sally, " daugh- 

ter of Wm. E. Taylor, 

Va." Head 1835 

There is either an error in the Christian name of this lady 
or in the present identity of the subject. According to 
Peacock's Famous American Belles of the 19th Century 
(Phila., 1901), the portrait was of Miss Fanny Taylor, who at 
the time she sat to Sully was one of a trio known as the 
Richmond Graces, — Fanny Taylor, Sally Chevalier (309), 
and Sally Watson, Miss Taylor married, 1st, Archibald 
Morgan Harrison, 2nd, Col. Thomas Harding Ellis of Rich- 
mond, and died in July, 1897. The portrait belongs to Bev- 
erly Randolph Harrison of Amherst, Va., and is reproduced 
in Peacock's book, p. 118. Vide 499 and 500. 

1668. Taylor Mr., "deceased from 

a portrait by Ford." Bust 1845 

1669. Taylor Mr. Henry, " copy 

for his nephew. " Head 1845 

1670. Taylor Mrs., " of Gerard now 

Chestnut St." Head 1837 

1671. Taylor Mrs. E., "deceased 

from a miniature." Head 1844 

1672. Taylor R., "his wife & 2 

children in seperate." 12x10 1803 

1673. Taylor T. Bust 1805 

1674. Terry Mrs., "for D Wads- 

worth." Bust 1807 

Owned by Richard B. Post, New York. 

1675. Tesere Madame. Bust 1814 

1676. Tea^s Mr. "Auction sales- 

man." Bust 1822 

164 Tlwmas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1677. Tevis Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Hunter." Bust 1827 

1678. Thayer Col. "Painted at 

West Point." Bust 1831 

Sylvanus Thayer (1785-1872), graduated at the U. S. Mili- 
tary Academy at West Point in 1808, and assigned to the 
; Engineer corps. He was superintendent of the U. S. Mili- 

tary Academy, 1817 to 1833, and organized the school on its 
present basis. A monument to him was erected at West 
Point in 1883. Owned by West Point Military Academy. 

1679. Thomas Col., "of the Custom 

House." 36x44 • 1865 

William B. Thomas was collector of the Port of Phila. 
and Colonel of the 20th and afterwards of the 192nd Regi- 
ment Penna. Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion. 

1680. Thomas George Gray. Bust 1844 

1681. Thomas Miss, "& brother in 

one canvas." Kit-kat 1811 

1682. Thomas Mrs. W., "of Balti- 

more Whethered." Bust 1841 

1683. Thompson Edward, "son de- 

ceased copy from mine. 

Rejected." Bust 1824 

1684. Thompson Jonah. Bust 1809 

1685. Thompson Mr., "of New 

Orleans. For Mr Lewis." Head 1853 

1686. Thompson Mr., "from a pic- 

ture by Hubbard. Pep- 
per." Bust 1847 
William James Hubard (1807-1862) began his artistic career 
as an infant prodigy cutting silhouettes, as which he came 
to Phila. in 1826, and having higher ambitions put himself 
under Sully's instruction and became quite noted for his 
cabinet whole length portraits in oil. Vide the writer's 
"The Last of the Silhouettists," in Outlook for Oct. 6, 1900. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1811. 165 


1687. Thuron Mons., "for his son." Bust 1818 

1688. TiCKNOR Mr., "for himself." Kit-kat 1831 

George Ticknor (1791-1871), the distinguished author of the 
History of Spanish Literature and one of the founders of the 
Boston Public Library, which institution owns 1688. Re- 
produced in Life and Letters of George Tictcnor. 

1689. Tickle Miss Rebecca. Bust 1812 

1690. Tickle Mr., " for Mrs Mont- 

gomery." Bust ^ 1815 

1691. Tickle Mr., "copied from 

my 1st Picture." Bust 1818 

John Teackle (175.3-1817), a wealthy planter of Virginia 
who liberated his slaves and went to reside in Burlington, 
N. J. 1689 was of the same family. 

1692. TiDYMAN Dr. Philip, "of 

Charleston S C." Bust 1826 

Philip Tidyman (1777-1850), a distinguished physician of 
Charleston, S. C. This portrait was engraved by Thomas 
B. Welch and belongs to the St. Andrew's Society of 

1693. Tidyman Dr. Philip, "for 

German Friendly S. 

Charln." Small whole length 1S29 

1694. Tierman Mr. Frank. Bust 1837 

1695. Tiffany Mrs., "of Balti- 

more." Bust 1847 

1696. Tiffany Mrs., " copy of one 

begun at Providence." Bust 1847 

1697. Tilghman Mrs. Bust 1815 

1698. Tilghman Mrs. Ben. Bust 1816 

Anna, daughter of William McMurtrie (d. 1872), married 
Benjamin Tilghman. Owned by Miss Maria Tilghman, 

166 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1699. TiLGHMAN Mrs. J., "Miss 

Shoemaker." Bust 1816 

1700. TiLiNGHAST Mrs., "being the 

1st of my reduced prices." Head 1842 

1701. Todd Miss, "of Harrisburgh." Head 1845 

1702. Todd Senr. Mr., "a sub- 

scriber." Bust 1808 

1703. Todd Mrs., "a subscriber." Bust 1808 

Begun April 2. Finished July 1. 

1704. Todd Mrs., "a subscriber." Bust 1808 

Begun May 14. Finished June 29. 

1705. ToDHUNTER John. "Merchant 

at 46 G. Marlb." Bust 1837 

Painted in England. 

1706. ToDHUNTER Mr., " f or Mr 

Sill, step son." Bust 1831 

Mr. Sill was the son-in-law, not "step son," of Mr. Tod- 
hunter. Vide 1519 and 1520. 

1707. ToMii Mrs., "of Norfolk." Miniature 1803 

1708. Tompkins Govr., "copied for 

Jarvais." Bust 1807 

1709. Tompkins Govr., "of N 

York for Delaplaine." Half-length 1813 

Engraved by W. R. Jones. 

1710. Tompkins Govr., "of N 

York for Dr Gillespie." Small half length 1816 

Daniel D. Tompkins (1774-1825), Vice President of the 
United States and Governor of New York. 

1711. Tompkins. "Grocer." Bust 1805 

1712. TowNE Miss Sarah. Bust 1845 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 167 


1713. Triechel Mr,, "deceased. 

From a Daugerreotype. " Head 1855 

1714. Triechel Mrs., "from a 

photograph for her son." Head 1859 

1715. Trumbull Governor. Bust 1807 

Jonathan Trumbull (1740-1809), son of "Brother Jonathan," 
Governor of Connecticut from 1798 until his death and 
brother of Col. John Trumbull the artist. Owned, in 1889, 
by Mrs. Harriet Stickney, grandniece of the subject. 

1716. Tucker Mrs., "wife of Law- 

yer Tucker." Bust ' 1805 

1717. Tudor Mr., "deceased for 

Col Perkins." Bust 1831 

William Tudor (1779-1830), one of the founders of the 
Boston Athenaeum and the projector of the North Ameri- 
can Review. This portrait belongs to the Boston Athe- 

1718. TuRNBULL Nesbit, "2 & ^ 

years. For his parents." 3 f . 5 x 2 f . 7 1850 

1719. TuRNBULL Miss. "For Balti- 

more." Bust 1850 

1720. TuRNBULL Miss Sarah. Bust 1852 

1721. TuRNBULL Mr. Bust 1852 

1722. TuRNBULL Mr., "oval copy 

of Mr Turnbull's port, for 

MrsKrumber." 30x25 1855 

1723. TuRNBULL JuNR. Mr. Bust 1852 

1724. TuRNBULL Sen. Mr., "copied 

from R Peale. For R. T." 30 x 25 1850 

1725. TuRNBULL Mrs., "of Cincin- 

nati or Tennesee." Bust 1852 

168 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1726. Turner Charles, "of Vir- 

ginia." Bust 1846 

1727. Turner Miss, "for Mrs Van 

Pelt." Kit-kat 1832 

1728. Turner Mrs,, "of Frederick- 

burg Va." Bust 1847 

1729. Turner Miss, "hand intro- 

duced as above." Bust 1847 

1730. TwAiTs Mr., "of N. York 

Theatre for T Cooper 

Esq." Bust 1806 

1731. Twells Mary, "2 & ^ years 

old for Mr." 20x16 1830 

1732. Tyler Senr. Mrs., "of Brat- 

tleboro Vt. for her son." Head 1851 

1733. Value V. & child, " in half 

length." 4f. 2x3f. 4 1828 

1734. Vanderkemp Poline, Ber- 

tha & John, "children." Busts 1832 

Pauline Vanderkemp married Bernard Henry, Jr., son of 
741, and founded the Bethsaida Home at Chestnut Hill. 
John Vanderkemp settled in France and followed sculpture 
as a profession. 

1735. Van Ransalear Euphemia. Head 1840 

1736. Van Ransalear Mrs., "of 

Albany." Head 1840 

1737. Van Ransalear Mrs., "copy 

for daughter." Bust 1840 

Van Rensselaer is the corrert spelling of this historic name. 

Thomas Sulh/s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 169 


1738. Vatick Mr., "Proffessor of 

University of Penna." 50x40 1859 

Henry Vethake (1792-1866) was born in British Guiana 
and graduated from Columbia College, New York, in 1808. 
He was professor of mathematics and of moral philosophy 
in the Univ. of Penna. from 1836 to 1859, being provost 
during the last five years. Owned by the Univ. of Penna. 

1739. Vanbrum, " a child, son of 

Govr. of Batavia." Bust 1808 

1740. Vaughan John, "for myself." Bust 1815 


1741. Vaughan John, " copied from 

my first." Bust 1822 

1742. Vaughan John, "for the 

Philosophical Society." Bust 1823 

1743. Vaughan John, "for myself." Bust 1823 

1744. Vaughan John, "for sale." Head 1823 

1745. Vaughan John. 10x8 1823 

John Vaughan (1765-1841) came to Philada. from England 
in 1783 and engaged in the wine business. For fifty-five 
years he was Secretary of the American Philosophical 
Society and was the founder of the 1st Unitarian Church 
in Phila. 1742, owned by the American Philosophical 
Society, was engraved by J. W. Steel, another belongs to 
the Historical Society of Penna. 

1746. Verrier Mrs., "from a 

Fotograph for her son." Head 1865 

1747. Verrier Mrs. "Copied from 

the former for her 

Brother." Head 1865 

1748. Verrier Mrs. Head 1865 

170 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 

name size date 

1749. Victoria, Queen of Eng- 

land. ''The head only." Kit-kat 1838 

Begun Mar. 22, finished May 15. This original study from 
life, in vignette, is owned by the artist's grandson Francis 
Thomas Sully Darley, Phila. Vide Introduction, p. 10. 

1750. Victoria Queen, "for Hod- 

son & Graves." Bp. half length 1838 

Begun May 25. Finished June 24. This picture was engraved 
by Wagstaff and the painting is in the Wallace Collection 
at Hertford House, London. 

1751. Victoria Queen, "for the 

St. Georges Society." Whole length 1838 

Begun Sept. 30, 1838, and finished Jany. 14, 1839, and for 
it Sully was paid $1000. It is in the Hall of the St. George 
Society, Phila. 

1752. Victoria Queen, "for my- 

self." Whole length 1838 

Begun October 2, finished Dec. 20, and presented by the 
artist to the St. Andrew's Society of Charleston, S. C. 

1753. Victoria/' a copy." 24x20 1839 

1754. Victoria, " altering the arms 

of the first." Half length 1839 

1755. Victoria, "copy of my Por- 

trait." 30x25 1871 

1756. ViLLARS Mrs., "in character 

—sketch— Cooper." Whole length 1807 

1757. ViLLARS Mrs., "in character 

of Lady Macbeth." Kit-kat 1807 

1758. Vincent Mr., "for Norfolk." Bust 1816 

1759. Von Spreckelsen Geo. H., 

"deceased. Copy." Head 1853 



♦x^^ - — 

* "i \ ^ 
4 %* h^ ?^ 

•^ ^ «H ") "» 

t^ S "i "^ 




"t l) ^ 1 ^^ 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 171 



1760. Wadsworth Daniel. Bust 1807 

Daniel Wadsworth (1771-1848), founder of the Wadsworth 
Athenaeum at Hartford, Ct. 

1761. Wadsworth Mrs. Daniel. Bust 1807 

Faith Trumbull (1769-1846), daughter of 1715, married 
Daniel Wadsworth (1760). 

1762. Wadsworth Mrs., "Daniel 

W's mother." Bust , 1807 

1763. Wadsworth Miss, "for Mrs 

Judge Hopkinson." Head 1834 

Elizabeth, sister of General James S. Wadsworth of Genes- 
see, N. Y., married the Honble. Charles Augustus Murray of 
England. The portrait is owned by Mrs. Oliver Hopkinson, 
Philada., and is reproduced in Wharton's Salons Colonial 
and Republican. 


1764. Wagner Mr., 





Vide 1271. 

1765. Waldburg Mr., 






1766. Walker Mrs. 27x20 1859 

1767. Wallace Mrs., "formerly 

Miss Binney." Bust 1839 

1768. Wallace Mrs., "for H 

Binney. Copied from 1st." Bust 1840 

Susan Binney (1778-1849), sister of 146, married John 
Bradford Wallace and was the mother of John William 
Wallace, President of the Hist. Soc. of Penna. 

1769. Wallack Mrs. James, "for- 

merly Miss Johnston. " Bust 1819 

1770. Waln Miss, "a subscriber." Bust 1808 

172 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1771. Waln Mrs. Phoebe, "de- 

ceased. For her son." Head 1845 

1772. Waln Mrs., "copy of the 

late Mrs Wain's por- 
trait." Head 1849 
Phoebe Lewis married Hon. Robert Waln and one of her 
portraits by Sully is owned by Mrs. Rebecca Waln Tutt 
Wood of Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

1773. Walsh Miss Gracy. Bust 1803 

1774. Walsh Miss Isabella, Anna, 

Mary & Elizabeth. 54 x 43 1834 

1775. Walsh Mr. Bust 1814 

Robert Walsh (1784-1859), founder of the American Reviem 
of History and Politics in 1811, the first quarterly started 
in the U. S. Was U. S. Consul in Paris for many years. 
This portrait was lithographed by Albert Newsam and the 
original is owned by Henry C. Walsh of New York. 

1776. Walton Miss, "of Pensa- 

cola." Half length 1833 

1777. Walton Mr. Bust 1817 

1778. Ward Miss Penelope, "of 

Georgetown S C." Bust & hand 1845 

1779. Ward Mr. Joshua, "brother 

of foregoing." Bust 1845 

1780. Ward R. J., "of Lexington 

Kentucky." Bust 1833 

Owned by Mrs. Matthew F. Ward, Lexington, Ky. 

1781. Warley Mrs., "deceased 

from a Daugerreotype. " Head 1853 

1782. Warner Mr. "Presd. Li- 

beria from a Photo- 
graph." Head 1864 

Daniel Bastrial Warner, a negro, in hall of Historical Society 

of Pennsylvania. 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 173 


1783. Warren Dr., " painted at 

Boston." Bust 1836 

John Collins Warren (1778-1856), a distinguished surgeon 
of Boston and nephew of General Joseph Warren who fell 
at Bunker Hill. 

1784. Warren Mrs., " of the Phila- 

delphia theatre." Bust 1807 

1785. Warren Mrs., " as Calister 

in Fair Penitent." Bust 1§08 

Ann Brunton (1769-1808) was the first English actress of 
eminence to cross the ocean. In 1792 she married Robert 
Merry of the Horse Guards and they came to this country 
in 1796. Two years later Merry died and she married 
Thomas Wignell, the manager, who died soon after and she 
married WilUam Warren, the actor, 1790. This record, as 
well as that of Mrs. John Drew, 465, will show that plurality 
of marriages among players is no new matter. Her sister 
Louisa became Countess of Craven. 

1786. Warren Mrs., "and infant." Head 1811 

1787. Warren Wm. "Theatre, a 

subscriber." Head 1808 

William Warren (1767-1832), for many years Manager of the 
old Chestnut Street Theatre, Phila. This portrait was en- 
graved by David Edwin for the Mirror of Taste. 

1788. Washington Genl., " copied 

from Stuart's whole 
length at Hartford. Copy 
on a small scale." Kit-kat 1807 

1789. Washington. "Copied from 

the same." Bust 1807 

1790. Washington Genl., "for the 

state of North Carolina. 

Copied from Stuart." 9 f. x G f. 1817 

174 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1791. Washington Genl,, "from 

Stuart." Bust 1820 

1792. Washington Genl., "after 

Stuart for J. Wain. " Bust 1827 

1793. Washington. "Study for 

Equestrian portrait. Pre- 
sented to Col. John 
Wheeler." Kit-kat 1841 

1794. Washington. "Equestrian 

Portrait. " 12 f. 6 x 9 f. 6 1842 

Owned by the Union League of Philadelphia. 

1795. Washington, "copy from 

Stuart by Tom re- 
touched." 8 ft. X 5 ft. 1842 

1796. Washington Genl. "Copied 

from Stuart for H. S 

Wisn." Bust 1854 

Owned by the Historical Society of Wisconsin at Madison. 

1797. Washington Genl., "for the 

Hist Socy from Stuart." Bust 1855 

Owned by the Historical Society of Penna. 

1798. Washington Genl., "for 

myself. From Stuart 

owned by Col. Hunt." Head 1855 

1799. Washington. "Copy of 

Stuart's. From mine." Bust 1856 

1800. Washington, "for H. S. V. 

order of Mr Taylor." Bust 1856 

Owned by the Virginia Historical Society. 

1801. Washington, "copy 4th of 

Stuart's." Bust 1856 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 175 


1802. Washington, "copy after 

Stuart." 24x20 1863 

1803. Washington, "after Healy's 

copy." 24x20 1868 

1804. Washington, "2d copy." 24x20 1868 

1805. Washington, "3rd copy." 24x20 1868 

1806. Washington, "4th copy." 24x20 1868 

1807. Washington Genl. 5x5 1869 

1808. Washington Genl., " copy of 

Stuart's whole length of." 30 x 27 1870 

1809. Washington Genl. "From 

Trumbull & Stuart." 30x25 1871 

1810. Washington Mrs. Genl. 5x5 1869 

1811. Washington Family. "A 

composition. Original." Kit-kat 1850 

1812. Waterman Mrs., "condemn- 

ed, declined." Head 1845 

1813. Waterman Mrs., "in lieu of 

the one condemned." Head 1845 

1814. Watmough Mrs., "formerly 

Miss Nicklin." Bust 1825 

Maria Chew Nicklin (1800-1864), sister of 401, married 
Edmund C. Watmough. Owned by M. Russell Thayer, 

1815. Watts Junr. Mr. "At- 

torney." Head 1843 

Henry Miller Watts (b. 1805), U. S. Attorney for Penna. 
and U. S. Minister to Austria. 

1816. Watts Sen. Mr., "from a 

small picture." Head 1843 

176 Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1817. Watts Mrs., "formerly Miss 

Schonenberger." Head 1843 

Wife of 1815. 

1818. WearMr., "vendue-master." Bust 1813 

1819. Weightman Mr., " of George- 

town." Kit-kat 1812 

1820. Weir Silas, "auctioneer." Kit-kat 1815 

Probably the same person as 1818 only spelled differently. 

1821. Welford Mr., "on Pike's 

acct." Head 1811 

1822. Welford Mrs., "on Pike's 

acct." Head 1811 

Vide 1318. 

1823. West Benj., "copied from 

Leslie. For the A F A."' Half length 1864 

Leslie made a copy of Lawrence's portrait of West from 
which this was copied for the Artist's Fund Society. 

1824. Wethered Mr. Bust 1853 

1825. Wethered Mrs. "Formerly 

Miss Evans." Bust 1853 

1826. Wetherill Dr. Charles. Head 1855 

1827. Wetherill Miss, " for 1 of a 

group of 5 heads." Head 1854 

Rachel WetherUl. Vide 871 n. 

1828. Wetherill Miss Margarite. Head 1851 

1829. Wetherill Mr. Chs. "Copy 

from Grimes." Head 1853 

1830. Wetherill Mr. Chs., "copy 

No. 2. for his son." Head 1853 

1831. Wetherill Mr. Chs., "de- 

ceased. Copy, No. 3." Head 1854 

1832. Wetherill Mr. Charles. 

"Copy No. 4." Head 1854 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 177 


1833. Wetherill Mrs. Chs. "Copy 

from Eicholtz." Head 1853 

1834. Wetherill Mrs. Chs., "copy 

No, 2. for her son." Head 1853 

1835. Wetherill Mrs. Chs. "Copy 

No. 3." Head 1854 

1836. Wetherill Mrs. Charles. 

"Copy No. 4. These 

ordered by their son." Head 1854 

"These " refers to copies No. 4, 1832, and 1836. * 

1837. Wetherill Jr. Mr. C. Head 1854 

1838. Wetherill Mr. John, "for 

1 of a group of 5 heads." Head 1854 

1839. Wetherill Price, "from a 

former portrait." Head 1854 

1840. Wetherill Mrs. Price, "for 

1 of a group of 5 heads." Head 1854 

1841. Wetherill Mrs., "wife of 

Price Wetherill's son." Head 1853 

1842. Wharton Mrs. Bust 1825 

Margaret, daughter of Francis Rawle, married November 14, 
1786, Isaac Wharton. 

1843. Wharton Mrs., "copy for 

Mrs J Smith." Bust 1833 

Vide 1546. Owned by Mrs. WiUiam H. Gaw, Philadelphia. 

1844. Wharton Mrs., "formerly 

MissMarkoe." Head 1837 

Maria Markoe (d. 1873) married George M. Wharton. 
Owned by Mrs. Thomas McKean, Philadelphia. 

1845. Wharton Miss Mary, "for 

Mr Wadsworth." Head 1834 

Mary Craig Wharton married General James S. Wads- 
worth and her portrait is owned by Charles P. Wadsworth 
of Genesee, N, Y., and is reproduced in Wharton's Salons 
Colonial and Republican. 

178 Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1846. Wheatly Mrs. Kit-kat 1854 

1847. Wheeler Ellen, " my daugh- 

ter. For her Mother." Head 1848 

1848. Wheeler Ellen, Charles & 

Woodbury, " in group, 

full length. Presented." 5 ft. x 4 ft. 3 1844 

Grandohildren of the painter. 

1849. Wheeler John, " my son in 

law. A present." Bust 1845 

1850. Wheeler Woodbury. " Pres- 

ent to Ellen." Oval 1868 

1851. Wheeling Mrs. Half length 1812 

Mary Siddons Whelen (1788-1867), wife of Israel Whelen 
and grandmother of Henry Whelen, Jr., late President 
Penna. Acad, of the Fine Arts. 

1852. White Bishop, "of Phila." Half length 1814 

Engraved by Michele Pekinino. Owned by Judge William 
White Wiltbank, Philadelphia. 

1853. White Bishop, " copied from 

Stuart for Mrs Mc- 

Murtrie." Head 1827 

Owned by Hist. Soc. of Penna. 

1854. White Bishop, "for Jos 

Harrison from Stuart." Head 1827 


1855. White Bishop, " Ae 80.' 

"For G Harrison." Head 1828 

Owned by George Harrison Fisher of Phila. 

1856. White Bishop, "for Dr 

Montgomery." 19x15 1829 

1857. White Bishop. " Copy of my 

first, painted 1828." Head 1829 

William White (1748-1836), chaplain of the Continental 
Congress and of the U. S. Senate under the Presidency of 
Washington. Consecrated first Episcopal Bishop of Penna. 









Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 1T9 


1858. White Mr. "Glass merchant 


1859. White Mrs. Judge. 

1860. Whitehead Mr. 

1861. Whitherill Dr. 

1862. Whitherill Mrs. Dr., "in 

place of one condemned." Head 1834 

1863. Whitheril Price, " colour 

store." Bust 1822 

1864. Whitheril Mrs. Price, "of 

Front St." Bust 1822 

1865. Whitherill Mrs., "formerly 

Miss Bloomfield." Head " 1833 

1866. Whitherill Senr. "Copy 

from Eicholtz for Dr W." Bust 1833 

1861 to 1866 should be spelled "Wetherill." Vide 1827 to 

1867. WicKHAM Mrs. 12x10 1805 

1868. WiGGiN Mrs., "of Boston." Kit-kat 1814 

Charlotte Fowle married Benjamin Wiggin. Owned by 
Mrs. H. T. Durant, Boston. 

1869. WiGNAL Elizabeth, " for Mr 

Warren." Head 1813 

1870. WiLCocKS Benjn., "of Phila. 

forBeckman." Bust 1807 

On June 20, 1807, in New York, Sully began the two por- 
traits of Wilcocks for Beekman and of Beekman for Wil- 
cocks. Vide 105. 

1871. WiLCOCKS Benjn. Bust 1807 

Benjamin Chew Wilcocks (1776-1845) a liberal friend of the 
fine arts and Sully's first patron in Phila. 

180 Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1872. WiLcocKS Miss Ann, "for 

her brother." Bust 1807 

Begun December 9, 1807. The first portrait painted by 
Sully in Philadelphia. 

1873. WiLcocKs Miss Ann. Bust 1808 

Ann Wilcocks (1781-1831), married Sept. 22, 1813, Joseph 
Reed Ingersoll. Vide 833. 

1874. Wilcocks Meeta & Ellen. 

"Group for Mrs B W." Bust 1846 

These should be Mary Wain, who m. Alexander D. Camp- 
bell, and Helen Julia, who married Chandler Robbins. 

1875. WiLiE Mrs., "of N. York for 

her sister Mrs Campbell." 24x20 1862 

Vide 269. Owmed by Mrs. Archibald Keightley, Glanmand- 
dach, Dolgelly, Wales. 

1876. Wilkes Capt. C, "U. S. N. 

for Government." Bust 1843 

Charles Wilkes (1798-1877), a distinguished naval officer 
who made important explorations of the Southern hemis- 
phere, for which he received a gold medal from the Royal 
Geographical Society of London. His capture of Mason 
and Slidell, from an English steamship, in the War of the 
Rebellion, made his name known everyT\'here. This portrait 
was engraved by Richard W. Dodson for the reports of his 
exploring expedition published by the U. S. Government. 

1877. Williams Col. J., "for City 

of N. York." Bust 1813 

1878. Williams Genl. J., "for the 

Military Academy at West 

Point." Whole length 1815 

Vide introduction, vol. xxxii, p. 393. 

1879. Williams Genl. J., "copied 

from the 1st picture in- 
tended for West Point. 

begun by my pupil West." Whole length 1816 

.lonathan Williams (1752-1 SI. 5), grandnephew of Dr. 
Franklin; U. S. Commercial agent in Europe, 1777-1785, 
entered the urmy, 1801, and the next year organized and 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 181 


became first Superintendent of West Point Military Acad- 
emy. 1877 is in City Hall, New York; 1879 is at Military 
Academy, West Point ; and 1878 is owned by the Estate of 
Colonel Alexander Biddle, Philadelphia. This last shows 
the force of the word "intended" in Sully's note to 1879. 
"My pupil West" was William E. West (1788-1857), known 
as "Kentucky West," whose portrait of Lord Byron is 
world famous. ^ 

1880. Williams Mr., "of George- 

town." Kit-kat 1812 

1881. Williams Mrs., "of Balti- 

more. Miss Beck." Bust 1817 

1882. Williams Mrs. B. Bust 1821 

1883. Williams T. H., "of 

Natchez." Bust 1834 

1884. Williamson Mr., " 73 Market 

St." Bust 1837 

Isaiah Vansant Williamson (1803-1889), a penurious phil- 
anthropist, of Philadelphia. 

1885. Willing Mr., "for the Mutu- 

al Insurance Co." Bust 1845 

The Mutual Assurance Co. of Phila. owns a portrait of 

Richard Willing by G. P. A. Healy, but no portrait of 
"Mr. Willing" by Sully. 

1886. WiLMOT Mrs., "Theatre Va 

miniature." Bust 1805 

1887. Wilson Mr. Miniature 1803 

1888. WiNTHROP LuT. GovR., "for 

his family." Half length 1831 

Thomas Lindall Winthrop (1760-1841), lieutenant governor 
of Massachusetts, 1826 to 1832. Father of Hon. Robert 
Charles Winthrop. Owned by American Antiquarian Soci- 
ety, Worcester, Mass. 

1889. Wistar Dr., "deceased from 

Wood's draw'g. Rubbed 

out." Bust 1830 

182 Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 180 1-1811. 


1890. WiSTAR Dr., "2nd picture. 

Copied from Otis." Bust 1830 

Caspar Wistar (1761-1818), a distinguished physician of 
Philada. and founder of the Wistar Parties that were a 
prominent part of Philadelphia social life for many years. 

1891. Withers Miss Caroline and 

Miss Cornelia. "Group." Head 1858 

1892. Wood Bh. "For the Propa- 

ganda at Rome." Bust 1859 

James Frederic Wood (1813-1883), Roman Catholic Arch- 
bishop of Phila. He was born a Quaker and joined the 
Roman Catholic Church at the age of twenty-three and 
began to study for the priesthood, to which he was ordained 
at thirty-one. 

1893. Wood Mr., "a subscriber." Bust 1808 

"A Subscriber, " repeated so often in Sully's Register, means 
that soon after his coming to Philadelphia thirty persons 
subscribed 130 each, to enable Sully to go to England to 
study, for which he painted each one's portrait. 

1894. Wood Mr., "as Charles De 

Moor whole length." Half length 1810 

The head engraved by David Edwin for the Mirror of Taste. 

1895. Wood. "From a study in 

1810 as Charles de Moor." Head 1860 

William B. Wood (1779-1861), a popular actor and mana- 
ger, whose "Autobiographical Recollections" have been pub- 
lished. 1895 is owned by the Hist. Soc, of Pa. 

1896. Wood Mrs., "of Arch St." Kit-kat 1835 

1897. Wood Mrs. "Vocalist." 24x20 1836 

1898. Wood Mrs. "Vocalist by 

recollection. Self." Head 1836 

1899. Wood Mrs. "Vocalist in 

Somnambula, last scene." 6 f. 6 x 4 f. 6 1836 

Thomas Sully's Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 183 


1900. Wood Mrs. "Vocalist. The 

foregoing reduced as a 

study." Kit-kat 1836 

Julia Paget, a favorite English opera singer, became Lady 
Lenox and later married Joe Wood the pugilist, with 
whom she came to this country. 

1901. Wood Wm. "Surveyor." Bust 1810 

1902. WooDALL Rev. Dr., "of 

Burlington." Kit-kat 1822- 

1903. WooDROUGH Mrs., "at Oak- 

ville, Trenton, New 

Jersey." Bust 1819 

1904. WooDRouGH Revd. G., "for 

Lady Houston — Grand- 
mother." Bust 1819 

1905. WooDwoRTH Dudley. Miniature 1801 

1906. WooLCOT Mrs. " Retouching 

a copy by Dunlap." Bust 1814 

1907. WooLCOT Oliver. Bust 1814 

Oliver Wolcott (1760-1833), Secretary of the Treasury under 
Washington, and Governor of Connecticut from 1817 to 
1827. He was son of the Signer of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence of the same name, in consequence of which they 
are often confused. Engraved by A. B. Durand in 1820. 
Owned by Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, Conn. 

1908. WoRSELY Mrs. Miniature 1805 

1909. Wright Mrs. Grove, "& her 

two children." Bh. half length 1807 

For this picture Sully charged $200, the highest price he had 
received to this time. Begun July 10, finished July 23, 
inside of two weeks. 

184 Thomas Sully's Beylster of Portraits, 1801-1871. 



1910. Yates Judge, "of Lancaster. 

a subscriber." Bust 1808 

Jasper Yeates (1745-1817), Associate Justice of the Supreme 
Court of Penna. 

1911. Yates Rev. H., "of the 

Charleston Bethel Ch." Bust 1846 

1912. YongeMr. J.T.,"orYoung." Bust 1855 

1913. Young Mrs., "for Mr Y of 

Missis." Bust & Hand 1835 


1914. Zantzinger Mrs., "of Lan- 

caster." Small bust 1808 


1915. Dallas George Mifflin. Head 1830 

Vide 396, n. Exhibited at Historical Portrait Exhibition, 
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, 1887- 
88; and owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Dallas Tucker. 

1916. Davis Colonel Samuel B. Whole length 1819 

Vide 419, n. Signed and dated. Exhibited at Historical 
Portrait Exliibition, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 
as a replica, owned by Sussex D. Davis, Philadelphia. This is 
doubtless not a replica but 419, as the State of Delaware 
does not possess any portrait of Col. Da\'is at the present 

1917. Fairman Colonel Gideon, Bust 

Vide 517, n. Exhibited at Portrait Exhibition, New York, 
1890, and owned by Mrs. James S. Warren, New York. 

1918. Ingersoll Charles Jared. Bust 1838 

Vide 829, n. Signed and dated. Exhibited at Historical 
Portrait Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 
and owned by Mrs. Harry Ingersoll, Philadelphia. 

Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 185 


1919. Ingersoll Joseph Reed. Bust 1832 

Vide 833, n. Signed and dated. Exhibited at Historical 
Portrait Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 
and owned by Law Association, Philadelphia. Lithographed 
by Newsam as after Inman. 

1920. Jackson Andrew. Bust 1824 

Vide 854, n. Exhibited at Historical Portrait Exhibition, 
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and owned by L. 
Taylor Diekson, Philadelphia. 


1921. La Fayette. Head 1824 

Vide 983, n. Signed and dated. Exhibited at Historical 
Portrait Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 
and owned by Herbert Welsh, Philadelphia. 

1922. Leslie Mrs. Robert. 1815 

Vide 1021, n. Wife of Robert Leshe (1765-1804), a noted 
Philadelphia clockmaker and mathematician, who was 
elected a member of the American Philosophical Society in 
1795, and mother of Charles Robert Leslie, R.A., the dis- 
tinguished painter. 

1923. Malcolm Angelica. Half length 1813? 

Vide 1141. Exhibited at Historical Portrait Exhibition, 
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, as by Sully, which 
is very doubtful. 

1924. Patterson William. Bust 1821 

Vide 1289, n. Signed and dated. In collection of Mary- 
land Historical Society, Baltimore. 

1925. Penn-Gaskell Isaac. Half length 

(1810-1842). Physician and son of 1926. 

1926. Penn-Gaskell Peter. Half length 

(1763-1831). Lineal descendant of William Penn. Came 
from England to Philadelphia late in the 18th century. 

1927. Penn-Gaskell Mrs. Peter. Half length 

(1772-1834). Was Elizabeth Edwards. 

186 Thomas Sully's Eegister of Portraits, 1801-1871. 


1928. Penn-Gaskell Thomas. Half length 

(1796-1847). Son of 1926. 1925 to 1928 were exhibited 
at Historical Portrait Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy 
of Fine Arts, along with 608 and 696. These six portraits 
are owned by Miss Guilielma Penn-Gaskell Hall, Philadel- 
phia. Vide 608 and 696. 

1929. Roberts Joseph Jenkins. Bust 1844 

A negro; Lieut .-Governor of Liberia and later President of 
the Republic. Painted and presented by Sully to Penn- 
sylvania Colonization Society along with eighteen other 
portraits now in the hall of the Historical Society of Penn- 

1930. Sully Family. ^ Group 

Ten heads, on one canvas, of the painter's wife and nine of 
her children. Owned by Garrett C. Neagle, Philadelphia. 

1931. Sully Sarah. 1832 

Vide 1641, n. 

The following portraits of women have been publicly 
exhibited as by Sully, but I have been unable to identify 
them in the Register, doubtless from their having been 
painted before marriage and entered under the maiden names 
of the subjects. 

exhibited at the portrait exhibition of women, new 

york, november, 1894. 

Henry, Mrs. William Hamilton. 

Owned by William Hamilton Henry, New York. 

Morris, Mrs. Robert, of New Jersey. 

Owned by F. H. Bosworth, New York. 


MARCH, 1895. 

Burgess, Mrs. Sophia Kip. 
Owned by Miss Storrs. 

Thomas Sully s Register of Portraits, 1801-1871. 187 

exhibited at the loan exhibition of portraits, new 

york, november, 1895. 

Bayard, Mrs. Richard Henry. 

Vide 96. Owned by Mrs. Oswald Jackson, New York. 

Jackson, Mrs. Isaac R., and Mrs. John Lee. 
Owned by Mrs. Oswald Jackson, New York. 

Jackson, Mrs. Isaac R. 

Owned by Mrs. Oswald Jackson, New York. 

exhibited at loan exhibition of portraits, CINCINNATf, 

Allston, Mrs. William. 

Vide 32. Owned by C. T. Miller, Cincinnati. 

Bullock, Mrs. Benjamin. 

Vide 239. Owned by Mrs. A. D. Bullock, Cincinnati. 


Allston, Mrs. R. F. W. 

Vide 23-25, 28. OwTied by Mrs. A. Van der Horst. 

Greene, Mrs. Thomas. 

Owned by Mrs. M. W. Simmons. 

Horlbrook, Mrs. J. E. 

Vide 770. Owned by Mrs. C. C. Pinckney. 

Lewis, Mrs. John W. 

Vide 1032. Owned by Dr. Francis Porcher Lewis. 

Sully painted a picture that was engraved by John Cheney 
for The Gift, for 1837, of a young girl reading a letter addressed 
to "Mary H., " entitled The Love Letter. From its composi- 
tion it could be a portrait or a fancy picture. In May, 1891, 
at a sale of paintings from the Cooper Estate, at Davis and 
Harvey's Auction House, Philadelphia, this picture was sold 
as "Portrait of Miss E. Sims, of Pliiladelphia. " The canvas 
was signed "T. S. 1837." There is no portrait of Miss Sims 
in the Register, 



Allen, Annie Stockton, 1591 
American Antiquarian Society, 1888 
American Bible Society, 181 
American Philosophical Society, 
480, 881, 1331, 1461, 1742 

Barratt, Norris S., 380 
Biddle, Craig, 124, 133, 139 
Biddle, Emily Williams, 1215 
Biddle, Estate of Alexander, 1460, 

Biddle, Mrs. James S., 125, 129, 130, 

Bispham, William, 150 
Blake, Mrs., 39 

Boston Athenseima, 1306, 1717 
Boston Public Library, 1688 
Bowie, Catharine Helen, 48, 51, 

52, 54 
Brooks, Shepard, 197 
Buckler, Thomas H., 232 

Campbell, Benjamin H., 798 
Chapman, Henry C, 290 
Charleston St. Andrew's Society, 

1579, 1692, 1752 
Cheves, Henry C, 1535 
Church, Arthur, 981 
Clark, Mrs. Enoch W., 1519, 1520 
Clay, Mrs. Thomas, 645, 646, 649 
Clemson, Mrs. W. J., 1566 
Collins, Mrs. Frederic, 1232 
Collins, Stacy B., 886 
Conner, Phihp Sjmg Physick, 1314 
CooUdge, Miss EUa W., 1387 
Corcoran Gallery of Art (p. 9), 1136, 

Cushing, Mrs. Robert M., 446 
Cutts, Mrs. Richard D., 689 

Dallas, Sophia, 401 
Darley, Francis Thomas Sully, 409, 

Davis, Sussex Delaware, 419 

Delaware, State of, 899, 1105 

Dewees, Mrs. H. M., 439 

Dickson, L. Taylor, 1920 

Drayton, William Heyward, 463 , 

Drew, John, 465 

Drexel, Lucy Wharton, 1279 

Du Pont, Elizabeth Gardner, 450, 

Du Pont, Mary V. D., 483 
Dupuy, Herbert, 1402 
Durant, Mrs. H. T., 1868 

Ellis, Thomas Harding, 309 
Elw\Ti, Alfred Langdon, 505, 1173 

Findlay, Mrs. James, 802 
Fisher, George Harrison, 1855 
Forrest Home, 857, 884 

Gaw, Mrs. William H., 1546, 1843 
George, Mrs. H. E., 610, 611 
Griffith, Manuel Eyre, 344 

Hall, Guilielma Penn-Gaskell, 608, 

696, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928 
Harris, J. Andrew, 35 
Harrison, Beverly Randolph, 1667 
Harvard University, 6 
Hawkes, C. :McDougall, 994 
Hays, Miss, 1201 
Henrj', Morton P., 741 
Hoffman, George, 104 
Hopkinson, Mrs. OUver, 1763 
Howell, Henry W., 796 
Howell, Mrs. Joshua L., 797 
Hughes, Elizabeth W., 1336, 1630 
Hunt, Mrs. A. D., 954 
Hunt, Ellen R., 860 
Hutchins, Stitson, 892 
Hutchinson, Charles Hare, 824 
Hutcliinson, Mrs. James H., 829 



Index to Owners of Portraits. 

Ingersoll, Mrs. Harry, 1918 

Jackson, Rosalie V. T., 1363 
Janeway, Maria K., 870, 872 
Jenkins, Mrs. Hawkins K., 1193 
Jenkins, J. Foster, 414, 415, 417 
Jessup, Mrs. John, 800, 104.5, 1046, 

Joseph, Henry, 644, 647 

Keightley, Mrs. Archibald, 269, 

Keith, Mrs. Charles P., 1315 
Kintzing, Henry Pratt, 947, 949 
Klapp, Dr. WiUiam H., 956, 957 
Koecker, Louisa Melizet, 969 

Ladson, William Henry, 1368 
Ladson, Mrs. William Henry, 626, 

Lamb, H. A., 985 
Lambdin, Alfred C, 986 
Lambdin, Mrs. Alfred C, 1054 
Laws, Mrs. James, 1248, 1249 
Lewis, Mrs. E. P. C, 362 
Lindsay, Robert M., 1053 
Lloyd, Estate of Mrs. John, 1141 
Lloyd, Mrs. Malcolm, 803, 806 

Maryland Historical Society, 71, 

278, 792, 1924 
McKean, Mrs. Thomas, 1844 
Meigs, Ann Ingersoll, 827 
Meigs, William M., 1174 
Meredith, Catharine K., 1225 
Miller, G. T., 32 

Mitchell, James T., 1204, 1205, 1206 
Montgomery, Austin J., 1216, 1217, 

Morrell, Mrs. Carl, 393, 396, 399 
Morris Family, 1226 

Neagle, Garrett Cross, 1251, 1252, 

1253, 1254, 1255, 1638, 1930 
Nelson, Alfred, 520 
New York, City of, 428, 1877 
New York Historical Society, 225 
New York Metropolitan Museum 
of Art, 59, 525, 688, 1159, 1490, 

Norris, G. Heide, 1266, 1267 
Norris, S. Henry, 1268, 1269 
North Carolina University, 1151, 

Parker, Gilbert S., 1611 
Peniugton, Mary H., 992 
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine 

Arts, 140, 166, 273, 346, 425, 517, 

917, 921, 925, 1017, 1128, 1299, 

1309, 1448 
Pennsylvania Historical Society, 

109, 184, 263, 317, 371, 583, 758, 

852, 983, 990, 1074, 1123, 1179, 

1230, 1273, 1383, 1518, 1584, 

1654, 1655, 1745, 1782, 1797, 

1853, 1895, 1929 
Pennsylvania Hospital, 318, 1459 
Pennsylvania, University of, 291, 

Perot, T. Morris, 1231 
Philadelphia Academy of Natural 

Sciences, 1096 
Philadelphia, City of, 982, 1396 
Philadelpha, Franklin Institute of, 

Philadelphia, Horticultural Society 

of, 359 
Philadelphia Law Association, 146, 

300, 807, 1488, 1509, 1919 
Philadelphia, Library Company of, 

536, 1065, 1286, 1356 
Philadelphia Musical Fund Society, 

377, 475, 913, 1537 
Philadelphia St. George's Society 

(p. 8), 1751 
Philadelphia Saving Fund, 94, 1069 
Philadelphia Union League, 1794 
Pinckney, M. E., 497, 1320 
Post, Richard B., 1674 
Potter, Howard, 202 
Proudfit, Mrs. Alexander, 1382 
Providence Insane Hospital, 208, 


Ridgely, John, 1408 
Rippert, Mrs. Edmund H., 801 
Rose, A. B., 682 
Rosenthal, Albert, 1333 

Index to Owners of Portraits. 


Sargent, Mrs. Winthrop, 1449 
Shippen, Edward, 619 
Sotomayor, Duke of, 1121 
Stark, C. F. M., 1227 
Starr, Mrs. Isaac, 989 
Stewart, Andrew, 799 
Stickney, Harriet, 1715 

Tatham, Mrs. William P., 932 
Thayer, M. Russell, 1S14 
Thomas, Mrs. J. Moylan, 830 
Tilghman, Maria, 1698 
Tucker, Elizabeth Dallas, 398, 1915 

United States Army Medical Mu- 
seum, 1313 

Virginia Historical Society, 743, 
1137, 1800 

Wadsworth Athenaeum, 1059, 1648, 

Wadsworth, Charles P., 1845 
Wallace Collection, 1750 
Walsh, Henry C, 1775 
Ward, Mrs. Matthew F., 1780 
Warren, Mrs. James S., 1917 
Welsh, Herbert, 1921 
West Point Military Academy, 3, 

42, 641, 883, 1135, 1146, 1210, 

1678, 1879 
Wetherill, Mrs. Albert L., 871 
Wetherill, Mrs. Henry M., 441 
Whelen, Jr., Mrs. Henry, 460 
Wiltbank, William White, 1852 
Wisconsin Historical Society, 1796 
Wood, Rebecca Wain Tutt, 1772 


The names of owners of portraits are given, in each instance, upon the 
authority of the owner ; and although the claim to authorship has been 
verified in nearly every instance, yet the ascription of ownership is not to 
be taken as an assurance, by the Editor, of the authorship. C. H. H. 



Alexander, Emily Richardet, 49 
Alexander, Richard, 49 
Allston, Mrs. R. F. W., 187 
Allston, Mrs. William, 187 
Annely, Amelia, 21 
Annely, Maria, 21 
Annis, Sarah, 11 
Appleton, Samuel E., 21 
Arfwedson, Charles D., 22 
Armistead, William, 12 
Armitage, Sarah, 112 
Armstrong, William G., 113 
Arnold, Benedict, 149 
Arnold, Mrs. Benedict, 149 
Ashhurst, Henry, 135 
Ashhurst, Lewis R., 79 
Astor, Dorothea, 22 
Astor, Eliza, 22 
Astor, John Jacob, 22 
Astor, Magdalen, 22 
Astor, Mrs. William W., 129 

Bache, Miss, 78 
Baird, Caroline, 26 
Baker, Sir Henry Loraine, 60 
Banks, Emily, 80 
Barton, John Rhea, 141 
Bayard, Mrs. Richard H., 187 
Becher, W. Wrixon, 127 
Beekman, Ann, 26 
Beekman, James, 26 
Beekman, Sarah, 23, 26 
Belzons, Mons., 11, 12 
Bernard, Simon, 162 
Biddle, Anne E., 28 
Biddle, Mrs. Charles, 27 
Biddle, Edward, 48 
Biddle, Frances Marks, 45 
Biddle, James, 45 

Biddle, Lydia, 29, 45 

Biddle, Mrs. Nicholas, 48 

Biddle, William, 29 

Biddle, W. McFunn, 29 

Binney, Horace, 77 

Binney, Susan, 171 

Binns, John, 153 

Bispham, John B., 45 

Blackwell, Rebecca, 31 

Blackwell, Robert, 31 

Blodget, Mrs. Samuel, 32 

Bordley, Elizabeth, 69 

Bordley, John Beale, 69 

Boudinot, Annis, 155 

Bowie, Thomas L., 22 

Boylston, Ward N., 18 

Bridport, Hugh, 160 

Brooks, Mrs. Gorham, 34 

Brown, Susan Catharine, 87 

Brunton, Ann, 173 

Burroughs, Mrs. Horatio Nelson, 37 

Bunker, Hannah C, 129 

Bunker, Nathan, 129 

Burgess, Sophia Kip, 186 

Burton, William E., 13 

Butler, Margaret Coates, 117 

Butler, Fierce, 95, 117 

Butler, Mrs. Pierce, 94 

Cadwalader, Frances, 154 
Caldwell, Catharine, 96 
Calvert, Mr. and Mrs., 45 
Calvert, Sir Charles, 24 
Camac, William, 112 
Campbell, Alexander D., 180 
Campbell, James H., 39 
Campbell, Juliet H., 39 
Campbell, Mary Wain, 180 
Cantir, Joshua, 23 



Index to Names in Notes not in Register. 

Carey, Edward L., 39, 60 
Carey, Henry C, 104 
Carter, Bernard M., 133 
Carter, Mildred L., 133 
Cheney, John, 60, 103, 187 
Chevaher, Peter, 42 
Chevaher, Sally, 43 
Childs and Inman, 94 
Chisholm, Miss, 43 
Clay, Henry, 105, 147 
Claypoole, Sarah, 106 
Coale, Abby Ann W., 45 
Coale, Anne Hopkinson, 45 
Coale, Samuel S., 45 
Coates, Samuel, 15 
Coles, Edward, 44 
ColUns, Isaac, 45 
Collins, James, 45 
Connelly, John, 45 
Conner, Edwin S., 13 
Cook, James, 79 
Cooke, George Frederick, 15 
Coolidge, Joseph, 138 
Cooper, Thomas A., 14, 47 

Coperthwait, , 91 

Cornell, Rebecca, 27 
Cousins, Samuel, 29 
Cox, Sarah, 47 
Coxe, Eckley B., 62 
Coxe, John Redman, 47 
Coxe, Sophia, 62 
Craig, Jane M., 29 
Croto, Elizabeth, 22 
Cummings, William, 49 

Dale, John Montgomery, 50 
Dale, Richard, 50 
Dallas, Alexander James, 50 
Dallas, Arabella Maria, 50 
Dallas, George Mifflin, 50, 184 
Daniel, Peter V., 51 
Darley, Eleanora Westray, 13, 52 
Darley, Felix O. C, 13, 52 
Darley, Francis T. S., 13, 52 
Darley, Jane Cooper, 52 
Darley, William H. W., 13, 52 
Davis, Isaac P., 14, 53 
Da\'is, Jefferson, 34 

Davis, Samuel B., 52, 184 

Dennie, Joseph, 54 

Dexter, Edward, 74 

Dodson, Richard W., 180 

Dorsey, John, 37 

Dorsey, John Syng, 138 

Dreer, Ferdinand J., 9 

Drew, John, 57 

Drew, Mrs. John, 173 

Drexel, Lucy Wharton, 128 

Duane, William, 66 

Du Bois, Samuel F., 129 

Durand, Asher B., 9, 18, 83, 183 

Edwards, Elizabeth, 185 

Edwin, David, 20, 46, 114, 153, 173, 

Ellis, Thomas H., 163 
Elwyn, Alfred L., 60 
Emlen, EHzabeth, 132 
Emlen, Samuel, 60 
Erskine, Lord, 60, 154 

Fairlie, James, 61 

Fairlie, Mrs. James, 61 

Fairlie, Mary, 47 

Fairman, Gideon, 61, 184 

Field, John, 131 

Field, Robert, 68 

Fisher, Joshua Francis, 62, 78 

Fisher, William Read, 139 

Fitzgerald, Thomas, 64 

Fitzhugh, William H., 63, 64 

Forrest, Edwin, 13 

Forrest, I. B., 158 

Fowle, Charlotte, 179 

Fox, Gilbert, 65 

Franklin, Benjamin, 22, 23, 57, 78, 

80, 180 
Eraser, Charles, 12 
Fulton, Robert, 68 
Furness, Horace Howard, 67 
Furness, Mrs. Horace Howard, 143 

Gage, Thomas, 109 
Gibson, James, 69 
Gilpin, Mrs. Henry D., 92 
Girard, Stephen, 10, 19 

Index to Names in Notes not in Register. 


Gist, Maria Cecil, 72 
Glynn, William, 75 
Godey, Louis A., 71 
Goodman, Charles, 55, 143 
Gordon, John M., 42 
Graham, George R., 71 
Grant, John Blackwood, 119 
Greene, Nathaniel, 72 
Greene, Mrs. Thomas, 187 
Griffith, Robert E., 73 
Grigg, John, 74 
Gumbes, Rebecca W., 74 
Gwann, John, 75 

Hall, William, 76 
Haly, William J., 75 
Hamilton, Robert, 13 
Handel, Georg Fried., 76 
Harbeson, Margaret, 97 
Hare, Esther Binney, 77 
Hare, George Emlen, 136 
Hare, John I. Clark, 77 
Hare, Margaretta, 86 
Harper, William, 77 
Harrison, Archibald M., 163 
Harrison, Joseph, 130 
Harrison, Mathias A., 113 
Harrison, Rebecca M., 113 
Harrison, William Henry, 13, 77 
Hart, Charles Henry, 10, 89, 92 
Harwood, Andrew A., 78 
Hawkes, George W., 101 
Hays, Isaac, 120 
Healey, G. P. A., 181 
Heide, Mary Ann, 127 
Henry, Mrs. Bernard, 168 
Henry, Mrs. William H., 186 
Hewson, William, 80 
Hillegas, Deborah, 99 
Hillegas, Michael, 99 
Hoffman, George, 26 
Hopkinson, I\Irs. Francis, 27 
Hopkinson, Joseph, 65 
Hoppin, Esther, 101 
Hoppner, John, 23 
Horlbrook, Mrs. J. E., 187 
Howell, Benjamin B., 84 
Howell, Henry W., 84 

Howell, Lewis, 84 
Hubard, William J., 164 
Hubbell, Ferdinand W., 85 
Hughes, Captain, 22 
Hunt, Henry, 57 ! 

Hursley, Ketland, 65 
Hutchinson, Charles H., 77 
Hutchinson, Israel P., 86 

Ingersoll, Charles J., 62, 86, 184 
Ingersoll, Joseph R., 15, 87, 180, 185 
Inman, Henry, 185 
Irving, Washington, 95 
Izard, George, 115 
Izard, Ralph, 88 

Jackson, Andrew, 55, 185 
Jackson, Mrs. Isaac R., 187 
Jackson, Mary Miller, 79 
Jackson, Samuel, 79 
Jackson, "Stonewall," 94 
Jefferson, Martha, 138 
Jefferson, Thomas, 120 
Jewett, S. William, 33 
Johnston, Mrs. Josiah S., 92 
Johnston, William R., 92 
Jones, John Paul, 50 

Kane, Elisha Kent, 94 
Kane, Elizabeth, 62 
Kane, Robert P., 62 
Kane, Sally, 123 
Kemble, Frances Ann, 95 
Kemble, John Philip, 94 
Keppele, Mrs. Michael, 96 
Kintzing, Henry Pratt, 97 
Kneass, S. H., 98 
Kneass, William, 98 
Kortright, Elizabeth, 121 
Krumbhaar, , 99 

LaFayette, bS, 185 
Lane, Louisa, 57 
Lardner, Alexander, 101 
Lawrence, Thomas, 62, 70, 176 
Learning, Lydia, 103 
Learning, Mrs. Thomas, 103 
LeBrun, Vig^e, 115 


Index to Names in Notes not in Register. 

Le Despenser, Lord, 131 

Lee, Mrs. John, 187 

Lee, Mary, 7 

Lee, Richard Henry, 102 

Leiper, Jane Duval, 94 

Leiper, Martha Gray, 91 

Leney, William S., 79 

Lenox, Lady, 183 

Le Roy, J. B., 11 

Leslie, Charles R., 86, 103, 104, 185 

Leslie, Robert, 185 

Leslie, Mrs. Robert, 185 

Lewis, Ellis, 39 

Lewis, Mrs. John W., 187 

Lewis, Phoebe, 172 

Lingen, George, 107 

Lippincott, J. Dundas, 135 

Longacre, James B., 114, 123 

Lugenbeel, James W., 108 

Macdonough, Thomas, 111 
Maclure, WilHam, 110 
McCall, Archibald, 109 
McCall, Harry, 87 
Mcllvaine, Charles P., 112 
McKean, Sally, 112 
McKean, Thomas, 112 
McKenty, Mary Ann, 118 
McMurtrie, Anna, 165 
McMurtrie, William, 165 
Malbone, Edward G., 71, 136 
Malcolm, Angelica, 114, 185 
Markoe, Emily, 41 
Markoe, John, 41 
Markoe, Maria, 177 
Marshall, John, 11 
Mason, James M., 180 
Masquerier, John J., 127 
Maywood, Robert C, 13 
Meade, George Gordon, 117 
Meade, Richard W., 117 
Meigs, Charles D., 117 
Melizet, Louisa, 99 
Mercer, John F., 118 
Meredith, William M., 118 
Merry, Robert, 173 
Messchert, Matthew H., 118 
Meyer, Hoppner, 39 

Milner, Anna B., 98 
Mitchell, Edward P., 121 
Mitchell, James T., 121 
Mitchell, Samuel A., 37 
Montgomery, Emily, 150 
Morgan, J. P., 62 
Morgan, W. H., 17 
Morris, Anthony, 124 
Morris, Gouverneur, 118 
Morris, Margaret, 45 
Morris, Mrs. Robert, 186 
Morse, Samuel F. B., 9 
Mossop, George, 57 
Murray, Cliarles Augustus, 171 

Napoleon, 122 

Neagle, Garrett C, 8 

Neagle, John, 12 

Newsam, Albert, 13, 29,94, 110, 113, 

150, 153, 172, 185 
Nicklin, Juliana Chew, 51 
Nicklin, Maria Chew, 175 
Nicklin, Philip, 51 
Nicklin, Sophia Ann, 51 

Ogden, Gertrude G., 118 
Oldmixon, Maria, 107 

Paget, Julia, 183 

Parnell, Charles Stewart, 154 

Patterson, Wilham, 129, 185 

Paulding, James K., 95 

Peale, Charles Willson, 9, 62, 130 

Peale, Rembrandt, 130 

Pekinino, Michele, 178 

Penn, John, 131 

Penn, William, 108, 185 

Penn-Gaskell, Isaac, 185 

Penn-Gaskell, Peter, 185 

Penn-Gaskell, Mrs. Peter, 185 

Penn-Gaskell, Tiiomas, 186 

Pepper, Mrs. David, 133 

Peticolas, Edward F., 158 

Peticolas, Phillippe S., 158 

Philips, Elizabeth H., 122 

Phihps, Henry, 132 

Philips, Sophia Chew, 132 

Piggot, Robert, 55, 143 

Pine, Robert Edge, 139 

Index to Names in Notes not in Register. 


Piatt, Charles, 133 
Polk, James K., 115 
Porcher, Professor, 11 
Potesdad, Luis de, 41, 133 
Powel, Samuel, 136 
Proud, WiUiam F., 45 

Raeburn, Henry, 107, 155 
Ralston, Maria, 138 
Ralston, Robert, 138 
Randolph, Edmund, 51 
Randolph* Lucy Nelson, 51 
Randolph, Mary, 41 
Rawle, Francis, 177 
Rawie, Margaret, 177 
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, 86 
Richards, Benjamin W,, 113, 140 
Ridgway, Jacob, 141 
Ritchings, Peter, 140 
Rittenhouse, Da\id, 25 
Robbins, Chandler, 180 
Robbins, Helen JuUa, 180 
Roberts, Joseph Jenkins, 186 
Roberts, Mary, 152 
Roberts, Sally Logan, 44 
Robertson, EUzabeth, 11 
Robinson, John, 32 
Rogers, Evan, 143 
Rogers, Fairman, 143 
Romney, George, 115, 128 
Ross, James, 15 
Rotch, Thomas, 141 
Roye, Edward James, 33 
Rush, Mrs. James, 141 
Rush, Juha, 155 
Rush, Julia Williams, 155 
Rush, Samuel, 155 

St. Menim, J. F. B., 74 

Sarmiento, Jane J., 48 

Sartain, Jolm, 30, 31, 42, 58, 70, 72, 

118, 146 
Sartain, Samuel, 26, 29, 43 
Sa'n-yer, Mary Ann, 146 
Schoff, Stephen A., 153 
Schuyler, Corneha, 124 
Schuyler, PhiHp J., 146 
Scott, John R., 13 

Scott, Winfield, 95 

Sergeant, John, 147 

Seton, WilUam W., 68 

Sharp WiUiam, 128 

Shippen, Peggy, 149 

Shunk, Francis R., 13 

Siddons, Sarah, 94 

Sigoigne, Adele, 147 

Sims, Miss E., 187 

SUdell, John, 180 

Smith, Jacob R., 152 

Smith, James S., 103 

Smith, Middleton, 11, 150 

Sotomayor, Duke of, 112 

Southard, Samuel L., 112 

Spencer, Elihu, 29 

Steel, James W., 169 

Steuben, Baron, 58 

Stevenson, Mary, 80 

Stewart, Charles, 157 

Stewart, Delia, 154 

Stewart, D. Shriver, 84 

Stockton, Frank R., 156 

Stockton, Julia, 144 

Strickland, William, 16 

Stuart, Gilbert, 12, 14, 18, 53, 69, 

73, 96, 97, 98, 112, 147, 149, 152, 

Sully, Alfred, 14 
Sully, Blanche, 9 
Sully, Chester, 7, 11, 12 
Sully, Ellen O., 14 
Sully, Ehzabeth, 11, 12 
Sully Family, 186 
Sully, Harriet, 11 
Sully, Jane, 11 
Sully, Jane Chester, 13 
Sully, Jane Cooper, 13 
Sully, Lawrence, 11 
Sully, Mary, 11 
Sully, Mary Chester, 12 
Sully, Matthew, 11 
Sully, Robert M., 11 
Sully, Rosalie Kemble, 14 
Sully, Sarah, 11, 186 
Sully, Thomas W., 13 
Sully, Virginia I., 14 
Swaine, Susannah L., 146 


Index to Names in Notes not in Register. 

Taylor, Fanny, 43 
Taylor, Maria, 133 
Teakle, John, 165 
Trott, Benjamin, 136 
Trumbull, Faith, 171 
Trumbull, John, 167 
Tyler, John, 13, 47, 115 
Tyler, Priscilla, 47 
Tyler, Robert, 47 
Tyndale, Elizabeth, 121 

Van Buren, Martin, 134 
Van Dyke, Dorcas M., 58 
Vethake, Henry, 169 
Victoria, Queen, 10 

Wadsworth, James S., 171, 177 
Wagstaff, C. E., 170 
Waldo, Samuel L., 33 
Wallace, John B., 171 
Wallace, John William, 31, 171 
Wain, Robert, 172 
Ward, Ellen, 70 
Warren, Joseph, 173 
Warren, William, 173 
Warwick, Abram, 43 
Washington, George, 120, 178 
Watmough, Edward C, 175 
Watson, Sally, 163 
Welch, Thomas B., 50, 165 
Wellmore, Edward, 79 
Wells, Kirk Boott, 87 
Wemyss, Francis C, 13 
West, Benjamin, 15, 32, 76, 88 

West, WilHam E., 181 
Wetherill, John Price, 74 
Wharton, George M., 177 
Wharton, Isaac, 177 
Wharton, Rebecca S., 152 
Wheeler, John H., 14 
Whelen, Henry, 178 
■WTielen, Israel, 178 
Whelen, Mary Siddons, 178 
White, Bishop, 122 
Wiggin, Benjamin, 179 
Wignell, Thomas, 173 
Wilcocks, Ann, 15 
Wilcocks, Benjamin C, 14 
Wilcocks, Charlotte M., 87 
Wilcocks, Mary, 86, 87 
Wilcox, J. A. J., 92 
WilHams, Jonathan, 15 
WiUing, Dorothea F., 31 
Willing, EUzabeth, 136 
WiUing, George, 31 
Wilson, Henrietta, 14 
Winthrop, Robert C, 181 
Wolcott, Oliver, 183 
Wood, William B., 46 
Wright, Sir James, 16 

Yates, Robert, 61 
Young, Eliza M., 109 
Young, William, 109 
Yrujo, Marquis Casa d', 112 

Zimeno, Manuel! a, 14 


ND237.S9F09'°''°' '''''''''' BOSS 

iti iii^nim^. °/ P°''t''a'ts painted by Thoma 

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