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Full text of "Register Of Rhodes Scholars 1903 1945"






Han*** Cttp 

This Volume is for 


R E G I S T 





Oxford University Press, Amen House, London E.C.4 


Geoffrey Cumberlege, Publisher to the University 




Scholars elected since 1945 121-123 


Scholars elected since 1939 251-252 



INDEX 270 


THE last Record of Rhodes Scholars was published in 1931 and included 
all scholars elected up to the year 1927. The present volume attempts 
to carry the story on to the end of the Second World War, and contains 
the names of 2,336 scholars elected up to that time (1,134 from British 
Dominions and Colonies, 1,126 from the United States, and 76 from Ger- 
many). Up to the year of publication, 1949, 2,633 scholars have been 
elected, and the names of those appointed after 1945 will be found in the 
volume, though it is too early to give full particulars about them. 

Of the total number, 319 have died, and their names are recorded in the 
Obituary list at the end of the Register. One hundred and ten of them lost 
their lives on active service, and their names are inscribed on the War 
Memorial at Rhodes House. 

Owing to the large number of names recorded, and the present costs of 
printing and publication, it has been necessary to compress the entries to 
the minimum of space, and many abbreviations have been used. It is 
hoped that these will be sufficiently intelligible to give the main outlines of 
the scholar's career, which is all that a Register of this kind can hope to do. 

It has been found convenient to divide the Register into three sections: 
(i) British Dominions and Colonies ; (2) United States of America; (3) Ger- 
many. The whole of the American section has been prepared by the 
General Secretary to the American Rhodes Scholarships, Dr. Frank Ayde- 
lotte (Indiana and Brasenose, 1905), and his staff. The compilation of the 
Register would have been impossible without this generous co-operation, 
for which the editor desires to express his warmest gratitude. It will be 
found that there are some slight differences between the British and 
American sections in abbreviations, titles, orthography, &c. These differ- 
ences are intentional, since the American section is designed principally 
for readers in the United States, and it has therefore been thought best to 
follow American usage. 

The particulars for this Register have been collected from every part of 
the world, and the process has necessarily been slow and laborious. All 
printing takes time nowadays, and in the interval between completion of 
Information Forms and actual publication many details have changed. So 
far as possible, all recent information has been included up to the last 
practicable moment of proof-correction, but it is inevitable that some 
particulars will be already a little out of date at the time of publication. It 
is equally inevitable that there will be inaccuracies of detail, and correc- 
tions of them will be welcomed. If, here and there, there are gaps or 


Imperfections In the entries, that Is because the information Is not available 
or has not been supplied by Rhodes Scholars whom it has been difficult 
to trace. 

A few explanations of special points are necessary. 


All combatant service has been recorded, so far as it is known, with 
abridged particulars of branch of service, theatres of operations, and rank. 
All known decorations and distinctions are recorded. The abbreviation 
C D. S stands for 'Mentioned in dispatches', and is given once only, even if 
this distinction has been gained several times. 

Wounds and war disabilities are not recorded except in special cases. In 
the U.S. Section, however, the Purple Heart is recorded when known, and 
this is given in recognition of wounds on the field of battle. 

Service in home defence organizations such as Civil Defence ('Air Raid 
Precautions'), Fire Service, Red Cross, Home Guard, Volunteer Reserves, 
&c., is not recorded unless the individual appears to have held some special 
responsibility in one of these services. 

In the 1939-45 war there were so many different kinds of civilian con- 
tribution to the war effort that it is difficult to estimate their relative impor- 
tance, but so far as possible all such activities which have been notified 
and which seem to have been directly concerned with the war effort, have 
been recorded. 


The writings of Rhodes Scholars are very numerous, and not the least 
valuable of their contributions have been in the form of articles, pamphlets, 
reviews, and the like. Apart from the difficulty of discriminating between 
the more and the less permanent of these contributions to periodical litera- 
ture, reasons of space forbid their Inclusion in this Register, save in a few 
exceptional cases. Specific mention, therefore, is, with these few excep- 
tions, made only of published volumes, with a general reference, where it 
seems appropriate, to articles, Sec., In periodicals. 


Medical. Hospital and honorary appointments are recorded when known, 
but in many cases Information about these is incomplete. 

Legal In some countries the legal profession is divided into two distinct 
branches, but in other countries this is not the custom. No attempt, there- 
fore, is made here to distinguish between barristers and solicitors, and a 
Rhodes Scholar who is a practising member of the legal profession Is 
described as engaged in Tractice of Law*. 


Dr. Aydelotte desires to express his appreciation of the invaluable 
assistance which he has received, in compiling the United States Section, 
from Mr. Gilmore Stott (Ohio and Balliol, 1938), Mrs. Elsa Jenkins, and 
Miss Jane Richardson. The Editor is also greatly indebted to all who have 
co-operated, and particularly to Miss Janet Mawdsley Smith, without 
whose vigilant and tireless help his task would have been impossible. 


Warden of Rhodes House and Oxford 

Secretary to the Rhodes Trustees 
22 September 



BY his Will in 1899 Mr. Rhodes established 60 Colonial Scholar- 
ships and their annual distribution was as follows : 3 for Rhodesia; 
5 for South Africa (the Colony of Natal and four named schools 
in the Cape Colony) ; 6 for Australia, one for each Colony (now 
State); one each for Ontario and Quebec; and one each for New 
Zealand, Newfoundland, Bermuda, and Jamaica. 

CANADA. The Trustees, as from 1904, established additional 
scholarships in Canada, viz. for British Columbia, Manitoba, New 
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and the North- 
West Territories. This latter was, from 1907, awarded as a joint 
annual scholarship to the newly established Provinces of Alberta 
and Saskatchewan, and from 1917 one annual scholarship was 
allocated to each of these two Provinces. In 1925 the Prince 
Edward Island scholarship was discontinued and in 1926 one 
additional annual scholarship each was established for Ontario and 
Quebec. Thus since 1926 the annual number of scholarships for 
the Dominion has been 10. (Note. From 1949, after Newfound- 
land's entry into the Canadian Federation, the total will be u.) 

NEW ZEALAND. A second annual scholarship was established 
in 1926. 

SOUTH AFRICA. Additional scholarships have been established 
as follows: Orange Free State (1918); Transvaal (1918); Cape 
Province (1922); Eastern Province, in alternate years (1935). 
A scholarship, in alternate years, for Kimberley was established in 
1918, and discontinued in 1937. A scholarship, in alternate years, 
was established for Port Elizabeth in 1919, and discontinued in 
1933. The Stellenbosch Boys' High School is now known as the 
Paul Roos Gymnasium, in memory of the distinguished Afrikaner 
who was for many years its Headmaster. 

EAST AFRICA. A scholarship, awarded once every three years, 
was established in 1933. The territory designated includes Kenya, 
Uganda, Tanganyika, and Zanzibar. 

MALTA, G.C. A scholarship, awarded once every three years, 
was established in 1921 and in 1942 was converted into an annual 


INDIA AND PAKISTAN, Two annual scholarships for India were 
established in 1947. In 1949 they were divided into one annual 
scholarship each for India and Pakistan. This Register gives 
details only of Rhodes Scholars elected up to the year 1945, but 
the names of Indian and Pakistani scholars will be found in the 
list of those elected between 1947 and 1949. 

The present total number of annual scholarships from British 
Dominions and Colonies, together with India and Pakistan, is 
35, or 37 in alternate years. 

Pre-Will and 1903 

BEFORE his death Mr. Rhodes had, by way of experiment, given a Scholar- 
ship to the Diocesan College at Rondebosch, close by his own house, 
Groote Schuur. The first Scholarship was divided between two Scholars. 
The holders of this pre-Will Scholarship came into residence at Oxford 
in 1904. Although there were South African Rhodes Scholars at Oxford 
by 1903, it has been thought best to place the pre-Will Scholars by them- 
selves at the beginning of this Register. 

REID, FRANK, b. 20 Aug. 1885. Dioc. Coll., 

Oriel 1904-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1907. 

1908- : Practice of Law, Cape Town. K.C. 
1935. 1915-24: Lect. in Law, Univ. of Cape 
Town. 1915-18: 9th & 8th S.A.I.; E. Afr., Pte. 
& Gnr. Chancellor, Church of the Province of 
S. Afr. since 1930. 

PubL: Footslogging in East Africa, 1918. 

Inversnaid, Nezvlands, nr. Cape Town. 

1886. Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch. 

Exeter 1904-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1907. 
M.A. 1919. 

1 908-44 : Practice of Law', Cape Town. 1915- 
18: K.R.R.C.; France, Belgium; Lt. 

m. 1922. Ethel Mary Barker. 

Died 3 Feb. 1944. 


BROOKE, CYPRIAN (The Rev.) (Diocesan 
College, Rondebosch). b. 27 Sept. 1885. 
Dioc. Coll. Sch., Claremont, & Dioc. Coll., 

Keble 1903-6. Pass Schools 1906. B.A. 1907. 

1906-8- Teaching, Broadstairs, Engl. 1908-9: 
Cuddesdon Theol. Coll. Ordained 1909. 1909- 
12: Curate, Buckingham & Witney, Engl. 1912- 
22: Curate, Rondebosch & Kalk Bay, C.P. 
1922- : Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch; Asst. Master 
1922; Housemaster 1930; Chaplain, Prep. Sch., 

Stanmore, Diocesan College Prep. School, 
Rondebosch, C.P. 

(Natal), b. 16 Nov. 1884. High Schools, 
Mauritius, Bordeaux & Durban. 

Oriel 1903-6. Jurispr. 3rd CL Called to the 
Bar, Engl., 1907. 

1909- : Practice of Law, Natal. 

Box 585, Durban, Natal 

Justice) (St. Andrew's College, Grahams- 
town), b. 1 Dec. 1883. St. Andrew's Coll., 

Trinity 1903-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1907. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1905-6. Called to the Bar, Engl., 

1908-44: Practice of Law, Grahamstown. 
K.C. 1927. 1916-19: R.A.F.; France, Italy; 
A/Capt. M.C. D. 1938: Acting Judge. 1940: 
Liaison Officer. 1941-4: Judge Advocate, 
U.D.F., Pretoria & Member of Courts-martial; 
Lt.-Col. 1944- : Judge of Supreme Court of 
S. Afr., Eastern Districts Local Divn. 

m. 1912. Lilian Shand. Five s. 

3 Leicester St., Grahamstown, C.P. 

LEWIS, PERCY TYSON (South African College 

School). 6. 2 Oct. 1884. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & 
S. Afr. Coll. B.A, (Cape). 

Balliol 1904 (Hil. Term)-1906 (Trin. Term) 
& 1907 (Trm. Term). Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1907. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1907. Cricket 
for S. Afr. 1913. 

1 907-3 9 : Practice of Law, Cape Town. 1914- 
19: Cape G.A. & R.F.A.; S. Afr., Gallipoli, 
Egypt, France; A/Capt. M.C. D. 1921-46: 
Gen. Secy, for Rhodes Scholarships in S. Afr. 
K.C. 1937. 1939; Acting Judge, Supreme Court 
of S. Afr. 1940-6: S. Afr. Forces, Admin. H.Q., 
E. Afr., Egypt, England; Lt.-Col. O.B.E. D, 

m. 1942. Frances Marion Hayes (nee O*Kell). 

Merrtvale Farm, Plungar, Nottingham, Eng- 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 1 Oct. 1885. Boys' 
High Sch. & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. 

Merton 1903-6. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1907. 
M.A. 1920. 

1906-9: Student, Aberdeen Univ. 1909-10: 
Teaching, Llandovery Sch., Wales; Student, 
Berlin Univ. 1911-16: Lect. in Hist. & Econ., 
Rhodes Univ. Coll., Grahamstown. 1917-34: 
Prof, of Hist., Univ. of the Witwatersrand. 
1930 & 1933: Studying conditions in E. Afr. & 
travelling, England, America, W. Indies. Hon. 
Research Fellow in Afr. Hist. & Admin., Univ. 
of the Witwatersrand, 1935; Heath Clark Lect., 
Univ. of London, 1939; Colonial Office Advisory 
Commee. on Educ. m the Colonies 1940. 
Writing, Research Fellow, Acting Empire Intell. 
Director, B.B.C., 1941; Senr. Repres. of Brit. 
Council in & for W. Afr. 1943. Official Colonial 
Labour Advisory Commee. since 1946. 1947- : 
Director, Colonial Studies, St. Andrews Univ., 

w. (1) 1913. Jean Sutherland. (Marriage dis- 
solved.) (2) 1936. Mona Tweedie. Two s. 
Two d. 

Publ,: South African Agrarian Problem, 1919. 
The Cape Colour Question, 1926. Bantu, Boer 
6f Briton, 1928. Complex South Africa, 1930. 
Warning from the West Indies: a Tract for Africa, 
1936, repub. w. revisions & new preface (Pen- 
guin Books), 1938. Africa Emergent, 1938, 
2nd ed. (Penguin Books), 1948. Europe 6f West 
Africa, 1940. Democratise the Empire, 1941. 

St. Andrews University, Scotland. 


BISSETT, ALBERT MENZIES. b. 4 Jan. 1884. St. 
George's Sch., Bulawayo. 

Wadham 1903-5. Resigned Scholp. 

1906- : Fanning. 

m. 1911. Frances Baynham. One df. 

Gramot, Schagen, East Transvaal. 

1903, 1904 


[Rhodesia, cont."\ 


1882. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. B.A. 


Oriel 1903-6. Jtirispr. 3rd Cl. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1905. 

1907-38: Practice of Law, Johannesburg. 
Crown Prosecutor for Swaziland from 1915, & 

Basutoland from 1928. 1935-8: Att.-Gen. for 
the High Commn. Territories and Asst. Legal 
Adviser to High Commissioner. K.C. 1935. 
1938-44: Judge of the High Court of S. Rhod. 

m. 1915. Halsa Marjorie Bisset. One s. 
Two d . 

Died 24 July 1944. 




1 Jan. 1885. Montreal High Sch. & McGill 
Univ. B.A. 

New Coll. 1904-7. Lit. Hum. 1st Cl Jurispr. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1906. M.A. 1912. Chess v. Camb. 
1907. Fellow of All Souls 1908- . Licencie" en 
droit (Paris) 1910. 

1910-21: Barrister, London, Engl. 1915-18: 
War Trade IntelL Dept. & Min. of Shipping. 
1918: Draftsman, Capitulations Commn., 
Egypt. 1919-22: Lect. in Private Internat. Law, 
Oxford. 1921- * Solicitor, London. 

m. 1922. Gilda Varesi. 

St. Michael's Rectory, Cornhill, London, E. C. 3, 

Territories), b. 26 Aug. 1880. Edmonton High 
Sch. & McMaster Univ. B.A. & M.A. 

Pembroke 1904-7. Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. 

1908-14: Business. 1914-27: Practice of Law. 
1915-19: Edmonton Fus., Can.; Capt. 1927- 
46: Dept. of Educ. (Registrar 1940), Prov. of 
Alberta. Retired 1946. 

m. 1908. Mabel L, Clark (d. 1948). One s. 
Three d. 

Died 24 July 1949. 

(Prince Edward Island), b. 7 July 1879. St. 
Dunstan's Coll., P.E.I. B.A. (Laval). 

St. John's 1904-7. Dipl. Educ. w. Distn. & 
Pass Schools. B.A. 1908. 

1908-16: Teaching & Study. Ordained. 
1916-18: Rector, St. Anne's Church, Calgary, 
1918-33: Principal, St. Mary's Coll., Calgary, 

Died 19 May 1933. 

(British Columbia), b. 12 Oct. 1881. Van- 
couver High Sch. & Coll. 

Hertford 1904-8. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. & 
B.M., B.Ch., 1911. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1906-8. 

1908-12: St. Thomas's Hosp., London, Engl. 
1912-14: Hosp.Appts. D.P.H. (R.C.S.,Lond.) 
1929. 1915-19: R.A.M.C.; France, Belgium; 
Major. O.B.E. (Mil.). D. 1920-36: E. Afr. 
Med. Service; Somahland. S.M.O. 1932. 
Retired 1936. 1940-2: P.o.W., Guernsey. 
1942-5: M.O., Biberach Internment Camp, 

cjo Messrs. Glyn Mills & Co., Kirkland House, 
Whitehall, London, S.W.I, England. 

MacLEAN, JOHN (Manitoba), b. 22 Oct. 

1882. Collegiate Inst., Winnipeg, & Univ. of 
Manitoba. B.A. 

Worcester 1904-8. Lit. Hum, 2nd Cl. 1907. 
Dipl. Educ. 1908. B.A. & M A. 1919. 

1908-17: Indian Educ. Service. 1917-19: 
Can. Inf.; France: Cpl. 1920- : Practice of 
Law, Winnipeg. K.C. 1942. 

w. 1910. Rosetta Metz. 

501 Lombard Bldg,, Winnipeg, Man. 

b. 22 June 1882. St. John High Sch., N.B., & 
Univ. of N.B. B A. 

Balliol 1904-7. Hist. 2nd CL Gladstone 
Mem. Prize. Brass ey Studentship & Beit Pjrize. 
B.A. & M.A. 1911. B.Litt. 1912. 

1907-9: Staff of Public Archives, Ottawa. 
1909-29: Prof, of Hist., Univ. of Manitoba. 
1929- : Prof, of Hist., Univ. of Toronto. 
Various Govt. commissions and reports. Pres., 
Can. Hist. Assocn., 1928. 

m. 1912. Dorothy Payne-Evans. One d. 

Publ. : Canada and its Provinces, vol. xix, 1914. 
Lord Selkirk's Work in Canada, 1916. The 
Natural Resources Question, 1920. Empire and 
Commonwealth, 1929. (In collab.) The Kelsey 
Papers, 1929; The Story of Canada, 1929; The 
Book of Canada, 1930 (co-ed.). 'Dominion 
Lands' Polity (vol. li in Canadian Frontiers of 
Settlement Series), 1938. Simpson's Athabasca 
journey, Intro., 1938. (Ed.) Canada in Peace & 
War, 1941. Contribs. to Cambridge History of 
the British Empire, vol. vi. Numerous articles, 
reviews, &c. 

24 Hawthorne Ave. } Toronto, Ont. 


1 Sept. 1881. Harbord St. Collegiate Inst., 
Toronto, & Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

Balliol 1904-7. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1907. 
L.T. v. Camb. 1905-7 (Pres. 1906). 

1907-10: Titles & Trust Co., Toronto. 

Died 12 July 1912. 

ROSE, HERBERT JENNINGS (Quebec), b. 5 May 

1883. Ottawa Collegiate Inst 8s McGill Univ. 

Balliol (Hon. Scholar), 1904-7. Hon. Mods. 
(Class.) 1st Cl. Lit. Hum. 1st CL B.A. 1907. 
M.A. 1910. Ireland & 1st Craven Scholp. 
Chancellor's Latin Essay. Passrnore Edwards 
Scholp. Chess v. Camb. 1905-8. 1907-11: 
Official Fellow, Exeter Coll. 

1911-15: Assoc. Prof, of Classics, McGill 

[Canada, cont,] 

Univ., Montreal. 1915-19: Can. Inf.; Hon. Lt., 
Khaki Univ. 1919-27: Prof, of Latin, Univ. 
Coll. of Wales, Aberystwyth. 1927- : Prof, of 
Greek, St. Andrews Univ., Scotland. F.B.A. 
Frazer Lect., Oxford, 1934; Hon. Fellow of 
Exeter Coll., Oxford, 1944; Pres., Folk-Lore 
Socy., 1932 & 1933; Pres., Scottish Anthrop. & 
Folk-Lore Socy. (Edinburgh); Socio corri- 
spondente, Institute di Scienze eLettere, Milan; 
Foreign Member, Royal Socy. of Letters, Lund 
(Sweden). Marett Mem. Lect., Oxford. 1948. 

m. 1911. Eliza H. Plimsoll (d. 1939). Five s. 
(one dcd.). Two d. 

Publ.: Roman Questions of Plutarch, 1924. 
Primitive Culture in Greece, 1925. Primitive 
Culture in Italy, 1926. (In collab.) Blodau o hen 
Ardd, 1927. Handbook of Greek Mythology, 
1928. Trans. Father W. Schmidt's Theonen und 
Tatsachen, under title Origin and Growth of 
Religion, 1931; Hygini Fabulae, 1933. Concern- 
ing Parallels, 1934. A Handbook of Greek 
Literature, 1934, 2nd ed. 1942. A Handbook 
of Latin Literature, 1936. Contrib. to Custom is 
King, 1936, & Greek Poetry and Life, 1936. The 
Eclogues of Vergil (Sather Classical Lectures, 
1939-40), 1942 Ancient Greek Religion, 1948. 
(In collab.) Folklore of Chios, 1948. Greek Piety 
(from the Swedish of M. P. Nilsson), 1948. 

St. Andrews University, Scotland. 


b. 11 Nov. 1882. Halifax Academy, N.S., & 
Dalhousie Univ. B.A. Harvard Univ. Law 
Sch., U.S.A. 

New Coll. 1904-7. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1906. 
M.A. 1919. 

Practice of Law; Halifax 1907-11: Montreal 
1911-47. K.C. 1920. 1915-18- Can. Inf.; 
France, Belgium; Capt. (Temp. Major). M.C. 
1924-8: Lt.-Col. commanding Can. Gren, 
Guards; resumed command 1935; Col. 1941. 

m. 1909. Amie Beatrice Sinclair (d. 1933). 
Three s. (one dcd.). Three d. 

Died 5 Aug. 1947. 


Wales), b. 7 Oct. 1880. Sydney Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Sydney. B.A. 

Magdalen 1904-7. Jurispr. 1st Cl. Vinerian 
Scholp. B.A. 1906. 1st Cl. Bar Finals, 1907. 
Barstow Law Scholp. 

1908- : Barrister, London, Engl. 1915-19: 
K.L.R.; France; Capt. D. K.C. 1938. Bencher 
of Gray's Inn 1945. 

m. 1926. Marjorie Elizabeth Hall. One s. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Land & Mineral Taxes, 

3 Dr. Johnson's Bldgs., TempU, London, E.G., 
or Hales Farm, Mundon, Chelmsford, Essex, 

toria), b. 8 May 1881. Caulfield Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Melbourne. M.A. & LL.B. LL.D. 

Hertford (Hon. Scholar) 1904-7. Jurispr. 1st 
Cl. 1906. B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1906. Vinerian Scholp. 
Eldon Scholp. B.A. 1908. M.A. 1911. Called 
to the Bar, Engl., 1909 (1st Cl. & Cert, of 

1907-18: University Coll., Oxford: Lect. 
1907; Stowell Civil Law Fellow 1909; Dean 
1914. 1915-18: Ministries of Munitions & 
Food. 1918-46: Warden, Trinity Coll., Mel- 
bourne. 1922- : Gen. Secy, for Rhodes 
Scholarships in Austr. 1927-8, 1933-7, 1942-5: 
Member of Council. Univ. of Melbourne. K.B. 

[5] 1904 

m. 1907. Violet Greta CaldwelL 

Publ. : The Use of Land as affected by Cove- 
nants and Obligations not in the form of Cove- 
nants, 1924. 

Silvermist, Ohnda, Vic. 

JOLLY, NORMAN WILLIAM (South Australia). 
b. 5 Aug. 1882. Prince Alfred Coll., S.A., & 
Univ. of Adelaide. B.Sc. 

Balliol 1904-7. Physics 1st Cl. Dipl. 
Forestry. B.A. 1907. 

1907-8: Forestry Service, Burma. 1909-10: 
Teaching, C. of E. Gr. Sch., Geelong, Vic. 
1910-11: Instr., Forestry & Asst. Conservator 
of Forests, S. Austr. 1911-18: Director of 
Forests, Queensland. 1918-25 & 1926-33: 
Forestry Commissioner, N.S.W. 1925-6: Prof, 
of Forestry, Univ. of Adelaide. 1937- : Temp. 
Forestry Consultant to N.Z. Perpetual Forests. 
1939- : Member of Forestry Bd. & Forestry 
Consultant to Govt. of S. Austr. 

m. 1911. Mary Clyatt Colebatch. One d. 

c\o Woods Sf Forests Dept., Adelaide, S, 

1 Nov. 1880. Launceston High Sch., Tasm., & 
Univ. of Tasmania. B.A. M.A. 1908. 

St. John's 1904-7. Pass Schools. B.A. 1907. 

1908-14: Teaching, Melbourne Gr. Sch. 
1914-30: Senr. Naval Instr. & Instr. (Lt.- 
Comdr.), R.A. Naval Coll. 1931-41: Prof, of 
English & French, Royal Mil. Coll.. Duntroon. 
Canberra. Retired 1941. 

m. 1909. Ethel M. Bennet. One s. One d. 

12 Dor Chester > Ilitka St., Rose Bay, Sydney, 

ROE, ARTHUR STANLEY (Queensland), b. 

16 April 1885. Boys' Gr. Sch., Brisbane. 

Balliol 1904-8. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1908. 
B.M., B.Ch. 1911. L.T.v. Camb. 1908. Water 
Sports v. Camb. 1905-7. 

1908-13 : Guy's Hosp.JLondon, Engl.,& other 
Hosp.Appts. F.R,C.S.(Edinb.)1913. F.C.S.A. 
1928. 1913- : Med. Practice, Brisbane; 
Specialist in Urology since 1919. 1917-18: 
A.A.M.C.; Engl. Capt. 

m. 1917. Emily Dawson Haymen. Three s. 
One d. 

Inchcolm, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Queens- 

Justice) (Western Australia), b. 13 Feb. 1885. 
High Sch., Perth, W.A. 

Trinity 1904-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1907. 
Boxing v. Camb. 1906-7. Called to the Bar, 
Engl., 1907 (Bacon Scholar, Gray's Inn). 

1906-26: Practice of Law, W. Austr. 1926- 
34: Crown Solicitor & Parly. Draftsman (Asst. 
1926-30, Senr. 1930-4). K.C. 1932. 1934- : 
Member of Fac. of Law, Univ. of W. Austr. 
1934-46: Sol.-Gen. & Senr. Parly. Draftsman 
for W. Austr. 1 939-45 : Chmn. , Aliens Tribunal, 
W. Austr. 1946- : Puisne Judge of Supreme 
Court of W. Austr.; Dep. Pres. of Arbitration 
Court, & Chmn., Public Service Appeal Bd. in 
W. Austr. 

m. (1) 1912. Amelia Philomena Norrish (d. 
1921). One d. (2) 1923. Inez Irene Bloom. 
One 5-. 

Supreme Court, Perth, W. Australia. 


THOMSON, JAMES ALLAN, b. 27 July 1881. 
Otago Boys' High Sch. & Otago Univ., Univ. 
of N.Z. B.Sc. D.Sc. 1912. 

St. John's 1904-8. Geol. 1st Cl. B.A. 1908. 
M.A. 1912. Burdett-Coutts Scholp. Lect., St. 
John's Coll., 1907-8. 



[New Zealand, cont .] 

1909-11: Geol. work in Austr. 1911-14: 
Palaeontologist to Geol. Survey, N.Z. Hutton 
Medal of N.Z. Inst., 1923. Pres., N.Z. Inst., 

m. 1909. Gertrude Ream (d. 1916). One s. 

Publ.: Brachiopod Morphology and Genera 
(Recent and Tertiary). 1927. 

Died 6 May 1928. 


In this year there was no election from 
South African College School. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 8 May 1885. St. 
Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1904-8. Jurispr. 4th Cl. B.A. 1912. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1904-7 (Capt. 1907). 

1908-12: Tutoring, Engl. 1913-39: Teach- 
ing, St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown (House- 
master 1915-39, Vice-Praic. 1925-39). 1918: 
Cadet, R.F.A. 1940-5: Secy., Salisbury Sports 
Club, S. Rhod. 1945-8: Secy., George Golf 
Club, Cape Province. Retired 1948. 

m. 1916. Constance Rita Bold. Two d. 

Ashton, Wilderness, C.P. 

GEORGE (Diocesan College, Rondebosch). 

b. 24 Dec. 1884. Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch. 

Oriel 1904-7. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1907. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1905-6. Water Sports v. Camb. 
1903-7. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1907. 

1 908-1 1 : Practice of Law, Cape Town. 1911- 
13: Studying Cotton, U.S.A., W. Indies, & 
Egypt. 1914-16: Cotton planting, S. Afr. 
1916-18: S. Afr. M.C.C.; E. Afr.; Lt. 1918-43: 
Practice of Law; Dar es Salaam 1918-31; 
Chuniya, Tanganyika Terr., 1940-3. 

m. 1919. Jessie Selwyn Tudhope. Two s. 
(one dcd.). 

Died 3 Apr. 1943. 

JARVIS, CYRIL CHESTER (Boys' High School, 
Stellenbosch). b. 16 Dec. 1884. Boys' High 
Sch. & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. 

Wadham 1904-7. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1907. 
1907-10: Secy, to Chief Justice, Cape Colony. 
LL.B. (Cape) 1910. 1910-13: Advocate, Cape 
Town. 1913-26: Chief Clerk & Professional 
Asst. to Att.-Gen. 1926-33 : Crown Prosecutor, 
Johannesburg. K.C. 1933. 1933-43: Att.-Gen., 
Natal Province. 1943- : Senr. Law Adviser to 
Govt. of Union of S. Afr.; 1933-47: Acting 
Judge, Natal Provincial Divn. (several appts.); 
1945: Chmn., Cornmn. of Inquiry into Cape 
Town Municipal Affairs ; 1947- : Acting Judge, 
Native High Court, Natal. 

m. 1914. Marie Beck. One s. Two d. 

3 Fairfield Ave., Scottsvtlle, Pietermaritzburg, 

17 Feb. 1884. Michaelhouse, Balgowan, Natal 
B.A. (Cape). 

Keble 1904-7. Read Law. Called to the Bar 
Engl., 1908. 

1908- : Practice of Law, Natal. K.C. 1933 
1916-19: R.F.A. & R.G.A.; France, Palestine 

Durban Club, Esplanade, Durban. 


HELM, ALEXIS GUNTHER. b. 19 Apr. 1881 
Sch. for Sons of Missionaries, Blackheath 

Worcester 1904-7. Read Law. 

1907-23 : Admin. Services, N. Rhod. Retired 
(invalided) 1924. 

Died 21 Jan. 1930. 


COX, HENRY CONYERS. b. 1 Nov. 1881. Various 
schools & private coaching. 

Exeter 1904-8. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1908. 
M.A. 1911. 

1908-13: Study of Law & Teaching. Called 
to the Bar, Engl. 1911. 1913-16: School 
Inspector, Bermuda. 1916^35: headmaster, 
Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda. 

Died 18 June 1935. 


MURRAY, REGINALD MYRIE. b. 14 Mar. 1883. 
Jamaica High Sch. 

Worcester 1904-7. Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 2nd 
Cl. Maths. (F.H.S.) 3rd Cl. B.A. 1907. M.A. 

1907-17: Teaching, Jamaica Coll., Kingston. 
1917-19: B.W.I. Regt.; France, Belgium; Lt. 
M.B.E. (Mil.). 1920-33 : Headmaster, Wolmer's 
Sch., Kingston, Jamaica. 1933-42: Headmaster, 
Jamaica Coll. Retired 1942. 

m. 1916. Marion Louise Costa. One s. 

Millbank, Castle Comfort, P.O., Jamaica. 


1883. St. Bonaventure's Coll., Nfd. 

Hertford 1904-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 

1907-10: Imperial Tobacco Co., Engl. 
1910- : The United Tobacco Co. Ltd., S. 
Afr. Director since 1921. 1915-19: Northumb. 
Fus.; France, Belgium: Capt. 

m. 1923. Wmifrede De Bene. One d. 

P.O. Box 1910, Johannesburg. 



In this year there was no election from the 
North West Territories. 

BATES, ROY ELLIOT (Nova Scotia), b. 20 Jan. 
1882. Acadia Univ. (B.A.) & Harvard (A.B.). 

Merton 1905-8. Engl. L, & Lit., 2nd CL 
B.A. 1908. 

1908-9: Teaching, Acadia Univ., N.S. 1909- 
20 : Painting & writing mainly in U.S.A. 

m. 1919. Helen Maxey. 

PubL: An Epithalammm and other Poems, 

Died 21 July 1920. 

BREHAUT, Louis (Prince Edward Island). 

b. 27 July 1881. Prince of Wales Coll., P.E.I., 
& Dalhousie Univ. B.A. 

University 1905-10. (1907-9: Lect., St. 
Andrews Univ.) Lit. Hum. 2nd CL B.A. 1907. 
B.Sc. 1913. M.A. 1913. 

1911-12: Lect., Univ. of Manchester, Engl. 
1912-18. Prof, of Greek, Univ. of Saskatchewan. 
1914-15: Can. Inf.; France: Pte. Invalided. 
1918-33 : Teaching, Princeof Wales Coll.,P.E.I., 
& later at Univ. of Sask. 

Died Sept. 1933. 

DAY, FRANK PARKER (New Brunswick), b. 
9 May 1881. Picton Acad., N.S., & Mt. Allison 
Univ., N.B. B.A. 

Christ Church 1905-9 (in Germany 1907-8). 
Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd CL B.A. 1907. M.A. 1912. 
Boxing v. Camb. 1907. 

1909-12: Prof, of Engl., Univ. of N.B. 1912- 
26: Prof, of Engl. & Dean, Carnegie Inst. of 
Technology, U.S.A. 1914-19. Cape Breton 
Highlanders & 25th Can. Inf. Bn.; France; 
Lt.-Col. 1926-8: Prof, of Engl., Swarthmore 
Coll., Penn. 1928-33: Pres., Union Coll. & 
Chancellor, Union Univ., Schenectady, N,Y. 
D.Litt. (New York). LL.D. (Mt. Allison & 
Rutgers). 1940-3: C.O.T.C., Mt. Allison; 
Lt.-Col. Retired. 

m. 1910. Mabel Eliza Killam. One s. 

for Soldiers, Books I, if, & III, 1942. 
Lake Annis, N.S. 

b. 15 Dec. 1884. Kingston Collegiate Inst. & 
Queen's Univ., Kingston. M.A. 

Balliol 1905-8. Hon, Mods. (Class.) 2nd CL; 
Lit. Hum. 3rd CL B.A. 1908. 

1908-11: Law Student, Toronto. 1911-44: 
National Trust Co. (1922-30: Manager, Mon- 
treal; 1931-9: Gen. Manager, Toronto; 1939- 
42: Pres. & Gen. Manager; 1942-4: Pres.). 
1914-18: Can. F.A.; France: Major. M.C. 
Croix de Guerre. D. 1921-30 : Gen. Secy, of 
Rhodes Scholarships in Can. Pres., Can. 
Clubs. 1928. Pres., Toronto Bd. of Trade, 
1934. K.C. 1938. LL.D. 1942. 1945- : 
Barrister & M.P. for Muskoka, Ont. 

m. 1915. Christine Marjorie Randolph 
Parkin. One s. Two d. 

80 King St., West, Toronto, Ont. 

25 Mar. 1883. Montreal High Sch. & McGill 
Univ. B.A. 

Brasenose 1905-8. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A, 

1909-14: Practice of Law, Montreal. 1914- 

17: P.P.C.L.I.; France, Belgium; Major. 
M.C. D. 
Killed in action, 30 Oct. 1917. 

ROSE, WILLIAM JOHN (Manitoba), b. 7 Aug. 

1885. Minnedosa High Sch. & Univ. of Mani- 
toba. B.A. 

Magdalen 1905-8. Lit. Hum. 3rd CL B.A. 
1908. M.A. 1912. 

1908-12 : Lect. in Classics, Univ. of Manitoba. 
1912-14: Grad. Study, Leipzig & Berlin. 1914- 
18: P.o.W. (Silesia). 1919-27: Social work 
(Relief & Y.M.C.A.), Poland Ph.D. (Cracow) 
1926. 1927-35: Asst. Prof, of Sociology, Dart- 
mouth Coll., U.SA. 1935- : Reader (Prof, 
since 1938), Polish Lit. & Hist., Univ. of Lon- 
don, &, since 1939, Director, Sch. of Slavonic 
& E. European Studies. Hd. of Polish Sec. of 
War Orgn. of Chatham House & Del., Mm. of 
Infomin. to study Polish Refugees in Romania 
since 1939. Member, Min. of Educ. Cornmee. 
for Education of Poles in Gt. Britain since 1947. 
Academic Laurel of Polish Academy of Letters 

m. 1912. Emily Mary Cuthbert. 

PubL: The Desire of All Nations (tr. from 
Polish of August Cieszkowski), 1919. Dantzic 
and Poland (tr. from Polish of S. Askenazy,. 1922. 
Stanislas Konarski, 1929. Ed. Poland, N.Y.C., 
1929-31. The Drama of Upper Silesia (U.S.A., 
1935), (London, 1936). Poland, 1939. From 
Serfdom to Self -Government; Memoirs of a Polish 
Village Mayor 1842-1927 (tr. from Polish of Jan 
Slomka), 1941. Three chapters in Cambridge 
History of Poland from Augustus II to Pilsudski, 
1941. Five Centuries of Polish Learning (tr. from 
Polish of Stamslaw Kot), 1941. Poland's Place 
in Europe. 1943. The Rise of Polish Democracy, 
1944. EcL since 1945, The Slavonic and East 
European Review. Collab. on Polish History and 
Literature (Chambers's Encyc.), 1946. Poland, 
Old and New, 1948. 

School of Slavonic Studies, University of 
London, London, W C. i, England. 

RUBINOWITZ, ISRAEL (British Columbia). 

b. 14 Nov. 1882. Vancouver Coll. & McGill 
Univ. B.A. 

Queen's 1905-8. Read Law. Called to the 
Bar, Engl., 1910. 

1910-23: Practice of Law, Vancouver. 

Died Aug. 1923. 


tralia), b. 29 Jan. 1886. Guildford Gr. Sch., 

Oriel 1905-8. Hon, Mods, (Maths.) 3rd CL 
Physics 2nd CL B.A. 1908. Water Sports v. 
Camb. 1906-8. 

1908- : Farming, W.Austr. 1917-18: A.L.H. 
& Austr. Engineers; Egypt, Palestine; Lt. 

m. (1) 1914. Grace Williamson Edgar (d. 
1928). Two d. (2) 1932. Mary Alison Edgar. 
One s. Two d. 

Gin Gin, W. Australia. 

LESLIE, NORMAN (Queensland). 6. 5 July 

1886. Brisbane Gr. Sch. 

Balliol 1905-8. Lit. Hum. 3rd CL B.A. 1908. 

1909-35: Asiatic Petroleum Co., N. China. 
Gen. Manager 1927-35. Vice-Cnmn., Brit. 
Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai. Shanghai 
Municipal Council. Retired 1935. 

m. 1913. Mary Martin. Four s. One d. 

Abney House, Bourne End, Bucks., England. 


[Australia, cont.] 

ORR, JOHN (Tasmania), b, 4 June 1885. 

High Sch., Launceston, Tasm , & Univ. of 


Balliol 1905-9. Hon. Mods. (Class.), 2nd Cl. 
Junspr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1910. M.A. & B.Litt. 
(French) 1913. 

1910-13 : Study abroad. Licencie"~es-Lettres 
(Paris) 1911. 1913-15; Lect. in French, Univ. 
of Manchester, Engl. 191 5-1 9 : Lect. in French, 
E. London Coll., Univ. of London 1916-18: 
Naval Intell. Divn., & Intell. Corps, France; 2nd 
Lt. 1919-33: Prof, of French, Univ. of Man- 
chester. Pro-Vice-Chancellor, 1932 & 1933. 
1933- : Prof, of French, Univ. of Edinburgh. 
Hon. D.Litt. (Manchester) 1938. Docteur 
(Hon.) Caen 1945. Officier de la Legion 
d'Honneur 1946. Tayloran Lect., Oxford, 

m. 1910. Augusta B. Brisac. One s. (dcd.). 

Publ.: Les CEuvres de Guiot de Provins, 1915. 
French, the Third Classic, 1933. Trans, I. 
Jordan's Introduction to Romance Linguistics, its 
Schools & Scholars, 1937. Le Boucher d 1 Abbe- 
ville, 1947. Ed. Jehan Renart, Le Lai de I' Ombre, 

27 Queen's Crescent, Edinburgh 9, Scotland. 

ROBINSON, 1ST BARON, cr. 1947, of Kielder 
Forest in the County of Northumberland and of 
Adelaide in the Commonwealth of Australia; 
ROY LISTER ROBINSON (South Australia). 
b 8 Mar. 1883. St. Peter's Sch., Adelaide, & 
Univ. of Adelaide. B.Sc. Fellow, S. Austr. 
Sch. of Mines 

Magdalen 1905-9. Geol. 1st Cl. B.A. 1907. 
Dipl. Forestry 1908. Burdett Coutts Scholp. 
1908. Cricket v. Camb. 1908-9. Athl. Sports 
v. Camb. 1907-9. Lacrosse t>. Camb. 1906-9 
(Capt. 1908). 

1909- : Forestry. 1909-18: Bd. of Agnc., 
London, Engl. 1915-18: Explosive Dept , Mm. 
of Munitions &, later, Secy., Forestry Sub- 
Commee. of Cabinet Reconstr. Commee. 
O B.E. 1918. 1919- : Forestry Commn. Tech. 
Commissioner 1919-32; Vice-Chmn. 1929-32; 
Chmn. since 1932; Dir.-Gen. since 1945. Mem- 
ber (since inception m 1921), Forest Products Re- 
search Bd. Member (from inception in 1924), 
Bd.^of Govs., Imper. Forestry Inst., until 1934. 
Knighted 1931. Vice-Chmn., Empire Forestry 
Conf., 1928. Chmn., Fourth Brit. Empire 
Forestry Conf., S. Afr., 1935. Chmn., Fifth 
Brit. Empire Forestry Conf., Britain, 1947. 
Hon. Member, American Socy. of Foresters, 
1940. Correspondant Stranger, Agric. Acad. of 
France, 1947. Socy. of Foresters of Gt. Britain: 
First Pres. & First Medallist 1947. 

w. 1910. Charlotte Marion Bradshaw. One s. 

Publ.: Papers, &c., on Forestry, in technical 

Forestry Commission, 25 Savile Row, London. 
W. 1, England. 

Wales), b, 1 Aug. 1883. Newington Coll, & 
Univ. of Sydney. B.A. 

Worcester 1905-8. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1908. 

1911-28: Practice of Law, Sydney. K.C. 
1926. 1928-45: Judge of Supreme Court of 
N.S.W. Fellow, Univ. of Sydney Senate 1929. 
King's Jubilee Medal 1935. Chancellor, Univ. 
of Sydney, 1936. Knight Comdr., O.B E., 1938, 

m. 1911. Mabel Mary Trevor Jones. Two d* 

Publ.: (In collab.) The Law Relating to Com- 
pensation for Injuries to Workmen. 

Died 7 Oct. 1945. 

SUTTON, HARVEY (Victoria), b. 18 Feb. 1882. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Bendigo, Vic., & Univ. of 
Melbourne. M.D. D.P.H. 1919. 
New Coll. 1905-8. B.Sc. (PhysioL) 1908. 


Athl. Sports v. Carnb. 1906-8. Lacrosse v. 
Camb. 1906-8. 

1909-15: School M.O., Educ. Dept., Vic., & 
Med. Tutor, Trinity Coll., Melbourne. 1916- 
19: A.A M.C.; Egypt, Palestine, Temp. Major. 
D.A.D.M.S., Anzacs, 1919. O.B.E. (Mil.). D. 
1920-9: Princ. M.O., Educ. Dept, N.S.W. 
1929-47: Director, Sch. of Public Health & 
Trop. Med., Univ. of Sydney & Prof, of Pre- 
ventive Mcd. 1948- : Med. Practice & writing. 
Pres., Sec of Sanitary Sci., Austr. Assoc. for 
Advance of Sci. 1923 & 1930. Pres., Sec. of 
Preventive Med., Austr. Med. Congress, 1927. 
Bancroft Mem. Lect. 1933. Hon. Lt.-Col. 
A A.M.C.: C.O., Army Sch. of Med. & Trop. 
Med., Sydney, 1941. 

m. 1917. Frances Beatrice Davis. Three s. 
Four d. 

Lynton, 27 Kent Road, Rose Bay, Sydney, 


1884. Victoria Coll., Wellington. M.A. (Univ. 
of N.Z.). 

Trinity (Hon. Scholar) 1905-8. Chem. 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1908. M.A. 1911. 

1908-9: Univ. of Leipzig. Ph.D. 1909. 1909- 
11: Prof, of Chem., Rangoon Coll., Burma. 
1911-19: Lect., Imper. Coll. of Sci , London, 
Engl. 1920- : Prof, of Chem., Victoria Univ. 
Coll., Wellington, N.Z. 

m. 1913. Florence Graham. One d. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Qualitative Analysis, 1920. 
A Soul's Progress, 1920. Life &f Beauty, 1931. 

Victoria University College, Wellington, N.Z. 


lege, Rondebosch). b. 31 May 1886. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch. 

Exeter 1905-8. Read PhysioL 

1908-11: Teaching, Johannesburg. 1912-46: 
Civil Service (Customs), S. Rhodesia; Com- 
missioner of Customs, Bulawayo, 1942, and latex 1 
Asst. Controller of Customs, Salisbury. 1916-19: 
S. Afr. Inf.; France, 2nd Lt. Retired 1946, 

m. 1932. Eileen Erskme Dods. Two d. 

Cutter Hill, Inyanga, S. Rhodesia. 

Andrew's College, Grahamstown). b. 29 

Mar. 1886. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1905-8. Read Physiol. R.F. v. 
Camb. 1906. 

1908- : Practice of Law, Johannesburg. 
1914-18: Pietersburg Commando, 4th S. Afr. 
Horse, E. Africa; Tpr. 

m. 1919. Doris Yula Constance Werdmuller 
von Elgg (d. 1947). One s. One d. 

P.O. Box 9, Johannesburg. 

b. 16 Dec. 1885. St. Charles Coll., Pieter- 

Hertford 1905-7 & 1908-9. Jurispr. (Over- 
standing for Hons.). B.A. 1909. Called to the 
Bar, Engl., 1910. 

1910-45: Practice of Law; 1910-14: Pieter- 
maritzburg; 1914-45: Greytown, Natal. Retired 

m. (1) 1917. Evelyn Joan Ashton. Two s. 
(2) 1937. Susan Marian Boshoff. Two s. 

Berea, Greytown, Natal. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 13 Apr. 1884. 
Boys' High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Victoria Coll., 


Pembroke 1905-8. Read Medicine. 

1908-11 : Liverpool Univ., Engl. M.B., Ch.B. 
1911. 1911-13: Royal Infirmary, Liverpool, & 


1905, 1906 

[South Africa, cont."\ 

Liverpool Univ. (Johnston Colonial Fellow, 
Pathol., 1912-13). 1913- : Practice of Med., 
S. Afr. 1915-18: S.A.A.M.C., G.S.W. Afr.; 
Capt. Hon. D.Sc. (Stellenbosch) 1948. 

m. 1917. Agatha Krige. Four d. 

Clanwilliam, C.P. 

College School), b. 25 Dec. 1884. S. Afr. Coll. 
Sch. & S. Afr. Coll. B.A. 

New Coll. 1905-8. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1909-12- Practice of Law, Cape Town. 
1912- : Farming, E. Griqualand. 

m. 1914. Evangehne Anderson. One 5. 
Four d . 

Inungi, P.O. Kokstad, E. Griqualand, S. 


DEVITT, CHARLES PARNELL. b. 21 Aug. 1886. 
St. George's Sch., Bulawayo. 

Pembroke 1905-6. Resigned Scholp. 

1907-33- Mining, Rhodesia. 

Died 4 Dec. 1933. 

MILTON, NOEL WILLOUGHBY. b. 31 Dec. 1886. 
Marlborough Coll., England. 

University 1905-8. Turispr. 4th Cl. B.A. 
1912. R.F. v. Camb. 1905-7. 

1908-33: Bombay Burma Trading Corpn., 

m. 1927. Audrey Mary Williams. One d. 

Died 7 Feb. 1940. 


MOTYER, ARTHUR JOHN. b. 2 Sept. 1886. Mt. 
Allison Univ., N.B. B.A. 

Christ Church 1905-8. Physics 2nd CL B.A. 

1908-11: Mt. Allison & McGill Univs. 
(Engineering). 1911-14: Canadian Westing- 
house Co., Hamilton, Ont. 1914-16: Can. F.A.; 
France; Lt. 

Killed in action 15 Sept. 1916. 



20 Nov. 1885. Exeter Sch., England. 

Christ Church (Open Maths. Scholp.) 1904-8. 
Hon. Mods (Maths.) 2nd CL; Maths. (F.H.S.) 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1907. M.A. 1925. Called to the 
Bar, Engl., 1921. 

1910-31: Brit Consular Service ; Vice-Consul, 
New York, 1911-17; Overseas Trade Dept., 
1917-19; Brit. Embassy, Washington, 1920; 
Consul, Turin, 1922-7; Reparations Commn., 
Berlin, 1927-30; Consul, Los Angeles, 1930-1. 
193174- Brit. Minister, Bolivia. 1934-40: Com- 
mercial Counsellor to Brit. Embassy, Rome. 
C.M.G. 1936. 1940-2: Attd. to H.M. Treasury. 
1942-6: Commercial Minister to Brit. Embassy; 
Rio dejaniero, 1942-4; Rome, 1944-6. K.C.M.G. 
1945. 1946- : Director, Mercantile & General 
Reinsurance Co., London. 

Travellers' Club, Pall Matt, London, S.W. 1, 


BOND, HERBERT, b. 5 Dec. 1885. Method. 
Coll , St. John's, Nfd. 

St. John's 1905-8. Read Geology. 

1908-10: Mining Sch., Columbia "Univ., 
New York. 

Died (accidentally drowned), Apr. 1910. 



BEECH, STUART ECCLES (Manitoba), b. 9 June 
1884. St. John's Coll. Sch. & Univ. of Manitoba. 

Queen's 1906-9. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1908. 

1909-11: Univ. of Manitoba Med. Sch. 


1911. 1911-39: Med. Practice, Brit. Columbia. 
1915-19: C.A.M.C.; France; Major. 

m. 1911. Muriel Clarke. Four s. One d. 

Died 29 Jan. 1939. 

Territories), b. 21 Aug. 1881. Perth Colleg. 
Inst. & Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. M.A. 
Trinity 1906-9. Mod. Langs. (French) 3rd 
Cl. 1908. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1909. 

1909-15: Lect. in Mod. Langs., Univ. of 
Manitoba. 1916-18: Can. Inf.; France; Lt.; & 
Munitions. 1919-27: Hd. of Engl. Dept., 
Colleg. Inst., Regina, Sask. 1927: Inspector of 

m. 1916. Jessie Agnes Robson. One s. Two d. 

PubL: Enghsh Master Poems, 1925. 

Died 10 Feb. 1928. 

BRAY, HARRY RANDLE (British Columbia). 
b. 21 Sept. 1884. Vancouver Coll., & Toronto 
Univ. B.A. 

Brasenose 1906-9. Hist. 4th Cl. B.A. 1910. 

1910- : Practice of Law, Vancouver, B.C. 
1914-16: R. Can. Navy. 1916-19: Can. Arty.; 
France; Lt. 1936-&: Dean of Law Sch. of B.C. 
K.C. 1945. 

m. 1923. Gladys Treffry Peters. Ones. 

1991 Southwest Manne Drive, Vancouver, B.C. 



[Canada, contl\ 

ward Island), b. 6 Mar. 1882. Prince of Wales 
Coll , P.E.I , & Queen's Univ.. Kingston. B.A. 

Balliol 1906-9. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1909. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1908-9. 

1910-13 : In Law Office, Vancouver. 1914-19: 
1st King Edward's Horse, & attd. R. Berks. Regt. ; 
France; A/Major. 1920-6: Practice of Law, 
Vancouver. 1927- : Legal Dept., Consolidated 
Mining & Smelting Co., Trail, B.C. 

m. 1912. Jean Campbell. 

P.O. Box 2121, Trail, B.C. 

FREEZE, RALPH ST. J. (New Brunswick). 
b. 8 June 1882. Sussex Publ. Sch. & Univ. of 
N.B. B.A. 

Oriel 1906-9. Read Law. 

1909-28: Practice of Law, Sussex, N.B. 
1928-31: Registrar, Supreme Court & Dep. 
Att.-Gen., Fredericton, N.B. 

m. 1912. Dorothy Hetherington Chamberlain. 
Two s. One d. 

Died Mar. 1931. 

b. 12 Mar. 1884. Prince of Wales Coll., P.E.I., 
&McGillUniv, B.A. 

Balliol 1906-9. Hon. Mods. (Class.) 3rd Cl. 
1907. Lit. Hum. 4th Cl. 1909. Lacrosse v. 
Camb. 1909. 

1910-14: Law Student, Vancouver. 1914-19: 
Practice of Law, Vancouver. 1916-18: R.G.A.; 
France; Lt. 1919-46: Asst. Solicitor & Solicitor, 
Can. Nat. Rlys., Vancouver. Retired 1946. 

m. 1922. Hilda Beatrice Heaton. Two d. 

4530 Ninth Ave. W., Vancouver, B.C. 

MOXON, ARTHUR (Nova Scotia), b. 2 Oct. 
1881. Colchester Acad., Truro, N.S., & Dal- 
housie Coll. B.A. 

New Coll. 1906-9. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1908. 
B.C.L. 2nd CL 1909. 

1911-13 &1929- : Practice of Law, Saskatoon. 
K.C. 1927. 1913-19: National Trust Co. Ltd., 
Saskatoon. 1919-29. Dean of Law Sch., Univ. 
of Saskatchewan. Secy., Royal Commn. on 
Canadian Rlys. & Transport, 1932. Pres., Law 
Socy. of Sask., 1945. 

m. 1946. Allxe Mann. 

675 University Drive, Saskatoon, Sask. 

READE, ROBERT CYRUS (Ontario), b. 28 Nov. 
1884. Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

New Coll. 1906-9. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL B.A. 

1909-13: Instr. in Classics, Univ. of Toronto. 
1913- : Journalism & Business; Special Writer, 
Toronto Star Weekly. 

m. 1911. 

68 Pleasant Blvd., Toronto, Ont. 


DTJNBABIN, THOMAS (Tasmania), b. 6 July 
1883, Officer Coll., Hobart, & Univ. of 
Tasmania. B.A. & M.A. 

Corpus Christ! 1906-9. Lit, Hum. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1908. Geogr. Scholp. & Dipl. w. Distn. 

1910- : Journalism. 1929-31 and 1936-8: 
Editor & Manager, Austr. Newspaper Cable 
Service, London, Engl. 1931-4: Editor, The 
Dotty Telegraph, Sydney, N.S.W. 1934-6: 
Editor, The Sun, Sydney. 1939-44: Leader- 
writer, The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, and 
Liaison Officer with Censorship for Sydney 
Newspapers (Assoc. Ed.) and with Eastern Com- 
mand, Australia. 1944-5: Press Attache" to High 
Commissioner for Australia in Canada. 1945-7 ; 
Director of Informn., Australia House, London. 

1946-7: Director, Australian News Bureau, 
L9ndon and New York. 1948: Press Attache" to 
High Commissioner for Australia in Canada. 
F.R.G.S. 1937 and Pres., Geogr. Socy. of 
N.S.W. , 1935-6. 1947: Member of Australian 
Delegation to U.N.E S.C.O. Conf., Mexico City. 
1948- : Press Attache", Canada. 

m. 1909. Beatrice Isabel Beedham. One s. 
One d. 

Publ.: 'Tasmania', in Oxford Survey of British 
Empire, 1914. France & Australia: The Prise 
de Possession 1919. Austr. Section of Expansion 
of Anglo-Saxon Nations (ed. by Barnard), 1920. 
The Making of Australasia, 1922. Sailing the 
World's Edge Sea Stones of Old Sydney, 1931. 
Slavers of the South Seas, 1935. 

efo High Commissioner for Australia, Ottawa, 
Ont., Canada. 

HARVEY, HENRY LIONEL (Queensland), b. 
6 Oct. 1886. Boys' Gr. Sch., Maryborough, 

Oriel 1906-9. Chem. 4th Cl. B.A. 1909. 

1910-15: Teaching, Queensland Victoria. 
1916-19: Austr. Inf.; France; Lt. 1920-4: Law 
Offices, Bundaberg^ Queensland. 

Died Oct. 1924. 

JUETT, ALEXANDER (Western Australia), b. 

12 Nov. 1886. Christian Bros. Coll., Perth, 
W. Austr. 

Brasenose 1906-10. Physiol. 2nd CL B.A. 
1910. B.M., B.Ch. 1913. Hulme Research 
Scholp. (Brasenose) 1911. 

1910-13: Middlesex Hosp., London, Engl. 
1913-15: Med. Practice, Nannine, W. Austr. 
1 91 5-19 :A.AM.C.; France ;Capt. D. 1919-20: 
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Fremantle, Repatriation 
Dept.; Lt.-Col. 1920- : Med Practice, Perth, 
W. Austr. Hon. Orthopaedic Surgeon, Perth & 
other Hospitals. 1939-^46: Consulting Surgeon, 
R.A.A.F.; Orthopaedic Consultant, Repatria- 
tion Dept. ; Major. 

m. 1914. Ida Grierson. 

34 Richardson Street, West Perth, W.Australia. 

Wales), "b. 22 Oct. 1884. Sydney Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Sydney. B.A. 

Balliol 1906-9. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1908. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1909. M.A. 1912. 

1910-12: Teaching & Legal Study, Sydney. 
1912-33: Practice of Law, Sydney. 1914-18: 
Mil. Censorship. 1919-28: Lect. in Roman 
Law, Univ. of Sydney. 1919-33: On staff of 
Sydney Morning Herald. 

m. 1912. Hilda K. Ballardie. Three s. One d. 

Publ.: Ballads Ancient and Modern, 1911. 
Notes on Roman Law, 1927. 

Died 11 Sept. 1933. 

REYNELL, WALTER RUPERT (South Australia). 
b. 4 July 1885. St. Peter's Coll., Adelaide, & 
Univ. of Adelaide. 

Balhol 1906-10. Chem. 2nd CL B.A. 1908. 
M.A. 1913. B.M., B.Ch. 1913. D.M. 1918. 
L.T. v. Camb. 1907-10 (Pres. 1909). Boxing v. 
Camb. 1908. 

1910-14: Guy's Hosp., London. M.R.C.P. 
1918. 1914-18: R.A.M.C ; France; Capt. 
1919-48: Med. Practice, London, Specialist in 
Nervous Diseases. F.R.C.P. 1934. Member of 
No. 1 Commee., Nat. Council of Mental 
Hygiene, 1938. Member of Inst. for the 
Scientific Treatment of Delinquency, 1939. 
Consulting Physician, West End Hosp. for Ner- 
vous Diseases, 1945. 1940-6: R.A.M.C.; St. 
Hugh's Coll. (Hosp. for Head Injuries), Oxford; 

m. 1916. Una Mary Shaw-Stewart. Three s. 
Two d. 

Died 21 Mar. 1948. 

[Australia, cant."] 

SEITZ, JOHN ARNOLD (Victoria), b. 19 Sept. 
1883. Hawthorn Coll., Scotch Coll., Mel- 
bourne, & Univ. of Melbourne. 

Merton 1906-9. Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 2nd 
Cl. Physics 2nd Cl. B.A. 1909. M.A. 1928. 
Crickets. Camb. 1909. 

1910-24: Teaching; 1910-14: Scotch Coll., 
Melbourne; 1915-21: Hamilton Coll., Vic. 
(Headmaster). 1921-4: Teachers' Coll., Mel- 
bourne. 1925-33: Inspector of Secondary 
Schools. (Chief Inspector 1929). B.C.E. (Melb.) 
1933. 1933-6: Dep. Director of Educ., Mel- 
bourne. Member, Melbourne Univ. Council, 
1933. 1936-48: Director of Educ., Victoria. 
Retired 1948. J.P. 1942. Member, State Emer- 
gency Council for Civil Defence, Vic., 1940. 
Adviser to Austr. Delegation to U.N.E.S.C.O. 
Conf., London, 1945. Pres., Victorian Cricket 
Assocn. C.M.G. 1949, 

m. 1913. Eleanor Ida Agnes Dunn. 

Educ. Dept. t Melbourne, Vic. 



2 May 1883. Otago Boys' Sch. & Univ. of 
Otago. M.Sc. 

St. John's 1906-9. Geol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1908. 
M.A. 1912. 

1911-22: Petrologist to Govt. of W. Austr. 
1923-31 : Director of Agric. & Govt. Geologist, 
Brit. Somaliland. 1932-4: Seconded to Anglo- 
Abyssinian Boundary Comrnn. 1936-8* In 
charge of Water Supply Develop. Scheme for 
Bnt. Somaliland (Colonial Develop. Fund). 
O.B.E. 1938. Retired 1938. 

m. 1915 Evelyn Maud Haynes. 

Publ.: The Geology & Mineral Resources of 
Somaliland, 1923. 

Weld Club, Perth, W. Australia. 


BRINK, JOHN VOLTELEN (Boys' High School, 
Stellenbosch). b. 21 Apr. 1886. Boys' High 
Sch., Stellenbosch, & Victoria Coll. B.A. 

University 1906-9. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1908. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1909. 

1911- : Practice of Law, Johannesburg. 
K.C. 1927. 1911-19: Asst. Lect. in Law, Trans- 
vaal Univ. Coll. 

m. 1916. Dorothy Rainier. Two s. 

831 His Majesty's Bldgs., Commissioner St., 
Johannesburg, > 


3 Jan. 1888. Maritzburg Coll., Natal. 

Christ Church 1906-11. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1909. 

1911-20: Indian Civil Service. Retired (ill 
health). 1920-3: Law Student, Natal. LL.B. 
1922. 1923-36: Practice of Law. Durban & 
Pjetermantzburg. K.C. 1936. 1936-8: Judge of 
Native High Court, Natal. 

PubL: Annotated Transl. Bk. 22, Johannes 
Voet's Commentaries on the Pandects. 

Died 19 Nov. 1938. 

tice) (South African College School), b. 

24 Mar. 1886. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & S. Afr. 
Coll. B.A. 
New Coll. 1906-9.- Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 

[ii] 1906 

1909. Water Sports v. Camb. 1908-9. Called 
to the Bar, Engl., 1910. 

1910-36: Practice of Law, Salisbury, S. 
Rhodesia. K.C.192S. 1916~19:R.G.A.;France; 
A/Major. M.C. M.P. (Salisbury Dim) 1934. 
Minister of Justice & Internal Affairs, 1936. 
1936- : Judge of Supreme Court of S. Rhod. 
C.M.G. 1946. 

m. 1913. Ethel A. Jameson. Two s. Qned. 

The Club, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 

lege, Rondebosch). b. 10 Sept. 1887. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch. 

Worcester 1906-9. Physics 4th Cl. B.A. 1909. 

1919-22: Accountant, Cape Town. 

m. 1922. Amy G, Fmlayson. 

Died June 1922. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 22 Nov. 1886. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1906-9. Read Law. R.F. v. Camb. 
1906-8. R.F. Internal. (Engl.) 1908 & 1909. 

1910-46: Mining, Transvaal (Manager). 

m. 1912. Henrietta G. S. Hall. One s. One d. 

Died 14 Mar. 1946. 


In this year there were no elections from 


1884. Hortonville, N.S., & Private Coaching. 
Called to the Bar, Engl., 1906. 

Worcester 1906-9. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1910-33: Practice of Law, Bermuda. Also 
Member of Legislative Assembly & Planter. 

Died 24 Feb. 1933. 


WORTLEY, HUGH EAMES. b, 21 July 1888. 
Jamaica Coll. 

Exeter 1906-9. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1909. 

1910-14: Private Coaching in Brit. Columbia. 
1914-18: C.A.M.C.; Suffolk Regt. & R.A.F.; 
Salonica, Mesopot.; Lt. 1919- : Teaching. 
Mt. House Sen.. Plymouth, 1919-21. 1921- : 
St. Albans Sch. (Second Master 1947). 1941-5: 
R.A.F.V.R. (A.T.C.); F/O. 

m. 1926. Grace Millicent Howard. One 5. 

71 Harpenden Rd., St. Albans, England. 


PENNY, JOHN JOSEPH, J. 4 May 1886. St. 
Bonaventure's Coll., Nfd. 

Hertford 1906-9. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1909. 

1910- : Teaching, Naval Coll., Halifax, 
N.S. (later, Esquimalt, B.C.). Harvard Univ., 
Mod. Langs. Dept, (Senr. Preceptor), Cam- 
bridge, Mass., U.S.A, 

Dept. of Romance Languages, Harvard Univ., 
Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A. 




& Saskatchewan), b. 17 April 1887. Regina 
High Sch. & Umv. of Manitoba. 

Merton 1907-11, Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.C.L. 
3rd Cl. B.A. 1910. Boxing v. Camb. 1910. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1908-10. Called to the Bar, 
EngL, 1911. 

1 91 1-14: Practice of Law, Winnipeg. 1914-40 : 
The Western Trust Co., Winnipeg (Director 
from. 1916 & Vice-Pres.). Gov.^ & Chrnn. of 
Finance Commee., Univ. of Manitoba. 

m. 1918. Marguerite Helen Townsend. 
Four s. One d. 

Died 6 May 1940. 

(Quebec), b. 5 Mar. 1884. St. Anne Coll. & 
Laval Univ. B.Sc. 

Oriel 1907-10. B.Sc. (Anthrop.) & Dipl. 
Anthrop. 1910. 

1910- : Ethnologist & Folk-Lorist to 
Canadian Govt. Specialist in Origin & History 
of N. Amer. Indians. Hon. Fellow of Oriel 
Coll. 1942. 1946- : Professeur agre"ge, Laval 
Univ., & Prof , Univ. of Montreal. Parizeau 
Gold Medal of Academic canadienne francaise 
des Arts et des Sciences 1946. 

m. 1914. Ernestine Larocque. Two d. 

Publ. : Classification of Iroquoian Radicals & 
Subjective Pronominal Prefixes, 1913. Huron & 
Wyandot Mythology, 1915. Contes populaires 
canadiens (1st, 2nd, & 3rd series), 1916-19. 
Canadian Folklore, 1918. Les Veillees du bon 
vieux temps, 1920. Anecdotes et blasons popu- 
laires du Canada, 1920. Indian Days in the 
Canadian Rockies, 1923. (In collab.) Folk Songs 
of French Canada, 1924. The Downfall of Tem- 
laham, 1928. Totem Poles of the Gitksan 1930. 
La Mervetlleuse Aventure de Jacques Cartier, 
1934. Au Cceur de Quebec, 1934. Cornelius 
Krieghoff, Pioneer Painter of North America, 

1934. Iletaitunefois,1935. Grand'mereraconte, 

1935. Folk Songs of Old Canada, 1935. Chan- 
sons populaires du vieux Quebec, 1 936. The King- 
dom of Saguenay, 1936. Quebec, Where Ancient 
France Lingers, 1936. Quebec oil survit Vancienne 
France, 1937. Romancero du Canada, 1937. 
Assomption Sash, 1939. (In collab.) 'Art in 
French Canada', in French-Canadian Back- 
grounds, 1940. 'Louis Jobin (1845-1928)', in 
Canadian Portraits, 1940. Ed. Le Soldat 
canadien chante, 1940. Ed. Aux Armes, Cana- 
diens!; Ville3maville,l941. Henri Julien, 1941. 
Maitres artisans de chez nous, 1942. The Indian 
Speaks; Les RSves des chasseurs; Cdte, the Wood 
Carver; Les enfants disent, 1943. Saintes Arti- 
sanes: 1, Les Brodeuses, 1944; II, Mille P elites 
Adr -esses, 1946. Mountain Cloud, 1944. (In 
collab.) Madones canadiennes, 1944. Qn collab.) 
L'Homme aux trois femmes, 1944. Painters of 
Quebec, 1945. Alouette!, 1946. Ceinture flgchee, 

1946. (In collab.) 'Indian Art & Myth in Totem 
Poles' and 'Crafts in Early French Canada', in 
A Pocketful of Canada, 1946. Grand'mere 
raconte, in First Canadian Sch. Edition, 1947. 
Alaska Beckons, 1947. (In collab.) 'The Arts 
of French Canada' and 'Sculpture* in The Arts 
of French Canada, 1613-1870, 1946-7. (In 
collab.) Come a- Singing : Canadian Folk- Songs, 

1947. (In collab.) 'Indian Tales' in A Book of 
Canadian Stories, 1947. Le Rgve de Kamalmouk, 

1948. L'Arbre des RSves, 1948. And numerous 
other learned articles, contributions & editions 
which are fully listed in Bw-Bibhographie de 
Manus Barbeau, by Clarisse Cardm (Publica- 

tions de rUmversite" Laval, Editions Fides, 
National Museum of Canada, Ottawa, Ont. 

ESTEY, JAMES ARTHUR (Nova Scotia), b. 
16 July 1886. Fredencton High Sch., N.B., & 
Acadia Univ., N S. B A. 

Queen's 1907-10 Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1909. 
Drpl Econ. w. Distn. Robert Herbert Mem. 
Prize, 1910. 

1911-14- Teaching, Univ. of Wisconsin, 
U.S A., & Dalhousie Umv. Ph.D. (Wise.) 1911. 
1914- : Prof, of Econ., Purdue Univ. , Lafayette, 
Indiana, U.S.A.: Hd., Dept. of Hist., Econ. & 
Govt. since 1929. Pres., Indiana Assocn. of 
Econ. & SocioL, 1930. Pres., Mid-West Econ. 
Assocn., 1937. 

m. 1910. Emma Grey Murray. One s. 

Publ.: Revolutionary Syndicalism, 1913. The 
Labour Problem, 1928. Business Cycles, 1941; & 
numerous articles. 

Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A. 

Edward Island), b. 4 July 1887. Summerside 
High Sch. & St. Dunstan's Coll., P.E.I. A.B. 

St. John's 1907-10. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1910-13: McGill Univ. Med. Sch. 1913-16: 
Resident, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Long 
Island Coll. Hosp., Brookland, N.Y., U.S.A. 
1916: Asst. Prof, of Obstetrics, Umv. of Pitts- 
burgh, U.S.A. 1917-19: C.A.M.C.; EngL 
1920- : Chief Obstetrician, Mercy Hosp., 
Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.A. 

m. 1918. Hazel Goggin. One s. One d. 

4305 Bigelow Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.A. 

LARSEN, THORLEIF (British Columbia). 

b. 10 June 1887. High Sch., New Westminster, 
& Univ. of Toronto. B.A. & M.A. 

Exeter 1907-11. EngL L. & Lit. 1st Cl. 1909. 

1912-16: Study & Practice of Law. 1917-19: 
Can. Inf.; Sgt.; & Cadet, 7th O.C.B. 1919- : 
Dept. of EngL, Umv. of B.C., Vancouver; 
Assoc. Prof. 1919-35 ; Prof, since 1936. F.R.S.C. 

w, 1911. Irene Reynolds. Threes. One d. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Pronunciation, 1930. A 
Century of Short Stories, 1934. 

1235 West 27th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. 

b. 4 Sept. 1886. Upper Canada Coll. & Queen's 
Univ., Kingston, Ont. 

Balliol 1907-10. Hon. Mods. (Class.) 3rd CL 
Lit. Hum. 2ndCl. B.A. 1910. Lacrosses. Camb. 
1908-10 (Capt. 1910). 

1910-14- Study & Practice of Law, Toronto. 
1914-19: R.F.A.; France, Egypt, Palestine; 
A/Major. D. 1919-38: Practice of Law. K.C. 
1928. 1933-8: Judge of the Ontario Court of 

m. 1919. Agnes Ewart Primrose. 

Died 7 Apr. 1938. 

13 June 1886. St. John's Sch., Winnipeg, & 
Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. 

Merton 1907-10. Physics 2nd CL B.A. 1910. 
M.A. 1919. 

1911-13. Teaching, Physics Dept., Univ. of 
Wisconsin, U.S.A. 1913-21 : Topograph. Sur- 
veys Branch, Dept. of the Interior, Ottawa. 
1915-19: Can. G.A.; France; Lt. 1921-9: 
Gravity Specialist; 1929-45 Astronomer; 


[Canada, cont.] 

1946- : Geophysicist (in charge of Gravity 
Divn.), Dominion Observatory, Ottawa. 1940-2: 
Gauge Inspector, Nat. Research Council of Can. 
F R.S.C., 1942. Chmn., Sec. of Geodesy, Assoc. 
Commee. on Geodesy & Geophysics, Nat. 
Research Council of Can. 

m. 1920. Ruth Irene Davis. Two s. One d. 

326 Fairmont Ave., Ottawa, Out. 

wick), b 18 Apr. 1885. Mt. Allison Univ., 
NB. B.A. & M.A. Harvard Univ., U.S.A. A.B. 

Oriel 1907-10. Special work in Philos. 

1911- : Manager, Dicks & Co., St. John's, 

19 Gower St., St. John's, Nfd. 


CLERKE, ARTHUR HENRY (Tasmania). 6. 

15 Apr. 1883. Launceston Ch. Sch. & Univ. of 
Tasmania. B.A. & LL.B. 

Hertford 1907-10. Read Law. 

1911-14: Teaching, Burnie, Tasmania, & 
Melbourne. 1915-19: A.A.M.C.; Educ. Ser- 
vice; France; Lt. 1920-43: Practice of Law & 
Business, Tasmania & Victoria. 1940-3: Legal 
& Educational Staff Officer, Internment Camp, 
Vic.; Major. 1944-5: Teaching, Ballarat Coll. 
& Trinity Gr. Sch., Melbourne. 1946- : Lect., 
Inst. of Industrial Management, Melbourne & 
elsewhere, in Psychology, Public Speaking & 
English Expression. 

m. 1920. Nancy Cockcroft (d. 1934). 

cjo Constitutional Club, Collins St., Mel- 
bourne, c. Jr., Vic. 

(Queensland), b. 27 Apr. 1889. Christian 
Bros. Coll., Nudgee, Queensland. 

Magdalen 1907-10. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1910. M.A. 1914. 

1 912-40 : Practice of Law, Brisbane. 1 939-45 : 
Official Visitor to Internment Camps, Queens- 
land. 1940- : Warden, Umv. of Queensland. 
Senr. Puisne Judge, Queensland Supreme Court. 
1943-6; Acting Chief Justice of Queensland. 
Dep. Gov. of Queensland for periods during 
1945 & 1946. 1946- : Chief Justice of Queens- 

m'. 1921. Eileen Elizabeth Beirne. One s. 
Four d. 

Tosari, 36 Kitchener Rd., Ascot N.E. 2, Bris- 
bane, Queensland. 

South Wales), b. 1 June 1883. Maitland High 
Sch. & Univ. of Sydney. B.A. 

New Coll. 1907-10. Hist. 2nd Cl. & B.Litt. 
B.A. 1909. M.A. 1917. R.F. Internat. (Engl.) 

Ordained 1911. 1911-16: Parish work, 
N.S.W. & Teaching. 1916-18- Austr. Mil. 
Censorship. 1918-34: Director, Tutorial Classes 
& Lect. in Econ. Hist , Univ. of Sydney. 
1934- : Prof, of Hist. & Pol. Sci., Univ. of 
Adelaide. Joseph Payne Lect. , Univ. of London, 
1937. Austr. Repres., U.N.E.S.C.O., 1948, 

m. 1912. Ethel Mary Ireland. One y. 

Publ.: Caritas Anglicana, 1911. Marx & 
Modern Thought, 1921. The American Back- 
ground, 1928. Communism &? Christianity, 1931. 
Australia: an Economic Interpretation, 1932. 
Australia since 1606: a History for young 
Australians, 1933. Ed. Studies in the Australian 
Constitution, 1933, and What the Census Reveals, 
1936. Free, Compulsory & Secular: a Critical 
Estimate of Australian Education, 1937. They 
Wanted to Rule the World: Studies of Six Dic- 
tators & other Essays, 1944. Britain & Australia, 

The University of Adelaide, S. Australia. 


RAY. WILLIAM (South Australia), b. 19 June 
1883. St. Peter's Coll., Adelaide, & Univ. of 
Adelaide. M.B., B.S. ^ nnn 

Magdalen 1907-11. B.Sc. (Pathol.) 1909. 
Philip Walker Studentship 1910. 

1911-13: Asst. Bacteriologist, Lister Inst. of 
Preventive Med., London, Engl. 1913-44: 
Practice of Med., Adelaide. Hon. Consulting: 
Radiologist & Physician, Royal Adelaide Hosp. 
1915-39: Univ. of Adelaide: Tutor & Lect.; 
Director in Principles & Practice of Med. 1938- 
41; Dean of the Fac. of Med. 1927-8; Member 
of Council 1926-39. 1942-4: Austr. Mil. Hosp., 
Adelaide; Major. Retired 1944. 

ra. 1910. Mona Carleton Parker. One s. 

242'portrush Road, Glen Osmond, S. Australia. 

toria), b. 4 Dec. 1 885. Wesley Coll., Melbourne, 
& Univ. of Melbourne. B.Sc. 

Lincoln 1907-10. Chem. 1st Cl. B.A.&B.Sc. 
(Chem.) 1910. M.A. 1913. 

1911-27: Lect. & Prof, of Chem., Univ. of 
Melbourne. 1915-18: A.A.M.C.; Hon. Capt.; 
also Munitions, Swmdon, Engl. 1927- : Chief 
Exec. Officer & Dep. Chmn. of Commonwealth 
Council for Scientific & Industr. Research: 
Chmn. since 1946. H. G. Smith Mem. Medal 
for Research 1929. Liversidge Mem. Lect. 
(Austr. & N.Z. Assocn. for Advancement of 
Sci.) 1932. K.C.M.G. 1935. R. M. Johnson 
Medal of Royal Socy. of Tasmania 1937. Pres., 
Austr. & N.Z. Assocn. for Advancement of Sci., 
1937-9. Gen. Pres., Austr. Chem. Inst., 1940. 
F.R.S. 1941. Hon. D.Sc. (Oxon.) 1946. Hon. 
Fellow, Lincoln Coll., Oxford, 1946. Pres., 
Socy, of Chem. Ind. (London), 1948-9. 

m. 1911. Stella Deakin. Two s. 

Publ. : The Phase Rule, 1 921 . 

11 Eton Square, 474 St. Kilda Rd., Mel- 
bourne, S.C. 2, Vic. 

Australia). b. 18 July 1888. Perth High Sch., 
W A 

Merton 1907-10. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1910. 
Called to the Bar, Engl., 1911. ^ r 

1912-14: Practice of Law, Perth, W.A. 
1914-15: A.L.H.; Galhpoli; 2nd Lt. 

Killed in action 7 Aug. 1915. 


GILRAY, COLIN MACDONALD. b. 17 Mar. 1885. 
Otago High Sch. & Otago Univ. B.A. 

University 1907-10. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1910. M.A. 1924. -R.F. v. Camb. 1908-9. 
R.F. Internat. (Scotland) 1908, 1909, & 1912. 

1910-12: Teaching, Mill Hill Sch., EngL 
Called to the Bar, EngL, 1913. 1913-22: Prac- 
tice of Law, Milton, N.Z. 1916-19: Rifle Bde.; 
France; Lt. Also 21st O.C.B. M.C. 1922-34: 
Principal, John McGlashan Coll., Dunedin, 
N.Z. Member of Council, Univ. of Otago, 
1925-34. Member of Senate, Univ. of N.Z., 
1927-34. 1934- : Principal, Scotch Coll., Mel- 
bourne. Jubilee Medal 1935. M.A. ex gratia 
(Melb.) 1937. Pres., Incorp. Assocn. of Regis- 
tered Teachers, Vic. 1937. Chmn., Head- 
masters' Conf. of Australia, 1949. 

m. 1917. Ethel Muriel Standish. One d. 

Scotch College, Hawthorne, E. 2, Vic. 


Hon. Mr. Justice) (South African College 
School). b. 13 Jan. 1887. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & 
S. Afr. Coll. B.A. 



[South Africa, cant."] 

New Coll. 1907-10. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1909. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1910. 

1911-34: Practice of Law; Salisbury, S. Rhod., 
1913; Cape Town 1911-12 & 1914-34. K.C. 
1927. 1915: Duke of Edinburgh's Vol. Rifles; 
G.S.W. Africa; Pte. 1920-34: Parly. Drafts- 
man. 1935-9: Judge of Supreme Court of S. 
Afr. (Cape Prov. Divn.). 1939- : Judge of 
Appellate Divn. of Supreme Court of S. Afr. 
1 944-7 : Chmn. , Public Service Inquiry Commn. 

m. 1916. Isabel Short. Three d. 

Somerset House, Mains Ave., Kenilworth, Cape 

College, Grahamstown), b. 24 Apr. 1886. 
St. Andrew's Coll., 8s Rhodes Univ. Coll., 

Trinity 1907-10. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1910. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1907-8; for S. Afr. 1912. 

1911-14: Practice of Law & Farming. 1914- 
18: S. Afr. Rifles; E. Africa; Capt. M.C. D. 
1921- : Practice of Law, Krugersdorp. 1939- 
45: Commando, N.V.R.; Col. 

m. 1922. Enid Melville van der Hoff. 

45 JBurger St., Krugersdorp, Transvaal. 

cesan College, Rondebosch). b. 26 July 1888. 
Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch. 

University 1907-10. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1910. R.F. v. Camb. 1908-9; Internat. (Engl.) 

1911-14: Practice of Law, Cape Town. 1914- 
18: Imper. L.H. & R.G.A.; G.S.W. Afr., 
France; A/Major. 

Died of wounds 20 Apr. 1918. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 1 June 1886. Boys' 
High Sch., & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. 

Hertford 1907-10. B.Sc. (Pathol.) 1910. 
M.B., B.Ch. (Edinb.) 1911. 

1913-15: Med. Practice, S. 'Africa. 1915-16: 
S. Afr. A.M.C.; G.S.W. Afr.: Capt. 

Died in hospital 2 Aug. 1916. 

ROACH, CHARLES GREVILLE (Natal), b. 11 Apr. 
1887. Michaelhouse Sch., Natal. 

Exeter 1907-10. Read Hist. B.A. 1918. 

1911- : Teaching; 1911-18, Bramcote, Scar- 
borough, Engl.; 1918-20: Bishops Coll. Sch., 
Lennoxville, Can.; 1921-5: Kingswell Sch., 
Bath, Engl. (Headmaster); 1925-31: Bramcote 
Hall, Nottingham, Engl.; 1934- : The Dolphin 
Sch., Winkburn Hall, Newark, Notts. 

m. 1914. Lois Rumsey Winterbotham. Two jr. 

The Dolphin School, Winkburn Hall, Newark, 
Notts., England. 


In this year there were no elections from 


30 Aug. 1888. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & 
Bedford Sch., England. 

Brasenose 1907-10. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1910-11: Private Tutor. Called to the Bar, 
Engl., 1914. 1912-33: Govt. Service, Zanzibar 
(under Foreign Office 1912-14; under Colonial 
Office 1914-33.) Invalided 1933. M.B.E. 1927. 
O.B.E. 1933. 1935-7: Practice of Law, Bermuda. 
1938- : Att.-Gen., Bermuda; Member of Execu- 
tive Council & Legislative Council. C.B.E. 1949. 

m. 1939. Frances Evelyn Steen. 

Huntley, Paget, Bermuda. 


CALDER, OLIVER VASSALL. b. 6 Mar. 1889. 
Munro Coll., Jamaica. 

Corpus Christi 1907-13. Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 
IstCl. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1911. I.C.S. Pro- 
bationer 1912-13. 

1913-24: I.C.S. ; Dep. Commissioner, U.P. 
of Agra & Oudh. Retired 1924. 1917-20: 
Gurkha & Kumaon Rifles; India, Egypt, 
Palestine; Lt. 

m. 1924. Cecil J. Hitchcock (nee Jay). 

15 St. Giles, Oxford, England. 


Justice), b. 3 Feb. 1889. Bishop Feild Coll., 

University 1907-10. Hon. Mods. (Class.) 
3rd Cl. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1910. 

1911-^-7: Practice of Law, St. John's, Nfd. 
K.C. 1928. M.L.A. & Speaker 1924. Member 
of Cabinet 1928. Acting Prime Minister & 
Att.-Gen. for Nfd. 1931-2. Commissioner for 
Home Affairs & Educ., Nfd. Govt., 1941. Com- 
missioner for Justice & Defence, Nfd., 1944. 
1947- : Judge of Supreme Court of Nfd. 

m. 1916. Frances Goodridge. Three d. (one 

Winter Ave., St. John's, Nfd. 




FIFE, GORDON STANLEY (Alberta & Saskat- 
chewan), b. 15 Feb. 1889. Peterboro Collegiate 
Inst., Ont., & Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. 

Hertford 1908-11. Hist. 2nd Cl. 1911. 

1911-15: Lect. & Asst. Prof, of Hist., Univ. 
of Alberta. 1915-16: P.P.C.L.I., France, Bel- 
gium; A/Capt. 

Killed in action 2 June 1916. 

21 Feb. 1885. Upper Canada Coll., Toronto, & 
Umv. of Toronto. B.A. 

Balhol 1908-10. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1910. 

1910-13: Law Student, Toronto. 1913-49: 
Practice of Law, Toronto. K.C. 1928. 

m. 1917. Lois McPhedran. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Company Law of Canada, 
4th ed. Handbook on Canadian Company Law, 
4th ed. Canadian Company Forms, 3rd ed, 

Died 21 Feb. 1949. 

21 Sept. 1886. Quebec High Sch. & McGill 
Univ. B.A. 

University 1908-11. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1910. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1910-11. 
1911-14: Law Student, Winnipeg. 1915-20: 

Practice of Law, Sask. & Alberta. 1920-2: 
Business, Ottawa & Montreal. 1922-40: Teach- 
ing, Bishop's Coll. Sch., Lennoxville, Quebec. 
Retired, owing to ill health. 

P.O. Box 1202, Three Rivers, P.Q. 

toba), b. 26 Dec. 1884. Collegiate Inst., 
Winnipeg, & Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. 

Queen's 1908-11. Read Law. Assoc. F. v. 
Camb. 1910-11. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1911. 

1911-14 & 1921-3 : Practice of Law, Winnipeg. 
1915-20: War Loan Office, H.M. Treasury, 
London, Engl. 1923-7: Legal Adviser, Dept. of 
Finance, Ottawa. 1927-30: Prime Minister's 
Secretariat (Political), Ottawa. 1930-45: Private 
Secy, to Rt. Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King (as 
Leader of the Opposition 1930-5; as Prime 
Minister 1935-45). 1945- : Registrar, Ex- 
chequer Court of Canada. K.C. 1945. 

m. 1913. Mabel Marion Josephine Wood- 
house, One s. One d. 

604 Laurier Ave. West, Ottawa, Ont. 

LEITCH, ROY (Prince Edward Island), b. 

9 Nov. 1884. Prince of Wales Coll., Charlotte- 
town, & Dalhousie Univ. B.A. 

New Coll. 1908-11. Read Econ. & Hist. 

1911-14: Teaching, Prince of Wales Coll., 
P.E.I. 1914-16: Serbian Army; Lt. 1919- : 
Various teaching posts. 

bia), b. 5 Mar. 1887. Vancouver High Sch. & 
McGill Univ. B.A. 

St. John's 1908-11. Lit. Hum. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1911. M.A. 1919. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1910-11. 
Athl. Sports v. Dublin 1910. 

1911-13: Presbyt. Coll.. Montreal, & New 
Coll., Edinburgh. 1913-36: Dept. of Classics, 
Univ. of B.C. (Prof, from 1929). 1915-19: Can. 
Inf. & M.G.C.; France, Belgium; Major. M.C. 
D. 1920-30: Can. Active Militia; Lt.-Col.: 
commanded 12th C.M.G. Bn. & C.O.T.C. Con- 
tingent, Univ. of B.C. 1936-45: Principal, 
Fairbridge Farm Sch., B.C. 1945-9: Asst. 
Gen. Secy. (Secy. 1948), Fairbridge Farm 
Schools, London, Engl. 1949- : Prof, of 
Classics, Univ. of B.C. 

m. 1916. Gwyneth N. L. R. Murray. Two s. 
(one dcd.). One d. 

Dept. of Classics, University of British Colum- 
bia, Vancouver, B.C. 


b. 22 Oct. 1884. High Sch., Antigonish, & 
Dalhousie Univ. B.A. 

New Coll. 1908-11. Lit. Hum. 4th Cl. B.A. 
1911. Lacrosses. Camb. 1911. 

1911-16: Teaching, High Schools, Vancouver. 
1916-19: R.G.A.; Italy, Mesopot., Salonica; 
Lt. 1919-20: Teaching, Magee High Sch., 
Vancouver. 1920-34: Principal, Prince of Wales 
High Sch., Vancouver. 1934-42: Principal, 
Britannia High Sch., Vancouver. 1942- : Prin- 
cipal, Magee High Sch., Vancouver. 

m. 1919. Nancy Isobel Milne. One*. Oned. 

2749 W. 49th Avenue, Vancouver , B.C. 

RIVE, RUPERT MAXIME (New Brunswick). 

b. 10 Mar. 1884. St. Joseph's Univ. B.A. 
Dalhousie Univ. LL.B, 

St. John's 1908-11. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1911. 

1911- : Practice of Law & Business; Saint 
John & Moncton, N.B. 

m. 1911. Florence A. Alcock. 


CASTLEHOW, STANLEY (Queensland), b. 

13 Feb. 1887. Brisbane Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Sydney. B.A. 

Balliol 1908-11. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1911. M.A. 1919. 

1912-15: Vice-Princ. & Tutor, St. Andrew's 
Coll., Sydney. 1915-19: Temp. Lect. in 
Classics, Univ. of Queensland. 1919: Lect. in 
Latin, Univ. of Sydney. 1920-45: Lect.; 1946: 
Acting Prof.; 1947- : Assoc. Prof, of Classics, 
Univ. of Queensland. 

Univ. of Queensland, George St., Brisbane, 


4 Sept. 1887. Clemes Coll., Hobart, & Univ. of 

SgdS'en 1908-11. Geol. 1st Cl. B.A. 1910. 
Cross-country v. Camb. 1908-10. 

1912-14: Mining Engr., Arizona,, U.S.A. 
1915-19 : Friends' Ambulance Unit; Austr. Inf. ; 
France; Lt. 1919- : Business, London, JEngl. 

m. 1920. Mary Bramhall. One s. Two d. 

56 Sevenodks Rd., Orpington, K.ent t England. 

tralia), b. 26 Feb. 1889. Christian Bros. Coll., 
Perth, W.A. 

Brasenose 1908-12. Physiol. 4th Cl. B.A. 

1912-15: Med. Training, Dublin, Ireland. 
M.B.. B.Ch. 1915. 1916-19: Res. Med. Supt., 
Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hosp., Dublin. 
1920-45: Ophthalmic Surgeon, Perth, W.A. 

m. 1925. Mary Catherine Clune. Two d. 

Died 25 Jan. 1945. 

b. 26 June 1885. Warrnambool Acad. & Univ. 
of Melbourne. M.A. 

University 1908-11. Lit. Hum. 3rd Cl. Hon. 
Mention, John Locke Scholp. 1912. Cricket i>. 
Camb. 1909-11. 

1913-17: Lect. in Philos., Univ. of W. Austr. 
1918-28: Headmaster, Methodist Ladies* Coll., 
Hawthorne, Vic. 1928-31: Headmaster, Hale 



[Australia, contJ\ 

Sch., Perth, W.A. 1932-48: Headmaster, 
Newington Coll., Stanmore, N.S.W. Retired 
1948. 1949 : w. Communications Engineering 
Pty., Ltd., Sydney. 

m. 1913. EmmaHoldsworthSugden. Threes. 
Two d. 

do Communications Engineering Pty., Ltd., 
Sydney, N.S.W. 

Australia), b. 27 Sept. 1885. St. Peter's Col- 
legiate Sch., Adelaide, & Univ. of Adelaide. 
LL.B. 1906. 

Christ Church 1908-11. B.Litt. (Hist.) 1911. 

19H- : Practice of Law, Gawler, S. Austr. 
1915-19: Austr. Inf.; Egypt, France; Lt. Mem- 
ber for S. Austr. House of Assembly 1933. 
Chmn. of Commees. 1938. 1939-46: Minister 
of Crown Lands, Minister of Repatriation & 
Minister of Irrigation. 1946- : Art.- Gen. & 
Minister of Educ. Member of Legislative 

m. 1914. Kathleen Sunderland. Twos.(dcd.). 

Gawler, S. Australia. 

Wales), b. 10 Feb. 1885. The King's Sch., 
Parramatta, & Univ. of Sydney. M.B., Ch.M. 

Balhol 1909 (Hil. Term)-1912. B.Sc. & Dipl. 

1912-14: Inspector -of Ophthalm. Hosps., 
Cairo. 1914-19: 1st K.E.H. & R.A.M.C.; 
Salonica, Egypt; Capt. 1919-43: Ophthalmic 
Surgeon, Sydney. Lect,, Univ. of Sydney. 
F.R.A.C.S. 1936. Retired 1943 (Grazier, Sheep 
& Cattle). 

m. 1913. Dorothy Maude Filleul Hensley. 
Three d. 

The Penthouse, Hensley Hall, Bellevue Hill, 
Sydney, N.S.W. 


ZIMAN, SOLOMON NETHEIM. b. 20 Nov. 1886. 
Auckland Gr. Sch. & Auckland Univ. Coll. 
B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Balhol 1908-11 (Hon. Scholar). Maths. 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1910. M.A. 1920. 

1911-25: Indian Civil Service; retired 1925. 
1916-19: Indian Army ; Capt. 1 926-46 : Sheep- 
farming, N.Z. Capt., Nat. Mil. Reserve, Com- 
manding Forces on Gt. Barrier Is., N.Z., 1942. 
1946-7: Agent, Univ. of N.Z., Office of N.Z. 
Govt., London. 

m. 1922. Nellie Frances Gaster. Three 5. 

Died 21 Nov. 1947. 


FANNIN, CHARLES GOWER (Natal), b. 21 July 
1890. Hilton Coll., Natal. 
Exeter 1908-11. Engineering 2nd CL B.A. 

1911-15: Engr., Gen. Electric Co. 1915-19: 
R.G.A.; France; Capt. M.C. D. 1920-39: 
Land & Surveys Dept., Kenya, Director of 
Surveys. 1940-2: Dep. Director of Surveys, 
Gold Coast. 1942-5: Director of Surveys & 
Sub-Intendant of Crown Lands, Trinidad 
1946-7: Princ. Computer, Dept. of Colonial 
Surveys, Colonial Office, London. 1947- : Sur- 
veying in Kenya. Assoc. Inst. C.E. 1929. 

m. (1) 1911. Lilias Margaret Adair-Rams ay. 
One J. (2) 1929. Katharine Mary Trood. 

cfo Barclay's Bank (D.C. & O.), Circus Place, 
London Wall, London, E.G. 2, England. 

College, Rondeboscfa). b. 18 Mar. 1890. 
Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch. 

University 1908-11. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1911. R.F. v. Camb. 1910. Cricket forS. Afr., 
several years. 

1911- : Chartered Accountant, Cape Town. 
Incorp. Accountant (EngL). Retired 1940. 
1914-19: S. Afr. Arty.; France; Major. M.C. 
D.S.O. D. 

m. 1920. Sybil Joyce Marais. One s. (Mar- 
riage dissolved.) 

Box 432, Cape Town. 

High School, Stellenbosch). b. 25 Apr. 1885. 
Boys' High Sch. & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. 
B A (Cape) 

Worcester 1908-11. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1912-20: Practice of Law, Germiston, Trans- 
vaal. 1924-7: In Rhodesia & Tanganyika. 
1928-30: Teaching, Michaelhouse, Balgowan, 

m. 1913. Nunez Holtzhausen. 

Died 10 Oct. 1930. 

KOTZfi, PETER CAUZINS (South African Col - 
lege School), b. 10 Dec. 1885. S. Afr. Coll. 
Sch. & S. Afr. Coll. B.A. (Cape). 

Worcester 1908-11. Dipl. Forestry. 

1911-45: Forestry Dept., Union of S. Afr. 
Govt.; Zululand 1920; Kokstad 1927; Knysna 
1930. Conservator of Forests, Eastern Con- 
servancy, C.P. 

w. 1916. Jessie Lillian Drummond. Three of. 

Publ.: Tree Planting in Zululand & the Natal 
North Coast. 

Died 30 Oct. 1945. 

African Scholar), b. 21 Nov. 1887. Marl- 
borough Coll., EngL 

Oriel 1908-12. Chem. 4th Cl. B.A. 1912. 
Rackets v. Camb. 1909. Cricket v. Camb. 1909- 
12. R.F. v. Camb. 1909-11. Hockeys. Camb. 
1910-11. R.F. Internat. (EngL) 1912. 

1912-14: Teaching, Harrow Sch., EngL 
1914-15: K.R.R.C.; France, Belgium; A/Major. 

Killed in action 6 Mar. 1915. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 8 Nov. 1888. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1908-11. Read Engineering. 

1912- : Motor Business, S. Afr. 1918-19: 
R.A.F.; 2nd Lt. 1940-4: S.A.A.F., S. Afr.; 
Fit. Sgt. 

Box 47, Middelburg, C.P. 


1885. St. Andrew's College, Grahamstown. 

Exeter 1908-11. Dipl. Forestry 1911. Boxing 
v. Camb. 1909. Founded the Child Emigration 
Socy. while at Oxford, 1910. 

1912-24: Headmaster of the Fairbridge Farm 
Sch., Pinjarra, W. Austr. 

m. 1911. Ruby Whitmore. Two jr. Two d. 

Publ.: Veld Verse, 1909. The Autobiography 
of Kingsley Fairbndge, 1927 (posthumous). 

Died 19 July 1924. 

1890. Sch. for Sons of Missionaries, Blackheath, 

Wadham 1908-11. Read Law. 

1912-14: Civil Service, N, Rhodesia. 1914- 
19: 2nd K.E.H. & London Rifle Bde.; France; 
Lt. 1920-6: Civil Service, S.Rhodesia. 1927- : 
Business in Kenya & Rhodesia; now Branch 
Man., African Lakes Corpn., Ltd., N. Rhod. 


1908, 1909 

[Rhodesia, cant.] 

m. (1) 1928. Kathleen V. Newett (d. 1932). 
(2) 1943. Anna Marjone Deas (n&e Cook). 

c\o African Lakes Corpn., Ltd., Fort Rosebery, 
N. Rhodesia, 

1888. St. George's Sch., Bulawayo. 

Exeter 1908-11. Botany 2nd Cl. & Dipl. 
Forestry. B.A. 1911. 

1911-46: Indian Forest Service. 1919-26: 
Imperial Silviculturist to Govt. of India; Con- 
servator of Forests 1929; Chief Conservator 
1940. 1940-5- Inspector-Gen, of Forests to 
Govt. of India & Pres., Forest Research 
Inst , Dehra Dun. K.B. 1943. 1946- Secy., 
Commonwealth Agric. Bureaux. Represented 
India at Internat. Forestry Conf., Rome, 1926; 
Empire Forestry Conf., Austr., 1928, Internat. 
Forestry Conf., Stockholm, 1929; Food & Agric. 
Orgn. Conf., Quebec, 1945. Represented Com- 
monwealth Agric. Bureaux at Empire Forestry 
Conf , London, 1946. 

m. (1) 1913. Mary Anne Fergusson (d. 1915). 
(2) 1917. Kathleen Muriel Kavanagh. One s. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (3) 1937. Florence Kath- 
leen Mackay (nee Turner). One s. 

Publ.: Forest Pocket Book, 1927 (6th ed.). 
A Note on Post- War Forest Policy for India, 1 944. 

do Grindlays Bank, 54 Parliament St., London. 
S.W. 1, England. 

TUS, b. 8 Jan. 1890. Eton Coll., England. 

Brasenose 1908-9. Resigned Scholp. 

1909-13- Mining, S. Rhodesia. 1914-16: 
K.R.R.C.; France, Belgium; Lt. 

Killed in action 13 Mar. 1916. 


4 Dec. 1888. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & 
Dulwich Coll., England. 

Exeter 1908-11. Read Hist. 

1911-14: Business, Java & Straits Settle- 
ments. 1914-18: R. West Kent Regt; France; 
Capt. M.C. 1918-20: Instr., R.M.C., Cam- 
berley. 1921-39: Business, London, Engl. 
Commanding 132 Inf. Bde ; Brigadier 1939. 
C.B.E. 1942. Comdr., Mersey Sub-District, 
Liverpool, 1944 Chief of Norwegian Mis- 
sion, U.NR.A.A., 1944. 1945- : Chief of 
U.N.R.A.A., M.E. Office, Cairo, Egypt. 

m. 1922. Norah Brooke. One 5-. One d. 

8 Dor el Shifa, Cairo, Egypt. 


1889, Bath Coll , England. 

Trinity 1908-12. Hon. Mods. (Class.) 4th CL 
Lit. Hum. 4th Cl. 1912. 

1912-25: Native Admin., N. Rhodesia. 
1926 : Farming, Jamaica. Nominated Mem- 
ber, Legislative Council, Jamaica, since 1942. 
Gustos of Westmorland since 1944. 

m. 1926. Gwendolen Brindley Boatfield. 
One s. Two d. 

Kew Park, Montpeher, Jamaica. 


MITCHELL, JOHN BRINE, b. 16 June 1889. 
Method. Coll., St. John's, Newfoundland. 

St. John's 1908-11. Geol. 2nd Cl. & Dipl. 
Forestry. B.A. 1911. 

1912-14: Forestry Service, Brit. Columbia. 
1914-16 : London Regt. ; France, Belgium; Capt. 

Killed in action 15 Sept. 1916. 



7 Nov. 1886. St. Hyacinthe Coll. B.A. (Laval). 

Worcester 1909-12. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. & 
M.A. 1916. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1910-11. 

Bacheher en droit (Paris) 1912. 1913-16: 
Secy, to Chief Justice, Supreme Court of 
Canada. 1917-48: Can. Inf.; Lt. 1921-37: 
Secy f to the Hon. Mackenzie King; Editor in 
Chief of Le Soleil, Quebec, and, later, 1st Secy. 
to Can. Minister to the U.S.A. 1937-48: Dept. 
of External Affairs (Counsellor 1937; Asst. 
Under-Secy, 1940). Retired. 

m. 1917. Jeanne de Varennes (d. 1926). 
Four ch. 

5525 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, P.O. 

DALY, JOSEPH (Prince Edward Island), b. 

21 Mar. 1886. St. Dunstan's Coll., P.E.I. B.A. 

St. John's 1909-12. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1912. 

1912-15: Univ. of Toronto Med. Sch. M.B. 
1915. 1915-22: Hosp. Appts. & Gen. Practice. 
1922-6: Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., U.S.A. 
1927-9: St. Michael's Hosp., Toronto. 1929- 
34: Dean, Coll. of Medicine, Univ. of Detroit, 
Mich., U.S.A. 1934- : Consulting Physician, 
Toronto & St. Michael's Hosp , Toronto. 

m. 1920. Alberta McNab. 

14 Brendan Rd, t Toronto, Ont. 

JOHNSON, SKULI (Manitoba), b. 6 Sept. 
1888. Winnipeg Collegiate Inst. & Univ. of 
Manitoba. B.A. & M.A. 



[Canada,, cont.] 

Oriel 1909-11 (Mich. Term). Read Engl. 
L. & Lit. Resigned through ill health. Lacrosse 
v. Camb. 1911. 

1914 & 1915: Classical Master, St. John's 
Techn. High Sch., Winnipeg. 1915-27: Prof, 
of Classics (1921-7: Dean of Fac. of Arts), 
Wesley Coll., Winnipeg' Member of Bd of 
Govs. 1927-31. 1927- : Prof, of Latin & Greek 
(Hd. of Dept. since 1940), Umv. of Manitoba. 
Knight of Royal Order of the Falcon, Iceland. 

m. 1921. Evelyn Margaret Truesdale. Two s. 

PubL: Contrib. to: Transl. of 28 Icelandic 
poems in Icelandic Lyrics, 1930; Vergil's 
Georgics & Labour on the Land, 1937; The 
Catastrophe in the Antigone of Sophocles, 1946. 
Ed. & contrib. Lect. XII, Iceland's Thousand 
Years. Contrib. to Icelandic Poems & Stories. 
Numerous articles in classical and other journals 
in America. Numerous translations from the 
Classical & Icelandic poets in many magazines 
and newspapers. 

Univ. of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Man. 

LONG, MORDEN HEATON (Ontario), b. 24 Sept. 
1886. Woodstock Coll., Ont., & McMaster 
Univ. B.A. 

Wadham 1909-12. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1912. 
M.A. 1924. 

1913-18: Teaching, Victoria High Sch., 
Edmonton. 1918- : Dept. of Hist., Umv. of 
Alberta (Prof, since 1936, Hd. of Dept. since 

m, 1927. Isabella Winifred McGoun. Two d. 

PubL: Knights Errant of the Wilderness, 1920. 
Sir John Franklin, 1930. A History of the 
Canadian People, Vol. 1 : New France, 1942. 

11 615 Saskatchewan Drive, Edmonton, Alta. 

b. 31 May 1888. Halifax Acad, & King's Coll., 
N.S. B.A. 

Queen's 1909-12. Theol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1912. 
M.A. 1918. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1912. 

1914-18: Can. Inf. & R.A.F.; France; Lt. 
1919-21: Teaching, Ashbury Coll., Ottawa. 
1921-41; Teaching, Upper Canada Coll., 
Toronto. 1942-5: Wing Comdr., R.C A.F., & 
A.M.G.O.T. 1945- : Teaching, Toronto. 

m. 1915. Kathleen D. Rathbun. One s. 

274 Oaks Gate, Toronto, Ont. 

SHERMAN, Louis RALPH (The Rt. Rev.) 
(New Brunswick), b. 26 Aug. 1886. Frederic- 
ton High Sch. & Univ. of New Brunswick. B.A. 
& M.A. Bishops Coll., Lennoxville. L.S.T. 

Christ Church 1909-12. Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1911. B.Litt. 1914. 1912: Cuddesdon Theol. 
Coll. Ordained 1912. 

1913-14; Christ Church Mission, Poplar, 
London, Engl. 1914-17: Rector, Trinity Ch., 
Saint John, N.B. 1917-25 : Rector, Holy Trinity 
Ch., Toronto. Canon of St. Alban's Cathedral. 
Toronto, 1922. 1925-7: Dean of Quebec. D.D. 
1927. LL.D. 1927-43: Bishop of Calgary. 
1943- : Archbishop of Rupert's Land. 

m. 1919. Carolyn Gillmor. Two s. (one dcd.). 
Two d. 

269 Waverley St,, Winnipeg, Man. 

katchewan). 6. 25 Nov. 1888. High Sch., 
London, Ont., & Umv. of Toronto. B.A, 

Balliol 1909-12. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1911. 
M.A. 1918. 

1912-29: Dept. of Hist., Univ. of Toronto 
(Assoc. Prof., 1919). Chmn., Dept. of Hist. 
1927-9. 1915-19: P.P.C.L.L; France, Capt. 
M.C. 1929-30: Business. 1931-47: Prof, of 
Hist.; Univ. of Alberta; Dean of Fac. of Arts & 
Sciences, 1939; Chmn,, Sch. of Graduate 
Studies, 1940. 

Died 4 Oct. 1947. 

YATES, ARTHUR (British Columbia), b. 
29 Dec. 1884. Vancouver Coll. & McGill Univ. 

St. John's 1909-12 (HiL Term). Jurispr. 3rd 
Cl. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1910-11 (Capt.). 

1912-17: Teaching, Victoria High Sch., Vic- 
toria, B.C 1917-19 : Can. Inf. & Arty. ; France. 
1919-22: Teaching, High Sch., Palo Alto, Calif., 
U.S.A. 1924: Travelling for Publishing Firm. 
1934-46: Assoc. Prof, of Engl Lit., Long Island 
Univ., New York, U.S.A. 

m. 1914. 

Died 4 June 1946. 



b. 6 Sept. 1888. Brisbane Gr. Sch. 

Balhol 1909-13. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1912. 
M.A. 1919. B.M., B.Ch. 1919. D.M. 1920. 
F.R.C.S. (Engl.) 1924. R.F. v. Camb. 1910-12 
(Capt. 1912). R.F. Internat. (Engl.) 1911, 1913, 
1914, 1921, 1922 (Capt.). 

1915-19; R.A.M.C.; France, Belgium; Lt.- 
Col. M.C. D. 1920-2: London Hosp., Engl. 
1922- : Surgeon Specialist in Ear, Nose & 
Throat. Aural Surgeon, N. Middx, Hosp. & 
East Ham Educ. Dept., 1924. 1925- Ear, 
Nose & Throat Dept. (Surgeon since 1932), 
Charing Cross Hosp. Lect. in Diseases of Ear, 
Nose & Throat, London Univ., 1933. Vice- 
Pres., Rugby Football Union, 1938-47. 1939- 
45: E.M.S., O/C Charing Cross Hosp., London, 

m. 1915. Margaret Jane Menzies (d. 1930). 
Two d. 

82 Portland Place, London W 1, England. 

BULLOCK, HOWARD (New South Wales). 

b. 16 Feb. 1886. Sydney C. of E. Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Sydney. M.B., Ch.M. 

New Coll. 1910 (Hil. Term)-1912 (Mich. 
Term). B.Sc. (Pathol.) 1912. F.R.C.S. (Engl.). 
R.F. v. Camb. 1910-11. 

1913- : Practice as Surgeon, Sydney. Post- 
grad. Lect., Univ. of Sydney. Hon. Surgeon, 
Prince Henry Hosp. & Royal S. Sydney Hosp. 
Hon. Consulting Surgeon, Sydney Hosp. & 
Renwick Hosp. for Infants. 1941-3: A.A.M.C., 
A.I.F., M.E.F.; Lt.-Col. 

m. 1923. Lorna Mary Macken. Two s. One d. 

Rolna, 155 Macquane St., Sydney, N.S.W. 

Australia), b. 1 May 1890. Hale Sch., Perth, 

Exeter 1909-12. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1913. 
Called to the Bar, Engl., 1913. 

1913-33: Practice of Law, Perth, W.A. 
1915-19: R.F.A. ; France, India- Capt. Member 
W.A. Parliament 1925. Att.-Gen. in Cabinet 
1930. K.C. 1932. 

m. 1915. Penelope Sholl. One s. Two d. 

Died 19 Feb. 1933. 


b. 6 Sept. 1887. Hutchins Sch., Hobart, 82 Univ. 
of Tasmania. LL B. 

Merton 1909-12. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. & B.Litt. 
B.A. 1911. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1912. 

1914-15: Austr. G.A.; Lt. 1915- : Practice 
of Law, Burme & Ulverstone, Tasm. Elected 
Legislative Council, Tasm., 1921: re-elected 
1927. M.P. 1933. Member of House of 
"Assembly 1936. 

m. 1913. Jessie Madge Archer. Three s. 
Three d. 

Ulverstone, Tasmania. 

FRY, HENRY KENNETH (South Australia), b. 
25 May 1886. Prince Alfred Coll. & Univ. of 
Adelaide. B.Sc. & M.B., B.S. M.D. 1934. 

[Australia, cont.~\ 

Balliol 1909-12. B Sc. (Pathol.) 1911. Dipl. 
Anthrop. & D.P.H. 1912. Lacrosse v. Camb. 

1914-19 : A.A.M.C. ; Galhpoli, Egypt, France; 
Temp. Col.; D.S.O. D. 1919- : Med. Prac- 
tice, Adelaide. Lect., Univ. of Adelaide, 1919- 
38. Hon. Physician, Royal Adelaide Hosp. 
1936-46. 1938- : City Health Officer, Adelaide. 
Pres., Royal Socy. of S. Austr. F.R.A.C.P. 
1939. F.R.I.P.H.H. 1941. 1939-45- Consulting 
Psychiatrist, S.A.L. of C. 

m. 1918. Dorothy Edith Deeley. One s. 

Publ : An Introduction to General Thera- 
peutics, 1935. 

Waverley Ridge, Crofters, S. Australia. 

toria), b. 4 Jan. 1889. Scotch Coll., Melbourne, 
& Univ. of Melbourne. 
New Coll. 1909-12. Physiol. 1st CL B.A. 

1911. B.Sc. 1912. Dipl. Anthrop. w. Distn. 

1912. Theodore Williams Scholp. (Anatomy) 
1911. B.M., B.Ch. 1914. F.R.C.S. (Engl.) 
1916. Rowings. Camb. 1911-12. 

1912-14: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. 
1914-19: R.A.M.C.; Salonica, France; Capt. 
M.C. Croix de Guerre (Belgium). 1919- : 
Practice as Surgeon, Melbourne. Surgeon to 
Children's Hosp. 1920-6. Hon. Orthopaedic 
Surgeon, Royal Melbourne Hosp. 1933-46. 
1940-6: A.A.M.C., A.M.F.; Col. O.B.E. 1942. 
D. C.B.E. 1946. 

m. (1) 1915. Edith Robertson. One s. (2) 
1934. Helen Margaret Outhwaite. 

2 Collins St., Melbourne, Vic. 


MacDOUGALL, ALLAN, b. 2 Jan. 1886. 
Wellington Coll. & Victoria Univ. Coll., Welling- 
ton, N.Z. M.A. 

New Coll. 1909-12. Engl. L. & Lit. 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1912. 

1912-14: Lect., Univ. Coll., Nottingham, 
Engl., & Queen's Coll., Belfast. 1914-16: R. 
Fus.; France; Capt. 

Killed in action 2 Aug. 1916. 


Justice) (Natal), b. 18 Jan. 1891. Hilton Coll., 

Oriel 1909-12. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1912. Called to the Bar, Engl. 1913. 

1914-19: G.S.W. Afr. & France; R.F.A.; 
Capt. M.C. 1919-39: Practice of Law, Pieter- 
maritzburg. K.C. 1931. M.P., Union of S. Afr., 
1938-9, 1939- : Judge of Supreme Court of 
S. Afr. (Natal Province). Chmn. of Commns.: 
1936, Natal Education; 1940, Indian Penetra- 
tion; 1943, Second Indian Penetration; 1944, 
Natal Indian Judicial; 1947, Durban Native 

m. 1918. Mary Caroline Jervois. Two $. 
Two d. (one dcd.). 

Supreme Court, Pietermaritzburg, Natal. 

BROSTER, LENNOX Ross (St. Andrew's Col- 
lege, Grahamstown). b. 15 Sept. 1889. St. 
Andrew's Coll. & Rhodes Univ. Coll. 

Trinity 1909-12. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1912. 
M.A. 1919. B.M., B.Ch. 1914. D.M. 1919. 
F.R.C.S. (Engl.) 1921. M.Ch. 1922. R.F. v. 
Camb. 1912. 

1913-15: Guy's Hosp., London, Engl. 1915- 
19: R.A.M.C.; France; Major. O.B.E. (Mil.). 
D. 1920- : Practice as Surgeon, London, 
Engl. Surgeon, Charing Cross Hosp., 1924. 

[19] 1909 

Late Surgeon, Queen's Hosp. for Children, 
Examnr. (at various dates), Univs. of Oxford, 
Cambridge, Leeds & R.Coll. of Surgeons. 
Huntenan Prof., R.Coll. of Surgeons, 1934. 
Address by invitation to Amer. Surgical Assocn., 
1941 ; Hon. Fellow 1942. Gov. of London House. 
Council, B.M.A. & Assocn. of Surgeons. 
1944-5 Surgeon, E.M.S. 

m. 1916. Edith Mary Victoria Thomas. 
Three d. 

Publ.: (In collab.) The Adrenal Cortex, 1934, 
& The Adrenal Cortex & Inter sexuality 3 1938. 
Endocrine Man, 1944. 

Ill Harley St., London W. 1, Engl., & Chelms- 
cote Manor, Leighton Buzzard, Beds., England. 

Justice) (Boys' High School, Stellenbosch). 
b. 7 Dec. 1889. Boys 5 High Sch. & Victoria 
Coll., Stellenbosch. B.A (Cape). 

Trinity 1909-12. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1912. 
Called to the Bar, Engl., 1912. 

1912-26: Practice of Law, Pretoria. K.C. 
1926. 1926-30: Pres., Income Tax Appeal 
Court. 1930- : Judge of Supreme Court of 
S. Afr. (Transvaal Divn.). First Puisne Judge 
of the Transvaal 1945. Judge President 1947. 

m. 1917. Jessie Wilhelmina de Villiers. Twos* 
Two d. 

Room 19, Palace of Justice, Pretoria. 

POWER, WALTER (South African College 
School), b. 28 Feb. 1889. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & 
S. Afr. Coll. B.A. (Cape). 

University 1909-12. Dipl. Forestry 1911. 

1912-16: Union of S. Afr. Forestry Service. 
1916-17: S.A.H. & Cape Corps; E. Afr.; Lt. 

Killed in action 6 Nov. 1917. 

cesan College, Rondebosch). b. 10 Nov. 
1889. Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch. 

University 1909-13. Read Medicine. R.F. v. 
Camb. 1911-12. R.F. Internat. (Scotland) 1910 
& 1911. 

1914-17: R.F.A.; Salonica, Palestine; Lt. 

Killed in action 8 Dec. 1917. 


&. 16 Apr. 1891. Elstow Sch., Bedford, Engl. 

Lincoln 1909-12. Read Law. 

1912-14: Teaching, Yardley Court, Ton- 
bridge, Kent, Engl. 1914-19: Worcs. Regt.; 
France; Capt. M.C. 1920-37: Teaching. The 
Downs Sch., Colwall, Malvern. 1938-9: Ridley 
Hall, Camb. Ordained 1939. 1939-40: Curate, 
St. Peter's Church, Woolton, Liverpool. 1941-4 : 
Headmaster, Lyttleton Gr. Sch., Malvern, 
1944-7: Rector, Knightwick, Worcs. 

m. 1913. Ellen Simpson. One s. Two d. 
(one dcd.). 

Died 26 June 1947. 

1888. St. George's Sch., Bulawayo. 

Exeter 1909-11. Resigned Scholp. 

1912-15: Ranching, Rhodesia. 1915-20: 
K.R.R.C.; France; Capt. M.C. & Bar. 1920-7: 
Asst. Manager, Nuanetsi Ranch, S. Rhod. 
1927-30: Manager, Glass Block Ranch, S. 
Rhod. 1931-5: Farming, S. Rhod. & Engl. 
1936: Contracts Dept. of the Admiralty. 1939- 
41: K.R.R.C. (9th Armoured Divn.); 1942-4: 
Assyrian 'Levies, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon; Capt. 
1945-6: B.R.C.S., Italy. 

m. 1929. Isalde Mary Henniker-Gotley. 

42 Green St., Park Lane, London, S.W. 1, 

1909, 1910 


[Rhodesia, com.] 

WILMOT, PAUL DOMINIC. b. 8 Apr. 1889. 

St. George's Sch., Bulawayo. 

Lincoln 1909-12. Dipl. Anthrop. 

1912-14: Farming in S. Afr. 1914-18: Sussex 
Regt.: G.S.W. Afr., France; Lt. 

Killed in action 25 Apr. 1918. 


1890. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Dulwich 
Coll., England. 

Merton (Open Maths. Scholar) 1909-13. 
Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 2nd CL Maths. (F.H.S.) 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1913. 

1914-32: Admin. Service, Kenya. 1932-8: 
Colonial Secy.; Bermuda 1932-5, Brit. Guiana 
1935-8. 1938-47: Gov. & Commander-in- 
Chief; Barbados 1938-41, N. Rhodesia 1941-7. 
OB.E. 1920. C.M.G. 1935. K.C.M.G. 1939. 
K.C.V.O. 1947. G.B E. 1948. 

m. 1923. Edith Agnes Galloway. Two s. 

Chiddingly Farm, West Hoathly, Sussex, Eng- 


1890. Wolmer's Sch., Kingston, Jamaica. 

Keble 1909-13. Read Law. 

1914-17: Law Student. Called to the Bar, 
EngL, 1921. 1917-18: 15th London Regt.; Pte. 
1921-33: Practice of Law, Jamaica. 1933-48: 
Resident Magistrate. 1948- : Practice of Law 

m. 1919. Kathleen Louise Dyke. 

12 Hope Rd., Half -Way Tree, Jamaica. 


HIGGINS, JOHN GILBERT, b. 7 May 1891. 
St. Bonaventure's Coll.. Nfd. 

Merton 1909-12. Junspr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1912. 
M.A. 1938. Called to the Bar, EngL, 1913. 

1913- : Practice of Law, St. John's, Nfd. 
1916-19: Ambulance Corps, C.E.F.: Pte. K.C. 
1930. Pres.,LawSocy. of Nfd., 1930. Member, 
Provincial Parl., 1949. Secy., Rhodes Scholar- 
ships in Nfd. since 1926. 

m. 1925. Alice M Casey. Two jr. One d. 

42 Rennies Mill Rd., St. John's, Nfd. 



BURT, ALFRED LE Roy (Ontario), b. 28 Nov. 
1888. Humberside Collegiate Inst., Toronto, & 
Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

Corpus Christi 1910-13, Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1912. M.A. 1916. Divided Beit Prize 1913. 
Robert Herbert Mem. Prize 1913. 

1913-30: Dept. of Hist., Univ. of Alberta 
(Prof. & Hd. of Dept. 1921). 1930- : Prof, of 
Hist., Univ. of Minnesota, U.S.A. Tyrrell 
Medal of Royal Socy. of Canada, 1946. 

m. 1915. Dorothy Duff. One s. Three d. 

Publ.: Imperial Architects, 1913. Ed. Vol. iii 
'Makers of Canada Series', 1926. High School 
Civics, 1928. Romance of the Prairie Provinces, 
1930. The Old Province of Quebec, 1933. The 
Romance of Canada: A New History, 1937. The 
United States, &eat Britain & British North 
America, from the Revolution to the Establish- 
ment of Peace after the War of 1812, 1940. A 
Short History of Canada for Americans, 1942 
(2nd ed. 1944). Nine chapters m The United 
States and its Place in World Affairs, 1918-1943, 

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 14, 
Minnesota, U.S.A. 

DIXON, LLOYD (New Brunswick), b. 26 May 
1886. Sackville High Sch. & Mt. Allison Univ. 
B.A. & M.A. Harvard Univ. A.M. 

Balhol 1910-13. Maths. 3rd CL Hist. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. & JVLA* 1924, Distn. in Jr. Maths. Scholp, 

Exam. 1911. Dipl. Econ.w. Distn. 1914. Robert 
Herbert Mern. Prize 1914. Lacrosse v. Camb. 

1915-23: Egyptian Govt. Educ. Service. 
1924-9: Teaching, King's Coll., Taunton, EngL 
1929- : Teaching, Monmouth Sch., Mon- 
mouth, EngL 

m. 1 91 5. ^ Mary Franklin Mullane. 

c\o National Provincial Bank, Monmouth, 

DYKE, SYDNEY CAMPBELL (British Columbia). 

b. 4 Sept. 1886. High Sch., New Westminster, 
B.C., & Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

Exeter 1910-13. Physiol. 1st Cl. B.A.; B.M., 
BCh.; D.P.H. 1918. D.M. 1924. M.R.C.P. 
(Lond.) 1924. F.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1934. Rad- 
clifjfe Prize for Advancement of Medicme 1929. 

1914-18: R.A.M.C ; France, Belgium; Capt. 
1919-20: Asst. Bacteriologist, Univ. of Durham, 
EngL 1920-4: Pathol. to Clinical Unit, St. 
Thomas's Hosp.. London, EngL 1924 : Con- 
sulting Pathoi. (Director, Pathol. Dept. 1940), 
Royal Hosp., Wolverhampton, EngL Founder, 
Assocn. of Clinical Pathologists, Secy. 1927-37: 
Pres. 1937-43; Chmn. of Council 1943. Pres., 
Internat. Assocn. of Clinical Pathologists, 1947. 

m. 1918. Janet Mary Smith. One s. One d. 

Publ. : Liver in the Treatment of Pernicious & 
Other Anaemias, 1929. Ed. Recent Advances in 
Clinical Pathology, 1947. 

Upper Green, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, Eng- 



[Canada, cont.} 

PHASER, DOUGLAS (Alberta & Saskatche- 
wan), b. 15 Oct. 1885. Regina High Sch. & 
Univ. of Toronto. 

Christ Church 1910-13. Jurispr. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1912. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1913. 

1913- : Practice of Law, Regina, Sask. K.C. 

m. 1923. Florence Myra Smith. Two d. 

93 Leopold Crescent, Regina, Sask. 

Island). b. 10 Jan. 1886. Prince of Wales Coll., 
P.E.I., and Dalhousie Univ. B.A. 

Queen's 1910-13. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.AM913. 
M.A. 1917. 

1913-15 : Teaching, McGill Univ. & Britannia 
High Sch., Vancouver. 1915-20: Prof, of Hist., 
Wesley Coll., Winnipeg. 1920-8: Asst. Prof. & 
Prof, of Hist., Univ. of Manitoba. 1928-31: 
Prof, of Hist., Univ. of B.C., Vancouver. 1931- : 
Dalhousie Univ., Special Lect. in Hist. Archiv- 
ist for Nova Scotia. Member, Histouc Sites & 
Monuments Bd. of Can. F.R.S.C. 1928 (Pres. 
Sect. II) 1945-6. Pres., Canadian Hist. Assocn., 
1937-8. LL.D., Dalhousie, 1941. Tyrrell 
Medal of Royal Socy. of Canada, 1942. 

m. 1914. Elizabeth Winifred Ross. Two s. 
(one dcd.). Two d. (one dcd.). 

Publ.: The French Regime tn Prince Edzvard 
Island, 1926. Ed. Whelan, The Union of the 
British Provinces, 1927. The Colonization of 
Canada, 1936. The Heart of Howe, Selections 
from Letters & Speeches of Joseph Howe, 1939. 

Public Archives of Nova Scotia, Halifax, N.S. 

READ, JOHN ERSKINE (His Excellency Mr. 
Justice) (Nova Scotia), b. 5 July 1888. Halifax 
Acad.,N.S.,& Dalhousie Univ. B.A. Columbia 
Univ., N.Y., U.S.A. 

University 1910-13. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 
1912 B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1913. 

1913-20: Practice of Law, Halifax, N.S. 
1 9 14-1 8 :C.F. A.; France, A/Major. D. 1920-9: 
Dalhousie Univ. Law Sch. (Prof. 1920-4; Dean 
1924-9). K.C. 1925. 1929-46: Legal Adviser, 
Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa. 1946- : Judge 
of the International Court, The Hague, Holland. 
Hon. LL.D., Dalhousie & McMaster Univs , 
1946. Hon. Fellow of University Coll., Oxford, 

m. 1915. Diana Willes Chitty. Three s, 
(one dcd.). 

35 Wilton Crescent, Ottawa, Ont. 

STURLEY, ALBERT AVBRN (Quebec), b. 9 Aug. 
1887. Banbury Municipal Sch., England, & 
Bishop's Coll., Lennoxville, P.Q. B.A. 

Christ Church 1910-13. Maths. Mods. 3rd 
Cl. Physics 2nd CL B.A. & M.A. 1919. 

1914-22: Prof, of Physics, King's Coll , 
Windsor, N.S. 1916-19: Can. Inf.; France; 
Major. 1922: Lect. in Physics. Yale Univ., 

m. 1913. Violet Winifred Hill. 

Died Oct. 1922. 

Mr. Justice) (Manitoba), b. 15 Mar. 1889. 
Winnipeg Collegiate Inst. & Univ. of Manitoba. 

New Coll. 1910-13. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1912. Lacrosse o. Camb. 1913. Called to the 
Bar, EngL, 1913. 

1913-21: Practice of Law, Winnipeg. LL.B. 
(Man.). 1916-19: Can. Inf.; France; Capt. 
1921-6: Dean of Manitoba Law Sch. 1926-41 : 
Practice of Law, Winnipeg. K.C. 1930. 1926- 
30 & 1935-42: Member of Canadian House of 
Commons. 1941: Minister of National War 
Services. 1942- : Pres., Exchequer Court of 
Canada. Hon. J.D., Iceland, 1930. Grand 

Knight Cross w. Star of Royal Order of Falcon, 
Iceland, 1939. 

m. 1916. Alleen Blanche Scarth. One s. 
Two d. 

Crescent Rd., Rockchffe Park, Ottawa, Ont. 


26 July 1888. Wesley Coll., Melbourne. & 
Univ. of Melbourne. M.D, 1923. D.Sc. 1924. 

Lincoln 1910-13. Physiol. 2nd CL B.A. 1912. 
M.A. 1916. B.M., B.Ch. 1916. D.M. 1920. 

1913-15- St. Vincent's Hosp. & Trinity Coll., 
Dublin. 1915-18: R.A.M.C.; Gallipoli, Egypt, 
Malta; Capt. 1918-20-: Med. Supt., Gt. 
Northern Central Hosp., London, EngL 1920- 
32: Senr. Lect. in Pathol. &, from 1921, Fellow 
of Queen's Coll., Univ. of Melbourne, Austr. 
Armytage Med. Research Prizeman 1922. David 
Syrne Research Prize 1923. Hon. Phys., St. 
Vincent's Hosp., Melbourne. 1932- Prof, of 
Pathol. & Hd. of Dept, Med. Coll of Va., 
Richmond, Va., U.S.A. F.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1942. 
F.C.A.P. (U.S A.) 1947. 

m. 1915. Elizabeth Mary Foley. Two d. 

Publ.: Numerous research articles relating to 
Pathology & Physiology in American, British, 
& Australian medical science journals. 

Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Va., 
U.S. A. 

Australia), b. 14 Oct. 1891. Guildford Gr. 
Sch., W. Austr. 

Exeter 1910-13. Jurispr. 1st CL B A. 1913. 
Called to the Bar, EngL, 1913. 

1914-21 & 1924- : Practice of Law, Perth, 
W. Austr. 1915-18: R. Fus.; France; Capt. 
1921-4 Puisne Judge, New Guinea. 1939-45: 
H.Q. Western Command, W. Austr. & other 
Staff appts.. Staff Capt. 

m. (1) 1915. Victorita Morgans (d. 1919). 
(2) 1922. Hilda Agnes Clark. Two s. Two d. 

Earlsferry, Bassendehn, W. Australia. 

land), b. 19 Oct. 1891. Townsville Gr. Sch., 

Lincoln 1910-13. Engineering 2nd CL B.A. 

1913-17: Engineering works, EngL 1917-19: 
Govt. Inspector of Shell Factory & 2nd Lt., 
RA.F. 1920- : Engr., N.S.W. Cement, Lime 
& Coal Co., Ltd., Kandos, N.S.W., &, later, w. 
Main Roads Board of N.S.W., Sydney. 

4 Merlon St., Stanmore, N S.W. 

HOOTON, JOHN RUSSELL (New South Wales). 
b. 26 Oct. 1888. Sydney Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Sydney. B.A. 

St. John's 1910-13. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 
1913. Called to the Bar, EngL, 1913. 

1 9 14-40 : Practice of Law, Sydney. 1916-19: 
Asst. & Senr. Asst. Mil. Censor, Sydney. 
1922-8: Challis Lect., Equity & Company Law, 
Univ. of Sydney. 1940- : Master in Equity & 
Master in Lunacy of Supreme Court of N.S.W. 

m. 1919. Gertrude Myra Lloyd. Two s. 
One d. 

Publ.: Revised ed. of Chapters on Eqmty in 
New South Wales, by F. R. Jordan, 1927. 

2 Queen St., Mosman, N.S.W. 

(Tasmania), b. 5 July 1887. Clemes Coll., 
Hobart, & Univ. of Tasmania. LL.B. 

Magdalen 1910-13. Hist. 4th Cl. 1913. 

1915-35: Practice of Law, Devonport & 
Launceston, Tasmania. 1936- : w. Union 
Assurance Socy. Ltd., Launceston. 

1910 [22] 

[Australia, conL] 

m. 1919. Alice Lillian Illmgworth. One s. 
One d. 

P.O. Box 314, Launceston, Tasmania. 

THOMSON, HARRY (South Australia), b. 

27 Feb. 1888. St. Peter's Coll., Adelaide, & 
Univ. of Adelaide. LL.B. 

Balliol 1910-13. Jurispr. 1st Cl. Dipl. Econ., 
w. Distn. B.A. 1912. M.A. 1919. Lacrosse v. 
Camb. 1912-13. 

1913-33. Practice of Law, Adelaide. K.C. 
1930. 1915-19: Austr. Inf.; France; Major. 
M.C. Dep. Director A.I.F. Educ. Service 1919. 
Member of Council of Univ. of Adelaide 1928- 
30. Pres., Law Socy. of S. Austr., 1931. 

m. 1919. Edith Anne Marie Charlotte Le 
Floch Two 5. 

Publ.: Part V of Introduction to Study of 
Social Problems, 1919. 

Died 18 Oct. 1933. 


SISAM, KENNETH, b. 2 Sept, 1887. Auckland 
Gr. Sch. & Auckland Univ. Coll. B.A. (N.Z.) 
& M.A. 

Merton 1910-14. B.Litt. (Engl.) 1915. M.A. 
1923. 1912-15. Asst. to Prof, of Engl. Lang., 

1917-21: Min. of Food. 1921-3: Bd. of 
Trade. 1923-48: Clarendon Press, Oxford (Secy. 
to Delegates of the Oxford Univ. Press 1942-8). 
Retired 1948. F.B.A. 1941. 

m. 1915. Naomi Irene Gibbons. One s, 
One d. 

Publ.: Havelock the Dane (re-ed.), 1915. 
Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose, 1921. 

Middle Cam, St. Mary's, Isles of jSctlly. 


cesan College, Rondebosch). b. 22 Mar. 
1892. Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch. 

University 1910-13. Engineering 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1913. R.F. v. Camb. 1912. 

1913-15 & 1918-21: Civil Engr., S. Afr. 
1915-18: R.E.; France; Lt. D. 1921- : 
Chartered Accountant, S. Afr. 

m. 1920. Dorothy Johanna Christina Green. 
Two ^. 

P.O. Box 432, Cape Town. 

(South African College School), b. 20 Mar. 
1894. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & S. Afr. Coll. B.A. & 
M.A. (Cape). 

Balhol 1913-16. Hon. Mods (Class.) 1st Cl. 
Lit. Hum. 1st Cl. B.A. 1921. Jenkyns Exhibi- 
tioner (Balliol) 1915. 

1916: Lect. in Latin, S. Afr. Coll., Cape 
Town. 1917-19: Prof, of Classics, S. Afr. Sch. 
of Mines, Johannesburg. 1919-24' Principal 
Univ. of the Witwatersrand. 1924-9. Admini- 
strator of the Transvaal. Hon. D.Sc. (Univ. of 
Cape Town). Vice-Chancellor of Univ. of the 
Witwatersrand 1926, Chancellor 1938. 1929- 
48: M.P. (S. Afr.) for Johannesburg North. 
1933-6: Minister of Interior, Educ., & Pub. 
Health. 1936-8: Minister of Mines, Educ., 
Labour, & Social Welfare. 1939-48: Minister 
of Finance & Educ. Acting Prime Minister, 
Union of S. Afr., on several occasions from 1942. 
Pres., S. Afr. Assocn. for the Advancement of 
Sci. Hon. D.C.L. (Oxford) 1945. Privy Coun- 
cillor 1945. Hon. Fellow, Balliol Coll., Oxford 
1946. Hon. Bencher, Gray's Inn, 1946. 

Publ.: (In collab.) The Life of Jan Hendrik 
Hofmeyr (Onze Jan), 1913. The History & 
Control of National Debts, 1917. (In collab.) 

Studies in Ancient Imperialism, 1921. The Open 
Horizon, Speeches & Addresses, 1929. (In 
collab.) Coming of Age Studies in South African 
Citizenship & Politics, 1930. South Africa 
(Modern World Series), 1930. Contnb. to 
Cambridge History of the British Empire, vol. vm 
(South Africa) 1936. 
Died 3 Dec. 1948. 

High School, Stellenbosch). b. 30 Apr. 1888. 
Boys' High Sch. & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. 
B.A. (Cape). 

Worcester 1910-13. Theol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

19 13-18: Study, Holland. D.D. (Amsterdam) 
1918. 1920-38 : Minister of the Dutch Reformed 
Church, Pretoria. 1939- Prof, of Theology, 
Univ. of Pretoria. 

m. (1) 1919. Marie van der Lingen de Villiers. 
(d. 1943). Two s. One d. (2) 1947. Elizabeth 
Maria van den Heever. 

Publ.: Wezen en Waarde van het Gebed, 
Rotterdam, 1918. 

45 Albert St., Waterkloof, Pretoria. 

LUCAS, GILBERT WILLIAM (Natal), b, 18 Jan. 
1891. Pietermantzburg Coll. B.A. (Cape). 

St. John's 1910-13. Chem. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1913. M.A. 1916. Water Sports v. Camb. 
1911-13 (Pres. 1913). 

1914- : Teaching, St. Andrew's Coll., 
Grahamstown (Second Master since 1946). 
Mayor of Grahamstown 1938-40 & 1947-8. 

m. 1918. Winifred Mary Gowie (d. 1947). 
Two s. 

20 Milner St., Grahamstown, C.P. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 29 Oct. 1890. 
St. Andrew's Coll. & Rhodes Univ. Coll., 
Grahamstown . 

Trinity 1910-13. Jurispr. 4th Cl. B.A. 1913. 
Called to the Bar, Engl, 1919. R.F. v. Camb. 

1914-19: Border Regt. & R.A.F.; France, 
Galhpoli; Lt. 1920- : Practice of Law, Grahams- 
town. Lect., Rhodes Umv. Coll., since 1940. 

m. 1917. Margaret Hannay Anderson. Twos. 
One d. 

Publ.: Sounds from Another Valley, 1915. 
The Tree of Sleep, 1917. The Language of 
Poetry, 1925, Turn but a Stone, 1946. 

6 Grey St., Grahamstown, C.P. 


15 May 1890 St. George's Sch., Bulawayo. 

Exeter 1910-14. Engineering 4th Cl. 1914. 
B.A. 1932. M.A. 1939. 

1915-46: Admin. Officer, S. Nigeria. 1916- 
18: W. Afr. Bde.; E. Afr.; Lt. D. DipL 
Anthrop., Univ. of London, 1930. Ph.D. (Lond.) 
1934. 1937-46: Snr. District Officer & Acting 
Asst. Judge. 1946- : Senr. Lect., Social 
Anthrop., Univ. of Witwatersrand. Coronation 
Medal 1937. 

m. 1925. Azalea Dorothy Ames. One s. 

Publ.: Old Calabar & Some Notes on the 
Ibibw Language, 1936. Asst. Ed. African Studies, 

Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. 

tice), b. 16 July 1889. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & 
S. Afr. Coll. B.A. & LL.B. 1914. 

Brasenose 1910-13. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1913. R.F. v. Carnb. 1911-12. 

1914-44: S. Rhodesian Civil Service. 1915- 
19: Rhod. Regt.; E. Afr.; & K.R.R.C.; France; 


1910, 1911 

[Rhodesia^ cont.J 

Capt. M.C. Legal Adviser to S. Rhod. Govt. 
1928. Sol,-Gen. 1933. K.C. 1934. Att.-Gen., 
S. Rhod., 1934. O.B.E. 1939. 1944- : Judge 
of High Court of S. Rhod. 

m. 1925. Margaret Halcro Fairbairn. One jr. 
One d. 

P.O. Box 362, Harari, Mount Pleasant, Salis- 
bury, S. Rhodesia. 

WISE, HENRY DACRES. b. 12 May 1892. 
Charterhouse Sch., England. 

Oriel 1910-13. Dipl. Rural Econ. 1914. 

1914-19: 1st K.E.H. & 18th Hussars; France; 
Capt. M.C. D. 1919-24: Capt. 18th Hussars, 
attd. Egyptian Army as G.S.O. Order of the 
Nile 4th Cl. Sudan G.S. Medal. 1924- : 
Business, Ipswich Malting Co. Ltd., Engl. 
Company Director, Tennant Brothers, Ltd. & 
others. 1939-43: Suffolk Regt., Engl.; Lt.-Col. 
1943-5: Suffolk Home Guard; Lt.-Col. 

m. 1921. Audrey Elinor Charnngton. Two s. 

The Rookery, Ashford in the Water, Bakewell, 
Derbyshire, England. 


1890. Warwick Acad., Bermuda, & George 
Watson's Coll., Edinburgh. 

Brasenose 1910-13. Jurispr, 4th Cl. B.A. 
1919. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1912-13. 

1913-48: Civil Service, S. Rhodesia. 1915- 
18: Rhod. Regt., E. Afr. & K.R.R.C., France; 
Lt. Secy, to the Gov. of Rhod. 1925; Asst. 
Magistrate 1932; Magistrate 1936; Secy., Office 
of High Commissioner for S. Rhod. in London, 
1941; Secy, to Prime Minister & to Cabinet 
1945. Retired 1948. 

m. 1919. Frances Dorothy Parkes Dickson. 
One s. One d. 

Gatehampton Manor, Goring~on-Thames, Oxon., 


1888. Wolmer's Sch., Jamaica, & St. Augustine's 
Coll., Canterbury, England. 

Jesus 1910-13. Theol. 3rd Cl, B.A. 1913. 
M.A. 1920. 

1914-19: Inspector of Schools, Jamaica. 
1919-24: Examnr., Dept. of Educ., Jamaica. 

Died 22 Oct. 1924. 


TAIT, ROBERT HOLLAND, b. 7 Oct. 1891. 
Bishop Feild Coll., Nfd. 

Trinity 1910-13. Jurispr. 4th Cl. B.A. 1913. 
1913-14: Law Student, King's Coll., Windsor, 
N.S. B.C.L. 1914. 

1914-19- R. Nfd. Regt.; Gallipoli, Egypt, 
France, Belgium; Major. M.C. 1919-23: Prac- 
tice of Law, St. John's, Nfd. 1923- .-Newfound- 
land Govt. Informn. Bureau (Manager, Boston, 
1923-35 ; Director, New York, 1935-46 : Director 
of Tourist & Publicity Services, Office of the 
Trade Commissioner for Nfd., since 1946). 
Editor, Newfoundland Weekly, since 1925. 

m* 1919, Margaret Gertrude Gibb. Two d. 

Publ. : The Trail of the Caribou, An Outline 
in Verse of the Experiences of the Royal Newfound- 
land Regiment during the War 1914-18, 1933. 
Newfoundland: a Summary of the History f 
Development of Britain's Oldest Colony from 
1497 to 1939, 1939. 

Room 518, 620 Fifth Ave., New York City 20, 



Columbia). b. 20 Dec. 1887. Victoria High 
Sch., Victoria Coll., & McGill Univ. B.A. 

Jesus 1911-14. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1913. 
B.C.L. 3rd CL 1914. M.A. 1918. 

1914-19: Can. Arty.; France; Lt. M.C. 
1919- : Practice of Law, Victoria, B.C. 1920-4: 
Member B.C. Legislature. K.C. 1937. Pres., 
Victoria (B.C.) Bar Assocn., 1947 & 1948. 

m. 1924. Irene Mary Golding. One d. 

2445 Lansdowne Rd., Victoria^ B.C. 

Scotia), b. 26 Jan. 1888. Public Schs., Mar- 
garee Forks, N.S., & St. Francis Xavier Coll., 
Antigronish, N.S. B.A. 

Pembroke 1911-14. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1913. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1914. 

1914- : Practice of Law, Alberta. Police 
Magistrate since 1945. 1917-19: Can. Rly. 
Troops; France; Sapper. 

m, 1914. Mary O'Riordan. Two s. Three d. 

Box 436, Leduc, Aha. 

McEVOY, THOMAS LEO (Ontario). 6. 4 Jan. 
1891. Ottawa Coll. & Univ. of Ottawa. 

Exeter 1911-14. Read Law. 

1914-19: 1st K.E.H. & R.A.; France, Bel- 
gium; A/O (Rhine); Major. D. 1920: Can. 
Press Exec, for second Imperial Press Conf. 
1921-9: Secy, to Chief Justice of Canada. 
1929- : Commees. & Private Legislation 
Branch, House of Commons, Ottawa. 1939-42: 
Attd. Directorate of Mil. Intell., National 

1911 [24] 

[Canada, cont.] 

Defence, Ottawa 1942-6: Dep. Chief, Tele- 
communications Censorship, Dept. of National 
War Service, Ottawa. 

m. 1922. Mary Helen Malone^. Two d. 

150 Argyle Ave.> Ottawa, Ont. 

Brunswick), b. 20 Nov. 1889. Schools in N.B. 
& Univ. of N.B. B.A. 

University 1911-14. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 
1913. B.C.L 1st Cl. 1914. 

1916-19: Can. Arty.; France; Lt. 1916- : 
Practice of Law, Fredencton, N.B. 1935-40: 
Att -Gen. of N,B. 1940- : Prime Minister of 
N.B. Hon. LL.D. (Univ. of NB.) 1938. K.C. 

m. 1921. Marion MacGregor Crocket. Onei 
Three d. 

92 Waterloo Row, Predericton, N.B. 

PEARSE, WALTER JOSIAH (Quebec), b. 17 Dec. 
1890. Univ. Sch., Victoria, B C., & McGill 

NeW Coll. 1911-14. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 
1913. Cross-country v. Camb 1913. L.T. v. 
Camb. 1914. Lacrosse v, Camb. 1913-14. 

1914-17, 1st K.E.H. & RH.A.; France, 
Belgium; Lt. M.C. _^ 

Killed in action 9 Apr. 1917. 

SCOTT, STANLEY (The Rev.) (Alberta & 
Saskatchewan), b. 7 Apr. 1888. Williams- 
to-vm High Sch. & Queen's Univ., Kingston, 

Ol Chnst Church 1911-14. Read Theol. 

1914_15 : Robertson Theol. Coll., Edmonton, 
Alta Ordained 1915. 1915-22: Minister, 
Presbyt. Church in Canada. 1916-17: Chicago 
Unfv ^ivimty Sch., U S.A. B.D. 1917. 1922-4 1 
Director Rehg. Educ., Center Ch., Hartford, 
Conn., U.S.A. Ph.D. (Hartford Seminary) 19 24. 
1924-32: Prof, of Ptulos, & Rehg, Educ., 
Pennsylvania Coll. for Women, U.S.A. 1926 7 7 : 
Jnstr in Rehg. Educ., Western Theol. Senun., 
Pittsburgh, U.S.A. 1932- : Minister, United 
Church of Canada, Alberta Conf. 

m 1917. Una Leohn Works. One s. Two d. 

Publ.: Making God Vital, 1925. 

Blackie, Alta. 

27 Oct. 1888. High Sch., Winnipeg, & Univ. of 

M sf Jotalwn-M. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 191*. 

Called to the Bar, EngL, 1914. Lacrosse v. 
Camb. 1912-14 (Capt 1914). , 

1914- : Practice of Law, Winnipeg. Prices 
& Supply Rep. & Chief Rentals Officer, War- 
time Prices & Trade Bd. since 1942. 

m. 1920. Lillian Rogers Brown, Three s. 
One d. 

41 Dunburn Place, Winnipeg, Man. 

ward Island), b. 3 July 1889. Prince of Wales 
Coll P.E.I. , & McGill Univ. B.A 
University 1911-14. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl 

'1914-17: Nigerian Service. 1914-15 Supply 
& Transport Officer, W. Africa. 1915-17: 
Nigerian Police Force; Lt. 

Died (accidentally drowned) 9 Nov. 1917. 

1915-19: Surgeon Sub-Lt., R.N.V.R.; N. 
Sea, Atlantic, Mediterranean. D. 1919-22: St. 
Bart's. Hosp, London, Engl. MR C.S. & 
L.R.C.P. 1923-38: Hosp. Appts., Brisbane & 
London. 1938-41: Med. Practice, Southport, 
Queensland, & Govf. M.O. 1941-3 - A.A M.C., 
Austr., Capt. 1943-5: Med. work w. Allied 
Works Council, Brisbane. 

m. 1932, Magdalene Montador Hughes. 

c/o Agent Gen, for Queensland, 409 Strand, 
London, England. 

23 Dec. 1889. The Hutchms Sch., Hobart, 8s 
Univ. of Tasmania. B.A. 

Corpus Christi 1911-14. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

19 19i9^'lrt 1 K.E.H. & R.F.A.; France; Lt. 
M.C. D. 1920- : Dept. of Hist., Univ. of 
Tasmania (m charge of Dept. since 1924; Prof. 
1934) Dean of Fac. of Arts 1927-30. Member 
of Umv. Council 1928-30. Chmn. of -Profes- 
sonal Bd. & Member of Umv. Council 1947-8. 
Acting Vice-Chancellor May 7 Sept. 1948. 1939- 
44: Dist. Censor for Tasmania. 

m. 1927. Nancy Thurgate Hudson. Ihree^. 
(two'dcd.). One^. 

56 Clare St , New Town, Jffobart, Tasmania. 

MADIGAN, CECIL THOMAS (South Australia). 
b IS Oct 1889. Prince Alfred Coll., Adelaide, 
&Uaiv of Adelaide, B.Sc.;BE. 1911-14: w. 
Sir Douglas Mawson's Antarctic .Expedition. 


b. 30 May 1890. Brisbane Gr. Sch. & Univ. 

Balliol 1911-14 Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A 1914. 
M.A. 1919. 

1919 (H,L to 
Mich Term). Geol. 1st Cl. B.A. 1919. M.A. 

19 19i4?19- C RE 3 " France; Capt. D. 1920-1: 
GeotoSt to Sud'an Govt.' 1922-40 & 1943-7: 
Lect in Geoi, Univ. of Adelaide. Conducted 
Aerial Reconnaissance of unknown portions of 
Central Austr. 1929. Chief Scout Commissioner 
for S. Austr 1934. Pres., Royal Socy. of S. 
Austr. 193S-6. F.G.S. Leader. Simpson Desert 
Expedition, Central Austr. 1939 .1940-2 - Chief 
Instr., Sch.ofMil.Engmeenng,N.S.W. 1942-3 : 
Controller of 'Denial of Resources , JN.b.W. 
Lines of Communication Area; Lt -Col. 

m. 1915. Wynnis Knight Wollaston. Three s. 
Two d, ^ . 

Publ.- The Meteorology of Cape Dernson, 
Antarctica, 1929. The Aenal Reconnaissance into 
the S.E Portion o/ Central Australia, 1930. 
Central Australia, 1936. Crossing the Dead 
Heart, 1946. 

Died 14 Jan. 1947. 

Australia). Z>. 10 Jan. 1889. Christian Bros. 
Coll., Perth, W. Austr. 

Brasenose 1911-14. Physiol 4th CL B.A. 
1915. B.M., B.Ch. 1918. Athl, Sports v. Camb. 
1914. Gymnastics v. Camb. 1914. 

1914^18: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, En^l. 
1918-19: M.O. to R.A.F.; Lt. 1919-27: Res. 
M O, at various hospitals. F.R.C.S. (Engl.) 
1926 1927-48: Med. Practice: Oxford, Engl. 
1927-8- Perth, W. Austr. 1934-7; Narrogm, 
W. Austr. 1937-48 

Died 14 July 1948. 

8 Aug. 1889. Caulfield Gr. Sch. & Umv. of 
Melbourne. B.A. 

Balhol 1911-14. Lit. Hum. aegrotat. B.A. 
1914. Cross-country v. Camb. 1911-13. Athl, 
Sports v. Camb. 1912-13 (Record for 3 miles, 

1914-18: A.S.C.; Salonica, France; Capt. 
M.C. D. 1919-45- R.A.S.C.; Instr. 1934, 
Major 1939; Lt.-CoI. 1942. A.M.LMech.E. 
1926. 1945: Admin. Officer, Herring Industry 
Bd., Engl. 1946- * Princ. of Employrnt. Dept., 
London Chamber of Commerce. 

[Australia, cont.] 

m. 1918. Eithne Lennox Magee. Ones. (dcd.). 
Two d. 

do Lloyds & National P.P. Bank, 71 Hay- 
market, London, S.W. 1, England, 

WARD, HUGH KINGSLEY (New South Wales). 

6. 17 Sept. 1887. Sydney Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Sydney. M.B. 

New Coll. 191 1-14. Research (PathoL). Dipl. 
Anthrop. & D.P.H. 1913. Rowing v. Camb. 
1912-14, & for Austr. at Henley 1912. 

1914-19: R.A.M.C ; France; Capt. M.C. 
with 2 Bars. D. 1920-6: Research at Oxford. 
1923-4: Harvard Med. Sch., U.S.A. (w. Rocke- 
feller Fellowship) and 1926-34: (Assoc. Prof, of 
Bacteriology, 1932). 1935- : Prof, of Bacterio- 
logy, Umv. of Sydney. 1941-5: Hon. Lt.-CoL, 

m. 1927. Constance Isabella Brougham 
Docker. One 5. One d. 

Univ. of Sydney, N.S.W. 


MARSHALL, ALFRED GEORGE, b. 11 Mar. 1888. 
Auckland Gr. Sch., N.Z., & Auckland Umv. 
Coll. B.A. & M.A. 

Balhol 1911-14. Chem. 1st Cl. B.A. 1919. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1914. 

1914-19: R.E.; France, Gallipoli, Egypt, 
Mesopot.; Capt. 1919- : Chem. Engr., Shell 
Oil Co., Inc. (1919-28: London, EngL; 1928- : 
Calif., U.S.A. Manager, P.A.D., Manf. Dept.). 

m. (1) 1915. Felice Knight. (Marriage 
dissolved.) One s. (dcd.). Oned. (2) 1926. Rose 
Caroline Huff. One d. 

2929 Forest Ave., Berkeley S, Calif., U.S.A. 


High School, Stellenbosch). b. 4 Aug. 1890. 
Boys' High Sch. & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. 
B.A. (Cape). 

Worcester 1911-14. Engineering 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1913. 

1915-16: S. Afr. Heavy Arty.; France; Gnr. 

Killed in action 21 July 1916, 

cesan College, Rondebosch). 6. 24 Nov. 
1891. Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch. 

Oriel 1911-14. Pass Schools. B.A. 1914. 

1914-38: Teaching: Dunchurch Hall, Rugby, 
Engl., 1914-16; Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch, S. 
Afr., 1916-38. 

m. 1916. Hilda B. C. Knight. 

Died 18 Oct. 1938. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 16 May 1891. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1911-14 & 1918. Read Medicine. 
B.A. 1920. B.M., B,Ch. 1920. M.A. 1924. 
D.M. 1929. 

1914-18: 1st K.E.H. & R.F.A.; France; Lt. 
D. 1918-20: St. Bart's. Hosp,, London, Engl. 
1921-2: Res. M.O., Johannesburg Gen. Hosp. 
1922-9: M.O. to Witwatersrand Gold Mine. 
D.P.H. (Univ. of Witwatersrand) 1929. 1929- 
35 : Asst. Med. Supt., Addington Hosp., Durban. 
1936-40: Med. Supt., Grey's Hosp., Pieter- 
maritzburg. 1940-3: Med. Supt., King Ed- 
ward VIII Hosp., Durban. 1944- : Med. Supt., 
Addington Hosp., Durban. 1942-3 : S.A.A.M.C., 
Durban; Lt.-Col. 

m. 1924. Esther Eirene Doudney. 

Addington Hosp., Durban, Natal. 

[25] 1911 

(South African College School), b. 11 June 

1893. S. Afr. Coll. Sen. & S. Afr. Coll. B.A. 

Corpus Christi 1911-14. Hon. Mods. (Class.) 
2nd Cl. B.A. (War) 1920. 

1914-19- A. & S. Highlanders; France, Pales- 
tine, Egypt; Capt. D. 1919-22: Law Student, 
Univ. of Edinburgh. LL.B. 1922. 1922-40: 
Advocate, Edinburgh, Scotland. K.C. (Scot.) 
1936. 1940-5: Advocate-Depute. 1945-7: M.P. 
for E. Edinburgh and Lord Advocate. Privy 
Councillor 1945. 1947- : Lord Justice Clerk 
of Scotland. 1939-45: Staff Officer to Regional 
Commissioner for Scotland. 

m. 1925. Grace Georgeson. 

44 Northumberland Street, Edinburgh 3, Scot- 

WATT, NORMAN LINDLEY (Natal), b. 29 Jan. 
1890. Maritzburg Coll. & Natal Univ. Coll. 
B.A. (Cape). 

Pembroke 1911-14. Physiol. 2nd Cl. 1914. 

1914-17: 1st K.E.H. & R.F.C.; France; 
2nd Lt. 

Killed in action 27 July 1917. 


St. George's Sch., Bulawayo, & S. Afr. Coll., 
Cape Town. 

Wadham 1911-14. Botany 2nd Cl. & Dipl. 
Forestry. B.A 1914. 

1914-19. Union of S. Afr. Forestry Service. 
1919-22: Med. Student, Edinburgh, Scotland. 
M.B., Ch.B. (Edinb.). L.R.F.P.S. (Glasgow). 
1923- : Med. Practice, London, Engl. 

m. 1943. Winifred Alice Histon. 

8 Htnde House, Manchester Sq., London, W. 1, 

STAPLES, OSRIC ORSMOND. b. 1 Sept. 1892. 
Dioc. Sch., Pretoria, & St. George's Sch., 
Bulawayo. Transvaal Univ. Coll. 

Exeter 1911-14 (absent two terms, ill health). 

1914-15: 1st K.E.H. & R. Scots Fus.; France; 
2nd Lt. 

Killed in action 25 Sept. 1915. 


b. 23 June 1892. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & 
Dulwich Coll., England. 

Exeter 1911-14. Pass Schools. B.A. 1914. 
M.A. 1918. 

1914-19: Queen's Westminster Rifles & Tank 
Corps; France; Capt. 1920-3: Royal Trust Co., 
Montreal, Can. Chartered Accountant, London, 
Engl., 1926-31; Bermuda 1923-6 & since 1932. 

m. 1917. Adelaide Gladys Trott. 

Pembroke, Pitts Bay Rd., Hamilton, Bermuda. 


STEPHENSON, DANIEL P. b. 4 Sept. 1889. 
Wolmer's Sch., Jamaica. 

Lincoln 1911-14. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 1914. 

1914-15. 1st K.E.H. & Cheshire Regt.; 
France; 2nd Lt. 

Died of wounds 24 May 1915 


FOX, JOHN EDWARD JOSEPH, b. 6 May 1891. 
St. Bonaventure's Coll., Nfd. 

Oriel 1910-14. Pass Schools. B.A. 1914. 

1914-18: R. Nfd. Regt.; Galhpoh, Egypt, 

1911, 1912 


[Newfoundland, cont."\ 

France; Capt. 1919-26: Investment Registry 
Ltd., London, Engl. 1926-8: Royal Trust Co., 
Montreal. 1928-32: Statistician, Montreal. 
1932-40: Stockbroker, Montreal. 1940-3- Dep. 
Controller, Brit. Min. of Supply Mission, 

Washington, U.S.A. 1943-6: Dep. Director, 
Common Services, U.K. Treasury Delegation, 
New York, U.S.A. 1946- : Royal Trust Co., 

m 1919. Helen Fraser (d 1946). Three d. 

4047 Kent Avenue, Montreal 26, P.Q. 



In this year there was no election from 
Prince Edward Island. 

EWERT, ALFRED (Manitoba), b. 14 July 1891. 
Collegiate Inst., Gretna, Manitoba, & Univ. of 
Manitoba. B.A. 

St. John's 1912-14 8s 1919-20. Mod. Langs. 
French 1st Cl. & German 1st Cl. B.A. 1919. 
M.A. 1920 Lacrosse v. Camb. 1914. 

1914-19: Fr. Red Cross, Can. A.M.C. & Can. 
Inf.; France, Gallipoli, Salomca, Egypt; Lt. 
1920-1- Asst. Prof, of French, S. Meth. Univ , 
Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. 1921- : Univ. of Oxford : 
Taylonan Lect. 1921-30; Prof, of Romance 
Langs, and Fellow of Trinity Coll since 1930. 
Senr. Proctor 1943-4. 

. 1920. Irene Agnes Oldershaw. Two d. 

Publ.: GUI de Warewtc, Roman du XII& 
siecle, 2 vols., 1933. The French Language, 1933. 
Editions of Beroul, Roman de Tnstran, 1939; 
(in collab.) Marie de France, Fables, 1942; Lais, 
1944. Gen. Ed. of Blackwell's French Texts 
since 1942 and of French Studies Quarterly 
since 1947. 

214 Woodstock Road, Oxford, England. 

20 May 1893. Mt. St. Louis Coll.' & Laval 

"Worcester 1912-14. Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. 

1914-15: Student, Laval Univ. Licence en 
Droit 1915. LL.D. 1920. 1916- : Practice of 
Law, Montreal. Secy, to Aviation Dept. of the 
French Mil. Mission to the U.S., 1918. Univ. 
of Montreal, Prof, of Commercial Law 1920: 
Prof, of Hist, of Law 1931. 1926- : Hd. of 
Legal Dept., Banque Canadienne Nationale. 

m. 1920. Madeleine Beaudry. Three s. Two d. 
Publ.: Du Domicile et de la Juridictwn des 
Tnbunaux, 1922. 
112 rue St. Jacques, Montreal, P.Q. 

HOSSIE, DAVID NEAL (Alberta & Saskat- 
chewan), b. 27 Dec. 1890. Collegiate Inst., 
Moose Jaw, & Univ. of Sask. B.A. 

New Coll. 1912-14 & 1919. Junspr. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. & M.A. 1919. 

1914-16: 1st K.E.H. & R.F.A., France, 
Salonica; A/Lt.-Col. D.S.O. D. Serbian 

White Eagle 4th Cl. w. Swords. 1919- : Prac- 
tice of Law, Vancouver. K.C. 1932. 
m. 1926. Mary Gordon Stuart. Ones. TwoaL 
2832 Bellevue, West Vancouver, B.C. 

KING, ALFRED NELSON (British Columbia). 
b. 1 Mar. 1889. High Sch., Victoria, B.C., & 
McGillUniv. B.A. 

Trinity 1912-14. Read Lit. Hum. 

1914-16: 1st K.E.H. & R.F.A.; France; 
2nd Lt. 

Killed in action 10 May 1916. 

b. 26 Feb. 1891. Hartland High Sch. & Acadia 
Univ., N.S. B.A. 

Trinity 1912-14. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 1914. B.A, 

1914-19: IstKJE.H. &R.F.A.; France; Capt. 
1919-22: Commandant, Scottish Command Gas 
Sch. 1923: Secy. Treas., Hatfield Kyle, Ltd., 
Juniper, NB., Canada. 1923- : West Law 
Publishing Co., St. Paul, Minn., U.S.A.; 
Editor-in-Chief since 1932, Vice-Pres. since 

m, 1918. Mabel Margaret Forest, One s. 

761 Summit Ave., St. Paul, Minn., U.S.A. 

b. 22 Jan. 1891. High Sch., Saint John, N.B., & 
Mt. Allison Univ. B.A. 

Exeter 1912-14 & 1919. Read Law. B.A. 
(War) 1918. 

1914-19 : 1st K.E.H., Yorks. & Lanes. Regt. & 
R.A.F.; France; Lt. 1922: Solicitor, Sunder- 
land, Engl. Clerk to Justices of County Borough 
of Sunderland 1935 ; Clerk to Licensing Justices 
1938. Durham L.I.; Major; 1940-1. Clerk to 
Magistrates, Sunderland, 1942 (on indefinite 
leave from Army) . Member, Probation Training 
Bd. of Home Office, 1945. 1945- : Clerk to 
Magistrates, Newcastle. Member of Advisory 
Commee. on Social Studies and part-time Lect., 
King's Coll., Newcastle, 1947. Home Office 
Probation Advisory Commee. 1947. 

m. (1) 1917. Doris Lilian Byers. (Marriage 
dissolved.) One d. (2) 1931. Eveline Mary 

Publ. Administration of Justice in a Court of 
Summary Jurisdiction, 1942. Ed. Paterson's 
Licensing Acts, 55th ed 1947; 56th ed. 1948; 
also 'Licensing* in Court Forms, 1947. 

Magistrates' Courts, Market St., Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne, England. 



[Canada, cont."] 

b. 8 Aug. 1890. Ottawa Collegiate Inst. & 
Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. M.A. 

New Coll. 1912-14. Read Lit. Hum. 

1914-19: 1st K.E.H. & R.F.A ; France, Bel- 
gium; A/Major. M.C. D.SO. D. 1920-30: 
Brit. Del., Reparation Commee., Paris. 1930- 
40: Asst. Man., Export Credits Guarantee Dept., 
London, Engl, O.B.E. 1940-2: Chief Civil 
Liaison Officer under General Spears to General 
de Gaulle. 1942-5: Chmn., British-American 
Co-ordinating Commee., Turkey. 1945- : Asst. 
Secy., H.M. Treasury, London, EngL; Comp- 
troller-Gen., Export Credits Guarantee Dept., 
since 1949. 

m, 1936. Anne John Montgomery. 

102 Duncan House, Dolphin So.. London. 
S.W. 1, England. 


BRITTEN JONES, EDMUND (South Australia). 
b. 8 Oct. 1888. Christian Bros. Coll., Adelaide, 
& Univ. of Adelaide. M.B., B.S. 

Magdalen 1912-14. Physiol. 1st Cl. B.A, 
1922. M.A. 1926. Lacrosse v. Carnb. 1913. 

1914-19: RA.M.C.; India; Capt. 1920- : 
Med. Practice, Adelaide. Hon. Phys., Adelaide 
Children's Hosp. Hon. Con. Phys., Queen's 
Home, Adelaide 1933-4: Pres., S.A. Branch 
of B.M.A. 1940: A.A.M.C., A.I.F.; Lt.-Col. 
F.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1942. (M.R.C.P. 1926). Vice- 
Pres., Royal Austr. Coll. of Physicians. 

m. 1915. Hilda Madeleine Fisher. One s. 
Two d. 

80 Moleswarth St., North Adelaide, S. 

(Victoria), b. 2 Sept. 1892. Melbourne C. of 
E. Gr. Sen. & Univ. of Melbourne. 

New Coll. 1912-14 & 1919-20. B.C.L. 2nd 
CL B.A. (War) 1919. M.A. 1920. Called to the 
Bar, EngL, 1920. L.T. v. Camb. 1912-14 & 
1919 (Capt.). 1914-19: 1st K.E.H. & R.F.A ; 
France, Salonica, Serbia: A/Major. D.S.O. 
M.C. D. Hon. Fellow, New Coll., Oxford, 1949. 

1921-44: Practice of Law, Victoria. Lect. m 
Equity, Univ. of Melbourne, 1925-9. E.D. 
1935. K.C. 1936. Chancellor of Archdiocese of 
Melbourne, 1941. 1936-8: C.O. 4th & 22nd 
A.F.A. Bde.: Lt.-Col. 1939: C.R.A. 3 Divn.; 
Brigadier. 1939-41: C.R.A., 6th Austr. Drvn.; 
First Libyan Campaign: Brigadier. 1941 : Greek 
Campaign; C.B.E.; Greek M.C. (1st CL); 
Major-Gen., Comd. 6th Austr. Divn. 1942: 
G.O.C., Northern Territory Force; Lt.-Gen., 
G.O.C. 1st Austr. Corps & New Guinea Forces. 
1942-3 : Papuan Campaign. 1943 : New Guinea 
Campaign. D.S.C. (U.S.A.). K.B.E. De- 
mobilized 1944; Lt.-Gen. 1944- : Chief Jus- 
tice of Supreme Court of Victoria. 1945- : 
Lt.-Gov. of Victoria. K.C.M.G. 1949. 

m. 1922. Mary Ranken Lyle. Three d. 

Doiran, 212 Walsh St. f South Yarra, Vic. 

HOWARD, WILLIAM JOHN (Tasmania), b. 
7 Feb. 1891. Church Gr. Sch., Launceston, & 
Univ. of Tasmania. 

Trinity 1912-14 & 1919. Engineering 2nd CL 
B.A. 1918. ' 

1914-19: 1st K.E.H. & R.G.A.; France; 
A/Major; M.C. D. 1921- : Teaching: Launce- 
ston C. of E. Gr. Sch., Tasmania, 1921-30; 
Geelong C, of E. Gr. Sch,, Vic., since 1931 
(Senr. Sci. Master). '1941-4: Fire Comdr. & 
Coast Arty., Newcastle, N.S.W.; Major. 

m. 1924. Ethel Cecilia Murdoch. Three s. 

Geelong C. of E. Grammar School, Corio, 

land), b. 7 Aug. 1892. Ipswich Gr. Sch., 
Queensland, & Queensland Univ. 

Balliol 1912-14 & 1919-20. Read Engineering. 
Certif. in Surveying w. Distn. B.A. (War) 1916. 
MA. 1920. 

1914-19: R.E.; France; Capt. M.C. D. 
1920-4 .-Business, Austr. 1925- : Civil Engineer, 
EngL Oxfordshire County Council, Div. Sur- 
veyor 1934-46; Dep. County Surveyor 1946, 
County Surveyor since 1948. A.M.I.C.E. 

m. 1920. Valentine M. Rose. One s. 

Richards Lane, Summertown, Oxford, England. 

RILEY, FRANK BASIL (Western Australia). 
b. 20 Sept. 1893. Perth High Sch., W.A. 

New Coll. 1912-14 & 1919. Read Hist. & 
Econ. B.A. (War) 1919. M.A. 1920. 

1914-18: Wilts. Regt.; France; Lt.; P.o.W. 
in Germany 1914-18. 1919-24: Educ. Service, 
Mesopot. 1924-7: Student at Teachers' Coll., 
Columbia Univ., N.Y., U.S.A., & Journalist. 
Special Corresp. of The Times in China 1927. 

Died July 1927. 

ROBSON, ALFRED JAMES (New South Wales). 

b. 8 May 1891. Sydney Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Sydney. B.Sc. 

Balliol 1912-15 (Hil. Term). Chem. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1914. 

1915-19: R.A.S.C.; Gallipoli, Egypt, Pales- 
tine; Capt. 1920-1: Teaching, Royal Austr. 
Naval Coll. 1921- : Staff Supt., Farmer & Co., 
Ltd., Sydney. 

m. 1918. Ethel Paton Muir. One s. Two d. 

15 Appian Way, Burwood, N.S.W. 


WALLACE, ALAN. b. 1 Apr. 1891. Auckland 
Gr. Sch. & Univ. Coll. B.A. & M.A. (N.Z.). 

Balliol 1912-14. Maths. 1st CL 1914. 

1914-15: N.Z. Engin.; Gallipoli; Sgt. D. 

Died of wounds 10 May 1915. 


College, Grahamstown). b. 23 Oct. 1894. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Trinity 1914 (Mich. Term) & 1919-20. Lit. 
Hum. (Shortened) w. Distn. B.A. & M.A. 1920. 

1914-19: A. & S. Highlanders & attd. Black 
Watch; France, Belgium; Lt. M.C. & Bar. 
1920- : Schoolmaster. 1920-1: Rugby Sch., 
EngL 1922-6: St. Andrew's Coll., Grahams- 
town. 1927-30: Joint Headmaster, Ridge Prep. 
Sch., Johannesburg. 1930-8: Rector, Michael- 
house Sch., Balgowan, Natal. 1939- : Head- 
master, St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

m. 1924. Dorothy White. Three s. 

Publ. : Contrib. to Comtng of Age: Studies in 
S.Afncan Citizenship & Politics, 1930. Rhodes: 
A Biographical Footnote, 1946. 

St. Andrew's College, Grahamstown, C.P. 

College, Rondebosch). b. 16 July 1893. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch. 

Oriel 1914 (Mich. Term). 

1914-16: Black Watch; France; 2nd Lt. 

Killed in action 27 Feb. 1916. 

African College School), b. 31 Mar. 1891. 
S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & S. Afr. Coll. B.A. (Cape). 
Brasenose 1912-14 & 1917-18. Read Medi- 
cine. B.A.1918. B.M.,B.Ch.l919. M.A. 1922. 
Senr. Hukneian Scholar (Brasenose) 1918. 
Cricket v. Camb. 1913-14. 

1912, 1913 


[South Africa, cant.] 

1914-17: 1st K.E.H. &R.F.A.; France; Capt. 
1920-2. Hosp. appts. in London. F.R.S.C. 
(Edinb.) 1922. 1922- : Med. Practice, Johan- 
nesburg. Specialist in Children's Diseases. 
Physician, Transvaal Mem. Hosp. for Children. 
Lect. in Clinical Physiol. & Diseases of Children, 
Univ. of the Witwatersrand. 

m. 1925. Margaret A. Donald. Ones. One d. 

Wykeham Rise, 4th St., Lower Houghton, 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 4 Nov. 1892. Boys' 
High Sch. & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. B.A. 

Trinity 1913-14 & 1919-20. Lit. Hum. 
(Shortened). B A. & M.A. 1919. 

1914-19: 1st K.E.H.; France, Belgium, Italy; 
Cpl. D.C.M. 1919- : Admin. Staff, Univ. of 
S. Afr ; Registrar since 1934. 

m. (1) 1923. Beryl Graham Hutchmson. 
(Marriage dissolved.) Ones. One d. (2)1938. 
Hazel Corry. 

Box 392, Pretoria. 

WATT, WILLIAM EDWARD (Natal), b. 11 May 
1891. Maritzburg Coll. & Natal Univ. Coll. 

St. John's 1912-14 & 1919. Dipl. Forestry. 
B A. (War) 1919. 

1914-19: 1st K.E.H. & R A.F.; France, Bel- 
gium; Lt. A.F.C. 1919- : Union of S. Afr. 
Forest Service, Director of Forestry since 1944. 

m. 1921. Margaret Amy Fisher. Four s. 

Dept. of Forestry, P.O. Box 334, Pretoria. 


POWYS-JONES, LIONEL, b. 14 July 1894. 
Schools in Bulawayo & Umtali; Blundell's Sch., 
Somerset, England, Victoria Coll., Jersey. 

Oriel 1912-15. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1915. 

1915- : S. Rhod. Civil Service, Native Dept. 
1917-19. Rhod Regt. & K.R.R.C.; France; 
2ndLt. 1921:Asst Native Commissioner (Com- 
missioner 1935) & Asst. Magistrate; J P. 1946. 
Asst. Chief Native Commissioner, Salisbury 
1947: Acting Secy (Secy, since 1948) for Native 
Affairs & Chief Native Commissioner. 

m. 1918. Dorothy Mary Clayton. One d. 

Secretary for Native Affairs, Salisbury, S. 

29 Nov. 1893. St. George's Sch., Bulawayo. 

Exeter 1912-14. Read Chem. 

1914-17: 1st KE.H. & R.F.A.; France; 
A/Major. M.C. 

Killed in action 31 Oct. 1917. 


Justice), b. 22 Feb. 1893. Warwick Acad , 
Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., England. 

St. John's 1912-14 & 1919-20 Read Law. 
B.A (War) 1919 Called to the Bar, EngL, 1920. 

1914-19- 1st K.E.H. & R.F.A.; France, Italy; 
A/Capt. M.C. D. 1920-8: Practice of Law, 
Bermuda. 1928-34 Police Magistrate, Bermuda. 
M.P. (Paget Parish), Bermuda, 1930-4. 1935- : 
Colonial Legal Service: Police Magistrate, 
Nigeria, 1935-8, Judge, Supreme Court, Trini- 
dad, 1938-44, Gold Coast since 1944 (A/Chief 
Justice since 1948). 

m. 1920. Elsie Joyce Martin. Three 5. 
Three d. 

Supreme Court, Accra, Gold Coast. 


CALDER, KENNETH WILLIAM, b. 13 Nov. 1892. 
Potsdam Sch., Jamaica. 

Corpus Christi 1912-14. Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 
2nd Cl. 1913. 

1914-15: RF.A.; Egypt, Gallipoli; 2nd Lt. 

Died of wounds 21 Dec. 1915. 


CURTIS, PIERSON VIVIAN, b. 25 Apr. 1893. 
Method. Coll., Nfd., & Mt. Allison Univ., N.B. 

Queen's 1912-14 & 1920-1. Hon. Mods. 
(Maths.) 3rd Cl. Also read Engineering. B.A. 
& M.A. 1920. 

1914-20 Border Regt., India; Lt. 1921-8: 
Engm. Dept., McGill Univ., Canada. 1923: 
Engr., Nfd. & U.S.A. 



b. 29 Oct. 1892. Halifax County Acad. & Dal- 
housie Univ. B.A. 

Oriel 1913-14. Read Lit. Hum. 

1914-16: Middlesex Regt., France; 2nd Lt. 

Died of wounds 6 Nov. 1916. 

b. 6 Mar. 1891. Parkdale Collegiate Inst., 
Toronto, & Univ. of Toronto. B.A. & M.A. 

Corpus Christi 1913-16. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL 
1916. Boden Sanskrit Scholp. 1915. 

1916-19: C.F.A. (Capt ) & R.G.A. (2nd Lt.), 
Palestine. 1919-20: Asst. Prof, of Classics, Univ. 
of Alberta. 1920- : Dept. of Classics, McGill 



{Canada, cont.] 

Univ.; Prof, of Class. Philol. since 1929; Mem- 
ber of Senate since 1947. Ph.D. (Chicago) 1926. 
1942-5: C.O., McGill Univ. (No. 5) Squadron 
of Univ. Air Squadrons, R.C.A.F.; Squadron 

m. 1920. Elizabeth Bennet Bertram. Three 5. 

Publ.: Carmina Popularia, 1927. 

148 Wolseley Ave. N. } Montreal W., P.Q. 

wick), b. 14 Dec. 1891. HighSch., Saint John, 
& Umv. of N.B. B.A. 

University 1913-14 & 1919-20. Junspr. 
(Shortened) w. Distn. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. B.A., 
M.A., B.C.L. 1920. 

1914-19 : 1st K.E.H., Yorks. & Lanes. Regt. & 
M.G.C.; France; Capt. M.C. 1921- : Prac- 
tice of Law, Saint John, N.B. K.C. 1942. 
Dominion Vice-Pres., Can. Bar Assocn., 1948-9. 

m. 1921. Edith Isobel Ireland. Two s. 

5 Duncraggan Court, Saint John, N.B. 

Island), b. 8 Dec. 1889. Prince of Wales Coll., 
P.E.I., & King's Coll., Windsor, N.S. B.A. 

Queen's 1913-14. Read Theol. 

1914-17: Can. Inf. & Gloucester Regt.; 
France, Belgium ; Lt. 

Died of wounds Sept. 1917. 

DYDE, WALTER FARRELL (Alberta & Saskat- 
chewan), b. 30 Sept. 1890. Kingston Col- 
legiate Inst. & Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. 
M.A. Univ. of Alberta. M.A. 

University 1913-14 & 1919 (Trin. Term). 
Hon. Mods. (Class.) 3rd Cl. B.A. (War) 1919. 

1914-19: 1st K.E.H. & R.F.A.; France; 
A/Major. M.C. 1919-22: Supt. of Schools, 
Yukon Territory, U.S.A. 1922-4: Columbia 
Umv., New York, U.S. A. Ph.D. 1929. 1924- : 
Univ. of Colorado, U.S.A.: Prof, of Educ,; 
Asst. to Pres. 1942; Dean of the Faculties since 
1943; Vice-Pres. 1947. Naturalized citizen of 
U.S. since 1940. 

m. 1918. Marguerite Brow Stuart. One s. 
One d. 

Publ. : Public Secondary Education in Canada, 

Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. 

Columbia), b. 3 Dec. 1890. High Sch., Revel- 
stoke* B.C., & Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

Queen's 1913-14 & 1919-20. B.C.L. 2nd CL 
1920. B.A. (War) 1919. M.A. 1920. 

1914-19: Oxf. & Bucks. L.I.; France, 
Salonica; Capt. D. Called to the Bar, Engl., 
1923. 1920- :Lect., then Reader, in Law, Umv. 
of Leeds, Engl. 1923- : Practice of Law, Leeds. 
Chmn., Leeds Court of Referees (now Local 
Appeal Tribunal), since 1930. Chmn., N.E. 
Region, Nat. Fed. of Housing Societies since 

m. 1922. Ella Louise Wooldridge. 

Publ. Joint ed., Ringwood's Bankruptcy Law 
(15th ed.). 

9 St. Michael's Rd., Leeds 6, England. 

(Quebec), b, 8 Apr. 1892. McGill Coll. of B.C. 
& McGill Univ. B.A. 

New Coll. 1913-14. Read Law. 

1914-19: 1st K.E.H., H.L.I., R.F.C. 
R.A.F.; France, Italy; Major. M.C. D.F.C. 
Croix de Guerre. Order of the Crown of Italy. 
1919_20: Aeronautical Corresp., Daily Express, 
London. 1920-1: Min. of Food, Engl. 1921-3: 
League of Nations Union (Midland Repres. & 
Publicity Secy.). 1923: Director of Publicity, 
Radio Communications Ltd., Engl. Founder & 
Editor Radio. 1923-36: B.B.C., Director of 
Publicity, Pubns., & Political Relations; Director 

of the Spoken Word, acting Controller of Pro- 
grammes. 1936-42: First Gen. Man. of Can. 
Broadcasting Corpn. 1942: Dir.-Gen, of Broad- 
casting for Canada. 1943- : Founder & Policy 
Counsel of Responsible Enterprise Movement 
(Canada). Hon. LL.D. (Florida Southern Coll , 
U.S.A.) 1948. 

m. 1923. Eleanor Powell One s. One d. 

104 Kilbarry Rd., Forest Hill, Toronto 12, Ont. 
and Oxford and Cambridge Club, Pall Mail, 
London, S.W.I, England. 

NASON, WILLIAM (Manitoba), b. 17 June 
1891. Wesley Coll. & Umv. of Manitoba. B A. 

Oriel 1913-14. Read Law. B.A. (War) 1920. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1914. 

1914-19: Sherwood Foresters; Gallipoli, 
Egypt, France, Belgium; Capt. & Adjt. M.C, 
D. 19 19-42: Practice of Law, Winnipeg. LL.B. 
(Man.) 1920. 1942-5: Solicitor, Legal Dept., 
War-time Prices & Trade Bd., Ottawa. 1945- : 
Solicitor, Lands & Development Services Branch, 
Dept. of Mines & Resources, Ottawa. Registrar, 
N.W.T. Land Registration District. 

m. 1934. Alexandra Louisa Fusee. One d. 

235 Fourth Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 


BOOR, ALARIC PINDER (Western Australia). 

b. IS Oct. 1892. Christian Bros. Sch., Perth, 

Brasenose 1913-14. Read Medicine. Swim- 
ming v. Camb. 1914. 

1914-17: Oxf. & Bucks. L.I. & RF.C.; 
France, Salomca, Italy, Egypt, Lt. 

Died of wounds Nov. 1917. 

(South Australia), b. 15 Sept. 1890. Prince 
Alfred Coll., Adelaide, & Univ. of Adelaide. 
B.Sc., D Sc. 1931. 

Christ Church 1913-14 & 1919-25. B.A. & 
M.A. (War) 1919. D.Phil. 1925. 

1914-19: Civilian Prisoner in Germany. 1926: 
Senr. Lect., Physics, Univ. of Sydney, N.S.W. 
1927-35: Dept. of Physics, University Coll., 
Nottingham, Engl. (Reader 1927-31, Prof. 
1931-5). 1935- : Umv. of Sydney Extension 
Bd. Lecturer. 1935-8- Univ. Lect., New 
Medical Sch., Univ. of Sydney, & Senr. Research 
Worker, Cancer Research Cornmee. 1939- : 
Pathologist & Biochemist (private practice). 
Pres., Socy. of Austr. Inventors, 1947 & 1948. 

m. 1927. Jean Halliday Robertson. One 5. 

Publ.: The Theory of Relativity, 1920. Some 
Aspects of Relativity, 1921. Certain Aspects of 
the Quantum Theory, 1 923 . And numerous trans- 
lations of German & Swedish scientific works. 

Box 1235, G.P.O., Sydney, N.S.W. 

CASSIDY, JOHN REGINALD (Queensland), b. 

13 Apr. 1892. Nudgee Coll., Queensland, & 
Univ. of Queensland. 

Exeter 1913-14 & 1919-21. Studied Agric. & 
Wireless Telegraphy. B.A. (War) 1920. 

1914-19: A.S.C. & R.A.F.; Gallipoli, Egypt 
& Grand Fleet; Capt. D. 1919-46: R.A.F. 
(Regular); Palestine & Middle East Command 
1926-30; Chief Instr., Elec. & Wireless Sch., 
1930-3 & 1936-9 ; Senr. Air Staff Officer, H.Q. 
No. 26 Group 1940-1; Air Officer Commanding 
No. 27 Group 1941-6. Air Commodore 1941, 
Air Vice-Marshal 1944. C.B.E. 1944. Retired 
1946. 1947-9: Organizer of Road Safety for 
County of GIos., Engl. 1949- : In Australia. 

m. 1923. Barbara Margaret Drew. One s. 

c\o Bank of Australasia, Sydney, N.S.W. 

KERR, FRANK ROBISON (Victoria), b. 5 Apr. 
1889. Wesley Coll., Melbourne, & Univ. of 



[Australia, cont."\ 

Melbourne. M.B., B.S. D.P.H. 1922. M.D. 


University, Jan. to Aug. 1914. Read Medicine. 

1914-19: R.A.M.C. (S.R.); France; Capt. 
D.S.O. D. 1919-22: Med, Practice, Ballan, 
Vic. Commonwealth Dept. of Health: Divn. of 
Industr. Hygiene 1923-5; Central Office, Can- 
berra, 1930-2. Lect. in Publ. Health, Univ. of 
Melbourne, 1927-9. 1925-30 & 1932- : Com- 
monwealth M.O., Melbourne. Senr. Common- 
wealth M.O. for Victoria since 1948. A.A.M.C. 
Reserve; Capt. 1942. 

m. 1916. Myrtle Constance McMeekm. Two 
5. One d. 

Publ.: Inquiry into Morbidity Statistics of 
Victorian State School Teachers, 1923. Inquiry 
into the Health of Workers in Gasmaking Plants, 
1927. Foundations: The Building of the Man, 
1939. Days after Tomorrow, 1944. 

28 Wimba Ave., Kezu, Melbourne, Vic. 

mania), b. 14 Nov. 1890. Hutchins Sen., 
Hobart, & Univ. of Tasmania. B A. 

Balhol 1913-14 & 1921-2. Hist. (Shortened) 
w. Distn. B.A. 1922. 

1914-20: Oxf. & Bucks. L.I. & Indian Army; 
France, Salomca, India; Capt. D. 1922-46: 
Indian Army. Acting Vice-Pnnc., Rajkurnar 
Coll., Rajkot, 1924-5; in Iraq 1925-6; Apptd. 
to Judge- Advocate General's Dept. 1930; Major 
A.J.A.G. 1933; Lt.-Col. & DJ.A.G. 1938. 
A/Col. 1944, T/Col. 1945. Retired 1946. 

Died 3 Sept. 1949. 

Wales), b. 6 Aug. 1890. Sydney High Sch. & 
Univ. of Sydney. B.Sc. 

St. John's 1913-14 & 1919 (Ton. Term). 
Read Botany 62 Cytology. B.A. (War) & M.A. 
1919. R.F. v. Camb. 1913. Athl. Sports v. 
Camb. 1914. 

1915-19: A.S.C.; France, Belgium, Italy; 
A/Major. O.B.E. (Mil.). D. June-Sept. 1919: 
Post-grad, work, Cambridge Univ. 1919-21: 
Grad. Sch., Cornell Univ., U.S.A. 1921- : 
Principal, Hawkesbury Agric. Coll., N.S.W. 
1944- : Fellow of Austr. & N.Z. Assocn. for 
the Advancement of Sci & Member of Austr. 
National Research Council. 

m. 1918. Charlotte Elizabeth Lappin (d. 1944). 
One s. Two d. (one dcd.). 

Hawkesbury Agricultural College, Richmond, 


Invercargill High Sch. & Univ. of Otago. M.A. 

Balliol 1913-14 & 1919-20. Hist. (Shortened) 
w. Distn. B.A. & M.A. 1920. 

1914-19: Gloucester Regt. ; France, Salonica; 
Capt. 1921-5: Teaching, Wanganui Coll., 
Wellington, N.Z. Dipl. Educ. (N.Z.) 1926. 
1926- : Dept. of Maths., Victoria Univ. Coll., 
N.Z. (Prof, -since 1934). Chrnn., Professorial 
B,d., 1937. Chmn., Advisory Commee. on Adult 
Educ. since 1940. Officier d' Academic (France) 

m. 1919. Mildred Harris. One s. One d. 

6 Marsden Ave., Wellington, W. 3, N.Z. 


African College School), b. 30 Apr. 1892. 
S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & S. Afr. Coll. B.A. (Cape). 

Worcester 1914 (Mich. Term) & 1916-19. 
B.Litt. (Anc. Hist.) 1918. 

1915-16: Y.M.C.A. w. troops in G.S.W. Afr. 

Also Lect. in Classics, S. Afr. Coll. 1919-22: 
Lect. in Classics, Univ. of Cape Town. 1922- : 
Prof, of Classics, Univ. of the Witwatersrand ; 
Dean of Fac. of Arts 1928-30. Membei of 
Joint Matnc. Bd. since 1924; Chmn. 1947. 
Carnegie Research Grant 1935. Director & 
Assoc. Editor of The Forum since 1938. Director 
& Chmn. of Editorial Commee. of Suzd-Afrika 
since 1940. 1943- : Gov. of S. Afr. Broad- 
casting Corpn. F.R S.A. 1946. 

m. 1919. Jessie Kilburn Davis. Two 5. 

PubL- Schools of Gaul, 1920. (In collab.) 
Studies in Ancient Imperialism, 1920. Primi 
Gradus, 1922. Die Romemse Boer, 1925. Con- 
tnb. to Coming of Age, 1930. Tria Corda, A 
Volume of Verse, 1930. Die Klassieke in Suid- 
Afnca, 1930. Vergil in the Experience of South 
Africa, 1931. (In collab ) The Achievement of 
Afrikaans, 1934. Die Kortverhaal van die Grieke 
en die Romeine (2 vols.), 1934. Afrikaans, Its 
Origin & Development, 1936. Bnewe aan Rein- 
hard (Aegean Travel), 1936. (In collab.) The 
Stranger at the Gate, 1938. Life & Thought in 
the Greek & Roman World, 1940. The ABC of 
Afrikaans, 1941. South Africa & the Crisis of 
Civilization, 1941. Spiritual Evolution in South 
Africa, 1945. Harvest Home (trans, of Afrikaans 
novel), 1945. 

Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 28 June 1893. 
Boys* High Sch. & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. 

Hertford 1913-16. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1916. B.M., B.Ch. 1918. M.A. 1919. Water 
Sports v. Camb. 1914. 

1917-19: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, & Liver- 
pool Univ., Engi. D.T.M. 1919. F.R.C.S. 
(Edmb.) 1925. 1920- : Med. Practice : Rhodesia 
1920-1 ; Burgersdorp, C.P., 1922-5; Standerton, 
Transvaal, 1925-35. 1935-6: Studying in 
Europe. 1936- : Senr. Gynaecologist & Ob- 
stetrician, Johannesburg Gen. Hosp. Senr. 
Lect. & Clinical Tutor, Med. Sch., Univ. of the 
Witwatersrand . 

w.1919. Aileen Hilda McKay. One s. Two d. 

165 Lister Bldgs., Jeppe St., Johannesburg. 

cesan College, Rondebosch). b. 3 Jan. 1895. 
Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch, & S. Afr. Coll. 

New Coll. 1913-14 & 1919-20. B.A. (Agric.) 
1920. N.D.A. (Leeds) 1920. R.F. v. Camb. 
1913 & 1919. 

1914-16: Civilian P.O. W. (Germany). 1916- 
19: R.F.A.; France; A/Capt. 1920- : Farming; 
Kenya 1920-46; Brit. Columbia, Canada, since 

m. 1925. Isabella Goodhart (ne'e Turner). 
One d. 

Box 89, Dewdney, B.C., Canada. 

PEARSE, GERALD VYVYAN (Natal), b. 7 Sept. 
1891. Pietermaritzburg Coll., & Natal Univ. 
Coll. B.A. (Cape). 

Brasenose 1913-14 & 1919. Read Engineer- 
ing. B.A. (War) 1920. Cricket v. Camb. 1919. 

1914-19: 1st K.E.H. & R.F.A.; France; 
Major. M.C. 1919-23 : Egyptian Govt. Service; 
Min. of Finance. 1923-30: Chartered Ac- 
countant, London, Engl. 1930- : National 
Trade Defence Assocn., Asst. Secy. 1930-9, 
Secy, since 1945. 1939-45: R.A.; England, Bel- 
gium; Major. M.B.E. 

52 Warwick Gardens, Kensington, London. 
W. 14, England. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 5 Oct 1894. St. 
Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, & Rhodes Univ. 

Trinity 1913-14 & 1919-21. 1914-19: A. & S. 
High!., M.G.C., & Royal Tank Corps; France; 


1913, 1914 

[South Africa, cont.] 

A/Major. M.C. Read Law. B.A. (War) 1919. 
M.A. 1921. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1914, Pres. 
1920 & 1921. Represented S. Afr, in Olympic 
Games 1920 (won the 400 metres). 

1922-4 & 1929-41: Teaching, Harrow Sch., 
reading for the Bar, Secretarial work, and 
Journalism, London, Engl. 1924-9 & 1947-8: 
Journalism & other activities, S. Afr. 19415: 
War Office & Royal Tank Regt. : Army Bureau 
of Current Affairs ; Major. 

m. 1926. Ursula Mary Clifford Knight. Two s. 

Died 2 Feb. 1948. 


1895. Charterhouse Sch., England. 

Brasenose 1919-22. Pass Schools. 

1914_19 : R. Lancaster Regt.; France, Bel- 
gium; Capt. D. 1922-40: Regular Army, Irish 
Guards; Major. 

m. 1928. Maisie Josephine Pedley. Two $-. 

Killed in action May 1940. 

HART, RICHARD GEORGE, b. 27 Dec. 1892. 
King's Sch., Warwick, England. 

Merton 1913-14. Read Nat. Sci. 

1914-16: R. Warwickshire Regt.; France; 
2nd Lt. 

Killed in action July 1916. 

1891. Plumtree Sch., Milton Sch., Rhodesia, & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll., Grahamstown. 

Exeter 1913-14 & 1919-20. Read Law, B.A. 
(War) 1920. 

1914_19 : R.F.A.; France; Major. M.C. D. 
1920-4: Instr., Imper. Naval Coll., Etajima, 
Japan. 5th Order of the Rising Sun. 

m. 1920. Dorothy R. Tennyson d'Eyncourt. 
One d. 

Died, as the result of War Service, 31 May 


1893. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Dulwich 
Coll., England. 

Brasenose 1913-15. Read Law. B.A. (War) 

1915-19: R. West Kent Regt. & M.G.C.; 
France, Belgium; A/Major. M.C. 1921-4: 
Inland Revenue Dept., Engl. 1924 : Director 
of Educ., Bermuda. 1939-45: In charge of 
Cable Censorship, Bermuda. 

m. 1918. Marjorie Helen Stanford. Three s. 

P. O. Box 358, Bermuda. 



12 Sept. 1893. Potsdam Sch., Jamaica. 

Corpus Christi 1913-14 & 1919-20. Read 
Lit. Hum. 

1914-19: 1st K.E.H. & R.F.A.; France, Bel- 
gium; Lt. 1921-48: Colonial Admin. Service, 
Nigeria. Resident 1944. Retired 1948. 

m. 1922. Cora Grey Hildreth. 

Cherry Orchard, Shillingford, Oxon., England. 


1894. Method. Coll., St. John's, Nfd. 

Keble 1913-14. Read Thcol. 

1914-17: R. Fus.; France; Pte. 

Killed in action S Apr. 1917. 



ABRAHAMSON, SIMON (Manitoba). 6. 12 
Apr. 1892. Argyle Sch., Winnipeg, & Univ. of 
Manitoba. B.A, & LL.B. 

Merton 1914-15, 1916-17, & 1918-19. B.C.L. 
2nd Cl. 1919. 

1919- : Practice of Law, Winnipeg, and, later, 
Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.A. 

m, 1921. Sara Romanofsky. Two ch. 

3319% Griffith Park Blvd., Los Angeles 27, 
Calif., U.S.A. 

ATKINS, BASIL ELMO (British Columbia). 
>. 10 Oct. 1892. McGill Coll., Vancouver, & 
VIcGillUniv. B.A. 

Hertford 1914-15 (Hil. Term). 

1915-17: N. Staffordshire Regt.; Mesopot.; 
apt. D. 

Killed in action 25 Feb. 1917. 

(Ontario), b. 16 July 1893. Collegiate Inst., 
Brockville, Ont., & Queen's Univ., Kingston. 

Trinity 1916-17. Read Lit. Hum. Resigned 
Scholp. through ill health. 

1918- : Teaching, Canada and U.S.A. 

m. 1948. Elva K. Cornell. 

5 Philadelphia Ave,, Trevose, Pa., U.S.A. 


b. 9 July 1891. Moncton High. Sch. & Mt. 
Allison Univ. B.A. 

Exeter 1914-17. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1916. M:A. 1920. 

1918: Cadet, R.A.F., Canada; Hon. 2nd Lt. 
1919-24: Teaching, Moncton High Sch., N,B. 
1924-8: Grad. Stud. & Instr., Harvard Univ. 
Ph.D. 1926. 1928-36: Asst. Prof, of Engl., 



[Canada, cont.] 

Northwestern Univ., 111. 1936- : Prof, of EngL, 

Duke Univ., Durham, N.C, 

PubL: John Gay's London Illustrated from the 
Poetry of the Time, 1928. John Gay: Favourite 
of the Wits, 1940. 

2707 Legion Am., Durham, N.C., U.S.A. 

MASON, VERB KABSDALE (Nova Scotia), b. 
23 Oct. 1893. Falkland Ridge Sch. & Acadia 
Univ., N.S. B.A. 

Pembroke 1914 (Mich. Term). 

1915-16: Suffolk Regt,; France; 2nd Lt. 

Killed in action 4 Aug. 1916. 

b. 28 Apr. 1890. ColL of Chicoutimi (B.A.) & 
Laval Univ. (LL.L.). LL.D. 1941 

Pembroke 1914-17. Read Law. 

1917-44: Practice of Law, Quebec. K.C. 
1924. Elected to Provincial Parliament 1927. 
Minister of Labour, Game & Fisheries 1936. 
Minister of Labour, Mines & Maritime Fisheries 
1939. 1944- : District Magistrate, Quebec. 

m. 1931. Atala Casault. 

Publ. . Notes sur la Cdte Nord et le Labrador 
Canadian* 1927. 

Court House, Quebec City, P.Q. 

ward Island), b. 22 Jan. 1893. Prince of Wales 
Coll., P.E.L, & Dalhousie Univ. 1915-19: Can. 
G.A.; France; Capt D. 

Worcester 1919 (Trin. Term). 

1920-2: Business 1922-45: Can. Civil Ser- 
vice; Forest Dept. 1922-9 (B.A. (McGill) 1927). 
Asst. Govt. Exhibition Commissioner, London, 
EngL, 1929. Commissioner-Gen, for Canada, 
New York World's Fair, 1939-40. Dept. of 
Trade & Commerce, Ottawa, 1941. Retired 

m. 1917. Evelyn Mary Steele. 

76 Upper Prince St., Charlottetozvn, P.E.L 

WEIR, JOHN ALEXANDER (Alberta & Saskat- 
chewan), b. 13 Dec. 1893. Sask. Collegiate 
Inst. & Univ. of Sask. B.A. & LL.B. 1916-19: 
Can. A.M.C. & R.A.F.; 2nd Lt. 

Merton 1919-21 & 1923 (Trin. Term). 
Jurispr. (Shortened) w. Distn. B.A. 1923. Legal 
Studies Scholp. 1921. 

1921-42: Prof, of Law, Univ. of Alberta (Dean 
of Law Sch. 1946). K.C. 1934. 

m. 1926. Elizabeth Fleming Teviotdale. 
Two s-. One d, 

Died 3 June 1942. 


tralia), b. 30 Sept. 1894. Scotch Coll., Clare- 
mont, W.A 1914-19: R. Scots, R.F.C. &R.A.F.; 
France, Belgium; Major. M.C. D. 

University 1919-22, Read Medicine. B.A. 
1923. B.M., B.Ch. 1924. 

1922-4: King's Coll. Hosp., London, Engl. 
1924-5: Med. Practice, Hong Kong. 1925-8: 
Sudan Med. Service. 1929-30- Studying 
Ophthalmology, London, Engl. 1931- : Oculist, 
Perth,W.A 1 941-5 : Ophthalmologist, R.A.A.F. ; 

m. 1928. Marjorie Sophy Taylor. One s. 
Two d. 

Chennel House, St. George's Terrace, Perth, 
W, Australia. 

HENRY, HARRY ANDR (New South Wales). 
b. 16 June 1892. Sydney Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Sydney. B.A. 
New Coll. 1914 (Mich, Term) & Hil. to Mich. 

Term 1919. Read Law. B.A. (War) 1919. M.A. 

1914-19: Oxf. & Bucks. L.I. & R.F.C. ; 
France, Salonica, Egypt, Mesopot. ; Capt. Called 
to the Bar, Engl., 1919. 1920- : Practice of 
Law, Sydney, N.S.W. 

m. 1917. Clarice Lorraine Pigott. One s. 
One d. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Australian Bankruptcy Law 
& Practice, 1928. 

University Chambers, 167 Phillip St. , Sydney, 

MacNEIL, NEIL HARCOURT (Victoria), b. 
17 Apr 1893 Scotch Coll , Melbourne, & Univ. 
of Melbourne. 1914-19: H.L.I. & R.A.F.; 
France; Capt. M.C. D. 

Balhol 1919-20 & 1921-2. Hist. (Shortened) 
w. Distn. B A. 1921. M.A. 1926. Rowing v. 
Camb. 1920 & for Oxford at Henley 1919. 

1920-1: New Coll., Edinburgh. 1922-3: 
Teaching, Cheltenham Coll., EngL Dipl. Educ. 
(London) 1926. 1924-38: Headmaster, Knox 
Gr. Sch., Wahroonga, N.S.W. 1939-46: Head- 
master, Wesley Coll., Melbourne. 

m. 1924. Jean Isobel Hamilton. 

Died 1 Aug. 1946. 

MOREY, ALAN W. (South Australia), b. 

1 Mar. 1893. Univ. of Adelaide. 

Accepted by Magdalen. Did not come into 

1914-18: R. Scots & R.F.C.; Lt. M.C. D. 

Killed in action Feb. 1918. 


b. 4 July 1894. Brisbane Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 

Brasenose 1914-15 & 1918-22. Physiol. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1920. B.M., B.Ch. 1925. Senr. 
Hulmeian Scholp. (Brasenose) 1920. R.F. v. 
Camb. 1921. 

1922-9: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, EngL, & 
various hosp. appts. F.R C.S. (Engl.) 1929. 
1930-40 & 1947- ; Med. Practice, Toowoomba, 
Queensland. 1940-5: A.A.M.C., A.I.F.; Libya 
& Austr.; T/Col. 

m. 1948. Dorothy Margaret Lake. 

9 Phillip St., Toowoomba, Queensland. 

WOODS, ERIC ARTHUR (Tasmania), b. 25 Feb. 
1892. Friends' High Sch., Hobart, & Univ. of 
Tasmania. B.Sc. 

New Coll. 1914-16 & 1919-20. Physiol. 1st 
Cl. B.A. 1916. B.M., B.Ch. 1918. Senr. Demy, 
Magdalen 1916. D.P.H. & D.O. 1920. 

1916-18: King's Coll , London, EngL Burney 
Yeo Scholp. 1920-1 : Prince of Wales Hosp., 
London, Engl. 1921: Medical Missionary, 

Died 13 July 1921. 


JONES, WILLIAM MEIRION. b. 1 June 1893. 
Auckland Gr. Sch, & Univ. ColL M.Sc. (Univ. 
of N.Z.). 1914-19: N.Z. Engin. & R.F.A.; 
Egypt, Gallipoli, France; Lt. 

Balhol 1919-22. Physics 2nd Cl. B.A. 1921. 
Hockey v. Camb. 1921-2: & for Wales 1924. 

1922-4: Teaching, Oxford. 1924-7: Asst. 
Secy., Messrs. Burt, Bolton & Haywood, Lon- 
don, EngL 1927-30: Geological & Geophysical 
Surveys. 1931- : Geophysicist & Seismologist, 
Scientific & Industrial Research Dept., Welling- 
ton, N.Z. (Director, Geophysical Observatory 
since 1948). 1940-5: Physicist on staff of 
Director of Scientific Developments, N,Z 

m. 1932. Enid Paton. One d. 

Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research, 
Wellington, N.Z. 


CLUVER, EUSTACE HENRY (Boys* High School, 
Stellenbosch). b. 28 Aug. 1894. Boys' High 
Sch. & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. B.A. 

Hertford 1914-16. Magdalen 1916-17. 
Physiol. 1st Cl. B A. 1916. B.M., B.Ch. 1918. 
M.A. 1921. D.M. 1922. Senr, Demy, Mag- 
dalen, 1916. Burney Yeo Scholp., King's Coll., 
London, 1917. D.P.H. (Lond.) 1925. 

1918: S. Afr. Field Amb.; France. 1919-26: 
Prof, of Physiology, Univ. of the Witwatersrand. 
1926-31: Asst.; 1932-4: Senr. Asst. Health 
Officer, Union of S. Afr., & Senr. Lect. in 
Public Health, Univ. of the Witwatersrand; 
Director of Med. Services, Union Defence 
Forces, 1934; Dep. Chief Health Officer 1938; 
Secy, for Public Health 1938-40; Chief Health 
Officer 1938-40; Dir.-Gen. of Med. Services 
1938-40. 1940- : Director, S. Afr. Inst. for 
Med. Research, Johannesburg, and Prof, of 
Preventive Medicine, Univ. of the Witwaters- 
rand. 1940-6: Director of Pathol., S.A.M.C.; 
Col. F.R.S.1. 1940. Knight of Order of St. John 
of Jerusalem 1942. E.D. 1944. 

m. 1929. Eileen D. Ledger. Three d. 

PubL: Physiological Experiments, 1923. Public 
Health in South Africa, 5th ed., 1948. Birth- 
right, 1945. Medical & Health Legislation in the 
Union of South Africa, 1949. 

S. African Institute for Medical Research, 
P.O. Box 1038, Johannesburg. 

Justice) (South African College School), b. 

28 June 1894. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & S. Afr. Coll. 
B.A. (Cape). 

University 1914-15 & 1919-21. Jurispr. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1920. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. M A. 1921. 

1915-17 : Duke of Edinb. Vol. Rifles. S.W. Afr. 
& S. Afr. Inf. ; E. Afr. ; Pte. 1921-39 : Practice of 
Law, Cape Province. K.C. 1935. Lect., Law, 
Univ. of Cape Town. 1939- : Judge of the 
Supreme Court of S. Afr., C.P. Divn. Acting 
Judge Pres. 1947. 

w. 1926. Agatha Mavis Oliver. Ones. Two*?. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Rules of Court, 2nd ed., 
1930; Law of Agency in S. Africa, 1932. 

Charente, Eyton Rd., Paradise Estate, Clare- 
mont, C.P. 

9 May 1893. Maritzburg Coll. & Natal Univ. 
Coll. B.A. (Cape). 

St. John's 1914-16 & 1921. Physiol. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1916. M.A. 1921. B.M., B.Ch. 1923. 
D.P.H. 1924. 

1916-18: In S. Afr. on grounds of health. 
1918-24: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. 
D.T.M. & H. (Lond.). 1924- : Clin. Patho- 
logist, Addington Hosp. & 1925- : Private Clin. 
Pathol. Practice, Durban, Natal. 1940-3: 
S.A.M.C.; Durban; Major. 

m. (1) 1923. Elaine Mary Garland (d. 1929). 
One s. One d. (2) 1931. Patricia Martha Allen 
(ne'e Mullins). Two s. 

Fairbank, 416 Musgrave Rd., Durban, Natal. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 19 July 1894. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll. 1914-19 : Lovat's Scouts ; Gallipoli, 
Egypt, Salonica, France; A/Capt. 

Trinity 1919 (Hil. & Trin. Terms). Read 
Mod. Langs. (French). Resigned Scholp. 

1920-1: Cotton-growing, Sudan. 1922-40 & 
1946- : Farming, White River, Transvaal. 
1940-2: U.D.F.; N.V.B.; Capt. & Adjt. 1943-5: 
S. Afr. Coast Defence Corps; Lt.-Col. 

m. (1) 1926. Mary Hamilton. (2) 1937. Con- 
stance Muriel Heyder (nle Plewman). One jr. 
Two d. 

Lochaber, White River, NE. Transvaal. 

[33] 1914 

(Diocesan College, Rondebosch). b. 18 Nov. 

1894. Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch & S. Afr. Coll. 
1914-19: Oxf. & Bucks. L.I., France, Salonica; 
A/Capt. D. 

Brasenose 1919-22. Lit. Hum. (Shortened) 
w. Distn. B.A. 1920. Jurispr. 1st Cl. 1921. 
B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1922. M.A. 1924. Senr. Hul- 
meian Scholp. (Brasenose) 1921. Called to the 
Bar, Engl., 1922. 

1922-4: I.L.O. & League Secretariat, Geneva. 
1923-30: Fellow & Lect., New Coll.; Lect. in 
Law, Pembroke Coll., Oxford. Laura Spellman 
Rockefeller Fellow, Harvard Univ., 1925-6. 
Exarnnr. in Roman Law for Council of Legal 
Educ. 1929-34. 1930- : Sir Ernest Cassel, 
since 1935 Montague Burton, Prof, of Internat. 
Relations, Univ. of London. 1939-43: Senr. 
Specialist, Foreign Research & Press Service, 
R. Inst. of Internat. Affairs. 

m. 1939. Marion Somerville Johnston. 

PubL: Transl. of Hatschek's Volkerrecht im 
Grundriss, 1931. The Policies of the Dominions 
in the League of Nations, 1932. Ed. 8th ed., 
Salmond's Jurisprudence, 1930. Ed. & contrib. 
Peaceful Change, an International Problem, 1937. 

34 Newton Road, London, W. 2, England. 

Andrew's College, Grahamstown). b. 9 Feb. 

1895. St. Andrew's Coll. & Rhodes Univ. Coll. 
Trinity 1914 (Mich. Term) & 1919-21. Hist. 

(Shortened). B.A. & M.A. 1921. 

1914-19. R. Berks. Regt.; France; Capt. 
M.C. & Bar. 1921-4: Teaching, Harrow Sch. 
& The Dragon Sch., Oxford, Engl. 1925- : 
Headmaster (1927-9: Jt. Headmaster w. R. F. 
Currey), The Ridge Prep. Sch., Johannesburg. 
1941: U.D.F.; M.E.F.; Major. 1942: P.o.W. 
in Italian hands; transferred to Germany 1943. 

m. 1930. Isobel Mary Farquharson. Two s. 

The Ridge Preparatory School, Johannesburg. 


5 Oct. 1893. St. George's Sch., Bulawayo. 

Wadham 1914 (Mich. Term) & 1919-21. 
Forestry Sch. Dipl. B.A. 1921. 

1914-19: R.F.A.; France, Belgium; T/Capt. 
D. 1921-47: Indian Forest Service, Bombay 
Presidency; Chief Conservator of Forests from 
1945. Retired 1947. 

m. 1927. Phyllis Mary Hurrell. One s. 
Three d. 

c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., Cox's R. Branch, 6 Pall 
Mall, London, England. 

TULLOCH, ERNEST ST. GLAIR, b. 19 July 1893. 
Boys' High Sch., Salisbury. Rhodesia. & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll. 

Exeter 1914 (Mich. Term). Read Forestry. 

1914-16: Northumb. Fus.; France; Lt. 

Killed in action 7 July 1916. 


Warwick Acad., Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., Eng- 

St. John's 1914-15 & 1919-21. Jurispr. 
(Shortened) w. Distn. B.A. 1920. 

1915-19: Red Cross, Serbia, & R.F.A.; 
France; Lt. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1921. 
1921- : Practice of Law, Bermuda. Member of 
Leg. Assembly, Bermuda. 

m. 1923. Helen Chalmers Dawson Robertson. 
One 5. Three d. 

Beaudesert, Paget W., Bermuda. 

1914, 1915 



1893. Jamaica Coll., Jamaica. 

Jesus 1914-15 & 1919-21. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 
1921. B A. (War) 1921. 

1915-19 :R.F.A.; France; Gnr. M.M, Called 
to the Bar (Cert, of Honour), Engl., 1921. 

1922- : Practice of Law, Jamaica. K.C. 1932. 

7w. 1921. Edna Swithenbank. Two s. 

Kingston, Jamaica. 


4 Apr. 1894. St. Bonaventure's Coll., Nfd., & 
Dalhousie Univ., N.S. 

University 1914-16 & 1919-20. Junspr. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1916. B.CL. 3rd Cl. 1920. M.A.1924. 
Called to the Bar, EngL, 1920. 

1916-19: Munitions Factory. 1921-41 & 
1946- : Practice of Law, Winnipeg. K.C. 1941. 
1941-6. R.C.A.F.; AJ.A.G.; Wing-Comdr. 
M.B.E. (Mil. Divn.) 1946. 

m. 1927. Elizabeth Rae MacKenzie, One s. 
Two d. 

997 Dorchester Ave., Winnipeg, Man. 



20 Dec. 1892. Huntingdon Acad. McGill 
Univ. B.A. & M.A. 1915-18: R. Highlanders 
of Canada; France; A/Capt. M.C. 

Balliol 1919 (Hil. Term.)-1920 (Mich. Term). 
Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1920. M.A. 1924. Fellow 
of AH Souls Coll. 1920. 

1920-4: League of Nations, Geneva: Secre- 
tariat & Asst. Legal Adviser to I.L.O. 1924-38: 
Prof, of Roman & Internat. Law, McGill Univ.; 
Dean of the Fac. of Law 1925; LL.D. (Mel- 
bourne) 1938. Guggenheim Fellowship 1940. 
1944: Research Assoc., Inst. of Internat. Studies, 
Yale Univ. & Assoc. Fellow, Davenport Coll. 
1944- : Prof, of Govt. & Jurispr. & Chmn., 
Dept. of Pol. ScL, Yale Univ. 

m. 1921. Margaret Irene Morison. One s. 
One d. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Canada & World Politics, 
1928. The Roman Law of Marriage, 1930. The 
Settlement of Canadian-American Disputes: A 
Critical Study of Methods & Results, 1937. Post- 
War Worlds, 1942. Britain, Partner for Peace, 

Yale Univ., New Haven, Conn., U.S.A. 


b. 20 Oct. 1891. St. Joseph's Coll., B.A., & 
Dalhousie Univ. LL.B. 1916-18: Can. F.A.; 

Accepted by University. Did not take up 

bia), fc. 14 Feb. 1896. Victoria High Sch. & 
McGill Univ. Coll., Victoria, B.C. 

University 1915-17 & 1919-22. Engl. L. & 
Lit. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1920. M.A. 1926. 

1916: Can. F.A. (discharged rned. unfit). 
1917-19: Mins. of Nat. Service & of Food. 
1922-31: Leeds Univ., Engl.; Prof, of Engl. 
Lang, from 1925. 1931-8: Manchester Univ., 
Engl.; Smith Prof, of Engl. Lang. & Germanic 

Philology. Knight of the Icelandic Falcon 
Order, for services to Icelandic Studies, 1930. 

m. 1930. Ida Lilian Pickles. Ones. Three d. 

PubL: Ed. (m collab.) Sir Gawain & the 
Green Knight, 1925. An Introduction to Old 
Norse, 1927. Trans. Scandinavian Archaeology, 
1937. Ed. The Battle of Maldon, 1937. 

Died 29 July 1938. 

GRIFFIN, ARTHUR KENT (Ontario). I. 8 Feb. 
1893. St. Clement's Coll., Toronto, & Univ. 
of Toronto. B.A. & M.A. 1915-19: Can. Inf. 
& R.G.A.; France, N. Russia; Lt. 

Trinity 1919-21. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL B.A. 
1921. M.A.1924. 

1921-3: YJM.C.A., Poland. 1923- : Dept. 
of Classics, King's Coll., Dalhousie Univ.; Prof. 
1932; Hd. of Dept. 1945; Instr. in Russian 1944. 
PhJX (Toronto) 1930. Visiting Lect. in Classics, 
Harvard Univ., 1931-2. 1940-3: Chief Instr., 
Dalhousie Univ. C.O.T.C.; Lt.-Col. 

w. (1) 1921. Lelia van Zant Mason (d. 1945). 
(2)1947 Julia Aurelia Swanburg. One jr. 

Publ.- Aristotle's Psychology of Conduct, 1931. 

4 Studley Ave., Halifax, N.S. 

b. 17 Feb. 1892. Manitoba High Schs. & Univ. 
of Manitoba. B.A. & M.D., C.M. 1915-16 & 
1917-19: Can. A.M C., France; Lt. 

Christ Church 1919-22. B.Sc. (Pathol.) 1922. 

1923-6: Lect. in Physiol., Manitoba Med. 
Sch. 1926- : City Bacteriologist & Asst. M.O.H., 
Winnipeg (Chief M.O.H. since 1940). O/C 10th 
Field Hygiene Sec., Can. Army Reserve, 1941. 

m. 1917. Gladys Haney. Two s. Two d. 

169 Lanark St., Winnipeg, Man. 


6. 21 Feb. 1892. Colchester Acad., N.S., & 
Dalhousie Univ. 1915-16: Can. Inf.; France 
Belgium; Lt. 

Accepted by Balliol. Did not come into 

Died of wounds 10 Oct. 1916. 



[Canada, cont."\ 

NOLAN, HENRY GRATTAN (Alberta & Saskat- 
chewan), b. 5 May 1895. St. Mary's Sch., 
Calgary, & Univ. of Alberta. B.A. 

University 1915 (Mich. Term) & 1919-22. 
Junspr. 2nd Cl. B A. & M.A. 1921. 

1915-19: Can. Inf.; France, Belgium; Capt. 
M.C. D. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1922. 
1922- : Practice of Law, Calgary. K.C. 1935. 
1940-5: V.J.A.G., Nat. Defence H.Q., Ottawa. 
1946-8: Assoc, Prosecutor for Can. Internat. 
Mil. Tribunal for trial of War Criminals in Far 
East; Brigadier. C.B.E. 1946. 

m. 1928. Doris Margery McCarter. Two d. 

808 Royal Ave., Calgary, Alta. 

Island). b. 13 July 1892. Prince of Wales Coll., 
P.E.I., & Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. 1914- 
18 . Testing Engineer & Inspector of Munitions. 
Accepted by New Coll. Did not take up 


BARNETT, JOHN ARTHUR (Tasmania), b. 
7 Feb. 1894. Queen's Coll., Hobart, & Univ. of 

Corpus Christi 1915-18. Read Medicine. 

1918-28: Farming & Orcharding in Tasmania 
& N.S.W. 1928- : Business, N.S.W. 

m. 1921. Aime"e Clarice M. Bunter. 

Seafield, Gwandalan, Hobart, Tasmania. 

Wales). 6. 11 Apr. 1894. Sydney Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Sydney. B.A. 1915-19: A. & S. High- 
landers; France, Salonica; A/Capt. D. 

New Coll. 1919 (Trin. Term). 

1919-21: Civil Admin., Iraq. O.B.E. 1921. 
1921-45- Sudan Political Service: Dist. Com- 
missioner 1934; Dep, Gov., N. Prov. 1937, 
Gov. 1942. 1945-6: Liaison Officer, Palestine 
Govt. 1947- : Hd. of Develop. Diva., Brit. 
Middle East Office, Cairo. 

m. 1927. Marjorie Vivienne Shirley. One s. 
One d. 

B.M.E.O., cfo Foreign Office, Whitehall, Lon- 
don, England. 

(Victoria), b. 12 June 1895. Melbourne C. of 
E. Gr. Sch. 1914-19: A.L.H.; Egypt, Gallipoli, 
Sinai, Palestine, Syria; Major. M.C. D. 

Christ Church 1919-22. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1922. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1921. Relays v. 
Camb. 1920-1. Lacrosse v. Carnb. 1921-2. 
Olympic Games, for Austr., 1920. 

1923- : Printer & Publisher, Melbourne. 
M.L.A., Victoria, since 1927. Secy, to Cabinet 
1928-9. Asst. Minister of Labour 1932. 
Minister, Sustenance 1933, Transport Labour 
1934. Dep. Leader, U. Austr. Party in Victorian 
Parliament 1935. M.V.O. (4th CL) 1934. 
Jubilee Medal 1935. Coronation Medal 1937. 
1939-42: A.I.F. ; Austr., Malaya (A.A. & Q.M.G. 
1941); Col. 1942-5: P.o.W. in Japanese hands. 
D. & E.D. 1946. O.B.E. 1947. 1947- : Dep. 
Leader, Liberal Party & Minister of Transport 
& Educ., Victoria. 

m. 1923. Edith Kerr. Three d. 

Publ.: Modern Crusaders, 1919. Slaves of the 
Samurai, 1946. 

129 King St., Melbourne, C. 1., Vic. 

b. 8 Apr. 1894. Brisbane Gr. Sch. & Umv. of 
Queensland. B.A. M.A. 1925. 

Balliol 1915 (Mich. Term) & 1919 (Hit & 
Trin. Terms) & 1937. Read Lit. Hum. Dipl. 
Educ., 1937. L.T. v. Camb. 1919. 

1915-19: R.G.A.; France; Capt. M.C. 1919- 
22: Teaching, High Sch., Brisbane. 1922- : 
The Southport School, Southport, Queensland; 
Headmaster since 1941. 

m. 1919. Evelyn H. Raymond. Ones. OneJ. 

The Southport School, Southport, Queensland. 

tralia), b. 21 Feb. 1895. Guildford Gr. Sch. 
& Univ. of W Austr. 1916: Inns of Court 
O.T.C. &R.F.C.; Lt. 

Accepted by Exeter. Did not come into 

Killed while flying in England 23 Oct. 1916. 

tralia), b. 9 Feb. 1893. Kyre Coll., Adelaide, 
& Univ. of Adelaide. B.A. M.A. 1929. 1915- 
19: Austr. Inf.; France, Persia; Capt. 

Balliol 1919-21. Dipl. Anthrop. w. Distn.; 
& special work in Anthropology. 

1922- : Papua; 1922-4: Asst. ; 1924-43 : Govt. 
Anthropologist. Rockefeller Trav. Scholp. 1933. 
Wellcome Medal of Royal Anthrop. Inst. for 
Applied Anthropology 1934. Cilento Medal for 
Trop. Hygiene & Native Welfare. Pres., Austr. 
& N Z. Assocn. for Advancement of Sci., 1939. 
D.Sc. Oxford 1942. 1942-3: Mil. Intell., 
L.H.Q. (Austr.) Melbourne, Lt. 1942; Austr. 
New Guinea Admin. Unit, New Guinea Force, 
Capt. 1943. 

m. 1926. Constance Laura Akeroyd Denness. 

Publ.: Natives of the Purari Delta, 1924. 
Orokaiva Magic, 1928. Orokaiva Society, 1930. 
Population & Education in Papua, 1935. Papuans 
of the Trans-Fly, 1935. The Blending of Cul- 
tures: an Essay on the Aims of Native Administra- 
tion, 1935. Drama of Orokolo; the Social & 
Ceremonial Life of the Elema, 1941. 

Killed in aircraft accident 11 May 1943. 


RICHARDS, HENRY STOKES, b. 13 July 1894. 
Rangiora High Sch. & Canterbury Univ. Coll., 
Univ. of N.Z. M.A. 1915-18- Essex Regt. & 
R.A.F.; France; Lt. 

Accepted by Balliol. Did not come into 

Killed while flying in England 1 Aug. 1918. 


Andrew's College, Graliamstown). b. 29 

June 1895. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 
1915-17: A. & S. Highlanders; Palestine; Lt. 

Accepted by Trinity. Did not come into 

Killed in action 10 Nov. 1917. 

5 Aug. 1894. Pietermaritzburg Coll. & Natal 
Umv. Coll. B.A. (Cape). 1915-18: S. Afr. 
Field Ambulance; G.E. Afr. 

St. John's 1918-20. Read Medicine. B.A. & 
B.M., B.Ch. 1922. L.T, v. Camb. 1919-20.' 

1920-4: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. 
1925-6: House Surgeon, Addington Hosp., 
Durban. Retired from rned. practice 1926. 
1927- : Business, Durban. 

m. 1931. Florence Enid Garland. Two s. 
One d. 

Messrs. W. F. Johnstone & Co. Ltd., Durban, 

lege, Rondebosch). b. 17 Aug. 1895. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch. 1915-16: Northants. Regt.; 
France; 2nd Lt 

1915, 1916 


[South Africa, cont."\ 

Accepted by Oriel. Did not come into 

Died of wounds 18 Aug. 1916. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 25 Jan. 1894. Boys' 
High Sch. & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. 

Trinity 1915-17. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B A. 1918. 
B.M., B.Ch. 1921. 

1919-21: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. 
1922-3: Johannesburg Gen. Hosp. 1923- : 
Med. Practice; Standerton, Transvaal, 1923-30; 
Durban since 1930. Hon. Asst. Visiting Physi- 
cian, Addington Hosp., Durban. 

m. 1923. Phyllis Richmond. One 5. Three of. 

757 Ridge Rd., Berea, Durban, Natal. 

African College School), b. 6 Sept. 1894. 
S. Afr. Coll. Sch. 8s S. Afr. Coll. B.A. (Cape). 
1914-17: Cape Peninsular Rifles; G.S.W. Afr.; 
W. Yorks. Regt.; France, Belgium; 2nd Lt. 

Accepted by Brasenose. Did not come into 

Presumed to have died of wounds 3 May 


CARNEGIE, THEODORE A. b. 6 Mar. 1896. 
Blackheath, Kent, England, & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll. 1915-16: Inns of Court O.T.C. & 
K.R.R.C.; France; Lt. 

Accepted by University. Did not come into 

Killed in action Aug. 1917. 

18 Oct. 1893. St. George's Sch., Bulawayo. 

St. John's 1915 (Mich. Term). 1916-18: 
R.F.A.; France, Belgium; Capt. 

Killed in action 25 Mar. 1918. 

MORGAN, LEONARD RAY. .11 Jan. 1895. 
Boys' High Sch., Salisbury, Rhod., & Rhodes 

Univ. Coll. 1916-18: 2nd Rhodesia Regt.; E. 
Afr.;Pte. Also Cadet, R. A. F. 

St. John's 1919 (Hil. Term)-1921 (Mich. 
Term). Engineering 2nd Cl. B.A. 1921. M.A. 

1922-42: Schoolmaster; Asst. Master, Prince 
Edward Sch., Salisbury, 1922-7; Headmaster, 
Chaplin Sch., Gwelo, S. Rhod., 1927-41 ; Head- 
master, Milton Sch., Bulawayo, 1941-2. 1942- : 
Dept. of Educ., Salisbury, S. Rhod.; Chief 
Educ. Officer since 1948. Secy., Rhod. Rhodes 
Scholarships since 1945. 

W.1922. Helene Annette Petitmaitre. Twod. 

Dept. of Education, P.O. Box 59 > Causeway, 
Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 


LIGHTBOURN, ROBERT, b. 2 Nov. 1894. War- 
wick Acad., Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., England. 

St. John's 1915 (Mich. Term). 1915-17: 
Gloucester Regt. ; France, Belgium; A/Capt. 

Killed in action 26 July 1917. 


ROXBURGH, THOMAS A. b. 24 Dec. 1892. 
Potsdam Sch., Jamaica. 1915-19: R.F.A.; 
France; A/Major. M.C. 

Accepted by Corpus Christi. Did not take up 


FORBES, WALTER COWAN. &. 25 Dec. 1894. 
Methodist Coll., St. John's, Nfd. 

Balliol 1915 (Mich. Term) & 1919-21. Chem. 
(Shortened). B.A. 1920. B.Sc. (Chem.) 1921. 

1916-18: Min. of Munitions. 1921- : Busi- 
ness, Company Director, Engl. 

m. 1921. Hersey Barbara Boulton. Three s. 
(one dcd.). One d. 

Ruxley, North Cray, Kent, England, 



20 July 1893. Quebec Seminary, B.A., & Laval 
Univ. LL.L. 

Worcester 1916-17. Read Law. Resigned 

1917-18: Can. Inf.; Lt. 1919- : Practice of 
Law, Quebec. K.C. 1942. Pres. of the Bar of 
Quebec 1945. Prof, of Civil Procedure, Laval 
Univ., since 1946. 

m. 1930. Lelia Devlin. Two s. One d. 

299 Laurier Ave., Quebec City, P.Q. 

wick), b. 3 Apr. 1896. Fredericton High Sch., 
N.B., & Univ. of N.B. B.A. 1916-19: Can. 
G.A.; Lt. 

New Coll. 1919-22. Physiol. 1st CL B.A. 
1922. B.M., B.Ch. 1924. Francis Gotch Prize 

1922-8: Guy's Hosp., London, Engl. 
M.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1927. 1929- : Med. Prac- 
tice: Ladysmith, B.C., 1929-30; Vancouver, 
1930-40 & since 1945. Director of Medicine, 
Shaughnessy Hosp. (Dept. of Veterans' Affairs). 
Senr. Med. Staff, Vancouver Gen. Hosp. 



[Canada, cont.] 

1940-5: R.C.A.M.C.; Engl. 1942; N.W.E. 1944; 

Consultant in Med., Can. Sec. H.Q. 1945; Col. 

m. 1933. Alexa Rogers. One s. Three d. 

4607 Connaught Drive, Vancouver, B.C. 

BERRY, EDWARD WELDON (British Columbia). 

b. 6 Feb. 1894. Vancouver High Sch. & Univ. 
of B.C. B.A. 1915-19: Can. F.A.; Gnr. & 
R.A.F.; France; Lt. 

St. John's 1919-20. Read Law. 

Died, in Oxford, 23 Jan. 1920. 

FREEMAN, RALPH EVANS (Ontario), b. 23 July 
1894. Wyggeston Sch., England, & McMaster 
Univ., Toronto, B.A. & M.A. 1916-19 :R.F.A.; 
France; Lt. 

Balhol 1919-21. B.Litt. (Econ.) 1920. 

1923-9: Assoc. Prof, of Econ., Univ. of W. 
Ontario. 1929-30: Investment Business, Cleve- 
land, U.S.A. 1931- : Mass. Inst. of Techno- 
logy, Cambridge, Mass.; Prof, of Econ. since 
1931; Hd. of Dept. since 1934. Staff Economist, 
United Business Service, Boston, Mass, since 

m. 1924. Iline Gertrude Rose. 

Publ.: Economics for Canadians, 1928. 

985 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A. 

13 Sept. 1895. Carberry High Sch., Man., & 
Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. LL.B. 1923. 

New Coll. 1916 (Mich. Term) & 1919-22. 
Jurispr. 4th CL B.A. 1921. 

1917-19: Can. A.M.C.; Pte. & Can. M.G.C.; 
L/Cpl.; France, Siberia. 1922- : Practice of 
Law; Winnipeg 1922-30, Toronto since 1930. 

m. 1925. Miriam Thompson Armstrong. 
Three d. 

81 Maclennan Ave., Toronto, Ont. 

Saskatchewan), b. 23 Apr. 1893. Regina Coll. 
& Univ. of Saskatchewan. B.A. Univ. of 
Toronto. M,B. 191 6-1 8: Can. Field Ambulance; 
France; Sgt. 

Magdalen 1922 (Mich. Term). Resigned 

House Surgeon appts., Oxford & London, 
Engl. F.R.C.S.(Edinb.)1925. 1926-39: Clinical 
teacher, Dept. of Surgery, Univ. of Toronto, 
Fac. of Medicine; Surgeon, Toronto Gen. Hosp. 
1939-41: R.C.A.M.C., 15th Gen. Hosp.; Lt.- 
Col. 1941-5 : Con. Surgeon to C.A.O. ; Brigadier. 
Hon. F.R.C.S. (Engl.) 1943. O.B.E. 1945. 
Legion of Merit 1946. 1946- : Dean of the 
Fac. of Medicine, Univ. of Toronto. Director of 
Surgery, Sunnybrook Hosp., Dept. of Veterans* 

m. 1926. One s. 

Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, 
Toronto, Ont. 

(Prince Edward Island), b. 24 May 1892. 
St. Peter's Sch., P.E.I., & King's Coll., Windsor, 
N.S. B.A. & M.A. 1916-19: Can. Army Pay 
Corps ; Capt. & Paymaster. 

Christ Church 1919-22. Hist. 2nd Cl. & 
Dipl. Theol. w. Distn. B.A. 1921. Ordained 
1920. B.D. & D.D. 1945. 

1922-7: Rector, St. Alban's Church, Wood- 
side, N.S. 1927-9: Grad. Student, Columbia 
Univ. & General Theol. Seminary, N.Y.C., 
U.S.A. 1930- : General Theol. Seminary, 
N.Y.C., Prof, of Old Testament Lit. and 
Interpn. since 1940. S.T.M. 1932, D.Th. 1935 
(General Theol. Sem.). D.D. (Hon.) King's 
Coll., Halifax, N.S., 1939. D.C.L. (Hon.) 
Bishop's Univ., Lennoxville, Quebec, 1947. 

m. 1918. Jessie Catherine Matheson Kemp. 

Publ.: 'The Old Testament' in Liberal Catholi- 
cism and the Modern World, ed. Frank Gavin, 1 934. 

(In collab.) How God Prepared for the Coming of 
Jesus, 1944. Revelation and Response in the Old 
Testament, 1947. Jeremiah, The Prophet of 'My 
People', 1947. The Early Traditions of Israel. 
6 Chelsea Square, New York 11, 2V, Y., U.S.A. 

(Nova Scotia), b. 16 Oct. 1893. Halifax County 
Acad, & King's Coll , Windsor, N.S. B.A. & 
M. A. 1916-19: Can. Inf. ; France ; Lt. Chevalier, 
Order of Leopold (Belgian). 

Christ Church 1919-22. Hist. (Shortened) & 
Dipl. Theol. B.A. 1921. M.A. 1925. Ordained 

1922-5: Curate, Leeds Parish Church, Engl. 
1925-30: Curate, Christ Church Cathedral, 
Montreal. 1931-46: Vicar, Morley, nr. Leeds, 
Engl. 1946- : Vicar, Pembury, Kent, Engl. 

m. 1924. Lillias Eihdh Campbell. One s. 

Pembury Vicarage, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, 


BAXTER, J. H. (Queensland), b. 13 Mar. 
1894. Nudgee Coll., Queensland. 

Accepted by Magdalen. Did not take up 

Died, in Australia, after a long illness, 1921. 

18 Jan. 1894. Hutchins Sch. & Univ. of Tas- 
mania. B.Sc. 1922. 1914-19: Austr. Inf.; 

Magdalen 1919 (Hil. Term)-1921. Engineer- 
ing 3rd Cl. B.A. 1921. 

1923-5: Asst. Engineer, Armstrong- Whit- 
worth Co., N.S.W. 1925- : Country Roads 
Bd. of Vic.; Divisional Engineer since 1943. 

m. 1924. Bispham Coles Propsting. Three d. 

Country Roads Board, Exhibition Bldgs., 
Carlton N. 3, Melbourne, Vic. 

CALDWELL, WILLIAM (Western Australia). 

b. 26 Feb. 1892. Scotch Coll., Claremont, W.A., 
& Univ. of W.A. B.A. 1915-19: Austr. Inf.; 
Egypt, France; Capt. 

Balhol 1919 (Hil. Term)-1921 (Trin. Term). 
Lit. Hum. (Shortened) w. Distn. B.A. 1920. 
M.A. 1937. 

1919-39 & 1946- : I.L.O., Geneva. 1940-5: 
Asst. Mil. Secy., Army H.Q., Melbourne, & 
Allied Land Forces H.Q., Austr.; Lt.-Col. 

m. 1924. Berthe Rose Peccoud. Ones. One<i. 

cjo International Labour Office, Geneva, 

tralia), b. 12 Mar. 1896. Prince Alfred Coll., 
Adelaide, & Univ. of Adelaide. 

Balliol 1916-18 & 1919 (Trin. Term), B.A. & 
B.M., B.Ch. 1921. Theodore Williams Scholp. 
(Pathol.) 1919. Burney Yeo Scholp., King's 
Coll., London, Engl., 1918. 

1918: Surgeon Probationer, R.N. V.R. 1919- 
22: King's Coll. Hosp., London. 1923- : Med. 
Practice, Twickenham. Hon. M.O., St. John's 
Hosp., Twickenham. 

m. 1923. Kathleen Doris Harding. 

2 Walpoh Gardens, Twickenham, Middx., 

Wales), b. 17 Oct. 1894, Sydney Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Sydney. B.Sc. 1915-19: Austr. Inf.; 
Egypt, France; Lt. M.C. D. 

New Coll. 1919 (Hil. Term)~1920 (Mich. 
Term). Maths. 1st CL B.A. 192L M.A. 1925. 
Rowed for Oxford, 2nd Crew, Henley, 1919. 
O.U.B.C. Trial Eights 1919. 



[Australia, cont.} 

1921- ; Schoolmaster: Asst. Master, Geelong 
Gr. Sch,, Vic,, 1921-3; Headmaster, Sydney 
Ch. of England Gr. School, N. Sydney, since 

m. 1920, Marjorie Guelph Grindrod. One s. 
Sydney Church of England Grammar School. 
N. Sydney, N.S.W. 

b, 11 Feb. 1896. Scotch Coll., Melbourne, & 
Univ. of Melbourne. 1915-19: Austr. Inf.; 
Egypt, France; Lt. 

Balliol 1919-22. Hist. (Shortened) w. Distn. 
B.A. 1920. B.Litt (Econ) 1922. M.A. 1925. 

1922-6: Brit. Sulphate of Ammonia Fedn., 
Ltd. (Asst. to Gen. Man.). 1927-9: Nitram Ltd. 
(Secy, & Asst. Sales Man.). 1929-48:. w. 
Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. Retired 

m. 1929. Margaret Isobel Birkenhead. One d. 

5 Kensington Court Gardens, London, W. 8, 


HUDSON, ATHOL. b. 5 Mar. 1894. Victoria 
Coll., Wellington. B.A. 1915-16: N.Z.R.B.; 
France; Lt. 

Accepted by Balliol. Did not come into 

Killed in action July 1916. 


BROEKSMA, A. H. (Boys' High School, 
Stellenbosch). b. 8 June 1895. 
Did not take up Scholp. 

GEE, ABRAHAM HENRY (South African College 
School), b. 11 Mar. 1895. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & 
S. Afr. Ooll. B.A.,LL.B. 1922. 1914-17: C.P. 
Rifles & S. Afr. Horse; G,S.W. Afr. & E. Afr.; 
Tpr, Discharged medically unfit 1917. 

University 1919-21. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1920. B.CJL, 2nd Cl. & M.A. 1924. 

1922- : Practice of Law, Cape Town. 1940-6: 
Acting Secy., since 1946 Secy,, Rhodes Scholar- 
ships in S. Afr, 

m. 1925. Josephine Clara Tatham. Three d. 
Permanent Bldgs., Darling St., Cape Town. 

JANSEN, A. E. M. (St. Andrew's College, 
Grahamstown). St. Andrew's Coll., Grahams- 
town. 1916-18: R.F.C. & R.A.F.; E. Afr.; Lt. 
Accepted by Trinity. Did not take up Scholp. 

28 Aug. 1893. Pietermaritzburg Coll. & Natal 
Univ. Coll. B.A. 1916-17: S. Afr. Horse; E. 
Afr.; Tpr. Discharged medically unfit Apr. 

New Coll. 1917-19. Read Medicine. B.A. & 
B.M,, B.Ch. 1922. D.M. 1935. 

1919-23: King's Coll. Hosp., London, Engl. 
D.P.H. 1923. 1924-37: Pathologist. 1924-32: 
Labs, of Pathol. & Publ. Health, Harley St., 
London; Pathologist to King Edward Mem. 
Hosp., Baling, & Con. Pathologist to Wembley 
Hosp., 1928-32. 1932-7: Pathologist, Mill Rd. 
& Smithdown Rd. Infirmaries and Alder Hey 
Orthopaedic Hosp., Liverpool. 

m. 1924. Muriel Mimie Harris. 

Died 23 Jan. 1937. 

PALMER, CECIL RICHARD (Diocesan College, 
Rondebosch). b. 8 Nov. 1896. Dioc. Coll., 
Rondebosch, & S. Afr. Coll., Cape Town. 
1916-19: London Regt. & R.A.F.; France; Lt, 
M.C. & Bar. 

Oriel 1919-22. Jurispr. (Shortened). B.A. 

1924-8 & 1937- : Practice of Law: Johannes- 
burg 1937-9; Cape Town 1924-8 & since 1940. 
1928-30: Asst. Sports Editor, Cape Times, 

I Glebe Road, Rondebosch, C.P. 


STANHOPE, NORMAN, b. 4 Oct. 1896. St. 
George's Sch., Bulawayo, & S. Afr. Coll., Cape 
Town. 1915-18: S. Rhod, Column; E. Afr.; 

Wadham 1919-22. Chem. Part I 1922. 

1922-30. Works Chemist & Public Analyst; 
Analyst & Assayer to Govt. of S. Rhod. at Salis- 
bury. 1 93 0-47 : Analyst and Consulting Chemist. 
1947- : Consulting Chemical Engineer & 
Metallurgist (w. Combined Holdings, Ltd., East 
London, since 1948). 1936-9: Proprietor, 
Rhodesian Bullion Co. 

m. 1924. Cecilia Goldberg. One d. 

76 Chamberlain Rd., Vincmt, East London, 

TREDGOLD, J. C. b. 21 July 1895. High 
Schs., Salisbury, Rhod., Rondebosch, C.P. 
S. Afr. Coll., Cape Town. 1914-17: S. Afr. 
Inf. ; G.S.W. Afr. & R. Scots; France; Lt. M.C. 

Accepted by Magdalen. Did not come into 

Killed in action 12 Apr. 1917. 


GODET, L. DE G. b. 10 Dec. 1896. Saltus Gr. 
Sch. Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., England. 1916- 
18: R.F.C. & R.F.A.; France; Lt. 

Accepted by St. John's. Did not come into 

Killed in action 1 June 1918, 


MILHOLLAND, F. R. b. 1 Jan. 1896. Oundle 
Sch., England. 1914-18: Yorks. Regt. ; France, 
Belgium; Capt. 

Accepted by Balliol. Did not come into 

Died of wounds 26 Feb. 1918. 


1892. Method. Coll., Nfd., & Mt. Allison Univ., 
N.B. B.A. 1916-17: R. Nfd. Regt ; France; 
Sgt. Invalided for wounds, Aug. 1917. 

University 1918-21. Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 
3rd CL & Dipl. Econ. B.A. (War) 1920. 

1923- : Stipendiary Magistrate, Nfd. (at 
Grand Falls since 1941). 

m. 1925. Lucy Maude White. Four ch. 

Grand Falls, Nfd. 




In this year there were no elections from 
Ontario or Saskatchewan. 

(Prince Edward Island), b. 7 July 1895. 
Summerside Sch. & Prince of Wales Coll., 
P.E.I. Dalhousie Univ. B.A. & M.A. LL,D. 
1938. 1918: Can. G.A.; Gnr. 

Corpus Christi 1919-21. Lit.Hum. 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1922. M.A. 1926. 

1923-7: In Law Offices & studying Law, 
P.E.I. 1925-6: Reading Law, Oxford. 1927- : 
Practice of Law, P.E.I. 1930 & 1935-43: Att.- 
Gen. & Member of Executive Council, P.E.I. 
1930-43: Secy.-Treas., P.E.I. Mutual Fire 
Insce. Co. 193143: Member of Legislative 
Assembly, P.E.I, (in opposition 1931-5). 1936- 
43: Premier, Provincial Secy. & Prov. Treas., 
P.E.I. 1943: Minister of Public Works. 1943- : 
Chief Justice of P.E.I. 

m. 1930. Cecilia Lillian Bradshaw. Two s. 

Charlottetown, P.E.L 

wick), b. 3 Oct. 1895. Sackville High Sch. & 
Mt. Allison Acad., N.B. Mt. Allison Univ. 
B.A. & M.A. 1916-19: Can. Siege Bty.; France, 
Belgium: Gnr. Also Can. Res. Arty.; Lt. 

Exeter 1919-22. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. 
M.A. 1927. 

1922-6: Teaching Physiol., Univ. of Perm. 
Med. Sch.; Women's Med. Coll., Perm.; & 
Univ. of Texas Med. Sch., U.S.A. 1926-39: 
Prof, of Pharmacol., Univ. of Texas Med. Sch., 

m. 1926. Margaret Bishop. One s. 

Died 19 Sept. 1939. 

DYDE, HENRY ALEXANDER (Alberta), b. 29 June 
1896. Strathcona Collegiate Inst.. Edmonton, 
Univ. of Alberta. B.A. LL.B. 1922. 1915- 
19: Can. Inf.; France, Belgium; Capt. M.C. & 

University 1919-22. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.C.L. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1921. 

1923-39 and 1945-: Practice of Law, Edmon- 
ton. Sessional Lect. in Law, Univ. of Alberta. 
K.C. 1939-44: Mil. Secy., Dept. of National 
Defence, Ottawa, & Secy., Defence Council; 
Col. O.B.E. 1945. 

The Royal Bank of Canada Chambers, 
Edmonton, Alta. 

KURD, WILLIAM BURTON (Manitoba), b. 
14 Mar. 1894. Harbord Collegiate Inst,, Toronto 
& Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. 1915-19: Can. 
Y.M.C.A.; France, Belgium; Adjt. Khaki Univ., 
France 1918-19. D. O.B.E. (Mil.). 

Queen's 1919-21. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1921. 
M.A. 1925. 

1921-35: Prof, of Econ , Brandon Coll., Man.; 
Dean of Arts 1929-3 5. 1935- : McMasterUmv., 
Prof, of Econ. 1935; Assoc. Dean of Arts 1939- 
46; Hd. of Dept. of Pol. Econ. 1947. F.R.S.C. 

m. 1925. Ruth Winifred Winkler. One s. 

Publ. : Origin, Birthplace, Nationality &? Lan- 
guage of the Canadian People^ 1929. Agriculture, 
Climate & Population of the Prairie Provinces of 
Canada, 1931. Racial Origins & Nativity of the 
Canadian People^ 1937. 

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont. 

LETT, SHERWOOD (British Columbia), b. 
1 Aug. 1 895. High Schools, Pembroke, & Smith's 
Fall, Ont. McGill Univ. Coll., B.C., & Univ. of 
B.C. B.A. 1915-19: Can. Inf.; France, Bel- 
gium; Capt. M.C, 

Trinity 1919-22. Jurispr. (Shortened). B.A. 

1921. Lacrosse y. Camb. 1921-2. 

1922- : Practice of Law, Vancouver. Lt.-Col. 
commanding Irish Fus. in Canada 1933-6. 
1940-2: 6th & 4th Can. Inf. Bdes.; Brigadier. 
D.S.O. D. 1943: Dep. Chief Gen. Staff, Nat. 
Defence H.Q., Ottawa. 1944: Invalided out, 
with rank of Brigadier. E.D. C.B.E. 1946. 
Hon. LL.D. (Umv. of B.C.) 1945. Hon. Col. 
Commandant for Can., R. Can. Corps of Inf.. 

m. 1928. Evelyn S, Story. Two d. 

1728 West 40th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. 

Scotia), b. 13 July 1895. Amherst Acad. & 
Dalhousie Univ. B.A. Also Univ. of Manitoba 
& McGill Univ. 

New Coll. 1919-22. Physics 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1922. M.A. 1930. 

1922- : Prof, of Physics, Mt. Allison Univ. 
m. 1925. Frances Oxley Fairbanks. One s. 
Three d. 
Mt. Allison Univ., Sackville, N.B. 

SCOTT, ELTON (The Rev.) (Quebec), b. 

28 Nov. 1893. High Sch. of Quebec & Bishop's 
Coll., Lennoxville. B.A. 1916-18: Can. Siege 
Arty.; France, Belgium; Lt. 

Magdalen 1919-22. Theol.SrdCl. B.A. 1922. 
M.A. 1925. 

1922-3: St. Stephen's House, Oxford. 
Ordained 1923. 1923-5: Curate, St. Mary's Ch., 
Somerstown, London, Engl, 1925-6: Curate, 
St. John's Ch., Montreal. 1926-36: Rector, 
St. Columba's Ch., Montreal. 1936- : Prof, of 
Pastoral Theol. & Warden of Divinity House, 
Bishop's Univ. 

m. 1932. Grace Parrock. Two s. 

Bishop's University, Lennoxville, P.Q. 


In this year there was no election from 
New South Wales. 

Australia), b. 26 June 1896. Adelaide High 
Sch. & Univ. of Adelaide. M.B., B.S. Hon. 
M.D. 1948. 1915-16 & 1917-18: Austr.A.M.C.; 
Dardanelles, France; Capt. 

Balhol 1919-21. Read Medicine & Surgery. 
M.A., D.M. Rowing v. Camb. 1920. F.R.C.S. 

1921-37: The London Hosp., Engl.; Surg. 
i/c Neurosurgical Dept. 1933-7. Hunterian 
Prof., Royal Coll. of Surgeons 1926. Asst. Res. 
Surgeon, Peter Bent Brigham Hosp., Boston, 
U.S. A. (Rockefeller Fellowship) 1926-7. Trien- 
nial Gold Medal, W. London Medioo-Chirur- 
gical Socy., 1935. 1937- : Nuffield Prof, of 
Surgery, Oxford. Consultant Adv. to Min. of 
Health 1939-40. 1940- : Consulting Neuro- 
surgeon to Brit. Army; Brigadier. K.B.E. (Mil.) 
1946. Member, Council of R. Coll. of Surgeons 
since 1942. Pres., Neurological Sec., R. Socy. 
of Med., 1943. Pres., Assocn. of Surgeons of 
G.B, & Ireland, 1946. Pres., Socy. of Brit. 
Neurological Surgeons, 1946. Arthur Sims 



[Australia, cont>"\ 

Commonwealth Trav. Prof. 1947. Hon. 
F.R.A.C S., Hon. Fellow, Surgical Socy. of 
Greece, 1948. Corr. or Hon. Member, numer- 
ous foreign Med. Societies, &c. 

m. 1921. Barbara Forster Smith. Two s. 
Two d. 

Various publications on the surgery of the 
central nervous system. 

29 Ckarlbury Rd., Oxford, England. 

DUNBAR, GORDON ALLAN (Queensland). b. 
26 Feb. 1895. Maryborough Gr. Sch. & Univ. 
of Queensland. 1915-19: Austr. Inf.; Egypt, 
France; Capt. M.C. Croix de Guerre (Bel- 
gian). D. 

Merton 1919-21. Jurispr. (Shortened) w. 

1922- : Business: Sydney, N.S.W. 1922; 
London, EngL, since 1932. 

cjo Messrs. J. C. Eno Ltd., 160 Piccadilly, 
London W* 1, England. 

b. 29 Sept. 1892. Scotch Coll., Melbourne, & 
Umv. of Melbourne. B.A. & M.A. 1915-19: 
A.L.H.; Egypt, Sinai, Palestine; W.O. I. D. 

Balliol 1919-22. B.Litt. (Philos.) 1921. Dipl. 
Educ 1922. Relays v. Camb. 1921. 

1923-4: Senr. Hist. Master, Scotch Coll., 
Melbourne, & Univ. Extension Lect., Mel- 
bourne. 1925-30: Principal, Scots Coll., War- 
wick, Queensland. 1916: John Thompson Lect., 
Univ. of Queensland. 1931-46: Principal, 
Brisbane Boys" High Sch., Queensland. Retired 
1946. 1947- : Executive Officer, Austr.-Amen- 
can Assocn., Victoria & Federal Secy, to the 
Movement in Austr. Federal Vice-Pres., U.N. 
Assoc, of Austr., since 1947. 

m. 1923. Dulcie Seymour Shepherd. One s. 
One d. 

PubL: Our Australian Heritage, 1931. Aus- 
tralia and the United Nations, 1947. 

Australian-American Assocn., 405 Collins St., 
Melbourne C. 1, Vic. 

tralia), b. 24 Sept. 1896. Guildford Gr. Sch., 
& Perth Univ., W.A. 1918: Gordon High- 
landers; 2nd Lt. 

Worcester 1919-21. Read Nat. Sci. 

1922- : Business (Textiles), Engl.; Director 
& Export Manager. 1941-5: The King's Regt.; 

m. 1925. Dorothy Lorraine Priestley. 

Lyndale, Westminster Rd., Eccles, Lanes., 

PAYNE, ALAN FIELD (Tasmania). 6. 12 Jan. 
1896. Friends' High Sch. & Hutchins' Sch., 
Hobart. Umv. of Tasmania. 1916-19: Austr. 
Inf. & A.F.C.; Egypt, France; Lt. 

Magdalen 1919-21. Engineering 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1921. 

1 921-5 : Engr. ; Sudan Govt. Rlys. & Steamers, 
Atbara, 1921-3; Melbourne & Metropolitan Bd. 
of Works 1923-5. 

Died 8 Apr. 1925. 


1895. Wanganui Collegiate Sch. & Victoria 
Coll., Wellington, N.Z. LL.B. 1914-18: N.Z. 
Mounted Rifles; Samoa, France, Palestine; Lt. 

New Coll. 1919-21. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1921. 
Boxing v. Camb. 1920. 

1922- : Practice of Law, Hamilton, N.Z. 

m. 1923. Jessie Irene McCallum Sievwright. 
Three ch. 

cfo A. B. Sievwright, Esq., Wellington C. 1, 

PONDER, ARTHUR OSBORNE. b. 8 Jan. 1894. 
Boys' High Sch. & Canterbury Coll., Christ- 
church, N.Z. B.A. 1915-19: N.Z. Inf.; Egypt, 
France, Belgium; Lt. M.C. D. 

Balliol 1919-22. Chem. (Shortened) w. Distn. 
B.A. 1921. 

1922- : w. The Dominion Tar & Chemical 
Co. Ltd., Montreal; Pres. since 1946. 

m. 1924. Sarah Symonds Cameron. Two s. 
Two d. 

2240 Sun Life Bldg., Montreal, P.Q. 


CLARK, JOHN BUCHANAN (South African Col- 
lege School), b. 7 May 1897. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. 
& S. Afr. Coll. M.A. 1917-19: R.A.S.C.; 
France; Lt. 

Balliol 1919-22. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1922. 
M.A. 1948. 

1923-4: Teaching, Potchefstroom Coll., 
Transvaal. 1924-5: Lect., Univ. of the Wit- 
watersrand. 1925-48: Inspector of Schools; 
then Director of Europ. Educ., N. Rhodesia. 
Chmn., Europ. Civil Servants' Assocn. of N. 
Rhod., 1931. A/Director of Native Educ. 
1935-6. King's Jubilee Medal 193 5. Coronation 
Medal 1937. Nominated Member of the Legisla- 
tive Council, N. Rhod., with brief intervals since 
1930. 1947: Chmn.; Europ. Educ. Advisory 
Bd.; Educ. Assist. Commee.; Commee. dealing 
with Educ. Assist, to Ex-Service Personnel; 
Beit (Rhodesia) Bequest Commee. of N. Rhod. 
Also Member of various Educational Bodies. 
1949- : Dean of the Men's Residence, Umv. of 
Cape Town. 

m. 1924. Edith Joyce Thomson. Two d. 

Men's Residence, Univ. of Cape Town, Ronde- 
bosch, C.P. 

lege, Rondebosch). b. 20 May 1898. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch, & S. Afr. Coll. 1917-19: 
Lanes. Fus. & T.M.B.; France; 2nd Lt. 

University 1920-3. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.C.L. 
3rd Cl. B.A. & B.C.L. 1923. 

1923- : Practice of Law; Cape Town 1923-9 
& since 1932; Durban 1929-32. 

m. 1932. Daphne Offord. Two 5. 

P.O. Box SO, Cape Town. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 9 May 1898. St. 
Andrew's Coll.. Grahamstown, & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll. 1917-18: R.A.F.; France; Lt. 

Trinity 1919-22. Engineering 4th Cl. B.A. & 
M.A. 1926. 

1923-36: Engr., S. Afr. Rlys. A.M.LC.E. 

m. 1929. Constance Ormsby. Two s. 

Died 26 Nov. 1936. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 25 Apr. 1897. Boys' 
High Sch. & Victoria Coll., Stellenbosch. B.A. 
1917-18: R.A.F.:France; 2nd Lt. 

Accepted by Trinity. Did not come into 

Killed in action Apr. 1918. 

25 Sept. 1897. Michaelhouse Sch. & Natal Univ. 
Coll. B.A. 1916-19: S.A.H., G.E. Afr. & 
R.F.C.; Persia, Mesopot., Russia; A/Capt. 
A.F.C. D. 

Trinity 1919-22. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.C.L. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1921. B.C.L. & M.A. 1926. 

1923-5: Practice of Law, Natal. 1925- : 
Teaching, Michaelhouse Sch.; Housemaster 
1928-43; Senr. Master since 1931; A/Head- 
master, various dates. 1931 : Teaching, Welling- 


1917, 1918 

[South Africa, cont.} 

ton Coll., Berks., Engl. F.E.S. 1931. 1941-5: 

N.R.V., Capt. 

m. 1923. Ruth Francina Emma Frampton. 
Two s. One d. 

Michaelhouse, Balgowan, Natal. 


b. 7 Oct. 1897. Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch; Milton 
Sen., Bulawayo, & S. Afr. Coll. 1918: Artists' 
Rifles O.T.C. 

Christ Church 1919-21. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1921. M.A. 1926. 

1922-3: Cuddesdon Theol. Coll. Ordained 
1923. 1923-6: A/ Curate, Kidderminster, Engl. 
1926-30: A/Priest, Ch. of St. John the Baptist, 
Bulawayo. 1930-7: Priest in Charge, Plumtree 
& Francistown, S. Rhod. 1937-43: Rector, 
St. George's Ch., Groot Drakenstein, C.P. 
1943-8: Rector, Nigel, Transvaal. 1948- : 
Chaplain, Rhodesia Fairbridge Mem. Coll., 
Induna, nr, Bulawayo. 

m. 1932. Kathleen Hazelhurst. One s. Onerf. 

Fairbridge Memorial College, Private Bag 
T. 200, Bulawayo, S. Rhodesia. 

19 Apr. 1898. St. Andrew's Prep. Sch., 
Grahamstown, & Bhmdell's Sch., Tiverton, 
Devon, Engl. 1916-19: R.F.C. & R.A.F.; 
France; Lt. 

Queen's 1919-22. Forestry. B.A. 1921. 
Shooting v. Camb. 1921-2. 

1922-44: Asst. Conservator of Forests. Nyasa- 
land; Retired 1944. 1945-6: Welfare Officer, 
Swaziland Admin. 

m. 1925. Gertrude Eugene Owen. 

Msitu, Headway, Berkhamsted, Herts., Eng- 


1898. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & McGill 

Univ., Montreal. 1916-19: Can. Siege Arty.; 
C.E. (Signals); France, Belgium; Lt. M.S.M. 

University 1919-22. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1921. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1922. 

1922-3: Practice of Law, Bermuda. 1923- : 
Manager, Bank of N. T. Butterfield & Son, Ltd. 
Member of Colonial Parliament 1938 & 1946. 
Attended Empire Parly. Conf., Ottawa, as repre- 
senting House of Assembly, 1943. Chmn., 
various Govt. Bds. since 1923. Controller 
A.R.P., Bermuda, 1943, & Chmn., War-time 
Supplies Commn,, 1945. Member, H.M. Exec. 
Council of Bermuda, 1948. Chmn., Bermuda 
Bd. of Health, 1948. 

m. 1925. Florence Blair Heywood. Three s. 

Halcyon, Pembroke, Bermuda. 


Jamaica Coll., Jamaica. 1916-18: R.G.A.; 
Italy, Gnr. 

Oriel 1919-22. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1921. 
Dipl. Educ. 1922. 

1922-44: Schools Inspector (Examnr. 1934). 
1944- : Asst. Director of Educ., Jamaica; 
A/Dep. Director since 1948. 

m. 1929. Minna Isabel Horn. 

c\o Education Office, Kingston, Jamaica. 


KNIGHT, HAROLD STEPHEN. 5. 2 Feb. 1897. 
St. Bonaventure's Coll., Nfd., & Dalhousie 
Univ. 1916-19: R. Nfd. Regt.; France, Bel- 
gium; Lt. 

University 1919-22. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.C.L. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1921. M.A. & B.C.L. 1925. 

1922- : Practice of Law, Nfd. K.C. 1944. 
Bencher, Law Socy. of Nfd. since 1940. Gov. of 
Memorial Univ. Coll., St. John's, since 1940. 

m. 1924. Mildred Isobel Coen. 

20 King's Bridge Rd., St. John's, Nfd. 



In this year there was no election from 
Prince Edward Island. 

CLARK, CABLE BOVILLE (Saskatchewan), b. 

21 July 1896. Boys' High Sch., Quebec, & 
Univ. of Sask. B.A. 1915-19: Can. Inf. & 
R.A.F.; France, Belgium; Lt. 

Merton 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922. B.C.L. 2nd 
Cl. 1921. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1921-2. 

1922-9: Practice of Law, Ont. 1927- : 
Toronto Gen. Trusts Corpn.; Secy.; Montreal 
1927-9; Manager, Calgary, 1929-46; Manager, 
Edmonton, since 1946. 

m, 1929. Mary Todd Low. 

10122, 100A. Street, Edmonton, Aha. 

wick), b. 5 Sept. 1895. Gagetown Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of N.B. B.A. & M.A. 1917-19: Can. 
G.A.; France, Belgium; Gnr. 

University 1919-22. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1921. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1922. 


[Canada, cont.] 

1922- : Practice of Law, Saint John. Regis- 
trar, Law Fac., Univ. of N.B., since 1923. K.C. 
1943. 1940-4: R.C.A., C.A.O ; Engl.; Lt.-Col. 

m. 1927. Florence May Warwick. One s. 
One d. 

7 Duncraggan Court, Samtjohn, N.B. 

HARVEY, ALAN BURNSIDE (Alberta), "b. 22 Apr. 
1899. Edmonton High Sen. & Univ. of Alberta. 
B.A. 1918.-R.A.F.; Cadet. 

Balliol 1920-3. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.C.L. 2nd 
CL B.A. 1922. M.A. 1927. Called to the Bar, 
Engl., 1923. 

1923-36: Practice of Law; Toronto 1923-4; 
Edmonton 1925-36. Asst. Crown Prosecutor 
1925-7. Estates Officer, The Premier Trust Co., 
Toronto, 1937. 1937-41: Writing for Legal 
Publishers. 1942- : Ed. The Ontario Reports, 
Toronto, & The Ontario Weekly News (of the 
Law Socy. of Upper Canada). K.C. (Alta.) 1944. 

m. (1) 1930. Katherme Jeanne Evans (d. 1935). 
One d. (2) 1943 Kathleen Eva McMahon. 

PubL: Ed. 5th ed. of Tremeear's Annotated 
Criminal Code of Canada, 1 944 (Annual Supple- 
ments, 1946, 1947, 1948). 

The University Club of Toronto, Toronto 2, Ont. 

(Quebec), b. 13 Sept. 1896. Montreal High 
Sch. & McGill Univ. B.A. 1916-18 Can. G.A. ; 
France; Cpl. 

New Coll. 1919-22. Hist. (Shortened) w. 
Distn. B.A. 1921. M.A 1926. 

1922-3: Teaching, Hotchkiss Sch., Conn., 
U.S.A., & 1923-9: Lower Canada Coll., Mon- 
treal, 1926-33: Asst. Secy, to Rhodes Scholar- 
ships in Canada. 1929-35: Asst. Prof, of Hist., 
McGill Univ. 1 935-42 : Principal , Upper Canada 
Coll., Toronto. 1942-4. Army Examnr., C.A., 
Can., & 1944-5: Civil Affairs, Staff Coll , 
R.M.C.; Lt.-Col. 1945- : Dept. of External 
Affairs, Ottawa. 

m. 1924. Leila Elizabeth Savage. One s. 
Two d. 

PubL: Recovery by Control: a Solution for 
Canada, 1933. 

Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 

bia), b. 3 Sept. 1898. Niagara Falls Collegiate 
Inst., McGill Univ. Coll. of B.C. & Univ. of 
B.C. B.A. & M.A. 1917-19: Chemist, Imper. 
Min. of Munitions. 

Brasenose 1920-3. B.Sc. (Chem.) 1923. La- 
crosse v. Camb. 1921. 

1923-5: Student & Fellow, Nat, Research 
Council of Canada, McGill Univ. Ph.D. 1925. 
1925-6: Lect. in Chem., Univ. of W. Ont. 
1926-9: Prof, of Chem. & Physics, Memorial 
Umv, Coll., St. John's, Nfd. 1929-30: Chemist, 
Fisheries Exp. Station, Halifax, N.S., & Assoc. 
Prof, of Chem., Dalhousie Univ. 1930- : Dept. 
of Chem., McGill Univ. (Assoc. Prof, since 

m. (I) 1926. Marjorie Hamilton Fallows 
(d. 1941). One s. One d. (2) 1944. Elizabeth 
McGrath Conroy. 

31 Holton Ave., Westmount, P.Q. 


b. 25 July 1894. Amherst High Sch., N.S., & 
Acadia Univ. B.A. 1915-17: C.M.R.; Tpr.: 
Can, Inf.; France; Lt 

University 1919-22. Hist. (Shortened) w. 
Distn. Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. B.A, & B.Litt. 
(Hist.) 192L B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1922. M.A. 1926. 

1922-6: Prof, of Hist, Acadia Uruv., N.S. 
1923 : Admitted to Bar of Nova Scotia. 1926-9 : 
Secy, to Prime Minister of Canada. 1929-35: 
Assoc. Prof, of Pol. Sci., Queen's Univ., 

Kingston, Ont. M.P. (Kingston) 1935. Minister 
of Labour 1935. Minister of Defence 1939. 

m. 1924. Mary Prances Parker Kenstead. 

Killed in aeroplane accident 10 June 1940. 

b. 27 July 1894. Petrolea High Sch & Umv. of 
Manitoba. B.A. 1916-19: Can. Inf. & London 
Regt.; France; Capt. 

Queen's 1920 (Hil.Term)-1921 (Mich. Term). 
Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1921. 

1922-39: Practice of Law & Lect., Manitoba 
Law Sch., Winnipeg. LL.B. (Man.) 1923. K.C. 
1942. Dean, Manitoba Law Sch. 1939-44: 
C.O.T.C.; Major. 1944-5. C.I.C. (Civil Affairs 
Branch), Engl.; Lt.-Col. 1945- : Dean, 
Manitoba Law Sch. & Secy., Law Socy. of 

m, 1921. Olive Bell Rae Cunningham. Two s. 

PubL: Ed., Manitoba Law Reports, since 1945. 

25 Evanston St., Winnipeg, Man. 

(Ontario), b. 24 June 1895. Kingston High 
Sch., Ont., & Queen's Univ., Kingston. B.A. 
1915-19: Can. Inf.; France; Capt. 

Oriel 1920-3. Hist. (Shortened) & Dipl. 
Theol. B.A. 1923. M.A. 1927. 

1923-4: General Theol. Seminary, N.Y., 
U.S.A. Ordained 1924. 1924-30: Asst., Trinity 
Mem. Ch., Montreal. 1930-7: Rector, St. 
Mark's Ch., London, Ont. B.D. (Huron Coll.) 
1932. Coronation Medal 1937. 193 7-40: Rector, 
St. John's Ch.. St. Thomas, Ont. 1940-5: 
Principal (Prot.) Chaplain, H.Q., 1st C.A.O. 
(NW. Europe); H/Col. D. E.D. O.B.E. 
1946-7: Prof, of Ch. Hist. & Philos. of Religion, 
Univ. of W. Ont. ; Dean of Residence, Huron 
Coll.; Hon. Canon, St. Paul's Cathedral. 1947- : 
Principal, Anglican Theol. Coll. of Brit. Colum- 
bia. Hon. D.D. (Umv. of W. Ont.) 1948. 

m. 1927. Elspeth Shortt. Two 5. One d. 

Principal's Residence, Anglican Theological 
College, Vancouver, B.C. 



3 Nov. 1898. Wesley Coll., Melbourne, & Umv. 
of Melbourne. 1918-19: Austr. F.A.; France; 

Corpus Christi 1920 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. 
Term). Hist. 2nd Cl. B.C.L. 1st CL B.A. 1922. 
M.A. 1927. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1924. 

1924-7: Vice-Master, Queen's Coll., Umv. of 
Melbourne. Prof, of Jurispr. 1928-30: of 
Public Law 1931-46, Univ. of Melbourne. Con- 
sultant, Commonwealth Att.-Gen.'s Dept., 
1943-6. Aliens Tribunal, Vic., 1941. Member 
of Austr. Deln. to Inst. of Pacific Relations, 
Hot Springs, U.S.A.; Brit. Commonwealth 
Relations Conf., Engl. (Chmn., Austr. Deln.); 
U.N. Commee. of Jurists, Washington, 1945; 
U.N. Gen. Assembly, Lond. & N.Y., 1945-6. 
Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Melbourne, 1946. 
Hon. Fellow, Corpus Christi Coll.. Oxford, 1947. 
1946- . Sol.-Gen. & Secy, of the Att.-Gen.'s 
Dept. of the Commonwealth of Australia. 

m. 1925. Editha Olga Yseult Donnison. 
Three s. 

PubL: Contrib. to: The Legal Status of Aliens 
tn Pacific Countries ('The Legal Position of 
Foreigners in Australia'), 1937; Cambridge His- 
tory of the British Empire ('Responsible Govern- 
ment in Australia 1860-1900'); Australia, United 
Nations Series (-'The Constitution and its 

c\o Attorney-General's Dept., Canberra. 

Wales), b. 3 May 1898. High Sch., Sydney, & 



[Australia, cont."\ 

Univ. of Sydney. 1916-18: Austr. M.G.C.; 

France, Lt. M.C. 

New Coll. 1920 (Hil.Term)-1923 (Hil.Term). 
Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1921. B.Litt 1923. 

1924-9: Member of Secretariat, League of 
Nations, Geneva. 1929- : Adviser to the Govs. 
(Dom. & Col. Questions), Bank of EngL, Lon- 
don. Member of Currency Bds. for E. Afr., 
W. Afr., Palestine, & Burma. C.M.G. 1947. 

m. 1925. Hilda Mary Ruegg. Two s. One d. 

Warren Row, nr. Reading, Berks., England. 

b. 8 May 1897. Friends' High Sch., Hobart, & 
Univ. of Tasmania. B.Sc. 1917-19: Austr. 
M.G.C.; France, Belgium; Pte. 

New Coll. 1920 (Hil. Term)-1921. Engineer- 
ing 1st CL B.A. 1921. M A. 1927. 

1921-7: Engr., EngL Electric Co., EngL, 
France, India 1928- : Dept. of Rlys., N.S.W.; 
Elec. Equipment Engr. since 1947. 

m. 1937. Patience Muir Munro. Two s. 

3 Oberon Crescent, Gordon, N.S.W. 

Australia), b. 8 Feb. 1896 Geelong Gr. Sch. 
& St. Peter's Coll , Adelaide. Univ. of Adelaide. 
M.B., B.S. M.S. 1923. 1915-16: A.A.M.C.; 
Galhpoli, Egypt; Pte. 

Balhol 1920 (Hil. Term)-1921. Read Medi- 
cine. M.R.C S. 1920. F.R.C.S. 1922. 

1922- : Med. Practice, Adelaide. Tutor, 
Surgery, Univ. of Adelaide. Asst. Hon. Sur- 

geon, Adelaide Hosp. & London Hosp., EngL, 
1929. 1930- : Assoc. Lect., Surgery, Univ. of 
Adelaide. Hon. Surgeon & Neurosurgeon, 

Royal Adelaide Hosp. Con. Neurosurgeon. 
Adelaide Children's Hosp. Jubilee Medal 1935. 
1940-1: A.A.M C., A.I.F.: O/C Surgical Div. 
2/2nd A.G.H.; Palestine, Egypt; Lt.-Col. D. 
1942-6: Con. Surgeon, Base Hosp., Adelaide. 

m. 1921. Jean Monteith Marten. Two s. 
One d. 

8 Prospect Rd., Fitzroy, Adelaide, S. Aus- 

land), b. 13 June 1897. Rockhampton & Bris- 
bane Boys' Gr. Sch. Univ. of Queensland. B.A. 
1917-19: Austr. Inf.; France, Belgium; Sgt, 

Merton 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. Term). 
Theol. 2nd CL 1922. 

1923-4: Teaching, C. of E. Gr. Sch., E. Bris- 
bane, & Vice- Warden, St. John's Coll.. Brisbane. 
W.E.A. Work, Univ. of Queensland, 1924. 
Farming & Politics. Admitted to the Bar of 
N.S.W. 1935. M.L.A., Queensland, 1944; 
re-elected 1947. 

m. 1932. Kathleen Clare. 

ToiOnsville, Queensland. 

tralia), b. 13 Nov. 1897. Gmldford Gr. Sch., 
W.A., & Univ. of W.A. B.A. 

Exeter 1920 (Hil. Term)~1922 (Mich. Term). 
Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1923. M.A. 1926. Called 
to the Bar, EngL, 1923. 

1924-42: Practice of Law, Boulder, W.A. 
Public Notary 1928. 1942-6: Austr. Army Legal 
Dept.; Chief Legal Officer, H.Q. Western Com- 
mand 1945-6; Major. 1946- : Practice of Law: 
Kalgoorlie, W.A., 1946; Perth, W.A., since 1947. 

m. 1929. Annie Doris Cridlon Wood. One s. 

37 St. George's Terrace, Perth, W. Australia. 


Masterton High Sch. & Victoria Univ. Coll., 
N.Z. M.A. 

Balliol 1920-3. P.P.E. 2nd CL B.A. 1923. 

1924-7: Tutor, W.E.A., S. Canterbury, N.Z. 
1928- : Librarian, Victoria Univ. Coll., Welling- 
ton, N.Z. Carnegie Fellowship for study of 
Libraries in America & EngL 1932-3. 

w.^1923. Edith Race Davies. One s. Two d. 

Victoria University College, Wellington, W. 1 9 


African College School), b. 22 Aug. 1897. 
S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & S. Afr. Coll. Univ. of Cape 
Town. B.A. & M.A. 

University 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. 
Term). Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A 1921. B.C.L. 
2nd CL 1922. 

1923-41 : Practice of Law, Cape Town. 

m. 1928. Freda Marie de Villiers. Two s. 

Died 30 Jan. 1941. 

BLAIKIE, KENNETH GUY (Natal), . 8 May 
1897. Pietermaritzburg Coll. Sch. & Natal Univ. 
Coll. B.A. 1914-15: 4th Mtd. Rifles; G.S.W. 
Afr.; Tpr. 1917-19: R.F.A.; France, Lt. 
1919-20: Royal Coll. of Sci., London, EngL 

St. John's 1920-4. D.Phil. (Chem.) 1924. 
Hockey & Cricket v. Camb, 1924. 

1924- : Research Chemist, Shawinigan 
Chemicals, Ltd., Canada; Director, Research 
Labs., 1945. 1940-4: RC.A.; EngL; G.S.O. 2 
(C.W.) 1st Can. Corps, C.A.O.; Major. 

m. 1932. Mary Petrie Black. One s. One d. 

99 Maple Ave., Shawinigan Falls, P.Q., 

BRADLEY, FRANK IVOR (Kimberley). b. 
28 Jan. 1899. Christian Bros. Coll., Kimberley, 
& Transvaal Univ. Coll , Pretoria. 1917-19: 
R.A.F., 2nd Lt ; R.N.A.F.; Flight Sub-Lt. 

Brasenose 1920 (Tnn. Term)~1923 (Mich. 
Term). Geol. 4th CL B.A. 1923. Called to the 
Bar, EngL, 1924. 

1924- : Practice of Law, S. Afr. War Service: 

cjo Capt. K. J. Waddell, 8 Compston Rd., 
Greenside Extension, Johannesburg, 

DE SMIDT, HENRY ERIC (Diocesan College, 
Rondebosch). 6. 25 Feb. 1900. Dioc. Coll., 
Rondebosch, & S. Afr. Coll. 1918-19: R.A.F.; 
EngL: 2nd Lt. 

Keble 1919-22. Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 3rd CL 
B.A. (War) 1921. 

1922-31: Actuarial Clerk, Scottish Proyt. 
Instn., Edinburgh. Fellow of Fac. of Actuaries 
1931. 1932- : Actuary, Southern Life Assocn. 
of S.Africa, Cape Town; Asst. Gen. Manager 
since 1948. 

m. 1934. Robina Alison Stuart Goodwin. 
One s. One d. 

Southern Life Association, P.O. Box 42, Cape 

DIXON, PETER MATTHEW (Orange Free State) , 
b. 3 Jan. 1895. Grey Coll. Sch., Bloemfontein, 
& Grey Univ. Coll. B.A. 

University 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. 
Term). Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 3rd CL Dipl. 
Educ. 1922. L.T. v. Camb. 1920-2. 

1923- : Teaching, Grey Coll. Sch.; House- 
master since 1925. 

m. 1923. Lizzie Montgomery du Plessis. 

Publ. : Algebra for South African Schools (Stan- 
dards 7 & 5). Geometry for South African Schools 
{Standards 7 & 8}. Geometry & Graphs for 
South African Schools (Standards 9 & 10). 

Letth House, Grey College School, Bloemfon- 
tein, O.F.S. 



[South Africa, cont."\ 

DOWLING, WALFORD (The Hon. Mr. Justice) 
(Transvaal), b. 24 June 1897. King Edward VII 
Sch. Johannesburg, & Transvaal Univ. Coll. 
B.A/1917-19. R.F.C. & R.A.F.; France; Lt. 

St. John's 1919-21 (Mich. Term). Jurispr. 
(Shortened) w. Distn. B.C.L. 2nd CL B.A. 
1921. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1920. 

1923-47: Practice of Law, Pretoria. Lect., 
Mercantile Law, Transvaal Univ. Coll. K.C. 
1943. 1944 6: Chrnn., War Pensions Appeal Bd. 
1946-7: Pres., Special Income Tax Appeal 
Court, Transvaal. 1947- : Judge of the Supreme 
Court of S. Afr., Transvaal Divn. 

m. 1931. Dorothy K. Sanders. Ones. One d. 

Judges' Chambers, Supreme Court, P.O. Box 
442, Pretoria. 

drew's College, Grahamstown). b. 10 June 
1899. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. (Cape). 1918: Inns of 
Court O.T.C. & O.C.B.; 2nd Lt. 

Trinity 1919 (Hil.Term)-1921 (Mich. Term). 
Read Physiol. B.A. 1924. B.M., B.Ch. 1924. 

1922-4: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. 
1924-6: Res. M.O., Johannesburg Gen. Hosp. 
& Addington Hosp., Durban. 1926-9: Asst. 
M.O., Randfontein Estates. 1930- : Med. Prac- 
tice, Johannesburg. S.A.A.M.C. 1941. 

m. 1927. Nathalie Joan Cazalet. Two s, 

134 Fraser St., Kenilworth, Johannesburg. 

KRIGE, JACOB DANIEL (Boys' High School, 
Stellenbosch). b, 15 July, 1896. Victoria Coll. 
& Univ. of Stellenbosch. B.A. 

Worcester 1920 (Hit. Term)-1923. Jurispr. 
2nd CL B.A. 1923. 

1923-4; Internat. Labour Bureau, Geneva. 
1924-30: Practice of Law, Johannesburg. 
1930-4: Principal, Univ. Correspondence 
Courses, Pretoria. 1936-9: Research Fellow- 
ship of Internat. Inst. for Afr. Langs. & Cul- 
tures. 1940-6: Rhodes Univ. Coll.; Senr. Beet., 
Hd. of Dept. of Bantu Studies, 1940-2 ; Prof, of 
Social Anthrop. 1942-6. 1946- : Natal Univ. 
Coll., Durban; Prof, of Social Anthrop.; Dean, 
Fac. of Social Sciences, since 1948. 

m. 1928. Eileen Claire Berenice Jensen. 
Two s. 

Publ.: The Realm of a Rain-Queen, 1943. 

Natal University College, P.O. Box 1525, 
Durban, Natal. 

tice) (Transvaal), b. 16 June 1894. Potchef- 
stroom High Sch. &S. Afr. Coll. B.A. 1914-17: 
G.S.W, Afr. & G.E. Afr. 1917-18: R.F.A.; 
France; 2nd Lt. M.C. 

Brasenose 1919 (Hil. Term)-1921. Jurispr. 
1st CL B.C.L. 2nd CL B.A. 1921. R.F. . 
Camb. 1919-20. Crickets. Camb. 1921. Cricket 
and R.F. (Capt.) for S. Afr. 1924-5. 

1921-44: Practice of Law, Pretoria. 1945- : 
Judge of the Supreme Court of S. Afr., Trans- 
vaal Divn, 

m. 1926. Agnes Robertson Wardlaw. Two jr. 
One d. 

P.O. Box 442, Pretoria. 


May 1898. Rugby Sch., Engl., & R.M.A. 
Woolwich. 1917-19: R.F.A. & R.H.A.; France; 
Lt. D. 

Magdalen 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Hil. Term). 
Rural Economy. B.A. 1921. 

1922-9: Farming, Marandellas, S. Rhod. 
1929-30: Agric. Research, Engl. 1930-2: 
Organizing Instr., Agric. & Nature Study, 

Educ. Dept., Rhod. 1932-6: Farming, S. Rhod. 
1937: Res. Sub -Agent, The Earl of Stradbroke's 
Suffolk Estates, Engl. F.L.A.S. 1942. 1948- : 
Northern Land Agent for the County Gentle- 
men's Assocn. 

m. 1925. Madeline Dorothy Wise. Two d. 

30 Melville St., Edinburgh, Scotland. 

ROBINSON, VICTOR LLOYD, b. 19 Mar. 1899. 
Hilton Coll., Natal, & Univ. of Cape Town. 
1918-19: 7th Lond. Regt.; France; 2nd Lt. 

Keble 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922. Rural Eco- 
nomy. B.A. 1921. 

1922-5: Clerk, Native Dept., S. Rhod. 
1924-5: Extern. Stud., Univ. of S. Afr. LL.B. 
1926. 1927-9: Public Prosecutor, Bulawayo. 
1930-4: Legal Asst., 1934-42. Legal Adviser, 
1942-4; Snr. Legal Adviser, Govt. of S. Rhod. 
1944- : Sol.-Gen. for S. Rhod. K.C. 1945. 

m. 1923. Marguerite May Beck. One s. 

Box 385, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 

WOOD, ARTHUR HAROLD, b. 20 Dec. 1898. 
Salisbury High Sch., Rhod., & S. Afr. Coll. 
M.A. (Cape). 1917-19: R.A.F.; England; Lt. 

Oriel 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. Term). 
Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 2nd CL 

1925- : Senr. Lect. in Maths., Rhodes Umv. 
Coll., Grahamstown. 1940: S. A. Arty. Recalled 
by Univ. 1942: Rejoined Army. 1942-6: 
Gunnery Instr , Survey Services (S.A.E.C., 
Italy), Radar (S.A.A.F.). 

m. One s. 

Rhodes University College, Grahamstown, C.P. 


GODET, HENRY MARTIN, b. 17 Nov. 1897. 
Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Dulwich Coll., 
England. 1917-19: Artists 3 Rifles & R.F.A. ; 

St. John's 1919 (Hil. Term)-1921 & 1922 
(Trin. Term). Read Law. 

1922-5: Law Student. Called to the Bar, 
Engl., 1925. 1925-34: Practice of Law, Bermuda. 
1934- : Magistrate, Eastern District, Bermuda 
(Senr. Magistrate since 1948). 1940-5 : Member, 
Mil. Service Bd. & Exemption Trib., Bermuda. 

m. 1923. Phyllis Eldora Scott-LeGallais. 

St. Helier, Paget West, Bermuda. 


1899. Wolmer's Sch., Kingston, Jamaica. 
1918-19: Artists' Rifles; Pte. 

St. John's 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. 
Term). Chem. (Pt. 1). B.A. 1922. Dipl. Educ. 

1923- : Teaching, Engl.; Imperial Service 
Coll., Windsor, & Univ. Sch., Hastings, 1923-4; 
1924- : Asst. Master, Whitgift Sch., Croydon; 
Housemaster since 1931. 

m. 1927. Constance Margery Palfrey. 

16 Crest Road, Croydon, England. 


Judge), b. 3 May 1897. St. Bonaventure's Coll., 
Nfd., & Univ. of Toronto. B.A.Sc. 

Merton 1919-22. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1921. 
Called to the Bar, Engl., 1922. 

1922-34: Practice of Law, St. John's, Nfd. 
M.P. (St. John's West) Nfd. 1924-8. 1932-4: 
Member of House of Assembly & Member 
of Exec. Council without Portfolio. 1932: 


1918, 1919 

[Newfoundland, cont.] 

A/Mimster of Finance & Customs. 1933: 
A/Mmister of Justice & A/Att.-Gen. K.C. 
1934. 1935- : Chief Magistrate & Judge of the 
Central District Court, St. John's. Grand 
Knight, Knights of Columbus, 1944-7. 

w. (1) 1924. Mary Grace Harris (d. 1930). 
Twos. Twod (2)1933. Mary Roche (d. 1944). 
One $. One d. (dcd.). 

Merton Cottage, 97 Rennie's Mill Rd., St. 
John's, Nfd. 



Hon. Mr. Justice) (New Brunswick), b. 30 July 
1897. Fredericton High Sch. & Univ. of New 
Brunswick. B.A. 1917-19: Can. G.A.; France, 
Belgium; Gnr. 

University 1920-3. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
4923. B C.L. 3rd Cl. 1923. 

1923-48: Practice of Law, New Brunswick; 
Saint John 1924-5; Moncton 1925-48. K.C. 
1943. 1948- : Judge of Supreme Court of New 

m. 1935. Jessie Wallace Rippey. 
9 Williams St., Moncton, N.B. 

10 Apr. 1898. Montreal Coll. & Univ. of Mon- 
treal. B.A. LL.D. 

Worcester 1920-2. Jurispr. 1st CL 1922, 

1925-45: Practice of Law, Montreal. K.C. 
1945- : District Magistrate, Montreal. Lect. in 
Law, Univ. of Montreal. 

m. 1930. Antoinette Brossard. Four $. 
Three d. 

364 Birch Ave., St. Lambert, P.Q. 

ERNST, WILLIAM GORDON (Nova Scotia), b. 

18 Nov. 1897. Mahone Bay High Sch. & Univ. 
of King's Coll., N.S. B.A. Dalhousie Univ. 
1916-19: 85th Batt. Can. Regt.; France; Capt. 
M.C. & Bar. 

University 1920-2. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 1922. 

1922-39: Practice of Law, Bridgewater, N.S. 
K.C. 1932. M.P. 1926-35. 

m. (1) 1923. Dorothea Popplestone. (Mar- 
riage dissolved.) One*. Twod. (2)1935. Anne 
Catherine Quayle. 

Died 12 July 1939. 

Island), b. 26 May 1896. Prince of Wales Coll., 
P.E.I., & Dalhousie Univ. B.A. 1916-17: Can. 
Militia; Lt. 

Exeter 1920-3. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. B.C.L. 
2nd Cl. 1923. 

1923-49: Practice of Law, Halifax, and Lect. 
in Law, Dalhousie Univ. K.C. 1938. Gov., 
Can. Broadcasting Corpn., 1936-44. Pres., N.S. 
Barristers* Socy., 1940-1. Director of various 

m. 1924. Helen J. Cameron. Two d. 

Died 4 Feb. 1949. 

KLEVEN, VICTOR ERNEST (Saskatchewan), b. 
23 Mar. 1895. Northwood (N.D.) High Sch. & 

Univ. of Wisconsin, U.S.A. Also Univ. of 
Saskatchewan. LL.B. 

Merton 1920-2 & Trin. Terms 1923 & 1924. 
B.C.L. 2nd CL 1922. 

1922-4: Teaching, Univ. of Alberta Law Sch. 
1924-6: Lect. in Law, Univ. of Sask. 1927- : 
Practice of Law, U.S.A. 

m. 1925. Marion Florence Jones. 

7506" Los Lomas Rd., Albuquerque, N. Mexico, 


19 Apr. 1900. Red Deer High Sch., Alberta, & 
Univ. of Alberta. B.A. 1918-19: R.A.F.: 
Cadet for Pilot. 

Hertford 1920-3. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1922. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1923. M.A. 1929. Called to the 
Bar, Engl., 1923. Ice Hockey v. Camb. 1921-2. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1923. 

1923- : Practice of Law, Toronto. 1942-5: 
9/15 (Reserve) Btty., R.C.A.; Lt. K.C. 1944. 
Member of Legislative Assembly of Ont. 1945. 
Provincial Secy. & Registrar, Out. Govt., 
1946-8. Secy, to Rhodes Scholarships in Canada 
since 1936. Coronation Medal 1937. Hon. 
LL.D. Ottawa 1948. 

m. 1927. Norah Evangeline Willis. Three d. 

Publ.: Contrib. to: The Legal Status of Aliens 
in Pacific Countries , 1937; & various digests of 
law of Ontario to Canadian Encyclopedic Digest, 

5 Rosedale Road, Toronto 5, Ont. 

bia), b. 30 July 1896. King Edward High Sch., 
Vancouver. Univs. of Brit. Columbia (B.A.) & 
Toronto (M.A.). Also Univ. of California & 
Harvard Univ., U.S.A. 

Magdalen 1920-4. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1923. 
D.Phil. 1924. 

1925-7: Research, London & Oxford. 1928- : 
Univ. of Minnesota, U.S.A., Dept. of Pol. Sci. 
(Prof, since 1945). Guggenheim Trav. Fellow- 
ship 1936-7 (Far East). 1943- : Radio com- 
mentator & newspaper columnist on internal, 

m. 1928. Joan Shoolbred. 

Publ.: British Malaya, 1925. Ceylon under 
British Rule, 1795-1932, 1933. British Rule in 
Eastern Asia, 1942. (In collab.) Government & 
Nationalism in Southeast Asia, 1942. Ed. The 
Annals, vol. 226, Mar. 1943, on South-eastern 
Asia & Philippines. Numerous arts. & pamphlets. 

1540 East River Terrace, Minneapolis 14, 
Minn., U.S.A. 



[Canada, cont.} 


20 Mar. 1896. Winnipeg High Sch. & Univ. 
of Manitoba. B.A. 1916-19: Can. Inf. & Lon- 
don Regt.; France; Lt. 

Queen's 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922. Jurispr. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1921. B.CX. 2nd Cl. 1922. 

1922- : Practice of Law, Winnipeg and Lect., 
Manitoba Law Sch. K.C. 1941. Alderman, 
Winnipeg, 1935-41. 1941- : Member, Mani- 
toba Legislative Assembly. Minister of Labour, 
Prov. of Manitoba, 1946. 

ra. 1924. Luella Gertrude Lick. One s. 
608 Strathcona St., Winnipeg, Man. 

b. 15 Feb. 1896. St. Catherine's Collegiate Inst. 
& Univ. of Toronto. 

Balliol 1921 (Trin. Term)-1924. Lit. Hum. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1924-8- Lect. & Asst. Prof, of Classics, 
Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. Fellowship, 
Harvard Grad. Sch., U.S.A., 1926-7. 1928- : 
Asst. Prof, of Greek (Assoc. Prof, since 1935), 
Univ. of Toronto. 

m. 1926. Ruth Strong. Two s. 

University College, University o Toronto, 
Toronto, Ont. 


BURTON, KEITH ALFRED (Western Australia). 
b. 17 Sept. 1898. Guildford Gr. Sch., W.A., & 
Univ. of W. A. 1916-18: Austr . Inf. ; Overseas ; 

Worcester 1920-3. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1922. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1923. Water Sports v. 
Camb. 1921. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1923. 
Arden Prize, Gray's Inn, 1923. 

1923- : Practice of Law, W. Austr., Kal- 
goorlie, 1932-41 & 1946. 1941-5: Austr. Army 
Legal Corps ; Legal Staff Officer ; Capt. 1 947- 
Legal Officer; Commonwealth Crown Solicitor's 
Office, Perth, since 1948. 

m. 1927. Emily Augusta Selma Spehr. 

44 St. George? $ Terrace, Perth, W. Australia. 

CLINCH, ALLAN JAMES (Tasmania), b. 1 Dec. 

1898. The Hutchins Sch., Hobart, & Univ. of 
Tasmania. B.Sc. Univ. of Melbourne. B.C.E. 

Magdalen 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. 
Term). Engineering 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. M.A. 
1928. Rifle Shooting v. Camb. 1923. 

1924-6: Civil Engr., Engl. 1926-8: District 
Engr., Sudan Govt. Rlys. 1928- : Engr., Main 
Roads Bd., N.S.W.; Asst. Bridge Engr. since 
1947. 1941-5; R.A.A.F.; Austr.; Flt.-Lt. 

m. 1928. Lilian Emily Ince. Three s. One d. 

cjo Dept. of Main Roads, Box 3903, G.P.O., 
Sydney, N.S.W. 

GRENNING, VICTOR (Queensland), b. 17 Jan. 

1899. Brisbane Gr. Sch. & Univ. of Queensland. 
Balliol 1920-3. Read Forestry. 

1923- : Queensland Forest Service, Brisbane,* 
Director of Forests Member of Land Admin. 
Bd. since 1932. 1940- : Controller of Timber, 

m, 1926. Helen McMillan Gaffiiey. One s. 
Two if . 

Dewar Terrace, Sherwood, Brisbane, Queens- 

HOWARD, STANFORD (South Australia), b. 

1898. Prince Alfred Coll. & Univ. of 


.delaide. 1917-19: A.F.C.; France; Lt. 

Christ Church 1 920-2 (Mich. Term) . Physiol. 
2ndCl. B.A.1923. B.M.,B.Ch.l926. Relays*;. 
Camb. 1921. 

1926- : Practice of Surgery, London, Engl. 
1923-33: London Hosp.; Surgical 1st Asst. & 

Registrar 1930-3. F.R.C.S. 1929. 1935- : Sur- 
geon, Poplar Hosp. 1941- : Con. Surgeon, 
Goodmayes Mental Hosp. 1939-45: Surgeon 
to Min. of Health, E.M.S., London, & Group 
Adviser in Surgery. 

m. 1926. Thelma Elcie Butson Lee. One 5. 
One d. 

Publ.: (In collab.) The Practice of Surgery, 

49 Wimpole St., London, W. 1, England. 

15 July 1898. Melbourne Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Melbourne. B.A. & M.A. 

Balliol 1920-2. D.Phil. (Philos.) 1924. 

1922-3: Lect. in Philos., Umv. Coll. of N. 
Wales, Bangor. 1924-5: Senr. Lect. in Philos., 
Umv. of Melbourne. 1925-6: Publicity Officer 
to Austr. Prime Minister in Austr. & at Imperial 
Conf. 1927-35: London Press Exchange, Engl. 
1935_40: Publicity Manager, Gas, Light & Coke 
Co., London, Engl. 1940-3: Director of Public 
Relations, (1) Mm. of Supply, (2) Home Office 
and Mm. of Home Security (Prmc. Asst. Secy.). 
19457: Director, Council of Industr. Design. 
Director, 'Britain Can Make It' Exhib., 1946. 
C.B.E. 1946. 1947- : Chief Economic Informa- 
tion Officer (Treasury), Engl. 

m. 1924. Doris Frances Falk. One s. Two d. 

Publ.: Front Line, 1940-41, 1942. 

12 West Heath Close, London, N.W. 3, England. 

WHEEN, ARTHUR WESLEY (New South Wales). 
b. 9 Feb. 1897. Boys' High Sch,, Sydney, & 
Univ. of Sydney. 1915-18: A.I.F.; Egypt, 
France; Lt. M.M. & 2 Bars. 

New Coll. 1920-3. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1 924- : Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 
Engl. (Asst. 1924, Acting Keeper 1939, Keeper 
of the Library since 1945). 

m. 1928. Aldwyth Lewers. One d. 

Publ.: Two Masters, 1929. Trans.: All Quiet 
on the Western Front, by E. M. Remarque, 1929; 
Four Infantrymen, by E. Johannsen, 1930; Bush- 
men Drawings, by Oberrnaier & Kuhn, 1930; 
The Road Back, by E. M. Remarque, 1931; 
The Kaiser Goes: the Generals Remain, by T. 
Phvier, 1933; Virgil, Father of the West, by T. 
Haecker, 1934. 

Further Pegs, Jordans, Bucks., England. 


1897. Nelson Coll. & Canterbury Univ. Coll. 
B.A. (N.Z.) 1918-19: N.Z.F.A.; France; Gnr. 

University 1920-3. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1924: Teaching, Christ's Coll., Christchurch, 
N.Z. 1925-38: W.E.A. Work, Auckland, N.Z.; 
Director of Tutorial Classes from 1927. 1938- 
45: Lect. in Econ. Hist. & Director, Dept. of 
Tutorial Classes, Univ. of Queensland. 1945-9: 
Lect. m Mod. Hist., Sch. of Diplomatic Studies, 
Hon. Director, W.E.A., & Member of Council, 
Canberra Univ. Coll. 1949- : Senr. Lect., Pol. 
Sci., Univ. of Melbourne. 

m. 1926. Hilary Wall. Two s. Two d. 

University of Melbourne, Car It on, N. 3, Vic. 


BACKEBERG, OTTO Gumo (Transvaal), b. 
4 Oct. 1896. Potchefstroom High Sch., Rhodes 
Univ. Coll., & Univ. Coll., Johannesburg. B.Sc. 
1917-18: S. Afr. F.A.; Palestine; Gnr. 

Queen's 1920-3. Chem. 1st Cl. B.A. 1923. 
M.A. 1931. 

1923- : Univ. of the Witwatersrand; Lect. in 
Chem. 1923-33; Senr. Lect. 1934; Reader in 
Microchemistry since 1947. A.R.I.C. 1924. 



[South Africa, cont.J 

M.Sc. (Rand) 1926. D.Sc. (Rand) 1933. 

F.R.I.C, 1934. 

m. 1930. Elsie Reed. 

Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 

DIDCOTT, JOHN LEONARD (Natal), b. 25 Apr. 
1897. Durban High Sch. & Natal Univ. Coll. 
B.A. (Cape). 1916-19: 8th S.A. Horse; G.E.F. 
& R.A.F.; Egypt; Lt. 

Queen's 1920-3. Jurispr. 1st CL B.C.L. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1923. Called to the Bar, EngL, 1923. 

1923-42; Practice of Law, Durban. 

m. 1927. Florence Mabel Hems. One s. 
One d. 

Died 11 Aug. 1942. 

College School), b. 16 Dec. 1897. Bellville 
Publ. Sch.; S. Afr. Coll. Sch.; S. Afr. Coll.; 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. & M.A. 

University 1920-3. Maths. 3rd Cl. 1922. 
B.Sc. 1923. 

1923-42: Transvaal Univ. Coll., Pretoria 
(Prof, of Pure Maths, from 1930). 1942- : 
Principal, Pretoria Tech. Coll. Cricket for S. Afr. 
on several occasions. Delegate, U.N.E.S.C.O. 
Conf., Mexico, 1947. Member, Council of the 
Univ. of S. Afr., 1948. Member, Univ. Advisory 
Commee. of Union Govt., 1948. 

m. 1930. Gwendoline Ellen Finnemore. 
Two s. One d. 

33 College Ave., Bailey's Muckleneuk, Pretoria. 

College, Rondebosch). 6.22 Feb. 1900. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. 
1918-19: R.A.F.; England. 

Brasenose 1920-3. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1923. B.M., B.Ch. 1926. D.M.R.E. (Cantab.) 

1923-6: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. 
1927- : Med. Practice, Graaf Reinet, C.P. 

1940-2: S.A.M.C.; E. Afr. & Egypt; Capt. 
D.M.S.; Major. 

1942-5: O.C. Mil. Hosp., D.A.D.l 

m. 1927. Elsie Winifred Bunner. One s. 

One d. 
16 Somerset St., Graaf Reinet, C.P. 

MacDONALD, GEORGE (Orange Free State). 
b. 26 Dec. 1897. Grey Coll. Sch., Bloemfontein; 
Grey Univ. Coll.; Rhodes Univ. Coll., B.A. 
(Cape); Univ. of Cape Town. 1914-19: G.S.W. 
Afr. Campaign & RF.A.; France. M.C. D. 

Balliol 1920-3. Physiol. 3rd Cl, 1922. Hockey 
v. Camb. 1922-3. Intemat. Hockey (Scotland) 

1924- : Colonial Admin. Service. 

m. 1923. Madeline Constance Florence Gill. 
One s. One d. 

c[o The Secretariat, Nyasaland Administrative 
Service, Nyasaland. 

beth), b. 19 Feb. 1902. Grey High Sch., Port 
Elizabeth, & Rhodes Univ. Coll. 

New Coll. 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. 
Term), Physiol. 3rd Cl. Theodore Williams 
Scholp. (Physiol.) 1924. B.A. & B.M., B.Ch. 
1927. R.F. v. Camb. 1922. 

1924-6: London Hosp., Engl. 1926-7: N. 
Middx. Hosp., Engl. 1927- : Med. Practice, 
Port Elizabeth, S. Afr. Hon. Surgeon, Provin- 
cial Hosp., since 1930. 1940-5: S.A.A.M.C.; 

m. 1928, Moira Blanche McGillewie. One 5. 
One d. 

40 Western Rd., Port Elizabeth, C.P. 

MARQUARD, LEOPOLD (Orange Free State). 

b. 15 June 1897. Winburg & Ficksburg High 
Schs. & Grey Univ. Coll. 1918-19: R.A.F., 

New Coll. 1920-3. Hist. 3rd Cl. 8s DipL 
Educ. B.A. 1923. M.A. 1943. 

1923-40: Teaching, Grey Coll. Sch., Bloem- 
fontein (Housemaster from 1928). 1924: Founder 
& First Pres. of Nat. Union of S. Afr. Students. 
1940-1: Mil. Coll. Staff. 1941-2: Divn. Educ. 
Officer to 1st S.A. Divn. 1942-5 : Dep. Director, 
Army Educ. Service, U.D.F.; Lt.-CoI. M.B.E. 
1945. 1945: S. Afr. Delegate to U.N.E.S.C.O. 
1946- : Editor & Educ. Manager, Oxford Univ. 
Press, Cape Town. 

m. 1927. Nellie Joan van der Merwe. One s. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Modern Industry & the 
African, 1933; The Southern Bantu, 1939 
(revised ed. 1944). Farm Labour in the Orange 
Free State, 1939. Black Man's Burden, 1943. 
Let 's Go into Politics, 1944. The Native in 
South Africa, 1944. 

52 Dorp St., Stellenbosch, C.P. 

OLIVER, FELIX JOHN (St. Andrew's College, 
Grahamstown). b. 21 Mar. 1900. Durban 
High Sch.; St. Andrew's Coll.; Rhodes Univ. 

Trinity 1919-22. Engineering 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1923. M.A. 1926. 

1922- : Civil Engineering in S. Afr. ; Partner, 
Stewart, Sviridov & Oliver since 1946. M.I.C.E.; 
M.Inst.W.E.; M.Cons.E.; S. Afr. Inst. C.E.; 
Rhod. Socy. of Engrs. 

m. 1929. Catherine Constance Stewart. Two d. 

P.O. Box 6672, Johannesburg. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 1 Dec. 1896. Boys' 
High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Stellen- 
bosch. B.A. & M.A. 

Trinity 1920-3. Dipl. Educ. 1921. BXitt. 
(Psychol.) 1922. 

1924-5: Teaching, Grey Coll. Sch., Bloem- 
fontein. 1926- : Univ. Coll. of the O.F.S. 
(formerly Grey Univ. Coll.), Prof, of Psychol. 
since 1936. 1942-5: O.C. Univ. Coll. of the 
O.F.S. Training Corps; U.T.C. Field Regt., 
S.AA,; Capt. 

m. 1926. Pauline G. van der Post. Two 5. 

Publ.: The Language Medium, 1926. 

University College of the O.F.S., Bloemfontein, 


1899. St. George's Sch., Bulawayo ; St. Andrew's 
Coll., Grahamstown; Rhodes Univ. Coll.; 
Johannesburg Univ. Coll. 1917-19: S. Afr. 
Arty.; France; Gnr. 

Wadham 1921 (Hil. Term)-1924. Read 

1924-42 : Mining, S. Afr., Rhodesia, Zululand, 
& Swaziland. 1942-4: Asst. Engr. Surveyor, 
Durban Corpn. 1944: Asst. Engr., Kariba 
Gorge Survey, Zambesi River. 1945: Survey 
Dept., Bushtick Mines, Ltd. 1945-7: Asst. 
Engr. Surveyor, Salisbury Municipality. 1947-8: 
Tech. Asst., S. Rhod. Irrigation Dept. 1948- : 
Man. Director, SerolatemLtd., Mining, &c., Co. 

m. 1933. Mary Jean Chalmers. Two s. Two d. 

1 Wimbledon Drive, Eastlea, Salisbury, S. 

Mr. Justice). &. 2 June 1899. Salisbury High 
Sch. & Boys' High Sch. t Rondebosch. 1918-19: 
Artists' Rifles; 10th O.C.B. 

Hertford 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. 
Term). Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. Called to 
the Bar, EngL, 1923. 

1923-36: Practice of Law, Bulawayo. Acting 
Judge in N. Rhod. 1932. M.P., S. Rhod., 
1934-43. K.C. 1936. Minister of Justice & 
Defence 1936-43. Minister of Mines & Works 



[Rhodesia, cant.] 

1938. Minister of Native Affairs 1942-3. 1943- : 

Judge of the High Court of S. Rhod. C.M.G. 


m. 1925. Lorna Doris Keilor. 

42 Livingstone Rd., Bulawayo, S. Rhodesia. 

1899. Boys' High Sch., Salisbury, & Univ. of 
Cape Town. 1917-19: R.A.F.; Pilot Instr.; Lt. 

Oriel 1921 (Hil. Term)-l 923. Physiol. 4th Cl. 

1924-46: Admin. Officer, Gold Coast Colony; 
Dep. Prov. Commissioner 1944. 1946- : Ma- 
ayan Civil Service, Dep. Res. Commissioner. 
1943-6: Brit. Mil. Admin.; Tripohtama & 
Malaya; Col. 

m. 1927. Dorothea Charlotte RodwelL Two s. 

c\o The Secretariat, Malayan Federation, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaya. 


In this year there was no election from 


MILLS, JAMES DENHOLM. b. 4 Feb. 1898. 
Munro Coll., Jamaica; Monmouth Sch., Eng- 
land; Edinburgh Univ. 1917-19: B.W.I. Regt,; 
France, Belgium, Italy; Lt. 

Lincoln 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922. Physiol. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1923. B.M., B.Ch. 1925. Theodore 
Williams Scholp. (Pathol.) 1922. 

1922-5: St. Thomas's Hosp., London, Engl. 
1926- : Med. Practice, Seaford, Sussex, Engl. 
1941-5: R.A.M.C.; Engl. & India; Lt.-Col. 

m. 1929. May Campbell Haden. Threes. 

Shortlands, Seaford, Sussex, England. 


GUY, WILLIAM GEORGE. 6. 17 Mar. 1899. 
Method. Coll., Nfd., & Mt. Allison Univ., N.B. 
B.Sc. B.A. 

Christ Church 1920-3. Chem. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1923-5 : Research Fellowship, Univ. of Chi- 
cago, US.A. Ph.D. 1925. 1925- : Coll. of 
William & Mary, Va., U.S.A.; Asst. Prof, of 
Chem. 1925-30; Prof. 1930; Hd. of Dept. since 

m. 1926. Gladys Elizabeth Bennett. 

Coll. of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Va., 




Large). 6. 27 Mar. 1895. Saint John High Sch. 
N.B., & Univ. of New Brunswick. B.A. 1916- 
19: Can. F.A.; France; Lt. 

University 1921 (Hil. Term)-1924 & 1926 
(Trin. Term). Jurispr. (overstanding for Hons.). 
B.A. 1924. M.A. 1926. 

1925- : Practice of Law, Saint John, N.B. 
1937-41: Counsel, Dept. of Pensions & Nat. 
Health. 1941- : Member of Can. Pensions 

m. 1931. Edith de Soyres White. 

348 Stewart St., Ottawa, Ont. 

bia), b.l Aug. 1899. King Edward High Sch., 
Vancouver, & Univ. of B.C. B.A. 1918: Can. 
F.A. & Can. Tank Bn. 

Queen's 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 & 1924 (Trin. 
Term). Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. M.A. 1926. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1923. 

1923-S: Asst., Hist., Cornell Univ., U.S.A. 
Ph.D. 1926. 1925- : Dept. of Hist., Univ. of 
Rochester, U.S.A.; Assoc. Prof. 1935, Prof. since 
1947. Visiting member of Fac., Sarah Lawrence 
Coll., U.S.A., 1947-8. 

m. 1928. Hilda Altschule. 

Publ. : Ed. The Journal of Sir Simonds D'Ezoes, 
1942, Arts, in historical & other periodicals. 

Univ. of Rochester, Rochester. New York. 

DUNHAM, WALKER (Alberta), b. 20 July 
1899. Lethbridge High Sch. & Univ. of 
Alberta. B.A. 

Pembroke 1921 (Hil. Term)-1922; 1924-5 
(Mich. Term); 1926 (Trin. Term). Jurispr. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1925. B.C.L.(overstandingforHons.) 
1926. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1926. 

1927- : Practice of Law, Winnipeg. Dept. 
of National Defence; Legal Officer (civilian) 
1943-4; Jr. Solicitor since 1944. 

25 MacLaren St., Ottawa, Ont. 

b. 16 Dec. 1895. High Sch., Samt John, N.B., & 
AcadiaUmv., N.S. 1914-16: Can. Inf.; France; 
Lt. Discharged med. unfit 1916. 

Exeter 1922-4. Dipl. Educ. & Dipl. Anthrop. 
w. Distn., 1924. 

1924-6: Harvard Univ. Grad. Sch., U.S.A. 
Ph.D. 1926. 1926-7: Prof, of Psycho!., Spring- 
field Coll., Mass. 1927- : Dept. of Psycho!., 
Colgate Univ., Hamilton, N.Y.; Prof, since 
1934. 1941-5: Expert Consultant to the War 



[Canada, cont."] 

m. 1933. Mary Maude Juvet. One d. 

PubL: Man, the Mechanical Misfit, 1941. 
Hypnotism, 1943. (Incollab.) Death in the Mind., 
1945. Spiritism, 19^7. Many articles m scientific 
and other journals. 

Colgate Univ., Hamilton, New York, U.S.A. 

(Prince Edward Island), b. 16 June 1896. 
St. Dunstan's Coll. & Laval Univ. B.Sc. & B.A. 
1917: R.A.F.; Cadet. 

Lincoln 1921 (Mil. Term)-1922 & 1924 (Trin. 
Term). Dipl. Econ. 1922, & special work in 
Hist. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1923. Ice-hockey for 
England in Switzerland 1922 & for Oxford m 
Switzerland 1922-3. 

1923-8: Prof, of Pol. Econ. & Hist., St. 
Dunstan's Coll., P.E.L 1928-9: Journalism. 
1929-30: Teaching, Royal Mil. Coll., Kingston, 

Died, as result of motor accident, Aug. 1930. 

MacCALLUM, HENRY REID (Ontario), b. 
27 May 1897. Kingston Collegiate Inst. & 
Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. B.A. 1916-19: 
Can. A.M.C.; Pte. 

Balhol 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. Term). 
P.P.E. 1st Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1924-6: Asst. Prof, of Philos., Queen's Univ., 
Kingston, Ont. 1926-7: Harvard Univ. Grad. 
Sch., U.S.A. 1927-49: Dept. of Philos., Univ. of 
Toronto (Assoc. Prof. 1933, Prof, since 1943). 

m. 1926. Alice Mary Miller. One s. Two d. 

Died 1 May 1949. 

McGEACHY, JAMES BURNS (Saskatchewan). 

Did not take up Scholp. 

do The Toronto Globe & Mail, Toronto, Ont. 

23 Feb. 1896. High Sch., Winnipeg, & Univ. 
of Manitoba. B.A. LL.B. 1926. 1915-19: Can. 
F.A. & R.F.C.; France; Lt. 

Queen's 1921 (Hil.Term)-1923 (Mich. Term). 
Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1926. Lacrosse v. Camb. 
1921-3. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1921 & 1923 & 
for England in Switzerland 1921. 

1924- : Practice of Law, Winnipeg. 1940-6: 
R.C.A.F. ; Dep. Director of Personnel &i/c Legal 
Dept.; Group Capt. 

m. 1928. Esther Jonsson. One s. One d. 

395 Main St., Winnipeg, Man. 

1 Aug. 1899. High Sch., Quebec, & Univ. of 
Bishop's Coll., Lennoxville. B.A. 

Magdalen 1920-3. Hist. 3rd CL B.A. & 
B.Litt. (Hist.) 1923. 

1924-7: McGillUniv. Law Sch. B,C.L. 1927. 
1928- : McGill Umv. ; 1928-34: Asst. & Assoc. 
Prof., Federal & Constit. Law; 1934- : Prof, of 
Civil Law. 1940-1: Guggenheim Fellowship, 
at Harvard Univ., U.S.A. Nat. Chmn., C.C.F. 
Party, Can., since 1943. F.R.S.C. 1947. 

m. 1928. Marian Mildred Dale. One s. 

PubL: (In col lab.) Labour Conditions in the 
Men's Clothing Industry, 1935; Social Planning 
for Canada, 1935 ; New Provinces (Poems), 1936. 
Canada To-day! a Study of her National Interests 
& National Policy, 1938 (2nd ed. revised, 1939). 
Trans. Le Canada d'aujourdhui, 1939. Canada & 
the United States, 1941. Ed. (in collab.) Canada 
after the War, 1943. (In collab.) Make this Your 
Canada, 1943; Un Canada Nouveau, 1944. 
Overture (Poems), 1945. 

Faculty of Law, McGitt Univ., Montreal, P.Q. 

wick), b. 10 June 1898. High Sch., Saint John, 
N.B., & Mt. Allison Univ. B.A. McGillUniv. 
Med. Sch. 


Exeter 1921 (Hil. Term)-1922. Read 

1922-3: McGill Univ., Med. Sch. M.D. 
1923. 1923-7: Royal Victoria Hosp., Montreal, 
& Roosevelt Hosp., N.Y. 1927- : Med. Prac- 
tice, Saint John, N.B. F.R.C.S. (Edinb.) 1929. 
F.R.C.S.(Can.). F.A.C.S. Assoc. Prof, of Sur- 
gery, Dalhousie Univ. 

m. 1926. Helen Mildred Smith. Two s. 
Two d. (one dcd.) 

36 Coburg St., Saint John, N.B. 


b. 29 Mar. 1899. Toowoomba Gr. Sch. & Univ. 
of Queensland. B.A. 

Balhol 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923. Lit. Hum. 
2ndCl. B.A. 1923. M.A. 1930. L.T. v. Camb. 
1921-3. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1923. 

1924-8: Teaching, Geelong Gr. Sch., Vic. 
1928-39: Univ. of Adelaide; Master of St. 
Andrew's Coll. 1928-36; Lect. in Moral Philos. 
1929; Student Adviser 1937-9; Lect. in Ethics 
1939. M.A. (Adelaide). 1940- : Univ. of Mel- 
bourne; Warden of Union House & Tutor, 
Philos.; Tutor, Classics, since 1942. M.A. 

m. 1923. Elizabeth Edith Woolnough. Ones. 
One d. 

PubL: Ethical Theory, 1932. 

Warden's House, Univ. of Melbourne, Carlton, 
N. 3, Vic. 

toria), b. 3 May 1898. Geelong Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Melbourne. B.Sc. 

New Coll. 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923. Physiol. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. M.A. 1927. 

1923-5: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. 
M.R.C.S. & L.R.C.P. 1925. 1925-46: Sudan 
Med. Service; Senr. Med. Inspector 1933; 
Province Med. Inspector 1936. 1940: Kaima 
Kam, Sudan Defence Force (Med. Corps). 
S.M.O., Port Sudan Area. 1941 : S.M.O., Khar- 
toum Area. M.O.H., Khartoum, 1941; Asst. 
Director Hosps., 1944. Retired 1946. Order of 
the Nile, 4th CL, 1934. 1947- : Departmental 
M.O., Repatriation Commn., Melbourne. 

m. 1928. Ethel WoodrofTe Shaw. Two s. 
(one dcd.). 

16 Valency Rd., Glen Iris, Melbourne, S.K 6, 

COOMBS, HERBERT ISAAC (South Australia). 

b. 4 Nov. 1899. Adelaide High Sch. & Univ. of 

Magdalen 1921- (Hil. Term)-1923. B.Sc. 
(Chem.) 1922. Chem. 1st CL Senr. Demy, 
Magdalen, 1924. B.A. & M.A. 1927. 

1923-7: Grad. Student, Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Engl. Ph.D. 1928. 1927-31: Common- 
wealth Fellow, Harvard Univ., U.S.A. M.D. 
1931. 1931-2: Toronto Gen. Hosp. 1932-8: 
Biochemist, The Queen's Hosp., p'Vrv,,^! 

Engl., & Tutor, Univ. of Bnrningharn. 1939-41 : 
Biochemist. The Gen. Hosp., Birmingham. 
L.R.C.P. (London) 1941. M.R.C.S. (Engl.). 
1941-3 : Asst. Pathologist, Warwickshire E.M.S. 
Hosps. & St. Mary's Hosp., London. 1944-5: 
Pathologist, Northampton Gen. Hosp. & Ket- 
tering Gen. Hosp. 1947- : Sector Pathologist, 
Min. of Health. 

m. 1935. Florence Muriel Carter. One s. 

Hill End Hospital, St. Albans, Herts., England. 

Large). b. 26 June 1898. C. of E. Gr. Sch., 
Melbourne, & Univ. of Melbourne. B.A. 

Balliol 1922 (Hil. Term)-1923. Hist. 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1923. M.A. 1930. Fellow of All Souls 
Coll. 1923. 



[Australia, cont.J 

1926-33: Prof, of Mod. Hist., Univ. of 
Adelaide. 1934-44: Prof, of Hist., Birmingham 
Univ., Engl. 1944-49 : Chichele Prof, of Econ. 
Hist., Oxford. 1941-6: Supervisor of Civil 
Histories on estabhshmt. of Offices of War 
Cabinet. 1949- : Director, Institute of Com- 
monwealth Studies, University of London. 

m. 1925. Theaden Nancy Brocklebank. 

Publ.: Ricasoli and the Risorgimento tn Tus- 
cany, 1926. Australia, 1930. Survey of British 
Commonwealth Affairs; vol. i, Problems of 
Nationality, 1937; vol. li, Problems of Economic 
Policy 1918-39, Part II, 1942. Argument of 
Empire, 1943. Politics in Pztcairn, 1947. (In 
collab.) British War Economy, 1949. 

All Souls College, Oxford, England. 


b. 14 Aug. 1899. The Hutcmns Sen., Hobart, 
& Univ. of Tasmania. 

St. John's 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923. Chem. 
Part I. B A. 1923. M.A. 1928. 

1924- : Industrial Chemist; w. Cadbury, 
Fry, Pascall Pty. Ltd., Claremont, Tasmania, 
since 1925 ; Chief Chemist since 1938. 

m. 1925. Dorothy Drew Roberts. One 5. 
One d. 

60 Augusta Rd,, Hobart, Tasmania. 

Australia), b. 10 Feb. 1899. C. of E. Gr. Sch., 
Gmldford, W.A , & Univ. of W.A. B.A. 

Exeter 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. Term). 
Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. Called to the Bar, 
Engl., 1923. 

1923-36: Practice of Law, Fremantle, W.A. 

Died 29 July 1936. 

Wales), b. 15 May 1897. C. of E. Gr. Sch., 
Sydney, & Univ. of Sydney. B.A. 1916-19: 
Austr. F.A.; France, Belgium; Sgt. M.M. 

New Coll. 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. 
Term). Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 
1923. M.A. 1927. Swimming v. Canib. 1923. 
Called to the Bar, Engl., 1923. 

1924 : Practice of Law, Sydney. Lect. in 
Criminal Law, Univ. of Sydney, since 1926. 
Crown Prosecutor, Sydney, 1928. M.L.A., 
N.S.W., since 1938. Minister of Justice 1939-41 . 
Leader of Opposition since 1946. 

m. 1930. Dorothy Isabelle Henderson. One $. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Workers' Compensation 
Law, New South Wales, 1927. 

6 Carrington Ave., Bellevue Hitt. Sydney, 


1897. Auckland Gr. Sch. & Auckland Univ. 
Coll. B.A. & M.A. 1917-18: 1st N.Z.E.F.; 

Merton 1921-3 (Mich. Term). Hist. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1923. 

1924-8: Lect. in Hist., Teachers' Training 
Coll., Christchurch, N.Z. 1929- : University 
Coll., Auckland, N.Z.; Senr. Lect. in Hist, since 
1937. N.Z. Del. to Conf. of Inst. of Pacific 
Relations, Shanghai, 1931. Del. to Brit. 
Commonwealth Relations Conf., 1938. Pres., 
N.Z. Inst. of International Affairs, 1947. 

m. 1925. Isobel Lilian Chadwick. Two s. 
One d. 

Publ.: Onward 9 A Study of the League of 
Nations, 1929. (In collab.) A Short History of 
New Zealand (6th ed. 1938), Britain & World 
Affairs, 1 783-1936, 1938. Contnb. two chapters 
to New Zealand, 1947. (In collab.) Great Britain 
& World Affairs, 1783-1946, 2nd ed., 1948. 

University College, Auckland, C. J, N.Z. 

land-at-Large). b. 7 Mar. 1895. Ashburton 
High Sch., N.Z., & Canterbury Univ. Coll., 
N.Z. M A. 1916-17: N.Z. Inf.; Egypt, France; 
Discharged after wound 1917. 

Hertford 1921-6. Physics 1st Cl. B A. 1923. 
D.Phil. 1926. Tutor & Demonstrator in Physics, 

1926: Acting Reader in Physics, Nottingham 
Umv. Coll., Engl. 1926-40. Fellow & Lect., 
New Coll., Oxford. Jr. Bursar 1930-40. 

m. 1933. Emo Theobald. One s. 

Died 16 Nov. 1940. 


State). 6. 26 Sept. 1895. Grey Coll. Sch. & 
Grey Coll., Bloemfontem. 1914-18: Brand's 
Horse; G.S.W. Afr. (Tpr ), G.E. Afr. Mech. 
Transport (Pte); 2nd Batt. Cape Corps; 
(C.S.M.); 2nd S. Afr. (2nd Lt.). 

University 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923. Engineer- 
ing 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. M.A. 1946. 

1924-6: Engr., Kendrew, S. Afr. Admitted 
Govt. Land Surveyor, 1926. 1 927-9 Surveyor- 
Gen. 's Dept., Nairobi. 1930-40: Professional 
Asst. to Surveyor-Gen., Cape Town. 1940-5: 
Dep. Director, 1945- : Director, Mil. Survey, 
U.D.F. Col. 1946. 1946- : Director, Trigono- 
metrical Survey, U. of S. Afr. 

m. 1928. Beatrix Mary Freeman. Two d . 

Trigonometrical Survey Office, Rhodes Ave., 
Mowbray, C.P. 

lege, Rondebosch). b. 24 Oct. 1901. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. 

Oriel 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923. Physics 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1923. 

1923-31: Accountant, Cape Town. Assoc., 
S.I.A.A.1927. 1931-: Secy.; 1943- : Director, 
Arderne Scott Timbers Ltd., Cape Town. 
1940-2: 'Q* Services Corps, S.A. Forces, attd. 
E. Afr. Force: Staff Sgt. 

m. 1934. Helen Ralston. Three s. 

Sideways, Milner Rd., Rondebosch, C P. 


19 Nov. 1897. Boys' High Sch., Potchefstroom , 
& S. Afr. Coll., Cape Town. 1916-20. Sand- 
hurst & Indian Army (35th Sikhs); NW. 
Frontier, India; Capt. 

Trinity 1920-2 (Hil. Term). Jurispr. 
(Shortened) w. Distn. B.A. 1921. B.C.L. 2nd 
Cl. 1922. M.A. 1926. 

1923-40: Practice of Law, Johannesburg, & 
Lect. in Hist. & Jurispr., Univ. of Witwatersrand. 
Examnr. in Law for Univ. of S. Afr. 1940-5. 
Bde. Major, Sth Inf. Bde., U.D.F,, M.E.F.; 
G.S.0. 2, 1st S. Afr. Divn. ; D.A.Q.M.G. ; Major. 

m, 1926. Morag Eleanor Powys Ritchie 
Thomson. One s. One d. 

Killed, accidentally, on active service 17 Apr. 

LURIE, DAVID (South African College 
School), b. 7 July 1899. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. & M.A. 

Lincoln 1921 (Hil. Terrn)-1923 & 1925 (Trin. 
Term). Physiol. 2nd CL B M., B.Ch. 1926. 

1923-6- Guy's Hosp., London, EngL 1926- 
40: Med. Practice, S. Afr. Asst. Surgeon, 
General Hosp., Johannesburg. F.R.C.S. 1932. 
1940-2- S.A.M C.; Lt.-Col. 

Killed in motor-car accident on active service 
in Egypt 1942. 

(Boys' High School* Stellenbosch). b. 13 Apr. 



[South Africa, cont.'] 

1899. Boys' High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. 

of Stellenbosch. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Worcester 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. 
Term). Physics 2nd Cl. & Dipl. Educ. B.A. 

1924-5: Teaching, High Sch., Richmond, 
C.P. 1926-7: Maths. Master, High Sch., Cal- 
vima, C.P. 1928-37: Sci. Master, S. Afr. Coll. 
Sch. 1937-44: Principal, High Sch., Calitzdorp, 
C.P. 1945- : Inspector of Schools, Educ. Dept., 

m. 1927. Josephine Maria de Villiers. Two s. 

do Dept, of Education, P.O. Box 13, Cape 

b. 19 July 1899. Durban High Sch. & Natal 
Univ. Coll. 1916-18: R.A.F.; France, Italy; Lt. 

Hertford 1919-23. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1921. 
Called to the Bar, EngL, 1923. 

1924-34: Practice of Law, Durban, Natal. 
1935: Teaching, Ireland. Cricket for S. Afr. 

m. 1930.- Anne Pearse. 

Died 13 Dec. 1935. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 6 Jan. 1900. St. 
Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1920-3 (Hil. Term). Read Law. 
Resigned Scholp. 

1923- : Sales Executive, The Shell Co. of 
S. Afr. Ltd., Cape Town. 1940-5 : S. Afr. Tank 
Corps, E. Afr., Abyssinia, Lybia; Sgt. 

m. 1928. Cornelia Christina Solms. Two s. 
One d. 

The Shell Co. of S. Africa Ltd., Cape Town. 

WEBB, GILBERT MURRAY (Kimberley). b. 
14 Oct. 1898. Christian Bros. Coll., Kimberley, 
& Johannesburg Univ. Coll. 1916-19: S. Afr. 
F.A. (Bombardier) & King's Afr. Rifles ; E. Afr. ; 

Queen's 1921 (Hil.Term)-1923 (Mich. Term). 
Engineering 4th Cl. & Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. 
B.A. 1923. 

1924-7: Asst. Engr., S. Afr. Rlys. & Harbours, 
Port Elizabeth. 1 927-9 : Lect. , Civil Engineering, 
Univ. of the Witwatersrand. 1929-34: Design 
& Erection Engr. 193440: Director, Danne- 
mora Iron & Steel Co., Johannesburg. 1940-1 : 
Tech. Asst., Production, & 1941-2: Manager, 
Ammunition Section, War Supplies Directorate. 
1942-4; Director, Manager, S. Afr. Mint, 
Munitions Section, Pretoria. 1944- : Gen. 
Works Manager, U. Steel Corpn. (of S. Afr.) 
Ltd., Vereeniging. 

m. 1937. Joan Foy. Two s. 

P.O. Box 48, Vereeniging, Transvaal. 


1900. Milton Sch., Bulawayo, & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll., Grahamstown. 

Hertford 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923. EngL L. 
& Lit. 3rd CL 1923. 

1923-39: Milton Sch., Bulawayo; Senr. EngL 
Master & Housemaster. 1939-41: Gold Coast 
Regt., R.W.A.F.F.; Abyssinia; Capt. D, 

m. 1926. Norma Douglas. 

Died of wounds 23 Apr. 1941. 

1899. Boys' High Sch., Salisbury, Rhodesia; 
Rhodes Univ. Coll., Grahamstown, Univ. of 
Cape Town. 1918-19: R.A.F. 

Magdalen 1921 (Hil. Terrn)-1923. PhysioL 
3rd Cl. 1923. 

1923-6: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, EngL 
B.M., B.Ch. 1926. Dipl. Trop. Med. (Liver- 
pool) 1926. 1927-30: Practice of Med., Salis- 
bury, Rhodesia. 1930- : Senr. Govt. M.O. i/c 
Ndanga Native Hosp., S. Rhod. 1940-5: M.O., 
Rhodesian African Rifles, S. Rhod.; Major 1941. 

m. 1930. Ino Skinner (d. 1947). 

The f Hospital, Ndanga, P. Bag No. 4, Fort 
Victoria, S. Rhodesia. 

VAIR-TURNBULL, IAN. 6. 10 Aug. 1901. 
St. George's Sch., Bulawayo, & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll., Grahamstown. B.A. 

Oriel 1923-4 & 1925-7. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL 
1926. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. 1927. 

1927-9: Teaching, Ampleforth, Yorks., EngL 
1929-32: Tutoring & reading Law. Called to 
the Bar, Engl , 1932. 1932-9: Practice of Law. 
1939-48: Retired. 1948- : Lect. in Civil Law, 
Gordon Mem. Coll., Khartoum, Sudan. 

Braingorton House, by Colintraive, Argyll, 


In this year there was no election from 


COKE, CECIL MERRIMAN. 6. 25 July 1899. 
Tonbndge Sch., England. 1918: Irish Guards; 
2nd Lt. 

Lincoln 1919-23 (Open Scholar). Lit. Hum. 
3rd CL & Certif. in Anthrop. B.A. 1923. 
O.U.B.C. Trial Eights 1920. 

1923-46: Admin. Officer, Tanganyika Terri- 
tory: Dist. Commissioner 1940. Retired 1946. 
1946- : Mining. 

m. 1930. Gladys; Mary Barry. Two s. Two d. 

c\o Standard Bank of S. Africa Ltd., Com- 
missioner St., Johannesburg. 


1897. St. John's Method. Coll., Nfd., & Univ. 
of Toronto. B.A. 1917-19 :R.N.C.V.R.; Sub-Lt. 

Balliol 1921 (Hil. Term)-1921 (Trin. Term). 
Read Law. Resigned Scholp. 

1921-4: Law Student, Osgoode Hall, Toronto. 
1924-40 & 1942-7: Practice of Law, Toronto. 
1942: Solicitor, War-time Prices & Trade Bd., 
Ottawa. 1943-7: Senr. Solicitor, Ration Admin., 
War-time Prices & Trade Bd., Montreal. 
1947- : Legal Adviser, Dept. of National 
Revenue (Taxation), Toronto. 

m. 1923. Nellie Viola Sully. Two s. Two d. 

47 Rose Park Drive* Toronto, Out. 




In this year there was no election from 
Prince Edward Island* 

Brunswick), b. 25 Nov. 1897. St. Joseph's 
Coll., N.B. B.A. Dalhousie Univ. & Laval 
Univ. Ph. M. 

Exeter 1921-4. Jurispr. 1st CI. B.A. 1923. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1924. M.A. 1928. Ice-hockey v. 
Camb. 1922-3. 

1924-7: Practice of Law, Canada. 1927- : 
I.L.O.; Asst. Legal Adviser, Geneva 1927-39; 
Labour Law Section, Montreal, 1939-47; 
General Relations Section since 1947. 

m. 1931. Mary Elizabeth Atwood. 

1509 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, P.Q. 

18 Mar. 1897. Lower Canada Coll., Montreal, 
&McGillUniv. B.A. 1916-19: C.F. A.; N.C.O. 

New Coll. 1921-4. P.P.E. 2nd CL B.A. 1924. 
Ice-hockey a. Camb. 1921-3. Lacrosses. Camb. 

1924-41: Asst. Prof, of Icon., McGill Univ. 
1942- : Schoolmaster, Bishop's Coll. Sch., 
Lennoxville, Quebec. 

Bishop's College School, Lennoxville, P.Q. 

20 Apr. 1897 Western Canada Coll., Calgary, 
& Univ. of Alberta. 1916-18: C.E.F.; C.M.R. 
& Can. Corps H.Q.; France. 

Christ Church 1921-4. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1924 : Journalism; The Times, London, 
Engl., 1924; Manitoba Free Press, Winnipeg, 
1925-44; Winnipeg Free Press:, Executive Editor, 
1944; Montreal Daily Star, Editor, since 1946. 

irf. 1930. Mary Doupe. Two s. 

Publ.: Contrib. to Canada Fights (ed. by 
J. W. Dafoe), 1941. John W. Dafoe, 1949. 

1 Forden Ave., Montreal 6, P.Q. 

GORDON, JOHN KING (Manitoba), b. 6 Dec. 

1900. Kelvin High Sch., Winnipeg, & Univ. of 
Manitoba. B.A. 

Queen's 1921-4. Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. 1923. 
P.P.E. 2nd CL B.A. 1924. M.A. 1932. 

1926-9: Minister of United Ch. of Canada, 
Pine Falls, Man. DipL, TheoL, Manitoba Coll. 
1927. 1930-1: Fellow & Asst., Christian Ethics 
Dept., Union TheoL Seminary, N.Y.C. 1931-4: 
Prof, of Christian Ethics, United Ch. Coll., 
Montreal. 1934-7: Public lecturing- & politics. 
1938-44: Ed.. Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., N.Y. 
1944-7: Man. Ed. The Nation. 1948- : U.N. 
Corresp., Canadian Broadcasting Corpn. 

m. 1939. Ruth Elsa Anderson. Ones. One<f. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Social Planning for Canada, 
1935; Towards a Christian Revolution, 1936. 

Garrison-on-Hudson, JV.F., U.S.A. 

chewan), b. 23 May 1901. Collegiate Inst., 
Moose Jaw, & Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

Christ Church 1921-4. Physiol. 2nd CL B.A. 
1923. B.M., B.Ch. 1926. Radcliffe Scholp. in 
Pharmacology 1925. Hon. Mention for Theo- 
dore Williams Scholp. (Pathol.) 1925. 

1924-7: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. 
1927-8: Res. M.O., Maida Vale Hosp. for Ner- 
vous Diseases, Engl. M.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1928. 
1928-9: House Surgeon, Cheltenham Gen. 
Hosp., Engl. 1930-1: Act. Prof, of Physiol., 

Univ. of Sask., Saskatoon. 1931- : Med. Prac- 
tice, Edmonton. Alta. F.R.C.P. (Can.) 1936. 
F.A.C P. 1948. 1939-44: R.C.A.M.C., Can. & 
Engl.; Lt.-Col. 1946- : Clin. Prof, of Medicine, 
Univ. of Alberta. Physician i/c Med. Services, 
Dept. of Veterans' Affairs, Edmonton District. 

m. 1933. Bertha Alice Milton. 

University Hospital, Edmonton, Alta. 

Scotia), b. 12 July 1899. Halifax County 
Academy & Dalhousie Univ. B.A. 

University 1921-4. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1923. B.C.L. 2nd CL 1924. 

1924-5: Practice of Law, Halifax, N.S. 
1925- : Business, Halifax; Director & Gen. 
Manager, Maritime National Divn., National 
Sea Products, Ltd. since 1945. 1939-45: C.A.O.; 
Engl., Italy, N.W. Europe; Brigadier. C.B.E. 
1944. E.D. 1944. D. 1945. Officer of Legion 
of Merit 1945. Comdr. of Order of Orange 
Nassau (w. Swords) 1945. Hon. A.D.C. to H.E. 
the Gov.-Gen. of Canada. Gov., Dalhousie 
Univ., Nova Scotia Tech. Coll., Corps of Com- 
missionaires. Director, Strathcona Trust. 
Comdr., 13th Inf. Bde. (Can. Res. Army). 

m. 1925. Emily Ruth Boutilier. 

2 Birchdale Ave., Halifax, N.S. 

STIRRETT, JOHN Ross (Ontario), b. 23 Feb. 
1898. High Sch.. Petrolea, Ont., & Univ. of 
Toronto. B.A. 1916-18: C.E F.; France. 

Balliol 1921-4. Jurispr. (Shortened) B.A. 
1922. M.A. 1946. 

1925- : Practice of Law, London, Ont., & 
Toronto. 1925-7: Lect. in Law & Jurispr., 
Univ. of W. Ont. 

m. 1930. Marjorie Ethel McKay. Three d. 

350 Bay St., Toronto, Ont. 

VOLLUM, ROY LARS (British Columbia), b. 

13 Nov. 1899. Britannia High Sch., Vancouver, 
& Univ. of B.C. B.A. & M.A. 

Lincoln 1921-3. D.Phil. (Pathol.) 1926. 

1924- : Dem. in Pathol., Sir William Dunn 
Sch. of Pathol. , Oxford. Univ. Dem. & Lect. 
since 1927. 1938- : Bacteriologist to Radcliffe 
Infirmary, Oxford. 

m. 1929. Isabella Elliott Crozier. One s. 

West Side, Foxcombe End, Boars Hill, Oxford, 


Australia), b. 24 Sept. 1898. St. Peter's 
Collegiate Sch., Adelaide, & Univ. of Adelaide. 
B.M., B.S. 

Magdalen 1922 (Hil. Term)-1924. Physiol. 
1st CL B.A. 1924. B.Sc. 1925. M.A. 1935. 
Francis Gotch Mem.. Prize 1923. 

1924-5 : Cambridge Univ. , John Lucas Walker 
Student. 1925-6: Rockefeller Trav. Fellow, 
U.S.A. 1926: London Hosp., Freedom Re- 
search Fellow & Fellow of Gonville & Caius 
Coll., Cambridge. Huddersfield Lect. in Special 
Pathol., Cambridge, 1927. Ph.D. (Camb.) 1927. 
M.A. (Camb.) 1928. Rolleston Mem. Prize, 
Oxford, 1928. 1931-5: Prof, of Pathol., Univ. 
of Sheffield. 1935- : Prof, of Pathol., Univ. of 
Oxford. Fellow of Lincoln Coll., Oxford. Hon. 
Consultant in Pathol. to the Army 1943. 
Nuffield Visiting Prof, to Australia & N.Z. 1944. 
F.R.S. 1941. Kt. 1944. Hon. M.D. (Adelaide) 
1944. Lister Medal, R C.S., 1945. Berzelius 
Silver Medal, Swedish Med. Socy., 1945. Nobel 
Prize for Physiol. & Med. 1945. Hon. Fellow, 

[Australia) cant."] 

Gonville & Caius Coll., Camb., 1946. Albert 
Gold Medal, R.S.A., 1946. Hon. D.Sc. (Shef- 
field) 1947. Hon. D.Sc. (Birmingham) 1949. 
Medal of Merit (U.S. Army) 1948. Foreign, 
Hon. or Corr. Member of many foreign Medical 
Societies, &c., & Doctor, honoris causa, of Uni- 
versities in Europe & S. America. 

m. 1926. Mary Edith Hayter Reed. One s. 
One d. 

Publ.: Numerous contributions to technical 
periodicals on physiological & pathological sub- 

16 Parks Rd., Oxford, England. 

LAWTON, THOMAS (Queensland), b. 16 Jan. 
1899. Boys' Gr. Sch., Brisbane, & Univs. of 
Queensland and Sydney. 1917-19: A.I.F.; 
France; Gnr. 

New Coll. 1921-4. Read Agric. B.A. 1924. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1921-3. Swimming v. Carnb. 
1922-4. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1924. R.F. 
Internat. (Austr.). 

1925-34: Business, Melbourne & Brisbane. 
1934- : Farming. 

m. 1933. Maud Archibald (nee Rich). Two s. 
One d. 

Mt. Nebo, Samford, Queensland. 


2 Nov. 1900. The Hutchms Sch., Hobart, & 
Univ. of Tasmania. B.Sc. 

Merton 1921-4. Physics 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1924-8: Nigerian Govt. Survey. 1928-30: 
Research Asst., Physics Dept., Leeds Univ., 
Engl. 1930-2: Teaching, Sir John Deane's Sch., 
Northwich, Cheshire, Engl. 1932-4: Orchard- 
ing, Tasmania. 1934-46: Hydro-Electric 
Commn., Tas.; (Asst. Engr. 1934-9, Chief 
Surveyor 1939-46). 1937-42: Lect. in Survey- 
ing (Part-time), Hobart Tech. Coll. 1944- : 
Lect. in Surveying (Part-time), Univ. of Tas- 
mania. 1946- : Private Practice as Authorized 
Surveyor, Tasmania. 

m. 1930. Eileen Netta Fortt. Ones. Three d. 

5 Rupert Ave., Hobart, Tasmania. 

b. 13 Dec. 1900. High Sch., Charlton, & Wesley 
Coll., Melbourne. Univ. of Melbourne. B.A. 

Oriel 1921-4. B.Litt. (Philos.) 1923. 

1925: Study in Germany. 1926-35: Senr. 
Lect. in Philos., Univ. of Melbourne. D.Litt. 
(Melb.) 1935. 1936- : Grazier. 

m. 1924. Margaret Annie O'Hara. Two 5. 
Three d. 

Publ.: Descartes: An Examination of some 
Features of his Metaphysics Gf Method, 1934. 

Coonara, Carrathool, N.S.W. 

tralia), b. 21 Nov. 1899. Scotch Coll., W.A., 
& Univ. of W.A. B.A. 

University 1921-4. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1925. M.A. 1938. 

1925-37: Teaching: Newington Coll., Stan- 
more. Sydney, 1925-7; St. Peter's Coll., 
Adelaide, 1928-37. 1938- : Headmaster: 
Trinity Gr. Sch., Summer Hill, N.S.W., 1938- 
42; The Hutchins Sch., Hobart, 1942-6; Hale 
Sch., Perth, W.A., since 1946. 

m. 1928. Winsome Barbara Noble. One s. 

Hale School, Havelock St., Perth, W. Aus- 

WATT, ALAN STEWART (New South Wales). 

b. 13 Apr. 1901. Boys' High Sch., Sydney, & 
Univ. of Sydney. B.A. 

Oriel 1922 (Hil. Term)-1924 (Mich. Term). 
P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1924. L.T. v. Camb. 
1922-4 (Pres. 1924). 

[53] 1921 

1925: In Germany holding Fraser Post-Grad. 
Scholp. (Oriel). 1925-6: Journalism & Writing, 
Sydney. 1926-8: Tutor, Educ. Classes, Brit. 
Austr. Tobacco Co., Sydney. 1928-32: Assoc. 
to Supreme Court Justices. 1933-7: Practice of 
Law, Sydney. 1937: Hd., Internat. Co-opera- 
tion Section, Dept. of External Affairs. 1940-5 : 
First Secy., Austr. Legation, Washington, 
U.S.A. 1945-7: Adviser, San Francisco Conf.; 
Alternate Delegate, U.N. Prep. Cornmn, & U.N. 
Gen. Assembly, London, 1946; Delegate, U.N. 
Gen. Assembly, N.Y., 1946 & 1947; Asst. Secy. 
(Political), Dept. of External Affairs; Acting 
Secy, later. 1947- : Australian Minister (Am- 
bassador since May 1948) to U.S.S.R. Leader 
of Austr. Deln., U.N. Conf. on Freedom of 
Informn. & The Press, Geneva, 1948. 

ra. 1927. Mildred Mary Wait. Threes. One d. 

Perm, addr.: Dept. of External Affairs, Can- 


RYBURN, HUBERT JAMES (The Rev.), b. 19 Apr. 
1897. Boys' High Sch., Southland, & Univ. of 
Otago. B.A. & M.A. 1917-19: 2nd Auckland 
Bn.: France. 

Lincoln 1921-4. Theol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1924-5: Union Theol. Seminary, N.Y., U.S.A. 
B.D. 1925. Ordained 1926. 1926-9: Minister 
in Charge, Presbyt. Ch., Kaikohe, N.Z. 1929- 
40: Minister in Charge, St. Andrew's Ch., 
Dunedin, N.Z. 1941- : Master of Knox ColL, 
Dunedin, N.Z. Member, Senate of Univ. of 
N.Z., 1948. 

m. 1930. Jocelyn Maud Dunlop. Two s. 

Publ.: The Church of the Holy Spirit, 1930. 

Knox College, Dunedin, N.E. 1, N.Z. 


In this year there was no election from 
South African College School. 

lege, Rondebosch). b. 11 Oct. 1902. Dioc. 
ColL, Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. 

Hertford 1922 (Hil. Term)-1925. Jurispr. 
3rdCl. B.A. 1924. B.Litt. (Law) 1925. Swim- 
ming v. Camb. 1925. 

1926- : Practice of Law; Cape Town 1926- 
30; Bulawayo since 1930. Chmn., Local Bd. of 
Govs., Rhodesia Fairbridge Mem. Coll., 1946. 
1941-5: S. Rhod. Defence Force; Lt. 

m. 1932. Phyllis Margaret Sinclair Hopkins. 
One 5. One d. 

19 Lawley Rd., Btdawayo, S, Rhodesia. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 9 Mar. 1899. Boys' 
High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Stellen- 
bosch. B.A. 

Worcester 1921H-. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1923. M.A. 1927. 

1924-5: Teaching, Training Coll., Graaf 
Reinet. Teachers* High Dipl. (Univ. of S. Afr.) 
1925. 1925- : Lect., Normal Coll., Potchef- 
stroom. 1944- : Vice-Principal, The Teachers' 
Training Coll., Potchefstroom. 

m. 1930. Anna Johanna Pienaar. One s. 
One d. 

Teachers' College, Potchefstroom, Transvaal. 

(Transvaal), b. 1 Mar. 1900. Ermelo High 
Sch. & Transvaal Univ. Coll M.Sc. 

Trinity 1922 (Hil. Term)~1924 (Mich, Term). 

1921 [54] 

[South Africa, cont.] 

Physiol. 3rd CL B.A. 1925. B.M., B.Ch. 1927. 

M.A. 1929. 

1925-9: London Hosp., EngL F.R.C.S. 
(Edmb.) 1929. M.R.C.P. (Edinb.) 1948. D.C.H. 
1948. 1929- : Med. Practice; Heidelberg, 
Transvaal, 1929-36; Pretoria 1936-46. Hon. 
Surgeon, Pretoria Gen. Hosp., 1936-46. 

m. 1929, Hester Maria Bester. One $. One d. 

691 Preforms St., Pretoria, 

beth), b. 8 Sept. 1900. Grey Inst., Port Eliza- 
beth, & Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

University 1921-4. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1923. R.F. v. Camb, 1923. 

1924- : Practice of Law; Port Elizabeth 
1925-7; Bedford, C.P., since 1927. 1939-45: 
U.D.F.; Capt. Mil. Commendation 1946. 

m. 1931. 

P.O. Box 2, Bedford, C.P. 

LISTER, ALFRED WALTON (Natal). 6. 20 Aug. 
1898. Michaelhouse Sch., Natal, & Natal Univ. 
ColL 1916-20: R.F.A.; France; 2nd Lt. M.C. 

Trinity 1920-3. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 
B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1923. Called to the Bar, EngL, 

1923- : Practice of Law, Pietermaritzburg. 

m. 1925. Gwendoline May Stott. Two d. 

20 Hoiking Rd,, Pzetermantzburg, Natal. 

State), b. 2 Oct. 1897. Boys' High Sch., Rivers- 
dale, & Grey Univ. Coll., Bloemfontem. B.Sc. 

New ColL 1921-4 Maths. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1925. 
M.A. 1927. 

1924-6: Asst. Master, Gr. Sch., Wolverhamp- 
ton, EngL 1926- : Physics Master, High Pave- 
ment Sch., Nottingham. 1932-40: Part-time 
Lect., Leicester Univ. Coll. 

m. 1925. Janet Stokes. Two s. One d. 

22 Ennerdale Rd., Sherwood, Nottingham, 

College, Grahamstown). b. 31 May 1902. 
St. Andrew's ColL, Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1921-4. Read Engineering. B.A. 
(Pass) 1931. R.F. v. Camb. 1923. 

1924-5: Prospecting & business, Natal. 
1926-9 : Farming. 1929-35 : Teaching, Michael- 
house, Balgowan, Natal. 1936-9: Business. 
1940-1: Indian & Malay Transport Corps; 
2nd Lt. Recalled to special duties (civil). 1942: 
Native Labour Orgn. (Secy. -Manager from 
1944). 1947- : Manager, Native Recruiting 

m. (1) 1926. Alicia Warnngton Gutridge. 
(Marriage dissolved.) Two d. (2) 1938. Con- 
stance Mary Patricia Hutton (ne'e Ormsby). 

122 Oxford Rd., Melrose, Johannesburg. 



1900. St. George's Sch., Bulawayo, & Rhodes 
Univ. ColL 

Jesus 1922 (HiL Term)-1924. Forestry 
Schools & Dipl. Forestry. B.A. 1926. M.A. 

1925- : S. Rhodesian Forest Service: in 
charge since 1931, Conservator 1937, Chief Con- 
servator since 1948. Part-time mil. service in the 
Colony 1939-45. 

m. 1935. Anne May Mullen. Two d. 

Fcrrest Dept., P.O. Box 387, Salisbury, S. 


1901. Salisbury Sch., S. Rhod., & Goudhurst 
Sch., England. 

St. John's 1921-4. Hist. 3rd CL 1924. 
1924- : N. Rhodesian District Admin.; Dist. 
Officer 1930; Dist. Commissioner since 1943. 
m. 1933. Joyce Templeton Towert. 
The Boma, Ndola, N. Rhodesia. 

1900. Bishop's Stortford Sch., England. 

Keble 1921-4. Forestry Schools & Dipl. w. 
Distn. 1923. Botany 3rd Cl. B.A. 1924. 

1924- : Forest Service, Tanganyika Territory 
(Senr. Asst. Conservator since 1947). Agric. & 
Pastoral Survey 1930-1. 1932-7: Silviculturist, 
Agric. Dept , Zanzibar, 1939-42 K.A.R. & 
Bde. H.Q in the Occupation of Ethiopia; Capt. 
1942-3: Instr.; Tactical Sch. 

m. 1935. Martha Alexandra McKie. 

Publ. : Nursery Practice 6? Estate Planning of 
the Clove, Eugenia aromatica, L. 

c[o Conservator of Forests, Dar~es~Salaam, 
Tanganyika Territory. 


1902. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Dulwich 
ColL, England, 

St. John's 1921^4. Read Maths. Prevented 
by illness from taking Schools. 

1924-5: Maths. Master, Saltus Gr. Sch., 
Bermuda. 1925-42: Colonial Civil Service; 
Asst. Colonial Secy., Bermuda, 1937-40 ; Colonial 
Secy., Grenada, B.W.I., 1940-2. Invalided 1942. 
1944- : Manager, King Edward VII M. Hosp., 
Bermuda. 1939-40: Capt. & Adjutant, Bermuda 
Local Forces. 

m. 1935. Anne Tindale. One s. Two d. 

Alton, Pembroke, Bermuda. 


1897. Jamaica ColL, Jamaica. 

Pembroke 1921-4. Physiol. 3rd CL B.A. 
1927. B.M., B.Ch., 1927. M.A. 1929. 

1924-7' St. Thomas's Hosp., London, EngL 
1927-9: Hosp. Appts. in London. 1929- : 
Med. Practice, Jamaica. 

m. 1929. Demse Claire Franck. 

11 Caledonia Ave., Cross Roads, Jamaica. 


YOUNG, SEBASTIAN PAUL. b. 26 Feb. 1897. 
St. Bonaventure's Coll., Nfd., & Dalhousie 
Univ., N.S. 1917-18: R. Nfd. Regt.; France. 

University 1921-2. Read Medicine. Resigned 

1922-5: Studying Med., Dalhousie Univ. 
M.D., C.M. 1925. 1925-34: Med. Practice, 
New Germany, N.S. 

m. 1922. Elizabeth Margaret Corneally. 
One if. 

Died 10 June 1934. 


CASSAR, HAROLD ANTHONY, b. 28 Oct. 1901. 
St. Aloysius ColL & Univ. of Malta. B.Sc. 

Exeter 1921-4. Chem. Part I. B.A. 1925. 

1925-33: Chem. Research, Standard Oil Co., 
Elizabeth, N.J., U.S.A. 1930-1: Research for 
Vacuum Oil Co. at the Mass, Inst. of Tech., & 
at Paulsboro, NJ. 1933-6: Research, Sun Oil 
Co., Marcus Hook, Penn. 1936-40: Research 
for Penn. Sugar Co., Philadelphia. 1940-3: 
Private Tutoring Retired 1943. 

m. 1929. Clare McCoy. 

308 W. 107th St., New York City 25, U.S.A. 




b. 7 Nov. 1899. Montreal High Sch., & McGill 
Univ. B.Sc. 1917-18: R.F.C. & R.N.C.V.R. 

Queen's 1922-5. Read Physics. 

1925-6: Cuban Telephone Co., Havana. 
1926-33: Compania Telefonica Nacional de 
Espana, Madrid. 1935- : Brazilian Telephone 
Co., Rio de Janeiro; Gen. Transmission Engr. 
since 1947. 

m. 1935. Jeanne Jovignot. 

c\o Brazilian Telephone Co., Caixa Postal, 
450, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

b. 31 Oct. 1898. Windsor Acad., N.S., & Dal- 
housie Univ. B.A. 1916-19: Can. Inf. & 
Engineers; France, Belgium, Germany. 

Exeter 1922-5. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. M.A. 1929. Ice-hockey v. 
Camb. 1924. 

1925-6: Harvard Univ. Law Sch., U.S.A. 
LL.M. 1926. 1926-39: Practice of Law, New 
York, U.S.A. 1939- : Legal Dept., American 
Cyanamid Co., N.Y.C. 

Publ.: (Tn collab.) The Board of Railway Com- 
missioners of Canada. 

58th Floor, 30 Rockefeller Plaza. N.Y.C. , 

10 Oct. 1898. High Sch., Vancouver, Univ. of 
B.C., & Univ. of Alberta. B.A. 1917-18: Can. 
F.A.; France. MM. 

University 1922-5. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 

1926- : Legal Dept., various Insce. Corpns.; 
Claim Attorney in Legal Dept. of the Fidelity & 
Casualty Co. of New York, U.S.A., since 1931. 

m. (1) 1928. Mary Caylor. (2) 1935. Sylvia 
Breeman. One s. 

30 Monroe Place, Brooklyn (2), New York, 

HURST BROWN, WILBERT (Saskatchewan). 

b. 24 Sept. 1899. Regina Collegiate Inst. & 
Univ. ofSask. B.A. 

Queen's 1922-5. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 
M.A. 1930. B.M., B.Ch. 1928. D.M. 1939. 
Lacrosses. Camb. 1923-5. Ice-hockey *>. Camb. 

1925-32: St. Mary's Hosp., London, Engl. 
M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. 1927. M.R.C.P. (Lend.) 
1932. 1932-4: RadclifTe Trav. Fellow of Uni- 
versity Coll., Oxford. 1934-6: Brigham Fellow, 
Johns Hopkins Hosp., Baltimore, U.S.A. 
1936- : Univ. of Toronto; Dem. in Clin. Med.; 
Senr. Dem. since 1946. 1940^ : Toronto 
Western Hosp. ; Attending Physician. F.R.C.P. 
(Can.) 1946. F.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1947. 1940-6: 
R.C.A.M.C.; A.D.M.S. of AJVLD, 10; Senr. 
Consultant in Med. Research (1945); Chmn., 
Assoc. Commee. on Army Med. Research, Nat. 
Research Council of Can. (1942-7); A.D.M.S. 
& Consultant-in-Chief to A.M.D. 8, Dept. of 
Med. Research & Devel., D.G.M.S., N.D.H.Q. 
(1945-6); Col. 

m. 1946. Sylvia Dilworth. 

Medical Arts Bldg., Toronto 5, Ont. 

LOWE, JOHN (The Very Rev.) (Ontario), b. 
9 Jan. 1899. St. Catherine's Collegiate Inst. & 
Umy. of Toronto. B.A. & M.A. 1917-19: Can. 
Engineers; France, Belgium. 

Christ Church 1922-5. Lit. Hum. 1st Cl. 
Theol. 1st Cl. B.A. 1925. M.A. 1929. Liddon 
Theol. Scholp. 1924. 

1925-7: Gen. Theol. Seminary, New York, 
U.S.A.: Grad. Student & Fellow. Ordained 
1926. 1927-39: Trinity Coll., Toronto; Lect. 
1927-9; Prof, of New Testament Lang. & Lit, 
1929-39; Dean of Divinity 1934-9. D.D. (hon. 
causa) 1939. Member of Senate 1936-40. 
1939- : Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, Engl. 
Rhodes Trustee since 1940. Member of Heb- 
domadal Council, Univ. of Oxford, since 1947. 
1948- : Vice-Chancellor, Univ. of Oxford. 

m. 1929. Ruth Maud Burpee. Two s. Onerf. 

Publ. : Assoc. Ed. Canadian Journal of Reli- 
gious Thought, 1929-32. Contrib. to: The Inter- 
pretation of the Bible, 1944. 

The Deanery, Christ Church, Oxford, England. 

Columbia), b. 12 Nov. 1899. King Edward 
High Sch., Vancouver, & Univ. of B.C. B.A. 

Bahiol 1922-5. B.Sc. (Chem.). Lacrosse v. 
Camb. 1923-5. 

1925-7: Chemical research in U.S.A. 1927-8: 
Instr., Univ. of California. 1928- : Research 
Chemist, Union Oil Co., Oleum, Calif. 

m. 1929. Cora Irma Metz. 

2619 Yuba Ave., Richmond, Calif., U.S.A. 


b. 16 Sept. 1901. Fredericton High Sch. & 
Univ. of N.B. B.A. 

Merton 1922-5. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1924. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1925. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1925. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1924-5. 

1925-30: Practice of Law, Fredericton, N.B. 
1930- : Univ. of New Brunswick; Registrar & 
Treasurer 1930-45; Secy, to the Senate since 
1930; Prof, of Law since 1941; Bursar since 
1945; Dean of Admin, since 1946. Hon. LL.D. 
(Univ. of N.B.) 1948. 

m. 1929. Clara lona Kelly. One s. Two d. 

Univ. of New Brunswick, Frederictcn, N.B. 

SPRY, GRAHAM (Manitoba), b. 20 Feb. 1900. 
High Schs., Winnipeg, & Univ. of Manitoba. 
B.A. 1918: C.F,A.;Gnr. 

University 1922-5. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 
M.A. 1938. Prox. ace. for Robert Herbert Mem. 

1925: Editorial Sec., I.L.O., Geneva, 1926- 
32: Secy., Assocn. of Canadian Clubs. Ed., 
Canadian Nation & Interdependence. 1929-34: 
Chmn., Canadian Radio League. 1932-5; Ed., 
Farmers* Sun. 1935-7: Chmn., Co-operative 
Commonwealth Federation, Ont. Sec. Ed. The 
New Commonwealth. 1938-46: Calif. Standard 
Oil Co., Ltd.; Man. & Director 1940-6. 1939: 
Min. of Informn., London. 1942-5: Personal 
Asst. to Rt. Hon. Sir Stafford Cripps, Ld. Privy 
Seal & Minister of Aircraft Production. 1 942-3 : 
Member, Cripps Mission to India & Missions 
to U.S.A. 1 944 : Member, Cornmee. on Internat. 
Civil Aviation. 1944-5: Attd., C.A.O., Italy, 
Holland, & Germany. 1947- : Agent-General 
for Govt. of Saskatchewan in the U.K. & Europe. 

m. 1938. Irene Mary Biss. Two jr. One d. 

Publ. (In colkb.) Social Planning for Canada, 
1934. Canada, 1941. Canada, 1947. 

Shield's Edge, Kingsmere, Quebec, P.Q.; 
28 Chester St., Belgrave Sq., London, S.W. 1, 


ASHHURST, THOMAS (South Australia). I. 
5 Dec. 1898. Adelaide High Sch. & Univ. of 
Adelaide. 1918-19: Mil. Service; Overseas. 
Magdalen 1922-5. Chem. 2nd CL B.A. 1925. 



[Australia, com.} 

1925-6: Industr. Chemist, London, Engl, 
1926-35: Managing Director, Burt, Boulton & 
Haywood (Austr.) Ltd., Sydney. 1935- : In 
business on own account. 

m. 1925. Kathleen Lilian McKechnie. Three 
s. (one dcd.). One d. 

Cherwell, 30 Clements St., Russell Lea, N.S.W. 

BURTON, HERBERT (Queensland), b. 29 Nov. 
1900. Ipswich Gr. Sch., Queensland, & Univ. of 
Queensland. B.A. 

Queen's 1922-5. Hist. 1st Cl. B.A. 1925. 
M.A. 1929. 

1925-6: Asst. Master, Ipswich Gr. Sch., 
Queensland. 1927-9: Asst. Master, St. Peter's 
Coll., Adelaide. 1930- : Dept. of Econ. Hist., 
Univ. of Melbourne; Senr. Lect. 1930, Assoc. 
Prof, since 1947. 1935-6: Rockefeller Founda- 
tion Fellowship. Hon. M.A. (Melb.) 1939. 
193 6-40 : Pres. , Austr. Council for Civil Liberties. 
1949- : principal, Canberra Univ. Coll. & Prof, 
of Econ. Hist. 

m. 1928. Barbara McLennan. 

Faculty of Economics & Commerce, Univ. of 
Melbourne, Carlton, N. 3, Vic. 

CLINCH, JOHN KEITH (Tasmania), b. 31 Jan. 
1902. The Hutchins Sch., Hobart, & Univ. of 
Tasmania. B.Sc. 

Magdalen 1922-5. Engineering 1st Cl. B.A. 
1926. M.A. 1935. 

1925-7- Engin. Pupil, London, Engl. 1927-9: 
Asst. Engr., Public Works Dept., N.S.W. 
1929-34: Asst. City Engr., Launceston, Tas. 
A.M.Inst.C.E. 1930. 1934-5: Asst. Engr., 
Hydro-Electric Commn., Tas. 1936- : Metrop. 
Water, Sewerage & Drainage Bd., Sydney; 
Engr. since 1946. 

m. 1938. Lily Ellen Temple. One s. Two<f. 

cfo Metropolitan Water Board. 46 Reservoir 
St., Sydney, N.S.W. 

RIDE, LINDSAY TASMAN (Victoria), b. 10 Oct. 
1898. Scotch Coll., Melbourne, & Univ. of 
Melbourne. 1916-19: Austr. Inf.; A.I.F. 

New Coll. 1922-5. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1925. M.B., B.Ch. 1928. D.M. 1939. 

1925-8: Guy's Hosp., London. M.R.C.S., 
L.R.C.P. 1927. 1928- : Univ. of Hong Kong, 
China : Prof, of Physiol. & Dean of Fac. of Med. ; 
Vice-Chancellor since 1948. 1939-41: C.O., 
Field Ambulance, Hong Kong Defence Corps; 
Lt.~Col. Taken prisoner & escaped 1942. 
1942-5: Raised & commanded British Army 
Aid Group, S. China; Col. Repres. of Mil. 
Attach^ to H.B.M. Embassy, Chungking, 1942. 
O.B.E. 1942. C.B.E. 1944. 1946-7: Indian 
Army; Commandant, British Army Aid Group, 
China; Col. 1948- : Seconded from Hong 
Kong Univ. as Commandant, Hong Kong 
Volunteer Defence Corps; Col. E.D. 1948. 

m. 1925. Mary Margaret Louise Fenety. 
Two s. Two d. 

Publ.: Genetics & the Clinician, 1939. 

The University, Hong Kong, China. 

Wales), b. 5 Sept. 1900. Sydney Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Sydney. 

New Coll. 1922-5. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1925. R.F. v. Camb. 1922-5. R.F. Internal, 
(Scotland & Austr.). 

1925-30: Practice of Law, Sydney. 1930-9: 
Grazier, Macksville, N.S.W. 1 940 : A.I.F. ; Pte. ; 
discharged owing to injuries following accident. 
1941-6: Legal Dept., Mm. of War, Austr.; 
Legal Staff Officer; Capt. 1946- : Practice of 
Law, Sydney. 

m. 1929. Bettie Simpson. Two d. 

150 Phillip St., Sydney, N.S.W. 
tralia), b. 22 Feb. 1900. Scotch Coll., Clare- 
mont, W.A., & Univ. of W.A. B.Sc. 

Lincoln 1922-5. D. Phil. (Chem.) 1925. 

1925- : Chern. Engr., Imperial Chemical 
Industries Ltd., Engl.; Chmn., Plastics Divn., 
since 1942; Director since 1948. Member, 
Council of Industr. Design. 

m. 1927. Ethelwynne Bessie Lavers. One 5. 
One d. 

20 Albert Court, London, S.W. 7, England. 


AITKEN, GEORGE GOTHARD. b. 2 July 1898. 
Westport High Sch. & Victoria Univ. ~ " 
Wellington. B.A. 


St. John's 1922-5. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1925. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1923 & 1925; Internat. (Scotland) 
1923 & 1924. 

1926-37: Business, London, Engl. 1939- : 
Dept. of Industries & Commerce, Wellington, 

m. (1) 1928. Muriel Williams (d. 1933). One s. 
(2) Phyllis Gray. 

Industries & Commerce Dept., Wellington, N.Z. 


State), b. 13 Dec. 1898. Grey ColL Sch., 
Bloemfontein, & Grey Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Brasenose 1922-5. Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. 
P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 

1926: Overseas Marketing Officer, Dept. of 
Agnc., Pretoria. 1927- : Dept. of Econ. & Pol. 
Sci., Grey Univ. ColL (now Univ. Coll. of the 
O.F.S.); Senr. Lect. 1927-35; Prof, since 1936 
(Rector during 1939). Member of Council, 
Univ. of S. Afr., 1939. 1941: Informn. Officer, 
S.A.F., M.E.F. 1941- : Member, Marketing 
Council, Pretoria. 1942-4: Director of Pur- 
chasing under Food Control Orgn. 1 946 : Mem- 
ber, War Histories Commee. 1947: Member, 
Econ. Commee., Nat. Social Research Council. 

m. 1927. Agatha Madeleine van Ellinckhuy- 
zen. Three 5. 

c\o National Marketing Council, Union Bldgs., 

19 July 1 900. King Edward VII Sch., Johannes- 
burg, & Umv. of the Witwatersrand. B.A. 

Balhol 1922-5. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.C.L. 3rd 
Cl. B.A. 1924. 

1926-32: Practice of Law, Windhoek, S.W. 
Afr. 1932- : Solicitor, Chesterfield, Engl. 

m. 1929. Dorothy Mary Pickard. 

The Grange, Oldcotes, Nr. Worksop, Notts., 

berley). b. 13 May 1900. Christian Bros. Coll., 
Kimberley, & Univ. of the Witwatersrand. B.Sc. 

New Coll. 1922-5. Engineering 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1925. L.T. v. Camb. 1925. 

1927-41 : Mine Manager. 

m. 1927. Doreen Jeanette Seale. Four ch. 

Died 15 Apr. 1941. 

MALAN, JAN GYSBERT (Boys' High School, 
Stellenbosch). b. 31 Dec. 1899. Stellenbosch 
High Sch. & Univ. of Stellenbosch. B.A. & M.A. 

Worcester 1923 (Hil. Term)-1925 (Mich. 
Term). Dipl. Educ. 1924. 

1926: Teaching, Volks High Sch., Heidelberg, 
Transvaal. 1927-33: Teaching, Douglas, C.P.; 
Headmaster, Douglas High Sch., from 1929. 
1933-40: Headmaster, High Sch., Fransch 
Hoek, C.P. 1941- : Headmaster, Voortrekker 
High Sch., Wynberg, Cape Town. 

m. 1930. Aletta Helena McFarlane. One *. 

Voortrekker High School, Wynberg, Cape 



[South Africa, cont.~\ 

lege, Rondebosch). b. 22 Apr. 1903. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. 

Brasenose 1923-6. Physiol , Aegrotat. B.A. 

1927- : Farming. 

ra. 1928. Helen Elizabeth Hindle Lyon. 
Three 5. 

Glenlyon, Box 8, Nieuwoudtville, C.P. 


b. 31 Mar. 1900. King Edward VII Sch., 
Johannesburg, & Transvaal Umv. Coll., Pretoria. 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.A., M.A., LL,B. 

Oriel 1922-4. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1924. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1922-3. Swimming: v. Camb. 

1924- : Practice of Law; Cape Town 1924- 
35; Johannesburg since 1935. K.C. 1940. 
Member, Transvaal Provincial Council 1949. 

m. 1926. Violet Hannah Wolf. One s. Two d. 

Journey's End, Waterfall Rd., Westcliff, 

TITLESTAD, Rico MARTIN (Natal), b. 14 July 
1899. Durban High Sch. & Natal Univ. Coll. 
B.A., M.A., LL.B. 

University 1923 (Hil. Term)-1925 (Mich. 
Term). Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 

1926: Teaching, Johannesburg. 1927-34: 
Dept. of EngL, Transvaal Umv. Coll., Pretoria; 
Senr. Lect. 1929. 1935-43: Prof, of EngL, 
University Coll., Potchefstroom. 1943- : Prof. 
of EngL, Univ. of Pretoria. 

m. 1932. Rose Muriel Poynton. One 5. One*?. 

PubL: Salmagundi: a Book of Verse, 1942. 

18 Murray St., Brooklyn, Pretoria. 

WEVELL, GERALD JOHN (St. Andrew's Col- 
lege, Grahamstown). b. 6 July 1902. St. 
Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1922-5. Chem. Part I. B.A. 1925. 
M.A. 1929. 

1925-8: University Coll., London, EngL 
M Sc. (Chem. Engin.) 1928. 1928-45: Industr. 
Chem., African Explosives Industries, Ltd. 
1940-4: D.H.Q., Pretoria; Major (1942-3: 
Tech. Liaison Officer, EngL). 1944-5: Tech. 
Inspectn. Branch of Dir.-Gen. of Supplies; 
Senr. Inspector. 1946- : Director 8s Man. of 
Chem. Agency Dept., Wevell Bros. Ltd., 

m. 1937. Sheila Isobel Webber. One s. One d. 

cfo Wevell Bros., Ltd., P.O. Box 1262, 


DIXON, HUGH HUME. b. 9 Oct. 1902. Milton 
Sch., Bulawayo, & Rhodes Univ. Coll., Grahams- 

Oriel 1922-5. Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 3rd Cl. 
Engineering 2nd CL B.A. 1925. M.A. 1929. 

1925-36: Civil Engr., Engl. 1936-7: Res. 
., Haifa Water Supply Investigation. 


1938-9: Staff Engr. &, since 1945, Consulting 
Engr. (Partner, Howard Humphreys & Sons, 
Westminster, EngL). 1939-45: Engr. Inspector, 
Dept. of Health for Scotland. M.I.C.E. & 
MJ.W.E. 1944. M.Cons.E. 1948. 

m. 1927. Florence Marjorie Cooper. Two d. 

Stoke Row, Nr. Henley ~on-Thame$, Oxon., 

7 Dec. 1901. Sherborne Sch., England. 

New Coll. 1921-4. Read P.P.E. 

1924-39: Journalism, The Daily Despatch, 
Ltd., East London, S. Afr. 1940-4: S.A. Intell. 
Corps (Abyssinia); G.S O. 3 (I),H.Q., Southern 

Area, E. Afr. Command; Combined Services 
Security Bureau, Madagascan Islands Area 
(Chmn.); Capt. D. 1944-5: Seconded to S. 
Afr. Dept. of Ext. Affairs; Reorg. S. Afr. 
Public Relations Work in W. Afr. 1946: Ed. 
Vuka (Organ of S. Rhod. Nat. Farmers' Union). 
1947- : Man. Ed., The Rhodesian Farmer 
(Incorp. Vuka). 

m. 1928. Eva Frances Shaw. Two 5. 

Pleasant Valley, P.O. Box 210, Salisbury, 
S. Rhodesia. 

SMITH, GERARD DUFFUS b. 27 June 1902. 
Boys' High Sch., Salisbury, & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll., Grahamstown. B.A. 

Exeter 1923 (Hil. Term)-1925. EngL L. & 
Lit. 3rd CL B.A. 1925. M.A. 1928. 

1925-7: Teaching, Chaplin Sch., Gwelo, & 
Milton Sch., Bulawayo. 1927-9 & 1942-49: 
Edit. Staff (Columnist), The Star, Johannesburg. 
1930-41: Edit. Staff, Bulawayo Chronicle, 
Bulawayo, S. Rhod. Pres., S. Afr. Socy. of 
Journalists, 1947. 1940-2: Part-time Intell. 
Sgt., the Rhodesian Regt. & member, Corps of 
Instructors, 1949- : Editorial Rep. in S. Rhod. 
of Argus group of S. Afr. newspapers. 

m. 1928. Sheila Gordon Graham. Two s. 
Two d. 

c\o The Rhodesian Herald, Salisbury, S. 


1902. Warwick Acad., Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., 

St. John's 1922-5. Engineering 4th CL B.A. 
1925. M.A. 1935. 1925-6: Trinity Coll., Cam- 

1926-36: Asst., 1937-47: Superintendent of 
Surveys, Ceylon. 1939-42- Special duty, 
Censorship, I.O. 1942: Asst. Director of Sur- 
vey, Ceylon Army Command: Lt.-CoL (& sub- 
sequently w. civil status). 1947 : Director of 
Surveys, Kenya. F.G.S. 1947. 

m. 1935. Eunoe" Thompson. Two s. One d. 

PubL: Technical Instructions, 1940. 

P.O. Box 89, Nairobi, Kenya Colony. 


SWABY, ERIC EWART. b. 23 June 1899. Munro 
Coll., Jamaica. 1918: B.W.I. Regt.; 2nd Lt. 

St. John's 1922-5 (Mich. Term). Physiol. 
3rd Cl. B.A. 1925. 

1926-8: Westminster Hosp., London, EngL 
M.R.C.S. & L.R.C.P. 1928. 1929- : Med. 
Practice, Jamaica. 1941- : R.A.M.C.; India; 

43 Duke St., Kingston, Jamaica. 


b. 3 Mar. 1898 Bishop Feild Coll., Nfd., & 
McGill Univ., Montreal. B.A. 1916-19: R. 
Nfd. Regt.; Overseas; Sgt. 

Keble 1922-5. Theol. 2nd CL & B.D. Quali- 
fying Exam. B.A. 1925. Ordained 1925. 

Asst. Priest; 1926: Bunbury, Cheshire, EngL; 
1926-9: St. Philip's Ch. r Tottenham; 1929-33: 
Holy Trinity Ch., Stroud Green, London. 
1933-45: Vicar, Church of Holy Cross, St. 
Pancras, London. 

w. 1925. Jean McCallurn Austen Stevenson. 
One s. One d. 

PubL: The Priest & his Servers, 1938. 

Died 14 Aug. 1948. 




b. 28 Feb. 1904. Lunenburg Acad., N.S., & 
Dalhousie Univ. B,A. 

Balliol 1923-6. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1926. 
M.A. 1935. 

1926-40: Yale Univ./U.S.A.; Ph.D. 1931; 
Instr., Dept. of Classics, 1926-31; Sterling 
Fellow & Research Asst. in Sanskrit 1931-2; 
Hon. Research Fellow; Research Asst. in Lin- 
guistics 1934-8 (in India 1935-8). Fellow, Am. 
Council of Learned Societies. 1940- : Dept, of 
Sanskrit & Gen. Linguistics, Univ. of California, 
U.S.A., Prof, since 1946. Vice-Pres., Linguistic 
Socy. of America, 1948. Guggenheim Fellowship 

m. 1940. Katharine Fitch. 

Publ. Jambhaladatta's Version of the Vetdla- 
pancaviftsati, 1934. A Union List of Printed 
Indie Texts and Translations in American 
Libraries, 1935. Kota Texts, 1944-6. (In collab.) 
Vedic Variants,, vol. 3 (Noun and Pronoun 
Inflection), 1934; A Course in Annamese, 1944; 
An Annamese Reader, 1944; AnnameseEnglish 
Dictionary, 1945. Numerous articles. Assoc. 
Ed. (Indology), Journal of the Am. Oriental 
Socy. 1940, Ed. 1948. 

Univ. of California, Berkeley 4, Calif., U.S.A. 

toba), b. 5 Apt. 1902. St. John's Coll. Sch., 
Winnipeg, & Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. & M.A. 

St. John's 1923-6. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 
M.A. 1936. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1924-6. 

1926-9- Law Student, McGill Univ. B.C.L. 
1929. 1929-38: Practice of Law. Montreal. 
Pres., Montreal Jr. Bd. of Trade, 1932. Lect., 
McGill Univ., 1934-8. 1938-40: Princ. Secy. 
to Mr. Mackenzie King. 1940-9: Clerk of the 
Privy Council Secy, to the Cabinet, 1940-5: 
Secy, to the Cabinet War Comrnee. K.C. 1941. 
Alternate Del., Can. Deln., Paris Peace Conf., 
1946. Hon. LL.D. (Univ. of B.C.) 1948. 1949- : 
Under-Secy. of State, Dept. of External Affairs, 
Ottawa, Ont. 

m. 1931. Margaret Yuile. One s. One d. 

Department of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 


30 Apr. 1902. Lachine High Sch. & McGill 
Univ. B.A. 

Balliol 1923-6. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.C.L, 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1925. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1926. 
Relays v. Camb. 1923-5. Athl. Sports v . Camb. 
19246. Represented Canada in Olympic 
Games 1924. 

1926-36: Practice of Law, Montreal. 1936-41 
& 1945-6: Solicitor to Treasury, Dept. of 
Finance, Ottawa. 1 941-2 : Staff of High Commr. 
for Canada, Engl. 1943-5: C.A.O.; Capt. 
1947- : Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa. 

Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 

LAMB, ROBERT LINCOLN (Alberta), b. 19 Dec. 
1898. Victoria High Sch. & Univ. of Alberta. 
B.A. 1917-19: Can. Arty.; France, Belgium; 

Merton 1923-6. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 

1926- : Practice of Law, San Francisco, 

m. (1) 1926. Lois Black. Two d. (2) 1941. 
Alyce Rowe. One d. 

68 Port St., San Francisco 4 t Calif., U.S.A. 

Brunswick), b. 17 Oct. 1902. Aberdeen High 
Sch., Moncton, & Mt. Allison Univ. B.A. 

Merton 1923-6. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.C.L. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1925. M.A. 1930. 

1926- : Practice of Law; Toronto 1927-9; 
Vancouver since 1929. Member B.C. Legisla- 
ture since 1945. 

m. 1932. Ruth Everett Pearson Wilson. 

1376 West 33rd Ave., Vancouver, B.C. 

Island), b. 26 July 1899. Prince of Wales Coll., 
P.E.I., & Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 1916-19: 
Can. G.A 

Christ Church 1923-6. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1926. M.A. 1930. Newdigate Prize 1925. 

1926-8: Asst. Prof, of Hist., Oberlin Coll., 
Ohio, U.S. A. 1928- : Dept. of Hist., Univ. of 
Toronto, Assoc. Prof, since 1941. 

m. 1930. Lorene Hull. 

Publ.: Byron, Newdigate Prize Poem, 1925. 
The War: First Year, 1940. The War: Second 
Year, 1941. The Unguarded Frontier : A History 
of American-Canadian Relations (Gov.-Gen.'s 
Award and Canadian Authors' Assoc. Award), 
1942. The War: Third Year, 1943. The War: 
Fourth Year (Gov.-Gen.'s Award), 1944. The 
War: Fifth Year, 1945. The War: Sixth Year, 

1946. Canada: A Political and Social History, 

1947. (In collab.) The English Speaking Peoples, 

11 MacLennan Ave., Toronto, Ont. 

wan), b. 8 June 1900. Malvern Link Sch., 
Vanguard, Sask. ; Regina Coll., & Univ. of Sask. 
1916-19: Can. Overseas Bn., Can. Forestry- 
Corps & R.A.F. ; cadet. 

Oriel 1923-6. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. 1926. 

1926-9: Journalism Teaching. 1929-43: 
New York Herald Tribune; Reporter 1929-30; 
Asst. Corresp., Paris, 1931-6; War Corresp., 
Spain, 1936-7; Chief Corresp., Rome, 1937-40; 
London 1940-1; Washington Bureau, White 
House Corresp., 1941-3. 1943-6: Office of 
Strategic Services; Psychological Warfare & 
Informn. Services Branches, Mediterranean; 
Lt.-Col. (assimilated rank). Medal of Freedom. 
O.B.E. 1946- : Army-Navy Corresp., Washing- 
ton Bureau, New York Herald Tribune. 

m. 1929. Helen Ursula Gordon. One s. 

1417, 31st Street, N.W., Washington 7, B.C., 

Columbia), b. 4 Mar. 1904. King Edward 
High Sch., Vancouver, & Univ. of B.C. B.A. 

Balhol 1923-6. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 

1926-7: Lect., Dept. of Econ., Univ. of B.C. 
1928-9: Tutor in Econ., Harvard Univ., U.S.A. 
1929- : Dept. of External Affairs of Canada; 
Under-Secy. of State^ for External Affairs 
1941-6; High Commissioner for Canada in the 
U.K., London, Engl., 1946-9; Clerk to the 
Privy Council & Secy, to the Cabinet. Ottawa, 
Ont., since 1949. Hon. D.C.L., Oxford, 1948. 
Hon. LL.D., Cambridge, 1948. 

m. 1928. Henrietta Johanna Welling. Two d. 

Department of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 

14 Jan. 1899. Bishop Pinkham Coll., Calgary, 
& Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. B.A. 

Corpus Christi 1923-6. Hon. Mods. 3rd Cl. 
Lit. Hum. 2nd CL B.A. 1926. M.A. 1930, 

1926-7: Lect., Classics, Queen's Univ., 
Kingston, Ont. 1927-42: Dept. of Classics, 
Univ. of Wisconsin, U.S.A., Assoc. Prof, from 
1930. Visiting Prof, of Classics, Swarthmore 
Coll., Penn., U.S.A., 1936-7. 1942-5: Director, 



[Canada, cont.~\ 

Abraham Lincoln Sch., Chicago, I1L, U.S.A. 

1945- : Writing. 

m. 1926. Frances Mary Bullock. Two s. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Augustus and the Recon- 
struction of Roman Society & Government, 1931; 
Who was Socrates? 1938. The Genesis of Plato's 
Thought, 1939. 

Pewaukee Highlands, Pewaukee, Wis., U.S.A. 


23 Oct. 1901. Wesley Coll., Melbourne, & Univ. 
of Melbourne. B.Sc. B.M.E. 

Lincoln 1924 (Hil. Term)-1926 (Mich. Term). 
D.Phil. (Physics) 1926. 

1927- : Dept. of Physics, Otago Univ., N.Z.; 
Senr. Lect. since 1943. Commonwealth Fund 
Fellowship, Colorado Sch. of Mines, U.S.A., 
1933. M.S. 1935. Fellow, Inst. of Physics, 
1936. Pres., R.S.N.Z. (Otago Br.), 1937-8. 
Member, Council of R.S.N.Z. since 1942. 
Member, Council of Otago Univ. since 1947. 

m. 1927. Elizabeth Sills. Three d. 

Publ.: Lord Rutherford of Nelson, 1937. 

17 Falkland St., Dunedin, N.W.I, N.Z. 

HALL, ROBERT LOWE (Queensland), b. 6 Mar. 
1901. Ipswich Gr. Sch., Queensland, & Univ. 
of Queensland. B.Eng. 

Magdalen 1923-6. P.P.E. 1st Cl. B.A. 1926. 
M.A. 1929. 

1926- : Trinity Coll., Oxford; Lect., Econ., 
1926-7; Fellow & Jr. Dean 1927; Dean 1933-8; 
Estates Bursar 1938-9. 1937-9: Univ. Lect., 
Econ. Sci. 1939-47: Fellow of Nuffield Coll. 
1939-45: Min. of Supply: Brit. Raw Materials 
Mission, Washington, U.S.A., 1942-4. 1946-7: 
Fellow & Tutor, Trinity Coll.; Asst. Secy., Bd. 
of Trade. 1946- : U.K. Repres., Econ. & 
Employmt. Commn. (U.N.). 1947- : Director 
of Econ. Section of Cabinet Secretariat, Engl. ; 
Member, Econ. Planning Bd. (U.K.). Super- 
numerary Fellow, Trinity Coll., Oxford, since 

m. 1932. Laura Margaret Linfoot. Two d. 

Publ.: Earning &? Spending, 1934. The Eco- 
nomic System in a Socialist State, 1937. Various 
articles on economics. 

/5 Banbury Rd., Oxford, England. 

mania), b. 29 May 1902. The Hutchins Sch., 
Hobart, & Univ. of Tasmania. 

New Coll. 1923-9 Physics 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1925. D.PML 1928. M.A. 1929. Scott Scholp. 
for Physics 1929. 

193&-1 : Staff of Council for Scient. & Industr. 
Research of Austr. 1931-2: Lect. in Physics, 
Nottingham Univ. Coll., Engl. 1932-40: Head 
of Physics Dept., University Coll., Leicester, 
Engl. 1940-6: Min. of Aircraft Production; 
Hd. of T.R.E. Radar Sch., Princ. Scientific 
Officer, from 1941. 1946-8: Reader in Electro- 
magnetism, Univ. of Birmingham, Engl. 1948- : 
Prof, of Physics, Univ. of Adelaide. 

m. 1929. Ella Mary Child Copeland. One s. 

Publ. : Principles & Practice of Wave Guides, 

University of Adelaide, Adelaide, S. Aus- 

tralia), b. 9 Mar. 1902. High Sch., Kalgoorlie, 
&Umv. ofW.A. B.Sc. 

University 1923-4. Read Physiol. 

Died 1935. 

'Wales), b. 12 Jan. 1899. Sydney Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Sydney. M.B., CH.M. 1918;A.I.F, 

New Coll. 1923-6. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1926. F.R.C.S. (Edinb.) 1926. R.F. v. Camb. 

1927-31: Med. Practice, Sydney, N.S.W. 
1932-4: R.A.F. Med. Service; Engl. & India; 
Flying brevet. 1935-48: Indian Med. Service: 
India, Burma, England. D.O.M.S. (Lond.) 
1939. 1941-3: Surgical Specialist, Burma & 
N. Africa Campaigns. 1944-5: A.D.M.S., 4th 
Ind. Divn., Italy & Greece; Col. O.B.E. 1946: 
O.C. 145 I.B.G.H.(I.T.), India. Prof, of Sur- 
gery, Rangoon Univ., 1947, & 1st Surgeon 
Rangoon G.H. 1948- : Private Practice, 
Ophthalmology, Sydney. 

m. 1926. Kathleen Mary Williams. Two d. 

Publ.: Goitre Gf General Medical Survey of 
the Chin Hills, 1940. 

c\o Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd., 273 
George St., Sydney, N.S.W. 

Australia), b. 17 Aug. 1900. Adelaide High 
Sch. & Univ. of Adelaide. B.M., B.S. 

Magdalen 1923-6. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1925. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1924 & 1926. 
L.T. v. Camb. 1925 & 1926 (Pres.), 

1926-9: Res. M.O., Whipps Cross Hosp., 
London, Engl. 1930- : Med. Practice, Adelaide. 

m. 1926. Dorothy Pauline Krische. One s. 

92 Portrush Rd., Linden, Adelaide, S. Aus- 


PORRITT, ARTHUR ESPIE. b. 10 Aug. 1900. 
Wanganui Collegiate Sch. & Univ. of Otago. 

Magdalen 1923-6. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1925. B.M., B.Ch. 1928. M.A. 1933. M.Ch. 
1933. Relays v. Camb. 1924-5. Athl. Sports v. 
Camb. 1924-6 (Pres. 1925-6). Capt., N.Z. 
Olympic Team, 1924 & 1928. 

1926-31: St. Mary's Hosp., London, Engl.; 
Surgical Registrar 1931. F.R.C.S. (Engl.) & 
F.R.S.M. 1930. 1931- : Private Practice, Lon- 
don. 1936: Surgeon~in-Ordinary to Duke & 
Duchess of York. 1937-45: Surgeon to H.M. 
Household. 1945 : Consulting Surgeon; Sur- 
geon to H.M. the Kingj Surgeon, St. Mary's 
Hosp. & Royal Masonic Hosp. Consulting 
Surgeon, L.C.C. 1940-5: R.A.M.C.; B.E.F., 
M.E.F., B.L.A.; Consultant Surgeon; Brigadier. 
O.B.E. (Mil.) 1943. C.B.E. (Mil.) 1945. D. 
Legion of Merit (U.S.A.) 1945. Visiting Prof, 
of Surgery, Harvard Univ., U.S.A., 1946. 
Elected to French Academy of Surgery 1946. 
Examnr. in Surgery, Universities of Cambridge 
& London. 1946. Member of Council, B.M.A, 
since 194o. Commissioner in U.K. for N.Z. . 
Red Cross since 1947. Member (for N.Z.) of 
Internat. Olympic Commee. since 1935. Order 
of the Olympic Cross (1st Cl.) 1936. Member, 
Organizing Commee., XlVth Olympic Games, 
London, 1948. Chmn., Brit. Empire Games 
Fedn., 1948. Member, Council of R. Socy. of 
Med. 1948. 

m. 1946. Kathleen Mary Peck. One d. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Athletics, 1929 ; Essentials of 
Modem Surgery^ 1938 (3rd ed. 1948). Various 
surgical articles in medical journals. 

10 Upper Wimpole St., London, W. 1, England. 


African College School), b. 15 Jan. 1902. 
S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

University 1923-6. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 1926. Jr. 
George Webb Medley Scholp. 1925. Relays v. 
Camb. 1924. 

1926-39: Business in Cape Town, Manchester, 

1923 [60] 

[South Africa, cont.] 

& London, Engl. Company Director 1933. 

1940-2: R.A.F.; Engl ; A/Flt.-Lt. 

m. 1931. R. M. Laird. 

Killed on active service 4 June 1942. 

BROWNE, ROWLAND JAY (Natal), b. 27 July 
1901. Hilton Coll., Natal, & Natal Univ. Coll. 
B.Sc. Leeds Univ , England. 

University 1923-6. B.Sc. (Chem.) 1925. 
Assoc. Inst. of Chem. 

1926- : Industrial Chemist w. various firms 
in Engl.; since 1943 Chemist-in- Charge, Pre- 
serving & Canning Factory, J. Lyons & Co., Ltd., 
Cadby Hall, London. 

m. 1927. Marjorie Alice French Kemp. 
Two s. 

Poplar House, Hoddesdon, Herts., England. 

College School), b. 1 Mar. 1902. S. Afr. Coll. 
Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Queen's 1923-6. Physiol 1st Cl. B.A. 1925. 
M.A. 1931. Prox. ace., Theodore Williams 
Scholp. (PathoL). 

L.M.S.S.A. (London) 1931. 1926-8: Asst. in 
PathoL, Harvard Med. Sch., U.S.A. M.D. 1928. 
1928-31: Asst. to Prof, of BactenoL, Univ. of 
Cape Town 1931-4: Instr. m Physiol. , Yale 
Univ , U.S A. 1934-7: Univ. of Alabama; Dept. 
of Physiol. & Pharmacol.; Asst. Prof. 1934-5; 
Assoc. Prof. 1935-7. 1937^3 Asst. Prof, of 
Pharmacol., Univ. of Michigan. 1943- : Prof, 
of Physiol. , Umv. of N. Carolina; Hd. of Dept. 
& Acting Hd., Dept. of Pharmacol., 1943-4. 
F.A.C.P. 1945. 

m. 1927. Rosalind Vera Carruthers. Two s. 
Four d. 

School of Medicine, University of North Caro- 
lina, P.O. Box 1020, Chapel Hill, N.C., U.S.A. 

Elizabeth), b. 24 Apr. 1903. Grey Sch., Port 
Elizabeth, & Umv. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Brasenose 1924 (Hil. Term)-1926 (Mich. 
Term). Physiol. 3rd Cl. B A. 1926. M.A. & 
B.M., B.Ch. 1929. Swimming v. Camb. 1924 & 

1926-9: St. Mary's Hosp., London, Engl. 
1929-30: Dover Hosp., Engl. 1930-1: Asst. 
M.O., Randfontein Gold Mining Estates, Trans- 
vaal. 1931- : Med. Practice, Matatiele, E. 
Griqualand. 1941-4: S.A.M.C.; Libya; Capt. 

m. 1932. Isobel Alys Faichnil. Two s, 

Matatiele, East Griqualand. 

GRIEVESON, JOHN ALAN (Diocesan College, 
Rondebosch). b. 20 June 1904. Dioc. Coll., 
Rondebosch, & Univ. of the Witwatersrand. 

Brasenose 1923-6. Engineering 3rd CL B.A. 

1926-40: Engr., Metropolitan-VIckers Elector. 
Co., Engl. A.M.I.E.E. 1938. 1940-2: Warden, 
Reading Services Club. 1942-5: Production 
Officer, Min. of Aircraft Production, London. 
1946 : Engr., Directorate of Aircraft Equip. 
Production, M.O.S. 

m. 1929. Ethel Gwladys Clarke. 

3 Maitland Rd., Reading, Berks., England, 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 1 Sept. 1902. Boys* 
High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Stellen- 
bosch. B.A. 

Trinity 1923-6. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. Dipl. 
Educ. B.A. 1925. M.A. 1929. 

1927-8: Teaching, Secondary Sch., Beth- 
lehem, O.F.S. Represented S. Afr. in Athletics 
1929 & 1931. 1929-45: Normal Training Coll., 
Bloemfontem; Lect. in Engl. & Afrikaans 
1929-42; Vice-Rector 1943-5. 1945- : Prof, of 
Engl., Fac. of Educ., University Coll. of O.F.S. ; 
Vice-Rector 1948. 

m. 1931. Elizabeth Barendina Burger. Two d. 
Publ. : Ed. The Wild Sports of Southern Africa, 
39Eeufee$ Rd., Bayswater, Bloemfontem, O.F.S. 

b. 16 Apr. 1900. Jeppe High Sch., Johannes- 
burg, & Univ. of the Witwatersrand. B.Sc. 
1918-20: R.F.C. & R.A.F.; Egypt & Mesopot. 

University 1924 (Hil. Term)-1926 (Mich. 
Term). B.Sc. (Chem.) 1928. 

1927- . Technologist w. various Oil Corpora- 
tions in U.S.A.; since 1946, Southern Alkali 
Corpn., Corpus Christi, Texas (Consulting 
Chem. & Petroleum Technologist). Fellow, Inst. 
of Petroleum, 1938. 1942-5: Transportation 
Corps & Civil Affairs (Far East); Capt., M.I. 

m. 1942. Kathryn Baker Sullivan. 

P.O. Box 2407, Corpus Chnsti, Texas, U.S.A. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 4 July 1903. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1923-6. Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 3rd Cl. 
Engineering 3rd Cl. B.A. 1928. 

1927-44: Electr. Engr.; Metropolitan- Vickers 
Co., Engl., 1927-33; Johannesburg 1933-6; 
Union Corpn., Johannesburg, 1936-44. 1940-5 : 
S.A. Engin. Corps (part time); Lt. 1944- : 
Consulting Electr. & Mech. Engr., Union Corpn., 
Johannesburg. A.M.I.E.E. 

m. 1937. Sara Marcella Agnes Milne. One 5. 
Two d. 

c\o Union Corporation, 74 Marshall St., 

State), b. 28 Mar. 1901. Grey Coll. Sch., 
Bloemfontein, & Grey Univ. Coll. B.Sc. 

Exeter 1923-6. Chem. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 
B.Sc. 1926. 

1926-36: Research Chemist, Anglo-Persian 
Oil Co. 1936-7: Refinery Supt., Kermanshah 
Petroleum Co., NW. Iran. 1937- : Anglo- 
Iranian Oil Co.; Develop. Supt. 1937; Works 
Manager since 1946. 

m. (1) 1936. Ethel Jeanetta Brown. (2) 1947. 
Lilian Frances Powell. 

c\o National Provincial Bank Ltd , Kingston- 
on-Thames, Surrey, England. 


b. 28 Oct. 1900. King Edward VII Sch., 
Johannesburg, & S. Afr. Coll. Sch. Johannes- 
burg Univ. Coll. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 
1918-19: Air Force Cadet. 

Brasenose 1923-6. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.C.L. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. Called to the Bar, Engl., 

1926 : Practice of Law, Johannesburg. 
1940-4: S.A.R.E.; T/Major. 

m. 1938. Gwenllian Margaret Clayden. One s. 
Two d. 

Permanent Bldgs., Commissioner St., Johannes- 


FYNN, JACK LESLIE WEST. b. 18 Mar. 1902. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, & Univ. of 
Cape Town. B.A. 

Oriel 1924 (Hil. Term)-1926 (Mich. Term). 
Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1926. M.A. 1930. 
Relays v. Camb. 1925. 

1927-9: Native Dept., S. Rhod. Civil Service. 
Called to the Bar, Engl., 1929. 1930-45: Prac- 
tice of Law, Salisbury, S. Rhod. 1940: Min. 
of Shipping, London, & War Agric. Exec. 
Commee., Warwick, Engl. 1946 : Farming, 
S. Rhod. 


1923, 1924 

[Rhodesia, cont.~\ 

m. 1941. Frances D. Joy (nie Wedgwood). 
One s. Two d. 

Box 42, Marandellas, S. Rhodesia. 

McCHLERY, ROBERT, b. 14 May 1903. Prince 
Edward Sch., Salisbury, Rhod., & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll., Grahamstown. B.Sc. 

Exeter 1923-6. Chem. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 
B.Sc. 1926. 

1926- : Govt. Agric. Chemist, S. Rhod. Dept. 
of Agric.; Senr. Agric. Chemist since 1947. 
1941-4: Instr., Rhod. Air Training Group, 
Empire Air Training Scheme; F/O. 1948- : 
Scientific Liaison Officer for Central African 
Territories of S. & N. Rhod. & Nyasaland, Brit. 
Commonwealth Scientific Office, London. 

m. 1931. Cecilia Margaret Howat. Three s. 

cfo B.C.S.O., Africa House, Kingsway, 
London, England (until 1951). 

Perm. addr. Dept. of Agriculture, Salisbury, 
S. Rhodesia. 

MORGAN, STANLEY CALEB, b. 17 Apr. 1899. 
High Schools, Salisbury, & Umtali, S. Rhod, 
Rhodes Univ. Coll., Grahamstown. 1915-19: 
2nd Rhod. Regt. & Rhod. Native Regt.; E. Afr.; 

St. John's 1924 (Hil. Term)-1926. Geol. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1926. 

1926-9: Field Geologist, S. Rhod. Geol. 
Survey. 1929-30: Geologist, Nyasaland Minerals, 
Ltd., Blantyre, Nyasaland. 1931-40: Christian 
Science Practitioner, London, Engl. 19405: 
R.E. ; England. France, Belgium, Holland, Ger- 
many; Lt. 1947- : Teaching, L.C.C., London. 

m. 1933. Aileen Fredenca Ellen Mainwaring. 

J Courthope Villas, Wimbledon, London, 
S.W. 19, England. 


HARVEY, EUGENIUS. b. 7 Apr. 1904. Saltus 
Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Brornsgrove Sch., Eng- 

Merton 1923-7. Physiol. 2nd CL B.A. 1927. 
M.A.&B.M., B.Ch. 1930. 

1926-31: Middlesex Hosp., London, Engl. 
M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. 1931- : Med. Practice, 
Hamilton, Bermuda. 

m. 1933. Dorothy H. Dixon. One s. One d. 

Hamilton, Bermuda. 


1903. Jamaica Coll., Jamaica. 

Lincoln 1923-6. Read Law. 

1926- : Practice of Law, Jamaica. 

11 Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica. 


1898. Bishop Feild Coll., Nfd., & McGiIl Univ. 
M.D., C.M. 

Magdalen 1923-4. Special work in Pathol. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1923. Resigned Scholp. 

1925-6: State Hosp., Trenton, N.J., U.S.A. 
1926- : Med. Practice & Attending Surgeon, 
Dobbs Ferry Hosp., Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., U.S.A. 
1927-33: Attending Physician, Grasslands, 
Westchester County Hosp. 1934-8: Gynaeco- 
logist, Women's Hosp., Out-Patient Dept., 
N.Y.C. 1943- : Attending Physician, The 
Masters Sch., Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. Fellow, New 
York Acad. of Med., 1931. 

m. 1943. Janie Read Berry. 

Sussex Hall Apts., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., U.S. A. 



BORDEN, HENRY (Nova Scotia), b. 25 Sept. 
1901. King's Coll. Sch., Windsor, N.S., & 
McGill Univ. B.A. Also Dalhousie Univ. Law 

Exeter 1924-7. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1926. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1925. Lacrosse v. Camb. 
1926. Called to the Bar (1st CL, Finals), Engl., 

1927-46: Practice of Law, Toronto. K.C. 
1938. Chmn., Can. Bd. of Norwich Union Life 
Insce. Socy. & of Norwich Union Fire Insce. 
Socy., 1939. Gen. Counsel: War Supply Bd. 
1939; Dept. of Munitions & Supply 1940. 
1942-3: Chmn., War-time Industries Control 
Bd. & Co-ordinator of Controls, Dept. of 
Munitions & Supply: Member, War-time Prices 
& Trade Bd., Ottawa. C.M.G. 1943. 1946- : 
Pres., Brazilian Traction, Light & Power Co., 
Ltd.; Director, Can. Bank of Commerce. 

m. 1929. Jean Creelman MacRae. Three s. 
Two d. 

PubL: Ed. Robert Laird Borden: His Memoirs , 
2 vols., 1938. 

25 King St. West, Toronto, Ont. 

b. 1 Oct. 1901. St. Mary's Coll., Montreal, B.A., 
& Univ. of Montreal, LL.L. 

Hertford 19246. Jurispr. 2nd CL Lacrosse 
v. Camb. 1926. Resigned Scholp. 

1926- : Practice of Law, Montreal. K.C. 
1940. Lect., Industrial Law, Sch. of Econ., 
Univ. of Montreal. 

m. 1932. Simonne Blais. Two s. OneJ. 

Rm. 709, Transportation Bldg., 132 St. James 
St., West, Montreal, P.Q. 

21 July 1901. Crescent Heights High Sch., 
Calgary, & Univ. of Alberta. B.A. 


{Canada, cant.] 

Oriel 1924-7. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1927. 
Robert Herbert Mem. Prize 1927. 

1927-30- Lect. & Asst. Prof, of Pol. Econ., 
Univ. of Alberta. 1930-8: Dept. of Econ., Har- 
vard Univ., U.S.A.; Grad. student 1930-1; 
Instr. 1931-4; Asst. Prof. 1935-8. Social Sci. 
Research Council Trav. Fellow 1934-5. 1938- 
40: Director, Inst. for Consumer Educ., Colum- 
bia, Mo. 1940-2: Asst. Admin., Consumer 
Divn., N.D.A.C. and O.P.A. 1942-3: Chief, 
Requirements Staff, War Food Admin. 1943-5 : 
Chief, Supply Analysis Divn., Office of Food 
Programs, F.E.A. 1946- : Chief, Bnt. Common- 
wealth Branch, O.I.T., Dept. of Commerce. 

m. 1930. Gladys Sorenson. Two 5. 

Publ.: The Individual Firm (contrib. to 
Tausig's Principles of Economies'), 1939. Food 
Consumption Levels in the United States, the 
United Kingdom & Canada (printed by 
U.S.D.A.), 1943. The European Food Situation 
(Report of the New York State Joint Legislative 
Commee. on Nutrition, Legislative Document 
No. 49, 1945), 1944. Numerous arts., contribs. 
& reports on economic questions. 

1006 Highland Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland, 


b 29 Nov. 1899. Stratford Collegiate Inst., Ont., 
& Univ. of Sask. LL.B. 

Lincoln 1924-7. B.C L. 2nd Cl. 1927. Ice- 
hockey v. Camb. 1926-7. 

1927-36: Dept. of Law, Univ. of Sask. (Prof. 
1929-36). 1934-5: Special Fellowship in Law, 
Columbia Law Sch.,, U.S.A. 1936- : Dept. of 
Pol. Sci., Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. (Assoc. 
Prof, since 1940). Hardy Prof, of Pol. Sci. 1944. 
F.R.S.C. 1944, 

OT. 1934. Alice Madeline Russell. Two d. 

Publ.: Democratic Government S? Politics, 
1946. Elements of Democratic Government, 1947. 

44 Kensington Ave., Kingston, Ont. 

19 July 1902. Oakwood Collegiate Inst., 
Toronto. & Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

St. Jonn's 1924-7. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1926. 
B.Litt. (Engl.) 1929. 

1927- : Dept. of English, Univ. of Toronto 
(Assoc. Prof, since 1944). 

m. 1928. Kathleen Elizabeth Elliott. One s. 
Two d. 

79 Woodlawn Ave. f East, Toronto, Ont. 


8 Sept. 1902. St. John's Coll., Winnipeg, & 
Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. Also Univ. of Toronto. 

Brasenose 1924-7. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. 1927. 
B.A. 1935. M.A. 1938. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 
1926-7 (Capt.). 

1927-30: tnsce. business & Survey work. 
1930-1: Law Student. 1931-42: Practice of 
Law Winnipeg. 1942-7: Regional Office, War- 
time Prices & Trade Bd., Winnipeg. 1947- : 
Practice of Law, Vancouver. 

701 Rogers Bldg., Vancouver, B.C. 

Columbia). 6. 16 Oct. 1902. King George 
High Sch M Vancouver, & Univ. of B.C. B.A. 

Brasenose 1924-5 & 1926-7. Read Law & 
Economics. Ice-hockey v, Camb. 1926. Re- 
signed Scholp. 1927. 

1927- : Business, U.S.A. 

Brunswick), b. 10 Oct. 1903. Kingston Con- 
solidated Sch. N.B., & Univ. of New Bruns- 
wick. B.A. &M.A. 

Merton 1924-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1926. 
B.CX. 3rd CL 1927. M.A. 1931. 

1928-31: Practice of Law, Saint John, N.B. 


1931-9: Principal, Dalhousie High Sch. 1939- 
43: 1st Bn. N.B. Rangers, AF.; Staff Capt.; 
D.A.A.G. 1943-4: G.S.O. 2, R. Mil. Coll. 
1944-6: D.A.A.G.; Major. Can. Volunteer Ser- 
vice Medal w. Clasp 1943. E.D. 1944. M.B.E. 
1946. 1946- Practice of Law, London, Ont. 

m. 1942. Elsie Irene Thompson. One d. 

320 Wolfe St., London, Ont. 


FOOTE, AMBROSE JOHN (New South Wales). 
b. 29 July 1900. Ipswich Gr. Sch., Queensland, 
& Univ. of Sydney. 

New Coll. 1924-7. Read Medicine. M.R.C.S. 
& L.R.C.P. 1925. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1927. 

1929-40: Med. Practice & Dermatologist, 
Brisbane. Capt., 7th Field Amb., Austr. Militia 
Forces, Major 1935. 1940-6: A.A.M.C.; Papua 
Brisbane; Major. 1946- : Med. Practice & 
Dermatologist. Lect. in Tropical Med. (Derma- 
tology), Fac. of Med.. Univ. of Queensland. 

m. 1928. Beryl Foote Cribb. Two s. 

Jerdanefield, Ryans Rd., St. Lucia, Brisbane, 

tralia), b. 4 Apr. 1904. Guildford Gr. Sch., 
W.A., &Umv. ofW.A. B A. 

Merton 1924-7. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1927. M.A. 1933. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1927. 

1927-38: Housemaster, Guildford Gr. Sch., 
W.A. 1939-46: Housemaster, Prince of Wales 
Sch., Nairobi, Kenya. 1939-45: Kenya Aux. 
Def. Force; Lt. 1947-8: Education Officer, 
1948 (part): A/Principal, Kagumo Secondary 
Sch. & Training Coll., Nyeri, Kenya. 1948- : 
Principal, Govt. Composite Training Centre, 
Maseno, Kenya. 

m. 1940. Kathleen Slade Hillman. One 5. 
Two d. 

c\o Education Dept., Box 340, Nairobi, Kenya. 

McDOUGALL, ARCHIBALD (Tasmania), b. 

5 Aug. 1903. The Hutchins Sch., Hobart, & 
Umv. of Tasmania. B A. 

Balhol 1924-7. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1926. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1927. M.A. 1931. Prox. ace. 
Vinerian Scholp. 1927. 

1927-9: Commonwealth Fund Fellowship in 
U.S.A. 1929-31: Law Student, London, Engl. 
Harmsworth Scholar 1929. 1931-5: Lect. in 
Law, Univ. of Manchester, Engl. Called to the 
Bar, Engl., 1932. 1932-5: Practice of Law, 
Engl. 19361-40 : Legal Adviser, Min. for Foreign 
Affairs, Bagdad, Iraq, & Prof, of Internat. Law, 
Iraqi Law Coll. 1936: Del. of Iraq at 17th 
Assembly of League of Nations. 1940-1 : Legal 
Counsel, Brit. Purchasing Commn., New York, 
U.S.A. 1942-3: Hd., Non-Ferrous Metals 
Divn., Brit. Raw Materials Mission, Washing- 
ton, D.C., & U.K. staff of Combined Raw 
Materials Bd, 1944-6: Combined Production & 
Resources Bd. (U.K. staff), Washington, D.C. 
1946- : Legal Counsellor, British Embassy, 
Cairo. Member of Council of Egyptian Socy. 
of Internat. Law 1948. 

m. 1932 Corinne Margaret Cunningham. 

Publ.: Modern Conveyancing, 1936. 

British Embassy, Cairo, Egypt, or 3323 P. 
Street, N.W., Washington 7, D.C., U.S.A. 

8 Oct. 1902. Melbourne Gr. Sch. & Umv. of 
Melbourne. B.A. & M.A. 

New Coll. 1924-6. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1926. 
B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1927. Called to the Bar, Engl., 
1927. Official Law Fellow & Tutor, Brasenose 
Coll., 1926. Resigned 1927. Lacrosse v. Camb. 
1926-7. Oxford & Camb. Lacrosse Team 
(U.S.A. tour) 1926. S. of Engl. Lacrosse Team 
v. N. of Engl. 1927. 

1927: Journalist, Austr. Press Assocn., Lon- 



[Australia, cont.] 

don, Engl. 1928- : Practice of Law, Melbourne. 
1928-38 . Univ. of Melbourne: Tutor in Classics 
1928-9; Lect. in Law 1928-38. K.C. (Vic. & 
Tas.) 1947, K.C. (N.S.W.) 1948. 1940-2: 
A.M.F.; Lt. 1941-2: Chmn., various Bds. of 
Inquiry into Army Contracts. 1942 (part): 
Seconded to Commonwealth Dept. of Defence. 
1942-3: A.I.F., Personal Asst. to Q.M.G., 
Allied Land H.Q.; Capt. 1943 (part): Staff 
School, Duntroon, A.C.T. 1943-4: G.S.O. 2, 
H.Q., New Guinea Force. 

m. 1927. Hazel Ethel Bradshaw. Two s. 
Two d. 

Publ.: The Moratorium Act (1927} Handbook, 

24 Somers Ave., Malvern, Melbourne, S.E. 4, 

land), b. 20 Nov. 1901. Maryborough Gr. 
Sch., Queensland, & Univ of Queensland. B.A. 

Queen's 1924-7. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 1927. 

1927-31 : Publishing business, London, Engl.; 
Man., Fanfrolico Press, 1927-8; Director, Man- 
drake Press Ltd., 1929-30. 1931-42: Publishing 
business, Sydney, Austr.; Director, Endeavour 
Press, 1931; Director, P. R. Stephensen & Co., 
Ltd., 1934; Ed., The Publicist, 1936-42; Pres., 
Australia First Movement, 1942. 1945- : Farm- 
ing, Warburton East, Vic. 

m. 1929. Winifred Sarah Lockyer. 

Publ.: The Antichrist of Nietzsche (TransL), 
1928. The Bushwhackers, 1929. The Founda- 
tions of Culture in Australia, 1936. 

Mountainside Farm, Warburton East, Vic. 

THYER, FREDERICK LEWIS (South Australia). 

b. 19 Nov. 1902. Adelaide High Sch. & Univ. 
of Adelaide. M.B., B.S. 

Magdalen 1924-7. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1926. B.Sc. 1928. 

1928- : Med. Practice, Kadma. S. Austr. 
Med. Officer of Health; Corpn. of Kadina 1934; 
Dist. Council of Kadina 1945. 1941-5; A.A.M.C. 
Reserve; Capt. 

m. 1928. Ina Margaret Deland Davies. 
Four s. One d. 

Box 84, Kadina, S. Australia. 


Gisborne High Sch., N.Z., & Univ. of Otago, 
N.Z. M.B., Ch.B. (M.D. 1938). 

Balliol 1924-6. D.Phil. (Physiol.) 1928. 

1926: The London Hosp., Engl. Owen 
Williams Research Scholar. M.R.C.P. 1929. 
F.R.C.P. 1937. 1935-9: Reader in Med., Brit. 
Postgraduate Med. Sch. Univ. of London, 
Engl. 1939-48: Regius Prof, of Medicine, Univ. 
of Aberdeen, Scotland. F.R.C.P. (Edinb.) 1948. 
1948- : Vice-Chancellor of Univ. of Otago, 
New Zealand. 

m. 1929. Margaret Gwendoline Kane. One s. 
Two d. 

The University of Otago, Dunedin, N.Z. 


lege, Rondebosch). b. 27 Oct. 1903. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch. 

Worcester 1923-7. B.A. (Pass) 1927. 

1927-41: Business; London & Leeds, Engl., 
1927-30; Cape Town, S. Afr., 1930-41. 1941-3: 

hams Ltd., Cape Town. 

m. (1)1933. Leonie Janet Chiappini. Threes. 
(2) 1947. Mary Elizabeth Glenton. 

c\o Markhams Ltd., Adderley St., Cape Town. 

College School), b. 8 May 1904. S. Afr. Coll. 
Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Corpus Christi 1924-7. Engineering 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1926. M.A. 1933. 

1927-8: Civil Engr., London, Engl., 1928-30: 
Experimental Engr., Tnnidad, B.W.I. 1931-6: 
Engr., Canada & England. 1937- : Engr., 
Anglo-Am, Corpn. of S. Afr.. Ltd., Johannes- 
burg N. Rhod. 

m. 1931. Ellen Eliza Watkins. Two s. 

c\o Standard Bank of South Africa, Ltd., 63 
London Wall, London, E.G. 2, England. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 2 Dec. 1905. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1924-7. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1927. 

1927-9 : Studying law (admitted Adv., Trans- 
vaal Supr. Court, 1930). 1929- : Business, 
Elec. Engineering; Trevor Williams (Pty.) Ltd., 
Johannesburg, Secy. & Director since 1940 (& 
of Arthur Trevor Williams (Pty.) Ltd.). A.C.I.S. 

m. 1934. Nora Mary Seccull. One s. Two d. 

Elangeni, Waterfall Rd., Westcliff, Johannes- 

EGELAND, LEIF (Natal), b. 19 Jan. 1903. 
Durban High Sch. & Natal Univ. Coll. B.A. & 

Trinity 1924-7. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1926. 
B.C.L. 2nd. Cl. 1927. 1927-30: Fellow & Lect. 
in Law, Brasenose Coll., Oxford. Harmsworth 
Scholp. (Middle Temple) 1927. Called to the 
Bar, Engl., 1930. 

193CM-0: Practice of Law, Durban. Vice- 
Consul for Norway in Natal 1931-44. 1933-8 
& 1940-3: M.P., S. Afr. 1940-4: A.J.A.G., 
U.D.F., S. Afr.; Major. 1944-6: Minister 
Plenipotentiary & Envoy Extraordinary for 
Union of S. Afr. to Sweden. Del., U.N. 
Assembly, London, 1946. Pres v Pol. & Terri- 
torial Commn. for Italy at Paris Peace Conf., 
1946. 1946-8: Minister Plenipotentiary for 
Union of S. Afr. to Holland & Belgium. 1948- : 
High Commissioner for Union of S. Afr. in 
London. Commander-with-Star of Order of 
St. Olav 1944. Hon. Master of the Bench of the 
Middle Temple 1948. Hon. LL.D., Cambridge, 

m. 1942. Doreen Marguerite de Zwaan. One d. 

South Africa House, Trafalgar Square, London, 
W.C. 2, England. 


25 Nov. 1903. Boys' High Sch., Pretoria, & 
Transvaal Univ. Coll. B.A. & M.A. 

Balliol 1924-7 (Hil. Term). Lit. Hum. 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1926. M.A. 1931. 

1927-33 : Lect., Philos., Transvaal Univ. Coll. 
Ph.D. (Univ. of Graz) 1933. 1933- : Prof, of 
Philos.: Univ. of Otago, N.Z. 1933-44; Rhodes 
Univ. Coll., Grahamstown, 1945; Natal Univ. 
Coll. 1946-8; Univ. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
Engl., since 1948. 

m. 1941. Aileen May Hawthorn (ne David- 
son). One s. One d. 

Publ.: Meinong's Theory of Objects, 1933. 

Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Netocastle-upon- 
Tyne, England. 

State), b. 22 June 1901. Bethlehem Second. 
Sch. & Transv. Univ. Coll., Pretoria. B.A. 
Grey Univ. Coll., Bloemfontein. LL.B. 

University 1925 (Hil. Term)-1927 (Mich. 
Term). Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1927. 



[South Africa, cent."] 

1928- : Practice of Law, Bloemfontein. Lect., 
Law, O.F.S. Univ. Coll., Bloemfontein. K.C. 

m. Susan Potgieter. One s. One d. 

5 Southern Life Chambers, Maitland St., 
Bloemfontetn, O.F.S. 

SERRURIER, Louis ROY (Cape Province). 
b. 7 Feb. 1905. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & Univ. of 
Cape Town. B.A. 

Brasenose 1924-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1926. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1927. Lawn Tennis v. 
Camb. 1926. 

1928-45 : Banking, Barclay's Bank (D.C & O.) 
S. Afr. (Manager, Johannesburg, 1942-5). 
1945- : Company Director. 

m. 1937. Rosemary Bushell. Three d. 

16 Currie St., Oaklands, Johannesburg. 

High School, Stellenbosch). b. 8 May 1902. 
Boys* High School, Stellenbosch, & Univ. of 
Stellenbosch. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Lincoln 1924-7. D.Phil. (Chem.) 1927. 
A.I.C. 1926. 

1928-37: Chemist, Govt. of Union of S. Afr. 
1937- : Prof, of Agric, Chem., Univ. of Stellen- 

m. (1) 1932. Maisie Wulfse (d.}. (2) 1945. 
Anna van der Merwe. 

Umv. of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, C.P. 

4 June 1904. Christian Brothers Coll., Kimber- 
ley, & Univ. of Cape Town. B.Sc. 

Balliol 1924-7. Engineering 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1927- : Electr. Engr.: U.S.A. 1927-8; 
Kimberley 1929-31; Johannesburg & Pretoria 
1932-6. 1936- : Union Corpn. Ltd.; Con. 
Mech. Electr. Engr. 1936-40; Manager, Johan- 
nesburg, since 1946. 1940-4: Director of 
Munitions Product. & Chmn., Munitions Pro- 
duct. Commee. 1944-5: Director of War 
Supplies, Union of S. Afr. Pres., S. Afr. Inst. 
Electr. Engrs., 1940. 

m, 1930. Mary Adele Morris. Twos. OneJ. 

16 Palhnghurst Rd., Westchffe, Johannesburg. 


COPLEY, EDGAR DAWN. b. 25 Sept. 1903. 
Milton Sch., Bulawayo, & Rhodes Umv. Coll. 

St. John's 1924 (Hil. Term)-! 926 (Mich. 
Term). Chem. 2nd CL B.A. 1926. B.Sc. 1927. 
M.A. 1930. 

1927- : Chem. Engr., Engl., Italy, & S. 
Rhod.; Director & Chief Engr., -International 
Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd., Aldndge. Staffs., 
Engl., since 1945. A.M.I.Chem.E. 1938. 
M.LChem.E. 1944. M.Inst.F. 1947. 

m. 1931. Celestme Gladys Mallison. One s. 

Denstone, Lichfield Rd., Sutton Coldfield, 
Warwickshire, England. 

1904. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

New Coll. 1924-7. Jurispr. 1st Cl B.A. 1926. 
B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1927. M.A. 1942. Called to the 
Bar (1st CL & Cert, of Honour), Engl., 1927. 

1927- : Sudan Polrt. Service: Legal Dept., 
Asst. Adv. Gen. 1930; District Judge, Khar- 
toum, 1931; Asst. Legal Secy., Sudan Govt., 
1937; Judge of the High Court 1939; Advocate 
General 1944; Chief Justice of the Sudan 1946. 
1947- : Legal Secy., Sudan Govt. 

m. 1942. Enid Gethen. One s. One d. 

Legal Dept., Khartoum, Sudan. 

DUFF, COLIN ERIC. b. 25 July 1904. Boys' 
High Sch., Salisbury, Rhod., & Umv. of Cape 
Town. B.A. 

Brasenose 1925 (Hil. Term)-1927 (Mich. 
Term). Forestry w. Distn. B.A. 1926. 

1927-30: Forest Service, Union of S. Afr. 
1930-1: Studying at Oxford. 1931-9 & 1944- : 
Colonial Service, N. Rhod.; Conservator of 
Forests since 1947. 1939-40- 1st Bn., N. Rhod. 
Regt.; C.Q.M.S. 1940-1: P.o.W. (Br. Somali- 
land). 1 942-4- Seconded for special research m 
timber w. N. Rhod. Chamber of Mines. O.B.E. 

m. 1941. Kathleen Emily Whaits. Two d. 

Forest Dept., Box 228, Ndola, N. Rhodesia. 


FRITH, ALEXANDER JOSIAH. b. 11 Oct. 1904. 
Warwick Acad., Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., Eng- 

Merton 1924-7. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1927. 

1927- : Business, Engl., U.S.A., and Bermuda. 

m. 1936. Mary Eleanor Hefferan. Three s. 

Mizzen-Top, Warwick East, Bermuda. 


1905. Calabar High Sch., Jamaica. 

Trinity 1924-9. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1928. 
1928-9: I.C S. Probationer, Oxford. 

1929- : I.C.S., Burma; Dep. Commissioner 
1936; Burma Mil. Admin. 1944-5; Lt.-Col. 
Additional Gov.'s Secy. 1946. 

m. 1934. Daphne Mary Bisset. (Marriage 
dissolved.) One s. One d. 

c\o Chief Secretary to Government, Rangoon, 


WHITE, GERALD (The Rev.), b. 7 Apr. 1900. 
Bishop Feild Coll., Nfd., & Univ. of King's 
Coll., N.S. B.A. & M.A. 

Keble 1924-7. Read Theol. Prevented by 
illness from taking Schools. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 
1925. Ordained 1927. 

1927-30: Curate, Manchester, Engl. 1931-3: 
Chaplain, Racine Mil. Acad., Wis., U.S.A. 
1933-43: King's Collegiate Sch., Windsor, N.S.; 
Chaplain & Teacher of Div., Engl. & Hist. 
1933; Headmaster & Bursar 1934-43. D.D. 
(Chicago) 1941. 1944-8: Canon-in-Residence, 
Trinity Cathedral, Hamilton, Bermuda. 1948- : 
Clergyman, Madison, Wise., U.S.A. 

m. 1948. Adalin Brown. 

1244 Sherman Ave.. Madison 3, Wisconsin, 


St. Aloysius Coll., Malta, & Univ. of Malta. 

Hertford 1924-7. Mod. Langs. (Italian) 3rd 
Cl. B.A. 1927. Assoc. F. v. Camb. 1925. 

1928-9: Journalism, Malta. 1929-39: Asst. 
Master, St. Edward's Coll., Malta. In charge of 
Athletic Section, Malta Olympic Team, 1936. 
1940-3: Dep. Director of Man Power, Malta; 
A.D.C. & Liaison Officer on Gov.'s Staff; Capt. 
1943-7: Civil Affairs Officer & later Chief of 
Labour Divn., H.Q., A.M.G., Italy: Major. 
1947- : Director, United Commercial, Indus- 
trial & Maritime Co. (Malta), Ltd. Knight of 
Grace, Order of the Knights of Malta, 1945. 
U.S. Medal of Freedom 1946. 

m. 1931. Phyllis M. Camillieri. Three d. 

192 Tower Rd., Sliema, Malta, G.C. 




GIBBON, MURRAY Fox (Quebec), b. 22 Nov. 
1904. Upper Canada Coll., Toronto, & McGill 
Univ. B.A. Harvard Univ., U.S.A. A.M. 

Christ Church 1925-6. 

Resigned Scholp. on account of ill health. 


26 June 1901. Victoria High Sch., Edmonton, 
& Univ. of Alberta. B.A. & B.Sc. 

Exeter 1925-9. D.Phil. (Physics) 1928. 
1929- : Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Alberta: 
Asst. Prof, since 1934. 

m. 1933. Elizabeth Park Young. One s. 
Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta* 

KNAPTON, ERNEST JOHN (British Columbia). 
b. 31 Aug. 1902. High Sch., Victoria, B.C., & 
Umv. of B.C. B.A. 

Queen's 1925-8. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1929. 

1928-9: Teaching Hist., Victoria High Sch., 
B.C. 1929-30 : Instr. in Hist., Univ. of Washing- 
ton, Seattle, U.S.A. 1930-1: Fellowship, Dept. 
of Hist., Harvard Univ., U.S.A. 1931- : Instr., 
now Prof, of Hist. & Hd. of Dept. of Hist. & 
Govt., Wheaton Coll., Norton, Mass., U.S.A. 
Visiting Prof, of Hist., Harvard Univ., 1946 & 
1948-9. Visiting Prof, of Hist., Brown Univ., 

m. 1928. Jocelyn Babbitt. Two s. One d. 

Publ.: The Lady of the Holy Alliance: The 
Life of Julie de Knldener^ 1939. Numerous arts. 
& contribs. to historical journals & compilations. 

East Main St., Norton, Mass., U.S.A. 

chewan), b. 15 Sept. 1904. Yorkton Col- 
legiate Inst., Sask., & Univ. of Sask. B.A. Univ. 
of Toronto. M.A. 

Worcester 1925-8. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1928. 

1928-9: Instr. in Hist., Grinnell Coll., Iowa, 
U.S.A. 1929-30: Harvard Univ. Grad. Sch., 
Derby Scholar, Bowdoin Prize. 1932-3 & 
1946-7: Study & Research, Cornell Univ. 
1930-42: Instr. & Asst. Prof, of Hist. & Govt., 
St. Lawrence Univ. 1942-3: U.S. Army; 
Second Service Command. Also (1942-5) radio 
& newspaper work & public speaking on behalf 
of war effort. 1945-6: Lecture Contract, W. 
Colston Leigh Inc. 1947- : Lect. in Amer. 
Hist., Univ. of Sask. (Assoc. Prof, of Hist, since 
1948) and various universities, &c., in U:S.A. 

m. 1942. Georgia Sherwood Means. One d. 

672 University Drive, Saskatoon, Sask. 

MacKAY, Louis ALEXANDER (Ontario), b. 

27 Feb. 1901. Clinton Collegiate Inst., Ont., & 
Univ. of Toronto. B.A. & M.A. 

Balliol 1925-8. Hon. Mods, (Class.) 2nd Cl. 
Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1929. 

1928-31: Lect., 1931-41: Asst. Prof, of 
Classics, Univ. Coll., Univ. of Toronto. 1941-7: 
Assoc. Prof., 1947-8: Prof, of Classics, Univ. of 
British Columbia. Guggenheim Fellowship 
1945. 1948- : Prof, of Latin, Univ. of California, 

m. 1928. Constance C. Charlesworth. One s. 
One d. 

Publ.: The Ill-tempered Lover, 1948. The 
Wrath of Homer, 1948. 

Dept. of Classics, University of California, 
Berkeley, Col., U.S.A. 


Island), b. 12 July 1901. Prince of Wales Coll., 
P.E.L, & Dalhousie Univ. B.A. & M.A. 

University 1925-8. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1928. 

1929-30: Teaching Hist, Regina Coll., Sask. 
1930- : Hist. Dept., Grinnell Coll., Iowa, 
U.S.A.; Assoc. Prof. 1948. 

m. 1929. Margaret Esther Swetnam. Threes. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Major Aspects of Inter- 
national Politics, 1948. 

823 East St., Grinnell, Iowa, U.S.A. 


b. 1 Apr. 1903. Saint John High Sch., N.B., & 
Acadia Univ., N.S. B.A. Univ. of Chicago, 
U.S. A. A.M. Ph.D. (Econ.) 1936. 

St. John's 1925-8. B.Litt. (Hist.) 1928. 

1928-42: Colgate Univ., Hamilton, N.Y., 
U.S.A.; Asst. Prof, of Sociology 1928-36: Asst. 
1936-40 & Assoc. Prof, of Econ. 1940-2. 1^42-3 : 
Asst. Director of Nat. Selective Service, Dept. 
of Labour, Ottawa. 1943- : Man. of Industr. 
Relations, Canadian International Paper Co., 

m. 1931. Helen Bradshaw Archibald. Ones. 
One d. 

Publ.: Ed. (In collab.) Men, Groups and the 
Community, 1940; The American Idea* 1941. 

66 Thurlow Rd., Hampstead, P.Q. 

TEED, MARINER GERALD (New Brunswick). 
b. 18 Jan. 1903. Rothesay Collegiate Sch. & 
King's Coll., Windsor, N.S. B.A. 

Exeter 1925-8. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1927. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1927-8. 

1928- : Practice of Law, Saint John, N.B. 
Alderman, City of Saint John, N.B., 1940-4. 

m. 1934. Roberta B. Paterson. Two s. 
Three d. 

39 Princess St., Saint John, N.B. 

toba), b. 14 Sept. 1904. Royal Acad. Inst., 
Belfast, Ireland, & St. John's Sch., Winnipeg. 
Univ. of Manitoba (B.A.) & Umv. of Toronto. 

Balliol 1925-8. Hon. Mods. (Class.) 3rd CL 
Lit. Hum. (Overstanding for Hons.) 1930. 

1928-30: Lect., Classics, Western Univ., 
London, Ont., & Dean of Residence, Huron 
Coll., London, Ont. 1930-5: Instr. & Tutor in 
Classics, Harvard Univ., U.S.A. Ph.D. (Har- 
vard) 1935. 1935-44: Classics Master, Phillips 
Acad., Andover, Mass. 1944-8: Hd. of Classics 
Dept,, Brooks Sch., North Andover, Mass. 
Latin Examnr. for Secondary Educ. Bd. since 
1944. 1948- : Headmaster, St. Bernard's Sch., 

m. 1934. Sheila Margaret Dann. One s. 
One d. 

St. Bernard's School, 4 E. 98th St., New York 
29, N.Y., U.S.A. 


BARRY, JOHN EDMUND (Queensland), b. 
1 June 1904. St. Joseph's ColL, Brisbane, & 
Univ. of Queensland. B.A. 

Balliol 1925-8. P.P,E. 2nd Cl. 

1928-9: Tutoring & Secretarial work. 1929- 
39: Business, Australia & London, Engl. (Date 
unknown): Secy, to Chinese Deln. to League of 
Nations (& associated w. Internal. Chamber of 
Commerce). 1940-2: Political Warfare Dept. 
of the Foreign Office. 

m. Two s. One d. 

Died 18 Nov. 1942. 

Wales), b. 24 Nov. 1903. Bathurst High Sch., 
N.S.W., & Univ. of Sydney. B.Sc. (Agric.). 



{Australia, cont.~\ 

St. John's 1925-8. B.Sc. (Biol.) 1926. D.Phil. 
(BioL) 1928. 

1928- : N.S.W. Govt, Dept. of Agric. 
1932- : Principal, Agric. Coll., Roseworthy. 
Director of Agric. Orgn., Federal Dept. of 
Agric. since 1943. Asst. Director, War Orgn. of 
Industry 1943. Chmn., Land Develop. Execu- 
tive, 1945. C.M.G. 1945. 

m. 1928. Zillah May Sampson. Three s. 
One J. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Crops and Pastures, 1946; 
Sheep Husbandry, 1946. 

Roseworthy Agricultural College, Roseworthy, 
S. Australia. 

tralia), b. 14 June 1904. Perth High Sen., 
W.A., & Univ. of W.A. 

Lincoln 1925-8. Engineering 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1 928 

1928-9: w. Goodyear Tyfe & Rubber Co., 
U.S.A. & Austr. 1929- : w. Millar's Timber & 
Trading Co.. Ltd. for Australasia: Secy. & 
Public Officer. 1 940-5 : A.M.F. ; A.I.F. ; Austr. ; 

m.1932. Elsie Joan Lockyer. Two s. One d. 

8 Hobbs Ave., Nedlands, W, Australia. 

ECCLES, JOHN CAREW (Victoria), b. 27 Jan. 

1903. High Schs,, Warrnambool Melbourne, 
& Univ. of Melbourne. M.B., B.S. 

Magdalen 1925-7. Physiol. 1st Cl. B.A. 
1927. M.A. 1929. D.Phil. (BioL) 1929. 
Christopher Welch Scholp. in Biol. 1927. 
Francis Gotch Mem. Prize 1927. 1927-34: 
Research Fellow & Tutor, Exeter Coll., Oxford. 
University Dern. & Lect. in Physiol. Rolleston 
Mem. Prize. Staines Fellowship 1932. 1934-7: 
Fellow & Tutor in Nat. Sci., Magdalen Coll., 

1937-44: Director, Kanematsu Mem. Inst. of 
PathoL, Sydney. F.R.S. 1941. 1944- : Prof, of 
Physiol., Univ. of Otago. 1942-4: Member, 
Flying Personnel Research Commee. of Austr., 
and Armoured Fighting Vehicle Commee. of 
Austr. 1941-4: Member, Red Cross Blood 
Transfusion Unit of N.S.W. 1945-6: Member, 
N.Z. Council of Scientific & Indust. Research. 
1947- : Member, Med. Research Council of 

m. 1928. Irene Frances Miller. Four s, 
Five d. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Reflex Activity of the Spinal 
Cord, 1932. 

84 Cannington Rd., Dunedin, N.Z. 

FORMBY, MYLES LANDSEER (South Australia). 

b. 13 Mar. 1901. St. Peter's Sch., Adelaide, & 
Univ. of Adelaide. M.B., B.S. 

Magdalen 1925-8. Physiol. 2nd CL B.A. 
1927. B.Sc. (Pathol.) 1928. Laciosse v. Camb. 

1928-30: Med. Student & Post-grad. Sur- 
gery, St. Mary's Hosp., Guy's Hosp., & St. 
Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. F.R.C.S. (Engl.) 
1930. 1931- : Med. Practice, Ear, Nose & 
Throat Specialist, London. Hon. Surgeon, 
E.N.T. Dept., Miller Gen. Hosp. (1932) & 
Univ. Coll. Hosp. since 1940. 1939-45: 
D.A.D.M.S., R.A.M.C.: Brigadier. Consultant 
Surgeon in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology to British 
Army, & Civilian Consultant to War Office since 
1946. Bronze Star Medal (U.S.A.) 1946. Mem- 
ber, Court of Examiners, R.C.S., 1947. Terri- 
torial Decoration 1948. 

m. 1931. Dorothy Hussey Essex. One s. 

44 Wimpole St., London, WJ, England. 

WILSON, ROLAND (Tasmania), b. 7 Apr. 

1904. Davenport High Sch., Tasmania, & Univ. 
of Tasmania. B.Com. 

Oriel 1925-8. Dipl. Econ, w. Distn. 1926. 
D.Phil. (Econ.) 1929. Beit Prize in Colonial 
Hist. 1927. 

1928-30: Commonwealth Fund Fellowship, 
Univ. of Chicago, U.S.A. Ph.D. 1930. 1930-2: 
Pitt Cobbett Lect. in Econ. & Dir. of Tutorial 
Classes, Univ. of Tasmania. 1932-6: Econ. 
Adviser to Treasury & Asst. Commonwealth 
Statistician. 1936-40, 1946-8, & 1949- : 
Commonwealth Statistician & Econ. Adviser to 
Treasury. 1940-6: Hd. of Dept., Dept. of 
Labour & National Service. 1948-9: Econ. 
Counsellor, Austr. Embassy, Washington, D.C., 
U.S.A., & Alternate Director of Internat. 
Monetary Fund & Internat. Bank for Recon- 
struction & Development. C.B.E. 1940. Adviser 
& Consultant to Austr. Deln. to U.N. Conf., 
San Francisco, 1945. Member of Council of 
Canberra Univ. Coll. since 1946. Vice-Chmn. 
1947, Chmn. since 1948, Econ. & Employmt. 
Comma., U.N. Pres. of Econ. Socy. of Austr. 
8s N.Z. 1948. Member, Advisory Council, 
Commonwealth Bank of Austr., 1948. 

m. 1930. Valeska Thompson. 

Publ. : Capital Imports & the Terms of Trade, 
1931. Facts & Fancies of Productivity, 1948. 

64 Empire Circuit, Forrest, Canberra. 


DUNNING, JOHN ANGUS, b. 6 Feb. 1903. 
Auckland Gr. Sch. & Univ. of Auckland. B.Sc. 
Otago Univ. M.Sc. 

New Coll. 1925-8. Maths. 3rd CL 1928. 
B.A. & M.A. 1937. 

1929-38 : Senr. Asst. Master, JohnMcGlashan 
Coll., Dunedin, N.Z. 1939-48: Principal, The 
Scots Coll., Warwick, Queensland. 1949- : 
Headmaster, Prince Alfred Coll , Kent Town, 
Adelaide. Cricket for N.Z. in Test Matches 
1933 & 1937. 

m. 1932. Gwendelyne Lunn Smith. Two d. 

Prince Alfred College, Kent Town, Adelaide, 
S. Australia. 


BROCK, JOHN FLEMING (Port Elizabeth), b. 

27 Mar. 1905. Grey Inst., Port Elizabeth, & 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

University 1926 (Hil. Term)-1928. Physiol. 
2nd CL B.A. 1928.. B.M., B.Ch. 1931. D.M. 

1928-31 & 1934: Med. Student & House 
Appts., London Hosp., Engl. Freedom Re- 
search Fund Scholp. 1929. B.M.A. Research 
Scholp. 1931. Leverhulme Research Scholp., 
Harvard Med. Sch., 1932-3. 1935: First Asst., 
Dep. of Med., Brit. Post-Grad. Med. Sch., 
London, & Walter Dixon Research Scholar of 
B.M.A. 1936-8: Asst. Director of Med. 
Research, Cambridge, Engl. M.A. (Cambridge) 
1936. 1938- : Prof, of the Practice of Medicine, 
Univ. of Cape Town. F.R.C.P. (Engl.) 1939. 
Consultant Physician, Wynberg Mil. Hosp., 
1944. Member, Nat. Nutrition Council, 1943, 
Medical Research Commee., 1945. 

m. 1933. Ruth Mary Lomberg. Two s. 
Two d. 

Helderberg, Oak Ave., Kenilworth, C.P. 

BUSH, SYDNEY FRANK (Natal), b. 24 Dec. 
1902. Pietermarifczburg Coll. & Natal Univ. 
Coll. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Oriel 1925 (Hil. Term)-1928 (Hil. Term). 
D.Phil. (Zool.) 1928. 

1928-30: Senr. Zoologist, Dept. of Tsetse 
Research, Tanganyika. 1931- : Dept. of 
Zoology, Natal Univ. Coll.; 1931-41: Senr. 
Lect.-in-chare; Prof, since 1941. 1942-4 : 



{South Africa, cent.] 

Dean of Fac. of Sci., Univ. of S. Afr. 1944-7: 

Dean of Fac. of Sci., Natal Univ. Coll. 

m. 1932. Mildred Hardwicke Holderness. 
Two s. 

192 King Edward Ave., Pietermantzburg, 

College School), b. 11 June 1904. S. Afr. 
Coll. Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

University 1925-8. Jurispr. 2nd CI. B.A. 
1928. R.F. v. Camb. 1927. Swimming v. Camb. 
1926-8. m 

1929-37: Practice of Law, Cape Town. 
1937- : Secy. (Director 1942) Imperial Cold 
Storage Co. 

m. 1933. Alice Mortimer Gall. Three s. 
Two d. 

Weltevreden, First Ave., Kenilworth, C.P. 

MARQUARD, DAVID (Orange Free State). 

b. 8 Apr. 1903. Grey Coll. Sch. & Grey Univ. 
Coll., Bloemfontein. B.Sc. 

New Coll. 1925-8. Read P.P.E. 

1928- : Teaching, Grey Coll. Sch. Pres., 
Nat. Union of Students, S. Afr., since 1930. 

m. 1930. Catherine Isobel Fair. Three s. 
One d. 

62 Murray Ave., Bloemfontein, O.F.S. 

drew's College, Grahamstown). b. 24 Oct. 
1905. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Brasenose 1924-8. Engineering 4th Cl. B.A. 

1928-30: w. The Aircraft Operating Co., 
Baghdad & N. Rhod. 1931-5 : Engr., Germiston. 
1936_40: Director, Engineering Contractors, 
Johannesburg. 1940-6- S.A.E.C., S.A. Mil. 
Coll.; Major. M.B.E.1941. M.C.1943. 1946- : 
Man. Director, Humphrey Mullins (Pty.) Ltd , 
Civil Engr. Contractors, Port Elizabeth. 

m. 1930. Ingrid Faith Louisa Tyler. (Mar- 
riage dissolved.) Two d. 

Box 157, Port Elizabeth. 

NAUD STEFAN MEIRING (Boys' High School, 
Stellenbosch). &. 31 Dec. 1904. Boys' High 
Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Stellenbosch. 

Did not take up Scholp. 

PELLS, EDWARD GEORGE (Cape Province). I. 

22 Sept. 1902. Worcester High Sch., C.P., & 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.A., M.A., & B.Ed. 

University 1925-8. B.Sc. (Chem.) 1926. 
B.Litt. (Educ.) 1928. ,,.,,_ 

1928-30: Sci. Master, Observatory High Sch., 
Cape Town. 1930- : Senr. Lect. in Educ., 
Univ. of Cape Town. Hon. Secy., Univ. of 
C.T. Students Appts. Commee. since 1932. 

m. 1930. Madeleine Fouche". Three s. One d. 

Publ : (In collab.) A Mountaineer's Paradise, 
1930. Textbook of Physical Science, 1935. The 
Story of Education in South Africa, 1938. The 
Method of Geography Teaching in Secondary 
Schools, 1940. Life in Temporary Rain Ponds, 
1944 General Science for Junior Certificate, 

Univ. of Cape Town, Cape Town. 

lege, Rondebosch). b. 20 Feb. 1905. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. 

Bfasenose 1926 (Hil. Term)-1928 (Mich. 
Term). Forestry Schools, B.A. 1928. 

1929-40: Suvicultural Research Officer, 
Union Govt. Forest Dept.; Pretoria 1929-34; 
PietermaritzbuTK 1935-40. 1940-3: U.D.F. 
(Survey Co.); E. & N. Afr. 1943-7: Special 
work on timber research. 1947- : Private 

afforestation scheme in N. Swaziland, w. Peak 

Timbers Ltd. 

m. 1932. Coralie Barnes. Three ch, 

Peak Timbers Ltd., P.O. Piggs Peak, Swazi- 


WALLIS, WALTER WAEREN (Transvaal), b. 
18 Jan. 1903. Potchefstroom, High Sch. & Univ. 
of the Witwatersrand. B.A. 

Trinity 1925-8. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. 1928. 
B.A. 1935. M.A. 1938. 

1928-45: Senr. Classics Master, Parktown 
Boys' High Sch , Johannesburg. 1941-4: 9th 
Bde. Signal Coy. ; Lt. Commended for valuable 
services 'by the King's command' 1944. 1945 : 
Secy. & Asst. Manager, Alderton Ltd. , Johannes- 

m. 1930. Irene Auret. 

P.O. Box 3658, Johannesburg. 


17 Mar. 1903. Plumtree Sch., Rhod., & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll., Grahamstown. B.Sc. Also 
Univ. of Cape Town. 

Brasenose 1925-8. Engineering 3rd CL B.A. 
1927. L.T. v. Camb. 1926-8. 

1928-34: Asst. Engr., Rhodesia RIys. Ltd., 
Bulawayo. 1935-43: Chief Ventilation Officer, 
Randfontein Estates G.M. Co., Ltd. Mine Capt, 
1940. 1943- : Tech. Asst. to Consult. Engrs., 
Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Co., 

m. 1934. Edna Mary Lumley. Three d. 

Box 231 ; Johannesburg. 


1904. Prince Edward Sch., Salisbury, Rhod., 
& Rhodes Univ. Coll., Grahamstown. B.A. 

Queen's 1925-8. Jurispr. 3rd CL 1928. Box- 
ing v. Camb. 1926-7. 

1928-31: Barclays Bank (D.C. & O.) London 
& S. Afr. 

m. 1931. Ones. (dcd.). One d. 

Died after long illness, 13 May 1935. 

Prince Edward Sch., Salisbury, Rhod., & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll., Grahamstown. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Queen's 1925-8. B.Sc. (Chem.) 1926. D.Phil. 
(Chem.) 1928. . 

1928-31: Chemist, Dept. of Agric., Salisbury, 
S. Rhod. 1931- : B.S.A. Co.'s Citrus Estates, 
S. Rhod. ; Chemist & Chief Tech. Officer. 

m. 1931. Helena Mary Barnes. 

Citrus Estate, Mazoe, S. Rhodesia. 



1905. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Bromsgrove 

-. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1928. 

1928-31 & 1934-6: Teaching, Saltus Gr. Sch., 
Bermuda. 1931-4: Teaching, Lenox Sch., Mass., 
US. A. 1936-9: Banking, Bermuda. 1939-41: 
Asst. Clerk, 1 941- : Clerk to House of Assembly, 
Bermuda. Asst. Secy., Corpn. of Hamilton, 
Bermuda, 1942-3. 

Pembroke, Bermuda. 


MAIS, NORMAN TALBOT. b. 27 Apr. 1905. 
Munro Coll., Jamaica. _, jnftn 

Brasenose 1925-8. Jurispr. 4th Cl. 1928. 

1930- : Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada, 
Montreal; Personnel Supervisor since 1946. 
1940-6: Victoria Rifles of Can.; Lt. H.Q. Staff, 

1925, 1926 


[Jamaica, cont.J 

Can, Inf. Bde.; Capt. N.D.H.Q., Ottawa; 


m, 1948. Margot Redmond. 

c]o Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada, Mon- 
treal, P.Q. 


1904. Bishop Feild Coll. & Queen's Coll., St. 
John's, Nfd. 

Keble 1925-8. Theol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1928. 

1928-9: Social work, Bethnal Green, London, 
Engl. 1929- : Teaching: Institut Fisher, 
Territet-Montreux, Switzerland, 193 0-7 ; Holm 
Leigh, Buxton, Engl. 1937-43; Hill Crest, 
Frinton-on-Sea, Essex; Royal Grammar Sch., 
Lancaster, since 1943. 

m. 1930. Mary Mabel Sellers. 

44 Shrewsbury Drive, Bowerham, Lancaster, 




b. 11 May 1902. St. Boniface Coll. & Univ. of 
Manitoba. B.A. & M.A. 

St. John's 1926-9. Mod. Langs. (French) 
2nd CL B.A. 1928. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1927. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1929. 

1929-31: Lect. in French, Univ. of Alberta; 
Asst. Prof. 1931-2. 1932- : Dept. of External 
Affairs. 1937: Canadian Legation, Washington, 
D.C. (First Secretary 1943). 1944-6: Canadian 
Dipl. Mission, Mexico (Counsellor 1946). 
1 946-9 : Counsellor and Acting Charge" d'Aff aires, 
Brussels. 1949- : Chief Rep. in Canada of the 
Internat. Refugee Organizn. 

m. 1929. Marie-Nicole Aufrray-de Margerie. 
Five d . 

Marguette, Man. 

b. 9 July 1 905. Macklin & Strathcona High Schs. 
&Univ. of Alberta. B.A. LL.B. 

Lincoln 1926-9. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1928. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1928 & 1929 (Capt.). Ice- 
hockey v. Camb. 1928-9 & for Engl. 1929 (Capt.). 

1929- : Practice of Law, Edmonton. 1940-5: 
R.C.A., C.A.O.; Engl.; Major. 1945-6: Can. 
War Crimes Investigation Unit; Lt.-Col. D. 
M.K.E. 1945. 1946- : Pres., National Hockey 
League. K.C. 1948. 

National Hockey League, 603 Sun Life Bldg., 
Montreal, P.Q. 

25 Dec. 1903. Loyola Coll., B.A., & Univ. of 
Montreal. LL.L. 

Trinity 1926-9 (Hil. Term). Advanced work 
in Law. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1929. 

1929-30 : Practice of Law, Montreal. 1930-5 : 
Secy., Montreal Catholic Schools Corpn. 1936- 
44: Secy., General Trust Co. of Canada. 1944- : 
Prof, of Law Fac. & Sch. of Social Sciences, 
Univ. of Montreal. 1946- : Practice of Law, 
Montreal. K.C. 1944. 

m. 1933. Jeanne Beaulieu. Two s. Two d. 

9 Forden Ave. } Westmount, P.Q. 


b. 18 Nov. 1905. Saskatoon Collegiate Inst. & 

Univ. of Sask. B.A. Also Univ. of Nebraska, 

Merton 1926-9. B.Sc. (Maths.) 1928. Ice- 
hockey v. Camb. 1927-9. 

1930-44: Actuarial Dept., Canada Life 
Assurance Co., Toronto. 1945- : Asst. Man., 
Co-operative Life Insce. Co., Regina, Sask. 

m. 1930. Vivienne Oenone Hodgetts, One d. 

c/o Co-operative Life Insce. Co., Regina, Sask. 

DOW, DOUGLAS WILLARD (Ontario), b. 20 Dec. 
1901. Univ. of Toronto. 

Prevented by illness from taking up Scholp. 

Died Dec. 1934. 

FORSEY, EUGENE ALFRED (Quebec), b. 29 May 
1904. Ottawa Collegiate Inst. & McGill Univ. 
B.A., M.A., & Ph.D. 

Balliol 1926-9. P.P.E. 1st Cl. B.A. 1928. 
M.A. 1932. 

1929^-1 : Lect. in Econ., McGill Univ., Mon- 
treal. Guggenheim Fellowship 1941. 1942- : 
Director of Research for Can. Congress of 
Labour, Ottawa. 

m. 1935. Ina Harriet Roberts. Two d. 

Publ. : Economic & Social Aspects of the Nova 
Scotia Coal Industry, 1926. (In collab.) Social 
Planning for Canada, 1935; Towards the Chris- 
tian Revolution, 1937. The Royal Power of 
Dissolution of Parliament in the British 
Commonwealth, 1943. 

3 Lakeview Terrace, Ottawa, Ont. 

LEROY FERRIS (Ontario), b. 29 Sept. 1903. 
Ottawa Collegiate Inst. & Queen's Univ., 
Kingston, Ont. B.A. 

University 1926-8. Read Geology. 

1928-9: Asst. Geologist, Nova Scotia Survey, 
& Rutgers Univ., U.S.A. 1929-30: Geologist 
for Ont. Dept. of Mines, & Princeton Univ., 
U.S.A. 1930: Univ. of Toronto. 1932-8: Con. 
Geologist Dept. of Mines & Resources, Field 
Geologist. 1940-1 : Engr. Dept., Internat. Nickel 
Co. 1 942-5 : Marine Draughting, Toronto Ship- 
building Office. 1945- : Con. Mining Geologist 
& Aeroplane Tooling Designer. 

Publ.: Ont. Dept. of Mines, vol. 40, part iv & 
vol. 41, part iv. 

c/o Canadian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, 
1117 St. Catherine St., Montreal, P.Q. 



[Canada, cont.~\ 

MAYNES, WILLIAM JOHN (Nova Scotia), b. 
26 Sept. 1902. St. Joseph's Coll., N.B., & St. 
Francis Xavier Univ., N.S. B.A. 

University 1926-7. Resigned Scholp. 

1928-30: Newspaper work & Instr. in Hist. 
& Econ., Univ. of W. Ontario. 1930-2: Univ. 
of Toronto Grad. Sch. 1933- : Journalism. 
Field Representative for N.B. for War-time 
Prices & Trade Bd. 1947. 

168 Waterloo St., Saint John, N.B. 

wick), b. 11 Apr. 1903. Mt. Allison Acad. & 
Mt. Allison Univ., N.B. B.A. Also Osgoode 
Hall, Toronto, & Dalhousie Univ. Law Sch. 
Merton 1926-8. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1928. 

1928- : Practice of Law, Toronto. K.C.I 945. 
1940-2: Asst. Gen. Counsel; 1942-5: Gen. 
Counsel, Dept. of Munitions & Supply, Ottawa. 
O.B.E. 1943. Medal of Freedom w. Bronze 
Palm (U.S.A.) 1947. 

m. 1930. Margaret Kathleen Richardson. 
395 Glencairn Ave., Toronto 12, Ont. 

WARREN, HARRY VERNEY (British Columbia). 

b. 27 Aug. 1904. Vernon Prep. Sch. & Univ. of 
B.C. B.A. 

Queen's 1926-9. B.Sc. (Geol.) 1928. D.Phil. 
1929. Relays v. Camb. 1926-8. Athl. Sports v. 
Camb. 1929. 

1929-31: Commonwealth Fund Fellowship, 
Calif. Inst. TechnoL, U.S.A. 1932- : Univ. of 
British Columbia; Assoc. Prof, of Mineralogy 
& Petrology 1940, & of Geology & Geography 
1942-5; Prof, since 1945. Also Consulting Geol. 
Engr. Can. Geol. Survey 1935. Tech. Adviser 
to Vancouver Stock Exchange 1939. F.G.S.A. 
1938. F.R.S.C. 1945. 

m. 1934. Margaret Bessie Tisdall. One s. 

1816 Western Parkway, Vancouver, B.C. 


In this year there was no election from 
South Australia. 

tralia), b. 13 Oct. 1906. Perth Modern Sch., 
W.A., &Univ. ofW.A. 

Lincoln 1926-9. Chern. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1928. 
Swimming v. Camb. 1927-9. 

1929- : Chemist: I.C.I., Engl. 1929-31 ; Mex. 
Eagle Oil Co., Mexico, 1931-5; Vacuum Oil 
Co., Vic., since 1935; Man., Dept. of Econ. 
Research, since 1948. 

m. 1932. Ruth Lynn. Three s. One d. 
18 Polo Parade, Caulfield, S.E. 7, Vic. 

(Queensland), b. 28 Oct. 1904. All Souls 
Sch., Charters Towers, & Univ. of Queensland. 
B.A. LL.M. 1941. 

Queen's 1926-9. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1930. 
Relays v. Camb. 1927-8. Athl. Sports v. Carnb. 

1930-1: Teaching, Armidale Sch., N.S.W. 
1932-3 : Law Student. 1933-7: Practice of Law, 
Brisbane. 1938- : Univ. of Queensland; Lect. 
in Law & Social Sci. 1938; James Francis 
Garnck Prof, of Law since 1948. 

m. 1932. Marjorie Hopkins. Two s. Two d. 

Publ. : Law & Conduct of the Legal Profession 
in Queensland, 1948. 

1 00 DornochTerrace, Brisbane, S. l t Queensland. 

b. 31 May 1904. The Hutchins Sch., Hobart, & 
Univ. of Tasmania. B.A. 

Magdalen 1926-9. P.P.E. 1st Cl. B.A. 1930. 

1929-36: Editorial Staff, The Times, London. 
1936-9: Asst. Austr. External Affairs Officer, 
London. 1939-45: First Secy. & Counsellor, 
Dept. of External Affairs, Canberra. 1945-6: 
Austr. Charge" d'Affaires, Holland. Austr. Del. 
E.C.O.S.O.C. Special Commee. on Refugees, 
Apr.-May 1946. 1946-7: Austr. External 
Affairs Officer, London, & Political Adviser to 
Austr. Mil. Mission, Germany. Del., Paris 
Peace Conf., July-Oct. 1946. Austr. Repres. on 
Security Council Commee. of Investigation in 
Greece, Jan.-May 1947. Austr. Repres. on 
U.N.S.C.O.P., May-Sept. 1947. Del., Second 
Session, Gen. Assembly, Sept.-Nov., 1947. 
Minister in Charge of Austr. Mission to United 
Nations, N.Y., U.S.A., since Oct. 1947. 

m. 1931. Margaret Dewar MacLeod. Two d. 

cjo Dept. of External Affairs, Canberra. 

South Wales), b. 8 Apr. 1904. Fort St. High 
Sch., Sydney, & Univ. of Sydney. B.Sc. 

New Coll. 1926-9. B.Sc. (Entomology) 1928. 
O.U.B.C. Trial Eights 1926-8. 

1929-42: Economic Entomologist, Dept. of 
Agric., Sydney. 1942-5: R.A.A.M.C., A.I.F. 
c/o Mobile Entomological Sec.; Major. 1946-7: 
Lect., Sch, of Public Health & Trop. Med. 
(Commonwealth Health Dept.), Univ. of Syd- 
ney. M.B.E. 1947. 1947- : Dep. Principal, 
Agricultural Coll., Roseworthy, S. Austr, 

m. 1932. Hilda Elizabeth Holland. Two d. 

Agricultural College, Roseworthy, S. Australia. 


b. 16 Aug. 1902. Scotch Coll., Melbourne, & 
Univ. of Melbourne. B.A. & M.A. 

Magdalen 1926-9. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1929. 
B.C.L. 1st CL 1929. Called to the Bar, Engl. 

1929-30: Tutoring in Oxford. 1930-1: Asst. 
Lect. in Law, London Sch. of Economics. 
1931 : Univ. of Melbourne, Prof, of Jurispr.; 
Dean of Fac. of Law 1943; Chrnn. of Pro- 
fessorial Bd. 1947. Austr. Del. to Assembly of 
League of Nations 1938. 

m. 1931. Alice Watson. One s. Three d. 

Publ.: A Text Book of Jurisprudence, 1946. 
(In collab.) An Introduction to the Criminal Law 
of Australia, 1948. 

University of Melbourne , Carlton, N. 3, Vic. 


BARAK, MONTEFIORE. 6. 18 Aug. 1904. New 
Plymouth High Sch., N.Z., Canterbury Coll., 
N.Z. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Hertford 1926-9. D.Phil. (Ohem.) 1929. 

1929-31: Commonwealth Fund Fellowship, 
Princeton Univ., U.S.A. 1931-4: Dem. in 
Chern., Univ. of London, King's Coll., London, 
Engl. 1934- : Tech. Staff, Chloride Flee. 
Storage Co.. Manchester; Chief Chemist since 
1941. F.R.I.C. 1947. 

m. 1942. Josephine Ruth Pollitt. Two s. 

Woodside, Lapwing Lane, Didsbury, Manches- 
ter 20, England. 

LOW, CHARLES EUGENE, b. 9 Mar. 1903. Boys' 
High Sch., Christ Church, N.Z., & Canterbury 
Coll. B.A. & M.A. 

Magdalen 1926-8 & 1929 (Trin. & Mich. 
Terms). Mod. Langs. (French) 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1928. Heath Harrison Scholp. in French (1927) 
& German (1928). D.Phil. 1934. 

1930- : Teaching, King Edward Sch., 
Birmingham, Engl. Hd. of Foreign Lanj*. 
Dept., Birmingham & Midland Inst. & City of 
Birmingham Commercial Coll. 

m. 1930. Olive Mary Rowe. One d. 

City of Birmingham Commercial College, 
Suffolk St., Birmingham 1, England. 




College, Rondebosch). b. 24 Aug. 1904. 
Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch, & Rhodes Univ. Coll. 

Brasenose 1928 (Hil. Term)~1930 (Mich. 
Term). Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1930. 

1934- : Practice of Law, Grahamstown, 
S. Afr. 

m. 1948. Mary Frances Cochrane Fennel. 

Court Chambers, High St., Grahamstown, C.P. 

State), b. 8 Oct. 1903. High Schs., Tromps- 
burg & Bethlehem, O.F.S. Grey Umv. Coll., 
Bloemfontem. B.Sc. 

Exeter 1926-9. Engineering 4th Cl. 1929. 

1929-36: Asst. Engr., Irrigation Dept., U. of 
S. Afr. 1937-43: Irr. Engr., Dept. of Lands, U. 
of S. Afr. 1943-5: Admin. Engr., Hartebeest- 
poort Irr. Scheme, Transvaal. 1946-7: Design 
& Construct. Engr., City Council, Pretoria. 
1947- ; Town Engr., Paarl, C.P. 

m. 1932. Salomina Muller. One s. One d. 

P.O. Box 12, Paarl, C.P. 

KEET, RAYMOND (Boys' High School, Stel- 
lenbosch). b. 29 May 1903. Boys' High Sch., 
Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Stellenbosch. B.A. 

Brasenose 1926-9. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd CL 
B.A. 1928. Dipl. Educ. 1929. M.A. 1934. 

1929- : Teaching, S. Afr.: Kimberley Boys' 
High Sch. 1930-9; Central High Sch., Somerset, 
1939-40; Hottentots Holland Sch., Somerset 
West, 1941-5; Adams Coll., Native Mission 
Station since 1946. 1939-45: Hon. Secy., 
C.P.S. de Beers Armament Factory. 

m. 1928. Phyllis Evelyn Enid Rawlins-Inns. 
(Marriage dissolved.) One d. 

Adams College, P.O. Adams Mission Station, 

KIPPS, JOHN (South African College 
School). b. 23 Oct. 1906. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

New Coll. 1926-9. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1928. B.Litt. (Econ.) 1929. M.A. 1936. 

1930- : Secy., Fletcher & Cartwrights, Ltd., 
Cape Town. 

m. 1940. Helene Dumrner. One s. One d. 
Shelmerdene, Milner Rd., Rondebosch, C.P. 

vaal). Boys' High Sch., Pretoria, & Transvaal 
Univ. Coll. B.A. LL.B. (S. Afr.). 

University 1926-9. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1928. M.A. 1945. L.T. t>. Camb. 1928-9. 

1929-33 & 1948- ; Practice of Law, Johan- 
nesburg. 1934-9 & 1946-8: Central Mining & 
Invest. Corpn. Ltd. 1940-3: R.A.; Engl.; 
Capt. 1944-6: R.A., A.A.G., War Office, Engl. 
(Directorate of Prisoners of War); Lt.-Col. 

m. 1941. Kitty Doric Marie Denny. One s. 
One d. 

P.O. Box 46, Johannesburg, 

July 1903. Michaelhouse Sch., Natal, & Natal 
Umv. Coll. B.A. 1924. 

Trinity 1926-9. , P.P.E. 3rd CL B.A. 1929. 
M.A. 1934. 

1929: Asst. Master; 1931-42: Housemaster, 
Michaelhouse, Balgowan, Natal. 1940-2: 
S.A.A., S. Afr.; Lt. Discharged as result of 
wounds. 1943- : Headmaster, Pridwin Prep. 
Sch., Melrose, Johannesburg. 

TW. 1933. Patty Gumming. One s. 

Pridwin School, Melrose, Johannesburg. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 22 Apr. 1905. 
Boys' High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of 
Stellenbosch. B.A. & M.A. 

Oriel 1927 (Hil. Term)-1930 (Mich. Term). 
B.Litt. (Philos.) 1929. D.PM. 1931. 

1931-7: Lect., Philos., Univ. of the Wit- 
watersrand. 1937- : Prof, of Politics & Ethics, 
Umv, of Cape Town. 

m. 1933. Violet Wetherell. 

PubL. The Philosophy of James Ward, 1937. 
Die Volksraad, Die Beginsels en Vraagstukke van 
Volksregering met Besondere Verwysing na Suid~ 
Afrika, 1939. 

University of Cape Town, Cape Town. 

Andrew's College, Grahamstown). b. 12 

Sept. 1907. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1926-30. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1930. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1929. 

1930-40: Asst. Dist. Commissioner, Sudan 
Political Service. 1940-2: Sudan Defence 
Force, Intell. Branch H.Q.; Sudan; Capt. 
1942-4. Sudan Police H.Q. Civil Security. 
1944 : Dist. Commissioner, Sudan Political 
Service; 1944-6: Wadi Haifa; 1947- : N. Kor- 

m. 1936. Violet Maud Day. One s. 

cjo The Civil Secretary, Khartoum, Sudan. 


b. 16 Nov. 1904. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & Univ. of 
Cape Town. B A. & LL.B. 

University 1927 (Hil. Term)-1929 (Mich. 
Term). Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd CL 1929. B.A. & 
M.A. 1942. R.F. v. Camb. 1929. 

1930- : Business, J. Walter Thompson Co., 
S. Afr. 1939-41: Defence Liaison Commee. & 
Censor Office, Cape Town. 1941-3: Intell. 
Officer w. Fighter Squadron; Palestine, Libya. 
M.P. for Woodstock, C.P. 1943. 

m. 1930. The Hon. Kathleen Mary Gibson. 
Four s. Two d. 

Tall Pines, Plumstead, Cape Town. 

(Kimberley). b. 4 Mar. 1906. Boys' High Sch., 
Kimberley, & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Corpus Christi 1927 (Hil. Term)-1929 
(Mich. Term). Hon. Mods. (Class.) 3rd Cl. 
Jurispr. 3rd CL 1929. B.A. & M.A. 1947. 

1930-2: Business, Port Elizabeth. 1932-43: 
S. Afr. Permanent Force (1938-9: Seconded to 
British Army at Aldershot). 1939-43: 1st S. 
Afr. Divn,; Abyssinia, Egypt; Major. 1944-7: 
Hotel Business, Potchefstroom. 1948- : Prac- 
tice of Law, Johannesburg. 

m. 1936. Joan Barbara Whiteley. Two d. 

27 Madeline St. t Florida, Transvaal. 


FORDER, CHARLES PAUL. b. 31 Mar. 1904. St. 
George's Coll., Bulawayo, & Univ. of the Wit- 
watersrand. B.Sc. (Engin.). 

Brasenose 1926-9. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1928. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1929. 

1929-46: Rhodesian Civil Service: Native 
Affairs Dept. 1929-30; Office of the Registrar 
1930-2 & of the Master 1934-7, High Court of 
S. Rhod.; Secy, to the Gov. of S. Rhod. 1932- 
4 & 1937-44; Asst. Magistrate, Umtali, S. 
Rhod., 1945; Public Prosecutor, Salisbury, S. 
Rhod., (part of) 1946. Resigned 1946. O.B.E. 
1942. 1946- : Practice of Law, Salisbury, 
S. Rhod. 

m. 1931. Marie Agnes Ernestine de Week. 
One $. Two rf. 

35 North Ave., Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 

Nov. 1904. St. John's Coll., Johannesburg, & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

University 1926-9. Hist. 4th CL B.A. 1929. 
Boxing v. Camb. 1927, 1928 (Capt.), & 1929. 


1926, 1927 

[Rhodesia, contl\ 

1929-30: Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. 1935-6: 
Archives, S. Rhod. 1937-40 & 1945- : Mine 
Official, Springs, Transvaal. 1940-5: S.A.A. 
(N.F.A.); M.E.F. Gnr. 1942-5: P.O.W. (Italy 
& Germany). 

m. 1940. Amy Buck. One d. 

Vogehtruisbult) Box 218, Springs, Transvaal. 

b. 9 May 1904. Milton High Sch., Bulawayo, 
& Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

St. John's 1926 (Hil. Term)-1928 (Mich. 
Term). Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1927. 

1929-31: London Hosp., Engl. M.R.C.S., 
L.R.C.P. 1931. B.M. 1932. 1932-4: House 
Surgeon, Royal Westminster Ophthalmic 
Hosp., London, Engl. 1934-7: Ophthalmic 
Surgeon, Bulawayo. 1937- : Ophthalmic Sur- 
geon, Cape Town. Hon. Visiting Asst. Ophthal- 
mologist, Groote Schuur Hosp., Cape Town. 
1940-5: S.A.M.C.; E. Afr., Egypt, S. Afr.; 

m. 1935. BrendaLaw. Threes. 

P.O. Box 161, Cape Town. 


1906. Warwick Acad., Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., 

St. John's 1926-7. Read Law. Resigned 

1928- : Accountant; Montreal, Canada, &, 
later, Bermuda. 

m. 1931. Joan Isabel Martin. 
Thurlestone, Warwick, Bermuda. 


HALLIDAY, FRANCIS RALPH, b. 12 July 1906. 
Munro Coll., Jamaica. 

Lincoln 1926-9. Mod. Langs. (French) 3rd 
CL B.A. 1929. 

1930-1: Teaching, Kent, Engl. 1932-41: 
St. Peter's Sch., Villa Alemana, Chile; Head- 
master from 1933. 1941-4: Mod. Lang. Master, 
Jamaica Coll., Kingston, Jamaica. 1945 : 
Director, Colombo-British Institute, Cali, 
Colombia, S. America. 

cfo The Bank of London & S. America, Cali, 
Colombia, S. America. 


July 1906. Method. Coll., Nfd., & Dalhousie 
Univ., N.S. 

Wadham 1926-9. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1929. 

1929-35: St. Mary's Hosp., London. 1935-9: 
Med. Practice & M.O. of Health for Fortune 
Bay, Nfd. 1940- : Min. of Pensions: Commr. 
of Med. Services, NW. Region, Liverpool, 
Engl., 1945-8; SE. Region, Kent, since 1948. 

m. 1936. Winifred Isabel Warn. One s. 
One d. 

41 Lower Green Rd., Rusthall, Tunbridge 
Wells, Kent, England. 



In this year there was no election from 

wick), b. 2 June 1905. Saint John Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of New Brunswick. B.A. (Postponed 
residence for two years owing to illness.) 

Exeter 1929-31 (Hil. Term). Read Chem. 
Resigned scholp. on grounds of health. 

Died 29 Apr. 1933. 

FORTIER, Louis EDOUARD (Quebec). &. 2 
Nov. 1904. Catholic High Sch. & Univ. of 
Montreal. M.D. 

University 1927-9. Read Medicine. Resigned 

1929: Study in Paris. 1930- : Med. Practice, 

m. 1935. Pauline Kent. 

83 Sherbrooke St. Bast, Montreal* P,, 

GRACE, ARCHIBALD JOHN (Saskatchewan). 

b. 24 Jan. 1905. Strasbourg High Sch., Sask., 
& Univ. of Saskatchewan. B.A. 

St. John's 1927-30. Physiol. 1st CL B.A. 
1929. B.M., B.Ch. 1932. M.A. 1933. 

1930-3: Guy's Hosp., London, Engl. Theo- 
dore Williams Scholp. in PathoL 1932. F.R.C.S. 
1933. 1933-4: Royal Victoria Hosp., Montreal. 
1934-5: Asst. Surgeon, Humber Clinic, Corner 
Brook, Nfd. 1935-6: Radcliffe Infirmary, 
Oxford. 1936: Guy's Hosp., London. 1936- : 
Instr. in Surgery, Assoc. Prof, since 1938, Univ. 
of W. Ontario. 1941-5: R.C.A.M.C. Res.; 
Capt. Attending Surgeon, Victoria & St. 
Joseph's Hosps.; Consultant Chest Surgeon, 
Queen Alexander Sanitoriurn. London, Ont. 
F.R.C.S. (Can.) 1944. Fellow, Acad. Internat. 
of Med., 1944. FJLC.S. 1945. 

m. 1936. Mary K. Disney. Four s. Two d. 

530 Wellington St., London, Ont. 

bia), b. 21 Jan. 1906. King Edward High Sch., 



[Canada, com.] 

Vancouver. Univ. of British Columbia, B.A., 

& Univ. of California, U.S.A. Ph.D. 

University 1927-30. Jurispr. 3rd CL 1930. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1928-30 (Capt. 1930). 
Lacrosse for Canada in Olympic Games 1928. 

1930-1: Practice of Law, Vancouver. 1931- 
40: Univ. of Toronto; Prof, of Social Sci. & 
Director of Dept. 1937; Member of Senate 1938, 
1940-6: Gen. Secy., Brit. Columbia Elec. Rly. 
Co. Ltd. 1946- : Pres., Brit. Columbia Power 
Corpn., Ltd., Brit. Columbia Elec. Rly. Co., 
Ltd., & Chmn. of various other companies. 

m. 1936. Shirley Woodward. Two s. Three 

Publ.: Public Assistance & Social Insurance, 
1939. Labour Legislation, 1939. Public Health, 
1939. Housing, 1939. 

3390 The Crescent, Vancouver,, B.C. 

2 May 1904. Ottawa Collegiate Inst. & Dal- 
housie Univ. B.A. 

Corpus Christi 1927-30. Eng. L. & Lit. 2nd 
CL B.A. 1930. 

1930-1: Lect in Engl., Truro Normal Coll., 
N,S. 1932-46: Dept. of Engl., King's Coll., 
Halifax, N.S.; Asst. Prof. 1932; Assoc. Prof. 
1934. 1935-6: Cornell Fellow in Engl., U.S.A. 
Ph.D. 1936. 1947-8: Prof. & Hd. of Dept. 
of Engl., Univ. of W. Ontario. 1948- : Prin- 
cipal & Vice-Chancellor, Univ. of Bishop's 
Coll., Lennoxville, P Q. Hon. D.C.L. 
(Bishop's) 1948. 

m. 1932. Elva Creelman. 

Bishop's University, Lennoxville, P.Q. 

McLEAN, JOHN Ross (Manitoba), b. 19 July 
1905. Brandon Coll. & Univ. of Manitoba. 
B.A. & M.A. 

Balhol 1927-30. Hist. 2nd CL 1929. 1930-1: 
Beit Senr. Research Scholp. ; Research in the W, 

1932-5 : Nat. Secy., Assoc. of Canadian Clubs. 
1935-8: Private Secy, to High Commissioner for 
Canada, Engl. 1939- : w. National Film Bd. of 
Canada. Dep. Film Commissioner 1944. Govt. 
Film Commissioner 1947. 

m. 1944. Beverley Bell Cosh. 

32 Bolton St., Ottawa, Ont. 

6. 28 Jan. 1906. Sydney Acad., N.S., & McGiil 
Univ. B.A. 

Merton 1927-30. Physiol. 1st CL B A. 1929. 
M.A. 1933. B.M., B.Ch. 1933. D.M. 1937. 
RadclifTe Scholp. in Pharmacol. (divided) 1930. 
Prov. of Quebec Govt. Scholp. 1930, Theodore 
Williams Scholp. in Pathol. (divided) 1931. 
Harmsworth Senr. Scholp., Merton Coll., 1931. 

1930-8: St. Thomas's Hosp., London, Engl. 
F.R.C.S. 1935. M.Ch. 1935. Tied for Gotch 
Mem. Prize 1932. Bristowe Medal in Pathol., 
St. Thomas's Hosp., 1932. Mead Medal 1933. 
George Herbert Hunt Trav. Scholp. 1936. 
1938- : Practice of Surgery, Montreal. Dem. 
in Surgery (Asst. Prof. 1946) McGiil Univ. 
F.R.C.S. (Can.) 1941. F.A.C.S. 1943. Asst. 
Surgeon, R. Victoria Hosp., Montreal. 

m. (1) 1934. Pauline Stilwell (d. 1936). One 
d. (2) 1945, Josephine Shur Deems. 

PubL: Shoulder Lesions, 1945 (2nd ed., 1947; 
Lit. & Sci. Prize, P.Q.). 

3781 The Boulevard, Westmount, P.Q. 

REID, ESCOTT MEREDITH (Ontario), b. 21 Jan. 
1905. Oakwood Collegiate Inst. & Univ. of 
Toronto. B.A. 

Christ Church 1927-30. P.P.E. 1st CL B.A. 
1929. Jr. George Webb Medley Scholp. 1928. 
Gladstone Mem. Exhibn. 1929. Secy., Oxford 
Union Socy. 1929. 

1930-2: Rockefeller Fellowship in the Social 

Sciences. 1932-8: Nat. Secy., Can. Inst. of 
Intemat. Affairs. 1937-8: Act. Prof, of Govt., 
Dalhousie Univ., Halifax, N.S. 1939- : Dept. 
of External Affairs, Ottawa; Asst. Under-Secy. 
of State for External Affairs; Dep. Under-Secy. 
since 1949. Member of Can. Deln. to: Internat. 
Civil Aviation Conf., Chicago, 1944; San Fran- 
cisco Conf., 1945; Exec. Commee. & Prep. 
Commee. of the U.N., London, 1945; First 
Session (London & New York 1946) & Second 
Session (New York 1947) of the General 
Assembly of U.N. 

m. 1930. Ruth Murray Herriot. Two s. 

c[o Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 

b. 25 July 1906. Kingston Collegiate Inst., Ont., 
& Queen's Univ., Kingston. B.A. 

University 1927-9. P.P.E. 3rd CL 1929. 
Resigned Scholp. 

1929-30: Teaching, Univ. of Saskatchewan. 
1931-5: Economist, Beauharnois Power Corpn., 
Montreal (on leave to Rockefeller Bureau of 
Internat. Research 1933-5). 1935-48: Bank of 
Canada (Chief of Research Dept. 1935-44, 
Research Adviser 1944-8; also Research 
Adviser, Foreign Exchange Control Board). 
1948- : Asst. Dep. Minister, Dept. of Trade & 
Commerce, Ottawa. 1937- : Secy, or Member 
numerous Govt. Committees & Commissions & 
Dominion Provincial Conferences ; Dir.-Gen. 
of Econ. Research, Dept. of Reconstruction & 
Supply 1947. 

m. (1) 1929. Eleanor Kathleen Green. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1941. Janet Naomi 

PubL: (In collab.) International Control in 
Non-ferrous Metals, 1937. 

Little Creek Farm, Cumberland, Ont. 


BAYLISS, NOEL STANLEY (Victoria), b. 19 
Dec. 1906. Coburg & Melbourne High Schs. & 
Univ. of Melbourne. B.Sc. 

Lincoln 1927-30. Chem. 1st CL B.A. 1929. 

1930-3 : Commonwealth Fellowship at Univ. 
of California, U.S.A. Ph.D. 1933. 1933-8: 
Senr. Lect. in Chem., Univ. of Melbourne. 
1938- : Prof, of Chem., Univ. of W. Austr. 
1939-43: Chief Warden for Civil Defence, W. 

m. 1933. Nellie E. Banks. Two s. 

University of W. Australia, Nedlands, W. 

COOPER, KEITH LEO (Western Australia). 
b. 27 Jan. 1906. Perth Modem Sch. & Univ. of 
W.A. B.Sc. 

Hertford 1928 (Hil. Term)-1930 (Mich. 
Term). Engineering 2nd CL B.A. 1929. M.A. 
& B.Sc. 1935. 

1931-2: Asst. Engr., Glasgow-Inverness 
Road, Scotland. 1933-8 : Asst. Engr., W. Austr. 
Govt. Rlys. A.M.Inst.C.E. 1933. A.M.I.E. 
Austr. 1936. 1939-40: Tasmanian Govt. Rlys.; 
Res. Engr. 1940-1; R.A. Engrs., Tasmania; 
Lt. 1941. 1941: Lect. in Civil Engin., Univ. of 
Melbourne. 1945 : Senr. Research Officer, 
Council for Scientific & Indust. Research, Mel- 
bourne; Prmc. Research Officer, Sec. of Timber 
Mechanics, Divn. of Forest Products, since 

m. 1936. Miriam Bernard. One . One d. 

26 Netherlee St., Glen Iris, S.E. 6, Vic. 

FLYNN, VINCENT JOHN (New South Wales). 
b. 16 Jan. 1904. St. Aloysius' Coll., Sydney, & 
Univ. of Sydney. LL.B. 

Christ Church 1927-30. Jurispr. 2nd CL 
B,A. 1930. B,C,L. 3rd CL 1930, 



{Australia, cant.] 

1930- : Practice of Law, Sydney. Director 
(Pres. 1935-6), Sydney Univ. Union, 1931-7. 
Hon. Secy., Austr. Inst. of Internal. Affairs 
(N.S.W. Branch), 1932-5. Hon. Secy., Oxford 
Socy. (N.S.W. Branch), since 1935. 1939-46: 
Austr. Armd. Corps ; Bde. Major, 3 Army Tank 
Bde.; G.S.O. 2 (S.D.), Advanced Land H.Q., 
New Guinea Force & Land H.Q. ; Major. 

m. 1934. Jean Marie Adams. Three 5. 

lie Castlereagh St., Sydney, N.S.W. 

(Queensland), b. 26 Apr. 1904. Central State 
& Grammar Sch,, Brisbane. Unrvs. of Queens- 
land & Melbourne. 

New ColL 1927-8 & 1929-30. Physiol. 1st 
CI. 1930. Francis Gotch Mem. Prize 1930. 

1928-39: London Hosp., Engl. (Surgical 
First Asst. & Registrar from 1933). M.R.C.S. & 
L.R.C.P. 1929. F.R.C.S. 1932. 1939- : Jr. 
Surgeon, Brisbane Hosp.; Surgical Tutor; 
Special Lect., Surgical PathoL; Curator of 
Pathol. Museum, Univ. of Queensland. 1942- 
6: Surgeon Specialist, A.A.M.C.; Major. 
1947- : Consultant in Thoracic Surgery to 
Repatriation Dept. 

m. 1939. Brigid Veronica Cooney. Four d. 

23 Ktllora Ave., Hamilton, Brisbane, Queens- 

INGLES, JOHN ALAN (Tasmania), b. 26 Jan. 
1905. Launceston High Sch. & Univ. of Tas- 
mania. B.E. & B.Sc. 

Magdalen 1928 (Hil. Term)-1930. Engineer- 
ing 4th Cl. 1930. Rowing v. Camb. 1929. 

1931-7: Hydro Electric Power Commn., Ont., 
Canada. 1940-5: R.A.A.F.; Wing-Comdr. 
1946- : Chief Engr. & Manager, Clarence River 
County Council, Grafton, N.S.W. 

m. 1930. Sheila Thistle Johnston Yule. 
One s. 

124 Mary St., Grafton, N.S.W. 

tralia), b. 2 July 1905. Woodville District High 
Sch. & Univ. of Adelaide. B.S. M.Sc, 

Magdalen 1927-31. D.PhiL (Physics) 1932. 

1932-42: Sci. Master, Clifton Coll., Bristol, 
Engl. 1942- : Physicist; Brit. Boot, Shoe & 
Allied Trades Research Assocn., Kettering; 
Brit. Leather Mfrs. Research Assocn. since 

m. 1933. E. Hanna Franke. 

Publ.: Mechanics & Hydrostatics, 1936. 
Heat, Light & Sound, 1936. Electricity & 
Magnetism, 1937. Heat, 1939. 

41 Cliff End, Purley, Surrey, England. 


HASLAM, ALEC LESLIE, b. 10 Feb. 1904. 
Wellington Coll. & Waitaki Boys* High Sch. 
Canterbury ColL LL.M. (Univ. of N.Z.). 

Oriel 1927-30. D.PhiL (Law) 1929. B.C.L. 
2nd Cl. 1930. 

1930- : Practice of Law, New Zealand. 
Lect. in Law, Canterbury Univ. Coll., since 
1936, 1940-2: 3rd Canterbury Regt.; T/Sgt.; 
1943-6: 2nd N.Z.E.F.; Middle East, Italy; 

m. 1933. Kathleen Valerie Tennent. Two s. 
Two d. 

PubL: The Law relating to Trade Combina- 
tions, 1931. 

49 Glandovey Rd., Christchurch, N.W. 1, 

1904. Sacred Heart Coll., Auckland, & Auck- 
land Univ. ColL Victoria Univ. ColL, Welling- 
ton. M.A. & B.Sc. (Univ. of N.Z.). 

Balliol 1927-31. Maths. 4th Cl, B.A. 1931- 
Relays v. Camb. 1927 & 1930. Athl. Sports v. 
Carnb. 1928 & 1931. Represented N.Z. m 
Olympic Games 1928. 

1931- : Asst. Master, Marlborough Coll., 

m. 1933. Eileen Winter. One s. Four d. 

Appledene, Leaze Rd., Marlborough, Wilts. , 


FORSTER, HENRY PARK (Orange Free State). 

6. 11 Aug. 1903. Harrismith Sch. Maritzburg 
Coll. Also Univ. of Cape Town. M.B., Ch.B. 

New ColL 1927-30. B.Sc. (Pharmacol.) 1930. 

1930-1: Study in Edinburgh. F.R,C.S. 
(Edmb.) 1931. 1931- : Med. Practice, Johan- 
nesburg. Hon. Asst. Surgeon, Johannesburg 
Gen. Hosp. _ 

m. 1932, Dorothy Kennedy. Three d. 

22 Upper Park Drive, Forest Town, Johannes- 

GONIN, HENRI Louis (Boys* High School, 
Stellenbosch). b. 3 Dec. 1906. Boys' High 
Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Stellenbosch. 

"Balliol 1927-30. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL B.A. 
1930. M.A. 1935. Relays v. Camb. 1928-9. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1930. 

1930-3: Studying in Holland. Ph.D. (Clas- 
sics), Univ. of Leiden 1933. 1933-7: Lect. in 
Latin, Univ. of Stellenbosch. 1938- : Prof, of 
Latin, Univ. of Pretoria. 

m. 1937. Olive du Preez Erasmus. Two s. 
One d. , ,. 

PubL: Latin Grammar & Reader, 3 vols. (in 
Afrikaans), 1945-7. 

University of Pretoria, Transvaal. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 23 Mar. 1908. 
St. Andrew's ColL, Grahamstown. 

University 1926-30. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. & 
Dipl. Econ. B.A. 1930. R.F. v. Camb. 1926-9 
(Capt. 1929). , _ , 

1930-4: Articled Accountant, London, Engl. 
1934-6: Accountant, I.C.I. Ltd., Shanghai. 
1936-40: In Secretariat of Shanghai Municipal 
Council; Dep. Secy. 1937. 1941-3 : D.A.Q.M.G 
attd. A. & S. Highlanders; M.E.F.; Major. D. 
1944: Instr. M.E. Staff Coll.; Lt.-CoL 1945: 
G.S.O. 1, B.M.M. to Greece, C.M.F. 1947- : 
Jt. Man. Director, Francis & Co., Ltd., Bula- 

" 1930. Katherine Margaret Hillary. 
(Marriage dissolved.) One jr. 

Francis & Co., Ltd., P.O. Box 296, Bulawayo, 
S. Rhodesia. 

HILL, FRANCIS GEORGE (Transvaal), b. 29 

Apr. 1905. Kingswood ColL, Grahamstown, & 
Univ. of the Witwatersrand. B.Sc. 

New ColL 1927-30. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1930-1: Post-grad, work, Industr, Psychol. 
1931- : Mining Engr. & Marxager, S. Afr.; 
Consulting Engr., Central Mining & Investmt. 
Corpn., Ltd., Johannesburg, since 1947. 1943- 
5: Mines Engineering Bde.; Capt. Pres., 
Chem., Metallurgical & Mining Socy. of S. Afr., 
1948-9. J 

m. 1936. Dora Kotee. Two s. Two d. 

c]o Comer House, P.O. Box 1169, Johannes- 

beth). b. 17 June 1907. Grey Inst., Port 
Elizabeth, & Rhodes Univ. ColL B.A. 

New Coll. 1928-31. Jurispr. 4th CL B.A. 
1930. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1931. Relays v. Camb. 
1929-30. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1929-31. 



[South Africa, cont,] 

1931- : Business; S. Afr. Asst. Manager, 
Anglo-American Corpn. of S. Afr. Ltd. &, since 
1946, Man. Director, S. Afr. Townships, 
Mining & Finance Corpn,, Ltd. 

m. 1935. Helen May Knight. Three s. 
One d. 

45 Glenhove Rd., Melrose Estate, Johannes- 

MILLIGAN, RALPH JOHN (Diocesan College, 

Rondebosch). b. 29 May 1907. Dioc. Coll., 

Merton 1927-30. Agriculture Schools 1930. 

1931-9: Vacuum Oil Co. of S.A. Ltd., S. & 
E. Africa. 1939-45: E.A.A.S.C. & R.A.S.C.; 
E. Africa, Sornaliland, Abyssinia; T/Lt.-Col. 
D. 1946- : Business, H. Alers Hankey, Ltd., 

m. 1936. Elizabeth Cundell Blake. One s. 
One d. 

P.O. Box 3807, Johannesburg. 

PARR, RONALD WILFRID (Cape Province). 

b. 22 Apr. 1905. Kingswood ColL & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll., Grahamstown. B.A. 

Brasenose 1927-31. Hist. 3rd Cl. 1930. 

1930-1* Tropical Afr. Services Course, 
Oxford. 1931-42: Admin. Services, N. Rho- 
desia; Dist. Commissioner 1936. M.B.E. 

Died 21 Dec. 1942. 

TIETZ, EDMUND LAGESEN (South African Col- 
lege School), b. 9 Apr. 1906. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. 
& Univ. of Cape Town. B.Sc. 

University 1927-30. B.Sc. (Chem.) 1929. 
DJPhil. (Chem.) 1930. 

1930- : Research Chemist, Cape Explosive 
Works Ltd., S. Afr. (Senr. Research Chemist 
since 1947). F.R. Inst. Chem. 1946. 

m. 1934. Lenore Aileen Davey. One s. 
One d. 

Research & Development Dept., P.O. North 
Rand, Transvaal. t 

Jan. 1904. Durban High Sch. & Natal Univ. 
Coll. B.A. 

Trinity 1927-31. P.P.E. overstating for 
Hons. 193L B.A. 1931, M.A. 1939. 

1931- : Boys' Coll., Pietermaritzburg; 
Housemaster & Senr. Engl, Master since 1933. 

m. 1937. Phyllis Bartlett. Three s. One d. 
2 Russell Avenue, Pietermaritzburg, Natal. 


b. 6 Feb. 1905. Salisbury Boys' High Sch., 
S. Rhod., & Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch. Also Univ. 
of Cape Town. B.A. &LL.B. 

Queen's 1928 (Hil. Term)-1930. B.C.L. 2nd 
Cl. 1930. 

1931- : Practice of Law, Rhodesia. M.P. for 
Bulawayo North 1939; re-elected 1946. 1939- 
40: Gold Coast Regt.; Capt. 194CH5: D.J.A.G., 
S. Rhod., & Parly. Secy, to Prime Minister; 
Major. 1946- : Minister of Justice, Internal 
Affairs, Health & Educ., S. Rhod. O.B.E. 1946. 
K.C. 1946. 

m. 1934. Leonie Barry. Two d. 

Box 690, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 

Oct. 1904. Umtali & Plumtree Schs., Rhodesia, 
& Rhodes Univ. ColL B.Sc. 

Magdalen 1927-30. Engineering 4th CL 
B.A. 1929. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1930. 

1930- : Engr., Public Works Dept., Nigeria. 
A.M.Inst.C.E. 1938. 

m. 1936. Hilda Graeme Shankland. One s. 

cjo Public Works Dept., Lagos, Nigeria, W. 

PHEAR, WILLIAM HERBERT, b. 13 Dec. 1906. 
Plumtree Sch., Rhodesia, & Univ. of Cape 
Town. LL.B. 

Queen's 1927-30. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1929. 
B.C.L. 3rd CL 1930. 

1930- : Practice of Law, Bulawayo. 1940-4: 
Gold Coast Regt.; R.W.A.F.F.; Capt. 1945: 
King George VI Barracks, Salisbury, S. Rhod. ; 

m. 1935. Margaret Helen Baines. Two s. 
One d. 

P.O. Box 192, Bulawayo, S. Rhodesia. 


HALLETT, HENRY JOSEPH, b. 4 June 1908. 
Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Bromsgrove Sch., 

Trinity 1927-31. Pass Schools. B.A. 1930. 
M.A. 1934. 

1931- : Teaching, Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda; 
Senr. Master 1937; Headmaster since 1948. 

m. 1933. Lilian Cocker. One s. One d. 

Elevado, Pembroke, Bermuda. 


b. 10 Apr. 1907. Munro ColL, Jamaica. 

Brasenose 1927-30. Engineering 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1930. 

1930-9: Engr., Public Works Dept., Jamaica. 
1939-46: Exec. Engr., Public Works Dept., 
Nigeria. 1946- : Public Works, Jamaica; Asst. 
Director 1946-7; Dep. Director since 1947. 
A.M.Inst.C.E. Dipl. 1936. 

m. 1936. Ena Barbara Kelly-Lawson. One s. 
One d. 

20& Kings House Rd., Half-Way Tree P.O., 


REYNOLDS, CECIL JOHN. b. 20 Mar. 1903. 
Meth. ColL, St. John's, Nfd., & Mt. Allison 
Univ., N.B. B.Sc. & B.A. 

Wadham 1927-30. Eng. L. & Lit. 3rd CL 
B.A. 1929. B.Litt. 1930. M.A. (Harvard) 1932. 

1932-5: Instr. in Engl., Lafayette ColL, 
Penn., U.S.A. 1935- : Dept. of Engl., Univ. of 
Maine (now Assoc. Prof.). 

m. 1933. Alice Starr Pike. One s. One d. 

Box 86, Stillzoater, Maine, U.S.A. 


VASSALLO, JOSEPH PAUL. b. 17 Jan. 1907. 
The Lyceum & Univ. of Malta. 

Queen's 1927-9. Pass Mods. Resigned 

1930-47: The Lyceum, Valetta, Malta; Asst. 
Master 1931-8; Asst. Headmaster 1938-44; 
Headmaster 1944-7. 1947- : Asst. Director of 
Education, Malta. 

m. 1932. RoseD'Amato. Four s. Qned. 

3 St. Paul's Square, Mdina, Malta, G.C. 




1 Apr. 1907. East Angus Acad. & Bishop's 
Univ., Lennoxville. B.A. & M.A. 

New Coll. 1928-31. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1931-3 rMcGzll Univ. B.C.L. 1933. 1934- : 
Insce. Broker, Quebec. 

m. 1932. Wilma Baxter Whyte. One s. 

2822 Sheppard Ave., Quebec City, P.Q. 


b. 4 Sept. 1906. Moose Jaw Collegiate Inst., 
Sask., & Univ. of Saskatchewan. LL.B. 

Lincoln 1928-31. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.C.L. 
1st Cl. B.A. 1930. Prox. ace. for Vinerian 

1931-4: Practice of Law, Regina, Sask. 
1934-45: Prof, of Law, Dalhousie Univ., 
Halifax, N.S. 1945- : Dean of Fac. of Law, 
Univ. of British Columbia. 

m. 1940. Doris Gwendolyn Margeson. One 5. 
One d. 

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 

Scotia), b. 22 Nov. 1906. Bridgetown High 
Sch., N.S., & Acadia Univ. B.A. 

Exeter 1928-31. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 1931. 
Miniature Rifle v. Camb. 1929. 

1931-45: Business, Toronto, Regina, & 
Winnipeg. 1946- : Broker, Toronto Stock 

m. 1939. Martha Roberta Bell. Two d. 

66 Rowanwood Ave,, Toronto, Ont. 

wick), b. 17 Nov. 1907. Fredericton Gr. Sch. 
& Univ. of New Brunswick. B.A. 

Exeter 1928-31. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1931. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1930. 

1931-41 : Prof, of Econ. & Pol., Univ. of New 
Brunswick. 1942-5: Bronfman Prof, of Econ. 
& Pol. Sci.; 1945- : Down Prof, of Econ., 
McGill Univ. Chmn. of Dept. since 1947. 
F.R.S.C. 1944. Political Commentator for the 
Internat. Service of the C.B.C. 

m. 1933. Marjone Stella Brewer. One s. 
One d. 

PubL: (In collab.) The Brounsville Murders, 
1933. Murder in the Police Station, 1934. 
Essentials of Price Theory, 1942. The Economic 
Effects of the War on the Maritime Provinces of 
Canada, 1944. (In collab.) Tariff Policy and the 
Pulp and Paper Industry, 1944. 

Purvis Hall, 1020 Pine Ave. W., Montreal, 

MacLENNAN, JOHN HUGH (Canada-at- 
Large). b. 20 Mar. 1907. Halifax Acad. & 
Dalhousie Univ. B.A. 

Oriel 1928-32. Hon. Mods. (Class.) 2nd Cl. 
1930. Lit. Hum. 3rd Cl. 1932. L.T. v. Camb. 

1932-5: Research; Page Fellowship, Prince- 
ton Grad. Coll., U.S.A.; Ph.D. 1935. 1935-45: 
Teaching, Lower Canada Coll. Guggenheim 
Fellowship 1943-4. 1945- : Writing. 

m. Dorothy Duncan. 

PubL: Oxyrhynchus, A Social & Economic 
Study, 1935. Barometer Rising, 1941. Two 
Solitudes , 1944 (Gov.-Gen.'s Literary Award 
for Fiction, 1945 ; trans, into six languages). The 
Precipice, 1948. 

North JJ alley, P.Q. 

MARTLAND, RONALD (Alberta), b. 10 Feb. 
1907. Victoria High Sch., Edmonton, & Univ. 
of Alberta. B.A. LL.B. 

Hertford 1928-31. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1930. 
B.CL. 1st Cl. 1931. Vinerian Scholp. 1931. 
M.A. 1934. Ice-hockeys. Camb. 1928-31. 

1932- : Practice of Law, Edmonton, Alta. 
Lect. in Law, Univ. of Alberta. K.C. 1943. 
Bencher of the Law Socy. of Alta. 1947. Chan- 
cellor of the Diocese of Athabasca 1947. 

m. 1935. Iris E. Bury. One s. Two d. 

12428 103rd Ave., Edmonton, Alta. 

SINCLAIR, JAMES (British Columbia), b. 
26 May 1908. Vancouver Public & High Schs. 
Univ. of British Columbia. B.Sc, 

St. John's 1928-31. Maths. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1931. M.A. 1936. 

1931-6: Engineering, Canada, & Grad. Stu- 
dent, Princeton Univ., U.S. A. Organizer, 
Liberal Party of B.C., 1937. Secy., Minister of 
Mines, Victoria, B.C., 1939. M.P. (Vancouver 
North) since 1940. (Parly. Asst. to Min. of 
Finance since 1948). 1939-45 : R.C.A.F. ; Libya, 
Malta, Italy; Squadron Leader. 

m. 1940. Doris Kathleen Bernard. Three d. 

254 W. 6th St., North Vancouver, B.C. 

tario), b. 20 Sept. 1904. Kingsville High Sch. 
& Univ. of Toronto. B.A. & M.A. 

Christ Church 1928-31. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 
Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1931. 

1931- : Trinity Coll., Toronto; Fellow & 
Lect. 1931-41; Assoc. Prof, of Church History 
since 1941; Dean of Residence 1940-8. Asst. 
Priest, St. Thomas s Church, Toronto, 1931-40. 

Trinity College, Toronto 5, Ont. 

b. 22 Oct. 1904. Montreal Coll., St. Mary's Coll., 
Montreal, B.A, & Univ. of Montreal, LL.B. 

Hertford 1928-9. Read Jurispr. Ice-hockey 
v. Camb. 1928-9. Resigned Scholp. 

1929- : Practice of Law, Montreal. K.C. 
1943. Fire Commissioner of Montreal 1947. 

m. 1941. Sirnone D^carie. One s+ Four d. 

433 Elm Avenue, Westmount, P.Q. 

b. 16 Dec. 1906. St. John's Tech. High Sch., 
Winnipeg, & Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. 

St. John's 1928-31. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. B.A. & 
M.A. 1941. Ice-hockeys. Camb. 1928-31 (Capt. 

1931-4: Actuarial Dept:, Manufacturers Life 
Insce. Co., Toronto. 1934- : Director, J. D. 
Woods & Gordon, Ltd., Management Con- 
sultants, Toronto ; Pres., J. D. Woods & Gordon, 
Inc. (U.S. Subsidiary). 1939-45: Special in- 
vestigations for War-time Prices & Trade Bd., 
Ottawa. Production consultant in various 
munition plants. 

m. 1935. Dorothy Charlotte Greer. One s. 

256 Glengrove Ave. West, Toronto, Ont. 

6. 18 May 1906. Brantford Collegiate Inst. & 
Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

Corpus Christi 1928-31. Hon. Mods. (Class.) 
2nd Cl. 1929. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL B.A. 1931. 
M.A. 1934. 

1931-2: Lect. in Anc. Hist., University Coll., 
Toronto. 1932- : Victoria Coll., Toronto; 
Nelles Prof, of Anc. Hist, since 1947. Registrar 
since 1944. 

m. 1933. Eleanor Agnes Barton. Three s. 

8 Wydmood Park, Toronto 10, Ont. 




In this year there was no election from 

b, 23 Oct. 1905. Scots Coll. & Univ. of Sydney. 

Balliol 1928-31. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1930. 
B.C.L. 2nd CL 1931. 

1932- : Practice of Law, Sydney. 

m. 1937. Joan Adelaide Nobbs. Ones, Oned. 

174 Phillip St., Sydney, N.S.W. 

GARRAN, ANDREW (Victoria), b. 29 Dec. 
1906. Melbourne C. of E. Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Melbourne. B.A. 

New Coll. 1928-31. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1930. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1931. 

1931-3: Practice of Law, Victoria. 1933- : 
Asst. Parly. Draftsman, Victoria. Coronation 
Medal 1937. 1941-5: R.A.A.F.; Dep. Director 
of Orgn., R.A.A.F. H.Q.; Wing-Comdr. 

m. 1931. Mary Jean Fraser. Three d. 

Roanoke, Glenthomp$on t Vtc. 

LAVERY, JOHN HARDIE (Queensland), b. 
23 May 1905. Brisbane Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Queensland. B.Eng, M.Eng. 1935. 

Wadham 1928-32. B.Sc. (Engin.) 1931. 

1933-49: Chartered Civil Engr. Engr. for 
Design, Brisbane City Council. 1942-4: R.A. 
Engrs.jAJ.F. D. 1949- : Prof, of Engineering, 
Univ. of Queensland. 

m. 1934. Audrey Lillian Laker. Two s, 

Braeside Terrace, Alderly, Brisbane, Queens- 

Australia), b. 4 Oct. 1908. Perth Modern Sch. 
& Univ. of W.A. B.Sc. 

Balliol 1929 (Hil. Term)-1931 (Mich. Term). 
Chem. 3rd Cl. 1931. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 

1931-40: Teaching & Business, w. Anglo- 
Persian Oil Co, & Imp. Tobacco Co. 1941-4: 
Min. of Supply (Explosives). 1944: Asst. 
Director, Explosives & Chem. Warfare Divn., 
Brit. Supply Mission, U.S.A. 1945- : Manager, 
Biddle, Sawyer & Co., London, Engl. 

m. 1938. Frances Phillips. 

4 Graf ton St., London, W. 1, England. 

WAGNER, FRANZ WILLIAM (South Australia). 
b. 26 Oct. 1905. Queen's Sch. & Univ. of 
Adelaide. B.Sc. 

Christ Church 1928-31. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1931. M.A. 1937. 

1931-9: Asst. Master, Christ's Hosp., Hor- 
sham, Engl. 1939- : Tutor & Lect., Oxford 
Univ. Dept. of Education. 

m. 1934. Maria Schiller. One s. One d. 

34 St. Margaret's Road, Oxford, England. 


b. 4 Oct. 1906. Nelson Coll. & Victoria Coll., 
N.Z. LL.B. & LL.M. 

Balliol 1928-31. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1930. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1931. Entrance Scholp., Inner 

1931-3: Law Student. 1934-40 & 1942- : 
Bamster-at-Law, London. Engl. 1941-2: 
R.A.F.V.R.; P/O. 1944-5: Working in mines. 
M.P. (Finsbury Borough of London) 1945. 

m. 1936. Janet Kathenne Cree. Five s. 

13 Cavendish t , London, JN.W. 8, England. 

SHARP, CHARLES ANDREW, b. 10 Nov. 1906. 
Wellington Coll. & Auckland Gr. Sch. Univ. of 
Otago. B.A. & M.A. 

St. John's 1929-31. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1930. 1930-1: I.C.S. Probationer 

1931-2: I.C.S., Burma. Invalided to N.Z. 
1940-4: Internal Affairs Dept. & Prime Minis- 
ter's Dept., N.Z. 1944 7 7: Asst. Official Secy., 
Office of High Commissioner for N.Z. , Canberra, 
Austr. 1947- : Official Secy., Office of High 
Commissioner for N.Z., Ottawa, Canada. 

m. 1946. Margaret Hope Johnstpne. One s. 

cfo New Zealand High Commissioner's Office, 
Ottawa, Ont. 


lege, Grahamstown). b. 1 Oct. 1907. St. 
Andrew's Prep. Sch. & Coll., Grahamstown. 

University 1927-31. Read Physiol. Swim- 
ming v. Camb. 1929, 1930 (Pres.), & 1931. B.A. 
1932. B.M., B.Ch. 1943. 

1931-44: Med. study & practice, Engl. 
1944-6: R.N.V.R.; Surg.-Lieut. 1947- : Der- 
matological Registrar, Royal Infirmary. Liver- 
pool, Engl. D.L.M. (Dublin) 1947. 

m. 1943. Alice Paxton Field. One s. One d. 

The Cottage, Grimston Garth, Aldbrough, Nr. 
Hull, England. 

Free State), b. 1 May 1907. Boys' High Sch., 
Rondebosch, & Grey Coll. Sch. Univ. of Cape 
Town. B.A. Grey Univ. Coll. 

New Coll. 1927-31. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1931. Dipl. Econ. 1931. M.A. 1937. 

1931-2: Law Student, London, Engl., & S. 
Afr. 1933-5: Business, Cape Town. 1936- : 
Farming; 1936-45: Tokai, Cape Peninsula; 
1940- : Rondebosch. M.A. (Cape Town) 1944. 

m. 1934. Elsie Mathilde Gilbey. Four s. 
Three d. 

Golden Grove Farm, Stuart Rd., Rondebosch. 

b. 5 June 1904. Boys' High Sch., Pretoria, & 
Univ. of Pretoria. B.A. & M.A. 

Queen's 1928-31. Lit. Hum. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1931-5: Farming & teaching in S. Afr. 
Higher Educ. Dipl., Univ. of Pretoria, 1935. 
1936- : Director of Education, Swaziland. 

m. 1933. Frances Mary Evelyn Thomas. 
One d. 

C\Q Education Dept., P.O. Box 39, Mbabane, 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 13 Apr. 1908. Boys 
High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Stellen- 
bosch. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Magdalen 1929 (Hil. Term)-1931 (Mich. 
Term). Maths. 2nd Cl. 1930. 1931-2: Univ. of 
London; Ph.D. (Statistics) 1932. 

1934- : Actuary, S. Afr. Nat. LifeAssce.Co., 
Ltd., Cape Town. Part-time Lect. in Actuarial 
ScL, Univ. of C.T. 

m. 1933. Elisabeth Umbach. One s. Two d. 

P.O. Box 660, Cape Town. 

Province), b. 11 Sept. 1906. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. 
& Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. & LL.B. 

University 1928-31. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 1931. 
R.F. v Camb. 1928-30 (Capt. 1930). Water- 
polo v. Carnb. 1930. 

1932: Private Secy, to S. Afr. Minister of 
Justice. 1933: In Att.-Gen.'s Office, Pretoria. 
1934-44: Principal, Univ. Correspondence 
Courses, Pretoria. 

m. 1936. Madelene de Waal. 

Died June 1944. 



[South Africa, cont."] 

LAIGHT, BRANDON (Natal), b. 25 Oct. 1904, 
Durban High Sch. & Natal Univ. Coll. (Univ. 
of S. Afr.). B.A. & M.A. 

Trinity 1928-31. Read Engl. L. & Lit. 

Teaching, S. Afr. 1942: W.A.A.S., G.H.Q 
M.E.F.; Pte. 1947- : Teaching. 

m. 1938. Lyndon Evelyn Corydon-Baker. 

b. 13 Aug. 1907. Christian Brothers Coll., 
Kimberley, & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Brasenose 1928-31. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1930. B.C.L. 2nd CL 1931. 

1932-4: Further study; Inst. of Chartered 
Accountants 1934. 1935- : Calcutta Electric 
Supply Corpn. Ltd. ; Asst, Commercial Manager 
1935; Dep. Commercial Manager since 1946. 
1940-5: R. Tank Regt; U.K., N. Afr., W. Afr., 
Italy: Major. M.B.E. 1945. 

m. 1935. Joan Linthorne Oliver. Two s. 

Calcutta Electric Supply Corpn., Ltd., Victoria 
House, Calcutta) India. 

(Diocesan College, Rondebosch). b. 21 Oct. 
1907. Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch, & Univ. of 
Cape Town. 

Brasenose 1928-32. Hist. (Aegrotat.) B.A. 
1932. Crickets. Camb. 1932. Boxing v. Camb. 
1929 & 1931. 

1932-3: Teaching, Engl. 1934- : Teaching, 
Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch. Represented S. Afr. 
v. M.C.C. in Tests of M.C.C. Tour 1938-9. 
1940-4: Duke of Edinburgh's Own Rifles; 
Kenya, Italian Somaliland, Abyssinia, Eritrea, 
Egypt, Libya, Italy; Lt.-Col. M.C. D. 

m. 1943. Margaret Elizabeth Wilson. Two d. 

Cradley, Eurera Rd., Rondebosch, C.P. 

WHYTE, ROBERT (South African College 
School), b. 12 June 1907. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Trinity 1928-31. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. BA. 1931. 

1931- : Banking, Barclays Bank (D.C. & O.); 
London, Engl., & S. Afr. 

m. 1940. Sara Johanna van den Heever. 

Barclays Bank (D.C. & O.), 54 Lombard St., 
London, E.G. 3, England. 


16 Aug. 1904. Plumtree Sch., S. Rhod., & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

University 1928 (Hil. Term)-1931. Jurispr. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1930. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1930. 
1930-1 : Tropical African Services Probationer. 

1931- : Admin. Service, N. Rhod. District 
Officer since 1941. 

m. 1935. Doreen Eleanor Winch. Three s. 
One d. 

cfo The Secretariat, Lusaka, N. Rhodesia. 

22 Nov. 1907. St. George's Public Sch., 
Bulawayo, & Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Queers 1929 (HiLTerm)-1931 (Mich. Term). 
Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1931. Dipl. Theol. 1931. 

1932-3: Westminster Coll., Cambridge, Engl. 
1933 : Presbyterian Ministry; Livingstone 
Church, N. Rhod., 1933-7; St. Stephen's 
Church, La Rochelle, Johannesburg, 1937-9; 
Presbyt. Church, Brakpan, Transvaal, since 

m. 1934. Joanna C. Pooley. 

The Manse, 82 Hastings Ave. t Brakpan, 

1906. St. George's Sch., Bulawayo, & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Lincoln 1928-31. Engineering 2nd CL B.A. 
1930. Read Econ. 

1931-3: Pupil Engr. 1933-4: Engr., N. 
Ireland. 1934-5: Asst. Engr., Irrigation Dept., 
S, Afr. 1935-6: Lect. in Engin., Univ. of the 
Witwatersrand. 1936-47: Engr., City Council 
of Johannesburg; 1939-45 : Dep. Director, Mech. 
Services, Civilian Protective Services, Jonannes- 
burg. 1947- : Engr., Bulawayo Municipality. 

m. 1934. Geraldine H. M. de Graef. One s. 

P.O. Box 591, Bulawayo , S. Rhodesia. 


28 Mar. 1909. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & 
Bromsgrove Sch., England. 

Merton 1928-9. Read Jurispr. 

1929-32: Teaching, Essex, Engl. 1932- : 
Banking; The Bank of Bermuda Ltd.; Asst. 
Trust Officer since 1945. 

cjo The Bank of Bermuda Ltd., Hamilton, 


HARRISON, JOHN PEARMAN. b. 18 Jan. 1907. 
Sherborne School, England, & Munro Coll., 

Exeter 1928-31 & 1932 (Trin. Term). Jurispr. 
3rd Cl. B.A. 1936. 

1931- : In London, Engl., & S, Afr. 

m. 1933. Elizabeth Constance Mary Fletcher. 
Two ch. 

Manor House, Abbots Ann, Andover, Hants., 


CLARKE, ROY. b. 18 Oct. 1905. Methodist 
Coll, St. John's, Nfd.; Memorial Univ. Coll.; & 
Dalhousie Univ. 

Exeter 1928-31. Physiol. 2nd CL 1931. 

1931-40: Hosp. appts., London, Engl. Mem- 
bership of Gold Medal in Clin. Med., St. 
Mary's Hosp. 1941-2: Dudley Rd. Hosp., 
Birmingham. & Physician-in-Charge E.M.S. 
Area. 1942: R.A.M.C.; Major. 

m. 1938. Joan Bullough. 

Lost at sea (presumed killed in action) 7 Dec. 




BABBITT, JOHN DAVID (New Brunswick), b. 

2 Feb. 1908. Fredericton High Sch. & Univ. of 
New Brunswick. B.A. 

University 1929-35. Nat. Sci. (Physics) 1st 
Cl. B.A. 1932. D.Phil. (Physics) 1935. Ice- 
hockey v. Camb. 1929-32. 

1935- : Research Physicist, National Re- 
search Council, Ottawa (Scientific Liaison 
Officer, London, EngL, 1943-4). F.R.C.S. 

m. 1948. Dorothy Elizabeth Rooney. 

126 Lansdowne St., Fredericton, N.B. 

b. 12 Dec. 1909. St. John's Coll., Winnipeg; 
Nutana Collegiate Inst., Saskatoon, & Univ. of 
Saskatchewan. B.A. LL.B. 

Queen's 1929-32. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1932. 

1934-5- Practice of Law, Saskatchewan. 
1936- : Standard Oil Co. of Brit. Columbia, 
Ltd.; Legal Specialist 1936, Branch Manager 
1938, Asst. to Pres. 1945, Manager of Marketing 
1947. 1942-5; R.C.A.F.; J.A.G.; Ottawa; 

m. 1939. Clara Margareta Strieker. One s. 
Two d. 

5175 Crown St., Vancouver, B.C. 

(Manitoba), b. 19 Nov. 1907. St. John's Coll. 
Sch,, Winnipeg; Trinity Coll. Sch., Port Hope, 
Ont.; & Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. 

Wadham 1929-32. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1932. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1929-32 (Capt.). 
Ice-hockey Internat. 1931 8s 1932. 

193240: w. Northern Life Assurance Co., 
London, Ont. F.A.S.A.&F.A.I.A.1939. 1940- : 
Asst. Gen. Manager, John Labatt, Ltd., Lon- 
don, Ont. Vice-Pres. & Director, London (Ont.) 
Chamber of Commerce, 1945. 

m. 1934. Mary Fletcher Andrews. Three s. 

cfo John Labatt, Ltd., London, Ont. 

12 Apr. 1908. High Sch. of Montreal & McGill 
Univ. B.A. 

New Coll. 1929-32. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1931. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1932. Called to the Bar, 
Engl., 1932. 

1932- : Practice of Law, Montreal. 1941-5: 
R.A.C., Engl., NW. Europe; Lt.-Col. O.B.E. 
1945. K.C. 1947. 

m. 1934. Agnes Dennis Morton. One s. 
One d. 

4717 Roslyn Ave , Montreal, P.Q. 

tario). &. 5 June 1908. Trinity Coll. Sch., Port 
Hope, Ont., & Umv. of Toronto. B.A. 

Christ Church 1929-32. P.P.E. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1931. B.Litt. (Soc. Stud.) 1933. Lacrosse 
v. Camb. 1931-2. 

1932-3: Temp. Secy, to the Hon. Vincent 
Massey. 1934-5: Editor, The Canadian Forum. 
1936-7: Editorial staff, Current History, 
Man. Editor 1937. 1940-1: Can. Repres. of 
Finch Telecommunications, Toronto. 1941-2: 
R.C.A.F.; P/O. 

Killed on active service (returning from 
operational flight) 9 Nov. 1942. 

LAFLEUR, HENRI GRIER (Quebec), b. 17 
Tune 1908. Lower Canada Coll. & McGill 

niv. B.A. 

St. John's 1929-32. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1931. B.C.L. 2nd CL 1932. Ice-hockey v. 
Camb. 1930-1. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1932. 


1933- : Practice of Law, Montreal. K.C. 
1945. Member, Montreal City Council, 1939- 

m. 1934. Florence Joy McGibbon. (Marriage 
dissolved.) Two s. 

Messrs. Mann, Mathewson, Lafleur & Brown, 
1505, Aldred Bldg., 507 Place d'Armes, Montreal, 

ROSS, WALTER BRENTON (Nova Scotia), b. 
18 May 1907. Colchester County Acad.,Truro, 
N.S., & Dalhousie Univ. B.A. 

Exeter 1929-33. Hist. 2nd Cl. 1933. B.A. 
1942. M.A. 1947. 

1933-40: Teaching, Research & Business. 
1940-4: Harvard Univ., U.S.A., R.S.C. Fellow, 
Grad. Stud. & Teaching Fellow; A.M. 1943. 
1944-5: Asst. Prof, of Hist., Adelphi Coll., 
Garden City, NY. 1945-7. Instr. in Hist., 
Vassar Coll. 1948- : Assoc. Prof, of Hist., 
Ursinus Coll., Pa. 

m. 1935. Janet MacPherson. One s. 

Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pa., U.S.A. 

berta), b. 6 July 1907. Central Collegiate Inst., 
Calgary, & Univ. of Alberta. B.A. 

Keble 1929-32. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1931. 
B.Litt. 1932. M.A. 1935. D.Phil. (Hist.) 1935. 
Beit Senr. Research Scholp, Royal Socy. of 
Can. Research Scholp. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 

1936-46: Prof, of Hist., Mt. Allison Univ. 
1940-2: C.I.T.C.; Major. 1942-5: C.M.H.Q., 
Overseas; Hist. Sec.; Lt.-Col. 1945-6: Dep. 
Director, Hist. Sec., Gen. Staff, Dept. of Nat. 
Defence, Ottawa. 1947-9: Prof, of Can. Hist., 
Univ. of Brit. Columbia. Guggenheim Fellow- 
ship 1948. 1949- : Prof. & Hd of Dept. of 
Hist., R. Mil. Coll. of Canada, Kingston, Ont. 
F.R.H.S. Membre Correspondant de I'lnstitut 
d'Histoire de Famerique Francaise. 

m. 1946. Ruth Lynette Hill. 

PubL: The Birth of Western Canada, 1936. 
(In collab.) The Canadians in Britain, 1939- 
44, 1945. Assoc. Ed., Annual Report, Canadian 
Historical Assocn., 1947. 

Dept. of History, R. Military College, King- 
ston, Ont. 

TOLMIE, JOHN Ross (British Columbia). 

b. 24 Aug. 1908. S. Vancouver High Sch. & 
Univ. of B.C. B.A. 

Brasenose 1929-32. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1931. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1932. 

1932-5: Practice of Law, Vancouver. 1935- 
45: Can. Civil Service; Solicitor to Treasury. 
1945- : Practice of Law, Ottawa. 

m. 1936. Helene Louise Ladner. Four s. 
One d. 

140 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ont. 

ZIEGLER, HROLFE READ (Ontario), b. 28 Dec. 

1904. Brantford Collegiate Inst., Ont., & Univ. 
of Toronto. D.M. 

Magdalen 1929-31. Physiol. 2nd CL 

1932-6: Toronto Gen. Hosp. M.S. 1936. 
F.R.C.S. (Can.) 1936. 1936-42: Surgeon, 
Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A. 1942-6: U.S. Med. 
Corps, Army Air Force; Col. 1942- : Asst. 
Prof, of Anatomy & Surgery, Univ. of Rochester. 
1947- : Assoc. Chief of Dept. of Surgery, High- 
land Hosp., Rochester. 

m. 1933. Dorothy Dansken Ross. Two s. 
One d. 

PubL: Omphalocele (in press, 1948). Arts, in 
Medical journals. 

555 Oakdale Drive, Rochester 7, N.Y., 




Australia), b. 20 May 1909. High Sch., Kal- 
goorlie, W.A., & Univ. of Perth, W.A. B Sc. 

Lincoln 1930 (Hil. Term)-1933 (Hil. Term). 
Nat. Sci. (Physics) 3rd CL B.A. 1931. B.Sc. 
1933. Dipl. Educ. 1933. M.A. 1938. 

1933-47: Asst. Master, Radley Coll., Berks., 
EngL; Housemaster 1945. 1948- : Headmaster, 
Ivanhoe Gr. Sch., Melbourne, Austr. 1939-45: 
A.T. Sect, of O.T.C., C.O., A.T.C., Squadron 
District Inspecting Officer; Squadron-Leader, 

m. 1935. Gladys Bronwen Jones. One s. 
Two d. 

Ivanhoe Grammar School. Melbourne. N.21, 

Wales), b. 30 Jan. 1907. The Scots Coll. & 
Univ. of Sydney. B.A. 

Balliol 1929-32. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1932. 
M.A. 1947. 

1932- : Teaching; EngL 1932-3; Sydney & 
N.S.W., Austr., 1934-9. 1940-5: A.I.F.;N. Afr., 
New Guinea, Philippines; Capt. 1946- : Teach- 
ing, Sydney Gr. Sch. 

m. 1937. Elisabeth Bosgard. One d. 
4 Hunter St., Dover Heights, N.S.W. 

b. 9 Aug. 1907. St. Joseph's Coll., Brisbane, & 
Univ. of Queensland. B.A. 

Balliol 1929-32. Mod. Langs. (French) 1st 
CL B.A. 1931. B.Litt. 1932. M.A. 1935. 
Heath Harrison Trav. Scholp. 1930. Relays v. 
Camb. 1931. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1932. 

1933- : Dept. of Mod. Langs., Univ. of 
Queensland; Senr. Lect. since 1948. 1941-5: 
A.M.F.; Bde. Major, 7th Austr. Inf. Bde.; 
G.S.O.2, 1st Austr. Combined Opns. Sect.; 
Major. D. E.D. 

m. 1939. Maureen Catherine Grealy. One s. 

Publ. : Ed. Richard the Second (The Australian 
Students' Shakespeare), 1937. 

Seventh Ave., St. Lucia, S.W. 1, Brisbane, 

tralia), b. 9 May 1905. St. Peter's Collegiate 
Sch., S. Austr., & Univ. of Adelaide. B.A. 
Asst. Master, St. Peter's Sch. Collegiate, 1924-6 
& 1929. 

Balliol 1929-32. Hist. 2nd CL 1932. B.A. 
1939. M.A. 1940. 

1932-3: A/Master, St. Mark's Coll., Univ. of 
Adelaide. 1934- : St. George's ColL, Univ. of 
W. Austr.; Senr. Tutor 1934-8; Sub-Warden 
1939; Warden since 1940. Member, Univ. 
Senate since 1941; Lect. in Hist, since 1934. 

m. 1934. Magdalene Hedwig Dorsch. 
Three d. 

St. George's College, Crawley, W. Australia. 

SMITHIES, ARTHUR (Tasmania), b. 12 Dec. 
1907. The Hutchins Sch., Hobart, & Univ. of 
Tasmania. LL.B. 

Magdalen 1929-32. P.P.E. 2nd CL B.A. 

1932: Commonwealth Fund Fellowship in 
U.S.A. 1932-4: Harvard Univ. Ph.D. 1934. 
1934-5: Instr. in Econ., Univ. of Michigan. 
1935-8: Economist, Statisticians Branch, Trea- 
sury Dept. , Commonwealth of Austr. 1 93 8^43 : 
Asst. & Assoc. Prof, of Econ., Univ. of Michi- 
gan. Consultant to Bd. of Econ. Warfare & 
Office of Price Admin. 1942. 1943-8: Econ. 
Branch, U.S. Bureau of the Budget; Chief 1946- 
8. Director, Fiscal & Trade Policy Divn., Econ. 
Co-operation Admin., 1948. 1948- : Prof, of 
Econ., Harvard Univ. (on leave, 1948, as Dir., 

Fiscal & Trade Policy Divn., B.C. A., Washing- 
ton, D.C.) 

m. 1935. Katharine Hermione Riprnan. One 
s. Oned. 

PubL: Numerous papers & reviews on econo- 
mic subjects. 

Dept, of Economics, Harvard University, Cam- 
bridge, Mass., U.S.A. 

b. 26 Mar. 1907. Maryborough High Sch., Vic., 
Scotch ColL, Melbourne, & Univ. of Melbourne. 

Oriel 1929-32. P.P.E. 1st CL B.A. 1932. 
M.A. 1934. Beit Prize 1932. Beit Senr, Re- 
search Scholp. 1933. Cecil Peace Prize 1931. 

1934-9: Lect, Christ Church, Oxford. 1935- 
44: Beit Lect. in Colonial Hist. 1939-44: Fellow 
& Praelector in Politics, University Coll. 1944- : 
Gladstone Prof, of Govt. & Public Admin., 
Oxford. Fellow of All Souls ColL Fellow of 
Nuffield ColL Member of Hebdomadal Council 
since 1947. Member of Oxford City Council 
since 1941. Constitutional Adviser to National 
Convention of Newfoundland 1946-8. Chmn., 
Interdepartmental on Children and 
the Cinema, 1947-8. Rhodes Trustee since 

m. (1) 1934. Helen Mary Allan. One s. (2) 
1943. Joan Randell. One s. One d. 

PubL: The Statute of Westminster, 1931, 1933. 
The Statute of Westminster & Dominion Status, 
1938; 2nd ed. 1942; 3rd ed. 1947; 4th ed. 1949. 
Federal Goverment, 1946. Abraham Lincoln and 
the United States, 1948. 

All Souls College, Oxford, England. 


BAILEY, ERNEST EDMOND. b. 29 May 1907. 
Sacred Heart Coll., Auckland, & Univ. of N.Z. 
LL.B. & LL.M. Barrister & Solicitor of the 
Supreme Court of N.Z. 

Magdalen 1929-32. D.Phil. (Law) 1932. 

1933-42: Practice of Law, London, EngL 
Called to the Bar, EngL, 1945. 1942-6: M.E. 
Supply Centre, Cairo (Dep. Dir.-Gen. 1942-4, 
Dir.-Gen. 1945-6). 1946- : Min. of Food, 
London, Principal Finance Officer since 1947. 
C.B.E. 1946. 

m. 1933. Helen Margaret Morant. Two s. 
Two d. 

Chinthurst, Shalford, Surrey, England. 

HENLEY, WILTON ERNEST, b. 28 May 1907. 
Wanganui Collegiate Sch. 8s Univ. of Otago, 

New ColL 1929-32. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1932. B.M., B.Ch. 1935. M.A. & D.M. 1945. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1929-31. 

Radcliffe Trav. Fellowship, 1938. M.R.A.C.P. 
1941. M.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1946. 1932-40: Hosp. 
Appts. & Med, Practice, London, EngL, & Med. 
Practice, N.Z. 1940-4: Physician, Waikato 
Hosp. 1944-6: N.Z.M.C.; Italy, Japan; Major. 
M.B.E. 1945. 1947- : Con. Physician, Auck- 
land, N.Z. Senr. Visiting Physician, Middle- 
more Hosp. 

m. 1936. Wilhelmina Muriel Jean Barns- 
Graham. Three j. (one dcd). One d. 

14 Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland, C. 1, N.Z. 


CILLlfi, GABRIEL GIDEON (Boys' High School, 
Stellenbosch). b. 13 July 1910. Boys* High 
Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Stellenbosch. 
B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Hertford 1930 (Hil. Term)-1933 (Mich. 
Term). D.Phil. (Astro-Physics) 1933. 

1933-5: Commonwealth Fund Fellowship, 

1929 [so] 

[South Africa, cont.] 

Harvard Univ., U.S.A. 1936-8: Jr. Lect. in 
Applied Maths., Univ. of the Witwatersrand. 
1939: Senr. Lect. in Maths., Univ. of Pretoria. 
1939- : Prof, of Maths., Univ. of Stellenbosch. 

m. 1939. Hester Craig Murray. Two s. 

Minsene St., Stellenbosch, C.P. 

KENT, JOHN PARKES (Diocesan College, 
Rondebosch). b. 1 May 1910. Dioc. Coll., 
Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. M.A. & 
B.Ed. 1933. 

Corpus Christi 1929-32. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1933-4: Study in S. Afr. 1934- : Teaching; 
Observatory Boys* High Sch. & Diocesan Coll., 
Rondebosch, 1934; Selbourne Coll., East Lon- 
don, 1935-9; Boys' High Sch., Rondebosch, 
since 1939. , 

m. 1939. Eileen Wilson Lawrie. Two s. 
One d. 

Inditli, Wayside Rd., Rondebosch, C.P. 

African College School), b. 20 Jan. 1909. 
S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 
Ph.D. 1943. 

New Coll. 1929-32. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1931. 
M.A. 1940. 

1933-4 & since 1936: Lect. in Hist, Univ. of 
the Witwatersrand (Senr. Lect. since 1944). 
1935: Lect. in Hist. & Pol. Sci., Natal Univ. 
Coll., Pietermaritzburg. 

m. 1935. Eileen Mary Bate. Twin s. One d. 

PubL: When Smuts Goes, 1947. 

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. 

vaal), b. 14 Sept. 1905, Jeppe High Sch., 
Johannesburg. Univ. of the Witwatersrand, 
B.Sc. Univ. of S. Africa, M.Sc. 

Trinity 1929-31. D.Phil. (Bio-Chem ) 1931. 

1931-47: Univ. of the Witwatersrand; Senr. 
Lect. in Physiol. 1941. S.A. Med. Corps 1940. 
Ship's Surgeon 1942. 1942-3: Internat. Red 
Cross, Geneva; Adviser on relief work feeding. 
M.P. for Benoni, C.P., 1947-9. 

m. 1931. Shielagh Ford Swift. Ones. OneJ. 

PubL: Complement of Alexin, 1936. 

Died 26 June 1949. 

REES, HARLAND (St. Andrew's College, 
Grahamstown). b. 21 Sept. 1909. St. An- 
drew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

University 1928-32. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1931. B.M., B.Ch. 1936. M.A. & M.Ch. 1941. 
R.F. v. Carnb. 1930. 

1932-42: Hosp. appts., London, Engl. 
1942-6: Surgeon, Airborne Divn., Paratroop 
Mobile Surgical Unit; W. Afr., India, Burma, 
Siam; Lt.-Col. 1947- : Med. Pracfrce, Engl. 
Surgeon to St. Peter's Hosp. for Stone 1947. 
Surgeon to Out-patients, Hampstead Gen. 
Hosp., 1947. Asst. Surgeon, Urological Dept., 
King's Coll. Hosp., London. F.R.C.S. (Engl.). 

c/o Coutts & Co., 440 Strand, London, W.C. 2, 

RICHARDSON, MATTHEW (Natal), b. 12 June 
1907. Durban High Sch. & Natal Univ. Coll. 

St. John's 1929-3 2. Read Hist. 

Higher Dipl. Educ. (Univ. of S. Afr.) 1932. 
B.A. (S. Afr.) 1933. 1933- : Teaching, S. Afr.; 
Estcourt High Sch., Natal, since 1941. 

m. 1938. Margaret Maskill. One s. Three d. 

Estcourt High School, Estcourt,, Natal. 

b. 13 Mar. 1908. Grey Inst. High Sch. & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll., Grahamstown. B.A. & M.A. 

Merton 1929-32. Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1931. 
Dipl. Econ. 1932. M. A. 1937. 

1933-40: Journalist; 1933-4 & 1938-40 The 
Star, Johannesburg; 1934-8 The Bulawayo 
Chronicle. 1940-3: A.I.L.O., S.A. Wing, 
U.D.F., M.E.F.; N. Afr.; Capt. D. 1943-4: 
Senr. Journalist, Foreign Sec. Bureau of 
Informn. 1944- : Argus Printing & Publishing 
Co., Ltd., Johannesburg; Exec. Asst., Johannes- 
burg, 1944-9; London Editor since 1949. 

m. 1935. Doreen Hand. One s. One d. 

Argus South African Newspapers, Ltd., 85 Fleet 
St., London, B.C. 4 t England. 


b. 1 May 1907. Kimberley Boys' High Sch., 
Indwe, & Gill Coll. High Sch. Rhodes Univ. 
Coll., Grahamstown. B.Sc. & M.Sc. Jr. Lect. 
in Physics, Rhodes Univ. Coll. 

Balliol 1929-32. D.Phil. (Astro-Physics) 
1932. Cross-country v. Camb. 1932. 

Lect. in Physics; Univ. of Cape Town 1933- 
40; Univ. of the Witwatersrand since 1941. 

m. 1935. Kathleen Atchinson. Two d. 

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. 

(Orange Free State), b. 23 Dec. 1906. St. 
Andrew's Dioc. C. of E. Sch., Bloemfontein, & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Brasenose 1928-31. Read P.P.E. B.A. 1938. 
Ju-jutsu v. Camb. 1931. 

1932-4: Private tutor. 1935-7: Aide-de- 
camp to Gov. of Brit. Central Africa. 1938- : 
w. Fairbridge Farm Sch. Orgn.: Molong, 
N.S.W., since 1939, A/Principal 1932, Principal 
since 1944. 

m. 1938. Ruth Cecilia Shaw. Two s. Two d. 

The Fairbridge Farm School, Molong, N.S.W. 


FYNN, FRANCIS WEST. b. 9 July 1908. Plum- 
tree Sch., S. Rhod., & Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Christ Church 1929-32. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1931. B.C.L. (Aegrotat) 1932. Relays v. 
Camb. 1929-31. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1932. 

1932-4: In Rhodesia. 1935-8: Business & 
secretarial appts., Engl. 1939: OnStaffofB.B.C. 
1939-41: London Scottish; Capt. 1941-5: 
Commando ; C.M.F. ; Lt.-Col. M.C. American 
Bronze Star. 1945 : Farming, brickmaking, 
and general industry, S. Rhod. 

m. 1944. Vivienne Frances Hay land Wilson. 
One s. One d. 

Helensvale Estates, Box 1616, Salisbury, S. 

July 1907. Milton Sch., Bulawayo, & Univ. of 
Cape Town. B.A. LL.B. 

University 1930 (Hil. Term)-l 93 2. Jurispr. 
2ndCL B.A.1931. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1932. Called 
to the Bar, Engl., 1933. 

1933- : Practice of Law, Bulawayo. Member, 
Statute Law Revision Commee., S. Rhod., 1937- 
8. Chmn., Matabeleland Native Labour Bd., 
1947. Member, Police Advisory Bd., 1947. 
M.P., S. Rhod., since 1948. 

m. 1935. Florence Margaret Couper. Two s. 
One d. 

Publ. : Consolidated Index to the Statute Law 
of S. Rhodesia, 1935. Analytical Index to the 
Revised Edition of the Statute Law ofS. Rhodesia, 

Box 535, Bulawayo, S. Rhodesia. 

Plumtree High Sch., S. Rhod., & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll., Grahamstown. B.Sc. 

Wadham 1929-32. Read Forestry. B.A.1931. 

1933- : Colonial Forest Service; Asst. Con- 
servator since 1948. 1940-2 : Kenya Regt., Pte. ; 


1929, 1930 

[Rhodesia, cont.] 1932-5: Hosp. appts., London, Engl. 

6th Bn. K.A.R.; Lt. 1942-3- Liaison & Intell. 1935- : M.O., Govt. Med. Service, Jamaica; 

- - - Specialist (Neuro-psychiatric) since 1947. 

Geddes Grant Mem. Prize 1946. B.M.A. 
(Jamaica) Council Member 1946. 
Psychol. Med. (R.C.P. & S.) 1947. 

m. 1938. ~ 
Three d. 

N euro-psychiatric Clinic? Public 
Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica. 

Officer, H.Q., 22 (E.A.) Inf. Bde.; Capt. ' 
m. 1939. Margaret Watt Lampard. Two s. 
c\o Forest Dept., Morogoro, Tanganyika 



TALBOT, JOHN ARCHIBALD, b. 19 Sept. 1909. 
Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., 

Trinity 1929-32. Read Hist. 

Died Feb. 1936. 


ROYES, KENNETH COATES. b. 16 Oct. 1909. 
Wolmer's High Sch., Kingston, Jamaica. 

Wadham 1929-32. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1932. B.M., B.Ch. 1935. M.A. 1947. D.M. 

Dipl. of 

Jeannette Lisette Henriques. 



24 June 1908. Methodist Coll. & Memorial 
Univ. Coll.. St. John's, Nfd. Dalhousie Univ., 

Worcester 1929-32. Physiol. 3rd Cl. 

1932-6: Hosp. appts., London, Engl. 
M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. 1936. 1937: General 
Hosp., St. John's, Nfd. 1938- : Med. Practice, 
St. John's, Nfd. 

m. 1938. Mary Stewart Goodland. One s. 
Two d. 

277 Duckworth St., St. John's, Nfd. 



In this year there was no election front 
British Columbia. 

30 May 1910. Kelvin Tech. High Sch., Winni- 
peg, & Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. 

Queen's 1930-3. Maths. 1st Cl. B.A. 1933. 

1933-5: Actuarial Dept., Manufacturers' Life 
Insce. Co., Toronto. 1935- : Economist, Bank 
of Canada; Chief of Research Dept. since 1944. 

m. 1937. Katharine Ellen Mclntyre. Four d. 

Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ont. 

BILODEAU, CHARLES (Quebec), b. 19 Feb. 
1907. Quebec Seminary & Laval Univ. B.A. & 

Pembroke 1930-4. B.Litt. & Dipl. Econ. 
1932. R. Socy. of Canada Fellowship 1933. 

1935: Tutor, London Nat. Inst. of Psycho- 
logy, Engl. 1936: Private Secy, to Minister of 
Mines & Fisheries, Quebec. 1939- : Dept. of 
Educ., Quebec, & Laval Univ.; Prof, (agrege) of 
Econ. since 1939; Prof, of School Law & Com- 
parative Educ., School of Educ., since 1941. 

1170 Ave. Belmont, Sitlery, Quebec, P.Q. 

FRASER, DONALD BLAKE (New Brunswick). 
b. 9 June 1910. Saint John Gr. Sch., N.B., & 
Univ. of New Brunswick. B.A. 

Christ Church 1930-3. Physiol. 1st Cl. B.A. 
1932. B.M., B.Ch. 1936. Prox. ace. Theodore 
Williams Scholp. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1932. 

1934- : St. Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. 
Staff Gynaecologist since 1946. F.R.C.S. 1939. 
M.R.C.O.G. 1940. 1939-45: Surgeon, E.M.S. 

m. 1939. Betsy R. Henderson. One 3. One d. 

73 Harley St., London, W.I, England. 

GELBER, LIONEL MORRIS (Ontario), b. 13 
Sept. 1907. Upper Canada Coll., Toronto, & 
Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

Balhol 1930-3. B.Litt. (Social Studies) 1933. 

1934-41: Writing; London, Engl., 1934-8; 
Toronto, Can., 1938-41. 1941-3 : Lect. in Hist., 
Univ. of Toronto. 1943-5: R.C.A.F.; Unit 
Educ. Officer, H.Q. Ottawa; Flt./Lt. 1946- : 
Political Adviser to the Jewish Agency for 
Palestine in the U.S.A., and writing. 

Publ.: The Rise of Anglo-American Friendship, 
1938. Peace by Power, 1942. Contribs. to 
Canadian Accent, 1942, and The United Nations 
To-Day and To-Morrow, 1943. Numerous arts. 
& pamphlets. 

133 Lowther Ave., Toronto, Ont. 


b. 25 Jan. 1909. Kinistino High Sch. & Univ. 
of Saskatchewan. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Brasenose 1930-3. D.Pbil. (Physics) 1932. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1931-3. Internat. Ice- 
hockey 1933. Lacrosse v . Camb. 1932-3. 

1934- : The Canadian Spool Cotton Co., 
Montreal; Man. Director since 1940 & Vice- 
Pres. since 1941. 

m. 1938. Elizabeth Constance Plaunt. Two s. 

P.O. Box 5 19, G.P.O., Montreal, P.Q. 



[Canada, cont.} 

Dec. 1907. Upper Canada Coll., Toronto, & 
Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

Brasenose 1930-3. Mod, Langs. (French & 
German). (Aegrotat.) B.A. 1932. M.A. 1936. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1930-3 (Capt. 1932-3). 
Ice-hockey Internat. 1930-3. Lacrosse v. Carnb. 

1933-40: Teaching, Upper Canada Coll., 
Toronto. 1939-46: R.C.N.V.R.; Dir. of Naval 
Intel!., 1942-5; Staff Officer, Intell., Hong Kong, 
1945-6; Commander. 1947- : Dir. of Univer- 
sity Naval Training Divisions. 

m. 1934. Ruth Bertram Harrison. Two s. 
One d. 

166 Acacia Ave., Rockdiffe Park, Ottawa, 

15 May 1908. Strathcona High Sch., Edmonton, 
& Univ. of Alberta. B.A. 

Merton 1930-3. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1932. Read Econ. & Pol. Sci. 1932-3. 

1933-4: Reporter, Evening Standard, London, 
Engl. 1934-8: Reporter & Asst. Ed., Toronto 
Star, Toronto. 1938-42: Supervisor of Public 
Affairs Broadcasts, C.B.C., Ottawa & Toronto. 
1942-5: Asst. to Pres., T.A.C.A. Airways, New 
York & Panama City. 1946-7: Writing & public 
relations work, N.Y.C. 1948- : Supervisor, 
Latin Am. Sec., Internat. Service, C.B.C., 

m. 1935. Florentine St. Clair Sherman. 
One s. 

c\o C.B.C. International Service, P.O. Box 
189, Station C H>, Montreal, P.Q. 

Scotia), b. 1 Jan. 1908. Halifax Acad., N.S., 
& Dalhousie Univ. B.A. Also Univ. of Toronto. 

Christ Church 1930-3. D.Phil. (Chem.) 

1933-41: w. Imperial Oil, Ltd. 1941- : 
Lubrizol Corpn., Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.; 
Asst. Director of Research 1941-4; Tech. Asst. 
to President since 1944. 

m. 1934. Elizabeth Biddlecom Rice. Two d. 

clo Lubrizol Corpn. , Box 3057, Euclid Station, 
Cleveland 17, Ohio, U.S.A. 

VEILLEUX, EVENDER (Quebec). 6. 13 Dec. 
1905. St. Charles Borrom^e Seminary, Sher- 
brooke, P.Q. (attd. to Univ. of Montreal). 
B.A. Laval Univ. L.Ph.&LL.L. 

Wadham 1930-3. B.C.L, 3rd Cl. 1932. 
Dip!. Econ. 1933. 

1933- : Practice of Law, Sherbrooke, P.Q. 

m. 1939. Pauline Rhe"aume. 

Continental Bldg., Suite 305-306, Sherbrooke, 


HONE, BRIAN WILLIAM (South Australia). 

b. 1 July 1907. Prince Alfred Coll., Adelaide, & 
Univ. of Adelaide. B.A. 

New Coll. 1930-3. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1932. M.A. 1938. Cricket v. Camb, 1931- 
3 (Capt. 1933). L.T. v. Camb. 1933. 

1933-40: Asst. Master, Marlborough Coll., 
Engl. 1940- : Headmaster, Cranbrook School, 

m. 1933. Althea Enid Boyce. Three s. 

Publ.: Cricket Practice & Tactics, 1937. 

Cranbrook School. Bellevue Hill, Sydney, 

KERR, CECIL EDWIN (Queensland). b. 18 
Aug. 1906. Brisbane Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Queensland. B.Eng. 

Wadham 1930 (Hil. Term)-1932 (Mich. 
Term). Physics 2nd Cl. 1931. B,Sc. (Physics) 

1932-4: Research in London, Engl. 1935-43: 
Scientific Research, Aerodynamics Dept., 
RA.F., Engl. 1944- : British Joint Services 
Mission, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.; Liaison 
Officer in Aeronautical Research; Princ. 
Scientific Officer. 

m. 1936. Stella Mary Williams. One s. 

cfo British Joint Services Mission (Tech. 
Services), 1785 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, 
D.C., U.S.A. 

Wales), b. 24 Mar. 1907. The King's Sch., 
Sydney, & Univ. of Sydney. B.Sc. 

Balhol 1930-2 (Mich. Term). Engineering 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1932. R.F. v. Camb. 1930-2 
(Capt. 1932). 

1932- : Engr. w. Babcock & Wilcox Ltd.; 
1932-5 Scotland; 1935-40 Japan; Southern Dis- 
tricts Manager, Austr. Branch since 1947. 
1941-5: R.A.N.; Lt. Comdr. (E.). 

m. 1940. Struan Kay Brown. Two d. 

cjo Babcock & Wtlcox Ltd., 84 William St., 
Melbourne, Vic. 

LEWIS, GOLLAN (Tasmania), b. 30 Oct. 1905. 
Launceston High Sch. & Univ. of Tasmania. 

Corpus Christi 1930-3. Hist. 2nd Cl. 1933. 
B.A. 1934. M.A. 1936. Dipl. Educ. (London) 

1935-6: Senr. Master, Hobart High Sch., 
Tasm. 1937-41: Curriculum Officer, Tas- 
manian Educ. Dept. 1942-4: Headmaster, 
Charles Street Practising Sch., Launceston. 
1945- : Headmaster, Albuera Street Practising 
Sch., Hobart. Member of Council of Univ. of 
Tasmania since 1945. 

m. 1940, Dolores Amy Woods. Two s. 

63 Augusta Rd., Lenah Valley, Hobart, Tas~ 

tralia), b. 19 Feb. 1910. C. of E. Gr. Sch., 
Guildford, Univ. of W.A., & Univ. of Mel- 

St. John's 1931 (Hil. Term) -1934 (Trin. 
Term). Physiol. 2nd Cl. 1933. B.A. 1934. 
B.M., B.Ch. 1935. M.A. 1939. D.M. 1946. 

1934-9: Hosp. Appts., London, Engl. 
M.R.C.P. 1937. 1939-45: Blood Transfusion 
Officer, E.M.S.: M.O. i/c Blood Supply Dept, 
London. Med. Research Council's Observer 
with S.H.A.E.F., Mission to the Netherlands, 
1945. .1947- : Med. Director (Med. Research 
Council), Atomic Energy Research Estab., Har- 
well, Engl. 

m. 1941. Thelma Salusbury. One s. 

Green Farm, Milton Lane, Steventon, Berks., 

11 Mar. 1908. Scotch Coll., Melbourne, & 
Univ. of Melbourne. B.A. 

Merton 1930-3. Engl. L. & Lit. 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1932. B.Litt. 1934. Charles Oldham 
Scholp. and Matthew Arnold Mem. Prize 1934. 

1935-45: Univ. of Melbourne; Lect. in Engl. 
& Acting Prof, from 1942; Vice-Master of 
Queen's Coll. 

m. 1935. Edna Kathleen Wheare. Two 5. 
One d. 

Died 27 July 1945. 

WILCHER, LEWIS CHARLES (South Australia). 
b. 9 Dec. 1908. St. Peter's Coll., Adelaide, & 
Univ. of Adelaide. B.A. 

Balliol 1930-4. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1932. 
B.Litt. (Hist.) 1933. M.A. 1946. 



[South Africa, cont.] 

5 May 1909. Durban High Sch. & Natal Univ. 
Coll. B.A. & M.A. 

Hertford 1930-3 & 1934-6. Engl. L. & Lit. 
1st Cl. 1933. B.A. 1934. M.A. 1940. 

1936-40: Asst. Lect. in English; King's Coll., 
London, 1936-8; Univ. Coll., London, 1938- 
40. 1940- : Lect. in EngL Lang., Oxford. 
1941-4: Air Ministry, Engl. (Intel!.). 1944-6: 
R.A.O.C. & Educ. Corps. 

Hertford College, Oxford, England. 


4 Aug. 1909. Milton Sch., Bulawayo, & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll. B.A. 

New Coll. 1930-3. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 1933. 
Golf^.Camb. 1932-3. 

1934- : Civil Service, S. Rhod., & later w. 
African Associated Mines, Ltd., Asst. Secy. 
1940-5: Armoured Cars (Abyssinia; M.O. 4 & 
Force 133 (M.E.)); Major; parachuted into Bul- 
garia 1943, Balkan Liaison Officer. Bulgaria & 
Serbia, till 1945. 

m. 1937. Mary Marguerite Aylmer May. 
One s. One d. 

P.O. Box 1100, Bulawayo, S. Rhodesia. 

JACOBSON, NATHANIEL, b. 20 Nov. 1909. St. 
George's Sch., Bulawayo, Chaplin High Sch., 
Gwelo, & Umv. of Cape Town. B.Com. 1935. 

Jesus 1931 (Trin. Term)-1934. Law Mods. 
1932. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1934. 

1934-5: Law Student, London, Engl. Called 
to the Bar, Engl., 1935. 1935- : Practice of 
Law, Bulawayo. 1941-5: S. Rhod. Forces, 
D.J.A.G.'s Branch; Lt. 

m. 1938. Ruth Blurnberg. Two d. 

Box 987, Bulawayo, S. Rhodesia. 

1909. Plumtree Sch., S. Rhod., Milton Sch., 
Bulawayo, & Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Brasenose 1931 (Hil. Term)~1933. Read 

1934-49: Rhod. Civil Service. Clerk of the 
Court, Bulawayo, 1934. Registrar to Chief 
Justice of S. Rhod. 1939. Additional Asst. 
Magistrate, Bulawayo, 1941. Public Prosecutor, 
Salisbury, S. Rhod., 1943. Asst. Magistrate, 
Selukwe, S. Rhod., 1947. 1949- : Librarian, 
Dept. of Justice, S. Rhod. 

m. 1942. Audrey lone Fitzjohn Davie. One 
s. OneJ. 

Department of Justice, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 


In this year there was no election from 


AITKEN, ROBERT WILLIAM, b. 10 Dec. 1908. 
Monro Coll., Jamaica, & Bedford Sch., Engl. 

Exeter 1930-3. Engineering 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1933-4: Student, Harvard Engr. Sch., 
U.S.A. S.M. (Harvard). 1934- : Engr., 
Candy Filter Co., Ltd. (Water Purification), 
London, Engl. 

m. 1936. Phoebe Eleanor Noble. One d. 

93 Twyford Ave., Acton, London, N. 3, 


1909. Methodist Coll., Memorial Univ. Coll., 
Nfd., &McGillUmv. B.A. 

New Coll. 1930-3. Lit. Hum. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1932. Dipl. Educ. 1933. M.A. 1937. 

1933-47: Prof, of Classics, Memorial Univ. 
Coll., St. John's, Nfd. 1942-4: R.C.N.V.R. 
(Operational Intelligence); Lt. 1944-5: Gra- 
duate study at Harvard Univ., U.S.A. 1947- : 
Dept. of Latin, Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 

m. 1939. Clara Marie Cochius. Ones. Onetf. 

Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., U.S.A. 


BUHAGIAR, WILLIAM, b. 4 Apr. 1909. 
Lyceum, St. Aloysius' Coll., & Royal Univ. of 
Malta. LL.D. 1933. 

Exeter 1930-3. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1932. 
B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1933. 

1934: Law Student. 1936-7: Att.-Gen.'s 
Office, Malta. 1938-9: Studying, London Sch. 
of Economics. 1939-46: Univ. of Malta, Lect. 
in Constitutional Law & Internat. Law; Prof, 
from 1940. Crown Counsel, Malta, 1942. 
1947- : Col. Legal Service; Federal Counsel, 
Fed. of Malaya. 

m. 1933. Marja Grulewska. One s. 

c(o Legal Dept., Kuala Lumpur, Malaya. 




BOUCHARD, PAUL (Quebec), b. 18 Apr. 

1908. Quebec Seminary, B.A., & Laval Univ., 

Wadham 1931-4. Read Law. 

1934-8: Practice of Law, Quebec. 1936-9: 
Editor, La Nation. 1940-5: Travel & Study in 
S. Am. 1946- : Politics & columnist, Le Temps 
8s other papers. 1947- : Prof, of Econ. Geo- 
graphy, Sciu of Commerce, Laval Univ., 

18 Aberdeen St., Quebec, P.Q. 

15 Sept. 1908. Lower Canada Coll., Montreal, 
&McGillUniv. B.A. 

Pembroke 1931-4. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1933. B.Litt. 1935. M.A. 1937. 

1 93^5 : Editor, McGill News. 1936-9 : Grad. 
Asst. in Engl., Univ. of Wisconsin, U.S.A. 
Ph.D. 1939. 1939- : Univ. of Indiana; Assoc. 
Prof, since 1947. 

m. (1) 1937. Elizabeth Anderson. One s. 
(dcd.). (2) 1946. Mary Bess Owen. One s. 
One d. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Practice in English Com- 
munication, 1947. Numerous arts, on Shelley & 
other subjects of English literature. 

Dept. of English, University of Indiana, 
Bloomington, 2nd., U.S.A. 

b. 29 Aug. 1907. Victoria High Sch. & Univ. of 
Alberta. B.A. 

Exeter 1931-4. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. 1934. 

1934-7: Business & journalism, London, 
Engl. 1938- : Novelist, Canada, & business. 
1943-6: R.C.N., Reserve Divs., Leading Sea- 
man Instr. 

m. 1937. Barbara Edith Linke. Two s. 

Publ.: North Land Footprints, 1936 (trans, 
into French, 1940). Northward to Eden. 1938. 
(In collab.) Husky, 1940. 

10744 122nd St., Edmonton, Alta. 

COYNE, JAMES ELLIOTT (Manitoba), b. 17 
July 1910. Kelvin Tech. High Sch. & Univ. of 
Manitoba. B.A. 

Queen's 1931-4. Jurispr. 2nd CL 1933. 
B.A. 1934. B.C.L. 2nd CL 1934. Ice-hockey v. 
Camb. 1933-4. 

1934-8: Practice of Law, Winnipeg. 1938-9 
& 1944- : Bank of Canada; Research Asst. 
1938-9 ; Executive Asst. to the Govs. since 1944; 
Securities Adviser since 1946. 1939-41 : Secy., 
Foreign Exchange Control. Bd. 1941 : Financial 
Attache", Can, Embassy, Washington, U.S.A. 
1941-2: Dep. Chmn., War-time Prices & Trade 
Bd. 1942^: R.C.A.F.; Pilot, F/O. 

Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Out. 

DAY, HAROLD SAMPSON (Ontario), b. 25 Nov. 

1909. Brantford Collegiate Inst. & Univ. of 
Toronto. B.A. 

Christ Church 1931-4. Jurispr. 2nd CL 1934. 
Called to the Bar, Engl. 1935. Arden Scholp., 
Gray's Inn. 

1936- : Practice of Law, Toronto. 1941-5: 
R.C.A.F., Overseas ; Squadron Leader. 

m. 1946. Kathleen Mabel Walters. One s. 

712 Parklea Drive, Leaside, Toronto, Ont. 

bia), b. 29 Jan. 1912. Victoria High Sch., Vic- 
toria Coll., & Univ. of British Columbia. B.A. 
New Coll. 1931-4 & 1935-6. Hist. 2nd CL 
1933. B.A. 1933. B.Litt. (Mod. Hist.) 1934. 

D.PhiL (Mod. Hist.) 1938. 1935-6: R.S.C. 
Research Fellowship. 

1936-7: Secy., Montreal Branch, League of 
Nations Socy. 1937-8: Lect. in Govt. & Econ., 
Univ. of B.C. 1938-47: Foreign Service Office 
& 2nd Secy., Dept. of External Affairs, seconded 
to Secretariat of the Prime Minister of Canada; 
Officer i/c Records, subsequently External 
Affairs Liaison Officer; Secy, to Prime Minister 
at Conferences at Quebec (1943-4), San Fran- 
cisco (1945), London (1946), Paris (1946). 
Retired 1947. 1947- : Assoc. Prof, of Hist., 
& Chmn. of Dept., Carleton Coll., Ottawa. 

m. 1938. Caroline Ranch Stein. One s. 
Two d. 

Publ.: Contrib. to Canada in Transition, 1944, 
Canada and the Four Freedoms, 1944, & The 
Story of Our Time, 1948. 

120 Riverdale Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 

Brunswick), b. 31 Mar. 1909. Colchester 
Acad., N.S., & Mt. Allison Univ. B.A. 

Worcester 1931-4. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1934. M.A. 1942. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 

1935-43 & 1946- : Teaching, Trinity Coll. 
Sch., Port Hope, Ont. 1943-6: Selection of 
Personnel Officer; Overseas; Capt. 

m. 1938. Isabel M, O'Rourke. Two s. 

Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ont. 


2 Mar. 1909. Canadian Sch., Chengtu, China; 
Guelph Coll. Inst., Ont., & Univ. of Toronto. 

Christ Church 1931-4. Jurispr. 2nd CL 1933. 
B.A. 1934. Arden Scholp., Gray's Inn, 1934. 
Called to the Bar, Eng., 1934. 

1936- : Practice of Law, Toronto. K.C. 
1944. 1943-5 : Leader of the Official Opposition 
& Member (South York) Ont. Legislature (re- 
elected 1948). Ont. Provincial Leader of C.C.F. 
Party since 1942. 

m. 1936. Ruth Conger Moore. Two s. 

Rockwood Hill Farm, Rocfaoood, Ont. 

bia), b. 11 Jan. 1907. King Edward High Sch. 
& Univ. of Toronto. B.A. & M.D. 

Magdalen 1931-3. Physiol. 1st Cl. 1933. 
B.A. 1936, M.A. 1941, 

1933-5: Hosp. appts., Toronto. 1935: St. 
Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. F.R.C.S. 1936- : 
Surgeon. Senr. Dem., Dept. of Surgery, 
Fac. of Med., Univ. of Toronto. Surgeon, 
Toronto Gen. Hosp. Consultant in Thoracic 
Surgery, Toronto Hosp. for Consumptives. 
M.S. (Toronto) 1944. 1939-45: R.C.A.M.C.; 
Engl., N. Afir,, Europe: Officer i/c No. 2 Can. 
Gen. Hosp.; Lt.-Col. D. 

m. 1940. Suzanne Marie Catherine Speleers. 

171 Dunvegan Rd., Toronto, Ont. 

MORSE, PHILIP WARREN (Saskatchewan). 
b. 9 June 1909. Nutana Collegiate Inst., 
Saskatoon, & Univ. of Saskatchewan. B.A. 

St. John's 1931-3. Physiol. 2nd CL 1933. 
B.A. 1934. B.M., B.Ch. 1936. Golf v. Camb. 

1934-8: St. Bart's. Hosp., London, Engl. 
MJR.C.P. 1940. 1938-46: Physician, King 
Edward VII Sanatorium, Midhurst, Sussex; 
1939-46: i/cR.A.F. Chest Unit, E.M.S. 1946- : 
Med. Practice, Vancouver. 

m. 1934. Hilda Esm< Morgan. Two s. 

2215 West 20th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. 



{Canada, cent.] 


Scotia), b. 23 Apr. 1910. Prince of Wales Coll., 

Charlottetown, P.E.I., & Dalhousie Univ. 


Exeter 1931-4. Junspr. 1st Cl. 1933. B.A. 
1934. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1934. 

1934-8: Law Student, Boston, U.S.A. 1935- 
6: Sterling Fellowship, Yale Univ. J.S.D., 
1938. 1939- : Practice of Law, Boston. 1942: 
U.S. Army Air Corps. 1943-6: J.A.G.D.; 
Pacific; Major. Bronze Star Medal. Army 
Commendation Ribbon. 

m. 1946. Mary B. Houwers. 

PubL: Arts, in legal periodicals. 

Room 1101, 1 Federal St., Boston, Mass., 



b. 7 June 1910. The Southport Sch., Queens- 
land, Scots Coll., Warwick, Queensland, & 
Univ. of Queensland. B.Eng. 

Balliol 1931-4. P.P.E. 2nd CL B.A. 1934. 

1934- : Engr. & Company Director, Engl. 
1940-5: R.A.F.V.R. Engl.; Squadron Leader. 

m. 1935. Marjorie May King. Two s. One d. 

Ducie Lodge, Great Missenden, Bucks., 

South Wales), b. 31 July 1909. Sydney Gr. 
Sch. & Univ. of Sydney. B.A. 1930-1: Trav. 
Secy, of the Austr. Student Christian Move- 

New Coll. 1931-4. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. 1933. 
Theol. 2nd Cl. 1934. B.A. 1934. M.A. 1937. 
Ordained 1934. 

1934-8: Curate, St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford. 
Oxford Intercolleg. Secy, of S.C.M. of G.B. & 
L 1938-41: First Asst., Cathedral of St. 
Saviour, Goulburn, N.S.W. Examining Chap- 
lain to Bishop of Goulburn since 1940. 1941-5 : 
Rector of St. John's, Young, N.S.W., & A/Rec- 
tor of the parish of Thuddungra. 1945-8: 
Gen. Secy., Austr. Student Christian Move- 
ment. 1948- : Headmaster, Canberra Gr. Sch. 
Canon, Cathedral of St. Saviour, Goulburn, 
since 1949. 

m. 1934. Evangeline Eleanor Wood. Two s. 
Two d. 

Publ.: Gambling, 1939, Into all the World, 
1940. God* $ Purpose for Human Life, 1940; 2nd 
ed. 1947. 

Canberra Grammar School, Canberra. 

tralia), b. 9 June 1911. Perth Modern Sch., 
W. Austr., & Univ. of W. Austr. B.A. 

Balliol 1932 (Hil. Term) -1934 (Mich. Term). 
P.RE. 1st Cl. B.A. 1934. M.A. 1938. 

1935-9: Lect. in Econ., Univ. of Adelaide. 
1940-6: Senr. Lect.; 1946- : Reader in the 
Hist, of Econ., Umv. of Sydney. 1947-8: 
Research Fellow of the Austr. National Univ. 

m. 1937. Barbara Burton Cleland. Two s. 
One d. 

PubL: Political Economy in Australia, 1949. 

The University, Sydney, N.S.W. 

toria), b. 31. Mar. 1909. Scotch Coll., Mel- 
bourne, & Univ. of Melbourne. B.A. 

Magdalen 1931-4. Jurispr. 1st Cl. 1933. 
B.A. 1934. M.A. 1938. Fellow of All Souls 
Coll., Oxford, 1934. 

1935-41: Practice of Law, London; Asst. 
Lect., King's Coll., London, Engl., & teaching 
in Oxford; Temp. Secy, at F.O. 1941-3: 

PubL; (Posthumous) The Law and the 

Commonwealth, 1949 (previously contrib. to 
Survey of British Commonwealth Affairs, vol. i, 

Missing, presumed killed on air operations, 
15 Aug. 1943. 

tralia), b. 26 Aug. 1907. St. Peter's Coll., Ade- 
laide. M.B., B.S. Resident M.O., Adelaide 
Gen. Hosp. 

Magdalen 1931-3. B.Sc. 1933. D.Phil. 1935. 
M.A. 1935. Rolleston Mem. Prize. Beit Mem. 
Jr. Med. Research Fellowship. 

1934-40 : Staines Fellow, Exeter Coll., Oxford. 
1937-44: Univ. Dem., Pathol. 1938-^4: Dean 
of Med. Sch., Oxford. 1944- : Prof, of Trop. 
Med., Liverpool Sch. of Trop. Med.; Dean, 
since 1945. Member, Colonial Med. Research 
Commee., since 1945. Hon. Con. Physician for 
Trop. Diseases, Liverpool R. Infirmary. 
Visiting Physician, Trop. Diseases Centre, 
Liverpool, since 1945. Territorial Army 1932- 
9. Asst. Director, Pathol. , W. Afr. Command, 
1942-3; Lt.-Col. War Office & O/C Malaria 
Research Unit 1943-5. Consultant in Trop. 
Med. & Hygiene to B.W. Afr. (Nuffield & Col. 
Office), 1948. 

m. 1934. Lorna Langley. One s. 

PubL: Pathological Processes in Malaria & 
Blackzoater Fever, 1948. 

School of Tropical Medicine, Pembroke Place, 
Liverpool 3, England. 

mania), b. 25 May 1908. The Hutchins Sch., 
Hobart, & Univ. of Tasmania. B.Sc. B.E. 
M.Sc. D.Sc. 1946. Dem., Univ. of Tasm. &. 
Lect. in Industrial Mining, Hobart Tech. Coll. 

Hertford 1932 (Hil. Terrn)-1935. D.Phil 
(Physical Chem.) 1936. 

1935-47' w. National Smelting Co., Avon- 
mouth; Magnesium Metal Corpn., Swansea; 
Sutchffe, Speakman & Co., Lanes., Engl. 
(Director of Research & Development). 1947- : 
Prof, of Mining & Metallurgy, Umv. of Ade- 
laide, & Director, Bonython Labs, of the S. 
Austr. Sch. of Mines & Industries. 

m. 1937. Dora Emily Rainey. Two d. 

Publ: (In collab.) The Electrode Potential; 
Behaviour of Corroding Metals in Aqueous 
Solutions, 1938. 

University of Adelaide, Adelaide, S. Australia. 


LOVELOCK, JOHN EDWARD, b. 5 Jan. 1910. 
Timaru Boys' High Sch., N.Z., & Otago Univ., 

Exeter 1931-4. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1934. 
M.A. 1937. B.M., B.Ch. 1937. Athl. Sports 
v. Camb. 1932-4. Relays & Cross-country v. 
Camb. 1932-4. Internal. (Olympic Games). 
World Record for Mile 1933. Pres. O.U.A.C., 

1934-9: Hosp. appts., London, Engl., & 
Physician, Brompton Chest Hosp.. London. 
M.R.C.P. 1940. 1941-6: R.A.M.C.; Engl.; 
Major. 1946: Director, Rehabilitation Dept., 
St. Bart's. Hosp., London. 1947- : Physician; 
Asst. Director of Physical Med., New York 
Hosp. for Special Surgery, U.S.A. 

m. 1945. Cynthia Wells James. Two d. 

PubL: Athletics for Health, 1937 (Finnish 
trans. 1938, Norwegian trans. 1939). 

Hospital for Special Surgery, 321 E. 42nd St., 
New York, U.S.A. 

WATT, JOHN STEPHEN, i. 24 Apr. 1908. Auck- 
land Gr. Sch. & Auckland Univ. Coll. B.Sc. & 

University 1 93 1 (Hil. Term)-! 934 (Hil. Term) . 



[New Zealand, cont.} 

D.Phil. (Physical Chem.)1933. Relays v. Camb. 

1932. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1933. 

1934-5: Lect. in Soil Chemistry, Massey 
Agnc. Coll., N.Z. 1935- : Industrial Chemist, 
I.C.I., Engl. & Austr. 

m. 1935. Mildred Amy Roke. One s. Two d. 

do J.C.J. (A.N.Z.), Ltd., 308 Collins St., 
Melbourne, Vic. 


ASHTON, EDMUND HUGH (Diocesan College, 
Rondebosch). b. 19 Oct. 1911. Dioc. Coll., 

New Coll. 1930-3. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 1933. 
B.A. 1934. 

1933-5: London Sch. of Econ., studying 
Anthrop. & Native Admin. 1935: Research in 
Basutoland. 1936-46: Bechuanaland Protec- 
torate Admin.: seconded 1938-40 as Private 
Secy, to High Commissioner for Basutoland, the 
Bechuanaland Protectorate & Swaziland. Ph.D. 
(Cape Town) 1940. 1946-9: Senr. Welfare 
Officer, Non-European Affairs Dept., Municipal 
Service of Johannesburg City Council. Part- 
time Lect. in Native Admin. , Univ. of the Wit- 
watersrand. 1949 : Dir. of Municipal Native 
Affairs, Bulawayo, S. Rhod. Testimonial under 
seal of City Council for rescue work in riot, 1948. 

m. 1941. Elizabeth Diana Clark. One s. 

Dept. of Native Affairs., Bulawayo , S. Rhodesia. 

College School), b. 21 Oct. 1910. S. Afr. Coll. 
Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. & M.A. 

Worcester 1932 (Hil. Term)-1934. Jurispr. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1933. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1934. 

1934-; : Practice of Law, Cape Town. 1935- 
8 : Public Prosecutor, Magistrate's Court, Cape 
Town. 1940-1: Legal Adviser, Dept. of 
Defence. 1945- : Chief Legal Adviser, S. Afr. 
Rlys., Harbours & Airways. Del. of Union 
Govt. on Legal Commee. of Internat. Civil 
Aviation Orgn. 1947. 

m. 1936. Rene"e Rocher du Plessis. One s. 
Two d. 

24 Gambia Rd., Emmarentia, Johannesburg. 

Andrew's College, Grahamstown). b. 16 
Sept. 1911. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1931-4. Theol. 3rd Cl. 1934. B.A. 
1935. M.A. 1943. 

1934-5: Asst. Master, Dioc. Coll., Ronde- 
bosch. 1936: Theological Coll., Grahamstown. 
Ordained Deacon 1937, Priest 1938. 1937-40: 
Chaplain, St. George's Cathedral Gr. Sch., 
Cape Town. 1940-5: 2nd A.A. Regt., U.D.F.; 
M.E.F.; Capt. P.o.W. (Italy & Germany) 1942- 
5. 1945- : Chaplain & Asst. Master, St. 
Andrew's ColL, Grahamstown. 

m. 1937. Phyllis Gould. Three s. One d. 

St. Andrew's ColL, Grahamstown, C.P. 

FISCHER, ABRAM (Orange Free State). b. 
23 Apr. 1908. Grey Coll. Sch., Univ. of Cape 
Town, & Grey Univ. Coll. B.A. 

New Coll. 1932 (Hil. Term)-1934. Jurispr. 
3rd Cl. 1933. B.A. 1934. Dipl. Econ. 1934. 

1934 : Practice of Law, Johannesburg. 

m. 1937. S. J. Krige. Three ck. 

12 Beaumont Street, Oafdands^ Johannesburg. 

School, SteUenbosch). b. 12 Dec. 1910. 
Boys* High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of 
SteUenbosch. B.Sc. 

Jesus 1931-4. Forestry w. Distn. B.A. 1933. 
M.A. 1940. 

1934-42: Professional Officer, Divn. of 
Forestry, Govt. of Union of S. Afr. 1942- : 
Manager of Forestry Estate, E. Transvaal. 

m. 1937. Julia Romie Eagle. One s. One d. 

Maggsleigh Estate, Ltd., P.O. Hendriksdal, E. 

b. 14 Dec. 1907. King Edward VII Sch., 
Johannesburg, & Univ. of the Witwatersrand. 

Balliol 1931-5. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1933. 
D.Phil. 1937. Pres. (Tnn. Term 1934), Oxford 
Union Socy. 

1935-8: Political Private Secy. & Journalism, 
Engl. Candidate for Rochdale, Lanes., at 
General Election 1935. 

Died 30 Jan. 1938. 

NIVEN, ROBERT BARRIE (Cape Province). b. 

5 Aug. 1910. St. Charles ColL, Pietermaritz- 
burg, Observatory Boys' High Sen., Cape Town, 

6 Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. & M.A. 
Queen's 1931-4. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1934. 

B.M., B.Ch. 1937. M.A. 1937. 

1934-42: King's Coll. Hosp., London, EngL; 
Burney Yeo Scholp., 1934; Registrar 1939-4-1; 
Asst. Physician, E.M.S., 1939-42; Deputy M.O. 
in Charge 1940-2. M.R.C.S. (Engl.) 1937. 
M.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1942. 1942-6: R.A.F. (Med. 
Branch); Squadron Leader. 1946;- : Con. 
Physician. Hon. Physician, Metropolitan Hosp. 
& Weir Hosp., London, since 1947. Asst. 
Physician, King George Hosp., Ilford, & Clin. 
Asst., R. Free Hosp.. since 1948. 

m. 1939. Edith A. M. Whetnall. 

5#A Wtmpole St., London, W. 1, England. 

10 July 1910. Pietermaritzburg Coll. & Natal 
Univ. Coll. B-A. 

University 1931-4. Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1934. 

1936-8: Teaching, Maritzburgr & Natal 
Educ. Dept. Dipl. Educ. (Lond.) 1936. 1939: 
Headmaster, Underberg Govt. Sch., Natal. 
1940-2: 1st R.N.C., U.D.F.; Pte. 1943-4: 
Army Educ. Services; Inform. Officer. 1945: 
Vocational Guidance Officer, Demob. Corps. 
1946- : Teaching, Natal Educ. Dept. 

m. 1942. Hazel Ross Fyrie. One 5, One d. 

Misty Acres, Winterskloof, Natal. 

WYNNE, GEORGE (Port Elizabeth). 6. 17 
Sept. 1908. Grey Inst., Port Elizabeth, & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. & LL.B. 

Trinity 1931-6. Jurispr. Over-standing for 
Hons. B.A. 1936. M.A. 1942. 

1937- : Practice of Law, Cape Town & Port 
Elizabeth. 1940-6: U.D.F., Judge Adv.; 

PubL: Ed. S. Afr. Law Reports. 

c\o Messrs. John Wynne & Co., Ltd. y 132-8 
Queen St., Port Elizabeth, C.P. 


HALLAM, HENRY, b. 16 Dec. 1908. Chaplin 
High Sch., Gwelo, S. Rhod., & Univ. of the 
Witwatersrand. B.Sc. 

Lincoln 1931-4. B.Sc. (Engineering) 1934. 
Rifle Shooting v. Camb. 1931-4. 

1934-8: Engr., Salisbury, S. Rhod., & Asst. 
Lect. in Engineering, Univ. of the Witwaters- 
rand. 1938- : Asst, City Engr., Salisbury, S. 
Rhod. M.I.C.E. & M.I.M.E. (Lond.). 1940-5: 
R.A.F. ; Meteorolog. ec. ; FIt./Lt. 

m. 1939. Doreen Ins Rouse. Three 5. 

5 Phillips Ave., Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 

1910. Chaplin High Sch., Gwelo, S. Rhod., & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

1931, 1932 


{Rhodesia, cont.] 

Brasenose 1931-4. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1933. 
Dipl. Econ. 1944. 

1934- : Barclay's Bank (D. C. & O.), London, 
EngL, & Johannesburg. 1942-4: S.A.A.F.; Air 
IntelL Sec.; Sgt. 

m. 1937. Marguerite Steinmann. One d. 

Box 1134, Johannesburg. 

2 July 1909. Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch, Plumtree 
Sch., S. Rhod., & Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.Sc. 

Brasenose 1931-4. Geology 2nd Cl. 1933. 
Dipl. Anthrop. w. Distn. 1934. B.A. 1934. 
1933-4: Colonial Service Probationer. 

1934-40 & 1943- : Colonial Admin. Service, 
Nyasaland. 1940-3: K.A.R.; E. Afr.; Adjt. & 
Staff Capt. 

c]o The Secretariat, Zariba, Nyasaland. 


b. 4 Dec. 1911. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & 
Bromsgrove Sch., England. 

St. John's 1931-4. Physiol. 3rd CL B.A. 
1934. B.M., B.Ch. 1937. 

1934-41 : London Hosp., Engl., & Med. Prac- 
tice, Bermuda & Engl. 1942-5: R.A.F., Med. 
Service; Engl., N. Afr., Italy, Bahamas; Flt./Lt. 
1946- : Med. Practice, Bermuda. 

m. 1939. Irene Annie Berry. One s. One d. 
'Kerry' t Paget, Bermuda. 


LINDO, HENRY LAURENCE, b. 13 Aug. 1911. 
Jamaica Coll., Jamaica. 

Keble 1931-4. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. 1934. 
Relays v. Camb. 1932-3. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 

1935-43: Inspector of Schools, Educ. Dept., 
Jamaica; seconded for service as Asst. Informn. 
Officer, Jamaica, 1939-43. 1943- : Secretariat, 
Jamaica, Princ. Clerk 1943-5; Asst. Secy, since 

m. 1943, Holly Robertson Clacken. Two d. 

The Secretariat, Kingston, Jamaica. 


WATSON, JOHN BRYETT. b. 30 June 1911. 
Bishop Feild Coll. & Memorial Univ. Coll., St. 
John's, Nfd. McGill Univ. B.A. 

Trinity 1931-4. Physics 2nd Cl. 1933. B.A, 

1934-41: Civil Service, Nfd. 1941-5: 
R.C.A.F.; Can., Engl.; Flt./Lt. 1945-7: Control 
Commn. for Germany. 1947- : Inter-Allied 
Reparation Agency. 

m. 1940. Ethel M. Murphy. 

83 Park St., Truro, N.S., Canada. 



b. 26 June 1910. Montreal High Schs. & 
McGill Univ. B.A. 

University 1932-5. Physiol. 2nd CL B.A. 
1934. M.A. 1941. Water Sports t>. Camb. 1933- 
5. Relays v. Camb. 1934-5. Ski v. Camb. 1935. 
Canadian Olympic Swimming Team 1928, 1932, 
& 1936 (Capt. 1936). 

1935-7: McGill Univ. Med. Sch. M.D., 
C.M. 1937. 1937-40: Postgrad, work, Montreal 
Gen. Hosp. 1940-6: R.C.A.M.C.; Canada, 
Engl., & Italy; Major. F.R.C.P. (Canada) 1946. 
1947- : Med. Practice, Montreal. Asst., Dept. 
of Med., Montreal Gen. Hosp. Consultant in 
Med., Queen Mary Veterans' Hosp. Dem. in 
Med., McGill Univ. 

m. 1943. Margaret Emily Lee Fairweather. 
One s. 

1414 Drummond St., Montreal, P.Q. 

bia), b. 10 May 1912. Magee High Sch. & 
Univ. of British Columbia. B.A. 

St. John's 1932-5. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1934. Dipl. Econ. 1935. M.A. 1944. 

1935 ; Investment Dealer, Vancouver. 

1939-45: Irish Fusiliers, Vancouver Regt., & 
Essex Scottish Regt.; France; Lt.-Col. M.B.E. 

m. 1937. Daphne Georgina Jackson. Two s. 

1711 West 45th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. 

b. 11 Dec. 1908. King's Coll. Sch., Windsor, 
N.S., & Dalhousie Univ. B.Comm. 

University 1932-5. Jurispr. 2nd CL 1934. 
B.A. 1934. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1935. 

1935- : Practice of Law, Halifax, N.S. 1941- 
4: R.C.A.F. (Admin. Branch); Squadron 

m. 1939. Helen Olive Hendery. Threes. 
35 Bedford Row, Halifax, N.S. 

DEAN, DALTON GILBERT (Ontario). 6. 3 Jan. 
1911. Tillsonburg High Sch. & Univ. of W. 
Ontario. B.A. 

Corpus Christi 1932-5. Jurispr. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1935. Dipl. Econ. 1935. 

1936- : Practice of Law, Haileybury, Ont. 
1942-6: C.A.O.; J.A.G. Branch; Lt.-Col. D. 

m. 1939. Pauline Anne Bagshaw. One d. 
Haileybury, Ont. 


{Canada, cont.J 

chewan). .29 May 1908. Moose Jaw Central 
Collegiate Inst.; Univ. of Toronto, B.A.; 
Harvard Univ., U.S.A., & Univ. of Saskat- 
chewan, LL.B. 

Queen's 1932-5. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1934. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1933-5 (Capt. 1935). Also 
played for England. 

1935-6: Lect. in Law, Univ. of Toronto. 
193 7_40 : Prof, of Law, Univ. of Saskatchewan. 
1941_5 : R.C.A.F.; Overseas; Wing/Comdr. 
1945- : Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa; 
Chief of Legal Divn. &, since 1947, Legal 
Adviser to Dept. 

m. 1937. Josephine Claire Ditchburn. 
Four s. 

243 Irving Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 

LEWIS, DAVID (Quebec). 6. 23 June 1909. 
Baron Byng High Sch. & McGill Univ. B A. 
McGill Univ. Law Sch. 1931-2. 

Lincoln 1932-5. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 1935. Pres. 
(Hil. Term 1935) Oxford Union Society. 

1935-8: Practice of Law, Ottawa. 1939- : 
National Secy., Co-operative Commonwealth 
Federation of Canada. 

m. 1935. Sophie Carson. Two s. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Make This Your Canada, 
1943; Le Canada Nouveau, 1943. 

185 Friel St., Ottawa, Ont. 

b 10 Oct. 1907. Univ. of Alberta. B.A. 

Merton 1932-5. Eng. L. & Lit. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1934. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1933-5. 

1935-8: Teaching; Ridley Coll., St. Cathe- 
rine's, Ont., 1935-6; Upper Canada Coll., 
Toronto, 1936-8. 1938-9: Lect. m Engl., 
Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. 1939-44: Prof, 
of Engl., Univ. of New Brunswick. 1944- ; 
Assoc. Prof, of Engl., Univ. of Saskatchewan. 

m. 1938. Anna Margaret Mackay. One s. 

Publ.: The Flaming Hour, 1947. Music at the 
Close, 1947 (Co-winner of All-Canada Fiction 

Dept. of English, University of Saskatchewan, 
Saskatoon, Sask. 

b. 13 Dec. 1908. Gladstone High Sch. & Univ. 
of Manitoba. B A. 

St. John's 1932-5. P P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1934. 
BXitt. (Hist.) 1936. M.A. 1938. . 

1935- : Dept. of Hist., Univ. of Manitoba 
& affiliated Colleges; Assoc. Prof, since 1946 & 
Asst. to Dean of Arts & Science since 1947. 

m. 1936. Margaret Orde. Two 5. 
Publ.: The Voice of Dafoe, 1946. (In collab.) 
Third Crossing, 1946. 
193 Kingsway Ave., Winnipeg, Man. 

NADEAU, JOSEPH EDGAR (New Brunswick). 
b. 11 July 1911. Saint Joseph's Acad. & Saint 
Joseph's Univ., N.B. B.A. 

Brasenose 1932-5. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1935. Ice-hockeys. Camb. 1934-5. Ice-hockey 
for Engl. 1933. 

1935-6: Law Student, Edmundston, N.B. 
1937- : Estates Officer, Canada Permanent 
Trust Co., Toronto. 

m. 1942. Helen Patricia Downey. 

25 Sheldrake Blvd., Toronto, Ont. 

STEWART, JOHN LESLIE (Ontario), b. 24 
Sept. 1911. Univ. of Toronto Schs. & Univ. of 
Toronto. B.A. 

New Coll. 1932-5. B.C.L. 2nd CL 1934. 
DipL Econ. w. Distn. 1935. Called to the Bar, 
Engl., 1935. 

1936- : Practice of Law, Toronto. 1942-6: 
The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada; NW. 


Europe; Lt.-Col. M.B.E. (Mil.)- D. Officer of 
the Order of Orange Nassau w. Swords. 

m. 1941. Winifred Muriel Gibson. One s. 
One d. 

6 Shorndiffe Ave., Toronto 12, Ont. 


b. 12 May 1910. Ballarat High Sch. & Univ. of 
Melbourne. B.A. & M.A. 

Balliol 1932-6. Lit. Hum. 1st Cl. B.A. 1935. 
M.A. 1946, 1935-6: Colonial Service Pro- 

1936-42 & 1946- : Colonial Admin. Service, 
Malaya: District Officer since 1948. 1942-5: 
A.I.F.; Lt. P.o.W. (Singapore & Borneo) 

m. 1938. Vida Elizabeth Sims. Three A 

ejo Malayan Establishment Officer, Kuala 
Lumpur, Malaya. 

GRAY, ERIC WILLIAM (South Australia). 
b. 24 Aug. 1910. St. Peter's Collegiate Sch., 
Adelaide, & Univ. of Adelaide. B.A. 1932: 
Teaching & Res. Tutor, Classics, St. Mark's 
Coll., Univ. of Adelaide. 

Christ Church 1932-5. Hon. Mods. (Clas- 
sical) 1st Class 1933. Lit. Hum. 1st Cl. 1935. 
Hon. Scholar of Ch. Ch. 1933; Senr. Scholar 
1935. Henry Francis Pelham Student 1935. 
B.A. 1935. M.A. 1939. 

1936-7: Asst. Lect. in Classics, Univ. of 
Birmingham, Engl. 1938- : Student & Tutor, 
Roman Hist., Christ Church, Oxford. Univer- 
sity Lect. in Ancient Hist, since 1947. Senr. 
Censor, Ch. Ch., since 1947. 1940-5: Welsh 
Guards; G.H.Q., M.E.F.; Capt. M.B.E. (Mil.). 

m. 1943. Joan Mina Birks. One s. One J. 

Christ Church, Oxford, England. 

b. 3 June 1910. Toowoomba Gr. Sch. & Univ. 
of Queensland. B.Eng. 

Balliol 1932-5. Math. Mods. 2nd CL 1933. 
Maths. 1st Cl. B.A. 1935. M.A. 1945. 

1935-43: Statistician to Palestine Govt. 
1944- : Seconded to British West Indies. 
Controller of Fuel Oil Supplies, Palestine, 1941- 
2. Secy., Wages Commee., Palestine Govt., 
1942-3. Adviser on Vital Statistics, Kingston, 
Jam., 1944; Vital Statistics Adviser, Develop- 
ment & Welfare in the West Indies since 1946. 
F.S.S. 1944. Fellow, Amer. Acad. of Ortho- 
paedic Surgeons, 1945. Planned & prepared 
Report of the West Indian Census 1946. 

m. 1941. Edna Mary Leven. Two s. 

Publ.: Census of British Honduras, 1946. 

cjo The Colonial Secretariat, Kingston, 

tralia), b. 16 Nov. 1911. Perth Modern Sch. 
& Univ. of W. Australia. B.A. & LL,B. 

Exeter 1932-5 (1934-5 special study in 
Geneva). B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1934. Vinerian Law 
Scholp. 1934. 

1935-9: Member of Secretariat, League of 
Nations, Geneva. 1939-40: Civilian War Ser- 
vice France. 1941-5: R.A.A.F.; FIt./Lt. 1945- 

: Practice of Law, Sydney, N.S.W. Commen- 
tator on Internat. Affairs, A.B.C., since 1945. 

m. 1943. IrmaMyslis. 

Publ. : (In collab.) The Law of Stamp, Death 
& Estate Duties in N.S.W. , 1940. An Intro- 
duction to International Law, 1947. 

University Chambers, 167 Phillip St., Sydney, 

b. 4 Jan. 1910. The Hutcbins Sch., Hobau, 
Tasmania, & Univ. of Tasmania. B.Sc. 



[Australia, cont.] 

Corpus Christi 1932-6. Engineering 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1935. D.Phil. 1939. 

1936-8: Jr. Scientific Officer, Royal Aircraft 
Establishment, Farnborough, Engl. 1938-42: 
Research Engr., L.M.S. Rly., Derby. 1942- : 
Engr., Rolls Royce, Ltd., Derby. 

cjo Messrs. Rolls Royce, Ltd., Nightingale Rd., 
Derby, England. 

South Wales), b. 3 Dec. 1911. Sydney Gr. 
Sch. & Univ. of Sydney. 

Balliol 1932-5. RP.E. 2nd CL B.A. 1936. 
M.A. 1945. 

1936-8: Editorial Staff, Sydney Daily Tele- 
graph. 1939-40: Foreign Editor, Labour Daily. 
1942-5: Editor, Progress. 1947- : Foreign 
Editor, Tribune. 1945-6: R.A.A., Gnr.; & 

m. 1945. Marcia Isobel Gurney. One 5. 

Flat 2, 23 Murdoch St., Cremorne, Sydney, 


BERTRAM, JAMES MUNRO. b. 11 Aug. 1910. 
Waitaki Boys' High Sch. & Auckland Univ. 
Coll. B.A. &M.A. 

New Coll. 1932-5. Eng. L. & Lit. 1st CL 
Mod. Langs. (French & German) 2nd CL B.A. 
1934. Charles Oldharn Prize 1934. 

1937-40 : Newspaper Corresp. & Relief Work 
in China. 1941: Brit. Ministry of Informn. 
(Far Eastern Bureau). 1941-5 : Hong Kong Vol. 
Defence Corps. P.o.W. (Hong Kong & Japan). 
1946: Orgn. for N.Z. Relief Services Overseas; 
Adviser to N.Z. Deln. to Far Eastern Comrnn., 
Tokyo. 1947- : Senr. Lect. in Engl., Victoria 
Univ. Coll., Wellington. 

m. 1947. Jean Ellen Stevenson. 

Publ.: Crisis in China, 1938. North China 
Front, 1939. The Shadow of a War, 1947. (In 
collab.) Rip-Tide in the Pacific, 1948. 

Victoria University College, Wellington, N.Z. 

COX, GEOFFREY SANDFORD. b. 7 Apr. 1910. 
Boys* High Sch., Southland, & Otago Univ. 
Coll. B.A. & M.A. 

Oriel 1932-5. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1934. 

1936-9 : Newspaper Corresp., Madrid, Vienna, 
& Paris. 1940-5 : N*Z.E.F., M.E.F. ; Major. D. 
M.B.E. 1945- : Journalist & Broadcaster, 
Engl.; Polit. Corresp., News Chronicle, London. 

m. 1935. Cecily Barbara Talbot Turner. 
Two s. Two d. 

Publ.: The Defence of Madrid, 1937. The Red 
Army Moves, 1941. The Road to Trieste, 1947. 

c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., 222 Strand, London 
W.C. 2, England. 


BEKKER, PIETER BAILEY (Transvaal), b. 
18 Jan. 1909. Pretoria High Sch., Univ. of the 
Witwatersrand & Grey Univ. Coll. B.A. Also 
Univ. of Pretoria. 

Brasenose 1932 (Hil. & Trin. Terms). Read 
Law. Resigned Scholp. 

1933- : In S. Afr., Farming. Elected to 
Provincial Council, Transvaal, 1944. 

Morgenstond, P.O. Iswepe, via Pete Relief, 

BOK, Louis BOTHA (South African College 
School), b. 9 Oct. 1910. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. D.P.H. 1940. 

Queen's 1932-4 (Mich. Term). Physiol. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1934. M.A. 1938. B.M., B.Ch. 1937. 

1935-8: Med. Training, St. Mary's Hosp., 

London, Engl. 1939- : Med. Practice, Uiten- 
hage, Cape Province. 

m. 1939. Elizabeth Brinton. Two jr. One d. 

118 Caledon St., Uitenhage, C.P. 

berley). b. 28 Sept. 1911. Christian Brothers 
Coll., Kimberley, & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Christ Church 1933 (Hil. Term)-1935. P.P.E. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1935. 

1936-46: Dist. Officer, Bechuanaland Pro- 
tectorate. 1946- : Asst. Secy., Office of High 
Commissioner for Basutoland, Bechuanaland 
Protectorate, & Swaziland. 

m. 1937. Janet Marshall. One s. One d. 

cfo The High Commissioner's Office, Hill St., 

drew's College, Grahamstown). b. 16 Feb. 
1913. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1932-5. Physiol. 3rd Cl. 1935. B.A. 

1935-9 : Med. Training, King's Coll., London, 
Engl. Kitchener Scholp. 1935. M.R.C.S., 
L.R.C.P. 1940. 1940-6: R.A.M.C.; Engl.; 
Capt. 1946- : Med. Practice, Engl. 1946-7: 
Asst. in Clinical PathoL, Gen. Hosp., Birming- 
ham. 1947 : Lect. in Bacteriology, Birming- 
ham Med. Sch. 

m. 1940. Ruth Riggall Sharpley. One s. 
One d. 

The Cedars, New Rd., Bromsgrove, Worcs., 

cesan College, Rondebosch). b. 17 Dec. 1911. 
Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape 
Town. B.A. 

Magdalen 1933-6. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1936-7: Law Student, London, Engl. 1938- 
: Practice of Law, & Farming; S. Africa & New 

m. 1939. Edna Alexis Lovett MacKinnon. 
One s. Two d. 

c\o South African Association, 6 Church Sq., 
Cape Town. 


b. 22 July 1912. Boys' High Sch., Wynberg, & 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Balliol 1932-6. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1936. 
M.A. 1940. BXitt. (Lit. Hum.) 1940. Pres. 
(Mich. Term 1935) Oxford Union Society. 

1936-7: Postgrad, work, Cambridge & Lon- 
don, Engl. 1937-47: Lect. in Philos., Univ. of 
the Witwatersrand. 1947- : Wilde Reader in 
Mental Philos., Univ. of Oxford. 

m. 1938. Eveline Herbert Crallan. Three 5. 
Two d. 

Court Leys, Toot Baldon, Oxford, England. 

27 Sept. 1911. Michaelhouse, Natal, & Natal 
Univ. Coll. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

University 1932-5. Read Forestry. B.A. 

1935-42: Research Officer, Natal Tanning 
Extract Co. , Ltd. ; later Estates Manager, 1 942-5 : 
U.D.F., Technical Services Corps; S. Afr., 
Egypt, Italy; Capt. King's Medal for Bravery 
1945. 1945-8 : Man.. Rhodesian Wattle Co., Ltd. 
1948- : Gen. Man., E. African Tanning Extract 
Co., Ltd., Nairobi. 

m. 1936. Helena Rosalin Hanson-Lawson. 
One d. 

P.O. Box 1111, Nairobi, Kenya. 

HARDUS (Orange Free State), b. 16 Sept. 1910. 
Reddersburg High Sch. & Grey Univ. Coll. 
B.Sc. & M.Sc. 



[South Africa, cont.1 

New Coll. 1932-5. D.Phil. (Chem.) 1935. 

1935-6: Studying at Heidelberg. 1937: 
Chemist, Fuel Research Labs. , Pretoria. 1 93 8-9 : 
S. Afr. Govt. Printer. 1940-1 : Research Chemist 
to S. Afir. Defence Forces. 1942- : Prof, of 
Org. Chem., Univ. Coll. of the O.F.S. 

m, 1940. One s. One d. 

University College of the Orange Free State, 
Bloemfontetn, O.F.S. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 28 Nov. 1911. 
Boys' High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of 
Stellenbosch. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Worcester 1933-5 (Mich. Term). B.Sc. 
(Chem.) 1935. R.F. v. Camb. 1933-5. 

1936-7: Cadet, S. Afr. Military Coll. 1938- : 
U.D.F.; Ordnance Corps 1938-40; Technical 
Service Corps 1941-2; M.E.F.: Major. P.o.W. 
(Italy & Germany) 1942-5. D. M.B.E. 
1945- : On Staff of Quartermaster-General 
(U.D.F.); Lt.-Col. 

m. 1945. Eileen Lilian Allen. 

General Headquarters, Potgieter St., Pretoria. 

1935-6: Colonial Service Probationer, Cam- 
bridge, Engl. 1936- : Colonial Admin. Service, 
Nyasaland; District Officer 1940; Asst. Secy., 
Nyasaland Govt., 1945. 

OT. 1937. Anne Phillis Dallas Atherstone. 
One s. One d. 

(Perm, addr.) The Hyde, Cheltenham, Glos., 


SMITH, ARCHIBALD NOTMAN. b. 25 Dec. 1910. 
Warwick Academy, Bermuda, & Univ. of Edin- 
burgh. M.A. 

Christ Church 1932-5. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1935. DipL Educ. 1946. M.A. 1946. 

1935-40: Teaching, Govt. Secondary School, 
Egypt. 1940-6: Pioneer Corps, M.E.F.; Lt. 
1946- : Engl. Master, Nunthorpe Gr. Sch., 
York, Engl. 

m. 1937. Elizabeth Margaret Thornber. 
One $. One d. 

Orwell Cottage , Higham Rd., Padiham, Lanes., 


BRANCH, THOMAS WILLIAM, b. 11 Aug. 1910. 
Prince Edward Sch., Salisbury, & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Trinity 1932-5. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1934. 

1935-9: Med. training, London Hosp., Engl. 
M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. 1938. 1940-5: R.A.F. 
(Med. Branch); Middle East, Sudan, E. Afr., 
Madagascar; Squadron Leader. D. 1946 : 
Med. Practice, S. Rhod. Govt. Med. Service. 

m. 1940. Dora May Fitzgerald. One s. 

c/o General Hospital, P.O. Box 367, Salisbury, 
S, Rhodesia. 

HONE, EVELYN DENNISON. b. 13 Dec. 1911. 
Wellington Coll., England, & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll. B.A. 

New Coll. 1933 (HiL Term)~1935. Jurispr. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1934. 1934-5: Colonial Service 

1935- : Colonial Admin. Service; Tanganyika 
Territory, 1935-43; Secy, to Govt., Seychelles, 
1944-6; Seconded to Palestine 1946-8; Colonial 
Secy., British Honduras since 1948. Called to 
the Bar, Engl., 1944. O.B.E. 1946. 

m. 1946. Helen Joy Mellor. 

The Secretariat, British Honduras. 

INGHAM, JOHN HENRY, b. 16 May 1910. 
Plurntree Sch., S. Rhod., & Rhodes Univ. ColL 

Brasenose 1933 (Hil. Term)-1935. P.P.E. 
3rd Cl. B.A. 1935. Relays t>. Camb. 1934. 


25 Sept. 1911. Munro Coll., Jamaica. 

Brasenose 1932-5. Engineering 4th Cl. 1935. 
B.A. 1936. 

1935-46: Engr., Babcock & Wilcox Ltd., 
London, Engl., & Renfrew, Scotland. 1940-6: 
RJS[.;Lt.-Comdr.(E.) 1946- p : Engr., The West 
Indies Sugar Co., Ltd., Jamaica. M.I.Mech.E. 

m. 1942. Betty Mary Home. Two s. 

c\o The West Indies Sugar Co.,Ltd.,Monymusk, 
Alley P.O., Jamaica. 


DUDER, RUDOLPH, b. 16 Mar. 1912. Memorial 
Univ. ColL, St. John's, Nfd., & McGill Univ. 

University 1932-5. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1936. M.A. 1938. 

1935-44: Memorial Coll., St. John's, Nfd. 
(Assoc. Prof, from 1943). Austin Fellowship, 
Harvard Univ., U.S.A., 1943 ; A.M. 1944: Capt. 
(Hon.), Nfd. Regt.; Civil Affairs Staff Coll., 
Engl. 1944- : Mil. Govt., Berlin; Displaced 
Persons Branch, i/c Refugees, Brit. Sector 1945; 
Major, 1945; Head of Educ. Branch since 1947, 
and Brit. Member of Educ. & Relig. Affairs 
Commee., Allied Commandatura. Commander- 
in-Chief's Certificate for Good Service 1946. 

c\o Dr. Clay Macpherson, C.M.G., 65 Ronnie's 
Mill Rd., St. John's, Nfd. 




4 Nov. 1909. Charterhouse, EngL, & Univ. of 
Toronto (Ont. Agric. Coll.). B.S.A. 

New Coll. 1933-6. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1936. 

1936-8: Hudson's Bay Co. 1938-48: Fair- 
bridge Farm Sch., B.C.; Asst. to Principal, 
1938-45; Principal, 1945-8. 1949- : Polit. 
work, Nat. H.Q. of Progressive Conservative 
Party, Ottawa. 1942-5: R.C.N.V.R., N. 
Atlantic Convoy; Lt. 

m. 1945. Mary Josephine Livingstone. 
Three 5. 

141 Laurier Ave. West, Ottawa, Ont. 

JACK, LAWRENCE BENNETT (British Columbia). 
b. 30 Sept. 1909. S. Vancouver High Sch. Univ. 
of British Columbia: B.A. Univ. of California; 

University 1933-6. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1936. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1935. 

1936-7: Lect. in Econ., Olivet Coll., Mich., 
U.S.A. 1937-8- Research Staff, Royal Commn. 
on Dominion-Provincial Relations, Ottawa. 
1938-^1 : Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada, Ltd., 
Montreal & Quebec. (Investment Divn.). 
1942-5: I.L.O., Montreal & Quebec. Special 
Lect. in Econ., McGill Univ., 1944. Ph.D. 
(McGill) 1943. 1945- : Brit. Columbia Elec. 
Rly. Co., Ltd., Vancouver; Gen. Secy., 1946; 
Dir. of Industr. Relations since 1948. 

m. 1939. Mary Frances Bos. Two d. 

Publ.: Canada's. Tariff Policy and the War, 

Hatzic, B.C. 

L'ECUYER, PHILIBERT (Quebec). b. 3 Oct. 
1908. St. Hyacinthe & Nicolet Sems. Laval 
Univ. B.A. & B.Sc.A. 

Oriel 1933-6. B.Sc. (Chem.) 1935. D.Phil. 

1936-7: Research Chemist, Imperial Oil Co., 
Ont. 1938- : Dept. of Chem., Laval Univ., 
Prof, since 1943. 

m. (1) 1936. Maria Holler. One s. Two d. 
(2) Ida Fradette. 

15 Ave. Bellevue, Quebec, P.Q. 

LEDDY, JOHN FRANCIS (Saskatchewan), b. 
16 Apr. 1911. Nutana Collegiate Inst. & Univ. 
of Saskatchewan. B.A. & M.A. Univ. of 
Chicago, U.S.A. 

Exeter 1933-6. B.Litt (Lit. Hum.) 1935. 
DJPhil. 1938. 

1936- : Dept. of Classics, Univ. of Sask.; 
Prof. & Hd. of Dept. since 1946; Dean of Arts & 
Science since 1949; Member of Senate since 
1944. Chmn. of Educ. Council, Prov. of Sask. 
since 1944. 

m. 1938. Kathleen Beatrice White. 

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask. 

b. 22 Sept. 1911. Montreal High Sch. & McGill 
Univ. B.Sc. 

Trinity 1933-6. Physiol. 1st Cl. B.A. 1936. 
D.Phil. 1938. Commended in Christopher 
Welch Scholp. 1936. Departmental Dem. in 

1936-9: Research in Neurophysiology, Univ. 
of Toronto; Reeve Prize 1938. 1940- : Rocke- 
feller Inst. for Med. Research, New York, 
U.S.A.; Assoc. Member since 1942. Asst. Prof, 
of Physiol., Yale Univ. Sch. of Med. Member, 
Med. Advisory Commee., Nat. Foundation for 
Infantile Paralysis. A.A.A.S. 1946. 

m. 1937. Kathleen Mansfield Elliott. Two s. 
One d. 

Publ. : Numerous articles in scientific journals. 

71 Fairview Ave., Great Neck, Long Island, 
New York, U.S.A. 

14 Oct. 1908. St. Thomas Collegiate Inst. & 
Univ. of W. Ontario. M.D., M.Sc. 

University 1933-6. D.Phil. (Med.) 1936. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1934-6 (Capt ). Univ. Dem. 
in Pharmacol. 

1936-41: Surgical Training, Toronto Gen. 
Hosp., Ont M.S. (Surg.), F.R.C.S. (Can.), 
F.A.C.S., F.R.C.S.(Engl.). 1942-5: R.C.A.M.C., 
O.C. 10th Can. Field Surgical Unit; Capt. 
1945- : Prof. & Hd. of Dept. of Surgery, Univ. 
of W. Ontario. Member of Council of Royal 
Coll. of Physicians & Surgeons of Can. & Nat. 
Research Council. Senr. Surgical Consultant, 
Dept. of Veterans Affairs, M.D.I., since 1945. 

m. 1936. Sheilah Madeleine Gordon. Two s. 

Victoria Hospital, London, Ont. 

RANDS, STANLEY (Alberta), b. 20 July 1909. 
Mcleod High Sch. & Univ. of Alberta. B.A. & 

Hertford 1933-6. DipL Theol. 1934. P.P.E. 
2nd CL B.A. 1936. 

1937-8: Principal, Ribstone Rural High Sch., 
Alta. 1938-9: Dean of Men, Alberta Coll., 
Edmonton. 1939-42: Dept. of Educ., Alta., 
Instructor, Lecturer, Tutor, W E.A. & broad- 
casting. 1942-4: Asst. & Acting Director of 
Adult Educ., Univ. of Manitoba & educational 
work for Nat. Film Board of Canada. 1945- : 
Co-ordinator, Research & Reports, Distnbn. 
Branch, Nat. Film Board. 

m. 1943. Dons Milne Fraser. One s. One d. 

Publ.: Social Studies for Grade IX and Social 
Studies I for Grade X (for Dept. of Educ., Alta.), 
1941. (In collab.) The Northern Plains in a 
World of Change, 1942. 

504 Tweedsmuir Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 


27 Sept. 1910. St. Mary's Coll , Halifax, N.S., 
& Dalhousie Univ. B.A. & M.A. 

Corpus Christi 1933-6. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1936. M.A. 1941. Ice-hockey v. 
Carnb. 1935-6. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1936. 

1936-8: Assoc. Prof, of Engl., St. Francis 
Xavier Univ., Antigonish, N.S.; also 1939-40: 
Chief Instr., Univ. Contingent, C.O.T.C.; Lt. 
1938-9: Harvard Univ., U.S.A. Senr. Single 
Sculling Champion of Maritimes 1937-9. 
1942-7: Nat. Film Board of Canada, Secy. 
(Services Liaison Officer 1942-5). 1947- : 
Executive Asst. to Minister of National Health 
& Welfare, Ottawa. 

337 Elgin St., Ottawa, Ont. 

WEEKS, ERNEST POOLE (New Brunswick). 
b. 12 Jan. 1912. Mt. Allison Acad. & Mt. Allison 
Univ. B.A. 

Wadham 1933-8. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1936. 
M.A. 1945. B.Litt. 1936. D.Phil.1940. 1936-8: 
Student Asst., Agric. Econ. Research Inst., 

1938-9: Asst. Secy., Internat. Sugar Council, 
London, Engl. 1940-5: Hd. of Foreign Econ. 
Section, Reference Divn., Min. of Informn., 
London. Silver Medal of R.S.A. 1945-6. 
1946- : Hd. of Area Studies Divn., Econ. 
Research Branch, Dept. of Trade & Commerce, 

m. 1938. Gerda Ida Helene Wiinsch. One s. 

1190 Gladstone Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 



[Canada, cont.~\ 

WINKLER, CARL ARTHUR (Manitoba), b. 
24 Oct. 1909. Virden High. Sch,, Manitoba, & 
Univ. of Manitoba. B.Sc. & M.Sc. McGill 
Univ. Ph.D. 

Wadham 1933-6. D.Phil. (Chem.) 1939. 

1936-9: Biophysicist, Nat. Research Council 
of Canada. 1939- : Dept. of Chemistry, McGill 
Univ.; Prof, since 1946. 1939-45: Director of 
Research in Chem. Warfare and Explosives, 
McGill Umv. O.B.E. 1946. F.R.S.C. 1946. 

m. 1937. Margaret Gray McEwan. One $. 
Two d . 

PubL: Numerous scientific papers. 

McGill University, Montreal, P.Q. 


CAMPBELL, Ross McKAY (Victoria), b. 
26 Dec. 1910. Scotch Coll., Melbourne, & 
Univ. of Melbourne. B.A. 

Magdalen 1933-6. Engl. L. & Lit 2nd Cl. 
1935. B.A. 1936. Qualified for B.Litt. 1937. 

Journalism: Austr. 1937-41 & since 1947; 
U.S.A. 1946-7. 1941.-A.I.F. 1942-6:R.A.A.F.; 
1944-5: w. R.A.F., Bomber Command; 
Navigator. D.F.C. 

OT. 1946. Ruth Hazel Seale. One d. 

54 Bridge St., Lane Cove, N.S.W, 


b. 26 Mar. 1911. Bundaberg High Sch., Univ. 
of Queensland, & Univ. of Sydney. B.Sc. 1933. 
D.Sc. 1946. 

New Coll. 1933-5. D.Phil. (Physiol.) 1935. 
M.A. 1945. 

1935-7: London Hosp., Engl. L.R.C.P., 
M.R.C.S. 1937. 1937-40 & 1945-8: Univ. of 
Oxford; Beit Mem. Fellowship 1937-8; Nuffield 
Research Student in Surgery 1938-40; Reader 
in Human Physiology 1945-8. 1940-5: Chem. 
Defence Research Dept., Wilts. 1948- : 
Director, Kanematsu Institute of Pathology, 
Sydney, N.S.W. 

m. 1937. Joyce Mary Seaton. One s. Two d, 

Kanematsu Institute of Pathology, Sydney 
Hospital, Sydney, N.S.W. 

tralia), b. 11 Jan. 1911. Prince Alfred Coll., 
Adelaide, & St. Mark's Coll., Univ. of Adelaide. 

Christ Church 1934 (Hil. Term)-1936 (Mich. 
Term). Engl. L. & Lit. 1st CL B.A. 1936. 

1937: Temp. Asst. Master, Winchester Coll., 
Engl. 1937-47: Asst. Master, Wellington Coll., 
Engl. 1947- : Lect. in English, Westfield Coll., 
Univ. of London. 

m. 1937. Kathleen Primrose Fowler. One 5. 

Westfield College, Hampstead, London, N.W. 3, 

FINN, ARTHUR EDWARD (Western Australia). 
b. 9 Nov. 1911. Perth Modern Sch., W. Austr., 
&Univ. ofW.A. B.Sc. 

Lincoln 1934 (Hil. Term)-1936 (Mich. Term). 
B.Sc. (Chem.) 1934. D.Phil. 1937. 

1937- : Chemist, Imperial Chemical Indus- 
tries; in Australia since 1939. 

do 7.C.7. (A.N.Z.), Ltd., 380 Collins St., 
Melbourne, C. 1, Vic. 

b. 22 June 1912. Launceston C. of E. Gr. Sch. 
& Univ. of Tasmania. 

Exeter 1933-6. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1936. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1935-6. Relays v. Camb. 
1935-6. Cross-country . Camb. 1935-6(Capt.). 
First Reserve, English Cross-country Team 1939. 

1936-40: Australian High Commissioner's 
Office, London, Engl. 1940-2: 3rd Secy., Dept. 
of External Affairs, Canberra. 1942-7: Aus- 

tralian Embassy, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 
1st Secy. 1946-7. 1948- : Counsellor, Pacific 
Divn., Dept. of External Affairs, Canberra. 

m. 1938. Judith Mary Gould. Two s. 

PubL: Contnb, to Some Australians Take 
Stock, 1948. 

Dept. of External Affairs, Canberra. 

Wales), b. 11 Dec. 1910. Tamworth High Sch., 
Sydney Tech. High Sch., & Univ. of Sydney. 

New Coll. 1933-6. Engineering 2nd CL 1935. 
B.A. 1936. R.F. v. Camb. 1933 & 1935. 

1936-48: Steel Industry; Broken Hill Pro- 

gnetarv Co., Ltd., N.S.W.; Asst. Production 
upt. 1943, Production Supt. 1947. 1944-8: 
Director, Commonwealth Steel Co., Ltd. & 
Director, Stewarts & Lloyds (Austr.) Pry., Ltd. 
1948- : Asst. Gen. Man. (Technical), The 
Australian Gas Light Co., Ltd., Sydney. 1940-3 
& 1944-5 . Tech. Asst. to Dir.-Gen. of Munitions 
& Aircraft Production. 

m. 1940. Beatrice Flora Donald. Two 5-. 
cfo The Australian Gas Light Company, 
477-87 Pitt St., Sydney, N.S.W. 


In this year there were no elections from 
New Zealand. 


In this year there was no election from 
Diocesan College, Rondebosch. 

19 Nov. 1908. Senekal High Sch., O.F.S., & 
Natal Univ. Coll. B.Comm. & M.Comm. 
Qualified Chartered Accountant (S.A.) 1933. 
Senr. Lect., Pietermaritzburg Tech. Coll., 

Christ Church 1933-6. D Phil. (Soc. Studies) 

1936- : New Consolidated Gold Fields Ltd., 
Johannesburg; Asst. Man. since 1946. 1940-5: 
Confidential Econ. Adviser to Minister of 
Finance, S. Afr. 

ra. 1941. Joan Florimel Pringle. One s. One d. 

PubL: The Theory of Gold Supply, 1936, The 
Development of Secondary Industry in Northern 
Rhodesia, 1945. Jt. Hon. Ed., The South African 
Journal of Economics since 1946. 

P.O. Box 1167, Johannesburg. 

(Orange Free State), b. 1 Feb. 1912. Grey 
Coll. Sch., O.F.S., & Univ. of Cape Town. 
B.Sc. & B.A. 

University 1933-5. P.P.E. 2nd CL 1935. 
B.A. 1936. 

1936-45: Iron & Steel Corpn., Steel Sales 
Co. of Africa, Ltd., Statistician. 1939-45: 
Seconded to War Supplies Orgn. of S. Afr.; 
Controller of Med. & Pharmaceutical Supplies 
1944-5; Lect., Dept. of Commerce, Univ. of 
the Witwatersrand. 1946- : Director of Protea 
group of companies. 

m. 1936. Marie Felling. Two s. One d. 

Linlithgow, Valley Rd., Kenilwarth, C.P, 

College School), b. 6 May 1913. S. Afr. Coll. 
High Sch., Cape Town, & Univ. of Cape Town. 

Brasenose 1933-6. Engineering 2nd CL 1935. 
B.A. 1936, 

1936-4-0 & 1945- : Engr. w. Rogers- Jenkins 
& Co. (Pty.) Ltd.; Cape Town 1936-40; Port 


[South Africa) cont.] 

Elizabeth (Man. since 1945). 1940-5: S.A.A.F.; 

Engr. Officer w. Fighter Bomber Wing; Capt. 

m. 1943. Jean Coetsee. One $. 

211 Main Rd., Walmer, Port Elizabeth, C.P. 

lege, Grahamstown). b. 24 Feb. 1913. St. 
Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 

University 1932-5. Hist. 3rd Cl. 1935. 

1936-9: Advertising business, New York, 
U.S.A. 1939-45: R.C.A.F.; Pilot. D.F.C. 
Gold 'Ops' Wing & two bars. D. 1946- : 

m. 1936. Jeanne Louise Griffin. Two s. 

13 Waverley Drive, Port Elizabeth, C.P. 

b. 12 Feb. 1912. Boys' High Sch. t Pretoria, 8s 
Transvaal Umv. Coll. B.A. & M.A. 

University 1933-6. Dipl. Educ. 1934. Geo- 
graphy 2nd CL 1935. B.A. 1936. 

1936- : Asst. Master, Boys' High Sch., 

m. 1945, Maureen Louie Turpm. One d. 

Pretoria Boys' High School, Pretoria. 

High School, Stellenbosch). b. 5 Feb. 1914. 
Boys' High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of 
Stellenbosch. B.A. 

Worcester 1933-5 & 1936 (HiL, Trin., & 
Mich. Terms). Read P.P.E. & Physiol. 

1937: Med. study, Univ. of Stellenbosch. 
1938-4-2: Med. Sch., Univ. of Cape Town. 
M.B., Ch.B. 1942. 1943: Res. M.O., Groote 
Schuur & Pretoria Gen. Hosp. 1944: Lect. in 
Anatomy; 1945-6: Clin. Asst., Dept. of Surgery, 
Med. Sch., Pretoria 1947-8: Med. Practice, 
O.F.S. & Transvaal, Ch.M. (Pretoria) 1947. 
1948- : Lect. in Surgery & Asst. Surgeon, Med. 
Sch., Pretoria. 

m. 1945. Margarita Johanna Botha. One d. 

cjo The General Hospital, Pretoria. 

MULLER, HENDRIK (Cape Province), b. 
17 Aug. 1912. South African Coll. Sch. & Univ. 
of Cape Town. B.A. 

Worcester 1933 (HiL Term)-1935 (Mich. 
Term). Physiol. 1st Cl. B.A. 1934. B.M.,B.Ch. 
1937. Boxing c. Camb. 1933 & 1935. Aeq. for 
Theodore Williams Scholp. 1933. 

1935-43: Hosp. appts., London, Engl. (1939- 
43 in E.M.S.). M.R.C.P. 1940. 1943-7: 
R.A.M.C.; France, Belgium, India, S. Afr.; 
Lt.-Col. 1947- : Specialist Physician, Cape 
Town. Part-time Clin. Asst. to Prof, of Medi- 
cine, Univ. of Cape Town, since 1947. 

m. 1944. Jeannie Elizabeth Winton Inglis. 
One d. 

Union House, Queen Victoria St., Cape Town. 

b. 31 Oct. 1911. Grey High Sch., Port Elizabeth, 
& Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Worcester 1933 (HiL Term)-1935 (Mich. 
Term). Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1934. Aeq. for 
Radcliffe Prize in Pharmacol. 1935. Theodore 
Williams Scholp. in Pathol. 1936. B.M., B.Ch. 
1937. Ju-jutsu v. Camb. 1934. 

1935-9: St. Mary's Hosp., London, Engl.,& 
other hospital appts. 1939-45: R.A.F.V.R., 
Med. Branch; Engl., Bengal, Burma; Wing 
Comdr. 1946-7: Surgical Registrar, St. Mary's 
Hosp., London. 1947-8: Surgical Registrar, 
Prince of Wales Hosp., Tottenham, London. 
F.R.C.S, 1947. 1948- : Surgeon, Archway 
Group of Hosps., London, N. 15. 

m. 1941. Elizabeth Theodora L. Rhodes. 
Two s. 

6 Reddiffe Sq., London, S.W. 10, England. 



1912. Prince Edward Sch., Salisbury, and 
Rhodes Univ. Coll., Grahamstown. B.A. 

Wadham 1933-6. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 

1938-9 : Market research w. J. Walter Thomp- 
son, Ltd., Advertising Agents, London. 1939- 
43: London Scottish A.A. Gunnery Instr. 
(2/Lt.), England; Middle East, Troop Conidr. 
1944: Staff Capt. & Asst. to Hd. of Propaganda 
Services, Political Warfare Executive, G.H.Q., 
M.E.F., transferred to A.F.H.Q. Italy and 
later Greece. 1945-6: Asst. to Brit. Econ. 
Adviser to Greece: Staff Capt. 1947: Planning 
Dept., United Africa Co. 1948: Informn. 
Divn., Overseas Food Corpn. 1949- : Secy., 
Overseas Divn., Assocn. of British Chambers of 

Assocn of Bntish Chambers of Commerce, 14 
Queen Anne's Gate, London, S.W. 1, England. 

NORVAL, IAN PETER, b. 6 July 1911. Prince 
Edward Sch., Salisbury, S. Rhod., & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Brasenose 1933-6. Botany 2nd Cl. 1935. 
B.A. 1936. Boxing v. Camb. 1934. 

1936-8: Commonwealth Fund Fellowship, 
Rockefeller Inst. , Princeton, NJ. , U.S.A. 1 938- 
41 & 1945: Pathologist, Tobacco Research 
Station, Trelawney, S. Rhod. 1941-5: S.R. 
Signals, U.D.F., M.E.F.; Sgt.; & B.M.A., 
Cyrenaica, M.E.F.; Lt. 1945- : Farming in 
S. Rhodesia. 

m. 1940. Irene Gordon Hodson. One 5. 
(dcd.) Two d. 

Sundown, Trelawney, S. Rhodesia. 


Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., 
England. > 

Trinity 1933-6. Law Mods. 1934. Jurispr. 
3rd CL B.A. 1936. Water Sports v. Camb. 

1936-7: Law Student, London, Engl. 
Called to the Bar, Engl. 1937. 1938- : Practice 
of Law, Bermuda. 1942-3: Aide-de-Camp to 
Gov. of Bermuda. Member of House of 
Assembly since 1943. 1944-6: Chmn. of Bd. of 
Trade, Bermuda. Chmn. of Bd. of Immigration 
since 1946. 1943-8: Dep. Chmn. of Bermuda 
Council of Social Welfare. Chmn. of Civil 
Service Commee. of House of Assembly, Ber- 
muda, since 1948. 

m. 1941. Marian Taylor Gurr. Two s. 

St. George's, Bermuda. 


BURROWES, JAMES TAYLOR, b. 28 Feb. 1914. 
Wolmer's Sch., Kingston, Jamaica. 

St. John's 1933-6. Physiol. 3rd CL B.A. 
1936. B.M., B.Ch. 1939. M.A. 1944. Assoc. F. 
v. Camb. 1934-5. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1935. 

1936-9: Med. Student, King's Coll. Hosp., 
London, Engl. 1939-45: R.A.F. (Med. Branch); 
France, W. Afr.; Squadron Leader. 1946-8: 
Res. Hosp. Appts., London & Coventry. 
M.R.C.O.G. 1948. 1948- : Specialist Obste- 
trician & Gynaecologist, Victoria Jubilee 
Maternity Hosp., Kingston, Jamaica. 

m, 1941. Elizabeth Anne Pover. (Marriage 

Victoria Jubilee Maternity Hospital, Kingston, 
* Jamaica. 


1933, 1934 


COWAN, GORDON STEWART, b. 19 May 1911. 
Methodist Coll., St. John's, Nfd., Newfound- 
land Memorial Univ. Coll., & Dalhousie Univ., 
N.S. LL.B. 

Exeter 1933-6. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1935. 
B.C.L. 1st CL 1936. M.A. 1939. Ice-hockey . 
Camb. 1934-6. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1935-6. 

1936-9: Asst. Prof., Law Sch., Dalhousie 
Univ. 1939-41 : Asst. Prof., Law Sch., Univ. of 
Manitoba. 1941- : Practice of Law, Halifax, 

m. 1937. Jean Elizabeth Rettie. Two s. 

7 Woodlazvn Terrace, Halifax, N.S. 


GALEA, VICTOR ROBERT, b. 19 Apr. 1910. The 
Lyceum, Malta, & Royal Univ. of Malta. B.Sc., 
B.E. & A. 

Queen's 1933-6. Engineering 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1936. M.A. 1945. 

1936- : Prof, of Civil Engineering, R. Univ. 
of Malta, and Practising Architect. 1939-44: 
R.E.; Malta; Capt. 

m. 1937. Alice Beatrice Herzberg. Two a. 

Flat 4, Balluta Bldgs., St. Julian* $, Malta, 


1913. Prince of Wales Coll., Nairobi, & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll., Grahamstown. B.A. 

University 1934 (Hil. Term)-1936. P.P.E. 
2nd Cl. 1936. 

1936-40 & 1945- : Sudan Civil Service; Asst. 
Financial Secy, since 1948. 1940-6: R.A.F.; 
M.E. & Coastal Command: Squadron Leader. 

m. 1938. Felicity Hine. Three s. 

c\o The Finance Dept., Sudan Govt., Khar- 
toum, Sudan. 



BALDWIN, JOHN RUSSEL (Ontario), b. 7 Aug. 
1912. Uxbridge Secondary Sch., McMaster 
Univ., B.A., & Univ. of Toronto, M.A. 

Christ Church 1934-7. B.Litt, (Hist.) 1936. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1936-7. 

1937-8: Lect. in Hist., McMaster Univ., 
Ont. 1938-40: Nat. Secy., Can. Inst. of 
Internat. Affairs. 1941-2: Dept. of External 
Affairs, Can. 1943-5: Asst. Secy., War 
Commee. of the Canadian Cabinet. 1946-8: 
Asst. Secy, to the Canadian Cabinet. 1949- : 
Chmn., Air Transport Bd., Govt. of Canada. 

m. 1944. Dorothy M. Pearson. Two s. 

485 Broadview Ave., Highland Park, Ottawa, 

CHAPDELAINE, JEAN (Quebec), b. 14 July 
1914. College Ste Marie, Montreal. B.A. 

Hertford 1934-7. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. 1937. 

1937- : Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa; 
First Secy., Canadian Embassy, Paris, since 
1946. Asst., Can. Deln. to Peace Conf., 1946. 

m. 1941. Rita Laframboise. One d. 

cjo Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 

b. 5 May 1913. Trinity Coll. Sch., Port Hope, 
Ont. Institution Sillig, Vevey, Switzerland, and 
Univ. of Bishop's Coll., Quebec. B.A. 

Trinity 1934-8. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. 1938. B.A. 
1940. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1935. 

1938-40: Asst. Secy., Can. Inst. of Internat. 
Affairs. 1940- : Dept. of External Affairs, 
Ottawa; Vice-Consul, St. Pierre & Miquelon, 
1942; Third Secy., attached to Minister to 

Allied Govts. in London, Engl., 1943-4; Second 
Secy., Canadian Embassy, Mexico, D.F., since 

m. 1939. Martha Magor. Two ch. 

c\o Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 

b. 15 Mar. 1911. South Calgary High Sch. & 
Univ. of Alberta. B.A. & LL.B. 

University 1934-6. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1936. 
Ice-hockey . Camb. 1935-6. 

1936- : Practice of Law, Calgary. 

m, 1937. Muriel Edith Sturgeon. Threes. 

2905 Wolfe St., Calgary, Alta. 

JACKETT, WILBUR Roy (Saskatchewan). 
b. 27 June 1912. Kamsack High Sch., Sask., & 
Univ. of Saskatchewan. B.A. & LL.B. 

Queen's 1934-7. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1936. 
B.C.L. 2nd CL 1937. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1937. 

1937-8: Law Student, Sask. 1939- : Dept. 
of Justice, Ottawa; Asst. Deputy Minister since 

m. 1939. Ella Kathleen Robertson. 

489 Wilbrod St., Ottawa, Ont. 

b. 5 Jan. 1915. St. John's Coll. Sch., Winnipeg, 
& Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. 

New Coll. 1934-7. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL 1937. 

1937-9: Journalism, Engl. & Can. 1939-41: 
Univ. of Wisconsin, U.S.A.; Grad. Sch. 1939- 
40; Asst., Classics, 1940-1; Ph.D. 1941. 1941- 
3 & 1946: Yale Univ.; Sterling Fellow 1941-2; 
Instr. in Classics 1942-3. 1943-5: U.S. Army 
(Intel!.); Europe; Staff Sgt. 1946-8: Instr. in 


[Canada, cont.] 

Humanities, Univ. of Chicago. 1948- : Asst. 
Prof, of Literature, Reed Coll., Oregon. 
Naturalized citizen of U.S. since 1943. 

m. 1943. Margaret Rose Puchner. Twin d. 

Reed College, Portland 2, Oregon, U.S.A. 

wick), b. 14 Mar. 1913. New Glasgow High 
Sen., N.S., & Mt. Allison Univ., N.B. B.A. 

University 1934-7. Mod. Langs. (French & 
Spanish) 3rd Cl. B.A. 1937. M.A. 1944. 
Arteaga Spanish Essay Prize 1937. Relays v. 
Camb. 1935-7. Athl. v. Camb. 1936. Internat. 
Relays, Paris, 1935. 

1937-46: Mt. Allison Univ.: Lect. in French, 
Spanish, & Italian, 1937; Prof, of Romance 
Languages & Hd. of Dept., Modern Languages, 
1938-46; Director of Physical Educ. 1943-4. 
1945-7: Duke Univ., N.C., U.S.A.; Visiting 
Asst. Prof., of Romance Languages 1945-6; 
Asst. Prof. 1946-7. 1947- : Columbia Univ., 
U.S.A.; Univ. Fellow, French, 1947-8; Lect. in 
French, Sch. of Gen. Studies, 1948-9. F.R.S.A. 

m. 1942. Mary Gwendolyn Hicks. 

160 West 78th Street, New York 24, N.Y., 

(British Columbia). 6. 31 May 1912. Kmgsley 
Sch., N. Vancouver, & Univ. of British Colum- 
bia. B.A 1933-4: Asst, Dept. of Physics, 
Univ. of B.C. 

Corpus Christi 1934-6. Maths. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1936. -Badminton v. Camb. 1935 & 1936 

1936- : Can. Meteorological Service. O.I.C. 
Meteorol. Office in Nfd. 1937-42 ; O.I.C. 
Gander, Nfd., 1939-42. 1942-5: R.A.F.; Chief 
Meteorol. Officer. M.B.E. 1943. 1946- : Asst. 
Controller, Meteorol. Divn., Dept. of Trans- 
port, Can. Govt. 

m. 1939. Margaret Lawson Palmer. One $. 
One d. 

c/o Meteorological Division, 315 Bloor St. 
West, Toronto, Ont. 

28 Feb. 1912. Harbord Collegiate Inst., 
Toronto, & Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

Christ Church 1934-6. P.P.E. 2nd CL 1936. 
B.A. & M.A. 1944. Boulter Exhibn. (Ch. Ch.), 

1936-40: Further study, Sch. of Slavonic 
Studies, Univ. of London, Engl. ; & in Czecho- 
slovakia; News Ed., Engl. broadcasts, Czech 
radio, 1938; Research Asst., Foreign broad- 
casts, B.B.C., 1939-40. Ph.D. (Lond.) 1940. 
1940-1 : Asst., United Coll , Winnipeg. 1941- 
7: Asst. Prof, of Pol. ScL, Umv. of Wisconsin, 
U.S.A. 1944-5: On leave, Supervisor, Euro- 
pean Broadcasts, C.B.C. 1946-7: Commentator, 
C.B.C., United Nations meetings. 1947- : Asst. 
Prof, of Govt., Dartmouth Coll., N.H., U.S.A. 

m. 1937. Sara Conard Bright. One s. 

Publ.: Canadian Representation Abroad, 1945, 
and numerous articles, reports, and contribs. to 

2 Occom Ridge, Hanover, N.H., U.S.A. 

b. 15 Nov. 1912. Wolfville High Sch., N.S.; 
Acadia Univ., N.S., B.A.; & Univ. of Toronto. 

Wadham 1934-7. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 1937. 

1938- : Can. Civil Service; Offices of Min. of 
Nat. Revenue, Prime Minister, Min. of Nat. 
Defence; Privy Council Office (Cabinet Secre- 
tariat). 1941-5: R.C.N.V.R.; Lt. 

m. 1943. Betty Ann Pudewood. One s. 
One d. 

Privy Council Office, Ottawa, Ont. 



BARRY, HUGH COLLIS (New South Wales). 

b 13 Jan. 1912. Sydney Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 

New Coll. 1934-6. B.Sc. (Pathol.) 1936. 

1937-41: Med. Training, London Hosp. & 
Southend Gen. Hosp., Engl. M.R.C.S., 
L.R.C.P. 1938. F.R.C.S. 1940. 1939-41: 
E.M.S., London. 1942-6: A.I.F.; Middle .East, 
New Guinea, Solomons; Surgeon Specialist; 
Major. 1946- : Orthopaedic Specialist, Syd- 
ney. Hon. Asst. Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal 
Prince Alfred Hosp., Sydney, since 1947. 

m. 1946. Mary Gordon Matters. One s. 

135 Macquane St., Sydney, N.S.W. 

GUINAND, ANDREW PAUL (South Australia). 
b. 3 Mar. 1912. St. Peter's Coll., Adelaide, & 
Univ. of Adelaide. B.Sc. 

New Coll. 1934-7 & 1938-9 (Senr. Scholar 
1938). D.Phil. (Maths.) 1937. 

1937-8: Studying at the Umv. of Gottingen, 
Germany. 1939: Commonwealth Fund Fellow- 
ship in U.SA. 1940-5: R.C.A.F., Navigator; 
Engl.; Squadron Leader. 1946- : Principal 
Lect. in Maths., Mil. Coll. of SCL, Shrivenham, 
Wilts., Engl 

m. 1947. Olive Scott Webster. 

Military College of Science, Shrivenham, 
Swindon, Wilts., England. 

tralia), b. 11 Aug. 1912. Guildford Gr. Sch., 
W. Austr., & Umv. of W.A. B.Sc. & B.Eng. 

Brasenose 1934-7. Engineering 3rd Cl. 1935. 
B.A. 1936. M.A. 1945. 

1937-9: Engr., R.A.F. & Southern Rly., Engl. 
M.I.C.S. 1940. 1939-45: R.A.F.V.R., Pilot; 
Engl.; Squadron Leader. D.F.C. 1946-7: 
Chief Structural Engr., Cqurtaulds Ltd., Engl. 
1948- : Senr. Lect. in Civil Engineering, Univ. 
of W.Australia. 

m. 1938. Dorothy Louise Trott. Threes. 

40 Myers St., Nedlands, W. Australia. 

b. 1 Nov. 1912. Wesley Coll., Melbourne, & 
Univ. of Melbourne. B.Sc. 

Lincoln 1934-7. Chem. Part 1. B.A. 1936. 
M.A. 1943. Dipl. Educ. w. Distn. 1937. 

1937-9: Asst. Master, Merchiston Castle Sch., 
Edinburgh. 1939-45: Senr. Sci. Master, Wesley 
Coll., Melbourne. 1946: Lect. in Chemistry, 
Univ. of Adelaide. 1947- : Senr. Lect. in 
Chemistry, Mildura Branch Univ., Vic. 

m. 1939. Mavis Jessie Clarke. Two s. One d. 

Mildura Branch University, Vic. 

b. 9 Dec. 1911. C. of E. Gr. Sch., Melbourne, 
& Univ. of Queensland. B.E. (Civil), B.E. 
(Mech. & Elect.). 

Magdalen 1934-6. Engineering 2nd Cl. 1935. 
B.A. 1936. 

1936-7: Further study in Germany & U.S.A. 
1938- : Broken HillfPty. Co., Ltd., Iron & Steel 
Works, N.S.W. , Asst. Man. since 1947. Mem- 
ber of Austr Scientific & Technical Mission, 
Germany, 1946. 

m. 1939. Olivera Graham Gardner. Three s. 

Box 196, P.O., Newcastle, N.S.W. 

mania), b. 19 Nov. 1911. Hobart State High 
Sch. & Univ. of Tasmania. B.Sc. & B.Eng. 

Magdalen 1934-7. D.Phil. (Engin.) 1937. 
Rifle Shooting v. Camb. 1936-7. 

1937-9: Research Fellow, Univ. of Melbourne 
Engineering Sch. 1940- : Officer-in-charge 
(Princ. Research Officer since 1948), Engines & 



[Australia, cont.] 

Fuels Sections, Divn. of Aeronautics, Australian 
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. 
m. 1945. Dorothy Elizabeth Tibballs. One s, 
C.S.I.R., Divn. of Aeronautics, Box 4331. 
.P.O., Melbourne, C.I, Vic. 



1910. Boys' High Sch., Napier, Victoria Univ. 
Coll., & Massey Agricultural Coll. B.Agr.Sc. 

University 1934-7. DipL in Rural Econ. 1935. 
B.Litt. (Agric.) 1937. R.F. v. Camb. 1934-6 
(Capt. 1936). Secy. O.U.R.F.C. 1935. R.F. 
Internat. (Scotland) 1936. 

1937-9: Asst. Prof. Officer, N.Z. Dept. of 
Scientific & Industrial Research. 1940-7: Senr. 
Lect. & Hd., Dairy Husbandry Dept., Massey 
Agric. Coll., N.Z. 1941-3: Army Educ., N.Z. 
Divn.; Capt. 1943-6: 2 N.Z.E.F.; C.M.F.; 
Major. 1947 : Prof, of Agric., Univ. of London 
and Hd. of Agric. Dept., Wye Coll., Kent, Engl. 

m. 1937. Hilary Margaret Cecilia Mathews. 
Three d. 

Publ. (In collab.) Principles of Animal Pro- 
duction. Dairy Farming (Text-book for N.Z. 
Army Educ.). 

Wye College, nr. Ashford, Kent, England. 

DAVIS, NORMAN, b. 16 May 1913. Boys' High 
Sch., Otago, & Univ. of Otago. B.A. & M.A. 

Merton 1934-7. Engl. L. & Lit. 1st CI. 1936. 
DipL in Compar. Philol. w. Distn., 1937. B.A. 
1937. M.A. 1944. 

1937-8: Lect. in Engl., Univ. of Kaunas, 
Lithuania. 1938-9: Brit. Council Lect. in Engl., 
Univ. of Sofia, Bulgaria. 1939-41: Asst. Press 
Attache", Brit. Legation, Sofia. 1941-4: attd. 
to M.O.I. (S.P.), The War Office, London; 
Major (Hon.). M.B.E. (Mil.) 1945: Attd. to 
Balkans Section, M.O.I. 1946: Foreign Office, 
Informn. Dept. 1946-7: Lect. in Engl. Lan- 
guage, Queen Mary Coll., London. 19479: 
Lect. in Engl. Philology & Medieval Lit., Oriel 
Coll. & Brasenose Coll., Oxford, & University 
Lecturer in Medieval Engl. 1949- : Prof, of 
Engl. Lang., Univ. of Glasgow, Scotland. 

m. 1944. Magdalene Jamieson Bone. 

c\o Merton College, Oxford, England. 

MCLNER, IAN FRANK GEORGE, b. 6 June 1911. 
Waitaki Boys* High Sch., N.Z., Canterbury 
Univ. Coll. M.A. (Univ. of N.Z.) . 

New Coll. 1934-7. P.P.E. 1st Cl. B.A. 1937. 

1937-9: Commonwealth Fund Fellowship & 
research in U.S. A. 1939-40: Research Officer, 
Dept. of Education, N.Z. 1940-4: Univ. of 
Melbourne; Lect. in Pol. Sci. 1940-3: Acting 
Senr. Lect.-in-Charge 1943-4. 1944-6: Dept. 
of External Affairs, Canberra; First Secy. & 
Acting Head of U.N. Divn. 1947- : U.N. 
Secretariat, New York, U.S.A.; Polit. Affairs 
Officer (Asia & Pacific Affairs Section); Dep. 
Princ. Secy., U.N. Temporary Commix, on 
Korea, 1948. 

m. 1940. Margaret Leigh Trafford, 

Publ. : New Zealand's Interests and Policies in 
the Far East, 1940. 

United Nations Secretariat, Lake Success, 
New York, U.S.A., or c\o National Bank, 
University of Melbourne, Carlton, N. 3 t Vic. 


In Ms year there were no elections from 
Cape Province or Natal. 

ACOCK, ADRIAN MARTIN (South African Col- 
lege School), b. 17 July 1913. South African 
Coll. Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town, B.A. 


Brasenose 1934-7. Botany 2nd CL 1936. B.A. 
1937. D.Phil. (Plant Physiol.) 1938. 1936 & 
1937: Scientific expeditions to Spitsbergen. 

1937-8: Further research at Cambridge, 
Engl. Commonwealth Fund Fellowship 1938; 
Yale Univ. & Univ. of California, U.S.A., 1938- 
40. 1941: Waite Anthrop. Inst., Adelaide, 
Australia. 1942-4: R.A.A.F.; Flt./Lt. 1944-6: 
Chief Officer, Econ. Secretariat, Commonwealth 
Food Control, Australia. 1946 : Economist, 
Food & Agric. Orgn. of the U.N. 

m. 1944. Gwendolyn Mabel Cooper. 

Food & Agriculture Organisation, 1201 Con- 
necticut Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 

College, Rondebosch). b. 26 Aug. 1914. 
Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape 

Oriel 1935-8. Physiol. 3rd CL B.A. 1938. 
Boxing t;. Camb. 1937. 

1938-44: Med. Training; Radcliffe Infirmary, 
Oxford, & Guy's Hosp., London, Engl. B.M., 
B.Ch. 1941. 1944-6: S. Afr. Med. Corps: 
seconded to R.AM.C. ; Italy, Greece; Capt. 
1947- : Surgical Registrar, Guy's Hosp., Lon- 
don, Engl. 

(Perm, addr.) 108 Palmyra Rd., Newlands, 
Cape Town. 

BEUKES, PETRUS (Orange Free State), b. 

29 Sept. 1910. Winburg Sch. & Grey Univ. 
Coll. B.A. & M.A. 

Lincoml934(Hil. Term)-1936 (Mich. Term). 
B.Litt. (Soc. Stud.) 1937. 

1937-40: Journalist w. Die Vaderland, 
Johannesburg. 1940-5: Dept. of External 
Affairs, Bureau of Informn., Pretoria; Dep. 
Director 1 943-5. _ 1 945-7 : Editorial Bd. ; 1 947- : 
Editor, Die Suiderstem and nine associated 
newspapers, Cape Town. 

m. 1938. Helen Roberta Ladd. Ones. Two<l 

46 Forest Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town. 

BANTZES (Boys' High School, Stellenhosch). 

b. 9 Jan. 1910. Boys' High Sch., Stellenbosch, 
& Univ. of Stellenbosch. B.A. 

Trinity 1934-7. Jurispr, 2nd Cl. 1936. B.A. 
1937. Read for BXitt. (Law). 

1937- : Practice of Law, S. Afr. 

P.O. Matjesgoed, Beaufort West, C.P. 

b. 26 Jan. 1911. King Edward VII Sch., Johan- 
nesburg, & Univ. of the Witwatersrand. B.A. 

Exeter 1934-6 & 1938-9. D.Phil. (Social 
Anthrop.) 1936. M.A. (by decree) 1947. 

1936-8: Research in Zululand. 1939-47: 
Rhodes-Livingstone Inst., N. Rhod. ; Director 
from 1941. 1947-9: Lect., Social Anthrop., 
Univ. of Oxford. Wellcome Medal of Royal 
Anthrop. Inst. of Gt. Britain & Ireland 1945. 
1949- : Prof, of Social Anthrop., Univ. of 

m. 1939. Mary Brignoli. Two s. 

Publ.: Field Monographs, Rhodes-Living- 
stone Inst.: Economy of the Central Barotse 
Plain, 1941 ; Essays on Lozi Land and Royal 
Property, 1943; Administrative Organization of 
the Barotse Native Authorities, 1943 ; (In collab.) 
Land-Holding and Land-Usage among the Plateau 
Tonga of the Mazabuka District, Northern 
Rhodesia, 1948. 

Dinglewood, Ladybrook Rd. 9 Cheadle Hidme, 
Cheshire, England. 

(Kimberley). b. 1 Mar. 1913. Christian Bro- 
thers Coll., Kimberley, & Univ. of Cape Town. 

Brasenose 1934-7. P.P.E. 2nd CI. B.A. 1937. 

1937-9 & 1946- : The Bombay-Burma 
Trading Corpn., Ltd., Rangoon. 1940-5: 




Brunswick), b. 11 June 1913. Saint John High 
Sch., N.B., & Univ. of New Brunswick. B.A. 

University 1935-7. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. 1937. B.A. 

1938-40: Journalist, London, Engl. 1940-6: 
R.A.; Engl.; Sgt. 1946- : Research Economist 
& Journalist. 

m. 1938. Rosemary Florence Argles. Two s. 
One d. 

10 Ranelagh Ave. y London, S.W. 6, England. 


b. 14 Feb. 1911. Nova Scotia Normal Coll. & 
Dalhousie Univ. B.A. 

Exeter 1935-8, Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1937. 
M.A. 1941. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1937-8. 

1939: Teaching, Canada. 1940-4: Can. 
Civil Service; Examnr. from 1941. 1944-6: 
R.C.N.V.R.; (S.B.); Lt. 1946- : Asst. Pro- 
vincial Archivist, Nova Scotia. 

Publ. : The Establishment of Negroes in Nova 
Scotia (Public Archives of N.S.), 1948. 

Archives Bldg., Coburg M., Halifax, N.S. 

b. 26 July 1913. Bishop's Coll. Sch. & Bishop's 
Univ., Lennoxville. B.A. 

St. John's 1935-8. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 1938. 
B.A. & M.A. 1942. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1936 
& 1938. 

1938-40: Journalism, Canada. 1941-5: 
R.C.N.V.R.; Lt." 1945- : Headmaster, Ash- 
bury Coll., Ottawa. 

m. 1939. Janet Wright McNeil. One s. 
Two d. 

Ashbury House, Rockchffe Park, Ottawa, Ont. 

LABRECQUE, CLAUDE (The Rev.) (Quebec). 

b. 14 July 1914. College Sainte-Mane, Mon- 
treal, & Univ. of Montreal. B.A. 

Pembroke 1935-8. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1938. 
M.A. 1941. 

1938-42: Study of TheoL, Univ. of Montreal. 
Ordained Priest 1942. Teaching since 1943. 
Joined the Sulpiclan Fathers, 1944. 

1000 East> Cremazie Blvd., Montreal, P.Q, 

10 Oct. 1911. Upper Canada Coll. & Univ. of 
Toronto. M.D. 

Magdalen 1935-7. D.PM1. (Physiol.) 1938. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1936-7. 

1937-9: Jr. House appt., Toronto Gen. 
Hosp. 1939-40: Med. Research, Univ. of 
Toronto. 1941-3: Med. Research Council, 
Engl. M.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1942. 1943-5: 
R.C.A.M.C.; Engl.; Major. 1946- : Asst. 
Prof, of Medicine (Neurology) & Neurologist, 
The Johns Hopkins Hosp., U.S.A. F.R.C.P. 
(Can.) 1946. 

m. 1948. Virginia Lane. 

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Mary- 
land, U.S.A. 

McKEOWN, THOMAS (British Columbia). 

b. 2 Nov. 1912. South Burnaby High Sch., 
Univ. of British Columbia, B.A., & McGill 
Univ., Ph.D. 

Trinity 1935-7. D.Phil. (Physiol.) 1938. 

1937-40: Research, Guy's Hosp., London, 
Engl. M.B., B.S. (Lond.) 1942. 1940-5: 
Research, Min. of Home Security & Air 
Ministry. 1945- : Prof, of Social Med., Univ. 
of Birmingham, Engl. M.D. (B'ham), 1947. 

m. 1940. Esme" Joan Bryan Widdowson. 
One s. 

Dept. of Social^ Medicine, The Medical School, 
Edgbaston, Birmingham* England. 

McLEAN, FREDERICK JAMES (Saskatchewan). 
b. 1 9 Jan. 1914. Battleford Collegiat e Sch. , Univ. 
of Saskatchewan, B.Sc., & Univ. of Manitoba. 

Queen's 1935-9. DJPhil. (Pathol.) 1939. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb, 1936-9 (Capt. 1938). 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1937-8. 

1939-41: Univ. of Manitoba; M.D. 1941; 
L.M.C.C. 1941. 1941-6: R.C.A.M.C.; Europe; 
Capt. D. M.B.E. 1946- : Med. Practice, 
Pincher Creek, Alta. 

m. 1939. Kathe Dagmar Sofia Ollert. One *. 

Pincher Creek, Alta. 

REID, JOSEPH BOUTELLE (Manitoba). 6. 17 
Dec. 1913. Sydney Acad., N.S., & Univ. of 
Manitoba. B Sc. 

Merton 1935-8. Maths. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1937. 
B.Sc. 1939. M.A. 1941. 

1938-42: Research Physicist, Kodak Ltd., 
Harrow, Engl. (lent to Royal Aircraft Estabmt. 
1940-2). 1940-5 & 1946-7: Scientific Officer, 
Royal Aircraft Estabmt.; Senr. Officer from 
1944. 1945-6: Senr. Control Officer, Control 
Commn. for Germany. 1947 : Programme 
Specialist, U.N.E.S.C.O., Paris, France* 

m. 1939. Marjorie Winifred Young. Three d. 

Natural Sciences Section, U.N.KS.C.O., 19 
Awe. Kleber, Paris I6e., France. 

18 Jan. 1915. Upper Canada Coll. & Univ. of 
Toronto. B.A. 

Christ Church 1935-8. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1937. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1938. 

1939-40: Attache', Brit. Legation, Tallinn; 
Prof, of Pol. Econ., Univ. of Tartu, Estonia; 
Ed. The Baltic Times, 1940-1: Attache", Brit. 
Embassy, Cairo. 1941-3: Chief of Divn., 
Propaganda Directorate, Office of Brit. Minister 
of State for Middle East. Cairo. 1943: Can, 
Legation, Kuibyshev, U.S.S.R. 1943-5: Can. 
Embassy, Moscow, U.S.S.R. 1946- : First 
Secy., Dept. of External Affairs (Econ. Divn.), 
Ottawa. 1947: Hd. of Can. Deln. to Drafting 
Conf. for Internat. Trade Charter, Lake Success, 
N.Y.; Member, Can. Deln. to U.N. Assembly, 
Second Session. 1947- : Assoc. Director, Nat. 
Defence Coll. of Canada. 

m. 1938. Evelyn Hardwick Stewart. One s. 

c\o Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 

WILSON, DONALD ROBERT (Alberta)-. b. 20 
Jan. 1913. Brentwood Coll., Victoria, B.C., & 
Univ. of Alberta. 

Balliol 1935-7. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1937. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1936 & 1937 (Capt.). 

1937-9: Med. Sch., McGill Univ. M.D., 
C.M. 1939. 1939-41 : Interne & Asst., Montreal 
Gen. Hosp. 1941-5: R.C.A.F., Med, Branch; 
Can. & India; Squadron Leader. 1945-6: 
Resident in Med.. Montreal Gen. Hosp. 
F.R.C.P. (Can.) 1946. 1946-7: Research, 
Massachusetts Gen. Hosp. & Harvard Univ. r 
U.S. A. Dipl. in Med. (McGill) 1947. 1947- : 
Med. Practice, Edmonton, Alta.; Lect., Univ. 
of Alberta; i/c Dept. of Metabolism, University 
Hosp.; Part-time Consultant to Dept. of 
Veterans Affairs. 

m. 1942. Ruth Molson Russel. One s. 

10047-1 17th St., Edmonton, Alta. 




BARCLAY, DAVID JAMES (Tasmania), "b. 23 
Jan. 1914. Launceston State High Sch. & 
Univ. of Tasmania. B.Sc. 

Exeter 1936 (Hil.Term)-1937 & 1938 (Mich. 
Term). Engineering 2nd Cl. 1937. B.A. 1938. 

1937-8: Grad. Scholp. at Massachusetts Inst. 
of Technology, U.S.A. (while continuing to hold 
Rhodes Scholp.). 

1939-40: w. General Aircraft, Ltd., London, 
Engl. 1940-1 : w. R. Australian Engineers, Engl. 

Lost at sea (when returning to Australia for 
work in Aeronautical Research Laboratory, 
Melbourne), Jan. 1941. 

South Wales), b. 12 Dec. 1910. Sydney C. of 
E. Gr. Sch. & Univ. of Sydney B.Sc. & B.Eng. 

New Coll. 1935-8. D.Phil. (Engineering) 

1938-9: Engr. w. Aeronautical Consultant 
Firm, London, Engl. 1939-47: Dept. of Civil 
Aviation, Austr.; Airport Engr. 1939-41; Supt. 
of Ground Orgn. 1941-5; Chief Airport Engr. 
1945-7. 1947- : Austr. Repres. on Council of 
the Internat. Civil Aviation Orgn., Montreal, 

m. 1938. Enid Jeannette Lawrie. Two s. 

c\o Dept. of Civil Aviation,, 522 Little Collins 
St., Melbourne, C. 1, Vic. 

MANN, JAMES GILBERT (Victoria), b. 29 July 
1913. Geelong C. of E. Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Melbourne. B.A. 

Balhol 1935-8. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1937. 
B.C.L. 1st CL 1938. Vinerian Scholp. 1938. 
Called to the Bar, Engl.; 1st Cl. Bar Finals & 
Certif. of Honour 1938. 

1938-9: Practice of Law, Melbourne. 1940- 
1: R.A. Arty., A.I.F.; Lt. 

Killed in action, Crete, 1941. 

PRITCHARD, JOHN JOSEPH (South Australia). 

b. 9 Feb. 1916. St. Peter's Coll., Adelaide, & 
Univ. of Adelaide. B.Sc. 

Magdalen 1935 (Hil. Term)-1937. Physiol. 
1st CL Prize Demonstratorship in Physiol. 
1936. B.A. 1936. M.A. 1941. B.M., B.Ch. 

1937-41: Hosp. appts., London, & Dem. in 
Anatomy, University Coll. of London, Engl. 
1941 : Lect., Anatomy (Senr. Lect. since 
1947), St. Mary's Hosp., Med. Sch. 1939-45: 
R.A.M.C. (Territorial, Univ. of London 
S.T.C.); Capt. 

m. 1940. Muriel Rachel Edmunds. Three s. 

15 Sherborne Gardens, Eating, London, W. 13, 

tralia), b. 24 July 1913. Wesley Coll., Perth, 
W.A.,&Univ.ofW.A. B.Sc. 

Merton 1935-8. Physiol, 1st CL B.A. 1938. 
M.A. 1941. 1938-41: Harmsworth Senr. 
Scholar. B.M., B.Ch. 1941. D.Phil. 1941. 
1938-46: Dem., Dept. of Biochemistry. D.M. 

1942-3: Biochemist to Med. Research Coun- 
cil, Burns Unit. 1943-6: Biochemist to Army 
Research Teams, R.A.M.C.; Major. Carnegie 
Research Grant 1942. Betty Brookes Fellow 
1946. Radcliffe Prize for Research in Med. 
Science 1947. 1947- : Prof, of Biochemistry, 
Univ. of W. Ontario. 

m. 1940. Helen Margaret Randell. One jr. 

Umv. of Western Ontario, London, Ont., 

b. 29 Aug. 1913. The Southport Sch. & Univ. 
of Queensland. B.A. 

Balliol 1935-8. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1937 
B.C.L. 3rd CL 1938. 

1938-9: Practice of Law, Queensland. 1940- 
4: R.A.F.; Singapore, Sumatra, Java, Ceylon: 
WmgComdr. D.F.C. 

m. 1939. Lorraine Streeter. One d. 

Killed in aircraft accident 13 May 1944. 


HASLAM, ERIC PERCIVAL. b. 11 Jan. 1912. 
Timaru Boys' High Sch. & Auckland Univ. 
Coll. B.A. & M.A. (Univ. of N.Z.). 

Balliol 1935-8. P.P.E. 2nd CL B.A. 1937. 
B.Litt. 1939. M.A. 1941. 

1938 : Secy, to Commn. on W. African econo- 
mic problems. 1939-45: Commonwealth Bank 
of Australia, London, Engl. : Economist & Ex- 
change Control Officer: Acting Economic 
Adviser to Austr. High Commissioner & Com- 
monwealth Repres. on War Cabinet 1943-5. 
1945-8: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 
Sydney: Statistics, Gen. Research, Central 
Bank Policy. Commonwealth Treasury Repres. 
& Leader of Austr. Deln. to Sterling Area Conf., 
London, 1947. 1948- : Asst. Adviser, Bank of 
England, London. 

m. 1939. Elizabeth Perrot Warren. Two s. 
One d. 

do Bank of England, London, E.G. 2, England. 

MOLLER, LESTER FRANCIS, b. 26 July 1913. 
Otago Boys' High Sch. & Univ. of Otago. 

Brasenose 1935-8. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1937. 
B.Litt 1938. 

1938- : Practice of Law, Invercargill, N.Z. 
1939-45: R.N.Z.A.F., attd. Air Training 
Corps.; F/0. 

m. 1939. Katharine Isobel Newlands. One s. 
One d. 

173 Duke St., Gladstone, Invercargill, N.Z. 

MONK, WINSTON FRANCIS, b. 1 June 1912. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Christchurch, & Canterbury 
Umv. Coll., N.Z. B.A. & M.A. 

Oriel 1935-9. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1938. 
M.A. 1943. Beit Senr. Research Scholp. 

1939-40: N.Z.E.F.: Anti-Tank Battery. 
1940-2 & 1944- : Senr. Hist. Master, West- 
minster Sch, Engl. 1943: British Council 
appt. in Colombia. 

m. 1939. Kathleen E. Bruen. 

Westminster School, 14 Barton St.. London, 
S.W. 1, England. 


In this year there was no election from 
the Transvaal. 

ern Province), b. 24 July 1912. Durban High 
Sch. & Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Wadham 1935-8. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1937. 
Dipl. of Public Admin. 1938. M.A. 1944. 
Boxing v. Camb. 1936. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 
1938. Internat. (G.B.) v. Finland, Javelin 
record, 1937. 

1938-9 & 1945- : Rand Mines Ltd., Johan- 
nesburg. 1939-45: R.A.F.; M.E. Command & 
Air Ministry; Wing Comdr. D. 

m. Elaine May Bales. 

cfo Rand Mines, Ltd., Corner House, Johan- 

BRYER, MONTE LEO (Orange Free State). 

b. 10 May 1912. Grey Coll. Sch. & Univ. of the 
Witwatersrand. B.Arch. 

New Coll. 1935-7. B.Litt. (Architecture), 



{South Africa, cont.l 

1937-9: Commonwealth Fund Fellowship, 
Columbia Univ., U.S.A. 1940- : Architect, 
Johannesburg. 1941-3: Architect, Directorate 
Gen. of War Supplies, S. Afr. 

m. 1943. Valerie Cassell. One d. 

647 Maritime House, Loveday St., Johannes- 

College School), b. 27 Dec. 1915. S. Afr. Coll. 
Sen. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.Sc. 

Queen's 1935-40. Maths. 1st Cl. B.A. 1937. 
D.PM1. 1940. Senr. Maths. Scholp. 1939. 

1940-4: Aero-engine Project Office, Bristol 
Aeroplane Co., Engl. 1944- : Lect. in Maths. 
(Reader since 1948), Birkbeck Coll., Univ. of 
London, Engl. 

m. 1940. Kathleen Dixon. One d. 

6 Grosvenor Gardens, London, N. 10 1 England. 

vince), b. 1 July 1913. Smithfield Secondary 
Sch., O.F.S., & Umv. of Cape Town. B.Sc. 

Balliol 1935-7. Maths. 1st Cl. B.A. 1937. 

1937-8: Research Student, St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge. B.A. (Cantab.) 1937. 1938-40: 
Commonwealth Fund Fellow at Inst. for Ad- 
vanced Study, Princeton, U.S.A. Ph.D. (Prince- 
ton) 1940. 1940-2: Lect. in Applied Maths., 
Univ. of Cape Town; Civilian Tech. Adviser, 
S.A. Naval Forces. 1942-6: Prof, of Pure 
Maths., Univ. of Pretoria. 1946-7: Senr. 
Research Fellow; 1947- : Fellow & Tutor, 
Balhol Coll., Oxford. 

m. 1942. Madge Anne Glass. Two s. 

Balliol College, Oxford, England. 

vince), b. 11 Feb. 1913. Richmond High Sch., 
C.P., & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. & M.A. 
B.Ed. 1938. 

St. John's 1935-8. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL B.A. 

1939-44: Asst. Master; Calitzdorp High Sch. 
1939^40; Worcester High Sch. 1941-4. 1945- : 
Principal, Murraysburg High Sch., C.P. 

m. 1942. Adele Gie. Two d. 

P.O. Box 334, Murraysburg, C.P. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 29 May 1916. 
Benoni High Sch. & St. Andrew's Coll., 

Trinity 1935-8. Law Mods. 1936. Jurispr. 
2ndCl. B.A. 1938. 

1939: Law Student, S. Afr. 1940-2: R.A.F., 
M.E.F.; 1942-5: S.A.A.F., M.E. & Italy; 
Major. D.F.C. 1945- : Practice of Law & 
Secretarial duties, Johannesburg. 

m. 1945. Joan Orme Morris. One d. 

cjo P.O. Box 3409, Johannesburg. 

SMUTS, MICHAEL (Diocesan College, 
Rondebosch). b. 4 Feb. 1913. Dioc. Coll., 
Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Magdalen 1936 (Hil. Term)~1938. P.P.E. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1938. M.A. 1945. 

1938-40 & 1945-7: Secy., Rand Mines Ltd., 
Johannesburg. 1940-5 :S. A. Arty.; Lt. P.o.W. 
1942-5. 1947- : Practice of Law, Johannes- 

m. 1945. Anna Esm6 Du Croz. One s. 

3 Valley Road West, Westdiff, Johannesburg. 

b. 23 Oct. 1915. Michaelhouse & Natal Univ. 

Corpus Christi 1935-9. Law Mods. 2nd Cl. 
1936. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1938. 1938-9: 
Colonial Service Probationer. 

1939-40 & 1943- : Colonial Admin. Service, 

Tanganyika; Dist. Commissioner, Soamba- 
wanga, since 1948. 1940: Kenya Regt. 1941- 
3: K.A.R.; E. Afr., Abyssinia, Madagascar; 2nd 

m. 1942. Jean Elizabeth Inglis Miller. Two s. 

cfo The Secretariat, Dar-es- Salaam, Tangan- 
yika Territory. 

YEATS, JAMES PETER (Boys* High School, 
Stellenbosch). b. 26 Sept. 1913. Boys' High 
Sch.. Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Stellenbosch. 
B.A. & LL.B. 

Exeter 1937 (Hil. Term). Read Law. 
Resigned Scholp. 

1941- : Umv. of Stellenbosch; Prof, of 
Roman-Dutch Law since 1942. 

m. 1941. Erica van Zyl. Ones. Onef. 

PubL: (In collab.) Die Smd-Afrikaan$e 
Kontraktereg en Handelsreg, 1947. 

Soeteweide, Stellenbosch, C.P. 


HONE, CYRIL MONRO. b. 14 June 1914. 
Wellington Coll., England, & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll. B.A. 

Trinity 1935-8. Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1937. 
Dipl. Educ. 1938. 

1938-40 & 1945-6: S. Rhod. Civil Service, 
Native Affairs. 1946- : S. Rhod. Public Rela- 
tions Officer, Cape Town. 1940-5: R.A.F.; 
Engl., Malta, Middle East; Flt./Lt. 

m. 1945. Doris de Lannoy Hayes. One s. 

c\o H. B.Hone, Esq., P.O. Box 171, Salisbury, 
S. Rhodesia. 

OLVER, JOHN CARRINGTON. b. 15 July 1913. 
Prince Edward Sch., Salisbury, S. Rhod., & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.Sc. 

Brasenose 1935-8. Geography 2nd CL B.A. 
1937. Dipl. Educ. 1938. 

1938- : S. Rhodesia Govt.; 1938-9 & 1945-6: 
Meteorol. Dept.; transferred to Clerical & 
Admin, side 1946. 1939-45: R.N.V.R., 
Meteorol. Special Branch; S. Afr.; Lt.-Comdr, 

m. 1940. Agnes Alexa Black. Two s. 

22 Montagu Ave,, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 

PLUMB, HARRY JAMES, b. 4 Feb. 1913. 
Plurntree Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.Sc. 

Brasenose 1935-7. Geology 2nd CL B.A. 

1937-8: Surveyor, Rhodesia Chrome Mines, 

Died May 1938. 


WILLIAMS, DONALD JAMES, b. 26 Apr. 1915. 
Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Ros&all Sch., 

Worcester 1935 (Hil. Term)-1937 & 1938 
(Hil. Term). Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1937. Dipl. 
Econ. 1938. Relays v. Camb. 1935. 

1938-9: Engl. Coll. of Physical Educ,, Den- 
mart. 1939-46: Bermuda Volunteer Rifle 
Corps, Lt. 1946- : Organizer of Physical 
Educ., Dept. of Educ., Bermuda. 

m. 1938. Mary Katherine Bickford. Two s. 

c/o Dept. of Education, Hamilton, Bermuda. 


May 1915. Jamaica Coll. 

Worcester 1935-8. Pass Degree 1938. B.A. 
& M,A. 1942. 

1939-42: Editor, Public Opinion, Jamaica. 
1944- : Founder & Headmaster, The Priory 
School, Jamaica. 

The Priory School, Half Way Tree, Jamaica. 

1935, 1936 [102] 


MAYO, HENRY BERTRAM, b. 16 June 1911. 
United Church Sch., Fortune, Nfd,, Newfound- 
land Memorial Coll., & Dalhousie Univ. 

New Coll. 1935-8 & 1946-7. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 
1938. B.A. 1945. M.A. 1947. 

1938-40: Study of Co-operative Movement in 
Europe & i/c Study Groups (Co-op. Divn.) 

under Dept. 
John's, Nfd. 1 

. of Rural Reconstruction, St. 
, . 1941: Asst. to Director, Dept. of 
Extension, 1947- : Asst. Prof, of Pol. Econ., 
Univ. of Alberta, Canada. 1941-5: R.C.A.F.; 
Engl.; Flt./Lt. 

m. 1938. Jean Eleanor West. Two 5. 
cjo Dept. of Political Economy, Univ. of 
Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. 



BELISLE, JEAN Louis (Quebec), b. 14 Jan. 

1912. Quebec Seminary. B.A., & Laval Univ. 

Wadham 1936-0. P.P.E. 3rd CL B.A. 1939. 

1939-42: Law Student & Practice of Law, 
Quebec. 1942-6: Secy., Prime Minister's 
Office, Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa. 1946- : 
Second Secy., Can. Embassy, Rio de Janeiro, 

m. 1946. Constance Charette. 

Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 


b. 17 Aug. 1914. Sydney Acad., N.S., King's 
Coll., N.S. (B.A.), & Dalhousie Univ. Law Sch. 

Brasenose 1936-9. Jurispr, 1st Cl. B.A. 1938. 
B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1939. Badminton v. Camb. 1937- 
9 (Capt. 1938-9). 

1939-40: Jr. Lect., Dalhousie Law Sch. 
1940: Legal Dept., Confederation Life Assocn., 
Toronto. 1941-5: R.C.A.F. (Radar Branch); 
M.E.F.; Flt./Lt. 1946- : Practice of Law, 

m. 1947. Dorothy Graham Smith. One d. 

80 St. Leonard's Ave., Lawrence Park, 
Toronto, Ont. 

b. 3 July 1915. Weyburn Collegiate lust. & 
Univ, of Toronto. B.A. 

Christ Church 1936-9 (Trin. Term). P.P.E. 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1938. B.Litt. (Soc. Stud.) 1939. 

1940-3 : Lect. in Pol. Econ., Univ. of Toronto. 
1944: Econ. Dept., United Coll., Winnipeg. 
1947- : Dept. of Pol. Econ., Univ. of Manitoba. 

Dept. of Political Economy, Univ. of Manitoba, 
Winnipeg, Man. 

IGNATIEFF, GEORGE (Ontario), b. 16 Dec. 

1913. St. Paul's, London, England, Lower 
Canada Coll., Montreal, Jarvis Collegiate Inst., 
Toronto, & Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

New Coll. 1936-8. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1938. 

1938-9; Sch. of Slavonic Studies, London, 
EngL, & Bulgaria (holding Rhodes Scholp.). 
1939-40: British Army (Intell. Branch). 1940- 
4: Office of the High Commissioner for Canada 
in London. 1944-6: Dept. of External Affairs, 
Ottawa; Second Secy. 1946-8: Adviser, Can. 
Del. to the U.N. Atomic Energy Commn. & to 

First & Second Meetings, U.N. Gen. Assembly. 
1948- : Princ. Adviser, Can. Permanent Del. 
to U.N. ; Alternate Repres. of Can. to Security 
Council & to Interim Commee. of Gen. 

m. 1945. Jessie Alison Grant. One s. 

c/o Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 

Columbia), b. 15 Feb. 1915. John Oliver 
High Sch., Vancouver, & Univ. of British 
Columbia. B.A. & M.A. 

St. John's 1936-9. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1938. B.C.L. 2nd CL 1939. M.A. 1942. 

1939-41: Asst. Supervisor for B.C. Foreign 
Exchange Control Board. 1941-6: R.C.A.; 
Engl., France, Holland, Germany; Can. 
Armoured Corps; Major. M.B.E. 1946-7: 
Second Secy., Dept. of External Affairs, 
Ottawa. 1947- : Practice of Law, Vancouver. 

m. 1946. Catharina van der Ploeg, One s. 

2791 West 36th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. 

McCLUNG, MARK (Alberta), b. 18 Oct. 1911. 
Central High Sch., Calgary, & Univ. of Alberta. 

Oriel 1936-9. P.P.E. 3rd Cl. 1939. 

1940-1: Can. Scottish Regt.; Pte. 1941-5: 
R.C.N.V.R.; Lt.-Comdr. 1945-7: Privy Coun- 
cil Office, Ottawa. 1947- : Internat. Civil 
Aviation Orgn., Montreal. 

m. 1942. Yrma Z. Mitchell. One d. 

R.M.D. 4, Victoria, B.C. 

b. 13 Sept. 1915. Kelvin Sch., Winnipeg, & 
Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. 

St. John's 1936-8. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1938. 

1939: Further study m France. 1939-45: 
R.A.F.: Engl., France, M.E., Germany (Intell. 
Branch). Transferred to R.C.A.F. 1945-6; 
Squadron Leader. D. 1946- : Dept. of Ex- 
ternal Affairs, Ottawa; Second Secy, since 1947. 

cjo Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 

wick), b. 20 May 1915. Saint John High Sch., 
N.B., Mt. Allison Univ., B.A., & McGill Univ., 
M.D., C.M. 1940. 

) Christ Church 1936-8. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1938. M.A. 1943. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1937-8. 

1938-41: Med. Student, McGill Univ. 



{Canada, cont.J 

1941-5: R.C.A.F. (Aviation Med. Research); 
Squadron Leader. 1945- : Dept. of Med.; 
Royal Victoria Hosp., Montreal, & McGill 
Univ, Nuffield Dominion Med. Trav. Fellow 
1946-7. M.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1947. 

m. 1942. Barbara Yvonne Gzowski. Two s. 
One ^. 

1509 Sherbrooke St., Montreal, P.Q. 

WEIR, JAMES DONALD (Saskatchewan). b. 
19 Dec. 1914. Nutana Collegiate Inst., Sask., 
& Univ. of Saskatchewan, B.Sc. Asst., Geo- 
logical Survey of Canada. 

University 1936-9. Geology 1st Cl. B.A. 
1938. M.A. 1943. D.Phil. 1943. Burdett- 
Coutts Scholar 1938. 

1939: Expedition to Peru, Geological Socy., 
London, EngL 1939-41: Harvard Univ., 
U.S.A.; Jay Backus Woodward Fellow 1940-1. 
A.M. 1941. 1941-6: Geologist, Dominion Oil 
Co. & The Calif. Standard Co. 1946-7: Special 
Lect. in Geol., Univ. of Sask. 1947- : Chief 
Geologist, The Calif. Standard Co. 

m. 1943. Marjorie Frances Bartle. 

The California Standard Co., 700 Lancaster 
Bldg., Calgary, Aha. 

(Quebec), b. 25 July 1915. St. Alban's Sen,, 
Brockville, Ont., & Bishop's Univ. B.A. 

Oriel 1936-9. Theol. 3rd Cl. 1939. B.A. & 
M.A. 1945. 

1939-40: Schoolmaster, Rothesay Collegiate 
Sch., N.B. 1940-5: R.C.N.V.R., Intell. Divn. 
& Operations, W. Atlantic; Lt.-Comdr. R. 
Humane Socy. Bronze Medal for saving life at 
sea 1943. 1945-9: Bishop's Univ., Lennoxville, 
F'.Q.; Asst. Prof, of EngL from 1947. 1949- : 
Research at King's Coll., Univ. of London, 

m. 1944. Elizabeth Cecilia Muriel Watts. 

PubL: Poems 1939-44, 1946. No Man an 
Island (Poems), 1948. 

3 St. Martin's Ave., Epsom, Surrey, England. 



b, 29 Sept. 1914. All Souls Sch., Charters 
Towers, Queensland, & Univ. of Queensland. 

Balliol 1936-8. Read Engineering-. 

1938-9: D.I.C. (Aeronautics) Imp. Coll. of 
Science, London, Engl. 1939-40: Fairey 
Aviation Co., Stockport. 1940- : Royal Air- 
craft Estabmt., Farnborough, Hants (Scientific 
Civil Service). 

m. 1941. Renee Bazley. One *. One d. 

5 Cambridge Rd., Farnborough, Hants, 

1 Aug. 1913. Melbourne C. of E. Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Melbourne. B.A. 

Christ Church 1936-9. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1939. M.A. 1943. 

1939: Teaching C. of E. Gr. Sch., Melbourne. 
1939-41: A.M.F.; Lt. 1941-6: R.A.A.F.; 
Overseas; Flt./Lt. 1946-9: Lect. in Greek, 
Univ. of St. Andrews, Scotland. 1949- ; Head- 
master, Newington College, Sydney. 

m. 1944. Rosemary Belle im Thurn. 

Newington College, Stanmore, Sydney, N.S.W. 

Australia), b. 10 Apr. 1914. St. Peter's Coll., 
Adelaide, & Univ. of Adelaide. B.A. 

New Coll. 1936-9. P.P.E. 2nd CL B.A. 1938. 
BXitt. 1939. M.A. 1946. 

1939-40: Tutor in Pol. Sci. & Hist., St. 
Mark's Coll., Univ. of Adelaide* 1940-5: 

A.I.F.; Egypt, Syria, New Guinea; Intell. Corps 
1943; Instructor, R.M.C., Can., 1944; Major. 
1946- : Warden of Trinity Coll., Univ. of Mel- 

m. 1942. Mary Josephine Dawson. One s. 

Warden's Lodge, Trinity College, Carlton, JV. 3, 

mania), b. 5 Sept. 1915. Launceston High Sch. 
& Univ. of Tasmania. B.Sc. 

Corpus Christi 1936-9. Maths. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1939- : Research work in Aeronautics, Nat. 
Physical Laboratory, Teddington, EngL; Asst. 
Secy., Commonwealth Advisory Aeronautical 
Research Council since 1946, Asst. Secy., Aero- 
nautical Research Council, since 1947. 

m. 1940. Jessie Veronica Irvine. One s. 
One d. 

3 Bushy Court, Hampton Wick, Kingston-on- 
Thames, Surrey, England, 

(Western Australia), b. 19 May 1915. Guild- 
ford Gr. Sch. & Univ. of W.A. B.E. 

Worcester 1936-9. Engineering 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1938. M.A. 1946. B.Sc. 1947. 

1939-46: R.E.; India, Burma; Major. 1947: 
Lect. in Engineering, Univ. of W.Austr. 1947 : 
Designs Engr., Austr. Newsprint Mills Ltd., 
Boyer, Tasmania. 

m. 1940. Helen McDonnell. Two d. 

Australian Newsprint M^lls, Ltd., Boyer, 
Tasmania , 

KING, LEONARD ESMOND (New South Wales). 

b. 25 July 1914. Waverley Coll. & Univ. of 
Sydney. B.Sc. 

New Coll. 1936-9. D.Phil. (Org. Chem.) 
1939. L.T. v. Camb. 1937-9 (Capt. 1939). 

1940- : Industr. Chemist, Davis Gelatine 
(Austr.) Pty., Ltd. 

m. 1945. Edna Ottoway, One s. 

5 Beach Rd. t Edgediff, Sydney, N.S.W. 


DAVIN, DANIEL MARCUS, b. 1 Sept. 1913. 
Sacred Heart Coll., Auckland, & Univ. of Otago. 
B.A. & M.A. 

Balliol 1936-9. Lit. Hum. 1st CL 1939. B.A. 
& M.A. 1945. 

1939-45: N.Z.E.F.; G.H.Q., M.E.F.; Major. 
D. M.B.E. 1945- : Clarendon Press, Oxford, 
EngL; Asst. Secy, since 1946. 

m. 1939. Winifred Kathleen Joan Gonley. 
Three d. 

PubL: Cliffs of Fall, 1945. For the Rest of our 
Lives, 1947. The Gorse Blooms Pale, 1947. (In 
collab.) Introduction to English Literature, 1947. 
Roads from Home, 1949. 

103 Soutkmoor Road, Oxford, England. 

LEWIS, JOHN DEREK, b. 16 Oct. 1913. King's 
Coll., Auckland, & Auckland Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Christ Church 1936-9. Lit. Hum. 1st CL 
B.A. 1939. 

1939-40: Jr. Classics Master, Victoria Coll., 
Jersey. 1940-5: N.Z.E.F.; M.E.F.; Major. D. 
1946- : Lect., Classics, King's Coll., Auckland, 

m. 1940. Margaret Helen Shaw. One s. 

Vine St., Mangere, Auckland, N.Z. 


African College School), b. 24 Oct. 1917. 
S. Air. Coll, Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 



[South Africa, cont.] 

Hertford 1936-9. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1938. 
B.Litt. 1940. 

1940-2- Statistician, Dairy Industry Control 
Board. 1942- : Social & Econ. Planning Coun- 
cil; Statistician 1942-4; Secy, since 1945. 

m. 1944. Johanna Wilhelmina Gezina Koel- 
man. Two d. 

cjo Social & Economic Planning Council, 20 
Bourke Trust Bldg. y Andnes St., Pretoria. 

Free State), .11 Oct. 1912. Jagersfontein 
High Sch., O.F.S., & Univ. of South Africa. 

Exeter 1936-9. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1938. 
M.A. 1942. B.Sc. (Anthrop.) 1945. 

1939-40: Further study. 1941-4: Hd. of 
Non-European Branch, Bureau of Informn., S. 
Afr. ; also on Afrikaans Press Sec. of Bureau. 
1943- : Practice of Law, Bloernfontem. 

m. 1942. Comfort Nel "Visser. (Marriage dis- 
solved ) One d. 

PubL: Regter (novel), 1948. 

Southern Life Bldg., Maitland St., Bloem- 
fontein, O.F.S. 

2 Feb. 1914. Martzburg Coll. & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll., Grahamstown. B.A. & M.A. 

Magdalen 1936-9. Read P.P.E. R.F. v. 
Camb. 1937-9 (Capt. 1939); Engl. v. Wales 
1938-9; Engl. v. Ireland 1939. Athl. v. Camb. 

1939-40: Business, Johannesburg. 1941-2: 
R.A.F.; F/O. 

Killed on active service in England, 
March 1942. 


29 Dec. 1913. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahams- 
town, Rhodes Univ. Coll., B.A., & Univ. of 
South Africa (Ext. Stud.). LL.B. 

Trinity 1937 (Hil. Term)-1940. P.P.E. 3rd 
Cl. 1939. B.A. 1940. M.A. 1948. 1939-40: 
Colonial Service Course. 

1940-3: Colonial Admin. Service, Tangan- 
yika. 1943-5: S. Afr. Armoured Corps, 
U.D.F.; C.M.F.; Sgt. 1945-6: U.N.R.R.A. 
(Italian Mission). 1946- : Practice of Law, 

m. 1945. Marjorie Dorothy Thomson. Ones. 

Aquila Lodge, Eccleston Crescent, Bryanston, 
nr. Johannesburg. 

LUYT, RICHARD EDMONDS (Diocesan College, 
Rondebosch). b. 8 Nov. 1915. Dioc. Coll., 
Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Trinity 1937-40. Hist. 3rd CL 1939. B.A. 
1940. M.A. 1944. R.F. v. Camb. 1939. Cricket 
v. Camb. 1939 & 1940 (Capt.). 1939-40: 
Colonial Service Course. 

1940 & 1945- : Colonial Admin. Service, N, 
Rhodesia. 1940-5: Kenya Regt., Ethiopian 
Forces (O.C. 4th Bn.), w. Patriot Forces & later 
Brit. Mil. Mission to Ethiopia: Lt.-Col. 
D.CJVL 1942 (as Sgt.). 

m. 1948. Jean Mary Wilder. 

c[o The Secretariat, Lusaka, N. Rhodesia. 

LYDALL, HAROLD FRENCH (Natal), b. 4 Nov. 
1916. Michaelhouse, Natal, & Rhodes Univ. 
Coll. B.A. 

New Coll. 1936-9. P.P.E. 1st Cl. 1939. B.A. 

1939-40: Secy., Internat. Student Service, 
London, Engl. 1940-5: Aircraft Industry, Engl. 
1945 : Market Research, Lever Bros. & Uni- 
lever Ltd., London. 

m. 1940. Mary Margaret Quinn. One s. 
Two d. 

128 Lemsford Lane, Welwyn Garden City. 
Herts., England. 

b. 26 Apr. 1916. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & Univ. of 
Cape Town. B.A. 

Balhol 1936-8. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1938. 
M.A. 1942. 

1939-40: Asst. Professional Officer, Dept. of 
Commerce & Industries, Pretoria. 1940- : 
Secy., Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce. 
Part-time Leer., Dept. of Commerce, Univ. of 
the Witwatersrand. 

m. 1943. Dora Kathleen Clegg. One d. 

cjo The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce, 
P.O. Box 687, Johannesburg. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 28 July 1916. 
Boys' High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of 
Stellenbosch. B.A. 

Worcester 1936-7 (Hil. Term). Read P.P.E. 
Resigned Scholp. 

1937- : Journalist on staff of Die Burger, 
Cape Town. 

m. 1942. Anna Antoinette Webb. One s. 
One d. 

P.O. Box 692, Cape Town. 


b. 28 Mar. 1917. Kimberley Boys' High Sch. & 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Magdalen 1937 (Hil. Term)-1939. P.P.E. 
4th Cl. 1939. B.A. & M.A. 1943. 

1940-1 & 1944-5: S.A. Arty.; Kenya, Abys- 
sinia, Eritrea, Egypt, Italy; Gnr. 1942-4: 
Seconded to Office of Price Controller, S. Afr. ; 
Asst. Professional Officer. 1946- : Secy., 
Fisheries Developmt. Corpn. of S. Afr., Ltd. 

Chester House, Chester Rd., Rondebosch, C.P. 

TAIT-KNIGHT, ALEC (St. Andrew's College, 
Grahamstown). b. 17 Jan. 1917. St. Andrew's 
Coll., Grahamstown. 

Trinity 1936-9. Engineering 3rd Cl. 1939. 
B.A. 1940. Rifle Shooting v. Camb. 1937-8. 

1939-41: A.F., S.A.; Air/Cpl. 1941-5: Chief 
Inspector of Materials, Directorate of Technical 
Inspection, Union of S. Afr. 1946- : Engr. 
(Rhodesian Man. for Dowson & Dobson, Ltd., 
since 1948.) 

m. 1942. Esther Grace Barrett. One s. 

P.O. Box 76, Grahamstown, C.P. 


COOK, ANNAN, b. 13 Nov. 1913. Prince 
Edward Sch., Salisbury, & Rhodes Univ. Coll. 

Pembroke 1936-8. Geology 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1938-9. Mine Geologist, Globe 8s Phoenix 
Gold Mining Co. 1939-45: Chief Geologist, 
Roan Antelope Copper Mine. 1945-8: Mining 
Geologist, Frobisher Explor. Co. (African 
Divn.). AJnst.M.M. 1949- : Office Engr., 
Quebec Iron & Titanium Corpn., N.Y., U.S.A. 

m. 1939. Nancy Brown. OneJ. 

cjo Kennecott Copper Corpn., 120 Broadway, 
New York 5, N.Y., U.S.A. 

Umtali High Sch. & Univ. of Stellenbosch. 

Accepted by Lincoln. Did not take up 


b. 10 June 1917. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & 
Haileybury Coll., Engl. 

Brasenose 1936-42. Hon. Mods, 2nd Cl. 
1938. Physiol. (War Degree). B.A. 1942. M.A. 
1943. B.M., B.Ch. 1944. 


1936, 1937 

[Bermuda, cont.} 

1942-5: St. Mary's Hosp., London, Engl.; 
Resident 1944-5. 1945-6: Resident, King 
Edward Mem. Hosp., Bermuda. 19467: 
Fellow in Med., Johns Hopkins Hosp., Balti- 
more, U.S.A. 1948- : Instr. in Internal Med., 
Univ. of Maryland, U.S.A. 

m. 1942. Doreen Elizabeth McClure. One s. 

203 West Lanvale St., Baltimore, Md., 


STURDY, RONALD GEORGE, b. 3 Jan. 1917. 
Munro Coll., Jamaica. 

University 1936-9. Law Mods. 1937. 
Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 1939. B.A. & M.A. 1946. L.T. 
v. Camb. 1938-9. Assoc. F. v. Camb. 1939. 

1939-46: R.N.V.R.jLt. D. Croix de Guerre 
(France). Called to the Bar, EngL, 1947. 1948- : 
Practice of Law, Jamaica. 

m. 1947. Mary Felicity Perpetua Ashworth. 

4 Duke St., Kingston, Jamaica. 


HOWLEY, JAMES THOMAS, b. 28 May 1913. 
St. Bonaventure's Coll., & Memorial Univ. 
Coll., Nfd., Nova Scotia Technical Coll. 

Exeter 1936-9. Engineering 3rd Cl; 1939. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1938-9. 

1939- : Elec. Engr., Montreal. 1940-3: 

Defence Industries, Ltd. 1944- : Can. Indus- 
tries, Ltd., Montreal. M.E.I.C. 

m. 1949. Anne Halabuza. 

4140 Cote Ste. Catherine Rd., Apt. 20, 
Montreal 26, P.Q. 


BARTOLO, JOSEPH, b. 29 July 1914. Lyceum, 
Malta, & Royal Univ. of Malta. B.A. 

Hertford 1936-9. Law Mods. 1937. Jurispr. 
3rd CL B.A. 1939. M.A. 1946. 

1940-3: R.A.; Engl.; L./Bombr. 1943-6: 
Indian Army Corps of Clerks. 1946: Asst. 
Ed., Times of Malta. 1947- : Admin. Secy. & 
Asst. to the Commissioner-Gen, for Malta, 
London, Engl. 

Malta Government Office, 39 St. James's St., 
London, S.W.I, England. 


CLEGG, JAMES BLANCO, b. 29 Apr. 1917. 
Kenton Coll., Kijabe, Prince of Wales Sch., 

Lincoln 1936-9. Agric. 1938. BA. 1941. 

1939-40: Essex Regt. 1940-1: The King's 
Regt.; India. 1941-6: The Parachute Regt.; 
M.E.F., N. Afr., Italy, U.K., Holland, Ger- 
many; Lt. P.o.W. (Germany) 1944-5. 1946- : 
Agric. Officer, Tanganyika Territory. 

m, 1945. Mary Walmsley Blundell. One s. 

cjo The Standard Sank of South Africa, Ltd. 
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanganyika Territory. 



CLARK, HART DUNCAN (Manitoba), b. 30 
July 1914. Kelvin Tech. High Sch. & Univ. of 
Manitoba. B.A. 

Merton 1937-40 (Hil. Term). Read Maths. 

1940-5: Naval Experimental Officer, Scotland 
& U.S.A. 1945-6: Lect. in Maths., Univ. of 
Manitoba. 1947- : Finance Officer, Admin. 
Branch, Dept. of Finance, Ottawa. 

m. 1943. Lenore Gordon Roberta Morgan. 
Three s. 

23 OakvateAve., Ottawa, Ont. 

DAVOUD, JOHN GORDON (Ontario), b. 1 Feb. 
1916. Kingston Collegiate Inst. & Queen's 
Univ., Kingston, Ont. B.A 

Brasenose 1937-40. D.Phil. (Chem.) 1941. 
Badminton v. Camb. 1938-40 (Captain-elect 

1940-5: Govt. Research; Oxford 1940-3; 
Inter-Services Research Bureau, Welwyn, 1943- 
5. 1945- : Research Chemist, Courtaulds, Ltd., 
Coventry, Engl. 

m. 1946. Nancy Sheila Hawkins. Twin d. 

Ivanhoe, Tamworth Md., Keredey, Warwick- 
sMre, England. 

(New Brunswick), b. 5 July 1915. Frederic- 
ton High Sch. & St. Joseph's Univ. B.A. Univ. 
of New Brunswick Law Sch. B.C.L. 

Brasenose 1937-9. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1939. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1938-9. 

1940-4: Theol. Student, Holy Heart Semi- 
nary, Halifax, N.S. Ordained priest of Roman 
Catholic Church, 1944. 1944-5: Asst. Priest, 
Fredericton, N.B. 1945- : Fac. of Canon Law, 
Laval Univ.; Postgrad, work 1945-7; Prof, 
since 1947. J.C.D. (Laval) 1949. 

The Chancery Office, 112 Waterloo St., Saint 
John, N.B. 

bia), b. 10 March 1916. Kamloops High Sch., 
B.C., & Univ. of B.C. B.A. 

St. John's 1937-9. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1939. 

1940 & 1945- : Practice of Law, B.C. 1940- 
4: Seaforth Highlanders of Can., C.A.; Engl., 
Italy; Major. 1944-5: 1st Can. Divn.; Italy, 
NW. Europe; D.A.A.G. D. M.P. (Kamloops) 
Can. House of Commons 1945. Member, Senate 
of the Univ. of B.C., since 1947. 

m. 1946. Patricia Mary Macrae. One d. 

P.O. Box 240, Kamloops, B.C. 



[Canada, cont.~] 

9 May 1913. Strathmore High Sch. & Univ. of 
Alberta. B.A. & M.A. 

Merton 1937-40. Engl. L. & Lit. 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1940. M.A. 1943. 

1940-1: Lect. in Engl., Univ. of Alberta. 
1942-5: Acting Headmaster, St. Andrew's Coll., 
Aurora, Ont. 1945-9: Assoc. Prof, of Engl., 
Univ. of Toronto. 1949- : Prof, of Engl. & Hd. 
of English Dept., Canterbury Coll., Christ- 
church, N.Z. 

m. 1940. Helen Lavinia Coates. One s. 

Canterbury College, Chnstchurch, N.Z. 

GAUDRY, ROGER (Quebec), b. 15 Dec. 1913. 
Quebec Seminary & Laval Univ. B.A. & 


Oriel 1937-9. Research in Organic Chem. 

1939- : Laval Univ., Quebec; D.Sc. 1940; 
Lect. in Chem. 1940-5; Prof. Agrege", Bio- 
chemistry, Sch. of Med., since 1945. 

m. 1941. Madeleine Valtee. Two s. One d. 

Faculty of Medicine, Laval Univ., Quebec, 

HICKS, HENRY DAVIES (Nova Scotia), b. 

5 March 1915. Bridgetown High Sch. & Mt. 
Allison Univ. B.A. Dalhousie Univ. B.Sc. 

Exeter 1937-40. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1939. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1940. M.A. 1943. Ice-hockey 
v. Camb. 1938-9. Pres. O.U.B.C. 1939-40 
(Rowed v. Cambridge; no Blues awarded). 

1941-6: R.C.A.; C.M.H.Q., Engl. & Europe; 
Capt. 1946- : Practice of Law, Bridgetown, 
N.S. Legislative Assembly of N.S. (Annapolis 
County) 1945. 

m. 1945. Paulene Agnes Banks. One s. 
One d. 

Bridgetown, Annapolis County, N.S. 

I March 1917. Montreal High Sch. & McGill 
Univ. B.A. 

St. John's 1937-9 (Mich. Term). D.Phil. 
(Mod. Hist.) 1940. 

1940-1: Dept. of Labour Unemployment 
Insce. Commn., Ottawa (Exec. Asst.).~ 1941-5: 
R.C.N. JR.); Can., Nfd.; Comdr. O.B.E; 
1946- : Central Mortgage & Housing Corpn., 
Ottawa & Montreal; Regional Supervisor (Prov. 
of Quebec Region) since Sept. 1946. 

m. 1944. Doreen Mary Stuart Goodwin. 
One 5. 

227 Lockkart Ave., Town of Mount Royal, 

b. 9 July 1914. Guelph Collegiate Vocational 
Jnst. & Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

New Coll. 1937-9 & 1940 (Hil. & Trin. 
Terms). Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1939. B.C.L. 1st 
Cl. 1940. Bar Exams. 1st Cl. & Certif, of 
Honour 1940. 

1939: Univ. of Caen, France. 1940-4: Field 
Security & Intell. Corps ; Capt. D. 

m. 1939. Jeannine Lucas. One d. (dcd.) 

Boiled 14 Sept. 1944 (executed in Buchen- 
wald Camp). 

WAHN, IAN GRANT (Saskatchewan), b. 18 
Apr. 1916. Swift Current Collegiate Inst. & 
Univ. of Sask. LL.B. 

Queen's 1937-9. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1939. 

1939-43: Law Student, Toronto. 1943-5: 
C.A.C.; Engl. 1945-6: C.I.C. 

1943- : Practice of Law, Toronto. 

m. 1942. Pearl Helen Lynch. 

Apt. 5, 65 St. Nicholas St., Toronto, Ont. 


ALLEN, WILLIAM DOUGLAS (South Australia). 

b. 27 July 1914. Prince Alfred Coll., Adelaide. 
& Univ. of Adelaide. B.Sc. 

New Coll. 1937-9. D.Phil. (Physics) 1940. 

1939-44: Telecommunication Research 
Estabmt., Min. of Aircraft Production, Engl.; 
Scientific Officer. 

1944-5: Atomic Project, Berkeley, Calif., 
U.S.A. 1946- : Principal Scientific Officer, 
Atomic Energy Research Estabmt., Harwell, 
Berks., Engl. 

m. 1939. Gwendoline Genevieve Thomson. 
One s. Twod. 

cjo New College, Oxford, England. 

BARR, EDWARD LINDSAY (Western Australia). 

b. 20 June 1915. Perth Modern Sch. & Univ. of 
W.A. B.Sc. Univ. of Adelaide. 

Magdalen 1937-42. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1939. B.M.,B.Ch. 1943. M.A. 1945. RadchfTe 
Infirmary, Oxford, 1940-2. 

1943: Hosp. appts., London, Engl. 1944-6: 
R.A.M.C.; India & afloat; Major. 1947-9: 
Postgrad, study, London Sch. of Hygiene & 
Trop.Med. 1949- : Med. Practice, Perth, W.A. 

m. 1943. Margaret Annie Wing. One s. 

cjo 41 Elizabeth St., N. Perth, W. Australia. 

ESPLIN, IAN GEORGE (New South Wales). 

b. 26 Feb. 1914. Sydney C. of E. Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Sydney. B.Ec. 

University 1937-9 (Mich. Term). P.P.E. 3rd 
Cl. 1939. B.A. &M.A. 1943. Trial Eights 1938. 
Secy,, O.U.B.C., 1939. 

1939-45: R.A.F.V.R.; Engl., India; Wing- 
Comdr. D.F.C. O.B.E. 

1945-7 : Secy, to Quantas Empire Airways, Ltd., 
Austr. 1947- : R.A.F.; Engl.; Wing Comdr. 

m. 1944. Patricia Kaleen Barlow. One s. 

c]o University College, Oxford, England. 

b. 6 July 1917. St. Joseph's Coll., Brisbane, & 
Univ. of Queensland. B.A. 

Balhol 1938 (Hil. Term)-1939. Maths. 1st Cl. 
1939. B.A. 1940. M.A. 1947. 1940: St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge (holding Rhodes Scholp.). 

1941: Biometrician, Dept. of Agric., Univ. of 
Queensland. 1942: A. A. 1943: A.M.F. (Radar); 
Lt. 1944-5: A.I.F., Operational Research Sec.; 
Capt. 1946- : Lect. in Maths., Univ. of Queens- 

27 Worry St., Brisbane, N. 1, Queensland. 

GREEN, JACK RAYMOND (Tasmania), b. 7 Aug. 
1913. Hobart State High Sch. & Univ. of 
Tasmania. B.Eng. 

St. John's 1937-42 (Mich. Term). D.Phil. 
(Engineering) 1941, 

1939: R.A.F.V.R. Seconded for Research. 
1940-3: Research at Oxford (Carnegie Research 
Grant). 1943- : C.S.I.R., Divn. of Aeronautics, 
Melbourne; Officer i/c Aerodynamics Sec. 

m. 1942. Miriam Agnes Rogers. One d. 

2 Waiora Rd., North Caulfield, Melbourne, 
S.E. 7, Vic. 

30 May 1915. Geelong Gr, Sch. & Univ. of 
Melbourne. B.A. 

New Coll. 1937-9 & 1946 (Hil. to Mich. 
Term). Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1939. Newdigate 
Prize 1938. The King's Medal for Poetry 1940. 
B,Litt. 1946. 

1939-46: R.N.V.R.; Atlantic & North Sea; 
Lt.-Comdr. 1947- : Rehabilitation Lect. in 
Engl. Lit., Univ. of Melbourne. 



[Australia, cont,] 

m. 1939. Honor Mary Scott Good. One <?. 
One d, 

Publ.: Milton Blind (Newdigate Prize Poem), 
1938. Thejervis Bay and other Poems, 1942. 

University of Melbourne, Carlton, N. 3, Vic. 


Wanganui Collegiate Sch,, Wellington Coll, & 
Univ. of New Zealand. B.Eng. 

Oriel 1937-9 (Mich. Term). D.Phil. 
(Engineering) 1946. 

1940-6: Admiralty Signal Estabmt.; Experi- 
mental Officer. 1946- : Chief Electrical Engr., 
Dominion Physical Lab., N.Z. A.M.I.E.E. 

m. 1942. Helen Alice Haslam. Twos. Oned. 

4 Antico St., Melrose, Wellington, N.Z. 

1916. Auckland Gr. Sch., Auckland Univ. Coll., 
& Canterbury Univ. Coll., N.Z. 

Oriel 1939-40 1945-7. D.Phil. (Engineer- 
ing) 1947. 

1941-5: R.A.F.; Squadron Leader. 1947-9: 
Principal Scientific Officer, Atomic Energy 
Research Estabmt., Harwell, Berks., Engl. 
1949- : prof, of Mech. Engineering, Auckland 
Univ. Coll., N.Z. 

m. 1941. Catherine Robina Nicholson Graves. 
One s. Two d. 

Auckland University College, N.Z. 


State), b. 20 Apr. 1915. Boshof Sch., O.F.S., 
& Univ. Coll. of the O.F.S. B,A. 

Exeter 1937-40. Read P.P.E. 

1941 : Helpmekaar Correspondence Coll., 
Johannesburg. 1942- : Univ. of the Witwaters- 
rand; Asst. Registrar, Med. Sch., 1946. 

m. 1947. Gertnuda Jeannette Kemp. 

145 De Korte St., Wanderers View, Johannes- 


b. 13 Aug. 1916. King Edward VII Sch., 
Johannesburg, & Univ. of the Witwatersrand. 

Oriel 1937-9. Jurispr. 2nd CI. B.A. 1939. 

1939-40: S. Afr. Intell. Corps; E. Afr.; Sgt. 
(invalided). 1940 : Practice of Law, Johannes- 
burg. 1943-5 : Member of S. Afr. Mil. Pensions 
Appeal Tribunal. 

m. 1940. Lynette Elizabeth Cook. Two d. 

813 His Majesty's Bldgs., Eloff St., Johannes- 

College, Grahamstown). b. 27 Mar. 1917. 
St. Andrew's Coll.. Grahamstown, & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll. 

Trinity 1937-40. Physiol.B.A. (War Degree) 
1940. B.M., B.Ch. 1943. M.A. 1944. 

1940-4: Guy's Hosp., London, Engl. 1944-6 : 
S.A.A.M.C.; seconded to R.A.M.C.; Italy; 
Capt. 1947- : Med. Practice, Jersey. 

m. 1943. Pamela Beryl Douthwaite. One d. 

Southxoind, Les Champs Estate, Mont Cochon, 
St. Lawrence, Jersey. 

cesan College, Rondebosch). b. 13 Feb. 1918. 
Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape 

Christ Church 1937-9. Read Lit. Hum. 

1939-40: Teaching, St. Edward's Sch., 
Oxford, Engl. 1940-1: Trinity Coll., Dublin; 
B.A. 1940. LL.B. 1941. 1941-5: Asst. Princ., 

Min. of Economic Warfare, London, Engl. 
1945-6: Bd. of Trade. 1946- : Law Student & 
Practice of Law, Cape Town. 

m. 1939. Rose Gwynn. Twos-. One d. 

31 Malcolm Rd., Rondebosch, C.P. 

(Boys' High School, Stellenbosch). b. 26 June 
1916. Boys' High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. 
of Stellenbosch. B.A. & M.A. 

Worcester 1938-9. Read Hist. 

1939-47: Univ. of Stellenbosch; Acting Prof, 
of Hist. 1945; Dipl. Educ. 1945; D.PML 1947. 
Sir Abe Bailey Scholp., 1940-2. 1946: Hist. 
Master, Jan van Riebeeck High Sch., Cape 
Town. 1946- Senr. Lect. & Hd. of Dept. of 
Hist., Divn. of External Studies, Univ. of S. Afr. 

Dept. of History, Div. of External Studies, 
Univ. of South Africa, 178 Vermeulen St. 

MULLER, HILGARD (Transvaal), b. 4 May 
1914. Volks High Sch., Potchefstroom, Trans- 
vaal, & Univ. of Pretoria. B.A. & M.A. D.Litt. 

University 1937-40. B.Litt. (Theol.) 1945. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1939. 

1941- : Univ. of Pretoria; Senr. Lect. in 
Latin since 1947. 

m. 1943. Agnita Dyason. 

Publ. : Die Ondergang van die Grieks-Romeinse 
Heidendom, 1944. Merkzoaardige Figure van die 
Oudheid, 1945. Christians and Pagans from Con- 
stantine to Augustine: Part I, The Religious 
Policies of the Roman Emperors, 1946. Die llias 
van Homerus, 1947. 

P.O. Box 793, Pretoria, 

STENT, GEORGE ELLIOTT (Eastern Province). 
b. 22 Dec. 1913. Grey High Sch. , Port Elizabeth, 
Univ. of Cape Town, & Rhodes Univ. ColL 

Magdalen 1937-9. Read Econ. 

1941-3: Gauge Inspector, R. Ordn. Fact., 
Liverpool, Engl. 1943-6: R. Corps of Signals; 
Engl., Gold Coast; Sgt. 1946- : Natal Univ. 
Coll.; Research Fellow 1946; Lect. in Econ. 
since 1947. 

m. 1940. Aurora Riano de Lanzarote. One s. 
One d. 

Natal University, Warwick Ave., Durban, 

b. 6 Mar. 1916. Michaelhouse Sch., Natal, & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. & M A. 

New Coll. 1937-9. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1931 
M.A. 1944. 

1939-43: R.N.V.R. 1943-6: S.A.N.F.(V.); 
Lt. 1946- : Senr. Lect. in Hist., Univ. of Cape 

m. 1940. Evelyn Betty White. Two d. 

Dept. of History, University of Cape Town, 
Rondebosch, C.P. 

TUCKER, EUGENE (South African College 
School), b. 7 Aug. 1916. S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & 
Univ. of Cape Town. B.Sc. 

Brasenose 1937-9 & 1946-7. Physiol. 4th CL 
B.A. 1939. M.A. 1946. 

1939H4: Med. Student, Univ. of Cape Town 
& Hosp. appts. 1944-6: S.A.M.C.; Capt. 
1946-7: Postgrad, study, Oxford & London, 
Engl. 1948- : Stockport Infirmary, Cheshire, 

(Perm, addr.) Weltevreden, Cramer Rd.> 
Muizenberg, C.P. 

Province). 6. 13 Nov. 1916. Outeniqua High 
Sch., George, & Univ. of Cape Town. B.Sc. 

Balliol 1937-9. Engineering 1st Cl. B.A. 
1939. M.A. 1944. Ju-jutsu v. Camb. 1939. 

1937, 1938 


[South Africa, cont."] 

1940-5: Lect. in Civil Engineering, Univ. of 
Cape Town. 1946- : Asst. Engr., F. E. Kan- 
thack & Partners, Johannesburg. Ph.D. (Cape 
Town) 1947. 

m. 1945. Anna Margaretta Erasmus. Two d. 

Gordoma, Irene Rd., Rondebosch, C.P. 


1916. St. George's Coll., Salisbury, & Univ. of 
Cape Town. B.A. 1936-7: Rhodesian Civil 

Magdalen 1937-9. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. 1939. 

War Service :R.F.A.;Engl.,&c.,2/Lt. 1945- : 
Civil Service, S. Rhod. ; Dept. of Justice. 

Dept. of Justice, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 

b. 6 Jan. 1915. Prince Edward Sch., Salisbury, 
S. Rhod., & Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. & LL.B. 

Magdalen 1938 (Hil. Term)-1939. Read 

1939-45: R.A.F.; Coastal Command; Wing- 
Comdr. D.S.CX D.F.C. A.F.C. 1945- : Prac- 
tice of Law, Salisbury, S. Rhod. 

m. 1948. Elspeth Mary MacDiarmid. 

P.O. Box 288, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 

1915. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Magdalen 1938 (Hil. Term)-1939. Read 
Engl. L. & Lit. 

1939-45: R.N.V.R.; Lt. 1945- : Fanning, 
Salisbury, S. Rhod. 

w. 1944. Jeanne Marie-Louise Mulligan. 
One s. One d. 

Lorelei Farm, P.O. Box 255, Salisbury, S. 


In this year there was no election for 


MURAD, LEROY LUCIAN. b. 16 Nov. 1914. 
Kingston Coll., Jamaica. Inter. B.A. (London). 

Keble 1937-42 Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1940. 
B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1942. M.A. 1944. 

1942: Law Student, London, Engl. 

(Perm, addr.) 9 Geffrard Place, Kingston, 


ASHLEY, JOHN BENEDICT, b. 29 Oct. 1915. 
St. Bonaventure's Coll., St. John's, Memorial 
Univ. Coll., Nfd., & Dalhousie Univ. B.A. 

Balhol 1937-40. Lit. Hum. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1940. M.A. 1943. 

1941-2: Clerk, R.C. Engrs. 1942- : Memorial 
Univ. Coll., Nfd.; Assoc. Prof, of Classics since 

m. 1943. Margaret Mary Sutton. One * 

63 Pine Bud Ave., St. John's, Nfd. 




16 July 1916. Kingston Collegiate Inst. 
Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. M.D. 

Balhol 1938-40. D.Phil. (Pathol.) 1940. Ice- 
hockey v. Camb. 1940. 

1941-3: Med. Research, Oxford. 1943-5: 
Malaria Research, R.A.M.C.; Engl., Italy; 
Major. 1945-6. R.CA.M.C.; Engl., N.W. 
Europe. 1946- : Assoc. Prof, of Med., Queen's 
Univ., Ontario. Director, Queen's Univ. Arctic 
Expedition, 1947 & 1948. 

Queen's University, Kingston, Ont. 

CAREY, DAVID EDWARD (British Columbia). 

b. 4 Nov. 1913. Sherborne Sch., England, 
Magee High Sch., Vancouver, & Univ. of 
British Columbia. B.A. 

Exeter 1938-9. Read P.P.E. 

1940- : Industrial Relations Consultant, 
Moral Re-Armament, & Editor of New World 

m. 1946. Naomi Alice Woodcock. One s. 
3525 Mountain St., Montreal, P.Q. 

COLLINS, RALPH EDGAR (Alberta), b. 23 Nov. 
1914. Eastwood High Sch., Edmonton, Alta., 
& Univ. of Alberta. B.A. & M.A. Harvard 
Univ., U.S.A., 1936-7. Univ. of California, 
U.S.A., 1937-8. 

Balhol 1938-40. P.P.E. 1st CL 1940. 

1940- : Dept. of External Affairs, Canada. 
Can. Embassy, Chungking, China, 1943-5; 
Second Secy., Can. Embassy, Washington, 
D.C., since 1945. Alternate Can. Del. on Far 
Eastern Commn. 

m. 1945. Jane Patricia Irwin. One s. 

(Perm, addr.) c\o Dept. of External Affairs, 
Ottawa, Ont. 

JACQUES (Quebec), b. 11 Feb. 1918. St. Mary's 
Coll,, Montreal, & Univ. of Montreal. B.A. 

Trinity 1938-40. Read P.P.E. Ice-hockey v. 
Camb. 1940. 



[Canada, cant.] 

1942-7: Personnel Man., Aluminium Co. of 
Can., Ltd., Shawinigan Falls Works. 1947- : 
Director of Personnel, Demerara Bauxite Co., 
MacKenzie, Brit. Guiana, S. America. 

m. 1943. Rachel Telmosse. One d. 

10 Hemlock St., Shawinigan Falls, P.Q. 

JARVIS, ALAN HEPBURN (Ontario), b. 26 July 
1915. Parkdale Collegiate Inst., Toronto, & 
Univ. of Toronto. B.A. 

University 1938-9. Read Philos. 

1940-1 : Student & Fellow, Inst. of Fme Arts, 
New York Univ., U.S.A. 1942-5: Min. of Air- 
craft Production, Engl.; special asst. to the 
Minister 1945. 1945-7: Director of Public 
Relations for the Council of Industrial Design & 
'Britain Can Make It' Exhibn. 1948- : Execu- 
tive Director, Pilgrim Pictures, Ltd. 

Publ.: The Things We See, Penguin Books, 
1946. Ed. Democracy Alive; Recent speeches 
of the Rt. Hon. Sir Stafford Cripps, K.C., 
M.P., 1946. 

3A Sydney Close, London, S.W. 3, England, or 
66 Marmaduke St., Toronto, Ont. 

19 Oct. 1917. Gordon Bell High Sch., Winni- 
peg, & Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. 

Queen's 1938-40. P.P.E. 1st Cl. B.A. 1940. 
M.A. 1945. 

1940-2 & 1947- : Foreign Exchange Control 
Board, Ottawa. 1942-5: R.C.A. 2nd Survey 
Regt. ; Belgium, Holland, Germany; Lt. 1945-7: 
Economist, Can. Royal Cornmn. on Coal. 

Apt. 22, 612 Bank St., Ottawa, Ont. 

22 June 1915. Albert Coll., Belleville, & McGiIl 
Univ. B.A. 

New Coll. 1938-40 (Trin. Term). B.Litt. 
(Mod. Hist.) 1949. 

1 940-2 : Asst. in Talks Dept. , C.B. C. , Toronto. 
1942-7: R.C.N.V.R., Naval Historical Sec., 
Naval Service H.Q., Ottawa; Lt. 1947- 
Liaison Officer in Ottawa for the Internat. Ser- 
vice of the C.B.C. 

m. 1941. Barbara Rochester Plaskett. One d. 

513 Brennan Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 

fe. 20 Dec. 1916. Andover Gr. Sch., N.B., & 
Mt. Allison Univ. B.A. 

Queen's 1938-40. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1940. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1939-40. 

1940-1: Brit. Purchasing Commn., U.S.A. 
1941-4: Brit. Min. of Economic Warfare, 
Washington. 1944-6 & 1948- : Can. Dept. of 
External Affairs; Washington 1944-6; London 
(First Secy.) since 1948. 1946-8: U.N. Econ. 
Affairs Dept. & Secretariat of the Conf. on 
Trade & Employment. 

m. 1941. Gwendoline Lenore Perdue. One s, 
One d. 

Office of the High Commissioner for Canada, 
Canada House, Trafalgar Sq., London, S.W. 1, 

katchewan). &. 19 May 1917. Regina Central 
Collegiate Inst., Regina Coll., & Univ. of 
Sask. B.A. 

Exeter 1938-40. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1940. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1938-40. 

1940-1 : Univ. of Toronto. M.A. (Pol. Sci.) 
1 941. 1 941-5 : Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa. 
Alternate Del. for Can. to Intergovernmental 
Cornmee. on Refugees, London, Engl., 1944. 
Secy.-Gen. of Can. Del. to U.N. Conf. on 
Internat. Orgn., San Francisco, 1945, 1945- : 
Secy, to the Office of the Prime Minister of 

Canada. Accompanied Prime Minister to meet- 
ing of Commonwealth Prime Ministers 1946. 

m. 1943. Beatrice Muriel Lawson. One s. 

Apt. 11, 155 O'Connor St., Ottawa, Ont. 


b. 21 Apr. 1918. Summerside High Sch. & 
Dalhousie Univ. B.Sc. 

Trinity 1938-41. D.Phil. (Physics) 1941. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb, 1939-40. 

1941: Research Chemist, Min. of Supply, 
Oxford. 1942-3: Dem. & Tutor in Physics, 
Officer Cadet Courses, Oxford. 1944: Scientific 
Officer, Inter-Services Research Bureau. 

Accidentally drowned 10 Aug. 1944. 


ANDERSON, HARRY Ross (Western Aus- 
tralia), b. 11 Dec. 1917. Perth Modern High 
Sch. & Univ. of W.A. LL.B. 

Exeter 1938^0. Jurispr. 1st CL 1940. B.A. 
& M.A. 1945. 

1940-6: R.A.A.; Lt. seconded, 1943-4, to 
U.S.A.A.F. & R.A.A.F.; Air Liaison Officer; 
New Guinea, Borneo. 1947-8 : Practice of Law, 
Perth, W. Austr. 1948- : Senr. Lect. in Law, 
Univ. of Queensland. 

m. 1946. Susette Daphne Walcoff Chase. 

The Law School, University of Queensland, 
Brisbane, Queensland. 

CRISP, LESLIE FINLAY (South. Australia), b. 
19 Jan. 1917. St. Peter's Coll., S. Austr., & 
Univ. of Adelaide. B.A. & M.A. 

Balliol 1939 (Hil. Term)-1940 & 1947-8. 
P.P.E. (Shortened) 1st Cl. 1948. Treasurer- 
elect, Oxford Union Socy., 1940. 

1940- : Commonwealth Civil Service, 1940: 
Broadcasting Sec., Dept. of Informn. 1942: Dept. 
of Labour and National Service. 1945: Min. 
of Post-War Reconstruction; artd. to Australian 
Deln., U.N. Conf., San Francisco. 1947-8: 
On leave to resume Rhodes Scholp. at Oxford. 
1949- : Prof, of Pol. Sci., National University, 

m. 1940. Helen Craven Wighton. One s. 
One d. 

40 Girrahween St., Br addon, Canberra. 

(New South Wales), b. 18 Feb. 1916. St. 
Ignatius* Coll., Sydney, & Univ. of Sydney. 

New Coll. 1938-40. Jurispr., Aegrotat, 1940. 

1941 & 1945- : Dept. of External Affairs, 
Canberra. 1942-5: R.A.A.F.; Austr.; Flt./Lt. 
O.B.E. 1945. Member of Deln. to Preparatory 
Commn. of U.N. 1945. Austr. repres. to U.N. 
Special Cornmee. on the Balkans, Greece, 1948. 

c/o Dept. of External Affairs, Canberra. 

HAMER, ALAN WILLIAM (Victoria), b. 27 Nov. 
1917. Geelong Gr. Sch. & Univ. of Melbourne. 

Magdalen 1938-41. Chem. 1st CL B.A. 1941. 
B.Sc. 1941. M.A. 1946. 

1942- : Chemical Engr., I.C.I. (Austr. & 

m. 1948. Margaret Elizabeth Angas. 

c/o J.C.J. (AJV.Z,), 380 Collins St.,Melbourne, 

HARRY, RALPH LINDSAY (Tasmania), b. 
10 Mar. 1917. Launceston C. of E. Gr. Sch. & 
Univ. of Tasmania. LL.B. 

Lincoln 1939 (HiL Term)-1940. Jurispr. 2nd 
CL B.A. 1940. 

1940-2: Third Secy., Dept. of External Affairs, 
Canberra, & Lect. in Commercial Law, Can- 
berra Univ. Coll. 1942-3: A.M.F., A.I.F.; Lt. 
(I.O.). 1943-5: Seconded to office of the Austr, 
High Commissioner, Ottawa (Asst. Secy.). 
1945-9: Austr. Embassy, Washington (First 



[Australia, cant.] 

Secy, since 1948). 1947-9: First Secy., Austr. 

Mission to the U.N., New York. 1949- : First 

Secy., Dept. of External Affairs (Amer. Section), 


m. 1944. Elsie Dorothy Sheppard. One s. 

c/o Dept. of External Affairs, Canberra. 

PARKER, CHESTER JAMES (Queensland), b. 
29 July 1916. Townsville Gr. Sch., Queens- 
land, & Univ. of Queensland. B A. 

Christ Church 1938-9. Read Jurispr. 

1939-42: R.N.V.R., Submarines; Lt. 

Presumed lost on active service 11 Aug. 


HOGBEN, GEORGE LAWRENCE, b. 14 Apr. 1916. 
Auckland Gr. Sch. & Auckland Univ. Coll. 
B.A. & M.A. (Univ. of N.Z.). 

New Coll. 1938-9. Read Maths. 

1939-46: R.N.V.R.; Instr., R.N. & Research 
(Admiralty); Lt. D.S.C. Bronze Star (U.S.A.). 
1946-9: Consulting Meteorologist, Irncos Ltd., 
London, Engl. 1949- : w. Plant Protection, 
Ltd., London, Engl. 

m. 1940. Margaret Elaine Carter. One 5-. 
One d. 

109 Thurlow Park Rd., West Dulwich, London, 
S.E. 21, England. 

MATSON, JOHN NICHOLSON, b. 25 Nov. 1914. 
Christ's Coll., N.Z., & Univ. of New Zealand 
(Canterbury Coll.). LL.B. 

Oriel 1938-40. Read for B.C.L. Distn. in 
Sect. J2. 1940. R.F. v Camb. 1939 (no Blues 
awarded). 1940 (Hil. Term): Colonial Service 

1940- : Colonial Admin. Service, Gold 
Coast; Admin. Officer Class IV since 1945. 
1940-2: Seconded to Gold Coast Regt., 

m. 1941. Isobel Crichton Wright. One d. 

do Grindlays Bank, 54 Parliament St., Lon- 
don, S.W. 1, England. 


In this year there was no election from 
South African College School. 

BENNETT, COLIN (St. Andrew's College, 
Granamstown). b. 9 Aug. 1918. St. Andrew's 
Coll., Grahamstown. 

University 1938-9 & 1945-7 (Mich. Term). 
Law Mods. w. Distn. 1939. Agric. 2nd Cl. 
1947. B.A. & M.A. (War) 1945. 

1940-5: S.A.A.F.; Malta, Sicily, Italy; Lt. 
1948- : Farming, Cape Province. 

m. 1941. Sybil Bam. One d. 

Oakdene, Adelaide, C.P. 

BUNTING, ARTHUR HUGH (Transvaal), b. 
7 Sept. 1917. Athlone High Sch., Johannesburg, 
& Univ. of the Witwatersrand. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Oriel 1938-41. D.Phil. (Botany) 1941. 

1941-5 : Asst. in Chemistry Dept., Rptharnsted 
Experimental Station, Brit. Agjric, Research 
Council. 1945-7: Human Nutrition Research 
Unit, Brit. Med. Research Council. 1947- : 
Chief Scientific Officer, E. African Groundnut 

m. 1941. Elsie Muriel Reynard. Two s. 

cjo Mittes Day & Co., 5 Little College St., 
Westminster , London, S.W. /, England. 

b. 28 Dec. 1918. Christian Brothers Coll., Kim- 
berley, & Univ. of the Witwatersrand. B.Sc. 

Queen's 1939 (Hil. Term)~1940. Maths. 3rd 
CL 1940. B.A. 1941. M.A. 1945. 

1941-5: S.A.A.F.; Engr. Officer on Instruc- 
tional work 1942-5; Lt. 1946: Gold-mining. 
1946- : Statistical & Actuarial Clerk, Johannes- 
burg. Assoc. R. Aeronautical Socy. 1945. Assoc. 
Inst. Actuaries 1947. 

m. 1947. Thelma Joyce Vine. 

20 Henry Ave., Sandringham, Johannesburg. 

DAVIES, MICHAEL JOHN (Diocesan College, 
Rondebosch). b. 7 Oct. 1918. Dioc. Coll., 
Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. 

Trinity 1938-40. Read Hist. Qualified for 
War Degree. B.A. 1944. MA. 1945. R.F., 
Welsh Internat., 1938-9. 

1940- : Colonial Admin. Service, A.D.O., 
Tanganyika Territory; Private Secy, to the Gov. 
1943-7, seconded to Colonial Office as a Prin- 
cipal since 1947. 1939 (Oct.)-1940 (Mar.): 
R.A., Gnr.; recalled to Admin. Service. 

<?/0 The Secretariat, Dar-es- Salaam, Tan- 
ganyika Territory. 

Free State), b. 1 Oct. 1917. Grey Coll. Sch., 
Bloemfontein, & Univ. Coll. of the O.F.S. B.A. 

Brasenose 1938-40. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1940. M.A. 1944. L.T. v. Camb. 1940 (no 
Blues awarded). 

1940-5: S.A.F., M.E.F.; Capt. P.o.W. (Italy 
& Germany) 1942-5. 1946- : Practice of Law, 

m. 1945. Ada Margaret Edley. One d. 

914 His Majesty's Bldgs., Eloff St., Johannes- 

b. 22 Aug. 1917. Durban Boys' High Sch. & 
Natal Univ. Coll. B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

Wadham 1939 (Hil. Term)-1943 (Hil. Term). 
D.Phil. (Botany) 1943. Analyst, Oxford Medi- 
cinal Plants' Scheme, 1942-3. 

1944-5: Human Nutrition Research Unit, 
Med. Research Council, London, Engl. 1946-7: 
Lect. in Botany, Univ. of Cape Town. 1948- : 
Lect. in Plant PhysioL, Univ. of Natal. 

m. 1943. Barbara Eileen Alden. 

Dept. of Botany, Natal University, Pieter- 
maritzburg, NataL 


b. 10 Oct. 1918. Jan van Riebeeck Sch., Cape 
Town, & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Balliol 1938-40. Read P.P.E. Resigned 

1940- : Journalist, Cape Town. 

m. 1942. Elizabeth P. K. Malherbe. Two s. 

18 Keerom St., Cape Town. 

School, Stellenbosch). b. 25 Dec. 1917. Boys' 
High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Stellen- 
bosch. B.A. 

Wadham 1938-40. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. & 
M.A. 1945. 

1940-5 : News Commentator & Correspondent 
of B.B.C., London, Engl. 1946- : Dept. of 
Commerce & Industries, S. Afr. ; Senr. Profes- 
sional Officer since 1948. Represented S. Afr. 
at Conf. of Internat. Trade Orgn., Havana, 
Cuba, 1947. LL.B. (Pretoria) 1948. 

439 Marais St., Brooklyn, Pretoria. 


GARMANY, JOHN WATSON." 5. 4 Dec. 1915. 
Prince Edward Sch., Salisbury, S. Rhod., & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. & Educ. Dipl. 

Queen's 1938-40 & 1945-6. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1940. Research for B.Litt. 

1940-5: R.A.F., Coastal Command,* Engl.; 
Flt./Lt. Commonwealth Fund Fellowship 


1938, 1939 

[Rhodesia, cont.] 

(Princeton), U.S.A. 1946-7. 1948- : Civil Ser- 
vice, Union of S. Afr. (engaged in hist, research). 

m. 1942. Ann Pallant. One d. 

Union War Histories, Prime Minister's Office, 

12 Nov. 1917. Plumtree Sen., S. Rhod., & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.Sc. 

Hertford 1938-40 (Hil. Term) & 1946-7 
(Mich. Term). Forestry Prelims. 1939. Geology 
3rd CL 1948. B.A. & M.A. 1948. 

1940-5: R.E., Survey; Major. D. 

c\o Barclays Bank Ltd., High Street, Oxford, 

LLOYD, ARTHUR HOWARD, b. 30 Sept. 1917. 
Milton Sen., Bulawayo, & Rhodes Univ. Coll. 

University 1938-9. Read Engl. L. & Lit. 
Resigned Scholp. 

1940-5: S. Rhod. Arty.; M.E., Italy; Sgt. 
1939-40 & 1945-7: S. Rhod. Dept. of Native 
Affairs^ 1947- : Asst. Public Relations Officer, 
Rhodesia House, London, Engl. 

m. 1947. Helen Margaret Scott. 

Rhodesia House, 429 Strand, London, W.C. 2, 

1919. Twyford Sen. & Winchester Coll., Engl. 

Magdalen 1938-42. PhysioL B.A. (War 
Degree) 1940. B.M., B.Ch. 1942. 

1943-6: R.N.V.R.; Surgeon-Lt. 1946- : 
Med. Practice, Engl. F.R.C.S. 1948. Res. 
Surgical Officer, Royal East Sussex Hosp., 
Hastings, since 1948. 

m. 1942. Betty Winifred Thornton. One d. 

cjo Lloyds Bank, Ltd., 40Rosslyn Hill, London, 
N.W. 3, England. 


1917. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Rossall 
Sch., England. 

Exeter 1938-9. Math. Mods. 2nd CL 1939, 
B.A. (War Degree) 1946. Boxings. Camb. 1939. 

1939-46: R.A.; N. Afr., Italy; Capt. D, In 
Mil. Govt., Displaced Persons Branch, Austria, 
1945-6. 1947- : Audit Dept., Bank of N. T. 
Butterfield & Son, Bermuda. 

m. 1942. Evelyn Nesta Proom. One 5. One d. 

Dover House, Pembroke, Bermuda. 


LEVY, ROY DENTON KEITH, b. 2 Apr. 1919. 
Jamaica Coll. 

St. John's 1938-41 (Trin. Term). PhysioL 
B.A. (War Degree) 1941. B.M., B.Ch. 1943. 

1941-3 & 1947-8: RadchfTe Infirmary, Oxford. 
194476: R.A.M.C., R.M.O.; Capt. 1946: 
Nutritional Adviser, Schleswig-Holstein Region 
Control Commn., Germany; Major. D. 
M.R.C.P. 1948. 1948- : Med. Practice, 
Kingston, Jamaica. 

m. 1946. Marjorie Joyce Hepburn. One 5. 

cjo Barclays Bank, Ltd., Kingston, Jamaica. 


MORGAN, MOSES OSBORNE. b. 28 Aug. 1917. 
Bishop Feild Coll., Memorial Univ. Coll., Nfd., 
& Dalhousie Univ. B.A. & M.A. 1939-40: Civil 
Service, Nfd. 1940-2: Teaching, King's Col- 
legiate Sch., Windsor, Can. 1942-5: C.A.O.; 
LQ.; Lt. 

New Coll. 1946-8. P.P.E. (Shortened) 2nd 
CL 1948. 

1948- : Lect. in Classics, Dalhousie Univ. 

m. 1945. Margaret Mary Fitzpatrick. 

P.O. Box E5135, Long Pond Rd., St. John's, 



8 June 1917. St. John's High Sch. & Univ. of 
Manitoba. B.Sc. 

St. John's 1939-40 & 1946-8. D.Phil. (Chem.) 
1948. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1939-40. 

1939-46: Research Chemist, Shawinigan 
Chemicals Co., Canada, & Member, Inspector- 
General's Staff, Brit. Purchasing Commn., 
Was,hington, U.S.A. 1948- : Research Chemist, 
Shawinigan Chemicals Co., P.Q., Can. 

m* 1941. Dorothy Mae Cleary One $. QneJ. 

cfo Shawinigan Chemicals Co., Shawinigan 
Falls, P.Q. 

Brunswick), b. 17 Apr, 1918. Saint John High 
Sch,., Mt. Allison Univ., B.A., & Univ. of 
Minnesota, U.S.A. M.A. 1942. 

Accepted by Queen's: did not take up Scholp. 
1943- : Mt. Allison Univ.; Prof. & HoT., 
Dept. of Maths., since 1946. 

m. 1943. Marjorie Jane Paulsen. One s. 
Mt. Allison University, Sackvitte, N.B. 


31 Jan. 1915. Banff High Sch., Univ. of Alberta, 
B.Sc., Univ. of Toronto, & Princeton Univ., 
U.S.A. M.A. 1941. PhJX 1946. 

1941-3: R.A.F., Transport Command, 
R.C.A.F., and Heavy Bomber Command; Can., 
Engl.; Flt/Lt. 1946-8: Princeton Univ., 
U.S. A.; Research Assoc.. 1946-7; Instr., Dept. 
of Maths., 1947-8. 

Christ Church 1948- : Research for D.Phil. 

m. 1940. Janet D. Atkin. One s. One d. 

c]o L. S. Crosby, Box 543, Banff, Aha. 



[Canada, cont.] 

DAVIS, JOHN (British Columbia), b. 31 July 
1916. Kamloops High Sch. & Univ. of British 
Columbia. B.A.Sc. 

St. John's 1939-40 & 1946 (Trin. Term)-1948 
(Hil. Term). B.Sc. (Chem.) 1940. P.P.E. 
(Shortened) 2nd Cl. 1948. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 
1947-8. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1948. 

1940-2: Nat. Research Council of Can. 
Ph.D. (McGill) 1942. 1942-4: Can. Defence 
Industries. 1 944-5 : R.C.A.F. (Aircrew), 1945-6: 
Can. Govt. Research. 1948- : Economist, Econ. 
Research & Develop. Branch, Dept. of Trade & 
Commerce, Ottawa. 

m. 1942. Anna Georgina Margaret Worthing. 

524 Echo Drive, Ottawa, Ont. 

b. 12 July 1918. Bridgewater High Sch. & Acadia 
Univ., B.A. 

Merton 1939-40 & 1946-8. D.Phil. (Med.) 
1948. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1939. 

1940-2: Dalhousie Univ.; M.Sc. 1942. 
1942-5: McGill Univ.; M.D., C.M. 1945. 
Research Fellow 1942-4 & Fellow in Neuro- 
pathology 1944-5 & 1949- : Montreal Neuro- 
logical Inst. 

m. 1945. Dorothy Faith Roswell Lyman. 
Two s. One d. 

1369 Redpath Crescent, Montreal, P.Q, 

GERIN-LAJOIE, PAUL (Quebec), b. 23 Feb. 
1920. Jean-de-Br6beuf Coll. & Univ. of Mon- 
treal. B.A. LL.B. 1942. 

Pembroke 1945-8 (Trin. Term). D.Phil. 
(Soc. Stud.) 1948. 

1943-5 & 1948- : Practice of Law, Montreal. 

772. 1944. Andre"e Papineau. 

60 St. James St. West, Montreal 1, P.Q. 

GRANT, GEORGE PARKIN (Ontario). b. 13 Nov. 
1918. Upper Canada Coll. & Queen's Univ. 

Balliol 1939-40 & 1945-7. Research for 
D.Phil. (TheoL). 1943-5: Secy, to Can. Assocn. 
for Adult Education. 

1947- : Dept. of Philos., Dalhousie Univ.; 
Assoc. Prof, since 1948. 

m 1947. Sheila Veronica Allen. One d. 

Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S. 


28 May 1917. Coburg Collegiate Inst., Univ. 
of Toronto, B.A. & M.A., Univ. of Chicago, 
U.S.A., Ph.D. 1946. 

Accepted by Corpus Christi; did not take up 

1943-5: Lect., Univ. of Toronto. 1945- : 
Dept. of Pol. Sci., Queen's Univ., Kingston, 
Ont. ; Asst. Prof, since 1946. 

m. 1943. Ella Ruth Woodger. Two s. 

20 Dray ton Ave., Kingston, Ont. 

wan), b. 6 Jan. 1916. Central Collegiate Inst., 
Regina, & Univ. of Saskatchewan. B.A. & 
LL.B. 1941-5: R.C.A., H.Q.; C.A.O.; Capt. 

Exeter 1946-8 (Trin. Term). B.C.L. 1st Cl. 
1948. Vinerian Scholp. 1948. 

1945-6 & 1948-9: Dept. of Law, Univ. of 
Sask., Asst. Prof. 1948. 1949- : Prof, of Law, 
Dalhousie Univ., Halifax, N.S. 

m. 1948. Edna Thompson. 

The Law School, Dalhousie University, 
Halifax, N.S. 

b. 8 July 1917. Westmount High Sch. & McGill 
Univ. B.Sc. & M.D., C.M. 

1942-6: R.C.A.F.; M.O.; B.L.A.; Flt./Lt. 

Magdalen 1946 (Hil. Term)-1948. B.Sc. 
(Med.) 1947. 

19489 : National Hosp. for Nervous Diseases, 

London, Engl. M.R.C.P. 1948. 1949- : Asst. 
Registrar, Neurological Inst., Montreal. 

m. 1945. Hazel Marian Pitman. One d. 

692 Victoria Ave., Westmount, P.Q. 


9 Apr. 1917. Hobart State High Sch. & Univ. 
of Tasmania. LL.B. 

Lincoln 1939-40 & 1945-7. B.C.L. (Aegro- 
tat) 1946. B.Litt. (Law) 1947. L.T. v. Camb. 
1940 & 1946-7 (Capt. 1947). 

1941-5: R.A.N.V.R.; Lt. 1947- : Prof, of 
Law, Univ. of Tasmania. 

m. 1946. Alison Violet Burton. 

Beach House, Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania. 

9 Jan. 1915. Scotch Coll., Melbourne, Sch. of 
Forestry, Creswick, Vic., & Univ. of Melbourne. 
B.Sc. 1939-45: H.Q., 9 Austr. Divn. A.I.F., 
Syria, Egypt, New Guinea; Lt.-CoL, A.D.O.S. 

University 1945-8. B.Sc. (Forestry) 1948. 

1948- : Senr. Lect. in Forestry, Univ. of 

m. 1940. Elwyn Margaret Dunstan. 

cjo University of Melbourne, Carlton, N.S, 

Wales), b. 9 Sept. 1917. Maitland Boys' High 
Sch., N.S.W., & Univ. of Sydney. B.Sc. & B.E. 
1939-46: Asst. Chief Draughtsman, Whyalla 

. , 

Shipyard, S. Austr.; also w. Broken Hill Pty., 

d., N.S.W. 



New Coll. 1946-9 (Hil. Term). Qualified for 
D.Phil. (Engin.) 1949. 

21 Queen's Road, New Lambton, Newcastle, 

tralia). b. 3 June 1917. Perth Modern Sch. & 
Univ. of W.A. B.Sc. 

Lincoln 1939-40. Read for B.Sc. 

1941-7: Technical Staff, Broken Hill Pty., 
Ltd., Austr. 1948- : Engineering & Mimng 
Divn., Tropical Traders (F.E.),Ltd., Singapore. 

m. 1942. Marcia Pollard. One s. One d. 

42B Spottistuoode Park, Singapore. 

tralia). b. 7 Jan. 1919. St. Peter's Collegiate 
Sch. & Univ. of Adelaide. LL.B. 

Balliol 1939-40. Read P.P.E. Passed Groups 

W *194CK3: Black Watch; Middle East, India, & 
Burma; Lt. M.C. (posthumous) 1943. 
Killed in action, Burma, 4 Apr. 1943. 

b. 2 Jan. 1918. Brisbane Gr. Sch. & Univ. of 
Queensland. B.Eng. 1939-42: Field Engr., 
Anglo - Oriental (Malaya), Ltd., Rawang, 
Malayan Union. F.M.S.V.F.; L./CpL; escaped 
from Singapore. 1942-6 : R.A.A.F. ; Radar; Fit./ 

Queen's 1946-9: Engineering 1st Cl. B.A. 
1947. P.P.E. (Shortened) 2nd Cl., 1949. 

1949- : w. Shell Petroleum Co., Ltd. 

c\o Central Registry, Australia House, London, 
W.C. 2, England. 


BERENDSEN, IAN ELLIS, b. 6 July 1919. 
Wellington Coll., N.Z., & Univ. of New Zea- 
land. B.A. & M.A. 1939-45: N.Z.E.F., I.P. & 
C.M.F.; T/Capt. 

Merton 1945-7. P.P.E. (Shortened) 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1947. 



[New Zealand, cont.J 

1947- : Political Affairs Officer, Trusteeship 
Divn., Dept. of Trusteeship, U.N. Secretariat. 

m. 1944. Alice Agnes Hosking. One d. 
clo Trusteeship Division, United Nations. Lake 
Success, L.L, N.Y., U.S.A. 

WESTON, GEORGE CROWLEY. 6. 18 Nov. 1916. 
New Plymouth Boys' High Sch., Christ's Coll., 
N.Z., & Canterbury Univ. Coll. LL.M. 1939- 
45: N.Z.E.F., M.E.F.; Major, Bde. Major. 
P.o.W. (Italy & Germany) 1942-5. D. 

Oriel 1945-6. Read for B.C.L. Golf v. 
Carnb. 1946. 

Called to the Bar, EngL, 1946. 1946- : 
Practice of Law, Christchurch, N.Z. 

clo Weston, Ward &? Lascelles, Box 322, 
Christchurch, N.Z. 


ADAMS, EDWARD BARRY (Natal), b. 2 Jan. 
1918. Durban High Sch., Natal Univ. Coll., 
B.Sc., & Univ. of the Witwatersrand, M.B., 
B.Ch. S.A.M.C.; Lt. 1945. 

St. John's 1946 (Hil. Term)-1948. B.Sc. 
(Med.) 1948. M.P.C.P. (London) 1947. 

1948- : Senr. M.O., Dept. of Med., Adding- 
ton Hosp., Durban, Natal. 

m. 1943. Sybil Rosalie North. Twin 5. 
One d. 
Efulelweni, Macdonald Rd., Westville, Natal. 

African College School), b. 27 May 1919. 
S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Queen's 1939 & 1945-7. Jurispr. (Shortened) 
3rd Cl. B.A. & M.A. 1947. 

1940-5: S.A.E.C., M.E.; Lt. 1943-5: Law 
Student, Cape Town. 1947- : Practice of Law, 

Supreme Court, Kimberley, C.JP. 

(Boys' High School, Stellenbosch), b. 6 Oct. 
1917. Boys' High Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ, 
of Stellenbosch. B.Sc. 

Wadham 1939-42 & 1948-9. Read Engineer- 

1942-8 : Afrikaans News Reader & Announcer 
in Overseas Service of B.B.C., London, EngL 

m. 1944. Diana Veronica Marchand Kriel. 
Two s. 

36 Banbury Rd., Oxford, England. 

vince), b 4 Apr. 1918. Boys' High Sch., 
Worcester, C.P., Univ. of Cape Town. 
B.Sc. & M.Sc. 

University 1939-40 & 1945-7. D.Phil. 
(Botany) 1948. Boxing v. Camb. 1940 & 1946. 

1940-5: Plant Chemist, Cape Explosives 
Works, S. Afr. 1948- : Lect. in Plant PhysioL, 
Univ. of Aberdeen, Scotland. 

m. 1947. Liselotte Ullmann. 

clo Botany Dept., The University, Old Aber- 
deen, Scotland. 

African College School). 6. 17 Nov. 1917. 
S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. 

Worcester 1939-40 & 1946 (Hil. Term)-l 947. 
Jurispr. (Shortened) 2nd Cl. B.A. & M.A. 

1940-5: R.A. (Signals); C.M.F.; Capt. D. 
1947- : w. Coll. of Careers, Empire House, 
Cape Town. 

m. 1941. Pauline Mallorie Coleman. One d. 

No. 9 Francis Court, Sir George Grey St,, 
Cape Town, 

(Transvaal), b. 24 July 1918. Pretoria Afri- 
kaans Boys' High Sch., Univ. of Stellenbosch, 
Univ. of Pretoria, B.Sc. & M.Sc. & Univ. of 
South Africa, B.Com. 1939-42: Geologist, 
Union Geological Survey, Dept. of Mines. 
1942-3: Chemist, Fuel Research Inst. 1943- : 
Technical Officer, Industrial Development 
Corpn. of S.A., Ltd, 

Accepted by University; did not take up 

m. 1945. Yvonne Rautenbach. 

cjo Industrial Development Corporation of S.A., 
Ltd., Escom House, Rissik St., Johannesburg. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 31 July 1920. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Accepted by Trinity. Did not come into 

1942-4: R.N.V.R.; Sub-Lt. D.S.C. 

Missing, presumed killed, Dec. 1944. 

em Province), b. 5 Jan. 1918. Grey Coll. 
Sch. & Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 

Exeter 1939 (Mich. Term) & 1945-6 (Mich. 
Term). Jurispr. (Shortened) 2nd Cl. 1946. 
Athl. v. Camb. 1946. 

1940-5: R.N.V.R. & S.A.N.F. (V.); Lt. 
1947- : S. Afr. Dept. of External Affairs. 

m. 1945. Ursula Elspeth Pelly. 

cfo Dept. of External Affairs, Union Bldgs., 

PITMAN, JOHN DAVID (Diocesan College, 
Rondebosch). 6. 20 Sept. 1918. Dioc. Coll., 
Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. B.A. & 

Accepted by Merton. Did not come into 

1940-1: S.A.A., Libya; Bombr. 

Killed in action 21 Nov. 1941. 

State), b. 29 July 1916. Sentrale Hogrskool, 
Bloemfontein, Univ. Coll. of O.F.S., & Univ. 
of the Witwatersrand. B.Sc. 

Accepted by Queen's; did not take up Scholp. 

1940- : Teaching, Plurntree School, S. Rhod. 

m. 1941. Elaine Edna Jean McKay. One j. 
Three d. 

Plumtree School, S. Rhodesia. 


FYNN, ROBERT WEST. b. 28 Mar. 1918. Plum- 
tree Sch., S. Rhodesia, & Rhodes Univ. Coll. 

Christ Church 1939-42. B.A. 1941. B.M., 
B.Ch. 1943. M.A. 1946. 

1942-4: Med. student & practitioner, Oxford 
& London, EngL 1945-6: R.A.M.C.; India. 
1946: S. Rhod. Med. Corps; Capt. 1946- : 
Med. Practice, Salisbury, S. Rhod. 

m. 1943. Diana PhilHpps. One *. One d. 

P.O. Box 671, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia. 

May 1918. Plumtree Sch., S. Rhod., & 
Rhodes Univ. Coll. B.A. 1940-2: S. Rhod. 
Infantry; Sgt.-Instr. 1942-3: K.R.R.C.; 
M.E.F.; Capt. Awarded C.-in-C. (M.E.)'s 
Commendation Cert. 

Brasenose 1946 (Hil. Term)-1948. Jurispr. 
2ndCl. 1948- .-Law Student. 

m. 1939. Dorothea Alicia Lisle Dawson. 
Two s. One d . 

cfo Standard Bank of S. Africa, Ltd., Bula- 
wayo, S. Rhodesia. 

1939, 1940 


[Rhodesia, cant.] 

SCOTT, ALAN JOHN. b. 5 Mar. 1918. Plumtree 
Sch., S. Rhod., & Rhodes Univ. Coll., B.Sc. 
1939-41 : A. & S. Highlanders; 1941-4: K.A.R.; 
Ceylon, Burma; T/Capt. 

Accepted by Jesus. Did not come into 

Killed in action 1 Nov. 1944. 


b. 17 Sept. 1920. Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & 
Rossall Sch., Engl. 

Exeter 1940 (Hil. Term)-1941 & 1946 (Trin. 
Term)-1947. Read Physics. B.A. 1945. M.A. 

1941-6: R.A.F., M.E.; F/O. 1947- : Geo- 
physicist, Seismic (Observer) with Seismograph 
Service, Ltd., London, Engl. 

clo Seismograph Service, Ltd., 3 A. London Wall 
Bldgs., London, E.C. 2, England. 


DA COSTA, HARVEY LLOYD. &. 8 Dec. 1914. 
Calabar High Sch., Kingston, Jamaica. External 
Student, Univ. of London, Engl. B A. 1938. 

St. Edmund Hall 1940 (Hil. Term)-1942. 
Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1942. Senr. Exhibitioner, 
St. Edmund Hall, 1942. B.Litt. 1947. 

1942-4: Law Student & Research, London, 
Engl. 1944-6: Senr. Temporary Asst., Min. of 
Supply. 1 946-9 : Asst. Examnr. , Inland Revenue. 
1949- : Colonial Office, London, and practice of 

7 Pedworth Square, Chelsea, London, S.W. 3, 


O'DEA, FABIAN ALOYSIUS. b. 20 Jan, 1918. 
St. Bonaventure's Coll., St. John's, Nfd., 
Memorial Univ. Coll., St. John's, & Univ. of 
Toronto, B.A. Dalhousie Univ. 1940-5- 
R.C.N.V.R.; Lt. 

Christ Church 1945-7. B.C L. 2nd Cl. 1948. 

1947-8: Law Student, London, Engl. Called 
to the Bar, Engl. 1948. 1948- : Practice of Law 
St. John's, Nfd. 

69 Le Merchant Rd., St. John's, Nfd. 


MINTOFF, DOMINIC, b. 7 Aug. 1916. liyceum 
Secondary Sch., Malta, & R. Univ. of Malta 

Hertford 1939-41. Engineering 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1941-2: Asst. Civil Engr., Engl., 1942-4: 
Civilian Garrison Engr. under South Midland 
Dist. (War Office Appointment). 1944-8: 
Engr., Malta. 1948- : Minister of Reconstruc- 
tion, Malta. 

m. 1947. 

131 St. Theresa St., Corpicera, Malta, G.C. 


1921. Prince of Wales Sch., Nairobi, Kenya 

Hertford 1939-42. Chem. 1st Cl. B.A. 1942. 

1942-5 : Research for British Atomic Energy 
Project (Research Chemist, I.C.I., Ltd., Alkali 
Divn.). 1946- : Research Chemist, I.C.I., Ltd., 
Plastics Divn. 

1 Elmwood, Welwyn Garden City, Herts., 



(Quebec), b. 27 Mar. 1917. Seminaire St. 
Charles Borrome'e, P.Q., & Univ. of Montreal. 
B.M. & D.M. 1940-6: Hosp, appts. & 
R.C.A.M.C.; Capt. Fellow & Res. Physician 
in Neurosurgery, Montreal Neurological Inst. 

University 1946-7. Medical Research. Re- 
signed Scholp. 

1947- : Med. Practice; Physician-in-Charge 
of Neurosurgery, Hdpital Notre-Dame, Mon- 
treal. F.R.C.S. (Can.) 1947. 

m. 1942. Claire Paradis. Two d. 

15 Springrove Crescent, Outremont, P.Q. 

chewan), b. 11 Mar. 1917. Swift Current 

Collegiate Inst., Univ. of Saskatchewan, B.Sc., 
& McGill Univ., M.D. 1941-5: R.C.A.M.C. 
Afr., Italy, NW. Europe, Engl.; Lt.-Col. M.C. 

Exeter 1946-8. B.Sc. (Med.) 1948. Ice- 
hockey v. Camb. 1947-8. 

1948-9: Grad. Asst., Nuffield Dept. of Clini- 
cal Medicine, Oxford. 1949- : Montreal Gen. 

m* 1946. Jeanne Sutherland Thompson. 
One s. One d. 

(Perm, addr.) 408 The Mayfair, 260 Metcalfe 
St., Ottawa, Ont. 

toba), b. 20 June 1919. Ravenscourt Sch., 
Winnipeg, & Univ. of Manitoba. B.A. 1940-2: 
Statistician, Dominion Bureau of Statistics, 
Ottawa. 1942-5 : R.C.A.F., Engl.; F/O. D.F.C! 
Queen's 1946 (HiL Term)-1947. Jurispr. 1st 



[Canada, cont."\ 

CL B.A. 1947. Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1946-7 

(Capt.). 1947: Called to the Bar, Engl. 

1948- : Practice of Law, Winnipeg. 

220 Yale Ave., Winnipeg, Man. 

DINEEN, JAMES OWEN (New Brunswick). 
b. 24 July 1920. Hampton Consolidated Sch., 
N.B., Univ. of New Brunswick, B.Sc. & M.Sc., 
Univ. of Toronto. 

Accepted by University; did not take up 

1941- : Univ. of New Brunswick; Assoc. 
Prof, of Elect. Engineering since 1947. 

m. 1941. Grace Catherine Archambeau. One 
s. One d. 

234 Parkhurst Drive, Fredericton, N.B. 

b. 10 Feb. 1918. Halifax Academy, Dalhousie 
Univ., B.A., Umv. of Toronto. M.A., & Harvard 
Univ., U.S.A. 1943-5 : R.C.N.V.R.; Lt. 

New Coll. 1945-7. Read Physics. 

1942-3- Lect. in Greek; 1947- : Asst. Prof, 
of Classics, Dalhousie Univ., Halifax, N.S. 

127 Coburg Rd., Halifax, N.S. 

GEORGE, JAMES (Ontario), b. 14 Sept. 1918. 
Upper Canada Coll., Toronto, Univ. of Toronto, 
B.A., University de Grenoble. 1940-5: 
R.C.N.V.R.; Engl.; Lt.-Comdr. 

Accepted by Christ Church; did not take up 

1945- ; Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa; 
Third Secy. 1945-7; Second Secy, since 1947. 

m. 1942. Carol FitzRandolph Parfitt. One jr. 

c/o Department of External Affairs, Ottawa, 

GERMAN, NEIL VICTOR (Alberta). b. 29 May 
1916. Public & High Schs., Calgary, and Univ. 
of Alberta. B.A. & LL.B. 

Accepted by New Coll.; did not take up 

1940- : Practice of Law, Calgary, Alta. Also, 
during the War, Asst. Enforcement Counsel, 
War-time Prices & Trade Bd. & War-time In- 
dustrial Control Bd., Alta. 

m. 1942. Katherine Irene dimming. One d. 

2307 Morrison St., Calgary, Alta. 

15 June 1917. Tweed High Sch., Ont., & 
McMaster Univ., Ont. B.A. 1940-3: Defence 
Industries, Ltd. (Can.) 1943-5: R.C.A.; Engl.; 
Lt. 1945-8: Univ. of Toronto Law Sch. 

Accepted by New Coll.; did not take up 

1948- : Practice of Law, Toronto. 

m. 1942. Muriel Isobel Clemens, One d. 

354 W aimer Rd, t Toronto, Ont, 

23 June 1919. Maryvale Abbey, Glen Nevis, 
Ont., McGill Univ., B.Sc. Agric., & Harvard 
Univ., U.S.A., M.A. 1942-5: Meteorological 
Divn. of Dominion Dept. of Transport, Canada, 
attd. R.C.A.F. 

Merton 1945-8. Research in Zoology. 

1948- : Lect. in Zoology, Dartmouth Coll., 
Hanover, N.H., U.S.A. 

(Perm, addr.) P.O. Box 41, Dalhousie Station, 


Columbia), b. 3 Mar. 1919., North Shore Coll., 
N. Vancouver, Univ. of British Columbia. B.A., 
& Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont. 1941-5: Sea- 
forth Highlanders of Canada, C.A.; Lt. & Can. 
Intell. Corps, C.A.O.; Capt. 1945- : Third 
Secy., Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa. Knight 
Officer of Order of Orange Nassau w. swords. 
Oriel 1946-8 (Mich. Term) (seconded from 

Dept. of External Affairs). P.P.E. (Shortened) 
2nd CL 1948. Cricket t>. Camb. 1947-8. Ice- 
hockey v. Camb. 1948. 

Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Ont. 


Australia). 6. 26 July 1918. St. Peter's Colle- 
giate Sch. & Univ. of Adelaide. B.A. 1940-5: 
A.I.F., Cavalry & H.Q. 9th Austr. Divn.; 
Austr., Borneo; Capt. 

Magdalen 1946-9. Jurispr. 1st CL 1948. 
B.C.L. 2nd CL 1949. Eldon Law Schoip. 1949. 

cfo Magdalen College, Oxford or Green Gables, 
Crafers, S. Australia. 

HILL, GORDON BARRATT (Western Australia). 

b. 6 Dec. 1916. Scotch Coll., W.A. & Univ. of 
W.A. BJBng. 1940-6: A.I.F., A.E.M.E.C.; 
Austr.; Major. 

Brasenose 1946-9. D.Phil. (Engin.) 1949. 
Trial Eights 1947. 

8 Binaaring Parade, Claremont, W. Australia. 

Wales), b. 7 July 1919. Sydney C. of E. Gr. 
Sch. & Univ. of Sydney, B.A. 1939-45 : A.I.F., 
H.Q.; M.E., Greece, New Guinea, Bougainville; 
Bde. Major, G.S.O 2; Major. O.B.E. D. 

New Coll. 1946 (Hil. Term)-1948. P.P.E. 
3rd CL B.A. 1947. R.F. v. Camb. 1946-8 
(Capt. 1947-8). Cricket v. Camb. 1946 & 1948. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1947. R.F. for Engl. v. 
Wales, Ireland, & Austr., 1947-8. Cricket for 
Oxfordshire 1947. 

1948-9: Asst. Master, Wellington Coll., 
Berks., Engl. 1949- : In Australia. 

m. 1942. Margaret Emily Marr. Two d. 

27 Holbrook Ave., Ktrribitti, N.S.W. 

TRELOAR, ALAN (Victoria). 6. 13 Nov. 1919. 
Gary Baptist Gr. Sch. & Univ. of Melbourne. 
B.A. & M.A. 1939-45: A.I.F.; M.E. & New 
Guinea; G.S.O. 3; Capt. 1945: Asst. Lect. in 
Classics, Univ. of Melbourne. 

New Coll. 1945-8. Hon. Scholar 1946. Hon. 
Mods. 1st CL 1946. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL 1948. 

1949- : Lect. in Classics, Univ. Coll. of 
Nottingham, Engl. 

m. 1945. Bronnie Griffin Taylor. 

(Perm, addr.) c\o New College, Oxford, 

TUDOR, EDWARD DAVID (Tasmania), b. 15 
Oct. 1917. The Hutchins Sch., Hobart, & 
Univ. of Tasmania. B.Eng. 1940-5 :A.E.M.E.C.; 
Austr. & EngL; Capt. 

Accepted by Corpus Christi; did not take up 

1946- : Mech. Engr., Australian Paper 
Manfrs., Ltd. 

m. 1945. Elizabeth Annette Elaine Adams. 
One s. 

48 Broadway, Cambenoell, Melbourne, E. 6, Vic. 

b. 26 Sept. 1917. Brisbane Boys* Coll. & Univ. 
of Queensland. B.Sc. Agric. 1941-5: A.I.F.; 
Singapore; Lt. P.o.W. (in Japanese hands). 
1945-6: Lect. in Botany, Univ. of Queensland. 

New Coll. 1946-9: Research for D.Phil. 
(Plant PhysioL). 

1949- : Lect., Botany, Univ. of Queensland. 

w.. 1945. Joy Leader Fisher. One s. 

Victoria Point, Brisbane, Queensland. 


GARRETT, HENRY EDGAR, b. 30 May 1916. 
Christchurch Boys' High Sch., Canterbury 
Univ. Coll. & Agricultural Coll. B.Agr.Sc. & 



[New Zealand, cont."] 

M.Agr.Sc. B.A. (Univ. of N.Z.). 1938-41 & 
1945-7: Asst. Lect. & Lect in Farm Manage- 
ment, Canterbury Agric. Coll., N.Z. 1941-5: 

Oriel 1947- : Research in Agric. Econ. 

m. 1944. Marjorie Joyce Davis. One s. 

Oriel College, Oxford, England. 

SPEIGHT, MURRAY WILLIAM. b. 17 June 1919. 
Auckland Gr. Sch. & Auckland Univ. Coll. 
B.A. 1940-5: N.Z.E.F.; C.M.F.; Lt. 

Accepted by Balliol. Did not come into 

Died of wounds in Italy 11 Apr. 1945. 


DREYER, ERIC HENDRIK (Boys* High School, 
Stellenbosch). b. 24 Sept. 1919. Boys' High 
Sch., Stellenbosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. 
B.Sc. 1940-5: S.A.A.F., Tech. Instr.; S. Afr. 
& Italy; Lt. 

Brasenose 1945-7. Engineering 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1946. B.Sc. (Engin.) 1947. 

1947- : Engr., Vanderbijl Engineering 
Corpn., Vereeniging, S. Afr. 

IS De Forest St., Vanderbijl Park, Transvaal. 


Nov. 1917. St. Charles' Coll., Pieterrnaritz- 
burg, & Natal Univ. Coll. B.A. & LL.B. 1940- 
5: S.A.A., U.D.F., M.E.F. T/Capt. & Adjt., 
2 Fd. Regt. P.o.W. (Italy & Germany) 1942-5. 
Brasenose 1945-7. B C.L. 2nd Cl. 1947. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1946-7. Called to the Bar, Engl., 

1947- : Practice of Law, Durban. 
m, 1945. Joyce Davies. One s. 

Ill Temple Chambers, Masonic Grove, Dur- 
ban, Natal. 

lege, Rondebosch). b. 30 Mar. 1921. Dioc. 
Coll., Rondebosch &Umv. of Cape Town. B.A. 
(Univ. of S. Afr.). 1940-3: R.L.I., U.D.F.; 
M.E.F. ; Lt. 1943-5: Instr. & Admin. Officer, 
Staff Coll., S, Afr. 

New Coll. 1946 (Hil. Term)-1948. Jurispr. 
(Shortened) 1st Cl. 1947. B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1948. 
Vmerian Scholp. 1948. 

1948- : Queen's Coll., Oxford; Lect. in Law 
1948, Fellow & Tutor 1949. 

m. 1948. M. M.-O. Genouville. 
Queen's College, Oxford, England. 

27 July 1919. Christian Brothers Coll., Pretoria, 
& Univ of the Witwatersrand. B.Sc. 1940-5: 
S.A.E.C., U.D.F.; M.E.F.; Lt. P.o.W. (Italy 
& Germany) 1943-5. t 

Exeter 1946-8. P.P.E. (Shortened) 2nd Cl. 
1948. R.F. v. Camb. 1946-7. Swimming v. 
Camb. 1947. R.F. for Engl. v. France 1946 and 
v. Austr. & Wales 1948. 

1 948- : Central Mining & Investment Corpn. , 

m. 1945. Anireen Ellen Howie. One d. 

P.O. Box 2323, Johannesburg. 

Province), b. 2 Dec. 1920. Dioc. Coll., Ronde- 
bosch. Univ. of Cape Town. & Univ. of Stellen- 
bosch. B.A. 1941-5: S.A.A.F.; Italy; Capt. 

Trinity 1945-8. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1948. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1945-6 (Capt. 1946). Cricket v. 
Camb. 1946. R.F. for England v. France, & 
Scotland 1947. Pres., Vincent's Club, 1947-8. 

1948- : Practice of Law, Cape Province. 

m. 1942. Helen Nora Adams. One 5. One d. 

Gwelo Lodge, Newlands Ave., Newlands, C.P. 

PRINSLOO, NICOLAAS (Orange Free State). 
b. 8 Dec. 1916. Ladybrand High Sch., O.F.S., 
& Univ. Coll. of O.F.S. B.A. & M.A. 1940-2: 
Private Secy, to Administrator of O.F.S. 
1942-3: Asst. to Town Clerk, Vereeniging 
Municipality. 1943-7: Asst. Secy., S.A. Assocn. 
of Municipal Employees. 

University 1945-6. Dipl. Public & Social 
Admin. 1947. 

1947- : Senr. Secretarial Asst., Vanderbijl 
Park Estate Co. 

m. 1942. Elizabeth Jane Pringle Ikking. 
Two s. 

P.O. Box 1, Vanderbijl Park Estate Co., 
Vanderbijl Park, Transvaal. 

College, Grahamstown). b. 24 May 1921. 
St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, & Rhodes 
Univ. Coll. 1940-5: R.D.L.I., M.E.F.; Lt. 
P.o.W. (Italy & Germany) 1942-5. 

Trinity 1945-8. Law Mods. w. Distn. in 
Part I, 1946. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 1948. R.F. v. 
Camb. 1945. Called to the Bar, Engl. 1948. 

1948- : Practice of Law, S. Afr. 
6 Grey St., Grahamstown, C.P. 

African College School), b. 31 July 1919. 
S. Afr. Coll. Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.Sc. 

Magdalen 1940-2 (Mich. Term). D.Phil. 
(Chem.) 1943. 

1942-6: R.N.V.R.; London, S.E.Asia, Ger- 
many; Dept. of Miscellaneous Weapons DeveL, 
Admiralty; Dep. Director, Admiralty Research 
& DeveL, India; Lt.-Comdr. 1946-7: Research, 
Johns Hopkins Univ., U.S. A. (Fellow by 
courtesy). 1947 : Research Electrochemist, 
Gulf Research & Development Co., Perm., 

m. 1947. Margaret Boyd Jones. 

Evergreen fid., R.F.D. 1, Allison Park, Penn., 



1920. Dioc. Coll., Rondebosch. 1940-1: 

Accepted by Trinity. Did not come into 
Killed in action 21 Nov. 1941. 


1921. Stansbury's, Claremont, C.P., & Welling- 
ton Coll., England. 

Christ Church 1940 (Trin. Term)-1941 & 
1945-7. Hist, B.A. (War Degree), 1941. 
Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. & M.A. 1947. 

1941-5: R.A.F.; Canada & C.M.F.; Flt./Lt. 
1947-9: Law Student, London, Engl. 1949- : 
Practice of Law, S. Rhod. 

m. 1944. Joan Patricia Barlow. 

do Barclay's Bank (D.C. & O.), Salisbury, 
S. Rhodesia, 


DARRELL, OWEN HARTEL. b. 16 Mar. 1921. 
Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Cheltenham Coll., 

Magdalen 1940 (Trin. Term)-1941 & 1946 
(Trin. Term)-1947 (Mich. Term). Hist. 
(Shortened) 3rd Cl. 1941. P.P.E. (Shortened) 
'B' 2nd CL 1947. B.A. & M.A. 1948. 1941-6: 
R.N.V.R.;E. Med.; Lt. 

1948-9 : Further study, London, Engl. 1949- : 
Market research for Brit. Export Trade 
Research Organizn., London, Engl. 

m. 1948. Pamela Nancy Skillington. 

Pitts Bay Rd., Pembroke, Bermuda. 


MARTIN, RONALD BROWN, b. 29 July 1917. 
Wolmer's Boys' Sch., Jamaica, & external 
student, Battersea Polytechnic, England. 

Brasenose 1940-1. Sci. Prelim. 1940, Athl. 
v. Camb. 1941. 

1941-3: R.A.F.; Malta; F/O. 

Presumed lost on air operations 11 May 

[117] 1940, 1941 


St. Bonaventure's, Nfd., Memorial Univ. Coll., 
Univ. of Toronto & Dalhousie Univ. B.Sc. & 
M.A.; Research Student 1940-3. Institutum 
Divi Thomae, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A., 
Research Student 1943-5. 

Ballioll945-8:ResearchforD.Phil. (Zoology). 
Beit Mem. Fellowship for Med. Research, 1948. 

1948- : Further research at Oxford. 

70 Bond St., St. John's, Nfd. 



BLAIR, DUNCAN GORDON (Saskatchewan). 
b. 23 Dec. 1919. Regina Collegiate Inst. & Univ. 
of Saskatchewan. B.A. & LL.B. 1941-2: Law 
Student, Saskatoon. 1942-5: C.A.O.; England, 
Italy; A/Capt. 1945-7: Third Secy., Dept. of 
External Affairs, Ottawa. 

Exeter 1945-7 (Mich. Term) (seconded from 
Dept. of External Affairs). B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1947. 
Ice-hockey v. Camb. 1946. 

1948- : Practice of Law, Saskatoon. 

m. 1946. Sarah Margaret Milton. One s. 
5 Riviera Apts., Saskatoon, Sask. 

(Ontario), b. 27 Dec. 1918. Nelson High Sch., 
Queen's Univ., B.A., & Grad. Sch. of Business 
Admin., Harvard, U.S.A.; M.B.A. 1947. 1941-6 : 
R.C.A.; N.W. Europe; Major. M.B.E. 

Accepted by Balliol; did not take up Scholp. 

1947- : Cost Accountant, Pulp Divn., 
Bloedel, Stewart & Welch, Ltd., Port Alberni, 

m. 1946. Frances Ellen Webb. One d. 

6162 Churchill St., Vancouver, B.C. 

BROWN, JAMES BROOKING (British Columbia). 

b. B May 1919. University Hill High Sch. & 
Univ. of B.C. B.A. 1941-4: Nat. Research 
Council of Can. ; Physicist. 1 944-5 : R.C.N.V.R. ; 

Queen's 1945-8. D.Phil. (Physics) 1949. 

1 949- : Asst. Prof, of Physics, Lingnan Univ., 
Canton, China. 

Dept. of Physics, Lingnan University, Canton, 

(Quebec), b. 8 May 1922. St. Charles Gamier 
Coll., B.A. & Laval Univ., B.S.S. & LL.L. 
1943-5: C.A., Arty. & Inf.; Lt. 

St. John's 1945-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1947. 

1947- : Practice of Law, Quebec City. 

14 de Bemieres Ave., Quebec, P.Q. 

GOLDEN, DAVID AARON (Manitoba), b. 
22 Feb. 1920. St. John's High Sch., Winnipeg, 
Manitoba Jr. Coll., & Univ. of Manitoba. LL.B. 

1942-5: Winnipeg Regt.; Hong Kong; Lt. 
P.o.W. (Hong Kong). 

Queen's 1946-7. Read Jurispr. Resigned 

1947- : Practice of Law, Winnipeg; Lect. 
Univ. of Manitoba Law Sch. 

m. 1946. Molly Berger. One s. 

508 Avenue Bldg., Winnipeg, Man. 

Scotia), b. 27 June 1919. Pictou Acad., N.S., 
Dalhousie Univ., B.A. & M.A., Princeton Univ. 
Grad. Sch., U.S.A., & Pine Hill Divinity Hall, 
Halifax, N.S. Cert, in Theology 1943. Ordained, 
United Church of Can. , 1 943 . 1943-5 : Minister, 
West Bay, N.S., & Chelsea, Quebec; Director 
of Informn. to non-Roman Catholic Churches 
for Canada, War-time Informn. Bd., Ottawa. 
1945-6: Lect. in Systematic TheoL, Pine Hill 
Divinity Hall. N.S. 

Keble 1946^-8: D.Phil. (Theol.) 1948. 

1949- : Prof, of Church Hist. & World 
Christianity, Union Coll. of B.C., Vancouver. 

m. 1944. Gwendolen Margaret Irwin. 

Union College of British Columbia, Vancouver, 


17 July 1921. Bishop's Coll. Sch., Lennoxville, 
&McGillUniv. B.A. 

1941-5: R.C.N.V.R.; Lt. 1945- : Third 
Secy., Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa & 
London, England. 

Accepted by Trinity; did not take up Scholp. 

c/o Dept. of External Affairs, East Block, 
Ottawa, Out. 

RETTIE, RICHARD SAMUEL (Ontario), b. 5 Dec. 
1918. Glebe Collegiate Inst., Ottawa, & Queen's 
Univ., Kingston, Ont. B.Sc. 

1941-6: National Research Council of Can., 
Radio Branch; Research Engr. 

Christ Church 1946-9. D. Phil. (Physics) 1949. 

1949- : Asst. Research Physicist, Nat. Re- 
search Council, Ottawa, 

m. 1944. Frances Amelia Gilham. 

Apt. A, 612 Bank St., Ottawa, Ont. 

(New Brunswick), b. 5 Apr. 1917. Moncton 



[Canada, cont.J 

High Sch., Mt. Allison Univ., B.Sc,, & McGill 

Univ., Ph.D. 1942-6. Dept. of National 

Defence; Organic Chemist. 1946: Acting Hd., 

Chem. Dept., Experimental Station, Suffield, 


Magdalen 1946-7. Chemical Research. Re- 
signed Scholp. 

1947- : Defence Research Scientist. Alta., 

m, 1944. Dorothy Anna Tinkess. One d. 
Officers' Club, Field Experimental Station, 
Suffield, Alta. 


b. 7 July 1919. All Souls' Sch., Charters Towers, 
Queensland, & Univ. of Queensland. B.Eng. 
1940-5: R.A.E., A.I.F. P.o.W. (Italy & Ger- 
many) 1942-5. 

Balliol 1946-8. Engineering 3rd Cl. 1947. 
B.Sc. 1949. 

1949- : w. English Electric Co., Ltd. (Air- 
craft Divn.), Lanes., Engl. 

Musgrave Rd.,Indooroopilly, Brisbane, Queens- 

tralia). .30 June 1919. Hale Sch. & Univ. of W. 
Australia. B.A. 1941-6: R.A.N.V.R.; Sub-Lt. 
Balliol 1946-8. (Special Examns. E 1 & E 3 
*w. Distn.') Engl. L. & Lit. 1st CL 1948. 

1948- : Research, Univ. of London (holding 
Rhodes Scholp.). 1949- : Lect. in Engl., Univ. 
of Durham, Engl. 

cfo Baikal College, Oxford, England. 

COWEN, ZELMAN (Victoria), b. 7 Oct. 1919. 
Scotch Coll., Melbourne, & Univ. of Melbourne. 
B.A. LL.B. & LL.M. 1941-5: R.A.N.V.R.; 
Lt. 1945: Lect., Univ. of Melbourne. 

New Coll. & Oriel 1945-8. B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1947, 
M.A. 1947. 1946- : Oriel Coll., Oxford; Lect. 
1946, Fellow & Tutor since 1948, Domestic 
Bursar since 1949. Vinenan Scholp. 1947. 
Called to the Bar, Engl., 1947. University Lect. 
in Law, Oxford, since 1949. 

m. 1945. AnnaWittner. 

Oriel College, Oxford, England. 

Wales), b. 26 Mar. 1918. Sydney C. of E. Gr. 
Sch. & Univ. of Sydney. B.Sc. 1940-5: Tech. 
Service Officer, I.C.I., Austr.; V.D.C., Bomb 
Disposal & Chem. Warfare; Sgt. 

New Coll. 1946 (Hil. Term)-1948. Research 
for D.Phil. (Chem.). Trial Eights 1947. 

1949- : w. I.C.I., England & later Australia. 
m. 1949. Joy D'Arcy-Evans. 

lRocklandsRd.,Wollstonecraft, Sydney, N.S.W. 

tralia), b. 6 Mar. 1919. St. Peter's Collegiate 
Sch. & Univ. of Adelaide. LL.B. 1945. 1940-4: 
A.I.F.; M.E.F.; Cpl. 1945-6: Law Student & 
Law Tutor, Universities Commn. in Common- 
wealth Reconstruction Scheme. 

Magdalen 1946-9: Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1948. 
B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1949. Eldon Law Scholp. 1949. 

m. 1948. Eleanor Caroline Jacobs. One s. 

9 Carter St., Prospect, Adelaide, S. Australia. 


STEWART, ALAN. b. 8 Dec. 1917. Mt. Albert 
Gr. Sch., Auckland Univ. Coll., & Massey 
Agric. Coll. B.Agr.Sc. & M.Agr.Sc. 1940-5: 
R.N.Z.V.R.; Lt. 1945-6: Asst. Lect., Massey 
Agric. Coll. 

University 1946-9. Research for D.Phil. 
(Agric.). R.F. v. Carnb. 1947-8. 

1949- : Lect., Animal Husbandry, Massey 
Coll., N.Z. 

Massey College, Palmer ston North, N.Z. 

RUMBOLD, JACK SEDDON. b. 5 Mar. 1920. 
St. Andrew's Coll., N.Z., & Canterbury Univ 
Coll. LL.B. 1941-5: R.N.Z.N.V.R. ; Flag-Lt! 
to Admiral Sir Gerald Dickens. D. 

Brasenose 1946 (Hil. Term)-1947 (Mich. 
Term). B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1947. Cricket v. Camb. 
1946. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1948. 

1948- : Practice of Law, Christchurch. 

94 Winchester St., Christchurch, N.W. 1, N.Z. 


HADDON, DACRE LOVETT (Diocesan College, 
Rondebosch). b. 10 Jan. 1922. Dioc. Coll., 
Rondebosch, & Univ. of Cape Town. 1941-4: 
U.D.F., Armoured Car Command,* M.E.F.; 
Lt. & Adjutant. 

Accepted by Trinity. Did not come into 

Killed in action, Italy, 6 July 1944. 

KENWOOD, DESMOND (Natal). 6. 23 Mar. 

1919. Michaelhouse, Natal, & Natal Univ. 
Coll. B.A. 1940-5 : First Natal Mounted Rifles ; 
S.A. Inf. Bde.; Kenya, Abyssinia, Egypt; S.A. 
Armd. Divn.; Italy; Cpl. 

Brasenose 1945-7. Geography (Shortened) 
2nd CL B.A. 1947. 

1947-9: Further study (Soil Erosion), Trans- 
vaal. 1949- : Native Affairs Dept., Natal. 

24 South Ridge Rd., Durban, Natal. 

Andrew's College, Grahamstown). b. 1 6 Feb. 
1921. St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown. 
1941-5: U.D.F., seconded to the Essex Regt.; 

Accepted by University. Did not come into 

Killed in action 21 Apr. 1945. 

(Boys* High School, Stellenbosch). b. 31 Oct. 

1920. Boys' High Sch., Stellenbosch, Univ. of 
Stellenbosch, M.Sc., & Univ. of Cape Town, 
B.Sc. 1945: Jr. Scientific Officer, Govt. Dept. 
of Dehydration & Cold Storage, Cape Town. 

University 1945-8. D.Phil. (Physics) 1948. 

1948-9: Univ. of Columbia, U.S.A., holding 
Fellowship in Physics from Carbide & Carbon 
Chemicals Corpn. 

99 Dorp St., Stellenbosch, C.P. 

METCALF, PETER (Cape Province), b. 1 9 Apr. 

1920. Caledon High Sch. & Univ. of Cape 
Town. B.Sc. 1940-5 : S.A.A.F. ; M.E.F. ; Lt. D. 

Trinity 1945-7 (Mich. Term). Engineering 
2nd CL B.A. 1946. B.Sc. 1948. 

1948 : Research Engr., Motor Industry 
Research Assocn., S. Afr. 

Caledon, C.P. 

College School), b. 23 Feb. 1922. S. Afr. Coll. 
Sch. & Univ. of Cape Town. B.Sc., M.Sc., & 
Ph.D. (Chem.) 1947. 1942: Jr. Lect., Univ. of 
Cape Town. 1942-6: Research Officer (Chem.), 
Leather Industries Research Inst., Grahams- 

University 1946 (Trin. Term)-1949. D.Phil. 
(Chem.) 1949. 

1949- : Further research in U.S.A. & Nat. 
Chem. Lab., C.S.I.R., S. Afr. 

Bishopscourt Estate, Claremont, C.P. 

WELSH, REX SIMPSON (Transvaal), b. 2 Jan. 

1921. Boys' High Sch., Pretoria, Univ. of 
Pretoria, B.A., & Univ. of the Witwatersrand, 
LL.B. 1943-5: S. Afr. Armd. Divn. & S. Afr. 
Arty., M.E.F.jLt. 

Oriel 1945-7. B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1947. Vinerian 
Scholp. 1947. Called to the Bar, Engl., 1947. 

[South Africa, cont.} 

1947- : Practice of Law, Johannesburg. 

m. 1943. Anne Margaret Feetham. One $. 

924 His Majesty's Bldg., Commissioner St., 


OUTERBRIDGE, JAMES, b. 5 Sept. 1922. 
Whitney Inst., Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., Eng- 
land. 1941-3: R.A.F.; M.E.F.; P/O. 

Accepted by Trinity. Did not come into 

Killed, shot while attempting to escape from 
P.o.W. Camp, Italy, 1 May 1943. 

[119] 1941, 1942, 1943 


1918. Wolmer's Sch., Jamaica. 1939-40: Asst., 
Colonial Secretariat. 1940-3: Agric. Dept., 
Jamaica. 194-3-5: Manager, Dairy Cattle* 
Property, Jamaica Bauxites Ltd. 

St. John's 1945-8. Agric. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1948. 

1948- : Agric. Statistician, Dept. of Science 
& Agric., Govt. of Jamaica. 

m. 1943. Olga Gertrude Lord. Two *. 

29 ^Sandhurst Crescent, Half -Way Tree, 



1921. Warwick Academy & Saltus Gr. Sch., 
Bermuda, & Exeter Sch., England. 

St. Edmund Hall 1940-2 & 1946 (Trin. 
Term)-1947. Law Mods. 1941. Jurispr. 
(Shortened) 3rd CL 1942. B.A. 1946. Called 
to the Bar, Engl. 1947. 

1942-6: R.A.; India; Capt. 1948: Law 
Student, London, Engl. 1948- : Practice of 
Law, Bermuda. J.P., Bermuda, 1948. 

m. 1948. Pamela Joan Allerton. 

Hilton, Paget, Bermuda. 


BUSUTTIL, EDWIN SAVIOUR, b. 17 Sept. 1923. 
Lyceum, Malta, & Royal Univ. of Malta. B.A. 
& LL.D. 

Christ Church 1946-9: Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1948. Research for B.Litt. (Law), 1948-9. 

1949- : Lect. in Internat. Law, R. Univ. of 

Wifiemroc, Dingli St., Sliema, Malta, G.C. 


KEEBLE, OLIVER JOHN, b. 15 Oct. 1920. Prince 
of Wales Sch., Nairobi. 1939-46: K.A.R.; E. 
Afr. & S.E.A.C.; G.H.Q., India; Major. 

Trinity 1946-9: Jurispr. (Shortened) 2nd Cl. 

1949- : Reading for Bar, Engl. & Practice of 
Law, Kampala, Uganda. 

m. 1949. Elizabeth Mackenzie. 

P.O. Box 26, Kampala, Uganda. 



1921. St. Edward's Coll., Malta, & R. Univ. 
of Malta. B,Sc, & M.D. 1946, 

Magdalen 1946-9: Research for B.Sc. (Med.). 

1949- : House Physician, Tropical Centre, 
Smithdown Rd. Hosp., Liverpool; also re- 
search at Univ. of Liverpool. 

117 St. Paid St., Valetta, Malta, G.C. 




LOWE, ROBERT CHARLES, b. 27 Sept. 1923. 
Whitney Inst. Sch., Bermuda, & Rossall Sch., 
England. 1942-5: R.A.F. & Meteorological 
Office, Bermuda; Cpl. 

St. John's 194S-8. Geography 3rd Cl. B.A, 
1947. 1947-8: Colonial Service Probationer. 

1949- : Colonial Admin. Service, Nigeria. 

m. 1949. Hazel Gwendolen Evans. 

(Perm, addr.) Fnthlowe, Paget East, Bermuda. 


XUEREB, GEORGE PETER, b. 6 July 1922. 
Lyceum, Malta, Pitman's Coll., London, Eng- 
land, & R. Univ. of Malta. B.Sc., & M,D. 
1941-3: Royal Malta Arty.; Gnr. 

New Coll, 1946-8. B.Sc. (Med.) 1948. 
1948-9: Univ. of London Postgraduate Med. 
Sch. (holding Rhodes Scholp.) 

117 St. Paul St., Valetta, Malta, G.C. 



MOTYER, ARTHUR JOHN. b. 15 Dec. 1925. 
Saltus Gr. Sch., Bermuda, & Mt. Allison Univ., 
Canada. B.A. Univ. of Toronto Grad. Sch. 

Christ Church 1946-8 (Mich. Term); Engl. 
L. & Lit. 4th Cl. 

1949- : Dept. of Engl., Univ. of Manitoba, 

The Willows, Hamilton, Bermuda. 


1925. Lyceum, Malta, R. Univ. of Malta. B.Sc., 

Balhol 1946-9, Maths. 1st Cl. 1949. 

1949- : Research at Oxford. 

m. 1948. Lucia Valentino. 

92A Bishop St., Valetta, Malta, G.C. 

Scholars Elected Since 1945 

In the year 1946 the number of scholarships from the British Dominions and Colonies 
was doubled in most constituencies. The object was to compensate for some of the 
scholarships lost through the war. 




AINSWORTH, A. H., British Columbia & St. 


ALDWINCKLE, R. M., Ontario & Christ Church. 
BROWN, K. C., Canadian Forces Overseas & 

CLUNIE, J. C., Canadian Forces Overseas Bal- 


DOUGAN, J. A., Alberta & Balliol. 
DUGUID, A. W., Canadian Forces Overseas & 


GOODMAN, N. R., Nova Scotia & Exeter. 
GRAHAM, J. W. W., Canada-at-Large & Hertford. 
GRAHAM, V. E., Canada-at-Large & Oriel. 
GRAND Y, J. F., Canadian Forces Overseas & 

Christ Church. 

GUNTON, R. W., Ontario & University. 
LANGLAIS, P. H. C., Quebec & Wadham. 
LARKIN, P. A., Saskatchewan & Exeter. 
MACKINNON, A. J., Canada-at-Large & Exeter. 
MOYSE, R. J., Manitoba & Balliol. 
SCOTT, H. F., Canada-at-Large & Jesus. 
SMITH, W, Y., New Brunswick & University. 
TUCKER, E. B., Canada-at-Large & New College. 
WANKLYN, D. L, Quebec & Trinity. 
WEINER, M, L., Canadian Forces Overseas & 



ARCUS, A. L., Western Australia & Keble. 
CASH, A. H., Victoria & New College. 
DONALDSON, G. W., Queensland & Balliol. 
DONOVAN, F. P., Queensland & Magdalen. 
GATES, R, C., Tasmania & Keble. 
GOUGH, J. L M South Australia & Christ Church. 
MILLER. C. H., Tasmania & St. John's. 
PIPER, H. W., South Australia & Magdalen. 
ROSSITER, G. G., Western Australia & Merton. 
STRETTON, H., Victoria & Balliol. 
WILLIAMS, L. S., New South Wales & Brasenose. 
WOODWARD, W. W., New South Wales & Brase- 


CAWKWELL, G. L., Christ Church. 
HARRIS, B. F., Balliol. 
RIDLEY, J. W., University, 

BATCHELOR, G, B., Natal & Exeter. 

BECK, C. E. L., Orange Free State & Brasenose. 

BOUSTRED, W. G., St. Andrew's College, Gra- 

hamstown, & Trinity. 
DE LISLE, M. H., Diocesan College, Ronde- 

bosch, & Trinity. 

DOUGLAS, K. H., Eastern Province & New Col- 

GOOLDEN, P., Cape Province & Trinity. 
HOPE, R. A., Transvaal & Corpus Christi. 
KINKEAD-WEEKES, N. K., Eastern Province & 

KNOLL, L. B., South African College School & 

St. Edmund Hall. 
MANDELBROTE, B. M., South African College 

School & M.erton. 

NiENABER, M, W. P., Stellenbosch & Oriel. 
PENNINGTON, R. F., Natal & Trinity. 
PLEWMAN, R. P., Transvaal & Queen's. 
SMITH, J. H., Stellenbosch & Lincoln. 
VAN RooY, C. A., Orange Free State & Corpus 

VAN RYNEVELD, A. J., Diocesan College, Ronde- 

bosch, & Trinity. 

WAHL, J. R., Cape Province & Balliol. 
WALLIS, P. F. D., St. Andrew's College, Gra- 

hamstown, & Trinity. 


ARMITAGE, F. B., Brasenose. 
HOGAN, J. P., St. Edmund HalL 
LIVINGSTON, C. R. M., St. John's. 
MCDONALD, L, Jesus. 
McGRAW, J., BallioL 
STANDISH-WHITE, D. W., Worcester. 


CRAWFORD, T. L, Lincoln. 
MISICK, M. C., Brasenose. 


BONITTO, J. H. D., Queen's. 
ELLINGTON, E. V., Hertford. 


SULTANA, D. E., St. John's, 




BLAKENEY, A. E., Nova Scotia & Queen's. 
CARTER, E. R. E., New Brunswick & University. 
C6TE", J. M. G., Quebec & St. John's. 
FRAZER, G. F., Ontario & Balliol. 
GlLLESPiE, A- W., British Columbia & Queen's. 
HENDRICK, K. C., Ontario & Brasenose. 
HOOTON, F. G., Manitoba & Christ Church. 
LAMBERT, M. J. A., Alberta & Hertford. 
MCDONALD, J. A., Saskatchewan & Exeter. 
PATERSON, J. A., Quebec & BallioL 


CLARKE, J. R., Western Australia & St. John's. 
HOSKING, N. G., South Australia & Christ 


HUGHES, P. W., Tasmania 8s Wadham. 
SERLE, A. G., Victoria & University. 
STEWART, D. R., New South Wales & Trinity. 
WHYTE, H. M., Queensland & Balliol. 


BOGLE, G. S., Oriel. 
DAVIES, R. O., Oriel. 


In this year there was no election for 
South African College School. 

CALDER, D. R. Natal & Merton. 
FERRANDI, N. C. H., Cape Province & Trinity. 
HALL, A. D., Eastern Province & Wadham. 
JOUBERT, D. de W., Stellenbosch & Trinity 

(died 1947). 
KANNEMEYER, D. D. V., St. Andrew's College, 

Grahamstown, & Wadham. 
RAAL, F. A., Orange Free State & Keble. 

VAN RYNEVELD, C. B., Diocesan College, Ronde- 

bosch, & University. 
WALKER, R. McC., Transvaal & Balliol. 


BALL, J. S., Brasenose. 
CANDLER, D. C., Keble. 
MUNDY, H. R., Worcester. 


In this year there was no election for 


THOMPSON, D. J., Merton. 


MORGAN, H. B., Pembroke. 


STAINES, R. A., Worcester. 


SANDS, J. S., Worcester. 
VAIL, J. W., St. Edmund Hall. 


DATTA, A. K., Christ Church. 
KUMAR, L., Magdalen. 



In this year there was no election for 
Nova Scotia. 

ANGLIN, D. G.. Ontario & Corpus Christi. 
BlGGS, D. B., Saskatchewan & Exeter. 
CARTER, A. N., New Brunswick & University. 
COATES, D. F., Quebec & New College. 
CURRIE, N. E., Manitoba & Christ Church. 
GfiRiN-LAjOlE, J. J. H. J., Quebec & Pembroke. 
GORDON, R. L v Albegrta & Magdalen. 

MACDONALD, H. W., British Columbia & 

WILSON, B.A., Ontario & University. 


DAVIES, L. W., New South Wales & Lincoln. 
ELLIOTT, C, E., Queensland & Balliol. 
FREARSON, L. W., Western Australia & Balliol. 
POTTS, R. B., South Australia & Queen's. 
SHAW, R. R., Victoria & New College. 
STRETTON, A. M., Tasmania Lincoln. 



PACKARD, W. P., University. 
WOODS, L. C., Merton. 


In this year there was no election for the 

BARNES, J. G., Natal & Trinity. 
HEFER, W. J., Orange Free State & University. 
HOFMEYR, M. B., Cape Province & Worcester. 
KOORNHOF, P. G. J., Stellenbosch & Hertford. 
MELLISH, A. R., South African College School 

& Oriel. 
THOMSON, I. G., St. Andrew's College, Gra- 

hamstown, & Trinity. 
ViNTCENT, A. N., Diocesan College, Ronde- 

bosch, & Trinity. 


EWING, B, V., St. John's. 
MUNDY, B. C. M., Pembroke. 


BARNARD, R. L., Brasenose. 


MOTT-TRILLE, F. R., St. John's. 


DUNFIELD, A. H., Christ Church. 
WOOD, J. R. L., Worcester. 


MIFSUD, F. M., Oriel. 


PHILIP, E. L., Christ Church. 
WARRIAR, C. R., New College. 



BEACH, H. D., Saskatchewan & Exeter. 

CAMPBELL, D. R., Ontario & Balliol. 

CHARPENTIER, J. P. E., Quebec & St. John's. 

HANINGTON, P., Nova Scotia & Magdalen. 

HOWARTH, E. M. V., Ontario & Queen's. 

KENDALL, A. G., Quebec & Merton. 

LA FOREST, G. V. J., New Brunswick & St. 

LYON, P. V., Manitoba & New College. 

MEALING, S. R., Alberta & Oriel. 

TURNER, J. N. W., British Columbia & Magda- 


BURNS, C. L., Victoria & Balliol. 
DUNN, H. A. Queensland & New College. 
DuRACK, P. D., Western Australia & Lincoln. 
HEYWARD, O. S., Tasmania & Oriel. 
JOSE, A. D., South Australia & Brasenose. 


Wales & Trinity. 


BURCHFIELD, R. W. Magdalen. 
FOULKES, F., Balliol. 


BURGER, A. J,, Orange Free State & Hertford. 
DE WET, P. M. M., Natal & Trinity. 
FERGUSON, A. D., St. Andrew's College, 

Grahamstown, & Trinity. 
HENDERSON, D. S., Eastern Province & Lincoln. 

HEYWOOD, C.. Stellenbosch & New College. 
NEWDIGATE^H. J,, Diocesan College, Ronde- 

bosch, & University. 

PRETORIUS, D. J., Cape Province & Worcester. 
SMALL, H. D., Transvaal & St. John's. 
WRENSCH, B. E., South African College School 

& Corpus Christi. 


FIELDSEND, B. R., Queen's. 
JAFFEY, J. M,, St. Edmund Hall. 
SALMON, R. C., Exeter. 


BUTTERFIELD, H. C,, University. 


WYNTER, H. L., Exeter. 


GREENE, J. J. L., Merton. 


GALEA, J. M. P., University. 




MURAD> A., Brasenose. 


CECIL RHODES left two scholarships to each of the American 
states and provided in his will that territories, as admitted to 
statehood, should have a corresponding number of Scholarships 
allotted to them. In 1904, when the Scholarships were In- 
augurated, competitions were held in forty-eight states, including 
certain territories which had already been assured of admission. 
Since each Scholar was presumably entitled to three years at 
Oxford, competitions were held two years out of three In all 
states, with no elections In the third year. There were, conse- 
quently, American elections in 1904 and 1905, in 1907 and 1908, 
in 1910 and 1911, in 1913 and 1914, with no elections In 1906, 
1909, 1913, and 1915. 

Since this plan resulted in a very uneven demand upon space 
in Oxford colleges for American Rhodes Scholars, In 1916 states 
were staggered In three groups, so that there should be from the 
whole country thirty-two appointments each year. This system, 
which still gave a competition two years out of three In a given 
state, was continued until 1939, 

In 1930, under authority granted by the Rhodes Trust Act of 
1939, American appointments were made on what Is called the 
district plan. The states of the Union are grouped Into eight 
districts of six states each for the purpose of making these 
appointments. There is a competition every year in every state. 
In each state there is a committee of selection which may nominate 
two candidates to appear before the district committee. Each 
district committee then selects from the twelve candidates so 
nominated not more than four men who will represent their 
states as Rhodes Scholars at Oxford, 



ASHBY, STANLEY ROYAL (Texas), b. 19 Apr. 
1880, Lincoln, Neb. H.S., & Univ. of Texas. 
A.B. PBK. 

Merton 1904-7: Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1907. M.A. 1923. 

Harvard Univ. M.A. 1925. Ph.D. (Engl.) 1927. 

1907-12 & 1915-21: Instr. in Engl., Univ. of 
Texas. 1912-15: Practice of Law, San Antonio, 
Texas; 1918-19: Welfare Work with French 
Army, 1921-7: Harvard Univ., Grad. Study & 
Teaching. 1927-30: Teaching Engl., Boston 
Univ. & Univ. of Mich. 1930- : Univ. of 
Maine; Prof, of Engl. 1940-4; Prof. Emeritus 
since 1944. 

w. 1918. Olga Earle Womack (d. 1933). 
One y. 

University of Maine., Orono, Me. 

26 May 1882. Union City (Mich.) H.S., Olivet 
Coll., & Univ. of Mont, A.B. 

Christ Church 1904-7. Theol. 1st Cl. B.A. 
1929. M.A. 1937. 

1907-12: Pastor, 1st Presbyt. Ch., Coldwater, 
Mich. 1912-18: Pastor, 1st Presbyt. Ch., Battle 
Creek, Mich. 1918-22: Pastor, 1st Presbyt. Ch., 
Flint, Mich. 1922-48: Pastor, Overbrook 
Presbyt. Ch , Philadelphia. 

Hon. D.D. Alma Coll. 1916. Pres., Phila- 
delphia Rotary Club, 1928-9. Pres., Philadelphia 
Ch. Federation, 1941-3. Moderator, Presbytery 
of Philadelphia 1936-8. Member, Gen. Council 
Presbyt. Ch., U.S.A., 1938-44. Chmn., Presbyt. 
War-time Service Commission, 1941-8. Pres., 
Philadelphia Council of Churches, 1946-7. 
Delegate to World Council of Churches, 
Amsterdam, 1948. Nat. Chmn., Restoration 
Fund of Presbyt. Ch. 

m. 1908. Myrtle Kendall Montague. Threes. 
One d. 

Died 29 Dec. 1948. 

BEVAN, RALPH HERVEY (Rhode Island), b. 

21 July 1881. Hope St. H.S., Providence, & 
Brown Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Worcester 1904-7. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1906. 

1907-14: Study of Law. 1914- : Research 
& writing in^ fields of religion, education, inter- 
national affairs, & eugenics. 

Publ.: Numerous arts, in fields indicated 

255 Hope St., Providence, R.L 

12 Jan. 1884. Shelbina H.S. & Univ. of Mo. 

Wadham 1904-7. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 

1907-9: Study of Law, Washington Univ., 
St. Louis. 1909-40: Practice of Law, St. Louis. 

m. (1) 1922. Anne Herrmann. (Marriage 
dissolved.) (2) 1936. Marie Caroline Kleyer. 

Died 6 Jan. 1940. 

Virginia), b. 4 June 1883. Prep. Sch. of Univ. 
of W. Va. & Univ. of W. Va. A.B. & M.A. 
Also Chicago Univ. 1903-4. PBK. 

St. John's 1904-7. Engl. L. & Lit. 1st CL 
B.A. 1906. B.Litt. 1907. Magdalen (Sen. Demy) 

1908-9: Cornell Univ. 1909-46: Instr. to 
Sterling Prof, of Engl., Yale Univ. Exchange 
Prof., Univ. of London, 1920. Research Assoc., 
Huntington Library, 1928-9. 

Hon. M.A. Yale Univ. D.Litt. Lawrence 

m. 1909. Grace Elizabeth Drakeford. Two 5. 
(one dcd.). One d. 

Publ.: The Shakespeare Apocrypha, 1908, 
revised edn. 1918. Ed. Shakespeare's Plutarch, 

1909. The Works of Christopher Marlowe, 1909. 
The Tudor Drama, 1911. (In collab.), Shake- 
speare's Principal Plays, 1914, revised edns. 
1927, 1935. Contrib. to Oxford of Today by 
L. A. Crosby, Frank Aydelotte, & Alan Valentine, 
1923. Ed. The American Oxonian, 1922-9. The 
Shakespeare Songs, 1929. Life of Christopher 
Marlowe, 1930. Ed. (in collab.) English Drama, 
1580-1642, 1933. Essays on Shakespeare and 
Other Elizabethans (posthumous), 1948. Editor, 
The Yale Shakespeare. Numerous arts, & 
contnbs. to encyclopedias. 

Died 22 June 1946. 

23 July 1881. Ga. Mil. Coll. & Univ. of Ga. 
A.B. PBK. 

Brasenose 1904-7. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1907. 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D. (Am. Hist.) 1912. 

1907-19: Prof, of Hist., Univ. of Ga. (1911- 
12: Instr., Univ. of Wis.) 1920- : Univ. of 
Ga. ; Dean, Coll. of Bus. Admin., 1920-45 ; Dean 
of Facs., 194S-7; Prof, of Econ. and Dean 
Emeritus since 1947. 1942: Regional Price 
Exec., O.P.A., Atlanta. 

Kahn Travelling Fellowship 1930-1. Pres., 
Southern Econ. Assoc., 1934. Pres., Am. Assoc. 
of Coll. Schs. of Bus., 1938-9. Organized Inst. 
for the Study of Ga. Problems, 1937. Dir., Inst. 
of Public Affairs, Univ. of Ga., since 1927. 

m. 1908. Josephine Edmundson Reid. 
Three d. 

PubL: A Bibliography of Georgia History, 

1910. A History of Georgia, 1913. The Agrarian 
Revolution in Georgia, 1865-1912, 1914. 'The 
Papers of Howell Cobb', (Ga. Hist. Quarterly, 
vols. v & vi), 1921-2. The Industrialization of 
the South, 1929. The Independence Movement in 
India, 1931. Financing Government in Georgia, 
1850-1944, 1946. (In collab.) A Bibliography of 
the History of the South, 1918. Correspondence 
Addressed to John C. Calhoun, 1929. State 
Supervision of Local Fiscal Affairs in Georgia, 
1948. Arts, and contrib. to encyclopedias on 
Southern affairs. 

Univ. of Ga., Athens, Ga. 

BROWN, JULIUS ARTHUR (New Hampshire). 

b. 8 May 1880. Hamilton Inst.. New York City. 
Dartmouth Coll. A.B. & A.M. PBK. 

New Coll. 1904-7. B.Sc. (Physics) 1906. 

1907-9: Asst. Prof, of Physics, Dartmouth 
Coll. 1909-45: Am. Univ. of Beirut; Dean of 
Div. of Arts and Sciences 1939-44, Prof, of 
Astronomy & Dir. of Observatory 1919-45, 
retired 1945. 1916-18: Lect., Columbia Univ. 
1918-19: Maj., Am. Red Cross, Palestine. 
1926-7: Research Asst., Mt. Wilson Observa- 
tory. 1946-8: Lect. in Astronomy, Colgate 
Univ., retired 1948. 

m. 1909. Helen Conner. Four s. One d. 

47 Broad St., Hamilton, N.Y. 

21 Aug. 1883. Del. Coll. A.B. 

Brasenose 1904-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1907-17: Practice of Law, Wilmington, Del. 
1917-19: Army Y.M.C.A., U.S.A. 1919-21: 
Gen. Secy., Y.M.C.A., Nashville, Tenn. 1922- 
35: Principal, Friends' Sch., Wilmington. 
1935-45: Dir. of Personnel Records, Univ. of 
Del. 1941-5: Actg. Dir. of Placement Bureau, 



Univ. of Del. 1945- : Registrar & Dir. of 
Admissions, Univ. of Del. 

m. (1) 1914. Helen Gertrude Townsend 
(d. 1925). (2) 1930. Elinor Miller Hampson. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Friends' School m Wilming- 
ton, 1948. 

Black Gates Rd., R.D. No. 2, Wilmington, DeL 

CAROTHERS, NEIL (Arkansas), b. 19 Sept. 
1884. Little Rock H.S. & Univ. of Ark. A.B. 

Pembroke 1904-7. Dipl. Econ. 

Princeton Ph.D. (Econ.) 1916. 

1907-14: Asst. Prof, of Econ., Univ. of Ark. 
1914-16: Grad. Fellow, 'Princeton. 1916-17: 
Asst. Prof, of Econ., Princeton. 1917-19: Capt., 
U.S. Army. 1919-20: Econ. Expert, U.S. Dept. 
of State. 1920-3: Banking. 1923-35: Prof, of 
Econ. & Dir., Coll. of Bus. Admin., Lehigh 
Univ. 1935- : Macfarlane Prof, of Econ. & 
Dean, Coll. of Bus. Admin., Lehigh; 1936-8: 
Actg. Hd., Dept. of Industr. Engr., Lehigh'; 
1939-42: Dir. of surveys of canning & pine- 
apple industry. 

Vice-Pres. of Economists' Nat. Com. on 
Monetary Policy 1933-47. Econ. Adviser, 
Republican Nat. Campaign Corn., 1936-44. 
Conductor of Educ. Program in Econ., Gen. 
Electric Co., 1948. 

m. 1917. Eileen K. M. Hamilton. Three s. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Economic Agencies of the 
World War, 1920. Fractional Money, 1930. 
Experimenting with our Money, 1935. Silver in 
America, 1936. Basic Economic Factors, 1949. 
Contrib. to encyclopedias; numerous arts, on 
econ. and finance. 

807 West Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. 


b. 27 June 1883. Acad. of Grand Island Coll., 
Neb., & Grand Island Coll. 

Lincoln 1904-7. Lit. Hum. 4th Cl. B.A. 
1907. M.A. 1910. 

Univ. of Chicago Ph.D. (Classics) 1916. 

1907-9: Teaching, Sioux Falls, S.D., & Grand 
Island Coll. 1909-23: Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of 
Latin, Wm. Jewell Coll., Mo.; 1913-14: Univ. 
of Chicago. 1923-35: Assoc. Prof, of Latin, 
Ind. Univ. 

m. 1908. Mayme E. Bryan. Three s. 

Publ.: The Foreigner in Hellenistic Comedy, 
1920. ^William Warde Fowler, An Oxford 
Humanist, 1934. Arts, on classical and hist, 

Died 7 May 1935. 

&. 21 Jan. 1882. Lowell H.S., San Francisco. 
Univ. ofCal. 1901-4. 

Trinity 1904-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1907. 

1907- : Practice of Law and Business. 

m. 1917. Margaret Clark. One s. Two d. 

519 California St., San Francisco, Col. 

9 Sept. 1881. Prep. Dept., Univ. of Oregon, & 
Univ. of Oregon. A.B. PBK. 

University 1904-7. Pass Schools & special 
work in Archaeol. B.A. 1907. 

1907- : Teaching Classics, Univ. of Wash.; 
Prof, of Greek since 1933 ; Chmn., Gen. Studies; 
Exec. Officer of Dept. of Classical Languages & 
Lit., Univ. of Wash. 1917-18: Red Cross Ser- 

m. 1917. Ruth Fisk Anderson. 

PubL: Ed. of Ten Greek Plays, 1929. Joint 
editor, The Pacific Review, 

1038 E. 105th St., Seattle 55, Wash. 

15 Oct. 1883. Culver Mil. Acad. & Univ. of Va. 
A.B. & A.M. 

Magdalen 1904-7. Hon. Mods. (Classics) 3rd 

CL B.A. (War) & M.A. 1917. L.T. v. Camb. 

1908-16: Teaching, Culver Mil. Acad. 1916- 
18: 2nd Lt., 1st Gren, Guards; France. 

m. 1917. Cecil LyalL 

Killed in action 18 May 1918. 

FOBES, FRANCIS HOWARD (Massachusetts). 
b. 1 Aug. 1881. Phillips Acad., Mass., & Har- 
vard. PBK. 

Balliol 1904-7. Lit. Hum. 1st Cl. B.A. 1912. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Classics) 1912. 

1907-11 & 1912-13: Teaching Classics, Har- 
vard. 1913-15: Study in Europe and U.S.A. 
1915-20: Teaching, Union Coll., Schenectady. 
1920-48: Prof, of Greek, Amherst Coll. Retired 

Publ.: Ed. Aristotle's Meteorology, 1919. (In 
collab.) Christopherson's Jephthah, 1928; Theo- 
phrastus' Metaphysics, 1929. 

Pratt 304, Amherst, Mass. 

GIPSON, LAWRENCE HENRY (Idaho). &. 7 Dec. 
1880. Caldwell H.S. & Univ. of Idaho. A.B. 

Lincoln 1904-7. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1907. 

Yale Ph.D. (Hist.) 1918. 

1907-10: Prof, of Hist, Coll. of Idaho, Cald- 
well. 1910-11 & 1917-18: Grad. Dept., Yale. 
1911-24: Prof, of Hist., Wabash Coll., Ind. 
1924- : Lehigh Univ.; Prof, of Hist, & Govt., 
Hd. of Dept. 1924-6; Research Prof, of Hist., 
Lehigh Inst. of Research, since 1946. 

Hon. D.Litt. Temple Univ. Pres., Pa. Hist. 
Assoc., 1940-3. B< of Editors, Am. Hist. 
Review, 1946. Justin Winsor Award, Am. Hist. 
Assn., 1922. Hillman Award, Lehigh Univ., 
1947. Loubat First Prize, Columbia Univ., 

m. 1909: Jeannette Reed. 

PubL: Jared Ingersoll, 1920. 'United States, 
17751920' in The Expansion of the Anglo- 
Saxon Nations, 1920. The British Empire before 
the American Revolution'. Vol. i, Great Britain 
and Ireland, 1936; Vol. ii, The Southern Planta- 
tions, 1936; Vol. iii, The Northern Plantations, 
1936; Vol. iv, Zones of International Friction: 
South of the Great Lakes, 1748-1754, 1939; 
Vol. v, Zones of International Friction: The Great 
Lakes Frontier, Canada, The West Indies, India, 
1748-1754, 1942; Vol. vi, The Great War for 
the Empire, The Years of Defeat, 1754-1757, 
1946. Vol. vii, The Great War for the Empire, 
The Victorious Years, 1758-1760, 1948. The 
Moravian Indian Mission on White River 
(Indiana): Diaries and Letters, 1799-1806, 1938. 
Lewis Evans, 1939. Arts, on hist, subjects, con- 
trib. to dictionaries of Am. hist, and biography. 

'Rotha*, Panther Rd., Rydal, Pa. 

18 Mar. 1882. Manchester Coll. & Earlham 
Coll., Ind. 

Pembroke 1904-7. Hist. 3rd CL 1907. 

1907-11: Business and Teaching. 1911-19: 
Asst. Mgr., D. C. Heath & Co., Publishers. 
1919-47: Educ. Dir., Keystone View Co., 
Meadville, Pa.; Pres. since 1945. 

m. 1908. Daisy Cox. Three s. One d. (dcd.) 

PubL: Visual Instruction, 1927. How to make 
Handmade Lantern Slides, 1928. The Steno- 
graph & Lantern Slide m Education, 1930. 

700 Chestnut St., MeadviUe, Pa. 

4 Nov. 1882. Chicago Manual Training Sch. & 
Univ. of Chicago. Ph.B. Univ. of Chicago 
Law Sch. 

Worcester 1904-7. B.C.L. 2nd CL 1907. 

Univ. of Chicago Law Sch., J.D. 1907. 

1 907-1 1 : Prof, of Law, La. State Univ. 1911- 
12: Asst. Prof, of Law, Univ. of 111. 1912-14: 
Dean, Coll. of Law, Univ. of N.D. 1914-16: 



Prof, of Law, Univ. of Iowa. 1916-17: Research 
and writing, Harvard. 1917-18: Capt., U.S. 
Inf.; Instr., Officers' Training Carnps. 1919: 
Maj., Gen. Staff, Washington, D.C. ; Member, 
Construction Demobilization Com. 1920 : Mem- 
ber, Bd. of Contract Adjustment, War Dept. 
1920-1: Practice of Law, Washington, D.C. 
1921-4: Lect., research and writing, Oxford 
Univ. 1924-49; Alexandria, Egypt; 1924-39: 
Judge, Mixed Tribunal; 1939-41: Pres., Mixed 
Tribunal; 1941-9: Justice, Court of Appeals, 
Mixed Courts. 

Oxford Univ. D.C.L. 1926. 

m. 1908. Elaine Gopdale Read. Two s. 

Publ.: Contracts in the Local Courts of 
Medieval England, 1926. 'The Story of the 
Criminal Jury in the Civil Law and _ in the 
Common Law' in Legal Essays in Tribute to 
Orrain Kip McMurray, 1935. Arts, on civil law. 

4037 Gillman Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

HINDS, HENRY (North Dakota), b. 12 Oct. 
1883. Central H.S., St. Paul, Minn., & Univ. 
ofN.D. A.B. 

Queen's 1904-7. Geol. 1st Cl. B.A. 1906. 

1907-9: Fellowship, Univ. of Chicago. 1908- 
18: Geologist & Palaeontologist, U.S. Geol. 
Survey; Geologist in Charge for Fuel Adminis- 
tration & Capital Issues Com. 1918. 1918-20: 
Chief Geologist various companies in Sinclair 
Oil Group. 1920-8: Chief Geol. Officer & 
Dir. of vanous companies in Pantepec Oil Group. 
1928-33: Chief Geologist, Vice-Pres., & Dir., 
Pantepec Oil Co. of Venezuela and Pantepec 
Consolidated of Venezuela, Inc. 1933-48: Con- 
sulting Geologist specializing on petroleum in 
South Am. 

m. 1918. Beulah E. Schield. 

Publ.: Books & arts, on geol. & mineral 
resources of various areas. 

Greenwich Towers, Greenwich, Conn. 

4 May 1883. Colo. State Prep. Sch., Univ. of 
Colo., Univ. of Denver. A.B. George Washing- 
ton Univ. 

Christ Church 1904-7. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D. (Pol. Sci.) 1911. 

1907-9: Fellow & Instr., Univ. of Wis. 
1909-13 : Teaching & travel in China. 1914-17: 
Fac., Univ. of Wis. 1918-19: Capt., U.S. 
Army; Peace Conf., Paris; Am. Mil. Mission to 
Armenia. 1917-18 & 1920: Special Expert, 
U.S. Tariff Commission, Washington, D.C. 
1920-1: Travel in Far East. 1921-2: Conf. on 
Limitation of Armaments, Washington, D.C. 
1922-4: Drafting Officer on Commercial Policy, 
Office of Econ. Adviser, U.S. Dept. of State. 
1924-8: Lect. on Far East, Member of Fac., 
Harvard. 1925: Inst. of Pacific Relations, 
Honolulu. 1925-6: Technical Adviser, Special 
Conf. on Chinese Customs Tariff, Peking. 1927: 
Inst. of Pacific Relations, Honolulu; Lect. on 
China, Lowell Inst., Boston. 1928-38: Chief, 
Div. of Far Eastern Affairs, U.S. Dept. of State. 
1929: Repres. of Dept. of State at Congress of 
Internat. Chamber of Commerce, Amsterdam. 
1937: Adviser, Am. Deln., Conf. of Brussels. 
1938-44: Adviser on Pol. Relations, U.S. Dept. 
of State. 1942-4: Repres. of Dept. of State on 
Staff of Joint Intell. Com. of Joint Chiefs of 
Staff and Combined Intell. Com. of Combined 
Chiefs of Staff. 1 944 : Dir. , Office of Far Eastern 
Affairs, U.S. Dept. of State; Special Asst. to 
Secy, of State. 1944-7 : U.S. Ambassador to the 

Hon. LL.D. Beloit, Univ. of Colo., Univ. of 
Utrecht (Netherlands). Hon. L.H.D. & PBK 
Univ. of Denver. Hon. Litt.D. Calif. Coll. in 

m. 1938. Vivierme Barkalow. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Oxford and the Rhodes 

Scholarships, 1907. Juvenile Courts, 1908. The 
Most-Favored-Nation Clause in Commercial 
Treaties, 1910. Contemporary Politics in the Par 
East, 1916. China Today: Political, 1927. The 
United States and the Far East: Certain Funda- 
mentals of Policy, 1942. Collab. in producing 
Reports by U.S. Tariff Commission: Reciprocity 
and Commercial Treaties, 1919 ; Introductory Sur- 
vey of Colonial Tariff Policies, 1921; Colonial 
Tariff Policies, 1922; The Foreign Trade of 
Japan, 1922. Arts, in the field of pol. & foreign 
21 39 Wyoming Ave., Washington 8, D.C. 

JACOBSON, BALTZAR HANS (Utah), b. 17 Dec. 
1879. Normal Sch. & Univ. of Utah. A.B. 

Exeter 1904-7. Mod. Langs. (German) 2nd 
Cl. B.A. 1907. M.A. 1915. 

1907-30 : Teaching, Latin and Modern Lan- 
guages, High Sch. Dept. of Latter Day Saints 
Coll., Salt Lake City; Hd. of Dept. of Foreign 
Languages 1910-30. 

m. 1907. Sarah R. Stay. Three s. Six d. 

Died 17 Oct. 1930. 

JOHANSON, JOEL MARCUS (Washington), b. 
30 May 1879. Fairhaven H.S., Wash., & Univ. 
of Wash. A.B. PBK. 

Exeter 1904-7. Special work in Lit. 

1907-19: Teaching (German, then Engl.), 
Univ. of Wash. 

Publ.: (posthumously) Essays, Verse, and 
Letters of Joel M. Johanson, edited by R. F. 
Scholz, H. B. Densmore, R. B. Casey, J. B. 

Died 13 Dec. 1919. 

b. 31 Aug. 1879. Okla. City H.S. & Univ. of 
Okla. A.B. 

Brasenose 1904-7. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1907. 

1907-26: Practice of Law & Business. 1918: 
U.S. Officer Training Sch., Field Artillery. 
1926-45: Insurance attorney, New York City. 
Retired 1945. 

m. 1914. Ruth Kendall. 

181 S. Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles 36, Col. 

KIEFFER, PAUL (Maryland), b. 16 July 1881. 
Hagerstown H.S., Md,, & Franklin & Marshall 
Coll. PBK. 

Oriel 1904-7. B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1907. 

1907- : Practice of Law, Kieffer and Killea, 
New York City. 

Hon. LL.D. Franklin & Marshall Coll. Pres., 
Bd. of Trustees, Franklin & Marshall Coll. 

m. (1) 1918, Josephine Sullivan. One d. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2)1937. Mabel Wallace. 

31 Nassau St., New York 5, N.Y. 

bama), b. 29 July 1884. Starke's Univ. Sch., 
Montgomery, & Univ. of Ala. A.B. & A.M. 

Queen's 1904-7. Hist. 1st Cl. B.A. 1907. 
M.A. 1921. 

Univ. of Ala. LL.B. 1909. 

1907-9 : Teaching. 1909-17 : Practice of Law, 
Mobile, Ala. 1917- : Practice of Law, New 
York City. 

m. 1919. Lilla Worthington. Two s. 

14 Longview Ave., White Plains, N.Y. 

MERRIAM, HAROLD GUY (Wyoming), b. 
6 Sept. 1883. E. Denver H.S. & Univ. of Wyo. 

Lincoln 1904-7. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1907. M.A. 1912. 

Columbia Univ. Ph.D. (Engl.) 1939. 

1908-18: Teaching Engl.; Whitman Coll. 
1908-10, Beloit Coll. 1911-13, Reed Coll. 
1913-18. 1910-11: Grad. Study, Harvard. 
1919- : Prof, of Engl. & Hd. of Dept., Mont. 
State Univ.; Chmn., Div. of Humanities since 



1933. 1925-6: Grad. Study, Columbia Univ. 
1926 (Summer): Study, London & Oxford. 
1939-40; Prof, of EngL, Univ. of Ore. Editor, 
Frontier , 1920-7; Frontier and Midland, 1927- 
39. Dir., Federal Writers Project for Mont. 
(W.P.A.), 1937. 

PBK, Univ. of Wyo., 1940. 

m. 1915. Dons W. Foote. One 5. One d. 

PubL: Edward Moxon, Publisher of Poets, 
1939. Ed. Northwest Book, 1930; Northwest 
Verse, 1931. Ed. (In collab.) Readings for an Air 
Age, 1943. Also book reviews, arts., & essays, 

314 Connell Ave. } Missoula, Mont. 

MURRAY, EARLE WALTER (Kansas), b. 30 May 

1881. Joplin H.S. & Univ. of Kan. A.B. PBK. 
St. John's 1904-7. Special work in Roman 


1907-18: Assoc. Prof, of Latin, Umv. of 
Kan. 1918- : Marine Insurance, New York 
City: Vice-Pres., Appleton & Cox, Inc. 

m. 1913. Anna Warfield. Three d. 

4 Ardsley Rd., Douglaston, Long Island, N.Y. 

NIXON, PAUL (Connecticut), b. 23 May 1882. 
Thayer Acad., S. Braintree, & Wesleyan Univ., 
Conn. AJ8. & A.M. PBK. 

Balliol 1904-7. Special work in Class. Lit. 

1907-9; Teaching, Princeton & Dartmouth. 
1909- : Bowdoin Coll.; Prof, of Latin & Dean 
since 1918; resigned as Dean 1947, remaining 
as Prof, of Latin. 1918: 2nd Lt., U.S. Army. 
X 93 9-45: Dir. of New EngL Council. 

Hon. L.H.D. Wesleyan, Bowdoin. Hon. 
LL.D. Colby. 

m. (1) 1907. DorotheaM. Thompson (d. 1917). 
(2) 1919. Mathilde C. Spengler. One s. One d. 

PubL: A Roman Wit; Plautus (Loeb Classical 
Library), vols. i, ii, iii, 1924,&vols. iv, v, 1937. 
Martial and the Modern Epigram, 1 927. Numer- 
ous arts, and reviews in the field of class. lit. 

Brunswick, Me. 

PORTER, DAVID RICHARD (Maine). b. 21 Apr. 

1882. Bangor H.S. & Bowdoin Coll. 

Trinity 1904-7. Hist. 4th Cl. B.A. 1906. 

1907-34: Y.M.C.A. ; 1907-15 : Secy., Internat. 
Com. for Secondary Schs. & Hi-Y; 1915-34: 
Exec. Secy., Nat. Council, Student Div. 1935- 
43: Headmaster, Mt. Hermon Sch., Mass.; 
1934-5: Master of Religious Educ. & Chmn. 
Admin. Com.; 1938-41: Regent, 1941-9: Pres., 
Nat. Cum Laude Socy. 1943-7: World's Com., 
Y.M.C.A. Retired 1947. 

m. 1908. Alice Louise Hinckley. Two s. 
Two d, 

PubL: Ed.: Poems of Action, 1911; The 
Enrichment of Prayer, 1917; Dynamic Faith, 
1 927 ; Life Work of George Irving, 1 945. Worship 
Resources for Youth, 1948. Arts, on religion & 

2703 Queen's Chapel Rd., Mt. Rainier, Md. 

2 Dec. 1882. Shadyside Acad., Pittsburgh, & 

*18& W04-7. B C.L. 3rd CL 1906. 

1907-8: Teaching, Princeton. 1909-16: Prac- 
tice of Law, Pittsburgh; Attorney in Charge, 
Legal Aid Socy. 1915-17: Asst. U.S. Attorney. 
1917-18: Lt. to Capt., U.S. Inf. 1919: Counsel, 
War Dept, Bd. of Contract Adjustment. 1920-3 : 
Special Attorney, Bureau of Internal Revenue. 
1923- : Practice of Law, Pope & Ballard, 

m. 1914. Helen Giltinan. One s. One d. 

120 S. La Satte St., Chicago, III, 

READ, AMASA KINGSLEY (Louisiana), b. 
30 Nov. 1884. State Univ. of La. A.B. 

Christ Church 1904-6. Read EngL L. & Lit. 

Died 21 Mar. 1906. 

b .3 1 Oct. 1 884. W. S. Blight's Sch., Philadelphia, 
& Umv. of Pa. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1904-7. Read Hist. 

1907-9: Asst. Editor Everybody's Magazine, 
New York City. 1909-14: Secy, to Earl Winter- 
ton, M.P., & Asst. Editor The World (London). 
Naturalized British Subject, 1912. 1914-21.: 
City of London Yeomanry; Egypt & Gallipoh. 
Staff Appts. E.E.F., Egypt & Palestine. Provost 
Marshal; Colonel; D.S.O.; D.; Order of St. 
John of Jerusalem. 1921-8: Secy., The Con- 
servative Club, London. 1928- : Res. Dir. in 
Afr. of the Brit. S. Afr. Co. & Dir. of various 
companies; District Commandant, Salisbury 
District, S. Rhod. Defence Forces. 1939-40: 
Staff, E. Afr. Command. 1940-3: Commanded 
1st Battalion, The Rhod. Regt. 1943: Gen. 
Staff, India. 1943-5: S. Rhod. H.Q. Staff. 

Colony Commissioner for Boy Scouts, S. 
Rhod. 1930-46. Commissioner, Rhod. District, 
St. John Ambulance Brigade, since 1939. 
District Grand Master, Rhod. F. & A. Masons 
of EngL, since 1937. Chmn., Rhod. Agric. & 
Hort. Socy., since 1933. Knight of the Order of 
St. John of Jerusalem 1945. Created Knight 
Bachelor by Letters Patent 1946. Efficiency 
Decoration 1933. 

z. 1912. Mary St. Quintin Mary Wroughton. 
Two d. 

Charter House, P.O. Box 364, Salisbury, S. 

b. 24 Oct. 1880. Milwaukee H.S., Wis., & Univ. 
of Wis. A.B. & A.M. PBK. 

Worcester 1904-7. Special work in Anc. Hist. 

1908-17: Teaching Anc. Hist., Univ. of Cal. 
1917-21: Teaching, Univ. of Wash. 1921-4: 
Pres., Reed Coll., Ore. 

m. 1911. Cheryl A. Merrill. Threes One*/. 

PubL: (In collab.) Oxford and the Rhodes 
Scholarships, 1906. 

Died 23 July 1924. 

29 Dec. 1883. Ithaca H.S. & Cornell Univ. 

Braseiiose 1904-7. Read Jurispr. Resigned 
Scholp. Apr. 1907. AthL Sports t>. Camb. 
1905-7. Cross-country v. Camb. 1904. 

1907-9- Teaching, New York City Coll. 1909- 
12: Am. Consular Service. 1912-20: Writing, 
Journalism, & Business. 1920-4: Teaching, 
EngL Dept., New York Univ. 1922-6: Teach- 
ing Columbia Univ. 1926-33: Philadelphia. 
1938- : California. 1947- : Lect., EngL Dept,, 
Santa Barbara Coll., Univ. of Cal. 

m. (1) 1907. Clara L. Gordon. Twod. (Mar- 
riage dissolved.) (2) 1941. La Verne Cooper. 

PubL: The Crimson Feud, 1918. With Rapiers 
Drawn, 1918. When Thieves Fall Out, 1919. 
Fraser's Folly, 1919. Good and Valuable Con- 
sideration. Reputation. Reading for Self-Educa- 
tion, 1946. Effective Written English, 1949. 

One So. Salinas St., Santa Barbara, Cal. 

31 Aug 1883. Woodstock H.S., Vt., & Univ. of 
Vt. A.B. PBK. 

Wadham 1904-7. Read Jurispr. 

1908-26; Practice of Law, Randolph, Vt.; 
1908-16: Referee in Bankruptcy; 1917-21: 
States Attorney; 1921: State Senator; 1923-6: 
Secy of Civil and Mil. Affairs. 1926-34: 
Superior Judge. 1934-49: Asspc. Justice, Vt. 
Supreme Court. Chief Justice since 1949. 

Hon. LL.D.. Univ. of Vt. 

m 1913. Alice C. Mdntyre. One s. One d. 

Randolph, Vt. 


5 Apr. 1882. Public Schs. & Olivet Coll., Mich. 

Queen's 1904-7. TheoL 1st CL B.A. 1907. 



Prox. ace. for Ellerton Theol. Prize 1910. M.A. 

Yale Univ. A.M. (Philos.) 1908. 

1908-14: Assoc. Minister & Minister, 1st 
Congreg. Ch., Fall River, Mass. 1914-22: 
Mimster, Central Congreg. Ch., Boston. 1922- : 
Dean of the Divinity Sch., Harvard. 1929- : 
Chmn., BdL of Preachers to the Univ. 

Hon. D.D. Yale. Amherst, Brown, Williams. 
Hon. S.T.D. and PBK, Harvard. Hon. D.Litt. 
Boston Univ. 

m. 1908. Muriel Bennett. One d, 

PubL: The Disciplines of Liberty, 1921. 
Reality in Worship, 1925. The Paradox of 
Religion (Hibbert Lectures, Engl.), 1927. The 
Divine Reticence (Essex Hall Lecture, London), 
1927. Signs of These Times, 1929. 'Fes But', 
1931. What You Owe Your Child, 1935, Words- 
worth's Anti-Climax, 1935. We Prophesy in 
Part (Lyman Beecher Lectures, Yale), 1937. 
Strangers and Pilgrims (Lowell Inst. Lectures), 
1939. What We Mean by Religion, 1940. Sum- 
mer Yesterdays in Maine, 1941. Rebuilding Our 
World, 1943. Those of the Way, 1945. Religion 
in America, Engl. edn. 1945. Am. edn. 1946. 
jfesus, Then and Now, 1949. 

11 Francis Ave., Cambridge 38, Mass. 

TANDY, CLARK (Kentucky). b t 11 June 1882. 
Ky. State Coll. A.B. 

Exeter 1904-8. Hist. 3rd Cl. BJL 1908. 

Died 10 Jan. 1909. 

TIGERT, JOHN JAMES (Tennessee), b. 11 Feb. 
1882. Webb Sch., Term.. & Vanderbilt Univ. 
A.B. PBK. 

Pembroke 1904-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1907. M.A. 1915. 

1907-9: Prof, of Philos., Central Coll., Mo. 
1909-11: Pres., Ky. Wesleyan Coll. 1911-12: 
Prof, of Philos. & Psychol., Univ. of Ky. 
1913-16: Athl. Dir. & Hd. Coach, Univ. of Ky. 
1918-19: Y.M.C.A. & A.E.F., Engl. & France. 
1921-8: U.S. Commissioner of Educ., Washing- 
ton, B.C. 1928-47: Pres., Univ. of Fla.; Pres. 
Emeritus since 1947. Adviser to War Assets 
Admin, since 1947. 1939-45: Lt.-CoL, Special 
Reserve, U.S.R.C.; Naval Ordnance Develop- 
ment Award by U.S. Navy, Medal of Liberation 

Hon. LL.D. Ky., Bates, Univ. of N.M., 
Dickinson, Rollins, Stetson. Univ., La. State 
Umv. Hon. Ed.D., Rhode Island. Hon. D.C.L. 
Hillsdale Coll. Hon. L.H.D. Muhlenberg. 
Hon. D.Litt. Fla. Southern Coll. 

m. Edith Jackson Bristol. One s. One d. 

PubL : Bridging the Gap Between Our Know- 
ledge of Education and our Educational Public, 

1924. Visual Education Book of Rural Life, 

1925. Achievement How It Is Won, 1926. 
Religion Essential to Good Citizenship, 1929. 
The Era of Industrial Imperialism Introductory 
Views. 1936. (In collab.) High School Anthology. 

315 K Boulevard, Gainesville, Fla. 

VERNER, WILLIAM HENRY (South Carolina). 

b. 27 Apr. 1879. Univ. of S.C. A.B. & A.M. 

Christ Church 1904. Resigned Scholp. 1904 
(Mich. Term). 

Died 18 May 1905. 

VINCENT, GEORGE CLARK (Ohio), b. 29 Jan. 
1884. Central H.S., Detroit, & Westminster 
Coll., Pa. A.B. 

Queen's 1904-7 & 1908-9 (Holwell Exhibn.). 
Lit. Hum. 2nd CL Theol. 2nd CL B.A. 1907. 
M.A. 1929. 

1909-11: Actg. Pastor, Woodland Ave. U.P. 
Ch., Philadelphia. 1911-15: Pastor, U.P. Ch., 

Monmouth, 111. 1913-17: Pastor, U.P. Ch., 
Washington, Pa. 1917-25: Pastor, S. Park 
Presbyt. Ch., Newark, N.J. 1925-8: Pastor, 
Shadyside U.P. Ch., Pittsburgh, Pa. 1928- : 
Pastor, Union Congreg. Ch., Upper Montclair, 

m. 1913. Lois McMichaeL 

160 Cooper Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. 

16 Dec. 1882. Prep. Dept., Macalester Coll., 
Minn., & Macalester Coll. A.B. 

Pembroke 1904-7. Hist 2nd CL 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D. (Pol. Sci.) 1912. 

1902-4: Teacher, Macalester Acad. 1907-8: 
Teaching Hist., Coll. of Wooster. 1908-10: 
Grad. Dept., Univ. of Wis. 1910-11 : Princeton. 
1911-12. Univ. of Mich. 1913-18: North- 
western Umv. 1918-28: Special expert, Tariff 
Commission, Washington, D.C.; 1925-9: 
Georgetown Sch. of Foreign Service. 1929-31: 
Advising Ministry of Finance, Chinese Govt., 
Shanghai, 193 1-2 : Econ. Adviser to State Dept., 
participated in London Econ, Conf. 1933-47: 
Adviser to U.S. Tariff Commission; 1946: 
Member, Zaibatau Mission to Japan,* 1941-6: 
Started & financed all activities leading to 
Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946, 

w. (1) 1922. Katharine Seelye (d. 1938). 
(2) 1945. Leta Luella Browne. 

PubL: Contrib. to Effects of the Cuban 
Reciprocity Treaty of 1902, 1928. (In collab.) 
International Control of Raw Materials, 1930. 
Also numerous arts, of nat. interest. 

pied 5 Jan. 1947. 

26 Sept. 1881. Nashua H.S., Iowa, & Grinnell 
Coll. PBK. 

Oriel 1904-7. Engl. L. & Lit. 4th CL B.A. 
1907. M.A. 1911. 

1907-9: Teaching Hist., Fargo Coll., NJX 
1909-25: Teaching JEngL, Grinnell Coll.; 1918: 
Mil. Training, Fort Snelling & Fort Sheridan. 
1925-9: Teaching Engl. & French, Junior Coll., 
Cicero, 111. 1929-34: Ind. Umv. Extension 
Work. 1934-9: Tutor of Keewaydin Club, 
Naples, Fla. 1939-46: Prof, of Engl., Quincy 
Coll., 111. Retired. 

PubL: The Last Tea of Tsuki, dramatic scene 
set to music, 1928. Staging a Tertiary (Catherine 
in Henry VHI), 1944. 

Care Ernest Walleser, Charles City, Iowa* 

WINSTON, JAMES HORNER (North Carolina). 
b. 19 Sept. 1884. Homer Mil. Sch. & Univ. of 
N.C. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1904-7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 1907. 
L.T. v. Camb. 1907. 

1907-11: Practice of Law, Norfolk, Va. 
1911 : Practice of Law, Chicago; Member, 
Winston, Strawn & Shaw, 19 14-47; Member, 
Miller. Gorham, Westcott & Adams, since 1947. 

m. (1) 1908 Laura M. Flanagan (d. 1947). 
Two s. Two d. (2) 1949. Carita Reiss Bach- 

Suite 3500, One North LaSalle St., Chicago 2, 

YOUNG, PAUL MURRAY (South Dakota), b. 

3 Aug. 1884, Umv. of S.D. Prep. Sch. & Univ. 
of S.D. A.B. 

Oriel 1904-7. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1907. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1905-7. 

Univ. of S.D. LL.B- 1912. 

1908-12: Teaching & Study, Univ. of S.D. 
1912-38: Practice of Law, Mitchell, S.D. 

m. 1913. Alice V. Stenerson. One s. One d. 

Died 20 Dec. 1938. 



ALBURN, GARY RUDOLPH (Ohio). b. 22 Oct. 
1883 Rayen H.S., Youngstown, & Western 

-8. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1907. 

Lacrosse v. Camb. 1907-8. 

1909- Practice of Law, Cleveland, with 
special attention to Probate, Real Estate & 
Corporate Matters; 1911-15: Asst. U.S. 
Attorney for N. Ohio; 1920-2: Prof, of Corp. 
Law at John Marshall Law Sch. 

m. 1912. Helen A. Whitslar. One s. (dcd.) 
One d 

PubL: Arts, for Legal Periodicals. 

19102 Oxford Rd., Shaker Heights 22, Ohio. 

ALEXANDER, LEIGH (New Jersey), b. 9 Jan. 
1883. Westminster Coll., New Wilmington & 
Princeton Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Queen's 1905-8. Lit. Hum. 3rd CL B.A. 

Princeton Ph.D. (Classics) 1911. 

1908-9: p ro f. O f Classics, Rollins Coll., Fla. 
1909-11: Fellowship in Classics, Princeton 
Univ. 1911-13: Instr. in Classics, The Hill 
Sch., Pa. 1913-48: Oberlin Coll.; Prof, of 
Classics & Anc. Hist. 1926-48, andHd. of Dept. 

m. 1914 M(ary) Grace Ritchie. One s. 
PubL: The Kings ofLydia, 1913. 'The Origin 
of Greek and Roman Artillery*, 1946. 
Died 24 Oct. 1948. 

land). b. 29 Sept. 1882. Hagerston H.S., Md., 
& Princeton Univ. A.B. 

Oriel 1905-8. B.Sc. (Bacteriology) 1908. 

Johns Hopkins Univ. M.D. 1910. 

1910-20: Med. Practice & Hosp. Appts.; 
1910-12: New York Hosp.; 1912-15: Tuxedo 
Hosp.; 1915-20: Bellevue Hosp., New York 
City Ho&p. for Ruptured & Crippled, & Cornell 
Univ. Med. Coll.; 1918-19: Capt., Med, Corps, 
U.S. Army. 1920-47: Mutual Life Insurance 
Co. of N.Y., Med. Dir. 1933-47. Retired 1947. 
Pres., Armstrong Co. of Detroit, Chicago, & 
Dallas, since 1939. 

1927-9: Member, Grad. Council, Princeton. 

m. 1937. Sheila Helen Starr. Two s. One d. 

935 Park Ave., New York 28, N.Y. 

AYDELOTTE, FRANK (Indiana), b. 16 Oct. 
1880 Sullivan H.S., Ind., & Indiana Univ. 
A.B. PBK. Harvard A.M. 

Brasenose 1905-7 and 1912-13. B.Litt. 
(End. Lit.) 1908. TT . 

1908-15- Assoc. Prof, of EngL, Ind. Univ. 
1915-21: Prof, of EngL, Mass. Inst. of Tech.; 
1918- US. War Dept., Com. on Educ. 1921- 
40: Pres., Swarthmore Coll. 1939-47: Dir., 
Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J.; 
Dir. Emeritus since 1947. Am. Secy, to Rhodes 
Trustees sincefl 91 8. Chmn. , Educ. Advisory Bd., 
Guggenheim Foundation, since 1925. Chmn., 
N.J. Enemy Alien Hearing Bd., 1941-2. Chmn., 
Com. on Scientific Personnel, O.S.R.D., 1942, 

Hon. Fellow Brasenose Coll., Oxford, Hon. 
Degrees: D.C.L. Oxford Univ., Univ. of the 
South. LL.D. Allegheny Coll., Univ. of Cal. , 
Dickinson Coll., Ind. Univ., Univ. of Iowa, 
N.Y. Univ., Pomona Coll., Yale Univ.; D.Litt. 
Oberlin ColL, Univ. of Pittsburgh; I/.H.D. 
Univ. of Pa., Swarthmore ColL Pres., Assn. of 
Am. Rhodes Scholars, since 1930. Member, 
Anglo-American Com. of Inquiry on Palestine, 
1945-6. Member, Am. Philos. Socy., since 1923. 
Trustee, Carnegie Foundation, since 1922, of 
Teachers' Ins. & Annuity Assoc., 1923-7, of 
Inst. of Internat. Educ., 1925-41, and of World 

Peace Foundation since 1927. Member of 
Senate, Phi Beta Kappa 1931-49. Member, 
Bd. of Dir., Am. Friends* Service Com., 1 940-6. 
Trustee, Inst. for Advanced Study, since 1930. 
Member, Bd. of Mgrs., Swarthmore Coll., since 
1945. Dir. & Vice-Pres., PBK Assocs. Marfleet 
Lect., Univ. of Toronto, 1938. Sachs Lect., 
Columbia Univ., 1939. Hon. Member, Am. 
Assoc. of Univ. Profs. 

m. 1907. Marie J. Osgood. One s. 

PubL: Elizabethan Rogues and Vagabonds, 
1913. College English, 1913. Materials for the 
Study of English Literature and Composition, 
1914 (2nd edn. 1919). The Oxford Stamp, 1917. 
English and Engineering, 1917 (2nd edn. 1923). 
Honors Courses in American Colleges and Univer- 
sities, 1924 (2nd edn. 1925). (In collab.) Oxford 
of Today, 1922 (2nd edn. 1927). Breaking the 
Academic Lock Step, 1944; Engl edn. .1944. 
The American Rhodes Scholarships, a Review of 
the First Forty Years, 1946; EngL edn., The 
Vision of Cecil Rhodes, 1946. 'George Fox as a 
Man', Ch. XIII of Byways in Quaker History, 

88 Battle Rd., Princeton, N.jf. Office: Inst. for 
Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J. 

BELL, THOMAS SYDNEY (New Mexico), b. 
27 Mar. 1883. Univ. of Colo. & Univ. of N.M. 

Lincoln 1905-8. Read Jurispr. 

1908-10: Fellow in Internat. Law & Roman 
Law, Columbia Univ. 1910-12: Lect. on 
Internat. Law, Univ. of Wash. 1912-20: 
Practice of Law, Los Angeles, Cal. 1920- : 
Ranching & Business (lumber, oil, c.) & Mjgr., 
Charnock Ranch, Hemet, Cal. 

m. 1910. Mary Louise Freeman. 

PubL : Transl. of von Bar's History of Conti- 
nental Criminal Law, 1916. 

1570 Lombardy Rd., Pasadena 5, Cal. 

b. 19 Oct. 1885. Georgetown City Sch. & 
Georgetown ColL A.B. 

Queen's 1905-8. Mod. Langs. (Spanish) 3rd 
CL B.A. 1908. M.A. 1912. 

1908-10: Teaching, Rollins ColL, Fla., & 
Georgetown ColL, Tex. 1910-16: Teaching, 
St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N.H. 

Died 25 Sept. 1916. 

b. 26 July 1885. Tampa H.S., Fla., & Fla. 
State Coll. A.B. 

Pembroke 1905-8. Read Philos. & Anc. 
Hist. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1908. 

1909-14: Teaching, Tampa H.S., Fla., & 
ShreveportH.S.,La. 1914- : Supervising Prin- 
cipal, Gainesville Schs., Fla. 

m. 1914. Emma Katherleen Hardy. One s. 
One d. 

Gainesville, Fla. 

Island), b. 11 Dec. 1882. Mass. Inst, of Tech. 
& Brown Univ. Ph.B. PBK. Also Harvard 
Grad. Sch. 

Worcester 1905-8. B.Sc. 1908. 

1908- : Business, &c. Pres., Leonard W. 
Cronkhite, Inc.; 1917-18: War Industries Bd. 
& Special Agent, U.S. Dept. of Labor; 1942- : 
Electronic Instrument Associates, Boston; 
1946- : Pres., Atomic Instrument Co. Inc., 

Trustee, World Peace Foundation. Pres,, 
Assn. of Am. Rhodes Scholars, 1918-29. 

m, (1) 1909. May H. Hartwell (d. 1915). 



One d. (2) 1916. Orpah G. Brewster. Two s. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (3) 1933. Bernice V. 

14 Appian Way, Cambridge, Mass. 

ELIOT, SAMUEL ELY (Missouri), b. 22 May 
1882. Portland Acad., Ore., 8s Washington 
Univ., St. Louis. A.B. 

Hertford 1905-8. Theol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1908. 

Columbia Univ. A.M. 1910. 

1908-9: Instr.,Univ. of Ore. 1910-11: Secy., 
Nat. Cora, on Prevention of Blindness, New 
York City. 1911-19: Dir., Woods Run Settle- 
ment House, Pittsburgh, Pa. 1919-20: Am. 
Friends Relief Unit, Serbia. 1920-4: Agent, 
Standard Life Insurance Co., Pittsburgh. 
1924- : Exec., Manchester Educ. Center, 

m, 1908. Elsa von Manderscheid. One s. 

26 Gladstone Rd., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. 

ENSIGN* NEWTON EDWARD (Illinois), b. 3 
Tune 1882. Altamont Public Sch. & McKendree 
Coll., 111. A.B. 

St. Edmund Hall 1905-8. Hon. Mods, 
(Maths.) 3rd CL Maths. 4th Cl. B.A. 1908. 
M.A. 1932, 

Univ. of 111. B.S. 1911. 

1908-10: Student, Civil Engr., Univ. of 111. 
1910- : Teaching, Dept. of Mechanics, Univ. 
of 111.; Prof, since 1945. 

m. 1908. Flossie Bundy. Two s. 

PubL: (In collab.) Analytical Mechanics for 
Engineers, 1921 (2nd edn., 1933; 3rd edn., 1941 ; 
Spanish transl. of 3rd edn., 1948). 

610 Indiana Ave., Urbana, III. 

FORD, EBB JAMES (Mississippi), b. 22 Mar. 
1886. Webb Sch.. Term., & Univ. of Miss. 

Christ Church 1905-8. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 

1909-47: Practice of Law, Pascagoula, Miss. 
(1913-16 Gulfport); Mayor, Pascagoula, 1909; 
District Attorney 1909, 1911, 1915. Certificate 
of Merit by U.S. Congress and Selective Service 
Medal 1945. 

m. 1909. Eva E. Foster. Three s. 

Publ.: Many printed briefs for the U.S 

Died 25 June 1947. 

FOSTER, CAROL HOWE (Idaho). . 29 May 
1884. Weiser Coll, & Univ. of Idaho. A.B. 

Brasenose 1905-8. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. 
1908. M.A. 1916. 

1908-9: Fellow in Engl., Univ. of Chicago. 
1909-19: Engl. Dept., U.S. Naval Acad.; 1919: 
Assoc. Prof. 1919-21: Attache, U.S. Diplo- 
matic Mission, Vienna. 1921-4: U.S. Consul, 
Vienna. 1924-8: State Dept., Washington, 
D.C. 1928-34: U.S. Consul & Consul-Gen., 
Rotterdam. 1934-41: U.S. Consul-Gen., Sao 
Paulo, Brazil. 1942-5: State Dept., Washing- 
ton, D.C.; 1942-3 Gen. Adviser & Asst. Chief, 
Div. of Cultural Relations, 1944 Reviser of 
Foreign Service Regulations, 1945 Hd. of 
Foreign Service Sch. & Chief of Training Div., 
and Foreign Service. 1946-7: U.S. Consul-Gen., 
Cape Town, S. Afr. Retired 1947. 

1941: Hon. Citation, Univ. of Sao Paulo. 
Founding Member, Phi Beta Kappa Associates. 
m. 1916. Idah S. Pratt (ne Ambuhl). Two s. 
PubL: Arts. & monographs on foreign econ. 
hist., cultural achievements, consular account- 
dare 'Dept. of State, Washington, D.C. 

HACK, ROY KENNETH (Massachusetts), b. 
3 July 1884. Portland H.S., Me., & Williams 
Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Oriel 1905-8. B.Litt. (Class. Archaeol.) 1908. 

1908-12: Instr. in Classics, Williams Coll. 
1912-23 : Instr. & Asst. Prof, of Classics, Har- 

vard. 1923-44: Prof, of Classics & Fellow, 
Grad. Sch., Univ. of Cincinnati. 

m. (1) 1913. Apphia Thwmg (d. 1944) 
One d. (2) 1944. Elizabeth Alden Bucknell. 

PubL: God in Greek Philosophy, 1931. 'La 
SinteseStoica', 1926-8. Numerous arts, on Class. 

Died 25 Aug. 1944, 

HOLT, HARRIS HAZELTON (Vermont), b. 11 
Sept. 1882. West Rutland H.S. & Middlebury 
Coll., Vt. A.B. PBK. 

Exeter 1905-8. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1908. 

1908-9 & 1912-13: Teaching, Univ. of Wis. 
1909- : St. John's Mil. Acad., Delafield, Wis.; 
Dean since 1913. Secy. & Chmn., Research 
Com., Nat. Assn. of Mil. Schs. & Colls, of 

m. 1913. Hazel Quigg Brine. 

Delafield, Wisconsin, 

5 May 1885. Wilmington Conf. Acad. & 
Dickinson Coll. A.B. 

Exeter 1905-8. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1908. 

1908-46: Practice of Law, Wilmington; 
1940-6: Member of Judiciary of Del. Retired 

m. 1940. Winifred Bell Davis. 

1003 Jefferson St., Wilmington, Del. 

LLOYD, E(DWIN) RUSSELL (West Virginia). 

b. 3 Nov. 1882. W.Va. Wesleyan & Ohio Wes- 
leyan Univ. A.B. 

Wadham 1905-9. Geol. 1st Cl. B.A. 1908. 
Burdett Coutts Scholp. 1908. 

1909-11: Fellow, Univ. of Chicago. 1911- 
19: Geologist, U.S. Geol. Survey. 1919-36: 
Geologist for various oil companies. 1936- : 
Consulting Geologist. 

m. 1920. Helen Burnett Gardner (d. 1934). 
One s. One d. 

Suite 21, Permian Bldg,, Midland, Texas. 

homa), b. S Dec. 1884. Kingfisher Acad. & 
Coll. A.B. 

St. John's 1905-8. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1907. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1907-8. 

1908-9: Instr. in Jurispr., Princeton. 1909- 
16: Practice of Law, Chickasha, Okla., & Port- 
land, Ore. 1916-21: Solicitor for Dept. of 
Interior, Washington, D.C. 1921-2: Attorney, 
U.S. Railroad Admin. 1922-30: Finance Dir., 
Interstate Commerce Commission. 1930- : 
Member, I.C.C.; Chmn. 1936 & 1949; Chmn., 
Admin. Div. since 1942 and of Finance Div. 
since 1946. 

Hon. LL.D. Washington & Lee Univ. 1934. 

m. 1928. Isabel Cooper. One s. 

3012 <O' Street N.W., Washington 7, D.C. 

MANY, RALPH CONOVER (Louisiana), b. 24 
Feb. 1883. H.S., New Orleans, & Tulane 
Univ. A.B. 

Queen's 1905-8. Read Lit. Hum. 

Died 23 Mar. 1908. 

MARSH, ARTHUR HENRY (Nebraska), b. 
12 July 1883. Racine Gr. Sch., Wis., & Univ. 
of Neb. A.B. PBK. 

Keble 1905-8. Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1908. 
M.A. 1911. Ordained 1909. 

1909-15: Teaching. 1915-18: Vicar, St. 
Paul's Ch., Omaha. 1918 : Chaplain, U.S. Inf. ; 

m. 1914. Nancy J. Payne. Two s. 

Killed in action 7 Oct. 1918. 

b. 8 Mar. 1882. West H.S., Milwaukee, East 
H.S., Minneapolis, & Univ. of Minn. A.B. 



New Coll. 1905-8. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1908. 

1908-10: Instr. in Law, Univ. of Minn. 
1910-14 & 1938- : Practice of Law, Minnea- 
polis. 1914-21 : Special Asst. to Attorney-Gen., 
Washington, D.C. 1922-37: Gen. Counsel for 
Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Sault Ste Marie 
R.R. Co. 

m. 1922. Caroline Smith. 

1776 Coif ax Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

MOHLER, FRANK MARTIN (Kansas), b. 29 
Sept. 1880. Topeka H.S., Kan., & Washburn 
Coil. A.B. 

St. John's 1905-8. Read Theol. Lacrosse v. 
Camb. 1907. 

1909-20: Secy., Internat. Com. of Y.M.C.A., 
Hong Kong, & Warden, Student Hostel for 
Chinese Students. 1921-4: Summer Schs., 
Columbia, & teaching Hist. & Internat. Rela- 
tions, Springfield Coll., Mass. 1921-42: Dir., 
Internat. Scholps. 1924-42: Prof, of Hist. & 
Internat. Relations, Springfield Coll. 1942-5: 
War Courses for aviation cadets, Hist. Dept., 
Mass. State Univ., Amherst. Retired 1945. 

Hon. LL.D. Washburn Coll. 

m. 1909. Ethel Yoxall. One s. One d. 

752 Valley View Ave., Monrovia, Calif. 

MORAN, HUGH ANDERSON (California), b. 
16 July 1881. Berkeley & Oakland H.S. & 
Stanford Univ. A.B. 

Wadham 1905-8. Theol. 2nd CL B.A. 1908. 
M.A. 1920. 

Columbia & Union Theol. Seminary Ph.D. 

1908-15: Internat. Com. Y.M.C.A.; 1908- 
13: China; 1913-15: New York City; Ordained 
1909. 1916-17: War Prisoners Aid, Siberia. 
1917: Special Aide. Root Diplomatic Mission to 
Russia. 1918: Y.M.C.A. Russia. 1919-42: 
Presbyt. Univ. Pastor, Cornell Univ. Retired 

Secy.-Treas., Cornell-in-China, 1920-42. 
Secy.-Treas., Rural Ch. Inst., 1932-42. Cited 
for Distinguished Service, Presbyt. Gen, Assem- 
bly, 1939. Fellow, Nat. Council on Religion in 
Higher Educ. 

m. 1911. Irene May Hornby. One 5. Three d. 

PubL: Heroes, 1919. A Creed for College 
Men, 1926. Shareholders in the Kingdom Enter- 
prise, 1931. Makers of America, 1936. Mud 
Walls, 1938. 

661 Waverley St., Palo Alto, Calif. 

PLATT, RAYMOND CLINTON (Michigan), b. 19 
Nov. 1884. Cadillac H.S. & Albion Coll. A.B. 

Hertford 1905-6. Read Eng. L. & Lit. 
Resigned Scholp. 

1907-14: Headmaster's Asst., Univ. Sch., 
Chicago. 1914-17: Supt., Millikin Pipe Line 
Co., Cushing, Okla. 1917-18 : Teaching, Culver 
Mil. Acad. 1918-21: Headmaster, Pmehurst 
Sch. for Boys. 1921-3: Supt., Public Schs., 
Southern Pines, N.C. 1923-7: Instr. & Hd. of 
Language Dept., Deerfield Shields H.S., High- 
land Park, 111. 1927-33: Instr. in Hist., Univ, 
Coll., Chicago. 1933- : Prof, of Hist., Morgan 
Park Coll., Chicago. 

TW. 1909. Gertrude Jacqueline Kamps (d. 
1945). One s. (dcd.). 

2163 W. lllth St., Chicago 43, III. 

ton), b. 21 Mar. 1882. Kidder Inst., Mo., & 
Univ. of Wash. 

Lincoln 1905-7. Read Hist, Resigned Scholp. 

1907-8: Studied German, Heidelberg, Ger. 
1908-17: Business & Banking, Wash. & Idaho. 
1917-46: Motor-car Business. Portland, Ore. 
Retired 1946. 

m. (1) 1919. Jennie B. Tom (d. 1932). (2) 
1942. Eleanor Swindells. 

2765 N.W. Monte Vista Terrace, Portland 10, 

ROLLINS, ATHOL EWART (Wisconsin), b. 29 
Feb. 1884. Wayland Acad. & Lawrence Coll. 
A.B. PBK. 

Worcester 1905-8. Lit. Hum. 3rd Cl. 

1908-11: Teaching, High Schools. 1911-18: 
Journalism, Milwaukee & Chicago. 1919-42: 
Managing Editor, F. E. Compton & Co., 

m. 1917. Anne Rondthaler. One adopted $. 

Died 23 Apr. 1942. 

SCHAEFFER, JOHN NEVIN (Pennsylvania). 
b. 23 July 1882. Chambersburg Acad. & Frank- 
lin & Marshall Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Oriel 1905-8. B.Litt. (Class. Archaeol.) 1908. 

1909-10: Instr. in Classics, Princeton Univ. 
1910-42: Prof, of Classics, Franklin & Marshall 

m. 1912. Ruth Herr Frantz. Three jr. Two d. 

PubL : (In collab.) An Introduction to Greek, 

Died 10 June 1942. 

b. 19 May 1886. Baker-Himel Sch., Knoxville, 
& Univ. of Tenn. A.B. 

Merton 1905-8. Hist. 1st Cl. B.A. 1908. 
M.A. 1913. 

Ph.D. Univ. ofWis. 1910. 

1910-25: Instr. to Prof, of Hist., Western 
Reserve Univ.; 1918: 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A. 1925- 
33: Prof, of Hist., Univ. of Chicago,* Chmn. of 
Dept. 1933-6; Andrew MacLeish Distinguished 
Service Prof. 1939-46; Prof. Emeritus since 

1946. Ed. Journal of Modem History, 1929-46. 
Prof, of Diplomatic Hist., Institut Universitaire 
des Hautes Eludes Internationales, Geneva, 
1931-2. Visiting Prof, of Hist., Washington & 
Jefferson Coll., 1942. Special Consultant, Secy, 
of War, 1943 ; O.S.S. 1943-5. Special adviser to 
the Secy. -Gen. U.N. Conf. on Internat. Organi- 
zation, San Francisco, 1945. Special Adviser, 
Div. of Research & PubL, Dept. of State, 1945-6. 
Special Adviser, Div. of Hist. Policy Research, 
Dept. of State, 1946-9. Chief, Ger. War Docu- 
ments Project, Dept. of State, since 1949. 

Hon. LL.D. Western Reserve. Litt.D. 
Pomona Coll. Guggenheim Fellow, 1927. George 
Louis Beer Prize, Am. Hist. Assn., 1930. 
Pulitzer Prize for Hist., 1931. 

m. 1939. Damans Kathryn Ames. 

PubL: England and Germany 1740-1914, 
1916. The Coming of the War 1914, 1930. 
Triple Alliance and Triple Entente, 1934. The 
Annexation of Bosnia, 1908-9, 1937. From Ver- 
sailles to Munich, 1918-1938, 1939. 'The Road 
to Munich and Beyond", in Czechoslovakia 
(United Nations Series), ed. R. J. Kerner, 1940. 
What Shall We Do with Germany?, 1943. 
'Europe, 1914-1939', in Encyclopaedia Briton- 
nica, 1944. 'Rebirth of Poland 1914-1923' in 
Poland (U.N. Series), ed. B. E. Schmitt, 1945. 
'Serbia, Yugoslavia, and the Hapsburg Empire*, 
in Yugoslavia (U.N. Series), ed. R. J. Kerner, 

1947. Ed. Some Historians of Modem Europe, 
1942; The United Nations Conference on Inter- 
national Organization, April 25-Jitne 26, 1945; 
Selected Documents, 1946; (In collab.) The 
Treaty of Versailles and After: Annotations of 
the Text of the Treaty, 1947. Arts, on modern 
European hist. 

323 South Saint Asaph St., Alexandria, Va. 

Oct. 1883. Hingham H.S., Mass., & Colby 
Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Worcester 1905-8. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1908. 

Harvard Univ. A.M. 1914. 

1908-13: Teaching, Private Schs. 1914^17: 
Teaching, Simmons Coll. & Univ. of Minn. 
1917-47 : Publishing, D. C. Heath & Co., Boston, 
Mass. Retired 1947. 

Two d. (adopted). 

Died June 1948. 



STEGER, HARRY PEYTON (Texas), b. 2 Mar. 
1882. Univ. of Tex. B.A.&M.A. PBK. Also 
Johns Hopkins Univ. 

Balliol 1905-6. Resigned Scholp. 1906 
(Mich. Term). 

1908-13 : Publishing, Doubleday, Page & Co., 
N.Y. Editor, Short Stories Magazine. Literary 
Ex. of 0. Henry. 

m. 1910. Dorothy McCormick. 

PubL: CX Henry, A Biographical Collection, 
1912. Up from College, 1912. 

Died 5 Jan. 1913. 

b. 22 July 1884. Brooklyn H.S., Colgate & Yale 
Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Balliol 1905-8. Eng. L. & Lit. 2nd CL B.A. 
1908. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1906-8. 

Columbia M.D. 1915. 

1908-15: Teaching & Med. Study. 1915-37: 
Med. Practice; 1917-19: Surgeon, US. Naval 
Aviation; France, Belgium; Prisoner 1918. 
1919-20: Bellevue Hosp., N.Y. 1932-7: Assoc. 
in Diseases of Children, Columbia Coll. of 
Physicians & Surgeons. 1940-5: Teacher of 
EngL, Honolulu. 

m. 1916. Katharine Stebbins. One d. 

Died 6 Aug. 1945. 

THAYER, WILLIAM W. (New Hampshire). 
b. 15 Apr. 1884. Phillips Andover Acad. & 
Harvard. A.B. PBK. 

Magdalen 1905-7. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1908. 
M.A. 1913. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1907. 

Harvard Law Sch. LL.B. 1910. 

1910-26: Practice of Law, Concord, N.H.; 
1918-19: U.S. War Trade Bd. (London & 
Paris) & Peace Conf.; Vice-Pres,, 1st NatL Bank 
& Treas., Union Trust Co., Concord. Member, 
N.H. Legislature, 1923-4. 

Pres., Assn. of Am. Rhodes Scholars, 1911-17. 

Died 15 June 1926. 

TOWLES, EUGENE SUMTER (South Carolina). 
b. 6 Dec. 1882. Charleston H.S. & Charleston 
Coll. A.B. A.M. 

Magdalen 1905-8. Read Philos. & Anc. Hist. 

1908-10: Teaching Modern Languages, 
Porter Mil. Acad., Charleston S.C. 1910-24: 
Miss. A. & M. Coll. 1924-6: Shorter Coll., 
Rome,Ga. 1926-3 2: Miss. State Coll. 1932- : 

m, 1911. Mary Ferguson (d. 1923). One s. 

Independence, La. 

TRANTHAM, HENRY (North Carolina), b. 

10 Mar. 1882. Camden H.S., S.C., & Wake 
Forest Coll A,B. & A.M. PBK. 

Christ Church 1905-8, Read Philos. & Anc. 

1908-10: Principal, High Sch., Newnan, Ga. 
1910- : Prof, of Classics, Baylor Univ., Tex.; 
Chmn. Dept. of Greek since 1947. 

m. (1) 1913. Molhe Cole Collier (d, 1933). 
Two s. Two d. (2) 1934. Carrie P. Hickson. 

PubL: Arts, on classical and educ. subjects. 

1730 South Tenth St., Waco, Texas. 

b. 4 Feb. 1882. Norfolk Acad., Va., & Univ. of 
Va. A.B. 

Christ Church 1905-8. Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1908. Ordained 1908. M.A. 1912, 

Va. Theol. Seminary B.D. 1915. D.D. 1920. 

1908-11: Rector, St. James* Parish, Mecklen- 
burgh Co., Va. 1911-20: Rector, St. Paul's, 
Univ. of Va.; 1917-19: Lt. Chaplain, 17th 
Engrs., France. 1920-3: Prof, of Practical 
Theol., Va. Theol. Seminary, Alexandria. 
1923-38: Rector, St. Paul's Ch., Richmond. 
1938: Consecrated Bishop Coadjutor of Protes- 
tant Episcopal Diocese of Ohio. 1938- : 
Bishop of Ohio. 

m. 1915. Eleanor C. Lile. One s. Four d. 

2241 Prospect Ave., Cleveland 15, Ohio. 

Van der ZEE, JACOB (Iowa), b. 9 Feb. 1884. 
N.W. Class. Acad., Orange City, Iowa, & Univ. 
of Iowa. A.B. PBK. 

Merton 190S-8. Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1908. 
M.A. 1913. 

Umv. of Iowa Law Sch. LL.B. 1913. J.D. 

1910-11: Harvard Law Sch. 1911-13: Umv. 
of Iowa Law Sch. 1913-49: Instr. to Prof, of 
Pol. Sci., Umv. of Iowa. Retired 1949, Prof. 
Emeritus. 1918: S.A.T.C., Fort Sheridan, 111.; 
Asst, Iowa Code Commission, 1919 & 1924. 
Member, City Council, Iowa City, 1929-37. 

m. 1913. Ethel A. McKnight. Two 5. (one 

PubL: The Hollanders of Iowa, 1912, The 
British in Iowa, 1922, Numerous arts, on Iowa 
hist, and govt. 

130 Person Ave., Iowa City, Iowa. 

WADE, THOMAS HENRY (Georgia), b. 12 Oct. 
1880. Columbus H.S, & Emory Coll. A.B. 

Exeter 1905-8. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd CL B.A. 

Columbia Univ. M.A. 1909. 

1909-13: Teaching, Brooklyn Polytech., Del. 
State Coll. & Umv. of Wis. 1913-20: Asst. 
Prof., U.S. Naval Acad. 

m. 1915. Flora F.DuVal. 

Died 3 Nov. 1920. 

b. 28 June 1882. Colo. State Prep. Sch, & Univ. 
of Colo. A.B. PBK. 

Merton 1905-8. Read Jurispr. 

Univ. of Colo., LL,B. 1910. 

1911-15: Teaching Law. 1915-39: Prac- 
tice of Law, Nev* Deputy State Supt. of 
Public Instruction, Nev., 1921-2. Member, 
Nev. State Legislature 1923. Asst. U.S. Attor- 
ney, Nev., 1924. 

m, 1913. Loretto E. Duddleson. One s. 

Died 9 Feb. 1939. 


3 Sept. 1881. Hobart Coll., A.B., PBK., & Cor- 
nell Univ. A.M. 

University 1905-8. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1908. 

1908-12: Teaching, Princeton & St. Paul's 
Sch., N.Y. 1912-22: Teaching, Ethical Culture 
Sch., New York City. 1922-9: Asst. Treas., 
Sauquoit Valley Dairy Co., Utica. 1929-31: 
Secy.-Treas., Old Mahogany Shop, Inc., Utica. 
1932-42: Teaching. 1942-8: Foster Paper Co., 
Utica. Retired 1948. 

m. 1910. Mary Elizabeth Nickelson. One s. 

2108 Ottilia Street, Utica, New York. 



b. 28 Dec. 1886. Mercer Univ. A.B. 

Queen's 1907-8. Resigned Scholp. 

1908-10: Business, Southern Railway. 1910- 
18: Business, Tex. Oil Co. 1918-33 : Auditor, 
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Winston-Salem. 
1933-41 : "Auditor, N.C. State Dept. of Revenue. 

m. 1914. Stella Reece. Two s. One d. 

Died 5 March 1941. 

ATJLT, WARREN ORTMAN (Kansas). J. 8 Jan. 
1887. Baldwin H.S. & Baker Univ., Kan. A.B. 

Jesus 1907-10. Hist, 2nd Cl. B.A. 1910. 
M.A. 1917. 

Yale Ph.D. (Hist.) 1919. 

1911-13: Grad. Student, Yale. 1913- : 
Instr. & William Edwards Huntington Prof, of 
Hist., Boston Univ., & Chmn. Hist. Dept. in 
Coll. of Liberal Arts and Grad. Sch. 

PBK, Boston Univ., 1924. Guggenheim 
Fellow 1926-7. Hon LL.D. Baker Univ. 
Fellow of American Academy of Arts & Sciences. 

m. 1931. Myrtle L. Wilcock. One s. One d. 

Publ.: Private Jurisdiction in England^ 1923, 
Court Rolls of the Abbey of Ramsey, 1925. Some 
Early Village By-Laws, 1930. Europe in the ' 
Middle Ages, 1932 (revised edn. 1937). The 
American Constitution and the Liberal Movement 
in America, England and France, 1939. Europe 
in Modern Times, 1946. Keepers: of Manors and 
Temporalities., 1949. 

22 Fairlee Road, Waban 68, Mass. 

b. 4 Dec. 1886. West Point Public Sch., Miss., 
& Univ. of Miss. A.B. 

Pembroke 1907-10. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1909. 

1910-20: Practice of Law, West Point, Miss.; 
1917-18; Capt., Coast Artillery Corps, 1920-9; 
Attorney for Mobile & Ohio Railway Co., St. 
Louis. 1929- : Gen. Attorney, 111. Central 
Railway Co.. Chicago. 

m. 1912. Virginia Kathryn Maupin. (<f.!949). 

135 E. llth PL, Chicago, 1U. 

BLACKMAN, BERKELEY (Florida), b. 2 Feb. 
1886. Rollins Acad. & Rollins Coll. A.B. 

Queen's 1907-9. Chem. 3rd CL B.A. 1909, 

1909-15: Prof, of Natural Sci., Rollins Coll. 
1915-17: Gen. Mgr., Wekiwa Ranch. 1917-18: 
2nd Lt., U.S. Air Service. 1919-23: Teaching, 
Kent Sch., Conn. 1923-7: Engr., St. Peters- 
burg & Winter Park, Fla. 1927- : U.S. Engr. 
Dept.; 1927-34: Asst. Civil Engr., Jacksonville; 
1934-7: Assoc.; 1937-41: Engr.; 1941-4: Sen. 
Civil Engr., Div. Office, Richmond, Va., & 
Atlanta, Ga.; 1944- : Principal Civil Engr., 
U.S. Div., Atlanta. 

m. (1) 1912. Florence M. Smith. One s. One 
d. (Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1939. Helen Timber- 

2669 Boulevard Drive, S.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

BLALOCK, SHIRL HYDE (Washington), b. 

21 Apr. 1886. State Coll. of Wash. & Univ. of 

Christ Church 1907-10. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1910. 

1911-13: Ranching. 1914-16: Govt. Service. 
1916-23: Commercial Agent, Dept. of Com- 
merce. 1923-33: District Mgr., Dept. of Com- 
merce. 1933-7: Compliance Office, Nat. 
Recovery Admin., Seattle, 1937-9: Asst. 
Regional Repres., Social Security Bd., San 
Francisco. 1939 : Regional Dir., Railroad Retire- 
ment Bd., Seattle. 1940-3: Referee, Appeals 
Council, Social Security Bd,, San Francisco. 
1944-5: Compliance Analyst, War Production 

Bd., San Francisco. 1945-8: Statistician & 
Export Officer, War Assets Admin., San 
Francisco. Retired 1948. 

m. 1913. Yvonne Peltier. Two s. 

1315 Clay Street, Apt. 4, San Francisco 9, Cal. 

b. 27 Apr. 1883. Carleton Acad. & Carleton 
Coll., Minn. B.S. & M.S. 

Balliol 1907-10. Chem. 3rd CL B.A. 1910. 

Univ. of Pa. Ph.D. (Chem.) 1911. 

1910-11: Grad. Sch., Univ. of Pa. 1911-19: 
Research Chem., Nat. Carbon Co. 1916-19: 
Chem. Consultant, Chem. Warfare Service, 
U.S. Army & U.S. Bureau of Mines. 2919-21 
& 1925-35: Nat. Carbon Co., Inc. 1922-5: 
Asst. Dir. of Research & Develop. Labs. , Union 
Carbide & Carbon Research Lab., Inc. 1935- : 
Dir. of Research, United Gas Improvement Co., 
Philadelphia. 1947- : Research Consultant, Am. 
Gas Assn. Inc. 

m. 1911. Elsie E. Webb. One s. One d, 

Publ.: Sci. papers and patents. 

Possum Hollow Rd., Rose Valley-Moylan, Pa. 

rado). 1. 10 July 1884. Trinidad (Colo.) H.S. 
& Univ. of Colo. A.B. PBK. 

Lincoln 1907-10, Read Anc. Hist. & Philos. 
B.A. 1929. M.A. 1939. 

1910-14: Teaching, Chicago. 1914-31: 
Atlantic City H.S.; 1914-22: Hd. of Class. 
Dept.; 1922-31: Asst. Principal. 1931-46: Supt. 
of Schs., Atlantic Citv. Retired 1946. 

m. 1910. Mary E. North. One s. (dcd.). 
Two d. 

Silver Creek, Wash. 

CTJSTER, JOHN SHERMAN (Missouri). 6. 19 
Jan. 1886. St. Joseph, Mo., H.S., & William 
Jewell Coll. A.B. 

Worcester 1907-10. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1910. 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D. (Hist.) 1917. 

1910-12: Grad. study, Univ. of Wis. 1912- 
13: Instr., Univ. of Mich. 1913-20: Hd. of Hist. 
Dept,, Lawrence Coll.; 1918-19: Mil. Service, 
Y.M.C.A. work with troops, France, Italy, 
Germanv. 1920-1 : Dept. of Commerce & Social 
Sci., Goodyear Tire Co. 1921-30: Hd. of Hist. 
Dept., Lawrenceville Sch., N.J. 1930-44- Hd. 
of Hist. Dept., Avon Old Farms Sch., Conn. 
1944- : Hd. of Hist. Dept., Gunnery Sch., 

m. 1914. Helen Goodwin. Two s. 

Gunnery School, Washington. Conn. 

GASS, HENRY MARKLEY (Tennessee), b. 
26 Dec. 1887. Sewanee Gr. Sch. & Univ. of the 
South, Sewanee. A.B. PBK. 

New Coll. 1907-10. Lit. Hum. 2nd. CL B.A. 
1910. M.A. 1935. 

Univ. of the South A.M. (French) 1921. 

1911-13: Instr. in Classics, Univ. of the 
South. 1913-21 : Dean of Mil, Acad., Sewanee. 
1922- : Prof, of Greek, Univ. of the South; 
Dean of Men 1946, Actg. Vice-ChanceHor 

Hon. DXitt., Univ. of the South. 

m. 1914, Marguerite Rather. Three s. (one 

Publ.: 'Roman Virgil', 1929; *The Greeks as 
Humanists', 1930. 

University of the South, Sewanee, Term. 

b. 25 Nov. 1884. Eureka H.S. & Univ. of Cali- 
fornia. BX. 



BalKol 1907-10. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1910. 
M.A. 1925. 

1910-13 : Secy, to Pres. & Lect. in Law, Univ. 
of Cal. 1913- : Practice of Law, San Fran- 
cisco; Partner, McCutchen, Thomas, Matthew, 
Griffiths & Greene. 1915-20: Lect. in Law, 
Univ. of Cal. 1942-3: Special Asst. to Chmn., 
Com. on Sci. Personnel, O.S.R.D.; Actg. 
Chmn. Jan. 1943. 

Pres., Am. Branch. Internat. Law Assn., 
1938-9; Bar Assn. of San Francisco, 1944. St. 
Thomas More Award, Univ. of San Francisco, 
1941. Member, Bd. of Regents, Univ. of Cal., 
since 1948. 

m. 1913. Marjorie Morse. Threes. 

1400 Balfour Bldg., San Francisco 4, Cal. 

HARING, CLARENCE HENRY (Massachusetts). 
b. 9 Feb. 1885. Central H.S., Philadelphia, & 
Harvard Univ. A B. PBK. 

New Coll. 1907-10. B.Litt. (Hist.) 1909. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Hist.) 1916. 

1910-16: Study & Teaching, Harvard, Bryn 
Mawr & Clark Univ. 1916-23. Prof, of Hist., 
Yale; 1918: Intell. Service in S. Am. 1923- : 
Robert Woods Bliss Prof, of Latin-Am. Hist. & 
Econ., Harvard. 1934-48: Master of Dunster 
House, Harvard. 1934- : Lect., Univ. of 
Seville, Spain. 

Commander of the Order of the Liberator 
(Venezuela). Hon. Member, Fac. of Law & Pol. 
Sci., Catholic Univ. of Chile. Officer, Nat. 
Order of the Southern Cross (Brazil). Fellow 
Mass. Hist. Socy. & Member of various S. Am. 
Hist, societies. Chmn., U.S. Deln. to 2nd Gen. 
Assembly, Pan Am. Inst. of Geog. & Hist., 
Washington, D.C., 1935. Inmtado de honor, 2nd 
Internat. Congress of Hist, of America, Argen- 
tina, 1937. Vice-Chmn., 3rd Gen. Assembly, 
Peru, 1941. Chmn , Com. on Latin- Am. 
Studies, Am. Council of Learned Societies, 

m. 1913. Helen Louise Garnsey. Two s. 

Publ. : The Buccaneers in the West Indies in the 
XVII Century, 1910. Trade and Navigation 
between Spain and the Indies in the Time of the 
Hapsburgs, 1918. South America Looks at the 
United States, 1928. Chaps, on Central Am. in 
Survey of American Foreign Relations, 1929. 
South American Progress, 1934. Argentina and 
the United States, 1941. The Spanish Empire in 
America, 1947. 

63 Foster St., Cambridge 38, Mass. 

10 Mar. 1885. Salt Lake City H.S. & Univ. of 
Utah. A.B. 

Exeter 1907-10. Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 3rd 
CL Maths. 3rd CL B.A. 1910. 

Univ. of Pa. Ph.D. 1925. 

1910-15: Teaching, Salt Lake City H.S. 
1915-19: Mining in Nev. 1920-5: Study & 
Teaching, Univ. of Pa. 1925- : Prof, of Maths., 
Southwestern at Memphis. 

m. 1920. Dorothy Elizabeth Weber. One s. 
One d. 

Southwestern, Memphis, Term. 


b. 6 Sept. 1886. LawrencevilleSch.& Princeton 
Univ. A.B. 

Merton 1907-10. Hist. 2nd CL 1910. B.A. 
& M.A. 1920. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1909. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1909. 

1910-14: Instr. in Hist., Princeton. 1914-22: 
Assoc. Editor, Princeton Alumni Weekly; 1917- 
19: Lt, U.S. Air Service; France. 1922-5: 
Farming. 1925-8: Engl. and France. 1935-7: 
Vice-Pres. & Dir., Texla Oil Corp. 1938-41: 
Independent Oil Producer, Tex. 1942-6: 
Major and Lt.-Col M U.S. Army Air Forces; 
1942-3: Plans and Training Officer, Hammer 
Field, Tresuo, Cal. 1947- : Employer Rela- 

tions Repres., Miss. State Employment Service. 

m. 1910. Jessie Woodward Markham. One s. 
Three d. (one dcd.). 

Route 8, Alemeda Sub-Division, Jackson, 

b. 23 Dec. 1886. Lawrenceville Sch., N.J., 
Polytech. Prep. Sch., Brooklyn & Univ. of Mich. 
A.B. PBK. 

Brasenose 1907-10. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1909. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1908-9. Pres. O.U.A.C. 

1910- : Practice of Law, New York City; 
1918-26: Am. Sugar Refining Co.; 1926-35: 
Davis, Wagner & Heater; 1935-8: Blake & 
Voorhees; 1938: General Practice. 

m. 1913. Margaret Moe Simmons. Two s. 
One d. 

257 Hicks Street, Brooklyn 2, N. Y. 

HURLEY, GEORGE (Rhode Island), b. 9 Nov. 

1884. Hope St. H.S., Providence, & Brown 
Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Lincoln 1907-10. Read Jurispr. 

1910-11- Harvard Law Sch. 1911- : Prac- 
tice of Law, Providence; 1917-19: Spec. Asst. 
to Dept. of State, attached to Am. Legation, 
Copenhagen; 1922-4: Asst. Attorney-Gen., 
State of R.I. 

m. 1917, Marie Rose Walsh. Ones. One d. 

160 Taber Ave., Providence, R.L 

JACKSON, JOSEPH HOYT (Louisiana), b. 
5 Mar. 1884. Sabme Central H.S. & La. State 
Univ. A.B. 

Wadham 1907-10. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1910. 

1912- : Practice of Law; 1917-19: Asst. U.S. 
Attorney, W. Dist. of La. 1934-46: City Attor- 
ney, City of Shreveport. 

m. 1925. Elsa Laybourne. Two s. 

820 E. Kings Highway, Shreveport, La. 

7 Feb. 1886. Chesapeake Acad., Va., & Ran- 
dolph Macon Coll. A.B. 

Worcester 1907-10. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1910. 
M.A. 1915. 

Univ. of Chicago A.M. (Hist.) 1912. Ph.D. 
(Hist.) 1924. 

1910-11: Fellow, Univ. of Chi. 1911-16: 
Business. 1916-18: Teaching, Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ. & Univ. of Ark. 1918- : Asst. Prof. & 
Prof, of Hist., Univ. of Pittsburgh; 1922-7 
Editor, Western Pennsylvanian Historical Maga- 

m. 1916. Mable Elizabeth Williams. One s. 

PubL: Writings of ^ General John Forbes 
Relating to His Service in North America, 1938. 
Arts, in historical reviews. 

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

JORDAN, WAYNE CLARK (Maine). &. 14 Feb. 

1885. Lewiston H.S. & Bates Coll. A.B. 

Queen's 1907-10. TheoL 3rd CL B.A. 1909. 
1910-13: Rural work for Am. Y.M.C.A. 
1913-24: Student work in China. 
m. 1911. Florence E. Rich. 
Died 2 Feb. 1924. 

b. 28 Feb. 1883. Amity H.S. & Univ. of Ark. 

Exeter 1907-11 (out of res. 1909-10). Hist. 
2nd CL B.A. 1911. M.A. 1920. 

1912- : Hd., Hist. Dept., Eastern Ky. State 
Coll.; Dean of Men since 1924. 

Pres., Ky. Educ. Assn., 1924. 

m. 1912. Anna Dickson Roe. Two s. 

PubL: Outlines of Kentucky History, 1916. 
Notes and Outlines in Civil Government, 1917. 
Notes and Outlines in U.S. History, 1918. Out- 
lines of Kentucky Government, 1919. 

Eastern Ky. Teachers Coll., Richmond, Ky. 



KLINE, EARL KILBURN (Oklahoma), b. 
14 Mar. 1884. Stillwater H.S. & Univ. of Okla. 

Pembroke 1907-10. Mod. Langs. (German) 
4th Cl. B.A. 1910. M.A. 1913. 

1910-13: Study in Germany. 1913-16: 
Teaching, Univs. of Kan. & III. & Whitman 
Coll. 1916-20: Prof, of Modern Languages, 
Univ. of Wyo. 1920-32: Prof, of German & 
Spanish, Univ. of Chattanooga. 1932- : Prof, 
of Modern Languages, Brothers Coll., Drew 
Univ., Madison, N.J. 

m. 1914. AnnaM. Frauenheim. 

13 Woodcliff Drive, Madison, N.J. 

LACY, BENJAMIN RICE, Jr. (North Carolina). 
b. 30 July 1886. Raleigh Acad., N.C., & David- 
son Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Worcester 1907-10. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1910. 

Union Theol. Seminary, Richmond, Va. 
B.D. 1913. Ordained 1914. 

1914-17: Home Missionary, N.C. 1917-19: 
Chaplain (Capt.), U.S.F.A.; France; Citation. 
1919-26: Pastor, Central Presbyt. Ch., Atlanta. 
1926- : Pres., Union Theol. Seminary, Rich- 
mond, Va. 1944- : Pres., Freezeland Orchard 
Co. Chmn., Defence Service Council, Presbyt. 
Ch. in U.S., 1939-45. 

Hon. D.D. Davidson & Duke. Hon. LL.D. 
Hampden-Sydney & Univ. of N.C. 

m. 1919. Emma Eli2abeth White. Three s. 
One d, 

PubL: Revivals in the Midst of the Years, 1943. 

1010 Westwood Ave., Richmond 22, Va. 

LOCKE, ALAIN LEROY (Pennsylvania), b. 
13 Sept. 1885. Central H.S., Philadelphia, & 
Harvard Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Hertford 1907-10. Read Philos. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Philos.) 1918. 

1910-12 Travel & Study. 1912-25 & 1927- : 
Prof. & Hd. of Dept. of Philos., Howard Univ., 
Washington, D.C.; 1916-17: Grad. Dept., 
Harvard; 1925-7: Writing; 1942-4: Consultant 
O.WJ., Div. of Domestic Operations; 1943: 
Inter-Am. Exchange Prof, to Haiti; 1945-6: 
Visiting Prof, of Philos., Univ. of Wis.; 1947: 
Visiting Prof, of Philos., New Sch. of Social 
Research, New York City; 1949: Visiting Prof, 
of Philos., Coll. of City of N.Y. 

PubL: Race Contacts and Interracial Relations, 
1916. The Problem of Classification in Theory of 
Value, 1918. The New Negro, 1925. Four Negro 
Poets, 1927. Plays of Negro Life, 1927. The 
Negro in America, 1933. The Negro and His 
Music, 1 936. Negro Art: Past and Present, 193 7. 
Values as Imperatives in American Philosophy 
Today and Tomorrow, 1935. The Negro in Art, 
1941. (In collab.) When Peoples Meet, 1942. 
Contrib. Editor, The Survey Graphic. Ed. Bd., 
The American Scholar. 

1326 R St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 

McLANE, JOHN ROY (New Hampshire), b. 
1 Jan. 1886. St. Paul's Sch., Concord, & Dart- 
mouth Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Magdalen 1907-9. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1909. 

Harvard LL.B. 1912. 

1909-12: Harvard Law Sch. 1912- : Prac- 
tice of Law, McLane, Davis, Carleton & Graf, 
Manchester, N.H.; 1918-19: Industr. Relations 
Branch, Q.M.C. 

m. 1915. Elisabeth Bancroft. Threes. Twod 

940 Chestnut St., Manchester, N.H. 

MILLS, WILSON PLUMER (South Carolina). 
b. 1 Dec. 1883. Davidson Coll. A.B. Univ. of 
S.C. A.M. 

Christ Church 1907-10. Theol. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1910. 

Columbia, S.C., Theol. Seminary, B.D. 1912. 
Union Theol. Seminary, S.T.M. 

1910-37: Secy. Y.M.C.A.; 1910-12: Univ. of 

S.C.; 1912-32: China. 1932- : Missionary of 
Bd. of Foreign Missions of Presbyt. Ch., 
U.S.A., working in China. 

m. 1912. Harriet Cornelia Seyle. Two d. 

Care Nat. Christian Council, 169 Yuen Ming 
Yuen Rd., Shanghai, China. 

MORROW, McKEEN FITCH (Idaho), b. 25 
May 1887. Boise H.S. & Univ. of Idaho. A.B. 

Worcester 1907-10. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 

Univ. of Chicago J.D. 1912. 

1910-12: Univ. of Chicago Law Sch. 1912- 
40: Practice of Law, Boise, Idaho, Richards & 
Haga. For short time served as Asst. U.S. Dist. 
Attorney. 1918-19: Pvt., U.S. Signal Corps. 

m. 1920. Helen P Whitney, (.d. 1933.) 

Died 21 Jan. 1941. 

Dakota), b. 25 May 1885. Dakota Wesleyan 
Prep. Sch. & Univ. 

Queen's 1907-10. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1909. 
M.A. 1929. 

1911- : Teaching, Supt. of Schs. & State 
Supervisor of Engl.; N.Y. State Dept. of Educ., 

m. 1921. Annabel Anderson. One r. 

PubL: Syllabus in English for Secondary 
Schools, 1935. English: A Handbook for Teachers 
in Elementary Schools, 1940. Reading in the 
Secondary School Program, 1941. (In collab.) 
Conquest (3 vols.) Anthology of Literature, 1946, 
1947. Arts, connected with the study of Engl. 
& Engl. lit. 

88 Oxford Road, Albany, N. Y. 

RINAKER, SAMUEL MAYO (Nebraska), b. 
25 Sept. 1887. Beatrice H.S. & Univ. of Neb. 

Balliol 1907-10. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1910. 

Harvard LL.B. 1913. 

1910-1 3: Harvard Law Sch. 1913- : Practice 
of Law, Chicago. 

m. 1919. Marjorie Mason. One s. 

645 College Road, Lake Forest, III. 

15 May 1886. Univ. of Nev. 

Wadham 1907-10. Read Hist. 

1910-14: Farming & Law, Nev. 

Died 20 Feb. 1919. 

Sept. 1885. Webb Sch., Bell Buckle, Tenn., 
Southwestern Univ., Tex., & Yale Univ. A.B. 

Magdalen 1907-10. Lit. Hum. 4th CL B.A. 
1910. M.A. 1914. 

1910-12: Fellowship, Yale. 1912-13: Actg. 
Prof, of Greek, Emory Coll. 1913-19: Prof, of 
Greek & French, Emory & Henry Coll. 1919- : 
Prof, of Romance Languages, Millsaps Coll., 
Jackson, Miss.; 1925-32: Curator & Translator, 
Miss. Dept. of Archives & Hist. 

m. 1918. Mary J. Lewis. Three s. One d. 

PubL : Ed. vols. i, ii, iii, & iv, Miss, Provincial 
Archives, French Dominion. 

735 Arlington St., Jackson 31, Miss. 


21 Sept. 1886. Geneva H.S., N.Y., & Hamilton 
Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Merton 1907-10. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL B.A. 

Columbia Ph.D. (Philos.) 1916. 

1910-11: Columbia Univ. Grad. Dept. 1911- 
14; Instr. in Classics, Princeton. 1914-15: 
Asst. Prof, of Classics, Washington Univ., St. 
Louis. 1915- : Princeton; 1915-23: Asst. Prof, 
of Classics; 1923-8: Assoc. Prof, of Philos.; 
Prof, since 1928 & Chrnn. of Dept. since 1934. 
1918: 2nd Lt., U.S. Inf. 

Hon. L.H.D. Hamilton Coll. 

m. 1915. Elizabeth G. Hibben. One s. 



PubL: (In collab.) Selections from Roman 
Historical Literature, 1915. Greek Philosophy 
Before Plato, 1928. 

19 Cleveland Lane, Princeton, N.J. 


b. 11 Apr. 1885. West Va. Univ. Prep. Sch. & 
West Va. Univ. A.B. 

St. John's 1907-10. Lit Hum. 4th Cl. 

Johns Hopkins Univ. Ph.D. (Classics) 1919. 

1911-17: Prof, of Classics, Davis & Elkins 
Coll., W. Va. 1917-20: Grad. Student & Instr., 
Johns Hopkins Univ. 1920-2: Business. 1922- 
4: Prof, of Greek, Swarthmore Coll. 1924- : 
Prof, of Greek, Southwestern, Memphis, Term. 

m. (1) 1912. Mary Gertrude LaRue (d. 1936). 
One d. (2) 1943. Pearle Jennings Weeks. 

Southwestern, Memphis, Tenn. 

THOMAS, JAMES R, (Montana), b, 9 May 
1884. Beloit Coll., Wis., & Univ. of Mont. 

Jesus 1907-10. Geol. 2nd Cl. B.A. & M.A. 

1910-12: Sci. Expedition, Peru. 1912-19: 
Accountant, The Mont. Power Co. 1920-3: 
Accountant, Cuba Cane Sugar Corp. 1923-49: 
The Montana Power Co.; Asst. Treas. 1925-32, 
Treas. 1933-49. Retired 1949. 

m. 1916. Lucile Jones. One 5. (adopted). 
One d. (adopted). 

329 Owsley Block, Butte, Mont. 

TOMLINSON, BEN (Illinois), b. 29 June 1886. 
Lebanon H.S., Ind., & Univ. of 111. A.B. & 

Christ Church 1907-10. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 

1910-14: Teaching & Travelling. 1914-17: 
Business, Watertown, Fla. 1917-19: Maj., 
U.S.F.A.; France. 1923-32: Vice-Pres. & 
Treas., Internat. Match Corp.; Vice-Pres., 
Swedish-Am. Investment Corp.; Dir., Vice- 
Pres., & Treas., Vulcan Match Co., Inc., 
Arenco Machine Co., Inc., & World Match 
Corp., Ltd. (Can.). 1932-3: Receivership Div., 
The Irving Trust Co. 1934-40: Retirement & 
Travel, U.S.A. & Mexico. 1940-7: Export 
Mgr., N.Y. Match Co., Inc. Retired 1948. 

818 North Lebanon St., Lebanon, Ind. 

VOWLES, GUY RICHARD (North Dakota), b. 
15 Jan. 1883. Fargo H.S. & Fargo Coll. N.D. 

St. John's 1907-10. Mod. Langs. (German) 
4th CL B.A. 1910. M.A. 1914. 

Univ. of Chicago Ph.D. (Philology) 1926. 

1910-22: Prof. & Dean, Fargo Coll. 1922-3: 
Asst. to Pres., Univ. of N.D. 1923-5: Teaching 

6 Sen. Fellow in Indo-European Comparative 
Philology, Univ. of Chicago. 1925- : Prof, of 
German, Davidson Coll., Davidson, N.C. 

Hon. Litt.D. Fargo Coll, 

m, 1913. Ella M. Beckman. Ones. 

PubL: Annotated edition of Bjornson's En 
Glad Gut, 1915 (2nd ed. 1927); and of Ibsen's 
Terje Vtken (in collab.), 1918 (2nd edn. 1930). 
Arts, on philology. 

Box 86, Davidson, N.C. 


7 Mar. 1886. Anne Arundel Acad., Md., & 
Dickinson Coll., Pa. A.B. 

Wadham 1907-10. B.Sc. (Anthrop.) & Dipl. 
Anthrop. 1910. 

1910-11 : Harrison Scholar in Anthrop., Univ. 
of Pa. 191 1-1 5 : Instr. in Anthrop. , Univ. of Pa. 
1915-16: Instr. in Anthrop., Univ. of Cal. 1916- 
21: Instr. in Anthrop., Fresno Jr. Coll.; 1918- 
19: 1st Lt., Signal Corps, U.S. Army. 1921-3: 
Asst. Prof, of Social & Pol. Sci., Reed Coll. 
1923- : Univ. of Minn., Prof, of Anthrop. since 
1926 & Chmn. of Dept. of Anthrop. since 1938. 

m. (1) 1911, Grace Steele Allen (d. 1930). 
One s. One d. (2) 1931. Ruth Otis Sawtell. 

PubL: Messiahs: Christian and Pagan, 1918. 
Introduction to Anthropology, 1926. Introduction 
to Sociology, 1927. Culture and Progress, 1930. 
(In collab.) Readings^ in Sociology, 1930. Reli- 
gion in Primitive Society, 1939. Messiahs: Their 
Role in Civilization, 1943. The Canadian 
Dakota, 1947. 

Dept. of Anthrop., Univ. of Minn., Minnea- 
polis 14, "Minn. 

ware), b. 31 Dec. 1886. Georgetown H.S. & 
Del. Coll. A.B. 

St. John's 1907-10. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1910. 

1911-34: Practice of Law, New York City. 
1944 : Practice of Law, Georgetown, Del. 

m. 1915. Rose N. Henderson. 

Georgetown, Del. 

WEST, ALLEN BROWN (Wisconsin). 5. 19 June 
1886. Lakes Mills H.S. & Milton Coll. A.B. 

Oriel 1907-9 & 1910-11. Read Anc. Hist. 

Univ. of Wis. A.M. (Latin) 1910. Ph.D. 
(Latin) 1912. 

1909-10 & 1911-12: Student, Univ. of Wis. 
1912-19: Teaching Classics & Hist., Swarth- 
more Coll., Racine Coll., Univ. of Wis., & Univ. 
of Rochester. 1919-26- Prof, of Hist. , Wheaton 
Coll. 1926-7: Asst. Prof, of Classics, Princeton. 
1927-36: Prof, of Classics & Anc. Hist., Univ. 
of Cincinnati. 

Guggenheim Fellowship, Am. Sch. of Class. 
Studies, Athens, 1925-6. 

m. 1914. Marion Grace Peabody. One 5. 

PubL- The History of the Chalcidic League, 
1919. Fifth and Fourth Century Gold Coins from 
the Thracian Coast, 1929. Corinth, vol. viii, 
part ii: Latin Inscriptions, 1932. (In collab.) 
Tabulae Hellenotamiarum, 1930. The Athenian 
Assessment of 425 B C., 1934. Numerous arts. & 
reviews on subjects connected with Classics and 
Class. Philology. 

Died 18 Sept. 1936. 


7 Aug. 1884. Cincinnati H.S. & Hanover Coll., 
Ind. A B. Also Princeton TheoL Seminary. 

Wadham 1907-10. Theol. 3rd CL B.A. 1910. 
L.T. v. Camb. 1910. 

Univ. of Cincinnati A.M. 1911. 

1910-11: Lane Seminary & Univ. of Cincin- 
nati. Ordained, Presbyt. Ch., 1911. 1911-40: 
Missionary in China. 

Hon. D.D. Hanover Coll. 

m. 1912. Marion D. Oskamp. Three s. 

Died 14 Apr. 1940. 

WHITE, ADDISON (Alabama), b. 30 Aug. 1884. 
Episcopal H.S. of Va., Univs. of Va. & Ala. 

Christ Church 1907-10. Jurispr. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1909. 

Univ. of Ala. B.L. 1911. 

1911-43: Practice of Law; Huntsville, Ala., 
from 1913. 1918: F.A. Officers' Training Sch., 
Camp Taylor, Ky. 

m. 1927. Carolyn Clary Webb. One s. 
Two d. 

Died 12 Oct. 1943. 

WICKER, CYRUS FRENCH (Connecticut), b. 
7 Oct. 1882. St. Paul's Sch., N.H., & Yale. 
A.B. & A.M. N.Y. Law Sch. LL.B. 

Balliol 1907-10. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1910. 

1910-17: Am. Diplomatic Service, Morocco. 
Panama, & Nicaragua. 1917-18: U.S.N. 
Intell. & Capt., Ordnance Sec., O.R.C. 1918- : 
Consultant on Spanish, Latin Am. & N. Afr. 
affairs ; Assoc. Prof, of Internat. Law & Hispanic 


1907, 1908 

Am. Relations, Wliarton Sch., Univ. of Pa. & 
Univ. of Miami. 

m. 1915. Grace Whiting (d. 1948). Three s. 
(one dcd.). 

Publ.: Neutralization, 1911. International 
Zones and American Bases, 1948. 

416 S. Willard St., Burlington, Vt. 

28 Oct. 1883. Whitcomb H.S. & Univ. of Vt. 
A.B. PBK. 

Trinity 1907-10. Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1909. 
M.A. 1923. Ordained 1910. 

1911-15; Curate, St. Paul's Ch., Burlington, 
Vt. 1915-21: Rector, Ch. of Our Saviour, 
Roslindale, Mass. 1921- : Rector, St. Stephen's 
Ch., Cohasset, Mass. 

Pres., Social Service Commission, Diocese of 
Vt., 1910-15; Diocese of Mass., 1923-30. Pres. 
of Commission for Adult Educ. 1921-5 ; Pres. of 
Standing Com. 1945-8. Chmn., Bd. of Examin- 
ing Chaplains, 1944. Pres. & Trustee, Cohasset 
Public Library. 

m. (1) 1917. Mary de F. Clark (d. 1919). 
One d. (2) 1923. Harriet Cordmgley (d,. 1945). 
One s. Three d. (3) 1946. Dorothy Hickok 

St. Stephen's Rectory, 29 Beach St., Cohasset, 

WINANS, EDWARD JONES (Oregon). b. 5 Jan. 
1886. Willamette Prep. Sch. & Univ. A.B. 

Pembroke 1907-10. Theol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1910. M.A. 1913. 

1910- : Missionary work in China, Methodist 
Ch.; 1910-18: Peking Univ.; 1919-26: Prin- 
cipal, Hui Wen Middle Sch., Tientsin; 1928-41 
& 1947- : Dir. of Religious Educ., Hui Wen 
Acad., Changli, Hopei: 1942-5: Teacher of 
Chinese & Dean, Cal. Coll. in China at Univ. 
of Cal.; 1945-6; Chinese Div,, O.W.I., San 

m. 1914. Josephine D. Fearon. One s, 
Care Dw. of Foreign Missions, ISO Fifth Ave., 
New York 11, N. Y. 

May 1885. H.S., Columbus, Ohio, & Ohio State 
Univ. A.B. 

Wadham 1907-10. Mod. Langs. (French) 3rd 
CL B.A. 1910. M.A. 1913. 

1911-15: Business, Paris. 1916-18: J. P. 
Morgan & Co., New York City. 1918: 2nd Lt., 
U.S. Inf.; France; Medaille d'Honneur des 
Affaires fitrangeres. 191 9-25 ; Business, Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

m. 1921. Marjorie Meeker. One d. 

Died 3 Nov. 1925. 

WOODROW, JAY WALTER (Iowa), b. 3 Apr. 
1884. Drake Univ. Acad. & Drake Univ. A.B. 

Queen's 1907-10. Physics 2nd Cl. B.A. 1910. 
AthL Sports v. Camb. 1909. 

Yale Ph.D. (Physics) 1913. 

1910-14: Teaching & Research, Univ. of 111., 
Yale, A.T. & T. 1914-21 : Instr. & Prof., Univ. 
of Colo. 1921- : Prof, of Physics, Iowa State 
Coll., Hd. of Dept,, 1930-47. 

Guggenheim Fellowship 1927-8. Hon. LL.D. 
Drake Univ. 

m. 1915. Flora Bemice Williams. One d. 

Numerous arts, in the field of Physics. 

Physics Dept., Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa. 


b. 26 Feb. 1884. Mooney Sch., Franklin, Term., 
& Vanderbilt Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1907-10* Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 
1909. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1910. Vinerian Law 

Harvard Law Scholp. LL.B. 

1911-14: Practice of Law, New York City. 
1914-^1; Farming, Ky. 

Died 31 Jan. 1941. 


26 Nov. 1884. Mich. State Normal Sch. & 
Univ. of Mich. A.B. A.M. LL.B. PBK. 

Oriel 1908-12. B.Litt. Qurispr.) 1912. 

1912-19: Asst. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Mich. 
1919-20: Prof, of Law, Yale, 

m. 1915. Vera Keith-Jopp. One <f. 

Publ.: The History of Contract in Early Eng- 
lish Equity (in Oxford Studies in Social & Legal 
History, ed. VinogradofT, vol. iv), 1914. 

Died 2 Mar. 1920. 

BLAKE, ROBERT EDWIN (Tennessee), b. 31 
Jan. 1885. Bowen Sch., Nashville, Tenn., & 
Vanderbilt Univ. A.B. 

Exeter 1908-11. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1910. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1910. 

1911-19: Practice of Law, Nashville, Tenn. 
1919-21 : Wholesale silk bus., St. Louis. 1921- : 

Gen. Counsel, Internal. Shoe Co., Dir. since 

Trustee, Vanderbilt Univ. Delegate-at-Large 
& Pres., Mo. Constitutional Convention, 1943- 
4. Dir., Nat. Assn. of Manufacturers, Scullin 
Steel Co., St. Louis. Trustee, Wohl Founda- 
tion. Man of Year Award for community ser- 
vice, 1944. 

m, 1912. Dorothy Eyre Gaynor. Three s. 

121 Plant Ave., Webster Groves 19, Mo. 

BROWN, MATTHEW ALEC (South Dakota). 
b. 10 Oct. 1887. Chamberlain H.S., S.D., & 
Yankton Coll. 

Worcester 1908-11. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1910. MJL 1914. 

1911- : Practice of Law, Chamberlain, S.D.; 
1935-44: Special Attorney, Lands Div., Dept. 



of Justice; 1944- : Asst. U.S. Attorney ior S.D. 
Pres., State Bar of S.D., 1931-2. 
m. 1912, Olive Mae Gerald. Two s. Two d. 
Chamberlain, S.D. 

b. 25 July 1887. Morgan Park Acad., 111., & 
Brown Univ. A.B. 

Lincoln 1908-11. Maths. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1910. 
Physics 3rd Cl. 1911. Chess v. Camb. 1909-11. 

Cornell Ph.D. (Maths.) 1914. 

1911-12: Teaching Maths. .Purdue, 1912-16: 
Grad. Study & Teaching Maths., Cornell. 
1916-17 & 1919-24: Teaching Maths., Brown 
Univ. 1917-19: 1st Lt. to Maj., U.S. Army. 
1924- : Western Electric Co., N.Y.; 1928-42: 
Chief Statistician; 1942- : Chief Econ. 

Vice-Pres., Am. Statistical Assn., 1939. Con- 
sultant, Bureau of Research Statistics, O.P.M., 

1941. Member, Bus, Research Advisory Com., 
U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, since 1947. 
Hon. D.Sc. Brown Univ. 

m. 1925. Dorothy Cross. Three d. 

Publ.: Introduction to the Mathematics of 
Statistics, 1927. (In collab.) Scientific Manage- 
ment in American Industry, 1929; Cost Behavior 
and Price Policy, 1943 ; The American Individual 
Enterprise System, 1947. Arts, of sci. and 
statistical interest. 

440 Pelham Manor Rd., Pelham 65, N, Y. 

b. 15 Aug. 1887. Guthrie H.S., Okla., & S. 
Western State Normal Sch. of Okla. 

Merton 1908-11. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1911. M.A. 1915. 

1911-15: Teaching & writing. 1915- : 
Teaching Engl., Univ. of Okla.; Dir. of Courses 
in Professional Writing since 1938; Research 
Prof, since 1947. 1917-19: Capt., U.S.F.A.; 

Guggenheim Fellowship 1930-1. Hon. PBK, 
Univ. of Okla., 1937. Oklahoma Hall of Fame 

1942. Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation, since 

m. 1917. Isabel B. Jones. Two d. 

Publ. (Pen name, Stanley Vestal) : Fandango, 
1927. Kit Carson, 1928. Happy Hunting 
Grounds, 1928. 'Dobe Walls, 1929. Sitting Bull, 
, 1932. Warpath, 1933. New Sources of Indian 
History, 1934. The Wine Room Murder, 1935. 
Mountain Men, 1937. Revolt on the Border, 
1938. The Old Santa Fe Trail, 1939. Profes- 
sional Writing, 1938. Writing Magazine Fiction, 
1940. King of the Fur Traders, 1940. Short 
Grass Country, 1941. Big Foot Wallace, 1942. 
Writing Non Fiction, 1944. The Missouri, 1945. 
Jim Bridger, 1946. Wagons Southwest, 1946. 
Warpath & Council Fire, 1948. Ed. Wah-to- 
Yah and the Taos Trail, 1927; The Oregon Trail, 
1929; and Early Days among the Cheyenne Sf 
Arapahoe Indians, 1 934. Numerous arts, in lit. 
reviews and hist, collections. 

Univ. of Okla., Norman, Okla. 

CARPENTER, RHYS (New York), b. 5 Aug. 
1889. Trinity Sch., New York City, & Columbia 
Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Balliol 1908-11. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1911. M.A. 1914. 

Columbia Ph.D. (Classics) 1916. 

1911-13: Grad. Study. 1913- : Teaching, 
Class. Archaeol., Bryn Mawr Coll. ; Prof, since 
1918. 1927-32: Dir., Am. Sch. of Class. Studies, 
Athens. 1 939-40 : Prof, in charge of Class. Sch., 
Am. Acad., Rome. 

m. 1918. Eleanor H. Hill. 

Publ.: The Tragedy of Etarre, 1912. The Sun 
Thief, 1914. The Ethics of Euripides, 1916. The 
Land Beyond Mexico, 1920. The Plainsman and 
Other Poems, 1920. Aesthetic Basis of Greek Art, 
1922. The Greeks in Spain, 1925. The Sculpture 
of the Nike Temple Parapet, 1929. The Defense 

of Acocorinth, 1935. Observations^ on Famihat 
Statuary in Rome, 1941. Humanistic Value of 
Archaeology, 1933. Folk Tale, Fiction and Saga 
in the Homeric Epics, 1 946. Arts, on Archaeol. 
Jerry Run, R.D. 2, Downingtown, Pa. 

15 Apr. 1885. Wilmington Conf. Acad. & 
Dickinson Coll. A.B. PBK. 

St. John's 1908-11. Read Junspr. 

1911-12: Student, Univ. of Va. Law Sch. 
1913-25: Practice of Law, Norfolk, Va.; 1915- 
17 & 1920-3: Public Defender, Norfolk; 1919- 
20: Spec. City Attorney, Norfolk; 1917-18: 
Recreational Work w. French Army. 1925- : 
Judge, Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, 

Bd. of Trustees, Nat. Probation Assn., 1930- 
43 ; Member, Advisory Council, since 1943. 

m. 1941. Jeannette Payne Tabb. 

Juvenile Court Bldg., Norfolk, Va. 

CURTIS, GEORGE HENRY (Idaho), b. 24 Apr. 
1885. Boise H.S. & Univ. of Idaho. 

Worcester 1908-11. Read Anc. Hist. & 

1911-30: Public Sch. work in Idaho, Supt. of 
Schs. 1922-30; 1917: Member of Idaho Senate; 
1918: Mil. Training, Camp Pike, Ark. 1930-9: 
Farming; 1933, 1935, & 1937: Member, Idaho 
House of Repres. 1939-45: Secy, of State of 
Idaho. 1945-6: Secy, to U.S. Senator Glen H. 
Taylor. 1946- : Public Sch. teaching, Idaho. 

m. 1922. Donna M. Goodman. Ones. OneJ. 

1215 Curtis Road, Boise, Idaho. 

b. 31 Oct. 1886. Westminster Sch., Conn., & 
Yale Univ. A.B. 

Merton 1908-11. Eng. L. & Lit. Aegrotat. 
B.A. 1911. M.A. 1930. L.T. v. Camb. 1910, 
1911 (Pres.). O.U.B.C. Trial Eights 1910. 

1911-19: Teaching, Westminster Sch.. Sims- 
bury, Conn. 1919-23: Teaching, Hill Sch., 
Pottstown, Pa. 1923- : Teaching, Groton Sch,, 
Mass.; Latin and Greek since 1940, 

m. 1911. M. E. V. Dodge. One s. One d. 

Groton Sch., Groton, Mass. 

DAVID, CHARLES WENDELL (Illinois), b. 20 
Mar. 1885. Grand Prairie Seminary, Onarga, 
111., & Northwestern Univ. 

Hertford 1908-11. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1911. 

Univ. of Wis. A.M. (Hist.) 1912. Harvard 
Ph.D. (Hist.) 1918. 

1911-15: Univs. of Wis. & Harvard. 1915- 
18: Instr. in Hist., Umv. of Wash. 1918^42. 
Teaching Hist., Bryn Mawr Coll., Prof, since 
1927; Marjorie Walter Goodhart Prof. 1940-2. 
1940- : Prof, of Hist. & Dir. of Libraries, Univ. 
of Pa. 

Chmn., Bd. of Dirs., Union Library Cata- 
logue, Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, 1936-40 
& since 1949. 

m. (1) 1918. Mary V. Martin (.d. 1936). 
(2) 1939. Margaret F. Simpson. Two s. 

Publ.: Robert Curthose Duke of Normandy, 
1920. De Expugnatione Lyxbonensi (The Con- 
quest of Lisbon) ,1936. Narratio de Itinere N avail 
Peregrinorum Hierosolyman tendentium et Stlviam 
capientium, A.D. 1189, 1939. Ed. (in collab.) 
Planning the University Library Building, a sum- 
mary of discussions by librarians, architects & 

13 Arthur Road, Rosemont, Pa. 

FRYE, Lucius ARNOLD (Minnesota), b. 14 
Sept. 1885. Central H.S., St. Paul, & Umv. of 
Minn. A.B. A.M. PBK. Also Columbia Univ. 

Oriel 1908-12 (not in res. 1909-10). B.C.L. 
3rd CL 1911. 

1913-21: Practice of Law & Business. 
1921- : Practice of Law, New York City. 



m. Suzanne Jaladert. One s. 
Hawkins, Delafield & Wood, 67 Wall St., New 

GIFFEN, MORRISON BEALL (Missouri), b. 29 
Dec. 1884. Tarkio Coll., Mo., & Univ. of Mo. 

Queen's 1908-11. Hist. 2nd CL B,A. 1911. 

1911-13: Teaching, Tarkio Coll. 1913-30: 
Farming & Cattle-grazing, Tarkio, Mo.; 1918: 
Pvt., U.S.F.A. 1930- : Editing for Foreign 
Relations & member, Div. of Near Eastern 
Affairs, U.S. Dept. of State, 

m. 1911. Esther Rankm. Three d. 

PubL: Fashoda: The Incident and its Diplo- 
matic Setting, 1929. 

301 Brooknde Drive, Chevy Chase, Md. 

ginia), b. 13 May 1886. Wesleyan Coll., W. 
Va., & Univ. of W. Va. PBK. 

Pembroke 1909-11. Jurispr. 1st. CL B.A. 
1911. M.A. 1914. 

Univ. of W. Va. LL.B. 1914. Yale J.D. 1915. 

1911-13: Harvard Law Sch. 1913-14: Univ. 
of W. Va. 1914-15: Yale. 1915- : Teaching, 
Univ. of W. Va.; Prof. & Dean of Coll. of Law 
since 1931. 1918-19: Capt., Am. Red Cross, 

m. 1922. Eleanor Brock. One s. 

PubL : Numerous arts, in law journals. 

601 Grand St., Morgantown, W. Va. 

HOLMAN, FRAm EZEKIEL. (Utah), b. 7 Jan. 
1886. Univ. Prep. Sch. & Univ. of Utah. A.B. 

Exeter 1908-11. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1910. 
M.A. 1914. 

1912-13: Instr. in Law, Univ. of Utah. 
1913-15: Dean, Utah Law Sch. 1915-24: Prac- 
tice of Law, Salt Lake City: admitted to practice 
before Supreme Court of U.S.A. 1921. 1924- : 
Practice of Law, Partner, Holman, Mickelwait, 
Marion, Prince & Black, Seattle, Wash. ; Chmn., 
Alien Enemy Hearing Bd., 1941-4; Member, 
Nat. Panel Alien Enemy Examiners, 1943-4. 

Trustee, Sen. of Public Law, Washington, 
D.C. Pres., Am. Bar Assn., 1948-9. 

m. 1915. Carrol E. Edwards. Four s. 

PubL: Arts, on legal & related subjects. 

1006 Hoge Btdg., Seattle, Wash. 


b. 3 July 1884. Coushatta H.S-, La., & Univ. of 
La. A.B. 

Wadham 1908-11. Read Anthrop. 

1911-13: Principal, High Schs., Baton Rouge 
& Shreveport. 1913-16: Supt., La. Sch. for the 
Blind. 1916-31: Supt., La. State Sch. for the 
Deaf. 1931-2: N.Y. Sch. of Social Work & 
Columbia Univ. 1 932-4 : Welfare Council of New 
York City & Federal Transient Bureau. 19346 : 
Federal Transient Bureau, Philadelphia, & State 
Dept. of Welfare, Harrisburg. 1937-8: Elm- 
wood-on-the-Lake Sch. for Boys, East Spring- 
field, Pa. 1938-9: Organization work in field, of 
social welfare. 1940-2: State Dept. of Welfare, 
Baton Rouge. Retired because of health 1942. 

m. 1911. Anita Jones. One s. (dcd.). 

Route 1, Box 39, Jackson, La. 

HYDRICK, JOHN LEE (South Carolina). 
b. 25 Oct. 1888. Spartanburg H.S., S.C. & 
Wofford Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Lincoln 1908-11. Read Sci. prep, to Med. 

Jefferson Med. Coll. M.D. 1915. 

1916- : Public Health Work for Rockefeller 
Foundation, Brit. W. Indies, Brazil, U.S.A., 
Netherlands E. Indies, India, Ecuador, & Peru. 

Officier in Oranje Nassau, Queen of Holland, 
1929. Comendador de la Orden Al Merito, 
Ecuador, 1943. 

m. (1) 1916. Marian Osmond Price. One s. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1939. Kuna van der 
Molen. One s. One d. 

PubL: Medische Propaganda door den Dienst 
der Volksgezondheid, 1927. De Afdeeling 
Medisch-Hygienische Propaganda, 1929. The 
Division of Public Health Education of the Public 
Health Service of the Netherlands East Indies, 
1929. Intensief Hygiene Work in Nederktndsch- 
Indie (Dutch), 1926; Intensive Hygiene Work and 
Public Health Education in Netherlands India 
(Engl.), 1937 (revised edn. 1942). Hygiene 
rurale intensive et Education hygiemgue, 1938. 
Enkele van de principes van het intensieve hygiene- 
werk van den Dienst der Volksgezondheid, 1939. 
La Higiene Rural en las Indias Holandesas, 1 944. 

Rockefeller Foundation, 49 W. 49th St., New 
York 20, N. Y. 

8 Sept. 1886. Eugene H.S., Ore., & Univ. of 
Ore. A.B. 

Pembroke 1908-11. Engr. 3rd CL B.A. 1911. 

1911-13: Mass. Inst. of Tech. 1913- : 
Research Engr., Turbine Engr. Div., Gen. 
Electric Co., Lynn, Mass. 

m. 1917. Dorothy Livingston. Two s. 

12 Concord St., Lynn, Mass* 

KEITH, BOLLARD FREESE (Maine), b. 19 Sept. 

1887. Old Town H.S., Me., & Univ. of Me. 
A.B. & LL.B. 

Jesus 1908-11. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1910. 

1912- : Practice of Law; Old Town, Me., 
1912-19; since 1919, Bangor. 

OT. 1922. Frances M. Harford. Two s. 
One d. 

102 Cottage St., Bangor, Me. 

KENNARD, EARLE HESSE (California), b. 
2 Aug. 1885. Citrus Union H.S. & Pomona 
Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Exeter 1908-11. Physics 2nd CL B.A. 1910. 
B.Sc. 1911. 

Cornell Ph.D. (Physics) 1913. 

1911-17: Teaching, Univs. of Cornell & 
Minn. 1917-19: Teaching in Cal. 1919-42: 
Teaching Physics, Cornell Univ.; Prof. 1927- 
42. 1942- : Sr. Physicist, David Taylor Model 
Basin, Navy Dept., Washington, D.C. 

m. 1919. Margaret D. Jarman. Two s. 
One d. 

PubL: Kinetic Theory of Gases, 1938. Qn 
collab.) Introduction to Modern Physics, 4th edn. 
1947. Many arts, in field of physics in Physical 
Review and elsewhere. 

5502 Charlcote Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. 


6. 18 May 1889. N.M. Normal Sch., Silver 
City, & Univ. of N.M. 

Hertford 1908-11. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 

1911-12: Student, Northwestern Univ. Law 
Sch. 1913-24: Business, Silver City, N.M. 
1924- : Am. Nat. Bank, Silver City; Vice-Pres. 
1924-31 ; Pres. since 1931. 

m. 1914. Maud Alice Cosgrove. One s. 
One d . 

101 Broadway, Silver City, N.M. 

LINCOLN, EDMOND EARL (Ohio). 6. 5 Feb. 

1888. E. Palestine H.S., Ohio, & Ohio Wes- 
leyan Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Lincoln 1908-11. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1910. 
M.A. 1914. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Banking:, Finance, & Public 
Utilities) 1917. 

1911-12: Hd. of Engl. Dept., Mt. Union 
Coll., Ohio. 1912-14: Hd. of Dept. of Hist. & 
Econ., Secy, of Fac., St. John's Coll., Annapolis. 
1914-22: Tutor, Instr. in Econ. & Asst. Prof, of 
Finance, Harvard Univ. & Grad. Sch. of Bus. 
Admin. 1918-20: Expert Spec. Agent, U.S. 
Dept. of Commerce (Electrical Industry) . 1922- 
7: Chief Statistician & Economist, Western 



Electric Co. 1927-31: Economist, Actg. Com- 
mercial Mgr. & Spec. Asst. to Pres., Internat. 
Tel. & Tel. Co. 1931- : Economist, E.L du 
Pont de Nemours & Co. 

Member, PBK Associates. Trustee, Mt. 
Union Coll. 

m. (1) 1915. Edith Walker. One s. One d. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1948. Mary Margaret 

PubL: Results of Municipal Electric Lighting 
in Massachusetts, 1917. Central Electric Light 
and Power Stations (1917), 1919. List of 
References on the Economic History of Europe and 
of the United States, 1920. Problems in Business 
Finance, 1921 (3rd edn. 1924). Applied Business 
Finance, 1922 (5th revised edn. 1941). Testing 
Before Investing, 1926 (2nd edn. 1930). Steps in 
Industry, 1926. Arts, on finance & econ. 

907 Westover Rd., Wilmington, Del 

sippi), b. 9 July 1887. Webb Sch., Tenn., & 
Univ. of Miss. A.B. 

Merton 1908-10. B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1910. 

1913-27: Practice of Law, Nashville, Tenn. 

m. 1914. Sarah E. Hamm. One 5. Two d. 

Died 17 Oct. 1927. 

(Wisconsin), b. 1 Mar. 1887. Janesville H.S., 
Wis., & Univ. of Wis. A.B. & A.M. PBK. 

Trinity 1908-9. Read Jurispr. Resigned 
Scholp. on grounds of health. 

Died 5 Mar. 1910. 

shire), b. 17 Nov. 1884. New Hampton 
Literary Inst. & Dartmouth Coll. A.B. PBK. 

New Coll. 1908-11. B.Sc. (Physics) 1911. 
Demonstrator in Physics 1910-11. Lacrosse v. 
Camb. 1910-11. 

1911- : Teaching Physics, Dartmouth Coll.; 
Prof, since 1927, Chmn. of Dept. 1927-31 & 

m. 1913. Anne White. Two s. One d. 

PubL: X-rays and X-ray Apparatus, 1925. 
Laboratorv Manual for Phvsics Dept., Dart- 
mouth Coll. Arts, on sci. subjects. 

j}4 Occom Ridge, Hanover, N.H. 


b. 19 Dec. 1886. Whitworth Prep. Sch. & Coll., 
Wash. A.B. 

Wadham 1908-11. Turispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1910. 

1911- : Practice of Law, Tacoma, Wash.; 
1911-13: Assoc. with Hayden & Langhorne, 
partner since 1913. Firm name now Metzger, 
Blair, Gardner & Boldt. 

m. 1912. Catherine Burr. Two jr. Two d. 

523 Tacoma Bldg., Tacoma 2, Wash. 

MTLLEN, WILLIAM BURT (Iowa). 6. 10 Dec. 
1884. Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, Iowa. A.B. 

Pembroke 1908-11. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1911. 

1913-16: Assoc. Editor, St. Paul Pioneer Press 
& Dispatch. 1916-27: Foreign Dept., Mer- 
chants Nat. Bank, St. Paul. 1927-40: G. L. 
Ohrstrom & Co., Bankers (European Mgr. 
1929-40). 1940- : Stroud & Co., Investment 
Bankers; 1942- Examiner, N.Y. Office, Foreign 
Funds Control, U.S. Treasury; 1942-3: 
Examiner, N.Y. Office, Alien Property Cus- 

m. 1915. Marjorie Carlyle. One s. 

302 East Broad St., Westfteld, NJ. 


fe. 29 Mar. 1885. Lonoke H.S. & Univ. of Ark. 

Pembroke 1908-11. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1913-16: Practice of Law, Little Rock, Ark. 

Died Nov. 1916. 

14 Dec. 1887. Various High Schs. in Tex. & 
Southwestern Univ. A.B. 

St. John's 1908-11. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1911. M.A. 1914. 

1911-15: Prof, of Physics, Southwestern 
Univ. 1915-17: Asst. Phvsicist, Bureau of 
Standards. 1917-23: Tech. Asst. to Tech. Aid, 
Bureau of Yards & Docks, U.S. Navy. 1923-7: 
Editor, Research Publs , U.S. Forest Products 
Lab., Madison, Wis. 1927-9- Editor, Univ. 
Extension Div., Univ. of Wis. 1929-39: Tech. 
Editor, U.S. Forest Products Lab, 

m. 1919. Frances R. Siemens. Five d. 

Publ.: Arts, on forestry and forest products. 
Prize Short Storv, The Forum, 1924. 

Died 5 Jan. 1940. 

mont), b. 21 May 1886. Concord H.S., N.H , 
& Middleburv Coll, A.B. PBK. 

Queen's 1908-11. Chem. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1911. 
M.A. 1914. 

Harvard M.A. (Physiol.) 1918. Ph.D. 1920. 

1912-15: Teaching, Richmond Coll., Va. 
1915-16 & 1919-20: Austin Teaching Fellow, 
Harvard; 1917-19- 2nd Lt., Sanitation Corps, 
U.S . Armv. 1 920-7: Teaching Physiol. , Toronto 
Univ. 1927- : Prof of Physiol. & Hd. of Dept., 
Univ. of Cal.; 1946. Noguchi Lect., Johns Hop- 
kins Univ. 

Hon. D.Sc. Middlebury Coll. 

m. 1927. Evangeline Harris. 

PubL* Claude Bernard, Physiologist, 1938; 
Engl. edn. 1939; transl. into Spanish. Francois 
Magendie, Pioneer in Experimental Physiology 
and Scientific Medicine in XIX Century France, 
1944. Charles-E'douard Brown-Stquard, A 
Nineteenth Century Neurologist and Endo- 
crinologist, 1946. (In collab.) Physiology in 
Modem Medicine, 1926, 1930, 1935, 1938, 1941. 
Numerous arts, on physiol. of the nervous sys- 
tem, and the eye, and on the hist of med. 

2583 Buena Vista Way, Berkeley, Cal. 

PIFER, CLAUDE ALBERT (Indiana), b. 10 Aug. 
1885. Paris H S., 111., & Wabash Coll. A.B. 
&A.M. (Engl. Lit.). PBK. 

Pembroke 1908-11. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1911. 

1912-16: Instr., Phillips Acad., Andover, 
Mass, 1916- : Business, now Mgr , Industr. 
Papers Div., Crocker, Burbank & Co, Assoc., 
Fitchburg, Mass.; 1944-5: Paper Consultant, 
War Production Bd., Washington, D.C. 

m. 1913. Elizabeth Parrish. One s. Two d. 

Center Rd., Shirley, Mass. 

b. 10 Mar. 1888. Rutgers Prep. Sch. & Univ. 
A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1908-11. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1911. 

Columbia A.M. 1913. 

1911-13: Grad. Study, Columbia. 1914-17: 
Principal, Voorhees Coll.. Vellore, South India. 
1918- : Bd. of Foreign Missions of Reformed 
Ch. in Am.; 1918-35- Assoc. Secy.: Treas. 
since 1919; Corresp. Secy, since 1935; 1929-30: 
Trip around world inspecting Missions; 1947: 
India & Near East. 

Hon. L.H.D. Hone Coll. Hon. D.D. Rutgers. 
Trustee, Rutgers Univ. 

m. 1915. Elsie M. Burroughs. Two 5. One<f. 

129 Hillside Ave., Metuchen, N.jf. 

b. 9 July 1887. Richmond H.S., Kan., & Univ. 
of Kan. A.B. Yale Univ. A.M. 

Christ Church 1908-11. Dipl. Econ. w. 
Distn. 1909. B.Litt. (Econ.) 1911. Athl. Sports 
v. Camb. 1909-11. 

1911-17: Teaching Econ., Univ. of Kan. 



1917-20: Prof, of Econ., Washington Univ., 
St. Louis; 1918: Spec. Expert, U.S. Tariff Com- 
mission, 1920-39: Economist to Swift & Co., 

m. 19 11. Clare Elise Edwards. One d. 

PubL: Practice Problems tn Economics t 1915, 
The Land Credit Problem, 1916. Supplying 
Britain's Meat, 1923. 

Died 24 June 1939. 

RAND, OSCAR RIPLEY (North Carolina), b. 
22 Sept. 1886. Smithfield H.S., N.C., & Univ. 
ofN.C. A.B. PBK. 

Oriel 1908-11. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1911. 
M.A. 1932. 

1911-12: Asst. Prof, of Latin, Univ. of Ala. 
1912-17: Prof, of Latin, Sidney Lanier H.S , 
Montgomery, Ala. 1917-20: Active Duty, 2nd 
to 1st Lt., Officers' Reserve Corps, U.S. Inf. 
1920-8: 1st Lt. to Capt., Inf., U.S. Army. 
1928-46 : Capt. to Col., Judge Advocate General's 
Dept. U.S. Army; 1940-4: Chief, Mil. Reserva- 
tions Div., (Judge Advocate General's Office, 
Washington, D.C. Judge Advocate, Sixth Ser- 
vice Command, Chicago, 1944-6. Retired 1946. 
Legion of Merit. 

m. 1926. Marguerite Caroline Waite. 

Care The Adjutant General, Department of the 
Army, Washington, D.C. 

REID, ALBERT GRAHAM (Colorado), b. 4 Nov. 
1885. E. Denver H.S. & Univ. of Colo. A.B. 

Merton 1908-11. Hist. 2nd Cl. Dipl. Econ. 
w, Distn. B.A. 1910. L.T. v. Camb. 1911. 

1911-13: Teaching, Princeton. 1913-48: 
Fruit raising, packing, & cold storage bus., 
Buena, Wash. 

m. 1913. Mildred Hall. Two s. (one dcd.). 
Four d. 

Died 6 June 1948. 

REID, FRANK ALFONSO (Virginia). 6. 7 Mar. 
1887. Roanoke Coll.,Va. A.B. 

Queen's 1908-11. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1911. 
M.A. 1919. 

Univ. of Mich. J.D. 1913. 

1913-16: Practice of Law, Chicago. 1916- : 
Practice of Law, New York City, Reid & Priest; 
1918-19: Pvt., A.E.F, 

Reid & Priest, 2 Rector St., New York 6, N. Y. 

15 June 1885. Tuskegee H.S., Ala., & Washing- 
ton & Lee Univ. 

Jesus 1908-11. Read Engl. L. & Lit. Re- 
signed Scholp. 1911 (Hil. Term). 

SCHELLENS, RICHARD (Pennsylvania), b. 
19 Sept. 1887. Norwich Free Acad. & Univ. of 

Christ Church 1908-11. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

6 M.A. 1918. 

1911-14: Teaching & Business. 1915: Relief 
work in Serbia. 1917-19: Capt., U.S. Army; 
U.S. Mil. Mission to Berlin; Chevalier of the 
Order of the Crown (Belgium), Royal Order of 
George 1st (Greece), Royal Order of the White 
Eagle 5th Class (Jugoslavia), Order of St. John 
of Jerusalem (Engl.). 1920-6: Business, New 
York City & Constantinople. 

Died 4 Apr. 1927. 


7 Oct. 1886. Ridgely Acad,, Md,, & St. John's 
Coll., Annapolis. 

Lincoln 1908-11. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1910, 
M.A. 1916. 

Syracuse Univ. Ph.D. (PMIos.) 1916. PBK. 

1911-17: Teaching, The Travis Sch. & 
Syracuse Univ. 1917-19: Capt., U.S. Army, 
Intell. Sec.; France. 1920-2: Asst. Prof, of 
PsychoL, Smith Coll. 1922 : Occidental Coll., 

Los Angeles; Prof, of Educ. & PsychoL until 
1941; Prof, of Educ. since 1941. 

m. 1917. Annie Carter. One s. 

974 S. Oakland Ave., Pasadena 5, Col. 

SMITH, JOSEPH EARL (Nebraska), b. 23 Sept. 
1888. Cotner Acad. & Cottier Univ., Neb. 

Hertford 1908-11. Read Anc. Hist. Philos. 

1911-14: Teaching Grad. Study. 1915-20: 
Teaching, Eureka Coll., 111.; 1918: 2nd Lt., 
U.S. Inf. 1921-37: Prof, of Econ., Hiram Coll., 
Ohio. 1937- : Dean of Students, Youngstown 
Coll., Ohio. 

m. (1)1916. Claudia C. Page. (2)1939. Mary 

423 Bryson Street, Youngstown, Ohio. 

b. 24 Sept. 1886. Phoenix H.S., Ariz., & Occi- 
dental Coll. B.L. PBK. 

St. John's 1908-11. Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

Theol. Seminary, Alburn, N.Y., B.D. 1912. 
Occidental Coll., D.D. 1919. 

1912-17: Pastor, Westminster Presbyt. Ch., 
Pasadena, Cal. 1917-19: Y.M.C.A. work w. 
troops, U.S.A. 1919-31: Pastor, 1st Presbyt. 
Ch., Santa Barbara, CaL; 1930-1: Moderator, 
Synod of Cal. & Nev. 1931-45 : Minister, River 
F9rest Presbyt. Ch., River Forest, 111. 1945-9: 
Vice-Pres., Presbyt. Coll. of Christian Educ., 
Chicago. 1949- : Minister, Endeavor Presbyt. 
Ch., Chicago. 

Member. Nat. Marriage Commission. Presbyt. 
Ch. , U.S. A., 1 929-32. Member, Bd. Nat. Mission, 
Presbyt. Ch., U.SJV., 1940-6. 

m. 1912. Mary Frances Pierce. Two s. 
One d. 

PubL: Ed. Twenty-four Views of Marriage, 

2346 Geneva Terrace, Chicago 14, III. 

b. 2 Dec. 1887. Duval H.S., Fla., & Princeton 

Wa'dharn 1908-11. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. & Dipl. 
Econ. w. Distn. B.A. 1910. 

1911-37: Practice of Law, Jacksonville, Fla., 
Stockton, Ulmer & Murchison. 1917-19: Capt. , 
U.S.F.A.; France. 1933-5: Assoc. Gen. Coun- 
sel, Federal Home Owners Loan Corp., 
Washington, D.C. 

Hon. M.A. Princeton. 

m. 1918. Nell Owens Waldo. Two s. 

Died 31 Oct. 1937. 

STUART, WINCHESTER (Kentucky), b. 3 Aug. 
1885. Owensboro H.S., Ky., Centre Coll., 
Ky. A.B. 

Queen's 1908-11. Theol. 3rd CL B.A. 1911. 

1912- : Business. 1915-19: DuPont Powder 
Co. 1919-21: Adviser, Federal Bd. for Voca- 
tional Educ. of Disabled Soldiers. 1923- : 
Corporate Mortgage Expert, Electric Bond & 
Share Co. Affiliates. 

m. 1919. Maude Ruth Marberger. Two s. 
(one dcd.). 

255 Fort Washington Ave., New York 32, N. Y. 

b. 29 July 1888. H.S., Reno, & Univ. of Nev. 

Wadham 1908-12. Engl. L. Lit. 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1912. 

1913-17: Tutoring & Sch. Teaching. 1918- 
19: Pvt., U.S. Engrs. 1920-5: Business. 1926- : 
Washoe County Library, Reno, Nev.; Asst. 
Librarian since 1929. 

210 Sierra St., Reno, Nev. 

b. 1 Dec. 1887. Gresharn H.S., Macon, Ga., & 
Univ. of Ga. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1908-11. Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1910. B.Litt. 1912. Ordained 1911. 

1908, 1910 

1912-13: Rector, St. Stephen's Ch., Milledge- 
ville Ga, 1913-17: Prof, of New Testament 
Hist!, Univ. of the South, Sewanee, Term, 
1917-18: Capt., U.S. Inf.; Co. Comdr.; France. 

TO. 1914. Eleanor Pnscilla Barrows. 

Killed in action 9 June 1918. 

WILSON, CARROLL ATWOOD (Massachusetts). 

b. 12 May 1886. Westfield H.S. & Williams Coll. 
A.B. PBK. Also Harvard Law Sch. 

Worcester 1908-11. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1911. 

1911-19: Practice of Law, Boston, Mass.; 
1916-19: Member of firm Hurlburt, Jones & 
Hall; 1918-19: 1st Lt., C.A.R.C. 1919-47: 
Gen. Counsel, Guggenheim Bros., New York; 
1924-34: Trustee, Daniel & Florence Guggen- 
heim Foundation; 1925-47: _ Trustee, John 
Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation; 
1929-47: Trustee, Murray & Leonie Guggen- 
heim Foundation & Dental Clinic; 1941-7: 
Chirm. Com. on Publs., member Finance Com. 
& Member of Council; 1943-7: Chmn., Com. 
for Bibliography of Arn. Lit. since the Federal 
Period. 1945-7: 2nd Vice-Pres., Bibliographical 

Socy. of Am. 1945-7: Vice-Pres. & Dir., Am. 
Smelting & Refining Co., New York City. 

Hon. M.A. Williams Coll. Hon. L.H.D. 
Wesleyan Univ. Hon. LL.D. Colby Coll. 
Trustee, Williams Coll., 1938-46. 

m. (1) 1921. Doris A. Janes. Three s. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1943. Jean Conrad 
Shelley. . . f 

Publ.: First Appearance in Print of some Four 
Hundred Familiar Quotations, 1935. A Descrip- 
tive Catalogue of the Grolier Club Centenary 
Exhibition 1940 of the Works of Thomas Hardy , 
O.M. 1840-1928, 1940. Catalogue of the Collec- 
tion of Samuel Butler (of Erewhori) in the Chopin 
Library, Williams College, Wilhamstown, Mass., 
1945 (In collab.) One Hundred Influential 
American Books Printed Before 1900, 1947. To 
be published posthumously, The Catalogue of 
the Carroll A. Wilson Library, and A Biblio- 
graphic Discussion of the Gilbert and Sullivan 
Operas. Author and organizer of various ex- 
hibitions of books, and collector of first edns. of 
Am. authors. 

Died 26 June 1947. 


BLAND, WILLIAM JOHN (Ohio). 6. 20 Apr. 

1887. Weston H.S., Washington, D.C., & 
Kenyon Coll., Ohio. A.M. & Ph.B. PBK 

Lincoln 19fO-13. B.C L. 3rd Cl. 1913. Pres. 
(Trin. Term 1913) Oxford Union Society. 

1913-17. Practice of Law, Kansas City, Mo.; 
Fac. Member. Kan. City Law Sch.; Asst, City 
Counselor. 1917-18: Maj., U.S. Inf.; France. 

m. 1917. Mary Agnes Johnson. 

Killed in action 13 Sept. 1918. 

BOYCE, JAMES INSLEY (Delaware). 6. 7 Oct. 

1888. Phillips Acad., Exeter, N.H., & Harvard 

Trinity 1910-13. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1912. 

1913-30: Practice of Law, Wilmington, Del.; 
1917-19 : Lt. (j.g.), U.S.N. 

m. 1924. Carolyn H. Long. Threes. 

Died 7 Jan. 1930. 

b 6 July 1887. Coll. of Charleston, S.C. A.B. 

Lincoln 1910-13. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1912. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1913. Vinerian Scholp. 1913. 

1914-17. Practice of Law, Birmingham, Ala. 
1917-26: Capt., U.S. Coast Arty.; France 
1917-19. 1926-46: Judge Advocate General's 
Dept., retired 1946 as Col. 1947- ; Instr. in 
Hist., Tex. Western Coll. of the Univ. of Tex., 
El Paso, Tex. 

m. 1917. Louise Spain. Two 5. 

22 1 5 Portland St., El Paso, Tex. 

BRISTOW, FRANK BAKER (Kansas), b. 13 Dec. 
1885. Central H.S., Washington, D.C., & 
Baker Univ. A.B. 

Merton 1910-13. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1913. 

1914-44: Practice of Law, Salina, Kan.; 
1930_44 : Referee in Bankruptcy. 1944- : Law 
& Business, Fairfax, Va. 

Ossim Hall, R.F.D. No. /, Box 878, Annan- 
dale, Va. 

I Sept. 1887. Burlington H.S., Vt., & Univ. of 

Oriel 1910-13. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1912. 
Davis Chinese Scholp. 

Harvard, M.A. 1919. 

1913- : Asst. Prof. & Prof., Lingnan Univ., 
Canton, China; 1918-19: Grad. study, Harvard. 
During furloughs, teacher of Hist., Univ. of Vt. 
1936-7, Macalester Coll. 1943-4, Drew Univ. 
1944-5, Rhode Island State Coll. 1945-6. 
Interned by Japanese 6 mos., 1942. 

m, 1913. Jane Bartlett Menut. Two s. 
Three d. 

196 S. Willard St., Burlington, Vt. 


b. 11 Jan. 1890. Prep. Dept., Univ. of N.M. & 
Princeton Univ. Univ. of N.M. A.B. 

Hertford 1910-13. GeoL 2nd CL & Dipl. 
Forestry. B.A. 1913. Lacrosse v. Cainb. 

1913-18: U.S. Forest Service. 1918: 2nd Lt., 
F.A. Central Officers' Training Camp. 1919-35 : 
Sheep and cattle raising, N.M. 1935-7: Gra2ing 
Service, Dept. of Interior, Albuquerque. 1937- : 
Grazing Service, now Bureau of Land Manage- 
ment, Salt Lake City. 

m. (1) 1926. Dorothy Coleman Davis. One s. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1936. Mrs. Marion 
Fox Moore. One s. Two d. 

Publ.: Contribs. to sci. journals on range 

1354 East South Temple St., Salt Lake City 2, 

17 Dec. 1887. Worthen Coll., Ga., & Emory 
Coll. A.B. & A.M. (Engl.) PBK. 

Merton 1910-13. Mod. Langs. (German) 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1913. MJL 1919. 

1913-22: Teaching: Yale, Oberlm Coll., 
Hotchkiss Sch., & Atlanta Tech. H.S. ; 1917-20: 
1st Lt., U.S. Intell. Service, attached to G.H.Q. 
France. 1922-8: Business, Atlanta. 1928-43: 
Repres. & Instr. of Agents, Mutual Life 
Insurance Co, of N.Y., Atlanta, Ga. Office. 
1944-7: Asst. Negotiator of Govt. Contracts, 
Q.M.C., War Dept. Price Adjustment Bd., 
Greenville, S.C. & New York City. 

1235 Emory Drive, N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

CROOKS, TONEY TAYLOR (Idaho), b. 29 Dec. 

1886. Idaho State Prep. Sch. & Univ. of Idaho. 
A.B. PBK. 

Hertford 1910-13. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1913-16: Teaching, Silliman Inst., Philip- 
pines. 1916-21 : Med. Study, Univ. of Chicago. 
1918-20: 2nd Lt., U.S. Sanitation Corps; 
France, Belgium. 1923-37: Ricketts Lab., 
Univ. of Chicago. 1938- : Physician & Sur- 
geon, Chicago. 

m. 1923. Esther L. Tarkington. 

2607 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago 47, III. 

b. 25 July 1886. E. Lake H.S. & Howard Coll. 

Wadham 1910-13. Mod. Langs. (German) 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1913. M.A. 1925. 

1914-17: Pres., Fork Union Mil. Acad., Va. 
1917-21: Pres., Averett Coll., Danville, Va. 
1921-5: Pres., Columbia Mil. Acad., Columbia, 
Tenn. 1926-7: Business, Fla. 1927-34: Supt. 
of Schs., Lake Wales, Fla. 1935- : Business, 
Lakeland, Fla. 

m. 1914. Ida Holley. Two s. One d. 

P.O. Box 523, Lakeland, Fla. 

DAVIS, ELMER HOLMES (Indiana), b. 13 Jan. 
1890. Aurora H.S., Ind., & Franklin Coll. A.B. 

Queen's 1910-13. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1914-24: Journalist & Writer; Reporter & 
Editorial Writer, N. Y. Times. 1924-39 : Novelist 
Essayist. 1939-42: News Analyst, Columbia 
Broadcasting System. 1942-5: Dir., Office of 
War Informn. (Medal for Merit.) 1945- : 
News Analyst, Am. Broadcasting Co. 

m. 1917. Florence MacMillan. One s. One of. 

PubL: Times Have Changed, 1923. /'// Show 
You the Town, 1924. Friends of Mr. Sweeney, 
1925. Strange Woman, 1927. Show Window, 
1927. Giant Killer, 1928. Morals for Moderns, 
1930. Love Among the Ruins, 1935. Not to 
Mention the War, 1940. 

1661 Crescent Place, Washington 9, D.C. 

DISNEY, RICHARD LESTER (Arizona), b. 6 June 

1887. Univs. of Kan. & Ariz. 

Exeter 1910-13. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1912. 

1913-36: Practice of Law, Okla.; 1914-18: 
Member Okla. Legislature. 1936: Appointed 
to U.S. Bd. of Tax Appeals. 1942- : Judge, 
Tax Court of U.S. 

m. 1914. Harriet Florence Mitchell. Two s. 
Two d. 

3502 Macomb St, N.W., Washington 16, D.C. 

ECKEL, EDWARD HENRY (Missouri), b. 23 Apr. 
1890. St. Joseph H.S., Mo., & Univ. of Mo. 

Wadham 1910-13. Theol. 2nd CL B.A. 1913. 

Gen. TheoL Seminary, New York City, S.T.B. 

1913-14: Gen. TheoL Sem.; Ordained dea- 
con & priest 1914. J914-16: Rector, Christ 
Ch., Warrensburg, Mo. 1916-18: Curate, Ch. 
of St. John the Evangelist, St. Paul, Minn. 
1918-29: Rector, St. PauTs-on-the-Hill, St. 
Paul, Minn. 1930- : Rector, Trinity Ch., 
Tulsa, Okla. 

Hon. S.T.D., Gen. TheoL Sem. 

m. 1927. Emily H. Pope. 

[145] 1910 

PubL: Reviews & arts, in the Church press. 
12 East Twenty-fourth St., Tulsa 5, Okla. 

b. 22 June 1887. Colo. Springs H.S. & Colorado 
Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Merton 1910-13. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1913. 

Univ. of Pa. Ph.D. (Pol. Sci.) 1918. 

1913-14: Grad. Sch., Umv. of Pa. 1914-19: 
Instr. & Asst. Prof, of Pol. Sci., Colo. Coll. 
1919-26: Prof, of Pol. Sci., Lake Forest Coll., 
III. 1926-34: Northwestern Univ., Assoc. Prof. 
& Prof, of Pol. Sci., & Asst. Dean, Coll. of 
Liberal Arts; Member, Chicago Govt. Planning 
Commission, 1927-34. 

m. 1914. Rea Schimpeler. Two s. (one dcd.). 

Died 12 May 1934. 

FARLEY, LEONARD EUGENE (Mississippi), b. 

5 Oct. 1888. HS., Hemando, Miss., & Univ. 
of Miss. S.B. & LL.B. 

Lincoln 1910-13. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1912. 
1913-47: Practice of Law, Memphis; 1917-19: 
Capt., U.S. Inf. 
Died 4 Jan. 1947. 

GADDY, WILLIAM MONROE (North Carolina). 
b. 15 Dec. 1888. N.C. Mil. Acad. & Univ. of 
N.C. A.B. 

Hertford 1910-13. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 

1913-15: U.S. Army; Ft. Slocum, N.Y., 
Galveston, Tex., Vera Cruz expedition, San 
Antonio Hosp. 1915-46: State Hosp., Raleigh, 
N.C. 1946-7: State Hosp., Monroe, N.C. 
1947- : State Hosp., Camp Butner, N.C. 

State Hospital, Camp Butner, N.C. 

HALE, ROBERT (Maine), b. 29 Nov. 1889. 
Portland H.S. & Bowdoin Coll. A.B. 

Trinity 1910-13. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1912. 
M.A. 1921. 

1913-14: Harvard Law Sch. 1914-17: Prac- 
tice of Law, Boston. 1917-19: 2nd Lt., U.S. 
Inf.; France; Legal Adviser to Am. Commission 
to Negotiate Peace, Baltic Provinces, 1919. 
1920-42: Practice of Law, Verrill, Hale, Booth 

6 Ives, Portland, Me. ; 1923-30 : Member, Maine 
House of Reps., Floor Leader 1927-8, Speaker 
1929-30; Member. Congress of the U.S. since 

Hon. LL.D. Bowdoin. 

m. 1922. Agnes Burke. One d. 

PubL: Early Days of Church and State in 
Maine, 1910. The Baltic Provinces (written for 
U.S. Dept. of State), 1919. The United States 
and the War, 1940. Arts, in law journals & 
other magazines. 

76 Pearl St., Portland, Me. 

tucky), b. 3 May 1886. Brandenburg H.S., 
Ky., & State Umv. of Ky. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1910-13. Jurispr. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1913. 

1914-18 & 1923- : Practice of Law, Louisville, 
Ky. 1918-19: War Service, U.S.N. 1919-22: 
Prof, of Law, Umv. of Ky. 1923-34- Prof, of 
Law, Univ. of Louisville. 

Brandenburg, Ky. 

b. 12 June 1886. Seattle H.S. & Umv. of Wash. 
A.B. PBK. 

Lincoln 1910-13. Engl. L. & Lit 3rd CL 
B.A. 1913. 

1913- : Instr. to Prof, of Engl., Univ. of 
Wash.; 1918: 2nd Lt., U.S. Inf. 

1946-7: Chmn., I.C.C.A.S.P., Northwest 
Div. Editor, Univ. of Wash. Branch, Univs. 
Com. on Post-War Interaat. Problems, 1943-5. 
1947-8: Actg. Chmn., Engl. Dept., & Chmn., 
Senate, Univ. of Wash. 



in. 1913. Ellen F. Shelton, Two d. 

Publ.: Menckenism, 1927. Vernon Louis 
Parrington,193Q. BretHarte,1941. (Incollab.), 
If Men Want Peace, 1946. Contnb., 'North- 
west Harvest', 1948. Arts, in lit. journals. 

Univ. of Wash., Seattle 5, Wash. 

30 Nov. 1888. Salt Lake City H.S. & Univ. of 
Utah. A.B. 

St. John's 1910-13. Physics 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1912. B.Sc. 1913. 

1913-25 : Research Branch. Western Elect. Co. 
1925- : Research Branch, Bell Tel. Labs., Inc., 
New York City & Murray Hill, NJ. Medal of 
Honor, Inst. of Radio Engrs., 1946. 

m. 1916. Florence Vail. 

PubL: Many tech. arts, in connexion with 
research on telephone transmission. 

174 Summit Avenue, Summit, N.J. 

HOFFMAN, MILTON J. (Michigan). b. 31 Jan. 
1886. Hope Prep. Sch. & Hope Coll., Mich. 
A.B. & A.M. 

Exeter 1910-13. Theol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1912. 

1913-17: Hd. of Latin Dept., Hope Coll. 
1 9 17-25 :Pres., Central Coll., la. 1925- : Prof, 
of Ch. Hist., Theol. Sena., New Brunswick, 

Hon. D.D. Hope Coll. 1918. Hon. PBK., 
Rutgers, 1926. Pres., Gen. Synod of Reformed 
Ch. in Am., 1931. Appointed an Officer in the 
Order of Orange-Nassau by Queen Wilheknina 
of the Netherlands 1947. 

m. 1914. Anna Viola McWhinme. Two d. 

27 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, N.J* 

20 Nov. 1887. Lawrence Coll. A.B. PBK. 
Univ. ofWis. A.M. (Classics). 

University 1910-13. Dipl. Anthrop. w. Distn. 
1912. B.Litt. 1913. 

Univ. ofWis. Ph.D. (Classics) 1911. 1913- : 
Instr. to Prof, of Anthrop., Harvard, & Curator 
of Sornatology, Peabody Museum, Cambridge. 

m. 1915. Mary B. Camp. Two s. One d. 

PubL : The Ancient Inhabitants of the Canary 
Islands, 1925. The Indians ofPecos Pueblo, 1930. 
Up from the Ape, 1931 (revised edn. 1946). 
Apes, Men, and Morons, 1937. Crime and the 
Man, 1939. Twilight of Man, 1939. The Ameri- 
can Criminal, 1940. Why Men Behave Like Apes 
and Vice Versa, 1940. Man's Poor Relations, 
1942. Young Man, You Are Normal, 1945. 

13 Buckingham St., Cambridge, Mass, 

HUBBLE, EDWIN POWELL (Illinois), b. 20 Nov. 
1889. Wheaton H.S. 8s Univ. of Chicago. S.B. 
Sigma XL 

Queen's 1910-13. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1912. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1912. 

Univ. of Chicago Ph.D. (Astron.) 1917. 

1917-19: Maj., U.S. Inf.; France. 1919- : 
Astronomer, Mt. Wilson Observatory, Cal.; 
1942-6: Chief Ballistician, Ordnance Dept., 
U.S. Army & Dir., Supersonic Wind Tunnels 
Lab., Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.j Awarded 
Medal of Merit 1946. Trustee, Huntington 
Library & Art Galleries, since 1937. 

Hon. D.Sc. Oxford, Princeton, Brussels. Hon. 
LL.D. Occidental Coll. Univ. of Cal. Hon. 
Fellow, Queen's Coll., Oxford. Gold Medals, 
Barnard, Bruce, Franklin, Royal Astronomical 
Socy. Hon. membership in various sci. societies. 

m. 1924. Grace B. Lieb. 

PubL: The Realm of the Nebulae, 1936. The 
Observational Approach to Cosmology, 1937. 
Tech, sci. journals of U.S. and Engl. 

Mount Wilson Observatory, Pasadena 4, Cal, 

KEITH, ELMER DAVENPORT (Connecticut), b. 
7 July 1888. Erasmus Hall H.S., Brooklyn, & 
Yale Univ. A.B. 

Oriel 1910-13. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1913. 
M.A. 1917. 

1913-15: Harvard Univ. Press. 1915-18: 
Phoenix Linen Co., N. Brookfield, Mass. 1919- 
25: Treas., Index Visible Inc., New Haven, 
Conn. 1925-30: Chmn. of Bd., Quinnipiac 
Press Inc.; 1929-30: S.Africa, Oxford, Switzer- 
land, & work with Dr. Carl G. Jung. 1930-41 : 
Social & psychiatric asst. 1941-5: MB Manu- 
facturing Co. New Haven, Conn. 1945- : Real 
estate, Clintonville, Conn. Trustee & founder, 
Antiquarian & Landmark Socy., Inc. 

m. 1916. Susan Bacon. One s. Three d. 

PubL: Early Connecticut Architecture, 1938. 
Arts, in Antiques and in Bulletin of Landmarks 

Pond Hill Farm, Clintonville, Conn. 

b. 16 Dec. 1*886. Washington & Jefferson Coll. 
A.B. & Western Theol. Seminary B.D. 

Worcester 1910-13. TheoL 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1912. B.Sc. 1913. Matthew Arnold Prize 1913. 

1914-18: Pastor, Presbyt. Ch., Mt. Pleasant, 
Pa. 1918-25: Prof, of Biblical Lit. & Hist., 
James Milhkin Univ., 111. 1925- : Prof, of 
Philos., Southwestern Univ., Memphis, Tenn. 

m. 1914. Clarice Ridley Whararn. Two d. 

Southwestern, Memphis, Tenn. 

LANGE, RAY LOOMIS (Oklahoma), b, 5 Oct. 
1887. Kingfisher Acad. & Kingfisher Coll., 
Okla. A.B. 

St. John's 1910-13. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. 1913. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1911-13. Lacrosse v. 
Camb. 1911-13 (Pres. 1913). 

1913- : Practice of Law, Birmingham, Ala.; 
Lange, Simpson, Robinson & Somerville. 

Chmn., Bd, of Governors, Ala. Educ. 

m. 1928. Virginia Hassinger. Two d. 

1029 Frank Nelson Bldg., Birmingham, Ala, 

LOOMIS, ROGER SHERMAN (Massachusetts). 
b. 31 Oct. 1887. Hotchkiss Sch., Williams Coll., 
A.B., & Harvard Univ. A.M. 

New Coll. 1910-13. B.Litt. (Engl.) 1913. 

1913-18: Instr. in Engl., Univ. of 111. 1918- 
19: Sgt. 1st CL, U.S. Army; Psychol. Div. 
1920- : Engl. Dept., Columbia Univ., Prof, 
since 1947. 

m. (1) 1919. Gertrude Schoepperle (d. 1921). 
(2) 1925. Laura A. Hibbard. 

PubL: The Romance of Tristram and Ysolt 
(trans.), 1923, Ed. Freshmen Readings, 1925. 
Celtic Myth and Arthurian Romance, 1927. The 
Play of St. George, 1928. The Art of Writing 
Prose, 1930. Models for Writing Prose, 1931. 
Ed. Modern English Readings, 5 edns. 1934-46; 
Representative Medieval and Tudor Plays, 1942. 
(In collab.), Arthurian Legends in Medieval Art, 
1938; Medieval English Verse and Prose, 1948. 
Arthurian Tradition and Chrttian de Troyes, 
1949. Numerous arts, on Arthurian romance 
and Chaucer. 

Columbia Univ., New York 27, N.Y. 

LYANS, CECIL KENYON (Oregon), b. 4 July 
1887. Simpson Coll., Iowa, & Univ. of Ore. 
A.B. PBK, 

Worcester 1910-13. Lit. Hum. 1st Cl. B.A. 

Clark Univ. Ph.D. (Educ.) 1914. 

1914-18: Teaching, Univ. of Pittsburgh. 
1918-24: Planning Dir., Kaufmann's, Pitts- 
burgh. 1925-32: Planning Dir., Stern Bros., 
N.Y. 1925-33 : Lect., N.Y. Univ. 1933-5 : Vice- 
Pres., Bergen Co. Jr. Coll., N.J. 

m. 1914. Laura B. McDowell. Two d, 

PubL: (In collab.), Retail Accounting, 1934. 

Died 20 Nov. 1936. 



b. 20 Jan. 1886. Webb Sch., Vanderbilt Univ., 
& Southwestern Univ. A.B. Also Johns Hop- 
kins Univ. 

Christ Church 1910-13. B.Sc. (Med.) 1913. 

Johns Hopkins Med. Sch. M.D. 1915. 

1915-16: Bav View Hosp., Baltimore. 1916- 
22 : Prevented from practising by ill health. 

m. 1916 Emma Webb. One d. 

PubL: Tuberculosis: A Primer and Philosophy 
for Patient and Public, 1922. 

Died 8 Sept. 1922. 


5 May 1890. Jefferson Sch., Baltimore, & 
Haverford Coll. A.B. PBK. 

New Coll. 1910-13. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1913. 

1913-17: Book Publishing, Doubleday Page & 
Co. 1917-24: Magazine and newspaper work, 
Philadelphia & New York City. 192^ : 
Independent writer 8s until 1939 contrib. editor 
to Saturday Review of Lit. 1926- : Bd. Mem- 
ber, Book-of-the Month Club. 

Hon. D.Litt. Haverford Coll. 

m. 1914. Helen Booth Fairchild. One s. 
Three d. 

PubL: The Eighth Sin, 1912. Parnassus on 
Wheels, 1917. Songs for a Little House, 1917. 
Shandygaff, 1918. The Rocking Hor*e, 1919. 
The Haunted Bookshop, 1919. Mince Pie, 1919. 
Travels in Philadelphia, 1920. Kathleen, 1920. 
Pipefuls, 1920. Hide and Seek, 1920. Tales from 
a Rolltop Desk, 1921. Plum Pudding, 1921. 
Chimnevsmoke, 1921. Where the Blue Begins. 
1922. The Powder of Sympathy, 1923. Inward 
Ho! 1923. Parsons* Pleasure, 1923. Pandora 
Lifts the Lid (with Don Marquis), 1924. Religio 
Journalistici, 1924. One Act Plays, 1924. 
Thunder on the Left, 1925. The Romany Stain, 

1926. The Arrow, 1927. Pleased to Meet You, 

1927. I Know a Secret, 1927. Toulemonde, 1928. 
Off the Deep End, 1928. Seacoast of Bohemia, 
1929. Rudolph and Amina, 1930. A Book of 
Days, 1930. John Mistletoe, 1931. Swiss Family 
Manhattan, 1932. Ex Libris Carissimis, 1932. 
Human Being, 1932. Mandarin in Manhattan, 
1933. Shakespeare and Hawaii, 1933, Internal 
Revenue, 1933. Hasta la Vista, 1935. Stream- 
lines, 1936. The Trojan Horse, 1937. Historv of 
an Autumn, 1938. Letters of Askance, 1939. 
Kitty Foyle, 1939. Thorofare, 1942. Sherlock 
Holmes and Dr. Watson (edited), 1944. The 
Middle Kingdom, 1944. Ffiirit Level, 1 946. The 
Old Mandarin, 1947. The Man Who Made 
Friends with Himself, 1949. Editor-in-chief, 
revised edn., Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 
1937, 1948. 

Roslyn Heights, Long Island, N.Y. 

NELSON, CLAUD DALTON (Arkansas), b. 

13 July 1889. HendrixAcad. & Coll., Ark. A.B. 

Pembroke 1910-13. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1912. M.A. 1920. Dipl.Econ. w. Distn. 1913. 

1916-34, 1938-40, & 1942- : Y.M.C.A.; 
1916-22- War & Reconstruction, Russia, Ger- 
many, Switzerland; 19226: Student work, 
Rome, Italy; 1926-8: Student Secy, for Tex.; 
1928-34: Nat. Regional Student Secv.; 1938- 
40: Sen. Secy., Rome; 1942-5: Secv., Service of 
Supply, War Prisoners' Aid, N.Y.; 1945- : Sen. 
Secy., Rome. Methodist Minister, ordained 
deacon 1939, elder 1941. 1940-2: Dir., World 
Student Service Fund. 1944-7: Southern Secy., 
Fellowship of Reconciliation. 1947- : Actg. 
Nat. Secy., Italian Y.M.C.A. 

Appointed Commander, Order of St. Save, 
3rd Class, by Yugoslavian Govt. 

m. 1914. "Maud Sparks. Four s. 

Care Internal C<m^ YM.C.A., 347 Madison 
Ave., New York 17, N.Y. 

b. 17 July 1887. Princeton Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Oriel 1910-13. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1912. 
B.C.L. 2nd CL 1913. 

1913- : Practice of Law, Lehlbach & 
Ormond, Newark, N.J. 1932-6: Member City 
Council of East Orange. 

m. 1915. Helen I/. Robertson. One $. One d. 

64 Warrington Place, East Orange, N.J. 

RANEY, WILLIAM FRANCIS (Nebraska), b. 29 
Jan. 1890. Hastings H.S., Neb., & Hastings Coll. 

Hertford 1911-13 & 1914 (Trin. Term). 
Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1913. 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D. (Hist.) 1919. 

1 9 1 4_i 5 . i nstr . i n Hist. , Hastings Coll. 1915- 
19: Grad. Study & Instr., Univ. of Wis. 1919- 
20: Asst. Prof, of Hist., Univ. of Louisville. 
1920- : Lawrence Coll., Wis.; 1920-2: Prof, of 
French; 1922- : Prof, of Hist. 

m. 1920. Carrie M. Perin. One s. One d. 

PubL: Wisconsin: A Story of Progress, 1940. 

Lawrence College, Appleton, Wis. 

RANSOM, JOHN CROWE (Tennessee). 6. 30 
Apr. 1888. Bowen Sch., Nashville, & Vanderbilt 
Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1910-13. Lit. Hum. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1913. 

1914-37: Instr. to Prof, of Engl., Vanderbilt 
Univ.; 1917-19: Lt.,U.S,F.A., France; 1931-2: 
Guggenheim Fellowship & teaching:, Univ. 
Coll. of the South West of Engl. 1937- : Car- 
negie Prof, of Poetry, Kenyon Coll., Gambier, 
Ohio. 1939- : Editor, Kenyon Review. 1948: 
Assisted in founding the Kenyon School of 

m. 1920. Robb Reavill. Two s. One d. 

PubL: Poems about God, 1919. Chills and 
Fever, 1924. Two Gentlemen in Bond*. 1928. 
Grace after Meat, 1928. God without Thunder, 
1931 ; Engl. edn. 1932. The World's Body, 1938. 
The New Criticism, 1941. Selected Poems , 1945; 
Engl. edn. 1948, 

Kenyon College,, Gambier, Ohio. 

ROBERTS, EDWARD NOEL (Wvominer). b. 
1 Mar. 1888. Racine Coll. Gr. Sch., Wis., & 
Univ. ofWvo. A.B. 

Exeter 1910-13. Chem. 3rd CL B.A. 1913. 

Univ. of Chicago Ph.D. (Chem.) 1918. 

1913-15: Asst. Research Chemist, Wyo. 
Agric. Experimental Station. 1915-18: Grad. 
Student & Asst. in Chem., Univ. of Chicago. 
1918-19: 2nd Lt., Sanitation Corns, U.S. Army. 
1919-20: Asst. Prof, of Chem., Univ. of W. Va. 
1920-5: Research in Biochem., U.S. Industrial 
Alcohol Co., Baltimore. 1925-6: Research 
Chemist, Wyo. Agric. Experimental Station. 
1926- : Research Chemist, Standard Oil Co. 
(Ind.); 1926-38: Casper, Wyo.; 1938- : 
Whiting, Ind. 

m. 1924. Lenore Ash. Two s. One d. 

PubL: Technical arts. Holder of patents on 
chem. processes. 

1711 Davis Ave., Whiting, Ind. 

1. 30 Oct. 1890. Colgate Acad. & Univ. A.B. 

Balliol 1910-13. Hist. 1st CL Gladstone Prize 
1913. B.A. 1913. 

Harvard Law Sch. LL.B. 1917. 

1917-19: War Service; 1917: U.S. Shipping 
Bd. ; 191 8 : 2nd Lt., U.S.KA. ; Paris Peace Conf. 
1919: Secy., League of Nations Commission & 
Asst. to Col. House. 191 9-22 : Asst. to the Pres. , 
P. N. Grav & Co. N.Y. 1922-7: On Staff of 
Intemat, Educ. Board, Dir. 1927. 1928-30: 
Pres., Bates Internal Bag Co. 1931-42: Vice- 
Pres., Internat. Railways of Central Am. 1942- 
6: Spec. Asst. to Ambassadors Winant & Biddle, 
London, 1942; 1943-6: Washington, D.C. 
1946- : Carnegie Corporation, New York Citv. 
Member, Nat. Selection Com. (Fulbright), 1949 ; 
EGA Consultant, 1949. 



Medal for Merit (U.S.A.) 1946; Legion 
d'Honneur (France) 1948; Croix de Guerre w. 
Palm (France) 1948. Comdr., Order Orange 
Nassau (Netherlands), 1948. 

m. 1921. Eleanor Macpherson Cargm. Ones. 

PubL: (In collab.) 'The United States in 
World Affairs' (Annual), 1934-40. 'The Inter- 
ests of the United States as a World Power', 

213 East 61st St., New York 21, N. Y. 

STOLZ, HERBERT ROWELL (California), b. 
20 Aug. 1886. Redlands H.S. & Stanford Univ. 
A.B. PBK. 

Queen's 1910-13. Read Med. Athl. Sports 
v. Camb. 1913. Boxing v. Camb. 1911. 

Stanford Univ. M.D. 1914. 

1914-17- Dir., Physical Educ., Stanford 
Univ. 1917-20: Capt., Med. Corps, U.S. Army, 
France. 1920-7- State Supervisor of Physical 
Educ. for Cal. 1928-34: Dir., Inst. of Child 
Welfare, Univ. of Cal. 1934-6: Asst. Supt. of 
Schs., Oakland, Cal. 1946-7: Professional Prac- 
tice in Child Guidance. 1947- : Deputy Supt., 
Cal. State Dept. of Educ. 

m. (1) Margaret Post (d. 1917). (2) 1919. 
Edgell Adams. One d. (Marriage dissolved.) 
(3) 1938. Lois Hayden Meek. 

PubL : Somatic Development of Adolescent Boys 
(w. Lois M. Stolz), 1948. 

2714 Mountain Blvd., Oakland 2, Cal. 

24 Oct. 1889. Emory & Henry Coll., B.A., & 
Univ. of Va. 

Balhol 1910-14 (not in res. 1912-13). Hist. 
2nd CL B.A. & M.A 1929. 

1914-16: Univ. of Va. Law Sch. 1916-22: 
Practice of Law, Big Stone Gap, Va.; 1917-19: 
Maj. U.S. Army, C.A. 1922- : Practice of Law, 
Abmgdon, Va., Sen. partner Penn, Stuart 
& Phillips since 1928. 1941-5: Civilian In- 
spector, U.S. Selective Service. 1935- : Pres., 
Stuart Land & Cattle Co. of Va., Inc. 

1932- : Member, Bd. of Visitors, Univ. of Va. 
1934- : Member, Bd. of Trustees, Emory & 
Henry Coll. 1941-2. Pres., Va. State Bar Assoc. 
Pres., Johnston Memorial Hosp., since 1945. 

m. 1922. Ellen Pearce Bodley. Two s. 

Abmgdon, Virginia. 

TABER, HOWARD ALFRED (Rhode Island), b. 

9 J 


, . 

9 June 1889. Hope H.S. & Brown Univ. A.B. 


St. John's 1910-13. Physics 4th Cl. B.A. 
1913. M.A. 1938. 

1913- : Teaching, The Hotchkiss Sch., Lake- 
ville, Conn. 

m. 1914. Minnie H. Pike. One s. Two d. 

Lakeville, Conn, 

TETLIE, JOSEPH (Minnesota), b. 18 May 1888. 
Canton H.S., S.D., & St. Olaf Coll. A.B. 

Pembroke 1910-13 Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1913. 

1913-16: Student, Theol. Seminary of United 
Norwegian Lutheran Ch., St. Paul. Ordained 
1916. 1917-21: Missionary in China. 1921-3: 
On leave & deputation work in U.S.A. 1923-5 : 
Grad. Student, Univ. of Chicago. 1925- : 
Madison Lutheran Ch., Madison, Minn., 
Pastor since 1927. 

m. 1917. Evelyn Anna Louise Ytterboe. Two 
s. Two d. 

421 Second Ave., Madison, Minn. 

(North Dakota), b. 3 Oct. 1888. Westfield 
Union H.S., Ind., & Haverford Coll. A.B. 
PBK. Sigma Xi. 

Merton 1910-13. Hon. Mods. (Maths.) 3rd 
CL 1911. Math. Finals 3rd Cl. B.A. 1913. 
M.A. 1916. 

Univ. of Chicago Ph.D. magna cum laude 
(Maths.) 1920. 

1913-18: Prof, of Maths., Miami Umv 
1918-19: Prof, of Maths., Pa. Coll., Gettysburg 
1919-20: Prof, of Maths., Coll. of William & 
Mary. 1920-4: Instr. & Assoc. Prof, of Maths. 
Cornell. 1924- : McGill Univ., Montreal' 
Canada; Asst., Assoc., & Prof, of Maths. 

Hon D. es Sc. Umversite" de Montreal. 

m. 1916. Anne Christine Sykes. Two d. 

PubL: Papers in math, journals in U.S.A., 
Can., EngL, & France. 

Engineering Bldg., McGill Univ., Montreal, 

24 Apr. 1891. Somerville Latin H.S. & Umv. 
of Nev. 

Wadham 1910 (Mich. Term), 1911 (Hil. 
Term), & 1913 (Hil. & Trin. Terms). Read 
Jurispr. Resigned Scholp. 

Bentley Sch. of Accounting & Finance, 
Diploma 1925. Northeastern Univ. B.B.A. w. 
high honors, 1935. 

1913-19: Mining. 1919-20: Travelling. 
1920-37. Accounting & manufacturing. 1937- 
41 : Special investigations. 1941 : Mining in- 
vestigations, financial adviser & conservator of 
an estate. 

m. 1921. Sara Frances Lane. Two s. (one 

PubL: Credit Insurance and Its Practical 
Application in Business, 1935. 

470 Court St., Reno, Nev. 

shire), b. 21 Jan. 1888. Hanover H.S., N.H., 
& Dartmouth Coll. A.B. PBK. Also Harvard 
Law Sch. 

New Coll. 1910-13. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1913. 

1913- : Practice of Law; Boston, 1913-14; 
Concord, N.H., 1914-19; Boston since 1919. 
Chnin., Bd. of Selectmen, Winchester. Mass., 
1929-30; Moderator, 1942-9. 

m. 1915. Dorothy Bullard. Twos. Two d. 

29 Wedgemere Ave., Winchester, Mass. 

30 Nov. 1886. Pensacola Class. Sch. & Tulane 
Umv. A.B. PBK. 

Queen's 1910-13. Mod. Langs. (French) 2nd 
CL B.A. 1913. 

Docteur de PUniversite" de Grenoble 1914. 

1914-15: Instr., Univ. of Wis. 1915-37: 
Southern Method. Univ., Dallas; Prof. & Hd. 
of Dept. of French 1918-37. 1937- : Hd. of 
Dept. of Romance Languages, Vanderbilt Univ. 

Officier d'Acade"mie, France, 1935. 

m. 1917. Winifred Louise Wadsworth. One 
s. Oned. 

PubL: Louis de Boissy: Auteur Comique, 1914. 
College edns. ofMattre Guerm, 1924. Le Voyage 
de M. Perrichon, 1926. Aimer Quand M$me, 
1939. Les Deux Idoles, 1937. Arts, in French 
Review 6? Mod. Lang. Quarterly. 

Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn. 

28 Mar. 1889. Goldfield H.S., Iowa, & Grin- 
nell Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Wadham 1910-13. Cheni. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1913. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1911-13. 

1913-17: Teaching, Grinnell Coll. & St. 
Marks Sch., Mass. 1917-19: Maj., U.S. Army. 
1919-22: Chemist for Casale Ammonia Co., 
Rome, Italy. 1922-34: Real Estate, New York 
City. 1934-5: Govt. Repres., Nat. Recovery 
Admin. 1935-41: Home Owners' Loan Corp., 
Asst. Regional Mgr., N.Y. 1941-2: Federal 
Works Agency, Washington, D.C., Property 
Management. 1942-7: Gen. Mgr., Defense 
Homes Corp., Washington, D.C. 1947- : Gen. 
Mgr., Fairmac Corp., Washington, D.C. 

m. 1923. Sally Cootes. One 5. 

2222 Que St. N.W., Washington 8, D.C. 



ADAMS, ERNEST TOLBERT (Texas), b. 23 Feb. 
1888. Glen Rose H.S., Tex., & Baylor Umv. 

Worcester 1911-14. Junspr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1914. Athl. Sports t;. Carnb. 1914. 

1908- : Field Research, Archaeol. & Anthrop. 
1914-21: Ranching. 1921-35: Practice of Law, 
Dallas. 1935- : Retired; Practice of Law, Glen 
Rose, Tex. 1940-7, Govt. Appeal Agent, 
Selective Service. 

m. 1915. Mabel Claire Wayland. One 5 
One d. 

Glen Rose, Tex. 

BARNETT, ALLEN (Kentucky), b. 28 Dec. 
1888. Battle Ground Acad , Franklin, Tenn., & 
Georgetown Coll., Ky. A.B. 

Exeter 1911-14. Hist. 3rd Cl. 1914. 

1914-17. Teaching, St. Paul's Sch., Concord, 
N.H. 1 9 17-19 :Capt., U.S. Inf.; France. 1919- 
20: Dept. of Hist., Georgetown Coll., Ky. 
1920-3: Business, Shelbyville, Ky. 1923-8: 
Teaching, Massie Sch., Versailles, Ky, 1928- : 
Teaching, Woodberry Forest Sch., Va. 

m. 1924. Sarah L. Chowmng. 

Woodberry Forest Sch., Woodberry Forest, Va. 


b. 9 May 1892. Fargo Sch. & Coll, A.B. 

Wadham 1911-15. (Not in res. 1912-13.) 
Studied Music. 

Harvard A.M. 1929. 

1915-17: Grad. Student, Harvard. 1917-19: 
Mil. Service, Musician, U.S. Artillery, France. 
1920-5: Prot. of Music, Whitman Coll. 1925- 
6: Organist, Choir Dir. & Teacher, Cambridge, 
Mass. 1926-8: Hd. of Piano Dept., Fargo Coll. 
1928-9: Graduate Study, Harvard. 1929-45: 
Studying & teaching music, Cambridge, Mass. 
1945- : Teaching music, Lexington, Mass. 

m. 1924. Eunice D. Allen (d. 1928). One s. 

186 Harvard St., Dorchester 24, Mass. 

BEEBE, CEDRIC HARDING (Nevada), b. 6 June 
1890. Reno H.S. & Umv. of Nev. 

Jesus 1911-14. Chem. 3rd CL B.A. 1914. 

Harvard A.M. 1915. 

1914-17: Grad. Student, Harvard. 1917-19: 
Pvt. to 2nd Lt., U.S. Ordnance & Chem. War- 
fare Service. 1920-5: Chief of the Tech. 
Library, Edgewood Arsenal, Md. 

m. 1918. Una G. Dawson. One s. One d. 

Died 30 Dec. 1925. 

BEIRNE, FRANCIS FOULKE (Virginia), b. 20 
Aug. 1890. The Gilman Sch., Baltimore, & 
Umv. of Va. A.B. PBK. 

Merton 1911-14. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1915. 
M.A. 1919. 

1914-17: Journalism, Baltimore Sun. 1917- 
19: 1st Lt., U.S. Inf.; France. 1919-21: Busi- 
ness. 1921- : Journalism; 1921-3: The Balti- 
more News; 1923-44: Assoc. Ed., The Evening 
Sun~ t Assoc. Ed., The Sim (Baltimore) since 
1944; Author, syndicated column. 

m, 1919. Rosamond H. Randall. One s. 
One d. 

PubL: The War of 1812, 1949. 

Rolandvue Ave., Kuxton 4 t Md. 

BELSER, IRVINE FURMAN (South Carolina). 
b. 25 Oct. 1889. Umv. of S.C. A.B. PBK. 
Yale Univ. A.B. 

Christ Church 1911-14. Jurispr. 1st CL 
B.C.L.3rdCL B.A. 1914. B.C.L.& M.A. 1919. 

1914-16: Practice of Law, Columbia, S.C. 
1916- : Practice of Law, Belser & Belser, 
Columbia, S.C.; 1917-19: 1st Lt. to Maj., 

U.S.F.A.; 1926: Col. U.S.F.A. (O.R.C.); 
1932- : Chief Counsel, S.C. Public Service 
Com.; 1911- : Owner & operator of plantations 
producing timber & cattle; 1941: Dir., Office of 
Civilian Defense, 4th Corps Area; 1941-3: Dir., 
Civilian Protection for Commanding Gen. 4th 
Corps Area; 1944-5: CoL, U.S. Army, assigned 
to Mil. Govt. Sec. N. Afr. & Italy, Provincial 
Commissioner for Perugia Province; Order of 
the Crown of Italy. 

Adjutant 1919-20 & 1st Vice-Comdr., S.C. 
Dept. Am. Legion. Pres., S.C. Dept. Reserve 
Officers Assn., 1941-2, 

m. (1) 1914. Mary Campbell Heyward (d. 
1942). Two s. Six d. (2) 1947. Mrs. Caroline 
Dick McKissick. 

Care Belser & Belser, 307 Liberty Life Bldg., 
Columbia, S.C. 

BLAKE, MAURICE CARY (New Hampshire). 

b, 1 Nov. 1888. Brookhne H.S. & Dartmouth 
Coll. A.B. 

Magdalen 1911-14. Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1914. 
M.A. 1924, 

1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S.F.A.; France. 

11 Mason St., Urookhne 46, Mass. 

b. 12 May 1892. Mission H.S. & St. Ignatius 
Coll., San Francisco. 

Worcester 1911-14. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 
1914. M.A. 1919. 

1914-23: Practice of Law. San Francisco. 
1917-19: Capt., U.S.C.A.C. & Air Service; 
France. 1923-9: The Am. Trust Co. 1929-35: 
Practice of Law & Partner, Pillsbury, Madison 
& Sutro, San Francisco. 

m. 1924. Lucy Hanchett. Two s. 

PubL: California Tax Laws of 1929. 

Died 7 Oct. 1935. 

DAVIS, VEST (Missouri), b. 15 Mar. 1890. 
Central H.S., St. Louis. Umv. of Ark., & 
Washington Univ., St. Louis. 

Exeter 1911-14. Read Hist. 

Umv. of Mo., B.S. 1921. Columbia Univ., 
A.M. 1927. 

1914-18. Teaching, H.S., Ferguson, Mo. 
1918-22 & 1923-4: Instr., Blewett Jr. H.S., St. 
Louis. 1922-3- Instr,, Washington Sch., New 
York City. 1924-7: Principal, Jr. H.S., Niles, 
Mich. 1927- : Instr. m EngL, Central H.S., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

m. 1915. Harline Hosier. 

PubL: Evolution and the World To-day, 1925. 

Central High School, St. Louis, Mo. 

DEVAN, SAMUEL ARTHUR (New Jersey), b. 
6 Dec. 1887. Rutgers Prep. Sch. & Rutgers 
Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1911-14. Theol. 1st Cl. 
Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. B.A. 1913. M.A. 1917. 

Colgate-Rochester Divinity Sch. B.D. 1912. 

1915-17: Pastor, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 1917-19: 
Chaplain (1st Lt.), U.S. Army, C.A.C.; France. 
1920-2: Pastor, Lansdowne, Pa., & Lect., 
Grosser Theol. Seminary. 1922-9: Pastor, Plain- 
field, NJ. 1930-40: Chaplain & Prof., Hampton 
Inst., Va. 19414: Dir., Gen. Commission on 
Army & Navy Chaplains, Washington, D.C.; 
U.S. Navy Certificate of Meritorious Personal 
Service. 1945-7: Investigations Staff, Com. on 
Mil. Affairs, House of Repres., Washington, 
D.C. 1947- : Analyst in Nat. Defense, Legis- 
lative Reference Service, Library of Congress, 
Washington, D.C. 



Hon. D.D. Rutgers Univ. 
m. 1920, Winifrede Richards. Four*. Two*?. 
PubL: A Church Service Book, 1924. Exercise 
Without Exercise* 1934. Ascent to Zton, 1942. 
3020 43rd St., N.W.> Washington 16, D.C. 

rado), b. 11 Oct. 1889. Westminster Coll. & 

Denver Univ. A.B. & A.M. 

Pembroke 1911-14. EngL L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. 
Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. B.A. 1913. 

1914-16: Teaching, Las Vegas, N.M., & 
Greeley, Colo. 1916-19: Y.M.C.A. work, 
Austria (prison camps) & U.S.A. 1919-21: 
Prof, of Econ. & Sociol., Iowa State Teachers' 
Coll. 1922-5: Prof, of Econ., Univ. of the 
Philippines, Manila. 1925-7: Prof, of Econ. & 
Sociol., Southwestern, Memphis. 1927-30: 
Prof, of Econ. & Dean of Coll. of Bus. Adzmn., 
Univ. of Puerto Rico, 1930-45: Prof, of Econ., 
Boston Univ. 

m. 1921. Nola Kathenne Fromrae. One d, 

PubL: Labor Problems in the United States, 

Died 21 Aug. 194S. 

1 Oct. 1892. Lincoln H.S., Neb., & Univ. of 

Pembroke 191 1-14. Pass Schs, & special work 
in Psychol. B.A. 1913. Certificate in Social 

Yale Ph.D. (Psychol.) 1916. Sigma Xi. 

1916-21: Inatr. & Asst. Prof, of Psychol., 
Wellesley. 1917-19: Capt., U.S. Army Sanitary 
Corps, Psychol. Examiner. 1921-5 & 1927-30: 
Prof, of Psychol., Antioch Coll. 1925-7: Assoc. 
Prof, of Psychol., Wesieyan Univ. 1930- : 
Prof, of Psychol.. Ohio State Univ.; 1941: 
Collafo, in Child Develop. Study, Am. Council 
on Educ.; 1942: Consultant, W. Va. Dept. of 
Educ.; 1943-4: Chmn., Div. of Child Welfare, 
War Services Bd., Franklin Co., Ohio; 1944: 
Psychologist, U.S. Forest Service & Expert Con- 
sultant, Adjutant-General's Office; 1945: Bomb- 
ing Analyst, U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, 
Japan; 1946: Visiting Prof, of Psychol., N.Y. 

Fellow, Am. Psychol. Assn., Member of 
Council 1940-3. Fellow, Brit. Psychol. Socy. 
Pres., Midwestern Psychol. Assn., 1934. Pres., 
Ana. Assn. for Applied Psychol., 1940. Member 
of Council, Socy. for Psychol. Study of Social 
Issues. 1939-43 & 1944-6. 

m. (1) 1917. Olive M. Jones. Three s. Two 
d. (Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1947. Rose H. 

PubL: A Student's Dictionary of Psychological 
Terms, 1st edn. 1928, 4th edn, 1934. The 
Psychology of Learning A Study Guide, 1943. 
(In collab.) Learning and Child Development, 
1941 ; Studying the Individual School CMdA 
Manual of Guidance, 1941. Numerous arts, on 

217 S. Cassingham Rd>, Columbus 9> Ohio. 

FITZ, ESPER WAYNE (Wyoming). . 19 Dec. 
1889. Guthrie Co. H.S., Iowa, State Univ. of 
Iowa, & Univ. of Wyo. A.B. 

Wadham 1911-14. Mod. Langs. (French) 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1919. 

1916- : Business, Sears, Roebuck & Co.; 
1917-19: Pvt., U.S.F.A., France. 

m. 1934. Virginia M. McGuire. 

Care Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, ML 

16 Jan. 1887. Boise H.S., Idaho, & Univ. of 
Idaho. A.B. 

Jesus 1911-14. Hist. 4th CL B.A. 1914. 
M.A. 1918. 

1914-22: Teaching, San Diego H.S. 1922-3: 

Teaching, Palo Alto H.S. 1924- : Teaching, 
Lowell H.S., San Francisco. 

m. 1914. Margaret E. Lauder. One s. One d. 

1U Clifford Terrace, San Francisco 17, Col. 

GILSON, VAN WAGENEN (West Virginia). 
b. 3 Nov. 1888. H. S. Manmngton, W. Va., & 
Univ. of W. Va. 

Queen's 1911-14 (Hil. Term). Read Physio}. 

1914-26: Engr. & Bus. Mgr., Standard Oil 
Co. & Goodyear Rubber Co. 1 927 : Oil & rubber 
business, Sieberling Rubber Co.,Fla.; & Good- 
year Rubber Co., Ohio. 

m. 1915. Phyllis Hill. One s. One d. 

GREENE, WILLIAM CHASE (Massachusetts). 
b. 14 June 1890. Haverford Coll. & Harvard. 

"Balliol 1911-14. Lit. Hum. 4th CL B.A. 
1914. Newdigate Prize 1912. Charles Oldham 
Prize 1913. 

Harvard A.M. 1916. Ph.D. (Class. Philol.) 

1914-17: Grad. Student & Instr., Harvard. 
1917-20: Teaching, Groton Sch., Mass. 1920- : 
Instr. to Prof., & since 1946 Chmn. of Dept. 
of Classics, Harvard; 1931-2: Annual Prof., 
Arn. Acad. in Rome. 

Fellow, Am. Acad. of Arts & Sciences. 
Trustee, Radcliffe Coll., 1927-33. 

m. 1917. Margaret Weed Eckfeldt. One s. 
Two d. (one dcd.). 

PubL: The Achievement of Greece, 1923. The 
Dialogues of Plato: Selections from Jowetfs 
Translations, ed. w. Introduction, 1927. The 
Achievement of Rome, 1933. Scholia Platonica, 
ed. 1938. Moira: Fate, Good and Evil in Greek 
Thought, 1944. Arts, on Greek poetry & philos. 

60 Shepard St., Cambridge 38, Mass. 

b. 2 Dec. 1889. Yankton Acad., SJX, & Yankton 
Coll. A.B. 

Pembroke 1911-14. Junspr. 3rd CL B.A. 

1914-16: Supt. of Schs. & Student of Law, 
Morristown, S.D. 1917-19: Capt., U.S. Inf. 
1920- : Practice of Law, Fremont, Neb. 

Pres, of Bd. of Midland Coll. since 1938. 
Trustee, Yankton Coll., since 1945. 

m. 1922. Louise Meredith. One s. 

826 E. Military, Fremont, Neb. 

HAESSLER, CARL (Wisconsin), b. 5 Aug. 
1888. Milwaukee H.S. & Univ. of Wis. A.B. 

Balliol 1911-14. Lit. Hum. 3rd CL BJL 

Univ. of III. Ph.D. (Philos.) 1917. 

1914-17: Asst. in Philos., Univ. of 111. 1918- 
20: Ft. Leavenworth & Alcatraz, Political 
Objector. 1922- : Managing Editor, Federated 
Press; 1928-30: Financial publicity service, 
Chicago; 1930-9: Publicity Dir. for national 
trade assns. & since 1937 for labor & liberal 
causes ; 1933-40 : Lect. in Journalism & internal, 
affairs, summer sessions, Commonwealth Coll., 
Mena, Ark.; Strike publicity dir., C.I.O. since 
1937; 1937- : Ed. various periodicals of United 
Auto Workers; 1938-9 & 1941: Ed. The United 
Auto Worker; 1943-6: Lect., Highlander Folk 
Sch., Monteagle, Tenn.; 1944-7: Ed. C./.O. 

Trustee, People's Inst. of Applied Religion, 
since 1943. 

m. (1) 1917. Mildred Barnes. One s. One d. 
(2) 1940, Lucy Ann Whitaker. 

PubL: Report of First Rank & File Labor 
Mission to Russia, 1928. 

39 Massachusetts, Detroit 3, Mich. 

HAYES, JOHN DAVID (Ohio), b. 23 Feb. 1888. 
The Coll. of Wooster, Ohio, & Princeton Univ, 
B.A. cum laude. 



Merton 1911-14. Lit. Hum. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1914. O.U.B.C. Trial Eights 1913. 

1914-16: Student of TheoL, New Coll., 
Edinburgh. 1916-17: Princeton Thepl. Semi- 
nary; ordained 1917. 1917- : Missionary in 
China, Presbyt. Mission, Peiping. 1939-45: 
Executive Secy., N. China Mission. 1940-1: 
Actg. Pres., Coll. of China Studies. 1943-5: 
Internment Camp, Weihsien, China. 1946-8: 
Asst. Minister, Nat: Presbyt. Ch., Washington, 
D.C. 1948- : Temporary service with Ch. of 
Christ in China, Kweichow. 

Hon. D.D. The Coll. of Wooster. 

m. 1916. Barbara Monteath Kelman. One s. 

Presbyt. Bd. of Foreign Missions, 156 Fifth 
Ave., New York 10, N.Y. 

HELM, ROY (Florida), b. 22 Aug. 1888. 
Southern Normal Sch. & Univ. of Fla. A.B. 

Exeter 1911-14. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1913. 

1914-21: Practice of Law, Louisville, Ky. 
1921-40 & 1946- : Practice of Law, Hazard, 
Ky. 1 940-6 : Circuit Judge, 33rd Judicial Dist. of 
Ky. 1949- .-Judge, Court of Appeals, Ky. 

m. 1918. Geta Sloss. One d. 

Frankfort, Ky. 

22 Nov. 1891. Baltimore City Coll. & Johns 
Hopkins Univ. A.B. 

Oriel 1911-14. Read Jurispr. 

1915-17: Teaching, Hotchkiss Sch., Lake- 
ville, Conn. 1917: Capt., U.S. Inf. 1918-20: 
Hd. of French Dept., Oilman Sch, ? Baltimore. 
1921-32: Vice-Pres., Baltimore Trust Co. 
1932- : Advertising Dept., Time Magazine, 

m. 1916. Catharine Chandlee. Ones. One of. 

9 Rockefeller Plaza, New York 20, N. Y. 

HUDSON, HARRIS GARY (Illinois), b. 26 June 
1888. James Millikin Acad. & Univ., Decatur, 
111. A.B. Also Northwestern Univ. 

Queen's 1911-14. Lit. Hum. 4th CL B.A. 
1914. M.A. 1920. 

Univ. of Chicago Ph.D. (Hist.) 1931. 

1914-17: Teaching, Decatur H.S., III, & 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass. 1917-18: 
Y.M.C.A, w. A.E.F.; 1918: Pvt., U.S.F.A. 
1919-25: Teaching and Admin., Newton Coun- 
try Day Sch., Mass. 1925-9: Dean & Prof, of 
Hist., Blackburn Coll., Carhnville, 111. 1929-31 : 
Grad. Student, Univ. of Chicago. 1931-7: 
Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Hist., Sweet Briar Coll., 
Va. 1937- : Pres., 111. Coll., Jacksonville. 

Hon. PBK, 111. Coll., 1939. Hon. LL.D., 
Blackburn Coll., 1948. 

m. 1919. Ruth Evelyn Carmer. Two d. 

Publ.: Arts, on hist, subjects. 

Illinois Coll., Jacksonville, III. 

Island), b. 28 Oct. 1888. Worcester Acad. & 
Brown Univ. A.B. 

New Coll. 1911-14. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1914. 
M.A. 1941. Lacrosse v. Camb. 1913-14. 

1914-18: Teaching in High Schs. 1919-28: 
Business. 1928-31: Mgr., G. L. Ohrstrom & 
Co., Providence, R.I. 1931-8: Investments & 
Counseling, Providence, R.I. 1938-42: Instr. 
in Econ. & Finance, Coll. of Bus. Admin., 
Boston Univ. 1942-3 : Food Specialist, Bureau 
of Labor Statistics. 1 943*-o : Price Exec., 
O.P.A., Territory of Hawaii. 1947- : Treas., 
Schuman Carriage Co., Honolulu Motors & 
Hawaiian Motors, Honolulu. 

m. 1916. Bertha Alice Caton. One s. 

Care Schuman Carnage Co., Ltd., P.O. Box 
2420, Honolulu 4, T.H. 

KARSTEN, KARL (New Mexico), b. 25 Dec. 
1891. Univs. of 111., Chicago, & N.M. A.B. 
(Univ. of N.M.) . 

Hertford 1911-14. Jurispr. 4th a. B.A. 

1915-16: Student of Law, Columbia Univ. 
1917-18: 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A. 1919-27: Consult- 
ing Statistician for U.S. Bureau of Labor 
Statistics, Federal Trade Commission, Hills 
Bros., New York City, Lambom & Co., New 
York City, Quadrature Bureau, New York City. 
1928-33: Pres. & Gen. Mgr. of Index Number 
Inst., Karsten Statistical Lab. & Karsten Fore- 
casts, Inc. 1933-45: Consultant, Planning 
Analyst & Statistician for U.S. Senate Com. on 
Agric., F.E.R.A., W.P.A., F.W.A., U.S. Com- 
merce Dept., N.R.P.B., Washington, D.C. 
1941-2: Spec. Consultant to Commanding 
Gen. Officer, U.S. Army Air Forces Material 
Command, Washington, D.C. 1945- : Insur- 
ance Counsel, Nat. Life Insurance Co. of Vt., 
Washington, D.C. 

Member, Am. Statistical Assn., Inst. of Math. 

m. 1917. Elinor M. Cox. One d. 

PubL: American Shop Committee Plans, 1919. 
Charts and Graphs, 1923. Scientific Forecasting, 
1931. Arts, on statistics. 

P.O. Box 223, R.R. 3, Bethesda, Md. 

KERN, EDWARD EUGENE (Maine). &. 8 Oct. 
1889. Deering H.S., Portland, & Bowdoin Coll. 
A.B. PBK. 

Trinity 1911-14. Hist. 2nd Cl. 1914. B.A. 
1914. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1914. 

1914-15: Teaching, Phillips Acad., Andover, 
Mass. 1915-29: Pvt. Secy, to Col. H. H. 
Rogers, N.Y. 1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S.F.A.; 
France. 1930-9: Travel and Reading Jurispr. 
at Oxford. 

m. 1924. Mary Esther Huger. Three s. 

Died 23 Feb. 1939. 

1 Mar. 1888. Luther Coll., Prep. Dept. & Coll., 
A.B. State Univ. of Iowa, A.M. Yale Univ. 

Queen's 1911-14. Lit. Hum. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1914. M.A. 1920. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Hist.) 1928. 

1914-17: Teaching Classics, Park Region 
Luther Coll. 1917-20: Teaching, Concordia 
Coll., Moorhead, Minn.; 1918- 1st Lt., U.S. 
Mil. Intell. Div., attached Am. Legation, 
Copenhagen. 1920-1 : Grad. Student, Harvard. 
1921-6: Asst. Prof, of Hist., Univ. of Wash. 
1926-30: Asst. & Assoc. Prof, of Hist,, Ohio 
State Univ. 1930- : Assoc. Prof, & Prof, of 
Hist., Univ. of Chicago. 1939- : Managing 
Editor, Classical Philology. 1948- : Member, 
Bd. of Editors, Am. Hist. Review. 

m. 1917. Clarice Gnndeland. 

PubL: 'Roman Greece* in An Economic Survey 
of Ancient Rome (ed. T. Frank), 1938. Arts, on 
Greek hist. & philology. 

Univ. of Chicago, Chicago 37, Ml. 

LEVY, SOLOMON LESTER (Delaware), b. 
25 Oct. 1887. Wilmington Friends Sch. & Yale 
Univ. A.B. 

Hertford 1911-14. Jurispr. 4th Cl. B.A. 

Harvard Law Sch. LL.B. 1917. 

1917-19: U.S.N.; France. 1920- : Practice 
of Law, Wilmington. 

2208 Highland Place, Wilmington 160, Del. 

b. 1 July 1888. Park CoU. Acad., ParkviUe, Mo., 
& Univ. of Ariz. 

Wadham 1912-15. Geol. ls,t Cl. & Dipl. 
Forestry. BJV.1915. M.A.1920. 

Univ. of Cal. Ph.D. (Forest & soil sci.) 1929. 

1915-22: U.S. Forest Service; 1917-19: 
Engr., A.E.F., Forest Corps; France. 1922-7: 
Research Prof, of Forestry, Univ. of Nanking, 
China. 1927-33: Sen. Silviculturist, U.S. 



Forest Service; Founder, San Dimas Experi- 
mental Forest in Hydrology, 1933-47: Asst. 
Chief, Soil Conservation Service, Washington, 
D.C.; 1938. Study of land-use in old world 
countries; 1942-3: U.S. State Dept. Consultant 
to Chinese Govt on increase of food production; 
1945- Erosion study, Pancustis Volcano, Nat. 
Research Council. 1948. Consultant to French 
Govt. on land-use problems of Morocco, Algeria, 
& Tunisia. 1949- : Soil conservation tour, 
Sierra Leone, The Gold Coast, Nigeria, N. & S. 
Rhodesia, Nyassaland. Contrsb. Editor, The 

Pres., Am, Geophysical Union, 1939-42. 
Hon. Adviser, Exec Yuan of China. 

m. 1922. Inez May Marks. One s. Two d. 

Publ.: Tracing Land-use across Ancient 
Boundaries, 'Lessons from Old World to 
Americas in Land-use*, 1943. Palestine \ Land 
of Promise ; 1944. Numerous sci. arts, on land 
use and soil erosion. 

1620 LeRoy Ave , Berkeley 9, Col. 

LYMAN, EUAS (Vermont), b. 19 Nov. 1890. 

Burlington H.S , Vt,, & Univ. of Vt. A.B. 

Trinity 191 1-14. Jurispr. 2nd CI B.A. 1914. 
M.A 1925. 

1914-17: Business, Burlington, Vt. 1917-19; 
Lt,, M.G. Corps; France; Silver Star. 1920-44: 
Secy. & Asst. to Pres., Chmn. of Bd. of Person- 
nel Admin. & Dir. of Student Activities, North- 
western Univ. Retired 1944. Dir., Eastern 
Magnesia Talc Co., Burlington, Vt. 

Trustee, Univ. of Vt. 

m 1915. Dorothy Dewhurst. Three 5. 

Mt. Philo Pd. t N. Femsburg, Vt. 

MEANS, THOMAS (Connecticut), b. 19 Sept. 
1889. New Haven H.S., Conn , & Yale. A.B. 

Merton 1911-14. Read Classics. 

Yale A.M. 1915. Harvard A.M. 1926. 

1914-17: Grad. Student, Yale & Harvard; 
Teaching Hotchkiss Sch. 1917-19: 2nd Lt., 
A.F.S. & U.S. Army M.T.C. & A.E.F.: France. 
1919-21- Teaching, Roxbury Sch., Cheshire, 
Conn. 1921- Asst. Prof., Prof, & Joseph E. 
Merrill Prof, of Greek Language & Lit., Bow- 
dom Coll.; 1933-4: Vice-Dir. & Visiting Prof., 
also Member, Managing Corn., Am. Sch. of 
Class. Studies, Athens. 

m. (1) 1919. Bertha Betsy Blake (d. 1935). 
One**, (2)1939. Eleanor Margaret Skolfield. 

Publ.: Numerous arts, on educ. and classics. 

267 Maine St., Brunswick, Me. 

MOISE, EDWIN WARREN (Georgia), b. 29 Dec. 
1889. Phillips Exeter Acad., N.H., & Univ. of 
Ga. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1911-14. Jurispr. 2nd CI. 
B.CL. 2nd CI. B.A. 1913. M.A. & B.C.L. 

1915- : Practice of Law, Atlanta, Ga. 1918- 
19: Maj., U.S. Inf.; France. 

Chmn., Bd. of Trustees, John Bulow Camp- 
bell Foundation. Trustee, The Berry Schs. 
Dir., First Nat. Bank of Atlanta, Atlanta Gas 
Light Co., Am. Cast Iron Pipe Co , Campbell 
Coal Co., Draper-Owens Co., & Retail Credit Co. 

m. 1917. Marion Cobb Gerdine. One d. 

1220 First National Bank Bldg., Atlanta 3, 

OSBORNE, JAMES INSLEY (Indiana), b. 25 
Feb. 1887. Wabash Prep. Sch. & Coll. A.B. & 
A.M. PBK. Also Columbia Univ. 

Christ Church 1911-14. Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd 
CI. Matthew Arnold Prize. B.A. 1914. 

Columbia Univ. Ph.D. (Engl.) 1919. 

1914-17: Instr. in Engl., Columbia Univ. 
1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S. Mil. Intell. Div. & Peace 
Conl, Paris. 1919- : Prof, of Engl., Wabash 

m. (1) 1921. Elsie A. Walkup (d. 1923). 
One s. (2) 1927. Frances Doane. One d. 

Publ. : Arthur Hugh Clough> 1919. (In collab.) 
Wabash College: The First Hundred Years, 1832- 
1932, 1932. 

414 Crawford St., Cratufordsvttte, Ind. 

QUIGLEY, HAROLD SCOTT (Minnesota), b. 
13 Feb. 1889. Wells H.S P & Hamlme Univ. 

Hertford 1911-14. Hist. 3rd CI. Dipl. 
Econ w. Distn. B.A. 1914. 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D (Pol. Sci.) 1916. 

1916-20: Teaching Pol. Sci. & European Hist , 
Princeton & Hamlme Univs. 1920- : Asst. 
Prof & Prof, of Pol. Sci., Univ. of Minn., 
Chmn. of Dept. of Pol. Sci. 1932-5 & since 
1947; Chmn. of Com. on Int. Rel. & Area 
Studies since 1945. 1921-3: Tsing Hua Coll., 
Peking, China; 1927-32: Far Eastern Editor, 
Current History, 1930: Guggenheim Fellow in 
Japan; 1931: Member, US. Deln., Shanghai 
Conf., Inst. of Pacific Relations; 1942: Member, 
O.S.S.; 1943-5: Co-ordmator,A.S.T.P., Japan & 
S.W. Pacific, Univ. of Minn.; 1946-7: Research 
Consultant, Civil Intell. Sec., Supreme Com- 
mand Allied Powers, Tokyo. 

Member, Advisory Bd , Far Eastern Quar- 
terly, since 1941. Member, Exec. Council, Am. 
Pol. Sci, Assn. 1946-9, Vice-Pres. 1948-9. 
Member, Bd. of Editors, Am. Pol. Set. Review, 
since 1948. 

w. 1921. Louise France. Three d. 

Publ. : The Immunity of Private Property from 
Capture at Sea> 1918. From Versailles to 
Locarno, 1927. Japanese Government and Poli- 
tics, 1932. Far Eastern War, 1937-41, 1942. 
(In collab.), The Far East, an International 
Survey, 1938 Arts, on Far Eastern pol. affairs. 

610 S.E. 6th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

RICE, JOHN ANDREW (Louisiana), b. 1 Feb. 
1888. Webb Sch., Bell Buckle, Tenn., & Tulane 
Univ. A.B 

Queen's 1911-14. Jurispr. 1st CI. BA. 1914. 

1914-16: Teaching, Webb Sch. } Bell Buckle, 
Tenn. 1916-18: Grad. Student, Univ. of 
Chicago. 1918-19- War Dept. Mil. Intell., 
Washington, D.C. 1920:Assoc Prof, of Classics, 
Univ. of Neb. 1920-9: Prof, of Classics, NJ. 
ColL for Women. 1 929-3 : Guggenheim Fellow 
in Europe. 1930-3: Prof, of Classics, Rollins 
Coll. 1933-40: Teacher, Black Mountain Coll., 
Rector, 1937-40. 1940- : Writer. 

m. (1) 1914. Nell Aydelotte. One s. One d. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1942. Dikka Moen. 
One 5. One d. 

Publ.: I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century, 
1942 (co-winner of Harpers 125th anniversary 

Mokegan Lake, N. Y. 

b. 25 Jan. 1890. Miss. Agric. & Mechanical 
Coll. S.B. Also Southwestern Presbyt. Univ. 
& Univ. of Miss. 

St. John's 1911-14. Jurispr. 1st CI. B.A. 

1915-45: Practice of Law, Birmingham, Ala.; 
1916: Mexican Border Service; 1917-19: Maj., 
U.S.F.A., Fiance, O.B.E. 1945-7: Chmn. of 
Bd. & Pres., Birmingham Electric Co.; resigned 
as Pres. 1947 and as Chmn. of Bd. 1948. 

m. 1925. Lydia Edith Eustis. One s. One d. 

Route 13, Cahaba Rd. f Birmingham P, Ala. 

b. 5 Mar. 1891. Brooklyn H.S., N.Y., & New 
York Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Brasenose 1911-14. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1913. B.C.L. 2nd CL 1914. M.A, 1925. Chess 
v. Camb. 1912-14 (Pres. 1914). 



1915-42: Practice of Law, New York City; 
1921-42: Prof, of Law, Brooklyn Law Sch. of 
St. Lawrence Univ. (1925-8 Owen D. Young 
Prof, of Internat. & Constitutional Law). 1942- 
7: Capt. to Lt.-CoL, Signal Corps, U.S. Army; 
1942-3: Signal Intell. Agency, 1943. Civil 
Affairs Div., Office of Chief of Staff, 1944-5: 
Legal Div., Signal Corps; 1945-6- Chief, Coun- 
sel Branch & Deputy Chief, Legal Div., U.S. 
Element, Allied Commission for Austria. 1947 
8: Special Asst. to Legal Adviser for Aid to 
Greece & Turkey, Dept. of State. 1948- : 
Lawyer, War Dept. 

m. 1917. Mildred Cutter Henry. Two d. 

Publ.: Outline of Legal History, 1929. 
Numerous arts, on legal matters m law reviews. 

67 Wall St., New York 3, N. Y. 

SHIPLEY, JOHN LERor (Arkansas), b. 22 Jan. 
1890. Henry Kendall Coll., Okla. Univ. of Ark. 

'St. John's 1911-14. PhysioL 2nd Cl. B.A, 
1914. M.A, 1919. 

St. Louis Univ. Med. Sch. M.D. 1917. 

1917-46: U.S.N. Med Corps, retired as 
Capt. 1946: Physical disability as result of war 
service. 1947- : Private Practice of Med., 
Elizabeth City, N.C. 

1929: Fellow, Am. Coil, of Surgeons. 1932: 
Diplomate, Am. Bd, of Otolaryngology. 1933: 
Diplomate, Am. Bd. of Ophthalmology'. Fellow, 
Am. Acad. of Ophthalmology & Otolaryngology. 
Legion of Merit for service in China. 

m. 1920. Anne Albertson, 

309 W. Church St., Elizabeth City, N.C. 

SMITH, MATTHEW GLENN (Tennessee), b, 
9 Dec. 1886. Kenton last., Term. & Univ. of 
Tenn. A.B. 

Hertford 1911-14. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 

1914- : Practice of Law, Fort Worth, Tex.; 
1917-19: Maj., U.S.C.A.; France. 1928-46: 
Referee in Bankruptcy & Practice of Law. 
1947- : Referee m Bankruptcy. 

m. 1920. Frances Ratcliff. One s. One d, 

405 U.S. Court House, Fort Worth 2, Tex. 

b. 11 Sept. 1890. Riverview Mil. Acad., N.Y., 
& Lafayette Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Merton 1911-14. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1914. 

Union Theol. Seminary, New York City. 
B.D. 1917. S.T.M. 1921. 

1915-18: Various Pastorates. 1918-19: Army 
Y.M.C.A. 1919-24: Minister, Presbyt. Ch., 
Woodlawn Heights, New York City. 1924-6. 
1st Presbyt. Ch., Chicago. 1927-31- 1st 
Presbyt. Ch., Galesburg, 111.; Lect., Knox Coll. 
1931_44 : Minister, 1st Presbyt. Ch., Blooming- 
ton, Ind., & Dir. Presbyt. Student Work at 
Indiana Univ. 1945- : Prof, of Religion & 
Philos., Hanover Coll., Hanover, Ind. 

Hon. D.D. Blackburn Coll. 1925. 

m. 1921. Ruth E. Fowler. One s. Two d. 

Hanover College, Hanover, Ind. 

bama), b. 16 Apr. 1887. Southern Umv,, 
Greensboro, Ala. A.B. 

Pembroke 1911-14. Read Jurispr. 

1919-24: Clerk in Am. Legation, Bogota. 
1924-8: Nitrate Agencies Co., New York, N.Y. 
1928-40: Owner & Mgr., Jacksonville Seed Co., 
Fla. 1940- : Nat. Publishing Co., Washington, 

m. 1916. Annie E. Davies. One s. Two d. 
(Marriage dissolved.) 

1443 Mass. Ave. r N.W., Washington 5, D.C. 

TURLINGTON, EDGAR (North Carolina), b. 
24 Oct. 1891. Turlington Sch. r Smithfield, 
N.C., & Univ. of N.C. A.B. PBK. 

Lincoln 1911-14. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1913, 
B.C.L. 2nd CL 1914. M.A. 1921. 

1915-17: Teaching, Umv. of N.C. 1918-25: 
Dept. of State, Washington, D.C,, Special Asst,, 
Asst. Solicitor, & Asst Chief, Div. of Near 
Eastern Affairs. 1926-8: Writing & research. 
1928-30: Spec. Counsel to U.S. Agent, Gen. & 
Spec. Claims Commission, U.S. & Mexico. 
1930-2' Legal Adviser, Am. Ambassador to 
Cuba. 1932-4 & 1938- : Practice of Law, 
Washington, D.C. 1935-8: Am, member, Joint 
Com., U.S. & Mexico, on Revolutionary Claims; 
Chief Counsel, Spec. Mexican Claims Com- 
mission. 1946- : Lect. in Grad. Sch. of 
Foreign Service, Georgetown Univ. 

m. 1926. Catherine Isabel Hackett. Three d. 

Publ.. The American Treaty of Lausanne, 
1924. Mexico and Her Foreign Creditors, 1930. 
Neutrality: The World War Period, 1936. 

402 Warwick Place, Somerset, Chevy Chase IS, 

VOGT, WILLIAM CLAUDE (Oklahoma), b. 
18 Feb. 1889. High Sch. & Coll., Kingfisher, 
Okla. A.B. Also Umv, of Chicago. A.M. 

Hertford 1911-12. Resigned Scholp. 

1915- : Business. 1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S. 
Army; Q.M.C. & Office of Chief Purchasing 
Officer, Paris. 1920- : Western Auto Supply 
Co., Dir. Store Operations, Advertising Mgr., 
Asst. Secy, to Dir. of Advertising, and since 
1942 Asst. Secy, to Dir. of Engineering. 

m. 1917. Ellen V. Johnson. Two d. 

7254 Terrace St., Kansas City 5, Mo. 

WATKINS, JAMES KEIR (Michigan). b. 24 
May 1887. Bay City H.S. & Umv. of Mich. 
A.B. PBK. 

Oriel 1911-14. B.C.L. 1st CL 1914. 

Detroit Coll. of Law, LL-B. 

1914- : Practice of Law, Detroit, Mich.; 
1917-19: Maj., U.S.F.A.; France, 1931-3: 
Commissioner of Police, Detroit. 

Hon. LL.D. Wayne Univ. 

m. 1917. Margaret B. Hosmer. Three s. 
One d. 

1022 Ford Bldg., Detroit 26, Mich, 


24 Nov. 1891. Topeka H.S., Kan., & Washbum 
Coll. A.B. 

Wadham 1911-14. Lit. Hum. 4th CL 1914. 

1914-18: Journalism & Advertising Agency, 
London. 1918-27; Repres. in London of Am. 
bus. interests; writing & lecturing. 1927-39: 
Correspondent in Brit. Isles, Europe, N. & S. 
Afr. and lect. in philos. 1939-41 : Correspondent 
in France for Boston Transcript & Assoc. Press. 
1941-2: Correspondent in Portugal, Spain, & 
France for Baltimore Sun. 19414: Interned, 
Baden-Baden. 1944-7: European Correspon- 
dent for Baltimore Sun. 1947- : Dir. for Europe 
of MACNENS (Am. news agency). 

m. (1) 1914, Valerie McCIintock. One s. 
Twod. (Marriage dissolved.) (2)1942. Genevieve 
Auriol. One s. One d. 

Publ.: Numerous popular arts. 

BMJCLWZ, London, W.C. 2, England, 

1 June 1891. Portland H.S., Ore., & Linfield 
Coll. A.B. 

St. John's 1911-14. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1914. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1914. 

Princeton A.M. 1916. Univ. of Chicago 
Pfct.D. 1926. 

1914-16: Grad. Student, Princeton. 1916- 
18: Lect. in Hist. & Econ., Dalhousie Univ,, 
N.S. 1918-19: Sgt., U.S. Army; Med. Corps. 
1919-20: Asst. Prof, of Hist., Reed Coll. V)2b- 
5; Asst. Prof, of Hist., State Coll. of Wash. 
1925-7: Univ. of Chicago & Guggenheim 

1911, 1913 


Fellowship in Europe. 1927-31: Asst. Prof, of 
Pol. Sci., Univ. of Chicago; 1930-1: Research 
Assoc., Hoover Com. on Social Trends. 1931- 
S: Res. Forum Leader, Rockefeller Foundation 
Adult Educ. Experiment, DCS Moines. 

N.J. Historical Prize 1916. 

m. 1921. Edith E. Livesay. 

Publ.: Chicago Primary of 1926: A Study in 
Election Methods, 1926. The Case of Frank L, 
Smith ,1931. Growth of the Federal Government, 
1915-1932, 1934. 

Died 16 Aug. 1935. 

YATES, STANLEY (Washington), b. 16 Sept. 
1888. Pendleton Acad. & Whitman Coll., Walla 
Walla, Wash. 

Lincoln 1911-14. Lit. Hum. 4th Cl. B.A. 
1914. M.A. 1923. 

1915-25 : Teaching, Moran Sch,, Rolling Bay, 
Wash.; 1917-19: Sgt, U.S. Army; Hosp. 
Corps; France, 1922-3: Grad. Study, Oxford. 
1925-7: Fox Farming, N. Vancouver, B.C. 
1927-9: Invalid, Seattle, Wash. 

m. 1919. Loveday Forrest. One j. 

Died 23 May 1929. 


BARNES, WALTER CARL (Colorado), b. 21 
Sept. 1889. Lafayette Coll. & Colo. Coll. A.B. 
Also Univ. of Cal. 

Lincoln 1913-16. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1916. 

1917-18: Instr. in Hist, Univ. of B.C. 
1918-20: Grad. Study Teaching, Univ. of 
Cal. 1920-30: Prof, of Hist., Univ. of Ore, 
1931-8: Assoc, Prof, of Hist,, Smith ColL 
1938-41: Dept. of Hist., Black Mountain Coll. 
1942-3: Lect in Hist., Wellesley Coll. 1943- : 
Dept. of Hist., Wheelock Coll. 

m. (1) 1916. Elsie Mae Elrick (d. 1921). One 
d. (2) 1923. Mary Elizabeth Watson (d, 1942). 

Publ. : Arts, on European & Russian hist. 

143 Tappan St., Brookline 46, Mass. 

BLANSHARD, BRAND (Michigan), b. 27 Aug. 
1892. Detroit Central H.S. & Univ. of Mich. 
A.B. PBK. 

Merton 1913-15 & 1919-20. B.Sc. (Philos.) 

Columbia Univ. A.M. (Philos.) 1918. Har- 
vard Ph.D. (Philos.) 1921. 

1915-17: Brit. Army Y.M.C.A., India & 
Mesopotamia. 1917-18: Lect. in Philos,, 
Columbia Univ. 1918-19: Sgt., U.S. Army; 
France. 1920-1: Grad. Student, Harvard. 
1921-S: Asst. Prof, of Philos., Univ. of Mich. 
1925-45: Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Philos., 
Swarthmore Coll.; 1931-2: Visiting Prof., 
Columbia Univ. 1945- : Prof. & Chmn. of 
Dept. of Philos., Yale; Dudleian Lect., 1945: 
Noble Lect, 1948-9, Harvard. 

Hon. Litt.D., Swarthmore Coll. Guggenheim 
Fellow, Austria & EngL, 1929-30. Pres., E. 
Div., Am. Philos. Assn., 1942-4. Fellow, Am. 
Acad. of Arts & Sciences since 1946. Member, 
Am. Philos. Socy. 

m. 1918. Frances Bradshaw. 

Publ.: The Nature of Thought, 1939. (In 
collab.) Philosophy in American Education, 1945; 
Preface to Philosophy^ 1945. "The Heritage of 
Idealism* in Changing Patterns in American 
Civilization, 1949. (Ed. in collab.) In Com- 
memoration of William James* 1942. Essays on 
philosophical, religious, & educational subjects. 

109 Linsly Hall, Yale Univ., New Haven, 

2 Feb. 1891. Bristol H.S., Vt., & Middlebury 
Coll. A.B. & A.M. PBK. 

Trinity 1913-15 & 1916-17. Jurispr. over- 
standing for Hons. B.A. 1917. M.A. 1919. 

1917-19: Sgt., U.S. Inf.; France. 1919- : 
Practice of Law, Middlebury, Vt; 1923-9: 
State's Arty., Addison Co.; Reporter of Deci- 
sions, Supreme Court of Vt., since 1942. 

m, 1921. Marguerite Dyer. Three s. 

Middlebury, Vt, 

14 Feb. 1889. Shoshone H.S., Idaho, & 
McMinnville Coll, (now Linfield Coll.). A,B. 

St. John's 1913-16. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1916. M.A. 1920. 

1917-19: Y.M.C.A., Secy, to Dr. J. R. Mott, 
U.S. & Europe. 1919-21 : Secy., Hist Bur. Nat. 
War Council of Y.M.C. A. 1922- : Secy., Gen. 
Bd. of Promotion of N. Baptist Convention; 

Promotion of N. Baptist Convention; 1946- : 
Recording Secy., N. Baptist Convention. 

m. 1922. Helen Grace McCron. One 5, 
One d . 

Publ.: (In collab.) Service with Fighting Men, 

152 Madison Ave., New York 16, N.Y. 

BRODIE, PHILIP HENRY (Arkansas), b. 9 June 

1891. Van Buren H.S., Ark., & Univ. of Ark. 
Worcester 1913-17. Dipl. Anthrop. 1916. 

B.Sc. 1917. B.A. 1916. M.A. 1922. 

1917-19: Lt, U.S. Inf. 1919-21 & 1924- : 
House Master & Sen. Master, Canterbury Sch., 
New Milford, Conn.; 1921-4: Teaching, St. 
Louis Country Day Sch. 

m. 1917. Sarah W. Miller. One s. 

Canterbury Sch,, New Milford, Conn. 

BRUCE, HOMER LINDSEY (Texas), b. 24 Aug. 

1892. Denton H.S., Tex., & Univ. of Tex. 

Worcester 1913-16. Hist. 2nd Cl. B,A. 
1915. M.A. 1919. Beit Prize 191 6. 

Harvard Law Sch. LL.B. 1920. 

1917-19: Capt, U.S.C.A.; France. 1920- : 
Practice of Law, Houston, Tex.; Member of 
firm, Baker, Botts, Andrews & Parish. 

m. 1917. Anna Clara Chrisman. Two s. 

1600 Niels Esperson Bldg., Houston 2, Tex. 



sota), b. 2 May 1890. Minneapolis Central 
H.S. & Univ. of Minn. A.B. PBK. Harvard 
Univ. Law Sch. 

Hertford 1913-15. Read Jurispr. Resigned 

1916: Admitted Minn. Bar. 1917-19: IstLt., 
U.S.F.A.; France. 1921- : Banker, Minne- 
apolis; Vice-Pres., 1st Nat. Bank of Minneapolis 
since 1941. 

Trustee since 1932 & Treas. since 1943, 
Minneapolis Foundation. Member, Bd. oi Dir. 
& Exec. & Finance Com., Title Insurance Co. of 
Minn., since 1943. Trustee, Hamline Univ., 
since 1947. 

m. 1918. Elizabeth R. Ware. Three d. 

5000 First Ave. S., Minneapolis 19, Minn. 

21 June 1894. Sparks U.S., Nev., & Univ. of 

Jesus 1-913-16. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1916. 

Stanford Univ. Law Sch. J.D. 1920. 

1917-19: Lt., U.S.F.A.; France. 1921- : 
Legal & Producing Depts., at present Dir. & 
Vice-Pres. Standard Oil Co. of Cal.; 1941-5: 
Vice-Chmn., Production Corn., Dist. 5, Petro- 
leum Admin, for War. 

m. 1920. Luella Beatrice Johnston. Two d. 

Standard Oil Co. of Cal,, 225 Bush St., San 
Francisco 20, Cal. 

bama), b. 3 Oct. 1891. Ala. Presbyt. Coll. & 
Univ. of Ala. A.B. & A.M. PBK. 

Wadham 1913-17. B.Sc. (Psychol.) & Dipl. 
Anthrop. 1917. 

1915-16: Y.M.C.A. work w. troops, India & 
E.Africa. 1917-19: Lt., U.S. Inf. & Intell. 
Sec., Gen. Staff; France. 1919-22: Teaching, 
Birmingham Public Schs. 1922-35: Dean, Asst. 
to Pres. & Pres., Ala. Coll. 1935-46: Dean, 
Grad. Sch & Senior Coll., Vice-Chancellor & 
Chancellor, Vanderbilt Univ. 1942- : Central 
Com. & Bd. of Governors, Am. Red Cross; 
1942-6: Member & Chmn., Com. on Relation- 
ship of Higher Educ. to Fed. Govt.; Member, 
Advisory Com. to War Manpower Commis- 
sion. 1946- : Pres., Carnegie Foundation for 
Advancement of Teaching & Exec. Assoc., 
Carnegie Corp. of N.Y. Chmn., Bd. of Trustees, 
State Univ., N.Y., since 1948. 

Hon. LL.D. Univ. of Ala., Howard Coll., 
Duke Univ., Univ. of Fla. Hon. Litt.D. South- 
western. Hon. D.C.L. Univ. of South. Hon. 
L.H.D. Birmingham Southern Coll. Trustee, 
Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teach- 
ing since 1938; Teachers Insurance & Annuity 
Assn. since 1939: Member, Senate, Phi Beta 
Kappa, since 1940. Member, N.E.A.; S. Assn. 
Colls, for Women; S. Assn. Colls. & Secondary 
Schs.; Ala. Educ. Assn.; Ala. Assn. Colls. 
Chmn., Am. Council on Educ., 1943-4. 

m. 1918. Ruth Mae Crabtree. Two s. 

Publ. : Arts, on educ. & social welfare. 

522 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 

Dec. 1892. Bangor H.S., Me., & Bowdoin Coll. 
A.B. PBK. 

Trinity 1913-16. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.C.L. 1st 
CL B.A. 1916. M.A. & B.C.L. 1919. 

Columbia Univ. Law Sch. LL.B. 1917. . 

1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S. Inf.; France. 1919- 
46: Practice of Law, Sullivan & Cromwell, New 
York City. 1946- : Pres., Cuban Atlantic 
Sugar Co. & Central Violeta Sugar Co., Havana. 

m. 1923. AilinO'Hea. Two*. 

Publ.: (w. Frank Aydelotte & Alan C. Valen- 
tine) Chtford of Today, 1927. 

Apartado 69 t Havana, Cuba. 

b. 3 July 1890. Wayne H.S., Neb., & Neb. 
Wesieyan Univ. A.B. 

Wadham 1913-16. Theol. 3rd Cl. 1916. 

Neb. Wesieyan Univ. D.D. 1925. 

1916-19: Asst. Minister, Central Methodist 
Ch., Detroit. 1919-23 : Minister, Ninde Method- 
ist Ch., Detroit. 1923-32: Minister, Central 
Methodist Ch., Pontiac, Mich. 1932- : Minis- 
ter, Asbury-Frrst Methodist Ch., Rochester. 

Member, Exec. Com. & Dept. of Evangelism, 
Federal Council of Churches. Member, Gen. 
Bd. of Evangelism, Secy, of Bd. & of Exec. Com., 
Meth. Ch. Pres., Federation of Chs., Rochester. 
Member, Gen. & Jurisdictional Confs. of 
Methodist Ch. 

m. (1) 1916. Mildred Claflm (d. 1936). Two 
d. (2) 1938. Ruth Helen Snider. 

Publ.: The Junior Church in Action, 1921. 
How to Increase Church Income, 1947. How to 
Build Up Your Church School, 1948. How to 
Increase Church Membership and Attendance, 
1949. Arts, on ch. membership, finance, & 

Permanent: Wayne, Neb. 

b. 28 Apr. 1892. Jamaica H.S., N.Y., & Prince- 
ton. A.B. PBK. Sigma Xi, 

Merton 1913-14 & 1915-16. Physiol* 1st Cl. 
B.A. 1915. B.Sc. 1916. M.A. 1919. Sen. Demy, 
Magdalen 1915. Water Sports v. Camb. 1914. 

Johns Hopkins Med. Sch. M.D. 1917. 

1915: Red Cross; France & Serbia. 1917-19: 
Capt., U.S. Army Med. Corps; France. 1919- 
27: Instr. to Assoc. Prof., Acting Hd. of Dept. of 
Pediatrics & Asst, Dean, Johns Hopkins Med. 
Sch. 1927- : Dean & Prof, of Pediatrics, Duke 
Univ. Med. Sch.; 1942-3: Vice-Chmn., Div. of 
Med. Sciences, Nat. Research Council; Consul- 
tant to Surgeon-Gen. (Army) & Inst. of Inter- 
Am. Affairs; 1945: Tech. Adviser, Group Con- 
trol Council, Germany; Dir., Independent Aid; 
1949 : Consultant (Med.), Far Eastern Command 

Hon. D.Sc. Wake Forest Coll. Hon. LL.D. 
Univ. of N.C. Fellow, Am. Coll. Phys. & Am. 
Acad. Ped. Member, Advisory Corn, on Health 
Services, Am* Red Cross; Am. Ped. Socy.; 
Socy. for Ped. Research; Am. Socy. of Clinical 

m. 1917. Atala Thayer Scudder. Two s. 

Publ.: Pediatric Notes, 1925. The Compleat 
Pediatrician (6 edna.}, 1934-^9. (In cofiab.) 
Enzymes, 1926. Arts, in med. journals on pedia- 
trics, bacteriology, enzymes, biochem. & med. 

Duke Univ. Sch. of Med., Durham, N.C. 

DOE, ARTHUR BRITTAN (Wisconsin), b. 22 
Aug. 1890. E. Div. H.S., Milwaukee, & Univ. 
of Wis. A.B. & LL.B. 

Balliol 1913-14. Read Jurispr. Resigned 
Scholp. 1915. 

1914-15: Brit. Red Cross, 4th 3VC.A.C.; 
France. 1915-34: Practice of Law & member of 
firm, Quarles, Spence & Quarles, Milwaukee. 

m. 1929. Freya Garrett. 

Died 11 Feb. 1934. 

DURHAM, TERRY COLLET (Virginia), b. 22 
July 1891. Appomattox H.S. & Univ. of Rich- 
mond, Va. A.B. & A.M. 

Christ Church 1913-16. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1915. M.A. 1919. 

1917-19: Lt., U.S.F.A.; France. 1920-8: 
Business. 1928- : Newspaper work in England. 

m. 1921. Annie M. G.Harmsworth. Three d. 

Stone House, Wishing Tree Rd., St. Leonards- 
on-Sea, Sussex, England. 

FOSTER, RALPH BAXTER (Idaho), b. 24 Mar. 
1891. H.S./Kan, City, & Washburn Coll., Kan. 
Also Univ. of Idaho. A.B. PBK. 



Lincoln 1913-15 & 1 term 1919. Read Mod. 
Langs. (French). B.A. (War) 1917. M.A. 1919 

1916-18: Y.M.C.A. w. troops, Egypt & 
France. 1918-19. Sgt., U.S. Army; Intell. 
Police; France. 1919-24- Instr. in EngL, U.S. 
Naval Acad. 1925-30- Asst. Prof, of Mod. 
Langs. George Washington Univ., Washington, 

m 1921. Gladys J. Amis. One s One d. 

Died 21 Nov. 1930 

GAILOR, FRANK HOYT (Tennessee), b. 
9 May 1892. Racine Mil. Acad. & Univ. of the 
South. A.B. Also Columbia Univ. 

New Coll. 1913-15 & 1916-17. Read Junspr. 
B.A. (War) 1919. M.A 1925. 

1915: Belgian Relief. 1916: Am. Ambulance 
in France; Albert & Elizabeth Medals (Belgian) 
& Reconnaissance Francaise Medal. 191719 
Capt., R.G.A. & U.S.F.A.; France. 1919-36 
Practice of Law, Memphis & Shelby Co., Tenn 
Trustee (Treas.) Shelby Co. 1936-41: Co 
Attorney, Shelby Co., Tenn. 1941-2- Circuit 
Judge, Tenn. 1943- . Assoc. Justice, Supreme 
Court of Tenn. 

TO. 1922, Mary L. Pennell t Three d. 

Publ : Arts, in legal periodicals. 

1343 Goodbar Place, Memphis 4, Tenn, 

b. 3 May 1892. Boston Public Latin Sch. & 
Harvard Univ. A.B. 

Balhol 1913-16. Hon. Mods. (Class.) 1st Cl. 
Kmgton Oliphant Prize (Balliol) 1914. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Romance Philol.) 1927. 

1916-17, 1920-2, 1923-4: Harvard Univ. 
1917-20: Instr. in Mod. Langs., U.S. Naval 
Acad. 1924-8: Asst. Prof. & Prof, of Romance 
Langs., Univ. of Buffalo. 1928- : Prof, of 
Romance Langs., Tufts Coll., Mass. 

m. 1922, Frederica Harrison Gilbert. Two s. 
One d. 

Publ.: La France d trovers les Si&cles, 1936. 
Arts, in modern language and philological 

10 Garden Terrace , Cambridge 3$, Mass. 

b, 11 July 1889. Brooklyn Boys' H.S. & Rutgers 
Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1913-16. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 
1916. Athl. Sports v. Caxnb. 1914. 

1917-19: Lt. (j.g.), U.S.RR.F. & U.S. Navy 
Dept. 1919-48: Practice of Law & partner, 
Qlcott, Havens, Wandless & Stitt, New York 
City; 1922-41: Lect, & Prof, of Law, Brooklyn 
Law Sch. 

Pres., Tech-Art Plastics Co. Dir.: Boonton 
Radio Corp., Radio Frequency Labs. Inc., 
Ballantine Labs., Inc., Aircraft Radio Corp. & 
Greenville Finishing Co. 

m, 1919. Nellie F. Laycock, One *, One d. 
(Marriage dissolved ) 

Died 21 July 1948. 


15 Dec. 1888. Prep. Dept., Georgetown Coll., 
& Georgetown Coll. A.B. 

Exeter 1913-14 & Trin. T^erm 1915. Read 
Jurispr. Resigned Scholp. Belgian Relief, Hil. 
Term 1915. 

1915-17: Practice of Law. 1917-19: 1st Lt. 
U.S.F.A. 191947: Banking & citrus growing, 
Arcadia, Bowling Green, Wauchula, Boca Grande, 
Ft. Myers & Sarasota, Fla. 1948- : Citrus grow- 
ing, Sarasota, Fla. 

m. 19 J 6, Corabel Kenney. One 5. Two d. 

P.O. Box 383, Sarasota, Fla. 

KEYS, JAMES NOEL (Kansas), b. 13 May 1893. 
Beloit Gr. Sch., Kan., & Emporia Coll. B.A. 

Wadham 1913-14 & 1916-17. Read Theol. 
BJL (War) 1918. M.A. 1921. 

Univ. of Chicago M.A. (Educ.) 1921. Colum- 
bia Univ. Ph.D. (Psychol.) 1927, 

1917-19. Y.M.C.A. w. troops, India&E, Afr. 
1919-20 & 1923-5: Instr. & Assoc. Prof, of 
Psychol., Lingnan Univ., Canton, China. 1920- 
1 : Fellow m Educ , Univ. of Chicago. 1925-7: 
Teachers' Coll., Columbia Univ. 1927-8: 
Assoc. Prof, of Educ. Psychol., Syracuse Univ. 
1928-48: Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Educ. Psychol., 
Univ. of CaL; 1939-48: Lect. m human rela- 
tions, Univ. of CaL ; Consulting Psychologist. 

m. 1928 Marian Gratia Wiley. Ones. Onef. 
(dcd ). 

Publ English Mastery Tests, 1923. The Im- 
provement of Measurement Through Cumulative 
Testing, 1928 The Under- Age Student in High 
School and College, 1938, (In collab.) Personal 
Index: Test & Manual, 1937; Visual Language 
Tests, with Manual, 1939. Arts, on psychol. & 
educ. in sci. journals. 

Died 9 April 1948. 

KYLE, JOHN WILLIAM (Mississippi), b. 21 
Aug. 1891. Batesville H.S., Miss., & Univ. of 
Miss. A B. & LL.B. 

Pembroke 1913-14. Read Jurispr. Resigned 

1914- : Practice of Law, Sardis, Miss. 1917: 
Off. Training Camp; discharged on med. 
grounds. 1928- : Member, Miss. State Senate; 
1940- : Member, Miss. State Bldg. Com- 
mission, 1932-6, 1940-4, & 1948- : Chmn , Sen- 
ate Finance Com ; 1936-40 & 1944-8: Chmn., 
Senate Educ. Com.; 1936-7: Chmn., Joint 
Legislative Com. to Survey Financial Condition 
of Public Sch. System, 

Publ.- Kyle-Cook School Budget Law, 1936. 

Sardis, Miss, 


9 June 1892. Lloyd H.S., Fla., & Univ. of Fla. 

Exeter 1913-14 & 1915-17. Read Physiol. 
B.A. (War) 1922. 

Univ. of Pa. Med. Sch. M.D, 1926. 

1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S.F.A.; France. 1919- 
22: Various occupations in Fla. 1926-8: Watts 
Hosp., Durham, N.C., & Riverside Hosp,, 
Jacksonville, Fla. 1928-31: Med. practice, Gulf 
Hammock, Fla. 1932-3: Residencies, Bellevue 
Hosp., New York City, & Grasslands Hosp., 
Valhalla, N.Y. 1934- : Practice of internal 
med., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Fellow, Am. Coll. of Physicians. Diplomate, 
Am. Bd. of Internal Med. 

m. 1919. Blanche Vouillot. 

1604 Brookwood Rd., Jacksonville 7, Fla. 

LOCKWOOD, PRESTON (Missouri), b. 28 Oct. 
1891. Smith Acad., St. Louis, & Washington 
Univ. A.B. 

Exeter 1913-14 & 1915-17. Read Hist. B.A. 
(War) 1917. 

Columbia Univ. Law Sch. LL.B. 1922. 

1915: Am. Ambulance w. French troops. 
1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S.F.A. & 88th Air Squadron; 
France. 1919-22: Student, Law Sch. & Instr., 
Sch. of Journalism, Columbia Univ. 1922-3: 
Practice of Law, New York City. 1925H-2: 
Partner, Davisson, McCarty & Lockwood. 
1932* : Brewster Aeronautical Corp., Secy. & 
Asst. Gen. Counsel 1942^1-, Pres. & Dir. since 

m. 1932. Frances Castles. Two stepsons. Onec?. 

Publ : Arts, in legal periodicals. 

1075 Park Ave., New York 28, N. Y. 

24 Nov. 1892. Univ. H.S., Chicago, & Univ. of 

Balliol 1913-16. Lit. Hum. 3rd CL B.A. 
1916. Fencing v. Camb. 1914. 



Univ. of Chicago Ph.D. (Romance Langs.) 

1917-19: 1st. Lt., U.S. Inf., A.D.C. 1919- 
20: Instr. m French, Univ. of Minn 1920-46: 
Instr. & Asst. Prof, of French, Univ. of Chicago. 
1947- . Prof. & Chmn., Dept. of French, Univ. 
of Cal., Los Angeles. 

m. 1922. Mary Letitia Fyffe. Two s. (dcd.). 

Publ.: The Platonism of Joachim du Betlay, 
1925. Arts, on French & Italian lit. 

Umv. of Cal., Los Angeles 24, Cal. 

15 Oct. 1892. Baltimore Polytech. Inst. & 
Johns Hopkins Univ. A.B. 

Hertford 1913-16. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.C L. 1st 
Cl. B.A. 1915. B.C.L. & M.A. 1930. 

Univ. of Md. Law Sch. LL.B. 1917. 

1916: Am. Ambulance, France. 1917-19: 
Capt., U.S.F.A.; France. 1919-38: Practice of 
Law, Baltimore. 1926- : Lect. m Law of 
Admiralty & Evidence, Univ. of Md.; 1938- : 
Judge, Supreme Bench of Baltimore; 1946- : 
Lect. in Med. Jurispr., Johns Hopkins Med. 
Sch.; 1942-5: Rationing Admin. & Chmn., War 
Price & Rationing Bds., Baltimore; 1948: Fuel 
Co-ordmator, State of Md. 

Trustee since 1934 & Pres of Bd 1936-46 
Goucher Coll. Chmn., Foreign Policy Assn., 
Baltimore, 1928-31, 1934-6, & 1939-40. 

m. 1922. Anne Whitridge Williams. One s. 

Publ.: Ed. Am. Maritime Cases, 1923- . Ed. 
U.S. Aviation Reports, 1928- . 

5600 Waycrest Lane, Baltimore 10, Md. 

NOBLE, GEORGE BERNARD (Washington), b. 
11 July 1892. High Schs. in Fla., Univs. of 
Wash. & Wis., & Columbia Univ. 

Worcester 1913-16. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1915. M.A. 1923. 

1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S. Inf.; France; D.S.C.; 
Attached Am. Peace Commission, Paris, 1919. 
1919-20: Grad. Student, Columbia Univ. 1920- 
2; Asst. Prof., Univ. of Neb. 1922-46: Asst. 
Prof. & Prof, of Pol, Sci., Reed Coll.; 1937-42: 
Dir., Northwest Inst. of Internal. Relations, 
Reed Coll.; 1938-42: Secy. -Rapporteur, Port- 
land Foreign Policy Com., Council Foreign 
Relations; 1943: Spec. Studies Div., U.S. Dept. 
of State; 1943-5: Chmn., 12th Regional War 
Labor Bd. 1946- : Asst. Chief, Div. of Re- 
search & Publ. & Chief, Div. Historical Policy 
Research, U.S. Dept. of State. 

Hon. PBK. Reed Coll. 1938. 

m. 1917. Matilda Thomas. 

Publ.: Policies find Opinions at Paris, 1919. 
Arts, on U.S. foreign policy, 

909 N. Wayne St., Arlington, Va. 

PATTON, FRANCIS LESTER (Ohio), b. 27 July 
1891. East H.S., Columbus, Ohio, & Ohio 
State Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Pembroke 1913-16. Dipl. Econ. & Hist. 2nd 
CL B.A. 1916. M.A. 1919. 

Columbia Univ. Ph.D. (Econ.) 1926. 

1916-17: Grad. Student, Columbia Univ. 
1917-18: 2nd Lt., U.S.C.A.C. 1919-20: Instr. 
,in Econ., N.Y. Univ. 1920- : Assoc. Prof. & 
Prof, of Econ., Hamilton Coll. 

m. 1931. Elizabeth Prime Keeler. Three s. 

Publ.: Diminishing Returns in Agriculture, 

206 College Hill Rd., Clinton, N. Y. 

PAUL. JOHN ROBERTSON (South Carolina). 

b. 26 Jan. 1889. Charleston H.S. & Coll. of 
Charleston. A.B. 

Christ Church 1913-15. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1915. M.A. 1929. 

1915-16: w. Am. Ambulance in France. 
1916- : Pres., Paul Motor Co., Inc., Charleston, 

S.C.; 1943- : Pres., Motor Finance Co., 
Charleston, S.C. 

m. 1916. Kathrine Rutherford Huiet. Four s, 

41 E. Battery, Charleston, S.C. 


b. 14 Sept. 1891. N.D. State Normal Industr. 
Sch. & Univ. of N.D. A.B. PBK. 

Queen's 1913-16. Jurispr. 2nd CL B A. 1915. 

1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S. Cavalry & F.A. 
1919- : Practice of Law in Cuba & Venezuela; 
at present Partner, Porter & Casas, Cuba. 

m. 1 940. Beatnz Aurora del Carmen Palacios 
y Colas 

Permanent address: Fuller ton, N.D. 

POST, LEVI ARNOLD (Pennsylvania), b. 
8 July 1889. Haverford Coll. A.B. & A.M. 
PBK. Harvard Univ. A.M 

New Coll. 1913-16. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1916. M.A. 1922. 

1916-17: YJVLCA, w. troops in Mesopo- 
tamia. 1918-19: SgL, U.S. Inf.; France. 
1917- : Instr., Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Greek, 
Haverford Coll.; 1940- : Editor, Loeb Classical 
Library; 1947-8: Sather Prof, of Classics, Univ. 
of Cal. 

Guggenheim Fellow 1932-3. Editor 1935-8, 
Secy. 1935-9 & Pres. 1945-6, Am. Philological 

m. 1919. Grace Hutcheson Lickely Two s. 
One d. 

Publ.: Thirteen Epistles of Plato, 1925. Three 
Plays ofMenander, 1929. The Vatican Plato and 
its Relations, 1934. Arts, on class, subjects. - 

Haverford Coll., Haverford, Pa. 


b. 16 July 1889. Beloit Acad. & Beloit ColL 
A.B. PBK. 

Lincoln 1913-16. 1st Mus. Bac. 1915. 2nd 
Mus. Bac. 1916. 

1916-21: Cattle-breeding, Oahe, S.D.; 1918: 
Sgt., U.S. Inf. 1921-3: Assoc. Editor, North- 
western Hereford Breeder, Pierre, S.D. 1923-9: 
Prof, of Music, Sioux Falls ColL, S.D. 1929- : 
Dir. of Musical Sciences, Ward-Beknont Sch., 
Nashville, Term. 

Permanent address: Oahe Route, Pierre, S.D. 

14 May 1889. Umvs. of Va. & Ind. A.B. 
Harvard Umv. A.M. 

Brasenose 1913-17. Spec, work in Hist. 
B.A. (War) 1922. Absent various periods for 
Belgian Relief Commission. 

1917-19: 2nd Lt, U.S. Ordnance Dept.; 
France. 1919-20: Am. Relief Admin., Paris, 
London, Kovno; Chevalier, Ordre de la 
Couronne (Belgium), M6daille de la Recon- 
naissance Frangaise. 1920-2: Instr, Culver 
Mil. Acad., Ind. 1922-9: Assoc. Dir., Am. 
Univ. Union, London. 1925-49: Secy., Com- 
monwealth Fund Fellowships, London. 

m. 1919. Marguerite Clauzade (d. 1945). 

Publ.: Guide for American Students in the 
British Isles, 1923. 

55 Portman Sq., London, W, I, England. 

SMITH, FRED MANNING (West Virginia). 
b. 21 Feb. 1891. W. Va. Univ. Prep. Dept. & 
Univ. of W. Va. A.B. 

Queen's 1913-16. Eng. L. & Lit. 3rd CL 
B.A. 1916. M.A. 1919. 

Cornell Univ. Ph.D. (EngL) 1922. 

1917-23: Instr. in EngL, Cornell Univ.; 
1918: CpL, U.S. Army. 1923-7: Asst. Prof, of 
EngL, Ohio State Univ. 1927- : Asst Prof., 
Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of EngL, W. Va. Univ. 

Hon. PBK. Univ. of W. Va. 1930. 

Publ.: Arts, on EngL lit. 

1655 Sixth Ave., Huntmgton t W. Va. 



SNOW, CONRAD EDWIN (New Hampshire). 
b. 6 Aug. 1889. Rochester H.S., N.H., & Dart- 
mouth Coil. A.B. PBK. 

Magdalen 1913-15, Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1915. 
M.A. 1929. 

Harvard Law Sch. LL.B. 1917. 

1917-19: Capt., U.S.F.A.; France, 1919-40: 
Practice of Law, Rochester, N.H. 1940-6: 
Lt.-Col. to Brig.-Gen., U.S. Army, Signal Corps 
& G.S.C.; Dir., Legal Div., Office of Chief 
Signal Officer & War Dept. Clemency Bd.; 
Legion of Merit. 1946- : Asst. Legal Adviser, 
U.S. Dept. of State. 

Repres., N.H. Legislature 1929-30. Dele- 
gate, N.H. Constitutional Convention, 1930. 
Dir., Rochester Trust Co., 1934-46. Dir., Am. 
Judicature Socy., 1941-6. Member N.H. Bar 
Assn., Am. Bar Assn., Am. Law Inst. 

m. 1921. Katherine Amelia Hartley. One s. 
Two d. 

Publ. : N.H. Annotations, Restatement of Law 
of Contracts. Am. Law Inst., 1936. 

3111 First Rd. N. t Arlington, Va. 

b. 23 June 1890. Phoenix H.S. & Occidental 
Coll. Also Univ. of Ariz. 

St. John's 1913-16. Geol. 1st CL B.A. 1915. 
M.A. 1919. Dec. 1914-Feb. 1915: Am. Com- 
mission for Relief in Belgium. Dec. 1915-Feb. 
1916: Am. Ambulance, France. 

1916-17: Teaching, Rugby Sch., Engl, 
1917-49: Lt., R.A.F. Egypt. 1920-2: Instr. in 
Chem., Culver Mil. Acad. 1922- : Vice-Pres. 
in charge of Investment Dept., Northern Trust 
Co., Chicago; 1945: Chmn., Chicago & Cook 
Co. War Finance Com. for Victory Loan Drive, 
U.S. Treas. Dept. ; Distinguished Service award. 

Member since 1936 & Vice-Pres. & Treas. 
since 1945, Chicago Crime Commission. 
Governor, Investment Bankers Assn. of Am., 
193&-41. Dir., McCormick Theol. Sem., since 
1943. Pres,, English-Speaking Union, Chicago, 

m. 1923. Catherine A. McCausland. Two s. 
One d. 

1119 Mm Ridge Drive* Glencoe, HI. 

6. 1 Dec. 1891. Hollywood H.S. & Univ. of Cal. 

St. John's 1913-17. Read Jurispr. Absent, 
Belgian Relief, portions of 1915 & 1916. 

1917-19: Capt., French Artillery Sch. & 
U.S.F.A.; France; Chevalier de FOrdre de la 
Couronne (Belgium), Order of the White Eagle, 
Reconnaissance Francaise. 1920-6: Merchant, 
Europe, Am. & the Far East. 1927-31: Euro- 
pean repres., J. & W. Seligman & Co. (Invest- 
ment bankers) , N.Y. 1 934-8 : European repres. , 
Bancamerica-Blair (Investment bankers) . 1 93 9- 
41: Finnish Relief Commission & Commission 
for Polish Relief. 1941-6: Col., U.S. Army, 
Intel!.; Asst. Mil. Attach^, Spain, & Mil. Govt., 
Italv & Austria; Legion of Merit, Order of the 
White Rose (Finnish), Polonia Restituta, Order 
of Military Merit (Czech,). 1947- : Internat. 
Bank for Reconstruction & Develop. 

m. 1924.^ Zora Pendegast Cook. 

International Bank for Reconstruction & 
Development, 1818 H St. N.W., Washington 25, 

Jan. 1892. Salt Lake City H.S. & Univ. of 
Utah. A.B. 

Lincoln 191 3-1 7. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1916. 
B.C.L. 3rd CL 1917. Absent 3 terms, Belgian 

1918-19: Sgt., U.S.M.C.* France. 1920-8: 
Practice of Law, Salt Lake City. 1929- : 
Practice of Law, Los Angeles. 

m. 1920. Drusilla Gaby. One s. One d. 

1525 Ensley Ave., Los Angeles 24, Cal. 

b. 31 Aug. 1889. St. Charles H.S., Mo., & La. 
State Univ. A.B. Also Wash. Univ. & Columbia 
Univ. LL.B. Yale SJ.D. 

Exeter 1913-15 & Trin. terms 1916 & 1919. 
B.C.L. 3rd CL 1916. 

1915-18: Am. Embassy, Paris. 1918-19: 
Sgt., U.S. Army Intel!.; France. 1919-25: 
Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Law, State Univ. of La. ; 
Practice of Law, New Orleans. 1925- : Prof, of 
Law, Univ. of Tex. 

m. (1) 1920. Mane Therese Leroy (d. 1929). 
Two d. (2) 1936. lone Steel. One d. 

PubL: Principles of Conflict of Laws, 1937. 
Guide to the Law and Legal Literature of France, 
1927. Cases and materials, criminal law, wim 
special reference to taxes. 

Univ. of Tex., Austin, Tex. 

SWAIN, FRANK GRAHAM (Wyoming), b. 25 
June 1892. Whittier H.S. & Univ. of Southern 
Cal. A.B. Also Univ. of Wyo. 

Wadham 1913-16. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1916. 

1917-19: Lt., U.S. Inf. 1919-27: Practice of 
Law, Whittier, Cal. 1927-9: Actg. Judge of 
Municipal Court of Los Angeles. 1930-5 : Prac- 
tice of Law, McAdoo & Neblett, Los Angeles. 
1935 : Judge, Superior Court, Los Angeles. 

m. 1918. Mae Merle Kissick. One d. 

1008 Worsham Drive, Whittier, Cal. 

6. 3 Sept. 1891. Hope St. H.S., Providence, 
R.I., & Brown Univ. A.B. PBK. 

St. John's 1913-15. Read Jurispr. Resigned 
Scholp. Cross-country v. Camb. 1913. Athl. 
Sports v. Camb. 1914. 

1915-20: R.I. Hosp. Trust Co., Providence. 
1920-30: Private Trustee, John Nicholas Brown 
Estate. 1 93 1-48 : Senr. Partner, Norman S. Taber 
& Co., Financial Consultants, New York City; 
1948- : Budget Dir., E.C.A., Washington, D.C. 

Trustee, Brown Univ. Treas., Orange Orphan 

m. 1916. Ottilie Rose Metzger, One d. 

237 Turrdl Ave., S. Orange, N.J. 

11 Dec. 1891. Webb Sch., Term., & Emory 
Coll., Ga. A.B. & A.M. 

Merton 1913-16. Theol. 2nd CL B.A. 1916. 

1918-19: Sgt., U.S. Army, M.G.C.; France. 
1919: Pastor, Pelham Circuit, S. Ga. Methodist 

Died 27 Sept. 1919 as indirect result of 
wounds received on active service. 

b. 5 Aug. 1891. Hotchkiss Sch., Conn., & Yale 
Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Oriel 1913-16. Engl. L. & Lit. 1st CL B.A. 
1915. BXitt. 1917. M.A. 1923. 

1916-17: Asst. Master, Winchester Coll., 
Engl. 1917-19: 2nd Lt.. U.S. Inf.; France; 
Croix de Guerre. 1919-25: Asst. Prof, of Engl., 
Yale Univ. 1925-6: Prof, of Engl., Univ. of 
Buffalo. 1926- : Headmaster, Hotchkiss Sch,, 
Lakeville, Conn. 

Hon. L.H.D. Williams Coll. Hon. D.Lirt. 
Princeton. Dir., Union Theol. Seminary, N.Y. 
Trustee, Emma Willard Sch., since 1939, 
Fellow, Yale Univ., since 1938. Pres., Head- 
masters* Assn., 1947. Presidential Elector, 
Conn., 1936. 

m. 1938. Alice Dresel. Three s. One d. 

PubL: Ed. Pocket Oxford Dictionary (Am. 
edn.) 1927. Ed. (in collab.) The Favorite Uncle 
Remus, bj J. C. Harris, 1948. 

Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Conn. 

WILLIAMS, PAUL GRAVES (Iowa). 5. 13 June 
1894. Charles City Coll., Iowa, & Grinnell Coll. 
A.B. PBK. 

Lincoln 1913-14. Read Lit, Hum. 

Died 22 July 1914. 



sas), b. 30 Jan. 1893. Phillips Exeter Acad. & 
Harvard, A.B. 

University 1914-16. Read Jurispr. B.A. 
(War) 1918. M.A. 1920. 

1917-19: 2nd Lt., U.S.C.A.; France. 1919- 
31 & 1935- : Practice of Law & member of 
firm, Arnold & Arnold, Texarkana; 1928: 
Admitted to U.S. Supreme Court. 1931-5: 
Gen. Attorney, Ark. Natural Gas Co., Shreve- 

m.*1921. Grace Hendricks. Twos. 
1700 Hickory St., Texarkana, Ark. 

b. 24 May 1891. St. Alban's Sch., Knoxville, 
111., & Univ. of the South. A.B. 

New Coll. 1914-19. Read Hist. B.A. (War) 
1919. M.A. 1924. 

1915-16: Belg, Relief Commission. 1917-19: 
Lt., R.G.A. U.S.F.A.; France. 1920-2: Am. 
Relief Admin., Hungary & Russia. 1922- : 
Business. 1930-48: Mgr., Intel-mountain Div., 
Northrup, King & Co., Salt Lake City & Boise. 
1949: Mgr., Western Div. Rudy, Patrick Seed 
Co., Kansas City, Mo. 

m. 1927. Laura E. Silvers. One s. Two d. 

1307 N. 16th St., Boise, Idaho, 


b. 26 Sept. 1891. Central H.S., Phila., & Univ. 
of Pa. A.B. &A.M. PBK. 

Oriel 1914-17. Music & Pass Schs. B.Mus. 
1917. B.A. 1917. M.A. 1926. 

Univ. of Pa. Ph.D. (Engl.) 1932. 

1917-19: Gen. Secy., Y.M.C.A., India. 
1919-43: Assoc, Prof, of Music & Organist, 
Univ. of Pa.; 1923-30: Organist, Arch St. 
Presbyt. Ch., Philadelphia. 1943-4: 1st Lt., 
U.S. Army Air Corps. 

PubL: Elizabethan Music and Musical 
Criticism, 1940. 

4816 Windsor Ave., Philadelphia 43, Pa. 

b. 25 Dec. 1894. Birmingham Coll. Training 
Sch. & Birmingham Coll., Ala. A.B. 

Wadham 1914-17. Theol. 1st Cl. & Jun. 
Greek Testament Prize. B.A. 1916. M.A. 1923. 

Columbia Univ. Ph.D. (Philos.) 1930. 

1915: Belg. Relief; Medaille du Roi Albert & 
Medaille de la Reine (Belgium). 1918: U.S. Inf. 
& Cadet, F.A. Officers* Training Sch. 1919-24: 
Adjunct Prof, of Philos. & Prof, of New Testa- 
ment, Southern Methodist Univ.; 1923 : Fellow, 
Union Theol. Seminary, New York City. 
1925-44: Prof, of New Testament & Dir. of 
Univ. Libraries, Duke Univ. 1944-6: Dean, 
Divinity Sch., Duke Univ. 1946- : Chancellor, 
Vanderbilt Univ. 

Hon. LL.D. Southwestern. Guggenheim 
Fellow 1931. Chmn., Commission of Am. 
Librarians to reorganize Nat. Library of Brazil, 
1945. Chmn., U.S. Advisory Commission on 
Educ. Exchange, 1948-9. 

m. 1921. Margaret Vaughan. Three 5. 

PubL: The Messages of Jesus, 1925. Jesus and 
the Law of Moses, 1930. The Teachings of Jesus, 
1931. The Gospel According to Mark, 1937. 
Teaching with Books, 1940. 

Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville 4, Tenn. 

4 Nov. 1892. St. Joseph H.S., Mo., & Univ. of 
Kans. A.B. 

Wadham 1914-16 & 1919-20. Read Econ. 
BJL (War) 1920. 

1917-19: Am. Embassy, Spain; Ens., U.S.N. 
1921-8: Am. Consulate, Vigo, Spain. 
Montvale, N.J. 

3 Sept. 1890. Gardiner H.S., Me., & Bates 
ColL A.B. PBK. Georgetown Univ. Law Sch. 

Christ Church 1914-17. Jurispr. 2nd CL 
B,A. 1917. 

1914-15: Belg. Relief Commission; Me'daille 
du Roi Albert (Belgium). 1918: Sgt.-Maj., 
U.S.C.A.C.; also Officers' Training Camp. 
1920- : Practice of Law, Simpson, Clason, 
Callahan & Gmstma, Springfield, Mass.; 1927- 
30: District Attorney. Repres. of 2nd Dist. of 
Mass, in Congress of U.S. 1937-48. (75th to 
80th Congresses); Member, Corn, on Armed 

Hon. LL.D. Bates Coll. 

m. 1928. Emma M. Pattillo. 

240 Washington Blvd., Springfield, Mass. 

b. 3 July 1892. Albuquerque H.S. & Univ. of 
N.M. A.B. 

Hertford 1914-17. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 
1917. M.A. 1944. 

1917-18: Ministry of Munitions, Engl. 
1919- : Practice of Law, Turlock, Cal. ; 1926-30: 
Judge, City Court, Turlock; 1930 : City Attorney, 
Turlock; 1932-4 & 1948- : District Attorney, 
Alpine Co. ; 1 932-4 & 1 948- : Turlock Irrigation 
District Attorney; 1941-5: Capt., Inf., Cal. State 
Guard; 1940-5: Govt. Appeal Agentj Selective 
Service; Congressional Selective Service Medal. 

m. (1) 1917. Elsie G. Jennings (d. 1923). 
Two s. (2) 1925. Ruth E. Hedman. Two s. 
One d. 

Berg Bldg., Turlock, Cal. 

EAGLETON, CLYDE (Oklahoma), b. 13 May 
1891. Austin Coll. A.B., A.M., & LL.D. 
Princeton Univ. A.M. (Hist.). 

Worcester 1914-15 & 1916-17 (out of res. 
1915-16). Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1917. Robert 
Herbert Memorial Prize 1916. 

Columbia Univ. Ph.D, (Internat. Law) 1928. 

1917-19: Teaching, Daniel Baker ColL, Tex., 
& Univ. of Louisville. 1919-23: Assoc. Prof, of 
Hist., Southern Methodist Univ. 1923- : 
Assoc. Prof, of Govt., then Prof, of Internat. 
Law & Dir. of Grad. Program of Studies in 
U.R & World Affairs, N.Y. Univ.; 1931: 
Visiting Prof., Chicago Univ.; 1936-7: Visiting 
Prof., Stanford Univ.; 1938-9: Visiting Prof., 
Yale Univ. ; 1943-8 : Consultant & Legal Expert, 
U.S. Dept. of State; 1944: Asst. Secy., Dum- 
barton Oaks Conversations; 1945: Tech. Expert, 
U.S. Delegations, Com. of Jurists & U.N. Conf. 
on Internat. Organization; 1947 : Legal 
columnist, U.N. World. 1948: Consultant* 
Interim Com. of U.N. Gen. Assembly. 

Exec. Council & Bd. of Ed.. Am. Socy. of 
Internat. Law, 1929-32 & 1935-8; Bd. of Editors 
since 1937. Exec. Council, Am. Pol. Sci. Assn., 
1943-6; Chmn. of Studies for the Commission 
to Study the Organization of Peace since 1940. 
Hon. PBK, N.Y. Univ.. 1938. 

w. 1917. Sarah Virginia McKinney. One s. 

PubL: The Responsibility of States in Inter- 
national ZMZG. 1928. International Government, 
1932 & 1947 (revised edn. 1948). Analysis of the 
Problem of War, 1937. The Forces That Shape 
Our Future, 1945. Arts, on internat. law & govt. 

86 Brookdale Drive, Crestwood, Tuckahoe 7, 



FIXE, ALEXANDER GREEN (Tennessee), b. 
31 July 1892. Wallace Sch. & Vanderbilt Univ. 
A.B, & A.M. (Classics & French). PBK. 

Christ Church 1914-20, w. absences. Mod. 
Langs. (French) 2nd Cl. B.A. 1917. 1915-16: 
in France, studying & teaching. 

Umv of Wls. Ph.D. (French & Comparative 

*1*917-18: Instr., Umv. of Wis. 1918: Sgt., 
U.S.F.A. 1918-22: Instr. in French, Univ. of 
Wis. 1922- : Asst. & Assoc Prof, of French, 
Umv. of Cal.; 1930-42; Assoc. Editor, French 

Les Palmes Academiques & Officier d Aca- 
demic (French Govt.) 1937. 

m. 1923. Enulie Henrietta Dejean. One s. 
One d. 

Publ.: CureVs Repas du Lion, 1926. Contem- 
porary French plays, 1931. Le Missel D' Amour, 
1937. Arts, on French lit. 

10559 Le Conte Ave. t Los Angeles 24, Cal. 

shire), b. 7 July 1892. St. Paul's Sch., Concord, 
N.H,, & Dartmouth Coll. A.B. PBK. Prince- 
ton, A.M. (Classics). n 

Balliol 1914-17, Lit. Hum. 2nd CL B.A. 

Princeton Ph.D. (Classics) 1921. 

1915: Belg. Relief Commission. 1917-19: 
1st Lt., Q.M. Corps, U.S. Army; France. 
1919_45; Teaching, St. Paul's Sch., Concord, 

in."l920. Dorothea Chester Paradise. Ones. 
One d. 

Died 11 Nov. 1945. 

GENTRY, Craus STOKES (Illinois), b. 14 May 

1892. McKendree Acad. & Coll., 111. A.B. 
Umv. of 111. A.M. 

Wadham 1914-16 1919-20, Jurispr. 2nd 

1917-19- Sgt., U.S. Engrs.; France. 1921- 
33: Practice of Law, Houston. 1933-7: Legal 
Dept., Shell Petroleum Corp., St. Louis. 1937- 
40: Secy. & Gen. Counsel, Shell Union Oil 
Corp., N.Y. 1940- : Dir., Gen. Counsel Be 
Vice-Pres., Shell Oil Co. Inc., N.Y. 

m. 1925. Zella Keaster. One s. One d. 

50 West 50th St., New York 20, N.Y. 

GLENN, JOHN LYLES, Jr. (South Carolina). 
b. 2 Apr. 1892. Chester H.S., S.C., & WofTord 

Exeter 1914-17. Read Jurispr. B.A. (War) 
1918. Belgian Relief Commission, 1915. 

1917-19: Lt. to Capt. U.S. Inf.; France; 
Croix de Guerre w.Palm, Ordre de la Couronne 
(Belgium). 1920-9: Practice of Law, Chester, 
S.C.: 1920-3: Member, S.C. House of Repres. 
1923-9: State's Attorney. 1929-38 : U.S. District 
Judge, E. & W. Dists. of S.C. 

m. 1918. Sarah Terrell. Two s. (one dcd.) 
One d. 

Died 2 May 1938. 

GOOCH, ROBERT KENT (Virginia), b. 26 Sept. 

1893, Jefferson Sch., Charlottesville, Va., & 
Univ. of Va. B.A. & M.A. 

Christ Church 1915-16 & 1 term 1917 Also 
1922-4. B.A. (War) 1922. M.A. 1923. D.Phil. 
(Pol. Sci.) 1924. 

1916-17: Am. Ambulance w. French troops. 
1917-19: Capt., U.S.C.A.; France. 1919-22: 
Business & Teaching, Coll. of William & Mary. 
1924- : Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Pol. Sci., Univ. 
of Va.; 1941-3: Chief of W. European Sec., 
Branch of Research & Analysis, O.S.S., 
Washington, D.C.; 1943-4: Chief of W. Euro- 
pean Sec,, Territorial Studies, U S. Dept. of 
State, Washington, D.C.; 1944-5: Member, Bd. 
of Appeals on Visa Cases, Washington, D.C. 

OT. 1928. Florine Kmney. Two d. 

Publ.: Regionalism in France, 1931. The 

French Parliamentary Committee System, 1935. 
The Government of England, 1937. Source Book 
on the Government of England, 1939. Manual of 
Government in the United States, 1939. (In 
collab.) The Governments of Continental 
Europe, 1940, Local Government in Europe, 
1939; Change and Grists in European Govern- 
ment, 1947. Arts, on pol. & govt. 

University Station, Charlottesvtlle, Va. 

GOOD, PAUL FRANCIS (Nebraska), b. 16 Mar. 
1893. Wahoo H.S., Neb., & Arnherst Coll. 
A.B. Umv. of Neb. Law Sch. 

Lincoln 1914-17. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1917. 

19*17-19: Ens., U.S.N R.F.^ France. 1919- 
47 Practice of Law, Good & Simons, Lincoln, 
Neb.; 1933-5: Attorney-Gen, of Neb.; 1935- 
46' Spec. Counsel for Neb. on Interstate water 
matters; 1941-6: Chmn., Lancaster Co. Chap., 
Am Red Cross; 1942-6: Member, Neb. Bd. of 
Appeals, Selective Service. 1947- : Practice of 
Law, Monsky, Grodmsky, Good & Cohen, 

Chancellor, Diocese of Neb. Protestant Episco- 
pal Ch., since 1937. Member, Am. Law Inst. 

m. 1917. Dorothy Frances Collins. Four s. 

737 Omaha Natl. Bldg. t Omaha, Neb. 

GRAY, CHARLES HAROLD (Washington), b. 

13 Feb. 1892. Broadway H.S., Seattle, & Univ. 
of Wash. A.B. 

Lincoln 1914-17. Read Engl, L. & Lit. 

Columbia Univ. A.M. 1924, Ph.D. (Engl.) 

1917-21: Instr. & Asst. Prof, of Engl., Reed 
Coll., Portland, Ore. 1921-3: Fellow & Re- 
search Asst. in Engl., Columbia Univ. 1923-5: 
Teaching, Adelphi Coll., Brooklyn, & St. John's 
Coll., Annapolis. 1925-33: Asst,, Assoc. & 
Pierce Prof, of EngL, Bowdoin Coll. 1933-40: 
Member Fac. & Actg. Pres.; 1935, Benmngton 
Coll. 1940-6 : Dean & Pres., Bard Coll. 1947- : 
Hd. of Engl. Dept , Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. 

m. 1919. Helen Lenore McGregor, Two 5. 

Publ.: Essays by William Hazlitt, ed. w. an 
introduction, 1927. Theatrical Criticism in 
London to 1795, 1931. 

1567 Tibbitts Ave. t Troy, N.Y. 

setts), b. 9 Mar. 1892. Warwick H.S., N.Y., & 
Williams Coll., Mass. A.B. PBK. Also Har- 
vard Univ. A.M. 

Balliol 1914-17. Absent 1 term on Belgian 
Relief; M<daille du Roi Albert (posthumous). 
B.Sc. (Chem.) 1917. 

1917-18: Instr. in Chem., Williams Coll. 
1918: Cpl. to 2nd Lt., U.S. Chem. Warfare 
Service Experimental Sec 

Died 27 Dec. 1918 as indirect result of gas 
burns received on active service. 


18 Sept. 1892. Acworth H.S., Ga., & Tran- 
sylvania Coll. 

Jesus 1914-17. Theol. 2nd CL 

1917-19: Pastor, Christian Ch.,EastPoint, Ga. 
1918-19: Dir. of Vocational Guidance, Atlanta, 
Ga., Public Schs. 1919- : Atlantic Christian Coll., 
Pres. since 1920. 

m. 1918. Maggie Tucker. One s. Two d. 

Atlantic Christian Coll., Wilson, N.C. 

HOLMAN, EMILE FREDERIC (California). 6. 
12 Aug. 1890. Pasadena H.S. & Stanford Univ. 
A.B. PBK. 

St. John's 1914-17. Physiol. 1st Cl. B.A. 

Johns Hopkins Univ. Med, Sch. M.D. 1918. 

1918: U.S. Army Med. Corps. 1920-3: 
Instr. in Surgery, Johns Hopkins Univ. Med. 
Sch. 1923-4: Teaching Fellow, Harvard Univ. 



Med. Sch. 1924-5: Asst. Prof, of Surgery, 
Western Reserve Univ. 1926- : Prof, of Surgery 
& Exec. Hd. of Dept., Stanford Med. Sch.; 
1930-1: Visiting Prof, of Surgery, Peipmg 
Union Med. Coll.; 1942-5: Lt.-Comdr. to 
Capt., U.S.N.; Med. Res. Corps; Chief of 
Surgery, Mare Is. Naval Hosp., Shoemaker 
Naval Hosp., Base Hosps. 3 & 6, New Hebrides, 
& Base Hosp. 20, Pelelui, U.S.S. Tryon & 
U.S.S. Bountiful. 

Fellow, Am. Coll. of Surgeons, 1925. Samuel 
D. Gross Prize (Philadelphia Acad. of Surgery) 
1930. Vice-Pres., Am. Surgical Assn., 1949. 
Pres., Socy. of Vascular Surgery, 1949. 

m. 1921. Ann P. Purdy. Three s. 

Publ. . Arteriovenous Aneurysm, 1937. Nume- 
rous arts, on med. & surgery. 

Stanford Univ. Hosp., Clay & Webster Sts., 
San Francisco 25, CaL 

b. 28 July 1894. Perry H.S., Ga,, & Mercer 
Univ. A.B. 

Queen's 1914-17. Lit. Hum. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1917. M.A. 1920. 

Cornell Univ. Ph.D. (Greek) 1923. PBK. 

1917-19: 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A.; France. 1919- 
21 & 1926-9: Prof, of Modern Langs., Prof, 
of Philos. & Dean, Mercer Univ. 1921-5: Instr. 
& Asst. Prof, of Greek, Cornell Univ. 1929- : 
James Thomas, Jr. Prof, of Philos., & Dean of 
Grad. Sch., Univ. of Richmond. 

m. 1922. Merle Marie Wood. One d. 

11 Ampthill Rd., Richmond 21, Va. 

HOMAN, PAUL THOMAS (Oregon), b. 12 Apr. 
1893. Indianola H.S., Iowa, & Willamette Univ. 

Lincoln 1914-16 & 1919-20. DipL Econ, w. 
Distn. B.A. (War) 1919. 

Brookings Grad. Sch. of Econ Ph.D. 1926. 

1916-17: Y.M.C.A. work w. troops in Meso- 
potamia. 1917-19: 2nd Lt., U.S. Air Service; 
France. 1920-3: Banking, Kansas City, Mo. 
1923-5: Instr. in Econ., Washington Umv. 
19256- Consulting Fellow, Brookings Grad. 
Sch. of Econ., Washington, D.C. 1926-7: Asst. 
Prof, of Econ., Univ. of Cal. 1927-47: Asst. 
Prof. & Prof, of Econ., Cornell Univ.; 1933-5 & 
1 937-8 : Research Staff, Brookings Inst. ; 1 941 - : 
Managing Editor, Am. Econ. Review; 19414: 
War Production Bd.; 1944-5: U.N.R.R.A., 
London; 1945-6: War Assets Adrnm.; 1946-7: 
Member, U.S. Nat. Commission, U.N.E.S.C.O. ; 
1942-7: Member, Com. on War Studies, Social 
Service Research Council. 1947- : Staff mem- 
ber, Council of Econ. Advisers to the Pres. 

m. 1924. Christine Chittenden. (J). 

Publ.: Contemporary Economic Thought, 1928. 
(In collab.) The National Recovery Administra- 
tion, 1935; The Sugar Economy of Puerto Rico, 
1937; Government and Economic Life, 1939. Ed. 
Financing American Prosperity, 1945. Numerous 
arts, on econ. & poL sci. 

1705 21 $t St. N.W., Washington 9, D.C. 

HUBBELL, PAUL EDGAR (North Carolina). 

ft. 12 Aug. 1891. Fork Union Mil. Acad., Va., & 
Umv. of Richmond. A.B. Also Wake Forest 
Coll. A.M. 

Jesus 1914-15 & 1919-20. Hist. (Shortened). 
B.A. & M.A. 1920, 

1916: Y.M.C.A. w. troops in Egypt. 1918- 
19. Pvt.. U.S. Inf.; France. 1920-3: Teaching, 
Savannah H.S., Furrnan Univ., & Baylor Coll. 
1923- : Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Hist., Mich. 
State Normal Coll., Ypsilanti. 

m. 1921. Anne Thompson,. One d. 

Publ.: A Study and Story-Guide to the History 
of the Middle Ages* 1929. A Gateway to History, 
1932. Oxford Tutorial Recollections, 1940. The 
Helgoland-Zanzibar Treaty of 1890 (microfilm), 


1942. Greece and Rome, 1947. Guide to Medieval 
Europe and Society, 1947. 

1214 Grant St., Ypsilanti, Mich. 

b. 8 Aug. 1891. Cutler Acad. & Colo. Coll. 
A.B. PBK. 

Brasenose 1914-15, 1917, & 1919-20. Read 
Maths. & Physics. B.A. (War) 1920. 

191516: Am. Ambulance w. French Army; 
Croix de Guerre. 1917-19: Maj.. U.S.C.A. 
1920-3: Student. 

Died 1 Jan. 1924. 

11 May 1895. Verdi & Reno H.S., Nev., & 
Univ. of Nev. 

Hertford 1914-16 1919-20. Read Jurispr. 
B.A. (War) 1920. 

191617: Am. Ambulance, France; Croix de 
Guerre. 1918-19: 1st. Lt., U.S. Air Service; 
France. 1920- : Real Estate Broker & Operator, 
New York City & N.J.; 1942-5: Capt. to Maj., 
U.S. Army Air Corps, flying & advanced glider 

m. 1931. Sarah Lucille Turner. 

92 Grove St., New York 14, N.Y. 

21 July 1891. Trinity Sch., N.Y., & Princeton. 

Merton 1914-16 & 1921-22. Hist. (Shor- 
tened). B.A. & M.A. 1922. Ordained 1917. 

1915: Belg. Relief Commission. Me"daille du 
Roi Albert. 1916: Am. Ambulance in France. 
1917-21: Capt., U.S.F.A. & Cav. 1922-4: Stu- 
dent Chaplain (Episcopal), Princeton. 1924-9: 
Supt., City Mission, Rochester, N.Y. 1929-39: 
Rector, St. Andrew's Episcopal Ch., Wilming- 
ton, Del. Retired 1939. 1940-2: Attended New 
School for Social Research. 1948: Grad. Study, 
William Alanson White Inst. of Psychiatry. 

w. 1917. Elizabeth Fine Spahr. Two s. 

102 E. 22nd St., New York 10, N. Y. 

MARCH, MILO LEO (Indiana), b. 24 May 
1893. Goshen H.S., Ind., & Princeton. Litt.B. 

Exeter 1914-16. Read Jurispr. B.A. (War) 
1919. M.A. 1926. 

1917-19: Secy., Inter-Allied Trade Com., 
Copenhagen. 1921-8: Business, P. M. Taylor's 
Organization, Springfield, Mass. 1928-32: 
Banking, The Central Trust Co. of 111., Chicago. 
1932- : Asst. Vice-Pres., City Nat. Bank & 
Trust Co. of Chicago. 

m. 1926. Bertha M. Johnson. 

2500 Lake Shore Drive, Long Beach, Ind. 


b. 27 Mar. 1893. Franklin Acad. & Univ. of 
Miss. A.B. 

St. John's 1914-16 & 1920-1. Engl. L. & Lit. 
2nd Cl. 1916 & Hist. 2nd Cl. 1921. B.A. 1920. 
M.A. 1921. 

Columbia Univ. Ph.D. (Engl. Lit.) 1934. 

1916-17: Teaching, A. & M. Coll. of Tex. 
1917-19: Lt. (j-g.), U.S. Naval Aviation Service; 
France. 1919- : Librarian, Assoc. Prof, of Engl. 
& Hist., Prof, of Engl. & Hd., Dept. of Engl., 
A. &M. Coll. of Tex. 

Publ.: Arts, on Engl. lit. 

College Station, Tex. 

MOW, BAXTER MERRILL (Idaho), b. 30 Mar. 
1892. Weiser H.S., Idaho, & Univ. of Idaho. 

Jesus 1914-17. Chem. 2nd CL B.A. 1917. 

Bethany Biblical Seminary. B.D. 1921. Univ. 
of Chicago. M.A. (Islamics) 1932. 

1917-21: Instructor in Hebrew & Student, 
Bethany Biblical Seminary, Chicago. 1921-3: 
Teacher & Missionary, Va. 1 923-40 : Missionary 



to Moslems, SuratDist., India, 1940-2: Grad. 
Student, Univ. of Chicago. 1942- : Business, 
Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago. 

m. 1921. Anna Beahm. Two s. One d. 

3450 Van Bur en St., Chicago 24, III 

b. 10 Sept. 1891. Mayvllle H.S., N.D., & Univ. 
of N.D. Luther Coll. A.B. 

New College 1914-17. Read Hist. B.A. 
(War) 1919. 

1915: Belg. Relief Commission. 1915-16: 
Am. Ambulance in France. 1917-19: Capt., 
U.S.F.A. & Mil. Intell. Dept.; 1919 attd. to 
Am. Peace Commission, Para. 1919-21: Bank- 
ing, N.Y. 1921- : Prof., Luther Coll.; 1939-40: 
Exchange Prof., Pacific Lutheran Coll.; 1931- : 
Member, Bd. of Dirs., & Pres. since 1936, 
Torrison Co. 

Financial Secy. 1938 & Member Exec. Bd. 
since 1939 of Modern Lang. Assoc. 

HI. 1924. Esther C. Torrison. Three*. OneJ. 

Publ.: Founder & editor Luther Alumnus, 
1932-8. Ed. Luther Coll. Alumni Dir., 1939. 

Numerous lit. arts , poems & translns. 

409 High St., Decor ah, Iowa. 

PARADISE, SCOTT HURTT (Connecticut), b. 
7 May 1891. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., & 
Yale Umv. A.B. 

Balliol 1914-17. Read Hist. B.A. (War) 1918. 
M.A. 1924. 

1915: Belg. Relief Commission, 1915-16: 
Am. Ambulance in France. 1917-19: 2nd Lt. 
U.S.F.A.; France. 1920-4- Advertising bus., 
N.Y. & London. 1925-6: Teaching, Nichols 
Country Day Sch,, Buffalo. 1926- : Teaching, 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass. 

m, 1925. Alma Sherman Eaton. One s. 
Two d. 

Publ.: A History of Printing in Andover, 
Mass. 1798-1931, 1931. (In collab.) The Story 
of Essex County (Mass.), 1935. 

Hidden Field, Andover, Mass. 

b. 26 Jan. 1891. Galahad Sch,, Wis., & Prince- 
ton. Litt.B. 

Merton 1915-16 & 1919-20. Physiol. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1918. M.A. & B.Sc. 1920. 

Johns Hopkins Univ. Med. Sch. M.D. 1918. 

1917-18: Am. Red Cross Hosp. No. 2, Paris. 
1918-19: House Surgeon, Peter Bent Brigham 
Hosp., Boston. 1920: Beit Mem. Research 
Fellow. 1921-7: Surgeon, Presbyt. Hosp., 
N.Y.; 1925: Founded Lab. of Neurocytology, 
N.Y. 1927- : Surgeon & Prof, of Neurology 
Neurosurgery, McGill Univ.; 1938- : Dir., 
Montreal Neurological Inst.; 1934- : Corns, 
of Nat. Research Council of Can., Surgical 
Mission to Moscow & Special Mission to China; 
1945-6: Col., Royal Canadian Army Med. 
Corps: C.M.G. Naturalized Canadian citizen, 

Hon. D.Sc. Princeton & Univ. of B.C. Hon. 
D.C.L. Bishops. Hon. Docteur en Medicine, 
University de Montreal. Hon. Fellow, Merton 
Coll., Oxford, 1949. Hon. Fellow, Royal Coll. 
of Surgeons. Engl.,, Assn. of Surgeons of 
Gt. Britain & Ireland. Fellow, Royal Coll. of 
Surgeons, Can., Royal Socy., Engl. Hon. 
Member, Polish Acad. of Sci. & Letters; 
Acad&me Nationale de Medicine, France; 
Czechoslovak Surgical Socy., Prague; Neuro- 
logical Socys. Paris, Warsaw, Estonia, Rosario 
& Philadelphia. Member Editorial Bds., 
Archives of Neurology & Psychiatry, Journal of 
Nemowrgery. Surgery, Brit. JowrndL of Surgery. 

m. 1918. Helen Kermott. Two s. One d. 

Publ. : Cytology and Cellular Pathology of the 
Nervous System. 1932. Epilepsy & Cerebral 
Localization, 1941. Manual of Military Neuro- 

surgery, 1941. Numerous arts, on neurology & 
neurosurgery in sci journals. 

4302 Montrose Ave., Westmount, Montreal 6, 
P.Q., Can. 

PRICKETT, WILLIAM (Delaware). &. 9 June 
1894. Wilmington H.S. & Princeton. A.B. 

Trinity 1915-18 w. absences. Read Jurispr. 
B.A. (War) 1918. 

191516: Ambulance work in Serbia and 
France. 1917-18: 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A.; France. 
1920- : Practice of Law, Wilmington, Del.; 
1931-44: Referee m Bankruptcy, New Castle 
Co., Del. 

Pres., Del. Bar Assn., 1944-5. Member., Bd. 
of Del. Bar Examiners, since 1941. Delegate 
from Del. since 1926 to Nat. Conf. of Com- 
missioners on Uniform State Laws. Member, 
Am. Bar Assn., Bar of City of N.Y., Am. Law 

m. 1919. Elisabeth de Boeck. Two s. One d. 

404 Equitable Bldg., Wilmington 1, Del. 

RAY, JOHN VJCKERS (West Virginia), b. 15 
Feb. 1893. Charleston (W. Va ) H.S., & Univ. 
ofVa. A.B , B.L., PBK. 

Christ Church 1914-19. Read Jurispr. B.A. 
(War) 1919. 

1915-16: Am. Ambulance in France. 1917- 
18: Capt., U.S.C.A.C.; France. 1920- : Prac- 
tice of Law, Payne, Minor & Ray, Charleston, 
W. Va. 

Trustee, Morris Harvey Coll. Pres., Kanawha 
Co. Public Library. 

m. (1) 1922. Marion Elizabeth Lakin. One s. 
One d. (Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1940. Janet 
Deniece White. 

1510 Kanawha Valley Bldg., Charleston 1, 
W. Va. 


25 July 1893. Univ. of Ariz. Prep. Dept. & 
Umv. of Ariz. A.B. 

Exeter 1914-17. Jurispr. 4th Cl. B.A. 1917. 
M.A. 1921. 

1918: 2nd Lt, U.S.F.A. 1919-21 : High sch. 
teaching, surveying & computing, Ariz. & 
Mexico. 1921-5: Teaching, El Paso H.S. & Jr. 
Coll. 1925-7: Construction work & computing, 
Ariz. & Cal. 1927- : Instr. & Asst. Prof, of 
Maths. & Mechanics, Coll. of Engineering, 
Univ. of Cincinnati. 

m. 1928. Alice White. 

Box 24 2 Tucson, Ariz., & 198 Lafayette 
Circle, Cincinnati 20, Ohio. 

1 Feb. 1891. Mechanic Arts H.S., St. Paul, & 
Univ. of Minn. A.B. & A.M. 

Hertford 1914-17. Research, Mediev. &Mod. 

Harvard Umv. Ph.D. (Engl. Lit. & Philol.) 

1918: Sgt., U.S. Army; Intell. Corps. 1919- 
21: Instr. in Engl., Univ. of Minn. 1922-31: 
Prof, of Engl. & Dir. of Academic Studies, State 
Teachers' Coll., San Francisco. 1931- : Prof, 
of Engl., Brooklyn Coll., Coll. of the City of N.Y. 

m. (1) 1920. Rhoda Kellogg. One d. (dcd.). 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1941. Evelyn Pessin. 

Publ.: Three Old English Prose Texts, 1924. 
Arts, in the field of Engl. lit. 

Brooklyn College, Brooklyn 10, N. F. 

Nov. 1890. Muscatine H.S., Iowa, & Grirmell 
Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Merton 1914-17. Read Hist. 

Univ. of Iowa Ph.D. (Modern European 
Hist.) 1927. 

1918:Pvt. & Cadet, U.S. Air Service. 1919- 
25: Banking, Arlington, Iowa. 1925-7: Grad. 
Student, Univ. of Iowa. 1927- : Asst. Prof., 



Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Hist. & Asst. Dean, ColL 
of Arts & Sci., Miami Univ., Oxford, Ohio; 
1935-6: Teaching, Grmnell Coll. 

m. (1) 1918. Naomi E. Wylie. One d. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2)4941. Martha Barbara 

200 E. Vine St., Oxford, Ohio. 

SANT, WILLIAM WEBSTER (Ohio), b. 7 Oct. 
1891. E. Liverpool H.S., Ohio, & Kenyon Coll., 
Ohio. A.B. PBK. 

Lincoln 1914-15. Read Hist. 

1916-17: Y.M.C.A. work w. troops in Egypt. 

Died on service 20 June 1917. 

25 Nov. 1893. Sheridan H.S., Wyo., & Univ. of 

Exeter 1914-17. Read Lit. Hum. B.A. (War) 

1917-19: lstLt.,U.S.F.A.; France. 1920-25: 
Asst. State Engr, , Wyo. 1 925-49 : County Engr. , 
Carbon Co., Wyo. 

m. Mary E. HyselL 

Saratoga, Wyo. 

SHERO, Lucius ROGERS (Wisconsin). &. 
5 Apr. 1891. Haverford Coll. A.B. PBK. Univ. 
of Wis. A.M. (Greek Latin). 

New Coll. 1914-17. Lit. Hum. 3rd CI. B.A. 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D. (Latin & Greek) 1920. 

1917-20: Prof, of Latin, Macalester Coll. 
1920-9: Prof, of Greek, St. Stephen's ColL; 
1928- : Prof, of Greek, Swarthmore Coll.; 
1932: Visiting Prof, of Classics, Stanford Univ.; 
1936-7: Annual Prof., Am. Sch. of Class. 
Studies, Athens; 1944-8: Registrar, Swarthmore 

Secy.-Treas., Am. Philological Assn., 1939- 

m. 1918. Julia Adrienne Doe. Three d. 

PubL: Arts, on class, subjects. 

Swarthmore ColL, Swarthmore, Pa. 

20 Aug. 1890. Duval H.S., Univs. of N.C. & 
Princeton. Litt.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1914-17 w. absences. Read 
Jurispr. B.A. (War) 1920. M.A. 1927. 

1915-16: Belg. Relief Commission. Chevalier 
de TOrdre de la Couronne (Belgium). 1916-17 : 
Spec. Asst. to Am. Ambassador to Court of St. 
James. 1917-19: Lt., U.S.N.R.F.; Aide to 
Admiral Sims. 1919-20: Chief of Mission to 
Austria, Am. Relief Admin. ; Gold Cross of the 
Order of Merit of Austria. 1922-30 & 1936- : 
Pres., Ortega Co., Jacksonville. 1930-3: Envoy 
Extraordinary & Minister Plenipotentiary to 
Austria; Great Golden Cross of Honor of 
Austrian Republic w. ribbon & Star. 1934-6: 
Exec. Vice-Pres,, Mail Order Assn. of Am., 
Chicago. 1942-6: Lt.-Comdr. to Rear-Admiral, 
U.S.N.R.; U.S. & Philippines; Sr. Naval Aide 
to U.S. High Commissioner to Philippines; Mil. 
Merit Medal of Philippine Republic. 

m. 1925. Mildred Churchwell. One*. Onerf. 

PubL: The Two-Thirds Rule, 1928. 

3407 Pine St., Jacksonville 5, Fla. 

Island), b. 8 Jan. 1891. Fall River H.S. & 
Brown Univ. A.B. & A.M. PBK. Also Harvard 
Univ. Law Sch. 

St. John's 1914-17. Read Jurispr. 

1915: Belg. Relief Commission. 1916: Am. 
Ambulance in France. 1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S. 
Inf.; France. 1920-39: Practice of Law, Fall 
River, Mass. & Washington, D.C. 

Died 23 Mar. 1939. 

THOMAS, MOYER DBLWYN (Utah), b. 29 Aug. 
1894. Salt Lake City H.S. & Univ. of Utah. 

Lincoln 1914-16 & 1917-19. Chem. 2nd CI. 
B.A. 1916. B.Sc. 1919. M.A. 1921. D.Sc. 1936. 

1916-17: Am. Ambulance w. French troops. 
1917-18: Chem. Warfare Dept. & Am. War Gas 
Investigations Com. 1919-26: Agnc. Experi- 
ment Station, Utah Agric. Coll. 1926 : Agric. 
Research Dept., Am. Smelting & Refining Co.; 
1942-5: Consultant, Nat. Defense Research 
Com.; 1944-5: Consultant, Metallurgical Lab., 
Manhattan District; Consultant, Atomic Energy 
Com., since 1948. 

m. 1919. Lilaine J. Olver. One s. Three d. 

PubL: Numerous arts, on soil sci., plant 
photosynthesis, relation of sulfur compounds to 
plant physiol. atmospheric pollution. 

1418 Laird Ave., Salt Lake City 5, Utah. 

kota), b. 13 June 1893. Yankton ColL Acad. 

6 Yankton Coll., S.D. 

Queen's 1914 (1 term) & 1915-16. Read 

Belg. Relief Commission 1915; Am. Ambu- 
lance in France 1916; Me"daille d'Honneur 
awarded by French Govt. 

Died on service 28 Nov. 1916. 

20 Jan. 1894. Baltimore City Coll. & Johns 
Hopkins Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Queen's 1914-17. Eng. L. & Lit. 2nd CI. 
B.A. 1916. M.A.1920. 

1917-19: Capt., U.S.F.A. 1919-22: Teach- 
ing, Colby ColL, Johns Hopkins Univ. & U.S. 
Naval Acad. 1922- : Asst. Prof., Assoc. Prof., 
Prof. & Roberts Prof, of Engl. Lit., Colby Coll. 

D.Litt., Franklin & Marshall ColL Guggen- 
heim Fellowship, 1944-5. 

m. 1921. Clara W. Carter. One s. One d. 

PubL: Four Centuries of Literature, 1925. 
English Versification, 1926. Footprints of A. J. 
Roberts, 1928. The Best of Browning, 1928, 
Unconsidered Trifles v 1933. Notes and Comments 
on Tess, 1935. Moray's Lost Novel: Introduction 
to an Indiscretion in the Life of an Heiress , 1935. 
Hardy at Colby, 1936. Thomas Hardy in 
America, 1938. Hardy of Wessex: His Life and 
Literary Career, 1940. The First Hundred Years 
of Thomas Hardy: A. Centennial Bibliography of 
Hardiana, 1942. Thomas Hardy in Maine, 1942. 
Hardy in America, 1946. Ed. Far from the 
Madding Crowd, 1937 & 1941; Maumbury Ring 
by Thomas Hardy, 1st ed. 1942; Hardy's First 
Christmas Story: Introduction to the Thieves 
Who Couldn't Help Sneezing^ 1st ed. 1942; 
Robinson's Letters to Howard George Schmitt, 
1943; Introduction and Notes to the Jubilee 
Edition of Hardy's The Three Wayfarers, 1944; 
Jubilee Edition of Housman's Shropshire Lad, 
1946. Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett, 1947. 
Bibliography of yacob Abbott, 1948. A Thousand- 
and-one Fore-edge Paintings, 1949. A Centennial 
Bibliography of Sarah Orne Jewett, 1949. Ed. 
Colby Library Quarterly. Numerous books & 
. & Am. lit. 
e, Waterville, Me. 


7 May 1893. Little Rock H.S.. Ark., & Tulane 
Univ. A.B. 

Queen's 1914-17. Theol. 2nd CL. B.A. 1917. 
MJL 1921. 

1917-18: 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A. 1919-20: 
Episcopalian Theol. Seminary, N.Y. ; Ordained 
1920. 1920-3: Curate, Grace Ch.., Rutherford, 
NJ. 1923-7: Rector, Newark, NJ, 1927-8: 
Minister, St. Francis Ch., San Francisco. 1928- 
35: Rector, Ch. of the Redeemer, Houston. 
1935- : Rector, St. James Episcopal Ch., Baton 

m. 1927. Virginia Elizabeth Pearson. One s. 
Three d. . 

425 Convention St., Baton Rouge 8, La. 

1914, 1916 


10 Oct. 1889. Whitcomb H.S. & Univ. of Vt. 

"Trinity 1914-17. Mod. Langs. (French) 1st 
Cl. B.A. 1917. M.A. 1922. 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D. (French) 1921, 

1917-19- 1st Lt., U.S.F.A & Interpreter 
G.H.Q., France. 1919-22: Instr. in French, 
Univ. of Wis. 1922-33: Prof, of French, St. 

Stephen's Coll. 1933-5: Hd., Romance Langs. 48- Visiting Prof 
Dept Southwestern Univ. at Memphis. 1936-9: Mich. 1933-40: 
Hd;, Romance Langs. Dept.&Maj., The Citadel, """ A - ^ r *~ 
Charleston, S.C. 

Publ,: Victor Hugo, the Novelist, 1925. Ed. 
Hugo's Notre Dame de Pans, 1926; Hugo's Les 
Travailleurs de la Her, 1929. 

Died 20 Feb. 1939. 

b. 3 Jan. 1890. Baylor Univ. & Univ. of Tex. 

A Ti 

"Lincoln 1915-17. Junspr. 2nd Cl. B A. 1917. 

1916: Am. Ambulance m France. 1917-19: 
Actg. Maj., U.S.F.A. 1919- : Practice of Law, 
Comanche & Brown wood, Tex, 

m. 1924. Lucy May Palmer. One s. 

1707 Austin Ave. t Browmuood, Tex. 

17 Jan. 1891. Hope Coll. A.B. Univ. of Mich. 
A.M. (Pol. Sci.). 

Wadham 1914-17. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1917. 

Univ. of Mich. Ph.D. (Pol. Sci.) 1919 

1917-20: Instr. in Pol. Sci., Univ. of Mich. 
1921-8: Lect. to Assoc. Prof, of Roman Law & 
Compar. Jurispr., Columbia. 1928-33: Prof, of 
Law. Inst. of Laws, Johns Hopkins Univ. 1933- 
48- Visiting Prof. & Prof, of Law, Univ. of 
Mich. 1933-40: Consultant, Treas. Dept. 
1937-9: Dir., Codification Bd. Editor, Mich, 
Legal Studies since 1939. Member, Permanent 
Corn, of Habana on Comparative Unification of 
Legislation, since 1940. Member, Com. on 
Practice, Treas. Dept. & Dir. Research in Inter- 
Am. Law since 1942. 1947-8: Prof, of Law, 
Yale. Member, Internal. Acad. of Compar. 
Law since 1948. 1948- : Research Prof, of 
Compar. Law, Univ. of Mich. 

m. 1917 Ida Olive Danhof. Two s. Oned. 

Publ (In collab.) Source Book of Roman Law, 
1929; Facts and the Administration of Justice, 
1930. The Ethical Contribution of Law to 
Business, 1930. Unification of Law in the United 
States, 1947. Numerous arts, in legal periodicals 
on comparative law & conflict of laws. 

Hutchms Hall, Univ. of Mich. Law Sch., Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 


ACKERSON, LUTON (Oregon), b. 19 Apr. 
1892. Eugene H.S , Ore., & Univ. of Ore. A.B. 

St. John's 1916-17 & 1922-4. B.Sc. (Statis- 
tical Methods) 1924. 

Columbia Univ. A.M. 1922. Ph.D. (Psychol.) 

1918-19: Pvt., U.S. Army, Ordnance Dept. 
1924-6; Asst. Prof, of Psychology, Univ. of 
Iowa. 1926-40: Research Psychologist, 111. 
Inst. for Juvenile Research & Behavior Research 
Fund, Chicago. 1940-2: Visiting Asst. Prof, of 
Psychol., New York Univ. 1942-4: 1st Lt., U.S. 
Army; Adjutant Gen. Dept. 1944- : Employee, 
Los Angeles Co. Civil Service Commission. 

m. 1917. Merle Alva Stearns. Two s. (one 
dcd.). Two d. 

Publ.: Children's Behavior Problems: I. In- 
cidence,, Genetic and Intellectual Factors, 1931. 
Children's Behaviour Problems: II, Relative 
Importance and Interrelations among Traits, 1942. 
Sci. arts. on. child psychol. 

Box 1003, Beverly Hills, Col. 

b. 20 Jan. 1896. Univ. of Va. 

Accepted by Christ Church. Did not come 
into residence. 

1917-18: 1st Lt. to Capt., U.S.F.A.; France. 

Killed in action 1 Nov. 1918. 

b. 7 Oct. 1891. Flushing H.S., N.Y., & Colum- 
bia Univ. AJB. PBK. 

Merton 1916-17. Read Jurispr. 

1917-19: 2nd Lt., U.S. Inf.; France; Croix de 
Guerre w. Palm. 1919-43 : Real Estate Broker & 
Vice-Pres., Cross L. Brown Co., New York City; 
Member, Real Estate Bd. of N.Y. 

m. 1921. Margaret Emily Pearce. Two s. 
(one dcd.). Two a. 

Died 25 Dec. 1943. 


b. 6 Sept. 1893. Boy/ Latin Sch., Baltimore, & 
Johns Hopkins Univ. A.B. Also Cambridge 
Theol. Sch., Mass. 1917-19: Lt., U.S.F.A.; 

Christ Church 1919-21. Theol. (shortened) 
w. Distn. B.A. 1921. Ordained 1921. 

1921-2: Curate, Christ Church, Baltimore. 
1922-4: Episcopal Pastor, Univ. of Cal. 

m. 1921. Margaret Ankarcrona. One s. 

Died 7 June 1924. 

BATES, MINER SEARLE (Ohio). 6. 28 May 
1897. Hiram Coll. Prep. Sch. & Hiram Coll. 

St. John's 1916-20 (w. absences). Hist, 
(shortened) w. Distn. B.A. & M.A. 1920. 

Yale Univ. Ph.D. (Hist.) 1935. 

1917-19: Y.M.C.A. w. troops in Meso- 
potamia. 1918: U.S.F.A. Officers' Training 
Sch. 1920- : Prof, of Hist. & Pol. Sci., Univ. 
of Nanking, China; 1925-6, 1933-4: Grad. 
Sch., Yale Univ: 1934-5: Grad. Sch., Harvard; 
1938-45: Far Eastern Consultant, Internat. 



Missionary Council; 1941-2: Emergency service 
w. Foreign Missions Conf. of N. Am., N.Y.; 
1942-5: Visiting Fellow, Yale, & Member, Joint 
Commission on Religious Liberty, Federal 
Council of Chs. & Foreign Mission Conf. of 
N. Am.; 1946- : Member, Exec. Com., Nat. 
Christian Council of China; sometime Visiting 
Prof, or Lect. in Nat. Central Univ., the Nat. 
Pol. Univ., & Gmlmg Coll., Nanking, & Yale 

Order of Brilliant Jade 1938 & Order of the 
Auspicious Star 1948, from Chinese Nat. Govt. 

m. 1923. Lilhath Kobbms. Two s. 

PubL: An Introduction to Oriented Journals in 
Western Languages, 1933. Christianity and Com- 
munism (in Chinese), 1939. Religious Liberty., 
An Inquiry, 1945. Numerous pamphlets and 
arts, dealing with Chinese life and problems. 

23 Hankow Rd., Umv. of Nanking, Nanking 5 ', 

BINNS, JOHN HOWARD (Washington), b. 22 
June 1895. Shelton H.S., Wash., & State Coll. 
of Wash. A.B. PBK. 

Brasenose 1916-21 (w. absences). Jurispr. 
(shortened) w. Distn. B.A. 1920. B.C.L. 1st Cl. 
& M.A. 1921. 

1917-18- 2nd Lt., U.S. Inf. & M.G. Bn. 
1922- : Practice of Law, Binns & Cunning- 
ham; Williamson, Bums & Cunningham, 
Tacoma, 1925-8: Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, 
Pierce Co.; 1935-41. State Administrator, Nat. 
Youth Admin.; 1946: Judge of Superior Court. 

Member, Tacoma Sch. Bd., 1931-5. Mem- 
ber, Bd. of Regents, 1945-9, & Pres. of Bd. 
1946-7, State Coll. of Wash. Member, Gover- 
nor's Advisory Commission, 1945-7. 

m. 1918. Caroline Hammond. One s. 
Three d. 

Bankers Trust Bldg., 1111 Pacific Ave., 
Tacoma 2, Wash. 

BISHOP, JAMES HOWARD (Arkansas), b. 
4 Apr. 1893. Hendrix Acad. & Hendrix Coll. 

Balliol 1916-21 (w. absences). Hist, (short- 
ened) B.A. & M.A. 1920. 

1917-19: Y.M.C.A. w. Brit, troops, E. Afr. & 
Mesopotamia. 1921- : Instr., Sr. Instr. & 
Chmn. of Dept. of Hist., Culver Mil. Acad.; 

Member, Nat. Exec. Com. & 2nd Vice-Pres., 
U.S. Lawn Tennis Assn. Founder Junior Davis 
Cup program 1937. 

m. (1) 1922. Winifred Lee Hamilton (d. 1934). 
Three d. (2) 1941. Mabel Robbms Stroup. 
One 5. 

Culver Mil. Acad., Culver , Ind. 

Island), b. 23 Mar. 1894. Hope H.S. & Brown 
Univ. A.B. & A.M. 

Merton 1916-21 (w. absences). Hon. Mods. 
(Maths.) 2nd C'. B.A. & M.A. 1920. D.PhiL 
(Maths.) 1921. 

1917-18- Statistician Div., War Industries 
Bd. 1918-19: Instr. in Maths. & Navigation, 
Brown Univ. 1922: Asst. Prof, of Maths., 
Univ. of Twin. 1922-6: Dean of Freshmen & 
Asst. Prof, of Maths., Brown Univ. 1926-31: 
Pres., Continental Shares, Inc., Cleveland; 
Pres., Internat. Shares, Inc.; Pres., Goodyear 
Shares, Inc. 1931-3: Vice-Pres., Continental 
Shares, Inc. 1934-7: Mgn, N.Y. Office, Otis & 
Co. 1937- : Chmn. of Bd,, Brush Develop. 
Co.; Pres., Brush Laboratories Co. 

Dir. & Member, Exec. Com. Goodyear Tire 
& Rubber Co.; Dir., Devoe & Reynolds Co., 
1926-31. Dir. & Treas., Brush Beryllium Co., 
1937-45. Pres., Associated Industries, Cleve- 
land Dir., The Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., 
Wheeling Steel Corp., Clyde Porcelain Steel 

Corp. Trustee & Pres., Council on World 
Affairs. Trustee & Pres., Cleveland last, of 
Music. Trustee, Denison & Brown Univs.; 
Member, Advisory & Exec, Com., Brown Univ. 
Trustee, Musical Arts Assn., Cleveland. 

m. 1922. Aubrey Eaton. Two s, One d. 

291 Corning Drive, Cleveland 8, Ohio. 

CHASE, EUGENE PARKER (New Hampshire). 
b. 19 Apr. 1895. New Britain H.S. & Dart- 
mouth Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Magdalen 1916-19. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1919. 
M.A. 1948. 

Harvard A.M. (Pol. Sci.) 1921. Ph.D. 1924. 

1917-18- Am. Y.M C.A. in Engl. 1921-3: 
Instr. in Hist., M.I.T. & Tutor, Hist., Govt. & 
Econ., Harvard. 1923-6: Asst. Prof, of Govt., 
Wesleyan Umv. 1926- : Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of 
Govt., Lafayette Coll.; 1943-6: Officer & Asst. 
Chief, Div. of Dependent Area Affairs, U.S. 
Dept. of State; 1945: Secy., Trusteeship Com., 
San Francisco Conf.; 1945: Secy. Political Com- 
mission, 1st Conf. of Food & Agnc. Organizar 

Senator, Phi Beta Kappa since 1946 & Secy. 
Lafayette Chap, since 1929. Member, Bd. of 
Editors, Am. Pol. Sci. Review, 1942-4. Member, 
Council, Am. Assn. of Umv. Profs., 1942-5. 

m. 1923. Ann Frances Hastings. Two d. 

PubL: Our Revolutionary Forefathers: The 
Letters of Francois, Marquis de Barbe-Marbois 
1779-1785 (transl. & ed.), 1929. Democratic 
Governments in Europe: England, 1935. English 
Government and Politics, 1936. Contrib. to 
Government in the United States, ed, by W. Leon 
Godshall, 1948. Arts, on Engl. pol. hist. 

Lafayette College, Boston, Pa* 

b. 18 Mar. 1892. Brunswick H.S., Me., & Bow- 
doin Coll. A.B. PBK. Princeton Univ. A.M. 

Trinity 1916-21 (w. absences). B.A. (War) 
1920. B.Litt. (Engl. Lit.) 1921. 

1917-19: Lt., U.S.C.A.; France. 1921-34: 
Teaching Engl. & Anna Adams Piutti Prof, of 
Engl., Wells Coll. 1934- : Pierce Prof, of Engl., 
Bowdom Coll.; Writer, Lecturer; 1938: Turn- 
bull Memorial Lect., Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
1941: Patten Lect., Ind. Univ.; Samuel Harris 
Lect. on Lit. & Life, Bangor Theoi. Seminary* 

Hon. D.Litt., Bowdoin & Univ. of Me. 
Pulitzer Prize in Poetry 1936. Hon. Life Mem- 
ber, Nat. Arts Club, 1931. Member, Nat. Inst. 
of Arts & Letters, 1946. Fellow, Am. Acad. of 
Arts & Scis., 1949. 

m. 1918. Ruth Neal Phillip (d. 1947). Two *. 
Two d. 

PubL: Christchurch, 1924. Book of Crowns 
and Cottages, 1925. Dew and Bronze, 1927. 
Golden Falcon, 1929. An Attic Room, 1929. 
Laud: Storm Center of Stuart England, 1930. 
The Dukes of Buckingham. 1931. Portrait of an 
American, 1931. The Yoke of Thunder, 1933. 
Ballads of Square-Toed Americans, 1933. Lost 
Paradise, 1934. Strange Holiness, 1935, Red 
Sky in the Morning, 1935. John Dawn, 1936. 
Saltwater Farm, 1937. Kennebec: Cradle of 
Americans, 1937. New Poetry of New England, 
1938. Maine Ballads, 1938. Collected Poems, 
1939 (New & enlarged edn., 1948). Captain 
Abby and Captain John, 1939. Thomas-Thomas- 
Anal-Thomas, 1941. There will be Bread and 
Love, 1942. The Substance that is Poetry, 1942. 
Book of Uncles, 1942, Primer for America, 1943. 
Mainstays of Maine, 1944. Poems for a Son with 
Wings, 1945. People behave like Ballads, 1946. 
Seventeenth Century Prose and Poetry, 1946. 
Yankee Coast, 1947. One-Horse Farm, 1949. 
Coast Calendar, 1949. The Third Hunger & The 
Poem Aloud, 1949. 

44 Harpswell St., Brunswick, Me. 



EASUM, CHESTER VERNE (Illinois), b, 30 Mar, 
1894. Clayton H.S., 111., & Knox Coll. A.B. 
Also Univ. of III. 

St. John's 1916-20 (w. absences). Hist. 
shortened). B.A. & M.A. 1920. 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D. (Hist.) 1928. 

1917-19: Lt., U.S. Inf.; France. 1921-30: 
Instr. in Hist., Culver Mil. Acad.; 1927-8: 
Grad. Student & Asst. in Hist., Univ. of Wis. 
1930- : Asst. Prof., Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of 
Hist., Univ. of Wis. 

Fellow, Oberlaender Trust, 1936. 

m. 1920. Norma Moore Brown. One s. 
Two d. 

PubL: The Americanization of Carl Schurz, 

1929. Carl Schurz: vom deutschen Emwanderer 
zum amerikanischen Staatsmann, 1937. Pnnce 
Henry of Prussia, Brother of Frederick the Great, 

1/5 N. Allen St., Madison 5, Wis. 

b. 12 Apr, 1892. Chattanooga H.S. & Univ. of 
Chattanooga. A.B. Univ. of the South. B.D. 

St. John's 1915-17 & summer terras of 1920, 
1921, 1922. Engl. L. & Lit. (shortened) w. 
Distn. B.A. 1920. M.A. 1921. 

Univ. of Chattanooga D.D. 1926. Univ. of 
Chicago Ph.D. 1926. 

1917-18: 2nd Lt., Artists' Rifles O.T.C. & 
R.F.C. 1922-5: Prof, of Engl., St. John's Univ., 
Shanghai. 1925-6: Grad. Student, Univ. of 
Chicago. 1927-31: Prof, of Engl., Yenching 
Univ., Peiping, China. Carnegie Corp. Research 
Fellow (Yale, 1932: Robert Coll., Istanbul, 1933 ; 
Univ. of Lond., 1934.) 

m. 1918. Mariel G. Barr. One s. Three d. 

PubL: Practical Pronunciation Helps, 1924. 
Living English, 1926. The Teaching of English m 
the Far East, 1927. (In collab.) A First English 
Reader, 1927. English Composition Made Easy, 

1930. The Oxford English Course, 1933. 
511 Boynton Terrace, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

b. 5 June 1897. McTyeire Sch. & Univ. of Miss. 

St. John's 1916-21 (w. absences). Hist, 
shortened). B.A. & M.A. 1921. 

1917-19: Capt., U.S.F.A.; France. 1921-6: 
Instr. in Hist., Culver Mil. Acad.; 1923-4: 
Business in France. 1927-33 : Asst. Commercial 
Attache, U.S. Foreign Commerce Service, U.S. 
Embassy, Paris. 1933-^-: Asst. to E. R. Stet- 
tmius, Jr., & W. Averell Harriman, N.R.A., 
Washington, D.C. 1934-^-2: Asst. Gen. Mgr., 
Rubber Manufacturers Assn., New York City. 
1942- : Standard Brands Inc., New York City; 
1st Vice-Pres. Standard Brands Internat.; 1940- 
1 : Rubber Consultant, Advisory Commission for 
Nat. Defense, Washington, D.C. 

OT. 1931. Sarah Adelaide Livengood. One 5. 
(dcd.). Tworf. 

Neva Canaan, Conn. 

b. 30 Mar. 1895. Burlington H.S., Vt., & Univ. 
of Vt. A.B. 

Trinity 1916-17. Read Lit. Hum. Resigned 
Scholp. after War. 

Ohio State Univ. A.M. (Spanish) 1924. 
Univ. of Cal. Ph.D. (Spanish) 1931. 

1917-19: 2nd Lt., U.S. Inf. 1920-4: Instr. in 
Spanish, Ohio State Univ. 1924-7: Prof, of 
Modern Langs.. OHa. City Univ. 1927-31: 
Assoc. in Spanish, Univ. of Cal. 1931- : Assoc. 
Prof, to Prof, of Romance Langs., Univ. of 
Minn. : 1940-1 : Latin-Am, commentator, Station 

m. 1919. Mildred Best. Two*. One d. 

PubL: Bibliography of Arts, and Essays on the 
Literatures of Spain and Spanish America, 1935. 
Indice de doce mil autores hhpanoamericanos; 
Una guia. a la literattera de la America Espanola, 

1939. Reference Index to twelve thousand Spanish- 
American authors* 1939. Sailing the Spanish 
Main, 1940. (In collab.) Bibliography of 
Articles on Spanish Literature, 1933. El Zarco. 
Episodios de la vida mexicana, 1861-1863, por 
Manuel Ignacio Altamirano, 1933. Tales of the 
Spanish Southwest, 1934. Book of Apollomus, 
1936. A Mexico por automdvil, 1938. Pageant 
of Spam, 1939. Vida y obras de autores cubanos, 

1940. Vida y obras de autores puertonquenos, 

1941. New Bibliography of the Literatures of 
Spam and Spanish America, 7 vols., 1941-9. 
Spanish Short Stories, 1942. Buenos vecinos, 
buenos amigos, 1943. Influence of Plautus in 
Spam before Lope de Vega, 1944. Tales of 
Spanish America, 1944. Vida y obras de autores 
mexicanos, 1945. Vida y obras de autores uenezo- 
lanos, 1945. Roman Calvo, el Sherlock Holmes 
chileno, by 'Miguel de Fuenzahda\ 1946. Also 
many Spanish grammars and text-books in addi- 
tion to numerous arts, on subjects connected 
with Spanish & Latin- American literature. 

1401 E. River Rd., Minneapolis 14, Minn, 

JOHNS, LATIMER (Wisconsin), b. 1 Sept. 
1892. Ripon Coll. A.B. & Ohio State Umv. 

University 1916-17. Read Theol. (two terms). 

1917-18: 1st Lt., U.S.F.A.; France; D.S.C. 

Killed in action 30 Nov. 1918. 

6. 16 July 1893. Gettysburg Coll. A.B. & A.M. 

Merton 1916-21 (w. absences). Engl. L. & 
Lit. (shortened) w. Distn. B.A. & M.A. 1920. 

1917-19: Y.M.C.A. w. troops, Mesopotamia 
& Siberia. 1921-4: Y.M.C.A. service in Europe 
esp. Russia. 1924-7: Research on Internat. 

Siestions. 1927-42: Exec., Personnel Div. & 
ir. of Publs., Nat. Council, Am. Y.M.C.A : 
1935-42: Secy,, Public Affairs Com. 1942: 
Special Consultant, O.P.A. 1943: Office of 
Foreign Relief Operations, Office of Foreign 
Econ. Control & Foreign Econ. Admin., U.S. 
State Dept. 1944-7: U.N.R.R.A. Hq., Washing- 
ton, D.C., & Mission to Italy. 1948: Chief, 
Internat. Refugee Organization, Italy; Chief 
Supply Officer, European Hq. U.N. Internat. 
Children's Emergency Fund. 

Star of Solidarity, Republic of Italy; Silver 
Medal of City of Rome: Cross of Kniehts of 
Malta (1st cl.). 

m. 1921. Amelia Smith. One $. 

Shrewsbury, Pa. 

MEANS, PAUL BANWELL (Nebraska), b. 5 Jan. 
1894. Umv. of Neb. & Yale. A.B. PBK. Also 
Oberlin Theol. Seminary. 1916-19: Y.M.C.A. 
work w. troops, India & Mesopotamia. 

St. John's 1919-22. B.Litt. (Theol.) 1923. 

1923-7: Teaching, Berea Coll. & Oberlin 
Coll. & Pastoral work at David City, Neb. 
Ordained 1925. 1927-30: Missionary, Metho- 
dist Ch., Malaysia. 1930-9: Editor, Malaysia 
Message, Exec. Secy, of Malaysia Commission 
on Religious Educ. & Missionary Methodist 
Ch., Singapore. 1939-41: Asst. Prof, of Engl. 
& Dir. of Public Relations, Coll. of Puget 
Sound. 1941-3 & 1945- : Prof. & Hd. of 
Dept. of Religion, Univ. of Ore. 1943-5: Lt., 
U.S.N.; Intell. Hq., Commander-in-Chief's 
Staff, Washington, D.C.; Citation from Fleet 
Admiral Ernest J, King. 

m. 1926. Nathalie Alberta Toms. One s. 
Three d. 

PubL: Things that are Caesar's^ 1935. Arts, 
on religion & religious hist. 

2706 Floral Hill Dnve, Eugene, Ore. 

22 May 1892. E. Denver H.S. & Univ. of 
Denver. A.B. & AJVL PBK. 



Lincoln 1916-21 (w. absences), Jurispr. 
(shortened). B.A. 1920. 

1917-19: Y.M.C.A. w. troops, Mesopotamia 
& Siberia. 1921-39: Asst. Commercial Attache 
& Commercial Attache", Am. Embassy, Berlin. 
1939-41 : Asst. Prof, of Econ., Univ. of Denver. 
1941 : Econ, research on Rockefeller Foundation 
grant. 194-1-6: Regional Chief, O.W.L, 
Washington, D.C. Retired 1946. Writing & 

m. 1921. Elizabeth von Rieben. 

Pwbl. : You Can't Do Business With Hitler, 1 941 
Via Diplomatic Pouch, 1944. 

4028 Arkansas Ave. N.W., Washington 11, 

MILLER, LEWIS REX (Kansas), b. 8 Sept. 
1894. Westport H.S., Kansas City, & Univ. of 

Merton 1916-21 (w. absences). Hist, (short- 
ened). B.A. & M.A. 1920. 

1917-19: Y.M.C.A. w. troops, India & 
Mesopotamia. 1921-7: Tutor, Instr. & Asst. Prof., 
Harvard. 1928-9: Am. Trade Commissioner, 
Sydney. 1930-40: Paris Correspondent, Maga- 
zine Ed. & Pacific Coast Ed., Christian Science 
Monitor. 1941: Travel. 1942-3: Engineering & 
public relations, Douglas Aircraft Co. 1943 : 
Radio news commentator, Mutual-Don Lee 
Broadcasting System. 

m. (1) 1922. Day Smith (d. 1927). (2) 1928. 
Sonya Michell. 

Publ.: I, John, 1939. /, Paul, 1940. 

201 Alma Real Drive, Pacific Palisades, CaL 

NASH, VERNQN (Missouri), b, 13 June 1892. 
Centenary Acad., Palmyra, Mo., & Central Coll. 
A.B. Univ. of Mo BJ. 

Oriel 1916-17 & 1919 (two terms). Read 

Univ. of Mo. A.M. (Journalism) 1928. 
Columbia Univ. Ed. D. 1939. 

1917-18: Y.M.C.A. w. troops, India & E. Afr. 
1919-24: Publicity Secy., Kansas City Y.M.C.A. 
1924-36: Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Journalism, 
Yencmng Univ., Peiping; 1932: Visiting Prof, 
of Journalism, Univ. of Mo.; 1936-7: Field 
Repres., Walter Williams Memorial Journalism 
Foundation, Univ. of Mo.; 1939-47: Lect., 
repres. for various organizations advocating 
world govt.; 1941-2: Exec. Dir., Nat. Peace 
Conf. 1947- : Vice-Pres. & Dir, Special Pro- 
jects, United World Federalists. 

m. 1919. Mary Evelyn Rooker. One s. 
One d. 

Publ. : Trindex, an Aid to the Use of Chinese 
Dictionaries, 1936. Educating for Journalism, 
1938. It must be Done Again (condensed anno- 
tated version of The Critical Period of American 
History by John Fiske), 1940. Yes, But 
Questions and Answers on Federal World Govern- 
ment, 1946. The World Must be Governed, 1949. 
Arts, on Chinese questions & federal world govt. 

136 Mason St., Greenwich, Conn. 

June 1894. Various schools & Univ. of Tex. 
A.B. PBK. 

New Coll, 1916 (one term) & 1920-1. Hist, 

1916-19: Y.M.C.A. w. troops, India & 
Mesopotamia. 1922-5: Guaranty Trust Co., 
Paris & Antwerp. 1925-36: Credit Dept. & 
Branch Mgr., Nat. City Bank of N.Y. 1936-8: 
Town Hall. Inc. ; fund raising, 1938-40 : Treas,, 
Greater N.Y. Fund. 1941-7: Asst. Treas., 
Beach Aircraft Corp., Wichita. 

m. 1933. Jeanne Tayloe Sears. Two s. 

Died 1 July 1947. 

NBWHALL, PARKER (Connecticut), b. 8 May 
1894. Somerville H.S., Mass., & Wesleyan 
Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Magdalen 1916-20 (w. absences). Jurispr. 
(shortened). B.A. 1920. 

N.Y. Umv. Law Sch. J.D. 1923. 

1917-19: 2nd Lt., R.F.A.; France. 1920-1: 
Teaching, Columbus Acad., Ohio. 1921-3: 
Teaching, Collegiate Sch., New York City. 
1923- : Practice of Law, New York City; 
1930- : Member of firms, Larkin, Rathbone & 
Perry, and Rathbone, Perry, Kelley & Drye. 

Trustee, Wesleyan Univ., since 1936. Trustee 
since 1938 and Pres. of Bd. since 1948, Wil- 
braham Acad. 

m. 1922. Lucretia Porter Breed. 

70 Broadway, New York 4, N. Y. 

6 Feb. 1893. St. John's H.S., Mich., & Univ. 
of Mich. A.B. PBK. 

Oriel 1916. Read Jurispr. (one term). 

1917: French Ambulance Service, Me"daule 
Militaire & Croix de Guerre w. Palm . 1918-19: 
Am. Army Hq., S.O.S.; France. 1920-3: 
Investment banking, Grand Rapids. 1923-42: 
Investment banking, New York City. 1942-3: 
Principal Bus. Consultant, Metals & Minerals 
Div., Office of Imports, Washington, D.C. 
1943-4: Treas., Chemical Co. 1944- : Financial 
consultant, specializing in oil & natural gas ; 
1929-47: Treas. of various small oil & gas cos. 

m. 1920. Jean Fraser. 

55 Bay Way Ave., Bay Shore, L.L, N.Y. 

Office: 101 Cedar St., New York 6, N.Y. 

b. 5 July 1894. Occidental Academy & Coll., 
Los Angeles. PBK. 

St. John's 1916-17. Read Jurispr. Resigned 

N.Y. Univ. J.D. 1920. 

1918: Central Officers' Training Sch., Camp 
Lee,Va. 1921- : Practice of Law. Los Angeles, 

m. (1) 1922. Callabeth Houx (d. 1923). One s. 
(2) 1927. Margrete Elizabeth Evans. Two s. 
Two d. 

1225 Citizens Nat. Bank Bldg. , Los Angeles 13, 

Jersey), b. 19 June 1895. Bound Brook H.S., 
N.J., & Rutgers Univ. A.B. 

Cnnst Church 1916-21 (w. absences). Jurispr. 
1st. CI. B.A. & M.A. 1921. 

1917: Am. Ambulance in France. 1917-19: 
Ens., U.S.N.; on staff of Admirals Sims, 
Fletcher, & Wilson. 1921-3: Practice of Law, 
New York City. 1923- : Practice of Law; Part- 
ner, Root, Bailantine, Harlan, Bushby & Palmer, 
New York City. 

Trustee, Rutgers Univ. since 1936. Union 
Square Savings Bank since 1940, Brooklyn Inst. 
of Arts & Sci. since 1947, Brooklyn Hosp. since 
1947. Trustee, Treas., & Elder, First Presbyt. 
Ch, of Brooklyn since 1942. Member, Bd. of 
Dirs., Brooklyn Bur. of Social Service since 
1943. Pres., Brooklyn Heights Assn., 1939-42. 
Republican Cand. for Congress, 1944 & 1946. 

m. 1925. Claire M. Gano. One s. Two d. 

31 Nassau St., New York 5, N. Y. 

RUSHTON, WYATT (Alabama), b. 8 Aug. 
1896. Montgomery H.S.. Ala., Sc Marion Inst. 
Also Univs. of Va., Ala. (A.B.), & Wis. (A.M.). 

Trinity 1916-17, Read Hist. 

1917-18: Am. Red Cross; France, Italy. 
1918-19: Cpl., U.S. Inf.: France. 

Died on active service 6 Feb. 1919. 

SCOTT, NOBM&N DUNSBEE (Iowa), b. 6 Jan. 
1894. W. Des Moines H.S. & Drake Univ. 
S.B. PBK. 

Merton 1916-21 (w. absences). Chem. 
(shortened) w. Distn. B.A. &M.A. 1920, B.Sc. 
(Chem.) 1921. 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D. (Chem.) 1924. 

1916, 1917 


1917-18: Pvt., U.S. Gas Regt.; France. 

1922-4: Univs. of Wis. & Harvard. 1925-7: 
Research Fellow, Harvard. 1927-30: Research 
in Chem. w, Roessler & Hasslacher Chern. Co., 
Perth Amboy, NJ. 1930-48: Chem. research, 
E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. 

OT. 1923. Myrtle E. Jobse. Three s. One d. 

Died 30 Dec. 1948. 

SMITH, FRED TREDWELL (Massachusetts). 
b. 24 June 1894. Stoneham H.S , Mass , & 
Harvard. A.B. PBK. Columbia Univ. A.M. 
Union Theol. Seminary. B.D. Ordained 
(Congreg.) 1918. 1918-19: Am. Persian Relief 
Commission, Bagdad. 

Oriel 1919-22. Oriental Studies (Arabic) 4th 
Cl. B.A. 1922. 

Columbia Univ. Ph.D. (Soc. Psychol.) 1933. 

1923-4: Instr., Ann. Univ. of Beirut, Syria. 
1924-5- Instr., Saidia Sch., Cairo. 1926-7: 
Instr., Frankhn & Marshall Coll. 1927-30: 
Teachers' Coll., Columbia Univ., Dept. of 
Religious Educ. 1930-1 Dir., Reconciliation 
Trips in New York City. 1931-3: Grad. Stu- 
dent, Columbia Univ. 1933-4: Instr., Experien- 
tial Groups, New York City. 1934- : Teaching 
& Hd. of Dept. of Social Studies, The Dalton 
Sch., New York City; 1930-7: Educ. Dir , 
European Summer Study Tours; Summer 1939 : 
Assoc. in Am. Specialists* Group, Mexican 
Ministry of Educ.; 1943-4: Summer Con- 
sultant on Inter-Am. Educ. Relations, U.S. 
Office of Educ., 1947-8- Educ. Dir., Mexican 
Study Tours, Bureau of Univ. Travel. 

PubL: An Experiment in Modifying Attitudes 
toward the Negro, 1943. 

49 Claremont Ave., New York 27, N.Y. 

(Indiana), b. 7 Aug. 1892. De Pauw Univ. 
A.B. Harvard M.A. 

Balliol 1916-20 (w. absences). Hist, 
(shortened). B.A. 1920. 

1917-19: 2nd Lt., R.F.A.; France. 1920-4: 
Instr. in Hist., Princeton. 1924-5: Belgian 
Relief Fellowship, Brussels. 1925-6: Asst. 
Prof, of Hist., Rutgers Coll. 1926-36: Chief, 
European Sec., U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 
Washington. D.C. 1936-9: Asst. Commercial 
Attache, U.S. Embassy, Berlin. 1940-6: Foreign 
Econ. Admin., Washington, D.C., & Econ. 
Intell. Officer attached to Army, France & Ger. 
1946- : Off. of Mil. Govt., War Dept.; Berlin, 
Minden, Frankfurt; Joint Export-Import 
Agency, Frankfurt. 

m. 1922. Phyllis Howe. One s. 

Care Carl Stephenson, Dept. of History, Cornell 
Univ., Ithaca, N.Y. 


b. 25 Nov. 1891. Funk Seminary, La Grange, 
Ky., & Univ. of Ky. A.B. 

Christ Church 1916 & Trm. terms 1917 & 
1919. Read Engl. L. & Lit. 

1917: Am. Ambulance in France. 1918-19: 
Pvt., US.F.A; France. 1919- : Farming & 
lecturing on folklore. 

m. 1938. Eleanor Bradley Don. 

Bagdad, Ky. 

TRYON, FREDERICK GALE (Minnesota), b. 
23 Mar. 1892. Univ. of Minn. A.B. & M.A. 

Accepted by Balliol. Did not take up Scholp. 

1917-18 Capt. r U.S. Army; Statistics 
Branch, Gen. Staff, Washington, D.C., & 
G.H.Q., France. 1919: Am. Secy., Raw 
Materials Sec., Supreme Econ. Council, Am. 
Peace Commission, Pans. 191 9-24 : In charge of 
Coal Statistics, US. Geol. Survey; 1925-34: 
Same, Bureau of Mines. 1934-7: Chief, Coal 
Econ. Div. 1937-40- Statistician, Nat. Bitu- 
minous Coal Commission. Lect., Univ. of Pa., 
1924-5, Robert Brookings Grad. Sch. of Econ. 
1925-7. On leave, Brookings Inst., 1926, 31, 
33. Statistical Adviser, U.S. Coal Commission, 
1922-3. Member of Staff, President's Research 
Com. on Social Trends, 1931, and Com. on 
Study of Population Redistribution, 1935. 
Delegate to 1st World Power Conf., London, 

m. 1919. Ruth Wilson. Three*. 

PubL* Boycotts and Peace, 1932. Recent Social 
Trends, 1932 America's Capacity to Produce, 
1934. (In collab.) Editor and author What the 
Coal Commission Found, 1925; Mineral Eco- 
nomics (Brookings Lectures), 1932. Also official 
reports & tech. papers on econ. of coal, fuels, 
and power. 

Died 15 Feb. 1940. 

b. 26 Jan. 1896. Gordon Inst., Barnesville, Ga , 
& Univ. of Ga. A.B. & A.M. PBK. 

Balliol 1916-21 (w. absences) Lit. Hum. 
(shortened) w. Distn. B.A. & M.A. 1920. 

1917-19: 2nd Lt., M.G. Bn., US. Army; 
France. 1922-6: Assoc., Dept. of Public 
Speaking, Univ. of Cal. 1927-41: Practice of 
Law, San Mateo, Redwood City & Burlingame, 
Cal. 1941-6- Patient, US. Veterans Hosps., 
Tucson & Whipple, Ariz., Hot Springs, Ark., & 
Bav Pines, Fla. 

Died 24 Jan. 1946. 


AMACKER, DAVID MUIR (Louisiana). 6. 26 
Feb. 1897. E. Carroll H.S., Miss. Coll., & 
Princeton. A.B. PBK. 1917-19: 2nd Lt,, 
Corps of Interpreters; France. Attended Am. 
Peace Commission. 

Oriel 1919-22. Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1922. 
M.A. 1927. 

1923-6: Teaching, Culver Mil. Acad. 1926- 
36: Teaching Pol. Sci., Dartmouth Coll.; 
1927-8: On leave, Teaching Pol. Sci., La. 

Polytech. Inst. 1936- : Prof, of Pol. Sci., 
Southwestern at Memphis; 1948-50: On leave. 
Lake Providence, La. 

ASHWORTH, ROSCOE (Utah), b. 28 Dec. 1894. 
Salt Lake City H.S. & Univ. of Utah. A.B. 
1918: U.S.M.C. 

Exeter 1919-20. Read Jurispr. Resigned 

1921-2: Journalism, Paris. 



lina), b. 9 July 1893. Moyock Public Sch., 
N.C., Coll. of William & Mary, & Trinity Coll. 
(now Duke Univ.). A.B. & A.M. PBK. 1917- 
19- Capt., U.S. Inf.; France 

St. John's 1919-22. Mod. Langs. (French) 
2nd Cl. B.A. 1922. B.Litt. (French) 1922. 
M.A. 1932. 

1922-3: Instr. in French, Univ. of N.C. 
1923-32: Asst. & Assoc. Prof, of French, 
Swarthmore Coll. 1930- : Visiting Prof., Prof. 
& Edward Tuck Prof, of French Lang. & Lit., 
Dartmouth Coll.; 1945-6: Visiting Lect. & 
Tutor, Oxford. 

Hon. M.A. Dartmouth. Officier d'Acade'mie 

m. 1926. Florence Schoch Kennedy, One s. 

Publ.: Great Men of France, 1932. Introduc- 
tion to French Literature of the Seventeenth 
Century, 1937. Famous Women of France, 1941. 

Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, N.H. 

15 Jan. 1897. Ferrell's Sch., Tulane Univ., & 
Univ. of Va. A.B. & A.M. PBK. 1917-19: 
Pfc. & Hosp. Sgt., U.S. Army Ambulance 

Balliol 1919-21. Hist, (shortened) w. Distn. 
B.A. 1923. M.A. 1927. 

1921-2: Staff, N.Y. Herald, Paris. 1922-3: 
C.R.B. Educ. Foundation Fellow, Univs. of 
Ghent & Brussels. 1924-37: Prof, of Hist, 
Univ. of Va. ; Editor Virginia Quarterly Review; 
1936-7: Visiting Prof , Univ. of Chicago. 1937- 
46: Pres., Fellow, & Member, Bd. of Visitors & 
Governors, St. John's Coll. 1947-48: Chmn., 
Liberal Arts Inc., Pittsfield, Mass. 1948- : 
Pres., Foundation for World Govt. 

m. 1921. Gladys Baldwin. 

Publ.: Mazzim: Portrait of an Exile* 1934. 
The Pilgrimage of Western Man, 1949. 

58 Park Ave., New York 16, N. Y. 

setts), b. 17 Mar. 1895. Pittsfield H.S. & 
Amherst Coll. A.B. 1918: Ens.. U.S.N.R. 

Balliol 1919 (Trin. Term)-1920 (Mich. Term). 
Spec, work m Philos. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Philos.) 1925. 

1921-2: Teaching, Amherst H.S. 1922-4: 
Asst. in Philos., Harvard. 1924-5 & 1927-8: 
Instr. in Philos., Coll. of City of N.Y. 1925-9: 
Asst. Dir., People's Inst., N.Y. 1929-36: Prof, 
of Phiios., Univ. of Va. 1936-7: Chmn., Com. 
on Liberal Arts, Univ. of Chicago. 1937-46: 
Dean, St. John's Coll. 1946- : Dir., Liberal 
Arts, Inc., Pittsfield, Mass.; Trustee & Adviser, 
Foundation for World Govt. 

m. 1921. Miriam Damon Thomas. One s. 

Publ.: Possibility, 1927. Poetry and Mathe- 
matics, 1929. Symbolic Distance, 1931. The Doc- 
trine of Signatures, 1937. 

Richmond ', Mass. 

lina), b. 22 Apr. 1893. Abbeville H.S. & Coll. 
of Charleston, S.C. A.B. 1917-19: Actg. Capt., 
U.S. Inf. ; France. 

Christ Church 1919-22. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1921. 

1 922-6 : Practice of Law, Cleveland. 1 926-9 : 
Practice of Law, Root, Clark Buckner, Howland 
& Ballantine, New York City. 1929-47 : Private 
practice of Law, New York City. 1947- : 
Practice of Law, New York City. 

m. (1) 1929. Dorothy Hamilton Brush. One 
d. (Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1947. Edwina 

Suite 3868, Internal. Bids.. 45 Rockefeller 
Plaza, New York, N.Y. 

15 Sept. 1896. Centre Coll. Prep. Sch. & 
Centre Coll. A.B. & A.M. 1917-19: Am. 
Ambulance & Ens., U.S.N. Aviation; France. 

Oriel 1919-22. Hist. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1922. 

1922-4: Teaching, Hist. & Politics, Princeton. 
1924-7: Journalism & Bus., Equitable Trust 
Co., New York City. 1927-43: Member of 
Staff & Travel Editor, N.Y. Herald Tribune. 
1943- : Contrib, to newspapers & magazines; 
1944-5: jsj.Y. office. London Daily Mad. 

m. 1932. Helen Sheppard. 

Publ.: Record of a Journey to France, 1936. 
Numerous arts, on travel, politics, & hist. 

410 W. 24th St., London Terrace, New York 

n, N.Y. 

EDSALL, THOMAS H. (Nevada), b. 5 Oct. 

Reno H.S. & Univ. of Nev. 1917-18: Base 
Hosp. Unit, Cal. 

Accepted by Merton. Did not come into 

Died on war service, 1 Jan. 1918. 

22 Oct. 1892. Park Coll. & Univ. of N.M. 
A.B. & A.M. 1917-19- Pvt., U.S. Marine 

Wadham 1919-23. Mod. Langs. (Spanish). 
2nd Cl. B.A. & M.A. 1926. Athl. Sports t>. 
Camb. 1920-2. 

1921-2: Lect. in Spanish, Univ. of Durham. 
1923-34: Prof, of Langs., N.M. State Coll. of 
Agric. & Mechanical Arts. Retired 1934. 

m. 1923. Ilka Italia Howells. One*. Three d. 

M&silla Park, N.M. 


28 Nov. 1896. Utica Free Acad. & Hamilton 
Coll. A.B. 1918: U.S. Naval Air Service. 

Merton 1919-23 & one term 1928. D.Phil. 
(Pol. Sci.) 1925- 1920-1 : Absent, teaching in 
Princeton Univ. 

1 923-8 : Warden, Univ. Settlement, Liverpool. 
1928-9: Assoc. Prof, of Pol. Sci., Syracuse 
Univ. 1929-30: Visiting Lect., Dept. of Govt., 
Harvard. 1930-5: Dean of Lower Div. & Prof, 
of Pol. Sci., Syracuse Univ. 1935-40: Dean of 
Grad. Sch. & Prof, of Pol. Sci., Am. Univ. 
1940 : Dir., Legislative Reference Service, 
Library of Congress. 

Chmn. of Research Com., Am. Pol, Sci. Assn. 
1941-6. Treas., Wilderness Socy. 

m. 1929. Margaret Dyckman Davenport. 
Two x. Three d . 

Publ.: The Modern Development of City 
Government, 1927. Current Municipal Prob- 
lems, 1933. History of American City Govern- 
ment (Vol. i, The Colonial Period}, 1938. The 
Impasse of Democracy, 1939. The Modern 
Government in Action, 1942. Ed. & joint author, 
Research in Political Science, 1948. Arts, on 
econ. & pol. theory. 

1941 Parkside Drive N,W., Washington 12, 

GUENVEUR, LA PENNE J. (Delaware), b. 
22 May 1893. 

St. Joseph's Coll., Philadelphia. A.B. 

Accepted by St. John's. Did not take up 


6. 22 Jan. 1895. Marshall Coll. Prep. Sch.&W. 
Va. Univ. A.B. PBK. 1917-19: Capt., 

Christ Church 1919-23. Dipl. Econ. B.A. 
(War) 1921. M.A. 1925. 

Berlin Univ. Ph.D. (Psychol. & Physiol.) 

1921-2: Student Relief in Central Europe. 
1923- : Instr,, Asst. & Assoc. Prof, of Industr. 



Relations, Univ. of Pa.; 1934 : Consultant in 
Mental Hygiene, Penna. Railroad; 1944-8: Dir. 
of Exec. Develop. & Training, Am. Airlines; 
1943-4: Dir. of Supervisory Selection & Train- 
ing, Glenn L. Martin Co. 
Oberlaender Fellow 1932-4, 
m. 1917. Elizabeth Davidson. One d* 
PubL: Workers' Emotions m Shop and Home, 
1932. Seele und Gefuehl des Ar betters, 1935. 
Arts, on labor relations & industr. psychol. 
1305 Ddancey Place, Philadelphia 3, Pa. 

HOPKINS, CLARK (Connecticut), b. 16 Sept. 
1895. New Haven H.S. & Hotchkiss Sch. Yale. 
A.B. PBK. 1917-19: Lt.,U.S. Inf.; France. 

Balliol 1919-21. Lit. Hum. 4th Cl. 1921. 
B.A. & M.A. 1926. L.T. v. Camb. 1919-21 
(Pres. 1921). Swimming v, Camb. 1919-20. 

Univ. of Wis. Ph.D. (Classics) 1924. Adams 

1921-3: Instr. in EngL, Rice Inst. 1924-7: 
Instr. in Classics, Yale. 1927-9: Am. Sch. at 
Athens & Am. French Expedition to Doura. 
1929-35 : Asst. Prof. & Field Dir. of Excavations, 
Yale. 1 93 5-42 & 1 946- : Assoc. Prof, of Latin & 
Greek & Prof, of Class. Art & ArchaeoL, Univ. 
of Mich. 1942-5: Maj., U.S. Inf. 

m, 1926. Susan Mary Sullivan. One jr. 
One d. 

PubL: Numerous arts, on class, subjects. 

7 Harvard Place, Ann Arbor, Mick. 

28 June 1898. Stetson Univ. A.B. Harvard. 

Christ Church 1919-22. Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 

1922-4: Prof, of Hist., Stetson Univ. 1924- 
9: Am. Vice-Consul, Stockholm. 1929-34: 
Am. Consul, Dublin. 1934-7: Am. Consul, 
Nantes. 1937-40: Am, Consul & 2nd Secy., 
Paris, 1940: Am. Consul, Sault Ste. Marie. 
1940-4; Asst. Chief, Visa Div., U.S. Dept. of 
State. 1944-5: Am. Consul & 2nd Secy., 
Raykjevik, Iceland. 1945-7: Am. Consul & 1st 
Secy., Helsinki. 1947- : U.S. Dept. of State; 
Chief, Div. of N. European Affairs since 1948. 

m. 1922. Joan Margaret Carrington. Two s. 

Dept. of State, Washington, D.C. 

LITTLE, JOSEPH CLYDE (Indiana), b. 16 Feb. 
1895. Liberty H.S. & Earlham Coll. A.B. 
1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S.F.A. 

Brasenose 1919-22. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 
1921. B.C.L. 2nd CL 1922. 

1922- : Practice of Law & partner, Jones, 
Day, Cockley & Reavis, Cleveland. 

m. 1924. Zola Clark. Two s. Two d. 

1759 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland 14, 

July 1895. Univ. of Idaho A.B. 1918: Pvt., 
U.S.F.A.; France. 

Accepted by Brasenose. Did not take up 

1928- : Govt. Hosp., Am. Lake, Wash. 

Govt. Hosp., American Lake, Wash. 

6 Jan. 1894. Friends' Sch., Baltimore & Haver- 
ford Coll. A.B. PBK. 1915-19: Friends 1 
Ambulance Unit & U.S. Army; France. Also 
U.S. Dept. of Labor. 

New Coll. 1919-21. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1921. 

Brookings Inst. Ph.D. 1936. 

1921-2: London Sch. of Econ. 1922-9: 
Editorial Staff, Baltimore Sun. 1929-31 : Geneva 
Repres., League of Nations Assn. 1931-3: 
Brookmgs Inst. for Econ. Research, Washing- 
ton, D.C. 1933-40: Editor, Washington Post. 
1940-5: Pres., Haverford ColL; 1942-5: Mem- 

ber, Advisory Bd., A.S.T.P.; 1942-4: Con- 
sultant, War Manpower Commission. 1945 : 
Ed. & Publisher, Human Events, Inc. 

Hon. D.Litt. George Washington Univ. Hon. 
LL.D. Hamilton Coll. & Univ. of Pa. Guggen- 
heim Fellowship 1928-9. Pulitzer Prize, 
Editorial Writing, 1936. 

m. 1917. Isabel Middleton. Two s. Two d. 

PubL : Unemployment Relief in Great Britain, 
1924. Our Far Eastern Assignment, 1926. The 
Society of Nations, 1933. Humanity Tries 
Again, 1946. The Power in the People, 1949. 

1 Wethenll Rd., Washington 16, D.C. 

21 Oct. 1893. Okolona H.S., Miss., South- 
western Univ., & Austin ColL A.B. Okla. 
Univ. A.M. 1917-19 : 1st Lt., U.S. Inf. ; France. 

Merton 1919 (one term) & 1921-2. Jurispr. 
(shortened). B.A. 1922. M.A. 1928. 

1919-21 & 1922-35: Instr. to Prof. & Hd. of 
Dept. of Latin, Univ. of Okla. 1929-31 : Grad. 
Sch. & Law ColL, Stanford Univ., Royall Victor 
Fellowship. 1935-9: Pres., Central State Coll., 
Edrnond, Okla. 1939-44: Dean of Students, 
Univ. of Tenn.; Member, Tenn. Enemy Alien 
Hearing Bd. 1944-9: Pres.. Univ. of Nev. 
1949- : Secy., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Hon. LL.D. Austin ColL Member, Co- 
ordinating Bd. for Colls. & Univs., State of 
Okla. Pres., Okla. State Council of Religious 
Educ. Member, Bd. of Dirs., World Citizen- 
ship League. State Dir., Newcomen Socy. Gold 
Medal, Nat. Interfraternity Council, 1947. 

m. 1923. Marie Vivian Nichols. One s. 
One d. 

PubL: A Textbook of Legal Latin (privately 
published), 1926. 

951 Hamilton Ave. t Palo Alto, Col. 

Dakota), b. 11 Aug. 1894. Washington H.S., 
Sioux Falls, S.D. Univs. of Sf.D. & Chicago 
A.B. 1918: Pvt., U.S. Army. 

Brasenose 1919-22. Read Econ. & Geog. 

1923-35: Accounting & statistical work, pri- 
vate industry. 1935-43: U.S. Civil Service, 
Property Mgr's. Office, Post Office Dept. & 
Gen. Accounting Office. 1944- : Staff Asst., 
Econ. Research & Analysis Sec., Production 
Dept.,- Standard Oil Co. of Ohio, Cleveland. 

385 E. 222nd St., Euclid 27, Ohio. 

NILES, EDWARD ABBE (New Hampshire), b. 
31 May 1894. Hoosac Sch., N.Y., & Trinity 
Coll., Conn. A.B. 1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S. Air 

Christ Church 1919-20. Read Jurispr. 

Harvard Law Sch. LL.B. 1921. 

1922- : Practice of Law, New York City. 

Member, Assn. of the Bar of the City of N.Y. 
Secy., Eastern Lawn Tennis Assn. 

m. 1923. Katherine M. Waugh. One s. 

PubL: (In collab.) Blues: An Anthology of 
Negro Secular Songs, 1926; revised as Treasury 
of the Blues, 1949. The Hoosac Boar's Head, 
1930. Numerous arts., incl. 1st Encycl. Brit. 
art. Jazz; and reviews on lit., popular music, & 

14 Wall St., New York 5, N. Y. 

b. 10 Mar. 1895, Kimball Union Acad. & 
Middlebury ColL A.B. PBK. 1918: Pvt. & 
Instr., U.S. Army. 

Trinity 1919-22. Lit. Hum. 3rd CL B.A. 
1922. M.A. 1926. Dipl. Anthrop. w. Distn. 

1922-8: Tutoring & writing in EngL 1928: 
Anthropologist w. Oxford Field Museum 
Expedition to Mesopotamia. 1929-38: Libra- 
rian & Asst. Secy., Sch. of Anthrop., Diploma 



Secy, for Anthrop, & Lect., Oxford. 1939- : 
Curator, Pitt Rivers Museum, Univ. of Oxford. 

Member, Council, 1940, & Mining & Metal- 
lurgy Group, 1946, Royal Anthropological Inst. 
Member, Nat. Com. for cooperation w. Internat. 
Council of Museums, 1946. Fellow, Socy. of 

Publ.: The Seventh Time, 1927. Index to Sir 
John Marshall's Mohenjo-aaro and the Indus 
Civilization, 1931. (In collab.) Spencer's Last 
Journey (ed.), 1931; Spencer* s Scientific Corre- 
spondence, 1932; Excavations at Kish, vol. iv, 
1934. A Hundred Years of Anthropology, 1935. 
The Old-Time Maori, by Maker eti, sometime 
Chief tamness of theArawa People, known in New 
Zealand as Maggie ^ Papakura (ed.), 1938. 
Ed., sec. on 'Material Culture' in Notes & 
Queries on Anthropology, Royal Anthrop. Inst., 
1949. Numerous arts, on anthrop. 

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, JSngland. 

HOCKEY, ORDEAN (Pennsylvania). 6. 6 Nov. 
1893. Waynesboro H S., Pa., & Gettysburg 
Coll. A.B. Also Columbia Univ. 

Queen's 1920-3. Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. 1921. 
B.Litt. (Hist.) 1925. 

1923-4: Instr. in Pol. Sci., Dartmouth Coll. 
1924-36: Member & Chmn., Dept. of Pol. Sci., 
Univ. of Cal. at Los Angeles, 1934-6: Chmn., 
Los Angeles, Cal., County Commission of Fif- 
teen on Rehabilitation. 1938-42: Aide to 
Mayor, City of Los Angeles. 1942- : U.S. 
Commissioner of Conciliation, Federal Media- 
tion & Conciliation Service. 

m. 1925. Marjone Vorhes. 

819 San Luis Rey Ave., Coronado, Cal. 

Island). b. 26 Mar. 1895. Brown Univ. 

Accepted by Merton. Did not take up 

1917-18: Div. of Statistics, War Industries 
Bd. 1919-21: Cost Clerk, Interlaken Mills, 
Harris, R.I. 1922-3: Teacher, Providence. 
1924-5: Clerk, United Railways, Providence, 
1925-33 : Clerk, Sewer Maintenance. Providence. 
1937-42: Stock & Bond Trader. 1942- : 
Quotation Clerk, Providence. 

299 Vermont Ave., Providence, RJ. 

TUTTLE, NEAL (Maine), b. 5 Apr. 1893. 
Freeport H.S. & Bowdoin Coll. A.B. PBK. 
Also Harvard Univ. A.M. 1917-18: Lt., Chem. 
Service; France. 

Trinity 1919. Read for D.Phil. (Chem.). 
Resigned Scholp. 

Died Aug. 1923. 

5 June 1896. Univ. of Va. & Univ. of Cin- 
cinnati. B.A. PBK. 1917-18: CpL, U.S. 
Signal Corps; France. 

Accepted by St. John's, Did not come into 
Died on active service 17 Jan. 1918. 

b. 6 June 1895. Univ. of Tenn. A.B. Also 
Harvard Univ. 

Accepted by New Coll. Did not take up 

1917-19: U.S. Artillery; France. 1928-30: 
Assoc. Prof, of Hist,, Western Reserve Univ. 
1930-6: Prof, of Am. Hist., Cornell Univ. 
1936^ : Prof, of Latin Am. Hist., Univ. of Pa. 
Visiting Lect., Johns Hopkins Univ., Univ. of 
San Marcos & Catholic Univ., Lima, Peru, 
Nat. Univ. of Colombia, Bogota; 1943-5: State 
Dept., Hd. of Latin Am. Unit., Div. of Pol. 
Studies; U.S. Member, Commission on Hist, 
Pan-Am. Inst. of Geog. & Hist. 1948-9. 
Guggenheim Fellowship 1929 & 1949. 

m. 1919. Alix Field. One s. One d. 

Publ.: The Spanish American Frontier, 1927. 
The Commercial Policy of Spain m Florida and 
Louisiana, 1931. The Mississippi Question, 1934. 
The United States and the Independence of Latin 
America, 1941. The Huancavehca Mercury 
Mine, 1941. Las Americas y un Mundo en Crisis 
1946. The United States and South America: 
The Northern Republics, 1948. Ed. & joint 
author, Latin America and the Enlightenment, 
1942. Inter- American Affairs: An Annual 
Survey (5 vols.), 1942-6. 

Dept. of Hist., Univ. of Pa., Philadelphia 4, 

WILCOX, HORACE NORTH (Wyoming), b. 4 
Aug. 1892. Warsaw H.S., Ind., & Univ. of 
Wyo. A.B. 

St. John's 1917-21. Hist, (shortened). B.A. 
1921. M.A. 1931. 

1918-19: Clerk, Am. Army Hq., London, 
& CpL, Signal Corps. 1921- : Teaching & Hd. 
of Latin Dept., Polytechnic Prep. Country Day 
Sch., Brooklyn; 1930-1: Student, Columbia 
Univ. Grad. Sch. 

OT. 1923. Olive May Rathbun. 

225 Sterling Place, Brooklyn 17, N.Y. 

WILLIAMS, JOHN MILTON (Illinois), b. 24 
Feb. 1893, N. Dbcon H.S., 111., & Univ. of 111. 
1917-18: 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A. & Cavalry. 

Oriel 1919-22. Engl. L. & Lit. (shortened). 
B.A. 1921. M.A. 1928. 

Harvard A.M. 1923. 

1923-6: Instr. in Engl., Univ. of N.C. & 
Amherst Coll. 1927-39: Instr., Asst. Prof. & 
Prof, of Engl., Coll. of Liberal Arts, Boston 

m. 1924. Rachel Gourd. FourJ. 

Died 16 Mar. 1939. 



b. 14 Sept. 1894. St. Paul Central H.S. 
& Univ. of Minn. A.B. 1917-19: French 
Ambulance & Lt., ILS.FA.; France. 

New Coll. 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. 
Term). Hist, (shortened). B.A. 1921. M.A. 
& B.Litt. (Hist.) 1930 

1923-6: Foreign Editor, Writer & Corre- 
spondent, Europe & Asia. 1927-38: Educ. & 
philanthropic financial promotion; 1934: Travel, 
Europe, Africa, & Asia 1939: Union Now 
Organization, finance. 1940-2: Business, St. 
Louis. 1943 : Private research & writing, 
world population trends affecting peace plan- 
ning, N.Y. 

m. 1923. Janet L. Cameron. One d. (Mar- 
riage dissolved.) 

PubL: Romping through Mathematics, 1947. 

106 W. 56th St., New York 19, N. Y. 

BACHER, JOHN REA (North Dakota), b. 

30 Mar. 1897. High Schs., St. Paul & Dulutfa, 
Minn., Univ. of Minn. & Fargo Coll. A.B. 

St. John's 1920 (Hil Term)-1922 (Trin. 
Term) & 1923 (Trin. Term). Theol. 2nd CI. 
B.A. 1923. 

Northwestern Theol. Seminary, Minneapolis, 
B.D. 1923. Univ. of Pa. Ph.D. (Hist.) 1929. 

1923-5: Pastor, First Lutheran Ch., Billings, 
Mont. 1925-9: Instr. in Hist., Umv. of Pa. 
1930-3: Dir., U.S. Foundation, Cite 1 Universi- 
taire, Paris. 1933-40: Am. Sch. of Paris. 1941 : 
Instr. in Hist., Coll. of City of N.Y. 1941-2: 
Hd. of Hist. Dept., Baylor Sch., Chattanooga. 
1942-3: Instr. in Hist., Princeton. 1943- : 
Prof, of Hist. & Dean, Wagner Coll. 

m. 1923. Marie-Emma Bourdin. One 5. 

Publ. : The Prosecution of Heretics in Mediaeval 
England, 1942. 

Wagner Coll., 631 Howard Ave., Staten Is. /, 
New York. 

BARRON, BRYTON (South Dakota). b. 

6 Dec. 1898. Wash. H.S., S.D., & Sioux Falls 
Coll. A.B. 

Pembroke 1920 (Hil. Term)-! 923 (Trin. 
Term). DipL Econ. &Pol. Sci. B.Litt. (Sociol.) 

1923-5: Editorial writer, Sioux Falls, S.D. 
1925-6: Teaching, Philippine Is. 1926-8: 
Chief, Div. of PubL, Philippine Bureau of Educ. 
1929- : Chief, Publishing Sec., Asst. Chief, 
Div. of Research & PubL & Chief, Treaty Div., 
U.S. Dept. of State, Washington, D.C. 

m. 1922. Ella Lillibridge. One 5. One d. 

PubL: Various publications for Philippine 
Educ. Co. 

Springfield, Va. 

6 June 1896. Sedaha H.S., Mo,, Umv. of Mo. 
Bachelor of Journalism. 1918-19: 2nd Lt., 

Lincoln 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Trin. Term) 
& 1923 (Trin. Term). Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1922-3: Am, Relief Commission m Russia. 
1923- : Chief W T ashington Correspondent, St. 
Louis Post-Dispatch. 

Pres., Nat. Press Club, 1933. Mo. Univ. Sch. 
of Journalism Medal 1939. Raymond Clapper 
Memorial Award 1945. Pres., Gridiron Club, 

m. 1926. Adele Harrison. 

4955 Quebec St. N.W., Washington, 16, D.C. 

CARSON, RALPH MOORE (Michigan), b. 
22 Aug. 1896. Ann Arbor H.S., Mich., & 

Univ. of Mich. A.B. PBK. Also Univ. of Mich. 
Law Sch. 1918: U.S.N.R. 

Oriel 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Trin. Term). 
Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1922. Pres. (Trin. Term 
1922) Oxford Umon Socy. 

Umv. of Mich. Law Sch. J.D. 1923. 

1922-3: Instr. in Public Speaking, Univ. of 
Mich., & Student, Umv. of Mich. Law Sch. 
1923- : Practice of Law; Partner, Davis Polk 
W T ardweIl Sunderland & Kiendl, New York 
City; 1945: Legal Adviser to War Dept. 

m. 1928. Eugenie Ce'cile Belle 1 . One s. 

PubL: Legal arts, on stockholders' actions. 

930 Park Ave., New York 28, N.Y. 

20 Jan. 1899. Wilmington H.S., Del., & Del. 
Coll. A.B. 1918* Lt., U.S. Inf. 

Balliol 1920-3. Physiol. 2nd Cl. 1923. 
Boxing v. Camb. 1921-2. 

Johns Hopkins Umv. Med. Sch. M.D. 1925. 

1925-9: New Haven Hosp. & Instr., Yale 
Univ. Med. Sch. 1930-1- Hd. of Dept. of 
Obstetrics & Gynecology, Umv. of Va. 1931- : 
Prof, of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Duke Univ. 

m. 1930. Harriet H. Roberts (nee Cook). 
One d. 

PubL: Arts, in med. journals. 

Duke Umv., Durham, N.C. 

7 Nov. 1896. Westminster Coll., Utah, & 
Princeton A.B. PBK. 

Balliol 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Trin. Term) 
& 1923 (Trin. Term). Physiol. 2nd CL B.A. 

Johns Hopkins Med. Sch. M.D. 1924. Yale 
M.S. 1926. 

1924-6: New Haven Hosp. 1926-7: Rocke- 
feller Hosp., New York City. 1927-33: Med. 
practice, Farmington, Conn. 1933- : Practice 
of Pediatrics, Boston, Asst. Clinical Prof, of 
Pediatrics, Harvard Med. Sch., & Physician, 
Infants & Children's Hosps., Boston. 

m. 1940. Ruth Ethermgton Kent. Three s. 

PubL: Arts, in med. journals. 

255 Sargent Rd., Brookhne 46, Mass. 

DOTY, JOSEPH DAVID (Texas), b. 25 July 1894. 
Ft. Worth Polytech. Coll. & Southern Methodist 
Univ. A.B. & A.M. 1917-18: Capt., U.S. Inf. 

Pembroke 1920 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Trin. 
Term). B.Litt. (Hist.) 1923. 

Univ. of Pa. Ph.D. (Hist.) 1929. 

1923-7: Teaching, Southern Methodist 
Univ., Dallas. 1927-8: Harrison Fellow, Univ. 
of Pa. 1928- : Prof. & Hd. of Dept. of Hist., 
Union Coll., Schenectady; John Bigelow Prof, 
of Hist. & Pol. Sci. since 1948. 

PubL: The British Admiralty Board as a 
Factor in Colonial Administration, 1689-1763, 

9 N. Church St., Schenectady 5, N. Y. 

2 Mar. 1899. Starke Univ. Sch. & Univ. of Ala. 
A.B. PBK. 

Queen's 1920 (Hil. Term)-l 922 (Trin. Term). 
Jurispr. 2nd CL B.C.L. 3rd CL B.A. 1922. 

1923-5: Practice of Law, Milwaukee. 1925- 
33 : Practice of Law, Martin, Thompson, Turner 
& McWhorter, Birmingham, Alabama. 1 93 3-41 : 
Asst. Gen. Counsel, Reconstruction Finance 
Corp., Washington, D.C. 1940-1 : Gen. Counsel 
& Dir., Defense Plant Corp. 1941-8: Member, 
Federal Communications Commission. 1948 : 
Practice of Law, Washington, D.C. 



m. 1926. Virginia Heard Foster. One s. 
(dcd.). Four d. 

PubL: Arts, on govt., bus. & educ. 
RFD 2, Seminary Hill, Alexandria, Va. 

ENGLAND, BRYAN (Mississippi). b. 14 Dec 
1897. West Point H.S , Miss., & Univ. of Miss 

Wadham 1920 (HiL Term)-1922 (Trin. 
Term). Read Engl. L. & Lit. 

1922-6- Asst. Prof, of Engl., Univ. of Miss. 
1926-9' Advertising bus. 1929-40: Engineering 
Dept. & Assoc Editor, The Electric Journal, 
Westmghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., E. Pitts- 
burgh. 1940-9 : Editor, Pittsburgh People & Asst. 
Public Relations Dir., Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co 

m. 1935. Ruth Tice. 

Died 2 Jan. 1949. 

EVANS, ELWYN (Wisconsin), b. 20 Jan. 1895. 
Dodgeville H.S., Wis., & Beloit Coll. A.B. 
1917-18: 1st Lt., Ordnance Dept., U.S. Army. 
1919: Harvard Law Sch. 

Brasenose 1920 (HiL Term)-1922 (Mich. 
Term). Junspr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1922. B.C.L. 
3rd Cl. 1922. 

1923-8. Practice of Law, Milwaukee. 1928-48: 
Vice-Pres., Exec. Vice-Pres, Pres., Wilming- 
ton Trust Co. 

Dir., The Milwaukee Journal, 1936-48. Dir., 
Chrnn. of Audit Com. & Member Finance Com., 
E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co.,1 942-8. 

m. 1926. Mary Railey Boyd. Two s. One d. 

Died 27 Sept. 1948. 

GRAVEM, AXEL BERG (California). 6. 29 Nov. 
1896. Mission H.S.. San Francisco, & Umv. of 
Cal. A.B. 1917-18: Lt., U.S.F.A. 

Oriel 1920 (HiL Term)-1922 (Mich. Term). 
Jurispr. (shortened). B.C.L. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1922. 
M.A. 1929. L.T. v. Camb. 1920-2 (Pres. 1922). 

1924-9: Practice of Law, Chicago, & Instr. in 
Legal Hist., Northwestern Umv. 1929-32: 
Legal Dept., Electric Bond & Share Co., New 
York City; 1931: Dir.-Gen. & Chief Counsel, 
Cia Chilena de Electricidad, Santiago. 1932: 
Counsel, Reconstruction Finance Corp., 
Washington, D.C. 1936-44: Practice of Law, 
New York City & Boston; 1941-4: Exec. Vice- 
Pres. & Dir. War Plant, airplane parts & bullet 
dies. 1946- : Practice of Law, Boston, & Pres., 
Fairhaven Estates, Inc. 

m. 1923. Joyce Buchanan. One s. Two d. 

Orleans, Cape Cod, Mass. 

HAGEN, JULIAN LAMAR (West Virginia), b. 
11 Mar. 1894. Public Schs., Marshall Coll, & 
Univ. of W. Va. A.B. PBK. 1917-19: Pvt. to 
M.E. Sr. Gd., U.S. Engrs.; France. Worcester 
1919 (Trin. Term). 

Trinity 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. Term). 
Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1921. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 
1922. M.A. 1936. 

1922-3: Um'vs. of Bordeaux & Paris, Am. 
Field Service Fellowship. 1923-5: Practice of 
Law, Cravath, Henderson & de Gersdorff, New 
York City. 1925- : Practice of Law & Partner, 
Mudge, Stern, Williams, & Tucker, New York 

m. 1927. Lucy Tabb Van Ness. 

14 WeUyn Rd., Branxvitte, N.Y. 

4 Sept. 1896. Rolfe H.S., Iowa, & Univ. of 
IowaA.B. PBK. 1918-19: U.S.N.R.F. 

Worcester 1920-2. Jurispr, 2nd Cl. B.A. 

Univ. of Iowa Law Sch. J.D. 1924. 

1924-36: Practice of Law, Butler, Lamb, 
Foster & Pope, Chicago. 1936-40: Practice of 
Law & Partner, Pope & Ballard, Chicago. 
1940- : Pres.> State Univ. of Iowa. 

m.!92S. Susan Jane Cannon. One s. Two <. 
(one dcd.). 
PubL: Arts, on educ. 
102 Church St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

HUMBER, ROBERT LEE (North Carolina). 

b. 30 May 1898. Wake Forest Coll. B.A. cum 
laude, LL.B. & LL.D. Also Harvard Univ. 
M.A. 1918: 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A. 

New Coll. 1920-3. B.Litt. (Hist.) 1923. 

1923-33: Practice of Law, research & travel. 
1933-40:Atty. & Business Exec., Paris. 1940- : 
Organizer of Movement for World Federation; 
Author of Resolution for World Federation 
passed by 15 State Legislatures of the U.S. 

World Govt. News Medal 1948. Am. War 
Dads Peace Prize 1948. 

m. 1927. Lucie Berthier. Two 5. 

PubL : 'The Declaration of Federation of the 
World', 1940. 

Greenville, IV. C. 

JONES, PHILIP HAROLD (Louisiana), b. 

26 Feb. 1896. Baton Rouge H S., La., & La. 
State Univ. A.B. Tulane Univ. M.D. 

Christ Church 1920-1 & 1922-4. D.Phil. 
(Pathol.) 1924. 

1924-8: Charity Hosp., New Orleans. 1928- ; 
Instr., Asst. & Assoc. Prof, of Clinical Med., 
Tulane Med. Sch., New Orleans; 1929- ; 
Private practice, internal med.j 1947: Editor, 
New Orleans Med. & Surgical Journal; 1939- 
45: Examining Physician & member Med. 
Advisory Bd. No. 1, New Orleans Selective Ser- 
vice System; Asst. Chief Med. Service, Emer- 
gency Unit, Charity Hosp., U.S. Public Health 

150 Baronne St., New Orleans 12, La. 

17 Dec. 1896. Leavenworth H.S. & Emporia 
Coll. A.B. 1917-19: 2nd Lt., U.S. Aviation 

Lincoln 1920 (Hil. Term>~1922 (Mich. Term). 
Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1922. 

1923-8: Lect. in Hist., Wellesley Coll. 1928- 
35: Lect. in Hist., Columbia Univ.; 1931-2: 
Author of hist, material for panels in Educ. 
Wing, State Capitol, Harrisburg, Pa.; 1932: 
Grad. Study, Columbia Univ., Cand. for Ph.D. 

m. 1933. Isabel Neice Roberts. 

Died 3 Sept. 1944. 

lina), b. 16 Aug. 1898. Laurens H.S., S.C., 
Presbyt. Coll. of S.C., & Univ. of S.C. A.B. 
1918. 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A. 

Brasenose 1920 (HiL Term)-1922 (Mich. 
Term). Read Jurispr. 

1922-5: Study & Practice of Law, Laurens, 
S.C. 1922-9: Practice of Law, Columbia, S.C. 
& Counsel to Southern Railway Co. 1929-33: 
Asst. Counsel & Asst. Gen. Counsel to Federal 
Land Bank of Columbia & Federal Intermediate 
Credit Bank of Columbia. 1933- : Asst. Gen. 
Counsel & Gen. Counsel Farm Credit Admin. 
of Columbia. 

m. 1930. Virginia Hollingsworth Lancaster. 
One s. Two d. 

2415 Heyward St., Columbia 61, S.C. 

b. 15 Dec. 1S94. High Schs., Ore. & Okla. 
PhilHps Univ. A.B. Also Yale Univ. 1918-19: 
U.S. Signal Corps; France. 

Merton 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Trin. Term). 
Hist, (Shortened). BJL 1921. M.A. 1927. 

1922-3: Am. Relief Admin., Russia. 1924- ; 
Chevrolet Motor Div., General Motors, Detroit; 
1938- : Dir. of Post-Grad. Sch. of Modern 
Merchandising & Management, Chevrolet 
Motor Div. 



m. 1923. Tetsiana I. Evaskevitch. 
Chevrolet Motor Div., Gen. Motors Bldg., 
Detroit, Mich. 

30 Sept. 1897. Leon Co. H.S. & Umv. of Fla. 
S.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1920 (Hil. Term)-! 922 (Trin. 
Term). Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

Johns Hopkins Med. Sch. M.D. 1926. 

1926-7: Med. Intern, Strong Memorial 
Hosp. Rochester. 1927-30: Pediatric Intern 
& Asst. Res. in Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Hosp. 
1930- : Private practice of pediatrics, Jackson- 

m. 1923. Theresa Yaeger. One s. Two d. 

1819 Goodwin St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

PARGELLIS, STANLEY (Nevada), b. 25 June 
1898. High Schs., Denison, Tex,, & Reno, 
Nev. Univ. of Nev. A.B. 1918: Mil. Service, 
U.S. Heavy Artillery. 

Exeter 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Trin. Term). 
Hist, 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. M.A. 1929. 

Yale Ph.D. (Hist.) 1929. Sterling Fellow. 

1923-5: Instr., Cal. Inst. of Tech. 1926-42: 
Instr. & Asst. Prof, of Hist., Yale; 1939-40: 
Prof, of Hist,, Scripps Coll. 1942- : Librarian, 
Newberry Library, Chicago. 

Hon. PBK, Northwestern, 1944. 

m. 1923. Elizabeth S. Allen. One s. Two d. 

Publ.: Lord Loudoun in North America, 1933. 
Military Affairs in North America* 1748-65, 
1936. Complaint and Reform in England, 1436- 
1714, 1938. The Quest for Political Unity in 
World History. 1943. Nathaniel Fish Moore's 
Diary of a Trip from New York to the Falls of 
St. Anthony in 1845, 1946. Granger Country, 

2242 Lincoln Park W., Chicago 14, III. 

Mexico), b. 23 Dec. 1894. Yale Sch., Los 
Angeles, & Univ. of N.M. 

Hertford 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Trin. 
Term). Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1922. 

1923-4: Member, N.M. Legislature. 1930- : 
Chief Editorial Writer, Christian Science Moni- 
tor, Boston. 

m. 1925. Anna Easton Whitney. One s. 

81 Whittier Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

25 Aug. 1897. Moscow H.S., Idaho, & Univ. of 
Idaho. A.B. PBK. 

Wadham 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. 
Term). Dip!. Econ. w. Distn. B.Litt (Pol. Sci.) 

Brookings Inst. Ph.D. 1927. 

1923- : Assoc. Prof., Prof. & Chrnn. of Dept. 
of Pol. Sci., Univ. of Kan.; 1925-6: Consulting 
Fellow, Brookings Inst., Washington, D.C. 
1942-5 : Panel Chrnn. & Repres. of the Public, 
War Labor Bd. 

m. 1924. Viola Irene Oberg. One s. Two d. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Twentieth Century Political 
Thought, 1945. Arts, on politics & govt. 

2325 Mass. St., Lawrence, Kan. 

SAUNDERS, JOHN MONK (Washington), b. 
22 Nov. 1897. H.S., Seattle, & Univ. of Wash. 
A.B. 1917-19: 2nd Lt., U.S. Air Service. 

Magdalen 1920 (Hil. Term)-! 921 (Mich. 
Term). Engl, L. & Lit. (shortened). B.A. 1921. 
M.A. 1925. Swimming t>. Canib. 1920-1. 

1 922 : Editorial staff, Los Angeles Times. 1923: 
Editorial staff, N.Y. Herald Tribune. 1924-8: 
Assoc. Editor, Am. Magazine. 1929-40: writer, 
Hollywood, Cal.; 1929-30: Paramount Famous 
Lasky Corp.; 1931: First National Productions; 
1933-40: Metro-Goldwvn-Maver studios. 

m. (1) 1922. Avis Hughes. (Marriage dis- 
solved.) (2) 1927. Fay Wray. One d. (Marriage 

Publ.: Wings, 1927. Single Lady, 1930. 
Ntkki (musical comedy), 1931. Wrote screen 
plays: Wmgs: Legion of the Condemned; The 
Dawn Patrol; The Last Flight; A Yank at 

Died 10 Mar. 1940. 

b. 3 Apr. 1897.* Washington H.S. & Reed 
Coll. A.B. 

Lincoln 1920-3. B.Litt. (Engl. L. & Lit.) 

1925-39: Asst. Prof., Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of 
Engl. & Comparative Lit., Univ. of Ore. 1939- 
43: Educ. Dir., Am. Socy. of Composers, 
Authors & Publishers. 1943-4: Repres. in East 
& Mexico, Pacific Coast Broadcasting Co. 1944- 
5: Assoc. Editor, Newsweek. 1945-6: Exec. 
Editor, Research Inst. of Am. 1947-8: Editorial 
Staff, Random House, Am. Coll. Dictionary. 
1948 : Managing Ed. The International Musi- 
cian & Research Dir., Am. Federation of 

Member, Nat. Council, Am. Assn. of Univ. 
Profs., 1937-40. Pres., Ore. Commonwealth 
Federation, 1937-41. Del. to Democratic Nat. 
Convention from Ore. 1940 & 1944. 

m. (1) 1932. Lois Jean Rasch. (Marriage dis- 
solved.) (2) 1949. Eleanor Touhey. 

Publ.: The Craft of the Critic, 1931. The 
Command of Words, 1935 & 1948. How to 
Double Your Vocabulary, 1947. Style Rule, 
1947. Arts, on psychol. in lit. 

P.O. Box 315, Cooper Sq. Sta., New York 3, 

b. 7 Nov. 1897. Hendrix Coll. & Univ. of Ark. 
A.B. 1918-19: Petty Officer, U.S.N. 

Christ Church 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Trin. 
Term). Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1923. 

Univ. of Pa. Ph.D. 1930. 

1922-6: Teaching, Friends' Sch., Wilming- 
ton, & George Sch., Pa. 1926-8: Instr. in 
Engl., Muhlenberg Coll., Pa. 1928-39: Prof, of 
Hist., Lebanon Valley Coll., Annville, Pa. 

m. (1) 1923. Helen MacEltree (d. 1932). One 
s. Oned. (2)1933. Stella Johnson. 

Died 19 Jan. 1939. 

b. 21 Jan. 1896. Missoula H.S., Mont., & State 
Univ. of Mont. A.B. 1917-19: U.S. Engr. & 
Intell. Service; France. Am. Peace Commission, 

University 1920 (Hil. Term)-1921 (Trin. 
Term). Read Hist. Resigned Scholp. 

1921-5: Journalism, Philadelphia Public 
Ledger, Rome & Constantinople. 1925-39: 
Journalism, N.Y. Times, Vienna, N.Y., & 
Geneva. 1939- : Pres., Federal Union, Inc.; 
Ed., Freedom & Union. 

Hon. PBK, Hobart Coll. 

m. 1921. Jeanne Defrance. One s. Two d. 

Publ.: Union Now, 1939. Union Now lurith 
Britain, 1941. 

2555 Ontario Rd., N.W.> Washington 9, D.C. 

14 July 1898. Savannah H.S. & Emory Univ. 
A.B. PBK. 1918: 2nd Lt,, U.S.F.A. 

Christ Church 1920 (Hil. Term)~1922 (Trin. 
Term). Junspr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1922. M.A. 1931. 

1922-8: Practice of Law, Savannah. 1928-37: 
Assoc. Dean, Emory Univ. Jr. Coll. at Valdosta. 
1937-48: Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Bible, Relig. 
Educ. & Pol. Set, Emory Univ. 1947- : Exec. 
Dir., John Bulow Campbell Foundation, Atlanta. 

m, 1925. Rachael Jackson Shaw. One s. 
Three d. 


1918, 1919 

Publ : (In collab.) The Constitutions of the 
Americas, 1948; Select Readings in American 
Government, 1948. Arts, on govt. & legal hist. 

155 Garden Lane, Decatur, Ga. 

TONG, JAMES ALFRED (Arizona), b. 7 Apr. 
1896. Mesa H.S., Ariz., & Univ. of Ariz. A.B. 
1917-18: 2nd Lt., U.S. Air Service. 

Hertford 1920 (Hil. Term)-1921 (Trin. Term). 
Geol. 2nd Cl B.A. 1921. M.A. 1930. 

Johns Hopkins Univ. Ph.D. (Geol.) 1931. 

1921-30: Petroleum Geol., Mexico & S. 
Am. 1930-1: Research, Johns Hopkins Univ. 
1931-2: Chief Geologist, Standard Oil Co. of 
N.Y., Venezuela. 1933: Consulting Geologist, 
Venezuela. 1934-^0 & 1948- : Chief Geologist 
& Asst. Gen. Mgr., Socony- Vacuum Oil Co. 
of Venezuela; Gen. Mgr. since 1949. 1940-8: 
Gen. Mgr., Socony- Vacuum Oil Co. of 

m. 1923. Estelle Simmons. One $. 

Socony- Vacuum OH Co. of Venezuela, 
Apartaao 246, Caracas, Venezuela, 

b. 24 July 1896. E. Denver H.S. & Univ. of 
Colo. A.B. PBK. 1918: 2nd Lt., U.S. Inf. 

Exeter 1920 (HiL Term)-! 922 (Mich. Term) 
& 1923 (Trin. Term). DipL Econ. 1921. 

1924-7: Journalism. 1928-9: St. John's Coll. 
1929-35: Teacher, Co-Dir. & Trustee, Hessian 
Hills Sch., Croton on Hudson, N.Y. 1936-41: 
Editor & National Editor-in-Chief, Federal 
Writers* Project. 1942-3 : Public Relations Con- 
sultant & War Historian, Civil Aeronautics 
Admin. 1944-5: Asst. Publicity DIr., Dem. 
Nat. Com., Washington, D.C. 1946- : Writer. 

Hon. M.Litt. Univ. of Colo. 

w. 1928. Florence Hauser. One 5. 

Publ.: Here They Dug the Gold, 1931, 1935, 
1946, & 1948. Why Wars are Declared, 1936. 
Let's Make a Play, 1940. Saints & Strangers, 
1945 & 1946. 

South Hill, R.D. Mo. 3, Ballston Spa, N.Y. 

30 July 1898. Creighton H.S. & Creighton 
Univ., Neb. 1917-18: U.S. Air Service, 
Balloon Div. 

Lincoln 1920 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Trin. Term). 
Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1923-34: Practice of Law, Omaha. 1934-5: 
Govt. work, Norfolk, Neb. 1936: Asst. Dir., 
Div. of Employment, W.P.A., Omaha. 1936- 
43: Washington, D.C.; Public Assistance Ana- 
lyst, Region IV, Social Security Bd. } 1941-3. 

Publ. : Hardy Perennials. Lily Pools & Rock 
Gardens, (In collab.) How to Grow Fine Flowers. 



4 Feb. 1899. Princeton H.S., Ind., & Ind. 
Univ. A.B. PBK. Harvard. A.M. (Govt.). 
1918: 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A. 

Queen's 1920-3. D.Phil.'(MocL Hist.) 1923. 

Harvard Law Sch. LL.B. 1926. 

1923-6: Student, Harvard Law Sch.; Tutor 
in Dept. of Govt., Harvard. 1926-7: Practice 
of Law, New York City. 1927- : Practice of 
Law, Davis, Baltzell, Hartsock & Dongus, 
Indianapolis; 1942-5: Maj. to Col , U.S. Army; 
Judge Advocate General's Dept., Civil Affairs & 
Mil. Govt.; European theater; Bronze Star w. 
Oak Leaf Cluster. 

m. 1929. Delia Booth. 

Died 6 Oct. 1948. 

b. 7 June 1898. Coll. of City of N.Y. Univ. of 
Vt. A.B. 

Trinity 1920-3. Jurispr* 3rd CL B.A. 1923. 
M.A. 1930. 

Columbia Univ. Med. Sch. M.D. 1931. 

1923-5: Practice of Law, New York City. 
1925: Spec. Asst. Solicitor, Dept. of State, 
Washington, D.C. 1925-7: Practice of Law, 
New York City. 1927-31: Columbia Univ. 
Med. Sch. 1931-2: County Gen. Hosp. (Unit 
No. 1), Los Angeles, Cal. 1932-5: Intern & 
Res,, N.Y. Hosp. 1 935-42 : Practice of Surgery, 
New Yo*k City. 1942-6: Maj., U.S. Army Med. 
Corps, N. Afr. & European theaters. 1946- : 
Practice of Surgery, Bronrville, N.Y. 

Fellow, Am. Coll. of Surgeons. Member, 
Am. Assn. for Surgery of Trauma. Diplomate, 
Am. Bd. of Surgery. 

m, 1926. Olive Spear. 

Publ.: Sci. arts, on surgery. 

36 Homesdale JRd., Bronxmtte, N.Y. 

BRINTON, CRANE (Massachusetts). b. 

2 Feb. 1898. Springfield Central H.S., Mass., 
& Harvard. A.B. PBK. 

New Coll. 1920-3. D.Phil. (Mod. Hist.) 1923. 

1923- : Instr., Asst. Prof., Assoc. Prof., 
McLean Prof, of Anc. & Mod. Hist., Harvard; 
1939: Sr. Fellow; 1942: Chrnn., Socy. of 
Fellows. 1930: Exchange Prof., Knox, Beloit 
& Colo. Colls. 1936-43: Editor, American 
Oxoman\ 1939-42: Editorial ~&d*,Am. Scholar; 
1939- : Editorial Bd., Journal of the Hist, of 
Ideas; 1942-4: O.S.S., Pol. Intel!., London & 
Paris. 1947: Johnson Foundation Lect., 
Pomona Coll, 

Social Sci. Research Council Fellow 1927-8. 

m. 1946. Cecilia Washburn Roberts. 

Publ. : Political Ideas of the English Romanti- 
cists, 1926. The jacobins, 1930. English Political 
Thought in the Nineteenth Century, 1933. A 
Decade of Revolution, 1934.^ French Revolu- 
tionary Legislation on Illegitimacy, 1936. The 
Mves of Talleyrand. 1936, The Anatomy of 
Revolution, 1938. Nietzsche, 1941. The United 
States and Britain, 1945. From Many One, 
1948. Arts, on pol. hist. 

Widener Library 98, Cambridge 38, Mass. 



BROWN, FORD KEELER (Washington), b. 

25 Feb. 1895. Tacotna H.S & Univ. of Wash. 
A.B. PBK. 1917-19: CpL, U.S.C.A. 

Exeter 1920-3 & Trin. Term 192S. D.Phil. 
(EngL Lit.) 1925. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1922-3. 

1923-5: Asst. Prof, of EngL, Univ. of Wash. 
1925- : Assoc. Prof., Prof, of English & Tutor, 
St. John's Coll.; 1942-5: Comdr,, U.S.N.R.; 
Am. theater; Navy_ Commendation Ribbon. 

m. Zenith Watkins Jones. One d. 

PubL: Life of William Godwin, 1926. Arts. 
on literary & hist, subjects. 

243 King George St., Annapolis, Md. 

b. 5 June 1896. Madison H.S., Wis., & Univ. of 
Wis. A.B. PBK. 1918-19: 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A. 

Oriel 1920-3. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1923. 
B.C.L. 2nd CL 1923. 

Univ. of Wis. Law Sch. LL.B. 1924. 

1924- : Practice of Law, Quarles, Spence & 
Quarles, Milwaukee. 

m. 1927. Mary Janet Burchard. Two $. 

828 N. Broadway, Milwaukee 2, Wis. 

b. 8 Feb. 1899. Clinton H.S., 111., & Harvard. 
A.B. summa cum laude. PBK, Also Univ. of 111. 

Wadham 1920-3. B.Sc (Physics) 1923. 

1923-34: Dept. of Development & Research, 
Am. Telephone & Telegraph Co., New York 
City. 1934- : Member, Tech. Staff, Com- 
munications research, Bell Telephone Labs., 
New York City; 1939-45: War contracts w. 
Nat, Defense Research Council. 

TO. 1924. Esther Margaret Flint. 

PubL: Sci. arts, on telephone communica- 

Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., 463 West 
St., New York 14, N.Y. 

CLARKE, JOHN MURDOCH (Pennsylvania). 

b. 6 Feb. 1895. Allegheny H.S. & Univ. of Pa. 
A.B, PBK. 1918-19: Lt., U.S.F.A.; France. 

Exeter 1920-3. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1923. 
M.A. 1927. 

1923-5 : Univ. of Pa. Law Sch.; Leg. Secy, to 
Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pa. 1925- 
33 : Practice of Law, Philadelphia. 

m. 1928. Martha C. Gleffer. One s. One d. 

Died 11 June 1933. 

b. 30 Jan. 1896. Owatonna H.S., Minn., & 

Univ. of Minn. A.B. & A.M. 

Magdalen 1920-3. Spec, work in Medieval 
& Mod. Languages. 

Univ. of Minn. Ph.D. 1935. 

1923- : Asst. & Assoc. Prof, of Romance 
Languages, Univ. of Minn. 

m. 1923. Rosalka Ann Smersh. One d. 

67 Baton Ave. S.E., Minneapolis 14, Minn. 

at-Large). b. 28 Feb. 1898. Reading H.S., Pa. 
& Princeton. A.B. & A.M. (Classics). PBK. 

Christ Church 1920-3. D.Phil. (Theol.) 1923. 

1923- : Asst. & Assoc. Prof, of Classics. 
Princeton; 1942-6: CpL to Capt., U.S. Army; 
N. Afr. & Mediterranean theaters; Mil. Intel!.; 
Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Croix de 
Guerre, Corona d* Italia. 

m. (1) 1928. Marion Jefferis Stephenson. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1942. Lillian Mae 

PubL: Pattadii Dialogus de Vita S. Joannis 
Chrysostami, 1928. History of the Replacement 
cmdTratning Command, NA TO USA-MTO USA, 
1944-5. The Caserma 'House of Mars', 1944. 
Terme d'Agnano, 1944. The Turistico, 1945. 
Historical Sketch of Cecchignola, 1945. History 
of Medical Center and Area, 1945. The Twelve 

Tables of Roman Law, 1946. Arts, on classics & 
mil. hist. 

16 McCosh Hall, Princeton Univ., Princeton, 


May 1898. Everett H.S. & Bowdom Coll. 
A.B. PBK. 1917-18: U.S.N.R.F. 

Trinity 1920-3. Dipl. Econ. 1921. B.A. & 
B.Litt. (Econ.) 1923. M.A. 1927. 

1923-36: Investment banking w. E. H. 
Rollins & Sons, New York City. 1936-41: 
Investment banking w. G. M. P. Murphy & Co., 
New York City & London. 1941-6: Comdr. 
U.S.N.R. ; European theater ; Bronze Star Medal. 
1946- : Investment trust w. Keystone Custo- 
dian Funds, Boston & New York City. 

TO. 1940. Ruth Dill. 

River Rd., R. No. 2, New Brunswick, N.J. 

DAVIS, ARTHUR KYLE, Jr. (Virginia), b. 20 
Sept. 1897. The Tome Sch., Md., & Univ. of 
Va. B.A. & M.A. (EngL). PBK. 1917-18: Hd., 
Latin & Greek Dept., Episcopal H.S. of Va. 
1918-19: 2nd Lt., U.S. Inf. 

Balhol 1920-3. Dipl. Econ. 1921. B.Litt. 
(EngL Lit.) 1923. 

Univ. of Va. Ph.D. (EngL) 1924. 

1923- : Asst. Prof., Assoc. Prof., & Prof, of 
EngL, Univ. of Va.; Visiting Prof, at Harvard 
& Sweet Briar; 1926-7: Editor-in- Chief, 
College Verse; 1943-5: Lt. to Lt.-Corndr., 
U.S.N.R., Am. theater; Asst. Commanding 
Officer, U.S. Naval Training Unit, Duke Univ. 

Sterling Research Fellow, Yale, 1928-9. 
Archivist & Editor, Va. Folklore Socy. since 1924. 
Pres., Southeastern Folklore Socy. of U.S., 
1940-1. Pres., Beta of Va. Chap., PBK, 1948- 
50. Vice-Pres., Coll. EngL Assn., 1948-9. 

PubL: Traditional Ballads of Virginia, 1929. 
Folk-Songs of Virginia: A Descriptive Index and 
Classfication, 1949. Arts, on educ., on folk- 
songs & ballads, on nineteenth century lit. 

Dept. of English, Univ. of Virginia, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. 

DENNES, WILLIAM RAY (California), b, 
10 Apr. 1898. Healdsburg H.S., CaL, & Univ. 
of CaL A.B. & A.M. PBK. Univ. Medallist. 

Corpus Christi 1920-3. D.Phil. (Philos.) 

1923- : Univ. of CaL; 1923-48: Assoc. Prof., 
Prof., & Chmn. of Dept. of Philos. 1948- : 
Dean of Graduate Div. & Prof, of Philos. 1932- 
3: Assoc. Prof, of Philos., Yale, 1935: Visiting 
Prof, of Philos., Harvard; 1941 & 1943: Visiting 
Prof, of Philos,, Stanford Univ.; 1943: Man- 
hattan Engr. District, Los Alamos Project, N.M. 

Guggenheim Fellowship 1929-30. Pres., CaL 
Alpha Chap., PBK, 1941-2. Pres., Pacific Div., 
Am. Philos. Assn., 1945. Pres., Berkeley Mental 
Health Assn., 1946-7. 

m. 1923. Margaret Munroe Stevenson. One 5. 

PubL: The Method and Presuppositions of 
Group Psychology, 1924. The Method of Meta- 
physics, 1925. Primary Substance, 1927. Truth 
and Perception, 1929. Fact and Interpretation, 

1931. Causation as Continuity and Production, 

1932. Time as Datum and as Construction, 1935. 
Mind and Meaning, 1946. The Meaning of 
Individuality, 1938. The Appeal to Reason, 1940. 
Conceptions of Civilization, Descriptive and 
Normative, 1942. Civilization and Values, 1945. 
Conflict, 1946. (In collab.) Knowledge and 
Society, 1938; The Philosophy of George 
Santayana, 1940; Naturalism and the Human 
Spirit, 1944. 

15 Eucalyptus Rd., Berkeley 5, CaL 


b. 12 May 1896. Webb Sch., Term., & Vander- 
biltUniv. A.B. & A.M, (Internat. Law). PBK. 



1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S.F.A.; France. 1919: The 
Sorbonne, Paris. 

Balliol 1920-3. D.Phil. (Phiios.) 1923. James 
Hall Foundation Essay (Balhol) 1922. 

1923-5: Instr. & Asst. Prof, of Pol., Univ. of 
Cal. 1925- : Lect., Tutor, Asst., Assoc., & 
Williams Prof, of Govt., Harvard, 1936: Con- 
sultant, President's Commission on Administra- 
tive Management; 1940- Consultant, Nat. Ad- 
visory Defense Commission; 1941: Consultant, 
O.P.M.; 1942-5: Dir., Stockpile & Transporta- 
tion Div. & Vice-Chmn. for Civilian Require- 
ments, War Production Bd.; 1945-6. Survey w. 
Colraer Com. & Report on Econ. Reconstruction 
In Europe, Russia, & Middle East; 1947-8: 
Staff Dir., Select Com. on Foreign Aid (Herter 
Com.); 1947-9: Staff Dir., House Foreign 
Affairs Com. 

m. (1) 1923. Barbara Foster. Three s. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1936, Mary Louise 
Ward. Two s. 

Publ.: The Pragmatic Revolt in Politics, 1926. 
The New British Empire, 1932. The Need for 
Constitutional Reform, 1935. Ed. (m collab.) 
International Control in the Non-Ferrous Metals, 
1937. The City of Man, 1940 The British 
Commonwealth at War, 1943. Western Political 
Heritage, 1949. 

660 Concord Ave., Belmont, Mass. 

23 May 1896. Salem H.S., Ore., Willamette 
Univ., & Reed Coll. A.B. 

Bailiol 1920 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. Term). 
Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923, M.A. 1929. 
Chancellor's Prize for Engl. Essay 1922. 

1923: Instr., Dept. of Engl., Univ. of Iowa. 
1 923-7 : Instr. , Dept. of Engl . , Princeton. 1 928- 
9: Asst. Prof, of Engl., Bowdoin Coll. 1929- : 
Asst. Prof. & Prof, of Engl., Dartmouth Coll.; 
1945-6: Civilian Instr., U.S. Army, Biarritz Am. 
Univ.; Civilian Dir. & Instr. in Engl. & Psycho!., 
Bremerhaven Area I. & E. Sch. 

Publ.: Numerous book reviews, & arts, on 
literary criticism. 

39 School St., Hanover, N.H. 


b. 10 Mar. 1899. Keokuk H.S., Iowa, & Brown 
Univ. Ph,B. 

Merton 1920-3. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

Johns Hopkins Med. Sch. M.D. 1925. 

1925-31 : Intern, Asst. Res. & Res. Physician, 
Peter Bent Bngham Hosp., Boston. 1931-2: 
Med. practice, Providence, R.I. 1931-46: Jr. 
Assoc., Physician, & Sr. Assoc., Peter Bent 
Brigham Hosp., Boston; Fellow, Instr.,& Assoc. 
in Med., Harvard Med. Sch. 1942-6: Maj. to 
Col., U.S. Army Med. Corps; Walter Reed 
Gen. Hosp.,, Washington, D.C., Chief, Med. 
Service, Valley Forge Gen. Hosp. & Ashford 
Gen. Hosp.; Legion of Merit. 1946- : Private 
practice of Internal Med , Providence, R.I., & 
Physician- in-chief, R.I. Hosp. 

Alumni Trustee, Brown Univ., 1944-7, 

w. 1940. Mary Howe DeWolf. Two s. Three d. 

Publ. : Arts, chiefly on diseases of the heart. 

284 President Ave., Providence, R.L 

Hampshire), b. 11 Dec. 1896. Norwalk H.S., 
Conn., & Dartmouth Coll. A.B. Columbia 
Univ. A.M. (Chem.). 

Merton 1920-2 & 1923-4. Jurispr., Over- 
standing for Hons. B.A. 1926. 

1925- : Practice of Law, New York City. 
Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple, 1 949. 

m. (1) 1922. Alicia M. duPont. One s. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2)1945. Mildred Gibert 
Townsend (d. 1948). 

430 M. 86th St. r New York 28, N. Y. 

Large). b. 23 Nov. 1896. Woodberry Forest 

Sch., Va., & Univ. ofVa. AB. PBK. 1917-19: 
Pfc. U.S. Army Ambulance Service; France; 
Croix de Guerre w. Silver Star, Me"daille Com- 
me'morative, Order of Purple Heart w. Oak Leaf 

Christ Church 1920-3. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 
1922. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1923. M.A. 1928. 
Boulter Law Exhibn. (Ch. Ch.) 1921. 

Columbia Univ. Law Sch. LL.B. 1924. 
Richard Watson Gilder Fellowship; Kent 
Scholarship; Toppan Prize in Constitutional 

1924-9: Practice of Law, New York City. 
1929- Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Law, Columbia 
Univ.; 1941-3: Govt. Appeal Agent, Selective 
Service System, New York City; 1942-3: 
Hearing Officer, Alien Enemy Hearing Bd., S. 
Dist., N.Y. 1943-6: Lt.-CoL to Col., U.S. 
Army; European theater; Gen. Staff Corp w. 
troops; Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, 
Chevalier, Legion of Honor, Croix de Guerre 
w. two Palms; 1946- : Col., Staff & Admin. 
Reserve, O.R.C. 

m. 1926. Portia Goulder. One d. (Marriage 

Publ.' Cases on Business Organization, vol. i, 
1933, vol. ii, 1935. 

Kent Hall, Columbia Univ., New York 27, 

11 Dec. 1899. Americus H.S., Ga., & Univ. of 
Ga. A.B. PBK. 

Hertford 1920-3. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. & 
B.C.L. 3rd Cl 1923. Boxing w. Carnb. 1923. 

1923-5 : Practice of Law, Atlanta; Advertising 
Dept., Coca-Cola Co. 1925-45 : Sales Promo- 
tion, Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta. 1945- : Business, 
The Coca-Cola Export Corp., New York City. 

m. 1937. Hope Johnson. Two<f. 

The Coca-Cola Export Corp., 515 Madison 
Ave.,New York 22, N.Y. 

21 Apr. 1899. W. Des Moines H.S., Iowa, & 
Grinnell Coll. A.B. 

Oriel 1920-3. Jurispr. 2nd CL B. A. & B.C.L. 
3rd CL 1923. 

Univ. of Wis. LL.B. 1924. 

1924-6: Secy, to Justice of Wis. Supreme 
Court. 1926-7: Teaching, Univ. of Wis. Law 
Sch. 1927- : Practice of Law, Lines, Spooner, 
& Quarles, Milwaukee. 

m. 1926. Ruth G. Hewitt. One d. 

PubL: Arts, in law reviews, 

411 E. Mason St., Milwaukee 2, Wis. 

JIGGITTS, Louis MEREDITH (Mississippi). 
b. 25 Aug. 1899. Canton H.S., Miss., & Univ. 
of Miss. 

St. John's 1920-3. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 

Univ. of Miss. Law Sch. LL.B. 1924. 

1924-40: Practice of Law, Powell, Harper, & 
Jiggitts, Jackson, Miss.; 1926-8: City Prosecut- 
ing Attorney, Jackson; 1928-40: Miss. State 
Supreme Court Reporter; 1932-40: Miss. 
Democratic Nat. Comrnitteeman, Lect., Jackson 
Sch. of Law; 1936-40: Vice-Chmn., Democratic 
Nat. Com.; 1940-5: Lt.-CoL, U.S. Army; S. 
Pacific theater; Intel!.; Bronze Star. 

m. 1924. Lavonia Caradine. One s. One d. 

Died as result of war service 22 Mar. 1945. 

9 June 1900. Westport H.S., Mo., & Univ. of 
Mo. A.B. PBK. 

Wadham 1920-3. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B A. & 
B.C.L. 1st CL 1923. M.A. 1926. Called to the 
Bar, England (1st cl. Finals), 1923. 

Columbia Univ. LL.B. 1924. Kent Fellow- 



1924- : Practice of Law, Kansas City, Mo. 
m. 1928. Elizabeth Anne Andrews, Two s. 
One d. 

Rockledge Farm, Martin City, Mo. 

22 Feb. 1899, Univ. of Kan, A.B. PBK. 
Harvard. A.M. 

Lincoln 1920-3, B.Litt. (Econ.) 1923. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Econ.) 1925. 

1923- : Asst. Prof,, Assoc. Prof., & Prof, of 
Econ.. Harvard; 1947: Dean, Harvard Grad. 
Sch. of Public Admm.; 1940-1 : Econ. Adviser, 
War Production Bd.; 1942-5: Chief Economist, 
O.SS.; 1945: Deputy Asst Secy, of State ; 
1947: Chief Econ. Adviser, Am. Del., Moscow 
Conf. Foreign Ministers; Member, President's 
Com. on Foreign Aid Program. 

Hon. D.Litt, Williams Coll. 

Medal of Freedom 1946. 

m. 1930. Marguerite Sisson. Two s. One d. 

PubL: The Parts Commune, 1930. The Street 
Railways in Mass., 1932. (In collab.) The Eco- 
nomics of the Recovery Program, 1933. Ed. Cost 
Behavior and Pnce Policy, 1941. Controlling 
World Trade, 1946. 

9 Channing St., Cambridge, Mass. 

McCLOY, SHELBY THOMAS (Arkansas), b. 
27 Jan. 1898. Monticello H.S. & Davidson Coll. 
A.B. & A.M. PBK. Also Union Theol. 
Seminary, Richmond, Va. 

Pembroke 1920-2 & 1923-4. B.Litt. (Theol.) 
1922. Theol. Overstandmg for Hons. B.A. 

Columbia Univ. Ph.D. (Hist.) 1933. 

1924-5: Y.M.C.A. Secy. & Instr. in Bible, 
Robert Coll., Constantinople. 1925-6: Pastor, 
Presbyt. Ch., Lamar, Mo. 1926-7 & 1929-30: 
Grad* Study, Columbia Univ. ; Jacob H. Schiff 
Fellowship. 1927-45: Instr. & Asst. Prof, of 
Hist., Duke Univ.; 1944- : Visiting Prof. & 
Prof, of Hist., Univ. of Ky. 

Frederic Bancroft Prize, 2nd award, 1945. 

m. 1933. Minnie Lee Pagan. 

PubL: Gibbon's Antagonism to Christianity, 
1933. Government Assistance in Eighteenth- 
Century France, 1946. Arts, on French hist. 

Dept. of Hist., Univ. of Ky., Lexington, Ky. 

5 June 1895. Washington & Lee Univ. A.B. 
PBK. 1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S. Artillery; France. 

Trinity 1919-21 & 1922-3. Hist. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1921. M.A. 1925. Dipl. Theol. 1923. 

1921-2: Brit. S.C.M., London. 1923-6: Asst. 
Nat. Secy., Y.M.C.A., New York City. 1927-8: 
Admin. Secy., World's Student Christian 
Federation, Geneva: 1928-38: Chmn., World's 
Student Christian Federation. 1930-3: Lect., 
Yale; 1935: Organizer of Nat. Policy Com.; 
1936: Organizer of Public Affairs Com.; 1938- 
41: Organization Dir., Council on Foreign 
Relations, New York City. Member, Va. House 
of Delegates & Governor's Council. 1942-6: 
O.S.S., Washington & London; Col., U.S. 
Army Intell., Gen. Staff Corps; S.H.A.E.F.; 
O.M.G.U.S., Ger. Legion of Merit w. Oak 
Leaf Cluster, O.B.E., Chevalier, Legion of 
Honour. Croix de Guerre w. two Palms 
(French), Order of Leopold I w. Palm (Belgian) 
Degree of Officer, Croix de Guerre w. Palm 
(Belgian}. 1947: Contributing Editor, Presby- 
terian Life. 

Member, Bd. of Visitors & Governors, St. 
John's Coll. Member, Bd. of Mary Baldwin 

m. 1927. Helen Day Hill. Two s. 

PubL: (In collab.) The Giant of the Western 
World, 1930. Blessings of Liberty, 1936. 

P.O. Box 1757, Univ. Station, Charlotteswlle, 

MOCK, CLARK LESLIE (Ohio), b. 25 Feb. 1896. 
Cleveland H.S., Ohio, & Western Reserve Univ. 

'Hertford 1920-3. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 
M.A. 1929. 

1924-9: Asst. Secy., Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce. 1929-33 & 1938-42: Asst. Dir. & 
Research Secy., "Welfare Federation of Cleve- 
land. 1933-7: Financial Secy. & Dir., County 
Relief Admin., Cleveland. 1937-8: Dir., City 
Relief Admin., Cleveland. 1942- : Exec. Secy., 
Family & Children's Socy., Baltimore. 

Cleveland Repres., U.S. Children's Bureau, 
1938-4-2. Pres., Md. State Conf. of Social Wel- 
fare 1946-8. Vice-Pres., Md. Chap., Am. Assn. 
of Social Workers, 1946-8. Member, Bd. of 
Dirs., Family Service Assn. of Am., since 

m. 1925. Margaret Alice Hardman Brown. 
One s. Three d. 

218 Longwood Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 

MOE, HENRY ALLEN (U.S.A.-at-Large). b. 
2 July 1894. St. Paul H.S., Minn., & Hamline 
Umv. S.B. 1917-19: Lt. (j.g.) U.S.N.R.F. 

Brasenose 1921 (Hil. Term)-1924. Jurispr. 
IstCl. B.A. 1923. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1924. Called 
to the Bar, England, 1924. Hulme Lect. in Law, 
Brasenose Coll., 1923-4. 

1924- : Secy. & Secy. -Gen., John Simon 
Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, Trustee 
since 1945; 1925: Admitted N.Y. Bar; 1927-9: 
Lect. in Law, Columbia Univ. Law Sch.; 
1928- : Member, Bd. of Direction & Treas., 
Assn. of Am. Rhodes Scholars. Chmn., Com. 
for Inter-Am. Artistic & Intell. Relations of 
Office of Coordinator of Inter-Am. Affairs, 
U.S. Dept. of State. 

Hon. L.H.D., Hamline Univ. & Kenyon Coll. 
Member, Am. Philosophical Socy. since 1943; 
Am. Acad. of Arts & Sciences since 1945; U.S. 
Nat. Commission for U.N.E.S.C.O., 1946-8; 
Nat. Screening Bd. for Fulbright Scholarships 
1 948. Trustee of Oberlaender Trust since 1931; 
Museum of Mod. Art since 1943 ; Am. Acad. in 
Rome since 1941 ; Rockefeller Foundation since 
1944; Inst. for Advanced Study 1942-6. 

772. 1924. Edith Louise Monroe. One s. 

551 Fifth Ave. t New York 17, N.Y. 

MOKLEY, FRANK VIGOR (Maryland), b. 
4 Jan. 1899. Haverford Coll. & Johns Hopkins 
Univ. A.B. PBK. 

New Coll. 1920-3. D.Phil. (Maths.) 1923. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1921-2. 

1924- : London Repres., Century Co. of 
N.Y. 1929- : Dir., Faber & Faber Ltd., Lon- 
don. 1 93 9-46 : Dir. in charge of Trade Editorial 
Dept. & Vice-Pres., Harcourt, Brace & Co., 
New York City; 1942-5: Public Member, Nat. 
War Labor Bd. 1947-9: Writing, England. 
1949- : Dir., Eyre & Spottiswoode (Pubs.), 
Ltd., London. 

m. 1925. Christina McLeod Innes. Two s. 
Two d. 

Publ.: Travels in East Anglia, 1923. Dora 
Wordsworth: Her Book, 1924. River Thomas 
and the Tailor of Mount Holly, 1926. (In collab.) 
Whaling North and South, 1927. East South 
East, 1929 Lamb before Elut, 1931. The Wreck 
of the Active (publ. in Engl. as War Paint) & 
Inversive Geometry (w. Fehx Morley) 1936. My 
One Contribution to Chess, 1945. 

The Holt, Long Grove, Seer Green, Bucks., 

24 Nov. 1896. Friends Sch., Moorestown, N.J., 
& Haverford Coll. A.B. 1917-19: Lt., U.S. Air 
Service; France. 

Oriel 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Trin. Term). 
Jurispr. 3rd Cl. 1923. 



1924-5: Practice of Law, Merchantville, N.J. 
1925-8; Sales Promotion Mgr., Certain-teed 
Products Corp., New York City. 1928-33: 
Sales Mgr., Sears Roebuck & Co., Chicago. 
1933-5: Sales Promotion Mgr., Empire Carpet 
Co., New York City. 1935-42: Field Repres., 
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Chicago. 1942-4: 
Capt. to Maj., Air Transport Command. 
1944-6: Asst. to Dir., Re-employment and 
reconstruction commission, Los Angeles. 

m. 1924. (1) Mary Hull. One s. (Marriage 
dissolved.) (2) 1944. Rae Beirdneau. 

Died 22 June 1947. 

b. 13 Feb. 1897. Fremont H.S., Ohio, & Mich. 
State Coll. B.S. 1918-19: 2nd Lt., U.S. Inf. 

Oriel 1920-3. D.Phil. (Chem.) 1923. 

1923-4: Teaching, Chem. Dept., Mich. 
State Coll. 1924-41: Research Chemist, Devoe 
& Raynolds Co., Inc., Boston, New York City, 
Louisville & Chicago. 1941-6: Lt.-Col. to CoL, 
U.S. Armv Chem. Corps; Commanding Officer, 
Pine Bluff Arsenal, Ark.; Legion of Merit. 
1946- : Vice-Pres., Elliott Paint & Varnish Co., 

m. 1923. Barbara Elizabeth Buxton. One d, 

510 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, III. 

POWERS, IRA CHAMBERS (Kentucky), b. 
24 Dec. 1896. Georgetown Coll., Ky. A.B. 
Also Western Reserve Univ. Law Sch. 

St. John's 1920-3, B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1923. 

1924- : Practice of Law & Partner, Gibson, 
Dunn, & Crutcher, Los Angeles. 

m. 1924. Anna Elsinger. One s. One d. 

634 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cat. 

REESE, ALFRED IRVIN (Nebraska), b, 28 Sept. 

1896. Randolph H.S., Neb., & Univ. of Neb. 
A.B. 1918-19: U.S. Inf.; France. 

Lincoln 1920-3. Jurispr. 4th CL B.A. 1923. 
Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1921-3. 

1923-31: Practice of Law, Philadelphia. 
1931- : Asst. Counsel, Legal Dept., Provident 
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Philadelphia. 

m. 1935. Jeanette D. B. Walton. One d. 

High Trees, Caversham Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

SIKES, WALTEH ELMER (Colorado). I. 31 Oct. 

1897. W. Denver H.S. & Univ. of Denver. 
A.B. PBK. Also Union Theol. Seminary, New 
York City. 

University 1920-3. Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 
1923. M.A. 1926. Ordained 1924. 

1923-9: Missionary in India of Methodist Ch. 
& Principal, Christian H.S., Narsinghpur, 
Central Provinces. 1930- : Assoc. Prof. & 
Prof, of SocioL, Univ. of Denver. 

m. 1923. Jane Wood. One s. One d. 

Univ. of Denver, Denver JO, Colo. 

THOMAS, GEORGE FINGER (Texas), b. 31 July 
1899. Dallas H.S., Tex., Southern Methodist 
Univ. A.B. 

Queen's 1920-3. Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Philos.) 1929. 

1923-5: Asst. Prof., Southern Methodist 
Univ. 1925-7: Grad. Study, Yale & Harvard 
Univs. 1927-31 : Asst. Prof, of Philos., Swarth- 
more Coll. 1931-7: Prof, of Philos., Dartmouth 
Coll. 1937-40: Prof, of Philos., Univ. of N.C. 
1940- : Prof, of Religious Thought & Chmn. 
of Dept. of Religion, Princeton Univ. 

Fellow, Nat. Council on Religion in Higher 
Educ., since 1925. Member, Am. Philosophical 
Assn., since 1928. Member (since 1928) & past 
Pres., Am. Theol. Socy. 

w. 1933. Dorothy Boyd Graves. Two s. 

Pubt: Spirit and Its Freedom, 1938. Ed. 
The Vitality of the Christian Tradition, 1944. 

*New Forms for Old Faith', in Changing Patterns 
of American Civilization, 1949. 
Elm Road, Princeton, N.J. 

b. 26 Aug. 1899. Taft Sch., Conn., & Yale Univ. 
A.B. PBK. 1918 : Cadet & Hon. 2nd Lt., R.A.F. 

New Coll. 1920-3. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

Yale Law Sch. LL.B. 1924. 

1925-7: Spec. Asst. to Attorney-Gen, of the 
U.S. 1927- : Practice of Law & Res. Partner, 
London office, Cravath, Swaine, & Moore, New 
York City; 1940-1: Capt. to Maj., Brit. Army; 
Scots Guards & Intel!. Corps; 1941: Called to 
the Bar, England. 1 942-3 : Office of Coordinator 
of Inforrnn. Sc^War Informn.; 1945: Liaison 
Officer w. Allies, prosecution of Axis War 

m. (1) 1925. Dorothy A. Ludington. Two d. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2)1939. Adrianne Allen. 

PubL: Who are the Americans?, 1941. 

15 Broad St., New York 5, N.Y. 

Large). b. 21 Feb. 1897. H.S., Chefoo, China, 
& Oberlin Coll A.B. PBK. Also Western 
Reserve Univ. Med. Sch. 

St. John's 1920-2. B.Sc. (Physiol.) 1922. 

Western Reserve Univ. M.D. 1924. Alpha 
Omega Alpha. 

1924-5: Intern, Lakeside Hosp., Cleveland. 
1925-6: Asst. Res. in Pediatrics, Children's 
Hosp., Cleveland. 1926-8: Research Fellow 8s 
Asst. in Pediatrics, Harvard Univ. Med. Sch. 
& Children's Hosp., Boston. 1929- : Practice 
of Pediatrics, Philadelphia; 1929-39: Research 
Fellow & Assoc. in Pediatrics, Univ. of Pa. Med. 
Sch.; 1930- : Chief, Pediatric Service, German- 
town Hosp.; 1935-49: Chief & Pres. of Staff, 
St. Christopher's Hosp. for Children; 1936- : 
Physician-in-chief, Pediatric Dept., Abmgton 
Memorial Hosp.; 1948- : Clinical Prof, of 
Pediatrics, Temple Univ. Sch. of Med. 

Member, Socy. for Pediatric Research; Phila. 
Coll. of Physicians; Am. Med. Assn. Member 
& former Pres., Philadelphia Pediatric Socy. 
Member & Chrnn. for E. Pa. (since 1947) Am. 
Acad. of Pediatrics. Certification by Pediatric 
Specialty Bd. Fellow, China Socy. 

m. 1929. Corinne Richmond Burchard. 
Three d. 

PubL : Sci. arts, on pediatrics & xned. subjects. 

Susguehanna & Rydal Rd. t Rydal> Pa. 

11 Oct. 1899. Baylor Univ. & Howard Coll. 

Pembroke 1920-3. B.Litt (Econ.) 1923. 

1924: Asst. Managing Editor, The Southern 
Banker. 1924-5: Fellow, Ann. Scandinavian 
Foundation, Univ. of Stockholm. 1925-8: 
Prof, of Econ., Mercer Univ. 1928-49: Prof. & 
Hd. of Dept* of Econ. & Commerce, Univ. of 
Louisville; 1928-35: Instr., Am. Inst. of Bank- 
ing; 1943-5: Public Member, Region V, War 
Labor Bd.; 1945: Consultant, O.W.I., London; 
1945-6: Exec. Dir, of Research, Robt Morris 
Associates, Philadelphia. 1949- : Vice-Pres., 
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond , Va. f 

Member, Arbitration Panel, Am. Arbitration 
Assn., 1946-9; Arbitrator, Fed. Mediation & 
Conciliation Service, 1946-9. 

m. 1927. Ruth Ranew. One d. 

Publ.: Who Knows^and What, 1948. Who's 
Who in Commerce and Industry (revised edn.), 
1948. Ed. The Bank Credit Dept., A Training 
Ground for the Bank Loom Officer, 1946. Arts. 
on financial and econ. subjects. 

Federal Reserve Bank, Richmond, Va. 



b. 20 May 1900. Missoula County H.S, & State 
Univ. of Mont. 

Jesus 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. Term). 
Geol. 1st CL B.A. 1923. 

1923-5: Columbia Univ., Univ. Scholar & 
Kemp Fellow. 1926-7: Geologist, 3rd Asiatic 
Expedition of Am. Museum of Natural Hist. 
1927-8- Instr. in GeoL, Ohio State Univ. 
1928-46: Instr. & Prof, of GeoL, Umv of W>o. 
1942-5: Capt. to Maj., U.S.M.C.; Central & 
S. Pacific. 1946- : Geologist, Union Oil Co. of 
CaL, Laramie, Wyo. 

m. 1926. Marie Teresa Condlon. One $. 
One d. 

Publ.: Sci. arts, on geol. 

1421 Sheridan St., Laramie, Wyo. 

29 Dec. 1897. Laramie H.S. & Univ. of Wyo. 

Exeter 1921 (Hil. Term)-! 924 (Trin. Term) 
(absent one year). Junspr. 2nd CL 1924. 

1924-8: Practice of Law, Laramie, Wyo. 
1928-35: Asst. to H.F. Nixon, Attorney at Law, 
Camden, N. J, 1 93 5-8 : Mgr. of Mortgage Dept, , 
Markeim-Chalmers~Ludinj?ton, Camden, N.J. 
1938- : Pres. & Mgr., Coolidge & Sickler, Inc., 
Mortgage Brokerage Firm, Camden, N J. 

m. 1925. Jane B. Tov. Ones. One d. 

210 St. James Ave. 3 Merchantville, N J. 

Dakota), b. 5 July 1900. Sentinel Butte H.S. 
& Umv. of N.D. S.B. PBK. 

St. John's 1921 (Hil. Term)~1924 (Trin. 
Term). Chem. 1st Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1923-4: Instr. in Physics, Northwestern Univ. 
1924-36- Bayard Cutting Research Fellow m 
Physics, Instr,, Tutor, & Asst. Prof, of Physics 
& Chmn. of Tutorial Bd. in Natural Sci., Har- 
vard. 3936- : Visiting Prof, of Physics & 
Thomas T. Read Prof, of Physics, Williams 
Coll.; 1943-5: Spec. Research Assoc., Radio 
Research Lab., Harvard. 

m. 1928. Marie Edna Timberlake. 

Publ.: Sounders & Crawford Physical Lab. 
Manual, 1930, 1932, & 1936. Magnetic Effect in 
Diatomic Gases, 1940. Jacobian Methods in 
Thermodynamics, 1 949. Sci. arts, on physics. 

135 Mam St., Williamstown, Mass. 

DAVIS, JOHN HENBY (Kentucky), b. 12 Aug. 
1899. Lexington H.S., Ky., & Univ. of Ky. 

Exeter 1921 (HiL Term)-! 924 (Trin. Term) 
(absent for two terms). Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1924. M.A. 1927. 

Univ. of Chicago Ph.D. (Hist) 1932. 

1924-5: Prof, of Hist., Davenport Coll., N.C. 
1925-6- Instr. & Grad. Student, Univ. of 
Chicago. 1926- : Prof, of Hist., Southwestern. 

m. 1927. Louisa Harrison. One d. 

Publ.: Robert Harlev as Secretary of State 
1704-1708, 1934. 'Sir Richard Lodge', in Some 
Historians of Modem Europe, 1941. Arts, on 
hist, subjects. 

1020 Rayner St., Memphis, Tenn. 

DAVISSON, OSCAR FULTON, Jr. (Connecticut). 

&. 17 Jan. 1899. Hotchkiss Sch. & Yale Univ. 

New Coll. 1921-3. EngL L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. 
B.A. 1923. Resigned Scholp. Mich. Term 1923. 

1924-6: Architect. 1926- : Sculptor. 

m. (1) 1923. Alexandra Carlson. (2) 1930. 
Hester G. Huntingdon (nle Gibson). 

Hill Studio? Gaylordswlle, Conn. 

DEALEY, JAMES QUAYLE (Rhode Island), b 
21 Sept. 1899. Moses Brown Sch., Providence, 
& Brown Univ. A.B. 

Hertford 1921 (HiL Term)-1923 (Mich. 
Term). Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. & P.P.E. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1923. M.A. 1928. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Govt.) 1928. 

1924-5: R.I. Hosp. Trust Co., Providence. 
1925-8: Instr in Govt. & Grad. Student, Har- 
vard. 1928-31 Asst. Prof, of Pol. Sci., Western 
Reserve Univ. 1931-46: Asst. & Assoc. Prof, of 
Pol. Sci., Hamilton Coll.; 1943-6: Capt. to 
Lt.-Col., U.S. Army ; European theater. 1 946-7 : 
War Dept., Washington, D.C. 1947- : Prof, of 
Pol. Sci , Umv. of Toledo, Ohio. 

m. 1932. Esther Reed. One s. 

3712 Elmhurst Rd., Toledo 6, Ohio. 

b. 24 Feb. 1897. Wallace Sch , Nashville, & 
Vanderbilt Umv. A.B. 1917-19- 2nd Lt. 
U.S.F.A.; France. 

Wadham 1921 (HiL Term)-1923 (Trin. 
Term) & 1924 (Mich. Term). EngL L. & Lit. 
(shortened). B.A. 1922. 

Univ. of Paris Doctorate (EngL & French 
Lit.) 1925. 

1923-4: Instr. in EngL, Denison Univ. 
1926-33: Instr. & Asst. Prof, of EngL, Ohio 
State Univ. 1934-7: State Dir. for Tenn. Nat. 
Reemployment Service, U.S. Dept. of Labor. 
1937-42 & 1945- : Asst. Prof., Assoc. Prof., & 
Prof, of EngL, Univ. of Ala. 1942-5: Capt. to 
Lt.-Col., U.S. Army Air Force; Instr., Officer 
Training Sch., Historian, Control Div. A.S.F, 
& G-2 W D.G.S., Washington, D.C. 

m. 1935. Jane Davis Smith. One s. 

Publ. : U Influence du naturahsme franpais sur 
le roman anglais, 1925. The English Novel in 
Transition, 1885-1940, 1942. The Admiralties, 
1946. Arts, on French and EngL lit. 

Route 2, Cottondale, Ala. 

22 Nov. 1896. Kewanee H.S., 111., & Knox 
Coll. A.B. Magna cum laude. PBK. 1st Lt., 
U.S. Inf. ; France. 

St. John's 1921 (HiL Term)-1922 (Mich. 
Term). Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1922. M.A. 1931. 

1923-5: Advertising Mgr. & Sales Mgr., 
Straus Brothers Co., Investment securities, 
Chicago. 1925-9: Repres., The Saturday Even- 
ing Post, The Curtis Publishing Co., Chicago. 
1929- : Exec. Secy., Managing Dir. & Pres., 
Am. Assn. of Advertising Agencies, New York 
City; 1930-40: Instr. in Advertising, Columbia 

Treas. & Dir. of Advertising Council, Inc. 
Treas. & Dir., Advertising Research Foundation. 
Vice-Chmn. & Dir., Broadcast Measurement 
Bureau, Inc. Dir., Traffic Audit Bureau. Dir., 
Trade Assn. Executives in New York City, 
1939-42, Pres. 1941-2. D ir ., Am. Trade Assn. 
Executives, 1940-3, Vice-Pres. 1942-3. Dir., 
Advertising Fed. of Am., since 1947. 

m. 1920. Blanche Miller. One d. 

Publ.: Contrib. to Advertisers Handbook, 1949. 

420 Lexington Ave., New York 17, N. Y. 

& 15 Dec. 1900. El Paso H.S., Univ. of N.M., 
& Stanford Univ. A.B. & A.M. PBK. SigmaXi. 

Exeter 1921-6. Physics 1st Cl. B.A. 1924. 
DJPhil. 1926. 

19267: Research Lab., Westinghouse Lamp 
Co. 1927- : Asst. & Assoc. Prof, of Physics, 
Swarthmore Coll. 



tn. 1928. Eunice Peterson. Two d. 

Publ: Sci. arts, on physics. 

336 N. Princeton Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. 

29 Jan. 1896. Wilmington H.S., Del., & Prince- 
ton. A.B. PBK. 1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S. Inf.; 

Lincoln 1921 (Hil. Term)~1923 (Trin. Term). 
Engl. L. & Lit. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

New York Univ. M.A. (Engl. Educ.) 1928. 

1923-4: Instr. in Engl., Princeton. 1924-8 
Instr. in Engl., Erasmus Hall H.S., Brooklyn. 
1928- : Asst. & Assoc, Prof, of Engl., NJ. State 
Teachers Coll.; 193CK6: Grad. Study, Cand. for 
Ph.D. in Comparative Lit., Columbia Univ.; 
1943-6: Capt. to Lt.-CoL, U.S. Army, Coast 
Artillery Corps & Anti-aircraft Artillery ; U.S. 
Eastern Defense Command, Hist. Sec. War 
Dept. & Spec. Staff, Army War Coll., Washing- 
ton, D.C.; 1947: Grad. Study, N.Y.U. Sch. of 

m. 1924. Pauline Kemp Vrooman. Two s. 

137 Clarewtll Ave., Upper Montclaxr, N.J. 

20 May 1899. Appleby Sch., Oakville, Ont., & 
Lake Placid Sch., N.Y. Princeton. A.B. 

Balhol 1921 (Hil. Terrn)~1923 (Trin. Term). 
Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1 923-5 & 1 93 1- : Practice of Law, member of 
firm, Root, Ballantine, Harlan, Bushby & 
Palmer. 1925-7: Asst U.S. Attorney for S.Dist. 
of N.Y. 1928-30 : Spec. Asst. to Attorney- Gen,, 
N.Y. State. 1942-3 : Civilian Hd. of Operations 
Analysis Sec., 8th Air Force. 1943-5: Lt.-Col. 
to Col., U.S. Army Air Force; European theater; 
Chief, Operations Analysis Sec., 8th Air Force; 
Control Council Group, U.S. Strategic Air 
Forces in Europe; Legion of Merit, Croix de 
Guerre w. Palm (French), Croix de Guerre w. 
Palm (Belgian). 

m. 1928. Ethel Andrews, One d. 

31 Nassau St., New York 5, N. Y. 

chusetts), b, 16 July 1899. Roxbury Latin 
Sch., Mass., & Harvard. A.B. PBK. 

Merton 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Trin. Term). 
Mod. Langs. (French) 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923, 

Harvard A.M. (Romance Philology) 1928; 
Ph.D. (French) 1930. 

1923-4: Instr. in French, Univ. of Tex. 
1924-6: Asst. Prof, of French, Union Coll. 
1926-30: Harvard Univ. Grad. Sch.; 1927-8: 
Asst. Prof, of Romance Languages, Mass. Inst. 
of Tech. ; Instr. & Tutor, Div. of Mod. Lan- 
guages, Harvard & Radchne; 1928-30: Instr. in 
French, Boston Univ.; Instr. & Tutor, Div. of 
Mod. Languages, Harvard. 1930- : Asst, & 
Assoc. Prof. & Chmn. of Dept. of Romance 
Languages, Northwestern Univ.; 1934-41: 
Editorial checker, Time, Inc.; 1943-6: Exec. 
Vice-Pres., Laurel Book Co., Chicago; 1946- : 
Editorial Adviser in French, Houghton Mifflin 
Co., Boston; 1942-5: Seaman 1/c to Ens., 
U,S. Coast Guard Reserve. 

m. (1) 1923. Ardys Lillian Taylor (d.). One 
s. One d. (2) 1940. Anita Clarkson Nesbitt. 
One s. 

Publ.: (In collab.) Medieval French Liter a- 
tttre, 1934. Chez les Francois, 1937. A Biblio- 
graphical Guide to the Romance Languages and 
Literatures , 1939 & 1947. Arts, on French lit. 

Dept. of Romance Languages* Northwestern 
Univ.., Evanston, III. 

b. 6 Dec. 1897. Hendrix Coll. & Univ. of Okla. 
A.B. &LL.B. 1918-19: Pvt., U.S.M.C. 

Merton 1921 (Hil. Term)-l 923 (Mich. Term). 
BJLitt. (Junspr.) 1923. 

1924-8: Gen. Counsel & Trust Officer, Am. 
Nat. Bank, Okla. City. 1928-9: Gen. Counsel, 
American-First Nat. Bank, Okla. City. 1929- : 
Practice of Law, Tulsa; Sr. partner, Holleman 
& Durfee, since 1940. 

m. 1930. Maxme Maxey. Two s. One d. 

1718 S. Cheyenne, Tulsa, Okla. 

27 Aug. 1899. Episcopal H.S., Alexandria, Va., 
&Univ. ofVa. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1921 (Hil. Term)-l 923 (Mich. 
Term). Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. M.A. 1926. 

Theol. Seminary, Alexandria, Va. B.D. 1924. 
Ordained 1923. Amherst Coll. D.D. 1931. 

1924-30: Rector, Grace Ch., Amherst; 
Faculty Dir. of Religious Activities, Amherst 
Coll. 1930-40: Rector, Trinity Ch., Copley Sq,, 
Boston. 1 940-7 : Rector, Trinity Ch. , Princeton. 
1947- : Rector, St. James's Ch., New York 

Hon. D.D., Univ. of Vt., Boston Univ., 
Princeton. Hon. L.H.D., Rollins Coll. Hon. 
Canon, Christ Ch. Cathedral, Springfield, Mass. 
Member, Fow. Move. Commission; Member 8s 
Chmn., Univ. Christian Mission; Trustee, 
Amherst Coll., Vassar, Burlington Coll. 

m. 1937. Mary Kemp Blagden. Three s. 

n 4E. 72nd St., New York 21, N. Y. 

LEWIS, RALPH ELLERBECK (Utah), b. 29 Apr. 
1897. Salt Lake City H.S. & Univ. of Utah. 
A.B. 1917-19: 2nd Lt., U.S. Air Service. 

Exeter 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. Term). 
Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1923. 

1924 : Practice of Law, member of firm, 
Freston & Files, Los Angeles. 

m. 1925. Elizabeth Mary Dowie Watson. 
One s. One d. 

Care Freston & Files, 650 S. Spring St., Los 
Angeles 14, CaL 

LINDLEY, ERNEST KIDDER (Idaho), b. 14 July 
1899. Bloomington H.S., Ind., & Umvs. of Ind. 
& Idaho. A.B. PBK. 

Pembroke 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. 
Term). Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1923, 

1924: Journalism, Wichita Beacon. 1924-31: 
The World, New York City. 1931-7: Herald 
Tribune. New York City; Washington Bureau, 
1933-7. 1937- : Washington Editor & Chief of 
Washington Bureau, Newsweek, Author 
* Washington Tides'; 1938- : Commentator on 
public affairs for Des Motnes Register, & Tribune 
Syndicate; 1942-9: Author * Washington Memo', 
MacLearfs Magazine, Toronto; 19423: Radio 
commentator, U.S. net-works, Brit. Broad- 
casting Corp., & Canadian Broadcasting Co. 

m. 1929. Helen Elizabeth Grimes. Three $. 

Publ.: Franklin D. Roosevelt A Career in 
Progressive Democracy, 1931. The Roosevelt 
Revolution First Phase, 1933. Half Way with 
Roosevelt, 1936. A New Deal for Youth (w. 
Betty G. Lindley) 1938. (In collab.) How War 
Came, 1942. 

2207 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington 8 t 

8 Sept. 1899. Indianapolis Manual Training 
H.S. 82 Wabash Coil. A.B. 

Christ Church 1921-4. Hist. 3rd CL 1924. 

Harvard Law Sch. 1925-6. Washington 
Univ. Law Sch, LL.B. 1929. 

1929-34: Practice of Law, Bogle, Bogle & 
Gates, Seattle. 1934-5 : Asst. Solicitor, Dept. of 
Interior. Repres. of Administrator of Petroleum 
Code & Pacific Coast Petroleum Agency, Seattle. 
1936-9: Practice of Law & partner, Evans, 
McLaren & Littell, Seattle. 1939-44: Asst. 
Attorney-Gen, of U.S., Lands Div., U.S. Dept. 



of Justice, Washington, D.C. 1944- : Practice 
of Law, Washington, D.C. 

Chmn., Foreign Cooperation Com., Intcmat. 
& Compar. Law Sec., Am. Bar Assn. Chmn., 
Internat Econ. Cooperation Com., Internal. Bar 

m. 1930. Katherine Maher. One s. On d. 

4101 Lorcam Lane, Arlington, Va. 

b. 25 Aug. 1898. W. Phila. H.S. & Univ. of Pa. 

Christ Church 1921 (Hil. Term)-1924 (Tnn. 
Term), Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. B.C.L. 
3rd Cl. 1924. M.A. 1929. Called to the Bar, 
England, 1924. 

1924-42: Practice of Law & partner, Ballard, 
Spahr, Andrews & Ingersoll, Philadelphia; 1924: 
Instr. m Corp. Finance, Univ. of Pa.; 1939-42: 
Member, Philadelphia Bd. of Appeals for 
Selective Service. 1942-7: Adviser in War Area, 
Econ. Div. & Chief of European Neutrals Sec., 
U.S. Dept. of State, Washington, D.C., London, 
Stockholm, & Berne. 1948- : Practice of Law, 
Conlen, LaBrum & Beechwood, Philadelphia. 

PubL: Arts, in State Dept. Bulletin & law 

243 W. Tulpehocken St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dakota), b. 23 Apr. 1897. Alpena H.S., S.D., 
& Huron Coll. S.B. Also Univ. of Chicago & 
Umv. of S,D. 

Merton 1921 (Hil. Term)1922 (Trin. Term) 
Jurispr. Aegrotat 1922. 

Univ. of Chicago J.D. 1923. 

1923-5: Practice of Law & City Judge, Rapid 
City, Black Hills, S.D. 1925-43: Practice of 
Law & City Judge, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

m. 1922. Mae Horn. Three s. One d. 

Died 14 Nov. 1943. 

MOOR, ARTHUR PRICHARD (Florida), b. 17 
June 1899. Seabreeze H.S., Fla., & John JB. 
Stets,on Univ. B.S. Princeton Theol. Seminary 
& Princeton Univ. A.M. (Engl.). 

Christ Church 1921-4. Theol, 2nd CL B.A. 

Columbia Univ. Ph.D. (Philos. of Educ.) 

1924: Atlanta journal. 1925-30: State Stu- 
dent Secy. Va. & Pa., Field Secy., Nat. Council 
Y.M.C.A. & Secy. Intercollegiate Y.M.C.A., 
New York City. 1930-1: Music study, Sch. of 
Sacred Music, Union Theol. Seminary. 1 931-2 : 
Member of Fac., Univ. of Miami, Fla. 1932-4; 
Music Dept.. State Normal Sch., Oswego, N.Y. : 
Hd. of Dept. 1933-4, 1934-40: Grad. Study, 
Columbia Univ., free lance writing & lecturing. 
1 940-5 : Dir. of Arts Div. , Adelphi Coll. 1 945-7 : 
Curator of Educ. & Supervisor of Music & 
Radio, Brooklyn Museum. 1947-9: Hd. of Sch. 
of Fine Arts, Olivet Coll.; 1947-8: Visiting 
Lect. for Assn. of Am. Colls. 

m. 1934. Lillian Sorensen. Two s. Two d. 

PubL: Contrib. to Music in American Life by 
A. 3D. Zanzig, 1932. The Library-Museum of 
Music and Dance, 1938. Arts, on oriental music 
and music libraries. 

Olivet, Mich. 

lina), b. 11 Nov. 1895. Laurens H.S., S.C., 
Wofford Coll. A.B. & A.M. Also Emory Univ. 
1917-19: 1st Lt., U.S. Army Ambulance Ser- 
vice; Italy; Italian War Cross. 

Wadham 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Mich. 
Term). Theol. 3rd'CL B.A. 1923. M.A. 1928. 
Relays v. Camb, 1922. 

1924-7: Missionary in China. 1927-8: 
Teaching EngL, Wofford Coll. 1928-30: Pastor, 
Trinity Methodist Episcopal South Church, 
Spartanburg, S.C. 1931-2: Pastor, Enoree, S.C. 

1932: Changed to ministry of Protestant Epis- 
copal Ch. 1933-8: Rector, Ch. of the Advent, 
\Vilhamston, N.C. 1938- : Rector, St. Mary's 
Episcopal Ch., Kinston, N.C. 

Member, Exec. Council, Diocese of E. Caro- 
lina. Trustee, St. Mary's Sch. & Jr. Coll., 

m. 1925. Grace Darling Templeton. One s. 
One d, 

Kinston, N.C. 

shire), b. 22 Aug. 1898. Somerville H.S., 
Mass., Tufts Coll. & Dartmouth Coll. S.B. PBK. 

Brasenose 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Trin. 
Term) & 1924 (Mich. Term). Jurispr. 3rd CL & 
B.C.L. 3rd Cl. 1923. Called to the Bar, England, 

1925-8: Asst. U.S. Attorney, S. Dist. of N.Y. 
1928: Spec. Asst. Attorney-Gen., N.Y. State. 
1929-33: Practice of Law, White & Case, New 
York City. 1934-42 & 1946- : Practice of Law 
& Member of firm, Donovan, Leisure, Newton, 
Lurnbard & Irvine, New York City. 1943-6: 
Pres., Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co.; 1943: 
U.S. Deputy Coal Mines Administrator; 1943- 
5: Consultant, O.S.S. 

m. 1926. Mary Barrow. Two s. One d. 

Donovan. Leisure. Newton, Lombard & Irvine. 
2 Wall St., New York 3, N. Y. 

POWERS, JOHN HOWARD (Maine), b. 31 May 
1898. Machias H.S.. Me., & Bates Coll. A.B. 

Trimtv 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Trin. Term). 
PhysioL 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

Harvard Univ. Med. Sch. M.D. 1925. 

1925-7: Lakeside Hasp., Cleveland, & Peter 
Bent Brigham Hosp., Boston. 1927-8: Fellow 
& Asst. in Surgery, Harvard Med. Sch. 1928- 
30: Res. Surgeon, Peter Bent Brigham Hosp., 
Boston, & Asst. in Surgery, Harvard Med. Sch. 
1931- : Assoc. Surgeon & Actg. Surgeon-in- 
Chief, Mary Imogene Bassett Hosp., Coopers- 
town, N.Y.; 1947- : Instr. in Surgery, Coll. of 
Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia Univ. 

m. 1946. Emilie Baldwin Simmons. 

PubL: Numerous sci. arts, on surgery and 
post-operative care. 

Cooperstown, N.Y. 

SMITH, BEVERLY WAUGH, Jr. (Maryland). 
b. 9 Aug. 1898. Baltimore City Coll. & Johns 
Hopkins Univ. A.B. PBK. Also Harvard Law 
Sch. 1918-19: 2nd Lt., U.S.C.A. 

Christ Church 1921 (Hil. Term)-1922 (Mich. 
Term). Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1923. Relays v. 
Camb. 1921. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1921. 

1923-6: Practice of Law, New York City. 
1926-31: Reporter, foreign corresp. & column- 
ist, N.Y. Herald Tribune. 1931-46: Writer & 
Assoc. Editor, American Magazine. 1946 : 
Washington Editor, The Saturday Evening Post. 

m. 1926. Grace Cutler. 

PubL: Numerous arts, on nat. & internat. 
politics & public affairs. 

1613 19th St. N.W., Washington 9, D.C. 

SMITH, ROBERT AURA (Ohio), b. 12 Jan. 1899. 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ. 1917-19: Pvt., U.&.M.C.; 

Queen's 1921-4. EngL L. & Lit. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1924. M.A. 1930. 

1924-5: Prof, of EngL, Evansvflle Coll. 1925- 
9: Journalism, Cincinnati Commercial Tribune. 
1929-37: Editorial Staff, Manila Daily Bulletin; 
Philippine Repres. of N. Y. Times. 1930-41 & 
1945- : N. F. Tones; 1945-9: Staff Corres. & 
Foreign Desk; Editorial Writer since 1949. 
1941-5: Office of Coordinator of Information, 
Chief, India-Burma Div., O.W.I., New Delhi; 
Chief, Training Div., O.W.I.; 1945-6: Lect., 
Staff Officers' School of Asiatic Studies, Yale; 
1946-7: Lect. in Govt., Barnard Coll. 


1920, 1921 

Chxnn,, Bd. of Dirs., N.Y, Branch, English- 
Speaking Union, 1947-8. 

m. 1924. Pauline Crumb. 

Publ.: Our Future in Awa, 1940. Your 
Foreign Policy, 1941. Divided India, 1947. 

New York Times, Times Square, New York, 

b. 5 Feb. 1899 Raleigh H.S., N,C., & Univ. of 
N.C. A.B. PBK. 

Exeter 1921 (HiL Term)-1922 (Trin. Term). 
B.Litt. (Econ.) 1922. 

1922-8 & 1930- : Asst. Prof, to Prof, of Econ. 
& Dean of Gen. Coll., Univ. of N.C.; 1928-30: 
Grad. Study Tutor, Harvard; 1942-4: Maj. 
to Lt.-Col., U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps; 
1944-5: Textile Branch, O.P.A., Washington, 

77i. 1922. Julia Grimes Cherry. 

Publ." Arts, on taxation & econ. 

338 Tenney Circle, Chapel Hill, N.C. 

York), b. 19 Dec. 1898. Flushing H.S., N.Y., 
& Cornell Univ. A.B. 

University 1921 (HiL Term)-1923 (Trin. 
Term). Dipl. in Theol. Also read Hist. & Econ. 

Union Theological Seminary M.A. (Reli- 
gious Educ.) 1936. 

1923-7: Secy., Student Christian Assn., Cornell 
Univ. 1927-9: Teaching, The Hill Sch., Potts- 
town, Pa. 1929-32: Teaching, Phillips Acad., 
Andover, Mass. 1932-43: Prof, of Religion, 
Rollins Coll. 1943-5 : Am. Red Cross, N. Afr. & 
Italy. 1946-8: Student (Cand. for Ph.D.) Am. 
Univ., Washington, D.C. 1948- : Assoc. Dir., 
Carnegie Endow, for Internat. Peace, & Dir., 
Am. Univ. Union, Paris, France. 

m. (1) 1923. Julie Stafford Chamberlain. 
One s. One d. (Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1943. 
Louise Thome Bovingdon. 

173 Blvd. St. Germain, Paris VI, France. 

(Vermont), b. 23 Oct. 1899. Hotchkiss Sen. & 
Yale Univ. A.B. 

Oriel 1921-3. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1923-9: Asst. Editor, World's Work. 1930-2: 
Asst. Editor, Foreign Affairs. 1934- : Free 
lance Editor. 

m. 1928. Wilma Wells Luyster. 

165 Landing Rd. t Glen Cove, L.L, N.Y. 

VIDRINE, ARTHUR (Louisiana), b. 20 Dec. 
1896. Ville Platte H.S. & La. State Univ, A.B. 
Also Tulane Univ, Med. Sch. M.D. 

Exeter 1921 (Mich. Term)-1922 (HiL Term). 
Read Med. Resigned Scholp. 

1923-6: Med. Practice, Ville Platte, La. 
1926-30: The Eunice Sanatorium, Eunice, La. 
1931-9: Supt., Chanty Hosp. of La. & Dean, 
La. State Univ. Med. Center, New Orleans. 

Ville Platte, La. 

b. 13 Nov. 1900. Tucson H.S. & N. Ariz. 
Normal Sch. Also Univ. of Ariz. 

St. Edmund Hall 1921 (HiL Term)-1923 
(Mich. Term). Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

Univ. of Cal. Ph.D. (Engl. Lit.) 1932. 

1924-6: Instr. in Dramatics, Francis Parker 
Sch., San Diego. 1926-40: Instr. to Prof, of 
Engl., San Diego State Coll.: 1928-30: Asst. in 
Engl. & Grad. Student, Univ. of Cal. 1940-3: 
Prof, of Engl., Univ. of Ore. 1943-6 1st Lt. to 
Maj., U.S. Army Air Force; Am. & Pacific 
theaters; Army commendation ribbon. 1946 : 
Reinhardt Prof, of Am. Lit., Mills Coll. 1949- 
50 : Visiting Lect., Am. L. & Lit., Uppsala Univ. 

Gold Medal for Non-Fiction, Commonwealth 
Club of San Francisco, 1939. Hunttngton 
Library Research Fellowship 1946-9. 

m. (1) 1924. Dorothy R. Griffith. One *. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1933. Irnogene 

Publ.: Frank Norri$: a Biography, 1932. 
Prentice Mulford's California Sketches, 1935. 
Washoe Giant in San Francisco, 1938. San 
Francisco's Literary Frontier, 1939. (In collab.) 
Mark Twain's Travels with Mr. Brown, 1940. 
Ambrose Bierce, 1941. 

Mills Co//., Oakland 13, Cal. 

ginia), b. 30 Sept. 1901. Charlestown H.S., 
W. Va., & Va, Mil. Inst. A.B. 

Hertford 1921-4. Junspr. 4th CL B.A. 1924. 

1924-6: Instr. in Econ., Carnegie Inst. of 
Tech., Pittsburgh. 1927- Am. Consular & 
Diplomatic Service; 1927-9: Vice-Consul, 
Buenos Aires; 1929. Secy., Am. Embassy, Rio 
de Janeiro; 1931- Secy., Am. Embassy, Tokyo; 
1934: Secy., Am. Legation, Bogota; 1935: Secy., 
Am. Embassy, Istanbul- Ankara; 1938' Secy., 
Am. Legation, Riga; 1940: Secy., Am. Legation, 
Stockholm; 1944: Secy., Am. Embassy, San 
Jos; 1945: Secy., Am. Embassy, Mexico, D.F.; 
First Secy., Am. Embassy, Madrid since 1948. 

m. 1933. Simone Fleisher. One s. One d. 

U.S. Dept. of State, Washington, D.C. 


ADAMS, WILLIAM FOBBES (California), b. 
25 Feb. 1898. Palo Alto & Ann Arbor H.S. & 
Stanford Univ. A.B. PBK. 1917-19: Pvt., U.S. 
Ambulance Service; France. 

Oriel 1921-4. Hist. 2nd CL B.A. 1923. 

Yale Univ. Ph.D. 1929. 

1924-9: Instr. to Asst. Prof, of Hist., Yale. 
1928-9; Sterling Memorial Fellow, Yale. 1929- 

35: Asst. Prof, to Assoc. Prof, of Hist., Univ. of 
Cal.; Editorial Bd., Social Sci, Series & Collec- 
tions Com. of Soc. Sci. Inst., Umv. of Cal.; 
Adult Educ. Staff, Umv. of Cal, 

m. 1925. Lucy Wilcox. Two s. 

Publ.: Ireland and Irish Immigration to the 
New World from 1815 to the Famine, 1933. 

Died 27 July 1935. 



BOLICH, WILLIAM BRYAN (North Carolina). 

b. 16 Dec. 1896. Saluda, N.C., Seminary. 
Wofford Coll. Duke Univ. A.B. PBK. 1918- 
19: Seaman to Ens., U.S.N. 

Pembroke 192 1-4. Junspr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1923. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1924. M.A. 1928. 

1924-7; Practice of Law, Winston-Salem, 
N.C.; 1927* Member of N.C. Gen. Assembly. 
1927- : Prof, of Law, Duke Umv.; 1948: Dir., 
Summer Sch., Duke Univ. Sch. of Law. 

Secy., Duke Law Alumni Assn., 1931-48. 
Member, Duke Univ. Centennial Corn., 1938. 
Member, Duke Nat. Council, since 1947 Mem- 
ber, N.C. Commission on Public, Local, & Private 
Laws, 1947-8. 

m. 1928. Lilian Elsom Harrison. Two d* 

Publ. Cases and Materials on Introduction to 
Procedure, 1935. 

Hope Valley, Durham, N.C. 

26 July 1899. Tulsa H.S. & Univ. of Okla. 
A.B. PBK. 

Lincoln 1921-4. Hist. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 
B.Litt. (Mod. Hist.) 1925. M.A. 1927. 

1924- City Editor, Ponca City News. 1925-8: 
Asst, & City Editor, Tulsa Tribune. 1928-38: 
Dir., Univ. of Okla. Press, 1928-33: First 
Editor, Sooner Magazine; 1931-8: Managing 
Editor, Books Abroad. 1938-41 : Dir., Princeton 
Univ. Press. 1941-4: Pres., Umv. of Okla. 
1944-5- Dir., Univ. of Chicago Press. 1945-9: 
Pres., Henry Holt Co. Inc., Publishers. 
1949- : Prof, of Journalism, Univ. of Cal. 
Grad. Sch. of Journalism, Los Angeles. 

Trustee, Foundation for the Advancement of 
the Social Scis., since 1941. Chmn., Okla. 
Teacher Retirement Commission, 1944. Pres., 
Am. Jnst. of Graphic Arts, 1947-8. 

m. 1927. Sarah Maude Little. Two $, One d. 

Publ.: "Toward the New Spain, 1932. Arts, on 
educ. leadership. 

1522 Warner Ave., W, Los Angeles 24, CaL 

b. 7 May 1898. Reno H.S. & Univ. of Nev. S.B. 

Lincoln 1921-3. Chem. (Part I). B.A. 1924. 

1923-7: Recuperation after illness. 1927: 
Chem. Fellow, Univ. of Nev. 1927-37: Private 
Tutor (Chem.), Asst. & First Asst. Librarian, 
Washoe Co. Library, Reno. 

Died 18 Jan. 1937. 

CHILDERS, JAMES SAXON (Alabama), b. 19 
Apr. 1899. Central H.S., Birmingham, & 
Oberlin Coll. A.B. 

Worcester 1921-5. Engl. L. & Lit. 4th CL 
B.A, 1923. M.A. 1927, 

1925-42* Writing, Prof, of Lit., Birmingham- 
Southern Coll. 1942-6: Maj. to Col., U.S. 
Army Air Forces; European & Asiatic theaters. 
1946- : Writing. 

Hon. PBK, Birmingham Southern, 1938. 

m. 1943 Maurine White. 

Publ.: Ed. The Uneducated Poets , 1925; The 
Prose Tales of Mother Goose, 1925. Robert 
McAlpin: A Biography, 1926. Laurel and Straw , 
1927. Hilltop in the Rain, 1928. The Bookshop 
Mystery, 1930 Through Oriental Gates, 1931. 
From Siam to Suez, 1932. God Save the Duke, 
1933. A Novel about a White Man and a Black 
Man, 1935. Sailing South American Skies, 1936. 
Mumbo Jumbo, Esquire. 1940. Enemy Outpost. 
1941. War Eagles, 1942. 

Red Acres Farm. Star Route, Chapel HilL 

17 Aug. 1898. Brigham Young H.S., Logan, 
Utah, & Univ. of Utah. A.B. 

Jesus 1921-4. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1924. 

1924-48: Practice of Law, Salt Lake City; 

1926: Teaching Commercial Law & Sociol. 
Utah Agric. Coll. 

m. 1926. Errna Bennion. One s. Two d. 

Died 8 May 1948. 

COLE, KENNETH CAREY (Washington), b. 
10 Apr. 1898. Lincoln H S., Seattle, & Univ. 
of Wash. 

St. John's 1921-4. B.Litt. (Law) 1924. 

Harvard Ph.D. (Govt.) 1930. 

1924-7: Teaching, Dept. of Pol. Sci., Umv. 
of Wash. 1927-31: Instr. m Govt., Harvard. 
1931- : Assoc. Prof, to Prof, of Pol. Sci. & 
Prof, of Am. Govt. & Public Law, Univ. of 
Wash.; 1943-5: Chmn., W. Coast Aircraft Com., 
Nat. War Labor Bd.; 1947- : Co-director, Inst. 
of Public Affairs, Umv. of Wash. 

m, 1926. Alice Atwood Campbell. One 5. 

Publ.: Arts, on govt. & pol. sci. 

16235 38th Ave. N.E., Seattle, Wash. 


b. 21 July 1900. Shenandoah Valley Acad. & 
Va. Mil. Inst. A.B. 

Christ Church 1921-4. Chem. Part I. B.A. 
1924. M.A. 1928. 

1925-49: Chemist, Stanco Inc., Linden, N.J. 
1949- : Research Chemist, Esso Standard Oil 
Co., Linden. 

m, 1930. Anna Edwards Perkins. Two d. 

820 Roanoke Ave., Elizabeth 3, N.J. 

DUBUISSON, EDWARD (Louisiana), b. 27 

June 1902. St. Charles, La. H.S. & Coll. A.B. 
Also Catholic Univ., Washington, D.C. 

Exeter 1921-2 & 1923-5. Hist., Overstanding 
for Hons. B.A. 1926. 

Tulane Umv. LL.B. 1928. 

1928-31: Practice of Law, Sanders, Baldwin, 
Viosca & Hospel, New Orleans. 1931- : Prac- 
tice of Law, Opelousas, La.; 19448: Member, 
La. State House of Repres., re-elected for 
1948-52. ^ 

Member, Bd. of Governors of La. State Bar 
Assn., 1947-9. Vice-Pres. & member, Bd. of 
Governors, La. Civil Service League, since 1942. 

m. 1943. Olys Maurie Crawford. 

Opelousas, La. 

EDWARDS, CORWIN D. (Missouri), b. 1 Nov. 
1901. Univ. H.S., Columbia, Mo., & Umv. of 
Mo. A.B. & B.J. 

Lincoln 1921-4. Dipl. Econ. w. Distn. 1922. 
B. Litt. (Hist.) 1924. 

Cornell Univ. Ph.D. (Econ.) 1928. 

1 924-6 : Instr. in Econ. , Cornell Univ. 1 926- 
33: Asst. Prof, of Econ., N.Y. Univ. 1933-5: 
Economist, Chief of Price Sec., Asst. Dir., & 
Tech. Dir., Consumers Advisory Bd., N.R.A. 
1935-6- Coordinator, Trade Practice Studies, 
Div. of Review, N.R.A. 1936: Principal Eco- 
nomist, Div. of Industr. Econ., President's 
Com. of Industr. Analysis. 1937-9: Econ. 
Adviser & Asst. Chief Economist, Fed. Trade 
Commission. 1939-44: Econ. Consultant & 
Chmn. of Policy Bd., U.S. Dept. of Justice; 
1942-3 : Chief of Staff, Am. Tech. Mission to 
Brazil. 1944-8: Prof, of Econ., Northwestern 
Univ.; 1946: Hd., Am. Mission on Japanese 
Combines; 1944-8: Consultant on Cartels, U.S. 
Dept. of State. 1948- : Chief Economist, 
Federal Trade Commission. 

m. (1) 1924. Janet Morris Ward. One s. 
OneJ. (Marriage dissolved.) (2)1948. Gertrud 


bl.: (In collab.) American Labor Dynamics , 
1928; The Economics of Modem Life, 1929. 
Economic Behaviour, 1931. Report of American 
Technical Com. to Brazil, 1943. Report of Mis- 
sion on Japanese Combines, 1946. Economic & 
Political Aspects of International Cartels (mono- 
graph), 1944. A Cartel Policy for the United 



Nations, 1945, Maintaining Competition, 2949. 
Numerous arts. 

212 S. Pitt St., Alexandria, Va. 

EMERY, CLYDE BURTIS (Wisconsin), b. 
9 May 1899. Westport H.S., Kansas City, & 
Univ. of Wis. A.B. PBK. 

Merton 1921 (Mich. Term.) & 1923 (Trin, & 
Mich. Terms). Head Jurispr. Resigned Scholp. 
on account of ill health. 

Harvard Law Sch. LL.B. 1930. 

1923-7: Teaching, H.S. 82 Jr. Coll., Kansas 
City, Mo. 1927-30: Student, Harvard Law 
Sch. 1930-6: Practice of Law, McCormick,, 
Bromberg, Leftwich & Carrmgton, Dallas. 
1936-8: Assoc. Prof, of Law, Baylor Univ. 
1938- : Prof, of Law, Southern Methodist 
Univ.; 1944-5: Umpire, N. Am. Aviation, Inc. 
& United Auto (& Aircraft) Workers (C.I.O.). 

m. (1) 1932. Mary James Gill. (Marriage 
dissolved.) (2) 1942. Lormne Harkey. One d. 

PubL: Arts, on legal subjects. 

9417 Waterview Rd., Dallas, Tex. 

17 July 1901. Missoula H.S. & Univ. of Mont. 

Pembroke 1921-4. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 

Columbia Univ. Law Sch. LL.B. 1926. 

1926-7: Asst. to U.S. Attorney, S. Dist. of 
NY. 1927-37- Practice of Law, Root, Clark, 
Buckner& Ballantme, New York City. 1937- : 
Attorney, Am. Telephone 8s Telegraph Co., New 

m. (1) 1*926. Margaret E. Belknap (d. 1938). 
One *. One d. (2) 1948. Margaret A. Hankins. 
4 E. 95th St., New York 28, N.Y. 

16 Sept. 1896. San Antonio H.S. & Univ. of 
Tex. A.B. Ss LL.B. PBK. 1917-19: Lt. U.S. 
Inf.: France. 

Hertford 1921-2. Read Jurispr. Resigned 

1922- : Practice of Law, New York City 82 
Washington, D.C. ; Contrib. Editor, New York 
Evening Post, 1926; Spec. Asst. to the Attorney- 
Gen. of the U.S., 1933 ; Actg. Corp. Counsel of 
the City of New York, 1934; Assoc. Administra- 
tor of War Assets Admin., 1946 ; Counsel, Exec. 
Office of the Pres. of the United States, 1947-8. 

Asst. Chmn., Bus. Advisory Council; Special 
Adviser, N.R.A.; Delegate to Brussels congress 
of La Federation des Anciens Combattants; 
Chmn., Nat Advisory Council; Dir. and Mem- 
ber, Exec. Com., United China Relief; Dir. & 
Vice-Pres., Am. Asiatic Assn.; Dir., Pan- Am. 
Socy.; Member, Nat. Foreign Trade Council, 
Am.-Bra2ilian Assoc., Internal. Chamber of 
Commerce, Chamber of Commerce of State of 
N.Y.. Argentine Chamber of Commerce. 

m. 1924. Mary Louise Gardner. Two 5. 
One d, 

Publ. : Arts, in various journals. 

Ftdd Lane, Rwerdale-on-tke-Hudson, New 
York 63, N.Y. 

FORD, EDWIN DOUGLAS, Jr. (Idaho). b. 7 Nov. 
1899. Weiser H.S., Idaho, & Whitman Coll. 


*St. John's 1921-4. Jurispr. 1st Cl. B.A. 1923. 
B.C.L. 1st Cl. 1924. M.A. 1949. 


Dept., ecric on ., 

City. 1935-7 : Practice of Law, Reid & Murphy, 

New York City. 1937- : Practice of Law & 

partner, Reid & Priest, New York City. 

m. 1926. Elnora Diehl. One d. 

Publ. Arts, on taxation in S. Am* 

I Rector St., New York 6, N.Y. 

FORD, HERBERT GIDDENS (Florida), b. 26 July 
1897. Hillsborough, H.S., Tampa, & Univ. of 
Fla. B.S. Ch.E. 1917-19: 1st Lt., A.E.F. 
Ambulance Service; France. 

Christ Church 1921-4. B.Sc. (Chem.) 1924. 

1924-8: Real Estate, Tampa, Fla. 1928-38: 
Mgr., St. Louis Branch Office, Herbert C. 
Heller & Co., Inc. (Investment Securities). 
193&-47: Tenn. Corp., Atlanta. 1942-5: Capt. 
to Mai., Chem. Warfare Service, Intel!.; Office 
of Chief, C.W.S., Washington, D.C.; Middle 
East, Italy, U.S. Army Commendation Ribbon. 

705 S. Newport Ave. , Tampa, Fla. 

FRASER, MOWAT GJEMS (North Dakota). 
6. 29 Aug. 1898. Grafton H.S., N.D., & Univ. 
of N.D. A.B. PBK. 1919-21: Teaching & 
Supt. of Schs., N.D. 

Merton 1921-4. B.Sc. (Educ.) 1923. 

Columbia Univ., Ph.D., 1937. 

1924-6: Teaching, Lake Forest Acad., 111. 
1926-8: Headmaster, Pembroke Sch., Kansas 
City, Mo. 1928-31. Grad Study, Columbia 
Univ., & teaching, E. Orange, NJ. 1931-3- 
Field Agent, Am. Hist. Assn., investigation of 

?ressure groups & teaching of social studies. 
933-4: Lect. in Educ., Univ. of Minn, 1935- 
9: Lect. in Educ,, Univ. of Mich. 1939-46: 
Dean of Coll., Dir. of Summer Session, & Actg. 
Pres. (1943-4), Winthrop Coll., S.C. 1947- : 
Hd. of Integration Dept., State Teachers' Coll., 
Montclair, N J. 

m. 1949. Elizabeth Talbott. 

Publ. : The College of the Future: An Appraisal 
of Plans and Trends in American Higher Educa- 

Montclair State Teachers* Coll. , Montclair , N.J. 

FULTON, JOHN FARQUHAR (Minnesota), b. 
1 Nov. 1899. St. Paul Central H.S, & Univ. of 
Minn. Harvard, S.B. PBK. 

Magdalen 1921-5. Physiol. IstCL B.A. 1923. 
M.A. & D.Phil. (Nat. Sci.) 1925. Christopher 
Welch Scholp. in Biol, 1923. 

Harvard Med. Sch. M.D. 1927. 

1928: Assoc. in Neurological Surgery, Peter 
Bent Bngham Hosp., Boston. 1928-30: Fellow, 
Magdalen Coll., Oxford. 1930- : Sterling Prof, 
of Physiol., Yale Med. Sch.; 1940-6: Div. of 
Med. Scis., Nat. Research Council, Corns, on 
Aviation Med., Historical War Records & 
Ballistics. O.BJ5, (Civilian Div.) 1948. Presi- 
dent's Certif. of Merit, U.S., 1948. 1947: Heath 
Clark Lectures, London Sch. of Tropical Med. 
1948: William Withering Lectures, Birming- 
ham Univ. 8s R. R. Huggins Memorial Lect., 
Univ. of Pittsburgh Sch. of Med. 1949: Mond 
Lect ' Univ. of Manchester & Frank Billings 
Lect., Inst. of Med., Chicago; 1949-50: Rosen- 
bach Fellow in Bibliography, Univ. of Pa, 

Hon. LL.D. Birmingham Uruv. ? England. 
Trustee, Inst. for Advanced Study since 1944. 

m. 1923. Lucia Pickering Wheatland. 

PubL: Muscular Contraction and the Reflex 
Control of Movement, 1926. Selected Readings 
in the History of Physiology, 1930. Cho-Medica 
Primer on the History of Physiology, 1931, A 
Bibliography of the Honorable Robert Boyle, 
1932. A Bibliography of the Poem Syphilis stve 
morbus gaUicus by Girolamo Fracastoro of Verona, 
1935. Physiology of the Nervous System, 1938, 
1943 1949. Howell's Textbook of Physiology, 
16th ed. 1949. Life of Harvey Cushing, 1946. 
(In collab.) Benjamin SiUiman, 1 779- 1 864: 
Pathfinder in American Science, 1947. Aviation 
Medians in its Preventive Aspects: An Historical 
Survey (Heath Clark Lectures), 1948. Func- 
tional Localization in the Frontal Lobes & 
Cerebettwn (William Withering: Lectures), 1949. 
The Life and Death of Michael Servetus, 1949. 
Numerous med. and sci. papers. 

'Mill Rock', 100 Deepwood Drive, Hamden 14, 



HABERLY, LOYD (U.S,A.-at-Large). b. 9 Dec. 
1896. Silverton H.S., Ore., & Reed Coll. A.B. 
Also Harvard Univ. Grad. Sch. 

Trinity 1921-4. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. 
Lacrosse v. Camb. 1924. 

1924- : Writer, craftsman, & teacher; con- 
ducted private presses in Engl. & Wales 1926 
39, in St. Louis 1941-5; K.H. Writers' Conf., 
1940-8; Asst. Prof, of Engl., Washington Univ., 
St. Louis, 1942-6; Assoc. Prof, of Engl., Univ. 
of Mass., since 1946. 

Publ.: Poems, 1931. Mediaeval English 
Pavingtiles, 1937. Silent Fame and Other Poems, 
1945. Pursuit of the Horizon, a biography of 
George Catlin, 1948. Private press books illu- 
strated, printed, and bound b} author; Cymbe~ 
rina, an Unnatural History, 1925; A True Report, 
1926 : The Sacrifice of Spring, 1926; John Apos- 
tate, 1928; Poems, 1930; Daneway, 1929; 
Copper Colored Cupid, 1931; The Boy and the 
Bird, 1932; The Keeper of the Doves, 1933; The 
Antiquary, 1933; Anne Boleyn, 1934; Echo and 
Other Poems, 1935; The Crowning Year, 1937; 
The City of the Sainted King, 1941; Fourth of 
July, 1942; Artemis, a Forest Tale, 1942; Almost 
a Minister, 1942; Mtdgetina and the Scapegoat, 
1943; Neecha, 1943; Silent Fame, 1944. 

University of Massachusetts, Fort Devens, 
Ayer, Mass. 

19 Aug. 1900. St. James's Sch., Md., & Johns 
Hopkins Univ. A.B. PBK. 

Christ Church 1921-4, Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

1924 : Practice of Law, New York City; 
Asst. Gen. Counsel, Lend-Lease Admin., 1942-3. 

m. 1926. Frances E. Cassidy. One s. One d. 

Cahitt, Gordon, Zackry, and Reindel, 63 Wall 
St., New York 5, N.Y. 

HOPKINS, JOHN VERNON (New Mexico), b. 
16 Mar. 1901. H.S. Magdalena, N.M., State 
Agric. Coll., N.M., also Univ. of Mich. Med. 

Oriel 1921-4. Physiol. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1923. 

Johns Hopkins Med. Sch. M.D. 1926. 

1926-7: Res. House Officer (Surgery), Johns 
Hopkins Hosp. 1927-8: Res. Surgeon, Chil- 
dren's Hosp. Sch., Baltimore. 1928-30: Asst. 
Res. Surgeon & Res. Orthopedic Surgeon, Johns 
Hopkins Hosp, 1931- : Surgical Dir., U.S. 
Fidelity & Guaranty Co., Baltimore; Instr. in 
Orth. Surgery, Univ. of Md.; Private practice 
Orthopedic Surgery, Baltimore; 1931-3: Instr. 
in Orthopedic Surgery, Johns Hopkins Hosp.; 
1941-6: Orthopedic Consultant^ Selective Ser- 
vice Bd., Baltimore. 

Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Am. Bd. of 
Orthopedic Surgery, 1939. Fellow, Am. Acad. 
of Orthopedic Surgery, 1943. 

m. 1927. Margaret J. K. Farley. 

418 North-way, Baltimore 18, Md. 

28 July 1899. Fort Smith H.S., Univ. of Ark. 
& Univ. of Mo. A.B. Harvard Univ. M.A. 

Wadham 1921-4. Jurispr. 4th Cl. B.A. 1923. 

1924-31 : Practice of Law, New York City. 

Died 20 Jan. 1931. 

21 May 1900. Ann Arbor H.S., Mich., & Univ. 
of Mich. A.B. PBK. 

Oriel 1921-4. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1923. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1924. Lect., Oriel Coll., 1924-5 ; 
Fellow & Lect. 1925-7, & Lect. in Law, Brase- 
nose Coll. M.A. 1927. Called to the Bar, Eng- 
land, 1927. 

1927-49: Lect. to Prof, of Law, Columbia; 
Univ. Administrator 1937-49; Asst. to Pres. 
1946-9; Provost 1948-9; 1942-5: Lt.-Comdr. 
to Capt,, U.S.N.R., Dir. of Dependents Wel- 

fare Div., Bureau of Naval Personnel, 1944. 
1949- : Chancellor, Univ. of Denver. 

m. 1927. Loretta Field Seal. One s. One d. 

Publ.: Cases and Materials in Landlord and 
Tenant, 1932, 2nd edn. 1939. (In collab.) A 
Research on Family Law, 1930; Annals of Psi 
Upstlan, 1941. 

Univ. of Denver, Denver, Colo. 

16 Feb. 1899. Medford H.S., Ore., & Univ. of 
Ore. A.B. PBK. Columbia Univ. A.M. 

Balliol 1921-4 & 1926 (Hil. Term). D.Phil. 
(Philos.) 1931. 

1 924-5 : Instr. in Philos., Univ. of Ore. 1926- 
9- Instr. in Philos., Harvard. 1929-35: Assoc. 
Prof, of Philos., Univ. of Mo. 1935-40: Visiting 
Prof, of Hist. & Philos. & Dir. of Summer 
Institutes, Reed Coll.; 1936: Visiting Assoc. 
Prof., Stanford Univ. 1940-1: Regional Office, 
Farm Security Admin., Migratory Labor Div., 
Portland, Ore. 1941-4: Mgr., Agric. Worker's 
Health Assn., Farm Security Admin., Portland, 
Ore 1945-7: Gen. Mgr., Agric. Worker's 
Health & Medical Assn., Berkeley. 1948- : 
Lect., Speech Dept., Univ. of CaL, Berkeley. 

m. 1925. Sally Moseley Cralgmll. One s. 

Publ.: Arts, on pmlos. subjects. 

222 Lincoln Ave., Alameda, Col. 

b. 6 Jan. 1901. Brookings H.S., S.D., S.D. State 
Coll. & ColL of Wooster. A.B. 

St. Edmund Hall 1921-3. Theol.2ndCl. B.A. 
1923. M.A. 1927. 

Princeton Theol. Seminary, ^Th.M. 1925. 
Ordained 1925; demitted Ministerial Status 
1929. Cornell Univ. Ph.D. 1927. PBK. 

1923-4: Asst. Pastor, Presbyt. Ch., Brookings, 
S.D. 1925-7: Asst. in Engl. Hist., Cornell 
Univ. 1927-39: Instr. to Asst. Prof, of Hist., 
Univ. of Chicago; 1928-9: Pastor, 1st Congreg. 
Ch., Redfield, S.D. 1939-48: Prof, of Hist. & 
Pol. Sci., Mich. State Coll. 1948- : Prof, of 
Pol. Sci., Univ. of Mich.; 1942-6: Capt. to 
Lt.-CoL, U.S. Army Air Forces; European 
theater; Intel!., Chief of Religious Affairs Sec. 
& Deputy Chief, Educ. Sec., Office of Mil. 
Govt. for Ger.; Legion of Merit. 

Hon. Litt.D., Wooster & Univ. of Louisville. 

Publ,: Ed. Two Elizabethan Puntan Diaries, 
1933. Tudor Puritanism, 1939. Constitutional 
and Legal History of England, 1942. And Call 
It Peace, 1947. Numerous historical arts. 

Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

b. 20 Oct. 1897. La Crosse H.S., Wis., & Univ. 
ofWyo. A.B. 

Wadham 1921-4. Read Jurispr. 

1925- : Practice of Law, Casper, Wyo.; 
1928-32: Elected Repres., Wyo. State Legis- 
lature; 1942-3: Area Rent Dir., O.P.A., Casper 
Defense Area; County & Prosecuting Attorney 
since 1947. 

m. 1926. Brenda Sara Farey Wright. Two s, 
One d. 

829 S. Durbin St., Casper, Wyo. 

MITCHELL, FRANK KIEBY (Mississippi). 6. 
2 Sept. 1898. Millsaps Coll. A.B. Univ. of 
Mich. A.M. 

Oriel 1921-4. Spec, work in Engl. 

1925-6: Teaching Engl., Miss. Delta State 
Teachers' Coll., Cleveland, Miss. 1926- : 
Assoc. Prof, of Engl., Duke Univ. 

Duke Univ., Durham, JST.C. 

lina), b. 8 May 1900. Furman ColL & Univ. of 
S.C. A.B. PBK. Also Harvard Law Sch. 


1921, 1922 

Christ Church 1921-4. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd 
CI. 1924. 

1924- : Assoc. Prof, to Prof, of Engl. & Dean, 
Coll. of Arts & Sci. since 1946, Univ. of S.C.; 
1942-4: Instr. in navigation, Naval Flight Prep. 

m. 1924. Cornelia Barrett Milazn. One d. 

PubL: Concerning Words, 1941. Practice 
Writing, 1944. 

811 Albion JRd,, Columbia, S.C. 

NUTTING, WILLIS DWIGHT (Iowa). t>. 10 Mar. 
1900. H.S., Iowa City, & Univ. of Iowa. A.B. 

Keble 1921-4. Theol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1923. 
B.Litt. (Theol.) 1925. Ordained 1924. 

Univ. of Iowa Ph.D. 1933. 

1924-30: Priest of the Episcopal Ch. 1930: 
Entered Roman Catholic Ch. 1 93 3-6 : Teaching, 
Coll. of St. Teresa, Wmona, Minn. 1936- : 
Teaching, Notre Dame. 

m. 1934. Eileen Barry. Two s. One d. 

PubL: How Firm a Foundation, 1939. Re- 
clamation of Independence, 1947. 

2054 N. Jumper Rd., South Bend, Ind* 

PETERS, RUSSELL HOLT (Nebraska), b. 26 
July 1899. Central H.S., Omaha, & Cornell 
Univ. A.B. 

Christ Church 1921-3. Read Hist, Resigned 

1924-36: Editor, The Omaha Sunday Bee; 
News Editor & Managing Editor, The Omaha 
Bee-News. 1937-43: Managing Editor, The 
Seattle Post-Intdhgencer. 1943-6: Lt. to Lt.- 
Comdr., U.S.N.; Labor relations Div.; U.S.N. 
Commendation Ribbon. 1946- : Co-publisher, 
Bangor Daily Commercial; Pres., Penobscot 
Publishing Co. 

m. 1929. Gretchen Dishong. 

Care Bangor Daily Commercial, Bangor, Me. 

StOFIELD, RICHAKD (U.S.A.-at-Iarge). b. 
18 Apr. 1898. Los Angeles H.S. & Univ. of CaL 
A.B.&A.M. PBK. 

Corpus Christi 1921 (Mich. Term)-l 924 
(Mich. Term). Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd CL B.A. 

1925-7: Instr. in Engl., N.Y. Univ. 1927- : 
Assoc. Prof, of Engl. & Fine Arts, & Tutor, St. 
John's Coll., Annapolis. 

m. 1926. lola Riess. 

St. John's Coll., Annapolis, Md. 

b. 12 Apr. 1898. Manual Training H.S., Den- 
ver, & Univ. of Colo. S.B. & S.M. 

Exeter 1921-4. D.PHL (Physics) 1924. 
1924-37: Asst. Research Engr., & Asst. Dir. 
of Research, Brooklyn-Edison Co. 1937-^-2: 

Assoc. Dir. of Research, Consolidated Edison 
Co. of New York City. 1942-5 : Chief Develop. 

Engr. & Mgr. Rectifier Div., Federal Telephone 
& Radio Corp., Newark, N.J. 1946- : Ansco, 
Binghamton, N.Y.; 1946-8: Admin. _ Asst. to 
Chief Engr.; Mgr., Personnel Admin., since 1948. 

Fellow, Am. Inst. of Electrical Engineers, 

m. 1926. Marguerite D. Miller. Two *. 

7 South Morningside Heights, Binghamton, 

b. 3 Oct. 1899. H.S., Ariz. & N.D., & Univ. of 
Ariz. Pvt., Univ. of Ariz. S.A.T.C., 1918. 

St. Edmund Hall 1921-4. P.P.E. 3rd CI. 
B.A. 1924. 

Univ. of S. CaL M.A. 1926. 

1924-5: Southern CaL Gas Co., Los Angeles. 
1925-6: Grad. Student, Research Fellow in 
SocioL, Asst. to Dean of Summer Session & 
Statistical Asst. to Educational Vice-Pres., 
Univ. of S. CaL 1926 : CaL Taxpayers' Assn., 
Educ. Counselor 1926-39, Gen. Mgr. since 1939; 
1930-1: Research collab. for CaL Nat. Advisory 
Com. on Educ.; 1935-6: Spec, consultant, 
Regent's Inquiry into Character & Cost of Educ. 
in State of N.Y. 

Vice-Chmn., Finance Com., Mayor's Ad- 
visory Commission on Charter Revision, Los 
Angeles, 1940-1. Member, Advisory Council, 
Constitution Revision Commission of CaL, 1947. 
Member. Governmental Research Assn, 
(Trustee, 1946-8; Vice-Pres., 1948-9), Member, 
Nat. Educ. Assn., Nat. Tax Assn., Nat. Muni- 
cipal League, Los Angeles Chamber of Com- 
merce, Economic Round Table (Pres. 1935), 
Governmental Admin. Group (Pres. 1940). 

m. 1928. Margaret Loram Noble. One i. 

PubL: Numerous arts, on educ., sch. 
finances & taxation. 

1650 Virginia Rd., Los Angeles 6, Col. 

ware), b. 21 June 1898. Taft Sch., Watertown, 
Conn., & Williams Coll. A.B. 

Merton 1921 (Hil. Term)-1923 (Trin. Term). 
Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 1922. 

1923- : Practice of Law: 1923-40: Wilming- 
ton, Del.; 1941- : Greenville, Del. 

m. 1928. Beulah Short (d. 1936). 

Greenville, Del. 


souri), b. 14 Sept. 1900. Washington Univ., 
St. Louis. B.Sc. M.Sc. 

Accepted by Christ Church. Did rtot take up 

Brookings Inst. Ph.D. (Econ.) 1925. 

1922-3: Grad. Study, Harvard. 1923-4: 
Grad. Study, Robert Brookings Fellow. Block- 
ings Inst. 1924-5: Instr. in Earn., Rice Inst. 
1925-7: Asst. Prof, of Econ., Washington Univ. 
1927- ; Prof, of Econ., Univ. of Fla. 

m. 1922. Myrtle McLemore. Two s. 

PubL: Capital and Interest, 1934. Dynamic 
Theory of Wealth Distribution, 1938. Theory of 
Economic Aggregates, 1945. Numerous arts, in 
ececu journals. 

605 E. Second A-oe.* Gainesville, Fla. 

BARKER, RICHARD HINDRY (California), b. 
8 Aug. 1902. Oakland & Palo Alto H.S., CaL, & 
Stanford Univ. A.B. Columbia Univ. PhJD. 



Baliiol 1922-5. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 

1926-8 : Lect. in Philos., Coll. of City of N.Y. 
1928-9: Lect, in Engl., Barnard Coll. 1929-30: 
Columbia Umv. Fellowship, 1930-1 : Study in 
London. 1931-7: Instr. in Engl., Stanford 
Univ. 1937-9: Study in New York City. 
1939- : Asst. Prof, of Engl., Brooklyn Coll. 

m, 1926. Carolyn A. Rosenthal. 

Publ.: Mr. Ctbber of Dmry Lam, 1939. 
Prose Pieces, 1942. The Fatal Caress, 1947. 

645 Hudson St., New York 14, N. Y. 

20 Feb. 1898. Cincinnati H.S. & Univ. of Iowa. 
A.B. Also Harvard Umv. Law Sch. 

Merton 1922-5. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 1925. 
M.A. 1931. 

1925-6: Dodge Bros., London Branch. 
1926-8: Practice of Law, Spears & Mont- 
gomery, San Benito, Tex. 1928-38: Practice of 
Law & member of firm, Montgomery & Bowie; 
1933-8: County Attorney, Cameron County, 
Tex. 1942- : Asst. U.S. District Attorney, S. 
D ist. of Tex. ; 1 946- : Practice of Law & partner, 
Bowie & Scanlan, Brownsville & San Benito, Tex. 

m. 1925. Leona Irene White. One s. One d. 

Cloud Bldg., San Benito, Tex. 


b. 21 Nov. 1898. Butte H.S. & Reed Coll. A.B. 
Lincoln 1922-5. B.Litt. (Hist.) 1925. 

Yale Ph.D. (Hist.) 1937. 

1925-30: Instr., Asst. Prof. & Assoc. Prof, of 
Hist., St. John's Coll. 1930-1 : Visiting Prof, of 
Hist., Dartmouth Coll. 1931-3: Instr. & Grad. 
Student of Hist., Yale. 1933- : Fac. of Pol. 
Econ. & Hist., Benmngton Coll.; 194174: 
Admin. Officer, Bd. of Econ. Warfare & Foreign 
Econ. Admin., Washington, D.C. 

m. 1927. Jean Lambert. One d. 

Publ.: Battles without Bullets, 1939. A Peace 
that Pays, 1944. Dollars, Goods and Peace, 1948. 
Arts, on current pol. affairs. 

Bennington Coll., Bennington, V-t. 

b 22 Tune 1902. Lawrenceville Sch. & Umv. of 
Mich. A.B. PBK. Harvard A.M. 

Oriel 1922-5. Bag. L. & Lit. 1st Cl. B.A. 

1924. M.A. 1929, 

Yale Ph.D. (Engl.) 1927. 

1925-6: Instr. in Engl-* Univ. of Mich. 1926- 
7: Grad. Sch., Yale. 1927- : Instr. to Prof, of 
Engl,, Univ. of Cal.; 1945: Visiting Prof. Yale. 

Guggenheim Fellowship 1943-5 & 1948-9. 

m. 1927. Mildred Sumner Kinsley. 

Publ. : Joseph Ritson; Scholar -at- Arms, 1938. 
That Immortal Garland, 1941 & 1943. Johnson 
Agonistes & Other Essays, 1944 & 1946. Arts. 
on Engl. lit. and folksong. 

Dept. of English, Univ. of Cal., Berkeley, Cal. 

sas), b. 4 Sept. 1901. Hutchinson H.S., Kan., 
& Cornell Umv. 

Christ Church 1922-5. Jurispr. 1st CL B.A. 

1925. Boulter Exhibn. (Ch. Ch.) 1924. Lacrosse 

c. Qmb. 1924-5. 

1925-6: Cornell Univ. A.B. & LL.B. 1926. 

1926- : Member, Law firm, Hutchinson, 
Kan.; 1926-42: Vice-Pres. & Secy., Carey Salt 
Co., Hutchinson; 1936-42: Dir., Drillers Gas 
Co., Wichita. 1942-6: Capt. to Lt.-CoL, U.S. 
Army Air Forces; Materiel and Air Tech. 
Service Commands; Am. theater; Legion of 
Merit. 1946-8: Exec., Southwest Merchandise 
Mart, Inc., Wichita; Dir., Drillers Gas Co., 
Wichita; Exec., Carey Salt Co., Hutchinson. 
1948- : Dir., Central Fibre Products Co., 

, 1923. Moscelene Campbell. One s. One d. 

Publ.: Marriage lender the Roman Law, 1931. 

Hutchinson, Kan. 

shire). 6. 13 Sept. 1899. Hanover H.S., N.H, 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., & Dartmouth 
Coll. A.B. 

Magdalen 1922-5. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 
1925. L.T. v. Camb. 1923-5 (Capt. 1925). 

1925- : Practice of Law, Manchester, N.H.; 
1928-9: Asst. Attorney-Gen, for N.H. 1939- 
45: Capt. to Maj., U.S. Army Air Corps; 
European theater; Bronze Star Medal. 

m. 1931. Alicia Prescott Skinner. One s. 
Two d. 

40 Stark St., Manchester, N.H. 

DUNBAR, EARL MEADOW (Ohio), b. 25 Feb. 
1899. Ruskin Acad. & Coll. of Wooster. A.B. 

Merton 1922 (Mich. Term)-1923 (Mich. 
Term). Read Jurispr. Resigned Scholp. on 
grounds of health. Athl. Sports v. Camb. 1923. 

No regular profession owing to ill health. 
1930-7: Pottenger Sanatorium, Monrovia, Cal. 

m. 1927, Mary F. Critchfield. 

Publ.: Earl Meadow Dunbar (Posthumous 
collection of Dunbar's Letters and Poems), 

Died 31 Aug. 1937. 

rado), b. 26 Apr. 1898. Longmount H.S., 
Denver Univ., & Yale. Ph.B. Also Harvard 
Law Sch. 1918-19: 2nd Lt., U.S.F.A.; Over- 

New Coll. 1922-5. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.A. 
1924. M.A. 1928. Boxing v. Camb. 1923-5 
(Capt. 1925). Boxed for U.S.A., Olympic 
Games, 1924. 

1925-9: Travelling & journalism. 1929-30: 
Real estate broker. 1 933-7 : Asst. U.S. Attorney, 
S. Dist. of N.Y. 1937- : Private practice of Law. 
1942-4: Capt. to Lt.-CoL, Air Transport Com- 
mand; Chief of Special Service Div.; Army 
Commendation Ribbon ; European, India-China, 
& Pacific theaters. 1944- : Chmn., N.Y. State 
Athl. Commission. 

m. 1927. Margaret Colgate. One s. One d. 

Publ.: Fighting for Fun, 1932; new edn. 1945. 

Happy Harbor, Forest Ave., Rye, N. Y. 

ton), b. 20 Nov. 1897. Franklin H.S , Seattle, 
& Umv. of Wash. A.B. PBK. 1918-19: 2nd 
Lt., C.A.R.C. 

Brasenose 1922-5. P.P.E, 2nd Cl. B.A. 1924. 
Prox. ace. George Webb Medley Prize 1924. 

Harvard M.A. (Econ.) 1930. Ph.D. (Econ.) 

1925-7: Teaching Econ., Dartmouth Coll. & 
Reed Coll. 1927-32: Grad. Student, Instr. 8s 
Tutor, Dept. of Econ., Harvard. 1932-41: 
Assoc. Prof, of Econ., Univ. of Cincinnati; 
1935-6: Sr. Economist, U.S. Treas. Dept. 
1942-3 : Chief Economist, Bd. of Econ. Warfare, 
Washington, D.C. 1943-4: Econ. Adviser, U.S. 
Dept. of State. 1944- : Prof, of Econ., Univ. 
of Wis. 

Guggenheim Fellow 1941-2. 

*.(!) 1926. Adelaide Louise Fairbanks. One*. 
One<f. (Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1944. Viola de- 
Bemenne Engel. 

Publ.: International Economics, 1938. Chile: 
an Economy in Transition, 1945. Arts, on 

1709 Jefferson St., Madison 5, Wis. 

18 Jan. 1899. Cheriton H.S., Va., & Washington 
& Lee Univ. A.B. & A.M. PBK. 

Exeter 1922-5. Engl. L.& Lit. IstCl. B.A. 

Yale PhJX (Engl.) 1936. 

1925-6: Teaching, Stanford Univ. 1926- : 
Assoc. Prof. & Prof, of Engl., Washington & 
Lee Univ. 

Pres., Coll. Engl. Assn. for N.C., Va., & W. 
Vs., 1946-7. 

m. 1936. Mildred Priscilla Spalding. One s. 

PubL: Nicholas Breton, William Breton and 
George Gascoigne, 1938. Numerous poems in 
literary magazines. 

University Place, Lexington, Va. 

FOOSHEE, MALCOLM (Tennessee), b. 1 Oct. 
1898. Rhea Central H.S., Term., 8s Univ. of 
the South, Sewanee. A.B. PBK. Harvard Law 
Sch LL.B. 

Christ Church 1922-5. B.C.L. 3rd CL 1924. 
Passed Bar Exams., England, 1925. 

1925-43 : Practice of Law, Davis, Polk, Ward- 
well, Sunderland & Kiendl, New York City. 
1943- : Practice of Law & member of firm, 
Donovan, Leisure, Newton, Lumbard & Irvine, 
New York City. 

m. 1930. Clare Murray. Two d. 

Donovan, Leisure. Newton. Lumbard & Irvine. 
2 Wall St., New York 5, N.Y. 

1 AUK. 1898. South Div. H.S., Milwaukee, & 
Middleburv Coll. S.B. 

Christ Church 1922-5. Maths. 4th CL B.A. 

1925-36: Swift & Co., EngL, Holland, Ger. 
& Austr. 1936- : Gen, Plant Supt., Swift 
Australian Co. (Ptv.) Ltd., Australia. 

m. 1931. Hilda E. Settle-Woodruff. One s. 

Care Swift Australian Co. (Ptv.) Ltd., Box 
658 K, G.P.O., Brisbane, Queensland, Austr. 

b. 12 Mar. 1901. Moses Brown Sch., Provi- 
dence, R.I., & Brown Univ. Ph.B. 

Merton 1922-5. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1925. M.A. 1929. 

1925- : Instr. to Prof, of Ens:!. & Hist., Mass. 
Inst. of Tech,; 1934-5: Exchange Prof., 
Stevens Inst. of Tech. 

Dir., U.N. Assn. of Mass. 

m. 1925. Harrie Alice Howe. Two s. 

PubL : A Deeper Root, 1937. Ed. 18th Century, 
Good Reading. 

Mass. Inst, of Tech., Cambridge, Mass. 

HALL, FORD POULTON (Minnesota), b. 
21 Nov. 1898. Central H.S., St. Paul, & Carle- 
ton Coll. A.B. PBK. 

Wadham 1922-5. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.C.L. 
2nd CL 

Univ of Minn. LL.M. 1927. 

1925-7- Instr. in Pol. Sci , Univ. of Minn. 
1927- : Assoc. Prof., Prof. & Hd. of Dept. of 
Govt., Dean of Div. of Adult Educ. & Public 
Services, Actg. Dean of Facs., Ind. Univ. 

m. 1929. Frances T. Nimerfro. 

PubL: Government and Business, 1934, 
Revised Edns. 1 939 & 1 949. Concept of a Business 
affected with a Public Interest, 1940. State Con- 
trol of Business? through Certificates of Convenience 
and Necessity, 1948. (In collab.) National 
Government: Law and Practice, 1949. Arts, on 
state control of public utilities in legal periodicals. 

Dept, of Govt., Ind. Univ., Bloomington, Ind. 

23 Julv 1899. Baxley H.S., Ga., & Univ. of Ga. 
B.S. PBK. 

Exeter 1922-5. Jurispr, 2nd CL B.A. 1924. 
B.C.L. 2nd CL 1925. 

1925-6: Spec. Asst, to U.S. Attorney-Gen., 
Washington, D.C. 1926^7: Practice of Law & 
member of firm, Highsmith & Highsmith, Bax- 
lev, Ga. 1927-9: Practice of Law, Atlanta. 
1929-37: Practice of Law & member of firm, 
Reese, Scarlett, Bennet & Highsmith, Bruns- 
wick, Ga. 1937- : Asst. Gen. Counsel & Gen. 
Counsel, Hercules Powder Co., Wilmington. 

[189] 1922 

m. 1928. Teresa Regina Watwood. Two d. 
J10 School Rd., Wilmington, Del 

b. 11 Nov. 1901. Choate Sch., Conn., & Yale. 

Hertford 1922-5. Physiol. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1925. 

Harvard M.D. 1927. 

1925-7: Harvard Univ. Med. Sch. 1927-30: 
Surgical Intern & Asst. Res., Lakeside Hosp., 
Cleveland. 1930-42 & 1945- : Med. practice, 
Springfield, Mass. 1942-5: Lt.-Comdr. to 
Comdr., U S.N.R., Med. Corps; Pacific theater; 
Presidential Unit Citation, Navy Unit Citation. 

Diplornate, Nat. Bd. of Med. Examiners, 
1929 & Am. Bd, of Internal Med., 1947. 
Fellow, Am. Coll. of Physicians, 1935. 

m. 1927. Elizabeth Slocum. Two d. 

36 Farnnngton Ave. t Longmeadotc, Mass. 

b. 8 Oct. 1898. Neenah H.S., Wis., & Lawrence 
Coll. A.B. PBK. 1918: 2nd Lt., U.S. Inf. 

Trinity 1922-6 (absent, ill, one year). DipL 
Econ. 1924. 

1927-31 : Business, G. H. Mead, Paper Manu- 
facturers, Chicago. 1931-3: Mgr., Fraser 
(Lond. Ltd.), Lond., Engl. 1933-5: Asst. Sales 
Mgr-, Fraser Industries, Inc., New York City. 
1935- ; Sales Mgr., Pulp Div., Weyerhaeuser 
Timber Co., New York City. 1942-5- Con- 
sultant to Dir., Forest Products Bur., War Pro- 
duction Bd., Washington, D.C. 

m. 1931. Estelle McGowin. Two s. One d. 

126 West Drive, Douglaston, L.L, N.Y. 

b. 19 Apr. 1899. Batesville H.S. & Univ. of 
Miss. A.B. & A M . 

St. John's 1922-6 (Not in res. 1924-5). 
B.C.L. 3rd CL 1926. 

Univ. of Miss. LL.B 1925. 

1926-32: Practice of Law, Memphis; Leer.., 
Univ, of Memphis Law Sch. 1932-40: Spec. 
Agent, Supervisor & Inspector, F.B.I. 

Order of the Crown of Rumania. Am. Dele- 
gate, Internat. Criminal Police Assn. 

PubL: Hayseed Letters, 1925. 

Died 4 June 1941. 

6. 21 Nov. 1901. Washington H.S., Princess 
Anne, Md., & St. John's Coll. A.B. 

Hertford 1922-5. P.P.E. 2nd CL B.A. 1925. 

Harvard Univ., M.A. 1931. PhJD. 1933. 

1925-8: Teaching Pol. Sci., Univs. of Ore. & 
Va. 1929-36: Instr. in Govt., Harvard. 1936-8: 
Asst. Prof, of Pol., Princeton. 1938-42: Assoc. 
Prof, of Pol. Sci., Univ. of Pa.; 1941-2: Asst. to 

Pres., Foreign Policy Assn.; Spec. Asst., Coun- 
cil on Foreign Relations. 1942-6: Maj. to Col , 

U.S. Armv; O.S.S., Overseas Branch Chief; 
European & Mediterranean theaters; Legion of 
Merit w. Oak Leaf Cluster, O.B E., Chevalier de 
la Legion d'Honneur, Croix de Guerre w. Palm. 
1946-7: Chief, Div. of Training Services, U.S. 
State Dept. 1947- : Dir., Foreign Service Inst., 
U.S. State Dept. 

m. (1) 1928. Andr6e M. Pellion. (Marriage 
dissolved.) (2) 1945. Louise Shaw Hepburn. 
One d. 

PubL: Foreign Relations in British Labour 
Politics, 1934. (In collab.) Syllabus on an Intro- 
duction to International Politics, 1938. Ed. 
European Plans for World Order, 1940. Arts, on 
foreign affairs. 

2923 Foxhatt Rd. N.W., Washington 16, D.C. 

setts), b. 24 May 1903. Huntmgton H.S., W. 
Va. & Harvard. tBK. 

Balliol 1922-5. P.P.E. 1st CL B.A. 1925. 

Harvard Law Sch. LL.B. 1928. 



1928-35 : Practice of Law, Steptoe & Johnson, 
Charleston, W, Va. 1935- : Private practice of 
Law, Charleston, W. Va. 

Pres., Ajax Pipe Line Co., Shale Gas Co., 
Big Two Mile Gas Co., Fidelity Storage Co., 
General Storage Co., Merchants Storage Co. 

m. 1936. Beatrice Pauline Moon. Two s. 
Two d. 

1015 Edgewood Drive, Charleston, W. Va. 

McGOWIN, EARL MASON (Alabama). b. 
18 Nov. 1901. Greenville H.S., Ala., & Univ. of 
Ala. S.B. 

Pembroke 1922-5. Dipl. Econ. Lacrosse v. 
Carnb. 1925. 

1925- : W. T. Smith Lumber Co., Chap- 
man, Ala.; present position, Vice-Pres. 1940-1: 
Consultant, Office of Production Management. 
1942-5: Lt. to Lt.-Comdr., U.S.N.; Am., 
European, & N. Afr. theaters; Navy Citation, 
Commendation Ribbon. 

Member, House of Repres., Ala. Legislature, 
since 1930. Member, Bus. Advisory Council to 
Dept. of Commerce, since 1937. Vice-Pres., 
Fitepatrick Wood Products Co., Madison, Wis. 
Dir., Timber Engineering Co., Washington, 
D.C. Pres., Southern Pine Assn., New Orleans, 
1941-3. Member, Ala. St. Bd. of Educ., 1939- 
47. Trustee, Ala. Polytechnic Inst., 1946-7. 

m. 1937. Ellen Pratt. One s. One d. 

Chapman, Ala. 

PEAL, WILLIAM HUGH (Kentucky). 6. 27 Mar. 
1898. La Center H.S., Ky., & Univ. of Ky. 
A.B. 1917-18: U.S.N. 

Exeter 1922-5. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A. 1924. 
B.C.L. 2nd Cl. 1925. 

1925-9: Practice of Law, Hawkins, Delafield 
& Longfellow and other firms, New York City. 
1929-36: Law Assoc. & partner, Chadbourne, 
Stanchfield & Levy, New York City. 1937- : 
Partner, Chadbourne, Wallace, Parke & White- 
side, New York City. 1943-4: Legal work, 

m. 1932. Margaret Jane Watson. 

25 Broadway, New York 4, N.Y. 

4 Nov. 1899. Henderson-Brown Coll. A.B. 
VanderbiltUnlv. A.M. PBK. Also Harvard. 

Exeter 1922-5. D.Phil. (Pol. Sci.) 1930. 

1925-41: Asst. Prof. & Prof, of Govt., Dean 
of Grad. Sch., La. State Univ.; 1928-30: Mem- 
ber, Am. Com., Geneva; 1929-30: Carnegie 
Fellow in Internat. Law; Visiting Prof., Colum- 
bia Univ.t Visiting Lect., Univs. of Tex. & Va.; 
Editor, Southern Review; Assoc. Editor, Phi 
Kappa Sigma. News Letter. 

Hon. LL.D. Hendrix Coll. Pres., Conf. of 
Deans of Southern Grad. Schs. Member, Exec. 
Bd., Am. PoL Sci. Assn., 1927-30. Officer, 
Southwestern Pol. & Soc. Sci. Assn. Member, 
Southern Regional Com., Soc. Sci. Research 
Council. Pres., La. State Conf. for Social 
Betterment. Member, Industry Com. No. 2, 
Wage & Hour Div., U.S. Dept. of Labor. 

Publ.: The Idea of Social Justice, 1927 . World 
Peace not a Luxury, 1927. Social Politics and 
Modern Democracies, 1930. Social Legislation 
in the South, 1936. The Duty of the Educated 
Mind, 1936. (In collab.) Graduate Study in the 
South. 1941. 

Died 4 Aug. 1941. 

ROSS. JAMES ALEXANDER, Jr. (New York), b. 
2 Oct. 1897. Alexander Hamilton H.S., N.Y. 
Coll. of Forestry, & Princeton. B.S. 1918-19: 
2nd Lt., U.S.M.C., Aviation. 

University 1922-5. P.P.E. 2nd Cl. B.A. 

Harvard M.A. 1933. PhJX (Econ.) 1934. 

1925: Member, Research Staff, Federal 
Reserve Bank, N.Y. 1925-6: Asst. to Dir., 

Commonwealth Fund, N.Y. 1926-9: Asst. & 
Assoc. Prof, of Econ., Southwestern Coll. 
1929-37: Instr. & Tutor in Econ., & Sr. Tutor, 
Adams House, Harvard. 1937-41: Prof, of 
Econ., Sch, of Public Affairs, Syracuse Univ. 
1941-2: Deputy Price Exec., O.P.A., & Actg. 
Chief, Allocation & Priority Research, War Pro- 
duction Bd. 1942-6: Spec. Research & Asst. 
Chief, Div. of Commercial Policy, U.S. Dept. 
of State. 1946-7: Econ. Adviser, U.S. Embassy, 
New Delhi, India. 1947-8: Commercial 
Attache", U.S. Embassy, Karachi, Pakistan. 
1948- : Dept. of State, Washington, D.C. ; 
Adviser on British Commonwealth Affairs. 

m. 1939. Elizabeth Sortwell. One d. 

Publ.: Speculation, Stock Prices and Industrial 
Fluctuations, 1938. Economics for the Citizen, 
Part III of Introduction to Responsible Citizen- 
ship, 1941. 

Department of State, Washington, D.C. 
Permanent address: Wiscasset, Me. 

22 Mar. 1901. South Bend H.S., Ind., & Har- 
vard. A.B. PBK. 

Brasenose 1922-4. Read Jurispr. & French. 
Resigned Scholp. Golf v. Camb. 1924. 

1924-8: Business, Sanders Egbert Co., South 
Bend. 1928- : Secy. & Vice-Pres., Sanders 
Lumber Co., Inc.; Vice-Pres., South Bend 
Wood Parts, Inc., & Sobenite, Inc. 

m. 1925. Violet I. MacA. Metcalfe. Two s. 
One d. 

Ill N. Sunny side Ave., South Bend, Ind. 

21 Jan. 1898. Nicholas Serm Sch., Chicago, & 
Harvard. S.B. PBK. 

Merton 1922-5. EngL L. & Lit. 2nd CL 
B.A. 1924. B.Litt. (EngL Lit.) 1925. Fencing 
v. Camb. 1923-5 (Capt. 1925). 

1925-8: Asst. Prof, of EngL, Washington & 
Jefferson Coll. 1928- : Asst. & Assoc. Prof, of 
EngL, Ohio State Univ. 

Vice-Pres., Amateur Fencers League of 
America, 1941-7, & Chmn., Columbus Div., 
1930-48. Pres., Epsilon of Ohio Chap., Phi Beta 
Kappa, 1938-9. 

m. 1935. Dorothy Carter. 

Publ.: Igdrasil, 1921. Amy Lowell: The Last 
Three Books, 1921. Thomas Lovell Beddoes: 
Poet and Eccentric, 1928. (In collab.) Eight More 
Harvard Poets, 1923; English Romantic Poets, 
1933. Victorian and Later English Poets, 1934. 
No Passing Wind, 1946. Arts, on poetry and 

Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio. 

SPURLOCK, WOODSON (Nebraska). b. 

15 Feb. 1900. N.M. Mil. Inst. & Univ. of Neb. 
A.B. PBK. 

Exeter 1922-5. Jurispr. 3rd CL B.A. 1925. 
B.C.L. 3rd CL 1925. 

1926-38: Practice of Law, Pillsbury, Madison 
& Sutro, San Francisco. 1938-40: Cal. Stan- 
dard Oil Co. Ltd., Lond. 1940-2 & 1944- : 
Arabian Am. Oil Co., Saudi Arabia & Washing- 
ton, D.C. 1942-4: U.S.M.C , Pacific theater. 

Care Arabian Am. Oil Co., Dhahran, Saudi 

Jersey), b. 25 Oct. 1900. Phillips Acad., 
Andover, Mass., & Princeton. A.B. 

Balliol 1922-5. Jurispr. 2nd CL B.A. 1925. 
M.A. 1928. Relays v. Camb. 1922-^-. Athl. 
Sports v. Camb. 1923-5. Lacrosse v. Camb. 
1924-5. Repres. U.S.A., Olympic Games, 1924. 
1925: Called to the Bar. England. 

1925-7: Asst. U.S. Attorney. 1927-31: 
Practice of Law, Davis, Polk, Wardwell, 
Gardiner & Reed, New York City. 1931-46: 
Practice of Law, Debevoise, Stevenson, Plimp- 


1922, 1923 

ton & Page, New York City. 1942-4: Delegate 
in charge of operations, Am, Red Cross, Great 
Britain, N. Air., Sicily, & Italy; Bronze Star 
Medal. 1946- : Pres., Oberlin Coll. 

Hon. L.H.D. Case Inst. of Tech. LL.D., 
Coll. of Wooster. Hon. PBK, Oberlin. 

m. 1926. Eleanor Bumstead. Two d. 

PubL: Arts, on higher educ, 

Oberlin Coll., Oberlin, Ohio. 

10 Mar. 1901. H. S. LaGrange, Tex., & Tex. 
A. & M. Coll. S.B. 

Pembroke 1922-5. Engl. L, & Lit. 2nd Cl. 
B.A. 1925. M.A. 1929. 

Yale Ph.D. (Engl.) 1933. . 

1925-46: Instr. & Asst. Prof, of Engl., Univ. 
of Wis.; 1929-30: Study in Engl.; 1941-2: Sr. 
Div. Asst., U.S. Dept. of State, Washington, 
D.C.; 1942-6: State Liaison Officer, Office of 
Econ. Warfare, Foreign Econ. Admin. & U.S. 
Dept. of Commerce, Washington, D.C. 1946-8 : 
Prof, of Engl., Grinnell Coll. 1948- : Prof, of 
Engl., State Teachers Coll., Cortland, N.Y. 

m. (1) 1927. Ednah Goodwin Shepard. Two 
s. One d. (Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1944. Lulu 
Irene Devins. 

Publ.: Ed. Essays in Contemporary Ctmhza- 
tion, 1931; Poems by John Keats, 1932. Reading 
Poems, 1941. 

20 Pearne Aw., Cortland, N.Y. 

THOMSON, ALEXANDER (Maine), b. 17 July 
1899. Skowhegan H.S., Me., & Bowdoin Coll. 
A B 

"Trinity 1922-5. Hist. 3rd CL B.A. 1925. 
M.A. 1928. 

Cornell Univ, PhJX (Hist) 1932. 

1925-8: Teaching Hist., Cornell & N.Y. 
Univs. 1928-49: Asst. Prof, to Prof, of Hist., 
Dean of Freshmesn, Wesleyan Univ.; 1942-4: 

Teaching in U.S.N. Flight Prep. Sen. &: V-12 
Unit, Wesleyan Univ.; 1948-9: Bd. of Editors, 
Journal of Modern History. 

Hon. PBK. Wesleyan Univ. 1942. 

m. 1925. Mary Victoria Blunt. Three a. 

Died 5 Jan. 1949. 

VALENTINE, ALAN (Pennsylvania). b. 
23 Feb. 1901. Friends Acad., Locust Valley, 
N.Y., & Swarthrnore Coll. A.B. PBK. Univ. 
of Pa. A.M. , _ _ _ 

Balliol 1922-5. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd CL B.A. 
1925 M.A. 1929. Elton Exbibn. (Balliol) 1924. 
R.F. v. Camb. 1923-5. Lacrosse v. Camb. 
1923-5. (Capt. 1925). Repres. U.S.A. in R.F., 
Olympic Games, 1924. 

1925-8: Oxford Univ. Press. 1928-32: Asst. 
Prof, of Engl., Dean of Men, Swarthrnore Coll. ; 
Asst. to Am. Secy, to Rhodes Trustees. 1932- 
5: Prof, of Hist., Arts & Letters, Chmn. Bd. of 
Admissions, Master Pierson Coll., Yale Univ. 
1935- : Pres., Univ. of Rochester; 1948-9: 
Chief, E.C.A. Mission to the Netherlands. 

Hon. M.A. Yale. Hon. LL.D. Amherst, 
Syracuse, Union, Rutgers, Swarthrnore, Deni- 
son, Lake Forest, Allegheny, Colgate. Hon. 
L.H.D. Hobart. Hon. Litt.D. Alfred. Trustee, 
Smith Coll. 1933-43. Trustee, Carnegie Founda- 
tion for the Advancement of Teaching, since 
1945. Pres., Assn. of N.R.O.T.C. Colls., 1946-8. 
Member, Com. for Econ. Develop., since 1946; 
Trustee since 1947. DIr., Freeport Sulphur Co., 
since 1939. Dir., Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., 
since 1944. Dir., Security Trust Co., Rochester, 
' since 1942. ^ T 

m. 1928. Lucia Garrison Norton. One s. 

L: The English Novel, 1927, Biography, 
1927. Oxford of Today (w. L. A* Crosby & 
Frank Aydelotte), 1927. Dusty Answers, 1941. 
Univ. of Rochester, 15 Prince St., Rochester 3, 



ALLEN. NED BLISS (North Dakota), b. 
30 Dec. 1899. Univ. H.S., Carbondale, 111., & 
Phillips Acad.. Andover. Dartmouth Coll. 
A T% P K 'R'K" 

'St. John's 1923-6. Engl. L. & Lit. 2nd CL 
B.A.' 1926. 

Univ. of Mich. Ph.D. (Engl.) 1931. 

1926-7: Journalism, Springfield, Mass. 
1927-S: Instr. in Engl., Univ. of S. Cal. 1928- 
31: Instr. & Grad. Student in EngL, Univ. of 
Mich. 1931- : Assoc. Prof., Prof., & Chmn. of 
Dept. of EngL, Univ. of Del.; Taught in 
A.S.T.P., Univ. of Del. 

m. (1) 1930. Alice Katherin Hall. Two d. 
(Marriage dissolved.) (2) 1947. Margaret 
Prosser Allison. ^ 

PubL: The Sources of Dryden's Comedies, 
1935, Arts, on S