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Full text of "The Register of Walter de Stapeldon, Bishop of Exeter, (A.D. 1307-1326)."

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WSihlttv tie gjtapellicin, 

(A.D. 1307—1326). 


■''LONDON : 







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^S/M/^.S^ ^('^-•'-H 

UL. £?/S Tt: 

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TflR EicimiB ur Uuaop Wiltkb i>k StaFklduh.— 

ConcemiDg his Electioli, CoDfimutiou, ukI CoiiMcnitJuil 

Rant-Roll of the See ul EieMt 

Quaeral Index 

DedicatioDi of Churches, etc 

iDititiitiDM to Beneficea, etc. 

Ai/ditianal Kama of iHeuMtentt ... 
- Slatutea of SUpeldon Ball (Kjutcr College) 
DocumeDta relating to SeotUnd 

Suyal Lettere and Writs 
Letters Diuiiiaorj 

Ordinalioiu bf Lrtttr* Dimiuary ... 


Documante relatiDK to the BUhof>'i Will 
Iniretitory of his ESKU 
AocDunt of his Eiecutora 
Additional Notes 

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3n gate fieltqutacum Hxoniensts Eccleste, 
all $roceS9tones. 

Salve Feata Dies, toto venerabilia evo, 

Qua datur io Sanctis gloria digna Deo. 
Sunt decua Ecclesie, Mundi decor, et robiir Urbis 

Hujua, quos hodie Gres canit istc Pctn. 
Gaudeat Exoiiia, tot Sanctois concelebrando. 

Per quus est votis sepe polita suis. 
Uiia favet ipoc DeuB; liorum lueritiB et amore 

Sepe nociva fugat, dat bona, mira patrat. 
Labitur e turn quidam, nee leditur ; alter. 

Hue nianibuH repeiiM, liinc pede sanus abit. 
Kt puer et niidier conti-acti restituuntur. 

Hue dum muta venit fit veuicndo loqueus. 
Quedam siirda siniul juncto sopore soluta 
Hie meruit duplani voois «t auriii opem. 
Debiliit et mutua a Saucto (jkittouieuBi 

Juaaus ut hie vigilet pnivt uviuisque redit. 
Plaudit leta manu niulier priuci arida nervos. 

Libera eurvato cum fit ab ung:uc vola. 
Lumen aqua putei, baculo mediantc, rccepit 

Gecus, ut in Syloe, sic opcraute Deo. 
Innumerii* aliiH bos Cliristii» miriticavit 

Siguis, que nequount uiib brevitatc ciuii. 

In Domiuo Sanctis ait in ipsis Gloria Christo ; 

Nobis Qui det ecu semper adeasc pios ! 

.MS. Harleian 863, let. l" [f.J.B.] 

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Thb KsoEaTBR uf Bieliop Walter do Stapeldoii is a well -preserved 
folio Book, of vellum, comprising, nominally, 244 leaves. There are, 
in fact, only 229 ; for five folios, viz. 6, 7, f, nnd 178, 179, have been 
cut out by some depredator; tuid the scribe who undertook the 
numbering did his work carelessly, passiug from hxxii to c, but, 
happily, in the middle of a sentence, sn that we know that the 
apparent loss of ten folios iii due b> a clerical error. The writing is 
varied, being ))y many different hands ; and here and there it ia poor 
and not easy to read : but for the most part it ia clear and good, as 
the facsimile, which is a fair sample of the whole, will shew. 

The Book consists, really, of three distinct Registers, bound to- 
gether at a comparatively recent jteriod, — the " Kcgistnim Com- 
mune," which is referred to in the Bishop's Return to a Royal Writ 
(p. 431) as his " Rcgistrum dc Beneticiis et aliis Memorandis " ; the 
Register of Royal Writs and Letters ; and tlie Register of Ordinations. 

Uf these, the First (folios 1-184) logins with a miscellaneous series 
of Dociuncuts, relating chiefly to the Collegiate Church of Bosham 
and the events which transpired between Stapeldon's Election and his 
Consecration. They are of great interest, and I have printed them 
at length, consecutively. The Record ends abruptly on the 17th of 
June, 1325 ; but there has been no loss of folios here since the time 
of Bishop Urandisson, who wrote, at the foot of the last page, a 
Memorandum that the Register ended there, and that uearly two 
years were wanting. Stt p. 560, note 88. 

The Second (folioa 185-216) consists of copies of the Royal Writs 
and Letters received by the Bishop, with his Returns thereto, from 
the date of his Confirmation to the 20th of February, 1321-2. 

The Third (folioa 217-244) is a valuable Document, being a serie* 
of Lists of alt Ordinations celebrated within (and, by Commission, at 
a few places without) the Diocese, from the 21at of December, 1308, 
to the 19th of December, 1321. The last List is imperfect, thenames 
of the accolites only remaining. There has been a loss, therefore, of 
several folioa here, which were, perhaps, rejected by the binder as 
worthlcHB, for the lust of tliose retained has been seriously damaged 
by damp and is barely l^blc. All these Onliuatious were by the 
Bishop himself, who did not appoint a Sufiragan (or Coadjutor) till 
May, 1324.1 

I The Uita of crinininii elerka, relcucd to tlw Bitihop by the Judge* of Aulze it 
Eieteraud Ltnticeaton, tn itucrtM, under tbc jrura to vtucb they reipectivslf belong, 
in this pnrt of the Regictcr. 

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The Repistnirs of the Diocese during SUiitu'ldons Episcopate are 
nowhere uallc<J )>y timt imnic, though one of them ia, onue, called the 
Bishop's "SL-ribii," But Uocuments were occasionully uigiied, or 
initialled, liy thctn ; nnd it in not dittiuutt t^ trace their succesitiou. 

Tlic lii-st u'HH John dc LHUL'cvatone (or Litiiccstonc), and he appears 
ti> have held tlio Office U> Bishop Bytlon's time.' He was, evidently, 
a man of high standing ui the Dioct^se. In 1310 lie waij collated to 
the Rectory of Lawhittou, which he resigned in 1312 on his {jromotion 
to Laiiivet ; and he held Prebends, at different times, in the CoU^atu 
Uhurchesof St. Crautock and Glasney, and in the Cathedral, In 
1316 he was sent by the Bistiop, un a special mission, to Itome, aud 
in 1321 he was appointed to serve in the Koniati Curia, as one of the 
Bishop's Proctore.'' 

Nicholas de Hele seems to have served, for a short time, in 1315'16, 
in February of wliicli j'ear he initialled one of the entries (fol. 112) ; 
and his name oucurs, frctiuently, among the " faniiliares " of the 

His successor was Kichard de Twyvertouc, whoec signature Krat 
occurs in Septeml)er, 1316.^ 

Pliilip do la More succeeded, ap])arently in 1322, and lield the 
oihce till the end.* 

Walter de Stai'bliwx, the Fifteenth Bishop of Kxetcr, was a Uevoii- 
shire man, a yoimgcr son of William and Uahilla de Stapcldou. Theii* 
eldest HOU, Sir Kicliani, was a Puisne Judge of the King's Bench, and 
resided chiefly at Stapeldon Manor, in the Parish of ('ookbur}-, a 
dependent Ohaiielry of Milton-Danmrel. Walter is said to liavo beeu 
bom at Amierj', another Seat of his Family, in the Parish of Monk- 
leigh, in, or about, the year 12f>0. His Birthday was the 1st of 
February', as he tells us himself,^" proximo die pi-eeodente Festuin 
Purifieacionis Beatc Virginis ; quo die, prout ex Parentum relaciunc 

' " Infltrumeutuin . . . sab maun <■( siV/ho Johuimii Ut Laticealone, siiiicr 
rcromiacione |«cis Inter E|ii><co]>um Tliomuii et It. de Pljuirtoke " (fol. l'£i). 

'■> " Omnia preniinsa |)tr Johanneni de LanceveUinii, NoUriuiu Pupplicuiii et Sei-ibaui 
iiostniiii, ecribi iDandaviiEUs, tjueque subBcripcioae et sigao coiuueto vtillui ; neccioD, 
Kigilluni nnBtriim hulc lOBtruinento PupplicouppoLii Teciiuiu . . . . Et beo, J olunnes, 
&c., preBeDH mterrui, et omaia predicts . . . fieri vidi et audjvi : H, do Muidato djcti 

r. : D-i ; n — ;_; — j^ 8crip»i et puijplicavi, meoque aignooonBoeto signavi, nb 

ijgiiiitus." (fot, ^t^See Teftonte). We mt-et witb liim, 
B, ofiicially, to HOuic l>ee<l ; for in»UQce (fol. djiij^,— '• preseuL- 

preaejitod . . . 

m prestacioaeit 

« ■'Pre«ntil)u» N. du Hele, etc., lU neipao, RUai-do de Tir^f^terkme" (fol, 1141'); 
^in, — " Preaentibui' . . . Koberto Dauinarle, Apparilore, et me, Jiicardo lU 
Turyiertnne, Notario Pulilico, qui hec preniisHa »orip»i jffopria nisnu niea, — £UlC 
(fol. laS"*); aiidagiin,— "ActisnoniaturfuityiJ/Jienrrfiu-dol. 145). 

* '• Presontibuii, Bit., '( me, PhUippode la M-k, clerico, . . . Notiuio PuUicn, 
et aliii,— ]3IilJin ii< " (ful. 171); and again, "rt me, PhUiffv rfe U More, qai 
premjsueunpsi" (lul. 183). 

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didjcimus, a matemis visccribiis scni-cgnti, primordta reccpimus hujua 
hicU (p. 377)." Unfortunately, lie docs not mention the year. 

Of his early life wc know little. Bwt there can be no dowbt tKat 
he watt a ntan of learning, and it distinp[iiiHhed memlier of the Univer- 
sity of Oxford, where he l>eeamc Professor of Oanon-Law. Bishop 
Qmvil'H Register is imperfect, and that of Bishop Bytton, Stapcldon's 
immediate Predecessor, has Iwcn lost. We have, therefore, no record 
of his Ordination or of the dates of hia promotion. Bnt n-e know 
that he was Chaplain to I'opc Clement V, and that he was Koetor of 
Aveton-Uiffard, in Sonth Devon, from some date liefore September, 
1294,* till he ))ecanie Bixhop. He was, also. Canon of Exeter' as oarly 
as 1302 ; and he sweeceded William dc Puntyngdon as Precentor, 
but, probably, only a short timc^ before his elevation to the Kpiscopate. 

The Register contains a detailed aeeonnt of his Klcction, which took 
place, " per viam Hcrutinii," on the Monday next after Martinmas 
(13 Nov.), 1307.* The King's Licence to elect had been granted on 
the 6th of October.* Twenty-three Canons —that is, all hut ouc^ 
were present, either ui person or by their Proctors. Of these, fifteen 
voted for the Precentor, three for Dean Thomaa de Lecchelado, three 
for Thomas de (.'herletonc. Archdeacon of Totnes, and two for Canon 
John de (.iodeleghe (Dean of Wells) ; and, when the result of the 
Bcnitiny waa known, Stapeldon was elected inianimously. The King 
gave his Assent to the Election on the 3nl of December.* But 
Richard de Plym)Mtoke, Rector of Exminster and of Utfculme, an 

• Kot. P»t 22 E-l*. I., m 7. 

' " pro Fnitrih«:i I'mlieulofibas £co«iV,— Rax . . . Herveo d« Stauntone, 
Thome lie Bi^pe, et WElUlmo tie Caamrille, seaiori, salateni. (Juia, m gnvi ijuenla 
. . . Prinris et Kratrum tircliuis Fradicatornm Exanie, iuM»ptnius ijiial Magiiilcr 
Wsllerux lie SUpelilooe, Msgiatcr JahaDn«s de Uphavvue, et Magist«r Jolinimes de 
Wole, aggrpfpita aibj multitndine malefactopiim Ignotoraiii, et pacis nnstre (lertiir. 
li«toriini, elaiiBcinum ipaornm PrLoria ot fratnim, apuil Gioniain, n«per vi et armia 
intraveniiit et Ei:cle>iani Huara ibidem, ititFralieiu riinni altaribu* ip eH'lem l^ulexin 
freaerunt, et in Pratres ibidem intnltum feeenmt. et quosdaiii ex litis verberaverniit et 
taale tmctaveTont, et quedani omaments Ecclesie prodiclc. ac alia bona et <;atitlla 
ipaorntn Prioris et Krntruiii, ad vnlenciani xxli., jbidera inventa, cFpenut et 
uportuvernnt, nc alia enormia, elc ; noii. tranBgresnioneB prediclni, Bi (aliter perpetrate 
fneriEt, tramiire nolentea ininanitas, aMieaBvimus vos, «l:c.— T.R. apud llarleborge, 
I- die Decembris" (1302).-fto(. Pat, 31 Sdia. f., m. 46.1. [F, J. B,] 

» &.-" Wills"; p. 408. 

' See page 17 {ad fi«t»t). and a<ld after " Episcopnm'' tbe wurda "die Lune 
proxima post Featam Sanrti Martini." A line of tbe "copy" was accidentally 

> " IH Licfaeia rfiffen/ii.— MuKistri Will, de Sancla Elena et Rici <1« Morcestre, 
CanonidEcdMie Sancti Petri Eionie, nunuianlei Kegi ntorteni Thome, nuper Episcopi 
Loct jlliui, babent Literas Regia Decaoo et Capituln ejuadeni Eccleeie de Liceaina 
eliimndi. — T.K. apud NoUngbani, TJ° die Octobria," — Rot. Pat. 1 Udm. II. p. 1, m. 
30. [F.J.B.1 

* " De Aaeitaa Jtepu.--Rex ^bccIodi nuper celebrate, in Ecclesia CaChedroll 
Gionieimi.ilediacretovfro, Ma(pstro Walt^ntdeSlnpcildone, CananicaejuedeniElccleaie, 
in Episcopnni Loci illius lte,;iiitii As^eiisiini aiihibuit el fnvorem. GC lioc aiKnidcatutu 
att Administratoriliiu ATcliiepi9Ci>patii% Cantiifli-iHosia .i Keilu .V|io«tu]ii.a ileputatis, ut 
miod suuBi est In hac jurW eieqnantur. in i:u,ius, etc,— T.R. apiid Redyngijea, iij» die 
DbCeuth-'"" '■*■■'' ~ "' 

iceiubris" [ibut,, in. 9). 

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EccleHiaatick who lud given mucb trouble ii) Bytton'ts time (p. 315), 
had already appealed to the Pope i^inst nine of the Chuodb, viz. the 
Dean, the Precentor, the (Jhanct'llor, the Archdcacona of Eictcr, 
TotncB, aud Bamtitaple, Uphavene (tiic Penitentian'), Thomas dc 
Chcrletone, and ThonwH de Uentonc, domandiuj; timt they should be 
pronounced disqualified from being elected or taking any part iu the 
Election. And although, when the Election wati over aud b'tapeldon 
WHS already on his way to Kome to resist the Appeal, Plympetokc 
withdrew it, much vexatious delay was the result. The Kiiif; inter- 
vened on the 6th of Decemlwr, urging the I'ope to expedite the 
ImuinetM.' But Archbishop Winchcleseye, who bad recently beeu 
suspended by the Pope ah Officio H Bejiffieio, was in France, attending 
to his own affairs, and nothing eould be done in his absence. It was 
not till the 15th of .lanuar^- that the Primate wan restored, at 
Poictiers, where the Pope then was. On the 18th he issued his 
Commission, directed to the Bishop of Salisburj', Kobcrt dc Ron, his 
Qfticial-Principal, and William de Chadekshunte, Archdeacon of 
Wilts, who were to make due Inquiuition as to all the circiimstancca, 
and, if satisfied, confirm the Election ; but it was not till Wednesday, 

1 " P«peReidevoU pedum oscuU beatorurn.— H»bet de veatrm afflnenei* bonitalis 
Uduciun RegU circuius|i«ci:io HpeciBlpin quod illonim proMqueliir lieguiin f»vo™ pre- 
niilLo )iociori3 pro quibui restrain clemenciBiii aoBtra iulercrsain afTiKtuoiiluii tnterpellal, 
A predpue qunntm laudBbilis vitu inurita «t cleii^iiciB muruni iDiignia ipeos digniw 

favore vt gracii represeotanl. Saoe, Eionieusi EiH:le«ii auo uiipcr viiiuitU Pastani, 
l>«caiiu» et Capituloin ejusiltim, od Elcccionem de futuro preficiendo P -"■ 
cedente«, inter c«teroa qaos ed ipBtns Ecclesic regituea utires_fore codbj 

penonuu diacreti viri et nobis in Clirislo dilectt, Migistri Walleri de Stapelilanv, 
JuriH OsDODlci Profeuorie ac Sanctitatis ventre Capfllaiii, Preceatoris ejusdetn BcdcHie, 
niie cnusidenicioDLi iDtiiiium direiprunt, eC ipsum elegerutit canvurditor iu ipainii 
licclesiu Episcopum vt PlUllo^^nl. Nni, auteni, ejaedeni Electi, i^ujus cinmnispecta 
indaetria, aWucua aciencia litteralis, av niultiplici* virtutniu dona ipauiu reddunt 
psrutileni, noittrD judicio, *d PastoraJe Oftidum, pru sui et Ei'desie predicle ntiliCstii 
saliibriter eiequeiida, hoiioria et cotnniudi deiiidenuiteit aacmeutum, ^nutllati vealre 
■levota prcciini ioatancia aujiplicanins cjnatiuuB, eundeni Electiim et ejus negocii, qua 
pretexlu iiiunimilani Aii]wllariiiiiuiii, contra iptuni per quosdaui gmnlos ci 
iiiallftnitatis et oilit foinitB ad Sedem Apoatolicani, nt accepimua, interjeetamiu ad 
dillerendani mie EleMionis effectum, in Saiicta KomaEa Curia habet prosequenda, 
liabtnt^. noitri intnitu, pl«iiius offectibuB reoommetidata, penBantesqus qaaui ait 
oDUBta dtapmdii) prolixa vacacio EcdeBie iiwaiotat^, ipsuni et Eleceioiicm auam ^re- 
dictam A^tolici faToriB nregidio digtieinitii prosequi, et, juxta speralam liduaam, 
CUQI celcntatc gua vertra BeBtitndo decrevent Teliciler tipedire. Finiiiler, enim, 
speralur et creilitur quod prefala Ectleaia, que propter ejus VBcaeionero diiitinam pas** 
eat Dodiqile plurima detriinenta, per Bolertetn memorati Eleeti industriBm et eTidentam 
vlrtutuni ptvrngatirarn ipsiuK, iliri^tit« Domino actua suoa, la Spiritiialibua >t 
TemporalibuB ntilia et aalnbria lUBcipiet incremeota. Conservet, etc. Datum apad 
Langele, vj die Decenibria (1307)."— Ao(. Rom. tt Franc. 1 Edvi. II., m. 8d. Th« 
King wrote, also, on the same day and to tbe same effect, to two of tiie Catdinala, — 
"Eo affeduoBius pro discreta viro , , . Uagisljo W. de Stapelilone, . . . 
Pal«initati T^tre precea noatras porrigimna, quo ipsum, auis exigeutlliua luciitis, ia 
Doatris precordiis fecundiori itileccione gsrimus, et quo ampliua ijiaiua lionoria «t 
comraodi detideramua augmentum. Cum. itaque, pnJictua Magiater Walterua in 
EionienaiEcclesia . . . electug sit in Epistopamet Pastorem, acquidam,ejusdeiu 
Electi prorectibuii invidcDles, quasdam Appellaciones ... ad Sedem Apoalolicam, 
ex odii fomile pocias quam ei lelo interpoBuerint, ad iiitpeUieiHluii nialiciuMi aue 
EI*edonls affectum ) do*, etc." (u( aujna],— lAu/. [F. J, B.j 

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the mon-ow of St. l3roj^ry, the l.'tth of March following', that this was 
accomplished, at Reading, in the Conventual Church. The Ciistodv 
of the SpirituaUtieM, uhich had been in tlie hands of OaQOU William 
de Kylkcrmy, was committed by the Bishop-Elect to Roger de Otcry, 
OanoD of Crediton, on the 14th; and on Saturday the 16tli, at 
WestminBter, the King reHtorcd the Temporalities of the Sec. 

But Stapeldon'u troublen were, by no means, at an end. We find 
him writing, on the 20th of .March, to Thoman Joce, "Cardinal of 
England," complaining that, although all necessary formalities had 
been completed, his Consecration was likely to be long delayed, tut the 
Archbishop was still out of fchigland, and it was impossible to aHcertain 
when he was likely to i-ctuni. " The Monka of Canterbury tell me," 
he says, " that they will not permit any Bishop-Elect in the Province 
to be consecrated anywhere else than iu the Church of Canterbury. 
And this," he adds, piteonsly, " is e^iceedingly hard on me ; for, at 
the present moment, [ lUii destitute even to nakedness— 1'« puri» ft 
nadU ; the storehouses on the H[)i>icu)>Hl Mauorx arc empty ; and, 
althotigh the fields are clothed with crojis, they were sown during the 
vacancy and belong to the King. The days are ovil ! " On the 14th 
of April (Easter-Day), being utChidham, in Sussex, one of his Manors, 
he wrote to tlie Bi«hnp of Bath and Wella, Walter de Haselahawo, 
I'econunending his friend, John de Bmetone, for promotion, and he 
mentions, incidentally, that, att the Primat^i had, at last, returned to 
England, his Consecration would not, ho hoped, be much longer 
deferred. But he had his misgiving^ and with good reason ; for in a 
letter written, on the wuue day, to Bruetone himself, he utates that 
liiH brother, Rolwrt Ue Stapeldon, whom he had sent to Canterbury 
to make the necessary arrangements, had just come buck, complaining 
that, though the I'rior and his Monks had given him very little 
trouble, he had been scandalously treated by the Archbishop, who, us 
noon us he began to explain his business, interrujited him longhly, 
declaring that, as long as he lived, he would jiay no attention to any 
meMsengcr from the Bishoji- Elect, but required him to apj^ear in his 
own person; adding many otlier injurious words, which iStapeldon 
expresses his willingness to overlook, out of regard to the honour duo 
to the Archbishop. He tells liruetone that, in his anxiety to do the 
)>est he could for liiui, he hod armnged, at great inconvenience to 
himself, to visit Bislinp Haselshawe in Easter-W^eek, provision for the 
way, his atteudanta, and the meanB of couvej-ance being ready; but, 
while Winchelcseye remained in Ids pi-esent frame of mind — nunrntu 
cum r/vo pedf fodere volueril, — he did not venture to go so far afield ; 
and, indeed, he had decided on seeking an immediate interview with 
the Archbishop, commending his cause to God. 

It appears from an undated letter, written subsequently but not 
actually sent, to Cardinal Joce (a copy of which is preser^-cd in the 
Register), that Stapeldon 's petition, which had so angered the Primate, 

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was that he niight be coiiaecmted etHcwheit than at Canterbury, and 
at the place where it was iindemtoixl that Walter Kcjiiolds, Bishop- 
Elect of Worcester, wuo to be consecrated ; and that, for TariouB 
reason!!, but mainly on thcin^iiuid of expense — pro vilanfiis numpUlntt. 
Kilt, on hearing his l>n>tlier's rejxxl of the interview, he had at once 
ubiiiidoiicd the idea, " l)cin(r imwilling to ofTend aiiy further one to 
whom I muBt owe obedieni-e always. I besought him, therefore," 
he adds, "over and over afratii, to fix any time and place for my <>)ii- 
KCcration that mifrht lie ajfrceable to himxelf. But, fnr one reason <n' 
another, he always put me oft." NeverthclcsH, having liuurtl tliat 
Ueynolds had obtained permission to |)ostpoue the day and to change 
the plauc of bin own (>)nsecration, he l)esouj;ht the Cardinal to obtain for 
him the same favour, if it conld lie done without much delay, rt 
tihtqvt sumplihiu onenmn. Most touehiufT are these frequent references 
tn his ])ovcrty. " Verj- evil '" — b<) he concliidea liia letter — " are the 
times in England, now ; and there are many who fear that worse 
times still arc in store for us ' " 

The Queen wrote to him on the 19tli of June, pressing the clainin 
of a favourite Chaplain of her'H with an outlandish name, one John 
de Jai^oho, for whom ahe sought the pminisc of a Prebend, aa BOiiii 
us one should he vacant, and an annual Pennon meanwhile. He 
replied, on the 8th of Jiily, that the Prebends in the Cathedral were, 
certainly, in his gift, though he had not 3'ct liecn consecrated ; but, 
as to the proposed Pension, he was himself overwhelmed with an 
intolerable amount of debt, partly by reason of the heavy coets' 
which he had inciured in the Court of Rome, when resisting Plymp- 
stokc's Appeal, and partly because of the necessity of making provision 
for the expenses of his Consecration and Enthronement. Ho was 
greatly cmbiirrassed, and obliged to borrow money ; and lie calculated 
that it would take more than three j'cars' income of his Bishopriok 
to settle all claims against hini. As to the I'rebond, he rehised, 
positively, .to make uny pi-omisc : the Ecclesiastical Constitutions 
forbad his doing so : and, moreover, the greater Prebends had been 
reserved already by Papal Provision. But he was unwilling to send 
his Queen empty away ; and, therefore, he woidd grant a I'enwon to 
her Chaplain, though it could only be a very small one — forty 

< We learn from the A'^caunt of Bp. BjttoD's Executors (Camden Sodety, 1874, p. 
27) that thejr aniounte<l to no leas thsa £266 IZ*. 4rf.,— "lt«ni. Domino WaJlcra, 
DeignidsExDmeDaiEpUcopa, pro Ubore et rxpeneU «ii> fictlii ad iustnnciRm Magutri 
Ricsrdi de PlpnpEtoke, iirpcdientis conlinnacionBni eleedoiiiB BUe, cclxvjii', xiij<. 
iiijif." ; aa to which the Editor reni&rks (p. viii) that it Ib Bot eaey to imdnntand on 
what authority Bytton'a Executors rvimbnrsed Bp, Stapetdon his exg-enses in tb\f 
liusineas. The next entry in the AMoiint is — " Item, eidem pro reparacionu defectuum 
Episcopatiis, DCilvjH. xvj, iirf. </uad." Probably they advanceil to Stapeldon, iu 
considemtion of hie poverty, a jwnioii ot the monev which would be due to him on 
account of the said " defrctus," of which the £64fe. ]5j. W. waa the balance aubee- 
guently paid on the final aeltlement. 

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shillings^ a year, till Jargoho nhould be admitt«d to some Prebendal 

Soon after thU troublesome huaiuesa, Stapeldon was a^in assailed 
by the vindictive Plj-mputoke, who, indeed, had entered into a solemn 
engagement to abstain from moleotation, but cvideuth' made the 
most of the opportunities for doing mischief afforded him by the 
delays and difficulties which beset the Bishop- t^lect. Stapeldon wrote 
to him in strong terms, from Horseley, on the 14th of July, com- 
plaining that he van being treated as an enemy and a persecutor, and 
that Plympstoke had even used threatening language about him, in 
the hearing of Master John Bloyhou. " If I have uot beeu able to 
render you any service," he says, " at any rate I have done you no 
liarm, my couMcience tearing mo witness, before God and yourself, 
arid before all men." He bids his pereocutor come to him, that he 
may prove, for himself, his Bishop's kindly afiection towards him : at 
Miy rate, he expected him to write. But he warns him that, if he 
refuses the proffered friendly communication, he will find it difficult 
to escape the consequences of his disobedience. We do not know the 
immediate result. But it is clear that the offender proved irrecon- 
eilable ; for we learn, from a letter addressed by Staj>eldou to Jocc 
on the 29th of August, that Plympstoke was still under a cloud ; and 
the Cardinal is informed that, as long ago as March, he liad actuallv 
represented to the King that the Arehdeacoiiry of Exeter was void, 
and, under this false ])rctcnuc, had obtained the promotion for himself. 
Bartholomew de Saiicto Laurcncio was Archdeacon at the time, and 
retained the OfHce till the SM of Jime, 1311, when he was elected 
Dean. Of course, Stapeldon could only refuse to admit the King's 
nominee ; upon which, on Plympstoke 's motion, he was summoned 
to shew cause, before the Judges at AVcstminster ; by whom, it is 
scarcely necessary to say, he was honourably acquitted. "This man," 
Stapeldon writes," is still excommunicate, though he knows that he 
can be absolved, at any time, on his submission. But he cares nothing 
for the welfare of his soul, and is Iwnt on spreading a net for my feet. 
If 1 eommimicate with him, 1 shall do violence to my conscience; and 
if 1 refuse to do so, he will accuse me of being rancorous and unfor- 
giving. I have tried, secretly, b» bring him to a better mind, but 
all to no piirposc." He was able, however, to announce, in this letter, 
that the day of Oousocration had been fixed, at last, for both himself 
and the Bishop-Klcct of \\'orcester — Sunday in the Qninzaiue of Kt. 

' The Mfi. is very obscure; but tho wonl most be "iinadragiuU." not "nuatHnr" 
aa In my text. Tlie Queen's »ns«er ia Dot reconled. it, is eviilBut, howevar, tWt both 
she anil her uoniinee were not contenteil with this " Penaio, licia modica,"M3taue|ilon 
calleil it, aud iireaned him for an inere«.'e. He rniiwl it to five msrkB im the Slat cf 
October, increasing il on the Uth of May, foriowing, tii ten marks. On the 14th of 
.lune, Jargoho was adniitl*cl,by Papal Provision, to u Canonry In expectation of a 
Piebend, and he became full C^non, in succeasion to William de Blsimano, on the 
S3td orPebnury, 1309-10. 

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Michas-I, — ftnother vexations delay, which he had be^ed hard to be 
spared, but without effect. His position wau n moet painful one ; 
for, by thin time, lie was reduced to such atr«it« that he wafl even 
compelled to ask his Brother-Elect to pay their joint expenses, making 
]>rovision if« etcwlentu ft poculenfit for both of them ; and he engaged 
to settle his share of the account later on. They were consecrated' 
br the Archbishop, at Canterbury, on the dav appointed, the 13th 
of October, 1308. 

Stapeldon did not proceed to his Diocese at once ; but, retumiag 
to London on the day after his Consecration, he remained there till 
about the 12th of November, nhen we find him at hJH Manor of 
Faringdon, in Hampshire, on hia way to the West. He reached 
Ottery on the 20th and Bishop's Clyst on the 22iid, and there be 
resided till the middle of January, engaged in inspecting his Devon- 
shire Manors— Biahopsnympton, Bishop's Tawton, Crediton, and 
Ohudlcigh. It must be rcmcml>ered that ho was, practically, penni- 
Icas at the time, and heavily burdened with debt, a fact which goest 
far to accoimt for his making temporal matters his immediate concern. 
The time between the Restoration of the Temporalities and his 
Consecration had been, in like maimer, partly devoted to the inspec- 
tion of Chidiiam, Horseley, and Faringdon, his Manors within easy 
roach of London. While he was at ("i-editon he held his first 
Ordination, on the 21st of December. The number ordained was 
extraordinarj- ; and it will bo hard indeed for the present inliabitantis 
who read the record, to realise the scene which their quiet little 
country town must have presented on this notable occasion." 

Early in Februarj' he commenced a general Visitation of his 
Diocese, reaching Totncs on the 4th, and making his way, by Mod- 

' I have not been able to BWHTtain the exact date of his Enthronization, But « 
Docnnicnt prcBerveil in Biahop Brantingbam's Regi]<t«r (vol. ii, fol. 36) BbeVH that It 
niiiBt hava taken place nhortly berore the 22nd of Decutiber. SfeOUver'tMotuutieon, 
page 323. He waa in Exeter, or ita immediate neigh bonrhood, aa early na the 22^.1 of 

> From the ArchdeacoDr; of EKeter vere ordained 2S labdtaama ; from that of 
Totnes, -29 : from Barnstaple. 9 ; Iroin Cornwall, 74 ; from the Peculiar Jniiulictions 
14; from the Cathedral Choir, 3; also (by Lilt. Dim,) the R. of East Ganton 
|ftTjl-«).-totaI IS."! : rfmrosji,— Exetar, 25 ; Totnia, 15; Barrrtaple, 7; Cornwall, 22 ; 
the Peculiars, 6,— total 77 : priaU.—Extter, £•; Totnes, none; Barnstaple, 1 : Corn- 
wall, 6 ; the Pacnliars, 3,— total 15 : Beneficed Clergy, —Eietar, 7 ; Totnes, 10 ; Barn- 
Hlaple, 11 ; Cornwall, 14,-lotal 42 |of whom about 30 seem to have been ordained 
occoliteB, and the rest subdeacons, deacons, or prieat?] : Jirit Umnrt, 273 ; accoHUs. 
443. An to these last it should be obRerved [$tt p. 446) that thera is a clerical error in 
the heading, the numbers having, evidently, been interchanged. Tbe " grand total " 
readies the amazing immVr of 1,005, which would lie almost incrsdibie if all the 
Domes were uot pven.— It will be observed that allCandidatcs for the Superior Orders 
were required to produce their Titles of Presentation. In ibecaso of a Beneficed clerk 
his Benefice was his I'itle. The others obtained Titles from some ReliKious House or 
, from a layman of atandin? in the Diocead, with tlie exception of a few who were 
ordained without any Title, by graco of the Biahop, or who were able to show that 
their patrimony aomced for their mamt«naiice. Sec the Dispemation grantal to 
BotwrC de Holedlche (p. 119). 

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bury, Plymptoo, Tavistock, and other less important places, into 
Cornwall, where he visited hie Cornish Manors and some small and 
remote Parishes. On the 19th he \.'aii at Laiincestou, and on the 
10th of March at St. Michael's Mount. He ordained candidates for 
the First Tonsure at several places, and alau, in all probability, held 
ConftrmatJons. There is no record as to the latter in his Register ; 
but, when we find him turning aside to such obvious "centres " as 
St. Columb, Liskeard (where he spent two days), and country Parishes 
such ae Menhenyot, Sfylor, and St. Kew, it cau scarcely be doubted 
that it was for this purpose. Returning to hia Palace on the 27th of 
March, 1309, be remained there, or at Clyst, hard by, till the 17th of 
April, engaged, chiefly, in superintending the great work then in 
prc^^ress in his Cathedral. He did very little actual building, though 
he expended large sums on materials for the reconatnictiou of the 
Nave, which were utilized by his great successor, John de (irandisson ; 
but into the glorious Choir, which had been " developed by Marshall 
and transformed by Bytton " — 1 quote the late Archdeacon Freeman's 
//ijrtory of the Calheilral — he, at once, " proceeded to introduce those 
splendid and costly cqnipmentA, which, when in their original state, 
and as yet neithei' tarnished by time and neglect nor rifled by 
icouoclagtic itoal, must have been almost dazzling in their magnifi- 
cence." After a hurried visit to London, where he lemaincd about a 
fortnight, he returned to his Visitation- work, resting at Ncwenham 
Abbey on his honicwanl way on May the 2llrd, and proceeding thetice, 
by Tiverton and Thorverton, Ui Chudlcigh, where he spent three 
weeks. After a week's stay in Exeter, he sot out for Milton-Damarel, 
0[i a few days' visit to his eldest brother. Sir Richard, at Stapeldon. 
On the 17th of .July he reached Uarttaud Abbey ; and, having visited 
many places in North Devon, he returned to Chudleigh on the 15th 
of Augnst, to remain within easy reach of his Cathedral till the 2lBt 
of October. The Fabrick-liolls shew that he was busily engaged, at 
this time, in refitting and decorating the Choir. The old stalls, 
between tlie Towers, were taken down, and the erection of new stalls, 
eastward, within the Choir projicr, was begiui ; the iinrivalled 
mitn-nvs, which date fnim Bishop Bnicre's time, being retained in the 
new work. More than forty great wuidows in the reconstructed 
Choir still remained nnglazod, or glazed with common glass ; and the 
work of filling ihcni with stained glass was, now, commenced, and 
continued, year by year, till its completion in 1319. 

The rest of the year was spent in, or near, London,' from whence he 
returned to his Dioccae at the end of March, 1.310. Except for a 

1 On the 12th of Decemher, 1309. he obuiiied B Charter from the King for a market 
onSitnnlFiyg, thmiinhoiit the year, within the Maoor of Ashhurton Iwhich belonfred to 
the See), aad also for an annual fair on St. Lanrvni^e's Day, and on the Vigil uiil 
HofTOW of the Feast. And on the Iflth of November, 1313, he ohtaised a ncobiI 
ClMHer tor a fair at Uartiimiaa. The Market and the Fairs are atill m^tatiwd. 

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ahort Yieit, in Ma}', to hiB Mauor of Faringdon, in Hampehire, and to 
CoTDwall early in Aiigiist, he kept close to his Cathedral till about 
the middle of September. It was a very busy time, eridently ; for 
the anm of £370 (more than ^eP.OOO of our money) was spent duriug 
that year, being £70 more thuu the receipts. But our Bishop was, 
now, in easier circumstances ; and from this time dates his noble 
annual contribution of about £124, which he continued till the end, — 
"de dono Domini Walteri, Episcopi, dc porcionc ipeum contingentc, 
ad Fabricam." He must have given, at least, £1,800 in all, a very 
large sum for those days.' The Canons, also, continued the yearly 
contribution of half the amount of thoir I'rebends.' The rest of this 
year was spent in London, froui whence he paid frequent visits to his 
Manors in Hants and Surrey, But by the 14th of Fehniarj', 1310-11, 
he had returned to his work. Funds were falling short, and lie 
ordered a general collection for the <'«thedral to lie made throughout 
the Diocese. Early in April he, again, left for London, and he 
remained there about six months. On the 28th of August the King 
granted him the Hundred of fiudleigh, for life (Rot. Ori'/in. 5 Edw. 
II., m. 2. See p. 89). On the 17th of October we find him at 
Yarcombe, on the border of Somerset, where he dedicated the Parish- 
Ohurch, and at Exeter on the 21st. He, now, continued his Visita- 
tion, commencing with Darlington on the 26th. On his way to 
Totnes he dedicated the t'hurch of Ugborough, a village some miles 
to the south of that town, and he, subsequently, visited many widely 
scattered places, including I'lynipton, Torrington, Sonthmoltoti, 
Morchard-Bisho]), and Okeliampton, in Devonshire, and Lanteglos- 
hy-Camelford and St. Stephen 's-bj-Saltash, in Cornwall. 

On the 8th of May, 1312, we again find him iu London ; and he 
was absent from his Diocese till Dccemlier, 1313, save for a short 
visit of shout two months, iu ■lime. July, and August, in the latter 
year, to his Manors near Exeter. The work at the Cathedral agnin 
demanded his attention. The new stalls were, probably, finished, 

Moi«OTcr. in tlic year 131 i lie founded aGnild and Chanlry of St. Lnuraice Uipre and 
rndoivnl a |iriei>t who, bcsidea other (lulim, was to k«fp r. Ufe achool for chililren. 
Sn Oliver's Littt ef the Biihnpi, pp. 11. 69. TIif Clinntr>- wait swept anay, villi othrr 
Chantrie)', in \iSh. and onlf Ibr tower 'if tlie Clispet remainfi ; but the good p«oj<le of 
Aiihhiiiton, in fulHlment of tfaelr ancieut engagement with Ihe FouDder, >till nisintala 
the School, and i-lill etieritli tlie luvmory at Bishop Stapeldon as their Rreatest Beae- 
faotnr. TIjh BiBliop iiiBde provisioti fur the bringing pore and wholesome water into 
the Town, and for the inolatton of persons who nilKht be infected vith llie plague, out 
of anv sur)>ins that inight nniBin from the Endowment, 

' jdore than l'4(',C>n<) of onrnoDey ; for. acconlinf: to Hallam (and other competont 
niithnrities). " Any given aiim nnder Heniy ITI. and tdward I. was ei|uiv«Ienl, in 
genetnl coii.mand ovn- romniodities, to about 24 or 25 times its nominal value nt 

- II will he observed that in the case of nearly every Cispeiisation or Licence grantcij 
by the Btthop, a coutribniion to the Fabrick-Fund was eiacfed. The Entries end with 
scarcely an exceplion with the wordi— "et dubit ad Fabricam j marcam" (or other 
sum]. Occasionally a grataitons offering ia acknowledged, and now and then tlie 
NonTabnU" aiidthe "Tablatura" bre specially m«ntioned. 

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nnd he bcgaii to make preparation for the erection of the Bitthop'tt 
Throne. The Fabrick-Rolls shew that £G 128. 8icl. was expended, 
at tills time, oil timber " ad Sodom Episcopi," and four years later is 
recorded ;i payment, on account of its coitt, to one Robert de Galnie- 
tone, who was conistnicting it "ad tauciim," i.e. by task -work. 

Meanwhile, incoiijunctiouwith hie brother. Sir Richard, our Bishop 
was engaged on another imdcrtaking of the first importance, for 
which he will be had in everlasting reuicmlirancc,^the foundation, 
in the University of Oxford, of the Hall which for a while bore his 
own name, and Hnhsefjuently that of hia Diocese — Exeter College. 
On the 24tli of May, 1312, Gilbert dc Clare, Earl of Gloucester aiid 
of Hertford, as chief Lord of the Manor of Draynee, in St. Gwinear, 
Cornwall, uutlioriaed by his Deed the grant of one acre of ground 
therein and the Advowson of the Rectory' — "Ecclcsia Sancti Wynncri" 
— to Sir Richard Stapeldon, for the maintenance of twelve poor 
Scholars at Oxford ; and on the 21st of October in the same year the 
King issued his Licence for siich appropriation. Sir Reginald de 
Bevilc, who was Patron of the Rectory and held the Manor at the 
time, conveyed the property to Sir Uicliard on the Thursday after 

' SUpcldon. also, endoved the College with the Rectory n( Long Witt«nhaiii, 
BerkH, which he oUuined rrom Philip, Prior of Longueville-GilTsrit (Dioc. of Roaen) 
in 13*20. There were difficullicE in the wav, and tlie tranirer wtu not completcil till 
isa5, and then on conditinn thai two Fetlona sbould be clotted from tlie Diocese of 
Samm. Mr. Bouse (Keg. Ex. CM., p. v.) gives nn abstract of the prolonged pro- 
MHlinuB, The Kini's Licence to appropriate was (tranted in 1322,— Pro Heclort H 
•%oIari6iu de Slaptidone BaJU, Oxonit. — Rei omnibus ail qnna, na., aalutein. — 
Sctatia r|uod, cnni nuper per Literal nostras Patentee, ob atreccioiiem (|uani ad 
exalteci<>neni Piancle Ecclesie et Clerl Regni nostii i^rimiuet ha'cwmna. degracia anstra 
■peciali concesaerinim et Lioradam dederinius pro nobis et heredihus noslria. quantum 
in nobis eit, Rector! et Scolarilua Donius de Stapelilone, in Oxonia, quo-1 ipiii 
Adrocacionem nnius Ecclesie, valoris qnadrajiinta marcarum per annum jnita 
LuacloneKi decinie tunc f^nrrentis, vel Advocacionen duarum Ecelesiaruni ejusdem 
raloiia, jnita eondcni taxicionem, Advocncionibns [|ue de nobis teiieiitnr in capita 
excriitis, ndquirere et ailii et aucceuiorihui suia, KectoribuH et Scolaribns Domua 
preditte, habere, et Ecotesiam vel Eecleaias hiijiinniodi appropriarc, et earn Tel «as 
apjjiopriatan-. »el appropriataa in proprios uaua tenere posnint, sili et snceesaorihiii 
snia prediclia iniperretiiuni, Statuto de terris et tencmentis in manum niortuain nou 
pooendis editonon obslanle, proiit in Otcris nostris pradirtia plenin»contJnelnr; noa, 
volentes conceseioneni noatrani eOectum dehltuui inanvipare, concesdlnnis et Licenciam 
dcdinjns, pro nobis et 1)eredibus nostria, qnanlant in nobis eat, Veneralvli Pntri, 
Walters de Stapeldone, Exoniensi Epiacopo, qiioil ipce Advocarionem Ecriesie deWest 
Wyttenham, que de nobis non tenetur in capite — utdidtnr, et qne juila taxacionem 
decime predicte ad viginli et quinque marcas taxatnr, dare possit «t aaaianarB prefatia 
Reclori et Scolaribua, habendani et tenendatii ailii et succcsvoribiis snia, Itcctoribus et 
ScflloribDH Dnmus prediute. Ila qnod iideni Rector et Scolsres Ei'cleaiani lltam apiiro- 
priore, et asm appropriatiun in pn]|irioa aaos tenere posxint, aibi et auccessoribna wediclis 
iniperpetuum. Et elsden; Recton et Scolaribua quod ipsi Adrocacionem prertictai; 

— ».._ e-_: .._! _. i.._.i__j_... i|]an, appropriare, et earn sic approp"' 

predictia imperjietunni, licut, predtctu 
dedimns apecialem, Statuto predicto non 
obxtante ; irolentes qnod predictns Ejiiscopns. vel ancceaaores aui. aut prefati Rector et 
Scutares, aeu eornni succesaores, racione pradicti Statuti. per nos vel lieredes iiostrna 
imle occationentnr in aliquo sea gmventur. Salvia, taineii, CapitalibuN Dominiafeodi 
illina aervidis inde debitia et consuetis.— T.R., apud Eboiacum, ix die Maii (1322).— 
ttol. Pat. 15 EdK. II., p. 2, m. 12. [P. J. B.} 

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the Fcaet of St. Andi-cw followitig ; and on the Fridny next before 
Lady-Day, 1313-14, the Bishop and hia brother buing at CrodiUm, 
the property was conveyed by the latter to the Dean and Chapter of 
Eieter. The good Bishop, says Dr. Oliver, heartily cu(»uragod and 
promoted the benevolent design. Ho made the work his own, and 
drew up Statutes for the (pvemmeut of hiu Hull, in which (among 
other good and wholesome regulations), he insists tliat, in the selec- 
tion of Scholars, all favour, fear, claims of consanguinity and affection, 
being set aside, they only shall be preferred who were deemed the 
best recommended by reason of their <»i]wicity, good conduct, and 
sti'aitcncd circumstaneee.' Eight of theni were to be nativea of 
Devonshire and four of Coniwall ; and they were to be youths in 
whom these three etinditioiui were most fully combnied. The 
twelve were ti) study Philosophy ; and tliere waa a thirteenth Scholar, 
A priest, who was to serve as Chaplain, and study either Theology or 
Canon-Law. 1 have printed these Statutes from a MS., the only 
early copy extant, prescn-cd among the Archives of our Cathedral ; 
and for an exliaustive history- of this noble Foundation, brought dovat 
to our own time, I must refer the student to the Jifffiitrum CoUeifii 
Exonimth, published in ltt79 by Mr. Boase, Senior Fellow of the 
College, who is now engaged in passing a new and greatly enlat^j^ 
Edition through the press. 

Bishop Stapeldou was one of the foremost Statesmen of his day, 
and wa^ long the trusted friend and adviser of King Edward the 
Second.' Hence his freijuent and prolonged sojoumings in the 
Jletropolia, and his occusional abaences from England on Missions of 
importance. Cn tlic »th of February, 1312-13, he was sent to France' 

' "Tbe paid to coiii)iiirativ< poverty brought farward Batue laJuable men. 
Siieb, foi- insUnce, waa Wilier I.iLert, tha niillcr'a bon, from liSiiWglwi-liy-Fowi'y, 
who beome B]!. of Norwich." See the ItegisUi- of tha Collego liy iEb Eev. C. W. 
BoiE« ; who, also, nientionii, In this itoniiectjon, John Prideanx, Bp. of Woi-ce^Mr, 
Bei^ainin Keniiicott, tbe di8tiiieutiihi>d II«t>niw Sclialar, who waa niOBUr of a uhailty- 
wh'ool at Tolnes, ni>d Wm. Gifford, of Anhbnrton, who began life on a cabin-boy, nnJ 
wiw ufterwnrdti appniiticed to ■ ahoemakrr iu his native town. 

^ It is, perhaps, not federally known tliat he waa employed on foreign service by 
King Edward I. before lie heuaiue Biibop. The Patent Rolls aiTord evidence of this — 
(0 Jnne, ISOtt) "Magister WaHems Je Slapeldone, (jui cum Roberto de Burgherali-, 
Cnatode yuintiue Portuum RBifia, in obaegiiio Rffiis, hit Precoptnin Vlr^s jn-ofectams 
eat »1 Partes trensniarinas, haK'tLitenuilU'^taduFrotecciiDe, UNiiiie ad Kescnm Paachc 
piDximo futunim duraturas "—Rat. Pat. 3i Ed\e. I, m. 21. Tlie Dean o( Exeter had 
similar Letteis at about the same time,—" .Magister Henricus de Snmersetc, Decanus 
Kcd. S. Petri E\on., qui de Ljcencla Regis profectnrns est ad Partes traiisniarinax. 
habeC Uteras Regis de Proleccione simplices sine clausnls, . . . usque oil Festum S. 
Mishaelis nrorimo fntutuni diiralnra*'' (29 April, 130B). /bid., lit. 24. A little laUr 
tlie Dean, ^' cini . . . profectunis est, etc, habet Literus Regis de attamnto Hub 
noininibus Magiatri Thome de Lecchelaile ct .Maglatri Johannis de Hriwetone, 
diirntaras usque ad Featum it. Mlchaelis, etc." ('20 June, 1306). Iliid., m. 17. 
[F. J. B.] ^ 

' Commission to Walter, Bp. of Ejeler, Amloinar de Valence, E. of Pembroke, and 
Master Thomas lie Cobbam, S.T.D., as the King's Proctors in the Uii ml of France 
(Westnunster, 4 Feb., 1312-12).- Rot. Vaaain. « Edio. II., M. 17, Instructions to 
(he naid Pioctori, how to act (Windsor, 14 Feb).— /J«/., m. II, 

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by the King, who on the same day commanded Robert de Kendale, 
Constable of Dover and Warden of the Cinque Ports, to make pro- 
vision for his passage "ad Partes trausniarinaa, pro arduiH negociis 
(lue HOB tHuyunt." He did not return Ut England till the 6tJi of 
May ; und, uhnost immediately afterwards, he was again despatched 
oil a similar errand, returning on the 17th of July. He remained in, 
or near, London till the end of November, when he started for Devon- 
shire, and devoted nearly five months to ih<; work of hia Diocese, and 
especially in Coniwall, where we are able to trace his progress during 
a widely extended tour. Leavinjf Tavistock on the 13th of Januaiy, 
1313-14, he reached Lawhittoii on the 14th and Launeeston on the 
15th; from whence he proceeded to Bodmin, St. Mowan, (a little 
country-parish near St Auatcli — surely, to confirm), Lanner (near 
Truro), Glusney, Carw-ythenack (near Falmouth), Alverton (near 
Penzance), St. Buiyau, St. Micbael's Moimt, hts Manor of Pouton 
(near Wadebridge), and Wyke-St. Marj-, in the far north-east of the 
County. Returning to Exeter, at Lady-day, 1314, he visited the 
Churches of Ashburton and Staverton, which appear to have been 
reported to him on the groutad of dikpidation and defect ; and about 
the middle of April he again set out for London. The year was an 
eventful one. Edward was defeated, in June, at Bannockbum, and 
the victorious Scots invaded England and ravaged the northern 
Counties. After a short stay in London, the Bishop came down to 
Clyst at the end of July, having in view, mainly, we caimot doubt, 
the progress of the work in the Cathedral ; for he did not leave the 
immediate neipihbourhood of Exeter till, at the end of August, he was 
summoned to York. Parliament waa to meet there on the 9th of 
September ; and the King, who was unable to be present, wrote from 
Wolston, on the 7th, authorising our Bishop, with the Earl of Pembroke 
and Henry dc Beaumont, to open the Session in his stead.' There he re- 
mained till about the middle of October, when he returned to Clj'st. No 
sooner had ho arrived than we find him again on the wing; going, by 
way of the little village of Down-St. Mari-,' direct to Stapeldon, on a 
two days' visit to his brother. No doiibt they were engaged in 
discussing and drawing up the Statutes of " Stapeldone Halle." On 
the 3rd of November he reached Lawhitton, where be rested for about 
four days, and then set out for Tywardrcath and Lostwithiel, far 
away on the south Cornish Coast. He returned, by way of St. 
German's and Plympton, to his House at Paignton, and spent 
Christmas there. Early in January', after a brief inspection of his 
workmen in the Cathedral, he vi^ted Honiton and Axminster, on his 
way back to London, which he reached on, or about, the 20th, to 

I Rot. Pat. 8 Edv. H., p. 1, m. 26. 

* He, probably, canfirmcd tber?. Tbe entry recordi the udmisiioD of Btrtholomtw 
de Castro (wbo would have mat tbe Bishoji tbeie by ■ppointmeiit) to tb* Ractery of 
:jt. Ire, in Cornwall, and it is dated "apud Donne Sancte Marie, in Ecciesia ibidem. 

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remain tliei-e, tipparently, for several montlis. But wc lose all trace 
of his moTciucutu, as tar as his Register is concerned, from the 3rd of 
May, 1315, when lie was at Westminster, till thi; 23rd of July, when 
he visited the Parisli-Chiu-ch of Axmiustcr on his way to Clyst. On 
the 9th of AiigTist he dedicated the Church of Cookbury, a Cliapelry 
dependent on Milton-Damarel, being again thu guest of his brother 
at Stapeldon ; and, after u rapid tour through Coniwall, his farthest 
point being Penryn, he returned to Exeter in time for tiic September 
Ordination. The greater part of November was spent in London, 
hi Deccmlier he was in Exeter again. And in January he was 
summoned by the King to attend a greaE Council of Fi-olates, Noblos, 
and other notable men, assembled at Lincoln, to take measures fur 
dealing with the critical state of aflkirs in Scotland, and other matters 
of pressing iinportance.' We find him there on the 30th of January, 
and as late as the 22nd of Kebmary. By the 3rtl of March he was 
again in London, which he made his head-quarters till the end of 
June, or the beginning of July, 1316. Meanwhile the tStatutea of 
Stapeldon Hall had been settled, and they were formally accepted aiid 
approved by the Hector and Scholars on the 26th of Ajrnl. He must 
have been sent to the Continent, on the King's business, at this tirue ; 
for I find him on tlie 21st of May at Wissant. Towards the cud of 
July he set his face, again, towanls his Diocese (reaching Clyst on tbc 
23rd), and visited mimy Parishes in Devonshire, and, of course, the 
Cathedral, where, as the Fabrick-Holls shew, the work was proceeding 
with undiminished activity. Large quantities of stone had been 
brought from Caen (besides other materials), and the finishing stroke 
was put to " the Dean's desk." 

Ou the 30th of September he, again, started tor London ; luid, 
indeed, it is evident tJiat the King was demanding more and more of 
his time and euei^es. He was continually on the road, going baek- 
warda and forwards. Four mouths later, he i-etumed to his Diocese 
tor alxiut a month, holding the Lent Ordination on the 27fh of 
February, and reaching London again by the middle of March. Chi 
the 14th of June, 1317, he went down, for a few dajs, to Oifonl, 
where, doubtless, his new Society needed his fostering care ; and, 
leaving London, on his homeward jounicy, in the middle of July, he 
went round by Nottingham (where, and at Shelford, liard by, he 

' "ClicB Featani, vero, PuriHcocionis flSIJ.lilJ, 
Comilio, ei conseusu BKronum suoram ptovisitmes 
reTOCKTit, precipieHsut unQsquiiique giu veiulia meliori foici quo possat venderet T 
futurnm.' Waliinghan, Ed. Riley, i. liS.—See " Cantarbury," page B6,— This is « 
reniarkibie DocamBiit, and Beenid to Uirow light, indirectly, on the dinputed claim of 
the Metropolitan to sentenee his SuffrsgaDa. "1 cm only read it," wrilcH a liigh 
AntUoiitjr, whom I coosulted as to ita apparent aignificsEOe, "in the MUse in which 
yon read it, a« a denial that the Vicar-General c<,iil.i eiereise Ihatri^^ht >Mrii the Arcb- 
hiahop was in, or near, the Province ; the reason given beiag that 'oh levermcisii) 
PontiticaliB Officii,' Ac ought not to exercise it. It leem to follow that, adiuittvdlv 
tb* Metropolitan hinuelf could aeutance SaSragaua." ' ' 

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reraaiued several days), reaching Biahopanymptoii on the 10th of 
August, and returning again to London ou the 1st of No\'cmbcr.' 
The Fabrick-Kolls for the years l.tlS-lC have, unhappily, lieen liiHt. 
But the Roll for 1317 shews tliat important wnrku had been com- 
pleted, or taJien in hand, in the interval. The triforiiim-arcadcs of 
the Eastern bays of the Choir, which liad not been included in 
Quivil's design, v;cve finished in accordance with B)'ttou's later work 
ill the Choru* Cantorum ; much progress was mude with the erection 
of the Throne ; the beautiful sedilia, unrivalled for grace aud elegance 
of design, ucrc set up on the south aide of the Hi(;h Altar ; and the 
erection of the canopied reredos — the '■ tJiblatiira lapidis ijummi 
Altaris" — waa commenced. 

Stapeldon remained in London, or at one or otlicr of liis Manors 
in those parts, till the beginning of April, 1318 ; when, feeling that 
his Diocette had been too long neglected, he determined on undertaking 
n general Visitation of all its Archdeaconries. There were many 
Churches to be dedicated, mauy candidates for Saered Onlenf, many 
youths awaiting the First Tonsure ; and the Cathedral, which was so 
<lear to him, demanded more than ever his superintending care. It 
took six months of incessant work to accomplish all that liad to I* 
<loue. After resting for u few days, on his journey westward, at 
Ashill, his House in Somei'set, ho set out for Clyst, dcdiciiting, on his 
wrtv, the ('hurclies of Sampford-Pcverell and Uplomaii on tlie 13th 
and the Churchyard of Butterlcigii on the 14th. Froin the 16th 
till the 23rd he was at Exeter, or elose at hand. On the 30th he was 
at Cluidleigh : from whence he proceeded, by Kingsteignton and 
Ipplcpen, to Totnes, reaching DartmoutVi on the IBtli of May, and 
going thence, by .Slaptou and Loddiswell, to Plympton, He arrived 
at Tavistock on the 21st, where ho dedicated the Parish-Church. 
Thence he went into Cornwall, visiting, among other places, Kilk- 
hampton, Laimeells, and (jallington, on his way to St. German's; 
from whence he visited Morval, and dedicated the Church there on 
the ISth of June. After spending a few days at his House at 
Cuttingbeak, close to St. German's Priorj-, he again set oiit for North 
Omiwall, and on his way dedicated the Churches of Lanivet on the 
fith of July, St. Breokc on the 11th, and St. Enan on the 16th; 
after which he rested at his Manors of Pouton and Lanner, and, again 
croHsiug the Connty from sea to sea, visited the College of Olasney 
and the Priory on St. Michael's Mount, and dedicated, on the 4th of 
August, the Church of St. Gluvias, near Penrjn, Ou the 10th and 
llth we find him at Tywardreath Priorj-; from whence ho re-crossed the 
County to Launcoston, where, on the 18th, he dedicated the Prioiy- 

< It uiay h« notol here that, on tlie I5th of October, tlie King, being at Wallhun, 
wrote to the CanliDale »ho were in Engliiad, TequeitTng them to eniiajre into the 
conduct of the Bp. ft Exeter, vho had been talselj iccused by his eiiemiu.— AM. 
Rtm. (t Ftane." Mk. II., n. 14 {Rymtr). 

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Church. Hiiviug rested, for a day or two, at his Matior-House of La- 
whitton,hcrotiinied toTiivintock, where hudedicated the Abbey-Church 
and two Altars in its Mave. On the followiug day ho dcdiuatcd the 
Church of Tamerton-Koliotaud four Altars therein. Twodays later, he 
waa far away at South Pool, close to The Start, in the extreme south of 
, the County, where he dedicated the Parish-Church and ita four Altars. 
On the 27th, after a long and tedious journey over a very hilly 
country, he reached Denbury, near Newton-Abbot, where he dedicated 
the Church and its High Altar. And then, after a brief pause at 
Chudleigh, he set out for North Devon, visiting Crcditon, Bishopa- 
nympton, and Bishop's Tawton, and dedicating, on the 9th of 
September, the Parish-Church of Barnstaple and its four Altars, It 
inay be as well to say here that, in all these cases, Dedication liad 
been rendered necessary by the rel>uilding, or considerable enlaj^e- 
ment, of Churches which had been originally founded long liefore. 
On the 17th or 18th of Septemler the Bixhop returned to Eiieter ; 
but ten days later lie was, again, summoned to York, and we find 
him there, still, on the 2nd of Xovcnibcr. Early in December he 
visited Oxford, from wliencc lie proceeded to Faringdon, where he 
spent Christmas. His short spell of rest over, his Sovereign agHin 
demanded liis presence in Loudon: he was there on the 11th of 
January. On tlio 14th he was at (.Itinterhviry,' apjiarently on his 
way to France, for on the 11th of Februari- he was at Wissniit. 
Early in March he was in London again. At the beginniu;; of 
May, 1-119, we find him, once more, witli the King at York, where 
ho remained for alxnit a inontli, and having si^nt great iiart of 
June in Loudon, or its neighbourhood, he again set out for the 
Continent — " pro negociis Regis et Itegni,'" appointing Richard dc 
Colctone and Richard do Brjyleglic his Vicars-General on the 6th 
of July, at Canterbun-, on his way. He was absent nearly a 
month. As soon as possible after his return, he set out for his 
Diocese. His Cathedral was his first care, and he spent the whole 
of September either at Clyst or Chudlcigh, or at his Palace ; after 
which he undertook an extended Visitation of both Counties, to 
which he devoted about four months of unceasing work, beginning 
at Cowick Priory on the 6th of October. His movements fron» 
place to place were rapid ; and, as before, he turned itsidc to seventl 
small and remote parishes, probably to hold Confirmations, such hk 
Winkleigh, West Downe, East Buckland, Loddisu'ell, Shcrford (« 
Chapelrj' of Stokenham, near Kingsbridgc), and Ashpringtou. Four 
('hurches were dedicated, viz., Littlcliam, near Bideford, on the 17tli 

' He Maistel, on that ilay, at the Consecration (by Arflhbiabop BeyuoIJa) of 
Stephen <le Gniveaeiide, BLshup of LoiiJon. 

■ On th« S4tb of May the Kiug, beintt at VnrV, hml issued hit Coram ijaion. ilir.'cteil 
to the Bixhopi of t^xoter aail Herefui^, Muter Bal>. de Baldock, An-lidenuon n{ 
MiiMleKl, and Rich. d<; Burtone, clerk, to perlami the Honiagii Jne by him to tlip 
King o[ Eaucc—Sot. Rom. <£ Fmne^. 12 Edvi. II., m. 10 tn ceduta {Ryaer). 

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of October; West Anstey, on the 12th of November; Buttcrleigli 
on the 13th ; and ou the 4th of December the interesting little 
Church of St. Michael, which crowns Brent Tor, a reniai'kHbli.' conical 
hill about midway between Tavistock and Lydford. IJy the 19th of 
January ho had worked his way back to Exeter, wlicre he rcmaiued 
till the 7th of February ; running down, however, in the iiiterviil, 
for a few days, to St. Austell and Peur^'n, and thence on n second 
visit t<> remote St, Burj'an. lu the Cathedral, the rci-cdos luul, 
by this time, made some prt^^ress ; and the Bishop was, now, engaged 
in preparing for the erection of the High Altar, a work of luiprc- 
ccdented mi^piificeiice and unstinted cost. Lcland tells us that it 
was of silver, and the Fabrick-Kolls confirm the statement, — 
" Magistro Jolianni Aurifabro, pro operc Tabule argeutee." This was 
in 1324; but it was not finished in Stapeldon's lifetime. His 
Gxecutore contributed to its completion, and it vfnK dedicated by 
Bishop Grandisiiiin on the 18tb of December, 1328. 

It is evident that our Bishop's support and guidance were, daily, 
becoming more and more necessary to the King, who had long, and 
justly, regarded him as his most trusty adviser and most stedfast 
friend. Edward summoned bim to his presence, again, early in 
Kebniarj- ; and on the 18th of that month he made him Lord High 
Treasurer of England,' Hssigning to bim the Manor of Whitgift, in 
Yorkshire, that he might support his new dignity worthily. We find 
him at Dover"^ on the 14th of March, and back again in London by 

■ HiR appajntnieut wis qnickly tallowed by the issue oC a Writ of Privy Seal (Clmf 
Kiil H Kilir. 11., m. £2) tar tlin runhoiliziiig ami ordering ot tbe Rolls, Books, niid 
ntlun' Dacumiiits "of tho time* of the Kinft'HprogpnitDin, . . . tlien reniaioingiD 
the TreasDiieA of the Kiiie'x Exchequer aixL in lits Tower ot London." This Writ vat 
foliowed, in Decemlw, 1322, ooon alter his re-appointinent to the Office hj- another 
Writ, whicli more tpecili rally directed tlie Treasurer and Chamlierlains ot tht. 
Exchequer to clasiiry, mid to ealmdar, the Papal Bulla, Charters, and other Miinl- 
menta, then remaining in tl>e Treiwuries ol the Ex:hequer, in the King's Wardrobe, 
hbA in othtrptMes (CloM JiM 16 Edir. II., si. 19 doti.) From this Comimuioncomea 
the ren.arkahlB Inventory of 1323kiiowji as "BishopStapeldnn'sCalendar." Edward 
Edward!", in his " Libranea and Poundera of Libraries" (!884, p. !sil), gives a long 
Bcconnt ot this " Calendar." It is not too mnch to say that 8tapeldon saved oor early 
ReconlE. [C. W. B.]— Soon after his first appointment, via. oa the 12th ot November, 
I %io, tbe lung, as en especial mark ot his favour, granted to ourBinhop snd hissni'ress- 
ora in lbe3ee for ei'er, the power to hold pleas of Hue and Cry — "placitade hutesio et 
damare levalin in trniB, tenen^cntis, et feodia ad EpiscopatUIu . . . pertinentibiu 
Comiibie, in rjuilius Idem Episcopns habet viinm fraoci pleail." The 
lerved in the Cathedral Archives, and is printed in Oliver's Xiivj iif tbe 

BiAmit, r 

t Rolls tell us about the butinesi which took him thither. He tndst 

bave reached Dover ss enrly aa the 6th, on which day Valentine do Bere granted him n 
piece ot ground in that town, in " Kanounwarde, adjoining a tenement previously 
ttranled to Ihe Bishop by EdmnnJ Coko. Stapeldon paid him itis. sterUng. The 
Charter was dated at >)ver, « March, 1310.20, and was vritnesscd by Sir Robert dn 
Kendale. Constable of Dover Castle; Synion Oyles. tbe Mayor; William Archer, the 
Bulilf ; William Viii^le, Thomas le Kew, and others. Tho same Roll conUins, also, 
tbe Charter ot the said Edmund caltrd Koc («ic), "de Leanham," dateil 3 Aug., 18IS. 
glinting bim all his messuage "infra llbertatem portus Dovonie, in Cuionewarde, 
with the hoDses npon it, and tbe laud and garden and otbcr appiu1«iuu]ce» Uiemif. 

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the 23rd. The King went to France in Jnnc, 1320, to do homage for 
hia possessions in that Country, and Stapoldon iiucompanied him. He 
WHS at Boiilogne-Biir-mei- on tlie I8th and 20th of July. Ho assisted, 
on the 20th, at tlic Oouaecratiou, thea-, (\>y John Salmon, Bishop of 
Norwich) of Henry de Burnhwerehe, Bishop of Lincoln. This was on 
their homeward way ; and the Bishop, after a hricf aojouni in the 
Capital, hasted to visit the works in his beloved Oathedmi, aa well as 
a few Parishes in Devon, amouj; them Okchampton and Tavistock. 
In October he was in London agmn, where he remained till the 
middle of March ; going down, however, for a few days at the end of 
November, to Exeter, where the imjwrtaut works then in progress, 
the High Altar and its rei-cdos and other surronndings, and the great 
Screen at the west end of the Choir— the " pulpytte " as it is called 
in the Fabrick-Rolls, — which he had commenced in 1317, demanded 
constant supervision. 

His Chrifltmas waa spent at Horseley. Stirring events were at hand. 
The younger Despenser, the King's new favoiiritc, had lost no time 
in offending the Nobles, who, ted hy the VatI of Hereford, seized on 
Ijondon, held a Parliament, and banished both the Deapensera, father 
and son. Tins waa on the 19th of August, 1321 ; and it need not be 
said tliat Stapcldon was by his King's side during all this trying time, 
not leaving him till the beginning of September, when liia Diocese, 
again, claimed hia presence. He visited, ou this occasion, a great 
many places both in Devon and Cornwall, dedicating no less than 
seven Churches in October— Stoke-Cllmsliwid, with ita Cemeterj-, on 
the 6th ; Rame on the 10th ; St. Noot on the Uth ; Duloc on the 
15th; I.anaallo8 on the 16th; I..anreath on the 17th; Boconnoc on 
the 18th ; five of them, it will he obsened, on five succesaive days I 
And he inspected his Cathedral at frequent inton'als. This was one 
of the longest of hia Viaitations, lasting nearly eight months, with 
scarcely any intermission. Meanwhile, feeling, as well he might do, 
the need of rest from the wear and tear of his manifold duties, he hud 
asked, and obtained, the King's permission to resign the Treasurer- 
ship.' But Edward, whoso fortunes were rapidly going from had to 

The Bishop paid him £8 " promunibiis," in tlie presence of the miA Mii3'or wiil BiililT 
and 21 otiien. Al<ontB inontlih«tore(3 Jnly), Brother Batph rln W.i1en»re. 8ubt>rior. 
and the Convent of 8t. MarCiu's, Dover ("hac vice Priori^. iwlacliMlestitiiti"], granleat 
taonrBislinp, and hiaSucceuors. a plot of gmiiml nithln Uie SHiiia)>urt, in " Kuihi'luit- 
warde " : witnemei. the Kaid BailiiTancl 13 ntlien. All these Charters were conlirtufil 
and ratified hy the Kins at Weil mi lister, IStli April. \9Sl.—/lol. Put. 13 Edw. II., tn. 
Ml. These properties were, probably, purchaneil in order that onr Biiihoiifl iiiiKlit hav» 
a pUce to KUy at when going to, or retiirninf! from, the Continent. [F. J. B.] .-ir^ 
the " Itinerary," to wbicn tliesc dales at Dovrr may be added. 
' Rex omnibua ad nnon, et>^., taluteni. — Sciatic i)uod ad imtljiDtem l^uificionem 

VenembilisPaIri!, Walte = "-—' — -'-■'-' ■ .«»..■ ™. 

noiftri, onod aliiiuanidin 


Baronnm cle iliclo scaccano. I'lniniisimiii, liaijenuam quousoiie 

duierimua provideodum.— In cnjus, etc.— T. R., apud Tiinim LonUoniaruni, s 

AngiMU"(1321).-JW.Po(.16.aiu!./J.,j>.l,m.l9. [F.J. B.l 

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worse, had been too long accustomed to rely on the Statesman- 
Biahop to spare him now, and Stapeldou waa reinatatoti as Treaaurer 
on the 9th of May, 132"2.' It was a very anxious moment. The 
Deapenaers had been recalled, and had revenjjed themselvea on the 
Barons by laj-ing waste their lands ; and there were fresh troubles in 
the N^orth, where the Earl of Lancaster iiad entered into an alliance 
trith the Scots. Some intereating Letters will be found in the 
" Rogiater of Royal Letters and Writs/' relating to the disastrous 
recall of the King's favourite and his father. Stapeldon, with others, 
bad been commanded, on the Slat of January, to advise the King ; 
but the Mandate was so worded as to make it clear that no advice 
would be acceptable which did not coincide with Edward's wishes. 
The Archbishop and other Prelates, aascmbled in Convocation, had 
already consented to the recall, and the Lords of the Council had 
acquiesced in their decision. Our Bishop's reply, dated at Chudleigh 
on the 31st, though most carefidly worded, was adverse; and the 
King, greatly displeased, wrote to him again, on the 10th of Februarj-, 
from Gloucester, imder the Privy Seal, in terms of strong remonstrance 
— "ad responaionem aliam optinendam," — "nous merveilloma dure- 
mcnt de ce ()e . . . . vous, de qi ontro touz lea aultres Prelate nous 
nous asseurames ct entendoms qc vons estes especialmcnt tenuz de 
voler bon issu de ccle bnsoigne, nous avez si covertement remandcz." 
Stapeldon's reply — his " finalis reaponsio " — dated on the 20th, ia a 
very touching dwument. He oxpi-esscs his sorrow that his former 
answer should have displeased his Kinj; ; for he hod recommended 
delay and caution, only in order that there might l)c time for full 
ilolibcration on so weighty a matter. He pleaded that he had taken 
no part in procuring the exile of the Despcnsers, and had not even 
been present when they had been sentenced. Nevertheless, after long 
consideration, he was prepared to acquiesce in the view of those who 
regarded their outlawry as a mistaken and unjiist step. He was 
willing, therefore, to consent to their recall, if he were able to approve 
the way in wliich it was proposed to accomplish it, His advice had 
been asked, and he had given it ; and, now, he could only repeat what 
he hod said before — that he tliought it would be moi-e honourable, 
more advantageous, and safer, that a step so serious should not be 
taken hastily, but by the authority of a Parliament specially called 
for the purpose — " utinam pacifico et pocifice ! " It seemed to hiiu 
that the counsel of men of the great«st discrotion, ex]>erta in the 
Ijaws of England, was necessary in dealing with a matter of such 

' .'Cv p. 557, HOl« 73. —It will I>e a sorpriMl" iiinny to lesm that Stsprldon wtu not 
(nihiiHbeeiDlenarallyHuppoaNllTrHUiirer'it the tiiiia of liis doatti. Wm. da Melton 
Ahp, of York, w»a nppointsd 3 July, 1326,—" Kt rnandatum est Wnltero, Einnlensi 
EpifHWpo, nnper Theaaunirio Regis, quod eileiii APohiepisnopo Rotulog. Clavea, 
Memonnda, oc oninin alia, etc. liberet eunkwliendB, etc. (ffn<. Pat. 18 EUv). 11., p. 2, 
m. 5). MelEon cnntinn«d to hold the Of&cti till 28 Jan., 1326—7, when Adam de 
OrletoD, Bu. of Hereford, was appointed, ood the Abp. was comnumded to hand over 
to Urn the BoUg, Keys, etc. {Ret. foLl Biw. llL.p.l.mX). [F.J.B.]. 

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grave importance ; and that, even if the sentence were wrong and 
unjust, it was expedient that great care uhould be taken to avoid 
doing greater injiistico and injun- liy revoking it hiuriedlj'. The 
Bishop was loyal to his King ; but especially loyal in this, that he 
would save him, if lie could, from the only too probable conBcqnencei) 
of an act which he believed to be both rash and full ot peril. Alaa, 
we know that his forebodingn were fully justified. But, at any rat*.', 
the course which he recommended was adopted, A Parliament was 
held at York, about three weeks after Eaater, 1322, and Stapeldoii 
went up from Esctcr to attend it, starting on the 12th or IStli of 
April, and resting at Bytton, in Gloucestershire, on his way. In this 
Parliament the Statute of Indemnity, which had been passed in 
1321, in relief of those who had broken the King's peace by 
" purauing and destroying " the Desijcnaers, was repealed, and 
their exile waa annulled. 

The Bishop's stay in York extended over more than three monthK 
On the 23rd of June the King granted him Licence to crencllatc his 
Palace at flxeter,' and early in August he paid a hurried visit to his 
Cathedral City, but only to return to York immediately ; and there 
we find him (or at Acomb, a place close at hand), till just l»fore the 
Ifith of December, on which day he passed througii Peterborough, 
on his way to London. By the 26th of JanuarA' he was at Clytit 
ngair) ; and he remained in Devonshire till the middle of Mtirrh, 
dedicating the Chvireh of Ugborough on the 21st of Febniatj-, and 
reconciling the Church and Cemetery of Dean-Prior on the follow-inp 
day. As usual he devoted seveml days to his great work at Eieter ; 
anil this was his last visit, of any dnrHtion, to his Diocese. The 
Entries in his Register for 1323 seem to shew that diu-ing the 
whole of that year he waa imable to spare a day, even for the 
Cathedral. He was at Bristol on the 28th of March ; and by the 
16th of April we find him, once more, at York, where he remained 
till about the middle of Jidy. On the 6th of August he was 
appointed Constable of the Tower." On the 7tli he waa at Oeeney 

1 " J)t mnuio krrnrlandit.—'Rex orikHiiib Ballivin et PidvUbuH anin. ad nuos, «tr., 
nlutftn.— SciatiH quod, de crtda nostra spet^Uli, concesHbiiuB pro itobii ct lierntibus 
iiosWa Veneraliili Wiri, WalUro, Exoniitiwi tlpincnpo, quoil ipse et Sun^essor™ »ui, 
Eplicopi L«d illiiiK, claneuni et mansniii Pulacii niii Epiwopatiu Exoniviuiia In Exoui* 
ninro de p«tra vt calct flrmare et kernellaiv, et clauauiu tt luansum prcdicta sic 
Hnnata et ktrnellata tenere poesint «ibi et SuccfworibiiB suia ioiperpetuuni, tlxie 

'^iccaxione vel iDipedimebto noAtri vel beredum noiitrDruni. VicecDniituni. aut alinntm 

a pl»llmiriim 

*Se "h Ebon. ,. . . . ,..- ,. . 

' Rei ■.ml, jnat l*l(.ie (UO May), granted h._. ._ .„ 

VeliemUlui — " pro Recture et ScolBiibus de Slapfldone Hille, Oxonie " (ibiil., tn. 12'>, 

noHtri, quon 

Custoillani illamiiiiait Venerabili Ptlri Wallero, Exanieiiai Rpin'opo, TliUMiumrio ano, 

Baronnm de jtima Regin Loudotiiaruni, coin pertiDenciis. Habeuduti 

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Abbey, in the suburbs of Oxford — his last visit, as far as wo know, 
to his " poor scholuTB " of Stapeldon Hall. Three days later he was 
at Odiham Castle, in Hampshire ; after which lie inado Loudon his 
head-quarters till the end of December, when ho sought rest, at 
Christroas-tidc, in his Manors of Chidham and Faringdon, having 
resigned the Custody of the Tower, in which Office he whs succeeded 
by John do Westone, the younger, on the 17th of November.' He 
seems to have returned to London soon afterwards, and to have re- 
mained there till the l>egianiug of Juh', 13S4, when he retired, for 
ft while, to Faringdon, on his way to the West. He had liecn ordered 
to hold the four South-western Counties, and especially Cornwall, for 
the King, against the chance of a French invasion,* We find him at 
Lawhitton at the end of the month ; and from theuce he wrote to 

pradicle, cam pertlnenclis, olicinem ilium fidelein, ile c|uo iii pUnum confliUt et pra 
■[DO rafponikre valuerit, si sibi viderit expedire.~ln cujiiK, etc.— T. R. ipud Kirk- 
liani, vj ilie AiigmtL — Et inanilatuni eiit Steptumn do S^ave quod eidem Episcopo 
TurriDi prclictaiii, citm pertinenciia, una cum srmatnrie, victnaliiins, et oianiljaa il'u 
nhiis Rb^h, ao prisonjbns in eulsm Turre »iateiitibu», iiue iiinc in Ciutodia aua, 
per Indentunim Inile inter insos conflciMidaiii, llberet cnl>^Klil;nlla io rornin predicU. — 
T, U., lit supra ■• (1323) /t-rf. Origiu. 17 JUu-. II., m. i. \?.S. B.] 

< Ibid., tn. 7.~J<>lin de WriituD wms, ilsn, n DevonHliirs man. Hin father di«<l 
17 Edw. II. {Inqtiit. pout vuxrlaa, No. 63).— Again {/t«t. Ongin. IT Kdie. II., m. S;, 
" Rex Johanni Uvenintii, Ewael(>ri in l>)niitHtiL)uii Onrnubiv, Devonie, Sonivmutia, et 
Dorsetie, «alut«ni.— Vi)I»ul«( Jolianni ili- Weatonp, Cniistaljnlario Tunis noatre 
LundonianiDi, <|<ii ■ CuBtmlia eJuBilein Turria in preaenti s« einngare non potest, 
(n'lci'iiiii 'tc. ; rNlilidiniiia i4 amiiLi terms rl tenenieuta uim Johannes, pater auiit 
■lefunrCitii, teliullda uobia in i-apite din <|U3 oliit; et etdi^ni 'Johanni lioiuagintD auuni 
RC flilcKtalem nobia ile tcrris et teiienientia predictia delnta lul valuntateiu noatrani 
duiiinud mjiectiianila. Kt ideo \'obia numl, at'uvpta iieiiurilate, eCt:.- T. K. apud 
Miiilnortlit, xxtiij di.- DeveiiilTiH " (132-3]. Weatou ilrll held the oUice nt th« time of 
.Sta|wldon'a inunler. He wis ButCBeJe.1, 10 Dec, 132(1, by 'I'homaa Wake {ibid., 20 
JidK. II., m. h). John Glaoni aud Riuhani i\r ISetnigne, citizens of Loudon, were 
ordemd to hand it over to him. — Sfi the AwtutU ^ Oitriry, VA. Lunnl, ji. 347, — 
" Id craatina Sancli Kidixti deeollntus vat Epitcopua Exuniutiaia, Thesaurariua R^ia, 
•le coiiailia civiuni Louilonienaliini, extra Boreile Oatimn l!^cle<ie Sanutl Paull. Et 
~ ■ " ' |i«r clve«, ad opiia Begiue et Fiiii sui." 

hare clung to him, attet be had ceased 
w hold [he oiBiw I Set p. xxv, note. 

' '• Rex ViatoniitibUB, etc, aaluteni.- Qnia R»x Frarioie eioereitam grandem jam 
inwtl ail eipugoandnni nns et Duuatnm nuatruni A'tuitannle, et non modicum multi- 
tudinem naviuni in iliveraiapflrKliuiiiifm poleatatem suam longregari facit, adgraran- 
dnm nns et Uegnuin noatruiu ac subditus iioatroH, tani per terram qnani per marc, noa 
periciilia, etc. ; contiilprautes, eciam, iinod Couiitatiis. Gurnubie, et Castra in eodem, 
que lasbella, Regina Anglic, Conaora noatm cariaaims, tenet, aunt in remociuribua 
partilme Regni noatri, et in certia inaritimia, nbi clastia navinm de faiiili applicare 
poai^i-t, et peHcnla nobis et Regno noetro per hoe eveuire, nisi, etc. ; per quod 
cononlBtnm est per Ooimilium nostrum iiuoil Ooniitaliis predictua et omnia Caatra, 
etc.. ac Coniitatus Soniersetie, Dorsetie, et Dcvonie, aint in manu noatra pro eorunt 
■ecnra cuatodia, etc. ; a^aignaviinos Venerabileni Patreni, Walterum, Exoniensem 
EplMopuni, Tbesaurariniii noatrnm, ad capiendnm In inaDuni noatram, per ne vel per 
altua, tli;. ; ac de UiadiH, instauro, bonis, et catailia, etc., respondere v^eant ail 
Scaccarium noatmm, ut debebunt. Et Ideo vobia mandamua quod eidem Epiacnpo, et 
•Ipputando vel deputandia ab ipso In hac parte, fitia intrDdentpn, coiiaulentes, 
et suxiliantea, prout et <|uanda per iuauni, ant per deputandoa ab ipso, auper hoc 
Ineritia premuniti.— In oujua, etc— T. R. apud Porceslie, >viij die Septembrii" 
"■• "-' ■—'in. 16 Sdw. 11., m. Z. [F. J. B.]- &cp.550, noUSS. 

—AX. Origin. II 

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hia Deau and Chapter on the 9th of August, complaining of "the 
neglected state of several of the pnrochial Churches, exhorting them 
to look to their substantial repair, and especially calling on the 
Dean, as holding Archidiaeonal JurJEdiction in the Peculiars of the 
Chapter, to enforce obedience to this Episcopal Ordinance."' The 
Choir of the Cathedral was, practically, finished ; and our Bishop 
vigorously continued his preparations for tlic immediate commence- 
ment of the stupendous work of rebuilding (or, as we know from 
recent discoveries, recasting, in part at least), the Nonnan Xavc, We 
find him investing largely in building gear and materialB. Fifteen 
great poplar-trecB were bought for scaffolding and a hundred alder- 
trees, besides mnch timber from Torre Abbey, Norton, and Sidbury, 
as well as from London (his own pnrcliase on the spot), and much 
stone from Beer, Burlescombe, and Sal combe- Hcgihi. And, instend of 
merely continuing his customary annual gift of £124, ho started tlic 
new enterprise by a princely donation of 1,000 marks— £666 ISs. 4tL, 
about £16,000 of our money, "do dono Veucrabilis Domini Walteri 
Kpiscopi dicto operi." 

He left the Diocese on the 23rd of September (liaving first visited 
Otter}' and Newcniiam Abbey), and proceeded, by way of Lodres 
Prior}-, to London. He knew it not ; but his episcopal work was 
over, and the last two years of his life were destined to Iw spent in 
the immediate service of his King and Countrj. And yet there is 
evidence to shew that, at a most critical time, little more than three 
weeks before his deatli, he contrived to pay a flying visit to Exeter ; 
so near his heart was the noble Sanctiiary to which he had devoted 
so much loving care and so largo a portion of bin worldly svibstunce. 
On the 22ud of September, 1.^26, he appeared, for the last time, in 
the Chaptei'-HouBe, and there confirmed an Agreement between the 
Chapter and the Niuis of Polslo. In all prol»abiIitj' he was returning 
from Cornwall, the Custody of the Castle of Tintagcl litiving been 
committed to him two months before.* 

' See Oliver's itiwj qf the Biahopi, page 67.— This int«re"ling Document ehould br 
■monp the Archive) or the Dean and l.1ia|)ter, bnt it seems to have disapp«>Tcd sincr 
Dr. Oliver iu*dc the above summary of its conUnla. 

' " 11*11 omdihoa »d quos, etc, Mliileni.— Sciitig quod, pro bono et iBudabili 
servicio quod Vsncrabilis Pater, Wnltenis, Eioiiiensiii Ejiiscopun. Dobia idipendit 
el indiea iminndere tion deBistit, eoBeessimus ei, |]n) nobis et hemiibus nostril 
Ciwtodiam Castri nnstri de TyntBBel, Barjri et Moiierii nontri de Boscynny, cum 
pertinenciia, in Coniitatu Ootnubis ; habendum et tenendum eidem Episcopa a<1 totan 
vitam flunni. ReddendoindcadScaceflrinninOBtruni xl/i. ; uiiani, videlicet, niedietalrm 
I.) KcB.s'nrinni noatnim Pascbtj et aliam medietateni aJ Seaccarium noatnini Sancti 
)1 ivhaelis. Ita quod idem Episcopal dictum Caetnim jg^tn posse auuin, per s« v<d 
prr aliuni, ai! opua noatram vel herortum noatrorom, hen* et fidelitet faciat cuatoditi 
ct idem Cnstnim nemini liberet nisi nobis et hereilibua noatrin, siiie Maiulato Doatiti 
speciali. Et. si contingal nos vel heredea nottroi nliqnem alinm i|n«m prinonem ail 
dictum Castrum milteie ad perliendinanduni In eodeiii, idem Episcopua ilium qaeiu aic 
iiiiseriniufc, ad Mandatuni noslruni vel herediim nostroruni recipiet, et in eodem 
perbendinare permlttet. Ita, eciapi, quod idem EpLicopos donioa et ediflcia iufn 
airttim Caatrmn eiiatancia in «d«j bono statu, vel meliori, sknt >■ lnv«i,ie|. 

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The Queeu left Englauil for France in May, 1325. And on 
the 9tl) of September foltou'iug, our Bishop, by the King'ti command, 
accompanied Prince Edward to the French Court, to do homage to 
Charles IV for the I'l-ovinccs of Aquitflino and Poitou, which Edwiird, 
unwilling or unnble to leave England lumeclf, lest he should expottc 
Despenser to the fury of the ferons, liad transferred to his son. 
Mortimer had joined Isabella, and Stapcldou did not take long to 
diitcover what was going on, and that tlie abandoned wife was plotting 
lier huaband'a niiu. Kctuming to England, — I quote, in subatancc, 
Dr. Oliver's account, — his penetration satisfied him that everything 
[Mirtcnded a speedy revolution. The King, at last; became sensible 
of his danger, when he heard that Isabella and her paramour had 
effected a landing, with u powerful force, at Orwell, on the coast of 
SiifTolk ; and, fearing that treason bad doue its worst, tie fled, on the 
2ud of October, with the two Despteusers, to Bristol, and from thence 
into Wales, having first issued a proclamatiou from the Tower against 
tlkc rebels, and i.-onuuitted to the faithful Bishop the custody of the 
City of Iiondon. Stapeldon had concurred with certain of the Privy 
Council in promulgating Sentence of Excommimication against those 
who had invaded the Realm. But the King's flight, and the successful 
advance of the Queen's forces towards London, encouraged the 
citizeuH to break out into open rebellion against the Government. 
In the French Chronicle of London (Camden Society, 1844, p. B2), it 
is stated that — 

** The Bishop of Exeter, rirling towards bis Inn, or Hotel, in EldedeuieB-l*De, 
for dinner, encountered the mob, nod. bearing tbem shdut ' Traitor,' he rods 
rapidly to St. Paul's tor saoctuu?, but wu unhorsed sad taken to Cheapside, 
gtript, sod beheadeil. William WhUs nnd John Padyngton, the Bishop'a Steward, 
met with the tame fate. Aboat the hour of Vespers, the same day, the 15th of 
October, the choir of St. Paul'a took up the bendl^ra body of the Prelate and 
coDvejed it to St. Paul's; but. on being informed that he died under sentence, 
the body wna brought to St. Clement'K, beyond the Temple, but wna ejected : so 
that the naked corpse, with a rag given by the oharitj of a woman, whb laid on a 
Bpot called ' Le Lnwles Chirche,* and, without any grave, lay there, with those of 
lui two Esquiree, without office of priest or cleric'' 

Another " Chronicle," written in French by William de Pakyngton, 
Treasurer of the Household of the Black Prince in Cascony, and 

sustentabit Coucesaiiuut, eciun, eidrm KpLKCOpu quod ipse domos et alia editicla in 
eodcm Castro suniptibua auis, sivoluerit, de novo coaiitruerB possit ; etnas maeremium 
iu boiida uostrin id Comitatn. predicto, ubi ad minns dampnum nOEtniDi et mquK 
uomiDodnin ipsius Episcopi fieri potcrit, pro hujusaiodidotiiibusslc constmendia, et 
cisdeiii domilAis et wuflciis et alUs prins lactis, quociens opus faent, rcparandia, ptr 
ScDexcallnm no>trum Comitatua pndicti qui pro tempore fuerit faclemus liberari. 
VolniDui, iiihuprr, et concedimus quod Execntores 'iWamcnti ipaius Episcopi de 
armaturi", victualibue, et oiniiilms aliis rebuii suih, qne idem Episcopns Infra (Jastnim 
proJictnni cariari fatict sea a.lduoi, i>09t mortem ipsiUH Ejiiscopi liberam habere 
valeant idmiDiBtracionem ait execuciouein rjusdi'm jude facieodani. In ciiiua, etc. — 

~ = "' "■ '- ""' " ' ■' >n.a)JWw. //.,ih2. 

a is called Tieaaurer 

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tnmslated by Leland (Collectanea, i, 167), gives a Bomewhat difTereat 
account, — 

" In the yen 132fl, [Isabel]. Edwarde, Edmuod of Wodentock, Earl of Kent, 
nod JoHd (if Heiisud urived at Barwiche. After the laodding of tliem, King 
EHwai-de heard that the LonJunen were minde^l to I'CDdre tbem aelf to them. 
Whereupon he sent Walter Stapleton, Biahop of Eiceatre, hia Treaorar,' for to be 
Qardiane of the Cjto with the Miijre; and he, coramTDg to the Quildhaulle, 
deaired, aoeordisg to his Cummiaaiua, the keyea and cuatody of the Cjte. To 
whom the Commona anen-ered thnt they nolde kepe the Tonne fur the King, tlm 
Quene, nod bia Sunne. And the Biahop not content with thia anawer. they tok« 
him and amit of hit hedde, in the middle uf Weatchepe, and, after, beheddid 2 
Eaquirea that waytid on him. Wylliam Waulle, liia nephew, waa the one, and 
John Padinirton tbe other. And, after, they beheddid a Burgee, one John 
Mareachal, Esj^ yn London for the Diapenaara. At tbia tyme Walter Stapleton 
waa making a faire toure on the very Tamys aide, at this place, nitboute Temple 
Bar, and, lakking stone and lyrae to finish it, aent a force to the Chircb of the 
White Freree iFrerea de la Pte), and tuke it, and yn deapito of tbistlie Loundeaer 
biryid Btapleton and hia 2 Eaijiiirea in the hepe of rubnache aboute hia Toure, u 
they had been dogges. And no mnrvel. For he waa fumieche and without pita. 
But after ij veeks, at the requeate of Queue laabel's lettrea, the Biahopa body 
wu eoried to the Chirch thereby, and after to Gxreatre. And the 2 GaqtUna 
bodyea were caryed to 8. Cleraenlca Chirch, and there huried." 

The animiu of the writer of all this is only too manifest ; and, as 
Mr. Boose justly remarks, " it nmst be remembered that the account 
comes from the Bishop's enomios." The munificent and setf-sacriRciog 
benefactor of his Cathedral Church, the friend and botmtiful patron 
of " poor scholars,"* who, as the Account of his Executors shews, 
remembered them lovingly and tenderly to the very last, mentioning a 
lai^ number of them by name in his Will, wan not the man to rob 
a Church in order to obtain materials for a new house for bioiBelf ! 
More truthful, obviously, because more consistent with what wc know 
of the Bishop's character and of the special dangers and difficulties 
with which it was his lot to contend, is the following account, given 
by Walsingluuu in bis Ilitiirria AttglKana (Ed. Riley, i, 182), and 
derived from an earlier compilation made at St. Albans towards the 
close of the 14th Centurj-, — 

1 Setri, XXV, note. 

' And that not ooty at Oxford but also (as we have seen) at Ashbtirtou, and In his 
Cathedral City, vhrre he was enj;age<l in providing an endowment for a Graminar- 

Q/.V.^r.1 ii, mnrr^riinn mllli Rt Anhn^a ttrvarvita} will, R vipw tn Ihn >i«H*r Mln/^atiAn 

. _, . ( benevolent scheme, — "Deliberaclnne debit* 

a et digna quod hone nieniorie Waltenie . . Predeceuor noeter, ail ea 
que longa eiperieneia gravibus esse probantuT onuRta dispendiiH et innumeris plena 
peiiculia dirigeiis tntuituni sue mentis, et potissime ad id quod quasi commnals morbus 
toepait quod Eccleaiaram farochiallnn Rectores, et alii curam aniniarum habentes, 
ceterique in Bacerdoclo coustitDti. qui Gramatlce fUndamentum non hauierunt, ob 
defectum qnem paduntur m ea inutilea ad euperiorrs Ecieni:ia9 vel ealtem inintu 
■uBIeientes reddnntur, postquam idem Predeceaaor noster vnam Domuni pro ScolarilJns 
in Logica Imbiiendia Oxonie fundaverat, ubi Univeraitaa vi^et gtneralis, extucc eciun 
■d sustentaciocem pueronim Rtudencium In Gramstica et enidienouruin in moribus et 
vita cordis eui sedulo destinavit allectum ; ideoque. etc. . . sortis, lamen, humane 
condicia, que ipBnm de medio suatiilit, in causa fuit quare in pi-eniis&iii votum eutun 
nan eiplevit; noa, autem, etc." {JlegieUr n/ .S(. jAn'a Hapilat, in tJit Archixier 
- '.y tff SxeUr, toL 88". Sfe Oliver's Mrrnatlicvn, p. 306). 

•/ the City tg 

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" CuntiaumE tbuir nge, the •ntizsiu made * ruah for the Houw of the Bishop 
ii( Exeter, Master Wslter de Stapultune, ami. Betting fire ta the gatsa, quickly 
funvd a.D eutraoce. But not finding the Buiho;>, whose dsatruclioD was tliBlr 
object, they curried oB' his jewelil, plnte, »ili1 furniture. It happened, bowever, in 
an eril hour, that the Binhnp otnie bnck Eroui the country ; who, although he had 
lieen forewarned of their e«il daaigas, folt no uiauuer of dread of the citizemt. Sci 
he rode r>n, with all boldnew, till be reached the North Door of St. Paul's, whure 
1)8 wu forthwith seized hy the raging people, who itruck at and wouadedhim. and 
finally, havtag dra^^ him froia hia hurae, hurried him away to the place of 
execution. Whentbey bad dragged him as far as Chepeaide, they then proclaimed 
him to be a traitor to the Stnte. a seducer of the King, and a destroyer of the 
liberUe« of their City. Now, the Blahop had on ■ kind of armour, which we 
Cummiinly call Aketunc ; unA, hnvio^ stripped him of that, and of all his other 
garmenta, tliey cut off his haacl. Two others, members of hia household, hii 
eeqnire and his valet, Buffered the sume fate. Having perpetrated this ««cril*^UB 
deed, they Sied the Biahup'a bend on a tall stake, by way of trophy, to be to all 
beholders a laating memorial of their crime. As to the Bishop's corpse, they 
flung it without any funeral rites, like that of ad excummuuioated nian. into a 
small pit in a certain nid cemetery, then altogether disitsad. which belonged, 
farmerty, to the Brothers who used Vi be called the Frera Pgci. The oause of 
all this bitter enmity wag that, when he waa Treasurer of tbe Kingdom,' he pro- 
cured of the King's Council that the Justices in Ifyre should sit within the City 
of London ; anil so it fell out that tbe citizens, because they had committed many 
offences, were suhjeoted to mnuifold punishment, as tbey bad deserved, by the 
forfeiture of thdr libertiee, as well ns by heavy fines and budiiy ohaattBemeut. It 
wns, also, alleged against him that he had collected a great multitude of aoldiera 
.igainat the Queen and her son, the Uuke of Aqiiitaine ; and it was on that 
SLOCouDt, these Londoners snid, that tbey did their beat to cut short hia perfidiuua 
denigna, white there wb« yet time." 

" Those," saya Dr. Oliver, " who do not prouoiuito on oveiit« merely 
from their succfss, who att<;nd to the upringa aiiil principles of notions, 
muHt nward the tribute <if praise and admiration bi this high-minded 
Bishop and Minister ; they will appreciate his zeal aud enei^ to 
auatAiQ tlie declining fortunes of his Royal Master, and venerate him 
for his disregard of self, and for his incorruptible honour and loyalty 
under every discoun^emcnt." 

He was buried in the Church of St. Clement-Daiics ; from wheuce, 
on the 2t!tbof March in the following year, his body was removed to 
Escter, where it restu in the Cathedral, tmdcr a beautiful canopied 
toml>, in the north-east bay of the Ohoir, close to the High Altar. 
The original inscription has perished ; and the pi-esent wordy epitaph, 
eompOKcd by Hoker, whs set up a» late as 1568, at the expense of 
Itishop Alley. Dr. Oliver was inclined to adopt (though not without 
hesitation) the common opinion that this tomb has been but a 
cenotaph from the beginning, and that the Bishop's remains were 
never disturbed after his interment in St. Clement's Church. " We 
know not," he says, " how to reconcile the assertion " that they were 
translated to Exeter " with the omission of all charges for such 
removal in the Accounts of the Bishop's Executors ; and, above all, 

quia, cum esset Ksgni Theuurariut, apud B^i* 

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with the letter of Bishop Grandiraon (Refj., vol. ii., fol. ISS"-), 
nddi'eBKcd to one ot them, Koljert dc Taiiton, a Oauon of ihis 
Cathedrul, eo lute as the aOth <if June, 1334, in the eighth year 
after the ead tragedy, commending his pioutt intention of erecting a 
toDili and chapel and founding a [»;rpetnal ciiantry ' in Rubnrbio 
Londoniarum' where the body 'primitus (/luescit humatum.' " It 
should be remembered, however, that we do not possess Grandisson's 
original letter, but only a eopy of it inserted in his Register ; and the 
word " primitus " sccras to siiggest that " qiiiescit " may be a clerical 
error for " quievit," On the other hand. Dr. Oliver confessea that the 
evidence for the truth of the asBertion is eiceedingly strong. A 
letter written at York, on the 16th of August, 1328, by Henry 
Gower, Biahop of St. David's, is presened amongst our CathedrHl 
Archives, in which the writer commends onr Bishop's soul to the 
prayers of the Faitlifiil, and says distinctly — "cujus corpus in 
Ecclesia Cathedmli Exoniensi est humatum." Again, in the 
" Chronicon Exoniensc " (Cathei/rat Arehiwi A'o. C625, f<i/. 58), the 
principal events in the Bishop's life arc biiefly recorded, the last as 
follows, — "Anno Domino M''CCC""'xivij'', ssviij" die MeusisMarcii, 
corpus ejusdem Walteri Episcopi, Esonie,' Bollcmpui traditur 
sepulture." Again, wo have the contomporarj- authority of the 
Cartulary of Newenham Abbey (ofton visited by Stapeldon, as the 
" Itinerarj' " shews), ^" Walterus de Stapiltonc, qui decoUatus fnit die 
Martis in crastino ijancti EalisU i*apc, apud Londonias, pro magna 
fidelitato sua, in Chepc, Anno Domini Millesimo COG"" sxvj". Liters 
Dominieali E. Et est sepultus apud Exoniam " (fol. 111). 

It is true that no mention of any charges for the removal of the 
body ia to be found in the Esecutors' Accounts. But they are not 
complete, the earlier portions having been lost. Their Inventory of 
the Bishop's effects, however, contains long-hidden evidence, over- 
looked by Dr. Oliver, which happily sets the question at rest for ever. 
The discover}- of this evidence ia so intoresting that I shall be 
pardoned if 1 venture to describe it in detwl. In the List of Vest- 
ments {ere p. 562) occura the following entry, — " Item, Vestimenta de 

Bokeium, in iguibua Dominus Episcopxis defunctus " This 

portion of the MS. has been so grievously defaced by the use of galls 
that many words are wholly destroyed, and many can only be rctid 
with great dithculty, the discoloured vellum being nearly aa dark as 
the ink with which they were written. Every legible entiy ends with 
the " price " — the valuation — of the article mentioned. When, there- 
fore, I found tlie letter " a " at the end of this entr^-, with two 
strokes before it, I concluded, as a matter of course, that the value 

■ A MS. Bonk ot WhaHon'B, preserved at Luabeth (No. 590, p. 61), 
■bave sn<l msny other entries taken ftxim > "Cronica Inevie." Hih vr 
third Entry (s— "Anno 132", 28 Marrij, Corl'Us ejuBdeni Exonice lolet 
lepBltutif," [F. J. B.] 

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(or a porticai o£ the value) was " ii»." I waa wrong, and my mistake 
made it liatd to recoTcr the preceding words. Mr. Baigont (apart 
From the MS.), read my printed proof, in which (being still uncertain 
about it), I had not included the supposed price. Tliero was nothing 
before him, therefore, but a row of doU ; nothing to mislead him : and, 
with his usual st^acity, he came to the concluaiou that the miusiug 
words were, probably " sepultua est." "I take it," he wrote, "that this 
buckram vestment was uited for the Bishop's burial iu hi» Cathedml. 
His body, probably, was wi'appcd in cerecloths (us Bishop Lyndcwode's 
was found to be when it waa discovered in St. Stephen's Chajxil, 
WestnoinBtcr) ; and, considering the lapse of time iiinco the murder, 
and the indignity shewn to the body, this buckram vestment was, 
doubtless, selected as the most suitable with which to clothe it when 
it arrived at Exetor ; that matoriul would give a more full appearance 
to the remains, when exposed (as, no doubt, they were) for the 
veneration of the Faithful, before they were finally interred in the 
Cathedral." This view of the case seemed so likely to be correct that 
I substituted for my row of dots the suggested words, within brackets; 
and the sheet waji printed. Subsequently, desiring to follow up this 
clue, I spent a long Ume in carefully examining the blurred words. 
And, here, I may be permitted to say that only those who have been 
accustomed to attempt this sort of work (which is, often, abandoned, 
at the outset, in despair), have any idea of its difficulty. A strong 
light is necessary, and a powerful magnifier ; and when the eyes are 
weary the task must be dropped for a time, and retunicd to over and 
over again. The apparently hopeless spot must be held at every possible 
angle ; and, at length, u word (or, it may be, only a letter), suddenly 
appears out of the obscurity. On this occasion the last word waa the 
tint to yield itself to my gaze. It u>a« " sepultus " ! There was no 
"preciiim," therefore, in this aolitaiy instance j for the buckram 
vestments (which, by the way belonged to the Palace Cha^xil), had 
been dedicated to a soleron purpose which excluded them from the 
vulgar valuation of the rest. After a time, I discovered in the 
middle word, and close to "sepultus," the letters "on'," Did they 
form part of " London[iis] " or of " Exon[ie] 1 There waa not space 
enough for four letters, but exactly enough for two ; and presently 
the letter " x " revealed itself to me. A moment more and the blot 
which preceded it was seen to be a capital " E." The word, then, 
was " Exonie." The first word waa not merely hidden by the brown 
veil — the smear of gall, — but broken up by rough umgt. It was, 
doubtless, " fuit," And thus the fact so long disputed, and so often 
confidently denied, has been established at last, — " Itbm, Vbbtihbnta 


sBPDLTUs." He was laid to rest, then, under the shadow of the 
magnificent " tablatura" which he had so recently reared, and within 
a few feet of the famous " Silver Altar." And much more than the 
bore fact, interesting as it is, has been revealed to us by the recovery 

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of thoac few words. We see, aa in a picture, the mutilated fonn oS 
the murdered Prelate, ae his sorrowing flock saw it on the day when 
devout men carried him to his burial, — ^ei)Uttm sttntitm honx It, 
Sornme, et $ux Scc]}tli)a iuctat ei: Cam ^atutte '^aia m 
tttcmom, ijitia fijts ts. 

I have printed in an Appendix the Inventory and the Account <rf 
the Bishop's Executors, referred to above, togetlicr with some other 
Documents relating to the Bishop's Will, which appears to have 

Once more, I have to thank the many kind Friends who have 
generously continued to help me in my arduous but fascinating task. 
Their names are, now, familiar to my readers, and I need not repeat 
them. But I cannot refrain from acknowledging the deep debt of 
gratitude which I owe, especially, to Mr. Greenfield and Mr. Ingle 
Dredge, who have, again, patiently and carefully read every word of my 
proofs ; to Mr. Burch, the Registrar of the Diocese, who is ever ready 
to help me, and never weary of my importunity ; to Mr. Boose, Mr. 
Winslow Jones, Mr. Macray, and Mr. Weaver, who have iiestowod 
much labour upon mc, whenever difhculties have cropped up, I have 
been very unscrupulous, I fear, in availing myself of their invariable 
and ungrudging readincBa to assist mo. Of Mr. Baigent I can only 
say, as 1 have said before, that 1 regard him as my colleague. His 
interest in the progress and accuracy of my work is as great as if it 
were his own. And the student will discover, at every turn, how 
constant and efficient his cooperation baa been, correcting my mis- 
takes, and enriching many a page with the results of his imrivallod 
knowledge of the life and history of the Medieval Church in this 

F. C. H. R. 


9th May, 1892. 

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AJ>. 1307-1326. 

The following Documents are written on two fly-leaves at 
the b^;inniDg en the Volume, — 

lObneerntng JVicAelai U SngltU, dtrk, nAo wm wfin»i tn Aa BiAap't Friton]. 

Waltanu, etc, dOeotu nliia CuioslLuio at Subdeetuio in Eculeua Eionieon 
M edain OCBciaU Peouliaris JuriwUocionu n<»tie, uluUm, gradual, et 
benedicdoaeca. — Ex parte Nubolai la Gngleit, clerica noetre Dioceiia, nobii 
eat humiliter Bapplicatum, eta, lurnutdo t«iem indicUmenti et orimink 
■ibi impodti, ac edam qiialitar ad depoaidoiiem Luoorum fuerit careen 
Bpiacopi per Juatidarioe Regis in ea parte, tanquam dericiu, libeiatiu, 
qaodque, niper hujnsntodi crimlne fatso et malicioM dbi impoaito, ut 
pretenditnr, sit immoDis et. in nullo calpabilu, ad ipdus puTgadoaem super 
dicto cnmine aic, ut premittititur, nbi impodtA,' prooedere in forma 
Eeclnis et alia* eibi in ea parte justidam faoere cuiaremui. Nolentea, 
igitur, eidem cleiioa in sua jiuticia deesse, qui in ea exhibenda 
omnibus sumus nobia subditia debitores ; sdverteuUe, edam, quod de illis 
quoe career tenet inelusoa aperta ail difflnidone sancdtum, ut aut damp- 
nandoe tbIox pena oomitetur aut liberandoa custodia non maeerrt diutnma, 
— Tobia, tenore Fresenduui committamus et mandoiQUB quatiniu, beta 
ad mandatum veatram in partibua et lads ubi hujusmodi crimina dicuntur 
foiaae commisaa, certis diebua sotempuibus, prout hactenus eat in talibus 
coDsuetum, procUmadDQe puplica et eolempni, id aliquia apparuedt op- 
poaitor ku contradictor, tarn eidem quam prefato olerioo in ea parte faoere 
cnretiB par omoiB deMtum juatide compleiaeiitum ; si, vero, nullus in 
hae parte libere appanierit oppomtor sou contradictor, f^^ precluaione ad 
iDqutrandum ulterius super premiada in forma juria, necnou ad libenuidDm 
enndem daricum a noatro caroere memorato, quo occaaione premissa 
detinetur, d per hujosmodi Inquidcionam auper [femiaaia crimitiibaB ubi 
impcMlia reperiatiu' immuma, i^einiasa purgadona deUta, proced««. 
Quod n per Inquiaidonem ipeam sen alias, ut premtttitur, culpabilia super 
luia dt repertua, Toa sundem ad cHroerem noatrum remittentea preci[HatiB 
ei tunc ipaum in eodem caroere aub Ada cuatodia reaerrarL Ad que omnia 
et dngtua et ea qnomodolibet contiugeiicia fadenda, Tobia et duobua 
Tcatnim, oum Canoaioe oohercioaia potaatate, teoore Preaendum com- 
mittimua Ticee noatras. — Datum, etc ; Anno Domini, etc rUntortunatdj, 
the date U omitted]— fol 1. 

[Oonetntinf tit Outlodg of Oit BattgKttn of John U Stnttelud, dcnosaefl. 

[A.D. 1324]-— i%>«ita •^wd Watmoiuultrium eoram W. de Bvrtfordt tt Soeii* 
tioM, /uattddriu Dcmini Jttgit de Banco, a die PaeAt in tra ■cpttmanst, 
AwM IUgniRegUEdtBaTdi,FiliiIUgUEdviaTdi,decmu>ieftimo.—Cfm's<3Kt.. 

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JohaniM, que f iiit uxor Johumis le SeDeachal [defiincti]' nimmonite fuit ad 
rapoDdendum Walt«ro, Episcopo ExonieoBi, de PUcito quod reddat a 
Margarebm, EUzibeUkam, at Jubumaia, filiu et hersdea Johamiu k 
Senesdul, quarum Custodia ad ipaum Epiioopum pertiDeret, eo qood 
predictuB JobsDDea temm buhdi de so Mnuit par aerricium mDitBra, etc, 
Et uiide idem Episcopua dicit quod predlctua JobuineB le SanaBchal, patv 
predicUnim here'luiii, tenuit de eo Maoerium de Mudioo,* cum per- 
tineuciia, per hotnngium, Gdelitatem, et aerviciuoi ouarte ptirUa feodi uniui 
Militia, videlicet ad acutagium Domini Rasia quadraginta aolidnram cum 
accident decern soL, et ad pliu plus, et ad minus mimia, et faoiende aecta 
ad Curiam ipeiua Epiacopi da Penrrn de tribua aeptinuuiia in trte aapt.imana*, 
ut da jure Eocleaie aue Beatl Petn Ezonienaia ; ds quibus homagio et 
aervidu idem Episoopua fuit aeiaitua per manua predicti JoluuuiiH, ut da 
jure Eocleaie sue Beatj Petri Exomeoaia ; et onit in homagio buo ; «t 
M iKcioDe ad ipaum Episoopum pertiuet Cuitodi* pradictarum henduin. 
Predicta Johamui prediotam Cuatodiam ei injuate deforoiBvit; unde didt 
quod deterioratua eat, et dampoum habet od valendam duoentamm 
libraruni, et inde produdt aectam, etc. 
Bodem Johanna aummonita fuit ad reapondendum laabelle qae fnit uxor 
Stephani de Belto Prato, de Flacitji quod reddat ai predictaa Margamtun, 
Eluabetham, et Johannam, filiaa et beredrs predicti Jobnnnia le Seneacfaal, 
quarum Cuatodia ad ipeam Isabellam pertinet oo quod prediotua JohaniKa 
terram auatn de ea tenuit per aervidum mtlil«ro, etc ; et nude eadon 
Isabella per Benedictum de Bray, atomatum suum, dicit quod predictaa 
JohUDea le Saneachal, pater predictarum baredum etc., tenuit de ea qnatiK* 
acraa terre ComubieEuiB, oum pertincDciiB, in Folkeltom, Trelewitha, KeniKgi, 
Oarroa, Treury, et Trem^thiel,' per boniagium, Gdelitatam, et aerridum xiia. 
et ii^'d. per annum, et aecta faciende ad Curiam ipaius iaaballe da Lannesllir' 
de tribua aeptilDBnis in trea aeptimanaa, et ad acuta^am Domiiu Ragie ill. 
cutD aodderit viijs. et iiijd., et ad plua plus, et ad muma minua ; de quibni 
bomagio et aervicio aadem la&beila fuit aeiaita per manua predicti Jobajwia ; 
et obiit in bomagio suo, et ea racione ad ipiam laabeUam pertiDet Costodii 
predictarum ber^um. Predicta Johanna predictam Cuatodiam en injuate 
defordavit ; unda dicit quod deteriomta. eat et dampnum habet ad Taiendam 
quingentarum librarum, et inde produdt aectam, etc 
Et Jobaona venit et defendit vim et injuiiam (juaa etc. Et quoad predlctata 
Msrgaretam, filiam et umun heredum predicti Johannia, didt quod ipaa 
Margareta non est in CuatodU sua, ao quod ipaa maritata fuit Tivente 
predicto Jobsnne, patre auo, etc Et quoad predictaa Elisabetham 
et Johannam, filias et coberedea predicti Johannia, didt quod ipaa 
nicbil damat iu Cuatodia earundem EUixibetha et Johanne niai tanoium 
mater earum racione nutriture, etc. ; et illaa produiit hie in Cuiia 
ad reddendum cui predictorum Epiacopi et Uabella de jure reddi 
debeant, etc Et Epixcopua didt quod predicta heredea aibi, et non prefate 
laabelle, de jure reddi debent, quia dicit quod pradietus Jobanixa, pater 
predictarum heredum, et Htitec«Borea iui tenuerunt predictum Manerium 
de MidfOn (rie) de ipao Episcopo et Predeceasoribua auia, etc, per antiquioa 
teoCTiunentum per aervidum militare quam tenuerunt predictaa quatotr 
Bcraa tarre Comubienaia de predicta Isabella et anteceaaoribus auia ; et boc 
prvtendit leriflcare, etc Et quia predidn babella dou est hie in propr ia 

' Thia pagebaasufTered from damp, and St. Erth ; ^ . 

aercral words are all but illegible. Garras, in St Hawgan-in-llonaage ; 

* Hudgeon, in St. Martin-in-Heneage. Trcw, in St. Breage ; Trenetbii^ in 

The Seueachala were seatod at Trene- St. Wendron (t). 

thick in the adjoining Parieb of St, * The prindpal Manor in Oulval, aod 

'" ^nitron. antiantly tba name of lliat Pariidi, 

* Porkellis, in Wendron ; 

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persona smt, immo per tUornatam Bunm quem ledt verma pretaum 
JobamtaiD !□ predtcto Pladto, per quod Don poteet ad reriScadoDuiu qiiom 
predictuB Episcopua pretendit respond«re, preceptum eet Viceoomiti quod 

Eprobos, etc, scire fitcerei predicte Irabells quod sit hie in Octsbii 
rti Johmonis Baptuta per JusUciarioe ad respondsndum predicto 
EpLsoopo, etc. Idem dies datus est predictia Bpiacopo et JobaDiiB hie in 
Banco ; et super boo eadem Jobonnft invenit manucsiptorea habeodt pre- 
dictias heradea hie ad prefatum Terminnm, et sio de die in diem quaiisqua 
etc. ; iKaticet, Willelmum Herewarde de Comitatu Comubie, JohtuiDam 
Blojou de eodem Comitatu, Oliferutn Tregasou de codem Comitatu, 
Badolpbum de Peowre de eodem ComitaUi, Rogsrum Fia Ricaa de Comi- 
tatu Deronie, et Johannem de Caigoea de eodem Comitatu, eto. 
PMt«a, ad diem ilium venit tarn predict: Epipoopus et laabellii quam pr«dicta 
Johanna, In propriis penonis nuia ; et eadem Jobanoa produxit hie prediotas 
Klizabetham et Johanoiun, filioB et heredea, etc. Et predictuB EpiacopuB, 
licut prioB, dicit qnod predicta Ciutodia ad ipsum Episcopum, et nun ad 
pradirtam LsabellMn pntiost, quia didt quod predictus JohaimaB, pater 

Sredictanim beradnm, et aatecesBoreB ani tenueruot predictum Hauerium 
e Mudyon de ipso EpiBoapo et PredeceBBoribua buib, et feofiatoribus iuk 
et eonlin anteoeBBoribmi, per aotiquius fuoffamentum, per serridum milibire, 
quam tenuerunt predictaa quatuur acras terre Comubiensia de prediota Isa- 
bella et antecesBoribuB buib ; et hoo paratuB eat veriflcare, etc. Et Isabella 
diciL quod predictus Johannes, pater predietarum heredum, et antacesBores 
BUi, (eaueruDt predictas iiii acras terre Comubiensis de i]>sa Isabella at nnte- 
ceesoribuB suis per antiquiua feoffamentum, per aerricium militare, quam 
tenuerunt predictum Manarium de Mudyon de predicto Episoopo et Pre- 
decesBaribuB auis, et feoSatoribiis biub et eorum anteceBBoribuB. Et do hoc 
pontt se Buper patriam et EpiscopuB similiter. Ideo preceptum oat Vice- 
comiti quod Tenire faeeret hie, a die Sancti MichaeliB in xv diesi per Jus- 
tJciarioB lij etc, per qiios, etc, et qui, eto., et reeognicionea, etc, quia tarn, 
etc Et predictUB Bpucopus poBuit looo buo Rodulphum Speke, Tel Adam 
de Bauntoue; et prodictA Isabella poauit loco suo Benedictum ta Bray, vel 
Johannem Trelan, etc Et dies datua eat predicts Johanne, hie, ad prefatum 
Terminum,ad habendum predictas heredea per monucapcioDem, Bupradictam 
etc. Foataa, continuatc inde inter eoe Proceeau usque a die Fuscha in tres 
septimanaa. Anno R^;ni Begis nunc iviij, nisi Johannes de BouBsar, die Jonti 
prozinmante Annunciocionem Beate Maria [21 March, 1324-5], spud Lance- 
Tetune prius, etc- Ad quem diem venit predictuB EpiacopuB, et Isabella non 
venit. Et predictuB Johannes de Bonsser, conua quo, etc, mtait hie vere- 
dictum jurate predicta hie in bee verba: — Pesteo, predicto die Jovis proximo 
ante Festum Annundoeionia BeataUarie,apudLanceTetone,coriim Johannem 
de BoQBser, aasociato sibi Willelmo de Botreaui, Hilite, venit tarn prediotui 
EpiecopuB, per Adam de Baimtone, attomatum suum, quam predicta 
Isabella in propria penona sua. Et similiter jurati da oonaensu Pardum 
elacti i qui dicunt, super aacrBmentum suum, quod predictus Jobonnea 
le Seneedial, pater predietarum heredum, et antecessores sui, tenaeront 
predictum Manerinm de Uudion, cum peitinenoiis, de predtoto Episoopo 
et Prei^oessoribuB aiuB, et faoSatoribus suis et eorum antecauonbuB, per 
autiqnlua faofihmentum, per servidum militare, qnom predictas iiij aorsB 
t«m^ earn pBrtinendis, de predicta Isabella et anteceasoribua suis, par 
•erridum militare Et dicunt quod [iredictus EpisoopuB suatinuit dainpua 
ad valendam Cs. oocasione qua predicta laabeita defordavit ei Custodum 
prediotam. Ideo oonsideratam eat quod predictus EpiscopuB recuperet 
TersuB earn Costodiam predictus et dompna sua predict*. Et Isabella in 
• ■ " -tol. 1. 

[A.D. 1323— 1325].— Conemiinj the riffht of Pmentaliou U> tht Church of 

Saillerfeld {near SIralford-an- Avon, Co. Warmck),— 
Walterus, Episoopui Exouiensia, oppoBiiit se iiij die versus Thomom Wart 



«t AliuonlD, uxoretn ejus, da Plxdbi quod idem Epiacopna pennitfait ip>» 
ThoDMm et AluDomn prMentare ydooMm Fenoium kd Eocleaum da 
Sajtcnfalda, qne VM«t et ad suun qmotat donacioDaiD, etc Et ipn udb 
TeneroDt, etc Et fuerunt querentet. Idcirao conmdentum est quod 
predietui B^wopai reouperat Temu predictoa Thonum et Aliinonm 
preaantadonem iuud ad prediotani Eccleeum ; et habeat Brere £pi- 
oopo Wygomieiui quod, non obetuite reclurudoDe predictoruiD ThoiDe 
tt AlUnare, ad pnoentaciouem predicti Btuscopi ad predictam Ecclnaiam 
idonntn Peraooam admittat. Et Thonuw et Alianora in miaerioordii. 
El saper hoo prediotUB Epitcopua didt quod non est neosM ad in- 
quiiendnm de coUuiioiie, etc, couTm foimam Statuli ne tore nl 
t«namenta ad manum mortuani derentaot, etc ; quia didt quod ipse 
tenet Advocadonerapredictam mhi, et haredibua auia et aaaigiiatiB, per 
Cartam cujuadant Waltsri de Canttlupo, fnitris Johaooiji de Cantildpo, 
HOitda ; quam hiu profert, et in qua coDtJnetur quod idran Walteros de 
Gutilupo dedit, conceudt, et Carta ilia conBrmavit venerabQi Patri Waltaro 
de Stapeldoae, Eionienid Episcopo, utmni pUceam terre in Snitenfelde, qua 
iacet inter Lanacombeet la Hethe, etc, et Advocadoneni Eodede P(iix>clt- 
uJia de Suyteiifelde, cum omuibua pertinendis, etc ; habendas et 
tenendaa predicto DomiDO Waltero de Stapeldon^ heredibua snia et 
aaaipiaUB, de Capitolibua Dominia ejutdem feodi, per aervidam indc 
debitum et cotuuetum, Ubere, guiete, bene, et iu paoe, jure hereditanu 
ippeipetaum. Et predictua Walterua de Cantilnpo et heredei aui, etc 
totam predictam plaoesm terre et predictam Advocadonem cum anil 
pertiaBndia, predicto Waltero de StapeldoDe, heredibaa auia et aamgnati;, 
contra omnea gente* teQentur wamntiEare, aoquietare, et defendere inpcr- 
petuum. Cujus Datum est apud Wygomiam, die Hartia in craatino Festi 
Sancti Ambroni, Anuo R^^ii Regia nunc aeztodedmo [£> ApriR — Et didt 
quod wedictua Woltenia de Cantilupo reuit coram Juatiaariia de Banco 
Hiud Eboracum, die Veneris proiima poet trm Septimanas Paacbe, Anno 
iMgni S«giB nunc ivj°, at ccvnovit predictam Cartam ease factum Buum ; 
etmi pleniuB irrotulatur, ut [patetj Kotulo Primo de CartiB et Proctxaibiu 
ejuadem Trrmiui. Et super hoc inapacto Rotulo predicto, hoc idem com- 
MTtom eat. Set, quia idem Epiacopua arrainavit quandam awiaam ultime 
Preeentadonia Teraus predictoe Thomam et Alianoram de Advocaciana 
Eodede predicte, ut patet Hotulo iatiua Termtiii ccxix, iddroo procedatnr 
Aaaiaa ilia into: eoa ; et inde habent diem ill OiTtabis Sancte Tniiitalia. 
Iddrco inde ceaaet eiecudo de Breve babendo Episcopo, quouaque, etc — 
FMcha iviij. Hot ccrj,— fol. 2. 

CMetnting rte tame,— 

[A.D. li^i—Coram W, dt Bt^iord tt Soeiit mil, JtaHciariii dt Banco, di 
Termino Tlrinitalu, Anno Segni Segit Edvardi, JUii Stgii Edvardi, dedma 

Aniaa Tenit reoognieionia quia adTocstua tempore pads preMotaTit ultimam 
FerMoam, que tnortua eat, ad Eededam de Snit^elde, que vacst, etc, et 
cujua Advocadonem Walterua de Btapeldone, Epiaoopua Exonieosaa, 
clamaTit Teraua Thomam Weat et Alianraam niMtm ijat. Bt modo venit 
predictoa Epiacopna. EtpredietiThotnaaetAliaiioninou vnumut. Etanin- 
etc, auditnri recognidonem uaao pedicte, etc Bt YiaeoraiMS tone 
babeat corpora ree^nidonum,' etc — Foatea, ad diuu Ulum venh pt«dictaa 
Walt«9na ; et predicti Thomu et Aliauora raannuaoniti, etc, non venenutt. 

• " Apud Anglos, retof>itiontt dicuntur 
viri aacrainentaJea mu juratoree, qui- edam, /uratem di 

bui recoguoMeiidB et duquireuda "' 

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Iddrco predicts aadsa capiatur veniu eos per defnltam etc — Et tupar boo 
idem W&lteniB ditJt quod ipaemet ultimo prsMntsvit ad predictam Ecclwium 
qnendam Walterum de Caotilupo, dericum suum, qui ad presentacioneia 
Buam fuit RdmieauB et institutui tempore pscia, tempore Damini H^il 
nunc ; per oujiu rasigiucionem predicts Ecclesu modo vacat ; ct petit 
quod aaaiaa Uu inde procedat, etc — Juratoros dicunt, Buper aacromeDtum 
eutmi, quod predictae Waltorus de Stapeldone, Terue advocataa E^Ieeis 

Sredicte, ultimo praeDtarit ad predictam Eocledam predictum Walterum 
e Caatilupo, clericum auum, qui ad preaeatacionem auam fuit admiaaue 
et inatitutuB, tempore puie, tempore Domini Regie nuuc, et per oi(jua reaig- 
nadoQem predicts Ecdeeiii modo vacat, et per TeaigDodonem illam incepit 
vacan ia QuadragEsima proximo preterita. Dicunt, preterea, ad eyideDCUim 
varedioti aui quod predicts Advocacio, limul cam aliii tenemeotii in Villa 
de Snjtestelde ifie), ad qne AdTocaoo ptedicte perticebat, dudum f ueruut in 
•aiaina cajiudatn JohaniiiB de CantHnpo, Hilltia, Domini de Sajtenfelde ; 
qui quidem Johamiea in tsaatino Ciicumdaioiui Domini, Anno regal Regis 
nnnc undeenoo [8 Jan., 1817-181 P'' Cartam num dedit, conoeaut, et 
oonfinnavit coidMa Waltero de Canttlupo, frabri «uo, uuuo placeam terre 
■ue cum AdvocadoDe Eoclede predicte, ad totum tempua rite ipnUB 
Walteri de Cantilupo, et obligant aa et heredea buob ad iraiTantizandum 
predictam placeam tens et Advocacionem Bccleeie predicts oontra omnee 
genlea, in fonna predicta. — Et, poetM, ilb plaoea terre, cum Advocacione 
predicta, in aeioiia ipeias Walteii de Cantilupo ezistente, per donum 
predict! Jobannia, idem Johannes ia craatino Epiphanie Domini [7 Jan.], 
Anno regni H^pa nunc zj, per Scriptum auum remisit, concesait, et 
omnino quietam clamant ^oto Walteni de Cantilupo predictam placeam 
terre, amul cum AdTocadone Ecdeaie predicte, at obligaTit se et heredea 
aao* ad warrantixandunt eidem Waltero et heredibua auia, et aula aaaignatia, 
predictam ^aceam teite, mmul onm AdTOcadone predict*, ooutra omnn 
mnlalee, iaperpetaam. — Et, poetea, die Martia in craatiiio Feati Sancti 
Affibroaii, Anno regni Regis nuno ZTJ° [G April, 132S], idem WalHroi da 
Cantilupo per Caitam aoam dedit, conceaait, et oonfimuTit predioto Waltero 
de Stapaldone predictam placeam teire in Snjteatelde, et AdTocadonem 
Ecdeaie predicts, babendu et tmendas eidem Waltero de Stapeldone at 
heredibui aula, et auii asaignatiB, inpeipotuum. Et obhgavit ee et berede* 
BUOB ad warrantizan^m, etc Dicun^ edam, quod predicta Eocleaia valet 
per anaam qoadra^ta marcaai — Idcirco aoQaideiatam eat quod predictua 
Waltenu de Stqieldone recuperet Freaentadonem auam veraua predictoa 
Tbomam at Alianoram. Et lubeat Brere Epiaot^ Wjgormand quod ad 
preaentadooem ipaiua Waltoi de Sti^)aldoiie, ad piedkitam Eccleaiam 
f doDMun PetaoDim admittat. Bt Thomaa et Alianora In nueericordii. Bt 
■oper boo idem Walterua de St^nldime (nc) gratia ramittit ai dampna, 
etc — Paicb. Bot. odz. — iMet 

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lAUra dirteta CardiMii A'«gVieo : — 
Veoerabili in Chiuto Patii ic Domina buo, Domino Thome, Dei giada Sacro- 
BBDcto Romme Eccleaie Titulo Sancto Sabine Fmbitero Cardinali, suBi 
hamilU CapelUnoa, Waltertii, pemiinioue Ejuadem Electiu BioaieiiB* 
contlrmittua, ealutem et oum omoi Bubjecdone debitnm fomulatam. — El 
pretoita benivotencia veatie Baactitatis, quam in meia agendiB reppm 
noriter fnictuoeom, cr«deiu— immo soieiu — quod ipsa Dominacia vcatre 
jocnDdabitor de proapeha eucoeedbiu meif in futuris, votre Patamitati 
duxi Preaentibus intiniandiim quod die Hercurii in cnutino Fasti Sutcti 
Oregorii Pape proximo preteriti [13 March], in Ecclada ConTenluali Rod- 
yn^e, fuit Eleccio dc me factft aolempniter oonGimata, et Temporalitu 
Epuoopatua per Dominum Eegem apud WegtmonaBtsrium michi liberata die 
Sabbati tunc sequente [16 Harch]. ArchiepiBoopua noater ad hnc non 
ventt in Angliam, nee eat apud nos de certo tempore adTeatus Bui sjiqua 
oertitudo, Et Monachi Cantuarienaaa dicunt quod non permittent aliquem 
Electum CantuariecivH Provinde alibi quam in BccleaiB Cantoariensi aliqua- 
liter consecrul Set hoc micbi erit Talde durum, eo quod sum ad preeena 
quaai in puriB et nudii, et Maneria Bpiaoopatua, de instauro nuda, de bladi* 
R<^iB tempore vscacdonis eicultia aunt Teetjts. Tradidi prea e ntem 
Literam quibuadam Nundia Abbatis et Conrentua de Hida, WyntonicoBiB 
Dyooeaia, qui veniunt ad Curiam pro Sanctitatia veetre beniTolaneis cap- 
taodo, at credo, sufficienter informatL Mata aunt tempera hiia diebuB in 
Augtia, prout ipai Nuadi et alii votde dioere potenint plenius viTa Toce. 
Ad Eccteaie Univenalia et predpue AngUcane [aalutam] vaatram Sancti- 
tatem conserretAltiaaimua pertampora dia et prospereprocesBural— Datom 
Londoniis, liij Kalendaa Aprilia [20 March] ; et hec eat prima Litem quMH 
aigillu huic appoaito feceiam oonaigaftri. — foL 8. 

lAttra dXrttia Epiicipo WilUitii pro Johanne dt Brvrtont : — 
Tenerabili in Christo Patri, Domiao Woltero,' Dei grada BathonieiuD et 
Wellecri Epiacopo, 'WalteruB, permissione Ejusdem ElectUB Eaoniensa 
eonSrmatus, salutem etc — Oratum obaequium Altisaimo credimua exhiben 
ai Eodeaiarum indempnitatem, Prelatia reverendam, omnibus pacem, pro 
noatria viribus, pracuremua. Sans vir Tenembilia et diacretua, Uagiatcr 
JohanneB de Kruetone, verauB Curiam Romanam, ei multia cauaia, in nosba 
comitiva nuper dirigena greaauB suos, intendonem auam quad incommut- 
abiliter diaponebat, ut ai Eedeaiam de CiiBtemelford,' veatii patronatat, 
in cujua poaaeaiiione tunc extitpmt, una cum quibuadun aliia Beneficiii, 
ex DiapenaadoDe Apoat»lica leviter habere nun pooaet, ipaam Bcdeeiam in 
eadem Curia dimitteret in manu forti, et in tali quod nunquam Angliam 
viaitana, ai que dbi deerunt pro retendone ipdua Gccleme que aunt juna, ea 
auppleri facerct ex plenitudine potestatiB, ddemqne Magisln> Jotuuud 
dimittenti honorce alioe et commoda procuraret. Conaiderantea, i^tur, 
quod premiBsa abnque irrepanbili pretudido ipaios Ecoleaie Teatraoae 
efibnsione, vinculia pada et karitatia ex hoc forte oliqualitar dindatiB, fieri 
non vtleMnt, et pivpUr hoc remedium quale tune potuimua adhibento^ 

1 Waller da Eaadachaue (A.D. 1302-130S). > Cbrotiui-HaUoKl, WUtt. 

X D.D.t.zeabvGoOglc 


ijMum HagUtrum Johaunain, primo pereoiialiter tIts voob, et poat«a uoatrii 
Litem TDgsvimuB, obeeoisTimUB, et adjursTiiniiH modia omiiibiu quibui 
credebamus eipedire, quod oonnd«ruido DOTiwinu Bedeaum predictam 

nullo modo dimitt«ret in forma Buperiiu atitiotfita ; promittantM sihi i^uod 
ID redditu (tic) aao in Augliam pro repmentAdona sua ad ouidsiu EccleHisai, 
a TMtra SaocU PatenuUi« impetisnda, ad vob personiliter veDiremui et 
iaterponeremiu ad bao totji riribuB parbca nostnt. Unda dictiu Hagieter 
Johamies, dimiua iU in secretii, lit aaMiit, resignacione. da data illiiu 
temporii et ex habuudanti procuratore ad raaigruuiduiil de novo, n opor- 
teftt. Bub coDftdeadii proim»iomj> nostre, infectu ocgociiR Buia illia et aliia 
ad partea Anglie celeriter est reTonua. Hinc est quod propter novum 
advnatuiD Archiepiacopi et Consecradonem noatram cum adjutorioAltivdmi 
iioviEer faciecdam, necnon in proximo tuturum Parliamenttim ad vsatram 
preaendam accedere doq valentee, vestnm simctam Patemitatem bona fide 
consuleado rogamus, et roguido consulimua aCTecta quo poaaumus am- 
pliori, quatinuB dictum Magistrum Johamiem, qui eat uljque vir vateoa et 
diacretua, vobisque et vestrii prodeaae poterit tam ia vita quam in morte, 
veliUa ad predictam Eccleaiam auo periculo preaantare iterum intuitu 
IcBritBtie. Et ai ipse veatnun Domiuacionem in aliquo offaDdarit tam- 
poribuB retroactia, vobiB et veatrie futuris temporibui, cntu debiba aatja- 
bccione, pro viribua complacebit. Scire, edam, oertitudinaliter velit Testra 
■ancta Patemitaa reverenda quod multa alia aunt pericula atque commoda 
qne Don sunt acripta In libra hoc, que Hi vobia eaaant eipoaita raciona- 
biliter movere debcrent ad hujuamodi preaentscioQem biciaadatD. Ipsa, 
tamen, alicui non acribemua nee dicemua altari quam vobia, aut uni de 
napotibua vestria, videlicet Domino Prepoaito vel fratri auo. lUe Qui eat 
Veritaa et Tenu cognitor gecretorum oovit quod bona fide, nullo falso 
admiito, vobia auper biia acribimua veritatem. Tantum, igilur, auper hiis 
facere vellt vettra Fat«raitai pia, diaoreta, et liberalia, nostria oonsilia 
predbua, et amore, ut, excluaia orctiibuB penculia, noa vestria bene* 
pladtis in caura conainiili reddere poBsitis ardua obligatos. — Ad regimea 
Ecclede voe conaervet Altiadmua per tempora proepen et prolixa !— Datum 
apud Cbudeham liiij die ApriliB ; ibid, 
Littra direeta Prepoiilo W^Jenti^ : — 
Suu Prapooito BuuB Electua id quod ubL — Scribimua multa Domino vestro 
EptBopo pro repreBeDtacioDS ad Eccleaiam de Crietemelford de diacreto 
viro, Johanne de BrueloQe, faciendii. El quia credimua ^uod ipaa 3iiiptura 
vobia aariosiua oatendetur, ipsa itentto vobia non acribimua, circa aba ad 
preseaa plurimum occupati. Set, quia ipaam repreeeDtAdonem pro cujua- 
lib«t Fartia utiUtaM at vitandia diveraia penculia bona fids corditer 
afiectamua, veBtre amidcie precea noatiaa afi^indimua, afiectu quo possumua 
ampliori, quatinuB, ad hujuamodi representooionem impetnndam valitia, ai 
libeat, intarponere partes vcetrai; nee credimua ei luia predbus vos aut 
Uagiatrum Thomun, fratram vestrum, aliqualiter offendere, cum eidem 

1 The ProvoBtahip ivaa a Chapter-OCBce vest to manage it, and to apportion 

— a cuiioua one ; older Uiaii tlis em- dividend! to the fifteen. Tho Provost 

bodiment of Dean and Chapter by became "Provost of Combe"; and 

Bishop Robert, c. 113G. He waa he ivaa a ainecuriat, rated at £40 in 

'' Provoet" in die Manorial aenaa, Le. Pope NicholaB' Valor, and at £SS in 

the Head Hanager of the Eatatea the Valor of Benr. VIII. After 

which the Biahop held for the benefit the acceamon of Bdw. TI. the emol- 

oftheCanona. ^m llSStheChapter umenta of the Office were used for 

managed its own property, and every the re-endovrment of tha plundered 

Prebendary hia own oorput: but, as Deanery. I am indebted to Blahop 

the Manor of Combe naa lidi enough Hobhooce, now reaident in Wella, tor 

to maintain fifteen PrebendarieB, and these interesting particulara. 
waa on entire eorpai, it needed a Fro- 

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Higutro llkollM de meliori Eecleai^ da quo gandeiiiTU, Dontar ait pni- 
viaam, ncque forte, ecun, li *1U eeaianntt, eSisettuliteT praaequi mb 
polarit tlUim taper Eoclesam da Criatcmelfonl priiu moUm. Et renn 
DOD cradimiu quod pradictus Uitguter Thomas, Tel quiTia alius, > prodiM 
Higwtro Jobaone predictam Eccleiiiua p«r Preaentadonun DomiBi vartn 
valc»t optinare, prout *b eodem Hagutra Johanna at aliia m^joriboa 
didkiiDus. et vobu uit aibi dicamiu eiproaiiii in proiimo noatro oolloqaia 
pcnunali, quod utiOMD ait in brerl Pr^icto Magiatro Thome noD Bcribimnl 
ad praKoa ci bac cauaa, credentce quod hea Scriptura auffioere deboUt pn 
utroqae. Altiaaimua Toa conaerret I — Datum apad Chudehun, xiiy dta 
Aprilia.— foL 3*. 

Liltn dirtela JtAanni de Bnittinu : — 
Salutem in lerria et gloiiam in EioeUia.— Reeeptia Literia Tntria affectoiNaa 
pnem oantinentibua, propoeuimua ad Domiuum Battumienaem, lioet con 
gnTunioe noatro, in Septimana Paacbe Ducuiriaaa, OTdininmiuque ad hoc 
dietaa, famiLism, et Tectunun ; aet puit«a auparrenit Uagiatcr Robsrtoa 
frater ooater, quern ad Arcbiepbicopuiii, Frionm, et Honachoa Cuitnari% 
pro quibuBdim nopociia, de quibua acitis, super noabrs Conaecmamie, tcmn*- 
miainiuBfdusnBiiabUquod, Priore et Hoaachia noatre Peticioiu quodammodn 
CDDBeDcieiitibuB, oum iodperet n^odum exponere dicto Archiupiacapo, 
ipse, loquentem quasi in primia Terbb iDtsn-umpena, ferodtata nolita 
respondebat quod, aao petpetuo, nobia vsl alii nun conoederet quod idem 
noater nundus ex parts ooatra patera nitebatur, subidena alia molta que 
propter ipnus honorem subticumius iata Tice, et qaodammodo adminu* 
quod aibi non oocummus pro die Conaecradonia noatre Cantuarie postn- 
umdtk Undo, quii neadmua cum quo p«de fodere Toluerit, non aadecnui 
sb eodem bk quacumque cauu utteriua elongare, set semindo vol t«rdit 
die pott Diem Paadie Tersus eundem Archinpiacopum dirigemua Qostroa 
grawuB, et fademus spud ipaum juita viim juria vel grade quod Altioa- 
tntla inapiialnt. KogHmua, igttur, quod super eo quod hic vice nm 
Tenimtu penonaliter ad Domiiiuiii BatboQiensem, noi, si libeat, eicneatoa 
babeotM, redpere velitia Literaa quae ad Dominum ^psoopum et Pre- 
poatum, nepotem auum, tnnamittimua ex haa causa. El, ut adatia quid 
m eiadem Literis ait oontentum, tnnacriptum ipaarum de verbo ad verbou 
ToUa tranamittimuB preaentibUB intentlumim. Si a]ia, aliii, Tel aiiter, super 
negodo veatro aoribere debesmus, aciibatia nobis et acribemua. — Altiasintua 
Toa wuterrat 1 — Datum apud Chudebam, xii|j die Aprilis ; Und, 

Ultra dirteta Ahbati de BartUaumU :— 
IHscreto Tiro et reli^ioao Domino, Jotunni, Dai gnda Abbati da Hertikiindc^ 
Walterua, penniaaume Ejasdem Eleetus Ezonieaus, nlutem et anttquo dilec- 
donis coDStandam et aogmentum. — lioet, juxta deslderinm mentia -restr^ 
TiTa Tooe Magitbri Bobnti, Fiatria ncatii, et literis quomndam alionnn 
■micorum nostrorum nobis eipodtuiiL pro Hagiatro Thoma de KMfjrapiaa, 
coutuigQuiea veatto, super Eoelesia de Udno Parra* rod adimpleTenmoB 
lata Tioe, tob rogsmus quod ex hoc ofibnai nuUatenua existatja ; adentea 
pro certo quod ante ipdua adTentnm de predicts E^oclnia inoonunut*biljter 
ctnximuB ordinandum. Hec eat moria quod Beneflda quorum CoQaiao par 
lapsum tempoiis eat ad Superiorem dcToluts alicui Pardum litigaaidnm 
aliqualiter conferantur, oe Saperiar confeiena jua unins Patnni jwisqaam 
altnitu indeUte ndeator at^Tobare. Volumua, tsmeo, oontemplacioiM 
penone Ttatr«, ddem Ha^istro Thome in equiTslanti Benefldo, tcI m^cri 
d hoo Ttdilia, cum adinTioem habnertmus colloquium, efflcadtsr obli^tri. 
Dixit, enim, nobia idem Thomas quod diota Ecclnds Talorem deoem 
~ 1 Qou excedit; et certi aumus quod pro tarn modico F * ' 

■ St. Penan-Uthno, in CornmlL 

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Dolletia quod ficeremua iliquid quod redundare pouit in fuDa Tcl flde- 
litatu noBtra leaionem. CerU ntis quod idem conunguineus veator Tsniendo 
ad Doa kbot«m non perdet v«l eipenau. Altunmu* vm eotuerreti — Datum 
apud Chudetuun, inj die Aprilii ; iiid. 
LUtra dirtda Dtcane Sxoniaui : — 

Bud Dee&no luiu Blectoa id quod aibL— Dixit nobia nuper Uagister Willelmua 
de WoUeghe, cleritnu noater, de mrtibua iUii radieaa, quod voa io Cxpitulo 
coram Fratribos Doatria verba lubaequeucio, Tel oonulia euodem inteUentum 
babeikcia, dicebatis ; videlicet, quod enmuB de nimia invdulitate arguendL 
Und«, licet Forte noD poaaumua super biia totoliter eicoiari, volumua tataen 
omnia *oa oontiugeiida quibusfidem adbibuimua per teatsa 7doneoa,8i opor- 
teat, in vaatro preeenoia oomprobare. Yoaqus intendimuB luper credulitato 
nimia dta arguere inter nos in aecretis, cum adinvioem babqarimua collo- 
quium penonale. Necplaaet&utpUcebit nobis quod term penonsinter do* 
super bua ex prattritia cauaia adTocetur. Ceaaet, igitur, interim, queaumua, 
diaputacio aupradicta ; et tunc, cum adjiiUirio Dei, quioqaid dicant hominea, 
erimua uniua mutue Tuluntatia. Altiaaimua Toa oonaerret 1 — Dfttum apnd 
Botalegh, xii die ApriKa.—fol. 4. 
lAiera dirtela DaninU Thorat dc Htntont vd Jokaimi To^Uro: — 

Salulem quam aiU.— Quin dedimus karimima amico noetro, Domino Johaoni 
de Banatede, derico Domini R^a, quatuor ■rboraa in boaco noetro de 
Chuddeleghe, pro meremio ad ediflda sua de Ennjngtone conatruenda 
oompetentea, tob togamua quatinua per voe Tel alterum veatrum, Tel aJium 
de quo conflditiB, hujuBmodi arborea booaa sibi, tbI alteri auo nomine 
preaenlea Litenu deEerenti, libersri fBda.tia. FroTiao aempei quod arborea 
ad meremium pro Fabrica "Son Operia E^nlenaia aignali remaneant aemper 
mIvL Valetel — Datum apud StockwjUe, juxta Lasdoniaa, iuj die Mali ; ibid. 
LUtra dineta Dotnino Johamti Stmngt, Cktiotiieo Exoniaui: — 

Salulem, etc — Intellecto quod in creaoionn bone memorie Domini noatri, 
Damioi Thome, Dei gracia ElonienaiB Epiaoopi, gradam Domino Regl tunc 
temporia quod&mmodo debitan aaper promodoae Teetra in Benefido 
EcdaaiBatioo babebntiei Toa rogamua quatinua ciyoamodi BeneGdum Tobia 
ea occaaione coUattim fuerat, et ai altquam Fenaionem uaque ad aaaecu- 
ctonem huiusmodi BeneGdi habuiatia, et, ai lit, quantam, noe per litenia 
Teatna Tehtia indilate reddere cerdorea ; intandimua, euim, noa auper boc, 
quatenoa modema tempore permittunt, noetria Predeceaaoribua oonfirmare. 
Altianmua Toa conaerrett — Datum apud BtockwiU^ iij die Uaii ; i&id. 
Liitra dirteta Staton Ecdait de Dotuforde .- — 

Eodem die emanaTit ootutmiliB Litera Domino Fagsno, 8ectori Ecdene de 
Doumforde, de To-bo ad Terbnm ; boo excepto, quod iate optinuit gradam 
io creadone Domini Petri, quondam Exonieniia Spiacopi 

Litera dineta Domina SadvljAo dt Arandd : — 
Salutem quam mbi. — Literaa Teatraa d^irecatorias auper Tioaria Sanoti Coloni 
preabitcro Teatro oonfereoda, in craitmo lovendonu Sanote Cruda [4 Hay 3, 
apnd Stockwyll^ juxta Londoniu, reoepimua bora prima. Et, quia ante 
recepdonem Litennun TSBbaram de vaoadone predicta reTere audivimns, 
ipaam euidam Hagtrtro Ardum de Conubia, in p«uperimo atstu Oxonie 
_:.i — >: Tontolimua intuitu karitatia. Set, ai ipae eui dictam Ticariam 
I ipaam, propter ejua ezHitatem uoluerit aceeptwe, eitimc de 
eatria (aaemua ad b ~- "" ' — ' — ■ " ' 



alibi qaun in Eoclesia Cutiurieitii a Domino Caiitu«rieiiBi, direreu roooni- 
boa nbi axpotietidia, fieri earn btunilitaite debiU poatuluMiD, Idem tamett 
Dec ravdbai Testiu nee ncaonibiu motirii, qa>B edam audire rennit, ali- 
qualitfr iDclinatai, quod petendum fueist dniegaTit, plot aolito exacuideB- 
oena (nc) anteqaam aibi enet ptddo pleniua eipUnala ; priiu uitem ne^aado 
rsapoiidarB noo potuit, licet foiaset cognitor aecrotonim. NoIsdb, igitur, in 
proaecacioDe ipsiiu petidnnia ipaum ullAiua offimdav, aab eujui obedisDoia 
eportebit me nlterius pemuoere. diem et locDm competentea ad bene- 
ptadtum didi Domini Anshiepiacopi mihi aarrignari petii, diTowa vidbua, pro 
" !•-. ..!..-. 1 ^nod pelabatur ' -ji-^-i;- — 

radonabili c .... 

Paternitati luffideatei conatabit per Puplioi InstrumenU que ostmdera 
poUait lator pnaena. Audiena, autam, poatea, quod Dominna Electua 
WjgornieiMU, cum qnO) pro vitandia anmptibua apenbam consecrari, pro- 
rogackmem aue CoDMCiMiaoia et lad mutadonem procunre intendit ex 
plraitadine pot^etatia, piam Patemitatem Teatnun bumili devodaue depreoor 
«t Tequiro quatinua, ai ut ita, michi utique diTeraii radonibuB magia 
iadigenti, graciAm cotuimitem procurare veliliB, dum tomen id fieri vsleat 
infra breve tempua et absque aumptibua onaroaiB. Materiam, Tero, cujuadam 
Fetidoma per me, abeque aominia expreaaiuDe, luper hits nidi modo 
conceptam, et per aliquem Petidonarium Curie aecreduB emendandanii 
ventre Daminacioni traaamitto Preoentibus interclusam ; cu)nen8 quod hoc 
ad notidam vrstri auditoris vel cujualibet altsrius noD perrenerit, per 
qaem puneni, ante conatuupmacioiiea negodi, ad noticiam dicti Domini 
Archiepiaeopi Tel auonim atiqualiter perrenire. Et, ut voteatis quod 

Btitur faeiliui impetrare, mitto ad voa Literaa K^ine Angtie, Margarete, et 
t«u Haii* Frui«ie, FWtria aui, naper pro negocua mda oontra Hagiabriim 
Bicudum de PtTmpatoke, Snrnmo Pontifid impetniUa ; nccoon quaadain 
literaa Apoatolicaa buUataa, auper Confirmacione el Conwcndons mea 
optontaa, antoquam didiua Dominua Archiepiacopua fuiaaet a Summo 
PoDtifioe Teatitutua ; que omnea, lioet Petidcnem nunc fadendam direote 
Qon raapidat, potemnt tamen in eipedidone ejuadem aliquale aduuniculum 
fordtan adhibere. Ad hec, negoda dileotiaaimi mei Hagiatri Johannia de 
Bruetone, Preaendum portitoria, per ipaum vestre Band^itati plenina ex- 
poneuda, quatenua licet et decet Totre Sanctitati, aicut propria recommaodo 
cum aubjecdoDe debita, credena quod bujuamodi reoommandAdo Tofaia 
dampscea non erit, set podus fnictuosa. Et, qui* dictiu Magister Ricardiu 
de Fljmpatoke ait in AngUa, de aubmiaBane quun Tobia hinc inde fedmua 
ttichil tangena ad Curiam ex hao cauaa mittere non propono, quouaque 
auper hoe aliud a veatn Duminacione reoeparo in maodatI& — Pendma sont 
tempcsK in Anglia biia diabiu, et multj timent deteriora in faturia, pntut 
heo «t alia noTa aarioaiaa dieoe poterit later preaena.— De pretaritta, MitMn, 

benefldia per to« batntu et futuria aperatia, quia ego non o 

rtrJMUit bonorum omnium laiKiffuuaBatnlHitor; pamtui 

« benepUdta proaequenda. — Ad honorem Ecdede Teat 

qntM retribuat bonorum omnium laiKifluua Batnbntor ; pamtui pro Tiribos 
ad veatn benepUdta proaequenda. — Ad honorem Ecdede Tcabam Satwti- 
tatem oonaerret Altiaaimua per tempora proapera et proliia !— foL 4. 

Litem dirteta PrepotUo tf (kipavlo dt Olatneya ,- — 
VenerabiUbuB, eto., PrepodUi et Capitulo Ecdede Beati Thome Hartiria de 
OlaaDejra, Walterua, etc, Electue confiimatua, aalutem, etc— Ucet inter 
*oa. ex parte una, et Ezecutoree TeetotneDti diaoreti viri quondam Domini 
Willelmi de Bodrugan, Archdiacom Comubie, defunoti, ex altera, super 
proiimia tractibuH nutumpDalibus Eccleeie Saiicti Gorooi noetre Dedara- 
doni MU Ordinadon! duieritia lubmittondutD, htijuamodi, tameu, Ordina- 
donem aeu Dedaradonem flnaJem facere non cumTimus, ipda Partiboa 
totalit«r inauditia ; Tidimua, tamen, in quibuadam literia, ipeius Archidiaeoni 
aigiUo, ut prima tads Tidebatur, couaigDatiB, quod eadem Eodeoia predicto 

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Domino WillelinD Don tanquam nbi, es jure luo, vel Eodane Twtre coa- 
■uetudioe, net ex gpeciali ConveooioDe m wriptia led&cta, tanqoun bene 
mcrito tnidiu (uil ad flrmam.suo peipetuo tantiuomodo dunturam, Unds, 
quill ipea tradicio Grme toUUtar eiapiraverit, ipao Domino WiUelmo mbbito 
de medio, noo dubitamits, oeo oredimaa qood aliquta dulntet bods mtotii. 
Si, autem, aliqua Parcium dicere valit quod ad Cootuetudinem Bedeaia 
Biomenuji recurrendum fuerlt in hoc casu, cradimui et pro flrmo tonemtu 
quod aic ut sequitur fusrit in aedem Eocleda haotenui obaerratam ; vide- 
hoot, quod a Cauoiiicas, habem flmam de Conaueludine Eooleue, jure 
auo, ante Vigilism Festi Beati Thome, Apoatoli [20 Deo.], fuerit ab luw 
luce aubtrsctua, aive aliquid pro Anna de anno futuio aolverit live non, nou 
■ibi Mt futuro flrmario debebuntur poatea proiimi fructua autumpnalM, 
Alioquin aequeretur inconTemeaa ; videlicet, quod qoilibet flmwriua, pre- 
propero Bolvendo ante terminum, prejudicaripoBBet proximo luoeeBaori. Si, 
T«ro, pcetsa ilucodat, et aliquid aolvera iDoepenl de anno futuro, non auooeaaMr 
nuius, Bet talis defunctiu, hujusmodi firmam habelnt pro fructjbuji illiua 
anm. Set, d nichil Bolvere inceperit de anno futuro, lioet poat diiitum 
Festum deceaaerit, aalvis aibi expenaia impoutia in oultura, nichil ulteriua 
de hujunnodi Gnoa pot^t veodicare. Si, aut«n, per pactum apeciale 
flnnam tenuerit, iUud credimuB Bpectaliter obaerraDduro quod apacialiteT 
couTenerit inter Partee. lata tenemua ad preeena et tenebimua in luturum, 
niai per Fart«a, in nostra preaenda CDnatitutaa, fuerimua aUter iuformatL 
Altiagimua vo8 ooDBerret! — Datum apud Chudetuuu, iz die Junii. — foL 4''. 

Prect* Btgiite pro Domino J<Aatmt it Jargoho : — 
Bererendo in CkriBto Patii, dileoto no«tro, Waltero, Dri gracia Ezonknsi 
Epiacopo, Taabella, Ejusdem gracia AngUe Begino, Domina Hibernie, et 
DnciaBa Aquitannie, Balutem, et sincere dilecccionis atTectum. — Digne ere- 
dimus agere cum, pro illarum proTiHiotie, Scripta nostra dirigimuB quoe ad 
hujuBmodi gracism optinendam Bue ordinant meriU probitatlB. Et idea 
ad illoa libenter recurrimus da quorum bouitate et fidelltate oon&dimus, 
et de quibus flrmiter sporamua quod precea quaa juato porrigimua debeanC 
hcilioB eiaudiri. Cum, igitur, dilscti ao Eamiiiaria CapeSani Qoatii, Domini 
Joluumis de Jargoho, in noetiii continuiB obaequiis eiiatentie, cujus pro- 
modonem, Buia meritia eiigeutibua, habemua in speculo mentis noetre et 
precardialit«r affectamus, Patemitatem veatmm, nobis kariaaimam, affectuoaa 
leqoirimus et n^amua quatinus, erga ipsum manus liberalitatU et muni- 
ficende rettre porngentes, eidem de PrebeDda Testra CaUtedroli, vel aaltem 
de altera aufflcieuti Coll^ata, quamprimum ad id optulerit Be facnltaa, 
dignemini providers ; et interim, quouaque dictam Probendam vacara 
coDtigeiit et illam fnerit assecutus, aidem Pensionem congruam veetrarum 
monimine lilerarum vditia coDt«upladone noatri concedere roboratam ; 
iUud, enim, quod pro eodem feoaritiB Capellano nobia aaa inmerito repu- 
tabimua ene botom. Bt oobta quid super hoc feoeritiB per veatrat literw 
reecribatia. Coiuervet voa Altiasfmus cum pnwperiUte continua et fetid 1 
— Datoin Anno Domini U" CCO*' octavo, liz die Junii.— Credentar, si 
placet, Bup« hoc Preaendum portitori ; Slid. 

Sttpotuio Sleeti ad eaaden Preca : — 
Fredare Celsitudinis et magna NobilitatiB Domine, Domine Tubelle, Dei 
gracia Segine Anglte, Domine Hibernie, et Dutiaae Aquitannie, suua humilis 

tudinis Literas, Ejriscopo Exonienai directaa, cum reverenda debita nuper 
reoepimuB, et in eiadem vidimus inter cetera coutineri quod eundem Epia- 
copnni Eionieosem pro dilecto et familiari Capellano veetro. Domino 
Jobanne de Jargoho, vestra Ifobilitas aSectuose requisivit ut ipse, erga 
eundem Capdlanum vestrum manus libSTalitatiB et iriimiGcende porrigens, 
eidem de I^ebanda in EcdeeiB sua Cathedrali, vel edam in altera eufficienti 
Colkfiat*, quamprimum ad id optulerit se facullas, dignaretur vestria pre- 

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aba* proTidsT^ at mteriin, quonaque dictain VnbtuAua vaCM* eontigerit «t 
lllam foerit uwoutua, eidem Peniionem obognum ooncedarat, Utxranim 
•lunim mtmimine TobonUm. Cum, igUur, pent nosbam Oan&muuaoitaa, 
re^mea Soolari* Binnlmirii et ColUoonem Pcebendanun ejiudon fnerimiu 
•WMUti, quwaqoun idhac non fuerimiu in Episoopam ooiUMcrati, oadimiu 
qpod lateado Twtre Domiiuwioiua extibrit tpau litem noUi dingi, et 
par nca Tobii veils Euper hiii reapcmderi ; et idao, plui intcodom wriMotia 
Haaxa verlui Epiitole adherantea, ipttn Lit«nB flducuUter apernimna, 
spenuitea la boo Teatre Domliuuianf tmoime diiplicera Hinc eat qnod 
Teebun Celtihidiuem demtii predbue honiiliter imploniniiB qoatiniu ad 
ea qae icrfbimiu aaTea juste ^ostatii incUoHie, ipm intellectia, jnato 
judiewe velit quod per una fnwtt ad preaena aUcriiu hdendnm. Ciini, 
enim, oirea FMtam BanoU UMtiul pretMitum electi weemna, lioet immcriti. 
In Bocleole Bxonietula fntutiun EpJaoKnini et PutoraUi quidazn Mafl^ster 
BieaidiM de Plfnutoke^ oontra noa et diotam Bleodonem ad Curiam 
RfTntnftTn i^kp<iUana> naatfun ConflnoftcioDetii, oontra Deum et juaticiain, 
^na debito impedivit ; unde dcm veraua eandem Curiam ex ilia caoa^ aicut 
opwtuit, peTB«ialiter aooedenteB, noa et uoatnun BtecdoneiD, non abequa im- 
' tU ■umptibu*, ab eadem Curia featmiu Iibenoi ; propter que «t 
itinmnda BOlimi ad preeena, et propter noebaa futuraa Coiueara- 
et Inboniaadonem erimtu in mturum era alieno guaid intoller- 
onentl et in pluri rarera quun valere poent in eiitibiia noatar 
ttui tribal anoia. Terumtamen, ne a nobia racedant totaliter vacua 
reoea, ipsi Capellano veetro Penaionem ")T"'T"i Iket modicani, 
contnHniua, nostri aicilli mnnimine roboratam, ptvnt ID Literia noitria 
Patentibua Testra CrUtndini, vet eideiD, per latorem Pnaaidum poni> 

'rabendam tanien Taoaturam aeu quodcumqiie aliud Benefidum Eedee- 
laatioum non promlttimiu, nee ante Tacacionem promittere intendimua ; 
turn quia boo prohibent Conatitudonee EocleeiaBUoe, turn quia nujorca 
Prebende ad noetnun Colladonem apedsntfia per ProTiainnea Apoatolicaa 
■unt Colladoni Summi Pontiflda naerTate. Dignetur, ei^, ionata Tobia 
libeialitai auper parvitate dic(« Pennonia ex oauaiB prediotiB bao rice noa 
a, n librat, exaustit<M ; pliu affectum donantia que eat derota (ne), quam 
itatem doni que eet modica, veatra manaQetndiiiia oculia intueodo. 
J, enim, aumua et semper erimna Taalra DomioMiom pro *iribua com- 
Edacere.eamqiieBperamaBinDoatciaageDdlababtregradoBanL Ad honorem 
Va et ntiUtatem Regnl TOe coneervet Altiaaimua per tempora proapeta et 
mitixa.— Datum apud Stockwelle, juita Londouaa, tUj die Julii, Anno 
Domini Milleaimo CCC™> octavo.— nL E. 

Pernio data Johtmni dt Jargoko, ad Prtet* Stgin» :— 
Waltema, penuiBdone Dirina Elediua GionienaiB CanBrmataa, TeneMbOi viro 
et diaoreto, Domino Johaoni de Jargubo, nobiliaidme Domine Taabdle, Dm 
giada Begins Anglie, Domine Hibernie, et Dudaae Aqultannie, bitdliari 
C^>eltaDo, Balutem et sinceram In Domino ouitatem.— Preoa ipaua Regina, 
pro persona veatra efTectualiter nobis porrect^ noa plurimum soUidtant et 
mducunt ut personam Teatnm, quam diverda virtutum titulis orfldimaa 
inajgoitam, apedali proaaquamur grada et favore. Hinc eat qaod, premiaaia 
digna ndone penaiti*, annuam Penainnsm quatuor aoUdonim aterimgonuii, 
■fngulia annia da Camera noatra «d Featum ^wthe pcadpiendam, qnoaa> 
qua toUa de Prebendali Benafido qnod acceptandnm duxeritia providerimiH 

cum eflboto, Tobia promitllmiiB, ooncedimui, et oonfeiimaa per Pnaento;. 

In enjua rd tMtimimium baa Utmu ttoatraa Pateatce tibi fieri feeimna, 
i^piii noetri rounimine roborataa.— Datum apud Stockwille, juxta LiHidonia^ 
Tiri die JuUl, Anno Domini, el«. [130S], et Regni Bwu Edwaidi Glii Begia 
Bawttrdi prime [a derical error for " aeoniido," — B. W. Q.] ; ibid. 


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lAUra dirtda ISpiMopa CfeMmuf ; — 
TenenbOi in Chriito P>lri m Dommo, Doioino Johuiiii, Dei gnuna Oetttrenri 
EpiMwpo, luni, D placet, Waltenu, etc Mlut«m qoHU pioduiit hanumo 
gtiMri Sannili de lateia Cnidflii— Pater ReTcreude,— lieet Oanonki 
Capella de Boeebam, quoail pwaonaa eomm, edam jnxU CompoMoiuMai 
ioter Cioeatria et Eiooie Eooleiiaa, at dioitur, IniUm, a veatra JuiiadiodODe 
Ordinoria saltern in hoc caau totaliter Etnt exempt!, veater tamen Offloialii, 
contra dicte Compoaicioiiui tenorem et Juria ordinem, at Tidetur prima 
lade, l^mere TemeoB, coDti« Sacriitam quadem Eooleaie, qui est unut de 
Canouicii Bupcsdiotii, ad diminucioiietii Fordotiia qnam ipaa et Frede- 
oeooraa aui bucauque haboerunt, par CoUacionam BioBcoponim Exo a i eMini n 
qui pro tempore raeriut, quad p«r ei«ondoii«a inoipieni nititur eittudere 

Offldali Duper, ut dicitur, e , , .,, ... . 

Quodrca restrain Patenitataiii hamOitar depracor et darote qiiatiiMW 
dietam Uandatam Offldali* veatri revocare, vel aulem ad tampoa anipaDdere, 
velitia, pro *csbo banepladto iterum innoTaiido. Bipedtt enun, nt Tidetar, 
quod Vioaiii de Boaaham au^garanteB in hae parte fadaut ae Partem in iud- 
fao, et Buam aogfpetionem, «i voluarint, prMequantur ; quia vnter Offldalii^ 

3 ipao est paoem ChnBti sempitemam. — Audivimua 
iuimico et penwcutOTe vcetro reputantae, in preaeoda 
_ ju, contra formam Pada inter noa inite, *«rba nobia 
ia dicebatia ; de qno ao naagii miramur, quod, licet poet dietam 
FaoBD) parum boni vobu fec«rimua, non tamea creduiua contra tob pcatM 
juato jadido injurioee c^iase quicquam mali, prout coram Deo, vobia, et aliia 
quibuscumqae hominibus, nana conadenda parati sumua redder* laotODem. 
Cupientea. igitur, anper btis et aliia valnacum peraonalitar habere titwitatum, 
affectuoaa tm rogamug quatinua ad nos peraonalitar accedeis velitia oeleriua 
quo poteatia, et ante veatrum receaaum a nobia, partim Terira, partim boto, 
perdpieiiB BJffecdonem quam etj^ personam veatram poat Paoem initam 
hujoamodi babemua. NoUemiu, utiqne, quantnm in nobia eat, voa perdere: 
needmna ai no* modia omnibus perdere cupiatia. Si, Taro, ad noa vanire 
nolueritia aut non poteritia, ut rogamua, aaltem propoaitum vatrum auper 
hiia, propter reliquiaa Pada inita, valitia nobis veatria Literia intimare. Sore, 
tamen, voa capimua quod ai Pads predicts fadera per tob, quod abd^ 
totaliter fuerint diBaolula, qaic(^uid poatea contingat, de levi non potenint 
il«Tiim repanui. Deua det Tobia coniiJium corpoii et aiume profutunun!-~ 
Datum apud Horalsgh, xiiij die Julii ; ihid. 
LUtra dtrteta Soberlo de Outerna: — 
Walterua, etc, dilncto aibi in Chriato, Magiatro Roberto de Ciateraa aalatem, 
etc — Cupiantea roluacum, vel cum alio, eo libendua finam imponere trac- 
tatui anper permulacione Prebendarum quo dilado pralixior utriqua Parti 
eat dampnoaa, apedaJiter voa rogamua quatinua nobia per latorem Pre- 
Bondum aigniflcara Telitia ubi per trea diee saquantaa potoritia peraonalitar 
inveniri ; mittemua, cnim, ad voa aliqusm diacreoioram peiaonam «x hae 
causa pro Literia Procuratoriia et aliia utriqua Parti utilibos a Tobia optinea> 
dia, ri Tetitia quod super biia erga voa ulteriua procedatur. Si, vero, hodicy 
cnu, Tcl poat eras, ante pnuidium pcewtia ad noa Tonire, apud Honlegbe, 
utique in mutto plus placeret, et tanto tempore et non ulteriua, bac viae, voa 
ibidem poterimus eiepectaro, ab biia que antea super Talore Frebendarum 
dictamm et aliia vobis diiimua in miaimo minime recedentea. Et d spem 
certam ad pinguiorem Prfbendom vobia noo dederimua, deaperare tamen 
non oportat da grada SalTat-oris. Vduntatem veatram noliiB nundare 
vvUtia, etc— TaJete, etc— Datam apud Horalegha, xij die Julii.— fd.C''. 

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LUera direda Epiteopo BatJtonUtm :— 
Tenenibili, etc, Domino WilUro, Dai gnait Batboiunui at Wdlenai ^aMwpo, 
Buiu, tto., ^setui Eioniensii, ulutem etc — Cum preoM uostna alicui 
dirigimiu que > racumi* trtmita non deriant, Ht cuot >b illo oui aciibimiu 
ex quadun luttmli gntitudine ecum >pud tdinm merito promoTende, tano 
fldodaliter aftimui at indutntanter cradimus eikudiri. Cum, igttur, Hamster 
ThoiDu de Haaebchuie, oepoa Tcater,' tit utiqua litenmm •dencu et divoni 
virtotum titulii inaigiiitua, bina vice Canomcatoin et PrebeDdsm in Eodema 
TMtro Cathedrali Welleiui wnaautna, sd Teatnim benepUdtDm ipso* 
dimiierft, et, de OHWoicQ tactui son Cuonicus, ad prweni onuii CuoDioatai 
cueat et Prebenda, veatnun MDotain Faternitatem toto cordia afiteta 
hnnuUtar impkmmuB qaatinui merit* et pTOjduquitatem mnguinis penana 
ipaioa Kviatri Thome et alia supiadiota m mentia ezaniine, non perfniio- 
lorie Mt diUgenter et inlime revolventa^ et eqao Hbranine bTOnbiliter 
poDdenntea, de CaDonfcatu et Prebenda in eadem Bodena, ut areditur in 
proximo vacaturia, rejectia inordinatia predbua aliorum, prondere velilia 
mtuita oantalii. St, vera, quod abeit, eundem nepotem veatrum, vntro 
perpetuo aie dimiaerilia non Canonicatum et quodammodo c^te dimi- 
nutom, honeatius eaaet vobia et nbi ipaiua nuaquam Canomaum exti- 
tiate ; didt, enim, Beneca niohil caae infelidua quam reoordari fuina 
feliiMm ; manme cum idem Hagiater Thomaa fuerit houeeta et litenta 
peiBona vobiaque domeatica et in proiima linea conHuiguinitatiB attingena, 
et ApcatoluB dicdt quod ai quia auamm et maiime domeatioarum curam 
Don babet, Fidem negat et «at deterior inlidalL Quisi enim, Suooeaaorum 
Teatrorum aut aliorum Epiacoporum ipeum reputabit dignum ut preficiatur 
ID Eccleaia Cathedrali, a, promotia eilmneis in Ecdeeia veatn ipaoque 

EretcrmiBaa ad bujusmodi promociODeil) ipeum iDdigDum judicaTeritia ipaa 
icto. Nee vidstur nobia quod quecumque peraoua alia ae jiiato judicio 
repulaje debebit oSenaam, ai, pretcrmiaaia predbua aliorum, ipaum Hagia- 
trum Tbomam pttnooTentia ut petimoa, ad oujua promodonem tot et tali* 
ptaria lactone voa indueunt. Suadpere, igitur, et exaudire dignetur veatra 
aandA Paternitaa haa precea ttoatraa, ne adaco dampnoaaa aut juricontiariaB, 
immo podna omni oonaona radom. Et noa vobia ad aimilia vel mqora, id 
timili vd m^ori caau, volumua, effldadt«r obligari ; ad memoriam nidbilo- 
minuB, ai libeat, reduoentea promiaaionM veitraa aupw proniodoDe kfagkbri 
Wjberti de Lftletone, in praeenda Domini Arofaidiaoom Welleuda, Doatn, et 
aliorum, apudWyTe]iaoome,aliaa bona fide aepefactaa. EtinvarboTeritatta 
Tobia didmua quod premi«a omnia et ainguJa mero motu vobia acribimaa, 
per quamcumque penouam minime procuratl Voluntatem veatiam nipor 
biia adie cupimua cum veatre Patenutati placuarit, podus per expenendam 
faoti quam per Literaa aut per rerba ; parati pro viriboa ad veatra be)w> 
pladta proaequenda. — Datum apud Farendone, liij die Auguatl — foL 6^. 

IiUtra dirtela Girdinali: — 
Veneiabili, etc. Domino Thome, etc, Saonaancte Romane Eodeme Tltolo 
Sands Sabine Preabitcvo Onidinali, auoa, etc, Waltema, Exonieiuda Electua, 
wlutam, ate — Ut Yotda, tauqaam Prinidpali Domino at PromotOTi m«a^ 
oonatare valaat ^uid dm atatom maum agitur hiii diebua, placest Patar- 
nitati Tiebe ttue quod Di«a DoDuniena in Quindena Sancti Hiohaalia 
[IS Oct.] prefixuB eat Domino Bleoto Wygornienai at<iua michi pro nostra 
CoDaeeraaone in Ecdcaia Cantuarienu C^onice admitteoda, nee potni pro 
mea Couaetnwaone babeia terminum Ixaviotem, lioet per me eaaet bittrior 

' He waa one of the Eiecutora of hia hear canae between Walter Ora (or 

unde, Biahop Walter de Haaela e ha u e, Oram) and Canon Thomaa de Eaa^. 

whose Bucccaaor, John de Drokena- achairforviolence, 18 EaLJiuL,]318'* 

forde, "as Papal Judex," iaaued a (aae Biahop Hobhouae'a Ed. of I>ro- 

CominiBaioa "to three Caoona, to kenafard'altegiater, pp,12, 00). 

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tenninu* cum diligenciB dcbila pluriaj postuUtua. Diclui DominuB Wy- 
gomienBU per Mlimtrog »uaa, ad petidonem meam, facit fieri providetcUm 
de coculentu at poauleDtia pro noatrum utroqiie, et ego contribuam juita 
ipeiuB beneplacita volQaCatia. Ad hac, quia non admiai per CoUadonem 
RefpAOl Ha^trum Ricardum ds Fl^mpatoke ad Archidiaoanatum Exonie, 
rs»ara non Tacantam, fecit me implaoitari par Bageni cor»m Rofte ipso, 
Hagistro Bicardo promoTeate ; set a Curia R^ia dictua Bum, cum Dei 
adjutorio, judidaliter liberarL Ideio, eciam, Uagiater Ricardiu, quasi de 
aaluto aaine non curans, aemper romanet id antiquia SeoteDciia Eicom- 
mimicaciannm, licet abaoludoneB ab eisdtm, ai petat, abaque diffiuultata 
aliqua valeat optinere. Unde paratur milil laqueua duplex ex hac causa : si, 
enini, communioo cum aodem tacio contra conacienciam ; ai, autem, doq com- 
mumoo, ipae dicet quod hoc facia ad vindicbiiu ex macore aliquo proooDoepto. 
VenuDtamen, ut ipaum ad boaum traham in quaotum poaaum aliquotiana 
eommunico cuoi eodem, aua pericula dbi aacredua intimaado. 3et per me 
flecti non potent, vel juatia radonibua informarL Fadam, tameii, quod 
potero, Epenma quod aliquo tempore acdpiet per giAciain apiritum conailii 
■aoioria. Paratua, tamen, Bum et temper ero, auditia Fartibua, Ordina- 
donem veatre PatemitatiB inter noa admittere. et eam pro viribus adim- 

SUre, ipaumque interim caritative pertmctare, prnut veatra S.inctitaa michl 
irexerit mjUDgeudum. Scripaiaaem veetre Dominacioni jilu lies, aet omiai, 
et QUDO Bcribera erubeeco, quia butiisque non potui, nee adbue aulBdo, 
vobia aerrire in aliia, et,'ut teneor, una cum Literia vo* in aliquo Curialiua 
Tidtare. De statu, autem, Regis et Re^e oicliil sciibo ista vice, quia 
SeneacoUoa Domini Regis, ad Curiam sccedeua, Patemitatem lestram super 
hiis, aicut oportat, pleaiua infonnabit. — Ad utilitatem Univeraalia Eoded<^ 
et predpue ADglicane, honorem veatrum augeat et auctum consarvet 
Altiadmua per tempore diu et prospere prooessura!— Datum apud Hors- 
legli^ zxii die Augostj ; ibid. 

Hekorahduh <)aoii sm on Hihsib Octobris consicBATua futt Dohivcs 


Prtca Cardiaalii Anglid pro Magitiro W0,^mo de Bynean: — 
Tenerabili in Chiisto Patri, Domino Waltero, Dei grada Bpisoopo Exonienai, 
Prater Thotnaa, Ejusdem miseradone Titulo 9nucta Sabine Preebiter 
Cardioatis. sahitem et sinceram in Domino caritatem. — A vestra memoria 
Dou credimiis eiddisaa quomodo bia vobia scHpRimua maou aostra, re< 
quirentes corditer et rognntea quatinua viro diacreto, Magistro Willelmo, 
compatriots nostro oonnutrito et Capelle continue commeriaali, quem com- 
mandant et attollunt oonTersacio banesta et diveraarum taoultatum QoUds 
in pluribus Btudiis generalibus Scholasticia laboribua acquisita, cum bona 
experienda in agendis, daretie in Eodeda veabv Exonienai C^onioatum 
paritAT et Prebraidam. Nunc, autem, precee illaa terda ponigimus pro 
eodem cum adjacdone aubscrjpta, videlicet .... [At this point ma; be 
Been the remains of tlu«e learea which hftTe been cut out! The numbwing 
of the folios possea from t to ix.] 


Hsmorandum quod Waltaros de StSfieldone electus fuit concordlter in 
ExonienBcm Episcopum Anno Domim Millesimo tricent«nimo aeptimo — et 
tunc fuit Litera Duminicalis A — et per viam scrutinii ; its, videbcei quod 

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ad Aei 


cum esBCDt, quidam per le, quiitsm per Procuratoree, Tiginti trM Canonia 
tuiicpre»entea,quiiid«:iin in eiindem Wftlterum, tree in Magiatnim Thomun 
de Leccbeliide, tunc Deoanum, treB in Magiatriira Thumnm da Chorleton^ 
et duo in Domiaum Johannem de Qodeleghe, in »crutirao direierunt to1» 
BUB. Quo pupllcato et Eicta cilkcione, omnea UDnnimiter in eundem 
Widterum coDaenaeriint, et per Decanum Lod ipaum aolompnitor slegerunt. 
A qua Eleccione per MagtBtrum Iticardum de Pljropstoks ad Sedem 

OBU>lio»m eititit appellatum. Verum, cum idem Eiectua easat in itinera 
I iJedem Apontolicam vemendi, idem Ricardua in Curia Romana tunc 
Pietaviia eilatenB Appellaciuni eue Tenuuciavit, et Reuundacionem auun 
eidem Eleeto tmiiamiiiit ; Domino Roberto [Winoheliey], Cantuarienai Archia- 
pldcupo, ab OlScio et BeneGcio per Papam suapcnso, et tunc id eadem Cum 
Bomaoa peraonnlitet eiistente, quem Summua Pontifei, die SancU Hauri 
Abbatia [15 Jan.] tunc nequentc, plenarie rcatituit ad premiaai. Et, (acta 
eidem Suturao PontiSci plena auggeatione de Eleesaooe, Appellacione, et 
Henundacione predictis, commiait eidem Arcbiepiscopo, tunc restituto,et in 
Curia eiieteuti, vices auaa od inquirendum in eadem Curia an predict* 
Appellactoui easet renundatum al^ue pravitatu, antequam ipsa eaaet Sedi 
Apostolice prenentata, ot si hoc iuveuiret ulteriua prooederat in codem 
negodo idem Archiepiscopua jure auo, per ae vel alioe, in Paitibus Anglii^nia. 
Quo inquiHto, invento, et legitime fuiaee renundatom pronundalfl, idem 
ArcbiepiuopuB vices auaa in eodem negodo ODHuniait, in fornu que aequitur. 
— £ol. 29. 

Commiitio, — 
BobertuH, permisBioDe Diviiu Cantuarienaia Archiepiacopaa, Tocdoa An^ 
Frimas, Venerobili Fratri, Domino Sjmoni [de QandaToX Dai gnj^ SanilD- 
enM Episcopo, ac diloctia Filiia, Hagiatria Roberto de Roa, Offidali noatro, 
et Willolmu do Cbodeleahuate, Archidiacono Wjlt^ayrie, aalutem et nn- 
ceram in Domino karitatem.— Nuper, per mortem bona memorie Thome, 
quondam EionieneJa Epiacopi, ipsa Eionienai Eccleda Paatora desolmta, 
UngiBtcr RicaHuB da PIjmpBtoke, deElamiBtie et de Uffcutm Eocleeianim 
Rector, diet* Diooeaia Eionienais, ac de eadem Dyoceei orhmdua, contra 
Mogiatroa Tliomam de Lecchelade, Decanum, Watterum de Stapaldone, 
PrecGUtorem Johannem de Bnietone, Cancellarium, Bartholomeum de 
Sancto Laurendo, Rogerum da Charietone, Radulphum Oarmejn, Ezonie, 
Tottonia, et Barnstapolie Archidiacoaoa in Eccleaia Eionienai predicta, 
Johanaem de Uiiavene, Thomam de Cherletone, et Thomam do HeotoDe, 
ipeius Ecclede Canonicoa, ne ipai eligerent aut future Elecdoni iato^ 
euBent, et ne eciam quiiia eorum in futurum Epiacopum eligeretur et 
Paatorem in eadem Ecdeda Eioniensi, ex cerlia cauaia, ad Sacroaanctam 
, Sedem Apoatolicam appellavit ; ac poatmodun dicto Magiatro 'Waltein 
de Staptldone, dicte Eionienaia Eodeete Precentore, per Decannm aa^n- 
dictum ac ceteroa auperiua annotAtos, necnon et alio* Canoniooa dicte 
Exonienais Eccleme, Capitulum ejucdem Ecclcaie conatituentce, ut di e itnr, 
eoncorditar electo, et ab hujunoodi Elecdone ei parte ipdua Uagiatd 
Ricardl de Plympstoke ad dictam Sedem eztitit it«rato, ut aaaeritar, if- 
pelUtum ; a quibua Appelladonibua omnibus et aingulia, antequam 
Bupradicte Sedi Apoatolice fuiesent preaentate, pm^ aponte, et abaolatei 
nulla praritate interveniente, predictna Usgiater Ricardua de Pljmp- 
etake dicebatar receeaiaae, et eisdem Appelladonibua palam et eipreaM 
renundnaae. Ac tandem, premiaaia omnibus et Bingulil BanctisBiiDD 
Fatri in Chriato ac Domino, Domino ClementJ, Diiina ProTideilda Pape 
Quinto, per Teneisbilem Fatrem, Dominum Thomam, Dei gracia mtslo 
Sancte Sabine Preabiterum Cardinalem, aeriodua ei^KMitia et narratla, volnit 
et mandavit idem Dominua Papa, per dictum Dominum Cardinalem, qood 
Doa, tunc in dicta Romana Curia peraooaliter eiiatentee, Auctontate 
Apuatolica in didji Curia inquirere poesemna an, aDt«quam AppeUacioiiea 
bujuBmodi fuisBeut dicte Sedi Aroetolice preaentate, sponte, naUaqne 
pi«Titateinterveniente,recenumfuiBeet perPnrtem appellantemabeiadeai; 

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et quod, hiia legitime oompertli, In djcto 'Eleacioaia negocio procederemu) 
ex tunc jare noatro. Unde Jiupsr hiia, Becundum Formaia nobis per dictum 
Domiaum Papain damuid&tiiiii, in dicto Inquiuciocis nr^odo, vocatis in 
bac parte voouidis, rite procedentea, comperimua a dictia AppellacionibuB, 
pure, fcponte, so nuUa praTiUte iuterreDiente, ati(«quun supndicte Sedi 
raiMent sou fuiwat earum altera preaentate uii preseutala, per dicttim 
Hagiatrum Hicardam de Plympataka lagitime ewe et luine recenum ac 
exprans renmiciatuin eisdem. Noa utiqua couideraDteB quam ait E^leaiia 
ipdi datnpiioaa vacado, quam periouloia eciam animabua non lolam jura 
tcetantur get magistr* rerum efficuc eiperiencia manifeatat ; ToleDtea, igitur, 
prefnta Bionieiuia Eccleaie vaouaoai, in quantam poaumus, oeleri remedio 
pTDTidere, vobis mandamus et oum cujuslibet Canonioe ooherdoniR po- 
testate committimus vioee noatraa, quatinns presatitiito Tobia diets Eleo- 
<nonIs negodo, cum debita peleritata, jaria aotempniis, ac aliia DeoetBaHis 
que in hac pu-te raquiruolur, tecundum naturam et t^oalitatem negodi, 
protit convaait, obsarvitis, m ipso Elaodonis negocio oognoscatia et 
iwaone previa procedatis ; et, ai dictam Elscdonem inreneritia rite et 
Canonioe celebraUm, nee ipd Electa quioquam obviet de Canonicia 
Inatitutia, auctoritate nuatia aandem Electum et Eleccionem de ae 
iact&m ooliSrmBtja. Quod u nan omnes personaliter premiasis exe- 
qiiendia poteritis interewe, toe, Frater Epiacope, cum altera predictorum, 
juita Formam preecriptam in ipao n^odo procedatda. Et quid feceritia 
Toa qui proceaseritia In haa part« reddatia [noa], expMito n^ocio, 
eerdoica per veatraa PatentM Utena banim aeriem coatinentee. In t«ati- 
mouium, vero, premisaorum dgiltum noatrum PreaeDtibui est nppenauni. — 
Datum Fyctaviis, quinto Ealendas Febmahi, Anno Domiai MiUeaimo 
trioentenUainM octavo, Conaeoradonia noatre quarto decimo [23 Jan., 
1307-8] ; ibid. 

mn predictoTum 

Commiaaariamm, Terdua Commiaaariua ae eicuaarit in forma que infra 
ambitur ; et duo alii, Tidelicet Episcopna SarumenaiH et OffloialiB Curie 
Cantuariensis, in dicto negodo prooedeutea, die Herourii in craatiuo Feati 
Saucti dr^orii [13 Marcn], Airno Domini supradiato, Liten Dominicali 
tunc currenb) per F, propter mutAdonem Literarum Dominicalium in Feato 
Sancti Hatbie preoedeate, eo quod Biaeitua erat anno illo, in Eoaleaia 
Conventuali Kadjngie, nulto oomporente oontisdictore, predictum Electum 
et EHecdonem de ipso factam conSrmarunt ; et die Sabbati aubaequeate 
[16 March], apud Weetmonaaterium, Dominua Rel, reoepCa lildelitate ab 
•odem Electa, ipai bona Temporalia libeiavit ; prout anper hiia diverse 
Utere inferius auut contents — foL 2i^. 

Extaiaeio Tereii Otntnuaarii, — 
Tenerabili in Christo Pairi ac Domino suo, Bimoni, Dei grada Sarumenai Em- 
BCopo, et Magistro Roberto de Roa, Offidali Curie CantuarienaiB, Venerabilia 
Patria litomini Rubertj, Dei grada CantuarienaiB Archiepiacopi, Todua Anglie 
Primati^ in negodo Elecdonis et Elocti Ecoleaie Gionienaia, Provincie 
Cantuarienaia, aub certa forma Commisaariia, Willelmua de Chadeleahuntc, 
Archidiaconua Wjlteayrie, eorundem Coil^a in negodo memorato, aalutem 
et omnem reverenciam et honorem,— Quia, cortia Bi causis impeditua, iiao 
inatanti die Lune prozima poat Featum Sanctarum Perpetue et Felidtatia 
[11 Harch], in Eccleaia Conventuali Radyngie, cum diebus eidem con- 
tinuandLs et prorogandia, pro hujuamodi negocii examinacione peraoiiHtittr 
adesaenon valeo, voa rogo quatiaua, abaenciam meam excuaatam habaiiles, 
in eodem negodo previa radone procedatia, presenda mea DuUatenua 
expectata. — In cujua rei teatimonium aigillum meum Presentibus eat 

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Lilera dirtda Segx, pro TanfiordUlaU lubania, — 
Excellentjaimo Prindpi et Domiao ma, Domina Edwardo, Dca gnda Ragi 
Auglie illustri, Domino Hibeniie, at Dud AquitAimie, Spaon, EjoBdem 
VermiMioDa SanimeiiHie Epiacopui, et Bobertiu de Rob, Offidalis Curie Cui- 
tiiarie,VeDerabi]U !□ Cbruito Patm, Damini Robarti, Dei gncU Cantuuieoaii 
Arcbicpiwxipi, Tocius Anglie Prinutu, in inlraseripto negocio ana cam 
Hagietro Willelmo da Chadeleahunte, Archidiaoono Wjlteajrie, legttime in 
bac parte eiciuato, CommiBsarii apeualas, salutem in Eo per Quern RegcB 
regnnnt at Prindpea dominantnr. — Cum nos EleceiDDem, petita a Hbj»- 
tate veatra R^ia eligsndi Licenraa et optenta, nuper factam in Ecclcaia 
Cathedrnli Eionie de Magistro Waltero de Stapeldone, Preceatore ejusdem, 
in Epiaixipum Loci ipdus, cui R^um assenaum adhibuistu peritar et 
faTorein, sicut in confeotia super bus Literis Kegiia plena liquet, tanqoaia 
de Fereona ydonea Canonice oelebntAlD, auotontate a aupcsdicto Domino 
Archiepiacopa spodaliter sA hoc nobis oommiaaa, duierimuB aoDfirmandain, 
Dominadoni veetre premi«sa tenoie Freaeudum intimamus, ut qnod ad 
Toe ulteriui pertinere dinoadtur predpiatia, ai placet, fieri cum niTore. — 
Valeat et yigeeX Eicellencia Teetra R^a in Summo Rege Regam pacifioo 

Er tenpora felidter duratura ! — Datum Radyngie, tercio Idua Hanii, Anno 
imini Milleeimo tricenteeimo aeptimo [13 Harcb, 1307-8].— foL 30. 

Littra SttfU pro TtmporalitaU Hbtranda, — 
EdwarduB, Dei grada Rex Anglie, Dominua Hibemie, et Dux Aquitaaiue, 
HilitibuB, Lib^ia Hominibua, et omnibua aliia tenentibiu da Episcopatu 
Eiooienai, ealutom.^Cum VecerabiliB Pater, Symon, Epiacopua SanunensiB, 
at Magigter Robcrtus de Ros, OCRdalia Curie Cantuane, CommiaaaHi 
VenerabiliB Patria, Robert!, CantuarienaiB Arcbieputcopi, Todua Anglie 
Frimatis. Elacdouem nuper celebiatam in Eccleaia Exonianai de diacreto 
viro, Magiatro Waltero da Stapoldone, Proeentore ejuadam Ecdeaie, in 
Episcopiini Loci illiua, cui priua Regium Aaeansum adhibiiimuB et farorpm, 
ConGrmaverit, aicut per Liieras Fatentaa sorundem Episcopi et OffieiaJiB, 
uobia inde directaa, nobis conatat ; ooa, ConBnoacionam illaio acceptance, 
cepimuB Fiitelitatem ejusdem Electi, et Temporalia Epiecopatus predicti, 
prout moiis eat, reetituimua eidem, Et ideo TobiB mandamua quod eidem 
Waltem, tanijuam Epiacopo et Domino Teatro, in omnibua qua ad Epi>- 
ciipatum predictum pertinent, inteadent«e utis et respondeat«8 in Fomui 

fredicU In cujuB rei teBUmonium baa Literaa nostru fieri fecimoB 
atente&^Teata meipso, apud Weatmonaateriiim, XTJ die Aprilia, Anno 

Chmto. Domino Johanni Tojlem, aalutem in Domino sempitemam. — Ad 
redpiendum et tenendum, noetro nomine, aejeinam de omnibus Uanciui, 
feoilia, reditibus, at aaniciia, cum auia peiliuendis quibuacumque, ad 
Episcopatum Eiociensem partinentibua, te noatrum facuDua Attoroattun ; 
ita, Tidt'licet, quod ea que personaliter Don poteKtia par alium vel «lio^ 
quem, vcl quoB, ad premissa deputaveria, valeas adimplere. Ratum habitari 
qnicquid per to, aUum, rat alios feceris in hac parte. — Datum LoDdcniia, 
anb privato aigillo noBtro, xTij die Mardi, Anno ab Incamaoione Dmnini 
Uilleuimo tricenteaimo septimo; ibid. 

Littra Commtuariorwa pro SpntwUilate Witranda, — 

Viro provide et diacreto, Magiatro Willelmo de Kjlkaiui;, Canonlco E „ 

Cuatodi SpirituatitatJB EiDuienBiB Civitatia at Djocceia, Seda jampridem 
vncante, deputato, Symon, penniBBiooe Divina SarumensiB Epigoopna, et 
ItubertuB de Roa, OSdalia Venerabitis Patria, Domini Roberti, Dei grada 

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CuitiurienaiB Arohieraioopi, Todus Aoglie Priinitis, in infraicripto n^ocio, 
una cum Uagiatro wiUelmo de Cbadeleahiinte, Archidiacona W^lteeyrie, 
Id luc parte legitime ezcumto, CommiBurii apociala, uJutoin in Auctora 
■alutU. — Quia aos, anctoritato a dicto Domino, Cantuuiensi ArcbiepUcopo, 
Bpedaliter ad hoc nobia commiisa, Elecciaanm per VBDerabilea Virus, 
Decaoum et Capitulum Exonie de Hagiatro Watteio de Stipeldone in 
Epiecopum Eiooieniwm Electo, naperrime celebratam, Canooice duierimuB 
confirmandam, Adminiatradonem Spiritualium in dictia Civitate et Dyoceei 
eidem Electo, prout justum eititit, concedentes, Discreciori veatre auc- 
toritate premina mandamua quatinuB euDilem Electum, ut premiatmut 
Conflrmatum, in SpiritiialibuB hujitstnodi miniatrars lib^ deincepa per- 
mittentea, fadatia eidem auisqu« HiniBtria in SpiritualibuB ipaiB, <^uantum 
in Tobia est, a Clero et Populo dictarura Civitatis et Dyoceeia debito 
r«»poDdvrL Bene valaatia !— Datum Radyngie, tenuo Idua Mnrcii, Anno 
Domini HiUeeimo tncenteaimo septimo [13 Marcb, 1S07-8].— (uL 30^. 

Lilera CommittarioTtiM niper Obediencia /aeitnda Electo, — 
Venerabilibiu Viiia et diBcretia Dominie, Decnao et Cnpitulo Catbedralia 
Eocleiie EioQiensia, Simon, permiasiono Divina SareBbirienBig EpiscopiiH, 
et Robertus de Hoa, OfBcialia Curie Cantuarie, VenerabilU in Christo Patrns, 
Domini Roberti, Dei gracia CantuariensiB Archiepiscopi, etc., ia infraacripto 
n^ocio, uDB cum Hagistra Willelmo de ChBdeleehutite, etc, Cummiasikrii 
Bpeciales, aalutem in Dousino Bempitemim, — Presentatam nobia Eleccionetu 
per Yoa de Magiatro Waltero de Stapeldono, tiicte Ecclesie veatre Precen- 
torem, in EpiBcopum Exoutenaem Electa, naperrime celebratam, auctoritate 
a BUfradicto DoniiDO Archiepiacopa apecialiter ad hoc nobia commiaaa, 
eiaminare cuiSvimUB diligenter, Et, quia eandem Canonicam per omnia 
inveniniuB et concordem, ipaam auctoritate predicts rite duiiraua con- 
firmandam. Tdeoque Unitati veatre, auctaritate prefata, mandamus lirmiter 
injuQgendo quatinua eidem Electo veatro, ul, prcmiaimua Confirmato, 
Telut menibru c&piti obsequentea, in hiia que ad Spiritualia dictii EzonieDaia 
Eccleaie pertinere noacuntur burailiter inteailentea, obedieuciam et rever- 
endam, cum debita eubiscdone aibi taliter impeudatia ut, per prompte 
devodoniB obaoquium, Illi placere poaaitiB Qui Summo Petri SemeUpaum 
foetus ObedienB immcjavit \ semper in Domino ToUturL — Datum Badyngie, 
terdo Idue Hardi, Anno Domini M^*" CCC""' septimo [13 March, 1307-8] ; 

Commmia facta Sogero dt Otery,— 
WalteruB, Dei grada EHectuB, eta,, dilecto aibi in Cbriato Hagiatro Rogero de 
Otery, Canonico Criditonie, EionieDaia Dyocesia, aalutem in Vom Salutari. 
De Teatre DiscredoniB iaduBtria plenam in Domino fiduciam optinentee, 
ad rwapiendum par voa, vel alium seu aJioB, juramenta Cauonice Obodiencie 
ab omnibus at aingaliB subditia noatria Civitatia et Dyoceais Eiouie, a 
quibua nobis de jure vel conauetudine hec debentur, necnon in omnibus 
cauaia et negodia ad Jurisdicdonem noatram contencioaam in dictii Dyocoi 
pertinentibuB, una cum inquiaidone, correcdone, et punicione eicesauum 
eubditorum noatrorum, ac eaaxa ad recipiendum Preaentscionea ad Bene* 
fida dictaxum Givitatia et Dyocesia, Inquiaicionum Litems concadendum 
ad ensdem, Peraonasqae preaentataa in ipsia Beneficiis Canonico iaatjtuen- 
dum, et Curam animarum etadem committendum ; cum FaiaoiuB BenefidatiB, 
Canonlcnm Tituluta loetitudonia babRQtJbua, auper non reaidendam in 
■uia BeneSciia, naque ad Featum Beati Michaells proximo futurum, juita 
Formam ConatitucioDiB Domini Bonefadi Pape Octavi, que incipit — Cum 
ex to, diapenaandum ; Literasque DimisBoriaa ad Ordinee sb alieno Epiaoapo 
CathcJico redpiendoa quibuslibet Banefidatia predictnrum Ciritatia et 
DyocaaiB, Canonicum Titulum in ipaia Benefidis babenUhua, concedendum ; 
ueenoD, omnia et aiagula fadendum sine quibus premiasa, vel eomm aliqua, 
congnie eipediri nequibunt ; vobis vices naatma, cum Canonice coner- 
donu potcatate, cumioitUmue per Preseatee ; Tiaitadouis Offidum, uecnon 

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BeneGdonim id dim, jure nottro Tel ad no* deroluto quomodolibet apec- 
tendum Colbdonem, neenon quibualibet Ctoicu ■epedictarum CiviUtu et 
tioceeis Don BeneGdatiB Lit«n« DiminoriaB >d Ordicea BUEdpiandns 
concedsDdi potntalem, vubis idimentei omnmo ; hujuimodi CommusiQiui 
noetre effectu quousque ipram Commusiocem duierimua rerocMidHn 
dnraturo. — In cujus rei teBtimomum eigillum noetrum quo nomina Fro- 
ceolArie uoatm in Eccleeia EionJeHHi utebatauT PresentibuB duzimoi 
appoDCDdum. — Dulum Radf ngie, ij Idas Marcii, AnDo Domuu U'. CC(^. 
■eptimo [14 Marcii, lS07-S.-fol. SC. 

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(Folio* &— 11). 
RtDDiTDS ASBisDa ErisoopiTns Bxonunn BOLTUDca fib muiuioa, m iLu 

TautoQS [BMop'M TiiwCon}— Bedditua,— 
De redditu asaUo Um vilUnorum qutin tiberorum Uuieiii par anDum 

liiijfi. iiijr iijii. oi. 
Uode Botfuntur in TernuDo Sancti Hichaelig ziijii. (*)>. ob. gvod.— Id Termino 

NatsiU Domiiu xiijfi. iit, iilid. ob, — Id TenniDo Fuche xiijii, iii. yd. oi. 

quad.— In Termino NaUntatu Baatl Johannu Bq>tuta xiijU. iu. utjd. 

N jweport — Radditns, — 
J>e redditu Burgi da Njweport per annum xrjlL viij*. id. — Et aolntur 
redditua ejiudnn Boigi to Qnatuor TemiiDia PrindpUibiu per eqnalea 
pordanaa ; videlicat, ad quemlibet TenniDum iiijij. ij*. iji. cb. 

Summa totalia redditua asaiai Ix^ liiji; jd, )ib. 
Churaectiun'— redditui, — De ohnraecto gaUinarum kd Featom Sancti Martini 

30 galliDB. 
De redditu piperia ad Featum Sancti Uiohaelia ijlib. 

ia liiiji. vijd. mad. — Ad Tenmnum Natalia DomiDi lu. v^d, qwid. 

arminum Paacne lijj. viji i - . ~ - 

JohanoiB Baptiita lu. vijd. g\iad. 
Bedditus,— De cara ad Featum Sancti HiclmeliB i^Ii,— Et j libra cymioi ad 
eDDdem Terminum. 

Summs xijii. vji. yd, 
Criditoae— Red<litii8, — 
Do redditu Uanerii ibidem, torn Liberorum quam villauorum, sniiij/i. Tiji.— 
Unde aoKuntur ad Feetum Sancti Uichaelia viijii. ztu. jd. Ad Featum 
Natalia Domini riijli. vi^t. iid. Ad Kestum Paache Tiiilt. zija. vijd. Ad 
Featum NotirilAlJa Beati JahumiB Bapljata viijfi. iu. viyd, 
Cridibme Bnreiu,— De redditu Bur^ liu. ijiL— Unde ad Feetum Paacbe 
xxixi. ijd M. Et ad Featum Sancti UicbaelU xxiu. xjd. ot. 

Snmma totolia redditua jaxrijli. vji, zjif. 
Holendina, — De firma duorum molendinorum Criditone x^lL t)k viijcl. ; 

Bcdvendo in Quatuor Termiiii* Prindpalibua. 
De Srma moWidini da Napeworthe suvjt., aolTendi io Nsdem Quatuor 

— Ad Terminum Paacbe Ixjj. vijil quad — Ad Termiuum Nativitutis Beati 

De flrma molendioi de Cnolle xu., aolvendi ad eoedem Terminoa. 
De Anna molendini f ullatid Criditone xiiiii*. , lolrendi ad «csdem Terminos. 
Summa totalla Srme moleudinorum xvU. vji. rii^d. 

* Tbia ia tbe (Srio-aceat^ or Church-acot, form in the RentaJa of Wincbeatar 

at the Anglo-Saxons (aw Lingard'a Diocese, See the Custumal of St. 

Anglo-Saiun Church, toI. i. p. ISO) ; Swithun'a Priory, peoea Decanum et 

but in theWeatem Dioceaaa it appears Capitulum Wiutonie. — Smirke, in 

to have been paid in ponltr;, uid not OliTer'a Montuticon. 
in grain or teed. It oocnia En that 

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Uorcet [Moivkard-Biihop] — Beddiins, — 
D« reddita oasUo per umum vijli. xj(. ixd. ob. solTeDdo ad Festum Suncti 
Uichaslis ili. iiijd. ob. Ad FeBttiin N&Ulis Domini xiivji. vjtf. juadL Ad 
Feetum Paache ixzvliji. iind. at, 
Holendinum, — Da Snoa molendiiii per annum zU, BoWendi in Terminia 

PiinciptJibuB per equalw porcionea 
DominicuuL — De finna dominici per antimQ U, wlvendi in Qustnor Tenmoia 
Princip&libua per eqiules porcionea. 

Summa toaiu redditiu fiTme, molendini, et dominici, s^li. ujd, vb. 
Berbiaglum, — De berbiagio ad Terminum de k Hockeday, j ovii matrix et 
j kogge, val zz^d. 

CljjBt lBUkofirt_apHl— 

Miclualia xxiiijt. lid. o. .. . 

Termino Paache uuu. td. In Termino Natalia Beati JoIuumiB Bi^tbte 

Sumnui ^li. iji- ijd. oft. 
Flokeat^iDe [PluHon, tn OUery St. Mary],— 
De redditii ibidem per annum ad voluntatom, liziiji. Uijd. aolTuntur in 

Qustuor TermiiiiB Principalibug, per equalea pordonee. 
Deducto redditu dimidie marce, debito HJominia de Oteiy Sancte Marie. 

Sunima Izziij*. iiqd. 

Chuddele^lie— Redditiu, — 
De redditu amiao per annum iiiij/i. ti, ijd — Unda aolvuntur in Termino 

Snocti Micbaelis iujii. iiijf. iid. ob. In Termino Natalia Domini liija. iiii. 

ob. la termino Paschc Iirjt. ixd. ab. Et in Termino Natali« Beati Johannia 

Baptists liTJt. ixi^. ob. 
Item, de redditu in Tecmino Natalia Domini uiiii Wodeooekee. vel Itjd., pro 

Ecccione Domini. 
Novum Burgum,— Item, de redditu Not! Burgi per annum xzTiji. vijd. oi. 

Kolvuntur in Quutuor Terminia Prindpalibua, per equalea pordonea. 
Item, de firma molendioi fullatici per annum Zl*. aolvutttnr in Quatuor 
* Tcrminia Principalibua, per equalea pordoaee. 

Summa zvjlt. ziijt. izd. ob. 
Btrbiapum,— Item, de berbingio ad Terminum de Hockeday zzzi^ ovea 

matricee, preter decimam et alio. 
Cbuneotum,— Item, de churaecto ad Featnm Sancti Hartinl lix gaUL 

TeTngtone ffiiiAojafcfsjiftinl— Hedditua, — 
De redditu OMiBo ibidem per annum zv7i. ziiji. iijd. ob. miad. Undo in 
Termino Sancti Hicbnelis Izzviijt, iiijd. In Termino Natalia Domini 
lUTiiji. iiijd. In Tetmino Paache, Uiviiji. iiijd. ; et in Termbo NatAlii 
Beat! Johannia Baptiate lizviija. iijd ob. quad. 

Summa zvli. x)ij« iij£ tA. ftmd. 
Item, de redditu piperia in Festo Eancti Michaelia, iilib. 

' Set Alebome (Oen. Indez), note. ita meaning by eitlier party. The 

' The rent of abeep conatently oc- aliquot parta of abeep are more db- 

cura in Western Dentals, but has tinctly stated in Testa de Nevit!, pp. 

mostly become a fized money reut, 201 — 203. — Smirfce, in the Jfonoi- 

called barbage, paid and received tittn, 

wiUiout the aUgbteat knonlrdtje of 

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Bertnagituu,— Item, de berbwgio «d U Hockedty t ovee nutrioea et v boggea, 

preter dedmaui. 
Churaectum, — Item, de redditu Rallinarum ad Featun Sanoti Uuiiiu, deductii 

■cquietanciu et defectjbiw, uu" t galUna 

T«i]gemii« [Tdgmnputh], — 
De rcddita aesiBo ibidem per imnum xyIL siji. Uade solTUQturadTerminkim 

Fuiche tijlL xriiji. Et in Termiuo Sancti Michaelia v\j/L xviijt. 
StallBgium,'— De ataltagjo ibidem ev eliia pruflcuis, (diquando plua, alit^uando 

mioua ; et propterea oichil hie ponitur. Sumna itJi. zvjii 

Peyngtone, — 
De redditu aaaiso ibidem per annum ilviijii. in, vjif, ob, quad., — Undo got- 

Tuntur in Tennino Sancti Michaeliti lijd*. ij«. id. (*. In Terminii Natalia 

Domioi xij/i. x\i}d. ob. In Termino Pascbe xijfi. ijg. ijd. ub. Et in TermLnu 

Natalia Beati JobannU Baptiate lijii. zxijd. quad, 
Firma molendini, — De Grma moleui£[i[ per annum lij/i. iviiji. eolTuntur in 

Quatuor TennlniB Principalibiis, ad quemlibet Terminum Itiiiji. Tjif., — 

tHmen firmarii recuBont firmam. 
Bedditus de cymino ad Terminiira Soncti Micbaelia dimidia libra. 

De redditu de Rout ■" '" ' " "" 

Kelaxacionea, — De : 

Hocteday, iiiji, t_ 

De relaxactone camere fnrinsece purgonde ad Featau Salicti Michaelia, xijrf. 
De rclaiacione facture trium portanim [de] Bartonia de Peyngtone, St^e, et 

Mergheldone [JfarUon] ad eundem Terminum, iv'i^d. 
De relaiaciune meaaure IX acnurum avene de homimbua de barebMioo' in 

eodem Terminn, vi. 
Churacctum, — De churaecto gallorum ad featum Sancti Haridiu, preter oc 

quietanciaa et defectua, uno anno cvj galli, el alio anno cxj gallL 
Berbiagium.~De berbiagio od la Hockeday, preter dedsuun et acqiuet«iiciam, 

cixiiij ovea matriceg et xj hoggea. 
Summa redditus Snnarum molendinorum et relaxacianum Ixijii. U. yiid. ab. 

Aahpertune lA^urtorii. 
Porum— Db redditu aasiBO par annum iviijU viijj. viyd. ob,, unde aolvuntur 

in Termiuo Sancti Uicliwlia iiijli. xiij>. iijd. ob. quad. In Termino Nati\tU 

Dumini iiij/i. ija. iiij. ob, '/uad. Id Termino Paaube iiijJi. xii. ixd. ob. quad. 

Id Tsnnino Natalia Beati Johaunia Baptiate iiijit, iji, iid. ob. 
De DXgabulo per annum vija vjii ad Quatuor Terminos Priucipalea.* 
De piscaria per aoniim ijt in Quatuor Tenuiuia Prindpalibua. 
li^rma muteudinonim, — De firma molendinorum in Quatuor Terminia, 

alL iijt. yjd. SummH iiviijfi. xid. ob. 

Aahpertone, Burgus, — De redditu asaiao per annum ZTJ2i. ivji. viijif. aol- 

Tuatur in Quatuor Terminia PrincipalibuB. 
De redditu dmini ad Feitam Sancti MiditeUg j Jt&ra. 

Siimma ivjU, tTJi. Tiiid. 
Summa todua redditua aaaid Haneriorom in Devonia cclizj/i. u. iiijil ; 

onde BolTuutOT ftd Termino*— 

„_ _n &in or marketa — ibid. pro operia quaa yaaaalli Domini de- 

^ cbia—" tabula TimiiiibuEautTiixultiH bent, aut earum redemptione, umir- 

conteita"; a hurdle. FiMa — "»ep- ptttur" (D'Jmi»). 

turn in quo paatorea inrJudunt ovea " * Oigabulum ia, perhapa, the render 

{D'Arait), of oxen, occoaiunally mentioned in 

3 hare))', US. — " Herebtumum .... Domeaday. — Smirkt. 

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Bancti MinhmHj lxzii(jlb iiii. vii jd 

KBtalin Domim Izijfi. zji. 

Puobe liiijii. n. ji. 

Beati JohaDDu Ixijii. XM, vijd. 

SuDtiiw fintUTum molendinorum dictorum MoDeHorum, preter molcndiiu de 
Tautuae, NjimetoDe, Cljat, Chuddeleghe, et Tejngtotie, que Buot in mmu 
Domini xxxii/i. viijr ijd., que HolTiintur ad Terminoa Sancti Hicbaelia, 
Natalia Domini, Paache, et Nativitatia Baati JobaaiuB, per equolea por- 
doucs ; videlioet, ad quemlibet Tenninum iili, xrijt, ob. 
Summa tociua redditiu aaaiai MaDerionim cum fir m in molendinorum 
ooDili. zriijt. TJti. : unde Bolvuntur ad Terminoa 

Sanoti Miohaelui . . . ii^^^iiu't- "fvj^. ob. 

Natalia Domini Iziijii. viija at. 

Paache iiij"!!^ iJK jd, ob. 

Beati Joluuima Ixiijti. vjji. vijij, ob. 

Preterea lolTutitur apud P^ngtone in Feeto Saoeu Martini, de redditu de 

Roatwode ii, jd. 
Item de relaiacionibua facture cleiarum ad faldam a la Uockedny, jilu. vjd 
Item de relazaciombua camere forioMce Damini purgnnde ibidem, ad Festum 

Sancti Uichaelis xijd. 
Item de relaiacEonibus trium portaruiii de Bertonia Peyngtoue, SUike, et 

MetledoQe, ad eundem Terminum XTiijd. 
Item de relnxaciaoibua mesaure ix acmrum avene de bomiuibiu de bareb- 
anno, ad eundem Terminum, \). 

Summa xxijt. jd, 

Summa todus berbia^ iu DeTonia ciiij"ii oves matricea cb zvii hoggee uno 

anno; et alio anno ciitj"iiij ovaa et xxij boggea ; etsolTuutur a la Hockeday. 

Summa galliaarum de chunete cdiij^xj gojline uno anno ; et alio anno 

cdiij''zvj galline ; el solTuntur in Feeto Sancti Martini. 


Poltone [in St. fl«ote]— Redditua,— 

RaddituB saaisuB ibidem per annum, aecundum compotum, Ivij/k xti. iijii. 
lode BubtrahuDtur in defectu, nunc, nijli. xvt. iid per annum ; et in 
acquietandifl per annum irij». ; et Priori de Sancto Karuco' pro annua 
PenBione pro Advocacioas Ecnlesie de Alternon, -quaro Rccteuam Cnnonici 
Gionie habent in proprios uaua, livji. viijd. Et do remanent Domino 
xlviij2i. ivi. 11^. DequibuBBolvuDturinFeatoSancteCruciauijIk vij*. iiji/., 
et in Feato Omnium Sanctorum zivj/i. viiji. T^d. 

Summa xjriijfi. ivi. id. 

Firms molendinomm, — De firmia iij molendinorum per annum Ixiti. iiijil ad 
Terminoa prediotoa eqoaliter. 

Clefwttrda,' — Item, est ibidem quidam redditua qui appellatur clefwarda, uno 
anno xju. et alio anno xiijt. ii^d. ; M aoMtur totum in Festo Omnium 

Berbiagium, — Sunt ibidem ed Calemiui ccvj ovea matricea de bertuagio, prefer 
dedmam et acquietandam, et xiiij hoggea dim. el. xi aguL 

tfota: Auxilium,— Item, de auxilio Bokemannorum, la Feato Purificadonia 
iiijii. ill. id. Et la. de auxilio natiTorum. Et de anini eorundem xixa. 

Bemera [m J?jJo«Sayi<]— Radditua,— 
Redditue aadBUS ibidem per umam ixjii. liia. 06. ; unde aoUuntur in Feato 
Purificadonia Ixiiiijt. ob. Et ad Calema; vijft. vi. Et in Feato Sancti 
Laniendi IniiiJK Bt in Feato Onmium Sanctorum rijE TJt. 

' SmVoII. {BroneBcombe),pp.245,246. Cliffguard-s. 

' Suibid.,p. lS9,note4. Itisaup 
to have been "aoommuta^n /<: 

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JVnte : Auiiliuiii, — Item, de auxDio noksnikiiiionim, id Feeto Purificacioiuii Tiiji. 
Finns molimdiDonim, — Et de finna molendmonim duortim in qustuor Ter- 

mmisilvj*. Tiijd. 
BerbiagiuiD, — Item, berbiwium viij otsb dimid. Item nij sgni dim., prater 

dedmun. Et de gabulo' cumbOTbiagio id. ot. qyad. 
Lawytlona — ReddiluB,— 
ReddituB aemioe ibidem per aimam lizfi. yjd. oh. ; unde BolnmtDr is Faita 

SaDcte Crucis ali. niji. 'ad. quad. Et in Feato Omnium Sanctorum 

iili. ijft iid guad. 
AuxUium, — Item, de auiilio sokemBUicirum, in Feato Omnium Sauotonun 

xxiji. iid quad. Et de aniilia natiTonim zzijt. Bat hoc Mt tA voIuntatMU 
Finua moletidinoram,— Item, A« flnnia duoram molendiaoram bladi et j 
foleimUci* per annum lixiiji. v^d. Et duo molendina bladi lunt in manu 

SanctuB GtermoDUK — Redditui, — 
ReddituBiu>u9UB ibidem per annum xZi. iji. vd ; et lolvitur ad duoa Terminoa, 

idlicet ad Calemaj et ad Fcstum Omnium Sanctorum, equU pordonibuK. 
Nota: Aoiilium, — Item, Buiilium Bokemannorum, ia Feeto Purificaciouii 

VI. f\d. Item, auxilium nativorum conimuniter cu., ad voluntatem DominL 
Antra. —Item dicti natiri antbunt, quolibet anno, lij acras,— predum acre \yi. 
Firmn molendinomm, — Item, de finna i muiendini bladi, ]wr annum 

xliijt. iiijd, ad QuatuoT Aoni Terminoa. Item } mnlendinum, quod eolebat 

reddero per annum il^>^ Wyd. : eet nunc vaatum poet mortem Domini 

Tbome, Epiecopi, quia GtatfriduB ds Hf ekyu fregit b»dum illiuB capitis' in 

t0n% BUB prupria de tempore de quo non eiiatat memoria, et aic injuate ; et 

nichil babet in feodo Episcopi, ut didtur. 
Item, BUDt ibidem de berbiagin luj oTea iij ped. ot. Inde in dedma rij, in 

acquietanda j piped j ovis. 

Tregaer — RedditUB, — 
BeddituB aaBiBus jHdem per annum lix/i. u. int. D« quibus aolritur in Fetto 

Sancte Cruda iifi. niiji. Tijd 06. Et in Feeto Omnium Sanotonim 

ii/i, i»j«. id. ob. 
Nota: Auxilium «t arura,— Auxilium Bukemannoram in Peeto Puiiflcadotlia 

viji. Anira convenoionariorum et natirorum in predicto Feeto valet »». 
Hulendinum,— Item, eet ibidem unum molendiuum marinum, quod Bolebat 

reddere per annum xlj. : et nan eat in manu Domini. 
Bertriagium,— Berbiagium ibidem ad Calemaj remanena Domino xxiviij ovea 

matricea, iij ped. qt. et 1 i^ua, preter deomaam et aoquietandam. 

Burgua, — Bedditua aaiiaua per annum v^jlt. xijja. \]d. ob. Inde in dcfectu 

reddituB per annum ija. iiif. 
Et aic i«manent Domino vijn. xrd. o&, Bolrendo in Feeto Omnium Sanotoram 

et ad Ealsmay, equia pordonibua. 

FeniTn — Bedditua, — 
Fonim, — BeddituB mmbub per annum xivjii. viji. v<i. Inde in detectu reddi* 

tua per annnm xlix*. TJd ; et do remanet Domino xxiijli. xviji. zjd. Unde 

BolTituT ad C^emay xjU. xtj« tiI. Et in Feeto Omnium Sanctorum 

rtjlt. sriijct. 

' gabulvm—eeDsaM, tribntum, reditoa * eopid obuie— fons,— oqjut wofcndini — 

{D'Amh). caput unde aqua cnrrit ad moien- 

' foUreut, Lq. fulloniuB {lyAmit). — dint eidusa [O'Arnit). Exdvta — 

FaUr' bere, and fcUrat, pag« 28, line locu* ubi conduduDtur aqiue. 
7, in the HS. 

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AuiHIum, aruTB et ralaxioioiiM.— It«m, kuzilium •okemsimonim id Fwto 
FurificadoDU xvd, — Item, de uura rdaxauda id predicV) Feeto iiJL TJd. 
Item de reluadone meesure eorundem in autumpno ijt. ob. quad. 

Redditiu,— Da redditu terre locate per biiduid, duqc, iliii, xd. ; solreDdo ad 
duoB umi Terminos prediotoe. 

Finna molendinorum, — Il«iii, de finna iiij molendinorum bUdi et j molendini 
foleratici, per aniium liijii vji.TiijcJ. ; Holvendo in Peato OUDiam Saacttmim, 
in Pesto PuriflcadoQU, ad Qdemay, et in Festo SancU Laurencii, equaliter. 

Berbiagium, — Item, berbiagium uij ovea et ziiij hoggea, prater decimam et 

Kaergaul [in St. JtTeuI^J—IteddltUi,— 
Redditus aaaiaua per annum xljft. xvji; ijd, lade in defeotu reddltus per 
annum, propter debiUt&tem tenanim, xviiji. ixd. Et pro redditu Manerii 
Prioria Bodminie in Foato Pasohe ii\j». pro omni aervicio. Et aio remanct 
Epiacopo, per annum, illL liiiji. ijd. Unde aolTUQtur ad Paacha xli, vijd. 
In festu yatintaUa Beati Juhamiia ili. vijd. ; in Festo Sancti Kioha^ia 
xli. siji, Tif. ; et in Festo Katalia Domiiii xlt. vi}d. Item, in ii^ aoria in 
Sanclo Colano ij». de redditu per annum, ad iiij predictoB Teruiinoa. 
Firma molendinorum, — Item, de firma iiij molendinorum per annum iiijli. xv*,, 

ad qnatuor predtctos Terminoe, equaliter. 
Bedditua et auiilium, — Item, de auxilio nativorum in Feato Sancti Micliaelia 
viiji. Item, redditiia terre locate, nunc, iiii. ijii. in Feato Sancti Hiehaelis. 
ReddituH et arura,— Item, de arura, in Festo Purificaciooia xiij*. viijA lt«in, 

ij^t. dimid. cymioi, de redditu, in Feato Sancti Uichaelia. 
De berViiagio iiij ovea, j hogastie, 

Summa tociua redditus aaaiai ciiijii^zvli. lijji. viiji. ; uade Bolvuutur ad 

Omnium Sanctorum .... Invli. iiija. xd. 

PurificBcioaia Ixxiiijt. ob. 

Invenciouia Sancte Crucis . . Ixzli. xifja. iiijfi. 

Fasche ili. liijtt. 

SancU Laurencii Iiiiiijt. 

Sancti JobiutDia Baptists ... xlt. xiijif. 

Sancti Uicbaetia liiii. i^a. 'd. 

Natalia Domini xtL liijc/. 

Summa todua auxilii xiiijij. iiij. quad, De quibua solvuntur od Tiirminoa. 

Purificanionia ijtt. xi. vijd. 

Omnium Sanctorum xiija. ijrf. juod 

Sancti Michaelis. viga. 

Summa arure et maasiire relalatsrum per annum, Ixiiiji. viiji^ ob. qiiad. ; et 

aotvuntur in Feato Purificadonia. 
Summa finnanim molendinorum, xxxli, viijiJ. ; de quitnia soWuntur in 

Omnium Sanctorum. . . yajH, iija Tiijd. 

Furificacionia iitjfi. ixi. ijd, 

Sancte Cruda viiili. iijt. viiid, Preterea sunt in manu Domini 

Sancti Lauroudi .... iiij2t. iia. ijd apnd Poltone ij molendina, 

Faache ixtiJA iid apud Lnwittone ij molendina, 

Johannia Baptiate .... xxiiji. iid. apud Sauctum Qermanum j 

SoDcti Hiehaelis xiiiii. izij. molendinum vaciium,elapiid 

Natalia Domini xxiija. iiil. Tragaarj molendinum. 

[For Additional Notes on lome of the difficulties in thia Document, aec 

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[Abbreviationi,— " Ord" for " Ordinttion-Ltiti": Ord. Prit. tor the lilts of 
pTuoDtm oonflQed ia the Bishop's Prison, entered among the Ordinstion-Listi: 
" L '■ for " Koyal Letter* end WriU") 


Ab Owylim, Philip, presents to Martinhoe; US*'. 
Abbots and Abbesses, Benediction of, — 

Stephen {OraveseDd], Bp. of London, grants his Licence to the Bp. of Rxeter 
for the eierrase ot his ordinar; juriedictioD herein, within the City and 
DioceM of London (Idas Uorcu— IS Miuoh, 1S21-G) i 1S4. 

Abyndone, Symon de ; L 200. 

Acbym, John (of St. Neot), inat. to St. Neot ; 139. 

Actone, Nicholas de, inst. to Silverton ; 109. 

Addeatone, William (son of Gilbert) de ; L 197. 

Aiflleghe, John de, see Whitchurch ; 165''. 

Alba Marlia (Albemarle), Sir Geoffrey de, Knt. ; " Correceio" — 

DominuB Qalfrirliis de Alba Harlia, Milee, conjugntus, super adulterio onm 
OoliDolfl SncUyng coram DomJoo coavictua, prediotuni peocatum cum 
eadem, necnon loca siupecta, sbjurarit; necnon ad uioiis sue legitime 
pertractecionem Disritaiem ex hsbundanU eacramento corporal •• 
astlinzit; promittens et obligans se ad elemodDam Domiiii io xx manda, 
infra tnenaem a tempore quo aupar recidivo premissoruin conyictus fuerit 
■olTeDdii ; et, raervata Pemtenoia publica pro dicto delicto infligenda, 
abeolutua fuit a Sentenoia Hajoris Excommunicadanis, qua pro contu- 
madis in hac parte contractia extitit iunodatns (1 VUj, 1310) ; GO.— He 
presents to Lympslone ; 60^ E2'>. 

Alblewelyn, John de, V. of Fremington, resigns ; laZ"". 

Albo Dyoto (aho v?ritten Albo Doyto), Richard de, presented 
to Otterton Priory ; 114; ia inst. thereto ; 114'': 141. 

Albo Monasterio (Blanchminster), Sir Ranulph, Knt. — See 
Scilly, Isles of; 117^ 122: presents to Wyke-St. Mary; 

Albo Monasterio, Richard de; L 191. 

Alebome, — 

Univsrais, etc., Waltenu etc — NoTeritia quod, conatitutii pcnonaliter In 
nuatre presencia, in Anla noatra de Paynctone, daodedmo die Ootobrie, 

A. D. Milleaimo CCC""' Bono, Pbilippo, filio et baredo Philippi le Rurde, et 
Johnnne de Byneleithe, Cumtore auo, ad hec et ad alia Bufficienter depu- 
tato, ex parte una, et Uagistro Johaaue de Cuoibn, Vicsrio Eccieeie de 

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StokegRbriel, Execut«riB Teetamucti PhQippi Rurde, patru predioti Philippi 
defuDctJ, ex altera : predictuB Pbilippua. GUua et heree, de auctoritate et 
ootueuHU predict! Cui-atoria aui, petiit silii reatitui Beu libenri qiundam 
literam Patentem, ragilio bone memorie quoadam Domini Thome [ByttoDe], 
Dei gmcia EianieDsia Episcopt, PredeceeBom noatri, ut dioebatur, oon^ 
BigDatam, cuJub tenor talis eat:— Omnibua Sonote HatriB Bcdeeie fiUi* ad 
quos prsBeng Scriptum per»Bnarit Thomm eta, sJutem in Domino. — 
Kovantjs noa conceeeiaae Willelmo de Alsbome unom mewuagium et 
duoa fertingoa terre, cum pertinsnciis buib, in Alebonie, quam quidem 
teirajn Waltems de Alsbome, pater prediclJ Wlllelmi, aliquando tenuit ad 
Toluntatem Predeceeaoram noalmrum ; tenendum et habeDdum sibi «t 
heredibuB suia de nobis et Succeasoribua nostria, libere, quiete, paciflce, et 
integre, jure hereditario, imperpetuum ; reddendo inde annuatim predictoa 
WillelmuB et haredeB Bui nobis et SucceeaoribuB noatria quatuordecini BoUdo* 
ad Qoatuor Anoi Tertninoa prinoipalea, equis pordonibua, pro omni Bervicia, 
aaXvia diiabuB Sectia Curie noBtre de Pinnctone per annum. <ridelioet ad 
Curiam Soncti Hichaelis et ad la Hockeday ,' et hoe racionabili aammoni- 
done. In cujub rei teatimonium huic preaenti Sciipto eigillum nostrum 
appoBUimua ; hiis TealibuB : Daminis Andrea de Treloake, Oilbertfl liHio 
Staphani, Jaoobo de Oxtone, Militibus, Vi'illelmo de Penflei, Willelmo da 
Comptone, et aliia. Predictua, vero, Executor, deaiderium predict! heredia 
OupieDa adimplere, predictam LitAT^m eident beredi, de auctoritate Curatona 

Eredicti, admittenti, in noetni preaencia liberavit. Quibua actia, predictua 
ereB, de auctoritate et conaenau predict! Curatoria, predictam Uteram, 
manu sua caucellabaio, nobis tanquam vacuam tradidit, et tertam de qua in 
cadem Litera fit mendo, eub certa forma inter noa in BcriptJa redact*. 
a noLiB Tecepit ad tenninum quinque annorum poaaidendain ; juraiia ad 
SacroBancta Dei Ewangelia, coram nobis corporaliter tacta, ae contra 

E'emiSBO, vel coram aliqua, de cetero non venturum. la cujus r«i etc. — 
atum ut supra ; 44. 

AJebome, William do (son of Walter), see Aleborne ; 44, 
Alesco, John de, see Comubia, Henry de; 121. 
Aleyn, Richard (of Hatherleigh), see Haiwill ; 42. 
Almaniaheghe, W^illiam, a parishioner of Oulmstock ; 8i\ 
Alphington [Alfyngtone, MS.], — 

sir Stephen de Brawoda, R. ; Licence to put out hie Benefice to hrm, for four 
years, t« Robert, Abbot of TaTistock (23 Mareh, 1311-12) ; 89''. 

Alfinytone, Robert de, see Exeter, St. Mary-Major ; 1 IS**. 

Aire, Henry (son of Walter) de ; Carta: — 

Sdant preeentee et futiui quod noa, Walteraa, permisaioDB Divina Exonieneia 
EpiBcopue, assensu et consensu Decani et Capituli Ecolesie noatre predicte, 
dedimua et cuncessimua Uenrico de Aire, filio Waltcri de Ali«, unam 
arroam nostnun quo jacet tn inferiors parte vie que dicitur PruBt«Btret«,* 
inter t(^nementum HufEonia de Coleforde, ex parte Orientali, et viam qua 
ducit a Furta Ooddentali usque ad Combeatrete, ex parte Occiilentali, et 
inter teuementum ipaiua Mugonia, ei part« Australi, et viam que dicitur 
Prusteatrete, ex parte Boriali ; habendum et tenendum totam predictam 
airaam ddemHetirioo,lieredibuB et assignatiB suis,de nobis et Successoribua 

* Jfoetedagi- Hock-tide : an annual haa described the Hock-Tuesday Play, 

FeatiTel, wbich began the fifteenth annually acted at Corentry. (Haiti- 

day after Easter. Money was formerly wtli't DiiiionaTy), 

collected at this SotaOQ for the ' Preeton Street, Exeter, 
repairs of the Church, etc. Laneham 

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nwtcu, Epiacopis BionieiiBibiu, libtre, qnlete, beoe, at in p4ce, jura here- 
ditario inperpetuum. Reddendo inde uiniuktita nobia et SucoeMoribiw 
ncMtris, Episcopia ExobieDrabuB, duoe solidoa umui reddituB in FeaUa 
Suicti Michaelia et Fuche, et S«ct&m ad Curiam nostram ds feodo Sancti 
St«pbani Ezonie, alciit t«nent«a DOatri ibidem faciunt pro omnibus aer- 
Tidu. Et noa, dictua Epiaoopua et Succeuarea noetri, Epiampi ExouiwuM, 
pradietfl Eenrica, beredibiia aula et auia assignatia, tobun siream prediotam 
coatra onmei mortAles waraDtixire, ocquietare, et defendere tenemur 
inperpetuum. — In ouju< rei t«atJiQoiiium aigillum uoatrum, una cum 
aigillo Decani et Capituli, Preaentibiu spponi fecimus^ biis Teatibua, — 
Philippo Lovecoke, Msjore Civitalja Exunie, Hortino Coco, Thoma Par- 
cheiD, Thoma Fourbour,' Waltero de Sneyngthitlo, Seneflcallo CivitatJa 
predicte, et aliis.— Datura Eionie, Dia Dominica in Foato Saooti Andree, 
Apostoli, Anno Regni Regis Edwardi, Filii Ragia Edwardi, quartodedmo; 
[80 Nov., 1320] ; 164, 
AlreEorde, William de, resigns Winkleigh ; TO"* : admitted 

Precentor of Crediton; 154*'. — See Lympstone; 83^ 
Altars ; Liceticia Episcopi Londonieneia pro Altanbus dedi' 
candis, — 
Venerabiti in Chriato Pabi, Domino Waltcro, Dei gracia EiooieOHi Epiaoopo 
Stephanua [de Qraveaend], Ejuadem permiaaione LondonienaiH Episcopua, 
aalutem, et toDcere dileccionis continuum incrementum. — Fuata nobia 
Teatrs Patemitatia precibuii BunuenteB ut Altarin, torn mobilia aeu viatica, 
quBm Qia in quacumque parte ;donee nostre CivitatiB vel Diocsaia 
duxeritis eligendam, quodena et quum videritia expedira, oonaecrare Beu 
benedicere valentiB, licenciam vobia in Domino, tenore Preaencium, con- 
cedimua ipecialem.—Ia cujua rei teitimoaium aigillum noatmm tscimua 
hiia appom. — Datum npud Oreaethe [Oraett — Easex], ix Ealendaa Januarii 
[21 Dm.], Amio Domini H°. CCC"", vioeaimo quarto ; 183. 
Alternon ; Augmentacio Vicarie Ecdesie de AUemon, cum 
di-minucione Petisionis, — 
The Biahop refera to Biahop Bronescombe'a Ordinance in the case of thia 
Vicarage (ta Vol. I., p. 106], dated — " Londuniis, die Sanctorum Merre 
et Aclullei et Fancmcii [12 Mh;]," 1261 ; and, undentandinK that the 
Benefice, though slenderly endowed, was heavily burdened by an annual 
Pension of ct., payable to the Dean and Ctiapter, he ordered (the aaid Dean 
and Chapter and Sir Ivo, then Vtcar, consenting), — "quod dictum Dominua 
Ivo et BUCcesBorea aui, Vicarii in ekdem, inposterum habeant ea que in 
Ordinacione predicts ccin^entur, una cum tota terra, prato, et turbaria 
Sanctuarii . . . ., dimidia acra terre de Senctuario predicto, que continet 
decern virgatoa terre in longitudine et octo in latitudine, pio blado Domi' 
nonim Decani et Capituli vol Srmarii loci inibi reponeudo, dumtazat 
excepta ; comodo dicte terre— cum ipai Docanus et Capitulum dicta terra 
aut finnarius non iniiiguerint — et usufructu dicto Vicario et auia auc- 
cesBoribus remanente." The Pension waa reduced to xli. ; but the Vicara 
were to bear all burdens save thoso which pertnioed to the ParishionoTB 
(26 Aug.,' 1320) ; 150". 
Alternon, Uamund de, collated {by lapse) to Tintagel; 162'*. 
Alwin^^n, — 

Ranald Beaupel, deacon, R,~Dispensation: non-reddence till Hiohaelmaa, to 
atudj, etc. (3 Jan., 1SD8-9) ; ST'*.— Haater John Pierea [or Peiya), deacon, R, 

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— DiipenBilion: non-rwidBtiM till HicbMlmu, 1S2S, to study, in Pordgn 
Pkrta (U March, 1322-3],— "etdabit, singulu aunia, j marc&ni,={j marcsB ;" 
174)> : reneired, tiU Michaelmas, 1320 (23 Maroh, 1S24-B] ; 134. 

Angers ; Abbey of St. Sergius and St. Bacchus, see lyward- 
teath ; 54 : Totnes Priory {Itiat.) ; 171. 

Antony, East (Taxacio Vicarie de Antone — QraTidiseon) ;— 
"Videlicet, quod ilictuB Ticarius (me " Iiiit.") et ejus mcocaorea, nomine 
Vioarie, habeoat totum altilagium dicte Ecclesie in omiubus porcionibuB ; in 
quo inter cetera oomprehendi Tolumus dedmam ci(jusciunque culture in 
ortia nunc aiiatentibua, cum vanga' excultis at eicofendia, excepts decima 
laoe. Habeat, adam, idem TicAtiua ^uatuor nana teire de Sanctuario 
; — : — E"™!—;. — .» ^.—n =»(■». ....rn..., Rectoris ubi aliquo tempore 

omnibus poraa auia in Olyaeia,' et competent via ultra Sanotuarium iUdem, 
Gt aolvat Procuradanem Archidiacoai, Catbedraticum, et SinodatiaaiiL 
Et auetinebit Libroa, Yntjmenta, et cetera Omamenta ejusdem Bcoleaic^ 
et Cancellum, Huis Bumptibus, poatquam per dictoa Religioaos' fuerint 
ieme! compptenter reparata et correcta. Rauduum, van), ^uotuarii, cum 
majoribus dedmia et dedma Uae, ut premillitur, renmneant eiadera 
Uaugiosia inperpetuum ; qui auBtiuebuat omnia onera extraordinaiu, 
iapoaita et imponenda. Suva dicto Epieoopo, et Succeasoribua auia, potea- 
tate dictam Vicariam aumeutandi aeu minueudi, at predictam OFdinadonem 
ECU Taxadonem mutandi, u viderit aut vidarint eipedire (11 Sept., 1S09] ; 

Antony, Antony (aon of Richard"!, of Soutbmolton, inst. to 

All-Hallows-Dn-the-Walls, Exeter; 176^ 177. 
Apuldrani [Appeldream, etc., MS.], the Prebend of in Bosham 

(q.v, Inat). 
Aqua, David de, B. of Ashbury ; (Ord.), 239^ •240". 
Arbloster, Geoflrey le, presents to Bicton ; oO'", 52''. 
Arblostcr, John le, see Winkleigh ; 41. 
Arbleater (or Arbloster), Martin le, R of Bicton ; 36^56: resigns, 

and is inst. to Lympstone ; SO** : resigns Lympstone, and 

is again inst. to Bicton; 52**: finally resigns Bicton ; 127": 

(Orcf.) 225", 226. 
Arbelestere (or Arblaster), Ralph oaUed le, inst. to Clpt-St. 

Maty ; 70 : admitted to Bicton ; 127". 
Arblaster, Richard le, presents to Bicton ; 127". 
Arcedekne, Sir Thomas, Knt., presents to St. Ruan-Lanyhome ; 

150: Sheriff of Cornwall, L 200". 
Arcubns, Pagan fson of Nicholas) de, inst to St. Vepe ; M** : 

resigns; J 39: is inst. to Waahford-Pyne ; 140. 

' sarcula ; a hot {D'Amit). bene conjecto, locum ubi magna erat 

* cum omniiiu . . Qlyetv. Theaenorda copia arg>llie qiiam Oallice didmaa 

are aomavbat obscure. Mr. B. W. Tart Olai$e." The HS. baa a capital 

Oreenfield refen me to Dugdale, V. "O," ; but I doubt ita bciug th« 

268 (Ed. Bandinel)— " boeoo at piano name of a placa 

in sabulia ct gliaeriia, etc, hoc eit, ai * The Abbot and CouToit of TaviatAok, 

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Arlington [Alryngtone, MS.], — 

SjmoQ [de Sbakeapera], R.,— Dupeontion— non-reridanoe till Hieluwlmu, 
to ilndy, tito. (37 Deo. 1308) ; 37''. 

Arljn, William de, V. of Zennor ; lOS*'. 

Anoagli, Stephen [Segrave], Abp. of, see High Bickington ; 184. 

Arnyngwoithy, Symon de, R. of Weet Buckland ; 34, 67, 7a. 

Amulphi, Thomas, inst to Mamhead; 43^ 79'', ST; 109''. 

Arthur (or Artur), Nicholas, of Tinta^l, inst. to St. Madron ; 
45, 48^ 176: exchanges for Netheravon (Dice, of Salis- 
bury); 180. 

Arundelle, Benedict de, R. of St. Uawgan de Lanheme ; 45, 
S7^ 61^ 66". 

— A CommlKioD wm directed to the Offid&l of the Archdeacoa of CamwiII, 
16 H*rdi, 1309 -lO, "&d redpiendum et eiRmituDdum, et »i necMse fuerit 
oraipelleDdiim, leates ontDei et >mguli», quoa HagtBter Benedictiu de 
Arundelle taptir Ordinie eui eubdiaconatus recepcioae oonua nobta duzerit 
pToducendca " ; 49— S« 8t Braage ; b2i>. 
Arundelle, John (son and heir of John) de, a minor, Patron of 
St. Ck)lamh-major ; od. See St. Mawgan^in-Prder (Inst.) ; 
82", 163". 

Stiper Warda Ooryori*,— 

— Pateat Univenu per PreuDtei noe Waltenim, ^ 
onienBem BpLsoomuu, mminue et omniiio quieta cl 
Lercednkne, Uiliti, heredibua et eiecutoribiie b 

que qiioquo modu recupenre poterimua versus 

FUm li intar noi et prodictum Domitium Tliomun n 
WUelno de Benfforde et Sdcub auia, Jiuticuuiia Domini Itegi» de Hanco, 
taper Wuda Corporis Jobanniu, filii et heredis Johumis de AruDdelle, d« 
ConlDUa, biItIi nobis oentum libria eterliugorum, qiinm eummam peccnnis 
nobis diotoa ^loisss coram Dominifl Theeaunirio et Baronibua de SeMCUio 
Domini Bagis in eodem Scaccsrio »e debere recognovit ; aairia, edam, nobis 
smnptibus nostria et eipensia, si quos aut qiiAs de cetera facere nos contingat 
pro dicto Pladto tenumuKlo, in quibua salorium narratorum et attonui- 
torum computari noa debet, ijuia inter nos rio eonvanit.— In cjym rel 
teetillioiiiuin Presentibus Literu sigilluin noab-um duximul apponendam, 
— DHtum apud Laidttone, in Comubia, liiij die mensis Januarii, Anno 
Rt^ Regis Ed wardi, Filii Regis Ed vardi, septimo [I313-H]. 

— HoTerintDniTera per Praaantae noa, Waltamm etc., ooncaaaiase et vendidiSM 
Domino Thome Leroedeokne, Militi, Wardun Corporia Johannis, filii et 
haradia Johannis de Arundelle, pro centum libria aterlingorum, quaa nobis 
reeoKnoTit Ba tanari coram Dominia Willelmo de Bereforde et Sodis auis, 
JosticiBriis Domini Rt^ de Banco ; que, quidem, Warda doIhh nertinuit, 
ao qaod dictus Johsnnea de Arundelle totum Uanerium de la Heme 
rtedK I^nhem], cum omnibus pertinenciia suis, de bone memorie Domino 
Thoma, quondam Eionienai Episcono, Predeceesore noatro, tenuit per 
aervidum militare. Et nua, Tn«, dictus Waltarua, et Sacoeaaores noatri 
Wafdam Corporia dicti Jobaunia, filii et heredia Jobannia de Arundelle, 
predicto Domino Thome le Eroedeakne, heredibua et executoribui aiiia, 
contra omnes gentaa tdnemur waiantizareL — In cuius rei testimonium hai 
litaraa niwtnui, sigillo noatro gignatas, dicto Domino Thome fieri tedmuB 
Patentee. — Datum apud Westmonuterium, quinto IduB Uaidi, Anno Ragnt 
Regia Edwardi, EHii Regis Edwardi, ooUto [11 March, 1314-lS] ; 102, 

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(Maeio in unoivn JoKami de ArundJU, — 

UluoRAHCUN quod, die Lune proiima uite Featum Beati Uchuliji (27 Sept., 
1316), DominuB, exuteiu apud Combe Utitju, in Aula Kotilii Viri Domini 
Willelmi Hutjm ibidem, optulit JohuiiuuD Et^ea, neplwa m&m, tone 
ibidem preeeiitem, in uiorom Johanai de Anindalle, &]io et heredi Johumii 
do Arundelle dafuncti, in aua Curtodia eiiatenti et Bimilitar preaeoti ; qui, 
qaidem, Juhmnee prefatam Johaonam, sic eibt oblatam, ut tunc in uxoreoi 
admittfre recuaavit— Fresentibtia Vobili Viro, Domino Willelmo Hart;ii 
predicto, Ricnrdo do Stapeldone, Uilitibua ; Domino Johanne OalmatoDe, 
WiUelmo Ruaael, capellano, Nicholao de Eele, clericia ; Johaone de Baai)> 
felde, Johanne de Afachelaghe, Johanna Cotoa, Johaiuie de la Pomem, 
Jobanoe Produmme, Willelmo Walla ; et aliii, in multitudiue oopiosa ; IISV. 
— Shortly afterwards, on the 27lli KoTember, in Uie tame jear, the young 
nun being with the Bishop at Borale;, the matter m* taken up i^ain — 
— "[et] oorporale prestitit juTwnentum quod vellet se maritaK^ quaado et 
nbi idem DominuB Epiaoopus duiarit ndinaDdam; Oa, (araat mud nan 
AitparagetuT. The witneMeii on this ooaadoi) were Peter da HonatoiM^ 
Bichard da BiAyle«h«, and Williun Kunel, chaplains ; Qilbert ^ k Umiim 
and Riohard de Tnyrartone, oleriu ; William Horeward, ^lliam de \a 
Walle, and others j I16<>. 

— The Cnst4>d7 <A Vb» Uanots ot Conerlon aod Dnm, and of the Hondnd 
of Feuwlth, waa committed, 7 Mar, 1818, to Master Biolutrd de Bello 
Prato [Beauprs], B. of St. Just [■in-PeQwiOi], by Qm Kahop, "ncioaa 
minoria etatia Jcjunnia, BUi et bere^ie Johanni* de Arundella, .... cans 
potostote amorandi et ponendi BalliToa, serrientea, et minirtm ; aliaaqo* 
tarn in Eundredis et Cnriis, quam in tarria dominioiB " ; 126^. See L 2I1\ 

Arundelle, NicholaB de, inai. to Loddiswell ; 121, li3^ 151. 

Arimdelle, Ralph de, aae St. Brooke (/n«£.), 45^: resigns St. 
Columb-major in exchange for St. Ewe ; S9, SO** : is collated 
to a Prebend in Glaaney; 59^— 5« 143; L 185, 194'': 
cdeo, page 11. 

Ashbourne Priory (Sussex), Alice, Prioress of, 8« Thorney ; 76. 

Ashburton, Visitation of the Pa/risk-Ckurch of, — 

Tercio die ApHlia, Anno Domini quo supra (131<), Dominus ViaitaTit 
Ecdeoam de Ajapertone in qua inveoieb^tur dafectus ; videlicet, — Pixia 
ad EucariBtiiua, que lignea eat, sine serura, et omnino inbonaatiL: Paraia 
ad Hajus Altars insufBdeos: Velum Nupdale deficit: nulla sunt Front«lia 
ad Altare praterquam ad Mains Altare: Misaala comiptum : Omdale^ 
Troparium, Legends, TempunJe, Antiphonale, Faalteria, Capitularia, io- 
BufBoiencia: Ordiaale in parte oorrosum: Criamatorium ligneum et idne 
serura; Fenestre in Cancello lignee,' eicepta una, qua eet insuffioiaiu; 
Canoellus male ooopertua : Caps Chori, Tiuudb, eb Dalmatioa defldunt : 
Titrum defidt in fenestris Nana Eooletde: Ala Anatntlis Naris Eodeaie 
male oooperitur : Ala Borealia ejusdem EoelsA eat ruinos^ et de novo 
coustrueDda- ITnde Dominua Eimoopos onUnaTit qnod nant fMie«to« 
auflldentea in Oanoella et de petn, et quod una Sat hooorta in bonta 
Cancelli, et quod Altare amoveatur usque ad muram, et fiat Teatiariiini in 
Bureali pnrte Oanoslli; et injunsit quod omnea predioti dateotua raparenttw, 
per eos ad qiioe peitiuet oorreedo, dtra Festom Sanoti Hiohaelis proxinoo 
futurum, sub pens u librarum ad Ribtieam Eoelene Bxonleosii ; axoapta 
Ala Boriali, qua Tuinoaa eat; 81''. 

' The windows in theChanoelofalarge which we are accostoined to oonneiA 

and important Church,made of wood! with the "improTementa" ofChurcli- 

An early instance, this, of a style wardens of a more reoent date. 

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Ashburton, Benedict Snel of, clerk (q.v.) ; 6ft. 
Ashoombe [Aasecumbe and Ayssecumbe, MS.], — 

lUlpb de StokeB (or Stok;!}, lubdewoii, R.,— Dupenntion; noo-niidence 
tai Hichaelmai, 1312, tu itudy, etc. (5 June, 13II) ; fSi<'-- renswod for 
twoyain (27 Sept, 1312); 74: and igain, for two jam (30 Aug., 13H) ; 
87'', — Staphea LoreotAe, labdMoon, R., — Dupeosfttiou: nou-reBidsnce tor 
two jean, to »tudy, etc. (2 Oct, 1817),— "at d*bit mi Fabriown nove 
Tkbnle, ex Hoe, mum manmin " ; 122'>: (dwoau), reaswed tor one jeix (24 
Bept, 1819),—" at dabit *d Fabricam dimidiam marenn " ; 143. 

Ashford [EsaeCorde, MS.],— 

Sir GKlbert, V. of, — he waa broken down by reaaon of old age, and at bis 
requoit tbs Biahop appointed Wllllani, Prior of Filton—" licet abaeni "— 
hia coadjutur, — "ita qaod . . . eidsm Vioario de iwnia ejnsdem Tloarie 
omnia neccMltria ioa, tam in eaculentia et poculentia quam indumentiH, 
RHOouabilitflr miniatret^ Domioaque Epiaoopo, deductia atipendlia Saoer- 
dotda qui interim eidam Cure dtaerriat, reapondeat super lioe oangrue 
requiaitua (13 Nov., 1311) i SS. 

Aspertone, Robert de, R. of St. Maiy-major, Exeter; US'*. 
See Exeter, the Sub-Deaa (Annexio Penaionis) ; 108^ 

Ashpringtoa [Aapringtone, MS.], — 

llie Oujrtody of Sir Nicholas, R ot this Parish, and of the Church thereof, 
waa committed to Sir Walter [Danmarle], Vicar of Totnea aa ooadjutor, S 
Feb., 1308-S, — "propter ipaiua manifeatum defectum hteratnre et diswe- 
oioDis, iniuffloieiitem ii ' " ' _....._ 

Remimo Caleuiaeionii, — 
The Bishop writes to Sir Walter Dtuimarle, Rector, as follows, — " Cum noa, 
nuper — Domino Nicholao, proximo preoeaaore tuo in eadem Eoclneia' . . . 
propter ipaiua impotenciam [inauffidente] ad regendum curam dicte Eooleaie 
— te tam ia perBOua, quaia in rebus que ad aandem Eccleaiam pertiuebant, 
eidem deputavimus ooadjutorem, ita quod nobis super lioo racionem redderea 
cum fueri^ requiaitus, ac tu poatea mroa peraonam prefati Nicholai et 
administracionem remm predictarum fld^ter pertractandam prohibearia, 
ex fidedigaorum twtimomu, diligent atadiuin impendisae ; nosqua da tua 
fidelitate plenam in Domino fiduoiam optinontca, et tuam in baa parte 
diligenciam, de qua nobia aatja oonatat, plurimum oommendantea, necassi- 
' ' ' m reddendoram de cust«di« et administraoione tua 
e Freaeadum, remittimus, et te ab ooere caloulandi in 
a abaolvimua pro temporibus aecuturis. — Datum apud Peynotone 
^6 March, 1811-12); 89. 
Ashreigoey [Ryng^eaasche and Esse Reigni, MS.], — 

Sir Fubert, R, — DiapenaatiDn ("praoibus Nobilia Vlri, Domini Radulphi da 
Hehermer"): non-reeideiice for three years, to atud; Theology or Canon-Law 
(24 July, 1808) i 34^ (sm "Inat."]— Robert (lie) de Dovre, prieet, R.,— Licence 
□f um-raiidetioe tor two yeara, to study, etc. (6 April, 1812) ; 71: also, to put 
oat Ua Benedoe to linn, to Master Robert Fromounde, tor tiie same period ; 
" et dkbit idtnn Ila|^ater Robertas, pro eodem termioo, ad Fabricam Eccleaie 
Exomanaa J maioam" (1 Ang., 1312) ; 72^ Heaewed,' (or two yeara— 
"ad instaacoam Domini Badulphi de Uonte Hermeri (10 Oct., 13tG) ; 110: 

1 " de Aaprintone " : thia muat refer, inBrm, and very soon after hia Inati* 

thsrefme, to a date previous to 2S tution to Totnea leqoeated the Biahop 

Feb., 1310-11, on whidi d^ the said to allow the Prior ot Totnea to aerre 

"' aahiacoadjutor.TitSOOct 1811 (k« 

_„ Totnea); 8B^ 

TobiG* («M " Inst")— He was old and ' Fobertua de Ooveri, M3. 

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nnewad fFobertui, MS.] till Hlohnelous, 1S21, to itaiilr, etc., and to pvt 
out his Benefice to turn, to Sir Ridurd, R. of Wera [Qifird] (7 D«C 
1318),— "BtdaKtutarquexxaolidoe"; US'*. 
— Richard do Sctullonde, prieet, wa* licensed to him tliia Beneflce till 
MichiwliBae i " et dabit ad Fabricam Eodeais Saooti Petri BxotusDiii 
dimidiam maroua " (S Hay, 1310) ; CO. 

Aahton [Aysscherstoae, MS.], — 

John FitZ'Hugh, acolite, R, — DispeiiBation: noii'TMddenM tor a yter, t« •tadr, 
etc (20 Sept, 1317) ; 122: renewed tor a year from Miohaelmas next 16 
Hbj, I31S); 126t>:and again (sDbdeacoii}foraTear (11 Sept., 1319): ltSl>: 
Hlao, for another jear (2 Nov., 1320) ; lEi: and again, troa 4 Jul, 13S1-S, 
till the Feast e( St Peter-ad-Vincola (1 Aug., 1822); 168". 

Ashwater [Ease Water. MS.],— 

William de Wcetbun^H.,— DiipenMtioB: non-n^enot, on the Pelitfan of 
. ijie D. aud C. of Walla, "ut usque ad Featum Sancti Mii-h.^Hf , , . . 
miniateriia intendere valeret eoru&dem (17 April, 1309) ; iffi. 

Aashfordeby, Wm. de, inst. to the Chantrj of Brightleigh ; 39^ 
Afiheleghe, Rolmrfc de ; L 190". 

Aasbele, Symon, de, R. of Kingsnympton ; 41, (Ord.) 220^ 822 
Aasizea (Lent), in Devon and Cornwall, — 

Waltorua, eta, Venarahilibui et Diacratia '^ria, Dominii Johanul de Foil» 
et Sociia buib, ad AEUBaa in Comitdtibua DeTonie et Comubie, noetre Dio- 
cetda, capiendaa per Dominum Doetmm Regem Justiciariia aarignati^ 
aalutem et benedicdonem Dext«re Salvatoria. — Audito et iutellecto quai 
ad Aauaaa capiendaa, et ad exequondum ultarial, in Comitatiboa produtja, 
Offidum Tobu in bac parte comnuaaum, certos dies et loca in inataati Tem- 
pore Quadmgeeimali proximo secuturo in eiadem Comitatibus affiignaatiB, aaa 
aaaignabitiB foiwtan in tuturum, ne in ndventu veatro od partes eudam, 
pro defect!] juramentorum pre^tandorum tunc ibidem, ipais diebue et lixai, 
preaertim dicta Qiiadrageeimidi Tempore, vob fruatrari ooDtingat, veatria 
m hao partfl precibuB annuentea, omnibita Subditia noetrta dictorum Comi- 
tatuum, per quoa Inqiiisicionea in eisdem Comitatibua, dictis diebua et locja, 
ad Teritatem, quatenuB fieri potent, cleriua eliciendam, ooram votna ofB 
oontigerit, jurandi cum id per Toa, pro hujuamodi Inquiaicioaibu* et 
veritatibui eliciendia, exactum fuerit ab eisdem, dicto Quadi«^mmali 
Tempore non obetante, citra, tamen, primom Duminicam in Pisaione Domiid 
ejuadem Quadngeaime, tenore Preeencium, hao vice, Licenciam de noa&K 
ooDoedimuB graoia apedali ; hujuamodi ;iiram«iti preataoione port dictam 
DominiMm ia Pauiuna eiadem Subditia nuabria, oocsjoone iiiiiiiiiwi. 
omnibua et singulia manente penitua interdicta. — Datum apud Fareodonc^ 
xij die mensia Januarii, Auno Domini M". CCC'". sextodecuno (1316-17) ; 
116*'.— A like licence wa^ granted to Sir John Foxle, andhia CoUeaguea, 14 
Feb., 1320-1 ; lEG^ : "et fundatur hec Utera aup^ Canone xxij, tv. 
Decrerit " (maiyin). It wm not iaiued, however, till 31 FebL, and then 
in an abbreviated fonn — (" ista emanavit, et nou alia »upn in terdo folio^ 
quia nimia difiluB, et iata brevii " ; 167. 

Astone, Ivo de, inst. to Allemon ; 145, ISO**. 

Atherington [Adringtone, MS.] j Walter de Wyljugtone, R, — 

Diapenaation as in the case of Rob. da WTlyngtooe, tet High Bickington ; 36. 
— Rt^iiiald de Wylyngtone, aubdeacon, R~-DiapenBation: non-reridrace till 
Uichaelmas, ISIO, to study, eto. (21 Oct., 130B) ; 41^; renewed till Hicbaal- 
roas, 1312, from 1 Nov., 1311 ; 6E. 

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fttte Bro^e, Robert, see Consiatoiy C3ourt ; ITS'". 

atte Brigge, William, Proctor for Nicholas de Wedergrave ; 155. 

attfihayesende, Walter; L lOO''. 

atte Heghen, William, collated to Clyst-Fomison ; 167^. 

atte Hoke, William, junior, aee Bosham ; IS**. 

atte Merche, William ; (Ord. Prie.) 222''. 

atte Mulle, Jobn, inst. to Burlescombe ; 18J, 182. 

atteputte, Bobert, inst to Iddesleigh ; 55. 

ate (sic) Soler, Henry ; 117". See Soler, Heniy de la. 

atte Stone, William, inat. to Satterleigh ; 151^ (Ord.) 243. 

atteward. Robert ; L 190^ 

ate (sic) Watere, William, see " Dedications " — Membury ; 113. 

atte Weyo (called, also, " de la Weye," — q.v.), William,' R. of 
East Anstey ; (Ord.) 239, 239", 240". 

Aucber, Margaret, Abbess-Elect of Ganonsleigh ; her Bene- 
diction and Induction ; 150". 

Audele, lU^er de, inst. to St. Stephens-by-Saltash ; 116", 159, 

Augeri, Willelmos filius, aee Bosbam ; 15". 

Aunael (or Annselm), David, see Ea^t Buckland (Inet.) ; 85, 
100, 114, 140, 144", 158: inst. to Redrutb ; 157".— Sec 
Vol. 1, pi^e 450. 

Auatyn, Wm., presents to St. Pancras, Exeter ; 181. 

Avelea, Stephen de, inst. to Cheldon ; 84". 

Avenel, Dyonisius, Precentor of Llwidaff, aee St. Ooliunb-major 
(iTist) ; 69. 

Aveton-Qiffiird, — 

^loma* Hsrewaid, R., — DiBpenwitloii ; nou-realdence for Urns' yearn, to itudv 
etc. (8 Oct, 1310) ; 66". 

Axminster, Benediction of Robert, Abbot of Newenbam in the 
Parish Chnrch of ; 101. 
— VisUaeio /acta in Ecclesia de Axemmstre, die Mercurid, 
proxima poat Featvm Beats Marie Magdalene [23 July], 
per Dontmum WaMerwm, Exonienaem Epiacopv/m, per- 
aonaUier twnc preaentem. Anno Sue. cccxv, — 

turn Hptennium (fi Aug., 1812) ; 78. 

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OiphuB Btagneus pro iDfiimii defidt. 

Rochetun et Velum Qiiaiingesim4le innifflcieDou. 

Udiuh Ondale de Uau Suum Uutum ; «li* QndAlU dod 

■UDt de Uau. 
I.egeDdl Smctonim Iniufflcieiu. 
UnutnAntipboDtriumde UiuSuiiinUotaDi,etid totaliter 

UDum Ordiiule i 

Pixii argenteft ad EukamtitiDi n 

Crumttoiiuin e( onmeaphiule k 

Harda ad Tenebna et Candelabrum Paichale deflduDb 
Imago B«ali JiAannu BaptuU, in cujaa nomine m 

Undv preoepfaim fuit per dictum Epiaeopum omnibus 
quorum intanat, vel iuta-«i«e potaiit, defoetot prvdkta 
repusre, quod ebadem reparent et oorrigere facuut dtn 
Feitum Natalia Domini proximo futurum, lub pena si 
librarum ; 2S*> fWrittni on a blank spue at the «od of 
the Timtatton of Bcabam, bound up witb the RepaterX, 

— Breve erroneum de AttacKiamento fro Sodma de Axe- 
mmetre^ .- — 

' Hr. QreenGeld has sent me the follow- 
ing Eitracti [belonging to an t«rlier 
period) from Prjime'e AnfieHlRttDrdi, 
T(.meiii,p. 782:— 

" The BiBhop of Exeter, endeavouring 
to divide Oxe Church of AxemiruUr in 
hia Dioceao, belonging to two Pro- 
bnndariea in the (^thednU uf Yorke, 
judidaily recovered b; the Prebends, 
in the King's Court, and to Bever it 
[rem the Prebendoriea, to the pre- 
judioa of the King'a Crown, dignity, 
and dieiuberiBOQ ; the Eitlg theraupou 
igsued this Prohibition to him, not 
to attempt anything, or to proceed 

Claus. 2S £. I. ~\ Bex Tenerabili in 
m. 10, dano. \ Chiiato Patri TT>om6 
FroHagistru de Byttone] esdem 
Johume de I gracda Episoopo Ex- 
Crauoumb & ( onienai, lalutem. — 
Willielmo de licet dilecti cl«rid 
Uamelton noitri, Haglrter /«- 
(12fi8.) J Awin«t de Crauecmnb 

ft mSefmi* dt Etmdtott, Canonici 
BcclcB* EbortOMiBii & Prsbendarii 
de Orendale etde WarthiU, Ecdemun 
de Aieniiubv, vestre Kooeeia, com 
Boia pertlnendU, in Curia noetia du- 
dum recupeniverint tanquam pre- 
dictia Prebendis suia uineiam, et 
ipaatn cum dictia pertinenciia, ut 
membmm earundem Prebeudsxuiii 

suarum, inlegnliter teneatit {jadfies 
& quiete ; Toa, ucnt datum est DobJi 
intelli^, de jn-edieta Bcderia oitimmi 
facere seccionem, et eam a juriboa et 
libertaUbua qaibua gaudenl pre&rte 
Prebemde diTidere^ atatumque ipeiua 
mutare, qnod si lleret in noatxi pre- 
judidum et exhervdadcMMm oederet 
maniteate ; nos, igitur, hajuamodi dia- 
pendiis obTiare Tolentes, Totus mail' 
damns firmiter inhibentee, nealiquid, 
in hac parte, quod in enervacionam 
juris noatri Begii, et diminackmam 

anitalis et Corone noitre ceden 
eat attemptantee, seu fadentaa 
aliqualiter attemptaii, ad [iiiiiiiiiBi 
pnwedare, aeu quioqaam nori atatuera 
super iltis But edam ordinara nolla- 
ttiDus preaumatts, ne si aUler attomp- 
tetur remedium aliquod quod coo- 
veniens fueiit super hoc qipooere 
oompellamur. Teste, && 
[^le attestation is inoomplete : but Mr. 
Baigent tails me that the Roll ahem 
that the Date ia between 1 and S 

"HenupHi die ArchdeacoD at Eua 
(most likely bj the Biahop'a en- 
couragement and directioa) upon &!■■ 
aurmiaea excommunicated Jobn de 
Cmuoumb and William de Hamilton, 
to whose Prebenda the Church of 
AxamiMtar w«« aimesed, who had 

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Rex VioecomiU DeTonie mluMu. — Pone p«r vadium et salvos plegios Wal- 
terum, Gpiacopum Exomensem, Mt^trum Ricinlum de Coletoas, Ricudum 
de Bnileye, at Migutnim Ricudom da WMvUde, CommiaiaTioa ipaiua 
Epiacopi, quod dnt conun Dobt* » die Sancti Mioluelia in xv dlea, ubi- 
cuiDque tunc fDerimua in Anglia, oaMuauroa quare, cum Ecoleai^ de 
Axrminitra e> donadoDa et ooDcaaaione quoniodim Progenitorum noe- 
troram, quondam Segum Anglie, Ecclcaie Baali Pntri Eboruenaia antiquitna 
fnerit Fnbendalia, n«bendis de Wirthille et Orendale in aadem EocIeaiB 
Bbonwrain «""«tf. et ab onmi Juiiadicciooe Ordinaria, aicut cetera Vro- 
bende prefate Bodsaie Bbonccawa, liben et Jmmnniii, predicti— EpiacopuB, 
Bicanliia, Ricaidna, at Rioardna, Johaonein de Herkingfelde, Prebradanum 
diete Prebonde 4» Wartiiille, «l Maglirtram Petnun de Dme, Prebendarium 
diota Prebande de Orendale, ad oatandendam ccram ipaii Tituloa i^uoa 
habeot in ipM Ecdeaia de Aseminabe Prebendali, et alia qua a Rectonbus 
EcdMumm Cuntanim raauinuitur, aa m ipaa Eocleaia de AxeminBtre 
prafato Epiacopo ricut OrdinaTio Lod Bubjeota eeaet, cum Don ait, in 
pra&ta Eairme, de Aieminstre dtari, at pro eo quod ooram eia non 
Tenerant ad (^L-idoDem illam, pront nee debuarunt, fructuB dicte Ecdeeie 
de Axeminatre aequeatrari feceruut, Juriadicdonem Oidinariam in «adem 
Eocksa de AxMninatre exeroendo, et alia grarunina eia multiplidter 

recovered it in the Eing'a Court, and 
interdicted the Church and their Pre- 
bendariee, whiles they were implojed 
W the King In bia aervice, to his and 
tbdr notable prejudice, diahucour, 
grievance and conteupt: whereof the 
King being deeplv senaible, iasued 
thia memorable Writ to the Sheriff 
of Devon, to aummoD the Archdeacon 
to appear before him to ancwer tbia 
high contempt and injur; both to 
hiraaelf and his Clerkea." 
CUDB.2eE.I.^ "Rex Viceoomiti De> 
m. 7, (ftrrao. j vonie [Simonide Bra- 
De ponendo I denhuo] islutam. — 
MagiBtrum j Ex fidedi^orum re- 
Bartholome- I Utu didiamua quod, 
urn de Scd f licet dilecti A aecre- 
Laurenoio I tarii derid noatri Ua- 
pervadiumet I giater Johannea de 
MdvoB plegi- Craucumbe&Williel- 
os. (A12e8).J muB de Hameltone, 
Ecdesiani de Axeminatre, cum buib 
pertineiiciiB, Frebendia quaa habent in 
Ecdeaia Eboracenai aoaexam, quam, 
nt meabrum earundem Prabendorum 
reeupersverunt in Curia noatra, hue 
Dsque tenuerint padflce et quietc. 
Hagiater, tamen, Bactholomeua de 
Sancto lAiirendo, Archidiaconus Ex- 
onie, Tsdone ipeiua Bcdede advarBua 
eoa occaaionem queretiB pro libito et 
eonflogena, et peraonanuD et temporia 
qn»Iitat«m non peniana, nee ad ata- 
tum honoria R^ animum babena 
benivolum, in eosdem dericoa noetroa, 
obaequiia et area 

a aaaidue intendentes, Exoommuni- 

pria, non aine gnvi iDJuria promu!- 
gavit, et, ut mdem injuria posset 
gTBiior reputari, dictam tacit Sen- 
tendam publiuri et eoa cxcommuni- 
catca publioe nund&ri, ac predictun 
Eocleaiam ex prefaiJi eorum Preben- 
dia, Bicut premittitur, dependentem, 
Eoclcsiaatjco Buppceuit Int^rdicto, in 
ipaoium clericoruin noatrorum non 
modicum prajudidmn et gravammi 
et noatram offnuam uotabiliter st 
ooutemptum ; quod tanto molcetiua 
ferimuB, quanto majorem in noetria 
ex talibua procesdbus ofTBDaun incur- 
rimiia, quantoque apedaliua ipaorum 
injurie DOS contiDgnnt. Cum, igitur, 
non dt veriaimile nee credamiia illam 
culpam ex parte ipsonim procesdsBe, 
cujuB pretextu contra eoa talia de- 
buerat attemptosBe, nee tolerare dob 

que earundem derioonua nostrorum 
opprobrium cujua fieri uequivimui 
expertes ; tibi pivdpimua quod ponaa 

per vadium «t aalvos plegio* prenttum 
Bartholomeum quod dt coram nolna 
a die Sancti MiAli«nli« in xv dies, 
ubicunque tuno fuerimna in Anglia^ 

ad respondendum nobia de memontis 
excesaibuE, gravaminibua, et iujariia, 
sic prefatia alerids noetria per ipeum 
illatia, et eciam de rantemptn. Et 
habeas ibi nomina plegiorum et hoe 
Breve.— Teate Hiso apud I - ' 
ix' die Julu U2B8J. 

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inferaiklo, in donxnonui, oonceniDnia, ac umeiioniB predietamm qpai 
manuteDere teuetnur derogndonem, necnon UbertatiB et itnmututatiB pmata 
Eodnia EboraoendB et Prebendarum prcdictaruin enerracioDem aoatri-oue 
que contemplum, et contra prohibicicnem nottram. Bt habeu iln Bamiiu 
plegiorum ft biK Bt«ts. Tnte meipao ^ad Fulmere, iriii die AugoBti, 
AnDO Begni nortri quarto decmio {1S20] ; 163)>. 
UnfortuDaiuj the " oeite cauae" are Dot stated ,' but the aboTe Writ waa 
speedily reiraked, as appears by the following — 

Breve Sevoeaiorivm Brevi* pntedentU : — 
Bet dileotis et fidelibua suia Heoiy Leaciope et Sociia siua, JuatiaaHIs ad 
Fladta conun noUa teneiida awdgnatii, sUutom. — Quift inlelleiiiiiua quod 
quoddam Breve noBtram de Attaohianiaiito venua Teneralnlem Patnan, 
Waltarum, Bpiacopum Elomenaen], Hagiatrum Ricardum etc (vl n^mi], 
ComniiBBsrioa ipaiua Epiaoopi, noatro oomine impetntum, pendet ooiam 
TobiE pbdtBDdum, de eo quod ipd osteDdaol quare cum Goolena de 
AxeminBtte ex donacione etc. (ut lupra) — ^noa, certia de cauoa, Tobia mao • 
daiaus quod eiecudom BreviB illiiia comn vobia ultarioa Eacieiide oi ' 

daiaus quo 

Buperaedeatia. — Tofto mdpw, spud WeHmonasteriutil, xxviij die OctoMi^ 
Anno R^ni noatri quartodacimo [13S0] ; 151. 
Azmmstre, Luke de, inat. to Littleham Y. ; 105, 
Axmouth [Axemuthe, MS.], see Rousdon (liiai.) ; 38''. 
Axemuthe, John de, clerk, — Bispenaaeio super defectu Natal- 
ium (" dft prtebitero genitus et aoluta"), 8 May, 1310 ; BO''. 
Aylesbeare, John de, resigna Sheldon and is collated to Far- 

ringdon (by Eichange); 131. 
Aylesbnri, Walter de, an Executor of the Will of Edmund, Earl 

of Cornwall; L 187. 
Ayachcleghe, John do, see Arundelle, John de ; 115^ 
Ayeedeswille, Reginald de, see Exeter, Dean of ; 40. 
Ayawylle, Robert de, inet. to Loxbore ; 70, 78, 111''. 


Baccote, Thomaj; de, collated (by lapse) to the Perpetual-Chantry 
in the Church of Heanton-Punchardon ; 149**. 

Baconn, Edmund ; L 195. 

Bageetone, Thomas ; L ISO'*. 

Baghel, Richard, R. of Highampton ; (Ord.) 218. Satf-, 221^ 

Balaeto, Wm. de. Papal Nuncio, etc., see Peter's Pence ; 118. 

Baostede (or Benstede), Sir John de, presents to a Mediety of 
Ermington R ; SV : to St. Haiy's Chantry in the C^e- 
tery of Ermington ; Ii2^.—See page 11 ; wso, L 194''. 

Banyard, Robert; L aO?*". 

Barbe, Nicholas, called la, inst Prior of Modbury ; lOO**. 

Baret, William ; iOrd,—Pru.) ; 222". 

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Bardolby, Robert de, B, of Bridford (resigned) ; 03" 

Barentyn, Bichard de, see Bosham ; lo**. 

Barking Abbey, see Exeter, Holy Trinity R. ; 40**. 

Barnstaple, Dedication of tbe Parish-Church (see "Dedica- 
tions ") ; 129. 
The Vicsarage, — Taxacio Vicarie Ba-nim, (Qrandisson) : — 
" ConaeDiu Prioru Barum et commoDachorum Buonim, quibui dicta EcoloU 
appropriats eiiatit, et Domini Pbilippi, tunc Vi<:uii in eadem, Hub hio 
form*, videlicet, quod idem Vicanua et Bucceuoroa sui , . . hubeant et 
psroipiant, nomine Vicirie sue, tfltum altiUgium et nunore* dedmaa, una 
cum feno todua Parocbie .... eioeptia miuoribue decimis prorsnientibua 
de aoimalibua dictorum RBligioeomni, et animalibuB alionim que In 
DoTuinioo ipiorum Iteligioaorum pasouut et cubant, ao ecum decimui 
moleDdiDomm aviorum que obtineot in preaenti. Facient, eciam, predict] 
lUligioei conetnu^re, luia sumptibua, Dimioa competentea, super aolo aao 
proprio et in loco competeati, po Vioario, ad inhabitandum, din amim 
umam a Feato Saocti Hicbaella proximo secuturum, aub peoa deoem 
^ librarum, in Fabricam Ecclesie noatre Bzonieiuu pro noBtra et Bvioccasonim 
noatrorum diaposidoDe convertendarum. Quaa, quidem, Domo* el tunc, 
Libroi, et Yeatimenta, et cetera Ornamenta ipaiuB Ecdede ad Beotoiiam 
BpectaDcia, necDon vitrum fenestrarum Cancclli ipaiua Ecdeaie, poatquam 
omnia pradicta aemel per predictoe Religioaoa euffidenter reparata fuerint 
et coiraBta, dictUB Ticariua et aui auoceesores Vicarii damtaxat euia aump- 
tibn* laatinebDUt. Solvent, edam, idem Vicariua et sui suoceMores Vicarii 
ProDUiaoionem Archidiiiconi Lod, Cathedraticum, et SToodaticum ; alia, 
Tero, onera dicU Caocelli et eitraordinaria ipaiua Ecdeaie impoaita et 
impoDanda ad Religioao« pertineant aupradictoa ; et aoiTent niehilominua 

eiadem ReUgioais, singulia anoia. in Quatuor Featia Anni Prind* 

palibui ... in Ecdceia CoDTentuali Barumeuii, ceDtum aoUdoa anmie 
PendoDla, equis pordonibua: in cujua Bolucione, n infra quindedm die* 
a tempore aJiquoriun predictorum Torminorum defecerit udeuda, toIu- 
mua et ordinamua qaod . . . . eo ipso dicta Vicaria, abaque alio prooeam 
■uper hoc fadendo, aint privaU ; et eituoc Hceat eiadem Religioaia Per- 
Bonam vdoneam ad dictam Vicaham, ut od vacautem, libera praaeDtare. 
Salva DobiB, etc (3 Kot., 1311) ; SB". 

The Priory,— - 

— It had been raportad to the Blahop that Joho, tbe Prior, was wasteful and 
sztraTBgant, and ought ti} be auBpanded ; and a Commiasion iasued 25 
Sept., 1323, directed to Thomaa de Stapeldone, Canon o£ Eieter, and 
Ueni^ BlofOD, Rector of " Leriham " [St. Jtuan-Lanyliomil, to make 
Inqnintion aa to the charge, and to euspend the Prior if the report turned 
out to be tnia -, 177. — The Prior and Convent wera Palrona of Banutople 
Vicarage; 0!^ 

Barri, Richard, inst. to Boconnoc; ISO", ISQ"": resigna ; 150: 
collated to South Buckland (Buddamd'FiVMgh) ; ISS". 

Barri, Robert, co-patron of the Perpetual Chantry of Little 
Yamscombe; 54,145. See Otterton Priory ; 114. 

Baaaet, Reginald, John, and Gilbert, see Comptone, William ; 60^. 

Basset, Richard (deceased), ate Redruth {Inst) ; 112". 

Basset, William, see St. lUogan {IneL) ; 31. 

Basset, WilliiuD, presents to Redruth ; 184. 

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Bath and Wells, John [de Drokeneeford], Bishop of; see Bosham 

(/««*.), 167; idso, 183". 
Bath, the Prior and Convent of, Patrona of Uffculme ; 166'', 182''. 
Bathone, Master Kicholaa de, and WUliam de Hentone, clerks, 

appointed Proctors for the Bishop in the Court of CJanter- 

bury (13 June, 1319) ; 141". 
Bathone, Philip de, proxy for William de Clopcote ; 166''. 
Bathone, Soger de, prosy for Thomas de Plympstoke ; 145. 
Batteoombe, John de, see ThorreHon ; 73". 
Battle Abbey, see Exeter, St. Nicholaa Priory {Inat.) ; 128", 147. 
Banceyn, Wm., collated to a Prebend in St. Crantock; 127^ 

He was still Canon of St. Crantock, and, also, B^ of Lansallos 

at the time of his death ; 148, 150. 
Bauudon, Robert, see Bos, Saer de; 38". 
Bauntelde, John de, see Arundelle, John de ; 115". 
Beaford [Beauforde, MS.],— 

Henry de Herpothe (aliat "de O&tepathe " ), BubdeuoD, R,— DiapeoMtion: 

non-reaidenoe fur two ;e>n, to ahidy at«, (11 H>y> 1310); 61 : priert; 
licence of non-reviieDce, to etud; Sacred Theology or Canon I^w (d Jul, 
1811-12) ; S7 : renewed, for a year (3 Oct, 1S18) ; 7i*>. 

Bealde [also, Belde aTid Bealle), Simon, collated (Jty la^asa) to 

Manaton ; 125, (Ord.) 239,239". 240", 241. 
Beamond, Sir John de, Knt., presents to the Perpetual Chaotry 

of Heanton ; 184. 
Beamound, Peter ; (Ord.—Pris.) 222", 228. 
Beaucombe, John de ; L 197. 
Beaulieu Abbey; Patrons of St. Keveme; 110". — Sea Hyde 

Abbey ; 89. 
Beaypel, Reginald, R. of Alwington, 37"; {Ord.) 218. 
Beaworthy [Beworthi, MS.], — 

John Luvenclu^ aubdeaoon, B., — Diapetuation: uon-reudenoe tor a year, to 
atady, etc [S Dec, 1333} ; ITT*) : deacon ; renewed for lirtt yean (1 Feb., 
1S24-E) ; 183. 

Bectre, Jacob de. Merchant of Lucca; L 187, etc. 

Beek, Maynettua, citizen of London ; L 193", etc 

Behethland, see St. Budock. 

Bel, John, inst. to Butterieigh ; 82". 

Belleworthi, Ralph de ; L 1 90". 

Bello Alneto (also Dalbenney), William de. Prebendary d 

Chuhnleigh; 115, 128", (Ord.) 223". See Tiverton, 54": 

Chulmleigh; 56. 



Bello Campo [Beauchamp], John de ; L 192^ 

Bello Monte [Beaumont] Sir John de,Knt., presents to Heanton- 

Puuchardon; 148: to Landcioss; 184. 
Bello Monte, Philip de (deceased), son and heir of Richard ; 59*'. 
Bello Prato [Beaupre] Baldwin de, R of St lidock ; 37 : inat. 

to Ponndstock ; IS?": L 214. 
Bello Prato, Isabella de, relict of Stephen (page 4) : presents to 

St. Ladock (q.v., 43, 71), UQ\ 
Bello Prato, Richard de, admitted to St. Ladock, 39 ; resigns ; 

127. He was R of St Just-in-Penwith, Bee St Ladock 

(Gen. Index); 43, 46, 82''; alao, Anmdelle. John, 126"; 

proxy for Adam Mirimouthe ; 86'': collated {by lapae) to 

a Prebend in St Buryan ; 128^ 162: to a Ihrebend in 

Glasney ; ISO, 165. 
Beaupre, Richard, see Tavistock Abbey ; IIS" : aieo, L 207. 
Bello Prato, Sir Stephen de, Knt, presents to St. Ladock ; 39. 
Benalvaylonde, in the Parish of St German's ; 109^ 
Bendyn, Sir Robert, Ent, presents to Pillaton; 114^. SeeLWO. 
Benefices, Presentations to (absonte Epiacopo), — 

"CcimmiMio ad reaeribeDdum ad quucumque Pneentacdoiiea . . . quouaque 
Daminui ab itinere tunc veniu Kegem irrepto ad propriam DioocBilii 
remoTerit," — directed to Master Rioianl dfl Coletone, Offld>l-PHiidial 

;30Oct.,1317); laS''. So, alao, foL 101, 119. 

— Tacant Benefiees; De/puiaoio ycoTwmi supw Beneficiia 
vaoantibus per CoTtstitudonem Johannie Pape XXIP : — 

■alter Hear; de Stoutordb Offloial-Peiniliar, wm appointed, 26 Feb., 1S17-18 ; 

— Collations to Benefices, etc. {abeenU Spiscopo), — 

Committad to Sir Tliomaa de Stapeldcma, Oanon of Bxrtar, 2 Jan., 1818-19 ; 

' " contra Perwiiaa Eecleaiaaticag Secu- per quendam Fetnim, Capellanum, 

tai'BB plura cnratA E^eaiutica Bene- de tJptoDs, aaaerentam ae Procun- 

flm optin«Dt«i." — The Beoefiosa torem prefati Domini Bc^aldi ad 

aSectsd are aet lortli in tlie Schedule hoc apecialiter coDstitutum. Dimiaaio 

tbua, — " Dimiaaio Bkdeaie de Sxt- Bcdecie Scmete Ladoee per Domioum 

m)nufr« per Dominom Thomam de Bicardnm Beaupre penonaliter [ibi- 

Stapeldone, qoi ipnos Ecdeaie Hector dem], itj dia mensa Februarii Di- 

erat, tj die menaia Februarii, Lon- mi«no Pordonia in Ecdeaia de Titvcr- 

ftoniia, per Dominum Petrum de fofx, per Hagiatnim Thomam de Tet- 

Bonetone, jptdua Domini Thome Pro- fonte, peraonaliter [ibidem], xij die 

outMorem ad hoe apecialiter conati- FebruarlL Dimiamo Eccleaiarum d« 

tDtnm. Dimiaaia Eoclceie de A&er' Stokt in Tt/nliidt et de ^fgngkmt 

yngbmt per Domioum Reglnaldiim per Dominum Stephanum de Bra- 

d« Wiljntone, qui ipdua Eocleaie wode, peraonaliter [ibidem], qninto 

Bectoreist; apud Waleworthe, juxta die menaia Februarii (1317-lS). 
Loodoniaa, xt^ die mend* Febmarii, 

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D diraotad to Walter da Satona, Of&dd-Prbdpa], empowering 
him to deal with fill Betignatiotla, PreeetltationB etc (oiwnte ^>wc>ipD), 19 
Uaroh, 1322-8 ; 175. Also, in otn^unction with Canon Thomu de Stapel- 
done, to oonfer on aaj fit Clerk tha Canoniy uti Prabend which ahonld next 
beMiaa nuMnt (20 March, 13S2-S] ; ibid. 

Benefeld, William de, collated to Lezant; S3, 37^ 44>; {Ord.) 
823, 227" (Benetfeid): inst to Camborne; 69". 

Benet, Master Michael, clerk, — 

CommimioD diractod (4 Feb., 131i-t5}, to Preoentor Qermqm HidBichaid de 
Colatone, OCBdal-Frinoipnl, oocferring upon them full powsn to act on the 
Biahop's behalf — " in Kegocio Proviiorio Hagiitri lOohaelia Benet .... 
de Braafldo Eocleaiaalioo aecundam me protntatia merita, com eim nl 
mne eon, ipeotant* .... ad Colladonem mu Fraeentadonem Abfaala 
et ConTentua TaTiitochie' .... oolna a Sede Apoetolica oomniiBO " ; 
]01>>. He waaE.of Denbnr; i 106, 113, 11 9^ 101.— £m Borne, Court o£ 

BentelflKlie, Elizabeth, wife of Andrew de ; L 186", etc. 
Berd, Gilbert, chaplain, of Saltasb ; L 213. 
Herd, Jobn, L 203. 

. Bere, David de. Patron of Littleham (R) ; 62". 
Here, John de, inst. to Jacobetowe (Devon) ; 174, 176", 181". — 

5« L 196". 
Bere, Nicholas de, preaents to Jacobstowe (Devon) ; 41", 174. 
Beare, Peter de, see OonMstoiy Court ; 172" : L 192". 
Beare, Bicbard de la, " Aimuellarius de Womberl^he " .(w« 

" Confessions ") ; 48. 
Bere-Ferrere [Bir, MS.], Reginald Pypard, acolite, R, — 

Difipenution: noD-T«ddence for two Tean, to study, eto. (!4 S«pb, 1318): be 
waa to take aub-deacou's Ordera within the jear, — " et (UUt ad FUirioani 
u Bolidog ; 130: (pri^), renewed, for a year (12 Sept, 1820) ; ISl''. 
Bereford,* Sir William de, " Juaticiarius Domini Regis," — 

1^ Biahop granta him a Penaion of zU. per muuim, in the aame tenna aa to 
Sir Heirej Btauntone (q.v.) ; 40.— S« imndalle, John de ; 102. 

Berewyke, John de. Canon of Exeter, 31" ; deceased ; Vl*", 78". 

Berkamstede, Robert de, R of Calstock (Ord.), 218. 

Berham," Master Michael de, — 

nie Biahop granted him (17 Jul;, 1309), on anntuil PentiDn "de Ouncm," 
DBfabla at Mlcbaalmaa for life, until he ahould be provided with a Pre- 
ookdal Benefice [oanodled— " va . . , c&t "], 11^. Afterwaida, the Biabc^ 
gniit«d to Uaatei Hidtael, " Piofaator of Civil Law," an annual PentMO at 

' See Vol. I. (BTonescombe), Anroin 

' He wM one of Uie Pniane Joatkee of ... 

the ConunouPleaa in 1291, and Chief Hiduell de Bereham, 

Justioehi ISOO. suo" {JttgitL Win^uUteg, foL 17).— 

' Juuto DomlnilT COOB"Tiif .— Eodem F. J. B. 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


■!i nurb, "de eamer*," till he oonld prorlda Um wHh ■ Prebendd 
Banafioe (IS Fab., 1800-10); 47''; ooUatod to th* Prebraid ol "Alra," In 
CraditoD ; SO, 61^: dfloeMad ; 102. 

Berlinch Priory [Berlich. MS.]. Patrona of Mariansleigh ; 72^ 

Ft. Hmnphraf, Prior of, vpf«»n Man tlie BIibop,«t Bz«t«r, tnd obtains tlw 
Chanliaa ot Honbatli and Mariuuldgh "in pnqnioa nam " (20 Sspt., 
1831) ; ISO*. 

Bemeville, John, of Horeton Hampstead ; L ISS**. 
Berry Narbor, — 

Gmftaio et Omdaapiaao Steardi de ChuddtUght: — 
HiMOlUHDDii quod lij die menais Auguati, Anno aupradlcto [1317X apod 
STDietone Episccpi, oomMruenint coram Veneratali ntn, Donuno wait 

XM gnda EzoniuiBf E|Ac«po, ibidem penonfttiter tone praaenta, Huiitw 
Ricardoa de Chaddaleghe poaaseaioDi Elooleaie ds Biri Nerberd. Exounda 
Diooeaia, de (aeto incumbena, ex parte una, et Duniniu Kicardnt de Bial> 
le^he, oloicaa, at bkioiliaria dicti Patria, ex alien ; qui, quidem, Hagiatar 
Bicardui, bona fide et abaque difflcultata qaolibet. aolTera promiBt prefato 
Domino Ricanlo, juramcDto corporal! ipeiui Hagiatri Bioatdi, tacti* Smto- 
•anetia Evuigeliia, interreniente, pro fractibua et obreQcdoaibui prediota 
Boeleaie de Biri, dngulia iimii, in FeatU Nat«]ii Domini et I^aobe, eqaia 
poToioiiibuB, quamdlu eoadsm (ruoUu et ob*anciODea aub Seqaeatro ouiti 
Patria eaae oontigarit, decern libraa atarlingonim ; Tolana idem Hagiater ae 
eiprsaw conamoen*, et petena a predieto Patra, rantUMMado quoad boo 
exoepdoni temporia meadnia, ipaam dicto Domino Hieardo per enndem 
Patram in pradicta paounie aumma, et aoladone ejuadem Tsrminia ant*- 
diotia, aentencialiter oondempnari. Unde idem Pater, audita b^juamodj 
ooofeaeione, et peticioni tam uniua ijium alteriua Fartii omiueiii io pre- 
miiBiB, predictum Uagistrum Kicai^um ad obaerracioDem premiaMTam 
aentencialiter oondempnaTJt. Fromiidt^ edam, idem Magiater RiMrdoa, 
bona fide, coram dicto Patre, quod prefatam Ecclaoiam oontra et erga 
quoacumqoe, propriia luis aumptibua et peHoulo, defeaderet temporibua 
aecuturia ; ad cujue prominiuiua condempnadoiiem extitit aimiliter con- 
dempnatna. Preaentibua in premiana Domino Tboma de Stapeldooe, 
Hagutro Nicbolao de Hele, et Ricardo de Tuvertone, clerico, Teatibua; 
necnon Patre et antedictis Partibiu ; 120'>. 
— Jobn le Kajghtfi, deacon, R, — Dispniaation : non-reaidence tot tmt yaaia, to 
atudy, etc. (SO Sept., 1821) ; 161: (priest), Licence of non-reaidence (in a Tear, 
to atudy, etc. (24 Nov., 1824) ; 182''. 

Bertelot, Nicholas, imprisoned for sacrilege (Ord. — Pris.); 222''. 
Berwe, Kcliard de, inat. to St James's, Exeter ; 70. 
Berwick-on-Tweed, aee Scotland ; 131''— ISS''. 
Bickleigb [Bykeleghe, MS.].— 

Walter de MjmniMDDde, aubdeaoon, R, — Diipeoaation, u in the eaaa ol 

Pen7lea,««Harfo(d {8NoT.,1808); 38.— &e "Inat." 
— Seqneab«liai granted to Hwter William de WoUeghe, clei^ fl4 Julr. 

1809) ; 42. 
William de Wolleghe, deaoon, R.,— Diapensatlon : non-reaidence for thras 

yean, to atudy, etc (4 June, 1310) ; 62 : (prieet), renewed far tiro yeara, to 

study, at home or abruad (16 Oct, 1S16) ; 1]6>>. 
Bicton [Buketone, and Bukyntone, MS.], — 

Martin le Arbloater, K, — DlBpensatian : aon-rfsidenoo for two yean, from last 

Hiohwlmas-Day (20 Nov., 1808) ; 88'': reoewed for a year, from next 

Michaehnaa, to study, etc. (11 Sept., 1310) ; M. 
Tbia Rector, being inQrm, petitioned the Biabop to appoint Robert, Perpetual- 

Ticar of Otterton, lus CMdjutor ; and the Buhop complied (23 Kov., 181S) : 



homme, olcrt, R., — Ditpenaatiim: Lioom 
> itudj. Me. (12 April, 1825) ; 184. 
B, of Kdaf ord, «w ''Oraturiea"i 87"' 


Bideford [Bidiforde, MS.],— 

Williata [DuanfDge], R, — DUpeoMUion: oan-nndaDoe till HichMlmu, 1810, 
"ex oertis cauda et leeitimu" {2G Jul;, 130»); 43".— UMtar Hanry de 
Coroubk, prie«t, K.,— DiBpetuatioii : non-raiidKice^ Cor a jetr from ttext 

Wohwlmu, to study, etc,, " PuMui Tel Ozonie, p ' - . 

ISlg) i 129*'.— Ifarter Wklter FMdhonuae, dcrt, R 
of itcmnmdMiM tor maea yeat% toiti ' 

— Bertiniu *nil Amy* d« arejiineTaB, ol 

— Uppeooto, Id Bidslord ; Maoor of Itarid d« SamngtoDe ; 171. 
Bigbury [Bikeburi, MS.].— 

lUlph de Priduui, R. of, — Dineimtioii: noD-reeideQOe till ICehaalniu, 1324, 
to itudf , etc (IS May, 132G} ; he was to take lubdeaoon's Orders within a 
year; ISl". 

Bykebyry, Reginald de ; Diapensaeio super defeetu nalaiium 

(5 Sept, 1308); Z5\ 
Bikeburi, WUliam de, presente to Bigbiuy ; ISl**. 
Bigod, Roger le, Earl of Norfolk, aee Bosham; l■?^ 28. 
Binorchatiidi, in tbe Parish of St. Qerman'a ; 109''. 
Birtone, Maiiter Wm. de, "Gapellanus Domini Thome Joce, 
Cardinalis An^lici,' ftd partes ipsius Oardinalis," — 
The Biihop gnnta him a Peniton of aii marki a year, in the Cathedral, till 
be oan ooUate him to a Pmbend therein, or elsewhere (21 Jan., 1808-G) ; 38. 

Biifltone, William de, Archdeacon of Gloucester, ate Canter- 
bury ; also St. Dominick ; 111*'. 
Bisimano, William de. Treasurer of the Cathedral, — 

The Biahop appoints Sir Hugh (le En^ais— lu Quiril'a R^. foL 1301, R. of 
TnlatoD, to serve as coadjutor to thu aged DignitBiy, " olim nobile Ketn- 
brum in eadem, in tantum aenio oonfntctus, et oocullo Dei judicio egritu- 
dine sio grarabu, quod ea que ad ipsam Dignitatem pertinent et ae ac 
Domum et Familism luam, intra et extra, ad aalutam anime aue regero 
non potertt ut deceret." Hugh vraa choeen bj the Treaaurer himself, and 
was the neareat kinsman he had (11 Sept., 1309) ; 13^. The saia Hugh, 
together with Thomas Crabba, Rector of Trum, Frootor tor the ttid 
Traisurer, "toanuoeperunt de rsparando defectus Domonun ao alioa 
Pordonis dieti Theaaurarii in Eccletiia Sancti Probi, in Cornubia, et coa- 
dempnati aunt (18 Sept, 1309} " ; ibid. Also, the said Hugh for the like 
repain at Exeter, [Bishop's] Nympton, Beatre(n and HoikEahille," et ooo- 
dempnatus eat " ; &id. He died soon aftenraros ; 47''. 
Bishop's Tawton ; the Parish Church (A.D. 1316),— 

Kbuobauddii quod, apud Tantone, xnj die August!, Dtnninua, exiataoa in 
WtxJaaia Faroohiaii ibidem, videns quod Canodlui iUdem «rat nunia stHataa, 
obacurus, nt in paiie ruinosu*, idque notorium fuisiet, dsorevit at pracepit 
quod hnjusmodi defectus notorii repararentur infm annum a Fasto Sancd 
Uichaelis proximo faturo, sub pens xi marcarum solrendantm per illam, 
vel illoi, ad quern val ad quos hujusmodi repanudo dinoaoilur pertinere, »d 
Fabricam Eoolesie Esonienaia ; 114. 

Bysoutbewode, Thomas ; {Ord.—Pru.) 236*. 
Bisachop, Thomas, R of Uploman ; 141. 

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Bitt, Walter le, 9M Despenser ; I8i^ 

Bittedene, John de, presents to Bittadon ; 141 : and &gun, but 

only "ilia vice"; 147. 
Blackawton [Blakauetone, MS.],- 

OeoTga de Byneleg^e, subdekoon, T 

ISIO (28 Aug., 1309) ; 43 : (dauxin), raa«w«d— " ut powit ft Festo 
dmo futuTo par bienniuiii, d ad puiei m tmuterret 
(tudiorum, rindere in Looo qU UiuTsniUi mh 

1310) ; 50 : renewed till ML-h«»lm«i^ uid for two yeen afterwardi, t 
■tudy, eto. ; slao, to pat hia Benefloe out to farm for Are yeara — fn whole 
or ia pu-t, m h« might prater (80 Hay, 1312) ; 71''; renewed for a year 
fron Michaelmaa (next), to >bidv, etc (29 March,' 1314) ; 83: renewed for 
two jeare (4 Feb., 1314-lfi} ; IDI°: (prieitj, renewed for two yeaiB (26 Feb., 
1315-17) ; 117": renewed for a jear, to atudy at Vm*, or elaawhere (11 
Feb., 1S18-19) ; 140. 

Blacolniale (alao Blacolnisse, fol. 176 — 9ee " Lit. Dim."), Boger 

de, inst. to Stoke-Climsland ; ITS'". 
Black Torrington [Blaketoritone, MS.], — 

Robert Pollard, deacon, R.,— DiHpenution : nan'raaidenoe U11 UkhMlmai, to 
■tudy, eta (26 Deo.. 1808) ; 87*: EUm d ' - — 

peoMtJon: non-reaideDoe for a year, to study, etc, trom 8 Feb., 1318-14 , 
but the Dinwnntion waa not granted till 28 Hay, 1314) ; 8C— Sir Walter 
de Cromhale, prieat, R., — Diapenaation : non-re>idenee tor a year, to gtudj 
(2C SepL, 181S) j 115: (priest), renewed ; noQ-reaid«ice, and to put out hia 
Benefice to (ana, for two yean from Uichaelmaa, — " et dabjt ad Fabricam 
Ecdeeie GionieoBia xl aolidoa ; videlicet, pro nlroqne anno zx aolidoa (10 
Aug., 1317) ; 120''.— 5« L 209^ 210. 

Blakedone. J. de ; {0rd.—Pri8.) 236''. 

Blakeford, Richard de, insi to Davidstowe ; 70. 

Blakemore, Stephen de; {Ord.—P'i'is.) 236". 

Blancbminater, see Albo Monssterio. 

Bliburghe, William de ; L 206o. 

Blonteadone, Robert de, Oanon of Sarum ; 1C7 : aee Teignton- 

Regis, the Prebend of; 88". 
Blojou, Alan, R of St. Ludgvau ; L 214 : deceased ; 72. 
Bloyou, Alan, Patron of St. Ludgvan (deceaaed) ; ibid. 
Bloyhou, Benedict, inst to St. Tudy ; 38". 
Bloyou, Henry, inst. to St Ruan-Lanyhome ; 150, 151", 164, 

(Ord.) 243.— See Consistory-Court; 172. 
BIc^ou, John, D.C.L and Advocate in the Court of Canter- 

bory, — 

The mhop gruita him «u annnal Pension of flve marks ("de Camera 
DOitr*,") tffl be am proTide him with a Beueflce (29 Haroh, 1308} ; Sl^ 

' quarto Ealendaa Aprilia. 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


S«e OUiDn (note), 3S: insL to St. Ewe ; iV: radgni St Gwe, in exdMon 
for St CoIomb-nwyoT ; S9, 69"; {Ord.) 223; reogiu, olio, his Prebend m 

Bloyhou, Matilda, Prioress-Elect of Polslo : her Ellecti(Hi oon< 

firmed: 161. 
Bloyou, Roger, B. of MoDkokehampton, see Hatherleifi^ ; 67'*. 
Blojhou, William, — 

Admitted to 8b Ewe (in »mmt»dam) ; 42, 49": Promct ol OUnm (ta 
DtmnendoM) ; 80^: inst to H*rwood ; 119^ 158^ (Onf.) 339. He m, 
aliM, R. of Foundatook ; 167''; deceawd ; ISG, Ib1*'.—St» L Wi\ 201'>, 803 

Blunt, Balph I«, poulterer, of London; L 20l^ 

Bochaamethe, Ralph, aee Ros, Saer de ; SS^ 

Boconuoc: Dedication of the Parish-Church {see "Dedica- 
tions ") ; 162,— 
Ricbard Barry, clerk, R. [BocqiiiiiDoke, MS.),— Dispensation: non-naidenoe 
for two yeuB, to itudy, etc ; but he was to take Bubdeaoon'a Ordmi in tbe 
WDiw of the fiivt year (2fl Dec., 1318) ; 139^ 

Boddel^he, Boger dc, eee Lanivet {Ind) ; 74, 101. 
Bodekyaham, Walter de, R. of St Dominick; 54^ 73^ 111^ 

141.— See Vallibufl, Robert de,— " Wills " ; L 201". 
Bodmin Priory [" Uonaaterium Sancti Petrochi Bodminie "], — 

CotMitueia Coadjvlorit: — 
(The i^ad Prior, OermuiuB, being put work)~Beptima die Harcii, looo mpn- 
dicto [npud Penryn — 1308-9], emanavit Liters conljnencie infrucnpte: — 
Waltenu, etc. • . . Domino Ricardo de Bacche, preabitrro, aalutem, etc — 
n^ratum Bodminie, Ordinia Sancti Auguattni, noatre Dyoceaia noatriqae 
patronatua, nuper ex OfBcii debito viutanteB, iDvenimua tam in capite quant 
in membria plurima onrrigenda. Int«r cet^a, vero, Domiaum Qmnaaam, 
Priorem ejuadem Doioiu, laDio confractum, egritudine perpetua, nt creditur, 
gravatum. necuon luminibua oculorum et diacrecione aeDSUum debiHtatunt 
m tantutn invenimus, quod ad regimen ipeius Prioratiia ipanm decrerimaa 
tohtlitAr impotentem ; proptfir que eundem Priarem ab adminiatncioiia 
Temporalium et Spiritualium ipoiua Prioratiis, eiigento juitida, duiimoa 
canoDioe auapendendum. Hino eat quod, de Tettria prudeneia, fidelitato, 
et diacrecione pluiimum confidentea, voa eidem Priori Coadjutorem hin 
Literia deputaniua, curem et regimen dicti Prioratua, tam in Teroporaliboa 
quam in Spiritualibiia, quatenua ad not pertinet, Tobis in Dommo com- 
mittentca : ita, tamen, quod per Tiaum et teetimomum IteHgioaa Tiii, 
Domini OlyveH dicU le Scneecbnl, Canonid dicte Domua, da omnibus 
receptis et eipeoaia ad dictum Prioratum apectantibui nobia par fldelem 
compotum reepondere poaaitiB, cum auper hoc fueritia reqaiaitl Proiiao 
^nod jnita rcgulares obeervanoiaa pr«dictiia Prioratua in Dirinia Offlcais 
noetuniia et diumii deaerviatur honeste, et aiiimarum cuia in eodeoi 
mioime acgligatur. Volumua, eciam, quod de omnibui et aingulia perBonia, 
tam BeguluibuB quom Secularibua, receptoribua bononun quoramcuDtqa* 
quadem Prioratus, in prenenda duorum vel triuui Canonicorum ejuadeoi, 
flnalem compotum audiatia, et taciatta ulteriua quod juaticia euadebit. 
IntenoioniB, autem, noatre axiatit quod, quatanua nubia a jure permittitar, 
Tobia gennatem adminiatracionem in premieaiB oommittamua. Et hee 
omnia et aingula dicto Piiori et Convsntui, et omuibua oliia quorum 

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interMt, teuoia PraMUdum iatinuunua, — FnaontibDi pro noibo baiepUdlo 
dunbiria ; 30.— Another Comminiou to the aune slTect, ma directal (9 
Jul, 1309-10), to Richard de B«Uo Pnto, R. of St. I^dook ; but it wu 
ranoelled, — " t« . . . cat " ; 49. 

—In the month of Ma; (the da;r » not itatad), 1310, the mid Prior wrote to 
the Biehop, requeatiiig permuBion to redgn, M he ma too old and inflnu 
to retain the OSce any longer. Pernuiuon wu granted ; and on the 11th' 
of the Mma month the Sub-Prior, Fr. Rof^ald de Corbaja, and the 
ConTent, pplitioned the Biahop for liceaoe to elect a nteooaior ; 61. — Spaee 
waa left here, aTidentlj for the inaertion of this Lioenoe ; bat it ramaina 
bbuik. Th« laid Sub-Prior [Corboya, Ha, here^ then wrote to the Biahop, 
on tbe Wedneaday before the Feast of St. Duoitui (IS Maj), referring to 
the aaid reaignation (which had been oomplet«d on tlie prarioua Sunday), 
and infonaing him that oa tbe aaid Wedneadaj the whole CoramuDit; 
■aaembled in the Chapter- Houae for the Election, " oongregatl* et preaen- 
ttbua tunc de ipaiua Monaaterii gremio, ac iliia qui valuerunt, debaenint, 
ac oomode potuernat intereaie." He prooeeda — "plaouit per viam oom- 
promiui Hoiuaterio ncvtro predicts vacaoti proTidere de Friore. VeruiD, 
quia — vohjg tunc a Dyooeei leatra per vocscionem Bagiam reoadentibua, 
et ad exeundum finea Regnl AngUe, neoeaaitate ipaiaa Toeainooit, ut paplioa 
dioebatur, prepantii — no*, pro negocio Fronaioidi Taoanbia konaaterii 
noatri voa in boo caau faiaaa adire oporteret in longinquo, et pati danpna 
TBcaoionia diutume, ad grare dispendium Monaaterii noatri antedtoti, ai aJiaa 
Provieionii aeu Elecoiania viaa eligeremua in hoc caau, noa, SubprioT, 
Canonid, et Confratiea aatedicti, de Elacdona futuri Prioria babito tractatu 
communi at aollempni, da Canonicia Elecdonia formia Tiam in ProriaionA 
ipaiiia Honaaterii elegimua oompromiaai, et in Teatram Sanotam Patemi- 
tatem, de zalo veetra pateme et patronalia affeodonta ad plenan oonfiai, 
proTidendi nobia et Hoiuat«ria noatro predicto de ydoueo l4iore ac eligendi 
Totna, vice noetra, ydoneum Priorem per bujuamodi viam oompromini de 
gremio Honaaterii noatri conoorditer tranafenmua plenam et liberam pot«a- 
tatem. ProtoittenCM quod ilium de quo nobia et Honaaterio noatro 
provideritia de Priore, in Priorem noatnim reoipiemuB et peipetuia tem> 
poribuB habebimua pro Priore " ; SI*. 

The Biahop'a reply is dated on Weilneaday, the morrow of the Feaat of St. 
Dunatan (20 Uay), iu hia Chapel at Faringdon. He wriCea — like a true 
Chriatiaii Biahop—" invooata Spiritua Saocti gtada," agreeing to the pro- 
poaal, and nominating Sir John de Kylkamptone, a Caaon-Regular of tiutir 
Hooae and in Frieat's Ordera, " profeaaum, et de legitimo matriinonio 
procreatum, oni edam vite aauctitaa et morum honeataa aufiVagantur, . . . 
coram et regimen ipdua Prioratua eidem, in noetra preaenda peraonaliter 
cooatituto, licet diudua renitenti, Gnaliter, tameo, ad noetram inatandam 
conaendenti, per birreti noatri tradidonem, in Domino oommittentea." 
Tbe witneaaee were Haater John Wele, Archdeacon of Bamatapla ; Sir 
Thomaa de Stapeldone, Sir Peter de Honetone, and Sir Joba de Fultone, 
Canona of Crediton ; Richard de Bnylagbe, K of St, Qernuia ; Stephen, 
B. of Thomey ; John David and Roger la (Iroa, Canona-Regular of Bodmin ; 
and otbara ; ^id. 

There foUowa the Biahop'a Ordinance oonoemii^ Ui« pronaion to be made for 
ihe lata Prior, — " Onliiiacio neoeaaariorum Fistria Ckrmani, priua Prioria 
Bodminic" The Biahop pays a high tribute to hia merits, hia laudable 
oonveraatioa and abundant labours, and aaaigni to him, for life, the Chapel 
of St. Margaret with the buildinga thereto attached and all the obventiona 
thereof ; also, tbe cuitomary allowance of two Canona in meata and drinka, 
and ail marka yearly for olothea and other neoeaaariee, being the reota 
paid by eertaiu t^nanta, which were to be duly assigned to him, the aaid 

die Lune prosimt poat Fectom Sancti Joliamus aut« PoTt*m I«ljnMn, 


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tetwnls to ba bounil on oath to paj the nid renta regnliriy ; ill other 
unices and cecheate Uiereot remainiDg to the Priory. And the ai-Piior 
was to have for hii companion one of th« Canons, an lioDountbli] and peuM- 
loving mail ; an; diScultieB that mig^t ariae to be referred to the Biihop 
for Bumnuuy Bettlement " sine atrspitu at figara JudidL" " Habea^ 
ecdam, . ■ . unum hominem ofBcii et unum gardonem, sibi at aocio auo 
deaervientea humiliter sumptibus dicti PrioratuB, uout aiioa hujuamodi 
bmiilOH ejuBdem in omnibus BustentandoB." But Oermanna was to keep 
the laid Chapel and ita buildings in good repair, from year to year, and on 
St. Margaret's Day he was to give a lagtna of good wine, or tlmepence U> 
bay wine, to every Canon, on bis Election, and without keeping him 
waiting ; and if be foiled Uierein, the amount was to be dednoted from 
his alkiwHncea. He was himself to occupy tbe premises attached to St. 
Margaret's Chapel, and was to be excosed from ail ConTentual dutiea <» 
aoconnt of hia great age and infirmity. — Dated at Faringdon, 22 Haj,' 
ISIO ! ibid. 

Cotnmiuio area Canenieot Bodminie, — 
Directed to the Bishop's Offldal-Prindpal (22 April, 1312). — In quibnacumqne 
Causis aeu Negociifl, tam correcdonum qiiam sJiorum Articulorum qtiomm- 
cumque, oontra Dominoa (lic) Ollvenim le SeneBchal, Dominum Waltcrum 
de Sancta Margareta, Dominum Beginaldum Corbois, Ricardum Marlon, 
Rogerum le Oros, Johannem Waleis, Beldewynum la Moim, Rogenim de 
Sancto Cuthborto, Ricardum lo Seya, Johannem David, Wiltelmum do 1> 
Hjde, Walterum Naturel, Ddonem DeniBel, Herveium de Koeculian, Coa- 
tantinum, Johannem de Is, Haye, Rogerum de Belacumbe, et Thotnam 
Daniel, Canonicoe Frioratua Bodminie, noetre Dyoceais, et eorum qiiem* 
Kbet ditiaim, ei Offlcdo noetro motia sou moTendis, una cum omnibus et 
singnlis Artioulia ad hujuamodi Causas seu Kegods pertineDlJbus, vobis 
vices nostras, cum Canonice coherdonia poteetate, committimua per Pre- 
Bentas; 71. — In tbe result the Canons were eicommunicatod by theBiahop'B 
Official and Commissary "pro suis manifestia contumadis"; to whom ha 
wrote (5 Deo, 1312), to the effect that, as tbeir fint contumacy had bMfl 
directed against bimaeif, he reserved absolution for a time ; 75. 

— Prorogaeio Terminorvm luper toliidone eexlrj libmruia iiij denariomm 
me, facta Priori Bodminie: — 
The Bishop held two " Litere Obligatorie" for £266 ISs. 4d., and £20 thereof 
had been paid to him more than n year ago. " Preterefi, in Termioo Sancta 
Trinitatia, Anno .... Regis Edwardi [II] vij™' [1313] vertua Johannem 
de Kjlkamptone, Friorem ejusdem Prioratua, coram Jusdciariis de Banco 
Dommi R^j^a, per conaideraoionem eorvnclem JuaticiAriorum et recogru- 
donem dicti Prioris, ducentaa librss aterlingonim, certia terminis futnris 
aohendorum, recuperaverituus, ac nicbilominua in eodem Termino idem 
Prior, in Cancellaria ejuadem Domini Regis, recognoTiseet ae teneri notss 
[q quadragtnta aei Hbria, jiij aolidia et iiij denariia aterlingorum, oertia 
futuria Termioia aoWeailorum, predictia Literis Obligatoriis penes no* 
remanentibua, aicut prins ; uos, oondderantee dictorum Religiosorum in- 
opiam, quodque idem Monaato-ium, propter ipaoruii) incuriam, in aniB 
mobilibuB tacultatjbus plurimum ait coUajHum ; et cupientes, propter hee^ 
din facere ^ciam apeoalem, conceeaimua eisdem Priori et Conventui quod 
d nobis ubafeceriut, dtra Ppetnm Beati Petri ad Vincula [1 Aug.] proximo 
futurum, de quadraginta msrda sterlingomm, et infra Quindenam Festi 
Omnium Sanctorum [1 Nov.] de aliis quadraginta mards aterliDgonim, at 
pootea infra Qnindenom Feati luvendonis Saucte Crucie [3 May] tWM 
■ubaequeutia, aimiliter de quadraginta marda aterlingorum, et sic, de auno 
In annum, in prediotds Termtnia Quindene Invendonia Bancte Cnicaa do 1 

' die Vonerii proxima pott Festum Saocti DiuutanL 

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nmdi, et QniDdene Omnium Sanetarum de 1 mardB, qaoD«qne dictamm 
peecDiuanim mimme «alv^i. ziij*. et iiijd, oe recuperate et renviute. notoi 
loeriDt plenarie penolute, ita quod in ultimo Tennino, id quod redduum 
erit, dicta peccucis peraolrgtur, ad citariorem soludonem in Tenoinia 
ooram predictia Jnatidariia, in CaDoellsria Domint R^ia, de dictii pecouni- 
aram lummis BBaignatig minims teneantur, nee compelli valeant quoquo 
modo. Si, rero, in aliquo Termino, defecerint de aoludoue aupradicta 
tunc ad obeerrandum Termiaoa coram eiadsm JuaticiariiB da Banco, in 
Oajicellanii Domini R^ia aiaignatiH, teneantur et compelli valeuit, preaenti 
liter* non otetante. Et cum nobia de ccilrj librie, xiij aolidia, et iiij 
denariiB, in diutU Tenninia, vel poatea, de dictia debitU ptenarie aatii- 
EaoBrint, axtunc tam predicte recognicionea quam Iiit«re Obligatorie imt« 
nnt et ilianea et omni careant robore firmitatjs; interim utriaque in auo 
robore dnraturia. — In cujna rei teatimonium aigUlum noatrum PraaentibDa 
dniimuB qiponandum. — Datum apud Famdone, Wyntonienaia Dyoceua, 
zzij die menaia Juaii, Auuo Domini H°. CCC. liiij'"''; 85». 

Atta mptr SequitUimie ad TteotKiliandiaa Xoruuterium Bodminie: — 

— Hbmoeuiddm quod die 3abbati proxima poat Featum Soncti Lmnardi (0 
Not., 1314), DCCuirena Frater Johaonea [de Kylkamptone], Prior Honaaiem 
Bodminie, Donuuo Episcopo, juita Fontem de Loatwitbiel, ex parte 
Orientali ejuadem Pontia, expoauit eidem Epiacopo quod per qoendam 
conflictum inter quenda,ni Fratrera Odonem Deniael, Concanonicum suum 
dicti 5!on«at«rii, et quendam Clericum Secularem, quem idem Frater Odn, 
in Honaateria predicto, usque ad aanRuiaia effumonam TulueraTit, biennin 
vel ordtcT elapeo, idem Honaaterium fuerat eiecmtum ; auiiplicana humi- 
liter radem Epiacopo ut, ad dictum Monaaterium diierteoa, ipaum, ai 
placeret, reconciliare diguaretur. Qui, quidem, Epiaoopua, poat modicum 
annuena aupplicacionibua dicti Prioria, atatuit Diem Dominicam proiimaiD 
poat Featum Sanclj Edmundi, Cnntuarienais ArchiepiaODpi [24 Nov.] ad 
recoudliandum Monaaterium antedictum. Et veuiena idem Epiacopua, ex 
hac cauaa, die Sabbati proxima ante dictam Dominicam, apud Bodminiam, 
et ingrediena Capitulum ibidem, vocatisque dicto Fratre Johanne, Friore, 
et alua Canomcia dicti Haonateni coram eo, auper dicta violenda M modo 
ejuadem requiaivit eoadem. Qui, quidem. Prior et Canonid fatebantur 
ibidem quod prefatua Frater Odu quendam Clericum Secularem in Bcdeaia 
aua, bieunio vel drdter elapeo, uaque ad aBnguinii efiturionem in dicta 
Eodeaia TulnersTit ; et id noviter ad cor reTocantea reputabant ex boo 
Locum ipeum execratum ; et quod a tempore dicte violencie celebrarunt in 
dicta Eccleaia et alia Dirina Offlda eicercuebant (tie) in eadem aicut priua, 
et mrpora mortuorum aepeliebant aimiliter aicut priua. Uude idem Epi- 
aoopuB, hiia auditia, et reputana factum liujusmodi grande et enorme, et 
quod factum ipaam, quoad Celebradouem Divinorum et eliomm Dirinorum 
OSdorum exccrddum, in loco lAlitar execrate et execrato manente, erat 
commaae, decrerit propterea ipaoa debere puniri in communi, et mulctavit 
COB in Tiginli libria aterlingonim, pro auo beneplacata ab ipaia lerandorum. 
— Preaantibo* Dominis Petro de Honitone, Rictudo de Brailegbe, preebiteria 
dicti B^acopi, et me Nicbolao de Hela, clerico iptiua ; SB''. 
Zttero Oneralit tuptr Exeammameaciom PhiUppi de Semek : — 

He had, aome time before, laid violent handa upon Roger le Qroa, one of the 
Canooa, a priest, and profeaaed — " usque ad non modicam asnguinia effiui- 
oaeta gnTiter vulnerando, — and having appeared before the Biahop, he waa 
OOUTicted, and aentenced to incur the Greater Eioammunication, aa the due 
■nd canonical reward of aacrilegioua malefactors of that aort ; and the 
Sentence waa publicklj proclaimed throaohout the whole of the Aioh- 
deaconij of Cornwall. Up to the date of the Biahop'a Letter (28 Aug., 
13IS), he had not been abaolved ; and, meanwhile, the Biahop forbida the 
Faithful to bold oommunion with him—" quin pociua, ut rubore auffnaua 
ad Eocleeie gremium celeriua revertator . . . vitetis eundem, et jpaum 
Titari mnoliter fadatia " ; IQif', — Bei, also, Borne, Court of ; 129. 

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The Prior and Convent were Patrons of Hollacombe ; 17*^- 
Newton-St Potrock ; 119: a Portion (or Prebend) in St 

Endellion; 71: St Minver; 130: Withiel ; 181. 
Bodminia, Christopher de, collated to St. CoUo; SS^ See 

"Confessions' ; 48. 
Bodpedethe, Luke de. Proctor for Thomas de Knolle ; 176''. 
Bodrugan, Sir Henry de, K&t, presents to St Martins-by- 

Looe; 36. 
Bodrugan, Sir Otho de, Knt,, presents to Poundstock; 157^ 
Bodrigan, Peter de, one of the Executors of Tsolda de Bod- 

ngan'aWill (aee "Wills"; 60;. 
Bodrigan, Wm. de, Archdea«on of Cornwall (see " Inst") ; 85. 
Bodyer, Robert, inat to Tavistock ; 128. 
Bodyn, Walter, inst. to Bittadon (q.v., Itist., 141) ; 147. 
Boggewille, Reginald de, see Consistory Court; 172''. 
Bokenal, David de, chaplain of St Buryan (q.v.) ; 85. 
Bokerele, Bartholomew de, see Tautone, Robert de ; laG*', 
Bokerel, Henry de, appointed the Binhop's Steward in Devon ; 

Sib.—Sf^Comptone, William; G0»*: Budleigh; 63^ 
Bohnn, Humphrey de, Earl of Hereford and Essex, presents 

to Powderham, as Guardian to John de Pouderbam, a 

minor; 154''. 
Boleford, Richard de, see Ros, Saer do ; 38^. 
Bolieghe, Henry de, (late) Archdeacon of Cornwall, see " Wills " 

(Puntyngtone) ; 60. 
Bonde, Robert, see Consistory Court; 172'', 
Bonda, William, Priest- Vicar in the Cathedral, see Puntyndone ; 

42": R of Poltimore; (Bonde) 73", L 190". 
Bondleieh [Boneleghe, MS.],— 

ffir Aoun [mUmj Harchaunt], Bubd«w»ii, R,— DupeDMtiiio:Don-nndenc«far 
» jMa from lut Michaeliiuii (30 Not., 1S08) ; ST- It ww, aftennwd^ 
omcelled, but was granled igain, till Micluelmu 130S (24 Dec., 1308); 
37^. [Ha JB here oill«iI, limplv, " Bir Adun " : >nd I wma, >t Bivt, under 
the imprewdon that Sir Adam de Chavtptnu, iiut, «ome tliirty yean betoic, 
by Bp. Broneecombe (nt Vol. I., page 115), waa meant; but it will ba 
obaeired tiut the latter was in prieat a Qtdera Id 1277, whereu Ihia Adam 
waa a aubdeecon in ISOS, and he moat h&ve been imb, by Bp. Quivil or bj 
Bp, Bjtlcn}. The Diapeuntion was renewed (deacon) till Hicbaelmaa, 1S10 

g^aipt, 1309);4S»:a]aa,tiUUiGhaelmBB, 1812 (27 Sept, 1311) i 05: alao, 
r a you from next Huhaelmaa (10 Aug., 1312) ; 73: and again tore year 
from next Hichaekoaa ('■ Hagiater Adam Harchaunt "—16 Aug., I3I4) ; 87. 
— Sir John de Bradmor, prieat, R , — Lioenoe of non-reaidenoe till Miohaet- 
ma*, from 6 Oct, 1822,—'' et dabit j marcam " ; 174. 

Boneker, Richard, of Nymet-St. George, — Dispenaado super de- 
fectu TMtaHum (17 Dec, 1308); Z7.~See the next Entity. 

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Bonere, Bichard le, of NTmet-St. George, inst. to Cheldon ; 112'*. 

Boor, Bartholomew le, inst to Landcrosa ; 1 84. 

Borham, John de, see iMiteulM [-by-Camelford] (Inat.) ; SS^— 

He was one of the Executors of tbe Will of John Lovetot, 

seaior ; L 185. 
Borne, Sir William de, Canon of Wells, — 

The Bishop gnnted him »n uiduaI Peunou ol fonr itMrki, " da C^mtr* nu," 
p^kble kt Eutar, till he could proride him with m >uitable Benafio* (28 
Feb.,' 3SI1-12) ; 66.— Ha wu collated to a Prebeod in OUtney on the 
2Sth of March,' 1812 ; 6B>>. 
Bos, in Zennor (q.v.) ; lOS*'. 
BoecarD, Aj^es de, see St Buryan ; 85. 
Boscher, Geoffrey, inst to Eggbuckland ; ltQ\ 
Boacjmi, Martin de, inst to Lamerton ; 171 *" : be had resigned 

Jacobstowe {Devon) ; 174. 
BcseTaran, John, inst to St Paul (hodie " Paul "), Cornwall ; 

Boeham, tbe King's Free Chapel of (see Vol. V. p. 30, note 8), — 

— The Bishop dtca all tbe Canona, exoept Ralfdi de Hynxham and Richard 
le Brun (who had alreadj' appeared), to appear before him, in the Chapel 
of Boeham, and take the Oath of Canonical Obedience, and admonUhea 
them M to their Prebends {26 June, 1308), and Walter [de Welwe], Sacrist, 
appeared in person with John Duude (one of the Vicara), Proctor tor the 
Mid Richard le Bnm. Stephen de Cheabuote appeared by his Proctor, John 
Dude [tk), [2S Jul;, ad (^lidhaiu) ; SS. John de DrokeDeaforde appewed 
bj Joijan de Hertewelle, chaplain (22 Sept ., at the same place) ; SS''. 

— CommiiBirin directed [31 Aug., 130S) to Sir William de Heltons, " Decano 
in Ecdeaia Sancti Martini Lraidoniarum, et Clerico Domini R^;is," — The 
Bithi^ revokes a former ComnJaaion, directed to Master Roger de Welle- 
tone, and gitea permission to institute and induct an; St person to the 
Canonry and Prebend sbcut to become vacant, but without prejudioe to 
any Apostoliok Proiision, or Nomination by the King ; 13. — There is no 
record of what was done herein ; but, probably, the reference is to the 
Prebend of John de Lewea, to which Michael de Berbam was collated, 14 
Jan., 1310-11, "suo pericnlo," and evidently after raiquiry and delay (mc 
"Inst."); G9. A Commiadon had been directed, IS Jan., ISOS-IO, to 
Bichard, V. of Chidham, in the matter of an action brooght t^ Canon 
Ralph de Hynghatn against the said John de Levee ; IS''. 

The following Record of the Bishop'a VisitHtion of Boshsm has been bound 

np, together with other Documents relating to tliia Oollegiate-Churcb, at 

tbe beginning of the Register : — 



FasTUH EFiFfliKii DoiUNi, Akho Ejcapiv H"' CCC"* Hotto, it Comi- 

WM afterwards < 

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in libera Capetla vcBtra de Boseham, obediencum, raTcrencum tanto Patri 
debitam cum honore. — MaDdatum vestrum re««pi Bub eo qui aequitur tenors 
Terbonim :— " WalterliB, penoiwioae Divina EionimuB EplKOpua, dilecto 
in Cbruto Glio, Sacriste Libera Capelle do Boaeham, aalutam. gradam, at 
benediodoDein. Quia dictam Liberum CBpellum noetram de Bosebam 
secundo Die Juridico post Festuin Kptphanie Domiai proximo tutomm, 
Altiasimo concedeiite, ei Officii aoetri debito canonioe Tisitare proponimas, 
vobia in virtute Obedieacde Grmiter iDJungimus et mandamus qaatinna 
peremptorie citetis omnea diets Capelle CanoDicoa, ceteroeque ejaadem 
Hiiiiatroe, quod compareant conm nubia, seu nogtrsa juxm gerentibuB, dicta 
die, in eadem Capella uoaUa da Bosebam, — Canonid, videlicet, aupradicti, 
Titulamgi qiiem babeant Canonicum super aasecudonePrebetidarum auamin 
in Capeila msmorata eihibituri ; ceteri, vero, ac ipai Caoouici facturi 
et recepturi quod bujuamodi ViaitaciaDis no«tre Offidum in ae exigit et 
requirit Et quid in premisaie frceritia noB, seu noatroB Tices gerentcs, 
citra dictunt diem, per Litems vestraa Patent«B, barum aariem at nomina 
cdtatorum continantas, aparte et diatincte certjficetia. — Ootam apud Faro- 
done, iij die Decembria, Addo Domini H" CCC° noDO."' Hujuamodi, 
igitur, BUCturitata Maudati veatri revereudi, omnce et singulos C^ooiocia 
dicte Ciipelle de I^oseham, iu stnllis Buia in dicta Capeila, prout de ipains 
Capelle cooBuetudine bactenua usitAtum eiistit, ac Yicaiios et petBro* 
HiiuBtros ejusdem in Domibiie auia peremptorie citavi quod oompareant, 
die et loco Bupradictis, nd fadendum quod dictum Maudatum in se exigit 
et requirit. Nomina, vero. dictorum dtatorum in Cedula Pin a on tiboa 
anneia aarioaiuB contiuentur. Et aio Maudntum veatrum aum eieci ' 
Datum apud Bosebam, iij Nonas Januuii [3 Jari.], Anno supnidicta 

Oopia Ocdule de qua in Cert\/iecUoriofit meacio laUt at .-- 

DominuaRadulpbuB daH jng- ~ 

HagisterStepbanusde Cbeat- 

Dominus Johannes de Lewea, 
Dominus Amaneus de Feta- 

Domioua RicnrduB La Brun, 
DominuaWttlterua deWelwe, 

Saeruta ct Catumiw, 

Dominus WiUelmus de La^ 
Hxle, panxAut, I 

Domioua Stapbanua de Ifid- 
h unite, I 

n unuTn Dominua Jobannee de Tiiga, /ViaABn. 
UANONICL Don,i„ug WiUelmuB de Lo- 
Dominus Walterus de Bern- I 

Joliannea Phelip, 
Henricus de Bradebruggs, 
Jobannes de Booeham, 

Dominus Radulpbua de Hjngham, Canouicus et Prebendariua dict« Oapelle 
de Boaebom, Tocatiu ad secundum Diem Juridicum post Featum Eiupfaanie 
Domini Bupradictum, ad osteodenduiQ Titulum iuum. mediante quo optanat 
dictam Prebendam, comparuil per Domionm Walterum, SaoristHJO ejuadetn 
Lod, capeltanum, Procuntorem suum, cujus Procuiatoni copia retent* 
super asseoudone dicte Prebende, nomina Dnmini sui nidiil eihibuit ; unda 
datuB eat sibi dies crastinua, per Dominum Episcopam, in dpetia antedicta, 
»d faciendum ulteriua quod iub dictabit. Quibua die et looo, dicto Domino 
Radulpbo ooram Magistria Nicholao de Hele, Canonico in Ecdceia Sancti 
Carantod, et Willelmo de Woll^he, Rectore Eccleaie de Bjkel^h^ Com* 
miaaania Domini Exonienais Episcopi predicti in hac parl« Spedalibua, 
quoram Coromiaaioma tenor inferius contiuetur, per Procuratorem aaoiii, 

' Another cop; ol tbia Mandate is pre- dictam Capellam ■nam peraonalitar 

aerred on ful. 46, tbis memorandum nccessit, el Offidum Visitadonia aua 

b^g added:— Die, vero, Vintadonis quoad Canoniooe et Ticarioa ezmaiit 

adrenlente, Dominua Bpacopos od in eadem. 

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ut Bii[H«, comparenta, idem Frocnntor (licit se nil veils nlteriiu eihibere* 
Unde preclu« eat aibi yia ulterius eihibsndi at proponendi per decretum, 
et datus eet «ibi dies Lune proximo wqueiu sd audiendum ProminciadoDeia 
in Oipella aotcaUcto. Quibiu die et looo, dicto Radulpho per Procuratorem 
BQuia coram dictis Commissariis, ut supra, comparente, dicti Comminuii 
dictam Pronuudadanem diatuleniut : uode pendet ProDUDciada [Tbi* 
Bntiy ia giien in full: in the aubaequent Entries the eaaential portiolia 
onlj are given, to avoid repetition]. 

■ . . Ad cognoacendum super criminibua et excesaibue aabdit/imin noetrornm 
libere Capelle noetre de Boaeham, in Viaitadone noetra nuper in eadem 
facta repertia, necnon dicta crimiiia et eiceaaiu corriaendi, puniendi, et 
anper eudem (adendi et statueudi que nostro incumbunt Officio, et ad 
faciHtdum et exceroendum onini:^ et nngula predictam Vuitadonem et 
peraonas TiaitataB quaJitercumqne contingencia, quodena nos peraonaliter 
abeaae contigarit, vicea Doatraa vobin oommuniter et diviaint committimo* 
. . . Datum apud Chuddeham, nono die Januarii, Anno Domini Milleaimo 
CCO" nono [1309-10]. [There ia another oopy on toL 4S]. 
— Hagister Stephanua de <JheBUiunte, Canomciia, etc, companiit per Hagb- 
tjum WUielmum de la Lane, de Fysafnzbome, clericum. ■ ■ . qui elhib&it 
Coliadonem et Inducdonem sub aigillo bone memorie Domini Thoma 
[Bjrttone], nuper Eiomensia Eptacopi, quarum oopia retenta, et probata 
Induooione per duos teatee alias per Sacriatam . . . facU, datua eat CO, eto. 

ptodet - - ■ predun eat ri via ulterius ezbibendi, etc — {ut tupra). 

loL !»*>• — Dominoa Johannes de Lewes , . . oomparuit per Dominum Johannem 
de Yirga, pieabitenim, . . . qui exhibuit Literas Domini WilleInii,quond>lll 
Decani Bcclesie CicestrenBia, Eiecutoiis Domini aui, ■ Sade Apoatolie*, Qt 

jatla. Meereiiatur, deputati, super Colladone, etc (andsooD, iilBiilKtanae,uftitprB), 
— Dominua Amaneua de PeUgrua . . . compsruit per . . , Sacriatam ibidein, 
anbatitutum Hagistri Willeloii de Toala. Hia Fapera were not aatiafaclorj, 
and he was ordered to appetu' before the Bisbap in Exeter Cathedral, and 
take the oath of Obedience, "proximo die Juridico poet mediam Quad- 

— DominuB Rieardus le Brun . . . companiit per Tbomam de Anmdelle, . . . 
qui fatebatur diotum Dominum suum fuiese, et esae, in partibus trana- 
mariaiB, at ibidem, Lioencia . . . non petita vol optenta, moram trahere • . . 
Episcopus prefatnm Ricai'dtim puplico Bdicto monuit et citavit. — Thil 
Document seU forth that tlie Canon " nedum ab ipais Capella et Benefldi^ 
•et edam a R^no Anglie le transferens ad loca trgjidvit ignota, Licenda . , 
Don optenta," and, accordingly, he wui admonished to return into residence, 
not later than Michaelmas following, — " alioquin quod noatro iccumbH 
OfEdo extanc super hoc fademua." Hia Proctor, Family and Friends were 
to BBS to this matter, — " et sic pendet Pronundatio." 
*, — Dominua Walterua de Welwe , . . oooiparuit personaliter . . . (ii( tupra) 
"dicena seplura non velle exhibere ; unde predusa est aibi Tia,eta"(utiupm). 

). Dominua Wilielmue de La Hali>, Vicoriua Magistri Stspbani de Cheahunte, 
eompBTuit personaliter ; et, requiaitus ri hactenua juramentum Obediende 
. . . Exoniensi Episoopa preatitjaaet, didt quod non ; et monitua ibidm 
juramentum preetare, Tecusavit omnino. Fatebatnr, tamen, dictum . . . Epi- 
acopum Ordinarium ease Loci ejoadem, quoad Chorum, et ipaum minisCnu« 
in eodem. Et babet diem ... He appeared in due couiae, but said be 
could give no reason for his refusal ; adding, however, that he received no 
pay for bis aervicea. For hia contumacy and manifest diaobedieuoe, bis pay, 
if it abould turn out that he had any, waa sequeattated. He afterwad* 
submitted, and the Sequestration was taken ofT, " pro benepladto." 
— DominuB Stephanus de Hidhunte,VicariuB DoainiBaduIpbi de HyDgbam, 
cumparuit personaliter ; et, requiaituB (vt mpra) , , . fatetur et reonaat. 
He could give no adequate eicuae, and was dralt with in llie same way. 

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— Dominiu Johamiw de Virf^ Tiouiot Domini Johiniiii da Leww, . . 

aompunitpenotutitier — with the mnv raulc 
— Domiaua Willelmiii de Lowente, Vimius DomiDi Anunm, — tba bum. 
— Dominiu Wtltanu de Bemhua, Vicariu* Ricwdi le Brun, — the ttzsta. 

M. vfi. Jlda toran Magittrii Niekclao et WiBelno, OonauttarUt, tie. ; — 
CoiuKxnoNRa: — 
Item, detectum est, in Vintacione, quod UigiBter Stephuini da Chedthnnta 
. . . dedit Hkunino Johanoi de Hasele, qai Prebendun, qium nimo optinat 
diotuB StephkoUB, priui . . . habetwt, quadrtginta nwrcu steriingnuai, 
proroitteiu niohilomiaaa eidem Ecdesiam de Utaanifaaitrj, atimMtotu^ 
ut didtui, i] maroarum, ea condidone lea pacto at pndietam PretMidam 
Buam ad opuB luum reaignaret . . . Habena in peraonam Ha^tri Willtdmi 
da Fyinngborae, Procurntoru aui . . ■ tercium Diem Juridicam pot 
FeBtum Epipbaoie . . . uigaTit ea omnia et linKula aaaa Ten: unde datua 
est, etc . . . Indirta est Purgado prefato Uagiitni . . . — Thia to^ place 
in the Biahop'a Chapel, in London, on the daj after the Feast ot St Peter** 
Chair (Le. 23 Feb,) — " et dinUHUB eat, ilia vioe." Hia Preboid waa that 
called " ParocbialiB,"_" curam babet animamm todoB Parodiie dicte 
Capelle ndjacentia, et tenetur ad pereonalem revdendam ; qui, necgleda 
cura aibi oummiaaa et reeideuda eupradicta. sbeque Lioencia ... ad parte* 
■e ttanafert ■liaa." Big Proctor tras eiamined on oath, and >aid that then 
was DO cure of aoula attached to the Prebend, to the beat ot hia belief, 
though be confewsd that it waa called the Parochial Prebend. Aakad 
whetber the aaid Canoo held other Benefices with cuie of bouIb, or no, he 
said that he did—to wit, the Church of Horton, Dioc of linooln, and the 
Free Chapel of UouDgomery , and acknowledged that he had be«Q adintttad 
thereto alter be became Canon.— pendet. 
Item, detectum eat . , , quod Johannea de Lewes, Stephauui de Chesthunte, et 
Railulpbug de HjDgham . . . Bpoliarunt, HpoIiariTC mandaruut Waltenim, 
SacriBlam Lod, jam tribuB aonis efguiia, de quibuadam garbis, quas hsben 
debuit et habuit padSoe per bienniiim post ColUcionem dicte Sacriatarie Bibi 
factam, de aingiihBcampiBComitiaMareacalliiD Hanerio de Boaeham, et quas 
predeceBBores sui . . . . paclQce percepenint .... pro cuatodia dicturam 
camponim per SacrisUim ■ . ■ post mesaianem et ante amodonem eanindem 
fadenda.— The Proctors of the three CanooB did not deny the charge,— 
"allt^arunt tamen, pro excusacione DomiDorum suomm . . . quodSamita 

Sui nunc est Buprsdictum serridum minima preatilit, ndone cujub pre- 
ictaa garbaa DullatenUB libeiVDnt eidem. — Thia the Sacruat denied, 
allying that, if the aaid aervice had not been rendered, hiB Berranta had 
been prevented from doing it by the aaid Canona. He eatabliahed hia eaa^ 
and the Canons liad to pay xvi., the value of the aheaTee. 
Item, detectum eat. . . quod . . . Johanuea de Lewea, Stephanus de Chest- 
hunte, [etj Ricardua le Brno .... a quibua Sacrista certia Terminia 
Pordonem suam redpere habet, aoludonem Buam .... niliua debita 
diSerunt, alii per plus, alii per minua — Their Proctora appeared and denied 
the charge, requwting that the Sacrist ahauld be examined thereupoa on 
oath. Thia waa done, and he admitted that he bad been duly paid ; " nnde 
quoad hoc rtitnimii aunt Canonid supradictL" 
M. SI. Dominiia Waltems, Sacrista et Canonicua, difTamatua de inoontinencia com 
qoadam Uatillide Plente, vidua, quam incorrigibijilw tenet, ut didtnr, . . . 
cnmparuit peiaonaliter, . . . et negat, a tempore ultima oorreoeaonia auper 
hoc facte . . . Probavit ooirecdonem alias factam, et pnigavit aa legitune^ 
et dimiBsus eat. 
Ptiia eommuw, — Item, detectum eat ... . quod aupradidi Canonid nan 
eiegerun^ nee exijinnt, dedmas molendinorum Hanerii da Boaahaai, 
aacundum quod alias per EpiiCDpum Thomam eis sub certa pena eititit 
injunctum.— They appeared by their Proctors, who confeaaed that this waa 
true. But Bicbard le Brun alleged that he waa not bound to exact Ibeaa 

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X — BOSHAU. 97 

titlica, M lli«T tcntnvd no put of his PrebeDd ; and the otiun nkl the uina. 
— Undo quoad eca qui dictu decimM optinere debonnl, ii petite MMmt 
et bibita, . . . pronuncutum cat penun e* ooaaoat impoMUm in nltiiiiB 
Visitacione Thome, oupsr EiotiieniDB Bpiaoopi, eaae oommlBBun, et in 
ntiUUtom Eookeie, pro dirocaidoue Epiacopd Eumienaia, oanTerteDdam. 

Mia ptna conauMo,— Item, detectum eat ... . quod in diet* Ctpalla .... 
de^unt CandaUbnun Puohale, Velum Quadngaainiale, Epirtolariam, 
Bmngriiiterinm, mmt >d Faoem, Stole at UaniiMili pro duotrai paribui 
VestjmaDtomm, quonim inTendo et rapuado apeetat >d CanoDiooa in 
eoaununl ; ao, edam, alii pluna defeclua qui iu altiina Vintadoue nipra- 
dicti Thome . . , oomperti eititamnt ; guper repanoioDa quorum ^jpwita 
fait pen* viginti librarum. — The Canoiu, b; their ProotorB, oonfeaaed that 
thia chai^ waa true, and that thej had no azouw to oSct. — Unda pro- 
nuDciatum eat, eta. , . . et mchilominui injuDctum eat diotis Canonida 
. . . aub pena Eicomntuniodonia axtimo incurrende, quod citra Featnm 
Beali Hichaelia proximo futurum eoa qui defidunt iiiTeniaot, at raparent 

Item, detectum eat quod R. da Hjmgham, R. ie Bniu, S. de Cbeathnnta at 

J. da Lews*, . . . traduut Prabaodu aoaa ad Bnnam laida, alaque Lioeani*. 

— Bf their Proctors, the fint tvo admitted the durge, and the last two 

)B>- denied it ; and the tormer nere ordered to be punished (we are not told 

'^ how), and the latter were discharged. 

Jieta: eonin ri»ijil«,— Item, detectum eat , . . ^uod Vioarii . . . rizaotM 
aunt in Choro, et, absque lioenda Sacriste Loci, Chorum exeunt, oontra 
oonsuetudinem diete Capelle et preoeptum Domini Thome Episoopl, in 
nltima Tiaitadone sua. — The fire Vicaia (namod in the Schedule) appeared 
in penoD, and denied that thew tbiogs were true, and having purged 
themaelvea in due form were disdiarged. 

It«m, detectum eat . . . quod Dominua Badulphua de HTngbam . . . anb- 
tnxit tria quarteria frumeuti et dimidium, et unum bu^etlum el dimidium, 
ad semen Hanerii de Chuddeham debita, que soluta fuerunl usque ad 
tempue Donuni Roger! de Derteforde, tuna SeoeecalU Eionieneis Episcopi 
et in eadem Prebenda Prebeudarii ; qui, per potenciam et tamiliantatem 
quani babuit cum E[HM»po, ilia primo aubtruit, et audieoa ladodoia 

Prepoeitorum illoe de dioto frumento non oneravit B7 hia Prootor he 

denied the charge, and aaked for inquiry — whiah was granted. 

Item, detectum est . . . quod Hagiater Stephanua de CheathunU . . , sub- 
tniit tria quartaria frumenti et dimidium, j busellum et dimidium, ad 
semen Uanerii de Chuddeham de Prebenda sua debita, in quorum poassa- 
sione jura perdpiendi rd quasi Eioniensia Episcopi non est diu extJteruQt. 
— The Canon, appeared by hia Proctor and denied the truth of the charge, 
aaking for enquirj^wbich Was granted. 
. 17''. Item, oompertum est . . . quod Dominua Johannes de Lewea ... est 
illegitimua. — The five Vicars were then examined a* to any other mattns 
needing te be reformed, and four of them, Hate, Hidhuiste, de Virga, and 
de Lowente, said that th^ knew of nothing in addition te the m^tara 
already set forth. But W^ter de Bemham — "dicit quod didi Canonici 
, . . nicbil boni fadunt pauperibua Parochiania luis ibidem, de bonis inibi 

Item, cum . . . compertum esset non nuUos esse notorioa deteotus in Oma- 
mentis Capelle ... ad quorum raparadonem Dominus Johannes de 
Drokeneafnd, pro rata Porcionis sue et Prebends quam nuper obtinuit in 
eadem, tenebator, so edam in Domibus, Clauais, et aliia ad dictam Pre- 
bendam spectantibus, et propter hoc fructus ipdus Prebenda fuinent per 
Commissarios aupradictos sequeatrati ; die Luna proximo, etc supradicte com- 
paniil in Oapalla . . . eoiam dictia Commiasariis Elias de la Houe, flrmorius 
dicte Prebende, oSbrens se cautumm pro defectibus supradictis, u 
duoe numucaptores, videlicet Alanum de Watmate et JuUani 

FnaiMojt, qui pro defeotiboa in Domiboa eta. . . deUte n 

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iDMlucepeniiiti et se, quoad hoc, Jurudicciotij EpiBOOlu B 
irant no porcione, vero, dictum Dominum auum miper ddeetitnis 
raentu ipgiiu Capelle wntuigeiite, et oondempiucione pens com ma w 
aliaa per Dominum Thamsm, Eionietuem Episcopum, occwnoDe bnjiunMidi 
defeotunm impoait«, promiait aa Telle ex aolido* numenta peoaoDie penea 

. Loci, dtnL Featum FnrifiouioDia Baato 
Yirginii proximo futurnm, Bubugillo buo depoDcre ; iU ut, H eondcmp- 
iMCio oeue oommiaae at def ectue Omamentonim pradicti pro nl* Pordkniu 
!)omim JohamuB in tantum ae eitenderent^ quod ipsa peoounia tota 
itur i)ndeiii pro defectibui et pella supradict* in ulilitatam Cap«lle oon- 
Yartenda ; alioquin, ei ad minus m eitanderent, reaidnum quod contingatat 
■Qperewe retraderetur ridatn ; peteus ipaum per dictcn CommiNUtoc, at 
in boc ae Juriadiccioni Domini EionieoiiiH Episcopi tubiciBDa per Preoapti 
Sentanciam condempnan. Qao facto, iidem Comtninarii, raqoiato ia 
premiaais coaaeDBu Bupradict«rum Procuratonin Cauonioomm wMoeiani, 
et ipsia ad hoc coaseticientibua, et dicaotibui tantam peocuniam pro pmriMm 
dicu Domini Johtumie aufficera, et pet«Dtibua illud idem, prentom Btiam 
ad pramiaea omnia et aingula, et in omnibua et aiagulia, ut premitlttvr, |Mr 
Preoepti Sentenciam condampnarunt, et lequaitnim, ut premittitur, inta^ 
poaitum in fruotibua Prebende predicta, in omnibua extra Talenciam ex 
Bolidonim prediotorum, relaxarunt 

Obdihacio db Bobihau. 
Waltenia, permisBione Divina eta., Capitulo Libera Capelle ds Boaeham, etfti 
.... Baluttim, etc. — Litenu bone memoriB Doraini Thome, qaotidun 
Exonienaia Epiaco[u, . . . integraa et illeaaa, et in nulla aui parte vidaU^ 
Tero ipaiua djpllo aignntas, inapeximua, in bee verba ;—Thomaa, ete., Capitulo 
Eocleaie Collegiate de BoBsham,Ba1 litem, etc. Pridieod Eodeaiamde Boaeham 
predictam peraonaJiter accedentea, aub quinto Kalendaa Auguati [28 July^ 
Anno Domini M" CC nonngienmo quarto, et, prout noetria humeria incum- 
babat, debite Viaitndonia Offldum eioeroaDtea ibidem, tarn in penonia 
minialnuicium in dicta Eccleeia quam rebua Bpectantibua ad aandem, ngn- 
nulla invenimua oeleri ooireociooe condigna ; Doa, igitur, dns reforma- 
cionam aorum eo libenduB deaudantea quo magia ex eo quod agittir 
■paramus meran in Domino et penaa pro quibus Prebtua net^ligeoa so 

(1) djgnum effidt devitare, aub Divini atteataciune judicii injuueimoa et man- 
damua utVicaiii, Divino Obaequio intituUti, amoda modo debita frequent«nt 
Ecclaeiam aupradictam, distinete et aperte, absque omut sinoopadone et 
predpitadone l^endo, pudmoditando, et oantando, nichil penitua coai< 
mittentea quod Divioe oSendat occuloe Hajeatatta, omni uicliilominas 
negodadone illidta et turpia lucri queetu eia proreus maneotibua intn- 

(2^ dictia. — Cauonid, quoquo, de bonia que ibi perdpiunt, plus aolito hoa)HtB- 
litali inaiitant, CbriaU pauperea ejuadem Parochie pia conaolncioDe, nt 

(5) conTeoit, visitantea. — Ao ediflcia Prebendanim soarum djmta reedificent 
(4) et deteriorata raparent, ut tenentur. — NuUus, inauper Canonicus, Vicaiiua, 

aut quivia alius Eccleaie aupradjote, terminoa juris alieoi inradat. Set 
quilibat debita aibi pordone ab antiquo aecundum conauetudinem Eccleaie 

(6) hactaaua uutatam contentua eiiatat— Ceaaet omnia niurmundo et con- 
(fl) tendo in Choro, per quas Cultus Divinus potent impediri. — NuIIub, adam, 

Vicariorum ab Horia Canonida in Ecdeeia dscantandia ae abeentet, nia 

toL IS. [orte a Sacriata ejuadem Eocleaie, quern iatiue CapituU depulamus sxecn- 

toram, ob aliquam justam cauaam ae abaentandi liceuciam optinuflrit 

pens. Bpedalsm. — Eum, siquidem, qui eecuB feeerit ab ingresau Chon maoera 

TolumuB auapansum, doneo uniim obolum, nomine mulote, pro qnalibot 

hora abeende at suapensionia sua eiaolverit in usua Ecdeeie, quam debito 

defraudavit obaequio, oon Tenendum.— Stipend is, veru, dictis Vicatiis ab 

•Dtiquo in dicta Eeclasia oonstituta, et hacteuua soluta, nullua Canoniooniin 

manw- matilet vel immntet ; set antiquum canonem duamm nareamm, preter 

'■"'o'm qu« aliaa perdjduitt ab Ecdeeia nomine Vioaria, ipna Vic«riw, at 

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haeteiiiu fieri consusvit, euolvant ; cum kliai, >i id eis lioeret, illad Mqno- 
retuT imwnTeDielu de facili, ut pro minori Bolito minutram minus jdoDMim 
loco ydoDoi, preeertim cum perpetui nnn exUtant, lic«t Btipendi* dot otrta, 
PB»- — mnltodeiH EuWogsreDt. — ^Ceterum, cum Prebenda qii&m dictuB Sacriatk 
™J oplinet in dicta Eccleeia in qustuor libria nigenti a qnibuidun CtnmuoM 
eoetn ejusdem Eccleeie preetandis coneiatat, ac per aenm BotubodouMl poocmiie 
bhmI- Bupradicte idem Sacrieta frequenter grava diapendium padator, eoedem 
T^*™ Canonicoe qui ad preetadonem hujiumodi tenentor auctontate Preaencium 
^aaiai. tooaemna et hoHsinur in Domino, pro prima, leouiida, St tercin mniicione, 
Haerutaut, jiiita conBuatudinem Ecclasie supradiote, eidem Sacrute lingnli pro 
l^^ne-rdta Poreiuuts sue de predict quatuor libria, auia Termiaia, aatiriadant 
^"' Gompetenler, Bnb pena Eioommuoicaciooig quam nunc ut eitiinc, in 
jg nol- P*"""™ "O" KiWendum proferimna in hiis 3eripti«.^Ad hec, cum nobilia 
aHthila.Tir, Comea MareacatluB, Petriis de Roteham, et Kiigerus Pxpillun, quodam 
habeant mi'lendlna in Parocbia de Boeeham, de quibua licet grunde cmolu- 
jnentom proveniat, nulla tamen ei eis, jam lougo tempore, eititit deeinw 
persoluto, precipimnB et mandaiuuB ut C^nonid qiiibus ipsa dedma debetur 
eandem dedcoam repetant cum nffectu ; cum Bubtraodo ipaitu grave peri- 
ealum detinendum animabuB inducat, et in manifeatum oedat prejudicium 
dc OnU'Eccleaie aupndicte. — Et quia, deGdeatibus Libria, et aliia Oniamantia qa« 
5™!" ad Cultum Dirinnm requinintur, Ecclesia ipsa nequit ofBdari nt conveoit 
^'^"^in Divinii, predpimus et mandamua ut subeciipti defectua, TJdelioet 
Legenda nova et CoUectarium noTum in pedis conaiBtencia examinentur, 
Oorrigantur, et ligentur ; preterea, unum Epiatotarium cum Ewangeliia 
tociiiB inni in uno Volumiae rediReuda, competens labnlamentum super 
Altars, nnam Frontale sollempne, et tres Cape de aerico deoentea, Can- 
delabrum Paachale honestum, et tuallie BiiScientes ad Hiniaterinm Divinnm 
peiagendum, dba Paacha proximo futurum, de novo, pretar prinH habita in 
de Can-ipsB Eccleeia, habeantur. — Haxime, autem, quod Cancellus, jam per loca 
^1^ *^ varia diatillans, citra Featum Omnium Sanctorum in slatum debitum 
reparetnr, tub pena vi^nti libnnun tocieua eommittendarum quoden* 
c«asatiim fuerit in aliqno preminsarum, pro nontro converlancUruoi arbitrio 
■dpnp-iii uBus Eocleaie supradicte. — Et, ne quia super hiis que jam ordinanmua 
Bam- ad reatanrodonem dicte Bccleaie se poBsit inposterum excusaie, tibi, fill, 
'<"■- Sacriata predicte, committimus et mandamus quatinns bee omoia et ainguU 
que premiaimna et Fresentibua Literia amplactimur ia dictn Ecdeda Caoaa 
Bollempniter publican, et ad notidam omnium quorum interest deduci. 
Et quid super hiis teceris nobis, dtra Featum Nativitatis Beate Harie 
Vii^ie [8 Sept.], rescribaa per Literaa tusa Patentee harum aeriem goq- 
tinentea. — Datiun apnd Chnddeham, iij RsleiidaB Anguati [30 July}, Anno 
IdeptT Domini Hilleeiino CC" nonageeimo quarto. — Nos, itaque, eidem Domino 
W'a^-^lu^Qje, Exonien^ Epiaeopo, BUc<wdeDtee in onere et bonore, et eauilem 
J^i^Capallam noatram, CanonicoB, at odam Ministros ejuBdera, Bubaeqnenter, 
aecundo Die Juridico post Featum Bpiphania Domini, Anno Kjuadem 
Millesimo CCC^° nono, ex Officii nuetri debito, prout ad noa pertinait, 
actualiter visitantce, nonnuUoa iUdem invenimua defectua notorioa ; vide- 
licet, CandeUbri Poachalia, Veli Qiiadiagenimalia, Epiatolarii cum Ewan- 
geliir, et Frontalis eollempnii, ac eciam reporaoioDis quorundam alimim 
Omamentorum ; qui, quidem, defectua et reporado in prefatia LiWri*, 
qnadam certa pena adjecta si adimpletum non fuerit quod super boo 
ptecipitur ia eudem, anperius lunt eipresai. Uuda, cum dictorum de- 
Eectuum adhuc nullum factum dC penitus Bupplemeotum, vel alias sub- 
■ecnta congnia reparado eorundem, Commtiaarii nostri, quibus in hoc parte 
conuniaimus vices noatras, premiasis omnibua et singulis ^ue requirebantur 
de jures hujUBmodi penam, auodente Justida, pronunciarunt ««se twm- 
wiw™. in ipsiuB Capelle utilibatem, pro nostra dispoaidolle et arbitrio, 
convertoudam ; vobis nichilomiDus et oninibuB vestnim iiyungeDtea ut 
eoodam defectua onmea et BiD|pilo«, ac eciam unum oBser ad Paoran, Slolat 
et Mwi'pi'"* pro duubui panbus VesUmentorum, qui nuno oltia delMtua 

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niptriiu Domiiutna reBtant ibidaro, prout «d hoc tonammi, dtn. Featum 

Buti Uichaelu proxinio Duno TeDturam, mb pens Excommimioaiacniu^qiiun 

ezbino in peraoiua Testras, et Tcabnm BinguUB, qui sapor boo in mon 

(osiitu val eciMn fuarit in tnon, k. prmniK& aoa imp1e*aritu, aen impla- 

Tsrit, fweratiwjue inTsniri modis omniboa ac ecuun rapvrari, portailenuit ; 

qiuun, qnidcm, Sentendam, te edam omnia at lingula qne in litaria <Uoti 

Pradooeaaori* ncctri auperioB aunt eipraaaa, necnoo acta et geata coma 

CnmmJMaTUi nottrii anledietia, qoatenoa rita acU et gaata aunt, rat* 

^■^ habant«a et giatiL, ea, prout ad noe pertinet, in DMniuo oonfinnuiraa. — Bt, 

Z^f. qoia iDVenimuB inter oetara, in eadem yiaitaoi<aie, quod Vaatimenta, Calica^ 

nant ad Libfi, et alia Onuraenta ipdua Capelle, per Caooniooa ibidon faaotanua 

Cuon- inventA, et quorum invendoiiii et repandonia onua, eura naocMe fuarit, ad 

°^' ipaot Canonicoa ipectare dinaecitw, que Ad ootidiaoum naom Sacardotnn^ 

Vlariai m Navi dicta C^pelle pro FarocUaoia ejuadem oeletanndum, mnltocaan* 

^J^^~ deputabantur illkita et dateriorata aztitoant id in,in»»nm^ jj^et iUem 

Dtatoi PanxJiiaoi, vel edam Swanlotea, ntiUam pnnsus emMxbiciMMOl aen i«pan< 

Una- donem fecarint eorundem, tanore FmiiiaDin ^edidmaa at mandamoji 

9^1^ quadnua uaua Omamantonun pradicttsum quoad ParoohiaDoa et PreabitanM 

1 utnitatam dicta Capellcs pro d 
oonverteodara, qoodena contra beo actum fuerit vel aliquod t 
Premisaa, vero, omoia et mn^la, qna tarn in litem padati Predeoaaaon 
noitri quam edam hiia nostna Uteri* coulinentur, *olumua et predpiniua, 
aub penis auperiua aonotatia, finniter obMrmi Et, cum parnm nt jan 
condara vel atatuts iMere Canonica, niai ait qui eadem tueator aeu legttinw 
exequatur, tibi DomiDoWalt«ro,DuneSacruteet CanoQiro.tencTe PrcBonciaiii 
oommitlimut et mandamuB, sub pena Eicommunicadonia finniter injon- 
gentaa quatinna de obaerracioDe et ezRcudone predictorum omnium et 
nDgularum,quatcDustibile(^UmecoDBiara poterit; necnon que de preauaaia 
fuerint ohaervata et que non ; oujua, eciun, de aiadem val eonunBliquo tema- 
nmua liolatOT exialat, per Teatns Patentee Literaa, hammBeriem oontinentaE, 
dtra dictum Featum Saucti Michaelia noa reddaa diludde oerdores. — 
Datum apud Chuddebam, tarda dedmo die menau Januani, Auuo Domini 
HiUeumo CCC-> nono [1309-10]. 

. an, lalutem, eta — Quia aoe nuper in «dein Capeila, aeouDdau 

moram FredeooiKirum noatrorum, debite Viaitadonia OffiduDi impendentca, 
non iuTenimuB aliquem qui uoe in eaculeutia et poculentii, juila juria 
exJgeDdam inibi procuraret, vobia oommittimus et mandamua quatinua 
canonioa moneatia et elBoadter indueatia omuea et aiiigaloa predicta OapelI« 
Canonicoe Prabendatoa noatre Vintadonia OCBdum tunc tamporia BubeontoB, 
ai pmentca fueriot, vel ipaia abeentibua eorum Procuratoraa, ai quoa dimi- 
■enut ; alioquin in predicta Capella, per publicum edictam oonm Ckro 
et popnlo propositam, — quod una votoscum aatiiifadant nobia infra viginti 
diea a tempore huiuamodi mouidoaum, qiiaa fieri volumua, raoaptia PiPiMBn- 
tibua, nt premitUtur, indilata, de <^oadra^ta aolidia ateriinaonim, pro 
Procuradona naatr* de die ipaiua Viattadonia, et oocasiDne ejuadem TiaitB- 
douia, uoUi infflcieDtar debite ab eiedem. Quod «i monickmibaa Taatn, 

Sautandas, al oporteat, i 

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dk, Tcov, reoepoHiiiu PreaenciDm, et quid aupar hU* ditieritu fuieDditm, 
nobn atit CarniiHirium par vestraa Litaraa Patento, harum ««riein oon- 
tinentei, dOoade reacriMtu. — Datum apud Farendone, juzta Aaltona^ 
■axtodedmo die Jamuiii, Ajxoo Domini UiUediao CCC° aono, et ConaO' 
cnwioaii DOBtre Anno sacuodo [ISOfi-lO), [Hie maigiiukl referenoca, 
UiTouglioiit, were added bj Biahop Qrandiuon]. 
The following Documents relating to Bosham have also been 
bound ap with the Register, at the oeginning: — 

bL ii**- Rez TenenbOi in Chriito Patri J[ohaimi de Langtona], eadem gauiti 
Bpiaoopo Cioeatrenii, et ejus Offlciali, et eorum Coamuaaariia, lalutam. — 
Cum Dommai Henricua [III.], quondam Rei Auglie, Prugenitor noater, 

aCartun ntam qnam itupciimuB oonceHaiBset at coaBrmaaset, prd aa et 
libua auia, ^llelmo tunc Eiuoienu Epiacopo, PreJecneori Venenlulia 
Patria Walleri, DUDD Epiacopi ejuadem Loci, Capellariam de Boeeham, cum 
Muteria de Chudeham in Comitatu SuBaaiie, et cum Manerio de Fkreudone 
in Comltata Sathuuptoiiie, et cum Manerio de Horaeleghe in Comitata 
Sturie, et cum omnibiu tenia, dedmia, feodia, Bervidia Advooaoiouibua 
Ecdenanim, Colladonibua Prebendarum, et omnibua aliia pertiaeDciia 
aula, et cam omniboa libertatibua et liberia CDHauetudiDibua ad eandem 
CweUsriaia et Haneria prsdicta pertinantibuB ; ac pr«(stuB Waltenu 
Epiacopua et Prsdeccasoree eui, Epiaixipi Loci predioti, aemper haoteaua 
a tempore oanfeccionis Carte pradicte Capellariam predictam et Maneria 
|K«dicta cum terriB, decimiB et>^ (uf lupm), pacifice leDuerint, ut dicitur ; 
Noa, ooncesaionem predictam manutenere voleutes, ut tenemur, vobi* 
mohibemus ne ipaum Epiaoopum auper Capellarin pradiota, Cullaciouiboa 
Prebendarum, libertatibua, aut iibena conauetudinibiu, seu aliia quibuB- 
omnque ad Capellariam et Uaoeria predicta virtute Carte predicts 
apeetantibaa, trahatja in Fladtum in Curia Chriatianitatia, nee aliqoid 
in hao parte attemptntia, aeu per aljoa attemptari tociada, quod in ener- 
vafionem Carte predicts opdere vileat quoquo modo. Et ai quid hactenua, 
per VOB ant veatitM, io bac parte minus rite att«inptatum fuerit, id. Bine 
diladone, faoiatia, eiigente Jueticia, emendarL — Teste Kege, apiid Weat- 
monaiterium, xxz die Junii, Anno Rsgni noatri quaitodecimo [1321]. 
— Bt memorandum quod comdmile BrSYe in forma directum (iiit ArehidiacoDO 
Ciceatrenai, et ejus Offidali, ac eorum Commineriis, sub eadem data. Et 
fiiit Brere, directum Epiaoopo, etc, traditum HagiBUt) Roberto da Derbl, 
OtHdali auo, in Ecdeaia de Boaeham, Becundo die Julii, Anno Domini 
W CCC°>° uj° ; et aliud Brere ti«ditum fuit Uagiatro Willelmo de la 
Lej'ne, Ufficiali Archidioconi Ciocstreoaia, eodem die. 
— Roz Veonabili in Chiiato Petri, J[ohBnni]. eadem graoia E(nacopo Cicea- 
trenai, et ejua Officiali, ac eorum CommiBsariia, Balutem.— Cum Ecdeeia de * 
Boaeham, quam VeneraUlia Pater, Willelmua, EionienaJB Episoopua tenet 
de fundadone Pn^enitorum noBlrorum, quondam Regum Anglie, Libera 
C^ielle QOatre ezlBtBt, et a tempore dicte Fundadonia aemper hactenua ab 
omni Jnriadioaione Ordinaria, aiimt oetere Libere Oapelle noatre, ezempta 
eaae oonanererit penitua at immnma, ut dicitur ; tob oialiilominua hnjua* 
modi Joriadicdooem in eadem Eodeaia eicarcetis jam de noro, in noatri et 
hiaiuB Einacopi prejudidum, necnon libertatia Capelle noatre prediole 
durogaoionem muiifeBtam. Et, quia nolumua quod nobia aeu ipai Epiaoopo 
pr^ndioetur, aut edun libertati predicte Capeile uoatre deroRatur in hae 
parte, rotoa wandatnua quod, ai ita eat, tunc ab hujusmodi Jurudicdone in 
eftdem Beoleeia ezceroenda deeiitatia. Et d quid qnod in noatri aeu diotl 
^daoopi prejudidum, aut libertatia predicts denwadonem oedere valaat 
per TOB in hao parte indebite fuerit attemptatum, id due dilaciona oorrigi 
ladatit ; oe querela ad dob inde perveniat iterate. — Tnte Regt, ipud 
Dovorriiun, iziij die Maij, Anno Bcgni noaM aeito [ISIS]. — Hoo Breve 
tnditam Mt predioto Hafpatro Roberto, predicto die^ a^nd BOMtum. 

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[Anothflr Royal Letter — "Prohibicio HegU puper Juiudiccioii« BoBeham" — 
■ddnaaed to the Buliop of Ctucheeter and to the aaiae effect, without 
date, bat, itaoed, erideotlr, in 1314, will be found on foL 86. 

— MBHOBAHDDti quod die Sabbetl in Vigilia Sancti Michaelis (SS SepL), Anno, 
eta. CCC™° quarto decimo, apud Bboracum, tiadila fuit quedun Petiino 
per Dominuro Eioniensem Episcopum Domino Roberto da Bardl«bi, ad 
CancelluiBm Domini Regis, ipsiua Regie aigillo privsto eignata, sub hac 
foTTOlt. — Here follows a Letter from the King to tjie Biahop of Chicheater, 
to the same effect aa the above, and, also, without date ; and the MS. 
prooeeda thm; — " Et poatea, prteente nichitominua CancellariD coram Beg«^ 
ID Palado EpiiOOpali apud Eboracum, die Lune in craatuio Sancti Hichaetia 
(SO Sept), aniiD quo suprs, Rei precepit ddem CanoellHrio quod fieret sub 
forma prediota. Et fuit dicta Peticio eipedita et Breve optectum sub 
eadem forma, da verbo ad verbum ; UDum, videlicet, ad Epiaoopum (^CM- 
trensem, et ejus Offidali ac eonim Commisaariia, et sliud od Archidaconam 
Lod, et OfGciali sue ac eorum ComnuHarii^ : sub Teste apud Eboracum, 
secundo die Octobris, Anno Regni aui octavo [13M] — Et memoiatidam 
quod Dominua JohsJinM de Sendale erat tunc Cancellarius Regis ; et 
fueruDt Brevia dupticata. Postea, in proiimo Parliamento, Londoniis, fuit 
dicta Frohibido, eo quod asserebat simplidter Capellariam de Boaeham 
esse liberam Capellanam Regia, ravocata, et alia ounci>eBa, qae •critntar in 
iiy folio quatemi proiimi' ; fol 86]. 

foi. 14- Proceamis hahitim in Curia Domini Regis contra ArchU 

diaconurn. Ciceatrenaem et ejus Oficialem, super liber- 

tate Ecdeeie eeu Capelle de Boseham: — 


Bdwardus, Dd gtada Rex AogUe, DoniiQUS Hibernie, et Dui Aquitanie, 

Hsgiatro Roberto Lejset.'ArchidiiicoDO Cicestrensi, et Roberto de Eciderby, 

Official! Buo, ae eonim Commiasariis, snlutem, — Cum Eccleaia de Boaeham 

sit Liber* Cupella nostra, et a Jurisdicdane, predpue quantum ad Chorum 

et Prebendos Eccleeie illiua, ac pDrsooas Prebendariorum Prebendamm 

illarum et Ministrorum Eccleeie predicte, exempts penitue et immunis, at 

didtur, ac voa in Chore et Prebendia Kccleaie predicte ac in peisonis 

Prebeodnriorum Prebendarum illarum et Hiniatroram Ecdesie predicta 

Jurisdiccionera Ordinariam exercere nitamjni, ut intelleiimiis, unde pliui- 

mum admiramiir ; vobia prohibemus, firmiter injungeDtes quod, ai ita est, 

tuno in Capella predicta, vet in Cboro seu Prebendie Ecclede EUiaa, ant 

pereoDia Piebendariorum Prebendarum illarum, sive Hinietrorum Capelle 

predicte, Juriadicdonem bujuamodi nuIlateDUa eierceatU, Qec in Dostri aat 

immimitatia prefate Libera Capelle nostre, aut Prebendariorum aen Hinia- 

trorum predictorum pmjudidum quicquid indebite facera preeutnatiB ; et 

si quid hujusmodi in premissis fecerida, id sine diladone aliquti revooetia. — 

Teete meipao, apud Weetmouasterium, ivij die Uardi, Anno Regni noitri 

octavo [1BH-16J; 14. 

A Itaekiamtnttim, — 

— Rex Vioecomiti Suneiie aalutem.— Pone per vadium et salvoa plegioa 

Hagistrum Robertum Lejaet, Archidiaconum Ciceatrenaem, et Robertum 

de Endreby, OfBdalem ejus, quod sint coram nobis a Die Fssche in iv die*, 

ubicumque tunc fuerimue in Anglia, oatenauri qaare, cum Ecdeda de 

Boaeham sit Libera Capella nostra, a Jurisdicdone Ordinaria, predpae 

quantum nd Chorum et I^bendsa Eccleueillius,acpeisonaiiPrebendariomiQ 

Prebeudnram illarum et Ministrorum Ecdeeie predicte. ac in persoois 

> Le. toL lOS, where the tvio Dccumeuts Marcb,8Bdw.n.),— (2) jHooliaiK*- 

printed immediately below are en- tuneontraArthidiaconumOkutraimm 

tared,— <1) "Prohibieto Bmham (17 <S Ibn^ 8 Bdw. UJ. 

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hrteodMioram pMbcndatnm illwvm at IGnMnram Bedad* pradiota 
Jiifiadicxuoiiam OidinarUm eierosra pmampaeniat, in noatri oontemptam 
-*, Ragie DigniUtia noaUe prejudielam nunifeatum, at atmtn ProUbkianam 
--■ n. Eth*'^ -^ • ' ■ .- -— - . ■ 

Ptacita earam Dtmiao Begt de Teratino SaneU TrinitatiM, Atum nana: 
SatiiJo cU":— 
Hantter Bobertua Lejwt, ArchidiaooDua Cioeatrenaia, et Eobertiia da Eudraby , 
OScialii ejus, attacluati fueruot ad reipondsudum Domino Rcgi de Pladto 
quare, cum EoctetiA de Boaeham ait Libera Citp«IU Uomiai Regla. et a 
Juiiadiocioue OrdinarU, precipue qumtuin, etc (u( lupra), Juriadiooiotteni 
Ordiuariam aiercera preaumpaerunt, id Regia oaDtemptum, eto. (ul tupra) ; 
et unde Dominus Rei, per Johannem de Nortone, qui aequitur pro eo, dicit 
quod, cum Eccl«aia de Boaeham predicts aib Libera Capella Domini 
Regis, a JuriadiociDne Ordinarik, precipua, eto. (ul tupra), eiempta pen- 
itna et imiDuiiia et predioU Arcbidiacouua et Offid&Us ejus JurtBdicdonein 
Ordinariam etc (ul tvpra), per ae et suoa, Domiae ipsonim, preanmpaiaaaDt 
eiercere, propter quod Prohibido Regis eisdem Archidiaoono et ajua 
Offictali mieaa fuit, pro ipao Domiuo Hege, et eisdem liberat*, lidaUoet, 
die Jotis {tit) in Fwto ^cti Laureodi, Anno Kegni Rogta nana ootavo 
[10 Aug., 1314], npud Cskbaio, per Willelmum de Watergate, in preaenda 
Ricardi de KHiyngtone et Ricardi de Otery. ne hujusmodi Juriadic- 
cdoDem Ordinariam exer(»rent ia eadem, prediuti Aroikidiaconua et ejua 
Offlcialia, Don obataote Prohibioiane R«gia predicto, eondem EccLeaiam, 
que Libera Capnlla Itegia eat, etempta et immunia, ut predicitur, ingreaai 
aunt, et Juriadicciouem Ordinsriam in eadem eiercere preaiimpaarunt, 
viaitando Cborum et MiDiBtroa Chori in Choro, et aequestrando bona Canon- 
ioonim in Prebeudls auis, videlicet Domuiorum Thome de Stapeldona, 
Roberti Herewardn, et oliorum Canoniconim ibidem, et t^neDdo et oele- 
buido in eadem Choro Cnpitula, et aliaa diTeraaa injuriaa in hac parte 
attemptara preeumpaeruat, et de die id diem attemptare ^eeumunt, in 
deiogBCionem libertada Caprtle ejuadea) Rsgia, nt il%ie Dignitatia aue 
prejudidum, et oontemptum ipaius Domini R<^ mille Ubria ; et hoc oSert 
TeriScare pro ipao Domino Rege, etc. Et predict! Archidiaconua et ejua 
Offlcialis, per Tbomam de Shawe, attornatum auum, venerunt et defen- 
demnt vim et injuiiam, at quicquid eat iu oontaniptum et prejudidum 
Domini Regia, etc Et didt quod nullam JuriadioaioDem Ordinariam in 

Sredicta Eoclesia, in Regis prejudidum seu oontemptum et contra ejuadem 
egis Prehibidonem, eiercuenint aeu attemptare preaumpaarunt, quia 
didt quod predicts Eccleais, que predictua Johnnnea de Kortoue didt 
eaae Capella Ubera Regis, est PorochiaJia Eccleeia et animabua uurata, 
et iuira limites aui ArchidiacouBtus ; et quod ipse tempore quo 
Epiaropua Cioestraniiia aibi predictum Archidiaconatum conferebat, invenit 
Archidiaconatum auum aeidtum de Jurisdiccione Ordinaria, etc. ; et 

rod omnea predeceeaoraa aui Archidiaconi seiaiti fuerunt, etc., et Juris* 
cionem Ordiuariam, siua iaternipcioue, eiercuerunt in Rccleda predicta, 
ut in Parocbioli Eoolwia et aaiinabiiB curata, et infra limitea, etc Et ipae, 
et OfflcialiB auua pradiotua, Jure Ordinario, prout predeoBssorea sui, feiMTunt 
at eiercuerunt, et nan in eontemptum Domini Regia, aicut eia imponitur. 
Et de hoc pooit sa super Patriam. Et prediotus Johannea da Nortone, qui 
aequitur pro Domino R^e. didt quod predictus Archidisconus, aeu ejus 
Offldslis, non dedicunt quin predicts Eccleeia ait Libers Uapells DonunI 
Be^pa, et cognoacunt quod Jiiri^icdonem Ordinariam eiercuerunt in eadem ; 
et petit jumdum, etc— Diea dntua eat eia, etc, a, die Sancti Hillarii in it 
dies, uUcumque, etc Ad quern diem predictua Juhannea deHortone, qui 
aequitur pro Domino, eoiam, Robertua Layset, Aicbidiaoonua, et ejua 
Officialia, per predictum Thomant de Shawe, attornatum auum, etc. vena- 
runt. Et predictua Robertui et ejus Officialia nidiit oetendunt quare 
Juriadiodouem Ordinariam, nt premittitur, exenKTe debaaiit, dm dediouut 

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quin pndkU Eooleaia de Baaaham rit Iib«t« 0^dl> Ragii, et a Jariadio- 
CHme Ordiiuria. pradpue qnantum ad ChonUD, etc («( tapnt), ezmnpta 

riittu et immunia, ut plenioa aupradictum eat, etc Unde idim Johanitea 
Nortixw petit judicinm pro Domino It«ge de reoognidone ana pradicta, 
etc Et pradictuB Ardudiaoonoa et ejna Offidalis, per predietum altor- 
nattim nium, dicnnt, ut priua, quod omcea predeocaaorea Boi Archidiacuni, 
etc in predicts BcdeeU etc {tit wpm), eemper JuriadiocioDeni OnJinariam 
wipradKtam, ut in Viaitacionibua, CorrecdoDiboa, Citacionibua, Sequeatra- 
dooibuB, et aliia que ad OKdum Archidiaaoni, tarn in dicta Bodeaia qnani 
in aliia Bodeeiia Paiochialibua, et infra limitee eorani Archidiacooatna. 
periiiiaenint, (aeimklia, padfioe et aim intarmpdone exercueruut^ et ex 
qao ipee Amhidiaocuui Inveuit prMlictum AtdiidiBcoiiatum anum adaitom 
de hnjuamodi Juriadicdouibua ; petit judidum d Domiiiua Rea acdotMm 
habere debeat Teraua eum ooDquerendi de aliqua injuria din beta in tempo* 
Buo, etc ; ai quo predicta Ecicleda de BoBeham eat Eccleda Parodiialia et 
aninubua cuiata, ut pradictum eat. et omneH Arehidiaconi, predBoeaorea 
aui Ai'dudiaooui, etc., Juriadicdonea Ordinarias in dict& Eodeaia, ut ID 
Bcdeaia Parodiiali, etc., eiercuemnt, prout ipse paratuB «t verificare per 
palrilin,' vel prout Curia, etc. — Dies datus eat ds, etc, a Die Paache id xt 
diee, ubicumque etc, aalvis radonibua ei atraqua Parte proponendia, eta, 
Poatea, ad prefatam zv Paaobe, predictus Jobanneii de Nortone, qui aeqaitor 
pro Domiuo Rege, Tenit, et predicti Archidiaoonua et ejus OfGdalia, po' 
Tbom/im de Shaire, attomatum, etc, aimiliter venenint Et di« d^4ia 
eat da in Octabia Sancte Trinitatia, ubicumqua, etc — Poetea, in Octabia 
SancteTTiDitati8.Aiino Kegni Regis nunc dedmo [1317], piedictua Joluuuna 
de Nortena, qui aequitur etc, et predicti Archidiaconua, etc, per Thomam 
de Shaire, etc, dmiliter veneruut. Kt datuB est eis dies a die Saneti 
Hichaelia in xv dies, etc — Poet«a a die Saneti Hidiaelia, xr dies, Anno 
Bagni Regie nuno undedmo [1S17], predictus Johannea de dortoiie . . . venit 
et predicli ArcbidiaconuB. etc . . . veueniut, et datua est etc a die Saneti 
Hi&BTii, etc, salvia racionibua, etc Ad quern diem predictua Johannea 
etc, venerunt, et datua eat eia diea a Die Piauhe iu trea aeptimanaa, 
etc Ad quem diem predictua Johannea de Norton?, etc, venerunt^ et 
datoa eat eta djea in Octabia Saneti Joiiannia Baptiate, etc Ad quan 
diem RicarduB de Kortone, etc, venenint, et datua eat, etc, in Oi^bia 
Saneti Michaalia, etc Ad quem diem predictus Kieardua, etc, Teoenmt, 
etc., et datuB etc. in Octabia Saneti Hiilarii, etc Ad quem diem Adam da 
EVncham, qui aequitur pro R^, etc . . renerunt, et datua mt eia dies a 
Die Paache, etc Poetea, continuato inde Prooeaau usque in Quindenam 
Sanote THuitatia, Anno B^i, etc, duodecimo [ISIB], etc ; ad quem dion 
predictuB Adam, et predicti ArchidiaoonuB, etc, venerunt, et queaitum cat ab 
eia id aliquid ulteriua dioere relint pro Parte aua, etc, quam priua diienuit 
etc. ; qui, quidem, ArcbidiacoDua didt, ut priua, quod Eccleeia de Boaeluun 
eat, etc. (ut Htfra). Didt, inauper, quod predicta Eccleaia, quam Dconinaa 
Bex didt eaae Capellamauun Liberam, non eat in poB ac a ri one Domim Regia, 
immo in poBseeaione Epiecopi Exonienda, jure perpetuo Ecdeaie nie Exon- 
ienaia, qui quidem Epiacopua eet Patronua ejuBdem, et dat Prebendaa in 
eadem, etc Per quod didt quod ipee non est tntwgtcssua er^ ipaum Domi- 
num Regem in aliquo, etc, eo quod ipee nichil aiiud fedt tun quod Juria- 
diodonem Ordinartam eiercuit, prout predeoeaaorea aui fecerunt, etc Et 
predidiua Adam qui eequitur etc, didt quod, cum predicti ArchidiaooDDa et 
ejoa OfBdalia auperiut allegavit prediclam Bcolcaiam de Boaeham eaae Par- 
oohialem et animabua curatam, et quod ipee, et predeoeaaorea aui ATchidiaeoni 
etc, Juriadicdonem Ordinariam aine intemipdoDe exsrcuerunt in e«dein, 
et non in contemptum B^ia, etc ; et modo aaaenint predictam Ecdedam 

' "per jxUriam u dtfendtrt ~ 

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T*^ fif tn r " w ^"n* ^^"TP w' "tX '"^TT'^ir|iiiMiiiiiii«Triilinnplirrniilniiil». 
Pttruii ajiud«in, «ta. ; que, qoidani, EwpoMio aliaia eubim augil qium B«- 
qpODBio pnosdani. Petit Judidua d Ad utraaqae Rnpoononea qna diTenos 
exitni ezipuit m teiMre poniDt, eto. Et niper bood^al NldlM tl^ooram 
BegB, a die Saocti Hkhulu in it diei, nbicuioque eta Et quia Curia Rsgia 
TQlt oardomi tupar jure Ragii par librum At Donuaday de libertaU 
Capalla predicts, n, etc, mandatuu eat Tbeniirario et Baronibui de 
Scaocario quod, acrutato Libco de Donwadaj, id qnod inde inTeoiri eon- 
tigerit Ragi diatincte et Kperte mittant, ad pre&tum Tenniuutn, ntaoumqua 
eto. Ad quam diem datua tat diaa Partiboa, «orain Rega, a die Sancti 
BiUarii in zt diea, eta Et deinde datua eat din Fartibua a Die PaadM 
la tna aeptiiiianai, ooram Rege, eto., Audo RaS'^ Regia nuno doodammo 
[1S19]. Et, aioat priui mandatum eat tam Theaaaniia at Baronibua 
de Scaocario quam Theaaurario et CamarariD, etc, qaod, ■orutato Libro 
de DomMdar, et utmlitar Libro Fsodorua aliiaque eTideooii*, Bool«nam de 
Boartuun tangcmtibui, id quod inde inTemri oontiftarit Re^ mittant ad 
pTE&tum Termiuum, ubicumque eta Ad quern diam predicti Theaaurariua 
et Ckmararini miaemnt reoordum lihri de DomaidBy, aub hill rerbia. 

fttltr Ttmu Begii ir 
X WiUelmoi tenet in 
tune erant l*i at dimidia: pro* iixvi^ hidii gelJarit, et modo rimiliter. 
Terra eat. Indominii) les* caruce et luii nltuii, cum I bordeliariii,* habent 
six carucaa. Ihi Eccleiia et irij servi, et Ti\j moliui de iiij" libria ixx 
denaiiit nunoa. Ibi due piacarie de Tiij aolidu et z denariii. Silva de tj 
porda. Ad hoc Hanerium pertinent' xj hage in Ciontra tempore Regia 
Edwardi, que reddebant' iiij aolidoa* iiij denaiioa, Modo habel Epiioopua s 
de Olia a Regfe ; et modo eat una in Uanerio. Totum Hanerium tempore 
Begia Bdwardi et poet valuit zl librae. Modo similiter zl librae. Tamen 
reddit 1 librae ad arauram et penaum, que Talent Izit* libraa. De ieto 
Hanerio habet Bngeler dua* hidia de Bege ; et ibi habet j caruoam et } 

/nltr Ttrra* OAttii B^ioopi in Ctmitalu prtdidc." 
Oabertaa^^HBoopiiB tenet de RegeEcc]«aiamdeBaeeb4U)],etde RageEdirardo 
tenuit. Hnio Eceleaie pertinebanl czij hide ; modo sunt foria tlvij. Hugo, 
filial Banulphi, t«iiet zzz hidaa, et Radulphus Kayiuedde" XTiJ hi^a, 
qoando Oibertue" reoepit ee defendit Eccleaia pro Izt hidia, et modo 
M. IS**- aliniliter. Terra eat In dominio aunt due caruce et iij villani oum zriij 
bordeUariia* habent Tiy caruoaa. Ibi trea inolini de ziiij aolldia, et xij acre 
prati, et j aaiina de ij aolidia, et j bags de Tiij denariia. Malgerua tenet 
de terra hajua Ecclane xij hidae, pro j. Hanerium Tumeye" Tocatur, et 
geldat pro viij hidie. Tbi habet zzzij villano* cum tIu caruoia. De eadem 
tern Scdeeie babet Rndulphua j hidam. Quidam CleriouB j hidam ; et 
quatuor Clerid j hidam communitra-. Ipd habeat iij canicaa in daminio, et 
uj TilUnoa at i burdellaricw'* hsbentee j caruoam et dimidiam, et EcdeaiB et 
preabitaii'* ibi et duo MirTi et j haga de Tiij denariia. Toti^ tempore Regia 

I Tlieae EztrMta were not Tory oare- ' TJi aoUdoa. 
fully made aa the following reaulta of * IxT. 
ooUatioD with the original will shew. "> bord[anum|. 
Bcdoda la epelt (Ecdeeia, tlwiugbout " Terra Osbenii EmaoopL 
— T. D. M.] " Oaberaua. 

' ' " Radulfua de Cattned. 

" TomeL 
" bord[ario*]. 

' Toton 

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Edwudl vsl«bat' oec libru, et po«t 1 libiM. Hudo nj libru i? aoUdia 
quod KpiaoopuB tenet, et tamei] habet do flrm> ii aolidoa pliu. Qiundo' 
Halgerui tanuit tj libm valab&t' et tuneii h&bet 1 lolidoi ptua. Qaod iM 
tenent iiij" UbrM et zv solidot T«leb Dedmam Eccleda Clerici tenoit^ 
fit nlet' zl *didoa. Tempore Regia Bdwardi pertioebat huic Uanario j 
hida in SIieiKiT&* Hodo t^et Waiinui, homo Bogorii* Cmiulia. 

Stiutxia : ^etawatiui el Baroita dt Seaeeario mwentnt reeor Jaw Libri 
Aoifonwt, nt& kiii vtHri*: — 

In libTQ Psodonm de Soaccaiio, in quiDta folio a prioeipio Comilattu SarricL 
— lati t«nen( de EpiKopo Bsoniaiid de Capellam <to BoMbain: Hioiirdna 
de OreiiBtede tenet doo teod* HUiUa in Thfuntejt de eod«m Epboopo. 
Nioholaua de Van^ duu letida in WtdlamintoDe de eodem EpiaoopoL* 
Philippna de Croft ij feoda HilitaB in Elneateda de eodem Epiactqxh 
lUdolpbus la Fallejae tenet nnum feodum Hililia in Stoke de eodem 
EioBoopo. Koardat de Prertona tenet dimidium feodi HUitia, in PrMtone 
de eodem Epiioopa 

Item, in nono folio in eodem Libro aic oontinefair: lati tenent de Bpiaoopo 
de Capetlvia de Bo«ehaiii:~Iticftrdas de Qrenatede tenet ij feoda HOitia 
in Tfaome7e de eodem Epiacopo. Nicholaus Wvaej tenet ij faoda UOitiB 
in Wollamintone de eodem Epiacopo. PhilipuB de Croft t«net ij feoda 
Hilitia in Elncetede de eodem Epiecopo. Radulphus de la Faleyae tenet 
j {eodum Hilttia in Stoke de eodem Epiacopo. Ricardua de Preetotw tenet 
dimidium f<odi HiliUa in Preatone de eod«n Epiaoopo. 

Item, in folio iv° in eodem Libro sio Eondnetor : Epiaoopus Eionianiii tenet 
de Domino Rege de Capellaria de Boaeham riij feoda Militia rt dimidium. 
Unde BicarduB de Tbomeje tenet duo feoda Hititi«, ei antique tempcm 
Bobertua de Elneatede ii feoda Umtia. Kicholaoa de Waned i] feoda Militia, 
Ricardua de BareotTD j feodum MilitiB. Ricardua de FreateUme dimidiam 
feodi HiUtia. 

Vtrtdkttun dt Botthtan: — 

DominuB Rex WiUelmua, qui reoit ad ConqQeatnm Anglie, dedit Hanerinm 
de Boaeham Willelmo mio Augeri et heredibua aula ad feed! firmam, red- 
dendo inde annuatim ad Scaccarium zlij libnia ai^enti arsas st ponderata* 
pro omni aervicio ; et aic tenuit, tota vita aua, Manerium illud, et heredea 
BuL Et, poatei, WiUelmua Harncallua tcnuit Manerium illud hereditarie, 
reddendo mde prediotom firmam, adlioet xlij libraa. ad Scacotrium Domini 
Seeia, areas et ponderataa. Rei, atitem, Henricua Fiimua antntaTit ad Scao- 
canum auum zii aolidoa de predicts flrma pro eecambio quod fedt Willdme 
Alio Eraulphi de terra de Bradebrugge, pro terra in qua nta (et Abbathis 
Senate Harie de Prato, apud Rotomagum, et t aolidoe, quoa idem Rex dedit 
cuidam Willelmo in elemoainam. 

Handaverunt, edam, tranacriptum cujuadam Placiti, uuper coram Juaticiaraa 
Domini Regia de Banoo habiti, ad majorem eridenoiam, in beo verba' : — 

I^adta apud Weatmonasterinm' coram Johanna de Uetyngham et Soctia mia, 
JuiUdariia Domini Regia' de Banco, de*" Termino Sancd Hillarii, Anno Regni 
Regia Edwaidi, filii Regia Henrid, dectmo octavo [1289-90]. — Susraiia: 

I "valelnt," MS. laadered " Qloucestenhire." I wm 

* az. unable, at the time, to identity " Wol- 
' Quod . . . ien[et] . . . Titl(et]. aamptone," which turna out to be 

* Icenore. WollaTJngton in Suaaex. 

' Rogeril. ' There is a aecond Copy of tbia Docd- 

* Ste VoL T. (Re^ BroneacombeX p. 67. meat od fol. 13g», with a few Tarieoi 
I take this opportunity of correctiog readinga which will be found beloiw. 

" 1, kind^ pointed out to me by ' apud Wednunnateriumi OmiKwl 

A alip, kind 
Bir John 1 

-_ - ..-I Maclean. " ComitatuM de * Domini JUgit], Omitted, 
Qlouceatria " abonld not bave ba«n » in Rettdo de. 

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— BogOTH k Bgod, OomM NorM.diia at Umm^Iu Ai^», mmtaaiibaa 
fmt ad napovdoiKliini Pairo, BfdwxMMi W«"«<ttf'i da PluAo qoai* IpM, 
■imul enm WQIdmo da la I^ns, WUlalina *lt« Hoka, junior^ Ropro 1* 
FniDsra,' at Bobarto la Sent, avaru ip«iiu EpiMO^ otpjt •( iDjnata datinnil, 
tBL id. oontav ndik et piegit, etc Et nnde pradfcAai* Kpiaeoiwit par attanatam 
Bnum, didt quod predictna Cornea, nmnl onni yndiato WtUdmo at alii^ 
Dis Dominiai proiima ante Peatam AaoanaioDiB Dondni, Anno Bafpil 
Dtmmii Regia nunc leito decimo [2 Hay, ISSSI oapit duo junMOta ipdaa 
Epiaoafa in Villi da Weatyngtona, in qaodam loM qui Towtur Qodnlda^ 
et Ob fugarit tuque tUneriam (uum* da Boaaham, at iUdom Iqjmta 
detlnuit qaoaaoDa eta. ; nuda didt qood daterioratoi art at dampnom babet 
ad nlenciaiD xl aolidonim. Bt inde prodadt foetun, ete. Bt CooMa TCoit 
. at dafaodit vim et iDJariam, quando, eto. ; et bom advooat predlotam 

I capdonem et jnota ; quia didt quod ipoe t«net Himdradam da Buoeham 

j de Domino lU^ «d feodi Bimom, infra pradnctum onjui Hondradi pre- 

I dleta villa de Wea^ngtoaa eat Et didt quod, oiiia qoidam Warinoa 

I ponariaa, Laurmdua meoaor, Rogerua Oaawalde, Heiuiaaa le Alcatmir,* 

I willalmua Hingolonde,' Robertui lAnreooe, WUlelmua Spirawike, Oar- 

I manui la Portere, Willelmua Jakea, Rngenii Coaemara,* Rioardua Bell^ 

ringere,^ Wariniu le Heawr, Radulidiui Oaamlda^ Jobannea le Pilni«(% 
' et Jobiuinea Jakea, villani ipaiua ^naoopt manentaa in quodam bame- 

lotto pndiate vil!e de EitTngtone," noD voiHrTunt ad lotam quam ipoe 
par Ballivoa auoa tenuit die Hennirii proiinut poot Quindanam Piadu^ 
Anno aecundo, apud Baeeham, diatriniit ipaa eoa, acilioet atnimqaatiiqae 
ipaomni, per uoam beatiam. Et, quia predictua Epiaoopua' non fedt 
nplegiari Did predicts duo jumenta, ignorat ipae quorum jumenta ilia aont, 
etc; Et Epiaoopua. per attomatum luum, didt quod ipte teoat liberam 
Ctodlam Domini Begii de BoBeham ad quom pertinot Uaneriom ipdui 
Epuoopt de Cbidham. Et didt quod ipae at predeoeaaom aui, a tampora 
quo Don axtat memoria, uai sunt quoil camoarU, oarattarii,* berfcarii," 
et omnea aervieutce ejuadom Haneni ad nullam letMl predicti Comitia 
vonira oouauevamnt, cum ipae intia idem Haaerium babet daoMiDaiiuiii 
et deoennam" ad paoem Domini Regia de eiadem obeervHidan. Et qaod it« 
ait, petit quod inquintur per paMam, eto. — Et Cornea didt qnod pradiottu 
EpiaoopDa nullam daoeunarinm vol deoennam in eodon Haaeiio babora 
d«Mt, nao habuit, niai jam tribua annia alapaii qnod uaorpavit aibi'* aupar 
Begom at ipaum Comitem decennariom et deoenoam. Et qnod omnea 
maoentcB intra pi«dictam HandredDtn dabent venire ad iUam letun, 
exeeptia hiie qui ad visum frendplegii venire non dsbont. Bt da boo 
wnit ae super Patriam. Et Epiaoopua similitdr. Ideo preoeptum aot 
Tioecomiti quod venire faoeret bic a Die Sancte Trinitatia in quindedm 
diea xij^™, etc, per quoa etc: «t qui nee, etc, ad reoognaaoendnm inform* 
pndicta ; quia tiuD, etc Postea, in craatuio Sancti Hutini, eodam anno, 
vetiit tim predictua Epiacopoa quam predictua Comee, per attomatoa auoa ; 
et EJmiliter jumti, de conienau Pardum electi, qui dicont auper ncra- 
mentum luum quod predictua Epiaoopua tenet Capellam de Bosehani, qua 
aot Libara Capetla Domini R^pB, et Honerium de Cbidham limul oum 
hameletto de We«t7ngt«De, quod cot membnim ejuadom Haoaiii, que 
pertiDent" CMpdIe predicte ex Coltacione Regum AngUe, Prageoltorum 
Domini Regia nmio : in quo, quidem, Msneiio idem EpaDOpn* babet 
quoadam lifaore tenentee et qnoadam vilUnoa, qui fadunt aectam ad Hun- 

1 lePnmtn]. Pruner. ■ SWyn^fama]. Vet^ngtona. 

* prtHetuii. idam. ■ eartOarii]. Omitted. 

■ «t«>m]. Omitted. "> plousbmen — carten — ohafdierdt. 

* AlKtoiir]. Aiatour. >■ atitbingmaD— atithing. 

• SiitgdomWi Ingeltmd. " - " "" * 

• Cbaa x ra]. Ooaemera. 
f StBeriKgmi Bellaing^ 


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dndmn nretfiotuiii de Boseham.' 

habet in WM^rngtone, quod e«t n , _ . _ 

quoadun parvoi teaentaa, quoram quiUbei tecet trea acnw terre ; et mmt 
pro eiBdem tenentibus opererii offidnarii, ucut meuarii, berearii, poraarB, 
trituntOTGB, «t hajiumodi Bt dicunt quod iitiparTi ten«nte* Tenino^ 
hb par annam, oonm BiIUto jpdoa Bpiacop, de Cbidham, ad viaum mDni 
toiendiim, Mflioet p««t Paaeha, «t post Feetom Sanoti Hiohaelia, el ibidem 
P«r dsoMiDariuin aDum preaenboit «s ^ue prceentanda sunt ; et ftadnn 
eoram BalliTo illo de tnnigneaiombas id viaa iHo inTenUi fluDt ootreo- 
dmieB. Qneaiti' ai pradictua Wariniiii, et alii perri tfinentea ipmaa BpiaooiH, 
de WBBtyogtone, (actus ait per Ballivnm ipmua Epiacopi, aut ptr 
deodoDem pftrronim teaenoium prvdictorum, dicunt pet elMdonem ; 
ita quod quam dto aliquia electus fuerit in deoennarium ex offldo tarre 

at . iS**- ma pertinente debet esse decennariuB et meaaor. Et beue dioiint 
quod idem E[naoopuB et PredeoeBsorea aui hac eadem libertate in predicto 
bameletto de WeabfUgtone uri Bunt a tAinpoTe quo nan oitat memorik. 
Et quia ex veredicto iato eequitnr quod predictus Comee injuate oepit 
aTaria predicts, oonaideratum est quod predictus Episcopoa recaperet 
dsmpna sua que tazsntnr ad duos solidos: et prediotua Comes in miaeri- 
eordia. [Bisliop Grandiagon baa wriltan on the mu^n (fol. ISS*"), " Db 
Boaehsm et Chudham, oontra Comitem MareacaUum,"] 
— IGserunt edam coram Rege Cartam Domini Henrid R^ia, in heo verfa*. 
[There is a oop; of Uiis Charter in Bishop Broaeecombe's KegiBter, fol. 1.0. 
— aMVoLI-ipageSS]. 
Bt modo venit Adam de Fynebsm, qui lequitar pro Domino Re^, et 
predictua Hagiaier Robertua ArcbidiaooDUB, et edsjn ejus Offidalia, per 
attomatum auum venerunt. Et predictus Adam petit quod ei quo Unte 
evidende hie pro Domino Rege oatenduntur, et per quae liquere potest 
Curie didam Capellam esas Liberam, quod ip^ mpoQdeaot Dumino Itegi 
ntrum Capella predicta ait Libera necne. Et predictJ MsgUter Bobertna, 
Archidiaoonoa, et Robertus dicunt quod ad hoc non hsbent necsase ad 
preaens reepoodere, nisi tantummodo ad eicueandum trausgrceaiouGa per 
Dominum Rt^em sis impodtis, etc. Et dldt, ut priua, idem Ardudiaconoa 
quod Eodtai de Bogeliam est Ecdeeia Paroohudis etc {ut it^ra) ; et quod 
ipse, tempore quo Episoopua CiceatreniiB dbi predictum Archidisconatnm 
oonferebat, invenit predictum Archidiaeonatum auum seidtum de bujna- 
modi Juriadiodone Ordinsria, etc ; et ipse [et] omnee predeoeasorea sei 
Archidiaconi, a tempore quo nan eitat memoria, aoieiti fuerunt, ete., et 
Jariadiocionem Ordinariam. aine intemipdone, Bemper hucuaque eier- 
cuenint, etc (u( tupra) ; et didt quod ipae perdpit de eadem Bcd oda , 
annuatim, nomine Frocuradonia, unam marcam argenti ; «t ipse, et 
OEBeiBlis BUUB predictua, Juriadicdonem Ordinnriam, prout predeonaoree 
aui, eiercuerunt, et non in oontflmptum Regis, etc. ; et de hoc ponit aa 
Buper Patriam. Bt predictus Adam, qui aequitur pro ^.ege, petit qnod ex 

fcL 17. QUO predioti ArchidiaoonuB et ojua Offidslis non dedicunt quia pcedieta 
EooleBia dt Libera etc. (uf tttpra), petit Judidum pro Domino Rege predae. 
Et tuper hoc datuB est ois dies a Die 3sncte IVtnitatiB in xt dice, etc 
ad quern diem, eto. ; et datUB eat eis dies a die Sancld Uichaelis, etc. 
Poatee. ad diem Ilium venit predictua Adam, qui aequitur pro Domioo 
Sage ; et similiter predicti Archtdiaoonua, etc . . . et predicti ArdJ- 
diaconm, etc., petiverant ut priua veriQcore per patriam quod ipd et 
predeceasora sui, etc {ut tupra). Et predictus Adam . . . didt quod 
prediota Capella a tempore quo non, etc («l ivpra) et hoc petit aimilher 
veriQcere pro R^Bi etc ; ita, videlicet, quod quandocumque ideta DotniniiB 

' prtiictum di], predicti Comitis in. quam sectsm fadunt, aeu facen eon* 

* A clause is omitted here — " Queeiti ai aueverunt, ad Hundredom prediett 

predictiWarinnset aliiparvi teneat«e Comitis, de Boeeham, dicunt qnod 

ipdoB Ejdaoopi, de Waatyngtone, ali- non," 

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B«x poterit Mrraonui inpar imniiimt&te Capelle, etc. aliter per TOoordum 
eeu per ilui miinimentB >eu eTidsDoiaa qaovumaio, tam ante Tcrifloaoioaem 
patne qnun peat, quod vaificuaa Qla non oedat in prejadicdum, «tc., wt 
BCmper jiu ipdos Domioi Begis dbi in premiami ealTetnr. U<m preoaptum 
est Viceoomiti quod Tenire fsceret coram Rege > die Saucti ffilluii m xr 
din, utHcamque, etc iiiii;°', etc, quoram octo unt Uilitat gtadio dnoti, 
«tc. Pcetefl, a Kb Paache in tres eeptimanu, Anno Regni Regit nana 
quarto decimo [IS21], veait predictua Adam ds I^cham . . . . et limiliter 
predict) BobertuE Archidiaconue et ejntt Offldalia per Hugonran de Fam- 
done, attomatam Buum ; et nmilittn' junti venerunt, qui dicunt aupar 
Bacmnentant auom quod apud BoMham, ia Cbaro Ecolsde, aont «ei Oinon- 
id Seculares, hab«ntea Bex Prebendaa dirisas. Et dicunt quod Bpiaot^ 
Ezonicnsei, ex conceedone R«pjm Anglie, Progenitorum Be^ nunc, oon- 
faront Prebendaa illas, et Canonicos injilJCuunt, iostallant, et destitunot com 
fuerint deeljtuendi, et lioc propria auctoritate. Et quod predjirti Cukonid, 
■eu eorom Piebende, bona aua propria Prebendarum illarum, Tel eomm 
Miniatri in Choro Ecclesie de Boseham miniatrautea, nunquam per aliquem 
Archidiaconum Cicestrenaem, predecceecrem dicH Archidiacotii qui muioart, 
■vigitBti fuerunt ; neo aliquam Jurigdicdonom in eU eiercuerunt, quooique 
Dominus ArchidiaconuB H ejoa Offioialia qui nunc aunt, tempore auo, 
primo Juriadicdonem Ordinariam in predictia Choro, Canonida, HiDiatria, 
et Prebendia eiercuerunt. Et dicunt quod unua predictorum Canoniooraill 
tenet Prebendam que vocatur Prebendk Parochi&lia et Viciriam in corpere 
Eccleaie confert, et Vicarium oonatitiiit ; qui, quidem, Vioaiius OUr«in 
animamm Parochiaaoruin, in Corpore Eccleaie, extra Chorum habet. Bt 
in eodem Vicario et Parochiania, ac in Corpore dicte Eccleaie, extra Chcsum, 
predictua Hagiater Robertus Archidiaconua, et predeceaaorea aui Aichi- 
diaconi Ciceatrenaee, Juriadi<idunem Ordinariam eiereuenint. Kt anper 
hoc dice datua est Partibua de audiendo judido euo, ooram Bage, a die 
Sancte Trinitatia in xv dien, ubicumque, etc Et deinde datua eat eia dies, 
CDTBiQ B^e, a die SancU Hillarii in it dies, ubicamque, etc. de audiendo 
jodido auo, etc. Et deinde datua eat eia dies, ooram R^e, > Die Pawdle 
in trea aeptimanas, ubicumque, eta de audiendo judido auo, etc Et ddnda 
datua eia dies, coram B^e, a die Sancti Hichaetia in xt dice, ubicumque. 

judido Buo etc Ad quern diem predictua Adam, qui 
sequitur pro Dommo Bege, venit^ et predict! Archidiaconua et ejua OfflciaUa 
■hniliter veneruut Et, r]uta per Inquiaicionem predictam, in quam pre- 
dict! Robertus, Arcbidiacuiiua, et ejua Officialis, se posuerunt, oompertnm 
if^.ect quod Canonid Eccleaie predicte et eorum Prebende, bona aua Preben- 
danun tUarum, aeu eorum Uiniatri in Choro Ecdmie predicts de Boseliain 
minialrantea, nunquam per aliquem Archidiaconum Ciceetrenaem, M«de- 
oenorem pnidicti Archidiaconi qui nunc eat, vidtaU fuerunt ; nee aliqaem 
Juriadicctonem Ordinariam in eiadem eiercuerunt, quouaque predioti 
Bobertua Archidiaconua, et Bobertua de Endreb;, ejua Offldalia, qui nunc 
aunt, tempore auo, primo Juriadicdonem Ordinariam in predictla Choro, 
CanoniciB, Hinistrie, et Prebendia, contra IVobibudonem Dumini Begia, 
eiercnerunt, amaideratum eat quod predicU Bobertua Ajchididiaoonua, et 
Bobertua de Enderbj, ejua Offidalia, capiantur, etc Et inhibitum est 
pretatia Arcbidiacono et ejua Offidali quud nuUam Jurisdiccionem Ordi- 
nariam in predictla Chore, Oanonicia, Miniatria, et Prebendia, bonia et 
catallia Prebendariim predictarum, da cetero eiercenjit aau eiercere pre- 
aumant, etc^Poatea, a die Sancti Hillarii in it dies, Anno xtj° [1322-3], 
Tenerunt predict! Archidiaconua, et ejua OfBdalis, et finem fecerunt cum 
DotainoRege ; prout patet per Rotulum Finium deTanaino Sancti Hillarii 
predicto. [About a third (in the middle) of the page ia left bloDk here]. 

JJEon, Prottmu Aoitttu in iadein Curia eontnt Ithanntm, Spitooptat 
Oieatnntm, mptr eodem :— 
HUOBUDUK qnod quedam Pr^Udo diracU fuit Joluaqii, Eplaoopo Cioeo- 

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trand, Offidalique too, et eorom CammkMunto, oonoordkiw de ^f^.^ 
TBTbum illi que icrilritur budcb, iu pruiiB[ao utitw quatwni, rt <p» oidptar 
Archidiwono et ^jus Offidali Cioeabmui, «to. (aM p«8« S8)' 

jMocUamcnltim; — , , 

Bdwardu*, Dd gnoia Rei Anj^ eto., Vioeoomiti Siumiw Mlutem.— Fom 
per tsdium et alvoa pWioe Jobannem, Siusoopum CwertreJuem, at 
Robertum de Derbj, quoS uDt conm Dobia a Die Pwohe in if di«ul»- 
oumque tuna fuerimua ia Anglia, MtonBuri quare, cam Booleaw de Bowtum 
iit Libera Capdla nostra et «b omni Jurudicdona Ordinina, F«JP^ 
qiuuitmn ad Chonim et PrebendaB Bodeeie illius, et penopaa *™™" 
dariorum Prebendamm illarum, ot HiiniBtronim Eodeeie predict^ ^^"* 
Probondarum oarundem, eiempta penitufl, ut didlur, et immunia. Bt ""^ 
pro eo quod prefati Episcopus ot Eobertus, in C^U nortra ^«dieU, 
predpue in Choro, Canonida, Ministria, et >'rBbendi8 Ecdane preduto, M 
boni« Prebendttmm illarum, Juriadicdonem Ordinariam eieroere """^^^^ 
dout ei reUtu aocepiiouB plurimorum, dadem EpUoopo et Roberto diattiotB 
prohibemus ne aliquam JurwUcoiouBm Ordinariam in eadem CapeUa n<»t»», 
predpue in Choro, etc., eieroera, oec aliquid quod in noetri pra)udwauii» 
aut UbertatU CapeUe nortre predicte laeioneni oedere poanet, ahqoaMer 
attemptare preeumeDt Et d quid per ipsoa aut miniBtroo Buoa "J™"™ 
attemptetum esaet in fcao parte, id due diladone facerent revooan. pnaiea 
una. Epiaaopiia et Kobertua JuriBdiodonem Or dinariam in Gapdla noeti* pre- 
dlota, predpue in Ohoro, etc eiercuerunt, et alia nnbia prejudiciaba m 
hac parte oo ampiiuB attamptaTerunt, et adhuc Bttem^tare non deoEtunt, 
ea que per ipso* et ministroa auca in premiaaiB Bunt indahite attempt* 
tevooare penituB ditferendo, in noatri et Jnria noetri K^ prqudi^m 
lib^tatiBque Capelle noatre predicte leaionem manifeatam, ot conU* Pro- 
hibudonem nuMnin. Et habeaa ibi nomina plaporum et hoc Brero.— 
Teate mdpao. apud Newerke, secundo die Februarii, Anno Begni nortn 
texto dedmo {1322-8]. 

Placita eoroM Domino Rtge, «pud Eboraam, a die Sa 

BapUM inrndUt, Atmo Jtegni S^ SdieaTtU, FUH Affu Bdmard*, 
<ienmo antino mcipittiU. — Inlar Plaeita Segi*. 
8o»e«Kia.-- JohanneB,EpiBoopaBCice8trenaia,attachiatMfuitadrMpond(«dnm 

Domino R^ de Pladto, quare, cum Ecdcsia de Boaeham dt liibaiaCapeUa 
BegiB et »b omni Jurisdiodone Ordinaria, predpne tjuantum ad CnraTi^ 
etc (ut »Bpro), BieinpU penituB, ut didtur, et immunia, et Rei, pro eo quod 
prefatua Epaoopua m Capella Regia predicta, predpue ia Chore, et«. (i* 
wpm), JuriBdiodonem OrdiQariam aieroere intendit, dout ei relatu aocefat 
Bex plurimorum, ddem Epiaoopo diBtricte prohibueiit Bex ne ti tquam 
Juriidiedonem Oidinariam m eadem Capella BegiB, predpue et«, (ul Mipra) 
aliqualitar attemptare prBBUineret; et ai quid per ipeum aut m^sb«a 
Buoe indebite attemptatum esaet in hac parte id Bine dilacione hoent 
rerocari,— prediotuB EpifloopuB,Biiuul cum Roberto de Derby, JnnadiceaoDom 
Ordinariam in Capella Regie predicta, predpue, etc (iK ji«)ro)««rcmt 
eta (iK nipra). Et unde idem Domiuue Rex, per Adam de Fyndiam, 
qui eequitur pro eo, didt quod, cum Ecdesia do Eoeeham dt Libera Capella 
R(«i», etc («* n^>ro) ; et pro eo quod prefatua Epiacopua in Capella Rcgia 
predicta, predpue, etc {ut tvpra) Juriadiodonem Ordinanam ex«(oere 
intendit, R^ Prohibido eidem Epiaoopo nuBsa (uit, et libarata »nd 
Cakham, die Jo™ in Feato Sancti Laurendi, Anno Hogia nunc octaTO [10 
A«g.(t). 1314], per WiUdmum de Wateigate, ia ptMoudaRiourdi de Kilnn^ 
toneet Ricardide Oteij,ne hujuamodi Jurisdicdonem Ordmarumoxeweret 
in eadem ; idem Epiecopua, non cjatante Segia ProhibudiHie [iradic^ 
Juriadiodonem Ordinariam in Capella B^ mdicta exaromt, ut nnUtte 
Chorum, CammiooB, ot Hiniatroa Chori m Choro, et aequgatrando botti 
Caocouoonun in Prabendii aula, Tidelioet Thome de Stapeldone et R>>*>*™ 
He^ewarde^ et alioram OMu»ioivum M Pnbendariarapa lUdem, et tMimdo 

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CapituU aoA in eodam Chore, dtando Canoiiiooi et Miniatro* ejuad«m 
Chori td vemenilum coma ipao Epucopo, naponsuro* in CapHulii predlcUi, 
et «« Bospcmdendo pro eo quod corun eo in Capitulu luii non oompunanuitl 
at alia Domino Rcsi prejudidalu,^ videlicet, Epiaoopam Eiomenxna, qui 
Mt ejusdem Capelle Uecanui, eioommunicsjido, et ipaam excommum* 
catum per tjitam Diocodm suam publioe deaunciando ; ea que par ipnml 
sunt indebite attemptata Don revocando, set rarooare diSereudo, et^, in 
prejadicium RegU et litwrtAtiB Capelle Hegia predicte leaionem, et contra 
Prohibicionem BMgiam, etc., in cootemptum Domini Bagia deoem milium 
I'l.Iibnrum. flt hoc oObrt veriSoare pro Domino Rage^ etc. Et prediotua 
JohaoDea Episcopus, in propria persona sua, venit et defendit Tim «t 
im'uriam et quicquid rat in oontemptum Regii, ate Et dicit quod pradkt* 
Eccleaia de Boaeham non rat Libera Capella Domini B«gi>, et hoc puatna 
rat venficare, prout Curia Domini Kegia conaidenveTit. Et auper hoo quad> 
turn eat per predictum Adam, qui eequitur, eta, a pradioto El^aoopo, ao 
eciam per Justiciarioa, ai aliud ve&t dicere pro reaponaione in pngnini*, «t«i 
Et Epucopua didt quod ipse tenet ae ad reapouaioneia pndictam, etc Et 
predictuB Adam qui rtc, didt quod predictua Epiaeopua T0C*ttu rat ad 
Curiam hlc ad respondendum Domino Regi de eo quod idem EpiMmina 
JuHodicdonam Ordinaiiam ezercuit in Capella Regie predicta, oonlia Pro- 
bibicionem Regiam, mcut predictum eat, et non ad rrapondendom *a 
predid« Eoclraia de Boaehain ait Libera Capella I^gia nee ne ; aat idem E[ri- 
Bcopua Don dedicit quin Juiiadiccionem Ordinaiiam ibidem exenuit 
et eiercere prraumpait, oontra Prohibidonem Regiam ; neo hnjumodi 
foctum auum in hac parte juatificat use iuatifioare curat, ut Lock 
Ordinaiiua, set tanquam Juriadicdonem OrcUnariam non habena dtait 
quod predicta Bccleaia non rat Libera Capelle Domini RegU, et hoe 
Terificare pretendit ; que, quidenj, Terifioido aortjtur natuiam meri 
iuria super liberUte Capelle predicte et non ad aoquietacionam prediutl 
Mpiacopi quoad tranagreaaionem predictom, et que verifirado auper [ato 
Brevi de trsnagreaaione non rat acceptsnda. Petit judidum pro Domino 
B^e de predicto Epiaoopo tanquam indefenao, etc. Et predictna Epi- 
BCopuB dicit quod ex quo Daminue Rex cauaam iatiua quaiwe aumit ex eo 
quod didtur quod predicta Eccleaia est Libera Capella ipdua Domim Regia ; 
ad quod idem Epiaoopiu rrapondet quod Eccleda ilia de Bceeham UMi eat 
Libera Capella flegia ; et, d eadem Don dt Libera Capella Re^, tunc idem 
Epiacopus erga Dominum Begem in duUo in bac parte detiquit, et idem 
Episcopua Terificare pretendit quod Eccleaia ilia noD rat Libera, etc, videtur 
ei quod reapoDsio iata dbi Bufficere debet in hac parte, et >e tenet ad 
mponaioQem iatam. Et predictua Adam, qui sequitur, etc., didt, ut priua, 
quod Rpiacopita Cicratrenaia non dedidt quin Juriadiccionain Ordinariam 
eiercuit Id Capella predicta, precipue in Choro, etc, (ul nram) ; neo 
idem EpiacopuB didt quod ipee eat Ordinariua illiuaLod, nee quod ad ipaum 
Epiacopum quoTianioda pertineat Juriadicdonem Ordinariam ibuilam 
eiercere, nee aliquid aliud didt, nee dicere curat auper nbt, ut predidtnr, 
impoaiti^ nid tantum quod dical quod Ecdeaia ilia noD rat Libera 
Capella Befpa, et boo vmificare pretendit ; que quidem, verifioado non 
«at adnuttenda, ut predictum eat Petit Judicium pro Donaino Rege, at 
priOB, etc Et idem Adam ab iatia pro Domino Rage allt^Ua dod 
recedendo, Dec ea acu eorum aliquod relinquendo, nac {nvdidam reapon> 
aiuDem predict! Epiacopi aliqualiter acceptando, didt quod, ad plauorsD 
informadonem Curia in premiaaia, quod quidam Hagiater Robertoa de 
Leiaet, Archidiaconua Cicratrie, et Robertus de Enderby, ajua OfficuUa, 
aliaa ittacbiati fueiunt ad reapondendum Domino Re^ de oondn^ 
Ptacito, quare acilicet, cum predicta Ecdeaia de Boaeham ait Libera Capella 
Domini Regia, et ab omni Juriadiccione Ordinaria, predpue quantum ad 
Chorum, etc, {vf tajira), eiempta peoitua et immnnia, predioti Aitlii- 
diaconua et egua Offioialia Juriadiodonem Ocdiuariam in CbOTO, etc, pn b«, 
et mo* nomine ipaorum, «i«TGere jowumpaeruut, eta ; aupcv qno, qtaAua, 

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PUdto, quia Tidebator Cnrie quod eipedimu fait pro Dofoiiio B«ga 
ccraorari per Libnun de DomsMay, librum Fcodonun, et ilia diotam 
Eccledam taogeada in Thesauraria Regia eiiatenda, luper blMrtaU Ca^dla 
Bcgia predicte, mandatum fuit Thesaurario, Batoaibui, et CamerariK da 
Scaocario DoDuni Regis quod, acrutatiB predictis Libria at oliia evidsDciiB, 
mittoreiit ea que lode contigeret inveiiiri coram Domino TUige, ato. Elt> 
poal«ai, prodicU TbeaaurariuB, etc, miaeruot tUoordum Libri de Domodaj, 
in qao sub titulo qui dicitur, — lotar Terras Regis in Comitatu EiaaMiM 
oontinentur hee Torba : Kei Willalmiu tenet in dominio Boaehim. Item, 
in eodam libra de Domeeda;, aub titulo qui sic Bcribitur, — Int^r Tnraa 
Osberti Epiacopi in Comitatu nredicto, oontiaentur hee verba :—08bOTt«B, 
Episcopua, tenet etc (u< ntpm). Item, lubeoquenter, sub aodem titoJo, 
9. ooDtioentur heo verba : — Dedmam Ecclede Clerid teneut. Item TheeiHi- 
larina et CameratiuBmieerunt Reoordum Libri Peodorum (ub bijaierbis (id 
lupm), Itam, in nono folio («( OTipra). Item, in folio iv°. (ufntppo). It^n, 
miaeniat predicti Theaanrarius, eto., tranacriptum Reoordi cujundom Pladtt 
ooram Johsnne de Hat; ngham et Sorais buib, JuBticiaHia Domini R^ia de 
Banco {vl tupra) ; iu quo Recordo contini-tur quod per quandam jnratam, 
inter predictoB Epiacopum et Comitem ibi captam, compertum est quod 

EredictuB Episcopiia tenet Capellam de Boeeham, que eat Libera Capdl* 
lomioi R^is. Item, nuBarunt TheiaurariuB et Camerariue Cartam D<Hnini 
Hanrici quondam Regis Anglie, etc,, in qua, quidem, Carta cuntinetor 
(ii( tvpra). Item dicit pro Domino Rj^, predictuB Adam, qui Bequitnr, 
eto., quod per quondam jnratam coram Domioo Rege aliai captam anper 
predicto Pladt« moto inter ipBum Dominum Begem et prediotum 
Arcbidiacooum, compertum eat quod Epiacopi Eiomenaes, ex oonoeaaioiM 
Regum Anglie, Progenitorum R^is Doac, conferunt Prebendas, etc., («•< 
tupra) ; et quod predicti Cauonici, ecu eorum Prebende, etc., nunqoam 
per aliquem Arcbidiaconum CicestrenBem, etc vieitati fueruot ', nee aliquant 
Juriadicciouem Ordinariam in eiB eiercuerunt, qiiouaque diotUB Aicntdia- 
CODU^ et ejus Oificialia, qui nunc sunt etc (ut wpra), eiercuemnt Et dicit 
qnod ista omnia coram Domino Kegs alias trmBmissa, nt predicitnr, irrotulata 
simt in Rotulis Placitorum coram H. le Scrope et Sociis buib, JuBticiaiiia 
Domini Regis, ad Placita coram ipso R^e tenenda afwignBtia, proat per 
inapeccionem Rotulorum eoruudeui liquere polerit manifeBte. Cnde idem 
Adam, qui sequitur, etc, dicit quod per preoiisBa contenta in predictia 
Libris, Carta Kegia, et Kecordis, ooram Kcge alias transmiBEiB, licut pt^ 
dictum at, et edam per prcdictam jurstam, captam inter ipeuni Dominuin 
Regem et predictum Arcbidiaconum, suffidenter oetenditur quod Rei est in 
poaseauone libertntis Capelle predicte, quud heo eufficere debeot pro 
a^'.DonuDO Rage in bac parte ad faciendum Judicium oontn dictum E[m> 
im CiceBtrensem super tranBgresBione predicta, cum idem Episoopua 
Jurisdicdonem Ordinariam dunet io EcclesiB predicta, set tanquam 
a Jurisdicdone hujusmodi non dedidt quia Juriadicdonem 
■.mnnanam exercuit ibidem, contra Prohibidonem Regain, ut predictom 
est: petit Judidum pro Domino Rege, ut priua etc Et predictuB Cioea- 
trenstB(nc) didt, utpriiiB, quodpredicU Ecdesiade Boaelkam non est Liben 
Capella Domini Re^, et hoc paratus est vedGcare, etc ; at didt qnod 
Tidetur d quod predicta allegata pro Domino Kege de contentis in pradutn 
Libds et ^iia, etc, babent censeri ut evidende et non probadones. £t 
predictus Adnln, qui sequitur, etc, dicit pro Domino Rege, versus predietom 
Epiacopum Cioestrenaem, aicut piiuB, etc et petit Judidum pro Domino 
Beg^ ucut predictum est, etc Dice datus eat eis da audiendo Jndido in 
OctabiB Sancti Hiohaelis, ooram Rega, ubicumqua, etc Et iatsiiia scn- 
t«ntuT pro Domino Rege, etc, ei que, etc, sd pleniorem infonnadonem, 
etCj aeu alias ad benepbdtum Domini Rt^, etc Poetea, ad diam illnm 
Tenit Adam da PVncbiun, qui sequitur pro Reges etc Et prediotus Bpi- 
Boopna CioeotncuM, per attomatum Buum. Et Dominua Bex mandarit 
Bnm mum Jtutidinii hk in heo verba;— Bdwaid, pu la gnuw d« Dim Boi 

,ull»u , 

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GEBSRAL index — B08HAH. TS 

Daiglat«n« et Bfjgneur Dirliunds st Due Daqaitdgiiit ■ noa clun «t 
foiani Henri de Stauntons et Me Compaignoni, jiuticca da notrtie Bwink^ 
■tluz.— Nom TooB envcdomi una esqueata et an record ennmtdemetit od 
Latte« diaounea noi Justices et flerimunti, des queux toui eapums meuto 
estre enfooRDe du Plee qae peut entre doub et loDiirabIs nera en Diaa 
lercoqua de (Scntre, tooebuit noatre Pnnclie Chipelle de Boaeham, n *oa> 
mindoDU que voua en ejez aiia et faoec oultre, ceo qae toub Terns qne 
bee ataire aolonc loi et nsoun, aauTuit tote foii noatre droit. Done aoos 
uoali« were seal a Liverpol, le iiTJ jour Dottobre, Ian de uoatre Ragoe 
xT\j'°*. Et super hoc Dominui Bex miait quandam iDquindouem c^>tam 
CDiam H. de Stauntone, J. de Stonore, at R. de Halberthorpe, apud Bremel- 
Bchete. die Tenena in ciaitino NBtiiitBtu Beate Harie Vicvutia ptoitnM 
prwlerrts, per Commiaeionem eis (actam per Literaa Regiae Patentea, aub 
Magno Si^o, per BBcrameDtain tarn Militum qitam olionim pioborum at 
legaliain hominum, tam de Coiuitatu Suiweiie, in quo predicta E^ocleaia da 
Boubam aita est. qiiam de Comitatibua Sut^mptonie et Surrie, eidem 
Comitatui SuBseiie propinquiuribuB, In qua, quidem, loquiaicione cow 
tinetnr quod Capellana de Boaeham, tempore prime FundioioDia fuit 
eiempta et immunia, ut Libera Capella Regii, ib omni Juriediocioiie Ordi- 
naria, fundata et dotata per Pro^uitoree Regum Anglie, et litaata in aolo 
Regis qui tnnc temporia regnavit ; et quod quidam Rex poates oontulit 
dictun C^>ellariBm, que nunc nominatur a quibuadam Eocteaia de Boaeham 
cuidam tunc Exonieoai Episcopo, tenendam aibi et Suooeesoribua auia, adeo 
Uhare aicut Regss cam teouerunt. Et quod omnes Prabendarii predide 
Capallarie, cum ceteria miniatris et eorum bonis, a tempore quo noa extat 
memoria, fuerunt exempli et immunaa a Juriadicdone Ordinaiia DioceaanL 
Hint, edam, Dominua Rex Recordum cujuadam loquele habits ^t«dr 
Dominum Edwarduni, quondam H^em Aoglie, Patrem Domini Reps nunc, 
et Bobertum, quondam Archiepisoopum Cantuarienaem coram ipaa Domino 
Bege, Potie, etc. Anno Ragni siii triceeimo aecundo, de Fladto quare idem 
ArdiiepiecopuB in EcclaiiB Sancti Oawaldi, aiouceatrie, que est Liben 
Capella Regie de elemoeiiuB Progenitoruni Regia, quoudam Regum Apglias 
fundata, et que ab omni Jurisdiocione Ordinaria eiempts eat peoitua et 
immunia, Juriadiccionem Ordinariam eiercere preaumpait, in Regia et Regie 
DignitatiB prajudidum, et oontra Prohibicioneni Regiam, tito. In quo, 
qu^em, Reoordo continetur quod Judicium Super hoc r^ditnm fuit pradicto 
Domino Regi, eto., ooutra predictum Archiepiacopum. Item, Domino* 
Rei miait quaadam Literas quorundajn Justiciariorum, et aliomtn de 
CoDsilio R^^ exiatencium, quorum cuilibet Dominua Rex, ob pleniorem 
JO, infonoaraaDem euper libertste Capelle predicte habeudam, priua mandant 
quod, babito reapectu ad predioUa evIdeDdae oateaaas et propoaitaa pro 
Domino Rege, et maxime in predicto Placito inter ipsum Dominant R<{^m 
et predictum Arcliidiaconum moto, quod iidem JusUdarii, et alii de Conisilio 
H^lie. aingillatim reacriberent Domino Regi, an, adlicet, melius intenderint 
dictam Eocleaam de Boseham eaae Liberam Capellam Domini Re^, quam 
Don. Et super liiis quidam Juaticiarii et alii de Conailio, eta, miaemnt 
literaa snas Domino Regi in forma eubecripta ; — 
Tenor JJiitrt IftUeimi dt Bertforde, Capitalit Juitieiarii de Banco, talit at, — 
Traahonure 3eigneiir,~~voua pleee aaver qua ie ay receu vox Lettrea, pa- In 
quelea toub mares monde et obargez par lea sermenta que ie tour ai tiit 

Ceyant r^arde as evidencea que aont trouvez et botes pour tous aur la 
duae de le^liae de Boaeham, la quele Toua entendex eatre Toatre 
Franche Chapella, que aont cnatenuz en lee Records et Prooea dea Plsdc 
que nnt eate en Tostre Baunke, entre tous. Sire, et Meetre Robert de Leyaet, 
Arcediakne de Ciceatre, et Meetre Robert de Endrebi son Official, et oelui 
qne ore eet en meiame le Baunke, entre toub. Sire, et lereeqaa de Cioeabe, 
■nr meinue U Inmchiae, feieae ■ eaTer a Toetre Seignurie, le quel H me 
■emble mens qne oele Esgliae eoit Tostre Fraunche Chapele on nemye : sot 
qnde drasa pleaa ■ TOatre Saigunrfs Baver qus ie ^ legarde let andouM 

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que tout aouteouea an lea Baoordi et Prooes du Flee ootn Tooa, Si«, «t 
Hsetie Bobert de Leieet, Aroedeakne de (Sceatn, et Hestre Bobert de 
Bndrebf, son Official, et eiuemeiit, Sire, un tranaecrit de Domeedaj quo 
bt Enia avaot en Court, quant horns parla de la bueoigns qne tcomoigne 

que le Hauoir de BoBeham fu en ta majn Seiot Edward, et leagliae de 
Boiaham en la mayii leveeque Deiceetre, que adunques fu, et iesmt demon 
le dit Manoir en ma;na dee Boiii, et fii eo la mtiya William le Coaquennir, 
et la dita Esgliae en mayns dee ETeeqiies Dezcestre, mee par nulls apriaa 
que ie ay pnia ent«ndu, Sire, ie ne puis aaver que unquea puis eel tempa 

Jue la dite EsgUae devyDt en mayn de nul de voe Proganitoim, Sim, come 
not de la Coronne, meg par le dit Flee que fu en voetre Baunka entre 
TOQB, Sire, et Ie dit Ueetre Robert Arcediakne de Cioeetre, de ce quO avait 
ueee Juriadionon Ordinere en la dite Eeglise, ou il alleggea qil navoit aultre 
chose fait mea come sea predeceasourB aeeoient avant son tampa, but qnele 
choBS snqucete ae fiet, par Is quele tiove fu qil ni avoit unques Junadiodtxi 
Ordinare uaee en le Quoer del Eagliae, in Cboro Ecclesis, ea les 
Chanoigs {tic) illoeques, tantque le dit Meetre Kobert de son fait demejiM 
oommenoea la dite Juriiidiocion uaer ; dont il aembte Uen que le Qneor {tie) 
de la dite Eagliae et lee Chanoigns illeoqaee sont et defvent eetre eiemptea 
de Juriadiccion Ordinere. 
Ttnar Litrrt Walitri dt Norvico, Capitalit Baronii dt Scaceario, — Mon tret- 
noble et treeduttee Seignur, — A ce qe mande mavea de voua CBrtefiw lo 
quel ie entenke meutz qe loBglise de Baeeham, quele roue entendes eatre 
voetre Franche Chapelle, aoit tiele ou ne mie eauiit rsgarde as evidencea qe 
ount «eta monatreE et alleggez einz cea heurea en Toetre Court, an let 
Prooea du Plea qe lenz ad eate tenua en voatre Baunke entre vooa, Sire, 
et Heatre Robert de Lejset, Aroediakne de Ciceatre, et Heetre Bobert de 
Enderby aon Official, et de celui Flee qeet ore en voetre dit Baunke anin 
voua, ^re, et leveeque de Ciceatre aur la francbiae et la inunnnite de 
leegliBS avantdite ; saver pleas veetre Hauteece qe par lee ditea evidenoes et 
aacunea anltrea contenuee en un Enqueste ta priae par voetre c;oiDandement 
touohaunt ta diU busoigne, me semble qe la dite Eagliee piert meutc eatre 
xfi. franche et quite de Juriadiccion Ordinere de Dioceean que ne mie. Dien, 
Bire, par 3a peusance tdub donit bone vie et longs. Eecrits a Louudret 
lendemejn de Seint MlcheL 
Ttnor Liitrt Henrici Spigumd, Jvitidarii ad Placita coram Hegt, — Trea- 
honurable Seignur, — Yoillez aaver qs ie aj receu voa Letne, par lea quetet 
vouB mavei mandes et charge):, par lea aermentz qe ie vons ai fait, qs, eiaat 
leganie as evidencea qe Bout trovez at botai pur voos aur la franchise del 
EBglise de BoBeham, la quele voiu entendez eetre voetre Fnnchs Chapele, 

Saont oonteDUE en les Bacordz et Proces du Pie qe ad eate en vostra 
uiJie entre vous. Sire, et Meetre Robert de Ii^aet, I " ' 
Cioealrs, et Heatre j---— ■■ 
meiame Ie Baunke e: 

Francbiae, fait saver a voatre Seignurie lequel il moi semble meus qe oela 
EgliBS aoit voetre Franche Chapele ou ne mie ; aur quele ohooe pleae • 
voetre Seignurie de saver qe par tee ditea evidencea quelea aont mottm 
suT lee sermentz qe ie vous ai fait, il moi Bcmble meuz quele sMt voabv 
Frandie Chapelle qe ne mie, A Dieu, tresnable Seignur, qe Imgement 
pusBsta duier. Escrite a Weatminstre, le iij jour de Septembre. 
3>nar Lilert WHMmi dt Herte, Juiticiarii de Banco, — Treahonure Seignur, — Do 
ce qe voua mavea mands et charge qe, eiont regarde as evidencea qe aoot 
trorez et botees pur vous Bur la Franchise de l^Iise de Boeebam, Ie que) 
il semble mielz qe la dite Eeglise Boit voetre Franche Chapelle ou ne mie ; 
pleae a voetre treshaute Seignurie saver qe, eiaut renrde aa evidences en 
voetre Court mostrez, aemble a moi qe la dite Ee^iae fiiert mieli eab« 
franehe et quite de Juiiedicdon Ordinere qe ne mie. Dieu, Sire, par S* 
puasance voua doiogne bone vie et longs. 

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Tmer lAitn JaKanni* dt Mutfvrde, JtMeiarii dt Amm,— Tr«dtoniinbl« 
Bejcnur,— Is raaoan toi Lettres le Veodradj ftpraa lea UUtm d« Beint 
Kiobal. k Eferwike, qe lotsy ent qe ie vod> touidWM par met Latre* 1« 
qoel iao entenke mieli qe le^liw de Boaebam aoit Tcatre Fraunoha ChapelU 
ou noim. PloB a Toatre Qraode Seignuris BaTcr qe, eauot ngarde ai sri- 
deooea qe aotlt trorca et botoei par loua, Sira, an voalia Court, [a antanka 
miaiis ^Je aoit voatre Frauncha Chapella qe ne mie. IHen tugne Toatr* 
Ti^ Sire^ loDgeoieitt en bone laiintae. 
Ttmor Littrt Bogeri BtUr, BaTmi4 de Seaeauio, — Traahonure Bdgnnr, — De oe 
qe TOui nuTec manda et ohargei qe, eauot ngMde u aridaiioaa qe Mmt 
tncs et botes pur voni aur U tnnchiae del Eagtise de BoMbam, la qoiel 
3 moi aembln mieta qe la dita Egliae aoit Toatie Fraaohe Cbapelle oa ne 
mie ; plaae a rostra treehsute Seignurie aarer qa, aiaunt ranrd aa erideDoea 
eo Toa Pledz en voatra Court moatrez, et a* evidenaaa da laDqu«sle qa 
dairain fiut priae en meame le paiii pai voa Justicaa, mea CompaignoDs, 
quela enqaeate eate moatfee aa ploaura de loatra Cknieeil, il nuti nmble 
mielz qele aat Franche, eieoipte, et quite de Jnriadiooiun Ordinen qe ne 
mie, Sira, Dieu mentiagne Toatre honurable Seigntirie at lancnaae en 
honnr d Lui plait 
TmoT LUen Widteri dt PrUktnaf, JmtKiarii de jSohco,— Traahonora Saignor, 
— De c« qe tous mavei numdee et cbargei qe, ssunt raord aa eTldenoaa qe 
aont troTea et botei put toiu aur la franchiae de leagUae de Boaehua, le 
qniel la entenke miela qe la dite Esgliae aoit voati« Fnnohe Cbapelle ou ne 
mie ; pl«ee a voatre tnahaute Seignurie Hier qe, eaunt regard aa evtdenoee 
qe Bont troTei et botai pur tour en voe Pleds en Toatra Court, ie entenke 
mieoz qele eat voetre Fnocbe Clupele (lie) que ne mi& 
Ttnor LUert Jokannii dt Beuuer, Jmtieiarii de Jiatieo, — Treahonnrable 
Seignur, — A ce qe ie ay en mandement de roiu cartefier le qael ie entenke 
meulti qe leagliae de ficeeham aoit voetre Franche ChapJle ou ne mis, 
eaunt r^arde aa endenoea qe ount eate moatrea et botei pur toui en le 
Plba qe fuat entre Toua et Mestre Robert de Leiaet, Aroedeakne de Cioeatn^ 
et Meitn Robert de Enderbi, son Offlci&], et de oeo Plee qe ore est antra Toua 
et leveeque de Ciotatre aur la Ennduae de la dite EgCu ; pleae a Toatre 
Scdgnurie aavoir qe Totre Lelre moy Tint a Erennke le Loendi en U reille 
de Seint Luke, a quel tempe ie navej pea pleine ooniaaanoa d«a ditea 
eTidencea, pur ce, Sdgnur, qe ie fu molt bjUuib qe a U Court par Tea 
',„. tnandementi au tampa qe lea dltaa eriilencea furont en numiaunti; mea, 
Seignur, aolono U caniaeuice qe ie ttvoj dee ditea evidenoce, ou poej aTer, 
pua la receilo de Toatre Letn, par informacion dautrea, el del enqueate 
de oe nadgairea priae en pais, si aembla il miel^ Seignur, a moy qe la dite 
Eegliae eet quite de Jurisdicdon OrdtnBira qe ae tnie. 
Teaor LiUrt Willdmi de Fulbome, BaronU de Scaccario : — Treahonnre Seignur, 
— De oe qe toiu mBTeE cotulde et charges qe, eaunt regard aa endenoea qe 
aont trovez et botes pur voiu Bur la fraucliiae del Egliae de Boaeham, le 
quel il moi aemble nnelz qe la dite EagliM aoit Toatre Fnucbe ChapcJle 
oa ne mie ; pUea laver a Toetre tfeabaute Seignurie qe, eaunt regard aa 
eTidencea moHtrea et pledee en Toatre Court, et aa eridenoaa del enqnaat 
qe darrau fuat prise en mcame le pua par vol Justioea, quele eoquetta 
eat moatra aa pluaura de Toatra Conaeil, il me aemble melz qele eat FimDohe, 
exempt«, at quite de Juiiadlodon iWinain qa ae mie. Dieu, pur S« 
msKf , Sirt^ mentiegne Toatre honurable Beigniirie et liiiiiii imui en bonour 
li Li pleet. 
Tetter LUert OUberti de Touehdt]/, ttrtientU ad PlaeUa pro Bege-.—tnf 
honure Seignur,— De ce qa voua maTea mande et ehalge qc^ eaunt re^ud 
aa evidencea qe aont troTei et botei pur voua aur la franchise de Isgliw de 
Boaebam, le quiel ie entenke mielz qe la dite Egliae aoit Toatre Fnuohe 
ChapeUe on ne mie; pine a Toatra treehaute Seigtiurie mtbt an, eaunt 
legud aa eridsnoea qe aont Irores et botes par too* en tos Fledi hi 
TMtn Court, ie e&tei^e mielz qela eat Toatre Fnucbe Cbapelle qe ne mie. 

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i> propru Pi 
a BMeham t 


Tmer IMtn /akatuiii de Denomi, irvimtii ad Ftaeita fro Agw: — Tnihotmrs 

Sagnar, — D« m qe voiu zoxwrn mande et cbugs pv toe Lettras qe, wunt 

TC^ude ■> eridcDoea qe aont Iroica et botes poor voua nir U tmuihiie d« 

legliae de Boiiehain, le qnnl it ma aemble miels qe U dit« E^in soit lostro 

EVmhIib Chftpelle ou ae mie ; pkn a vc«lre trssbsate Seignuiis nTcr qe, 

eanb ragard u evideiian en to* Plodi en voatcs Court mosties, qa soDt 

fondai BUT l« Livne de Domeadsy St dea Fada et nir Clwrie da vo* 

ProgenitourB, et au dit de lenqueata qa puK entre Tone, ^ire, et leroe- 

dea^e de Ciosatra, et aur lattaoheiDaot de Prohitnoim de oe qil oae 

Juriadiccion Ordiaere en la dite EagUle, U aembla a moy qele doit plua toat 

eatra tenue voetre Fracche Chapele, ezempte, et quite de Jarudtodoa 

Ordinere qe De mie. 

Fieterea, queaitia Rotuliti do predicto Pladto inter Dominiun Ragem et 

predictum ArohidiaooDum Cieeatreiuem, compertum eat quod per juimtun 

Mptam in bac parte, in qua idem AjoMdiaconuB ae poeuit, quod apod 

Beaeham, in Choro Eccleaie aunt sex Canonici Seoularee, habeutea aez 

PrebeudaB diviaaa, et quod predioti Caaomd, aeu eorum Prebenda, bonk 

'a Prabendarum illarum, Tel eonim Uiuiatri in Choro BccUaie 

1 miniatiantee, nunquam per aliquem ArnhidiacoDDin Cioaa- 

tnoaem, pradeceaaorem predioti Archidiaooni qui nunc eat, rioitati fuamut ; 

nee aliquam Juiiadicdanem Ordioariam in eis exereuwuut quooaque dictoa 

Ardiidiaoonaa, et ejus Offlcialis, qui nunc aunt, tempore aoo primo Jmia- 

diodonem OnUniuriam in predictis Cboro, etc . . . azercueront ; ob qnod 

conmdenitum fuit quod predictuB Archidiaoonui caperetur ; et inbibitnm 

fuit prefato ArchiduiooDo quod nulJam JurisdiociDiiem Ordinuiam in pra- 

dictia Cboro, Canonida, Uiniatria, et Prebetidia etc de cetero exereeat, aea 

ezeroere preaumat. In quibiu, quidem, Rotulia predicte evidencie alias in 

pradicto Flamto inter Dominum Bagem et predictum ArchidiaooDnm pro- 

poaite et aUfgate aimiUter ioBeruDtur. Poatmodum, ommbua |M«mmii 

inapectis et diligenter ezanuoatiB per Juatidarioa hie, et alioa de Goaalio 

Begia tune pieacutea in Curia, et halato reapeotu ad prediotaa eridaociaB at 

premiaaa pn> Domino Bege allegata, oatenaa, at recordata, ac edant ad 

inteudonem et aTiuunentum prediotorum legia et conaiUi Heg&i peri- 

torum, acut predictom eat, videtur Curie laaooibua prediotU et ^lia, quod 

Jixli- predictoji EpiBcopua Domino Regi jiixta predicti Brevia ezigenciBin et 

^™™. fomum aodonia Reg^a in hoc caau, non reapondet ad querelun Domini 

I^*' Bagia, nac de traneKreaaione prediota aibi impoaita ae excuaat^ nee efm 

eonm dedidt. Et ideo oonHideratum eat quod predictua Johannes EpiaoopDa 

Binsco; oapiatur, etc ; et inhibitum eat eidem Epiacopo quod de cetero Juriadio- 

'"^^'donem OMinariam in Choro, etc . . ■ non exeroeat, Ben aliqualiter exeroara 

ton. praiumat, etc 

fcl.„b, JiAibido : — 

Bdwardua, Dd giacia, Bex Anglie, etc, Epiicopo CiooatrenBi aalutem.— Cum 
pn> eo quod tob in Chora et Prebendia Eccleaie de Boseham et paraonigL 
etc (ft npra), que, quidem, Eccleaia predpue quantum ad hec, ab oomi 
Juriadicdone Ordinana, ut Libera Capella noatra, immunU eat penitna et 
eiempta, Juriadicdonem Ordinariam, in nostri et Corone noatre [sejudi- 
dtun, et contra ProhibidOQem nostrem eiercuiatia, prout per Judidun, In 
Curia noatnt coram tiobiB redditum, compertum eat, •obia p^ conaidemoiatiam 
eiuadem Curie noetre sit inhibitum ne de cetaro Juriadiodonem Ordinariam 
in prediciJa Choro, ete. (u( npra), exerceatis . . ., Tobia inbibemua, fiimiter 
iajui^entea quod de oetero Juriadicdonem Ordinariam in predictis ChMO^ 
PrabandiB, etc non exerceatia. Et ea que per voa, aeu aliquem alium Teabo 
nomine, auctoritate, vice, aeu mandato, conlre oannidaTaciicinem Curie noatn 
ptadiote 10 premtniB, aea eorum aliquo, ut in vidtando Chorum, Canonioot^ 
et Hiniotfoa Chori in Chora, aeu aequeatrando bona Canonicomm in pn- 
dictia Prebendia, aeu tenendo Capitula in predicto Choro, aut dtaodo 
CanooioQa ant ltiniatn» Chori, aeu eoa auapendendo pro eo auod ooiani volai 
In O^tiilia Tsatria non oomparuarun^ bbu alia nous piejndkjalift iUd«B 

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isarMnda, ndalwet Epiwopam ExmiiniHtn, ajnadcai C^)dl« DtMinuii, 
BzooDunutiicaiido bsb fliaommaDiafttum dentuuundo, in Dortri prqjndliaam 
et libartatjs Capelle acmtre prsdiote l«nooem, at ooiitn Prahlbioioimn 
nortnm predicUm, wd pretar ea quoTis alio modo acU hitriiit wa attcmp- 
tata, nne dikdone rerooetii aea fuiatii ia iiritum ravooari. — TtcU B«aneo 
de Stautone, apnd Wjripui, Tij die NoTembrii, Anno Bsgni noafarl dsdmo 
■eptiEDO [1S23J. 

— ^A SotMiia talatom.— Fradpimo* tlU qood «{^ JoliumMii, 

Epiaoopum Cioestreiuem, si inveDtui fuerit In BalllTa tna, et enm mIto 
oustodiAa, ita quod habeas oorpus ejus ooiam nobla in OeteliU Sanetl 
Hillarii abicumqita tunc fuHrimui in Anglia, ad Ntiatuiendam ttM» de eo 

S>d idem Epucopus in Ecdeaia de BoHbam, qoe pncipne qnantaun ad 
□rum, Prebendai, etc (ut lupra). Et babeaa ita boo Breva. Terte J. da 
Stonore, apud Wygui, rj die Kovembris, Addo, eta. 

8uiiada.—Iltm, PnxtUM AoMki in eadem Cviria vmlra OfUialtm dUA 
Spiteopi, tuper ladent. 

RobertiiB de Darby in miaericordia, pro ploribae defaltu. 

Idem RoberUu attacbiatua fuit ad mpondendum Damlno B«gi da Macito 
qnare, ciim E^Ieaia de Boaeham ait Libera Oapella, etc (tit Mfira) et Rex, 
pro eo quod prefatus RobertuB in Capella Regia predicta, precdpiie in Choro, 
etc (ul tupra) Juriadicdoiiem OrdinaHam eiaroere intmdit, noat ex relatu 
plurium nccapit Kei, eidem Roberto diatriote prohibuit Rex ne aliquam 
Juriadicdonem OrdiDariam in eadem Capella etc (ut tupra) exsrcere pre- 
aiuneret ; et ri quid per ipaum aut Himatnia luoa indebite attemptatnin 
ceset in hac parte, id idna diladone faoeret revoeari prediotoa Robartua, 
■imul cum JohBtiae, Epiicopo Cioeatreniii, JuriadicDioaem Ordinariam in 
Capella Regis predicta, precipoe in Choro, etc {tU mpra) eiereuit, et alia 
R^ prejudidalia in hac parte eo ampliua attemptavit, et adhuo attempt 
tare non deaisljt, ea que per ipaum et miniitrup sicn in premiaai* aunt 
indebite attemptata rsTooare penituj differendo, in Ragii et iitria Rigij 
prejudidum, libertatia Capelle Kegia predicte lenoiina nunifeatim, et 
contra Prohibndonem Re^iam. Et unde idem Dominua Rei per Adam de 
FTDcham. qui eequitur pro eo, didt quod, cum Eodeaia de Boaebam dt 
Liben Capella Begi/i, ab omni JuriadicdonB Ordinaria, predpue etc (ut 
rupm], Repn Probibicio eidom Roberto miisa fuit et liberata, adlicet Die 
Dominica, in Feato Sancii SCepbani, Anno Regoi Regii nunc aeztodedmo 

S2S Dec, 1322], apud Ferringe, in preaenda Thome de Wateritate, Johannia 
e Hailyni^, Johannia le Parker de Chudebam, et aliorum, ne Joriadie- • 
cionem Ordinariam oxerceret in eadem, idem Robertua, non obatante Regla 
Prohibidoue predicta, Jurisdicdonem Ordinariam in C^>eUa Regia exer- 
cuit, ut Tidtando Chorum, CanonicDa etc (ul mpra), et aequeatrendo bona 
Canoniconim in Prebradii auia, videlioit Thome de Stapildone et Boberti 
Herewarde, et lUorum Canonioorum et Prebendsriomm itndem, et tanando 

at. Capituls aua in eodem Choro, citondo Cannnicoa et Hiniitro* ejusdem 
Chori ad veniendum eorum ipso etc. (u( tupra) ; et alia R^ prejudidalia, 
yidelioet Epiacopum Exonienaem. qui eat ejuadem Capelle Decanua, excom- 
muDicando, et ipaum exoommunicatum per totam Dioeeaim auam pnblioe 
denundando, et premisaa adhuc de die in diem oontinuando, ea qne per 
ipeum sunt indebite atl«mpt«ta non reTooendo aet Torocare diffarmidD, etc, 
in prejudidum Regis et libertatia Capelle Regit pndiote ledoDetn, et oontn 
Prohibudonem K^iam etc., io contemptum Domini Bagia decern millinm 
libramm. Bt hoc oflert verificare pro Domino R^e^ etc 
Bt Robertua de Derbj', per Thomam de Thorpe, attornatum auum, Tenit et 
defenditrim et iojuriaDi,et quicumqueeat in contempta Regia, etc, et didt 
qnod ipae eat Offioalia Epiacopi C^ceatrenaia, ia cujua DioMai Sadetia da 
Bceebam eat, et quoi Anno Rc^ni Regie nunc ootaTo, pro eo quod — ' — 

Pr^bido Beg^ prefato Kpiaoopo extHit liberate ne JmiidiMionem Otil' 



nf""" in Libera Cap«11& Begie de Boaehun aHqntlHw ezeraeral . 
in Mdem Frohibtiaone Baserttve Eocleriun illBin saw libaim C^MIl•m 
SegU, etc, idem Episcopua. posteo, in proxinio Pariiamento laqntato, 
ipud Ebonunim convocato, in tantum prosaquelMtiir p«T Pettotonem, ota, 
quod Prohibido ills per Connliam, eto. fait revocKta, et djctam snt rfd«m 
Episcopo qaod, non obgtuite Prohibidone prediota sMeitiTa, quod nmm 
(Hset in faae [Nute exequeretur per Brera R«gium da TerooMJoiie tidam 
Bpiaoopo directum, quod profert in Curia hie in h«e T«rb(i: — Bdwardtia, 
D«i gn'^ ebi, Johinni, eadem gnaa. Epiacopo Cioastrie, adut«CD.— lioot 
uuper data nobis intelligi CapellHriain de Boaeham, quam Venenlnlil Psfar, 
Walterus, BionieaBiB Episoopku, tenet quoad Cborum, Collegium, Cd- 
Utaonea Prebendariorum, InstalUcionea, Inatitucionea, D^titncaonaa 
Canonioorum ipaiua Capellarie, et quantum ad peraonaa Cauoniaatuiii 
earumdem, necnon bona motnlia et immobilU ipaomm ad Prebend euaa 
pertJnenoiK, ease, debere, et ab antiquo fuisae Ubsram, et ab omni Juii^ 
dicdone Oidinaria immunrm et exemptam, Tobia por Breve nuetram pro- 
hibuerinua ne quid in prajudidum pre&ti Epiacopi sen Capellarie prediota 
it leaiouen Ubertatja sou immuiiitatiB ejuadem oedere poaast auper pro- 
' ' ' 3 vestriw, aliqualiter attemptaratia bbd 

predicti deliberadone pleu 

et iaepta forma, in hoe maiime quod Capellariam predictam, non in n 
veetra set prefati Epiaocpi eiistentem, Kberam ab omni JuriBdicdoiM Ono- 
naria immunam e( exemptam aasemimiiB, ut eet dictum, oonceptum vat, 
Brera illud rerocamuB et penitua idDulliuDuB, vabia innoteeoentea quod, doo 
obstante Prohibidone nostre prediota, quod veatrum eat exequimini in h>c 
parte: — Teeta mdpao, apud Westmonaateriiim, xxrij die Febraarii, Anno 
Jtegni noetri oi^ATO [1314-lS]. Et dicit quod prediota Ecdesia de Boodiam 
eat Ecdeaia Paroohialia animabua curata infra IMoceaim predicti Epiaco^ 
Lod, Ocdinarii etc. ; que, quidem, Eccleeia non eat Libera Capella Ragia, neo 
:^. Dominua Rex aliquid hab«t in eadem, Et didt quod ipae, ad Handatam 
uedicti Epiacopi at ejua Offidalia, etc., a tempore revocadonia predicte, in 
Eocleaia predicta, ut in Choro, Prebendie, etc., {u( wpra) ut de Jure Com- 
mimi pertinet, etc., Juriadiccionem Ordinariam ibidem exeronit, at adhue 
exercet in present ; undo non intendit quod Dominua Rex de hnjaamodi 
facto ipaum occaaionare aau contemptum ei imponere velit, aut debeat in 
bao parte. Et super boo prodictua Adam, qui aequitur, etc, petivit qnod 
quaaitum dt a predicto Roberto a quid aliud Teiit dicere pro reapmao ; 
qui didt quod ae tenet ad predictun reeponaionem precise, oto. St 
predictua Adam, etc, didt qnod licet Frohibida predicta super anerdone 
ubert&tia Capelle predicte eaaet revocata, ut predictum est, nuUa tatnen Jnria- 
dicdo ipai Episeopo accrevit eo ampliua uaituida, set remanat in eodem stnta 
quo pnuB ante revocadonem predictsm etc. Didt, edam, qnod quidun 
Magiater Robertus de Leyaet, quondam Archidiaconua Ciceabi^ aliaa 
coram Domino Rege, Termino Sancte Trinitatis, Anno Begni Regia nunc 
nono [1316] attachiatus fuit ad respondendum Regi de conmmili Ptacito, 
videlicet de eo quod ipse Jurisdicdonem Ordinariam in Libera Capdla 
R^s predicta predpoe quoad Cborum, etc (ut nipra) ezercuit ; ad qnod 
idem Archidiaconua respondendo allt^vit quod ipse, et predeceaaoraa rai 
etc, a tempore quo non eitat memoria, etc ; et de boo posuit se anper 
juratam Patrie ; per qnam compertum fuit quod Canonid Eccleaie prediota 
etc, aeu eorum Prebende, etc (ut mpra) nunquam per aliquem Artlii- 
diaconum Cicestrie .... vidtati fuerunt, neo aliquam JurisdiodiKian 
Ordinariam in eia exercnemnt quouaque dictua Archiduoonns, tempore mo, 
primo Joriiidiodcnem Ordinariam in dtpella predicta exeniuit^ ut in Tintando 
Choram, ate ; per quod oonnderatum fuit quod predictua Archidiaixaim 
capoetnr ; et inhilutum fuit eidem, etc Et aio Dominua Bex in poaMB- 

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Bztitit, etc., et adhuo exiitit. Et, poctmodum. 

Johuinea, E{riaoopiu Cioeatranmi, oorua ipea Domino HeRSi Teimino SaDcta 
IMoiUtu, Aiino Ragoi Regia naat Mila dedmo [1323] nimliter attaohutu* 
fuit, >d respondendum Domina R(gi io i«to eoijem P\Mato; in quo idem 
Episoopufl de transgreasione predicta contra ProhibidoDem Regiam faot^ 
etn, per cotiaidenidoDein ejuadem Curie extitit oanvictiu ; pnteitu oujna 
eooBidencioais precerptum fait de cdpleiido ipaum Bpisoapum CbNBtrtnwem 
ad aatufadeDduin R^ de trsD^revioDe predict*, et de qua nondum 
aitiafedt, etc Et inhibitanl fuit eidem Epiacopo oe Jorfidbeioneiii, eta 
aliqualiter eiarceret, et, si quid per ipaum attemptatum eaiat in ptemirta, 
id Bine dila^one ravocaret, etc Unde deaicut nichil Jnriadiodoiiia pndioto 

potuit, uec idem BobeiioB de Derl^, OfBoialii, etc, atiquam JuriidioaoiMin 
damat in persona sua, ut de jure suo proprio, nisi tantnm per Uandatom 
predict! Episcopi, qui per InlubuduDem prediotam reetringitur et Ugatur 
ne JariadiccioDem Ordinariam etc, aao aliqaod jus eieroendi JoriadioEdoDem 
etc in peraona ipedus Episcopi oujug OEBoialiB etc de tempore ante reTO- 
cadonem Prohibicionis aaserUve aEBrmat; et idem Dominua Rex eat in 
[inaiinr»iifinii immunitatia, ejuadem Capelle, at predictum est ; neo idem 
Itob«rtiia dedifit quin predicta Prohibido Regia ei libarata fuit predioto 
Anno ivj*, et manifeBte cognovit quod ipse a tempore rsTocaciODiB prediote 
Prohitacionia aHertive et post predidiaa Prohibidonem eibi liberatam pre- 
dicto anno xvj°, et Inbibidouem predicto Bpiacopo factam, per quam idem 
EfHscopuB reatriagitur et ligatur, ut predictum eat, Ordinaiiam in Capella 
predicta quoad Chorum, etc eiercuit, et adhoc eiercet in preaanti ; petit 
Judidum pro Domino Rage, etc — Et predictua Robertus de Derbj didt 
quod predictum Placitum, inter Dominum Regem et predictum Robertum 
de Iioset . . . d prejudicare non debet in hac parte, quia didt quod ipse 
Dtm fuit Pan ad illud Plodtum, etc Dicit edam, quod per Judidum 
uuper redditum contm predictum Jotiannem, Episcopum Cioestransem, 
qm tantum propter non defendonem ipaius Epiacoi'i de personali tnin>> 
greadone dbi impodta eztidt convictiui, et non in jure libertatia Capelle 
predicte, non debet idem Robertna dlHtringi aau li^jt quin, non obstante 
Prohibicione sibi ipai libenvta, aeu Inhibidone predicta predicto Bpi«oopo, 
J. cojua OtGdaliB ipse eat, facta, bene possit Jurisdicdonem Ordinariam in 
predicta Eccleaia etc, ad Mandatum ejuidem Epiacopi aiercere, ut de Jura 
Communi, etc Petit Judidum, etc. — Et predictua Adam, qui aequitur, 
etc, dicit, ut prius. quod ex quo per revocadanem predicte Probibucioniil 
aaaertiTe nulla Juriadicdo ipsi Epucopo accreacere potuit in Capella pre* 
dicta quoad Chorum etc, nee idem Robertua, Offldalis, etc aliquam 
Jarisdicdonem clamat in eadem, ut de jure auo propiio etc, nee in peraona 
ipdua Epibcopi Jurisdicdonem, ante rerocadonem dicte Prohibacionia 
asaertive lactam, affinaat, nee dedidt quin predicta Probibudo Anno Regnl 
Regis nunc ivj° sibi liberxta fuit, ut predictum eet. Et in placatando 
cognovit Be Jurudiodonem Ordinariam in Capella predicta, quoad ChonuD, 
etc exercuisae, tam a tempore revoeadonia predicte quam post predictaa 
Prohibudonem sibi ipai Anno Regni Regis nunc ivj° Uberettun et Inliibu- 
dooem predicto Epiecopo pec Judidum Curie ■ ■ ■ factam, et adhuc exeroet in 
pretenti. Petit Judidum pro Domino Rege, etc — Et quia, inapecto Recordo 
mter Dominum Regem et predictum Archidiaconum, etc, oompertum ert 
quod Cononid Beclceie predicte, sen eorum Pnbende, etc (ut mpra) nun- 
qnam per aliquem Archidiaconum Oiceabrie, predeoeaaorem predioti Archi- 
diacom, viaitati fuerunt, nee aliquam Jurudiodonem Ordmariam in aw 
mercuenint, quousque predictus Archidiaconus, tempore auo, prime, etc 
(«( *in>nt) visitando Chorum, Prebendaa, etc, per quod conaideratum fuit 
quod idem Aidiidiaconua caperetur, et inhibitum fuit eidem ne Jnriadio- 
donem etc. {vl mpni) ; et eciom inapecto Reoordo int«r ipaum Dominum 
Regem et predictum Episcopum Ciceetrenaem, compertum eat quod pra- 
dictus Epiacopus de tranagreadone predicta aibi impoaita per Judicium Curie 
eat ooDTictua, pro qua nondum Domino Regi Mtiafeoit, et per idan Judidum 

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Cmidiio lUD in Puliamento sonTooato, iptM Wratmnwitjiriiiin. rtnito Bcgni 
■ul zrijo, Toura fMtt ; quo B««ardo tUdon ncitata el ploiiiw intdleetD, 
idon Eecsrdam p«r OonBlinm Ragia ilwlMii *ffinii>iuin vt Et idem 
Roberto*, ut de jura proprio, anllun Jnibdioeionein cUmat in eadem njii 
tantom de Hutdato ipaiiu Epitoopi, qui par Inhibictoaem piedktoai 
raatnngitur et ligatar, ne JonadiomoDem Ordiiuriam txtmen poast in 
■adaoi ; neo dediaendo pradietaia Prohibidiineni ntd libetstUD fmaw 
Anno Regiu Begia niuie i*j°, oognoTit ae jDriadiocvMMm Ordinanam, ata, 
eiennuHa, tam > temple Terocacioma predicte Ptohibkiania aaaartna 
qoMn poet predictu Pn^bicioaem mta ipsi prsdido anno MotodMiraD 
Iiberatam, et lohibiciMteiii fredicto Epiaoopo per Jodknnm Curie^ at pm- 
dictum eat, fictam, et adhuc eiercet in preeenti ; per qaam, qoidMn, 
InhibicioDmil idem Epiaoopoa reatringitur et ligator, nt prediotam eat^ etc 

Memorandum de Boseham, — 
Meinomiduin quod penoltimo die Henna Hardi [1321], Dominua, acoed«H 
apad Boeehaoi, iUdem audivit eo die Himm auam, «t poat hnjnamodl 
aaditam Mimam, lOcatia coram eo Ticariiu Brfieleaie ipaiDB, quemvit ab iHia 
quia teneret Prebendam Part>cb{>Jem ibidem. E^ enni iidem Yicaiii 
dioerect Domino quod quidam HiKister JohanDoa de Halmeefaiii, idem 
Dominua, perpendeiu deFectura Hinistrorum ad dceerriendum odem 
Ecdeaie ia Divinia. coiuiderato statu ejuedem, mouuit prefatum Ma^atmm 
JohaoDem, in personam ciijusdam Domini Willelmi 1e Scot, alias dieti da 
Schorham, preebiteri, prcaentia et ee Vicarium dicti Hagiatri Jatiaat «t 
Prebaode Pu-ochialiB memoiata Ylcuium aasarentia, quod idem MagJats 
Jobaimea, infra octo BeptinuuiBB a predicto die, bujusmodi Prabendatn et 
EodeeiAm redeat, facturua reajdenciam in eadem, aub pena jiuin, — Pi«- 
aentibui — Magiitria Waltero de Setone at WUlelmo de I^ L«ne ; Dominia 
Petro de BonitoDe, Johanne Sacriata dicta Eocleaia, WilleliDO Rnaad, 
RoKern de Buddeleghe, ureebitariB, et aliia in miiltitudiiie copjoaa. Et 
alwade, sodem die, idem DomiDua persgena ad Prebendam et CapeUan da 
An>eldrebani, vocato ooram eo ibidem Domino Thoma nttegate, CnpeUimo 
dicte Capelle, in forma vigitandi, inapeiit Libroa, VeatimeDtiL, et ali» Oma- 
mentft jpaiua Capelle, — Preeentibua prefatia Waltaro de Setone et ■!?» 
bidem aequentibua, aolo Willelmo de I< lAne dumtaxateioepto: IS7. 

OomtnMopro eotnaranda JuritcUecione Domini in Libera CtepcOa DomhU 
Ktgit de Bottom {Nota),— 
Woltenia, permiindone Divina EioDienaiB Episoopua, Regie Anglie illalrtrii 
Re^UB CapellanuH, diacreto viro, Domino Waltero de Shireforde, Eocleria 
aen Capelle Libera dicti Domini noatri, Regia Anglie, de Boaeham CMioniao 
et Saoriite, lalutam, etc — Eocletde aeu Capelle Libera de Boaeham pr«li< 
bate, predpue quantum ad Chorum, Canomooa, Yioadoe, et qnoaoalnqtM 
HiDiatrDa Chori, Prebendaa ejiiadem ao bona Prebendariorum que ibidem 
optinent, perldnere dinoaoitur Preaidentes, ao propterea ut morea illoram 
qui Qobia oceudone Capellarie hnjuamodi aubease noaoantur, debits ooav 
gantur (*ic), ao eidem Eocleaie aeu Capelle in Dinnia Officfia laudabOiter 
mimatretur, aummo opere CTipientea, ad inqoirendum, oorigendum. Ml 
canonice puniendum quonimcumque aubditorum noatromm hujnainadl 
eieeanis, neenon ad compellendum Concanonicoa vealma, Ticarioa, ClarMo^ 
et Kiniatroa Eoclane aeu Cap«Ile prelate Dinniim OiBdom, dicmoBi 

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n e>dam Eoelau mo C^ielU, horii d«UtU pw i g wa ; 
ae, ecuun, ad omnia alia at ainguU (aoienda qua in premiuii at oirM 
premissa ascesaaria firniDt aau ciportuna, Tobii cum cohermanii oantaiioa 
et axsquendi quod decreisritia pot«atata, tenoia Pi'«aeD(nam, oamoiittfiniia 
TiCM DoatcSH, pro beneplacito DOrtni duraturM.~Dltam apud Chndehim, 
iiTiijo die Deoerabris, Anno Domini M". CCO~" xiiij*.— W. 177*. See 
ChtathuDto, Stepheu de ; 45^ ; 104, 10«t>: Hjde Abba; ; 89: BnttbcrtoMy 
Thomaa de, Barl-HanhHl ; 11?. 

Butla dt lAbalatt CapeOarum Domini Btgit:— 
HtHOBAHDCM quod, queeitls per Domiuum Pririlegiu Domini lUgiade Liberl* 
Capallia suis, et hue propter Capellariam de Boaebam, tOTeata fuit apiid 
Weatmonaateriiiia, in Capalla Receptorie in quodam pairo oaf(h>, de quu 
Donunua Bogarui de Northburgbe, Ciotoa PriTati Sigilli Domini H<«is. 
tunc babnit olaiem, quedam Bulla cantinana buna tanorem, — Clenieu [V] 
EpilcopuB, Serrna Bervorum Dui, kariesimo in Chriato Filio, Edirardo, ii^i 
Anglie illturtri, mlutem et Apuatolicam Benediccioaani. — Tue devotdunta 
preoslu miblimiUi, per qunm RomnDam Eceleiinm, ricut Bfatrem, honorna 
atudio filklia reveraiicie, proineretur ut a nobis, qui libeater Paternia 
aSbctibus Hegiavata proaeqiiimitr, donis Onunarum Spiritualinm hoDorem. 
Vt, igitur, ei duvodune hujuimodi Benevolenciam Apoatolice Sedia et 
noatrum tibi BrnciaH aacrevisBe, tibi auctoritate PrHODcium indulgamua ut 
nulliu Delegatus Apoetolice Sedia vel Siibdeleg^ttuB ab eo, AuctorJtate 
Sedia ejuadem, ponit in PenoDam aut Capellaa tuaa Eioammunicacionia 
vel Suapensionia, aive Interdict! Sentendai promulgare, absque apecisii 
Mandate Sedia ejiiadem, laciente plenam et eipressam, ac de reAo ad 
Terbum, de Indiilto hujiismodi mencionelD. Nob, enim, omnea Bxoom- 
municadunis, Suispenatouia, et Interdict! Sentenciai, qnaa in te et Capeltii* 
eaadem, contra lodulti predicti tenorem, foraan promulgari oontigerit 
eiQuno irrilas decrevimus at inanes. — NulH liceat etc' — Ut ntemoraiiiam 
gvod dicta SulUt dimiitafuit in dido coffro ,- 103. 

' Mr. Baigent htu collated tbia Copy 
with the Original Bull (wbicb heteita 
me ia in perfect cuuditiun). They 
correapond word for nurd, till wd 
reach the concluding aentencea, which 
t^e Regiflter dismiaaea with an " etc" 
These are of importance, however, aa 
giving the date, — "Nulli, eigo, om- 
Ijiuo hominum liceat haoe paginaui 
nostre Conceasionis infringere, vel ei 
ausu temerario ctintrdre. Si quia. 
•atem, hoc attcmpt^Te pretmrnpserit, 
iudiqiiacionem Omnipotentia Dei et 
BeSitorum Petri et Pauli,Apoatolurum 
Ejus, ae noverit iucuranrum. Data 
Avinione, ijj Knlendaa Junii. Pooti- 
ficatoB noatri Anno Quarto [21 May, 
J am Indebted to Mr. Qreentield for 
the followiag Extrict from Prynne'a 
Antient Beoords, tom. iii, p. 1296,— 

EiBunde1a~\ SignlBcat Sanctitad vea- 
Epiat. Ic tnc devotuB Bliua veater, 
Brevium Edwnrdut, Rex AiigluB, 

Anno ij. I quod dudum eo veatno 
E. I, in ^Beatitudini intimante 
Turri quod, licet ParochiaiiaEc- 
Loadon. cleeia de Bmeham, qwe 
(A°I282.]J CuIlegiaU eiiatit CJoea- 
treoaiB Dioceaie, ait Capella ReKii^ ut- 
pate per ProgenitomsuoaCundata, in 
Archidiacooatu Ciceetreoai, k dotato, 
ic Epiacopus ExouienaiB, qui est pro 
tempore Kegiua capellanus, prsMt 
eidem Eccleaite in Collatioiiibui Can- 
onicatuum ft Prtebendarum, ft in 
[actual! et] cprporal! poaaesdone ip- 
Borumi ac quibusduo aliia juribua 
apectantibuB ad eandem ; et omnea 
Liberie Capellce Rc^cc in Begno Angliie 
oonaiatentea, ab omn! potestate et 
juriadiotione quorundua Ordinori- 

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Nota quod Boaekam til Gapellaria, — 

hfrateripta invtniuntitT vn dwtmt Sadilit in Beaeearia Denini Kegit :— 
In .AMh/o Tmio Regit JaKannu mi Suuada put Nova [OUaU], — Iden 

Tiwcumea reddit oompotum Ae i libru de acutapu vij Hilitum et dimidii 
Cipelluie de Boseham, et da v aolidu TJ dsnuiu de KuUgio Nomuuini da 
Normuiville. In Tbauiuro libenvit m ij tallii* ; et quieliu «at. 

Itt RotuSo Nona Ajria Jticardi, — Idem Viceooma reddit oompotum do tij 
libria de ecutagio HilitU CipelUrie de Boeeham in hoc ComiUta In 
Tbnuuro liberarit ; et qaietus est. 

In Rblato VI Regit Ricardi,—lAeia ViceaonMa reddit oomputum de cdij 
■olidis im deDirili de Kutagto HOitu Capalluie da Buaaham in buo 
Comitatn. In Tbeeauro iiberevit ; et quietui eat ; 142. 

For Additional Ifotea on Boaham ttt Appendix. 

Botriaux, Walter de, collated to a Prebend in Qlasney ; leS*". 
Bouges, Fr. William, collated (6^ lapse) to Minster Priory ; 176. 

orum locorum siat liberal et eiemptie 
da ooniuetudiDe approbata, et in 
poaHsBione hujuamudi libertatis et 
exemptionia exiatant, predict) Epi- 
Boopua et Arcbidiaoonua CiceetrenBee, 
in prejudiditm libertatia et eiempti- 
imcxiiBt jiiriaReciidiminiiti- 

im, dicti 


et Friebendarium ejtudem EccIshhi 
de Boeeham, Regium fut pra:didtiir) 
Capellanum, aiiper dictis juribua, 
quomimu ipaia uti libere poeait, mul- 
tiplidtw molentAnt et pertiirbant. 
Unde iiipplicat dictua Dnminua Hex 
quati Q UB A uctoritate Apoatolica digne- 
mini dictam Eccleaiam vel Capellam 
de BoBeham, cum Canonicii et Per- 

cletdia et Capellia, et Hinietria, Ctero, 
et populo eonindem, ab omiii Juris- 
dictiooe Ordinaria, et predpue Arcliie- 
pincopi CantiiarienBin, Epiecopi et 
ArcMdiaooni Ciceatrcnaium, ad omne 
dutnnm amoTmdum, eximere et 
totaliter liberare ; et juriadictioDi 
ExonieneiH Gpiscopi (qui confert 
CanonicatuB et Praibendaa, et prce- 
terea (ut pnemittitur) auusCapallanua 
apecialiter nuncupatur), et Succca- 
Borum auorum, quantum ad utnun- 
que legem [junBdictJoois], oommunia 
videlicet et DioceaanBB, [nidtur] aub- 
jicare. Ita quod Cultua DirinuB, & 

ipma, quodque poasit Clencoa ipsiua 
EccteaiiD libere ordinare ; oc in Ctero 
ft populo ipaiua EccleBid) & ipsa Ec- 
clnia, ea que aunt ordinia & Epiaco- 
palia officii jure Buoeiercere; *o quod 

bit Et quod dictua EioDiennia 
EpiacipuB & Succeaaorea aiii, aalum 
■imilem juriadictionem babeant in 
Eccleaia aau Capnlla pnedicta, Ec- 
claaiia anneiia et Capellia, Pmbendia, 
CBpellauia, CanooidB, Vicaiiia, Uin- 
iatjis, Clero, et pugiulo eorundetn, 
qualem habent alii Oecani et Prc- 
poeit) aliarum Capetlaram ananun 
liberarum in Regno et Doraioio auo 
oonatitutarum, de grutia apedali et 
de plenitudine potcBtatia, ad ipaio* 
H«gii honoris augmeutum. Nod ob- 
BtautibuB quibuacumqiie pactis, com* 
poaitionibua, controferaiia, nut litibaa 
inter prefatoa Epieoopua at Arohiilia- 
conum motia vel movendia occaaiana 
predicts, cum omnibua . . - . non 
obatanlibuB et clanaulia ; ac etiam 
cum axecutoribuB ft coaBerratoribaB 

— On which Frynne remarka, not 
Tpry accurately, — " King Edwsrd, 
though ba might by hia own 
Prerogative BajS bare ■□neied hia 
Collegiate Church and Free Chapel 
of BoBfham (exempt from Ordinuj 
Juriadiction) within the Ptocvse ^ 
the Bighopriok of Ciccater, to tba 
Biaboprick of Exeter, to which be 
united it; yet, to avoid all futar« 
conteata between the Biabope, thor 
OfBcera and Cbaplaioa, conoeraiog it, 
petiiioned the Pope, by hia c 
rent authority to unite it to 
Biahoprick of Exeter," 

The Original of thia Dooument s 
to have been loat. 

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Bourne, Gr^ory de, inst. to PoughOI {Devon) ; 62^ (Ord.) it9. 

Bowey, Amald de; L 213''. 

Bovey-Tracy [Bovitracy, MS.],— 

Sir Bdward, V.,— Uocnce Ia farm the Xalorj tar two jmh; "at diibit 
lu. ad Fabricun" (20 June, 1309) ; 41'>: migwcd [or thne jmn,—"et 
dabit td elemoduun xxt (3 J»\f, 1312] ; 72: tad apin, for thne jflor*, 
from 21 Juoe— the PeMt of the Nativit; of St. Joho-Baptut, lut put (29 
Aug., 1318) ; lU": alw, tor threa jeara, from the aame Feaat, Lut paat, 
(13 Sept.. 1321); ISO. 

Boylewe, Matthew de, Dean of St. Buryan ; L 207. 

Boys, Henry de, inst, to Newion-St. Petrock ; 119. 

Boys, Simon; L 20C'>. 

Boyvile, John de, presents to West Ogwell ; 131. 

Boyvile, Simon de. presented to West Ogwell ; 131, l45^(OiYI.) 

Brademor, John de, admitted to Bondlcigh ; 117, 174. 

Bradford [Bradeford, MS.],— 

Sir William Uowy, prieat, R., — LicoDoe of noD-reddeiiM (or a yew tn>iil 
IfichaBhnu, to atudy id Thnilogy or io Canon-Law (14 Jul;, 180») ; 42". 

Bradeforde, John de ; L 193. 

Bradeforde, Thomas de (formerly R. of Dartington), inst. to 
Tawatock; 82. 

Bradninch, — 

The Bialiop viiitad' the Puiah-Cliuroh, 12 March, 1322-8, and, fladiog the 
roof ID bad oonditioii, he directed the Parialiionera to repair tha aanie, in 
a proper manner, before Michaelmas, under a penalty of Ten Poundi ; 174>>. 
— Elias de Sancto Alb&no, clerk, R.,— Diepensation: non-reddenoe for two 
years from last Uicbaelmu (26 Oct , 1308) ; 36: (subdeacon), renewed and 
eitended (27 March. 1809) ; 3e>': further oitended (23 Sept., 1810) till the 
(oUowinR Easter, " ut libere intendere Taleat obeequiia Domine Hargxrete, 
Comitiase Cuniubis, ubicumque ; ita quod eitunc ad Ecclcaiam miam 
redeat, factnrua, ut tenrtur, reaidsDciam personaleni in sadetn " ; 66''. — 
John de Carente, K.,— Dispeniation : non-residaQcB, to study, etc. ; but he 
ma to take subdMumn'a Orders witbin the year (23 May, 1311) ; 61^— 
See Comubia, Sir Walter de (Ontlon'ei) ; S3». 

Bradstone, — 

Braibroke, John do, inst. to Lapford; 169. 

Braibroke, William de, inst to Lapford ; 152'* : resigns ; 169. 

Brayleghe, Richard de, R. of "Fyneleghe"* (seeTeffonte; 36''): 

' "preaentibai Domino RogeiudeBodd e- 
leghe, Johaune Uolonde, Notario 
Publico, et parochiania pluiibus Be- 

by GoOgIc 


- ibat. to St: Mullion; 44*>: collated to a Portion in St. 
Genrans; 49'': Proctor for John de Cloteworthe ; 52: col- 
lated to Morchard-Bishop^i 60^ 67*', Tg"-: Proctor for Walter 
de MertoQe ; 64 : for Henry, R. of St. Qerrans ; Go : exchanges 
Morchard-Bisbop for St. Breoke ; SS"* ; collated to a Prebend 
in the Cathedr9.1 and admitted (in comiTieiidam) to the 
Office of Penitentiary (Sub-Dean); 127, 173: exchanges 
St. Breoke for Exrainster; 128'': appointed Vicar-General 
(abaenie Epiacopo) ; 142: aee St. Qerrana (Inat.); +7: 
Rome, Court of ; 49 : Glasney {Ivst.) ; 72^ 7C'' : Bosham, 
Canons of; 85: Bodmin Priory; aO**: Cook bury; lO?**: 
Otterton Priory; 114; St.Crantock(/n8(.>;115'': Arundelle, 
de; 116''': Berry-Narbor ; 120^ 

Brandone, Robert de, inst. to the Prebend of Carswell in the 
Caatle of Exeter; 70: to Dolton; lOo, (Ord.) 235, 236: 
toMusbury; 117''. 

Branel, Thomas de,in3t. to St. Stephen's -in-Brannel ; 3G, ((Mi.) 

Brankescumbe, Joceline de ; L 190^ 195, etc. 

Bratton-CIovelly, — 

Master Robert Broke, R.,— Licence of con-rosidence till Hichaelmaa, 1323, tA 
■tudf "iu loco compet^Dli ultra mare vel alibi, pro libito suo " (1 July, 
1322) i 168: and agiiii (aubdeacuo), far t. jeor (21 Sept., 1S£1) ; 181*>. 

Bratton-Fleming [aee "Institutions," note], — 

William de Schinibiime, R., — LicmM of non-reeidence, to studi , etc (9 Jim.,' 
1308-B) ; a?"!: renewed, 1 Feb., 1809-10. till the Feagt of" St. PBter-nd- 
Vincula (1 Aug.) ; *?.— Thomaa le Flemyng, clerk, R.,— Diapenratioii: aon- 
reaidence fur two yetrn, to study, etc [I Hay, 1311) ; 01: reaeired. for 
three ]ean troa 30 Oct,' IS12 ; 74^: again, till Michaelmaa, 1317, from 
6 Jan., 1315-16 ; 111 : again (deacon), for a year from 8 Oct, 1317,—" ct 
dabitad Fabricsin Eionieoaem i solidoe ; 122": again, (prifst), fcir a year, 
from Hichaelmaa, ta sliidy, etc (23 Sept, 1318),—" ot dabit ad Fabricam 
iBolidoB"! 130; till Michaelmas, 1320 (21 Oct, 131B),— "et d..bit fid 
Fabricam i aolidoa ; Hi'': afiain, from 28 Dec, 1320, till the Feast cf St 
Peter-ad-Vincula (1 Aug.) ; 1 51'' :--I)aldwiii, son ot Robprt le Chariter (of 
Tonington), clerk, R,— Dispensation; non-reaidenoe for a year, tn atudy, 
ate. (6 July, 1321),— but heinu to takeBubdeacoD'sOrdera in tbeiDtervati 

Braunton, — Confeaaio : — 

UiHOBAHDOU quod Tiocdmo Dono die memii Decembria, Anno Domini 

M'. CCC"°. ij"", DominuB Andreu [T^agoun],' Vicarius Eocleue de Brauu- 
tone, compomit coram Domino Waltero, etc. in Capella dicti Epiacopi de 
Tautone, et fatebatur ae teneri eidem Domino, pure, apatite, et absolute, in 
gain qua mucu itrgenti de arrurasiis decern marcarum cujusdam annue 
Penaionis, de tempore Vacadonia* Decanatus Eionte por mortem Magiatri 

' T» Idua Janiuuii. • See "Inst."; 146ii. 

'dieLuneincraatinoFeatiApoatolorum ' From the apring ol 1309 (ill Junc^ 
Symonii et Jnde. 1311< 

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ThoBW de Leccbdade, quondun IHcaDi ibidem, rarioDe Virarie sue 

debiUni,~preeeiitibua Domino Petro de Honetone, praatritaro, Ricardo 
Jagel, clerico, et aliia ; Sfl^i 
Braiinetone, Thomas de, inst. to Haccombe ; 1^2^: resigns; 105: 

inst. to Nymet- St. -George ; 104. 
Bmwoda, Stephen (Proctor for William) de ; 43 : admitted (in 

coTnmvndam) to Charleton ; 69 : he was R. of Alphington ; 

6!>^ ISa** (Institution not recorded): inst. to Stdke-in- 

Teignbead ; 112 : see L 197, 211 (" ad reddendum compo- 

tam de exitibus mioere . . . Regis"): his debt (£7(>0) to 

Queen Margaret ; ibid. 
Brawoda, Wm. de, collated (hy la^e) to Charleton ; 43, 44, 169. 
Bray, Benedict de, L 215. 

Btay, Michael (also. Richard) de ; L 195^ See St. Cleer (iTist.) 
Bray, Philip, " de Bertone," presented to Faringdon (Ha/ate) ; 80. 
Brendeluenne, Richard de; L 195. 
Brendone, John de, R. of Halwill ; (Ord.) 218. 
Breamore Priory [Brummore, MS.], Hardiuus, Friw of, see 

Comptone, Wm. ; 60^ 
Brente, Richard de, inst. to the Ohantry-Chapel of St. Mary 

Magdalene, Tonington ; 68^ 
Brenta, Walter, inst. to Noi-th-Petherwin ; 116. 
Brent Tor ; Dedication of the Church (8«e "Dedications"; 145). 
Brevannek, see St. Hilary ; 88. 

Briane, Sir Guy de, presents to Slapton ; 53 : to Torbriioi ; 120. 
Briddale, William de, inst. to West Buckland ; 127, (Ord.) 239, 

240, 240^ 
Bridestowe [Brittestowe, MS.], — 

Maiter Ralph de Knovjle, R,,— Idcence of Don-reiidence for a JMT, to 

■tudy, etc (8 Dbo.. 1812) ; 76. 
— JSiater Gilbert de Ksaville, prieet, R., — Licence of non'residence (or a year, 
to Btady, etc (16 Sept., 1821) ; 160. 
Bridestowe, Jordan de, clerk ; 73'', — See Consistory Court ; 172''. 
Bridford [Brideforde, MS.],-. 

tbe year 74. 

— Walter de LappeSod, clerk, R, — DispenanUon: non-naidenco far a year 
from Hichaelmaa, ta study, etc. (21 Sept., 1318): ha naa to take Bub- 
deaeon'a Ordere wttbin the year; ISO: reoewed (mbdeaccm), for a like 
period (38 June, 1819); 141°: again, 2 Sept., 1820; IBl: again, 28 Sept, 
1321; ISl : again (deacon), for a year (20 Oct, 1322} ; 1S9: again (prieet), 
24 March, I324-G ; 184. 

Brideforde, John de (aee " Wills" — Gildeforde, Henry de) ; L 201*'. 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


Bridgewater [Brugewatere and Bruggewalteri, MS.] ; Hospital 
of St. John ; Patrons of Davidistowe ; 70 : of Lanteglos- 
by-Fowey; 141. 

Brigge, William atte, aee atte Brigge ; 15.5. 

Britannia, John de,* see Pollard, William ; 79. 

Brixham [o^, Brixam, MS.], — 

Sir WDiiaiiL V. of,— Fr. Joceliae, Prior of Totnea, appointed his ooMl}utor, 

7 May, ISia— The Redorj wos appropriated to the Priory ; Hi". 
— Ofdinacio XBler Priartta tt Convtntum ToUonit el Stmonaa, ViearUtm dt 

Brixhan, ivper atltraiaone Jccimamm ejuidem Kcdaie,— 
Uuiveniii!, etc, Walterus, etc. — Ad TJniTeTBilntia Teatrn 

TolumuB per PreeenteB quod, ciini inter Beligiuwos Viroe, 

veDtum Hooaiterii Tottoniensis, Eccleaiam ParDcbiolem et curatun da 
Briibam, nnatre Diocesie, in ubus proprjoa optiaentea, ex parte una, et 
Dominum Simonem StiKa, presbiteruia, Peqietuuni Vicarium ejiudem 
Ecdlesie, ex altera, super porcione ipaiua Vicarii aliquaUnuB mots fuinet 
materia queationia, demum PHrtibiia eiidem coram nobia, crrtia die et 
loco, libera coiutitutiii, et exprene conaencientLbiia, hinc et inde, quod ad 
taiauduni seu ordinandum Viciriani eandem, in quibiu videlicet pordooi- 
buB conaiatere debeat tcmporibuB aecuturis. actuoliter procedere curaremiu, 
— Doa, pro bono pacis et certitudiniB inter PartcA eaadem, quia dum paoem 
inter aubditoa coBtroB recoligimuB, nostre cogitacionia intima magia oonaia> 
tare poteruot m quieta, hujusmodi Vicariam, de ipBanim Pareium voluDtat* 
mianimi et eipreaao consenaii, aiibductia et rerocatii quibuacumque Ordi- 
naoioDibiiB aeu Taxacionibus Btiper d[cta VJcaria a quihuscumque Doatria 
PredeceBBoribuB hactenua furaiUn facUa et babitoR, qnu, eciam, oicne* et 
singutaa teoora Prceendum aubduclmua et rerocamua, premiausque omni- 
bus et UDBuliB que in bac fnrte requiruntnr de jure^ peoeatiB mchQominua 
ipaitu l<^eaie de Briiham faonltaCibuB, modo quo Bubaequitur ordinuidam 
duximuB aut taiandam ] videlicet, quod prefatuB DominoB Simon, Vicariua 
— nt premittitur— qui nunc eat, et aui Bucceaaorea Vicarii qui pro tempore 
eruDt ibidem, hiibeaDt et percipUnt, nomine Vicaria ipaiua, maOBUm cum 
gardino quod jam iuhnbitat dictuB Simon, totumque aJtilagrum dicte 
Eccleaie de Briiham, et Cnpellarum ejusdem, excepts medietate decinianim 
feni todua Parochie, et molendiuomm omnium et aingulorum hactanna 
conatitutorum, et conatituendorum, eciim, to poBtenim in eadem Parochia ; 
quam quidem medietatem decimanim feni et molendinomm metnonti* 
Priori et Conveutui volumus remancre. Habeant, edam, et perdpiant 
iidem DominuB Simnn et Bui succesBorea Vicarii, ut premittitur, nomilM 
Vicarie predicte, tolam dedmam gardinorum et ortorum nunc in dicta 
Parochia conatructorum, et gardinorum aimiliteret ortorum conBtmendorum 
in poaterum, edam de term diidc arabili, in Parochia antedicta j dum, tamsD, 
hujiutaodi gardioi et orti forntan construendi x perticataa terra in quo 
loco non excedant, Et, ai decern perticataa t«iTe, lit premittitur, ezcna- 
aerint in loco uno, tola tunc decima eortindem gardinorum et ortonun 
taliter forte ooDatruendoruin Don ad Vicarium, set ad Priorem et Coit~ 
it antadictoa. Si, vero, de gardinia et ortia jam oc 

' " John, a younger eon of John, Earl Earl of Richmond, J6 Oct, 34 Bdw. 
of Richmond and Duka of Brittany, L(1806); ob. uumairied, in Brittany, 
BummoDed lo Parliament — ' Johanni 1333, when his hoDourt beeuaa ai- 
de Britannia, Juoiori,' 21 May and 13 tioct." (HiooIm' Mittarie Pttngt). 
Ja^, 38 Bdw. L (1805; ; dedand 

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Briiham, qDalitercnmqDe eiealti, non ad pTioi«m at CoaTSatum prediotos, 
Mt >d Vjcuium integnliter portiueMt. Et, n ds gardinU et ortis hujiu- 
modi nunc coiutractia et existentibuB quicqiuun intnt deoem pertjcitu 
terre redigatur in uno loco, ut premitiitur, foniUn ad culturam, tot* tunc 
dedma de terra bujusmodi, uha cum decima gardinarum et ortorum da 
quibus premictitur, aliter quam cum iHaga Tel alio iuBtrumeato maDiuili 
exculUimio, et novorum gordinonim et ortoruTii quoe plus quam deoem 
perticitas teire, ut premittitur, in uno loco continere contigent, ac edam de 
terra eitncta de gardiiuB et ortis dudc exiaCentibus, et in culturam redacta, 
intra I perticatas terre, ut premittitur, in uno toco, et una cum omnibuji 
aliis deamia majotibua tociui Parochie, que Ticario apecialiter auperiui 
- " ■ ■ ' - "-- "-' 1 et Conventam, t — '--'-'- 

inacionis, Tolumus pertjiiere. Volumus, edam, et ordinataui 
quod iidem Prior et Conrentua omnes defectua Cancelli dicte E^oclede de 
Briiham io coopertora, feaeetria vitreis, Libris, et aliia Ornamentia ejuadem, 
■d Bectoriam quamlibet pertinents, hac vice prima, auis propriis lump- 
tubuB, factant in aufficienti itatu reparari; et extunc onua inTendoma, 
■uateQtacionU, et reparadaoia liujiumodi defectuum repaiatorum, quociena 
opus ent, ad Vicorium qui pro tempore fuerit imperpetuum pertinebit, 
Prefatoa, vero, Vicariua et aui succeesorea qui pro tempore fuerint solvent 
dedmam, juita antiquam Taiacionem dicte Vicarie, aidem Vicario incum- 
bentem, cum impoaita tuerit et eiacta ; Archidiacono, ectam, Lod pro- 
cuntdonem auam exnitnc, Sinodeticum, et Cathedraticum ; dicteque Eodnie 
de Briiham et Capellia ejuedem in DiTinia Offlciia et Cura deaoriet, per 
Be et Capellanoa auoe, auia aumptibua, modo hooeahi et coiuueto. Cetera, 
vero, ouBTB ipaiua Eccleaie de Ilriiham, quocumque nomine cenaeuitur, ad 
Priorom et ConTentum pertineant antedictoe. Volumua, edam, et pre- 
■entii Ordinadonia auctoritate pradpimus et mandamus, quod prefattu 
Simon, Yicariue, ut premittitur, et aui aucceeaoree Ticsrii in Eccleaia 
predicta, solrant prefatie Priori et Conrentui, aingulia annia, nomine annuo 
Pensionia, de Vicaria predicta, viginti aez aotidos et octo denarioa 
■terlin^rum, iu Featia. videlioet, Pasche, Nativitatia Beati Jobnnnia 
Baptiate, Btati Uichaelia, el Nativitatia Domini, equia pordonibua, 
Tel aaltem infra Octabas eingulorum Featomm predictorum, absque 
more diSugio longioria ; aaWa nobis et Sucoaioribue noatria, Epi- 
acopia Eionie, pnteeUte hujuamodi Viiuriam augmentandi, miouendi, 
declaniiidi, et preaeutem Orduiadonem seu Taiadonem in totum mutandi, 
ai, prout, et quando Tiderirous aeu Tideriut eipedira.— In cujua rei teoti- 
monium aieillum noetrum Preaentibua duximua apponendum. — Datum 
apud Chuddeleghe, aeito die menma Febniarii, Anno Domini Milleeimo 
CCC"". Tioeaimo prima ; 166. 

Broadclyst [Clbtone, MS.], Sir Roger de Nonaunt's Chapel of 
St. AgDes in, see " Oratories ") ; 160. 

Broad wood- Kelly [Brodewodekelly, MS.], — 

Sir KichoUa, R. of ; Licence of non-reaidenca, for three ;«aTB, from Uichaelmaa, 
and to put out his Benefice to farm to Sir Richard de Hurtleghe, V, of 
North Buckland (Le. Buckland- Brewer) ; "et optulit gratia ad Fabricam 
Eedeaie Eioniensis idem Vicariua, aingulifl annia predictia, j martam " — 
margin, " lit." (I Aug., 1313) ; 72\ 

Broadwood-Widger[Brodwode(ai«),Bradewode)Wyger,US.], — 

William Eajngnea, aubdeaoon, R., — Diapenaation : non-reaidence till Michael- 
tnaa next, to atud; etc (27 Dec,' 1310) ; 59,": alao, till Miobaelmaa (4 
Not., ISIl) : SG: and again [Caingnea, M3.], for a year from MichMlmta 
(6 Aug., 1312) ; 73. 

' Sexto Ealenda* Januarii, 

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Brock, Henry le, see Comptone, William ; fiO**. 

Broke, Robert, inst. to Eratton-Clovelly ; 1C3^ 167, 168, 18l^ 

Brome, Adam, see Bridford (Inat.) ; 63'' : resigns St Creed 

[Adam de Brome, MS.] ; 101. 
Bromestooe, Richard de — Pomeray, John de la, — LUera pro 

Cuetodia : — 

Oamibus Christi Fidelibus, etc, Waltenis. etc salutem in Domino. — NoTerilia 
DOS dediBBB et concemisaa Johsmii de la Pumenu Cuitodmm terrarum et 
teuomentoTum Ricnrdi, filii et heradis Nicholai de BroiD«toDa, que nobia 
aiyndit per mortem ipaiua Nicbold ; habendum et tenendum predicto 
Johinni, keredibua et aseignBtiH euib dictam OuBtodiam cum maritagio 
predicti Bicardi, de nobis et Succeeaoribus nortria. libera, quieta, 
bene, et in pace, uaqiie nd legitimam etatem predict! Ricardi. Keddendo 
inde et faciendo nobis et Successoribua noatris redditna et aerrida inde 
debits et conaueta.— In cujua rei teatimoniura sigiltum noatrum Preun- 
tibuB eat appeuauln. — Datum apud Morceatre Epiaccipi, die Joria prozilltk 
ante Featum Annunciacionia Beate Harie. Virginia (21 Harcb], Aono Domini 
M". CCO". liij"' [1313-14] ; Begui, aufem, B^ia Kdwardi .... 
■eptimo ; 8G^ 

Bromleghe, Gilbert de, see Tiverton ; 52^ 
Brotbertone.Thoinasde, Earl-Uarsbal {Somagiv/m,, — Stoke, in 
Mawrio de Bosekam), — 

In boapicio Hagiatri Willelmi de Okham, Arcbidiaooni de Stoire in Eodeeia 
Lincolnie, apud Lincolniam, viceeimo aeeuado die menaiB Febniarii 
[1316-16], Nobilia Vir, Dombus Thomaa de Brothertoae, Natua Domini 
Edwardi dudum Regis Atiglie, Fatria Domini Regia nunc, et Cornea Harea- 
calluB. fecit homagium Domino Walteiu, Epiacopo Exotiienai, racione 
dimidii feodi Militia, quod idem Cornea tenet, et l«nere del»t, de Epiacopo 
EJoniBBei apud Stolie, in Manerio de BoseLani, in Comitatu 3ueee;de ; 

Sreeentibua DomJnia Jolianne de Mutford^ Btddenino de Manera, et 
ohaune de Westcne, Militibus, familiariboa dicti Comitia, nacnon Donuno 
Stepbano de Haccombe. Hagiatro Ricardo de Burtone, Domino Petro de 
Honetone, Nicholao de Hele, clericis, Johanne de la Poroemy, tunc Hares- 
callo dicti Episcopi, et aliis in inultitudiue copiosa. — Et memorandum quod 
Dominua Jobauues de Hutforde posuit Yerba hujuimodi homagii facti in 
oreComitiaantedictl— "NDH." [Nicholas de Hele] ; 112. 
Bruce, Robert, see Scotland : also, L 187. 
Bruere, Robert, called le, inst. to Harpford ; 7&\ 
Bruetone (also, Bruytone), John de {see the Letters at the 
beginning of this Volume ; pp. 8 et aeqq.) : appointed 
Proctor for the Bishop in Farliament ; SB*" : mat to 
Trenegloa (by alleged lapse—see " Inst.") ; 5Q\ — See, alao, 
Exeter, Election of Dean ; 42. 
Bniggia {also, Bruges), Andrew de, collated to a Prebend in 

StCraotock; 104'': deceased; 183. 
Brugge, Robert, see atte Bruf^e ; 172''. 
Briiyn {gr Brun), John le, R. of Si Mawgan-in-Kerrier j 36, 
45, 61S 72. 

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Bnin, Richard le, Canon of Bosham ; 35. 

— The meoues of hu Prebsod of Apuldram, having been aequeBtisled, the 
Bishop— "oliquorum super hoc delicti iuBtancia " — reUxea the SequM- 
tnition, so fmr aa to permit the said Hichard'a Proctor to remove the crops 
of lait autumii.^-CaTiiDueaioi], directed to the 9«quefltrator, the Sacristan of 
Boabuo (le Jan., 1310-11) ; 5S. 

BruD, Sir William le, Knt., brother of John, R. of St. Mawgan- 
in-Kerrier; 45, 

Bruony — "Ecclesia Sancti Pauli de Bniony"; L 188 (jiote). 

Bachun (or Buthun), Robert faon) and Cecilia (daughter) of 
Laurence de ; L 190. 

Buckfast Abbey; Patrons of Buckfastleigh ; 49, 172: of Downe- 
St. Mary; 123: of Petrockstowe; 65, 123: also, see Church- 
stow {Gen. Index); 64'' : Flambard, Walter; lie*". 

Buckland Abbey, Appropriation of the Rectory of Walk- 
hamptoQ by Bishop Bytton, to ; 65 : Patrons of Buckland- 
Monachorum ; 66 : Bickleigh (Soutli Deixm) ; 130''. 

Buckland-Filleigh, Hertleghe in, see Halap {Oratories) ; 49. 

Budleigh, the Hundred of, — 

Littra ad capitndum ttytinam Hundrtdi de BudddtgM: — 
Pateat nnivenia quod nos, Walterui, etc., focimiiB at ordinainus dilectoa 
Dobii in ChriBt-), Henricum de Bokerel et Juhonnem Direvyn, aeu eonim 
BlteTDm, AttornatoB nostroa iieu AtlfliHAtum, Senescalloa □ostroa MU Senee- 
callum, od capiendum aeysiuaia Huudredi de Buddeleghe in Comitatu 
Deronie, per Dominum Kegem noble coDceesi cum pertinenciis euia, et 
teneDdim dictum Hundrediim, et ad onmia nlin faciendum que pertinent 
ad premigsL — In cigus rei teetimouinm haa Literag noatraa voua trans- 
mittimue Patentee, eigilli nostri munimiDe rDboratag. — Datum apud 
Stockwille juita Londoniaa, die Martie in Festo E^altacionie Saocte Crucia 
[14 Sept.], Anno Domini Mllleaimo CCC™" undecimo, et Kegni Krgia 
Edwwdj, eiii Begia Edwardi, quinlo ; 6V. 

Biigge \hodie Budge], Henry, see Manaton ; IH''. 

Buketone, John de, see Exeter, St. James's Priory {Inst^ ; %?fi. 

Bukyngtone, Johel de, inst. to West Worlington; 130, 141'', 

iprd.) 240, 241". 
Bukyngtone, Mathew de, presents to West Worlington ; 130. 
Bukyntone, William de, see Morchard-Bishop ; 67. 
Bureford, John de, merchant ; L SO?". 
Burgeis, John caUed, see Kenton ; laS**. 
Burghe, Elizabeth de, see St. Ludgvan ; 183**. 
Burghe, John de la, inst. to Bridford ; 74 : resigns ; 1 1 '' : inst 

to lafton ; 143, 149^ 
Bni^he, Rt^r de la ; L 196". 
Burghe, William de la, and Tsolda his wife ; L 197. 

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Biii^htone, John de, inst. to ITpottery ; 127 : resigns ; 164. 
Burgo, Edmund de, R. of Moreton-Hampstead ; S?**. 
Burgo, William de, see Consistory Court ; 172''. 
Burlescombe, — 

Taxaeio et Ordinado Vicartt Lcdtiie dt Burdlaeombe iaic], — 
nniveiBiB, etc., WalUrus, etc, Bslutem in Domino Bempitemam. — Ciim 
DumiiiiiB JubuiDRa atUi Mulle, preabiter, nuper fuerit auctoritate noabv ad 
Per)Ktuiim Vicariam in Eccleain de Burdeleecombe, noatre Dioceeia, per 
noa de novo taiandam et urijinandftin — quam, quidem, Eccteeiam Afabalioa 
et Conventua de Ii^be Canonicarum riptinent in proprioa usua~ad ipaonim 
presentaciooem ^miaaua et inatitutua oinoiiice ia ijadem, ut tarn pro 
quiete ipaorum Abbatuae et Conveotus quam Vicarii predict!, et aliorum 
VicarioruQi qui pro tempore enint ibidem, aciri valeat in quibua pordoliibua 
hujuamodi Ticaria conaiBtare debeat temporibug gecuturia ; dob, tarn de 
eipreaao conaeDsu Abbatiase et Conventua predicturum quani Domini 
Johannia Vicarii antedicU. ipaam Vicariam ut in Bubacriptia ponaonibuB 
consiatat tazamua ac, eciam, ordinamua ; videlicet, qnod idam Ticarina, 
at auoceeaorea sul qut pro tempore eniat ibidem, habebit et habebiint 
manaum, cum curtiJagio, quod Capellaui Parochialea ante Admimionan et 
Ingtitucionem dicti Domini Johannie in Vicaria pradicta, habara et inbabi- 
tare conaueTerant ; ac, eciam, unam acram et peiidcatam terre eidem manao 
et curtilagio proprius adjacentea, de terra SaDctuarii dicUirum AbbatiHTC 
et ConTentuB. unde annuatim reddet et reddent Vicariua et Vicarii 
niemorati Jdecem denarioa aterlingorum, ad Bustentacionem mjuadam inor- 
tajii ardectia in Eccleaia antedicta. Volumua, eciam, et ordinamua qaod 
dJctna Dumiuua Jobannes, Vicariua, et auccessorea aui qui pro tempore 
erunt ibidem, percipiat et perdpiant, nomine Vicarie predicte, omnea 
dedmaa tam majoree quam minorea de curtjiagiia nunc exiateatibna infra 
limiCea Parochie dicte Eocle^ie qualitarciiinque provenientee, ac, eaaxa, 
omnea aliaa minutaa declmaa et oblacionea quaaciimque, ac alia omaia et 
aingula in dicta Parochia que appeilaoione altilagii eonaueverant contineri, 
eiceptia dumtaxat oblaciDDibuB libera familie intra Abbatbiam de L^be 
Canonicanim et devocionibua factia in aadem : eicepUa, eciam, mortuariia 
tociuB Parocbia antedicte ac oblacionibua ad Uapellani Sancti Tfaeobaldi 
in dicta Parochia de Burdeleacombe provenientibua, decimiaque ailve c«do« 
per totam Parochiom antedictam, necDon duonim moleDdinorum, videlicet, 
Enapbille et Pogeham, ac minutia decimia omnibua et singulia todua 
Abbathia predicts, et terrarum dominicarum Abbathie ejuadem, ac da 
nutrimentia ammalium quonimcumque Abbatiaae et CoDTentua predic- 
tflrum, dum, tamen, in proprio daminico auo depaati fuerint ; quas, quidem 
obUdonea, mortuaria, decimaa, una cum majoribua decimia todua Parochie 
de Burdeleacombe antedicte, eiceptia dedmia majoribua quaa pro Vicam 
Buperiiia aaaignaTimuB, volumua predjctia Abbatiaae et Conventui, aacUiri- 
tate preaentia noatre Ordinncionis, integrBliter remanere. Ita quod, ai onrti- 
Ingia de quibua premittitur, et ei quibua Vicariua qui pro tempore fuerit per* 
dpere debet majorea decimaa et minorea, in agricultunm extra curtilagM 
futuria temporibua foraitsn aint redacts, Vicariua qui pro tempore fuoit 
eituDC tantum perdpiat de pordone ad prediotoe Abbatiaaam et ConTeDtom 
auperiuB asaiftData quantum VicariuB de hujuBmodi curtilagiia in cultarani 
redactja percepturua fuerit juzta arbitrium boni viri Et, ai aliqua term 
que nunc eat arabilia, et extra curtilagia, in curtitagia, futuria tempoiibni, 
fonitan ait redacts, pretati Abbatiaaa et ConventuB de hoc dedmaa omnei 
perdpiant, Ncut eaaent aliaa percepturi Volumua, nichilomiaoa, et trdi- 
namuB quod dictua Vicariua, et Bucceaaores aui Vicarii qui pro tempom 
erunt, omnia oneia ordinaiia, necnon invendouem, auatentadotiflm, et 
reparadoDsm Ubnnuiu Hatutiualium et aliorum OnumeiitMuia FfinliiAi 

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prelibato, ad Bectoriam ipdus EoclesM eomuuiiiter pertinencium, poatquam 
idem Libri et Oruamenta primo et aemel per AbbatiBom et CouTflDtum 
predictoa compatenter inventa fiierint et raparata, uoa oum invencione 
nutia et vEni, et Bi m ilium in DivinU Offidu ioibi oelebrandia, onmibiu 
futaria tunc teoiporibiia, iutef^raliter auia propriis Bumptibus BubeaDt et 
a^oacaiit. Eitraordinnria, vera, ODera — reparaoio et Buatentado Canoelli 
dicte Ecoleaie da Burdeleacombe — ad Abbatiiaam et Coaventum partilMant 
memoratns. Salva DobiB et Siioceseoribus Doatru, Epiacopia Riiaiiifl qui 
pro tempore CTunt, potcetate dictam VJoariam augeudi, minuenili, aeu de 
Dotro, o Dportuerit, aliaa taxaodi et ordinandi, Bi et prout tiubU et ipaia 
TOum tuerit eipedire. — In cujub, etc — Datum Londoniia, ii die mellMa 
NoFBmbriB, Anuo Domini M' CCC* yioeeimo quarto ; 182. 

Buris, Walter de, R. of Whiniple, see Cowick Priory {Tnet) ; 111. 

Bomcestre, William de, resigns Broadclyat and ia lust, to Eaat 
Ogwell ; 100, [Burcestre] 1^6, 151".— 5ee L 202^ 

Bumham, John de, (late) V. o£ Heavitree ; 47''. 

BurriDgton, — 

Taxaeio Vioarit,^ jik aniea taxata nonfutrat : — 
Ferpetui Viisrii in eodem habeant et percdpiint, nomine dicte Vioarie, totum 
^nctuarium et totam terram Hliam quum proximua Secularit Rector 
ejnadem Eccleaie tenebat, cum omnibus domibiia iu eiidem, et cum omni- 
bna aliia auia peitinenciiB, quietam et aoliitara ab ontni Bervido saculari. 
Uabeant, edam, et percipiant omnce decimas minore«, oblaciones, et aliaa 
quascumque olivsncionea toduB Parochie ad altajagium ipsius Eocleeie 
pertiDentSB, in quibuB edam dedma feci et mortuarta inter oetera debent 
comprebendi. Solvent, eciam, dicti Viqarii Procurndonem Archidiaconl, 
Cathedraticam, et 3inodaticum, et Buatinebunt Caneellum, Librua, st Orna- 
ments ipaiua Eocleeie ad Redxiriam pertiuenda, Buis BumptibuB, poalquam 
BomptibuB Religioeorum Virorum, AbbatiB et Conveatus de 'TaTjetoke, 
Patronorum ejuedem, semel fuerint BUfBdanter reparato. Solvent, eciam, 
predidi Ticarii prediotU Religiosiig, singulis annia, iu Feato Paaohe, septem 
•cdidoa aterlingorum, namioe Pensiunia, de fructibua altalagii Bupradicti. 
Ooinis, Butem, onera extraordinaria, quocumque nomine cetiBaantur, eidem 
Eccleaie impoaiti bi^ imponenda, predict! Religloai, auia aumptibua, agnuBcent 
totaliter et peraolvent ; 50. 

Burtone, Richard de, 8« Brothertone ; 112. 

Burwike {alao, Borewike) Richard de, inst. to Mamhead; 111'*, 
121", 128", (Ord.) 237. 

Burum, Fr. Wm. de, admitted Prior of St. Nicholas Priory, 
Exeter; 128^ 

BuWerleigh ; Dedication of the Cemetery 126'': of the Parish- 
Church and the High Altar; 14S {see "Dedications"). 

Boterleghe, Richard de, inst. to Pinhoe ; 82. 

Byare, William de la, clerk ; L 202''. 

Byerne, Vicecomitissa de, see France ; 79. 

Bykeforde, Everard de, see Manaton; 111''. 

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Byne, Walter, inst. to Seaton; lei"". 

Byneleghe, George de, inst. to Blackawton; 37^ 38, (Ord.) 

220^ 2W. 
Byneleghe, J. de. Guardian of Philip de Rurde, see Alebome; 44. 
Byneleghe, Peter de, inBt to Harberton ; 75^ 
Bynneworthe, William de, inst. to Dean-Prior ; 111''. 
Bynyngtone, Thomas de, an Executor of the Will of John 

Lovetot, senior; L 185, etc. 
-Byrylonde, John de, — pro liberacione excommunicati eapH ad 

Significacionem,. Epiaeopi : — 

Excellentiadmo Principi, etc, Ednardo, Dei grscu Regi Anglie, etc., Waltenis, 
etc, ututem in Eo per Quern K^ee legoanC et Priodpee damiDuituT. — 
Cum JohaDii£e de Byrylonde, pHrociuaDiie noBter—oontra quern Ijuiqium 
eicommunicatum, et to Eicviummiiciidone pet quttdraginta dies el smpUus 
persist^Di (*U), secundum CouBuetuduiem Eculeaie Anglicane, pro ipau 
Capcione Duper veetre scripeimus Mejoetali — nd gremium Eodeeia redieiu 
Buper dicta Excommumcaniaaia Sentimcui AfaeolucioDin Beneficium in forma 
Jurii meruerit uptinere, Eicellendam veetnun Regiam humiliter implor- 
amua quatJDUg ministiu Testris predpere Tolitia, ai placet, ut Capdoni 
predicb Johamiii Don iDsintant, set, ai ea occasioae fuerit atreetatiu, ipsuiD 
fadaot debite Uberari (17 Feb., ISll-lB) ; 103. 
Byschop, Henry called, inst. to Treneglos ; 57. 
Bysoutbewode, Thomas, murder of ; (Ord. — Pria.) 236*'. 
Bythewalle, Sir John, priest, — 

Liiera direcia JUgi pro tiberacione excoMmunitiUi, capJi, d inpritanati ml 
SigitifiaKioaan Epucopi, pro ExeomntanietKloae nultTtta per d dia et 
ampliut .— 
EicelleDtiHaimo Priacipi, etc Waltcrua, etc — Quia Dominua Johannes Bjthe- 
traJle, preebiter, ooatre DyoceaiB, nuper, propter auam mamfeatam oSensaii) 
in Dyoceai Kioniensi contrectam, Majoria EicummumcacioDiB Sent«ncu 
ionudatuB, et demum ei eo quod dtctam EzcommuDicadoiiis Sentencum 
per quadra^ta diea et amplius BDimo suBtinuerat indurato, Clares Ek^clerae 
dampnabiliter conteiupaendopdeMuidato reatra Vicecumitibua Loadouiarum 
iuhac parte du-ecto ad Significacionem noBtram, juita Consuetudinem Regai 
Anglie, taaquam Eicon] municatuB et Clavium Ecdeejaaticanim coDtemptor, 
per eoadem Vicecomitei carceri mandpatuB eat, a dicta Eicommunicacionia 
oentencia, preatita primitiu caudone ydonea de atando Handatu Ecdeaie, 
luper ofieoBH hujuamodi absolntuB, veetram Excellendam requirimua et 
rogamue quatinua pro ipdus Domini JohanniH liberadoue a airasv, quo 

Bythewalle, Robt., collated to St. Perran-Uthno ; 34, 38, 73^ 
(Notary-Publick ; 68, 68"'): collated to Lawhitton by 
exchange (see St. Perran-Uthno); 76''.— Sec "Ord." 218, 
224^ 226. 

Bjtton, Bishop ; Institution by, aee Churchstanton ; 43. See, 
also, Alebome ; 44 : Exeter, St. James's Priory (tnet.) ; S&\ 
Heference to his WUl ; 86^ L 186". 

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Cabbel, William, inst. to Chrlstow ; 82 : resigns ; 126. 

Ctilleway, John, presents to Cheldon ; 84^ 1 12''. 

Eajlleweie, Roger, inat. to Oheldon ; 79^ 

Calitone, John de ; L 191. 

Cftllej, Simon, resigns Braiupford-Speke ; 131. 

Catly. Hugh, of Seaton, R. of Offwell ; 169^ 181". 

Camborne [Cambron, MS.], — 

JcbD de Newbauti. R., auMeacoo, — Dispenaation: non-rflBidenco for > jear 

to study, etc (22 Feb., 1308-9] : 39>>. 
Master William [de] Bmetfeld, priest, R.,— Licenco of non-reaidenoe for a f enr 
biBtud;,etc (3 Not., 1312) ; 77: ami again tor a jear {3 Oct., 1S18) ; 79». 
This KecUir (" Willelmue de Benefclde, qui Eccleeiam de CHmbroun tenet 
ut Rectar"), seentj to have ^reti the Biabup some trouble, and be <rai 
HoleinDly admoniahed, 14 Aug., ISiS, to return Ui hia CLarch before 
Uichaelaus, aad t<i reiide conCiauousIf, and report bimaelf to the Bishop 
before the uid Fenat; 107<>. f!e did not obej ; tmd the Bishop ciHiBeDted 
to suspend the Jtonitiim till .the eoeuing Hichuelmas — "ad instanciam 
DomiDi Ricardi il.i Hacche (IS Hot,, 1315); llO''. But Benetfeld wu 
iDcorhgible, and, year after jear, apparently for nearly aeTea yea™, absented 
himielf from his benefice. Eventually be obtained Licence uf nun-residence 
from 3 Feb., 1S22-3, till the ensuing HichHelmns ; " et illo eodem terdo die 
idem Rector fedt Gnem pro sua nun reaidencia uaqiie ad ilium diam, pro 
zl Bolidia, solvendis— III. in b'esto Pssuhe, et alios iia. in Festo Anump- 
cdonia Beate Virginia; et pro gracia absentandi dabit j marcam." This 
Licence was not deliverad to him till 1 Ilarch ; 171 At the eipiration 
of the year he seems to have returned for a time, but Licence of non- 
reudence till Hichaelmas was again granted to him, 15 June, 1352 ; 184''. 

Camel ford, — 

Licence granted to the Burgesses of that Town, tJU Miohaelmaa, "ut in 
Ontoriu seu Capella, quam in eadem TilU in honare Beati Thume, Hartjris, 
construi feoerunt de novo, per Cspellanura ydoueum, suis auinptibua in 
omnihuH sustentandum, anita funnam Constitucianis Synudalis super hoc 
Adite, Lrivina faoera eelebrsre, et ipai et cat«ri dumtaiat luibitantes in eadem 
Villa Dirina bajusmodi ibidem audire possint ; dum, tamen, in Librin, 
Onuunentig, et aliis, ad hoc neceesaria invenerint, TulunCasque Itecioris dicte 
Boderie de Nuu^los [LanU.jloi-bjf-Oaintl/oni] ad id aocesserit et eon- 
seosm, ita quod nullnm prejudicium ipai Hatrici Kcclesie generetnr" (24 
Jan., 1311-12) ; SB. 

Cameleforde, John de, inst. to Tavistock ; 42**. 
Caineleford, Reginald de, inst. to Dunsford ; 162". 
Camera, Philip, clerk ; {Ord. Pria.), 23C". ' 

Cauipellis [Charapeaux], Robert de, Abbat of Tavistock, see 

Whitchurch; 165. 
Campion, William, Proctor for Thomas Nyusoin ; 105. 
Campo Amulphi [Champemowne], Sir Henty de, Knfc., presents 

to Stockieigh-English ; Tl": to Ilfracombe ; 162". 

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Chamberaoun, Dame Joan de (relict of Sir William) 
presents to Jacobstowe (Connco/i) ; 39. 

Campo-Aniulphi, John de, inst to Thurlestone ^ 39 : to Jacob- 
stowe (Cornwall) ; 45, 51, (Ord.) 231, SSS**. 

Cbaubenioun, R^inald de, R. of Ilfracoinbe ; 51, ISd**, L S09^ 

Campo Amulphi, William de, collated {by lapse) to Eentisbeare > 
37, 55^ 73, (Ord.) 218, 220^, 232": inst to Thurlestone ; 
120^ (Ord.) 239: deceased; 159". 

Candevere, John de, insL to Puddlngton ; 124. 

Canonsleigh Abbey, — 

Ajfnpriiitio Eedaiedt iJoiM^onft [Ihmsford]: — 
UoiTetsii etc, Waltmis, permiHioDe Diiina KxonioiBu EpisoopiiK, i^utMU 
in Ikimiiio, eU. — Puriute Religiunii quam deiteraVeri S]>oiiu plantaTit in 
SpoiuB Suis iioa dec«t jugiter coDtuTcrs, et ipniu neocaaitatog TcleTUV 
remediis uportunu. Sons, propoDeate dadom Koblli Uuliere, Comitwa 
Cloucalrie et Herfordie, Keligiuee Domua de Leghe CuioDimmin ntxtre 
DfocrBui Fundatrice,' defunct*, dum vixit, rr\o Celitua inapiralo, ad ooo- 
KTuaiu BUBtentsdoDem CuioiiicaruiD in numero quinquagenuio, qui adbac 
ptTprtiialiter ad ipsiua iaalaDciaiD itiBtitutua ibidem viget, ditasoe io tenia, 
redditibua, et pcaAeaaionibuH, ac aliia perpetuia iDcmneDtia, pia pootmodmn 
ifiaiuB deaideria, concurrentibus quibuidain inundi moleatiia, prepedirit 
preventrix mora ai]i*ra,adeo quod quirquid eiadon ReKginait Uulieiibna dtra 
^alnbre prDpoeitiim predicts Comitiaae remanet per euidetn asngnatain, »d 
pardssimum eciiun eanindem el FamiliB aiie neceaaarie cotidianiim Tictam 
eufficere DODT^lebit Kiadem.aiquidem, VirgiuibuB Chriati Sponaia, propto- 
hujusmodi temporalia aubeidii carendam, affectu utarno condolemna, K 
vidbuB alternia ei to meduUitua spJritiiB ocBter eiuitat qaod eaa AltiEimua 
Bpouaavit in Fide quaa aeculum dod fedaiit, and reliquid [n'r) incomiptea, 
in 6exa nimiruro fragili prubaticaiiiiani Heligiuois intuaniur acalam ; iUic 
conapidmua aummtim modestie ueum, SnroHutis derutum affectum, pacem 
animi, communtcadoiie omni mutua ubeequia, diadpliDe rigorem, nbsdiencie 
amorem, Tinculnm caritatia, camia BerTitutem, legendi et orandi libertatna, 
Tigiliarum excubraa, quietem meditadouia, decodoDeni Paalmodie. Qaia, 
inBup«r, in predicta Domo frequenter u&eruntur, propter ipaiuB eelebiem 
famam, que in omnea Begni Anglie finea eiivit, Viigines Oenerotw, im tarn 
heo quam cei«Te, dum aubeidia corporalia tuendicaut, a Divina Context 
pladone tapmcaDt, de iniaericordia Jeeu Cbriati ac Beate at Glftnoaa 
Virginia at Hatrii Sue Maris, necnoD Beatorum Aptatolonim Suorain Petri 
et Pauli, noatnirum Patronoium, aiiffngiis conGdentea — babitia aiiper hoc 
cum Capitulo Doetn) et Eccleeie Doatre Eionienaia communi et dUigenti 
tiactatu et delibeiadone Bollempni ; Tocatia, nichilominua, ad hoc omnibiii 
et Bingulia qui fuerint in hac parte nTOCscdi — de ipeiuB Capitnli noeUi, 

' HatDda de C3are, said to bave been originallj, w a Priory, by Walter dc 

the widow of Richard, aerenth Earl Clavill, More 1173. The Uut Vivx 

of Olouceeter. She re-founded thia waa William de Runeton (ace ToL L, 

Hoaae aa an Abbe; tor Auguatjman pp. 41, 838, 840, 391. 
0. 1231. U waa foaoded, 

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MTam XolianiiD Patronata eiistit, qns quidem Huliera KumtU cjiudam 
lod optinniit dommium, propter qaod per t«i atitiUi ipaiu* Eoalfliu 
procnisri pot«rit efflcacjui at augeri, dictu Religioaii Miilieribui, Abbatiae 
Tidelket et CoDTentui da LeKhe CKionicarum efinimqua suoc«»oKbui 
>ppr»priiuaiu et, ecUm, in prvpriix uioa coDcedimu* perpetuo ponidendani, 
cum suiii j'uribui et pertinenciii uniTenui ; lalra compeCeuU Viouia in 
predida Ecdeaii taliter per dm appropriata, per noa aut Sucoeuorea DOttrca 
Uzanda et ordinuida ; sd qamia pradicU Abbativa et ConTentui Dutna et 
Snccaauribua nnetria, in qualibat Tacadona ipdua Vicaris, Parwaam 
jdoueam preaentubuDt ; et aalva, edam, predicto Capltulo noatro iuiaqua 
aaeiMBoribua unauB quatuor marcarum Penmoue, qiiam prediote Ecoleaia 
da [Kiiuford ac Hictie Abbatia«a et Conventiu et earum luooeMoribua, 
Domine ip«iuB Ecclesia de Dotuforde, propt«r evidentnm uUlitatam ajuaJerD 
EccIeaia,iiiipoauiiiiiiiet iii]poDimuB,acQoal£mplaciuDeVenerabiliumViniruiii, 
Dominoruia Ueaoi et Cnpitnli Bcclene noatra pradicte, qui dictiram 
HulieruiD et predicle Eccleaie de Doiuforda utilitate^ et profectua baotanut 
aula auiiliia, cnnailiU, et (avovibiie efficadter prucurarunt, et ipaoa aimiliter 
procuratunw Ormiter aperatnr in futuruta, parpetuia futuru lamporibua, 
quolibet anno, in Feato lnveneiuoiB Saacta Crucia [8 May], predictta 
Decsno et Capitulo, in Scaccario ipaorum Eionie, Gdnliter peraolienda. 
Salvia, Dichilutainua, nubis et Sucoessoribua onatria juribiia Episcupalibua 
Aucttirilata et Dignitata Bpiacopali ; Lod, edam, ArchidiacoDi qui pro 
tetnpore fueiit — auo jura iotegro remanente aamper el illeu). In quorum 
omniuDi Gdem et teatimoDium prasaDtea literu lij^lli iiiietri muaimiDa 
duiimiia robonindai. Kc noa, pradicti Decsnui at Capituluni, premisaia 
omnibua at aiii^ulia gratum prebemtii conaenaum paritar et aaaeuanm, 
aJgUlumqua noatmin commuae I'nMiittbus duximua appotieDduin. DHtum 
in Capitiilo Doatro Einaienii, tam sub aigillo Dcwtri). quam sub aigillo 
dictorum Decaai et Capitiili, quinto die menaia Auguxti, Anno Domini M'"" 
CQQmo jiiijoo, — Et optinuenint Litenia loducdonia Dumino Archidiacono 
Eionienai fel ejua Officiali directaii, sub dato npud Chuddeleghe, nij dia 
menaia Augusti : SS^. 
— Beformaeio de CaoDndtyt [written in the margin by |lp. Orandiaaon]: — 
Wniitier, par Is auOViUiee Dieu Ereaque Daiceetre, a aea cheree fiullea en TMeu 
la Abbeaas et le CoTent de T^be, de Doetre Eveaehee, nalulr, ova la 
bendceoQ Ihea'j Criat et la noatre. Purceo qen Qoatra Viaitaciun, el cetera, 
tit tapra in titera diretla Monialibui dt Polilo' uiqae ibi — Item, qaat Dame 
de Kaligion mange a Excastre — Aoc tnutifq ifuod in Uta IMtra pmilur 
Abbease, Abbeje, et le Ordre, ou Iteule, et tea Obaervoncea Seiot 
Augustiii, ufit in tupradiela Lilera pontbaiar Priourease, Priourie, et 
le Ordre, ou Keule, et lea Observancea t^eint Benet, ~Mt dempto 
ilia eapitulo. Item, qant Dame de Religion maoga a Ezceatre, titque 
(ii — Item, Dams qi voit s liaitar sea nmja en la (oiirme ausdite,— luiu 
didtur tie ulf<riui,^ceo eat a aaroir en Someraete, Dorsel«, DeTenesohire, 
ou en Comwaille, ddt retoumer a loatel, el cetera, ut tupra uijus ibi, ~ai ceo 
ne Bait — et tune tic, — bora dee quatree CouateeE avantditz eu plua loigtejn 
pais et adonkea eit temps assigne plua outre par la Abbesae, solom eeo qa ele 
verra <je ceo Boit a fnire, ejaol totee voyes regard a la loigteneto et a la 
prochemeto du lieu, aicume est deauadit. et plua longe tfiii[iB as eit mie, ai 
ceo ne soil par mort ou maliulie oonue, etc., vtqvc ifri,— nuleDams de Toatra 
Religion, ProteaBe ou nient Profease— juo eapitulo dtmpto, vtqve ibi, — IteiD, 
nouB ordinuma qe autre roua treatotea — tune tie vlCeriui, — ejez un 
Confeaaour, homnie de Religion aicome avont oaat hure avez au. ou eelui qi 

> Ste Polaloe (Gen. Index), 

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TOUT Mt are utigne, ou sulrede Religion ou Secular, iliel' comenonioniiaa 
Sucoeuoure Todroat a oeo assigner, a remuar a U votente de nous et de noa 
Succeaaoun. Et vnloma qe celni et duI autra, fore qe ea peril de mort, 
puioe ojir Toa confeaaioivi, et toub asaoudre de voe peccbees, et enjojndre 
penaunce en due forme, et q[l eit DoBtre pojer, qant a In penauncerie en oas 
qi vnua toucheot, a durer h. nostre volenU. Et pur oea que Doiu avoma 071 
et entendu par aacune gent qe par my deua uii' dedenz voatre Abbeye ilsoqeB 
ploaoun mals eBcluidm et dmhoDeatetea auot HTenuee avant ceet hure, «t 
purront enaemeiit avenir aprea, si remsdie ae aoit mya, ceo eat aaavnir ud ui^ 
qe eat en lenolaiatre au osier deaouE la Sale la Abbeage, la ou bom apparaitie 
le braes', et an Rultre dteouE 1* novele chambre la Abbecae devdia U court, 
volomi, qrdinums. et comaundomi qe meinme ceui deue ua* eoyent faien 
eatupeea par mur ite pere, entre c; et la Paske prncbey □ Bvecir. Item, ift 
lea aoouDtea, etc., omnia ticul m Litem de PoUlo, viqve ia faem, wtuiala 
tantum Data, que eU Apud Glial, lij iUb Jana»rii.[l 319-20] ; U6»>. 

Joan de Radyngtoue, Canimeea of " Leghe," appointed coadjutor to 
FetronillB, the Abbera (12 Jhr., 1319-2I)} ; UflO, 

The Abbeaa and Converit were Patruna of Dimaford, 100*' ; Hockworlhy. 129*. 
184'' 1 Little Hempaton, 7.'iM23l>, 1S0^ 174. £« Burleacombe (/*•(.): 
181, 1S2 : Little Hempaton, 182. 

Canterbury ; Proteelacio [contra O^icialerrt Arckiepiacopi*} : — 

Cum Offioialia MetropoUtAni, et mnlto minua ipaiua ContmiaaBnua, in Sut&«- 
ganeoa ejnsdem, quamdiu idem MetropolitADUs in lua Proiindai Tel arCA 
illam eiUterit, Inderdicti, vel Suipeneioniii nut Kxcommunicacionia Seo- 
t«Dciaa, ob reverenciam Pontificalia Offidi, jure prohibente, nequeat pro- 
mulgare, ac quidam Preaidentee Curie CantuarieDaia dicantur aaaerere quod, 
lic«t its ill Jure caveatur, secuB tatnen eat de oonauetudine Curie Bupr»- 
dicte ; cub, tamen, Waltcrus, permiasione Divina Eionienaia Rpiscopua, 
Eecleaie Cautuarieneia SiiiTriigiineiia, de hujuBmodi aasercione luiuc primitu* 
adverlanlea, ut non vitupeittur MioiBterium noatruni, hujiiamoili oun- 
auetudinem, iiumo pociua coruptHlam [tie), fore l^ttiine introductam 
negamua, et ue introdiicatur cuntiadidmua ; proteatantea eiprsaae noa, 
verpredeceBBoreB noetrOB, introducdoni predicte coueuetudiaia aeu corninp- 
tele (ate) nuUo tempore tadte vel eipresae couaenaiase vel eidem pruinae, 
nee noa Telle cooaentire vel parero eidem, 

Et memoraudutn quud die Veneria praiimn poet Festum PuriGcacionia Beat* 
Virgiaie, Anno Domini aupradiutu [6 Feb., 1315-16], in Capitulo Catbednlis 
Eccleaie Lyncolnieuaia, iu preaeucin Venerabilium Patruui, DominoruiD Dei 
graoia Ji>hiinnia [Salmon], NorwlcenBia, Johannia [do Drokeneatorde], Batbo- 
nienBLB et Wellenaia, Walter: [do LauRetone], CoTeDtrenain et Leichfeldenaia, 
Johannia [Langetone], CiceatrenBia, Rogeri fde Mortiaallii], SarTumenaiB, 
Aniani [Seye], BangorenaiB, David [ap Blothin] ABaavenaia, Ricardi [Cellaire] 
CuaolmenBiB, Juhuiuie [de Haluctone], Carlioleneia, Eccleeiarum B^naoo- 
porum, Mngiatrorum Willelmi de Biratona, Archidiocuni aloutwtrle, Robert] 
de Wortbo, Willelmi ....,• Canouicomm Eccleaie SamimeQsia, Ricardi 
de Forde, Juris Canonici ProfeBBorie, et aliorum Clericorum ibidem pre- 
aencium in multitudine copioaa, Veueratotia Pat«r, Daminue Walterua, Dei 
gracia Exonienaia Epiacopua, tunc peraonaliter exiateoa ibidem, pradictam 
Proi«atacioiiem per Nicholaun de Hele, clericiim euiim, nomiue ipsiua, et 
de ipaiuB Frecepto fecial!, ipaum ad hue cuuBtituena organum vocia boa, 
publice et inte|]igibilit«r legi fecit, et dictam Froteataciunem interpoauit, 
promittens ae firmiter velle adherere eidem ; 11 1^ 

> mdA — tel, eemblable, le mdme — lalit * prepares tbe malL 

(trAnit). * Added by a later band. 

._.___ -^- ,j (iMJj. » A blank apace for the nat 

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Cantilnpe, ThomAs de. See Hereford, Bishop of. 

Cantilupe, Walter de, admitted in commendam to St. Breoke ; 
]H3^: collated thereto ; \Si\ 

Cantilupo, Walter (brother of Sir John) de ; 2 (sm p. 5). 

Caocia, Heniy de, see St. Crantock ; 11 5^ 

Capis, Tbomaa (lateR. of St. Fancras, l& Bousdoa) ; 38^ 

Cardvyl, Thomas de ; L 1 SI''. 

Carente, John de, ioBt to Bradninch ; 61, 61^ 

Cai^u), the Bishop's Manor of (Gorv/walt) ; C(^)ut eujtLsdam 
Finis de Kergaul [temp. Hen. Ill,] : — 
Hec eat Fiiulis CoQoonlia facta in Curit Domini Itegii, apud Biooiam, • dW 
PurifloicioDiB But« Huie in qaindedn diea, Anno Bagni R*iP* Uenrioi, 
fllit R«giH JuhuioU, quinquageaimo quarto [1309-70], oomn Qilbcrto d* 
Preatone, OalFrido de Leukeoore, WalCero de Ueliom, at JtdianiM d« 
Oketonc, Juaticiariii Itinerantibu*. at aliie Domini Rarai Fidelibna, tuna 
ibidem preiieiitibua ; inter Watterum [BroDMoombe], Epiaoopum Exoni- 
enum, queiontem, et Rogemm de Valle torta impedisDtem, de Uanerio da 
Koi^ul i^iU) cum pertineDdii, et AdrocudoDibua lilccleaiaram SanclB 
Heutine de Smit Neulan {tic) et Sancti Aluni de Sejnt Alun ; und* 
placitum fuit inter eoa in eadea Curu, idlioet quod predictui Rogcrua 
Tecognovit predictum HuiBrium, oum AdTooadouihiu prediotia, et oum 
omnibiu pertinendia luia, ut in dominicia, tama arabilibiu, aan'idi* 
liberonim nominum et Tillenagiorum, cum TillanLi Tillena^ ilia tenentibua, 
at ODinibus eoram aequalia, boacia, pratiia, plKui^ parturii, viia, aenuti*. 
aquii, piacariia, aUgnia, molendiaia, at omnibua aliia rebua ad predictum 
Maneiium et Adrocadonea pertinentlbiu, eaae jui inaui Epiaoopi et 
Ecdeeia aue Sancti Petri ExoniaosB, ut ilia que idem Epiaoopua et 
Eocleoa ana predlula habeot de dono ipsiua Rogeri ; habendum et tenendum 
"— "- - "i Suocoaaoribua suia, at Ecoleaie bub predicta, '' 

Ca[ataHbna DinDinia Feodi itliua, in liberam et perpetiuun elemoainam, pro 
■emdia que ad predictum Hanerium pertinent, inperpetunm. Et pro bac 
KecogniciuDe, i^e, et Concordia idem Epiaoopna dedit predieto Rogaro 
ducentaa libraa aterlinjionim ; 117. 

Carletone, Adam de, Archdeacoa of Cornwall ; hb^. 

licence of Qon-reaidenoe till the Feaat of St. Peter ad Vineula [1 Aug.,] to 
atudy, eta (5 Den, 1812); 7S: renewed, 3 Oct, 1S13, till th« Ketat of the 
TranalatioD of St Thomu-tbe-Hartyr (7 July,) 79^: again IS Oct., 13!8 ; 
177. Stt St. Ooran, 42 ; " Willa " (Puntynrton), 66 ; St. Crantock, iai>> : 
Qluney, IGS ; L ^01^ 213, 214. 

Carletone, Nicholas de (otherwise called Nicholas Makerel,) B. 

of Duloe ; 128^ L 213. 
Carlisle, siege of; L 206. 
Carmynou, Joan (relict of Sir Boger, Kn&), preecnta to I^illeish ; 

68b, 1W^ 
Carmynou, Sir John, Knt, 162 ; presents to Boconnoc ; 130^ 

150.— 5m St. Piran-Uthno, 151; St Stephen's in 

Brannel; 172. 

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Canninou, Minou and Richard (brothera of Roger, R. of St. 

Stythuuu); 123. 
Carmynou, Oliver de, presents to St. Ruan-msjor ; ) S4 : to St. 

Ruan minor ; 82'' : to Whitstone (Cornwall) ; ii^, oo"". 
Carmynou, Roger (son of Rc^er) de, B. of Whitstoae (Gom- 

iwaK); 40: exchangeaforStStythian's; 42^ 123, (Ord.) 225. 
Camodone (or Camedone), Walter de ; LI9I,213. 
Camartbur, Robert de. Proctor for Jobn de Neubaud ; ST"". 
Cargannowe ; L 215''. 
Carm, Sir John de, Kat, presents to Stoke -Fleming ; 70, 72 : 

to Luppit ; 72. 
Caneu, Sir Nicholas, Ent, pr^ents to Mamhead; 43'': 

reference to his Executors ; L 200. 
Carreu (aiao Carru), William de, inst. to Holaworthy ; 66'', 73, 

107^ 113^ 120, 130, 142" : resigns ; 155 : we L 200. 
Carreveldros, Philip de, sm St. Juat-in-Boeeland (Inat.) ; 33. 
Carsowellc, William de, chaplain; L 195. 
Carvile (or de Cara Villa) Fr. Peter de, presented to the Priory 

of St. Uichael's-Moimt, in Cornwall; 114: inst. there- 
to; 114". 
Can, John (»« " Wills "— Fitz Paine) ; L 214. 
Case (aluo, Casis), Master William de, see France ; 78", 79. 
Castro, Bartholomew de, collated to Bradstone ; GO" : inst to 

St. Ive ; 100^ 157", (Ord.) 234, 235" : aee Culmstock ; 84". 
Castro, Henry de, R. of St Mary-Steps, Exeter ; (Ord.) 218. 
Cat, Richard le ; L 189''. 
Cathetone, Philip (son of William) de ; L 197. 
Caunvyle, Sir Geoffrey de, Knt, deceased, see " Wills" ; 38. 
Caunpvyle, Maurice de, R. of Holsworthy ; ibid. 
Campville, (o^ Caunpvyle) Sir William de, Knt; 38: 

presents to Mortboe ; 171. 
Caxtone, William de, see " WUls " ; L 201". 
Cayron, Thomas de ; L 192. 
Ceme, Richard de, resigns Willand; 110". 
Cerziaus, Richard de, and Margaret his wife, with her two 

sisters (Elizabeth and Joan), present to St Erme; 143. 
Cersyaua, Richard de, resigns Lesnewth ; 39, 
Cestre (aUo, de Cestria), Philip de, inst to Clyst-St Qcorge ; 

167", 168", 176, 183". 

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OEinaAL IHDEZ. 09 

Cetitre,Bobertde; L187,etc He wia R of Combe>Batei^ ; 

L 199^ 
Chageforde, John de, chaplain, see Ideford ; 111. 
Chaillou, Nicholas, aee Michaelstowe ; 109. 
ChftlUwmbe [Chandecombe, MS.]. — 

HHttr Amald Cat«l, B.— lioooa of mm-wrideww, fcNT a ywr turn Kikad 
HUM (4 Aug., 131!) ; 73.— Sw ynmingtoD. 

Chunberleyn, Wiltiam, inst to Hockwortby ; ISi**. 
Chambre, Hugh de la, inst. to North-Tawton ; 118, 120>, 112^, 

150>, 159". 
Champeneie, Jamee de, inst to Ashbtuton ; 78. 
Cbampemowne see Campo Amulphi, de. 
Ch^>els : the following last of Boral Free Chape 

on a blank space at the 

(fol. 28>'):— 

LOen OapOt Dcmitti Jttgit A»gtit,~- 

(WolringhamptoiM, Prabtodato. R« Att Dmsim. 
torn: DecHiiu PrabandM. [WUrtriamp d iml 
Oncnulud* [Onaall]. 
Eoclena Beat* Hari* i» 8t»ttori», Pnbeodata, 
Bex dat PrebfDdu. 
iPmorii, Prebandata ; uU Arohia[rfMopiii Dublin- 
eniii dat Prebendaa, ti ait AsglMaa : alioqoio 
H«x. IFentridgt.'] 
IMteobale, Ptebendata. R«x dat Prebendaa. 
B™g«.Pr.beBd.t.. BexdatPraband.^ [Bridgf 
BocImU Baata Haria Sakpie. 
Eoolaaia Omnium Sanctonim, Dertm. Bt aat 
annsia DeoanatuI Lynooliua — qo!, qtddgm, 
Decanua dat Prabaodaa ajoadam. 
BaaiaxiB, CiMaimnda 1 Eoeleaia da Boaeham, Prabendata. E[Jtaop<u Bum- 
Koocafa. t ieina dat Prabanda^ 

IxmdomanaiaDiocaMa. i^''^^*''^!'*^'"^?™'^,'**'^ Raidat 
ujuuumauMi. uiuxw. J- peoanatum: Dacaniu Prabeodaa. 

Sananelia («ie), Sar. 1 Eoalaaia de WTmbome Minatre, PrebeDdaU. Baz dat 

lumenaiB Diooada. ) Dacanatum: Decaona Prebendaa. [7a J)«rttl.] 

Charles [Chamefl, MS-l— 

Ad m^niaicioiiem Fratib Henrid, Priurfi de POtone, Domlnoa lIoaDcdant 
Dommam Walterum la Wolle, Becioram Eoclaaa da Chaniea, prMUternm, 
nt idem Baotor atara ralaat at morari nun pnfato Priore in manaa aua, a 
Feato Sancti M id iaeHa pioxituo futuro, per qainquannium aitono eon- 
tiDDum, ad releratiaDem erit aUani quo dicta EoeleBui oDsralur ; at intarim 
Eedeuam predictam, fmctoa at obrancioDea ajuadem, eidm Priori 
dimittendi ad firmam.' Et dabit nd Pabricam Ecolede BiMnaoata xl 
aolidoe ; tribua, videlioat, primla anaia tinf'f iliTiiiJi«.Tn mnoam, et 
BubaaqDentfba* duobua anuia shignloa x aolidoa ; fta quod idtm Prior 
pnbte Eocl«de interim daaarrire fadat in DiTinia, at ooiam exeroaa^ 
deljtam in aadem (24 Aug., 1817) ; 131. --IP" 

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Charleton [Churletone and Churl&tooe, MS.], — 

The Church being vactuit, the cuBtody of the SequestratioD mi 

to Eobert Pallard. H. of Black Tomngtoa (1 May, laOB); <Oi>.-WiUi»ra ds 
Bmrode, R,"DUpeiuatiou: Don-reaidence for ■ year frotn HIchaelmu, to 
■tudy, etc. (21 Sept, 1309) ; 41.— Sir Stephen de Brawode, B.— lioenoa of 
DOQ-reaideDce for two jean, "pro Eccleue eue pradict« n^odli" ; a^, to 
put his Benefice out to fano, to Williain de Browode (26 Sept., 1322) ; KB. 

Cherletone, R(^er de, Archdeacon of Totaea ; 12I^ (Ord.) 243. 

Charletone, William de. Chaplain ; L 213. 

Charlinch [iSffjnereei— Cherdelynche, MS.], aee Quethiock 

{Inst.) i 127^ 
Chariter (or Chai-etter), Baldwin aon of Robert le (of Ton:ington)> 

inst. to Bratton-FIeming ; 138^ {Ord.) 243*'. 
Chasiilounc, Malculinus ; L 209**. 
Chauntemerle, John (son and heir oE Wm.), does homage to 

the Bishop for two virgatea of land in Thomey, "pro 

xijd. per annum, per servicium militare" (28 Jul;, 1308); 35. 
Chawleigh [Chalveleghe, MS.],— 

Sir Wiilter de Elmhani, priest. R. — lioeDce of Doo-reBideDCe tor a J^tt, 
" radcuie obBequiomm Nobitia Mulieris AlUnora de Curteiiai, ad inatHDciam 

ejusdeni Nobilis (15 Oct, 1323) ; 177. 

Cheddere, William de, iiist to Cowick (Vicarage) ; 120''. 
Chelreje, Thomas de, R. of Henton-St. George (Dioc. B. and 

W.), proctor for Andrew de Drokenesforde ; ] S?*". 
Cherde, Walter de, R. of Little Hempston ; (Ord.) 218. 
Cheriton [Fitzpaine^], — 

John Eauam, aubdaicoii, R~Diapeiua(ioii: non-reaideoce till HichaeUaaa, to 
study, etc, (29 Dec, 1S08) ; 87". TUb ntia renewed, 21 Oct, 1309 ; 44>>. 

Cheriton-Bishop [Churitoue, MS,], — 

MuBter Richard de Seflord, R. — Diipensadon : non-reaidence for two jett*, to 
atudj, etc. (10 OcL, 1316) ; US'*; Licence of non.reaidence till Hichaelmaa, 
and for two yean after, if he weot abroad to study; for one jenr only tf 
be remained in Eogland (13 Ma;, 1318], — " et dabit ad Fabricam Eionianaem 
j marcBm" ; 127 ; renewed for a year ; but do reoeOD ia aaugned (30 OcU, 
1830); IBl: again [Seforde, MS.], for a year (9 Jan., 1322-3),— " «o 
[DomlQus] condouavit aive remiait eidem zi aolidoe de xl aolidie, in quibus 
propter suam non rceidenciam eidem Patri, pro aono precedenti, mulotatua 
eitilerat "; 171. 

Churitone, Hemy de f" dispensatum fuit cum Henrico dicto 
Roberti, de Churitone, MS.] — svper defedu nataliurtit 
(11 Nov., 1311); C5^ 

Chemehury, John de, inst. to Comhmartin ; 56''. 

Chemebury, Richard de, in»t to the Chantry of Moiihoe ; 70. 


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Chessebeccbe, Richard de ; L 188^ 
Cbeethunte, Stephen de, Canon of Bosham, — 

Piddita* : — ilj die Decembris (1309), spud Fareudone, Hagutor Stephanua 
de Cbjiliaiite, Canomcua libera Capelle de Boaeham, fecit Domino 
fidatitatem de tarria et l^aemeQlia ad dictam Prebendom Buam Bpectaotibua ; 
preaentibua Dominis Stephano, Kectora Eccleaie do Thorny, Petro de Hone- 
tone, Bectore Eccleua de YlatTiigtona, Hagiatro Wiltelmo de WuUeghe, et 
alii« ; 4EJ''. 
The foUowing Entriei refer to bia PrafeTmenti {after hia de«tli): — 

n«hoiK>mmble Seignour,— Noua reccomea voa Lettrea la jour de la feeMloe da 
eeitce, par tea quelea tdub avet prie qa nons Toillam voncliienauf en veatre 
cber cherk. Sire Jolion de Hothom, et doner a li la ProTendra qe Meatre 
Eatephne de Cbeethonle areit en la Eagliae de Boaeham, per regard de 
cfaarite ; dunt, tfeacher Saignonr coillet aavar que noatra Piere EsperitsJ, la 
ArceGTeaqua de Cantetburie, permf Mivilege qil ad de la Curt de Kome, ad 
tet Dne rcwrvocioD de la prechejne Frorende Tacante en la dite Eagliae de 
Boedam pour un de aee cUerlu, noua ne pojoma en nule minere, 
aana eapeciat aaaentement de Ij, la dite Provende doner tut aoi ale Tucsnte 
et apandeait frauQchetnent a noetre CoUadon, nous la dorriem Tolentens a 
tot« fon a Toatre requeate, et at lavom noua fet tant avaot come noua 

runu Sana fere prejudice au dit Privilege, et la dite Provende aoit THoante. 
dantre part, <^er Seignour, il covent qe noua aeyoms bientost a Londren 
par Toatie commBadement et la. Sire, si VOUB pleat, parleroms oyoequB toup, 
et oreaqiie le dit ArceEveaque Bur ceatcB chosea, et ferrom perm; voatre 
* et aoD ordeynempnt sur cao quant^e noua pcuma banement. Noetre Sire, 

eta Done a Horaleghe le i jour daieiil [1S15] ; lOS. 
Hemorandnm quod, oum Uagiater Staphanua de Chealhunta, CanonicuH 
libera Capelle da Boaeham, Thesaurariua Nobilis Hati Domini Begii 
Aaglia, Comitia de Cheatr^' oupsr dec«deiiB, eidem Comiti in non raodioa 
Hccunie quiuitjtate teneretur tempore quo deceeait, impetratum fuit Breva 
Beginm, ez parte ejuadem Comitia, Domino Episcopo Ciceatrenei, ad 
■aquestnmdum omnia bona Eccleniaatica que idemStephonuBhabuit in Djoceai 
•lU. Sub colore cujUB Brevia aequeatravit bona Ecdedastica qua idem Ste- 
phanoa habuit iu libera Capella de Boaeham et in Prebeude aua ibidem. Et 
quia videbatur Domino Ezonienai Epiacopo, Custodi dicte Capelle, predictum 
Episcopum Ciceatrenaem. aub colore dioli Breria, Juriadlodoucm, ut premit- 
titur, in dictia Capella et Prebenda tamere usurpare, in prejudicium Domiui 
BegiB, Bui, et lesioDem libertatis Capellarie predicte, idem Dominiu Eiomenma 
RpiBcopuB aigiiificari fecit premiasa predicto Domiuo Ht^ et ipeiuB Cou- 
■ilio ; nnda emaDaiit Breve Domim fiegis anb Hagno Sigillo, predicto 
Domino Epiicopo Cjceatrenai, tub hac forma: — 
EdwarduB, Dei grscia, etc, Johanni, eadem gmcia Epiacopo Cicestrenai, 
Hlutem. — Licet nuper, quibuadam de caueia vobia mandaverimuB quod 
otnuia bona Ecdeaiaatica que Stephanus de Cheatbunta habuit va Dyoceu 
Tistn, die qiio obiit, Bequealiari et sub arto Sequeatro cuatodiri faceretia, 
donee aliad inde precepinemuB, intendonla, tamen, Dostre Don extitit quod 
Toa, occauone Mandatt nostn predict!. Sequestrum aliquod in bonis que 
fneniat ejuadem Stephani in Capella nostra de Boaeham, que libera 
Capdla Dootia «et, ut didtur, aeu Prebendia eidant Capelle annexia, inveutia 
imponeretia. Et idea vobia mandamoa quod Sequestrum ai quod, 
oecaaioDe Handati noatri predicti, in bonis que fuenmt predidi Stephani in 
Capella, aeu Prabendia predictia, appoBueiitia, iliud aiue dilodoue aliqua 
ralaiatia. — Teata melpeo, apud Langeleghe, xiiiij die Julii, Anno Bwni 
noatri KiHio [131E] ; lOS*'. 

Chitteecombe [Chetecoumbe, US.], the Manor of; L 187, etc 

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Cheverestone, Robert de, inst. to DoddiBCom1»leigli ; 5Q, 115, 

128, {Ord.) 226, 227.228, 228". 
Chevereetone, William de ; Confeaaio,— 

Hemorandum qnod, viceaimo Beptimo die menmi Junii, Anno Domini 
Uilleaitno triaenlnsimo witodeouno, Indicdone quartad«am>, quidun 
WillelmuB de Chererestone, EionienaiB DiocesiE, in Cq>«ll> Htnt^ou 
Venentu'iB I^rfzia, Domini Waltari, Dei graoia, etc, LondoniiB, ptaaonilit«r 
ooDslJtutiiB iMinm eodem Pktre ibidem praeenle. ex oerta oaua quo 
Bulwequitur, gnitit oomparoit, ut aBMruit tunc ibidom, gratii e»m at 
apoole BubmiEit n Juiudiccioni ejnadnn Patrii, et in ipaunt Umqnau 
Jiidicei .. . .- " ^ 

iidicem et Urdinariiim auam crauentire et ipaiai I 
obedire promirit bona fide. Unde, objecto ejdem Willelmo per eundem 
Patrem crimine adulterii cum quujim laoU Pn], idem WillelmuB fatebatur 
eipreBBe ae de hujusmodi crimine eeae reum, et, taclis Sacronnctia 
Erangeiiia, corem eodem P»tn abjuravit peccatiim et priTstum acceaaum 
ad eandem ande Euapicio oriri potent et mala fama. Et diotoa Pater, 
recepto dicto juramento, et quod Penitenciam pro huiuamodi peceati ddem 
Willelmo imponendam fidefiter faceret, injuniit eidem quod de privato 
pecvato liujugmodi, invirtuta juramentj aupradicti, de Confeeacre buo 
privatam redperet Penitenciam, et publioam Peoitendam idem Palor aibi 
reaervaTit, eidem Willelmo impoDendam, prout et quando Tiderit eipedire. — ' 
recepit PreaentfbuB HagiBtm V. de Hele, Bicardo de TuTortone ; 113^. 
This Eiiti7 ia repeated, oeui; TCrbatun, on fol. 116'' ; but for " laota Ptal " 
ia subatituted " laolda PaUe." "Pral" ia ooTrect 

Chichester, John de Laxigeton, Bishop of, see Bosham. < 

Childetone, Gervase de ; (Ord. -Pris.) 222^ 

Chipham, John de, inst to Payhembury; 74'': resigns Paj- 

hembun'' (" de Chippenhain," MS.) ; 154 : ia inst. to 

Stoke-Damarel ; 152*. 
Christian-Malford, Wilts ; see page 8. 
Chuddeleghe, Master Bichard de, R. of Berry-Narbor (q.v.) ; 

120^ 125: Proctor for Walter de Cloptone; 168.— &e 

Consistoiy Court ; 172. 
Ohulmleigh, the Prebendal Church of, — 

Ad mgatiim Hagiatri Boberti Fromond Dominua lioeodaTit WiQelmum d« 
Bello Alneto, preabitenim, Porcionarium in Eoclena de Cbulmeleghe, quod 
ipeam Purdonem, fructuB et proventui eiusdem, prefato Magiatro Boberto 
badere poaait ad flnnam, a Frnto Sancti Micbaelia proximo futuro naqne ad 
idem FeBtuiD anno revoluto, et interim abaentare ae ab endem, el Bumr noD 
residenda pro dioto tempore diapensavit ; lla, tatDen, quod con animanim 
adrandtmBpectansPorcioiiemdUigeaterexoeraeaturinetulem ; et Buper hoc 

WiDiam Dalbenne; (called, elaenhere, de Bello Alneto],' Prebendaiy of; 
DiapeiiBBtiou for two jeara from laal HJcbaelmaa, to ttoiy, etc, (28 Oct., 
130S) ; 86 : Licence of non-residclice and to put out hie Portion to farm, 
for one year (29 Sept, 181S] ; 115: licence of non-reaidence till Michad- 
maa, "pro auia et Eodesie predicte negodia utilit«r intoim ptticuniMlia, 
(1 Not., 1317], — "et dabit ad Fftbricam Tabuledimidiammarcam; praqua 
Heuricue le H^re " ; 123^ 

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Cfaulmel^he, Robert de, insL to Yareombe ; lOO**. 

Churchstanton ; Inatitution of Thomas de Helyneham thereto, 
by Bishop Bytton, 18 March, 1303.— This " Memorandum " 
{toL 43) IS printed at length in Vol. t, page 414. 

Churchstow [Chiireetowe <md Churistouwe, MS.], — 

Roger de ColepuUe, (or Colepitto) B,— DupaiwMioiu ; Don-nddenoa till 
Hidwdnui next, to studj, vtd. (IB Deo., ISOS) ; S7: 30 3ept, 1309 : 14: 
■nd (gmin, SI Aug, 1310. H^ (both (or a ftmi) : tiao, from 19 Oat, 1311, 
to Hichulmas, 1312, " «d rogatum Domini Abbatu de BmUut "; 64<>: aod 
for two ;e»n fram MichaalmiB, to rtadr — "in tamnurinii raitibui" 
(28 July, 1312); 72". 

CJhyvenore, Thomas de, inst to Loxhore ; 144''. 
Circestre, Sir Thomas de, presents to Dunterton ; 157**. 
CisBor, Walter, a Priest- Vicar of Crediton (q.v.) ; 67^ : inst to 

Upton-Hellions; 115. 
Cistema, Robert de. Canon of Exeter, exchangee for a Prebend 

in Crediton ; 35, 126*".— S« page 15. 
Clannaborongh [Cloveneburghe, MS.], — 

Bidurd de STdewjii, accolite, R, — DiipeDNtion: i>Mi-naidaioe till llicha«l- 
mas, 1312, to stud;, etc (11 April, 1311); 6<fi. 

Clare, Matilda de, Countess of Gloucester and Hertford, see 

Canonsleigh ; 86^. 
Clare, Richard de, R. of Bradninch, resigns; 126''. — See 

Rockbeare ; 125''. 
Clay banger [Cleyhangre, MS.] ; Wm. de Milef orde, accolite, B., — 

DiipeaMitioii: Don-rcsidenoe for tvo jaut, to (tudf, «te. (2 Jan., lSll-13) ; 
68.— About three yean later, this Reetor wu afSicted with iounitj, and 
the Biihop committed the Ciutodj of the Pariih to Sir Stephen de 
CriateDisUtwe, priest, and Richard de Sydenham, olerlc:— "Apud Clyst, 
xiii die mensis Jiilii [1315], — Cum Dominiu WQlelmu* da Milforde, 
Rector Eocieaie de Cleyhangre, nottre Dioc«ui, demmcia diaponente 
Divino, adeo sit furia et aliia morlna iseritalHlibiu jam deductuB quod ae, 
Ecdeatam predictam, et res ao bona ipaius, neonon regimen et cumn 
aoimanim ipiiiua Ecdeaie eibi commiaBam reg;ere neqneat, ut deoeret ; n«, 
Qolentea quod hujuamodi oura, rea, et boDo, prsdiotia morbii durantibus, 
quantum m nobis eat, depereant, nt volenta remedium in ea parte quale 
ad pteaeni poesiiDiui odhibere, de veetria &de et drcumapecmone plenam in 
Donuno fidudatn optinaDtee, Cuatodiam hujumsodi cure et regiminia, 
rerum et bonorum predictarum, ac edam penone Rectoria predicti, Tobie 
pro Doetro beneplacito duraturam committimua per Preeentea ; ita quod 
dicte Eccleide pro tempore hujuemodi Custodia debite deaerviatur in 
Divioia, et animamm oura ezerceatur diligenciua in eadem, dictoque Rectori 
de preMia bonis neceeiaiia miniatrentur, nabiique super hiis omnibos et 
aingulia radonem nddere poteiitia, cum fueritis requiaiti" ; 107'>. 

Clayhidon [Hidone, MS.], Sir William de Forde, priest, R,— 

" Licenda oommorandi in servicia Domine Horgarete de Dyneliatll, ucqua ad 
Featnm Beati Petri ad VincuU (1 Aug.), from 20 Dec, 1S22 ; 171. 

Gleer, Petrus, tee Petit ; 108. 

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Clifford, a village in Duns&ud; lOO**. 

Clivedone, Matthew de {«« " Willa"— Fuiz Payn) ; L 214. 

Clonfert, Robert, Bishop of, see Suffragan Bbhop. 

Clopcote, William de, inst to Uffculme ; Itie**. 

Cloptone, Walter de, resigns his Portion in the Church of 

Tiverton {q.v., 62''), and is inst. to Kenn; 70, 143: to 

Parkham; 168 1 to the Prebend of Cutton; ibid., 171^ 

See WashGeld ; 80. 
Cloteworthi, John de, K. of Eattt Buckland {see "Confesaions"), 

48 : resigns ; SS*" : is inst. to Filleigh ; 52. 
Clovelly [Cioveli. MS.], Sir Richard [de Dolburghe], R.,— 

Liomiae of noD-remdeDae for a year. — " Ad preces RuligiaBi Tin, DoraiDi 
Johinnu, Dm gnuda Abbatii HertilouoHie, .... pro suU ct diets Ecd«na 
■ae negoaiil procuniidii,-~"et dabit ad Fabricam EionienM Eocleme x»," 
(IS Aug., 1814) ; 87. 

Clovelly, Dame Edith, Lady of Clovelly, presents to ; 32''. 
Clyf, Robert de, inst. to Bridford ; 101^ 
Clyfford, Sir Reginald, presents to Combe-in-Teignhead ; 40''. 
Olyflbrd, Reginald de, inst to Corabe-in-Teignhead ; 40**, 44, 

64S 115, 181^ (Ord.) 222", 231, 232". See L 214". 
Clyst Episcopi, — 

Memoranddu quod, cum DominuB Bobertug ...-,' alter de maitKibos 
CBpellania novB Capella de Clist EpUcopi, fuisset di&niattiB de iacontuiencia 
cum quadam Eva ....', que morabatur intra et junta Portam Orientaleui 
CiTitatis Exonie, et auper hoo per Dominum Epiaoopum preeeooJiter 
inorcpiituB, fatebatur sibi ebjecta quoad incoDtineDciam cum dicta mulierti. 
Unde demam, juxta prefiiioneia prefati Domioi Epiacopi, compamit prefatua 
Robertui apud Pejntone, die Sabbati proiima post Festum Nstivitatu 
Beate Virginia (U Sept, 1318], in Capella Curie ibidem, dicto Epiicopo pro 
Tribunal! sedente. ducene secum Dominum Ricardum de Moljiia, locium et 
lo-eBbitenim in dicta CajnUa de Clist et Dnmo, et fatebatur ibidem dictua 
DuminuB Kobertua tncontinendam, ut priua Propter quod idem Epiaeopiii, 
preter privatam penam quam pro hujuamodi delicto a >uo redperet 
Contesanre in foro penitenciali, de ipduB eipreno conseDBU penam quad- 
n^ta Bolidorum Bolvendorum li de dicta Eva, tbI edam qoacumque alia in 
Dlooed Eionianai, Buper incontinenda amodoaitcouTictua; pro qua, quidem, 
pecunie summa m eventum ilium prefatus Dominue RicarduB, aodus euus, 
ot pramittitur, manucepit in eolidum. Unde, de ipBonmi eipreaso 
comeneii, ad soludoneni dictonim zl eolidorum, ai amodo taliter convictua 
fuerit, quilibet obligarit ee od id idem, sub peua amindoms BeneGcii aui, «t 
Mwm jutaTit, tactis Sacrosanctis Ewangeliu, quod ei contingat eum per 
Infortunium taliter delinqaere, ut premittitur, Teniret ad prefatiim 
Epiwopum, n fuerit in Diooeai, infra mensem a tempore Imjuemodi 
eommiaai per eundem, et id aibi Mcredos reveUbit, et auum BeneSdiim 
M«dictum in matuboa ejutdcm nognabit.— Preeentibua Domino Fetn do 
Honetone, Uagiatn Nidolao de Hele, OUberto de la Thome, derida, et 
Kinrdo de Ti^ertone, Notario ; lH*. 

for Uie namea, and nam filled in. 

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Oyst-Fomiaon (hodie Sowton) and Farringdon, — 

Attnaio Scdttiarum de (Xia Fomuon rt dt Pandont, — 

Vbitibsu, eta., Waltanis, etc— Int«r KilicitadiQee qura imbecQHtati noatn 
credihuii nobis, permittente Domino, miEiuteriuEn klligavit, ea «eduli( 
meditaoiombuB revolventea qae tain per hob, quom PredeceBsoras Doatroe ad 
Uadem Dei fuumBrumque proEectum aint ulubriUr ordinata, mcut ilia 
deoderamua iOTiolabiUter cuatodiri, sic per ea iDateriBiD diaBeniioiiia at 
aoandali iaportabiliBque oneria detrimeutum sine remedio provisionii acco* 
mode non petimur aliia imminere . Dudum aiquidein felicda reoordadoiiiB 
Dominiu Waltama, EiomeuaiB Episoopiu, Predeceanor noiter, cujiu virtutea, 
merita racolenda, breTi atilo deacnbero dod Taletnua, EIccleeiBm de Faradone, 
iio«(>« Diooisia, in proprioB uausdiiorum preabiterorum qui in Capelb SanoU 
OabrieliB infra aepta Curie uoatre de Cliat situata, pro animabuB omnium Prado- 
mill mil et Suocenorum auarum, EpiacoporumEionie, etaua, omniumijua 
fid^om defuDctorum perpetuo c«1'-brarent, pTO ipaorum presbitecoram bU< 
mcoiia, interrenientibua amnibuB et singulia requiaitia jure Bolemjoiiia, anjg- 
narit pei7>etuoque coQoeaait. Set,ciim bujuamodiaaaignaiaoDiaetconaarioiua 
Oidinacio tam provida, post obibum prefati PredeoeaBoria noatri auocedentibua 
temporibus non aerrata, sperati fructua non afFerena [erijlita(«m, donee 
Daatri regiminia advenirent tempom omnino aterilia. permaneret ; noa, poat 
multonim temporum curricula od Eionienais Ecclede gubemaciila, licet ex 
inaufBdentibna meritia, erocaU paritcr et aaaunipti, memonti Predeceaaorii 
noatri tarn !□ hoc quam in aliia beta qtiam plurimam laudabilia recenaentM, 
ipaaqne jugiter ponderantea ; ougituntes, edam, quam sanctum est et 
aatubre pro defunotia eioran lit a peccatda solvantur eorum, prefatam 
Ordinacianam, aaaignacioiiem, sea cunceasionem, tarn nobis quam Pre- 
daeanoribna et Succaasonbua nortria non mediocriter profecturaro, duximo* 
innoTandam, ipaamque innnvafimua de consensu dilectorum fiiiorum Decani 
at Cafatuli Bccleue noetre EionieDBis, ac aliorum omnium quorum interfuit 
Tel intoreaae potuit, et juxis ordino qui requirebBtur in omnibua obaenralo, 
tocnm magia jdoneum pro celebracione hujuamcdi focienda, Capellatn. 
videlicet, Sancti Qabnelia in villa de Cliat Episcopi, infra limitea Manerii 
noatri pradicti, de bonis bona memarie Domini Thome, Pradaceseoris noatri, 
canstructam, ilUa qui nunc aunt, et iu personls eorum □mnibua qui fatutis 
emnt temponbua, asiiignantce ; Vicaria perpetua in prndicta Eccleeia de 
Famdone per noa taliter ordinata quod Vicaria bujuamodi coneiatat in toto 
Sanctuario, ac tenia, domjbus, et clausia, deoimis tarn majonbus quam 
minoribua pr«dicte Parocbie de Famdone, una cum decimls tarn majoribua 
quam minoribua, oblaciooibus, at aliia obvenoionibua quibuacunque, de 
veleri dominico Hanerii noatri da Clist proveuiaatibus, pro quibua tainen 
dficimia, de nostra dominico predicto provenientibus, quamdlu votueri- 
moa Ticario de Faradone qui pro tempore fuerit de quadragiata [««i] 
aolidia «( octo denariis at«r&ngorum aatiafacere, et ipaaa deoimaa noetris 
naibna aeoundum qoamdam Ordmatiooem poaiimuB applicare. Duo quoque 
preabiteri memoruti per noa et Succsasorea noatroe preQdendl, et ad predioto 
Celebiadonia offidum aecuodum ntoduni in noelja super boo facta 
Ordinadone patenter sxpreoaum de cet«ro daputondi, sub nomine 
proprietatia Eccleaie prediete taliter appropriate, a Vicario qui pro tempore 
fuerit, certia statutis tarminii, tmdecim marcaa sterlingorum percipiant 
annuadm, prout in quibuadam super btia confoctis Litoria pleniua eontiuetur. 
Venim, quia Jam, temporum qualitate mutata, fructua redditua at proventus 
Eccleaie de Famdone predicts adeo sunt tenuea et exiles quod ipsius Eoclaaie 
Ticarius,aolutamemoratiBpreabiteriapredicta peucuuie quantitate, nequit de 
i«aiduo suateutari et onera incumbeucin eupportare, ne vel ipaorum prea- 
biterorum poruio que ipaia ad plenum non suCHcit diminudonem caperet^ 
quod nollemus, vel. Persona ydunea non inventa que, propter ipaiua exilitatem 
onar> que incumbunt predictam Vicariam accaptare voluerit ob giaciam 
ammaram, con qua in ipsa immiuet uegligatur, ipaaqne Bodeaia debito 

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de medeU. Cum, igiUir, UniToiralu Eooleais tota unum corpot mutieiuD dt 

oorporia tuembra hU nutao aoffiMguitur, ex uniiu Ecdtaie tkcultatHNis 
altoriiu inopU laUeietuT, oam altnuni altcriuB onon portere pracjtut Lox 
DiriiM. QotprwtCT, hatniii super boo cnni dOeotiB filiu Decano et Ca^tulo 
Boclede nottra Exomenau ddibaradoiie plenuaimu et tnetato, da inomm 
ooDolio et aneoBu Tocati* ad boo Jobanue de Eiti, Roeton Eodene da CUat 
FomiioD, ao eciam Bicardo Cole, Perpetuo Ticuio Bodeeie de FtrndoD^ 
pradicte noatre Dioceaia, et de noatro, racioDB Epiacopii Doetri, exietencium 
utroDotu, ao jurU aolempniis que requiniDtiir in oumibuB obaerratia, de 
ipsius Rectoria tunc praaenti> poat multa* et Taiiaa altfrcationea expreaao 
eoneeniu, auctoritate ordiDaru etatuimuB et ordiuamua quod omnes decime 
tam majorea quun minorea de aotiquo dominioo noatro Haoeni noatri de 
Cliat proveDientce, pro quibus quadruinta tez (tic) aolidoe et ooto denuiM 
(terliagorum in peccunia numenita ]uxt* predictMn Ordinacionani aolTere 
eocmievimua TicaHo Eocleaie deFamdMie qui jiro tempore foerit, tempore qno 
dedmaa aovem partibus fructuum aeparansoletuiteKralitflr penotTaotur, 
omni facultate tam nobia quam Suoceaaoribua noetna prehtaa dedmaa 
pro predicta peccunie sumnu retineDdi penitui intcrdicta ; iU quud a predida 
quadiaginta aei aolidorum et ooto denarionim aolndone noa et So M e aa o rca 
Doetii ioperpetuum aimua liberi et immanea. Dedmaa, edam, tam tnajoraa, 
quam minorea ex doto dominico noativ nunc in Hanerio Doatm de Cliat 
exiatente, ex parte Orientali aqqe de CliBt, quas RecUir Ecdeme de Cliat 
Fomizon aliquodena cDnauevit perdpere, auper quiboa inter Recturem Bodeaa 
de Cliat FomiEon et Ticarium Eccleeie de Famdone eiiatentee pn tempoie, 
utroque dedmaa ipaaa ad euam pertinere Eccleaiam pretendente, queatio eat 
auborta, ad amputandam Ittia et dkienaioiui nuitenam, que tam auper biia 
qtiaia «lii« dedmia et juribus parodiialibaE inter Bectorem et Vicviuta 

e inopiam, de qua pleniaaime 
nobU constat, quateniu commode poaaimua aublevandnm, ad predictam 
(idem ooncedimua et ecUm aesignamna ; ita quod Rector Ecdeme de Qiat 
Fomizon omnee dedmaa, obiencianea, et quecimque jura parochialia, qae k 
nunc tenenUbua nogtris ex predicta parte Orientali aque conauevit hactenus 
perdpere, absque diminudone qualibet perdpiet dcut prios. Et quoniam 
per aaaignadonem et conceeuonem prediotarum dedmsmm de novo noetro 
dominico predido proveniendum, que ad asiaginta aolidoe sterlingonun 
"' impliuB valorem annuum commuuiter ae extendunt, aic inopiam predict! 
.-iJ _i : J ^u: -.., <....,m „u„i^ „|in, 


aterlingorum, de quibus aopra acribitnr, prelate Eocleaie da Famdoav 
Vicariua, qui pro tempore fuerit, memontia duobui preaUterie, qui similiter 

Sro tempore fuerint, treededm aolidoe et quatuor denarioe, et Beetori Eccleeie 
e Cliat Fomicon, cui per aauniadonem et Ordinadonem bujusmodi aliquala 
videtur prejudidum generan, trcsdedm aolidoe et quatuor denarioe pre&t« 
moDele, annia ungulie, in Feetia Saocti HichaeliH et Pascbe, pro eqiudibos 
pordonibua, perpetuo solvere teneatur; ad oujus peccuide aoludonam, tam 
prefatia preBbittria quam Rcctori predicto, auia terminis fidditer fadendam, 
memorstum Vicarium eisdem modia et fonnia astringi volumua et, edam, 
ordinamuB, quibus ad soludonem undedm tnaroamm de quibus sapi« 
dizimuB dadem preebitcris fadendam per aliam noatnim auper faoc 
Ordinadonem idem Vieorius eat aslHctua pens in eadem Ordinadone, n in 
soludtne hujuimodi peccunie defeeerit inunerite. — In cujus ni, eto. — 
Datum in Capitulo Ecdcde noatre Catbedndis EioniensiB, zxviij die manna 
Septembria, Anno Domini H". CCC° iij°. — Et nos, Decanus et Ckpitulnin 
Ecolede Eximieiuia predicte, Ordiiwdoiu et aarigDMioiii pnmlMU, mipar 

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• et tnotatuf hnjasmodi, dfilli noatri moniiiiiiie fedmui tvbonii.— 
Drtum die, looo, et umo mpndictU.— ted. 164.— Sir WiUiui de Han^urt*- 
cot^ tubdoKxm, B., tec " Letten Dimaaorj' ; Hid. 

[Clyst-HoDiton (Clysthynetone, MS.),— 

Vitilatian b; Moeten Robert de Tet«ri Terra ud Jtim de Uphavena, 11 Jul;, 
1301, — die Yenprii aequente [Peatum Tnnilacioiui B«ati Beoedicti]. — 
" Nollam Pnlterium in EcoleuA niu in Antifonario. Legends mile ligata. 
MiiBiIe debile. NuUub caliz ; et cet«r> onuut >d Bedemam Bpaotaocu quaii 
InauffideDoU. Csnoellum ruinoaani, et quui pro nugori parte eorruit, ita 
, qaod in Hajori Altaii non poaaunt Divina boneate oelebnui. Nullua 
/ Paroobianua tunc preeena, per quo* poaait aaper ceteria Artioulia inquiri. 
r Sed poataa, die Sancte Haigarete [30 Jul;], oompamerunt qoatuor apud 
( EioniBH), ndelioet . . . . ' Qui dicunt qucd praatater eonim Panwhialia eat 
boneate vite et bone conTenadonis, et atetit ibidem per ziij ennos, offlcium 
Buum aacerdotale boneete complendo ia onuubua que ad aaoerdotera 
pBTocIiialeiii pertiQent ; Bed jun woio coofractua factna eat inaufflciena ad 
curam parochialem. — Dicunt, edam, quod eat iln quedam Alicia, nior 
SymonU Lucaa, cajuadam natiri, adultera puplioa, que ae omnibiw volenti* 
boa Bxhibet ; ad quam habet acoeBaam oonuanniter quidam meaaor de 
Poltjinor, et ia ejna sdTentu eat ibi magnua atoepitua, ita quod maritua 
Mua, timena libi, non audet ibi morari. Nee St aliqua ooireccio de as per 
nnnarinm ; unde timent Tidni pooe aibi "I'g"""" dampnum ereniie par 
freqnantantea eandem, et aiipplicaint Firmario quod eonwatur Tel amor*- 
•tuT. — De defectibua in domibua Curie mdiil adont: ande injunotum «rt 
aia ut Tideant defeotoa et repaiaoionem aonim eatiment, et anpar boo 
Seneecalloa Scaccarii Baati Petri certificent quam doiua comiuode Doterunt— 
DicuDt, edam, quod Dominua eorum oec ejus balUW ia nullo aunt da 
iigutiod nee oneToai, preterquam in omitteiido punire pradiotam adult- 
oram."— JrcSiiw of lie D. A C, Ifc. 8873,' page 87). 

CljBthidon ; John de Fordyngtoiie, clerk, R — 

Diapenaation: Don-reaidenae till Hicbaelmaa, 1320, to atudy, etc. (10 Jan., 
ISIS-ZO),— be wa* to taka mbdncoii'a Order* within the time; 14Gi>: 
(l^ieat) raiMirtid for a jax, from Uiohaelmaa (20 Sept., 1S20) ; lt2^ 

Clysfc-St. Gabriel, the Chapel of, see Faringdon (Inat) ; 131. 

Ciyst-St. George [Clistwike, MS.], Philip de Ceetre, R,— 

Diapenaation: non-readdenoe -UU Hicbaeltaaa, 1323, to atudy, eto. (G Sept, 
1332),— he waa to take aubdeaoon'a Ordera in the interral; 16S'>: (aubdeMOo) 
Kuewed for • year (7 Aug., 1323} ; 176. 

ClyBt-St. Lawrence, John Vautort, R., — 

Diapenaation : lioenoe of non-raddanoe till Hicbaelmaa, and tor a year alter, 
to atady, «tc (9 April, ISU) ; 88>>. 

' A blank apaoe waa left for tba names, the ParialuB and Manora witlun whi«h 

bat Dtner filled in. they lived and woriud. The aeTcml 

■ Tbe oontmto ot tbia vei; cnriona old eztraota will be inaerted, within brao- 

Bo(^ are ot much intereat and Talue ; kela, in the Qeneral Index, with 

eapeoially tbe Keporta of the Vidta- the eiceplion of the Keporta from 

tiona of the Manora, etc of the Dean JiUxrton, AroiuMmie, Jir«adMtM' 

and Chapter, daring Biahop Bjtto&'a (uty, and SudcereU, whioh will be 

EpBcopata. Tbeae may vrell claim found under "Inititutiona," the earlier 

■ [dace in the iiieaniit Volume, for abeeta ot tbia Tolame having bean 

tliey throw mudi light on tbe daily printed before the Old Book turned 

Ufa and reli^oo ot the people, and up. 

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Olyst-St. Mary, Sir Thomas de Trebervet, R, — liot 

reddence for t. ;ear, (3 Oct., 1S16) ; 110. 
Coadjutors, — CommiBsioii directed to Haster Walter de Setone (OfBcul-Prind- 
pal), for their •.ppointmaiit, \ ' ~ 
dutJe*(lJiiIy, 1S22); 168. 

Cobbatone, William de, see Fonte, John de ; 5S\ 

Cobbeleghe, Philip de, (late) Canon of Cradifcon ; Si\ 

Coctone, Oosceline de ; L 202''. 

Co%n, Elias, presents to Inwardleigh ; 120. 

Coffin, John, presents to Alwington ; 172. 

Coflyn, John, R of Throwleigh ; (Ord.) 223": L 197. 

Co^ (or Cofyn), William, R. of Warkleigh ; 143 : L 193. 

Coiswynyne, Ivo and Walter de ; L 215. 

Cokyntone, John de, collated to Stockleigh-Pomeroy : 79, 83", 
109", 115, 142", iOrd.) 233. 

Oockyngtone, Vincent de, Proctor for Henry de Gatepathe ; 47". 

[Colaton-Raleigh (Coletone, MS.),— 

Vi*ilation [tee Clytl-Soniton,noU) — " facta dieSaucte Julione, Viiginia, Tidclioet 
ziiij Kaleodtu Haroii [16 Feb.], Aaao Domini M° CCO° sepUma, per 
Hngiatrum Ricardum de Morceetre, Caaanicuin Eccleue ExoDieDsu, et 
WiUdnium Bonde, Vicarium Ecclaiie EiouienaiH aatedicte, per DomiDoa 
Dec&Dum at Capitulam Eiooie ad hoc specialiter daputat^ '"P? 
detuctibuB in Ecdasia de Coletone meiaorats et Capella Sanoti Tbeobaldi, 
Omamentiaque earundem ; Decnon in domibua Rectorie et bub Capelle 
tempore mortis booe memorie MagiBUi Uanricl de Sometaete, quocdam 
Decani EionienBia, defuocti ; quorum raparado ad ipaum defuactum 
pertinebat. Super quibuB inquiaitum erat per infrtkBcriptoB ; lidalicet, 
Dominum Willelmum, Vicarium ejusdem Eccleete de Coletone, WiUelmum 
le Hurt, Walterum le Urye, et Rnbertum de Middeltone, Parochiaiioa 
ejuadem Eccleaie laicos, jutaCoe ; qui dicunt quod deffl^t (lie) una L^enda, 
piodi ii'ji. viij d. Item, j Ordioale, predi Vi ; j ciphus Btagneus, precii 
uid, quern abetulit dictus Hagiater Hemicua. Item, deficTt UQam 
Venitarium, predi ijt. Item, deficit in Cancella de Coletone j fenentn 
vitrea, et ferramentum ad eandem, que vii poaaunt reparari pro TJa viiid. 
Item, dicunt quod eat unuiii Antiphoonre de Temporali et Communi 
Sanctorum totaliter disBolutum, et unum Collectarium per Be, que poeaunt 
ligati, ut creduDt, pro iijt. Item, dicunt quod Cancelli de Coletone et 
Sancti Theobald! fuerunlr tempore mortis dicU HagiBtri Heorici diaoooperti, 
at Tcparati per Dominum Decaoum qui nunc eat, set pro quanto ignonuit. 
Item, dicunt quod raparado stabuli, coquine, et piBtrine, apud Coletone, tie 
poaaunt reparari pro i marcia, quia pro majori parte aunt ruinosL Item, 
dicunt quod coopertura earners apud Colatone, ubi jaeent Armigeri, 
conatalnt ad minua vjt. viijrl lt«m, rapaiacio foeae et cepu circa gaidinum 
ibidem conitabit vl. Item, dicunt quod defectUB grangia et columbaria 
apud Sanctum llieabaldum viz poaaunt reparaxi de Ca., quia columbare ex 
toto Mt ruinoflum, et grangia val quaaL Item, dicunt qtlud clauann trium 
croftaram et uoiUB parri curtilagii fix repambitur pro 

» BenricuB, pro defectibua da Culetone et Saudi Theobaildi, 

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■ dicti Domini Andree, i»«d«eaMOfli lai, ilib.. At 
qniliD* ■pprmiit In ttmendadoue defaetuatn apud Coletoiu iiij*. liijA 
tuatam." ^Arekiva of tkt D. ± C, No. 3673, pKge M]. 
Coldechote, Richard de ; (Ord. Pris). 230. 
Cole, Richard, collated to the Vicarage of Farringdon ; I52**i 164^ 
Cole, Thomae, see " Willn " (Egleby) ; L 212'*. 
Cole, Walter, see Ros, Saerde; 38''. 
[Colebrooke (Colbrocke, MS.),— 

VuUatiim (m dyH-Hmiton, naU) ; 27 Jvitt^ 1301,— 
Hugo da Coppelistone, WiUelmiis de Wqtlciie, minor, JohanoM da Oodeaoota, 
Willelmui da la Come, et WiUelmus B>tiD, cum ftliii Bdadignioribua de 
PimcbUi l^lime requi«iti, et exiimiiinti luper Articulii ViaitatdooMn 
tuigenUbus, dicimt quod Domioua Willelmua, Vicarius, predicat luo modo ; 
edain, e^oniteii KTangelia Diebus DamiDicie quateoua aovit. De Articulii, 
taman, Fidei, Preceplji Decalogi. et poccatu mortalibua vitaodii, nun 
multum aoainfonoat. Nk dicitMatutinaasuai Diebus Solempmoribua onm 
UotA, nee celebrat diebus feriatie, oiai sltemia diebua, Et eat diflkmatiu 
■upcT iDGontineiicia cum Lucia de la Stubbe, coojugata. Domua aue omitaa, 
prater AuUm et oamanra, oomieniut vel imminantur ruinam, quaa ill lua 
adventu in bono atatu reoepit : que noa reparantur de C solidu. Et port* 
uu in tantani diiUt ab Aula, qunm de doto elongaTit, quod elamana 
ext«Hua nou anditur in Aula ; qucid eat periculuaum pnrucbiaDia iufinnii. — 
Et memorandum quod lueniat ia Kcclesin loci predicti, tempore preiantia 
Tiaitacioms, unum Miaaala valde bonuin, et aliud satia cougnium ; Ondala 
cum Tropario— bone litem, et bene noUtum ; aliud Tetus, tamen luffldeTia. 
Nullum Troporium per ae. Bonum Hanuale. cum Capitiilario et CoUectario, 
et Uivis Solempoibua et commuoibua, in eodem volumins. Ordinale 
aufflciena per h, tarn ad Uieeam quam ad Mntutiuai ; et unum Spalterium 
(lit) lai^ Taliimiaia et groeae litere, cum CoUectario et Capilulario m eodem. 
PorUphorium* banum, noiatum. Legenda todua aaai aliquamtulum 
abreviata, cum Spaltario (aic), in uao Tolumine ; et in alio Tolumine Lagaod* 
Temporalii per le. Item, unum intjphonarium lalde bonum ; retut 
AntiphoaariuDt male ligatum Unum pur Veatimeaturum Feativate aatia 
deoma, et aliud Feriale aufflciena. Cnlii aalii idoneua. Unum par 
Coiponlium tantum. Tree Fiola aufficientea. Pixia argentaa ad Eu- 
kaiutiam, cum aera de ai^ento, pendena ultra Altore. Cnii Prooeanonali* 
decern, da metalto. Duo Veiilta tollerandd. Tria auperpellicia et unum 
rochetum. Cista ferro bene ligata. Item, Criamatoriiim de atunno, careni 
■erura, et Baptisterium liue aeia: et hoc stat per Vicnrium, ut aiaerunt 
Parochiani, eo <^nod ememnt aenu ad utrumque. Item, ad Uajua Altars 
iij taelle omnino mauScjeutea. Velum Cjuadrageeimale; eciam, duo tapeta pro 
OOrporibuB (ooperiendis. Vai od Aquam Benedietam de pliimbo. Item, ad 
Altare Beate Marie bonus Calii ; duo paria Vcatimentonim pleaaria, at itn 
tuelle. Navis Eodeaie male eat cooperta, et aimititcr Cancellum — quod 
Ticariua eoopertre debet, ut dicnnt Parochiani.—Item, tenentea de 
Sanotuaiio, jumti, diount quod reilditua asaiaus eat augmentatua tempore 
Domini Alani, ^ hoc quod cum term de Elena; ceddisael in 

' " die Uartit aequente [Featum Apoato- oal error (or " Featum Nataritatu Saoott 

lorum Petri et Pauli], MS. But Jobannia Baptiate " or we must read 

careful oollaUon of (be datea of " ante Featum." 

these Entriea abem that Mthar * A Breriary. 
"FeatomApaatoIortun, etc" i«aoleri> 

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Ahmu badidit «dam tutMn de Sttaejv, ^atta nnna tanet ; i«dd«iido inda 
ooto ■olidoa, et faoiaiido imda otnnik Hmcu qua prio* •oMiftt been pro 
taasmeDto luo de Payniitooa^ Itam, dfiminicum «tt •ugmeutatum, qnU 
dictui Alanua tiadidit [lUm temun qium pnhtaa Bicardui prioa tonuit 
Matheo VwmI, pro tuito redditu quintam pnan pro wdem portabatur, at 
retiDuit in dominioo aniter acram et ditnidiam tore, juxbi gardinam 
Occidentalem ; quain bene ineliuit >d nSttia et alias beatiaa inpoDeDdum. — 
Item, dioti jurati dicuDt quod Mmpora quo Dominiu Willalmua da Buenam 
dimiait fir^m, et dictua Alanoa earn recepit, Tiaitat* fuit dicta finna par 
Beneeralloa Capituli. et defectua in grangia, stubulo, at ooquina, tuno 
raperti, ntiinati ad lu. ; qooa bactetua Don aolTit idem WUldmua, et 
niobiliiminuB idem Alaaus appoeuit circa reparacionem dictanim domonim 
et aliaa neliDracioDea, ut dicunt, z marcaa et ultra ; quo non obatante in 
dimiaaione flnae tazabantnr defectns ad zl et iiij i., quoa Hagiater W^ 
niuw FirmariuB, i!e bonia ejiudem retinuit; unde aubteriorem partem 
grille reparavit, et alios defectua auppler it, et in aupplendo peraiatit." — • 
Artkiva of tht D. ^- C, No. 8673, pagt 20]. 

Coleforde, Hugh de, of Exeter, aee Aire; 154. 

Colepitte, Johnde, ««" Wills" (PimtyQgdoiie);C6: ofao, L191''. 

Coloputte, Roger de, R. of Churchstow ; 37, 44, 54*, 64^ (Ord.) 

223, 229. 
Coleridge, «ee Winkleigh ; 50^ 
ColetoQ, Richard de, resigns Blackawton ; 38. 

He Bishop granta bim an annual Penuon of xl t. " de Oamara," panble *t 
Uioliaelmaa, till he could provide him with an Eocleaiaatical Ben^oe 
(6 Hajr, 1310) ; GO^. He appeaia to have been eoon aftenrarda inat. b> 
Petrockatowe ; bnt then is no reoord. Stt Fenu-iia, Herbert de ( ITilli) ; 80. 
Beaigna Fetroekatowe ; 6G: admitted (tn toHtnaxian) to the AiijideacoDiy 
of Exeter ; 120^: an Executor of Koger de Oteir's Will ; 1220: ia coUated 
bi the Praoentonhip in the Cathedru, having deolinad the ArchdeaeoniT 
of Exeter; 126. SwTetcott; id": "Willa" (Puntjogdone) ; 66: Boma, 
Court of ; 68 : Ticar-General ; 113, I3g<>, 142 : Exeter, Dean and Chapter 
of; Ml: Thmterion; leo". Stt, alao, L 1»0<>.— He waa Prootor tat 
William Norreii [7 April, 1309) ; 4S. 

Coliforde, John de, instituted, to the Prebend called "May- 
dene FroTendre" in the Coll^jate-Church of Chulm- 
leigh ; 162. 

Coliforde, Richard de, B. of "Eglosros," (i.e.) Philleigh, 
deceased ; 68''. 

Colle, John de, see Comuhia, Henry de ; 121. 

Colleshille {alw, Collyshulle), John de, R. of North Bovey ; 
40^ 109. 

Colonia, JcJin de, clerk ; L 190. 

Columbera, Stephen de, inst to Sherwill ; 59^ 73. 

Columbrigge, Thomas de, «ee " Litt. Dim." ; 36<>. 

Qolombrigge, William de, we " Litt. Dim." ; 175. 

CoItd, Robert, Inst to Liskeard ; 161. 

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rM>«iM) («M d^tf-Aonaow, ttoU), 10 J^dy,^ 1301,— 

" In EfcUaia Hatrid unnm PMlterium Huffldeoo, oum Collectom et C>pitul< 
uio, pro parte '^cuii ; et PMlterium pro puie Ferochumorum, ve^B et 
noUitu vdoriB. AatifhODsHum per u hod lufficit od telem Eodeaiam. 
L^GDda toduB inm in \j volumiaibua plenaria, cum Antiphoiurio 
interpoaito, licet noa de usu ei toto. Ordioals uiinia DlHCuram. 
UwUlogium, cum Tmpnuio, Capitukno, et CoUectorio, latia competona. 
Qradale bonum, et aliud retua et defectivum. Misenle bens notatum et 
■perte litere, rt aliud liiie notik HouuBle con valet Proceaeiunele 
■uffideiu, cum quibtuduD Sequeucils. Calix mtiguiu, in parte deauntu* ; 
et alioa Celiz od Allare 3eate Vireinii, ejusdem megnitudimn ; terciuB 
tninor aet auffideiiK. Quuique pana Veatimentorum pleoaria, una Stola 
defidente. Capa ad Cborum Buffldena, et alia vetu« et debilia. Tunica cum 
Dalmatics de aerioo. tinptem panni ad Froutalia, et alioa omatug Eccleeie. 
Tria Veiilla. Velum Quadrageaimele autSdenB. Corporalium y paria, cum 
unnrepodtoriodeseiico et nlia de luia. Due Cruces Prooeeaionales decentcs, 
de metallo. Duo parva Caodelebra enea ad Prooeedonem. Unum super- 
pellidnm debile, et aliud nuUius raloria. Bocbetum bonum. Piiia ad 
Cibarium ebumea et honeate pendens, aet aine aera. Crianiatoriunii de 
plumbo^ non teratuta. Fiole iii]. Lucema nulla. Cuicelluni due oelatunt. 
' ' ^— BicarduB Libor, Thomaa de la Knolle, Thomas de la 
a Honte, Johannes de Kad;ng, etWillelmus Roc. Requidti 
anper hiia qae ipectant ad Spiritualitatem, dicunt quod Dominua Robertua 
[Blond], Vkarius eorum, probus hunio eat, et predicat eis quatenuH novit, wt 
noD suffident^T, nt eia videtur. Dicunt, edmn, quod predeceeaores ejua 
e»naae*eruut tocbtg FraCrts ad iuBtruendum eoB super aalute anime ; aet 
iata aoD curat de eia, et d a caau venerint uon recipit eoa, nea prebet eia 
n^iek. Uude petunt quod conipiatur. Item, omnea Capellani et Clerid 
Ecdeaie boneate vile sunt, ut asaerunt, et continentee. Et offidalis Firmarii 
bene ae babet in offido auo. — Item, dicunt quod Philippua Liver aaugnavit 
quondam Eoclene de Coljtone ij acias terre, pro lij deuariis aouuatim 
reddeodia Ponld de Axe et Inminari Ecnleaie Beate Harie de Colytone et 
Capelle Bancti Calixti, per partitnilaa equales. Et dicta terra tradita est 
l^n^1f"> tenenti per Fimuuium ; undo redpit dictum redditum et nichil inde 

•olril Item, dicunt quod predeceaaorea Vioarii qui nunc eat consueverunt 

invenire, sumptibuaauia, unum Diaconum, deaervieutem Eccleue, et jacentem 
in eadeni pro libda et Omamentit Eccleaie cuatodii^udis, qui recepit pro 
fiiyilij elands* et aponaalibuB siugulia denarium ; quem Diaconum diotus 
Vicaiins subtnxit, et oommidt iUudoffldum cleridssiiie Aquam Benedictam 
pertamibna. — Item.ii^ tanenteaSanctuwariifric), jurat!, una cum prenumina' 
tis I^rochiatili, dtount quod in adientu istiua Finuarii atetit quoddam debile 
gnuuiiam in Curia minosum, quod, quia diudus stare nuu potuit, ballivi 
■DMvmint illnd ; et valuit iza, set de novo releTari poeaet pro ils. Cujus 
menminm, cum la{ddibua tacti, adhuc salvo cuatoditur. Item, j grangia 
coiTailp^>ta'ejuBd«Ulilatem; et dictna Firmariua levavit earn pro majoii 
parte de novo, que valet tales duw. — Item, tempore quadem pnistrata eat 
qnedam psrva domus, que fuit Inutilia st gratis permiasa est cumiere ; qus 
•atimatur ad vs. Itran, preasorium, cam pila,* in adventii ejuadem tectum 
fuerat debili meremio, quem defectum eatimant ijt. Item, dicunt quod 
omnea domns nunc sbmtM sunt in meliori statu qnam f ueruut tempore qnn 

n Truu- perdpiendi " (D'Amn). 

is"]. ' pranrnim, cum pOa], A ,. , 

■ doMteaat^ "Jna pulaandi claaaicum but hsrt^ perhaps, a dder-preas. 

— '~'- et tributom ax ao FiU— tbetiot. 

mtnrium, eump^], A vine-preas; 
but hsrt^ perhaps, a dder-preas. 



eaa recepit; nt Dulln nt qoam non oportebit de noro releTire, pretar 
Aulam cum camem et coquinH, quo Don iadigant nin coopertan. Et 
dicuDt quod pun grangie ruinou, cum iiij aliU domibua in Cuiu, powmit 
repBTui, in adeo bomim atatum quo fuemnt quando primitus {uenint 
conatructe, per viij mansB, cum aubaidio Valeria neremii eiiitenliB in 
eiwiein domibua. Pretereadicuut quod FinnBriua meiioranit SaDctuwanum 
cum marlura et foaaatia' od valendam lixiiji. Et auat iU de i«dditu 
aaaiao, cum penaiona Ticarii, Tjj. viji., et una cairucata terre DOn eotimaia. 

"Bekute, — In Cnpelk loci predicd eet unum Paolteiium aufficieiu. Autipho- 
Dariam male ligatum. Ordinale competena. Duo Hauualia debilia. 
Miaaale notatum. Nullum Gradate per ae. Duo Troparis sufBciaiiciK. 
Calix Buffidena. Dud paju Vestimentorum integriL Piiia ad Bulariirtiam 
tebume*. Novem tu&lle, quarum iiij cum panira. Crux ProceeaioaaliB do 
mettdto. CttncKllum digcoopertum, ita quod tempOTe pluviBll non poteat iha 
celebrari ; ot ciiret celatura et vitro in fsnestria lataraJibua. Pretor«« 
munu ejuadem eat ruinoaua, et oatium in eodem penitua confractum et dim 
omDi aenira, et interduwim veraoa Navem Ecclesie omnino dirutum. 
Cunpanile male coopertum, et similiter Navia Eocleeie. Item, Capellanua 
ibidem non habet domidlium, aet jacet in Eccleaia minus hooefite. 

"Uemorandum de altercacione habito, in preaenti Viaitacione, auper dedmA 
feni tfldus Parochie do Schute, et decima novoniu) clauaorum, quaa idem 
Vicarius peroipit rainua juate et contra tenorem Ordinadooia Vicarie lue, ut 
didt FirmariuB aupradictua ; auper quo comparebunt, ai Bil:d, cum aibi, 
viderint expedire, coram Decano et Cupitulo, facturt et recepturi hinc inde 
quod juaticia poBtulBbit."~JriAiE«t of Hm D. it C, Ko. 3673, fogt 32]. 
Combe-in-Teignhead, [Cumbe in Tynhide, MS.], — 

Reginald de ClyfTordB, nubdeacon, R.— Diaponaatjoii tor noa-reaidence, for a 
j'ear from Michaelmas just pnst, to stud^ etc (30 Sept., 1309) ; 44 : 
renewed, till Michaelmaa, 1312 (21 Oct. 1311) ; ej*> : renewed (priest) fen- 
three jears from Michaelmaa, witb I«va to put out hia Benefice to 
farm — " ut . . Scolasticis intendere valent diadplinis" (S3 Sept.. 
1316) ; 116 : renewed, and to put out his Benefice to farm a^n for tliVea 
yetn (23 Sept, 1324) ; 181 1>. 
Combmartin ; Sir William Martyn's Hall there ; IISK 
Cumbinartiii, William, merchant ; L 207". 
OompaignoD, William, clerk ; (0rd.—Prw.)2&&'. 
Comptone, William de, (son and heir of Willi&mJ, does homafi^ 
to the Bishop, at Crediton, 1 April, 131 1, " de tenementia 
infra contentis,' pro tercia parte uniua feodi Hilitia, 
, . . exhibens Oartam sub hoc forma " : — 
Omnibna Chriati Fidelibus, etc, Johannea, Divin* miaeradDne dietna 
Episcopoa ExonieiuiH [1186-llBl] aolutem in Domina — Noverit Univenitaa 
TCstrauOB Cartam Predecaasoris noBiri, bone memorie, Roberti de Cioeelfia, 
quondam Kioniensis Episcopi [1138-11G5], inapeiisae, ez oujna teuMe 
aeoepimua jam dictum Predecesaorem nostrum oonoeraiese et rlnninaa 
Alurioo, ftlio Seiid de Comptone, et hercdibua aula, quatuor fn-lin^oe terr^ 

cum murium c< ftuatH^ " MsrUt« — the fenoea and ditchea were well kept 

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et qnitnoT aorai terre, p«r habnlDm (ne) octo Bolidonim at per ngaliii eervicw 
que ad «a*deni pertinant. Hot, autem, quod a PredecMsore noatro Uudn- 
Ulttor Bcbim est retuiu eterstain Iub«Dte«, eoBdeu Untm, cum su^cmeDto 
qottuor aararom, quia ei doiiBvimui; duaa, idlicet, ex niut parte gardiui sui, 
et liiat duaa ex alia parte ejuadem gardim, jure hereditario tADendaa, pro 
octo Milidu reddeadU pro omni Hervido, metnoiato Alurico cDiiSrmnmua. 
HiiaTeetibua: HardiDO, Priore de Brummore [BrtamBrt]; QalUro [Fitz- 
drogoj, Archidiaoono Comubie ; Ricardo, et Baniudo, et Saverico, Uapellama ; 
Magutro Raginaldo, MogistJM Jobanne, et Qilberto Baaaet, nepotibua noBtria ; 
Hagiatro HUone, Hugone de lalabona, Boberto LondoiiieDBi ; et aliia. — 
There were. al«o, present, on this occuioo, Walter slid John le Dene js, Richard 
de Inwardideghe, Hear; le Brock, Hear; NoreTa, Henry de Bokerel, 
Richard de Wodeloode, John de la Fomeray, and John de Sumcr; ; 60''. — 
8tt Alebome ; 4l. [Habtdum (and habtllvm) leem to be forma ut gabulvBt 
(aod^oMIvn): we "habellnm" — O'Amiti 

Conerton and Drym, the ManoTB of, see Arundelle, John ; 126''. 
Confessions, — 

DcnntslioQ of PeiuteDtiariea ("NotA de CooteiHioiubui audiendia " — 
Oraitdiaon): — 

C^aminio ad auditndum Confanona BMUtiatUearutn Ftrtonarvm in 
tatibui eomnanibuM. — ArAiiiiaconatiu Barvm. — 
Primo die Uaidi [I309'10], Londoniia, emanarit Litera sub hao forma : — 
Waltenw, eta . . . Arohidiacono Bartiaatapolie aalutem, eto. — Quia 
DOS, juita Ordinadonem in proximo pretorito I^vinoiali CoccJUo factam 
pfocedeutea, ad audiendum Confeeaionea Rectorum, Vicariorum, et Pree- 
uterorum Farocbialium de quibuacumque peccatia, nubia et noatria 
Superioiibua, dejure Tel conauetudine, eeu alia*, per aoa in nostra Vtaitaoiolie 
nunime reaarratie, et ad abaolrendum penitentea de eiadem, et injungeadum 
peaitendaa salutarea pro eiadem, Tima proridoa et diacretos ia aiogulia 
DecaDatibni Teatri Ardiidiaconatua, videlicst — 

In Decanatu de Chulmeleghe, Hagistrum Hugonem fde Ookeatone], Rectorem 
Eccleaie de Sele Monachorum ; 
^ K „ Toritone, Domlnum Willelmum, Preabiterum Parocbialem 

de Magna ToritAQe; 
„ „ „ Hertitauade, Dominum Umfridom, Victuinm de Monkel^he ; 
„ „ Banimenai, Dommnm Bicardum de la Beare, Annuelaiium de 

Womberlwbe [^UmbtrUigh] ; 
„ „ de Schirewille, Donunum Johanoem [d« Cloteworthi], Bec- 

torem de Eatboclaunde ; 
u „ „ Moltooe, Dominum Bicardum, Bectorem Eccletue de Weat- 
wolringtone ; 
ex OfBoi uoatri debito duiimua deputandoo, aingulia eonim in amgulia 
predictu Deoanatibua, at premittitnr, vices noatrss committentes ; Tobia 
tnindamuB quatinua hec m proximis Capitulia Testria poet recepcionem 
Preaendum (»lebrandia faciatia aollempniter publicari; it^ungentee eisdem 
quod dictum Offlcium ita humiliter aubeaut et discrete pronequnntur quod 
in diabidi Judidi aismine auo periculo aaper biia racionem reddere, et de 
Beminibue que eemioaiit in lammis Tenientea poatea ad idem Judidum, 
manipuloaqne cum exultadone portantea, requiem etemam perdpere 
Taleant pro labore. Proviso quod nullua ad Feraonam aluriua DecaoBtua, 
Tel ad cams auperiiu exceptoe, auam preaumat eitendere pat«statcm. 
Cupientee, edam, prenominatia Fersoma ad aalutem animarum auarum 
nberiua proridere, ipaorum aingulia indulgemui ut, durante predicto Offido 
ipaomm, in hujuamodi caaibua aibi commiBaia, aingulot diacretM et ydoueoa 
oigere valeat Confeaaorea qui, audita ipaorum coufeaaiODe, ipooa abaoU 
"■"'■' 'laaalatani. CofiMia, ymo, jm- 

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■entw Ifimdtti, tub aigUIa veatro, utriqoe de dictu PenllendaniB acstria 
ft«n tacwlii. Praentibiu pro uoatro benepladto duniturU. Et quid inde 
feouritii nolui dtra Fuchk proximo futuram, cum taoora Preeeadum, 
reooribktia; DaUiin nt lupra. 

Omnmuno, W Mpro, tn ArAidiaconaht TattonU : — 
isdsm die et loco emanavit conaiimlis Liters Doiiudo Archidiioono Tothmia^ 
val eJDB OfflcuJi, pro Penoiiia ad Peniteiicuimiit Domini ia nagnlia Demn- 
atibiu ajusdem Archidiacoiutuji deputatie, ut sequitur, — 
In Dec&nata de Mortone, Dominus Thomas, Vioariiu An Wjdecnmbe ; 

YpelepeiHie, Dominus Jobannee, Vinujug de Hemeatone, 

lUooia 1' ' ■ 

Wodeteghe, DominuB Thomas [d« Eentiabjry], Tkanna 

Boclesie de Alvyngtoae, [ Wttt Alvington] ; 
Pl;mptoDe, Dominua Radulphua, Ticariua de Yalmptone ; 
Tamertooe, DominuH Hetuicua, VicsriuB de Boclaunda 

[Buckiarul Monackanan] ; 
TanBtoke, Dominua Bolwtus [de Curtiakilolle], Bector de 

Sydeham [Sydenham-Damard] ; 
Haldyavorthi, Dominua Hoiricua, Rector Bcdene d« 

Ockamptonc, Dotuinua Ivo, Tieariua de Okamptone (tic). 
atuM iconic; — 
Et eiadem die, eUi, (ut tupra) : — 
In Decauatu Chriatianitatia Eionie, Dominus Johannee, Hector Eccksie 

Sancti Jacola ; 
„ „ de Ken, Dominua Rlcflrdiia, Rector Ecclene de Triame 

[Trviham] ; 
„ „ „ DonLaford. Domioua Thomas, Bector Ecdasie de TeyncUxM 

\Drt%ii^eington] ; 
„ „ „ CHdeb;i7, Dominus Thoniu, Kector Eudeme de P(»hnlle ; 
„ „ „ Tuvertone, Dominus Jtihaniiei, Vicarius de Ockeworthi ; 
•> II i> P1;n>ptru, Dominus Willelmus, Viouiua de Columptone ; 
„ „ „ Uonetone, Dominua Willelmus, Vicariua de Setons ; 
„ „ „ Donkenill, Dominua Willelniiu, Vicarius de Auljseumbe ; 
„ „ „ Ajleebeore, Dooiinus Robertus, Vicajius de Oterytona. 

Arehidiacmiatia Oaravbk : — 
In Decauatu de Penwythe, Dominua Qregariiia, ^carius Eooleae da I«nM> 

keU [Oiilval] ; 
„ „ „ Kerier, DomiDui Herveius, Capellanua Sancti ComniiDl 

[Ourjf] 1 
,1 „ „ Pouderdm^, Dommiu Rogerus, Cap«lknuB Eodeos de 

Earihavs i 
„ „ „ Pfderchire, Dominua Chriatoforua [de Bodminia], Vicariua 

Eocleaie Sancti Coylan; [Si. Colon] ; 
„ „ „ Minoris Trigacbire, DomtDus Drogo, Vicarlus Booleeie 

Sancti Broersdi ; [Tngg-major U omitted]. 
„ „ „ Westvefleecbire, Hagiater Johannes [lAuncela], Vioarioi 

Eoclsde de Leekered ; 
„ H „ EstweSeachire, Dominua Robertus. 
Commiaio ad audieadwa Co^fcuUma, ul supra, in catAut Mt^ortbut 
Ar<Aidiac«mU«t Comubit : — 
Dicto prime die Harcii, Londouiia, emanaiit Liten sub hao forma : — WaJterna, 
eto-, ArcbidiacoDo Camubie, vel ejus Offidnli, saluiem, etc — Quia noai 
juxta OrdinadoDeiu in proximo pretento Concilio Provinciali nu per facta pn>- 
oedentea, discretes Tiros, Pomiouin UeoHcum (de Trefewal Decanum GocIsbo 

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SulcU EantDtoGi, Qoatre PecuIUria JarisdfccioiiiB, at Ihgbtruin Audnam, 
Rectomn E^xletue Sancte Cride, nnatroa PeniMaciuios in Archiduconatti 
veatro daximuH deputandoa, eu, et eorum ciiilibet. vicea noatnta ad auilian- 
dum Confeeaionea quorumcumque anbdEtorum noatrorum predicti Archi- 
diaoonatua, et ad abaolvendum eoa in foro penitencisli, de quibusoumque 
CTiminibuB nobis de jure vel conauetudine resarrstia, TotuDtario penurio ad 
exharedacionem vet contra matmnomum legitimum, neenon cnminibua 
maioribus nobis a jure vel conauetudine, ut promittitur, r««rvatis, de qiiibua 
dalinqaentea judteialiter aunt convicti, at aliia que in Doatra Vinitacioaa 
Archidiaconatua predii±i in aingulia oongrtssdonibns nobia papplice re- 
■ervaTtmm damtaiat eiceptia, ei oerts adencia oonunittentes ; Tobit 

mandamoa quatinua hoc in proiimia Capitulia veatria eitendeni 

poUatatam (u< lupra) ; quodque ubi jna vel oonauetudo ezigit aollempnia 
penitencia modia omnibua injui^tiir. I□juDgati^ edam, apecialiter et 
expreeaa nmnibiu oliia preabiteris et curaUa quod in oaaibus nobia, aeu 
uoatria SuperioribuB, a jure Tel conauetudine reaerratia, maniu nbeolutoriaa 
eitendere odd preeumant. Et ut aaluti aniioaruin predictorum Decani et 
Bectoria aecurius conEulstur, ipaorum cnilibet iadalgemiis, etc {ut tupra). 
Per hec, tamen, poteetatem per noa oanceaaam certii Penonia de Ordltiibiw 
FHtnim Predicaturum et Uioorum non intendiniua aliqnatiter rerocare. 
Copiam, Tero, etc. (n( tupra). 

Ssdem die et loco emtuuirunt connmilee Litare Eingulii Archidiaoonia Epi- 
scopatuB, Tsl eorum Offldalibua, pro Feraonia in aingulia Arcliidiacunaljbua 
ad PenitenciBriam oouatitutia, ut aequitur, — Tn Archidiaeonatu Tottonie, 
Dominua HenricuB, Hector Eceleaie de Pjwoithi, «t Dominus Rogerua 
Bloyhou, Rector Ecclegia de Hooka Oknmptona In Archidiaconntu Buum, 
Ha^ister David, Rector Eccleaie de Schireville, et Dominue Willelmua, 
TieariuB Eccleaie de Nymetone EpiEnopi, In Archidiaconatu Eionie, 
Dominue Willelmua, Reator Gccleaie de Uptim ; 48. 

Oomrniaio ad avdicndum Con/ationei (in Arcbidiaconatii Comubie), directed 
to Huter Robert, V. of Liakeard [Liakircb, HS.], Sth Auguat^ 1324) ; 181.— 
The Biabop atatae that the number of thoae nho were in the habit nt 
rc«orting to hia PBnitenWarj.aanera] for Confaaaion, eapedally in reaerred 
eaaon, bad recently become ao great that the wid Penit^tiaiy waa unable to 
deal with them all, on account of the great diatanoe of Cornwall from Exeter 
(where the a.'ud Penitentiary realdea for the greater part of the year), and 
tbe connderable expenditure of labour and money mToWed in the work- 
It waa, therefore, neceaaary to give him aome help ; and the Biahop aclected 
the Vicar of Liakeard, aa a man of great induitiTi circumapection, truat- 
worthineaa, and purity of conadence, giving him full authority to confeaa 
even tboee who had been convicted of aicD crimee aa adultery and incMt. 
There was to be no interference with the official action of the Penitentiary; 
and thoae who preferred to go to him were, atill, to be at liberty to do aa 
And the Biahop reaerved to himaelf the power to abaolve in cases of wilful 
peijury for the purpoea of diainheriCing anyone, or impeding lawful 
marriagea, na well aa all such eaaaa u he wa* accaat'iined to deal with, 
publicUy, in hie Visitationa of Cornwall, in the aeparato congrcgatiooa. 

Oonka, Fr- Robert de, inat Prior of Totnes ; 171. 
Consiatory CJourt o£ Exeter, — 

VlMtaeio Con^MlorH facta per Svminum die Joeit prommo patl Fatum 

Sanete Agatht, FAyinit flO Feb., 1322-S],— 

CarUficatorium ^—VenerabJU in Cbriato Patri, etc., Waltero, Dd grocia, etc 

auua humilia et devotua Offldalia, obedienciam, et4x — Handatum veatrum 

reverendum recepi in heo verba, — Walterua, etc, Offlciali auo, etc. — Qaia 

die Jovia proximo puat Featum 8ancte Agathe, Tirginis, proximo aecuturnm, 

ConaiFtorium Doatrum ExoDi«, Deo diaponente, proponimua viaitare, 

t«nore PreHnoium voIhb oommittimua et mandamus quatinua cftetii, mu 


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dtui fadalu, peremptorie, omaea et ringulos CommuwrioB veetnw OffioUIw 
l«m aiMtr« Psaulurifl Juriidiocioiiia quuu Decam Ecclese nootre EioniengU 
■o AjchidiMonoTum in Eocletda noat» predict* j necnon, Rxaminatore*^ 
Advocatoa, Proounttorea, Bt quoalibnl *Uai Clericos et MinietTM, quooomqDe 
noiniite canieuitur, noBtri CunsLstorii supradioti, quod dicto die, et loco 
ipdua CoonHtorii cooaueto, hun prima ipsius diei, compareaat oi>r*m nobis; 
Tiutadonem noitnuu hujuunodi aubituri, et jiiri per omnia pariturL 
Teuore, eouun, Freseucium voe citamus peremptorie qiutimui, dicto die et 
loco, oompareatiB similiter ooram nobis, facturi eb recepturi quod hi^uamodi 
Viaitaraonia officlum et equitas poatulabunt. Et quid in premiwiB (eceritja 
et duieritia feciendiim, noa, dictia die et loco, cum nominibui dttitorura 
certificare cuietii per veatraa Literaa Pateatea, harum aeriem continentea. — 
Datum apud Otritone, ixiiij die ineaaiB Januarii, Anno Domini M'.CCC"". 
xxij^". — Cut, quidem, Mandate, secundum sui eiigendam, citaDdo reTerentor 
panii. Et quatenua idem Uandatum msam oompanoionem cnntiDgaTe 
dinoecitui, oum Dei adjutoiio, Patemitati veatre, in omnibua obediens, parebOL 
Nomioa, yen, juita formam inibi scnptsm per me dtatorum in Cedula 
PreaentibuB anneia insaruntur. — Datum Ezonie, vj die Februarii, Anno 
Domini aupndicto. 

Tmor Cedule dtatorum nomina coutisentis, preeeripto Certificatorio annei«^ 
talis eat,— Magiater HcdHcus Blojou, Rector Ecdeaie de L-aribom [SL RnaH- 
Lanyhorru], mei OfflcdatiB Commiaaarius, et Domini Decani Bxonie Officdalii. 

Hagieter HenricuB de 3U)uford, OCBoialis Feculiaris Juriadicdonia Do mini . 

Hagiater Johannea de Sidemue, Officialis Domini Archidiaconi Exooie; et 
Domini Decani, Peculinria JurisdicdoniB ^usdem Decani apud StaTertona 
eb Saltcombe [Saleambe-Stgii.] 

Uagisler Wiilelmua de Burgo, Officialis Domini Ardudiaconi Comubie. 

Uagister Jobannfe de Uilletone, Officialis Domini, Arcbidiaconi Tottonie. 

HagiBtar Jotunnea Petre, Officially Domini Archidiaconi Barum, e( loeum 
expectaoB Advocati in CoDsiBtorio. 

Ua^ister Willdmus Were, Officialis Domini Docani, Pcculiaris Jurisdiodoiua 
^usdem Domini apud Seiiit Moriechercbe et Sidabiri, et Advoeatoa 

Hagister Robertua Bonde, Offidalis Domini Decani apud Aieperbane lAA- 
JurtOTi], et AdvocatuB Conaiatorii. 

M^ister Kioardus de Chuddeleghe, Offictalia Domini Decani, Peculiaris Juria- 
dicdonia ejusdem Domini apud ide, Topafaam, el Littelbam, et locnm 
expectana Advocati in ConsiBtorio. 

Hagiater Jordanns de Britteelowe, Examinator ConaiBtoriL 

HaglBter Eustachius de Tegnemue, Examinator Conaiatorii et Procurator 

Hagiater Petrua de Beare, Advocatus ConsiBtoriL 

Magiater WillelmuB Beare, alias Procurator Conaistorii, nunc studsna «t 

expectacs locum AdTocati. 
Hagiater Bicardua QiKrde, Procurator Consiabm), et expectana loomn 

HagiBter Johannes de Northecote, Procurator Conaiatorii, et eipeotana locam 

HifElsteT Thomas Lukeis, Procuntor ConaiBtorii. 
Hagiater Radulphus Pojer, Procurator ConaistiiriL 
Hagiater Radulpliui Store, Procumlor Comiat'irii. 
Hagiater Tbomaa Licbfelde, ProcunLtor CoaaiBlArii. 
tCagiater NichoUua de Durneforde, Procurator CoDsiatorii. 
Hagiater Willetmua de Venella, Procurutor Conaiatorii. 
Hagiater Johnnnea de PUtone, Notarius Pulilicus Auctoiitate Papali. 
Henricua de liftone^ clericue Itegiatri Conaiatorii. 
Bicardu* de Pictone, dencue Examinatorum ConaiBtorii 
llobertuB Daumarle, apparitor ConeiBtorii 

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Jttfftter Waltenu de Wike, Btndens, et eipectam locum; de p«nmsni fittmi 

^iquoeieDH officio Procuratoru. 
Higutcr RegmalduH de Boggewille, lindsius, et eipeota&B loeam ; de permissu 

atene aliquocieiii officio Procurstoria. 
Magiiter Robertiu nttebnigge, etudeiu, et espeetana locum, de perminn 

ateiis aliquodeng officio Pnicnratoria . 
Magiater Ricardus de Trawooarde, atudeni, et eipeotoDB locum, de penniuu 

ut«Da aliquociena officio Procuratoria. 
Thomas Soou ; Johaimes WalroDde; Magister Qilbertua Creaai ; HagUter 

AleiBDder de Eggewoitbe ; Uagister Kobertua de la Lane, — lati utuotar 

ProcimtoTiB officio non admisu. 
Master GaUridua de Uodbory, atudenti, et ezpectana locum, da pernuMU 

□toil aliquDcien* officio Procuistoris. 
Tenor, ytro, DepoaioioDum Inquincioiiia id hujuamodi Vimtadoiie facte talis 

MagiBtoT Henricua de Stonford . . . eiaminatua, diett quod Cause plua 
debito tenentuT in auBpenBO, et hoc propter negligenciam Advocatonim et 
pTocurstonim. Heqtiiaitua apeinauter propter negligendom quorum 
AdTOCatonim et Procuiatmum, etc., dicit quod ignorat, eo quud pro major! 
parte Conaiatoiii eat intendeoH bIiib negooiia, et abeenB a Conautorio et Cauais 
In Cooaiatorio ventilatia. De Eiaminatoribus didt quod fama publica eat 
quod annt nimia oneroei, et petunt de salario ulii gatiafieri ante Eiamin- 
tcaaaem, et aliquando ea de oauaa diSeruut Examinacionem, ut, videlicet, 
eit mtiafiat pre monibuB. Quoad Ezaminacianem, separaciouem teetium juztk 
ArtiouloB, et intenogatorium prout artioulatur, dicit quod igaonX ai 
rinyllatirn puiter an ooufuae, etan leoraum et Becreto, et aojuita Articuloa 
et iDterTogatom, nt continetur, etc, dicit ae nichil Bdie, eo quod non 
intemt in Examinadoaibua auta. An Euper dngiilis Articulia smgillAtiia 
examiaent, dicit quod ignorat. Di^it, tumen, quod, cum Bcripta fuerint 
dicta, apparet quod aliquutdo plures Articuli coaduuaiitur, et testea ad 
cracordiam plurium Articulorum eitnul deducuntur. Ad Balaria Eiamins- 
torum dicit ae mchil scire de certa taiacione aalorii ; set si diaaenaio fueilt 
Buper aalario inter partes produoeotee Eumiuatoree eupponunt ae taxadoni 
Judicia. De Advncatia dicit quod Adrocati in allegaraombua suia neque 
Judid aequo sociia morem delntum gerunt, set podus socioa aermonibua 
iDtcrruoipunt, et garuloai eiiatunt qnandoque et probria deoertant, et hon 
oommuniter Advocsti omnea. De abaenda Advocatorum, et an ob eotum 
abaandam Cauae diSerantur, didt ae nicbil acire. Quantua conauevit esse 
numenu Advocatorum ab antique, didt ae nicbil acire. Dicit^ tamen, 
quod tempore Hagiatri Johannie ds Brutone, quondam Offidalis Domini 
KxonienaiB Epiacopi, tuerunt quatuor Advocati ei una parte, et totidem ex 
altera. Quoad Pnjcuratores super primo Articulo, ilidt ae niebil edre; 

Juoad secundum, terdum, quartum, didt idem et deponit quod dixit et 
apoauit quoad Advocatiie ; et dicit quod pejua se habent, pro majori parte, 
in offleiia auia quam Advocati et magia reprobi. Quoad numerum didt quod 
certitudiDaliter uesdt deponere quautus conauevit eaaa numenis Procura- 
tanuQ ab anliquo. Item, requidt'is an anus de predictia dvio vel pluM 
eieroeat offida, et qui aint illi ; didt quod Magiater B. Oifiarde ezercet pro 
majori parte duo ofSda, videlicet Advocati et Procuratoris ; quodque 
Magiater Euatachius de Tengetuue similiter duo, videlicet Examinatoria et 
Procontoria. Requidtus an Adrocati et Procuratores sunt tabernarii, etc., 
didt qnod N. Dumetorde tabemarius eet^ et habet tabemas, et T. Lukeys 
publicneeat tabemariuaetpublice notoiiu8,et frequenter eieroet tsbemaa. 
Quoad alio* Articuloa, didt se nichil adre ; et didt quod a tempc»« 
generkli* Inbibudonia neadvit aliquoa Arcbidiaconos, vel earom Offldiuea, 
citare auoe subditea ad oampareudum iu Eocleaia Cathedrall Beati Petri 
Exonienma, vel alibi extra locum Jurisdicdonia aue. Didt, tunen, quod 
Offldalee ArdiidiaeoDorum aasignant Advooatia ^eu in Ecdeda Cathednli 
'~V ad infonDtndnin ace in Cauaia. 

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tlBgistri J. dfl IfortliacoM et R Qifbrde duo exsrcent officii ; uterque, 
viilelioet, offiaum Adrocati et Procuntoru ; quodqae MafpSter K de 
Tsignemue gerit duo officu, Tid«lioet Eumiiutoris et Procuntoru. 
Hagist«r RicarduE Qif&rda didt, raquiiitiu, quod duo tolidi ooiuaeTenillt 
■uIti pro iiumuBciione Testsmeutl Cut ddbeuitur ignont ; diidt, 
tamoi, quod dericuB R^iitri eos redpere coniuevit. Dtcit, 
ed>m, quoad Euuninatorea eicut R. Bonde prediiit. Didt, edun, 
quod Exuniiutons different aliquuido exsmiiiare teat«s quoiuqne 
hnbDerint salaria pre muiibuB, et pro quolibet teat«, quolquot producuntur, 
TJit pro la, et unum denariam pro clerioo eorum icribeate mcta tcstjonii 
Tecipiiint QiuntulD conmevit radpi ante tempiu ietorum EuouBatonim 
didt »e uicliil adre, eo quod diu vidit iatoa Eiuninaturea et Don alioa ; ct, 
ideo, an moa autiquus dt obaervatua ignorat. De Articulia tangantibuB 
Advocatoe, didt quod beue per omoia se habenl Didt, edam, de uumen 
Advocatarum, quod est, nea fuit tsmpore auo, oertua Dumerua, aet 
aliquuido major, aliquando uinor. De Qumera PTocuiatoruni didt quod 
aliqiiaado major, aliquando niuor, et quod nou eat oertiu numema. &lA, 
«dam, pro ae, quod eat Procurator, et ^quando allegat jura pro parte bu« 
aicut meliuB videtur ailn eipediena, Jiidice audiante et permitteute. Eodem 
modo tadunt Magiatri R. da Chuddttleghe et R de Northecote. Didt, 
edam, quod Hagiater E. de T(^emue atvtit in duobua offidLs, videluet 
Einminatoria et Procuratoris. Didt, edam, quod T. Lnkeya eat taber- 
nariua puplicua et pu|>Iioe ezeroet tAbemaa et fiequenter. Didt, edam, 

Siod N. de Dumetorde negodatur Hruendo et lendendo vina et altaa rea. 
idt, edam, quod OffldaJea Archidiaconorum Totlsme et Bamaatapolie 
dederuat et eiercuenutt Jurindicdonem iu Ecdeaia Catbedrali Beati Petri 
Exonienda iuter aubditoa auo^ et quod dtant Part«e ad comparendum 
ibidem, etprefiguBtPartibUB diem ibidem ; et Offlcialia Arcbidiacom Comukie 
taliter fadt. An ille locua ut extra Juriadicdonem auam ignoiat. 

T, de Lichefelde didt quod, ai Cause manoant diu in auapepw. non ob defao- 
tnm Judicum aet Pardum podua boa eiiatit. Didt, edam, quod vidit >oM 
ijf. pro probadone Teetamenti, et derioua Reg^tri eoa recepit. Didt, edam, 
quod in quadam Causa Appelladonia inter Domiuum ATchidiaconuin 
Comubie, Partem Appallatam, et Domiuum Jobamiem Traci, Partein 
AppelUntem, rueniot iolerrogatoria tradita Eiaminatoribus, et i^ 
Examinatorea minus pleue eiaminarunt teates juita interrogatona. 
Item, didt quod EiamiDatorea. in EiBmiuadaoibna suis, primo fadunt 
protboooUa, ft poetea redigi fadunt per clericum suum in mundum, et HA 
poaaet ^colum uuminere. Didt, edam, quod Examinatorea petuut aHd 
aatutflen de aalario ante examinadonem. Item, didt quod Tidit solvi pro 
eiaminacione oiijualibet testis vjd. Eietniuatoribua, ct derico eornm 
ecnbenti jd. ; et aliquando ex taiadone Judids plus radjannt, habits 
condderaciooe >d mi^um laborem. Didt, edam, quod de carlo nnmero 
Advocatorum nlohil sdt ; set aepiua vidit plures. Didt, edam, quod 
Hagiater E. de Teignmue gerit duo offida, videlicet Bxaminatoria et 
Procuratoria. Item, didt qnod T. Lukeya eiercet tabernaa de conauetudiue. 

N. de Z>urneforde didt quod pro inainiiadone Teetamentorum consuererunt 
■oItI ija, quoa dericua R^;iatn perdpere consuevit. Didt, edam, <^uod. 
aalaiinm pro copiia redimendit idem dericua conauBvit habere. Didt, ttatm, 
quod Examinatorea auper plunbus Articulia dmul et confuse aliquando 
teatea euminant, aicut videlicet scribendo—talea tnatea. Requisitna super 
primo, aecundo, et t«rcio Articulo, didt etc Didt, edam, quod Advocati 
aliquando interrumpunt sermonee sodorum. Didt, edam, quod oonsuerit 
quod uuUuB assumeret offldum AdvocaCi vel Procuratoris, nid jurati ; et, 
tamau, nunc plures non junti, ridelicet Magiater Walterus de Wik« in 
offldo Advoati et Procuratoria, Hagialar Robertua de Brigga, Johanuea 
Walronde, Tli(»Das Snou, et alii quamfdurea in offido ft^wmaiia, ZKdt, 

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edam, qaiwd azerceDtm ptiira offlda, quod Qifbide, North«oote, et Tegno- 
moe eiereeot dao offlou, at «st mipntactum. 

milalnnu d« Veaelk didt qnod ExaDunBtoraa wapet ungnliB ArtiouU* 
■jngillaijm ezBmiDuit qaoad primuoi Uetmu ; quoad alios UMtea, a dob 
ioTenerint conoorilea cum prima, Bnpsr pturibua ArtJculia umul et confuw 
■cribont h( (OQcorduit. Item, inte planim eiomiDadooem petunt aaUriuta, 
et pro Buigulii twtibui redpiuat aet deiuriaa, et clericua eorum icribeiii 
unutn denarium. Dictt, eciam, quod AdToeati aliquando intemunpunt 
Bcrmoiiee socionim, et aliquuido nmlando et aliqaando elprobnutdo. 
Hagiater Johannes de Northecote et Ua^ister Ricardua Qiffivde, ProooratOTM, 
aliqaando ollegant verba jurii. Magiater EoitachiuB eat Bzamioatar, et 
aliquuido E^rocurator. Officialee Arcliidiaconi Ezonia ooiuraeveniiit 
■liqutindo tenere Capitula sua durante Condatorio. 

Radulphoa Pojer didt quod Johannes de Northecote, Hioatdua Qifbrde, 
RiurduB de Chuddel^he, Procurators, aliquando aibi aaaummit offldoin 
AdTocBtL In aJiia conooidat cum proximo preexwnioato. 

Jobaimes WaJrond didt quod Euatachius de Tegnemne g«rit offidum 
Procuratoris, Eiaminatorii, et aliquando postulat. 

Waltenu de Wike dicit quod Cauae raaneut iu snspeniio pro eo quod Advooati 
et Procuratores non iMormant Judioea cum debita oeteritate. Item, qnod 
Offidalea ArchidiacoDorum, post qiiartum diem Conaurtotii, antequam 
ConaistoiiDm plene eipediatur, r«cedunt ad Capitula aua ; et Uloa aecuntur 
(tie) tarn AdvoceU quam ProcuiBtoree, Exuninatorea ConaiEtotii iQDt 
clerid coDJugati, et quandoqne, cum debereut conjuDdim examinare et 
Cauaa da committitur exsminanda, alteri eorum exauiiiuuit dinaim, at 
aliqaando lu domibua luii eiamitiant ; unde poeait de fodU oriii auapiokia 
IMBiernnt, ecUm, ezaminadonem quousque da mt aaluBfaotum de Hteto ; «t 
redpiunt pro dngulis teetibua yjd., et clericua eorum id. De graeatiba* 
plura offida conoordat cum proximo preexaminatiB, hoc adjaoto — quod 
didt quod Thomas de Lichefelde hoc idem facit, Didt, eciam, quod Nioholan* 
da Durneforde aemper tenet tabemnm ; et Thomas Lukd a jfre qaantat 
tabenuta, in acandolum officii Procuratoria. Aliqui Offloulv l^rdi- 
idiaooni Tottonie, in grHTunen aubditorum auorum, aolebant trahere eoKlua 
extra Decanatam in quo degebaot, et aliquando ad Ecdedam Catbedralni 
Bxonie, et ibi cognoecere inter eoe. I^cit, edam, quod sunt quidam boni '. 

Convocatioa ; Documents relating to, — 

CUuctD.— VeneralHli in Chriato Pstri, Domino Waltero, Dd grada Eionienni 
EpiBoopo, RadnlpbuB [de Boldock], penniuioDe Dirina Epiacopus Londou- 
ienais, aaluUm et frstemBm in Domino caritatem. — Literaa VeneraUHa 
Patria, Domioi B[oberti Wincbelesey], Dd grada CantuarieHBiB Archiepiacoiu, 
Todua Anglie Primatis, recepimua, formam que aequitur contiDeataa : — 
- Bobertus, eCCi — Cum nuper ad noatram noticiam perreniaset quod 
SereniaaimuB FHncapa et Dominue, Domiaug Edwardus, Dd grada Rex 
Anglie illuatriB, pro suatentodone bua et excerdtus Bui, in terra Scotia, 
uptinends, bona et victualia incolanim hujus Regm capi ad opue luum ptr 
Iberia Rccia demandasaet, prout in eiadem Brevibus (lie) mper hoc certii 
peraonia du'eotia pleniua coutinetur, id Dequountea qaomodoUbet tollei«r% 
cam Tol^ et aliia Venerabilibus Fratribua nostria iu Condlio ProTiudalt 
preaentibuB, et quibuadam Proceiibua hujua R^^ erga Kobilem Yinim, 
Dominum Henricum |[de Lad], Comitem Lyncolnie, Custodem Regni, et 
DMntDi iUgia Condlium (lic) inetetimus pro reTocscione Handati et 
Brevium bujuamodi optinendo. Coterum, cum idem Cuatoa nobis ad 
"h quod petinmus se exMbuiaset, prout decuit, satis pninum, et 
n Mnndftnm decrerisset totaliter reTOoati, prout in aliia Breriia (tie) 

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Benii super boc conteotis, qaod nuUiai bona eontra suata beDtfJamtum 
(Miwitur, directU singulia Vioeconiitibus, est oonteotum, propotoit conm 
uobiB quod, cum Domini Regii Enuium non Boffiout. ut deoebkl, ad 
provideuciu pro Buatentadone Regia, de qua premittitur, fscieDda, a nobii 
cum ingtandtt poetulavit quatinua terminoi Boludooia DediDS TrieDn^ 
EcclSBj'e ADglicsne impoaito sic vellemus in taciendia aolucioniboa proreairo 
ut id quod de oadem Decima per principales ipidua DedmB CoUcrtotoB wdri 
mandatur in Feato S&ncti Hmarii, abitim; et quod in Faato Natintstia 
Sancti JohBnnia BaptiaUi in F«to Sancti Hillarii soivatar ooncSlere 
curaromuB ; at >ic de peccuoia ab eadem Decima Domiuo Begi, proat 
Apoatolicum Tult Ilandatum, tradenda fieri valcet pmriaio supratacta. Nos, 
autem. attendentea quod Uitum Clerum noatre Frovincie auppliocto 
dicta taugit, quodqua id uaquivimua concedere, prout nee decuit, per no* 
ipsoB, aiue Cleri uoatre Prorinda Toluntate, propterea Clarum ooatra 
ProTinde,de eonsilio Fratrum unanirai, decrevimus oonTooanduin. Fmter- 
n[tati, igitur, veatre commitUmuB et mandamus quiitiniis omnei VauaslHlea 
Fratree noatrOB SufiiBgnneos, necnon et Capitula Cathedralium Boclenanim, 
Bc Clerum eujuslibet Civitatis et Dyocesig noatrs Provinde, dtetia aeu 
dtari fadatia peremptorio quod iiileni Suflragaud noatri, per ae, 'el par 
Proouratorem ydoneum, Capitala, Bulem, et totus Clerua quilibet pre^ctua 
per duoe ProcutatoreB ad premiaaa Bufflcientes, oompareant oaram nobis, 
dcputando aeu depulandia a uobis, !□ Ecdeeia Sancti Pauli Londooiarum, 
die Msrcurii proiima post Feetum Sancti Hicholai [fl Dec.], saper pramicma 
uobiacum, deputando aeu deputandis a nobis, sollidte bactatnri, et ad id 
quod anper premiBBiB videbitur faciendum buos oonxeoBua effleaoitAr 
prebituri, ulteriueque faoturi quod in ea parte fuent fadendum. ,^o> 
eciam, dtamuB peremptorie ; et Ca|jitulum ac Clenim veetre Civitatia et 
Dyocedfl per vos oitan peremptorie volamus ad id idem. Quid, autem, in 
premissis duieritja fadendum nos, deputandum yel deputandoB a noUl^ 
dictia die et loco, csrtificetia per vestjaB lAteroB Patentei, barum lerieiii 
continenteB. — Datum apud Lamhetbo, Nonia NovembriB (S Nov.), Anno 
Domini Milleaimb CCC"" dedmo ; Consecradooia ooatre soptimo dedma— 
ITujuB, igitur, auctoritate Mandati, tenore Preeancium Toe dtamus 
peremptorie, Capitulum, edam, Teatre CathedraliB Ecdsde, ao totum 
Clerum Teetiarum Civitatia et DyocesiB modo dmjli per Toa dtari mandunna, 
quod compareatia et compareant coram dicto Patre, deputando seudeputasdia 
Bb eodem, predictis die et looo, prout tenor dicti Mandati exi^t et nquirit. 
De die, vero, recepcionia Preaendum, et quid iude duieritia taeiendum, 
nobis dtra dictam diem Mercurii, cum tenon Preaendum diludda 
reaciibetia. — Datum Loudomia, ootaro die KorembriB, Anno Domini 
Bupradicto ; 58. 
The Archbidiop waa unable to preeide in person, " pn^t«r diTena im- 
pedimenta", and, acoordinglj, be issued a Commission, directed to the 
Bishops of Lnodon, WinchoibeT, and Exeter, to take hia place (BO Not.,* 
1810) ; »id. 
Lilera auua AriAiepUeopo j>er Comminarvit luper prtnit$it: — 
Beverendo in Chriato Patri, etc. . . Radulpbua Londoniends, HmiioiB 
WjntouieaBia, et Walterus Exonienaia, EpiBcopi, aalutem etc — Sdre Telit 
TMtra Patemitas BeTerenda quud, oonrocatis . . omnibus Sufiaganus 
Teetria, necnon etc (tie ntpt-a), quod comparerent coram vobia etc («t supra), 
superprevCDdoneducrumlerminoramsoludoniBDecimeTrieniialiB . . . «z 
parte Hepia postnlata, Tobiacum tractaturi, etc. . . . noa ... in diet* 
ConTocaaone, assidente nobis Official! veatro, preddentas ; facta Sde 
sufBdenti per certificatoria, coram nobis ibidem eibiUta et redtat*, de 
Citadone predid«rum ; compareatilnuqua omnibua dtatia .... C^utolo 

* u Ealendw DaoambriB. 

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Eodasie BaugOTenau at Clero Civitatii et D;ooe^ Rlianma dumtazat 
exceptia, causun prediote ConTocadoiiii azpreBsius eiposuiinnt nsdem, 
■dJectiB wl coDseocienduin predicte paticioai fJunbiu raaooibiu iudactivis, 
habitoque super biii diligeali tractutu, per Doe et omDee alios ibidem 
pmentec, et in peniun ooutumade sbeeDcium. Gnaliter et iiitatiimiter est 
coaBeDniin qaod in Feet« Nativitatie Domini proximo futuni, pro primo et 
altiiiio tenoino aecundi, et in Feato Sancti HiUarii tunc Bsquente pto piimo 
tenDiDO terdi anni, Gat aolucio Decime TrienniUa, sub istls condicione et 
paeto patenter eiprawia, quod nulb Gat petido neo ezacdo da tarmiito 
nhimo tercii anni (mteqaam terminus sdreoerit ad hoc in Mandate 
ApoatoUco aaaignatiu ; quodque Colleet^irea ad boo per Summum 
PontiGoem deputatj, boo modo et non alio IsTari faciant Decimam 
aotedictam. Ueo, autam, Nobiti Tiro, Domino Heorioo de Laut, Comiti 
Lyooolnie, Custodi Begni, vel alii, . nunciare poteritia, prout et quando 
Testn viderit diacredo fadendum. Procuratoria, vero, iu f^edicta 
ConTocadone uobja exhibita, et per eundem Offidalem reetrum eianiinata, 
ana cum predictia Certificatoriia et presentibiis Literis, eidem Officiuli, die 
confecdoniB Presendum, liberavimus, Teetre Sancte Pateruitati celeriter 
b'ansmittenda. — Valeat Sancta Patomitaa veatra per toraponi aemper 
prcapera et joounda. — Datum Londomia, iiij Idus Decembris (10 Dec), 
Anno Domini M" CCC""' dedmo ; ES*. 
— TenenbOi Patri, eto., Woltera, Exonienai Episoepo, Qilbertus, otc, 
LondoDieOBia Epiacopus, etc., salutem, etc. — Literaa Veneratrilia Patris, 
Domini Walteri, Dei gracia Cantuarienaig Ardiiepiacopi, Todus Anglie 
Primatis, reoepimua, teuorem qui aequitur continentea : — Walterua, etc. 
.... Oilberto, etc, salutem, etc. — Serenisaimua Princeps, Dominus noster, 
Dominns Edwardus, Dd gncia Rex Anglie illuatria, Brevis aui apioem 
nuper nubia dirigens mandando rogavit quod, quia super dtTeraia et 
aiduis ni^odis, ipsum et Statum R^oi aui, et maiime Terra sue 3code, 
speeialiter tansentibus, Parliamantum suum apud Westmonaaterium, in 
Oetabia Sancti Hillarii proximo futuris. tenere, et nobiacum ac cum ceteris 
Prelatis, Hagnatibua, et Prooeribus dicti Hegni babere proponit colloquium 
et tractatum, Deoanoa et PHoree Eccleaiarum Cathedralium, ac Ardkidiaconoa 
todiia pTOTinde nostre, in propiiie peraonis, Capitula eciam aingularum 
dictarum Eccleaiarum Cathadralium per dngularea ProcuratoreB, et Clerum 
cujuBcumque Djocesia todus Provinde noatre per duoa suffldentas 
Proeoratorea, ad diaUiB diem et locum venire faceremus ad tractandum et 
eonaendendum hiis que tunc ibidem iu premissia contignrit ordioari. Noa, 
*ero, Tolentas Regie Uajeatatia prectbus, quantum cum Deo poesumus et 
m animum favorabiliter inclioara, Fratemitati veatre 

_ oandamuB quntiniiB dictoa Decanoa, Priores, Archidiaoonoa, 

) propriis personia, Capitula eciam singula aingularum Eoclusiarum 
CatbediaJium ut per singularea Piocuratores, ao Clerum cujuscumque 
Dyocena ejuadam noatre Provinde, ut per duoa aufflcientaa Procuratorea, per 
singulos singutarum Djoceaium nostre Provincie, citsri mandetis quod dictis 
die et looo wmpareant et interaint, traotaturi et oonsenauri hiia que auper 
premiasis tunc ibidem oontigeiit ordioari, hoc ipsum apud veatroa anbditoa 
■imilitflr eiequentes. De die, vero, reoepdonis Preiendum, et quid feoeritis 
in premissia, noa, dictis die et looo, una cum oominibus atatorum, in 
quadam Cedula Teetro CertiGoatorio anneia oonscriptia, quatenua ad tob 
attinet oertificare curetia. Et ceteroa Coepiacopos noatroe, ut cos de suo 
bcto, ad ipaoe diem et locum, aub endem forma f donee certifloeot, diatricctus 
injUDgatia per Patentea Literaa, barum seriem oontinentea. — Datum apud 
Bromle, Ealendis Deoembria, Anno Domini Uilleaimo CCC"" xiiil. — 
Quocirca, robia mandamua quatiniis Decanum, Archidiaconum, et CapituTum 
Ecdeaie veatre, ao Clerum veatra Djoceaia, dtari fadatis, quod dictis die et 
looo compareant et interaint, juita fomiam et effectum Mandati dicti 
Patiia. — Et quid feceritjs in premiasis, una cum nomiuibus citatofum, et die 
wcepwiua FreesnduiD, prcdictis dw et loco wmdsm Patrem, proot 



Mutdttum reqnirit ipaiua, ydoDee oerUficetu pi 
MTJsm oontineDto. — Datum apod C ' ' 
. Domini Bupradicto [4 Dec, 1S11]. 
— Et Memoranduin quod nullmn muBum fuit CerUfloabnium pea Ejoscopaiu 

— Item, Uemonndam qnod Epiacoptu SartuDenaiB oertifloavit dictum 
Dominum Archiepiacopum hoc modo: — Hi>c, aatetn, Handatum pleriqua 
poriti nolria et Clero noatro fore i^uditaala vmntor. Nob, tamep, 
nequaquotD putaiit«a per flxecuciMMm ipaiui, da veatra Tolontata vel jnria 
neoaaaitate, cuiquam aubaidium legitime drfmaioDU ademptum, ne iioUa 
Biiapioatum penculum foraitan imputetur, iUod aio reTerentar exacali aiuntia 
ad preaena, ut, cujuaqus illeao jure, Bcclaoaatica libertas nt undique Mmper 
■alTa. Citatonim, veio, Qomina in P r c a n oUbna annaxa Cedula oontiiieiltur. — 
In quorum teatimonium, etc— Datum, etc. 
— ^)mDaa, vero, alii Epiacopi oeitifioarunt quod executa met Handatum. 
— Postet, apud Fratna de Carmelo, die Lune poet Secundam Dominican! 
Quadngcsime, Anno Domini HiUeaimo CCl?'''' xii^"'* [3 Harch, 13I4-1G], 
propoaitum fuit per Clemm, coram Domino Ardiiepiacopo et Suffhtgaaeta 
auia, et prot«Bt«tuni aub hac forma: — Licet Mandatum Teatrum citatorium, 
PatOT BeTerendf^ Domine Waltere, Dei gncia Cantuarienaia Arcbiepiaoope, 
ToduB Anglie Primaa, qui ad Clerum veetiv PrOTinde Cantuarieosa 
oonvocuidum, in eo quod ad Curiam Secularem, puta ad Domini Begia 
Parliamentum, quod m Camera ejuadem Domini fuit incboatum et per 
aliquot diei oontinuatum, Fdcque tarn radone fori quam edam loci contra 
Canonicaa et Patrum Sanctorum Instituta videator ease oonoeptum ; at, per 
0ODBe(^ueDS, Clerum artare non potent taliter ad oomparendum i^»qua 
Eccleauatjce oSeoaa Diaciplioe et leaione Libertatia Eocleaiaatice manifesta; 
quodque de AbbaUbua, Pnoribut, par ge, auoa Coaventua regentibua, et atua 
ConventibuB aeu ColleKiiii, Prioribua Eodeaiarum Cathedralium dumt4xat 
exceptia, nulla omuioo mendo habeatur in eodem, quamquam idem 
Beligiod uc omiad TnjTimam partem Corporia Geri veatre Prorinde 
fadaJit, et de oommuni negodo eiTe neceeaitata agatur ipeoa omiaaoa eqne 
prindpaliter oonlingent«, mcque aioe ipaia taliter omuBia de oommuni 
n^odo dve nace«aitt>te ipeoa omiaaoa eque prindpaliter oantiugenta 
ut preeentee, troctatua qualia haberi deberet et eciam expediret 
haberi nan valeat, ipaia uon Tocatia — na Bcdede UmUs ei: Proceani 
hujuBmodi diTiaionem padatui — ut cum lettna benepladtaa, quatenua fieri 
potent per preaentea, alieque Eccleaie et abaendum prejudicLO ati^ne ta», 
pareatur reTereuter, et ne publico utilitatii expedidoni ei non paridone ta 
tanta DecGeaittite impediri contiogat, offerunt ae preaentea ad tnntaiidnm et 
bdeudum, prout ad eoe attinet, quod juatum fuerit et Canonida cDanoiana 
Inatitutia. Supplicant, igitur, bii qui in hac Con^regadone p i ea t ntaa ennt 
de Cleru vestre Patemitati Revcrende, quatinua, preaenti Tocadone mibdacta, 
in Mandatia veatria que in factia comnmilibua emanabunt in f aturam, quoad 
premiaaa et cetera omnia que occuirunt fadenda, ordo debitna et de jni« 
udtna, ae BaeIe«iMtice Libertati non derogana, per omnia ubaarretur. 
Fmtattantea eiprtaae coram TcUt, in pi«a«nda Venerabiliam Palrum, 
E^acoporum Sufhaganeorum veatrorum, quod abaque E^cdeaiaatiee Liber- 
taiiB leaione et atatu* aui periculo, prebtuB Clerua Mandatia condmOibua . 
parere non potaiit allqualiter in futurum ; 103. [More tlutn a tbird part 
of the tot page of fol. 104 naa left blank]. 
OammMo ad eoOigenitat Deetmam Botwnm ScdUtiatUconm Dommo 

DireiTted, 1 Harch, 1S14-1G, to the Dean and Chapter:—" Com in Congrega- 
done Prelatorum et Cleri, oc edtm Religioeorum, eiemptorum et non 
eiemptorum.Cantuarieaiaia Provinde,inP^UamentojamLondoniiaodBbrato 
faota, anper dsfenaiiaia neoaHHia Boolene et Begiii Aoglie conti» boatium 

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njimim [nonnoB, et preoipue oonlra hoetilse aggrmua wicerotut Sootonun, 
qui ane ddectu personanim dietum Begnum ingreni, cum magiui Mnge 
Anglonun p(ui«Di «ja«dem lUfpii noD modkam hact«Dtui derutanint, st ad- 
hnc doTastan ac ed&m depopnlari iodiea Hon omittuot, BoUieUa tit 
tnetetum, et demum pro oommuDU et neoeesarie defeniioau aaxtlio, in qno 
Don immerito propnum cujualibet intereeae Tersatar, de Dnanimi, eipnoeo, «t 
■pontaDeii codwdbu YenOTibilu Pstriii, Domini Walteri, Dei grada Cant- 
uarienau Arc^epiaoopi. Todiu Aiiglie Frimatia, et ■Uonim PreUtomm, 
Cleri, et Religioaonim .... pradictonim, aub oerta forma ordioatum 
foerit et eonoeaamn quod dtcuna Boaornm Bodeaiaatioorum," etc — and ao 
on, in the naual foim. The dates [or pajmeot raferred to in the above 
docnoHtit are made argent "ex oauaiBneeeaUTiiSjUOtoriii^et eTidentibua"i 
promptneaa in ot^ecting the moneya ia «nf oroed, " ooiuiderata neoodtata 
■uperiua annotata," and the amallneaa of the aacrifloe ii compared with the 
importance of tbe intererte invoWed — " ne, *i Bflcua flat, pro tarn modioo 
dampnum majua fonitan et iirecuperalnle poatea oonUngHt eiadam " ; 101. 
Cookbniy [Cokeburi, MS.], Dedication of the Chftpel and 
Cemetwy of, — 

It WM dependent on the Hother-Church of IClton [-Damarel], and was dedica- 
ted, S Atig.,' 1315, in honour of St. John-Baptiat and the Seven llachabeea. 
The Biahop, alao, dedicatsd, at the same time, three Allan in the aaid 
Chapel, and a Ceniet«7 BiirroundiDg it. No prejadice was to aocrue to the 
Mother-Church. There were present on the occanon Sir Peter de Honitooe, 
R. of Uitjngtone [fUinpUm], Sir Richard de Brail«;h<i, R of 3t Breoke, in 
Cornwall, and nirWBiiDe,theDR.of Uilton[-Damarel]; also, Nicholas deHele, 
Uichard de Tuvertime, and Uilbert de la Thome, Clerka, attached to the 
Biahop's person, bceidee a great multitude tin muUitadine Bopioia) of otlter 
people : 107*'.— Bet Stapeldon (Oratoiiea) ; 114. 

Coppedene, Adam de, see Thomey ; 76. 

Cardan, Fr. Huiin de, see Truro ; iV". 

Corbet, Dame Beatrix, presents to Silverton (Inat) ; 169. 

Corbyn, Richard, see Little Torrington (Inst.) ; 7V'. 

Corbois, B^inald, Caoon-Begular of Bodmin ; 71. 

Coritone, William de, presents to Coryton; 128, 140^ ' 

Comu, Alan de, presents to Exboume ; 109''. 

Comu, Walter le, R. of Thombury 167 ; {Ord.} 221 : aee 

Exboume (Inst.) ; 102^ 
Comu, William de, presented to Exboume, lOZ** ; in^t. thereto ; 

109^ 117^ 122, 130, 145, ^54^ {Ord) 235, 237"; [resigna 

Exboume, luid is] inst. to Manaton ; 181. 
Comubia, Hemy [To3rt] de ; conceminj^ his claim to a Canonry 

and Prebend in the Cathedral, granted to him by 

Papal ProviBion; his Proceedings against the Bishop, etc. 
Univeraia, etc — Cam Hagiater HenricuE de Comubia nos, Eccleaiam noatram 

" ' im, Capitulum, et quoadam Canontwiii ejuadem, Blioaqoe omiooa 

' die Sabbati is Tigilia Sanoti UnmiaiL 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


DOBtroi et ipionini, flitrinseciu nobis et ipau adhsrantes, ex oaiudi 
plnrimu periequatur, et per se, et alioa Hd proeuncii»tam ipmui, modu 
vwiiB gnTare nitatur, noa, habit* cum predkto Capitulo tuper hlia 
diligent tracUta, dictum D^ocium nobis et eidem Cepitulo oommulM 
reputintflx, promittimiiB, bona fide, qnod medieUtem omnium eipeiiBaniin 
OOouione predicte perBecucioni* factiruin et fBOiendaniro plenaiie peraol- 
Temus ; ita, videlioet, quod habits iiil«T noa et predictom CBpitnlam 
computocioDe fideli, quioquid bine inde appoeitum fuerit vel eipenmm, 
hino inde aimiliter in medietate predicta totaliter eJlooetur. Ad hanc, 
autem, aoluiaonem dob nib hac condicione obligamun, a predicttiia 
, Capitulum ad aliam mediet«t«m eipeniarum ee auailitor obliget, et eondeiD, 
pro parte sua, in fonna predicta peraolrat. Id cujus, etc. [IS July, 1S12) ; TS^). 
Aliother Document,' couched in eimilar tenne, occurs on foL /S**. To tha 
Biehop and bin Cbaptor are added the names of Robert Bjitbewalle, R. of St. 
Penau-OUiDo [Udno Parva, MS-l Walter de LTulranohMd, B. ot St. 
Petrock'B, Exeter, Uoger de Mort^o, R. ot St. Kerian'a, Eiet«r, Williiun 
Bonde, R. of Poltimore, and Jordan de Brideetowe, clerk, — "imponeado 
Dobit et eidem Capitulo noetro, &o CanoniciB antedictla, minua veradtur, 
quod nee Mondato cujusdotn HBgiatn JohanniH de JJeMo, Baaiste 
Narbonensis, Eiecutoris super quadam Qracia FroTinonis ApoaUliM, 
pre&ito Ha^tro Henrico, ut dicebitur, concesaa, deputati, nee eidem Onde 
paruerunt, quodque noa non paniimus ; licet eidem Mandato et Qnae 
paiuerimua et paruerunt reverenter " (6 Sept., 1312), 
Subeequentlj the Bishop appoiDt«d Sir John de LauncCTetone, clerk, hia 
Proctor,* with full authont; to act on his behalf againat Haaters John da 
Alesco, Sacristan in the Church of Narbonne, and John de CoUe, 
" Canon of Palermo and Arcbpriest "Sancte Harie da Cacamo ", 
Procton for the said Henij (4 Sept, 1317); 121.— On the 22nd 
of the same month the Bishop appointed Roger de Cberletone, Archdeacon 
of Totnce, Richard de Morceatre, Archdeacon of Barnstaple, end William de 
Kilkenn;, Canon of Exeter, his Commiasaries, to deal with all queetiona 
aSectJog Papal Provisions ; 121l>. He seems to have been installed, though 
1 find no record of the fact ; but he speedil; exchanged for a Canonry in 
St. Crantock ; 120. Be waa aoon afterwards iosL to Bideford (129*>), whidt 
he resigned on his Collation to St Enodar ; 183. 

Goniubi&, Sir Qeofirey de, Ent., presents to EingsnTmpton : 
45, llO"*. 

Comubia, Gilbert de, collated to Lelant ; 62^ (Ord.) 228, 228\ 

Comubia, Ito de, see St. Erme. (Inat.) ; 142. 

Comubia, Martin de, collated to St. Eval ; 61^ 

Comubia, Philip de (l^^ Archdeacon of Llaudaff— omitted in 
Le Neve's List), Canon of Glaaney, deceased ; 147. 

Comubia, Thomas de, see St. Oemuw (Jnet) ; 33, 47 : deceased ; 
49^ L 194'>. 

Comubia, Sir Walter de, Ent., presents to St. Stephen's in 
Brannel ; 36 : to the Vicarage thereof, 42. 

Comubia, William de, presenbi to St Stephen's-in-Brannel; 117^ 

' In the presenoe of Sir Edward, V. of la Thnne, Clerk^ Thomaa Molynea, 
Bovey [Tracy], and William Buwel, and Bichard de TwyiertoiM. 



Cornwall, Edmimd, Earl of ; L 187. 

Cornwall, Peter de Gavastone, Earl of, presents to Lante^loe 

(-by-Camelford) ; 31, 37^ 
CornwaU, Margaret,' Counteaa of, see firadninch ; 66^ 61, L 

193; aleo, Lanteglos-by-Camelford ; 110^ 
Coryton, Richard Trenchard, R. of ; 38''. 
Coe^, Wm., R. of Warkleigh ; 15^, 162^ 174, 184, (Ord.) 241. 
Cotel, Amald, presented to Challacombe ; 56^ 73. 
Cotel, Sir Elias, Knt., Patron of Sampford-Pevetel ; 180''. 
Coterel, William, aee Ros, Saer de ; 38^ 
Cotes, John, Bee Arundelle, John de; US'*. 
Coume, Henry de ; L 213. 

Court, Gregory de la,of Moreton[-HampBtead] ; {Ord.-Pri8.), 236". 
Courtenay, the Lady Alianora de, presente to Dolton ; 105, 11 7" : 
to the Prebends of Carswell and Hayes in the Caatle of 
Exeter ; 42, 42'', 70, 71 : to Kenn ; 70, 169" : to Parkham ; 
168 : to Sberwill ; 59". See Chawleigh ; 177. 
Courtenay, Sir Philip de, Knt., presents to Dunterton ; 42. 
Courtenay, Sir Hugh de, Knt., presents to Brightleigh ; 39'': to 
Chawleigh; 160: to the Prebend of " Maydene Pro- 
vendre " in Chulmleigh ; 162 : to the Prebend of Cutton ; 
168: to Honiton; 101", 183: to his Chantry at Kenn; 
82 : to Moreton-Hampstead ; 44 : to Sampford-Courtenay ; 
54" : to Stoke-Damarel ; 70, 1 29". 144", 152" : to a Portion 
in the Church of Tiverton, 57", 70, 150^ 
Coventry and Lichfield, Walter de Langetone, Bishop of ; 
L 186, etc. See Vol. L, page 489. 
■ Coye, John, collated {by lapse) to Waahfield ; 37", 43", 55, 80, 
177, (Ord.) 218, 220". 
Cowick Priory, — 

Fr. Euitkoe, Prior, obtained licence to viut the Uoiher. House (t> June, 1S17}. 
Be nu to retuni to his Priori "citrs gulam Augusti (1 Aug.) proiimo 
aecuttmia ; . . . et dabit ex fiiie Cs. ; 120. 
— The Prior uid CoDToat were Fatroni of Chrietow ; 82, 126: of OoytUik 
Ticarage ; ISC: of Meeth ; 147, 1S2'': of Spre;ton ; 117°. 

' To Sir Piers de Oaveston EMirard IL Qukrter, Margaret, widow of Oavretoli 

gnintad the County of Cotnwall by and wife of Hugh de Audley, peti- 

Cbarter, dated at Domfiieii, fl Aug., tioned for restoistion of tlie landi 

1307. And by a lubaequent Charter, which bad been seized into tlie hajids 

dated 5 Aug., 130S, the eaid County of the Cruicn, itftting that there was 

WW teUled upon the said Peter and iaaua of the eaid Piera by the eaid 

UarRarel, hia wife, and the heirs of Hai^ret, then hving. Sa Hioalaa' 

their bodim ; by reaaon of which SUloric p4*ragt, page 126, 

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Crabbe, Thomas, R. of Truro, see St Juflt-in-Eoselaud (/nrf.) J 
33; alao 37^ 43^ 151^ {Ord.) 218, 227^ 228. 

Craf , John, of Seaton ; 44". 

Crauthome, Matthew, Proctor for William de Crauthome ; 148. 

Grauthhome, William de, inst. to Woolfardiaworthy, R, ; 62'* : 
to East Buckland; 53^ 58^ 67, 8P, {Ord.) 226: to 
Martinhoe; 84*", 119, {Ord) 238'': resigns Martinhoe; 
128" : resigns, also Charlinch {Somerset), and is inst to 
Northmolton ; 143, 149". 

Orediton, — 

JfelRi>rant(uw;'-The Biibop, in tis LondoD Houie, 19 Fab., 1809-1(^ 
admonUhed Sir John de Sultone, Canon of Crediton, nho vw preftent, to 
r«*ide pcnooall;, forthwith, which he promiBed to do ; 47'>- 
Thr*« of At PriM-VicMi, ixmviiMd of iofiontmausji,-— 

HluOBAHlXJii quod, die Mariia proiimk post Featum Epiphxnia Domiui [11 
Jan., 1311-121, oompwuarunt omnea Vicarii EcdeaiB Criditonenaia, In 
Capella Domini ibidem, ad hoc evocalJ; inter quo* Domiaua JohuUMS 
Petipaa, Yicariiu ibidem, dicena ae alias ooDvictum fuiaee de inoouiiDeiid* 
cum Johanna de FenUke, endem die Vioaria eu* in dieli Bocleaia, ri amodo 
ipaatn auper hoc oonvinei oonWnjfBret, eo ipeo priTBii Toluit: nichilominiia 
remgnavit eandvn. Waltema, vero, CiHam- cum Htu^ria de Uoroeotrs, «i 
RoberUu Peea oun quadam Euatachia— filia aTunculi aui— Vicarii in eadan, 
aimiliter conviottn bb dicentea, die Mereurii sequentfi in Yeetiario 
Eccled« 8anct« Cruda predicte comparentes, Ticariai luaa nmiUttt' 
reaigDaruut, ai eo« amodo convinci contingeret de mulieribiu BupnuUctiL 
PrtBentibuB in CapelJa Domino Rioardo da Braygl^he, Maoatro Nicholao da 
Hele, Ricardo Jagel, et me LancsBtone, cum Vicariia ; in Veatiario, autein, 
Domino JuhaniM de Sydemuwe, Jobanne de Olneye, OaUrido le Petit Pract, 
Ticariii, MigJatro NiiAolao de Hele, at me Lancertone ; fl?"*. 
Be UinanUo cantiagente in EccUtia Orid&oneiai,— 

UnoiuHDtiK quod, com Thomaa dirtua Grey, fallo, ut isaaruit, in Villa do 
EcyecahAm, Bathonienaia et WellenaiB DyoeeaiE, Teniret tanquam ctibuB 
ad Eod^am Coll^tam Sanote Cruoia Criditonenria, die Uercurii prozima 
ante FMtum Bmti Petri ad Vincnla [80 July, 1315], et at&ret in Mtdam . 
Eodeaia ab eodoro die Mereurii asque in diem Venaria aeqaentem, diem 
videlicet FesfJ Beat! Petri predicli, idem Thomaa, dum Epiacopaa Walterua 
Eionienaifl, tunc personahter presena ibidem, Sumniiim Hiasam in eadem 
Eodeaia celebraret, poet loctam Epiatolam ipBina Mine, at antaquam 
procederetur ad l^endum ETangelium, coram altari Beatj Nioholai in 
eadem Eccleaia in oracionibuB bulb penriatena, viaum, ut aBaemit, reoepit 
ibidem. QuibuB post Mieaam ipaam prefato Epiacopo nu---"- — " 
Buper taJibUB nimis de facili credi non debebit, preoepit ide . . 
quud in prefata Eodeaia utMat idem Thomaa, ut interim de viau mv 
^weniit reoepiasa, ut premittitur, et da aliia quo hujuamodi faoto 
oontingunt, noticda pleniot haberetur. Quibua die et loco pre&to Bplaoopo 
pCTBonaliter existento in CapelU Boate Virginia ipsioa Ecclene, et 
oompwrente, edam, coram eo ibidem prsfato Thoma, uioce ejoadem, «t 
qailniBdam aliia, two de Villa Oriditonenm quam de Familia dioti Epiaoopi, 
iprawneomnibuBJaratia, tactiaaacrosanctiBEvangeliia, dixit idem Thonua, 
ihlirtuto ajoadem pteaUti juramenti, quod dum videre potuerit fnlloaie 
ofBcinm eiereuit in Villa da Keyneabam predioto, et o«im die Jovia in 
Ebdomada Paaohe proxima preteiita [27 SUrch], poat prandium in domo aua 
quam inhabiUbiit m piediota Villa, caput jsunm ad donniendum nipw jfrio. 

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domtit hoBtii limins TteSnaioi, oouloTum nioram laaien, et loto temptnv 
■no sntea, tubait utii (dirum. Set, cum ab ipea donnidoae ■urraiit, 
flrmalis oeulis mu, niclul omnino vidit, oec vid«re potuit ab boni qua no 
sncTsiit usqaa ad dism VeDerii in Fsato Beati Petri predicto. Requiatna 
per dktam Epiaoopum ai nunc videre potuit, dixit quod do, Et, ut id 
pnibaret, ident Epboopus quesiTit ab eodem in quo digito et qua mauu 
■adetet aiiulus quern portaiit ; et multa alia et Himilia quesivit ab eodem. 
Ad que omoia, proat fuerunt, auffldenter reipoDdeb»t radam. Item, 
requintoB de vicmii aitis in dicta Villa da Kejneeham qui DoUciam 
twemiBBorum habebaat, dixit quod Walterue da Oreneweje. JobaiiDes RauUe, 
la Ketoforde, Johaann Eeteforde, WiUelmuB IsThechere, Adam le 

Soalita' Dovit val acint de looo illo Criditoueiui, dixit quod, oum a 
ormirat^ poetquam eraot, ut premitUtur, oculi aui dauai, ndebatur aibi 
•ompniaiido quod Eocleeiam Sauote Crucis CriditoDODua viaitaret, et 
ibidem reciperet viaum auum. Eequiaita uxor predicta auper omnibua qua 
a prafatii Tbama requirebantur in ban parte idem dicit in Tirtute jurameati 
predicU, eicepta viaiooe per eompnium, cum eodem. Haquiaitin, eciam, 
oateria prediotii, dixerunt, [q virtute jurameati predioti, quod riderunt 
preTatuui Tbomam, posti^uam remt apud Criditouiam, nou valentaul videre 
aiceptis indiciia, aet habealem oculoa semper clauBoa quum eum Tidebaot, 
pront prima (scie apparebat madem. Quibus aic adia, precepit idem 
Bpiavopus CaDDniciaet Vicariig tuDC ibidem preaeQUbus, quod, cum magna 
defodooe, per aolempDitatea debitaa, Deo, Beate Harie, Saucte Cmd, et 
Omnibua Sanctia, pulaatia aolempniteT campania ipuua E^leaie, gradaa 
eiBotvereat apedalee, ut in talibiu fleri fuersl conauetum ;' lOZ. 
Set Roa, Saer de i 126^': aupeldon, Bp. ; U9'. 

Greedy, the Chapel of [Clapella de Cridie, MS.]. See Upton 
Hellions (/««*.); 45". 

CreaBi, Gilbert, see Consistory Court ; 172''. 

Crewecombe, John de, inst. to Maker; 166''. 

Crey, Thomas, a blind man, recovers his sight miraculously, 
see Crediton ; 107. 

Oriccol, William de, inst. to Lanlivery ; 174. 

Criiuinous Clerks, etc., — 

Commianon, directed to bta Official- Priodpal (10 Jan., 1314-15} ; to maka 
InquiaitioD, and (if necesaary) correct and puoiah, or eren depriTe th» 
offeudara of tbeir Benefices. A aecond Commtaaion, directed to the aama, 
waa iaaued on tbe lame day. The Biahop would ahonl; be abaent from hia 
J>iocBae ; and bia Official- l^incipal naa empotrered to niake Inquisition aa to 
Tacaat BeQefioefl, and Clerlu presented thereto ; but no actiun waa to b« 
taken thereupon apart from the Rural-Ch^ter jn each caae — " extra 
plenum Lod Capitulnm" ; 101. 

Cristenistowe, Stephen de, priest, see Clayhanger ; 107''. 
Croft, Philip de ; he held two Knight's fees of the Bishop of 
Elxeter, in Elneatede ; l^*". 

1 Dr. Oliver (inhiaJftmoftteonaf thelKo- 

ceae) givea an abetractof this Document, 

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Crombale, Walter de, iuBt to Black Tonington ; 110, 115, 
120>*: L209^210. 

Cruce, Philip de, Inst, to Barnstaple V. ; 62^ (Ord.) SaS*-. 

Crusades, concerning the, — 

Vommiuio mtptr Leraeiom et GiBtceiotu Dtdne Satiuulu, — 
Directnt to the Dmh and Chapter of Exeter, 12 SefiL, 1318,— "mper 
ooUecdone Decjine Seiennilta, per Dommum Papua in submdium Tan 
fiancte iaipoeite." — " Et Diemoraiiduiii quod mitt«tstur uU Commi^o 
predicts Decano et Capitulo per Dominum Rioardum, Rectoran EooUsie de 
Were [tJiffard] " j 81. 
Litera tuper InAibveione Armamm ; — 
YeDerabilibiu Patribus, DumiuiB Dei gracia Archiepucopo CantaaricDn et 
Episcupie ejue SuflraganeiB, I^Vater NicholauB, miseraciane Divina titnlo 
Sancti EuBebii Prabiter Cardinalu, ApoaCoUoe S«lu NunduB pro negocui 
Terre Sancte, salutem id Domiao Bempiteroam. — IfoveritU uoa recepuae 
Mandatum Apoatolicum ui heo verba; — Clemeoa [V] Epiacopue, sarviia 
aervonim Dei, dilectu filio, Kicholao, titulo etc, aalutem et Apostolioun 
BeQedicciunem. — Cum nuper, certia ex cauna, que Doa ad id ruaoDabOiter 
induxemnt, in Fnwcie, Anglic, et Alemumie RefCEiia, et noil nultia aliia 
PartibuB, in qujbua Tcimeflmeatoruiu et Juatanim oauauerit uaua baberi, 
illorum excercicia, quibuadaoi penis in contnifadent«e adjectie, duieriinaa 
inhiben'ln, prout in noatria inde confectie Literia—quamm tenorem, ut de 
Utie certitudo plenior habeatur, Preaentibua inaeri fecimua — plenioa coD> 
tiuetiir ; Tulumui, et Diacrecioni tue per ApoBtolics Scripts mandamita, 
qiinUnuB lohibncianem hujiiamodi, ubi et quando exp«dira lideria, satin u> 
Bollempiiiter puplicaras. Tenor, autem, predictua talia eat: — 

BULLA.Clemena EpiacupuK, aervua servonim Dei, ad futunuD rel matttonam. 
PRseioDea miaerabilea Teire Sancte, in quibua viscera nostra, per debit* 
cnmi'SBBJonia aflVctum, multi doliiria ac«rbitate torquentur abolim, iDt<nM 
pietatia ociilid intuentee Apustolida, pectona atudia indeCeeaa eoDvertimiu, 
ttc vias et moiloa eiquisivimua dOigetiter quibus ei poaeet de oportnni 
nuccuraua auiilio pravideri. Et tandem, lllius Qui Terram ipsam Proprio 
SHnguine, Precio Salutis nustre, periudit, propiciante clemencia, in Coocilio 
VienneDsi, eodem approbante Concilio, in ipaiua Terre que peouliarii 
preclnri nostri Salvatoria hereditaa eat, in qua CsU lUgem Vii^ Paa-per* 
geDuit, qusm eciam RedemptoriB noetri PredoaiaaainiuH Cnior pro humani 
geEieris lledempcione perfudit, io qua pani meruit Sepulcri Dominici 
fundnmentum, et qiiiun resurgena Chriitus a mortuia Keaurreccionia gloria 
multipliciter illuatravit, succunum generale Paaaagium diudmua ordinandum. 
Ad quod, cum noatria, opeiante Ulo Cujua negodum agebabur, Qni animoa 
Begum et Principum prtiut et quando vult Devodonia igne sucoendit, nd 
salubrium excercicium a«cionum karisaimorum in Cbriato flliOTntn 
noetronini, Philippi Francorum, Edwsrdi Anglorum, et Ludovid Slavarum, 
Begum illuatiium, et dicti Regis Francorum alionim tilionim et fraizrum, 
concurreutibua votia et animis, ipai et quampluree alii, Duoea, Comites, et 
BaroDea, nobiles et potentea, ad vindicandaa noBtri RedemptoTiH injuriaa, ad 
liberandam Terram Sanctam de AgareDorum maoibus, que, peocatia 
eiigentibus, nunc eorundem poUutis pedibua oonculcatur ; necnon et pro 
Bnomm remedio peccatorum, se transiturue in dicte Terre Saincte aubddioni, 
in eodem Passagio, per votum aaeumpte Crads, spedaliter obligaraat. 
Set, procb dolor, versutus hoetia bumaai generis, eversor bonorum oparum, 
et calliduB procurator msJorum, quique ardendor«a in Dei serrido et Deo 
familianores latenter magia impaognat, mille habena modoa noeendi, 
quoTundom CrudaigDatorum et aliorum, qui ad proeurandum hominea, 
anna, ezpensas, et equos, pro dicto Paasagio fadendo, deberent eiBO 
■ollidti et ioteoti, animos ad procnnndum aontmium, aub quadam pro- 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


tauB bjtatu unprobatide' ipcde, blUdto' IncIinaTit Ciim,miiin,InTora««DantJa 

!^, et Jnatu, que interduio in kUqnibns Partibiia fieri K>lent, multa pcrionk 
ania, imDiiDettnt animanim, uecn bominum, oonsumpdo peciminrum, st eqaorum 
dutntccionn plenimque oantingaiit, semini veoit in dubium une maadi, 
quin illi qui ToraeuneDtB fxaunt, vel fieri pronuraDt, impedimantma 
procnroDt Pungio ftdendo, sd qaod htnnitiea, equi, et pecunia et expeoM, 
fore neoeaauu dignoecuntur ; propter que et quantum hujuimndi 
TimftmnntJi aunt, oum gravii pene adieooione, a Doatrii Frriilnnr—rri^iH 
interdicta ; quantum eciam in fadeodii Juitu predictia, que Tabuls 
Botunda in aliquibua PartibuB Tulgiriter Quuinimntar, eadem dampna et 
pericnla imminent que in Tomeamentia prediotu, et ideo oiraa eai idem 
jua atatuendum eiUtit. Ideo uniTBima et »inguli» per Francie, Anglie, et 
kn™" Alemannie ll^(iia, Burguodiain Imperia]am, ■□ Comitatum ProTincie, 
"°' Vieonenaea et Biiuntinaa Provindaa, et oontigua oiroumvicina et adjacenda 
Partea, Tenaa, et Loca conatitutia, in quibua vel tliqtiibua eorundem 
frequenter Torneaoientonim et Juttarum prediotonim i»iiaue*it oiua 
bab«ri, cujuacum quecondidoaii, statue, vel preemiosncie fueriut, Auctoritate 
Apoatolica diatricte precipimua et inhibemus eipreaae ne Tomeanienta aeu 
Juataa liujuimodi in dictia ttegnia, Provindia, Partibua, Terria, at Lode, 
de cet«ro taoere vel eiercere preaumaat. Noa, enim, tn omncB et ilnfiuloa 
de dictia Begnia, Provindia, Partibua, Terria, et Loda, TomeMnenta aeu 
Juataa [»«dicta, oontra hujuamodi Handati et Inhibidonii noatrorum 
tenor«ni, tacere vel eietcere quomodolibet preeumentea ; naonon, et in eoa 
Kia- in quorum Tenia, Tel Diitrictibua, aeu Loda, ea fieri oontlgarit, non 
probibentea, ai poaaent ; ac in eoa qui hiijuimiodi TomeanieDta aeu Juataa 
fadantea, aeu facere Totentaa, et propter boo ad locum TomeamenU aan 
Juatm-um bujuimodi accedentea. eundo et atando, in dumibua aula adsuter 
recepennt, ipeia equua, anna, lel eipenoaa, Tel quevia alia aabaidia pro hiia 
fadendia miniatnTsrint, vel in eiidem super hiia sliquid «ommerdum 
inierint, Eicommunicadonia Sentendam promulgamua, et Terram ipaorum 
Eccleaiastieo lubjidmua Interdicto, abaolucionem ab Eioommunicacione 
predicts, preterqium in mortis artioulo, Sedi Apoatolice reaeriautea ; omnea 
oonfederadonea, oollindonea, paodonee, promiaaionea, et obligadonea faotaa 
■nper hiia, et quae fieri contigerit in futurum, aub quacumque forma aeu 
mode, Tel eiprenione Terbonim, adam d eaaent juramentia Tel quibuaTia 
pnumm adjectibua roborata, ex nuno irrita decernentea. Nufii, etgo, 
omnino homini liceat banc paginam noatri Handati, Inhibudonia, 
Promnlgadonia, Subjacdonia, Reaerradonia, et Conatitudonia infringere Tel 
ei, auBu temerario, contraire; Si quia, autem, hno att«m£Ure preaumpaerit, 
indignadouem Omnipotentia Dei et Beatorum Petri et PauU, Apoalolonim 
Ejua, ae noverit incuianrum. — Datum in Priorata de Grauaello (Ortueau), 
prope Ualauaanam {Ifalaiieint), Vaaonenaia DioceaiB,* ZTJ Ealendaa Uctobro, 
Fontific*bu noabri Anno OctaTo [16 Sept,, 1318]. 
Com, igitur, nobia per Sedem Apoatolicam, nt premittitur, mandatum eiistat 
nt oontenta in Literiii Apoatolida supnaeriptiB, ubi et quanda nobia 
ndebitur, fadamua aoUempniter publicari, et nobia aummopere axpsdieo* 
Tideatur ut predicta in Regno Anglie celeriter et aollempniteT publicentur, 
hujuamodi auct«ritata Msndati, Tobis et vestrum ajngulis, Preeendum 
tenore, districte predpiendo mandamus quatinue hujuamodi oontenta in 
predictin Litaris Apoetolicis, adiicet qailibet Teetrum in Locis aoUempnibua 
tue Diooeaia, quantodua soUempniter publicetia ; wventw ne — quod abait — 

' Thia curiouB word mult be a clerical giTen in Bejnaldi'a Continnation of 

error for " improbitate " or " im- Baronim' " Annalee Eodemaatid " 

probata" The Bnll ia not printed VoL V., p. 2 (Ed. 1760— Jftnrfa). 

in tbe F<edtra or in tlie Bmarium * the ArohiepbcopalProrlnoe 

JioMoiiMn, but a ahort extract ia ot ATignon. 

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DeogUcencum Tsatram, Dei, Cujus in hoc iHigaoium it^tiiii 
i Summi PoDtifidi, qui bujuBiuodi Degodum inlime gcrit 
in viecaribuB oordis aui, iddigcadoDom merito incurrxtii. — Vo«, '_ero, 
Domine ArchiepiscopK, copiam Prcsencium, sub Sigillo vestro, prediuUa 
vestria Su&aganelR qusmciciue poteritis trauBBiittatis. — Datum FariiiuB, 
vj Idui Octobrla, Pontificatua Domini Clementia Pape Qtlinti Anno OetaTO 
[10 Oct, 1318); 60''. 

Cruwes, Alexander de, presents to Rakenford ; 73. 

Cruwes, John de, presents to East Anstey ; 184. 

Cruwes, Peter de, presented to Rakenford ; 73, (Ord.) 230^ 
232, 233. 

Cryspin, Robert, see Clyst-Hydon (Inst.) ; 38. 

Culmstock: Visitations of the Church and Parish (Noe. I Mid 
n in Bishop Bytton's time, by the Deputies of the 
D. and C. ; No. Ill, by Bishop Stapeldon'a Commissary), — 
[I- "Visilacio facta ibidem, dio Sanati Jacobi, ApoiK" " ' ~ " " 

Uo. triccDteeimo primo, per HagisCma Jahannem di 
Sancta Elena^ Canouicoa in Eci-.lesia Beati Petri^ui. 
"3uDt ibi in Euclcaia triapariiVeatiinentonun infKra. IJuiuque tualle, qoaTum 

a parura. Qualuor toalla ooa benedicta. Umim Frotit«Ilnin liuenu, at 

' ' " t fractum. Quatuor paria Corporalium, cam tribna 

npositoriia lineis. _Uiiiiin MiKSnle aumciers, cum Oradiili. Uno Gradaliacii 

1 lanense, debile 

Tropario. Unum Tropariiim per ga. Ununi ProcessioQale aafBcieiis. [Tnum 
Ordinale auffidena. tlnum Maiinale sullicicna. Unum Inritatorinm. Uuus 
Calii BTgantens, deauratus inltriua et eiterius, cum Patuna. Una Piiis ebumem 
ad Eucaristlani, pcnduna ultra Altare, aigeiito ligata cum nerura atgcntca. Alia 
Piiis argenles ad portandum ad iiiSnuiM. Unua ciphus alagneut, propter 
infirmoe, Unum Crismatoriuni stagneiini cum seruia. Unum vaa atagueum ad 
incenauni. Tiv4 Hole stagnee. Due Piiidea Isgoee ad Oblacionem. Due Cmcea 
de Dietallo satis euffiuieiites. Due Cauipauelle, quanim ttoa propter Miuani, 
alia propter infirmoa. Duo Candelabra stagnea. Unum PaiiJlnm. Una 
cisia ad Veatlm«nta ; alia propter Ubrox. Unum Veiillum suScieaa, et uaum 
debile. Duo tualle ad Sacrariuni. Unum tapetnm pruptai mortuos. Dtw 
auperpellicia, et aniim debile. Unum rocbetum debile. Unum Velum 
QuadrBgealmale. Uuum turribnlum : tmom bnetum liRDeum. Unnm 
ADtiphonarinm, cum Legenda per totum annum, in cluobua voluminibne. Alia 
duo Autiphoiaria, quonun unum debile. Statnta Sinodalia. Duo Paalteiia, 
quorum unum cum Capitiilaito, CoUectario, et Ympnario. I'aiicellnm beoa 
cooperlum et bene celatam, emu septem fenestrii vitreis, et bene ferratia. 
Uuumferrum ad faciendum Oblaciooes. Daptisteriniu, Hratum et intariuaplnm- 
beum. Unum raa plnmbeum ad Aqoam B^nedii'tam. 

" Teaitt SinodaUi, — Tbomaa Prudonmie, Johannes de la Hele, Walterna de 
Mapildumeham, et Willelmua Wftynou; qui diennt quod Willelmaa Vicarioa 
eat homo bone vile et conversacioiiia hnnpste, et ainiililer Clericus ejui, etb«iM 
infonnat Paroohianos ejus. In Visitacione inllmioruni et Bapttamo panrulorumi 
et in omnibus aiiia que OSIcium snuin contingunt, hoc excepto qnod, licnt 
videtur eis, nimiam morain facit inter Matiitinas ct Uiaaam Diebus Peetivalibui, 
neadunt aliud repretiendendum in eo. Similiter Offldalia lod bene eiercct 
oSicium auum. ut eia videtur. 

" .Airof t,— Jobannea Benet, Micbael de Bunco, Willetmna Cissor, et KobeiilU 
Alej^n, cum quatuor eaprascnptis, jurati, dicunt quoil Firmariua et dua ballivi 
b«ne defcndunt eoa veraua quoacunique, et bene tractant eos. nee in aLqao aunt 
eia oneroai vel injuriosi ; hoe eiojpto, quod cotarii de Villa conqueruntar as 
eravatoe in feno coltigendo, levondo, et uniendo, seii juste vel injuate ignonnt. 
Item, dicMut quod districli sunt falcare pratura Dourini, quod natiri Domini 
fatcaie debent tt solehant. Item, dicunt qnod domus, gijdinum, clanaa, ct 
t«iTe arabiles, cum colambario et molendino aunt in bono statu, et meliorutu- 
perpreKntemFirmarium, nteatimatur, ad valorem viginti libraruni. Et redditna 
aaaisos est auctas in i^j aolldls et quatuor denariis per duaa domoa qoaa |iiniiin 

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dbdU Eccleaie, t 

— _„ , ..„ .n Miguo Altari, et ^usdem 8anct« Virginia et 

Saucti Nichotdi ad Altare In St,vi Ecclesie ex parte Boriali, et Ymagiiie Swid« 
Kiterine ad aliud AlU™ in part* Anatrali ; ftretra et herdi ad Tanebiaa, at 
Cereo Faaokli, de quibug omnibus nulla fait mencio in Viaitacione nredicU ) iU 
qaud nDllns delectus appnret in Ecdeeia nee ejos ooopertura, Cimitaria Tel ^oi 
danso, nisi qaod ad Altaria in Navl Eccleaie de&ciant Fmntslia, et quod sen 
Hiidis argentea pro infirmis lisitandis est jiarumper coufracta. 
" Inqoisicio facta ibidem per Johanneni Benet, Ricardum Thuriok, Rcibertom de 
Uapeltnrnhsm Iticj, Mlcbaelem de BoBco, WilleimniD ds Hanvjia, OalwrtiiDi d« 
W^de^ete, Willelnium Whytiuobg, Johanaem Leyem, et Henricam de Ferae : 
qoi, jDrutI, dicant, sicnt iu proxima VisitacioDe, quo4 Firmariui et baUM nil 
bene ae gerunt trg» tenentee Manerii, uec gravaut eo» ia aliquo, Dec Imponunt 
eta MTvicia aliqaa preten^nam debita et coiuueta, nisi quod cotarii ditnuit M 
iDdebite oueratoii de tevacione Teni ultn quani anttqaitua consneT«nint. lit 
hoc Don est imputandum, ut ass«unt, Magistro Rubertd vei ejns baJUvia, quia 
tenpon Domini Reginaldi le Arc«TP<ke, predeceaaoiia ejusdem, fuit uoc 
introdactnm. Similiter dicunt qncid Vicsrins honeste se babet in omnibus, et 
satis diligenter eitercet ea qne Officio sao incunibant De peccatU, vero, 
I eelatia, eartil^siis, osuris, et aliia trimtnibuB enormibus occultatls, dicunt se 
DicMI scire. Preterea dlraut qaod snnt in Manerio predlcto trea canicate tern, 
qnanim una est de Saactuaiio, «t valent per ■nnum int., dedueto cuato ; et 
triginta et j acre pnti, estimacioQJe xxijs., cum quinqueginta acris pasture in 
dnobo* clausis, qne valenC i>. Et est sumica redditui aaaisi (cum aoxUio et 
.... ^viginti solidLi de trlturacione, et xm. de redditu Sauctuaril), ivjti. Et 
moleadinam bUdi valet xiji. viijij. Diuima ^cbarum ixli. Et tic e«t snnuna 
tociua valoris, per sacrameutum ipsorum, ilijh. vj(. iiij. Similiter dicunt qaod 

SrewDS FirmariuB melioravit locum, poet tempos ultime Visitscionis, in paliclo 
icto trans aijUBin et divenis fossatis, pront partjcularitei compatabunt ilii\jj;, 
preter melioracionem ii litrarnm in priori Visitacione oonlentun. In domlbus, 
vsro, Coriei clausis, gaidlnis, molendiata, ten qnibnMnmque allie, nallam 
asaigziant defectum, niai in grangfa Occidentali, que dieunt ae posse repuars per 
duos salidoa. " — Ibvi. , page 42]. 
[III. Timtacia (acta in Eocleeia de Cotumpetoke, xi^ die mends Ajoilia, Anna 
Domiiii Miliesimo CCC*"' quartodedmo, IndJccione duodecima, PoatiAocaa 
Domini Clemectis Pape Quinti Anno NoDO, per Hagiatnim Ricardum de 
Coletone, Commissarium Domini Walteri Epiioopi predioti ; cujus 
CoQinuanoms tenor eat aupra' in proiima pagina, — preaentibua Hioistro 
/ Bartholomeo de Castn), Ricardn de Horceetre, Ricardo de OU97, Boberto 
I Damnarle, qleiiAi*, et ego (sic), J. [de Liuic«vatoiie]. In qua Eoclerik 
reperiebtuitur defeetoa subaeqiieDteis, — videlicet, Velum Ifupinala omnino 
iusafficieDB. VenitArium' iusuSciene. Crismatorium abe serura. Lu««nia 
insuffidena. Naiis E^lede mtle cDOpertua. Ticaria nimi* exQii — quo 
nonquam fuit taiata, ut asaeruit Vicarius. Titrum fenaitoanun in 
Cancello &sctaio ; et deSdt vitnim unius feneatre in Nan EcdaiUL 
Unde dictuB Commieearius injuiuiit quod omnea predict! defeetn* 
reparentur, per - ens ad qnoa pertinet oorreooio, oitni Featom Sancti 
/ Michaelis proximo futurum, sub pena x librarum ad Fabricam W^l»>i'» 
Exoniensis. — Willelmo Almaniah^he, Kogero TriUe, Rogero Ffde, Paroehi- 
ania dicte Eccleaie, tunc presentjbus ; 84''. 

Cumbe, John de, V. of Stoke-Gabriel, see Alebome ; 44. 

> A blank space, not filled in. tns Psalmus cum notis moaida, Vtnilt, 

' See TimtaUonB. Sxnllttaut i^owiifio, eta (Sjnod. Exon., 

* " liber BodeaiastifiM, in qno deamip- Anno 1287>)" — ffJntit. 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


Cortmiaco, Jobo de (aee " Wilk " — Queen M&rgaret) ; L 214''. 
Cartiskoolle, Robert de (see " Confesedons ") ; 48 : resigns 

Sydeiiliftm[-Dainanl] ; 112^ 
Cosgaran, William de, aee Manaccan (Tn^.) ; 39. 

DagouD, Andrew, V. of Braantoo, deceased ; 146^ 

Danyel, John, collated {by lapse) to St Clether ; 145''. 

Daniel, Thomas, Canon-R^ular of Bodmin ; 71. 

Dare, William, clerk ; L 203. 

Darnel, John, inst to Staverton ; 167. 

Dartmoor, the Forest of, aee Devon ; 1S2. 

Daudele, Sir Hugh, junior, presonta to Bradninch ; 126'*. 

Daudele, R(^r, R. of St Stephen'a-by-Saltaeh ; 167*, 168. 

Danmarle, John, presents to Sycienham[-Damarel] ; 112. 

Daumarle, Robert, clerk, see Culmstock ; 84'' : Consiatoiy 

Court; 172". 
Daumarle, Thomas, inst to St Martin's-by-Looe ; 36, 81^ S7*'. 

See " Wills "— Bodrigan, Ysolda de ; 60 ; alw, (Ord.) 218, 

220", 228. 
Danmarle, Walter, V. of Totnea, see Ashprtngton; 38: he 

exchanges Totnes for Ashprington; 59^ See Exeter, 

Archdeacons of (/nst.); 121. 
Dauuna, John ; L 197. 
Dawney, [de Alneto], Elizabeth (relict of Sir William), presents 

to St John-in-Comwall ; B?". 
Dawney, Sir Nicholaa, Knt., presents to St. John-in-Comwall ; 

Dawnay, Wm., R of St John-in-Comwall; 37^, 43^ (Ord.) 

218 : R of Lanreath ; 145^ (Ord.) 232" : deceased ; 162". 
Davailes, John, see Little Torrington {Inst.) ; 71". 
David, John, Canon-Regular of Bodmin; 51", 71. 
David, John (of Shillingford) ; L 199. 
Davy, John, " de Ctower," clerk ; {Ord.-PTia.) 236^ 
[Dawlish, — 

Vidtacia apud Doaln, dk Hercuru proiinu ante Peatum 'nraniUctoak Baati 
Thome, Ihrtuia, Aiuio Hipndioto [6 Jul;, 1301]. Set page 107, note (*}. 

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Qdo die raeniBt In EccImIk lod pradictl unnm Puhsrlum, maniam ot bana 
wilptnin, onm Yin)>turia «t Troptrio In eodcm Thiamine ; allud Pulterinni, 
'lll'""t"'n at um raloris ; LegeudR U>ciu( aoiii in tj Tolumlnibui, cum Anti- 

ehonuio ■panlm inttrpoalto. Item. AntlpbonuiuDi per at, bODnm, coatlii<ni 
MnU SjnodalU. Orninal? snfflcieOB. Manuals, Capituluiuni, et Collectarjani, 
in codcin Totumioe. Duo Calicsa InCeriiu eitarinaifua deinraU, et uMt honuti. 
Donm Miiule tantnm anlBciens. QrtuUlc nobile cum Tropvio, «t Blind 
Ontdala sine Tropario. Proceesionmle nnllnni, niii In GrEdalihna. C«ni»)luin 
nomm mnipUbne Capituli cooitrnctaai, arena cfUtntx PiiiB ad Enkariatiain 
•bnniaa, drgento lig*ta, line ten. Ciphos pro Inflmtis de atjDDO. Crismatoiiam 

ligDenin Bine sen. Beptflm puia Corpantlinni. Tria parla Vntin.ei] 
intagn, qaonun unnm Feittivale daceua, et alia aatls ydonea. Due All 
CaaAii. Tualle lUij, qnarnm J cum panir*. Frontale ad M«JDS Altire u 


Duo taperpellicia bona, et teidum deblle. Rochets lij bone. 
Crax Proeesdonalis de metallo, cumhaata carta et itunfflcieatl. Duo Caodalebni 
Proceaaionalia de metallo perpulchra, et ifij da staono. Duo VezUla doti. 
Pannua de aericn anbtilia anro utragnlataa, de dono Firmuil, pro Patena 
tenenda. Faiillum aufficieae. Cutnparva. ferroligata. Catena tnrribill hacte. 
Ymifio Sanctl Oiwiril ad U^s Allan male depicta, et altera maun truDcata. 
Tai de p]umbo ad Aqnam Benedlctam. Velum Qaadrageaimale •nfflclena. 
Deflelt pamiiu DiDrtaorum. Et Foaa aat alne sentra. Scalarinm Tamu Coiiam 
indiget leparadoDe. 
7V(((w S)/ncdattt <Ucnnt anod Ticariua, qnem bonnn) npntant, noii nddat 
panoiialiter, eat balMt loco auo Domiuum Adam, euMUaDiiin, oul bane et 
LoDeata ae gerit, et optima eon In Splrituallbaa. Bet Randulpbua 
pellaniui tanidt mam GODcnbinam per deceanium et ultra, vel nitre ; et eepiDa 
_de correptua incorrigibilia peraeverat. ClBTicna Eixleste conttuena at 
honeatna.— Agnea Daji, Armaria, contampnit Nicholaum, vlmm innm ; Deo 
audet accodeni ad earn ; et boo qnla Matheua, armiger Firmarii. antaqnam adiret 
Curiam Romanam. anMitarit c^ ea prolem, et per hoc elatu irroit in virum luum 

Snoadaiia {he) ipaum vldat, vrrberando ipanin et male trectaido. Bet poatqaam 
lem Matheoa radiit a Cnris, Don credunt qaod earn freqaeatavarit De alill 
peccaUi occoltstla idchll dicnnt,. 
JobaDoe* Lupoa, ) /WiUelmiiadfl ) fWaltenu Hal- 
Rlcardnidaumge- 1 I Helmiafania, I mlaforde, 

douDa, V -{ Adam Zemar, M JolianDea de 

Willelmua B;aide, I Rogenu Uppa- Tjibeme, , 

J L Mile, J l.Tboroa» Bjude, J 

Jnnti, dlcont quod Ma^ater Beitbolameni, nunc Firmarina ipaonun, et baUlri 
ani, non aunt eis iqjarioai lii lUquo, at defendunt eoa optima venna aitraneo) ; 
et ignqrent ai aliqua antiqna connuetudo ipaoTnim] ait per Firmarinm mDtatl. 
Et dicnnt qnod m Mauerio de Doulya aunt de redditu uilsa iiitJi. vt. lijjd, ; 
da auiilio asgiao ilijj. ; de beibligio iljt Hjd. Item, apud Tengemne, cirilja. 
vjd. eb. Ddo molendlna Talent per annuni i marcaa. Perqulaitum Hnndrsdl 
1^ £t perquiaiCum Capitnil, deductia eipenaiH, u. Due caiuce Id dominieo, 
com garaloo ct p<^to, ci. Et tota decima garWnm iiWi. vj>. Tjijti. Item, 
dicnnt qnod Magiater Bartholomeuj reoepit a predeceasore ano, pro defectibna, 
irili maicaa, qusa eipendit totaliter circa rpparacionem eorundem, et mnlto 
Et. Dlchilamlniis, eetinjant defectum domug Taccarum, itabnll Infra 
; waideroba Camera Domini. lv(, Dicnnt, eciun, quod pradictua 
. . . adquieivit pei Placitnm utiain domum apud Tengemontbe, que <1 
reparata, redditua sngmentaretur. Iteui, riilani conqueruntur ae gravatoi 
^r uoc, qnod balliri noo penuittunt eoa cariara blada ana in autumpno, 
antequam tpsi Tenlant ad declmandnm ea ; qn! aliqnaDdo Tenire diSerunt doneo 
eadam blada nmansarint putrefacta In campU." — Ardiiva i^ the D. it C, So. 
8678, page 28]. 

Dean-Prior, Manor of; Grant of lands to Stephen Hugge, — 

Soant pnaent«e et fntnri qnod aeo, Willelmna de Sancto Stepliaiio, dedi et 
oonoeati Stephuio Hugge, pro bixiu^ et ■ervioio ano, molendinum' de 

' There eaii be tio doubt that, centuriea watar from the Dean Combe Tilla;, 
um, the Dean HiU wh oppotite Dean ud not Uib Deanbounie. 
Wood Qate^ tlM pomr OMd bcuig tha 


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Dana, «mi tqo!* jiertinmitibna ; reddrado inde, aiuiuitiiii, ntidU at here- 
dibn* mdi octo sotidoa pro orooi servicio, %d Fe«tum Sutcti UidxelU. 
Cmkbm, emam, dicto Stepluiio et heredibus suia moitnram toduB terra et 
faodi md de Dene, et domue roaai, esoepto bnudo* menae mae, quod non 
paitiDebat iid diotam moituram, et totiim BeTricium Hundrodi mei quod 
pertinat ad predictum moIendinuoL Et a aliguiii a jam dioto moleDdina 
decUntuia ooiiTictiia ait ... . michi niaericordia pernuuieit, et at moltura 
natanretar. Preterea dedi preDDmiiuito Stepbano et heredibna ama, jara 
hareditaiio, terTam meam m Hefelda' teneDdam et habcDdam aibi et 
btmdibna auto, reddendo inda aoaoatim duoa aolidoa ad Paadw pro omni 
■errioio ; per haa metaa, aoUiaet de Tallaforda,' de Horbarae, verana 
Oooidantein naque Tenvorda, et inde luque ad aDtiquam viam; iode per 
liam Teratu Haridiem uaqoa I^ngeatoDeaplace, deinde per Yiam uaque 
ad teitam da Hurbernefarde, CoiiMeai, eciam, dicto Stepbano et beredibua 
aula, rt tenentibua suia, oommuiiaiii, paaturam, per totttm terrain maam. 
Bt m coDligarit eundem Btephanum, aliquo caau, val heredea ejua, arbitrio 
parium aaomm, in miBericontiam metun rel heredum meoTum cadere, aut 
tenentea in pradiota terra maneDtcs, quieti eiiit pro aez denariia. Ego, 
varo, et heredea mei tenemur warantiEara predictum molendiaam, oum 
aquia pertitieDtibiu, et viia et aemiUa ad predictum molendinum 
tatdenbboB, et maUumo nniiliter et temua predictam cum (mni- 
bna p«rtaneDciii aaii, aepedicto StOTihano et beredibua auia, ODati& 
omnea hominea in perpetuuoL Hnjua rei gracia dedit mihi dicfaii 
Btephaaua octo aolidoa in recognidoDe, et uiori mee nnum fimtaculum 
argenli, box denaiioa. Et, ut heo mea Donaoio et Conceasio nla et 
iDOODCoaaa permaneat, preaenti Carte ngillum meum appoeai ; hiia Teatibua : 

Badulpho de Albamare, Juhanne da Veutone* Oabarto Mogge, 

Hi<dutele, filio ejiu, Rogaro Albo, Willeliiio de . . . . et taultia aliia. 
[ThM Deed, haa been atitched in betKsen ff. 28 and 29. It ia in a bad state, 
t Buflerad from damp and lll-uai, 
bave been altogether oblitented. 
Dean-Prior ; the Vicarage of, — 

Sr John, V. ; oommiaainned to hear Confeaaiona in the Archdeaoonij oif 
Totueat . . Jiil7,1S12) ; 72.— The da; of the month haa bean oblitented ; 
but the Entr; ia between 11 and IS Jul;.— KeoondliatioD of the Church 
and Cemeter; (22 Feb., 1S22-S) ; ITl. 

Dedications, — 

OrdiMLcia Ikmdni aupn- Dt£eatimibu4 Bcdttiarun tf At(aTiun:-~ 
Ubi Eccleaia Parochialia, vel CapeUa diatinctam habeas Paiochiain, sen 
Cimiterium hnjnsmodi Ecdeaie vel Capelle, dedicatur aut recmidHatar, 
parodiiaiii Booleeia vel Oapelte dedicate >el recoudliate, cum Cimiterio 

' Hie nuJt-honae er, perhapa, the &om Uoor-Oate ia a stoue oallad 

bienei;. " Longatone." I am indebted to 

* kodU, Heathfleld ; ttlia adjoining Mr. Coulton, of Dean Court for Iheaa 

the Hoor road on Skerraton Estate. intereetiiig notes. 

' Thia ford was where Oidley Bridge * "John de Kentm held Fenton (}a 

now croasas the Harboume stream, Darlington) 27 Henry IIL, uid 

at the bottom of Redideave Fann. another John held it 8 Bdw. IL 

Fhim ** Horbourne " towards the Set Pole's CoUectionB, pi^ 297. 

Weat aa far aa Venforda would be up Ralph de AlberaaHe oeeura in 1301 

the stream, to ita source, to the U^ (29 Edw. I.), ms Vol. I., fuga 496. 

or turf-land adjoining. Thence to This Deed is undated ; rat Uie 

the old road would be, bj the road approiioute dat« maj be infrnwl 

bom Moor-Qate, A little d)st«iice tnct the aamsa of Umb* TTiliii— 

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iMrandmn, oniu ■olacionii Procnrticionia ea occasione debits, et omnia alia 
oDsnt hac de cuua incumbetim integraliter agnoscent, et Don ad Rectora 

1 wa ad ^ncatioa Mrundem, set ad ip«oa porocbiaDOS hajusmodi onera 
plenarie perUnebuDt ; hoc adhibito moderamine, quod parochioiii Csp«Ua- 
ram, qui non apad m, aet in Cimiterio PBrochialia Ecd^e sepeliri debebunt, 
ad omnijt onerB occaaione Recoadliacionu Cimiterit ParocfaialiB Bcclene pro 
rata contribuere teoebuDttir: aet perochinDi Capellarum qui habant in niia 
Qipellis CapelUnum ibidem mntinue celelminteni, pro Reoouciliadana 
Corporii Matricia Ecclesie cnatiibuere hod debebunt. Dbi, vero, Eccleaia 
Farochialis et ipeius Cimitanom recoociliBla fuerint uno die, omnia onera 
ea occaaiune debita per duas partes equalei dividantur, ita quod unam 
medietatam aolvant parvchisni Hatricia Eccleaie per ae, et aliam mediet»- 
tem iidem parocliiaiii Hstricis Eccleaie et parochiani Capellanim quorum 
corpora in Cimiterio Hatrids Ecclesie, peat eorum obitum, aunt aepulta. 
Et hee omuia erunt, ut premittitur, obserrata, eciam si Hajua Altare 
vet plura Altaria die Dedicacionia vel Reconciliadonia bujoimodi 
sint vet fueruit dedicsta. Ad Dedicadouem, vero, aeu HeconcHiacioaem 
hujuamodi Capetlarum, Altarium vel Cimiteriorum ipaanim, Kectoree aut 
parochiani Matrids Eccleaie eontribuere non teuentur. Ubi, vero, H^uB 
Altam Hatricia Ecclene fuerit dedic&tam, et non Eccleeia nee Cimiterium 
Qlo die, Ractares vel Vicarii et parochiani hujuamodi Eccleaie HatriciB 
onera prediete Dedicacdonis inter no equalitar diTident ; its quod Reotor, 
■eu Tioariua aecundnm Ordinadonem et Taxadonem Vicarie sue, unam 
medietatem, et parochiani aliam medietatem hujuamodi onerum agnosoant 
Ot penolvaot. Cumque, adam, eodem die, plura Altaria in Navi Hatrids 
Eodeaie fuerint dedicata, ubi Tero, pro dolo aeu culpa aliquomm Dedicadonia 
■m Recondliadonia offldum fuerit impendendum, illi qui hujuamodi dolum 
•ut culpun oommieerunt alios quorum interest tenebuntur ab omnibos 
hujiumodi onerilniB liberare et inrltmpues conserrare, ad que non Dadicans 
•m Recondliana, aat illi in quorum prejudidum hujusmodi dolus at <nilp« 
oomniitUtnr babeant acdouam. In caau, autem, ubi Ecdeue Cathedrales, 
ConTentualeB, aut Collegiate Eacleaie, aeu ipaarum Altaria aut Cimit«ria, 
vel specialea Capelle aut Oratoria aliquorum Nobilium, dsdicanda fuerint 
lot reoundlianda, illi tenentur agnoacere hujuamodi ouera qui hujuamodi 
offidum procurabunt. Hec omnia, ut premitdtar, observaada sunt, nisi 
inter iJIoB quomm interest alio modo licito aliter dt conTentum ; 167. — 
There is no data ; but the Entry oocuis immediately after I«]y-day, 

A.I). 1311. 

TaBOOKBB, — Dedmo septimo dia Octobria Dominus dedicavit Hajns Altars in 
Eodena Parocliiali da Yertecumbe ; 64. 

UuBOBOuaH, — Apud U^burfthe, die Jovis in Festo Apoatolorum Symonis et 
Jnde [28 Oct.], Dominua dedicavit Hajus Altare in Ecdeida ibidem ; 66. 

Plthptob,— Et dia Venaris in crastino [W Oct J, apud Pljmptona, dedicarit 
Eooledam ParooMalem ibidem et recondlinTit Cymyterium ; Srid. 

A-B. 1315. 

COOEBDBT (q. *.), — Ilia CllBpel and Cemetery were dedicated 9 Aug., 
1816 ; 10;8. 

A.D. 1316. 

Hbhbcrt, — Yicesimo seoundo die menBta Julii, Dominua dedioavit Cimiterium 
Eed«aia,nTa Capelle, da Hemburi.premiBBaproteatadoiie qua aequitur, — In 
Dei Komine, Amen. — Kos, WaJterus, permiaaione Divina Eionieiuda 
Epiaoopna, Cimiterium Eocleiie, sife Capelle, de Hemburi, distinctam 
habentu Parochiatn, noatre Dioceaia, ex certis anffidaDtibui et veria eauais, 
Ml Offidi noetri dabito dedicare intendenleH, didmns at prDtettamur 
oprene quod non eat intendonia nosb« qaod per bujuniiodi Dedicadonam 

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Eodana Pwouhudi de Aieminstre, nostre Diocwu, a qu» predicU Eoolena, 
■ive CapellK, de Hemburi dicitur ewe dependenii, idjquod prejudidum 
iUicite geoaretoT. Qumimmn sub tali modo et t4ili iDtoocione ad hujuaiiHidi 
Dedicadoiiu ofBdum pnxwdemus, quod jnn prediote Fiirochudii Eoeletw 
de Azeminatre in predicts EodeaU, nve Capollit, de Hemburi, quantum Kd 
hujuHinodi depeDdenouun, decimM majoree et miDorea, obLwaonea et 
obTendonn, *icut prius, it* in poetenim, illibata remaneuit, pradicta 
Dadtotdone nan obetaate. QuibuB die et loco companieruDt Wariuoa et 

^ Ricardm de Raleghe, Bimou de Yerti, Reginaldus de Bele, Johannea do 

I Hemburi, WiJlelmua ate Waters, et aponte manuceptniDt, et ae aolven 
I piomiBerunt, pro ae et parodii&nis Eccleaie aire Capelle antediota, 

' procuraciouem ddem Domino et Bais debitam radone Dedicadonia 
predicts, judidalem aaper hoc oandempnodoDem Bubeuntea. 

Eisdem edam die et looo, oompanienuit prefati Warinua, Bicardua, Simon, 
R^nalduB, et Jotunnes, et promiaerunt, pro ae et parochianis antedicUa, 
■olv^re prefato Domino decern librae iterUngomm in aubaidium litia, ai 
quam, occadoue Dedicadonia predicte, a quocumqne contn eum moreri 
Gontingat, et nicbilominua quod tree vd quatuor, plurea aut paudorea twtea, 
prout optimum lidebitur, ubioumi^ue dumtazat in Aoglia neceese fuerit, cum 
•□per lioc fuerint oongrue premumti, auia nunptibui producent, in erentum 
bujaamodi litia, ad probaudum impedimenta et pericula que iu deladone 
fnnerum paKwhUnonim dicte Eccleaie, mve Capelte, de Memburi ad 
Eodeaiam de Aseminatre baotenot oontigenuit Ad quod BolTendam, 
pToducendam, et fadendum, at premitlitur, prefati WarinuB, Ricardu^ 
Simon, Beginaldua, et Johannea, de ipaanim ezpreeaa voluntate et 
peUcione, et eonim dnguli, in eolidum eitdterant oondempnall Et, quia 
Iter Tulgo erat per medium dicti Cimiterii, iptumque Cimitannm 
drcumquaque prout boneatum erat non exiiterat beoe dauaum, eaaentqua 
Libri ibidem tam UHtutinalea quam HiaBalee, duoboa Oradalibua dum< 
t&iat eiceptia, inauffideDtea, et alii aonnulli defectua, tarn in CanoeUa 
quam in Navi ipdus Fcdede tunc reperti, prc<»pit idem Domintia et 
injuniit tam Rectoria Vicario quam parochiama ibidem, aingulia Tidalioat 
eorum, quatemia eoa attineut aeu oontingere poterunt, quod tam Eredistoa 
defectua quam ceteioe omnea et aingiUoa dict« Eocleeie, dva Capelle, ai qui 
fuit, repararent, inTenirent, et corrigerent, dtra Festum Paaiuie proximo 
aecuturum, aub pena decem librarum, Bolveodarum ad Fabiicam Eodeaie 
Beati Petri EionienaiB, vel ad alium pium dbudi, proot idem Domino* 
duierit ordinandum. Ita, videlicet, quod ai predictum iter extn id«m 
Cimiterium competenter haberi non potent, fiant port« oadoitet, flt 
daudentea aupra rotaa, per idem Cimiterium, nbi magia videtritur <ipti' 
nam ; 118. 

.A,D. 131& 

SAUproBD-PmBiu, — Duodecimo die menaia Aprilii, Deminua E[HBoopns 
dedioavit Eodedam de tjaunforde ; J2S''. 

UFUtMAH, — Terdo deoimo die ejuadem mensa, viddtoet in craatino, Dominiw 
EpiacopuB dedicavit Eodeaiam et Cimiterium de Lomene , Md. 

BtrmBUiQH, — Quarto dedmo die predicti mensia DtHninna EidaoopDa 
dedJCATit Cimiterium Bodeaie de Botertdgli ; ibid. 

EmosmaNToit, — Primo die menaia Haii, Dominui dediMvit Htjoi Ahare 
Ecdeue ParodiialU de Tefngtone Regia ; ibid. 

Ipplbfen, — Terdo die menaia Haii, Dominua Epiaoopoa dedioavit SuDunom 
Altare Ecdeme Parochialia de Ipplepene ; ibid. 

TownsTaL, — Quarto deoimo die menaiB Haii, Dominut dedioavit H^jna 
Altare Eoclede de Tonatalle ; 127. 

Bi^PTOH, — Sexto dedmo die menaia predicti, idem Dominut B^acc^ua 
dedioavit Haiua Allare Ecdene de Slaptone ; ibid. 

TavisnHK, — Tineaimo piimo die menaia Haii, Domintia dedioavit Tllli liMiiii 
FanxdiialMn de Tttvyrtoolw ; ibid. 

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HoBTU,— Oot«*o dsoimo die maaui Jnnii, Dominui dadieavit Uaiiia Altan 

Bcdeoe de Horral ; 128. 
Lunnr, — Saxto die meiuia Julii, DomiDiudadioavitHtiiiuAltareEaolMiede 

I^nnjreihe, una cum quatiior kUia Attaribui in udem E«clnu ; ibid. 
St. Bbbokc,— Unilecimo die mensia Julii, Dominua dedioaTib Majiu AlUn 

Eccleoie Sancti Brtoca <le NaasaDt ; ibid. 
St. Ebvas,— SeitodediQo dia moEuis Julii, Dominot dedioarit Mijo* Altars 

Ecdeaie Suicti ErmQlii ; ffrtd 
St. Gluviu,— Tioeeimo quinto dia meniia JoUi, Domitiiu dedioitit Eoalseiua 

ParoclmJem de BehsUifllul' ; ibid . 
— Quarto die mamU Auguiti, Dommui dedicavlt Majua Alton Gcdeaia 

Suicti Qlnriad de BehedlaD ; 128". 
LAUNOffroii PmoRY, — xviij die meuit AoKUiti, Dombu* dedicavEt Eockeiam 

CoDTentunlem Lancaetoiiie, et duo Altaiu in Ak Boriali eiiudem EocUua ; 

Tatbtock Abbet, — izj did ejnadem mandi, Domiotu dedlcavit Boileaiam 

ConTGotualem TavTrtochle, et dao Aituia in Nsvi predicta EScdesift ; itid. 
TAuaTOH-FouoT, — xiij die dioti mensia, Dominua dedieaTlt Eoeledam 

Puocliialam de Tamertone Foliot, et Hajoi Altars ejuadam B«eleaie oam 

tiibua aliia Id eadem ; ibid. 
SODTH Pool, — uiiij die dicti menaia, Dominus dediMvlt EooleaUm d* 

Snthpole et Uajna Altare, oum tribiiH aliia Altariboi qu«dein Boolene; 

BABsartFLB, — Nono die meniia Septembria, Dominua dedioant EooleiUiii 
Parochialem Bamatapolle et Ujjoa Altue, odji etun tribua aliia Altaribui 
dicta Eoclem ; 129. 

A-S. 131ft 
LiTTUaAK (R),— srij die Ootobria, Dominua Walterua, Exoi 

dedioiTit Ecolealam de Litleham, ArchidiaooiiatuB ^rumenais ; 144. 
Wbt Ambtit, — Duodecimo die mensiB Kovembm, Dominua dedioarit 

Ecolenam de Wtat Anati et Majua Altare^ nna com aliia duoboa Altaribna 

ibidem ; lIC. 
BDTtiBLBiaH, — iziij die menaia NoTembrii, Dominua dedicaTit Eooleaiain 

PaiDchialem de Botcrlegbe, et H^ua Allare ejnadem ; ibid. 
Bbbnt Tob,— Quarto die menna Deoembria, Dominua dedioavit Ecdeaiam d« 

Brento Torre ; ibid. 

A,II. 1321. 
StOH-CumLAND,— Sexto die mentu Octobiia, Dominua dedioavit Eocleaiam 

de Stoke in Clim^alonde, et Cimit«rium ejuadem reooodliarit ; 191. 
Bau^— Deeimo die meniit Octobrii, Dominua dedioTit Bccdeiriam de 

Bame ; ISl". 
St. Nbot, — Qnartodedmo dia menaia Oetobria, DomiDna dadioavit Eocleaiani 

Sancti Kjoti ; ibid. 
DOLOB, — Quintodecdmo die menaia Ootobria, Dominua dedioavit Parochialem 

Eocleaiam de Dulo ; ibid. 
Lakullos, — Sextodecimo die menaia Ootobria, Dominua dedioavit Eoolwiam 

de LaueelewjB ; 162. 
LAnBATB,—Septiiiioda(amo die menda Octobrii^ Dondnoa dedioavit Bocleaiam 

deLuucTtboa ; ibid. 

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BoocunKiC^— OotiTodMiiiM dl« nwtian Octobtu, Domiaoa dedioBTit Bcolwi*in 
de Bockonnoke ; ISZ 

iD. iMi-a 

QnnsEAX,— (Wasie DtdieaeiiMu it (7Atdabw>:— UeDnmndum quod xx dia 
Januarii, in AuU Viotrii Eoclwic de Otery Suicte Hsrje, DominuB 
EpiaoapuB, andito [oiitB qand Eoclcaia de Qhideaham non eititit dedicata, 
ophilit as, in ptesenma Damini Ricardi, Rectoris ipdiu Bcclaaie, palatum 
ad iDpeDdeodom adem Eodeaie de Qhideaham Dedicadonem, dam, tamon, 
pnuB dadicata non (uiawt ; qui, quidem, Ractor ixtnataDter.awemit qaod 
dedicanda dod erat, set fuerat prim suo ymtuXo dedicata ; cujna, quidem 
Dadiadonii diam celebnvit in eadem EcdMJa, die ridelioet proxima po«t 
Pestam . . . . ' Unde dictua Ef^wopos «undeDl Ractorero nio peiicnlo ala 
dimioL PreacBtibua Donunui Bobciio de Tautone, WiJIelmo Buiael, at 
Rogero de Bnddd^^ ; neanon Hagialria W. de Setone et Nioholao de 
Hde, et alii* ) IH. 

A-D. 1322-3. 

UoBOaouoB, — Vioerimo primo die Febmarii, Dominns dedicavit Eoclcaiain d« 
OggebuT^e, aae DioceoH Eionieiuii ; 

Dun Pkior, — Et ixtj''° die menaia ejoidem idem Dominua recjnciliBvU 
Eccjeeiam «t (Smitenum de Dene ; VH. 
Denbury [Devenebyry, MS.], — 

Kastor Mii4i«t»1 Benet, acooUte, R,, — DispenBadon : non-ramdenoe for a ysar, 
to Btud;, etc. (17 Uarch, 1314-16) ; IH: noewed tiU UichaBlmw, 1318,— 
" et dibit ad Fabricam Eocleaie EionienuB interim, angvliB umia, x eoUdoe 
(6 March, 131fi-lfl) ; 112. Be wuorduned Bubdeaoun, and, 8 He^, 1817, 
tliia tenn of iion-Teaideiic« waa extended to /our yeara (in all) — "qnia . . , 
Bobaequenter de laudabili profectu too in studio, tarn e> fidedignarum 
relacione, quam aliaa ex probacione peraone tue, teatimonium aufiBdena 
reoepeiiniLU, propter qaod reputamui te uberioria Diapenaadonia gracM 
merito nan indiguum, tuia predbua, nobis in hac parte fusia, cum, aioat 
aBeeria, ad Partes l^nBmarinaa, ex premiaBa atudiorum cauea, fueria 
Doriter profecturuB, hnmilibUB inoliaati, etc." ; 119''. On 4 Oct, 1811, he 
obtained licence to put out hia Benefice to farm to John,' Abbat tt 
Tafiitock, for three years (4 Oct, 1821) ; ISl.— Sw " Dedicationa " ; 128^ 

Dene, Peter d«. Canon of York,' see Rome, Court of ; ITV**. 
Dene, Walter de la ; L SOS**. 

Denery, John, Queen Isabella's Receiver ; L 208, ^08^ 
DeneTB, John le, R. of Lesnewtb ; 56, 162^ (Ord.) 222^ 

2^4^ 228^ 
Den^B, John, preeeDts to Bradford ; 162^ 
Denys, Henry le, R. of I^esQewth (q. v., J?uf.) 
Deneys, BJshard le, pteeenta to Ij^ewth ; Sd. 
Denfffa, Walter and John le, see Comctone, William de ; 60**: 

Walter presents to the Chantry oi Trewen (Holsworliiy) ; 

66, 71": to Meeth [Walter, son of John]; 76, 79". 

^ A blank apace, never filled in. Tavistock at the time. 

■ Sio, HS., — I Buppoee, a clerical error ; * He held the Prebend c 

for Robert Cluunpeaiuc wia Abbot o( tet Axminater ; 168''. 

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OENBUAL ral)EZ. 139 

Dene^, William, inat. to Pinhoe ; 124. 

Denisel, Fr. Odo, Canon-Regular of Bodmin ; 71, 89^ 

Deapenser, Sir Hugh le, — 

LoDdooiis, quinto die mnuu Junii [1325], emuiBrit Commieaio Offieitli 
Domiai, id audiendum et Cermiuaaduiu qaasoumque Camaa quia, occuioae 
preuntadoniB Eoclesie Sincte Blene de Londu [Le. Lundf-Idanil} de 
Domino Wallero Is Bitte, per Nubilem Virum Dominnm UagoDea) 1« 
Deapeiuer &ute, oontigerit in poeteruoi moveri, et »d induoeQdaoi dictant 
preaantatam ; m etc ; 184''. 

— Stt " Breve de Conailio dindo " ! L SIS'*. 

Devises, William de, inst. to Holy Trinity, Exeter ; 128. 
Devon, the County of : Carta de Libertatibtis Devonie, — 

Memorakddh quod Csrta OrigiiuJiB Regie Anglie de LibertAtibui Comitatua 
Devonie remanet in costodia Abbatig et CoavKatua Tavietochie ; anb bae 

BenricDi, Dei ^naa. Rel Anglie, DominuB Hibemie, Dm Normaniiie, 
Aquitanie, et Cornea Andegavie, ArcbiepiBCUpiB, Episcopis, Abbaljbuii, 
Pnoribaa, Comitibui, Baronibua, Juaticiariia, Foreatariis, Vioecomitibua, 
Prapoatii, Hiniatria, et omnibua BaltiTis et Fidelibua auia, aalutam. — 
Inipeiiiiiua Cartam qnam Dominiu Johannes Rei, Pater xioatar, facit 
omnibua Hominibua de totA Devonia, in bee verba, — Johannes, Dei srada, 
Bex, eto, Archiepisoopis, Epiacopia, etc., salutem. — Sciatia noa d^oreat- 
laae totan DsToniam de omnibua que ad Fonatam et ad Far««taiia* 
pertineDt, uaqoe od metaa antiquonim regardorum de Dertemon st 
Exemora, que regarda fuerunt tempore R^ia Henrid Primi; ita quod 
tota DevuDia et Homiuei in ea manente^ et horedes eorum, wai deaObres- 
Uti omniBO, et quieti et soluti de nobis et beredibue noatria inperpetuum 
de omnibua que ad Foreatam et ad Foreatsrioa pertinent, eiceptia duabua 
Horia preDominatia, scilicet Dertemure et Eimore, per predictaa metaa. 
TolumuB, edam, et concedimua quod pradicti Homiuea de Deronia et 
heredea eorum habeant conauetudineB infra regards Moranim illarum, 
aicut habere conauevenmt tempore predict! Regia Henrici ; fadendo inde 
conauetudinee quae inde faoere conaneverant et debuetant. Bt quod limat 
Oi qui Toluerint extra predictaa metas e«Bartare, perooa facere, amnimodua 
venadonem capere, canea, aroua et aagittaa, et aim omnimoda arma habere^ 
et aaltatoria faoere, nisi in divisia predictarum Morarum, ubi non poterunt 
aaltatoria vel haiaa facere. Et ai canea eorum eicuirerint in Foreetail) 
naetnoi, volumua quod ipai inde deducantur, dout et alii Baronea et 
Hilitee inde dednenntur qui sunt deaSbreatati, et qui marehiant aliU 
Foreats naBb& Et volumua quod unoi tumna Vicecomitia tantuin flat per 
•nmrai in Comitatn Devonie, et ills tumna fiat post Featum Sansti 
Hichadia, ad ioquirendnm Pladta Corone et alia que ad Coronam pertinent, 
aine occaoionibua alioui, faciendum. Et quod ptures turnoa non fadat, 
Diai pro Pladtia Corone, cum erenerint attachianda com Coronatoribua, et 
propter pacera aaaecunuidam ; ita, quidem, quod in Itinera illo niohil 
capiat nd opua auum. De priaonibua, vera, qui captj fneriiit in Comitatu 
Devonie, de quibua Vicecomea habeat poteetatem eoa replegiandi, et quornm 
plegtaginm Comitatua Deionie voluerit auper ae capere, volumua et 
concedimua quod per oonailium eorum replt^entur ; ita quod per odium 
vel occaiionem Viceoomitia uiterius in priaona nou detineantur. Et A 
Vicecomea iiijuat* gmvaverit predictoa Honunee Devonie, et bde oonvictua 
fuerit, incidet in miaericordiam naatrBm, et noa de eo tniaerioordiam 
capiemua, et alium Videcomitem eii aubatituemuB, qui eia bene et legaliter 
tractabiti — Teate Domino 6erebert«, Sarumend Episoopo ; Galfrido Filio 
Petri, Comite Eaaexie ; BaJdewiao, Comite Albemarlie ; WilleliDi), Oomlta 
de Foiiiia ; Heniioo, Comite Herefordie ; WHlelmo de Bnoae, Hugooe de 

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Nerille, Tmielmo Bnwtm, Simon« de Pstt«ball»— Datum, per miniiiB 
Domini Simouia Ciooatroiuii Electi, apud WjotocUm, dedmo octeva die 
Maii, Anno Rsgni ooatri quinto [1204].— Nob, autem, oonoewioDM pndietaa 
ntaa b«bent«« et gratia, etm pro nabia et hsredibuB aoatria conoeidiiiiiia «t 
aaafirmamua, aient CortB pradicti Domini JohuiiuB K^ia, Patris nostri, 
^eniu* et liberiui teatatur ; hiia Teetibua,— Vencrabili P>tr«, Waltfto. 
Eboncenai Ajchiepiaoopo, Anglie Primate ; Fetro de Sabaudia ; Ha^tro 
Willelmo da Kilkennj, AnhidUoono Coavsntrens ; Berttamo de Cnolle ; 
Bioardo de Qrei ; Johanne de Qrei ; Roberto de Muacegroa ; Qilberto d« 
SagTiTe ; Roberto Walerand ; Bartholomeo Pecche ; Roberto la Norcaa ; 
Willelmo ds Cheemy (lie) ; Johanne deOnrea; ctaliia. — Datom, per manoiM 
DMtnm, apDd WyndeleahoaT^ viceeimo qutnlo die ApriHs, Aana Regni 
noatri trio«imo Mzto [126!]. 
Et noa, Walterua, permianone Divma Ezonienaia Epiaoopua, etjatanta* 
Londoniia, et vidantes diotam OriKUulem Cutam in manibua cuiaadam 
Thome Neubegjn, clerid dietl Abbatia, oum ipaa Originali per Fratram 
Bobertum Champeaiu, tunc Abbatem Tanatochie, Londoniaa, ut dioebator, 
miaai, Tranecriptum aau Copiam ipaioa. ut aupraacribitur, Dobin Serl 
lecunoB yiij die menaia Ootobna, Anno Domini Hilleaimo CCC™> vioeaima, 
et Hegni Kegia Edwardi, Filii Begia Edwardi, quartodedmo, dt in hoo 
noabo Regiatro reaoribi, ad pleniorem memoriam futororum ; 162. 

Digeliacombe. Qonmlda de;'(Ord. Fris.) 236^ 

Diptford [Dupeforde, MS.],^ 

Ifioholaa de WaTTntone, R, — Diapenaatlon: non-reaidenoe for two year^ 
" oontempladone Domini Johannia de Qrey ,Ui]iti« ; aalva Domino potcstate 
levocandi" (ISSept, 3309}; W,— John [de LjnleyeJ, R.,-~Diapanaatioii; 
" Lioencia intandendi obaequiin Domine Hargarete de Moelea per qoatuor 
menaea infra aimum, a Feato Puriflcaciooia Baala Viiginia [2 Fel>.] pniiinM 
■ecuturo numeiandoa " (2S Jan., 1S22-8) ; 171". 

Dapeforde, Roger de, collated to Egloshayle ; 127*, (Ord.) 240^. 
Direwyne, John, Canon of Exeter, deceased ; 140, — See 

Budleigh; 63": L 199. 
Dittisham [DideBhftm, MS.],— 

Bii Riohard de InkepeoDe, R.,— Diapenaataon in hit favour till Hiehaelmaa, 
bom 9 Hay, 130S ; 3S^; reoewsd for ■ year Intm la«t Hidiaelmaa, to ahidy, 
etc (81 Oat., IS08); S6: for a yea> — "in ohaeqnio Johannia A» Saneto 
Amando (23 Sept, 1S16) ; IIG. 

Dockham [Dockumbe and Doccombe, MS,], in the Parish of 

Uoreton-Hampetead ; L 209, 212 (see Vol. I., page 481). 
Doddiscombeleigh [Doddescumbeleghe, etc., MS.], — 

Bit Robert de CSherereatone, olerk, R., — Diapenaation : ntm-reaidenee for two 
yeanfromHiahaelmaa,toatiidy,et«.(S08^, 1810); G6: for time yean (1 
Oot., 181S} ; IIG: for Bto yean, with leave to pat hia Benefice out to fario 
(18 Julr, 1818), — "et dabit intnim ex fine, ""C'lW anoia, umbi 

Dodyscumbo, John de, presents to Doddiscombeleigh ; 45\ 
Dodewille, John de, last, to Burrington ; 44, 
Dogleione, John de, 8ee npton>F]me (Ijist.) ; 69". 
Doignel, Adam, co-patron of Menhenyot ; 123'*. 
Doyngnel, Banulph ; L lOl**. 

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Dolbn^he, Riehard de, presented to GIoTelly; 32^, 87. See 

L 196". 
DoUjnge, Roger, inst, to St. Austell ; 181. 
Donecastre, William de, merchaDt ; L 207^ 
Oonstorre, Boger de, inst. to Clyst^Hydoa ; 38 : resigns, and 

is inst to Stoke-DanuHrel ; li4fi: resigns; 1&2'': is inst. 

to Payhembury ; 154. 
Doromit, John, Proctor for Nicholaa de Uothaye ; Sd**. 
Doa^las, Sir James, Knt., see Scotland ; 134. 
Doaeslonde (or Doneslonde), Luke de, K. of E^boume ; 42'*. 
Dorme, John de, presented [and inst.] to Stoke-Glitnsland ; 

167, le?": resigns; 169. 
Donne, Balph de, R. of Qoodleigh ; (Oid.) 234, L 210". 
Doone, Robert de, inst to Ringinore ; 180. 
Donne, Thomas de, inst. to St. John-in-Comwall ; 127". 

A Thos. de Downe, died R. of Heanton-Puncbardon ; 148. 
Doune, Walter de, Proctor for John Parys ; 112**. 
Doutya, Walter de. Rector of Cheldon, deceased ; 79". 
Dovre, Fulbert de, R of Ashreigney 34", 71, 72", 110, 145". 
Dowland [Dewelande, MS.], — 

Hie Abboi and CoDvent of Canoiuleigh obUin lioenoe to pat out tlus 
Church Ui&mi, for three 7ean(14 Much, 1322-3); 171*>. 

Down-St Mary, John Pollard, R ; 35": ordained priest; (Ord.) 

218: resigns; 123. 
Draicote, Hugb de ; L 199. 
Dreynae, John, inst. to Haccombe ; 105. 
Drokenesforde, Andrew de,inst. to St. Mawgan-in-Kerrier ; 1 57". 
Drokenesforde,* John de. Canon of Bosham, — 

—He ippeu^d bsfore the Buhop, by proxy,' 22 S«pt., 180S, Kt Chudhun, 
*nd took the ObUi ot Obedience ; 36>>.— £<t PuUuiieDt, 72. 
Drym, the Manor of, see Arundelle, John de ; 126". 
Dade, John, a Vicar in Bosham Collegiate Church ; 35. 
Duloe [Dueto and Dulo, MS.], Tremadart in the Parish of, see 
" Oratories " ; 53". 

■« de Carletone, R. — Licenoe of non-reudenoa, tor a year from 
- '3 Study, etc (2 Aug,, ISlSj; 128».— ^ also, L 213. Sir 

p. ot B. and W. ; Andrew ' Jordan de BertweQe, ohaplaiD, 
r. ,. r, .... .. " *V«!tiratoiium •" U * ' "" 

1, 8 Aug., 1308. 

I DnJi«na>ha^e, fi. of St. Mawgan, " Procoratoiium *" u dated B«arUiain> 

U bia naphew. ated, 8 ' 

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NiohoUa Hakerel,* R., — "laeeoda standi ia obaequiii Ten«abi]b Pktri* 

Domini Wi1]«liiii [de MellAiie], BboracenBig Ardiiepiscopi," till Mii-tm-Trnff i 
1322(10Ma7, 1S21); 1S8. 
Sequestrum Dulo, — 

Waitenia, etc, dilectiE filiis in Christo, Decano de WastwerelKhlre,* et 
Domioo Wiltero,^ Perpetuo ViCBiio Eccleaie Saiicli Clari, iioatni DiocMJi, 
salulem, graciun, et beiiedic<^oneni. — Ad Eccltwiam de Duto Purachialcm, 
noetre Diocesia memorate, pro Dedictdonia officio, qao tunc indjguit ipia 
Eceleaia, impendendo persoualiter declinaDtes, non eat diu ; domoa Keet^ie 
Eccleeie prelibate et cetera edlGcia taotia et taJibua ruinia ooulo corponll 
oonapeiimna defonnaii quod ad aoatram et aliorum recepcioDem ioulilik 
totaliter ezBtiterunt. Cum, igitur, sacria Antiquorum Patmin ooDTeniat 
luatitutiH utqui abEccledia et Kccleaiaaticts Beneficiia non Dulla percipikint 
emolumenta, eoera teneaotur incumbeacia supportars, aintque Etjcloiarum 
Rectoraa Doatre Dioceaia par i^uandam Piedeceasoria' aiulri CoDBtitucioDom 
Sjnodalem, ac aliam ad ilomoe et edlRcia hiijuemodi integn coDaemnda, 
et dinita reatauranda efficaciter, obligati pariter et aatrioti ; □«, attrndeote* 
quod Dominua Nicholaua Makeret, Rector Eccleaie de Dulo predicte, in 
reiuotia d^eos, oolleda pecuoia ei vendiciotie fructuum et provendonum 
ipeiua Ecdeeie, ipanm conaumit inutiliter, nt timemua, quodque predictoin 
Nicholaum Reotorem moauerimua ut, iofra certum tempua jam eESuium, 
domos et edifida hujuumodi, tunc [uinuni minancia, Oougnie refednet, 
omnea fructni, redditua, et proTentua, qualitdrcumqua proTeaientee, ad 
Hectorem ipaum apectantea. jam perceptoe et eitantea, aive in borreU 
foerint aire in monibua debiturum— quibua debitoribiu aolucionem cujiu- 
cumque debiti pro fructibus hujuamodi aibi veuditia eidem Rectori, aeu 
procuratori ejusdem, per roe iotordici volumua (aciendam — noetro poaniraum 
sub SequBstro. Et, cum fructue hujuamodi jam eitantea ad reparadoDom 
tot et tantonim defediaum, qui de centum marda aterlingorum communi 
judido cequeunt reparari, non auffidant ooDgrueuter, fructua, edam, 
perdpiendoa anno proximo aecutiiro, qui ad valorem quadraginta roarcarum* 
comiuuni eetimadone ae eitendeut, ex cauaa hujuamuU aimiliter providjmua 
aequeatrandoB, et in reparadonem hiijuamndi defectuum coniertendoa. 
Quocirca, de veetra fide et circumnpecdoiie plennm in Domino Gdadam 
Optinentea, hujuamodi Sequestri custodiam vobia tenore Presendun) 
committentee, vobia injungimua et mandamua quatinue drca hujuamodi 
cuatodiam taliter voa habere curetia quod de ipao nubia respondem 
poteritia, com fueritia congrue requiaitL Ad iDquirundum, vero, de 
nominibuadebitOTumdequibuaaupraGt mendo, etdebita ab eia exigeodam 
et redpiendum ad uavm predictum. fructiiaque hujuamodi colligenduio et 
diatrabeodum, vice et auctoritate noaira, necnon quoecumque in tuc parto 
contradictoree et retiellea compeecendum, cum Canonica ooherdone apeculem 
oommittimui potextslem. — Datum apud Dulo, xv die meniia UctobrM, 
Anno Domini M» CC(?« wj» ; 181*. 
—Dedication of the Pariah-Church (m« "Dedioationa"); 191''. 

* Evidentl?, the aame person ia referred in ISSl t^wVol. I, p. 468), ud in 
to in both csaea— Sir Nicholaa £22 la. 2d. in 1630. The nordiDK is 
Hakerel, de Carletona. There waa obacure, bnt it cannot be meant uat 
no Inatitutjon in the interval: and the revenue ot a aingle year amounted 
the name of the Somereetabire lo 40 marka (£26 ISa. 4d.) Ths 
Pariah, Charlton-Hackrell, eiplaina word "eztendent" muat be taken 
the difficulty. to implj that the revenue of the 

* The old name of the Deanery of Weet. next year would make up 10 mariu 

* Walt«r Wyot, of BlakemOTe [Stt St. tofcetber with the revenue of tlta 
Cleer, liut. ; foL 69^.) current year, and all antan ind 

* Biahop Quiva. Sit Tot. L, p. zz. debU. 
■ The HecUoy waa valiied in £7 Sf. 4d. 

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Danebideock [Dunaydioo and Donachidioeke, MS.]>-- 

Muter Robert, iod of Ralph [de ScbilUugfard], !{.,<- DupanMtion: Don- 
residence for & year from Hichaelmai, to atud;, etc. (2 Sept., 1310); 6t*'. — 
A wcond Enby, juat below, >hewB that tlili buuDeai wu completed on 
the toUowiDg da;. Again, for two yean (3 Oot, 1318) ; 79''. 

Dunkeswell, the Abbat and Convent of, — Patrons of Awlis- 

combe; 82, 149»: Dunkeawell; 44^ 70: Sbeldon; 131. 
Dunnyslonde, Peter de, late Canon of Glasney ; 119^ L 191. 
Donnjnge, William, R. of Bideford ; 42^ : deceased ; 129''. 
DuDsbeare (in Merton), see Servyngton (Oratories) ; 47"*, 174. 
Dunsford [Dooesforde, MS.] ; Appropriation of tbe Rectory to 

Canonsleigh Abbey ; fiG*'. iSee page 94. 
— OrdiTiacio Vicarie Ecdesie de Donaford, de tsonaensu, 

Abbatisae et Gonventue de Leglif., verarum, Patronarwm, 

e}vsd€m, — 

— Yidelioet, qood .... Vicarii .... habeant, nomine Ticarie predicte, 
dnmoe obi Preabiter ibidem monui cooBuevit, una cum toto girdiao ex 
parte Aiistrali Kcclesie predicte, et cum clauao proiimiori illi gardiao ex 
parte Orientali ipaiua gardini, ubi quedam aemita tranait per medium, et 
cum toto altilaRio dicU Eccleaie, in quo decimam Eeni, pomorum, et 
curUlagiorum nunc exiatendum cum Taugn eiculturuni in dicta Paroclua 
deheant compreheudi ; et . . . . niajorea dedmae de viliia da Polaford et 
CIjDbrd. tarn de dominicia quam Ad tenia quae teuent«i eoruudem looorum 
tenent in eadem Parochia de villia et de dominids uitedictia. Onus, vero, 
reparadonia et Buatentacionis cooperture, vitri ftmeatrarum Canoelli dicte 
Eccleaie, Librorum, et aliorum Omamentorum .... ad Rectorem 
perttDeoduie, poatquam lemel per predittaa Religioeaa premiHai BUffideoter 
reparata fuerint et iuTrnts, ad preiLictum Vicuium et Hucoeeaoree auoa in 
eadem pertinebit temporibua Becuturie ; et solvent Vicarii lyid Archidiaouno 
Procnndonem, Sjaodatiuum, et Cathediuticum, — The Abbey was to bear 
all other burdena whataocTer. And the following proTiaioa ia Hubjoioed : — 
" Tenentur prcdicta Abbatissa et Conventua, in predict* are« ad prediotam 
Ticariam auperiua aaugaata, ediQcare auis lumptibui domoa competentea, in 
quibua Vicarius Led reaidere vateat et morari ; et interim habMt Ticariua 
inliabitaduDem Aule et camerarum adjaceDdiun, et aliaruni domornm 
■uffidendum pru statu auo de dumibua Kectori, predictU Abbatiaae, at 
Conientui reaerratis, quaa .... reparare et austinere auia aumptibua 
teuebuQtar quouaque domoa Vicarie ediflcate tuennt, ut eat dictum (S2 
Dee., 1S14) ; lOO^. 

— The Bkhop granted to Sir Pagan de Donaforde, who had been Rector of 
thia Pariah, an annual Penaion of lOOi., "de Camera aua," till he could 
proride him with a auilAbIa Benefice (30 Aug., ISIS} ; 73. He ttrigna 
bia Prebend in Crediton ; 7i.— Set L US". 

Dunstaple, John de, inst. to Stoke-Climsland ; 169. 
Dunterton [Doantertone, MS.], — 

Sir Rt^inald de Wolvedone, priest, R., — " Licencia standi in obaequiia 
Hagiatri Ricardi de Coletone, Precentoris Eiuuie "—for a year from 20 
Sept, 1821 ; 180".— Dunkertone, Rob. de; (Ord,-iVia) 226. 

Duntone, William de, and others, — 

Nola Gtrieot libtraloi sua DiocaaTu in Aceioat Penonali Inter UaeUa 
eann VantUio Jlegi* in erattiiw Scateti MarUMi, <inno Ayni Etttriri 

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Filii Rtgi* JdKiamU xuTiij", inttficnU ixsix' [12 }Tot., 12M], ttoc 

Mfiuni FUisUvm invenUar ; — 
SnTFOliCHu, — Mag^ater Willalmui de Dnntoae, Hobertul da Leys, et 
Bcgiualdiu da Duntone, kttachkti tueruDt ad reapondendum Thome da 
Soterlec^ de PUdto quare vi et onDW venerunt ad domum Thoroldi le 
Feme, in Benuire, et ipeum Thomam TerbentTiiruDt et male tnctaTenint, 
et equum suum eum hemeelo kbduisruDt, et Testes suaa aeportarunt, 
ocmtra Paoeni, etc. Et uade queritur quod Die Dominica proiiioa anta 
Featum Banoti lAorendi, Addo iixtj>° [4 Aug., 1262], feoenint ei piedictvn 
trtiiagreaidoDem el«., node dampnum m marcarum, etc. Et HagUtri 
WilleimDa, Robertua, et Begiiialdna venerunt, et dkunt qued Qerioi aant, 
et Tolunt oorani Bpiaoopo bdo inde reepondera Et super boc Tenit 
Jobajinee de Dantone, ez puie Iforwioenna Episoopi, eum LtterM ipalDa 
Efdaoopi Patentibaa ; etpetutpradictcaHsgiatrumWiUelinQm, Regisaldum, 
et Robertum tanquam Clericoa, et liberantur ei tsDquam ClericL Et 
dictum eat predicto Tbomr quod eequatur Tsniu cos in Curia Episcopi, ai 
Toluerit. Et didt quod vult aequL Ei quo, quidem, Pladto spparet quod 
ubi egit LaiouB contra Cleriooa, in Curia Regu, io Aodono Pwsonali, ad 
petjdonem Episcopi sunt liberati eideu ; IG1'>. 

Durand, John, Sacriatan of Bosham '. (Ord.) 240^ 241 , 241''. 

Durand, Uicbael, see Arundelle, John de ; 102- 

Dameforde, Nicholas de, aee Consistory Court ; 172", 

Djrawedone, William de, inst. to Tnjntishoe ; 37. 

Dynham, John de, presents to Roche ; ISd*". 

Dynham, Margaret de, presents to Cardinham; 124: to 

Clayhidoa; 167, 171; to Hemyock, 162^— She was the 

relict of Joceua de Dynham ; L 211. 
Dyteneehale, Henry de ; L 188^ 

East AllingtoQ [Alyngtone, MS.], — 

Andrew de Alyngtooe, R, — Dispenaation : nun-reddence for a year, to atody, 
oto.,— "die Lune pnixima poit Festum Bancti Lnoe, Evangeliatc^ — Lit<ra 
DominicaU A " (23 Oct, 1312) ; li\ 
East Anstey [Estanati, MS.], — 

Master Alexander de Eggeanorthe, "tuna aooolitna ", — Dispeniatian ; nan- 
raaidenoe till U June, 132S, to study, etc. (2t) April, 1325} ; 1S4. 
East-Buckland [Estboclaunde, MS.],- 

Uichaelmaa, to atudj, etc. (27 Dec,' 1310]; 6S*>: renewed for a year 
(8 Deo., 1811) ; 87: again (10 Hot., 1318) ; 81",— Sir David [AnnsJ or 
Aneelm, prieat], B., — Lioence of non-readenoe till Uicbseuoaa — " ad 
requiddoQem Domini Johonnis de Knovkle, Militia, quod posdt stai« in 
obeequio suo" (21 Nov., 1311); 100: again, from 18 Aug., 1316, till 
Hidualmaa, 1S17, " ut . . . . stare peodt in ohaequio Doniiui Jobannia de 
EnoTTle, M''''*^'i — pro qua, qnidem, Lictsnci* promisit iponte ad Duram 
Tabuuni dimidiam marosm " ; 111: ■S*'°i — " IJoenda viaitaiidi tJhA.^ 

■ Mxto Ealwdai itwuA 

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Betti Jaoobi in liwtuiti mno ; ita quod radaftt qoim dcios oomode potent 
■d oommunin libi curun " (U Jui., 1318-19); 140: and agun, "Luwncw 
intendendi obaoquiii Domine Alicie de Kiinvil1«,— for ■ jmt ; but lie ma 
to return, from time to time, to hia Church (29 Oct, 1S19) ; 1140. 
East Ogwell [Est Wopwille, MS.],— 

Haater Peter de Qrimcatone, R., — Licenoe of non-reddaoee till Hiduelnua. to 
rtadj, etc. [20 Dec, 1808) ; 37 : renewed (21 Oct, 1808) ; l*»i(pri«»t) L 

o-rendenoe, to atud; Theology or Cuaon-Liw, till Hiohaelmu (29 
Oct, 1311) ; (14.— Sir William de BurecMtre', R.,— Uoence of non- 
residence for three jeai — "pro Bull et ipeiui Ecclenie negoiaia, . . . . et 
dabit Falnice EionieoHi quolibat anno j mnrcam " (15 Deo., 1814) ; 100^: 
aKUD (prieat) Liceooe of nun-reaidenoe for two years ; " ita quod int«rim 
•d raeidaDciam in tpaa Eccleaia personaliter tadeodam minima teneatnr, 
dum tamen de fruotibiu et ubvenduaibus ipaiua Elocleme pwoperiboi 
paiochiaiiia ejuedem Eccleaie, aub certi pma per Dominam eidem Willelnto 
impooendam ei id non fecerit, debits pordo erogetur " [19 April, 1318), — 
" et dnbit ad Pabricam Eccleda KionieDiia ij maraaa " ; 126 : renewed for 
two ysari from Hichaalmaa, with license to put hia B^iefice out to farm 
(13 Sept, 1320) 1 lG]t>. 

Edington, Walter de, R. of Stoke-Fleming (deceased — a 

suicide): 72. 
Edward II., Presentations* to Benefices by, — 

To St Illi^^ ; 31 : to Puddingtoo ; 39 . to St Sty thuui'a ; 42t> ; to 0*y- 
hanger ; 66 ; to St LudgiBU ; 72 : to 3t Creed ; 101 : to St Stephen's* 
by-8a!taeh ; lie** : to Laut^los-by-Camelford ; 130 : to Lifton ; 143: to 
Lapford; 109. 

Edward, Prince oE Walea, presents to Redruth ; 112^ 
Eggbuckland [Ecctceboelaunde a/nd Ekeboclonde, MS.], — 

To waiiam, Vicar of, " oeoo, et aenio ooDfracto", Hugh de Wodetord, 
chaplain, was appointed guardian (16 Feb., 1308-9) ; 88.— Riohard Oordet, 
V. ; bdng aged and infinn, a coadjutor* was appointed 20 Not.,* 1814 ; 100. 
Eggebyare, Robert de, and Jobn de Paeforde, — 

Hiey had been eioommunicatcd for oontumaoy and manifold ofTenoea, at tlie 
inatsnoe of Sir Adam Harchaunt, R. of Bondleigh ; but for fort;; days and 
longer they oontinned obdurate, and on the BiAiop's tignOcant had been 
committed to prison. On their aubmianoQ the Bishop granted them abaolu- 
tion, and requeated the Sheriff of Devon to aet them at liberty (19 FebL, 
1810-11); 6B> 
Eggesford [Egenesforde, MS.], — 

John de Haoteiford, R, — " IHspensation ; non-reaidenoe till Hiidwelmaa, 
1310, to atudy, etc (SO Aug., 1309) ; 48 ; renewed (6 Sept, ISIO— Hewmtene- 
tonl, US.) ; 66. 
Eggeswortbe {also Eggewortbe), Alexander de, lost, to East 
Anetey ; 184, — See Conaiatory Court ; ITS'*. 

• "Bomeestris," foL 100 ; " Burceetre," 

foL 138. 
■ In some of these ouwa the King ' die Ho-curii proxima post Festum 

pnaenttd "radone Custodie." The Saocti Edinundi, Cantaarienai»Ai«hi- 

particulars will be found under episoopi. 

^ Inalatatians." 

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Eeleby. William, and Sibilla hia Wife, reference to his Will 

{see "Wills") ; L21ab. 
E^loehayle, John de Upavene, "R. oi; 79: aes Middeltooe; 38. 
Egloflheil, Ivo de, collated to St. Ervan ; 152^ 158. 
Eglosmerther, Thomas de, inst. to St. Mewao ; 128''. 
Eglosroa, William de, inat. to South Fetherwin ; 160**. 
Elger, John, heymonger ; L Sll"*. 

Elingham, Thos. de, resigns Ohurchstanton ; 12'<:—See L 210. 
EUnham, Walter de, inst. to Chawleigh ; 160, 177. 
Elnestede, Robert de, see Bonham ; 15^ 
Ely, Fr. John de Ketene, Bishop-Elect of,— 

Oar Buhop, mitiag to the Primate, excoseH bimaelf frum att«adiiig hk 
CoDBacnttian — " arduis ¥iaAoae noatre aegodis, tuDC in preaeDda ooatra 
tractandiB, legitime prepeditj " (2S July, I3I0); 53t>. 
Ely, Aymeric Qerardi, Archdeacon of, occurs in May, 1318, 
see Scotland; 133. — This Archdeacon is omitted in Le 
Neve's List, 
Enderhy, Robert de. Official of the Archdeacon of Chiche-iter, 

see Bosham ; 14, etc. 
Engeleis, baptized, Agnes — eonilrmed, Joan, see Petit ; 108. 
Engleis, Hugh le, R. of Talaton ; 43'' {his). 
Eagleia, Nicholas, Walter, and Sampnoa le; Letter from the 
Bishop to the King, — 

ExcatlentUsimo Priacipi, etc, ealutem ia Eo per Quem Regea Tenant at 
muDtli Priccipea iJuminantur. — EicelleDde Testre Regie tenore Preeandum 
intimamuB quod, licet quidam Nicbolaua le Baglda, derioua, noetre Diooeaia, 
dudum de receptamento cujuadani Walteri le Englaui, filii aui, ac eciam 
cujuadam SompaomB, fratria derici ejuadem, pro diveraig latrodniLs aiU 
inpoaitia, et in Cerouatoris presencia per dictum Sampeonem oanfeaiatit, 
Buapeiworum, indictatus fuiaset, captuB pustmodum, impriBooatuB, et detnum 
noatro carceri, juxta conBiietudineiii Regni Anglie et Eccleaiaaticam 
libertatsm, tunquam dericus liberetua ; idem, tamen, dericua poatmodum, 
die et loco in bac parte competentibun, comparuit coram nobia et tupar 
hnjuamodi crimine aibi impneito, in forma Ecclsme legittima ae puTgavit. 
Quodrca Majeatatem veatrom Eef^iam humiliter imploraniaa qo&liiiuB teiru 
et tanementa, bona, et calalla, yuadem dsrid in maDoa veatna, oocaaione 
premiaaa, capta, et hue uaque det«nta, ddem, ta placet, predpere "^'jTrtnini 
Ubanui. — H^est&tem veatram Regiam conaervet Altisaimua per tempora 
diuturns (1 Oct, 1321): 161.— .5m folio 1 (page 3). 

Episcopal Estates in Devon and Cornwall, — Commissio de 
dubiis : — 

Directed to lUlph Qerroef n (Preceotor), Thomas de Haotone (Traaaurer), and 

Thomas de St^eldona,Caootu of Gxeler{ga Sept., 1313),— " id deddBndum 

«t tflrminandum omnia dubia auper Compotia BalliTorum et Prepoaitorum 

noatronim tarn Deronia quam CNimulri^ mve hujuamodi dubia initiaiaiii 

graciam " ; 7G*>.— Auotiier ci^ ik Uiia Coninianaa, wHb 

a entered on foL 80. Sir John Toillero waa aaaodatad wHb 

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the ottMf Conunusioiien, sDd providoii wu made for the kUowH)M of all 
reasonable ezpeneea inouned, on the Biafaop'a behaU, by Richard de 
Ereeay, Richard de, collated to St. MulUon ; 50.— ^66 L 814. 
Erlescombe, Richard de, &nd John, his son ; L 197- 
Ermingtoti (" Medietas Ecclesie de Ermyngtone "),-~ 

Baarj de Weymae, prieat, bad been prnteatrA hj Sir John de Bamtede 
(while Nioholai da TKukTebyry wa« stiU in poweoioii, but "abaqae 
titnlo ") : and the Biahnp directed the OfBciol of the Arcbdn. of TotnM to 
make Inqaiaition thereupon (8 June, 1308) ; 34. A similar CommieoieD 
wai diraeted, 10 June, to bin own Official- Principal ; 34*. 

Ermyne, Sir William de, " Domini Regis clerieus ", — 

The Biibop granta him an Annual Pension of sU, " de Camera noatn/* 
till be could provide him with a suitable BeneSce (S March 1314-16) ; 104*>. 
Emulphi, Willelmus filiua, gee Bosham; IS**. 
£rtecombe, Nicholas de ; L 197''. 
Elspecke, William le. Patron of Wembworthy ; 41, 
Espioe, Peter le, inat. to Tregony ; 183''. 
Esse, Qeorge de, inst to Bomansleigh ; 176'*. 
Esse, Nicholas de, inst. to Sampford-Peverell ; 180^ 
Esse, Oliver de, see Otterton Priory ; 114. 
Esse, Ralph de, presents to Roseaah ; 174. 
Esse, Richard de, R. of Iluish ; SS", (Ord.) 224*>: admitted (in 
commendam) to the Precentorshin of Crediton ; 72 : 
he was R. of Roseaflh at ihe time of nis death ; 174. 
Esse, Thomas de, see " Wills "—Bishop Bytton'a ; Sff": he 
resigns Newton-Tracy ; lie*": is inst. to a Portion in the 
Church of Tiverton; 127, 130, 154, (Ord.) 239 "Pordo- 
narius de Bradeforde in Ecclesia de Twyvertone," 240, 240''. 
Esse, Walter de, the Bishop's Official-Peculiar ; 55^ : collated 
to Shobrooke ; 80, 87^ (Ord.) 232, 233 : Canon (87") and 
Treasurer of Crediton ; 58^ 154''.— See L 1 89^ 
Essewauter, Philip de, inst to All-Hallows, Goldsmith Street, 

Exeter ; 41, 76 : to Bishop's Tawton ; 129'', See h 201. 
Etone, Master Geoflrey de, clerk, eee Bosham (JtisJ.) ; 59 : aho, 
Harberton, (/net) ; 75"*. 
The Bishop grants him a Pension of five silTer marks " de Camera noatra," to 
be paid jearl; at Michaelmas (24 April,' ISIB) ; 140i>. 

Euty, Thomas de, see St. Tepe ; 35 : collated [Ewthi, MS.] 

to Morval ; 41. 
Everdone, John de. Chancellor of the Cathedral ; L 187^ 18S^ 

' tiij KsIendaB MaiL 

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Ewelme; L 195. 

Ex [Lower— " Netherexe," MS.], in Wyke-St Mary; L 191. 

Exboume [Ekesbome and Ekisbome, MS.], — 

"Apud Hi<ldeltaxia [ifilton-Alibiil], conipBrun-iiDt coram Domino Luou do 
DoDeaionde, Reotor do Honicborcbe, et QalfriduH Kftekaolle, prahilar, et 
oonteai aunt w Mneri Domino Wtltero pro fruotibua E!cal«ie de Bkaiboni« 
Taoantis in ootodecim nunai at*rlmgorum, Kilvendia ridsm Episoopo in 
Paitii PuriflnMonii Be>te Virgiiiiii [2 Feb.] et loTeneioniB Sana(« Crucia 
[8 Haj) proxiiiM tequentibu*, aine ulteHoii diladone; et ooDdompnad 
aunt par Johaonam Wele, Commiaaariom, per 9cint«noiam Pieoepti, aub 
pena BxoommunioaoioDiB erbino incurrende, ai non fecerint ut eat diotum 

— Richard ds W;^deal&de, R., — DiapeoaBtioD : non-remdeace for five yeaia, to 
etudy, etc. (28 Doc, 1809); IS*".— William de Comu, aubdeacon, H.,— 
Diapenaation ; non-niudenoe for one jear from Hicbaeluias, to atudy, etc. 
(21 Sept, 1316),—" et dabit ad Fabricam Kioniensem dimidiam marcam"; 
10e)>: renewed for one year r27 Feb., 1310-17] ; 117": for a year (24 Sept., 
1317),— "et dabit ad Fabricam, ei fine, dimidiam marcam " ; 122: 
reoewed for a year (22 Sept, 1318),— "et dabit ad Fabricam dimidiam 
n^Tcam" ; 130: renewed till Hichaelmai, 1320 (10 Nov.. 131B),— "et 
dabit ad FatMicam dimidiam marcam" ; 14t>: renuwed from 31 Dee., 1320, 
"twque ad Oulam' Auguati," 1321 ; 164".— Bobert Poddynge. Bubdeaoon, 
R., — DiapenaatiDn: noD'Teaidenoe for a year, to study, etc^ (29 Dec., 1823); 
177»: mwwod for three yean (18 Nov., 1824) ; 182. 
Exeter, Walter Lovecoke, of, see Br&nscombe (Inst.); 126". 
Exeter Cathedral ; Gantaria Lideforde in la Ckamere, — 

Apud Nortone, xviij die Mardi [1322-S], Dominiu deputavit Dominum 
Joluutnem de Lideforde, capellanuiD, ad fadendum unain Cautariam in 
Capella que in Cimiterio M^oria E^lode Eionienria aituata Tulganter 
Tooatnr Cbamere ; vidalicot, ad celebrandum die quolibet unam Miaeam de 
Saacto Spiritu, vet de Die, dum Dominiu viierit, et poet deceaaum aunm 
pro ana, Predeoeeaoram, et Suoceaaorum auorum animabua, ao omniam 
Benefactonim Huonim et Eccleeie aue Eionieoaia, et omnium FidellDlD, 
etc, Hiaaam pro requie defunctorum. statim poet finitaa dues Miasaa apud 
Altare quod vocatur Brattonee Waved,' in Eccleaia Hajori Exonienai 
prediota, per ae, val per alium u lidte fuerit impeditua ; et ad dioendum 
quolibet die, horia competentibtu, Ptatebo, Dirige, et CommtndaeiontM, 
oeenon ad indpiendum hujuamodi Offidum in Fcato Beati Hiohaelia 
^■oiimo venture ; et ad juvandum Dominum Ricardum de Brailishe, 
Peniteudarium Domini, in audiendia ConfeaeiombuB et peniteadiii injun- 
gendia, quociena ad hoc per ipaum Dominum Ricardum fuerit requiaituH ; et 
ad redpiendum juramentum auum de Edebter eiequendo hujuamodi 
ofBdum predictua Dominua Offldali auo auas vices cummiait Super 
premiaaia amanavit Iiiteta predicto Domino Johanni ; 1 76. 

The Dean and Chapter,— 

— A Commiaaion waa directed to the Precentor, the Chancellor, and tho 
Archdeacon of Barnstaple, to preaide in the Biahop's Court, duriog hia 
absenoe (27 April, 1310) ; 49^'. 

The Biabop'a dtea them, 16 Nov., 1818, to hia ViaitatioD of the Cathedral, 

' Lammaa-Uay — the First of Auguat * Bratton'a Altar. " Wtvtd ; an Altar 
(fioOtueO.) "InitiummenaiaAuguati (,i.-S.),-M<iUiatU. 

—it gult Aufutt " {D'Amit.) 

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and of tlie Ch^it«T, 'tlcan, and Mimstera theraof, to be held, 7 Dec' ; Sll>. 

— Presenta&io mtper VisUatione fi-rmaw/m Deca/m et CajyituU 

BerereDdo PtLtri ia Christo rc Domino, Domino Waltero, etc ., Biii humilcs et 
doToti, DocanuB at Gapitulum E^icleme Cathedralia Eionienide, salutem et 
debitun obediendiiai, cum amm rererencu et honure. — Ad Tjiitandum 
EcdeeiM nobis sppropriAtas, in quibiu Junsdiodonem Spirituklem opti- 
nemoB, necaoD Clenim et Populmn earundem, in Archidiaoonatu Ezom«i>i, 
quem nuper viaitara cepiKtia, per Commiamoaem PatenutntlB veatr^ 
■eciindutQ tonoieiu Stktuti Tcetn super hoc editi, noniJDa diecretoram 
Tinmim, Magiitci Ricardi de Coletone, et Domini Thome de 8t^>et- 
done, et Domini Ricardi de Brajleghe, Concanoniconim nottroram, 
nancianiua, et Patemitati veatre tenore Preeandum preeentsmua ; ita 
quod, asaumpto una de Qontinatia ipois, et alia Canonioo Eccleaie veetra par 
vo* tjecto adjuncto, per eoedem, ut premittitur, aecundum ipaiuB Stahiti 
effectum, fiant hujusmodi Vimtarao et alia que incitmbunt. — In cujua rei, 
atD. — Datum in Capitulo auitra Eionieuai, iiij Nonaa OciobriB [i Oat.\ 
Anno Domini H° CCC^" decimo dodo.— The Cummiwion, directed to 
Precentor Coietone and Canon Adam Mi^mouthe, is dated at Cawiok, 
6 Oot. The places to be viaitad were tlie Churchae " Sanote Sativole " [A. 
StdwdTi, Extter], Clirt Biuetone (tie), StokeNCanon], Bmnkeeoombe, 
Colitooe, Sideburi, Saloombe C-Regis], Toppeaham, Ide, DoulTsohe, Litelbam, 
Colebrok& and the Chapel of Nortone, in the Parish of Newton-8t. Cjres : 

Election of Dean ■} Commisiion directed to the Chapter, — 

> die Veneru in oraEtino Fasti Bwti 
Nichobi, Conf eawjris. 

3 Dean AiuAru <U Saitnnf {tte ToL L, 
page S43) died in 1302, uid was 
sucoeededia 1302-8 bjthe Chanoellor, 
//cnrf lie Somatet, who died in 1S07, 
aud was auoceeded b; Tliomat de 
Ziee^dadt. As there is no Roister 
of Bishop Bytboa extant, the exact 
datea of these ElactionB are unknown. 
But the following intereatdng Letter, 
rdattng to the Election of Somerset, 
ia pnMTTed in the R^^ter of Arch- 
biabop Robert de Winchelaaej' (foL 
288'')i— "i¥im Frairmt Pratiea. 
tomm, gwxi martecU Priortm Exonim- 
Km guoif Mm truM dnu /n;lrmii- 
etoiKn Magittri Hennei de Somermit, 
derin, decti in Decaaim Exonitntit 

" Robertus, [permiaaione Divina Cantua- 
rienais ArohiepiHaipus, etc}, dileoto 
aibi in Christo, Thome, Priori Prorin- 
ciali Ordiuis Fratrum Predicatorum 
in *''gH«, salutam et sinceram in 
Domino ewitatem. — Ex deUto Officii 
noatfi tenemur amioonim et subdi- 
tomm procurare qutetem, at in suis 
gradibua et offidis, sine acandalo et 
diatraodone qualibet. Domino Taleant 
libers militara. Sane, orta uuper 

r Deoaaum et Capi- 
tuluni Exooiends Bodesie et Priorem 
et Fratrea Ordim's Taatri, Qvitatia 
ejusdem, super cujusdam funeria 
eepultuia, diotus Prior Tester, Tacant« 
Decanatu ipsius Ecoleaie, nomine suo 
et CoDventuB aui, fedt ad Sedem 
Apoatolicam appellan, De dictum 
Capitulum ad Eleodonem Decani 
procederet, H^joris Eimmmumcft- 
doDis Sentenoiam, ut intelleximua, 
obbiens in peraonas eligendum de 
Capitulo memorato, ac eo pretextn 
Elaociatlem poetea factam da discreto 
Tiro, Hagiitro Henrico de Somerssce 
in Decanum nEtitur infirmare, ut sic 
ulcionem pro resiatenda s^iuiture 
predicte, ex preconcepto lanoore 
animi, proaequatur, Tel salUm opta* 
tum par fas et nefas in dicta diacordia 
coDsequatiir. Cum, itaque, pra- 
miasa aint res mali exempli, per que 
PreUti, Gerus, et Fopulus, in hSa 
similibui et majoribua poasint fadle 
ad Bcandalam proTOcari contra Pntra 
vestri Ordinis indiatincte, veetre 
Amidoie efTectuuaa consuiiniua quati- 
DUB hujusmodi Boandali materiam et 
ladioem, cum omni celeritate, facialis 
preddi ; preaertim cum in proaa- 
quendo jus veatnun super aapnltiiTa 

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Dtan ThomM ds Leocbekde died nrly in 1309, uid Rlduid ds HoreoBbe 
tod Soger da Otery, Canonii af Ezetat, having praeDted to the Buhop tbu 
PetitioD of the Cbapter for Ucenoe to elect, Licence wu granted, 16 April, 
ISOB, "drcitor horam Veiperarum " at CljtA, uid SequeatntioD of tlte 
Teienuea of thp Deanery, " infra ambitiiiii DeomatuB de Aylleebauv," ma 
cummitted to Kubert, V. of Otterton, and iieginaJd de Aywdeewille, 17 
April ; 10.— On fl July, the Chapter wrutv to the Uiahop, setting forth that 
there had been muoh diaagreemant among the Canona as to Uieir ehoio^ 
>ome prefemng Haater John de Bruetone, othera Hoater Rogsr ds Otory, so 
that no Election liad takim plaoe ; and they pnyod the Biabop 
to renew hia Licenoe. The Biabop (writing on the aame day—" etna horaoi 
terciam," granted their petition ; 42. [Biabop Qrandiaaon baa writleti ba«, 
in the margin—" Licencia Eligendi Decuium "].— On S2 January, I309-10 
(UaatFT William de KynKeecote bsTing been elected), a Commiaaion "in 
oegooio Kieedonia " was directed to the Archdeacon of BarTutaple 
and Soger de Otery ; and on the same day a aeoond Commiaaioii 
waa direoted to the Precentor, the Archdeaoon of Exeter, the 3ubdeaa, the 
Archdeacon of Bamataple, William de Kilkenny, Riabsrd de Iforoestre, 
John de Bruytone, and Roger de Otery, (^ona, giving them authority t« 
deal with the said buaineea on Ota Biahop'a behalf ; 46''. —A CommiamoD 
waa directed, 10 Jan., 1310-11, to Walter de Eeae, Treaaurer of CredituD, 
lor the Cuatody of the aequwtrated revenuee of the Deanery ; 6%\ And 
he waa duty appointed " yoonomum aeu ouatedem " thereof, IS Jan. ; G9. 
■^Provmojaeki per Sjntcopuiaile Iltcano in SctiaiaEixmaiti [in the maigio, 

in Biabop Qraodiaaon'a handwriting — " Decaoatiia Bxonie "],— 
In KoklNR DoKHl, Amkh.— Vacante nupur Deeanatn Ecdeaie noetre Cathedralie 
Eioniensis, ac Mogietro Wiilelmo de Kyujiescott^Canonico ejuaden), inDecanu'u 
ipeiuB elccto, ipaiuaque Elj'ccionia uegocjo uobin, Waltero, perrmaBioneDirinaEx- 
□nieniii Epiacopo, poetea preaentato et coram nobis aliqnainaiu examiuato, tandem 
nlteriorem ExamiuadoDeiu ipaius negocii et Hnalem jjrocubciacionem et totalem 
eibibiciooem ipsina uegocil, una cum poteatate proridendi eidem Eionienaj 
Eccleaie ot ipeiUB Dncanatui de Peraana ydonea, li ad noe ipso Jura v«i per 
Seuteucianj potaataa biijuamodi in eventum ijiSraiacionia ejusdem Elecciunia 
inveniretur legitime deiolula, vices nostraa in hiis, et in omnibos aliia premiaaa 
-ontingentibuB, discratis viris Domino Archidiacono Barum V- Magistro Rogero 

Quia propter celebtatam, et quia dictuB Gleotus Eleooioni pradicte infra lempua 
a jaia atatntum legitime non coUBeOBit; uecnan, ei a]u( caasia que ipanm 
movebant, predictam EUccciouem inHnusvit, cassarit, et irritavit, et non valere 
prannndavit auntencialiter et JiRinitive, predictumque Electum omni jore ai 
quod habuit virtute predicte Elecdouia in predicto Decanatu vel ad iUom 
privatum eace prouuuciavit, Electoreaque ipsiua patealate eligeudl ilia vice 

Srlvavit ; necnou jus providendi, Ola vice, eidem Eccleeie de Dec^o ad noa eaae 
avolutnni. senUuoiaudo decreviL Poatea, turo, dicte Ecclesie de Decauo, 
videlicet de diacreto viro, Magistro Bortholomeo de Sancto Lanrencio, Canonioo 

a'uBdem Ecclesie providit, et eimdem Docanatum eidem cootulit, jaxla datam 
bi per noa, ut preinittitur, potestatam. A qua iuflrmacione. caBaaciooe, aen 
irritacione, et ab aliia gravamioibus per uos antea predicto Magiatro Willelmo, 
Electo, at falso aaaerabatur iUatis, idem Haglater Willelmna ad Cnriam 

prefatK directe puuitia via plana et nobia quam ddua poteritis per 

regiaoptinerejuatidecomplementum, portitorem Presendum demandetia. 

aine detracdone cujuaque ; ne ul- Taleataa ) — Datum apud Stebenbethe 

teriua in tamoa aut palniitee ioiqui- [Stepneg], aub aigillo ooetro privato, 

tatia temere proteodantur, et exinde v Kalendas Aprilia [2S Maidy, Anno 

multorum inquietude proisedaC Et Domini H° CCC"* terdo."— F.J.B. 
qnid mpar bii* duuritia fadaDdum 

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Cuitiiarfeitnm w ^p«llan« couBiigaiiii, Literaa Inhibitorifs et CitatoriM ab 
etdoD Caria contra dim postea impetrevlt la qua Corii, com asset inter 
p«&laiii Migfatrnm WUIalmiun, Pirtcin, iit dicefjstiir, apmllanteDi, et no«, 
Paitem iippdlatum, aliqaomdiu in diets Appellacioiiia Causa pRKennm, 
Dominos Cantnarieiuis Archiepiscopua, Ti>ciiis Anglie Primaa, eandem Canaam 
ad innm proprium andilorium revocavit, pt ibidem fecit diudns agitari. Set 
demnm dicto Mafiatro Willi^liuo de Kyn^cole, Parte appelbuilc, ab bac lace 
■nbtracto, Dnllocjue predictam Appellaaanii Canaam prosequi volente, idem 
DomiDUB Arctiiepucopus, prehabitis et aervatis otnnibna et ungulla nna In hac 
parte requirobaatnr, ab auditorio sno super liiia aimplidter nobis dimiait at 
alctma negocium ad nostnua remiatt exainen. CnpleDtee, igltur, da processa 
CommiaEarioram noetroram predlctonun et cujuslibet ipsonun in pTetnia^, ac 
edam de forma, vi, ei virtute predicte Provisionis, anctorilata noatialiKte, ut 
dlcitor, eflid cemoiea, ne contra iloctrinam Apoetoli nimla cito manua cniquam 
imponere videramar, ipeam Magiirtnini Bnrthofomeuni, de quo Frovisio predict* 
tmA fneratf ad noatram preaeDciani acceaairi et totalem PmcesaaiQ coram 
pndictia CommbiaaTils nostris vel coram altero super hiis habitiiin, una cum 
omnlboB actis et gastjs per ipaoe sea alterum ipeorum, nobis mandaTimoa 
eihiberl Compaieote, igitnr, personaliter coram nobis in Capella noatra de 
Honleghe, terdo die menaia Juiiii, Anno riamlni M° CCC" nndecimo, predicto 
HagiBtro Bartholomeo ; eihibito. eciam, Proceaan nobis et A ctls supiadictia, 
ipanm Proceaaum, Acta, et toimam Tim et effectum predicte Providania 
examinaTimua diligeuter, et, habito snper premissis et premtwa contingentibua 
dia^iutadoae et dlacoaeiane, prout decult, pleaiori, de consilia juris pmtonun 
DOtos awidendDm, et de couaeosn et licencla Venerabllia Patria Domini 
Cantnariensis Archiepiaeopi, Toclua An|;lie Primatls, qoataaua super hits 
requiritor, iu ci^ua Jurisdlccione immediate predicta Oapvlla noatra consistit, 
super predicta Proriaione proDundaTimns in hac forma,— 
Ik Dn NomNE, Aim.— Eiamlnato dlligenter, nunc et alias, toto Proeeeau habito 
drc* EHeccionem de Magistro Willelmo de Kyngescote in Decanum Eioniensii 
Eccleaie nuper tactam, necnon Proviaione facta eidem Ecdeeie de Decano per 
dism^tnm virani, Dominnm Archidiaconum barum, Commissarium noatmrn in 
bac parte, de ta, discreta viro, Hsfistio Bartholomeo de Baucto Uiurenda, 
mabiteni, et Ouionico ejnsdem Eccftsie, Dime in presencia nostra constituto, et 
ColLtdone ^uadem Decanatns tibi facta, reaiguatls antea libere In macibui 
noatrls Archidiaconatu Eionienai et Eccleeia Parocbiali de Exeniyiiistre, nostra 
Dyoceeis, qnaa tu, Magiatsr Bartholomee, ex I>is)>enaacione Apostoli" '~ 
nobii ad plenum cODstat, prlus simul tenuisti, ipaaque leaignaciai 

■c parte, de ta, discreta viro, Hsfistio Bartholoineo de Bancto Uiurenc: 
■CTbiteni, et Ouionico ejnsdem Eccftsie, nn " ' 

ColLtdone ^uadem Decanatns tibi facta, i 
noatrls Archidiaconatu EioDienai et Eccleeii 

DyoceeiB, qnaa tu, Magiatar Bartholomee, ex I>is)>enaacione Apostolica, de qua 
nobia ad plenum coDstat, prlns simul te ' " ' 

accaptata, ipsam Proirlaionem et Collac , , . , 

pronundando ratiflcamua, approbamus, et ennfirmaniQe, predictunique Decana- 
tum Eionlenais Ecdesie, ciijus Prorisio et CuDacia per pronundacionem predicti 
Archidiacoui Banun, que, nulla AppeUadone auspensa, in rem Iranslerat 
Judkatam, ad nos sunt, ut premittitnr, dcvolute, tibi. Maestro Bartholomeo de 
Bancto laurando, preabitero, ct Canonico ejnsdem Ecdesie, cui nichil obviat da 
Canonlda Inatitutis, et contra quein, per causani i-jusdeni Ecclesie auper blis 
snIBcienter premuuitum, nicMl omnino est propositum sive dictum, ad honorem 
Dei, ut Olorlose Virginia Marie, et Beatorum Petri et Pauli, Apostolomm, 
PatTDnorum Dostroram, et utllltateni Ecdesie Excniensis, caritatis intuitu 
Bihabnndanti conferimua iterato, et eidem Exonienai Eccleale ila Decauo, et 
tpdns Ecclesie Decanatni de penona tna similiter proridtmus ; Inveatieti tea le 
par birreti noitrl tradicionem preaendaliter de aodem. In quorum omnium 
teaUmoninm premtssa omnia et singula per Raduljibuni de Stoke, clericnm, 
Notarinm Publicum ei Scribam nostrum, ad premissa npecialiter adbibitum, 
■critn, publican, et in pnplicam formani rcligi mundavimua, noBtriqna dglllt 
munimine fecimus com muDiri. —Datum et actum die, l^co, et anno supradictiii, 
Indicdone IX, FootiDcatus Sanctissimi Patris ac Domini, Domini Clementis, 
DlriDa Providencia Pape Quinti, Anno Seito,-presentibiui Domino Petro de 
Honitoue, lUcardo de Brajleshe, Kichulao de Hele, Magistro Romero de Sancto 
Conatantino, Ricardo de Falkawille, Jobaime <le la Pomeray, et aliia ad premiaaa 
vocatis et rogatis speoialiter Teetibus, — Et e^o, Radulphus de Stoke, olerious, 
Exonien^ DTOCeai", Sacri Romani Imperil Auctoritate Notariua PnhlicUi, 
premiaaia omnJbaa et aingulia, dictis die et loco. Anno, Indiccione, et Pontiflcatu 
fuprwllctla, prout anpraaciibitur, per VenenbUem Patrem predictum ac dictum 
Hagiatnun Baitholomaum actia et geetis, una cum piedictis Tntibus presaoa 
InterftJ, eaque lic at premittttor OeH tidl et aodiTl, et ea omnia at singula de 



nuDdAto et anctoritst* dicti PatrlB muin mea scripBi, et In banc pablieam 
fonnaiD redesL meoqae slgno conaneto signavi, sub Anno, Die, IndiccloDe, 
Pmitificati^jalocoprfldictid. — EthabetidamDecuiasLlteru Indncciania ; BV'. 

The Chancdlor of the Gatliedral, — 

— Ditpentado faOa Cancdlario [Magistro Rogaro de Olmj], tuper Liebtra, — 
Licet ei OnUniudoiie drca Appropriiiciouem et AnnexioDem Eocleaie SMlcts 
Neweline, in Comubu, Ctuic«llarie tue prediute dudum factaa, Cuicellaiio 
qui pro tempore fuerit in Ecclesia EioDienai predicta, legendi et instnieiidi 
Hlmatro* ipaiua E^ewe in Tbeologia ^el Jure CsaoniDo onua imponatur, 
quia, tamen, nobis noCoria liquet et eiiatit manifeate notum quod 
smolumeDtum de Cancellaria predicts nullatenua hactenua percepiati, nee 
usque ad Featum Beati Hichaelia Archangeli proximo futurum pereep- 
tuniB ea, undn hujuamodi Lecture onus vel luBtruccionia wucioun quomodo- 
Ubet Taleaa vel dtibeaa eobportare, te ad hoc odus agnoaoendum et suppor- 
tsodou) ante Featum Beati Hichaelia prelibatum, per t« Tel alium, minime 
teneii auctoritate Presenciuin dedaramua. Et si farsati dm hoc egeaa 
Diapenaacione noatni, teoiun aupur hoc, teaore Preaeuduin, Pontifitsli 
Auctoritate diapeoaamus.— In cujua rei, etc (SS April, ISIO] ; 49*>. 
— Diipentation granted ia Chancdlor Soger de Otery,— 

Eo quod p«T Ordinadonem ciros Eoctesiam Saocte Newdine, annexam tue 
Cuicellarie, dudum &ctam, cerlus modus legendi et infonnandi Gerum 
Eccleme noatra pradicte tibi prefinitur, non outaate, oum pretaetii utilita- 
tiboB et legeodi officio pro aubaeripto tempore medio perBunalitor openm 
dare nequeaa condaoaater, ut a Feato Beati Uichaetis proximo futuro usque 
ad annum complete reiolutum hujuamodi l^^di et infonnandi actum in 
alterutia de quibua dicta Ordinocio cummemorat facultatum, per ilium 
baquilarium vdoneum eicercere valeaa ; prebabito anper hoc cum Decaco et 
Capitulo Ecclesie nostre predicte tractatu diligenti, Eccleaie noatre erideuti 
ntilitate inapecta, de ipeorum eipreaao conaenau, tecum auctoritate Preeen- 
dum miaericorditer dtapeiiBainus. Nolentea quod tibi, si fonan per te 
legendi oCGcium prelibatum aliquibua t«mporibus eponte elegeiia, quo ad 
hujuamodi vacaoionia immunitatem et Diapenaaciimii benefldtun, quin per 
aUum nichilominus, ut premittitur, cum tu ipM hujosmodi legendi et 
luformatidi officio peraonalitar non inateterii, idem offidum p«r rsriduum 
dicti tmnporis spadom, sotitis tempodbus, prout regioniB moa expoad^ nim 
Canonionm impedimentum obeiatat, ut premittitur eiequi raleaa, prqudi- 
dum qaomodolibet {^neretur.— Et noa, Decanua et C^^tulum aotedkU, 
prehabito, ut auperius annotatur, auper premisaia tractatu diligenti, 
preaeucialiter premiasis omnibus et aingulia gratum et benivolum oonaenaum 
prebemua pariter et aaaenaum (17 Jul;, 1310) ; G3. 
LtOer to Chanmiior Benry de Nivttone.^ 

WalteruB, etc., dileoto Alio Magiatro Henrioo de Niwetone, Cancellario in 
E^leaia noatra Exonienai, aalutem etc — Licet, ex quadam Ordinadone 
habita in Bkxleeia noalra Exonienai predicts, Cancellario qui pro tempore 
fuerit in eadem legendi. at inatruelidi Uioistroa ipdus Eccleaie et alios in 
Sacra Tbeologia, vel saltern Jure Canouioo, onus dt impodtum ab antique ; 
quia, tamen, nobis uotorie liquet et manifeatJUN notum euatit quod 
emolumentum aliquod de hujuamodi Cancelkria haotonus nuUatenua 
peroepisti, neo usque ad Featum Beati Michaelia proximo aecuturum ea 
peroepturua, undo onera incumbenda ddem yaleaa oomode auatinen-, te ad 
hoc onuB agnoaoendum et aupportandum ante Featum Beati Hichadia 
predictum par t« vel per alium non leneri, auotoritate Presenciuiil, 
declaromus, tilHque ut interim, in loco ubi UniTeraitas seu Studium liget 
generale, inustere valeaa studio Literarum Uceadam, quantum in nobis eat, 
ooncedimua et liberam feoultalem. Bt, ai forte Daatra ctrca bee Dispen- 
sadone egeas, tecum super hiia, auotoritate Puutifiodi, tenors Preeendum 
diapensainuB. — Datum apod Ebunicum, iiiiij die menaia Ochibris, Anno 
Domiiii M<> OCO™ fioaaimo seoundu: 160^. 

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Archdeaconry of Exeter, — Commiasio de Compoto OAtdiendo: — 

Wihenia, etc, dUectu filiis Miigwtro Riciudo da Caletotw, Offlculi noatro, 
WaltcTO de Base, neaauruio in Ecvlcau Criditoaeiin, et Henrioo de 
Stowforde, OffituU Peculiana JurudiccioniB noatro, aalutwn, etc. — Cum 
dudum defiincto bone niamoria Mugistm Willelmo Filio Rogonia, Arohi- 
duouno Bxomenai, Mitguter Kogorua de Murteba, clericuo, tam ante moHan 
dioti Hagiitri Willelmi quam luloequeDter poat mortem ipaiua, perquisita 
dicti ArdiidiscDDatuB, tam ad eundem defunctum quam ad Doe poetmodum 
duisnte vacadone ejtudem pertineiicia, ipeiua defuDcti et noatro nomine 
ooll^uaet et reoepiaaet, n«c ait Eiecutoribua dicti defucoti Tel Dobia de 
hujiumodi perquiaito coUeoto adbuc aliqualiter Batiafactum ; aet dum 
dictum perquiaitum ab eodem Hagpatro Rogero per noatroa, ipae per 
Boludonem ejuadem taotam Eiecutoribua uil^ctis, et dum per ipaoa fd 
exigitur, per aoludoaem nobis eiinde factam nititur eicusure, aioque 
hujiumodi parquiaito in manibus prefati Uagiatri Roger! integre remanent*, 
noa, Toleotca auper hiia quatflnua poiaumuB effid cerdorea, Tobia tenora 
Preeendum oommibtimua et maodiiiiiu quatinui, asaignato (lie) eidem 
Hagiatro Rogero aliquibua certia die et looo, coram Tobia ad calculaoduDi 
pleniuB super iitia, TOeBtla ad hoc eiadem Executoribua, jpaiiu r« ' ' ' 
super coDtingentibua Executom predictoa ^uam noa apecUliter i 
debits audire curotia, ita quod eitunc adn valeot cui quid debitun 
part« exiatat ; eundem Uagiatrum Kogerum ad id. ai oporteat, debite 
(WmpeUentee. Quod a! non omnea Mia eiequetidia interfueiitia, duo 
vcabum nichilominua per omuia auper hiia fodaut quod incumbit ; reacri' 
baotea notna, premiaaia eipeditia, quam ddua oomode poteritiB, per veatrw 
Patentea Litnaa harum aeriem continentee, quid fecsritia ia promiaaia: 
buiuamodi^ edaoi, raciocuiia nobia tunc vcatria aigillia fideliter remittatit 
indiiaa. — Datum, apud Nortone, yij die meuaia Deoembria (ISIG) ; 111. 
The Dean and Chapter present to, — 

St. Hollion ; 44'>; Sidbary ; 60*: at. Kerian'a, Exatar ; 62'', 70, 184>': Waat- 
leighi GS: St. Conatantine; 67^ 60, IKfi: St. Faul'a, Oietar ; SS*>: Sb 
Jamaa'a, Exeter; 70: St Winnow; Aid.: St. Sanaread ; 70, 106: 
Dawliab; 70: Thorvarton; IS^: Harberton (q-T-, /n*t) ; 76'': St Mary 
Church ; IV: St. law? ; 100: Littleham V. ; 106: Staverton ; lOG, 107: 
Upottaiy; 127, IM: Holy Trinity, Eieter; 128: St. Fetnnk'a, Eittter ; 
128: Buckerell; 141: Went Anatey ; 144''; SL Erth; 145: Altemon ; 14S, 
160": Colyton; ISl". 

Concerning certain Bovsee in the Close, — 

dnamiwion: Quinto dedmo die Nortmbria, apud Lagoforde {lU) juita Sarum 
[SU^pU- Longford], facta fiut Commiaaio Majpatra Rogero de Oteiy, in C^aa 
AppelladoniB inler Hagiatmm Ricardum de Horcestre, Partem Appellantem, 
et HagiBtrum Radulphum Oermeyn, Partem Appellatam, anper quibutdam 
Domibna infra Ctanaum Eionienae : 3Q''. 
— \The Camons' Houses in the Close, Vinitations of, — 

— Tlmtado Domorum Canonlcorum Ecdeaie Beati Petri Eionieiisia, infra Cbuaom 
Cimiterli predicte Ecdeaie, qnaa Canoaici tunc inhatiitabant : facta pridie Idua 
Junii [12 Junel, A.D. MiUeBimo triomtesiino prime, per Maglitros Jobarijiem de 
Upavane, Snbdecaanin et Penitanclariuin Ecdeaie predicte, «t Robertom de 
Veteri Terra, tone ganaacalloa Scaccaril Ecolesla snpradicta, nna cum Roberto, 
derico predict! Scaccarii : asaodatia eiadem Senescallis in predicts Visttadona 
Douiinia Johaone Hnnteyn et Willelmo de Berkatede, predicte Eccleaie Vicariia, 
in hn)uamodi Vialtiidoniniu peritls reputatia :- 
Inprimb. DoioDa Hagistri Bartholomd de Sancto Laurendo, Archidiaconi Exooie, 
iBppenantDr competentea in Aula, Uapalla, Uameris, et aliia officinis, ac 
BiLffldentaa eciam in ortls et virgoltiii per eundem meliaratia ; nee eat ibi deTectoa 
Dotoriua. ut videtur. 

vigiute Precentorie, quaa inhabitat Magiater Johannea da Upb 
Domini WiUelmi de P 



Cunen Dooiini, CapelU, et ali« CuDBre, cum Bnls lingalla offidnii, rant 

conip«tentea et suffldentes. 

Damns UomiDi' Andres fde Eilkemiy], Dccini, iiut compeleiit«s et snfficientes, 
et multum per enm metionte in CBmeris, Uapella, et tli'a aingulii oOtdnis. 

Id Hmpido Mt^triWilleJmldeSaucta Elena est Aula competen), et due Cunero 
■officieBtos. Et fecit idem Mnpater Willelinus in ijio Hospido mnltM 
luelioracionee, tuiu in constmendo Capellua et eBiuiuum la Catiien lua, tam in 
coqaina, pistrino, et In mnra erecto ad novrnm Camenm conatraeDdam. Et ti 
■liqDii tempore fuamnt ille Uamnii competantea, niodo aunt mnlto oompeten- 

Dopins Uagtatri Roberti de Veteri Tnra sunt sufficientes, tarn in Aata qtiam in 

Cameris et ceteria oflicinia miittum per euni emendatia. 
Domus Magistri Thome lie Lecchelade hddI autEcieatea Id Aula et In CaDeda, M 

Doaiu Uo^ttri Petri da Inaula onper Tiaitata annt per quoadam cartos Visita- 

tcmc ad noo alectoa, et Inrente defective uaqoe ad eatimaclotiera x mareanun ; 

qua cum toarint rapporate viaitabuntai. 
DomuB Uagistri Roberti de Cunba Bant debilesj venimptamaD per ipsam aont 

meliofate, et in melinri etatu quam aaa lecepit. Et, taman, magna indigsnt 

Domua Domini Wtllelml de PantyDgtone : nnlla eat anffidena preter AoJam, 

Cameram propriam et Capellam et Cameram in Tnnl Ceten annt dabUea at 

Domoa Canoellarii aunt anfflcientea, et In aingulls officinia mnltnm par amidnm 
meliorate ; acilloet, per Magistrum Hmricum de Sumecsete. 

Domna quia inhabiUTit Magiiter Adam la Blunt, mortnua, aunt anffidenter 
repparale ad inhabitaadum, sumptibua Capituli et piopiiia, qno ad Aolam at 
Cameras ; preteniDBm Solaritim Juxta coqainam est rainoanm bun inferius qnam 
Buperius: qui deTectos eetimatur ad Ct. perMagiatium Etogarum camentannm, 
qui peritua eat in talibua. 

HsHoitAl'IiUHqiiod, Anno Domini M" CCOtercIa intnnle, die Jovia proiima poet 
Featqni Annandacionis Dominice [28 March], DomiDDi WUIalmna de Pnntvug' 
tone, Arebidiaconua Tottonie, Magiater Robertas de Vateri Terra, Donunua 
Robertua de Aapertone, Magiitei RogsmaoemeBtaiios, viaJtararuatDoiuumquam 
oliquanda tenait Maglater Thonias de l^eccbelade, que modo per Decanum et 
" " ' 1 asiiignatui- Magistro Johanni de Upavene ; qnt inveneniut Aulam 
1 in luniinari ei parte Oricntall, et atabolum ruinosuni nt piina. et 
u duacBiii omnino defeutivam sea tamquam nullam : qnoa o 


defectus iident Visitatorca coneiderarunt poaae eniendarl par centum aolidb*. 
Poatea, canaiderarunt Decaaus et Capitulum quod, qnia predictua Uaglater 
Thoniaa nan Tuit vacatur ad predictam Vbitacionem, quod alia Hat Vigitacio et 

*oeetnr ad eandem ; quod et factum eiit ad spadnm decern dlemtn, acilloat ad 
diem Hartiaproximum post FeatumAaccLsionis Domini [21 May), Annopredido. 
Et atatneinnt Visitatorea Magiatros Willelmum de Sancta Elena et Wuldmom 
da Kilkenny, Duminum Robertum de Aspertone, et Magiatnim Rogenun 
camantaiinm ; qui in Ifao die Marlie, sequentes officium sibi iqjunctuni, 
eatimamnt almlliter ut )niua defectus in ipsa Domo ad centiim solidos. 

— Vlsitacio Domorum quaa iobabitavit Maslater Jacobus de Berkeley, hcta die 
Bancti Matbie, Apostoli, Anno Domini Milleslmo trieenteaimo undedmo, per 
Hag<atmm Willelmum de Kilkenny et Dominum Robertum de ilaaelacbawe, 
d^utatos per Decanum el Capitulum ad taxandnni defectna Domorum predtct- 
anim. £t inrenti fuerunt defectUH in diversia loda qui poterunt repaiari cma 
lij marda ai^nti et nullo modo pro minor! ptedo,— preaentibUBtuDC, ib' 
Magiatro Johanne de Upavene, Willelroo cenientario, Wsltero a~ — '" 
Boberto, clsrico Scaccarii \2i Feb., 1311-13], 

— -Vlsitacio Domorum qnaa mbabitavit Dominum Johannes de Knovila, C 

GxonietuiB, dafunctua, facta per Magi stroa Willelmum de Kilkenny et Ricardum 
deWidsactude (fie), Cananicoa£ccltBieEianieDaispnidicte,dia Lone proiimaanta 
Fcrtnm InfctiGionia Sancta Urada, Anno Domini, etc, zjtiy°[2 Hay, l^tj: — 

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Inpilmia, iidem TiBitstores isTeneraQt defoctiu oniiu postii In magna ctsluio, cnm 
bpide nd podem: estiniontur tij«. IMiri, in ftftctura uniue g^te [i.e. ajoitl]: 
mimttja tiijd. Et dclidt imiu lapis pru Iiobio hoitii inter miyomnccUnani et 
rolDorem, eatanuto* \jiJ. Gt lunt def»ctiu la bortto n^jons ceUril, ntinuti ijd. 
El mint defactiu in tntsisticio Ounere interioriB et cloacim (stc), aatlniiiti vjil, 
Et ciutus [the coal] ad terraudum intvriorem (Janienni a^tiniatur ad xd,, cum 
allii defections ibidem. Et sunt dafectaa in bmtio magne Oiuuere et jaxta idem 
hoettum, nun caienda asnuv, estimati iriijd. Et defectiu in uno interetlclo 
Inter coqaiDam etquAndamCamcram juitaeandameBtimuttur U^a. ijd. Ktaont 
defectoB in Camera ad terguin magoi BCanni AuIb, eatimati ijs, vjii. Et in muro 
ethoBtiDejnHlflm Camera, eatimatirjii, EtinpuDotnacioiie[M«jwinfinif]Mniiium 
Domomm, videlicet calce, sahulo, et atipeDdiix coonenitonim, estimata vjs. ri)d. 
Etaunt defectuB in Camera Juitacoijninam et instabulo aubiiu et JDita doacsam, 
estiniati jiiijs. Et est detectus in citreniitate Ante uniua giate ad amtinen- 
dnm tigna, in tranaveno finia eoronJem, eatimatus iijs. Item neceaat 
M«t dspouere omnem coopeTtuntm tocius Aule, et tigna emendare, et cc 
tnram novam Tacert, c^jsa cuatiia aatimatur xii^>. Et aunt defectua in antenun 
hostio Aole, et deGciunt tres giatit ultra porticnm ibidem: eatimati iis. — 
ArMvaof Ote D. and C, Xo.mS, pp. i6-ls. Se, page l<n, noU {').] 

St. James's Priory, — 

Licence gnoted to Stephen, tlie Prior, to visit the UDther-Hoiue (St Martiu- 
iO'the- Fields, Paris); he waa to return before the beginning of Deaember, or 
be«iconunanieatedtpo/'<KA)(20 0ct., 130S] ; Sfl. te, aUo, "LurL"; Sfif. 

St, Nicholas' Priory, — 

Soger, prior of; G4'': " OoUector Dedme " in Devon ; L 212t>: eleoted Abbat 
ot Battle; Uiid. — The Prior and Convent presented to Affeton ; ti?': 
PouKhiU (Daurn); ti^: Pinhoe i S2, 124: ButUrkigh ; 82l>: Bnunpford- 
Speke; 131: L^merton ; 171''. CoUunptoDi 174^ 

The Prebendal Chapel in the Castle — 

ItOtr front Ihe Bithop to titt Lady Alianora dt Cburtenay:— " Archidiaoonatum 
ExMlieiuem .... nuper .... viaitaaCee, invenimua quod diacretua vir, 
Dominus Willelmus de Strete, in Capella dc Castro Ezonieiwi, ad preeent- 
■donem Testnm, duaa Prebendss' tenet, et aimul tenuit per non modioa 
tempon jam tnnaacta. Et licet prima Prebenda per admiaaioDem secunde 
lacaverit, et eio vacani tanto tempore eititerit quod ipeius Collacio eat ad 
nos leptiine devohita, maiime eum ignoranoiam super hue pretendere non 

Citb, ei eo quod utramque PreMDdam ad preaentadonem vestiam 
it, ot dioitur, aasBoatua: ToteDtee, tamen, vobis de apeciali graoia hao 
vice ditferre, cui jua presentandi ad eandem dicitur pertinere, Tobis de 
Taeadons predicta hiia noetris Literis nunciamus ut ad eandem preaentare 
ponitda Peraonam fdoneam, eum videntia eipedire " [20 June, 130S] ; i2. 
FMo prttenci^it Capdlt de Cattro JSccnie .- — 
Item, memorandum quod xii" die ejusdem mensij (Jan., 1321-S), Dominus 
eitat«iui penonaliter in Caatro Civitatia Exonie ingreeaus eat in Capellam 
ejusdem Castri, que Prebeodalia eat, aaaiatentibua sibi Henrioo do Walmea- 
forde, tuno tenente locum Vioeoomltia Devonie, Domino Roberto de Stokhaj, 
Milite, Henrioo de Bokerel, et aliis in multitadine copioea, et ridit eandem 
Capellam, in qua aiDgulia diebua celebrari oonsueTerant Divino, ruinoeam et 
in nonnnllis partibua ejusdem disooopertam, hostia fraota, et quasi penitua 
sine Celebradone Divinorum deeolata. Dieebat quod remedium super hoc 
qnamdciuB oomode poaaet apponeret oportonuin ; 164. 

' The Prebenda inferred to are those of admitted to the latter, and he seema 

Carswdl and Hajee. Strete held the to have stt^npted to retain both 

taaam tot • short time ^Mton being Pidennait«, 

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Exeter ; the Parish-Churches, — 

Holy Trinity, — air Hogb, E. of,— DispoDBation r aon-nadeiioe till Hioh&el- 
mu, " ut . . . . intandare v^eat obaequiu Damine AbbatiaM de Berkyng 
(7 May. 1309) ; iO*. 

St. Mary- Ai-ches [Beate Marie de Arcubus, MS.], — Sir Haaj S»ke, 

prieat, R. of, — DupenaatiaD : DOD-raeiileiioe for a yaar, to study, ato. (28 

Sept., 1321); ISI. 
St Mary-Major, — Sir Robtirt de AspertoliB, tlie Rector, being diaaUed by 

infirmity. Sir William de PedertoDe, a Ticar in the Catliedral, and Robert 

de AlSngtoae, prieat, were appointed coadJDtora (3 Aug., 1816} ; US''. 
St. Olave'9, — Master Walter de Sancto Leonardo, deacon, R. of,— tHapeoaatian : 

non-rendenm till the Feast of St. Peter ad Tineul* (1 Aug., 13E0), to 

study, eto. (22 Dec, 1316) ; 1460. 
St. Petrock S, — Sir Walter de Lieiitrenchard, R. of, — Lieenoe of non-reaidHica 

till WhitauD-Day (11 June), "ad imrtjn,^.m Magialii Jofaannia Blojou" 

(7 Feb., 1817-18); 12fi. 
Exeter College, the Statutes of ; see Oxford 
Exminster [Exemynstre, MS.], — 

lliis Benefice being vacant. Sir John de Luslleghe waa appointed " jconomiu " 
' of the revenues (U June, 1310) ; I41>>.— Muter Thonaaa de Plympatoke, 

clerk, R.,— Dispensation: non-reoidenae for a year, to study, eta (2S Felx, 

lSlE)-20) ; he was to take deacon's Orders vrithin the year ; 14S. — Hanng 

taken deaoon'a Orders, his Dispensatioa iros renewed till 81 Dec, 1821 

(3 Feb, 1320-1) ; 16fi ; Agun (28 Feb., 1321-2) ; IflS^: snd, again, for time 

yeara, bom 28 Oct, 1322 ; IBB*. 

Eycote, Wm. de ; see Gildeforde, Henry de,— " Wills " ; L 201''. 

Faber, John (of Truro),— 

Committum, directed to Sir Adam de Carletooe, Arcbdeaoon of Cornwall 
(B Sept., 1310), — in dtuaa inter Hatildam, reliotam quondam JohaiiiiiB 
Fabri, de Treru, laioi. viduam. actrjcem, ex parte una, et Willelmum Walter, 
Thomam Trel^e, Tliomam Peticreu, et Hogenim Tresur filium WoUe, 
noatre Dyoceats, reoa, ax altera, nobia a Sede Apoatolica delegata, voKs 
cum Canonioe coherdooia poteatate oommittimua vioea nostras ; CG''. 

Fabiao, John, chaplain ; L 213. 
Fairroan, Robert called, — 

Commi*$ion, directed "die Mca;«urii proiima ante Featum E i altadonis Sancto 
Cruda " (6 Sept, 1310), to Master John de dpavene, the Subdean,— In 
n^tocio petite Purgadonia Robert!, dicti Fairman, raper furto uniiis equi in 
Huudredo de HaytArre, Comitatus Devonie, ooram JustidBriiB Domini 
Regis ad priaonaai ejusdem Regis in Comitatu predicto liberandam 
deputatia indictati, at propter hoc carceri ncatro per eoadem liberat^ oum 
omnibus et nngulia ArUoulis ad ipsum negodum pertineDtibua, vobia am 
Caaonioe ooherdoaia potestate, tenore Presendum, oommittimus vioea 
nostras ; BSK 

— Ltiem TeUimonialu, — llie Bishop reten to the charge of theft and to 
Bobert's imprisonment, and proceeda thus — " Idem, tamen, Clen'cua sub- 
•equenter, ooram discrete Tiro, Majpatro Johaoni de Upavow . . . , foots 

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primHiu super hoc, Buctnritale noetn, pracUmaoioiie solsmpni certu die et 
looo idbi ID hao parte uaigDatii, perMinalit«r oonttitutas, prebabitU omnibus 
et aingulia que m facto hujuunodi roquirebtuitiir, super predioto furta sibi, 
ut pramitiitur, impmito Canaiuce oe putgavit " (19 Oct., 1310) ; S7. See 
Ord-Ptit.. 226. 

Falkawille, Richard de ; 62''. 

Falle^e, Ralph la, held two Knights Fees of the Bishop of 

Exeter, in Stoke[-Bishop'8] ; 15''. 
Fareford, Richard de ; L 197. 
FaringdoD {Hants), The Manor of " la Wodecote ", — 

Robert de Potricft, "suiu humiUa clericus et subjectiu," writea to the Biahop 

' " " "■ ■ '■m (ugere cupiena et vita 

JB teaeo apud U Wodecote' 

followH: — "litem et iudigiuidonem T«atnm (ugere cupieoa et vitaie. 

e dicti aerricii debitia, juzts tenorem Coiuuetudiharii, aeu prout in 
Consuetudinorio Tettro ibidem oontinetur, teaore Preeendum reoognoaoo. 
—In cujua rei, etc"— Dated, London, 4 Aug., ISll ; S3. 
The Biahop'g reply :—" Licet redone iaici taoementi quod de nobis tenetie 
apnd Lawodeoote in Hsneiio nostro de Fuiidone, ad superrideudum et 
cuatodieodum peraonaliter meeeores nostroa apud Famdone, diebua qui 
vnlgaiiter Bednp nuncupantur, sitja istricti, prout per coQBuetudiDBrium 
ejusdem MJiuerii et recognioiQiieni reetram inde ttooia factam nobis est 
suffidenter facta fides ; Tolenten, tamen, coDtemplacione peraone veetre, 
quam ainceru aSbotu diligimua, toUh super hiia graciam faoere apedolem, 
teoare Preeendum Tobia coDcedimus u( dictum >eniiauDi per attomatum 
vesbiim ydoneum, per vestras Patentee Literas oonstitutum, quamdiu 
dictum tenementum, diebua noatria, in manu vastra tenetis, faoere ; quodque 
dictum attAmatuQl, si vobis ploouerit, mutare annia singulis modo simili 
valentis.— In cujua, etc — Dated at Stookwoll, near London, fi Aug., 1811 ; 

Famham, Qeoflrey de. Vicar of Stokenham ; L 190. 

Farnham, Wm. de, clerk, and Rd. de Kyldringtone, — appointed 
Prodors for the Bishop and his adherents, in all cssaa of Appeal (I April, 
1811); flO. 

Fauntestone, Richard de (son of Robert) ; L 191. 

' Dr. OIiTer thought that "la Wmleoote Elieter was not poasaaaor of the 

— now Wood " — waa in the Devon- Manor of Farringdon, but of Bishop's 

abire Pariah of Farritigdon ; and in Cliat in that Parish. And the words 

bia List of its Vicars he indadMl " in Manerio nostro de Famdone,' ' un- 

Atferi <U PMrica, who (he tells ns) doubt«dty, refer to the Uampahiie 

"occurs 6 July, 1311: See foL 63, Uanor, which he did posssas. See 

Stapaldon's Register," The reference OliTer's BaUi. Antiq., ii, 3S, and iii, 88, 

is tu the two Docoments in the Text 86, There are two farms in Faringdon 

(the date bdng a mistake for 4 Aug. ; called Upper and Lower Wooddde. 
there is no En try at all under 6 Ju^). ' " Bedreptt: daya of work performed 

But Robert de Patrica waa, then. R, in harvest-time by the oustomar; 

of Faringdon, HanlM', and it ia clear i^mnntfl. atthnhirliliTiv nf >,hHir Innla'* 
that la Wodecote waa not in the 
Deronahire Pariah. The Biahop of 

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Feniton p^etone, US.], — ThomM de Bodawejn, a,~-IioeiiM of non- 
nadance for & yau-, Lcot exoepted — "et dobit xu. ad t^btimn [oo 
hqjosmodi licHDcu hkbeudB " (iS June, 1309) ; 12. 

Fenlake, John de. Bee Ros, Saer de ; 38''. 

Fenlake, Joan de, see Orediton ; Q7\ 

Fenne, Walter de la, inst to Aahbury ; 43, (Ord.) 223''. 

Fenne, William de la, inst. to Buckfastleigh ; 49. 

Fenne, Thomas, de la, iiuit. to Buckfastleigb ; 172. 

Fenoteri, Richard de, $ee Harpford ; US'". 

Fentone, Adam de, inst. to Fretoinfirton ; ISS**. 

Fentongollen, the Manor of, see St. Michael- Penkevil ; 148, 163. 

Ferrers, Herbert de. R. of Newton-Ferrera ; 54, 60. 

Ferrariis, Sir John de, Knt, prenents to Thurlestone ; 39, 45, 

ISOMsg": toRame; 126. 
Ferariis, John de, R of Soothill ; 38^ (Ord.) 218, 221. 
Fereis, Matilda de, presents to Newton-Ferrers ; SC*. 
Ferrea, R^:inald de, inst. to Jacobstowe (CormtoaU) ; 39 : to 

Thurlestone; 45, 54^ (Ord.) 225. 
Ferers, Walter de, R. of Bere-Ferrera ; L 211''. 
Fer&riis, Sir William de, Knt., preaente to Bere-Ferrers ; 126, 

130 ; to Newton-Ferrers ; 171''. 
Fevre, Henry and Roger le, of liskeard ; L ^96^ 206". 
Fevre, Thorold le, eee Duntone ; 154''. 
Filleghe, Thomas de, presents to East Backland ; 53^ 85, 158 : 

to Filleigh ; 52. 
Filletone, Qeoffrey called de, — DiBpenB&tion (2S June, ISOS}; lie hid 

gone to the TKooeae of Bath, uid the Buhop of Bath had ordained h'm to 
all Uie Minor Ordsra, utd tubdeaooo, though ha had no Lioanoe from hit 
own Dioooan ; 1!. 

Filol, Robert; (Ord.-Pris.) 226. 

Fitz-Amulph, Thos., R. of Mamhead ; lOg". See Amulphi 

Fitz-Hugh, John, R of Ashton; 126^ 142", 154, 163", 167", 

(Ord.) 238, 241. 
Fitzpaine (or Fitz-Pf^n), Sir Robert de, Knt., presents to 

Puddington; 124: to Witheridge; 119, 123. 
Fiz-Raufe, Robert le, R of Rewe ; 241''. 
Fitz-Rogo, Sir Simon, Knt., see Meshaw (Inet.) ; 110. 
Fitz-Rogo (also, Fiz-Roges), William, Provost of Glaaney ; SS"* : 

i-esigna for (he Archdeaconry of Ezeter; 62'': deceased; 69", 

76\ He was, for a short time, ^jchdeacon of Bam- 

ataple; S8. 

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Fita-Stephen, Sir Gilbert, Knt., we Teukyabyry, Nicholaa d» ; 

39, 46^ 
Fitz-Stephen, William, son of Gilbert, aee Kentiabury {Ingt.) ; 

Fitz- Thomas, John, son of Walter ; (OrtI.-i»rw.) 222''. 
Fitz- William, Robert, presents to Otterham ; 40, G7\ 
Flamange (or Flamanke), Richard le, inst to Roche ; ISg*", 

15P, (Ord.) 241. 
Flambard, Wal ter, called de Wyke, — CommunoQ, dinoted to iUchud de 

Morcsatre, ArchdeacoD ot BamiUpIe, Willum de Kilkenni, uid BeDediet da 

Putone, CaDoiu of Eiater, in the matter of a Papd Pi«Tuioa, in his 

laTour, to a BoneBoe in the Patronage of Buckfait-Abbey (IE Jan., 191S-7) ; 

Ftemynge, Baldwin le, presents to Bratton-Fleming ; 61, ISS*" : 

toAlverdiscott; 15i>*>. — iS^ Highampton [le Flemanc, MS.] ; 

Flemyng, Mary, relict of Richard le; L 188.— Sm Bratton- 
Fleming ; bS : Highampton ; 83. 
Flemynge, Thomas !e, clerk ; see Bratton-Fleming ; 54 : inst 

to Bratton-Fleming ; 61, 74^ 111, 122^ 130, 144^ 154^ 

iOrd.) 240" : resigns ; 158 : is inst. to South Molton ; 157". 
Flour {also Flur), John le, V. of Tamerton-Foliot ; L 190*', 192. 
Folkewille. Rd. de. Proctor for ffillary, R. of St. Breoke ; 50. 
Fonte, John de, and William de Cobbatone, plaintiffs, and 

William de Loiimer, priest, defendant, — CommisaioQ to the 

Biahop'a Official-Peculiar (8 July, 1310),— no particulars given ; 68''. 
Fonte, John de, inst. to Northill ; 118, 122^ 154^ 181^ {Ord) 

240*. 241. 
Forde, the Abbat and Convent of, present to Payhembunr ; 

74^ 154, 181. 
Forde, Godfrey de, inst. to Landrake ; 176^ 
Forde, Michael de la. Chaplain of Splchewike in Widecombe- 

iu-the Moor ; 72^ 
Forde, Richard de, aee Canterbury; 111". 
Forde, Thomas de la. Proctor for Thomas de Baccotte ; 149'*. 
Forde, William de. inst. to Clayhidon ; 171. 
Fordyngtone, John de, inst. to Stoke-Damarel ; 1 29'', (Ord) 

240: resigns, and is inst. to Clyst-Uydon; 144", 145", 

152", (Ord) 243. 
Fore, Peter ; his escape from the Bishop's prison ; L 200. 
Forester, Henry le ; L 213". 

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Fomeaux, Sir Matthew de, Ent., presente to Mesbaw ; 110. 

Forrabury [Forbury, MS.], Wm. de Stonhouae, clerk, R. of, — 
DispenaadoD : to gtud; " nl^ viget Bbutltiim generate " for two yean (8 
Oct, 1308] ; 3G^: renewed (for & benn not atated), 12 Sept, 1310; G6: 
Bgain, tm Michaelmu, 1312(19 Oct, 1311} i 6i^. 

Foratrete, William de. V. of Axminster ; L ISS"", 207. 

Fowey ; Taxacio Vicarie de Fauwe : — 

In the oouree of his recent Visitaticiii of the ArchdeUMniy of Cornwall, 
the Bishop had asoertaiiied that the Viomge of this Church (which was 
appropriated to Tywardreath Priory), was so slenderly endowed that the 
Vicar, Sir John de Treveaor, was unable to support himself and diachaim 
the necessary hurdena of his Benefice. He determined to increase the 
Vicar's income, and, baring cancelled all previous Taxations, ordered— 
" quod idem joharniea tt siii BucoeaaoreB .... habeant et penipiuit^ 
Domiue Vicarie sue, mansum in quo dictus Dominus Johannea jam inhabJtat, 
et totum SoDctuarium dicte Eoclssie, totum ecdam altilagium, aiib quo 
dedmam omoium molendinorum ad aquam in Parochia dicte Eocleaie de 
Fauwe, nncnon dedmam feni et curtilagiorum in eadem Parochia nunc 
exiatendum cum vangis exciiltorunt, — b quo, quidem, altiJagio demna* 
piadum et duorum molendinorum ad ventum, juita Fauwe de novo 
erectorum, ac eciam minuiaa dedmiu Uanerii de lYenant, et moitnarium 
rivonim animalium dumtaxat todus Parocbie, per preoentem Otdtnadonaii 
Doatram adicta Vicariaeidpimos; quss st quod prefatia Priori et CMlventni 
Tolumua remanerc" All ordinary burdens, including the repair ol the 
Chancel, the windows, Books, and Ornaments were to be divided between 
the Vicar and the Priory, the latter to be responaible for two thirds and tJba 
former for one third of the ooat ; but alt extraordinary bordens were to &1I 
on the Prior and Convent (IE Nov., 1311) ; 69'>. 
Foxhole, in Wbitatone {ComwaU) ; L 191. 
Foxeleghe {also, Foxle), Sir John de, one of the Judges of 

Aaaize; 53^ 54, 60, 79, IIB". 
France : the following Documents were copied into the 
Register, without note or comment, — 
Memorandum quad Permme injraierijile, aitigjiaU per Domimm Rtgan Anglit 
ad mperindemivm ( tie) Procanaa VatconU, tt ad prtmdendutu nmedbim 
taftr todaa, dido Domino Segi et ipniu CoiMio mpmnoMon mam 
tmdidenaa »ii* haa forma .-— 
L — Wantjer, Leresque Deioeatre, Thomas de Cobbeham, Wantier de Thorp, 
et Biohaid de Pljmpetoke, qui feurent assignee a surver lea Pt«XB da 
Oascoyne et de aalea Fartiea, et pur ordiner remedis pur noatre Beignur le 
Boy, TOUB diount qe sur lea Proces qe le Boy de l^unoe ad fait bure en 
oelee Parties par ordinarie conisaunce eux ne seuent trover sufiBsaant 
remedie et cartein pur la Partie noatre Roy, ne par lea diti Prooea, na par 
lee Eacritz, qe leur aonnt monatre hora de la Treeurie, atl pleat au Boy de 
Fraunoe de oontinuer lea diti Frocea. Et diount outre qe lour semble qe 
bOD serroit de faire aukunes requeetee pur noatre Seignur le Roi, et pur see 
Qentt, au Roy de Fraunce, et en delaute de luy al Pape, aur lea dita Proceo, 
«t BUT lee peea aundanea et novelea, et aur les Frocea qeaount fait et a (airs 
sur les peea. Et dioma ensement qe eoi ne seuent ne ne poount ne ne 
oseouDt ordiner Isa formee dea ditea requeatee, ssunc lea plus " ' '~ 

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1m reqaestM feoMDt faites su Roi da Fniunoe, et, en defnuta ds luy, al Pipe, 
pu lea pliu grauDE et lea phia aviaeea du Cooaail no«tr« Seigour la Roi. Et 

oao a mouat gminl h:ute, ksr il jra mouit gnunt pBiil en le dela; ; 73''. 
[Not dated; but entered uoder February, 1312-13]. 

II. — Philippui, Dei gracia Frauoorum Rai: notum facimua UDireraia preaenti- 
btui et futnria quod, cum olim ad tiarea noatrda, Offioialiain, et aubditorum 
no«t«>niiii, et predpne quorundam appellanoium, tarn Ducatui Aquitanuie 
quam Tieinamni panium, climoaa frequena iniinuado perduzerit Donaullaa 
inobediaaciaa comiDiwu cotitni Doa et ipeoa, gravea et enurmeB injuHaa, 
violeDciaa, dampua, pt graTamina, nobis oc ipeia iUats, homioidia, raptua, 
inoendia, ac n[«naa. plarimaque alia meleGcia fuiaae perpetrata per Senea- 
oalloB, Bajuloa, H^orcs, Ufficialeaqiie alioB, servientee et aabditoa koriaaimi 
filii et Bdelii noatri, E^wardi Regie Anglia illustru, Duda Aquilaonia ; 
■uper quibua, aeu eorum allquibua, certoa Proceasua per Comminearfoa 
Doetroa, propter hec in eiadem partibus direraia vicibua deatinatoi a nobia, 
fieri mandantnua, ad adendum ai delala nobis, ut predidtar, vem eiaent, et 
providendimt super biia per viam rigoria juitide vel aliu, ut deceret, et 
ocMaiotie eeo ex cauaa dictarum iuobt^enciarum, injurianim, Tiolenciaruin, 
tnalddomm, et aliorum predictomm, prefatua Dui in torefacturam 
terrarum auarum vel peuam aliiim, dictique Seneacalli, Baiuli, Majorea, 
OfHcuJea, terrJeotM et aubditi D^eia ejuadem, in conamifem temrum 
•uanim vel corporua fore&cturani, ku pecuuiariain vel oliam penam 
inoiderint, yel potuerint Teriaimiliter iucidiaae, — Nob, pulcrum vindicte 
■lenai ignoacereraputantea inquulibetprendente, et attendentea quod dictua 
Hex et Dux, ac VaabelLi, uxor ejua. Begins Anglie illuatria, filU noetm 
karii^nia, diebus isija Begnum noatrum Frande viaitire votentee, illud ad 
requiaidouem noatram, non aine niagnia labanbua et eipenaia, iugrcasi 
fuenint, et ibidem, aaanmpto nobiacum Dominice Crude Signo pro paaaagio 
trnmnariuo fecerunt per aJiquod tempua reaidendaia peraonalem, ipaorum 
oonaideradone quorum affectamua deeideiiia complacere, et quibua noe 
reddere volumua liberalea, omnem fomfacturam terrarum, penam pecu- 
niariam et aliam quamcumqne, in quibua idem Dux, vel indite recordadooia 
Edwardna, quondam illuatria Rex Aoglie, progenitor amis et oonaacguineus 
neater kariBumoi, poterunt erga noa, ex predictia lel aliie quibuacumque 
Canada hactenua Inddiaiie — eidem Dud, necnon Seneeodlia, Bajulia, 
Hajoribua, Offidalibiu, et aervientibua guia ac aubditia ejuadem, ViUiirum- 
que dicti Ducatua CommuniUtibiia, qui aubditi et Commimitatea de precepto, 
mandate, vel oocaaioDe servicii Duda ejuadem, vel 3eaeecatlorum aut 
aliorum Offlcialium auorum, predicta commiserint, qiiamcumque forefactu- 
ram corponim, terrarum, et bonorum, banoimenta, omDemque penam 
pecuniaiiam aut aliam, quocumque nomine censeatur, de apeciali grada 
remittJmuB, et ipeoe omaea et aingiUoe lut funam leatituimua, et omnem 
infamie notam, ai quam ex ptemiama contralerint, abolemue, ex plenitudina 
Regie potealatia ; aalvo in premiaaia jure Parcium, et quolibet alieno, 
quantum ad interewe dampnorum, miaUrum, expeaaarum, ac penamm 
dvilium quarumcumque, qui ipaos per Proceeaua jam factoe, vel fieri 
in^oatoaaeu inohoandoe, legitime proeequi voluerintad intereaaepredictum. 
Quod ut fiimum et atatute permaneat in futurum, Preaentibtia Literia 
noatrum fedmua ^>poni aigillum.^ Actum apud Pyaaiacum, Anno Domini 

11° CCC™° terdodecuno, menae Julio die eecunda £t nemorandum good 

ula LiUra rtmanet pena Arann, et amiimSu Litem miitafmt Con^abtdario 
BttTdegaOit ptT MagiaTunWmdni.MK dt dm ! 78. 

II L — Philippua, Dei grada Franconim Bex: notum fodmua univsraia 
preaenUboa et futuria quod, in noatra preaencia propter hoc peraonaliter 
oonatitntua, dtlectua et fldeUa noet«r Amanenus, dictua de Lebreto, Milea, 
ad mandatum et requiaioionem noatnuu, et ob reTereodam kariaaimi filii et 
fidelia noatri, Edwardi, Dd grada Regis Anglie, Ducia Aquitaonie, cui 

I bagililM, honoTM 

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pulcriludiiie preeerf ata, omnibuB at ainguliB appeUadonibiu par enm pn> n, 
ftdharantibuB, hominibus, et subdids auU fiictis, uaqae in preaenteni diem, 
coDtra prefatum Diicem, vel Scneacolloit, BajutoB, UajoreB, Offlcialaaque 
alios et aerrientes dirti Ducia, quociiinque nomine ceoaeuitur, necnon ejus 
Bubdibw occBHone ipaiua, Frocesaibiis ecinm et SenUDciia quibiucumqua 
iode aeautia Tel alius factis, tam in Curia nnHtra Parisienii quam alibi comn 
Doatrii Commiaaania vel aliia OlGdiilibuB quibuacumque, occaaioDa Tel as 
cauaa injuriarum, violeneiarum, daiupDoruiii, et gruTUDinum iilatorum 
quomodolibet dicto Amaneao, hominibus et BuboUtia auU, an ndone 
booiiddioruin, raptuum, incendiorum, rapioaTum, vel aliorum quoruu)' 
cumqne malaficiomm qnomodolibet pcrpetiatonim contra dictum Amana- 
num, haminea et aubditos sues, per Seneacalloa, BajuloB, Hajoree, OSeialei, 
Berrientea et Bubditoa dicti Ducig, de Mmidata SeneacaUorum Tel oeeaaione 
aerridi Duds ejusdem, necnon omni juri et acdoni compatentibaa vnl 
oompetituriB occasinna premiaaorum, Tel alignonim ex premiaaia, dloto 
Amaneno, bominibiis et aubditia Buis, denuneinTit idem Amanenua, pro sa, 
hominibus, at aubditis suia, ailnqne adbarentibua, penitua et expreaae, 

Eromittens bona fide, et sub obligaciona Dmnium booorum auonim, px* le, 
ominibuB. aubditis, et adbarentibuB suis, quod contra renundadonem 
predictam per Be vel per aliiim uoDTeniet infiituntm.— In quorum omniiiia 
tesUmanium et munimen FrsBentea Literaa fieri fecimua et aigilli noatri 
appenaiane muniri. — Datum Pisiad, die aecitiids mensis Julii, Anna Domini 
Millasimo 000™ liij"". — Et taemoraiidum qund hee Litem fvit quadru- 
plicai-x ; de gaibui una remantt pena Segem, alia mum fuU Camtalmlario 
BvrdegaUie •per Magiitruia WUUtiaiiai de C'tuii. tereia Qi<niNtinitiili 
CivilatiM JiaioneTuii, et quarta Vicetomltiat de Byrne ; 78". 
Francissi, Mannittus, Merchant of Florence ; L 203^. 
Frauneeia, James le, Prebendary of Chulmleigh; 50^ 
- Franceis, James, R. of Whitchurch in 1321-2 ; \Qh\ 
Frauneeia, John ; L 199i>. 
Frauneeia, Rd.,inst. to Huxham; 100. iSeeHuxbain(/nfif.); BS^ 

F remington. Sir* . . . . de Nanatoaan, Vicar, — Licence to put out his BeoeSoa 
to (arm, far a fear from Hicbaelmaa, to Haatar Amsld Cotel, Rector of 
Challacoube ; but be waa to reside, and aerre hia Church in person'. — " Et 
concessit idem Vicarius gratis ad Fubricam ix«." (1 Aug., 1312) ; 73. 

Frithelstock Priory [Frithelestoke, MS.],— 

Oliver, Prior of: he was old and infirm, and Sir Humphrey, VicaV ot Monk- 
leigb, waa appointed his Coadjutor — " ita quod de hiis que sd secretam 
Regularem pertinent Dlaciplinam Ordinia aui te nuUatanus intromittu ; 
Tolentea et meiidnnteu qualmua hi^uamodi curftm taliter gerere atudeaa ut 
hoairitftlitHtem noD ttrneas in eodem" (10 Nor., 1311) ; 65''. 
— Committio pro Pnort de Frithde^ie providendo .- — 

Directed to the Abbat of Hnrtland and to Walter de Setone, Official-Prindpal, 
— " ad recipiendum ceasionem et resignacionem Fratria Oljveri, Prioria da 
Fritheleatoke, et aiU de vite necemariia ei bonia dicti l4ioratUB, ai opua 
[uerit, providendum et ordinandum ; factaque et reeeptsi cesaioae hujuB- 
modi, Conrentui itiius Lod Licendam eligendi oonoedendum, Eiectumqua 
Canonice couGnnandum, iit Elecdonem minua CaOonicam caaaandum, 
irritandnm, aau caaaam et trritam proaundandum ; et ad providendum 

' A blank not filled in. MichaeliH. . . . et eitunc redeat ad 

■ ButtheBishnpgrantedhim"Lioendam dictam Vioariam suam infra duoa 
visitandi Natale Euum, ita quod arri- mensee Bub pena privadonia." 

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eeUm, Bttiibuta ; et, ecium, ad omnia alia et dugula fadandum at eipedieii' 
dum que in premiiaii neoeeaaria fiurint ve! oportuiu. Et auper hoc 
emaniTit Commiaaio coDjunctJm et diviaim (28 Feb., 1322-3) ; 174. 

Fromund, Master Robert, Prebendaiy of Chulmleigh, — "promiait, 
oonxa Domino, ad Fabricam Ecclede Sancd Petri Ezome, de doDo auo 
gnrfnito, dimidiain morcam, aolvandani in Featia Katalii Domini el Faache 
proximo aeqneDtibua, equia pordonibua (2 Supt., 1310) ; 5i^, — JSte Aah- 
nipMj; 72». 

Fulford [Foletord, MS.], in Dunsford (q.v.) ; 100". 

Foleforde, Clement de, R. of Widwcrthy ; 37, (Ord.) 218, 222. 

Foleforde, Henry de, inst. to Belstone ; 181. 

Foleforde, William de, presents to Belstone ; ibid. 

Fulmyngham, Richard de, (late) Canon of Crediton ; 43. 

Fyncham, Adam de, see Bosham ; 16*', etc. 

Fyshacre alao, Tj^aaere, Sir Peter de, Knt., presents to Stoke- 
Rivers ; 42'' : to Moreleigh ; 7S'' : Patron of the Perpetual 
Chantry in the latter Church ; 70. 75''. 

Fyshacre, Peter de, R ot Stojce-Rivers; (Ord.) 218: inst., to 
Charlea ; 42^ {Ord.) 222^ 224^ 225 : inst to Kontisbury; 
85^ 129. 

Fishftcre, Robert de, inst. to Abbotskerswell ; 157^ {Ord) 243. 

Qale, Geoffrey de la, — Litera super Libertate Nativi : — 

Notum ait omoibus preaentibiia et futuria quod noo, Waltarua, eta dedimiu 
et oonceasimuB Haglatro Oalfrido de la Qale, clerira, Ricardum de la Qale, 
filium Bdwaidi de la Sale, nativum noatrum, cum tota aequela aua et 
omnibua oatallia auia ; ita quod nee noe, neo Suocesaorea noatri aliquid jiit 
Tel cUmennl, aeu ednm servitutem in dicto Kicardo petere poterim 

J, Tiij IduB Septembria, Anno Hegni Regia Edwordi, filii 
Btsia Edwatdi, U" (S SepL, 1316) ; 109. 
Qalfridus, Thomas, de Hochelonde, inst. to Sidmouth ; 52^ 
Galmetone {alao Galmatone), John de, inst. to Tawatock ; 85'', 

(Ord.) 234'': we Arundelle, John de ; US'*. 
Galmetone, William de, inst to Harpford ; 181. 
Qamboun, Walter (of Morestona), presents to Bondleigh ; 

117. — A Walter Qambon or Cambon, "de Blakepole is 

mentioned ; L 212, 212*'. 
Garlaunde, Henry de. Canon of Chichester, does homage to the 

Bishop " de tenemantia que tenet in PrestoDe per feodum militare ; 49. 
Garras, in St. Mawgan-in-Kerrler ; {see page 4, note 3). 
Gatecombe, Ellas de, inst to the Chantry- at Moreleigh : 70. 



Gatepaihe ("HerpaUie," fol. 51), Henry de, inst. to 6eftf<MKt; 
47^ {Ord.) 224^ 225^ 226. 

Gatepathe, Ralph de, eee Lawhitton (Irut.) ; 74. 

Gavastone, Peter de, Earl of Cornwall, see Cornwall. 

Georgeham [Gccl&sia de Hamme, MS.], — 

The Bbhop writoa to Uie Arohdti. of B&nutapU: " Quia Qca Seqaartnun ia 
bbtdia at bonis mobitibus Kectoris, .... in S*Dotiwrio ipaiai EodeM 
inientia et nan distrvctis, et in fruoUbuB ot obvaQcionibus iJtikgii ipaiiu 
Ecdeiie peroeptii et perdpiendis, auctoritate noatra, at ad Milriati^im 
lUgjum nobis itide directum per Toa aequeetratie, relaxaTimui, Tofaia 
mandamus quatinug, dictum Seque«tniiD .... pro relauto h^ieotM, 
ipsum de riadem bonis libers disponere penoittatis ; proviso, taman, quod 
debits, a in aliquibtis de quibus Tobis constitorit nobis aut Eooleeie nosti* 
Eionionai teneatur, da diclis bonis tbI oliande da die in diem lerentnT 
canonic« at tolvaotur (13 Not., 1311) j e&\ 

Germeyn, Balph, collated to the Precentorship ; 32, 35^ 

— In as Action between Qermayn, the plaintier, and Wm. de HTweohMD, 

cleric, defendant, the Bishop oommiaaionB' Hasten Richard de Horctatra 

and Kobart da Stapeldoae, Canons of Exeter, and the Official of the Arehdn. 

of Barnstaple, lo repreeent him (5— the Nonea of— Sept, 1310) ; fifc 

QennvTa wm, i Jso prosecutor in another cue, and WiUiam de YeDeiU, dtA, 

defendant: a similar Commission (same dat«], ibid. 

— Comtniition, directed to ["receotor Oermejn, empoireriDK him to deal 

irith InquimUona as to the Taoanc; of Benefices, Spiteopo Mwnte (17 Aag., 

1314) ; 87. 

— Canmutioii, directed to Oerme;D and Biehard de Coletone, B. of Kawton- 

Perren (withont date, but c the end of August, 1314), tot the adminta- 

tntion t^ the Diocesa aimnie EpUccpo ; t7\ — His dnth ; 117> 5k, tito, 

L 189>': Eietar ; 39», it" : Vicais-Oenerja ; 77, 111— Ha waa ao Ezacntor 

of Bp, Quivil'e WUI ; L 200. 

Germeyn, Thomas, accolite, — DiepeHSacio super defectu TlcUa- 

iium (1* Jan., 13U-12); 67K 
Gerregrave, John de ; L 197''. See Kingsnympton (Inst.) ; 45. 
Gersome, John le, and Isabella Gerveys (both of Paignton), — 

Hbhoranddm quod die Jovis praiima peat Fsetum Natiritatia B«at« Tiiginis 
[11 Sept., ISIS], oomparuerunt conm Domino Episoopo, in Aula sua da 
PeTUtone, Johannes le Oersome, Bsllivus ipous Episco^ tpnd Payntona, et 
Isabella OerTejs, de eadam Villa, inter quoa fama eist pabUoA quod idem 
Johannes prefstnm Isabellam oarnaliter cognotit. Undo, preaUto junme&to 
de Teritute dioenda, uterque fatebatur ; propter quod ntn(|<ie Para aliam in 
forma Ecclede abjuravit ; ita, videlioe^ quod preftita mulier noo patinittat 
[sal da cetera carnalitar da Ulo cognoaci, nisi priua fid«m jprealaret aidem 
mulieri de deduoendo earn in uxorem. Et janmantum aunii* a prafato 
Johanna pnatabstur ; 109. 

Getveys, John, inst to Coryton ; 140'', (Orrf.) 241, 242*. 

See LwiRedene, Walter de,— " Wills" ; L 201. 
Gerveys, Isabella, of Paignton, see Qersome, John le ; 109, 
Gidleigh [Giddeleghe, MS.].— 

Roger Hooke, aooolite, R, — Diapanastion : non-raiidencA tor a ^ev, to ttudj, 
etc. (19 June, 1321),— he was tc take subdeacon'i Orden within the fear ; 
ISQb : renewed (14 June, ISSS) ; 18i>>. 

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GBnraaAL ikdex. 165 

Gi&rde, Richard, eee Consistory Court ; ITS'*. 

Qifl&rd, Robert, inst. to North Pethcrwin ; 180''. 

Oiffiirde, Robert, eee Farkham {Tnef). 

Qiffitrd, Symon caUed, presents to Heliand ; 53. 

Oiflarde, Thos. ; his Induction to Stoke-Gabriel ; 156. 

Oiflfard, Walter, R. of Lanivet ; 35, 7* : cotUted to > Prebend in 
Q]aaney ; 5T' : reeigiu hii Prabead and is coUsted to the Archdeaoonry of 
Bamstaple ; 69^ : re«giu tha Arcbdasconrr, and is ooUated to a Prebend 
and the Chancellonhip in the Cathedral ; 100, 102. On his death k 
Mandate for tha BaquMtiration of bis goods was directed to the Deui, tha 
Pree9nti», sod theTreaiurer (14 April, 1322); 187'>. His Will, Probate 
of ; CommisBioa heredn directed to WbIIht de Setone, OtBdal (17 April) ; 
ituf.-nSee Stokfr-Oabriel (/«(.) ; 15S. 

Gilbert, Adam coMcd, inst. to St. Paneras [Rovsdon,] ; 180''. 
Qiai, John de, R. of Clyat-Fomison ; 164''. 
Gittisham [Gydysham and Gideoham, fifS.], — 

Sir Oeoffrey de haej, R.,— Dispensation: non-reeidence for two 

iidy, eta (23 March, 1313-14) : 84 : ranevrad for one year, with leave to 

5 at lus Benefioe ont to farm (29 Sept., 1316) ; US : again, for one year 
I Oct, IS17),— "et dabit ad Fabricam dimidiam marcam"; 122^— Sm 
" Dedioationi " ; Ifli 

Gladewyne, William, V. of Seaton, deceased ; 161". 

Gla^ow, Dioc. of : Archdeaconry of Teviotdale, see Welletone, 

■ Roger de ; 36\ 
Glasney, the Collegiate Church of, — 
— ^William Fiz Roges, Provost, — 

Lioence ot Dou-reaidence tor a fourth part of (he year, from 13 Oct., 1308; SS**. 

Cemmitno ad audiendvm raeioemia de PrrpotituTa Olameiaui, — 
—Directed to the OfficiBl-Fecaliiir (24 Oct, 1313),~to andit the aocounts of 
Master William Bloyou, who had till lately held the PiOTOctahip of the 
CoUege in amuHendam ; SIfi. 
Super SaerUUaia Olatntge .-— 
Walteriu, etc., Domino Roberto de Tredovel, Vicaiio in Ecdeiia Beati Theme 
Hartirli^ da QIasneya, noatre Diocesis, iniMMtero, salatam, etc— Vita et 
eTamiuita Appn^riadone snper Ecdeda Sauete ColaM (n'e) per bnue memoiia 
" — ■ — Ti Wutenini, dndnm Eionieiuera Eplacopnm, Predeoenorem nr-* 

prefata EccJeeie Beau Thome et CanWcis ludem Deo et Beate Viigint serrien- 
ubni, pro aalnte aidime sne, mb carta forma, inTpnerimos inter c^ara in eadem 
qnod loem Predeoeaeor neater Tolnit et ordiiUTit qnod Sacrista in diet* Ecdeeia 
BBncU11)ome,CaiuniicniqnsdemetSacerdceperpetr " - ' — '— - -- 
MMorea ni, Sacerdotes et Canoniri, de fnictibna pr 

is et Ibnnit q 

u prefate Ecdesle Suicte Colana 

I, Idem PrcdeceasDr noeter, 

taper hoc lactii. , .......... 

mteqnam per Ipsnm Sacrista bnjnsmodi fnlaset ibidem prefectua, debita cainis, 
proQt Altiadmo placnit, persolvisnrt, nee sit quoad prsfecctonem Bacrlste in 
dicta Ecdetla bMtenos jaita Ordinacionem predictun sabaeqnenter sffectos 
aliquis tnbtecntiu, noa, volentea quod preuta Ordioado et volnntat . . . 

Suitiun in nobis fait, debite compleretnr ; preientlbns cotsm nobis in Loco 
pitoU dicta Ecdeaie . . . Piepoeito et nonnnllit alila Concanmicla anis 
Ipnat Boele^ et habito per not mctatn super biis cum eisdem, qnia, facta per 
not tone iUd«no1d«donafiaciistaiie hqjaimodi dngaUt etdngounterCuiiuiIda 



antcdEctii, inter eos non 'irenimns qui «am cuid ouere dclem iiiciiinbente, at 

pmnittltnr, Tolnit occeptan, quin pocim eain tpaornm ilQgiili rectuaniDt pesitiu 
et eTpntae; lie tna Qde ef clrcamspecolone plenun in Domino fldaciun 
optineutei, DiBpoaicioiiem predicUm qua «d Socristsni, jnita Ordinacionem 
predictam pertinere debarat, DecnoD ipains SacriaUrie in aadein Gccln!*, cum 
onoreet emolmnento incnmbeiitibns eidem, tibi, tenore PreseacluiD, comrnittinini 
pMsiclendam, quonnqae alinil in hao pai te duierimus ordinandum, Advutentea, 

ikhiJoQiiuuB, quod, cam OfUdnni Ciutodia nullateniis parp«tniL . 

Ecclesis hab«atiir, nee sunt facultatu aufticientes pro noo CuatndB per se ande 
poteiit comnle siuitentari, quodque per te, licet tiacriataria OlfidDni vidiiatur, 
nee debeat udiib at idem in eaiJem Ecclosia dito OUicia oi-t'iere, poterit utmm- 
que huju>in<xli Offlciuai, cum allcmni ut preniittitur perpetuum Boa existat, 
aatla ut''lter in eadem Ecclmia uicreerl. Iccircn, premissia intime ponderatia, 
bnjnimiodi Cugtodia ORiciuni, una cum Diapoaicloiid Sacriatarie predicte cum 
nnere et eniolumento incumbentibus, tibi sub modo conimittjinua antedicto; 
iU qood tarn in uno quam [n alio hujnauiodi Officio, te interim taliter habera 
procnrea, qood in Dutimaicione piimi et in Cuatodia aecundi Officii predicli, non 
mlum voluntalcm dicti Predecesaoria nostri In ea paite qoam nluitatem dicta 
Ecclesic, tt parte altera, vAeua exercere, et contribMcioDeni propter hoc dignam 
B Domino recipera pro labore.— Dati-n anud Feniyn, vlCMimo terclo di« 
meoais Augn9titl31Cj; 109. 

Carta JUgU de Confirmaeione MuUdxirnt .■ — 
Sdwardua, Dei gracla Rei Anglle, el«., omnibna ad qnos, etc.— Donacioneiii, 
ConceaaioDeni. et Coaflrmacioneni, quae Witlelmua de MuUebome, clericua, 
fecit Deo et Boate Marie, Beata Thorns Martin et PonUfid, et Vicariil in 
Ecdeaia Collegiata ejnadein Martiris de OlaaneTa Deo aerrientibna, de nuo 
meauaoio et quadazn pecea terre, qnartam partem uniua acre An^icane contin- 
n Peiirjn, ei parte Bonali, et tenementum Porcionariorum Bccleme de 

Mjostra [Ma«accan\ tx parU Austrati ; habendum et tawndum prediotia 
Vicariia et conim uncceuoribus in liberam, puntm, et perpetoam elemoalnam ; 
pro quibus, qnidern, Dnnacione, CoHceasione, et Couflrmacione, leneiitur 

lerpetoam elemoalnam ; 

, , . ., _ _., , _. Jonflrmacione, leneiitur 

uredicti VIcarii et eomm aacceesores annuatim redden octo solldoe ad Obitaro 
Venerabilii Patria WsHeri, nunc Eionien»ls Episcopi, et yuadem Willelmi, In 
Ecdeaia pmiieta, poahjuatn Idem Episcopui ab hac luoe luigrsverit, fadendum, 
celebrandum, et Buslineiidam aolempniter annuatim, tam in Servicio Diriao 
quam !□ dietribucione paiiia ad opua panpernm. Et dnm ilictua DomiDoa 
aiiperatee fuerit Vicarii uU facient conaluiile Servlcium et dlatribudonem, <r~- 

Miisa de Sancto Spiritu, pro dictis Episcopo et Willelmo, nisi idem WlUelmua 

priuB ab hao lute nierl' ' "' ........ n._.._ t._i_;i_ 

pro anima ejnadem W , . 

Sncerdote, Collecta apedalls,— rataa babenteaetgrataa eaapro nolriaet heiadibua 

prius ab hac luue merit aubtiactus ; et tunc in predicta Hi»a de Sancto Sjiirll 

'~a ejnadem Willelmi memoria liabeatur et dloatur, aiiut pro defimc 

, Collecta apedalis,— rataa babenteaetgrataa eaapro nolriaet heiadibi 

- J, quantum in nobis est, concedlmiia, et conflnnamiu, pront Carta prefaU 

Willelmi^ quam iidem Vicarii iude habent, radonabiliter testatuc. — In cqjua rei 
teatimonium lias Literas noatraa Serl feclmna Falentea.— Teate melpao, apud 
Eboracum, duodecimo lUe NovKiubris, Auno Rcgiil nostri decimo [ISlo] ; 116, 

ACopy of HuUebome'a Charter Tnllowa, villi gome noteworth; diflerenoes, abewing 
that it was not very carefully qnoted in the Royal Charter. Uis Qilt wan 
"in Villa de Punrjn, videlicet illud meauagium et illam peceam terre qne jacent 
Inter tenementum qnod fuit quondam Jordan! Lowya, de Penrjn, ex parte 
Boriali, et tenementum Porcionariorum Ecdeaie de Uyiurtre, ex parte Aostrali, 
et inter placiam Magiatii Walleri de Bodmlnis, Canonlci In predicia Ecdeai* 
Qlasene^ensi, ex parte Ocddeutali, et ricum Bwti Thome de Fenrrn, ex parte 
OrientsIL" After tbe words "ad opua paupemm" is added— "sicnt moris et 
conauelndinbi, temporibiia retroactia, in Ecdesla Olaaenuysn^ pr«dict> extitlt 
pro Obitu uniua Cianonici, qui in eadem Ecolesia bllum sunm habuerit sen 
habere piomeruerit, aecundum quod in Ordinacione Fundatoris dicte Eccleais 
Glaseneyeniie et E^poiitl et Capitnll eiusdem, auper hoc focta, plenius 
contiaetar." To the directions aa to the "Hlaaa" aoA the " Collecta spedalia " 
is added " r[uia de consensu Capitnll eiiisdem Ecclesie OlBBeneyMisle sic inter no* 
coDvenit." The Witaesaes were Sir '1 lioe. Lert«dekae and Sir Jolu de Treiagu, 
Knights, Walter de Camauwynn, Wm. Daungerona, Nicholas de Psnnans, 
Bartholomew llervy, Hugh de Kerigou, and otbera. Tbe Deed waa dated at 
I'enryo, " die Martis in rtsto Fancti Martini t'onfeaaorii " Fll Nov., 1315]. 

Mandtitum—OlasiMtf {HLafaop Grandiaaon has written in the margin, hele,— 
" Nuta de aniiaalone firme propter non solucionem in Tennlno "),— 

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Wilteni^ etc, Pnpouto et Capitnlo Ecdetis Collegiale ie Glameya, nostre 
Diac««u, Mlulani, etc -Ei p«K« Magistri Kicardi Se Bello Prato, Cniicanonioi 
Tcetri, nobis eitiUt intimstum quod, cum in Ecdeala vestra ordinAtnm eiistat 
paritai et rtatutum, tc more Dtencinm obKrvatam— ad cujos Staluti, aicntl st 
illonini Ipdna Ecclesie giBtntonim, olHervgcionem ainguli Canonii^i in ipeorom 
Tecepcione jnnunenli vinculo se aatringunt -ut Canonicna gni Bcclede Tealre 
vosmmooem aUcioun tenet a voliij ad Hrmam, in certia aibt ab eodem Statnto 
Tenninta laaiKnatit, vel eornm aliqno, in aolncjone Peoaionia vobil ea occulone 
debite defecerit, nial celerl aatiarscxioiie sibi provident, videlicet In^ QaiitdeDWa 
proiunam lapsnm bnjuamodi Termini aubfcqaentem, eo ipso ■ jare Anna qoam 
me optinet sit privatm, delwatque hnjiunimli linniL secunduni StBtntnai 
memaratnm, aiitii[niari Canonico, qni consnetam in Ecciaaia veetra Teddendam 
fecerit et Hrmam non ]\Abuerit, certit condldoniboa aAeiftnari,— DomlniU Adam 
de Caiietone, qui ae dicit Archidiacnnum Cornubie et Concanonicnm TBrtnliD, 
pro finna Sanctl Ooroni, quam a vohia nt Canonicos tenniiae dicitur, in tmiffitto 
per Statntum, ut premittitur, Tennino, sen infra Quindenam post ipaiui Upaiun, 

Soiccario veatro pioiit debnit nnliatenus aatisfecit; propter qaod, s 
ipaiog Statnti eiiencian), a jure, si (|nod in flmia hujusmodi fortasaia habnit, 
cecidit eo ipso. Cumque predietns Magister Ricanlua predlctam flnnam, qnam 
ei detectn aolacionis hujuamwU asserelut vacare, sibi, antiijuiori Canonico, qui 
■olitam fecent reaidenciam, flrmam hujoanjodl son habenti aliqnam et metiores 
coDdidonea offereDti, debitam a Tobia pet^ret asaignari. vos ip«ora super boo 
audire (t juatieiain facere non curaetis, qnin pociua recusaatia eipiesse ; DOS, 
igitnr, hnjuamodi Statutnm vestrum tsm jun quun racioni cnnvenieoa repu- 
Untea, et propter hoc volcnt«a ipanm in omai am parte tnTiolabiliter olMervari, 
vobia injunglmoa et mandamns veatrnta Otiicinm exciCando, qnatinus, id est ita, 
ad Capitnlom, licnt moris eat, eonvoratia Partibua et audltla, ntriqne Parti 
facials, intra qoadrBginta dies a tempore recepcionia Pnsencinm continue 
nnmerandig, StataU jirCMllcti tenore in omnibaa obeervato, jneticie plenitudinem 
ezhiberi ; in premiaaia taliter vos habentea quod juri^uramii in bac parte, ut 
premittitor, preatiti contempta reli^o Toa et vestrum slngnloa non axgoat da 
peccato; acituri quod si super hoc negligentea fneritia aut remiisi, prater id 
quod eidem Magiatro Ricardo in sua justicia deeate neqoivimns, tob perinrii 
penam poterida non Immerito formidare. — Da die, »ero, Tecapcionia Pra- 
aendnm, et quid feceritia in premiaaia, noa citm Paacha, per veatraa Litaraa 
Patentes, hamm eonticentm aariem, cnretia reddsre cerciores. — !>Btiim I/todouiia, 
Itt die inenaia Febniarii, Anno Domini Uillesimo CCOb vicesimo 11320-1] ; 
156.— Sm St Budock ; 108 : St. Feock ; lOSb : St Benera [Zennor) ; ihid. : St 
UlQTiaa, 128. 
Qlasneya, John de, Friest-Vicar in tbe CathedrEil, Ste Pimtjngdone ; 
42t>: resigns bia Prebend in St Cnntock ; 127": ia agun collated to a 
Prebend there ; 148 : ho disd B. of Cljst-3t George ; 187*',— An Executor 
ot Thomaa da Hnrpatrowe'a WiU ; L 209''. 

Olastonia, Thomas de, clerk, see " Prisoners " ; 53^ (Ord.-Pri«.) 

Gloucestria, Master Richard de,(late) Canon of St, Probm; 47*. 

He was an Advocate in the Court of Canterbur;,- The Bishop gnmta him 
an annua] Pension of five marks, "ds Camera", for la long as he ahall 
retain this office (19 Not., 1313) ; 82: Proctor for the Abb»t and ConTent 
of Bajlea, an St Paul ; 108, 

Olyn (or de Glen), Thomas, resigns St. Ruan-Major, and is 

inst. to St. Constantine ; ISS*-, L 207. 
Gnatham, the Kanor of, see Walkbampton ; 63. 
Godecote, Henry de, inst. to East Antony; 151. 
Godeleghe, John de. Dean of Wells ; 141 ; L 188^ 
Godrevy, John de, see Stafforde, Reginald de ; 71 : colMed to 

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Lawhitton ; 71 : Sm Luiivet (Ind.) ; Hid.: iniL to St, Pann-tJUmo, bj 
Bxchuge iue UwhittoD) ; 76», 82>>, iOnLYiSi^. Stt St Stytitiuw ; 123 : 

L 1B1^ aw. 
Qosham, Robert de, collated to the Chantry in the new 

Chapel of " Clyatbrigge " ; GG". 
Gosham, William de, inst. to Morwenstowe ; 71^ ISO**.— (See 

LauDcells; 53. 
Govely, Ralph de, inst. to St. Ladock ; 1C9^ 174". 
Gordet, Richard, V. of Eggbuckland ; 100. 
Gorges, Thomas de, R of Witberidge, 64'*; deceaaed, 119. 
Goudriohe, Richard ; L 197. 
Grade [Ecclesia Sancte Crucis in Kerier, MS.], — 

WiUiun de TrsTBignoD, cl«rk, R,--DUpeiuaUoii: Licence of non-reudence tor 
two jears, to studj, etc ; he wu to take subdescon'a Ordera irilliln a jetx 
(2G June, 1317) ; 120 : renewed, for one Tear (18 Oct, 1319) ; Ui>. 
Gravestone, William de, of Seaton (q. v.); 44^ 
Qreneweye, Walter, aee Crediton ; 107. 
Grenevyle, Sir Bartholomew, Knt, presents to Bideford; 129^ 
Greinevilte, Heniy de (mn. and heir of Sir Bartholomew) 

presents to Bideford ; 183 : to Kilkhampton ; 183. 
Greynvyle, Richard de, R. of Kilkhampton ; 35^ 44, 59^ 67, 

155, 180, {Ord.) 218, 226, 227^ 
Grenfitede, Richard de, held two Knight's Fees of the Bp. of 

Exeter, in Thomey ; IS''. 
Grey, John, clerk, — Dispensacio eitper dafectv, nfUaHuirti (19 

Dec., 1308) ; 37. 
Grim, John, le; L 212. 
Grimestone, Peter de, R of East Ogwell ; 37, 44^ 64* (Ord) 

223, 224'- : resigns, and is inst. to Broaddyst ; 100. 
Grimestone, see " Oratories " ; 38. 
Grip, Eamo, chaplain ; L 194^ 

Gros, Roger le, Canon-Regular of Bodmin ; ol"*, 71, 108^ 
Qruglan, Roger ; L 192''. 

Guldeforde, Henry de, resigns Broadwoodwidger ; 52. 
Guyn, Rob., resigns Lawhitton : is collated to St. Newlyn ; 44^ 
Gyst, Henry called, clerk, — Diapffneado mtpei' defeotu natalium 

(3 March, 1310-11); 60. 

Hacche, Rd. de, see Bodmin Priory ; 39 : Episcopal Estates ; 

D.D.t.zea by Google 

h of the following 


Haccombe, Sir Stephen de, Ent, presents to Haccombe ; 42'>, 
105: NymetrSt. George; 104: Quethiock ; 119N 127''. 
See Brothertone ; 112 ; aleo, L 210. 

Hainaalt, Pbilippa daughter of William, Count of, — 

[The following Docuniont in imertod la this Regittai without note or comment. 
But It 1b BUppoaed that Biihop Stapeldon wm one of those who were eniplojed 
on the important ud delicate Hitulon to which it refen. He leame to have 
Uft the KTing, whoM faithful and trnstfd Hluister he via, earl; in Ju!v, 1310, 

nacUng Caatsrbury on the flth of that month ; and he re-appe ' ~ 

to Bxeter), in the ne^bonrhood of Umiiuter on the 20th ol 
month. Ue ma; well haTe accomplished thia hnainass in the iat 

Inmech tt Dttaifcio PUie Comitit Uaaonit, que voeatar PkUijiptt. 
Stfuii Segina Anglie, nupla Edvardo 111 poit Conquatumf : — 
I* Damoisale qe nona Teyraes n ad lea chereux aisee beaua, eotte h\oj «t 
bmn. Ia t«ite uett?. Le front laoge et lets et m boute auqea aTaot. 
Le viaage oontre lea deiu oila plua eatrett, et Is viaage oontreTal plua grello 
et plus eadendra uncore que nert le front. Lea oila bniiw et auqea 
ncnn et oaqea pmfonde. Le neea anes uni et owel, Muire qe a la poynt« ti 
eat srowett at auqaa platt mea aisnt oammua. Lea narillcs auqea larnn. 
Ia bouehe largetle. Lea le?erea at Domiement celle deaoua girooutL Lea 
dmt^ qe Boot cba;n» et re«ni«e ataas bUpks, et In autre* m latit paa n 
blanka. Lee dentE deaouz aunt asaiB unptn dehora ceuz dceui, mee oeo ne 
apart tote qe men pen. Lea oraillea et le menton aaaez beaux. Le col, lea 
eapaule^ et tvt le corp* «t membrea coDtreval owez de bone taille, vt lea 
membrea Hen foumia aanz mahajn, et rien ae cloce qe horn PuiaM 
aperceroir. Et u eat brune de qui rejn par tut et mott reaemble au Pen ; 
et en totee autres choeeti aseez pleisante, d come il nuue semble. Bt aera U 
Damoiaele del age de iz anz a la Feste de la NaUrite Seint Johan proolidli 
kTenir, ai oome U Mere dit, Se trop graunde, ne trop petite, quant a tel 
age ; «t li eat de beau port, et Man apriee come a aon eetat, et Ineii pnH*^ 
et Men ame de Pare «t de Ueie, et de tote la meignee, ai aTant oome noo* 
le fojomt ret euqutre et MToir [1319] ; 142. 
Hake, John, inst. to HarpEord ; 110^ 
Hakeworthe, Geoflirey de ; (OrcL-Prie.) 236''. 
Hal^, Peter de, inst. to St. Keveme ; 110". See St. Colan ; 62^ 
Halap, Ralph de, R. of Lamorran ; 80^ (Ord.) 218. 
Halbertone, Roger de, inst. to Culmstock ; 76. 

Ealdeaworthe, Baldwin de, — "cumpnmit coram Domino personaliter 
. . . . et manuaepit pro Jordano de Perinocote ; videlieet, quod idem 
Jordanoa Domino fideliter deaerriiet" (13 Sept., 1320) ; 1G1^ 

Halstede, Robert de, last, to Alphington ; 126. 

Halwill [Halgbewille, MS.], — licence granted to Bichard AleTD, of 
Hatberlejgh, to farm Uu4 Benefice for two jeara [7 July, 1809) ; 12. 

me (GomwaU), eee Pyne, John ; 101^ 
HameltCTie, William de, deceased ; L ISO"", 200''. 
Hanam, John, R. of Choriton [-Fitzpaine], 37^ {Ovd.) 224^ 

' "we voeaUir . . , ConqutitiiTn," — Bishop QTandiiion'a. 
added b; a tator band ; ai^arantly, 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


Hanteaford, John de, R. of Eggesford ; 43, (" HeannteDef ord," 
MS.) 55, {Ord.) 218 : inst. to Creacombe ; 83^ (Ord.) 234". 

Heaontisforde, William de, presents to Creacombe ; 63, 83". 

Harbcrton, Visitation of {see page 107, note (•), — 

tl. HnmiNTONB,- die Vfoetia in auUiio ApoBtoloram Petri et PmIi, Aimo at 

>upn [30 June, 1301]. 
LifTi ilat«l\7ialr3.—V ~ " 

Uriam, Huiiule, ev '.■muiaic 
cum Ympiivio et V'4riac[on< 
I(«D, alrud Muiiuile, conlii 
tociiu Aoiilf tn Qbo voJnniinQ, 

AntiphoDuium *etus, nan ds Uaii, cujiu MWT«a confracti. CuKxUnn 
coDstractam, aDmi^tibui Cmpituli. Omim domiu Rcctoris connerant ad 
temm, prater Camrram, igue vix itan videtnr. St irbonfl Tirgalti pro nu^jori 
Mrtc ■ruble et uport«te per Viorium et auos ; mjna dunpnnni dod extimator. 
Item, Hj lenentes ibidem porUat uiniu>tiin de C icria tem i»., et Vicsriiu de 

I facta super derectibm dononim Decuii et 
Cnpltuli EiODie apuil H arbertoiie, die Veonru proiiina pent Fertmn Suicti 
Gregoril, Anno Domini «• CCOo Septimo (15 M«rcbJ307-8) conni MagMro 
Thoma de Lecchelde, Decano Eionie, et Magintro Willelmo de Eylknmy. 
StephaiiDi Godiwejn, mephantu Hnotte, et Johannes Boionn, jnnti, dicunt qood 
fnit ibidem qaedam Aula, etremine cooperta, que corrtut tcmpare Rogeri 
Vicarii. Item, coquina et slabalnm qne comiernnt tempore predicli Rn^iBri, 
et Rogeri predecemoriB Biii. Est ibidem none una Camera, aolarinm Tldelitet, 
elcelaiinm, omnino rainosa et Qollius valoria. Nee est ibidem area dewna pro 
domibaa ediflcandis.— /Md., page CI]. 
Harford [Herforde, Hereforde, and Herpeforde, MS-l — 

DsTJd de Penjrlea, R. RecUir, Diapaiuation : non-reeideiice for a yetx, from 
lost Uichaelmaa, to etudj, etc (8 Nov., 130S) ; SS : renewed 7 Jolj, 1309, 
till Micharlmaa, 1310 ; 42 : a^ain, for a year (4 Deo., 1311) ; 67 : again, 
" Liceuda intendendi obaaquiia Doniiiu Epiacopi HeDnenaiB, luque ad 
Featum Beati Hichaelie, et abiode per tnnum " (IS Feb., 1321-5) ; 183^. 

Harewylle, William de, in right of his wife, presents to 

Weat Buckland ; 82", 127. 
Harwedone, Sir Robert de, see Okeford ; 73, 131. 
Hariel, Roger, Prior of Lodres, IS*""; admitted to the R of 

Axmouth ; 156. 
Harlowe, John de ; L 213. 
Harpedone, Wm. de, collated to a Prebend in St. Rrobua ; 47", 74". 

Barpford [Hetford, MS.], — "Compamit coram Domino Rkardua de 
Penoteri, et tatebatur ee teneri MagiBtro Henrico de Stowford, derici^ in 
Tiij libris, Bex (olidia, et octo deuBriia eterlinniruni, pro m^oribuB fnictibua 
E«Jeaie de Hertord— quam, qddem, Ecdeeiam pretatua Prior optinuit in 
ntiprioa UBUB— per dictum Hegiatrum Heniicum aibi rendiUa, auctoritata 
Domini" He w*« ordered to par tbe aame in Uiree inatalnientB (23 JdIt. 
1818) ; 113b. *^' 

Harpyn, Alan, collated to Bishopsteigntrai ; 125, 127". 

Hartlaud Abbey,' — OHnntwion,— Dominua Johaanea, AbbM Hertiiondie, 

quid habet." Heniy de Uontfort 
and Solomon de Boeheater were 

5S" ' 


pTHiiwii ibidem (kpnd Fvyblona), opUauit ab Epiocopo Commisdonem 
Deouo dfl Uinori Treg, ad audieodum gpontaQeas confeeoones mu 
rsixigiiidonrs quonimcumqiie debttorum dioti Abbatii, et ad coDdemp- 
lumdam hujunnodi debitoreg inoanfewato* oonim eo ; Decaon od eiecucio- 
nem amdsinpiiadoiuB sue, moAo debito eicereende, — pro benepkcilo 
Domini duraturem (6 July, 1312)^ 72. 
Ordinaeio tuper VitUtKioM Abbathie dt HtrtUamU, — 
WiLTmtrB, penniaaione Divina Eionieosls EpUcopiu, Ralltilosia VirU AbbatI et 
ConTentnl de HeiiUaode, noBtm Dioceais, »iliiteia fp^'iatu et benediccionem,^ 
Cnn paatcnalli officii, qao veatro sicut ceteii gregis nostti r^minl, perniitMnto 
Dominc^ praaidemux, circa reparacioneni et relonnacioiHini eorum qae ad veatram 
proaperilatom et picem veetre^ne H«ligianii honestnteia pertioere nosciintoi', 
tanto majoii sollicitndiiiiB atadio vigilore aon ileeinit qiiaoto voa et HooBitenum 
veatfom ab antiqao recoU^miui in amarcm. Bnpropter nooaulla que nuper, 
TO« et MoDastcriam Tutruru jure Dioceaaao prout ad do9 pertinet viiitantes, tam 
in Spiritaalibua qiuini Temporalibiis officio coireccionis Indlgere coiDpeiiiDua, Id 
gUtum dvbltnm rarDnnare volentea, deceraimus et lenore PrBwnciam onUnaiuna 
DiTi- Dt DiTiDODi Offioiatu, ilinrnam pariter et nocturaum, horis congrnis cam 

derocioDU debita in vestro Uoiiaat«rio cotidie |ieragatl8j quodijae soleiupnitaa 

. /" 1. ^ Sangninis Domini noetri Jliosn Cliriati quvnti fena post Octabas 

e, Becondam tenorem cujnudaiu novelle ConBtitntionis eiiper hoc vdite, 
J, anb deplicl olBcio com Octabis sn^aeatibuB aimis Biogiills celebretur. BeaulariH 

obaBTTanda inmpei tam in jejunlis, vigiliis, oraciooibns, aLleucio, qiuim alii.i qua 

obaci^ ad YnBtram Religioneni pertinent, in vestro Monasterio diligenter ab omQibus 
™«i^ob«BrTBtur. Et quia preceptoris abeencia interdom diacipulli ad laBoiviendum 
^™ materiam BabmininCnt, Tolaniug et nandaiuiia nuod Abbaa qui pro tempore 
g™f fuerit in Veiperis, Matatinii, et Missia in Choro, una cum CanoDiciB et Con- 
j^ ~ babibns auia, quoclena comode potent, et precipue in Featis Duplicibus, 
AKln-intereifni de cetero non amittat ; quodqae regulans obeorvaneia in umnibiti 
ie. prenotatia flnniter teneatur, cnram adhibeat duigentaiu. Et ut bee diligenciUB 
eieqnator, qnolibet nienae wmel ad mlans, csasante impodimento Ingitinio, ad 
(^nd Capltulnm veniat pro ooTmtdoDibus faciendis; iwcundunique (juslitatem 
^wi commiaii rinod repperit et aecundam regulareni oburraaciam cnlpam feriat 
^^J^ delioqaentu. Seme], edam, ad minus quolibet mense cum Fntribus In 
t^^ refectorio ae reflciat. Et il aliquo mense, ei oliqiia csausa racionabili, hoc nan 
Qood Tecerit, bis in alio ibidem conunedere taoeatur. iJabeat, eclam, ibidem Abbaa 
•Jtin ceTtnm capellanum, unum de Canooieis quem dnxerit cligendum, qnl ipaum 
Befee- continne comitetur pro DiviuEa Obaequiis eiaolTendia, aecumque ubicumqne 
H^'^Tuerit in Camera ana de nocte jaceat, nt de vita et conTersscione laudabili aiU 
- ^.^, mutuo Talpant teetLmooIiim perbibere; quem dimlttere et alium de Canonicis 
Abba- usnmera Taleat idem Abbaa cntn aibi et Honaatetio viderit eipedire. Item, 
Ua. quia dormitoriam veatnun pniximum eat mine, ac (Chorus Ecclesie eat obacurus, 
Defee- campanile male coopertam, et laratorium mole ordinatum, locutoiiumque 
ti"™ defldat omniDO, duiiJitar ordinamus quod, qotundciua comode ileri poterit, 

JJ™- defBCtOfl hnjusmodi, nedum reflciendo qain r--- •"-- ' ■■- ■■-■-- 

jj^fo- Uonutarii auniptibua repareutur. libroriim 

tnaU.iunt inauHidentea omnino, idem Abtiaa, anb peaa i llbrarum, Li:>.i«in umus 
IwiiBBiaiiiensia Fabrics appliouida, intra annum a data Preeeacium fadet emeudui. 
I^for-Itsm, quia per discoranm porcorum intra septa Uonasteri) vestri loIiaDeata 

appointed, 4 Nov., 127S, to enquire large Bums of money from them by 

into, bear, and determine the tree- undue diatrainta ; the said Bishop 

pMM* comtoittad by Oliver de Din- hdng Chen absent with the King in 

aunt, in occupying, during voidaoce, Qascony, and his Offidala and Badifis 

the Custody oItheAbbeyof"Uerthy- bdng detained in prison by the 

launde," over W^Cer, Bishop of Boiliffii of the Earl oE Cornwall, by 

Eietei^-to whom, aa to his I^^e- reaaoD of the contention between 

oenors, such Custody pertains, — and him and the eaid Karl (Rot Fat., 3 

in taking and consuming the goods of Edw. I., m. 3d. (S), — Dtpntg-Ketptr't 

the eaid Abbey against the will of iUh lUport, p. 189).— J.LD. 
the Canoni thereof, and extorting 

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di uno-Dotmnliqiuin andivimns contigime, Toinmus et jabemiu qnod pord unodo per 

cariun de coiuuetndiDe nan vagfmtnr, act in tUqao loco ad boo jdooeo, Intm 
cnriam vel eitn, clinai lab arU custodia teneantiir. Item, quaodo ulqiwn 
Oinonlconin] pro Ordine recipiendo, de licencia AbbatU vel sjna u) qnem 

pettinat, Bi apeciali commiBSiona ^a«dam Abbatis secondmn nwiilam 
" ' ' ■" " "' ' .... . sundo, tta; 

CanoD[uu8, giKcepto Online hniiumodi, c«a8ant« cauaa lesitima, redeat in&« 

tenninnin compeUnwm, conalderata locomm distancU, IpuuB Abliiti* vel ejiu 

DeCu-'" '"^ parte locum tenciitie arbitrio junta tocxleraDdnin. Item, Canonicui 

DDida InflnuuB pro qualitata inllniiitatis quam patitur dbis coaveniantibuB reBciatnr; 

fnim-et; ei vino Iniligeit, RecundDin qualilatem morbi de cdario Abbatis per 

■•- releraxiuiD, secundum formsm contentam injerina depatandom, ministrutni 

eidem ; its quod grosaioni cibaria, que aibi compcteacla non aunt, in levioia 

De hi- conimut«utur, vtl eibi subtiahantur et in elemosinam convertantur. Item, 

ratne [nredditua asslgnatua ad inveniendniii lumen ile nocte in infirmitorio, qnando 

DDctc. fuerint ibidem allqui de Fratribua egrotantea, una cam arreiagiis (jusden, 

cuatodi inflnnitarii, per Abbat«ni deputando et quando opDItnDiun Tid«rit 

amovendo, amodo liberatni; qui de recepliit annia amgolia predieto Abbati, Id 

piesenda aliqaarum de ConTetitu, reddere teneatur, etai quod neldnam merit 

Depaoeper oTdinanioDem ipsiua Abbatia in aliniu usom Bepessaiinm oonratator. Et 

inter ut umtalla et pacls vinculum non solum inter Ipaoe ReligioMs Conrntrea, set et 

Canon-iiiter eoB et qoosCumi^ue familiarea Monasterii aiitedlcti aervientes T^eat in 

""'• rntnnun, volnmns et jubemua quo<l familiarea ipslua Abbatis, tarn prssentea 

qoam ruiurl, Canonicos et Conrratrea debits rererenciu snpportantoa Epsit ram 

f.. modeatia et niansnetudlne reapondeant el loquantur. Item, »olniDOf et 

^!?,lt'^rdlnamna qnod de i:etero unua Canonicorum qucm Abbas elegetlt per eandem 

oeiMM-in celarariura preficiatur, qui pecuniam oidinntam per Abbatem iiro coquina 

lo<. hoBpitnm et ipsius Abbatia redpiat, et de ea neceaaana od hnjusmodi coqamam 

Deoffl-tadat provid^ Bladum insuperde grangiariin redpiat per taUism tbI ioden- 

™R^«-tnrain, pro pane et rervisia Id Monaaterio radendis, et precQcto Abbati, nl lltaii 


expeoais reddat raciocinia, cum per Ablntem super hoc fucrit mode debito 
rtqulsltna; ad cqjns cnram et solicitndinem pcrlinebit quod Domns interior 
in premissia bene regatur, et ea que parastnt ad nnun piedictnm 
bene et fijeliter eipendantur, ita quod hoapitalitaa non fnndetiir; et, 

anantnm ad biijusmodi Domoa regimen, sit in^oi omniboa poat Abbateu; qusD 
ceat Abbati a ditto officio amoveto et ipaiua loco nlium aubtogare, qnocisiM 
1^ aibi et Monaaterio predieto viderit eipedire. Item, quociens aliqnod aidnnm 
Z^Mi nt^godam contlngens ipsuni Monaslerium fuerit agitandnni, super fioc, at moris 
i^^ est, commanis et soleciipnia in Capitulo habeatur tntctatvis ; ad qnem liMtatum 
CanoD-radendunt Abbas, per Canventum nunclitns, sheque dlfficultate analibet Ilban- 
iooa. ter accedat, nisi fuerit racionabiliter inipeditue. Iteiu, ut atetni Honaslerii, in 
't"'*^ eiterioribns, illia de Conventu plenius innotescat, qulbua rirea patrimonii sni 
^? ignorare non eipwlit, tenore Presendnm ordinamns ut duo Ctnonid, per Con- 
/ir^^'veatum vel tnajoreni partem presendum eligertdi, annis stngalia depatentor, in 
ris. quorum preaenda [compotus] omnium ballivorum, receptorain, et ptepoaitMnn 
dadMonaateril existencium aub Xbbate, per quoa bonaipMoa Monaaterii administnii- 
■ud tur, reddatnr coisnt auditoHbua ydoneia per Abbatem aaaigiiatlG, et ab illis iEA& 
kndunggj^ dicti Monaiterii audiatur ; qui post compotum radditom de anetagiiL 
J^l_ tenianentl, et jiede compoti, copiara per indenturam redpiant Conventoi 
ClU. OihiljBDdam, et ipsam ipsi Conventul eihibeant indilato ; qnodque singulis 
ToninaiuiU port antumpnum, ante bujusmoili compotum redditum, duo Cononid per 
etc. CmiTcntiun decti, in comitiva Abbatia tcI alterina quern Abbaa ad hoc dozerit 
depntandiun, singulaa Ecclueiaa et Manerla eoruudem ciicuant, eumptibus tpsias 
Monasteril per Albbateni eisdem ministiBnilis, grangiaa, iastanmtD, et alia bona 
qnecnraqneinibieiistendasupervldeantdiligBnter. IVoviao, tamen, quoddlcti 
CaDOnid aic decti, inFrs terminum competentem per Abbatem amignandnm 
DeaO'dadem, quamddua redeant ad Monaaterium anpradlctnm. Et, qnia *atri 
^™**-Hoiiasteril ^ulteten, per Dd graciani et induatnam Abbatia qui nunc est. In 
^^.tantam norimiu eaie auctaa quoil aufficere possunt pro suatontadone Canoni- 
icoram'.'^^i'i P'" Bumero anipUori, decemioius et, eciam, ordinamaa quod infra 
bienninm de duabua peraoDia ^oneia, voleolibus et Taleatibna anb Ikabitn 
veetre Bellgionis Domino famului, ipaomm C^onlcomm numema qui nnnc eat 
angaatoT, Da tIto, qnoqoe, lilerato per Toa, [CouTentiuu predlctnoi, a boUs 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


DaSoo-pctito, qni, secimduin patidoDem Tsstxam nobis la memoratt Dostra Visltationa 

'*"■ poirectaia, illoa ei vobis inetmere TolBit qui proQceis cupimit in aciencia 

UtaTunni, voUa proTidere ciuabimns cncn ofleirat ae lacaHia. Hm, igitur, 

Onlinacionea Doctru similiter at decrela vobis, «t cuilibet TflatmlD, qiumtam *d 

Tcs pertinent conimonltet rel dtviiim, luittimizs ob&erranda in vlitnte Wucte 

et snb interrninacione malediccionis et«m« ; robia omnlbna ct 

"at injangBntea qiutiniis, prompto animo et alacri atndio snsci- 

, _, _ qnoflbet ino caan, cnm snnima diligeoci* observare onretls et 

ob«erTar« caret, quantum ad Ipunm pertinel, quisjuB restmai ; »dturi pro oerto 
qnod a hnjamiDtii noatris Onlinaclanibus et Decntb coDtempwriUe vel coO' 
tempaerit lestrum aliqals obedire, cam nobii constiterit de Teati^ Inobedianda 
et rimtemptn, coDtonucea et rebelleg in hac parte pena Canonlca teiiemoa. 
SalTa Qobu et SacceuDlibiu DOatrti, Eiiiscoio) Exomensibas qui pro tempore 
fOerint, poteetate premiuii adddniil uu detrabendi eiadem, ai, pront, et anando 
uobia et ipaia vldehimns sen viderint eipealira ; et iialrls juribnii et jurlsdiccloDe 
Bedeaie noatre Eioniensis in omnibus et gingulis, as eciam auctoritate, qnlbna 
per premissa in doIId volnman nee inteDdimus aliquaJiter dero(;are. Volumnu, 
edam, at mandamua quod, In signum ct tistimoninm recepcionis Presencinm 
•t raitri in hac parte cnoiieDGus nobis citra Fastum Pascbe resciibatiB per reetna 
Patentee Litens, luirum Kriem de Tsrbo ad verbura dllticide cautinentea. Et, 
ne premisaa per negllgenciam vratram leu eciam insriciam fonitan minus provide 
per corHam tempori» oblivioni tradantnr, Tolunius et mandamus ut premissa 
omnia at alngula in loo Capltuli dlctl Mooaatcrii, atatim potit Preciooa 
ain^ulia Bjbbati* Qnatuor Tomporum, in veatn pnsencia publlcentur latelllgi' 
hiliter et legantni. — In ciuna rei, etc — Datum apnd Clist, vij° die mensia 
Febniarii, Anno Domini Milleaimo CCO>° dsclmo nono j 147. 
Litera de renuiaotu/amtttorun, — 
Walterns, pennlssiona Divina Exonleneis Episcopns, dilecto in Cliristo flllo. 
Domino Johanni, Del gracia AbbaU Hertilondie, salnlam, etc — Qnia oos, nnper, 
In Monoatcrio vestro predicto Visltacionis noatre debltum offidnm jure ordinario 
eiercentea, invenimue inter cetera nuod quidam Hugo le Coke, Thomas cleiieus, 
etRobertnsCloka,fami]iareadlcti Monasterii et Abbatis, tantum Cononlcls annt 
eioei cjDod aloe Bcuidalo tumulta et discordie mnteiia In obaequio Monasterii et 
Abbatis retineri nan posjunt. ipsos, licet auper aliii'.io vicio racionabiliter non 
convictos, pio bono tamen uuitatia et pacis ah ofbciis aula que nunc babant in 
veatro Monaalerio, et a serviclo vestro et dictl Monasterii tore dBcarairans citra 
Pascha proilmo futurnm totaliter smovendoa, et ad alia otGcia vel eadem, sea 
od aliqnod serviclam veatmm vel Honaaterii aine consensu Conventns, vel 
inajorfa partis ejuadem, nullatenna rceumendoa, snb pena il librarnm sterling' 
onim in Fabricam Eoclesie aostre Eionienuia pro noatro arbitrio conTertaoiUmm. 
Per hoc, tamen, nou intendimus quod de cetero ramiliarea Monasterii veatri, 
assumpU per roa vel succeesores veatros vel assumendi, ad clamoram Canoni- 
oomm removeri debeaut absque tali causa contra eoa propoaita et probat'^ que 
debcat raciDiubilia boni viri arbitrio repntari. Et quid super hlis duxerltia 
faciendum nobis, infra xv dies n dato Ptesencium, p^ Literas vostris Patentes 
liamm seriam coDtinentes dilucidc reacribatis.— Datum Eionie, vj<> die mooala 
Fsbmarii, Anno Domini M<>. CCC>>». dediiio nono ; 148. 

See Clovelly ; 87 : Marhamchurcb ; 174. 
— John, Abbat of, see Vicars-General ; 77 : Launceaton Priory ; 

115. The Abbat and Convent were Patrons of Freming- 

ton; 152": Lavmcella; 166". 
Hartleigh [Herteleghe, MS.], see Halap (Oratories) ; 49. 
Haselschane, Robert de, Canon of Exeter, — 

licenoe uf non-resideiiM for a year, to ttad/, etc., " die Luoe proxima ante 
Festam Saacti Valenliiu " (11 Feb., 1313-14); S2\ He was " Provost " 
of Wells; aw psfce 9 (tufe); alio, L SI4, and Begist. Drokeneaford, Ed. 
fioMoM^ pp. 76, se, iOl. 
Haselscbaue, Thomas de, see page 16 {siiptxt). 

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Hatherleigh, Sir Henry. V. of — 

Hs wu ID bad bealtb, uid Sir Roger Bloyon, R. <d VonkokdiMnptMi, wm 
appointed Ml nMdjiitor "die flabbati proxim* post Fcstam Epiphuiia 
Doroilli" (8 Jul, 1S11-I2), — "tun ut praaona qnam in rebiu ad 
ipam Vicuum ■pectantibui ; itA quod confecto de bonii ipaiui fidali Idtmi- 
Urio, et ■mola abindc oneroaa et iautili (amiiia, de dictii braua adem 
VicirJo «t Hit naeeaaric familie dcaeniatar hontrntB. "[iiitalimed} — "Poctea, 
•eito die Aprilii, apud Clnt, Addo K" CC(y^ xij^^", rerooala fait 
Commiaiio predicU, Ita qaod eidein Bogtra de impemu area dictum 
Vicarium at ejui negoda aibi nt Batutaotum ad plenum pro tampote 
medio " ; 67''. 

Hatherleigh, Richard Aleyn of, eee Halwill ; 42. 
Hawkridge [Hauekriggc, MS.], in Chittlebompton ; L 189''. 
Haye, John de la, Canon-Regular of Bodmin ; 71. 
Hayle-s, the Abbat and Convent of, present to St. Breage ; 70, 

7.^": St. Paul-in-Penwith ; 108, 119, (I20M50''). 
Heghham, John de, inst. to Dunkeawell ; 70. 
Hegheo, Robert de, inst. to LauncelLs ; 16Q\ 
Heghcn, William atte, see atte Heghen ; IG?**. 
Hcle, John de, inst. to Cbristow ; 12G. 
Hele, Nicholas de, clerk, G2'' ; Canon of St. Crantock ; 25 : 

Proctor for John de Godrevi ; 76^ : for Thos. de Hentone ; 

SC: for John de Pultone ; 177". 

Set Lawhitton (/nK.) ; 59, 74: Crediton ; 67": Dome; OS, 08*>: SUAonte, 
ReginaJdde; 71: Laoivet (/(uL) ; 74: Harberton; 75*>: Boaliam, Canona 
of; S5: Bodmin FKory ; iV: Coolcbarj ; 107^: Hertone, Tbomaa and 
Walter de 1 110 : Canterbun; lll^ i BroUieTtoDe, Tbomaa de ; 112: Otter- 
ton Priory; 114: Cljtt Epiacopi i 114'": AnindcUe, John de; 115l>: 
Azmoutb (/nM.) ; 1G6. 

Hele, Reginald de, see Membury (Dedications) ; 113. 
Hele, Rd. de la, inst to the Chantry, Little Yamscomhe ; 54. 
Heliom, Walter de. Itinerant Justice, see Cargaul ; 117. 
Hellegon {also Huligan and Hulugan), Gilbert de, R. of St. 

Michael-Penkevil ; (Ord.) 239: inst. to St. Ladock ; 127, 

140", 159, (Ord.) 239", 240". 
Helligan, Isabella de, see Trevarthion ; 100. 
Hellewille, Peter de, inst. to Loddiswell ; 40, 76. 
Helperby, William de, inst. to Wyke-St. Majy ; 183". 
Helyngham, Thos. de, inst. (by Bytton) to Churcbstanton ; 43. 

Hemburi, Robert de, accolite, — DUpentaeia taper tiefeetu natali^m.- 
"audoritate Vraerabilia Patria Domini Barengarii TuaculaneiuiB EpHomii, 
Domini Pape Penitondarii Oenenilia " (10 July, IS21} ; 1G9. 
Hemyngford, Thomas de, R. of Lezant, resigns; 33: resigns, 
also, his Prebend in St. Probus : 63,— See Bosham, Canons 
of: 85. 

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Hendre, Hamunde de; (Onl) 233^ 234": 235^ collated to 
Dnnsford; lOO"*. 

Hendra, John de ; L 206^ 

Hendre, Robert de, Oate) Canon of Glasney ; 38, 57''. 

Hejostecote, Sir John de, priest (see Juweanx, Britel) ; 120**: 
inst to East Buckland ; loS. 

Hengstecote, William de, collated to Clyst-Fomison (Sowton) ; 
lei"* ; 1C4 : resigns ; le?"* : collated {by tapee) to Clay- 
hanger; 167. 

Henkastel, Robert de, see Scilly ; 122. 

Henry, John, of Penrya, inst. to Martinhoe ; 1281', (Ord.) 240. 

Henton-St, George {Somereet), see St. Mawgan-in-Kerrier {Iriat.); 

Hentone, Thos. de, see Exeter, Canons of (Iriet.); SI**: he 
excbanses Bishm>steignton for Great Torrington ; 45'' : is 
ooUated to the Treasurership of the Cathedra ; 4C^ 

DiEpanutioii: to hold bja Prebends in tho Cathedral and in Craditon in 
pluralitj, with the TreuurerBhip — " quia clantate morum et mulUplidbus 

virtotum donia t«, retroactia temporibuB, reddidiaU Inudatrilem, et nostre 
tollicitudiuii hiborea aauduoa, qui emergenciiiiu undiqiie negociorum 
Tarietate Qoatna inoumbHiit humsria operoaa, nobiscum aedulitate partlril, 
oc tne diacredonia indaatriam .... in preteritum, cognovimua " (9 May, 
1310) ; &0>>.— He waa an EieeutQr of BUhop Bytton'i Will ; 66", 176": and 
of Roger de Otarj'a ; 122^; admittod (ineommendam) to Horobard-Biahop; 
141: aa Treuurer, preaents to Biahopsnympton ; 145: ace Lawhitton ; G9 : 
Vican-Qeneral ; IIS. 

Hentone, William de, clerk, aee Bathonia, Nicholas de; l*!"". 
Hereford, Thomas de Cantilupe, Bishop of, — 

Tratueriplam Bulle dt CanonimcioTie Beali Thome, Her^onhtuit XpUeopi : — 
Johuinea [XXIl] Episcopna, Servua aervornm Dei, Venerabilibui PratiibuB, 
PatriarcEia, Aruhiepiscopls, ot Episcopis, aa dilectis Piliis, Abbutibiu, PrioribOB, 
Decania, Architliaronla, ut alils Ecclesiamni Rectoribim, ad qaoa Ul«re iats 
pervenerinC, salateni et Apmtaliciiin Benediccianem. — Unlgenltua Filius, 
splendor Glorie ac Pigara Subslancie Dei Patris, Qui pro Ispal medela bominia, 
etinauienB Semstliisiini, factus In uUro Virginia Verbiini Caro, de orto Hilitantia 
Eccleais modo losaa colena ignei nanc lilia candoria nivei, nunc riolaa odorU 
placidi, colUgere BuiBquo offecTB a«pectibuB non desistit, modenus temporibua, 
adiespcruiceate die, mundi hujus laUlis termino prDpiiiijiiante, de radlce 
Uatrta Bcdeaie Flerem fecit ascendere, ei Jacob nostra oriri jusait Stellam 
splendldam Matiitinani, Ecce namque quod Qui aedena In Throno omnii facil 
nova, novi Confeaaoria, Boat! videlicet Thome, HerefonlensU quondam Epiampi, 
nova magnalia mundo pnidit, ejui famam eSert muaince, vitam offeii 
Imltindam a cunctis ut regulani fnlgldain et txemplar. Letentur, igitur, Cell 
anrauni qui hunc Sanctum Rloriose in bo auscipiuiit, et eiultet terra deoiaDm, 
que aupemis tranimittit Presolem tarn miranduni. Plaudant ob boc Cetna 
Aogelici, et caooro jnbilo Deum laudeot Uuic occuTrant Celeataa uniiel. 
Banc collauilent feBtive Cell dvea. Colletetnr immeD&a Chmti Sponaa, Malor 
EccleBia, tants prolis claritate fecunda - que, Temra deaerens et teTTsna, 
Celeatis Imperii adminibillR ipea in ebbili Tbrono gaudei Ut, aiitem, lucenw 
aplendida rite aoe, poslta anper candelabrom Domua Del, non lataat, act pateat 
cunctis Fidelitma, ot CelesUs et perpetue vite norma, de auia felicibus moribua 
«t actibiu «liqua de mnltii, kd ntlutnem andlendnin, nferainns. IpM) aMnqiu, 

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quern Eidea finsam, Bpea erectam, Dei et proiimi habanduu CititM fedt 
utoni, circnmBpectnm pnidencia, temperonds In onmlliiiB onliD&tam, InMiluni 
cuncda Jnstlcia, sadacem et stninUDin Vortitudo, virtutnm omiiiDm uonuitlbn* 
redalebst, velat plena Div-inornm CariamBtnin ipoUieca. Sane Beatni bic 
Tliamu, Nacione Ai^licus, Angeticae Homo, ipse de Parentihns Kobililxu «t 
Citholicis origioBm hubri trahens, ab etste pnmevBi momm bonwtate prcdam^ 
Stndiis Literuum aic se dedicsFit totoliter, sic in ipala soUldte nodait et 

eofecit, qnod tam in HumBais Sdenciia qoam eclam in IMrina honomu 
uisletil est ideptus; poMqnun Doctrine sue ndioe longs lateqne 
diSundena, qnampluree ad Jnstidani enidivit, velut laDiiiure in mondo 
vtefulgidam, contiDstu VnTbum Vite. Ne, ant^m, terre camis inbabitacio 
de^iimeret saDm aensam oelestia cogitantein, ipsam, ut seirfnt S^ritui, 
vi^iis et abatinenciia, necnon pnngeoti cilicio aet et dbi et potua pamtnonia 
continoa mocerabat ; abatinens a vino sapiua, adene quod in ipso labricnm l^et 
camla ; sdens, eciam, quod Domtnus se promittit in objectum et pramlmit 
niuodU rarde, a juventale eua caatitatia pulchritndinani adan^avit ; propter 
qaod muliemm coosorcia, que precioaam viri animsm npinnt, et ipaa blanda 
coUoqui^ prudentiesinie dsvitaliat. Norerst, oamque, quod inofti propter 
mnlieris gpeciem, a qua fad:um eat peccati inictum, periemnt. Iste SaiKtiu, 
edam, ut alter Job, simplei, rectus, et titneas Deaui, a Christo didldt eaae 
mananctus, mitla corde, humilis et benipua. Uiaeraclo nlchUominoa, que ab 
infancia secuni orevit erga pauperes et afflictoaanePietatia TigMTaaicafledtqtMd 
ipse verus pauper spiritn, dives rebus, illos lareia aosteotabat elaiDodiiia ; latoa, 
vero, crebns consoiacioDibuii refovebat. Cum Apottolo, Damqne, Paolo Inflimm- 
batnr cum iafinnantibua, cum pacientibus scuidalnm Diebatur. Hk, demnin, 
SanctuB de Innocente agna fsctua in Herefordend Eecleaia bomu Pattor, 
aeipso mqor mente effectua est etudena semper de virtnt« pn^reili in virtntem, 
quo ID tenipoie In Dei Templo in Virtntis culmiuc poaitus sic eSblait qaod 
msrito Qemma Preanlum did possci. Oradooi, vera, inBiatebat auldue ; ac sni 
fervoreni spiritua demonstrabant iu Orsdonlbus et Celebracione MisM habun- 
danter ex oculia lacriuie defluentea. Commissaa, veto, ores procadebat id 
paacua, et a lupia protei^taa rapacibua, paataaque verba et example puit^r, ad 
Cbriati Caulaa aedule redncebaf. Jura, vero, me Ecclesie defeosabat ritillter, 
indutua Jurticia velut loricn : paratua namqne pro aibi eommisao giege animam 
ponere, non tiniutt In hoc Priadpem vel M^fnatem. Et, quia dignom erat 
quod bulc tarn exsellenti merito daretur Etema Requlea post uibarem, enm pro 
sue causia Ecclesie ad Romaitam pervenjaset Curiam, diem claoait eitremnin, 
receptis priua derote Eccip^le Sacramentis ; aicque vlr felix isle ad Dominum 
transmittando apiritom, de Paregrino et Advana factna eat eximius Oeli CiTie. 
Et, quia decabat mnltum Divine I'otenciam Usgeetatis ut Sanctum buoc la 
Cella regnara Becum per signorum evideuciam Fidulibns declaisret, Ipanm 
conucare iu terria miraculis luullis fecit. Qkiorum quedam, fldelibos probat« 
teetimoniis, ad Del lAudem et Glorlam Saiicti hnjua, Prraentibus duximua 
Inaerenda. Qundani, namque, puella annontm qaiuque, que tecepore longo fn 
quodam profuntlo stagno eteterai luortua et submersa, extncta iuda frigida totA 
St rigiila, dod babenx oliquod si^nm vite, facto ad Sanctum bnnc pro ejus 
reauscitacione voto, vile fiiit priatiue restltula. Infans, eciam, bieouia qnidani 
: ^ quailam submersus et luortuus, extractua lode, post factum pro ipio 

votam, miracuioee extitit sascitalDs. Puer quidam annonun ix submersna in 
quodam Sumine, postquam eitractom de aqua Sancto buic aliqui devoverunt, 
reatitntua eat vite paritsr et taluti. Parvuloa alter, etatia unius anni cum dimidio, 
super cqjna capuddonuiuntla in area rota translverat onnsti cnrnis qui a bobna 
qustnor trabebatnr, mortuns ex boc recuperavlt vltam et animam meritis Sancti 
ht^us. Infans alius, nondum etatia duorum snnonim, in fuado CQJaadam 
foaaati, in quem locum de ppiite altitadinia masce de nocle ajiaeritur c^diaae, 
repertua mortuus, rigidns, atfrimdua, absque allqao siguo vite, menmratna ad 
hnnc Sanctuni, vite fuit mirabillter restitutus. Mniier quedam qua aapteoi 
aiuiia aic contracta fuerat qvoil nee stare nee ire jioterat per seipsam, portaU ad 
Tomulum Sancti Thome, oraeione ibidem facta per ipsam , rcahtata fuit prtatJm 
aanitati. Quedam, Insuper, puella nnnonim qumque, que p«lem uaiun 
habebat aonis pluribns quasi totnm ex Sstulia putrefactum, ita quod doc ataro 
nee Ire poterat nisi ee super femur trabendo per tcrram, portata ad dicti Sanctt 
Tujonlnm perpatmm, fuit ibidem a dictalnflrmitale curaU. Allei* muUer, qna 
per annos pinree vian caruerat, nee quoqnam ire poterat niai ut cecft ab altoio 
anceratur, ducta ad EcclKUm Eerefordie, et facta'ablacione adTomuliini 8anctl 

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Home, mit a cecitate dlcU eonUDoo libentta. Puer, inmper, aimonim qnin- 
que^ qni ex ioflnaitale quidam oinnlDo vUam perdident, et iluoLus umis 
muuent ita cccun, ductus ad ht^jua Suicti Tumalnni, oblaclone facta, 
Tianm ncnperarit parfecte. Qnidant, eciam, hnmo qal gibhnm ad qaaatitatcu) 
nnlna oris (nc) anaeru ortani in coIln too portaverat ninltis niini!>, orans ad 
Tamiilani h^jni Sancti et denarinm ofTerBiiii, cum quo in modmn Cruoia 
tetigerat dictum (tibbum, statim cnratUB omDino fuit et a dicto glbbo penltn* 
Kbvatm. Pndlotiii et alila multla miiacDlla Suictum Rumn dantlcaTli Dcua, 
Qui &dt mliabUU maifm solus. Hoc soat, cart«, mirabilia opera Toa, Dea^t, 
Qui sk per Cdestea gpiriloa ^beniu terrena omnia et disponis, quod ipsonim 
aacratoBi numernm, quem cadencinni niioa minuit, reianu mirabilitar et 
tanenia. Hii aiict Saocti Tnl, Omnipotens Dens bone, Qui Tue dono grada 
•sniper rirent, mbeot at rosa, candent sicot liliam, nt mel placeat, cnmint at 

Sintas, fragiant nt balnmuni, nt sol fulgent. Sic, Bic, Dens ctemeas, 
nctnm Tnum Thtmiani glorificans, Fidem firua,t, nubilosoa errorei dlssipat et 
canfaodit, ad Snpema noalros rapit alTectoa, amoris flammia Kuccendit tri^^da 
eorda noatia. In hao, igitnr, lata die qaatu fecit Domiuua, qua Coafessor iite in 
Dei Throno Corona Olorie cUrus sedet, landet Dominnra omnia Spiritns Cell 
CelonuD; clamore ineSablU Deo caoant; Sanctorum ICcoleiiia mente et spiritu, in 
cordis et orewto. Domino paallat ; set tn niagis plaude, Uerefordia, que lui 
Tbcaantiun Coiparis contines tam immeDsum. Nam quem in tenia habnisti 
Paatorem none obtines in Celis leduliim Protectorem. Vemm, quia moltom 
conv^t nt qneni Deoa In Cells riortficat, in terris, ad sanni trnctnm et gandium 
Mondns colat, Noe de Ipdua Tlta et iniracnlis iiiquiri feclmua diHgenter ; de- 
hinc, snper inventii per Noa et Fratrus nostroa atteota eiamtoacione habita et 
diaeuauoiie soleiti, de ipsius Sanctitate vite ao verltate niiraculorum plene cerU 
fccti, ad fequiaidonem instantam ac Bnpplicacionein hnmilem et devotam 
I^«latarum multorum, tunc apnd Sedem Apostollcam siistencium, de dictorum 
rratrnni nostionim conailio et aswnan, conhai de OmuipotcnCia Dei misericordla, 
Anctoritate gnoque Beatorum Petri et Pauli, Apoetulorum E^os, et nostra, 
Sanctoniin Confeasonun Cathalogo durimns luwribenilnm, Ideoque Universl- 
taUm veatram monemns et horUmnr attente, per Apoatollca Bciipta vobia 
■ " ■ ■ ■ * ■" "ctobris [2 Oct,] Featnm Confesaoria 

t facialis a veatris aubditia vener- 

•clone congma cetebrari ' ut, pia ejui luterceseione, et Ijic a noxiis protegi et in 
fatoio aempitema gandik conseqni Taleatis. Ut, sutem, ad venerabile ipalna 

2alehnun ardendus et affloendns ChristiBni Populi confluat mnltitudo, ac 
brini ^nadem Confanarla ccdatnt Peativitas, omnibus vers penileutibus et 
eonhi^ qni enm rBVaiBnda Sine in eodem Festo annnatim acoesserint, ipsiiis 
•aftl^^ peUtnri, da Ontnipotentis Dei misericordia et Beatomm Petri et Faujl, 


iloromlgnk Anctorltateeonfisl, duosannosetduasqnadrBgecaa; acceden- 

unli aingulU ad predlctum Sepalchium infra ^oadem FeaU 

, da i^JDncta aibi paDilencla miaericorditeT relaxamus. — DstntD 
jdendas Hail, Pontiflcatns nostri Anno Quarto {17 Aprfl, 1320] ; 

Eerewwd {Hireward and Hureward), John, of Tamacombe, 
co-patron of the Perpetual Chantry of Little Tama- 
combe ; 54, 145 : presents to Yamscombe ; ISO**. 

Hereward, Robert, collated to a Prebend in Bosham ; 59, 60 : 
to a Prebend in the Cathedral ; 117 : inst. to St. Mawgan- 
in-Kerrier, 124: resigns; l«7^ 

Hereward, Thomas, inat. to Aveton-Giffard ; 46^ 49^ se"*, 73 : 
collated to a Prebend in the Cathedral ; 82 : to the Arch- 
deaconry of Exeter ; 127^ — See Bosham, Canons of ; 85 : 

Hereward, Sir William, Knt., presents to St. Enne ; 177. 

Hereward, Wm., R. of Tamscombe; 121, (Ord) 218: exchanges 
for Bickleigh (So: Devon); ISO".— See Arundelle ; US'*. 

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Herforde, Adam de, Official-Principal of Winchester, see 
Bosham; 89. 

Hermandeaworthi, John de, inst to the Chantry of Trewen; Tl**. 

Herpathe (alias Gatepathe), Henry de, B. o£ Beaford ; TO**. 

Herpetru, Thomas de, R. of Tedbum-St. Mary ; 60^ 66*' : re- 
ference to his Will ; L 20^^ 

Hertle, Peter de. Proctor for John le Mareschal ; 75*. 

Hertwelle, Jordan de. Proctor for John de Drokenesford ; 35^ 

Herwyntone, Adam de ; L 210. 

Heton [margin " Eton "]. Master Geoffrey de, Advocate in the 
Court of Canterbury, — the Biahop Kraois him a Peiuian, "Ae 
Camera noBtrn," of xli,, uiDiially, at Hidwelmis "pro pdtrudiiio iuo In 
CauBis dictum Episcopam contingentibuB in dicU Curia ii^tandii," till tho 
" patrocinium " Bhoutd ceue, or the Bi^op prewnt him to a BofficiMit 
BencGce (8 Feb., 1908-9) ; 38. Set Etooe. 

Hidesworthe, Master Henry de. Advocate in the Court of 

Arches, — in ratora for terviaes randered in the aaiil Court, the Bishop 
gianta him an annual Pension of xU., "a Camera uoBtra," to continue ■■ 
long as Buoh aarvicea (not including the causei in which John, Bialiopof 
of Chichester, was concerned) were continued (14 Jan., 1318-19) ; HO. 

Highampton [Henctone and Hegheauntone, MS.], — 

Sir James de Mertoue, E., — non-reddenee for a year — " Lieenda intendendi 
obaequiis Nobilis Uulieris, Domine Haiie le Flemjng, pro eodem soppli- 
cantia . . prout decet itatum suum" (11 March, 1313-11); 83: again, 
from II Aug., 1316, till Uichaelmas, 1317, "ut . . possit stare ia obwquio 
Baldewini le Flemanc" ; 114, 

High Bickington [Bukyngtone, Bukentone, Buketone, MS.], — 
Robert de Wjipigtone, clerk, R,— DispenBation: non-rusidnice for a year 
from last HicbaJalmaH ; he was to take aabdeuon'B Orders within the jcitr 
(3 Not., 1306); SS: again (derlc), Ull Micbaelmas, 1310 (14 Dec. 1309) ; 
45^: Tenewed (subdeacon), 11 Nay., 1310 ; S?**.— Master QeofTre; de Lucy, 
subdesoon, K., — Dispensation: licence of nan-iWdence for one year, Ut 
study, etc. (21 April, 1319).— "et auper hoc habuit literas preeendaliter 
silH traditss per Hagistram Nichoiaum de Hele, dericum, in poitien Anle 
Curie EpisGOpi EionienBis extra Barras Nori Templi Londoniarum ; dicta 
clerioo Bibi verbaliter exponente quod, quia dtctus Rector aliam Eoolesiam 
priuB optinuit et tenuit, ut asseruit, eisdem Literis auo pericolo, m Toluerit, 
nteretur ; preaentibus Willelmo de WoU^he et Rieardo de Oteri" ; UO"". 
There is no record of his Institution, whicb, doubtless, took place at tbia 
time. Again (14 Mirch, 1322-3), "et dabit xi solidoa " ; 174'': again,— 
" Licencia intendeudi olisequiiB Domiiii SUpbaJii, Arcbiepiscopi Armadian- 
ensia, Twnus Hibemie Primatis, per annum, ad inatandam ejuadem 
Episoopi " (] May, 132E) ; 184. 

High Bray [Hautehray, US.], — sir Robert de Regis, deacon, R.,— Dis- 
neoaatiOD: non-residence for a year from Hicbaelmaa, to study, etc (24 
Sept, 1309); 44: (priest) renewed (22 June,1311) ; ea^i. 

Hildesle, Walter de, clerk, inst. to Monkokehampton ; ISifi. 

Hille (or Hulle), William de la, inst. to Manstowe; 47, it^. 

Hyngham, Ralph de, Canon of Bosham ; 35, ie"" ; Canon of 

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CreditoQ ; SO** : deceased ; 60, CI'> : hia Will ; 65. 

HynfjhftiD, John de, see " Wills " ; 65. 

Hyntone, Nicholas de; see LaiitegloB[-by-Camelford] (/«»<.) ; 
Sr*-: see Borne, Court of ; 124. 

Hyspania, Jamea de ; L 192^ 210 ; (see Vol. I., page 390). 

Hitte, William ; {0rd.-Pri8.) 222". 

Hocke, Roger, inst to Gidleigh ; ISO"", 184''. 

Hodenet, Richard de, insL to TTplomaii ; 44, 44**. 

Hoke, William atte, junior, see Bosham ; 1 ^\ 

Hokysham, William de, presents Giles de Hokyaham to 
Huxham; 83*. 

Hokesham, Wm. de (son of William) presents to Huxham ; 1 00. 

Holaweye, Thomas de, see Lawhitton (Inst.) ; 74. 

Hole, Gregory de la, inst to the Ohantiy of Trewen (Hols- 
worthy); 66. 

Hole, Robert de, " de Aysshulle," see Rome, Court of ; 124, 

Hole, R<^er de la, inst. to Antony ; IVS**. 

Hole, William de, collated (by lapse) to Parracorobe ; 35, 

Holediche, Robert de, priest, — 

iWjpeBJOti'o luprr/alM etamficU) tiivio pro Ordinibat r«i'pi>ndii,— " AnctoriUt* 
Reverendi Patrii, Berensani, miseiKciime Divlnn Tasculi Epucop[, Domini Pqw 
PeDlteudarii, nobia in hac parte commliwa, super eo quod oliin, in Hinoijbu* 
Otdbtiba* eonatitataa, et deaideranB ad Sacroa Ordinea pronjoveri, Mrtomque 
ad hoc titalnm noa babciu, apud quendnni Mililem inatetiHti, at titulniD In 

■ -■- c^bi^datl ab eodem ; tali ad hoc condiciooe adjecta ac fide prartltl, 

rlnin Mililem ve! hvredes anos aaper hoc Don imp«tsrea, noo pretextn 

titnJI memorati aliquat«uu9 nioleatare^; aliu, tMueii, rite oninet 

Sacnis Ordines aDscepisti, niiniatraDdo in eladem, oon In cjnterapta Cbnium set 
timplicltitis fiiTore, aliasque te Divinia Otflciis in^ereado,— U, Bi pranina 
Temate nitantur, at> hujuBmodl exceasu, iitjnncta tibi propter hoc primitDii 
penitencla ialntari, alisdyimoa,— ta Dichilominua a sic euaceptonim Ordinnni 
eiecodono naque ad F«stnm Beati Martini [11 Nov.] pmiimo nunc ventarum, 
perno* propter hoc SDBpenio,—te<:niu, eitnnc, aaper Imgnlaritate qa am propter 
piemi«aa contrailatl, et aic raceptorum Ordinum execucione, — dum, taman, 
aliad tibi in hac pule Canonicom iton obaiitat, — auctoritate prerticta, miaerl- 
corditer dispenavniu, ..." die Vuierii proiinia ante Feetum Omnium 
Sanrtornm [30 Oct)," 1310 j 67. 

Holeri^e, Boesea, see Pynde ; L 100^ 

Hollacombe [Holecumbe, juzta Hallesworthe (Holsworthy) 

MS.], — Beuadiot de E]r!miiuutd, aocoUto, R.,— Diap«iustion : non-rendeiiM 
fen- a year, to atudy, etc. (11 Aug., 1823) ; I7fli>. 
— 3ir Balidi de la Pole, U June, 1306, ubt&ined Lloenoa bo farm this Church 
tor five yean, — " et dabit ad elemaaiDun Domini ij marcaa et dimidiam " ; 

Holecumbe, Richard de (son of Symon) ; L 197. 
Holacumbe, R(^r do, Canon-Regular of Bodmin ; 71. 
Holne ; Master John de Wytebi, accolite, R., — 

Diapenaationr noD-reiddence (or two yean, to atudy, etc. (and he wm to take 


■ubdeMDD'i OnlOTs within tbe firct j«*r (SO Oct, 1310) ; 6' 
G Uarch, lSll-12 ; 89: tgaia (lubdeacoa}, for ooa jeai from V 
eiuumg, — "quarto Kalendu ApriliB" (2SHiTch,} I3U ; 83:>etun (priest), 
SO Oct., 1317, — "at dabit td Fabricun luper g»di pro non re^nuift 
dimidiaiD manam " ; 129'': agUD, for k year (2G ^pt., 1318), — " et ditbit sd 
Fabricam dimidiam nukrcam "; 130: aEain, for a yrar frota Hichaelnuui 
(16 Sept., I320J ; lEl^: and again, (20 Not., 1321) ; ie2<>. 

Holond, John, clerk, see Fhilleigh (Inst.) ; 144^. 

Holswoithy [Hallesworthi, Haldeaworthi, Healdesworthe, 
and Hal des worth i, MS.], — 
Hut«r WiUiam de Camu, clerk, R,— DispenBation : non-irstdenca for three 
yean, to itudy, etc (30 Aug., 1312) ; 73: renewed, for a year (19 Aug., 
1315); 107'': again (4 Aug., 1316); US'); again, till Michaelnua, 181S 
(1 Atig., 1317) ; 120: and aniD (S5 3«pt., ISIS) ; 130.— He appeared, 21 
Sept, 1319, by bia Proctor, ThomaB Peru, R of Pillaton, before Richard^ de 
Coletone, Official -Prindpal, " in judicio pro Tribunali aedente in Uajori 
Eccleeia Exonieosi, in Loco Conaiatorij," and promiaed, under a peualtj of 
lOOe,, to put in repair the bam and other biiildiaga belonging to hia said 
Rectory, before the Fsest of 8t Peter ad Tincula (1 Aug.l— " Varat, quia 
remiaaa per Dominum " (margin) ; H2^. — Sir Nit^laa de WethergraTe, 
R,>~IiceQoe of non-reeidence till Uichaelmaa, 1323, — " pro utilitatibua, ut 
aueruit, ejuadem Eccleiie " . . . " ita quod viaitet Eodeciam ipsam tempore 
Quadra^imali ; videlicet, tota Quadrageeima vel aliqua parte notabili 
ejuadem (25 July, 1322),—" qui promidit Fabrice E!xoniensi C solidoa "; 163. 

Honemenacote (alao caUed " de Winescote" ; Ord. 243), Richard 
de, collated to a Prebend in Crediton; 142'': insi. to 
Iddesleigh; lol^ 152, 176, 181". 

HonitoDC, Peter de, — 

R. of Itaingtoti, ttt Lairhitton (/lUC); G9: redgna hii Prebeod in Credilon 
and is, immediately, admitted to the aame again, in oMOMOuiaNl ; 07 : 
again reaigns ; 67'': ifl collated to a Prebend in St. Crantock ; 67. — St* 
Rome; 68, 68'': Qlaaney (Intl.); 72»: Lanivet {Irul.) ; 74; Bodmin 
PrioiT ; 89*: CooVbun' ; 107<': Brothertone ; 112: Clyat Einacoiu; 111"; ia 
tost [not ■RductaOtoATeton-OiOard; 128: reaigni IlaiDgtoD, and ia inducted 
(not inaWufed) to Luatleigh ; US,": reugna hia Prebend in St Ciantoct ; 
I29<': ia collated to a Prebend in Olianey ; ISG. He was Proctor for 
Thomaa de Hfmtone ; 31<>: Roger de Oteiy ; SS: Robert Bythewalle ; 76>>: 
and Tbomu Uereward ; E5. 

Honicherche, Matilda de ; {0rd.-Pri8.) 236''. 

Horn, John, and Beatrix his wife ; L 194. 

Hortone, Roger de, his Election to be Prior of Launceston, — 

"Liter* proolamatoria pro Electo" (directed to the Dean of Tiigg-Hajor), 
C April, 1308 ; 32: OammiMtiim (directed to the Abbat of Tavistock, Roger 
de Oteiy, Commiaiiar;- General, and Wm. Blojou, Canon of Olaaney], aame 
date ; 32^. The Biabop (Elect) writes to the King tor h!i Licence (the See 
bang vacant pending hia Couaecration), 3 May, 1308; 38'': CommiiaJan for 
Hortone'a Inatallation, i Uaj, 1308 ; ibid. 

—On the 20th uf Feb., 1308-9, the Biabop, in the Chapter-House of the 
Priory, admoniahed thia Prior, under pun of deprivation, to eihibit within 
two jean, (a himaelf or hia Succeaaor, hia "Privil^um," by virtue lA 
which he retained the dignity, being illegitimate. He appeared at Clyat 
within the said term, and, having eatiaSed the Biahop, wa* discharged ; S8^, 

Hortone, Robert de, presents to the Chantry of St Mary 

GBNfilUL iNDll^. 181 

Magdalene, TorringtoD ; 68''. 
Eolemede, William de, inat. to Brampford-Speke ; 131. 
Huggeworthi, Fr. Ralph de, Canon-Regular of Laimcestoa ; 115. 

Huish [Hywys, US], — Ridurd de Ebo, B.,— DupenutioD: non-residgiioe 
for a jear from KidhMlmsB lut, to itudy, etc. [11 Oct., 1308); 3i*>. 

Hywrs (also, Hiwischej, Dame Matilda de (relict of Sir 

Richard), presents to St. Ewe ; 42, 4^^ 59, Sd": to Lao- 

Ballos; 150. 
Hulierd, lUchard, R. of Loxhore ; 45. 
Hulle, Robert de, inst. to West Alvington ; 169. 
Hundreman, Adam le, and AJice his wife ; L 203. 
Hunte, Walter called le, inst. to Sir William Martin's Chapel 

at Fremington ; 60''. 
Hurbertone, Geoffrey de, inat. to Hennock ; SI*": deceased ; 171. 
Hurbertone, John de, clerk, Diapenaacio super defedu natali- 

wm — "dQpre$bUero genitus et soluta ", (19 Dec, 1308) ; 37. 
Hurtleghe, Richard de, V. of Buckland-Brewer ; 72^ 
Hyde Abbey, — Caudo Abbatis de Hida : — 

— Venerande Religionis viro, Domino Dei grada Abbati de Hida, Wyntomen^ 
DioceaiB, R«T«r«iidi Tiii Domini Abbatis de Bello Low, ejiudem DiooesiB 
Judiois PriDcipalis, una cum diacretii viris, Hagistro Ada da Herforde, 
OfBciali Wjntonienai et Oardiaoo Fratrum Ordinii Miuoruin Wjmtome, ia 
hac parte a Seda Apoetolioa deputatia Commiasariii, Walttims, pairainioiie, 
etc. BBiolem, etc—Audito nuper quod di»cr6tiu »ir, Dominua Archidiaconua 
Ciceatreiuia, occaaione cujiudam Rape Prohibidonis super libertate Eooleaie, 
aeu Capelle, de Bosehiim, eidem Dumiao Archidiacono, ut dicebatur, 
porrocte, jurisdicctonem dictortim Abbatis de Bello Loco, HagiaCnri Ade, 
OffldaliB et Osrdiani, bc Commiasariorutu eorumdem !□ hac parte, in Caiua 
AppelladoDii que rertitar, uu vertS speratur, inter dos Partem appellantam ex 
parte una, et Arabldiaconum predictum, ex parte altera, coram eia, annullare 
et forum edam ipeorum et veatrum nititur decllnare ; voequeeilioa veremini 
quod, U ia biijUBmodi Causa procedetis ulterioB, fatigsji pateritii ea 
oocaaione, foraitaii, laboribuB et eipeniia ; dob, hujusmodi timorem, ai quia 
aii^ a Tobia excutere cupientee, Tobts Gdeliter et bona fide promittimus quod, 
ai in dicta Causa proceaBeritis prout, abaque dubio, de jure prooadar* poleritia, 
Toa erga Dooiiiium R^em et quoacumque alios, cujuscumque condidonia 
eiiatant, ea occaaione indempnee conserrabimua. Et ad id omnia bona 
noatra, mobilia et immobilia, tencre Preeendum, obligamni. Similitw, 
edsm, pronuttimua pro quibuscumqua aliia qui pro noVns caTerint in hac 
parte.— In eujua rei, etc— Datum apud Cljst (27 Oct., 1314) -, 89,— This b 
followed b; a oopy of a 'Cauda,' in identical terms, directed to the (aid 
Warden of the fYiara Minora of Winchetter, on the same day. 

Hyde, Ralph de la (son of Thomas), inst. to Whitstone 
{Cffmwalt); 42S 44, 44'', 51, (prd.) 222'': Canon of St. 
Craotock, deceased ; 53^ 

Hyde, Thomas de la ; L 201''. 

Hyde, William de la, Canon-Regular of JSodmin; 71. 

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A WilUun d« Ift Hvde wm inrt. to a Prebend in St. Cnulock (18 
Aug., 1310) ; G3<>: dsceuod ; 101^ 106^ 

Hydone, Sir Wm. de, Kat. deceased, see Clyst-HydoD {Imt.); 3S. 
Hidone, John de, presents to Clyst-Hydon ; 144''. 
Hyndwille, Richard de ; L igO^*. 

Iddesleigh [Yuddesleghe, MS.],— 

Master mclwrd de ttonsmeiiacote, aubdeacoD, R, — tKipeDWtioa: non- 
resdenee for three yeara,t« study, etc. (26 3spt, 1320} ; 1^2: reDswed 
[Bonamanecoto, MS.] for a year, in Forngn Parla (7 Aug., 1323) ; 170: 
renewed for two yean (3 Sepl, 1324) ; ISl^ 

Ideford [Giddeforde, MS.], — sir Walter, R,— Licence to put hii Beoefioe 
out to farm to &r John de Chageforde, chaplain, for tliree jeara ; — "et dabit 
ad Fabricam Siouieneem, nngulis umii, qninque loUdo* " (31 Dec, 1313); 

Ilfracombe, — 

, jpud Ylfrodecnmbe, quod infra 

et haberent in Matilce £ccleiiia ipeomm, Ymagineni 
Beate Marie ViigiDb, ita decentem et fonnoBUn sicut in C^pella Beit« Virginia 
ibidem tunc tempoiis habaerunt ; sub pena xli." (26 July, iSW) ; i^K 
-~~rena el Preeeptum taper EccUtia de IlfniUcoinbe, — 
— Apod llfridccombe, ixij'" die dicti meiuie [Nov., 1321], constitutuB Dominns in 
Eccleeia Parochial] de lUridecombe, in presenciaDomim [letirici ile Chambemon, 
HUitii, et Patronl dicte Ecclesie, Robcrti de BIkelegbe, Adand de Stodilone, 
WiUelnii Schurreve, Ricardi SuhorTere, JohsnniB le Langv, Aduni de TrewenI, 
Thome de TrewenI, Willelmi le Taillur, Adami Fabri, Thome Wire, Willelmi 
Oeraome, Willelmi B«net, junioris, Rogei'i Mugge, Johnnnis Henri, Johannla 
Knosse, ■Tohelis Fabri, Jotianaia Piatoris, Thome Pistons, et noimnllonim 
parochlaoomm ipaini l!i:»:lesie, periiendeDS qnod eadem Kccl^ia capai nan erat 
omnliun parocmanornni ^unlem, pmisiiit et iqjiuiiit eisdem parochianli, 
nomine auo, et nomioe onmium comparochianorum snonim lUcte Bcclosie, quod 
I'andem Kccleiiiam am^liotvnC, hinc et inde, per duoa alaa competentes, et corpn* 
ipniua Ecclesie in longitudiiie similiter ampliarent per xxliijo'' pedn ad minus, 
ia(r& blennium a Feeto Beati Michaelis proximo wcutuiv, snb pena xUi. 
sterlingomm, applicandanim Fabrice Ecsclnaie Beati Petri Eioniensi^, pro 
voluntute rt arbitrio dicti Domini"; 162t>. 
— K^jinald dc Ctuunpemoun, priest, R, — Diapaniation : non-reaidenoe for two 
yean, to study in Theology or Canon-Law (11 lUj, 1310} i 61: sgain, 
[llfardioombe, M3.], for a yeu, — "et dabit ad Fabricain sz BoUdoa" 
(20 Sept, 1318] ; 1260. 

Ilfrydecombe, Adam de, V. of Staverton, deceased ; 103. 
Ylatyngtone, William de, inst. to Cotleigh ; 38. 
Illon, in Malborough, aee Chevere&tone (Oraioriea) ; SO''. 
Inge, William, inst. to Heanton-Punchardoo ; 14A. 
Inkepenne, Richard de, R of Dittisham; 33^ 36, 115, (Ord) 

224^ 225. 
Innocent III., Pope {see Rymer, I., 197 : Wilkins, I., 545), — 

Primltgitiat ItmoeeneU Papt laptr IMtiiaU BlecaimU. [The words 
" Priviltgium eUgtndi PnUUot ptr Rtg«m antctmuM " haTS been added 

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InDOMDdu EjuMOpus, etc, VeDenbilibns Fratribna, etc, EcdetUnim Pnlitte 
per Angli*in constitntie, siliiteiD, etc— DigpiB laudibiu attolUmaa muniS- 
"wnriitii Creatoiis qaod, poatqusm Idem, Qui eet minbiliii et tenibiua in 
eoiuiliu super Rlios hominum, ^qiiamdia tolleravit ut pertluulo discnireret 
per weoLtm ortl Siii epiritus tenipeatatis, quasi luduiis talitei in orbe temruni, 
nt eic oetenderet infinnitatam et iDiumcieEciam noetram, nobis stutuit com 
Kilnit, Aqolloni dixit Do, et Anstro Noli prahibere, imperaoa ventis et mvl 
•tetnit procelUni iD auram, nt rsnle portuni qoietis inremant perojttatnm. 
Con, enim, inter Kegnnm et SBcerdociutn Angtie, non sine iiisgno penculo tA- 
qne danipno, snpar Eleccionibus Prelitorum gravis foerit controvenria dinciua 
aetata. Ilia tandem Cul nidiil est impoesibile Qulque ubi ynlt Bpirat mira- 
bilit^r CDcjieruite, caiiseiniuB in Cbristo Filins noater, Johumee Roi Anglie 
UluKbii, Ubeialiter ex meia et spoaCiuiea voluntate, de consensn communi 
enoniin Baranmn, pro salute inime sue ac predecessorum et succeseoram 
sncnim, nobis cooceuit, et auis Literis conlirmavlt, ut de cetero, in univeraia et 
Bingidia EcdesUs k HuiwsteriU Cathedralibus et Convent uallbua tocins R(^ 
Anglie Inperpetuum libera fiantElecdoueaquonuncumqaePralatorum, tuajoram 
eciam et latnoraiu. Nos, i^itur, gratuni et ratum Iiabedt«s, concessioneni 
bnjiuniodl Tobli, et per voe Ecclesiis et auccessoribus ve^tm, prout in ejusdeni 
B^lis Litaria peispeilmns continerl, auctoritata Apostolio confinnamua ist 
presentU Scnpti patrocinio cnnununiniue. Ad mejoiem, sutem, firmitatam et 
parpetuani menioriam bujuamodi r«i, prefati iWla Litema super hoc oonfectu 
FreMntibus inseri recimos; quamtu tenor est t^is,— J ohaimes, Dei gracia Rax 
Anglie, Dominns Uibemie, et Dux Aquitanie et NonaaDnie, et Comas Ande- 
gavle, Archiepiatwpis, EpiBcopia, Coniitibvu!, Baronibue, et Militibua, Ballivw, 
elomnibufl baa Literas vtanris, salute m.—Qn urn icier nos et Veaerabilea Patne 
noatroe, Btepbanum Cantuarie Arebiepiscopum, todus Auglie Primatain, et 
Sancta Romane Eccleaie CaMinslem, Willelnium Londoniensem, EhtstteUiun 
Elieniem, E^dium HerfordeDseni, Jocelinum Bsthonieosem et Glattotlienaein, 
et HuxoneniLincalnieDsem, Episcopoe, snpeidampnig et ablatia eorum lempora 
Interdjcti, per Del graciam, -le mera et libera volnntate ntriusque Partis, pleoe 
convenit, rolumus non solum eia, quantum secundum Deum pcaaumns, satia- 
foeere, lerum eciam toti Ecclesie Anglicane salubriter et niiliter iaperpetuuni 
providere. Inde est quod qualiscnmque consuetuiio, temporibun nostrie et 
predeoessomni noetronini hactenua in Eoclesia Analicana fueril obsarvata, at 
imicqaid juris nobis bactenus vendicaveriniua in Eleccionibus qDommcumqiie 
Prelatonun, noe atl ipeomm peticionem, pro salute anime nostre at preoe- 
cenornm ac sacceeeonmi nostrorum, liegum Anglie, libersliler, mera et 
spontuiea Toluntate, de comniuoi consensu Baronum uoetrorom, conceeilmns et 
cunstitnimua, et bac present) Carta noatia conflrmavimua, nt de cetaro in 
nniversis et singulis Ecclesiis et Monasteriia Catbedralibus et Couvantualibue 
todns Begni nostri AngUe, libere sint inperpetuum Eleccionee quorumcumqae 
Prelatornm, m^omm et mluorum ; aalva nobis et heredibua nortris cualodia 
Ecclesiamm Monasterlomm vacaneium que ad nos pertinent. Promittimns, 
eciam, quod nee impedlemos nee impeiliri permittemoa per nostras, nee pn>- 
curabimus quiu in singulis et universia Ecclesiis et Monasteriis menioratls, poat- 

SBin vacaverint, prelatnre quaadocumqae votnerint libere sibi ^reBciant 
ectores Pastotem ; petila, tainen, prins a nobis et beredibus noetns licencia 
eligendi, qoam non den^bimns nee differamns. Et si forte, ~ quod absit, 
denegaramua, nicliilominus procadant Electores ad Eleccionem Canonicam. 
... .-._!._. gj similiter, post celebrotaui Eleccionem, noater reguiratiir 
, quern non denegabimux niai sliquid ncionabiie propoauenmus et 
libera probiverimus, propl«r quod non debeamns consentire. Quare yolomna 
et flmlter jubemns ne qnis, vacantlbua Ecclesiis vel Monaateriis, contcs bono 
noetram Concessionem et Constltucionem in aliquo veniat vel venire presumat. Si 
quip, vero, centra boc, aliqoo tempore, umi mam venerit, malediccionem Omni- 
potentis Dei et nostram incurrat. HiisTeBtibos : — Petro, Wynlonionai Episcopo, 
Willebno Marascalle, Comite Pembrochie, etc., Willulmn. Comite Warrennie ; 
lUnulpbo, Comite Ceetrie; Saiero, Comita Wyntonie ; aaKHdode Mandeville, 
Comite GlouceaUie et Esseiie ; Willelmo, Comite de Ferrariis ; Willelmo 
firi«rere ; Warino Alio Oeraldi ; Willelmo de Centilupo ; Henrico de Neville : 
Roberto de Vera ; Willelmo de Hnntyngfelde. -Datum, per manus Mi^atrt 
Ricardi de Uarlscls, Cancellarii nostri, xv die Jannarii, apud Novum Templiini 
Londoniensfl, Anno Regni nostri xvj° {1214-15). — Nulli, ergo, omnlno bommum 
llceat h»nc Paginaui aostn ConflimacioiuB infringwe, vS el ■ — ' ' 

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ire. 81 quia, sutem, boc att«niptare presompierit, indigiUKionem Omni- 
:is Dei st Bestornm Petri et Panli, Apoatolorum Ejnideni, ta Doveitt 
uram. Similiter d*tam Latennl, iij K*lendu ApriUs, Pontlncatni noatri 
AiiDo ocbiroiledmo [30 Much 1216]. —Written on > bUnk ptge, fol. 13, 

Ikstitdtions to Behefices, etg, — 
Abbot's-Keeswell [Carswille AbbatU, MS.], Vicars of — 

Sir Tkamat dictiu T^Jiardt ; oa vhoM dotUi," Die Dominica proxinu poat 

Festum Sancti Or^toni, ?■[» " (16 Maich), 1320-1, 
Sobirt de FiAacrt, Jeaoon,' was inat, It April ; Pstrmia, the Abbat utd 

Convsiit of Sherborne; 167^ 
Affeton [Affatone, MS.], Kecbota of — ■ 

Sir/oAni^ Oxione; on whose reugDsUon, " quarto Idas Haii " (12 Hajr), 1310 
Magk Nomin, aoooUte,* ma inat., IS June ; Patroos, the Prior and Cunveat 

of St. Nicholas, Exeter ; Si". 

Alphinqton' [Alfyntone, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Sleplien dt frnwodd* occurs u R, 23 Hnrch, 1311-12; Off)*: on whose cessioii, 
6 Feb., 1317-lS (foL I2S'') "p«r Coiutitucianein Johannis Papa XXIL 
ooDbv Pluralee editam " {tt Benefloes, Vacant), 

Sir Sobert dt SaUltdi, priest, wu ioet., 14 March; Patron, Sir Hd^ & 
NeviUe, KnL ; 120. 

Alternon, Vicars of— 

Sir John ; on whoae dealb, " die Lune proximo post Featum Sanctj Petri i4 

Tincula" (6 Aug.), 1319, 
Sir /m dc Aitone, prieat, was iusL, 12 Dec. ; Pattmis, the D. A C. of Eietor ; 


Alverdiscott [Alvardiscote, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Williaa U Mol ; ou whose death, " die Lnne in Vigilia Bi«ti Johamui 

Baptiote " <23 June), 1820, 
Sir fima de Mertone, priMt, was iiut, 1 Aug. ; Patron, Baldwin le Flomfoge, 

by liis Proctor, Henry de Merwode ; 150''. 

Alwinqton, Rectors of — 

Reginabl Beaupd, deacon, occurs sa R, 21 Dec, 1308 ; (Ord.) 218. Vacant, 
" din Sablati proxima post Festum Epiphauie Domini " (6 Jiui.^ 1822-3, — 
Master John Piatt was inat, 10 Feb ; Patron, John Co^n ; 172. 

Antony, East [Antone, MS.], Vicars of — 

Sir /oftn dt Pri^tiUen, deaooD,' was iust., 14 Sept., 1309 ; Patrons, the Abbat 
and CoDTent of Tsiistock ; 43''. On whcae death, " die Mercuiii proxima 
ante Festum Nativitatii Beate Virginia " (3 Sept), 1320, 

Sir ifmry de QodteoU, priest, was inat., 11 Sept., ; Pntnma, the same ; 151. 

Soger dt la Salt was inst., 6 July, 1823 ; 176°. See BitADinBOH ( nolt.) 
Aelington [Alryngtone, MS.], Rector of — 

Sgnum de Sdiaketptn, accolite,' was collated (&y Iajim), 28 Sept. ISOS ; 85^ 

ASHBUBTON [Ayspertone, MS.], Vicar of — 

Sir Jama de Ckamptneie, priest, waa inak, IB Ha;, 1318; Patnxw, the 

■ Ordunsd priest, 18 April, 1321 ; 243. * Omitted in Oliver's 'UA{Eettv.Antiq., 
* Ordained aubdeacun, 13 June, IBIO; i,74); in whi^ be lias inserted three 

225*>; deacoD, 19 Sept., 1310 ; 226. of the Inatitutiona to J/eton. 

■ See Vol. L p. 107. Staaemue't sue- ' Orduned priest, 20 Sept., 1306 ; 3!S<>. 
ceaaor, not mentioned in the Register, ' Ordained aubdeaoon, 21 Dec., 130S ) 
was one JltcAoni— Rot. Pat., S Edw. 218: deocxm, 4 April, 1310: 224i': 
1 [127i-61 m. 5 (13).— J.tD. prieat; 16 April, 1810 ; 226. 

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t>. i C. of Biet«r ; 78.— Tactnt in 1321 (Commiauaii directed, 6 Oct., to 
the Offioil-Principkl uid Praoentor Rd. de Coletone, to raoaire PnnDU- 
tiou uid to iogtituto and induct) ; ]S1*>. 
[Viiimio* (IJuIy, 1801) b» Robert de Vetai Terra and John tU f^'pAoiwjM, SM 
p. 107, note (*) : " In Visttadane preaenti fneraat in Eccl«aia anam ABtipho- 
Duiam mfflcleos, cam Spalterio («ic), Ympnario, Collectsrio, et CapitnliriD ; et 
allad Tdtus Antiphonuiiim qod de Usn ex toto, can Collectario, Capttulario, at 
Tmpnorio. Le^nda Temporalis, cum Antipbosuio corespondenta, debilia at 
delectin. Unum SpJlerimn tantam per Be, obBeuratmn, male ligatum, et 
InaaOdBni. Lwenu Sonctomin per le, booa. Onlioale tolleraDdiun. Itam, 
Miaaale, baoe ncAatuni, aat oorrupU litere aliijoontuluni. Aliad vetos Minsde, 
Hon da Usu. Unum (Hsdale taatum per ea, sine TioHuio. Tropariam per ae, 
ninoa mfficiaiia. ProoeaiiODale salu competena. BTnodus competeas. Dao 
pari* Veitimentonini iategia at sufficiaiicia. Piole iy, debUee et vetuatoto 
consnnipte. QiutDor patia Corporal) um. Piiis ad EnliBristiaJii, lignea et aioa 
aara: nac pendet nltra Altara. Criamatoriuni llgneam cam Baruta. Duo 
Candelebra ProcesaiouJia, de stanno. Cmi parvade metallo, que noa anfficit 
■d Proceaaionem. Alia Crux ProcosaionallB ii);nBa, tamen honeata. ij aupar- 
peUida aufficiencia, cam nan bono rocheto. Tria Paxllla. Turribilum aaffidein, 
VcxilliiiD novum et daconun. Lacemabona. Calii nimiaparruB, nipondeniia 
dJDiidiam marcam: et alioa adhuc niaor, apectaoi ad Capallwn Sucti 
Laoreneii. Navia Eccleaie nlmia obacQra. Campanile noadaru cooperitiu 

K'nmbo ei toto, aat eat in cooperiBodo. 
ilinnt OliTer, JohaansB le Tinner, Moria le Wrinache, et alii 8fnodalas_. 
dlcant qaod Vicarlns, quidem, [quoad] Spiritoatitatem et Tenipand{IiBleni 
bene et honeate ae gerit ; et de peccato martali occultato nichil Bcinnt. 
Set dlcunt quod Officialia Fimuuii in comccionibas facieodia multam riglde ■« 
gerit et nimio, at eia videtar. De Coatode Eccleaie et feodo auo a Vicario 
exacto coDTentum est inter Parocbianoa et Vicarinm predictuiu qnod clericua 
VieaiU iUod anna Bobihlt de cetero nuaad glngnta, aamptibaB «jn«dem Vicarii. — 
Dtnnu de CbjTetaglie aniit in melJori statu quam Dmninoa Willebnna, naiM 
Finnarina, eu raoapit; i|al de doto con^riudt qoandam graogiam, cdJos con- 
■traodo aaUnutor ad it marcaa vel ultra. Nac eat detwtua In domibna niii bi 
plaoebla camwe pntrefautlB eC mnro latrine ralDoao ; qui deTectus eatimaDtorad 
ft., nm detbctn columbaria male cooperti. —Qarbo, ibidem, valet communiboa 
annil iili. ; tamen, aliquo tempore vendebatur, ut didtur, pro Iriij marda. 
VIearia valet per annum x marcaa, et eat peiulonariii Firmario in i marcia. 
—AnAiva qf iAe Dmn and Chapter, No. 3673, p. ^\.—3ee page 34. 
Abhburt [Aysbyry, MS.], RectOTs of — 

Sir WaiUr de la Fenne, deacon,' waa inat, IS Aug., 1309 ; Fatrona, tba Prior 

and Convent of Launoasbon ; iZ, 
Jqua, David de, occuni as R, 17 June, 1318, when he waa ordaiued aub- 
duoDD ; 289^': deMon, 23 Sept, 1318 ; 240^ 

Ashcombe' [Aaschecumbe and Ayschcumbe, MS,], Rectors of — 

Haater AtbA de Stoke*, aocoUte,' waa inat, 14 Jan., lSlO-11 ; Fatniiia, the 
Prior and Convent of Herton ; 69''. 

Ifaater Sleflun Loveeoke, clerk,* aucceeded. A Comtuisuoa tor hia Inatitn- 
tion wa« directed IS Dec., 1319, to Treaaurer Hentone end Bichard do 
Uorcea^ Archdn. of Barum ; Patrona, the aame ; IIS^ 

ASHFORD [" taxanda Vicaria Ecdesie de Easeforde," MS.], — 

Sir aUbert (probably. Sir OiOert de XoUone) occura as V., 13 Nov., 1811 ; 64. 
JbbtH de PiUotte, deacon,' was inat,, 21 Feb., 1311-12 ; Patrons, the Prior and 

' Ord*iiied*ubdauwn,2SFeb.,1316-l7i 
before Sir Oilbert—Rol. Pat. G Edw. 237'': deaoon, 23 SepL, 1318; 240^: 
I [1278-71 n*- 8d (17). priest, 20 Sept., 1320 ; 243. 
* Ordained aubdettoon, 6 lUroh, 1810- ' Ordained prieat, 11 Mareb, 1311-12; 
11 ; 227; deacon, 20 Sept, 131S; ^29^ . 

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Uonka of tiie Blevad Kuj of Pilbm ; 99. 
AsHPRraoTON [Ayapringtone, MS.], Rectors of — 

Nidulat de Motiaye oooun aa R, G Feb , 1308-9 ; 38: h« excliaiigAd (tf 

yroxj—loba Doromit), 2S Feb., 1310-11, with 
Sir Watttr AniKMrlc (V. of ToUiea} ; Patroiu, the Prior utd Conveat at 

Totnea ; SS". 

AsHSEiQKET [Ringgcaashe, Esse Reigni, and Esse Regny, HS.], 
Rector of — 

Fulbert de Dovart oocura, fint, in the RegiBter of Hear; Woddoke, Bp. of 
Winchester (who ordained him deaooQ in his Cathednl, a April, 1303 — 
"Rector Ecclesie de Aufaeregni" (Z^lt. Dim. from Bp. Bytton) ; fuL 
310''. (F. J. B.] He is loiaetimes called " Robert " in our BegirtBr. 
AsHTON [Ayascherstone and Ayacherestone, MS.], Rector of — 
JakB FiU-EugK, first, occurs u K., 2J Sept, 1317, trhen be wu orduned 
Bocolite' ; 238. 

AsHWATEB [Esse Water and Esse Wautier, US.] RectoTS of, — 

8ir WmiaM.dc Watburs ocoun u K., 17 AprU, I30» ; ^O^ 

Hsater AiatiL de Wdlia, acoolite, was eoUaUd, 8 Se^t., 1310—" cujos pstroiw- 

turn [DomiuuB] ubiet beredibtu suia el assignatia paulouiteaadquiBivit"; 

Sir WW.iam de WMbyry wu presented, 13 Oct., 1310, by Sir Richard de 

Stnpeldone: tiie Official-Pnudpat wh commisnaaed to inititut« him ; G8I>. 

Atherinoton, Rectors of — 

Walter de Wytyngtane, clerk, occurs aa R., 8 Nov., 1308 ; 36. 

Sir Stginald [de WylyngUmel, lubdeacon,' occurs as R, 21 Oct., 1300 ; 14\ 

YBctmt 17 Feb., 1317-18, "per dimiaaionemRagiiuddideWylintons";'siMl 
Sir R^rt de Wylyngiant, priest, was imt., 6 Jul^, 1318 ; Fatroo, Sir John de 

Wylintone, Knt. ; 128. On Sobert'M resignation, " Die Dominick [onxiins 

post Featum Ssncti Uathei, Apoetoli " (21 Sept.), 1318, 
Sir Stginaid de Wglsnglont, prieat, was admitted (t^ proxy— Jdin de 

Herpathe), 2 Nov. ; Patroo, the same, — Letters of Induction oMy ; 138^. 

AvETON-GiFFARD, Rectors of — 

Sir Tlumat Berevmrd, olark, was presentod by Sir Wm. le Frou^ Knt., and, 
22 Jan., 1300-10, the Archdeacons of Exeter and Bamst^le and Wm. de 
Kylkenn; and Richsrd de Horce«ti«, Csnona of Eieter, were oommiruoned 
to institute and laducl bim ; 16''. Instituted 20 April (by proxy— WilUam 
de WoU«!be) ; lOb. 

Sir Peler di Hoitetone, " preeluterum suum [L e. Bpiacopi], et tamiliarscn," 
was inst. (Letters of Institution onif), 1 Aug., 1318 ; I^truo, Sir Soger da 
Uoel, Ent.; 128. 

AWLiscoMBE [Aulescumbe, MS.], Vicars of — 

Sir WMiam occurs aa V., 1 Hareh, 1308.10 [tee "Confeasions") «.— Vacant, 

" die Mercuni in Festo Assumpcionia Beate Tii^uis (IS Aug.)", 13i3 ; sad 
Sir WUIiani Queyntcyn (or de Quettlcne), priest, was inst., 3 Dec ; Pstrona, the 

Abbat and Convent of Dunkpstvell ; 82. He excbanged,* 27 April, 1320, 

Oilbert de Quentone (R., of ToUand [Tnloade, MS.], 3imertet) ; Pntrona, the 

same. Both were inst. by Bishop Stapeldon on the same day, in London ; 

the fanner, under a Commission from Bishop DrokeneBford, dated st 

t Ordained deacon, 22 Sept, 1310; 241. halistotV\»xn{Bcdei.Atilig.,i.^) 

* Ordained dcsoon, 11 Uarcb, 1311-12 ; he passes st once from the Inst, of 
229'': priest, 20 May, 1312; 230. "William Curynleyn " (as he ealla 

* See page IS (itote). JFiUiam de QutnlOM] to the Indact- 

* Oliver overlooked this Ezchaiige. In ion of WiUiaia Attpulle, in 1313. 

D.D.t.zea by Google 

mBTrnmoiw, ktc. 187 

WhreIaoombe> 1 1 April — Pfttrou, Ft. Ridiard de Lc^ootra, Locum-UmeDi of 
tbe Prior of the Hoqatal of St John ol Jeruralam m Eugluid] ; 119^ 
AiMiNSTEH, Rectors and Vicars of— 

Uuter yieialai lU Bonfiofi! wu [toI. [j« Vol. I,, page lllLappirenUy, la 1264. 
BntncconlingUi Oliver (ftf/^i. AiUiq., i,U7), ^'tbls ColUtion wu owvxlled, 
on an Appeu to the Hetrupolitui, knd 

Ja/in de ntmntter, kccordlDg to the Newenluun CattoUry, wai admitted in the 
Feb., followliig * [1264-(>l He adds that 

^o*« at BridBOrl, ttm "adinitled Viiar on the preneiilotlon of the Abbst and 
ConveiitofNewenluiD, and dieilia 1291." But the said John b colled "Persona" 
of this Pariah in the DepntT-Keeiwr's 4Slh R«)ort, page 111 :— "Brideport, 
Haater John de, Pamsi of the Chureh of ArmiDsler (which is in the lUng'a 
PatroBage). Qraat to,— that, although the King boa eranted tlie AdvoWMin ot 
the said Church to the Abbat and Convent of NewenhaBi, he ahall not be dii- 

r'eteil or moleeted ducing hia life in the poiwesBion of the aforesaid Chnrch hy 
Mid Heligioui or olhere, Weatoiiiuter, 30 April [1277]."— J. I. D.— 
Wmtan de ITontnU, oooura a» V., 22 Aug., 1310 ; L 192", etc. 

AxMODTH Axemae, MS.], Vicars of — 

Fr. Jtagrr, dictiifl Harid, on tieoominK Prior o[ Lodrea (to which thia Charoh 
waa appropriated), claimod admisuon, and Bp. StapeldoD oommiaaioiwd 
Preoentor Rd. de Coletone to inatitute him (2S Jan., 1320-1] ; 151^— 
OmtmgmdaPTumMdtLodra, i/aoad Scdaiamet Mitnerivmdt Axemtit:— 

In Csraera Hoepicii Domini Eionienaia EpLscopi, extra Temple Bane, Landoiiila, 
ivj die meoau Februarii, Anno qno euprn,— Religioniui Vir, Prater Rogerut, 
dictus Jlariel, Uonachns, exhibnit se preeencialiler conni Kpiai«po memorato, 
et eihibuit aibi qnasdam Lit«nu Patentes, mib hac fonna : — Veneisbili in 
Chriato Patri , , , Eplacopo Ejtonienti, Prater Pelrus, pennisaione IMvlna 
hnmilia Abbaa Uonastsrii Beati ilarie de Mnntburge. ConstaocieoBii Dioceaia, 
Ordlnia Sancti Benedict!, salatem, etc.— Paternitati reBtre Reverende, lenore 
Preflendam, algniflcamua quod noi Fratnm Roaerum, dictum Hariet, commona- 
cliam Qostrniu, fedmiia, constituimus, et onliaaTiuiiu Prioniu et Cuatodeta 
Manerioram noatrarnin et Eccleaiamm noatrorum de Lodrea, in Episcopatn 
Sarrumenai, et de Aiemuta in reatro Epiacopatu Exooletisi, eiisteQciun], cuni 
Jaribua et poTtineiunia nnirersls, tarn apiritualibus quam Temporal ibui, ad 
dictom Prioiatnm pertineatihua. lode eat quod Keverende Paternltatl veatre 
aaj^Ilcamils humluter et devote quatinua prefatniD Rogemni ad Eocleaiam da 
Axemnta et Maneriuu cum nertinenciia univertis, prout decot et moria est, 
admittare dieoemini ac velitia, ipanin la hiia libere a-1ministraie permittentes.— 
Vnleat in Chriata bene et diu veatra Pateinitaii Venerjnda I— Datnni Anno 
DoDiim M° CCCmo xx"-, die Mercurii post Festum Beate Lucie [17 [>ec). 

— Demnm, viaia et examinatia predictis Literie, licet suBicieutea non viderentur in 
totum, prefatna, tamen, Epiacopua, ne, pro defectn competentia regiminia 
Ecclesle de Aiemnta et Manerii predictorum, paterartur in SpiritQallbna ot 
Temporalibufl ulteriuB leaionem, valena eldam Fratri Rogero graciam in ea parte 
faeere apecialeni, ipsum virtute predictarum Literamm od Ecdeaiam de 
Aiemota et Maaeriani Loci ejuadem, prout ad enm pertiault, adnilait, anb 
latia protentsclonibos in hiijuamodi Admiaaione patenter eipreaals, videlicet 
qnod, Don obatalitB ipaa Admlaaiane, jora, libertates, et conauetudines Ecclesie 
Exonienaia semper ^ve reinaaerent eldetn^ qnlbiis noluit per hujnamodl 
Adniisaionecn In aliquo derogari ; quodquo ai iDpostenim apparere poaaet qnoil 
lata Admissio alio modo facta fuerit quam hactenua Deri conaueveril, quod pro 
nolla penitus haberetor. Presentibus Ricardo de Twivertone, Anotoritate 
Apoetohca Notario Publico, Magiatro Wallero de Setone, Nicholao de Hele, 
dericis. Domino Nicholao de Perechetc, Milite, Oalfrido de Donne, radleto diet! 
Prioria, et aliia. — Qnibna sic factia, idem Prater Rogerua, apertia coisni eo 
Evangeliia et tactia, Canonicaui Obedienciom preatitit corporaliter Episcopo 
antedicto ; et deinde optinuit Lileraa Admisslonis et Eiecatoriaa ad eaadem, id 
hac forroa. [Copiea of the formal Letters follow ; tbe tint directeil to flariel, 
dated Ifl Feb. : Qv> wcond to the Archdeacon of Eieler, or his Official, dated 
17 Pah., 1320-1; 15e.-~0a tfarTcTicagaiDD, " die Sabbati piozima poat Peatnm 
Sancti Aodree, Apoatoll" (7 Dee.), 1324. 

Sir WiUiara Roka, prieat, waa inat., 13 Jan., 1324-& ; Patroo, the Prior of 
Lodrea, rapramtu^ th« Abbst and CoDvent afcReaaid ; 1S8< 

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B&RHSTAPLE ["tazanda Vicaria Ecdesie ParocMalis (Beald 
Petri— fol. 66") de Barum," MS.], Vicar of— 

Philip de Ontce, dtMOU,' w«a inducted — " Litani Indaodoaii tatUum," — IS 
July, 1311; Patrons, the Prior uid Convent of Banuttple; 62^. On the 
14th the Biihop sequeatrateH " trnetiu et obvetuaonei ad altiUuiiam", 
conunitting the cusbody to the Mid FhOlp, " its quod p«r vinun sjuadem 
Prions aosdetn ooUigat, et de eiidein respondaat cum fuerit nqmBtni"; SS. 
Babsstaple Pbiort, Priora of— 

Puehinw oocura in 1297 (OLiTer'i Monatkon, p. 1B6). 
Pr. /oAn oocun as Prior <«w Bxitsb, St. Jahu'b Poiobt), IT Harofa, 131S- 
14; S3. 
Babhstaple ; the Chantry Chapel " juxta Pontem "— 

3ir Thoma* de ToUonia, prieit, was oollatad {by lafw), 20 Feb., 13n>13 ; 
diioord having arisen as to the right of pnMntotiDn betWMU Sir Wm. 
Martjn, Knt, aud the Prior and Honks of the Blened Haiy U^daleoe, of 
Barum; 60. 
— "Perpetua Cantaria/ainen^ in Capella Beati Thome, jux- 
ta Pontem Bamastapolie, pro animabus Domini Henrici 
Traci, progenitoram et successorum fluorum, et pro anima- 
bua omnium Fidelium defunctorum," — 
Sir Ridiard de atottaeombe, priest, mw inat, IR Dec, ISIB; Patran, Sir 
WnUam Uartyn, Knt ; 145. 
Babhstaple, Archdeacons of — 

Haster Sdlfk Oemw^ held the Office till hii coUaUon to the Freccntonhip, 
in raooeaioii to Bishop fltapeldoD, nhen 

Sir WSiian de ttMme, "Domini R^ Clericu^" was aoUat«d, 18 Oct., 
1308 (the day of Stapeldon'a consseration) ; &b\ 

Master WtOivm FUeSogo (nuaplac«d by OUvtr and Lt Nm) was n^tad, in 
his absence, * Jan., 1303-9 ; 38. 

Hsiter John Wda, priest, was collated, SO March, 130S ; 3S'>. On whoae 
resignatioQ (for tlie Archdeaconry of Bieter), 

Haatar WaUer Qiigard, B.T.D,, was oolUted, on Baster-Da; (38 Match),* 
1312 ; a\ Oliver and Lt !feiie place BartiolomeK de Saneto Lmurtmdo 
and ICtUiaJii PUx-Rogo between Wda and Oifard ; but in error. And th^ 
give no dstea. The Utter will be found, b his pntper place, above: and I 
can find no bace of the former as Archdeacon of Barnstaple. Moreover, the 
Rqpater proves that Qiffard auccaeded Wrla immediately: be wa " ■ ■ 
to the Office — " vacantem per liberam reaignacionem Magistri . 
Wele." On QiffartFt promotion to the Chancellonthip of the Cathedral, 

Maatar JUeltard de Martatre, Canon uf Exeter, waa collated, 7 Feb., 1S14-1G ; 
102. On irtioaa death. 

Master BiOard de Widedade, priest, waa oollatad, 22 Sept, 1318 ; 180. 
BSAFOBD [Beauforde, MS.], Rector of — 

JTimry de QalepcUhe (" de Berpathe," fol. 51), aocolita,* ma inat. (by prosy — 
TiDoent da Cokyngtone), 21 Feb., 130B-10; Patron, Sir John de 
W^ngtone, Knt ; 47'". 

— " Ferpetua CaJitaria in E^Ieaia de Beauford," — 

Sir WdUer de l%itnibiri ; on whose deaUi 

Sir Andita, a chaplain, waa inat, 7 Nov., 1319 ; Patron, Sir John de 
WUyngtone, Ent ; 144''. 



Beawobtht [Beworthi, MS.], Rector of— 

.TalH iMVtridit, nibdeacon, occun u B., 8 J>K, 1323 ; l??**. 
BlLSTONE [Bellestone, MS.]. Hector of— 

Vftout, " > die Merourii proxlnwi poat FMtuca PuHBcaiuoDU Be&t« Uarie " (S 

Feb.), 1323-4, uid WalUr de Setooe, CommiuBr;, instituted 
JJmry de Pol^orAe "die Hercurii praxima post Feetum SanoU GeoTgit" 

[25 April), 1324 ; Patn>D, Willkm de Faleforde ; 181. 
Bebe-Febbers [Byr, MS.], Rectora of — 

Vusnt, " a die Hartia pToiima poat Festum Siuiati Hillarii proiiino preUri- 

turn " (17 Jan.), 1317-18, on the death of WaOer de Feren (m Vol. 1., page 

338: be occure, as R., as late tia 3 July, 1317 ; L 211»]. 
Master Emry de Niieiione, aubdeaoon, waa inab, 18 March; Patron, Sir 

William da Perariia, Ent. ; 12S. On whose resignation 
StrAcTini'Id/^jKmt.clerk,' waiinat, SOSept., 1318 ; Patron, the aame; 130. 
Bebet-Nabbob [Bin Nerberd and Bpri Neyberd, MS.], — 
Muter JUehard de TngUiou ; on whoae death the Bishop appointed Master 

Henrr de Stowford "joanomus" of the revenim (3 Haroh, 1316-10) ; 112. 
SickaTddt CkvddeUglu, clerk (an infmdcr, but tee p. 15). 
Jokn de Pvitejarde, clerk {anoOter vOruder). 
Master /tAn U Knyghle, clerk.— [Ordained deaoon {IM. Dim.) b; the Bp. of 

Winchoter, 13 June, 1321, in the Parish-Church of Bishop's Waltham 

{Rtgitt. JUgaud de AmHo ; toL C.)— F. J. B.] ;— 
The Biihop vrites than to John le Enyghte (12 Feb., 1317-18,—" Onia nos, nunc, 

Srimo intelJeximuiqnod Aiainfuiii«C^ud[<eI<j;Ae, clericns, in Bcclesia Parochial) 
e Biii Nerberd, Doiitre Diocesis, nnllo tempore jnjtum Titnlam, vel in eajus 
aUqnod habnlt sau ad aam, quodque predicta Bccleais, post mortem cujiiadam 
luaftiiSieardideTrtffilioii, nnper et ultimo R«ctarlB ejuadeni, perdiBMnsionem 
ct (nsconliam direnoTum ut PBtroni preBentanciam ad eandeni, tanto tetiipore 

tTacavit qnod Ipdos CcllaciD, jaxta Statuta Latraueosia Concilil, eat ad no*, 
vice vacacionis, libera deTolnta ; et volentea per^nam tnsm in bsc parte 
proaeqni farore giwe sperUlis, dictom Eccleslam . . . cum suia juribna et 
pcrtiufDcils iniTeiBis . . . tibi, quatenns de jure poSHumns, conferinius ■ . ■ ', 
nolentes, tamen, quod per banc noatrsDi CalUcIoDem allcu) Patrono ejosdem 
Ecdttie in fntnria vacarlonlbus fjuadem pr^adlcium aliquod generetvr. — Hie 
Letters of Indaction were directed to Uie Dean of Scliirewille ; 125. But further 
tronblee were in atore for Eurgbte. A Commtasion was directed, 8 Feb., 1320-1, 
te Precentor Coletoae and Williuni do WoUegbe, FL ct Yarnacomba, on hia 
complaint that, altliougb he had been cancinically Insl, one John de Putteforde, 
deib, had intrudeii himseir and taken posBession of tbe Church, dUposing of the 
reveDUee as he pleased, to the great mjurj- of the Hector. The ComniUsarias 
were to inveatinCe the case, and, if the complaint were well founded, to eject 
the intnider and to restoro the Rector to his full rigbts ; 155. The matter was 
settled in (his war, — "Eisdem die st loco, cuoiparuerunt coramltomlno, in Aula 
ana Ibidem [apwi Farendone, xj die mengls Aprille— 1321J, Masiater /oAnnnn 
U StifglU, de Lawittetene, et Johanna de PnlUforde ds Blrl Nerberde, 
Eodeaiamm se pietendentes Rectorea. . . . Jokannta ie Knyyht Ecclssiani da 
Lawittetooe prodictain, et prohtus Johannet de Puii^orde totnm jus, si qnod 
balmit, in Ecdeeia de Biri antedicta. In manus ejuadem Domiui dimisemnt, re et 
verbo ; snb hai^ tanien, protestadone, (|Ur>d al dicta Eccteaia de Blri, in qn* 
idem JiAannetU Knyght se asseruit institutum, ab eo quamodolibet evincalnir,. 
ad prslibalani Eocledain de Lawltletone licite rediie posiit et retlnere, sicnt 
prios ; et jus, edam, dlctl JiAatmit de Pvil^imU ad Ecolealam de Biri slU 
maoeat ilintatDm. Qolbna dlntlaaianlbai perDomlnum admlsais. Idem Dominus, 
hiijnsinodl proteirtacioni annoens, Ectleaiam de I^wittone, aic— nt premittltnr — 
vacantem, et ad mam CoUadonem Immediate spectantem, eidem Johanni de 
PtUtrforde contullt tunc, iUdem,— preaentlbas Magiatris Nlehotao da Hele, . 
WalteradeSetoae"; 157^ 

1, 22 Dec, ISie ; 24S>>. 

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BiCKLEiOH [in the Deanery of Tiverton— Bykeleghe, MS.], — 

Uaater Walter dt Mymmdandt, «ubdMuMO, oocun w R,' 3 Nov., 1308 ; 38. 

BiCKLEiGHTin the Deanery of Tamerton — Bykeleghe, MS.], — 

UB«t«r wiUiam de WaUtghe oocun as B., 18 Apnl, ISIO, when he wu 
orduQsd deacon ; 224'': prieat flHaroh, 1310-11 ; 227''. He eichanged, for 
YunBcombe, wiUi 

Bir WiUiam Srraatrd, who na« uub, 27 Sept, ISIS ; Patroiu, tlie A.bbat and 
CoDvent of Buokland ; ISOt>. 

BiCTON [Bukyntone and Buketone, MS.], Rectors of — 

MarUn U ArMoMar, aubdewsoD, wbs R. u early u 20 Not., 1308 ; 36^. On 

whoae miEnatiQD 
HuUr WU&im de TudetciU^ wu imt., 8 May, 1310 ; Fatroii, OeofB^ le 

ArbloBter ; 50*>.— Thia was an eichauge with the R of Lthfstoke. Atttt 

an IncnmbancT of about a month, TudtteiUe, eichanged back again to 

Ljnpitoiie witii the aaid 
UarUn, "dictui U ArbloUtr," deacon, who was iiut, IS June, 1310 ; Patrm, 

the same ; S2'>. On his reainiation 
Sir Salph "Aiclat It J rUaUer, priest, was admitted, 0June,131Si Patmn, 

Richard le AiWaater,— "et, jurat* Obedienda in petsona predicti KcMdi, 

Procuratoiid ejusdem Badulphi, .... optinait Utenu Icduodonis; 127^. 

BiDEFOBD [Bidiforde, MS.].' Rectors of— 

Sir WiUiam Dimnffnge occun as R, 25 July, 1309 ; 1!^.— On his death "die 

Dominica praiima post Featum Aaaumpdonis Eteate Virginia" {20 Aug.), 

Haater Seiuy [Tost] de CWnvUa, "dicta* de Trvrv," priest, was inat 0^ 

proxy — DaTid de'Hiiru), 13 Sept. ; Patron, Sir Bartholomew de QreiMTjIe; 

12a^— Vacant, '■ a die Sabbati io Festo Sanoti Haroellini et Petri (2 Jum), 

1324; and 
Master Waller Ftodhamme, clerk, was inaL, 26 Dec ; Patron, Heniy, son and 

heir of Sir Bartbolomew de QrmneriUe ; 183. 

BiGBUBT [Bikebury, MS.], Rector of— 

Vacant, " a die Lune proxima post Peetum SaocU Ambrosii " (8 April), 13Zfi ; 

Salph de Pridiavx, clerk, was inst, 19 Hay ; Pabmi, WiUiant da Bikebuii ; 


BrsHOPSNTMPTON [Nymetone, MS.], Vicare of— 

Sir H'iUiaffioocunasV., lUiroh, 130e-10(iK "Confessions"); 180. 
Sir David ; bis Institution is not recorded, but on hie death 
SirZaurancedc A^ynutan<,prieat,wa8i)ut., 13Dec, 1319 ; FatroD, Sir Thomas 
de Hentone, Treaanrer of the Cathedral ; 1 46. 

1 TTiere is nothing to shew uAifA "Bjke- KtucimuHl ot de Bimfobd, tanden, 
I^he" wasintended. Butu WaUeghe post decuraum t amioram, anno ad- 
was R, at about the aame time, of the licet Regni Regia Henrid, fllii Johan> 
"Bykel^e " which it idmitified by nie, «xij, Nonas Junii [6 Jane], apud 
the Patronage, it IB nearly certain that Landstaventune in Comubia, int«r 
Jf jnMubuxfe wu R of the East Partes amicabiliter oonTenit, sicut in 
Deron Pariah. imtignpho inter eoa coofecto ooa- 

* Ordaineddeacon,13 June, 1310; 22G'>; Unetur, coram Juatidariia Itinenntt- 
prieet, 19 Dec, 1310; 22S. bus, scilicet Willelmo de Eboraoo et 

* "Onm diu placitatum eseet in Curia Sociia suis, presente et Ricardo, Co- 
DotniniBegu, inter Abbatem Robert- niite Coroutne, tratm Domini Begia, 
am Terdum et Conveatum Theokea- et mnltia sliis " [1288]. Amud* «f 
berie et Ricardum de Oreynwille. Tetcie$lniry Abbey (ESd. Luard), p. 
roper Adrocadone Eccleaiaruin de 103. 

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iNSTirnrioNs, etc. 191 

Bishop's Tawton [Tautone Episcopi, MS.], Vicare of — 

Jekn (pertiape JiAn de OtiamptoiJ) waa V. in 1303-4: ke Vol I, pp. 338, 412. 
Sir Sinan ; on whoM death 

airJ%iJ>p de Euamier, print, vbb iiiBt,<19 Sept., 1318; Patron, Huter 
Barthcdomew de Saneto lAursncio, Dam of Exeter ; 129''. 

BiSHOPSTEiGNTON [Teyngtoiie Episcopi, MS.], Rectors and 
Vicars of — 

Sir 7%awu i« HoUom, R. ; he eichuiged, 27 Dec, 1309, with 

Sir Thrnaat de Stmpddone, R., of Great Torrington,— Commisiion tor hii 
Iiiatitution {directed to Roger ile Oter?, the Bishop's Offiaal): 45<>: inat. 
8 Jul, 1309-10 (bj proiy— Richard de Breylt^he, R. of FiUeigb) ; 46. 

Sir Alan Barpgn, prieet, waa collated to the ViaiTagt — " taianda et ordiuanda 
Vicaria Eccleaie de Teyugtone Epiacoin, cum omnibus Capellis mdem 
adjacentibuB "—in his abaenoe, 3 Jan., 1317-18; 125: admitted, 8 Juno, 
13tS ; and, the Biahop reserring to himself and hia aucceaauia pover to tax 
the Vicarage, Lattere of Induction only were granted ; 127''. 

Master WMiam Kaigna, clerk, was collatod to the RteUry, 12 April, 132G ; 
184. He waa the hut Rector — indttattd only ; not insUtiited. 

BiTTADOK [Bitfchedeiie and Bittedene, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Wcdttr Bodyn, chaplajn: Commission for liis lostjtation and Indaction 
directed, 26 April, 131S, to Bichard de Coletone, Offici&l-Principal ; Patron, 
John de Bittedene ; 141. After an interral of nearly nine months the aatd 
Walter (priest), was intit., 14 Jan., 1319-20; Patron, John de Bitted«ae, 
senior,^-'' ilia vice, radone minoria etatia Johannia de Bittedene, fllii et 
heredia Thome de Bittedene, et Cuitodie terrarum ejositem, in manibus auig 
ex tradicione Nobilis Tiii, Domini Willelmi Hartyn, eiistentit " ; 147. 

Blackawton [Blakeauetone, MS.], Rectors of — 

Master SuAard de Ciietime ; on whose resignation 

Oarrgt di Byatieghe, clerk, waa inst., 10 Jan., 1308-8 ; Patrons, the Prior and 
Convent of I^ympten ("salva dictis Priori et Conventui Pensione annua 
decern marcarum, eiadem de eadem debits"); 37^. There icema to have 
beensome hitch; foraaMond Inslitutioa took place, 12 Feb. ; 38 — Ordained 
Bubdeaoon, 22 Feb., 1308-9 ; 220'' ; deacon, 18 April, 1310 ; 224^ 

Black Tobbington [Blaketoritone, MS.], Rectors of — 

Master Bobert PoUard. deacon, Bnt occiub as B., 21 Dec, 1308, when he waa 

ordained deacon ; 21 S. 
BUai de Tipigevgie occurs as R, 8 Feb., 1313-14 ; 85. 
Sir WaUer de Ormtkale, priest, nas inst., 80 Sept., 131S ; Patron, Sir Nicholas 

de Saneto Mauro, Ent ; 110. 

BusLAND [Blestone, MS.], Rector of— 

Wmitm occura aa R., 24 Oct, 130S ; L IBS*-. 
BocOifNOC [Bokonnecke Bocquinnoke, Boccunneke, and 
Bockonnoke, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Walter {de Seatl occurs {ue Morchard- Bishop), 3 Sept., I3I0 ; 54l>. On 

whose resignation 
Sichard Barri, clerk, waa inst, 27 Sept, 1318 ; Patron, Sir John de Car- 

minou ; 130'', On Barn's reeienatirai 
Siehard Lovtcoke, of Tiverton, (derk,' was inst , 28 July, 1820 ; Patron, the 

same ; 160. 
Master PeUr (son of Henir) U TaiUar^de Oubv, occun as B,, 19 Hay, 1826 : 

(a« "IM. Dim."), 1M. 

Bodmin Priory, IMors of — 

Ft. Oermamu ; on whose resignation, 
■ OrdMiied snbdeacon, 20 Sept, 1320 ; 243: priest, 18 April, 1321 ; ibid. 



Sir John dt KsUcao^tont nu elected, 20 H>;, 1310 ; Sl^ S2. 
BoNDLElQH [Boneleghe, MS.]. Rectors of — 

Eir Adam dictuB XarcAauiU, oocurs ui K., 21 Dec., 130S ; SIS.— Vacant, "n 
die Lune proximB ante Featum Soncti liioine, Apoatoli (20 Dec), 1316 ; and 
Sir Jcin <U Snulanor, priest, wbi ndmittsd, 16 Jan., 1S16-17 ; FatroD, Walter 
GaiDboun, of Horeatona ; 117. 
BosHAH, the Collegiate Church of — 

Somatofu.— [The CoUationa were, alwaya, t« a Prebend, with the Office (4 
Saorutao anneied], — 
Sir WaUerdt Wdm •xmin, S Jan., 1309-10. «u Boabam, Tintation of ; 25. 
John llarand occurs, 23 Dec., 1318, when he wai ordained anbdeacon' ; 240^. 
Sir Raipk dt RHiurgie, pneat, cdtated 7 Sept., ISSl,— L«tt«TS of lodnctiaa 

directed to Sir Hatthiaa, Jt. of Warblingtou (Dioo. Winton) ; 1590. 
Sir Walier de Bhir^orde occuib, 2S Dea, 1323 ; 177^. 

Jalndri>rabn<ifon{eoccun, 22 Sept 1303; 360. 

Haater StejAea de ChatAunte occurs in the aboTS-named Visitation ; alao, 

Sir Amaneui de Ptlagrui,—^ Jan., 1SD9-10 ; SS. 

Sir Ridtard h Drvn, held the Preband of Appeldrduun : he m* lueeeedad 1^ 

SiAert Btrewtrd, clerk; onllatod 11 Jan., 1310-11 (Letlen of IndnolKin, 

dated IG Jan.) ; G9. 
Sir JoKn de Leva (foL 2S) ; nhoae auoceesor, 
Usster ilithad de Berhaia, was collBted, 14 Jan, 1310-11, "no pericolo," 

i.e., it there were a vacancy, and if the right to collate belonged to the 

Biahop for tbat turn: Witnesaea, — Master OeoflVej de Btone, Sir Thomas d« 
. Stapeldone, Peter de Honetone, Biohard Tranctiard, RsJph de Stokcn, and 

others: 59. 
Sir Salph de Hyngkam held Uie Prebend of Waietone ; on irhoae death 
Bobett Sercward, clerk, vns collated, 22 Hweh, 1310-11 ; 60. But see bdow. 
Sir Thomat de Slaptldont, prieat, was oollated to the Prebend of Appaldrebant, 

22 March. 1310-11 ; 60.— On if;yn9Aam'ideath 
Sir Tlumat de S(apetdane vraa collated to the Prebend of Waietone (20 Ifaj, 

1311); 61*". 
Haater Tliomat Eertward, derk, was oollated, 19 Ifa;, 1314, — "aub expeeta- 
e Prebende." The Bishop inveated hia Proctor, Sir Peter de 

Honetone, ''per birreti lui Indicionem," id the preaeno 
Thomas de EemTDgfibrd, Notory-Publick, Nicholas de Hele, bit nicnara 
de Brayleghe, and oUiera ; 85. 
Master John dt MalmtAiri oocura, 30 March, ISSI, as holding the Parochial 

On the 21st of Haroh, 1321-2, John [de Drakeneeford], Bp. of B. and W., 
obtained Licence from Bp. S^peldun to collate some St clerk to tJie Prebend 
which abould next become vacant ; 167. 
Botusfleming [Bodfluinitit, MS.], Rector of— 

Sir RiAard de {iynetime, prieet, was admitted 16 June, 1318 ; Patron, Dame 
Joan de VaUetoita ; 127<'. 

BovEY Tbact [Bovitracy, MS.], Vicar of — 

SirfdmntloccursssV., 20 June, 1309; 4l0. He survived Biahop Stapekloii. 

Bradford [Bradeford, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir WiUiam Jfeicy occure, 21 Dec, 1309, when he was ordained sabdcMon* ; 



Sir FOtint Stuid, mittt, ms inat., 13 Nov., 1321 ; Ffttron, John Denen ; 

Bradnikch [Braneys, Bradenheche, and Bradeaenche, MS.], — 
Muter Eliat dt Saneto Albano, clerk, occurs at B., SS Oct, 1303 ; 3S. Ha 

rengned, " Mito Kolandu Octobm " (2e8ept.), 1310, and 
Jpikitde Cbren/e, clerk, wuinBt, S0Apnl,1311 (b; proiy—Uaster Philip de 

PatcDeje, clerk} ; Patron, the Lady Hargaret de Clare, Counleas of Cora^ 

wall; 01. 
MmIct SkAard de Clare, Buoc«eded ; on wboaa resignaUon, 
Philip It Nortit, derk,' was inat (bj proxy — John Oentiloorpi, clerk), 26 

April, 1318: Patron, Sir Hugh Daudele, junior; 1^0^ Hia name occun 

(foL 139), BB Phdif U Nareit, " de Edyngdonc." Oliver missed the earUer 

Entiy, and oonaequently failed to rseord hia loBtitution and Uia tact that 

Richard de CXare was his immediate predecesBor (Eeda, Antiq., ii, 18). 
Peter de Polforde, clerk, wns insL 18 June, 1322, "apud Eiooiam, in Hos[ncia 

ipaiuB Officialia " ; 170V 
BraDstone [Bradestone, MS], Sectors of — 

Master W-^ter de Bradetme, priest, occurs as R, IS Aag.. 1310 ; Gl. 
Maater BarUuiomea de Oatro, clerk, was collated, 3 April, 1311 ; 60'*. 
Sir lUieTt de TViutotM, deacon, was ooIUtad, 23 Marcli, 1314-15 ; 106. 
Sir WmiaiH de Nemore Soriali, priest, was collated 3 Jan., 131S-Ifl ; 111. 

On Northieode'i reeignatioD 
Oi^ertdela JTtome, deacon,' ("familians" Epiuopi), was collated, 27 JqIt, 

1320; 150. 

Brampford-Spese [Braunford Speke, — margin, eiToneously, 
" BrauntoDe Speke]," Vicare of — 

Sir Simon OaUty. He resigned, IS Sept, 1313, and 

Sir WHiian dt BoUmede, ptieet, was inab, 7 Oct. ; Patrons, the Prior and 

Convent of St Nicholas, Eieler; 131. 

Bbanscombe [Brankescombe, MS.], Vicars o£~ 

Thorn— occurs as Y., 11 July, 1301, tte the TisiUtioas (wfra). 
Walter Loveeake, oi Eieter, clerk,* collated "per PniTiaionem." Commisaion 
for hia Induction directed, 6 May, 1313, to the Y. of Salcombe [-K^] ; 
Pataina the D. and C. of Exeter ; 126''. 
IVieilaiiinu, — 
I. — By Sobfrl de Veteri Terra and John de Uphavtne: see p. lOT, note (*j. Die 

HartU in FertO TrandaclonU BeaU Benedlctf [U July), 1301,- 
In Eccleaia,— nnum Pulterinm tantani, nalllus valoris. Antiphouariimi perrersi 
ordinia. Ordinate et Troparinm in eodcm volnmine. legenda todus anni 
plenaria, in ilij volmninibus ligatis. Portiforiom bonnm, licet minnte litere. 

1 Ordained labdeacon, 2S Dec., 1318; Hartin's, Gieter; the Chapelrj at 

240''. Reno; Bomsodeigh; Eiboume; An- 

■ InstitutiDns by the Official -Principal tony ; [Landrake — 1322]. 

inl322indlS23aresetdawn,brieSj, ■ Ordained priest, 20 Sept, 1320 ; 243. 

here; the names of the Patrons being Be exchanged, in 132S, with TtlfisM 

omitted,— idmuri ad Senefeia in- Cabfliar Oare {Somertel), ue'Wea.ter'a 

fra»eripta per MagiMrvm WaUervm SotnerKt/jinimtmd,— This Book will, 

de Sttone, (fffidaltia Doom, txrptciali hereafter, be refened to as "Wtavtr"), 
Cowmutume eji'dem. Anno, etc., * Ordained [deacon, in Lambeth Chapel 

xiij"»,—Trenpglos; St Creed; Brad- (Lilt. JXm.), by Abp. Haynolds, 17 

nioch ; Thnrleetone ; Poundstock ; Dec., 1317, " ad titulum Decani et 

Eenn). — AdmittipertundemQffeialtm Capitnli Elion." {&g., foL ISO)- 

in Jtum Donuni Mmetimo CCC^" pnest, 17 June, 1318 ; 239t>. 
tieuimo Urdo, Weat Downe; St. 

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nu Uuiiulia lijikta. Hiasale bouniD, et iliail Hon de UnL Calix bimn*, 
intariiu eitcriiuquo deaoratuB. Bt onmU alia quo tMuinutDr tKti» mffidimt ; 
hoc ezoepto, qaod vitram nmcne reneatre In cunpanul «it canftactam «i omni 
parte, et minor feneitn ejnwieiii campauilis caret Tltro; qaanim rapaiacto 
spectit ad parachlanoa. 
Parochiani dicunC quod Thomas, Vicariai, bene se ^erit in omnibus et libeutar 

Sredicat, et iuGniiO!! viaitat, et diligantei amain fncit i^ub ad SacserdoUa epectant 
fficium. Similiter, de Clerico et nliiHjiarochiania mchil aciunt nisi bonaiD et 
bometom. /r^uu-'i'ii,— Stephanus d« Holleveyr, Robertus de Boaco, I.Dcaa de 
eadem (ne), Willelmus Mareys, Thomas de la Slade, Ricardus de Hollewe^ 
com aliiB juratis, dicunt quod Manerium gravatiir per lioc, qitod Firmanns 
tiadidit plnies temu uni (enenti, de qnibus terns Paoia Benedictua portitri per 
giram [coiuaevit]. et modo noii portatar, perquod niajus onemntur : et similiter 
est da aliis contribuciooibus Eccleeiam tangeutibus. Item, grarantur per hoc, 
qood in ij piecariis arure subtracts sunt eis cibaiia sua, que habeie conaaeTeruDt 
osqne ad tempera Domini RoBeri de Dartetoidi'. Item, dicunt quod pro 
folcaclone, IflTacloite, cariu-lone Teai, et mnllonia factura, consuet'eruiit habere iij 
mdiorea mnltonea de talda Domini, txcepto uno, et iij meliorta casioe de 
dayaria Doniioi ; et hoc piimo gubtnctum fait eis per Tboaiam de Herteforde, 
et adfanc est eis denegatum. Item, dicunt <inod FIrniariue tradidit Vicoria daua 
ferlpigoa et anam claaam terra, apud nortone, qnam teaeos dimislt pro 
paup^tate, pro xijf. yjd, aunuatim, unde solebant portari xvija. vjd Dicant, 
eciam, quod quilittet prepositos Firmarii, quantumcouique fidelis Tuerit ct cantus 
in compoto suo, amiUit magnam partem bonorum saorum ; per quaro causam 
Ignorant Snsjiicaatar, tamen, qaod hoc prorenit ex hoc, guodDoaiiniia cepit in 
manuR auaa ij fortrngos tcrre, reddenlea per amium iiijt., et nictiiln minus 
DDarantur dicti prepositi de pleno reddita ; set hoc non audent pro certo dioerr. 
Item, dicunt quod de valore urme penitaa ignorant. Dicunt, ecum, quod none 
Firmariaa recepit de bonia Rog^ri de Derterorde, ad aappledonem defectanm, 
ZTJfi., et tootumdem eipendit circa idem et xjli, uitraj et adhuc reatant derectus 
apud la Biry, in granariis, portis, et domibus ; quorum repantcionem astimant ail 
xh'itji.— Item, petnnt tenentes dicti Maneril, suppliiatites h umil iter Dam inis 
auis, Decano et Capitulo, quod bcneflcium eis per Mogistruni H., nunc Fir- 
manum, auper relaiacioue v niarcoram annuatuu de i marcis et il<f., qnu 
aoQuatim solTers Bolnbaiit pro reaiduo seminis tritici tritiiraodo jtradase con- 
cewam, eis perpetuare dignentur.- Areiiivei iff the D. i: C, li'o. 3S73, page 34. 
11.— Die Sabbati proiima post Festum Sancti Augnstini [27 May, lSOf,-h 
Mcaters R. Oermegn and J. de fpaKCTw] ,—Inpriiui3, Crismatoriam insoflicipas. 
Ddo Corporalia tantam, cum duobua repositoriia. Caaala Domioicalia lanea et 
luauflicieni. Nulla Capa CborL Caaula ferialis perTorata in mulUj loda. 
QuatDOT Buperpellicia inlegra. Miasale bonum et aliud debile, Gradale et 
Tropariun, in uno volnmine, boaum ; precii ij mamarum. Alind Gradale 
TetuB,et do Teteri nota. Unnm Troparium cam Ordinale (lic), innuo volnmine, 
Uoum Portiforium vetui, de antiquo L'au, cum Martilogio. Duo Uanualin vvi 
■e, et terdum bonum cum Collectarlii et Capitulai-io. Duo Proce^ionalia, 

Sanctorum, in daobaa vuluminibus, putrefacta in priucipio et in line. Ij^nda 
Temporalis, in duobui Toluminiliiia, putreracta in priucipio et in fine. Domiaus 
Thomas, Vlcarius, contulit B^cteKie uoum Antipbonarium novum, cam Paalterio, 
precii » marcaram ; rcsei-vato aibi nsn ad vitam suam. Antipbonarium Telue, 
male ligatum. Unum Psalterinm per le tantum. Unum Portiforium minute 
litere cum Paalterio. Una iiiaadua. Unua nitulus de cantu oi;gaaico, msgnoa 
ot loDgus. Unus Calli, deauratus interios et exterins. Altos Calii argentens, 
ds Capella. Velniu Quadraseainiale bonuni et novam. Falla mortuornm in- 
snfBciena. Deficit Velum Nupciate. Uonm Froatalo bonam. Tumbntam 
bonam. Vexillum bonum. Duo Candelabra Praoeaaionaliaatagoea, bona. Duo 
alia ferrea. Quatuor saaere! ad Facetii. Tres Stole. Orgnna, ei dooo Vicarii. 

, Ymago Beate Marie In Caucello, portans tres anulos, uuonini unna aureus et 
doos argenteos («i'c).— Parochiani dicunt qnod Thomaa, Vicariuii, bene «e geritin 
OninlblU, et litwnter predicat, et inflrmos viaitat, et diligenter omnia facit que 
ad suam apeclant OScium. De Clsrico r-X aliia parochiaiiia nicbil aciunt.— Lucas 
Attawode, Thomas Attaslade, Willi'lmus Mareys, Johannes Kocke, Woltenia 

. PeyteTvn, Willelmus Wodenrard, Kobertns Boya, Walterus le Gierke, Thomaa 
Attahole, Mlrba«l de Baddygurbe, Johannea de Bromelt^he, Johannes de 
Weetone, Johannea de Bytelugate, jorati, dicaat qood cum de aatiqaa oon- 

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iNSTrrmoNS, bto. 195 

■qetndinc homioM Honcrii toocDtur anue nnun precariun uiU Fertam HaUlii 
Domini, et mm ad m«Dum Domini, et ftliam prec»ri»in, simlltter, port id»m 
rectum, sin^lis annit, ct «»e id nienurn Domini, dicU msoM fnlt isUs lab- 
tncU toto tempnTe Mi^iitri U., Firmuii ; et quod, abi aliqui tenenlor >ran, 
d etnicuD bsbnsrint, et, li naUam hsbnerint, berclus Rolebant, dlctni 
Fimiuiai fecit «oa >olTFre pro hiijuHniodI opere lijiJ., per rigonnu. Itam, 
qnilibct tarliugiu km teuetui meten acram ct dlniidiam de bUdo DonlQi M 
nichU recipere, rt hixTe daai preeuiiu et litbere contKlium, «t illnd UjMlnm 
orlu« >d grangiam Domini nine corrodio, et lidanire. Et ouiUbet rerlingnm 
terre tvoenii datet aTenginm facere, bi* per aiinani, inter Exam «t Aiam, Bt 
habfre cairodinni, rel perdpera obolam pro coirodeo (net. Item, talcare xj 
•eras prati Btnoani virgatam, et perdpere tna aecnndoa meliarea ninltoiMi et Ifl 
ealeos aaciinJoa iueliDr««, et dictam prutum unire et ad domum cariare, at 
mulloaem facere. Et lolebant Talcare liiij acms prati et iliuidiam anteqnam 
tern fnit atienata. Jobannea Rocke tenet dlimdiam fcrJInRum terre ei tradi- 
ciona H., Finnaril, ad volnnlatem pro eiteota. Thomas, Vicarius, tenet ulinm 
feriingum terre, ad valuntatem. Robertus de Lannweye timet unnm feHingnm 
terre. ad Toluntatem pro eitenta. Johaanei Gn^re tenet duoa ferlingoa et 
diiuidinm, ad voluntatem. Tbomaa tie Lenge teunit nnom ferlingun et 
(limldiuDi, et octo denariatu terre ; quia nunc tenetiRaonotur jnc). Et domot 
■unt minose, et vji posiunt reparari pro iiu. Tbomaa de Bromptone tenet 
dimidium ferlingnm terre, ad Tolnntatem, de Bertone, et alinm dimldinm 
ferlingnm terre de terra naUva, per extentaiu, Ricaitiui de Brankeecombe tenet 
doM larlingoa terre et dimidium de Bertone, ad vuluntalem per exlentam. 
Item, bominee Manerli colebant tritarare totnm tramentum de domlnico nltra 
•emen; quod, qnldem, opna potaeniitt perHcere cum ixj. Dictiu FirmariDB 
recepit, toto tempore luo, pro eodeni servjcio v marcaa redditue. Heorjcna 
Faber at au^entatua in lijd, Ricardna Molemlinariua tenet unnm cortilagiam 
jnita malaDdinum, ad volantatem Domini, et reddit per annnm lijii. Jahannea 
Boye aolebat redd^re pro quadam domo et cnrtilagio lijii, et nunc reddit lljd. 
pro defecta domua, in dampnnm Domini de reddita et aervicio, per annum, id. 
et.: et idem ilnfectus contigit tempore H,, FirraariL Et una domua qoam 
sa Ljda tenuit est dirnita, que potest reparari pro ijji., et eat ad damp- 
oum KB aerridQ Domini, per annum, jif. eb. Dominieua eat melioratuB per nDulil 
foatatiun, levatnin tempore dicti Henrici, qui cooatabat xiiijt. Et dicuotqaod 

Juedani aula, que Tocatur Hinenebslle, danipnificatur ad iUjJ. Et est uoalooga 
oniuB ruinoaa, que est necesuu-is Maneni, ijue non poteat reparari minus qnam 
C> lixt. Et dictiia Dominos Henricus fecit conitrui quandam novam daniun 
o alterine domua, que m^jni vatet quaEo alia domni de ila. DnSdt quedam 
domua qne Tocatnr Wenhouae, cqjua conatruceio valet unam mnrcam, Camara 
ballivi non minni potsat reparari qnam pro xi. Deterioracio dnorum orreonim 
rix ponnnt (He) rspanul pro xlvjt. vlijif. Gamariuni non potest reparari mioa* 
qnam pro iiijiC mGdt una domua pro pistrina, et estimatur onod non minua pot- 
Mt reparari qnam pro zIa Clanaum de Couneparke, ^uoddefldt, et cetera clauaa 
poaaunt reparari pro lu., tt non minus. Ualendmom de la Pole non rainai 
potcrt reparari quam pro c>. Aliud mnleudinum potest reparari pro una marcs. 
Qardiiia, pomana, et piacarie sunt in ntitu quo recepit U., nrmsrius, R«- 
panudo Cuuera apud Brankescumbe, veraua Ecdesiam, valet lu. Btabulum eat 
rnlDoanm, et polaat reparari pre lii. Et dicunt auper articulis Eiecutonim eii 
pornctia, ad primnn:, viddicet ijuod de consuetudine pnatura debet cuatodiri in 
medio moDsis Idarcil, et fuetunt impediti de pastuis iviij vaccarii per quindacim 
dies ante dictum teoipns, ad dampnum deCuncti xviijiL, pro eo quod naa vaeca 
poteat byeltari in partibua iatia pro ijif. Item, ad secnndatn, quod IviTinill fn 
Bulla fuemnt dampciHcati eo quod bene potuerunt cuatodiri de fura^c 

in manlbns Eiecutorum, proat habent per aacramentum vj prep<viitor „.. 

hec tempora. Et dicunt qnod nulla ovee perilt pro defectn paatore, pront 
habent per aacraiuentum paatomm ; nee aliqua pastora communla nut da 
defena*. Et quod aflri nullum faabuemnt defectum paatuie, eo quod tunc 
— fait tetnpus nt depaacerentur erba. Et al fuerant debilitatl, boo fait 

J nod vendideniot fennm eorrim. — Nulla est terra alienata per miniabo* 
lagiatri Jacobi clam. Et dicunt quod vivarinm fuit instauratam piadbna tem- 
)cepit,etiuBtauratnindim!ait. Et Hamster Jacobns 

. breynam et zij rocheaa et anguillaa. Et dicunt quod minlttii 

Jacobi vetnemnt Executoribus meremlum ad qaaodam carrectam 
1, ut diotl BMcatoRS qneniDtnr. Bt dicnnt qnod un* fnila fait 

Huiiatri J 

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196 tb:b beqisteb of sraHOP siapeldon. 

Srortnifai de btMco Domini, post mortem Domini, per Villetmnm napCT balliram 
l>{d4tri HenricL Et Mdem moda respoadant td articnlos Magistri JftcobL — 
Ardiivts C, Ao. 3973, pane «-] 

BaATTON'[-FLEMiNO], Rectors of — 

Huter WiUiam da Sehireburne, prieit, occurs ai R. of "Bnttona," S Jan., 
(tI* Idas Januariij, 1308-B ; 37''. 

— In 1310, the Church being vacant, tlia Bp. commiUad tlie SequeatntioD to 
Su' JnmGB de Hertone— " preebitaro Domine U Flamynge," 31 Jal;: 58. 
He wu ifterwardB (33 Aug,, 1310), ordered to reader no account to 

TAonuH le FUmyagt, clerk,' who was inst, 1 Ma;, 1311 ; Patron, Baldwin le 
Fleniynge ; 54, 61. Hut^r PUraytight reaigned, 17 Hay, 1321, by leOer — 
" quedani Litera si^lU ejuadem Thome et Decant Oionienais (tie) aigillala, 
■ub dato Ozonie (nc) xrj die meiuie Haii, — preaeutibua Walt«n> de Seton^ 
Nicholao de Hale, Domino Kobeito de Tautone, et me — Ricordo de 
Tuyrartone, Notario"! 168. 

Beiihrin (bod of Robert) U Chnriter, of TWrin^lon, clerk,' was init., 6 Julj, 
1821 j Patron, the lama ; ISS''. 
BaATTOH-CLOVELLT [Erattone, MS.], Rectors of — 

Haater WfUer dt Mymmdondt ; on whoae death, " Die Nativitatia Domioi,'' 

Maiter Botxri Brake wui iuat., 13 Jan., 1321-2 ; 16S''. The Patron'a name is 
omitted ; but the Benefice was in the gift of Plympton Priory, lioence 
wai granted to the Prior of Plympton to tnmafer the Advowson to the 
Biihops of the Diocese in 1335, B lidw. III. (Rot. Pat., p. 1., m. IS). 

Braunton, Vicai'8 of — 

BJT Andrea lDi'gMM]oaiaTBBs'V., 29 Dec, 1311 ; 66^; on whose death "di« 
Hartis proiima post Feetum Saiicti Nioholai, Epiacopi" (11 Dec), 1318, 

Master BarlAolonuit de Saruto Latirmcio, prieat [iuntor^tMHSBTSj, was insL, 
llJan., 1319-20; Patron, Sii Batthi^omew de Sancto Laurenoio, Dean of 
Exeter i Ue*>. 

Bhidestowe [also, Brittestowe, MS. J, Rectors of — 

Master JiahA de Knm^e occurs as R, 3 Dec, 1312 ; 7G. 
Maatar Qilherl de KnoviUt, priest, occurs as R , IB Sept, 1321 ; 160. 
Master William dt Beare ocoura as R. 29 May, 1325 ; (foi "Litt. Dim."), 
Hi*'. Thdr iDstitutioQS are not recorded. 
Bridpobd [Brideforde, MS.], Rectors of — 

BIt Rabert de Bardiitby.* He reugned in 1311, and the Cuatodyot the Chnrdi 

was committed, 30 July, to 
Sir Adam dt Sromt, priest ; to whom the Bishop granted all the rsrenucs, for 

the terTice of the Church and other pious usee. Ha was not to be asked to 

' There are two Brattons ia DevoDsbire, le Chariter was, certainly, R. of Btat- 

Bfutton-CloTeUy and Bratton-Flem- ioa-Fltming, aa the Patron's nuae 

ing, both called, simply, "Brattone" shews; and the Letters Dimissoiy 

in our earlier Registers; and it is (q-V.) prove that hewas still sur- 

RometimsB difficult — not to say Em- Tiving and K. of " Btattone," 7 Nov., 

poMiblB-~to decide which is meant, 1322, Le. nearly teu months after 

with certainty. Stitirebume muat Broke's Institution, which must, 

bare bean instituted during the therefort^ have been to BrattoQ- 

period for which we have nu K^iater ; Cloiellg. 

and, although 1 bare oasigiiedBratton- ' Ordained prieat, 23 Sept., 1318; 240i>. 

Fleming to him (VoL I., page 413), * Ordainedaccolite, lOSep., 1321 ; 243^ 

I am compelled to admit that the * Not Wardothy, aa in Utiver'a list, 

question must be left open. The And the Custody wa« gmnted to dt 

case of Mymmelonde and his succea- Brevu, not de Braan I^Btdet. Anti^. 

toe, BnAe, seemed doubtful. But ii,Ji9). 

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reader aoT (oeount to the Bishop orhuEi . , 

Jokn dt laBurght, clerk, ww Iiut, 17 Oct., 1312; Fatten, Bir Junes da 

Oltone, Ent ; 74. Od hii raignatioii [" Jotunnce de Bargkt WaleU," 

H3.], which tool place at Bererler, " i KiOendu Dec" (22 Not.), 1S14, 
Sebert de Clyf, olerk, ww inat, 3t Jan., 1314-16 ; Fativn, the sune ) 101^ 

On vliose rengnation 
TFaJter ife Zofip^jlad,' dark,* was inst., 21 Sept, 1318 i Patron, the ume; 180. 
BlUixlEauLE [Briggerowal — -margin, Briggerowald, MS.], — 
Saarg dt Tre^van, daaoon,' was inat., 24 March, 1318-14 ; Patnnu, the Prior 

and Convent oE ^uncestou ; 33''. 

Bbiohtleiqh; "Cantaria Ecclesie Beate Marie de Bright- 
leghe," — 

Bir William it Jukfonltiif, chaplain, wu inat, 2 April, 1309 ; Patron, Bir 
Hugh de Coiirtenaj ; 39''. [Brightldgh is in the Pariah of Chittlehampton. 
Ljiiom mya — " the walla ot the antient Chapel ore «b11 atanding "]. 

Bbixham, Vicars of — 

Bir WUIiam ooonn la V., 22 Aug., 1309 (•« Rome, Court •>()'• 3G). 
Sir eimoH Sliria, prieet, occura a« V. 6 Fab., 1321-2 ; IBS. 
Beoadclyst [Clifltone-Nonant, MS], Vicars of— 
Sir IFiliiam d> Bunetttre, priest. On his leoignation 

Haater Ftifr de Orimttlane. priest, was inst, 29 Nor., 1314; Fatrong, the 
Prior and Convent of Totnes.— Be had previously resigned the Hector; of 
Ksst Ogweil— an Exchange ; 100. 
BbOADHembuhy [Hembiiry, MS.], Vicars of — 

AAn occura as V., 23 June, 1311 ; L 195 .^probably, John da Croualt, inst. by 

" " ■ " • " ■ ■ -~.i^noU(*),- 

os appanilt defectns 
JesU quoad Mail! linos.— Et sunt ibi iiij taaentea, qui reddunt per 
uiauui vicuiOj jiro UDUria suis, in aagmentaciouem Vicarie sue, xiijj. ; et 
omnia alia servicia sua faciuut Firmario. Qui teneutea, iier BacTonientum suum, 
ntimant omnes lierectas ilnmcrum Curio ad ixijrf., et non ultra." — Archiva y 
(fcD.iC.,jVo, 3673,11. 81. 
II.— "Eodem die Hartls ^ Feb. 1302-3. tee BnckBrell, II.], predict! Seuescalll 

Kohn de Upavene awl Robert de Veteri Terra] viailai-unt apud Hembmr, per 
enricnm Baniel, Willelmnm Snoter, Roperum ate Ri^e, et Johannem le Kyle 
QqI dicunt qood due grangie et piitrinmn paduntur defectum in coopertuni ad 
eetimadonem xv^J. vjrj,, videlicet quoad etramen el mercedem cooperatorum ; 
item, in parietibuB, et Occidentalb muri ciunere Austrolin Aulc, ad estimacionem 
dimidie marce. Item, defectus coquiee SBtimaut ail iiij«. ; et deTectua ctansnra 
inter Capelliira et canierani estimant ad vjrf. Item, defoctua cleoaure cirea 
vivaria, et alibi in Curia, estimaut ad sex denarios. Tt«m, requiaiti an vivaria 
■int tiacta et deatructa pest mortem Flrmarii, dicunt quod non de die ; nee de 
node, Dt creduut. Item, darectus porte et panUa versus vivaria estimant ad 
viij<^. Item, clauanra deterioratur inter dit-tam portam et munun portam curie 
— eatimantaidilijdenarios.— SuQima, xxsa. ijd. --ttit'., p. 41]. 

Broadhempston [Hemistone, MS.], Vicar of— 

Bir Joha occurs as T., I March, 1309-10 {tet " Confeaaions "}; 48: tUo, 1 
April, 1314 ; S4*>. 

Bboadwood-Kkllt [Brodewodekelly, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Nieholai occun aa K., 1 ^ng., 1312 ; 72*'. 
BEOADWOODWlDQEa [Brodwode Wyger, MS.], Rectors of— 

> Lapfordi 
* Ordained 

pford in Oliver's list. 
■ ■ ■ deacon, 7 April, 131S j 
SO Sept., 1320; 243. 

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Bir Hmrg A Ovldtfirdt; on whose redguation "die Luoe in cmatino 
InTendonu Sancta Auob" (1 May), 1310, 

WiUitmt dt Zafgntt, ol«rk, ordained aubdaBOOD, IS Dee. ; tol 229, wu mat., 1 
June ; Pktron, Henry Wyger ; 62. 
BUCKERELL [Bokerel, MS], Vicars of— 

—Vacant ainoe 18 Feb., IS18-1S ; and the Biahop, 9 Hay, 1319, iiutitntad 

Sir Soieri lU Foshthulb, meat ; Fatnma, the D. and C. of Exetor; 111. 
[Vuiiaiiaru, aee p. 107, rwU (>),--" die Stbbatl pTOxiiiift teqneota [5 Jnlj, 

I. — Ubri Uatatinalea Eeclevie lad predicti, qnicomqae eoa InTHiiire am snatentare 
debeat, omnea aunt aafflcioDtea. Damua, Curia, SaDctaariam, ibtdon, omnM 
paciimtur derectum qui anbpleri uon posset per minaa qnam xz marcaa, 
RecDndom verom eatimacionem cmualibat intoeutis." -AnMiea of VieD. Ji C, 
AiJ. S673,j.. 31. 

" " Vl^taclo apud Boberal, fact* die Hartis proxima poat . . Pcetom Sancti 

Raude. Qui dicuiit qaod iletetioraclonss domorum coDtiDgutdum Hasiabimi 
Petrnm, Ftnnaiium, poetust cmeodari per x marcu. Rmuiaili per UDgnlaa, 
dlcant quod qnedatn para domna, Jnita cotumbarB, oorruit, c ' ~~"~ 

Hatbie, Anno Bupradicto [26 Feb., 1302-81, per Vicannm Lod etWillaliniun 
"--'- " ' ..-1. ___j^j(,..__..,.___ y?i: ___., ,..-.„„=., 

i Qoedam para i , , . .... 

1 III. ; reliuua para lUioa domna que adhnc stal, per iii. ; quadam 

alia domua coutigua illi per x>., at grargia per centum aolldos, VeramtaDien 
etexit Ibidem quandam pan-am domuru equlvaleaUm domam aupradkum, 
Daterlornclo gardini eattmatur ad dlnii<liaiB marcam. Et dlcant i^aod dm 
domus competcDtaa aufficereat ad locum illDTn^ que poneiit ediScari et erigl 
per XIX marcas. — Summa vl)j/t. xvji. vi|j<l." i^id., p. 41). 
BUCKFAST Abbey [Buffeatre, Abbat of— 

Fr. Soberl ; bia Benediction aa Abbat, at Crediton, " die Dominica in Fe«fa> 
Beati Petri ad Vincula " (1 Aug.), 1316 ; 113''. 

BucKFASTLEiOH [Leghe Bufestre and Buffestre, MS.], Vicars — 

Walwmm, "qui Die Uuminica proxima poat Featum Annundadonia Bente 
Haiie proximo preteritam monebatnr " [29 Uarcb, 1310]. 

Sir Witlitm lU U Fennt, priest, waa inat, 11 April 1 FalroiK, the Abbat and 
Convent of Budifaat ; 40,— Vacant "a die Joria proxima ante Feitam 
Beati Thome, Apoatoli " (16 Dec), 1322 ; and, 6 Feb., 13S2-3. 

Sir Thtmat de la nnM, prim, waa inat. ; PatiODa, the aama ; 172. 

Buckland-Breweb [Northboclaunde, MS.], Vicar of — 

Sir RKkard A Hurilrghe occuni aa V., 1 Aug., 1812 ; 72l>. 
BucKLAND-FiLLEioe ^South Boklonde, MS.], Rector of — 
Riehard Sarri, clerk, wae ooilated 21 Feb., 1324-11 ; 183''. 

Buckland-Abbey, — 

Thomai oocurv ae Abbat, 13 Nov, 1311 (ice the next Eatr;). 
BocKLAND-MoNACHOKUM [Boclaunde, MS.], Vicara of— 

Sir HMrjr occiira aa v., 1 March, 1309-10 {f "ConfemioiM ") ; 48; L igo*.— 
A Commiaaiun waa directed, 13 Nov., 1311, to Thomas, Abb»t of Bui^hmd, 
tor the Institution and Induction of 
Sir /sin (f< TVAKtitn, chaplain ; Patrona, the Abbat and Conv. of BucUand ; SO. 
BUHLESCOMBE [Burdlescombe, MS.], Vicar of— 

Sir John atlf Mullt, prieat, insL, 8 April, 1324; "de oonaeiuu Abbatiaas et 
Conveutuade Leghe Canonicanira, ipaum prtebiterum pnaentandum " ; 181, 
BuBBlNQTON [Borringtone and Burnyngtone, MS.], — 

Matter IVitfinm de Tav^toke ocoure Be R., 26 Aug., 1304. See Vol. I, p. 405. 

Sir John de IhdeieiUii, chaplain, was inet to the ficarage, S2 Sept., 1109 ; 
Patrons, the Abbat and Convent of Taviatock,— " optinuit Literaa Inatita* 
donia, Toiacionem et Ordinadoaem dicto Vicarie oontinentea,"— nMfyw 

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"HniORAHDiiHquodfotaTicaria,iiim(),postMOTdiiialafuit et UxftU" ; 44. 
Sir Sotert Caineit occun u V., 2D Uxj, 1S25 ; 184<>. 

BtTTTEaLEioH [Boterleghe, MS.], Rector of — 

— Tacact, 3 Dec, ISIS ; and 

JolM Bel, chapkin, wu itaL, 2 Feh, 1313-11 ; FatroOB, the Prior and Conv«ot 
of St Nicholas, Exeter i S2i>. 

CAL8T0CK [Kftlystoke, MS.], Rector of— 

^lirrt dt Btrkamttdi {— Vol. L, page 1B1), wat atfll R, 21 Dec,1308 i'.COrdl) 
Gambobne [Camberoun a/ticL Cambron, US.], Rectots of — 

John d* Net^aud, clerk,' was iiut. (bj pron — Robert de Camarthur), 10 Jan., 
1303-9; Pation, the Eint;, "racioDe Custodie taire et ho^dia Willalmi 
BuMt defimoti, qoi de ipao lenuit in Oapile " ; ST''. On NniimtiF» 

Oamonsleigh Abbey, — 

Margaret Avchtr ; her Benediction as Abbeai, at Cl;st, 21 Aag., 1320,— 
" preaentibuB MagiBtris Ricardo da Coletoae, Preeentore ; Waltero OiSud, 
CaDoelluio ; DonuDO Tboma de Htatone, Theaaurario ; Hagiatiia Thoma 
Herevarde, Archidiacono EionienBi ; Ricardo de Widealade, Archidiaoono 
Bammenai ; Boberto Herenard, — Canonicis Ecclesie Eionieosi* " ; 160''. 
Cabdinham [CardiDan, MS.], Rectors of — 

Jordan qccuih aa R, 12 Hay, 1S16 ; L 211. — Haig;aiwt do Djnaham presented 

Sir Walter de EaU, prieat, and a ComniiasioD was directed, 2 Dec, 1317, to the 
Offidala of tha Biahop and the Arcbdn. of Totnee, empowering them to 
deal with the mitt«r ; 124. He was admitted [Letters of Inditation only], 
26 July, 1313 ; 123. 
Chagford [Chakeford and Chageforde, MS.], Rectors of — 

S^on dt Wybb4Ti, priest, occurs as R. {m Inatow;, 27 April, 131G ; 103^ 
On whose mdniation 

^a Lavrmu dtWHAeri, prieet, wna last., IS Oct., 131S; Patrol), Oliver do 
Wibberi ; 144. 
ChAllacombe [Chaudecumbe, MS.], Rectors of — 

JiAn de Stoka occurs as R, 21 Dec, 1308 ; (,Ord.) 218. 

Master AmaS/i CoUl, of Torrington, was preeonted by Wm. de Boleghe, — 
Conuniasion directed to the Chancellor of the CHtbedral and the Arcbdn, ot 
Bamra, as to the Vacanoy, etc (2 Oct., 1310) ; 53''. His Institution must 
have occurred before 37 March, 1811, when " Amulpkvi Gotd, Beotor da 
Chaudecumbe," was ordained priest ; 226. Btt Fremington, 73. 

Charles [and Chames, MS], Rectors of — 

Henry de Sat^ht, accoUle, occurs, 21 Dec, 1303 ; (Ord.) 218. He exchanged, 

for Stoko-RiveiB, with 
Peter de Fyiluiert, accohte,* inst., 26 July, 1808 ; Patron, Heni; de Ralegha ; 

Sit IToTtn- U Low, priest, was inBt, 20 June, 1814 ; Patron, the aame ; iff. 

He is ehiawhere called b H'i>I^&— Vacant, 27 Feb., 1324-6 ; and 
Sidtard Spriggt, pricat, was inst. (by proxy— Philip de la More, derk), !S 

March } Patron, Sir John de Bak^be, Knt, 184. 

1 Ordained subdeacon, 22 Feb., 1303-6 ; ' Ordained subdeacon, 20 Sept, 1309 ; 
220^ deacon, 23 April, 1S08 ; 222: 222t>: deacon, 4 April, 1310; 224>> 
print, 20 Sept, 130B ; 223''. priest, IS April, 1310 ; 22E. 

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Cbabletos [Churletono and Cherletone, MS.], Rectors of — 

WHliam de Braaoda, clerk, vtK collated [by lapk), 2i Aug., 1309 (bf proxj— 

Sir Stephen da Bnwoda} ; iZ. 
Sir Slefien de BramkU, print, nu admitbed in eominendain, 24 Feb., 1311-12 ; 

Patron, John Pipttrt ; 69.— See Tibebelf ; 112. 

Chawleiqh [ChaJveleghe, MS.J. Rectors oE — 

Sir Qodfrey de Bey7\}iam ; on whose death, " die HaHu in craalino Sencti 

Butholamei" (25 Aug.), 1321, 
^ WaUtr de Blinkam (or, perhaps, BMtam), priest, wu init, 14 Sept. : 

Patron, Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Knt ; ISO. 

Cheldon [Cheddeledone — marg., Chedeledone, MS.], Rectois 
at — 

Walter de Dtyuryi ; on whcae death " die Herciuii prozima poet Featnii) Tnni- 

ladonie Beati Thome, Martiria " (II Julj), 1313 [not 1321, aa in Vul. L p. 

Soger KayUeiBtU, clerk, wu insL (by prox; — Sir Bobert de Chulmelf^ [■""')< 

11 Sept. ; 7B''. The Patron'a name ia omitted. 
Sir SUplien dt Atda, prieat, was inat^, 2fl April, 1314; Patron, John 

CaillBwaj ; 84t>, 
Sir AicAofd U Bmure (of Kymet-St. George), was inaU, 2 Uay, ISIS ; Patnm, 

the same ; 112^ 

Oheriton [-Fitzpaine,— Churitone, MS.], Rector of— 

John Sanaa, aubdeaoon,' occurs as R, 29 Dea, 1303 ; 37^. 
Cberiton-Bi3HOP [Churitone, MS.]. Rector of— 

Uuter Sichard dt Si^ard, clerk, waa collated 30 Aug., 1310 ; 114*>. 

[Chittlbhampton, Rector of — 

" In Marcio 11340], consnUdata est Ecctesia de Chitelhamptune per Dominnm 
Willelmiim de Bruere, Epiacopum Eionie, et Abbateiu et Cooventam Thi " - 
beris, TBfOB Patronae,et uoUnUtiut p^r eosdem Magiatro WiUeliivi dt "" — 
Nicbiloiuinusconiinendavittiilem Doinlnus EpiacopuactcomniendatamcoiiceBHt 
Eccltrsiam Sancte Wenue in Coniubia( q-v.), . . . Rngavit, autcni, UerebBrtu* 
niius Matliei, Domlniu de (.'lutelbaicptmie, Uagistrum WUIelmnm Qt con- 
cederet eideiu Cantariam in Capella aua de bio. PredictuK, vero, Wllielmua, 
requisito conseoau dicturum Abbatls et Ckiavcntus. et Scriptia huic inde coo- 
fectia d« omniuioda Indviupnitate Matrkia Ecclesie, adquievit. In qniboa 
Scriptia prolentatus eat predictus Herebertus Abbuleni el (Juaventum Theokea- 
iKria veroa case Patronos pradicte Eci^leaie . . . Gipellanua, vera, uui pro 
t«Dipon) fuerit, preetabit jurainKntuni Hdelitatia Kcetoribua dicle Ecdcai« 
iniperpetuum aucGeiii)ive."'~.'lnN(iti of TeioketbuTV Atbeu (Ed. Loard), page 
Ui. Stt,«ha, pp. 124, V2S]. 

ChRistow [Oristenestowe, MS.], Vicars of — 

— Vacant "a die Sabbnij prozima ante Fertum Saocta Ealerine, Virginia** 

{■2i Nov.), 1313 ; and 
Sir IFUliam Oabbel,' prieat, was inat, 1 Dec ; Patrona, the Prior and Conrent 

of St. Andrew's, Cowick ; 32. On Ua reaiguation,' at Exeter, on tlte Monet 

(7th) of March, 1317-18, 
Sir John dt I/eU,' prient, nus inst, IG April, 1318 ; PatniiB, the aame ; 126. 

Chudleigh, Vicars of — 

Niektbu was Vicar in 1303. Stt Vol I., page 123. And OUver telle us 

* Ordaioed deacon, 18 April, 1310 1 * Fur Oare, Somerset (Patron, J<diD de 
22*»' [dt Manap, U9.}. Kellj): »k BfUMtOKB, noU (^. 

* Called, aflerwarde, " Dumiuus Willel- * John dt Mdt (probobly the Mune man) 
nuB de Lyntoue, dietut Cablel '' (foL waa admitted K. of Uadslock, Somer- 
126. aetiin 1318, (WMMMiMJiut. {W*i,wtt). 

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the Btatement Ha was R, of Atlttaa at ths time (q. v., Init). 
Gbulmleioii ; [also Chilmel^he, MS.], Prebendariea of^ 

Muter Jame$ It Prauneeit oceure, 8 May, 1310 ; 60". 

HastOT Boberl Fnmund occura 2 and 14 Sept., ISIO ; 64% SS. {Ha ooeun m 
B. of Thorn-PalcoD in 1297 tnd of ButUigb in 1315,— both in Somentt 
( Wtavtr). Also, ai K. of St. Thomaa', Saliabiur, in 1297, and of NettJetoa 
{WiiU) ia Deo., 12SS (when he was ordained pneat, on Ember SatanUy, in 
TeiTiDg Church (Suwei) by Abp. Peckbam (Reg, Peekham, las^i.— F.J.B.l 

Sir WiUiam Dalietuuy. or dt Btllo Alnelo, ocoun 28 Oot, 1303 ; 36, and 1 Nov., 
lS17i 123l>. He is described ai" Rector "oEChulmleigh in the Ordination- 
liit of 22 Feb., 1308-9 ; 220». Onlained deaeon, 20 Sept, 1809 1 228 : and 
prieet (at CamberweU, b? Bp. SUpeldoo), 14 Hareh, 1809-10, 223^'. 

Sir Otx(/rq/ dt Ltj/nhain: on whoee death 

.^>An de (XUfordt, piiat, was inat- to the Prebend " que Tooatnr Haydene 
Provendre," 1 Not., 1321 i Patron, Sir Hu(^ de Courtenay, Knt ; 182. 

Chdrchstanton [GberistaiintoDe and Cburiatauntone, MS.], 

Rectors of — 
Sir Tiama* tk Mdgngham, was inat bg Bp. Byttm, 18 Hafob, 1803 {tee Vd. 

L, p. 414) ; 48. On Elingham'i (lie) reaignatioa 
Sir KToUer dt TTnej/U, prieat, waa inst., 27 July, 1312 ; Patron, Sir Olivw de 

Todeham, Kut. ["de Tudebam," HS., fol. US'!]. 
— "E(, quia dictua Waltenu non fait de Dioceei Eioniemi orioDdua, iqjunzit 

(idem quod Infra ineDsem faceret BiMfidem de conTemacione Buaetde Ordiuibua, 

anb peiia zl aoliilonim. rogtmodum concessit i^uod citia Fettuin Omniun 
SanctorDm, anb oRdem pena. Poatnioducn, ad inatanciam Domini Thome de 
EliDghaiu, tactM fuit jirorozado usquB nd I'Bstum B«all Johannia Baptlsta ; et 
snh hoc halKt Litersa " ; Ti^.—Vaauit "a die Veneris proiima poet Feitum 
EialucioDia Sancte Crucia " (17 Sept.), 1316; and 
Sir Riehard de Mil^unte, prieat, waa inat., 16 Oct. ; Patron, the aame ; 115% 

CflURCHSTOW [Chureatowe, MS.], Eector of— 

Heater Seger d* CoUfviU, subdeacon,' fint OMun *■ R., 19 Deo., 1308 ; 37. 

Clannaboeouoh [Clo7enebur(;he, MS.], Rectors of— 

Nidiolai oocun ta B., 29 Haroh, 1311 ; (Ord..PTU.) 22fi,— probably, N. 

Simdd (it \oll,p- 124). 
Stchard de Sydaignt, clerk, waa inat^, 10 Dec, 1810 ; Patrons, the Prior and 

CvDTent of Taunton. The Cfaundi had been vaoaat "a die Veuerii proiima 

ante Festum MatiTitatla Saacti JohaiuuB Baptiate (19 June) ; &T^. 
Sir Robert de Mdtone, priest, waa collated {by laptc), 28 July, 1314 ; Patrons, 

the same ; 86.— Vacant " die MnrtJa proiima ante Featum Sancti Andree 

(29 Not.), 1323 ; and 
Sir /oAn (fc 5i>feBuu(A<, priest, was insL, 13 Jan., 1323-4 ; Patrons, the same ; 


Clathanger [Gleyangre aiid Cleyhangre, MS.], Rectors of — 

— Tacaut "a disMercurii proxima post Featum Saucti Ambroaii" (7 April), 

1 Oidaaned deacon, 20 Bept., 1309 ; eionei, remanmt inter Commvnia de 

223: prieat, 13 Dec, 1311 ; 229. ^nno Dantini M" OCC°"> xxUj'-" et 

* Several Institutious by the Biahop's xxiiij^", — " De Anno Domini if 

Commissary are entered here, to- CCC^" xxH}'" : — Mannton, SL Austell, 

gather, — " Admiai ad Bentfieia in- "■ • . « . . 
Jratcripla per Kagiitrtnii Ifaltervia 
de Setone, U^ieiaUm Domini et Cota~ 
'n ea fmie tpaiaUm: vnde 
■" B Pratnta- 

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ISII : and 
^Utiam de Milrfordt, olerk,' wu inEt (by proxy— John da Lanceatone, dai^), 
6 Nov. ; PatroD, the King, "racioDe tanmrum at taDementonim TempUr- 
; SG. — Vaouit "a die Jovia pnuinM 

t BmgaUctte, aubdeacciD,* was collated (by lapie), 8 Hardi, 
1821-2; 167. 
Clathidon [Hidone, MS.], Rectors of — 

BaM de StawUoae, clerk, wai preaentod by Margaret de I^nham, — 
Commutnon directed to Hem? d* Is Wile, Chancellor, and Robert da 
BIoDleedoDe, Canons of Sarum, to make iDquiution aa to his monda, age, 
Biidleaniiiig,aiidtoiiiaUtut«hiiniftouiid fit (21 March, 1321-2); 157. On 
wboeedeath, "cirdterFeetoAonjiDpciomaBeBteHaiieVirguua" (ISAog.), 

Sir William de Pordt, prieet, waa inat, 22 Dec. ; Patron, the aame ; l7l. 

Clovellt [Clovely. MS.], Rector of — 

S&c Rtekard de DMxiT^he, chaplain, being presented by Edith, Lady of 
Clflvelly, the Biahop directed the Arcbdn. uf Barum to make InquuJtion aa 
to the vacaocr, etc, 16 April, 1308 ; 32*>. 

Clystbridog [" Oantaria Perpetua in Nova C!)apella de Cljst- 
brigge," MS.], — 
Sir Robot de Qoiham, piieat, waa collated, "die Martia in Feato Suidottim 
Innocendum " (28 Dec], 1311. Letters ut Induction only, directed to Sir 
Thomas de Herpetnr, B. of Tedbum-St Hary ; 66''. 
Cl.TST FOMISON [i.e. SowTON — Clyat Fomizon, MS.], Rectors of — 
John de OM (or EUt) ; 1641".— On whose death 

Sir Waiiam de UeagtUcnte, aubdeacon, waa collated, 1 Oct., 1821 ; 1 8l0. On 
whoaa rnignation 
•" Sir WiiUam aUe Htghen, priest, waa ooUated, 10 April, 1822 ; 167<>. 

Cltst-Hydok, Rectors of — 

Sir Soger de Domlorrt, prieat, waa inat, 22 Jan., 1808-9 ; Patron, Robert 
CriapTD, "racione cuatodie Johannia, filii et beredia Domini Willelmi de 
Hjdone, MiKtie, defuacti " ; 38. He eii^anged, tor Stoka-Damarel, with 

John de Fordyngtonc, clerk, inat, 6 Hot., 1319 ; Pattvn, John de Hidone,— be 
waa to proceed, at once, " ad Sacros Ordinea " (toL 111'') ; ordained |irieBt, 
20 Sept., 1320 ; 213. 
Olyht-St. Gkorqb [Cliatwike, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir John de Qlaeen^a? co vhoaa death, "die Lune prosima ante Feetum 
Annundacionia Domioice " (22 Mard], 1321-2, 

PAiIij) dt CeOre waa inab, 17 Hay, 1822 ; Patrons, the Prior and Ctmvent of 
Merton (Surrey) ; 167". 
Clyst St. Laurence, Rectors of — 

— Vacant " a die Lune proxima poet Dominictoti in Batnia Polmarum " (20 

March}, 1311-12; and 
Sir Jain de KangvetieUle, priest, waa insL, 2S April, 1812 ; Patron, Sir John 

de Vautort, Knt. ; 71''. 
John FmUorf* (Institution not recorded), oecun as R,0 April, 13U; 88^ 

■ Ordained acoolite, 2 Jan., 1311-12; cheiler; foL D*>. [F.J.B.] 

229 1 prieat, 22 Dec, I3I3 ; 231». * not de Olaietneia, aa in Olirer'a Liat 

■ Ordwned prieat in 3t EliMbeth's {Ecdei. AtiUq., i, 1G3). 

Chapel, near Wincheeter, 18 Dec, * Ordained aubdewwn. 21 Dec, 1314 ; 
1822, by Peter, Bp. of CorbaviH.— 231: deacun, 22 March, 1311-lG; 

S^Siffatidd*Amru,Bp.i>/Win. 231»: prieet, 20 Sept, ISK; 23e)>. 

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Cltst-St. Mabt [Beate Marie da Clysb, MS.], Rectors of — 

Jtaipk, dietus U Aridaten, cUrk, wu inat, S April, 1S13 1 Vtiioa, Uicbul de 

^t^kel«Khe; 70. 
Sir ThoMot de Tnbarnoc, priest, waa lost OD tlie F«Ht tA tbs AimillMiBUon 

(26 AUt«h), 131* ; pBtroD, Boger Tauatofsr; 83^ 

Colaton-Raleiqh, Vicar of — 

Sir WUUam oooun u V., Ifl Feb., 1307 ; *n p. 108. 
CJOLEBKOOK, Vicar of — 

Sir WmtoM ooeun u V,, 27 June, 1301 ; *m p. 109- 

CoLEKiDOE [Colrigge, MS,], Vicar of — 

Sir Wiillm dt la Slmit, prient, wu collated 10 Aug., 18U ; SI*-. 
CoLLUMPTON ColomptonB, MS.], Vicars of — 

Sir Vitiim oeeun «• v., 1 lUrcb, 1S09-10 (tee " ConfeaaioDB ") ; *9.— VwjMt, 

"BFesto NattviUtis Baati JohMmia K^plUte, vel oirdtisr" (24 June), 

1S22; and 
Muter Htnrg SUsmor, deacoa, waa iuat, 12 March, 1E22-8 ; Patrons, tlie 

Prior and Convent ot St Nicholaa', Exeter ; 174». 
COLTTON, Vicars of — 

Sir Jtobtrt Bland ; on whoae daath, S July, 1320, 

Sir Waller de Neaentoae,' priest, waa inat, 11 Sept. ; Patront, the D, and C. 

ofEieter; IBl*. 

Combe-in-Teionhead [Cumbe in TyDhyde, MS.], Rectors of — 

Hanter John Wda t>acun aa R, 28 Feb., 1308-B ; SS*>. On whaee promotion 

(kc BiKHSTAPU, Archdnacona of), 
Segiiudd de Clyfurd, cUrk,* wu inaC, 17 April, 1309 i Patroo, Sir RegintJd 

de Clyffbrd, Knt, ; 40''. 

CoMBMARTiN [Curate Martyn, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir H^ittiam Tmy, priast, waa admitted in conmendim, 18 IbKh, 1309-10 ; 

Sir William HartTD, the Patron, Miaiiting ; 48^ 
Sir /o4n de Chem^mrj/^ priaat, wai inat., 2G SepL, 1310, Patron, Qw aame ; 


Cohbe-Rali!IOH [Cumbe Sancti Nicholfu, MS.], Reclors of — 

Sctert delCtttre, clerk, odcutb aa K., 10 Aug., 1313 ; L l»9\ 

Cornwall, Archdeacons of — ' 

[Willian de Bodriaghaia [or Bodekam) ia "mentjoned," accordiug to Z« JVeM 
and OUttr, " in 1298." But his naioe was tfiUiam de Bodrigan ; tee St. 
Burran ; 86]. 

Sir Adam de Carletone held thia office (sa^ra Li Neve), 7 Jan., 1307-8,— PaL 1 

Edw. II., p. I., m. 2. He ia first mentioned in this Register aa AnihdeaooD 

of Cornwall, 8 July, 1309-(mc St Gorut} : 42. See ToL I., page 491. 

Walier occure aa Arohdeacon, 1 April, 1311 [eee Compton^ Willisin de); 60". 

But Sir Adam again occura, E Dec, 1312 ; 76: alao, 3 Oct., ISIS ; 79". 

CoHNWOOD [Comwoda, MS.], Rector of — 

Smry occura aa R, 11 May, 1312; L 197. 

CoRYTON [Coritone, MS.], Rectors of — 

' Inatititted to Uemington, Somenat, 222^; deaoon, 22 Dec, 1813; 231: 

4 June,13Z5; Patron, Ladj Alianora pricet, 23 March, 1313-14;232^ 

de Ctmrteaaj {Knitter Drokene^ord, ^ U. of Kitt«n {Sommet) frou 1318 to 

fol. 23e,-Ed. Hobhouae). 1332 (ffMrer).— &e L 214^ 

' Ordained aubdeaoon, 20 Sept, 1309 ; 

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Ifarter Riehard Titndard oocun aa R («w M&rittowe), 16 Feb., 130S-6 ; SS^ 

—Vaamt, 20 May, 1318 ; and 
Sir Thomat de MiUford, clerk, wu ioBb., 19 July ; Pfttron, Willum de Coii- 

tone ; 128. MiUtforde rewgQed, S Feb., 1318-lB, and 
JtAn Genxyi, clerk,' wu iast, 30 March, ISIB i Fatron, the nme; 140''. 

CoTLEiae [Cotteleghe, MS.], Rector of— 

Sir William de Ylilsngtont, chaplun, wa» iatL, 16 Jaa, 130S-Q ; Patron, Sir 
Gilbert de Enovjle ; 38. 
CowiCK, Vicar of — 

— Vuant, "a die Lune proxima ante Festum Sancte Hannrete, ^rsinia" 

(18 Jaly), 1317 ; (md 
Sir WOliarn de Chtddert, priest, nas ioHt., 7 Aug. ; Patrona, the Prior and 

Honka at Bleaaed Andren of Cowick ; 120''. 

CowiCK Pbioby [Oowike, MS.! — 

Comrniaaion* dineted to MaiUr WaUar dt Burit, R. qf WJiiMpU:— 
Licet dudum bonn meniorie Daminiu Thoma^ BionieDsU Episcopiu, proximo* 
Mter, Priomtiim de Cowyke, Dyoccds nortra predlcte, cui ampla 
..a diooscitiir esse anoei^ i^nl tuito tempore tunc vaavit uaod 
a Collacio, jiuta Slatuta Latraneosifi Concilli, fuerat legittlme devolate, 
Fratri Will/imo de Porla, Monacho Honaalerii de Beccohelewinl, cam suis jariboi 
et pertmenoiu nniverais, d« sua coDtoUaset gracia epeciali, ipBQmqoe in corpoiv- 
lem poii£e.'siouem ^usdem suie, pmnt morisest, Litfris mani^ret indaci ; ac idem 
Frater Willelmus in hujunmodi Collacione sibi facta prefato Predecessori nontro, 
primo, et nobia, eidem Bucj^entibua in onere et honore, Canaoicani Obedien- 
dam preatitiaset sectindo, fuissetqae ei pnrte dicti Predeceswria nostri, in 
virtute hnjusmoili Ol^'diencie Canonioe, injunctiun eidem ne ipdmi Priontua 
twinien qnoqno modo deserarBt, vel reoederet aliqualiter ab eodem, abaqae 
DioceaanI Loci I.iccncia spaciali ; idem, tamon, Frater Willelmus, preniiaais Don 
obatantibua, Prioratutn ipstim et regimec ejusdem, abaqne causa racionabili, 
nuper tcmere desereni, Licencia super hoc minima petita vel optenta, «e tlmna- 
ferra diaposait ad partes atlas, quo neacimos: Tcrum, qaianos noleotM quod idem 
Prioratns per prefatani Fratrem Willelmum, ut premittitar, sic deaertna, aaltBin 
qnoid Unstodiam Spiritual itatis ejusdi^ni dehito caieat regimine, quin podua id 

Sinod Doatro in hac parte incumbit Officio faciamns, de tnis Me et drcnnupecta 
ndustiia ]i1enBTn in Domino fldnciam optinentea, Cuatodiam Spiritualitalia 
Prioratiis pjnsdem, tnictnnm et obvencioDum ad hujusmodi BpiritoalltaleiD quo- 
Inodoliliet peitiDencium, quoa omnes et singulcs ei cansa premiasa aequestrari- 
mas, et adhiic ex hibundaDti t«nare Presenclum sequestramns, tibi commitU- 
mus, quovsque aliud super hoc duxerimua ordiuandum ; volentes et mandanles 
qnatiniM circa hujuEmodi Custodiam te taliter habere piocurea quod uoUa de 
ipm respond c re TBleatia, cum a nobis super hoc (ueris requisitua. — Datum, apod 
CliEt, xiiij die menaia Decembria (1316) : 111. 
Fr. Emtaa occura aa Prior, e Juae, 1317 ; 120. 

Creacohbe [Orewcuinbe and Creucome, MS.], Rectors of — 

—Vacant, " a Feeto Tranaladonia Beatj Thome, Martins " (7 July), 1811 ; and 
John dt Scrvsrtgtont, priest, was inat., 5 Aug. ; Patma, Williaiu de Haunt- 
tenesforde, — " et injunctum fuit ei, aub peua priradonia Baneficai sui 
predict!, quod Summam — AltinimtM de Urra — cordelanua scir«t dtra tunc 
aequena Fertum Omnium Sanctorum " [1 Hov,,— The reference ia to tJie 
Acta of the Synod of Eieter, held in 12S7 by Bp. Quivil] ; S3. 
John dt Btavnlitfordt, aubdeacon,' waa inat., 4 April, 1S14 : Patron, the 
aame ; 8Si>. 

' Ordained aubdeacon, 22 Sept., 1319 ; memorandum quod altera quasi dmi- 

2tl: deacon, 22 Dec., 1319 ; 242*'. lis teuoria facU fuit Hagistro . . de 

' Note, nritten on the inner maigin, Ston[forde], aub dato Chuddeleghp, 

and alnoat buried 1^ the Binder, — . . die menaia . . . narii." 

"Tacat lata, qout mortnus eit; el * Ordained deMOD, 21 Dec, 1311; 291'*. 

D.D.t.zea by Google 

nremrunoNS, btc. 205 

Ceediton, the Collegiate Church of,— 

PBKKHTOBa [The Precentor, not the DeaD, wbb the chief Dignitary], — 
Haat«r Waller de MoUonde ; oa whose death 

Haat«-XKAanJde£ne,prieet, was admitted in Mntnwwlim, 26 June, 1312; 72. 
HaaUr Sialumi dt WtdttUide,^ [" Mogigtro Aroium et Artis Medicine Doctori "], 

waa collated, 17 Dec., 1312 ; 76^ On whoaa rwignation, 
SirffatryrffPynfaMywaa collated, IS Jan., 1314.16 ; 101". On whou deatli 
Sir WiBiam de Alrtforde, priest, waa collated i Jan., 1320-1 ; to be inducted 

and inatalled by Haater Henry da Stouforde, Official-Peculiar, and Walter 

de Eaae, Treaaurar of Crediton ; l&i\ 
Cusosa, — 
Sir PKiUp dt CiiAtitghe ; on whoae death 
Haatar SiAtH di Sbifddane wu collated, 13 Hay, 1S08 ; ^B^ On nhoae 

Sir Thomat dt Stapddime, prieat, waa collated, 2 Ha;, 1309 ; 40». 
Master Soger dt Oltry excbanged, for a Prebwd in the Cathedral, with 
Maatei Sabvrl de Ciiteraa, 27 July, 1303 ; 3S. 
Haat«r Richard de Falmynglwa ; on wboae death 
Sir Tlumuu dt Nota Haia waa collated, 2S Aug., 1309 ; 13. 
Sir A. if< Henghatn occurs, 3 Hay, 1310 ; 60". [AnipA not Richard, aa in 

VoL I., p. 415]. 
fTuma* dt Uentme oocurs, S Ha7, 1310 ; GO^. Thoina* dt SUpeUoM held the 

Prebend " de Aire " ; and on hia promotion to a Prebend in Boaham 
Haater J/icAad <j« Bn-Aom waa collated, 20 March,* 1310-11; 60. Sir Ralph 

dt ffyngham held ihs Prebend " de Scbortecumbe " ; and on hia death 
Sir John TosUero, priest, wai collated, 22 March,' 1310-11 ; 60. 
Sir P^tr de Borutont, priest, rceigned tua Preliend (and was collated to a 

Prebend in St. Crantock], 12 Dec, ISIl. He waa immediately collated 

again — tn ceinniendam ; S7. His successor waa 
Sir ^VicAn^ CafUord, clerk, colUted, 13 Jan., 1311-12; S7*>. 
Sir Pagan dt Dontford ; on whose reaignation 
Sir RtAeH de Wylynglane, clerk, was oolUted, 6 Oct, 1312 ; 74. 
Haater Adam ilyrymoutie, Frofeasor of Civil-Law, waa collated, 1 June, 1314, 

nhen there waa no vacancy — " aub eiapectadone vacature Prebende." The 

Biahop invested Um, "per triireCi aui tntdidonem praencialiter, ut est 

maris," before the same Witnesses as in the cue of Thomaa Uereward (*m 

BosHAH, Canona of) ; 86. 
Haater WaUtr de Ette (H. of Shobrooke), occura, IS Aug., 1S14 ; S?^. 
Sir Joka dt Wyke ; on whose death 
Maater Richard Trenchurd, clerk, wm collated, I May, 1316 ; 112^ On 

the oosion of ifoifrt de Cittema, 
Master Aiiam Murymotilhe, clerk, waa collated, 9 May, 1318,— if the Prebend, 

being vacant, Iwloiiged to the Bishop's Collation for that turn — "et super 

hue habet idem Uagister Adam Literss Induccionia tantum, in forma 

pretacta modiUcatas "; 12e>>. On the death of ToUUro, 
Walter Produmme, clerk, waa collated to the Prebend of " Schortecombe," 10 

Hay, 131S; 141». 
Sir John dt Sutlom ; on whose depriTstion 

Master Richard de HonemenaeoU, clerk, waa collated, 24 Sept., 1319 ; 142>>. 
Master Gilbert de Kaavdlt, prieet, waa collated (on the death of Richard 

7VeneAani),23 March, 1319-20; H8. 
William Caignet, clerk, was collated, in his absence, on the death of MiehaA 

de Brrhum, 2 Oct., 1 Z'M, — " presentibua Doniinia Petro de Honetone, 

Rogero de Buddel^he, Mag^ro Boberto Uerewarde, et me— Ricardo de 

' Ordained deacon, 2S March, 1313-11 ; Btrham and ToyUtro were again, ool- 

2:t2»': priest, April, 1314 ; 233. Uted, 20 May, 1311 ; 81" 

* Thero was tataa del^, and both 

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Tnyverione, Kotario " ; 1ES. 
UuteT Walltr 4t SttoiK, clerk, waa collatad to the Praband of " Cridye," 18 

Hay, 132G ; 1S4^ He waa auoceeded bj 
John Jot*, clerk, collated 1E> Juna, 1325 ; tUd. 

Cbdwys-Mobcharu [Cruwea Uorcbarde, MS.], Rector of — 

Sir Siehard occurs aa R (iM Raoebhfobd), 14 Aug., 1312 ; 73. 

CDtMSTOCK [Colmptoke, MS.], Vicar of — 

Wiliiam occurs oa T„ 25 July, 1301 ; ut page ISO.^Tictuit, " a die HercnHi 

ID FeatoSaDcU Nicholai" (6 Dec.], 1312; and 
Sir Soger dt Halterione, clmpUin, waa inst, 27 Jan., 1312-13 ; Patroiui, the 

D. and C. ol Eieter ; 78. 

Dabtinoton [Dertyngtone, MS,], Rectors of — 

Sir Thonai da Bndt/ordi. On bia promotiou to Tawatoek, the Custody ot 
tbe Sequeetretian of thia Pariah was granted to him, 31 Jan., 1313-14 ; 82. 
Did he retain the Benefice f There ia no record o[ any Institution till 1318, 

Sir Themai died R, " die Veneris proxima ante Featum Sancti Idureacii (4 

Aug.), 1318, and wna auoceeded DJ 
Sir Simon 4t Baltghi, prieat, who was inai^, 27 Sept.; Patron, Sir Wm. 

Martyn, Knt; 131. 

Davidstowe [Dewestowe, MS.], Vicar of — 

Sir .fiifAard <i( ffatg/onJ, prieat, was inat, 28 April, 1313; Patrona, the Haater 
and Brethren of the HoBpital of St. John, Bridgewater ; TO. 
Dawush [Doulychs. MS.], Vicar of — 

Sir Da^id d* XoUont, clispUin, vraa inat., 31 Hay, 1313 ; Patroni, the D. and 
C. oi Eieter ; 70. 

Dean-Prioe [Dene, MS.], Vicars of— 

Sir Jain oocura aa V., . . July, 1312 ; 72''. 

Sir WilliaiH di Nbrthwode. He reaigoed (on promotion to BtuDSron), and 

Sir William di Bynruaorthe was ioat, 12 Jan., 1315-16; Patrons, Uie Prior 
(Fr. Uatthiaa) and tbe CouTeut of Plympton ; 111''. — Vacant, "adie^uix 
in (lie) Feato Ssncti Benedicti, Abbatis (21 March), 1317-18 ; and 

Sir William dt la Stadt, priest, vas inat., 17 April, I31B ; Fabtms, the aame ; 

Denbuet [Devenebjry, MS.], Rectors of — 

Ussier Waltir A Stiotte, clerk, was inst. (by praiy — Nicholas da Hele), 13 
Dec, 1314; Patrons, the Abbat and Convent of Taviatouk, — "afaaqoc^ 
tamen, inoursu censuismm quorumcumque Superiorum suorum "; 100^. 

Maater Michael Bend, accolite, occurs as R, 17 March, 1314-lS ; 108. 

DiPTFORD [Dupeforde, MS.], Rectora of — 

Sir Nicholm di Watiyntont occurs as R, 13 Sept, 1809 ; 4Si>. [He became R 
ot Maperton {Soma-nt) 10 Aug., 1318 {BigiU. Droktfuiford. fol. 139''.— Ed. 
Hobhoiise]. He reaigned Diptford — "orastino Circiintciaioais Domini" 
(2 Jan.), 1313-14 ; and 

John di Lgnltgi, priest, wm inat, 3 Feb. ; Patron, Nioholaa de Heolea ; 82^. 

DrmsHAM [Didesham, MS.], Rectors of — 

WHliwn it LvttgarthaU (im Vol. I. p. 491) was auoceeded by 
Sir AurAarrfifc/nArpmtV who Bist occurs as R, 31 Oct., 1308 ; 38. 
DODDISCOMBSLEIOH [Leghe <fc Doddescurabeleghe, MS.], Rectors, 

> Ordained daaixm, 4 April, ISIO ; 224i': prieat^ 18 April, ISIO ; 225. 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


HiUntatn Bote Huie " (1 Sept.], 1810, 
Sobtrt dt Chtttrtttmt, olerk,' wu nut, SO Sept (Patron not mentioned) ; G6. 

DOLTON [Dueltone, MS.], Rectors of— 

3ir Bager dt Ptaryn \ uo whoee death 

ReixTt dt Brandeiie, aocolite,' vu imt, 6 Hay, 1315; Patron, Uie I^dy 
Aliiaon de CortoiiaL Robert de la Fitte, priest, who waa Gtst pnsented, 
resigned his claim ou the same day, before Hicbard de Coletone, Offici&l- 
Pnncii»I ; 105. A CommtBUon wai directed, 7 March, 1816-17, to R de 
CoietoDB for the Inatitutioo etc, of 

Sir Soger It Xart, print I Patron, tbe sune ; 117^. 

Down-St, Maht, [Doune, MS.], Rectors of — 

Master John PoOard, subdeaooD, oocure tu R., 13 Sept., 1308 ; 35t>: ortlained 

pritat, 31 Dec., 1308 ; (Onf.) 218. He eichanged for Petrocbatowe with 
Haater John dt Lynham, ioat, 10 Oct, 1317 i Patrona, the Abbat and Conrent 

of Buckfast ; 123.— Withiii a month, vIe., I Nov, 
Waiter dt Witt, actxllile?occiiTa UK R.; 12Z\ There ia no record of baa loaUtu- 

tiun ; but Lynham vaa admitted to North Bove; in eoKmtndam, 22 Nov. ; 


DiirwsTEiasTON ["Teynctone — in Decanatu de Donisford " 
(DvmBford), MS.], Rector of— 
Sir Thomat oocun m R, 1 March, 1309-10 (•« " Confeudona ") ; *8. 

DuLOE [Dulo, MS.], Rector of— 

Sir Nielulat [Makerdi dt OafUtont, oocuni aa R, 2 Aug., 1318 ; 123^ Btt 
page 142, no« ('). 
DULOE, Vicar of— 

OaUft oocuis u v., in 1811 ; L \i9>. 
DoNCHroEOCK [aleo, Dun-sydioc a-rul Donschidiocte, MS.], — 

Unatet A)i«rt (sod of Bxlfh) dt SiMllynford, aubdeocon, oocun aa "Rector 
Beati Hichuetia de DunBchidiuok," 2 Oct, 130S; Se». He appears na 
" Robert Fiti-KaJph " on foL IV'. 
Master William dt Slonhout occurs M B. {at Wbbt Oowill), 5 Oct, 1318 ; 
131. His Institution ta not recorded. These Rectors were both omitted 
b; Oliver {Ecdtt. intiq., ii, 11). 
Ddnkeswell [Donkeawille, MS.], Vicara of — 

John U Farken, priest, was inat, li Oct, 1309; Patrons, the Abbat and 

Convent of Dunkeewell i 44^, 
Sir /o&n dt HegUutm, prieat, was inst., 2 June, 1S13; Patrons, thesauH ; 70. 

John, Abbat-Elnct I his Benediction at Taroombe, 17 Oct, 1311; 04.— 
" Episcopos dedicBiit Mqas Altare in Eccleaia Parochial! de Terlaeoinhe. Et 
eodem die, ibidem, benedixit Johannem Xlactnni Abhatem de Dunheswille, qui 
profiteliatur ibidem sub bac fornis:— Ego, Prater Johannes, Abboa de Donekes- 
wille, HubjeccioBem, reverenciam, et obedienoiam a Sanctis Pstribus constitutam 
secundam Regutam Beati Benedicti, tibi, Domine Pater Episcope, tntsqite 
Snccessoribna canonice subetituendis, et Soncte Sedi Eioniensi, salro Online 
nostro, perwtnu nie eihibltunini piomitto. Qua, quideni, Professione per 
dictum Abbatem lecta, eidem Eubscripelt, et ipsam posuit super Altjue 

1 Orduned sccoHte, 19 Dec., 1310; 235: deacon, 20 Deo., 1316; 236. 

226: BubdeacoD, 6 March, 1310-11 ; ■ Ordained subdeaoou, IB March, 1317- 

227: deacon, G June, 1311; 228: 18; 238^: deaoon, 2S Sept., ISIS; 

pHest, 18 Sept, 1311 ; 228". 240''. 
■ Oid«ined aubdeocoD, 20 Sept, 13IG ; 

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fV. WSiiatt; bit BenecUction id the CaUiedral, IS April, 13IB.— "Dia 
Dominica in R*iiiiB Ptlnumn,— prewntibiu Mi^^istria WjUelmo da 
WoUegbe, Kicholao de Hele; Dominu Petro de HcaKtooe, Kicardo de 
Bnvlfshe, OUberto da la Tbome, olerioo : at mo, Ricardo ds Twyrertone — 

«««." ; 126. 
Fr. WiUuim de Stanlai^ ; hia Benediction at Cl;at, S Sept, 13SI ; ISO. 
DuNSFOHD [Donsford, MS.], Vicare of — 

Haater Bamutid de Hendr^ was coUated, 23 Dec, 1311: Fftbrans, tb« 

Abbesa aod CanTeDt ot Canoniileigh — "juzta CoDatitndoiKin D<ttaim 

Ottoboni " ; 100*. 
Sir Xegintdd dt CoBuUferd, priest, vaa iiut., 14 Dec., 1321 ; PatttUM, the 

aame ; IV^. 
DuHTERTON [Dountertone and Dontertone, MS.], Bectois of — 
Jto6enoocunwR.,21Dec,130g; (Onl.) 21S. 
Sir Etyat de Polliinor, prieat^ waa iiiat, 28 June, 1309 ; Pab«n, Bir Philip dfl 

Courtenay ; 42. On whoae death, "die Hennirii proiima post Fertum 

SancU Uathix, Apoatuh " (26 Feb.), lSSO-1. 
Sir Aijw dc Wolradovne, priest, naa iiirt., 2 April, 1321 j Patiijn, Sir Thosuu 

da Ciroeatre, Eut. ; 1G7°. 

East Allington [Ecclesia de Alyngtone, MS.], Rector of — 

Andrtvi de Alyngtone uocura w R., " dis Luae prozima post Featum Saiicti 
Lace, ETaQRelute,~Lit«ra Dominicali A "., (23 Oct.), 1312 ; 74>>. 
East Ahstet [Estanati, MS.], Rectors of— 

WaUam atUWtj/e occura aa R, 16 April, 1318, when he waa oidainad 
accoliU; 239: aubdeoeoD, 22 April, 1318; ibid.: deaoon, 17 June, 1318 
[•' WiltelmuB de la Weye," H^] ; 239)>: primt, 23 Sept., 131S ; 2«0». He 
rfsigned for Rbdbotq, aod 
Master Alexander de Bggttwortht,* Moolite, wa« inat, 26 April, 132G ; Patnm, 
Johu de Cruwea ; 164. 

EIast Buckland [E^stboclaunde, MS.], Rectors of — 

JdAd de CtoUtBorihi reaigned " die Luue in Fnto Sanota Hargarete, Tirginia " 
(20Ju1t), 1310; and 

William de Cravthon\e, accolile,* nas inat. (by proi;— Hetiiy de Aolyaciimbe), 
22 July ; Patron, Thumae de Filleghe ; 63'. 

Sir Dmnd Aurad, prieat, iraa presented by the aame Patron. Hia AdrnftUcm 
waa opposed b; Maatar Peter de Biare, and the Bishop directed an Inquiai- 
tion by the Chsocellor aod the Arohdn. of Barnstaple, " die Jona in 
Ebdomeda Peut^coates " (SO Hay), 131 4. If all were r^tdar, tbay wen to 
iiiBtJtii(« him 1 85, He occum aa R., 24 Nov. ; 100. 

Sir John dt HengHreole, priest,' auccaeded, 6 Uay, 1321,' — " per dimiaaioDen 
Domini David Jvnacfn . . ■ condidon^ter faotam ; cui, qnidem, dimi*- 
aioni, sic. ut predidtur, emisse, predicttia Jobannea in ipaa aua Admiaaione 
oonsenaeret " ; Patron, the aame, — " preeentjbae Nichotao de Hele ; B. d« 
Buddeleghe"; ISS. 

' NotiranlaJx.aainOliver'aJfoninCtnni, iXn.), wsa ordained aubdewMQ by tho 

KS94. Bp. of Windirater, in tha Paiiah 

rdained aubdeacon, 1 June, 1314 i Church of F^mham, "od titnlum 

283<>: deacon, 21 Dee., 1314, 234'>: Johannia de Weatcote," 21 Sapt. 

priest, 20 Sept., 1315 ; 286>'. 1308: prieat, by the same PreUta, 80 

■ Inat. in 13S5 to Brushford, ^onurirt Dec, 1309, in the Church of the 

( Weaver). Holy Trinity, Guildford— "ad Utolum 

* Ordained aubdeaoon, 19 Deo., 1310 ; patrimonii" Regitt. Wtdtloke; 318, 

* Jolm de Hynioote (Bsoo. Dioc— ZiH. 


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INSTmjTI0N8, ETC. 200 

East Oowell [Est Wogwille and Estwoeewille, MS.], — 

Master Ftter de OrlmetUme, auMenccn,! occurs as It., 20 Deo., 1308 ; 37. On 

whose rengnation 
Sir WUliatn <U Sameatrt, priest, was iDsb, 29 Nov., 1311 ; PatroD, Robot de 

MilBtone; 100. 

EGGBUCKLAND[Ekeboclondeo'7idEckeboclauiide,MS.], Vicars, — 

Sir Wiatan ocoura u V., 16 Feb.. 1808-9 ; 31 

^u^AoccuTBu v., ISJuoe, 1309; L lOQo. 

Richard Qordtt occurs "die Mercurii proiiins po«t Festam Saodi Ed- 

mundi, CantUBrimisia Ardiiepuoopi " (20 Nov.), 131* ; 100. On whose re- 

Sir Otoffrtg Botdur, priest, wu inat, 1 July, 131S ; Patrons, the Prior and 

ConTent of PI jmpton ; 129''. 

EoGESFORD [Egenirforde, MS.], Rectors of— 

John dt Baujitiiford, subdeacon, oceuts km B., 21 Deo., 1308 ; (Ord.) 218. 
John de Stnyngtont, chaplain, was lost., IS April, 1314 ; I^ttron, Btehard 
Begni; Si*-. 

Egloshatle [Egloshei], MS.], Vicars of — 

Sir Thomai de [a blank-space], priest, wa« collated, 10 Feb., 1311-12 ; eS''. 

A<ifr«rdei>upc/orde, deacon,* was collated, 17 June, 1318; 127>>. 
Erminoton (" Medietas Ecclesie de Errayngtone "), Rectors of — 

Sir NichoUu de TmkgAyry was in possession, but "absque litulo," 10 June, 
1303, when 

Sir Henry de Wem-vt waa presented b; Sir John de Banstead ; S4, 31''. 

[Que Moiet; of this Reotorr la, now, a ginecure Beneflcs; the other a Lay 
Appropriation. The Incnmbent is n Vicar, The following Bitract from the 
Final Concorda [Deeon), Juiie, 1201, is of much interert,— /it Ihe King's Court 
at Exeter, in the Odavei of St, Jo/in-Bapliat, 3 John:—" Inter Hicaiduui 
Peverel, peientem, et Nicholaum, Prioreni de Karswllle, teoentem, de Advoca 
ciiine Ecclesie de Hermintone. Uniie recognicio ultime Presentaclonis amn- 
mi>nita fnlt inter eos in ptefata Curia, scilicet quod predlotus Prior recognovit 
AdTOcadonem toclns pnidicte Ecclesie esse jus ipsiua Ricardi, et Idem Ricatdua 
dedit et concessit preiii<^ Priori Medietatem Advocadouls predJcta Ecclesie, 
teoendam Eibi et Guccesnoribus ania in puram et perpetuam elemosinam inper- 

eonm ; et altera Medietas Adrocacionia illius Ecclesie renianet ipsi Bicardo et 
cdibns snls, qnieta de predicto Priore et successoribus suia inpeipetuum. Et 
sciendum eat quod, si predictue Prior, vel anccessores sul, amodo tulerint Cartas 
vel aliquod Mnnimentunj de Adrocacione tocius Ecclesie, nulliuayalorisemnt" — 
F..J.B.^" The Manor and Hundred of EnniuKton, which hail been part of the 
Deniesnea of the Crown, were given b; King Ucarv T. to Matilda PeTerell, snd 
continued for several deacents in that Family. In the year 1299, Bir Gilbert 
Fitz-Stephen, being Lord of Ermington, conveyed this Estate to John Benated, 
who pTOcnred a Grant from the Crown (ZyKni* Dcam, p. 17G]. 

EBMmaTON ; " Ferpetua Cantaiia in Capella Beate Marie in 
Cimiterio Ecclesie Parocbialis de Ermyngtone," — 

Sir John de Worforde ; on whose redgnation 

Sir T^moi Tpmme, priest, was inat., 17 SepL, 1319 ; Patron, Pit John de 
Benatede, Knt. ; 142". 

ExBOUBNE [Ekesborne and Ekisbourae, MS.], Rectora of — 

Maater RilAard de Wydedadc' was collated {by iapte), 28 Sept, 1309 ; 44. 
WMiam de Comv, clerk, being presented, theBiahop gave to Sir Walter Comn 

(R. of Thombuiy), the Cuatody ot tbd Sequestration till the Feeat of All 

> Ordained deacon, 20 Sept, 1809 ; 
223: priert, 4 April, 1310 ; 224*. 

> Ordained priect, 23 Sept., 1818 ; 2i0^ 

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Sainbi (1 Nov.). I31G. He was to employ the TevenaeH to the adranbige of 
the Preuntee, " et ad subreiiieadum ab axliilieoduin Preaentato predicto ID 
Scolia, quatenuB juita luani discrecioaslii videbitnr oportuniua " (21 Feb., 
1S14-1G); 102^.— Ths naid WiUiam whb irat., 19 Sept., 1316 ; Patzrai, 
aW de Comu ; 109''. Ha resigned for Manaton (fol. 181), and 
Sabert Poddgngt, lubdeaaon, vas admitted b; WUter de Betone, CommiiMiT, 
12 Marcb, 1322-3; ViP. Instituted, 27 June, 1323 ; 17S^ Bee note to 


[indmo dt KUUnny died, i Not., 1302 (Le Nevt). 

attuv dt Somatct wua electad, 17 Not., 1302 fnot 1303, oa in Ze Nevt—te 

VoL L, pp. 408-e). He died 22 Deo., 1307. 
Thtmiu de Iteddade ocoun id 1307. He died, IS April, 1309 [le NtPt)]. 
BarAUamen de Santio hawtrtda succeeded. See Qen. Index. 

. Walter de SlapMone ; on whose Election as BUbopand subsequent resignation 
HMter Ralph Qermtyn (Archdn. of Banutsple), wai collated, 28 Harcb, 1908 ; 

82: Collation confirmed 13 Oct. ; SS^. On nhoae death 
UsBter John Wele (Archdn. of Eieter), wm oolIat«d, 1 Feb., 1316-17 ; 117. 
Haater RicAard de CoUtone was collated, 2 Feb., 1317-18 ; 125,— 
"Id Capella Curie aue Ibidem [Epiacopi, apud Horsleghe], , . . dnm, tanm, 
allcni alien per Proviaionem Sedis Apostolice, vel alio modo legitlimo, mininie 
debeatur; protest^Ds palam, publics, at eipresae, lund doq iatendebat, j<er 
bujusmodi suam CoUaciononi, alicnl moilo ptedicto ad eandeni Precentoiiani jni 
habenti quoTismodo prejudicare, uec iiuominua dictoa Master Kiciudiu, In 
eventu dimjssionis dicta Preceuturie, si contingat, ad Beueflcium quod prim 
obtianit Ucita nequeat redire, et illnd ut prios ante Collacionem dicte Frecentorie 
BiU factiin, rati nere,— pre sentibna Dominls Petro de Honetone, Boberto de 
Tautone, preabiteris, Nicholao da Hela, at mc Bicardo de TwyTBrtono". It 
abould be noted that Oliver, in hia Liat of Precanton, states that John Writ was 
collated to this Dignity in Feb., 1317-lS, in error for 1318-17, and that Richard 
de CoUtone was " collated 2nd of ibafuUmning Febnury ; bat {he adda) declinaf 
Vie Dignity." What be " declined was the Archdeaconry of Eieter, in ant- 
m^adata {la the vext Entry in the Register, to which the hole "vacat, quia 
non odmuit Collacionem aibl tamtam," belongs). Le Nrce't List is correct 
[According to Le Ktve and Oiiivr (on the authority of the Rcgi^rum Kaauetue), 
^—'ude iSonn-Mi occurs as Chancellor in 1291 and 1297. On his promoiion to 

SaiiVdt San 
be Dean, ii 

ThoBia* de Lecdielade succeeded ; itho, also, became Dean. And 

John de Bnuione was collated in 13U7. 

John de Ettertioae followed, 20 May. 1:108 (Pat. 1 Edw, II, p. 2, m. »). 

These all belong to Bisliop Bytton a Episcopate, for which no Register is eitant]. 
Le Heve and Oliver state that Roger de Oterr immediately auooMded Ereidonv ; 
but not accurately ; both overlooked the following Entry in Bishop StapeldoD's 
Regiater :— "Memorandum ijuod octavo die msaia Septetabrit, Anno Domini Mo. 
CCO° vetavo, apud Farendone, Wyntonienais Dyoceaia, Dominus EpiMOpna, tone 
Electua ConflrinatuB, contulit Cnncetlariani in Ecclesla Eionlenai vacantem, unm 
cum juribus auis et pertiiienciij uiiivetsia, qnatenus ad ipsum pertinnit Collaclo 
ojusdem, Magiatro Henrico ds la Wyli, Theologie Doctori, cum hac clauaula, — 
non intandens per hoc Domino Rrgi aliqoaliter prejudicare si Collacio ejuadem 
C^ncellarieadipsumdebeataliqualiterpeitincre. Et aaperhoc emanarunt Litera 
CoUatdonia hujusmoiti de data predicts ipsi Magistro Henrico, apud Eioniant, 
Xiviii dieUarcii, Anno Domini M' CCOnono, — sigiUo quo post Confttmadoni-m 
Blocdonia usque ad Conaecracionem utebalur ooniignate. ''— Eodom ixviij die 
Harcii, aniid Eioniam, Dominu.t E|ji3copna ratificavit Collacionem dicto 
Magistro Henrico (actam, ut premittitnr, per Literas auaa Patentea predicto 
Magistro Henrico directas " ; ^ti— There was an interval, therefare, l^tvean 
Um orJtfinal Collation and its renewal and ratiBcation of more than eLi months ; 

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anil, in fact, there wu a dispate between the King anil the Bishop u ta the 
light to present. Both Oliver and Le Neve state that {duiiiig this interval, viz), 
2^ Jan., 130a-B, Jtoger de Otery "was appointed" to the DiRnity ; bnt they 
EiTA no authority for thia statemeDt, aod there is no Entry to that eOect in tha 
Register ; to which, however, they refer for hi* actoal CiUation seven months 
later— viz., 23 Aug. (and, again, without prejndice to the King) ; 43. The 
matter was, however, not yet Hnatly settled ; for 22 Jan., 1309-10, we find the 
Bishop appointing Oteiy to the Chancellorsbip (in his absence) in ammendajo, 
and wiitmg to Sim thiw,— " Licet nnpar Cancellariani Ecclesie Exonicnsis 
vacnnt«ni, et ad noattun CoUacionem spectantem, tihi conCulerimns carititis 
intnitti, quia tamen inter Dominum nostmm Begem et dds, in Coiia Domini 
Regis, snper CoUacione predicte Cancellade per aliqua tempora preteiita lis 
peiidebat, et adhuc pendeat indecisa, posaessioneni predicle Cancellarie, cum 
juribna ot pertinenciia sols, sbsqne offenslone Regis tibi non potuimos assignarB. 
Considerantes, tanien, quod predicts Cnncellaria, propter diutinam vacacionem 
eiasdeni occaaione prrdicte litis, paoiatur in 'I'euporalihus lesionem, eandeni 
Caneellariam, ipsius ntilitate excansis predictis peaBata,juxta juris exigenciam, 

Sndcnte predicta lite, tibi dmjmus commend and am ; volentes tunc Conunenilam 
rare quonsqne infm tempua jnrls super fine predicte litis per nostras Literas 
eff«cti rucrltis cerciores . . Et liabet idem Rogeras Literas Indnccloni* ejusdem 
date, snper hojusmoili Commands sibi facta i 46<>. Finally, oa the 23rd of 
January, the Bishop directed his Mandate to the Bub-Dean for Otery'a Induct- 
ioD ; ilnd. On whose death 
Master WaUer 0}farde, S.T.D., was collated, 2 Dm,, 1311, and, bIso, to 
Oteir's Prebend, "licet eadem Prebeoda prefate Canoellarie aDiieia non 
ftwnt " ; 100. On Qiffardt'i doath 
Haster ffcnry d* Nifoeloae, 3.T.B., was collated, 23 Sept, 1322 ; 169. On 

whose resignation 
Sir Wilier de Mtriet, clerk, was collated, S3 Jan., 1322-S ; 171^ 172. He did 
not aceept the Dignity till 15 March,—" presentibua Magiatria Waltero de 
Setone, Nioholao da Uele; Dooudo Willelnio Pillande, Ricardo de Twyver- 
tone, Notario Publico, et aliis. Prefatus, tamea, Walttrut Mtriet optianit 
Collsdonis et Inducdoiiia Litenu & Domino Episcopo predicto, sub data 
apud NiwenhsiD, xiiij die Janusrii; et, licet tunc facta fuisset CoUbciq, 
tamen aupt^ in eerie hujnsmodi Oollacio minime r^;iBtratur " ; 174''. 


Sir Wi^am de Biimano occurs as Tressurer, 11 Sept., 130S ; 43^ 

Sir Tkomtu de Bentoia, piieat, one of the Csnooa, was appointed (in hii 
abMDce) in eommendatn, 30 Dec, 1309 ; collated (bebg still abeent), 22 
Jan., 1309-10; i6\ 
Abchdbicons of Bzitbs, — 
r Master Barihalomcio de Sancto Laurendo held the Office, according to Le Neve, 
•• in 1295 and in 1307- He had Letten> of Protection to go beyond the sea, dated 
18 Dec., 1307 [Pat, 1 Edw. II. in. 4)." Then follows BftJiard de FlitTapalack 
"colh.ted by King Edward II,," 10 March, 1308 (according to Le JVim— Pat 1 
Bdw. II- p. 2. mm. 18 26),— according to Oliver, "collated by King Edwaid 
11. 's favour," 2S March. Ought his name to be included in the List of Arch- 
deacons, at all ? When BariKoloTneio vae preferred to tha Deanery, he resigned 
this Archdeaconry, 3 June, 1311 (fol. 82), and was succeeded by] 

Master Wiaiam ACz Bego, priest, 8.T. D., collated on the same day. The Entry 
is cancelled—" tb . . . cat " (with a reference to the end of the folio ; 
where it is recorded that he was collated " de novo," 20 June, having 
resigned the Provoetahip of Qlasney ; 62^'. On his deaUi, 

Master John Wete. priest, was ooUated, 5 March, 1311-12,— 

, . ... iiCo1"uoic 

in aliqno derogare: et fuit eoUalus tanquam Peraonatus et non Dienitaa ; 89^ 
WeU resigned (on his promotion to the Precentorship), 4 Pah., 1310-17 ; 117 ; 
and the Office was, for some time, vacant. It was xomethlng nioro than 

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eommaidam. Muter JtlAard <U CaUtow, priot, Cuion ot Exeter, in ths 
preMBoe ot Ma»t«r John de Ltnbani, Csnon of St, David'a, Sir Petor de Hons- 
tone, and Robert de Tautone, chapluna, ftnd Riuhard de Twfvertoae — "Qui hec 
— :-.:. •• ipijg Letters refer tothe fact that the u^d Archdeaoonir in the Church 

rf(18. ...... . . ,-- 

una to induct Coletone, "nomine, tamen, Commende." And he wrote to um 
Chucellor, Walter OiO^, on tlie same day, informing him tiiat the Letters of 
Commendation were to be transTeired to himself, if Coletone should ittaae 
JndactioD j 121. Neither Le Ntet nor Oliver notice this appointment. 
Ah the Bishop, evldeDtty, anticipated, Coletone made a difficulty, ^le Letten 
veK aent to mm In due courae ; and he, being at Crediton, on the 2Sth ot 
Angnst, " peTBonallter in porticu AiOe Domini ibidem asaeniit se in recepcioDO 
dictanim Litsraram protestatum fQiage nolle ledditue nee proventna dicti Anji- 
idiSDonatus recinere, nee, dnita Commenda hujnsmodi Tel ante, occuione 
qjnadeDi, se velle ad raciociaia reddenda aliqualiter obtigaii ; qnodqne, ai 
occadone dicte Commende fatigatoi fuiaset in laborjboe et ezpenaift, ae velle de 
nddiUbm, fructibns, et provmtibus, aut alias, a prefato Domino eipenaaa pro 
■OS detbndone habere et eiigere cam effecta. Et nichllaminus idem Magiatar 
Hoardus, die et loco pndictis, aimiliter proteatabatur ; eligenda tamen Dominum 
Walteram Daumarle, Receptorem lysine Domini apud Eioniam, pro Receptora 
et DniositsHo reddituuiu, fructuum, et pioventuam dicti Archidiaoonatua, qui 
vice ipdua Maestri Bicardi de eudeni respanderet cnm esset reqniaitoa. 
Pmentibna Ha^nutro NlchoUo de tide, Galfrido do Tottonia, cleiicis, Kicardo 
de TwyvertonajNotaiio Publico, eC Johanne de Britceatov«"; 121. <^ the 2Dd 
otFeb., 1317-18, the Bishop revoked Coietoae's Collation, and collated 
V^OMBilJtaTddeMoTeatre; 126. Hia auoonesor, 

Haator Humtu Stracard, naa ooUated 11 June ("videlicet Die Dominica in 
Feeto Pentecoatee ")> 1818,— without prejudice to any Frovision by the 
Apostoliok See,— Letters of Induction ximply ; 127°. [Thia Entn is 
repeated od foUo 1280]. 
Sdb-Deahb, — 

mistake ; for (aa Oliver lijjbtlj stntea), "Bp. Stapeldon confimui to blm the 
Appropriotiou of Eglostmyle," on tlut day. The date of his Collation is 
lost, but he was Sub-Deen oa early as June, 1801 ; tee p. 1G3. On bui 

Sir Ridtard de BrayUghe, priest, was admitted ta ammaidtm — " niut sum 
Boclesia de BglouieU, eidem Penitenciarie anneza," 11 May, 1318; 127. 
CiuroRa, — 

Sir John dt Brrtauhe (by proiy — Wm. de Wolleghe), and 

Sir Thomat de Rentone (by proxy— Peter de Honetone), exchanged Prebenday 
27 March, ISOS ; 31". 

Master RAtrt de Oitlema (by prosy— John de Poltone) eit^Mnged, for • 
Prebend in Crediton, with 

Haater Soger de Otery (by proxy— Peter de Honetone), 27 July, 1308 ; 36. 

Master TAoiruu de LKehiiade \ on nhoae death 

Master Roberl de Stapddone, D.C.L., was colUted, 2 Hay, 1309 ; iO^ 

Sir John de Jargoho was admitted, 14 June, 1309 (^ pn>i7 — Peter de 
Uonetone], " in Canonicum Exonieneia Eccleaie et in Fra^^m, siib oxspeo- 
tadoDfl Prebeodfl is ipsa Uccleaia Gioniensi proiimo vacature, nuUi alii, etc. ; 
juxta prooesaum et mandatum Domini Cantuariensis Aichiepisoopi, Eieou- 
toria deputati ad Oradom a Sede Apoetolica dicte Donnine Regine foctam 
super quibusdam PrOTiaiooibuB ad ipaius R^ine nominacionem facjendia, 
exequendam. Et eodem die, Exonie, dictus Doiuinua Johanna, in peraoDani 
dicti Procuratoria aui, per Subdecanum, Deoano mortuo, et (^atulum 
EionietHe aimiliter fuit adnuBsua ; asaignaruntque iidem Subdeonua et 
Capitulum dioto Joluumi, in perMDMD Frocuratoiis, Stallum in Oboro «l 

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Locam in Capitulo, vim voce ; 41^ ETeotnallj he wu iiutituted to ths 
Prebend vacant by the death of 
Sir WiUiam d* Bitntano, 22 Feb., 1309-10 ; 17''. 
Master WiUiam Ptix-Sogo wan coltatcd (oa the death of EiAeri it Sb^eldaiu), 

8 Juae, ISII ; 62\ On whoae death, 
UutOT Joku WOe, priest, nu coUated, 6 March, lSll-12 ; flS''. 
Sir Tiema* dt Slap^that wu collated (on the d«Kth of John dt Btrewgte\ 3 
Jul;, 1312 ; 7:^. Ad Bntry (foL 71>>) of hia Colktion on the Slat of June 
was canosUed. 
Maiter Thomt* dt Loggert ; on vhoee deatli 
Ha»t«r Thomiu Beremrd, clerk,' was collated, 5 Nor., 1318 ; S2. 
Sir Rabert dt EaidtehmK oocurs as CanoD, 11 Feb., 1313-11 ; 82", 
Master Bmtdtcl dt PoMtent,' Professor of Cifil-lAir. He na£ admitted by 
HaodBte of the Abp. of Canterbury, " indoDe cujusdam spedalts Orsde per 
Saamum Pontifioem sibi, et aliis, propter ipeiua honorem facte." There 
was no vacancy at the time ; and the Bishop diredad the D. and C. to 
receive bitn as a Canon Expectant, agsigning to bim, meHnnhile, a Stall in 
tbe Choir and a PUce in the Chapter-House (27 May, 1814] ; 81^ On the 
death of Chancellor Sogtr de Otery, 
Hut«r Widttr Qigdrdt, 3.T.D. (succeedii^ bim, al«o, as CbuicelloT), w« 

collated to his Prebend, 2 Dec,, 1314 ; 100. 
Master BalfA Oervuyn ; on whose death 
Bobtrt Evrtaard, clerk,' was collated, 3 Dec., 131S ; 117. 
Uaater WSliam dt Kyngaeote ; on wboee death 
Master John Btoy</u, PrafeeBor oE Civil Law, was collated, " v KalendM Utii " 

(27 April), 1311 ; 113. [MispUced under 1SI71. 
Muter Sic/uird dt Mimtttrt. He waa succeedadby 
Sir RKhard dt BrayUghe, prieet, who was collated 11 May, 1318, "apnd 

Peynrtone, in Capella Curie Episcopalis " ; 127. 
Master /Din dt Launeetont. He exchanged [by proxy— Master Nicholas de 

Hele), for a Prebend in GUanBy, with 
Master Adam MwymnviAe, Doctor of Laws, 12 Sept., 1318 ; 129. 
Haster Htnry [Toyt], de Comnbia, He exclmuged [by proxy— David de 

Truni^ lor > CanoniT in St Crautock, with 
Sir John de Lanctitone, 2 Sept., 1313— "in CapeUa Curie B^iBCopaU» Cridi- 
toneniis, drciter horam Veaperarum, . . . presenttbus Uagistro Ricordo de 
Coletone, Precentore, Domino Biconio de Brayleghe, Canonioo in Ecdeaia 
Exoniensi, Magiatris Henrico de Stouforde, Henrico Bloyon, Nieholao de 
Hele, Willelmo de Beare, Notario Publico, Henrico de Bokerel " ; 129. 
Hoater John IMret^ne ; on whose deatii 

Master Seneditt dt Pattom, Professor of Civil and Canon Law (ws above), 

succeeded to his Prebend, W Papal Provision, A Letter from Master Oilbert 

de Hiddeltone, OfGdol of the Court of Canterbury, whh presented by 

Psstone, to the Bishop ; and the promolJon vraa mtified, 23 Dec, 1318 ; 110. 

Vaster Adam dt ifurimmUk, " juuior," occura 20 3ept., 1320 ; (Ont) 242l>. 

Raltrt de Langetone. He resigned his Prebend, by letter, in exchange with 

Master John Blovou, Canon of the Collegiate-Church of Westbnry (Dioc. of 

Worcester), who was collated 3 Aug,, 1321 ; UV>. 
^r Jokn dt SnoriHt i on whose deaw, " in (^vitste Esonienu ; unius menus 

tpacto et amplius eciam jam elapso," 
Master Emry dt Nymtone, S.T.B . [collated, four days before, to the Chancellor- 
ship of the Cathedral), was collated, 27 Sept, 1322 ; leS. 

ExETEB ; the Prebends in the Castle : — 

PrOtnd of Oanvdi [dto, Karswille, MS],— 

1 Oidained deacon, 10 April, 1318; Earl of Devon (TTaner). 

236^: priest, 13 Sept.. 1316 ; 237^ * Ordained subdeacon, 10 April, 1818 ; 

' Inst, to Crewkenie, First Portion, in 2SS*': priest, IS Sept, 1318 ; 237. 

1836 ; Patron, Hugh de Courtensy, 

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WittioM de ^nU held tiiis PnbeDd, for a abort time, togetber whh Out of 

^kvea ; Patroa, the Lad; Alimom de CourteniLj: bat he ceded it, on tha 

BiaLip'a dedanng that it was roid, and had Iraed to himadl [30 June, 

1309} ; «2. 
Brmy fftt Sola; kccoUte, eaccaeded, 18 July, 1809 ; Patron, tie same ; iZK 
Sebert de Brandont, clerk, wbi iiiEt, "die Jovia in cnstuio Sancti Marei, 

Bwaugeliite " (26 A[nil), 1313 i Patron, the aiime; 70, 

Prtbtnd of OuUm [Cottoue, MS.],— 
Sir John Horix ; on whose death (tM ParUiam — " Inat."), 
Sir Waller de Cloplont, priest, wbh iut (b; proz;— Haatflr Richard de 

Chuddalegha), 2B July, 1822 ; Patron, Sir Hogh de Courtenai ; 168. 

Prebend o/ Maya (U Ueghen, HS.],— 
Sabert de LiOdUrt, admitted in 1278 (Me ToL I., p. 139), wae eucoeeded bj 
WiUiian de Strete [Prebendary of Carswell) ; Patron, the Lady AJiuima de 

Couiteniiy, 20 June, 1309; 12. On whose death, "die Liine in Farto 

Sancti Valentini" (II Fab.), 1311-12, was iaat. 
EUr }FiiUer de 0'eranUlTt, prieat, 6 April, 1312 ; Patron, the same ; 71. 
Sir Jakn de Sti/demor waa inst., 5 March, 1312-13 i Pabvn, the same ; 70'. 

ExBTER, St. James's Prioht, — 

Ft. Petorrfe&ifniJ/oi/j occurs in 1297 (Oliver; Monatlicen, p. i92). 

¥r. Stephen eucceedcd, 4 N'ov.,1304. We are Indebted for tbia infonnation to the 

following Jlemaraiviuia of Ms admission by Bisbop ByCtnn :— 
MeuobaNDUU qAiod ultimo die meimis Julii, Anno Domini M° CCC°>< 

' " ■ ^, Coram Domino ■■■■-■ - . « 

persoDsliter, Magister Andreas de Piarrs«umbe, clericus, in presencia Johannis 
de la Pooteray et .Jobsunis de Biiketone, uoram dicto Episcopo rxhibait Litaiam 
sub vuro aigillo OfHdalis de quo in eadem lit mencio ; cqjua tenor talis est : — 
Reverendo in Chriato Patri ac Dominn, Domino Thome, Uei gracia Eionienri 
Episcopo, honiilis obedieacte Qlius OHicialis Domini Aicbidiaconi Exonien^ 
aalutem, et taiito Patri tan. ilebitam quani devotam obedlenciam mverencie cum 
hoDOie. — Maudatnm Reverende Pst«mitatis reatre recepi, tormam continens in- 
fmscriptaui ;— Thonian, pemiisoloneDivina, etc . . . Arcbidiacono Eionienu, 
etc. salutem, etc. Cum nos, ad Presentariouem Prioris et Conventus Be>ti 
Martini de Campis Pariiius, Keligioeum Vlnim FiBtrani Siephanum, ejnsdem 
Ijoci, eorundem Commonschum, ad Priorstum Sancli JacoDi juita Eiooijim, 
nostre DyocesiH, per mortem Fratris Peiri de Sej/nt Mays, ultimo Prioris Priora- 
tus predicti, vaeantem, cum aiiis juribus et pertiiiBnoiia nniversis predicUs,'viat« 
PresenCibuB, iodncatis.— Uatum apud Clyst, Ij Nonas Kovembris (4 Nov., 1301). 
"-= " •■ ■ 4tate Uanda-' '^ —-..-- -. . 

Ui^usmodi, igitur, aiictoritste Uandali vestri, predictum Fratreoi StepkamiM 
in corponilem postes^ioueni Prioratua Sancti Jacabi autedicti, jutta TomiaiD, 
vim, et elTi^ctuiu prelibali Uanilati veatri, iadiui, et slu Uandatuin vestmm 
reverendum plcnarle sum eifcutus.— Ditum Exonir, xv Kaleudna Decembria 
(17 Nov.), Anno Doniini sitpradicto ; SS^-On Uie death [or cession) of iSTgiAes 
the Priory was vacant for some time. The Bishop coniniilted the Custody and 
administration thereof to Pr, John, Prior of 8t. Mary Magdalene, Bajnslaple, 
17 March, 1313-14 {fol. 83), and, at last, collated' [by lapse), I Aug., 1314, 
Fr. John (U Nantelio,* Honk ; 8S. Mandate to tlie Acchdeanin of Eieter tor 
his Induction, 2 Aug., 1314 ; 86^. 

St. Nicholas Priory,— 

Bir/oAn roittmi, K.of Morchard-Biehop and Canon ot Crediton,wa8 appoint- 
ed to the Custody thereof, 8 April, 1318, the Office of Ptior being vaunt 
on the election of 

' Oliver, in his " History of Eieter," numbered, fol. 70. See my Prefuoe. 

p. IBO, places SkydtBtor before Were- » Some words have evidently been 

m«»er«.andgiveatbedatesincorrectly. omitted here. 

He failed to ubaerre that the folio ' " Prioratus Sancti Jacobi de Mariscu, 

before foL 71 was uisplnced by the juita Exoniam," MS. 

binder and is uot, really, as it is * Mot Aratafio,aa inOliver'sifaiKuMMn. 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


Ft. Scgtr u Abbit of Battle Abbey. Hia luocoMiT WM 

FV. WiUitm de Bmvm, Monk oF Bsttle ; admitted, 2S Aug., I31S ; Patrona, 
the nid Abbat "Boga and ths CoDvent of Battle. Lettera of Induotioii 
were directed to Qit ArohdeacoD of Eieter, or bis OEBdal ; 128<>. On 
whoae reaignatian 

" Tz, Boberttu dictuB LauTena, de Quyngii, HoDMhiu de B«Uo " wae iiut, II 
Jan., lSlB-20; Patrona, the name ; 117. 

ExETEB, the Parisk-Churchea of, — 

All-Hallow3, Goldsmith Street [Omnium Sanctorum in 
Aurif&bria, MS.], Rectors of — 
PhUip dt Enemiuter, print, was iiuL, 28 Hay, 1309 ; Patron, Sir John d« 
Wertcne, Knt. ; ll.—Vacajit ; and th« Biahop committed the Oiutod^ 
thereof to 
Sir Walttr de StmMtUier, prieat, S3 Jan., 1S12.18 ; 7S. Ho waa inat, SO 
Jan. 1 Patron, the same ; 76^. 

All-Haixows on the Walls [Omnium Sanctorum juxta 
Muroa Civitatis Ezoniensia, MS.], Rector of — 

— Vacant, "die Jovia proxima ant« Fntum Beatt Petri ad Vincula (28 Jnlr), 

1328; and 
Sir Antony (eon at Riebard) Jntony, o( Southmolton, was inst, 11 Sepb ; 

Patrona, the D. and C. of Exeter ; 176''.~-Tbu Enbj ia repeated on fol. 

177, and cancelled thua, — " Tacat hio, quia aupra." 

Holt Tbihitt, Rectors of — 

Sir ffvgh ocean aa R., 7 May, 1309 ; 40''. On whose reaignatian 

Sir WiUiam de Devim vmdmttted, . . June, 1318; Patrons, the D. and C. 

ot Eiater. — Lettera of Indveticn only ; and anbseqnentlf (at Cljat) Letters 

of Inatitntion ; 128. 

St. James's, Rectors ot — 

Sir /oin occnra a* R., 1 March, 1309-10 ((« "Confesdoaa"] ; 4S. 

Laurmee de Laadcme occnra, 11 March, 1311-12, when he waa ordained 
lubdeacoD ; 229>': deacon, 2G Haith, 1312 ; OAd. 

Sir Ridiard de Berm, prieet, waa inst. " quarto Nonaa menaia Aprilia " (2 
April), 1318 ; Patrona, the D. and C. of Exeter ; 70. 
St. Kebian [Sancti Kerani, MS.], Rectors of — 

Soger de Sydebj/ry ; on whoee ceauou 

Maater Roger dt MortAo, accolite, waa inat., G June, 1310 ; Patrona, the D. 
and C. of Gieter: "et vscavit dicta Ecoleaia per adniLwonem Vioarie de 
Eevetni, quam Rogerua de Sydebjrj, nnper ipaiua Ecclesie . . . Rector, 
admiait Die Dominica ante Featum Sancti Dniidia " (22 Feb., 1309-10); CS**. 

Haater Soger de Mortelio,^ clerk, waa inst., S March, 1312.13 ; Patrona, ttie 
■ame ; TO. A Commiaiion " auper Literatura " wai directed, 9 Juoe, 182S, 
to the OCBoial Principal, on the preaentatUMl of Sir John Donepil, bj the 
D. and C. i I84t>. 
St. Laubence, Rector of — 

Sir Semy PoUl, priest, waa collated [is '<¥•'>. B l^^Vi ^810 ; 51. 

St. Martins [" Capella Beati Martini in Civitate Exoniensi," 

Bir WHUam Vealde was itisb, 9 June, 1323 ; 176^. See note to Budkiiioh. 

St. Mart-Arches ["Eccleaia Beate Marie de Arcubus, in 

>: priest, S April, 1314, "de pre- 
« Domini" ; 233. 

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Civitftte Exoniensi," MS.], Bectora of — 

The Benefice beiDg ncaat, the Bishop oommisnoned WiUijun de Kjlkenny, 
CuoQ of EietoT, to idmit a fit Clerk {11 Hay, 1313) ; 7V- There is no 
raoord of an Inatitulion ; but 

Sir Hmrg Sab, pncet, occurs as B., 2S Sept., 1331 i 161. 

St. Makt-Majob, Rector of— 

Sir Sobert d« Atperlone occurs ai R., 3 Aug., ISlfl ; IIS^. 

St. Mast-Steps, Rector of— 

Sauyde Cadro occurs as R. 21 Dec., IS08 ; [Ord.) 218. 

St. Olave's, Rector of— 

Hastar TfoUcr de Saiteto Ltaaardo, deacon (omitted in Oliver's Lilt — BetUa. 
AiUiq. i, 128), occurs as R, 22 Sept., 1319, when lie was onkinad aub- 
deacon ; 241 : deacon, 22 Dec, 1319 ; Hi*', 242^. 

St. Pancbas, Rector of— 

—Vacant, "* die Lune praiima post Festnm Soncti Petri in Cathedm" (27 

Feb.), 1323-4 ; and 
Sir JoAn de Wilce was iost., " die Lune proxima post Dominicam qua cantatur 

Offidum Qtiraimodo geniti " (23 April), 1324 ; Patron, William Auatjn, bj 

hi) Proctor, Roger, dietut Leiti ; 181. 

St. Paul's, Rector of — 

Sir Riduird called Podi/t, priest, was inet, 22 Deo, 1310 ; Patrons, th« D. 

and C. of Exeter. The Church had been vacant "a die Veneris in Feato 
SaoctiDyoniaii" (9 Oct); 68". 

St. Petrock's, Rectors of — 

Sir Wtdttr de Liaitrtnchai-d fiist occurs aa R (aec Comabia, H. de), 6 SepL, 

1312. On hie reeignatioD 
Heater Danid de Latcd^,' ol CorayiM, woe butt, "iQ July, 131S ; Fatroui, tlie 

D. and C. of Exeter; 128. 
EXMINSTKR [Exeminstre, MS.], Rectors of— 

Hnster BariAolomra de Sanelo Laiatncio. Un his promotion to the Deanery, 

3 June, 1311, the Bishop (4 June) granted Sequestntion of the revenues to 

Sir John de Pouderham, R of Powderbam ; 62''. 
JticAard de Plimilotx,' whose Institution is not recorded ; but be seems U> 

have been deprived before Oct., 1317: lee Rome, Court of ; 123. 
Sir Tkomat d4Stapeldaat (Institution not recOHJed): he exchanged, tor Si 

Breoke, "deNaoseDt," with 
Sir Riehard de Braileght, 2 Sept., 1318 i Patrons, the Prior and Convent of 

Piympton*; V2Sb, 

' Ordained, subdeacon, ["de Lulyn" intereosinprehtaCuria,sailieetquod 

US.], 23 Sept., 1318; 240: deaoon, predictus Cornea recognovit et con- 

23 Dec, 1318 ; 240''. cessit Advocacionem predicts Eodaaie 

' Omittedby Oliver(£cd<(.iln<tf.,ii,25) esse jus ipsius Prioria et Conventus et 

' Final Concord* {Deimn}; Jtine,!SOS, — Eeclesie Sanotoruin Petri et Pauli de 

In the Kind's Court at Winchester in Flimtone ; habendanl et tenendam 

tb« Octavdfl of Uuly Trinity; 10 eidem Priori et Conventui, et eorum 

John: — "Inter Hobertura, Friorem succeesoribuB, et predicte Eeclesie da 

de Flimtone, petentem per David FUmtone, in liberam et puram et per- 

Aaron et RiCHrdnm Mnrchepnia, poai- petuam elemoanam. Et predictus 

tos loco ipaius Proris ad lucrandum Prior et Couventus recepenint eum 

vcl perdcndum, et Willelmum de in singulis beneficlia et oradombua 

Vemun, ComJtem Devonie, deforcinn- que fuerunt in Eccleeia sua de FUm* 

tera, de Advocacione lixleste de tone, imperpetuum." — F.J.R 

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Huter T^nuH de Plynm 
Bathool^ prieatl, 20 Ko 
Conrent of IMympton; 145. 

FABEmaooN [Famdone and Farendone, MS.], Vicars' of — 

Sir Boberl de Pymtriki, prieat, wm ooUatad, 21 Oat, 13II.— Letter* ol IiuUta- 

tion mdy ; Sl>>. 
Sir BMAard <U Seottitnm^ priert, wai ooUnted, G Manh, 1319-14 ; 820. Qq 



8Z'', He eicbangad, for Sheldon, with 

BiiJolm dtAjfiabtart, collated 1 Oct, 1S13— "prMtilo &b eodem Domino 

JobaoDe juiamsnto . . . . de toWendo fidelito' aniiuaia PeimoDeai PtM- 

UtOTii Capelle Beali GabrieliB de Cliat " ; 131 . On whoBo rengnation (by 

letter, dated Exeter, " vij Kalendas Octobria" (25 Sept), 1S20, 

Bir Riekard CU<. prieat, waa collated (in hia atsence), Ifl Oct,—" et super hoo 

habet LiteiM Itutitudoaia, noa tadentaa mendonem de jununento auper 

resideDda pei^onali et conUnua ; et in Uten Induocioma, diraota Archi- 

diaooDO Ezonienai Tel ejiia Offldali, fuorat demandatum quod, recepto, 

nomiae Domini, ab eodem Domino Kicarda Canunioe Obediencie junmento 

et de continua et peraonali rwidenda fadenda, aecundum Conatitudonea 

etc,ipaum in corporalem poaacaaionetQ dicte Vicarie indi)oeret,eta." ; 1G2'>. 

Famnqdon {Ha/tUs). Rectors of— 

Robtrt A Palrita naa atiU B. in Aug., 1311 (— f. 1G7). 
— " Londoniia, di« Merourii proiima ante Featum Apoatoloram Sfmoiiia et 
Jude, videlicet zxiiij die Octobria [1313], Dominua proentavit, per liteiM 
Buaa Patentee ejuadem date. Domino Epwcopo Wyntonienai* Dominum 
Fhilippun Bray, de Btrtone, preebiterum, ad Eccleeiam de Famdooe, 
■pectsDteu ad Preesatadoaem mam ; et tradite fuerunt dicte litere 
n^eeutadoDia Hafiitro Koberto de Patrica ; SO. 
[^ Hogtr de Bwlddtgke, prieat, wai inat (at Southvork, by Rigaud de 
Aaaerio, Bp. of Winchester), 20 Aug.; 1321, on the death of Phdip dt 
BaHmt ; Patron, Walter, Bp. of Exeter {RtgM. fol. 16'').— F.J. B.]. 
Feniton [Fynetone and Vynetone, etc., MS.], Rectors of— 
/oAs oooura aa R, 21 Dec,, 1308 ; (0,-d.) 218. 

Tliomai dt Radentjit, chaplain, waa inat, 5 June, 1309 ; Patron, Biehard 
Holynii, " iita viae, radone Cuatodie Oulfridi, filii et heredia Willelmi 
Ualherbe, in minoii etate eiiatentia" ; iV'. 

FiLLKiQH [Filcleghe, MS.], Rectors of— 

Bi Sieliard de BrasUght occur* aa R, 8 Jan., IS09-IO ; 43. He raaigned on 

I Ordained aubdeaoon, 20 Sept , 1 320 i payment of eleven marks per annwii 

242": deacon, 19 Sept, 1321 ; 5M3''. to the Chautry-prieat and one mark 

' The Redory of Fairingdon waa appro- to the Real«r of Sowtun. Stt p. 105 ; 

priated by Broneacombe, in 12711, for Oliver aays that " Robert de Patriea 

the maiuteoance of the two Prieeta occurs [aa Tioar] 5 July, 1311," and 

in hia newly founded Chan tiy- Chapel refera to " foL 63 " of this littler. 

of 5t Qabriel at Biahop'a Clyst [ue But there ia nothing there (o shew 

VoL I., page 61), — "aalva compa- that Kobert was ever Vicar of t^ 

tentiVicaria." TheamountreserTed Pariah ; and he waa Rector of Faring- 

proved to be far from "competent " ; don, Haitlt, at the time. Seep. 157, 

and Stapeldon (who had removed the nole. 

Cbapel of St. Qabriel from hia Manor- ■ Bp, Woddioke, who instituted him 

House to a new site at Clyst-liridge), " qulnto Idus Novembris " [9 Nov.], 

reatured all the oiianated revenues 1313 {Rtgkl., foL I07'>).— F.J.B. 
and charged the Incumbenta with the 

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EMrter-Da7 (IS April), ISIO, ind 
8ir Jfhn de ClolaairAt, pneti, wu iiut (by proxy, Bichaid da Bnyle|^}, 

25 Hay ; Patron, Thomas ds F;Ue^« ; 62. 

FoBDB Abbet, Abbata of — 

Bmiy occun aa AbUb, 16 Jan., 1S12 : TSb 

Ft. Viiiiain ; hii Benediction, in the Cathedral, 22 Sept., 1319 ; 143. 
FoREABUHY [Forbury am.d Forbyry, MS.], Reotore of — 

Sir WUliam de Slenltoiat,^ clerfc, oocun as It., 2 Oct, 180S ; S5^ 

"RcberUtt, Roetor Ecclerie de Forbiri," oooma 23 Sept., 1318, when ho was 
orduoed deeoon : iid'". He waa, daubtleea, the " Rabertus, Eliua Badnlphi 
de Sohillf nford," nho oocun ajt R. of Dancliideock, 2 Oct, 130S (fol SfiO), 
2 Sept., 13!0 (foL 64''), and 2 Got, 1313 (fol, 78"). Robert and Willuun 
(who were broUien) muat have exchanged Benefioea ; for WiUiam occura aa 
R. of Dunchldeock, 5 Oct, 131S; 131. Theae Inatituiions an not reoorded. 
FowET [Fauwe, MS.], Vicars of — 

Salph ; on nlioae death, " die Hartia prozima poet Featom InToncdonia Sencti 
Stofjiam, prDiimo tunc preterita" (4 Aug.), 1310, 

JiAn <U TVnwnor, prieat, waa inst, 20 Sept. ; Patrona, the Prior and ConTeul 
of Tywardreath I 55. 

FEEMiHaTON, Vicara of — 

Sir [a blank apace] il« JVanjcoMn ocinira aa V., 4 Aug., 1312 i 78.-yaeaiit, 12 

3«pt, 1320, " per dimiaeionem et reaignadonem 
Donuoi JohannU de Abbleistlyn, ulljini Vtcarii ilndem" ; and 
Sir Adam de Ftntime, prieat, was inat, 20 Oct ; Palronc, the Abbat and 

Convent of Huiland; 162o. 

Freminoton — "Cftpella Beate Katerine Virginia, in Caria 
Domini Willelmi Martyn, de Fremyngtone, aituata," — 
WalUr, called le Eunte, priest, was inat., 12 April, 1311 ; Patron, the aaid Sir 
WilUam; tO^. 
Fbtthelstock Prioht, Prior of — 

Tr.Olirxr occun aa Prior in 1311, and 1322.3 (anOfn. Index). InthehtUr 
year he resigned his Office into the handa of the Btahop'i Commiaaarin (the 
Abbat of Qartland and Walter de Setone, Offidal-Pnndpal). OommiMkm 
^ted 28 Feb.— Dr. OliTer iMoiuuUaoii, page 219) makes him reaign 7 Feb. 
(i.& three weeka earlier), but in error. 
Qeorqehah [Hamme, MS.], Rector of — 

Xdmatd de SnotyU occura aa B., 27 Dec, 130S ; L 188: 30 July, 1311 ; L 

GiDLEiQH [Oiddeleghe, MS.], Rector of— 

— Vacant "a die Martia proxima ante Fealum Bancti Hard, Enngeliate " 

(34 Arail), IBf ' 
Seatr Boeie, a( 

Uoelia; 1S0>>. 

OirnsHAM [Gydesham, MS.], Rectors of- 

Haater Ot^rejf de Lues* "u inat, 2S June, 1313 ; Patron, Sir Beginald de 

""-' 'me ; 70. Ste HiOH Bickinotoh. 

occura aa R (we " Dedicationa "}, 20 Jan., 1821-S ; lfl4. 

1 Ordained aubdeacon, 22 Feb., 1308-9, of Forrabun, 12 Sept, ISIO ; 5«. 

and called in the Lin t^ Ordmationi ' Inat to ChilthoTne-Domer (&MurMf) 

" Willelmua fihua Radulpbi " ; 220>>. in ISOl, and to Haidington-Hande- 

The same man.eridentlyi for William TiUe (&>n«Dd]b«fo>« 1330, in which 

"de Stouhoue" occura again aa R. year he died ( ICeaMr). 

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MffriTDTIONS, ETC. 219 

Olasnet ; the Collegiate-Church of St. Thomas-the-Martyr, — 
Pbotosis, — 

Unttar William Fiz-Eoga occurs 13 Oct-, 1308 ; il^. He wu promoted to 
tiie ArdideHooQc; of Eieter, 20 June, 1311 (02''), and died loon nftar. 

Sir BiAard de Bra^ht, prieBt, was admitted in coiiiin«n^m,I6 July, 1312, 
— " qaam [Prepomlunm] priua [Epiacopus] oommendavent Domino Pitro 
de Honiione, preabitero ; que priiu exipiravit. Et habet Inducaonia litoru 
directu Deomo da Penrjn " ; 72''. On 9 Jan., 1312.18, 

Master WHlutjii Bloyou, priest, Professor of Cauou-Lsw, was admitted in ami- 
nendam, in the preaence of Pater da Uonetonc, Rd. de Brailagbe, and Rd. 
de W«re, priwta, William de WoU^be, and Nicholas de Hels, clerks ; 76^ 

Hast«r Bentdid dt ArundeOe, Professor of Caaon-Law, waa oollated, 23 Oct., 
1313; SO. 

Sir Adam de Garlttont oooure S Joly, ISOS ; 42. 

Uaater Watter de SandO Aueiolo ; on whose death 

Hasler7oAn Bloyhmt, Prof, of Civil-lAw, was collated, 30 Uarcb, ISIO; 49. 

Uaster Robtrt de Htndrt ; on whose deatli 

Master Wilier Oiffiard, 3.T.D., was collated 1 
bad collated Master John Blomu to the P 
b; the death of Robert de Hendre, 8 Feb., 1303-9 ; SS. 'This Eatr; was 
cancelled]. —On Bloyou't resignation, 

Sir Sal;^ de Arundkie, pneet. was oollated, 25 Jan., 1310-11; 50''.— On 
0\fani'$ reaignatton (for the Archdeaconry of BamstiUile), 

Sir WUliara de Borne, prieet, waa collated "sepUmo Kalendas Aprilis" (28 
March), 1312; 69^ 

Sir Riclvml de Braiiegke, priest, was admitted, in omnmendajn, to the Praband 
of William Pili-Royo, 9 Jan., 1312-13 ; 76''. He waa succeeded by 

Master Bemdietde Arundtlh, collated 23 Oct, 1313 ; 30. 

Master Jehn de ifidd^Uine ; on whose death succeeded, 9 May, 1313, 

Master John de Manglul/ie, clerk ; 77''. 

Sir William de Ni/welone, clerk. After reaigining Ma Prebend be was again ool- 
lated thereto ; the Bishop himself (who waa at Qlaaney, on his Visibatioa) — 
" Stallum in Choro et Locum in Capitulo assignando eidem," 9 Feb., 1313- 
14: 82^— On ifOTijia(*»'» death 

Master Adam MirimouiAe, Profeaaor of Civil-Law, was collated (by prosy — 
Master Richard de BeUo Prate). 10 Aug.. 1314 ; 88". 

Sir Feier de DannydoTtde, He was succeeded by 

Master Hugh de Oetone, Profeaaor of Canon-Law, oollated 14 Hay, 1317; 
119''. —Mnrtfrnouth eichanged, for a Prebend in the Cathedral, wilL 

Master John dt Lanaitone (by proxy— Master Nicholas de Hde), 12 Sept, 
1818, — "in Capella Curie Episcopalis de Nymetone {BishopnyimtonY . The 
Bbhop sanotioneil the Bichange— " conaideradlea . . qnod Tos . . plua posaetisln 
Eccle»a noatru Eiomensi quam in Ecclesia Sancti Tboae, . . tarn propter 
eiperieDciam Litersrum que personam tnam raultijiliciter condecomut, lad 
ecuun distanciam a vestra origine, qnam propter Lii^am Parcium Comnbie cjuam 
Hon nostis, et caosas alias que ii.:ib movent, . . . presentibos Ma^atro Johaniie 
Pomeiay, Rectors EcclesledeUpledecoinbe[£cfannM-Au(ri,B«vb!l, Baimmensla 
Diocesia, Dominis Bicanlo de Braileghe, Canonico Eioniensi, et Willelmo Rtiasel, 
piesbiteris " ; 1^. To this Prebend 

Master Biehard de Bilio Prato [Beaupre], was collated 20 Sept,, 131S ; ISO. 

Uaater Philip de Cornabia, late Archdn. of Llandaff ; on wboae death 

Sir Williaia de MUAm-ne, clerk, was collated, 23 Jan., 1319-20 ; 117. 

Master William Blsi/au ; on whose death 

Sir Peter de Hoaettme, priest, was collated, 4 Feb., 1320-1 ; 165. 

Master WiMer de MgnititeloiM ; on whose death 

> UeoGCUTBassubdeacoD,3Hov.,1308; Church of Kiugsten [Surrtg), 22 

36: ordaiaed priest (Litt. iXnt.) by Sept., 1313 iSegitt. WodiUd», 833)i— 

th« Bp. of Wincheetar, in the Pori^ F.J.B. 

DC, zecbvGoOgIc 


WiilUr de Botriaux, dark, wu collated, S Jm^ l!t21-2 ; 1SS». 
[AndrtiB dt Fatryn, \ Y^nar in Olasn^, was ordained piieet {LiU. Air.) by 
Biahop Wodeloke, on the ooc»aion relBtTBd to in note p. 2191.— F.J.R 

QoODLEiOH [Godeleye, juxta Barnastapoliam, MS.], Rector of — 

SiUfi. it Omne, jiioior, oocura u R., 21 Dea, I3I4, when 1m «u ordtined 
■ubdfluon ; (Onf.) 284 ; olu, L 210». 

Grade (or St. Obade) [Ecclesia Sancte Crucis id Kerier, MS.], 

BenuiTd oocura aa R., S July, 1310 ; L la2^ 

Waiiam de Trteaignon, dark' ; Patron, B^^old de Fenrsi. — OonmimtoH 
directed to Biebvd de Coletone for his admission, etc., 8 Hay, 1317 ; 119''. 

GuLVAL (or St. Gdlval) [Laneskeli, MS.], Vicar of— 

Sir (Tr^iTry occurs as v., 1 Harcb, 1309-10 (•» " ConfeaaioiiB " ) ; 4S. 
Haccombe [" Capella de Haccombe," MS.], Rectors of — 

ntmtu dt SravnUmt, priest, was inst., IS July, IS09 j Patjon, Sir Stephw 

de Haooombe, Eat. ; 42''. On bis resignation 
8ir John Drei/nae, chaplaia, waa inat., "quariodedmo die meuris Mali, 

Ttdelioet die lleicuiii in Bbdonuda Pentecostea," 131G ; Patron, the 

same; 106. 

Halwill [tfalghewille, MS.], Rector of — 

JoK'i^dt£rtndoM(atBTemdotu)oixm»u'&.,2l Dec, 1308; ((M.)218,221>>. 

Habberton [Hurbertone, MS.], Vicars of— 

Regtr, and another 

Keger (his successor), were Vicars before 1307, (M p. 170. 

Master JoAnoocunasV., 1 March, 1309-10 (au "Confessions"); 18. 

Sir Pelgr de ByntUgke, priest, woa inst., 31 Dbc., 1312 ; Patrons, the D. and C. of 
EUeter, — "bbIvo Episcopo jure sua ipSBm Vicoriam conferendl, si appanieritin- 
poslcrom quod ejundem Vicarie Collacio ad ipnum debeat peitinere. . . . Et 
memorandum quod dfctus Episcopus, eisdem die et loco [apud Famdom 
{Fisringdon, HartU)], iliclo Domino Petropredidam Vicariam contulitjni 

absecB fui preterquam in prestacJon 
Harford [Herforde and Hereforde, MS.], Rector of — 
Sir Airttf lie Ptny^M, aubdetcou, occim as R., 8 Not., 1308; 36, 

Harpford [Herforde and Herpeforde, MS.], Vicara of — 

Sir Sobtrt called U Brwtrt, prieet, wu inst, G Oct., 1313 ; Patron, the Prior 

of OttertoQ ; 79''. 
Sir John fa£e, priest, was inat., 21 Oct., 131S ; Patron, the same; 110^ 
Sir W^am de UatmtUmt, prieat, was inst., 10 Feb., 1S28-4 ; Patron, the same ; 


Hathebleioh, Vicars of — 

Sir J<An de Flymvlont, priest, was inib, 22 Nov., 13QS ; Patrona, tba Abbat 

and Convent of Tavistock ; Sb\ 
Sir Hmry occms as V. (t« Gen. Index), 8 Jan., 1311-13 ; <fi*>. 

HEANTOJf-PuNCHARDON [Heauntone Punchardone, MS.], — 

Sir ThmtoM dt Dount, Rector ; on whose death, " die Veneris in Vigilia Pnrifl* 

cacionia Marie " (1 Feb.), 1319-20, 
Sir William Ingt, priest, was iost., 28 March, 1320 ; Patron, Sir John de Bello 

> Ordained aocoKte, 24 Sept, 1317; ReTnoIds (Reg., fol, 179i>): deaoon, 

238; Bubdeacon, 17 Dec., 1SI7, in 22 Sept., 1319; 241''; prie^ tt 

Umbeth Ch^el {LUt. Diak) by Abp. Dec, 1319 i 242>>. 

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ureriTUTiONS, btc. 221 

Hoate [BeauEoont], Knl., — "reaigiuTit, edani, ooram Dodudo predictna 

Willelmiu, n et rerbo, Eodesiain de Fontcl Qiffiird IFmUhia-O^^inl], 

SarutneDBu DiooMu , quun priui optinusrat " i 14S. 

— "Perpctua Cantaria in Ecclesia da Heauntone, De- 
canatus de Schirewille, celebranda," MS., — 
Sir Ttomai de BaeeoU, prieat, wai collated {by lopw), id tlie peioon ot Sir 

Thomaa de la Farde, bii Prootor, 4 May, 1S20 ; 14a>>. 
Sir itiJam ({« TUteAourw, priest, wu itub-, ISUay, 132t; PrtroD, Sir Ji^m de 

Beamimd, Knt ; IS4. 
Heavitree [Hevefcni, MS.], Vicara of — 

Sir John [de SurnAam] died, " die Uercurii praiima ante Featam SanoU 

Valentini" (11 Feb.), 180B-10; aad 
Sir Soger de Sgdtbtrg, prieat, waa inat, 21 Feb. ; Patron*, tlie D. and 0. ot 

Eieter; i!*, B2i>, 

Hellamd [Heliaunde, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir lUgiKoTd U Seor (or Sot) axon aa R., 21 Dec, 1308 ; (Ord.) 21S: and 22 
Feb., 1308-9; {ibid.), 221 ; but there ia do reourd oF faia laatitution. Hie 
Bucceaeor (not mentiooed in our Regieter), was 

WiUiam de Monteforti, "Rector Eccleaie de Heillaunde, Eiou. Dioo., per 
Dimiaaoiiaa," ordained aubdeacon in Ht. Croea Hospital, 'Wincheat«', 13 
June, 1310 {Begin. Weddoke, 323>>). The aame Register ahewa that he waa 
ordained deacon in Holy Trinity Church, Guildford, 19 Sept., 1310 (foL 
32S).— F.J.B. But meaawhile he bad oaaaad to be B., aod 

John iU SoKarek, clerk', had been inat., 20 July, 1310 ; Patron, Bymon taUtd 
Oiffiud; 53. 

Hemyock [Hemyoke. MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Sears ^ Whitdeyt ; ou whoga death, " die Martis proxima post Faatam 

Omnium Sanctorum " (3 Nov.), 1321, 
Sir Thomat dt Whiteleyt, priest, waa inat., 12 Deo.; Patron, Margaret de 

Dynbam ; 182''. 

Hennock [Hanocke, MS.], Rectors of— 

— Vacant, " a die Dominica protima poet Festum Sancti Luce, Erangeliate " 

(21 Oct), 1313; and 
Bir Geoffrey dt Jlurbrrtane, prieet, wai inat., 14 Not. ; Patrona, the Abbat and 

Convent of Torre ; Sll>. On HuTbertant'i death, " die Hartja proxima pott 

Featum Sancte Lucie, VirginU (14 Deo.], 1322, 
Sir Ificholat de SbnaUme, pneat, waa inat, 2S Dec. ; Patrona, the auue; 171. 
HiGHAMPTON [Hegheheauntone and Henctone, MS.], Rectora of, 
Richard Baghd ooours aa K., 21 Dec, 1308 ; 218 : 22 Feb., 1308-9 ; 220l>: IS 

March, 1308-0, 2211".— Vacant " a tercio Idua Saptembtia " (11 Sept.); and 
Sir Jamtt de Merlone, priest, waa inat, 26 Dea, 1312; Patron, Lucy, relict of 

Hugh de Valletort ; 78". 

High Bickinqton [Bukyngtone, Bukyntone, MS.], Rectors, — 

S<ihert de fTWyn^fone, clerk, ocoun i« R-, 3 Kov;, 1308; 30.— He was R. u 
eariy as 1305 ; for there i» a Memorandum in Abp. Winahelwey'g Begiit (fol. 48), 
— "<|uod, cum Jioierdu de Wtiyngtone, ^ai se gerit pro Reotora EOTlesianim de 
Nnwyntoue, WyntODleiuis DioceBJs, et de Biikyutone, ExonienBii DioceaiB, 
coram Domino Roberto, Cantuahenii Arcbiepiscopo, Dioceaim Wyatoniensem 
jure Metropolitico visitante, etc ;— after repealed adjourn ment> he did not 
appear; and at last, on the Tneadayneit after "vy IduaJulii" (13 July), ISW, 
be was depriTed of the Tormar BeneHce (F.J.B.). Be was Inst, a aecond time 

1 Ordained aubdeocon, Haroh, 1310- bad been ardiJned»coolite(£ttt. Din), 
11; 227: deacon, 27 March, 1311; IB Sept., 1310, at Guildford (u 

VUA: prieet, C June, 1311 ; ibid. He above— AffiA frwUoite, foL 824<>). 



to High BkkiDgton, U Dec, 1309> ; Patron, Sir John de WylynrttHie, KdL ; 

iB\ — An otwcare note Id the mirgin refers to him as "MeiD prini iDcnmbNU. 

— V*ciDt in 1314 ; and the Biehop committed the Ciutody oi the Saquwtratioa 

to Sir Reginald de Wf liogtone, R. of Atherington (3 Aug., 13U) ; SiK 
Sir William de Ktmpdeghe wes inst., 13 Aug., ISH, on the rengnatioii ol 

Riiierl dt Wytyn^one (by exchange for Huntbhaw) ; Patron, the satne; 

W. On KunipeUghe'e reoignatioD— thoj had again exchanged Beneficea— 
Bir Rohtrt de WylyngUme, prioat, maa inat. (by proxy — William de Chorletooek 

6 Feb., 1814-lS ; Patron, the aame ; IDI''. 
Uaater Otofreg de Lacy, aubdeaoan, occura aa R., SI April, 1319 ; 110>>. Ste 

den. Index. 

High Brat [Hautebray, MS.], Rector of— 

Sir Robert de RogU, deacon,' ooeura aa R., 2t Sept., 1S09 ; 41 

HocKWORTHT [Hockeworthi, MS.], Vicara of — 

Sir John oocun bb V., 1 March, 1309-10 ! 48. On whoaa death 
Sir John de Menatoke, prie«t, waa inet., 16 SepL, 1318 ; Patrons, the Abbeta 
(FetronQla) nnd Convent of Canonaleigh; ISS*). — Voouit, "a die Lune 
proiima ante Featum AncennoniH Domini" (13 May), 132G; and 
Sir IFni. ChombtTlnyn, prieet, naa inat., 17 June ; Putnna, the aame ; ISi^. 

HoiLACOMBE [Holecombe, MS.], Rector of — 

Smediti Kyhaynavd waa inducted, S March, 1S22-3 ; " Doininua jvovidit 
Beaedicto iT^ftninuiud, panperi clerico sue Diocesia, de Geclesiade Holecombe, 
BpectAnte cammuniter ad PreaentacioDem Prioria et Conyentus Bodminie ; 
que tunc vacavit. et quam idem Clericus accepCaTit : et ipaiun in ead^a 
Uccleaia induti et inductum defend! mandavit, auctoritate sibi a Sedo 
Apoatolica in hao parte oommiaea " ; 174''. 
HOLNE, Rector of — 

Haater /oAn de WytAi (or TTAiMy), aceolite, Vaa inat, 90 Oct, 1310, Uia 
Church having been Tacnnt " a aeito Idua Septembria " (8 Sept.) ; Patnw, 
Sir William Martjn, Knt,; G7. 

HoiswoETHT [Holdesworthe and Haldesworthe, MS.], Rectors 

Ba Uamict de CavtipvyU occurs aa B. (k« "'Witla"),10 Feb., 1308-9i SS. 

Vacant " a craatino Festi Invencdonia Sancte Crada " (4 Ma;), 1311 ; and 
Maat«r WiUtam de Carreu, clerk, waa inat. (hy pron — Haater John de 

Lynham, Cenou of St. David's), 20 Deo. ; Patron, Sir William Mar^ ; 

06". On Cam't reaignalion, SI Jan., 1320-1, 
Sir JVicAofo) de Wedergravt* ; prieet, was inat. (% proxy — William atte Brigge, 

clerk], 2 Feb., 1320-1 ; Patron, the same ; 155. 

— " Perpetua Cantaria coram Altare Beate Marie apud 
Haldeswortlii" (7?iar5r.,"In3titucioCantariedeTrewene"), — 
Qregory dt la Hole, prieet, waa inat, 28 Nov., 1911 ; Patron, Walter la Deneaa ; 

Bir John de Henmmdetvorthi, prieat, waa inat, 25 April, IS12 ; Patron, tlie 

aame; 71'', — "ad Perpetuam Cu)tariam de la Traawen, in Eocleaia de 


< Ordaineddeecon, 20Hay, 1312; 230. 1317, he waa admitted to Soath- 

■ Ordained 20 Sept, IS09 ; 223i prieat, molton ; Patron, the same)! and ba 

6 March, 1310-11 ; 22;t>. seema bo have held it tJU 1321, when 

* Ordained prieet, 16 Sept, 1316; 237^. he was inet. to Holgworthy. In 

* He ooeura in 131S, aa R, of Cumpton- 1323 he waa inat. to Maperton (Svwur- 
Hartin(&nK>'ier);aadhetvBaBucceed- tet); and in IS2S to Street-cum- 
>dby lAurencedelaBarr; Patron, Sir Walton, in the aame County {RegiM, 
Wm. Martyn, Knt ( Weaver). In Vroiene^ford, Sd. HobhouMv 248). 

DC, zecbvGoOgIc 

iNanTonoNB, etc. 223 

HONEYCHnaCH [Honichorche, MS.], Rector of— 

Sir £Bb it DtneOmde occun (kc Exbourna), U July, ISOB ; itK 

HoNiTON [also, Honetone, MS.], Rectors oP — 

Sir Bmy lie Fykttu^v. On whoso resignalion 

Muter AkAord dt Wydetlade,^ priest, was iast., 13 Sva., 1314-15 1 Patnm, 

Sir Hugh Cortonij, Knt. ; lOP.— Vacant " n die Sancti Stopbwii, Haniris" 

(26 'Dec), 1324; and, 13 Jan., 1324-5, 
Sir PkUip dc Puntyngtont, prieat, iras iusL j Patroa, the same ; 18S. 

HuiSH [Hywys, MS.], Rector of— 

Maater Siehard de Em ; iubd«acon (orduned deaoon, 14 Uonib, 1306 ; aOS**: 
priMi, 4 April, 1310 ; m^), oocura aa K, 14 Oct., 1S08 ; 35". 
HuNTSHAM [Honsham, MS.], Rector of — 

WUlMv^ de Trehunis occurs as R.. 21 Dec., 1308; (,Ord.) 218. Ordaluad 
deacon, 22 Vab., 130S-B; 220'': priest, IS March following ; 221 1'. 

HuNTSHAW [Honeachaue and Honschaue, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Wiliiam tU KempeUgie ; on whose resignation (sw High BickiDgton), 
:ia Robert de WylyT^Ume, deik, vae inat., 13 Aug., 1314; Patron, Sir Jobo de 

Wjlyngtone, Knt ; Se"". On whoee resignation 
Sir tPiliian de Kempeleghe, priest, waa again iost {bj proxy — 
Churietona, derk}, 8 Feb>, 1814-lfi ; Patron, the same ; lOI". 

HoxHAH [Hokysham, margin Hokesham], Rectors of — 

The Benefloe being vacant, toe Bishop comnute the Sequestration to Sir 
SUhard Fraunetyi, chaplain, — " TolaDla et mandantes quod de hujuaoiodi 
Sequeatro ncetro, eo durante, Egidio de SiAytfuun, clarira, nobis ad eandem 
Bccleeiam per Witletmnm de Hokjaham legitime preseutato, neceaiaria ana 
in studio fideliter subministra " [6 Apiil, 13)4) ; S3''. He waa, probably, 
never imtituled ; and, in the eTont, the above-named 

Sir JtiAanf Frauneeii, waa inst, " die Veneris proximn post Feotum SancU 
Martini " (15 Nov.), 1314 ; Patron, WiUiam, eon of Wm. de Hokeeham ; 100. 

Iddesleioh [Yuddesleghe, MS,], Rectore of — 

Reymwid dt SvUy occurs, 21 Dec., 1303, when he was ordained prieat ; 218, 
t%ir Sobtrl AUqmtU, priest, waa iust., 5 Sept., 1310 ; Patron, Dame Joan de 

Sully, " radone dolia sue in eadem " ; 5&. On whose resignation [Sobtrt dt 

la Pitu, MB,], 
Maater JNcAord de fononaniKOfc,* clerk, was inat., 19 Sept., 1320; Patron, 

Joan, widow of Sir Henry de SuUi, Knb ; 151''. 
Idepoed [3uddeforde, MS.], Rectors of— 
Sir WalUr ; on whose death 
Sir MHo de Katdaoddeghe, priest, waa inat., April, 1309 ; Patron, Sir QUbert 

deKnovyle*; 89''. 

Ilfracombe [Ylfredecumbe, MS.], Rector of — 

Sir Reginald de Chantbenumn, priest, occun aa B., 11 May, 1310; GI. 

Ilsinoton [Ilstyngtone, MS.], Rectors of— 

' Sir Henry de Mantfert waa a of this < Not Wydeelake, aa in OUver's List 

Parish befon Adam Paen, tee Vol. I, {Scdti. Antiq., u, 77). 

page 146,— Heniy de Woolavingtone * not Sobert, aa in Oliver's List {EetUt. 

waa appointed tn take the assize of ,Jn(t7,, iii, 81). 

novel diaaeiain arraigned by the said * Called in the Ordination List " Uagis- 

Henry ogunat laabella, Couuteaa of terJtieardutde Wineteatt" — ordained 

Albemarle, and otbera, touching com- aubdeacon, 20 Sept., 1820 ; 243. 

mun of [nature therein; Rot. Pat. ' not JTavIfyb aa in Oliver's List (&el<*. 

1 Edw. 1. [1272-3], m. 17d.— J.LD. Antiq,. i. 64J. 

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FeUr de Wontlciu' oocun sb R (tM TcffoDte), 5 Nor., 1S08 ; it\ He •<• 

cbanged, for Lustleigh, with 
Sir John dt Lvitdrgkt, irho wm ia«t., 17 Uaj, 1318 ; Patroiu, Uib Piw ud 

Con»Bnt of Plympton ; laS". 
lNSTow[Yune8towe,Yonesto-we,a7idYeiiistowe,MS.],Rector9, — 
Sir Philip de SchUlynfordt, priest, wu iiut., 21 Oct., 1309; Patron, Sir 

Thomas de Supeldooa, priest 1 44''. — Vacant ; and the Sequeatration wit 

committed, 27 April, 1816, to Sjmra de Wybberi, R. of Ouigford— tOl the 

Feast of the Assumption RV.H. (15 Aug.) ; 10e*>. 
Master Ridutrd de Uoreutre, subdeaooo,' occurs as R., 14 Oct, 1316 ; IID**. 

Inwardleigh [Inwardesleghe, MS.]. Rectors of — 

.TDAn occurs as It., 21 Dec., 1808 j (Ord.) 218.— TMant, "ij Ealendaa Julii " 

121 June), 1317; and 
Hsialer Richard Noreit, cterk,> was insL, 21 July ; Patron, Eliu CoOyn ; ISO. 
IppLEpen Priohy [Iplepenne, M9.], Prior of — 

Of^Tty DocuTB as Prior, " die Jovis proiima peat Festum Nativitatis Beats 

Virginia" (11 9ept), 1315; 109. 

Jacobstowe {Comioall), Rectora of — 

Sir JoKn de Chimdirmattn \ he exchanged for ThurleetoDe, with 
Sir Stginaid dt Ferret, deacon, nho was inst., 9 March, 1308-9; Patron, Dame 
Jonli de ChsmbemouD (relict of Sir William). — " Et Memorandum qnod 
idem liet^naldiis, nuper Ecclwie de Tburlestone Rector, habet diem SaMati 
in Vigilia Domiuice in Bamis Palmarum (22 March) nd respoDdendum de 
fmctibus de dicta Koclesia de Tburlestone, dum ibidem atetit Recite 
perceptis, in Ecclesia CuQTeDtuaii LaiiceBtoiiie ; quo die ccaDparuit 
personaliter et fecit finem pro deoem libriis et oondeiopaatna eet" ; 39. 
Sir John de Campo AmtdjAi, subdeacon,' was again inst. (by proxy — Ri(liftrd 
caff«{ le Luigbe), 20 Nov,, 1300 ; Patron, the same ; ib. 

Jacobstowe (Devon), Bectois of — 

Sir WaU/T ; on whose death 

Sir Mark, chnplain, was inst, 1 June, 130S ; Patron, Nicholas de Bare.*—" Bt 
Memorandum quod, eisdem die et looo [Clyol], idem Humis babuit diem, 
ei preSxioDe Dcimini, videlicet terdum diem Juridicnm poet Feetum Sancti 
Bamabe, Apoetoli, in Msjori Ecclesia Eieniensi, ad respondendum de >d- 
ministracione bonorum Domini Waltcri, ultimo Bectoria in Eoclcaa de 
Jacobstowe predicta, defuncti, de tempore quo fuit ipsius Walteri coadjutor, 
coram dicto Domino vel ipsius Commissano " ; 41'>. On the resignation of 

Sir Martin de B-tq/ni, " die Sabbati proiima post Festum Conversioius 
Sancti Paul! " (29 Jan.), 1322-3, 

Johndt Bere, clerk, was inst. (by proxy— Nicholas de Bere), IE Feb.; PUiod, 
the said Nicholas [Jacobiatowe MS.] ; 174. 
Kelly, Rector of — 

Sir Stnry de SiUy occurs aa R., 21 Dec., 1308 ; (Ont) 218: also, 15 Mardi, 
1308-9 {lind.) 22P: and, 16 Nov., 1323 {ae Oen. Indei) ; 177- He was a 
acion of th»aDlient and Knightly Family of " Kelly, of Kelly," which baa 

' No earlier Institution to this Parish ' Ordained subdeaooD, 18 March, 1S17- 

{sfauudinUieKegistersibutlfi/Jum 8; SSSb. 

was R in 1275, wlien be had a dis- * Ordained deacon, 22 Dee., 1313 ; 231 : 

puU with Oliver Dynaunt and Walter priwt, 23 March, 1313-11; aS2b, 

de Dukeham, touchiog a water-course ° The Beres were of Bromford, a Manor 

diverted therein (Rot. Pat. 4 Edw. L, iu this parish ; and this bnnch of the 

m. IS'').— J.I.D. Family afterwards took the name U 

< Ordained 20 Sept., 1315; Hh: deaoon, Bromford (i^Knu). 
18 March, 1317-1 23S. 

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bdd tha Uanor tnd ihe AdTinraoa of the Church for centiiriM, and boldi 
than ■ till. 

Kbmn [Ken and Keen, MS.]. Rectors of — 

Sir Walttr de OopUne, priect, ma inat,, 19 Feb., 1S12-19 ; Patran, the Lad; 

Aliuiora de Cnrtenay ; 70. 
Btnry de Solai, wai preaented in Oct, 1322; Pntroi^ theiune: uid ft Com* 

miwioD WM directed, 2S Oct., to Walter de Setone ud Richard de 

BrailMjjie, to toake Inqniaitioa, etc. ; IBS'*. Hs waa Inat at Exeter, 80 

Not.,' 1S22 ; 17S^ Ste note to Bbadhiiich. 

Kenn,— " Cantaiia Capelle Domini Hugonis de Courtenay, 
apnd Ken," — 

— Ttteant, ** a die Joria proxima post Feetum Sancti Bartholomei, Apoatoli " 

(30 Aog.}, 1S18 : and 
Sir JaUi de TydeamJit, prieet, waa inat., 3 Dee. ; Patron, Sir Hugh de 

Conrtena;; 82. 
MiAad dt tfiOtraaM waa inat to the " VUaria CapeUa de Ken," 28 June, 

1323 ; 1 760. Stt note to Bkadhibch. 
KENTlSBEiBB [Ecclesia Sancte Marie de Kenteslebiere, MS.], — 
TTilUm d* Campo Amvlplii [Champemowiie], clra^,* waa collated (6y l^lt), 

11 Dec, 1308 ; 37.—Ja«ui de Treviome, clerk, waa prcamtat in 1817, hnt 

not adinitt«d. The next R [KeDteBb«are, US.], waa 
Sugh de 3Wnur, clcA',— A ComnuBiaii tor hia Imtitution, eto., waa directed, 

26 Dec, 1317, to Hd. de Coletone, Offidal Principal, and John de Slokce, 

OfQcial of the Archd. of Exeter ; Patron,' Henry ds Kelligren, — " com 

poUdtate admittendi reeignaoioneni JaeM de Treionte, clerici, ad eandem 

Bccleaiani per nindem Eenricum aliia preaentati, ai earn facere Tolueiit ; 

aHoquin tadeudi in dicto negooio quod juatida auadebit ) 124. 

Kentisbury [Kentisbyry, MS.], Rectors of — 

On the resignation of the lort R. (whose name ia not mentioned}, 
ITaUcr called b IToJ/, clerk, waa prewnteil, 18 April, 1311.— The Sequeatratton 
waa committed to Thomaa da Forde; "ita, videlicet, quod de bujiiamodi 
Sequcatro Waltero dioto le Wolf, clerico, nobia ad eandem Eocledam 
preaentato, in Boolia pro victualibua auia neceaaarla aubmiuiatreH, et de 
redduo ejuadem ordinea et ditpoiua prout anime tue aaluti et utilitati diote 
Eccleeie meliua videria eipedire " ; 81 . ETentually tlie said WtUler waa 
ioat, 10 Jan., lSll-12 ; Patron, Richard le Wolf ; 67^'. Ordained [deaooa 
itiUt. Dim.) by the Bp. of Wincheater, in the Fariab-Churab of Elugistoii 
(Sumy), 22 Sept., 1313 (Stgit. Wodeloie; Sii\> — F.J.B.), and] pnmt t^ Bp. 
SUpeldon, 22 Dec following ; 231>>. 
Sir Feler de Fi^^aere, prieet, waa tnat, 20 June, 1814 ; Patron, the aame (ben 
called " le Low ") ; 8G*>. On whoee death, " die Joria proiima ante Fertum 
Sancti Bamabe, ApoetoU" (S June), 1S2S, the aame Patron preaented 
Williaan (aon of Qilbert) Pitt-Sl^plien [" filium Oilberti le Fits EataTene"l.Dlerfc. 
The Bi^iop fonnd him to be too illiterate to obtain audh a BaneOci^ tot tba time 
at any rate ; bat, on the reprcMntatlon of Sir William Martin, Knt— "•ral , 
acdpotpTo ao,"— and of otber trienda, the Biabop gare war; adrlilw him ' 
"qoodBcholaaadiietOTaounatlcaleiiBaltamuaqaealreatnmAaaeniiotdaDami- - 
nioe, . . . nt lie ae habllltaret maliua ad Idem BeneOdom optinandnm ; qnod* 
qoetniM Idem Preaentatuavenliet ad Domlnmn, et, aide conaeiaDciaaaalHum ' 
tone admittere poaeet, libenter admittaiet ad Eodeaiam antedlctam; dnm, 
taman, PatrODiu Ipae Tacacionem ipeiua Bccleaie permitteret ita din. Et 

■ Not 24 Oct., aa in OliTer'a Uat (Ewit*. 232>>. 

Antiq., i, 39). ' Ordained aubdeacon [" Rector Bceleaie 

■ Oid^ied aoooUte, SI Dec., 1308; de Eenteleabeare''], 22 April, 1813; 
218: anbdeacon, 22 Feb,, 1808-9; 289: deacon, 17 June, 1318; 289^: 
220^: deaoon, 28 Harefa, 1813-14 ; priest, 23 S^t, 1818, 240^ 

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pnnulglt Domlnus, botu Bde, per Litens anu CUam, qnu dicto Patraito Eopar 
DOC demuidBvlt, quod p«r hoc sibi non cnneret tempiu alinm, ri teta admiasaa 
HOD fberit, bac vice prescntandi, et, in srentani lUnm, qnod Dmuiiuu tpanis 
Pitronam ad pregeiibiDdiini klinin qnem volnerit aitia auffidentsr premiuurat. 
Et, ai Itta sic nt premitUtar habere possenC affectum, DomiDiu conoMrit aidcnn 
Pres«ntato l«rcism Mrtem fhictuum ; que ad ipsum Dominnm pertinera debonoit 

Sx), doniTite vacaciDDs Eccteaie anUdicte. E» auper hoc scrimit idem DomlniU 
agijttro Henrico de Stoforde, Bequestratori auo (3 Aug., IS^J ; 176^. 
FUz-Slepliai, apparent];, waa never inatitutad, -for the Benefice ma dedsred 
vacant " a die SabbaU proxima post FeetDm Sanoii Johumia ant« Portun 
Latinam" (12 May), 1824; and 
Jein dt Wiie, piiert, waa inat., S Jane ; Patron, the aaine : 1S01>.— TaMOt, 

"adte Joviain Feato Sancte Lucie, Yirnnia " (IS D«c.), 1321; and 
Bir WaUer U WiJ^e, prieet (hanng remgned Charles), waa inaL, 27 Feb., I324- 
e ; Patron, the aame ; 1830. 

Kenton, Vicara of — 

Sir Richard dt WariM oceun aa V., 18 Sept, 1818 ; 1£9<>. On hia death, 
" die Lune proiima ante Feattun Banote Uargarela " (li Julj}, 1S20, 

Bir Beger de BoHumftont,^ prioat, waa inat, 13 Sept ; Patrotta, the D. and 
C. of Sttrum; ISl^. 

KiLKHAMPTON [Kylkamtone cend Kilkamptone, MS.], Rectors, — 

Haater Riehard de Or^m^, aubdewMn, oconn as R, 11 Oct, 1308; 3&>>. 

5m " Orduutiona " : 218, 226, 227'>.~Vacuit "a die Hartia in VigUim 

Aaaumpdonia Beftte Yiiginia " (11 Aug.), 1324 ; and 
Sir Thomiu dt StapUdtint, prieat, waa inat, 21 Oct ; Patron, Hem; de Qreyiie- 

Tille (b; hia Proctor— Sir Adam de TaTiatoche) ; 182. 
KihOsnympton" [Nymetone (twid Nymet) Regis, MS.], Rectors 
ffir Symon dt AahtU for Autl^ht) occura aa R., SI Maj, 1806 ; 11. Sit (Uto 

" Ordinationa" ; 22D'<, 222. A Conuniaaion waa directed, 3 Dec., 1309, to 

John Wele, Archdn. of Bamstapte, and Koger de Oterj, ■■ to the pteaeote- 

tion, l7 [Sir] OoofiVej de Cornubia, [Kat] of 
Join dt Qeinffravt, clerk; empowering them t« intUtute him; 45. He 

ocean aa R, 1 Oct, 1312 ; L 107^ IdS. 
8k Qeofreu dt Merittont JUeyri waa inat, 10 Dec., 1315 ; Pabon, the aame ; 


EiNOSTEiGNTOK ; the Prebend of Teignton Regis in the Cathe- 
dral Church of Salisbury, — 

Sir Sebtrt de Jort: he eichanged, in 1314, for the Bectory of Skirpenbeck 

( TorkAirt), with 

Uaater Sobtrt dt Blonttidont, — 

Apad Pamdone, decimo septinio die mennii Juidi PSll], Dominna Bpiaccmna, 
recepta Lilera Domini Samimensia Episcopi enpcr CoUacTone Prebende de ifiyn- 
tone Begiti, via Pf rmutaclonis per ipanm facta Domlso RoberUi dt Bbmtadone, 
presbitero, ad Eionieneem Epiacopum per eaadem Literas preatutato, idem 
Dominns Eionieogls fpsum MBgiitmnj Robertiun, qeatenua in eo fnit admittana 
et hnjuamodi Collacionl cotUDiicleas, ad indncendaia rescripilt sob hac fonna-— 
Walteme, etc. . . . Atohidiacono Tottonle, Tel ejoa OfliolaU, aalatem, etc— 
Cum Dominna Robertus de Jorz, EboracenalB Dioceaia, nnper Canonicua Bcdeaie 
SuTuoieiuda et Frebendariua Prebende de Teyntone in eadem, in noatra Diocesl 
constitute, et Hagifter Robertas de Blonteadone, pmaliiter, da Sannmenti 
Diocesi oriundos, nuper Hector Ecclesie de Bkirkenbelce, Eboracenais Dioceaia, 
hiijiuinadi Beoeficia ma, ex certia cauaia et l^ttlmis, ut dioebant, et absqoe 
fMnde et pravitale quacanque, pemiulara volentea, Dominus Robeitiui de Jort 

' In the Fabriok-RoU of the Cathedral, ' Oliver calta him, in error " do Oak- 

1320, — "De Tealamento Domini El- hompton"; ibid. 

cardi, Vicarii de Kentone, i js " (OUrer, ' Stnrg dt la Sueht waa R. in 127B-9 

SceUi. AMiq., i, 17). (Bot. Pat., 7.Edw.L,m. led) J.I.D. 

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Wfillelnii], Dei gracia Ebonceuii ArcMepiwopI, ocoanom Pennatadoiiis hnjni- 
moJi facl«iide, dnxerint leaigiuDdai *■ ■" — "■ — •-- ' — ^*~ 

jigiuDdai hoiiumadiqae PenoaUdoiM ptr wentM 

venanblles P>tm, qoateniu td eo» nrtinnit, ippiobata. et ipaoram Sobaiti et 

~ ~ j per eoMlem Fntna tnper Uu ReslgMdons tdmUM; Idem VananUlii 

Draiiiiiu BuiQiiiaDsii uiudiotiiB, prefttM CanoniMtnin «t Prebcaidu>dl>^ 

jisbo Robmto de BlontMdoiM, qoatoniiB abaqiM piqjndjcio imto i 

cujmcomqns ceiuun Eeele^MtlM »al Stiperloru inconu potdt, hqjiumodl 
"— nmUdonfa nomliM, contnlsrit, cnni soi* Juilbiu et pertiiMtieila « ' — "- 

, uiudiotiiB, pi 

Higisbo Robmto de BloDtMdoue, qoateniiB Bbagae piqjndjcio iazk al 

cujmcoii ~ ~ ■ ■• ■ . 1. . . 

Pemntat , , ., „ _, , , 

jnont heo omnia tt Binenla Id litem prebtilMminiSamimeiuis Eplwopl.iiobli 
I,. .,„^. _.fl .._. .,_.^ ..__^ PaW iScnDlmu 

nper hoc direeUi, vi&nni 

° - — -'- ■■^' -- '^tnm HkfUitniTii K/ihAT'tiini dA KlnntAAdnnc hvh« 

. dlcU 
•.tmiuu oummaiuu ispucopi, qui oictam renDniacioniB Degocinni Biamlnavit, 
qium eonUinidaelone peisoiie pnbti MagUtri RobertL de cqjna bimeata om- 

ad prebUm Fnba^iaD,qDalei]na ad noa attbiet, daisrimiu admitteodi 
muidamna quatiniu Ipnua, t«1 ^na Procnratorem sao naming In i 
poewadonem dide Frebende, tIcg et auctoritate noitra, mdneatw, et dafsodatb 
iDdnctnm ; iwcrlbeatea nobia bttn xv dies a tempore reoepdonla PreMndum, 

'na Patent** Uletaa, hanim seriem et diom reo — '~'- " ' 

, qidd facaritla in pnmlads.— Datum (utiupra). 

per TSfttna Patent** Uletaa, banun seriem et diem recepdonU FraBendDm oob- 
nuentta, giddfacaritla in pnmlads.— D ' ~ ' ' " ni .. a a 

fait OBrtiflcatam nt mandabatur ; SSo. 

KiNosTEiaNToy, Vicara of— 

Jtidmrd (powiblj Bieiard de Mndont-ta Vol. L, p. U8), ooonn m T., 21 

Marcli, 1310-11 ; L 1940.— Vacant, by nsgnatioD ; aod 
Sir Sieharfi it li^ftant was inat, 26 Aag., 13S0 ; Patron, Sir Bobert de 
Blonteedone, Caoon of Sanim ; IGO''. 
Knowstonb and Mollakd [Cnoustone— MoUonde, MS.], — 

Sir VvaaaH oocura as V., 12 ixA-j, 1310 ; G3. 

Bir Biiiari de Ny^eetone, who W been Vineenl't ooailjutor nnoe the abore 

date* was OTcaented 20 Haf, ISll, and the Biihop Dommiadoned Uw 

Archda. of Baniataple to institute him ; 61^. 

Lajcebton, Vicars of — 

Sir Soger dt SoiOMoaMtnde, prieat, was init, 31 Jul;, ISOO ; Patroni, tbe 
Abbat and Conrait of Taratock; 42b. On whoae^ death, "die HartiB 
prodma ante Featom Saucti Hartini" (9 Hov.), 1822, 

Sir Jforlm \de] SMetfiti, priest, waa inat, 23 Jul., 1822-3 ; Fatmna, tlw 
Prior and Convent of St NichoUa, Bieter {tie, HS.) ; 171^. 

Lamobrait [I*moren, MS.], Rector of— 

Sii Sa^ \ot Sandulph) de Batap, fltat, ocoura aa R., 21 Dea,- 1808 (Onf.) 218. 

IiAJnKBOas [Lancars, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir SieJtard Sprigga, prieat, wa« oollatad {bg lapte), 10 June, 180S ; 41'*. 

On nhoae radgnation, 23 Hard), 1S24-G, 
SarikelomeK It Boor, deaoon, was Inab, 28 April, 18SS ; PabroD, Sir John do 

Bello Honta, Ent ; 181 

Lahdewbdkacs [Sancti Wynwolayi de Tjanwynnocke, US.], — 

Jleger oeoan as R. of I^ndewenneck, 6 July, 1310 ; L 1S2*>,— probably. Soger 

lie BriAwdU {m Vol. L, p. 149). 
9ix John de Xoeoarekt ^ of Helloiid), wasadnuttted>*oi>mnieml()n,2Handi, 

' Not Bcger aa in 011701*8 liat {Sedei. 

A.»Uq., i, 181). 
■ ApfMid (b AmAodoMfe, US.,— pro- 

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lS1S-Ui S8.— "JohuuMB, Baotor BadoM SMxti WTmrol^," ww 
(Mdainad BTtot, 23 Much, 1314-lS ; 2S4^— not (m might be aDpptMd 
John de Koaoveke, omiluiiied in thii BcDsfios, tar the lafler WM iMdBiiiM 
prieMinlSlt (iMHtu.AND). And 
Jmb jMMdnm oooon m F«i*Mt of thia Fuiab in Nor., 1S20; L U4. 

Landkake [Lanracke arid Lanrake, MS.], Vlcare of — 

Walter de Ji^atlFCVH, prkat, ma inat., G June, 1309 ; ^tnma, the Prior and 

C<niv«iit oi St Oerman's ; iV>. 
Oo^frty de Farde ma inat (mc BtUDiriErcH, na(e), 28 Sept., 1322 ; nfi\ 

liANDULPH [L&ndhylp], Rector of — 

ffir Jt^naU,prieBt,t>ocunaa R., "ij IdoaSeptembria" (12 Sept.), 1311; 63^ 

Lanqtbee [Lftngetru, MS.], Rector of — 

Sir Simon, primt, oocuii u R, 12 Aug., 1317 ; 120^. 

Lamivbt [Laoivethe, MS.]. Rector of— 

Sir Jehu de Lrnecwuae, deacnn,' waa inat,, S Oct., 1312 ; Pabon, KichoUa de 

Bet%~ia the preaence of Haiitw Walter Oifbrd, aT.D., Joho de Oodren, 

tod Nicholaa de Hele, delta, Sir Peter de Honetone, piieat^ Hogn de 

Boddeleghe, and othera ; 74. 

'LaNLIVERY [Lanlflvery, MS.], Vicara of— 

sir JEoAerl ; on whoae death — " per mortem m^jue 

Hercurii proxiioa poet Featum Sancte Agatoe, „ , .. 

Sir WiUiam de Cricad, pricat, waa inat., S Maich ; Patrona, the Piior and 
Convent ot TTwardreeth ; 174. 

Laneeath [Lanreithou, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir WilUatK Oaunei/, firet, occurs aa R., 23 Mareh, 1310-11 (aee "liU. Bun."; 
60): ordained priest, 23 March, 1813-14; 282^. There ia no TMord of hia 
InatituUon. The Church waa vacant in 1309, when IVUliam A SvlMt 
waa presented b; the King.' Perhapa, Daune; waa called " de Snttone." 
On hia death, "die Lune pnxima poat Featum Sauctonim Dioniaii et 
Sodorumauorum" (12 Oct.), 1321, 

Sir Sidiard IVcgBwrouH, priest, waa inat., SO Nor. ; Patron, Sir John de 
BodbiTy, Ent. ; 162^ 
Lansallos [" Sancte Ildieme de Lansalewis, MS.], Rectors of — 

Haater Wtitiam Bauceyn ; on whose death, " die Joria prozima post Fcatam 
Annundacionia Dominioe" (27 Uarch), 1320, 

Siduird <U TVonur, clerk,' woa inat,, 13 July ; Patron, Matilda de Hiwiadie 
(relict of Sir Richud), " ilia vice, radone dotJa aibi aaaignata " ; l&O. 

Lahteolos [by Camelford], Bectora of— 

Sir John de Sorham. He reaigned and waa inatituted to " Hagn* Legbe" 
{Ortat Leight—DuK. of London], ahortly before the Election of Stapd- 
don (330), who wrote to Ualpb, Bp. of London, IG Hay, 1308, tn aacartMi 
whether Morham had been actually admitted, and ao had oeded hia Kactwj 
□f Lontegloa, before admitting thereto 

TKomtu dt Lotidont, cl^k, who had bean preeeiited, IG Harali, 1307-8i bf 

-> Ordained priest {LiU. Dim.) by the Ricardi de Ciriaeaua, defonoti, in 

Bp. ot Wincheater, in the Pariah maQu R>^ exiatentia ; et diiiguntnr 

Cburcbo(KiDgiton(iSurT«^},22Sept., Liters Epiacopo ExonienaL " " 

I^IZ {RigitL lyodtloke.Sn). F.J.B. "' 

* " WillelmuB de Suttone, clericiiB,habet 

Literaa Regis de preaentacione od F.J.B. 
Eccleaiam de Lannytou, vacantem, ° Ordained aoeolite, 20 Sept, 1820; 

et ad donaciouem Regis apectantem 242^. 
racione Cuatodie terre et heredia 

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iNHTrrirnONS} sro. 229' 

Prtcr da Otmatatt, Earl of Commll ; 31. On 16 Hweh, tlie Kdiop 
dirested UieArchdn, of Gomirall to mike Inquudtiou m to the vaa,aay, 
etc. ! iAtcL He wu iiut, 3SDec (bjpron' — Nicbolude Hyntone, clerk] ; 
"bbIto, tantea, par omnui jure Oommi Edwardi R^"i 37^- On hit 
ndgnalioii' ■ CommiBdoD was directed (10 Jul;, I317J, to Richard d« 
CoIetonB, Offldal- Principal, for the admiBsioa, stc, □{ 
Sir Tkimat de Swynetefi, clerk j Patron, the King ; 120. 

LiNTBaLOs-BT-FowEY* [Lanteglos juxta Polruan, MS.], Vicars, 

Bir Peter ; on whoae death, "Die Dominica proxima ante Faatum Saneti 

Dmutani" (13 Hay), ISIS, 
Sir WiOiam dt MonkeloTtt, priett, waa init., 7 June ; Patrona, ths Maater (Fr. 

Btotj) Mtd BicUireD ot the Heap, of St John B^tiat, of Bridgewater ; 141. 

IiAPFORD fLappeforde, MS.]. Rectors of— 

Sir Robrrt de Umfravyie {tee lol. 89). oocura as R., S 3ept, 1310 ; 6S*>. 

[ WSiiam de Traaygnon, " Rector Eodeaie de Lapforde," waa ordained anb- 
deaoon {Litt. Dim.), in lAmbeth Chapel, b; Abp. Walter Reynolda, 17 Dec., 
1317 (Segitt. Ee^Mt, fol. 17S>>).— F.J. B.}.— Vacant, "a die Mercurii 
proxima poat F«atiim Sandi Baiiiabe, Apcotoli" (Ifi Jane), 1817 ; and 

JMerf (b UmfrmiiUe, clerk,' waa iniU, 11 July, 1317: Patron, HeiU7 de 
ITmfranTiUe,— " Injuiudt, tamen, Dominmi eidem Roberto, nib pena oentutn 
aolidorum, quod adlret Soolaa Oramatkalee, et qaod ad ipaum veoiret, t 
MOgoliB anniB Mmal, at acire poaait idem Dominua quaUter in predictia f 
Sonia prdatuB Robeitna enedierit " ; ISO. On hia reaignation — bj letter 
dated Uandaff, " aij Kalmdaa Julii " (20 June), 1320, 

WaUam (b Braibrvte, dark, w«a inat. IS Oct. ; Palron.tiie mtne; 162^. On 
irticsa NHgnatioi], ma iiut., 4 Got., 1322, 

Haattr Jotat de BraHbrvkt, socolite; Pfttroa, the Eing, 
Domini Henrioi de Dunfraville (tic) in monibua mis exii 
LA.DNCELLS [lAQceles and Lonoelles, MS.], Vicais oE — 

Sir PhUip [de Somdode—tee loL iesi>], oocun aa T., 12 Jnly, 1310 ; 6S. On 
whoae death, " die Jovia proxima ante Feetum Conversioma SancU Pauli " 
(21 Jan.), 1321-2, 

Sir Bobert dt Brghen, pikat, wm iiut., 2 Uanih ; Patroiu, the Abbat and 
CotiTent of Hartland ; IW'. 

Launcbston (St. Stephen's), Priors of (see Vol. I., 198, note),— 

[Aoteri ; Ob. 24 Jnna, 1149. 

efeefrey occnniii 1171. The Keglaters mention no Prior befora 
Jie&rt FiuaBrt, whom vre flnt meet in 1269. But Ur. A. F. Robbing, Author of 
LoMtuxtUm, Patt and PreMnf, boa klndlf referrtd me to Sir John Madean'a 

Trigg- jtinor jl, 47), where 

Sodfreu ia maDtionea aa hariiu 

(Ped. Pill. 3 Joh., EaeUr, JVo. 3.— 1202). Furtlier, he informs me that the 

Oodfrqi ia maotioned aa having buffered a Fine in Trewsnt to Benedict da Trewent 

Prior AicAonf who died in the interval between Bp. Bytton'a death and the 
acceaaion of Bp. Stapeldon waa not SicAard de Uvpetone (ai I anrmised), bnt 
RiiAard de Motli^ont, who occiub iu 1271 and 1292 (aee Peter'a Hittory qf 
Laiaieeelon, pp. 8, 78]. On the death of Sir Rickard, 

I He wu ooDated. 3 Feb.. 1320-7, by 
John de Stmtfotd, Bp. of Winoheeter, 
to Chilbolton in that Diooeee {Reg., 

fol. 101), which he exchanged with Parson o „ , 

Philip Bemardini de norenda, G ogainat Hicholaa Fibt-Raanlph and 

Nov., in 1331, for Heniot, Somenet. othen, touching a tenement therein 

lol. 126*— F.J.B. (A* Pat. 4 Edvi. /.,«. J6^).-J.I.D. 

"■ ■ Ordainedaooolite,24Sn>t..I317;23e: 

deacon, 22 April, 1318; 239: priert^ 
23 Sept., 1318 ; IVi^. 

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Roger iU SorUme vu alecM : oonflniwd 8 U*j, 1808 : Tha Oommiirioii for bla 
UwtalUUon !■ dalad I Utj ; Si\ 

Lawhitton [Lawyttone, MS.], Rectors of— 

Sir Jtettrt (htgH, prioit ; od whow raaigiMlami 
Sir Join it PuUtnt, dnooo, wu ooU>t«d, 20 Oct, IS09 ; 4i)>. 
John dt lanceoeUmt,* derii, wu collated on Sniidar, tMing All-3*iiito' Da; (1 
Nov.),lS10,—"Jta, videlicet, . . qDodld«in JobuDN, AdlotoFMtoOmittiiin 
Suwtonun niqiie ad FestDU Patche tx tmu proximo lacatiirnBi, dBlibfvot intn 

Sanetonun niqiie ad FestDU FMche u tmu proximo aacatnniBi, ddibfvot intn 

■B aa Collaclonem hnjnain-" -"■' '—■ ' ' — '* -" " 

tempui ad dellbenuidiUD, e 

i Collaclonem hnjiumodi aibi lactam aocaptan Tolusrit dvB Don; miod 

ifbminiu I^tnu (de Honitonel lu ma cnitodiL dido Jobami de l^mentOM^ 

In evantn Mceptacionli CoIlacioDii ejoidMD bina diotr- ' ._j_a.-. 

Seqantrom ^jiudam Etxlesia jnUrim eommlttsudo < 

Coitodla Seqaeatrf sibi atlu depnUli," ; 60^. 
IIa>t«r Jo&n ^ (Todrciy, clerk, wu colUC«d, 8 Oct., 1312; taking Um Oath of 

OlwdintM before Nichalu de Hele, Ralph da Oatapathe, and Tbomu da 

HoUwcre, " in camera CaooeUarii" ; 71. Ha axduwced, 11 Deo., 1313, with 
Uaatv lUAtrt ByAtwaUt, R, of SL Perran-UthDO (Mil by proij: for tlM 

fonoer, Nicholu de Hcde ; for tfae latter, Peter do Hmatone, prieit) ; 70''- 
/sAn It jTxypH deriL> wu collated, 7 Manh, 1810-17 ; 1171>. On wtumt 

vttaaatiiaa to Bari7-lTarbor, 
/mU di PvOtfordt wu oalktad, 11 AftO, IKl ; 157*. 

Lblant [Unanta, MS.1, Vicara of— 

Hairier Subrrt le Sent»c/uiP wu collated 20 April, 1810 ; i.V>. 
Haater QOierl dt Carnvhia, ordained deacon on the lame day,* mi adlatad 
e (the Honea of) Jane, "poat pnndiiun dioti diei," 1811 ; e2>>, 22S. 

Lesnewth fLesnewythe, MS.], Rectors of — 

[Emrf U Anyi* wu B. in 1297— Prjnne'a Beoordi, iii, 716 (quoted in Sir 

John Maclean's Trigg-Hiiuir\. 
SiAard de CCrfjraiu ; on whoae ramgnatioa 
Sir Tkomat dt Slaptldone, prieet, wu admitted, 16 Kanh, ISOt-fi,—*)! 

tommtKdam, "inita fomum Conatitocionia que incipit^ Ntmo deino^' ; 

Fatnm, Richard le Deneji ; 30. 
/oA»kA)U)aoccunuR(aubdeaaon), SO Sept, 1809; (OnL)2220: dcMcm, 

18 April, ISIO; 324^: priest, 18 Sept., 1311; 328^ 

Lew Tbkhchaed [Lyvtrenchard, MS.], Rector of— 

Sir AqAcji de Mdateat, chaplain, wu inab, S June, 1800 ; Patron, William 
^ftenelMrd; il". 
Lbzamt [Lansaot, MS.], Bectora of— 

Thomat dt Hcmyngfvrd ; on wbcae resignation 

y Ordained tabdeaoon. 10 Feb., ISIl- * Ordained [subdtMon (Xitt J>iai.) by 

12; 220: deaoon, 11 March, 1811- theBp. tf St. DaTid'i, in the B0I7 

12 ; 220^'. Qhoat Chapel, BasinBatoke, 24 Hay, 

■ Ordained acoolite, 24 Sept., 1317; 1308 {Rml. Woddolec,Ep. Vwifoii., 

""' -'■ "■ ■■ ' S20'>).— F.J.B.]: priest, 18 St]*., 

1311 ; 228". 
* Htmn (perhi^s, Btnry U Drnii) 

aed aubdeaoon, 14 Manii, ISOO- 

t. i^ (M} Md M. 2M. {,S4) 

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rasTTTOiiONS, Era 

HoBlaonte, 17 Feb., 1S09-10, oad iusU, C March (Sigitt. Dnient^ord,— 

Ed. HobtKnae, 29, SO). 
Hutw Soger de Ottry, prieat, waa admitted, tn eovtmendam, "aeptiino 

ir.l«iH.^ Aprilii," (ES March), 1S12 ; SS''. Sir /oAn ds i^dton^ CanoD cj 

CredHon, WMOoUatod'l Oct., 1312; 74: [caooelled— " va . . oat"]— At 

St. QsuuiiB. 
Sir JitcAonJ dt Wert, priaat, waa admitted, in eemmet^d<ul^, S Feb., 131S-1S 1 

Sir n#aKH lb 'faoBa oooon at R., 22 Dec., 1318, when he was onUiitad 

deacon' ; 231. On hia nsignation 
UtaUa Bmry dt Slouforda, clerk, waa collated, 31 JUI7, 1S22 ; IBS. 

IiiPrON, Rectors of — 

Sir Bdbert dt Thorp ; on whoae nei^tion (18 June), 1319, 

InibumentamoojuadMa Petri Si 
the King; US. 

Sir Wmum dt Stqfmlt, oleik, waa Inat, 8 Vxj, 1820; Patron, the aame,— 
" Diatolit, tamen, Duninua ipaiuB Induccionem quouaque JohannM de 
Bullae, poeaeaaloni dict« Ecaleaie de facto incumbena, amoTeretur libers ab 
eadem; 11B'<. He was inducted [Stom^ardt, H3.], 27 Feb., 1320-1 ; 167. 
But M« RlDBDTB, 167". 

LiflKKATtP [Liskerrit — margin Liekirret, MS.], Ticsra of — 

Haater J«kri ZauMab flnt oocnni aa T., 21 Dec, 1308 ; (Ord) 218, On hia 

death, " die Martia prozima ante Feetum Bancti Alph^ (14 April), 1321, 
Kaater BAert CUyn, deacon, waa inat., 7 Oct. ; Pabona, the Fnor and 
Convent of Lannceaton 1 161. 

LiTTLKHAM [North Devon — Litelham, MS-l Rector of — 

Sir Synum ocean aa B., 2 July, 1310 [Patron, David de Bere ] ; S20. 

LiTTLEHAM [by Easmovih — Lyttelham, MS.], Vicars of — 

Sir Saberi ; on whoae death 

Sir Lukt dt Axmintfre, prieat, waa inat., "xij Kalendna Julii," (20 June), 
1316, hj Richard de Coletone, Official -Prind^ and Yicar-aenera] ; Patron, 
the D. and 0. of Exeter ; 105. 
Little Heupston [Parva Hemmystone and Farva Hempstone, 
Ua], Becton of— 

WatUr de Ounlt ooonn as R., 21 Dec., 1308 ; {Ord.) 2ia 

Mn U MmrttduU, dark,' was inat (by pm; — Peter da Eertte, clerk), 80 

Deo., 1312 ; Fatrona, the Abbeaa and Convent ol Canonateigh ; 75<i. 
ait WaUam ooaan aa B., 30 Sept., 131G ; 110. Nevertheleeg, it waa on Oc 

raiffnatlimtf Jtlhit tall«A It Marttchid, " tlie kat Sector there," that 
SiAard dt Sanelo Martino, clerk, was inst., 7 Aog., 1320 i Patnma, the 

mant; 150<>. On whoaa death ["Domini Thomt^ de Sanoto HartJDO," VS.], 

"die Sancti Thomek A^natoli" (21 Dec), 1322, 

' Ordained deaooi), 20 Sept., 1809; da Laoaant > . . per Dimisaorias "— 

33S: prieat, 6 March, lSlO-11; 227^ bj the Bp of WiDcheater, in the 

* " Lanaant in the mamn; "Kan- I^fiah-Chnrch of Kingston, Surrey, 

aant" in the Text, Wat Lennt or BL 22 Bapt, ISla {litgul.Woddokt,U2) 

Breoke mtendadi Both were in the [F.J.B.]; prieat, 28 March, 1318-U; 

gift of the Bishop. """■■ 

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fcumque ; 171. 

LriTLE Pethgrice, otkemnee St. Fstroce-Hihob [" Nansfon- 
tein," MS.]. Rector of— 
Muter Si^uiniPol^auM a«cura u R, 7 a«pt., 1321 ; 169". 
LtTTLK ToRHiNGTON [Parva Toritone, MS.], Rectors of— 

^rtfidMlat Wyjiertli on whose dMtb, "ciwtiiio SmuoU Andraet Aportoli " 

(X Deo.), 1811, 
WiBiam dt Loeeom^ ma inducted, 8 Hay, 1312 ;■ on the prewntttioa «f Jtdu 

de Welyngtons — " Cii«todi» terrarum JohumU Dntulea, lUcaidi Coftjrii, 

Edmnudi de Speocote, Oslfridi ds Loccoma, Egidie d« SauKto CSun, et 

Johaimii de la Bene, Patronorum ejaadran ; 71^. 
LODDISWELL [Lodeswille, MS.], Rectors of — 

Ptier de SdUvritte, clerk, was imt., 14 April, 1309 (by proxy— Sir Joho da 

OneW) ; Patron, William la Suche ; 40.— Vacant "a die Jotu) praxima 

ante FeetQm Saucte Marie Magdalene " (21 Jul;), 1317 ; and 
Niduiat de AntndtUe, clerk, nas inat, SO Aug.; Pabon, the nme ("k 

Zoiiache," MS.) ; 121. 
LoXHOBE [Lockeshora and Lockesore, MS.], Rectora of — 
Jtidmrd StiUerd, print, ocoura aa B., 26 Nov., 1308 ; 15. 
BobeH de AytWffiU, clerk, na inet,, 23 Feb., 1S12-13 ; Patron, William de 

Haleghe; 70. — Viu»nt, " per reaignadoaem ultimi Bectotia " ; and 
Sir Thtmae dt Chyvenan, pneat, waa inat, 22 Oct., 1319 ; Patron, Dame 

Lucy de Baleghe ; 144^. 

LUFFiHCOTT [Lu^ncote, MS.], Rector of — 

Sir Roger MaU, prieat, occura aa R., 17 Aug., 1314 i B7. 
LUHDT Island [" £cclesi& S&ncte EUene de Londoi," MS.], — 
Sir WalUr le BiUe was preoented circa 6 June, 182S ; Patron, Hu^ k 

" ; 184''. 

LuPPm [Louepitte, MS.], Rectors of — 

Of tlie early Rectors of this Pariah, not mentianed in our R^iatera, we find from 

the Newenham Cartulary that 
Bmry U FUmmynge died R. in 1266 ; Via Patron waa Rcgituld de Mohnn. 
Salduriit de JUohun, a younger brother of Reginald, aaccaeded, and died in the 

following year; Patron, kac via, John de Northampton, Abbat of Newenham. 
Kcbert succeeded, 27 Oct., 1'267 ; irhOK eimiame (imUted w our Re^/itier, tt 

Vol. I., p. 1C1, V8 leam ^m the Cartulary) waa de Toneworlh ; Patron, Sir 

William de Mohun. The Register sayi "John," who vaa the aon and heir cf 

Reginald, Founder of the Abhey, Sir Williala being the aeoond aoa. On tba 

next vacancy, 
John de Oodeieghe (aflerwaids Dean of Wella, and iu 1327 Bteht^^lect of fiistar), 

VBB pracrUed ; but ihece ia no lecoid of hia InBtitutJon. 
Scbert de PenUUnue was preaented in 1273 j and, although hb Institation ia not 

recorded, there can be no doubt that it took place ; (or ha occnra aa R , 27 Dec., 

1308; 37<>: and he waa inaL in 1312 to Btoke.Fleming (Patron, Sir John de 

Oarm, Rnt), and 
Sir WiSiam de Leyeettrt, prieat, waa inat to Lnppitt, 3B Feb., 1312-18; 
Patron, the same,— eridsitly an excbuige ; 70. 8te Duidaon'a Bitterf rf 
Neuenham AlAey, p. 75. 
LUSTLBIQH [Lusteleghe, MS.], Rectors of — 

I Ordained deacon, 6 April, 1814 ; 233: Raleghe. Subaequently he ww R tA 

prieat, 31 Deo., 1314 ; 234)>. Luooombe, which he esdianged in 

■ William de LQccombe occim aa R of 1324 for Over Stowey, — both ' in 

Nettlecombe {Somentt) in 13(9: be SomecMt (IfMwr). 
held it till 1816: Patron, John de 

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INtfllTirUKfflS, BIC. 238 

JoU tU iMddegke, Kocdite,' wu inat, IS Harch, 180»-10 ; Patnm, Sir 

WDliam Is Prouz, Ent. ; 48'>- He eicluuiged, for LunroTOM, with 
ffir iVter d( Aenetmie, who ma admitted (letters of Indudioa only], 17 Haj, 

1318 ; Patron, Dune Alice, relict of Sir WiUiam le Prouez, Ent ; 126^. 
Haiter Hugh dt SoeAet, clerk,* vai imt., 29 Aug., 1316 ; Patron, Dame Alice 

la ProuoE, — L«tten i^ Inititution onlg ; ibid. 
Lthpstone [Umenystone, MS.], Rectors of — 

WHUam dt FudeaCI^, eubdeacon, oemin as R., 24 June, 1308 ; i6\ He 

na^md "die Dmniiiica in Feeto InTendoai* Sanote Orucia" (8 May), 

lutTing exchanged, for Bicton, with 
Jf<Kt*n, called U ArMoiier, aabdeacon,* nho waa inat., 8 Hay, 1310 ; Patron, 

Sir Geoffrey de Alba Uarlia, Knt, CO^ In UtUe more than a montli 

AMatttr exchanged bank again to Bioton, with 
Haiter WiOiam dt TudaeUU, deuon,' who wm inat., 16 June, 1310 : Palnm, 

thoBame; S2'>. 
Maker [Macre, MS.], Vicars of — 

Sir Bugh; on whsae death, "die Joria in Festo Saneti Hathei, ApoBtoli" 

(21 Sept.), 131S, 
8^ William da Miri^ddt, priea^ was inat, 6 Oot ; Patrons, the Prior and 

Conrent of Plymplon ; 131. On whoae death, " die Teneria proxioM ante 

Featiun Piinficadonia Beate Tiiginis " (29 Jan.), 1321-2, 
Sir JAn dt Ortmcombt, priest, was inst, 17 Feb. ; Patrons, the same ; 186t>. 

Mamitrad [Mammeheved, MS.], Rectora of — 

TioatM Amulplii, aocolite, ww inst, 18 Sept, 1809 ; Patron, Sir Nidiolai 

Carreu, Knt ; 48''. 
Haater BioAard dt Bommit, oleA* waa in«t, 12 Sept, 1316 ; PatioD, Sir 

John Wogan, Ent ; 114>>. 
Sir Bamund oocuni u R, 4 Jan., 1821 ; lfl3».— Institution not recorded. 

Manaccan [Menstre, MS.], Vicar of— 

WUliam dt MmfflfUht, priest w«s coUated, 8 March, 1808-9 ; 39. Also, 

— "Ootaro die Harcii [1308-9], spud Fenryn, Dominua conColit Porcionem, 

nn nnper optinuit Dominus Sadiil}>iiui de Tregeiaynyoa, defunctus, in 
eeia Sancte Menace in Menstre,' Domino WiSelBm dt Omgaran, 
neabiten); qua tanto tempore vaoavit quod ipdus Colluiio ad ipBum 
Dominum Bpiaaopum extitil, ilia vice, It^time deroluta ; 39. 
Mamaton [Manetone, MS.], Rectors of — 

Simon Btaidt, cleric^' waa collated {by lajite) in the preseooe ot Peter do 
Honetoie and lUchfird (aon of Philip) Lovecoke, of Tivtatoa, Nolary- 
Publick, 19 Jan., 1317-18; 125.— Vacant "a die Sabbati prozima peat 
Featum Sanctomm Fstri et Pauli " (2 July) ; 1323 j and 
WiBiam la Cornv, deaoon, was inat, 11 Oct. ; Patron, Sir ITicholaa de Eirk- 
ham, Ent ; 181. Stt p. 201, nolt 2. 
Mabhamchitech [Marwenecherche, MS.], Rector of — 

' This la intereetlng. The Parish, now 

always called " Manaocan." is c«l]ed 

"Menstre" in the earlier Registan. 

10 Sept, 1320 ; 243. It ia clear that its present name is 

■Not TurbevHUi'u in OUvar'a List that of Uie Saint to whom the Church, 

{Bcdrn- Antig., iii, 90), vhidi 1» in the Manor of Minstw, i* 

* Ordabeddeacon, IS June, 1810; 22G'>. dedicated— St Hanaca. 

■ Onlained pricet) 6 March, 1310-11 ; * Ordained accolile, 1 Hey, 1318, 239; 

227^. subdaacon, 17 June, 1318; 239'': 

a Ordained' subdeaoon [Burwike, MS.], deacon, 23 Sept, 1318 ; 240*': priest^ 

18 Sept, 1810 ; 337. 28 Dec, 1318 ; 211. 

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234 Ti 

Sir Ai^ oeonn m R, 26 FebL, 1833-8 ; 174. 
MABlANSLEiaH [Marineleghe, MS.], Yicar of — 

Sir William dt PradekvUe, pnnt, wh iiut, 28 Jolf, 1312 ; Pttrmu, tba Prior 
■nd Convent of Berlinoh ; IV: 

Mabtinhoe [Mat^gho and Mattyngeho, MS.], Rectors, of— 

— Vacant " it Die Dominio. prozima poet F^stum FurifioacioiiiB B«>t« Maris " 

(8 Feb.), 1313-1* ; and 
Hutar IFHiia'm de OroMOume, BubdeaoOD,* wai inat., 7 Hay, ISU ; FWroD. 

John de Peturg ; 84'' . On whoae reaigiiatiDn, " die Luna proxiaia port 

Fcrtnm fiaate Marie Ma«;dalene " (24 July), 1318, 
/n&n Bmry* of PeniTa, was inat., 21 Aug. ; Patron, Philip ab QT7liin ; 128^. 

Mabwood [Uerewodo and Merewoda, MS.], Rectors of — 

— Vacant; and the Ciutodjr of the S«qa«etntion waa cxnmnitted, Si Jnn^ 

1314, to Sir John de OalmatODe, R of Tawitook ; Sfi''. 
Sir Soger, print, oceora ai B., 2 Jan.. 1814.1G ; 101. 
Haater IfiUtam Bioyau, clerk,' waa inat, 28 Hay, 1S17 ; Patron, Sir Williun 

Martyn, Enb ; lig>>. 
Mabistow [Seynctemarieatouwe, MS.], VicarB of — 

Sir William TrtiuAard waa atill V., IS Feb., 1808-9 ; aS^.-^w VoL L, p. 164. 
Sir Wmam de la ESU (ur HyOe), deaoon,* waa vaL, 28 Jan., 1809-10 ; 

Patrou, the Prior and Convent at Flympfani j 47. 
MeAVT [Mewy, MS.]. Rectors of — 

Haater W<^tar de Xymmtlonde waa inat., S3 July, 1809 ; PatroH, the Ptitm 

and Convent of Plympton ; 42'', 
Sir John dt Saafdde aubdeaoon,' oooort aa R, 20 Oot, 1810 ; 67'>. On 

wlioae dealli, — " die Hercurii proiima poat Featum Sancti Mathoi, ApostoU ** 

(23 a«pt.), 1SSI, 
/(An dt ataipdfard, clerk, waa innt., 4 Oct; Patrona, the mna; 181. On 

whoM death, " die Lune proiiina ante Featum Sancti Luce, Ewannliat* 

(12 Got), 1821, 
Sir JiAa de Sckirtford, prieat, waa inat-, 10 Jan., 1321-2 ; Patrona, the aajiie t 

Meeth [Ecclesia Beati Michaelis de Metfae, MS.], Rectors of — 
A Commiadon waa directed "xij Kalendaa Deoambria " (20 Nov.), 1312, 

to Chancellor Roger de Oteri and Wm. de Kilkenny, Canons of Exeter, in 

an action between Sar&olomtte dt Sanelo Laurtncio, clerk, preamted to tfafa 

Benefice by Walter, son of John le Beneia, piainHff; and 
Sir WillUm dt JVemijrry, dseoribed as de /acta Incumbent of the aaid Chmdl, 

defendant ; 7G. In Uie event the aaid 
[Haater] Barthotomae de Saneio LoMreneia, cilerk,* waa inat., 7 Atig., ISIS ; 

Patron, as above ; 79''. On whoae mdgnation 
Sir Wmiam Butta, priest, "familiaris Domini," waa inat, 7 Fek, 1319-20; 

Patrons, the Prior and Honks of Cowit^, — " ailva eiadem Priori et Honadiia 

annua Pendone duormn aolidoruni dumtaxat quatenua modem d« Jon 

debeatur"; 147. 

> Ordained deaoon, 24 Sept, 1317 ; ' Ordained deacon, 18 Deo., ISll ; 229: 

338^ priest, before 8 July, 1821 ; 1680. 

* Ordained aubdeacon. 23 Sept., 1318 ; ' Ordained accoUte, 22 Dea, 1313 ; 
240. 280": aubdeacon, 23 Uarch, 1318.14; 

* Ordained [deaoon,!? Dec;, 1817 (i^ 282: deacon, 22 Sept, 1819; 241: 
I>m.), in Lambeth Chapel, by Abp. print, 22 Dec., 1319 ; 242t>. Hd 
Walter Beynolds (Jtegut., lol. 180)]: was not, as haa been auppoeed, the 
prieat, 18 Hardi, 1317-18 ; 289. Dean of Bieter of that name (m 

d prieat, 4 April, 1810 ; 234^ BKauMTOH). 

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nraxinmoNs, kcc, 235 

sir WUOm Utwg, priart, wu inrt., IB Nov., 1321 ; Patcona, tha Mine ; m\ 
Henhentet [MaJuniethe, margin Maheniet, MS.], Rector of — ■ 

Sir Sagtr dt TVfptMlate, print, v» inab, 20 Oct, 1S17 ; Fatzona, Adam 
Dnignal and Jowi de Sancto Wiimooo, — " Bt . . Donunua monuit prediotum 
Bogetnia qaod in predicu Eodeaia penonalitor nsideret intra mettsem, tub 
pen* jnriji, prout onus hujunuodi BeneGdi reqnirebait " ; IISK 

MzETOM,> Hector of — 

nemat Wyger, aooolite,* was iiwt., 1 Oct, 1806 ; Patna, Dame Kaigarjr de 
HsttODSi 14. 

Hbshaw [Menschathe, MS.], Hector of— 

Bir Stury dt Sando Oermmui, prioFt, w«a inaL, 37 Sept, 131S ; PaUon, Sir 
Hattliew de Foingaui, Knt, " luto Tioe, racaoue Onatodie hendum Domini 
SimoniB fllii Bogonia, Hilitu, d^imcti, at temnim ejaadem apud Heua* 
disthe; no. 

MlCHAEi^TOw ["Eccleeia de Stouwe Sancti Michaelis, juzta 
Hellisbiri," MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir WaUam oooon ai R., SO Ang., 1316; lOB. On whose death, "die 
it Faatum llnti Pxtri ul Vinnnla " !H Ana.'\. tSUd. 

. r-jiu. Driest 

and ; ISZ 
MiLTON'AsBOT, Yicar of — 

Batrj oDOQia aa T., 23 Jnlj, 180S ; L 190^. 

Hilton-Dahabel, Rector of — 

Warint oecnra (im Cooklnuy), S Aug., 1315 ; 107i>. 

MrasTER Priory ["Prioratus Ecclesie de Laminiatre, alias de 
Talkam, MS."],— 

Fr. FMip oocun aa Prior, 3 April, 1811 ; 60^. 

Ft. RMard Porld, Honk, waa mat, 26 Fab., 1S13-14, having been presented 
to the Biahop b; Fr. Philip, Prior ot Tjwardreath, and Fr. Jocelin, Prior o( 
Totnea, in tha name of Fr. John, Abbat of St SergiDB, Anjoa, — " et t« 
inititaimna Priorem et Reotorem canonice in eodam, curam et Tegimea 
cjoadem tiU in Domino oommittendo " ; S2'>. 

Ft. WOiam Souga, Monk of St Senjoa, Aa, waa oollated {ba lapK), 30 
July, 1323; 178. 
MoDBURY Pbioet [Modbiri a/nd Modbirie, MS.], — 

Vt. WiUiam de Nova JTotuioM ; on wboae death, " die crastinB Sancti 
Aanudni, Anglomm Einaoopi" (27 Hay), 1321, 

Vi. ifidula*, dictUB la Barbt, Uonaohna Monaaterii Baate Harie de Sanoto 
Petio aapw Divam, SagiMiaia Diooeaia (A. Pieirt mir Dift, Oioe. «/ 3»a, 
Nonumdf)," wu iust, 21 Sept^ ; Pataoo, Sir Jainee de C^tone, Knt, in 
aoqioiiotion with the Abbat and Convent <d the naid Honaater; ; ISO''. 

MONKLHGH [Monkeleghe, MS.], Vicar of— 

> 8te Vol. L, P.11SS.— There waa • die- (7).— J.LD.— Nota that Sir John 

put« as to Uie ri^t to preaent, in Widger had ptesented, "ntdone 

137S, — "Uertone: Presentationdirec- Cnatodie," juet before. 
ted to the Btahop of Eieter, of ' Ordained deacon {Litt. Dim.) bj the 

BarAelcmtv dt la Najft, chaplain, la Bp. of Wincheel^, in the Pariah' 

the Church of ; void, and in the Church ot Kiii((«ton, Surrej, 32 

Eing'a gitt b; reason of the Cuetod; Sept, 1313 {JUgiit WodtMx, 332'')— 

of the bnda and hara of Walter de [F.J.B.] ; having been ordained aub- 

ICertone, deoeaaed, which ia in the deacon l^ Bp. Stapeldon, IS April, 

King'a handa. Banbiuj, 20 Feb." 1310; 224>>i prieat, 32 Dec., 1313; 

[1270-71. IUit.Pat.BSibs.I., 231>>. 

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Sir ffvmpkrti/ ooctin u V., 1 Haich, ISOS-IO (*« 
MoNKOKEHAMFTON [Uonke Okamptone, MS.], Rectors <rf — 
Sir Soger Bloyou oocun as B., 1 Hanji, 1S09-I0 {tee " Cotifeanoiw ")_; tS. 

— Voeuit " die Jorli pnixima ante Featum Annundadonia Baate Haiia (81 

Har«h), 1S24-C, aod [Honekokunptone, H8.], 
WaUer de EOdeiie} derk, iraa iuit, 23 Hxj, 1S25 : Patron, Sir John d« 

Ltmgeforde, Ent. ; ISi". 

MOBCHABD-BiSHOP [Moicestre Eptscopi, MS.], Rectois of — 

Sir John TMiro. He eichaiiged* with 

Sir Hiitary (R of St. Breoke), who vaa collatad 1 Hay, ISIO i}n pmxj— 
Richard de FolkewiUe} ; 50. Sir HiBary vra* mj old and iiiflrm at the 
"~- - ■" ooculto Dei judicio , . . unio ootifi«cta*, parpetua egritudillB 

graratiu^ et luioiiiibuB oculorum privatua, et aliaa wniaum dioawBODs 
debilitatui " ; and tlis Bishop (11 Maj, 1310) appointed ib hia ecadjutor 
ths abore-mentioned JoKa TMin ; 61. Od 3 Sept, Sir WaUer [dt Sent], B, 
took TolljTo's phuM 1 64>>. HUlarg died soon after, and 

Sir Thimtu lit Bentone, priest. Treasurer of Exeter Cathedra], iraa admitted 

tn commendam, 27 April ; 141. 
Kaater WaUer de Setone,' " cleiiouB «t famOiaria [Bpiaoopi}," ma ooQatsd, SB 

Sept., 13191 142». 

MoHBXEiQH [Morleghe, MS.], Rector of — 

— Vaoent "a die Hercurii proxima atit« Featum Bpiphuue Domini (3 Jii.), 

lS12-lSi and 
Sir /oAn dt TettemOe, prieat, waa inst, IG Jan. ; Patron, ^ Peter d» 
Fy3tacre, Ent. ; 7fi''. 
MOBKLEIGH ; Chantry [of the B.V.M.] in the Church of — 

A Commiaiiou waa directed, Ifi Jan., 1312-13, to ClianoeUor Bc^er de Otsj, 

70], Knt i 76, and 
Sir Sliat de QaUambt, duplaio, waa not, 11 Feb. ; 70. 

Moeeton-Hampsi'ead [Mortone, MS.], Rectors of — 

fiJmund de Surgo, aubdeacon, ocoura as R., 2S Dec, ISOS ; 37''.— Tiaat, and 

the Biehop grvnted the SeqneetratJoii to the Presentee, 
Siri>AiIip(bra«<orf, derk, 12 Jul;, 1309; 42. Hewasinat. ["deValletorta" 

Sobdeaoon) HS.], 26 Sept. ; Patron, Sir Hugh dc Courtena; ; 44. Stepken 
i Tautord, aubdeacon, occurs ai E, 30 Aug., 1813 ; 73. Tbsre ii do 
reoord of his Institution, and I suspect a derical error ; for "Fliilip" ooeon 
as E in ISIO and 1311, and reappeara in 1313. 

MOBTHOE [Morteho, MS.], Rectors of— 

Sir tf^iam Traty ; on wboea death, " Die Dominica proxima po«t Pestiim 

IfativitBtia Baata Mwie, Virginia " (12 Sept,), lS2i, 
Sir ITumat Bobai, priest, wna inat, 16 Deo. ; Patron, Sir William da Cunp- 

fiUs, Ent. 1 171. 

' Ordained subdeoeon {Uli. l>m.) b; * Tolliro'a earlier Incumbency and Utk 

the Bp. of Wincheeter, 21 Dec., 133S, Eichuige witb Sir Hillaij ar« not 

in the Pariah-Church of Famham, notioed by OliTW (Bcekt. Aitiq., S, 

(Stait. Stratford ; 142,— he is called 43). 

Wafta de BUdeoote).-FJ.B. ■ Ordained pricot, 22 Dea, 1819 ; 2U'>. 

D.D.t.zea by Google 

nrerrronoNS, etc. 237 

MoRTHOE [Cautaria de Morteho, MS.], — 

Sir lUekard dt (^ernAury, ch&plajn, wu iost., 1 Hwcb, 1812-13 ; PbIiod, Sir 

WQHun HarlTii, Ent ; 70. He waa Buooeeded by 
% Jiuatt dt Utriint, priest ; on nhcae reeigiuition vaa inrt., 12 Sept, 1830, 
Sir noBuu dt MoUorte, prieat ; Patron, the eame ; lEl. 

MoBVAL [Morvalle, MS.], Vicars of— 

Sir JAonuf de Bathi, prieat, vrai collated (by fopK), 28 Hay, 1809 j 11. 

Sir mc/tdat de Fawurt, cbaploia, vai inst., 21 July, 1S09; P&trons, the 

Prior uid Conieot of St. Oennaa's ; 42^ — Vacant " a die Mercurii proiinu 

ante Feetam NatiTitatis Beate Moris " (5 Sept), 1324 ; and [Morvol, HS.], 
Sir AdatA de Trttuigan, prieat^ waa inat,, 1 1 Oct. ; Fatrona, the aame ; 182. 
MOSWENSTOWE [Morwynstowe, MS.]. Vicar of — 

Sir WiUittiadeGoiham, prieat,' waa oallated, 8 May, 1312; 71i>. 
Mdsbubt [Mouabyry and Mouaebiri, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Hugh oocurs oa B., 8 Nov., 1314; 89, 100. He reoigQed, "quarto 

Ealendaa Januarii " (29 Dec), 1310 ; and 4 llarch, I31S-17, 
Sir Aoficrt dt Srandone waa iiut. (bj projy— Master Wm. Here} j llT''. — 

The Patron ia not mentioned. 

Newesham Abbet [Nyweham and Niwenbam, MS.] — 

Fr, Soberl [de FuppUiburj/, a native of Somerset, who had been cellom of 
Beaulieu, and waa promoted to be Abbat here, 30 Sept., 1314], waa bleeoed 

by the Bighop, in the Puriah-Cburoh ot Aiuiinater, 16 Jaa, 1314-lS, — 

" qui profesans fuit coram eo, ibidem, sub hac forma, — 
" Ego, Frater Robertas, Abbaa de Nf weham, aabjecdanem, etc. [as in the case of 
Dunkeswell Abbey; la p. 2071. Col, quidem, Profeuioni idem Abbaa menu 
propria subucripBit, faciendo Sigauta Crucis quale sequitur Ih; presaDtibns 
Haeistro NichoUo de Hele, olerica, Dominia Pctro de Bosetone, fUcudo de Bral- 
laighe, at Roberto da Tredowfll, preabiUria ; Rogero de Boddele^he, Ricardo de 
Tovertone, at Gilbeiio de (la Thome], clericis ; at aliis. £t fuit tunc IndEccio 
xiiji™, Et, lecta coram dicto Epiacopo Profaaaione supraacripta, idem Abbas 
Ipeam in scriptia, at mann eua aubscriptam, ut premittitnr, super M^ua Alton 
posuit manu ana et ibidem dlmistt ; preaeatiboa at supra, et me, J. da Lancea- 
tone"; 101. 
Fr. JiAti [de CeJdimtlt, Prior of Beaulieu], succeeded [on Sabert'i reaignaljoa, 

12 Moy, 1321]. HU Benediction took place at Chadleigh, 2 Feb., 1321-2 ; 

184. He [died 28 Dec., 1324, and] waa succeeded ['Tn Festo CnUiedre 

Soncti Petri (22 Feb.]] b; 
Pi. /(An [dt Oeytfiigtoiu—a native of Notthamptonahire, and formerly 

Arahdn. of Lewaa] ; hia Benediction took pUc« in the Bishop's Chapel 

without Temple-Bar, 17 Maroh, 1324 ; 184. 

Newton-Ferrers [Nywetone Fereis, etc., MS.], Eectors of — 

Strio't de Ferrer; inat. in 1279 (sw VoL L, p. 157), was itiU R, 14 Ang., 
1810; G4. He died before 28 March, 1311: (W"WilU" ; 80. 

Sir JInIpA dt Wdyngtont waa presented by Dame Matilda de Fareia, and the 
Biahop oommiasioned hia OfBcial to moke Inquiaition, etc (12 April, 1311) ; 
W. He reported that the BeoeGce waa void, and Richard de Coletoue, R, ' 
of Petrockatowe, waa appointed "yoonomum aeu oustodem " of ita 
revenues, 4 Junc^ 1311: 62'*. The Benefice lapeed to the Bishop, who 
commiasioaed Robert, Abbat of Tavistock, to cullata, eta., • fit clerk (22 
Sei^,, 1311) ; 8S*'. [On the aame dov he directed to the said Abb«t a 
General Commiauon to deal with ul caaea of lapsed BoDeBoea in the 
Diocese] ; 04. Wdynglant appealed to the Roman Curio agaioat the 
Biahop [tee Rome, Court of ; 66), but without suoceea. There ia no record 
of any InsthutioQ at this time. But it is evident that the Bishop confaned 

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the Beneftoe on the aboTo-iumed 

Hwt«T Siehard dt OMont, who ooonn u R, S Dec, I81S; 84: [dm Mj 
Aug., 1S14 ; S7i>. 

Muter Baay de Nywebme, subdeacon, who was inat. to Bera Vtnvra, IB 
Haich, 1S17-1B, and resigned thit Ben^ce ihout aU month* Istn, ocean 
u R. ot Kewton-FeiTerB, 20 8ept, 1318; 129^.— Vaeuit "« dis Venerii 
proiiniA (KMt Factum 8anci« Fidu (8 Oct.), 1322 ; and be wbs, again, iurL,' 
SI Jan., 1S22'3 ; Patron, 9ir Williain de Fcnera. He Ttaigned (he Ctiaa- 
oellorahip of the Cathedral on the same day, having held it only four 
montfaa {«w page 211) ; 1710. 

Nkwton-St. Cybes [Niwetone justa Criditone, MS.], Kector, — 

— Vacant "a die Martia proiiiua post FestDm Apottolorura Petri et Panli (6 

Jiilj),' 1317. On 1* Oct waa inat. 
Uaater John de Lynham, priest. Canon of SI: David'a ; FatnHiB, Halhiai, the 

Prior, and the CooTent of St Peter and St Paul, Plfnipton ; \W. 

Newton-St. Petrock [Sancti Pefcrod de Nywetone, MS.], 

— Tacant, 3 April, 1S17 ; and 

Benry de Bojfi,* derk, waa init, 23 April ; Patnna, the Prior and Coovtot of 
Bodmin; 119. 

Newton-Tract [Newetone juzta Bamastapoliam, US.}, — 

ThomaMdtSm: hereaigDed, "xEalendaiDeoembrii'' (22 Not.), 1316; and, 

24 Dec, 
William dt Ntwdont, elerk,* tru inab ; Patron, Sir Wm. HartTn, Kni, ; 116li. 
NOHTE BovET [Nortbovy, MSJ, Bectora of — 

Jokn lie CollsAulle vaa Btill R (tM ToL I., p. 163), IS Sept., 1316 ; 109. 
Haaler JiAn dt Lmiam, prieat, waa adinittod, in eommendam, 2S Nov., 1317 ; 

Riginald Pipard, <i)ak, ma inat, Ifl Ju^, 1318; Patron, John Pipard; 128. 

On whose reaiKnatiaii, " iv Kalendaa Ootobria " (17 SepL), ISIS, 
Moater Waller PeUard, cleik,' wu iiut., 6 Oct ; Patron, the aanw ; 181. 

NOBTHILL [Northulle, MS.], Rector of— 

— Vacant " a die Heroiirii proxima poat Featum Sanoti Qngmii P^ie " (18 

Haroh), 1816-17 i and, 29 Hanh, 1317, 
Jehu de Pmte, oUrt,* waa inat ; Patron, John de UoelU ; 1 18 . 
NOBTH MOLTON, Rectora of — 

Mailer TTtUunn dt Stduforde, olerk,' waa inat, 4 Aug., 18W : Patron, WOIiain 

de l^gewyi^e, Proctor or Attorney for Sir Alan la Zudi^ tme paboo ; 

42^. On the reaignation of Segh^orde (tie), 
Haater ^iUtom de OrauAorru, prieet, waa inat {by proxy — Matthew de 

Crauthorae), 13 March, 1319-20 : Patron, Sir Akn de Cherietonc^ Eut— 

"Ben^avii, anteni, dictua Procurator, nomine domiai aai,re «t Tttbo, 

Eodeaiam de CherdelTnche.* Bathonienaia et WeUeniia KoOH^ cniua diotna 


* Ordained deeoun, 22 Sept, 1319; ■ Ordained subdewon, 28 Deo., 1318; 
241 : prieBt, 20 Sept, 1320 ; 249. 240'>. 

* Not "the beginning otAugu«t,"aa in ■ Ordained deaoMi, 23 Bepb, 1318: 
Oliver'B LJat (RxiUt. AftUg., ii, 09). 240*'; priest, 23 Dec, 1S18 ; 841. 

• Ordained aubdeeoon (ItU. J>tnt.) by ' Ordained aabdeaoon, 20 Sept, 1809; 
Abp. Walter Beynolda, in Lambeth 222<>. 
ObapeljOntheTiolofTriDitySunday - ■ - - 

(28 May), 1317 (fcffi*. .ftrnoWi, lot 

177).— F.J.E Dm (Segitl. Dnhen^ford, Ed Hob- 

• Ordahied aoooHt«, 28 Feb., 1316-17 ; house, p. 14). 
SS7>>: pikst, 21 Sept, 1817 ; 2880. 

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North Pbtheewtn [Northpiderwine, MS.], Vicars of— 

ffir Sidiela* ndgned, 12 Oct., 1310, «nd, IB Not., wu iiutdtated 

Bit WaUer Brt^ia, prieiit ; Patmiu, the Abbtt (Robert) and ths Convtot ol 

TiTiitock ; 116. — Vacant " a die YeneriB pmums ante FMtum PeDteooatea " 

(1 Jane], IS21 ; tad. 
Jtahtrt O^ird, prieat, WSB imt, 6 Jut^ ; Pataona, the same i 130^. 

NOBTH Tawton [Northtautone a/nd Chepjngtautone, MS.], 

Haatar Sidlard dt tTdlgngtone, subdMOOD,' ooenn aa K., 17 Sept, 1308 ; 

SS'>. On whoae naS^ation 
l[BBt«r Mvgk dt la Chambn, derk, w«a inat, SG Uareh, 1817 ; PittroD, Sir 

Itichard oe SUpeldone, Knt. ; US. — A CommiBakm lor the Institution of 
Sb John dt PoUme, waa directed to Riotuwd de Coletone and H. Bloyon, IZ 

ijoil, 1822 ; Patron, the aame ; le7^ On wboee reaignation, 13 (the Idea) 

irfNov., 182S, 
Sir /oAh dt PtUonc, prieat {probably, Uie aame), waa inat. Oaj froxj — Kaater 

Nicholat de Hale), 8 Dao., 1328 ; Patn>n, the aame ; 177'>. 
Nymet-St, Qeorqe, Hector of — 

Sir /oAb occora aa R, " die Sabbati f««uma poat F«tum Bmphania Domini '' 

(8 Jan.)) 1811-12; S7.~ Vacant "a die Uercnrii prozIiDa ante Featum 

Conrenionia Saudi Pauli (22 Jan.), 1314-1S; and 
Sir TKomu dt Brtmtom waa inat., t> Hardi ; Patem, Sir Stephen d« Hae< 

combe, Ent. ; 104. 

Ntmht [Thact], Rectors of — 

8irA>6erioO(iim)aaa(«w"Willa--—OauiiT7le), 10 Fek, 1303-9; 38. 
Jlokrt dt Twdfaert, olerl,* waa inat, 21 OoL, 131S ; Patron, Sir William 

Uariyn, Enb; 110". 

Offwell [Uffwillo and OffewUle, MS.], Reetora of— 

Seliert occora aa R, 16 Nov., 1309 ; L ISf. 

Hatter Hugh CaUy, dt SOane, ocoura aa a, 27 Not., 1322 {it " Utt Dim.") j 
Okiford [Ocforde, MS.], Rector of— 

BirWaUam dt WUM ocoura aa R, " pridie Kalendaa Febroarii " (81 Jan.}, 
1310-11 ; eob, 
Okehampton, Vicar of — 

Sir7i>DoccuTBasy.,l March, 1309-10 ((U " Conf eaeiona ") ; 18. 
Ottekham [Oterhara and Oteram, MS.], Rectors of — 

SfVkon dt Saneto Otnttio, aubdouon, oocun as R, 21 Dec, 1808; (Ord.) 

218 ; 22 Feb., 1308-9 ; (iUd.) 220''. On whoae resignation 
Boltrl dt Santio Qenttio, aubdeacon, waa inat., 10 April, 1309 ; Patron, Robert 

^tl- William; 10. 
&a St/jaim (hod of John) dt Santto Omttio, deacon, wbb inat., 16 Jan., 1311- 

12 ; Patron, the aome ; e7». 

Ottebton [Oterytone, MS.]. Vicar of — 

BirJIoAeriooounaaV., 17 April, 1309; 40. 

Ottebton, Priory, Priors of — 

Ft. JHehard [Jordani ; on whoee reognstion " die Sabbati poat Featum Annnn< 
ciacionia Dominice " (29 Marofa) 1309, (after the tapee Ut 13 months) 

Fr. Rubtrt LmH, " Honacbua Domua Hontia SancU Minhnnlia in perlcnlo 
maris," waa admitted S7 April (Letters o( Institution and Induction dated 
at Eieter, 20 April} ; Patrons the Prior and Convent of St, Hiehsel's 
Monot ; i9*>. On Lcnd't reaignation, 3 Aug., 1310, 

' Oidained deaoon, 20 Sept, ISOO ; ■ OrdainKlprieal,18S«iit.,19I6: S8T*>. 

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Fr. JNaUnI 4t Albo thgto, Hoak of St. Mktuel id pericnlo mwh, n 
12 Sept ; "p r w ntibm Nkfaolao da Hele, Oabarto de U T%atn», ii 
mtipao, Bieardo deTwyrartone" ; 114'', Onwhonere ~ ~ 

Vi. Ogtr dt Btttgt,^ alUa CordM, ma •dmiUed in 1319. 
Ottery-St. Mabt, Vicara of — 

IT Ot^fitjl : he wu lucoeeded by 

Sir JiAn dt Humurlotu, prieat 

The Bishop's right to mUiCb wm 

ISll, tdHns him th«t, a"" 

le 6. and C. of Roaini, 

I, II Nov., 1310 ; B7». 

lim th^ althou^ hii PradeceaaiH*, had long eiaroiaad the riu—, 
-• " u ttey beard oftte dewth ot Sir Oeoftey, the 

. S«t,i)ni«lvoptertny- 

Ut« v., proceeded to pneeot "qoeodun IfadBtnuD Johamian, dtd 
Dnm, preabitenun, nt aaaanbaotiu'. In Ungiui FarachiMiorum dicta E 

eipei^un, aet llngoan] eanmdein 

. paoitQa isnon 


donfitatem hnjiumodl preatmtati ipaliia VWrie OoUadD edam ad diml bac riea, 

, SedbVr 

ite. odmittMidns *d hqjaamodi Viouiam, ad MrauuiaiD et e 
naidflDdani radendom in ea, pro fpiina cms peraonalibir agnoacenda. 

secnnduiD StatnU Canmica legltiiDa derolnta, «i i 
Oonatitncionii Domini Octoticnl, quondam in A „ . 
super hoc edit^ odmittMidns m nqjoamodi Viouiam, ad f 

Oomititlicionii Domini (Mobrnl, quDndaniin Angll* ApoatoUM Sedb IdgaU, 

SUB saltern admlssioue corpoiale praatars babeat jnnmentnni ; ma, peraoatm 
tuam prosequi cupientea taioit grade spedolis, dlctam Vicaiiam de Omy Saacta 
Hatie, dura tamen Ipaius Cotlado ad noa alias bod perUnsat, UU, cnm omnflNiB 
jiirihus et pertlnenciis suis UDlTenis— jure ad noa, at pr«aiittitar, denilnto— 
coDferiluiu mtnitu caritatis ; et te lostftoinius Vicarium Peipatnam canonloe in 
esdem ; curam aoimanuii et r^ram ^oadem tibt, tenora Proseadam, in Uomino 
cotDDiittando ; tecepto a te juiameDto qnod, jaita m«Dlem Conatitadoiiia 
predicte, in dicta Vicaria, ot pramittitar, residebia" ; 61. 

Paignton, Vicars of — 

Sir WiUiam de Olney^ died io 1S20; and 

Sir WiUiam de Nortkvode, pneot, wu coUdted, in his abaaDoe, 11 Jnna^ and 
iodooted, 12 Juoe, by Freoentor IL de Coletone, ComnuBMy ; ISO. 

Paekbam [Parkham, MS.], Rectors of — 

Richard dt SpekaAe? naa a before A.D. 1S«S. 

> Rererendo in Chriato Patriae Domino, 
Domino Waltero, Dd gnda Epiaoopo 
ElonieDBi, sui bumilea et deroti Fni- 
trea, Johaimes, Ejusdem penniasione 
AbbM UoDaiterii Hontia Sanoti Hi< 
chaallade pericnlo maris, ejoademque 
Lod Conventui, Ordinia Sanoti Bene- 
dietj, AbriDoensia Dioceaia, aalutem, 
et cum omni rererenda et hoDore 
paratsm ad ejus bauepladta Tolunt- 
Btem. — Beverende Patsmitali vestre 
BeligioBum Vinim, Fratrem Oi|[enim 
ds Bueya, alias Cordon, Ck>mu)oii- 
achum nostrum et profeaaum, latoram 
PreaeDcium, ad earam at ragimeD 
Prioratua noatri de Ottritooia, Testre 
Diooraia, VBcantJa et Ubari per purun 
et Ubaram realgiiadonem Fratria 
Rleaidi de Albo Doyto, CoDunonachi 
ncetri, nnper Prioria dicU Prioratua, 
par haa noatns literaa preeenlamus 
ToUa, bnn^tarauppUcuitaa qoatiDua 
dictum Fratrem Ogerum ad dictnm 
Priontom, nortri grada, benigniter 

ipetuB caritatia intuHa « 

Bene et diu valeat in Domino m 

Paternitas BeTm«))da. — Uatmn sab 
aigillo noatro.die Lune poat Featuis 
Sanctorom Jaoobi at ChriatophofL 
Anno Domini H°CCCa"de<iuioD<aK/' 
[Stitched in between fola. ISZ Hid 

' not " Olwye," as in Olirer's Urt 
Bede*. Aiaiq.,i,\1S). 

' "Pro RJbaia Oiffarde,—Vvt. Tke- 
oomiti Comubie salut^tn. — Volentaa 
Roberto OiCbrde, oapto et detento in 
priaona neatra ds Launoeretotie pro 
morte Rlcardi de Spekoote, qnim tfatii 
Persane Eodesie de FuUtam, nnda 
rectatua est, graoiam taoere apeetalem, 
tibi predpimua qnod, A idem Robctt- 
ua invenerit tiU satBoientea mann- 
etfitoi«a, qui eom aumao^iiant da 
TeDieodo ad noa, in Scotia, cum «qida 
et armia, ibidem uoUaDum in obae- 
quium nostrum ad Toluntatem do*- 
tram moraturam, et, cum inde redierit, 
d« Btando recto in Cutia noatoa, d 

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iHenrrunONs, etc. 241 

Sir John Morin oocun u K.. 2E Feb., 1300-10 ; i7^. On whan dntb, " dU 

Lane in Vigilis FoBti Apoctolcvnta Petri et P*uU" (28 June), 1322, 
Sir Walter de Ctoptoat, prket, wu iniL (by proiy — Muter Ud. de Chodda- 

leghe), 29 July ; Pat^n, the lAdy AliuiorK de Coiuteiuu ; ISS. 
Parracohbe [Pearrecombe, MS.], Rector of — 

Sir Williim di MoU, print, was oollated (by lapti), 9 Aug., 1S08 ; 8S. 
PATHEMBURY [Payhembiri and Payhemberi, MS], Vicars of — 
— Vacant " a die Dominica proxima ante Feetum Saocti Hicbaelli prDiimo 

preterituDi " {24 Sept.), 1812 ; and, 15 Nor,, 
Sir John dt CKij^m, priest, was instituted ; PstroDi, the Abbat and Convent 

of Farde; 7^**. Chijiptiiluait (tic) resigned, by letter dated Exeter, "ij 

Kalendas Ootobro" (21 Sept.), 1320, and 
Sir Bogtr de Domtarrt, prieM, was inst, 2 Not. ; FAtrona, the same ; 154. 

— Vacant " a die Veneria piaiiniA poet Festum Omnium Sanctoium " (4 

" die Veneria pi«uma poat Featam 
CouTersionia Sancti Pauli " (27 Jan.), IS23-4 ; Fatroiu, the same ; ISl. 

pELTNT [Plenynt, MS. J, R&itors and Vicars of— 

[The Records of Newanham Abbey shew that 

Jlobfrt Bcerard, mentioned in Vol. I, p. IflS, was praaented to tb« Rectory of 
Pelyut, by Abbat Geoffrey, in 1364. Resiguing almont immediately he was 
granted the Poiuioa then rafened to, the amount of which was 5CI& annually, 
His enccesaor wu 

Widter dt Trraumr, who was insL, 28 Oct, in the mme ;ear. This WaUer had 
been collated, before 1272, to a Praband In Ulasney (jm Vol. I., p. M); but Us 
Institution thereto is not recorded. The Pension was confaired on 

NiclKlia de MuKte. IB Oct, 127G (sw Vol. I., p. 162). He appean to hare 
BQcceeded TVnnour aa ReeUrr ; and he wan the lost 

Richard de SarmiO Oonmo waa the fli« Vicar {la Vol. I., p. 350). His tOCCeiBOr, 

Wiiiiam de CadecoU, was pressnted by Abbat Ralph, and, therefbie, not aariier 
than 1304. He rssigiied and retired to Newenham, where he died in 1323 and 
was bnried in the Oemetety thens leaving a moiety of his property to the Ahbey. 
The Tear of hi* death eorresponiJa with that of the InstitutJon of Wtdler Fe» ; 
but this la merely a colncddenoe, for the Newenham MS. ahewa that 

JtoipA de S^denvnUht suooeaded Mm, on the presentatiun of the same Abbat (and, 
tEeiefOre^ probably, between 1S04 and 1308, as he is not mentioned In 
Bp. Stapaidon's Re^^star). Be is referred to li^ the Newenham scribe, In no 
flattering terms, as " Comnbicns, qni uialnm Iwit Domul ; de quihoa, poateri, 
careatis. ' The "qulbos," of conrae, is intended for Comiehmen generally, 
against whom there seems to have been a strong prejudice in the Abbey ; for a 
■imiUi memorandum is attached to the name of ■ subsequent Vicar, John 
JogBlonr, — " Comnbicns, ije qua Xaeiojie caveant posteri : quia miser tn<t et 
niua Domni tedt." — Ae Davidson's Hietory rj JV«tc«nAam A\i>eii\ 

— Vaomt "a die Joris prozimA ante Featum Sancti Jaooln, Apcotoli " (SI 
Jnlr), 1328 ; and 

Sir yf^ttf Pm, priest, waa inat., 10 Aag- ; Pfttrotu, the Abbat aitd CoaTOBt 
ot Newenham ; 170. 
Petebtavt [E^esia de Tavy Sancti Petri, MS.], Rectors of-~ 

JlMAord oocun as R in ISIG ; L 205O.~VRcant, 21 May, 1818 ; and 
Hastw JoKn de Uiltelent, clerk,' was inat, 10 July ; I^trona, Uie Prior (^. 

quia TerauB enm loqui TOloerit da manucepemnt, noUa sub tigillo tuo 

morte pradiota, tunc ipsum Bobart- sine ditacione mitto* et hoc Breva. — 

nm a prison* ilia, si ea occanone et Taeta Rege, apud Ceatriam, zriij die 

Don aUa detineatur io eadam, afaw Junii." Rot. uauM. IS Ed», /., m. 7 

dilacione deliberari facias per manu- (1298).— FJ'.B. 
capdonem predictam ; et, nomine ' Ordained labdMOon, 38 8»pt-, 1818 ; 

mannaqttonim Ukram qni com £e 240. 

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Ifathiu), &nd ConTent of PlympUm ; 12S. 
PetrOCKSTOwk [Patrikestowe, MS.]. Rectors of — 

HaBter SiiAard d^ CoUtone occurs u R., 9 Sept, 1310 ; 65^ Thsra ii DO 

Toconl of bu IiutitutioD. Od 6 May, 1310, th? Up. granted him a Pbdood 

of 40*. till he should be provided with * BeneSoe ; 50^. Ga hia reaigiiBtiaii 
HwUr John de L^tJtan, clerk, wu iiut, 5 Not., 1311 ; Putrona, the Abbftt 

and CoDTent of Backfast; 65. On whoae neiguation 
John PoOard {R. of Downe St Hary— an Bichange), was inst, 10 Oct^ 

1317 ; Patron*, the aame ; 123. 

PfliLLZioH [Sancti Filii de Egloaros, MS.]. Rectors of— 

Haater Sitlumi de Cetiforde; on vboae deatli — "die Jovk pnninia uto 

Featum Sanoti ValeDtini " (10 Feb.), 1311-12, 
Uasl«r Sobert it PuIAornan, prieat, waa adinitted in axnaundan, 19 F«b. ; 
Patron, Joan, relict of Sir Rogar de CannyDOv, Knt, " bac vioa . . radono 
dotia sue nb mortem dicti Domini Rogeri aibi debite." He waa iuat., SO 
Feb. ; 66K On the drath of P<A]uirBum (lic), " die Veneria ptoxima 
ante Featum Sancti Michaella in Septembri " (28 Sept), 1319, 

Sir John de Bauq/don, priest, was inft., f " - " ' - ■' 

Tidebatur DomitiO quod ipse Jotiannee i\ 

hi^uamodi Curem regendun, injunctam fait elilein Johansi, aub i«iia (x 
maicarum, qiioil aemper haheat Hwum nunm (^apellaaum ydoiKam, et bone 
conrersacioua et in Littmtura lufficieiitem, i;ui ipaum euper regimina 
dicle Cure instriiat, et earn, Tina wcnm, valeat siibportai^ iDJunctom 
est, eciajD, eiilem, sub peiin BrjiBaioniB BeneHcii predicti, quam acceptaiit, 

3uod illam Summnlini, — Allistimut dt firm,' citra Pestuni tjativitatw Beat] 
ohaon'i Baptista proiimo SAjiitarunij adat cordetenaa, et coutcDta la 
eadem intcllii^t ; ail qne omnia et na^ta per Dominum eititarat, da 
ipsiuB eoneenau eipremo, jnilicialitar conrtenipnatua, — pteseotibua Hanrtio 
Waltero de Setone et Jobaune Huloode, clericis"i 144b.— Id the nuu^ is 
— '"— ; '• Eut plna infra ail tal^ signiim C [which does not autvive, bowser]. 

iub Anno Domini, etc CCC iij". AeooMinglj, we find that h_ -,,_ 

before the Bishop, in the Chapel at Powton, and confeesed that, althongn, wlien 
he was instituted, he had bound himtolr, under p«in of deprivBlioa — " quod 
Sumnmlam illiin juita Synodiim cgua rocatur jl Uisnmtu dettrra, etc. adret 
cordetenua citra Featum Nntivitatii Beali Jobannig Baptiiile proiimo tDoe 
futnrum, et contents in eadeni intdligeret, prout cavetnr euperios . . .. idem, 
tamen, Johannes eandem Suiiimulam neeclvit conletenns, oeo per oniDJA 
intelllgebet eandem." But hia inHuentiil Patroii, Sir Jobn de Cannioow, who 
waa preaent, interceded for him, and the Bithw extended the time till Uictiael- 
niaa. Mo dnte b ^iven ; but this Kntrv is made between the 1st and Snl Nov., 
1S2I, the Blahop being at Puwtaii all the time. There were, also, preaent 
Master Walter de Setone, NichalaH de Hele, Richard de TuTerton*. atHT Philip 
de la More, NoUTies-Pubiick [Roeuuydon, MS.] ; 1S2. 
PiLLATOH [Piletono, MS.], Rector of — 

Vacant "a die Mercurii proilma nute Featum Sanoti Baraabe, ApoatoU (9 

June), 13ia. On 25 Aug. was instituted 
Uaster TAmuii Feryt, clerk^ ; Patron, Sir Kobei-t Bendyn, Knt. ; 111*'. 

PiLTON Priory, Priora of — 

Ft. WUliam dt WrtidxihaU \ on whose death waa instituted, 29 Ainjl, I3IS, 
Ft. Hetirs dt PtkyngthMt, Honk of BlalmeabuTr, — " ad Cellulam wve Prion- 

tumde Pyltone " ; Palrona, Abbat William and the Convent of Halmeaborr ; 

Witneaaea: Nicholas de Hele, }. de Stokea, P. ds Honetone, and otben^— 

" Indiccione quarta dedma,"— 112''. 

* The " Synodua " of Bishop QuiviJ many probably, in moat) of tbe 

<A.D. 12S7) b^na uith tlieaa words. Pariah- Cburehea of the Uiooese. 

The Cbapter-Ueporta («m pp. 130, " Ordained deacon, 18 Sept., 1316 ; 

t\£.) ahew that a oopy was kept in 237". 

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FiLTON ; " Perpetua Cantaria in Ecclesia Parochiali de Filtone, 
pro animabus Willelmi de Baleghe, Militia, progenitorum 
et successorum Buorum, et animabus omnium Fidelium 
defunctorum, celebranda, MS.], — 

Sir John de Waliia, piieat, wu ia*t, 9 Jan., 131S-20 ; Patron, Sir Wm. 
MartjD, KaL, "rsdone minoria etatis Thome, filii et beredia Willelmi de 
lUIeghe, nuper Domini de Ralc^he, in Custodia sua eiietentii"; 143''. 
PiNHOE [Pynho, MS.], Vicars of— 

— Vacant " a die Lune proxinui poat Featum Sanoti Lum, Bmogalkte " (22 
Out), ISia On 3 Deo. ■wtn inBtJtnUid 

Sir iticAant de BaUrUghe,' chaplain ; Patroni, the Prior and Convent of St. 
Nicbolaa', Exeter ; 82. — Vacant " a die Hartia proxima ante Festum 
Apnatolonim Simaois et Jude (2fi Oct.], 1317. Oq tO Dec naa init 

Sir WUlimn Datyt. priest, "absqae tamen nlieni juris prejudido"; Palrona, 
the iame, — " et injunotum erat eidem per Dominum quod illam Summuhun 
jaita Sjnodum qae Tocatur AUiuimut de Term acdat, aub pena XX. 
Bolidonim, cordetenu^, din Pa«oba " \ttt PaiLLEioa, ivAe\ ; 124. 

Plymouth [Suttone, MS.], Vicar of— 

J/oHin oocuiE u v., 13 June, ISM ; L igo". 
PoiSLOE PwoRT [Polslo, MS.] ; PrioresBOS of, — 

Margtrg de SoTyndone ; her, Eleodon conBrmed, "zrij Kaleodas Julii" (16 

June), 130S ; 83, 34''. Set General Index 

ifaiilda Blayhou ; her Election confirmed, 2S Sept, 1321, "per Magiitmni 
Iticardum de Cotetone, Precentorem, Dominoa Tfaomam de Hentone, 
TUeaaurarium, et Ricardum de Braileghe, Subdecanum, Canotiicoa 
Eccleue Eiooienaifl, Commjaaarioa in Lao parte deputatoa" ; 181. — 
The Sab-Prioreas anil CoQveat bad petitiaaal tbe Bishop for Licence to elect, 2 
July, 1321,—" Cnm naper, alcat Domino placuit, bone memorie Domma 
Mai^a, Priorisu, ... die Sabbati proxima post Featum Nalivitatta Beati 
Johannia Baptiete [27 Jnne], rtam sit universe uimia ingress, ejusque corpore, 
cam debitia aolempniia, die Martia in Feato Con^ mem orac Ionia Sancti Panfi [30 
Jnne]lionorifleB, pront oecoit, Eedeeiaatice trad ito sepulture, idem Monaataiium 
noiitnim ... ad preaena vacare nosmtur, uos, diutiinte iicaclonla pericola 
precavere pro viribus cupientea, . . . premisaa veatni Dominoeloni . . . iatim- 
amna, veatram fieverendam Patemitatem rogautea, etc" They appoiuted as 
their ProetoiB tberein. Waiter de Setone and Kobert Brocke, clerka, and James 
Prodhomme. Tbe Petition waa presented to the Bishop, in London, 7 Jaly 

S'oL 1S8^ : and hia answer, frrantJag tbe Licence to elect, b dated on tbe name 
av (foL leob). Bnt the PetitlonerB seem to have been impatient ; for on tbe 4th, 
only tiro daya aler tbe date of the Bnt Petition, tbey sent the Bishop a dupli- 
cate, in nearly the same tsruia—referriDg to the deceased Prioreaa ai 
"Hargeria de awingdone, Priorina Mouaaleril nostri antedlctl nllima «t 
electira," bat omittiDg the data of her death ; (ibid). 

PoLTfflOEE [Poltimor, MS.], Rector of — 

WiUimn Bond ocoun aa R (mc Conubia, H. de), 6 Sept., 1812 ; 73^. 

PoBTLEMOUTH [Portelemuwe and Porthelemuthe, MS.],— 

Master John dt Mai^tant, print, firat occurs as R, SO July, 1808 ; US: and hi 
tbe Ordioatioii Lists— deacon, 19 March, 1309; 322: priest, 4 AprU, 
1310; 224*1, 

PooQHiLL \_Devon — Poghebulle, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Thamat occurs aa R., 1 March, lSOS-10 (ne " Confeaaions ") ; 48.— Vacant 
" a die Martia proxima post Fertam Sancti Johonnia ante Portam Lattnam 
(11 Hay), 1311. On 20 June was instituted 

> Not AoOr?A,u in Olirer's List (£«(«. Jnff]., li, 126). 

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PoDNDSTOCK [Poundeatoke and Pondestoke, MS.], Rectors of — 
Haiter WOliam Bityou occurs u R, in 1313 ; L 200'' (jm Vol. L, p. 3041 

On whoM death, "die Sabbali prozinuk poat Featum SaocU Vinceocdi 

ultimo preteritum " (21 Jm.), 1320-1, 
Huter Baidain lie Bdio Prato, clerk, waa inat, 11 April, 1321 (by Pl«>; — 

Sir Robert dd Taiitona) ; Patron. Sir Otho de BodnigaD, Kat. ; 157<>. 
Thmnat dt KnaBt waa inat. (b; proxy— Luke de fiodredethe), 23 July, 1S2S ; 

lltfi. Stt Bradnihch {nott). 
POWDEHHAM, Rectors of — 

Sir Jbin dt Poadtrham, prieat (olBevliere Cftlled Jolm de SU/vk}, occara as 

R., 4 June, 1311 ; 62°. On Mb death, "die Martia proiioia poat Kratum 

TcaoslacioDiB BeaU Swithini {lie) (22 July), 1320, 
Sithard dc Fercktnhide, clerk, waa inat. (by proxy — John de Waletone, 

clerk), 2 Jan., 1320-1 ; Patron, Sir Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of HenEord 

and of Eaaax, "eavice, radone mioonaetatta heredia Johannia de Fouderham, 

in Cuatodiaaua eiisteotia" ; 16(t>. 
PODDINOTOK [Potyngtone and Podyngtone, MS.], Rectors of — 
JiAa de Kynga/nry, clerk', n-aa inat., 10 March, 130S-S \ Patron, E. Edward 

II. \ 39. On the resignation of Kyngatoru Itic) for another Benefice,* " die 

Sancti Hicbaelia Archan^li" (29 Sept), 1317, 
flir Joh^ dt Candtctrt, prieat, vu inet., 4 Nov. ; Patron, Sir Robert F!U- 

palnei 124. 

PuTFORD [Putteforde and Potteforde, MS.], Rector of— 

Sir Jiidiard occunt aa R (m Washfdrd-Pimk), 16 Jan., 1311-12 ; 671>. 
Ptwortht [Pyworthe, MS.], Rectors of — 

Master ffmrji oooura aa R., 14 July, 1309,— *M "Oiatoriee"; 42". [Hia 

Itojer dt Salkur^, vrboae Inatitutioo is not recorded ; but we Iram from tha 
Register of Jobn de Str&tford, Bp. of Wiucbeater, that he was " Rectio- 
Eccteaie de Pyworthe, Eionienaia Dyoceaia," when he woi ordsined piieat 
(LilL Dim.) by that Prelate iu the ParifL-Church of Kingadere, 20 B^t, 
18261 (ol. 144\-F.J.B]. 

QuRTBiocK [Ecclesia Sancti Hugoni» de Quedic (alao, Quedicke), 
MS.], Rectors of— 
— Vacant "a die Jovia proxima ante Featum Sanoti Edwardi, Regie" (17 

March), 1316.17; and 
Maater ffmrj de Nyvetotie, clerk.* wae inat, 2B May, 1817; Patron, Sir 

Stepbeu de Hacoombe, KnL ; 113''. On whoae resignation, 
Sir William de VauOirl, prieat, waa admitted, 3 June, 1318 j Patron, the 

aame, — "aalria, tamen, tructibua dicte Eccleeie pro inatanti Autnnipno illi 

. and W.) — preaentibna 

' Ordained tubdeooon, 18 Dec, 1311 ; [1308-9]- Sat. Pal, S Bdv. It., p»rt 

229: dsaeoD, 11 March, 1311-12 i 1, m. U).—F.3.B. 

239»: priest, 2G March, 1312; i&uf, > Its name is not given; but Bp. 

■ "Johaonea de Eyngeabury, olericus, Drotena/ord'iRtgutariEd.Hohhauae, 

babet Literae Ragia de Preaentaciune p. 170), ahewa that he waa inat. to 

adK«!leBi«mdePotjntonB,Taoantem, Combe-Flory (Dioa of B. and W.), 

at ad Donadouem Be^ apectantem. 2S Sept, 1317 ; Patron, the Prior of 

Bt dirigontur Idtere Epiacopo Eion- Taunton. 

ienaL— In oujua, etc.— T.R., apud ' Ordained aubdeacoD, 18 Hardi, ISl7- 

Quldeforda, atoondodle Fel^garii" IS; 238i>. 

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Nidubo de H«le, Jobaime de k Pomer»7, WiUelmo W&lejs, T«etibm ad 
pT«mim Tootu " i 127''. 
Backenfobd [Rakeneaford, MS.], Rector of— 

— ViMut ; mDd the BUhop granted uie SequSBtraliou to Sir Riclurd, R. of 

CruwTB-Mordurd, for 
J'tter dt Ontxja, dark, preteuUd lhei«to bj Aleitander de Cniwea. H« wm 

to sappl; Peter with money — " neceasaria bqb in Scolii " (14 Ang-, 1312) ; 

7S. There is no reoord of FeUr'i Inidtution; but he is d««cribad M 

Rector, 22 Deo., 1313, when he wm ord«med Mcolite ; {Ord.) 280'*: nib- 

deacon, 23 Hwoh, 1318-11 ; 232: deaoon, 6 April., 1314 ; 2S3. 
Rame, Rector of— 

— Vacant " a die Hercorii post Featum Sancte Agatha, Tuginia " {8 Feb.), 

1317-18 ; and 
Uaat«r WiiUam dt NyverJtam, cleric,' waa inaL, 1 April, ISIS ; Patiwi, John 

dsFerariiai 126. 

Redruth [Ecclesia Sancti Ermini (sic) de Rydruthe (aUo, 
Sfuicti Eunyny de Rudruthe), MS.], Rectois of — 
WUUam dt Stoarfordt, clerk,' was inat.S May, 1316 j Patron, nilloa Edward, 
"Tadone Custodie terre et heredia Ricardi Baaaat defuncti, qui de eo 
tanuit in oapite" ; 112'*. 
Si David Awiiciin.piiett. aucceeded, — "Pominoi Darid Annselin, prwbitar, ad 
EcdeBiam dc Rudrathe, vocantem per iliialssioaeiii Domini WiUelml de Ston- 
forde, ultliaD BectorU ibidem : Bub hac, tsmen^ protestacione pretoiisa : 
videlicet, qaod, cam idem Dominos Willelmua ajiaa, iu admlsaione aua ad 
Ecckaiam de Llftone, pnplice protestatiia fuieset, coram Domino, quod ti 
continKeTet quod Eccl(«ia de Liftone predicts ab eo Bllqualiter evincBtnr, m Tells 
ad EcifEeiiiam de Rudrathe luitadictam licita redire, et retinere, sicnt prios. Idem 
DomiDuB David, protsBtBcioni cons^nciens, aimiliter proteatBhatur ; videlicet, 
qnod in erentum dimiBBionlB Eccle«ie site de Rudruthe, Be Telle ad Eccleaiam da 
Estboclunde, quam prius o^tlnuerat licite redire, et earn tenere padflce, liont 

K'ai ; nude, preatilo Canonize Obediencie jununeiit'i, optinult Literas simplfcea 
titudonia et Indni:cioni8,— presentibiiH HaBlBtria Waltero de 3atODO, Nlcbolao 
de Hele, dericls ; Dominls Potra de Honetcne, Roberto de Tautoae, Rogera de 
BaddBlesb& et me, Ricordo de TiTyvertone (2 April, 1321 j ; ]S7*>. 
Sir Thotnat dt Stoke, prieat, woe presented ; and a CommLseioD waa directed to 
Walter de Setone, Offldal- Principal (18 March, 1S22-3), to reoeiTa tha 
preeraitation, etc ; 17G. Inatitutinn not recorded. 
Sir WtUian dt la Wq/e, priest, was inst. (by pros; — Sir Richard de Twyrar^ 
tone, dark), 24 March, 1324-5 ; Patron, William Beaaet ; 184. 
Bewb, Rector of — 

Hutar Sabtrt le Fa-Sauif occun aa tL, 22 Sept, 1319, when he wm ordained 
priest; 241^ 

RraoMORE [Ridmore, MS.], Rentors of — 

John dt Ridmor^ aeems to have succeeded Benry de I^nlone, in Biahop 
Bytton'a time, but he died in (or before) 1306. Nearly tweDtj yeai* later 

'He ocean as aubdeaoon, 22 Sept, (LiH. Dint.) by the Bp. of Wincheater, 

1818; 130: ordained deaoon, 22 27 Feb., 1316-17, at Southampton, 

Sept., 1319; ail*": prieat, 20 Sept., and priest by the same Prelate, 19 

1320 ; 243. March, following, in the ConTentoal 

* He was, for a short time, R. ol St Church of Mert«n Priory, Surrey, 

John-Baptist, Dchester, to which he (Regut. SandaU ; l&, SS'>.— F.J.B.] 
waa insL 14 Hay, 131G ; Patron, * I find the following Entry in an old 

" Edw. II., Rei, nuaone temu-un cjue Obit-Book belonging to the D. and O. 

faeront Bdmandi quondam Comitis (No. 3673, page 61), — "Terminus 

Comubie" (ff'mMT). — Ordainedsub- Sancti Johannia Baptiate, A.D. H° 

deacon, ISSept., 1316 ; 237: [Denoon, CCC« quinto:— Pro Jvliannt tb Bid- 

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tiw Bansfice became v«atat "per mOTtem" — unfortnjwtaly, wb «» not 
told b; uloK deitli— "die Veneris proiiuu pobI Keatum Suioti Ambroaii, 
KpiKopi " (6 April), 13M ; uid 
JtoUrt de Dimnt, cierli, wu inA, 18 Hay ; Fatroii, Sir Roger le Jeu, Knt. ; 


No InsUtution is recorded in tbis Regiater. Bu t it m«j be weU to state, here, 
that the CoUatum {by lapte) ol John <U BlteUme, 22 Sept., 1275 (MeVoLI, 
p- ISG) wiu, evidently, Uie result of a dispute as to the right of Patnuugs 
For ui that year Qenij de Hontford and Solomon de Boohcster wen 
^pointed '• to take the Assize of daireio presentment, uraigned by Hemiy 
Brun against Richard de Uely tin and John deCloum touching the Advomnn 
ofthisCburch"— JEotfae. 5£<fw. /., «.7^(28.) (J.LD.l 

Roche [do la Roche— mar^n, " de Rupe," MS.], Rector of— 

— Vacant " a die Dominica prozinu ante Feetum Nktivitatu Baati Johaimiq 

Baptiste " (18 June), 1318 ; and 
Maitar Sie/iard It Plamange, clerk,' was iiist, 24 Dec. ; Patron, John de 

Dynham; 139". 

RocKBEAHE [" Ecclesia Sancti Martini de Rokebere," MS.],— 

Oillmt occurs ae R. m 1318 ; L 209. 
ROMANSLEIOH [Romundesleghe and Romondealeghe, MS.], — 

— Vacant " a die Lune proxlma ante Feetum SancU Hicbaelis, Archangeli (27 
Sept.], 1316 ; and, 6 Dec, 

MaBter.i<iomdictnBJtfanJan( wasinst; Patron, Thomaa de Campelle ; llS". 

Otorge dtEittfna inat, 28 June, 1823 ; \16\ Set BttAmmcH (note). 
ROSEASH [Esse, MS.], Hectors of— 

Uaster Ric)iard de Sue ; on whose death, " die Martis proiima poet Feetum 
Purificamonis Beota Marie, Virpnia" (8 Feb.), 1S22-3, 

Hr Adam MariAatU, prieet, was ingt., 26 Feb. ; Patnin, Ralph de E^e ; 174. 
ROUSDON [Capella (aleo, Ecclosia) Sancti PancracU, Ma],— 

On the death of Sir TAomat Capit, "nuper Reetoris ejuedem," 

John dt (ktd>eart, derk,' wag inat., IB Feb., 1308-9 ; Patwn, Osmund, Prior 
of Lodres and Lord of Aimouth — " salva dioto Priori et suoeeaaoribas aois 
annua Penaione viginti soUdomin " ; 38l>. Sir John de OMieare died " die 
Dominica proiima ante Feetum Beatc Harie HoRdalene (IS July), 1323; 
anil, 1 Dec, was inBtitiit«d 

tftylian de Oimyngloae,' clerk ; Patron, Fr, Roger [HarielJ, Honk of the 
Mooaatetj of the Blesaed Mory of Moatbutf, repreaentiog thereio the 
Abbatand CoQTeut thereof ; 188''. On whose reeiguation,' 24 May, 1824, 

Adam, didxu Gilbert,' prieet, was inst, S June ; Patron, the same; 180''. 

St. Allen [SancU Aluni, MS], Vicar of— 

WonuM de Karves/necte, deacon,' was collated 8 April, 1314: Letters of In- 
duction (dated 10 April) deUvered to him, at Horaeley, 7 May ; 84. 

■tore, deductia deducendis, xtjd. * Oidained BubdeaaDQ,29Harcb, 1309 ; 

;uad.,diTidendo« inter XT jCanonicos, 221": desoon, 23 April, 1309; 2i2: 

(inorum quilibet porcepit Id, et re- priaot, 18 April, 1310; 226. OUwr 

manet Id." The Lord of (he Manor calls htm Ookbeare. 

at that time was UOee de Fiihacre, * Omitted in Oliver's List (Zceio. ^ultg. 

and it may be safely assumed that ii, 81). 

John WHS the Hector of the Parish. ' lost., 7 Sept., 1327, to Walttm-in- 

Ord«ined deacon [" Flamanke," MS.], Oordano {Ikmenet}; Patrun, Andrew 

2J8ept.,1319; 241: priest. 22 Dec, de Brampton— A9. Droteiu/wtf, 267. 

1319 ; 242". > Ordained prieet, 1 June. 1314 ; 233". 

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I H8 T I T0T I 0HS, ETC. 247 

St, Adstkll [Sancti Austoli, MS.], Vicars of— 

NidieUu de Pode/orde (te Vol. I. pfiga 352) was BtiU V,, 12 Feb., 1809-10 ; L 

192.— Vacant "n die HartJe proxinu poet Feitum Traiuladotlil B«ati 

Thome, MartirU (U Jul;), 1310 ; and 
Sir Bandulfltat dt tCo4tgdenei, V-nritiD ; ptieet, wia inet,, 31 Ang. ; Pationa, 

tlie Prior and Conveat o( Tjwardmlhi E4i>.~VacMil "a die Juvla ptoximB 

poat Festum Sancti Laureocil " (11 Aug.), 1S23 ; and 
Afftr AiByn^ deacon, wai inst, 17 Oct. ; Pabona, the fame ; ISl. 

— " Capella Sancti Michaelis in Cimiterio Sancti Austoli,"-- 
Sir John dt TraiAntvtddit, Werden ; on n hoee deatb, " Die Dominica proziouk 

poit Fertum Sancti Dunetoni " (20 Vlay), 1319, 
Sir Rr^fh de Ritm, priest, waa inat., 7 June ; Patrons, the earns ; 141''. 
Sir Bairy dt Treserln/n, priest, naa aoUat«d {bg lopM), 12 Harofa, 1S22-8; 


St. Breaoe [Sancte Breaee, MS.], Vicars of — 

Sir Patecuuu occure aa V., 2 and July, 1310 ; 52^ L 192^— A Commiaeion 
waa directed, 16 Jan., 1312-lS, to CtuincetloT Roger de Oteiy, to inalituta 

Sir David de Lytpein, priest, presented b; the Abbat and Convent of Hajlea ; 
76". Inatituted, 12 Feb. {let (ol. 70). 

St. Bbboke [Powtone — the name of the Manor ; alao, " Sancti 
Brioci de Nansent," MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir HiOaty obtained leave to exchange nitti Sir SaljA dt Anind^U, R of St. 
Columb'Hiqor ; and Roger de Otery was commiguonad to inatitut* him, 
27 Dec., 1309 ; !£>'■. But he exchanged for Uorobabd Bibhof, with 

ffir Joha ToBiTO, nho waa collated 1 Hay, 1310 ; BO. He exchanged with 

Bi^ard de BraUtslie, K at Morchard-Buhop, 9 April, 1314 ; 33^ BraUtgAe 
exchanged, for Exminstar, with 

Sir Thonui* de Stapddone, 2 Sept, 1313— before the Biahop in the Lady- 
Chapel of Credjton, — "preeentibuB Domino Precentors [R. de Coletone], 
Hagutria Willclmo de Woll^he, Henrico de Stouforde, Henrico Btoyou, 
WiHalmo de Beare, Nicholao de Hele, cleridaj Domino Pntro de Honeton^ 
preelnteTO; Roberto Daumarle, Apparitors, et m«— Ricardo de Tw^ vertone, 
9otarioPnblico,quibee premiua Bcripsi propria maau mealCt 1l tf ; 123"." 
On Stapddanii reaignatioa, 

Sir Walttr de OantSapo, priest, waa admitted ineommeadam, IS Feb., 1824-5 ; 
183". Collated 1 June, 1S2G ; 184*>. 

St. Breward [Sancti Brueredi, MS.], Vicar of — 

Sir Droyo ooauia aa V., 1 March, 1309-10 (ks " ConfeasioDB "} ; 48. 

St. Budock and St, Gluvias [" Vicaria' Ecclesiarum Sanctorum 
Budoci et Gluviaci," MS,], Vicars of — 

Sir Sebert fint ooours as V., 10 Feb., 1309-10 ; L 192''. 

Sir AepiUn dt Semaietei, print, rtKigned, and waa agiuu oollatad, 2S Dec, 
1819 ; 14G. 

St. Bdrtah, the Deanery of — 

Dbahb,— Sir Mathiat [de Xtdintor (Dugd.)} Brat occura in this Regiatar, 1 Haj, 
1310 ; 50. [He occtua— JfotAtiu dc itfofunta— earlier, viz., 28 Aug., 1308 
(Ax. Pat. t Ed*. II, port 1, m. £0)], 

1 " Canonice Dnitarom alio* in penona rerignaTit, quia Tituliia ^nem super 

dicti Stephoni, taxataet ordinata." — dicta Vicaria prius optinoerat mbi 

" Et memoraudum quod dictns Hte- minui aufflciena videbatur ; qua r«> 

phanua prius in dicta Vicaria canonice nuociacione facto, Dominus aandem 

UBtitutue, ipeatn Vtcariam in nanua Vicariam sibi oontuUt in forma pta- 

Domini pore, apouto, et absolute, script*." 

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[Jtkit dt MamU mi Dun in 1825,—" Pn> Jaliamte dt Mante, Decuo Bedam 
Suicta BarUn*, — Rss ThMouruio et Birombiu aou da Scaccario, nlaUOL 
Quindcta Petidooem ex pute JobaaiuB ds Muite, Deouii Booleaia Saneta 
Beduie in Comubia— que eat CapelU nofltra, at dicitur — ooram nolua at 
Comilio Dostro eihibitam. vobU mittimui PreiientibDa interduaan ; mui- 
dantea quod, inapecta Feticione predicts, ai iuTeDeritiB ijuod Deoaoatot 
predictua conaiatit totum in Spiritualibui, ut in eadem Felicione supponitur, 
et quod liujuamodi SptritiiaJia non aunt capiendo in mimiim noatnm, 
ultoiiua iude fieri fadatja quod de jure et aecuaduM legem et conauetudinsta 
Ret^ noetri fuerit facieadum. — Teste meipao, apad Weatmonaaterium, 
primu die Decembria, Anno Rwni noatri dedmo none (1325)." (Qaem'a 
iknumbraiuxr—MeBUiraiula BM, 19 Bdm. II.—f.i.h.'\ 

Cahohs,— Peter dictua Perot ; after irboae death hia Prebend lapaad to tbe 
Biihap, who collated 

Haatar Bkhard de BtUo Frato ["Beaupre" — margin}, "aalro jure Regia 
Domini noatri, Domini Edwardi . . , et mijuaoumqiw alterioa," 15 Aug., 
131B', — "et memonadum quod acriptuni fuit Deoano de Fenwithe pra 
Inducdone facienda i 162. 

St. Cleer [Sancti Clari, MS.], Vicara of— 

Jokn occun aa V., IS April, 1309 ; 10. 

WiOter tfjraf.of BlAkamom, chaplain, waainatiS Oct, ISIO; Patron, Fr. Wm. 
de TottehaJe, Priir of the HogpitAl of St. Johnof-Jeruaalem in Efngland, — 
"optinnit Litaraa rqatotuoiunifl et Induocionis in forma Comniuni ; Iiiteni, 
videlicet, InstltacioaiB dupticaUa, qnarum una peD«s lostitutum «t alia pema 
Presantanlem irmansbit"; Seb. See L 1BE'>; where this Chnrcli i» desaibed 
aa "EcclesUVilledf SanctoClaro, juitaReakaradeke" {Rotecradod]. Michael 
do Bray declared the Clmrch void and claimed tlie right to preaant, in June, 
1311. But Wyat wai not disturbed, and waa atiU V. In 1321 (w: Duloe ; iei»»). 
St. Clether [Sancti Clederi, MS.], Vicar of— 

Ba John Danyd, prieat, was collated (6y iafie), 6 Jan., 1310-SO,— "que tanto 
it per diesenaionem diveraonim Patronorum jireaentaneiiim 

ad eandem, quod ipaiua Coltacio fuerat ad [Bpiaoupum] Iwittima devoluta. 
juita formam Statntorum Latianeuaia Uaacilii , 115°. Tbe Benefice 
again lapsed to tbe Bishop in 1321, wbo directed a Commiaaion, 25 Hay, 
to Richard de Ck)letane, Official- Principal, to collate, institute, and iaduot, a 
fit Clerk thereto ; 154. The reault ia not reoorded. 

St. Golan [Sancti CoUni, MS.], Vicara of— 

Kr CkriitoiJuT de Bodmiaia, piieat, waa collated 6 Sept., 130S ; 350. 

Sir WMam oocuta aa V., 26 Feb., 1813-14 ; 82*. 

^AoDioscieTVesiajUwuT., IS Sept., 131fl, when be waa ordained prieat ; 237'*. 
St. Columb-Major, Rectors of— 

Sir BeUph de Arunddit. He obtained 1««Te t^l exchange with Sir ffiUary, K. 
of St. Breoke ; and a Commiaaion waa directed to Roger da Olery for his In- 
sUtutJon, 27 Dec, 130P ; 460. He exchanged, however, for St Ewe, with 

Uoster John Bloyrru* ; Patron, Sir Richard de Stapeldone, Knt., " haa Tioe, 
. . . TacioQe miuoris etatia Johannis de ArundeUe, filii et heradia Jobannis 
de ArundeUe, infra etat«m, et Cuatodie quamadam terrBmni ejuadem cum 
AdTDcacione ipaiua Eccleeia." — Commiaaion directed to Maatera Walter de 
Thorp, Canon of St Paul's, Londao, Nicholaa de 0. (ate),* " Biaminator 

1 " Consecradonia noatre Anno deaimo." tion ia to be found. 

Tbe Eiitr;, omitted in ita proper ■ Ordained aooolite, 80 Uay, 1311; 

phioe, wna mnde under ISSl, ''Anno 228; aubdeacon, 5 June, 1311 ; itid; 

Consecradonia jHnrtorferimo." There deacon, 18 Sept, 1311 ; 228*. 

ii no not« bare ; butaMomorandum, ' Probably NiMae dt OimMa, Pre- 

in the margin, at the foot t<f fol. 128'', bendary of Oxton, in Southwell, 1310- 

■hawf wImm Ute noord of thia Colla- 24 . 

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iNsnTonoHs, etc. 249 

Curie CintnarieiuB," and Dyoniaiiii Aveti*), Prtoeotor of liUndtif (omitUd 

M Le Nen't ImCj, Id Jan., 1310-11 ; 69. 
St. Oonstantink, Rector and Vicara of — 

tOehiilat is mmlioaed u B., S July, 1810, tbs Biihop repotlJQg to the King 

Uut ha bad died wmBtime before -. L 192". Stt Vol. L, pa^e 362. 
Sir Htnry ocean aa V., S June, 1310 ; 6i\ 
Kr SiAert called it Smaduil iraa preaented b? the D. and C. of Eieter. 

Commiauon directed to Chancallor Soger de Otery, oe to tjis Taouic^, etc, 

3 Deo., ISIO; 67^ Inat., 7 Haroh, 1310-11; 60.— Vacant "a Fnto 

Onmium Saaotonim " (1 Not.), 1S21, and 
Uaatsr Thottuit (Ttyn, prieit (haviiig naigned Bt. Suan-H^jor), waa iniL, 4 

March, 1B21-G ; Patrona, the aame ; lS3t>. 

St. Ceaktock [Sancti Carantoci, MS.], Collegiate Church of — 

DsANr-ffir Hmr^ dt JMeuwa, ■pneat, waa oollatod 20 Oct, 1309; 41*'.— 
Vacant in 1311 [by Trtfaoa'i esebaiige (or St. Oemmi] ; attd the Biahop 
committed the Saqueatration to Sir Henn, Cbttiluii in the aaid Church (IS 
Hay); eV>. 
Sir John dt iWtoni, derk, and " funiliaria Epiacopi," waa ooUated, " dedmo 
Ealendaa Octobria " (!2 Sept.), 1311,— "Lltenu Inducdonia tantum" ; 63''. 
He aiohanged again with 
Sir Hatty dt TVe/suwo, K of St. Qerraiw, 1 Not., 1311 ; 96. [Omitted in 

Oliver's fUiDMid'ocni, p. 5i\ 
Canohs,— Master NiekeUu de BAt oocure, 3 Jan., 1300-10 ; 26. 
Sir Beniaa de Stavttlone, clerk, was collated, 12 Nor., 130», to a PrelMnd of 
ail marki, teoeotlj establiahad by Uia Bishop. This appointment waa can- 
celled — "TBcat"; 4G. — A oabaequent Entry ahews tlut the Bishop had 
committed to him Uie Cunody thereof, 10 Nor. ; Md, 
Salpk dt la Hyde ; or wboae death 

WmoMi dt Ib Hgde, clerk, waa ooUated, 13 Aug., 1310 ; 63". 
Sir John ToiUtro, prieat ; on whose promotion to a Frab. in Crediton Master 
aHiert dt Midddtont, Canon of Lincoln, waa collated, 22 Haixh, 1310-11 ; 60. 
Sir {a blank space] dt Steeht^sb ; on whose death 
Sir PMr de Banetone, prieat, waa collated, 12 Deo., 1311 ; 67. On WOliam de 

la Bydt'i death 
Sir William dt MtUent, " clerieiu Domini itegia," waa collated 29 Jan., 1314- 
16 1 101i>. He was elected to the Archbiahoprick of ToA, 21 Jan., 1316-16, 
being at the time Canon of York and of Lincoln and Provost of Beverley. 
It appeara that ha was never inducted to thia Prebend ; for 
Sir Soger dt Northlnayhe, " clericua Domini Regis," was collated thereto, ai 
BydeS ttuxeuoT, 3 May, 1816 ; 106".— On the resignatbn of tftlftcrt de 
Sir John dt Saiidaie,* " Cancellariua Domini B^;is," waa collated, " viij 
EaUndaa Harcu" (22 Feb.), 1314-16; 102>. Be aoon •ttovuds wished 
to resign, and a (^mmiasion was directed to John, Bp. of Llnooln, on 
Monday, the Feast of St. Matthias (24 Feb.), 1814-16, to receive the 
reaiKnation, and apprwt a flt clerk to the vacant Stall ; 103. Co tbe 12tb 
of Mat^ 
Master Andrtif dt Bmggit, clerk, was collated aa SaitdaU't snoceaaor, — 
"Et memorandum i^uod dlctiu Johannes, CaoceUariui, cui collata fiiit dicta 
Prebenda, at pramittitnr, nonqaam fnlt Inductos in eadom ; set ipsam contallt 
dbi Donunns, qne vaoibat per tesiguacionem Maglatri Oilbeiti de Middellone,. 

> We find from the Ragiater of John de Frebecds, 3 March, 1314-16; and 

Dalderby, Bp. of Lincoln, that OUbert that, on the next dar, the liitt«r ex- 

dt BiddtUone, PrebendHry of Crop- changed his Prebend with John dt 

pedy, and Sdaard de Sanelo Johanne, SandaU, Prebendary of !jt Crantook. 

Prebendary of Leyghtone liuaarde, Sandsle waa elected to the Bishopriok 

in Linouln Cathedral, exchanged their of Winchcater, S6 Jnly, 1316.— P.J.B. 

D.D.t.zea by Google 


■ni ax OtdUrciaoa Domini ipMln priu optinttoit et indoGtiu utitit tn MdaB " 

Mu*tr Sgwurn de JAm,— "Memobaksun quod, Tieadno piimo di« Haii, A. IX 
MillMinM tricstilesiiiii) leitodeciiDO, Indiceione qnirtadeciml, ncuite Sede 
ApMlolkk, apnd Wytonnd, in domo c^jnsdam Hiome de U Vacheiie, Domiim* 
EpiacDpiu Mwrtnua Sjfmtman de Mtin ad CanoaloltDm In BcdmU Saneti 
Canuitoci et PrebeDdam in aadcm, qnantnio vIrtnU nunadAin Pritila^ per 
DomiDum dementooi, Papun Qaintom, Domino Waltsro, D«i gnd> Ckntm- 
atisnai ArchiepiMopo, nupcr ankoeoi, at ProoesinH judem Aniite|jiaoopi mimv 
boc bcU, de isre tenebttor, adniint,— ^ireaentibQS Domini* Blcardo da Bnuliglic^ 
Hauiico de Cauda, Nicfaidao de Bflle, Qilberto de la Tbonn, Ricardo de Tutct- 
looe, mo— LaacoatoDC, at aliia ; llfib. On Northburght't resignation 

Sir JotM <U Lanatmt {tie}, prieat, ww ooUated, 21 Kay, IBIS,—" in [waMiidia 
Xagiatronun Ricaidi de Coletooe, NiohoLu de Hele, et Donunorum PMri d» 
Honetone, et Ricaidi de BrayU^ie^ pnabiterDruni, et mai, Bieardi de 
Twyrertooe, Notarii" ; 127. 

Sir jAn lU Olatattgt ; on whoM neiBnatioD 

Master W^iam BaMDt^n, Proteaaor of Iaws, was oollated . . . June [tbe day 
ia omittedl 131S ; 127>>. Laneabme axchaDged, for a Prebend in the 
CMbettnd, with 

Maitv Btiaj [Toy(\ de CnrmvUa, 2 Sept, 181S ; 1S9. But, on Senebm^i 
reaignatioD, he waa again collated to a Prebend in tliia Chnrch, 18 8q>t, 
laiS; 12&i>.— On ^SoiuxyH'f deatli. 

Sir /oAm dt Otatmevt, prieat, ma again collated, IS April, 1320 ; 118. 

Sir Sic/mUu Stranghe; on whoee deatb 

Haeter Uenry dt Sloufordt. clerk, waa collated, 10 Sept., 1S!1 ; 160. On 
the death of ^nrfroii dt Bnigt*. 

noBMi Kaigna, clerk, waa oolUted, 6 Jan., 1824-5,— "pnUice laotedazido 
qnod C^ODicatum et l*rebeDdam qnos Magiater B. ToU tcnoil in dicta Eccleeia, 
et qnoe dlctut Doniinus prefato niome prina coDtnlerat, ai contendo re] lia 
■liqna super eisdam Canonicatu et Prabenda nuUatenas apparent, alicui fdoae* 
Penone eituac confunvt tempore oportODo, pront aibi videietiir aipediie, — 

SnsentibuB Magistro NichoUo de Hele, Dominis Roberto de Taatone, Qilbeito 
B KelihuUe, et Riruiio de Twivertoae, Natario Fablico, et me, Philippo d« U 
More, qui premiaaa acripai " ; I8S. On tbe reaignation oi Kaigna, 
TXimiiu, aon of Sir Oeo&ej Leeorope, Ent, wee collated 26 Feb., 1324>S ; 

St. Creed [Sancta Crida, MS.], Rectors of — 

Master JndmooooaraaaR, 1 March, 130S-10(aM " Conf^nona"); IS. 
Adam dt Brum, whose Institnlian ii not recorded ; but it, innbaUf , oocorred 

in 1S11.12, when he aeama to have left Bridford. He resigned, m London, 

on the Faaat of St. Katherine-the-Tirgin [26 Nor.], ISll, and 
Oeq^ny ^/ainvl, clerk, naa inat, llJan., ISIMS; Patron, Uie King; 101. 

He exchanged for Sutton (Dioc. of Worcester), with 
KrPttcr eternal, priest,] Jan., 1S18-19 ; Patron, iMbells, Queen of En^and, 

— " presentibua Magiatria Ricardo de Coletone, Pi«centore Eiomenai, 

TPillelnio de WoUegfae, Biovdo de Biailegbe, Nicholso de Hele " ; 1390. 

On whose death, 
TRoaui de Weiloiie, clerk, waa preeent^d by the Qaeen ; and the Biabop ootn> 

minloncd Sichard de Coletone, OfficiBl-Prindpal, to admit him (30 Jnse, 

1321)1 lS8i>. 
WHiimi d* MitiAovme, derit,— Commiadon for bis InatiUition, etc., directed 

to the Official- Principal, 10 Haj, 1822 ; Patron, the eame ; 167^. He was 

inat S June, 1322, in the Oonventual Churoh of Idtuccestca ; 176^. 8m 

BRaDHiNcH (note). 
St. Crowan [Sancta Crewenna, MS.], Rectors and Vicara of — 

[Benedict de Sanaa Wenna waa R. in 123S,— "Die Saoctonun Qoatnor 
Coronatoram[8 NoT.l.dataeatEccleaia . . . Sanete Crawenne B e nedido dt 
Eaacta Wenna per Abbatem et ConTentnm Theokesberie." — AmtaU of 
Tnobetittiv J»«v {Ed. Luard), page lU. 

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aSt Stephen, "DomiDi Pftpe CapeUuia*," sncoeeded, 20 Jul;, 1243 ; ibid., 

page 1241 
Bqfiiald occun u V., 1) At^., 1310 ; L 192». 
JVicJWaj occurs u V. iu April, ISIB ; L 206. 
St. Domdjick [Sancte Dominice in Haltono, MS,], Rector of — 
Sir Walter de Bodekyi/uim occure m R, 3 Sept, 1310 ; fil*-. 

St. E^dellion [Sancte Endeliente, MS,], Collegiftte Church of — 

Master Sobfrt de Folharmaa (or ibiAormon), prieat, ocoiira u Prebendai^, 
29 Dec, 1308 ; 37''. [On \ihoee Teaigna,tioa\ the Pitronige ^ ol hu 
" Portion " Upoed to tha Bishop — " prupter Tidnm seu mhiibiUtatem 
SeligioBomm Viruram, Priork et CoaventuB Bodminle ; and 

Muter RMard de Baneta Margarda^ tna collated, 2 Apnl, 181S ; 71. 

Sir WiBiam de MonkeUme, priest, was presented to the Bodmin Prebend b5 
tbe Prior and Cottvent of Bodmin ; whereupon RieKard de Sanela Margareta 
oppoaed the appoiDtment, and (lie Bp. directed Chancellor Roger de 0tei7 
to make Inquisition, and to ioatitute tha said Williajn if he made good bw 
"I''"". " viij Idua Aprilia " (S April), 1314 ; 84. 

Senry de Montketone hold a "Portioo or Prebend"; on whose death, 

tjir Wmiam de Mancktbrne was presented b; the Friar and Convent of 
Bodmin, and claimed to be admitted ; whereupon Rxehard de SunaUt 
Margareta, alrvad; a Fortioner, intervened, alleging that this Portion 
belonged, in port, to hie own Portion. The case was heard before the 
Bishop and his Commissary (Richard de Uorceetre, Archdn. of Bamatapla), 
and decided in favour of Wiltiatn ; whereupon Xiehard appealed against 
the Sentence, and Preceiitor Oermeyn and the Offlciala of the Archdeaoon 
oE Exeter and Totnee, were commissioned to hear the cose, " vj Kalendas 
Augnsti" {27 July), 1316; 113^ 

St. Enoder [Sancti Enodri, MS.], Vicar of — 

Henry [Tbyl], de Comvbia, prieet, wss collated, 9 Feb., 1824-G 1 183. 
St. Erme [Sancti Ermetia juxta Fengelli iu [Decanatu de] 
Poudre, MS .J Rectors of— 

Sir BartMelomeiB U Smttdwl; on whose death, "die Sabbeti ante Featom 

(^cumdsionis Domini" (30 Dec), ISIS, 
Master Ivo de Comnbia, clerk, wa« collated (£y Ioj>w), 18 June, 1819, and 

instituted 3 July ; 142. It would seem Uiat this step wu successfully 

retdsted b; the Patrons ; for the Entry has been cancelled ; and 
Master ificMel de Kermke, clerk,' was insL, 26 Sept. ; Fa^ns, Biohard de 

CerziauB, Maigsret hia wife, and Elizabeth and Joan, her aisters ; 143. 

— Vacant " a die Veneris proiima ante Feetum Sancti Petri quod dicitur 

adVincula" (29 July), 1323; and 
StOfh EemUce, derk, was inst, 18 Oct.'; Patron, Sir Wm. HerewaiiJ, Knt. ; 177. 

St. Ebth [Sancti Erci a-nd de Sancto Ercho, MS.], Vicare of— 

Tk(muu is mentioned aa having been T., 6 July, 1310 ; L 192''. The Bishop 

Btates that he waa then dead, and had been succeeded by 
Sir Henry ; on whose death, " Die Domlnicft proiiou post Festum Sancti 

Francisci " (7 Oct.), 1319, 
Sir John de TretUtni, priest, waa inat., ID Not. ; Patrons, the D. and C. of 

Exeter; 146. 

St. Ebvan [Sancti Ennetis in&a Peculiarem Jurisdiccioaem 
suam de Poutone, MS.], Rectors of — 

Adam, caUed h Oyv,' deacon, occurs aa R, 11 June, 1309 ; 41^. On the death 

> Ordained acoolite, 20 Hay, 1312; priest, 1 June, 1314 : 233''. 

230: Bubdeacon, 23 Uarch, 1318-14 ; * Ordained accoUte, 22 Dec. ISIS ; 242. 
232: deaooD, S April, 1814; 238: * Ordidned priest, 20 Sept, 1309; 223^. 

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of U Jtv (ne), Uii Bishop admittfld in eomme»dam 
Sir /«A>t, R. of LuiUeigh, prust, 21 Aug., ISlfi ; lOS. 
Sir Sabtri <U Ta%timt, daacoo,' wm oolUtod, IS Oot, 1816 ; lVf>. On •m^tam 

nmf^aniiaa, and on tha Buoe day, 
Muter fM <b SgMuil. de^ wu ooUated, 19 Oct, 1320 ; I62>>. 
St. Eval [Sancti Uveli, MS.], Vicara o£— 

Muter Martin d< Gonubia, prisst, mi ooUatad, 9 Hij, 1SI1 ; 61^ 
HMter Sager dt PorOtquia, dakoon,* wm ooUated, 17 Deo., 1811 ; S7. 

St. Ewe [Sancte Euwe, MS.], Rectors of — 

Histar /oAn Blogtni, PiotemoT of CiTil-L»w, wu inst. (b; proxy — Walter de 
Ljutnoolurd), 23 April, I3ia The BeDflGce h>d bMO Tuant nncs the 
Feaat of the CSraumimdoD (1 Jin.), 1309-10, "per Uhodi Coaunenda 
Higulro WiUelmo Blofoo . . . nuper (30 June, 1309 [foL 12]] conoeMe." 
Patron, Dame MalJlda de Hywri ; iV. He ezohanged (IS Jan.} with 
Sir Sttlpk de AmnMU, print, who wag inat., 2G Jan., 1310-11 ; Patron, the 
wme ; 69, 59*'. 
St. Feock [Sancte Feoce, MS.], Vicar of— 

Sir Onfr^ oooun m V., 23 Aag„ ISIS ; lOSO. 

St. Gennts [Sancti Genosii, MS.], Vicar of — 

Haitar WHUam Uidd*oda oooun a» T., 19 Feb., 1308-0 ; 83^ 

St. Gerrans [Sancti Gerendi, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Richard ; on whoee death 

Thomu dt OonuMa, elerk, waa init, 1 Uay, 1308, " ad Pordoaem in SoclesiB " 

(tha Parcia Oitrata,—tM ToL Tjpaga 249], and inducted by Waltar de Kaw, 

Offloial-PecuUar ; Patron, the King— Side raeanU ; 33. On whou dMth 
Kr SuJiard de BrayUjhe, priart, wu collated, 30 Jan., 1309-10 ; 47.— Inal. 

28 April, 1310 ; 49^~Ilwigm[ig the DeBnery of St. Cnntoc^, 
Krffmry d(7Ve/Mtin,priest, w>aaillated,9&Uy,1311 ; el>>. Haaichangeal 

(by proxy— Sir Richard de Brayleghe), 1 Nov., 1311, with 
Sai John de FuUont* Dean of St. Crantock ; aS,— who reaigned, 8 Dec, 1328, 

aiiluBlDBtitutiontoNorthTawton(fol.]77i>) ; and 
Bir A<lan de Tdnttake waa collated (more than twelve monthi attarwarda), 30 

D«x, 1324 ! 183. 

St. Gwbnnap [Sancte Weneppe, MS.], Vicar of— 

NuAoUi* oocnn »a T., S July, 1310 ; L 192^. 

St. GwfflEAB [Sancti Wynieri, MS.], Rector and Vicar of — 

JtidjA wu R., 6 July, 1310 (probably Jtvdidph dt Pridituu, init. in 1286— Ke 

Vol L, p. 8B3) ; L 192". 
Sir Attdrtv de Trtgiliou, priaat, wu ooUated to Uia Tiearagt, 8 tfoT., 131< : 

88^ 101. 

St. Hilary [Sancti Hillarii, MS.], Vicara of— 

/oAn,diotuR£«r(«rc«giK,wucoll«tedfty£i(&<iI)Sr«R0Coiiii<,24 Aug.,1341; 8S. 

Haatar Malhiat de Shaeghdx occun as V., 20 Feb., in 1318-14 ; tbid. 
St. IllOGAK [Sancti Elugani, also Yllugani, MS], Rectors of — 

I^auM de Notia Haya wu prtteated, 13 Much, 1307-8, by K. Edward IL, 
Patron, " redone Custodie terre et harsdis Wiilelmi Bunet, defunoti, qui 
de Domino Edwardo, quondam Rege Anglic, Patre noatro, tanuit in ca|dta." 

' Ordained {aiatt, 18 Sept., 1316 : 237". * Ordained prieat {Lia. Dim.) by the 
' OrdaiDad aubdoKon, G Junr '"' ■ "- -' ii»:--i.~.— ;- .l- ti._-_i. 

228: deaoon, 18 Sept, 1311 

priaat, 18 Deo., 1311; 229 

u tailed Aohrt- a derioal ei 

* OrdaiDad aubdoKon, G June, 1811 ; Bp. of WincbMler, in the Pariah- 

228: deaoon, 18 Sept, 1311 ; 228''; ChuToh of Eingatoa {Smreg), 38 

priaat, 18 Deo., 1311 ; 229 (where he Sapt, 1812 (AyuC IToiMdte, 830).— 

f. ...11.^ n.J_> . ..tulnl armi-t IT .1 R 

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!%• Btihop diraoted the Irchda. of CotnwaU to make InquiiitiOD m to the 

Tkcuic]', et«., " xii Kalendi* Aprilis " (21 Hkn^) : 31. 
Hut«r l^aUer it Maucudd oocun imR.,6 Feb., 1S09-10 ; 47. On the death 

of WMer de Saneto Avlalo [" Menaoudel " u iD St Aiutell], " Die DomiiUM 

in Fnio AnmuicucioniB Dommice " (26 March), ISIO. 
Master Oilbert dc Knaa^, [aab]de«C0D,> wu iiut, 8 Ha; ; Fatioii, Sir John de 

KnoTjIe, Kot ; Stf". 

St, Isset [" Eccleeia de Egloscruke, que est iu Peculiari Juris- 
dicdone de Poutone," MS,], Vicar o£ — 

Sir Nicialat de TVnwr^yn, ohaplaiD, wna inat., G Deo., 1311; Pattona, the D. 

and C. of Exatar ; 100. 
St. Ive [Sancti Ivonis, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir OOa oocun aa R, 18 Ma;, 1313 ; L W\ Ha migned, and left tlia 

Diooeae (L 20G>>), and 
Haater BmrthaUntta de Catlro, dtrk,* ma inat, " apod Donne Sanete Marie, 

in Ecclena ibidem," 29 Oct, 1SI4 ; Patron, Fr. Wm. de ToUude, Prior of 

the Hospital of St. JohD-of-Jeruaa]em in England ; 100**. 
St. JonN-lN-C3oRNWALL [Sancti Johannis juxta AntoneJ— 
Wiaiam de AlntUi IDawney], aubdeacoD, flrat occura aa R, 21 Dec, ISOS ; 

(Ord) 2ia — Vacant, "a die Lima in Ferto Saneti Clamentia " (23 Hot.), 

1810 1 afid 
Huter Ifffiiom dc TVrfouny, derk,' waa inat., 14 Deo.; Patron, "Eliiabet, qne 

fuit nxor Willelmi de Alneto " ; &7>>. 
Sir Themat de Doant, prieet, wu inst., IS June, 1318 : Patron, Sir Nieholaa de 

Alneto, Knt; la?*-. 

St. Jxjsr-IN-ROSELAHD [Sancti JuBti in Roelandia.MS.], Rectora, 

Philip da Cantvddrot ia deacribed aa poneitioiti fjuidan Bcdaie incunbeiu in 
a Commieaion directed to Roger da Otary, conoeniing an Action brought 
againat the aaid Philip bj Tho& Crabbe [R of Tniro], vho anertad that the 
Benefice wa* Tftcant, and that he had hinuelf been preBeiit«d thereto (30 
April, 1308) ; S3. 

Sir Reginald U Star, prie«t,ifaa admitted in eomneailian, 20 Not,, 130B, and 
inatituled, 27 Not. ; 4S. Patron, John le Seor. 

St. Just-in-Penwith, Rector of — 

Sir Riekard de Mella PnOo, print, occura aa R (aM St. Udook), 7 Aug., 1309 ; 
43 ; and again {let Arundelle), 7 Ha;, 131S ; I2e>'. 
St. Keyne [Sancte Kayne, MS.], Rectors of— 

ll'iUiani oocun aa R in 1311 ; L ISS^.— Vacant in 1314 ; and the Biahop 
committed the Sequeatratiun to Sir Richaid, R. of PuCford (19 Aug., 1SI4J ; 
87*".— Vacant, "a die VeneriB ptoiima, ante Feetum Sanoti Baraabi^ 
Apntoti " (9 Jnne], 131S ; and, 21 July, waa inatituted 
Sir Philip de la Stone, priest ; Patron, Philip de lAmett;n ; 12^. 
St. Kea [Landege and Laundeghe, MS.], Vicars of — 
Willian occurs aa V., 6 SapL, 1310 ; 66. On whoae death. 
Master John Farii, deaoon, me oolkted. 19 Sept, 1821.— "IpM Vlearia Unto 
ti^nipore rauivit quod ipeins Collado fuent ad Decanum et C^pitnlum Beclede 
ExonifDsli legitUme devalata. Unde, ooniititiitia in Ecdeeia Eionieui, lix die 

1 [deacon (Lill. Dim.) by the * Orduned inbdeKWS, 21 D«i., 1314 ; 

Bp. of Wiochester, in the Pariah 234: prieat, 20 Sept, 131G ; ^3S^ 

Church of Kiagaton {Sarre)), 22 ■ Ordained,BubdeacoD, 27 March, 1311 ; 

Sept, 1813 {Stffia. Wodtleit, 332). 228: deacon, 18 Dec, 1311; 229: 

— F.J.B.]: prieet. 23 March, 1818-14; prieat, 11 Harsh, 1311-12: S29*>. 

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Baptcmbrii, tiuu> mpmcripto, HkgMrls Bartholomso, Decuio ; Rkudo, 
PieceDton; Wiltaro, CuioalUrio ; Thoma, ArchiiUacono Einoieiui ; Ricudo, 
ArchidfuoDoBanuiiBiui; DoniinlBRicirdo, Subdecano, etThomadaSUiiddaat, 
dicto EccledA ExonlcDBU CaDonkis, noiuiiie suo et tocins Capituli, ecm ee memit 
Tknatno, ipaiua Vicirie vera Patrono, quod ipiie pouit dtctam Vicariam jnra auo 
coDferre; quam if«e in instanti contulit nt eat dictum. Pa«t«*, die Hartii 
proximo wquenta, Tid«1icet In crutino Sancti Hathei, Apoatoli [SS Sept.], 
predlcti Decanni et Canoaici, ac alii Canaaici dicte Eccleals, as qnoruna — 

n Vicario fieri feoerant " ; 160. 
St. Keverne [Sancti Keverani, MS.], Vicars of — 
Waiiam oocura u V., S July, 1810 ; L 192^. 
Sir Ftttr dt Htilap. pnert, wsa lost., 16 Nov., ISlfi ; Patrooa, tbe Abbat (Fk'. 

Peter) and the Convent of Beaulieu ; I10'>. 
St. Ladock [Sanote Ladoce, MS.], Rectors of — 

Slep/im Trevanatoti oocors ai R. in July, 1303. Ste Qen. Index. 

HaitiT naidmit Seaupre, aubdeaooQ, occurs aa R., S3 Nov., 1308, 37. — 

Sir Stephen de Ballo Prato, KqL, — "juita formam Cooatitucioiiia qao 
indpit — Ntma detiuxpi. usque ad preSnitum tampua in eadeni ConatitucktiM 
nomine Commende poaaidendam." — Lett«n of Inductioo granted at St. 
Columb-Qiajor, 16 March : 30, 13. On wboM rangnation (IS Feb., 1317-18), 

OilbrH <U BtUlffon, acooUta,' was inat, 26 Uav, 1318 ; Patron, Dame laabelU 
de BrIloPrato; 127. On the death of Itulugan, "die Veneria proxima 
ante Featum Nativitatia Sancti Johannia Bnptiate" (19 June), 132], 
Haater JoAa de Kemyd, clerk, was inst (by proxy — Ocrmnn de Ionian, 
clerk), 31 July ; 169. He wa» deprived, " aeptimo Ealendas Novenbria " 
(26 Oct.), 1322; and 27 No*, 

Aifpi dt Oovdy, derk, waa inat. ; Patron, the same ; IBS'). 
St. Ludgvan [Sancti Ludwani and Ludewani, MS.], Rectors of — 

Sir Alan* Bloyhou died R , " in Feeto Sancte Trinitatia " {21 Hay), 1312 ; and 

Sir John dt TVydian, clerk, was inat, [by proxy— Nicholaa de Tregeoe- 
noTB), 8 July ; Patron, the King, " nudoae Cuatodie terre et heredia Alaoi 
Btoybou, defuncti " ; 72. On Trtylhian'l resignation 

Sir Simm de JHrtUoTit, priest, vma inat (by proxy— Robert de Sirtalyngton^ 
clerk), 2 Jan., 1318-19 ; Patron, the same ; 140. 

St. Mabyn [Sancte Mabene, MS.], Rector of — 

8ir/aAn3ViictoocunaaR.,5Sept, 1317; 121)>. 

St. Madron [Sancti Mademi, MS.], Vicara of — 

Sir Nicholat Artitr de Tywte^e^ priest, waa admitted, B Nov., 1309 ; Fatn», 
Ft. William da Tottehale, Prior of the Uoapital of St Jobn-of-Jeroaaletn in 
England 1 <5. He waa inat " iij Idui Hardi " (13 March), 1309-10; W. 

Commiaaio Mademi, — 

Waltenu, eto., Offidalt noatro ac Hagiirtrii Ricardis de Coletone, PicMntorl, «t 
Rogero de Churietone, Archidiacono Tottonie in Ecclesia Eionienai, aalatanii. 

.— Cum ad Perpetnam Vicariam Ecclesie de Sancto M-ndemo, cojna ponaf wliiiii 
,.^ n — ,_... ,-.-...,_... ;, jtrUmr, ut diciliir, de facto incumhit, direraa 
Dominoi Waiienu Wyoi, et aemuidar 

, _. , prasblteri, per Pratrem Thomaiu le Are! , 

Domai HoBplUdls Sanctf Johannis Jeruuleniitani, in Anglia, tanqnam ad 

qnidam Dominus Sickola.iii U ArUnir, ut dicitiir, de bicto incumCit, direraa 
nobis Personc, prime videlicet Dominoi Waiienu Wyol, et B«nuidaria Doniiaoa 
Rogenu de TTtgemirrii, ptwblteri, per Fratram Thomaiu le Archer, f 

vaeantem fuerint preseutatc ; nos, de vestra flde et indnstria pTenios confidentaa, 
■ Not Adam, aa in T<d. I., fp. 400, 42S 

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mBftrnmosB, bic 255 

•d oofcnoMMidaii], procodenduiD, statusiiduni, diffiDiendmn, at exeqaeaclum to 
hqjaamodi Preaeiitacioiiig causa gen Degocio, iiitei Persoius mnmorstas, ednm 
■i 111 unodanein aeu dsetitiicioneni prehti Domini .Vicholai It ArCour procedi 
dibeat in hie parte ; necnoa ud omiiis alift et siiiRula que in premiiuiH et eorum 
quoljbet necessam fueriat vel oportuiui facieadum, vobia vices nostna com- 
mittimiu cum coheicionia CanoDice ixiUetate ; Collacione, Inatitucione, et in 
coiponlem ]>o«3«si>Lanem Induccione, ac CanonicG ObedfencI; et de resldendo 
eciunjoxta formam Constituuionum Dominorum Octonia etOctobonl, q — '-~- 
*~ ■ di* Apostolice '"'■■■■■ .. • 

l£ de jure fneri 

In Aoglia Apostolice [Sedis] Legatorum, jurnmentU, in eo eveatu quo hec 

'-— ■■- "-re fnerint foraitan tacieada, nobis specialitar reaervatls. Qaod si 

« hiia inteicHse contigecit, duo veelniiu qui preseates fuerint ea 

nichiloniiBua exequantnr. l^visu quod super liiis q'le in premisais duxeritia 
fKienda, Boa tempore oportaco curetis reddere cerciores per vestraa Patentea 

LilBjaa, liamni serieni contioentes Datum apud Eboracnm, undecinjo die 

menaia Jonii, Anno Domini MillBsimo CCO° viceaimo tercio, et CooaoerBCionla 
nostra Anno quintodecima ; 176. Arthur (sic) eicliaDged with 
Sir Jtogerdt Trtget\Mira,' Vicar of AilSainla', KstheraTon (Dioc ol Saliabuir), 
who was iostL, 6 Maj, 1324 ; Patron, the said Prior. — The Commisiion for 
Inquimtion hBrain waa dated 2 April ; ISO.— Tacant in 1324-5, nnd Master 
HeDT7 de Stouforde, clerk, was appointed "jconomua," 21 Feb.; 183''. 
St. Mahtin's-bt-Looe [Sancti Martioi "juxtaLooe," MS.],— 
Thomat DaumarU, derk,^ was insL, 29 Oct-, ISOSi Patron, Sir Henry de 
Bodnigan, Ent. ) SS. 

St Maky Church [Seyncte Marie Cherche, MS.], Vicar of— 

A Comminion was directad, 10 August, 1313,^ to Chancelior Roger de Oteiy 

Mid Thomas de Cherletooe, Canons of Eieter, for the Institution and 

Induction of 
Sir Rabtrt Ualoyltd, priest ; Patrons, the D. and C. of Eieter, — " dum, tamen, 

presentatuB hujuamodi pro dicta Cure rcfsenda auEBcienter Literature et 

■lias eiaminatuB inventua fuerit jdoneua ; IV. 

St. Mawoan-in-Kerrier [Sancti Maugaui in Kerier, MS.], 

Sir John U Brum, deacon, occurs ss K., 6 Nov., 1308 ; 36. 

Sir Soger de Northbiiry/ie occurs ss B., G Feb., 1312-18 ; 77^ On whose 

Sir Robert Hereward, deacon, was insk, 2G E>ec, 1317 ; Patron, Wiiliam de 

Whalesbreus ; 124. On whose reaignation [MeMer H. Herswood], 
Andrea de Droktnetjitnie* clerk, was inst., (by proxy — Sir Tbomss de 

Chelreye, R. of Henton-St. Qeat^e—Somerttt), 16 April, 1321 ; Patron not 

mentioDed, but doubtless the same ; 1S7''.— Vacant " a Festo Eialtacionis 

SsDcte Cnids" (14 Sept.), 1324 ; and 
Sir Soberl U Seneuhal, priest, was insk, 31 Oct. ; Patron, the asms ; 132. 

St, MAWOAN-iN-PmER [Sancti Maugaui in Pyderschire, also 
de Laheme, MS.], Rectors of — 

Uastar Beneditt de Antnddit occurs aa B., 4 Dec, 1309 ; IS. 

' Otdsined deacon {LiU, Dim.) by the * Nephew to John de Drokeneetorde, 

Bp. of Wmcheeter, 20 Dec, ISOD, in Bp. of B. aod W., being a son of 

the Church of the Holy Trinity, PhUip,theBiahop'sbrother.— B.W.Q. 

Ooildford — "sd titulum Perpetui "jVnNomndumquod viij KaL HBii(24 

Vicaiii de CicMtre": prieet, by the April, 1317), Episo. ^tbou. habuit 

■ame Prelale, 4 April, 1310, in tbe IdoeDciBia ordinandi Philippum d« 

Parish Church of Huisley — " Xogerui Drokenesforde et Andream fratrem 

de Nevxman, dictus Tregenebrii" ejus, Ntcholaum, Ricardum, et 

{SegitHVod^oke; 322", 323).— F. 3. K Thomam de Drokenceforde, aonSBQ- 

OrdsioBd aubdeacoD, 22 Feb., 130S-9 : guineoB auos, Winton. Dioc, ad 

220''; deaoon, 27 March, 1311 ;;223; miuoTeaetadomnesmajoresOrdiiM*" 

priest, S June, 1311 ; ibid. (Regitt. Sandale, foL Sl).~F.J.a 

* Not 1213, as in Olivet's list [Bedet. 
A»tiq.,i, 187). 

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; 8S>>. On OudMih at rndiam(nc) 
"princiinoiDeiuu Augiuti," ISIjl, 
8tr Jt/)tert dt TaaUmt, print, " funilUiu [Epuoo^]." WM MUt(e< Iff Jul, 
1S21-2, " noioDe miooris statu, etc (■■( mpm)" ; 1S3^ 

St. Melliok [Sancti Melani, MS.], Rector of— 

Muter Jiihn it Stoktt, subdMcon,! oocun u R., 16 April, 1309 ; 40. 

St. Mbwan [Ecdesia Sancti Mewani, MS.], Rector of— 

— Vacant " > die Ldd* proiima ante Featnm Natiritatii Sancti JnhanoH 

Bwtiit« (19 Juoe), 1318 ; and 
Sir ThowM de E^oimaAet, print, «m inafc, 10 Ang. ; Patron, Dame Joan 

de Talletorta 1 1Z8''. 

St. Michael's Mount {CornwaU), Priory of — 

Fr. Qenfrfi/ dt Seraim. His resignation, dated 3 Aug., wai reomved from 
■briMd bj the Biihnp, and formally aooepted, 13 Aug., ISIS ; Hi. And 
12 Sept, waa inlt. 

Vt. FcUr dt Oara Villa, Monk of 8t Michael'i "in periculo maiii" ; 114^. 
St. Micuael Penkkvtl, Rector of — 

aUbat de Huluga» waa H., 1 Hay, 1318, whm hewaa wdained aooolita ; S30. 
St. MiKVER [Sancte Minfrede, MS.], Vicais of— 

Sir TTumat ; on whoae redgnation waa inat, 21 Sept., 131S, 

Sir WaUiT dt Sanelo Qerwuaio, prirat; Patrana, the Prior and CunTmt of 
Bodmin; 130. 
St. MuLLlON [Sancti Melani in Kerier, MS.], Rector & Vicar of — 

Sir Jtk/iard it Brayleght, prieat, was inat to tlie Stdory, 23 Oat, I30S ; 
PatToni, the Chapter of Exeter ; 440. 

Sir JtieMard dt Erttig, print, waa collated to Uie Vicaragt, 23 April, 1310 ; 60. 
St. Neot [Sancti Nyoti, MS.], Vicars of— 

Sir PAU^ Doeurt aa v., 28 Feb., 1313-14 : S3.— Vacant "a die Lone pnunnM 
pout Featum Sancti Luoa, Eiangeltite (23 OoL), 131S ; and 

Sir./aAnicAy<n,orSt. Neot, prieat, «u iiut, 10 Dec. i Patron*, the Prior (Fr. 
John) and the ConTent of Montacute, — " et iqJoDctDln est dido Vicario, cob 
peni il Botldorum, Pabrice Ifccleiilv Exoniensla imiljcaiidoriun, quod iciat illam 
fiumniulam que vocatni Altiuiviut de Terra [j« Pbilleiob], citn Featnm 
Penteconten proximo BiicutHrTim [11 May, 1319] ; cui. quiilem, Ailmiaaioni aeii 
Injunccioci non Interfui ego, RicdnluB [in Twyvortone "] j 139. 

St. Newlyn [Sancte Neweline, MS.], Vicars of — 
Sir Henry de Tr^eaa, priest, on wboee reeignation, 
Sir RAert Ouyn, prieat, waa collated, !0 Oct, 1S09 ; 44l>. 
Hatter MiAiul dt RttuaUUr* oocun w T., 18 Dea, 1812 ; 76^ 

St. Paul [vulgo " Paul," — " Sancti Pauli in Oomobia," MS.], 
Vicars of — 

Jckn oocun aa V., 27 Hot., 1308 ; tie L 183, 1B5.— Vacant "a die Sabbati 
proiinia ante Dominioam in Ramia Palmanim " (26 March), 1317 ; and 

Sir /oin Betaara*, priest, waa inat, 1 Ha; ; Patrona, the Abbat (Fr. Jcdtn) 
and the Convent of Haylea ; 119. 

St. Pebran-Utuno [Udno parva, MS.], Rectors of — 

■ prieat, 14 Jan., 1611-12 ; 67*. 

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xnuti'ithoks, etc. 257 

: 84. H« 

.^ „„_ ,_j DKiET — Nioholat de 

Dm., 1812 ; Pttroa, Jobti de CanDjnoa ; 
Sir JdoM, prieat, ocNiniB u R., S Sspl., 1320; loi. 

St Peeram-Zabdlo [Sancti Pirani, MS.], Vicar of— 

MMtar WmUm it Trerimpd, dsMon,' wu itul, 2S Jan., 1808-B. Comini«Uii 
for hii Itutitutioii, directed to Walter Qjbrd, S.T,D., 28 Nov. ; Pitrom , 
the D. and 0. of Ex«ter ; 97, 38. 

St. Feobus, the Collegiate Church of ; Ca/nona, — 

Ibatar JEieAant dt OUmtaMa ; on whoae redgnatioD 

Sir Waiiaa, it Harptdmt, clerk, wm collated 21 Feb., 1309-10 ; 17^. 

Haater "numai dt BtMgnfordt,—Ctimimmm direotad to Thomat de Hentone, 
IVeaaurer of Eiet«r, to receJTe hia reaignatioll and ooUaie hia auooeMor, 
" dis Luna Id otwUdo Ferti Bnncti Jaoobi, ApoatoU " (20 Jul;), 1811 ; S3. 
The reialt ia not recorded. 

ritar.—John oocun aa Ticar {mt St. Eea), 6 Sept., ISIO ; 65. 

St. Ruan-Lanyhoshe [dim, Larihom, MS^], Rectors of — 

Sir WaUaai de MiiOurne, tot, oocun aa R, 21 Dec, ISOS,* 21B. On MmIU- 

inmu'* reaigtiation 
Haeter Anry Bloycn, etmk,' waa inat (by pioxy— Heater Wm. de W<dle^e), 

10 Jaoe, 1320 ; Patron, Sir Thomaa le Aroedekne, Snt. ; ICO. 

St. Ruan-Major [Sancti Rumoni Magni, MS.l Rectors of — 

7j(o*tMdtf%n,or(Kyn,ooaun«aRin 131S; L207. He reajgned, S If arch, 

1324-ei and, 15 May, 1326, 
SitAard dt Woddond, cleA, waa isai. (by pros;— Maater Richard NoKii); 

Patron, OliTerdeCanujnou; 184. 
St. RuAN-MiNOB [Sancti Rumoni Parvi, MS.], Rector of — 

— Vaeant "a die Hartu in Feato Circumdaioiiia Domini" (1 Jan.), 1813-14 ; 

and on the Idea (ISth) of Feb., was instituted 
Haaler Matthetc dt Paifrtn* ; Patron, Oliver de Carmjuou ; H^. 

St. Sancreed' [Sancti Sancredi, MS.], Vicars of— 

Sir PhSm dt Soneto KaretUdui, pri^, waa inat., 4 Maj, 1318 ; Patroni, the 
D. and C. of Exeter ; 70. On whoee death [de Saneta Wytmuio, MS.], 
a, Commiaatoti waa direct«d to the Offidal-Prindpal, Richard de Coletone), 
23 Feb., 1314-15, to reoeiie Pruentatione, institute, and induct ; 102». 

Sir Sogtr dt Sotbatudd, prieet, wm inat., IS March, 1S14-1S: Fatn>Da,the 
aamei 105. 

* When be waa ordained MooUte: aab. 
deaoon, IS HarA, 1S08-S ; 221<>: 

■ Ordained prligat, 22 Dec, 1818 ; Z81<>: deaoon, SS March, 130B ; 233: prieet, 

be had been ordained deaoon {IML 28 April, 1309; Snd. 

i>tM.) by the Bp. of Winchester, in * Ordained lubdeMon, 20 8^, 1S20; 

tbe Fariah-Cbarch of Kingston (Air- 348. 

Ttf), 22 S«pt., 1818 (Btgitt. Woddokt, ' Ordained deacon, 23 March, 1S1S>14 ; 

SS2^.— F.J3. 232'>: prlMt, 21 Dec, 1314 ; 2340. 

* Ordained prieet, 22 Feh, 1808-0; ' Thomat Durant (tee VoL I., page 3SS), 

221. He had been cnduned sub- — "Koe[AbbuetCoDTentaB]dedimuB 

deacon (LUt. Dim.) hj the Bp. of Thome Durandi Eocleeiam Sancti 

Wineheeter, in St. Mary's, South- Saneretl in Coraubia, dictt Featum 

■nipton, 8 June, 1303 {Btgitt. Wode- Sancti Qregoni" (12 March, 123S-6]. 

Inbe, 316<>), and deacon in Famham —Atmalt #/ IMtetbuTf AJAtf (Bd. 

Fariah-Chnrch, 21 Sept, in the LnaTd),'p. 99. 

>r (Mi, 818).-I-J.B. 

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Bt. Sithnet [Sancti Sidnini, MS.], Vicars of — 

Btnrg ocean u V., S July, 1310 ; L ie2)>. 

Bir ]tafy\ <ie Tre^vieyn, prisat, waa oollated, S0 Aug., 1S18 : 111^. 

Sir Vintent de Wynltr, pHeet, w*a coDfttod, 16 H>j, 1818 ; 127. 

St. STEPHEN'8-iN-BaAiiNEL [Sancti Stephani de Branel, MS.], 
Rectors of — 
Tiotaai di Brantl {" primun hsbeni toniuram, "— acuolite, 22 Feb., I3OB-0 ; 
220; aubdeaoon, 16 March, 1308-6; 221''), waa mat., 24 OcL. 1308: 
Patron, Sir Waltar, called "da ComnbU"; 3S. A Conuuiaioa ytm 
directed, fl March, 181S-17, to PreceEtor Wele and Bichard de Coletone, for 
the aettlemmt of a dupute tovchiog tliu Cbnrcb, then vaeant, and fcr tbe 
lodueUon ot 
IfViiam de SeoAoKt, iHeA, praanited bj' William d« ConiDbia ; 117<>. 

St. Stephen's-in-Brahnel [Sancti Stephani in Foudreschyre, 
MS.], Vicar of— 
SMudo, "wpellauDB da Brand," waa liwL, 18 Jul;, 1809; Patnio, Sir 
Walter de Cornabia, Ent. ; 42. 

St. Stbphen's-bt-Saltash [Ecclesia de Esse in Cornabia, at«o 
Sancti Stephani de Ease, MS.], Rectors of — 

Muter POtr de Sldloju oocuia u B., 12 Oct, 1816 ; 110*>.~-yaMllt " k die 

Lune prozima ante Peatum Natir. Beate Virginia" {fl SiipL), 1318 ; and 
Smr de AudtU, clerk, «a» iuat., 81 Dae [b; proij — John de WeatMM) ; 
Putroo, the King ; 11S». 
St. Stythian's [Sancte Stediane, MS.], Rectors of — 

[Satph (son ot Ttiomai) dt la Sydt, matjluted 'bj Bp. BTtton. Hi* aneoeaaorL 
Amr (aon of Roger] de Carmyiuiti,' waa inat, 18 July, 1809 ; Patron^ 
King Edwud II., " at herea Edmundi, qaoadmn Conutu Coranbie " ; 42*'. 
St. Tody [Sancti Tudii, MS.], Rectors ot— 

WHtiam de Edligryn " ; on whoae death was inat., 28 Fab., 1308-9, 
Benediet Bloyhmi ; Patron, Heni? de Kelligrjn ; 88t>. 

St. Veep [Sancti Vepi, MS.], Vicars of— 

Thamat it Evty oociua oa V., 10 Aug., 1808; 8G. He ma (apparantlj) 

deprived, and 
John U Vaulon, priest, was inaL, 8 June, 1300; Fatrona, the Prior and 

ConTcnt of kfontacute ; ll'>. — " Jahaniie$, diotua It VamUmtr " reaigned, S 

Aug., 1309 ; 48 ; and 
Pagan (Kin of Nicholaa) de Areabai waa inal:, 17 Oct ; Fatrona, the aame ; 

11». He reaigned, Oct., 1313 1 and 
BiiIlieAardde3maUhidle,pneBt,vuivab.,2l Dec ; Patrona, the ume ; ISO. 

St. Vebtan ["Ecclesia de Elerky," MS.], Vicar ot— 

WHUam dt Ya^orde (■ubdeaoou, 22 Feb., 1308-9 : 220: deaoon, IS Ibrdi, 
1308-9 : 221''), waa mat, IS Juns, 1309 ; Fatrona, the D. and a at 
Eieter ; 41». Ordained prieat, 20 S>ept, 1308 ; 223>>. 

St. Wendhon [Sancte Wendrone, MS.], Viear of— 

Haatar Salph di Katiiunytei, deaoon, waa collated (bg laptt), 14 Haich,IS00> 
10 ; Fatrona, the Abbat and Convent of Kewlev, near Oxford— " Begalii 
Looi, juita Oioniiun ; . • ■ eujua CoUacio ad Dominum eititit ilia tim 

' Ordained deacon, i April, 1310 ; ombot (aw Vol. L, p. 3SS), deaodUi^ 

224<>: prieat, 18 April ; 22G. the Benefloe aa vacant "per redgna- 

' Fraaented, 9 June, and the Patent donem Badulphi, filii Thome de It 

Boll (2 Edw- U., part 1, m. S) con> Hjde, nuper Fersone ejuadem." 
Ozam my ooujectore aa to hia prede- 

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Tioiham pmentarnDt " ; UK 

[St. Wkkn, Rector of— 

" Die Suictomin Qnatmir Coronatorum [8 Nor., 1339] dAtk eat EoclMnft 
SaDcte Wenne Uigiatnt WUIelmo dt Blaneyneye . . per Abbabem et Con- 
Tentum Theokeebene."— JnnoZt of Tevixibwy Abbey (Ed. Luud], p. 111]. 
St. "Wnraow [^ncti Wynnoci, MS.], Becfcor of— 

Sir Hugh de Wdlia, prieBt, wu inab, i Hty, 1S13 ; Pabons, the D. and C. of 
Exeter; 70. 

Sampford-Couhtenat, Rector of — 

Sir Ae^MiuuI de AiJIy, prieit, wu iiut, 29 Aug., 1310; Pttrou, Sir Hagh 
de Courteluf, Knt. The Church had been vacant " a die Jons [sozinio 
poet Featum 3ancti Jaoobi, Apoetoli " (30 Jul;) ; &4*>. 
Sampfohd-Pevb3iell [Saunforde Peverel, MS.], Rector of — 

Vacant, " a ivii" Kaltndaa Apr " " " -— ^ • 

ie/u/loM de Eue? wa« iiut., 8 . 
" raeione hereditatia Hargerie, u 

Satteblbioh [Saterleghe, MS.], Rectors — 

Sir Simrn de Balegie ; he redgned, "die Venerii in Feato Beati HidiMHi 

Arohangeli'" (2S Sept.), 1318 ; and wa» laooeedBd by 
WiUiam aOe Stone, clerk,' inat., 13 Sept, 1320; Patron, Sir Wm. Martrn, 
Knt- ; 1G1^ — The Benefloe ma vacant for nearly two yean ; and, that 
there might be no mislake, both dates are carafully recorded : yet nothing ia 
aaid of a " lapaa " or of ita having been held in eommeniam. 

Skaton {Setone, MS.], Vicars of — 

Kr AtveroccunaaV., 17 April, 130B; ^O^. 

Sir IfiUtamoccun ae V., 24 Oct., 1308 ; 41". Die Bumatne waa <?Iii({e«yn£ ; 

Idl". And on his death, " die Sabbati proiima ante Festum [Tranaladoiila] 

Beati Thome, Uaitjria " (4 July), 1321, 
Sir Welter Byne, priest, was inat., IS Oct. ; Fatroni, the Abbnt (tad Convent 

of Sherborne ; lfll'<. 

Shebbeab [Schefbi&re a/nd Scheftbeare, — margin, Seftbeare, 
MS.], Vicara of — 

Jforita de Saltmmbe, prieet, was inst,, SB Hay, 1306 ; Patrona, the Abbat and 
Convent of Torre ; 41. — Vaoint " a die Ssbbati proxima peat Featum 
Deoolladonit SancU Johannia Biqitiate " (4 Sept.), 1 311 ; and 

Jordan de WaUedotme waa inst., 24 SepL ; Patrons, not mentioned ; 04. — 
Vacant " a die Herourii in Festo SanoU Stepbani, Prolhomartiria [2S Dec), 
1313; and, 27 Jan., 1313-14, 

Sir B«btrt de Pyvorthi, priest, waa inat. ; Patrona, Uu same ; 32. 

Sheldon [Schildene, MS.], Vicars of— 

Sir Jdkn dt Ayleebiart exchanged, for Fairingdon, with 

Sir JNcAont de Sehtilimd, iuit., 1 Oct., 1318 ; Patrons, the Abbat and Convent 
of Dunlceaweil ; 131. He resigned by letter, dated Eietar— " die Hartis 
proiinia poet Feetnm Sancti Uartani, Epiacopi " (13 Nov.), 1319 ; and 

' Ordained prieat aa " VicarlasRcdeaie 1324.E, in the Conrentual Chnrdi of 

de BdeUme " 4 April, 1310 ; 224)>. Bt. Hatr's, Bouthwark (Seffiel. Smt- 

St. Wendron is the Mother-Church ol ford, Bp. of WineKater; 141>>).— 

Helaton (now a aepaiate Vioaiage). F.J.B. 

* Oidained accolitu (Liu. Dim.) ly ■ Ordained aubdeecon, 20 Sept., 1320; 

Peter, Bjx of Corbavi^ 2 U«rd), 248.— ["deU Stone," HS. i (oL 157]. 

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It, 25 Oet, 1S20 ; P>lnn«, Um 
Shibwkll f Schirewille, MS.], Rectors of— 

[Robtrt wu & ot SherwiU in 1278-7,— Bot Fit., G Edw. L, m. Sd. (43).— 

Huter Dotid oocan u R., 1 Uarch, 1309-10 (tte "ConfeMJow"); 48.— 

Tacuit "fc die Maomii proiimft pott Fwtum Epipbanie Dturnni" 03 

Jul), 1310-11 ; and 
SlqAai de Gulm^eri, clerk, tm init, IS Feb.; Pibon, the Laclr 

AlunoTK de Conrteoaj, "raoioae Otwtodiehemdii at tcmniiu Philippi da 

Bello Houte, qaotid<m fllii et heredii Domini Bicaidi d« Bdlo Mtnt^ 

defUncti " ; 69°. 
Shobbooee [Scbokkebrocke and Schockebrocke, MS.], — 

Huter John de Pphavau oooun u R., 23 July, 131S, the B«nefloe having 

been, for & time, appropriated to tha Office ol Subdeaa ; 79. 
HutM Waiter dt Em, clerk,' ww collated, S6 Sept., 1813 ; SO. 

SiDBDET [Sydebery, MS.], Vicar of— 

SlQiAotildntrertons, deaooiij'iruiaet, IG May, 1810 (b7C(nnimarioii,dii«oted 
to Boger de Oi«ry, 8 Hay ; CO^): Patrons, Ihe D, and C. of Exeter ; SI. 

SiDHOUTH [" Sancti Egidii de Sjdemuwe, MS.], Ttcars of — 

JIo^ dt la PoU; on whose death, "die Sabbatj proiinM, post Featum 
Asoenmonii Domini " (30 Hav), 1310, 

Tiontai Oaifridiu dt Hoeketimde, [niee^ wu init, 6 July' ; Fatnm, Robot 
Lovel, Prior of Ottertotl ; fi2>>. On whose death 

Haeter Siehard de TudemBe [deacon] wsa prewnt«d before 17 Feb., 1321-3, 
on which day ha obtuned licence to be ordained " a qnocnrnqae Epiaoona 
Catbolioo ... ad omnea Saeroa Ordinea, ad titulum l^oarie EocUbs de 
Sidemoutbe," 1(16^. He was inst, 12 Aptil, 1322 } Patron, the Ptkr of 
Ottertoa; IB7''. 
SiLVERTON [Sylfeltone— morgan, Sylfertone], Hectors of — 

Mister Soger de Saneto Omttantino', pnut,-ooaurs as R, 18 Sept, 13G9 ; 430. 

Od his death, "cirdter Feato Nativitatis Sancti Jobannis Et^ttiete " (24 Judb), 
Sir Nieholat de Adone, wu inst. (bj proxy — Eliaa de Waddewortha, elerkX 14 

Sept, 1322 ; Patron, the Lady BeHtrix Corbet; 109. 
Slapton [Beati Jacobi de Slaptone, MS.], Rectors of — 

Master Oilliert de Mouettvti/tt restgnad, " die Dominioa proiima post Featum 

NativitatiB Sancti JoliannU Baptiate," (28 June), 1310, and 
Uaater William de Uoitdewske, priest, was inat, 14 July ; Patron, 8ir Guy 

de Brians, " Dominus de Castro Walwani " [Oo. Pembnte'] ; G8.