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Full text of "Relatives of Lydia Lippincott : late of the county of Burlington, in the state of New Jersey, deceased"

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CA.MDF.N', X. J. : 
. ■ 1903. 





In order to procure an order of distribution of tlie estate 

of Lydia Lippincott, late of the county of Burlington, New 

Jersey, deceased, from the Orphans' Court of said county, 

it is necessary that a full and correct list of her next of kin, 

viz., of her first cousins living at the time of her death, 4th 

month, 7th, 1901, with the names of the descendants of sucli 

r of her deceased first cousins as may have left issue, with their 

fj addresses. Much care has been taken in preparing the fol- 

■^ lowing list. It is believed to be substantially correct, but to 

c£, make more sure, a copy will be mailed to each distributee, with 

the request, that if any omission or error be observed, imme- 

^ diate notice thereof be sent to 



Moorcsiown, X. J.. 4. 9- 1O02. 

^s leT^ 

f — " 


Lydia Lippincott, late of tl;e township of Cinuaminson, in 
the county of Burlington, Xcw Jersey, was born 12th month, 
Sth, 1829, and died 4th month, 7th, 1501. 

She was the daughter of Caleb Lippincott — born 9th month, 
5th, 1787 — and AHce Jarrett, his wife — born 7th month, 15th, 


Lydia Lippincott died intestate, leaving no issue; neither 
brothers nor sisters, uncles nor aunts surviving. 

The next of kin were the children of her uncles and aunto. 
to wit, of the brothers and sisters of Caleb Lippincott, viz: 

♦Joshua Lippincott, born 3d month. iSth, 1776. 

♦Joseph Lippincott, born 5th month, nth. 1778. 

♦Elizabeth Lippincott, born 4th month, 5th, 17S0: married 
Thomas Parry. 

♦Abraham Lippincott, born 9th month, 4th, 17S3. 

♦Isaac Lippincott, born 9th month, ist, 17S5. 

♦Levi Lippincott, born 12th month. 23d, 175-9. 

♦Lydia Lippincott, born lit month, i8th, 1792; married 
Hugh Roberts. 

♦Anna Lippincott, born 3d month, 22d, 1796; married Asa 
And of the sisters of her mother, Alice Jarrett, viz : 

♦Mary Jarrett; married Israel Hallowell. 

♦Jane Jarrett; married John Thompson. 

Note — Numerals 1, 2, 3, &c., icdicating' first cousins to Lydia Lip- 

Letters a, b, c. .to., in>-'.ira::n5 seciinl cjusin? to Lv'li.i LipfinC'itt. 
I.,etters a', b', c', &c., ia.lio.uinsr third cous-r.s to Lydia Liprdncott. 
• indicatins deceas-rd, but leaving iasu-,- to inherit. 

^ -::i:'f 

*Tacy Jarrett; married Cliarles Stokes. 
*Hannah Jarrett; married William Penrose. 
*Ann Jarrett; married John R. Hallov.ell. 

Joshua Lippinoott, brother of Caleb Lippincott, left children 
— they or their issue surviving— 4th moiuh, jth, 1901 : 
*i. Samuel R. Lippincott. 
*2. Joshua Lippincott. 
*3. George Lippincott. 

I. Samuel R. Lippincott left children or their issue surviv- 
ing 4th month, jth, 1901 : 
*a. Henr>- H. Lippincott. 

b. Susan W. Lippincott, of Cinnaminson, New Jersey. 

c. Emily S. Lippincott, 213 X. 33d street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
*d. Joshua \V. Lippincott. 

e. Healings Lippincott, of Cinnaminson, New Jersey. 

a. Henry H. Lippincott, son of Samuel R. Lippincott, left 

a. Caroline Lippincott, of Wyncote, Montgomery county, 

b'. Mar>- W. Lippincott, of Wyncote, Montgomery county, 

c'. Martha P. Lippincott, married Wilmer \V. Hoopes, of 
West Chester, Penna. 

d. Joshua W. Lippincott, son of Samuel R. Lippincott, left 
children : 

a. Samuel Parry Lippincott. of Wyncote, Montgomery 
county, Penna. 

&'. Horace G. Lippincott, Jr., of Wyncote, Montgomery 
county. Penna. 

2. Joshua Lippincott left one son: 

a. Howard W. Lippincott. 509 Real Estate Trust Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

.1 ■>-..• ,•! 1 

■. .11 s, 

3. George Lippiiicott let'i chihlrcii >iir\ i-. i;;^. j^ui v.hnnh. jili. 
1901 : 

a. Eliza G. Lipiu'ricott, of \V\ncote. Moir.i^omcry couiKv, 

b. Horace G. Lippii".c''tt, of W'yncote, Monigoniery county, 

Summary of the family of Joshua Lippincott : 

Three first cousins to Lydia Lii)pinc'jtt, all deceased, but 
leaving families. 

Eight second cousins to Lydia Lippincott. 

Six second cousins living and entitled to inherit 4th month, 
7th, 1 90 1. 

Five third cousins living and entitled to inherit 4th month, 
7th, 1 90 1. 

Joseph Lippincott, brother to Caleb Lippincott, left issue 
4th month, 7th, 1901 : 
*i. Asa Lippincott. 

*2. Rebecca Lippincott, married William S. Thomas. 
*3. Sarah Lippincott, married Reuben Haines. 
*4 Beulah Lipi>incott, married Nathan Haines. 

1. Asa Lippir.cott left children or their issue surviving 4:h 
month, 7th, 1901 : 

a. Ezra Lippincott, of Rivcrton, Burlington county, Xe'.v 

*b. Edward Lippincott. 

c. Anna S. Lippincott. married Heuling? Lippincott. of 
Cinnaminson, New Jersey. 

2. Rebecca Thomas left children, or their issue. 4th month, 
7th, igoi : 

*o. Joseph L. Thomas. 

b. William M. Thomas, of Riverton. Xew Jersey. 

c. Howard Thomn-^, of Moorestown, Xe.v Jersey. 

,;~ !/■ "1 

/'of-1 .-i 

3- Sarah Haines left children, or their issue, 4th month, 
7th, 1901 : 

a. Josepli L. Haines, of Linwood, Carroll county, Maryland. 

b. Ellen Haines, married Thomas Smith, of Lincoln, Loud<:n 
county, Virginia. 

c. Rebecca T. Haines, married Frank Darby, of Williams- 
port, Maryland. 

d. Mary J. Haines, married Jacob Weaver, of Uniontown, 
Carroll county, Maryland. 

*e. Beulah Haines, married Francis Thomas. 

4. Beulah Lippincott, wife of Nathan Haines, left children: 
*o. Portia Haines, married William Smith. 
*b. Ephraim Haines. 

f. Mary Anna Haines, married Dr. E. O. Mannakce, 1626 
Nineteenth street, X. W., Washington, D. C. 

b. Edward Lippincott, son of Asa Lippincott, left children : 
a'. J. Haines Lippincott, of Atlantic City, New Jersey. 
b'. Elnora Lippincott, of Rivcrton, New Jersey. 

a. Joseph L. Thomas, son of William and Rebecca Thomas, 
left issue : 
a'. Mary Thonus, of Cinnaminson, New Jersey. 
b'. Joseph L. Thomas, of Cinnaminson, New Jersey. 
c'. Walter Thomas, of Cinnaminson, New Jersey. 

a. Beulah Haines Thomas left children, surviving, 4th 
month, "th, 1901 : 

a. William F. Thomas, of Ednor, Montgomery county, 

&'. Ellen IL Thomas, of Ednor, ^fontgomcry county, Mary- 

a. Portia Haines Snilih, daughur of an'I Bcalali 
Haines, left 

a'. John Wakcr Smith, of Lincoln, Louden cjuiUv. \'ir- 

b. Ephraim Haines, son of Xathan and Eculah Haines, left 
a'. Portia Haines, married d'L'nger. 1013 W. Lawrence 

street, Baltimore, ^hiryland. 

b'. Beulah E. Haines, married Thomas Hnnt. Ellicott City, 

c'. Richard S. Haines, 1013 West Lanvale street, Baltimore, 

Summary- of the descendants of Joseph Lippincott: 
Four first cousins' to Lydia Lippincott. all deceased. 
Fourteen second cousins to Lydia Lippincott, five deceased. 
Eleven third cousins to Lydia Lippincott. living 4th month. 
7th, 1901. 

Nine second cousins. 
Eleven third cousins. 

Elizaheth Lippincott. sister of Caleb Lippircott. married 
Thomas Parry, and left children, or their issue. 4th month. 
7th, 1901 : 

*r. Samuel Parr\-. 

*2. Isaac Parry. 

*3. Oliver Parry. 

♦4. Sarah Parry, married Dr. Jervis Smith. 


I. Samuel Parry left children, surviving 4th month. 7th, 
1901 : 

a. Priscilla P. Parry, married Henry H. Lippincott. of Wyn- 
cote. Montgomery county, Penna. 

*b. Mary Elizabeth Parry, married Joshua \V. Lippircott. 
of Wyncote, Montgomery- county. Penna. 

A- . .' I! 

b. Mary Elizabeth Parry, wiic of Joshua W. Lipi>inc(5tt, left 
a'. Sanuicl Parry Lipi'incott, of Wyncotc, Montguiiiciy 

county, Pcnna. 

2. Isaac Parry, son of Thomas and Ehj'al)Ct]i Parry, left 
children or their issue, surviving, 4th month, 7th, 1901 : 

a. Adam Millman Parry, ]o6o Pacific street, San Francisco, 

*b. Mar>- Parry, married James Simpson. 

c. Elizabeth Parry, now Mrs. O. S. W'entworth, 316 Second 
avenue, San Francisco, California. 

d. Horace Evans Parry, 1060 Tacific street, San Francisco, 

c. Isaac Parry, 810 Powell street, San Francisco, California. 
/. Laura P. Parry, married Clark, 5 Liberty street, 

San Francisco, California. 

b. Mary Parry Simpson, daughter of Isaac Parry, left issue: 

a John Foster Simpson, of Albany, Oregon. 

b'. Laura Matilda Simpson, married George Conner, 651 
Castro street, San Francisco, California. 

c'. Elmer Ellsworth Simpson, of Bassett and Little Market 
street, San Jose, California. 

3. Oliver Parry left one daughter, 4th month, "th, 1901 : 
a. Marj' S. Parry, of Philadelphia, Pa. 

4. Sarah Parry, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Parry, 
and wife of Dr. Jervis Smith, left children or their issue: 

0. Charles Newton Smith, of Academy, Montgomery coun- 
ty, Penna. 
*b. Thomas P. Smith. 
f. Samuel S. Smith, 307 Race street, Philadelphia, Penna. 

d. Oliver P. Smith, of Horsham, Penna. 

e. Robert D. Smith, 307 Arch street, Philadelphia, Penna. 

. i: i' ; ,!f';. i 


b. Thomas P. Sinitli left one rlau^htcr: 

a'. Elizabeth Smitli. inarricl William Copper, of W'oodlji'.ry. 
New Jersey. 

Summary of the family of F.Ii/'aljcth Lippiiicott Parry: 

Four first cousins to Lydia Lippincott, all deceased. 

Living, 4th month. 7th. 1901: 

Eleven second cousins to Lydia Lipi)incott. 

Five third cousins to Lydia Lippirc^tt. 

Abraham Lippincott. brother of Caleb Lippincott, left 
children, or their issue, surviving 4th month, 1st, Z(joi : 

*l. Isaiah Lippincott. 

*2. Isaac Lippincott. 

*3. Edwin Lippincott. 

*4. Mary Lippincott. married Peter Lippinctt. 

*5. Abagail Lippincott. married William Eva:i;. 

6. Rachel Lippincott, married Joie[)li T. Evan-, of ^Toorcs- 
town. New Jersey. 

1. Isaiah Lippincott left one son : 

a. Charles Lippincott. 145 North Eleventh street. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

2. Isaac Lippincott left one daughter: 

a. Elizabeth Lippincott. married Joseph L. Thomas, of Cir.- 
naminson, New Jersey. 

3. Edwin Lippincott left one daughter: 

a. Laura Lippincott. of Camden. New Jersey. 

4. Mary Lippincott left one daughter: 

*a. Anna Lippircott. married Joseph M. Thoma^. 

3. Abigail Lippincott. wife of Willam Evan^ left: 

.: ;■-;-;..:/. 


a. Enoch Evans, of Cinnaminson. Xcw Jersey. 

b. Edward L. Evans, of Cinnaniinson, New Jersey. 

c. Thomas B. Evans, of Riverton, Xew Jersey. 
*d. Rebecca Evans, married William Co.\. 

a. .\nna Lippincott, wife of Joseph M. Thomas, left chil- 
a. Frank Thomas, of Camden, Xew Jersey. 
b'. Edwin L. Thomas, of Colorado. 
c'. Anna Thomas, of iloorestown, Xew Jersey. 

d. Rebecca Evans, wife of William Co.x, left one son: 
a. William Evans Co.x, of Med ford, Xew Jersey. 

Summary- of the family of Abraham Lippincott : 

Six first cousins to Lydia Lippincott. 

Living 4th month, 7th, 1901 : 

One first cousin to Lydia Lippincott. 

Six second cousins to Lydia Lippincott. 

Four third cousins to Lydia Lippincott. ' " 

Isaac Lippincott. brother of Caleb Lippincott, left children, 
or their issue, living 4th month, 7th, 1501 : 

*l. Photbe Lippincott, married Dr. Granville S. Woolman, 

*2. Daniel Lippincott. 

3. ^brgarct W. Lippincott, ^22 X. Seventeenth street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

I. Phoebe Lippincott Woolman left children, or their issue: 
*a. Margaret L. Woolman, married Jacob H. Leeds, of 
Rancocas. Xew Jersey. 

b. Hannah Ann Woolman. married Michael Haines, of 
Rar.cxas, Xew Jersey. 

c. Martha L. Woolman. of Rancocas, X'ew Jersey. 

d. Phoebe W. Woolman, married Evan Buzby. of \'incen- 
town, Xew Jersej-. 

. ■!• '■' 


'' ,n.t >i 


e. Alice W'oolnian, married IliicUon Taylor, of Rancoc:i5, 
New Jersey. 
/. Isaac L. W'oolnian, of Crossuicks, Xew Jersey. 
*g. Jervis S. W'oolman. 
h. Daniel Woolman, of \'incento\vn, Xew Jersey. 

2. Daniel Lippincott, dying, left one son: 
*a. Daniel Lippincott, who, dying, left children : 
a. Isaac Lippincott, 6004 Suburban avenue, St. Louis. Mo. 
b'. Richard Rudderow Lippincott, 6004 Suburban avenue, 
St. Louis, ]Mo. 

a. Margaret W. Leeds left children : 

a. Granville W. Leeds, of Raacocas, Xew Jersey. 

b'. Henry H. Leeds, of Rancccas, Xew Jersey. 

c'. Elizabeth Leeds, married Thomas Buzby, of Rancocas, 
New Jersey. 

d'. Mary Leeds, married Lewis Brown, of Camden, X'ew 

e'. Phoebe W. Leeds, married William B. Jones, of Moores- 
town, X'ew Jersey. 

g. Jervis S. Woolman left children: 
a. Henry S. Woolman, M. D., Xewark, X'ew Jersey. 
b'. Rebecca Woolman, married Geo. B. Bullock, of Tren- 
ton, X. J. 

c'. Margaret L. Woolman, of Crosswicks, X'ew Jersey. 
d'. Helen Woolman, of Crosswicks, Xew Jersey. 

Summary of family of Isaac Lippincott: 
Three first cousins to Lydia Lippincott. 
One first cousin living. 
Nine second cousins. 
Six second cousins living. 
Eleven third cousins living. 



Levi Lippir.cott, brotlior to Caleb Lippincolt, and uncle to 
I ydia, loft four sons and two daughters : 

*l. David Lippincott. 

*2. Aaron Lippincott. 

*3. Asa R. Lippincott. 

*4. Levi Lippincott. 

*5. Mary R. \\'aIton. wife of Silas Walton, of ^loorestown. 
New Jersey. 

*6. Hannah R. Hilton, wife of Jos. J. Hilton, of Moorcs- 
town. New Jersey. 

- I. David Lippincott left children or their issue: 

a. John M. Lippincott, of Moorestown, New Jersey. 

b. Levi L. Lippincott, of Maple Shade, New Jersey. 
*c. Sarah Lippincott; married Levi Ballingcr. 

2. Aaron Lippincott left children or their issue: 

a. Samuel R. Lippincott, of ^^oorc5town, Xew Jersey. 

b. Elizabeth Collins; married Charles Collins, of Moores- 
town, New Jersey. 

c. Darling Conrow Lippincott, of Cleveland, Ohio. 
*d. Albert .A.. Lippincott. 

3. .■\sa R. Lippincott left children: 

a. ^L^ry Lippincott; married Charles Andrews, of Fellow- 
ship, Xew Jersey. 

b. Hannah Ann Lippincott ; married Edward Roberts, of 
Camden. Xew Jersey. 

c. Enmia Lippincott ; married Dr. E. L. Evans, Cinnaniin- 
son. Xew Jersey. 

d. Lydia Lippincott ; married Charles Hancock, of Colum- 
bus, Xew Jersci'. 

e. Esther Lippincott; married Albert J. Roberts, Hartford, 
New Jersey. 

f. William T. Lippincott. of Moorestown, X'ew Jersey. 
g. Jo.-eph Lippincott, of Moorestown, Xew Jersey. 


4- Levi Lippincott, Jr., Icf: children: 

a. Anna R. Lippincott; married Clayton H. Dudley, of 
Moorestown, New Jersev. 

b. Sarah B. Lippincott; married Aaron \V. Engle, of Lum- 
berton. New Jersey. 

c. Hannah Lippincott; married Edmund Braddock, of Med- 
ford, New Jersey. 

'd. Susan Lippincott; married Samuel Lippincott, of -Moores- 
town, New Jersey. 
e. William B. Lippincott, ot Moorestown, New Jersey. • 

5. Mary R. Walton left children or their issue : 
*a. Levi L. Walton. 

b. Anna M. Walton ; married Charles B. Coles, of Moores- 
town, New Jersey. 

6. Hannah S. Hilton left children or tlieir issue: 
*o. William Hilton. 

b. Mary L. Hilton, of Moorc>town, New Jersey. 

c. Emma Hilton; married Clifford Budd, of Pemberton, 
New Jersey. 

d. Joseph L. Hilton, of Moorestown, New Jersey. 

c. Sarah Ballinger, daughter of David Lippincott, left chil- 
dren : 

a'. David R. Ballinger, of ^foorestown. New Jersey. 
b'. Martha Ballinger; married Isaac Collins, of Moorestown, 
New Jersey. 

d. Albert A. Lippincott left children: 

a'. Harvey Lippincott. of Mnrlton. New Jersey. 
b'. Newlin Lippincott, of ^Masonville, New Jersev. 

a. Levi L. Walton left children : 

a'. Silas Walton, Jr.. of Moorestown. New Jerse\. 

V, P' 


b'. Deborah Walton; married Henry B. Coles, of 3>Iaplc 
Shade, Xew Jersey. 

c'. Aubrey G. Walton, of ^laplc Shade, New Jersey. 
d'. Harry R. Walton, of Moorestown, Xew Jersey. 
c\ Levi Walton, of Moorestown, Xcw Jersey. 


a. William Hiltun left one son: . - 

a. William Hilton. 

Summary of the family of Levi Lippincott : 

Six first cousin^; all deceased, but leaving issue.' 
Twenty-five second cousins; 4 being deceased, leaving issue. 
Twenty-one second cousins, li\ing 4th month 7, 1901. 
Ten third cousins, living 4th month 7, 1901. 

Lydia, sister to Caleb Lippincott and wife of Hugh Roberts, 
left children or their issue: 
*i. Samuel S. Roberts. 
*2. Richard Roberts. 
*3. Hugh Roberts. 

*4. Elizabeth Roberts; married William Lippincott. 
*5. Priscilla Roberts; married George ^L Killie. 

1. Samuel S. Roberts left children: 

a. Anthony C. Roberts, 3659 Folsom avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 

b. Lydia Ann Roberts; married John Armington, of Lees- 
burg, Indiana. 

c. Edward H. Roberts, 1325 South K street, EHwood, Ind. 

2. Richard Roberts left children : 

a. Ellen Roberts, of Riverton, Xew Jersey. 

b. Henry W. Roberts, of Marlton, Xew Jersey. 

c. Richard Roberts, of La Cross, Rush county, Kansas. 

d. Joseph ^L Roberts, of Riverton, Xew Jersey. 

c. H. Walton Roberts, 604 Xorth Seventh street, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

1 , ';-: -:.( 

i i:'!iq 


3- Hugh RuLcria left, chi!Jr;.ii : 

a. J. Ridsway Robcrt^, 2403 Xort!i St-'vciUccnth street, Phila- 
delphia. Pa. 

b. Flora Roberts; married Charles Thomas, 22S Xational 
avenue, San Diego, CaL 

4. Elizabetli Roberta, wife of William Lippincott, left chil- 

a. Richard R. Lippincott, of Rancocas, Xcw Jersey. 

b. Sarah A. Lippincott, of Hartford, New Jersey. 

c. William P. Lippincott, Hartford, Xew Jersey. 

5. Priscilla Roberts, wife of George M. Killie, left children: 

a. Dr. Chalkley J. Killie, of Moorestown, Xew Jersey. 

b. George Henry Killie, of Mount Holly, Xew Jersey. 

Summary of family of Lydia Lippincott Roberts: 
Five first cou5in>, all deceased, but all leaving issue. 
Fifteen -iecond cousins, all living. 

Anna Lippincott, sister to Caleb, married Asa Roberts, and 
left children or their is;ue: 
*l. Samuel L. Roberts. 
*2. Lydia Roberts; married Josiah Roberts. 

3. Emmor Roberts, of Moorestown, Xew Jersey. 

4. Elizabeth Roberts ; married X'athan Haines, 1013 Lan- 
vale street, Baltimore, Md. 

I. Samuel L. Roberts left children : 

a. Amy Roberts; married George X'. Conrow, of Moores- 
town, Xew Jersey. 

b. Asa Roberts, of Moorestown. X'ew Jersey. 

c. Richard J. Roberts, of Galesburg. Illinois. 

d. Albert J. Roberts, of Moorestown, Xew Jersey. 


c. Elizabetli Roberts; married Albert Haines, of Masonvillc, 
Xew Jersey. 

f. Samuel L. Roberts, of Moore-to%v:i, New Jersey. 

Lydia Roberts left children : 

a. Annie Roberts; married George M. Lamb, of Baltimore, 

b. Ellen T. Roberts, 1754 Park avenue. Baltimore, Md. 

c. Caroline Roberts. 1754 Park avenue, Baltimore, Md. 

d. Robert F. Roberts, 106 South street, Baltimore, Md. 

Summary of the family of Anna Lippincott — 4th month, 7tli, 

Four first cousins; two deceased, leaving issue. 
Ten second cousins. 

Mary Jarrctt, wife of Israel Hallowcll, and aunt to Lydia 
Lippincott. left children, or their issuo : 

*l. John J. Hallowell. 

*2. Ann Mather, wife of Isaac ^L^ther. of Jenkintown, Pa. 

*3. Martha Parry, wife of Samuel Parry, of Philadelphia, 

*4. Jarrett Hallowell. 

5. Israel Hallowell. 

*6. Jonas Hallowell. 

7. Mary H. Ely, Jenkintown, Pa. 

John J. Hallowcll left one son : 

a. Franklin \V. Hallowell. of Bethayres. Pa. 

Ann Mather left children : 
a. Martha Mather, of Jenkintown, Pa. 
h. Israel Mather, of Jenkintown, Pa. 
c. Isaac ^father, of Jenkintown. Pa. 


Martha Parry Itft children, or th.cir i>5uo: 

a. Priscilla P. Parry, wid.iw of Ilcnry H. Liijpiiicott, r-t 
Wyncote, Pa. 

*b. Mary EHzalK-tii Parry, wife of Joshua W. Lippincott. 

Jarrett Hallowell left ch.ildrcn. or their i?sue: 
*a. Mary Hallowell. niarriLtl Mi^rrii Williams. 

b. Ellis Hallowell, of Betliayres, Pa. 

c. Tacy Hallowell, of Beihayres, Pa. 

d. John L. Hallowell, of Bcthayres, Pa. 

Israel Hallowell left cliildren: 

a. Henry W. Hallowell, of Bcthayres. Pa. 

b. Mary A. Hallowell, of Bcthayres, Pa. 

Jonas Hallowell left children: 

a. Israel Hallowell, of Bcthayres, Pa. 

b. James F. Hallowell. of Bethayrcs. Pa. 
" c. John J. Hallowell, of Bethayrcs. Pa. 

Mary Elizabeth Parry, wife of Joshua W. Lippincott, left 
one son : 

a'. Samuel Parry Lippincott. of Wyncorc, Pa. 

Mary Hallowell. wife of Morris Williams, left one daugh- 

a'. Mary Williams, of Chestnut Hill. Pa. ' 

Summary of family of ^lary Jarrett Hallowell : 
Seven first cousins; one surviving. 4th month, 7th. 1901. 
Fifteen second cousins ; thirteen surviving. 4th month, jtli, 
Two third cousins; two surviving. 4th month, 7th. 1901. 

I. (■ 

Jane Jarrett, wife of Joliii Tlionipson, and aunt of Lydia 
Lippincott, left children, or their i^sne : 

*i. Ann Thompson, married Jacob Jarrett. 

*2. Hannah Tlionipson, married John Roberts. • 

*3. Sarah Thompson, married, first. Anthony Willianir. ; 
second, Jesse Shoemaker; third, -Cyrus Belts. 

*4. Catharine Thompson, married Richard Roberts. 

*5- John Thompson. 

*6. Abigail Thompson, married John \\'ildman. 

Ann Thomi)son, wife of Jacob Jarrett, left children, or their 
issue, surviving, 4th month, jtli, iQor. 

*o. Jane Jarrett, married C. Xew ton Smith. 
b. Susan Jarrett, married C. Xewton Smith, of Academy 
P. O., Pa. 

*c. Joseph Jarrett. 

d. George Jarrett, of Davis Grove, Pa. 

Hannah Thompson Roberts left children: 

a. Abigail Roberts, married Nathaniel Tyson, of Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

b. Ann Roberts, married William Ridge, of Somerton, Pa. 

c. Thomas Roberts, of Bristol. Pa. 

d. Mary Roberts, of Bustlcton, Pa. 

e. Jane Roberts, married John Kirkbridc, of Bustlcton, P;i. 

Sarah Thompson married, first, Anthony Williams; second, 
Jesse Shoemaker; third, Cyrus Betts, and left children, or 
their issue : 

a. Charles Wdliams, of Buckingliam, Pa. 

b. Edward Williams, of Buckingiiam, Pa. 

f. Joseph T. Williams, of Easton, Pa. 
*d. Anthony Williams. 

*e. Sarah T. Shoemaker, married Alvin Haines. 


Catharine Tlionip-.n, wife i f Ric'iafl Ri^lxrU, let: cl:'!- 
dren, or their issue : 

o. Rebecca Roberts, married JaoL>b L. Halluwell, of Og. ■:!;/, 

'*b. Jane Roberts, married Abel nallowell. 

*c. Thompson Roberts. 

*d. Charles Roberts. 

John Thompson left children, or t!:eir issue : 

a. Alice Thompson, married Benjamin F. Penrose, of 
Ogontz, Pa. 

b. Thomas Thompson, of Ogont;^. Pa. 
*c. Samuel Thompson. 

d. Jane Thompson, of Ogontz, Pa. 

c. Margaret Thompson, married Henry \\'. Hallowell, of 
Bethayres, Pa. 

/. J. Dawson Thompson, of Pasadena. Cal. 

Abigail Thompson, wife of Jolm Wildman, left : 
*a. Jane Wildman, married Joseph Watson. 

Jane Jarrett, wife of C. Xewton Smith, left children : 
a. Anna Smith, of Wheel. Harford coimty, Md. 
b'. Walter J. Smith, of Solebury. Bucks county, Pa. 
c' Susan J. Smith, of Academy. Montg.^mery county. Pa. 

Joseph Jarrett left children : 

a'. William Jarrett, 1417 Stewart Place. East St. Louis. !Mo. 
b'. Walter Jarrett. 924 X. Kings Higlnvay, St. Louis. Mo. 
c'. Lorenzo Jarrett. 934 X. Kings Higlnvay. St. Louis. Mn. 
d\ Clarence Jarrett. 9^4 X. Kings H:c;!nvay. St. Louis. 'Mo. 
e' Harry Jarrett. 924 X. Kings Higliv.ay. St. Louis. Mo. 
/'. Clement Jarrett. 9J4 X. Kings Highway. St. Louis. ^lo. 


Anthony William^ left children: 

a. Phccbe Williams, of Jenkintown. Pa. 

b' !Mary W'iMiams, of Jenkintown, Pa. 

Sarah T. Shoemaker, wife of Alvin Haines, left children: 
a. Lydia ilaines, of Xorri>to\vn, Pa. 
b'. Sarah Haines, of Norristown, Pa. 
d. Charles Roberts left one daugliter : 

a. Eva Roberts, married Kellogg. Hartuell, Hamil- 
ton county, Ohio. 

c. Thompson Roberts left children : 

a. Catharine Roberts; married Joseph Shoemaker, of Jen- 
kintown, Pa. 

b'. Abel H. Roberts, of Cheltenham, Pa. 

c. Susan Roberts, married O'Brick, of Jenkintown, 

d'. George Franklin Roberts, of Ogontz, Pa. 

b. Jane Roberts, wife of Abel Hallowell, left one son: 
a. Theodore Hallowell, of Ogontz, Pa. 

Samuel Thompson left one daughter: 

a. Caroline Thompson, of Jenkintown, Pa. 

a. Jane Wildman, wife of Joseph Watson, left children: 
a. Dr. Frank Watson, of Willow Grove, Pa. 
b'. Abigail Watson, married Joseph Taylor, of Edge wood, 
Pa. . 

Summary of family of Jane Jarrett, wife of John Thompson : 
Six first cousins to Lydia Lippincott; none surviving 4tli 
month 7, 1901. 

Twenty-five second cousins to Lydia Lippincott ; 16 surviv- 
ing 4th month 7, 1901. 

't / 

•'■l' ;,..■ 


Tucnty-two tliird cousins to Lydia Lippincott; 22 -urviviii^ 
4th month 7, 1901. 

Tacy Jarrctt, si~tcr of Alice Jarrctt. mother of Lydia Lip- 
pincott, married Charles Stukei, and left children or their is- 
sue : 

I. Hannah Stokes, married Charles Williams. 
*2. Alice Stokes, married William Parry. 
*3. Jarrett Stokes. 

*4. Annie Stokes, married Chalklcy Albertson. 
5. William Stokes, of Mount flolly, Xew Jersey. 

2. Alice Stokes, wife of William Parry, left children or their 
issue : 

a. Charles Parry, of Parry, Xew Jersey. 

b. John R. Parry, of Parrj-, Xew Jersey. 
*c. Oliver Parry. 

d. Howard Parry. 

c. Tacy Parry, married William L. Paul, of Moore^town, 
New Jersey. 

3. Jarrett Stokes left children ; 

a. Hillyard Stokes, of Beverly, X'ew Jersey. 

b. Charles Stokes, of P.everly, Xew Jersey. 

c. Rowland Stokes, of Rancocas, Xew Jersey. 

4. Annie Stokes, wife of Chalklcy Aliiertson, left children: 

a. Tacy Albertson. married William R. Lippincott. of Mt. 
Laurel, X'ew Jersey. 

b. Charles S. Alljcrtson. of ^[agnoIia. Xew Jersey. 

c. John J. Albertson, of Magnolia. Xew Jersey. 

d. Mary Albertson, of Magnolia. X'ew Jersey. 

c. Martha LI. Albertson. of Magnolia. Xew Jersey. 

1 V.V A 


c. Oliver Parry left children: 

a'. Edwin S. Parry, of Jtnkintown, Pa. 

b'. Mary A. Parry. 

Summary of family of Tacy Tarrett Stokes: 

Five first cousins to Lydia Lipiiincott — two living 4th month 
7, 1901. 

Twelve children of decta^^ed fir.-^i cousins now living. 

Two children of deceased second cousins. 

Hannah Jarrett, sister of Alice Jarrett Lippincott, and wife 
of William Penrose, left children or their issue, 4th month 7th, 
1901, as follows : 

*i. Ann Penrose, married Abraham Iredell. 

*2. Jarrett Penrose. 

*3. Abel Penrose. 

*4. Hannah Penrose, married Isaac \V. Hicks. 
5. Tacy S. Davis, of Bethayrcs, Pa. 

1. Ann Penrose, wife of Abraham Iredell, left children or 
their issue: 

*a. John Iredell. 
b. Hannah Ann Iredell, married Edwin Twining, of Davis' 
Grove. Pa. 

2. Jarrett Penrose left children : 

a. Ellen S. Penrose, married Edward Betts, of Philadelpliia. 

b. Elizabeth Penrose, married Alfred I.Ioore, of Horsham, 

c. William Penrose, of Neshaminy, Pa. 

d. Samuel J. Penrose, of Doylestown, Pa. 

3. Abel Penrose left children : 

a. Hannah J. Penrose, married Dr. Markley, of Hatboro, Pa. 


b. Morris B. Pcnr.-.-j. uf Davi-' Cxr--. ;■, Pa. 

c. William Pcnro-e. of Wii". -.v Grove. Pa. 

d. Mary Penrose, oi Da\i;" Gr^jve, Pa. 

4. Hannah Penrose Hick^ lett clMldrcn : 

a. Sarah \V. Hick^. of Xe;v:ov.n. Pa. 

b. Edward P. Hick:,, of Xc. tuwn. Pa. 

c. William P. H;ck^ of Xcv.iov, •.'., Pa. 

a. John Iredell left one daiighter : 

a'. Anna Iredell, married Jamer- Clark, of Colmar. Pa. 

Summary of family of Hannah Jarrett Pcnros::: 

First cousins to Lydia Lippincott, 5. Surviving. 4th month 

7th, 190 1, I. 

Children of deceased fir^t cousin-, 13. Surviving. 4th month 

7th, 1901, 12. 

Child of deceased second cousin, r. 

Ann Jarrett. aunt to Lydia Lippincr'tt, married John R. Hal- 
lowell, and left children, or their i--r.e, surviving. 4th month 
7tn. 1901, as follows : 

*i. William J. Ha'Ioue'.l. 

*2. Lydia Hal'o'Aer.. married Morris Paul. 

*3. Martha Hall.:i\\cl!. married Kd'.vin Satti.rih\vait. 
4. Joseph W. Hall'-iuel!. of Jenkintown. Pa. 

*5. Penrose Hallowel!. 

I. William J. Haliowell lett criildren or their is-ue: 
c. Hannah Hallowe'l. married William Sattertluvait, of 
Horsham. Pa. 

b. William Hall.->v.o!!. of Davis' Grove. Pa. 

c. Eliz3!)e:h Haliowell. married Israel Lly. of Bethayres. Pa. 

d. Mary Haliowell. married Dr. Plough, of Ambier. Pa. 



2. I.ydia Hallowcll. wife of Morris Paul, left one daughter: 
a. Hannah Paul, married William Penro>e, oi Xolianiiny, 

.^ Martha Hallowdl. wife of Edwin Sattcrthwait, left chil- 
dren : 

(I. Anna Satterthwait. married Joseph S. Williams, of Chest- 
nut Hill. Pa. 

/;. James Satterthwait, of Woodbury. New Jersey. 

c. Lydia Satterthwait. married Oliver Parry, of Jenkintown, 

5. Penrose Hallowell left children: 

a. Rachel Hallowcll, of Meadow Brook. Pa. 

b. H. Warner Hallowell. of Ivyland. Pa. 

c. Alfred Hallowell. of Marshallton. Chester county. Pa. 

d. Morris P. Hallowell. of Ivyland. Pa. 

e. Penrose Hallowell. of Meadow Brook, Pa. 
/. Martha Hallowell, of Meadow Brook, Pa. 

a. Hannah Paul Penrose left children : 

a'.Howard Penrose, of Xeshaminy. Bucks county, Pa. 

b'. Morris Penrose, of Xeshaminy. Bucks county. Pa. 

c'. William Penrose, Jr., of Xeshaminy, Bucks county, Pa. 

Summary of family of Ann Jarrett, wife of John R. Hallo- 
well : 

First cousins to Lydia Lippincott, 5. Surviving. 4th month. 
7th, 1901, I. 

Children of deceased first cousins, 14. Surviving. 4th month, 
7th, 1901, 13. 

Children of deceased second cousins surviving, 4th month, 
7th. 1901, 3. 

ll t- ,.!' 


Tabulated Statement by Families of the Heirs of Lydia 
Lippincott, deceased, 4th Month 7th, 1901. 

- - 

Family of Joshua Lippincott 

Family of Joseph LiiT'lncott 

Family of Elizabeth Parry 

Family of Abraham Lippincott 

Family of Isaac Lippinc.jit 

Family of Levi Lippincott 

Family of Lydia R'^berts 

Family of Anna Roberts 

Total of the blooil of the father of 
Caleb Lippincott 

Family of Man' Jarrett Hallowell 

Family of Jane Jarrett Th.jmf.-on 

Family of Tacy Jarrett Stok<^s 

Family of Hannah Jarrett Penrose 

Family of Ann Jarrett Hallowell 

Total of the blood of Jarrett 

Total of cousins 










1 S 




1 9 








2 10 

15 . 
10 . 



4 103 




1 15 








2 13 




1 13 




1 14 



63 First Cousins— surviving-. 4th. 7th. IWl. 
183 Second Cou^^ins— 1'>0 surviving. Jth. 7th. I^n. 
76 Third Cousins— 70 surviving. 4th. 7th, IWl. 

6440 1