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Full text of "Remains, historical & literary, connected with the palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester"

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CHET. Soc. Vol. LXXXII. 

Vifitation of the County Palatine of 

Lancaster in 1613, by Richard St. George. 

Large Paper. 23 Copies printed. 









LI q 8,5 
V. n 

COUNCIL FOR 1870-71. 


















FORTY-SIX years had elapsed after Flower's 
Heraldic Visitation of Lancashire, in the early part 
of the reign of queen Elizabeth, before another Visitation 
was made in the early part of the reign of her successor. 
In the interval, education and commerce had effected 
great changes in the state of society, and the learned 
works on heraldry, genealogy and ceremonies, by Glover, 
Segar, Camden and Milles, had imparted much impor- 
tance to the study of those feudal subjects. It was held 
that heraldic distinctions preserved the remembrance 
of military prowess, supported hereditary rank, and 
illustrated national history and antiquities. Churches 
and castles, monuments, windows and pavements, family 
bearings and numismatics, were all connected with the 
study of heraldry. It thus became an object of interest 
to many of the old territorial families publicly to record 
their title to their armorial bearings, and to register their 
descents when it had not already been done, and to per- 
petuate it when it had. But this observance was not 

iv Introduction. 

general, especially in Lancashire. The number of fami- 
lies who answered the summons of the heralds continued 
very slowly to increase, notwithstanding the increase of 
new and opulent families. At the first visitation in 1533 
there had been recorded the arms and descents of thirty- 
three houses; at the second visitation in 1567 the num- 
ber had increased to one hundred and twelve; and in the 
third visitation in 1613 to one hundred and twenty-four. 
But as a proof of the little general interest felt in the 
matter in Lancashire, fifty-six families who had appeared 
in 1567, absented themselves in 1613, and only forty- 
three families appeared, by their representatives, at both 
the visitations ; so that in a period of nearly half a century 
only twenty-two fresh entries were made, and of these, 
two, at least, ought to have been recorded in the visita- 
tion of Cheshire, 1 one in that of Middlesex, 2 and another, 3 
perhaps, not at all. 

There were two qualifications which guided the heralds 
in summoning gentlemen to appear before them at the 
visitations. The one was that the individual should be 
found in the list of the great freeholders of the county, 
and the other that he should be eligible to serve on grand 
juries. On these grounds we seldom meet with the 
clergy at the visitations, although after the reformation, 
as a rule, they used arms and not merely ecclesiastical 
badges and devices. Lancashire had only two noblemen 
when this visitation was made, but they did not appear 

1 pp. 55,. 135. 2 p. 61. 3 Thornton, p. 113. 

Introduction. v 

by deputy or otherwise, and the reason is obvious. The 
peerage has always been under the jurisdiction of Garter, 
whose rule is quite independent of Clarencieux or Norroy, 
and no commission was ever issued to him to "visit." 
The provincial kings, Clarencieux and Norroy, had de- 
fined and limited powers, and were only authorized to 
take notices of gentlemen holding rank inferior to that 
of the peerage. 

In this Visitation the only visible progress or improve- 
ment is to be found in the mode of registration, the nar- 
rative form being abandoned, and the tabular form intro- 
duced. The statements for the most part are still vague 
and meagre, and the results unsatisfactory, dates and docu- 
ments being generally avoided, or when introduced they 
sometimes elude the attempt to prove their authenticity 
or to confute their genuineness. Norroy carried out the 
existing system and there was no divergence from it 
for at least half a century; and then came a change for 
the better, which has continued, with improvements, to 
the present time. 

The Visitation book now printed, being the original 
manuscript, has not been collated with an official copy by 
St. George remaining in the Heralds' college, although 
the genealogies printed on pp. 130-135 are supplied from 
it, as they are omitted in the Harleian volume. It would 
involve the expenditure of much time and labour to 
collate the various transcripts of the several visitations 
extant at the same period, and almost futile to attempt to 
account for the marvellous discrepancies that occur in them 

vi Introduction. 

all. From these discrepancies arises the uncertainty of 
genealogical information at almost any former time. It 
may perhaps be admitted without dispute, that unless 
pedigrees have been well sifted, according to the present 
usage of the College of arms, and subjected almost to 
legal proof by documentary evidence, extraneous to viva 
voce testimony (which was the general mode of taking 
information at the visitations), little or no dependence 
can be placed upon them. Traditionary evidence and 
oral communications are insufficient proof. Daily expe- 
rience shows that different members of the same family, 
in giving testimony of their arms and descent, make 
statements equally conflicting and equally absurd with 
those made at this visitation ; and when the stern test 
of contemporaneous documentary proof is applied, it is 
not unfrequently found that the whole fabric of an old 
pedigree 4 is in a state of very doubtful security. 

It is apparent that at this visitation the heads of houses 
themselves did not always see to the correct registration 
of their arms and descents. They commissioned their 
attorneys 5 or stewards 6 or a younger son 7 to record such 
evidence as they had at hand, and these officials some- 
times attested by their signature the correctness of their 
statements, doubtless made to the best of their knowledge, 
information, and belief, the first however being often super- 
ficial, the next small, and the last capacious. Where the 
pedigrees are not authenticated by the signature of the 

* p. no. ' pp. ii, 25, 26. 36. 6 pp. 18,83, ioo, 131. 7 P- 2 3- 

Introduction. vii 

head of the family who made the entry, the errors appear 
to be the most startling ; and there is sometimes a sad 
absence of information even where the squire himself 
appeared. A gentleman attested his genealogy of eight 
lineal descents, but entered on the record neither the 
name of his wife nor his mother, nor the name of one 
female ancestor except that of a great heiress who had 
conveyed her estate to his family about two centuries 
before, and he had to retire from the court with the 
mortifying information that he had no allowance of 
arms. 8 In two pedigrees, the one of fifteen 9 and the 
other of eight 10 generations in direct lineal descent, 
only one marriage in each case is recorded. There 
are nine generations of the Radcliffes on record without 
the name of one wife," and in the third generation 
of the Hoghtons the eldest son is named Thomas, 12 
and he having no heir male is said to have been succeeded 
by his brother bearing the same Christian name, being the 
sons of the same parents, whereas we know from another 
source that they were brothers in half-blood only. Ano- 
ther instance of two sons of the same father bearing the 
same Christian name 13 is accurately recorded by the intel- 
ligent head of the house, who, like his grandfather, an old 
and sagacious lawyer, who had died three years before, 
was fully alive to the importance of legal evidence. 14 An 

8 p. 81. 9 p. 59. 10 p. 66. n p. 43. 

12 p. 51. 13 p. 19. 

14 Derby Household Books, Introd., p. Ixxix, Chetham series. 

viii Introduction. 

error which seems to be inexplicable is found in another 
pedigree, 15 where there are three sons living, two of them 
being named Thomas ; one of these is recorded as the 
" first" son, and aged a year and a half, the other as the 
"second" son, and the eldest son is described as being 
of the age of 1 2 years ; their parents being alive, and 
all their offspring being the grand-children of the attorney- 
general of the Duchy of Lancaster, and the father who 
verified these incongruous statements being a learned 
councillor at law. It seemed to be unnecessary to 
record that the four daughters of a gentleman were 
"co-heiresses" when the youngest was only two years 
of age and the parents still living. 16 These are passages 
which require no Ralph Brooke to parade a "Discoverie 
of errors," and will find no Camden to vindicate them. 
In one instance four generations of the same house were 
living at the time of the visitation, and the patriarch of 
the family at the age of 95 years ought to have supplied 
more copious evidence regarding his forbears. 17 

The sort of proof required and brought for the infor- 
mation of the heralds seems to have been various, but in 
the greater number of cases parole evidence was tendered 
and accepted. Bradshaw of Bradshaw produced two 
precious letters:' 8 one of them from Henry Percy, the first 
earl of Northumberland, K.G., the father of Hotspur, and 
with whom Bradshaw the young Lancashire soldier had 
probably served and fought at Chevy Chace and else- 
's p. 93. 16 p. 94. 17 p. 92. 18 p. 58. 

Introduction. ix 

where, in the reign of Richard II.; and the other letter 
was probably from sir William Harrington, the second 
and brave son of Nicholas Harrington of Huyton Hey, 
esq., in the time of Henry VI. These letters had been 
addressed to some members of the Bradshaw family who 
could not have their place assigned on the face of the 
pedigree, although the letters had been so carefully pre- 
served, but the result was satisfactory in another respect, 
as the old arms were recognized and entered, and it is to 
be regretted that the letters also were not "entered" 
in extenso. 

Travers brought his ancient muniments from the time 
of Edward I. to Henry VII. in proof of his descent and 
armorial rights, and the lineal succession was satisfactorily 
deduced, although the herald could not decide which of 
the two old seals containing arms, then presented to him, 
ought to be borne by the house. 19 

In one instance there is a reference to Holinshed, the 
historian, to establish a fact. 20 

Hindley produced his evidences and described his 
descent well for at least three centuries, but was not 
allowed to bear arms." 

Winckley also produced his charters from a remote 
age and proved succession, but the legend of an ancient 
seal of arms which was inspected being partly decayed 
or defaced, the armorial bearing was not allowed." 

Ashhurst also was able to bring forward the treasures 

19 pp. 85-6. 20 p. 70. 2I p. 1 17. 22 p. 38. 


x Introduction. 

from his muniment chest 23 and to prove a great deal, being 
probably proud of his descent; so that when the head of 
an old house felt an interest in the subject, streams of 
evidence poured in and the cause of heraldry and gene- 
alogy was upheld in what has been considered its dazzling 
and palmy age. 

But few gentlemen were as pretentious and ambitious 
as Gellibrand, who mounted up to the Norman Conquest 
and supported himself in his airy flight and shadowy 
claim by bringing forward a document, with an exact 
date, of the nth century "5 W. Conq.," 24 which 
might perchance be proof positive to Norroy of either 
simple credulity or of incautious audacity on the squire's 
part touching the evidence submitted. 

The heralds of 1533 and 1613 appear alike to have 
waged war with the wealthy family of Holt of Stubley and 
Castleton, who could fairly boast of high local rank and 
influence. ls At the first named visitation Tonge recorded 
that " Robart Holt of Stubley had marrd an ould woman 
and woud not enter" his pedigree, which, notwithstanding, 
was entered by somebody in 1 56j* 6 and "the ould woman" 
had certainly female issue. Robert, the nephew and heir 
male of Robert Holt the elder, had, also, only surviving 
daughters, the eldest of whom, Mary, married her kins- 
man, Charles Holt, and continued the line. This Charles 
Holt's father is called a "yeaman," and in the estimation 
of a herald of that day such he might be ; but he was 

33 PP- 97- 8 - M P- I2 4- 25 P- 91- 36 Visit, of Lane., p. 13. 

Introduction. xi 

assuredly "descended out of the house of Stubley," and 
had a very considerable estate in the parish of Bury, al- 
though he might lack the advantage of the education and 
social position of his cousin, the head of the house in 
Rochdale parish, who was an active justice of the peace 
in the reign of Henry VIII., and connected by descent 
and marriage with some good knightly families. This 
is an instance of the arbitrary manner in which country 
gentlemen were sometimes treated by the kings of 
arms. Charles Holt of Stubley, jure uxoris, and re- 
lated to her in the third degree of consanguinity, was 
not an illiterate man, as he wrote a fair hand ; intelli- 
gently defended the just rights of the poor chapels of 
Saddleworth and Milnrow in 1561 ; boldly opposed the 
wrongful dealing of sir John Byron with church pro- 
perty ; promoted the principles of the Reformation ; and 
was one of archbishop Parker's correspondents on the 
founding of Rochdale grammar school. It is to be 
noticed that the herald styles the family in 1613, "but 
yeamen" and having " noe coat at all," and yet Charles 
Holt himself had arms allowed by Flower in i^7^ 7 

The statement of the marriage of Nicholas Townley 28 is 
singularly incorrect, and some years ago proved a diffi- 
culty to an indefatigable genealogist, who was tracing his 
family descent. After a laborious investigation of evi- 
dences, public and private, the difficulty, I have reason to 
know, was ultimately surmounted, and St. George's egre- 

27 See Flower's Visitation, p. 13. & p. 99. 

xii Introduction. 

gious error was rectified to the satisfaction of his able suc- 
cessor, sir Charles G. Young, Garter. Nicholas Townley 
married Lettice, daughter and coheiress of William Tal- 
bot of Shuttleworth hall, near Padiham, and the widow of 
Edmund Asheton of Chaderton, esq. Of the three pedi- 
grees of Townley, 29 one records the descendants of a 
collateral of the Royle family, settled at Littleton, co. 
Middlesex, and seems out of place in a visitation of 

The herald who visited Lancashire in 1613 was Richard 
St. George, esq., who claimed to be descended from a 
family of his name who had held the manor of Hatley 
St. George in Cambridgeshire during five centuries, and 
who had become connected by marriage with several dis- 
tinguished and noble houses. He was a man of respect- 
able learning, and had acquired considerable heraldic 
knowledge. In the year 1602 his great ambition was 
gratified on his being appointed a Pursuivant extraor- 
dinary. His rise was rapid, as in the same year he 
became Windsor herald by patent dated i8th December 
45 Elizabeth 1602, and Norroy by signet in January 
1 603-4, but his patent for that office was not dated until 
24th January 1607, and on the I7th December 1623 he 
was created Clarencieux by patent. On the 28th Sep- 
tember 1616 he received the honour of knighthood. 
Whilst Norroy he was indefatigable in personally holding 
visitations . in various counties, being attended by his 

29 pp. 6 1, 62, 99. 

Introduction. xiii 

deputies. In 1613 his son Henry, who two years be- 
fore had purchased the office of Blue Mantle of his 
predecessor, accompanied his father into Lancashire, and 
some of the pedigrees and tricking of arms in the Visita- 
tion book now printed are written and tricked by him. 
Sir Richard St. George has the reputation, in the College 
of arms, of having been an able and industrious officer, 
possessed of ability to grasp a complicated subject of 
descent, and to master its details and legal bearings in 
a clear and satisfactory manner. He had the privilege 
of ranking amongst his personal friends, sir Robert Cot- 
ton, Camden, Spelman and Weaver, all kindred spirits, 
and all cultivating the same branches of learning. 

He died at his house in High Holborn, co. Middlesex, 
on Whitsunday, the i ;th May 1635, and was buried in the 
chancel of St. Andrew's church, Holborn, on the Friday 
following. His will was proved 26th May 1635 in the 
Prerogative court of Canterbury (83 Sadler), of which he 
made his eldest son (afterwards Garter) sole executor. 
He married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Nicholas St. 
John of Lidyard Tregoza, co. Wilts, esq., ancestor of the 
viscounts St. John and Bolinbroke, by whom he had issue 
five sons and three daughters. Of these the eldest son, 
Sir Henry St. George, knighted by the king of Sweden, 
was a zealous royalist, attended upon the king at Oxford, 
was there created D.C.L., and, having risen through all the 
gradations of the College of arms, became Garter. 30 He 

30 Blue Mantle 1611, Richmond herald 1616, knighted 1627, Norroy 
1635, Garter 1644, and died the same year. 

xiv Introduction. 

seems to have been well skilled in the duties of his pro- 
fession which were afterwards discharged by his two sons, 
sir Thomas 31 and sir Henry, 32 who both rose successively 
to the high office of Garter. The fourth son of sir 
Richard settled in Ireland as Ulster king of arms, was 
knighted, and had a son Oliver created a baronet. 
George, eldest son of the baronet, was ennobled in 
1714-15 by the title of baron Hatley St. George, of the 
co. of Roscommon, and the family long flourished in 
Ireland. 33 

Although this Visitation was made in the year 1613, 
there are a few additions and interpolations of a more 
recent date, which were not made by the visiting heralds, 
Norroy and Blue Mantle. The pedigrees are, however, 
chiefly in the handwriting of sir Richard St. George, and 
some are written by his son. There are also a few 
additions of arms and some continuations to divers 
descents, which will be easily perceived, being the handy- 
work of John Withie, who, like Camden's father, was a 
painter-stainer, 34 but of whom nothing more is known. 
It may be feared that he had neither skilful training 

31 Sir Thomas, eldest son, was Somerset herald 1660, knighted 1669, 
Norroy 1680, Garter 1686. Died 1703. 

33 Sir Henry, third son, Richmond herald 1660, Norroy 1677, 
knighted 1677, Clarencieux 1680, Garter 1703. Died 1715. 

33 Noble's Hist, of the Coll. of Arms, p. 236, with corrections and 
additions by my old and valued friend, Thomas W. King, esq., F.S.A., 
York herald. 

84 Harl. Catal. 

Introduction. xv 

nor sage experience to qualify him for the office he 
assumed. Of these additions reference may be made 
to the pedigree of Humfrey Chetham entered in i635, 35 
at which time the family arms were "confirmed" to 
the great Manchester benefactor by sir Henry St. 
George, Garter, who had upwards of twenty years 
before visited Lancashire as Blue Mantle. 

On the face of the pedigree of Preston of Furness 
manor 36 recorded by the head of the house, who gave in 
the information and signed the office book, the last 
generation was a subsequent addition, as there are the 
dates 1615, 1621 and 1623. 

Blundell of I nee Blundell did not complete his pedi- 
gree until the year 1614," which may account for the 
details being more exact and copious than many of the 
others, and also why it was not entered during the visita- 
tion of Norroy in Lancashire. This may also account 
for its not being verified by Mr. Blundell's signature. 

The pedigree of Walmesley 38 is not authenticated by 
any signature, and the date 1637 is an interpolation. 

The statements regarding Chadwick of Healey, 39 made 
apparently upon the authority of a judge and sustained 
by apparently legal and heraldic documents, although not 
authenticated or subscribed by the person who gave the 

35 p. 87 ; and for the correspondence on the subject with the heralds 
see Lane. MSS. In Moule's Ribliotheca Heraldua, p. 583, this pedigree 
is erroneously stated to have been compiled by sir Richard St. George. 
He was dead at the time. 

36 p. 60. 37 p. 77. 38 p. 67. 39 p. no; also Note, pp. i, 2. 

xvi Introduction. 

information, are altogether fabulous, and probably the 
"handy-work" of John Withie, as Dr. John Chadwick 
in 1613 is said to be chaplain to king Charles I. There 
is not a better evidenced pedigree in the College of arms, 
supported by a series of family deeds and authentic docu- 
ments, than that of Chadwick of Healey; and the attempt 
to unite the Nottinghamshire Chad wicks with those of 
Lancashire by colonel John Chadwick ; his pains-taking 
and well-informed son Charles Chadwick, F.S.A., and J. 
C. Brooke, esq., Somerset herald, was a complete failure. 
It was supposed by these exact and cautious genealo- 
gists that the Irish judge (whose son James married 
Mary, daughter and coheiress of archbishop Tillotson), 
was a very remote connection of Chadwick of Chadwick, 
but the connecting link was wanting. Their surname 
alone proved them of Lancashire and Saxon origin, and 
traditionally at least they were descended from Chadwick 
of Healey, bore the same silver martlets on their shield, 
and the same white lily for their crest. 40 

As this Visitation book became the property of the 
nation with lord Harley's library about the year 1753, it 
is obvious that the additions to the pedigree of Prest- 
wich of Hulme were made whilst the MS. was in his 
lordship's possession, about or a little after the year 
I744-5. 41 The writer was undoubtedly the Irish author 

40 Hist, of Chadwick of Chadwick and Healey, Append., p. xlii. 410, 

41 pp. 41-2. 

Introduction. xvii 

of the Respublica, published 4to, 1787, and who himself, 
notwithstanding his Quixotic claim to the extinct baro- 
netcy which he assumed, shows by these manuscript notes 
that he had no legal title to it. He had been invested 
with a trust in the loan of the manuscript, and by making 
these additions it may be feared that he had abused 
the confidence placed in him. The amount of clumsy 
work done by him, here and elsewhere, exacts little 

The manuscript now printed is written on paper in folio 

size, and consists, with the index, of 1 2 7 folios ; it is in 

good preservation, and is marked in the Harl. Bib. 1437. 

A few memorable names occur in this visitation which 

we are glad to connect with the palatinate : 

CAMDEN, 42 whose mother was a native, not of Cumber- 
land, but of Lancashire. 

ROGER DoDswoRTH, 43 educated at Warton school, near 
Lancaster, and who married Holcroft, daughter of 
Robert Hesketh of Rufford, esq. 
EDWARD HYDE of Norbury, 44 supposed to be the an- 
cestor of Edward lord Clarendon, the historian of 
the Rebellion. 

CHRISTOPHER TowNELEY, 43 the third surviving son 
of Richard Towneley of Towneley, esq. This 
industrious antiquary was the friend and literary 

43 p. 28. 

43 p. 129. Gastrell's Not. Cestr., vol. ii. part iii. p. 560. 
44 P- 55- * P- 62. 

inii Introduction. 

associate of Dodsworth and Hopkinson, Kuerden 
and Dugdale, and of all the Northern antiquaries 
of his time, who were more or less indebted to 

The NELSONS of Fairhurst/ 6 said to be the ancestors 
of the hero of the Nile. 

P. 6 4 . 

F. R. R. 


Page 5 Taylard Taylor. 

Urdshall Ordsall. 

Cleddon Clayden. 

TAEFC ? Ratcliffe. 

Darcus Dorcas. 

7 Ashull Ashawe. 

7 KingKnough Kempnogh. 

,, 9 Saraye Sawrey. 

,, 22 Bickerston Bickerstaffe. 

,, 24 Edw. Chisenhall ? Edmund. 

,, 25 Bamfurth Bamfurlong. 

26 Rishforth Rushworth. 

28 Powlton.-Poulton. 

33 Keper Keyper. 

50 Shudall Sudell. 

51 Aughtrington Alkrington. 

51 Land wood Land wade. 

53 Bothis Booth. 

55 Anno 1580 xt. 17 ? 1613. 

56 Preston Frees. (Skillicorne.) 

60 Foumeyz Fumess. 

,, 6 1 Royhill Royle. 

68 Cawghton Carlton. 

75 Raydon Radholme. 

82 Lawe Lowe. 

88 Hampsfold Hampsfield. 

,, 89 Laborick ? Limerick. 

,, 90 Parawance Pursuivant. 

90 Ratcliff Rawcliffe. 

90 Mouldbury Mowbrick. 

,, 95 Crofton Croston. 

100 Sighes ?Size. 

,,119 Dunknall Dunkenhalgh. 

,,129 Powes Powys. 

131 Rooles Rolls. 

" It is a reverent thing to see an ancient castle or building 
not in decay, or to see a fair timber tree sound and perfect ; 
how much more to behold an ancient family which hath 
stood against the waves and weathers of Time." 



[Hurl. MS. 1437, fo. 2.] 

THE towne & Borrough of Wyggin hath bene antiently Incorporated by Kinge Hen: the 3 by 
the name of Burgesses, and the same confirmed by K. Edw. 2, And since that tyme hath 
bene Inlarged by the moste noble prince, Kinge Edw. 3. with divers other Imunityes, 
makinge of it a free bourrough for ever to be governed by a Mayor, 1 2 Aldermen & the 
Burgesses. And this tyme was Mayor, Peter Marsh, and these following Aldermen, Wil- 
liam, Earl of Derby, S' Tho: Gerrard, Kt. & Barronet, S r Tho: Holcrofte, Roger Brad- 
shawe, Myles Gerrard, James Banck, William Bankes, William Forde, Edm: Chaloner, 
Willm. Gardiner, Humfrey Mather, Robert Barrow. 

THE Towne and Bourrough of Wyggin was auntiently Incorporated by the most noble Kinge, 
king Hen: the first in the first yeare of his raigne to be governed by the name of Bur- 
gesses & likewise to be freed from all manner of Servises at Assises or Sessions without 
the Bourrough, and the same priviledges Confirmed by Kinge Hen: the 3, and likewise 
by Kinge Edw. the 2. And after by the most noble and famous prince King Ed. the 3, 
[who] graunted that it should be governed by a Mayor and xij Aldermen all which sayd 
priviledges were confirmed by the most famous prince Quene Elyza: the 7: day of Maye 
in the 27 yeare of her raigne as appeareth by a charter with the severall enlargements 
remaining in the Custodye of the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of the sayd town, & 
perused by me Rich: S' Georg, Norroy, Kinge of Armes, in the tyme of my visitation, 
1613. And at the tyme was M r Peter Marsh mayor and these following Aldermen. [The 
names are not given.] 

{Ibid. fo. 3 b.] 

HENR. LAWNCE of Abraham in the Hund. of West derby. 

Vtut. fo. 4.] 

THE Towne and Bouroughe of Lancaster hath bene an auntient Corporation as appeareth by 
divers and severall Charters by the which they have received many and sundrie privi- 
ledges all which have bene latelye confirmed and enlarged by our most gratious Sove- 
raigne lord, Kinge James, about the seconde yeare of his raigne. And at the tyme of 
this visitation was M r Nicholas Eccleston Mayor, and these followinge Aldermen, M r 
William Sandes, M r Tho. Braithwaite, M r Tho: Colvile, M r George Thompson, M r 
William Perkinson, M r Clement Townson and James Bateman and John Brathwaith, 
bayliffes of the same towne, Anno Dni, 1613. 

FORASMUCH as ..... 

Robert Chadwick f -- M' doctor Chadwik to give me further 

John Olife \ . , r\\Af, i i satisfaction; in the meane [time] to be 

AisHankynsj} ofthe01dfield respited.* 

Richard Lynney of Rochdale j 

Thomas Hely of Rochedale parishe || > 
Oliver Chadwick of Chadwic.% j 

* " Mr. doctor Chadwick" was probably Charles, second son of John Chadwick of Healey hall, Rochdale, 

2 Memoranda. 

gent., and of his wife Agnes, daughter of James Heywood of Heywood, gent. He was educated at Christ's col- 
lege, Cambridge, and became B.A. in 1579, and M.A. in 1583. He afterwards removed to Emmanuel college, 
and was elected senior fellow at the first foundation of the college in 1584; was President of the college loth 
December 1588; took the degree of B.D. in 1589; was instituted to the rectory of Woodham Ferrers in Essex, 
30th January 1601 ; and was styled D.D. in 1607. He was chaplain to queen Elizabeth and to James I., and also 
to Thomas Howard earl of Suffolk. Having always had an affectionate regard for his Rochdale relatives, he died 
unmarried 4th May 1627, the probate of his will bearing date gth June 1625, by which he leaves to his nephew 
John Chadwick all his books and library, and all his estates in Woodham Ferrers, by name, Nutting, Motes, 
Foxholes, Dunsecouns, Archdens, Chandlers, Parler, and Jackes house; to his brother Robert Chadwick of 
Healey hall, his Geneva Bible in folio, and the Book of Martyrs, with one silver bowl double gilt, with cover over 
the top, to remain to his brother's wife ; to Richard Ashworth his servant, 2O/. a year for life, and then lo/. thereof to 
the poor within the hamlet of Healey ; to Edward Harris of Baddow in Essex, esq., 5/. In a letter to his brother 
Robert, dated 7th May 1616, he writes thus : "I sent Dick Entwisle to see your son John [afterwards rector of 
Standish] admitted, and I sent the tutor 6/., as at entrance there are extraordinary charges. I would have you pay 
him regularly 34?. \d. per quarter, and I will allow him io/. a year till he is master of arts, whether I live or die, 
and if that wont do, I will make an addition." Dr. Charles Chadwick had a brother John, rector of Darfield in 
the county of York, and prebendary of Southwell, also of Christ's college, Cambridge ; but as he did not become 
a doctor of divinity until the year 1614, the elder brother will be the individual who was to "give the herald fur- 
ther satisfaction" about the right of the family to bear arms. The proof was adduced, and the arms borne by this 
ancient family still remain, gules, an inescutcheon, within an orb of martlets, argent. This is the coat of Rackdale 
the Norman lords of Rochdale, differenced. The pedigree, with fifty quarterings, marshalled by John Charles 
Brooke, esq., Somerset herald, was recorded in the College of arms by John Chadwick, esq., and Charles Chad- 
wick, esq., F.S.A., his son, in the year 1788. - (Lane. MSS., vol. xiii. p. 136.) 

t Robert Chadwick of Healey, gent., son and heir of John Chadwick above named, and of his wife Agnes 
(marriage covenant dated 8th February 1551), married Alice, daughter of Edward Butterworth of Belfield hall, 
Rochdale, gent., in the year 1581 (marriage covenant dated 22nd October 1581). He rebuilt the old mansion of 
Healey in 1618, being much encouraged by his brother Dr. Charles Chadwick. He was buried in Rochdale 
church igth October 1625, ret. about 73 ; she, on the 8th December 1628, having had issue three sons and four 
daughters. (Lane. MSS., vol. xiii. p. 138.) 

i This name is unknown to me. 

Richard, son and heir of Edmund Linney, gent., was the head of a respectable family of inferior gentry, 
long connected with the town of Rochdale. He was baptized there on the igth May 1583, educated at the gram- 
mar school, and married 9th September 1606 Margaret, daughter of John Chadwick of Healey, gent., and had 
issue two sons, Richard and Edmund, and other children, all minors at his death. He died 2ist March 1618-19, 
and his relict married 2nd August 1622 the rev. Richard Walker, M. A., master of the grammar school, Rochdale. 
He is probably the Mr. Linney who settled 2/. per annum on the master of the school, although not by his will, 
which is dated I2th March 1618-19. Amongst other legacies he gave to "Mr. Henry Tilston, clerke, vicar of 
Rachdale, his best Cloke and Greek Lexicon," and legacies to his brother-in-law Jordan Chadwick, gent., and to 
his uncles Dr. Charles Chadwick and Dr. John Chadwick. (Lane. MSS., vol. xiii. p. 272; Hist. Koch. Gram. 
School, p. 23.) 

|| Thomas Healey of Rochdale was a wealthy yeoman, but made no proof of his right to arms. He was 
much connected with the Chadwicks of Healey, but not, perhaps, in blood. His father Thomas Healey of Lower 
Healey, yeoman, held lands there which he conveyed on the 22nd April, 4 Philip and Mary, to Robert Buckley of 
Buckley, gent., John Wolstenholm of Wolstenholm, gent., Arthur Whitehead of Dearnley and others, as feoffees 
in trust for the use of Robert Healey his eldest son and Elizabeth his wife, and their heirs male, and in default 
remainder to Thomas Healey his second son, and his heirs male in tail. (Lane. MSS., vol. xxi. p. 210.) Thomas 
Healey, gent., also held copyhold lands by deed dated 27th March, 30 Elizabeth, by surrender of John Lord of 
Clough house, and Henry Lord of Hatton house, yeomen ; and on the 22nd September, 3 Car. 1628, Thomas 
Healey the younger was admitted to the same on the death of Mr. Thomas Healey, his uncle. On the 3rd July 
1638, Thomas Healey of Birches, yeoman, surrendered these lands to Ottiwell Woolfenden of Hallsgrave. (Ibid. 
p. 212.) The family never became heraldic. 

1 Oliver Chadwick of Chadwick, gent., was the head of the parent house of that name, from a younger son of 
which in the 1 5th century descended the Chadwicks of Healey, who continue to the present time, although they 
abandoned their old seat in the parish of Rochdale, as one of them, full of the noble instincts of a true English 
gentleman, sorrowfully observed, "when the prowess of Rochdale's esquires and gentlemen had dwindled into a 
mercantile race, and when the age of chivalry was no more." Oliver Chadwick, here named, was the eldest son 
of.Roger Chadwick of Chadwick hall, gent., by his wife Isabel, daughter of Arthur Asheton of Rochdale, gent., and 
sister of William Asheton of Clegg hall, esq. He married Jane, daughter of Edmund Haslam of Falinge, gent,, 
and dying on the 6th December 1621, 19 Jac., was buried in the chancel of Rochdale church, being succeeded by 
his only son and heir John Chadwick. (Lane. MSS., vol. xiii. p. 163.) 



A.D. 1613. 

amU Azure, a bend between two stags' heads couped, or. 
Crrtt. A stag's head gules, attired or, gorged with a wreath, argent 

ENTRED. Howorth beareth: Azure, a bend betwene two staggs' heads cope, or. His Ureasl 
or, and b. a stagg's head cope, gu. attired or, with a wreath about the neck, arg. 

Edmond Howorth=. . . dau. of ... 
of Howorth, co. I Dyneley of 
Lancaster. Dyneley, co. 


Robert Howorth.=Grace, dau. of 
... Rosthom 
of the Lumm. 

Robert Howorth.=Isabell, dau. and 
coheire of James 
Hargrave of El- 
foborth hall, co. 

Edmund Howorth=Elyza: dau. and 
of Howorth, living coheire of Wm. 



Robert, Edmond, 2. Grace, 

sonne and heire, 
aetat 13 anno William, 3. 


(Signed) Edmunde Hmt'orthe. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


\Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 7.] 

armd Or, on a chief indented azure, three plate 


Thomas Lathum. = 

George Massy. =Katherine, dau. and 
heire of Oliver 

Edmond Lathum, =Petronill, dau. of 
George Massy of 

Margaret, dau. 
. Lever 
of Litle Lever. 

George Lathum=Margery, dau. of 

of Irelam. 

. Dichfeld. 

Thomas Lathum=Elizabeth, dau. of John Lathum. Henry Lathum. 

of Irlam, 1613. 

John Ashton of 

Kdmond,= . . . the dau. 
of the age of ... Leigh 
of 30. ofSwinhed. 



(Signed) John Lalhfi. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 8.] 

Thomas Chaderton=Joane, dau. of 

of the Leghes. 

John Tettlawe 

George Chaterton=Mary, dau. and 

of the Leghes. 

coheire of John 
Cuerden of 

Laurence Chaterton, 
Master of Emanuell 
Colledg in Cambridge. 

Thomas Chaterton =Mary, dau. of 
of the Leghes, of William Orrell 
theageof 2oyeares. ofTurton. 

wife of 
Smith of 

Jane. Cecily, 
wife of 
captaine of 

wife of 

(Signed) Tho. Chaderto 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


<&tm3. Quarterly of eight, viz: I, 4. Argent, on a chevron between three martlets, vert, as many cross-croslets formee 
fichee of the first ; 2. Or, an eagle displayed, gules ; 3. Sable, three garbs, or ; 4. Sable, fretty argent, a 
label of three points, or ; 5. Sable, three lions passant, argent ; 6. Argent, on a bend sable, three lozenges 
of the field, each charged with a cross, gules ; 7. Sable, a lion rampant argent, charged upon the breast 
with a millrind, gules. 

CrfSt. Out of a ducal coronet, or, an arm embowed, habited with green leaves, holding in the hand proper, a cross 
pattee fichee, argent. 

ENTRED. Omnibus ad quos, &c., Laurentius Ashawe de le Shagh, in com. Lancaster, arm. Salutem. Sciatis me prefa- 
tum Laurentium dedisse, &c., Leonardo Ashaw generoso, filio junior! Roger! Ashaw defuncto, nuper fratris 
mei dicti Laurentii quandam annuitatem, &c.; 2 et 3 Philippi et Marise. Omnibus Christ! fidelibus, &c., 
Johana Ashaw vidua nuper uxor Roger! Ashaw, arm. defuncti, ac filia et heres Margaret Harrington unius 
filiarum et heredum Jacobi Harington, defuncti. Sciatis me confirmasse Leonardo Ashaw, filii 
anno 6 EcH. 6ti. 

Lawrance Ashawe=. . . dau. of 

of the Hall on the 
hill, co. Lancaster. 

Hen. Sail of 
Bedford, co. 

Roger Ashawe,= Jane, dau. and coheire of 
sonneandheire. Sir James Harrington of 

Westley, co. Lancaster, 


Thomas Ashawe,= 
sonne and heire. 

=Marye, dau. of Leonard Ashawe,=Elyza: dau. of. 
James Anderton second sonne and Hodgkinson. 
of Ewxton, co. heire to his bro- 
Lancaster. ther. 

3 sonne. 

Ann, only, dau., 
wife to Sir John 
Ratclyffe of Ord- 
sall, knt. ; quere 
whether she were 

Leonard Ashaw= Margaret, dau. of Judeth, 
of the Hall of Edmond Prest- wife to 
the Shaw, co. wich of Holme, Robert 
Lancaster, esq., j esq. Aynsworth 
living 1613. of Ayns- 

Ann, Elyzabeth, 
wife to wife to 
John William 
Bent. Massy. 

wife to 

I I 
Elyzabeth, Jane, 
dau. and coheire, second dau. 
wife to Peter and coheire. 
Egerton, brother 
to Sir Richard 
Egerton of Rid- 
ley, knt. 

(Signed) Leonard Ashawe. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[ffarl. MS. 1437, fo. gb.] 

Sir Richard Ashton 
of Midleton, co. 
Lancaster, knt. 

Marye, dau. of Sir=Sir Richard Ashton =Mary, dau. of 

John Byron of 
Ryton, knt., first 

of Midleton, knt., 
living 1613. 

Robert Holte 
second wife. 

1 II! 
Richard Ashton, =Mary, dau. of John, Raufe, Susann 
esq., sonne and Thomas Vena- 2 sonne. 3 sonne. 
heire. bles of Kinder- 
ton, esq. 

8 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


Iffarl. MS. .437, fo. 10.] 

^rmtf. Quarterly: I, 4. Argent, on a bend sable, three cross-croslets of the field; 2, 3. Azure, a cross moline surmounted 
by a ducal coronet, or. An inescutcheon of pretence bearing quarterly : I, 4. Azure, a cross moline, or ; 
2 f 3. Argent, three boars' heads erased and erect, sable. A second shield is given bearing the same arms, 
without the inescutcheon and impaling. Per pale nebulee azure and or, six martlets counterchanged. 

CrrSW. -First, a lapwing proper; Second, a wolf passant reguardant, argent. 


Richard Charnock= 
of Charnock. | 

Thomas Charnock = 
of Charnock. | 

Henry Charnock,= 
anno Edw. i. | 

Adam Charnock,=^Joane, dau. and 

anno Edw. 2. 

coheire of Sir 
Richard Molyneux 
of Crosby, knt. 

Henrye Charnock,= 
anno Edw^. | 

William Charnock, = 
anno Ri. 2, et H. 4. | 

Henry Charnock,= 
anno H. 4, H. 5 ' 
et H. 6. 

Ranulphus Charnock, = . . . dau. of . . . 
anno H. 6, et Ed. 4. I Ratclyff of 
I Tyngrave. 

Robert Charnock,;=. . . dau. of ... 
anno Edw. 4, Edw. j Sherborne of 
5, Ric. 3, et H.J7.J Stanyherst. 

William Charnock,=. . . dau. to ... 
anno H. 7. I Worthington of 
| Worthington. 

Henry Charnock=Constance, dau. of 
of Charnock, esq., I James Bradshawe 
anno H. 7, et of the Haghe, esq. 
H. 8. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

Robert Chernock,=Cecyley, dau. of Sir 
anno H. 8. Henry Farrington 

of Farington, knt. 

Thomas Charnock,=Marye, Richard 
esq., anno H. 8, Ed. I Ruthall of Mushoe, 
6, 2 M. and 2 Eliz. co. Buck. 

Isabell,dau. ofSir Willm=Robert Charnock*=Catheryne, dau. of 

Norriss of Speak e, knt, of Chernock, esq., Sir Thomas Gerrard 

first wife. now living, 1613. of Brynn, knt., 

Fifth wife, Elyza, second wife ; 

dau. of Jo. Flete- without issue. 

wood of Pen- 

wortham, esq. 

sonne and 
heire, ob. 


Thomas Chernock,= 
filius et heres, aet. 
26 anno 1613. 

=Briget, dau. and heire of 
John Molyneux and of 
Dorothye his wife, dau. 
and heire of ... Booth 
of Barton. 


2. Roger, 3. John, 
of Grayes 



Robertus, 2. _ 
filius et heres 
setat 9 annor. 

Thus given in the margin of the original MS. : 

Robert Charnock = Alice, dau. tc 

of Chernock, now 
living, 1613. 

Leicester of Tab- 
ley, co. Chester, 
third wife. 

Mary, wife to 
Thurston Tyldesley 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. iob.] 


Robert Booth=Isabell, dau. of ... 
of Saulford, Smith of Sraithfold, 
co. Lancaster, co. Lancaster. 

1 1 
John Boothe,= Marye, dau. of Charles Humfrey Boothe= 
sonne and Knott of Manchester. of Saulford, 
heire. second sonne, 
living 1613. 

= Elyzabeth, dau. of 
Rich: Whitworth 
of Newton. 

3 sonne. 

Robert, Humfrey, 
sonne and 2 sonne. 
setat 8, 
anno 1 6 13. 

(Signed) Humfrey Boothe. 


\_ffarl. MS. 1437, fo. 

rs argent; 3. Argent, on a bend 
; 5. Or, a saltire sable. 

m*. Quarterly of six : I, 6. Argent, a griffin segreant, gules; 2. Azure 

azure, three garbs, or; 4. Argent, on a bend gules, three escarb 
rSt. A thrasher proper, his hat and coat per pale, argent and gules ; his breeches and stockings of the second an 

third, counterchanged ; his flail in action, or. 

Sir Edmond Traford =Ann, dau. to Sir Alexander 
of Traford, knt. I Radclyff of Urdshall, knt. 

Mary, dau. of the Lord Edm.Howard,= Sir Edmond Trafford = Ely za, dau. of Sir Raufe Leicester 
first wife, and hath noe issue. of Trafford, knt. of Tofte, knt., second wife. 

Margaret, dau. and= 
heire to John Boothe 
of Barton, esq., 
first wife. 

=Sir Edmond Trafford = 
of Trafford, knt. and 
barronett, now living, 

second dau. of 
the Earle of 

1 i 
Elyza, ma: John Michell, 

Margrett, wiff to Sir Ur. 
Lee of Adlington, knt. 

Edmond Trafford, John, Elyzabeth. Cicill Trafford, Cecilley, a 
sonne and heire. 2 sonne. 3 sonne. daughter, s.p. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


IHarl. MS. I43 7, fo. 12.] 

Ricardus de Tetlawe confirmavit Roberto Walker, capellano, burgagia et messuagia in villis de Oldham 
et Manchester A 14 Ri. 2. Testibus, Rogero de Pilkington, Ranulpho de Radcliff, milite, 
Henrico de Trafford. 

, viz. a bend engrailed between two bendlets; supporters, two lions; Legend, 

Indenture betwene John Ashton, Knight, arbitrator betwene John Longley of Agecrofte, Esq., and 
Richard Tettlawe of Werneth in the County of Lancaster, gentleman, the 13 of Ed. 4. 

Robertus filius Ade de Oldham concessit Ricardo, tilio Ade de Tettlawe, terras in Werneth et Oldham, 
14 E. 2. Testibus, Henrico Trafford, milite, Ricardo de Hulton, Johanne de Hulton. 


Ricardus de Tetlaw, 
14 Ed. 2. 

Indenture the xv th yeare of the raigne of K. H. 8 th betwene John Tetlow gentleman, and Agnes his 
wife, on of the daughters and heires apparent of Edmond Bardisley gentleman. Roger Marler 
of Manchester maried Jane on other of the daughters. 

John Tetlaw = Agnes, dau. and coheire 

of Wernerth. of Edmond Bardisley, 

| gentleman. 

Lawrence Tetlawe= 

Richard Tettlawe=. . . dau. of ... 

of Werneth. I Cledden of Cledden. 

Robert Tettlaw= 
of Werneth, 

Mary, dau. of Nicholas 
Bagshaw of the Ridge. 

Richard, John. Elizabeth, 

of the age of 
10 yearis, 

(Signed) Robert Tayleur. 

12 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 13.] 

Comis soyt a toux que come Alexander de Butterworth et Roger de Butterworth soient tenuz par 
lour escript obligatoire a James Radcliffe, 6 Ri. 2. 

Drawing of a seal of Arms, viz. a lion (?) couchant between four crowns or coronets ; Legend, IOHN 

Noverint universi &c. me Hugonem Burdeshull, teneri etc. Huysiae del Castell et Johanni de RadclitT 
de Chaterton, etc. A" 17 Ri. 2. 

Drawing of a seal of arms, viz. three bolts, 2 and I, . 

Barnard Butterworth = Ely za. dau. and heire 

of Belfeild, co. Lan- 

of Ellis Burdshall of 
. . . co. Lancaster. 

Alexander Butterworth,=. . . dau. of 
sonne and heire. . . . Barlowe. 

Robert Butterworth,=Jane, dau. of 
sonne and heire, s.p. Ja. Clederow 
of Baylise. 

Geffrey Butterworth=. . . dau. of 
of Belfeild, 2 sonne. . . . Clegge. 

Edward Butterworth,=Jane, dau. of Rich: Holt, 
sonne and heire. a younger brother of 


1 j 
Anne, (?) wife Alexander Butterworth,= 
to Robert of Belfeild, now living, 
Chad wick of 1613. 

Grace, dau. of Will. Ashton Jane, wife to Ceciley, wife 
of Clegg, and heire to her James Baguley to Gyles 
mother, the dau. and heire of Manchester. Aynsworth. 
of Raufe Belfeild of Clegg, 
she was coheire. 

Edward, Alexander, 2. 
sonne and heire, William, 3. 
setat 19 anno ,-, 
l6 j 3 Theophilus, 4. 

Jonathan, 5. 

Jane, 2. 
Grace, 3. 

(Signed) Alexand: Butterworth. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 13 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 14.] 


Thomas Strangwich=. . . the dau. of 
of Strangwich, co. j . . . Robinson. 

John Strangwich =Elizabeth, dau. of 
of Strangwich. . . . Hilton of 

Thomas Strangwich= Isabel, dau. of George 
of the age of xi, Coding of Manchester. 

(Signed) Thomas Strangwai 

\_Harl. MS. ,437, fo. 15. J 


Georg Rogerley^Ellyn, dau. of Cutbert 
of Litham. I Clifton. 

Georg Rogerly= Margaret, dau. of 

of Farkhall in 



William Skillicorne 
of Prisehall. 

i. Jane. 2. Ellyne, Katherine, Elizabeth, 

wife of maried to ... wife of John 

Doctor Osbaldeston Harison. 

Jennin. of Sunderland. 

(Signed) George Rogerley. 


Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[Hart. MS. 1437, to. 16.] 

Slrinji. Argent, a mullet sable, charged with an annulet, or. 

Eclmond, : 
George, 3. 
Danyell, 4. 

John Ashton=Elyza, dau. of 

Richard, 5. Cleopatria, i. 

James, 6. Darcus,second 


(Signed) John Assheton. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

IHarLMS. 1437, fo. 17.] 

Willelmus Bolde 
de Bold, in com. 
Lane. _ 

Robertus Bold, 
Dns deJBold. 

Matheus_ Bold. 

Robertus Bold, 
temp. Ed. i. 

Petrus Bold,= 
18 Ed. 2. 

Ricardus Bold de Bold,= 
anno 1 1 Ed. 3. 

Ricardus Bold, miles,= 
anno 50 Ed. 3. 

Robertus Bold, 
2 Ed. 3. 

Ricardus Bold de Bold,= 
miles, anno 13 R. 2. 

Johes Bold,= 
dns de Bold, 
anno 6 H. 4. 

Baldwinus Bold= 
de Upton, in 
com. Cestr. 

filis et heres 
Jo: Warwick 
de Chester 
et Upton. 

Johannes Bold, = 
3 films. 

= Katherine, dau. 
and heir of 
Henry de Prest- 



Johes Bold de Bold, 
miles, 9 et 15 H. 6. 

Ricardus Bold 
de Bold, 2 H. 7 
et H. 6. 

Georgius Bold=Eliza, filia 
de Upton, in Brich de 
com. Cestr. com. Lane. 


Nicholaus Bold.= 

Agnes, uxor Hugonis 
Massey, 3 sonne to . . 
Massey of Tatton, in 
com. Cestr'. 

1 6 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

Henricus Bold de Bold,=Catheryne, dau. to 
miles, Ed. 4 et 2 H. 7. Rich: Bold of Chester. 

Ricardus Bold de Bold,=Margareta, filia Thorn, 
miles, obiit 20 H. 8. 1 Butler de Bewsey, mil. 

Bold of 
of Dur- 

wife to 
of the 
Hutt, esq. 

Richard=Margaret, John Bold=. . . dau. Elizabet, Ann, wife 

of Bold, 

; Margaret, 
dau. to 

Bold of 





dau. of 



of the 



Ann, wife 
to Francis 
of Thur- 
land, esq. 

dau. to 

of North 
Meals, co. 


WoodfalL Lancaster, 
ma: Ann, 
dau. of Sir 
baron of 


and co- wife to to Sir 

heir to Henry Nich: 

Sir Ri- Byrom of Butler of 

chard Byrom. Rawcliff. 


of North 


Dorothy, Mawde, 
wife to wife to 
Sir John Sir Ri- 
Holcroft chard 
of Hoi- Sher- 
croft. borne 
of Sta- 

Bold, 2 

Brook of 


Henry Eliza, wife 

Bold to ... 

Mussell of 

John. Ann, wife 
to Allex- 
of Sutton. 

Sir Thomas Bold=Elinor, dau. of 

of Bold, super- 
stes, 1606. 

Robert Atkins, 

Richard Bold=. . . dau of 
of Bold, Sir Peter 

living 1613. Leigh. 

2 sonne. 

a daughter. 

died young. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613 



[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 18.] 

&rmjS. Quarterly : I, 4. Argent, a mullet sable, in dexter chief a crescent ; 2, 3. Argent, a fess nebulee between eight 

gouttes de poix. 

Ashton of Bamfurlor 
co. Lancaster. 

John Ashton=Jane, dau. of 

of Bamfour- 

. . . Gerrard 
of Ince. 

John, 2. 

1 | 


Richard Ashton=Margaret, 


William, 3. 

wife to ... wife to ... wife to of Bamfour- 
Lathom of Ormston of John Star- longe, eldest 

dau. and 
coheire of 

wife to 
John Ince 

Thomas, 4. 

Erlom. King 

key of 



of Ince. 



Harden of 

ton bridge; 
after wife 

co. Lan- 

to ... 


Ashull of 


Richard Ashton=Mary, dau. of 
of Bamfourlonge, Myles Gerard 
now living, 1613, of Ince. 
setat. 20 annor. 

(Signed) Richard Ashtmm. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 19.] 

&rniS. Argent, two bars gules, on a canton of the second, a lie 
CrcSt. A lion's head erased, argent, charged with a crescent. 

Thomas Lancaster = Margaret, dau. of 

of Rainehill. 

Tho. Laton of the 
Hall, of Prestcot, 
co. Lancaster. 

Gabriel Lancaster.= Ursula, dau. of 
I Tho. Fox. 

Thomas Lancaster,=p Margery, dau. of 
Edward Ecleston, 
Ecleston, \sicJ\ esq. 

John Lancaster, Mary. Anne. Margaret, 
of the age of 3 
yeares, 1613. 

(Signed) Rich: Watmoughe. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 20.] 

3rmSi. Quarterly: I, 4. Argent, a chevron gules, between three leopards' heads, sable; 2, 3. Gules, three cinquefoils, 

argent. In fess point a martlet. 
Crrs't. A wivern tail rowed, argent, collared gules, the chain reflexed, or. 

A patten was graunted to Wm. Farington of Worden, in co. Lancaster, 16 of Decemb. 3 d yeare of 2 Eliz. anno 
Dom. 1560, per Lawrence Dalton, Norroy. 

Ann, dau. of Sir=SirHenryeFarrington= Dorothy, dau. of. 

Alexander Rad- 

first wife. 

of Farrington, co. Lan- 
caster, knt. 

Okeover of Okeover, 
co. Staff., esq., second 

William Farington, Thomas Farrington, Robert Farrington, 
i sonne. 2 sonne. 3 sonne. 

William Farington=Ann, dau. of 
ofWerdon,4Sonne. SirTho. Talbot 

Thomas Farington=Mabell, dau. and 

of Werdon, sonne 
and heire. 

coheir of Geo. 
Benson of Hugill, 
co. Westmerland. 

I ' I 

Henry Farrington,=Margaret, dau. William, 

2 sonn. and coheir of 3 sonne. 

Edw. Brews- 


William Farringti 
of Werdon, esq, 
sonne and heire, 
living 1613. 


=Margaret, dau. of Thomas, 2. 
Hen. Worrall of 
Wysall, co. Nott enry ' 3 ' 

wife to 


wife to 

William Farrington, 
sonne and heire, 
i yeare olde, 1613. 

Ann Farrington, 
4 yeare old, 1613. 

Preston of Saraye of 
Preston. Plompton, 
co. Lan- 

(Signed) William Farington. 

20 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

{.Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 21.) 

. Quarterly: ], 4. Argent, a chevron between three mascles, gules; 2,3. Argent, three popinjays [king-fishers ?] 


Thomas Ashton=Dowce, dau. of 
of Penketh. j . . . Massey of 

John Ashton=Julian, y* dau. of 

of Penketh, 
co. Lancaster. 

. . . Grimsdich of 

Elizabeth,=Hamlett Ashton=Christian, 

dau. of ... of Glasbrock of 

a. of John 


Thomas Ashton=Katheren, 
of Penketh, dau. of John 

living anno Brocke of 

1613. Upton, co. 

(Signed) Thomas Ashton. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 21 

Thomas Heskaith=Elyza. dau. and sole 
of Heskaith, esq. heir of Wm. Fleminge, 
baron of Wath. 

Bartholmew Hesketh, 
descended of Heskethe 
of Hesketh. 

Geor: Hesketh=Dorothye, dau. of Wm. Gabriell. 

of Awghton. I Westbye of Mowbrick, 
| esq. 

William Hesketh=Elyza. dau. of 
of Pooton (?), I John Allen of 
living 1613. I Roshall. 

William Hesketh,=Ann, dau. of Hugh 
sonne and heire. I Anderton of Ewxton. 

2 sonne. 


sonne and heire, 

agtat. 29 annor. 


Roger, 2. 

John, 3. 

William, 4. 

Hughe, 5. 
George, 6. 

Alice, i. 
Marye, 2. 
Ann, 3. 

(Signed) Willm Hesk 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

{.Harl., fo. 23.] 


Thomas Hesketh=Margaret, dau. of 

of Hesketh, esq. 

Hamon Massye 
of Rixton. 

Robert Hesketh,=Alice, dau. of William Heske 
sonne and heire. Sir Robert 6 sonne. 

th,= William, 2. 
Thomas, 3. 
John, 4. 

Ann, dau. and= Barthollmev 
coheire of 
William Clif- 
ton, second 

i Hesketh. = ... 

Hughe, 5. 
t wife. 

George Hesketh. 

Gabriell Hesketh=Jane, dau. of 

of Aughton. 

Sir Henry Hal- 
sall of Halsall, 

Bartholmew Hesketh, =Margaret, dau. Sir Thomas, 2. 

sonne and heire. 

to Sir John 

Cutbert, 3. 
Richard, 4. 

Gabriell Hesketh=Jane, dau. of Henry, 2. 

of Awghton, 
sonne and heire, 
living 1613. 

Hen. Stanley 
of Bickerston, 


BarthollmewHesketh, = Ann, dau. of Sir 
sonne and heire, aetat. Cuthbert Halsall 
ii annor. 1613. of Halsall, knt. 

(Signed) Gabriell Heskethe. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 23 

armfi. Quarterly: 1,4. Argent, a 
CreSt. A peacock sitting, proper. 


{Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 24.] 
:ross-fleury, sable; 2, 3. Argent, on a bend sable, three plates. 

Henry Banester=. . . dau. of 
of the Banke, 
co. Lancaster. 

Richard Banester,=:Margaret, dau. to 
sonne and heire. Nich. Rigmayden 

of Widacre, co. 


William Banester.=Ellyn, dau. to 
Hen. Halsall. 

Henrye Banester=Margaret, dau. of 

of the Banke. 

of Blanscoe. 

William Banester=Christian, dau. of 

of the Banke, 

Raufe Ashton of 
Lever, esq. 

Henry Banester Rich., 2. 

Christ P h er, 3- 

Nicholas, 4. 

(Signed) Chr: Banmster. 

24 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

IHarl. MS. ,437, fo. 25.] 
Argent, a cross fleury, azure, charged with five mullets, or. 

Nicholas Rigbye=Alice, dau. to 

of Harrock. 

Edw: Worthington 
of Blainskowe. 

John Rigby of Standish Wood, 
co. Lancaster, 2 sonne. 

Nicholas Rigbye=Marye, dau. to Olyver 
of Harrock. Breres of Preston. 

1 1 
Edw: Rigby of John Rigby of 
Standish Wood, Lanburow, 
sonne and co. Gloucester, 
heire. 2 sonne. 

Nicholas Rigby 
of Netherlands 
in Sussex. 


Nicholas Rigbye. 
of Harrock, 
living 1613. 

=Elynor, dau. of 
Tho. Starkey 
of Stretton, 

1 | 
John, Anthony Rigby, 
2 sonne. eldest sonne. 

sonne and heire, 
aetat. 20 annor. 


1 1 


(Signed) Nicholas Rigbye. 


\Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 25 b.] 

. Argent, three crosses botonnee fichee, within a bordure engrailed, gules. 
. A griffin passant, gules, beaked and legged argent, collared of the last, the collar charged with three cros 

crosslets of the first, a chain reflexed of the second. 
A patten graunted to Edward Chysnall, esq., 20 of January, 38 of Eliz: anno 1595, by Wm: Dethick, Garter. 

Thomas Chisenhall=Alice, dau. of 
of Chisenhall. I John Wright- 

ington of 

Edw: Chisenhall=Margaret, dau. of 
of Chisenhall, co. Nich: Worthington 
Lancaster, esq., of Shavington. 
now living, 1613. 

(Signed) Edmund Chisnall. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St George, 1613. 25 

\_Harl MS. 1437, fo. 26 b.] 


Miles Gerard=. . . dau. of 
of the Ince. I ... Bolde. 

William Gerard.=. . . the dau. of Sir Alexander 

I Osbaldeston of Osbaldeston, knt. 

Miles Gerard,=Grace, dau. of Gabriel 
1613. I Hesketh of Aughton. 

Thomas Gerard,=Elyn, dau. of 


Cecily, wife 

Mary, wife of 

of the age of 22, 

Edward Lang- 

wife of Roger 

of Thomas 

Richard Ashton 


tre of Langtre. 

Downes of 

Singleton of 

of Bamfurth. 





(Signed) Peter Fulkes for Mr. Gerrard of Ince. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 27.] 
nton of the last, a cinquefoil , a crescent for difference. 

Christopher Preston of Holker,= 
second sonne to Preston of Pres- 
ton in Westmerland. 

. dau of 
. Pickeringe. 

John Preston of Holker,=Mabell, dau. of Geo: 
sonne and heire. | Benson, Hugell. 

George Preston of Holker,=Elyza., dau. of Raufe 
esq., living 1613. | Ashton of Leaver, esq. 

sonne and heire, 
aetat. 14 annor. 


2 sonne. 

i daughter. 

2 daughter. 

( Signed J George Preston. 

26 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613.' 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 28.] 

9rmS. Quarterly: I. Argent, a griffin seagreant, gules, beaked and membered, or; 2. Argent, a cross engrailed betwe 
four plates (?) -- [Clayton}; 3. -- fretty - [Harrington}; 4. - three mascles, - [Catttralf]. 

Adam Grymshaw=. . . dau. and heire of 
of Grymshaw, Henry Clayton of 
temp. Ed. 3. Clayton Super More, 

co. Lancaster. 

Thomas Grymshaw = . . . dau. and coheire 

of Grymshawe, co. 
Lancaster, esq. 

of Sir John Harrington 
of Hornbye, knt, co. 

Rich: Grymshaw= 
of Grymshawe, 
esq., sonne and 

John Grymshawe=Marye, dau. and 

of Grymshawe, 

coheire of Tho: 
Catterall of Cat- 
terall, co. Lancas- 
ter, esq. 

John Grymshawe, 
filius et heres, 
20 annor. 1613. 

Nicho: Grymshaw** 
of Catterall, esq., 
sonne and heire, 
living 1613. 

=Ellyn, dau. of 
. . . Rishforth 
of Riddlesden, 
co. Lancaster. 

1 1 1 
Andrew, 2. 

Richard, 3. 
Henry, 4. 

we, Rich: 2. Jane, i. 

* aL Thomas, 3. Elyza: 2. 
Nicholas, 4. Ann, 3. 

I | 
Ellynor, 4. 

Catheryne, 5. 

Margaret, 6. 

(Signed) Hen: Heyefor my master Mr. Nich: Catterall. 

* In the original MS. the name appears thus: " Nicho: J? 

i being scored through. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 27 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 28b.J 

. Quarterly: I, 4. Argent, a lion rampant, vert, charged on the shoulder with 

an eagle displayed, argent. 

RobertSherborne,esq.=. . . dau. of Sir Rich. 
I Hamerton, knt 

Robert =Jane, dau. to Sir Rich 

Sir Richard Sherborne,=Jane, dau. of 


Sir Raufe 
Langton of 
Walton, knt. 

Hugh Sherborne, esq. =Ann, dau. of Sir 
Tho: Talbot of 
Salesburye, knt. 

Thomas Sherborne=Jane, dau. to Sir 
of Stonyherst. | John Townley of 

Townley, knt. 

Sir Richard Sherborne=. . . dau. of Sir 
of Stanyherst, knt. I Rich: Bould 
of Bold, knt. 

Richard Sherborne,=Catheryne, dau. of 

esq., now living, 

the Lord Stourton. 


sonne and heire, 

aetat. 20 annor. 1613. 

wife to ... 

28 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[tfarl. MS. 1437, fo. 29.] 

. Or, a fesse engrailed between six crosses-croslet fichee, sable. [This coat accompanies the match with Camden.] 

Gyles Curwen= 
of Powlton 
hall, de- 
scended from 
Curwen of 
co. Comber- 

. . . dau. and 
coheire of 
. . . Barban of 
Poulton hall, 
co. Lancaster. 

Thomas Curwen, Elyzabeth, 
s.p. wife to ... 




wife to Gilbert Nicholson 
of Poulton. 

maried at 

William Camden, Francis Nicholson. = 

esquyre, Clarenceux 
Kinge of Armes. 

Humfrey. Grace. Briggett, Thomas, 





wife to Thomas 
Braithwaite of 
Beamont, near 

Giles Nicholson, 




i sonne, 
aetat. 15 

14 annor. 

7 annor. 

George, 6. 


John, 5. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 29 

[ffarl. MS. 1437, fo. sob.] 

Argent, a saltire engrailed sable, a mullet for difference, impaling; Quarterly: 

2, 3. Argent, a chief indented, azure. 

4. , three fleurs-de-lis (?); 

co. Westmerland. | 

Crofts of Dalton,= 
co. Lancaster. 

Geoffry Midleton,=. . . dau. and coheire 
yonger brother. | of ... Crofts. 

. . . wife to Leigh of the 
Lyme, or of Bradley. 

Sir Rob. Midleton=. . . dau. and heire 
of Armstead, co. of ... Bethom of 
Westmerland. Bethom, co. West- 

Tho: Midleton,=. . . dau. of ... 
unto whom H. Strickland of 
7., by his letter, Westmerland. 
gave for service 
done in Scot- 

Geoffrey, Gervas Midleton=. . . dau. of ... 
s.p. of Leighton, bro- Kyrkham of 
ther and heire, Northampton- 
mar, secondly, shire, first wife. 
. . . dau. of Kyrk- 

. . . dau. of Sir=George Midleton=Marg'., dau. of 
Marmaduke of Leighton, co. Sir Christopher 
Tunstall. Lancaster, esq. Medcalfe. 

1 1 1 
. . . wife to George, ob. Thomas Midleton=Catheryne, 
...Philips -p , of Le ghton, esq., dau. of Tho: 
of York- bert living 1613. Houghton 
shire. of Hoghton, 
esq., sister of 
Sir Rich. 

1 | 
Joane, Mary, 
wife to William wife to 
Hungate of Sax- William 
ton, in Yorksh. Bradley 
of Arn- 

1 | 
wife to 
of Bere- 
parke in 


George, Thomas, 2. Ann, i. Catheryne 
sonne and heire, Robert, 3. Jane, 2. Marye, 3 . 
aetat. xi annor. 1613. 
Margaret, 4 

, 5. Elyzabeth, 6. 
Grace, 7. 

* Drawing of a seal of arms, viz : Argent, a chief indented, ; 

.ted by a helmet and crest, an eagle's head ; 

30 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[ffarl. MS. 1437, fo. 31.] 

Argent, a cross lozengy, vert, oppressed by a bend, gobonated, ermine and 

Edward Bradhull=Ann, dau. of 
of Brokhole. Raufe Ashton 

of Great Leaver, 
co. Lancaster, 

John Bradhull=Elyza., dau. of 

of Brokhole, 
esq., now lr 

Tho: Brokholes 
of Clawghton, 



sonne and heire, 
aetat. 23 annor. 1613. 

2 sonne. 

Jone, i. 

Alice, 2. 


(Signed) Jo: Bradhyll. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 31 

[Harl. MS. r 437 , fo. 32.] 

^lrtn. Argent, a chevron sable between 3 badgers [boars] of the last ; 
Another shield of the same arms quartering, vert, three garbs c 

Brokhols, owner \ 

of the manor of ( Johannes de Brokhols,=Katherina, 

Heton, 3 H. 4, ( anno 3 H. 4. 
in Londesdale. ' 

anno 3 H. 4. 

Rogerus Brokhols,= Margareta, v 
de Heton, anno 16 16. H. 6. 
H. 6. 

Thomas Brokhols,: 
filius et heres 
Rogeri Brokhols, 
anno 6 Edt. 4ti. 

Rogerus Brokhols,: 
6 Edi. 4. 

John Brokhols=Margaret, dau. of 
of Heton. Hugh Sherborne 

of Stanyhurst. 

Thomas Brokhols. = Dorothy, dau. of 
I John Rigmaiden 

| of Wedacre. 

Thomas Brokhols= Dorothy, dau. of 

of Heton, 1613. 

Nicholas Leyborne 
of Cunswik, co. 

Sciant presentes et futuri 
quod Ego Johannes de Gate- 
rail ar, dedi, &c. Rogero filio 
Johannes de Brokhols, ma- 
nerium de Heton, 19 H. 6. 

Thomas Radclif miles et 
alii confirm, Rogero Brok- 
hols et Margaretse uxori ejus 
maner. de Acton, anno 16 
H. 6. 

i John Brokhols,=IsabelI, dau. of 
of the age of 27, James Hodgson. 


Jane. Dorothy. 

(Signed) Tho: Brockholes. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


arm$. -Quarterly: I, 4. Azure, semee of crosses-croslet, fichee or, a lion rampant, argent; 2, 3. Barry of six, argent i 

azure, in chief three lozenges, gules. 
Ct5Jt. A dragon's head argent, between two wings, or. 

Roger Dalton=. . . dau. to ... 

of Byspham, 
co. Lancaster, 


William Dalton,=Jane, dau. of Sir 
sonne and heire. I John Townley of 
Townley, knt. 

Robert Dalton,=Ann, dau. of 
sonne and heire, John Kitchin 

Thomas Dalton,=Ann, dau. of 
second sonne and Sir Rich. Moly- 

?er, 3. 

obiit s.p. 

heire to his bro- 

neux of Seph- 
ton, knt 

Robert Dalton= 
of Farnham, 
esq., sonne and 
heire, living 

=Elyza., dau. of 
William Hyl- 
ton of Hylton, 
co. Lancaster, 


wife to 
of Hamps- 
feild, co. 


sonne and heire 
astat. 5 annor. 161 

Elyzabeth, 2. Ann, 3. Elyn, 5. Catheryne, 7 
Margarett, i. Jane, 4. Dorothye, 6. 

(Signed) Robt: D alt on. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 33 


[Marl. MS. 1437, fo. 33.] 

SlrmS. Argent, two bends, the upper one engrailed, the other plain, sable, impaling party per che 

in chief two mullets, , in base a cock . . 

CreSt. On a trumpet lying fessways, a cock proper. 

Robert Leaver=. . . dau. of 

of Little Leaver, 
co. Lancaster 

. . . Orrell 
of Turton. 

John Leaver=Elynor, dau. of 
of Little Rich. Heyton 

Leaver. of Heyton, co. 


Richard Leaver = Catheryne, dau. of 
of Little Leaver. Robert Bolton of 
Little Bolton. 

Richard Leaver=Ann, dau. of Sir 
' Tho: Gerred of 

of Little Leaver. 


Thomas Leaver^ 
of Little Leaver, 
gent, living 

=Thomasine, dau. Ann, 
of John Heath of wife to 
Keper, n the Thomas 
Byshopprick. Shuttle- 
worth of 

John Leaver, Thomas, 2. J 
sonne and heire, . , , 
*tat. 1 8 annor. 1613. Rlchard ' 3- 
Robert, 4. 

Raufe, 5. 

ames, 6. 

1 . MM 
Thomasine, Elyzab: 2. 
wife to Geo. , 
Martyn of Jath > 3 ' 
Bishoprick Ann, 4. 
of Durham, Chrisdan) 6 . 

Dorothye, 5. 

Barbara, 7. 
Jane, 8. 
Catherine, 9. 

(Signed) Thomas Let 

34 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 336.] 

Adam Bamford=Catheryne, dau. 

of Bamford. 

of. . . Holt of 


Thomas Bamford.=Jennett, dau. of 
. . Butterworth. 

Adam Bamford.=Jane, dau. of 
. Holcrofte 
of Hurst. 

William Bamford. =Joane, dau. of 
| ... Shepherd. 

William Bamford=Jane, dau. of 

of Bamford, now 
living, 1613. 

Willni Doken- 

William Bamford, 
sonne and heire, 
astat. 17 annor. 

(Signed) William Bamford. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 35 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 34.] 

Slrms'. Argent, a chevron between three porcupines, sable, 
CtTS't. A porcupine, sable, charged with a crescent. 

2 sonne. 

Raufe Byrom=Alice, dau. of 
of Saulforde, I . ..Starkeyof 

co. Lancaster, 
second sonne 
to Byrom of 


Adam Byrom=. . . dau. of. 

of Saulford 
sonne and 

Hunt of Man- 
chester, second 



Thomas, 3. 

George Byrom, = . . . dau. of Otes 
sonne and heire. Holand of New- 

Raufe Byrom,=Jane, dau. of . . 
sonne and 


Bate of Knuts- 2 sonne. 

ford, co. Chester. 

Adam Byrom=Ellyn, dau. of 
of Saulford, | Edmund Prest 
sonne and 
heire, livin 


wich of Holme, 


wife to John 
co. Chester. 



sonne and heire, 
aetat. 2 annor. 1613. 

2 sonne. 

Ellyn, i. 
Margaret, 2. 

(Signed) Adam Byr 

36 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 35.] 

SlrmS. Quarterly: I. Argent, a chevron bet 
rampant of the last; 3. Argent, 01 
These coates ar to be serched wherther they 

:n three bees, sable ; 2. Argent, semee of cross-crosslets, azure, a lion 
fess, sable, three bezants; 4. Azure, three covered-cups, argent. 

Nicholas Girlington==. . . the dau. of 
of Hackforth, co. ... Mennill of 
Yorke. | Haunby. 

John Girlington= Christian, dau. of 

of Thurland 
Castell, co. Lan- 
caster, esq. 

Sir William 
Babthorpe of 
Babthorp, knt. 

Nicholas Girlington= 
of Thurland Castell, 

= Jane, dau. and coheire 
of Josias Lambert of 
Gallon in Craven. 

2. William. 
3. John. 
4. Anthony. 

i. Dorothy, 
wife of 
William Sal- 
veyne of 

1 1 
2. Fraunces. 

3. Faith, 
maried to 
Ralfe Carre. 

Josias Girlington, 
of the age of on 
yeare, 1613. 


(Signed) W. Smythets. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 36.] 

Quarterly : I, 4. Sable, a chevron between three mill-picks, argent; 2, 3. Or, a fesse between three eagles, 

displayed, sable. 

An eagle, displayed, ermine. 

A patten graunted to Nicholas Mosley of y e Citie of London by Cook, Clarenceulx, anno 1592, in 35 yeare of 
Queene Eliza. 

Jenkyn Mosley= 
of Howghesend. | 

James Mosley. = 

Edward Mosley. = Margaret, dau. of 

Allexander Elcocke 
of Hillgate, co. 

Oswald Mosley. 

=Ceciley, dau. Sir Nicholas Me 
of Richard knt., and aldei 
Tipping. of London. 

sley,- Margaret, dau. AnthonyeMosley= Alice, dau. 
man ofHigheWhit- of Manchester, of Richard 
brooke of second sonne. Webster of 
Bridgnorth,co. Manches- 
Salop. ter. 

Oswald, Row 

" heire. Sam 

1 1 1 
land, 2. Margaret. 

' 3- Rowland Mosley=Ann, dau. of Anthonye, Oswald=Ann, 
cis, 4. of the Houghe, Humfrey 2 sonne. Mosley dau. and 
esq., living 1613. Hoghton of FHwwl of An- coheire 
Manchester. ^ dward ' cotes, ofRaufe 

dau. and 
heire, wife 
ofAppley, Jar 
co. Salop. Ro 
1 of 
Ann, ton 
dau. and heire. cas 

caster, Milend, 
now co. Ches- 
living, ter. 

I ' | 
e, dau. of=Nicholas Mosley, Ann. 
bert Lever sonne and heire, 
\lkering- aetat. 2 annor. 
, co. Lan- 1613. 

Oswold Mosely,* 
sone and heire, 
aet: 27 an. 1666. 

(Signed) Row: Mosley. 
In the original MS. this descent is crossed out 

(Signed) Osw: Mosley e. 

38 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

{Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 3?.] 

Eva de Actun. 

Adam de Winkley= 
de Winkly. | 

Adam de Winkley. = 


sonne of 1 
Adam. | 

the sonne of 

John, the= 
sonn of 

Robert W 
sonn of Jc 
[Sic i 

Adam filius Johannis de Winkley 
dedit et concessit Johanni filio Jo- 
hannis de Bayly, unum toftum cum 
cuitilagio in villa de Aughton in 
Blackbunishire, quod quidem toftum 
&c. Henricus de Harwod quondam 
tenuit de Adam de Winkley avo suo, 
anno 50 Edi. 3'". 

Drawing of a seal of arms, 

displayed,-. Legend: SIGILLVP 

John Winkly. = 

Adam, the sonne= 
of John. 

John, the sonn of= 

By a dede of Ribletone, without 

By the same dede of Robert. 

By the dede of Robert Cotton, 
sonn of Hugh. 

By a dede, without date, by the 
prior of St. Johns of Jherusalem. 

By a dede of Bradley, 17. E. 2. 
By the former dede. 

By a dede of the said John, 
dated the 26 of Ed. 3rd. 

By a dede, 25 of H. the 6. 

Roger Winkley.=Maud, the dau. of 
| ... Cancefeld. 

Anthony Winkley. =Maried the dau. of . . . 
| Banaster of Altom. 

Nicholas Winkley.=Maried the dau. of . . . 
1 Holden of Chadsley. 

Thomas Winkeley,=Cicily, dau of 

Roger Winkley,=Martha, dau. of 
sonn and heire, I John Wrightington 
of the age of 38. | of Wrightington. 


of the age of 7 years, 



(Signed) Roger Wynckleye. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 38-] 


Raufe Holt=Ellyn, dau. and sole 
of Grissle- I heire of Sir Geffrey 
hurst, co. Brockhole of Brock- 
Lancaster, hole, knt 

Richard Holt, 
sonne and heir. 

James Holte,=Isabell, dau. and 
coheire of John 
Abraham of 

Raufe Holte,= Agnes, dau. of 
sonne and I John Langley 
heire. | of Egecrofte. 

Sir Thomas Holt,= Dorothye, dau. of 
knt. Sir Raufe Langford, 

knt., co. Derb. 

Francys Holt,= Ellyn, dau. of Sir 
sonne and John Holcrofte 

heire. of Holcrofte, knt. 

Thomas Holt,= Constance, dau. of Sir 
sonne and I Edw: Littleton, co. 
heire. | Staff., knt. 

Allen Holt, 
3 sonne. 

Thomas, 2. 
Edward, 3. 

Fra: Holt= 
of Grysle- 

=Catheryne, dau. of 
William Ashton of 





sonne and heir, 
stat. ii annor. 1613. 

William, '2. 
Theophilus, 3. 
Edward, 4. 
Cecyll, 5. 

Winifred, i. 
Catheryne, 2. 

40 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


\Harl. MS. 1437, &> 38 b.] 

9frttt* Argent, three dragons' heads couped s.ible, langued, gules. 

George Longworth=Margaret, dau. of 

of Longworth. 

. . . Trafford of 
Trafford, co. 

Christopher Longworth. =Alice, dau. of 
j Tho: Standish 
I of Duxbury, 
j esq. 

Raufe, 2. Tho: Longworth =Dorothy, dau. Margaret. 

, of Longworth, of Jo. Hudles- 

esq., sonne and ton of Pickton, 

heire, living 1613. co. Chester. 

(Signed) Thomas 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 



7, fo. 39.] 

. Quarterly: I, 4. Gules, a mermaid argent, crined or, holding a glass and comb of the last; 2, 3. Ermine, on a 

chevron, gules, a bezant between two leopards' heads, or; on a chief of the last a wolf [Talbot] passant 

between two fleurs-de-lis, gules or sable. 
Ct0t A porcupine proper. 
PRESTWICH, G. a mermayd ar. , the heare and a looking glass, or: the creast a porpentyne, proper. This coate is the 

antient coate of Prestwich found in the last visatation made by Norroy Flower, as it appeareth in the office 

of the Visitation booke. 

Ellis Prestwich. = 

Ralfe Prestwich. = 

Ellis Prestwich, Edmond Prestwich 
without issue. of Hulme. 

Richard Prestwich. =p 
Edmond Prestwich.= 

Ralf Prestwich who entailed the landes, first had issue, 
Edmond his sonne and heire who died without, but gave 
his landes, by dede and fine unto Edmond Prestwich on of 
the yonger sonnes of Richard Prestwich brother to the 
said Ralf, w c h last mentioned Edmond was father to the 
last Edmond, who was father of Edmond that now is. 

i Edmond Prestwich, 
of the age of 10 yeares. 

Edmond Prestwich.= 

Edmond Prestwich.= 

Edmond Prestwicr 

2 Thomas. 

Margaret, dau. of 
Edward Brereton, 
yonger sonne of 
Sir Urian Brereton 
of Honford. 

3 John, s.p. 

(Signed) Edmund Prestwich. 

The other coate which he quartereth was gi 
gu., I [bezant] or, betweene 2 [leopards' heads] 
charges within brackets are drawn i 

to Ralfe Prest 
in a chiefe or, 
riginal MS.) 

ch by Barker, Garter, 
talbot passant, betwe 

hich is, ermine on a chevern, 
e 2 [fleurs-de-lis] gules. (Th< 

A modern hand has continued the descent as follows : 

* Thomas Prestwich of Hulme, i Edmond 

co. Lancaster, bart, cousin to Prestwich. 

Sir Tho. P. Banneret. 

j - 

Sir Elias P. cousin to John, Tho: and Edmond, 
went over to Ireland, an officer in O. Cromwellt . . . 
the Royal Army and settled at Ballacullin, near 
Limerick, m d . dr. of G. Parker, esq. of Dunkip. 

2 Thomas, 
cr 4 . Bann 1 . 

3 John, 


This John ^ Mow of M 
Souls Coll. Oxford; he willd to his 
cousin Elias Prestwich of Balla- 
cullom, near Limerick in Ireland 
zo/., vide his will, Bath 98 in 
1680. Proved in the Prerogative 
office, Lond. 

t In the original MS. the words first written a 
e unintelligible word of three letters, for this I hav 

erased, and the words 0. Cromwell written instead, then follo 
substituted three dots. 

42 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

Sir Richard Prestwich, 
married dau. of John 
Lambard of White 
Church, co_Cork, esq. 


Sir Elias Prestwich, 
who marrd. Catherine, 
dau. of John Landen, 
mercht. of Cork, the 
said Sir Elias Prest- 
wich now lives in 
London, and has one 
son Edw. (?) bom in 

John Prestwich 
of London, esq., 
marr. his cousin 
Margt., eldest 
dau. of alderm. 
Joseph Hall of 
Dublin in 

I certifie this later part as being fully proved by Wills, &c. 

John Prestwich. 

[Hart. MS. 1437, fo. 40 h.] 

Indenture inter Henricum Grimshagh et Ceciliam filiam et unus heredum Henrici de Cleyton super 
Moras, ex una parte et Henricum de Rishton et Margaretam uxorem ejus, consanguineam et 
alteram heredum predict! Henrici de Clayton, 40 Edi. 3'". Testibus: Henrico de Shotelworth, 
Ricardo de Rishton, Henrico de Standen, Ricardo de Rishton juniore. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 41.] 


Christopher Radcliff, miles, 
sine exitu. Seisitus de Sab- 
denhey alis (? alias) High- 

Thomas Radcliffe, 
heres fratris, anno 
ix Ri. 2. 

Richard Radcliffe= 
of Wymerley, oh 
12 H. 4. 

Sir Thomas Radclife 
of Wimerley, ob. 18 
Ed! 4. 

Richard Radcliffe. = 

Thomas Radcliff. = 

Richard Radcliffe,: 
heire to his great 
grandfather, ob. 24 
H. 7. 

Thomas Radcliffe, = 
ob. 14 H. 8. 

Thomas Radcliffe. = 

( I 

William Radcliffe, 
died the 3" of the 
Quene, without 


Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 41 b.J 

Tho: Radclif=Alice, dau. of 
of Wilmerley. Sir Tho : Gerard 
of the Bryn. 

Isabell Botiler,=Tho: Radclif=Redman, 
second wife, j of Wilmerley. first wife. 

Thomas Farington,==Ceciley Radcliffe.= Edward Ratclifi 

first husband. 


maried to 
Sir Gilbert 
Gerrard, km., 
M" of the 

Thomas Lo Gerrard, 
of Gerrards Bromley. 

William Radclif 
of Wilmersley, 
ob. 3 Elizab., 
without issue. 

Johannes Singleton 
et Johanna Ratclif, 
ux r Radulfi Ashton, 
sunt consang. et 
heredes ejus 
propinquis res. 

of Todmorden, 
second husband. 

ied to 

Joane Radcliffe, 
maried to 
Ralf Ashton of 
Great Leaver, 
esq. =j= 

n Singleton 



ried unto 
nry Bir- 
head of 

maried to 
Mascy of 
Grayes Inn, 


Lawrance Brownlow of the Hall of the j 

Wood in Tonge, within the parishe > his sonne dwelleth with M' Brownlowe. 
of Bolton in le Mores. j 

I promised that w h I can not performe (beinge a partriche) but seinge I could not, by reason 
they had taken eyther a legg to supp theire haukes, I have sent you a cuple of leglesse partriche) I 
wished you wolde have put a partriche in one of my sparohaukes feet, the w h you see was verie Idle, 
for that they can put one in their feet them selves, or elles you had bene w'hout these. And thus 
w th thankes for y' charges yesterday, I Rest this xi of September, 

Yo r verie frend, 

W Haydok.* 

. handwriting of Queen Elizabeth's tin 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 42 b.] 

_ Quarterly of six, viz: I, 6. Argent, a mullet, sable, in dexter chief a crescent, gules, charged with another 
crescent, or [Ashton} ; 2. Ermine, on a fesse, gules, three annulets, or [Barton} ; 3. Paly of six, vert and 
argent [Middleton] ; 4. Argent, two bends, the upper one engrailed, sable [Leaver} ; 5. Gules, a Catherine 
w geel [Cunliffe}. 

The names of the cotes quartered : Ashton I ; Barton 2; Midletona; Leaver 4; Cunlyff 5. 

Croft. A mower with his scythe, his habit and cap counterchanged, argent and sable, standing upon a cap of main- 
tenance, gules, turned up, ermine. 

Lesingus de Leaver, 
sans dat. _ 

Aluardus. Henricus, dno de Leaver, Emma. 
sans data. _ 

Willelmus de Leaver, 
sans date. 

Henricus de Leaver, =Emma, 
sans data. | uxor ejus. 

Orme of Ashton. 
Thomas of Ashtor 

Johannes de Leaver, == 
sans dat. | 

Adamus de Leaver,=Agneta, vel Avicia, Willmus de Leaver. 
i. i Edw. i. I uxor ejus. 

Adamus de Leaver. Johannes,= 
Robert ofAshton. filius Ada 

de Leaver, 
Thomas of Ashton. anno 27 
y Ed. i. 

Rogerus Willelmus 
de Leaver, de Leaver. 

T . 

de Leaver. 

John' Ashton.= Margaret, dau. of Adamus de Leaver.=Agneta, fil. 
I ... Perkyn of Leghe. 1 Hulton. 

Sir John' Ashton - Johannes deLeaver.= Rogerus Alicia de Leaver, 
knt. ' j 1 fc Leaver. 

Sir John Ashton,= 


=Margaret, John Barton=Margaret, Adamus de Leaver,= Margaret sister 
dau. of Sir ofMidletonJdau.ofSir anno 3 Ed. 3. | of Roger Cunlyff. 

John By- esq. Nicholas w . J 
ron, knt | Byron^nt ^iBmus 

b ver. 

=Alicia, filia Henricus^ 
. . . Long- Leaver. | 
worth. d 

46 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

Sir Raufe Ashton 
of Midleton, knt. 

Thomas. Ricardus Ann, ux. Margareta, Phillippa, Lucia, 
Ashton Johannes ux. Johan- ux. Thome ux. Ricard 



Rogerus Adamus=Johanna Radulfus Margareta, de Lea- 


de Lea- 

de Leaver, de Lea 

filiaWil- Leaver. 



ux. Johan- 
nis de By- 


miles,nlius Talbotde nis Mans- 
et heres. Salesbery. feild. 




filia et 
Leaver de 


Radulphus Ashton=Elena, filia Adami 
de Leaver, films et I Hulton de le Parke. 

Adamus Ashton. Anna Ashton. 

Radulphus Ashton=Margareta, filia 

de Leaver, ar. i Willelmi Orrell 

j de Turton, arm. 

Radulphus Ashton=Alicia, filia Willelmi 
de Leaver, ar. I Hulton de Farn- 

| worth, ar. 

Radulphus Ashton= Johanna, filia Edwardi 

Elynor, dau.= 
of Tho. 
brother to 
Sir Richard, 
serjeant at 
lawe and 
justice of 

de Leaver, ar., jam 
superstes, 1613. 

Ratclyff de Todmer- 
den, ar., quse fuit.unam 
heredem Willelmi 
Ratclyff de Wimerley. 

=Radulphus = 
films et 

1 1 1 
= Dorothea, Jana, Alicia, Elyzabeth, 
filia Jacobi ux. Ricardi ux. Allex. ux. Georg. 
Bellingham, Townley de Standish de Preston de 
co. West- Townley, ar. Duxbury,ar. Holker, ar. 

filius secun- 

Richard, Allexander, Radulphus Ashton, 
2 sonne. 3 sonne. films et heres, setat. 
8 annor. 1613. 

(Signed) Ra: Assheton de Magna Leaver, 19 September, 1613. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 47 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 44.] 

Gilbert de Swincy.'= 

Richard de Swincy.= 

Robert de Swincy. 

Robert the sonne of Richard the sonn of Gilbert de Swincy, a feoffee to the Claytons for landes in 
Clayton called Gibfeld, bearing date 13 Ri. 2, in frenshe. 

a Peuipe of tfje Claptons. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 45.] 

Geraldus de Clayton. 

Johannes, filius ejus. 

Warinus, filius ejus. 

Johannes, filius ejus. 

Adam, filius ejus. 

Johannes, filius ejus. 

Radulfus, filius ejus. 

Adam, filius ejus. 

Thomas, filius ejus. 

Jacobus, frater et heres. 

Willelmus filius Jacobi qui ob. ante patrem. 

Johannes, filius dicti Willelmi consang. et heres predict! Jacobi. 

Qui Johannes duxit Elizabethan!, filiam Ricardi Langton, militis, et habuerunt exitum inter eos, 

Isabellam et Elenam. 
Que Isabell primo maritavit Willelmum Farington, filium et heredem Henrici Farington, ar. et 

habuerunt exitum, vid. unam filiam inter se legitime procreatam vid. Johannam, qui maritavit 

Carolum Bothe, sed non pro herede dicti Henrici. 
Predicti Isabella maritavit Nicolaum Botiler de RauclifF, et predicti Nichol' et Isabella habuerunt 7 

filias que omnes obierunt in puerili aetate, et habuerunt similiter duas filias, vids. Elizabetham 

et Elenam. 

Memorand. predicta Elena, filia predicti Johannis de Clayton maritavit Christopherum Lister, filium 
et heredem Willelmi Lister, et habuerunt exitum inter eos legitime procreatum, Willelmus et 4 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

\Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 45 b.] 

Stephanus Chorley.= 
Robertas Charley. = 
Simon Charley. = 
Stephanus Chorley.=p 

Stephanus Chorley.== 
Wffldmus Chorley.= 
Hugo Chorley.= 

Thomas Chorley. = Alicia, filia Roberti de 
' Clayton, frater et heres 
Johannis de Clayton, 
filii dicti Roberti. 

Robertus Chorley.=Cecillia, filia Ricardi de Chorley. 
Willielmus de Swansey. =Elena, filia et heres. 

Rogerus Gidlow.= 

Ricardus Annot.=Margeria, 

fih'a et heres 



Johannes Cutt=Agnes Annot, 
| heres. 

Adam Cutt= 

Robertus de Swansey.=Christiana, filia et=Bertramu5 Worthington. 
| coheres Ade Cutt. 

Hugo, filius= Elena, filia Radulfi 
et heres. ' Chernok de Clayton. 

Willelmus Swr 

t una Elizabetha, ux r 

Robertus Swansey, Henricus. 
duxit Annam filiam Radu i fus . 
et heredem Edwardi 
Hilton de Holt. Johannes. 

Proved by Indenture bearing 
date the 2 of Edward 6. 

Edward Swaynsy,=Cecily, dau. of 
1613. | James Browne. 

Hill de Rib- filii et heredis 
| Chester. Jac. Clayton. 

ob. puer. 

Joanna, Margareta, soror predicts Annae 
nupta prime nupta Roberto Redding. 
Rogero secundo Johanni Ogles, et 3 Ro- 
Brownlaw, berto Shirbum, filio et heredi 
filio et her. Rogeri Shirbume. 

Edward Swansey, =Mary, dau. of John Risley, 
of the age of 36. I esq., of Risley. 

Henry. Philip. Elizab: 
Silvester. Dorothy. Mary. 

(Signed) Edward Swansey. 

Hugh, Hambull. Suzan. 
of the age of 7. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[Harl. MS. 1437, Co. 46.] 

Omnibus hominibus presentibus et futuris Henricus de Huton, Salutem in domino. Noveritis me 
dedisse &c., Willelmo filio Alexandri de Subosco, in libero maritagio, cum Agnete filia mea, 
totam terram de le bosco sine aliquo retinemento, cum omnibus pertinentiis prout continetur in 
carta de Godif. de Bullinges, istius terrae donatoris. Sine data. 


Willelmus del VVod, capellanus concessit, &c. Alexandro de Wod, omnia ilia terras tenta cum pertinentiis 
que habuit de dono et feoffamento ejusdem Alexandri in Villa de Turton, in uno loco qui 
vocatur le Wod et post decessum ipsius Alexandri, omnia predicta tenementa cum pertinentiis, 
Henrico filio predicti Alexandri et heredibus inter ipsum Henricum et Margeriam, filiam 
Henrici de Bradeshaw, exeuntibus, 19 Edw. 3" 

Sciant presentes et futuri Rogerus filius et heres Alexandri del Wod, 36 Ed. 3" 

Sciant presentes et futuri quod ego Rogerus filius Alexandri del Wode, dedi, etc., Margerise de Coldi- 
cotes, omnia terras, etc., in Villa de Turton, 37 E. 3. 

Drawing of a seal of arms, viz: , a bend fusily between two bendlets , in sinister chief a fleur- 


Ellis Wod.= 

John Wod=. . . dau. of Laurence 
of Turton. Brounlow. 

Richard Wod=. . . dau. of Richard 
of Turton. Rooe of Ratcliffe. 

Richard Wode.=Isabel, dau. of 

I Thomas Crompton. 

John Wod. = Ann, dau. of Larawance 
irownlow of 

Richard Wood, Larawanc' Wood, 
sonn and heir, 2 sonn. 
ma: Eliza: dau. 
of Henry Reyley 
of Torton. 

Christopher Wood. Jane, Elizabeth, 

to Roger to Rafe 

Walkaden Barton of 

of Black- Smethes. 



(Signed) John Wood. 


50 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 47-] 

. Azure, a chevron argent, between two leopards' heads in chief, and a cross pattee fich^e in base, or. 
CrtjSt. A griffin sejant, argent, supporting with the dexter foot a column, azure. 

A patten, Tho: Gudlawe of Aspull, in co. Lane., 24 year of Queen Eliza: anno 1581, by Wm. Flower, Norroy 

roy d'Armes. 

Thomas Goodlaw=Elyza: dau. of 
of Aspall, co. Lan- Willm Canyan 
caster, gent. of Pilkinton. 

Thomas Goodlaw=Margaret, dau. of 
of Aspall, now Willm Singleton 
living, 1613. of Stanynge, esq. 


sonne and heire, 

astat. 20 annor. 1613. 

Singleton, 2. 

wife to James 
Shudell of 


(Signed) Tho. Gudlawe. 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 48.] 
A lion's head erased argent, powdered with torteux and ducally gorged, gules. 

John Orrell-_=Elyza., dau. of 
of Turton, . . . Butler of 
esq. Rawclyff. 

Willm 'Orrell=Marye, dau. of 
of Turton, George Ireland 
esq. of the Hutt, esq. 

William, 2. 
George, 3. 

John Orrell=Alice, dau. of 
of Turton, Xpofer Anderton 
esq., living of Lostock, esq. 


Mary, wife to 
Thomas Chat- 
terton of Lees. 

1 | 


(Signed) John Orrell. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 51 


[Hart. MS. 1437, fo. 48 b. ) 

Sir Peter Leghe=. . . dau. of Sir Tho: 
of Lyme, knt | Gerrard of Brynn^ 

Peter Leghe, 
i sonne. 

2 sonne. | 

Robert Leighe 
of Aughtrington, 
living 1613. 

John, 2. 

3 sonne. 


Roger, 3. 
Thomas, 4. 

IHarl. MS. I437 , fo. 49 b, 50.] 

Sir Allexander Houghton=. . . dau. of Sir John South- 
of Houghton Towre, co. I worth of Samblebury, co. 
Lancaster, knt. _ | Lancaster, knt. 

Sir Richard Houghton=. . . dau. and coh. of Sir 
of Houghton Tower, knt. I Thomas Ashton of Ashton 
| under Lyne, co. Lancaster. 

Tho: Houghton=Katheryne, dau. of 

of Houghton 
Tower,esq. , sonne 
and heire. 

Sir Tho: Gerrard of 
Bryn, knt, first wife. 

2 sonne, 
ob. s.p. 

Thomas Houghton,=Ann, dau. of Henry 

3 sonne. 

Jane, uxor 
James Brad- 
shawe of 
Hagh, esq. 

sonne aud heire of 
Sir Henry Kighley, 

3 Thomas 

4 Adam. 

5 Henry. 

Sir Richard Houghton=Catheryn,d 
of Houghton Towre, 
knt. and baronett, 






Catherine, Mary, 

of Sir Gilbert wife to Tho. wife to Thomas 

Gerard, knt, Midleton of Walmesley of 

Maisterofthe Dukenhagh. 
Rolls. Lancaster, 

es q- 

I I I 

Sir Gilbert Houghton,=Margaret, dau. Ann, 

knt, sonne and heire, and coh. of Sir wife to Sir 

1613. Roger Aston, John Cotton 

knt, gent, of his of Land- 

Ma tts Bedcham- wood, co. 

ber. Cantab.,knt. 






52 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

IHarl. MS. 1437, fo. SL] 

Azure, a chevron between three lozenges, 
:. A hawk's, head, erased or, armed, sable. 

Ralfe Hide 
of Denton, 
co. Lancas- 
ter. _ 

William Hide. 
Nicholas Hide.= 

William Hide=Katherine, dau. 
of Alexander 
Elcock of Stock- 

Robert Hide=Ann, dau. of 

of Denton, 

John Arderi 
of Hawarden, 
co. Chester. 

William Hide,= 
eldest sonne, 
of the age of 
5, l6l 3- 

=Elinor, dau. of 2 Edward Hide, 
John Molineux a martiall man. 
of Newhall. 

Susan, maried 
to Alexander 
Newton, co. 

Robert Hide, i Margaret, 
of the age of 9 
yeares, 1613. 

2 Mary. George. 



(Signed) Robert Hyde. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 53 

!. Azure, a chevron between three lozenges, or ; impaling, quarterly: I, 4. Ermine, on a chief, gules, a label of 
five points, argent [Be/fieM] ; 2. Sable, a cross raguly between four acorns, or ; 3. Argent, on a chevron, 
sable, three quatrefoils, or. 

Sir Robert Hide 
of Hide, co. Ches- 
ter, knt., in the 
tyme of H. 3. 

Robert Hide 
tyme of Ed. 2 

= Maried the cossin 
and heire of Thomas 
of Norbury. 

Isabell, dau. of=Sir John Hide= 
William Bagge- of Norbury, 
legh of Baglegh. knt. 

\lice, dau. of Sir John 
davenport ofWheltrogh, 
hen justice of Chester. 

Alexander Hide, 
2 sonn, of Den- ! 

i William Hide 2 Ralfe Hide=Alice, dau. of John, 
of Norbury. of Urmeston, JohnVenables 

John Hide of Denton, 
in the tyme of Ed. 3. 

1344, proved 
by a recovery, 

of Ashton, who 
maried Hawis 

Radulphus,filius Johannis de Hide 

Indenture of 
mariag bear- 
ing date 


he heire of 
Gilbert de 

in an acquittance from Honf 
Ralf, the son of John Hide, 4 

Seiant presentes et futuri 
quod ego Robertus de Daven- 
port de Bromale, dedi &c., 
Thome de Hide de Urmes- 
ton, custodiam et maritagium 
Thome, filii. 

Cecily, wife of Thomas Hide=:Margareta. 
John, the sonn of Urmeston, I 
of William t H. 6. 
Carrington, knt. 

maried to 
of Leghe. 

Georgius de Hid 

Thomas de Hid 

>.=Margaret, dau. of 
Thomas de Legh 
of Baglegh, the 

7 of H. 6. 

George Hide,=Isabella, dau. of 

10 H. 7. 

. . . Briche of 
Brich, 1475. 

Thomas Hide=. 
of Urmeston, 
anno 10 H. 7. 

3.u. of Robert 
Worsley of Bothis. 

Johannes Hide, 
attorn, patris ad 
intrandum anno 
10 H. 7. 


Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

2 Thomas. 

Elizabeth, dau.=John Hide 



3 Robert. 

Indenture of 
mariage the ix 

Barton, knt, 

of Urmes- 

wife of Will. 

wife of John 
Birtles of 

4 James. 

of H. the 8th. 

and of Ellyn his 


5 Hamnet. 



Douce, dau. of= 
of Bromfeld, 3 
Ed. 6. 

=William Hide.= 

=Elinor, dau. of John 
Fovile of the Midle- 
wich, first wife. 


wife of 

Alexander, William Hide= 
without of Urmeston. 

=Margaret, dau. of Ann, 
John Ardan of maried to 
Hawarden. John Gleve 
of Highley. 

maried Fraunci 
Medowcroft of 

Ann, wife to 
William Brettargh 
of Bretterholt, co. 

John' Hide=Susan, dau. of William 
of Urmes- Ashton of Clegg, by 
ton, 1613. Ann Belfeld, on of 
i the heires of Clegg. 


2 John. 

of 6. 

4 Adam. i Margaret 

2 Jane. 

3 Ann. 

Two shields of arms, viz : 

First, the impalement given above. 
Second, quarterly: I. Azure, a ch 

[Hurl. MS. 1437, fo. 53 b. ] 

between three lozenges, or, in fess point a crescent ; 2. Argent, a chev 

mgrailed, between three bulls' heads, sable, a crescent, or ; 3. Argent, a wolf (?) passant, sable ; 
Argent, a chevron between three mascles, gules, 
eagle with wings, endorsed, sable, beaked and membered, or. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 55 

Thomas Hyde=. . . dau. of 

of Norbury, co. 


co. Derb. 

Thomas Hyde= Margaret, dau. of 
of Norbury. ... Holland of 

Denton, co. Lan- 
. caster. 

2 Hamon. 5 Thomas. 

3 William. 6 Richard. 

4 Kdward. 7 Randall. 

Hamon Hyde=Margaret, dau. of 

of Norbury. 

Lawrans of 


Robert Hyde=Jane, dau. of 

of Norbury. 

Willrh Daven- 
port of Brom- 

Robert Hyde 
of Norbury, 
esq., living 

of Sir William 
Calverley of 

wife to 
of Wood- 


wife to John 
Higham of 


wife to 
of Sussex. 

sonne and 
heire, aetat. 
17 annor. 
anno 1580. 

Robert, 2. 
Thomas, 3. 

i daughter. 

2 daughter. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


\.Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 55.] 

:erly: 1. Or, on a chief, sable, three crescents of the first; 2. Per pale Lancette, or, and gules, a bordure, 
sure, semee of fleurs-de-lis, or; 3. Gules, a saltire between four leopards' heads, argent; 4. Azure, a lion 
impant, argent, a bordure ermine. 

. Quarterly: I. Or, 

Richard Preston^ 
of Preston, in 

Henry Preston =Isabel, dau. of 

of Preston, in 

William Ander- 
ton of Anderton. 

Anne, dau. of = William Preston Elizabeth, Mary. Briget. 

Thomas Far- 
ington of 

of Preston. 

rife of 
of Preston. 

1 Ill 

Henry Preston, William. Isabell. Mary, 
eldest sonne, of 
the age of viii 
yeares, 1613. 

Elizabeth. Anne- 

(Signed) William Preston. 

William de Ethelston. = 


[l/arl. MS. 1437, fn. 56.] 

Pawle de Ethelston. Roger de Ethelston.= Johanna. 

William de Ethelston. 

John de Ethelston. 


Roger de Brokholes. =Mabill, 
I sister . . 

William deBrokholes. 


William deBrokholes. 
Adam de Brokholes. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 57 


larl. MS. 1437, fo. 57.] 

Quarterly often, viz: I. Argent, two bends between two martlets, sable ; 2. Sable, three bars argent ; 3. Same 
as the last ; 4. Argent, a mullet sable ; 5. Argent, a chevron engrailed, azure ; 6. Gules, a cross engrailed 
ermine, a bordure compony, or and azure ; 7. Sable, a fret argent, over all a label of three points, or ; 
8. Sable, three lions passant, argent ; 9. Argent, on a chevron, sable, three lozenges of the field, each 
charged with a saltire, gules; 10. Sable, a lion rampant, argent. 

. A stag at gaze proper, under a vine, vert, fracted, gules. 2. A bull's head, argent, charged with three bars, 

William Bradshaw= 
of the Haghe, co. 
Lancaster, esq. 

James Bradshawe= Jane, dau. to 
of the Haghe, esq. Raufe Standishe. 

William Bradshawe=Mawde, dau. of Sir 
of the Haghe, esq. Christopher Standish 
of Duxburye. 

Roger Bradshawe=Jane, dau. to Allexander 

of the Haghe, esq. 

Standish of Standish, co. 
Lancaster, esq. 

James Bradshawe=Jane, dau. and sole heire 

of the Haghe, esq. 

of Thomas Hoghton of 
Hoghton Tower, esq. 

Allexander Bradshaw, 
2 sonne. 

Roger Bradshawe=Ann, dau. of Xpofer 
of the Haghe, esq., I Anclerton of Lostock, 
now living, 1613. esq. 



1 1 1 

I 1 1 

1 | 

1 | 


Richard, 2. 

Thomas, 5. 

Jane, i. 

Elyzabeth, 3. 

sonne and heire, 
aetat. 17 annor. 

Edward, 3. 

Roger, 6. 

Dorothye, 2. 

Ann, 4. 


William, 4. 

Peter, 7. 

58 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 58.] 

. Argent, two bends, sable. 

Henricus Bradshawe.= 

Bradshaw Hamlette Hen 
de Harwod, in comit. 
Lane., 17 Ed. 3. 

2 Ri 

Robertus filius= 
Henrici Brad- 
shawe, sine 

ricus Bradshaw. == Henricus 
| de Brads! 

Ricardus Johannes = 
law, de Bradshaw, Bradshaw. 
:d. i7Ri. 2. 

| anno 17 1 
filius 3 . 


Thomas Bradsh; 

2 Ri. 2. 

A lettre from Henry Percy, Earle of Northumber", Warden of the East Marches anenst Scotland, to 
o r welbeloved frende, John Bradshaw, to assiste him againste the Scottes. 

To my right trusty and hertly welbeloved freende Jac. of Bradshaw, dwelling at Altam, written by 
William Harrington. 

Alexander Bradshaw = . . . the dau. of ... 
of Bradshaw. Orrell of Turton. 

John Bradshaw=. . . dau. of ... 
of Bradshaw. I Grenehalgh. 

John Bradshaw= Isabel, dau. of 

of Bradshaw, 

Peter Ashton 
of Chaderton. 

John Bradshaw=Alice, dau. of Sir 
of Bradshaw, Georg Lecester 
1 6 1 3 , of the age of Toft, knt. 
of 27. 

(Signed) J. Bradshaw. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 59 

IHarl. MS. 1437, fo. 59-] 

Alanus Halsal.= 

Simon Halsall. = 

Ricardus . Halsall. = 

Gilbert Halsall. = 
24 E. i. 

Oto Halsall,- 

Edi. 3"- 

Gilbertus Halsal,= 
miles, tempore 
Ri. 2. 

Robertus Halsal, : 
heres fratris. 


Henricus Halsall = Ricardus Halsal,= 
ob. sine herede heres fratris. 


Hugo' Halsall. = 

Henricus Halsal.= 

Thomas Halsall, = 

Henricus Halsal,= 
ar., tempore regis, ' 
H. 8. 

Ricardus Halsal,= 
heres aparens. I 

Cutbert Halsall,=Dorothy, dau. of 

miles, 1613. 

Henry, Earle of 
Derby, fili; 

Ann, wife of 
Thomas Clifton, 
sonne and heire of 
Cutbert Clifton of 
Westby, 1613. 




(Signed) CutAbert Halsall. 

60 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


IHarl. MS. 1437, fo. 60.] 

frnt* Argent, two bars, gules, 

i canton of the last a cinquefoil, or. 

John Preston=. . . sister of Sir 
of Preston Tho. Curwen of 
Patrick, in Workinton, co. 
Westmerland, Comberland, knt. 

Tho: Preston=Ann, dau. of John 
of Preston I Westbye of Molbreck, 
Patrick, esq. | co. Lancaster, 

John Preston.; 
of Preston 
Patrick, in 
and of the 
mannor of 
Fourneyz, co. 
esq., now 
living, 1613. 

=Frances, dau. 
of Richard 
Holand of 
Denton, esq. 






i sonne, 

2 sonne, 

eldest dau., xtat. 15 

2 dau., setat. 

3 dau. 

ob. s.p. 

ffitat. 6 

annor. 1613., maried to 



Sir Francys Howard, 



second sonne to the lo. 

Anderton of 

[sicin MS.] 

Willrh Howard of Na- 


worth castle in Cumber- 

maried 1621. 

land, maried 1615. 

(Signed) John Preston. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 61 

. Quarterly of 1 8, viz : 
three covered cup 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 6ib.] 

I. Argent, a fesse sable, in chief three mullets of the last ; 2. Argent, on a bend sable, 
; 3. Argent, a cross flory, gules ; 4. Sable, three goats salient, argent ; 5. Purpure, a lion 
rampant, argent ; 6. Argent, a chevron sable between three barnacles, sable ; 7. Argent, six cinquefoils, 3, 2, 
and I, sable ; 8. Argent, three cinquefoils, gules; 9. Gules, an orle between nine cross-crosslets, or; 10. 
Azure, on a bend argent, three crosses moline, gules ; II. Argent, on a bend azure, three escallops of the 
field; 12. Azure, a fesse dancettee between six escallops, argent; 13. Argent, a sun, gules; 14. Argent, a 
chevron between three stars, sable; 15. Argent, on a bend, gules, three crescents of the field; 16. Argent, 
fretty azure; 17. Argent, three bendlets, gules; 18. Argent, on a bend azure, three annulets, or, in chief a 
cross-crosslet fichee, sable. 

. On a perch, or, a hawk close, proper, beaked and belled of the first, round the perch a ribbon, gules. 
I. Townley; 2. Rixton; 3. Pilkington; 4. Gayeford; 5. Wymbish; 6. Bamake; 7. Lymbury; 8. D'Arcy; 
9. Bertram; 10. Bliton; II. Gernon; 12. Engaine; 13. Dela Hay; 14. Knight; 15. Roiley; 16. Lownd; 
17. Byron; 1 8. Clayton. 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 62 b.] 

John Townley=Mary, dau. and heire to 
of Townley. | Sir Richard Townley. 

Charles Townley. Nicholas Townley of Royhill,=Ann, dau. of Sir 

co. Lancaster. | Hugh Vaughan, knt 

Edmond Townley of Royhill,= Ann, sister to Sir John 
co. Lancaster. ' I Curson, co. Derb. 

1 1 I 
Robert. Thomas. 


1 | 



Francis, mar. Katherin, Nicholas Townley= 
dau. to Sir Tho. Forster, of Royhill. 
judge of the Comon Pleas. 

2 Francis=Ann, dau. 
Townley. of ... 

3 Thomas. 
5 Richard 
6 William. 

4 Edm. mar. Barbara, i Nicholas= Joane, dau. to 
dau. of Stephen Townley of Willrn White of 
French of Streame in Littleton, Northyam, co. 
Sussex, esq. co. Midd. Sussex. 


i Nicholas. 4 Edmond. Susan. Mary. 

2 Francis. 5 Thomas. Katherin. Honor uxor 
3 William. 6 John. Francess. 



Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 63.] 

Sir Rich. Towneley,=Joane, dau. of 

Charles Townley= 
of Lynroad, 
2 sonn. 

John Townley,=M 
sonne of h 
Charles, was lo. T 
of Towneley in T 

rightofhiswife. | 

Richard Townele 
of Townley, esq., 
now living, 1613. 

sonne and heire, 
setat. 1 6 annor. 

knt, living 34 H. 6 

Sir John Townley= 
of Townley, knt, 
living 13 H. 8. 

Rich. South- 
worth of Sambes- 
bury, co. Lancas- 
Sir Nicholas Byron=Ann, dau. of 
Isabell, dau. and heire of Clayton, knt, Sir Myles 
af Sir Charles Pilking- brother and heire Bussye, knt. 
on, knt, first wife. to Sir John. 

" - ! 

=Elyza. dau. RichardTowneley,=Grace,dau. Christopher = 
of . . . esq., living 29 of Sir God- Wimbysh of 
Kaye and H. 8. frey Fol- Nocton, 
widdoweof iamb of second sonn, 
Jo. Nowell j Walton, co. and heire to 
of Read. | Derb., knt. his brother. 

=Mary, dau. Sir John 
ofSirNich: Byron of 
Byron, and Clayton, 
heire to Sir knt,died 
JohnByron without 
herbrother. issue 

Sir John 
knt, nat- 
heire to 
his fa- 
ther by 
dau. of 

ary, dau. and 
>ir of Sir Richard 
owneley of 
owneley, knt 

y=Jane, eldest dau. 
Raufe Ashton of 
Create Leaver, cc 

1 Lancaster, esq. 

Sir Richard- 
Towneley of 

= Frances, dau. of 
Christopher Wim- 
to Thomas Wim- 

a daughter. 



Charles, Christopher, 3. 

2 sonne. ^ 
Francis, 4. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 



{Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 63 b.] 

9rmS. , a lion rampant guardant, gules, over all a fess . 


Thomas Whittingham 
of Whittingham. 

;Brigget, dau. 
and coheire of 
Ewan Browne 
of Ribleton. 

Richard Whittingham=Ann, dau. of 
of Whittingham. I Thomas Dolman 

of Poklington, 
co. Ebor. 

Tho: Whittingham=Margaret, dau. and 

of Whittingham, 
now living, 1613. 

coheir of Ewen 
PMmondson of 
Eccleston, co. 

Godfrey, 2 Richard, 
sonne and heire, .,, , 
aetat. 5 annor. 1613. 3 

II 1 
i Ann. 

2 Elyza. 
3 Briggett 

(Signed) Thomas Whittingham. 

6 4 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


\Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 64 b.] 

Sciant presentes et futuri quod ego Ricardus Nelston de Mawdisley dedi, etc., Warino de Golborne 
et Aliciae filise meae etc., unam placeam terrae in Mawdisley vocatam Mawdisley hey, predicto 
Warino et Alicia; et heredibus de corpore ejusdera Alicioe, reddendo preterea mihi et heredibus 
meis, seniel in vita unius cujusque nostrum Chirothecam albam ad sagitandum, pro defectu 
exitus ejusdam Warini et Aliciae remaneant terra predicts Georgio Nelston filio Robert! 
Nelston. Testibus, Tho: Fleming, ar., Henrico Banaster de Bank, ar. Data apud Mawdisley, 
anno i R. 2. 

Drawing of a seal of arms, viz : a cross pate fichee, debruised by a bend dexter, the shield sur- 
mounted by a helmet with mantling. 

Another dede of Robert Nelston of Mawdesley, bearing date the 6 of H. 4, with the same seale of armes. 

Richard Nelson== 
of Mawdesley, 
ais Nelston. 

This Richard was called 
Nelston ats Nelson as appear- 
eth by an Indenture, 24 H. 7. 

Thomas Nelson=Cecily, dau. of 
of Wrightington. Ralf Maxsey 


wife to Michaell 
Doughtie of Thorn- 
ley, co. Lancaster. 

Richard Nelson=Elyn, dau. of 

of Fairest in 

Tho: Lathum 
of Parbolt. 

Henry Doughtie,= Mary, dau. 
sonne and heir. I of Edward 
| Blakey. 

a daughter. 


Thomas, 4. 


sonne and heir. 

(Signed) Richard Nelson. 


\_Harl.MS. ,437, fo. 65.] 

Sciant presentes et futuri c., Willelmus del Lee, films Willelmi del Lee, et Isolda uxor mea concessimus 
&c., Johanni Alston Capellano, &c., medietatem manerii de Croston et Mawdislegh, 46 E. 3. 

Drawing of a seal of arms, viz: , three bars, . The shield surmounted by a helmet with an 
unicorn's head for crest. 

By an inspeximus of Philip and Mary uppwards to E. i time when he grauntis a mercat and faire to 
William de la Mare and his heire. Nos autem literas predictas approbamus dilectis nobis 
Thome Ashton, ar., et Willelmo Fleming, ar., Consanguineis et heredibus Thome Fleming, chf. 
et Alicias filiae Willelmi Lee, militis, quam Fulco de Standishe duxit in uxorem Consanguineis et 
heredibus Thome Ashton et Willelmi Fleming tenore presentium approbamus; 3 et 4Philippi. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

IHarl. MS. 1437, Co. 66.] 

S. Argent, on a cross patonce sable, five mullets pierced, 
t. An antelope's head erased or, guttee desang. 

Adam Rigby=Alice, dau. of 

ofWiggin, co. 

of . 


John Rigby=Jane, dau. of 

of Wiggin, 
i sonne. 

Gilbert Mollineux 
of Pemberton. 

Allexander Rigby=Jane, dau. of Ellyn, 

of Burgh, 2 sonne. Thorn: Lath- wife to 

waite. Hugh 


Allexander Rigby= 
of Wyggin and 
Peele, co. Lancas- 
ter, esq., living 

-Alice, dau. of 
Leonard Ashaw 
of the Shaw, co. 
Lancaster, esq. 

Adam Rigby 
parson of 
2 sonne. 

Allexander Rigby, 
sonne and heire, 
astat. 21 annor. 

2 sonne. 

3 sonne. 


(Signed) Alex: Rigbyc. 


[Hart. MS. 1437, fo. 67.] 

nished or, holding in the hand a fire-ball of the first. This Creast 

3ttlUi. Argent, three covered cups, sable. 
<r0st. An arm embowed in armour, proper, ga 

confirmed by Flowre, Norroy. 

Edwardus dei gracia rex Anglise dominus Hibernias Dux Acq: Archiep: Ep: Abbatibus, Prioribus, 
Comitibus Baronibus, Justiciariis, Vice comitibus, prepositis, ministris et omnibus balivis, etc. 
Sciatis quod nos de gracia nostra speciali et pro bono servitio quod dilectus nobis Adam 
Nowel in partibus Scotiae nobis impendit, concessisse etc., quod ipse et heredes sui imperpetuum 
habeant unum mercatum qualibet septimana per diem Jovis apud manerium suum de Nether- 
ton in magna Harewood. Hiis testibus, venerabilibus patribus J. Archiepo Cantuar. totius 
Angliag primate, Ri: Cicestrensi episcopo, cancellario nostro, Henrico Comite Derbiae, consan- 
guineo nostro, Johanne de Vere, Comite Oxon', Thoma de Wake, Henrico de Ferrariis, 
Camerario nostro, Datum per manum nostram apud Walton, 26 die Junii anno regni nostri, 12. 

Endenture entre Mons. Richard Greneacre et Laurence Nowel et Katherine sa femme per le manner 
de Merlay, anno 42 Ed. 3. 

s, viz : , three covered cups, ; Legend, >{< SIGILLVM : LARANCI : 


Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

John filz Laurentii Nowell, enfeofed in the manner of Reued by feoffes, to him and to the heires 
males of his body, for default of such issue to Nicholas his brother, for default of such issue to 
Gilbert his brother Margaret wife of Laurence, then to the heires, 1 7 of Ri. 2. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 67 b.) 


Richard Nowell of Revet, 
alias Rede. _ 

Roger Nowel.= 

Adam Nowell, = 
E. i. | 

Lawrence Nowell,= 
Ed. 3 et Ri. 2. | 

John Nowell. ^ 

Nicholas Nowell. = 
Alexander Nowell. = 
John Nowell. == 
Roger Nowell. = 
Thomas Nowell.= 

Roger Nowell. =Florence, dau. of ... 
| Atkinson of Skipton. 

Roger Nowell,= Katherine, dau. of 
i6i3,ofReade. | John Morton. 

2 John. Roger Nowell,=Elizabeth, dau. of 

3 Robert. 


ie age of 

Tho: Fletwod of Ra 
Newton. An 

i Roger, 
of the age 
of 7. 


Adam. 3 Robert. 


Mary, wife of 
Ralf Hopton of 
Armeley Hall by 
Ledes in Yorkshire. 

2 Florence, 

maried to 





3 Isabel!, 
wife of Johr 
Biram of 
Biram, co. 

A modern hand has added, "aft dl to Brotherton of Heye, 2nd husband. " 

4 Ann. 

5 Katherine. 
(Signed) Roger Nowel. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 



[Hart. MS. 1437, fo. 68.] 

- Gules, on a chief ermine, two hurts. 

- A lion statant guardant, ermine, ducally crowned, 

Thomas Walmsley=Eliza. dau. of 

of Shelley, co. 
Lancaster, lived 
22 H. 7. 

Thomas Walmsley=Margaret, dau. of 

William Traves 
of Neatby, co. 

Robert Shuttleworth=-Jane, sister and 

of Shelley, only 
sonne and heire, 
he died 26 of 
2 Eliz. 

. . . Leveseye, a 
yonger branch of 
Levesey of Levese 


of Hackinge. 

coheir of Richard 
Browne of 


2 Alice, Sir Thomas Walmsley= 
wife to of Dunkenhalgh, knt, 
Richard one of the Judges of 
Hathersall the Comon pleas; he 
of Hethers- died 10 Jac. 

=Ann, dau. and 
sole heire of 
worth of 

1 1 1 1 
Richard, 2. 

Robert, 3. 
Edward, 4. 
Henry, 5. 

William, 6. Elizabeth, 

T , wife to ... 
John, 7. Nowdl of 

Nicholas, 8. Mearley. 

Elinor, dau. of=Thomas Walmsley=Mary, sister of 

Sir Jo: Danvers 
of Dantsey, co. 
Wilt., esq., 
first wife. 

of Dunkenhalgh, 
co. Lancaster, esq., 
sonne and heire. 

Sir Rich: Hough- 
ton of Houghton 
Tower, co. Lan- 
caster, second 

=. . . dau. of 
of Astley. 


Sir Thomas= 
knt, sonhe 
and heire, 
died 1637. 

=Julian, dau. of i ] 
SirRi:Molineux, Ri. 
knt, sister to Ri. Sto 
the first visct. La 

vliza. wife to 2 Ann, wife to second sonne of 
Sherburn of Sir Edward Tho. 
nishurst,co. Osborne of 
ncaster. Kineton, co. 
Richard =f= 
Sherborne. 1 ! 
Thomas Charles 
Osborne, Osborn, 
i sonn. 2 sonn. 

Richard, 2 
sonne and 

William. i Elinor. 
2 Julian. 
3 Ann. 

68 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[ffarl. MS. 1437, fo. 69.] 

. Argent, fretty gules, a chief azure. 
CtKfit. An unicorn's head erased , armed or. 

Curwen of Workington, 
co. Cumberland. 

Gilbert Culwen 
alias Curwen of 
Stubb, co. Lan- 
caster, a yonger 

Indenture betwene William 
Thornburgh of Hampsfeld, in 
the county of Lancaster, and 
John Culwen of Stubbe in the 
said county for a mariage to be 
had betwene Richard, sonne 
and heire apparent of John 
Culwen and Ellen, da: of the 
said William Thornburgh, the 
izofH. 7. 

Richard (?) Culwen, 
sonn and heire 

John Culwen,= 
12 H. 7. 


Richard CuIwen,=Elinor, dau. of 
sonne and heire I William Thorn- 
ofjohn ; 12 H. 7. | burgh, 12 H. 7. 


Thomas Curwen=Agnes, dau. of 
of Gressiard and Henry Witham 
Stubbe. of Liddesdale. 

Nicholas Culwen=Grace, dau. 
of Gressiard and of Thomas 
Stubbe, 1613. Colthurst 

of Edesford. 

maried to 
Morley of 
co. Lancaster. 


Ann, dau. of William=Thomas Morley, 2 Frauncis Morleigh. 3 William Morlegh 

Redmaine of Ireby. 

Frauncis Morley. =Cassandra, dau. of 
Josias Lambert of 
| Cawghton. 

Thomas Morleigh. 

of Cotton. 
Margaret, dau. of 
Ri: Tildesley of 
Tildeslegh, 1613. 


of the age 
of viii yeares. 

Richard. Gilbert. 
(Signed) Willm Morlaye. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 69 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 70.] 

. Sable an inescutcheon argent, guttee de poix, within an orb of owls, argent. 
Crciat. A homed owl, guttee de poix. 

Paten graunted to John Calvert, 40 of Eliz. anno 1597, Willm Dethick, garter, et Willm Seager, Norroy. 


William Calverley.= 
Sir William Calverley.= 

Sir Walter Calverley,= 

Sir William Calverley, 
i sonne. 

John Calverley r 
fourth sonne to 
Sir Walter. 

dau. of 

William Calverley=. . . dau. of 

of Cockerham. 

Robert Hall 
of Cansfeild, 
co. Lancaster. 

Thomas Calverley=Isabell, dau. of 
of Cockerham, I William Kirkbye 
esq. | of Rawclyff, esq. 

John Calvert, = 
ats Calverley 
of Cocker- 
ham, esq., 
living 1613. 

=Jane, dau. of 
Roger Dalton 
of Pillinge, co. 

Richard Calverley, 
sonne and heire, 
astat. 14 annor. 1613. 

John, i Ann, wife to 2 Jane. 
2 sonne. Roger Downes Ttriowtt 
of Wardley, co. 3 

4 Elyzabeth 
5 Alice. 

(Signed) Jo: Calverley. 

jo Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 71.] 


Hugo de Standish.=Alicia filia Ricardi 
i Molineux. 

Ricardus de Standish, 
filius Hugonis, anno 
20 E. 3- 

Hugo de Standishe, = 
filius Ricardi, 20 

E3 "-- 

filius Hugonis 
Standish, 19 
R. 2. 

Rouland de Standishe, James Standishe,t=Alicia,J relicta 

filius Christopheri de brother and heire. 

Standish de Dokisbury, 

Jacobi Standish, 
R. 3. 

et probat tes'tament' Christopher Standish,= Elizabetha, filia Willelmi 

1435, i3 H. 6, occisus miles - I Standishe de Haghe. 

anno 12 H. 6, in Fran- T , 

cia cum comite Arundel 

secund. Holingshed, SOnne and helre " 

obiit sine exitu. 

James Standishe.=E15zabeth, dau. and 

I heire of John 
Botiler of Rawcliff 

Thomas Standishe. = 

* Sciant presentes etc., quod nos Ricardus Twifeld etc., concessimus etc., Christophero filio Hugonis Standishe de 
Dokesbury in comit. Lancastr., et Margarets: uxori ejus filia Thome Fleming militis, de eodem comitat, anno 19 R. 2. 

t Be it knowen to all men that I Thomas Tarlton, vicar of the Church of Croston, berith witnes and certify that Sir 
James Standish of Dokesbury hath delivered a relik of St. Laurence head in the Church of Chorley, the w ch Sir Rouland 
of Standishe, knt., brother to the said James, and dame Jane his wife, brought out of Normandy, in the worship of God 
and Saint Laurence, for the profit and availe of the said churche, to the intent that the foresaid Sir Rowland Standish, knt., 
dame Jane his wife, the said James and his wife, w th all their predecessors and successors may be in the said church perpetu- 
ally praied for, and in witnes of the wicli to this my present writing I have sette my seale. Written at Croston the 2 day 
of March in the yeare of o r Lo. God 1442, 21 H. 6. 

I Alicia relicta Jacobi Standishe de Dokesbury in viduitate mea remisi Christophero Standish militi, filio meo, anno 
i R. 3. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 71 

Iffarl. MS. 1437, f. 

Sir Hugh.= 
James. = 

Alexander Standish: 
of Duksbury, co. 

. . . dau. of Sir=Tho: Standish=Ann, dau. of . 


of Duksbury. 

Whitingham of 


[second wife.] 

i Thomas Standish. =. . . dau. of 2 Alex 
. . . Vaulx. of Duks- 

=. . . dau. of Sir 3 Richard= 
Tho: Ireland of of Duks- 
the Hutt, co. bury. 
Lancaster, the = 
relict of ... 

= Eliz: dau. of 
. . . Leighe 
of Lyme, co. 
Chester, son 
of Sir Peter. 


1 i 


Raphe. Gilbert 

Henry. Catherin. 



IHarl. MS. 1437, fo. 73.] 

Omnibus Xpi fidelibus litteris inspecturis vel audituris, Willelmus de Lee, miles, Salutem in Dno. 
Hiis testibus, magistro Radulfo de Tunstall Dno: Willo: villano, Ada Banester, Willo Banester, 
Waltero de Hole, Rado. clerico, et aliis. Dat. apud Mowthesley, anno regni R' Edw. 4*. 
Drawing of a seal of arms, viz: barry of eight and . 

72 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

IHarl. MS. 1437, fo. 73 b, 74.] 

. Quarterly : I. Argent, a chevron sable between three falcons of the last, beaked, legged and belled, or; 

2. Argent, a chevron between three buckets, sable; 3. Or, six annulets, three, two and one, sable; 4. Azure, 

on a bend or, a lion passant in the dexter point, proper. 
A wolfs head erased, or. 

Hugh Worsley of Worsley=. . . dau. of ... Standish 
Mains, co. Lancaster. [ of Standish. 

William Worsley.=. .. dau. of . 
| of Manley. 

. Birkenhed James Worsley. = 

2 John Worsley.== i Richard. = 

i sonne. 

Mill 1 
Humfrey. Otwell Worsley.= 




=Ann, dau. J 1 II 
and heire 2 Richard. = Thomas = John. 

of-- Worsle y- George, s.p. 

Alexander = 
Worsley. | 



Sir Richard Worsley =. . . dau. of 2 John, 
of the Isle of Wight, Sir Henry s.p. 
knt. and baronet. Nevyll of 

Hugh Worsley. = Alice, dau. Ra 
and heire 
of. .. 
Scroope of 

ufeWorsley.=. . . dau. 
of. . . 

Otwell 1 Worsley. =. . . dau. of Edw. 
. . . Evelyn 
of Kingston. 

John, 2. 

Edward Worsley, 
sonne and heire, 
anno 1613. 


Worl. MS. 1437, fo. 75.] 


William Doclinge of Kendall,=. . . dau. of . . . 
co. Westmerland. | Chambers. 

Myles Dodinge of Cony shed, = Margaret, dau. and coheire of 
co. Lancaster. | William Sandes of Conyshed. 

Myles Dodinge of Conyshed, =Ursula, dau. of Christop 
now livinge 1613. j Deyvillof Cokswold,co.l 

I I I 

George Dodinge, Beatrix, Margaret, 

sonne and heire, i daughter. 2 daughter, 

aetat. x. annor. 1613. 

(Signed) My: Doddynge, 1613. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 



\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 76.] 

<Irm. Quarterly of six, viz : I . Sable, fretty argent, over all a label of three points, or; 2. Argent, on a mound vert, a 
stag lodged, proper, attired, or; 3. Argent, a fesse gules, between three popinjays (?) vert, beaked and 
membered, gules, collared ; 4. Argent, a cross flory, sable; 5. Or, on a chief indented azure, three plates; 
6. Argent, two bars sable, on a canton of the last a cinquefoil, or. 

CreSt. A leopard's head, sable. 


Sir Robert Harrington, knt. 

Nicholas Harrington. =. . . dau. and heire of 

I ... Englysh. quere. 

Nicholas Harrington. = Margaret, dau. and 

Icoheire of Tho: 

John Harrington. = 

Nicholas Harrington. = 

Richard Harrington= Hamond Harrington, 

of Huyton, esq., sonne and heire, s.p. 

sonne and heire. 

Percy vail Harrington, = Ann, dau. of Sir Rich: 
esq., sonne and heire. I Norrys, knt. 

John Harrington=Alice, dau. of 
of Huyton hey,co. Tho: Torbock 
Lancaster, esq. of Torbock. 

Percyvall Harrington,=Ursula, dau. and 
esq., sonne and heire. coheire of . . . 

William, 2. 
Henry, 3. 

1 i 1 
John Harryngton= Margaret, dau. of Marye. 
of Huyton, esq., 1 Robert Ireland, 
now living, 1613. | gent. 

sonne and heire, 
setat. 14 annor. 1613. 

' | | 
John, 2. 

Percyvall, 3. 

i daughter. 

2 daughter. 

3 daughter. 


Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


IHarl. MS. 1437, fo. 77-1 

Azure, a chevron between three covered cups, or. 

A horse passant, argent, pellettee sable, crined, argent, furnished or. 
A patten to John Buttler of Kirk-land, 8 of January, 3 d yere of 2 Eliz : 1 560-6 1 

by Larawnce, Dalton. 

Robert Butler=. . . dau. of ... 
of Kirkland. I Catherall. 

William Botiler. *=Margaret, dau. of 
John Rigmaiden 
of Wedacre. 

Thomas Botiler.=Margaret, dau. of 
I John Brokhols (?) 

John Butler=Elizabeth, dau. of 

a daughter. 

of Kirkland, 
second bro- 
ther and 
heire male. 

Thomas Farir 
of Faringdon. 

John Botiler.= Alice, dau. of 
Francis Mascy 
of Laton. 

John Botiler.=Jane, dau. of 

Richard Urmeston 


(Signed) John Butler 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 75 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 78.] 


Robert Plesington=. . . dau. of . . . 

of Dimples. ' | RigmaidenofWediker. 

William Plesington=Grace, dau. of . . . 
of Dymples. | Travis of Netebye. 

Jane, dau. of=Robert Plesington=Jane, dau. of William 
Christopher I of Dymples, now Eccleston of Eccleston/ 
Parker of | living, 1613. first wife, s.p. 

second wife. William Plesington, =Isebell, dau. of Rich: Fal- 

sonne and heire, lowfield of great Strick- 
aetat38annor. 1613. land,co.Westmerland,esq- 


sonne and heire, 
setat. 13 annor. 1613. 

(Signed) Robert Plesyngton. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 79.] 


William Mawdesley=Ellyn, dau. of Rich, 
of Mawdesley. | Ashton of Mawdesley._ 

Thorn: Mawdesley= Margaret, dau. of Tho: 
of Mawdesley. | Lathom of Perbold, esq. 

Richard, 2. 

Robert Mawdesley= 
of Mawdesley, now 
living, 1613. 

=Alice, dau. of Willm, 2. 
Roger Nelson 
of Mawdesley. 

William Mawdesley, 
sonne and heire, setat. 
47 annor. 1613. 

= Margaret, dau. of 
James Ashton of 





Robert Mawdesley, 
sonne and heire, 
aetat. 21 annor. 

! 1 1 
William, 2. 

Thomas, 3. 
John, 4. 

(Signed) Rolf Mawdesley. 

y 6 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

Iffarl. MS. 1437, fo. 79 b.] 
Azure, billety or, on a canton of the last a raven proper. 

Dns Willelmus Blundell 
de Ines. 

Willelmus Blundell 
de Ines._ 

Ricardus Blundell 
de Ines, 1241. 

Willelmus Blundell=Elena, uxor Willelmi 
dns de Ines, 1 1 I Blundel, anno 2 1 
Edw. i. Edw. i. 

Willelmus Blundel,= Johanna, filia Henricus 
9 E. 2. vixit 7 E. 3. Mathei Hai- Blundell, 
ob. s.p. dock, vivens frater et 
40 E. 3. heres, 

=Katherina, filia Johannes Blundell= 
Willelmi filii Ade de Ince, anno 48 
de Leverpole, Ed. 3. 
anno 40 E. 3. 

Willelmus BlundelL 
dns de Ince Blun- 
dell, 5 R. 2. 

Henry Blundell.= 

Nicholaius Blundell,= 
3 H. 4. 

Willelmus Blundell=Alice, dau. of 
de Ince Blundell, Nicholas Blun- 
3 H. 4. dell, 3 H. 4. 

Robertus Blundell,=Elizabetha 
25 H. 6. | Dawne, 

23 H. 6. 

Willelmus Blundell=Johanna, filia 

dns de Innes Blun- 
dell, i Ed. 4. 

Rogeri Ashaw, 
Ed. 4 . 

Rogerus Ashaw. ; 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 77 

i Robertus Blundell,= 
ob. 3 H. 8, Inq. 9 
H. 8. 

filia Rogeri 

2 Thomas Blundell . . . filia . . 

Willelmus Blundell, 
obiit sine exitu mas- 

Jacobus Blundell,=Emma, Jana. Blundell. 
aetat. 8 annor., filia 
ad mortem patris. Ricardi Margareta. ^ ^ 
Bunbury. Gracia. Thomas= 

Willelmus Blundell,=Elizabetha, 
fil. et heres, ob. s.p. filia Willelmi 

Robertus=Ann, dau. of Ricardus Wi 
Blundell. Robert Moli- Blundell. Blu 
neux de la 

Robertus BlundelU 

=Maria, filia 
Massey de 
vivens 1614. 

filius et 
heres, aetat. 
40 annor. 




Ricardus Blundell. 

78 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Hart. MS. 1437, fo. 80.] 

Roger Fazakerley= Eliza, dau. and 
of Fazakerley. I on of y e coheirs 
of James Pem- 
erton of Pem- 

Robert Fazakerley=Margrett, dau. of 

of Fazakerley, co. 


Tho. Eccleston 
of Eccleston. 

Nicholas Fazakerley=Mary, dau. of 

of Fazakerley, co. 

John Moore 
of y< Bank 

Robert Fazakerley =Anne, dau. of 

of Fazakerley, co. 
Lancaster, livinge 
anno 1613. 

Edmond Moly- 
neux of y" Wood 
in Mellenge. 

Nicholas Fazakerley, 
1 1 years of age, anno 

Thomas Fazakerley, 
3 yeres. 


(Signed) Robert Fazakerley. 

Non probavit artna. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 79 

[ffarl. MS. 1437, fo. 80 b.] 


Hamon Massye=. . . dau. of Sir 
of Rixton, co. I Wm. Boothe 
Lancaster, esq. | of Dunham. 

William Massye James Massey=Ann, dau. of Hamon, 

of Rixton, i of Carlton, John Cheyney 2 sonne. 

sonne. 3 sonne. of Wisterton. 


John Massye= 

=Ellyn, dau. of 

Ann, wife to 

of Layton, co. 


Tho. Singleton 
of Stayninge, esq. 

. . . Butler of 

living 1613. 

i Ellyn, dau. and 
coheire, wife to 

2 Alice, dau. and 
coheire, wife to 

Edward Veale 


Tho. Bamber of 

Methop, co. Lan- 

Poulton, co. Lan- 




John Veale, 

1 1 1 
Massy, 2. 

Ill Ml 
Ellyn, i. Ann, 3. 

sonne and 
heire, aetat. 

Edw. 3. 

Julyan, 2. Alice, 4. 

7 annor. 

Francis, 4. 

Dorothy, 6. Frances, 5 


(Signed) Edw. Veall. 

8o Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. 

, 1613. 

armd. Azure, a fe: 
ClTS't. On a mou 

[Hart. MS. 1437, fo. 81.] 
between three demi-lions, rampant, or. 

axe, handle sable, headed or. 

ped at the elbow, erect, vested erminois, holding in the hand, proper, a battle- 

John Cud worth= Margery, dau. and 
of Werneth, co. 


heire of Richard 
Ouldham of Old- 
ham, lord of Owld- 

John Cudworth = 
of Werneth. 

Geffrey Cudworth.= 

John Cudworth=Elyza., dau. of 
of Werneth. I Tho: Chetham 
[ of Nuthurst. 

' Raufe Cudworth. =Agnes, dau. of 

Allexander Leyes 
of Ashton-under- 

Raufe Cudworth=Jane, dau. of 
of Werneth. Arthure Ashton 

of Rochdale, 
co. Lancaster. 

Raufe, John Cudworth = Alice, dau. of 
2 sonne. of Werneth, co. Edmond Hop- 
Lancaster, wood of Hop- 
livinge 1613. wood. 

Margerye, Alice, 
wife to James wife to 
Chetham of Edward 
Nuthurst. Shaklocke 
of Moston. 

1 Ml 
John Cud worth, = Alice, dau. of Raufe, 2. 
sonne and heire, Anthony Mos- ,-. ,, 
aetat 28 annor. ley of Man- 
1613. chester. Samuell, 4. 

setat. unius 
anni 1613. 

1 | 
Theophilus, 5. Elyzabeth, 
wife to 
Robert Par- 
ker, Bridg- 
hall, co. 


(Signed) John Cudworthc 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


,rl. MS. 1437, fo. 82.] 


Thomas Singleton=. . . dau. and 
of Brockhale. 

James Singleton. 


Richard Singleton. 

Thomas Singleton. = 

Robert Singleton. = 

William Singleton. = 

Robert Singleton 
of Brockhall, co. 
Lancaster, now 
livinge, 1613. 

(Signed) Robert SyiigMon. 

8 2 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Harl. UTS. 1437, fo. 83.] 

3rms. Sable, a fess between two chevrons ermine, between the fess and upper chevron a covered cup, or. 

Crest. A pheasant proper. 


Tho: Holden=Agnes, dau. of 
of Holden, Gilbert Langton 
co. Lancas- of the Lawe. 
ter, esq. 

Gilbert Holden=Grace, dau. of Nich: 
of Holden, esq. I Towneley of Royle. 

Raufe Holden=Elyza. dau. and heire of 
of Holden, esq. Rich : Elston of Brokhall. 

Robert Holden=Alice, dau. of Nich: 

of Holden, esq., 
living 1613. 

r of Altham, 

co. Lancaster. 

Raufe Holden,=Marye, dau. of 
sonne and heire, I William Chorley 
aetat. 32 annor. | of Chorley. 

2 sonne. 

Robert Holden, 
sonne and heire, 
aetat. xi annor. 1613. 


(Signed) Ro: Holden. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 83 

\Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 83 b.] 

William Astley of Stakes,=Elyza. dau. of ... 
co. Lancaster. _ | Wrightington. 

George Astley. = Jane, dau. of Sir James 
_ | Stanley, knt 

Thomas Astley of Stakes,=Marye, dau. of Rich. 
now living, 1613. _ | Levesey of Levesey. 

Thomas,=-_Ellyn, dau. of William, Millice 

i sonne. Thorn: Osbaston. 2 sonne. 

Randall, 3. 
Richard, 4. 

(Signed) Tho: Astley. 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 84.] 

Lzure, three spades 

Quarterly: I, 4. Azure, three spades argent, within a bordure, or; 2, 3. Azure, a cross-fleury between four 
martlets argen 

Laurence Ainsworth=Dorothy, dau. of Tho: 
of Plessington. | Grimshaw of Clayton. 

Thomas Ainesworth= Margaret, dau. of 
of Plessington. | . . . Charnles. 

John Ainesworth. =Ann, dau. of ... 

| Bradley of Bethom. 

Thomas Ainesworth,= Dorothy, dau. of John 
died 1613. | Halsted of Rowley. 

i John, 2 Richard Ainesworth. 

of the age of 
4 yeares, 1613. 

(Signed) Oliver Whauley for my M r . John Aiiusworth. 

84 Visitation of Lancasliirc by Richard St. George, 1613. 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 85.] 

Urmtf. Quarterly of 13, viz: I. Argent, a mascle sable between three pellets; 2. Azure, a cross flory, or; 3. Quarterly 
argent and sable, four leopards' heads, counterchanged ; 4. Argent, two bars gules, on a canton argent, a 
rose proper; 5. Argent, a lion rampant, purpure ; 6. Argent, three griffins' (?) heads erased, azure; 7. Argent, 

two bars azure, a bordure ; 8. , a griffin passant, ; 9. Argent, on a bend azure, three stags' 

heads caboshed, or, over all a bendlet sinister, ; lo. Sable, fretty argent, over all a label of three points, 

or; II. Argent, a fesse engrailed between three crosses pattee fichee, sable, a bordure, ; 12. Argent, a 

chevron gules, between three leopards' heads, sable; 13. Gules, three cinquefoils argent. 

CrCJft. A stag's head couped, per pale argent and sable, guttee counterchanged, attired, or. 


Sir Allexander Osbaldston=Ann, dau. of Sir Rich, 
of Osbaldston, knt. I Sowthworth of Sames- 

| bury, knt. 

John Osbaldston=Margaret, dau. of the lo: 
of Osbaldston, I Strange, sonne and heire to 
esq. | Tho: first Earle of Derbye. 

Edward Osbaldston=Mawde, dau. and coheir of Sir 
of Osbaldston, esq. | Tho: Halsall of Halsall, knt. 

John Osbaldston=Ellyn, dau. and coheire of 
of Osbaldston, I John Bradley of Bradley, 
_esq. | esq. 

Thomas, 2. Edw: Osbaldston = 

. , .. of Osbaldston, 
^bastian, 3. ^ nQw ^ 

=Mary, dau. and sole Richard,= Margaret, dau. of Mary, wife of 
heire of Francis 5 sonne. . . . Walmesley of ... Eccleston 
Farrington of Hut- Fishwick. of Eccleston, 

John, 4. 1613. 

ton, esq. esq. 

1 1 1 
lohn Osbaldston, Allexander, 2. 

Cutbert, 4. Ann, i. Ann . 

wife to 

jj^sr* Francis ' 3 - 

Robert, 5. Mawde, 2. \rfck, and 


to ... 




o . . . 


(Signed) Edward Osbaldeston. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 86. J 


Sciant presentes et futuri quod ego Hugo filius Elsi de Osbaldeston, dedi, etc., Galfrido filio Swaini: 
terras in Osbaldeston. Sine dato. 

Drawing of a seal, a knight in chain mail, riding to the left, bearing a shield of arms, apparently i 
mascle between three plates (?) 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 85 


IHarl. MS. 1437, fo. 87.] 

Willelmus de Lancastria dilecto sibi domino Willelmo persona de Garsteine, salutem et sinceram 
dilectionem, vobis mando quod faciatis homagium nostrum et servitium nostrum Gilberto de 
Gastang, clerico meo, de tota terra nostra de Nateby quia terra ilia pertinet ad terram illam 
quam ei dedi in Scotford pro homagio et servitio suo ; in hujus rei Testimonium literas meas 
,patentes vobis mitto, valete. 


Laurentius filius Laurencii Travers. 

Laurentius Travers= 
of Nateby. 

Laurentius Travers, 
29 Ed. i. 

Thomas Travers,=Isabella. 

29 Ed. i. 

Laurentius Travers=.Alina [Alicia?], 
de Nateby. | filia Gilberti 


Rogerus Travers. = Alicia, filia 
' Laurentii 
Thorton, ac 
ejus heres. 

Thomas Travers,=Margareta, filia 
4 H. 4. Johannis Brochols, 

4 H. 4- 

Laurentius Travers, =Pretiosa, fil 

12 H. 6. 

militis, I2H. 6. 

Robert Travers,=Katherine, dau.' 

H. 6. 

of... Ratcliff 
of Cliderow, esq., 
21 H. 6. 

86 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

Richard Travers. = Elizabeth, dau. of 
' Henry Kighley, 
knt, i8H. 7. 

William Travers.=Margaret, dau. 
| of Lawrence 
Preston of 

William Travers.=Dorothy, dau. of 
Tho: Preston of 
Preston, co. 

Richard Travers. =Grace, dau. of 
Richard Rid- 
man of Har- 
wod Castell, 

William Travers,=Agnes, dau. of 
Tho. Lathum 
of Parbold. 

i ii II II 

Richard Travers, Edward. Isabel, Elin. Elinoi 

of the age of 23, wmiam mariecl to DorQthy 

' 3 ' Wall 

(Signed) William Travers. 

Drawings of two seals of arms, viz: I. a chevron between three escallops j z. a chevron 

between three boars' heads couped. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 87 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 87 b, 88.] 

Quarterly : I, 4. Argent, a griffin segreant, wings displayed, gules, a bordure sable, bezantee; 2. Argent, : 
chevron between three cramp-irons, gules; 3. Gules, a cross or. 

roved, and confirmed under the hand of Sir Henry St. George, knt. . 

. A demi-griffin gules, charged with 
This discent and arraes is allowed, 
Norroy King of Armes. 

. . . Chatham: 
of Nuthurst, 
co. Lancaster. 

. . . Chatham 
of Nuthurst, 
co. Lancaster, 
son and heire. 

Edw: Chetham,: 
2 sonne. 

James Chetham,= 
sonne and heire. 

Henry Chetham,= 
sonne and heire. ' 

Isabell, dau.= 
of Geo. Hol- 
land, first 

=James Chetham=Isabell, 
of Crompshall, 2. 
co. Lancaster, 
i son. 

2 Humfr. Chetham 
of Clayton, co. Lan- 
caster, High Sheriff 

2 sonne. 

Geo: Chetham= 
of London, 
Merchant, i 

=Eliz. dau. of Jane, Isabell. 
Hen. John- wife to 
son of Man- Richard 
Chester. Kay. 



Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, Co. 89.] 

3 fins'. Azure, on a bend argent, three mullets pierced, gules. 

Cutbert Clifton Willm Clifton=Isabell, dau. of ... 

of Clifton. of Westby. | Thornburgh of Hampsfold. 

Tho: Clifton=Ellyn, dau. of Sir Allex: 
of Westby. | Osbaldeston, knt. 

Cutbert Clifton=Katherine, dau. of Sir Rich: 
____ of Westby. | Houghton of Houghton, knt. 

Jarvys. John. Thomas Clifton.=Mary, dau. of Edw: Norris Ellen. 

Cutbert. William. | ^g^** 6 ' SJSter tO Sir Eliz. 

Dorothy, sister of Sir= Cutbert Clifton=Ann, dau. of Tho: 

Francis Smith of of Westby, anno ' Tildesley of Ann. 

Wotton, co. Warw. 1613. ' Morley, esq. 

Thomas, Cutbert. Elizabeth. 

9 yers old, 1613. 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 89 b.] 


John Hawardin=. . . the dau. of ... Apple- 
of Appleton in I ton of Fenilstreate, co. 
Lancashier. Lancaster. 


Hawardin. = 

=Elizabeth, dau. of Tho. Ann, wife of 
Grise of Warrington, co. Gabriel Roberts. 

Margareta, wife of 
William Barlow of 

i John Hawardin, 
maried the dau. of 
John Linacre. 

2 Frauncis H 
of Boughton, 
dau. of John 
of the Ridg. 


1 1 1 1 1 
3 Savage. 

4 William. 
5 Edward. 
6 Richard. 

i Prudence, 4 Christian, wife of 
maried to Brian . . . Culcheth. 
Leigh of Sutton. Ann ^ 

wife of Edw. Fox. 

Frauncis Hawarden, ., , ane y a 

of the aee of o Thomas, by a 3 Mary, wife of second wife, 

second wife. Richard Watmough. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 89 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. go.] 

Slrmfi. Per pale nebulee and , six martlets [counterchanged] in chief a crescent for difference. 

CrrSt. A wolf passant reguardant, argent, charged with a crescent. 

Henry Fletewood= 
of Little Plomp- 
ton, co. Lancas 

Edmond Fletewood=Elyza. dau. of 

of Heskin, co. Lan- 
caster, sonne and 

. . . Holand of 
Down Holand, 
co. Lancaster. 

William Fletewood=Ellyn, dau. of 

of Heskyn. 

Robert Standish, 
a yonger brother 
of Standish. 

Thomas Fletewood = Barbara, cossen and 
of Ache, co. Buck., | heire to Andrew 

Frances of London. 

John Fletewood, 
sonne and heire. 

Edm: FletewoodElyza. dau. of 

Sir William, 2. 

of Roshall, sonne 
and heire, now 

John Cheynye 
of Chessam- 

Sir George, 4. 

living, 1613. 

boys, co. Buck. 

Edward, 5. 

Henry, 6. 


1 MM 
Pawle Fletewood,=Jane, dau. of Edmond, 2. 

Brigget, wife to 

3 Ann, wife to 

sonne and heire, 

Richard Arg 


Richard Burgh 

Robert Butler 

aetat. 37 annor. 

of Kent. 

Robert, 3. 

of Laborick. 

of Raclyff. 



Edward, 4 . 

2 Elyzabeth, 

Barbara, wife to 

Edmond, Elyza'beth, Marye, Francis, 5. 
sonne and heire, i daughter. 2 daughter. 
aetat. 5 annor. 1613. 

wife to Sir 
George Phil- 
pot of Hamp- 

Richard New- 
sam of Plomp- 

(Signed) Pa: Fletewood. 

90 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Hart. MS. 1437, fo. 91.] 

nquefoils of the field ; 2. Argent, on a chief 

Quarterly: I, 4. Argent, on a chevron engrailed azure, 

indented, gules, three crosses boutonne fichee of the field; 3. Or," three garbs, ver 
martlet sable, holding in the beak a stalk of wheat, leaved vert, with three ears of gold. 
A patten geven to John Westby of Westby in co. York, 20 of May 2 yere of Q. Eliz: 1560. 
By Parawance Dalton [sic]. 

William Westby = 
of Westby, co, 

John Westby. = Ellyn, dau. of 
I ... Kirkby of 

William Westby=. . . the dau. of 

of Westby. 

. . Rigmanden 
of Widacre. 

John Westby=Ann, dau. of 

of Westby. 

Sir Richard 
Molineux of 
Sefton, widow 
of Tho. Dalton, 
third wife. 

Thomas Westby= 
of Mouldbury, 

= Perpetua, dau. of 
Edward Norrisse 
of Speake. 

1 1 
Mary, wife of Ellin, 
Thomas Hes- maried to 
keth, sonn and Robert 
heire of Hugh Molineux 
Hesketh of of the 
the Merles. Wod. 

John, Thomas. 
of the age of 
5 yeares. 

Edward. Margaret. 

(Signed) Thomas Westbye. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


Memorand' that this Charles Holt of Whitwell could not prove himselfe descended out of the house 
of Stubley, for his father was never accoumpted but a yeaman untyll this Charles maried with 
Marye, the dau. and coheire of Holt of Stubley, and therefore there is noe coate due unto him. 


Charles Holt=Marye, dau. and 

of Whitwall 

coheire of ... 
Holt of Stubley. 

=John Holt,= Dorothy, dau. of 

i wife, 


sonne and 
heire, now 
of Stubley, 
living 1613. 

Nich. Banester 
of Altham, co. 

Robert Holt, 
sonne and heire, 
aetat. 1 1 annor. 

Charles, Marye, 
2 sonn. i daughter. 

2 daughter. 

Memorand' that Charles Holt of Whitwell, who maried Mary, the da: and coheire of Holt of Stubley, 
could not prove himself to be descended out of the house of Stubley as he pretendeth, for his 
father and auncestors before were alwayes reputed yeamen untyll this match with Charles and 
Mary, since which tyme they usurpe the coat of Holt of Stubley without any right at all, and 
in dede at this daye they have noe coat at all and are but yeamen. 

92 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

\Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 93.] 
. Argent, two bars gules, on a canton of the last, a cross moline, or. 

Sir Richard Kirkby, knt. 


Roger Kirkby.== Richard, i Rowland Kirkby.=Margaret 

without issue. 

2 John Kirkby. =Katherine. 

Richard Kirkby.= 

j j 1 2 John Kirkby. =Katr 

Alexander, Thomas, Roger Kirkby. 

T 3 Rowland.= 



4 Henry Kirkby. = 


Agnes, dau. of=Heniy Kirkby. 

Richard Kirk- I 


T Rowland Kirkby, 

Roger Kirkby,= Margareta, filia Mary, sa femme, 
Johannis Pres- 32 H. 8, mortua. 

William' Kirkby. 

aetat. 95. 





Kirkby.=Brigit, latus [sic. 


Roger Kirkby==Jane, dau. of 

of Kirkbye, 
living 1613. 

Edw. Rigby 
of Burgh. 

Roger Kirkbye [sic.] 
tilius et heres, aetat. 
12 annor. 1613. 

Alice, Margaret, 

daughter. 2 daughter. 

Anthony. Ralfe. 



(Signed) Roger Kyrkeby. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George ', 1613. 93 


\flarl MS. 1437, fo. 94.] 

SlrmS. Quarterly: I, 4. Ermine, on a canton azure, a falcon volant, or; 2, 3. Sable, three swans, argent, 

CreSt. A horse's head erased, erminois. 


. . . Crosse.=. . . dau. and coheire 
I of Roger Walton, 
juxta Leverpole, of 
I Walton. 

. . . Garston=. . . dau. and 
of ... I sole heire of 

... Crosse. 

John Breres= 
of Chorley, 
co. Lancas- 

=. . . dau. and 
heir of ... 
Garston of 
Walton, juxta 

of Walton. 

Breres = 

Henrye Breres,= 
2 sonne. 

Alexander Breres, 
sonn and heire. 

=Ellyn, dau. of 
Tho: Gellybrand 
of Chorley. 

Henrye Breres Thomas Breres John Bren 
of Preston, of Bolton, of Marton, 
i sonne. 2 sonne. 3 sonne. 

dau. of Tho. 
Shawe of 

Edmond Breres= 
councillor of 

=Elyza. dau. 
of Thomas 
generall of 
the County 
of Lancas- 
ter, esq. 

i Allexander Breres, 

2 Thomas. 

3 Edward. 
4 Tyldesley. 

a daughter. 

Thomas, Ann, 
i sonne, a daughter, 
aetat. i 
yeare et 

(Signed) Edm: Breres. 

94 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 95.] 

S. Argent, a lion passant sable, a chief of the last 

a chapeau, gules, turned up, erminois, a demi-lion of the last 


try Rishton. . . dau. of . . . 

'-'- Sherborne of 


co. Lancaster. 

Nicholas Rishton. =. . . dau. of ... 
' Ratclyife of 
Ratclyff Tower. 


dau. and coheire, 
2tat. n annor. 1613. 

Richard Rishton. =Ann, dau. of Sir 
I John Talbot of 
Salesburye, knt. 

Allexander Rishton=Ellyn, dau. of 
of Donkenhalgh. Edw: Mercer, 
of Hanvood. 

Rich: Rishton==Elyza. dau. of 

of Sparth, co. 


gent., living 


John Greenhaugh 
of Brandlesholme, 

2 dau. and coheire, 
aetat. 7 annor. 1613. 


3 dau. and coheire, 
astat. 5 annor. 1613. 


4 dau. and coheire, 
setat. z annor. 1613. 

(Signed) Richard Rish 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[ffarl. MS. ,437, fo. 96.] 


John Breres =. . . dau. and heire 
' of . . . Garston of 

of Chorley, 
co. Lancas- 


Walton, juxta 

Lawrance Breres = 
of Walton, 
i sonne. 

Henrye Breres=. . . dau. o 
of Chorley, 1 ... Bowlin 
2 sonne. of Chorley 

Allexander Breres = 
of Chorley. 


=Ellyn, dau. of The 
Gellybrand of 

Roger Breres =. . . dau. of . . 
of Walton. 1 Harington of 

Andrew Breres, = 
2 sonne de 
Insula Vectis. 

1 1 III II 
Lawrance Breres=. . . dau. of . . . William Breres, Rich. 2. Henry Breres 2 Thomas, 
of Walton. Molineux of i sonne. T , of Preston, T , 

Hawldev J 3 ' i sonne 3 J 
Hawkley. i sonne. , M 

Edmond Breres. = Ely z. dau. of 
Tho. Tyldes- 
ley, esq. 

sonne and heire, 
2 annor. 1613. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 96 b.] 

- Quarterly: I, 4. Argent, a chevron between three wreaths, gules ; 2, 3. Argent, three bars, sable. 

- Out of the clouds, proper, a demi-angel with wings expanded, vested argent, face and hands proper, hair an< 

wings, or. 

A patten graunted Tho. Ashton esquier of Croston in Laylande Hundred, in co. Lane, by Will: Flower, Norroy 
anno 1588, 30 yere of the Queene. 

Thomas Ashton=Alice, dau. and 
of Crofton, co. coheire of Sir 
Lancaster. William Lee. 

96 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[.Harl. MS. 7437, fo. 97.] 

3rntp. Ermine, three escallops, gules. 
Crefit. A woll's head couped, erminois. 

John Dewhurst=. . . dau. of . . . 

Lancaster, gent. 

Ushenvood of 
Sharrock hey, 
co. Lancaster. 

William Dewhurst=Elyza. dau. of 

of Dewhurst. 

. . . Aspenhall 
of Standon, co. 

John Dewhurst=Grace, dau. and 

of Dewhurst, 
now living, 

heire of Henry 
Boys of Boys, 
co. Lancaster. 

Ann 3, 



William Dewhurst,=Ellyn, dau. of 

sonne and heire, 
aetat. 26 annor. 

Tho: Sowth- 
worth of 
co. Lancaster, 

i Elyn, 
wife to 
of Craven, 
co. Ebor. 

John Dewhurst, 
filius et heres, 
retat. 3 annor. 

i daughter. 

2 daughter. 

2 Marye, 
wife to 
of High- 
feild, co. 
Lancaster, esq. 

(Signed) William Dewhurste. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[Harl. MS. 1437, f. 98.] 

Urmtf. Gules, a cross engrailed between four fleurs-de-lis, argent. 

Crefit. A wolf passant, proper. 


Simon de Hashurste= 
dedit Roberto filio 
suo terras in Dalton, 
sine data. 

Adam de Asshurst,: 
miles, anno 10 Ed. 
3, in anno 14 et 40 
Ed. 3. 

9 Ri. 2. 

de Asshurst, = 

3 Johannes 2 Galfridus Rogerus^Matildis, 

de Asshurst, Asshurst, 19 de Ass- 
19 Ri. 2. Ri. 2. hurst,i9 

Ri. 2. 

nis de 

Robertus=Elena,= Radus 
15 H. Ander- 
6. ton, 15 

H. 6. 

8H. 5. 


de As 
hurst, 15 
H. 6. 

Dalton, dau. 
of Roger 
17 H. 6. 

Testibus, Domino Roberto de Lathum. 

Henricus Schelmeresdale molendinarius 
concessit Ricardo filio Roberti de Asshurst, 
terras in Schelmersdale, 1299, T. Domino 
Roberto de Holand, Roberto filio suo. 

Johannes le Harpur de Dalton, dedit 
domino Ade de Asshurst, militi, placeam 
terras in Dalton, anno 1335, 10 of Ed. 3. 

Henricus de Asshurst, capellanus, remisit 
Johanni, filio Ade de Asshurst, militis, cla- 
mium quod habuit in villa de Dalton. Testi- 
bus, domino WillelmoAtherton, militi, domino 
Ricardo de Terboc, militi, anno 9 Ri. 2. 

Indentura facta inter Hugonem de Ines 
ex una parte et Johannem de Asshurst ex 
altera, quod Rogerus filius Johannis predict! 
.sponsabit Matildam filiam predicti Hugonis, 
19 Ri. 2. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

Robertus de Asshurst,=Margaret 

filius et heres Johannis 
de Asshurst, 38 H. 6. 


Johannes filius Roberti= 
de Asshurst, anno 6. 
H. 7. 


filius Jo- 
hannis de 
8H. 8. 


William Asshurst.=Cecily, 
. ,. 
dau. of 

Sciant presentes etc. me Robertum filium 
Rogeri de Asshurst relaxasse Matilde que 
fuit uxor Rogeri de Asshurste, matri meae, 
dat. anno 8 H. 5, apud Asshurst in Dalton. 

Hoc billa Indentata etc. quod Johannes del 
Asshurst, filius et heres Roberti de Asshurste 
assignavit Elenae, matri suse, que fuit ux. 
predict! Roberti jam ux. Radulfi de Anderton, 
15 H. 6. 

William Asshurst,=Margaret, 

esq., 1613. 

dau. of 

Henry Asshurst,= 
of the age of 
30, 1613. 

1 1 
=Cassandra, Richard. Anne, 
dau. of John wife of 
Bradshaw of William 
Bradshaw, Elston. 

William, 2 John. Jane, 
of the age 
of 6, 1613. 



Indenture betwene Richard Dalton and 
John the sonn of Robert Asshurst, that the 
said John shal wed the da: of Roger Dalton, 
17 H. 6. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 99 


[/far/. MS. 1437, f". 98 b, 99.] 

armS. Argent, a fess sable, in chief three mullets of the field ; in fess point a mullet for difference, impaling. Argent, 
a chevron between three crosses, pattee, fitchee, gules, within a bordure of the last, semee of similar crosses, 

CreSt. On a perch, or, a hawk close proper, beaked and belled of the first, round the perch a ribbon, gules. 


2 Francis Towneley 
of Littleton, co. 
Midd, mar. Catherine 
y e yonger dau. of Sir 
Tho: Forster, a judge 
of y e Comon Pleas. 

Nicholas Townley=Letice Shuttleworth, 
descended of a 

yonger brother of 
Townley of Town- 

dau. and heire of ... 
Shuttleworth, and 
wyddowe of ... 
Ashton of Chaderton. 

Richard Towneley =Margaret, dau. and 

of Shuttleworth. 

heire of ... Clark 
of Royle. 

Nich: Townley=Ann, dau. of Sir 
of Royle. Hugh Vaughan, 


Edmo: Towneley=Catheryne, dau. of 

of Royle. 

Rich: Curzon of 
Waterpery, co. 

i Nicho: Townley=Isabell, dau. and heire of 

of Royle, now 
living, 1613. 

JohnWoodrurTe of Bank- 
top in Burnley. 

5 annor. 1613. 

ioo Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

iFrancess, John =2 Mary, 3 Honor, 

Townley Townley Townley, Townley Townley first marr. Witby firstmar. uxor Tho: 

of Clem- of Thorp, merchant of Little- of Moul- to Robert ofLon- to Robt. Sturmy, 

ents Inn, in Surrey, of Ham- ton, marr. seyinSur- Poole of don, Dobbs, attorney 

marr.Sara mar. Bar- borow, Joane, rey, dark Chesh : second clerk of of the 

Combs of bara, dau. mar. Ann, dau. and of the after of hus- y e Petty King's 

Gloucsh. of Cap- dau. of. . . coh. of Sighes, . . . Sefton. band. Bagg. Bench. 

taine Elborow, Willm: marr. 

French of D r in De- White of Mary 

Streame vinity. Nordeam Kymbole. 

in Sussex. in Sussex. 


i Nicholas Townley 2 Francis, 3 William, Charles, 

of y e Inner Temple, a Hamborow a grocer in T , 

barrister, 1666. merchant. Westminster. J 


(Signed) Richard Rigbie, servant to Nycholas Towndey of Royk. 


[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. too.] 

William Cottam 
of Dyllworth, co. 

Lawrance Cottam=Ann, dau. of ... 
of Tarnaker, co. Brewerth of Brin- 
Lancaster. | die, co. Lancaster. 

John Cottam of Tarnaker,=Catheryne, dau. of. 
co. Lancaster, now living, I Dove of Burtwood 
1613. | in Essex; 


Precilla, wife to Tho.= 

Walton of Walton in 

le Dale, co. Lancaster. 

William Walton. 2 John. 3 James. Ann. 

(Signed) John Cottom. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


{Harl. MS. 1437, Co. icob.J 

&rm. Argent, three mole hills, vert. 

Rich: Tyldesley, 
lord of Tyldesley, 
co. Lancaster, 
anno x. Ed. i. 

Thomas Tyldesley. 

Thurstan Tyldesley.=Margaret, dau. 
ind heire of 
Jordan Worsley 
of Wardley, esq. 

Tho: Tyldesley, 
serjeant at Lawe 
to King H. 4, 

Hugh Tyldesley, = 
2 sonne. 

Thurstan Tyldesley. = 
Thomas Tyldesley. = 

Thurstan Tyldesley. =. . . dau. of 
I Sir Edm: 

Thomas Tyldesley. =. . . dau. of 
Ratdyff of 

Thurstan Tyldesley. =Parnell, dau. of 
Geffrey Shaker- 
ley, of Shaker- 
ley, esq. 

io2 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

Thomas Tyldesley.=Jane, dau. and 
heire of Rich: 

Thurstan Tyldesley.=Margaret, dau. of 
Sir Willm Norriss 
of Speake, knt. 

Thomas Tyldesley=Ann, dau. and 

of ... esq., attour- 
ney generall in y e 
Countye of Lane., 
jam superstes, 1613. 

sole heire of 
Thomas Norrys 
of Ordford, co. 
Lancaster, esq. 

Thomas. Richard. Edward. 

Breres of 
co. Lancas- 


Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 103 


\flarl. MS. 1437, fo. .01.] 

'BrinS. Quarterly: 1,4. Gules, three cinquefoils, argent ; 2. Argent, a chevron, gules, between three leopards' heads, 

sable, in chief a mullet; 3. a cross raguly gules, in dexter chief a mullet. 
(IrCjSt. A wivern without wings, tail extended, vert, charged with a mullet, or. 

Charles Farrington . 

of Farrington, a 
third brother out of 
the house of Far- 
rington. =Y 

Rich: Farrington=Eliza. dau. 
of Hutton grange, j of Thomas 
co. Lancaster. Brotherton. 

Hugh Farrington= Margaret, dau. 

of Ribbleton, co. 

and coheir of 
Robert Law- 
ranee of 

Rich: Farrington=Ellen, dau. of 

of Ribbleton, 
anno i of Q. 


James Sowth- 
worth of ... 

Hugh Farrington= Ellen, dau. of 

of Ribbleton, 
filius et heres, 
jam superstes, 

Richard Tom- 
lynson of 

I | | 
Charles Farrington, 2 John, Jane, 
filius et heres, setat. 8 years old, i daughter. 
15 annor. 1613. 

2 daughter. 

(Signed) by me Hughe Farrington. 

104 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


\Harl. MS, 1437, fo. 101 b.] 

9rm5. Argent, on a bend sable, three crosses boutonne'e of the field. 

CrCJat. A lapwing, proper. 


Roger Charnock = . . . base dau. of 
of Charnock. I ... Ashton of 

Rich: Charnock=Isabell, dau. of 

of Nich: Clayton 

of Leyland. 

William Charnock=Elyza. dau. and 

of Leyland. 

sole heire of 
Robert Cans- 
feild of Cans- 

Tho: Charnock = Cyceley, dau. and 
of Leyland. coheire of Piers 

Farrington of 
| Little Farrington. 

William Charnock=Elyza. dau. of Peter, 2. 

of Leyland. I Roger Charnock 

of Wellingborough, 

co. Northpt. 

Roger Charnocke=Anne, dau. of 

of Leyland, co. 

Robert Man- 

Lancaster, now 

ley of Brough- 

living, 1613. 

ton, co. 


William Charnock, Susan, 


films et heres, a;tat. i daughter. 

2 daughter 

4 annor. 1613. 

(Signed) Roger Chenwck. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 105 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 102.] 

Sir mj$. Argent, a lion rampant, gules, between three trefoils slipped, vert. 
Cretft __ A lion's paw, gules, holding a cluster of six trefoils slipped, vert. 

Noe proof made either for the Armes or Creast, but espetially for the Creast, igitur quere. 



Gyles Levesey= 

of Levesey, co. | Talbot of Sales- 

[ burye. 

Richard Levesey.=Ellyn, dau. of ... 
I Lister of Thornton 
I in Craven, co. Ebor. 

John Levesey.=Jennet, dau. and 
coheire of John 

James Levesey=Alice, dau. of James Mary, wife to 
of Levesey, Bradshawe of Darcy Tho: Parker 

sonne and heire, Lever. of Loveley. 

living 1613. 

(Signed) James Levesey. 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. i3.] 

Thomas Ireland=Margaret, dau. of 
of the Hut, co. Sir Richard Bould 
Lancaster, esq. | of Bold, knt. 

George Ireland=Elyza. dau. and heire to 
of the Hut, esq. ! Raufe Birkenhed, esq., 
I Lo. of Crowton. 

John Ireland=Catheryne, dau. and 
of the Hut, coheire of Peter Lei- 
esq., living cester of Tabley. 

Gilbert Ireland = 
of Crowton, 
second sonne 
and heire to his 

=Barbara, dau. of 
Geo. Leghe of 
Highlegh, esq. 

1 1 
George, 3. 

Thomas, 4 

John Ireland, 
sonne and heire, 
setat. 12 annor. 

Ill 1 1 
Thomas, 2. Adam, 5. Catheryne. 

Peter, 3. 
George, 4. 

(Signed) Gilberte Irelaunde. 

io6 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


[#/. .MS. 1437, fo. 104.] 

, on a chief indented , three plates, in base a mullet 

" The Creast an eagle and child with a three difference." 

Sir Robert Latham, knt., 
Lo. of Latham and 
Knowsley, gave unto 
Tho: Latham his brother, 
Mosborough and other 
lands in Raynsforth, 
anno 20 Edw. I. 

Thomas Latham 
of Mosborough, 
anno 20 Ed. I. 

Richard Latham, 
anno 19 Ed. 2. 

Thomas Latham, 
anno 36 Ed. 3. 

John Latham,= 
obiit ante 

John Latham,= 
i Hen. 4, 
slayne by Allen 
anno 16 Hen. 

John Latham,= 
obiit 14 Ed. 4. I 

Henry Latham,=Elyza. dau. and 
anno 3 Ed. 4. | coheir of ... 

Eves of Byllinge. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


John Latham,= 
living 15 Hen. 
7, and 33 
Hen. 8. 

William Latham, 
obiit ante patrem. 

wife to 

John Latham,=Elyza. dau. 
obiit the last of I Raufe EccL 


Quene Marye. I of Eccleston. 

Elyza. dau. of= Henry Latham,=Margaret, dau. of 

. . . Fogg, 
2 wife. 

of Mosborough, Raufe Sutton of 
now living, Rishton Spenser, 
1613. co. Staff, i wife. 

ret, 2 

Henrye Latham,= 
sonn and heire. 

=Frances, dau. of 
Ri: Molineux, a 
yonger brother 
of the house 
of Sephton. 

1 1 1 1 
John, 2. 

Thomas, 3. 
William, 4. 
George, 5. 

I | | 
Thomas, filius et heres, i Mary. 3 
aetat. 3 quarters of a . 
yeare 1613. 


io8 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 105.] 

njJ. Argent, three sparrow-hawks, close, gules. 
Gilbert Haydok,=Isabel, dau. of 

10 Hen. 5, of 

Sir William 
TO Hen. 5.. 

Richard Haidok,^ Elinor, dau. of 
33 Hen. 6. | Sir William 

Ash ton, lent., of 
. . . Croston. 

Indenture of mariage 
betwene Gilbert Haidok 
of Cottom and Sir'Wil- 
liam Hoghton, bearing 
the same date. 

33 H. 6, betwene them. 

William Haidok,= 
20 of Ed. 4. 

Gilbert 'Haidok,= 
the ixth of Hen. 
the yth. 

=Joane, dau. of 
William Heton, 
20 of Ed. 4. 

=Alice, dau. of 
Robert Clifton, 
ix Hen. 7. 

Indenture of mariag 
proving the sonne, bear- 
ing the same date. 

Indenture of mariag 
bearing the same date. 

William Haydok.=Fraunces, dau. of 

! William Browne 
of Ribleton. 

Ewan Haydok of=Ellyn, dau. of 
Cottom, 38 of I William Westby 
Hen. 8. of Molbrick, esq., 

I 38 of Hen. 8. 

Indenture bearing the 
same date. 

William Haydok,= 

= Briget, dau. of 
Sir Richard Hogh- 
ton of Hoghton, 

Ewan Haydok, 
of the age of 30. 

George. Elizabeth, 

RirWH maried to 
Richard. Roger Shir 

born of Wol 

maried to 
Tho. Adam- 
son of 

maried to 
James Crane 
of Polton. 

I | 
wife to 


(Signed) William Haydok. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 109 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 106.] 

. Quarterly : I, 4. Argent, a lion rampant, vert, a crescent for difference ; 2, 3. Vert, an eagle displayed, argent. 

Robert Sherborne,=. . . dau. of 
of Stonnyhurst. I ... Stanley. 

Robert Sherborn,=. . . dau. of 
of Stonnyhurst. . . . Hamerton. 

Robert Sherborn,=Jane, dau. of 
of Stonnyhurst. Sir Richard Rat- 
cliffe of Wimerley. 

Sir Rich: Sherborn, =Jane, dau. of Sir 
knt., maried. Ralffe Langton 
of Walton, knt. 

Hughe Sherborn=Ann, dau. of Sir 
of Stony. I Thomas Talbott 
I of Bashall. 

Thomas Sherborn,= Jane, dau. of Sir 
maried. I John Townley of 
I Townley, knt 

Sir Rich: Sherborn, 
sonn and heir. 

John Sherborn r=Catheren, dau. and 

of Ribleton, 
2 sonne. 

coheire of Ewan 
Brown, and wid- 
dowe to Elston. 

Tho: Sherborn,=Jane, dau. of 
sonn of John. | . . . Parker of 
in com. Ebor. 

j uiin onenjorn- 
of Ribleton, 

=jane, aau. 01 
George Dudall 

sonne and heir, 

of Saxelby. 

living in anno 


Henry Sherborn, Thomas, 2. Richard, 5. Catheren, i. 
filius et heres, T , 

setat. 12 annor. J n > 3- 

Grace, 2. 

1613. Robert, 4. 

Holcroft, 3 


(Signed) John 


1 10 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. io 7 b, 108.] 

lies, an inescutcheon within an orb of martletts, argent. 
These are ye Auntieut Armes of Chadwick of Helye, &c., 

Lane. Wm. Segar, Norroy. 

John Chadwick of Chadwick 
and of Healey hall, in com. 
Lane., eldest sonne of Sir 
John of Chadwick, knt, 
buryed in Stepney church. 



John Chadwick of 

Richard Chadwick, 

Heley hall, in com. 
Lancaster, eldest 

It appeareth by a testification under the hand of William Segar, 
Norroy King of Armes, that this Coate of Armes hath auntiently 

younger sonne. 

sonne of John 

belonged unto the auntient family of the Chadwicks of Chadwick 


and Heley Hall, in com. Lane., and the same coate of armes doth 


Jordan Chadwick, 
who by reason of a 

rightfully belonge unto James Chadwick of the Inner Temple, Lon- 
don, Esq., sonne of John Chadwick, deceased, the eldest legitimate 
sonne and heire of Jordan Chadwick, deceased, which Jordan was 
the lawful! heire of Chadwick hall and Helye hall in com. Lane, and 

who after his cosen 
Jordanes death in 
France, became 

quarrell or feud left 

of all the lands thereunto belonging, as appeareth by severall Records, 

possessed of the 

his estate in Lan- 
cashire and dyed 
in France. 

Inquisitions and other testimonies and recognicons. And it also ap- 
peareth in like manner that the said Jordan Chadwick by reason of 
a quarrell and feude was inforced to departe out of Lancashire, and 
sent his sonne John into Nottinghamshire to his cossen Anslawes and 

auntient lands of 
Heyley hall as the 
next knowne heire 


left him in that Towne in trust to be brought up by one of his owne 

to his kinesman. 

John Chadwick, 

name, as his childe, and the saide Jordan haveing thus disposed of 


whom his father sent 
to be brought up in 

James Chadwick of 
the Inner Temple, 
London, esq., one 

his sonne, went himselfe into France where he dyed, and it further 
appeareth as well by a sentence made by the Right Ho bl < the Lo. 
Maltravers, Lo. Lieut, to his father the Earle Marshall of England 
against one Anthony Jauncye at the suite of the saide James Chad- 
wicke, as also by the kings Letters Patents under the greate scale of 
Ireland, that the said James Chadwick is one of the kings Councell 
at Lawe, within the kingdome of Ireland and one of his ma liel Justi- 
ces of Peace throughout the same kingdome, and (by his ma"" spe- 
ciall graunt) one of his ma' 1 " Justices of Assise and Gaole deliverye 

John Chadwick, 
Doctor in Divinity, 
Chaplayne to king 
James and king 
Charles and pre- 
bend of Woodbo- 

of the king's Coun- 
cell at Lawe, and 
Justice of the Peace 

in the said kingdom of Ireland, which said James Chadwick hath 
issue, John his eldest sonne, James his 2 sonne, Daniell his 3 sonne, 
and Samuell his youngest sonne. 
Haveing seene a testificacon under the hand of William Segar, 

rowe, who (for terme 
of his life) gave the 
profitts of the same 

throughout theking- 
dom of Ireland, and 

Norroy, that the armes here depicted are the proper armes belonging 
to the familye of the Chadwicks of Helye Hall in com. Lane: and 

prebend to his cosen 
James Chadwick 

one of the Judges 
of Assize in the 

findeing by severall inquisitions taken upon Oath, that John Chad- 
wick the father of James Chadwick of the Inner Temple, esquire, is 
the heire male of that familye, I doe hereby affirme and testifye the 

by waye of recom- 
pence, prout, etc. 

said kingdom. 


same by subscribeing my name and affixing the scale of myne office. 

John, James, 2. 

Daniell, 3. Samuell. 4. 



Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. in 

Iff art. MS. 1437, fo. 109.] 

Stanleys Fee is unpayd it is to [be] sent to Chorley. 

This fee is payd at Houghton Tower. 


George, Lo. Stanley, 
sonne and heire of 
Thomas, first Earle 
of Darby. 

Sir James Stanley,=The widowe of Sir 

knt, 2 sonne 

, of Thomas Talbot 
of Bashowe. 

i Thomas Sta 

nley. Edward, 
without issue. 

Sir George 
Stanley, knt, 
Marshall of 

Henry Stanley. = 

=Margaret, dau. of 
Peter Stanley of 

Jane, maried 
to Gabriell 
Hesketh of 

Dorothy, wife of 
Henry Botiler 
the yonger of 

Edward Stanley= 
of Bickerstath. 

= Katherine, dai 
to Sir Randall 
Man waring. 

James Stanley. 

of the age of 15. 

of the age of 

of the age of 13. 

ii2 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. no.] 

, Quarterly of 15, viz : I. Argent, on a bend sable, three garbs or; 2. Argent, a double-headed eagle displayed, 
sable, beaked, or ; 3. Or, on a chevron gules, three swans (?) argent ; 4. Sable, on a chevron, argent, three 
martlets of the field ; 5. Argent, two chevrons and a canton, sable ; 6. Argent, a chevron between three 
trefoils, slipped, sable ; 7. Argent, a fesse gules ; 8. Argent, a cross flory, sable ; 9. Sable, three crescents, 
each surmounted by a mullet, argent ; 10. Argent, a cross raguly, gules ; II. Gules, two lions passant guard- 
ant, argent ; 12. Argent, three bars azure, in chief three lozenges, gules ; 13. Argent, on a chevron, quar- 
terly per chevron, gules and sable, counterchanged, between three cornish choughs of the last, three bezants ; 
14. Sable, three garbs, or ; 15. Argent, a fesse sable, in chief three torteaux. 

John Kitchin = 
of Pilling. 

Sir Tho: Heskayth,= 
knt., Lo: of Rufford | 

Barnabye Kitchin=Ann, dau. and 

of coheir of Sir 

Rich: Aughton 
of North Mells, 

Hughe Heskaith=Alice, dau. and coheire 
of North Mealls, of Barnaby Kitchin of 

Elyn, dau. of= 
Edw. Molineux 
of the Wood, 
3 [i?] wife. 

Ann, 4 dau. 

co. Lane., living 

Nort-mells, and sole 
heire to her mother 
Ann, dau. of Sir 
Ri. Aughton. 

=Thomas Heskaith,-- 
sonne and heire. 

=Mary, dau. of 
John Westby 
of Molbrick, 
2 wife. 

Robert, 2. 
Hugh, 3. 
Bartholomew, 4. 
Barnaby, 5. 
William, 6. 
Margery, 2 dau. 

sonne and 
heir, setat. 
3 annor. 

Mary, i dau. 


(Signed) Hugh Hesketh. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 113 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 112.] 

i. Bendy of six, indented, argent and azure; on a chief sable, three cinquefoils, or. 
t. A goat's head, sa., bezantee, attire and beard, or. 

A patient graunted to Alexander Rigby of the Burgh in co. Lane., A 1573, 15 yea 


Allexander Rigbye=Jane, dau. of 
of Burgh, in co. I Tho: Lathwaite, 
Lane., esq. ) in co. Lane. 

Edw. Rigbye of=Dorothy, dau. of 
Burg, esquyre, Hugh Anderton 
nowliving,i6i3. | of Claiton, esq. 

eofQ. Eliza: 
W Flower, Nc 

Allexander Rigby,= 
filius et heres, 
astat. 30 annor. 

=Catherine, dau. of 
Sir Edward Brabzon 
of Nether Whitacre, 
in co. War. 

1 1 II 
Hughe Rigbye Jane, wife to Alice, 2. 
of Lincolns in, Roger Kirkbye Msrtrarer , 
2sonne. ofKirkby Irelyth, Mar 8 aret ' 3 
in Foumeiz. 

Edward Rigby, 
filius et heres, 
astat 4 annor. 

Thomas, William, 
2 sonne. 3 sonne. 

(Signed) Ed: Rigby. 


\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. H2b.] 

Johannes de Thornton 
deThorneton, ob:seisitus 
de medietate manerii de 
Thof ton et les holmes 
juxta Thorneton, 
anno 8 H 5*'. 

Wirhnus de Thornton, 
etatis 30 annor. ob. 
anno 7 H. 6. 





uxor Willelmi 

uxor Willelmi 

nupta Roberto 

uxor Christopheri 

1 1 4 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

[Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 113.] 

9rmg. Argent, three bunches of wheat, vert. 

Croft. A leopard's head, or, cut through the head with a scimitar proper, hilted and studded, of the first. 

A patten graunted to Fraunces Watmough y< Sonn of Rich: sone of Will. Watmoth of Miclehead in co. Lane., 
17"- of January 45 of Q. Eliz., A- 1602. W" Seger, Norroy. 


William Watmough,=Grace, dau. of 
sonne of Alexander. Henry Holland 
of the Hall of 

Richard Watmoth,= Constance, dau. 
sonn of William. I of Tho: Gerrard 
I of Ince, esq. 

Frauncis Watmoth=Jane, dau. of 
of Myclehead, John Barnes of 

sonn of Rich: Bolde in y e co. 

I of Lane. 

Richard Watmoth,=Mary, 3 dau. of 
sonn of Frauncis. John Hawarden 

of Widnes, co. 


(Signed) Rich: Watmoughe. 

armS. Argent, t 

[ffarl. MS. 1437, fo. n 3 b.] 
i swords in their scabbards in saltire, sable, hilts, 

John Gellybrand= 
of Chorley Hall, 
in co. Lane. 

Thomas Gellybrand = Ann, dau. of ... 
of Chorley Hall. | Fletewood of Heskin. 

John Gellybrand = Jane, dau. of ... 
of Chorley Hall. I Ormstone of Lostock. 

Thomas Gellybrand,=: Ann, dau. of i Agnes, wife 2 Margaret, wife Elyza., wife to 

sonne and heire, William to Thomas to Edw: Durney. William Tootell. 

aetat. 31 annor. 1613, Blundell Worthington. 
et jam superstes. of Crosbye. Tho: Gillibronnd. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 115 

[Hurl. MS. 1437, fo. 

. Quarterly per fess indented sable and argent, in the 1st quarter an ogress. 

Richard Eltonhed=Jannet, dau. of 

of Eltonhed, 
co. Lane. 

Tho: Gerrard of 
Ince, in co. 

Lane., esq. 

Richard, i. William Eltonhed,=Ann, dau. of 

John, 2. 

Thomas, 3. 

4 sonne and heir. 

Ja. Bowers of 
Brierley, in 
com. Ebor. 

George, 5. 
Tuchett, 6. 

Margery, wife to 
Tho: Worsley. 

Ann, wife to 
Richard Houghton. 

Richard Eltonhed=Ann, dau. to 

of Eltonhed, gent, 
living 1613. 

Edward Sutton 
of Rushton 
Spenser, in 
co. Staff. 

John, 2. 
William, 3. 
Nicholas, 4 
Henry, 5. 

Raufe, 6. 
Edw., 7. 


1 dau. 


2 dau. 

Richard Eltonhed, 
filius et heres, 
Eetat. 2 annor. 

Ann. Catheryne. 

(Signed) Rich: Eltonhed. 

1 6 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

\Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 114!).] 

ji. Sable, three bars argent, a bordure engrailed, gules. 

ft. A bull passant argent, collared, or, armed and imguled sabled. 

of Houghton 


Richard Houghton= Margaret, 
of Houghton | dau. of .. 

tower, a yonger 

Mary, dau. of=Richard Houghton=Catheryn, dau. of 

Roger Rush- 
ton of Pow- 
tow, esq., 
i wife. 

of Parkhall, in co. 
Lane., now living, 

Geo. Rogerlye 
and widdow of 
Rich: Tyldesley 
of Garret, 2 wife. 

John Houghton,= 
sonne and heire, 
aetat. 36 annor. 

=Isabell, dau. of 
Henry Rogerlye 
of Lithome. 

William Houghton, 
2 sonne and heir 
to his father, aetat. 
15 annor. 1613. 


(Signed) Richard Hoghto 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

IHarl. MS. 1437, fo. 115.] 

The Peedegree of Roberta Hindley 
of Hindley Hall, in Aspall, in the 
county of Lane., gent. 

First, Hughe Hindley hadd Adam Hindley to his sonne as appeareth by a leasse made by the said 

Adam sonn of the said Hughe to Peeler Winweeke and others, dated in anno d'ni 1305. 
Adam Hindley had issue Roberte Hindley whoe maryed Cecelye daughter of Henrye Tildisley as 

appeareth by a graunt made to the said Roberte his sonne and the sayd Cecelye Tyldisley by 

deede w'hout date. 
Roberte hadd issue Roberte as appeareath by a Releasse made by Henrye Atherton of Hindley 

unto Roberte sonne of Roberte Hindley, dated in anno d'ni 1332. 
Roberte, who maried Emme one of the daughters and heires of Pemberton, hadd to his sonne 

Hughe Hindley as appeareth by a releasse made by Hugh sonne of Robert, dated in the twoe 

and twentith yeare of the raigne of kinge Richard the Seacond. 
Hughe hadd to his sonne Roberte Hindley as appeareth by an Intayle made by Willm Tewe, Chap- 

layne, and Willm Brookesmouthe, Chapplayne, unto Hughe for tearme of his lyffe, and after 

unto Roberte and Cecelye, daughter of Gilberte Abraham and the heires males of their bodye, 

dated in the seaventhe yeare of kinge Henrye the fyfte. 
Roberte had to his sonne Hughe Hindley, as appearethe by a leasse made by Roberte to his sonne 

Hughe, dated in the Twelfte yeare of kinge Edward the Fourthe. 

{.Harl. MS. 1437, fo. iisb.] 

Hughe Hindley hadd to his sonne Roberte whoe maryed Alice daughter of Wiftm Parr as appear- 
ethe by an Intayle made by Hughe Hindley to his sonne Roberte and Alice and the heirs 
male of their body, dated the fyfte yeare of kinge Henrye the Seaventhe w c h Roberte was 
graundfather unto Roberte Hindley nowe lyvinge, wh Roberte hadd issue Hughe, Gilberte 
and Roger, w c h Roger was father to mee the sayd Robert Hindley. 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 116.] 

Hughe Hindley: 
of Hindley Hall, 
in co. Lane. 

Adam Hindley=Cicely, dau. of 
of Hindley Hall, Henry Tildisley 

in co. Lane. 

of VVardley. 

1 1 8 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

Robert Hindley=Emme, dau. and 
one of the heirs of 
. . . Pemerton. 

Robert Hindley=Cicely, dau. of 
of HindleyHall, I Gilbert de Abram. 
in co. Lane. 

Hughe 'Hindley= 
of HindleyHall, I 
in co. Lane. | 

Robert Hindley=Alice, dau. of 
of HindleyHall. I Will: Parr of 

Hughe, Gilbert, Roger, = 
eldest sonne, 2 sonne, 3 sonne. 
sans issue. sans issue. 

Margrett, dau. of=Robert Hindley=EI 
Robert Worseley of Hindley Hall, Jo 
of Booth. mar: 2 wiffes ; Bi 
living in anno es 

=Beatrix, dau. of 
. . . Molinux. 

za, dau. of 
in Birom of 
rom, co. Lane., 
|. 2 wiffe. 

Roger Hindley, 
sonne and heir, 
48* yeres of age 
anno 1613. 

George. Hughe. 



Non probavit i 

(Signed) Robarte Hind\ley\ 

The first figure is so blurred in the original MS. that it cannot be decided whether 48 or only 8 is intended. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 119 

armS. Sable, a chevron bet 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, to. 117.] 

three goats' heads argent, attired or. 

Hugh Adlington=. . . dau. of 

of Adlington, in 
co. Lane. 

. . . Rushton 
of Dunknall, 
in co. Lane. 

Robert Adlington.= Dorothy, dau. 
' Rich: Langtre 
of Langtre. 

Hugh Adlington. = Margaret, dau. to 
Roger Ashaw of 
the Hall on the 

John Addlington.= Margaret, dau. to 
Hugh Dickonson 
of Eccleston, in 
co. Lane. 

Hugh Adlington=Sibell, dau. of 
of Adlington, I Adam Hawarden 
gent., now living, of Wolston. 

2 sonne. 

Hugh Adlington, 
sonne and heire, 
aetat. 20 annor. 

i dau. 

2 dau. 

wife to . . 

3 dau. 

(Signed) Hugh Adlington. 

1 20 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

IHarl. MS. 1437, fo. n8.J 

William lo. Camvile, 
baron of Parliament, 
the 2" of Ed. II. 

Richard Stafford.=Mawde, dau. 
I and heire. 

Sir Tho: Arden,=Mawde, dau. 
knt. and heire. 

Sir John Arden,= 

Thomas Arden, 
2 sonne. 

Thomas Stanley. =Mawde, dau. and 
heire of Sir John 
Arden, knt., and 
cossin and heire to 
Richard Stafford, 
and to the Lo. 

Sir John Stanley, knt. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 121 

[Harl MS. 1437, fo. n8b.] 

flrmi. Quarterly: i. 4. Argent, a chevron gules, between three blue bottles, slipped, proper ; 2. 3. Argent, three swans 

sable [Walton]. 

Johannes dei gratia Rex Angliae, Dux Normannias, Acquittavit et concessit Ricardo de Mida filio 
Gilbert! de Waliton, totam terram in Walton. Testibus, Willelmo Marischallo, Comite 
Pembroch', Ranulpho, Comite Cestrije, Willelmo, Comite Sarum, Willelmo de Humet, 
Constabulario Normanife, Roberto filio Waited, Roberto de Turnham, Ricardo de Riveriis, 
Petro de Stok ; Data per manus S. Wellensis Archidiaconi, apud Sanctum Severin in Was- 
conia, 22 die Julii a regni nostri 2. 

This Land continued long in the name of Walton til by coheires it came to Chorlley and Briers, 
betwene whom 

William Chorley= 
of Chorley. | 

William Chorlegh.= Margaret, on of the 
I dau. and heires of 

Roger Walton of 

Walton in the 
I Countie of Lan- 
I caster. 

William 'Chorleigh.=Elyza., dau. to 

William Charnock 
of Charnock. 

William Chorley. = Alice, dau. to 

I James Anderton 
of Ewxton. 

William Chorley.^ Bridget, dau. of 

William Hutchinson 
of West Hallam, 
co. Derby. 

William Chorley=Elyza., dau. of 
of Chorley, now I John Crosse 
living, 1613. I of Liverpoole. 

Richard Chorley, Alice, Briggett, 

sonne and heire, i dau. 2 dau. 

aetat. 18 annor. 

(Signed) William Chorley. 

1 22 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


{Hart. MS. 1437, fo. 119.] 

<3nrt. Per pale nebulee azure and or, six martlets counter-changed, a crescent for difference. 
Cregt. A wolf passant reguardant, argent, charged on the breast with a crescent. 

Hen: Fleetwood= 
of little Plomp- 
ton, co. Lane. 

Edm: Fletewood = Elyza., dau. to 

of Heskeyn, co. 
Lane., films et 

. . . Holland of 
co. Lane. 

Willm Fletewood=Ellyn, dau. of Robert 
of Heskeyn, I Standish, a yonger 
sonne and heire. brother of Standish 
I of Standish. 

John Fletewood=Joane, dau. of 
of Penwortham, Sir Tho: Langton 
co. Lane. Baron of Newton. 

dau. of 
Sir W" 
of Speke. 

Thomas Fletewood, 
sonne and heire. 

Richard Fletewood= Margery, dau. of ... 
of Penwartham, I Leghe of Eckington, 
2 sonn, now living, co. Derby. 
1613. ' | 

= Edward Fletewood, 
filius et heres, 
setat. 27, 1613. 

Henry, 2. Ann, wife to Dorothy, 
D . , , Thomas Talbot 2 dau. 
Richard, 3. of BashalL 

3 dau. 

1 | 
John, filius et heres, Richard, Ellynor, 
setat. 4 annor. 1613. 2 sonn. i dau. 

(Signed) Henry Flttewood. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 123 

\Harl. MS. 1437, fo. H 9 b.] 

Thurstan Standish,=. . . dau. of ... Hyl- 

. yonger brothe 
of Standish of 

on of Gathurst in 
Shevington in the 
parish of Standish. 

Lawrance Standish, =. . . dau. of 
of Burgh. I ... Standish 

of Arley. 

Thurstan Standish. =Margaret, dau. of 
. . . Diconson of the 
Hall of Coppall. 

Lawrans Standish.=Isabell, dau. of 
George Byrom 

2 Alexander. Thurstan Standish= 

3 John f Bur S h > now 
living, 1613. 

=Elyza. dau. of 
Tho : Anderton 
of Chorley. 

Jane, wife Ellyn, 
to George unm. d. 

Lawrance Standish, 
filius et heres, 
aet. x annor', 1613. 

Thomas, i Dorothy. 
2 sonne " 2 Ann. 
3 Alice. 

(Signed) Thurstan Standyshe. 

124 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

3rm!f. Argent, two swords in their scabbards in saltire, sable, hilts gules, guards, or. 

Copia extractus veteris Rentalli dat' est 13 
die Julii A regni Will'i Conquest' quinto, quod 
propter antiquitatem vix legi potest, in nulla re 
differens nee aliena ab illo dicto vetere rentali 
nisi quod possessores et tenta transmutantur 
Nicholaio Gilibrond de Astleigh in Comit' Lan- 
cast' gentleman [sic in MS.], suorumque heredum. 

Nicholas Gelibrond. =the dau. of 
. . Gerard. 

of Pele. 

An Indenture of Entaile bearing date the 30 
of Ed. 3 wherein Landes in Astleigh was en- 
tailed to Roger Gelibrond & to the heires males 
of his body, for want of such yssue to Humfry 
his brother & to the heires males of his body, 
for want of such issue to Richard his brother, 
for want of such issue to Robert his brother, for 
want of such issue to Adam Gelibrond, and for 
want of such issue to Richard the son of Joh. 
Gelibrond, for want of such issue to Henry the 
sonne of Henry Gelibrond, for want of such 
heires to the right heires of the said Roger for 

d= Margaret, dau. of 
Gilbert Culcheth 
of Culcheth. 

Jane, dau. of=Thom Gelebrond =Fraunces, dau. of 

John Min- 
shul of 
2 wife, 1613. 

of Pele, 1613, he ... Poule of Poule, 

had a 3* wife, sister by whom he had 

to Sir Henrye no issue. 

Thomas Gelibrond,=Alice, dau. of 

sonn and heire, of 
the age of 36, 1613. 

Henry Damport 
of Chorley, in 

of the age 

Of 2. 


(Signed) Thomas Gelybrand. 

yisitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 125 


Warl. MS. 1437, to. i.] 

Hugh Worthington== 
of Worthington. 

William Worthington=Jane, dau. of . . . 

of Worthington. 

orrisse of the 

Richard Worthington =Maried the dau. of 
of Worthington. . . . Holcrofte of 


Thomas Worthington=Ann, dau. of 

of Worthington. 

Richard Ashton 
of Croston, Esq. 

Edward Worthington=Margaret, dau. of 
of Worthington. John Orrell 

of Torton. 

Thomas Worthington.=Isabel, the dau. of 

of Worthington, 1613. 

Gilbert Langtre 
of Langtre. 

2 Richard. Elizabeth, wife of Susan. 
Richard Aspden. 

i William Worthington, 
of the age of 16, 1613. 

2 John. Margaret. 
(Signed) Thomas Worthington of Wot'thingloi 


Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 


\_Harl MS. 1437, fo. 121 b.] 

Christopher Worthington=Joane, dau. and coheir of 
of Croshaw. I W Thornton of Thornton. 

Lawrance Worthington.=. . . dau. of ... Carlton 
I of Carlton. 

Christopher Worthington.=Alice, dau. of 
I John Holcrofte 
of Holcrofte. 

Lawrance Worthington.=Jane, dau. of 

Allexander Lever 
of Chamber. 

Thomas Worthington=Agnes, dau. of 

of Croshawe, living 

John Gillibrand 

James Worthington 
of Sneithell, co. 
Lane., 2 sonne. 




aetat. 1 6 annor. 

5 Dorothy. 

2 ^' 6 Alice ' 

3 Margaret. 7 Ellyn. 

4 Ann. 8 Mary. 

=Ann, dau. and sole heire of 
Roger Pendlebury of Sneit- 
hell, and Ann, dau. of Adam 
Eccleston of Great Eccleston, 
and coh. to Adam Eccleston 
her nephew. 


Sa i 
annor. 1613. 


i Ann. 



(Signed) Thomas Worthington. 

Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 127 

\_Harl. MS. 1437, fo. 122.] 

Inq: post Mortem Thome Hesketh 16 die Septemb. A" 15 H. 8 qui ob. seisitus de manerio de 
Rufford ac de diversis aliis terris in Comit. Lancast. et dictus Thomas Hesketh voluit per 
ultimam voluntatem suam quod feoffati sui feoffabunt Robertum filium suum bastardum sibi et 
heredibus masculis de Corpore suo legitime procreatum in manerio de Rufford et diversis aliis 
terris in Comit. predicto, citra terrse similiter data; Carolo Hesketh filio bastardo altero suo, et 
Juratores dicunt quod Thomas Hesketh obiit apud Rufford 14 die Augusti A 15 regis mine 
et ulteriis Juratores dicunt quod Henricus Kighley, ar', Ricardus Aghton ar' Rowlandus 
Kighley clericus et Rogerus Nowell filius Johannis Nowell de Rede sunt consanguinei et 
proxima heredes predicti Thome Hesketh, videlicet predictus Henricus Kighley, filius Ricardi 
filii Margeriae unius sororum dicti Thome Hesketh, et predictus Ricardus Aghton filius Matilda; 
aliae sororis dictae Thome Hesketh, et predictus Roulandus Kighley filius Margaretae aliae 
sororis predicti Thome Hesketh, et predictus Rogerus Nowell filius Bulciae alia? sororis ejus- 
dem Thome Hesketh, &c. 

John Kingsmill on of the Kings Justices of the Common place and Humfry Coningsby on of the 
Kings serjaunts at law sendith greting. Whereas for the appeasing of mattres of Controversy 
depending betwene Thomas Hesketh Esquire of the on partie & M r William Wall, clerk, and 
Richard Dalton & Roger Dalton sonn of the said Richard & of Elizabeth his wife on of the 
da: & heires of William Fleming in Croston 24 yeare of H. 7. 

1 28 Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George, 1613. 

String. The first t 

\Harl. MS. 1437, fo. n 4 b, 125-] 
velve quarterings of the shield described at fo. no. 

Richard Heskayth. 

Richard de Stafford. 

ie Heskaith.=Annabell, dau. and 
I heire of Rich: 

Robert Heskaith.= 

Richard, de Totleworth, 
in right of his wife. 

Isabell, dau. and coheir 
1 of Rich: lo: of 

William Heskaith.= 

=Elbora, dau. and sole heire 
of Rich: and Isabell. 

Rich: Fitton,- 
lord of 
Great Har- 
wood and 


Adam de Sir William Heskayth,= 
Heskaith. knt, lo. of Heskayth 
and Betonsaw, 

4 Ed. i. 

=Mawde, dau. and 
coheire of 
Rich: Fytton. 

Elyza., dau. and 
coheire, wife to 
Roger Nowell, 
lo. of Read. 

Anabyll, dau. and 
coh: wife to 
Edmond Leghe, 
lo: of Croston. 


Come chose soit a totez gentz per ceste En- 
denture qe de debatez qe furent Entre John de 
Heskaith et Adam Nowell des tentz en graunt 
Harwod qe furent apres le Mort William Fitton 
de sou heritage despartez entre sez treiz soeures 
et heires et lour barons, et cestasavoir Entre 
William de Heskaith et maude sa femme, Ed- 
mond de Legh et Amabilia sa femme, Roger 
Nowell, et Elizabeth sa femme. Lan du raigne 
le roy fitz au tres noble roy Edward disim et 

Seal of Arms, - a wheatsheaf- Th ma 

Signed, * SIGILLVM : IOHANNIS : HESKETH : es <l- 

Thomas de Heskayth. = Alice, dau. of ... 

I Warren de Byspham, 
lo. of Byspham. 

Sir John de Heskaith,= Alice, sole dau. and 

heire to Edm: Fytton, 
lo. of halfe Rufford. 

Sir William de Heskayth,=Marcella, dau. and 

knt., anno 29 Ed. 3. 

coheire of Thwenge 

of Kendall, 

co. Westmerland. 

Heskaith,= Margaret, dau. and 
coheire of Tho: 
Banester, Baron of 

Nicholas Heskayth,=Margaret, dau. and coheire of . . . 
esq. j Mynshull, obiit at Rufford, 5 H. 5. 

yisitation> of Lancaster by Richard St. George, 1613. 129 

Sir Thomas Heskaith,=Sibill, dau. and coheire of Sir 
knt., obiit 38 H. 6. | Robert Lawrance, knt, 5 H.'S. 

Tho: Heskaith, ^Margaret, dau. to 
Esq., lo. of I Hamon Massy 
Heskaith. of Rixton. 

Robert Heskaith,=Alice, 

dau. of Sir Robert Booth, knt., 

lo. of Heska 


lo: of Dunham Massye ; after her hus- 

obiit. 1490. 

band's death she professed chastitye. 

Grace, dau. of=Thomas Heskaith, = 


dau. and Drav 

ring of a seal of arms, viz. 

Jo: Townley esq., ( 





ir of a fe 

s engrailed between 3 fla- 

of Townley. 

William Fleminge, e "^ 

os ['!] heads erased, ; 

Baron of Wath, and by a 

flamingo's [?] head couped, 

lo. of Croston. wing 

s erect, for crest. 

Sir Robert Heskaith, =Grace, dau. of 


Sir John Townley 

of T 

ownley, knt. 

Sir Thomas Heskaith = 
knt, lo. of Rufford, 
High Sheriff of Lane., 

=Alice, dau. of 
Sir John Holcrofte 
of Holcrofte, knt. 

Elynor, wife to 
Robert Barton 
of Barton Row. 


anno 5 of Q. Elizab: 

obiit 1587. 

Blanche, dau. and=Robert Heskaith,=Marye, dau. of 

coheire of Hen: 
Twyford of Ken- 

esq., lo. of Hes- 
kaith, Rufford. 

Sir George Stanley, 
Marshall in Ireland 


wick, co. Salop, 

Holmes and 

sister and heire to 

2 wife, s.p. 

Holmewood Mart- 

Hen: Stanlye, esq., 


me, Gre 



of the Croshall, 

wood, Hougwick 

i wife. 


1 Becon 




v living, 


mar. tne 
dau. of ... 


Robert, 2. Thomas Heskaith,=Susan, dau. of Holcrofte, i dau., Jane, wife to 
Henry, 3. sonn e and heire, Th. . . Powes, wife to Lawrans William Reynalds. 
a?tat. 41 annor. co. Salop. Royston, after to , , 
George, 4. 1613. Roger Dodsworth, Mary, wife to Rich: 
Chancelorof Barton, and after to 
York Thomas Stanley, 
and hath issue by 


(Signed) Rob: Hcskcth. 

i 30 

Visitation of Lancaster by Richard St. George, 1613. 

armS. - Argent, a bend engrailed, gules, in the sinister corner a crescent, gules ; quartering Fletcher of Denbigh (coat 

CtfSit, -A bull's head erased, sable, horned argent, tipped, or, gorged with a ducal coronet of the second ; a crescent. 

Thomas Ratclyff.= 

William Radclyff.= 
Richard Radclyff.= 

Thurstan Radclyff.= 

James RatclyffW 
of Manchester, 
co. Lancaster. 


of Manchester. 


Ann, dau. of Sir John 
Trafford of Trafford, 

James Ratclyff.=. . . dau. of . . . 

I Hunt of Man- 
William Ratclyff. ^Elyza. dau. and sole 

Iheir to ... Fletcher 
of Denbeigh. 

William Ratclyffe=Ann, dau. of Roger 
of Manchester. I Bradshaw of Haye, 

| co. Lancaster, esq. 


William Ratclyff= Elyzabeth, dau. of 
of Manchester, 
now living, 1613. 

vi. yeare old, 

James Bradshaw of 
Lever, co. Lancaster. 

2 sonne. 


(Signed) William Raticlyf. 

Visitation of Lancaster by Richard St. George, 1613. 131 


oline quarter pierced, 

[C. J.jS. 31.] 
1 (with nine quarterings, to which the 

ot given). No Cr 

William Mollineux=Briggett, dau. of John 
of Sephton, esq. Carrell of Warnham, 
co. Sussex, esq. 

Sir Richard Molineux=Frances, dau. of Sir 
of Sephton, knight and Gilbert Gerrard, knt. 
baronet, now 1613. M r of the Rooles. 

Sir Richard Molyneux, 
knt., sonne and heire, 
aetat. 20 annor. 1613. 

I 1 1 
Vivian, 2. 

Gilbert, 3. 
Adam, 4. 

i Ann, wife of 
Sir John Byron 
of Nusted, co. 
Nots., knt. 

2 Alice, wife to 3 Frances, wife to 
Sir John Gilbert, Tho : Gerard, sonn 
after to Sir Wil- and heirof Sir Tho. 
liam Dormer. 

4 Brigget, wife to 
Standish, esq. 

5 Elizabeth. 
6 Julian. 

7 Margaret. 
All vnmaried 

(Signed) p me Tho. Blithe for my M r S r Ry: Molineux K' and Barronett, 
Anno Dni. 1613, September 3. 

Edw., 3. 


arntS. Azure, three pine-apples, or. No Crest. 

William Ditchfield=Joane, dau. of Law- 
of Dytton, co. Lan- rans Rosthorne, co. 
caster. Lancaster. 

John Ditchfield=Margaret, dau. of Jane, wife to 

of Dytton, now 
living, 1613. 

Anne, wife to 

George Stokelye Henry Smith. Peter Stokeley. 

of Heiton. 

Edward Ditchfield, 
films et heres astat. 
20 annor. 1613. 

John, 2. 
Thomas, 3. 

Margaret, i. 
Elizabeth, 2. 

! 1 
Anne, 3. 

Jane, 4. 

Marye, 5. 

(Signed) Jno. Dichfeild. 

Visitation of Lancaster by Richard St. George, 1613. 

1C. i,t- 79- J 
(No Arms given.) 

Richard Penketh=. . . dau. of ... Holand 
of Penketh, co. of Sutton, co. Lancas- 

Rich: Penketh=Margaret, dau. of Tho: 

of Penketh. 

Sonkey of Sonkey, co. 

Thomas Penketh.=Cecilye, dau. of Roger 

of Penketh. 

Charnock of Welling- 
borough, co. North- 
ampton, esq. 

Rich: Penketh=Jane, dau. of Thomas 
of Penketh, co. j Patrick of Byspham, 
Lancaster, now j co. Lancaster, 
living, 1613. 

Thomas Penketh, 
filius et haeres retat. 
3 annor. 1613. 

i daughter. 

2 daughter. 

3 daughter. 

(Signed) Richard Penhctll. 

Visitation of Lancaster by Richard St. George, 1613. 

J 33 


(No Arms given. ) 
Roger Downes=EIizabeth, dau. 

of ... acre, co. 

and heire of 



Elizabeth,=Roger Downes=Ann, dau. to 

dau. to 

of Wardley, co. 
Lancaster, esq., 

John Calvert 
of Cockerham, 

Gerard of 

living 1613. 

co. Lancaster, 

Ince, esq. 


Roger, Francis, Laurence, Jane. 

sonne and 2 sonne. 3 sonne. 

heire, astat. 

(figure of age 


annor. 1613. 

This is an abstract from the pedigree of Worsley. 

York Her. 

1 34 Visitation of Lancaster by Richard St. 

, 1613. 


[C. J,A 79, ioj 

. - Gules, on a chevron bet 
cheveronells between as 

three ostrich feathers, argent, 
y martlets, argent. 

Creft. A cubit arm vested, or, charged with five ermine spots in saltire, sable, cuff 
ostrich feather, gules. 

illets sable; impaling gules, thr 
argent, the hand proper holding ; 

Ralph Perkinson= 
of Falsnape. 

Ralfe Perkinson.= 

=. . . the dau. of ... 
Bradley of Bradley 

John Houghton. 


=. . . the dau. of Robert Shotelworth. =Isabel, dau. of John 
. . . Holden. Houghton of Pen- 

maried Mar- 
garet, dau. of 
. . . Whit- 
field of Whit- 

Edmond=Susan, the Raufe Per-= 
Perkin- dau. of... kinson, 
son, the Wandes- eldest 
dau. of ford of sonne. 
. . .Vava- Kirklinton. 
sor of 
2 wife. 

=Grace, dau. 
of Robert 
of Hacking 

George=Mary, dau. 
Single- and coheire 
ton of of ... 
Stain- Houghton 
ing. of Pennel- 

Mary, dau. of=Robert Perkinson=Ann, dau. of 

Jerom Ashton, 
son of Richard 
Ashton, young- 
er son of Ash- 
ton of Midle- 
ton, first wife. 

of Falsnape, now 
living in anno 
dom. 1613. 


George Single- 
ton of Stain- 

[ary Perkinson. 

of the age 
of viii. yeares. 

(Signed) Robt. Parkinson. 

Visitation of Lancaster by Richard St. George, 1613. 135 

. Four ermine spots in cross, a crescent for difference (c 

; not given). 

James Hurleston 

of Chester. 





Roger Hurleston, 

eldest sonne, 

3 sonne and 

2 sonn, died with- 

died without 

heire to his 

out issue. 



James Hurleston=Margery, dau. of 
of Chester. John Dod of 



Anthony, James, 
3 sonn. 4 sonn. 

Roger Hurleston,= 
sonn and heire. 

=Ellyn, dau. of 
William Mere 
of Mere. 

wife of Tho: 

wife of 
John Glegg. 

2 sonne, 
died sans 

3 sonne. 

maried to 

maried to 

This line was only 
brought down without 
any name and in a 
newer hand. 

The pedigre by Flowre, 
the name inserted. 

An daughter=Roger Hurleston 
of Thomas I of Chester, 1605. 
of Eaton. | 

Roger Hurleston. =Elizabeth, dau. and 
heire of James Man- 

waring of Croxton. 


Roger Hurleston, 
son and heire. 

Thus far of this pedigre is con- 
firmed by William Flowre, alias 
Norroy, upwards. 

These thre discents of Roger 
Hurleston are all in a new hand 
and not confirmed by any King 
of Armes. 

(Signed; Roger Hurlton, 

ARMS. Ar, a fess gules, between two barrulets wavy, sable 


Abraham, 39, 117, 118. 
Actun 38. 

Ballard, 77. 
Bamber, 79. 

Adamson, 108. 


Adersley, 72. 

Banck, i. 
Bankes, I. 

Adlington, 113 

Banaster, 38, 64, 71, 82, 91, 96, 128. 

Allen, 21. 

Barban, 28. 

Alston, 64. 

Bardisley, II 

Anderton, 6, 21, 50, 56, 57, 60, 97, 98, 

Barlow, 88. 


Barnake, 61. 

Annot, 48. 

Barnes, 16, 114. 

Anslawes, no. 

Barrow, I. 

Appleton, 88. 
Arden, 52, 54, 120. 

Barton, 4, 45, 46, 49, 129. 
Bate, 35. 

Argall, 89. 

Bateman, I. 

Ashaw, 65, 76, 119. 
AS HO WE, 6. 

Batersby, 1 6. 
Bayly 38. 

ASHTON (of Middleton), 7. 
ASHTON (of Ashton), 14. 
ASHTON (of Bamfurlomj). 17. 
ASHTON (of Penketh), 20 

Belfield, 12, 54. 
Bellingham, 46. 
Benson, 19, 25. 

ASHTON, 45. 
ASHTON (of Crofton), 95. 
Ashton, 3, 4, ii, 12, 23, 25, 30, 39, 44, 

Berh'am, 61. 
Bethom, 29. 
Birkenhead, 44, 72, 102, 105. 

Si, 53, 54, 58, 62, 64, 75, 80, 99, 104, 

Birtles, 54. 

108 125, 134. 

Blakey, 64. 

Ashull, 17. 

Bliton 6 1 

Ashworth, 7. 

Blundell, 114. 

Aspden, 125. 
Aspenhall, 96. 
ASTLEY, 83. 

BOLD, 15. 
Bolde, 25, 27, 105. 
Bolton, 33. 

Aston, Asseton, 51, 85. 

BOOTH, 10. 

Atherton, 16, 97, 117. 

Atkins, 1 6. 


Atkinson, 66. 
Aughton, 112, 127. 

Botiler, 16/44, 47, 5, 7, 79,89, n 
Bowers, 115. 

Aynsworth, 6, 12. 

Bowlinge, 95. 

Babthorpe, 36. 

Boydel, 54. 
Boys, 96. 

Bagshaw, n. 
Baguley, Baggelegh, 12, 53. 

Brabzon, 113. 


BRADSHAW (of the Haghe), 57. 
BRADSHAW (of Bradshaw), 58. 

Charnock, Chernok, 48, 67, 84, 121, 132. 
Chatterton, 50. 

Bradshaw, I, 8, 49, 51, 98, 105, 130. 
Braithwaite, I, 28. 

Chatham, 80. 
Cheyney, 79, 89. 

BRERES, 93, 95- 


Breres,24, 102. 

CHORLEY, 48, 121. 

Brereton, 41, 135. 

Chorley, 82. 

Brettareh, 54. 

Clark, 99. 

Brewerth, 100. 


Brewster, 19. 

Clayton, 26, 42, 48, 61, 104. 

Erich, 15, 53. 

Cledden, II. 

Brocke, 20. 

Clederhow, 12. 

Brockhall, 8l. 

Clegge, 12. 

Brockholes, 30, 39, 74, 85. 

Clifton, 13, 22, 59, 71, 108. 


Coldicotes, 49. 

Brook, 16, 135. 

Colthurst, 68. 

Brookesmouthe, 117. 

Colvile, I. 

Brotherton, 103. 

Combs, 100. 

Browne, 48, 63, 67, 108, 109. 
Brownlow, 44, 48, 49. 

COTTOM, 100. 
Cotton, 38, 51. 

Bullinges, 49. 
Bunbury, 77, 124. 

Cowbarne, 123. 
Cowton, 46. 

Burdeshull, 12. 

Crane, 108. 

Burgh, 89. 

Crofts, 29. 

Bussye, 62. 

Crompton, 49. 

Butler ; see Botiler. 

Crosse, 93, 121. 


Cuerden, 5. 

Butter-worth, 34. 


BYROM, 35. 

Culcheth, 88, 124. 

Byrom, 16, 66,98, 118, 123. 

Culwen, 68. 

Byron, 7, 45, 4&, 61, 62, 131. 

ll\>pli;un, 128. 

Cunlyff, 45. 
CURWEN, 28, 68. 

Curwen, 60. 

/^ALVERLEY, 69. 
\^, Calverley, 55. 
Calvert, 69, 133. 

Curzon, 61, 99. 
Cutt, 48. 

Camden, 28. 

pvALTON, 32. 

Cnmvile, 120. 

l_J Dalton, 69, 90, 97, 98, 127. 

Cancefeld, 38, 104. 

Damport, 124. 

Canyan, 50. 

Danvers, 67. 

; rleton, 113, 126. 

D'Arcy, 61. 

- rre, 36. 

Davenport, 53, 55. 

rrell, 131. 

Dawne, 76. 

^ rrington, 53. 

De la Hay, 61. 

stell, 12. 

De la Mare, 64. 

ttcrall, 26, 31, 74. 

Derby, earls of, I, 59, 84, III. 




Deyvill, 72. 

Chadwick, I, 2, 12. 

Dickonson, 119, 123. 

Chaloner, I. 


Chambers, 12. 

Dichfeld, 4. 

Charnles, 83. 

Dobbs, 100. 

CHARNOCK, 8, 104. 

Dod, 135. 



DODINGE, 72. Gerard, I, 9, 16, 17, 33,44, 51, 114, 115, 

Dodsworth, 129. 124, 131, 133. 

Dokenfield, 34. Gernon, 61. 

Dolman, 63. 

Gidlow, 48. 

Dormer, 131. 

Gilbert, 131. 

Doughtie, 64. 


Dove, 100. 

Glegg, 135. 

DOWNES, 133. 

Gleve, 54. 

Dowries, 25, 69. 

Coding, 13. 

Dudall, 109. 

Golborne, 64. 

Durney, 114. 


Dyneley, 3. 

Gregory, 53. 

Greneacre, 65. 

Eccleston, i, 18, 75, ?8, 84, 107, 126. 
Edmondson, 63. 

Grenehalgh, 58, 94. 
Grimsdich, 20. 

Egerton, 6. 


Elborough, 61, 100. 

Grimshaw, 83. 

Elcocke, 37, 52. 

Grise, 88. 

Elston, 82, 98, 109. 

Grosvenor, 135. 

Eltonhed, 84. 

Engaine, 61. 

H a H 4 ALS 9 ALL, 59. 
all, 22, 23, 84. ' 

Evelyn, 72. 

Halsted, 83. 

Eves, 106. 

Hamerton, 27, 109. 

Exeter, earl of, 10. 

Hamlette, 58. 

Hankyns ; see Olife. 

Fallowfield, 75. 
FARRINGTON, 19, 103. 

Harden, 17. 
Hargrave, 3. 

Farrington, 9, 44, 47, 56, 74, 84, 104. 

Harison, 13. 

Fitton, 128. 


Fleminge, 21, 64, 70, 127, 129. 
FLETEWOOD, 89, 122. 

Harrington, 6, 26, 58, 85, 95. 
Harwod, &. 

Fletewood, 9, 66, 114. Hathersall, 67. 

Fletcher, 130. ; HAWARDEN, 88. 

Fogg, 107. 

Hawarden, 114, 119. 

Foliamb, 62. 

HAYDOK, 108. 

Forde, I. 

Haydok, 44, 76, 129. 

Forster, Foster, 14, 61, 99. 

Healey, I, 2. 

Forth, 65. 

Heath, 33. 

Fovile, 54. 


Fox, 1 8, 88. 


Frances, 89. 

HESKETH, 21, 22, 127. 

French, 6 1, 100. 

Hesketh, 25, 90, III. 

Heton, 108. 

Gardiner, I. 
Garnet, 46. 
Garston, 93, 95. 

Heye, 26, 72. 
Heyton, 33. 
HIDE (of Denton), 52. 

Gastang, 85. 

HIDE (of Hide), 53. 

Gayeford, 61. 
GELLYBRAND, 114,124. 

Higham, 55. 
Hill, 48. 

Gellybrand, 93, 95, 126. 
GERARD, 25. 

Hilton, 13, 32, 48, 123. 
HINDLEY, .17. 



Hodgkinson, 6. 

LATHAM, 106. 

Hodgson, 31. 


Holcroft, i, 16, 34, 39, 125, 126, 129. 
HOLDEN, 82. 

Lathom, 17, 64, 73, 75, 86, 97. 
Lathwaite, 65, 113. 

Holden, 38, 134. 

Laton, 1 8. 

Hole, 71. 

Lawnce, I. 

Holland, 16, 35, 55, 60, 87, 89, 97, 114, 

Lawrans, 55, 103, 129. 

122, 132. 

LEAVER, 33. 

HOLT, 39, 91. 

Leaver, Lever, 4, 37, 45, 46, 126. 

Holt, 5, 12 34. 

LEE, 64, 71. 


Lee. 10, 64, 95. 

Hopwood, 80. 
HOUGHTON, 51, 116. 

LEGHE, 51. 
Legh, 53, 71, 88, 105, 122, 128. 

Houghton, 29, 37, 57, 67, 88, 108, 115, 

Leigh, 4, 16, 29. 


Leicester, 9, 1C, 58, 105. 

Howard, 10, 60. 

Leverpole, 76. 


LEVESEY, 105. 

Hudleston, 40. 

Levesey, 67, 83. 

Hudreshall, 108. 

Ley borne, 31. 

Hulton, 1 1, 45, 46. 

Leyes, 80. 

Hungate, 29. 

Linacre, 88. 

Hunt, 35, 130. 

Linney, I, 2. 
Lister, 47, 105. 

Hutchinson, 121. 

Littleton, 39. 

Huton, 49. 
HYDE, 55. 

Longley, II. 

Longworth, 45. 

I nee, 17. 

Lowe, 37. 

Ines, 97. 

Lownd, 61. 

IRELAND, 105. 

Lowther, 72. 

Ireland, 1 6, 50, 71, 73. 

Lymbury, 61. 

Ishurwood, 105. 

Manley, 104. 

Jennion, 13. 

Mansfeild, 46. 

Johnson, 87. 

raring, in, 135. 
Marler, n. 

TV" aye, 62, 87. 
JV Kighley, 51, 86, 127. 
Kinaston, 55. 

Marsh, I. 
Martyn, 33. 
MASSYE, 79. 

KIRKBY, 92. 

Massey, 4, 6, 15, 20, 22, 44, 74, 77, 129. 

Kirkby, 29,69, 90, 113. 
Kitchin, 32, 112. 

Mather, I. 

Knight, 61. 
Knott, 10. 

Maxsey, 64. 
Medcalfe, 29. 

Kymbole, 100. 

Medowcroft, 54. 

Kyrkham, 29. 

Mennill, 36. 

Mercer, 94. 

T ambard, 42. 
L, Lambert, 36, 68. 

Mere, 135. 

Landen, 42. 

Midleton, 51, 65. 

Langford, 39. 
Langley, 39. 
Langton, 16, 27, 47, 82, 109, 122. 

Minshull, 124, 128. 
Molyneux, 8, 9, 32, 52, 65, 67, 70, 77, 78, 

Langtre, 25, 119, 125. 

90, 95, 107, 112, 118. 



Moore, 78. 
Morley, 68. 
Morton, 66. 
MOSLEY, 37. 
Mosley, So. 

T~) ADCLIFF, 43, 44. 
Radcliff, Ratclyffe, 6, 8, 10, II, 12, 19, 
27,32,46, 71,85,94, 101, 109. 

Redding, 48. 

Mussell, 16. 

Redman, 44, 68. 

Reinsford, 106. 

IN Nelson, 75. 
Nevyll, 72. 

Reyley, 49. 
Reynolds, 129. 

Ribletone, 38. 

Newsam, 89. 

Ridman, 86. 

Newton, 52, $4- 
Nicholson, 28. 

RIG BY, 65, 113. 
RIGBYE, 24. 

Norbury, 53. 

Rigby, 6, 92. 

Norriss, 9, 73, 88, 90, 102, 122, 125. 
NOWELL, 65, 66. 
Nowell, 62, 67, 127, 128. 

Rigmanden, 90. 
Rigmayden 23, 31, 74, 75. 
Rishforth, 26. 

/^gle, 98. 

Rishton, 42, 116, 119. 

Vj Ogles, 48. 

Risley, 48. 

Okeover, 19. 

Rixton, 61. 

Oldham, n, 80. 

Roberts, 88. 

Olife alias Hankyns, i. 

Robinson, 13. 

Ormston, 17, 114. 


ORRELL, 50. 

Rogerlye, 116. 

Orrell, 5, 33, 46, 58, 125. 

Roiley, 61. 
Rooe, 49. 

Osbaldeston, 13, 23, 25, 88. 
Osbaston, 83. 
Osbome, 67. 

Rosthorn, 3, 82, 131. 
Royston, 129. 
Ruthall, 9. 

Parker, 38, 41, 75, So, 105, 109. 

Qall, 6. 
O Salveyne, 36. 

Parr, 117, 118. 

Sandes, I, 72. 

Patrick, 132. 

Saraye, 19. 

Pemberton, Pemerton, 78, 117, 118. 

Pendlebury, 126. 


Pendleton, 27. 
PENKETH, 132. 

Schelmersdale, 97. 
Scroope, 72. 

Percy, 58. 

Shakerley, 101. 

Perkinson, I. 

Shaklocke, 80. 

Perkyn, 45. 

Shawe, 93. 

Philips, 29. 
Philpot, 89. 
Pickeringe, 25. 

Shawcrosse, 35. 
Shepherd, 34. 

Pilkington, 11,61,62. 

Sherborne, 8, 16,31,48 67, 94, 108. 

Poole, loo, 124. 
Powes, 129. 

Shudell, 50. 

PRESTON (of Holker), 25. 

SINGLETON, 8*. ' 4 ' ' ' ' * 

PRESTON (of Preston), 56. 

PRESTON (of Preston Patrick), 60. 

Skillicorne 13 56 69 

Preston, 19, 46, 86, 92. 
Prestwich, 6, 15, 35. 

Smith, 5, 10, 88, '131.' 
Sonkey, 132. 
South worth, 22, 51, 62, 84, 96, 103. 

I 4 2 


Stafford, 120, 128. TYLDESLEV, 101. 
Standen, 42. Tyldesley, 9, 68, 74, 88, 93, 95, 1 16, I 

STANDISH, 70, 71, 123. 

Standish, 40, 46, 57, 64, 72, 89, 122. T Tnwyn, 55. 

131. I 1 Urmeston. 74. 

STANLEY, in, 120. 

Usherwood, 96. 

Starkey, 17, 24, 35. 
Stockforth, 14. 

Vaughan, 61, 99. 
Vaulx, 71. 
Vavasor, ,34. 

Stockilye, 131. 

Veale, 79. 

Stourton, 27. 

Venables, 7, 53. 

Strange, 84. 
Strelley, 62. 
Strickland, 29. 


Wall, 86, 127. 

Sturmy, 100. 


Subosco, 49. 

Walmesley, 51, 84. 

Sutton, 107, 115. 
Swain, 84. 

Walton, 93, 100, 121. 
Wandesford, 134. 

Warwick, i<. 

Swfne^V 8 ' WATMOUGH, 114. 

Watmough, 88. 

Tailor. 98. ! Webster, 37. 
Talbot, 19, 27, 46, 94, 105, 109, ] Werberton, 54. 

Ill, 122. 

WESTBY, 90. 

Tarlton, 70. 

Westby, 21, 60, 108, 112. 


Whitbrooke, 37. 
White, 61, loo. 

Tettlawe, 5. 
Tewe, 117. 

Whitfield, 134. 

Thompson, I. 

Whitingham, 71. 

Thornborough, 32, 68, 88. 



Whitworth, 10. 

Thornton, 126. 

Wigan, incorporation of, I. 

Thorton, 85. 

Wilton, 98. 

Thwenge, 128. 


Tipping, 37- 
Tomlynson, 103. 
Tootell, 114. 

Witby, 100. 
Witham, 68. 
Withmore, 135. 

Torbock, 73, 97. 

Wodey, 113. 

Totleworth, 128. 

WOOD, 49. 

TOWNELEY, 61,62, 98. 

Woodfall, 16. 

Townley, 27, 32, 46, 82, 109, 129. 

Woodruffe, 99. 

Woodthorp, 46. 

Trafford, 11, 40, 101, 130. 
Traves, 67, 75. 

Worrall, 19. 
Worsley, 14, 53, 101, 115, 118, 153. 
WORTHINGTON, 125, 126. 

Tunstall, 16, 29, 71, 107. 
Twifeld, 70. 

Worthington, 8, 23, 24, 48, 113, 114. 
Wrightington, 24, 38, 83. 

Twyford, 73, 129. 

Wymbish, 6 1, 62. 
Wynn, 119. 

Printed by Charles Simms and Co., Manchester. 





The previous Index contains references to the names in the Visitation ; this gives 
the place-names and the persons and places named in the Introduction. 

Abraham, 39. 

Banke, the, 23. 

Ache 89. 

Bank Hall, 78. 

Adlington, 10, 119. 
Agecroft (Agecrofte, Egecrofte), 11, 39. 
Aighton, 111. 

Banktop, 99. 
Barton, 9, 10, 54, 79. 
Row, 129. 

Alkrington, 37. 

Bashall, 19, 109, 122. 

Altham (Altam, Altom), 38, 58, 82, 91. 

Bashowe, 111. 

Amoundernes, 86. 

Baylise, 12. 

Anderton, 56. 

Beamont, 28. 

Appleton, 88. 

Beaumaris (Beumaris), 88. 

Appley, 37. 

Beconsawe, 129. 
Bedford, Lane., 6. 

Armeley Hall, 66. 

Belfeild, 12. 

Armstead, 29. 

Bereparke, 29. 

Asheton, Edmund, xii. 

Bethom, 29, 83. 

Ashhurst, , ix. 

Betonsaw, 128. 

Ashton-under-Lyne, 14, 45, 51, 53, 80. 
Ashworth, 34. 

Bewsey, 16. 
Bickerstath (Bickerstaff), 111. 

Aspall, 50, 117. 

Bickerston, 22. 

Astley, 67. 

Birch (Brich), 53. 

Aughton (Awghtou), 21, 22, 25, 38. 

Birtles, 54. 

Aughtrington, 51. 

Blackborn, 49. 

Aynsworth, 6. 

Blackrod, 13. 

Blanscoe (Blainskowe), 23, 24. 

Babthorp, 36. 

Bold (Bolde), 15, 16, 27, 105, 114. 

Baglegh, 53. 
Ballacullom (Ballaoullin) , 41. 

Bolton, 93. 
Little, 33. 


Booth, 118. 

Bamfurlong (Bamfiirlonge), 4, 17 

Soothes, 14, 53. 

Boughton, 88. 

Clegg, 3, 12, 39, 54. 

Boys, 96. 

Clifton, 88. 

Bradley, 29, 84, 134. 

Clitheroe, 85. 

Bradshaw, viii, 58, 98. 

Clonely. 135. 

Brandlesholme, 94. 
BreUerholt, 54. 

Cockerham, 69,133. 
Cokswold, 72. 

Bridghall, 80. 

Conyshed, 72. 

Bridgnorth, 37. 
Brierley, 116. 

Coppall, 123. 
Cork, 42. 

Brindle, 100. 

Cottom, 108. 

Brockhall (Brockhale, Brokhall, Brock- 

Cotton, 68. 

hole, Brokhole, Brokhols), 30, 31, 39, 

Sir Robert, xiii. 

81, 82, 93, 102. 

Cranshaw, 16. 

Bromfeld, 54. 

Craven, 96, 105. 

Bromhall (Bromale), 53, 55. 

Crofton, 95. 

Brooke, J. 0., xvi. 

Crosby (Crosbye), 8, 114. 

Broosholms, 109. 

Croshaw, 126. 

Broughton (Broghton), 104, 108. 

Crosshaw (Croshall), 111, 129. 

Brynn (Brvn), the 9, 16, 33, 4*. 51. 
Burgh (Burg), 65, 92, 113, 123. 

Croston, 70, 104, 108, 125, 127, 128, 129. 
Crowton, 105. 

Burnley, 99. 

Croxton, 135. 

Buitwood, 100. 

Crumpsal (Crompshall), 87. 

Bury, xi. 

Cuerden, 5. 

ByUinge, 106. 


Byrom (Birom, Biram), 16, 35, 66, 118. 

Cunswik, 31. 

Byron, Sir John, xi. 

Byspham, 32, 128, 132. 

Dalton, 29, 97, 98. 

Calton, 36. 

Dantsey, 67. 
Darcy Lever, 105. 

Cambridge, 5. 
Cambridgeshire, xii. 

Deubigb, 130. 
Denlon, 52, 53, 55, 60. 

Camden, William, iii, xiii, xvii. 

Dewlmrst, 96. 

Cansfeild, 69, 104. 
Carlton, 79, 126. 

Dimples (Dymples), 75 
Dodsworth, Roger, xvii. 

Castleton, z. 

Downholland (Down Holand), 89, 122. 

Catterall, 26. 

Dublin, 42. 

Cawghton, 68. 

Dr-kenfield (Dokenfield), 34. 

Chaderton, xii, 68, 99. 

Dunham, 79, 129. 

Chadsley, 38. 
Chadwick, 110. 
Charles, xvi. 

Dunkeuhalgh (Dunkenhagh, Dunkenhawe, 
Donkenhalgh, Dvmknall), 51, 67,94, 119. 

Dr. John, xvi. 

Durham, 16, 33, 

Hall, 110. 

Duxbury (Duxburye, Dokisbury, Duks- 

Charnock (Chernook), 8, 9, 93, 104, 121. 

bury), 40, 46, 57, 70, 71. 

Chessamboys, 89. 

Dvllworth, 100. 

Chester, 15, 16, 46, 135. 

Dyneley, 3. 

Chisenhall, 24. 

Dytton, 131. 

Chorley, 82, 93, 95, 121, 123, 124. 

Hall, 114. 

Eaton, 135. 

Clarendon, Edward, Lord, xvii. 

Eecleston (Ecleston.Eckleston), 18,63, 65, 

Claughton (Clawghton), 30, 103. 

75, 78, 84, 107, 119. 

Clayton (Claiton), 47, 62, 83, 87, 113. 

Great, 126. 

Super More, 26. 
Cledden, 11. 

Eekington, 122. 
Edesford, 68. 


Elfoborth Hall, 3. 

Hesketh, Robert, xvii. 

Eltonhed, 115. 

(Heskeith, Heskayth), 21, 22, 128, 

Ewiton, 6, 21, 121. 


Fairhurst, xviii. 

Heskin (Heskyn, Heskeyn), 89, 114, 122. 
Hethershall, 67. 

Faringdon, 74. 

Heton (Heiton, Heyton), 31, 33, 131. 
Hide, 53. 

Farnham, 32. 

Higham, 55. 

Farnworth, 13. 

Highfeild, 96. 

Farriugton (Fariugton), 9, 19, 103. 

Hi g hlegh(Highley),54,105. 

Little, 104. 

Hillgate, 37. 

Fazakerley, 78. 

Hindley, , ix. 



Fishwick, 84. 

Hall, 117, 118. 

Fourneyz, manor of (Fourneiz), 60, 113. 

Holborn, xiii. 

Garret, 116. 

High, xiii. 
Holeroft (Holcrofte), 16,39,125,126,129. 

Gathurst, 123. 

Holdeu, 82. 


HoLmshead, ,ix. 

Gellibrand, x. 
G-errands, Bromley, 44. 

Holker. 25, 46. 
Holme (Holmes), 6, 35, 129. 

Gilfeld, 47. 

Holmewood, Martholrne, 129. 


Holt, 48. 

Glisburne, 66. 

Charles, x, xi. 

Glover, iii. 

Mary, x. 

Gressiard, 68. 

Robert, x. 

Grimsdich, 20. 

Honford, 63. 

Grisslehurst (Grysslehurst), 39. 

Hopwood, 80. 

Grymshaw (Grymshawe), 26. 

Hornby, 26. 

Houghe, the 37. 

Hackforth, 36. 

Houghton (Hoghton), 29, 88, 108. 

Hacking (Hackinge), 67, 134. 

Tower (Tower, Towre), 51,57, 

Haigh (Haghe, Haye), 8, 51, 57, 70, 130. 

67, 116. 

Hallam West, 121. 

Hongwick, 129. 

Hall, of the Shaw, 6. 

Howgheseud, 37. 

on the Hill (Hyll), 6, 119. 

K th 3 

Halsall, 22, 84. 

Hugill (Hugell), 19, 25. 

Hamborow, 100. 

Hulme, 41. 

Hampsfeild (Hampsfeld, Hampafold), 32, 

Hurst, 34. 

68, 88. 

Hutton, 84. 

Harrington, Nicolas, ix. 

grange, 103. 

Sir William, U. 

Hutt. the (The Hut), 16, 56, 71, 105. 

Harrock, 24. 

Huxlev, 44. 

Harwood, 94. 

Huyton, 73, 95. 

Great, 128, 129. 
Halley, St. George, manor of, xii. 

- Hey, ix. 
Hyde, Edward, xrii. 
Hylton, 32. 

Haunby, 36. 
Hawarden, 52, 54. 

InceBlundell (Innes Blundell), 76. 

Hawkley, 95. 
Healey Hall (Heley Hall, Heyley Hall, 
Helye Hall), 110. 

Jones, 17, 25, 76, 114, 115, 133. 
Ireby, 68. 
Irlam (Irelam, Erlom), 4, 17. 

Heley, 12. 

Hesketh, Holcroft, xvii. 

Kendall, 72, 128. 


Kenwick, 129. 

Meols, North (North Mells, Meals, Nort 

Keper, 33. 

Mells), 16, 112. 

Kinderton, 7. 

Mere, 135. 

Kineton, 67. 

Merles, the, 90. 

King Knough, 17. . 

Methop, 79. 

Thomas, W., xiv. 

Miclehead (Mvclehead), 114. 

Kingston, 72. 
Kirkby, Irelyth, 113. 

Middleton (Midleton), 7, 29, 45, 46, 134. 
Middlewich (Midlewieh), the, 54. 

Kirkbye, 92. 
Kirkland, 74, 79. 

Milend, 37. 
Milles, , iii. 

Kirklington, 134. 

Milnrow, chapel of xi. 

Knowslev, 5, 106. 

Minshull, 124. 

Knutsford, 35. 

Monkshall, 82. 

Morley, 88. 

Laborick, 89. 
Lanburow, 24. 
Landwood, 51. 
Langtre, 25, 119, 125. 
Lathom (Latham), 106. 

Mosborough, 106, 107. 
Moston, 80. 
Mouldbury, 90. 
Moulsey, 100. 
Mowbrick (Molbreck, Molbriek), 21, 60, 
108, 112. 

Lawe, the, 82. 
Layton (Laton), 74, 79. 

Mushoe, 9. 

Lees, 50. 
Leigh (Leghe, The Leghes), 5,45,53. 
Leightou, 29, 51. 
Lever (Leaver), 23, 25, 130. 
Great (Greate), 30,41-, 62. 
Little (Litle), 4, 33. 
Levesey, 67, 88, 105. 
Levtand, 104. 

Naworth castle, 60. 
Neatby (Nateby, Netebye), 67, 75, 85. 
Netherlands in Sussex, 24, 
Nether Whitaere, 113. 
New Bigging, 36. 
Newhall, 35, 52, 82. 
Newton, 10, 66, 128. 

Liddesdale, 68. 
Lidyard, Tregoza, xiii. 

Norbury, xvii, 53, 55. 
Nordeam, 100. 

Liverpool (Liverpoole, Leverpole), 76, 93, 

Northyam, 61. 
Norton, 16. 

95, 121. 
Londesdale, 31. 
London, 16, 28, 42, 44, 71, 87, 89, 100. 

Nurted, 131. 
Nuthurst, 80, 87. 

Longworth, 40. 
Lostock, 50, 57, 60, 114. 

Okeover, 19. 
Oldeam, 5, 80. 

Loveley, 105. 

Ordford, 102. 

Lytham (Litham, Lithome), 13, 116. 
Lyme (The Lyme), 29, 51, 71. 
Lynroad, 62. 

Ordsall (Ordshall, Ordeshall, TJrdeshall), 6, 
10, 19, 101. 
Osbaldston (Osbaldeston), 25, 84. 

Padiham, xii. 

Manchester, 10, 11, 12, 13, 35, 37, 80, 87, 

Parbold (Perbold, Parbolt), 64, 75, 86. 


Parker, Archbishop, xi. 

Manley, 72. 

Parkhall, 13, 116. 

Martholme, 128. 

Parr, 118. 

Marton, 93, 95. 

Peele (Pele), 65, 124. 

Mawdesley, 64, 75. 

Pemberton (Pemerton), 65, 78. 

Maxfeild, 19. 

Penington, 35. 

Mearley, 67. 

Penketh, 20, 132. 

Mellenge, 112. 

Pennelton, 134. 


Pennelton bridge, 17. 

Saxton, 29. 

Penwortham (Penwartham), 9, 122. 

Scotland, 29. 

Pilling (Pillinge),69, 112. 

Sephton, 32, 107, 131. 


Shakerley, 101. 

Pilkinton, 50. 

Sharrock hey, 96. 

Plessington, 83. 

Shavington (Shevington), 24, 123. 

Plonipton, 19, 89. 

Shaw, 17, 65. 

Little, 89, 122. 

Shelley, 67. 

Poklington, 63. 

Shuttleworth, 99. 

Pooton, 21. 

Hall, xii. 

Poule, 124. 

Sighes, the, 100. 

Poulton (Polton), 21, 28, 79, 108. 

Smethes, 49. 

hall (Powltou hall), 28. 

Smethurst, 54. 

Powltow, 116. 

Smithfold, 10. 

Poynton, 55. 

Sneithell, 126. 

Prestcot, 16. 

Sonkey, 132. 

Preston, 19, 24, 25, 50, 56, 86, 92. 

Sparth, 94. 

Patrick, 60. 
Preesall (Prisehall), 13. 

Speake, 9, 88, 90, 102, 125. 

Spelman. xiii. 

Stakes, 83. 

Rainehill, 18. 
Eatcliff (Raclyff, Racliffe, RawelifP, Raw- 
clyff, Ratcliffe, Radcliff), 16, 49, 50.69, 

Standish (Standishe), 57,70,72,122,123, 
Wood, 24. 

70, 89, 90, 111. 

Standon, 96. 

Ratclyff Tower, 94. 

Stansacre, 74. 

Raydom, 75. 

Stansfield, 82. 

Raynsforth, 106. 
Read (Rede, Reade), 62, 66, 127, 128. 

Stonyhurst (Stanyhurst, Stanyherst, 
Sonishurst, Stonyhurst, Stonnyhurst), 

Revet, 66. 

8, 16,27, 31,67, 94, 109. 

Ribbleton (Ribleton), 63, 67, 103, 108, 

Stayning (Stanynge, Stavninge, Staining), 


25, 44, 50, 79, 134. " 

Riddlesden, 26. 
Ridge, the (The Ridge), 11, 88. 
Ridley, 6. 

St.George, Baron Hatley, xiv. 
George, xiv. 
Oliver, xiv. 

Rishton, Spenser, 107, 115. 

Sir Henry, xiii, xiv. 

Risley, 48. 

Sir Richard, xiv. 

Rixton, 4, 20, 22, 77, 79, 129. 

Sir Thomas, xiv. 

Rochdale Grammar School, xi. 

St. John, Elizabeth, xiii. 

parish, xi, 80. 
Roshall, 21, 89. 

Nicholas, xiii. 
Stockport, 52. 

Rowley, 83. 

Stony, 109. 

Royhill, 61. 

Strangwich, 13. 

Royle, 82, 99. 

Streame, 61, 100. 

Rufford, xvii, 128, 129. 

Stretton, 24. 

Rushton Spenser, 107, 115. 

Strickland, great, 75. 

Ryton, 7. 

Stubb (Stubbe), 68. 

Stubley, x, xi, 12, 91. 

Saddleworth, chapel of, xi. 

Sunderland, 13. 

Salesburye (Salesbery), 27, 46, 94, 105. 
Salford (Saulford), 10, 35, 123. 

Sutton, 16, 88, 114, 132. 

Swinhed, 4. 

Sambesbury (Samblebury, Salmesburye, 

Samesbury), 51, 62, 84, 96. 

Tabley, 9, 105, 

Saxelby, 109. 

Talbot, Lettice, xii. 


Talbofc, William, xii. 
Tansaker, 9. 

Wedaere (Wediker, Widacre), 23, 71, 74, 

Tarnaker, 100. 

75, 90. 

Tatton, 15. 

Wellingborough, 104, 132. 

Thomley, 64. 

Weimington, 68. 

Thornton (Thorneton), 105, 113, 126. 

Werdon, 19, 56. 

Thorp, 100. 

Werneth (Wernerth), 5, 11, 80. 

Thurland, 16. 

Westby, 59, 88, 90. 

Castell, 16. 

West Hallam, 121. 

Thwenge, 128. 

Westleigh (Westley), 6, 74. 

Tildeslegh, 68. 

Westminster, 100. 

Tillotson, Archbishop, xvi. 

Weston, 134 

Mary, xvi. 

Wheltrogh, 53. 

Todmorden, 44. 

White Church, 42. 

Toft (Tofte), 10,48. 

Whitfield, 134. 

Tonge, ,xl 
Torbock, 73. 


Wbitwall (Whitwell), 91. 

Totleworth, 128. 

Windes, 114. 

Towneles, ITU, 27, 32, 46, 61, 62, 99, 109, 

Wiggin (Wyggin), 65. 


Wight, Isle of, 72. 

Christopher, xvii. 
Nicholas, li, xii. 

Wimerley (Wymerley, Wilmerley, Wil- 
mersley), 27, 32, 43, 44, 109. 

Bichard, xvii. 

Winckley, , ii. 

Trafford (Traford), 10, 40, 130. 

Winkley, 38. 

Travers, , is. 


Turton (Torton), 5, 33, 49, 50, 58, 125. 

Witbgill, 38. 

Tyldesley, 101. 

Withie, John, xiv, xvi. 

Tyngrave, 8. 

WolfaU, 108. 

Wolston, 17, 119. 

Upton, 15, 20. 

Woodford, 55. 

Urmston (Urmeston), 53, 54. 

Wood, the (Wod), 90, 112. 
Wo'-kingtou (Workinton, Workenton), 

Walton, 16, 27, 62, 93, 95, 109, 121. 

28, 60, 68. 

in le Dale, 100. 

Worsley, 72. 

Warde, 106. 

Worthington, 8, 125. 

Wardley, 25, 69, 101, 117, 133. 

Wotton, 88. 

Warnham, 131. 

Wrightington (Writtington), 24, 35, 64. 

Warrington, 88. 

Wysall, 19. 

Waterpery, 99. 
Wath, 21, 129. 

Young, Sir Charles Q-, lii. 


DA Chatham Society, Manchester, 

670 Ens. 
L19C5 Remain?