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To meat the Eequirements of Art. 19, 0. 1, of the New Oode, 1880. 


First Beader for Standard II.— Containing 40 Reading Tx^ssons on 
Elementary Geography. G9 Illustrations and Diagranw. Small 4tu, 
cloth, 9d.; limp cover, cloth back. Od. 

Summaries and Memory Work. Price Id. 

'* The elcmcntanj facts of Gv4igraphy air well collected and werangfd 
■in thiJi introducttn-y rohntie. 'Iliere are diagrams 07' illustrations vn 
ererij l'('^.;e, tniding to mal-r the vuH vf!dti'.\t.H-d hij Hu j,uyil. It « 
wellp n n ted.frm ly hou n d a n d profusely ill ustra ted. ' ' — i^cu 00 L m astee. 

Second Beader for Standard III.— Containing 40 Reading Lessons 
on England and Wales. Numerous Maps a!hd Illustrations, bmall 4to, 
cloth, 9d. ; limp cover, cloth back, (Jd. 

JIOME LESSOX ROOK to the SECOND REAdKh. 1 oniiing au 
Outline Geography of England and Wales, with four Maps. Price Id. 
fTlxe Boval History Beader. No. 2.—" England from the earliest times l/j 

the close of the Norman line, (1154.) Illustrated. Price Is. For Standard 

IV. No. 2 for Standard V; and No. 3 for Standard VI will be ready 


Third Beader for Standard IV.— Ccmtaining GO les.<;ons on the 

British Plmpire, including Colonies and Dependencies. With numerous 
^laps and Illustrations. Price Is. 

*#* Geographical Readers for Standards V and VI in preparation. 


A Simple History of England, in Heading Lessons. With Maps, 
Illustrations, Notes, and Vocabularies. Cloth Is. Ihr Standard IV. 

Tlie HiErtorical Beader (P^nglii^h History), consisting of extracts from 
Standard Authors in prose and verse. With Maps, Notes and Vocabu- 
laries. 12mo, cloth, 192 pp. Js. For Standard V. 

The Beign of Queen Victoria. Comprising the gi-eat events of history 
during the present Keign. With Chronological Summary of Events and 
a full Index. Post 8vo, 224 pp. Cloth Is. 6d. i^l/r Standard VI. 


First Beader for Standard II. Containing upwards of 40 I^swms 
on the Animals around us: lieautifully Illustrated. \2b pp., cloth l)d. 

The lessons con^iist of simple descyriptivns of Trell-knotvn atdmals^ 
together with storws illvst rating tJielr h/jbits. 

Other Volumes m 1*reparation. 

*^* THE ROYAL SCHOOL SERIES.— A Prospectus, with Specimen Pages, will be 
warded post free on application. The Messrs. Nelson will send a Specimen Volume free 
reply to applications on behalf of Public Elementary Schools. 

THOMAS NELSON & SONS, 35 & 36, Paternoster Bow, London, EO. 


larcns Ward Sl Co.'s Pub lications. 


For use in accordance with the New Code. Adopted by the London Schoo] Board. 

Thirtieth Thousand. 
The Child's Geography. By M. J. Barkiisgton Ward, M.x\., 1\K.G.8., 

Worcester College, Oxford. Maps and Fifty-five Illustrations. Paj^er boards, 
cloth back, 6d. iStrongly bound, whole cloth, 9d. 

Part 11. is in active preparation, and will shortly be ready. 

Marcus Ward's Improved Writing Copy Books. Adopted by the 

Commissioners of National Education in Ireland, the London {School Board, 
and the Ouecnsland Board of Kdncation. Price 2d. each. 

ISO. i, isenienccs tryinaio Jiancl 

8. Selections from Shaks}x.'re 

Fin ish ing hand 

9. C()mmercial Correspondence ... 
Bvsim'.sii lla ml 

10. Lettering — Plain and Onia- 

n. Blank Exercise Book — Puled 

with Margin. 
12. Blank Exercise Book — Cross 


N». 1. Introductory — fohort ijctters ... 

2. Introductory — Long letters — 
Words r<yrf. 

3. Words of I^ong and Shoil 
Letters Jlalf Text. 

4. Capital Letters, Sh(n*t Words, 
and Figures Half Text, 

5. Sentences and Fi gures 


6. Sentences and Figures 


ProsjKictus and Si)ecimen Images sent post-free on application. 

Marcus Ward's Sixpenny Universal Atlas. Twenty-two Maps 

fully coloured with Geogra])hical Diagrams. Adopted by the Board of 
National Kd'vation in Ireland, and the London School Board. Crown 4to. 
Price (Jd. The greatest number of maps for sixpence ever offered. 

Marcus Ward's Arithmetic. To suit the requirements of the New 
Educational Code. By J. W. Marshall, M.A., late Scholar of St. Petcr'« 
College, Cambridge ; Assistant Master at Charterhouse School. 

Part 1., Simple Ilulen (Staiidards I. and II.') in linni, 4d. Part II., Compound 
liules QStandarda III. and IV.) in linen, 6d. Part III, Practice, Billtt of 
Parcel, Practionx, Decimals, (^Standards V. and VI,) in linen^ Sd. Afian'e?'^, 
in linen, Sd. Or complete in One Volume. Small 8vo, cloth, Is. (Jd. T/ie 
sa-me, with the Answers, 2s. 


The Mytholo^ of Greece and Borne, with Special Reference 

to its Use in Art. From the German of (). Seeman. Edited by G. IL 
BiANCHi, M.A.. late Scholar of S. Peter's College. Cambridge. !New and 
cheap eilitiou. 04 Illustrations, crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. CA. 

Placed on tlie Prize-List of II.M. Department of Science and Art, 

Marcus Ward & Co., Publishers^ 

67 & 68, Chandos Street, lK>ndon, W.C. ; 
Moyal mater Works, Bel^eurt; and Philadelphia. 

• . *. 





Established July, 1870. 


Mr. J. R. Lang-lee, B. A., Wesleyan Training College, Westmii?st«r, S.W. 


Mr. R. Sykes, Board School, Gillespie Road. Hi glibji^ry;. VJjji;:?^. 


Mr. G. J. Rankilob, St. Clement's School, Nechells, l^i-pniri^' . 


' * ' ■»•*>•% 

•- V.-.- 

Mr, R. Gkeenwood, Board School, Southwark Park Road- ^iirnxnfrtsey, S j£» 

5 > -*'t>»Oi.ICITOR. ./ ••••'- ;, '" 

C. H. LOVELL, Esq., 3, Gray's Inn-square, IlolWnl, E.C * ' ' 


**•*» •>'«« 

The London and County Bank. Covent Garden Branch/* iieniaetirA-sfcreet, 

Covent Garden, W.C. Ji \ / 


Mr. Thomas Edmund Heller, 7, Adam-street, Adelphi,.AV.Xy^ 

9 ( •» .1 



Shaw & Spabks, Steam Printers, 51, Parker's Row, Bermondsey, SJL 







Objects of the Union v 

List of Executive, 1881-3 \l."~\" 

List (^ Committees viii--i.\ 

Rules X - xii 

List of Former Presidents xiii 

Calendar xiv— .\ix 

Twelfth Annual Conference x\- 

President's Address xx— xx.w 

Eleventh Annual Report of Executive ". .. .. xxxvi--lv 

Treasurer's Report and Balance Sheets.. Ivi— lix 

Auditors* Report Ix — Ixii 

I'apers read at the Conference : — 

The Teachers' Registration BiU Ixjii— Ixyij 

lTi6*0efects in the Code Curriculum Ixvii — Ixxiii 

Thg ^Policy of the National Union of Elementary Teachers ,. .. Ixxiv— Ixxxv 
Special itepo'rls : — 

f.^ , l<3sport of the Special Committee on Code ixxxvi — xcv 

. Second Report of the Special Committee on Code xcv— xcviii 

III. Rj'port of *\^ ^tan bridge Trustees .. .. ' xcviii — xi ix 

IVi.**^ciJ... I C.I .v<.ciul Committee on Admission to i'raining Colleges .. xcix — civ 
v.* 'Report of Council of Teachers' Orphanage and Orphan Fund, with 

V"*" Balance Sheet . civ — ovi 

VJ^'/X^port of Central Committee and Balance Sheet of Teachers' 

• *••• ... Benevolent Fund .. .. , cvi — cviii 

Vir^ ^I^%port ofX^neral Board of Management of Teachers' Provident 

***^'-/ it}' ., .. .. .. cvili — cx 

• •••VIHT'.S^creliiys* Report on Compulsory Attendance ex- cxii 

Res<Mutiah.s\]f Confcvonce, 1881 cxii — cxvi 

•R««rits it Jil«ctiwi9,"*eiil cxvi 

;P^«[* oflie^x^<Jorfft»^ce cxvi 

'DQPumeaCs,i«sued (iiiH!*ng the year I88A-1 

• -••• I. *MerJw9l»on Code of 18S0 cxvii— cxix 

\ '. , nV.'^^entortal'on recasting of Code .. Jk'^M £\Cy\^^ •• .. cxix— cxxiii 

^ , . I bk • •Mer^cjrj.^fto School Hoard for I..on dgi \ \My'%- M m •• cxxiii — cxxvi 

• C* [ • J y? I ^*iirl*awentarj' Action : — 

'"• \ •,, '** 't'''n':iT oi tlic ^leneral Election cxxvii— cxxx 

J'. .' "*^ Sf. •Cwcular on Code, ^c cxxx — cxxxi 

• • " . V.Y^'ircillar 5n Maintenance of a good Standard of Education .. cxxxi - cxxxiii 

'•♦^^ "VCr.^^CircuWt'on Compulsion cxxxiii — cxxxv 

,*•*" V4V..J'orBk<»f»i»pecial Return [Form xvi, (rt)] cxxxvi 

VIH. Title of the Union cxxxvii 

IX.* Tnco'rp<t5aJtion of the Union ..cxxxvii -cxT 

X. •Clausts in Teachers' Registration Bill, referred to in the Report of 

• ^*i." the Executive cxl — cxlii 

Standing fV>rms :— 

Draft RyJes for Local Associations cxliii — cxliv 

StanMcCag Orders for Local Associations cxliv 

District Unions cxlv — cxlvi 

List of RteiiJ^ers of Associations in Union 1 — 179 

Tabular List .of Associations in Alphabetical Order, with Statistics and Payments 189—103 
List of ^istritt Unions, with Names of Officers and Affiliated Associations .. 194—200 

List of Atfociations arranged in Counties 201 — 203 

ITie Tearher^' Benevolent Fund : — 

Officers and Committee 2u4 

Bye-Laws 205—210 

List of Contributors 210—221 

The Teachers' Orphanage and On^han Fund : — 

Officers and Council 232 

Rules 223—227 

List of Contributors 228—237 

List of Elected Orphans and Candidates 237 

The Teachers' Provident Society : — 

Officers and Board of Management 23a 

Balance Sheets.. ' .. , 23i) 

List of Local Agencies , 24^1 





I. To unite together, by means of Local Associations, the P^blic• 
Elementary Teachers throughout the kingdom, in order to. 
provide a machinery by which teachers may give express- 
ion to their opinions when occasion requires, and may take- 
united action in any matter affecting their interests. 
II. To afford to the Education Department, to School Boards,, 
and to other Educational Bodies the benefit of the^ 
collective experience and advioe of Teachers on practical 
educational questions. 
III. To improve the general education of the country by seeking- 
to raise the qualifications and status of Public Elementary 
Teachers, and by opening out a career to the best qualified! 
Members of the Profession. 

IV. To watch the working of the Education Act; to promote th& 

insertion of such new Articles in the Code of Begulations. 
as may frpm time to time be found necessary in the 
interests of Public Education ; and to secure the removal 
of such regulations as are detrimental to the cause of 
educational progress. 

V. To establish a Scheme, whereby retiring allowances may bo 

secured to aged and incapacitated Teachers, and to seek 
the removal of such restrictions from the existing Pension 
Minutes (1877) as were not contained in the Minutes of 
1846 and 1851-61. 
VI. To establish Provident, Benevolent, and Annuity Funds in 
connection with the Union for the benefit of the Scholastic 
VII. To establish and support in connection with the Union an 
Orphanage and Orphan Fund for the Children of Teachers. 
VIII. To secure the representation of the profession in Parliament. 
IX. To raise Teaching to . the dignity of a Profession, by means 
of a Public Register of duly qualified Teachers for every 
class of Schools ; by the appointment of a Representative 
Educational Council ; and by the creation of a Ministry 
of Science and Education. 

' :■ THOMAS EDMUND HELLER, Seoretar^^ 
7, Adam Stbeet, Adelphi, W.C, 

lilST OF EXECUTIVE, 1881-82. 



J. K. Langler, B.A„ Wesleyan Training College, Westminster, S.W. 


R. Sykes, Board School, Gillespie-roaJ, Highbury Vale, N. 


G. J. IxAXKiLOK, St. Clement's School, Xochells, Birmingham 

Treasurer. . 

E. Greenwood, 102, Avondalo-square, Old Kont-road, S.E. 


T E. Heller, 7, Adam-street, Adclphi, W.C. 


Bagot, W., National School, "Watcrhead, Oldham. 

Baldwin, T., High Green British School, Sheffield. 

Clark, H., Board School, Blundell-strcet, N. 

Ceowther, W., British School, Derby. 

Cutler, J. J., Femside. Althorpe-road, Upper Tooting, S.W. 

Day, T. N., British School, Abbey-street, Bethnal Green, E. 

Devonshire, J. H., AVesleyan School, Min'tern-strect, Hoxton, N. 

Gardner, W., 92, Kilshaw-strect, Livoi'pool. 

GiBLiNG, G., Board School, Aldenham-strcct, Marj'lebone, N. 

Graves, J. J., ]Cndowc<l School, l^^npoit, Northampton. 

GeoveJ, J. AV., 17, J^iding House-street, l^ngham-place, W. 

Hamilton, G., 48. St. :\rary Axe, E.C. 

Lethbridge, E. B.. Devonia, AVarleigh-road, Brighton. 

Maidiient, U., Green C^at School, Cambei-well, S.E. 

Moore, IC. W., M.A., Bishopsgatc Ward Schools, Skinner-street, E,C. 

Moore, H. J., 14, Clarence-square, Cheltenham. 

Pitt, T. R.", B.A., Church-terrace, Board School, Plumstead. 

Russell, J., 1^», Burmgo-road, PlnmHtead, S.E. 

Scotson, J., Board School, Feter-strcet, Mimchester. 

Smith, C, St. Thomas' School, Charterhouse, E.C. . 

8NEATH, Q. J., 8t. Andrew's School, Hatton -garden, Holbom, E.C. 

Tait, S. B., Crolt iIon>e Lane, Marsh, Huddersfield. 

Wild, 11., B.A., 5, Montague-place, Poplar, E. 

Wilson., C, Board School, Gipsy-road, Ix)wer Norwood. 



Bates, J. I., St. Peter's School, Coyentiy. North Warn'} el' ah Ire. 

Bennett. J., Boys' Free School, St. Neots, Hunts. JTuntinfffioufhire. 

Calmady-Kicharclson, F., 12, Courtney-i*oad, Drayton Park, N. Drron. 

Chadwick, J., London-road School, Derby. Dorhyxhlre. 

-Chirk, S., National School, Magdalen-street, Colchester. Ksftt'x. 

Cross, Wing School, Lcighton Buzzard. South Midland. 

Dogherty, J., Ch. Ch. S.. Shiedfield, Newcastle-on-Tjnic. XorthnmherJand. 
Genner, B., United Westminster S., Victoria-street, S.W. NorthamptovJihire. 
ijrodfrey, J., Amington National School, Tamworth. iS-^ajfordid/lre. 

Harvey, T., 17, Portland-street. Leamington. Sovth Warn-'ichshire, 

Hefford. T. G., Board School, Carlton lioad, Dewsbnry. West YorJis, 

Howson, li.. St. John's Scho(^, Woking. West Surreif and Enxf Hantit. 

Moore, H. J., British School, Cheltenham. North OhvceAterJfhlre, 

Page, J. H., Amalgamated S., Abcravon. Glanwrgnn and Oirmarthcn. 

Sergeant, G. 11., St. James' School, Dover. East Kent, 

i^pratling, J. K., Haven Bank, Boston. Lincolnshire, 

Tattersall, J., 110, Albion-road, \ ^r *-l t t r ixr . , ^^ 

stoke Ke^-ington, N. ] ^"'*-^ Lanpn^lan- and M cdmonland, 

Vincent, C, W. S., Gt. Bridge, Birmingham. Birmingham. 

Webb, J., Church-road Board School, Le}ton, Essex. East Lancashire. 

Welch, J., St. Mary's School, Eastbourne. Brighton and Sussex. 


C. H. LOVELL, Esq., 3, Gray's Inn-sqnarc, W.C. 

London and County Bank, Covent Garden Branch, llonrietta-strcet 

Covent Ganlen, W.C. ' 

ir.B.— Post Office Orders should be made p&jsMe o,t 4:07 f 
Strand, W.C. 

All Cheques thould he crossed "Londok and Cotjnty Bank, Cotent 

Garden Branch." 




Finance and General Purposet Comwittee, 

Meet on the Second a^iA Fourth Mondays of each Month, at 7.30 p.m. 

r%/?;rwfi».— Mr. G. Hamilton, 43, St. Mar}' Axe, E.C. 

Bennett, Mr. J., Boys' Free School, St. Neots, Ilunta 

Clark, Mr. S., National School, MaRilalcn-street, Colchester. 

Cutler, Mr. J. J.. Fcmside, Althoq)C-n)ad, Upper Tooting, S.W. 

Day, Mr. T. N., British School, Ahlwy-street, Bethnal Green. 

Ilevonshire, Mr. J. H., Wesleyan Sch(K)l, Mintcni-street, Hoxton, N. 

Dogherty, Mr., Christ Church School, Shieldtied, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 

Genncr, Mr. B., United Wesleyan Sch<x)ls, Victoria-street, SAV. 

Lethbridge, Mr. E. B., Dcvonia, Warleigh-road, Brighton. 

Maidment, 3klr. H., Green Coat School, Cambcrwell, S.E. 

Page, Mr., Amalgamated School, Alx»ravon. 

Kussell. Mr. J., 198, Bnrrage-road, Plumstead. 

Sncath. Mr. G. J.. St. Andrew's School, liatton Garden. Hallwm, W,C, 

8pratlmg, Mr. J. B., Haven Bank, Bostoa. 

Webb, Mr. J., Chnrch-roatl Boanl School, I^j'ton, Essex, 

Wild. Mr. B., B.A., 5, Montague-place, Poplar, E. 

Wilson, ^rr. C., Boanl School, Gipsy-roiwl, lx)wer Norwootl. 

II. — Pavliamentanj mnd Imw Committee, 

Meet on the First and Thinl Wednesday of each Month, at 7,30 p.m. 

Chairman,— 'Sir, G. J., Sncath, St. Andrew's School, Hatton Garden, 

Holbom, W.C. 

Calmady-Richardson, Mr. F., 12. Court ncy-road, Drayton-park, N, 

Chadwick, ^Ir. J.. I^ndon-n>ad School, Derby. 

Oark, Mr. H., lioanl School, Blundell-strcct; N. 

Cross, 3klr. Wing School. Leighton Buzzard. 

Cntler. Mr. J. .1., Femside, Althorjxj-road. Ui)per Tooting. S.W. 

Girling, Mr., 78^ St. Thomas-road, Finsburj' Park, N. 

Grove, Mr. J. W., 1 7, Biding House-sti-eet, Langham-place, W. 

Hefford, Mr. T. (i., Boanl Schools, Carlton-road, Dcwsbuiy. 

Hpwson, Mr. K., St. John's School, Woking. 

Moore, Mr. E. W., M.A., Bishopsgate Ward School, Skinner-street, EX, 

Pitt, Mr. T. I^, B.A., Church-terrace Board School, Plumstead. 

Sergeant, Mr. G. H., St. James' School. Dover. 

Tattersall, Mr., 110, Albion-road, Stoke Newington, N. 

Wilson, Mr. C, Boanl School, Gipsy-road, Ix)wer Norwood. 


III. — OrganUation Committee, 

Meet on the Saturday after the" Firnt Friday, and on the Saturday after the 

Third Friday in each Month, at 10 a.m. 
Chairman. — Mr. E. B, Lcthhridge, Devonia, Warleigh-road, Brighton. 

Bagot, Mr. W., National School, Waterhead, Oldham. 

J5aldwin. Mr. T., High-green British School, Sheffield, 

Bates, Mr. A. J., St. Peter's School, Covcntr}'. 

Culmady-Richardson, Mr. F., 12, C/Ourtney-road, Drayton-park, N. 

Oadwick, Mr. J., London Koad School, Derby, 

•('lark, Mr. H., Board School, Blundell-street, N. 

•Clark, Mr. S., National School, Magdalene-street, Colchester. 

Crowthcr, ^fr. W., British School, Derby. 

<jlardner, Mr. W., 92, Kilnhaw-street, Liverpool. 

Gcnner, Mr. B., Unitetl Westminster Schools, Alexandra-street, Victoria-street. 

(Jiriing. Mr. G., 78, St. Thomas'-road, Finsbury Park, N. [S.W. 

•Gotlfrey, Mr, J., Amington N. S.. Tamworth. 

<Traves, Mr. J. J., Kndowed School. I^amport, Northampton. 

Hamilton, Mr. G., 43, St. Mary Axe, E.C. 

Harvey, Mr. T., 17, Portland-street, Leamington. 

^Maidment, Mr. H., Green Coat Schools, Camlxjnvell, S.E. 

Moore, Mr. E. W., M.A., Bishopsgatc Wanl School, Skinner-street, E.C. 

Moore. Mr. H. J., 14, Clarence-square. Cheltenham. 

Bussell, Mr. J., 198, Burro gc-road, Plumstead. 

J^otson, Mr. J., Board School, Peter-street, ^Manchester. 

>^mith, Mr. C, St. Thomas' School, Cliartcrhousc, E.C. 

i^pmtling, Mr. J. B.. Haven Bank, Boston. 

Tait, Mr. S. B., Croft House Lane, Marsh, Huddersiield. 

Vincent, Mr. J., AVcsleyan School, (it. Bridge. Birmingham. 

Welch, Mr. J., »St. Mary's School, I'^tboume. 


Committee on Code. 

Cluurman, — Mr. J. W. Grove, 17, Biding House-street, Langham-place, W. 

Bagot, Mr. AV., National School, Waterhead, OUlham. 

Day, Mr. T. N., British School, Abbey-street, Bethnal Green. 

Devonshire, Mr. J. H., Wesleyan School. Mintern-strect, Hoxton, N. 

Oanlner, Mr. W-, 92, Kilshaw-strcct, Liverpool. 

Graves, Mr. J. ff., Endowed School, I^miwrt, Northampton. 

Ixjthbridge, Mr. K B.. Devonia, Warleigh-i'oad, Brighton. 

Moore, Mr. H. J., 14, Clarence-square, C'heltenham. 

Pitt, Mr. T. B., B.A., Church-terrace Board School, Plumstead. 

Bussell, M. J., 198. Burrage-road, Plumstead. 

Tait, Mr. S. B., Croft House Lane, Marsh, Huddersfield. 

Webb, Mr. J., Church-road Board School, Leyton, Essex. 

{The Officers of the National Union of I'^ementary Teachers are ex-offieio 
members of every Committee and Sub-Committee.] 



1. — That this Union be called the National Union of P^lementaiy Teachers, 


2. — That this Union shall consist of such As."<ociations of Elementary 
Teachers in ]ui gland aiid Wales, of live members and upwards, as may be 
affiliated by the Executive. 

3. — That any number of Associations not less than three may unite to 
form a district Union, provided always that no District Union shall contain 
le»>tithaii a aggregate of fifty members, 

Annual Conference. 

4. — That a Confercilce be held annually, consisting of the Executive, the 
Ex-Prest dents, and the representatives elected according to l^ule i). 

5. — That the Annual Conference be held at Easter ; and thnt the place 
of meeting be agreed upon by ballot at the preiious Annual Conference, but 
that Conferences may be held for special purposes at such times and places- 
as the Executive may deem expedient, provided always that not less than 
geven days' notice be given to the Secretaries of Associations in Union. 

6. — That the Annual Conference shall elect a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a 
Secretary (in case of a -vacancy), and twenty- four other members of the Union, 
as members for the Executiue. 

7. — That at the opening of each Conference the Standing Orders prepared 
by the Executive be read, and, if approved, adopted. Scnitinecrs shall be 
appointed by the Conference to count up the votes and to report to the 
President the result of the election. 

8. — 2s o business shall be commenced in any meeting of Conference unless 
at least forty representatives are present, and if at any time during the sittings- 
of Conference the attentian of the President is drawn to the fact that less than 
forty representatives are present, the business shall be suspended, 

Bepeesentation in Conference, 

9'. — That each Association be permitted to send to Conference one representa- 
ti>efor every ten members up i • a maximum of ten representatives; but 
that such Associations of less tha:i ten members be permitted to send one 

10. — That represeatativcs chosen by the Associations in Union for the 
Annual Conference be recognised as such at any special Conference during the 
ensuing year. 

11. — •• That none but members of the Union shall act as representative* 
from any association, but that any member may represent more than one 
association if he be duly chosen, and his appointment notified to the general 
secretary of the Union." Js'o paid officer of the Union shall act as the 
representative of any Association. 



12. — That the full names and addresses of the chosen representatives shaff 
be sent to the Secretary of the National Union of Elementary Teachers not 
lens that twenty-eight days before Easter in ieacih year ; otherwise the clt^cteA 
representatives will not be recognised at the Conference. 

Voting Power. 

13. — That each association shall have in Conference one. vote for every 
member. * i - - • 

14. — That the number of votes belonging to an associatioft miay be divided* 
amongst its representatives present at the Conterence. 

1.5. — That the Secretaiy of each association shall send to the Secretary of" 
the National Union, not later the 31st day of December in each y6ar, a correct 
list of members, alphabetically arranged, giying the full name and address, 
of each member whose subscriptions tor the year then ending is paid to the 
Treastirer of the National Union, and that this list shall determine the voting 
power of that Association at the ensuing Conference. 


16. — That the Executive shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Ex«- 
President, Treasurer, and the Secretary of the Union, together with such other 
members as may be elected according to Rule G and 1 9. 

17. — That the I'^xecutive meet monthly, and at such other times as th^ 
President and Secretary may deem fit ; that these meetings be held in London, 
or such other places as may be agreed upon by the Executive ; and that the- 
Secretary be requii-ed to summon a Special Meeting at any time on receiving 
requisition signed by four members of the Executive, who shall state ia 
writing the objects of such meetings. 

18. — That in any meeting of the Executive dnly summoned seven members, 
shall form a quorum. 

19. — That each District Union may elect a representative on the Executive^ 
but no charge shall be made upon the funds of the National Union for 
the expenses incurred by the attendance of such 'representatives at meetings at' 
the Executive. 

20. — That should any of the officers mentioned in Rule 6 become vacant, 
during the year, the Executive be empowered to fill up such vacancies nntill 
the next Annual Conference. 

21. — That if any member of the JExecutive elected by Conference shall be 
absent for three successive months from the meetings of the Executive and its 
Committees, without reasons which are considered sufiicient by the Executive^, 
such person shall cease to be a member, and shall not be eligible for re-electioik 
until the next Annual Conference. 

22. — That the travelling expenses of the membei*s of the Executive elected 
by Conference, in attending meetings of the Executive and of Conference, be? 
defrayed out of the funds of the Union. 


23. — That the annual subscription to the National Union from each associa^ 
tion shall be at the rate of not less than three shillingn per membet ; Local 
Officers shall give receipts for these subscriptions on the authorised forms, and 
the oonnterfous of these tcceipts fihall be sent in, together with an audited 
balance sheet, at the end of each. year. 



Nominations of Officebs and otheb Membebs of the Executive. 

24. — («) That each association in union may nominate one member of the 
N. U. E. T. for each office, (ft) That each association in union may nominate 
one member of the N. U. E. T. as a member of the Executive, (c) That all 
nominations be sent to the Secretary of the Union not less than two 
months before Easter. 

Election of Officebs and otheb Membebs of the Executive. 

25. — That the election of officers and of the Executive be made in the 
following manner : — (/?) The Vice-President of one year shall be the President 
for the succeeding year. (ft) The Secretary shall prepare voting papers 
containing the names (classified) of existing officers and Executive, and of 
candidates nominated according to Rule 23. (6*) Copies of the said voting 
papers shall be given to each duW appointed representative before the close of 
the first session of Conference. (</) In voting, each representative shall place 
the number of votes held by him against one name for each office, and against 
twenty-four names for the Executive. (/') The {xiil for officers shall be closed 
one hour after the opening of the second session, and tlie result declared by 
the President before the end of that session. (/) The i)oll for the Executive 
shall be closed one hour after the opening of the third session, and the result 
declared as soon as it can be ascertained. 

26. — The President shall declare the candidate having the largest number 
of votes for each office respectively to be duly elected ; and also, of the other 
candidates for the Executive, the twenty-four receiving the highest number 
of votes. 

27. — That the Secretary shall forward to each duly recognised member of 
Conference a copy of the Nomination List ; a copy of the General Balance- 
Sheet, duly audited for the year ending on December 31st next pi^ceding ; 
and a copy of the Conference Agenda, not less than seven days before Easter. 
The Secretary shall also forward to the Secretary of each affiliated association 
not later than March Ist in each year, a copy of the Balance-sheet, duly audited. 

Annual Repobt. 

28. — That the Annual Report and list of Members be issued early in the 
jear, and in any case not later than seven days before Easter. The Balance 
■8heet and the Report of the Executive shall be published in the Annual 

Notices of Motion fob Confebence. 

29. — That all notices of motion from Local Associations and District Unions 

tot the Annual Conference be forwarded to the Secretary of the N. U. E. T., 

. not less than two months before Easter* That no notices of motion be placed 

on the Conference Agenda, except those agreed to by the Executive, by a 

District Union, or by a Local Association. 

Altebation of Rules. 

SO. — That no alteration in or addition to these Rules be made except at the 
Annual Conference, and that notice of any proposed alteration or addition be 
sent to the Secretary of the National Union of Elementary Teachers at least 
two months before the Annual Conference. 



ORAVES, Mr, J, J., Lamport Endowed School, Northampton. 

LANGTON, Mr. J., M.A., Training College, Darlington. 

OSBORN, Mr. W., Hope-street British School, York (Deceased) 

fiMITH, Mr. T., Hampden Gurney Schools, Marylehone, W. 

MOORE, Mr. H. J., British School, Cheltenham. 


DEVONSHIRE, Mr. J. H., Wesleyan School, Mintern-street, 
New North-road, Hoxton, N. 

SELDEN, Mr. G.,30,Granville-street, Alexandra Park, Manchester. 

^GARDNER, Mr. W„ St Chrysostom's School, Liverpool. 

DAY, Mr. T. N., British School, Abbey Street, Bethnal Green, E. 

OROVE, Mr. J. W., All Souls* Schools, Langham Place, W. 

JRANKILOR, Mr. G. J„ St Clement's National Schools, 
Nechells, Birmingham. 


C .A.IjII13SrD^I2/, 1881-82 





















11 . 


12 ! 




14 ' 






17 , 


18 ' 




























Ho m fc' d ri ifc oIoBfll Annual JTeertifg;! 

Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Second Grade Art Exam. Model and Freehand. ^ [Coun. of Orph. at 8 p.m. 

Second Grade Art Exam. Geom. and Perspective. Fin. of Orph. at 7.30 p.m. 
Organisation Com. at 10 a.m. Ex. at i, Adam-st., Adelphi, W.C., at ii a.m, 
[Mach. & BIdg. Const. & Naval Arch. W. Surrey it E. Hants Dis. Union. 
Finance and General i'urposes Committee at 7.30 p.m. Mathematics, Stages,. 
Acoustics, Light and Heat. [i, 2, 3. 

Magnef ifim &nd Electricity. 

Physiography. [7 p.m. Mining, Agriculture, Mathematics, Stages 6 and 7. 

Fin. of Prov. Soc. at 7 p m. GeiK Bd. at 8 p.m. Fin. Com. of Benev. Fund at 
Practical, Plane and Solid Geometr>-. [at 7 p.m. 

Central Com. of Benev. Fund at 7.15 p.m. Navigation and Geologj'. 

Animal Physiology. 

Parliamentary- and Law Commtttee at 7.30 p.m. Theoretical Mechanics. 

Applied Mechanics. 

Executive^ at 7 p.m. Inorganic Chemistry. 

Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. Practical Inorganic Chemistrj-. 

Finance and General Purposes Committee at 7.30 p.m. Mathematics, Stages 
Queen's Birthday. [4 and 5. 

Elementjuy Botany. 

Organic Chemistry. Steam. 
Practical Organic Chemistry. 

Science Form 400 to be sent In. 






























































Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

E. Kent District Union Annual Meeting. 

Finance of Orphanage at 7.30 p,m. Council of Oaphanage at 8 p.m. 

Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. Executive at i, Adam-st., Adelphi, W-C. 

Whit Sunday. ^ ^ [at 11 a.m. 

Bank Holiday. — M.A. Exam. London University. 

Charles Dickens died, 1870. 

Finance of Prov. Soc. at 7 p.m. General Board at 8 p.m. 

Finance and General Purposes Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Parliamentary and "Lacw Comoaittee at 7.30 p.m. 

Executive at 7 p.m. Finance Committee of Benevolent Fund at 7 p.m. 
Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. 

Central Committee of Benev. Fund at ^.15 p.m. Matric Exam. Lon. Univer. 

Batterse^ Collefge Anniversary. 
Btockwell College opened 1861. 

Finance and General Purposes Committiee at f.30 p.m 
Saltley and York Colleges, vacation commences. 


Hi »■ ■■ 



















Tu f 


















































































Finance of Orphanage at 7.30 p.m. Council of Orphanage at 8 p.m. 
Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. Executive at i, Adam-st., Adelphi, W.C 

[at It a.m. 
Home and Colonial and Derby Vacation commences. 

Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p.m. Queen's Scholarship Exam. 

begins 10 a. m. 

East Kent P. T. Examination. 

Finance and General Purposes Committee at 7.30 p.m. Matri. List Published, 

[London University. 

Executive at 7 p.m. Finance Committee of Benevolent Fund at 7 p.m. 
Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. Fin. of Prov. Soc. at 10 a.m. Gen. Bd. at 

Iti a.m. 
Central Com. of Benev. Fund at 7.15 p.m. First B.A. and B.Sc. Examination 

[London University. 
Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Finance and General Purposes Committee at 7.30 p.m. ist. M.B. Exam. 

V [London University. 

London School Board Schools Summer Vacation commences 
West Cornwall District Union Annual Picnic. 


Bank Holiday, ist. B. Sc. Exam. (Hon.} London University. 

Prelim Sc. (M.B.) Exam. (Hon.) London Ufliversity. 

Ripon Training College, 1862. 

Bagnor College Students reassemble. 

Home and Col. and York Students re>assemble. 
Saltley College Students re^assemble. 

Winchester Training College opened, 1864. 

Derby, Hammersmith and Norwich College Students re-assemble. 

St. Marks College Students re-assemble. 

Cheltenham and Westminster Colleges Vacation ends. 

Pension Minute, 1846. 


IE CotkE< opened. ig(i. 

P«rliaineniaiy and Law CommittM at j lo n-ni 
Samey Corkge founded, Seplember iB;a 
r.illaDceofProv. Soc.al7p.1n. (ientral Board .1 




e found 

Central Co 

m. ofB. 

e.. Fun 





niEtlee a 










r nolify 

ng, wL,h 


WhileUnd's Collie Scriplurt Eiai 
Wtuminuer College, formallyop^ 

FLnadce and General Purposes Com 

it HEtie>. t 

ig Colle, 

niildings opened by Lord 

Ktv. John Rodj;iri died 

X Fonn 88 to be k 














Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Finance of Orphanap^e at 7.30 p.m. Council of Orphanage at 8 pim. 
Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. Executive at i, Adam-st., Adelphi, W.Cly 

[at n a.m^ 
Second B. So. Exam. (Hon.) London University. 

Finance of Prov. Soc. at 7 p.m. General Board at 8 p.m. 
Finsbury Association Annual Meeting. 

Finance and General Purposes Committee at 7.30 p.m. Second M.B.^ Exam* 

[(Hon.) London University* 
Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Executive at 7 p.m. Finance Committee of Benev. Fond' at 7 p.m. 
Organisation Committee ai 10 a.m. 

Central Committee of Benev. Fund at 7.15 p.m. 
Scripture Examination, London University. 

St. Katherlne Tottenham Training College Annual Com; 

Finance and General Purposes Committee at 7.30 p.m. M.S. and M.B. Ex- 
London School Board, Elected, 1 879. [ammations London University. 




















Finance of Orphanage at 7.30 p.m. Council of Orphanage at 8 p.m. 
Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. Executive at i^ Adam-st., Adelphi,. W.C. 
, [at n 

B. Sc. Exam. (Hon) London University. 

Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Finance of Prov. Soc. at 7 p.m. Gen. Board at 8 p.m. 
Bath, Bolton and Dewst)ury A<%sociations Annual Meetings.- 

Finance dnd General Purposes Committee at 7.30 ptm. Certificate Exam, com*- 

York College Distribution of Prizes (16th.) '' 
Executive at 7 p.m. Finance Com. of Benev. at 7 p:m; 
Organisation Committee at to a.m. 

Central Com. of Benev. Fund at 7.15 p.m. 

Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p^m' 

Matthew Arnold, bom, 1822. 
Christmas Day. 
Bank Holiday. 

Apply for Exam, of Evening Sch. (31st last day.) 

[to be sent to Gen. Sec. (Rule 15.7 
Finaadal year of N.U.E.T. closes Lists and balanae of subscriptions for i8a& 






























































A'l'rrar fci-icrl-tisc.? cfall Auoc5a:£3C5 far rscr. ;r :t le-^ ?ha" 3> 

PaHtan-rf-rarv ar.'i LavCbciExiuee at 7.30 p.=. 

FInar*ot '/. C^'-^rja^^ a: 7.32 j-.n- Cocnci! of Or:'r.:rr^^ ar 
OrjEar.f*a:::,7. '^:,c-.=-.'.u«: ai zo :^=:. Executive a: r. A-jlzi-s: 

FL-Jir.ot ar.^ Genera! Purp«>:<s Co=:r-.;Kec si 7.33 p.=t- 

>. per meniber,) 

^ falls due. 

AieLphi. W.C, 
la: II a.m. 

FrJtece G'-r=i-ri;:ee of Bcr.evDier.t Fur.d at 7 p.=i. 

Ctr.tral Corr-.r-::t*e cf Benevolent Fend at 7-15 p.m. 

Parliasxer.tarj and La^r Coaunittee at 7.30 

Exec"tlvt a: 7 p-.-r^ 

Orga.iii£,*.i>n 'ji,ir.:;.:ttee at 10 a-m. Finance Consnitte- of PrD>-iccnt S>nety at 

In, a-n:. General F»-:ird a: 11 a.m. 
FLnar.ct ar.c General Purposes Committee at -^.ta p.ri. 

1 : 


















10 ; 






































Farltamer.tary and law Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Finance cf Orpharia^e at 7.30 p.m. Council of Orphanage at 5 p.m. 
Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. Executive at i, Adam-st., Adelphi, W.C, 

[at II a.m. 

fralcs must be sent to the Gen. Sec. by this date (Rules 24, 29 and 30.) 
Nominations for Officers, and Notices of Motion including those for alteration of 
Finance of Prov. Soc. at 7 p.m. General Board at 8 p.m. 

Finance Ui.! (general Purposes Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Kxecutive at 7 p.m.^ Finance Com. of Benev. Fund at 7 p.m. 
Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. 

Central Com. of Benev. Fund at 7.15 p.m. 

Finance and Ge::eral Puil)Oses Committee at 7.30 plm. 























Pju4iament«ry and Law Comrai(«eeat 7.30p.m. Qopies of the General£aiance 

"{Shettt.mkst be sent to Local Sees, tijr- this date (Rtld 27.) 
Finance of Orphanage at 7.30 p.m. Council of Orphanage at 8 p.m. 
Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. Executive at x, Adam- St., Adelphi, W.C., 

[at II a.m. 

Finance of Prov. Soc. at 7 p.m. General Board at 8 p.m. 

Finance and General Purposed Committee at 7.30 p.m. Names and Addresses 
[of Representatives at Conf. must be sent to Gen. Sec by this date (Hule 12.) 
Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Executive at 7 p.m. Finance Com. of Benev. Fund at 7 p.m. 
Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. 

Central Com. of Benev. Fund at 7. 15 p.m. 

Finance and General Purposes Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Finance Com. of Orphanage at 7. 30 p.m. Council of Orp hanage at 8 p.m. 
































Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. Executive at t, Adara-st., Adelphi, W.C 

[at II a.m. 
Latest date "for issue of Annual Report, Balance Sheet- and Conference Agenda 

[to elected Representatives. 
Parliamentary and Law Committee at 7.30 p.m. 

Easter Day. 

Annual Conference at Sheffield. 










Central Committee of Benev. Fuhd at 7.15 p.m. 

Elxecutive at* 7 p.m. 

Organisation Committee at 10 a.m. FinanW Con. of Prov. Soc. at 10 a.m. 

[General Board at II a.m.' 
Finartce and Geperal Purposes Committee at 7.30 pan. . .< r 



The Twelfth Annnal Conference of the Union was held in Hawkstone Hall^ 
Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth, S.E., on April 18th, 19th, 20th and 2l8t, 
1881. The Chair was taken by Mr. G. J. Rankilor, the retiring President, at 
2 P.M. on Easter Monday ; and after some preliminary bnsinesffy Mr. J. B.. 
Langler, B.A., "VVesleyan Training College, Westminster, S.W^ was installed 
as President for the year 1881-82. Mr, Langler conducted the business with 
ability, and in the course of the First Session delivered his inaugural addressr 
About five hundred Bepresentatives from all parts of the country attended the 
Conference. The most complete and satisfactoiy arrangements had been made 
by the Lambeth Local Committee for the comfort and convenience of the* 
members of Conference. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, — 

It is no small honour to occupy this Presidential chair. Of this I am fully 
conscious, and with considerable diffidence I accept the duties and responsibilities 
imposed upon me by your trustful generosity, and in the discharge of which 
during this Conference and through the coming year, I confidently expect to- 
receive that sympathetic support which the effort to attain a common object 
cannot fail to secure. 

We now meet in our Twelfth Conference, and for the fourth time in London, 
It is my privilege, as well as my duty, to welcome you again to the metro* 
polis ; and, as a member of the Association whose invitation you lmv& 
accepted, I take upon myself the additional and pleasurable duty of offering 
to you all a conlial welcome also to Lambeth. It is believed that in this public 
hall, and in the rooms attached, ample accommodation has been provided for 
the convenient transaction of business. 

I feel, however, that it is incumbent upon me here to acknowledge the 
considerate kindness of his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, who, on 
learning that our Conference was to be held on this side of the Thames, 
immediately offered the use of the Library of Lambeth Palace for our 
meetings ; and it was with great regret that, owinjg principally to the absence 
of the means of lighting that room, it was not possible to avail ourselves of thisF 
kind and gracious offer. The known sympathy of his Grace with every good 
work, and with the extension of education in particular, needs not to be 
stated ; but this practical manifestation of the special regard of bis Grace 


towards those who labonr in this Union to promote the interest of elementary* 
teachers, and throngh them the welfare of the country, merits onr prompt and 
gratefal recognition. 


Although this is nominally our Twelfth Conference, we have not yet, as a. 
Union, completed our eleventh year. The first Conference was held at King's 
College in September, 1870, and our first President, Mr. Graves, whose addresa 
has, unfortunately, not been incorporated with our records, is happily still 
with us. A succinct review of the history of the Union during the first ten 
years of its existence was presented to us by our Secretary last year at 
Brighton, and was received with general satisfaction. Let us hope, however, 
that the second decade on which we have now entered will exhibit a progress 
as steady and as rapid as a more complete organisation and the enlightened 
cooperation of each of the Associations may warrant us to expect. 

In 1870 our Union included twenty-six Associations, with four hundred 
members. At our last Conference there were 291 associations, with 11,412 
members. The ra^e of increase has necessarily diminished as time has advanced; 
but it cannot be regarded as quite satis&ictoiy that, whilst there are 36,332 
teachers (five-sixths of whom are certificated) and 36,303 students and pupil 
teachers in England and Wales, our numbers during the last year should 
increase only 480, making the actual membership of the Union (December 
31st, 1880) 11,892. Happily, most of those who early joined the Union are 
still counted amongst its staunchest friends and most earnest sup^rters ; for 
though some of the objects which they set before them at the beginning have 
not yet been fully attained, they feel that their services then so cheerfully 
rendered have not been futile, and that the hope of gaining more sub- 
stantial benefits for the country and for themselves is brightening with the 
flux of time. They are encouraged, especially by the present aspect of affairs, 
to persevere in their self-denying efforts to advance the cause of education, to 
which they have devoted so much of their useful lives. 

It cannot be expected that every member of our profession will at once see 
that it. is either his duty or his privilege to join our ranks. Local prejudice 
or a misapprehension of our purposes may prevent even some of the best 
teachers from seeking admission to our Union, and it will behove each one of 
US, and indeed every Member throughout the country, patiently to explain to 
such as have not understood our objects the benefits which have already resulted 
from concerted action, and to point out the advantages which may similarly 
still be secured on many points affecting the interests of education. It is a 
remarkable fact that in some districts there exist very felse impressions as to 
onr objects. Actual members may help in various ways to correct the false 
by presenting the true. But if our numbers do not increase, we are sufficiently 
strong — we know this by experience — to influence public opinion through 
those channels which are most effective. There is no need for any note of 
timid discouragement. On the contrary, there is in our already acquired 
strength every motive for resolute and bold advance wherever and whenever 
advance is required. We hope much from the activity of the Central Organ- 
isation Committee, but more rrom the co-operative zeal with which the members 
of the various Associations, and especially the officers, shall apply themselves 
to the endeavour to include in our number every public elementary teacher in 


their <?€vend districts. The grovth of the Union most chiefly depend upon 
the recognition of its advantages, and, therefore, largely on our own efforts to 
make the?^ advantages patent to all. Dnring this Conference our able 
Secretary will read a paper on the Policy of the Union, which will doubtless 
attract, as it will demand, the attention of every teacher in the country. On 
this, therefore, I shall not enlarge ; but if the prominent characteristics of the 
Union had ever been • selfishness, narrow mindedness, and conceit '' — I quote 
from an opponent — I am sure that their development woidd have repelled 
ihoK by whom I have the honour to be surrounded, on their earliest marked 

True, we are constituted to protect as well as to promote our interests, and if 
occasion arise we are glad to bring such aid as the law can afforfl for the defence 
of the character of a brother, or, as in a recent successful case, of that of a 
fnster, when that character is slandered by any tongue to a member's injury 
or ruin. Would that law and justice were invariably coincident I But the 
primary motives which led to the formation of our Union are those which still 
pervade our action, and though, in the lapse of rime, the mode may vary, the 
guiding principles, we trust, will remain unchanged. We desire to be able to 
express our collective opinion on all educational questions, and cordially to 
oo-operate with the best men of our country, the truest patriots, those who are 
^ving their constant thought and unwearied energy to secure for all cla£ses 
of our contrymen that moral and intellectual elevation which some of them, 
happily a decreasing number, have little desire to seek for themselves. 

Most cordially do we again invite every public elementary teacher in the 
country to strengthen his position and our own by aiding us to accomplish, in 
a collective manner, the same general purposes "for which each is devotedly 
labouring in his own separate sphere. Thie collected result of the practical 
experience of the ** actual workers" should contribute to the welfare of the 
country. The Right Honourable the Vice-President of the Conmiittee of 
Council on Education has publicly acknowledged the great value of the 
testimony of teachers, and it is now more than ever possible for every member 
of our profession, if he so choose, to have a distinct and audible voice in the 
future educational legislation of his country. If this be not a felt privilege, 
is it not a patriotic duty 7 


This Conference will be called upon to consider several questions which 
have reference to the funds of the Union. Our first care must be that the 
ordinary income be made to meet the ascertained (though necessarily increas- 
ing) annual expenditure. Happily, our treasurer & able to show a balance on 
the right side of his account ; but it will not escape observation that, in order 
to effect this adjustment, the Reserve Fund has been slightly diminished. The 
specially careful thought of the representatives will doubtless be given to those 
ports of the Agenda paper which contain motions of a financial character ; 
-and none will need to be reminded that, in determining any question which 
involves additional expense, regard should be had to the precise means of 
providing the requisite funds. It is patent to all that, in order to initiate any 
new enterprise, the sum of our contributions must be in excess of current 
expenses — expenses which necessarily increase with added members. A 
^xmstantly accumulating surplus would be not only a pleasing evidence of 

progress, but also a ready means of more" speedily attaining our ends in any 
time of emergency. The immediate solution of even some of the questions 
which will presently ciomc before us must depend on the estimate of oiftr 
financial resources. At present there are few or no instances of subscriptions 
exceeding the low fixed limit of 2a. 6d., and comparatively few individual 
members have joined more than one Association. Let us hope that during the 
coming year increased numbers will raise our funds into such a condition as 
fihall relieve our treasurer from all anxiety as to "ways and means," and 
^enable the Executive to carry out to the full the expressed intentions of this 
Conference. The example of those Associations whose prompt pavments 
•enable their officers to send remittances early in the year is worthy of imitation. 
The fear of an empty exchequer ought not to be felt by your ExecutivB 
-Committee. Their action should never be hampered for want of funds. 


. The Code recently issued does not demand" lengthened notice. The very few 
<Jiaiiges which have taken place this year chiefly aifect half-time schools, and, 
^apparently, will prove advantageous in their operation. 

The ''radical reform" of the Code, which was anticipated by many, ha<», 
at least, been postponed ; but the Vice-President of the Committee of Council 
on Education has intimated that a " Minute " will be presented to Parliament 
"which, after discussion, is to be embodied in the Code fi)r 1882. 

TeacherK have been anxiously preparing their schools for the examinations, 
which are to be conducted this year under somewhat altered conditions, and 
it has been to them great relief to know that the new " Code, 1881," does not 
-add to their anxiety by further immediate changes. 

The annual revision of the Regulations is greatly to be deprecated, as 
frequent changes, even if these arc not numerous, in the subjects of examir 
nation, in their character, or in their extent, cannot be conducive to the 
•advancement of education. For these changes we liave been accustomed to 
look in the spring of each year since 1801, when the Right Honourable Robert 
liowe embodied in a Code some of the Minutes — not aZ^— -which had previously 
largely determined the kind of education given in State-aided schools ; and 
these, with additional regulations twenty times revised, have gradually 
reached the present standaixl. We have no cause to fear violence to existing 
arrangements such as that which, in 18G1, led so many teachers to leave the 
profession. We do not again expect any revolution like that which accom- 
panied the introduction of the Code just twenty years ago. The youthful 
faces of my audience remind me that few present can know, by experience, 
the bitter disappointment with which the provisions of the Code were oon- 
rtemplated. There, the principle of " payment by results " was elaborated with 
reference to the three R's, *' all personal payments " Were abolished, and the 
promise of pensions swept away. By the teachers of that remote period this 
■Code was deemed, if not a technical breach of law, at least a breach of faith. 
:It may be noticed in passing that one of the marked triumphs which this 
lUnion has secured has been the revival, in 1875, of the Pension Minutes, after 
jAkty had been in abeyance for thirteen years. The British Parliament was 
ready to acknowledge the justice of our cause. But do not think that I wish 
to assert that '' the former days were better than these. " On the contrary, 


I believe that the effects of the Code, and, to a still greater degree, of the 
more recent Acts of Parliament of 1870 and 1876, have been, in some import- 
. jtnt respects, eminently conducive to advance true education. The number 
of children at school has increased to 3,122,672 in 1879, in 1880, 3,263,147 ; 
and teachers and pupil teachers have so multiplied that at present every three 
hundred and fiftieth person in England and Wales is actually engaged in our 
public elementary schools. 

But the efforts to obtain " results " demanded by the Code — which means 
*• three passes " for every child presented — is one which is urged by managers, 
by the inspectors, and by the parents of the children. Failure in this particular 
often means loss of character to the teachers, and sometimes, and consequently, 
the loss of his appointment. To get a high percentage of passes is set before 
the teachers as the summum bonum., and under the triple pressure just named 
the best teachers are tempted, in spite of intelligent conviction to the contrary, 
to put it before them as the chief aim of all their toil. 

The position of teachers in public elementary school is somewhat anomalous. 
Previous to the issue of the Minutes of Council in 1846, there were com- 
paratively few of the masters and mistresses engaged in instructing the 
children of the so-called working classes who had been qualified by any special 
training for their work. To be entrusted with the charge of a "charity 
Bchool was, not unf requently, the accepted equivalent for unfitness for any 
other employment. The attention of the country had just previously been 
directed to the low state of education by the discussion of Sir James Graham's 
^Factory Bill in 1843, and many distinguished philanthropists put forth 
energetic efforts to rescue the mass of the people from the abject condition in 
which, especially in certain populous districts, they were reported to exist — 
ignorant alike of a knowledge of the comforts of this life, and of the 
promise of that which is to come. The clergy especially devoted thenu 
selves to the further establishment and sustentation of schools, and the 
encouragement afforded by the Minutes of 1846 led many parents, who 
sympathised with this great movement, to dedicate their sons and daughters 
to this missionary and patriotic work. Students entered the few training 
colleges chiefly for the sake of acquiring some knowledge of method, and 
remained there but for a short time, rarely more then a few months, and 
generally at their own expense. The high character of the teacher's vocation 
fed to the acceptance of low salaries, and the more readily as the promise was 
held out that, should they live to old age, masters and mistresses would enjoy 
a pension which, it was provided in the Minutes, should ** in no case exceed 
two-thirds of the average amount of salary " (Minutes, 1864, Vol. I., p. 12.) 

Of those who entered the profession with such purposes and with such 

Srospects," but few now remain. The re-construction — I had almost said the 
estruction — of the Minutes, and their codification in 1861, was a work which 
was apparently conceived in a spirit different from that which was felt by 
managers, teachers, and inspectors alike to pervade the original scheme as 
devised by the late Sir James Kay-Shuttleworth, whose name will ever be 
remembered with the greatest respect. On the history of the Code it is 
needless to dwell. Its first effect on teachers was most disheartening. 
Many who had the opportunity embraced other professions, and others 
would have followed their example had it not been for them too late. Thej 



could not now, in any sense, expect to be ranked among the civil servants of 
:the Crown, and, though the present prevalent feeling is that our profession 
should be independent of Government control, the teachers who had been 
induced to enter the work " in faith " has just reason for complaint. 


During the last twenty-years, however, the teacher's professional and social 
position has improved in almost every respect. His office now rarely has 
stamped upon it the eleemosynary character which it formerly bore, and the 
rising generation are learning to honour its holder wherever its duties are 
-efficiently discharged. The educator's status has improved, and our object 
is to use all proper means to secure for his office a still more honourable and 
elevated position. The mere assertion of a right to a higher statvs can have 
no force ; indeed, such a claim must be worse than useless, unless there be 
some evident and acknowledged ground of merit on which it can be properly 

To obtain a high place on the training college class-list, to be the head 
teacher of a large and popular school, to pass 100 per cent, in each of the 
"three K's," to gain the congratulations of managers on the arrival of the 
Beport from the Education Department — ^these are all helpful to the establish- 
ment of a professional renown, and cannot but be satisfactoiy to any teacher 
who is thus honoured ; but to fulfil his high mission his private character 
must be correspondingly excellent, his tastes and pursuits should be of a high 
order, his example should be always such as may be imitated, and his power- 
ful influence should tend to the elevation of all around him. Then he cannot 
but be held in respect by all the best men of the neighbourhood, by those 
persons whose good opinion is most "worth having. 

Such a teacher, both by his moral and by his intellectual excellence, raises 
the status ot all his brethren, By adding to professional ability a noble 
character, he becomes a centre of light and life to a whole community. Ladies 
and gentlemen, I have a distinct purpose in making these remarks. I wish to 
remind myself and you once more of the incalculable and inevitable effect of 
our individual character on the nation. National character is mainly the 
character of the working classes, of the great mass of the people, and in the 
formation of that character we are, undeniably, principal instruments. By the 
extension of the franchise, the voice of the nation is even now to a very large 
extent the voice of the people whose children are actually under our care ; 
and when, at the end of century, those whose minds we have helped to form 
speak with the increased intelligence which will then pervade the nation, in 
what tones shall that voice be uttered ; The answer to this important question 
is largely at our dictation. Goodness is power. Our office requires many 
acts of self-denial beyond those involved in the working of any written Code. 
We are not alone in this respect. All who occupy places of high trust and 
responsibility have to place themselves under wise restraint. Mr. Gilbart, in 
his work on "Banking," thus advises merchants and bankers : — '* The amuse- 
ments of a merchant should correspond with his character. He should never 
engage in those recreations which partake of the nature of gambling, and but 
seldom in those of a frivolous description. A jud^e is not always on the 
.t^nch, a clergyman is not always in the jiulpit, nor is a merchant always on 


'Change ; but each is expected at all times' to abstain from any amusements 
which are not consistent ^ith his professional character. The credit of 
f^ merchant depends not merely on his wealth, but also upon the opinion 
generally entertained of his personal qualities ; and he should cultivate a 
reputation for prudence and propriety of conduct as part of his stock-in- 

The late Kev. John Rodgers, who was kno^vn throughout the country as " the 
teacher's friend," owed this familar epithet to his enthusiatic recognition of the 
stattm which, from their necessary inttuence on society, teachers ought to occupy, 
and to his consequently unwearying endeavours to aid them to gain a higher social , 
level, to make the fact correspond with his theory. He seemed to believe that the 
teachers in our country were almost omnipotent, and he ever evinced an 
anxious jealousy as to their character. Most of us remember the earnest tones- 
in which at Nottingham he addressed us on this topic. '* It is not very often," 
said he, *' that I get the privilege of talking to an important assembly like this, 
I say important, seeing the profession to which you belong is certainly an 
important one — perhaps I might say the most important of all professions. I 
do not know that 1 even except the profession of the ministry, because yon 
have hold of the living being in its earliest years. You have the making of 
the man. The child is father of the man, and what the child is made the man 
becomes ; and the child is in your hands. The moulding of the intellectual, 
the emotional, the moral, and the religious side of the living man is in your 
hands — at least of that portion of our people which we call the working 
classes — the great mass, that is of the community. The character of our 
nation is very much influenced, if not altogether stamped, by that of the 
working classes. It is important that the character of the upper ten thousand 
should be good and respectable ; also that the great middle class to which we 
belong should be pure and honest. But I will deliberately say that it is still 
more important that the character of the working classes should be pure 
and honest, true and righteous. Is ow your work is not to form the character 
of the upper or middle, but that of the lower classes, although in forming the 
last you materially iniluence the others. The next generation of working 
men and women will be what you are now making it. i therefore repeat that 
your profession is the most important in the country." 

There are many others who strongly hold similar opinions as to the value of 
the moral force which the thirty thousand public elementary teachers can 
exert ; and they are anxious to promote the truest benefits to the country by 
the securing for every school department men and women whose character it 
would be an honour to reproduce — teachers who shall be not only centres of light, 
but also, even before they reach old age, the able and willing guides, 
counsellors, and friends of an extensive circle. There are many such in the 
land. The loftiest type of a teacher, which the patriotic spirit of our late 
friend, the Kev. Mr. Kodgers, held up for admiration, is not higher than that to 
which we all aspire — an ideal to which, amidst many discouragements, we esjch 
struggle to attain. 

Tie status of any profession as a whole is in the nature of things determined 
by the avemge status of its individual members. At present a man's status is 
mostly settled by his material wealth, by v/hat he has ; occowonally it is fixed 
by what he does. As society is perfected, we presume it will be determined by 


his character — ^by what he is. Now comparatively few among us may be able 
to boast of a large balance at the banker's ; but we all possess what we believe, 
to be of greater value — a good character. 


If such be the importance of personal character to every teacher, and such 
its inevitable influence for good or for evil upon his work, what shall we say 
about the yearly publication of a Black List, in which a teacher's character is 
publicly defamed and his reputation indelibly stained, and that without any 
explanation or defence on his part being asked or permitted ? Do I mean to 
insinuate that teachers are impeccable, or that the charges on that List are all 
false ? Would that this were possible 1 But I do maintain that such a charge 
as that implied in the publication of a name in the Black List would, if fully 
stablished, reveal a serious, if not a fatal, disqualification in the character of a 
teacher against whom it was; proved. Therefore, until it is proved, it ought 
not to be published. But I will go farther, and say that, when legally proved 
it ought to be published, and have due penalty attached to it. But surely na 
such defamation so vitally affecting the interests of elementary teachers ought 
to be tolerated in such a country as England as is annually perpetrated by the 
publication of that List. Teachers, like all other Englishmen, should bo 
heard in their own defence ; they must be permitted to explain where 
eKplanation is possible, and they must at least be judged where they have full 
opportunity of answering for themselves. If, after fair and judicial 
investigation, they are found guilty, they must be prepared to taie the 
consequences, and the profession would be glad to be purged of members who- 
are found so seriously wanting in truthfulness and honour and, I may even 
add, honesty. They are utterly unfit to remain in its ranks and discharge ita 
high and responsible duties. Teachers who are so mean as to make false 
entries deliberately must be few. These " few," however, are the cause of that 
want of trustfulness which was implied in the phrase " visit of surprise ; " 
theirs is the character which is ascribed to the profession generally, and tendft 
to prevent its rising in public esteem. If there must be a Black* List, let it- 
contain the names of those only whose guilt is fully and fairly establisheil. To 
spare a real criminal on the ground of mercy is to commit an act of injustice. 
towards all his fellows. 


There are upwards of thirty-three thousand (33,195) pupil teachers in our 
schools, which include nearly twenty-five thousand (,24,89Q) departments.* 
About six thousand pupil teachers will complete their apprenticeship during; 
each of the next four years. The training colleges can receive only fifteen 
hundred of those who desire by further mental culture to make themselves 
still more efficient for the discharge of professional duties. The rest must find, 
occupation elsewhere. The Education Department which fixed the conditions. 
of their apprenticeship relinquishes all claim on their services as soon as the 
term expires ; and, on the other hand, the ex-pupil teachers are free to seek that 
employment which is to them most attractive and congenial. Though they 
have no legal claim to become Queen's Scholars (Cotle, Arts. 78, 96), the 
majority of those who are excluded from this privilege are disappointed in 

* In 1880 Pupil Tetichers 31, 570 ; Departments, 25,601. 

». a. 


!L ''^liT 1 

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.11 v 


I haTe little to say about the Training Colleges themselTes. The curricnlum 
liAS been much improved in recent years, and, possibly, future Queen's scholars 
may find the course of study confined to fewer subjects, and to those only 
If hich tend to more exact mental discipline or more extensive culture. General 
history and geography (i. ^., mere topography) might be finally tested at the 
Scholarship examination, and drawing— pernaps even writing — may have no 
place in college time-tables. Pupil-teachers ought to be fully equal to the 
ordinary routine of a school — certainly they are sufficiently hard-worked to 
.acquire that knowledge — and at nineteen years of age should be ready for 
severer studies. Language, especially our native tongue, the exact and 
some experimental sciences, might preferably occupy the attention of those 
who are to discipline the minds of the nation. It may happen that in 
England, • as well as in Scotland, a course that willprepare tor University 
honours will be open to the most promising students. There are now but few 
who doubt the advantage of the course of training in the various colleges, and 
the increased attention bestowed upon '* method " in teaching will tend to 
.secure the greater efficiency of instruction throughout the countrj'. Teachers* 
certificates are at present so awarded, that there is no easily recognised 
advantage in a college course at all ; no difference, is made in the grade of 
.those who only complete the first year's course ; and no stimulus is given to 
.students to secure a place in the Pirst Division of the Certificate List. 


There has been introduced ijito the Code a new principle under Art. 19. C. 1. 

Hitherto retults have been tested ; this article prescribes inethods. For the 

'early standards, instruction in any subject " through reading boohs " is a 

toil without corresponding advantage. When the mechanical difficulty of 

leading has been surmounted— when reading becomes a pleasure— the use of 

full text-books may be justified, especially when their style is so attractive as to 

induce voluntary study. But setting aside the question of expense, which 

■does not affect all schools alike, I inaintain that real instruction depends far 

more upon the competency of the teacher than upon the texts in his hand. 

Short summaries containing the principal pointy of a lesson may be, and with 

young children are likely to be, considerably more useful than long chapters in 

treatises the words of which are not easily read. For the higher standards three 

or more sets of books are required, The limit which " approved " schemes 

j^aoe upon the examination is the only good reason that has been offered for 

:ihe acceptance of Art. 19. C. 1. The only "scheme" now left in the Code 

(Art. 28) refers to grammar. Many hold to the opinion — I confess to be my- 

.self among that number — ^that the very valuable mental discipline which the 

proper study of grammar secures is too early introduced as a subject of 

examination. Children who must leave school for labour at the earliest 

possible age might much better employ their time by more extensive reading 

than in the grammatical classification of the few words of their limited 

vocabulary. Few exercises are more useful than those which involve the 

Jbgical processes demanded by scientific grammar ; but, even when taught with 

apparent success to young children, the time is certainly not most economically 

Having also reference to the labour-pass, my own opinion is that in our 
public elementary schools children should not be examined in grammar earlier 
dian in any other science. A senior wrangler who, without any experience in 
schools, might hare to draw up a scheme of instruction in language would 
probably insist on opposite views. So, similarly, his logical mind would 
require in Standard II., a knowledge of tlie form and motions of the earth as 
the basis of geography, but both these theoretical notions fail to harmonise 
with the experience of practical teachers. The order in which the parts of a 
subject are to be taught ought not to be determined by that of the chapters in 
a learned treatise, ifou will not be surprised that I should express a regret 
that, in this commercial and colonising countiy, geography is not preferred 
to grammar as a necessary part of early popular education. But the whole 
Code, we understand, is about to be re-ai*ranged in form, and perhaps in its 
provisions. Our own liecommendations, drawn up with reference to certain 
fiscal limitations, have been laid before the Committee of Council on Education. 
It will be our duty to examine the promised JMinute as soon as it appears, and 
to consider the practical bearing of any new Regulations. VVc can hardly hope 
that the views of mere theorists ^vill cease entirely to influence public opinion ; 
but we are confident that the repi-esentations of practical men are likely to be 
regarded with attention as much now as they ever have been. 

The Kev. E. E. McCarthy will give you his views on certain Defects 
of the Code Curriculum, and I am sure his paper will be listened to with 


Let me say a word on behalf of the twelve hundred thousand infants 
" under seven years of age " — one-third of the whole number in our elementary 
schools. A very large proportion of these are taught in separate departments 
under trained teachers, but, even in the most favourable circumstances, the 
Code Regulations tend to takeaway from their young life much of its natural 
joy. Too often the infants' rooms are crowded with furniture, and easy 
movement is impossible, either in the desks themselves, or in the very limited 
area which these do not encumber. But even where the floor space is ample 
enough to afford the little oilfes room for suitable exercises, the exigencies of 
the Code allow little time for laughter, and fun and frolic are almost unknown* 
Why should little children— the « threes," the " fours," the *' fives,",the *' sixes," 
as, in accordance with the spirit of the Age Clause, they are often cited —why 
should such infants be forced to spend so much of their time in the painful 
acquisition of mere symbols ? The answer is fbund in the Code requirements 
not in so many words, it is true, but, as I said, in their necessary tendency. 

■ The preparation for the " examination " taxes all the teacher's powers, and 
the tests aimually applied — the only tests, perhaps, that can be applied — have 
r^erence chiefly to letters, wards, and figures. To put the alphabet in the 
place of speechj to make very young children " grind " at dead letters instead of 
trying to *' ground " them in real leamiug, to substitute symbols for the things^ 
theq^lves — in .short, to prepare for the "examination" instead of aiming 


chiefly at the development of the intelligence, is a frequent sad result of 
Begulations which, undoubtedly, demand too much from children of tender 

The cheerful, patient, self-denyinff work which is done in our infant schools 
is deserving of a more ready recognition. The relatively lower salaries usually 
offered to the mistresses engaged in such schools seem to indicate a prevalent 
opinion that, for the little ones, teachers of inferior ability are to be preferred. 
For mere babies sent to school to be '* out of the way," a kind caretaker may 
suffice ; but for children who have to learn to use their senses in accurate observa- 
tion, and to acquire a knowledge of language — of the meaning of words — the 
most skilful and intelligent teacher may be most advantageously employed. 
How well children are prepared for the proper work of the upper school when 
they come from an infant department where they have been trained by the 
patient skill of an intelligent mistress many present can testify ; whilst mere 
mechanical cram, as it is called, cannot fail to produce stupidity. 

Methodical oral instruction from a cultured mind is the most certain means 
of awakening intelligence. Not only is the vocabulary .enlarged, but new 
words by frequent use come to have a definite meaning ; and, when these words 
aftenjrards meet the eye in the leading-book, the labour of the teacher is 
greatly reduced on account of their having been long familiar to the ear. 
Much of the language of books becomes known by conversational " object **" 
lessons, and the advantage of such early mental discipline cannot be oveiTated. 
It is afterwards felt in all the " standards ; " and if, when children leave an 
infant school under a high class mistress, their minds continue to be subject to 
similar intelligence-educing processes in connection with text books or other- 
wise, the progressive " results " cannot but be generally satisfactory, for even 
the dullards will have received the highest stimulus which patient sympathy 
can afford. 

A prevalent complaint— perhaps the great burden — of the reports of Her 
Majesty's Inspectors is a " sad want of intelligent reading," and this complaint 
must continue so long as children in their early years are compelled to give an 
almost exclusive attention to those parts of their work which, whilst grievously 
monotonous in themselves, are repressive of a proper mental development. 

Our infant schools, not less than others, require teachers of culture. "Would 
it not be a wise economy to make these schools most effective ? The system of 
OUTS which simply prepares for the " pass " is fraught with results most melan- 
choly, although those results be the much-lauded but deceptive " 100 per cent."' 
Even the methods of the Kinder Garten system, valuable as they may be, afford 
but little benefit without the spirit of the true Kindergartnerinn. 

The Third Schedule, which prescribes the needlework in infants' and girls' 
schools, demands a passing word. The ail-but universal opinion is that, whilst 
ill some schools and in individual cases the work of the several grades can be. 
done, yet the amount of needlework therein required is more than an ordinary 
school staff can accomplish. So much individual attention is demanded that, 
without great — almost the entire — sacrifice of the teacher's leisure, the pro- 
visions of the Third Schedule cannot be fulfilled.. The Iiondon School Board. 


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■ I ' • \s :\ . ■\ ','\" *.-.■:'. t.' !ii-i- u-a. h-.".-.^- Ik' t!.t' dijiiitvol a t>rofe*'sion 

I.- ! . I . ....■.■.■ i.-j.. s;,'. »•; ,i:ii I i-'.wr'ii-.i li-iwhe:"*" l'»r every class of 

- -ii ■ ■ ■■■ .'•■. .-. '*'.■ '.I- 1 '■',;■ ■ ti'"**""". •- at! ol'je.'i we >tillkeep 

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V. .^.■■» ■. • »\ ■ .U •••■.•■. ::- ^ •;<• — the public 

•. •' * .. i- ■ ■■.■ •»*«;; . •-■ :"\ Vni.l.i:-' Keiri^tration 
; . . ...,...;... ..*...■.■ z'ri .^:j." ! -hii^eiir I'f tliat 

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n'.i •**■'■ •<* ■ "•" ■• ••■•"*. 


Mr. E. W. Moore, M.A., has kindly andertaken to read a paper on this Bill, 
which requires your careful consideration. 

Those who are anxious to encourage the children of this country to rise 
** from the gutter to the university" must equally desire to make it possible to 
all capable men to rise by every legitimate means, to the summit of their 
profession. Let me again quote the words of the Rev. John Rodgers, in his 
speech at Nottingham : — " The position of your profession, then, is at this 
moment simply at its starting point. What will be its future ? Some gentleman 
spoke of the profession of the teacher as one profession. I wish it were so. 
I do not faiow why the master of Rugby, or Harrow, or Eton, or the master o£ 
some flourishing middle-class school, a graduate of Oxford or Cambridge, 
should be considered as belonging to one profession, and the master of a public 
elementary school as belonging to another. It is not so in other professions. 
The doctor of a workhouse is just as much a doctor as when he feels the pulse 
of the Queen. It is a mere question of gradation. The poorest curate is as 
much a minister of religion as the Archbishop of Canterbury. If that be so, 
I want to know by what right and by what authority there is this broad line of 
demarcation between the teachers of the upper and middle and those of the 
working classes." 

All classes of educationists having in view one purposi^ — ^the intellectual and 
moral elevation of the nation — might advantageously act together for its 
accomplishment. The mere theorists and the practical men, the code-makers 
and the code-workers, the inspectors and the inspected, — ^why should we not all 
be willing to confer with each other on matters which are of such vital 
importance to our country ? The least among us can contribute something 
towards the common stock of information and experience. 

Last August I had the honour of representing this Union at the International 
Congress on Education held at Brussels, and eatly in September I was present 
at the Congres des InstlttUeurs helges, whose " National Union " (^Federation 
gerUrale) now includes nearly all the Belgian teachers. About three thousand 
masters and mistresses travelled at reduced fares on the State railways to the 
Belgian capital. They were formally received by the Bourgviestre at the Hotel 
de Ville, and afterwards addressed by a Minister of State for Education in the 
large hall of the Ecole Modele, 

The State inspectors of schools, heads of colleges, professors, and other 
educationists were present, many of whom had themselves been elementary 
teachers ; and there seemed to prevail a general harmony among the whole 
body of workers which it was pleasant to witness. I name these facts not as 
suggestive of a closer relation of the School to the State in this country, but 
rather as indicating a condition of things which might be imitated with great 
advantage to the interests of popular education. 

The existence — I may say the prevalence — of a disposition to consolidate the 
profession has found one utterance in the proposal for the appointment of a 
Minister of Education ; and, if this proposal is to issue in fact, that title is not 
likely ever to be borne by any one who will have more cordial sympathy with 
the work of his office than the present Vice-President of the Committee of 
Council on Education. All would rejoice to see that right hon. gentleman 



I had intended to bring under yonr notice the newly organized Education 
"Society, whose purpose is to investigate the principles on which education 
should be based ; but I must content myself with calling the attention 
of this Conference to its labours, and asking for such active support as its 
members may be able to render. 

In conclusion : the " leading joumal'*^ last year acknowledged that, " judged 
by all the marks of professional existence," the elementary teachers had 
"achieved for themselves the distinctive characteristics of a profession." 
We are, however, still but little beyond our " starting point. Our advance muit 
depend upon numbers and resources. We desire comprehension — ^the unification 
of the whole profession. By wisdom and caution we shall secure general 
sympathy and support. I trust this Conference may greatly conduce to the 
prosperity of our Union, strengthen the eftp9*lt de coTp» among ourselves, and, 
by taking broad views of the subjects which we have to discuss, conciliate the 
few that are *' of a contrary part." We believe in the importance of our 
vocation — ^we know that it is not too highly valued — ^we seek council one of 
another to advance its interests, and, in reliance upon- the Divine blessing, we 
labour patiently to hasten the day when "peace and happiness, truth and 
justice^ religion and piety, shall be established among us for all generations." 



TO CONFERENCE, 1880-81. 

The Execatiye of the National Union of Elementary Teachers, in their last 
Beport to Conference, described at length and in detail the work and progress 
of the Union during the first ten years of its existence, and pointed out the 
rarious educational and professional reforms effected by its agency or through 
its influence. They propose in this report to deal only with the work of me 
past year, and witn the results of their labours since the last Annnal Con- 
ference. Ae the functions of the Union are of a twofold nature, yiz., those 
affecting the public aspects of National Education and tha<^ relating to the 
teacbing body as a profession, it may convenient to arrange the information 
now presented to Conference under two general divisions, corresponding to 
the double relation of the union to educational affairs. In adopting this 
arrangement it is hardly necessary to point out that no absolute line of demar- 
cation can be drawn between the public work of the Union and that 
which is professional, many of the topics having relations to both. 


1. — Amendment op the Code. — This subject stands first on the record 
for the year both on account of its intrinsic importance, and of the large share 
of time and labour bestowed upon it by the Executive. It will be remembered 
that during the year 1879-80, a Special Committee was appointed to carry out 
a previous resolution of Conference urging a reconsideration of the principle 
on which the education grant is distributed, and the complete recasting of fiie 
Code. At the date of the Brighton Conference the Committee had not 
completed their deliberations, and they therefore merely presented an 
ad interim report. The change of Government which occured shortly 
after Easter last year, the subsequent accession to office of Mr. Mundelk^ 
M.P., and the declared intention of the Department to thoroughly revise 
the Code, induced the Special Committee to hasten forward the production 
of their report, in order that the National Union might be able to exercise its 
share of influence on the deliberations of the Government. 

While the principle of the Code was under consideration, some important 
changes which had been introduced into the existing Code by the late Govern- 
ment, demanded the immediate attention of the Union. It was therefore 
Spread at the first meeting of the newly elected Executive to refer these 
terations to the Special Cbnmiittee and representations were at once made 
to the Department on the subject. On May 14th, the Special Committee 
brought up a report containing their recommendations, which with some slight 
alterations were adopted by the Executive, embodied in a Memorial to the 
Lord President and Vice President, and presented to the Department by a 
Deputation, consisting of the Officers of the Union. The Memorial is 

printed on pages cxvii-cxix, of this Report. The result of this action was 
Imported to the Elxeoutive on June 16th, immediately after the second issue 
V or the Code for 1880, in the following terms : — 


(a; Recommendations of the Executive in the last memorial which have been adopted 
"by the Education Department : (i) Art 3 (a). As to limitation of age. (Also Art> 
95.) (2) Art. 4. As to percentage of scholars paying above gd. per week. (3) Art 
19 (a) s. .As to sinffing from notes. (4) Art. jg(c)6. Art. not abolished bat pro* 
spectivt: rise dropped, 

{U) Recommendations not adopted : (i) Art. 15 (3). As to teachers as- members of 
Scnool Boards. (3) Art. 19 if) t. Class subject through reading lesson. (3) Art. 19 (^ > 
6. Modified but not aboH^ed (4) Art. 20 (a) z and 3. As to scholars quaiified by 150 
attendances. (5) Art. 21 ^^). Re-|^esentation of scholars under Schedule IV. (6) Art. 
28. (!7r»'M///nEr— Deputations haxl statement as to meaning of phrase "Point out "id 
Standards II. and III. Suggestions of Executive not adopted. 

(c) Changes made in first issue, approved b^ Executive, and maintained in second 
issue of Code: (i) Art. 19 (^) 3. Re>presentation under Schedule IV. (2) Art. 19 (/')7. 
Separate average in mixed schools for boys and girls in class subject grants. (3) Art.* 47 
{J}). As to who may sit for certificates. (4) Art. 70 (jO and (AX Number of pupil 
teachers to each adult. (3) Art,, ^x (/) and 3rd Schcaule. Needlework. 

{d) New changes in second issue : (i) Art. 30 (a), Footnote. Standard raised in 
1881 to IV. Old recommendation </«7A*r^. (3) Art. 117(a). As to keeping examina> 
tion Schedules, (3) Second Schedule. Omit " of the school," thus paving way for centre 
system. (This recommendation was made by the Union in 1877, 1878, and 1879.) 

It being now agreed to presa certain amendments upon the attention of 
Parliament, particularly those relating to Art. 19, C. 1, Art. 19. C. 6, and 
Art. 21, (0 a circular was issued to the Local Associations asking them to 
place these matters before their Local Members of Parliament, and at tho 
same time the Secretary was instructed to arrange for a priyate Conference 
between the Executive and those Members of the House of Commons known 
to haye a special interest in Elementary Education. It will be leen from this 
circular which is printed on page cxxx., that the Executive took advantage of 
the opportunity tiius opened to them, to urge also on the attention ot tho 
House the subjects of " Means of Appeal," and " Pensions." The reported 
proceedings of the Deputation to the Vice-President, and of the Conference 
with M.P.'s., show clearly the important influence now exercised by tho 
National Union on educational legislation. 

Having dealt with the points in the Ode requiring immediate attention, the 
Special (Jommittec resumed their task of attempting to re-model that dooumcnt 
on an educational basis. After eighteen months labour, and after holding maiiy 
meetings they presented an elaborate report which will be found reprinted on 
pages lxxxvi,-xcv. The Executive, without "committing the Union to 
any of the recommendations of the Conmjittee, issued the Report to the Local 
Associations with a request that the opinions of the members should be taken 
and reported to the Executive on a formi supplied for that purpose. For a 

geriod of two months the recommendations of the Committee were in the 
ands of the members of the Union, and bi^ tho middle of November, returns 
had been received from about 2(X) Associations. These wer^ tabulated by the 
Secretary^ and on November 2()th the Special Committee met to consider the 
criticisms passed on. their proposals and tlie suggestions for amending them. 
The result of their deliberations wfllfbe found in the supplementary report 
of the Committee printed on piage xcv.; which was finally submitted to 
the Executive on Novelnber 27th. 

ibv the me^ntimo it w(^ thought diesirable to test the opinions a£ persons 
^(QiTjest^ in Educatioi^ bi^t who wei^ not themselves teachers, on the proposal of 
ihe Special Committee. . A Cpnl^repce w<is accordingly held in the Urge xwmi of 


rthe Society of Arts, on NoTember Cth, to which the Officers of Training Colleges, 

the Chainnen of the principal School Boards, and other persons eminent as 

^educationists both in and out of Parliament, wei-e iuA-ited. Very valuable 

information was elicited at this Conference, and the effect of the jmst efforts 

•of the Union for the amendment of the Code became conspicuously apparent. 

The hands of your Executive were greatly strengthened by the united support 

;given by the many distinguished jxirsons present at the Conference to the 

..general principle underlying the proposed alterations. A general agreement 

was expressed that the existing Code must be radically refonncd, and that the 

alterations should be in the direction of greater simplicity and of more freedom 

•of classification and teaching. 

Being now in a position to speak with authority on behalf of the Union at 
'large, the Execntiye, after an anxious and exhaustive discussion, adopted the 

Memorial to the Education Department printed on pages cxix.-cxxiil., and 
•subsequently presented it to the Vice JPresideut by Deputation on December 

18th, 1880. The reception of the Deputation by Mr. Mnndella was character- 
ised by great courtesy and by an evident desire on his part, to ascci-tain and to 
'Consider with respect the opmions of practical teachei's on the subject of the 

Code. The Executive point to the published reports of the proceedings of the 
-Deputation as another evidence of the good feeling existing between the 

Education Department and the Natiqnal Union as the representative of the 
:great body of Elementary Teachers, They believe that as long as the modera- 
■tion and public spirit which have marked the demands of the Union in past 
^ears are maintained, so long will this entente cordiale exist, to the mutual 

benefit of the Government and the Teachers. At the interview your officers 

were informed that in consequence of the early meeting of Parliament no serious 
•changes in th« Code of 1881 were contemplated. The Executive are of opinion 

that Mr. Mundella's resolve not to disturb the Code until he can propose 
•changes likely to be j^ermanent is both wise and salutary. Time is thus 

secured for further consideration, and it will be the fault of the profession 

itself, if practical opinion and experience do not exercise their full share of 

influence on the coming Code. 

2.— Maintenance of a Good Standard of Education in 
Elementary Schools. — The action of Lord Norton in the House 
•of Lords and elsewhere, as well as some .of the changes proposed 
in the first issue of the Code for 1880, led the Executive to fear that an 
organised attempt was about to be made to lower the standard of 
education in Public Elementary Schools. It was therefore agreed on 
April 16th to refer the subject to the Parliamentary Committee for con- 
sideration, and on May 14th the Executive resolved to draw the attention of 
Parliament and of the profession to the retrogressive legislation that appeared 
to be impending. A circular was accordingly sent out to the Local Associa- 
tions with instructions to hold Public Meetings and to bring the subject before 
the Local Members of Parliament. The circular is printed on page cxxxi., of 
this report, and draft resolutions for Public Meetings were appended to secure 
uniform action throughout the country. The Executive congratulate 
themselves and the country that, in consequence of the action taken by th« 
Union and by other friends of Education— the false step which appeal^ 
imminent has not been taken, and the danger apf>rehended last lipring has 


for the present at least, passed away. The difficulties of School attendance, 
and the shortness of school life impose more than sufficient restrictions upon 
the standard of education in Elementary Schools. At the same time the 
Executive think instruction should be sound and practical rather than 
shallow and diffuse. They are further of opinion that to achieve the 
"highest results possible a more liberal staff than that generally employed is 
absolutely necessary. 

3.— Compulsion under the Education Acts.— The pi-oper and 
effective administraHon of the compulsoi'y jwwcrs conferred on Local Authori- 
ties by the various Education Acts having: been under the consideration of 
Conference for some years, the Executive considered it necessary early in the 
year to draw the attention of the Associations to the subject, and to collect 
information as to the working of the Acts in different localities. On July Kith 
attention was drawn to the Education Bill recently introduced into Parliament, 
by which direct compulsion was made universal. As the provisions of the 
Bill specially affected the schools in Half Time districts, a copy of the Bill was 
ftent to the Associations which had replied to the previous enquiries of the 
Executive on some special half time difficulties in Factory districts, with a 
request that any suggested amendments might be sent up in time for presenta- 
tion to Mr. ^Mundella. *A meagre resix)nse was made to this apjwal, but as a 
TCsjult the various suggestions were submitted by the Secretai-y to the 
Vice President of the Council. At a subsequent interview the Secretary expressed 
an opinion that the mere adoption of Bye-Laws by the Local Authorities would 
be ineffectual, if the Department did not take ]K)wer to com|)el those bodies to cany 
out the provisi(ms of the Bill. Mr. Mundella thought the new Bill would 
give the Department power to do much, and he cxpressetl his intention to 
replace local authorities " in default " by more active bodies} nominated by the 
Department. He also said that he should look to tlie teachers for valuable 
co-operation. The Executiye acting on this declaration, issued to the Local 
Associations the circular printed on page cxxxiii., and with it a Form of Enquuy 
as to the present mode of applying compulsion and its results (Form xxv). 
From the replies received the Secretaiy has compiled a special report of con- 
siderable value, a copy of which it is pix)ix)sed to submit to the Education 
Department. The report is printed on pages ex.-cxii. The Executive trust 
that, during the next few years, the I^ocal Associationii will ijcrforai an 
important public duty, by watching closely the action of the local authorities, 
recording the statistical and educational results of Compulsion, aVid i*eporting 
;j)eriodically on the subject to the Executive. One important result springing 
fi'om this enquiry is the very general concurrence of opinion that since com- 
pulsion has been in force, the average duration of school life has been 
fthoitencd. If this be an established fact, the demand for higher educational 
results under present circumstances is not justified, and a portion of* the 
•existing pressure on Teachers and Scholars is at once explained. 

4. — The Registkation and Certification op Teachers. During 
the past year very considerable attention has been given to the Bill for 
the Registration and Organization of Teachers, originally introduced into 
Parliament by the Rt. Hon. Dr. Lyon Playfair, M.P., and now in the han^s of 
fiir John Lubbock Bart., M.P. The formation of an Edncational Council tinder 
Parliamentary control and the creation of a General Public R3gistcr of 

ii»'nni:.i-i 11 .''■^Ti Til- ';:;::i:-.!: ■ : «*' Tir intviiMi:; inriiit-«<i<Tx. iinij nif-ni"r<- 
isM.ifi n" I ynvr.-t •■•■rT:'' :ic '•iv T-'" tit* -i**".'!!!. iii*wt"T ir c«.TTlfiaC>B 
♦■.\fp;i--t n;. tin l.(i:i'.-^i:.<M I^'-isiTjii-ir. iiii.- in- yi-air- iit-'i. iiumu^ tbt- iixK> 
ii: ««i- ii" iiiiH-i vin ]::■■.• i^-'i tir niit<: ;tn"^« iii'.'iiiiRiT-ir tiit I'i]iin«. ]t i- liffl" 
iiip win. Tvpr*;: iiiii' :ii» L:»-i:t'.' mi.^'^.t j iif«ipiii tiu- j«it: h: tin Ci>Iit^!>^* 
i'r*^**'!!!!!!-. Tmi'- iiit iiiK -Trsr:" Tir T«Tiii'*»«,ii7. jiiii ii iiirm TiiTi»ii;rl. I'uriieuiC 
I. ^"T 1 1 Hill iiivii**iir^ V ii.-;i ..ii|r.-:iT- ii IP u^— 4nt*i. nitinT iiirriii- H^^^jniTidwTBflJ 
of :ii» ruii-M.-Tjiiii iii-Tij. "li-.T^-T-"- III* vii.iit liTiat-xciiiiA. Thfl jii".'in'ula» 
rii«.T»'1i»p ••im»T>'iijT*"i i-iTi If '-i-^tiur Hill i»* d;*vit-*iin. ii- uirtn:: lin- flSfr 
Xjih. i»: I j"ini'inji-; ''•^l'Ji••r- i" Tii* ■.iuirii-i-r n: riii- nitti-suTt- iixid to if 
diMtiiiiiiiv- viiivi.. :*' iki— •« :nii ii'v :- iiiu«- mtiir u|mii. rhfiUi^iOvf-^ anucpn 
ii*«- j»riii«-^iiii ii: iuvj^' V'ln. :ii» -i"v n: rifiriiii: i4n- npiuim. nftheLA} 
^\*-i»'-iiiTnni'. :ij» Ii--iiii:Miii- n- :im 3^iir:iy:iitni <. miicmm-. Miidrkc sn^^c^rf 
iiui**ii(iiii''n!' ii Til" Jlil. ii."^' it^"i -Ts'inim-i. in: liit'ir CH¥ij-«iUi»TiiTioi;ril*f 
i:]iK'ii4iiii<-ii> wfp -'.i:;:;*— i»"i. h; :ii» i:iTi;:iiii'.'iiiitr} I lUiimixiiH'. and ufrer*n3 
iij»»rii^nii. \\*'V iiiiiii»i"i. n; rii- I.:*'- ii: •. Tiu iJilinwiiip un- tlit- afacisC'V 
•I. til*.- liili ftii^itifxivi. ji* Til' 1 iiioi.. Tat L.'muM> u** tIictt how itgnavt 
rt'jiriiiUM! tiu jiii^» •::.!. 

C'tinxt \. Tha: xh* fulinwir.p :«■ «iri>«:i:ut=r frr C'lauK 7 : •*Thiis Aa dafi «|!r 
ex'jiuMveiy Id the n:-jri<iTuiioi aiiL orpanisaiior a: leactiezv, and A»ll age jmph- IdV 
in.-*fM:ctiui: ur examxiuitmi uf m'.'iiuuik.' 

C'tauAi 4. J 1' unii: fron. ■j;au>-. . tut (ieiinuio! af " «choo! under thiy Aa." 

Cittitif 3. 1 L> unii: frun. Ljau>£ j '' 11 ••Jiiiiox^ uiiiier iKL- Am," ■«!<; *• xfaooe "in b 11 
page L. 

tianse C. Tha: tht reprcsentaiim. of itic Ciilie^ of TVeoepton. be CHnined,iiid *%*^ 
leen '* ^ubiitituicL fur * )i:xtn:x..' In a.- su. alxerr.ui!vc in evens of the above aoc ktf 
£rani«d. that ii. ciau!« t iht u-nn " >:.\te*i ' lit oniiii*>fl. and tbr wonl ** aghtm'^ 
kubstituted : that the: vrarc " f vt ' '•« iniiittec;. aiic *' six *' faib mi ii n ed : wna tbtf At 
«o^d^ " and tht: Lxemti^fr iif itic NatiDiiul I'nion of Ktementan- T^kfhm " 1m i^riii 

Ktememarj- Toachen 

after the wora> " 'J'iie L iiuiicii of :tit l ihe^t of 2'reoefitaffs,*' 

C'iaMsc II. I'c- Kubiitiiutt " ar. aiptuiiic:icul " for "&" in line 6, page 4;to^ 
" iiualified to \tt eniitk'\-ed " after " Jle^^u!!^ ' : aiid tz omit ** "»C^C^ ** ^n^ '''in sk^ 
under thi^ Act." ' 

Ci'tntsr 13. To omi: fnim lint ;3, pnpt 4. ** in a nchoo: nnder th» Act" ; toiniat'f 
caiei> after " date '' 11. liiie -i^ . uxil xx. Intc 4: to insen "» " aftor ** qnatifiatUoOi'W 
fcv:i.'s:itute "j. s. t., 7. and r *' fjn " -." ^ , 

Cia-KSt i^ To onii: all v-nrd-> after " teacher" ir line 3. pa{i;e 5, down to the eii ^ 
line -, and In line I to inxn after " Kch.ioi " tht wordf ** in vhicii he or she in mn^' 

Ciansr 37. To omit "and the cia.•iKe^ into which ii is to be divided " front line 3^^ 
each class" from line as, and "aad siatinc the cia# in which he or jlw ; it icsistfl^ 
fr-jHi line 30. 

Clause xh'. To amit the n-ords *' under the Act." 

Clattte 3Z. I'd omit suV»-Hecrion (;l. 

J-rrst a,. heduii'.— To oxnxt liie wardf> "and the Collecc of F^vceuton'* in &* S 
jsige >. 

A dqrtit«tiim fnmi the Uiiiim waited <m Sit J. I^nbbock, MJ • 
Hor'.}; J Mil. 1^81. when The ulmvc nniendments wnv hmnolit under hv iMXh 
tijd thf natMni-> fur sn;fjrp<tinj: tlit-ni were fiillv stated by Tcmr nuicMntitn* 
TiJ*- l*t]»ut«Tiim M-nv nwvctl with ninch courteKr, an^ the Hon. Mcdhr 
•«'-;:jf-!toi tliat ai« the Uninn i^ in faTinir »»f the gioienil principile ofRegM'*' 
t! flj tLe *ec«md ifadiiip uf the Kill ^ho^lld in< be o}»po!<ed. but '^t theU** 
u.zhi lake rti-p* to sttnrp aneDtion to their piYipcto«d amendments irii«th 
h.i'i i» is eomniittee-. 

From thw it will be seen that the Executive cordially approve of the general 
principle of Hegit^tration, and indeed of the greater part of the Bill. They ' 
trust tnat with the inflneiice of Conference and by the growth of professional 
l: ^gprit de corps, snch alterations may be adopted as will widen the scope of the - 
Bill and render it a fair measnre for all classes^nd grades of Teachers. The ' 
whole question of the Certification of Teachers has been under consideratioii 
_ apart from the Bill of Sir John Lubbock^ and is closely connected with the - 
_- question of " Supply of Teachers." Early in the year communications from 
. the principals and other officers of the Training Colleges were received, all 

- complaining of the injnry caused to elementary education by the admisfcion 

- of untrained and incompetent persons to the status of " Certificated Teacher." 
The transfer of the certifying power of the Department to a Grcneral Rei>re- 
sentative Conncil, partly guided and controlled by the profession, and responsible 

■ to Parliament, would remove many of the difiiculties now felt by £lemcntaiy 
Teachers, and would allow more play to the principle of free trade in reference 
to the supply and emoluments of teachers, 

5. — The Proper Supply of Qualified Teachers.— This subject is 
very closely connected with the Registration and Certification of teachers but / 
Bs some special action has been taken in reference to " Supply " a separate 
paragra])h is devoted to it. At the la«<t Conference an effective Paper on this 
tmbjcct was read by Mr. Wild, B.A. The Executive were iasti'ucted to 
bring the subject before Her Majesty's Government, and at the second 
meeting after Conference, a Deputation • was appointed to give effect to the 
-wishes of Conference. The change of Government and the pressure of public 
. business caused by the break in the Session made by the General Election, 
rendered delay necessary, and it was not until December that any reasonable 
liope existed of being received by the Prime Minister. Application was at 
length made, and the Executive were informed that owing to the state of 
puolic business Mr. Gladstone could not receive the Deputation. The 
jExecutivc were however referred to the Lord President and Vice President, 
*' as the question is purely a depaiimental one," and a request was accordingly 
made to the Education Department to receive a Deputation on the subject. In 
reply the Executive weixj informed to the following effect " That a good deal 
bas ah-eady been done in the direction of the wishes of the National Union 
of Elementary Teachci's, but that if the Uiiion were dcsimus of making 
♦ further statement, jt might be sent in writing and would be carefully 
considered. If it should Ikj necessarj' tlicy would Ik; glad to make an appoint- 
ment for an interview, but at present it docs not appear to Iks necessary." 
The Secretary has seen the Vice-President of the C/OUncil on the subject, and 
has been iufonned tliat any further statement might be supplemented by a 
personal interview. 

6.— Pakliamentary Action during the Year. — What lia« been • 
already said indicates to some extent the Parliamentary action taken 
by the Union during the past year. There have been, however, 
fleveral other steps taken by the Executive and by the Jjocal Asso- 
ciations* Early in 1880, before the Brighton Conference, and in 
antidimtion of the General Elect ion^ the Ix>cal Associations were requested 
to organise de])utations to the various candidates for parliamentary honours 
and to place before them the views of elementary teachers on various educational 


topics, with the object of securing their support if returned to the Honjte of. 
Conunous. The circular printed on page cxxvii., of this Beport was issued for 
the guidance of Jjocal Oihcers, and gives an outline of the subjects submitted 
to tlic candiilates. Trom the reports reccive<l by the General Secretarj* there 
can be no doubt that much valuable information was furnished on cduciitional 
subjects and that the parliamentary iniiuence of the Union lias been 
strengthened by the efforts made at the late election. The Execiitiyc however 
regret that only a limited number of the Associations rejiorted the results of 
their action and that the fullcnt |)08siblc advantage was not taken of the 
occasion. The Conference of M.r's. already mentioned in connection with 
the amendment of the Coile was presided over by fcjir John Lubbock, and 
was convened by that gentleman in conjunction with the Hem. K. Lyolpb 
Stanley and Messrs. B. Saninelson, Wlutwell, and Donaldson Hudson. Over 
fifty members were invited, and a fair attendance was secured. In addition 
to the statements of the Deputation, the ei)itome of the arguments advanced 
which had been i)rei>ared by the Sccrctaiy, was i)laced in the liantls of each 
member. This will be found m the Circular on i)age cxxx. The result of the 
inteiTiew was an agreement among the membci's present to go in a body to the 
Vice-rresidcnt, and place their views Iwfore hhn. Sir John Lubbock took up 
speciiilly the " teaching of class subjects through Reading Lessons " and Mr. 
ANTiitwell i)romised to re-open the question of Tensions to the extent of asking 
for the extension of the Fund by the amount unused in previous yeai*s. The 
thanks of the Executive, and of the Union at largo are due to Sir John 
Lubbock and his colleagues for the assistance rendered on this occasion and 
for the courtesy with which the Deimtation were received. During the 
Session the Secretar}' had interviews with a large number of members of the 
House of Commons and spent many nights in the lobby of the House 
transacting the Parliamentary business of the Union. On 8evei*al 
occasions questions on educational topics were put to Ministers at the 
instance of the Union. The Executive gratefully acknowledge with thanks- 
the services rendered in this way by the late Sir C. Reed and others. 

7.— Corporal Tuxishmekt in Schools. — The question of eoi-poral 
punishment has been forced upon the attention of the Union on several 
occasions during the past year. As a body rei)resenting the elementary 
teachei's of the country your Executive have endeavoured to show to the 
public that they desire to reduce to a minimum the amount of i)ersonal chas- 
tisement intiictod on scholars in elementary schools, and that they desire to 
remove none of those legal safeguards against excessive or improper pnniishment 
provided by the common law. At the same time they have maintained the nQce»- 
sity of placing a discretionary power in the hands of Head Teachers, and of 
maintaining intact the discipline and governing ixiwer of Public Elenictary 
Schools. The numerous complaints from teachers of well known ability' that 
their hands were unduly tied and their discretion fettered by the S|3ecial 
regulaticms adopted by ihc ]jon<U)n and some other School JJoards, and by 
the contradictory and often sentimental decisions of Magistrates, induced the 
Executive to take legal advice im a case occurring in Southwark, and to 
ai)pi-oach the London School Board on the subject. A Memorial was prej^aivd 
and was })rcsented to the Board in November by a Deputation whofle 
views were clearly stated by Mr. Grove, the Ex-President A statement 


haying been made by Mr, Lncraft a member of the Board daring the* 
interview that in a hundred of the Schools of the Board no corporal punish- 
ment was practised, a letter was addressed to the Board asking for a list of' 
these Bcbools. The reply was that the Board had never made the statement 
alluded to and that the enquiry should be addressed to the membere who were- 
responsiblc for the remark. On January 25th, a letter was addressed to Mr- 
Lncraft on the subject, but no reply has been received up to this date. 
The Executive appended to the Memorial a copy of the "Memo- 
randum " issued in 1878 both of which are reprinted on pages cxxiii.-cxxvi. The- 
result of this action on the part of the Union though not entirely successful is 
so far satisfactory that verj* substantial support wa.«< given by the leading- 
members of the Board to a motion made bj' Mr. Heller for a change in the- 
Board's Regulations. The Executive trust that in course of time the London. 
Board may lead the way to a more practical settlement of the question. 

8. — The Appointment of Inspectobs.— Though little has been done ouj 
this question since the Brighton Conference, the Executive have endeavoured' 
to obtain from the Local Associations, a reply to the question put to the- 
Greenwich Association by the Prime Minister. The ambiguitj- of the- 
question prevented a satisfactorj' result to the inquiry, but it was evident from- 
the replies received that the opinion of the profession, the quality of inspection 
has deteriorated since the passing of the Act of 1870, and that this is due, not- 
to the change fi-om clerical to lay inspectors, but to the fact that' of late years, 
young men straight fi*om the University and \^ith no acquaintance whatever- 
with Elementarj' Schools have taken the place of those who in former years; 
were to some extent at least appointed on account of their special acquaint- 
ance with education. The Executive fmiherilirect the attention of Conference 
to the Report on the subject adopted by a Conmiittee of the British Associa- 
tion to which the General Secretary was courteously invited. Thi* 
Rei)ort is as emphatic in its demand for reform as the most advanced members, 
of the Union could desire. 

9.— Enquiries at the Education Depaetment.—- As in past years the- 
representations and inquiries made by the Union to the Eclucation Department 
have invariaVjly been received with attention and courtesy. The various 
deputations to the Department have akeady been alluded to in this Report 
and the General Secretary of the Union has been allowed at all times free 
acces8 to the Department and has been afforded much useful information at 
the various interviews with Sir Francis Sandford. The Executive believe- 
that the free interchange of opinion thus provided Is of mutual help to the 
Union and to the Department. The interpretations put upon the Code and other 
Regulations b}' the Department are thus made kno^-n to teachers who in their 
turn are able to inform the principal pfficials of other difficulties and aspects of 
elementary education than usually reach them through official chaimels. 

10. — Means OP Appeal. — ^The provision of some reasonable Means of Appeal 
for teachers is more than a mere professional question, as it affects the general 
welfare of the schools and the proper distribution of the Government Grant. 
Early in the year the Parliamentary Committee conferred with a Deputation 
of the Educational Institute of Scotland on this imi)ortant subject and agreed 
to co-operate with that body in any future steps re8i)ecting it. The decisions 
of former Conferences hav« been placed before Mr. Mundella, from whom 

MiHtMricif. uiiiiiii.. ii: .:..;; ;'.:: v::mih.: TJ-'-Tiuifiirr Iihv:ii.^ a: oinKiruuarr 

iir^ f'liiinrH^'ii iim- vi . ." ! :}• !f'r.j:- i mi:ir:x:^- . mm ht " cut luzr- racL » 
fntt-hi"-> n-iiinv. IIimiiL;::" r.4 L; 'U 'pC;- - i'» :. llanrarii. llu.' tfi- IfCWn- 
siu ; ilfKlV. I l!i:'. « «. t: iN'f. Tf Tp«-».»li«fi:' clPIlUllit.' i " TfCClie?^ Tff 
iii-iitrs f III . Uinini" i*>«.v !: •: it*:': rf-r fiiiiu* Mfllias^'- aii . i ••^Ifceiirn. 

12r!'Ki>^ \' I A': i.t I- . iTHi:.; l.T.'". CATlft.SA.. liODIEt-— 

1-. ■ »..iin. vp!i'« !»■ ?*.i.-:: >.':pn:- A«^'*ii.'is»r-.- iil. Tli I'r'.Ti-.. .-l^xviciaZU. 
i.i.v. ». t>u. \:.:.i.: . .... -rr*^- -.j.kif f.i. fi«i.: v:T: :sjdr" ancvsiafr 

fin-rii:it. I' >i iiu..::.' !s. :i.i,"-. .; :.•;■■.■;.•■■ ! "t- rnpTr-T'*' ■ -'.rrr •■•Ti.flBi: 

M( i.iifiili.ii-^ I 1! >.!.-.: >■::■:.. ■■...*'*^ s. I ' '.H' l.v' r-:-t'..T:- tICcicML ■ 

.•iiiiti.s ih. . 1.1.. \» .: :»■. i:- .rtv ■\-.*. w-i:.-- , 'I i: hPTTre<f :itCT"T»^ oo is i 

. i.iii Ii- ^ jj.L. t.. :.. : 11!. :; .;■*. ••^i. . r: .-..ii'.iuTio- T-^ecrini. of 

S.I..: S.':iMi. I ..J. rp» .. . J.- ■ . ."•■ I ':":-i 'r-n.-TTrs. !•:!::!•*;." ZISX* WBk 

ti.-luiti- n.-»' ; t'.i •» n- ; *i"j . :: ini»iM?^i«- TTU^i^iSicnilB- (t 

jiiN \u'u*. T ■. !. fu ■ :i. ■ ». ^...:.. •^■*....' Tii- ■•:ii"« :!■ r'-nrfc^'iiuynre of 

i»- . ■:'.!. I. i:!:'. f .i.rv- . " :h I*. .:•.. \*«i.fc-*i-.:ii. Iii w!ii-:ji: • :••.- r'-^iClXS 

Jl. j.:y'«m-.i. « : :.V: " :. •! '. . :? ••^.■••••*i..»' \. 1'; j.* t«M--« «»f ••»!!?■• T&firm&r 

.. ty ri'iiki.iL •. v; .*. ;.. ..'•■ Tn-ir /.TuntiT- ivlisrsiT^ .Jiii^HBr- '■rit 

v.».i4. \ iiiui.. .■.;.:.-..'.: . . -. *..r:.- ... i »-'iinTii:in»' Uf * «♦« ftr>rr. *Rr 

H I '..»,.. :T"bw. »■ . .t; :•■*:.:.■■ S'ViTi-Ti. an - Zt: XfinOBL 

.Axv.!.-*-.!!.. . :.••..■:■.■-« •-■ " ' ? •■ \- ■■•• n- • " ."■: '-. .. TJUi" IW* 

. >'iihii< :iii;|-t:-> . ... . i-.. ..."*. ■'..<" ■ -^ ■.■, . .".uiT' " fT* \ -i- tf^^'TSiti- 41* 

I" . \:»v:iv>'. P . "i. . •. K ... : I ..I « —;.».• ■ rf ■^l-.'" ' T!: ■ <iT:!»irf ff 

-• ,..:..-!-v>. .. . ,l;r. • . -v.-. ... , ■»- :. .tiler-- «.K- ::':t:- - -ii??-iitffft- 

i.n • . f! •.. .. :; > ■■ .T": •■■.. tr- « h-'i :; ;. rtti'-. ..-•; STr<771itff** 

..♦.v.. ■- i;i..i.. ; \. . " • ■. . ■ :■..■•. : ■ . ■►..ii ' "■■ r ;t:t'(:«<;**f«^:«^ 

*..,»' ". .••^»..iTi. .•.'■. in::. : -^^ fii-il" 21 

■» ■■ ■ »..lTn»*»i ' T* TTfc.T.TS;: 

t ..11...... :'» ? v... I. ■ - . .■ ;. ••' V. .>' :..i •WCfXT" fr T» 

..■ii.l.': . * ■..•"».!.■ .!■ ■ .. I. .' .ti. '.••», 1. 1 T..*ii»« . * T! .'* • .^ r ■••^v 1 1 V C? TK 

. .:t.>.: ■.. ..••■ .:..!.-' ■•.. . \. » *.-. !.■•■•...■■■». ■ .. . - i**g f!ft wi..H 

«....!' 1 •■. •.!.<. ■ ■? I - :.j -. • -^ rr u-m.j tii;**"". • t . ; ^«f|i*rSl 

I '.»* itf-.. 14'... I.-.. .'■:'.■.. ." .*. 'I.;. • .n !■! l/»iin. • • rf- ■**lSr-*Hlfl^ 

... ii ■ ■K ■.-< . i.. I -...I .1-. r?i--^-. - Tt } •■ -f ;;: r, ' T* 

.-■■.. • 4 !» .■ .. ■ ■."■■•.. ■ ■Hi.- '.r*t ■ . . • tStr.^fTiti'. I'lilliinz 'T. 

.I.J'.i.-! .»... "s. - " r? ? -.- ■ •■■ •-^. :li • olui?!. Ti ' m.. i i«fw ' t» »l!» 

.. I'Ok.. '...■.'■ . » .:.. j\\..--*, .»■■ \. " ! ■■■■ '•■■■*w. I'"'*- f.. f ■4^_ TniL IK 

.i.«)ki.' .. •..•?».•.} ..- . ■.■*..■»• '.•♦« .•'..■"'•».■* lirti I'tiilTJl"*' 

-li. ■. . *». \ .- . T— . ■"• T •■■-.■■.■•■ ••r.f.? V.:? .|:-. T^I*?f" IV 

.!.*..'... ."...■.■;». ij . .k. "v*-!**.- .■•■.-.?!• twi u':..i:-i* "■■ r: ^M^--^iy>imL 

.. .U< .■••.^- ■■• -■ > "! \'.-i.i -. J'- crw.*k.. ■»»•». . .-I . 'v/tirLU^Tti*.- a»ii. ^ 

. '.Mxt .• ^ ■. .■■.I.4..1i.|»'.ni. -b ■ >... I. . .^ka ' ••.!% Ml... •T'^' ^t%f- . t" t 

.* .- 1 ir^. t.. rj '.•!.•«»■.. ft. rt, t'tJ f.'AlCijV^ ■ -Wvi"*. .T^ih ^-J 


Rational Union on that Committee. The following extract from the 
fiecretaiy'8 report for October 1880, is given a^ expre^ing the feeling with 
which the Executive regard the memorj of Mr. Bodgern. 

"His lofty ideal of National Educatioa led him to look to the teacher a%the chief 

iustrument of " efficiency," and he ever sought to obtain this end — the real education of . 

the nation— by the improvement of the teacher| -morally, socially, intellectually and 

professionally. ** * By his death the Cause of national educatioa has lost one of its taiost 

able administrators, and the profession its most fearless, candid, and able advocate. 

The late John Whitwell, M.P. holds an equally prominent ))lace in the 

memory of teachers. To his efforts in Parliament from 1871 to 1875, the 

resuscitation of the Pension Minutes was mainly due, and shortly before his 

•death, he had undertaken to move for an increase in the annual sum {nanted 

-for retiring allowances. At all times Mr. Whitwell was ready to advise the 

Executive in Parliamentary matters, and to his rij)e experience and wise 

counsels the public work of the Union owes much of its success. Professor 

Jiodgson of Edinburgh was of late years less known to English teachors than 

-formerly. His high estimate of the teacher's position, and of the relative 

value to the state of the teacher's work induced him to give powerful aid to 

^he vaiious professional organizations in England and Scotland. His presidency 

of the Educational Institute of Scotland was a tangible proof of his professional 

SEeol, and his hearty reception of your representatives on several occa-^ions was 

An evidence of ^he respect with which he regarded the National Union. 

The recent death of Sir Charles Reed, adds another name to the melancholy 

list of departed educationists. Taking a less professional view of educational 

snatters than Professor Hodgson or the Rev. tfohn Rodgers, the late Chairman 

of the Ijondon School was a veteran in the cause, and exerted a wise and 

powerful influence for good over the great movement springing from the 

^^dacation Act of 1870. The Executive were officially represented at the 

■funerals of Sir Charles Reed, M.P., and Mr. Rotlgers, and votes of sympathy 

"were forwarded to the relatives of the respective lamented gentlemen. 


Having in the forcgoing paragraphs recorded the action of the Exccuti^'e 
during the year affecting the public side of educational jittairs. it is now necessary 
"to give some account of the year's work in its relation to the professional interests 
of teachers and to the developemcnt of the Union as a professional organisation. 

1. The Executive and its Committees. — The Executive ait its 
first meeting after the Brighton Conference took into consideration the 
advisability of enlarging the machinery by which the general work of 
the Union is conducted, and agreed to the appointment of a new Standing 
Committee, to which should be relegated the duty of organising new Local 
Associations and strengthening those already in existence. Tlie apiioint- 
ment of this Committee while imposing an additional strain on the members of 
" the Executive, bids fair to produce highly satisfactory results, and to produce 
a marked effect on the vitality and strength of the Local Associations, The 
Executive have held ^A/7*^?^f7i-r<?c meetings since the last Conference, the average 
duration of each meeting being more than four hours, and the average attendance. 
of members twnity-three. There ^,re three Standing Committees viz., the 
I'inance and General Purposes Committee, the Parliamentary an<l La\v, and 
the Organisation Committee. The Standing Committees meet regularly twice 
in each month, and at such other times as the state of business may require. 
In addition to these. Special Committees have l)eon a]>pr)intcd to 
consider (1) The Recasting of the Code, (2) The PtvwVvTi^ vwA \sA>afe ^t 


Anniiai Rt'iii>rr. v'H The Doncir.'^on < '<iiivpr!iazinne and Sf»irpe At:eoniir iI8TS^. 
+> ^>rti«.' >«aif. iiiiii .'0 A<imi?—i«iii r«> rraininu: < '••ik**^;*. Tire rotal iwrnuurr 
r t luuiitrii' Mivrinu- "u'i«l iiinnsr 'hv vnr * At*.}, and "he iiviMiip 

MrrpiiiiaiKv ■ r nK-minT'. ;it t'acii Moi»f itiii -••^••n. < if thi- Memner^ • -r the Kxecmht 

■u'rrfHt i.v i)i?.rn«*r l '.iinii^ iine 'lavv iiuuie m trmnlaiin*?*. Tlie r'nilowhi? 

'A'Kv ,-.■•'. ;iio • irai :itreiiituii«T*!« of TiurmlwrH at :mfer!Ti!r'* <'f ^hc KxetrntiTC ai 

T-Viiu: -iiuwiNi; niii Axriiy d a^ce -'K Meubkim «'PThe IvXEcmvKiT 

.\lEtmN».c<»»l:" THK rlXECTTlVK AND 4 nMMlTTEEK < 'F THE I.'^'IOX. FHOl 

'^f.inuin^ "Dcciai •Jumnxii 



.<■ 3Ji;es. 



34 -^ 


-V'^.-?'. _ . .%.. "■ ".ce-A res. 
-I'.^v-, _ . v.. ::..\-rr»», J 

!i«ii<r. r. ■-.. "Jet:.: 

- r;a..-'-I\.:-- 
. .-.rK. H. 
. .-.rk.. ^. 

■ .irv.:::c- . ^-^ . 
•o:':»er. ". 

• • ■ r 

; ) 

: .► 

- i ~2 T"J 



1 ^^9Vfc*« ^« 

.. . .>.\. 

•tf-.i. ■.. 

3 jU 








■ . . N ^ 

■sec. w. 


• i-Jt ij«ti J"'i\ . . ; i ,\ 

- ^..-. IS*-' iff. -ji-l, v^^x 


2. Organisation. Growth of the Union. — ^In their last Kei^rt to 
Conference the Executive took occasion to point out and to deplore the tluctua" 
tions which had become aiijiarent in the success of some Local Associations, 
They have again to draw attention to this im])ortant fact, which seems to 
indicate in many cases a difficulty in securing the services of suitable officers 
aud competent Local Secretaries. Had no Associations been allowed to fall 
back innumlHjr during the year the actual increase of niemlxjrs during 1880 would 
be liQ less tlian 1274, instead (»f the nett increase of 480 only. At the end 
pf 1871) the Union consisted of 291 Local Associations with an aggregate 
memberships of 11,412. During 1880 eight Associations ceased to exit,. 
and nineteen new Associations were added to the lioll. As will Ikj seen from 
the Table at the end of this J{ei)ort. the Union, at the end of 1880, consisted of 
302 Associations containing 11,81)2 memliers. The following table illustrates 
the membership and growth of the Union since its foundation in 1870. 

No. of 




























No, of 

Rate of 











No payment 

Iis.permember ( 
up to a maxi- J 
mom of jCs< 
from any As- i 
sociation, \ 

I } 2S. per member \ 

2S. 6d. per 

Date of which 
Returns are made. 

Sept. aoth, 1S70 











♦ » 



1 8th, 

















Place of Conference. 

London (z). 




London (2). 

London (3), (4)., 


The Executive cannot consider the growth of the membership of the Union 
during the i)ast four years as entirely satisf actor)', particularly when it is- 
compared with the increased number of teachers engaged in Elementary 
Schools. This conviction led them to apix)int an Organisation Committee, 
"which, under an active chairman, has done a vast amount of work during the 
xrcar. The results of this work, though not yet apparent, will Ixjcome evident 
in proces«» of time. For the information of Conference tlie action of the Com- 
xnittee is si)ecially referred to. Its first duty was to ascertain the weak iK)ints 
in the organisation and tlie districts in which the Union was badly rcfiresentcd 
or unrepresented. Eor this puiiK)se the '* Form of Special Retuni," printed 
on page cxxxvi., was issued to existing Associations. The manner in which this- 
©nquiry was responded to at once indicated a weakness in the tie between the 
XJnion and its branches — as 150 oidy out of the 302 Associations then, in 
^xintence, y;?/«^^Mr///y sent in their rcplies. By dint of repeated applications, 
Involving unnecessar}' labour and expense, returns were at length received 
from 270 Associations, leaving 32 from which no response has been yet 
ti^ccivcd. It may be well to say in jiassing, tliat this neglect of communications' 


irom the Executive has boen still more Ptrongly felt in reference to other 
matters, and demands a word of friendly remonstrance, as no le»s than 103 
Associations did not make any report on the all-important enquiry touching the 
'* Kccasting of the CVxle." The replies to the Sficcial Returns were tabulated 
by the Chairman of the Committee and presented in the form of a Heport. The 
information obtained induced the Committee, and subsequently the Kxecutive,to 
propose certain alterations in the Rules of the Union, to issue a scries of sngge«- 
iions for the more successful working oi Local Associations, -and to rc\ise the 
" Draft Rules for an Association," jirinted on yta^e cxliii. which have been for 
wjveral years sent out with Form 5 and inserted in the Annual Report as one of the 
" Standing Forms" of the Union. The subjects of "Rival Associations" and 
"Associations covering the same area," have on several occasions come under the 
of notice the Executive, producing animated discussion. Under the existing Rule 
2, it is felt that the Executive have little or no control in this matter, and an altera- 
tion is therefore placed before Conference, which will confer xipon the Kxccu- 
tive a discretionary power in reference to the afhliation of Local Associations. 

The Organisation Committee have also during the year prepared maps of 
the various districts of England and Wales in which even' i)laee containing 
an insiDccted school is marke<l. and the approximate strength of the Union in 
each district is indicated. This work, which has been undertaken in sections 
by the members of the Cf)nmiittce, and the other statistical and toix>graphical 
information collected by them will, it is believed, enable the Executive during 
the coming year to make a marked effect on the further development of the 

3. — Deputations to Local Associations. — Visits of the General 
Secretary.— The Visits of the General Secretary and of the Members of the 
Executive to meetings of I^)cal Associations really form jmrt of the wider 
question of Organisation, and fall to a certain extent under the arrangement 
and control of the Organisation Committee. The advantages si)ring'ing from 
& direct contact of the Executive and the J^cal Associations cannot be well 
over estimated. Not only is infonnation mutually given and received but a 
j«ense of actual unity of purpose is also created and the ties of sympathy 
between the various branches of the Union are strengthened. Deputations 
from the Executive have addressed twenty-five local meetings during the year, 
while the Secretary has attended and spoken at thirty-nine meetings. The 
onerous character of the office work, produced by the large number of 
Executive and other meetings, and by the great increase in correspondence, 
has rendered it necessary that the General Secretaiy should remain in J^ndon 
more than the Executive desire, notwithstanding tne employment of an extra 
«lerk during a considerable portion of the year. The counties of Somerset 
.and Durham, and parts of Kent and Sussex were systematically visited, and 
several isolated meetings have been attended by Mr. Heller since last conference. 
The good results of these Secretarial tours are evident, and the Executive 
hope during the current year to aiTange for an extension of this part of the 
Secretary's labours. A study of the information collected and' arranged by the 
Organization Committee leads to the inference that the great numl)er of teachers 
not yet enrolled in the lists of I.<ocal Associations will be found in the great 
x»nti*es of population rather than in the rural districts This would seem to 


indicate that the Organising duties of the Secretary should he first carried out 
in the apathetic urban districts, and in those rural districts where na 
Associations arc yet formed. The Executive, however, are of opinion that no 
permanent good can result from the spasmodic galvanising of Ix)cal Associa- 
tions into activity by the visits of Deputations, unless it is backed up by the 
constant and systematic work of the Officers of Local Associatons/upon whom, 
to a larger extent than upon any central force, the vitality and the success of 
the whole Union depend. 

4. Law Cases and Legal Advice.— In their last Report the Executive 
mentioned the increase in the numlxjr of cases of a legal nature submitted to 
them for advice or for action, and expressed approval of a motion placed on 
the Conference Agenda by the Hackney Association, for limiting their action 
in Law Cases to those who were bona fide members of the Union at the time 
the circumstances arose leading to law proceedings. The adoption of this 
resolution by the Brighton Conference has produced generally a salutary effect 
although it nas prevented assistance being given in two cases where non-member- 
ship appears to have been the result of accident rather than apathy. Since the 
last Conference the Secretary has investigated and advised upon 76 cases of 
difficulty, and has acted as arbitrator in three other cases of dispute between 
Managers and Teachers. The Parliamentary and I^w Committee have dealt 
with 29 cases, and the Solicitor has been consulted in twenty six cases which 
appeared to require more than onlinary attention. The following is a report 
-by the Solicitor of the caije Wilks i*. Walker, which has been diargcd upon 
the Resene Fund. 

This was an action of vety great importance to teachers. A little girl of eight years- 
old was yer]^ troublesome and disobedient in class, and her teacher struck her on the arm 
i»ith a nine inch flat ruler. The mother complsuned to the head teacher, and on being 
shown the insignificant piece of wood with which it vras impossible to inflict a severe 
blow the matter dropped. About a year afterwards (the child having been a regular 
attendant without complaining all the time) the mother again brought the child to the' 
school, and uncovering her arm, which now reall]^ was bad, she said the doctor said the 
injury was caused by the blow. Under the advice and with the help of the doctor an 
action w^as brought against the teacher, which was heard on the 3rd, 4th, and 7th May, 
1880, at Westmmster, before Mr. Justice Hawkins. The evidence of a medical man 
(Mr. Harle, of 174, Shoreditch High-street, £.) strongly supported the plaintiff's case, 
and the judge expressed an opinion that inde^ndent surgical testimony should be 
obtained. Trie Union thereupon secured the services of Mr. John Croft, F.R.C.S., and- 
lecturer at St. Thomas' Hospital, who was able to state that the injury could not have' 
arisen from the alleged blow, and was, in fact, a very difierent injury from that whick 
had been attempted to be proved, and the jury gave their verdict for the teacher. 

Without dwelling too stronglv on the immense advantage which the defendant, (an 
assistant teacher) derived from the professional assistance provided by the Union, we 
take occasion to warn all Assistant teachers against corporal punishment with unauthor- 
ised weapons however slight, and also against inflicting such punishment at all when 
in the least degree out of temper b^ the obstinacy of a diild. 

Mr. Justice Hawkins stated distinctly that the will of the School Board for London 
against corporal punishment is binding on their teadiers, and that but for some- 
irreg[ularity in the plaintiff's pleadings he should have directed the jury to find the 
verdict for the plaintiff, and in this case he directed the verdict to be entered for the 
defendant without costs. 

As actions of this descripti<m are becoming rather frec^uent, we are most anxious that 
assistant teachers should understand their legal position in such cases. 

Last year the Conference were warned " that the Executive at all times while 
giving legal assistance to the- fullest extent of their means * * * must in 
¥iew of the growing nnmbet of case»i consider whether it is possible for ther 

• •* 

• . 

t . 

■■r ■; t. . ^K.--rJ :> 1-.. r:^r]:^-::Ti 
■ ■ . •• • " • .• .-Ii* i.- •. .u:.".t:. 

i i . . . . i 

;•'■•■ . " I !■ . ■ ;.'-.i« ']'.':••■ .iiisiiitred a* ir v_M5.-»> C rsl '. 

i.scciMixc see fii. 

' • ' ■■'•■..■. ■ ■• »■■!■»■ i»n- "I. :■. sii!.ni:ttt-d t-» i*'e Fxecutive -• 

' ■'■ ■ •■ I """I :ii..itu.^.:iiu! if thcu-hi nece-in 

' ■■■ ■• I ■ • I.-.-. " . t.ii.i>, ihtr uf ihr ^:.": 

'■■ ■ •' I ■- ^i- lukvi in ihc :viea:-.:inie. 

.■••' .' • • «n -. .■•■•: ••« •»! ^■-•.sera, '.i.ttrtr-:. S-'anr '■•''" 

■ .•■•'••■ *.: i- '.J'\ ••»> :hc N. L". K.iV t3 ':V a: 

• ' ■ ■ ' ; ■ K -* .ir'cr.v ■*« irr^rced th* :>:: 

:• c c: -a-y Iv the K\«c;:::\ =.•_-.*: 
: ■•..-•... :c v:J:iy.lSzA. c;:::=r::c 

• 1 •• * ••.. * w *»■ :" ;■ !\. •-■.. ■ ,. ..•.-., 

• ■ • • •■ . :.. ■ : ,.,* ; . >.■. .•■i-Ti,~ "» ^ ■ » /■ --' 

. t ■ • 

"■• •■ • •■ •■■ '•* ''•' :.:.■>:■ • .:.\ .•.•.;i.-- ^ 

^ »■ ..- . t 

•■■•■•■ • -'■•■ .'."■ ■'■•• :-«:'ll :i;.-v j.^^- ■ ...j_.. ... . . 

• ■■■ ■• ''-I'*' '••'^'■•i.!.; .,: :u.: -Hi.":!:" ..""Vj l:' :'r 

' '■:■ ■■■■I '•'■»• "•!:•»;. ji-' ; VM hi- *--i- jj, ... , .. .^^. 

I ■ « I'i. 1 . Ii, iii.Miihkii IV", -i; '^ '"'ii. .^ . " *" " 

, ^ ■ '•-^- . M« -n-te :~ :ns: ::r.: 
« • '•'■ •»«»«"i-ni!j»:iiii ii tin t-. \-i» j., . _ . .. 

' - " '• '^ • : *••!»'• IV .im o.rse:'**- ••ir.-n- ■■ 

■ ■'*■ ■^- '' • •■■•'" '"»• 'f^' ■'.■»<» iir.i. rr«.-IiriV '.-'," 

;■ ''• ".'" •"•.■■ *;■••■' '-' -■' •='»>•■: --ninmn:Xu:-:'. 

. ■■ 1 '■■'■ •'. '..-. .V. .Sft.-rM.-.- .V.;. "t.:V~ 
, .. .. . ^ ■ " nir.,-:- :.v *: 

■ with the legal gentleman in charge of the case. Every rmportant step in die proceedings 
is reported by the Solicitor to the Secretary for the information of the Executive, and in 

. ordet to give the Union the power of reconsidering the case at any stage by the light of 
new information. * 

The Kxecutive have also found it necessary to alter the general arrange- 
Aoents regarding the ])aynient of costs in Law Cases. Up to the snmmer of 
last year, it had been the cnstom to hold the Associations sending np any ease 
jointly and equally responsible with the Kxecutive for the costs. Finding thrit 
^18 arrangement acted injuriously by exempting the members on whose 
behalf action was taken, from any jMsrsonal liability as to the expenses, 
t is now agreed " That as a rule the cost incuiTcd by the Union in any case 
4hall be paid by the Union, the IjOc&I Association, and the individual con- 
cerned in equal proportion, but that the Kxecutive may in special cases make 
ithoT arrangements, accordinor to the requirements, provided always that any 
inch special arrangements with the members shall be made through the fjocal 

. Two cases have l)ecn reported to the Executive in which mcml)ers, having 
akeu action in the minor courts without the previous advice of the Executive, 
lave then applied for assistance in meeting the costs incurred. The 
ijxecutive desire it to be known that they cannot be responsible for costs, or 
or a sliare of cost in any case not conducted under their direction and 
midance, and by their own law officer or by some agent appointed by him. 
phis warning should also Ixj extended to cases in which the Secretary's adWco 
IIM» heen given, as iio liability or claim for pecuniary help can be admitted 
cscept in cases under Class F, and generally, those adopted by the Executive. 
.. .5. Legal Status and Title op the Union. — In accordance with the 
ngtructions of Conference the Executive have continued their eiforts to secure 
, recognised legal status for the Union. In a former report the opinion and 
^vlce of the Solicitor was reconled at length. Early in 1880 application 
YBSi miade to the Lords Commissioners of ller Majesty's Treasury for the 
^grijitration of the Union under Clause 8 of the Friendly Societies' Act as a 
• specially authorised society." After some correspondence and an interview 
letween the Chief Kegistrar and Mr. Ileller, a letter from the Treasury was 
tfoeived in August declining to register the Union under the Act, and the Execu- 
iv© immediately turned its attention to the subject of " JLacori)oration." The 
jeoretary collected all available information as to the best mode of securing the 
flC|,iit of a llo3'al Charter, aud sought the advice of liord Hedesdale on the subject. 
the epitome of the Charters granted to tlie Educational Institute of Scotland and 
othe College of Preceptors given on pa^ cxxxvii, and the Draft Petition to the 
Jaeen were prepared by the Secretary at the instance of the 
*tojfllamentary Committee, and are re-produced for the information of members, 
C|>e Draft Circular on page cxxxvii, was prepared for issue to the I/)cal Asso- 
igltions, but owing to the difficulty of the whole question and the divicjed 

rLnion of the Executive, no definite conclusion respecting either the " Title 
ttie Union," or its " Incorporation by Royal Charter," has yet been arrived 
I,, The Executive are of opinion that should, the attempt to secure a Charter 
tooYC .unsuccessful some other method must be found to give a legal status 
^ tbe Union and its branches. 

6i Bbtirino Pensions and Compulsoby Annuity Fund.— In the 
Bxions communications with the Education Department on the subject o£ 


the code, the Executive have, m ulroady fitatetl, renewed their repreRentation» 
on the subject of PeiiHions. The practice of the Department in dropping for 
erer the unsuccesnful cases at each half-yearly award is, in the opinion of the 
£xecuti\'e, highly prejudicial to the claims of many of the mo8t deserving 

the Department may modify the regulations in such a manner, as may romoTethe 

inequalities now evident in the award of retiring |)ensions. At an intenriew 
between the officers of the Union and the Vice-President of the Comncil ku* 
December, a question was put to your representatives, respecting the feasabilitj 
of a Comimlsory Annuity Scheme, by which the papnents of teachers 
might be supplemented by the Government, ^'o definite reply could be given 
on behalf of the profession ; but the fact tluit a Provident Society had been 
already established in connection with the Union was brought before Mr, 
' Mundella, and subsequently its Knles and Tables were submitted for his inform- 
ation. At a meeting of the Borough Koad College shortly afterwards, the Kt 
Hon. gentleman alluded again to the same topic, and considerable attention has 
since been given to the subject by the teachers in various parts of the conntrv. 
The Executive are of opinion that the profession must not hastily commit 
itself to an acceptance or rejection of the suggestion, but that the probable 
ultimate effect of such an arrangement on the relative position of the Groyera- 
ment and the Teachers, should be thoughtfully consideretl. Immense advant- 
age would undoubtetlly Ik? secured if "Thrift" became general among 
teachers, and all were enabled to secure themselves against penury and want in 
sickness and in their declining years, but it may be well for elementaiy 
teachers to consider whether it is necessary or prudent to invoke the 
assistance of the Government in securing the benefits of a general scheme of 

7 — Reserve Fund and Finance. — The Executive have this year charged 
upon the Reserve Fund the costs in the case of " Wilks v. Walker," already 
mentioned thus permanently reducing the Fund by the sum of £62 14s. 4d. 
The Hackney Association, which sent up the case, has undertaken to 
repay, half this amount, and has, as a matter of fact, already lendd 
the sum of £27 17s. 6d., to the Reserve Fund during the year. Se 
Executive earnestly desire to secure from every Association, that has 
not yet contributed to this useful fund, a contribution at the rate <rf 
at least two shillings per member. Without this Fund the financial difficalties 
of the Union for some years would have been insuperable, and the 
taking up of some important law cases would have been prevented. 
Whatever may be the decision of the Conference with respect to the 
future rate of subscription, the Executive think the existence of a substantial 
Reserve Fund necessary to the stability and success of the Union. It vrill be 
seen from the Balance Sheet that the Provident Society, and the Benevolent 
and Ori)hanage Funds have, at the request of the Executive, contributed their 
quota of the extra office expenses caused by the connection of the Fnnds widi 
ttie Union. The question of Finance is so fully dealt with in the Reports of 
the General Treasttrer and Auditors that any further 'reference to it here 
fleems unnecessary. 



Annual Repobt and List of Members. — The increasing size and cost 
of the Annual Report, and the large number of cojHes now required, induced 
the Executive to take the opinion of the Associations as to the advisability of 
making a small charge for the book. The reply received was decidedly in the 
negative, but some suggestions were made for reducing the size of the volume. 
On the other hand it has been the aim of the Executive year by year to insert 
additional information, and even the addition of an alphabetical list of Members, 
has been recommended by a Special Committee on the subject. A Calendar, 
Table of Contents and other improvements were inserted last year and appear 
to have given satisfaction to the members. It has been found inconvenient to 
issue the complete Report before Easter, and consequently two editions have 
been necessar}'. The Executive have agreed that the " List of Members "^ 
shall not be sent out this vcar with the Conference edition, and they suggest 
that in Rule 28 the word "Whitsuntide" shall be substituted for "Easter." 
The best results have been produced by the distribution of the special reprint of 
last year's Report to Conference, by which over 5000 copies have been placed 
in tne hands of non-members. 

Miscellaneous. — Other subjects have engaged the attention of the Execu- 
tive during the year, which can only be briefly mentioned in this report. Among 
these were the "Detention of children after school hours," "Deficits on Conver- 
sazione and Soiree (1870) Accounts," " Office Work " ; " Appointment of an 
Assistant Secretary"; " Rate of Subscription," " Exclusive Membership " &c. 
On the first of these a strong expression of opinion took place and the 
following resolution was agreed to: — 

Thar in the opinion of this Executive, the practice of systematically detaining children 

in School beyond the usual School-hours for the purpose of special preparation for 

examination, is prejudicial to the physical and intellectual well-being of the scholars, 

and is to be condemned." 

The attention of the Local Associations was drawn to the subject, and the 

Executive have reason to hoi)e that the result will be favourable to scholars, 

and will correct in some degree the false standard which the objectionable 

practice tends to set up in the of minds of Managers and Inspectors. On the 

other subjects mentioned no definite decisions were arrived at, but they will be 

brought before Conference for consideration. 

SUMMABY.— Tlie Executive conclude their report by giving a brief epitome 
of the year's work in the same form as the previous work of the Union was 
fluminariscd in the last Report. The statement is thus brought up to the 
present time: — 
1880. — ^Memorial to Education Department on Amendment of Code. 

Enquity made through the Ijocal Associations as to the comparative 

character of School Inspection before and since 1870, 
Code issued by Duke of Richmond and Lord George Hamilton 

considered, and representations made thereon to the Department. 
Circular issued to l^ocal Associations, asking for agitation by Public 
Meeting and otherwise, in favour of maintaining a good standard 
of etlucation in Elementary Schools, and in opposition to the New 
Code and I^ord Norton's motion in the House of Lords. 
Action taken in reference to the General Election. — Circular on subject 

Memorial on Supply of Teachers presented to Education Department 
hy Deputation. 


Memorial on Code of 1880 presented to Educi\tion Deparment, 
Arrangements made for Parliamentary Action on Code, Appeal, 

Pensions and Inspectorate. 
Private Conference with M.P.'s at House of Commons on Amendment 

of Code, I'cnsions, Means of ApiKJal, &c. 
Keport on subject of " Appointment of InsjKictors " issued by the 

British Association. 
Subject of Pensions again brought before the Education Department. 
^Classification of costs and Rules of Procedure in Law Cases considered 

and modified by the Executive. 
Incorporation and I^egal Status of Union considered, and subject 

referred to Parliamentary Committee. 
Subject of Corporal Punishment debated, and Question put in House of 

Commons by Sir C. Keed. 
"Conference held with representatives of Educational Institute of 

Scotland as to identical Parliamentary action on subject of 

" Appeal." 
Solicitor consulted on Goffin case and the question of Parliamentary 

The Vice-President and Ex-President aj^pointcd a Deputation to 

represent the English Teachers at the Brussels International 

Inquiry on Half-time Schools and Education Bill 1880. 
Discusision as to ai)pointmcnt of Assistant Secretary. 
Beport made by Secretary of replies from Candidates at the General 

Amendments to Education Bill 1880, suggested to Mr. Mundella, M.P. 
Ladies' Committee revised suggested Form of Third Schedule. 

(Needlework). — Kepresentations thereon made to Education 

Education Estimates discussed in House of Commons. Art, 19 C. 1., 

attacked by Sir J. Lubbock, and other jwints raised by the 

Union taken up by other M.P.'s. 
First Report of Special Committee on Recasting of Code sent out, with 

FoiTii for replies of Associations. 
Representations made to Education Department on several points, 

viz. : — (1.) Two Drawing Examinations. (2.) — Alteration in 

School Year. (3.) — Honour Certificates. (4.) — Grouping of 

subjects under Art. 19. C. 1. (5) — Art. 29 as applied to Evening 

Death of Professor Hodgson of Edinburgh. 
Inooqwration of Union, Epitome of Charters presented to the 

Law Case sent up by Manchester Association withdrawn. 
Death of Rev. John Rogers, Vice-Chairman of the London School 

Board. Deputation appointed to attend funeral. 
Deputation to Social Science Congress in Edinburgh. 
Memorial and Deputation to the London School Board on Subject 

t)f Corporal Punishment. 



Death of Mr. J. Wliitwcll, M.P. Vote of Condolence with his family 

agreed to by Executive. 
Title of Union taken into consideration. 

lieplies receircd from Association* as to the " Recasting of Code." 
Second Keiwrt of Special Conmiittee on Code issued. 
Conference of Executive with Training College authorities. M. P. 's, and 

eminent Educationists on " Recasting of the Code." 
Memorial to Education Department on " Recasting of Code." 
^Deputations to meeting of Irish and Scotch Teachers api)ointe(l. 
iSir John Lubbock's Registration Bill considered and amendments 

Form of Petition to the Queen for " Cliarter of Incorporation," 

presented to the Executive. 
Correspondence with London School Board on Corporal Punishment. 
Deputation to Sir John Lubbock, M.P., and Dr. Lyon Playfair, M.P., 

on Registration Bill. 
Report on working of " CJompulsion" in the various districts of England 

and Wales, compiled from returns from Associations, and presented 

to Executive. 
Pension Question re-opened, and practicability of a compulsory annuity 

scheme suggested by the Vice-President of the Council. 
Report presented by Parliamentary. Committee on means to transact the 

Law business of the Union with more freedom and dispatch. 
Steps taken to connect the N. U. E. T. with the "British Association for 

the Advancement of Science." 
'he Executive finally close their Report by noting with much satisfaction 
large number of Representatives (570,) elected by Associations to attend the 
nbcth Conference. 


General Secrctarif 


Ladies aztd Gentlemex, 

I am g\su\ to be able to conorratnlate you on an increascil' 
income, ami on incrcju««cd activity a."* mea:»nreil by the expenditure. I woiiKl 
however point out that in financial matters we -ieem to have taken a new 

inct>me for 
with -k)l> 

more membeTH we find onrselTei* £'/> more tleeply in debt than at the begrinn- 
inj5 of the year. A comparison of the two balance -iheets will show an 
increa{*e of expenditure on almof*t every item. 

It in clear to me that some change is indispensable. An increase of the 
Reserve Fund will not remove the ditficalty, as this will only give the Uniou 
facilitv for jjreater indebtedness. 

The increasetl coKt of the Annual Report is no greater than I anticipated. 
The Report increases in :4ze year by year, and l.')(K) more ci>pies were printetl 
in 188<) than in 1879. The cimtract was higher, and both the paper and 
printing were superior. The cost will amtinue to increase. The Kxecutive- 
have appealetl (luring the year to the Associations as to the desirability of their 
making a small chai^ for the Report. The answer was an unmLstaka)>Ie- 

Since the appointment of ifr. Heller, the office work has greatly increased 
and only those who are m(»t intimate with it have any idea of the large 
amount of detail work performetL The staff is no larger than the Secretary 
ptates is absolutely necessary. 

The case Will« r. Walker wa* consMered by the Executive to be one of 
opprCiwion. and the whole of the legal expenses incurred were in the first 
instance defrayetl from the Reserve Fund. The Hackney Association (to 
which the Teacher belonged)has on this account contributetl generonslv to the 

It will be seen that about ^£."50 have \reen contributed by the Provident 
Society and the Benevolent and Orj>han Funds a** their share of the fi:eneral 
expenses, and of the cost of the Annual Report. In conformity with a 
resolution of the York Conference, application has been made to the ProWdent 
Society for the repayment of the advimce made by the Union re preliniinanr 
expenses. The Boanl of Management reply that they - will take the question 
into consideration when the Society is more "fully developed." 

Those who have watched the educational papers must have remarketl how 
often during the year signals of financial distress have been held out. l*rcvious 
to 1H77 representation to Conference was baseil on the number of members 
paid for in the early part of the year. In order that the expenditure of each 
year might be met by its income an alteration was made and representation 
was ba<4e<l on the number paid for during the precetling year. Many Associa- 
tioiM look upon it as a point of honour to pay their subscriptions early a» 
before, but more than half of the subscriptions due in January are received 



:after tlic middle of the following November. Little !)rilliancy of action is to 
be exjoected from any body of men who are ever face to face with finam-ial 

You will be called u\K>n at the Conference to discuss several questions 
intimately connected with finance. You will in all prol)al)ility affirm the 
■desirability of Incorporation by Royal Charter, which if vnvpjjo;ir(7, will cost 
Ixitween £200 and £800. No Association has suggested how the cost is to be 
met. We have not a bulky l)alance lying idle at the Banker's, and if you are 
])ractical you will j)rovidc the means, in your delilKii*ations on the ai)i)oint- 
ment of an Assistant Secretary, the purchase of the " Schoolmaster " or the 
.establishment of a new Organ, the desirability of a Teachers' M. P., and an 
increase in the number of provincial members on the Executive, I trust your 
-enthusiasm will be equalled by your discretion. 

I cannot conclude without expressing my faith in the assertion often heard 
rtliat if the necessity for more money can be clearly sho>ATi more money will 
«bc forthcoming. 

R. GREENWOOD, Treasurer, 











a « -f 

Cil ^ (M 

Ci O 
I'. QO 

00 oo 

12 .3P 

»* ^ _£ ^» 

k5 « 






,— • !-• O O O (M 

a X ac OS i-H r^ 


jj cc -^ C^ cc h* 
^' 1— ■ f-l i-H C^ X 




-f cc 


• p*^ *- • • • • 
« ^ ^^ • • • • 

• t- cc * • • • 

cs . 

• -krf • • • • 

• Vw/ o • • * * 

»!t ;c r^. X) o o O 

b* t- t- «>• I'. X. X> 
X X X X X X X 

















O •>! 

C ^ 





©5 »5 





W 1*^ 

• s 














X o 

S s 


c S 






Ci ^ 








1— I HH 




r- 1 





I O 






H -^ 











p-j X o c o 
«: X o c o 

CD -t- X t^ O 



5^ £ 

5^ 5 

S -t: 
eg Is I 

^ > s ^ 
u, si <J ^ 










I— < 



^.•> «ft »-< 

rH i-H O «0 "^ »0 
OJ CC -1* 00 ?© «© 

CS t* t^ O O »3 

00 l> f-H 1— ' O 


Pi 00 »-< 


lO O O •* C O i-H 

i-H ©ii c^ 00 t- e^ 00 

-♦< l> (M 00 00 C^ -^ 
0» <N 



< . 





W 2 


«c 00 <— I 

l-H l-l »2 

CC -f 35 

»5 "^ 00 

O c^ eo o 
O o ^ o 

1-1 »^ o 





t: • 

8 "^ 


s s 






« o 

S -S 




o « o s s 

^ 2 

* z- 2 S 


I— I 

OS "^ O 30 

^M »2 O 

;5 00 1-1 



r- 1 




o ^ o »o f-» 
o CO ».': t- C5 


12 «* -♦< C<l 

I— I 





• 1-4 



« ■ 

« S 

-i-t o 

i ^ 









1 ^-^ 


















To the Members of Conference 1881. 
Ladies & GtENTlemen, 

In accordance with resolution of Brighton Conference, we haye 
gone carefully through all the accounts of the N. U. E. T., for 1880, verif^ng 
figures and comparing with vouchers. After about 15 houi*s' examination, we 
are glad to rei)ort that all the books of accounts are accurately and method- 
ically kept, and that every item of income and expenditure is carefully noted, 
and checked periodically by the Finance Committee. The scrip for £120 in- 
vested in Consols was produced by the Treasurer for our inspection. 

There is one matter to which we should like to dniw the attention of the 
Treasurei's of Local Associations, and that is the late period, ^t which many 
annnal subscriptions are sent in to the head office. Subscriptions due Jannaiy 
1st, ought surely to be all collected at latest by September 30th, of the same 
year, whereas it seems to be the practice with some Treasurers, to leave many of 
the subscriptions to be collected during the Christmas holidays, and hence there 
it great delay and inconvenience caused at head quarters. Ix)cal Treasurers 
«hould also send subscriptions for separate years by sepamte cheques, as thereby 
the Banking Account of the N. U. E. T., would be simplified. 

With regard to the financial condition of the Union, on which question, we 
are also required to rejwrt, we find, iwm. an analysis of the Balance Sheets for 
1879 and 1880, a rather unsatisfactory state of things. The Income has only 
increased £52 from Annual Subscriptions (and these are the only reliable 
sources of Income) while the Expenditure has increased alwut £149. The 
chief items of Expenditure arc noted below 


Salaries, &c 

Conference Expenses ... 
Travelling Expenses of ) , r,^^ 

Executive y 

Ket cost ^Vnnual Report... 93<? 
General Printing& Stationery 85 
Postage ... ... ••• 5G 

£556 to 


£()11 being an increase of £55 






















"Net Law Expenses 

Total increase ... 
207/ to 64^ being decrease of 


Deducting also Reserve Fund Donations and Dividends 

Net increase of Expenditure 



in) £67=£77— £io (repaid) (S>) £a5i=£256— £5 (repaid) 

(f) £95=£i73 (cost of printing)— £52 received in 1879 pi"S £28 receivedin 1880. 

(</) £202=£3io (cost of printing) plus £23 (for collection of advertisements} — 

(£111 received for advertisements in 18S0 plus £20 not yet paid) 
{r) £i47=£ioo (on balance sheet) plus £47 (printing bill not yet paid) 
(/)£207=£i8i (Goffin Expenses) plus £26 (ordinary) 
ig) £64=:£ii6 (including WiUcs v. Walker 1— (£35 repaid plus £17 to be repaid. 

These calculations seem to prove that the Union has spent ahout £97 more 
Ihan it has received during 18^0, or would have ddne, had not the Provident, 
Orphan, and Benevolent Funds come to the rescue by contributing £50 to the 
Dr. side of the Balance Sheet. The increase in Salaries is due to the employ- 
ment of an extra clerk in the office, the pressure of clerical work ncccssita- 
Tting such employment. The increased cost of Annual Keiwrt is due to increased 
matter, improved execution, and additional copies being required. The travel- 
ling expenses of the Executive have increased because more country members 
have been elected on it. The printing account seems to have ilicreascd chiefly on 
account of the extra work in connection with the Committee for Recasting the 
Code. Altogether 1880 does not seem to have been an exceptional year so far 
as Expenditure is concerned and therefore unless some remedy is supplied to 
•check the Expenditure or increase the Income, the financial condition of the 
Union will Income serious, as Expenditure increases at a greater rate than 

We remain. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Your obedient Servants, 



Here my colleague thinks we ought to finish our Report, but I hesitate to 
point out defects without suggesting remedies and so venture alone on another 

With regard to Revenue, the only suggestion I have to offer is that the larger 
And wealthier Associations should voluntarily assess themselves at 3s. Od. or 
3s. 6d. per member 2s. (id. remaining the figure for smaller country associations, 
If this plan were adopted, the Treasurer would have less cause for anxiety 
during the present year, while the general financial condition was under 

In the matter of Expenditure the first suggestion is that no fresh outlay be 
incurred, the simple reason being that the Union cannot pay its way now. 
The matter contained in the Annual Report should also be curtailed and thus 
the cost of printing it reduced. Another serious item of Expenditure is the 
travelling expenses of the Executive. These have mounted up from £77 
in 1878 to £251 in 1880, and if increased country representation is to be 
secured this year, as many desire, and as seems just, further expense in this 
direction must be incurred. The payments to indiWdual members of the 
Executive under this head 'vary from £38 10s. down to 14s. 3d., and 10 
members cost in the aggregate £200, while 18 others only cost £38. 
Might I suggest, as a desirable financial reform, a radical change in the 
method of electing and paying the travelling expenses of the Executive ? It is. 
this : Divide England and Wales into about seven districts. I^et all the Local 
Associations in each district, or as many of them as choose, at a meeting held 


jxiRt before Christinas, elect delegates to a district council to be held at some 
central place, on a day during the Cliristnias Holidays. Each Assodatioii 
might elect one delegate for eveiy 10 of its numbers, a less niunl)er if it che* 
or might transfer its votes to the delegate of another association. These delegates 
Khould elect from their number one representative on the Executive for every 
2»0 members of the Union in their district, the voting where a division is 
desirable on the District Council and in the Executive meeting, to be according 
to the number of members represented. In this way Associations 
distant from the District Council, and districts distant from 
the central Kxncutive could send fewer representatives, but arm 
them with greater voting power, and thus a thoroughly representatiTt 
Executive would be elected. The travelling expenses of delegates to District 
Councils and representatives to the central Executive should be borne by 
Associations and Districts respectively and thus these Associations and 
Districts could limit travelling expenses to any extent, without limiting 
representative power. The officers of the L'nion might be elected and their 
travelling expenses paid as at present. The Secretary of the largest asso- 
ciation in the district miglit be the summoning officer for the Annual District 
Council. If some such scheme were adopted this district for example might 
be named the S.E., district and would include Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hants and 
Berks with their 29 associations and 1834 numbers. This number of members 
would give 7 representatives to the Executive, and so on with other districts, 
The advantages of such a plan would be (1) thorough representation. 
(2) local control over travelling expenses of Executive, (8) great reduction 
of Union expenditure, (4) the provision of means for ventilating local 
questions, and (5) the awakening of a more general interest in the Union's 
work and welfare. 

E. Wilkes Smith. 



By E. W. MOORE, ^I.A., 

Ilvad Matter of BUlwp^gaU' Schools^ SMnner Strerty E.C. 

The Tcachci*s' Registration Bill is one that has been introduced into the* 
House of Commons, endorsed by the names of Sir Jo)m Lubbock, Mr. 
Playfair, and Mr. Balfonr — men distinguished for their broad and lilxjral 
views, yet, in this instance, lending themselves to the snj)port of a measure 
which ivS naiTOW in character and limited in its application. J\rost teachers- 
will concede the public advantage of registration ; indeed, since the fonnatioii 
of the National Union, the creation of a geneml public register of teachers, 
and the formation of a resjionsiblc Educational Council, have been among 
itH declared objects. The object of all registration is to give pi*otection to the 
public, to distinguish between the duly qualified and those not qualifieil : and 
that this may be effectual it is necessary that it be thoroughly comprehensive 
in character. A Bill for the registration of teachers should cni-oll all qualified 
persons, regard being given to the scholastic attainments of the individual, 
fitness and experience. Hence, a Bill framed in the interests oi one section 
of a class to the detriment of another section is, at the least, imperfect, if 
not radically wi-ong. This paper propofses to give an outline sketch of the Bill, 
to ntc its leading defects, and to show that it is one unworthy of public suppoit. 

The ]5ill is one ostensibly "to provide for the Registration and Organi- 
zation of Teachers," and to apply to England only. It creates a Council of 
Hixtecn members, of whom two shall be elected by each of the following 
bodies: — The Education Department, Cambridge University, Oxfonl 
University, Londtm University, and the College of Preceptors. Two are to^ 
be nominated by the Queen, and the remaining four by the general body of 
registered teachers as soon as it exists. The work of the Council is to fonn 
and keep a register of |)ersons engaged as teachers in secondarj' schools. 
These must apply for registration ami Ihj either — graduates of a recognised 
University, certificated by the Education J)epartment, certificated by the 
College of Preceptors, certificated by the Council created by this Act. spocially 
certificated by a University ; certificated, as having passed the higher local 
examination for women ; qualified for a special su))ject to the satisfaction of 
the Council, or teachers engaged for five years in a secondary school before 
the passing of this Act. , 

It also enacts that " the Council institute inquiries and report upon : — The 
courses of study and examinations which are from time to time requisite for* 
obtaining the degrees and certificates qualifying for registration under this^- 
Act, and all such examinations and inspections of schools imder this Act as 
arc conducted by or under the suix^rintendence of any of the English 
Universities, the College of Preceptors, or any persons or body of persons- 
who undertake the duty of instituting, conducting, or superintending such- 
examinations and inspections — ^and for that purpose shall place themserves in 
communication with the governing IxxUes of those Universities and of that 
College, and with those persons and Ixxlies." They may also examine candi- 
dates for registration and grant certificates. Registered teachers may be 


•exempted from serving on jm*ies, serving in the militia, and from serving afl 
corporate, parochial, and similar offices. The fee for registration is fixed at 
two j)ounas if registered before Januar}' 1st, 1882 ; if after January H 
.1883, five pounds. Such, with a few other details, is the sketcli of the Bill, 
which, in the interests of education and the protection of the public, it it , 
proposed to niake law. In it (Jlausc 22 has been given in full, l)ecause thi* 
clause exi)oscs the hand of the promoters, and attention will be directed 
particularly to it. 

A first reading of the Bill gives the impression that the promoters deshe 
wilfully to ignore the existence of the teacher of an elementary scliool. A 
.second rciiding, with a desire to view the question broadly, and without refer- 
.eucc to sectional interests, gives the impression that it is one of the iiimsie^ 
JBills ever presented for a first reading in the British House of Commons. 
This will be apparent from a consideration of the details. As a preliminaiy, 
ewe may ask the question — Who are the promoters of this piece of legislationt 
Even if it were not generally known, there is sufficient internal evidence 
.(Clauses (J, 12, 22) to indicate these as the College of Preceptors. In speak- 
ing of this College it is well to be circumsjKJct. It is a Society deserving great 
consideration, and perhaps scmio resiKJct. Its existence extends over tUrty- 
five years, and during that time its meml)ci's have effected something toward* 
promoting education, (iood intentions alwund therein ; a lively sense of their 
own importance, is not wanting in the minds of the members ; yet, taking them 
.as a whole, if they have not ettected much gootl, it cannot well be said that 
they have effected much liai*m. Nevertheless they are sensible of the incffid- 
.ency of so-called intermediate education, and in their efforts to remedy the 
.evil they deserve the sympathy of all ti-ue educaticmists ; but when they seek 
.all Act of Parliament, imposing disabilities on one section of the teaching 
body, with a view to ensure their own aggi-andisement, they render thcmsclTei 
,open to severe attacking criticism. 

In considering the details of the Bill, the first thing noticeable is the title. 
Essentially it is called the ** Teachers' Kegistration Bill," or '* A Bill to pro- 
\vide for the Registi-ation and Organisation of Teachers." This title, to say 
-<the least, is misleading, if not untrue. How can the phrase " Teachers' Bill" 
be used ? The use of the word " Teachers," without any modifying word, 
implies nil teachers, and the Bill provides for the registration of xomr only. 
A further view of the Bill shows that, while a register is to be provided in 
which teachers of a certain class may or may not be enrolled, the provision 
for organisation — whatever the Bill may mean by such a tenn — is rcpi*esentcd 
by the figure 0, This question of the title. is intimately mixed up with the 
objects. The objects are not expressly stated as such in any j)art of the Bill, 
but they are verj' peculiarly implied. These implied objects may be repre- 
sented by the formula 

Oh=Jl+0 + x. 

Jt and O are the known quantities, but what does x represent ? It may be 
within the recollection ; of many teachers that in their youthful days they 
were recommended to catch birds by putting little bits of salt on their tails. 
The promoters of this Act evidently think they may accept the course of 
action implied by this advice, and follow it. Ostensibly they wish to or- 


ganise and register themselves ; bnt what do Clauses 22 and 23 mean ? Tliese* 
point to the x quantity, and they can only mean an attempt to securc 
■ the control of the higher education of the countn'. Under tlie bait of 
of registration and an indefinable organisation,' this big fish is to be- 
lauded. Throughout the Bill a lurking desire manifests itself on the- 
part of the promoters for something more than mere registration. It is not at 
once apparent, but becomes discovered by the light of consideration. This 
lig^ht exposes their aim to be that of securing a huge scholastic monopoly — an 
aim supported by selfish and inflated pretension. It would have been more 
honest for them to have avowed the title of their Bill as one ** To provide for 
the registration of some teachers, and for the control by a very limited number 
of persons of the whole of the higher education of the country." As the 
title at present stands, it leads one to infer that an attempt is about to lie made 
to obtain an Act by pretences which, if not false, are, to say the least, 

There are several choice bits in the Bill. Let tliese be culled. " The- 
Council shall receive such reasonable fee as the Council may fix." No one 
will dispute that "the labourer is worthy of his hire," but it does not generally^ 
follow that the labourer is to fix his o\^ii pay. This clause is so delightfully 
vague as to mei-it particular attention. If the Act could fix the 
registration fee it could also fix the Council attendance fee. Besides, where i»- 
thiB money to come from ? No doubt it is expected that the fees for registration 
will supply. But the Bill makes no provision for this, and even suppose such^ 
the income derivable must be regarded as uncertain, owing to the permissive 
character of the rcgisti-ation. On this point mention should be made of the 
penalty for falsely pretending to be registered. This is a fine not exceeding^ 
twenty pounds, and all such penalties are to be paid to the Council. It is 
within the limits of possibility that a parliamentary grant may be contemplated ; 
if so, then by all means let it be avowed, and let the House of Commons be 
told so. In Clause 19 applicants for registration before January 1st, 1882, 
must pay a fee of two pounds ; after January 1st, 1883, a fee of five pounds: Be- 
tween these two dates there is an interval of one year. What is the fee to be then I 
It would be unkind even to think that the promoters would take advantage of this; 
doubtless, it is a clerical error, and when noted will be rectified. But why there 
should be a difference of three pounds is not so clearly obvious, unless the* 
smaller fee is to act on the principle of a draw. Still, it will be well to bear 
in mind that teachers will think once, even twice, possibly thrice, before they^ 
part with their coin for advantages (?) such as a Bill of this description is 
likely to confer. We read again that " the Council may remove the name of 
any person . . . guilty of immorality, drunkenness, or any misconduct which 
renders him unfit to be a teacher." This is provocative or a smile, and yet it 
is not a smiling matter. There is no doubt but that the teacher should be of 
good moral character — a person of strictly upright principle. This is an 
essential qualification for the office. But it is a question whether this shall 
he determined by a Council, themselves under no such moral test, or be left to 
the individual judgment of the parents whose children are entrusted to the 
teacher's influence and instruction. This clause imposes a test which i» 


cnne<!e^sai'v — nnnece^-tarv l>eranse moralitv v. !!I l^c <nre to a.«.*:ert It, and its 
i.jilHi^ite meet with that jinWic reprof<itio:i which it ilesorvcs. ir<>reovcr, 
when nieTiti<^in ii» niuJe of -poixl moral cliariRter" (Claibie 14), a tenuis 
finployeil |»lfa>in<r in s<mn«U tKit Tcry imleniiito, and nwy mean — an;,thinjf. 
The whole in.H.Ttiou of thi.- cluim.^ 1)ears the diameter of tr^injf to pat a gilt 
€<I^Iii^ on a \xn\ lnn>k, with a \iew to niakin;; it j>a>s mn>ter animij; ft h«><t of 
jriwxi ones. Another ehitb* may even re»iuire the nn.ifn.'iitleratioa of the 
firomoters. I5y Claa»e 11, sehiK*^ earning fmu (tarlianiontary fri"ant are 
txclculetl fmni the ofierarion of this Act. llieiv an^' >ee»«ulitr}- >i-h«ols which 
Mim a grant in virtue of examinations hcM under the i?oienco am* I Art 
1 K'luirtment. Cannot this clause, in the iurcrcirs of the CoUe;:e of Prvc-eprors 
l-je H> nullified a> to brinjr such schools, within the limits of the Bill * The 
clar.>e, however, to which the jiarticnlar nrtontiim of this Union -should be 
din.-ctetl is that which etfects the whole U^ly i^t elementary teachers. A 
crtiiicateil teacher may l»e n?gi<tereil : hut sh.>'iid he I)e enjsr:ijroil in a Ntiite- 
aided -ch<»«>U notwithstamlinj; its size and i:i:i- rtunoe, hi< eligibility cca-jcs. I^-t 
him he enp^rc<l in a sch«)ol the papiU o: v.hich ]>ay a fee of any sum 
exc-et<linjr ninejience i)er week, ami lie may U' cnrvilletl. aithou^jh the sjinie Iw 
{ifxjr. and a.'* insij^ni^cant as it is poor. Ir i'i ni>t al>ility and <chohistic 
attainments that give the distinction — thes^», t«^'rher with his titiiess.eaivicity for 
work, and ex|)erience. are overI«it), an«l in this is perceivetl oi.o of the 
frpvLTest mbitafaes of the Bill. This clan>e is * » glaringly inc« insistent as ah>ne 
to condemn the measure. < )ne wonl<l think it a measure for the n^i-^nation of 
scIkx^Is insteail of teachers, assuming as it tlt-e-i that the teacher's status 
-ilejjcnds uprm his .Hrh^K)!. and even then u|)on the wretche<l tlistincti«xi pi-ovided 
hy tlie Act. It if* this {)art which tends to ilivirlo the inT>fes<:«>n. It is this 
which -icts up a burner which ought not to ex:-*: : and it i'« this which will cause 
the strenuous opp>*ition of this Union. 

Viewing the Bill as a whole, the feature wh'ch presents itself to the reader^ 
U' )tice is that of its non-«^l>ligatory character. Permissive lepslation at the 
be>t «.hould be api)roache«.l with diffidence: in a Hill of this kind jK-nni^sive- 
ne>s i-* a blunder, and renders it nugatory. There is not a single teacher in 
Englaml nectl register if it liecame law t<k-ui ^n-ow. and theiv is reas-ju to 
think that iKit few wouKL Why should they . There would *x' no adecjr.atc 
return for their m«)ney. Beprivetl of the gmter |Hirt of the pr«»fe.ssioii. it 
would become. a> has been saitl. a distincti.»ii :u>t tt» K* n»gi>5:ei*eil, and 
registratii^n itM?lf a farce. The h.>|)e entert.iiutvl by this Uni«m lias \Kcn 
And is. to sec the ilay when all teachers — high.r. intenne'diare. and elcniciitary 
— •hall be blemlcd into one uniteil profession. A il'seinguislieil >tiite<n;;iii 
Iia.< calle«l thi^i h«Tj»e "a dream.** but it is a liroam pi\^tiguring a s<.>uud n^allty. 
15ut rmce let this Bill pass, and the elementar}' toactFiTs may bid ••gi'^>l-i)ye '* 
to their dream. It ouglit not to jxiss. The oi»joot of all law is to protect the 
public, and this the Bill fails to «lo. No puMio service is accomplisIu\l; it 
brings into nt»toi-ietv' a bnly hitherto occupy in,^ but a nuxlerate pv>sitIoa in 
public estimatir»n. And by it the more numerous Kxly — the more po.vei-fnI — 
the I letter organist-tl — the men who alone have d'.>i!o aii;i:hiiig towanls the con<;>li- 
<lation of the pn>fesMoa — are simpiv excludeil. A Bill, to le n-ally usiful,must 
.be c«^mpuls«jry and univcrsaL It should aim at the consjliilatiou'of the whole 


iching body ; it shonld compel all candidates for registration to produce 
ideiice of proiiciency in the science and art of teaching ; and it should pro- 
le for the representation on its proposed Council, Teachers of all grades 
latsoever. Let a Bill of this description be introduced, placing all teachers 
one and the same legal footing, and let it bear a tinge of common honesty 
d honourable intent, and this Union will support it. But this so-called 
rciichers' Kegistration Bill," wanting as it is in these particulars, is one 
lich the elementary teachers cannot even give a modified approval. " The 
nds are the hands of Esau, but the voice is Jacob's voice." They cannot be 
rties to an Act which would raise a barrier that would take years to remove, 
tl which would stamp them as inferiors from the very circumstances of their 
sition. Nor can they silently dissent. Action must be taken. This Bill 
1st go back, and this Union must hasten it. It only requires the agency of 
J forces which are at the disposal of the Union to effect this ; but this 
Bncy must l)e evoked at once. Let the associations throughout the country 
2rcise the influence they can each comiuiind, and either m'ge the com- 
itc amendment of this or an entirely new Bill. But whatever the issue let 
have a perfect Bill, a consistent Bill, and, above all things, an honest Bill. 


By the Rev. E. F. M. MacCAKTHY, M.A., 

'ad Master of King JEdwarWs Middle ScJwol^ BlrmlnglMin; Tlce- Cha irman 
ittd CJuiirnian of the Education Committee^ Binninghiin School Board, 

The Vice-President of the Committee of Council has announced his 
entlon of shortly submitting to Parliament proposals for a thorough 
rision of the Regulations of the Government Code. This announcement has 
in received by those personally interested in elementaiy schools with widely 
crse feeling. Some managei*s of schools have their constitutional fear of 
unge reinforced by the fear lest even a slight re-adjustment of the mode of 
portioning the grants by which their schools are so largely supporteil, 
)uld perilously affect the stability of those institutions. Some, again, are 
ite willing to atlmit the existence of defects in the present Code ; but, as 
Luagcrs and teachers strong in the consciousness of much good work accom- 
shed even by such an impei^fect instniment, they balance against its greater 
rfection the immediate distraction and mechanical fi'iction which must 
se from these constantly recurring changes, and wish for peace. Lastly, 
ire is a third class of persons who are weary beyond measure of the worry- 
ni of the existing Code— of its inqnisftorial redtapeism, its complictited and 
lerfluous foims, its mechanical routine, the dull level of unintelligent 
idgery through which it yearly drives both the teacher and the scholar — 
lo see, too, with pain and with shame, how its method of payment fosters 
5 ignoblcr motives even for noble work, places Mdhimon on high, and 
idlessly offers temptations which sometimes bewitch the consciences of the 
aker and needier brethren. T4icsc last, much as thej desire peace for good 
rk's sake and ixnt long life's sake, are prepared to xD«et the cry for peace 


with the decisive reply, "What peace, so long as the worrydoms of the GoTem- 
meet Code and its witchcrafts are so many I " 

To this third categorj' belong, I feel conyinced, the vast majority of thi* 
great confederation of elementary teachers, as well as of thoughtful men in 
other walks of the teaching profession : and, in the strength of this conyiction, 
I have been bold enough to accept the invitation of your Executiye and to 
present my case against the Code, in the hopes of gaining a verdict from the 
jury of experts assembled at this Conference. Now, of the weak points at 
which the Code is vulnerable some have been attacked so vigorously and 
successfully by this Union, and by School Boards, at Congresses and at 
Conferences, for the last five or six years, that they may be looked upon a* 
virtually surrendered ; and, if they have not already been surrendered, we 
only do not renew the assault to-day, because we regard the present as a time 
of truce while the terms of capitulation are being drafted. 

In his public utterances, the Vice-President of the Committee of Council 
has acknowledged the reasonableness of the prevailing discontent. As tiie 
area of the Department's operations has widened under the Education Acta, 
the Department itself has become increasingly conscious of the loss to 
education and the cost to the country entailed by the cumbrousness and com- 
plexity of the central machiner}'. The times then are ripe for reform, and 
for reform in the direction towards which all thoughtful minds have been so 
long turned. So we look with confidence to the present administration for 

1. The abolition of payments on the examination of the individual scholar. 

2. The withdrawal of the regulation which makes 250 attendances a con- 
dition antecedent to the examination of a scholar. 

3. The re-modelling of the scheme of class grants. 

4. The reduction of the clerical work required from the teacher in the- 
shape of returns and forms for Departmental and statistical purposes. 

5. The re-organisation of the Inspectorate. 

But, even when these reforms have been carried into effect, there is vet 
another of so important and fundamental a character that without it the 
defects of the present Code can only be said to have been scotched — not killed. 
Something more than improvements in the working of the machinery are- 
essential to the production of a good article. The best paper-machine that 
can be devised will only produce indifferent paper if badly prepared pulp is 
passed through it ; and worn and defaced type may be worked by the most 
perfect printing machine a,nd nothing but a badly printed book result. So the 
Government may make its system of inspection, and its regulations for 
apportioning grants, as thorough, as equitable, and as perfect as it is possible 
to be ; but, if at the same time it prescribes conditions and lays down methods 
from which imperfect results can at best fee obtained, the country will simply 
be called upon to pay for an article of inferior value. Better not dictate a 
course and sequence of studies at all, and leave each school to the trained 
good sense of its teachers, than enforce, under penalties, the following of 
defective methods of instruction. Better disestablish the *' Standards " and 
*' Stages " of the Code altogether than establish for all the schools of the- 
counfiy a curriculum which falls short of being as perfect as it might be. 

That the present sequence and range of subjects, as laid by the Code, hard 


their defects 19 acknowledged with tolerable unanimity; but a resenration or 
extenuation is sometimes urged by tho«c who are only half-hearted in their 
assent to the indictment, arid this it is as well to combat at the outset. It is 
alleged that the ** Standards " and " Stages " of the Code do not dictate 
methods of instruction, but are only intended to guide H.M. Inspectors in the 
demand they are to make on the scholar, year by year, at the annual examina* 
tion J and, further, that they only serve to prescribe the minimum result of 
the year's work of a scholar for which grant shall be paid. To this wc reply 
that experience has shown it to be practicablly impossible to parcel out a 
subject into several sections for the purpose of annual examination without 
the sequence so laid down becoming also a sequence for purposes of teaching.. 
To take an example : no scholar is examined in fractions until he reaches 
the giddy height — which so few reach — of Standard VI. But, by the- 
unanimous admission of experts, he should be taught fractions much earlier in 
his school course. Fractions are needed for thorough work in the comi)ound 
rules, for practice, for bills of parcels (survival from a bygome age), and 
proportion. Is he taught them ? No thanks to the Code if he is. Why should 
he be taught them ? The Inspector cannot require them,* the Government 
will not pay for them ; a modem and well-approved manual on the science 
and art of teaching arithmetic, which is in the hands of most teachers^ 
justifies their omission, and says. " You have a right to neglect such qualities 
if you work according to a scheme such as the Standards of the Code. " But 
there is no need to multiply instances ; it is notorious that, in the vast 
majority of the schools of the country, the •* Standards " of the Code, pure 
and simple, are taken as the course of instruction, and that . deviation of any 
kind frran the scheme as laid down is rightly or wrongly regarded as made at 
the imminent risk of loss of grant. 

I am prepared to admit that the " Standards " and " Stages " were originally 
drawn up largely with an eye to the needs of H.M. Inspectors, as a guide to 
their. inexperience and a check upon their vagaries. But, in the name of 
education — and I invoke education as a high and noble ideal, worshipped, I 
hope I may not profanely say, with singlc-mindedness by a great host of 
de^'otees here and throughout the kingdom — why, in the name of education, 
do inspectors exist whose inexperience it is necessary to guide, whose vagaries 
it would be rank injustice not to hold in check ? Is it because England is 
poor that she is obliged to put up with young Inspectors who have never had 
the requisite experience, and whose judgment is necessarily at fault in dealing 
with problems the conditions of which it takes them years to realise ? Why I 
the salary of the youngest Inspector is high enough to tempt the most com- 
petent in the land into the ranks of the Inspectorate ; but the most competent 
for the purpose of inspecting elementary schools are to be found among the 
elementary school teachers themselves, and these, by a fatuity which 
makes foreigners aghast with astonishment, have been the very men excluded 
from that office. Let us hope that the day of these things is gone by at last 

*0fk9 of the most experienced Inspecton of Schools (Mr. Fearon) Myt : " The 
iaspecter cannot intist on anr instruction being given in fractions in elementanr 
■choola below Standard YI. But he ca^ point out how defective and slipshod all 
teaching in arithmetic must be in which fractions are not introduced." 


that justice will at length be done— justice to the British taxpayer, justice to 
the 34,000 teachers, justice to the 4,000,000 children, justice to England's new- 
bom ideal 'of what her children's education shall be. 

But it is further alleged that these " Standards " only dicate a minimum 
for grant-earning, and not the actual year's work of a scholar. Some of the 
■** Standards," no doubt, seem to bear out this allegation, for it is difficult to 
conceive that the requirement in granmiar, for instance, of simply " pointing 
out " four parts of speech in the two years of school life from eight to ten 
can be anything but a minimum; but when, in the following year, the 
scholar is expected not only to 2>oint imt all the remaining parts of Hpeech, but 
to have learnt all the inflexions for case, gender, and number of nouns and 
pronouns, the inflexions of degrees of comparison for adjectives and adverbs, 
and for ihe tenses, moods, and voices of verbs ; and, further, is expected to 
identify all these, or *' parse " them, as they occur in a simple sentence — 
when all this is demanded of him, the theory of a minimum appears sc»ne- 
what to break do^ii, and we iind the scholar and teacher suddenly confront^ 
with what looks like a maximum. 

Moreover, if the theory of a minimum be the true one, the responsible 

administrators of education cannot escape the charge of having acted most 

indiscreetly in proclaiming their minimum requirement thus publicly to the world. 

That is the last thing that should have been divulged ; it is one of the areana 

and mysteries of an Inspector's profession, to be tidked over in secret conclave, 

and agreed upon by the whole body of inspectors after conference with the 

most experienced seniors of the Inspectorial College. But what am I talking 

about ? There ii no such college. H.M. Inspectors never meet to confer 

with each other, or with their more experienced seniors ; each is left to work 

his own will in his little district, and to accept no higher law than his own 

interpretation of Article 28 and Schedule IV. Perhaps, then, it is as well 

that the Article and Schedule should dictate a minimum ? Ah ! but what has 

been the consequences in the past. Is it not a fact that this minmiwrn has 

become steadily and surely the average, and that the whole level of elementary 

education has been seriously lowered thereby ? Can it be called anything 

short of disastrous that the authorities have blazoned abroad to the world 

that they will pay in full for a bare minimum, and pay no more, however 

much niore may be done. And what injustice is hero 1 One teacher instructs 

A Fourth Standard scholar in fractions, although he will have left school 

before he has reached the standard where fractions are examined and j9ai<^/iw. 

Another teacher gives no such instruction, hvcatue of that knowledge. One 

has simple pieces of English poetry learnt all through his school, while another 

•allows his scholars to leave school without any such little store of best 

thoughts in best English, because there is no grant for it in the lower 

.standEirds, andihc docs not take specific subjects in the higher. One carries 

on the excellent training in object lessons begun in the infant's school ; 

another will have nothing to do with such superfluities, because they are not 

demanded at the Government inspection of the school. And yet the share 

of Government grant is the same for both. Surely the Education Department, 

powerful though it be, is not lifted so far above the conditions whidb govern 

thiB lower world that it can act upon principles which apply only to a 


kingdom not of this world, where those that have wrought but ojie Iiour arc 
made equal to tliose who have borne the burden and heat of the day. 

If, then, these theories about the standards, which we liave been criticisinji:, 
are the correct ones, it is high time that they were exploded, and replaced by 
Bome theories less injurious to, and morc in harmony with, the principles of 
sound education, 1 would humbly submit that a Coile which virtually dictates 
what kind of education shall be given to the four million children in our 
elementary schools should lay down a most carefully prepared curriculum of 
studies, with sequences, at once rational and scientific, for each year of a 
child's school-life, having regard to the intellectual and material neotls and 
•capacities of the average, and not of the dullest, scholar. The \iTitings of 
our prominent English educationists, both theoretical and practical, Herbei-t 
Spencer and Huxley, Bain and Fitch, are accessible to all, and from them 
we can ascertain the latest and most accepted >'iew8 as to the principles which 
should underlie the teaching, of each art and science which is adapted to the 
instruction of the young. We can compare the sequences commcn<led to us 
by such authorities with the sequences followed by the present Standards and 
Stages of the Code — we can see for ourselves exactly how far these sccpicnces 
conform to the accepted principles of education, how far they require a 
reversal or defiance of those principles. If the result of the researches of 
others in this direction is the same as mine, they will have aiTived at the 
|)ainfnl conclusion that the defects in the curriculum of the present Code are 
both numerous and serious. It is imiDossible to touch upon them all in the 
lime allotted for this paper. Some may readily be inferred from what has 
hecn said above : but, as the defects arc most conspicuous in the Arithmetic 
Standards, and the principles of good teaching in arithmetic arc not far to 
£eek, it will be as well to confine ourselves to that subject. 

I feel I sliall not go wrong in quoting the high authority of Prof. Bain as 
±o the principles of good teaching, for 1 rind that the practical men — the men 
.whose experience in and around the work of elementar}' schools has been the 
:greatest — are in accord with his view?, that the axioms laid down by the 
philosopher are accepted as practically the l)est and most successful ]»y such 
men as Fearon and Fitch and Blakiston among H.M. Insjiectors (see 
Fear(Mi'8 '* School Inspection," Fitch's " Lectures on Teaching," and 
Blakiston's " The Teacher "). Tliinkcrs then, an<l teachers are alike agreed 
(1). that the tnie sequence of teaching should be from the simple to the 
complex, from the particular or concrete to the general or abstract, from the 
indefinite to the definite, from the empirical to the rational or scientific ; (2) 
•that the subjects taught should be as much as passible in harmony with and 
adapted, at each stage, to the child's experience and necessities, so as to 
enable him to utilise his knowledge as early as possible ; (3) tliat difficulties 
should be carefully graduated, so that, as the age of reason arrives to each 
scholar, he may learn to overcome one small obstacle after another, and, no 
breach taking place between the fact to be acquii'cd and the mind acquiring, 
he may not be doomed to drear}' and unprofitable mechanical toil. 

Now all these principles are more or less disrcgarded by the Standards of 

In the early Standards children are required to deal with abstract numbers of 
.«ach magnitude that they spend a considerable jwrtion of their school life over 


nnmberswithoiitcvcriTalising''niiml)cr;''an(l, as a preparation forthij* wearying" 
and exacting drill, thclittlc infants-the threes, the fours, the fives, and the sixe^- 
are, as your President so feelingly pleaded yesterday, forced to spend ho mueii 
of their time in thjc painful actjnisition of mere symbols, in infant 8tandard» 
cruelly modelled Vi\K)n a cruel mcxlel. 

Not until two years have been spent in this way, Bince they left the infant 
schools, are children intnKluced to elementary operations in money, and thn^ 
brought into contact educationally with facts and relations and ideas with which 
the conditions of their home life have made them familiar from their earliest 
years. Measures and multiples, the best possilJc study for VHdn*standinff the 
proiKTties of numlKjr, arc not dignified by a place in the " Standards " at all, 
and the natural inference is drawn, that, except as mechanical appliances for 
reduction and simplificati<m of fractions, they are not worth spending time OTer. 

Fractious, as we have alreatly pointed out, are held in suspense over two or 
three years of school life, during which they would be most valuable for mental 
training and practical utility in connection with the " rules " which the}' are 
blindly working, and with that world of labour for which they are being half' 
bliudfoldly prepared. The grounds upon which arithmetic occupies such a 
prominent j)lacc in an elementary school curriculum have not yet been fully 
realisetl by many, and certainly not by the framers of the *' Standards." It 
is not because of its practical utility as an art that arithmetic is entitled to its 
position next after the arts of rea(ling and writing. So great an authority as 
Mr. Fitch has put this point \vith such force and clearness in his " Lectures on 
Teaching," recently delivered at Cambridge, that I cannot do better than quote 
his. very words (Fitch's "Lectures on Teaching," p. 291) : — "The tnith is 
that, regardeil as j)ractical a7'tJi, reading, writing, and arithmetic have no right 
to be classed together as co-oriUnate elements of education ; for the last of 
these is consiilerably less useful to the average man or woman, not only than 
the other two, but than many others that might be nametl. But reading, ^Titing, 
and such mathematical or logical exercise as may be gained in connection with 
the manipulation of numbers Imrc a right to constitute the priraaiy elements of 
instruction. And 1 believe that arithmetic, if it deserves the high place that 
it conventionally holds in our educational system, deserves it mainly on the 
gi'ound that it is to be treatetl as a logical exercise. It is the only branch of 
mathematics which has found its way into primary and early education." 

Fitch's " I^icctures on Teaching," pp. 820, 321 : — "What mathematics are 
expected to do for the advanced student at the University, Arithmetic, if 
taught demonstratively, is capable of doing for the children even of the 
humblest school. It fumishefi training in reasoning, and particularly in 
deductive reasoning. It is a discipline in closeness and continuity of thought. 
It reveals the nature of fallacies, and refuses to avail itself of unverified 
assumptions. It is the one dei>artnient of school-study in which the sceptical 
and inquisitive spirit has the* most legitimate scope, in which authority goe* 
for nothing. In other departments of instniction you have a right to ask for 
the scholar's confidence, and to expect many things to Ikj received on your 
testimony with the understantling that they will be explained and verified 
afterwards. But here you are justified in saying to your pupil ; "Believe 
nothing which yon cannot understand. Take nothing foV granted." 


Now, our gravaiiieQ against the Code is this ; — The present sequence of 
«tamlards is based on the assumption that arithmetic lias its chief value in 
elementary schools as an art, and not as a science ; and, as will Ixj gathered 
from the analysis we have given, the standai'ds make no sign from first to last 
that a rational knowledge of arithmetical processes is encouragetl, or cxi)ected, 
or desiretl. The consequence is, as 1 know oidy too well, from the examination 
of hnntlreds of the best scholars from elementary schools which may l)e con- 
sidered as fair types of wliiit good elementary sehools are at the present 
moment, that arithmetic as a science can hanllv Imj said to constitute a definite 
part of the curriculum of such schools. It is the niJr, and not the exception, to 
find that children pass through these schools with little or no mental grasj) of 
the reasons (1) for the process of subtraction, (2) for placing the second line 
of a product one figure in advance of the first, (3) for obtaining pounds from 
■fshillings by marking off the last figure and dividing by 2, (4) for finding the 
remainder of the division by 5G by short division, (o) for the processes of 
G.C.M. and Ii.C.M., (0) for the "rules" of proportion and fractions and 
^lecimals. But. for dexterity and accumcy of working a given sum when they 
know "the rule." they are without rivals in the schools of the country of what- 
ever grade— a proud pre-eminence of which the elementary schools might be 
prouder, if only more solid science lay behind the more ])ci*fcct art. lint for 
this defect, and for those other defects which show themselves when ol;her 
subjects, such as grammar or geogniphy, taught therein are teste<l by the nioilem 
maxims of sound educaticm, neither teachei's nor managers are resijcmsible, but 
the existing Code. 1 freely grant that any departure from the unscientific 
sequences of the Code, any effort to shake off the trauiuiels of empiricism (or 
what some jjeople call eram^ in teaching, is made (as it U made here and there 
bv energetic teachers fortunate enough to be secure of their position through 
the waiTanted confidence of their managers) in defiance of the Code, in the face 
of possible, nay, almost certain, loss of grant ; or. at least, without pecuniary 
reward orrecoguitionfromthelTOVcmment Deimrtnient which lias somastci'fully, 
and, as I believe, so injuriously, controlled the education of four millions ot 
children. Drt not, however, let me lie misundeistoo<l. For fear 1 may Ikj 
thought to undiTrate, let me say. on the contrary, that it is imi)ossible to vrerrate 
the value of the work which, during the more than forty years since its formation, 
the Committee of Council for Education, under successive Presidents, from 
Ivord Lansdowne to Ix)rd Spencer, and successive peniianent Cliief Secretaries, 
fi'om Sir James Kay-Shuttleworth to Sir Francis Sandford, has done for 
elementary education. By the wisdcmi and discrimination with which it has 
administered the national funds committed to it, a network of schools covers the 
land, 80 that the poorest and the humblest luive the priceless boon of e<lucation 
within their reach. The Rduciiti<m Department needs no nilftgy — xi m^mumentum 
rvquirijf, oireuin^pice. But «// administrative machinery is so i)ei*fect that it 
needs no cnficittm^ or consider itself above criticism ; and such criticism as 
that which, in all humility and friendliness, I have ventured thus freely to offer 
from the point of view of my limited exjKjrience, will be taken, I trust, in the 
«pirit in which it is meant, and for what and no more than, it is worth. 




Secretary of tlie Nati-onal J'nhm of Elcmentmnf Teacherx^ and Member of 

the School Board for London, 

It was with some relnctaiicc that 1 accepted the invitation of the Executive 
to pre],)are a pajx;!' for tlip Twelfth Annual Conference on so important a topic 
as that of the " Policy of the Union." The cmerous natmc of my ortlinary 
thtties as Secretary, particularly during the period immediately preceding the 
Conference, would have justified me in Meclining the honour of addressing 
Ctmference on this suhject had not several other weighty reasons led me to 
'undertake the task. In the hrst place, I T\as painfully ccmscious of the fact 
that, even amongst some of the most sympathetic supporters of the Union, 
great ignorance exists as to the precise aims and past work of the Union, and 
that to this ignorance of the " Policy of the Union." rather than to any depots 
in that "Policy," is due much of the professional apathy of which just com- 
plaint i^ made. As a second reason for undertaking to read this paper, I may 
mention the personal gi-atification it gives ma once again to unfurl the Imnner 
of " professional unity," as the only standard under which professional success 
can be secured, and to remind the assemlJed representatives- that only by much 
patient labour. ])y much forbearance and concession, and by mutual toleration 
of each other's opinions, can the work of the Union, already great, be carried 
forward and completed. Ijjistly, it apjxiared ailvisable to turn to account the 
awakened interest shown in the progress and development of the Union by a 
vigorous and able, but somewhat inexjxjrienced section of the profes.sion. The 
educational papers of the past year have shown much interest in our welfare, 
and have been fruitful in criticism, both fair and unfair ; in suggestions, prac- 
tical and unpractical ; and in conclusions, some legitimate, others inconsequent, 
and many purely visionaiy. All this betokens a moving of the dry bones, and 
indicates that the efforts of the leadei-s of the Union during the past have at 
length began to tell upon the younger members of the profession, who, in their 
turn, must become the exponents and guides of our professional organisation. 

With these words of introtluction and apology, I come to the subject itself, 
" The Policy of the Union." The term *' policy " is an elastic one, and when 
applied to the National Unicm includes, not only its aims and objects, but also 
the methods by which it seeks to attain them. 1 shall, therefore, proceed to 
show : — 

1. Tliat the Union has always possessed and acted upon a settled and 

definite policy, and that this policy has been continuous and progres- 
sive, its sco^KJ l)eing widened from time to time as the requirements 
and influences of the Union have been enlarged. 

2. That the methods of enforcing this policy adopted in the past, have 

been in accordance with the wishes of the general body of members, 
and conducive to the public influence of the Union. 

3. Tliat the elasticity and democratic character of the constitution of the 

Union give its meml)ers an absolute ix)wer of controlling and directing 
its policy. 

4. Tliat the results of the policy have already, proiluced great benefits to 

cilucation and to the profession. 


T*irstly, the Union has passessed and acted npon a settled and definite policy^ 
This policy, as propounded by Mr. Graves, the first President in his 
inangnral address, fairly represents the purposes sought by those who, nearly 
eleven years since, founded the National Union. The following extract from 
the address will indicate at once the weakness of our position at that time and 
the strength of our determination, to assert for our profession the right of 
influencing educational thought and educational legislation : — 

" We inaugurate, in founding this ' National Union of Elementary Teachers,' 
no aggressive association. We desire to a^^ail nobody. We do desire to think 
and act as reasonable and educated men, to advocate improvements in our 
educational schemes and machinery, to look after the welfare of the mation as- 
far as elementary education affects it, and at the same time try to advance 
our own interests, convinced that, by the elevation of the teacher, we 
elevate the value of education and accelerate the progress of civilisation." 

Again, on the title-page of the first published Report of the Union, the 
objects of the Union are thus formulated : — 

*' The aim of the Union is to unite together, by moans of local associations,, 
the public elementary teachers throughout the kingdom, in order to provide a 
machinery by means of which teachers may give expression to their opinions 
when occasion requires, and may also take united action in any matter 
affecting their interests." 

** The character of the Union will be more fully seen when it is fairly estab- 
lished ; but the following topics will receive its immediate attention : — 
" 1. Revision of the New Code. 
" 2. The working of the New Education Act. 
" 3. The establishment of a Pension Scheme. 
"4. The throwing open of Higher Educational Posts to Elementary 

" 5. The propasal to raise teaching to the dignity of a profession by meanfi 
of a Public Register of duly qualified teachers for every class of 
Prom these extracts it will be seen that from the first, definite objects were 
marked out for attainment by thq. machinery of the Union, and those who. 
have followed the records of our proceedings since that time will agree with me 
that these objects have been persistently pursued, and with considerable success. 
In 1874 the objects of the Union were formally enlarged by the addition of 
the following points : — 

(a) " To afford to the Education Department, to School Boards, and to- 
other educational bodies the benefit of the collective experience and 
advice of teachers on practical educational questions. 
(J) " To improve the general education of the country by seeking to raise- 
the (qualifications and status of public elementary teachers, and by 
opemng out a career to the most successful members of the profession." 
In 1875 the following point was added to the " Policy of the Union " : — 
*' To establish, in connection with the Union, Provident, Benevolent, and 
Annuity Funds for the benefit of the scholastic profession." 
In 1877 the following additional " objects " were formally adopted : — 
" To establish and support, in connection with the Union, an Orphanage- 
and Orphan Fund for the children of teachers," 


" To secure for the teaching profession the benefits of representation in 

Since 1877 no new '* objects " has been formally adopted ; bnt I muut 
mention that in practice other important points have been from time to time 
incorporated into our policy ; among thtsc may be named (a) an attempt to 
regulate the supply of teachers, (li) the giving of valuable legal atlrice and 
assistance to members, and (<*) the defence, in the superior courts of law, of 
cases in which the just rights of the profession have bjjen infringed or ignored. 
We have also agitated for means of appeal, and to some extent with sncce^s. 

The facts here recited not only show that a clear and definite policy bw 
guided the Union since its formation, but also that this policy has been con- 
tinuous and progressive. Year by year the scope of our policy has been widened 
as the requirements and influence of the Union have been extended. A glance 
at the *H)bject8 of the Union,'' as printed on the title-pages of HUcccsHive 
Annual Keiwrts published since 1872. will confirm my statement, and make 
it clear to all concerned that, whatever may have l)een the shortcomings of the 
Union, that of having '* No policy " is not one of them. As one of thoe<e whoee 
privilege it has l)eento take a share in the foundation of the National Union, and 
in formulating its jwlicy, my chief complaint is that the general bodyof teachers 
feave not moved fon^'ard at the pace set them by their leaders. It has been, on 
the part of the latter, a painful necessity at times to wait wearily for the 
advance of the main Ixxly before they could hope successfully to attack a 
professional abuse, or to initiate an educational reform. But. after all, real 
progress has been made, and remembering, as many in this Conference will 
remember, the utter absence of professional esprit de corps wliich formerly 
existed, 1 think be have all great reason to congratulate the country and 
ourselves on what has Ixjcn already accomplished. 1 can see no justification for 
the depreciatory tone adopted by some of the professed friends of the Union, a 
tone eagerly caught up and intensified by its enemies. Tliis is not the tone 
of those who reganl uh from the outside. To Parliament, to the Education 
Department, to the l*ress we do not appear as a feeble organisation with weak 
purposes and no influence, but rather as a strong educational and professional 
force of sufficient magnitude to demand careful watching and possible 
regulation, lest its influence should become too powerful to be compatible with 
public interests. l*robably the mean between these extreme views represents 
the true value of the work of the Union. 

I now come to the second point in my contention, viz., that the methods by 
which our policy has been enforced are those which are most conducive to the 
public influence of the Union, and that they are in accordance with the wishes 
of the general body of members. Many a good deed is spoiled by the manner 
of doing it — so with respect to public Ixxlies— good intentions may be rendered 
useless by a faulty method of procedure. In the public work of the Union, 
where it comes into contact with other public bodies, and occasionally in 
conflict with public opinion, it has so far been the policy of your ofl&cers and 
Executive to exercise caution, moderation, and conciliation rather than rash- 
ness, violence, and intimidation. They have endeavoured to secure progress 
by creating no unnecessary enemies. They have fought, and are prepared to 
fight, for educational or professional reforms if a conflict is forced upon them ; 
but, as reasonable men representing a large part of the intelligence of the nation. 


thev have not adopted the methods of an'ogance and coercion. In dealing 
witn the local associatious it has been the policy of the Union, to have respect 
unto the law of liberty. I hope thiH principle will never be abandoned, and 
that no restrictions will be . placed on the free action of local association* 
except SQch as are necessary to secure unity of action throughout the profession 
and the means of rapid intercommunication between the centre and the 
branches. In its connection with the Education Department the Union has 
pursued a policy of dignity and respectful equality. No favours have been 
asked for from those charged with the administration of State education. 
Justice, simple justice, has ever been our demand, whether as regards the 
planting of pensions, the appointment of inspectors, the right of ap})cal, our 
influence on the Code, or any other of our requests. The result of this 
method of procedure' is that the Union, as the recognised mouthpiece of 
elementary teachers, stands second to no other public body except Parliament in 
its iufinence upon the Education Department. Gradually we have been recognised 
as an important educational body whose opinions must, as a matter of course, 
be taken into consideration. Mr. Robert Lowe once told the representatives 
of the teachers, who in 1862 complained of being deprived by him of a large 
portion of their income without notice and without their consent ^ " That 
their complaint reminded him of Turgo asking the chickens with what sauce 
they preferred to be sened." I can scarcely believe that even Lord Sherbrooke, 
if again installed as Vice-President, would venture now to repeat that scornful 
sneer. Since the formation of the Union we have seen Mr. yorster receiving 
our representations and acknowledging the weight of the opinions. Lord 
JSandon, courteous and sympathetic, removing by the re-.estnblishment of 
the Pension Minutes a part of the injustice worked by Mr. Lowe ; Lord Geoige 
Hamilton, also courteous, but impulsive and unsympathetic, involuntarily 
admitting the Hight of Appeal for Teachers by himself asking Parliament for 
a Committee to revise a decision of his own Department. And now Anthony 
John Mnndella, who, for years, has proved himself anxious to give to the 
views of teachei:s their full share of influence, receiving your deputations in 
no perfunctory manner, but with the distinct purpose of ascertaining, by 
conference and discussion, our views on the leading educational topics of the 
day. In a similar manner the methods by which the Union has dealt with 
the relations of teachers to School Boards and school managers, to the clergy 
and to inspectors, have tended to harmonise the differences which have 
occasionally arisen, and to reduce them to a minimum. We have refused to 
put the teachers a9 a class in opposition to these bodies ; and, although 
individual cases are not unknown in which teachers suffer gross injustice at 
the hands of School Boards, Inspectors, and I must I fear add, from the 
Clergy, the Union has never endorsed any condemnation of a whole class for 
t^e errors of the few. Individual cases of oppression we have defended, and I 
trust will ever be ready to defend ; but our sense of justice, as well as our policy, 
dictates that in claiming a position for the Union as a public educational 
body we should work in friendly co-operation with other public bodies, and 
that, as a distinct class of the communit}', teachers should never as such be 
lightly put in antagonism with any other class. If I have rightly described 
the methods of enforcing our policy, I put with confidence the question, " Are 
these methods approved by the Conference, and are they most conducive 
to the public influence of the Union 1 " 


In the next place, I desire to point ont to Conference the fact 
elaiiticity of our conAtitntion and it!< highly democratic character gi 
memheni, through Conference, the absolnte power of directing and co 
TtH policj. Kyery local association can (tend itn opinions to the Kxe 
any time, and in Conference crery individual member may, thrc 
representative, exercise his vote on anj question, whether of p 
procedure. If, therefore, there be a strong feeling in a district on ai 
this feeling can immediately find expression in Conference, at the K: 
or in the educational press. Upon the members, and upon their repres* 
in Conference, legitimately rests the responsibility of modifying the 
the Union from time to time, the Executive, as its name denotes, b 
instrument by which it is enforced. How great, therefore, the im|>orta 
the members, in their local associations, should think out and discuss c 
of educational and professional policy, and should then elect as their re] 
tives the most able teachers they can find to give expression to their 
Conference. Again, what a far-reaching influence is exercised 
Conference in electing their Executive, to whom must be left to a lar| 
the method of applying the policy of the Union. In short, la< 
gentlemen, it is upon you that the responsibility rests of making the 
our organisation comprehensive and effective, and satisfactory to th< 
body of members. 

1 come now to the last point which I propose to touch in this rap 
of the past policy of the Union — viz., the results of that policy. I 
convenient to take the '• Objects of the Union " as set out in the for 
of this paper, and to test the results in each case. 1. The first objc 
Union was to imite together, by means of local associations, th 
elementary teachers throughout the countr}'. How far has this ohj 
effected i Nvm^rically, the whole of the teachers are not yet brought 
in a bond of union, nor. in my opinion, can this point be ever a 
reached, as there will always be admitted to the profession a nu 
indifferent persons actuated by no professional zeal. 1 suppose, too, t] 
will always be among the female teachers a considerable number ^l 
merely a temix)rary interest in professional matters. But, making a 
foi these, it is clear that the first and permanent object of the Unioi 
will survive codes and smaller grievances, is but partially accomplisl 
that a large field of labour is yet open to the Organisation Committc 
while admitting this, I contend that reprcsenfatirely, if not numeric 
first object of the Union has been fully attained. The 12,000 teachen 
our lists include the most successful, enterprising, and public spirited : 
of our profession, and represent elementary education in all its phi 
circumstances. I find from an examination of the lists for the past i 
the Union contained at the end of last December 7,032 males, and 4,853 
Comparing this number with the number of teachers employed in elc 
schools, we have enrolled as members 54*2 per cent, of the masters, 
28.3 per cent, of the mistresses. This fact may indicate to those m 
cemed the special direction in which extension of membership shouli 
sought. The 312 associations now in union spread like a nctw( 
En^Uind and Wales — ^and when knit together by the Union cons 
powerful machinery by which the opinions and wishes of toac 


i- educational topics can be accurately ascertained and expressed. By this- 
--. machinery, too, united action can be taken in any matter affecting the interests 
^'•of education or of the profession. I claim that, so far as the state of 
»j- professional spirit will allow, the first and greatest object of the Union has 
^- been successfully attained, and that the experience of the past justifies the 
^. belief that as time goes on the Union will gradually enrol under its banner 
jj.! a much larger majority of the teachers of the country. Of the five special 
-^, points named in our first published programme, three have been substantially 
3 wcnred. and two have been materially advanced by the labours of the Union. 
^*' " (^) ^^ lievhian of tJie New Cwle, — The New Code has been improved 
^. from year to year, chiefly in consequence of the discussions on the subject in 
^ the meetings of local Associations, and the direct action of the Executive upon 
^. Parliament and upon the Education Department. The extent to which the 
^ Union has benefited education and educators bv its amendment of the New 
^ - CJode can only be fully realised by those who will take the trouble to compare 
^ the original issue of that document of 1870 with that for the present year, and 
., ■ both with the various memorials presented from time to time to the Depart- 
/ ment. On this point I claim for the policy of the Union a clear and undeniable 
, success. 

,. (li) The Worlibig of the JSducatwn Act. — The watchfulness of the Union 
over the application of the Education Acts has exercised a material influence 
on School ±5oards, school managers, and the various officers, including 
inspectors, appointed to carry out these Acts. As an illustration of this I 
may mention the important results" which are likely to spring from our recent 
inquiry into the working of compulsion, and from similar inquiries in the 
the future. (See Beport on pages ex to cxii.) What an important public duty the 
Union performs in thus giving to the public an independent Keport on the 
working of the Acts, which has not been filtered through official channels nor 
framed on official precedents. 

(o) The EstahlMnicnt of a Pension Scheme. — Though the first great effort of 
• the Union to secure a general scheme of retiring pensions was fnistrated by the 
want of unanimity among teachers themselves, their second effort, made to- 
secure some measure of justice to the older teachers, was successful. A sum 
of £6,500 a-year now being distributed among aged and incapacitated teachers 
is a tangible result of our action — though there is still work to do in seekina: 
an extension of the Fund, and a relaxation of some of the conditions which 
keep out some of those whose services and wants give them equitable claims 
upon the benefits of the Pension Grant. The other two points — viz., " The 
opening of the Higher Posts to Elementary Teachers," and " The Establish- 
ment of a General Begister of Teachers," are not yet attained, but they have 
been persistently and consistently worked for. During the past ten years the 
Union has been almost the only body which has kept those important 
professional subjects before the public, and it is now busily engaged in dealing 
with both of them. I find myself writing at greater length than the time 
allotted for this paper will allow. I must, therefore, reluctantly cut short the, 
to me, pleasant duty of describing at length the success of the Union and the 
results of its policy, and merely present a brief summary of the w^ole. But 
before doing this I must ask the Conference to consider the vast professional 
significance of the extension of the policy of the Union which took place in 


the years 18 7r>, 1S7<) ami 1877, when it was determined to cfttabUnh in cokl 
necticm with the Union, I'rovident, Benevolent, and Oqihanage Fnnds. Tliii| 
.Eigiiihcancc is not yet fully recognised, for, while- much thoiig^ht, tinie, nil 
labour have been ex{)endetl in the fonnation of theAe important adjuncts touvj 
general professional movement, they have not a* yet been mr fully supportedul 
the enthusiasm with which C'onference initiated them led moKt of us to expeetl 
Yet, ladies and gentlemen, they will succeed, and they will ultimately beam 
not only a boon to the individual members who may partake of their benefili^l 
but an outward and visible sign of that latent professional force which 
within the IkkIv of teachers, and of which the L' nion is becoming, by dcgreo^j 
the natural exponent. 

I sliall now brietiy recapitulate the results of our policy, referring meinfaai| 
to pages xxviii. and xxix. of the Keix)rt for 1880 for a more complete stilfr| 
ment of them. . 

1. It lias provided a machinery' for ascertaining the opinions of teaehenl 
on (K)ints affecting the progress of education or the welfare of 4> I 
profession, and it has become the medium for giving public utt»raBCi{ 
to the collective opinions thus obtaineil. 

2. By its Conferences, and the meetings of its local brandies, it hii| 
hannonisetl the opinions of teachers, given greater breadth to their 
views, and fitted them to take their share in the public dLscu^on of I 
educational topics. 

3. It has given to the gix^at Inxly of public elementary teachers a co^' 
))orate existence, and thus enabled them to exercise a legitimate 
intluence on public opinion. 

4. It is the i^ecogniscd channel of communication between clementaij 
teachers and the Education Deimrtment, and -it provides the mean 
by which teachers may exchange views with other educational bodien 

5. By its gcnei*al action, and by the publication of its proceedings i» 
the educational papers and the public press, it has done mnch to 
extend a knowledge of educational matters, to create in the mindfl of 
the public a fairer estimate of the teacher's work and po.sition, and to 
promote a sound and practical system of education. 

•f>. It has been the means of securing a revival of the Pension Minuttf 
of 1851 and 18(H>, by which a sum of £6,600 is annually xoted by 
Parliament for the benefit of the older teachers. 

7. By the action *of the Union many improvements have been intro- 
duced into, ami many olvjectionable clauses have been removed fron, 
the Goveniment Code : while recently the main principle of the 
Kevised Code (the so-called payment by result) has been attacked and 
its unsoundness exposeil. 

S. It has establisheil. for the benefit of the scholastic professton, 
I'rovident, Benevolent, and Orphanage Funds, thus affording recog- 
nised cliannels for the charity of teachers, and a means b^ whia, 
with ordinary care and thrift, all members of the profession may 
independently secure tliemselves against need in times of sicknesf 
and old age. 

9. It has drawn the attention to, and is now watching the action of 
Parliament and the Education Department on, the follo>ving importaat 


11. It 


subjects : — 1. Means of Appeal ; 2. Certification of Teachers ; 3. The 
Appointment of Inspectors ; 4. Supply of Teachers ; 5. The system 
of Payment by Hesnlts ; 6. Revisal of Pension Minutes, Sec, 
10. Valnable legal adrice and assistance are rendered available to 
members who need it. Oppression h&s been resisted, and the pecuni- 
ai^ rights of many members have been successfully defended, 
has af!iimed the desirability of representation in Parliament. 
■ With respect to the last point enumerated above, I must say the means 
placed at the dispasal of the Executive are hi no sense adequate to give effect 
w that point in our policy* It would be easy to lengthen this list, but I think 
[ have said enough to justify the past policy of the Union, and the spirit with 
irhlch that policy has been enforced. At all events, I tnist that I have shown 
tbnt the benefits secured by the Union are at least worth what is ]jaid for them, 
mnd I would finish this section of my paper by submitting to your thoughtful 
eonsidcration the plain question whether our policy can be developed, or full 
effect given to our present programme with the existing means at our disposal. 
Having dwelt at some length on the policy of the juist, I had intended, 
before attempting to deal with that of the future, to notice, in a separate 
paragraph, and at length, the weak points in our organisation which hinder 
ihe natural development of our work and minimise its results. But as I have 
^icady exceeded my time I shall take up both points together, making th& 
statement of the one the occasicm for suggesting the other. 

The first manifest weakness in our organisation is the fact that so many 
teacher^ are not yet members. This at once suggests the necessity of pressing 
Cdrii%'ard more effectually the first object of our Union — " to unite together the 
elementary teachers of the country." But on what principle shall this be 
Ek>iie i Shall it be by adopting a policy of compulsion or prof essional exclusive- 
Bess. Such a course would be, in my opinion, a fatal and unjustifiable error. 
Xamit to members if you will the personal and direct benefits secured by the 
TtTnion ; its general and most valuable benefits cannot be so restricted, as, like 
lihe rain and sunshine, they fall upon the just and the unjust. My con- 
viction is that such a body of persons as the members of our profession can 
only be induced to help us by an appeal to their convictions and intelli* 
^nce. Place the facts of the position before them and convince them of the 
Uftef ulness of our great work, and we shall secure their co-operation. At 
least, if this course fail, I am sure no other will permanently succeed. There 
mre many districts where there are absolutely no persons who possess the will 
and ability to undertake the exposition and explanation of our policy and 
luH:ion ; and this, at once, suggests the necessity of more frequent visits by the 

Sist l^residents, the Secretary, or some qualified member of the Executive to 
ntricti where associations either do not exist or are in a weak condition. I 
l)elieve more could be done in this direction, and in a better way, by former 
officers and by members of the Excutive, than by the appointment of a special 
organising officer, as, for the purposes of such meetings, Saturday is practically 
the only suitable day on which they can be held. With members of the 
Executive elected from different parts of the country, it would be more easy 
to meet the wants of all districts, and at a smaller cost. The development of 
the work of the Organisation Committee, so well commenced under Mr. 
X^ethbridge, will, however, at first necessitate an increased outlay, though it wilt 


iiTnloiihtPcily ])rovc |)onnnncnrly i-rotimMo. The increase of mcmlicr^. wha 
^4»f:^nT!d. '.vill sit onon jinulnre jmorher rpwilt i^f mir prej^eiit ])olic3'. viz.. '.i wiH 
!nf.rms(*. in ji fiirocT nitio. the iiiiblir inriiioiicc nt rhc l.*iii»ni. ;ind \y\U. jsitb 
Laojitfr wpijrht to its rf'pros«*TiriiTiirtis and rn rhe utTcrancef* •»! irs ExecimTe: 
Anotlior sprions woaknos?. n connection with the I'liion is rhc -^niall cstiimiB 
u'hicli ii cnnsiciprjiljlc innnber "T the :i>M>r'i.itionJ* 'H.i'ni ro liave i"»f their own 
I'll ncti Otis ;inci intinr:nc<». Tliis wiw <-lc:irIy ^liown hy the two sjx'ciul enouirie 
roTuinctccI liy t\\v Kxccntivc Uinx ypar. when it rofiuired, in niany instanceiS 
three or :i»nr apj»liintionf» lielore rhe int'onrmtion uskctl tor eoiihl l)c obraiiKd 
Tor tlie use f>t" the Orfj-anisHtion < innmittee. A^in. it iK-'truys .-.omi! weaknw 
(►f jnirprjse when. n\\ >iu:\\ a >nhj«»ct jis the Ive-<'ju*tin;x t>t the Cixic. a iinarterirf 
rlie local aHjsfK-iations fail to make siny re|)oiT whatever. A^iiiii. 1 am inionnfti 
that, in inany instances, matter* subniitred in circulars hy rhe I'niini i^(»r the 
crnisii^era t ion < it" incinlM*rs ai"e either not read at rhe nieeringx €>r are iiietfec* 
rively ilealt with. Saw. as '^he I'nion is -mly an ajrffregiition <>f h»cal 
asscK'iations. its force is sinipiy represented hy the af»';nx'jratc force t.r the 
hranches. The I'nion. tn lie as f idly represenrative of rhe i»iT)tessioii. *honlil 
lie. in r-lose aiul rapid crmimnnicarion with rhe IcK-al :iss«»ciat:oiis, and, to remUr 
our ]>olicy fully ctTw-tive. this <"fjnnecriou nuist U' >ecured. L am iiware rhat it 
I-i ditticuir in these days of hifrh pressure to tind in all places a sin-ce-sion •)£ 
conii)etent hnid ntficers. iiut this ditiiculty nnist l)e met. I »!<> iu»t iie.oitaic to 
-ay that, after allowinyr for rhe Ir)ss ari>inir fnun rhe cxi>-ten(^ dt" |>e!>^jnal, 
]>rofessionai. or even j)olitical jealousies, rhe <'hief cause in rhe variaide aniorait 
f}f .'ucr-ess in >omft districts is rather due to the want nf etiieieiit o^trer*. than 
to any positive arxithy or *«])j>osition <»n tlie part «>f the rcuichei's of t}:e neigh- 

A fuither hindrance to rhe development of our pnlity lies in the 
ina«lejpijwjy of the inachineiy for aijplyin;; tlie cdncationai and i>rofcs«:ii^iiaI 
force which has lieen cn'atc<l. I mejiu rliat the «^tarf :u the ceiitrr.l uriice is 
Insntticient to '^iro full ctfect to rhe iM)licy we have aireauy a«!')T,red. and 
woidd hreak down altoj^ther if rhat ikdicy were fully devel«)t»ed. To:- iiearij 
three years ! have endeavoured to rc<hice. hy o(x"asional reif n n )nxn- a.ssi^rance. 
the strain iJix)n Mr. .James, my r()ii>cientious and aide :is«;i«;taiit. :ind TiiKin 
myself. I c(»nfcss that 1 have l)een reluctant to ask for iiioiv iH-niianent 
assistance, on account of the necuniary dithculties which «<H'riied iumiinent 
under the chanj;ed character r)f the Kxecutive, and the new ndc^ ::< to the 
payment of travcllinjr <*x])enses. IJut nature is inexorable, aiid I looi it my 
duty to rell confereiu;e that, thouirh I have will inj^ly. tor several vears. ;::iven up 
to the service of the rni<m all rhe time which shouhi have natM!iiU3- 'J**^^ 
jriven t«^ family duties and to ndaxation, I cannot, with due rej^ird to my 
health, and in justice to my ihmiestic relations, continue the -train vvliicii liaii 
for the ]»ast two years l)ec<mie excessive. In whatever fonn <.Viift.rfn'je may 
f leei lie tr) increase our effective staff, I would .ask that it >iionicl Ih.^ bonie in 
min<l that what is innuediately requii-etl is. not a larger direct::!*^ +oree. Ihu a 
invater workinj^ staff, hy whi<di the decisions of < onferenee and of the 
Kxecutive can. under the «lirection of the (Jeneral Secretaiy, he in'oiMp-Ay and 
hdly carried into effect. It is also necessary that arrangenients ^honld be 
macic that durinfr iM.v Jibsence from town on visits to l<xal assoeiati.>n<. or 
from the office on jnirliameutary or other public business, my repi-oscntative 


n the office should be put into such a position as would enable him to transact 
Jl ordinary business upon his own responsibility, and that he should be 
qualified to undertake a share of the responsible work hitherto devolving 
ixclnfiively upon myself. I speak upon this subject with hesitation, and it is 
mly after a long and earnest endeavour to avert the necessity of an increased 
iffice stafE that I feel compelled, in the interest of the " Policy of the Union." 
» place my views before O^nference. Were this assistance afforded, I think 
;lie influence of the Union through the press might be greatly augmented, its 
parliamentary and legal work facilitated and strengthened, and my own public 
influence as your Executive Officer might possibly be increased. 

Upon the only one dormant point of our policy, that of parliamentary 

representation, 1 shall say but little. The principle has been incorporated in 

our programme, but no means have been provided for giving it effect. I think 

in future it would be well that the adoption of principles and the pro- 

Tision of means for carrying them out should be nmde simultaneously, as a 

dormant policy docs not usually reflect dignity on the body adopting it. On 

the question itself I can only say that my experience of public life and of 

public men' during the past seven years convinces me that many of the more 

unportant points in our policy can never be secured without the assistance and 

action of Parliament, and that it will be next to impossible to secure this action 

unless some educational expert can be sent to the House of Commons to take 

the initiative in such special legislation as the technicalities of the educational 

question demand. Such a membier, not returned as a class representative, but 

Dy some important constituency on general political qualifications would 

imdoubtedly greatly assist many of the educational reforms we desire to see 

worked out. This, however, is a question of means, and it is for the profession 

to consider whether the probable advantages are equal to the certain cost. 

Our district unions form another part of our machinery which, though well 
constructed, lacks the necessary driving power, and is, to a large extent, non- 
effective. This will require attention m the future. 

Prom what I have already advanced, it will not be difficult to deduce what, 
in my opinion, should be the future policy, of the National Union I have 
shown that, in the past, the Union has possessed a settled but progressive 
policy. That must be its nature in the future. Its general aims, and the 
gpirit in which they are pursued, should remain as heretofore, while the specific 
objects it seeks to attain will, of course, vary with the aspirations and require- 
ments of the profession from time to time. These objects, " the planks " of 
our platform, as handed down to us from the past, are, I think, sufficiently com- 
prehensive and numerous to employ our energies for many a year. For the 
?urpose of bringing prominently before you the present policy of the Union as 
understand it, I will venture to enumerate these objects, stating them, not in 
the terms printed in our Reports, but in terms giving to our printed " Objects '* 
ja present significance. They are as follows : — 
(a) General and Pernianent — 

1. To complete the organization by bringing into Union those now outside 
its pale, in order that the machinery for ascertaining and expressing 
the collective opinion of teachers throughout the kingdom may be 
strengthened and made more effective, and to secure united action 
in any matters affecting the interests of educati(Hi and of the 


2. To angment the public inflnence of teachers, and to bring it to bear on 

public educational bodies, thus placing at the sen-rce of the public 
the benefit of the collective experience and gervice on practical 
educational qnestioni?. 

3. To improre the general education of the country by creating within 

our rankrt a high estimate of the work and influence of the t^udier, 
and by securing for all qualified members of the profession a 
higher 9tatH» and the prosi)ect of a professional career. 

4. To inquire into, and rejjort upon, the working of the rarious Acts of 

Parliament affecting education, and, if nccessarj', to initiate new 
legislation for effecting educational reform. 
Q}) Specific — 

5 To secure full justice from Parliament in the matter of pen/«ion8 for 
those to whom pensions were promised, and to consider the 
practicability of establishing a Compulsory Annuity FUnd for all 
elementary teachers. 

6. To secure, as a means of strengthening our public influence and power, 

the presence of a practical educational expert in the House oi 

7. To develope, as integral part of our professional organisation, the 

Provident, Benevolent, and Orphanage Funds. 

8. To afford to members legal assistance and legal advice in professional 

difliculties and disputes, and to defend them from injustice in their 
professional relations wth inspectors, School Boards, School 
Managers, and the public. 

9. To regulate the supply of teachers in such'a way that none bnt highly 

qualified persons may be allowed admission to the profession. 

10. To secure means of appeal, public inquiry, and full opportunities of 

defence for all teachers charged with irregularities eithor by 
Inspectors, Managers, or Parents. 

11. To effect a revision of the Code, so that the method of distributing 

the Parliamentaiy Grant for Education may be based upon am 
harmonised with educational principles. 
* 12. To secure the consolidation of the teaching profession by obtaining 
a general system of Registration for all grades and classes w 
teachers, and the transfer of the power of certifying teachers from 
a Government Department to a Representative Educational 
Council under the authority of Parliament. 
These objects constitute no mean programme, no narrow policy. Nor is it 
a new programme suddenly conceived. It is that which has been created 
and formulated by the Union during the first ten years of its existence, and 
which has been described by some as •* no policy." The work before us is 
more than sufticient for our strongest efforts, and will occupy more than the 
next few years. What we have now to do is to strengthen our membership 
and improve the machinery for giving effect to our policy. 

In conclusion I desire to give utterance to a few thoughts which I have 
purposely left to the last, on account of their great importance. The first is 
that one of oui chief aims should be to make the National Union an 
edncational as well as a professional power, that is to say; a force for carrying 


out for the benefit of the country necessary educational reforms. This aim 
can not be realised unless members think out for themselves the many 
important phases of the education question, and, make the meetings of 
Local Associations really educational in their character. In order to do this,, 
greater attention and more time must be given to professional and educational 
topics in these meetings, and the tendency on the part of many members ta 
regard the orgajiisation as purely of a social character must be restrained. I 
have not a single word to say against the social and recreativa part of 
Association work, on the contrary I regard them as fundamental and necessary 
portions of that work. But they must not be allowed to overlay and bury the 
less attractive but more important professional duties which the Union bias to 
perform. The public influence of the Union largely depends on the extent to 
which it promotes the public interests of education. The second thought 
is that while fulfilling these public functions the Union must carefully guard 
and defend the professional interests of teachers. In order to do thk 
adequate means must be placed in the hands of the Executive and the most 
able persons must be elected to that body. But after all, though much of the 
influence of the Union depends upon its organisation and policy, the real 
power of teachers as a body ultimately rests upon their individual character^ 
skill, and integrity, and upon the degree in which they are prepared to place 
themselves at the service of the public. For myself I desire to acknowledge 
the weighty Tvords of the President on this subject. We must not 
look to Organisation or Combination as that which alone carry us on to 
success, irrespective of the substratum of moral character to which I have 
already alluded. Given that character however, it is necessary to organise and to 
form a definite policy. I trust that the awakening of the minds of teachers 
to the importance of the work for the Union, may carry us forward 
to the point when the profession may pass out of the leading strings of the 
Government, and become to some extent self-regulated and self-governed. The 
teachers of the country do not fully understand the enormous weight felt by 
their leaders in trying to lift the great body from the professional apathy in 
which they appear contentedly to live. I shall therefore conclude what I have 
to say on the Policy of the Union by calling on you as represeittatives to return 
to the country with a determination to kindle and keep alive in your respective 
districts the spark of professional spirit, and so to labour for the cause of 
education and for ourselves, that our success may be commiensurate with our 




ISEPTEMBER lOtk, 1880,'] 

> * — • * < 

I. — The Special Committee appointed to consider the recasting of the CodCi 
and " to prepare an improved scheme of examination for the Goveniment, 
^ant," have to report tnat they have held fourteen meetings, which have beea 
well attended hy the members. 

II. — At the Plymouth Conference, in 1878, an important paper was read by 
Mr. Scotson, of Manchester, on the " Educational liesults of the Code," and 
the following resolution was unanimoasly adopted : — 

That in the opinion of this Conference, the so-called system of Payment for Results 
has been* detrimental to the improvement of elementary education, and that the £xeai> 
tive be requested to prepare, for the consideration of the Local Associations, an 
\\ improved scheme of examination for the Government Grant. 

At the Nottingham Conference, in 1879, the Executive reported that bnt 
little progi'css had been made in this difficult inquiry, but that attention would 
be given to the subject during the ensuing year. Another valuable paper was 
read by Mr. Hemming, of Nottipgham, on " The Code : its Adminstration 
•and Results ; " and subsequently the following resolution was adopted :- 

That, in the opinion of this Conference, the so-called system of Payment by 
Results as now administered, is unsound in principle injurious to educational prepress 
and detrimental to the advancement of the most capable children ; and that the 
Executive and the Local Associations be requested to consider alterations which it 
is desirable to make in the mode of conducting examinations for the Govemmeot 
Grant. v 

The Committee also find that the principle of the Code has been continuallY 
-criticised and condemned at the Annual Conferences and by snccessive 

III. — The first public act of the Union, after its formation in 1870, was to 
submit to Mr. Forster, the Vice-President of the Council, a memorial in which 
it was declared, among other things : 

(a.) That the Code does not fairly carry out the principle on which it professes to be 
based, that of ** payment for results." 

(b.'S That its tendency is to impart a mechanical character to elementary education. 

\c.) That it has had an injurious effect upon the pupil teacher system, has placed 
teachers in an unsatisfactory position, and has produced an unnecessary and vexatious 
multiplication of forms and regulations. 

This initial action of the Union has been consistently followed up during 
'the jmst ten years, and many resolutions by Conference and by the Kxecutive 
•condemning the principle of the Code have been recorded. In 1872 two of the 
special developments of this princii)le — viz.; the age clauses and music fine- 
were successfully opposed by the Union and in 1874 the President (Mr. H. 
J. Moore), in his address, made the following reference to the Code : — 


In the working of the Code it is essential that a G;reater elasticity in the method of in- 
struction should be permitted, so that the talent of the Teacher should not be cramped 
by red tape or official routine. ^ In reporting upon the inspf.ction o( the school, there 
should be a recognition of real intellectual work as distinguished from mere instruction. 
It is stated, on high authority, that the Revised Code is what any clever man might 
have sketched, but what no true educationist would have suggested. It is universally 
admitted that, since its introduction, there is a greater level of attainments throughout the 
school than was the case under the Old Code. As a consequence, the quality has deterior- 
ated ; much of the fire and enthusiasm developed by class-teaching have ceased to be char- 
acteristic : school emulation has been discouraged, and real education has been at a 

In 1875, at the Conference held in York, the principle of the Code was 
Again the subject of presidential attack. Mr. Devonshire, speaking from the 
•chair, said : — 

The baneful iufluence of the Revised Code was seen in no respect more plainly than 
in the deterioration of the quality of the teacher. It banished from the school all higher 
training, and converted the teacher into a mechanical drudge. 

Similar phrases occur throughout the reports and documents of the Union 
•during 1876, and in 1877 Conference jiasscd a resolution condemning the con- 
tinuous and continual amendment of tlie CckIc, and tlnis inferentially 
<leclared that the principle was radically and irremediably bad. . In 1878, 
Mr. President Day said : — 

In the first place, 1 will speak of the so-called '* system of payment by results." This 
is a matter that needs careful handling by teachers, lest in their endeavour to show what 
is fallacious and misleading in the system, they should be misunderstood and misinter- 
preted. It is necessary for those who speak on this topic to show plainly that it is not the 
principle of *' payment bv results " /^r j? that teachers object to, but_ rather the unfair 
and unjust application of the principle to the work of education. It is too well known 
that this system was put in force and applied to the art and science of teaching, for the 
first time in this county, by means of the " Revised Code of 1862." That Code was the 
handiwork of an astute politician, who by the dexterous use of the plausible phrase 
"payment by results," misled the public mind, crushed the zeal and energy of the 
■teacher, and destroyed the vitality of an educational system that had been in success- 
ful operation for fourteen years. ... 

Educationally regarded, the principle of paying according to certain results shown 
in a day's examination, and appraised on mechanical and yet variable principles by the 
personal judgment of one or more among a large corps of visiting Inspectors, of all 
manner of tempers and attainments — many of whom, too. as a matter of fact, have 
had little or no training for their work — is as indefensible a specimen of empirical 
legislation as can well be imagined. It is certain that no school can ever be thoroughly 
well taught if it is organised and conducted with a paramount regard to the pro- 
duction of such results as are expected to pay in an examination such as I have 

We know the system has been modified, but the medication serves only to show 
the weakness and rottenness of the foundation ; and, as it professes to pay for results 
that can, never fairly be tested, it stands self-condemned at the bar of common-sense. 
The system of payment by results can only be applied fairly and justly to mechanical 
labour, or handicraft where the actual work of the individual can be gauged. 

Mr. Day's address contained a vigorous and sustained attack on the princii)le 
of the Cocle, and its evil results he summarised thus : — 

In concluding my observations on this subject, I would remark that, from what has 
been previously stated, it appears (t) that the teacher has reason to complain that, while 
the present system professes to pay for the results of his work, it only pays for a part 
of it and that part is too often unfairly and imperfectly tested. (2) Under the vexatious 
regulations of the Code, the teacher is hampered in the organisation of his school, and 
compelled to make an unequal classification of his scholars. (3) A great waste of 
time and of teaching power follows, which renders it extremely difficult for the teacher 
to give sufficient attention to the gradual developing of the mind to individualise and 


-■.. J r. ■ "rriitu^ vii'.'^r' .■:■■.■. ■Viv-eeii r. n:er v'ta: " vjv -TTav 'i'jrme ■~:;iii::?r; 

....._....... .,^„_ _. • „ — ^^r.t "'."'iv; I avTner.E ■.r^jL.a : 3 Tre ■eiiet: m* rn^ 

•-^•fr Ti.jr-!!. .:k: ..->■■ ■ :.-e ■•."■•■. -■■•:. irrnT:* atincs. ar.noc ^sbkc :? ;^ 

;;-'.-■."• 'j^. -s ■•■eii ..s ..'. .'■■.• .r-r ■'• v.u r .-•■.■KTmrt: r • e ■ ushet: r: -"sr ' ne -iria'Jt 

■\;;^:: '■■'.•.:'.■ r. " ..i>o -r:- '■.:— :^«- .;: ■•::-\:Mf •■r::".z i '"f3Ji.'.' r :uii -.■hiidren. -wTitfetr 

■■;:'• .- i*. :■ .: ■ ■.■ ::■: —.::■:■ -."^ ..-■; •• .-r:-.::.: ■ ■j.-^-Mr c. " ■ "he i".'"? 

■ : - ■ .-. ..:.: ■ •:.■;!'■' •;:: r-.i.-v ;-. '•:v_:*.er* ;;::^ :-?Eet:r3rs " y Virrri::^ ".^ai: 

"' .. •■■ ■■■-.,..■.■■■' • '. ■ 'v. -• ■ v.i^ .■:;ii!" -"r n:r :n i;- ••riiieir* 
■•:■:■ ■ ■ •■■' '■'■•■■ • !v ■■: ■■■: ' "■■ '.'.• i'-:':: ■'«. • i-':ir - iE ■ i"p»***!ir iiini:r.;-reTf:. 

•; .'i:;:' "■> ••;■• ^- : - •■•.•■ ri..:.- e - -.-^ •.■;'. EiuiiaiiV ■■.■i.:r:v.. ."Jia i "-laK'SCT^— 

; ..'.. < ..:.:•.■. .-J ; ■: :— • ..j-...rii'.c>. ■■« ■•.:^": xv:*:'. Mie •J^deot RfZ"^- 

.■■.:>■. '. .- ■ ;:■ ■ :•: "• >" '■ ■.i::.:; ■. "L:::cam.-n '3 it ea^t^- 

^■j ■■• ::i'. "j: ." •"'.■.: : < • . ■•. ._ ■■ri:i:" - ■•:::::::.-■« "rrncmei. D-7=si:" 

.,». ■■: i:^it:'.::"i : . • — -.•.-.:;■.■.-> ■; •.■•■a,:::, .n'l -.'.aiies ;: -j "::s : interest:. 

• .r^ .. -■\':'." ■•■.:■-.. . . . • i..^- '- V ■.'.::;",'■.:; n :".M;cu:jr>. rria^aeers- iZii 

...•-=.■'•. ... ■ .; - A. . ,- : . :.: .:. • ■.• ■.■.•.«■::• ■. ; :.mii:aj::t .M^a. :i i 

•.- . T _:-.• ' .". .: :^ ".r^- .:. .i.ics" .::::. vi:i ".e-Je^-siir:!*.- -rz,r* "'UJ 

^. ..: \.i'..'. .. .: ■.".: r.ii^ .?• si'-T'* .•.:m. 'VT ;.; :i :r.e 

'r^. '.o- ■..■. .^i*4:u V . -...i-.u^-- .-•;:■•.; . -ii'-x'. r -nuM;^"*^ ■- jacrter '* '-ViiC mt* 

•.••■•-.,■ ■•.ii a.'" j-i T.- ■•..■ • :;;ll » ..:e '.uiir". "iv -riMiiacion. .f i 'eaj^ir 

•.:..: .-:.TS'i.i ■ *.._•■ ■ : •■: :•.: ■•} -^iflv ■ arxi> [ "naiiiii-z. 'vmrr:^ osi 

■:-r:i." . "•■'ii ." . '.;:"a:: ..i-. . t- .l ^. -r -JS".. V'-nt ^ r^e ""ru~';zx:or; it 

■■.—': -%■» . -■.■.■...^, ■: : -.■;• i-:.-.. ■..-..; ■.!::>.;i -iriit: t :.I1. Insr-trurrrrs rnib^i;- 

•-■-: ■■:'.-i'- ;. cr- V ^: .l?«.-^ ■ •rju;:;.; ■. n'.::T-^. .:iu jrircKielvj. H-W 

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.■.~ • ... J •.•■ v.':. :....■■_ ■. •.»...■.•■■ ■:r:.ii!>, ■:^\..:tir-' .::;w -zil veil, "i ;s inl;.' 

■ iiie ■ ": 'I. -^i.-*:-.. - .«>. .1. ■ev a\e oiTsica lit --e illuscrr 

.. ^.'.v! : -SI" s.-ii;:x. .■•> - ;>. •.» ■■; •ij,-.'.- -.:'.',»«,n. ".V'lent,- .'.rrS'is the rower 

■ " . . • •■'■'■-' •••. <:•.:. r :. ■\l:':-Tti:iiU •ri*x. ".".s cn^aier rie 

-■.-.•: . .;»'«.;• •-■ • • r ^-S!- . '.•: ■■. 'O'.'i .re :l3r'':r:eu. M irr- -r. 

•■■.i:'" 1". -•*'•.,■■ . .;:.. ■-■'■-;. .1. ■='.:.. ■.■.:•..! ..:- . r!',-ic .T'."^ "eiorrr ".vi*:;*! t.s 

. est • .■.■..■.;'■. ..:^i -..'i •.■.•I -.z-'^-i .<. -1^ "•.:■. -..i-.i;:".: e ;ver -e :ai!e- 

■■■• ■ ■•-■ • 'i-.^- t.i:^ J -c ■. •r-ici.'-Vii ■.yoii .:c -caL^isrnanss.iiri of 

" .> . ■ .-■ ■• '-'■■ ■«;. .-:• ":i*!. 1 ...t. I .■>-.iv..n.i« i: uiiiT'.'c c — c:n:i:iiier?"i 

■- - ■■■' •■' ■ • ~.. . ■. . ■■ . 'a;;N;:i: r :'.c :Krr.•^•«;II:eEt wrijz. 

- . ■ i.i::;'.-.!. T" .- I ..:. •. . ■• .-.x^ . .- ."s .::orv .: ■•■ir ' thoi ;'"iirf 

*"'■' • .u- •• . . ..e ■•■-■ic l.i'^rrr-llcl-L ■. li:i ".—ic -Kiucaujuai 

.'-"• ■*-■' ■'•■■-• *=•- • ••■-■■•• •' I ~^.='»TM 'ca.i::e»c -«:.-T:orT. If we 

; ■. . ,.■•. ■.. ■" '-■ • • -^ ■ •; .•■f I- • ■- • .■..■: >. .i>c-i, i woiLd 

- "" •-" "='-■ *• ■■>■ - ■"•- V" ^..v.i.ii -II :x.T-. :■::;, "vrtn :i* 

■ •■ • •■ ■-■ ■..•■■.::■- ■ .- . « ''-i .:•;■:. • i. ! Ml -isi ■.■.'.■ t -ssour-.-- ".vl-aii 

■.■.-:■ "-O -r:- !, .'< .^- -.»* 1..V :- . :.l: ::ii;. ^..'et'i.:'. '.■.■:!> .Ci:.". .UXli !xi:0"n- ~.:C 

' ■'-■■■ ■■.."- v • ■ I.: • ..i.<;-. ■■■.!..•• f ::.iu vie:.::'.; ...v-".;i !:* •vcats " 

■ ■ ■■ ■■■--'? '■.-... . • : ... •. .-. . •■ .■.-..r : -\ve^-tH, . ; ^•mii.'.r .-.^lur.r.js jHI! 

■ , ." ■ ^' -- ->■• •■.•. .•-■.!... " .. -"^o. ■ ...L-veii .le :tvra.. -<si:«e 31 .lis 

■ -■■«:■. ■ " i- '"« ■ ■■'•'" ■<■"*•*. ■' ■. -: ill .'■■-* :'is'. ■.■>r -vhich *e 

.r^.T' i.: .- ii ;« ..:i i« s.. '-.^ . .j^ -...1.=. ^.. ;ino 'uh: irt'iii ihe ;:n;Daxai:«: fbr 
• 1. :>..«■..■ I ■* x.iiiiu...; ^ : -rt . '... L-.-ii;.;". > .:iiniiie('.i.. .pon v;!i.jr". such a 
ii.'i,^ ■.■:^T ■ I •■.'» ^-.iiiL i.'|.-.i.'..>. 'e.i'.i ■■> .Miv .kiiu ■i-...;'iieni -*• ~a •^ii:-.:;itor .ix- mrcfti 
.^.■. ■*«. ". .'c .■«:«.U'iiarv ■:i>.:ic>. i '« -.. 'i.!.-,. "iSuj:.: '. «. "'"^-11 .kS ^ • niei, r'.'iuaj. develoc- 
■• i. \»..iucr «i:«kiiei 'c* l.L^Cb^v - -.i^**.! :.:iitiiL d-. e>i«er '."•joic . ■sn'i.'emittiv to rhe ::ti- 
■"iv^il .0...'»c •■•■»c yii.'..-tii-i^'. H...I . ■ icij. ■.!».: .tV .Mii . • HiCtiC. " T -.i. v.r "'resent • "jcc 
«L.-: la i.:uiMUluu !-*<*> niciiL .t^uu ..iuiv:v.u.u .fAoiiuiiaLiv/U, > a .:i'./Me!i'et,xiv«i uscrtimenz for 


the purpose. Let me not be misunderstood. I am not asking for more subjects, or harder 
examinations. There is a year's work within the four comers of the Code sufficient to give 
scope for the cleverest teacher and a class of the brightest scholars that ever entered a 
school-room, if done thoroughly and in ordinary time. The Code decrees that the 
dullest wit, at the peril of the teacher's reputation and a decrease in the school grant, 
shall make the same step onward in the year as the quickest. If the teacher be just to 
the slow and delicate, and allow them to^ take the course which nature intended they 
should take, he is unjust to himself and family, and suffers in purse and fame. 

These quotations might l)e multii)lied ; but those here given indicate a 
l^neral condemnation of the Code, and i)rove the consistency with which it Jias 
Tjeen opposed by the general body of elementary teachers during the i>ast ten 

.•'IV. — On Octo])cr 17th, 1879, the Executive agreed to a])i>oint "aSj)ecial 
Coiiiraitteo to prepare recommendations for cariying out the resolutions of 
Conference resjxjcting the C'ode," and on November 8th, the Conunittee was 
<!onstituted as follows : — " Tlie Ofticersof the Union — Messrs. Grove, Rankilor, 

■ l^ay. Greenwood, and Heller — ^together with Messrs. Adams, Devonsliire, 
Gardner, Graves, Langler, .B.A.. Lethbridgo, H. J. Moore, Totts. Husscll, 
T. H. Smith, Sykes; and Tait." The work of the Committee was immediately 
commenced : but it was found impracticable to Conclude the invostigatiyn of 
fto difficult a subject, or to agree to a final report, In^fore the meeting of tlie 
Brighton Conference. The decisicms of the Ccmimittee up to the date of 
Conference were duly reported as matters of information, but no action was 

/taken, and the Committee now submit for the consideration of the l^^xecutive a 
more complete report. The Committee liave, during their delilwrations, 
received Acrv valuable and active assistance from Mr. Tait, who submitted 
carefully revised forms of Art. 28 and Schedule I. The Committee are fully 
Aware that during the past five years much has been done to reduce tlie evils 

■ of the Revised Code, and they note this as a reason for a further and more 
radical alteration of its principle. 

V. — From the resolutions and quotations given aliove it .will Ik? seen that 

; the action of the Union since its fonnation has Ikjcu in constant and consistent 

* opposition to the main ])rinci])le on which the Code is based. The Committee 

concur in the oft-expressed opinion that the Code has, while coiTccting one or 

■ two defects of the older system of examination, hindered the progress -^f true 
education and retarded the intellectual gr(mi;li of the nation. They are con- 

-■ vinccd by their own knowledge and exjxjrience. as well as by the evidence they 
have received, that under the existing system much power is wasted, ami the 
educational results are obtained by an undue amount of lalwur on the ])art of 
the teachers and of pressure on the scholar. They also Iwlieve that the 
$feneral education given under this system is too mechanical, and that it j)ro- 
4ace3 little or no incentive in the mind of scholars to continue their self- 

■ "education after leaving school. Your Committee come to these conclusions 
with much reluctance. They, however, ccmsider it im|V)rtant that public 
Attention should l)e inmiediately directed to a system which so ^ vitally affects 
the welfare of the nation, and yet stands so generally condemned by those 
]>ersons who, by their knowledge and experience of its working, are most 
entitled to be heard respecting it. The Committee are of opinion that the evil 
effects of the system are not fully realised by the public at large, and in leed 
that, injurious as they have alreatly proved, these evil effects arc not yet fully 


develi>iv«l. Tliey Ixjlicve that for some years the liimlrancc created by the 
uuiiamnil principle, or lack of principle, in the present arrangements fordli- 
trilnitinji; the I'arlianieiitary Grant will sur>'ive even the abn>^ti<>n of the 
jTociif C'imIc— a peualt)' on fnture pn^n^»ss imp(x<<eil by the em>rs of the pa!«t 
Your 0>niniittee. while seeking to recast the Cmle vnth the «)bject of derising 
a nietb^l of <listributin;r the public grant for elementary etlna^dii in sacha 
way as to remove the evils complainetl of. have l)een anxioos to preser^'e the 
go»Kl p<->ints intPMlnceil by Mr. JLowe in 18t>2. and to secure efficient inspection 
a'* well :vs a sound autl intellectual system of education. Thev have, therefore, 
rect^nmiendetl that individual examination should lie retainetl as agrnarantee fw 
the th<»r«m'j:huess of the examinatitm, while [wyment on the averag^e attendance 
shoulil lie ailopted in onler to render possible a more natural and eUk^ic classi- 
tication <»t' the scholars, and less mechanical mtxles of iiist motion. The 
gnnlnate«i system of payments l)aseil on the general success of the school i* 
recommended with some amount of hesitatitm. but for the present the Com- 
mittee an.^ unable to tind any other ctmrse which could be remlcred acceptable 
to all parties ctmcenietl. The alterati(ms in Article tS and Schednle I. are 
tlio re.Hilf of much oniside ration, and it is ctmtidently belie veil that, if adopted^ 
the education of scholars and pupil teachers would be greatly facilitated and 

VI. — Ri'commt'nfhifhmit of the Special Com mitt ee. — The Committee, re- 
ciitrni^iuiT generally the torce of the argimient'* adduceil in the previoas para- 
gRii)h. have aj^reetl to the following recommenilations. which they now submit 
f,'>r ci>n'iiderati(ni. They also apiH.'nd to the nuvt important suggestions a brief 
>uiimiar^- of the reascms ft)r their ailoption : — 


1. That the imlividual |)ayment on the indiviilual pass in reatlinjj:. writing, 
avA arithmetic lie al)olishe«l : but that, in the specitic subjects, the iniliTidnal 
fiayment on the imlividual jiass be retaineiL 

Rcasi tt. — ^The great defect of the present Ccxie is that it assumes a unifomi rate of 
pn>^n:sa for all scholars, and thus an artificial classincation is set up. By abolishing the 
payaienc tor the individual pass, and establLihini; a graduated system of payment on the 
av^ra^e attendance, accordmg to success in the class exnmiiation, a more elastic clas^ 
dcacioii would be possible, enabling the bright scholar to move on more rapidly, and the 
dull scholar to be letained in that class best suited to his mental capacity-. It is of coone 
contemplated that a check woul< I h:ive to l-e de\-ised to prevent presentation of children 
inclasse^j lower than those in whic;. ihey uught to be placed, and me Inspectors would of 
course report specially on the suiuibility of the claf^sification of the school. Under ike 
present system, the payment for the individual pass tempts teachers to direct thar 
arrention not so much to the education of the scholars as to the number they r^n ^ 
tlirough the examiua:ion. _ Teachers are compelled to this against their better jndg> 
ments, since their reputations are made to depend upon the per<entage they r-an pass. 
Some qmck children could get through their work in less than a year, bnt it is against 
the teacher's interest to put them forward as it would endanger the per-ceoutge. 
Their attention is unduly concentrated cmi the dull children, in the hope — too often a vain 
one of ^cttiH^ tketn thritu^it the examination. I1ie Committee believe that if this 
recommendation be adopted, a larger number of scholars would reach the higher standards 
by fiu-elve years of age, and that many would remain, after passing Standard VI. to take 
more advanced w^ork. 

2. Thar the payment for the exanti nation in a^ing. writing and arithmetic 
be calcnlate<l on the average attemiance, and that there be a separate giant for 
each ot the three subjects. 


3. That the maximnm grant on examination in each subject be paid if 75> 
per cent, of the children examined pa«8 in reading, writing, and arithmetic. 

These recommendations would remove the difficulties referred to above, and would 
enable a teacher who aimed at the education of the scholars rather than at mere "passes"' 
to obtain the highest ^^rant. It would take away the premium on " cramming." 

If a separate examination and grant were made for each subject, the school and the 
scholars would get credit for all their work, and a se(>arate classification per subject would 
be rendered possible. A separate classification for arithmetic has been found by many 
teachers to be most valuable. The single passes would be then taken into account. 

4. That a graduated scale of examination grants be adopted in cases where 
70, 60, 50, and 40 per cent, respectively are passed. 

This recommendation supplies a guarantee to the Department and to the country that, 
the Education Grant is only^ paid for efficient work, and at the same lime it tends Xjo 
remove that habit of estimating the work of a school solely by the per>centages of passes, 
whidi has become so general among school managers and others, lliis recommendation 
retains the advantages of the present system without its abuses, and under it good schools, 
would be paid better than bad ones. 

5. That the separate grant on average attendance be retained. 

6. That Art. 19, c. 6, be abolished. 

The reasons for the recommendations 5 and 6 have been so often repeated that they 
need little notice in this report. With regard to the separate grant on attendance^ it 
should be noted that it is necessary to the existence of many of the poorer schools that a 
part of a grant should be certain^ and should be paid independently of the results of' 
examination, if the general cox\d\\.\on% of the Department are complied with. Art. 19, c, 
6, inflicts a penalty for circumstances over which teachers have no control. 

7. That the individual exammation and the examination schedule be retained.. 

The Committee recommend the retention of the examination schedule and the individual 
examination as a guarantee for thorough and fair inspection - in other words, as a check- 
upon inspectors. 

8. That the attendance qualification for presentation for examination be- 
abolished, but that no scholar who has been on the roll of the school for six 
months may be withheld from examination. 

The Committee think that, under the system of payment recommended in this report^ 
the attendance qualification, which often excludes many scholars qualified by attainments, 
might be abolished. llie 250 attendances qualification prevents the educational 
condition of the country from being known. Many scholars could pass the examination 
who are not allowed to do so because they have not made 250 attendances ditrin^ the 
year tn the same school. The latter part of the above recommendation would also bring 
under examination all who had been long enough under instruction to qualify them for the 
test. The objection sometimes raised that scholars might be presented in the same 
standards more than once if the attendance qualification were abolished will haveforce only 
so long as the payme*^t is made on the ifidividual pass. The Committee believe that 
under this arrangement scholars will progress^ through the standards more rapidly, and 
that on the whole the scheme could be applied with fairness to the interests of all concerned. 

9. That under Art. 19, C, 1, the class subjects— Geography, History, &c. — 
should be examined according to a graduated scheme laid down in tne Code^ 
and not according to varying schemes approved by the inspectors in different 
districts, and that it should NOT be n'nuired to teach these subjects thrmtgh 
reading lessons. 

The Committee agree with the liberty of choice which this Article allows, and also 
with the suggestion that these lessons should be illustrated by maps, diagrams, specimens,. 
&c., but they object entirely to the power of interference with the methods of 
teaching implied in this Article, and they submit that it would be impossible properly to 
teach any given subject merely through reading lessons. Moreover, reading>books d» 
not at present contain the material on which systematic instruction could be tosed, and,, 
further, if they were adapted to this kind of class teaching, they vt'ould become, to a 



rjc... - 

i iw"*:::: .i.u:.: e ^et d 

* ' -t:j«» 


• r 

.-•: lil""." 

^zrz 'le 

■ 1. ■- ■^l 


- TT 

■ - ■« •'! 

= -".4 


jk ^-■■« 


17. That schools should send all their pnpil teacliers in for the same stage in 
geography and history, iwovided the stages be taken in snccessiTe years. 

Teadiers could take all th«ir pupil teachers together in these subjects, and do the work 
more thoroughly than at present in the limited time at their disposal, 

18. That, with respect to Schedule I. of the Code, a selection from some 
»ecognised prose author and a selection in verse be prescribed each year by the 
IBdncation Department, and that the reading, recitation, and examples of 
parsing and analysis for all the years of apprenticeship be taken from these 
•elections, and that the questions be graduated in difficulty accoixiing to the 
year of ai)prenticeship. 

At present pupil teachers are asked to parse and analyse extracts from authors, 
ranging from Chaucer to the present time, and are asked to paraphrase and explain 
passages without having any knowledge of the context It is only fair that pupil teachers 
should have the same opportunity as candidates for teachers' certificates, of knowing from 
what book or books the parsing, &c., will be taken. 

It would confer a boon on the pupil teachers to direct their attention to the systematic 
study of a number of standard English authors during their apprenticeship. 
■ 19. That the " Sources and Growth of the English Language " be spread 
t)ver the last two years of the apprenticeship, and that the line of division of 
;the periods in this subject be at the end of Elizal)eth's reign. 

Questions are now asked in the last year of apprenticeship on English authors. It is 
impossible in one year to cover the ground necessary to answer such questions properly. 
The work will be done more thoroughly if spread over two years. 

20. That the Saxon, Latin, and Greek i)refixes and affixes Ixj taken in the 
£rst year, Saxons roots in the second, Latin roots in the third, and Greek roots 
in the fourth year of apprenticeship. 

Essential to a knowledge of the English language, and, being spread over four years 
the work for one year is comparatively light. 

21. That Schedule I. (History) }jc amended as follows :— 

First year. — Outlines of English History from B.C. 55 to A.l). 1066. 
Second „ — „ „ „ A.D. 1066 to 1485. 

Third „ — „ „ „ A.D. 1485 to 1688. 

Fourth ,, — „ „ „ A.D. 1688 to present time. 

To begin history by learning the genealogies and dates of accession is likely to give a 
distaste for the subject. The work will be better done if spread over four years. 

22. That Schedule I. (Geography) be amended as follows : — 

First year. — ^British Isles (maps to be drawn in this and following years.) 

Second „ —The Colonies. 

Third „ — Continents and Oceans. 

Fourth „ — The I'hysical Geograj^hy of Schedule IV. 

The pupil teachers while scholars have, in most cases, gone over the geography of the 

world, and they might be fairly expected to know something of j^ysical geography in 

addition to going over the work already done. 

23. That Schedule I. (Teaching) Ikj amended as follows : — 

First year. —To tcadi a class, and answer questions on methods of teaching 
ithe subjects of Article 28 (reading, writiug, spelling, dictation, and arithmetic.) 

Second year. — To teach a class with increased skill, and answer questions on 
method of teaching the class subjects (grammar, history, geography, and 
•object lessons with notes.) 

Third year.— Teacliing as above, and questions on discipline, rewards, and 


"...1. 1^^. c. •...'■: . . .c- .-uui-.a! .-i -itir - :at::ir:::' ser -nooiii jSEoir "'■/ct'XI 
•:.... v^ .^..Lit:. .u:ft]i<.iu:ieu. -;«iue xowietu;e • i 'ae '.irraaxaca Misaa 

J+, . hul "^:.ii i.i.-- .11. *• ■:iiHMi«ur«i i> .<ui'iwr> .— 

■":'. .11 • ■.-.. ... - • K- '.-\\> UK. 

.' ■» •• . . r:hi.i: ■; ."tj*.-. « .i . rtirrrtii. 

.r . . ■ .-.,.; . . ...... .1.. .':. ,. •• r . .■.•.•j..-'/ . '.•'/■<' . .::f'»'ij(. . 

';ji,. .: ~ .. .1 •....• -I.:. /.•. ..c'l, ,-ti.' .i.» . 'rwn:^; *j i ". .. ..eci — ^O-y 

:c: ., . -..:'.^ . <. ..' .. -...:.. ...u':[ir:..L ■ ;: i.:uaa«: 'vich :.^e:£e - 

.•: ...... ; . •. ■»,:.- .. . .:e,*».ci —.. : icai:::-.; . ::.;::...;: -iwin^ jn -1 

•.• "...:., .i.i.." .■.•....;.-.. M ti ; ■».".■;.. 7 "* ■; .. i.-?f iiialci >'. ■ i"'.auci."» ■ r "luscuees. 

•I: . : ■ .'.\>t.:. 

( .^ . ■:>..._, *.».!...-: -..J ..a* .'.ii:..^ •••>i^.. ..^1 .•: 'l>iuu '':>U\VLk.;£ .IC J.I10VC -nTC"- 

..'ai-: ; . . ... 

.-.-•- •1.1. 
. Ic •,.■.•. •.. . -^.^ :.- ' .:.; ,.ca,i,-.;r -^:i. ; n.jv- .'ili . ..llll'-: ::;: . t poking ; ^ mtrrr ^ 'n: 

-.llu:i.... . .ii. •-.•z-^ . m ■ .. . -■■■;- v.'.A. 

*..^iwl..._ . . .J ^ ^.a. A.:. . J- Aci *■' .^aZj... 

.■= • :r-;.. .li . -•.,.»;».. J. ^ .■* _ ...i:l.;:40». .. .. ... :iCUii., ..iu .lu.y V'^^^ "1 the :J*«r 

'^'...^ ..''. :... .'jisai.. .' ---.. ~ a .. .u ' :av...'ir& . ...M .^ .Lnii ■ iit'artt*' 

•...-tis. •'.- . ■•.•: :...', ".La ...."■= JA-v -■..!-.., i .,\ c»j . .\ .■.*u\_ :!«: «ii>:cS of the L'nDO. 

"■ il.- "!.<■ ■■■! ..i!\.- ■■ >i~.,.-. \- i.tiiiciiiiaii*':: ■ 11 iiie foilowniK 

■'i.;;i-. I- „ .;., ■ • . -1 > .;;i.... "i" ; III* ;-«*■ > . i.ic iiixecutive. die 

•( 'li.M -li.- ■•■..•.... ~ ■•■• i. I i ".»-:i "•• I. r "lelii .— 

.1 . • .. .lb ... ; c 'J-iin^Ji .^-.ivjt. . IU* 'e .j^uui.ueu. .ind can icfl u8e *je 

r:iin;'j ;.'.t r • •:."-i,;. -s r. 

•' ■ .'■".■.1.: : :; •: . ■> '.i.. : .i. i: :.■ ..-j \. inpaiaocy i:i ail diacncta? 

. ... ... 

'\'ill. — rill- ^".1 .... • ■ -tk. le-Hiii ."K- : »ri';iti,nii ri'iKiit 'n rhe hope 

"Aixl I ilia. I'.a.i :.»■ ».:■ ■:" . ■ ..ilj.;n.iv' »i.»ii Tii'UiMi^lt Ml\».">tilXUtil.iU. nf rhc 
«'l-^j»:«.; ■;. 'Ml.' .•■.■. .\ -••■•..;:..■ ii.-» .::.'i '"ii" !.\*.v.»li »v.". .'.i "ikitlliictillic rius 
'•.•yn'T :■ ;iM' !.>•!. . .-.'•'■■ i.". ic V ii.;.i.:ri.A. .■i..-»ii;i. i«» •■«.■ v.:c«riv' uxiuersKMNi 

';i:iL r:..- - '•..:! - " " ■■■ ".^^iu.*- **«■:» -•.'•■ .:.ui rnai ■.'. i«> (>pt;u to tnll 

«'ri[i» i-iii ..ji'i .1 ..I :.i "i* ;. '. ^-. «.<!1'» .:.«. .:i».ivii :" ^ii^l \\\* iuiy uiiiiitiiHDU 
:vo'iiiii:i.:.'.cti.':.- "...v.;. .-. ; . " .v.■ll.."^^..■. l"* .<« .• ;iiiijiii*iiy .-i riie iiiviiibers 


The Committee trust 'that the subject will receive the close attention of the 
Ijocal Associations, and that extra meetings may, if necessar)', be held for the 
discussion of these or other proposals for amending the C(Kle. The replies,. 
•uggestions, and criticisms of three hundred branches of the Union will, when 
received, enable the Committee to correct what may be defective or sui^erfluous 
in the scheme, and will finally place the Executive in a position of being able 
to represent accurately to the Government and to the country the opinions and 
desires of the profession respecting the Code. 

(Signed) JOHN WILLIAM GROVE, Chairman, 

Srjftcmher 10th, 1880, 



X(W. 20th, 1880. 

The Special Committee on the amendment of the Code held an extra- 
ordinary meeting on Nov. 20th, 1880 for the purpose of taking into 
consideration the various suggestions and criticisms received from the liocal 
,A^:^ociati<)ns, and the voting on the Recommendations recently sent out by 
the Committee. The Committee find that 187 I.(Ocal Associations have 
considered and reported upon the specific " Recomendations " submitted to 
them while about 20 other Associations have given in a general assent to the 

At the meeting the Secretary presented an elaborate analysis of the voting of 
the Local Associations, and also a tabular statement showing not only the 
aggregate voting, but also the votes of each Association on each proposal. 
The general snmmarj- is appended to this Report, but it should be borne in 
mind that in all cases where l^K*al Associations sent up modifications or 
criricisms on any points the votes have not in such cases been recorded 
and the number of votes has hccn thereby decreased. This gives to the result 
a character rather more unfavourable to the proposals than would otherwise be 
the case. The Secretary also submitted a voluminous compilation of the 
suggestions and criticisms sent up by the Associations respecting the s[)ecific 
recommendations of the Committee. All the remarks on the several points- 
had been collected and tabulated under their res^jective heads, and were in a 
form most convenient for the use of the Committee. The additional 
suggestions were collected in a similar manner and classified, and a tolerably 
full report of the Private Conference on the Code was also placed before the 

The meeting of the Committee lasted from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., and the 
whole of the recommendations were reconsidered in the light of the opinions 
and votes of the Local Associations, and the Committee. agreed to meet again 
before the presentation of this report for the discussion of the "additional 
suggestions " and the consideration of the various references from the 
Executive as well as of the opinions expressed in the Private Conference and 
in letters from eminent educationalists. The Committee draw the attention of" 


die ?Ixft«!rr:v(> r«-> the fiict that a conparanveir ^miill nmnber of memben 
aujevi'loi'. rhe r.ieeting^ at which the Kett)miii«:iid;iri«'U'i wore c«insiclered. and 
rh:ir Im.' A'"«.»"!:iti<"'ns have t'aile*! to rejuvrt <«n the '^nhject. It i:* also feared l)j 
the < '■■TTiTT/troe that t«"n» often each reLi»mnierjl;itiim ha.-* been vorc*i npoD and 
rri: ''-^l wirhf.nt rrferpr.<!e to its Iiearing m ucher rectinimentlations. and a-* if 
it -x'**!"*^ rhe •tAj altenLti'n -iug^rerteiL t>nly- in this waj *.-an rhe Cominittee 
aec'."-'.* f r t!ie apriirnntly (•••nrrailictorv ar.<i inconsistent deiirisions arrived 
at oy -«.me As-^yiriaeion*. KeeomnK*n<liitions > and 23 were negativetl bj * 
n^aj'jnrj ff v le- and r'.nMitinenfly they are n»)u- ^ent ap in a nnxliliefi form. 
The r'r,;:rr.^e think >-T«*ar cantion ^honM !»• cxecirnid bv the Execntive in 
aLthiT-Tr.'jt A' J ■►f rht: a<i«Kr:onaI snjrgestion.-*. a^ thoy hare not been fiillv before 
the -.vr.'. i«- t.«iir .f r:ier..Vrs. Wlitrre. ht>wevei\ very ct-n^itlerable support has 
been i'i ^r. :>, ir.:t:n'L::>jzi> «^r new >agge>tLi»ii-. yur»r Committee hlive not 
hes'tatirtl :;■ ■•i:j..;i«'rt az i aslope them. 

^^^ ^V'-rriTji'retrOi n-'itleretl the reromme n< lati* ►r> if/*r»Vr//i# after hearin or every 
*nii:;rf^-T:."*r. r :■ re- n -^nt ;:|j >.y the Ijocal Assjxriati'.'ns :inil District Uuions, and 
they r.nvi- :v.l-. !-^ the Pixecnrive to >abmit the i::a«^^-ing I'econmiendacioiis to the 
Rlncarirn I^tviinncnt. 

1. Tliat the ind! vidcal payment on the imliviil-al pass in reatling^ ^vritin^ and 
arithmetic Vje ah«>li'theiL bat that in the srjet.idc snbjects, the indiTidnal 
payTuer.t on the inilividnal {^ass be retained. 

2. That the fiavmenr tor the examination inreadinflr- writinjr. and arithmetic 
be rAh:vAAT(:*l "n the a\Trap? attemlance and that there l* a st*i.«nite grrant for 
ca«::h *.'i the three -nbjects. but special arran^mtriits to be matle for scholars 
under Art. i**>. 

3. That the maximum grant on examinati- n in each snbject 1* paid if 75 
per cent, of the chihlren exaniinetl iiass in reading, writing and arithmetic. 

4. That a Grulnatod Scale of Kxamiiiati ■»n Grant- he arranged in casrefi 
where 70. ^>-'. »><>. .V>. 'A>. -tr> and 40 per t-ent. art re^speetively paiJevtL 

Z, That a *ei.arate grant for average attendance be retained. 

6, That Art. 19, c. »> be abolished. 

7. That the individual examination and the Examination Schedule he 


>♦. All *ch<'iar« who have atteniled the <oh<-»<»I 2.'i«> times during the school 
jear mn>t 1* presentetl ft>r examination, and the managers (or teacher) may 
pr?r-er;t anv f<hers who have been on the n»ll at lea^t four mtmth.^. 

[Mr. Greenwood has announceil hi»i intention of nu>ving an amendment 
to re-c: nd the alteration in this rvo^nmicndatiou agreed to on 
Not. 2r>th.] 

if. That under Art. 10. c. 1., the class subjects — Geography. Historr. &c., 
^h'tuld IjC examined according to a gradnated scheme laid down in the" Code 
and n'lt acc^iriiing to varying schemes approved by the inspectors, in clilferent 
districts*, and that it should XOT be irtjuirtd to teach these snbjects throygk 


10. That scholars in night schools should be permitted to take np and earn 
grants in the class and specific subjects, and that a special schedule for night 

~2 scholars should be prepared. 

11. That in Art. 28 the foot note respecting reading be amended by 
- . omitting the words "or three '* from line 4, and by substituting " Standard II " 
1 for '' Standard I." in line 1. 

12. That in Art. 28 f Standard IV., Writing), the words" of prose "W 
substituted after "lines," the words "used in the school" after the words 

_■ ** reading book, " and the paragraph " N. B." (Standards V. and VI.) be 

13. That Art. 28 (Arithmetic) be amended by (a) substitutrng " three 
figures" for "four figures "in Standard I.; (b) insci'ting the words "of 
money and of " after the word " reduction " in Standard IV. ; (e) omitting the 

■ words " only such as are really useful such as,"and the last clause of footnote %. 

14. That Art. ^8 (Grammar) be amended by the omission of "Personal 
pronouns " from Standard 111., and the substitution of " to point out the parts 
of speech in " for " Parsing of " in Standard IV. 

15. That Art. 29 be cancelled and the following substituted for it ; — 
:" Scholars must be presented for examination in the classes to which they are 
i' shown to l>elong by the register^! of the school, and the inspector must report 

that the school is classified with due regard to the attainments and progress of 
the scholars." 

Remark — ITie Coviviittce were equally divided as to the adnsahillty of 
\ aendinff vj? the recommendation, and therefore leave it for the decision of the 

16. That candidates for pupil teacherships be required to pass the Sixth 
Standard or some equivalent examination, and to give proof of their ability to 
teach and manage a class. If a candidate has passed the Sixth Standard, 
no other examination, except that to prove aptitude for teaching, shall be 
required for admission as a pupil teacher. 

17. That schools should send all their pupil teachers in for the same stage in 
geography, history and domestic economy provided the stages be taken in 
successive years. 

18. That with respect to Schedule I. of the Code, a selection from some 
recognised prose author and a selection in verse be prescribed each year by the 
Education Department, and that the reading, recitation, and examples for 
parsing and analysis for all the years of apprenticeship be taken from these 
selections, and that the questions be graduated in difficulty according to the 
year of apprenticeship. 

19. That the " Sources and Growi:h of the English Language " be spread 
over the last two years of the apprenticeship, and uiat the. line of division of 
the periods in this subject be at the end of Elizabeth's reign. 

20. That the Saxon, Latin and Greek prefixes and affixes be taken in the first 
year, Saxon roots in the second, Latin roots in the third, and Greek roots in 
the fourth year of apprenticeship.* 

* The. roots to be those of common use. 


'11. Trjxz f'r.hitilrJjt L ' H:<r.ry') he anieiii»Iifil a.* t'<<Q»7w« : — 

¥' r^ y^A^pt — ♦ kit line* < f Kn^r>&. Hr^icorr fnim R C "f^ z > A. D. IOC<». 
T^^TCii- — - - - - XD. :'*» to 14^5. 

Tli:rl .. — - ^ « .. I-r>3toHas8. 

Firrrdi - — - - - - I»>J*Sd: pr»^*iit rime. 

F:r< Scaae — brlci'i I*Ie* (mafii ci> ne .Irawn in clifs and t*xl- . -y in^ vcats) 
?>Hr-cn L _ — The i \jlja:^t^ x. >C4^ I/Kij^i-.-ai • rt^f^crapftj*' Sched&le IV 

F nrrh .. — Aru)er"«.-a. ♦ H.'eiE.-. x Scaj»? I H.: 11iy*j«rul ».i*t^^. ■" ScheJ. IV. 

_-.../ t- T ..^ .L ^ -T-^ - .' .,-..1 _ . -^- . ▼ 

iE:ii''Iv'*L' "t Ti?tu*b.:r:j arlth-merlc arji «>f*je».t I^^m.P'^ with. n.i:<r^. 

y.r*ti'*'i I>i."^. — T" tfJM.'h a 'iet.-tiijn of tbie M.*h».«-l aa«{ j.^ an^-arer «ine*t:«.*n!« on 

«::.*<*:rt-.r-»^. an»l •■»ii Tae nirthf.*U of teaehinj: liruninax. ife«i?£Ta?«hT anii Histivrf. 
Ti*^ •' cim-rTct iim^'i :•• rert-r the iir.n*jep>a* 'icc.:^^^' V.- r¥<T«ctin« 
!h*H::ilr III. « N-.-i.^LIr'5-.^iiL) t«-» rle Ij^iie-* O- mni-rt** tin Nt*iLlt^.>rk and the 
^:r«irar7 ^ra.- iii.'im'jced t*- pr»j>et.: Eiue ifev:-:«»a <»t cha: C«'Sir.:Ittee with tbis 

i^imen ^ •^*^^ William «^rove. (?ci,v^.^-;». 

^ '* ' < TH»>MJL> KDMrND UELLtTS. Sr*rrit4iry 


Tbe T7-^-c«> hare to repi^rt that thej haTo «>*ririn::*pil to pay to Mi-v, StanbrI«Ijre 
the -m^: ''f rtn >h:ning^ i<^r wteek as in t\*mKr T«iri. bmce tho ikath oi the 
HeT. H. G:"fw^ :he iiayii;«its hare heer. niatle thpHigb Mi-**; Thei-»l«kl 
a hdy rp-i'iinz -^ Iir>Iatle anil exevnt-.^r h^ Mr. itil»*4^. The Tn:<tee< <lesiiv 
r-. TJiar.i :har latlv father valnaMo a>s:'itancv\ ar.ilfor her j^^r^ interest ii 
tlu* Trelrar? r.f ilrs. Stanorltlo^e and tamily, wht\ at ilie tkie . f tlie Ia<t repnrt 
wet» :n :Ii«? enj-'Tmea: oi g»T«xl health, ami :a v-vinparativelv comfoitablf 

ZV. C.^H Ajoocvt ?os the Veak Exrrxo M^kcu 5I<t, itSi. 

£ s, d. 

T.3 Eaczsre ni baad of Treascrer, 

as ^er baz BaTanre Sheec . . x5 14 5 

„ Jji-iid^sad ca Scocfc-ooe jrar less 

Pi^c*KTT Tajd irchxdiag Ja:::cary 

ErlTuiend. tiSi).- -- .. z 5 o 
f. Sam. vTzh.ira.wa frocz Deposit . • as o o 
M Inserefc r^a Dcposi:. as 4 per oest — 

Ha2f-7iar oa £25 o o 

O iO o 


By 5 J jrrefcs* aEowance to Mnt. 
Scanbndg:^ at X2S, per rireek 
tttcm .A^ril ijth, liio to 
April irch, tSci.^ 25 

KaLiaoc ci hamds of Treasurer . , 

o • 

25 9 5 

jCsi ? 5 

jCs* 9 5 

Aadzced a^f fodd correct^ ■ 
E, T. MORGAN, Amd.i^. 



The position of the Fund will he seen from the following Balance Sheet 
made up to March Slst, 1881 : — 
j)r. General Balance Sheet to March 31ST, i88i. Cr, 

£ s. d. 
To Amounts received by the Rev. 
H. A. Gibson, and acknow- 
ledged in Schoolmaster . . 84 o 6 

„ Amounts received by Mr. Frank- 
lin and acknowledged in 
Schoolmaster 17 17 o 

„ Amoimts received by Mr, E. T. 
Morgan, on behalf of the 
N. U. E. T., and acknow- 
ledged in Schoolmaster 354 19 n 

„ Dividends 32 9 ^ 

„ Interest on Deposit 4 o o 

493 6 " 

£ s, d. 
By Purchase of ^314 19s. 2d. 

Consols 300 o o 

,, Payments to Mrs. Stanbridge 

from April 24th, 1876, to April 

I2th, 1881 — 258 weeks, at los. 

per week 129 o o 

„ Rent of Cottage to March i8th, 

1878 .. .. ^ 18 14 3 

„ Furniture, Clothing, &c 1898 

,, Balance in hands of Treasurer 25 9 5 

f. M It M Trustees i 13 7 

493 6 XI 

(Signed) THOMAS HELLER, Audited and found correct. 

Treasurer " Stanbndge Trust," E. THOS. MORGAN, Auditor. 


March 31st, 1881. Hon- r;-w*Mm- "Stanbridge Tnist/' 



[April 8th, 1881.] 

On October 15th, 1880, the Executive agreed to the foUowing resolutions : — 

1. " That the time has annved when an effort should be made to secure 

for Queen's Scliolars the right of admission to Training Colleges 
irrespective of their denominational views." 

2. "Tliat the subject be referred tfo a special committee to be ai)pointed 

at the next meeting, for consideration and report. " 
On December 4th, the Executive altered the reference to the committee 
dated October 15th, to the following : — 

*' That a committee be apjwiuted to consider and rejwrt n\^n the 

difficulties attending admission to Training Colleges of Pupil 

Teachers, who have successfully completed their apprenticeship and 

passed the Scholarship examination. " 

The first meeting of the committee was held on December fith, when ^Mr. 

R. Wild, B.A., was elected cliairman. Nine meetings of the committee have 

"been held, all of which have been well attended. 

The first step taken by the committee was to institute an inquir}- into the 
conditions on which Queen's scholars are admitted to the various Training 
Colleges in England and Wales. Tlie information from the Queen's Scholars 
in 1880 was obtained by the insertion of the following letter in the Eilucational 

Papers : — 

Admission to Training Collkces. 
Sir,— Permit me to mike use of your columns in order to elicit from the Queen's 
Scholars of the present year who have been pupil teachers, antwers to the fol- 
owing questions — 




1 if. .-. . ■• 

■Il" .l* 

... .- • — ■■•T- •r..... 

•:.- .:: . . ■•. 

.•■■r- .at .. -ir-- 

.- .. _ . .. _ ..rf 

• « 

:-.». t ...:~:.-..>.ic:: ii -ac.i "iRe. 
: ;. .■.:...:Lr.:"iiu lj.arn'-;-U:j=. vrt 

a^'.-. :inc: :i J i.-:u amcunc j:' '::--:'- 


■r ■ r.e Tromaiior. - * 


. .1 .11. 

r ■ ■ 
, .■>•■'■ • 

;t4'llll . ■' 
»•• '■ 

1 1 ' f ! 1 1 I' ■' ■ 
III .-. 

mK I..- 
ri-trl I >i . 
rjifv ■• ! I 
'ililv III I 



< . 
■ II 

: ill- 

I. r 

ill- -!• 

I:.- . 

■ >.■- 

I iii'i. V •! ■I'".'" if" 1" 
he ■.ii-iI.ii:l>i'.-: .iiiii4-:ir it 
i ■ •■! '. :ii'.jc iiiifiii ■:' ;i:.i 

■M.\- ::.:<iT;::r* :iEI-i^r. i^rrctar 

rr.'^\'\. ■•■•ri':"' M'U-Tir" n: "in* Tarl"* 

- ■ III- 'i:t.> .t!ni ■•■iTiaini'p.- ■•- 

.1 .. ■■•.._■ '. -.r^i .-.utii'* r:i:iiik> '~t 

I ■ ■ ■■• :i= '-r it "he t:* Cr;: 

■l:i-r ■»vu:c-:. 

•■::>i;ir.-' '4*vi*«iT-.- 7T']"»iie"« t-?^ 

•ii'ciiiiiiiir :uiiiii>?«ii»n. -xz.'. 

>•:'. •■• Til- :-r. Mir ■'•T \'<TT» <;y.i:i ; ".e-".. 

,.■■...-. ■•.■■■?'. -i^i -.ili..^.^, ;inil 'jt^izi 

;:r:;li. ■:(■?• liroaitv -llli-'l :ip. Ill CW"«a'^' 
ii- •::!•: ill icti -111 ii'iiiridU:* Lrnmnu"*. w:i;!e s 
r,t !i 'iiir -I !il-'U*:iirh .iiiii '••nui imv<',"'. 

. : ."...iir- 

:;:li!" '<» 
IriiiKiTi'. '■ 

■ ■ . :i..: " 
- ;... ., .,r 

: ■ ..• "r- 


•:i:ii:-:niiii ::ti «. ••n-Mr" :..r ranniiir'Vi i'-: 

fi irmrir-it 

'I'lir- .Tiii-i'- '•■■■■i« ■i'!r;"'i 

I'l'iKir' .tml .Mh-iTiiii-ririv i '-n-rur" jrr'M-r.rciL ;i :"::il iLiialysis '>d rlie :nf'.-."- 

iMAfinii .-. .lU'ftrjl .jiirrrlin- \- r:i -Ju* :i'iiiiw.:ii: .tixht rlK-iiH.n : — 

-' hV'ini :li^4^ -f'fnrix it <tT,iiPAr- -i).fcr !n noflt jf'he •JoIIcCfes the >xmditxons <3C entTlcce 
lilt ^ ^:illv "if-.r. .^il. f -n.y a ^-,'ifi po-ticion on :he list was attained. r*ee 

'»• ri' 

jiri'. .i>>>vi>v--r. r.\f. ir::v't x^^ r. vr.ic.i 'he ■laimiiiatus ■:ouici :^uc -.^in adzzussn}:: c" 
nri ..iini if f.iiiii.-i'. .r a <i\v- .jr.>i::.-.n ir, rtie .i.-.c in Ritiii^ious Knowied^;e. At s?ci£ 
I III!.- ir^ ■\irif ni-, »ii-» :n(ir'! .irr.;v.;i7 -morr«i •nan at jih'.-rs. ^nd ac least two case* 
rif wi lii^ioii >>/. iin-ivl, ^s ;!ie! JtncicLMtes :iau not i>«en ':)apti.sed and confirmed. 0:: 
:li>' v)%ft\'' it aii|>rarH ilisi ".w. ..-jnciitiuiis as to !ieaith. attainment and mornl choncxer 
i>r-jtTi<:i<lHtr!« <iri; .-i>a<s>»naljit: ill ::icm<-:i\-«», •ir.u are ip].ued in a reasonable mameT^ 
■,v -Un ( .. i:li-.;r iUiiiir.riiiRs. It viil 'jc 4«-n from rhe anviiysis of replies that macycf 
rl'iiio' vlio ;t)iiifi fjiirW -v;!!, a:i(i liav: yn 'lenn i^xciudiMl. would have secured piice? 
ot«u>iv!i(*p-', m-.ti-nii of lower rinrii dates who have been admitted, had less delay tako 
pliir<' Ml inri.rii.iii^ tlu'.ni if ihcir position on the list, and of their refixaal of places tt 
ili«« ( iiillc^f^ III wftici) they 'in.t applied. T!iu i^orrcspondence. however, does notsu^- 
',{p--«t miy nif'thiirl nr ;ilun Sy '.vliirh thih couiil be obviated. In one case, that of a 
|iifrf'«<<«n ( !<>il«".;", it is rei'fDrred that the iKimission of (Jueen's Scholars from outside 
ilii< I )iix •<■:<' it nia<li; a mnttcr i;*! 'grievance, and that subscribers have threatened to 
wiiliiirrf\<' III i-.iii<w:f|uen(:c. I'hi^ indicates a '.p-icvance the opposite of that broagh^ 
lirfiirr ihi- Kvi'fiiitivr*. 'I'hi; Entrance Fee varies from £5 to iiao, but in no insttace 
i« it <rwt«il that thiji fee was a I)ar to admission. It is on the contrary said in nearly 
nil tlip ktlri-': tli:ii the fni: is no liar. 
In ^i-i mill 111'^ with th«; wisi) of the committee a request was mode to the Traininc 
( iilloj^r .nitlKiritifi to the Committee with mformation as to the terms ana 
i.iiiiliiioii-: '>f admi'ioion. Cjf the 41 colle^es applied to replies have been recei^'ed 
fioiii I ;. .iiiii in.uiy have al>o furnished copies of Reports, pnnted forms of applicatioa 
Hn«l staii-itu'^ a'i to amount of voluntary contributions, and Go>'enunent aid toward! 


their Building Funds. The very general response on the part of the College 
authorities merits the thanks of the Committee. 
Als it would be impossible to tabulate or to condense within reasonable limits all the in- 
formation given, the chief facts and points are giveo in n tabular statement hereto 
appended. From this statement it will be seen that while Government provides the 
greater part of the maintenance charges, the efforls cf voluntary eontnbutors fur> 
nished tne main part of the cost of establishing the Institutions." 

On the reception of this leport the committee agreed to proceed on the 
information in hand. A motion was made as follows : — 

" That in the opinion of this committee candidates should be admittecj 
to the Training Colleges in the order of merit." 
The consideration of this motion and several amendments to it occupied 
several meetings, during which the discussion ranged over a wide area and 
touched the question from many sides. The committee were greatly divided 
on nearly all points, and the divisions upon which amendments were rejected 
and motions carried were very close, generally by a majority of one, and in 
two instances by the casting vote of the chairman. Finally the motion was 
defeated by the adoption of the following amendment : — 

(«) " That this committee find after careful consideration that beyond 
the difficulties arising from the excessive number of candidates, who 
are allowed to pass the admission examination above the number for 
whom accommodation is provided in Training Colleges, there are 
comparatively few cases in which a religious difficulty is ex« 
(J) " That this committee feel that in all probability some anomalies of 
selection are likely to occur so long as Training Colleges are con- 
ducted on the present denominational system." 
(<?) "Tliat this committee is unable to recommend the Executive to 
agitate for any change in the present Training College System." 

On beooming a substantive motion amendments were again moved, and 
clause (c) was struck out. Attempts were made to amend clauses (») and (J) 
but (ultimately the motion as amended was carried by the chairman's casting 
vote. The committee also agreed to the resolution numbered 3 in the 
summary given below. A motion was then made advising the reduction of 
the number of places in denominational colleges, and the increase of those in 
undenominational colleges, but ultimately the following motion was substituted 
for it : — 

" That the Executive be advised to make representations to the Education 
Department asking them to regulate the recognised accommodation 
in the various Training Colleges in accordance with the comparative 
number of teachers required in the schools of each denomination. 
This was defeated, and No. 4 (/«/;w) was carried as an amendment. 
The committee having thus described the various stages of their enquiry^ 
Bummarise the conclusions at w^hich they have arrived as follows : — 

1. That the committee find after careful consideration that beyond the 
difficulties arising from the excessive number of candidates who arc 
allowed to pass the admission examination above the number for 
whom accommodation is provided in Training Colleges there are 
comparatively few cases in which a religious difficulty is experienced. 


2. That the committee feel that in all probabilitj some anomalies of 
He lection are likely to occnr so long m^ Training Colleges are con- 
dncted on the present denominational r«j8tem. 

S. That the committee regret the existence of such an anomaly as the 
admisrton of candidates low down on the class Ibst, while others hi^ 
up. of good and moral and religious character, and profe^iookl 
ability, are excluded. 

4. That the Executive be advise*! to bring to the notice of the Training 
College authorities the difficulties experienced by those candidates. 
who. occupying a high position on the scholarship list, are excluded 
from the colleges by religious examinations and other denomin- 
ational tests. 

II. As a result of their enquiry the eonmiittee have to report that while 
difficulties have undoubte<lly arisen in isolated cases, the distribation of the 
Training College accorami>dation at the present time does not differ so widely 
from the comparative number of teachers in the various classes of schoc^ a< 
to cre^ie a serious professional grievance. They would however point out 
that if the proportion of the various classe** of schools should in the future be 
.greatly altered, what is now a small but actual difficulty will become a serious 
.grievance, and will require either the re-distribution of the recogniised acoom^ 
modation in the colleges or the total al)olition of denominational tests for 
admission. The committee are unanimous in their opinion that religions and 
moral training mu.>t ever form part of the Training College course, but they 
think that this is quite compatible with the removal of denominational tests 
from the conditions of admLssion. 

The following table illustrates the present dL^tribution of college places 
as compared with the number of schools, dej-artments, and teachers of the 
various denominations : — 

Table Showing Distbibution of Training College Aocomiioda- 


Teachers of various Denominations. 


Training College 




Church of Eng 


British and 


Koman Catholic 

Congregational . 








440 i 



241 1 



336 I 








' Per 


11264 65-6 
3139 '18-2 
























From this Table it will be seen that while the Church, British and Foreign, 
Wcsleyan, Koman Catholic ami Congregational Colleges have accommotlation 
slightly in excess" of their pn)portion of schools, tleimrtnicnts and teachers 
their is no sj)ecial provision for Board schools. As however, a large pro- 
portion of teachers and pnj)il teachers in Board schools belong to the Chnrch 
of England and to the vanons other denominations, it is j)robable that the 
excess shown ahove does not more than meet the requirements of this class. 
There would thus arise a suri)lus of denominational acconmiodation of 18 
per cent, (schools), as against the 18*2 per cent, of Board schools, or nearly 
an equivalent. By departments the comimrison works out at 21 j)cr cent, of 
surplus as against 21 per cent, of Board schools. 'AVhile the ct)mj)arison if 
based on the number of teachers show a sui7)lus j^er ccntage of 12*7 in 
-Church College, o*() in British, 4*3 in AVesleyan, and 2*3 in Homan Catholic, 
making a total denominational surplus of 24.9 as against the 26'5 per cent. 
of Board teachers. 

The conunittcc therefore recommend that as the difficulty into which they 

were instructed to inquire is not widely felt and that it is almost imiK)ssil)le 

to deal with it without drifting into denominational disjmtes, no action 

should 1)6 taken by the Executive l)cyond that reconnneuded in the resolution 

, adopted by the committee, and (pioted in a former part of this Ke])()rt. 

(Signed) KOBKKT WILD. B.A., Cliairman. 


TJicfolloiring }jt a .vj^aratc report hy mrmhcrs who dixftcnt front Srcthn 
IL of the alHH'c report. 

As a result of the inquiry we the undersigned memliors of the Training 
College committee find, that difficulties have undoubtedly arisen owing to the 
distribution of Training College accommodation, and we would jK)int out that 
if the proportion of the various classes of schools should undergo still further 
cliange by the extension of the Board school system the difficulties will become 
increasingly serious, and intensify tlu3 claim for, either a re-distribution of the 
recognised accommoilation, or a total abolition of denominational tests. 

We, with the committee, are unanimons in thinking that religious aiul 
moral training must ever forni part of the T.C-. course, but we think this is 
quite comiiatible with the removal of denominational te^^ts from the con- 
ditions of admission. 

Tlie following Table illustrates the present distribution of College j)la<;es as 
«omparcdwiththenuml)er of P.T.'s in connection with the several denominations: 

Blue Book. 

p. ^^i\. 

p. 469. 





Per cent, 
of P.T.'s. 

Per cent, 
of Accom. 

Per cent. Ex- 
cess of Accom. 

Church of England 














Homan Catholic 


British and Foreign.... 




■ ■ ■ . - • . 7 ■::■■. I '■ "■.."• - : '1* "■- n villi- -.-r 

.-■ • .. i. -i.- -:.■■- .- ■■■ ■-. "^ :.!- M-"*' ■•" -iir- simi- :;::<r* 

•■ • ■ - ■■• J" ■."■■'"■.'."■■■ . 1.'. ". ••'*.■ ^i.'iji^' nu-. " ■■■r.- 

■ — •• " " . . ■ .l« i." "^ :: • ■ •■"-"iT .■:li"*~ :i.."" .■"-" ~r» 


^ ." "^ '■ • • .. . 4. . '.. • & '_• . . '- 

-■ ■ „.. - •■ ■■■■.•." "....: " 7 '!. — • i.ii"— • "%""ifr"* "-'■' 
_ . - - V- . --^ 1- :.. -.^ : ■.r.;- 1- .--« - r T'.tr :"=■*" 

■ - , ■ ^ ■ ' t ■ I ■ ^ 

*■ ■ -:..-r ■■ ■-.." ■- ■ - ■ - - - :*■ ■- !!::_- r -"ii- Tn!":- 

. .. — ■ ••- . - --r-— i ■ ■■ " j:;t •:• i:: ■ ;i n. "1- ':: tf 

..... .- _ ■ . - ■:!, ~ ■.:':-"■■ i"-" - "I llil' ■"""-'. 

.... . .y-.--3 ' 

.1. ..I.... _ • »... . 

• I ■ 

■. .. ._■ .. :-- - ■' - -.: a.- r Mi- 7-i.:: ".:; ' l!f.-" « r.r^-. htit 

■»// '.•■!"* ' • .1 ' ■ ■ III ~ • 'IJ ■' / ■' ■■ ..-■ ■ 1. 

V — :H?: teach EI;S- 'IRPH^SlVA-.^E a: ORPHAN FTND. 

•^^-''l- ■•' .Ixia III. N' I ^k.^ 

T'-.- ', :.■.'■:". >. r-'^r. '-.■.:-■ -!>.-i7 Rir'.i r : r -:> 7»ii7 jr-Lir:; Fisrer. l*"*!, 
■\<- -•:■''' .• icr.'Tit-: J": XT;: -.:'•:■. "!"il2»—- "■•.»; jr ' Arreacii-n ^jiw n ri> 
"i.f «■ ,'-jj r ';■..- r '.nil "jf *::i: j'-r.ijrj.lhctiv e K!i.::i«:nnir7 Tfai-ti»-iN in Knirlaintl 
.i..ii X.I..--. Ij- r.T.'x V.I- -■■::-• i vMii.T :2r'::i.-< i.a-' '"trt". 'i:- "vti in the TiP'p«iaI 
'. ii.KT.'\ :.". r.-' r:r.- '■. r ."".>:' T-haz- uri'i :>.••. •r-'»ic.::s ' .liMn-n. ■•t Teachers, 
a;-i v.ji.. A— '-iJir. r.- ■.:i- ■ -;:k - -■■ ::'.i: niarr^-r f r :;> nr^r rinit-. The 
.• •-■..:- r -...- w:! ■;— x:-«- r. - --•■'■ r-^lr aiidr-.T::. ".■:: The G nni.-ii an? hi^ivful 
•'■.:ir -,.{• ■•:!.■ I'-l :i.ii- r- ■"- .1 ;i ^"vv'Tniar.- -«• ::-e 2i' rp Mu.fe^fnl than rhe 

-Ti.- :■"•. T':»- Baza.r.- a: N «~:z-:hani ":•. 1^*7^. -ji"*.- a :::j:i.:y xiri^fact'^iy 
f^.-Anf-r,-: -., -.;:ic "-^-a.*. .ir.-i rho •"" O'crrl''':":' r- r-i tr.e Fiinil 
.i..'-.'..-:r.fti. ■ .a:!*-. T^-if Eii/:iii/ :u Br^hr. i:. :•: KasttT. lr>*'. an-I -nlise'inent 
^.^.- c:--- ,iI-«, -".•■rf"-«r*".i. :ir.''. ;i.!i win;; *■ r till.' tdi.-T rluiT rii..'_v f'»Il«"i\vetl >««» 
'-.-••.- . .* r. '\.\- •rif'' r* r I*7'j. ■:• nii-l'.Tc'.v riilrilletl rho fXiA'ctarl«.»u nf the 

A -'>*" ..I. ■•*"ir' i-hirh !r;^ Ivi-ii r' r.-;i'ienii'Ir lab<Mir ami expense wa-* made 
i , • ':.t' f ...:.':'. '.n f^nrin »-^"t i* n a : r ii rhe t .Orphan Day Ci >lleerioii la *t i lay. K ven' 
:iii-;:.'j^.- ■ : *:ii- Niiri'^nai I'lil'tn-t El^menran' Toachers wasomiinuiKieatetl wirh 
ai:'i .*•■-. ii'-V'i ''. ':•»-« *[,»:ratt: '.virii ri:i.' i ".innfil in s?cnnng a general tibservance of 
fM'r ■■ ( tr, v.ii:. Ijiiv, ■ Tlifr Tt-^iilz "xj" n«'t Liilly ^iri.-taerory. t"i)r alrhouj^h a larger 
■it;... v;i' •-.i!.- •.••] than in tin- T-rt. i-in-; year, the anuuinr was nor ct>mmeiisunite 
w rii rttK *;!f'iiT i,i:r forth, k i* came-tly Iiii][ieil hy the Comieil that on the 


next Ori>han Day, AFay .Srd. 1881, collections may be made where practicable, 
and that every teacher in the Country may on that day forward to the General 
Secretary or to the " Corresponding Member" of the Association, his or her 
annual contribution for the cuiTent year. There are now Fifteen Or])hans 
upon the Fund — fourteen of whom were chosen by election, and one nommated 
by the Nottingham Association, under Rule 40. Quarterly Rejiorts arc received 
from the guardians of these chU<lren containing statements as to their means of 
education, health and general welfare. The Council have reason to believe 
that substantial benefits have alrcatly been conferred on deserving persons by 
the operatitms of this branch of the Fund. 

The Council are of o]>inion that the time has now come when special effort 
should be made to enlarge the list of Annual and Life Contributors. As 
no Bazaar will be held in connection with the Lambeth Conference, 
the Council believe the present time offers an excellent opj)ortHnity for 
creating a list of regular contributors, up(m which the stability of the Fund 
must ultnnatcly rest. They therefore trust that the members of the Lambeth 
Conference will not only Injcome regular contributors, but will on their return 
to the provinces induce the Associations to take up vigorously the work of 
raising means for this important professional charitj'. During the jmst year 
& very considerable number of Associations have apix)inted *' Corresjwnding 
Members " to give sjKicial attention to the interests of the Orj^hanage in their 
respective localities. The Council have to record with regret the death of J. 
Whitwell, Esq., M.R, one of the Trustees of the Fund, Mr. Whitwell always 
showed his sjnupathy with, and api)reciation of the work of elementary 
teachers, and undertook without hesitation the office of Tnistee to this Fund. 
By his death the Fund has lost an able sui)porter and the profession a 
warm friend and sr)und adviser. The 'Council also record with deep regret the 
death of Mr. Hunter, the Hon. Sec. of the Nottingham Baxaar. Asa mark of 
respect the Nottingham Association elected one of his ori)han children to an 
Oiijhan Allowauce uiuler Knle 40. 

The sjK'cial thanks of the Council are due to the following Associations and 
individuals, who have made si)ecial efforts during the year to obtain increased 
support for the Fund : — A. Balfour, Esq.. Messrs. Drage and (iardiner, 
Mrs. Heller, and the following Local Associations :-Aberdarc Valley. Brighton, 
and Sussex, S. Essex, Finsbury and-Oity, Greenwich, Hackney, E. lx)ndon, 
Liverpool, Manchester, Norwicli and District, and Portsmouth. 

The Council are convinced tliat in the interest of this Fund some special 
assistance should !« given to the Secretary in the office. They therefore 
propose that unless some general an'angements are shortly made by the 
Executive, at once to ap]X)int some com^xitent Teacher who is an eaniest 
supporter of the Fund and can give the requisite time to the work, as 
an Assistant Secretary with a projier remuneration. 

The Council conclude their rejKirt by calling on all teachers to bear their 
share in the work of this Fund. As was pointed out last year, a resiionse from 
any considerable portion of the teachers engaged in Elcmentaiy Schools would 
at once place the fund upon a sound and permanent basis, and make it one of 
the noblest achievements of professional unity. 

(Signed) THOMAS EDMUND HELLER, Sfcretai^y, 


Bnln ner Sfwrtfor the year ending Frhrwiry 28th, ISSl, 


I>»- £ s. d. / s. d. jC s. d. 

To EalaiKe in hand By Postage, Telegrams, &c... 60 z8 lo 

March 3rd, i33o — „ Printing, Stationery .. .. 6 xt o 

1. In Bank .. 707 32 >» Orphan Allowances .. .. aiz 5 4 

2. In Stock . . . . 350 00 „ Rent, Gas, &c . . xa o o 

3. In Secretary's „ Printing Report 800 

hands .... I XI o ■ «t Additional for Magic 

1558 14 2 Lantern aioo 

,, Anntial Snbv:riptions 30 5 o . „ Clerk rx 6 a 

„ Life Contnbutions . . 145 7 6 ,. Carriage of Parcels . . .. o x6 8 

„ A«»<ociation Con- „ Stamps 091 

tribution* • 37 7 8 „ Petty Expenses .- .. .. i 10 o 

,, Donations -. ^.. .. 936 tt Stock 85© o o 

„ Orphan Day Collect- „ Midland Debentures.. .. X150 o o 

tions— „ lu Bank 363 X3 8 

Donations .. .. 307 19 3 
An naat Subscript ions id 4 6 

^. , 324 3 9 , 

„ Bazaars — Finsbury.. 179 6 11 

Brighton.. 250 o o 

429 6 II 

„ Concerts, Entertain- , 

mcnts, &.C 99 16 4 • 

„ Dividends .... 44 16 10 

£2679 I 8 i £^67^ X 8 

J. H. DEVONSHIRE, Treasurer, 

Ai:dited and found correct, March 23rd, 1881, CHARLES WILSON, • . ,. 

HENRY CLARK. ' J Auditors. 



The Central Committee, in presenting their Keport to the Annual Meeting 
have to express their than kf nine** to the Local Board.^ an«l indivitlnw 
(Viiitrihutors who have lahonroil eamertly on behalf of the Fund dnring the 
past year. At the name tin:c they feel it their duty to express some 
cli«ippointmcnt at the fact that the number of Local Boards and the amonnt of 
permanent income have not been cpreatly augmented during the past year. The 
National Union of Elementary' Teachers with which this Fund is so closely 
connected, consists of more than 300 affiliated branches, each of which might 
and shonld l)Cconie a Local Board of this Fund, and an agency for collecting 
money and distributing relief. Of this number only 41 arc recognised tm Local 
Boards, and oi these only a few are showing fair activity in the work of the 
Fund. Five new J.Kxal lioards have been recognised during the year, bringing 
the total numlHjr up to that stated above. The Central Committee regret that 
the l-»ist of Annual Contributors is in no way commensurate with th» 
importance oi the charity and the claims upon its means, nor is it fairly 
representative of the Organisation with which it is connected. 

The Central Conuuittee do not give utterance to this note of disappoint- 
ment with any desire to discourage those who have worked so nobly and well in 
aid of their distressed fellow teachers, but rather with the view of rousing the 


members of the profession to a proper sense of their duty respecting the claims 
of this Fund upon their sympathies and support. The benefits are open to all 
teachers irrespective of denominational distinctions or party divisions, and 
although applications from those who are, or have been, contributors to the Fund> 
and from members of the Kational Union are preferentially dealt with, the 
Ijasis of the Fund is as broad as that of the profession itself. 

During the past year the receipts frdm Annual Subscriptions amounted to 
£131 17s. an amount somewhat below that in the previous year. This however^ 
though an apparent diminution is not really a decrease, as many Annual 
Contributions were paid into the Brighton Bazaar Account by Associations 
interested in that undertaking. The same may be said of several Life 
Contributions, under which item only a slight increase is shown. The receipts 
from Concerts, &c., show a considerable diminution, which the Central 
Committee observe with regret. The proceeds of the Brighton Bazaar 
though not as large as those of the similar effort at Nottingham in the previous 
year, are nevertheless highly gratifying to the Committee, and reflect great 
ci'edit on the Associations and individuals concerned in the undertaking., 
To the Brighton Association and particularly to the Bazaar Committee and 
Mr. Tiilmarsh, its devoted Secretary, the special thanks of the Central 
Committee are due, while the efforts of Mr. Assbee, Miss Chamlxjrs, and 
the Chatham, Kochester and (iiavesend, Chelsea, Dewsbury.Finsbur)' and City, 
Hackney, S. Hants, Liverpool, Southwark, and Westminster Associations also 
demand full acknowledgement. 

A sum of £91 los. Od. has l)cen granted as Temporary Relief, while £103 
have been lent to well recommended applicants on proper security.. 
More than half of the amount advanced as loans has been repaid during the 
year, and the Central Committee believe that much real help has been afforded by 
this branch of their operations. The Committee beg to acknowledge with thanks 
the valuable assistance rendered by Mr. Tomlinson in connection with the 
loans granted by the Fund. The increase in the cost of printing and stationery 
arises from the fact that a lar^e amount incurred dunng 1879, for the print- 
ing of leaflets was not paid until 1880, and also on account of a sum of £12 
incurred for printing in a pamphlet form 5000 copies of the last Report, 
Bye Laws, and List of Contributions. The distribution of these documents 
also accounts for the incrca^^cd amount charged for postage. The 
Central Committee have further paid to the National Union a sum of £12 
as a share of extra rent, staff, and other expenses incurred by them on behalf of 
the Benevolent Fund. This payment clears all chaiges on these accounts to 
September 29th, 1880. (one year and three-quarters.) 

The Central Committee have during the year invested the sum of £340 
in Consols as the fiirst portion of the "Permanent Fund" As the total 
amount raised during 1880, was £470 lis. Id. the Committee recommend 
that in accordance with Bye I^w xx, a sum of £210, should be at once 
added to that Fund thus raising it to £550. The Central Committee 
being of opinion that the time has arrived when the first election of Annuitants 
should be held, have arranged that during the current year one male and one 
female annuitiant shall be elected. This election will create a permanent 
charge upon the Fund of £55 j^er annum, but it is believed that the result of 
the election will be to give vigour and strength to the general work of the 
Fund. It was originally intended to hold this election at the Annual Meeting, 


but the Central Committee, on an examination of the applications received, 
found so many excluded by the condition laid down in Bye-law xxxv, m, 
that the Annuities should Ixj only ojxju to those who are or have been contri- 
butors, tliat they have decided to postpone the election, and to suspend for the 
present, subject to the approval of the Annual Meeting, the oiieration of thii ' 
condition. The Executive have approved of this course as required by Bye- 
law viii. 

The Committee are of oj)inion that in the interests of the various Fundi 
connected with the National Union of l^ementary Teachers, more efficient 
assistance should be given to the Secretary in the office. The services of ^h. 
Voisey as Assistant Secretary, deserve the best thanks of the Contributors, bat 
the Central Committee are of opinion that the development of the Fund will, 
to a considerable extent, depend uj^n the Secretary receiving permanent 
•extra assistance in the work of the Central Office. 




£ s. d. 

To Balance in hand Dec. 

31st, 1879 




„ Life Contributions ... 


„ Annual Contributions 



„ Kepayment of Loans 




„ Proceeds of Concerts & 





„ Bazaars. Finsbury and 

City £07 5s. 8d., and 

♦Brighton 1880 £175 




„ Repayment of sum ail- 

vanced to Brighton 

Bazaar Committee . . . 


„ Donations 







£ 8. d. 

By Loans 103 

„ Relief ... ... 91 15 

„ Printing and Stationery 

(U years) 34 8 10 

„ Printing Annual Reix>rt 12 

„ Postage 11 10 

„ Rent, Fuel and clerical 

assistance (paid to 

N.U.B.T.) 12 

„ Advance to Brighton 

Bazaar Committee ^. 20 

,, Sundries 18 4 

„ Amount invested in 

Consols 340 

„ Balance in hand ^ 295 15 4 

£921 8 6 

* The remaining portion probably £25 will be 
received when the Bazaar Accounts are closed. 

Examined and found correct, 
R. WILD, I .... 
J. NEILL, J Auditors. 



EOM THE YEAR 1880, ' 

The General Board of Managetoient present their report for the past year 
with mixed feelings of satisfaction and disappointment, with satisfaction because 
the claims on the benelits of the Fund have been small, and with disappoint- 


because the operations of the Society have not been more largely 
oped during the year. In their last report the Board stated that 
ugh seventy-four of the Local Associations connected with the National 
n of Elementary Teachers had expressed a desire to be recognised as 
[ agencies of the Fund, only twelve of them had actually transacted business 
ntroduced members to the Society. The Board also stated that they 
d forward to considerable extension during the year 1880. In this 
they have been disappointed ; onl}' five new Local Agencies have been 
nised, and a comparatively small amount of additional business has been 
;ht to the Society through them while at the same time one or 
•f the active Agencies in existence last year have ceased to exist. The 
ral Board propose to leave out of the list of the IjocslI Agencies to be 
ided to this lleport, the names of those which have not actually under- 

the business connected with the Fund, 
e Board have on the other hand to report that the number of members 
g through the Central Agency has been increased during the year, and 
the extension of the operations of the Society during tliat period is 
ly due to this source. Last year the Board rciwrted that they hail received 
il ap|)lications for assurances under Tables 4, 5, and (} for larger sums 
were originally contemplated, but still within the limit allowed by the 
dly Societies Act 1875. The Board are still strongly impressed by the 
Ltance of this branch of the Society's business, but at the same time, 
feel that the responsibility incurred by admitting members to 
iinces of £100 to £200 is a serious one. So strongly was tliis felt during 
2ar that a proposal was made to effect reassurances in some other existing 
OflBce but, on a careful consideration of the whole question and a 
arison of the terms offered by several of the leading Societies, the Board 
ot see their way to carry this projwsal into effect. They have therefore 
nined to act upon the report of the Actuary, and to make a sixjcial 
.vour to secure the number of members stated by the Actuaiy 
} necessary, in order to insure perfect security and permanency in 
ng these Funds. Considering the interest exhibited by the members of 
J^.U.E.T. in the establishment of the Fund, and the enthusiasm with 
I the proposal was adopted at the Special Conference in December 
it is felt that the Society has claims upon the Union, upon the Associations, 
ponthe individual members of the profession for their interest and support 
General Board,'thercfore urge uix>n the attention of teachers generally the 
importance of making provision for times of sickness and old age, and 
invite a comparison of the Tables and Benefits of this" Society with those 
y other existing solvent Benefit Fund, feeling confident that both the 
kI of management and the rates of premium will compare favour 
vith those of any other existing Society. 

irty-eight new members have been admitted during the year, while twenty- 
members have withdrawn. With respect to the withdrawals the Board 
to report that they are chiefly those of members who joined under Table 
'or the purpose of shewing their sympathy with the movement, and in most 
being persons of such an age that they could not profitably enter for sick pay 
ts or assurances. Two members have declared on the Sick Fund during 
jar, and from the Balance Sheet it will be seen that a sum of £11 4s. OcL 
)en paid as Sick Pay. The Deposit members have again received back 



the whole of their contributions to the Sick Fund as an addition to their BoL 
rts no claim for sick pay has been made in that branch of the Sod* 
During the year the Boanl have rejected the applications of six persons; ax 
the greatest care has been taken to admit to the Benefits of the Society onh 
those whose state of health and probability of life would render them FiiitiUi 
members of the Society. By these means, it is believed, a high ayerage lU. 
value has been secured, and the Board l)elieve that by exercising similar care it 
the future the first quinquennial valuation will pmve not only the adeqm? 
of the i)remiums charged but also the care with which the society has b«a 
managed. The General Board have to acknowledge with thanks the valnakii 
services of ^fessrs. K. T. Morgan and W. H. Jeffries, who have relieved tl» 
(icncral Sccrctar}' of a considerable portion of the work connected with tlrii 
Society. Mr. Morgan, as Assistant Secretary has attended and minnted 4i 
meetings, while ^Nfr. Jeffries as financial assistant Secretary has taken chaigB 
of the l)ooks. At the last amnial meeting a proposal was made and carried t» 
omit the word "Xati(mal " from Kule I. in deference to a wish expressed If 
the National J'rovidcnt Institution, and in accordance with the arrangemeat 
made batween the Solicitors of that Institution and of this Society. Thfr 
Board were afterwards infonned by the Registrar that this change required tB 
be confimicd by a second Gcnenil Meeting hold within fourteen days* of th« 
Annual Meeting. Jt is tlicrefoi-e necessary to renew the proposition andt» 
hold a Special Meeting to confirm the vote. The Bill for printing Agency 
Books, Forms, &c., amounting to about £C0 still remains unpaid. The Board 
however, hope that during the present year the Management Fund maybfr 
sufficiently increased to enable them to pay the account. 

The (icncral J5oard in conclusion beg to direct the attention of members and 
of teachers generally to the question raised by the Vice-President of the Council 
in his remarks to the deputation from the N.U.E.T., last autonm, and also 
in a siMJcch delivered at the Jiorough Koad College soon after. Should the 
Govcnmient Ihj disposed at any time to assist in providing for the general retire* 
mcnt of teachers when incai)acitated by sickness or old age, it is probable that 
it would l)c done in the fonn of supplementing the savings of those who had 
made some provision for themselves. This fact may add another inducem^ 
to the members of the profession to enrol themselves as members of this- 
Society and to exercise those habits of thrift which alone will prevent then 
in after years from Iwicoming a charge upon their friends or upon the charity 
of the public. 


Genc7*al Secretary, 


Presented to Executive on April 9th, 1881. 

In October 1880, the circular printed on pages cxxxiii-iv wa.s issued 
to the Ixx:al Associations together with a Form on which replies should be- 
entered. The object of the inquiry was to ascertain to what extent 
compulsory attendance at school is secured, and in what respects the- 
administration of the Bye Laws in various districts is defective. 


-»• 111 answer to the request of the Executive, information has lx>en furnished! 

by 227 of the Local Associations, repi*csenting the districts of al)out eight 
w: hundred Jx)cal Authoritie.«*. In School Board districts Bye Laws appear to- 

be generally enforced, but complaints are numerous of the pai-tial and 

interrupted application of the power of compulsion. In districts under School 
»f Attendance Committees, compulsion is partially applied but to a smaller extent 

than in School Board districts. It is evident from the returns that in many 
'y instances, especially in districts under School Attendance Committees, Bye- 

laTvs have been only recently adojrfed, and it would therefore be unfair 
.:^«s yet to appraise the results of the new Education Act in these districts, 
■■ The Schedule presented to the Executive last week contains precise infomiation 
■"'/••s to the value, in the opinions of the I^ocal Associations, of the work of 
-' <5ompulsion in their respective Districts. I would suggest tfmt such, 
*•■ information should be placed in the hands of the Vice- I*resi dent of the Council 

•who will thus be able to gain from independent sources evidence as to»the way in 
Ct which compulsory legislation of the last few years is carried into eif«ct. In most 
5* Districts arrangements for working Bye Laws have been ostensibly made, 
c. Two of the Associations state that the Bye J^ws are fairly enforced^ 
5- another two-fifths re[K)rt that they are enforced more or less imperfectly^ 
^ while ahoutofia-Jifth SO}/ that m> attt'mpt wkftferifr lit mnde to g'tcc effect to the 
y ^hyf'Jaivx. Attendance Olticers or Visitors are j^retty generally ciwi)U)yed where 
It Bye-laws are enforced, and in many instances, an a laH rcnourcr, parents are- 
»| Bummcmed before the ^Magistrates. Tlie following answers, types of many 
3^ others, will illustriate fairly the results of he system : — 
at • r. " One prosecution only in this District." 

2. "Pine of One Shilling, once a year only." 
ti^ . 3. " Affairs at a deadlock." 

r ., 4. " Summons applied for when they can be obtained." 
:j,; 5. "Magistrates will not convict." 

H^. 6. " Magistrates only caution, &c." 

JJ 7. " Magistrates throw costs (8s. each case) on the School Board, &c., &c." 

~J^ . Eighty seven Associations report that the attendance is better now than Ixjforer 
1? "Compulsion was ai)plied, viz; 31 say it is ' improved,' 32 that it is * fair ' and 24 that 
4: it is now " Good." A temporaiy improvement at times when ttuminonvs arc likeh/ 
:?■ to be ai)])lieil for is reiwrtcd by 1 5 Associations. The remaining 113 Associations 
( report as follows: — •=' Unsati>f actor}," (52; "Very Unsatisfactory" 21, and 
^ No result at all, 30. 

;=. In reply to the veiy important question as to the average duration of the- 
i school life of each child, 154 i*cport a decrease, Ifi saying " much shorter" and 
J 138 *' shorter." Twenty seven are unable to detect any dOfercnce, while 29 only 
^ are of opinion that the average period during which children are under instmc- 
je tion has been made '* longer." 

>; The study of the tabulated statement and of the Ketums themselves would 
1" repay the trouble of an examination, but I quote here as samples of many 

others some of the general remarks a[)pended to the Eorms. The evidence 

bearing out Nos. 1, 2, & 3, is very strong and very general. 

1. Employers of Lal)our (particularly Farmers), when i)laced on the 
!^ Attendance Committees; often fail to carry out the provisions of the 

Act, because they suppose them to be opposed to their pecuniary 

ex 11 

2. AVhcrc I^cal Authorities ai*e willing to do their duty the Magt^i 

are frequently in(lij*|x>sed to back up their efforts. 

3. No adequate nuniU'r of officers is a[>])ointed, and these often worti 

a |H?i*funct(>ry and un sat isf actor}' manner. 

4. Parents of children earning wages ///*// It pay it even to get fined. 

5. Tlie practice of granting half-time or partial exemption, is Tayl 

injuriously affecting the higher standanls. I 

6. Tlie prctincv of C'onipulsion has weakened the moral inflnenoe rf| 

teachers in encouraging regularity of attendance. 

7. Many private adventure Schools aitj rcix)rtcd to be luted as a cloik| 

for irregular attendance. 
The returns further show that in some districts a syi^tem of prize;) tel 
regular attendance has ))roduced veiy Injiieficial effects, aiid that ]>epntfttiai| 
from Jxjcal Associations to the Local Authorities have in a few iustaB(»| 
brought al)our the hapjHest results. I have to acknowledge tlic TaliuAbl 
assistance rendered by Air. Cutler in summarising the results of this inquiry. 

(Signed) Thomas Edmund Hkller, 



The following resolutions were agixied to by the Twelfth Annual Conference 
held in Lambetli during the Kaster week, 1<S81 : — 

Appointment of Scrutineers. 

1. " That the following persons be, and they arc hereby, apix>intecl Scmti- 
necrs of the Votes recorded during the present Conference " : — Messrs. C 
Alexander. IJryant, Alf. A. Clipold, A. C. Han'is, Jno. Hmlges, Tha<i. U. 
Huitt, K. F. ^iacdonald, Pownall, (t. W. Smith, II. Sims, Chas. Stevens, W. 
T. Underwood, H. G. White, Murche. and Ilardraan." 

Standing Orders. 

2^ "That the foUowing Code of Standing Orders prepared by the Kxecutiw 
be adopted by the Conference " — 

(1) The Header of a Paper shall be aUowed tttcnty mintitcs for hi* 
Paper, and the Pi*(>iK)ser of a motion ten iitinutfJt for his speech. 

(2) The Seconder, and each succeeding Speaker shall be allowed Jite 

(3) All Amendments to n Motion must be submitted to the ChairmaB 
in writing, with the names of the Mover attached. 

(4) Whenever an amendment is made upon any Motion, no second 
Amendment shall l)e taken into consideration until the first Amendment 
is disposed of. If that Amendment be carried, it then shall be i)ut as ft 
substantive ^lotion, \\\yon which a further Amendment may be moved. If 
the first Amendment be negatived, then a further Amendment may be 
moved to the original question ; but only one Amendment shail be snl^ 
mitted for discussion at one time. 

(5) The decisicm of the President on any point shall be final. If any 
decision be questioned, it must be done at the next session of the Con- 
ference. » 

(r») No representative shall be permitted to speak more than once on 
the same proposition, except the Proposer, who shall have the right flif 


(7) Any debate may be closed by a resolution, " Tliat the question be 
now put " being moved, seconded, and carried, such resolution to be put 
to the Meeting without debate ; but n© s])cech shall be intcn-upted for the 
purix)sc of ])roposing such a motion. 

(S) When tne President rises to speak, representatives shall immedi- 
ately take their seats. 

(9) Every resolution shall be put to the vote by a show of hands. No 
division to be taken unless the vote be ciiallenged by at least five members 
of the Conference. 

(10) The Agenda of any Session, if not finished, shall be taken after 
the business of the arranged Agenda has been disposed of. 


3. " That the Minutes be taken as read." 

4. " That the Minutes of the Brighton Conference be signed by the Presi-r 
cient as a correct record of the proceedings." 

Vote of Thanks to the Ketiring President. 

5. " That the best thanks of the Conference be given to Mr. G. J. Kankilor, 
the retiring Pi-csident, for his valuable services to the Union during the past 
two years ; and the Conference hereby express their best wishes for his future 

6. '• Tliat a copy of the above resolution be inscribed on vellum and pre* 
■.Rented to Mr. Kankilor as a memento of his year of office." 

Votes of Thanks to Former Presidents. 

7. *• That the respective votes of thanks passed by previous Conferences to 
the retiring Presidents be inscribed cm vellum and presented to each of the 
former Presidents as a memento of his year of office." 

Vote of Thanks for President's Address. 

8. " Tlia;t the lx?st thanks of the Conference be given to Mr. Langler for hi* 
address and for his services to the Union during the past year as N'^ice-Presi* 

"^dent, and that the address be printed with the Annual Keport of the Union." 

Report op the Executive. 

9. '• Tliat the Annual Report of the Executive be now received and adopted 
and printed for circulation." 

Treasurer's Report and Balance Sheet, and Report of Auditors, 

10. " That the Treasurer's and Auditors' Reports (with the exception of the 
separate report by Mr. E. Wilkes Smith) and the Balance Sheet be received 
and adopted, and printed with the Annual Report of the Union." 

11. " That the separate report by Mr. E. Wilkes Smith be now received. 

12. " That the best thanks of this Conference be given to Messrs. Ellis and 
E. Wilkes Smith for their services as Auditors for the past year, and tliat they 
he re-appointed." 

Votes of Thanks to Officers and Executive. 

13. " That the best thanks of this Conference be given to the Officers of the 
Union for their valuable services during the past year." 

14. " That the best thanks of this Conference be given to the Executive 
and to the several Standing and Special Committees for their attention to the 
interests of the Union during the past year." 



Orphaxaoe and orphan Fund, and the Teachebsj' PROviDESt 


l.'i. •• That rhc Kc])orts bo now receive<L"' 


in. "Tliat ^^r. r^osncy Ix'. ami he i.«< herel^y. jippnintcd presiiling officer to 
receive the voTes <lurinjr the election of i >tficcr*." 

Teachers' REirisTRATioN Bill. 

A Pa])or on thi'* •*nl>jocr vras rontl hv Mr. K. W. MoORE, 3LA-. Bi<*hop!>igat( 
Ward S«hrK)ly. Skinner-^trert. K.<'.. after which •: .vas resolved : — 

17. " Tliat the liOst thanks of this Conference im «iivcn to Mr. Mo<?re for lus 

18. (n) " That this Bill should provide for rlie uonsolhlation of the whole 
Teaching: Profossiim. should, therefore, be extended. «o as tt> inclr.cle all dnly 
r]nalifi''«l teachers." 

(h) ■• That, after some fixed «Lite. no '.rirtg^-tercd person «hoald Ik 
allovcrl TO take ^harj^e of any "chool." 

Cc) •• That, after some fixotl date, all c:inili«uites for Recri!*tration be 
re^fiiired to j(ive evidence of i>roticiency in tiic science and art of teadi- 

10. "Tliat this meetin;f c(insider> it de^irjible thar the Teaclicrs of l*nblic 
Klcmer.tar}- SchrM->ls should lie represented « n the proi)oscd Kilncational 

2i). That the foreproinje rc><^»lntions Ijc forwardetl to Sir John I^nblnx-k, and 
thfit the Iy»ciil .Xs-ociations l^c re([ne>ted to hrliig them under the notice of 
memlx^r" of Parliament." 

Appointment of Assistant Sect^tary. 

21. *' Tliat an As>istant Secrctar}- lie :ipjK»interi. " 

22. " That the Assistant SccTctary *jhall act under the General Secretary in 
^'xtendin^ the N. U. E. T.. and in doing snch other Tfvork as the Kxeciitive 
tiiay direct. 

Election of ExEcrTivr. 

23. ''That ^fr. Gosney lie, and he is hereby aj)]v)inted presiding officer to 
receive the votes during the election of meml)ers of the Executive." 

The Defects in the Code Curriculum. 
A J'ay»er «n this Nuhject was read by the Kev. E. F. MacCarthv, King 
Eflward's SchfK)!, iiirmingham, after which it was i-e<;olved: — 

24. '* Tliat the Ixjst thanks of this Conference be given to the Rev. 'E,Y. 
MacCarthy for his {wjicr. 

Deputations from Scotland and Ireland. 
2.">. *• Tliat the Ixjst thanks of the Conference l)e, aiid they arc hereby, given 
io the members of the Deputations from Scotland arid Iielaiid for their attend- 
ance and addresKCs." 

Voting for Place of next Conference. 
20. " That Mr. Mai-tin, (Thames Valley,) l>e, and he is hereby appointed 
])residing officer to receive the votes for the place of next Conference. 

Annxtal Subscription to the Union. 
27. " That the Annual Subscription payable to the National Union be, and 
h hereby raised to three shillings per member.*' 


Policy op the Uxion. 

A Paper on this subject was read by Mr. Heller, General Secretary of the 
"Union, after which it was resolved: — 

28. " That the best thankn ef this Conference be given to Mr. Heller for his 

Admission to Training Colleges. 

29. " That this Confei-ence requests the Executive to take no further action 
on the admission of candidates to training colleges other than that recom- 
mended by the Special Committee on the subject, viz. : — Tliat the Executive 
l)e advised to bring to the notice of the Training College Authorities the 
^Ufliculties experienced by those candidates who, occupying a high position on 
the Scholarship List, are excluded from the colleges by religious examination 
«uid other denominational tests. 

Alteration of Rules. 

' 80. " liule 2. — " That Rule 2 be amended, by substituting for the last four 
words the words * be affiliated by the Executive.' " 

31. Rule 11. — " That Rule 11 be amended by the addition of the following 
words : — ' Provided that such- member be not a paid officer of the Union.' " 

32. HyJe 11. — " That Rule 11 read as follows : — ' That none but members of 
the Union shall act as representatives from any association, but that any 

: member may represent more than one association if he Ikj duly chosen, and 
his appointment notified to the geneiul secretary of the Union." 

33. JRule 28. — *' That Rule 23 be amended by adding the following words : 
-— * That receipts for these be given on the authorised fomis, and that the 
counterfoils for these receipts be sent in, together Tv-ith an audited balance-^heef, 

'at the end of each year.' " 

3-1:. Mulr 24. — •' That in Rule 24 the words ' two months ' be substituted for 
the words ' twenty-one days.' " 

35. liule 30. — -'That in Rule 30 the words * tvvo months' be inserted in 
lieu of the words ' six weeks. ' " 

Election op the Executive. 

36. " That the follo\ring motion by the South Essex Association together 
with the question of electoral district representation be rcftrred to a Special 
Committee of the Executive with power to add to their number, who shall 
pirepare a scheme and report to the next Conference : — 

Hule 24 and 25.-^That Rules 24 f cj, 25 (c), (d), (e) and (i) read as follows : 
Par 24 (c) — That all nominations be sent to the Secretary of the Union not 
less than two months before the Confercnce. 

25 (c) — One copy of the said voting paper shall be sent to each Association 
in Union as early as possible in January. 

(d) In voting, each Association, at one of its meetings, shall cause its 
votes to be placed against one name for each office, and against not more 
than twenty-four members for the Executive. 

(e) The voting paper, duly signedby the secrctajy and one other officer of 
the Association, may be either given to the elected representative or sent by 
post to the Scrutineers at Conference. 

(f) The poll for officers and the Executive shall be closed one hour after 


the ojxiniiig of the second session, and the result declared, as soon as it m 
be ascertained, 
f Votes of Thanks. 

37. " Tliat tlie best thanks of the Conference be given to the Rt. Hon. the 
T^rd JNfayor, M.P., for his public reception of the Conference, and fortheinte^ 
est he has shown in the proceedings." 

38. " That the best thanks of the Conference be, and they are hereby given to 
the liambcth Association, and to the I^ocal Conference Committee, for th&t 
highly successful arrangements and for their courteous attention to the 
convenience of the members of Conference." 

3*.). '• That the best thanks of the Conference be given to the various sob- 
conmiittcos of the Ix)cal Conference Committee for their excellent and 
Buccessful arrangements." 

40. '' That the l)est thanks of the Conference to be given to the Scrutineas 
for the efficient manner in which they have i)erformed their onerous duties." 

41. " That the best thanks of the C<mference be given to the President, Ml 
Langlcr, for his able conduct in the chair." 


JTw* Vice-President, 

R, Sykes, (Finsbuiy and City) 

R. Wild, B.A., (East London) , 

J.Russell (Greenwich) 1 Withdrawn 
A. J^ark, (Ashton) J 

For Ti'easurer. 

6,400 votes Celected). 


R. Greenwood, (South^ 


) ••• ... 

... ••• 


•• • 


For Executive, 

J. W. Grove 



5,626 1 H. Maidment ... 


•• • 



E. B. Lethbridge ... 




J. Russell 


•• • 

• a • 


J. H. Devonshire ... 




G. Girling 


« • . 



T. N. Day ..r ... 




T. R. Pitt, B.A. 



• a • 


J. Scotson .*• .•• 




H. Clark 


.. • 

• . • 


R. Wild,B.A 




C. Wilson 


•. • 

• •• 

3,1 1» 

W. Bagot 




G. Hamilton ... 

.• • 

.. • 

• ■• 


J. J. Graves 




G. J. Sneath ... 



• •• 


E. W. Moore, M.A. 

.. I 

•• . 


C. Smith 



• •• 


S. B. Tait 




W. Crowther .,. 





AV. Gardner 




J. J. Cutler . . 



• •■ 


H. J. Moore 



3 C 

3,767 T. Baldwin ... 




• •• 






... ... ... ••• 

5,110 votes 



« • 

... ... ... ««« 





••• ■•• ••• «(« 





••• • 

■• ••• ••• 






"o the Honourable the EAKL SPENCKR, K.G.. Lord President of the 
moil, to the Right Honourable ANTHONY JOHN MUNDKLLA, M.r., 
;e-President, and the Lords of the Committee of Council, on Education , 

Th.e Humble Mem^Hal of the Eifccvt'tve of the JVatmnal Union 
of Elementary Teachers, 


That your Memorialists have observed with concern some of the 
nges introduced into the Code of 1880 by your Lordships' pedecessors in 


That, after a careful examination of the proposed changes, and 

view of a probable re-issue of the Code, your Memorialists submit the 

owing recommendations to your Lordships' consideration, in the hope that 

opinions of those who are practically acquainted with school work may have 

le influence upon your Lordship's decisions. 


k.rt. 3 {a). That this limitation of School a^e be abandoned, and that contained in the 
Code for 1879 be still maintained. 

Your Memorialists believe that no good but harm would result from the 
proposed change, and that no artificial limit of this kind should be set up. 
The social circumstances of the children, and the shortness of their period of 
School life, already impose more than a sufiUcient limit on the amount of 
Education they can obtain. 

Vrt. 4. and Footnote. — That the footnote be omitted, and that Art. 4 should read as 
follows: — "An Elementary School is a school or department of a school 
at which Elementary Education is the principal part of the Education given 
there, and does not include any school at which the ordinary payments, in 
respect of the instruction exceed an average of ninepence per week per 
scholar. The School fee must cover all the instruction given in the school 
during ordinary School hours. 

Your Memorialists are of opinion that the 10 per cent, limit will seriously 
im(>air, and probably destroy many of the best Voluntary Schools in the country 
which are enabled by charging a high fee at one end of the school, to charge 
a low one at the other end, though the average fee does not reach ninepence. 
They also believe that the proposed change will not prevent the middle 
classes making use of state-aided schools, at least to the same extent as a 
present, as they cannot obtain the same educational advantages elsewhere. 
The effect of tne change will therefore be to reduce the amount received in 
the form of school fees. 

Art. 15. (^.)— That all words after "employed'* in line 2 omitted. Your Memorialists 
regard Art. 17 <^ as a sumcient check in this direction. 

\rt 19. A. (2.) — That " Singing from Notes" be made a " Specific " subject and paid for 
under Schedule IV. 

Your Memorialist3 respectfully submit that " Singing from Notes " should not 
be expected from children in Infant schools, and that the grant on attendance 
should not be merged into that for teaching a special subject. Your 
Memorialists also respectfully ask that no increase be made in the number of 
special examinations which are already too numerous, and often K\.v\d«t x«.-»\ 
educational progress. 


5. Art. 19, C (1).— That all words after "year" in line 7 be omitted, in order to add the 

woiUs "according to a graduated scheme in Schedule VI," 

The teaching of these subjects cannot in all cases be best done through 
Reading Les>ons. Your Memoriali>ts think that a Graduated Scheme shomd 
be inseited as anew Schedule iti the Code, and thuspreveni the variety of 
Standards in diflferent Inspcctorft' Districts. They also believe that a 
consideiable number of Her Majesty's Inspectors have not sufficient 
acquaintance with either the art or practice of teaching to qualify them to 
report on the *' schemes" submitted to them for approval. The Schednie 
having been in the Code, your Memorialists pray that teachers may be left to 
select their own methods and means of teaching the subjects. 

6. Art. 19. C. 6. — That Art 19. C. 6, sliould be removed from the Code. 

Your Memorialists have from the first appearance of this Art. pointed out that 
it is wron^ in principle incompatible with the idea of payment for results, and 
unfair in its operation in poor ana small schools. They, therefore, do not 
here repeat the points urged in the memorials presented to your predecessors 
in former years, but respectfully ask 3'our Lordships to remove this artide 
from the Code. 

7. Art. 20. A. (i) and 2c. A. (2.)--That Art. 20. A. (i) be abolished, and that the words 

*' in other Districts" be oniiited from Art. 20 A. (2)— The v^hole Artide 
then to read as follows : — "(A) Being 10 years of age or upwards, are 
certified by the Managers, Sec, ike." 

Your Memorialists are of opinion that the time has come when the operatieo 
of ccmi^ulsion should be unifoim in all districts, and equal for all i^inds of 
schools in the same district I'hey believe the ubove recommendation wonld 
if adopted act towards this end, and would at the same time afford proptf 
facilities for half time instiuction. 

8. Art. 21, (<».)— That any scholar who fails in any stage of a specific subject may be 

presented again in the same stage. 
The advantage of this amendment is obvious. ITie principle is already 
recognised under Art. 20. (d.), and applies with greater force to the advanced 
subjects under Shedule IV. 

9. Art. 25.— That the alteration of age limit to "15" be not enforced. See also reoHn- 

mendation i. supra. 

10. Art. 28. ^Grammar^. — That "personal pronouns " be omitted from Standard III. and 

that the requirements in Standard IV be ** to point out the parts of speedi 
in a simple sentence." 

Your Memorialists approve of the addition of "verbs" in Standard II., 00 
the supposition that Her Majesty's Inspectors will not require more than the 
pointing ojtt of the nouns and verbs. Your Memorialists are informed that 
some Inspectors require Standard II. to parse the nouns fully, but if this be 
your Lordship's intention, the verb should be omitted. 

11. Third Schedule. Needlework. 

That t' e Third Schedule imposes aa undue strain upon the Teachers and 
Scholars in Girls' and Infants' Schools and that the amended Form of 
Schedule III. appended to this Memorial should be substituted or that now 
in force. (See infra.) 

Your Memorialists again respectfully ur^e your Lordships to adopt a moi« 
reasonable Standard for needlework in Girls' and Infants' i-'chools. Though 
the Schedule was designe«i to regulate the instruction in needlework when 
taken as a Class subject, it is now enforced by some Inspectors wlien 
ascertaining that Art. 17 <J) is complied with. Your Memorialists think that 
the requirements are too stringent under either Article, and that the amended 
form of ^chedule III., now submitted is as difficult as can be attained with 
due regard to the proper instruction in other subjects. 

Your Memorialists desire to express their cardial approval of the proposed 
changes in Art. ly. B. (3), Art. 19 C. (7), Art. 47 (<5.» i and 2, Art. 70 ig.) and 
(h) and Footnote to Art. 113. [b). They make the above recommendations as 


supplementary to those contained in their ^lemorial of the loth day of 
January 1880, except st) fai as the present Memorial covers ihe same ground, 
and as *' modified" by the alterations in the Code for iSbo. 

And your Memorialists do ever pray. 

Signed, on behalf of, and by ) Ci. J. RANKILOR, President. 

order of the Executive of I JOHN R. LANGLER, B.A., Vice-PresidenU 

the National Union of > JOHN WILLIAM GROVE, Ex-PresidenU 

Klementary Teachers, this RICHARD GREENWOOD, Treasurer. 

24th day of May 1880. J THOMAS EDMUND HELLER, Secretary, 


A DEPUTATION consisting- of the officers of the National Union of 

!Klementiiry Teticliei*s had an inter\ iew with Mr. Mundella, Vice-President of 

. tlic Counulttec of Council on l^xincation, at Whitehall, on Saturday, the 18th 

> of December, 188(». for the ])urix)se of presenting the following Memorial on 

■ the Amcnduient of the (.\xle : — 

;^ To the Right Honourable the Earl JSpencer, K.G.. Lord President of the 
" Council ; to the Higlit llonourabie A. J. Mundella, M.P., Vice-President ; and 
'^ the Lords of the Committee of Council on Eilucation. 
~^ The Humble Memorial of the National Union of Elcmentaiy Teachers. 

^> 1 . That during the autumn of the present year your Memorialists have care- 
^ fully considered the conditions laid down in the Education Code for tlio 
.,• distribution of the Pntliamcntnrj' Grant to Schools with the view of 
\ suggesting such amendments as will, in their opinion, improve the instruction 
X given in Klcmentary Schools and advance education throughout the countr}-. 
\ 2. That your Memorialists, in submitting their recommendations, desiix) 
^\ most resijcctfully to state that they would gladly have based their suggestions 
\ on purely educational ])rinciples, and thrown aside entirely the objectionable 
i system of percentages, had they felt it practicable suddenly to alter or abolish 
J the administrative system which has been developed during the last eighteen 
■' veal's. The recommendations are, therefore, regarded as a compromise between 
a purely educational Code and the so-called system of payment by results as 
atbninistered under the present Code. 

3. That your ^Memoiialists are of opinion that the existing Code unduly 
^; encourages mere mechanical instruction at the expense of real intellectual 
; training ; that it jilaces unnecessary and vexatious hindrances in the way of 
'' bright and caj able scholars, while it unduly oppresses and forces those who 
i are naturally dull and stupid ; and that it also produces much waste of 
^, valuable teaching force by impowing difficulties and restrictions on the proper 
^ progress and classntication of the scholars, and renders impossible the proj^er 
f. organisation of the schools. 




4. That your Memorialist?* have, for the past ten years, consistently stated ta 
your lonl>hips opinions in accorclaiu'c with those now advanced, but that daring 
the pre><Mit year tlic of»inion? of tli(«sc actnally engaged in the work of teaching 
have U-(.n <|jeci:illy collected. The net result of this inquirj- is embodied in 
the rccoiiiinenilations now submitted, and may \)C taken as fairly representing 
the opiiii(»ns of a majority of the mem[x.*rs of the National Union of 
Klementsiry Teacher-^. Your Memorialists wouhl further point out to yom 
lord^hi]!- fhsu U't'on* finally adopting tlieir rcconmiembitions they submitted 
tin- propz-aN to u (*<)nferen<v of School Managers. Meml)ersof School Boardji, 
SlwKil Ii!-»jH"ctor>. and others interested in the work of Elementary Kdncation, 
and fluit thi> Conference, while not committing itself to all the details of the 
scheme. exiircs>ed a general appmval of the suggestions and of the spirit in 
which they were made. 

o. That your Memorialists are of opinion that by abolishing the payment 
j)4'}' paxx. and by substituting a payment on the average attendance according 
to the success at the annual examination, a great evil of the present system 
will l»e reduced, while at the same time the area of good instruction will be 
extended. Your Memorialists are also of opinion that while abolishing the 
imyment peri)ass. the individual examination of scholars and the return of the 
examination schedule should be maintained in OKler to secure thoroughness of 
instruction and insi)ecti()n, and to preserve a record of the result. Your 
^Memorialists also respectfully ask that their recommendations affecting the 
priTurii)le on which the Kducation Grant is administered may ^ye con.sidered 
as inter-related with each other, and that they should be allowed to stand or 
fall together. 

(I. That whatever changes may be made in the Code, your Memorialists also 
are of o]iinion that in the interest of Educaticjn the amount of aid now given 
to Public Elementary Schools out of the imix^rial exchequer should not be 
reduced, and that the amounts now obtainable by small sch<x)ls (necessarily 
morc expensive in working) should if possible Vkj increased, particularly in 
rural and half-time districts. 

7. That your Memorialists earnestly desire to secure greater liberty in 
teaching, more elasticity in the organisation of their schools, and full power to 
classify the scholars according to their attainments. Theyljclieve that if these 
j)oints were conceded many §cliolars would reach the highest standards more 
rapidly, while others would not be forced forward Ixiyond their natural rate of 
mental progress. 

8. That your Memorialists respectfully urge upon the Education Department 
and also upon Her Majesty's Government tlie importance of placing upon a 
scmnd educational and economical basis the ]n-oper supply of duly qualified 
teachers. They are of opinion that as the disturbing influence of the 
Education Act of 1870 has passed will not be again necessary for the 
Department to lower the standard of examination for the certificate, to sanction 
so large a proportion of Pupil Teachers, nor to grant provisional or other 
certiticates without examinations. 

9. That your AFcmorialists observe with deep regret the insufficiency of the 
amount now gmnted for the purpose of teachers' pensions, and they humbly 
pray that in order to secure an honourable fulfilment of the promises given to 
the teachers who entered the profession before 1862, and to preserve a deserving 

body of public servants, who have borne the brunt of the educational battle, 
from want and penury in their old age, Parliament should be asked to enlarge 
the annaal sum now voted. 


J. Th&t the ^yment^er /ass be abolished ia Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, but 
retained for the Specific subjectb. 

2. That separate grants be made foi Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, according to the 
proportion of passes in each of tkese subjects (Sec. 3), but that a higher rate of grant be 
'allowed in respect of all scholars presented under Act. 20. 

8. That a graduated scale be arranged by wbich the maximum grai?t in each subject be 
obtained if 75 per cent, of the scholars pass the required examination, and that reduced 
grants be paid tn cases where 70, 65, 60, 55, 60, 46, 40, 35, and 30 per cent, respectively are 

4. That the present granty<7r average attendance be retained. 

5. That the individual examination of scholars in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, and 
the use of the Examination Schedule be retained. 

6. That all scholars who have attended the school 250 times must be presented for 
examination, and that the managers way present any others who have been on the roll of 
the sehoel for a period of not less than four months. 

[The above recommendations refer to a change of principle and ihould be considered 

7. That under Art. 19 C. I the Class Subjects. Geography, History, *c,, shoulil be 
examined according to a graduated scheme laid down in the Code and not according to 
varying schemes approved by the Inspectors in different districts^ and that it shouid not be 
required to teach these subjects through reading lessons. 

8. That Art. 19. C. 6 be abolished. 

9. Higher Sttbjects in Night Softool. — That scholars in night schools should be permitted 
'- to earn grants in the class and specific subjects, and that to encoorago these kchools the 
, granty^r the average attendance should be increased. 

10. Art. 28— That Art 28 be amended as follows:— 

{a.) In foot-note respecting reading omit the words **or three" from line four, 
, sod substitute " Standard. II." for *' Standard I." in line one. 

{b.)StandaraIl^., fVriting —ThaA the words "o! prose" be substituted after "lines," 
^ the words " used Id the school " after the words "reading books," and the paragraph ** N . B," 
• (Standard V. and VI,) be omitted. 

' (c.) Arithfnetic—ThBkt " three figures " be substituted for *' four figures " in Standard I. : 
[ the worrts**of mobey and of "inserted after the word •* reduction" in Standard IV , and 
: the words ''only such as are xealJy useful^ such as" and the last clause of footnote :{: be 
^ omitted. 

(d) Gram war. —Omit "personal pronouns " from Standard III., and substitute "to 
' point out the parts of speech in " lor ' ' parsing of " in Standard IV . 

Jl. Art. 29 ^.— That in Art 29 b the word ' any" be substituted for *' more than." 

12. Training Pupil Teachers. — That candidates for pupil-teachership'* be required to 

rs the feixth Standard or some equivalent examination, and to give proof of theii ability 
teach and manage a class. If a candidate has parsed the Sixtti standard no < ther 
examination, except that to prove aptitude for teaching, shall bd required for admission 
as a pupil teacher. 

13. Schedule /.—That with respect to Schedule I :— 

[a) Schools should present all their pupil teachers for the same »tagein geography 
' history, and domestic economy, provided the stas;e& be taken in successive years. 

[b) A selection from seme recognised prose author and a selection in verse should be 
prescribec each year by the Education Department, and the reading, recitation, and 
examples for parsin^r and analysis for all the years of apprenticeship should be taken from 

' these selections, and the questions should be graduated in difficulty, according to the 
. year of apprenticeship. 

[c) That the "Sources and Growth of the English Language " be spread over the last 
. two years of the apprenticeship, and that the line of division of the puriods in this sub- 
ject be made at the end of Elizabeth's reign. 

:• {d) That the Saxon, -Latin, and Greek prefixes and affixes be taken in the first vear, 
- Saxon roofs in the second, tAtin roots in the third, and Greek roots In the fourth year cC 

apprenticeship, * 
r * The roots to be those of words in comxaou \xs*. 



(e) Nisiryry.— To be amended m foUowg :— 

First jtagc— Outlines of English History from B.C. 55 to a.d. ]0(S€. 

Hecond „ ,. „ „ „ a.d. 1166 lo 1485. 

Tiird „ ,, „ ,, ,. 1484 to 1688. 

Fourth ,, ,, ,, ,, „ 1688 to the present time 

(/) Geography.— To be amended as follows :— 

First Year.— British Isles. (Maps to be dr^wn in this and following years } 

."econd Year. - Tho Coloni"8 nnd Stage I. (Physical Cjkjography). eichedale I. 

Third Year.— Europe and 4sia j-nd > age II. (Physical Gergraphy;, Schedule lY, 

Fourth Ye'^r.~ Africa arid Ameiic-iandiStagelll (rhysical Geography) SchedoklY. 

14. That a cluu^ie be iase ted in the Code providin:; that «i<y teacher chari:e4 witb n^f 
oflTence O' ixe^uaits f>h:iU be fully info<med of the character and terms of tbe cha^ 
befoe the Ciseis coosideredby the £ducatioa Department, >«nd thut >ach teac er shall be 
ki'owed to 'tpptt'tr in person, or by a lepresen'ative, prior to any decision oeinggiT^bj 
the Depart mfut. 

15. That a second examination be allowed in cases involving a material loasof gnst 
or seriously affecting the charicte' or piofessiunal stntuA of the teacher, and Ihtt thi 
niauag rs and teachers be a lowed the presence of a skil ed lepresentative at such second 
iubp ction. 

1 6. That teachers who have passed successfully the pap>ers of the first year be per- 
mi ted to p' esent themselves for exaaiiaatioa in tlie papers of the second year ; and thit 
ttfuchers clashed iu divisions below the "flrst" be permitted to raise their position I7 
re.( xaminatton. 

17. Art$. 69, 59 {a) and 59 {b) — Th»t the whole of ihes« articies be abolished. 

18. Art. 118— that hiI test icthin* and conditions on the granting of pensions not 
contained in the original miDUtos be removed f<om Art. 118, and that Parliament be 
»S'%ed to increase the xnnua^ vo e tor teachers' pensions. 

10. That the following Schedule (needlework) be ^ubmitted for the Third Schedule of 
the Code ot 1680; — 

Third ScJudule. — Needleivcrk. 
No i^pecial qualifications in Necdlewoik uie required from children under six years of 
age, excei't KXjrcisjc in i^ositlon d iil. 

The work printed in italics is optional 
Preliminary Stage [For Infants' ScliooUi). 
Pewing (without telling) ; hemming on st ings [*/»*//>*] with coloured cottons t any garment 
which can be completed with these aiitchcH. 

First Stack. 
Simple hemming on strips with colou'ed cottons: eewing ; to fix a hem; any garment 
which can be completed with these etiiches ; knitting (two needles) short strips. 

Second Stage. 
Hemming : seaming ; felling ; any garment which can be made with these Stitches. 
Knitting a etiip (two needle -y plain and purled rows alternately. 

Third Sta(;e. 
The work of previous stage* \vith greater ^kill ; pleating; stitching; sewing on strings 
any garment which can be made with these Stitches. 

Knitting (four needles) : plain and purl rowi alternately. Wristlets or mufTatees. 

Fourth Stage. 
The work of previous stages with greater skill ; pleating, gathering, stroking, and setting 
in ; darning and marliir.g on canvas : Jwrring-boning ; sewing on buttons ; any garment which 
can be made showing the above ttitches. 

Knitting ^.four needle*) : a child's plain sock. 

Fifth Stage. 
The work of previous stages with greater skill ; tucks run ; herringboning ; button-holing; 
marring on coarse material ; plain darning and /rt/tr/////"-; any garment which can be made 
showing the above stitches. 

knutin^ '/our needles) a ribbed stocking. 
(Jutting a child's pinafore in paper. 

Sixth Stage. 
1 he work of previous stages witli greater skill ; darning and patching garments [calico and 
fJanntl\ \ marking : whippmg and sewing on frills. 

Knitting a boy's '* knicke' bocker " stocking, or a ribbed Stocking. 

Cutting out in pav>er an in'ant's fiist "hiit, achild's petticoat, <7r chemise. 

^Not les» than M\vi hour and a lialf will be allowed fur work on the day uf eAamination.] 


N.B. — Scholars attending under Article 20 (half-timers) need not be presented in Needle- 
■work under Article 19 C. 2, in Stages V. and VI. 

20. That as bye-laws are now or are to be universally adopt«d, the use of the Child's School 
Book rhould be abolished. 

Your Mcmoriulists hnmbly pray that your lordships when revising the 
existing Code will take into considemtion the new principles contained in or 
affected by Recommendations 1 to 6 inclusive, and the various other suggestions 
contained in this ^Icmorial. They believe that if the recommendations be 
adopted a great im))rovemcnt would take place in the education given in 
Klementary Schrols, and that the way wonld be prepared for introdncing a Code 
-which would bring the administrative duties of the Education Department more 
completely into hannony with the educational requirements of the country. 

Signed on behalf of the ( G. J. Kankilor, President. 

National Union of \ J. R. Langler, B.A., Vice-President. 

Elementar}' Teachers < J. W. Grovhe, Ex-President, 

this 18th dliy of Dec, 1 R. Greenwood, Treasurer. 

1880. [ T. E. Heller, Secretary. 



To the CHAIRMAN, VICE-CHAIRMAN, and MEMBERS of the School 

Board for London. 

The Memorial of tlie Excctitivc of the National Union of Elementary 


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

1. — Your Memorialists representing the Elementary Teachers of 
England and Wales, approach your Honourable Board on a subject of the most 
vital importance to the welfare of Elementary Schools, viz.. Corporal Punish- 

2. — Your Memorialists *in the year 1878 forwarded to the Board a 
" Memorandum " on this subject, and drew attention to it in the public prcss. 
A copy of this ^lemorandum is again respectfully submitted for the infonna- 
tion of the Board as an Appendix to this Memorial. (See Appendix.) 

3. — It has generally been acknowledged that under the Common Law of 
England, the teacher has the same power of •' restraint and cori-ection '' during 
the time he is in loco parentis, as the parent himself, and until the Regulations 
of the Board on Corporal l*unishment were issued, this position remained un- 
disturbtHl. In ]>roof of the existence of this right the following extracts from 
" Blackstone " are given : — 

*' Concerning the Parent. — He may lawfully correct the child being under age, in a 
reasonable manner, for this is for the benefit of his education." 

' * Concerning the Sckoolmaster.— He" (the parent) * ' may also delegate part of his parental 
authority during his life to the tutor or schoolmaster of his child, w4io is then /« loeo 
parentis^ and has such a portion of the power of the parent committed to his charge, viz. . 
that of restraint and correction, as may be necessary, to answer the purpose for which he 
is employed," 


4.— Y'our Memorialists are aware tliat the cuforccment of oompnli^Hj 
attendance at school is said to have introduced a new clement into the rcIatioDi 
between Teachers and Pupils, but they do not admit tliat any legal change 
has lx?en ctTccted in these relations by the exercise of the compalA»ory pdwersof 
the Board. 

5. — Your Memorialists arc of opinion that the Kcgnlations of the Board 
seriously impair that power of •• corrt»cti(m and restraint " recognised by law as 
necesMiry m the management of childivn. and they believe that the interprets 
ti(m j)ut u}jon the law and the IJoard's Hegulatitms by fiome magistrates, tends 
to greatly weaken the hands of those who arc resjxmsible for the proper govern- 
ment of schools. Your Memorialists believe that the law relating to ai^sanlt 
provides a sufficient check on any tendency to licence in the matter of corporal 

<». — Your Memorialists are of opinion that the Regulations requiring that 
])unishment should l)c deferred until after schf)olhours, places the teacher in a 
false iK)sition. as he cannot then \hi said to stand i/i htco paretvtis, andhe wonld 
thus lie exiK)sed to the action of the law for carrying out the Regulation. The 
Regulation is also considered inexi)edient for the following reasons : 
(/y) Because it deprives punishment of its deterent effect. 

(b) Because the prolonged mental strain is injurious to the fearful 
and sensitive, while it is hardening and demoralising to the careless and 

(c) Because the postjxinement of punishment renders its infliction 
uncertain and unequal, and7;/v; tunto, ineffective and unjust. 

7. The interference of the Board with the discretion of the teacher has 
induced some magistrates to give to the School Board Regulations the force of 
law. As a result several teachers in the employ of the Board have been sum- 
moned and fined for the conscientious exercise of a power, which from time 
inmiemorial has been entrusted to them. Your Memorialists cannot believe 
that it is the desire or the intention of the Board to deprive their teachers of 
the ultimate powers t)f disci])line, and to expose them to continual litigation, 
tines, and imprisonment, for exercising a necessary function of their calling. 

8. — Y''our Memorialists most respectfully jwint out that as long as these 
limitations of the power of the teacher are maintained, the slightest chastise- 
ment maybe construed as a technical assault, and, acc<3rding to a recent magis- 
terial decision, even the omission to record an inconsiderable punishment has 
exjKJsed the teacher to such a charge, and subjected her to a line for the 

9. — Your Memorialists observe that the Managers of Voluntary Schools 
have not found it necessary to interfere with and to abridge the power of 
Teachers in the matter, and they are of opinion that if the '* Regulations " were 
generally operative, the result would be calamitous to Education, for, as dis- 
cipline would be undermined, the instruction must be deteriorated, and the 
month' of the schools seriously damaged. 

10. — Your Memoriiilists are of o})inion that the difficulties now felt in 
Board tSchooIs are nearly abser.t from olher schools, since no Regulations can 
be quoted by Magistrates as law in resj»c(t of such •sch(K)ls. These regulations 
have thus cri])pled the hands of your teachers, and have produced a state of 
things aliuoot intolerable to many of thcin, particularly to the female teochen, 


ho, by their natural dread of public prosecution, are more frequently expofetod 
> the attacks of unthinking and unreasonable jmrents. 

11. Your Memorialists think that the Board's liegulations create the 
jry difficulty they were intended to remove, and render necessary a much 
rger amount of corix)ral punishment than would otherwise be required. The 
egulations are of such an impracticable character that they cannot be, and 
•e not, earned out in their entirety. Board School Teachers are thus placed 

an equivocal ix)sition, which they deem to be unjustiiiable, and from which 
icy desire to be sixjcdily released. That this is the case is shown by the 
llowing i*esolutions recently passed by the Metropolitan Board Teachers* 

(tf) " This Associaticm begs to call the attention of the London 
School Board to the anomalous position occupied by any of their Teachers 
who may happen to be brought before a magistrate on the question of ' 
cor|)oral punishment, in consequence of the Board's Regulations being 
accepted m many places as equally binding with common law. although 
directly opposed to it." 

(b) " This Association begs respectfully to call the attention of the 
London School Bc/ard to the fact, that it has been found utterly impossible 
to carry out the corjwral punishment regulations consistently with the 
maintenance of efficiency and discipline as demanded by the Depart- 

12. Your Memonalists for these reasons, and because the action of your 
onourable Board so largely influences other School Boards in the country, 
Lmestly and resjxictf ully ask tliat such changes may be made in your Regula- 
ons respecting corporal punishment as may (</) Enable the teachers to main- 
,in the projier discipline of the schools, (b) Relievo them from the anomalous 
1(1 irksome position in which they now stand, (c) Reduce. the amount of 
>rporal and other punishments now inflicted, and {d) Give protection to your 
rvants in the performance of a difficult, but necessary, portion of their 

Signed on belialf of, and by '^ r^ t i3 vxtt-tt /m3 tx. 'j j. 

order or, ,tne Executive oil tut *x^nTT.>T> t> a rr* n w^* 

the National Union of Ele- \ J' S^^A,?v^^\^p " Jf^'f'''''^'^^' 

mentary Teachers, Novem- ( l' ^i.^^^Xr^/ir^r^^''^'^ 

bcr 15th, 1880. ) ^^' ^KLENWOOD, Trc^uurer. 


The Executive of the National Union of Elementary Teachers have obser- 
Bd with anxiety and concern the mode in which the subject of Corporal 
unishment in Schools has been dealt with by the London and other School 
loards, by writers in the public press, and by some of the parents of scholars 
ttcnding Public Elementary Schools. It appears to be assumed that an undue 
mount of such punishment is inflicted by teachers ; that it is inflicted in an 
liproper manner, and that it is excessively severe in its character. On behalf 
f the teachers of the country, the l^^xecutive deny absolutely the accuracy of 
icae assumptions, and protect against the slur which is thus cast upon an 


houonmble profession. The ordinary punishments in Public Kleraentair 
Schools l)ear no comparison with those inflicted in Upper and Middle Ojw 
{Schools, and ccmsist, in most instances, of a single stroke from a small cane. 
Teachers regard the infliction of corporal punishment as tlie most distasteful of 
aU their duties, and they would willingly abolish it if the government of their 
Schools and the education of their scholars would not be thereby endant^red 
They believe that cases will continually arise requiring the use of the rod. and 
that on general grounds it would be unwise to banish it from schools. Thct 
affirm with confldence that in schools where its use is certain and j udicions, the 
least amount of punishment exists, and the best tone and conduct are to be 
found. All government rests ultimately on the j)rinciple of force, and the 
management of a school is no exception to this rule. The Kxecutive are of 
opinion that where the right of the head teacher to inflict corporal punishment 
is withheld or restricted, a larger amount of punishment is thereby rendered 
necessarj^ and that this is often of a more objectionable characi;er. Other 
forms of punishment are substituted, and the jKitty tasks and innumerable 
rebukes which too frequently take its placre, warp the character, weaken th« 
energies, and destroy the aspirations of the scholars. 

This Executive, therefore, state in the intci'ests of the children of the 

1. That while the infliction of cor]x>ral punishment should be reduced to & 

wi/mw WW, it is neither advisable nor possible to exclude it entirely 
from Public Elementary Schools. 

2. That School Boards and School Managers should leave the time and 

manner of inflicting corporal punishment to the Head Teachers, who 
should be resp<msibTe for its proper administration. 

3. That as the teacher is amenable to the law for any excessive or unwar- 

ranted punishment, regulations, such as those recently adopted by the 
School Board for London, are unnecessary, and serve only to en- 
courage an opposition, on the part of some parents, to proper discip- 
line and restraint. 

4. That under restraints, such as thovse adopted by several School Boards, 

the discipline and education of the schools will be seriously endan- 
gered, and for the pui'pose of discipline alone the employment of a 
largely-increased staff of adult teachers will be rendered necessarv. 
The Executive are aware that any expression on the part of teachers 
respecting corporal punishment may be misunderstood, and probably will be 
misrepresented. They are not, however, deterred by this consideration from 
raising their voice against the sentimental theories of those, who neither know 
the necessities of school work nor understand the nature and amount of the 
punishment which is inflicted in Public Elementary Schools. Thev ol>sene 
Avitli satisfaction ttiat most of the sunnnonscs against 'teachers have been dis- 
missed as frivolous : but they think it unfair that in such cases teacliers 'should 
be put to considerable expeuse in order to defend the performance of their duty. 
Standing in loco parents, the teacher claims by the conmion law of England 
the right to administer corporal punishment, where necessary, in a proper 
manner, and to a reasonable extent. 






CircuJar to Local AsHociat'wyiit. 

7, Adam Street, Adelphi, W.C, 
March 13th, 1880. 

Detir Sir. — The diHsolution of Pari iamcnt has liecn announced,and the General 
TClectioTi is at hand. The Executive are of opinion that in the interests of 
education, all teachers shouUl take an active share in the present contest, and 
fcihoukl make provision for placing before Cantlidates — (1) a statement of some 
of the principles upon which the successful progress of education depends, 
and (2) the points of educational refonn suggested by the Public Elementary- 
Teachers of the country. 

Frofn a careful consideration of the events of the past two years, the 
"Kxecutive have some reason to fear that education is in danger. Under tho 
plea of Economy, there is some probability that a reduction of the Education 
Grant may be pr6posed, and that the schools and their teachers may 
consequently Ijc materially and adversely affected. Ivnowing the general desire 
which exists for fuither educational progress, the Executive believe that if 
Canelidates for I'arliamcntary honours Ije thoroughly informed of the gravity 
of the })resent crisis, the anticipated evil consequences may be averted. The 
Kxecutive. therefore, urge upon you the necessity of immediate action in this 
luattcr. and they call upon the teachers in your district to organize themselves 
into a conqmct lx>dy, acting in accord with their brethren in other parts of 
tbc country, for the defence of such an education as the commercial and 
jM)litical necessities of the countiy require. In doing this, it is hoixid that 
party divisions will be avoided, and that, whatever party views may be held by 
individual teachers, the corporate action of the Association maybe purely of an 
etUiciitional character. 

You arc therefore requested to ari-ange that Deputations should wait upon 
each ('andidate in your borough and county, and that you should bring 
prominently under their notice as many of the following points as you deem 
advisable : — 

I. — 77//? nrctxniftj of mn'tntainlnff an efficient edv cation for tlie inaaaent, 
Jn urging this point, the following arguments might be stated; • — 

1. The power of education as a moral and intellectual lever. 

2. The necessity of an intelligent artizan population, in view of 

the fomiidable foreign competition in tratle and commerce. 

3. The necessity of keeping the nation on a level with other 

countries in culture and scientific pursuits. 

\. The importance of an educated people, in order to secure 
})()litical progress and stability. 

W,- That comfnihmn in edmatiott .should be uniccnsully uj/idicd, 

Jii rerercuce lu this, \ ou should point out : — 


1. The anomalies of indirect and partial compnbcion. 

2. The necesiiity of universal compaLsion, if a lai^ger per-centage 

of scholars in the higher >tandanl« is to be sccarecL 

3. The impracticability of Art. 19 C. G. of the Code of 1880. 

4. The beneficial e fleets of compulsion, if rigoronslj enforced, in 

diminishinjr juvenile crime. 

5. The impossibility of complying with the present demands for a 

better education, if the staff and pecuniar}- means are reduced. 
UL — The necfifjnttj tor onjanisid tjfurt to promott *tcandary tdturatioh. 

1. To enable clever and deserving children to carry on and 

complete the education Ijegun at the Elementary School, by 
means of Night Schools and Classes. 

2. To afford to the middle classes the same opportunities as the 

lower classes of a good and sound elementary edncation. 

3. The necessity for a more general establishment of scholarships, 

by which the poorer cla-^ses might avail themselveH of higher 

education in Graded ISchools. 
4. — l^ractical science, technical education, and modem languages 

might be taught in these Secondary Schools, which would thns 

facilitate the advance of scholars from the Elementary Schools 

to the Universities. 
5. The extension of the present Grants to Night Schools and 

Evening Classes. 

IV, — The exceitfire tvpphj of teacherg, 

1. Call attention to the present glut in our market by a reference 

to the statistics furnished in the memorial to the Department, 
presented by the National Union of Elementary Teachers (see 
Schoolmaster of March 13th. 1880). 

2. State the consequences of this excessive supply (see 2^Iemorial 

on Supply of Teachers) — (a) Students from Training 
Colleges out of emploj-ment ; (b) Reduction of teachers' 
salaries; (c) Consequent deterioration in the quality of 
3 Show that the Education Department interferes artificially with 
the operation of the principle of supply and demand 2^ applied 
to the teaiching profession. 

4. Show aL^o that the alternatioM from an over-supply of teachers 

to a deficiency produce such uncertainty in the prospects of the 
profession, that ultimately it will fail to attract and retain the 
most competent teachers. 

5. Remedies — (a) Increased employment of adult teachers, and 

diminution of the number of pupil teachers ; (h) Refusal to 
grant certificates except to ex-pHj)il teachers and to those who 
pass in second year's pa])ers ; (c) The abolition of the 
practice of granting certificates without examination. 

V. — The grantintj and endonemetit of eertilicates. 

1. Explain the necessity of a l*rofessional Diploma and of a 
Register uf Teachers of all Grades. 


2. Express the dissatisfaction felt at the present mode of granting 

certificates by the PMucation Department. 

3. Teachers of all grades should be united in a self-governed 


4. AH certificates should be granted by. a Representative 
Educational Council, and not by Government or a Government 

i>. Point out the injustice of an annual endorsement of certificates, 
and the inordinate power over the teachers wielded by Her 
Majesty's Insixjctors in consequence of this practice. 

VI. — Meam of appeal. 

1. Show that the relations of teachers to the Department are 

unsatisfactory, and in what respects. Questions affecting the 
personal character and professional reputation of teachers are 
now considered and adjudicated upon by the Education Depart- 
ment without open inquiry, and without adequate means of 
defence and explanation being afforded to the persons charged 
with irregularity. Private communications are received by the 
Department and forwarded to School Managers, often with the 
result of creating unfair prejudice against teachers. In- 
formation of this kind is not furnished to the persons most 
interested— viz., the teachers. 

You should therefore urge :— 

(a) That any teacher charged with an offence should be informed 

fully of the terms and nature of the charge, before the case is 

considered by the Department. 
(h) That, in such cases, the accused should be allowed to appear in 

person, or by a representative, to answer the charges, before 

any decision is taken by the Education Department. 
(c.) That an appeal should lie to some independent legal tribunal 

outside the JCducation Department. 

2. 2%e piihlicatlon of a Black lAH, — Is it legal 1 If legal, should 

not the above precautions be taken before any name is 
published ? Ask as to the possibility of an *' open " inquiry 
— i.e.^ not entirely within the Department. The same practice 
should be followed in disputes relating to inspection and to the 
cancelling and suspending of certificates. 

3. Point out that the Government have admitted the necessity for 

some means of appeal by last year asking for a Select 
Committee to inquire into the case of Mr. GoiTin. Show that 
many cases demand inquiry. 
In conclusion, pennit me to remind you that there are other important 
Ltters — important to teachers as a body — which might properly be brought 
Pore the Candidates, Among these are— (1) The evils of the so-called 
stem of payment by results ; (2) the simplification of the Code ; and (3) the 
cessity of an improved scheme of education. In your interviews with 
jmbers, do not attempt to cover too much ground, but be provided with 
pers giving the whole of the points enumerated above. The Executive do 
t advise you to press Candidates for definite pledges on these points ; but you 


arc requested to note earefully tlie replies {jiveii bv them, mid also ftiij' i»romi!»w 
which they may lie please*! to make. Jn iiiter\ie\vini;- C'oimty ^leiiibers, itmay 
Ih* well to act in conjuuctiou with the other ANSociations within ihe DiviMOU. 
1 have also to ask that no time l>e lost in eunmnmicatiiig" this ("inriilar to the 
jMembers of your Association, and that you will I' me witli a i"e|)ort of 
any interviews or communications with Candidates during the coming Election. 

I am, dear Sir, 

Yours very faithfully, 




Circular to L(kal Axaociat'Mtis. 

7, Aj)Aai STT?r:ET. Adklphi, W.C. 
.lum- 2lst., 1880. 
Dear Sir, 

Amendment of Code. — Yon are juohahly awarc that the present 
Government have issued a revised edition of the K<h;cation Cmle for 1880, and 
that it is now Inifore Parliament for consideration. Tiie i)eriod during whicJi 
action may he taken hv members of Parliament is short, extendinpj only to 
Eriday, July Dth ; 1 have therefore to itMjuest thai your Association will im- 
mediately communicate, hy deputation or lotter. with the Borough and Comity 
members of Parliament in your district, uskin«>- their supiM)rt to the following 
changes in the code as it now stands : — 

1. Art. 19, c. I. *' T/uit ail the loords after Ihf ivm'd ''year ' in line 7 be ounitedS^ 

The Executive cordially agree with the liberty of choice conceded in this alteratim 
of the Code, and also with the su.tjgestion that these lessons should be illustrated by 
maps, diagrams, specimens, t^c, but they ohjert entiiely 10 the power of interference 
with the methods of teaching implied in this Article, and they submit tliat it would be 
impos.jible properly to teach any given subject merely ///nwjf// '/•trtrt'//«^/fA'AV«j. More- 
over, reading-books do not at present contain the material on which systematic in- 
struction could be based, and, further, if they v. ere adapted to this kind of class teaching 
they would become, to a larga extent, useless lor the specific purpose of "teaching to 
read." It is thought better to urge that the methods and apparatus for teaching the class 
subjects should be left to the judgment and selection of the teachers. It may also be 
well to point out that in many cas^.s Inspectors will not be competciit (except officially) 
to approve the schemes submited to tiiem. 

2. Akt. 19, c. 6. '''' That this Article shvuld be abolished.^* 

The reasons for the proposed Amendment have been so often urged upon the 
Associations, that I need scarcely repeat them at length. The following may be mentioned 
for your guidance : — 

(a) The Article is inconsistent with any system of " Payment by results.** 

(b) Its te^ndency is to reduce the amount ot teaching in higher subjects, and to 
exclude it entirely from those schools which most require the extra grant. 

(c) Absence of one or two children from unavoidable causes on the day of 
examination, might cause the forfeiture of results of a whole year's work. 

(d) The present i-equirement (20 per cent.) will shut out a large number of 
schools in which now good teaching is given in these subjects. Over 20 per cent, of 
the scholars in Public Elementary Schools are now said to be in .Standards IV. to VI. 
but this statement is misleading and fallacious, as any excess in the best schools will 
not compensatfe for the deficiency in poor schools. 

(e) The Standard of effective compulsion has not yet reached " Standard IV.,'* 
yet 20 per cent, of scholars are now required to be in or above that Standard in order 
t« qualify for examination of the school in class subjects. 


, 3. Art. iZ.—GraviiTiar. 

The Executive have again ascertained that the intention of the Department respect- 
ing the grammar requirements in Standards II. and III. is that the words '* Point out the 
noun," &c., should he construed literally, 'and that full parsing of the " noun," &c., is 
not rec^uired. I shall be glad if you will make this known to your members, and that 
you will communicate officially to me any authenticated cases in which a different inter- 
pretation is put upon the clause by H. M. Inspector. 
Slcaiis of Appeal. — 1 take this opportunity of urging upon you the impor- 
tance of keeping your representatives in Parliament well informed on two 
other points which have heen previously brought under their notice, viz. : — 
(/z) the provision of some proper Means of A])peal, and (Ji) the position of the 
JPension Question. With respect to the former, it is manifest that notwith- 
standing the statements in Tarliaraent by the present and late Vice-Presidents 
of the Council, no adequate means of appeal exist against the decision of 
Inspectors, and of the Department itself. Many of the decisions now com- 
plained of may be just, but the facts, that the inquiry in each case is secret, is 
made in the absence of the person most interested, and generally on ex parte 
reports, create suspicicm, and render the present practice almost intolerable. 

Piumuiit. — On the subject of Pensions I have to state that the Executive 
are infonned that the whole amount voted by J^arliament is now appropriated, 
and that, in consequence, many of those to whom the jiromises were made are 
now i)ractically shut out from the chances of ])ensions, except as the present 
holders die oif. The Executive urge that in view of the fact that for thirteen 
yeai's the pensions were improperly withheld, tlie annual vote for the purpose 
should be enlarge^l. and they ask you to press tliis ujwn your representativcH. 

Dvti'ntwti of Ohilffrni hi School. — 1 am also directed to state that the 
]^3xecutivc have received from several quarters comjilaints of the injurious 
pressure upon scholars and touchers caujjed by tlie detention of children in 
8chof)l lieyond the usual school liours, for the jmrpose of making sjiecial pre- 
jmration for the various examinations to which they are now liable. The 
Kxecutive. after an anxious discussion on (his subject, and without tlesiring to 
interfere with tlie lil>crty of teachers to adopt their own i)lans and methods, 
agreed to <-he following resolution : — 

'• That, in the opuiion of this Executive, the practice of systematically detaining 

children in Schools be\ond the usual School-hours for the purpose of special preparation 

for examinations, is prejudicial to the physical and intellectual well-being of the scholars, 

and is to be condemned." 

Asking the immediate attention of yourself and of your Association to these 


I am. dear sir. 

Yours faithfully, 




Circnhir to Local A-sweiationa and JDistrict UnlanH, 

7, Adam Street. Adelphi, 

London. W.C, 
Dear Sir, May 2Sth, 1880, 

The attention of the Executive has recently been drawn to the 
apparent desire on the jart of a section of the press, of some public ibodies, 


and of certain members of the Legislature, to limit the amonnt and to ledooe 
the qnality of the education jriven in elementarj' schools. The expression of 
feeling, couplo^l with the chanjrcs iiitnMin(v<l into the Ktbication Cocie for 188(^1. 
induces the Kxecutive to a^k that the niemk'rs of your A>s<xriation ^lionM 
take the subject into consideration with a view to influencing pnblic opinion is 
your locality, anrl more jiarticnlarly that of the parent.** of the children 
attending jmblic elementar}- scho<»N. again>t any curtailment of the imbjects of 
instruction now taugrht in thc<e schtjols 


The Kxecutive take this course st)lely on public gnrounils. They believe 
that, in the intercuts of the countrj*. no retrogression in the matter of edncation 
should be for one moment tolerated. The moral, commercial, and political 
position of the nation demands that a sound, thorough, and practical edncatioD 
.should be within the reach of all classes of the community, and the Kxecutive 
are of o]>inion that to stint the amount of instruction now available in 
State-aided schools would be disastrous to the political stability of the State 
and to the social progress of the peo[»le. The Kxecutive are not nnmindful of 
the fact that the meagre statf and im[ierfect appliances in many schools render 
it difficult to attain the results required by some inspectors under the present 
Code ; but they do not allow this consideration to outweigh the importance 
of securing for the children in elementary schools &n complete an edncation as 
their circumstances and s«K'ial difficulties will permit. They believe that no 
artificial restrictions in the amount of education in these schools should be set 
np, a< a practical limit is imposed by the shortness of the period of school life 

I have therefore to request that you will take such steps as yon may deem 
desirable for the purpose of creating in your distiict such an opinion of the 
value of education a*! would, if similar steps be taken elsewhere, strengthen the 
hands of the Government in maintaining a lil»eral standard of edncation, and 
show to the ]>arents of children attending elementaiy «schools how directly 
their interests are bound up with this question. This may lie done by means 
of discussions in your association meetings, by public meetings in your 
district, and by the use of the press. You will tind apjieuded to this circular 
resolntioas suitable for such meetings. The Executive suggest that you 
should wait nixm the principal educationists of your neighbourhood, and 
induce then to take pait in the pn>pt>sed meetings, and, hanng secured this, 
that you should place the resolutions in their hands. Only in cases of 
emergency, and as supporters of the Resolutions, should the teachers appear, 
there being a tendency to supiK>se that in supporting a high standard of 
instruction teachers are beneficially interested. 

Kindly bring this circular lx»fore your committee and association as soon as 
possible. The Kxecutive will Ix* glad to receive at your earliest convenience a 
report of the action taken in reference to this subject. I am, dear Sir, yours 




To the Oj^i\'ri of Aii^onafUnis 
a ml Dhtrlct I 'n Unm. 


(Suggeitedfar use at Association arid Public Msetings,) 

JL That in the opinion of this Meeting the moral, commercial, and political 
interests of the nation demand that a eonnd, thorough, and practical 
education shonldbe within the reach of all classes of the community; and 
further, that to stint the amount of instruction now available in Public 
Elementary Schools would be disastrous to the political stability of 
the State, and to the social progress of the people. 

!!• That in the opinion of this Meeting no artificial restrictions on the 
amount of education given in PubUc Elementary Schools should be «et 
up, as the shortness of the period of school life, and the social 
circumstances of ^e scholars, impose a practical limit on such 

That copies of these Resolutions be sent to the Borough and County 
Members, and to the Education Department. 

That the Chairman be requested to sign, on behalf of the Meeting 
. Petitions to both Houses of Parliament, embodying Resolutions I. and II. 


CirGvlar Letter to the Associations in Union, 
. ' 7, Abam Street, Adelphi, W.C. 

Octolxyr 9th, 1880. 

I BfiAft Sib, 

At a recent meeting of the Executive of the National Union it was 
j tgreed that the attention of the Local Associations should bo drawn to the new 
impulse given to compulsion by the Education Act, 1880, by which the whole 
conntrY will be iiomediately brought under the operation of J&ye-laws enforcing 
oompulsory attendance at school. It is, therefore, my duty to ask you to place 
this circular before your Association at the earliest possible time, 
p. The importance of longer and more regular attendance at school is univer- 
^■',_ sally admitted to be necessary in order to obtain the higher educational results 
! now demanded by the country ; but, at the same time, the experience of the 
t past does not show that better and prolonged attendance is secured by the mere 
i- adoption of Bye-laws. '.There is reason to believe that in many instances 
Bye-laws are but fitfully and partially enforced, and that a con- 
^ siderable number of the Local Authorities but imperfectly perform their duties : 
and further, that the Education Department is anxious that compulsion should 
i be made really effective. The Executive think the iJepartnicut would be 
} disposed to regard Local Authorities which neglect to perform their duties as 
*. ** in default," and to exercise the power conferred on the Department b^ ^}cj^ 



Act of appointing new bodies to Rupersede those in default. It is also 
opinion of the Executive that no persons are so capable of forming a sc. 
0})inion on the work of compulsion in any district as the teachers of then^ 
lx)urhood,. and that in some way their influence ought to be brought to bear 
public opinion, with a view to making compulsion a reality. In other wffl 
they think that the teachers in any district ought to be a powerful means 
assisting the Education ]Jepartnicnt in giving practical effect to the law, 
they have reason to beleive that such assistance and co-operation would be 
by the Government. 

The question next arises how the influence of teachers on this subject 
best be exercised. The Executive are of opinion that it would be unwise. 
unfair to expect individual teachers to become in any sense "infonneB 
lodging complaints against the Local Authorities, but that, on .the other hi 
the IjOc&\ Assciations are bodies admirably adapted to watch and criticise 
working of compulsion in their respective districts, and to fnmish th/rough 
Natwnal Unwn valuable information to the Education Department. I ' 
therefore to request, on behalf of the Executive :— 

1. That the Association will immediately report the names of the LoeJ 

Authorities in the district, stating (a) whether Bye-laws have be*! 
adopted, and (&) in what manner they are enforced, and with whtf 

2. That the Association will (a^ watch closely, during the next two ye«n| 

the action of the Ix>cal Authorities, both in the districts already nndtfl 
Bye-laws and in the districts now coming under the operation of tbl 
new Act ; (h) record the results statistically and educationally ; aai 
(c) report regularly to the Executive. 

3. That in any case where the Local Authorities are not won 

effectively, a report of the facts and circumstances be at once L- 
wardcd to the' Executive, and steps taken by public meeting, or I 
, otherwise, to direct the attention of the public to the " default." 

In conclusion, allow me to point out that an impression has gained groimi| 
with the public that the school-life of each scholar had been lengthened byth' 
operation of compulsion during the past ten years, and that therefore higlwi 
results ought produced by the teachers. The inference would be fiurif 
the facts were correct ; but the Executive believe that, while large nnrnben 
have been driven into school, and the aggregate number under instruction htf 
been largely increased, it is doubtful whether the average length of time eadi 
scholar is under instruction has not decreased. Information and statistics oi 
this point would be most useful, as they might afford grounds for reducing tbi 
pressure upon teachers and scholars under existing circumstances. 

I am, dear Sir, 

Yours faithfully, 






"Return from the^ 

Teachers' Association. 

STcyra;. — This Return should reach the General Secretary not later than December 
31st, 1880. 

Name of Local Authorities in the 
district for enforcing attendance 
at school. 

Have these Local Authorities 
adopted Bye-Laws. 

, Are these Bye-Laws enforced? 
And, if so, by what means 1 

"With what results ? 

In the opinion of the Association, 
is the average school life longer 
or shorter now than in former 
years ? 

(If possible gi'we statistics.) 

Other information. 








Form XVI rnj] 

1. Xame of Association 

2. I >i strict Tnioii with which C()<l 

3. No. of members on Roll of Asso- 
ciation, Juno 24th, 1880 

4. No. of members who have paid 
Subscriptions for 1880 

5. How many Local Collectors engaged 
in securing Subscribers to the 

6. (fir) Name and address of Secretary 
of LocaI Boards of "Teachers' 
Benevolent Fund " 

(J) Name and address of Secretary 
of Local Agency of "Teachers' 
Provident Society" 

(<?) Name and address of ''Cor- 
responding member" of the 
Association on behalf of the 
*' Orphanage &c Orphan Fund." 

7. What are the special difficulties 
experienced in the work of the 

8. Do you recommend that any new 
Association should be formed in 
your neighbourhood? If so, 
please state where, and give the 
names and addresses of persons 
likely to assist in their formation 

9. Have aijy eliorts been made by 
your Association to establish 
other Branches of the Union, 
and if so, with what results? 

10. Do you approve of the centres 
suggested for your County in 
the list sent herewith ? li not 
state reasons ^ 

11. General Suggestions respecting 

the Work of 

(rtr) Local Associations 

(bS District Unions . ... 

N.D.- Please lilc herewith a Copy of the Rules of your Association. 

(Signed,) A'^ume. 






7, Apam Street, Adelphi, W.C, 

A'ugust 20th, 1880. 

Dear Sir, 

I am requefsted by the Executive to ask that the attention of your 
Association should be directed to the subject of the " Title of the Union," and 
to the proposal to apply for a Charter of Incorporation. It will probably 
be remembered that notices of motion on this subject have appeared on the 
Conference Agenda for the last three years, that some important correspond- 
ence with the Solicitor in reference to it was published in the Report for 1879 
(pages 173-175). 

The importance of securing a " legal status " for the Union has been felt for 
some years, and particularly so, since the failure of the Liverpool Association 
to recover from a contractor compensation for a serious loss caused by his 
negligence. During the past two yeai-s unsuccessful efforts have been 
made to register the Union under the Friendly Societies Act, and on appeal to 
the Treasury for permission to register under Sect. 8 of that Act as a 
•* Specially authorized Society " has just been refused. The Executive are about to 
reconsider the whole question, and they believe it would be advisable to deal 
-with the " Title of the Union " at the same time. They are therefore anxious 
to ascertain the general feeling of the members on the following points. : — 

1. Whether it is desirable to place the Union on a Legal I3asis. 

2. Whether supposing 1 is answered in tlie affirmative steps should be 

taken to register the Union under the Companies Act or to obtain 
a Charter of Incorporation. 

3. Whether in adopting either of the above causes, it would be desirable 

to change the *' Title of the Union." 
The early attention to this cireular, either by your committee or by the 
Association is earnestly requested. 

I am Dear Sir, 

7, Adam Street, Adelphi, W.C. 



The following Report, prepared by the Secretary at the request of the 
Parliamentary Committee, was submitted to the Executive as a matter of 


I. Incorporation may he obtained in two wa/y$^ 

1. By Royal Charter or Act of Parliament. 

2. Under the Companies Act, 


IL Incorporation hy Boyal Charter. 

The grants of Royal Charters, formerly frequent, have become rareduimg 
the past twenty years. 

2. Charters have already been granted to two educational bodies in Great 

Kritain, viz., to 

(/7.) The College of Preceptors in England (1849). 
• (*) The Educational Institute of Scotland (1851). 

3. Koyal Charters appear to have been granted solely to bodies exerdsiiig 

or intending to exercise functions productive of some public benefit, 
and doing or intending to do work of importance to the general comr 

4. The cost of incorporation by Royal Charter would, if the petition be 

favourably received, be about £250 or £300. 
111. 77/^ of the Educational Imttitute of Scotland, 

The Charter was obtained in 1851 on the petition of the then existing 
members of the Institute, 1,800 in number. The Institute had previonsly 
adopted a " Constitution," and this constitution is to a large extent embodied 
in the Charter where it is referred to as the rules and regulations or bye-lavs 
of the Institute. The Charter itself records that the foUowing points were 
recited in the petition to her Majesty :— 

1. That the four jxirsons signing the petition, "and many other perscms 

engaged in the profession of teaching, did in the year 1847 form 
themselves into an educational association called ' The Sducational 
Institute of Scotland,' comprehending ^teachers of varioas Christian 

2. That the objects were for the purpose of — 

(/7) Promoting sound learning. 

(h) Advancing the interests of education in Scotland. 

(c) Supplying a defect in the educational arrangements of that 
country, by providing for the periodical session of a Board of 
Examiners competent to ascertain and certify the qualifications 
of persons engaged, or desiring to be engaged, in the education of 
youth . . . and thereby furnishing to the patrons and super- 
intendents of schools a guarantee of the acquirements and fitness 
of teachers for the duties required of them, and thus securing their 
efficiency and raising the standard of education in general. 

3. That the members of the Institute exceed eighteen hundred in number, 

and had subscribed and collected considerable sums of money for 
carrying out the purposes aforesaid. 

4. That the well-being and usefulness of the Institute would be materially 

promoted by a Royal Charter of Incorporation, erecting the present 
and future members into " one body politic and corpomte," with per- 
petual endurance and succession, power to hold heritable property, and 
to use a common seal, and such other powers and privileges as are 
usually conferred under such regulations as might seem expedient to 
her Majesty. 
The Cliartcr goes on to say that the i)etition had been referred to the Lord 

Advocate, and that her Majesty had considered the petition and the report of 

the Lord Advocate thereon. 


jHer Majesty declares herself satisfied that the intentions of the petitioner 
ore laudable and deserving of encouragement, and " ordains " a Chartor to be 
massed under the Great Seal of Scotland. 

The Charter grants the follaiving privileges : — 

1. Erects the petitioners and present and future members into a body 

politic and corporate for the purposes for which the Association or 
Institute had been formed. 

2. That under their name they should have — 

(ff) Perpetual succession. 

(h) Common seal, with power to alter and renew same at discretion, 
(c) Power to sue and be sued, implead and to be impleaded, and 
answer and be answered in every court of her Majesty. 

3. That the Institute should be capable in law to take, purchase, and hold 

any goods and personal property, lands, building, and heritages 
necessary for the purpose of the Institute, with power to alienate, 
or dispose of them. 
4* Power to raise and receive moneys from members in shape of annual 
contributions, fees on diplomas, or otherwise, and to do other acts 
incidental to a body co^ppratc. 

5. Declare all deeds and writings affecting heritable or moveable property 

valid and effectual, if in name of officers, and sealed. 

6. Grants power to divide the members into district divisions or local 


7. General meeting to consist of officers of the corporation and of the 

local associations, and such representatives of local associations as 
may be elected subject to rules and regulations (one for every six.) 

8. Annual general ' meeting fixed by Charter and to be held on the 

Saturday after third Friday icP September, at 11 a.m., in Edinburgh. 

9. Other general meetings may be held as fixed by annual meeting, or at 

other times as may be necessary or expedient. 

10. Charter ordains that all members admitted should be arranged in 
three classes — Fellows, Senior Associates, and Junior Associates — 
according to rules adopted. Power to vary this. 

11. Power to appoint Board of Examiners, grant diplomas or certificate. 

Senior and Junior Associates only after examination. 
Fellowship confeiTed on any member by a meeting of Fellows. 
Standard of examination to be fixed by the Corporation. 

12. Her Majesty ordains that diplomas, &c., to be held as evidence by all 
concerned, that the parties in whose favour they are granted have 
passed the examinations. 

13. Grants existing officers power to hold office under the incorporated 
society until next annual general meeting, and successors to be 

14. Her Majesty approves of existing rules and regulations, so far a^ 

not inconsistent with Charter or contrary to law, and gives power to 
alter from time to time, and to make bye-laws. 
16. Declares Charter valid and effectual in law, and to be construed in sense 
most favourable to the Corporation, notwithstanding any defect or 
mis-recital, and that the Charter be passed under the Great Seal, 


IV. Charter of the Oollege of Preceptort, 

This rhartcr is substantially the same as that of the Educational lii* 
stitute of Scotland, the latter haying been framed in 1851 on the linei 
of the College Charter granted in 1849. The differences are ««»B, 
and are snch only as are rendered necessary by the different circom- 
stanoes siirronnding English education, and the fact that the Colkp 
set out from the nrst with the special view of aiding middle-dtfi 

V. Incorporation under the Companies' Acts, 

There is only one clause in the Act applicable to the purposes of tk 
incoi-poration of such a society as the National Union. This is tte 
clause giving to non-trading corporations and to corporations tradiii£ 
without profit the right of registration without the use of the woti 
" limited " after the name of the association. 




3. This Act shall apply exclusively to schools at which intermediate 
education is supplied, and shall not apply to any school receiving aid from anj 
Parliamentary grant or local rate, or otherwise being a public elementary school 
within the meaning of the Elemental^ Education Act, 1870, or any Act 
amending the same. 

4. *' School under this Act " means a school to which this Act applies : 

^The Educational Council, 

6. There shall be established an Educational Council, of which the functions 
shall be the organisation and registration of teachers in schools under this Act^ 
the inquiring into and reporting on the courses of study and examinatioiu 
required of those teachers, the examination of teachers, and the performance of 
such other duties as are in this Act mentioned. 

6. — (1.) The Council shall be a body corporate by the name of the 
Educational Council for England, with perpetual succession and a common 

(2.) The Council shall consist of sixteen members, of whom two shall be 
from time to time elected by each of the five following bodies : 

The Education Department ; 

The Hebdomadal Council of the University of Oxford ; 

Tlie Council of the University of Cambridge ; 

The Senate of the University of Loudon ; and 

The Council of the College of Preceptors. 

Two shall be nominated by the Qnccn, with the advice of Her Privy 


The remaimng four shall likewise, nntil a date to be fixed by the Queen b^ 
Order in Councu, be so nominated by the Queen, but shall after that date he 
elected by the genenJ body of registered teachers under regulations framed by 
the Educational GounciL 

C^) A person shall not be qualified to be a member of the Council unless he 
IB- qualified to be registered undet this Act, or is so qualified in all respects 
except that of being actually engaged as a teacher, or unless he has been 
nominated by the Queen or by the Education Department. 

(4.) Of the six persons to be nominated by the Queen, or so nominated in 
- the Gist instance and subsequently elected as hereinbefore mentioned, two may 
be women. 

0.) With respect to the election, nomination, and term of office of members 
ci. the Council the rules in the First Schedule to this Act shall be obserred. 

Register of Teachers, 

11. The Council shall form and keep a register of persons engaged as 
teachers in schools under this Act ; it shall be called the Educational 
Begister, and is in this Act referred as to *• the register." 

12. A person shall not be qualified to be registered unless he or she is 
twenty-one years of age, and is at the time of applying to be registered 
engaged as a teacher in a school under this Act ; and 

(1.) Is a graduate by examination of any uniyersity in the United Kingdom 
or of any foreign or colonial uniyersity approyed by the Council 
for the purposes of this Act ; or 

(2.) Holds a certificate by examination issued under the authority of the 
Education Department ; or 

(3.) Holds a certificate by examination of membership of the College of 
Preceptors, or of haying passed any higher examination of- that 
College ; or 

(4.) Holds a certificate by examination from the Council by this Act 

created ; or 
(5.) Holds a certificate of having passed a special examination of any 

uniyersity in the United Kingdom attesting the fitness of the holder to 

practice the profession of a teacher ; or 
(6.) In the case of women, holds a certificate that she has passed a higher 

local examination instituted or conducted by or under the authority 

of a university, and for the time being approved by the Councilas 

constituting a qualification under this section ; or 
(7.) In the case of teathors of any special subject, such as drawing, music, 

or the like, has satisfied the Council that he or she is qualified to be 

registered as a teacher of that special subject ; or 
(8.) As been during the five years immediately before the passing of this Act 

bond, fide engaged as a teacher in a school under this Act. 
After a date to be fixed by the Queen by Order in Council, a person shall 
pot be qualified to be regiBtercd under the qualification numbered (7.) in this 


13. The Council shall not enter on the reg^ister the name of any teacher not 
being qualified as a uDiversity graduate under subsection (1) of the bst 
foregoing section if he is for the time being engaged in any public elementuy 
sch(X)l as deiined in this Act, whether under a school board or otherwise, and 
shall not enter on the register the name of any teacher in any other dementuj 
school — 

(1.) If the school is for the time being declared inefficient by the EducatiflB 
Department: nor 

(2.) In any other case, until the applicant has produced evidence to tk 
satisfaction of the Council that the school is efficient. 

17. — (1.) The Council may make, revoke, and alter rules with respect to tin 
register, and the classes into which it is to be divided, and the nature 6t dv 
qualification entitling to registry in each cla^s and the evidence to be prodoeei 
by applicants for registry. 

(2.) The Council may grant under their common seal a certificate to the 
effect that the person therein named is entered in the register, and stating the 
class in which he or she is registered, and the qualifications which justified the 
registry, and such other matters, if any, as they think expedient. 

(3.) The Council may from time to time make in the register all necessur 
alterations in the oualitieations and addresses of registered persons, and shill 
erase the name or every person who has died, or is the head tectcher of at 
elementary school which is for the time being declared by the EducatiaB 
Department to be ineflicient. 

(8.) Where a child is receiving education in a school under this Act, d 
which the head teacher is for the time being registered, the child shall for tk 
purposes of the Elementary Education Act, 1870, and the Acts amending it, 
or any regulations made under those Acts, be deemed, until the contrary is 
proved, to be recci>'ing efficient elementary education. 

Examinntions and Courses of Study . 

22. The Council shall institute inquiries into and report upon — 
(1.) The courses of study and examinations which are from time to time 
requisite for obtaining the degrees and certificates qualifying £« 
registration under this Act ; and 
(2.) All such examinations and inspections of schools under this Act as are 
conducted by or under the superintendence of any of the Engli^ 
universities, the College of Preceptors, or any persons or body of 
persons who undertake the duty of instituting, conducting, or supeiin- 
tending such examinations and inspections ; 
and for that purpose shall place themselves in communication with the 
governing bodies of those universities and of that college and with those 
persons and bodies. 



J (The words in italics indicate the alterations.) 

. ;■ ' (The rales and standing orders may not be suitable in all respects to every 
■"^ocality, but are suggested as a basis on which associations may frame their 

Mm code of rales and orders.) 
- • TITLE. 

>-.. X. That this association be called and District Teachers' Association. 



. "2. That this association be in connection with the National Union of 
'fiSlementary Teachers. 


■3. That the objects of the association be : {a) To advatwe the cause of 
llducation. (Jb) To afford opportur^ities for the discussion of educational and 
jpa?ofessional topics, (jc) To protect and promote the professional interests of 
ttechers. (d) To encourage /rit^/i^Zy, social intercourse among its members. 


• 4. Ayiy certificated teacher^ or any muster^ mistress, or recognized assist- 
Snt in a school under Oovei'nment Inspection^ shall Juive a right to 
^memhershlp. (^Insert any other cohditions of membershij? h^'cj 


6. That the management of the association be vested in a committee oon- 
Bisting of a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and other 

members, to be elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting 
gnembers to form a quorum. Local Collectors sluill he ex-officio onembers of 

6. That the vice-president of one year be the president of the next, and all 
^Facancies occuring during the year, ^all be filled up by the committee until 
^^\fi next Annual Meeting. 


7. The annual subscription of every member shall be per annum 
ahaH fall due on the first day of January in each year, and sJiall in every case 
M4iclnde the subscription to the iV. U.E.T. 

8. Any teacher who is already a member of the N. U.E.T. for the current 
^ear through anothei' association, may become a member of this association 
on payment of a subscription of 


9. The ordinary meetings shall be held ([uarterly, in the months of 

cuid , and the meeting held in the month of shall be the 

..^^nual General Meeting. 

10. A Special Greneral Meeting may at any time be summoned by the 


committee or bj the Secretary oa receipt of a written requisition, stating tb : 
purpose for which it is to he Fummoned, and sijjned by not less than la 

11. At a Special General Meeting no bn><incss ihall be transiactcd other thai 
that specified in the notice calling the Meeting, and no business other thanthit! 
specified in Rule 12 bhall be tranKucted in the Annual Grcneral Meeting j 
(excepting matters declared to he urgetif hy tlu^ Meeting^ unless notice of di 
same has been sent to the secretary at least fourteen days previously, and nek 
business has been notified to members at Icaiit seven days before the dajit 

12. At the Annual General Meeting a report and balance sheet shall h 
presented by the committee, the officers (except the president) and conmiittBi 
shall be elected, the renresentatives of the Association on the District Unai 
Committee shall be chosen, and other business of which due notice has bes 
given (Rule 11) shall be transacted. 


13. The following shall he the order of h%i*bu'ss at Ordinary Meetings 4 
the Association^ unless otherwUe ordered hy the meeting : (2) Minutes <fUd 
meeting and husiness arising therefrom. (;?) Cot^respondence. (5) ^epoiti 
of officei*s and Committees, (4) Communications from the iV. U,£,T, aai 
from the rari^ms Funds. (5) Adjourned husiness. ((?) DtJtovssum, 4\ 
motions of which niitice has heen given. (7) Blading of papers^ essays, Jft^ 
and discussion thereon. (S) Matters of Emerge n&y, 


14. That no alteration of, or addition to, any rule shall be made except it 
the Annual Meeting, or at a special General ^leeting convened for the paipoM. 
Notice of any proposed alterations must be sent to the secretary at least OM 
mouth prior to the date of the Cxeneral or special General Meeting. 


1. That the proposer of a motion be allowed ten minutes for his speech. 

2. That the seconder and all succeeding speakers be allowed five minutea 

3. That all amendments to a motion be submitted to the Chairman in writ- 
ing, with the names of the mover and seconder attached. 

4. Whenever an Amendment is made upon any motion, no second Amend' 
mcnt shall be taken into consideration until the first Amendment is disposed 
of. If that Amendment be carried, it shall then be put as a substantive 
Motion, upon which a further amendment may be moved. If the Amendment 
be negatived, theu a further Amendment may be moved to the original qnei- 
tion, but only one Amendment shall be submitted for discussion at one time. 

5. ITiat the decision of the Chairman on any point shall be finai. 

6. That no memlxjr be permitted to speak marc than once on the same propo- 
sition, except the proposer, who shall have the right of reply. 

7. llmt any discussion may be clo:red hy a re^^olution '• That the qnestioB 
be now put," being moved, seconded, and carried ; such resolution to be 
put to the meeting without debate. 

8. That when the Chaimiau rises to s^Kak members shall immediately 
take their seats. 

9. That every resolution shall be put to the vote by a show of hands, i» 
division to be taken unless the vote be challenged. 


The Rules ^ven below are suggested by the ExecutiTe, as suitable for 
• adoption by District Unions. They are suggeited for the sake of securing 
flomething like uniformity of design and unity of purpose in all the District 
Unions. As integral portions of the N.U.E.T., the Unions in different 
parts of the country should be based on the same principles, should excercise 
:th6 same functions, and should in some degree correspond with each other 
in size and influence. It is h«»ped that, when in working order, the District 
Unions may be sources of strength to the National Union, by becoming 
centres of professional influence, by assisting the administrative work of the 
SSxecutive, and by gathering into their Loc^ Associations the whole body of 
Teachers residing within their respective areas. 

In forming District Unions the following facts should be borne in mind : — 

1. That under all circumstances, the '* Unit of UiiAon " with the National 
Union of Elementary Teachers must be the Local Association, and that 
eadi association is in dA/rect union with the National Union of Elementary 

2. That perfect liberty to join, or to refrain from joining a District Union 
is secured to each Local Association without in any way interfiering with its 
connection with the National Union. 

3. That each District Union may elect a representative on the Xx^ntiTe. 


1. That this Union be called " Thb 

District Union of Elementaby Teachebs/* ajid shall consist of such 
Associations as may unite to form it. 

2. That the object of this Union shall be to promote a friendly co- 
operation amongst all the Teachers' Associations of the District, and to 
afiord opportunities for the teachers in the district to assemble for the purpose 
of interchanging opinions on subjects on professional importance. 

3. That the management of the Union be vested m a Committee, con- 
sisting of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary, to 
be elected at the annual meeting from a list of nominated candidates, 
together with a. Committee of Representatives elected by the Association in 
Union, (seven) members to form a quorum in any duly constituted meeting. 

4. ThzX, each association in Union may nominate one candidate for each 
office, other than the Committee, provided such nomination be sent to the 
Secretary of the District Union not less than seven days before the annual 
meeting. In default of any nomination being made, the Committee to 
nominate suitable candidates. 

5. That the number of representatives of any association on the District 
Union Committee of Management be, one for the first five members, two or 
more than twenty members, three for more than fifty, fow for more than a 
hundred, and one tot each complete additional fifty members of any such 

6. That the ordinary meetings of the Unioir be held half-yearly, at such 
time and place as may be determined by the District Union Committee. 
Euch Association shall have as many votes as it has members. All members 


of Local Associations may attend these meetings and take part in 
proceedings, but all voting power shall be vested in representatiyes dil^ 
elected for the purpose. 

7. That a special meeting of the Union may at any time be called by thj 
Secretary at the request of the Committee, or by a requisition signed l^ lit 
less than (thirty) meml)ers, and stating the ol)ject of the meeting. 

8. That an agenda of the business to be brought before any meeting shil 
be prepared by the committee, and no other business shall occupy the time i 
the meeting until that on the agenda has been exhausted, provided ahn]! 
that this rule may be temporarily suspended, in case of emergency, by a speoi 
resolution of the meeting. 

9. That the Committee shall prepare a Code of Standing Orders for til 
regulation of the proceedings of meetings, and that it be approved at esd 
meeting of the Union previous to any other business being transacted.! 

10. That the amount to be contributed by each Association in Union to 
meet the expenses of the District Union Committee shall be at the rate d 
(six) pence per annum from each member, and that any deficiency of fnncls ka 
met by ^^'o rata levy on each Association in Union. 

11. That it shall be the duty of the Conmiittee, among other things, togi^l 
prominent attention to the following : — 

(1) To carry out and complete the organisation of the N. U. E. T. in ib 
district by (a) forming Local Associations at suitable centres, and (^) assist* 
ing Associations to secure the membership of all Teachers in the district. 

(2) To encourage and strengthen Local Associations by («) snggestinc 
suitable topics for discussions, (?) spreading information as to best methodsoi 
working the Associations, and (c) arranging for occasional visits to Associi' 
tion meetings from the members of the District Union Committee. 

(3) To organize public meetings for the discussion of educational topics at 
least once a year. 

(4) To hold half-yearly meetings of the various Associations in the 
District Union («) for the 'discussion of resolutions for the ALnnual Con- 
ference of the N.U.E.T.. sent from Local Associations ; (J) for the exhibitios 
of educational apparatus ; and (c) for the transaction of the Grenenl 
Business of the District Union. In these meetings the voting power of the 
Local Associations shall be exercised only by Representatives duly elected 
for the purpose, but all members may attend and take part in the discnssions. 

(5) To deal (in the District Union Committee) with any " cases of 
difficulty," submitted for their consideration, and, if necessary, to send such 
cases on to the Executive. 

(6) To note the action of public bodies (more especially the Edncation 
Department, Parliament, and School Boards) on educational questions, to 
communicate with, and interview the members of Parliament when necessary, 
and to seek assistance and co-operation from the Public Press. 

(7) To collect information respecting the particulars of appointment in 
their districts and to supply such information to members of the N.U.E.T. 
when requested. 

(8) To encourage the formation of Local Agencies and Local Boards in 
connection with the Teachers' National Provident Society, and the Teachers' 
Benevolent Fund, and to generally promote the welfare of these Fnnds and 
that of the Teachers' Orphanage and Orphan Fund. 


... ^ . 



The Unrivalled Atlas of 

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TB. — The following contractions are used :— N. S. (National School) ; B. S. (British School); 
B<L S. (Board School) ; W. S. (Wesleyan School) ; R. C. S. (Roman Catholic School) ; 
Par. S. (Parochial School) ; Pres. S. (Prebyterian School ; End. S. (Endowed School) ; 
Gr. S. (Grammar School) ; Undl. S. ( UndenominatioQal School) ; and CongU 8* 
(Congregational School^ 

r-Aberavon and District (Glamovgaii) Teachers' Associatioii, 

Pres.f Mr T. Johns, Cwmavon Works' S., Taibach 

Vice-Pres.f Mr J. H. Page, Amalgamated S., Aberavozu 

Treas.^ Miss Bowles, N. S., Briton Ferry 

Sec.j Mr C. Reed, Oakwood Schools, Taibach 

Hodgson, Miss, Margam Tin Plate Works' Morris, Miss, Cwmavon Worie^ Girls* S.j 

Sm Aberavon Taibach 

[enkins. Miss, B. S., Taibach Oliver, Miss, B. S., Taibach 

Icmes, Miss, Cwmavon Works' Infants' S., O'Connor, Mrs Phoebe, Groes S., Margam, 

Tail)ach Taibabh 

Jones, Mr J. H.» Bd. S., Briton Ferry Stephens, Mr J. T., Cwmavon Works* S.» 

Martin, Mr W., B. S., Taibach Taibach 

Williams, Mr R., N. S., Briton Ferry [24 

. — ^Aberayron and District (Cardigan) Teachers' 

Sec, Mr E, P. Jones, N. S., Aberayon. 
(No Returns.) 

3.— Aberdare VaJJey (Glamorgan) Teachers' Associaticit 

Pres., Mr A. Keast, Cwmbach Bd. S., Aberdare 

Vtce'Pres.n Mr D. Jonks, Aberaman B. S., Aberdare "^ 

Triftu., Mr J. Williams, Towii^N. S., Aberdare -^ 

Sec, Mr J. A. Williams, Abem^nt Bd. S., Aberdare 

flL'Cctirt, Miss M.A., Town N.S., Aberdare. Dowling, Mr T. G., Duflfryn B. S., Moiw^ 

Cartwrizht, Mr H., Walton Street, Sttipletoa taia Ash. ^ 

road, BristoL Dowling, Mrs., Duffryn B. S., MooataiB Alli 

Xniu, Miu M., Park Dd. S., Abcrdarc 
Stmii, MistG.. &. Foean's N. S., AdtrdM* 
E™ii, Mr, Treorii)- Bd. S., Ponlvpridd 
I'inch, MrJ CwmWhN. S., Aberdfl« 

-GiiffitSii, IrJr J LlwydcHd'bj. S., Abcrdan 
HodgH. Mrs, Daflryn B. S., Mouniun Aih 
-JMinei, Mr D„ Blaengwawr Bd. S.. Aberdun 

J^'Mrli., Rlbfl^Town. 'kd. S., Abcr- 

L«rii,HrT. A., Cmuuoui B. S., JU» 

Lcwi>,'Mr W. D., Fuk Bd. S., Abodn* 

MorgKl. M™, ., Sutc-lemuK, Aberdui 
PhUlipi, Miu, Puk Bd. S.. A^rdire 
Rkhudi, Miu E., Town N. S., Abenhn 
Shelby, Miu, Cipcoch Bd. S.. Aberdua 
Simi, Miu, To«n Bd. 5., Ab«d>r> 
WUlianu, MiuM., Miilun B. S., MowMh 


Mr D.. BuIlEigh N. S 
Mr, TowoBdTS., Afc 
Mis, Cwmliuzh Bd. £ 

-^— AlM7^Teiui7 District (Koamoutli) TM«liera' Axsociaikft 

/'m., Mr Edhui 
Trai.aiuiSa., MiJauu 
SiDwnhill, Mr J., LUnthcwy B. S., Aba- 

BJn^?^r W., Pwll Du N. 5., Blacnavoo 
Croot, Mt W., Govilon B. B., Aliergavenny 
Cn>», Uiu K.. LIuifoist Bd. S., Abtrp. 

i., Alierg&vciuiy 

je^k^^^, Mi» S., fl. S^ (lofts) AbsBinw 
Luus, Mies, GUmm Bd. S., Abcrg2TSiiR 
MueTord, Mr, Llanwuuirtli Cin N. S 

Ok Mr C. D., Diigotoa, Tregan Bd.!., 

Prict, Mi D., DuBDTdea Bd. S., Biynant 
Siunderi, Mr C. J., N. S., RaBlin, iioa. 
Thomu, Mix R., Llanoru S., Aberei 

C— Acoriugton District (Lauouliire) Taaclisrs' AasocialiM. 

Prti., Hr BiHHS, W.S., Abbey-iti«t, Acciingloa. 
Vict-Pra., Mr K. H. Coiehack, Si. Jima I 
T-mu. M^ .S-ie., Mr J. T. Huld, Si. PiUi'i 

fiulKi, MiT., Higluiii 

BdIcdcIi, Mn. Si. lohd's N.S., AccrinpoD 

FiddinE, Mr Cats., W.S., UuncoM, 

fiicoc, Wh, GncD Hiwonh S.S., 

HuiKBTu, Mr Thot., XJoioii-itreeE W.S., 

J«aBi, Ml Ch»ri«, Clijlon-le-Moon N.S. 

Jocktn, Mill, IdCuh School, Accrinften 
K*T. Ml J. E., B.S., Cfaytaa-lbMoiul, 

Accnnpon ^ 

v.— Alcasto; and District, (Warwick) Taadiers' AssociatlflB. 

Langliam, Mr V. A.; Willow-slnet &&, 

Nomiin, Miu Ada, Abbey-MreM W. &, 

Rhoda.yit, Si. Jobn'i N.S., Accrin««i 
Tukrr, Miu E., Sl Juuh' N.S., Acaiiwiia 
Smeihunl, Mia, Chriit Chuicb m!s, 

mtley, Mn, Uiuoi»lt«l W^.,AccR^ta 

WhumouEli, Mi, St. Miiy-g 

Wikedc, Mi, 

N. S, 

«IdridM, Ml 

\ S., SsITord Prion 

4. S., Amob, Cuitlgv 

', Mn, Girli' Bd. S., Auwood Buk, Jodh, Hi, N. S^ Ardw, AIccmk. 

diich Sbcriold, Ur, Bd. S, CtoUill, Alcour 

, Miss. N. S., COughtcm, SeddlRti Smiili. Mr, H. S.. StudM, Rcdditdi 

^ M[, Bd. S„ lokbtnow, Rnddilch Si«nrd, Miu, K. S., UUtnhdJ, 

.. Mr, N. S., Gnu AIdc, Alcster Kockky Hulh 

Uiu, lidanli' E., AJcoier Turner, K\L, Inbili' Bd. ■., Ailvood Bwdc, 

Mn, Girls' Bd. S., Cnbta Ctdh, Riddilch 

dilch Walker, Mr, K.S.,P«^c>b>un,Rcdditdl [iT 

iBtoa and District (Ciunberlaiid) TeMlien' dft,—oci>tioM. 

Fm., Hi T. Richahdwh, UndL S., Tynehud, AIuob. CulbU 

Tnoj., Mr R. Elliott, UndL &., Alsun, Culul* 

Sn., Mr G. D. Dawhih, N. S.. MenilulL, Alnoa, Cvad* 

ung.MrJ. D.. Bd. S., Cardiield, WeM Morrii, Mi»A..N.S.AldBa,Ciirliila 

Idale, LiDgLev Mi]lv NDrthumbciIlnd Pelty, Mr H., Undl. S., NlUllud, AlnaD, 

Mr R., Pjir. S., CurieiU, AlHOD, Carliili. 

Lsle Wilbuk. Mr T., IT. S., Bwb, SaulbroR. 

, Miu 5., X. S. Alnon, Culiile Lmcuhire |g 

I.— Ajuesbnry Choroli (Tilt*) Tsachera' Asaooiatioii, 

Trial, ami SrC; Mr T. Badcock, N. S., Anusbuty, Saliibuiy 
Miu. y. S., Nedicn.voii, Amesliury, Raikei, Ret. F., Fightldcu Vionce, A»«*- 

'.Rev. E. P., The Rectory, Cbolderm. ReynuJdt, Miu, N.S.DurriagloB, Amabmy, 

bury Willi 

"' " " " " 117, Wilu Ruddle. Rev. C. S., Dunjnpoa VKanfe, 

;tbury, Wflu AmesbuTy, Wilu 

ic. Mix, Amesbury, Wfiis Sandell. Mrs T.. Amesbury, Willi 

n, Mr N. S., ShtewtDD, Deviiti S^dell, Mr T.. Arnesbuiy, Willi 

. Un, N. 5., Bulford, Ameshnry.WIlii Sandell, Mia, The Mill, Amsbury, Wilu 

liu. K. S., Wilsfurd. Salisbury Sandell, (jun.jUr Wm. A'he Hill, AiDubuy, 

, Misi, N. S., FlgbtldeBn, Amesbuiy, Siunders, Mr, X. U. Enrord, UirlbwouEh, 

le, Mr G., Bulford, AnietbuiT. Wilu Soul, Mti Jan., Conhani, Wiltt 

ui, Mils, N. S. Fittlecon, Marlboro', Wilion. Mr E. R., The Union, Aasbiuy, 

-Amptbill and District (Beds.) Teaohsrs' Assooiatioii. 

rnt; Mr WiLLUu QuELCH, N. S., SiUoe, AmpthiU 
yjit-Pm., Mr W. J. Arndu), N. S., CianliEld, Newpon Pir»ll 
Tirol, and Sa., Mr Geo. F. Tkefts, N. S., Wchoubk, Wobum 

Odee. Mr W., Bd. S., Miuldon. AmKhiH 
Patlai, Ml lito., Bd. S., Dhillininan, kiicbeo 


nGKh, Bd. S., Shi 

nxton, Hiicl 
tilliDgtDii, a 

Mr P. {., N. ^.Aspthill Fiilcll. Mr W., N. S.. Gnveilinnt, AmHUII 

dr H. T., N. S., Clo^iU, Ampthill PtUell, Uiu, N. S., GmveiAnnt, AmplUQ 

Ush Bd. S., SleppiUEiy. AinplblU FtAs, Miu C., N. S., GrKnSeld, AnpthiU 
lore, Miu M, >F. S, mion, AmpiIiIU . .Qutidi, Mn W., M. 5.; SiIhh, Ampthill 

d, Mr £., M. S., HoughioQ C«- Quancc, Ur G., Bd. S., Harluftm, Dna* 

iisi,^. S., Haynei, Bedford 8«ley.Mr,N,S.,MantoiiMsrteyiie, Ampibill 

.MiuR., N. £., PuUanhill. Amplhill anmciu, Miu, M. S., Dophill, Auothill 

sbue. Mi C U., Bd. S., UdUnsim. Windibanll, Miu C., K. $., AmplMll 

10.«r Anglesey Teachers' Association. 

Prfs^f Mr Morris, B. S., Menai Bridge, 

Vice-Pre*^ Mr Jones, Bd. S., Dwyran 

Tr*as,, Mr Miles, Bd. S., Pentriieth, Ang^lesey 

Sec.f Miss J« E. Jones, N. S., Llantrisant, Holyhead 

DftTtes, Mr Rkhard, Bd. S., Lhuisefui Matthews, Mrs E. B. S.; Amlwch 

Gaman, Mr Samuel, Bd. S., Tyn-y-gongl Pritchard, Mr. T., N. S., Amlwch 

JcrviSjMr. Thomas, Bd.S., Pensarn, Amlwch Pritchard, Mr H., B. S.. Llanerchymedd 

Lewis, Mr J., Llansadwrn, Menai Bridge Roberts, Mr, Bd. S., Llandrygam 
Matthews, Mr J., B. S., Amlwch [i} 

11.— Appleby and District (Westmoreland) 
Teachers' Association. 

Pres.f Mr Wm. Harris, B. S., Appleby, Penrith 

Treat, andSec,^ Mr G. W. Phaup, Ch. E. S., Warcop, Penrith 

Bow«5tead, Miss, N. S. Applebjr, Penrith . Kerr, Miss, N. S., Kaber. Brough, Kiritbfr 

Lindsley, Miss, Bd. S., Kirlcby Stephen 

Dover, Miss, Bd S*,Nateby, Kirkby, Stephen 

Etchell, Mr B. S., Kirk by Thore, Penrith 

Gneen, Mr, Bd. S., Kirby, Stephen Moore, Mr, N. B., Temple Sowerby, Penritb 

Griflftths, Mr, N. S., Hilton, Appleby, Robinson, Mr, Bd. S., Brough, Kirkby, 

Penrith . StAphen 

Hainsworth, Mr, Bd. S., Ravenstonedale, Rogers, Mr, Gr. S., Crosby, Ravenswottlif 

. Kirkby, Stephen Shap 

Hill, Mr, Gr. S., Ash by, Appleby, Penrith Wilson, Mr, N, S., Tebay 1x5 

12.— Arvon (Carnarvon) Teachers' Association, 

Pres.^ Mr T. V. Williams, Bd. S., Penygroes, Carnarvon 

Vice-Pres.t Mr. T. Herbbrt Hughes, Glanogwen N, S.. Bethesda 

Treas,, Mr. J. J. Paul, St. Paul's Bd. S., Bangor 

Sec.f Mr T. J. Williams, B. S., Portdinorwic 

Cubbon, Miss, N. . ?., Garth-road, Bangor Owen, Mr W., B. S., Llanllechid 

Davies, Mr J., N. S., Tyn'.wr Bethesda Owen, Mr H. R., Penffordd Elen 

Ellis, Mr W , N. S.. Llandwrog Roberts, Miss, Bd. S., Garth, Bangor 

Gotts, Mr N. S., Garth-road Bangor Roberts, Mr W., N. S., PortdinorwTc 

Griffith, Miss. N S.. Garth, Bangor Williams, Mr R. O., N. S., VaynoL Baneor 

Hughes, Mr G., Bd. S.,Be.hel Williams, Miss, Bd. S., Penygroes, Sir* 

iones, Mr E., N. S., Bontnewydd narvon 

ones, Mr L. D., Bd. S., Garth-road, Bangor Williams, Mr O., B. S., Carneddi, Bethesd« 
iorris, Mr J. S., Model S., Camaropn {^ 

13.— Ashby and District (Leicester) Teachers' Associatidk 

Pres.y ULr F. Morlev, Blue Coat S., Ashby-de-la-Zouch 
Treas.j Miss Packwood, N. S., Appleby, Ashby-de-Ia-Zouoh 
See,, Mr G. A. Mosedale, N. S., Worthington, Ashby-de-Ia-Zouch 

Baimford, Mr G. H., N. S., Swannlngtonj Cox, Hiss, N. S.,Appleby,Ashby-de.Ia.Za(Nfr 

Leicester Francis, Miss, N. S., Ashby-de-la-Zouch 

Brig(Ts, Mr W., End. S., Coleorton^ Ashby. Gibson. Mr G. H., Gr. S., Ashby-deJik 

la-Zouch Zoucn 

Hayden, Miss, N. S., Measham^ Atherstone 
Kenwood, Mr, N. S., Moira* Ajhby-de-la- 

Pickard, Mr J., N. S., Mea^ham, Atherctone 
Saville, Miss, N. S., Hartsnorne, Burton-ou- 


Sheldon, Mr. N. S., Ticknall, Derby 
Sones, Miss, N. S., Athby*<^e-Ub26adi. ■ 
* Wale, Mr J., N. S., Whitmck, Leicester 
WaiawrizHtf Mr, Gr. S., Ashby-de-la-Zouch 



14.— Ashford (Kent) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr. Jarvis, Ashford B. S. • 
Treas, and Sec^ Mr Garrod, S.E.R. Go's S., Ashford 

dfUnold, Miss, B. S., Ashford, Kent 

£rocketL, Mr, N. S., Bethersden, Ashford, 

Heckels, Miss, S.E.R. Girls' S.» Ashford, 

Xieckels, Miss E. J., S.E.R. Infants' S, Ash- 
ford, Kent 

X^Dg, Mr, N. S., Egerton, Ashford, Kent 

Long, Miss, N. S., Egerton, Ashford, Kent 
Turner, Miss, B. S., Ashford, Kent 
Topham, Mr, Bd. S., Hamstreet, Ashf(xd 

Webb, .Mr, Bd. S., Warehom, AaMprd, Kent 
Worrell, Mr, N. S., Brabourue, Ashford, 


15.— Ashtoxx-nnder-Lsrne and District (Cheshire) 

Teachers' Association. 

Pres., D. Firth, B. S„ Wellington Street, Dukinfield 

Vice-Pres.t Mr Stringer, B. S., Trafalgar Square, Ashton-under-Lync 

Treas. andSec, Mr John Hadfikld, Gharlestown Mission, Ashton-nnder-Lyne 

3arlow, Mr E., Parish Ghurch S., Ashtoo- 

under- Lyne 
' JBishop, Miss, St. John's N. S., Hurst 

Brady, Miss, St. Mary's R. C. S , Ashton- 
_ under-Lyne 

Broadbent, Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Welbeck 

Street, Ashion-under-Lyne 
' Burgoyne, Miss, St. Mary's R. C. S., Ashton- 

Oums, Mr R, B. S., Hurst 
Clough, Mr, Holy Trinity N. S., Ashton- 

Carroll, Miss, St. Mary's R. C. S., Dukinfield 
Cross, Miss, Albion S., Ashton-under-Lyne 
TDonnelly, Miss, St.Mary's R.C.S., Dukinfield 
Fullerton, Miss, B. S., Kyecroft, Ashtoo- 


Graham, Miss, B. S., Hooley Hill, Guide- 
Johnstone, Mr, Albion S., Ashton-under-Lyn^ 
Park, Mr A., Albion S., Ashton-under-LjTie 
Park, Mrs A., Albion S., Ashton-under-Lyne 
Park, Mr John, Albion S., Ashton-under- 

Rogerson, Mr, St. James's N. S., Ashtbm 

Shaw, Mr £, B. 8., Ryecroft, Ashton-under- 

Sinister, Miss, B. S., Ryecroft, Ashton- 

Story, Mr, St. John's N. S., Hurst 
Sudell, Mi^, Parish Ghnrch S., Ashton- 
. under-Lyne 

Whitehead, Mr, Old Chapel S., Dukinfield ' 
Wood, Miss, Old Chapel S., Dukinfield 


- 16.— Aston and District (Warwicls) Teachers' 

Sic*^ Mr. R. Davis, Vicarage Read Bd. B., AatOQ 

(Not affiliated tmtil t88z) 

IT.-^Atherstonay EincUey and Vvneaton District (Warwid) 

Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr J. Palmbk, N. S., Hartshill 

Vice-Pres., Mr S. Nbalb, N. S.,. Beosley 

Treat. andSec.^ Mr B. Greaves, Gr. S., Atherstooe 

Ajdkins, Mr J., N. S., AaKley, Atherstone 
Burrows, Mr. J., Sheepy N. S., Atherstone 
Chattell, Miss, Infant S., Atherstone 
Jackson, Mrs, N. S., Witherley, Atherstone 

Hargreaves, M»s, R. C. S., Atherstooe 
Hincbcliffe, Miss, N. S., Atherstooe 
Smith, Miss, N. S., Mancetter, Athentone 

18.— Avon Valley (Hants) Teachers' Association. 

Pres,^ Mr A. O. Clarke, N. 8., Ringwood, Hants 
Treat, and Sec.^ Mr G. A. Pkestqn, B. S., Ringwood, Hants. 

S., Lansdowne-ntd^ 

Barclay, Miss, B. S., Winton. Bournemouth 
Brown, Miss, N. S., Rockford, Kingwood 
Brown, Mr, N. S., Fordingbndge 
Clarke, Miss, N. S., Ringwood 
Clarke, Miss A., N. S., Christ Church 
Daintree, Mr, M.S., Verwood, Cranborne, 

Drayton, Miss, St. Peter's S., Bournemouth 
Ewen, Aiiss, St. Clement's S., Bournemouth 
Head, Mrs, N. S., Gorley, Ringwood 
Humphrey, Miss, B. S., Lansdowne-road, 

Jackson, Mr C. W., B. S., Boscombe, Bourne- 

I<oxton, Miss, B. S., Lansdowne-road, 


Moore, Miss, B. 

Pickford. Mr B. R., B. S., 

Milledge, Mr A. H., N. S., Christ Chmdi 
Smith. Mr H., B. S., Lsmsdowne-nad^ 

Toogood, Miss, N. S., Christ Church 
Woodhouse, Mr, B. S., Lansdowne-roadt 

Wj'att, Mr C. W., St. Clement's S., Bonzne* 

Williams, Miss. 4, Rose ' Cottage, Anetiey* 

road, Bournemouth 

19.— Aylesbury and District (Bucks) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr Jordan, B. S., Princes Risborongh. 
Vice-Pres.t Mr Greenwood, N. S., Woobum, Beaconsfield, Bucks 
Treat, and Sec., Mr Bridle, B. S., Aylesbury. 

Bartlett, Mr, N. S., Dinton, Aylesbury 
Bawden, Miss, Bd. S., High Wycombe,Bncks 
Beattie, Miss, B. S., Aylesbury 
Billton, Miss, N. S., Speen, Princes Ki^i- 

boro', Bucks 
Brai^ginton, Miss, N. S., Lacey Green, 

Pruices Risboro*, Bucks 
Cam, Miss Bd. S., High Wrcombe, Bucks 
Hobsou. Mr, N. S., Tring, Herts 

Iacksun, Mr, Bd. S., High Wycombe, Bucks 
uhnstvtne. Miss, B. S.^ Aylesbury 
king, Mr, N. S., Princes Risboro , Bucks 
Lawson, Miss, B. S., Aston Clinton, Aylea- 

Martston, Miss, Bd* S., High Wyoomhi^ 

Martyr. Miss, N. S., Tring, Herts 
Montague, Miss, Lady Roseberry's S., Wia» 

grave, Bucks 
Pughe, Mr, N. S., Aston Clinton, Aylesbury 
Reed, Miss, Bd. S., High W3rcombe. Bndcs 
Si^gens, Mr. N. S., Long Marston, Bncks 
Tltchener, Mr, W. S.. Whit-church, Ayks* 

Tottle, Mr, Bd. S., High Wycombe, Bocks 
Ward, Mr, Bd. SI, Haddenham, Bucks 
Wyatt, Mr, Lady Roseberry's S., Wingisvc^ 

Bucks [tf 

30.— BanlnuT (OxfiwA) TeaolMCs' Anmolatlosu 

Pra., ICt, Bnr, B. S^ Chvinll, Bubnrr 
Via-Pra., Mi, Etchtll^ N. S., Book, Nonim 
TVim.iu^J'n'., Mr. Ankw BoBlton,B. S-iCmuebSt., Bubwy 
, Hr, Ark House, Banburv Manning, Mr. N. S,, Cnpiedy, LiamiDitan 

1, Misi, N. S.. SwadifftBmbBfr M»son,Mr. End. S., Faruboro', Banhory 

:r, Mr, H. S., Mollington, Banbury Murphy, Mr, Bd. S., WirminglDn, Banbot* 

c, Mi», Bd. S., HanweU, Binbuiy Mu«csit, He, N. S., Guiinpoa, Oxfoid 

m, Mi«, TJ. S., Snlgrave, Banbury Nasbiy, Mrs, B. S,, Crouch St. Banbory 

idEC, Mr, B. S,, Crouch St., BaDbwy Ovenou, Mr, M. S., Grimsbury, Banbury 

b«^in, M[, y. S., MiddlElou Chcnty, Packer, Miss, N. 5., Great Bsanon, Banboiv 

ibury Penny, Miis, N. S., Grinubury, BanbutT 

ben, Miss, H. 5., Avon Buietl, Lea- Pick.Mn. N.S.,MidilieIOD Chaney, BanhniT 

glon Poole, Mr. End. S-, Aynhoe, Banbury 

, Mr. End. S., Adderbury, Banbury Pollard, Mr, N. S., Syreihun, Bruckley 

ni, Mr. N. S., Cronghion, Brickley Pollinger, Mr. Bd. S., Claydon, Banbury 

r, Mr. N, S., Koilh Mewioglon, Quicton, Mr, B. S., Crouch St., Banburr 

ibury Sumner, Mr.N. S., Banbutv 

Miis. B. S., Crouch St. Banbury [£"''>'> Miu, End, S.j^AdderbuTy, 

Iwerforf, Banbury ToEweLI, Mi, N. S,, Middleton, Stoont 

, _i.S,. H 
N. S., Shotl 

l^don, Biackley Trollope, Hr, N. S., Liltla Tew 

niuE, Mr, W, S„ Witney, 6ioa Walkley, Mn, Bridge St, Banbury 

It, EtisE, N. S,. Tadinanon, Banbury Walkley, Mr. Bridge St. Banbury 

ibaU, Miss, Bd. S„ MlddkCon Cheney, Walton, Mr. N, S,, Wardicgton, Banbnry 

ibury WUIiao>, Mr, B, S., CherweJl, Banbury 

m, Mr, End. S , Great Tew, Eutou^ Wiighi, Ur. N. S , Bloxbun, Banbury [tf 

21.— Barnard Castle and Distnct (Dnxhsm) 
Teacliers' Association. 

/■«!,, Mr H, Trenham, N, S,, Newbiggin 

Via-Prri^ Mr, Oddie, Lead Co'iS., Middlelou 

Trm.aiidSir., Mr. Jaa. Bramwell, N. S., Baiuatd CaMla 

^M^. Lead Ca'i S,. Middlelcm Johnaon, Mr, Bd. S., StartTorth 

Ir. N, S„ LanElevdale Judson, Mr, N, S., Slainton 

i, Mr, N. S., Mickleton Monm. Mr. Woodlands' Colliery S. 

n, Mixs, R. C, S,, Bamaid Callia PeadoD, Mr, N. S, HarWDod 

•on, Mr, W. S. Barnard Culle Sttvenson, Mn, Infant's S., Barnard C(Ul» 

Mr, N. S., Barmingham Thompson, Ulss, Girls', N. S. Bamard Cai*ls 
s, Mr, N. S., kokeSy (tt 

I.-Banuil«y and Diatriot (Torloi} TsaclMcs' AsaociatMnL. 

Pra., Hr J. G. Warbbook. Pin-itKel M. S., Bamilcy 

Vict-Pnt., Mr ff. J. Fkamklaho, 5r. Hary'i N. S., Bamslsy 

Trtai., Mr Waltik H«itiH, Bd. S., Wgnbis' Cemmnn. Bamilay 

Su.. Hr William Hiskbth, N. S., Hoyla Hilt, Binuley 

Cbalknetr, HUa, St, Fetat'i Pu. &^ 

Datton, tSi, Wonliro' Bridn W. S., BuHler 
Finh, Mr, &]. S., WombiRlI, BirKln 

Fonl, Mr, N. S., Silkitone, Bamiley 
OBrdaiq, Mr, N. S., RovstOfid, fia^ulAy 
"--■^ ... „ u.™^^ p.r s.. Bniraity 


Grahani, Mis!, Si. Mary^i P»r. S.. 
Halgh, MiC, N. S., Wanbm', Bu 
BidoD, Mr, HolTiDcd R. C S., 
Huiiion, Mr, Hi. S., Hoyl*pd 

~io "l=, »?. S. a, Durfeld, Bi 

S. W.. 
G., K. 

Mmrr's Pu. S.. 

UcWhin. Mr, N. S., C^wtbome, Bmuli 
tMiw. Mn, «d. Si, WomfamQ, Bun 
Fsrkes, Mr. Bd. S., HoyUnd Conn 

BamsLcy . x 

Poolt, lliw, N. S., Hoyle MLl, B«ni 
Sedmiyne, Mr, Town S., Dodwc 

Shergold, Mr, Ardsley Par. S^ Barmlty 
Thoniu. Ml, H. S., Worsbra'I)^c, Bua 
Washincton, Mr, BroomhUl Bd. S., Wo 

weJI, BamslEy 
Webster, Mr, Bd. 5., Park-rokd, Bus 
Whitcly. MrW.,Bd. £., Pirk-rowl 
WgsiQi, Mis, Bd. S., Wonbro' Ccm 

S3.— Basingstob (Haats) Teachera' Assooiatioii. 

MHOord, ikir,, Bd. S^, C)idd»dai, 
Dnnkwuer, Iiii», N. s', Wornne Biune- 
Flg^nt, Mr, H. S., Monk Sherborne, 

G^e, Mr, B. S., Buine»oli< 

Inaram, Mr, N, S.. Bauni. BavnEiialEi 
Ki?k, Mlisd., N. 5., Ba^inestoke 
Leal, Mr, N. S^ Bniinj'V. BasinntcJa 

Eu'smIT Mis^' B.S.j'BJislnratoke 
EtDbbingion, Mr, N. S., Sb«field4i>-T.oi] 

S4.— BntH and Diatriot [SouerBet) Tonchera' Aasooiatio] 

rni., Mr E. GI.EKD, Union S., Balh 
yA:c-Prrt.,liT.W.]. PBossEK.BalU'aiiimB. S., Balh 
Tnat., and Ste., Hr. W, H. Couch, Widcombc Far. a, Bath 

Uiis, Wtrnouth Hooo, M. 
, Mr. WeUow N. f5., Bmh 

Bailey, Miu, KennngloD Chapel 
Blyde. Mr. Ea» Twenon Bd. «., 



BiewwTMr I. W., Cleveland Bd. S.. Buh 
Blown, Mi, CIrreland Bd. S . Balh 
auk, Vi b., St. Mark-) N. S.. Bath 
OUHBlwi. Mia, Dolenieads S,, Bath 
" " " «<rflUiii< " " " 

FooK, Mn.~G< 

_- -_- IndusDial S., Bat] 

St. Mark's N. S., Balh 
Cm Lyncombe Bd. ^, Bath 

Gayner, Mtu C., Lyncombe ^u. i., t 
Cgff, Misj, Bariey itieet, Cirii* S.. 
Rall^ Mi<i, KinguKud Bd. S., Balh 
H«pw,Mr, BaSifaniffl B. S., Buh 
HbVf. llr, Weymouth BouM^ N. S,, BaU 

Kidd, Mits, laslie 

Pac'^' Mi^ls, s" t?.^ 
Reakei. Mr D.,, Qui. 

SimpEffli, Miss, Vido 

Spuy, MiA.,^t. Savic 

Bd, S., Bath 
^fanls' S., Balh 
S.. Bath 

House. N. S.. a 
h N. S.. Bath 
ludostrial S., Bi 

96.— Bedford and Dutrict Teiwliflrs' Amoi^^oii. 

Fra.. Uj HaEB, End. S., E.vta«ont, Newport Pi^nelL ' 
. VIefPta., ttx GuiVEit, N. S.-,, Beda 
Tnai. mtdStc., Mr JOHH Fishsu, HupurTnutS.) Bedfoid 
Miss, HarpiirTnu[S.,B«tf<in] Mmnford, Mr, Bd. S., Asplcr GoiM, Wo- 

Mr A., Yacdiey Hulings, NDfth- bum 
■SB Fiinon, Mr, X. S., Ri.'^liy, Beds 
Mr, HannrTruuS.. Bidfbrd Riglcn, Mr, HarvurTruK S., Bedford 
Miss, bd. S., Claphan, Bcdronl Robinun, ki», llirpur Truil 5., (A. R.) 
. Mr Alfttd, H-cpor Trust S., (A.R) ' 

Hrrpiu-Tmsl &, Bedford 
W. C.. Harpur Trust S., Budford 

Jnealb, Mr, Bd. S,, SniinRon, Bn 
Slone, Misi, Bd. S., Oil^uffi, Bed! 
rrine, Mr, Hatpur Trust S., Bedfo 
Wanur, Mr, N. $., Bnunhiffl, Bedl 
Willu, Mr, Bd. S., SU(sdcD, Bed* 

—Beds and Bucks District Teaoliers* AssociatioiL. 

V™., Mr J. ASSDEB, TaiTStock-slrMt, London, 
^naf. »»;:>'»-., Mr H.Wii.[.i>, End. B., LcigliLon Bunaid 

, Bd. 5., Lioslide, I^iihton 
n, Hn, B. S., MeoCBiorc, Leighion 

d. S.,Ui^ionBaaa.J 
Wint, Liighion Buizani 
StcwklcjF, Aylubury 

■\^^.^X^ B^ 



Hbtt, Hits, Bd. S., Liiul«9s. LdgfaWB Bni- 

Hodgkini, Miss, Bd. S.,Wobuni Sands, Bed* 
Lewis Mr, B. S., laighton Hurmd 
Martin, Miss, N. S., a»ddin|loD. Trins 
Ncal^ Mill, Pai. S.. Wide, Leigblon^lU' 

Kcad, Misi, B. S Ldglilan Buziard 
Reason, Mist, N. S., Ueatli, Leighlen Bu- 

, , I.H«iffhtoD BuQard 

-„, Bd. S.. Wobuni, Bods ^ 
Mils, N. S., Tebwonh, Leig&taa 

Rumbie, Mils, 
Thon ■■• ' 

Whktike', Mn, B. S., Men 

B, LelghtoD 

!on Trinj ■ 

1, Mis, B. S.. LMghtoQ Biuzsrd 
■6-, End. S., SoDlbury, Leighton Bdi- 

r,Mi», N S,. Hath, Laghian Bni. 

HI, Mill, Par. S., Wing, Liightoa 

lelpor TTnion District (Dsrliyslxira) TaaoliMs' Association* 

Fr.$., U< FolTU, N. S., Horsley 
Vict'Prt., Mr Stahkbv, B. S.,Wiikiiroit[i 
■ rrM>., Hr.ADDBiu.iv, N. S., Belper 
Stc., Mr. Blahi^ End. S., I>naE]d 
Ripley ' Bianmli, Mi5s.N. S. Smartiy 

<..B(lp(r ■ Swamam. Miss, U. S., HolUooU 

Ripley T»lor, Misi, Bd. S., Belper 

;., Belp» Terty, Mrs, N. S.,Dulli«ld 

imallay Vale, Mr, B. S., MilCbrd 

S,,Kiibunt« -Walker, Mr, N.S., South Wtofldd 

. J„ Denby Walters, Mrs, N. S., HanJevWoodJKWW 

S., Wiriuwodi WiUiaps, Mlii, H. 3., V^iiaSej W 

28.— Berks (Teat) Teaolieni' A«K>oi»tioii. 

7-rHf , Hi J. A., Fma 

//om. Sk., UrJ.SKimi. 
Bun, Mr Aihcr, AihbuiT N. S., 

BonMuT, Mr, BuddMd N. 5., Firingdoo 
Cobden, Mn, UtcJewonh N. S., Fji^idoa 
Caaper, Mr H, Shnyinhim N. S.. Berlci 
Criip, Mks E., Ourw; N. S., Wmtags 
Eva^ Miss <'■«" CoiweII N. S., Faiingdoa 
rridicr, MiB, Wwllineford N. S., Faringdoa 
Gum, Mr L>., Uttngton N. S., F^nedoa 
CwK, Mn D., UIBs«Iiin N. S., Faiiiudoo 
Hopkina, Mr, Bvscott N. S., Fu-riTiedoci 
UowcU, Miu S., Haiford N. S., F>Au(d«i 

S9.— Bioevter, CSIa^^n and Bnokii^Iiam (Ozon and 
TsMJliers' Ajuioclation. 

Ste.. Mr BowDEH, H, S., Manh Gibbon. KceUn 
Aur, Mr. N. S., Middle aa^dt>I^ WiiuJcxr Jona, Mc, N. S., Buckbi^iiuii 

Bunc^ Mr, N. S., Suiin. Buckinehsm Ijlle*, Miu, N. a, Bis " 

Bndbury, Mr, Bd. S., 'Hnge-ict, Buddnc- •-"'— "- " ^ ■^—■ 

Cue, Miu, N . S , Bacldnghun 
DEOney, Mi. N. S., BiccKo 
Eucjt, Mr, 8d. S., AjnbnMden, Bicestsr 
FnukJin, Mr, L. & N. W. Rulwmy d., IVot. 

nnoQ, Backs 
Tnur, Mr, End. S., GRndon, AylasboiT 
Hodfin, Mr, N. S., Uunlon, Biccuer 
Bi^KT, Miu, N. 5., WHUon-on-the-Gnoi, 

mige, Mr, IT. 5., AddiaEtiw, Wiuloir 
JphuoD, Miu, N. S., Bicauu 

30.— B^gle*wad« aaid District (Bads.} Teadien' 

Fra., Mr. Powell, N. S., Nonhill 
Via-Pra., M(, GndoD, N. 5., Clifloa 
Tnat., Mr A. Much, K. S. Bigglsnde 
.Ta., Mr J. Fowler, Bd. S., CwnUDgaT, Bedl. 

., Fuisgdoa B. S., Baiki 
, Fuiogdoo N. 5., Berla 
Iavkd, Mih, Lvakbunpat^ul Bd. &vVi^ 

Lloy? Mr H., Longot N. S., Farufdci 
Manyr, Mr, Lonrwarth B. S., Fkniwdtf 
PhilliU, Mt J, Boimon End. 5., '"-^-^ 
Sowler, Ml, Clufield N. S., Bu 
Shirley, MnJ.Eeringdoa N. S., 
StnitoD. Mix M, KiDgiLoa Li 

Waiiingl^iu C, FuingAoa N. S^ (Ii&aj' 
WilLiaou, Mr A., LechUde N. S.,ClifW 

Looker, Mr. N. S., Twyf«d, Bndii 
Minn, Ut N. S., Kddingiaa, TluuM 
Mprrii, Mut, N. S., Frslon Dimen, BN 

I^ge, Mr, M, S., Gawmtt, Backinriu 
Parker, Miu, End. 8., Buckinghun 
Piggoii, Mr William H., N. a, Bicettw 
Slulingi, Mr, N. S., Wiulow 
Tfjrior, Miu, N. S,, Remeuhiim, Htckr' 

Whitt. Mr, N, S, Swuboome, Window 
Win, Miu, K. S., BnckinBham 

BanHx. Mis, N. S., Cockaj'H Hatkr, 

BueiDn, Miu, Bd. S., Gunlinciy, Cimk 
Btukhall, Misi, Bd. S-, Campion, Bedi. 
Bodan, Misi, Bd. S^ ^™l«wmdt Bedi. 
Brewis, Miu, Bd, S., Poiioa, Beds. 
Cuer, Mr, Bd, S., LangTord, Bedt. 
Cuien, Mid, N. &, Dnpliu, Bed*. 
£«», MiB, M. S., Kulowade, B*dl. 

. jwler, Mn , 

Crien, Mr. N. S,, SanJy. 
Macknesi,Mi, N.S., Wr» 

sSSr^.' ai S,', Big^I^o, BetT 
Snelling, Miu^ M. S., Sandy, Bedi. 
Twiideo, Mia, N. %., Werden, Bote. 
Wot, Uiu, Bd. S., BigBleiwiide 


I.— Birkenliead and District (Cheshire) Teachers' 


Pnet., Mr W. BuTTBRWORTH, W. S., Birkenhead 

Viee-Pres.f Mr A. Allan, Pres. S., Tranmere 

£jt-Pres.t Mr W. Slrigh, St. Mary's Ch. S., Lisoard 

Trvas,t Mr A. Blakbmorb, N. S., Lower Bebington 

Sec. , Mr. H. Tattbrsall, Hermitage B. S., Birkenhead 

Jefleries, Mr, St. John's N. S., Birkenhead 
Jones, MrSf St. J^aul's ^. S., Seacombe 
Jones, Miss, St. Mark's N. S., New Ferry 
King, Miss, N. S., Oxton 

T »«• -C?* T_1 »_ XT C 

•. N. S., Woodchurch 

r, Pres. S., Conway St.,Birkenhead 

th, Mrs, -W.-S., Birkenhead 

-, St. Peter's N. S., Birkenhead 

Mr, St. Werburga's K. C. S., 

N. S., Ellesmere, Port, 
r. N. S., Sutton 
[rs, St. Paul's N. S., Tranmere 
diss, St. Werburga's R. C. S., 

B. S., LLscard 
5, N. S., Lower Bebington 
ss, N. S., Lower Bebington 
Mr, Mission S., Seacombe 
liss, St. Anne's N. S.„ Birkenhead 
Miss, St. John's N. S., Birkenhead 
Mr, Ashford House S.,BiTkenhead 
[r, Holy Trinity. N. S., Birkenhead 
58. Pres. S., Tranmere 
, St. Paul's, N. S., Seacombe 
N. S., Wallasey 
Ir, St. Paul's N. S., Tranmere 
Irs, St. Paul's N. S., Seacombe 
Miss, St. Mark's N. S., New Ferry 

Lee, Miss, St. John's N. S., Birkenhead 
McRostie, Miss, Conway St. Pres. S.fl ' 

Birkenhead ^ 
McDonald, Miss, St. James's N. S., BirkeiiF 

McMahon, Miss, R. G. S., Seacombe 
McMahon, Miss K., R. C. S., Seacombe 
Nettleton, Miss, St. John's N, S., Liscard 
Neville, Miss, St. James's N. S., Birkenhead 
Railton. Miss, N. S.. Wallasey 
Shoosmith, Mr. St. Anne's N. S., Birkenhead 
Stafford, Mr. St. Mary's N. S., Birkenhead 
Sleigh, Miss, St. Paul's N. S.. Seacombe 
Scott, Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Birkenhead 
Wright Mr. W. S., Seacombe 
Wilson, Mr, N. S., Frankby 
Walker, Miss, St. James's N. S., New. 

Wallace, Miss, Pres. S., Tranmere 
Young, Mr, St. Mark's N. S., New Ferry 
Yeo, Mr. St. Peter's N. S., Birkenhead [50- 

L~Birmingham and District (Warwick) Teachers' 


Pres.^ Mr Gbo. LbWortky, Islington W. S., Birmingham 

Vtce-Pres., Mr Albt. Horton, BrookfiekLs Bd. S., Birmingham 

Treas. and Sec.^ Mr Thos. Birkmirb, Farm-street Bd. S., Birmingham 

Miss, St. Thomas's N. S., Bir- 

Farm-street Bd. S., Birmingham 
Miss, Severn-street B. S., Bir- 


Ir Garrison-lane Bd. S., Birmingham 

[r, Dartmouth-street Bd. S., Bir-> 


. St. Thomas's N. S., Birmingham 

H., Hope-street Bd. S., Birming. 

liss, St. Mary's N. S., Moseley^ 


[r, Thomas-street Bd. S., Aston, 


r, Hebrew S., Singers Hill, Bit- 

Bowater, Mr, St. George s N. S., Edgbaston* 

Bott, Mr T., Green-lanes Bd.S., Birmingham- 
Booth, Mr, Hntton-street Bd. S.. Birmingham 
Brookman, Miss, Rea-street Bd. S., ^Biro- 

Bur^e&s, Miss St. Barnabas N. S*, Bir« 

Butler, Mr, Dartmouth-street Bd. S., Bir- 
Brindle, Mr, Smith-street Bd. S.,Birmin|^iam 
Chapman, Mr, We$t iJmethwick Bd. S., 

Chinn, Miss, Corbett-street Bd. S., Smeth* 

wick, Birmingham 
Cla^ham, Miss, Par. S., Edgbostoo, Bfir- 

minghain • 


. 4 

Cope, Mr Geo. W^ St. Matthew's N. S., 

Lupin-street, Bii^iningham 
<Comish, Miss, Fox-street Bd. S.,Binningham. 
•Cooke, Miss, St. George's N. S., Edgbaston, 

Comwell, Miss, Jenkin's-street Bd. S., Bir- 
Cook, Mr, St. Patrick's N. S.. Birmingham 
Davis, Mr S., Vicarage-road Bd. S., Aston, 

Done, Mr, Erdington N. S., Birmingham 
Drew, Mr Middle Class S., Farm-street, 

Dunscombe. Mr, Par. S., Edgbaston, Bir- 
Dyson, Miss, Oldbury W.S., near Birmingham 
Knsor, Miss, Nrlson-street Rd.S., Birmingham 
Flowers, Mr, Dudley-road Bd. S., Birming- 
Faroell. Miss, Christ Church N. S.. Fleet- 
street, Birmingham 
Foxou, Mr, Islington W. S., Birmingham 
Gibbs, Miss, Messrs. Chances' S., Smeth- 

wicW, Birmingham 
Hammond, Miss, St. Luke's N. S., Bir- 

Hall, Mr A., Edith Villa, Albert-road, Aston, 

Harvey, Mr T., Stourbridge B. S., Birming- 
Harvey, Mr T. S., Portland-street W. S., 

Ha^eld, Mr, Alma-street Bd. S., Aston, 

Hanson, Mr, Messrs. Chances' S., Oldbury, 

Hancocks, Mr, All Saints' N. S., Birmingham 
Hawkes, Mr, St. Matthew's N.S., Birmingham 
Hejrwood, Mr, Kelson-street Bd. S., Bir- 
Hill, Mr, St. Stephen's N. S., Birmingham 
Holmes, Mr, St. Barnabas' N. S., Burning- 

Holbrook, Mr, St. David's N.S., Birmingham 
Hughes, Miss, Dartmouth-street Bd. S., 

Birmingham • 

Hulbert, Miss, St. Asaph's N. S., Birmingham 
Hutchason, Mr, St. Clement's N. S., 

Nechells, Birmingham 
Hooper, Mr J., St. Paul's N. S., Birmingham 
Jackson, Mr, St. Barnabas N. S.,Birmingham 
Kent, Mr, St. John's N. S., Dedtend, Bir- 

Keaenngham, Mr, Norton-street Bd. S., 

XAndon, Mr, Training College, Bahley, Bir. 

Laurens, Mr, St. Paul's Balaall Heath, Bir- 
lister, Mr, Ancock-street Bd. S^ Birmingham 
Lloyd, Mr. Garrison-lane Bd. S.3irmingham 
Lyndon^ Miss, St. Barnabas N.S., Birmingham 

Mann, Mr, St. Luke's N. S., Birmii 
McDowell, Miss, Dartmotxth-streei 

McLdsh, Miss, St. Mark's N. S., Bi 
Millett, Mr, Sl George's N. S., Bir 
Milward, Mr^ Quinton W. S., Birmi 
Monteith, Miss, St. Thomas's N. 

Morgan, Mr, Oozels-street Bd. S., 

M9ughton, Mr, Osier-street Bd. S., 

Mouncford, Miss, Bishop Rj'der's 

Newell, Mr, Bristol-street Bd.S.,Bir 
Odell, Mr, Belgrave-road, Birmingh 
Oliver, Miss. St. Matthew's N. S 

wick, Birmingham 
Owen, Miss, St. James's N. S., Asl 

Owen, Miss, St. John's N. S., 

Parker, Mr^ Summer-lane Bd. S., B; 
Pearson, Miss, Osler-strectBd. S.,Bi 
Perry, Miss, Immanuel N. S., Binr 
Phillips, Mr, St. James's N. S.. E 

Phillips, Mr. Gower-street Bd. S 

Price, Mr, Harbome N. S., Birmin 
Purcell, Mr, Dartmouth-street Bd 

Randall, Mr, St. John's N. S., 1 

Rankilor, Mr, St. Clement's N. S., 

Reeves. Mr S. J., Nelson-stree 

Ritchie, Mr, St. Chad's R. C. S.,B 
Rock, Mr, W. S., Oldbury, Birmi; 
Sanders, Mr, St. Mark's X. S., Bii 
Simpson, Mr, Court-street "W. S., ] 
Simmonds, Mr, St. Peter and St. I 

Aston, Birmingham 
Sheppey, Miss St. Luke'^N. S.,B 
Sheppey, Miss L., St. Luke's J 

Skerrett, MLss, Tjrndall-strcet Bd. 

Heath, Birmingham 
Smallwood, Mr, Brookfield Bd. S 

Smith, Mr, St. George's N. S., Bii 
Spencer, Mr P., Oldbury N. S., B 
Staonard, Miss^ Hutton-street 

Nech^Us, Birmingham 
Swidlow, Mr, Victoria-road W. 

Swingler, Brookfields Bd. S., Bino 
Taylor, Mr J., Summer-lane B< 

Thompton, Mr, St. George's N. S. 



n. Miss S. J.| Rea-street Bd. S., 


, Mr, St. Jamos's N. S., Binning- 

Miss, Summer-lane Bd. S., Bir- 

Miss, Brbokfields Bd. S., Birmingham 
n, Mrs, St. Asaph's N. B., Birming- 

Mr G. T.y Stirchley-stxeet Bd. S., 

Lr Jno.,- Islington Middle Class S., 
j: Jno., Rea-street Bd. S., Birming- 

od, Miss, St. Clement's N. S., 

Is, Birmingham 

, Mr, St. Mary's N. S.,Handsworth, 


^seman, Mr J., Fann^treet Bd. S., B^ 

Wale, Kfr, Smith-street Bd. 8., Birmingham 
Wamtr, Mr W, R., Bloomitbury Bd. S 

Watkin, Mr, Lower Windsor^street Bd. S 

Walsh, Miss, Moseley*road Bd. S., Birmiiig« 

Watton, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Birminghaxa 
Wade, Mr, Middle Grade S., Hurst-stre^t 

White, Mr, Tyndall-street Bd. S., Balsall 

Heath, Birmingham 
Woodcock, Mr, ii>t. Matthew's N. S., 3meth« 

wick, Birmingham 
Workman, Mr, St. Andrew's N. S., Bordet* 

ley, Birmingham 
Wills, Mr H., Smethwick W. S., Birminghai* 
Waite, Mr, Severn-street B. S„ Birminj^am 


33.— Bishop Aucldaxid and District (BnrliajiL} 
Teachers' Association. 

Fres,, Mr Undbrwood, Black Boy S., Bishop Auckland 
Vice-Pres., Mr Waldron, Par. S., South Church, Bishop Auckland 
Treas,^ Mr Brydon, School Hotise, Eldon, Auckland 
Sec, Mr Jbnnikg.s, Barrington S., Bishop Auckland 

kir, N. S., Escomb, Bishop Auckland 

Mr, B. S., Old Shildon, Bishop 

■, Newton Cap, S., Bishop Auckland 
Mr. B. S., St. Helena Bishop 

•n, Mr, N. S., Coundon, Bishop 

Mr, Par. S., Spennymoor, Bishop 

id, Mr, Barrington S., Bishop 

Mr, Newfield S., Willington Bishop 

Hodgson, Mr, Par, S., Byers Green, Bishop 

Henderik>n. Mr, Black Boy S., Bishop 
. Auckland 
Lowthian, Mr, S., Morley, Evenwood, Bishop* 

Oliver, Mr, B. 3., Bishop Auckland 
Potts Mr, Colliery S., .Evenwood, Bishoj^ 

Sparks, Mr, W. S., Bishop Auckland 
Taylor, Mr, S., Cockfield, Bishop /Auckland 
Todd, Miss, Infants' S., Escomb, Bishop 

Wilkinson, Mr, Bd. S.^ Middleston Moor, 

Bishop Auckbuid £as 

34.— Blaokhnm and District (lAncashire) 
Teachers' Association. 

Pres^ Mr Willliams, Belgrave C S., Darwen 

Vice-Pres,^ Mr Smith, St. Paul's N. S., Blackburn 

'reas., and Sec. ^ Mr Thomas K. Rutherford, Meth. Free Church S.^ Blackburn 

y, Mr, St. Michael's N. S., Black. Birtwelll Miss C.,. Moth. JVee Church & 




Bbtwell, Miss R., W. S., Dwwea 
Cawley, Miss, Chritt Church N. S., Blade- 
Crawshaw, Mr, St. Fanl's N. S. Church 
Danson, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Blackburn 
Denham, Mr N.,King Williara-street, Black- 
Duckworth, Mr, Hoddl«sden S., near Danren 
Duxbury, Mr, N. S., Mellor, Blsckbnm 
Eddlestone, Miss.Sc MichaeTs N.S., Blade- 

£ttock. Mr, St. Andrew's N. S., Liipesey, 

Fielding, Mr. Park-road B. S., Blackburn 
iish, Wiss, St. Mark's N. S., Witton, Black- 

Fletcher, Mr, Gt. Harwood B. S., Blackburn 
Gordon, Mr, Chapel>street B. S., Blackburn 
Gorse, Miss, St. Andrew's N. S., Livesey, 
Green, Mr, W. S., St. Peter's-street, Black- 
Halliwell, Mr, Cemetery Gates, Blackbtim 
Haydock, Mr, Wensley Fold, N. S., Black- 

Horrocks, Mr, W. S., Darwen 
Isherwood, Mr H., 9, Northgate, Blackburn 
Isherwood, Mr T., Sdence and Art S., Black- 
Johnson, Mr, St. William's R. C. S.. 

Jc^nston, Miss, (late oQ St. John's N. S., 

Knowles, Mr, St. John's N. S., Blackburn 
Lancaster, Mr, Nova Scotia B. S., Black- 
Leaver, Miss, Park-road B. S., Blackburn 
Haddock, Mr, St. Thomas N. S., Blackburn 
Makin, Mr, MiU HiUS.. Blackburn 
Martin, Mr, St. John's N. S., Darwen 
Matthew, Miss, ChapeUueet B. S., Black- 
McGrath, Mr. Pleckgate N. S., Blackburn 

McMyn, Miss. St. Pkul's N. S., Bl 

Miller, Miss, Bank top B. S., Blackb 
Moxon, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Bl 
Oddy Miss, Holy Truity K. S., 

Pearson, Miss, Prim. Meth. S., Ma 

street, Blackburn 
Perkins, Mr, Daisy Green S., S 

Preston, Mr, Holy Trinity N. S., Bl 
Read, Mr. St. Barnabas K. S., Bl 
Richsirdson, Mr, H<rilxn's' Chx>ve, 

Riley, Mr, Furthergate S., Blackbun 
Roberts, M*", St. James* S., Darwen 
Rostron, Mr, Clmst Church N. S., 

Schofield, Mr, Duckwcnth-street Co 

Shields, Mr. St. James' S., Darwen 
Shorrock, Mr, St. Mary's R. C. S., Bl 
Siddall, Mr, Prim.Meth. S., Mawdsli 

Slee. Miss, St. MichaeTs N. S., Blac 
Speight, Mr, Adlington N. S. , Chorh 
StanBeld, Miss, St. Paul's N. S., Bla 
Steane, Miss, St. James' N. S.. Dan^ 
Stephen, Mr, F^k-road B. S., Black 1 
Stockdale. Mr, Culvert N. S., Darwe: 
Taylor, Mr, St. Mary's N. S , Blackt 
Tempo, Mr, St. Anne's R. C. S., Bla 
Walmsley, Miss, Wensley Fold N. S. 

WalnuJey, Mrs, Prim. Meth. S., Ma 

street, Blackburn 
Walsh, Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Accrin 
Walsh, Mr, H. M. Assistant- 1 nspe 

Schools, ^ Oswald-street, Blackbu 
Whutick. Mr, B. S., Audlcy, Blackb 
Wilkinson, Mr, Bank Top, B. S., Bl: 
Wilson, Miss. St. John's N. S. Bl 
Woodcock, Mr, Griffin N. S., Blackbi 

SS.—Bodmin and Bistrict (Cornwall) Teachers' Associa 

Av»., Mr. Waltsr F. YxTsst W. "S., Bodmin 
Vice-Prts. Mr, Thos. Rogeks, N. S., St. Wenn, Bodmin 
Treat., amd Sec., S. Downihg, End. S., Lamvet, Bodmin 

Brown, Mr, Samttd,N. S.. Bodmin 
Coz, Mrs, Bd. S., Wadebndge, Bodmin 
Dm, Mr W. J., Bd. S., BUsland, Bodmia 


Eustace, Mr R., Bd. S., Wadebridge 
Fleet, Miss S. A., Bd. S., St. Blazey 
Giles, Mr. Thos., N. S., St. Mabyn, ] 


i0lt, Mr. E. H., Bd. S., Port Isaac 

ood. Miss C N S., Laohy<lrode« 


Mr R, E.. N. S., Withiel, Bodmia 

ly, Miss, N. S., Bodmia 

Pcnr, Mr. N. S., St Wiimbw, Lostwithiel 
Stanley, Mr TIms., Bd. S^ NaottaUoa^ 

Taylor, Mr J. C.» N. S., St. Issey, Bodmia 

36.— Bolton-le-Uoors (XAncs.) Teachers' AMOoiation, 

Prrs., Mr. T. JoMBs, Blackbank Street B.S., Boltoa 
Vtce-Pres., Mr W. Ridbout, St. Paol's N. S., Astley Bridge, Bolton 
Treas., Mr Walkbk, Sunnyside Institute, Daubhill, Boltoa 
Sec,t Mr H. D. Smbdlby, W. S., Bridge Street, Bolton 

t. Miss, St. George's Cone. S., Bolton 

Ic, Miss R., Parish S., Bolton 

Ic, Miss M., Parish S., Bolton 

1, Mrs, Bd. S., Haulgh, Bolton 

i. Miss, Walmsley S., Ejgerton, Bolton 

a, Mr, W. S., Astley Bridge, Bolton 

, Mr A., W. S., Darcy Lever. Bolton 

.ock. Miss, Holy Trinity N. S., Bolton 

Mr, N. S., Belmont Bolton 

ss, Mr, Bd. S., All Saints-street, Bolton 

gs, Mr, B. S., Mawdsley-street, Bolton 

s, Mr, B. S., Westhoughton, Bolton 

!r, Mr, Queen-street Seminary, Fam- 

th, Bolton 

le, Mr, St. Paul's N. S., Astley Bridge^ 


bU. Mr, Holy Trinity N. S., Boltoa 

;, Mr, Old S., Horwich, Bolton 

net. Miss, Hulton's S., Meor-Iane, 


ihaIffh,Mr J, St. James's N. S., New 

y, Bolton 

halgh, Miss, St. Paul's N. S., Astley 

ige, Boiton 

'es. Miss, St. Marks N. S., Fletcher. 

et, Belton 

ing, Mr, B. S., Brownlow-fold, Bolton 

sr. Miss, Bd. 6,, Pike's-lane, Bolton 

im, Mr, fk. Bartholomew's N. S.* 


Mrs, St. Ceo^e's N. S., Bolton 

, Mr, N. S., Tonge Moor, Bolton 

lerington, Mr, St. George's Cong. S., 


0, Miss, B. S., Brownlow-fold| Bolton 

4 Miss, All Ssunts N. S.^ Umon-street, 


3es, Miss, Commission-street Sm Boltoa 

er. Miss, St. Luke's N. S,, HaUiweU, 


irtb, Mr, St, Matthew's N. S., Boltoa 

Hughes, Mr, Hulton's S., Moor-lane, Bolton 
Jones, Mr. G., S.S. Peter and Paul's R.C.S., 

Knox, Mr, W. S., Edgeworth, Bolton 
Lord, Mr, Cong.; S., Little Lever, Bolton 
MacAdam, Mr., St. Paul's N.S., HaUiwelV 

Makey. Miss, Blackbank-street S., Bolton 
Mayfield, Mr^ B. tt., Egerton, BoItOa 
M'Oann, Miss, Hulton's S., Moor-Iaae, 

McCarthy, Mr, St. Edmund R. C. S., Boltoa 
Moore, Mr, Emmanuel N. S., Cannon-street, 

Moore, Mrs, Emmanuel N. S., Cannon-street 

Nigham, Mr, W. S., Little Lever, Bolton 
Nightengale, Mr, Francis-street S., Fam- 

worth, Bolton 
Nuttall, Mr, Lee Chapel S., Horwich, 

Plimmer, Miss, Queen-street Seminary, Farn- 

worth, Bolton 
Ritson, Miss, W. S., Grecian-street, Boltoa 
Sharpies, Mr, Bd. S., Pike's-lane, Bolton 
Shepherd, Mr, N. S., Walkden, Bolton 
Sutcliffe, Mr, Albert*place S., Bolton 
Tasgart, Mr, St. Luke's W. S., Halliwell, 

Talbot, Mr, W. S., Halliwell-road, Bolton 
Taylor, Mr, W. S., Fletcher-street, Bolton 
Tranter, Mr, W. S., Grecian-street, Bolton 
Walker, Mrs, Sunnyside Institute, DaubhiU, 

Webster, Mr, St. Mark's N. S., 71etdMr. 

street, Bolton 
Westnott, Miss, St. George's N. S., Boltoa 
Williams, Mr, St. Pttter's N. S., HalliweU, 

Yates, Mr, N. S., Kearstey, Boltoa 



sy.— Boston and District (lincoIiMlliiTe) Teachers' Assoc 

Pra.:, Mt. T. TBisTCHTHWAiTK, N. S., St. J«m«', BoMon, Uncolmhi™ 

Vict-Pns., Mr. Abbott, End. S., Bunerwick, Bosion, Uncolnihiro 

TVmi., Mr. J. Jbssop, Uughlon's Free S., BoHon, LLnoolnshiie 

^«., • Mt S. G. H, COLBBCK, Kinon Holme Bd. %., Boaton 

Bellunv. Mr, Bd. 5., Kinon, Bouon, Lia- Lacey, Miu, End. S,, Buticnridi, 
colDafure LLnraliuhiTf 

JIudv.Mts, Bd. 3., Kitton, Boston, Lin- Newmui, Mr J., N. S., Holy 
colnrfure . Skirbeclt, Bosinn, Lincolnshin! 

Ounell, MEu, N. 8., St. Nicholas, Skirbcck, Bant. Miss, W. S., Leake 

BoMon, Ljncolnihire Pett, Mr, N. K., GiKwy Bridge, Bsst 

ev.p' St. Maiv's Catholic S., 
"-- " , FijAiofi 

I, Mr, Uughton's Free 3., Boston, Lib- Ridysrd, Mr, En 

BpratI ine, _Mr. _B^a .__Uoai 

iss, Ebw Infant R, BMton, Tjn- Turner, Mr, W. S,, Boston 

End. S., Aliultirk. BouOQ, Lin- Whalley, Miss, B. s!, BoUo 

[r, N. S., Wainrelt, All Siini't 

38-— Booms and BUlrngborough. (Lmcolushire) 
Tsaoliera' Association. 

Frtt., Mr DuHaATB, Saraton, Falliingluun 

Via-Pni., Mn Tvhell, N. S., Horbling, Filkingham 

Trai., Mr. Luusv, Bd. 3., Bourne Fen, Lincolnshire 

S-c., Miss Ward, Bd. S., Bourne 

JUhnKUii Mr, End. S., BilUngboro', Fullibg- 

S., Dowshy, Falltin 


neboro', FUkinchun fohnior, Mr, N. S ,' rGinton,'palkiE 

BouTne K.y, Mr, N, S., Larrgi.*!, Boumo 

Bmdbu'ry, Miss, N. £., Eastgate.Boome L>a.'M,,'N.'s.,' Hai:canby, Bounii. 

Brown, Miss, Bd. &., BiUingboro', Fslkiiic. l-eviii, Mr^ N. 5.. West Plni^beck, 

lum Marsh, Mr, Rip^-in^e, Bourne 

Caanca, Mr, N. 5i., Bipmniale, Boan» Petkim, Iilr, Boume 

Dennison, Miss N. S., Pode Hole, Spalding Qtmiinhy, Mr. Bd. S., Gosberton 

Detry, Mr, Bd. 5., Bourne Spalding 

Hwlficld, Mism N. S., Eaitgue, Boonw S«bU, Mrs, H. S., Dontby, Botmii 

HirwDod, Mr, Bd. S., Diepiiig, Saint Slow, Mi, N. S. Morton. Bourne 

Midiali^ SpuUins York, Mr, N. S , Edeiduun, Boume 


Ebdford and District (Yorkshire) Teachers' Association 

Pres.^ Mr Wright, W. S., Kcighley 

Vice-Pres.., Mr. Lishman, Bd. S., Belle Vue, Bradford 

Treas.f Mr. Potter, B. S., Boro', West Bradford 

Sec, Mr. Thompson, Bd. S., Bowling Back Lane, Bradford 

Mr, Bd. S.. Dudley hill, Bradford 
Ir, N. S., Holy Trinity, liingley 
, Mr, Bd. S., Kyan-street, 

, Mr, B. S., Carrol-street, Bradford 
Miss, Bd.S., Kyan-street, Bradford 
5s, Bd. S., Lister Hills, Bradford 
Bd. S., Barkerend, Bradford 
kir, Bd. S., Tong-street. Bradford 
Ir. Bd. S., Bolton-wooas, Bradford 
, Mr, Bd. S., Otley-road, Bradford 
, Mr. Bd. S., Eccleshill, Bradford 

Mr, Bd. S., Faversham-street, 

•, W. S., Laycock, near Keighley 
, Bd. S., Bradford Moor, Bradford 
r, (deceased) (late oQ N. S., Great 


r. Bd. S., Prince-ville, Bradford 
th, Mr,Bd.8.,Gt. Horton, Bradford 
Mr, Bd. S., Whetley-lane, Bradford 
r, Bd. S., Listcr-hills, Bradford 
s, B. S.. Clay ton Heights, Bradford 
[r, Bd. S., Back lane, Farsley 
•, Bd. S., Belle-Yue, Bradford 
[iss, N. S., Low Moor, Bradford 
i^h, N. S., Holy Trinity, Bradford 
Miss, N. S., Tonsr street, Bradford 
iss, N. S., Holy Trinity, Bradford 
, (late of) Bd. S., Usher-street, 

r, N. S., St. Thomas's, Bradford 
Miss ,Bd . S. , Br a dford-raoor. Bradford 
Mr. N.S., St. Augustine's, Bradford 

N. S., Shipley, Leeds 
, Bd. S., T()ng-.street, Bradford 
At. N. S., St. Andrew's. Biadford 
liss, N. S., All Saints, Bradford 
Mr, N. S., Tong-street, Bradford 
h, Mr, Bd. S., Mornington-road, 

d, MrW..N S.,EastMorton,Bingley 
d, Mr, (Deceased) (Late of) Bd. S., 
le, Bradford 

Mr, Bd. S., Feversham-street, 
5, N. S., Shipley, Leeds 

Miss, N. S., Bingley 
B, Mr, S. Bd. Offices, Bradford 
;, Miss, Bd. S., Belle Vue, Bradford 
«r, N. S., St. John's Frizinghall 
h, Mr. Belle Vue, Bd. S., Bradford 
[r, Bd. S., Barkerend Bradford 
., Miss, Bd. S., Barkerend Bradford 
tfr.W.S. . WhiteAbbey.rd.,Bradford 

Miss, Bd. S., Tong-street, Bradford 

Hoyle, Mr, Bd.S., Feversham-street, Bradford 
Howson, Mii^sBd. S., Usher-street, Bradford 
Hutchinson, Mr, Bd. S., Lodge Gate, Den- 
holme. Bradford 
Jagger, Mr, Bd.S., Feversham-street, Bradford 
Jessop, Mrs, Bd. S., Whetley Lane, Bradford 
Jones, Mr, Bd. S., Whetley lane, Bradford 
Jones, Mr. Independent S., Wyke, Bradford 
Johnson, Mr, Bd. S.^ Great Horton, Bradford 
Kiiching, Mr, Saltairr, Leeds 
Kitching, Mrs, Bd. S., Albert-road., Saltaire 
King, Mr, N. S., Holy Trinity, Bradford 
Kinedon, Mr, Bd. S., Tong-park, Batldon 
Le Boeuf, Miss, Bd. S., Belle Vue, Bradford 
Lees, Mr, Bd. S., Whetley Lane, Bradford 
Lee, Miss, N. S., St. John's, Ashley-street, 

Lilley, Mr, Bd. S., Osttingley, Bingley 
Lindsay, Mr, St. Michael's, Bradford 
Lord, Miss, N. S., All Saints, Bradford 
Macaulay, Mrs, (late oQ Bd. S., Belle-Vue, 

McKechnie, Miss, Bd. S., Bingley 
Milnes, Miss, Bd. S.. Lilycroft, Bradford 
Morrell, Mr, Central Bd. S., Shipley 
Morris, Miss, N. S., St. Andrew's Bradford 
Naylor, Mr, dd. S., Bradford Moor, Bradford 
Needham, Mr, W: S., Windhill, Bradford 
Nutter, Mr, N. S., St. Andrew's, Bradford 
Oldroyd, Mr, N. S., Idle. Leeds 
Otter, Miss, N. S., St. Andrews, Bradford 
Pearce, Mr, Westneld Crescent, Bradford 
Pease, Miss, Bd. S., Barkerend, Bradford 
Pick. Mr, Bd. S., Barl^erend, Bradfoid 
Pickles, Mr, Ikd. S., Feversham-street, 

Bradford ^ 
Radford, Miss, Bd.S., Lidget Green, Bradford 
Rathbone, Mr, Bd. S., Feversham Street, 

Rhodes, Miss, Bd. S., Thornbury, Bradford 
Rimmington, Mr, N. S., St. Judes, Bradford 
Roberta, Mr, B; S., Allerton, Bradford 
Robinson, Mr. Bd. t».. Lister hills, Bradford 
Russell, Mr, Bd. S., Usher-street, Bradford 
Sandham, Mr, N. S., Addingham, Leeds 
Saville, Miss, B^S., Bolton-woods, Bradford 
Scafe, Mrs, Bd. S., Usher-street, Bradford 
Scambler, Mr, N. S., Bingley, Leeds 
Severs, Mr, W. S,, Bingley, Leeds 
Shaw, Mr, W. S., Wilsden, Bingley 
Shaw, Miss, Bd. S., Bolton>woods, Bradford 
Rhenessy, Miss, Bd. S^ Undercliffe, Bradford 
Shennesy, Miss, Bd. S.,Chapel-street,£cc1eshill 
Shorter, Mr, Bd. 8., Lilycroft, Bradford 
Simpson, Mr, Parish Church N. S.. Bradford 
Singleton, Mr, N. S., All Ssdnts, Bradford 


Spencer, Mr, 2, Anderson-street, Carlisle-road 

Stewart, Miss, Bd. S., Dudley-hill, Bradford 
Stock, Mr, Bd. S., Greengates, Eccleshill 
Sykes, Mr, B. S. Cleckheaton, Normanton 
S^kes, Mr, Bd. i?., Wapping-road, Bradford 
lapp, Mr, Bd. S., lliornton, Bradford 
Tate, Mr. N. S., Heaton, Bradford 
Wainwright, Miss, Bd. S., Otley-road, 


Walbank, Mr, Bd. P., Lees, Keigh 
Walton. Mr, W. S., Allerton, Brad 
Ward, Mr, Bd. S., Underclrffe, Bn 
White. Miss. N. 8., Holy Trinity. 
Whittle, Mr, Bd. S., Cullingworth, 
Wilkinson, Miss, Bd.S., Greengates, 
Wood, Mr, W. 8., Addingham. Lc< 
Woodcock, Miss, B. S., Clt 

40.~Baintree and District (Essex) Teacliers' Associa 

Pres., Mr W. Ross, Bd. S., Braintree 
Treas. and Sec, Mr J. A. Chamberlain, Undl. S., High Garrett 

Ames, Mr, N. S.. Finchingfield 
Bush, Mr, N. S., Wethersfield 
Cook, Miss, N. S., Pattiswick 
Cole, Miss E.. Bd. S., Paniield 
Dennick, Mr J. J., B. S., Dunmow 

Jackson, Miss, Bd, S., SaJing 
Fotter, Mrs, N. S., Blackmore 
Smith. Mr F., Bd. S., Becking 
Taylor, Mr, N. S., Shalford 
Walford, Miss, N. S , Black Notley 

41.— Bridgnorth and District, (Shropshire) Teache 


Sec, Mr W. Carter, St. Mary's N. S., Bridgnorth 

Carter, Miss K. £., St. Mary's Inf. S., Dovey, Miss, St. Mary's and St. 

Bridgnorth Inf. S., Bridgnorth 

Cunnington, Mr G. H., Blue Coat S., Bridg- Rogers, Miss, Chilmarsh N. 9., Bri 

north Roper, Mr, Claverley N. S., Bridge 

42.— Bridport and District, (Dorset) Teachers' Associf 

Pres., Mr J. Beard, Undl. S.,.Bridport 
Vice-Pres., Mr W. T. Kennett, Par. S., Symondsbury, Bridport 
Treas,, Mr Jas. Blamey, N. S., Allington, Bridport 
Sec, Mr G. H. Trott, N.S., Bridport 

Ayles, Miss M., Mrs. Candry's Inf. S., 

Barrett, Mr Chas., Bd. S., Swyre, Bridport 
Dodd, Mr W. H. M., N. S., Netherhury, 

Dewes-Gibson, Mr, Bd. S., Litton Cheney, 

Famham, Mrs J., N. S., Pymore, Bridport 
Fooks, Mr H. G., N. S., Loders, Birdport 
Johnson, Mr M., N. S., Bradpole, Bridport 

Lake, Miss K., Gu-ls' Unl. S. ! 
Mitchell, Miss M., N. S., Bridport 
Oxley, Mr G., N. S., Beaminster 
Rendall, Miss A., Girls' UndL S., 1 
Swain, Miss E. P., N. S., Allingtoc 
Stickland, Miss A., Infs. N. S., Bn 
Scadden, Mrs O., Infants' I 

Smith, Mr J., Bd.S., Chideock, Br 

43.— Brighton and Sussex Teachers' Association 

Pres,;'ilx C. Rose. St. Andrew's N. S., PortsIade-by-Sea 
Vice-Pres., Mr T. Mathison, Sussex-street Bd. S., Brighton 
Treas, and Sec, Mr J. W. J. Davenport, 26. Osborne-street, West Brighton, S 

Axford, MissE., Puget Bd. S.. Brighton ' Batchelor. Mr, Bd. S., Plumpton 

Barlow, Miss F., Richmond-street Bd. S., Beech, MrW., N. S., Dane Hill, I. 

Brighton Bentley, Mr W. £., St. Martin 

fiaaeden, Mr W. H., Middle-street Bd. S., Brighton 




[r J. F., Christ Church N. S., 

Mr A., Central N. S., Brighton 
r H. J.f Hanover-terrace Bd. S., 

iiss M. J., N. S., Black Boys, 


H., Preston-road Bd. S., Brighton 
s M., Beigrave-street Bd. S., 

r G H., Pelham-street Bd. S., 

., ClrcQs-street Bd. S., Brighton 
iiss M.A., Central N. S., Brighton 
Miss £., Pelham-street Bd. 8., 

IS F. S., Bd. S., Southwick 

s J., N. S., Sompting 

; M., West Hove N. S., Brighton 

7., N. S., Chailey, Lewes 

s H., Beigrave-street Bd. S., 

W., St. John's N. S.,Crowbon>ngh 
[. W. H., Hanover-terrace iid. S.| 

s M. A., Central N. S., Brighton 
J. D., West Hove N. S.,Bri^ton 
T., N. S., Steyning 
Bd. S., Newhaven 
Mr J., Christ Church N. S., 

liss £., Farman-street Bd. S., 

S., Puget Bd. S., Brighton^ 
s H., Lewes-road Bd.S.,Bright<Hi 
H. J., Industrial S., Chailey, 

H., Preston-road Bd. S.. Brighton 
r.. Ail Souls' N. S., Brighton 
, Miss 8., St. Maigarets N. S., 

iss A., Beigrave-street Bd. S., 

Mr G., St. Peter's N. S.,6righton 
C, St. Bartholomew's N. S., 

u., St. Nicholas' End.S.,Brightoti 
liss £. A., Lewes-road Bd. S., 

J., Middle-street Bd. S., 

Mr J., Lewes-road fed. S., 

\, Pelham-street Bd. S., Brighton 

Christ Church N. S., Brigmon 

St. John's N. S., Brighton 

F., Lewes-road Bd. S., ^ghton 

Vfisf , West Hove N. S., Bi^hto^ 

i M., Elliott Memorial N, S., 

[iss £. J., Pelham>street Bd. S,', 

Hurlock, Miss M. A., Central N. S..Brightoa 
Jemmett, Mr C. W., N. S., Worthing 
Jones, Mr P. L., Christ Church N. S., Worth- 
Tones, Mr T., N. 8., Newick 
Larter, Mr A. J., N. S., Horsted, Keynes 
Latham, Mr W.A.,St. John's Bd. S., Bnghtoo 
Lea, Mr H., B. 8^ Worthing 
Leth bridge, Mr £. B., Prestgn-road Bd. S., 

Lethbridge, Mrs, Hanover-terrace Bd. S., 

Locke, Miss, N. S., Ovingdean 
Lloyd. Mr W. J., N. S., Rottingdean 
Knowles. Miss M., St. Peter's N. S., Brighton 
Martin, Mrs, St. Mardn's N. S., Brighton 
Maurice, Miss, Elliott Memorial N. S., 

McConnochie, Mr G., N. S., Portskde 
Mellish, Miss £., Beigrave-street Bd. S.| 

Mellish, Miss M. A., St. Margaret's N. S.« 
. Brighten 
Miles, Mr J., St. Andrew's N. S., Portslade- 

Mitchell, Mr C, ElUott Memorial N. S., 

Moon, Mr A., N. S., Barcombe, Lewes 
New, Mr £., Bd. S., Southwick 
Nye, Mr T., Middle-street Bd. S., Brighton 
Packwaod, Miss A., N. i)., Sompting 
Pell, Mrs, Richmond-street Bd. S., Brighton 
Pickett, Mr W. G., Hanover-tenace Bd. S., 

Pond, Mr T., Elliott Memorial N. S., 

Priestnall, Mr T., Central S., Chichester 
PuUineer, Miss £., Middle-Street Bd. S.| 

Reeks, Mr C. A., St. George's N. S.,'Brigfaton 
Reid, Mrs. St. Mark's N. 8., Brij^ton 
Roberts, Mr W. J., N. S., Kutfivrst, Hors* 

Sayers, Miss £., N. S., Portslade 
Stafford, Mr J., Central N. S., Brighton 
Tidmarsh, Mr J., St. Stephen's N. S., 

Tidmarsh, Mrs, St. Stephen's N. S., Brighton 
Towner, Miss M., Middle-street Bd. S., 

Turle, Mr J., N. S., Falmer, Lewes 
Upsdell, Mr G., St. John's Bd. S., Brighton 
Webster, Mr J., St. Mark's N. S., Brighlon 
Weller, Miss, B. S., Lindfield 
Wells, Mr J., B. S.,Lindfield 
Weston, Miss L., B. S., Lindfield 
Wheadon, Mr W., Lewes-road Bd^ S.f 

Wn^ht, Miss A., St. John's Bd. S., 

Yoang) Mrs, St. Mary's Free S., 9rigfat«^ 



44.—Bri8t61 (Olonoestershire) Teachers' Associat 

Pres., Mr J. Whippey, Bd. S., Blackfriars, Bristol. 
Vke-Pres., Gbo. Hopton, Bd. S., Hotwelli Clifton, Bristol 

Treas.t Mr W, H. Sims, B. S., Bedminster, Bristol. 
Sec.y Mr Bould, N. S., St. Peter's, Castle Green, Bristol 

Bendall, Miss, Bd. S., Rirer-street, Bristol 
Bevjin, MisH, Bd. S., Barton Hill, Bristol 
Burt, Mr, Bd, S., Knowle, Bristol 
Backnell, Miss, K. S., Clifton, Bristol 
Brett, Mr, B. S., Glutton, near Bristol 
. Bridgman, Miss, B. S., Upton, near Bristol 
Buck, Miss, Bd. S., Mina-road, Bristol 
Buck, Miss, Bd. S., Mina-road, Bristol 
Cambridge, Miss, N. S., Hannah More, 

. Can-j Miss, N. S., St. Peter's, Castle Green 

Carter, Mrs, N. S., Christ Church, Clifton, 

.CartWright, Miss, N. S., St. Michael's Hill, 

Chard, Mr, B. S,, Anglesea, Place, Clifton, 

Churchill, Mrs, N. S., Inf., Clifton, Bristol 
Clements, Mi, Bd. S., Merchaat'Street, 

Clevely, Mr, N. S., St. Paul's Wilson-street, 

Olifton, Mrs, Bd. S , St. Philips, Bristol 
Cook, Mr, Trade iSchool, Nelson-street, 

Coward, Mr, B. S., Hambrook, near Bristol 
Crank, Mr, N. S., St. John's, Bedland, 

Delaney, Miss, R.C., St.. Joseph's Trenchard- 
. street, Bristol 
X)uckham, Mr, N. S., St. Mary Redcliffe, 

Dugdale, Mr, N. S., St. Silas, St. Philip's, 

Edwards, Miss, B. S., (Girls,) Lewin's Mead- 
£Uery, Mr, B. S., Kingswood, near Bristol 
£lmes, Mr, N. S., Oldland Common, near 

iFill, Mr, N. S., Thombury. near Bristol 
Slower, Miss, B. S., (GirJs) Russell Town, 

fFox, Mr, W. S., Langton-street, Bristol 
'Francomb, Mr, N. S., St. Mary Red c\ifie, 
. 'ISristol 
'Oould, Miss, N. S., (Girls and Inf.,) 

Bishopston, Bristol 
•^^av, Mr, Bd. S., Barton-hill, Bristol 
*GnAth. Mr, N. S., 8t. G«orge% Brandon* 

hiU, Bristol 

Harris, Miss, Bd. S., Clilton, Bri 
Hardwidge, Miss, N. S., bt. 

Philip's, Bristol 
Hill. Mr, N. S., North-street, Bris 
Hiplcins, Mr, N. S., Christ Chu 

Horgan, Miss, P. C, Dighton-stn 
Horman, Miss, N. S., St. Matthi 

Weir, Bristol 
Humphreys, Miss, N. S., St. 

Kingsdown, Bristol 
Jackson, Miss, N, S., Eugene-str 

borough HiU, Bristol 
Jenkins, Miss, Inf. N. S., Chri 

Clifton, Bristol 
Johnson, Miss, Inf. N. S,, St. A 

Jotcham, Miss, Inf. B. S., £ 

King, Miss, Inf. N. S., St. George' 

Hill, Bristol 
Last, Miss, N. S., St. Silas, St 

Little, Miss, Girl's Bd. S., Frees 

St. Philip's, Bristol 
Lonnen, Miss, Zion Inf. S., E 

Mcguire, Mrs, Inf. N. S., Han 

Morgan. Miss, Inf. Bd. S., 1 

Morle, Mr, N. S., Frampton Coti 

McMurray, Mr, N. S., Stoke Bi 

Norsworthy, Mr, N. S., Two Mil 

Parkman, Miss, Inf. Bd. S., Lev 

Philpott, Miss, Girls' Bd. S., I 

Philpott, Mrs, B. S., Anvil-street, 5 

Philpott, Mr, B. S., Russell Town 
Portei, Miss, Inf. B. S., Russ 

Prideaux, Mr, N. S., Sl Silas, S 

Reed, Mr, Bd. S., Mina-road, Bri 
Sanson, Mr, N. S., Warznley, near 


Jr, N. S., St. Simon's Baptist, 

ar Bristol 

liss N. S., HorSeld, Bristol 

[r, N. S., Marshfield, near Bristol 

E. Mr, B. S., Horfidd, near Bristol 

. Mr, Bd. S., St. George's, near 

•, Horfield, Bristol 

Mr, Bd. S., River-street, St. 
•s, N. S., (Girls') Tempie Colston 

Miss, N. S., (Girl's) Baptist Mills, 

r, W. S., Kingswood 

Vliis, Bd. S., Sussex, St. Philip's 

ss, Bd. S., Knowle, Bristol 

r T., Ashley House, Kingsdown, 

Tyrrell, Mr, N. S., Clifton, Bristol 
Usher, Mr, B. S., Kevnsham, near Brifltol 
Vigor, Miss, Bd. S,, Blackfriars, Bristol 
Walker, Mr, N. S.» Temple Colston, Bristol 
Walker, Mrs, N. S , Temple Colston, Bristol 
Walton, Mrs, B. S., Anglesea-place, Clifton^ 

Wedmore, Mr, N. S., Shirehampton near 

White, Mr, Bd. S., Mina-road, Bristol 
Williamson, Mrs, N. S., Emmanuel, Sc« 

Philip's Bristol 
Williamson, Mr, Nr S., Emmanuel, St. 

Philip's Bristol 
Wiltshire, Mr, B. S., Mangotsfield, near 

Wrentmore, Miss, R. C, Dighton-street, 

Bristol [90 

-Bromley (Kent) Teacliers' Association, 

Pres.j Mr West, Southend S., Catford Bridge, S.E. 
Vice-Pres.^ Mr Plant, N. S., Hayes, Kent 
Treas,, Mr Churchill, N. S., Bromley, Kent 
Sfc, MrOLLBTT, Bd. S., Beckenhara, Kent 

Bd. S., Sydenham, S. E. 
iiss, Bd. S., Alexandra District 

Miss, N. S., Bromley, Kent 
, N. S.. Penge, S. K. 
Vliss, N. S., Penge, S.E. 
iss, Chislehurst, Kent 
Mr, N. S., Widmore, Bromley, 

Iiss, N. S. Bromley, Kent 

Ir, N. S., Mason's-hill, Bromley, 

Mr, Bd S., Grove«road, Forest- 


Mr, Bd. S , Dalgleish-street, Tower 

s, £. 

Lovatt, Miss, B, S., Stanley-road, Broml^« 

common, Kent 
Loveday, Miss, Bd. S-, Sydenham, S. E« 
Mitchell, Miss, Bd. S., Grove-road, Forest- 
hill, S. E. 
Mitchell, Mr, N. S., Cudham, Kent 
Miles, Mr, Bd. S., Grove-road, Forest-hill, 

Roberts, Mr, Bd. $., Grove-road, Forest-hill, 

Simpson, Miss, Bd. S., Grove<road, Forest-^ 

hill, S. E. 
Schorfield, Mr, W. S., Chislehurst, Kent 
Wood, Miss, Bd. S., Beckenham, Kent 
Worthington, Miss, Bd. S., Sydenham, Kent 


Subscription paid through East London Association. 

Lltii and District (Breconshire) Teachers' Association. 

Sec-t Mr J. Lewis, Penkering S., near Builth 
[Not affiliated until i83x.] 

47.~Bnmhani (Norfolk) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.f Mr Crookham, N. S., Docking, Lynn 

Vice-Pres., Mr A. Harris, N. S., South Creake, Fakenham 

Treas. and Sec.i Mr Knight, Bd. S., Snettisham, Lynn 

Ir C, Bd. S., Bumham-Westgato, Bekhir, Mr, 1<I. S., HoUcham, WeUs,Norfo]k 

Crafer, Mr, N. S., Wighton, Norfolk 


Chalker, Mr A., N. S., Sculthorpe, Fakenham 
Day, Mr T., End. S., Burnham Thorpe, 

Donoughue. Miss, Bd. S., Bumham-West- 

eate, Ljmn 
Edmends, Miss, N. S., Docking, Lynn 
Foulsham, Miss E., Par. S., Heachaoi, Lynn 
Grand, Miss S. J., Bd. S., Bumham-West- 

gate, Lynn 
Hurn, Miss, N. S., Nemr Walsingham 
Hiil>bard, Miss, Bd. S., Wells, Norfolk 
Harris, Mr, N. S., Thomham, Lynn 
Harrison, Mr, N. S., Syderstone, Fakenham 
Hod^, Mr, N. S., Blakeney. East Dereham 
Jaurvis, Miss, N. S., Fring, Lynn 

Knights, Mr, N. S., New Walsingh 
Lcwton, Mr S., Bd. S., WeUs, Nor* 
Lane, Miss C, N. S., Burnham, I 

I^iyland, Mr, N. S., Great Bircham 
Lane, Mr, Bd. S., Cley-next-the-S 

Mallett, Mr, Bd. S., Hunstanton 

munds, Lynn 
Messer, Mr, N. S., Brancaster, Lyn 
Moore. Mr T., Bd. S., Bawdesw 

Smith, Mr N., B. S., Fakenham 
Saunders, Mr, N. S., Sedgeford, L^ 
Taylor, Miss, Bd. S., Well, Norfolk' 

48.— Bnnxley and District, (Lancashire) Teachers' Assoi 

Pres.t Mr H. B. Carey, Waterside, N. S., Colne 

Vke-Pres.y Mr W. Donnellan, St. Mary's R. C. S., Burnley 

Titos, and Sec. %yixT^aiAK& Pkitchard, Worsthome N. S., Burnley 

Ashcroft, Miss, Accrington-road W. S., Bum- 
Baldwin, MrT., W. S., Colne 
Banwell, Mr, W. S., Colne 
Barnes, Mr, Gannow U. M. F. C, Burnley 
Biadshaw, Miss, N. S., Knutsford 
Bradshaw, Mr, N. 3., Christ Church, Colne 
Brooks, Miss, St. Matthew's N. S., Padiham 
Cannell, Mr J., N. S., Brierfield, Burnley 
Chadwick, Mr W., B. S., Burnley-lane, Bum- 

Corrin. Mr T., N. S., Briercliffe, Burnley 
Crawshaw, Mr J, W. S., Rosegrove, Burnley 
Elliott, Mr H, N. S., Primet JBridge, Colne 
Everson. Mr C., N. S., St. James's Burnley 
Exley, Mr J., N. S., Leeds-road, Nelson 
Flack, Mr W. G., N. S., Wood Top, Burnley 
Fletcher. Miss, W. S., Burnley 
Glass, Miss, N. S., Knutsford 
Gutteridge, Mr. Brunswick S., Burnley 
Balsted, Miss, "Par. S., Burnley 
Haoisoii* Mr H., Spring Gardens, Burnley 
Hartley, Mr C, N. S., Newchurch-in-Pendle, 

Heap. Miss, N. S., Mitre-street, Burnley 
Hebblethwaite, Mr, N. S., St. Matthew's, 

Hewitt, Miss, N. S., (Infants) Nelson 
Hindle, Mr, B. S , North-street, Buml«y 
Holden, Mr G, W. S , Mereclough, Burnley 
Horn, Mr J. S., W. S. Burnley 

iones, Mr E., W. S., FuUedge, Burnley 
Lneeshaw, Mr J. W., N. S., St. Stephen's, 
Leyland, Miss, N. S., lattle Marsden, Bum> 

Lonsdale, Mr, W. S., Padiham 
Moore, Miss, N. S., St. Paul's, Bui 
Moore, Mr J., N. S., Holy Trinity, 
McMyn, Miss, N. S., Colne 
Morris, Miss, N. S., St. Andrew's, 
Nuttall, Miss, Par. S., Burnley 
Oldman, Mr G., N. S., St. Andrew's 
Preston, Mr, N. S., Padiham 
Rendell, Mr, N. S., Altham, Padih 
Rhodes, Mr, W. S., Cross Bank, P 
Riley, Mr T., Bd. S., Hebden Bi 

Ross, Miss, N. S., St. Matthew's, '. 
Robinson, Miss, N. S., Haberj^ham 
Shackleton, Miss, N. S., Padiham 
Sharrocks, Mr J, Par. S., Burnley 
Smith, Mr J., N. S., Colne 
Smith. Mr B., B. S., Comholme, T. 
Sowerby, Mr G., W. S., Trawden, \ 
Stevens, Miss, Undl. S., Lomeshayc 
Stuttard, Mr H., N. S., Lane Head 
Taylor, Miss, N. S. Lanshaw Bridj 
Taylor, Mr G., N. S., Habergham, 
Thompson, Mr J., W. S., Acring 

Todd, Mr L., N. S., Knutsford 
Turner, Mr, W. S., Burnley 
Veevers, Mr, N. S., Foulridge, Cok 
WalUngton, Mr, B. S., Padiham 
West. Miss, N. S., Pickup Croft, Bi 
Whitham, Miss, N. S., Leeds-road, 
Whitworth, Mr J., N. S., Fence, Bi 
Woodward, . Mr G., N. S., Ba 

Wroe, Mr, End. S., Lanshaw Bridgi 


orton and Tamwortli (Staff.) Teachers' 

Prcs.^ Mr Edbk Arlby, N. S., Bewdley 

Vice'Pres,, Mr Parrick, End.lS., Tutbury, Burton-on>Trent 

Tro€U» andStc,^ Mr Stone, Bd. S., Tamworth 

[r, Bd. S., Wilnecote, Tamworth 
Irs, Bd. S., Wilnecote, Tamworth 
>. Tamworth Bd. S. 
[r, Glascote, Tamworth 
Ir, Aminston N. S., Tamworth 
Trinity N. S., Burton-on-Trenl 

•, Newton N. S., Tamworth 
, Tamworth Bd. S. 

Mr, Barton Bd. S., Burton-on> 

s, Lenton N. S., Burton-on-Trent 
r, Fazeley N. S., Tamworth 

Malson, Mrs, Fazeley N. S., Tamworth 
Matthews, Miss, Eiford N. S., Tamworth 
Pearson, Miss, Hopwas N. S., Tamworth 
Pinnock, Miss, Tamworth Bd. S. 
Roberts, Miss, Bd. S., Winshill, Burton-on- 
Rogers, Mr, Victoria-road Bd. S., Burton- 

Rutherford, Mr, End. S., Tutbury, Burton- 
Shenton, Mr, Eiford N. S., Tamworth 
* Stewart, Mr, Wigginton N. S., Tamworth 


* Subscription paid through Lichfield Association. 

Bury District (Lancashire) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.f Mr Wensley, Brunswick S., Bury 

Vice-Pres.y Mr Perkins, RadcIifFe W. S., Manchester 

Tteas. aiidSec.y Mr Timpany, New-road B. S., Bury 

ss. All Saints' N. S., Bury 
% St. Thomas's N. S., Bury 
r, St. Paul's N. S., Bell-lane, Bury 
Holy Trinity N. S., Bury 
Mr, Tottington W. S., Bury 
Mr, St. Joseph's C. S., Bury 
r, Warth B. S., Bury 
Miss, St. John's N. S., Bury 
r, Central N. S., Bury 
vlrs, Clerke-street W, S., Bury 
vlr^ St. John's N. S., Bury 
Miss, Christian C. S., Bury 
;, Irwell N. S., Bury 
, St. Paul's N. S., Huntley Brook, 

Radcliffe W. S., Manchester 

Stead, Miss, Bank-street B. S., Bury 
Schofield, Mr, New Jerusalem S., Kadcliffe 

Smith, Miss, St. Mark's N. S., Bury 
Stennett, Mr, Summerseat W. S., Bury 
Smethurst, Mr, All Saints' N. S., Bury 
Spencer, Mr, Woolford W. S., Bury 
Snarpe, Mr, Assistant to H. M . Inspector 
Thomley, Mr, Bank-street B. S., Bury 
Wild, Mr, Hornby-street S., Hey wood, Man- 
Wolstenholme, Mr, St. Luke's N. S., Hey- 

wood, Manchester 
Windle, Mr, Unsworth N. S., Bury 
Whitehead, Mr, St. John's N. S., Bury 


Bury St. Ednmnds, and District (Suffolk) Teachers' 


Pres., Mr J. Whiteley, Bd. S., Thetford, Norfolk 
Vice-Pfes., Mr J. Stanton, N. S., Rattlesden, Woolpit 
as. and Sec. ^ Mr H. J. Bourne, C. of E. S., Pakenhani,fBury St. Edmunds 

N. S., Garboldisham, Thetford 
Miss, Bd. S., Brandon, Norfolk 
M. S., Bamham, Thetford 
ss, N. S., Ashfield Magna, Isworth 

Cave, Mr, N. S., Riiby, Bury, St. Edmunds 
Cave, Mrs, N. S., Risby, Bury, St. Edmunds 
Cluett, Miss, Bd. 8., Brandon, Norfolk 
DichenMD, Miss, Bd. S., Thetford Norfolk 



Do*, Miss, Bd. S., Thetford, Notfolk 

Fisher, Mr, Bd. S., North Lopham, Norfolk 

Fletcher, Miss. N. S., Ixworth 

Green, Mr, N. S., Ixworth 

Hawkes, Mr, N. S., Norton, Bury, 

St. Edmunds 
Hume, Miss, N. S., Long Melford, Sudbury 
Janney, Mr, St. Botolph's S., Bury, 

St. Edmund's 

iordan, Mr, N. S., CocVfleW, Sudbury 
•ast. Miss, N. S , Market- Weston, Brandon 
Lindsay, Mr, N. S., Ingham, Bury, 

St. Edmund's 
Mann, Mr, N. S., Hopton, East Harling 
Meek, Miss, R. C. S., Thetford, Norfolk 

Mitchell, Miss, N. S., Thurston, Bt 

Pengelley Miss. Bd. S., Brandon, No 
Phillips, Mr, N. S., Long Melford, Si 
Sadgrove, N. S., Thelnetham, East H 
Shepherd, Mr, Bd. S., 'J'hetford, No 
Smith, Miss, Bd. S., Weeting, Brando 
Sybom, Miss, N. S.. Long Melford, S 
Vickers, Mr, N. S., Hartest, Bur 

Vince, Mr, End. S., Ampton, Bui 

Watson, Mr, N. S., Wilton, Brandon 
Willis, Mr, N. S., Rougham, Bu; 


52.— Cambridge and Bistrict, (Cambs.) Teachers' 


Pre».f Mr G. Hutt, Trumpington N. S., Cambs 
Vlcc-Pres.f Mr. J. Graham, Chesterton Boys' S., Cambs 
Trcns,, Mr. F. Hatt, B. A. 
Sec.^ Mr A. J. Beai aiont, Bd. S., Harston, Cambs 

Archer, Mr, N. S., Cherry hmion, Cnmbs 
Barrett, Miss E., N. S., Eversden, Cambs 
Bartlett, Mr, N. S., Whittleford, Cambs 
Bonniwell, Mr, N. S., Barton, Cambs 
Bowman, Mr, N. S., Cambridge 
Chivers, Mr S., Sawston Bd. S., Cambs 
Coram, Mr H., East-road Boy's S., Cambs 
Coram, Mrs, East-road Boy's S., Cambs 
Coxford,Miss, N.S.,Six Mile Bottoms,Cambs 
Farmer, Mr, N. S., Balsham, Cambs 
Fothergill-Smiths, Miss, N. S., Fen Ditton 

Greengrass, Miss, N. S., Brinkley Cambs 
Hancock, Mr, Sturton-street, Higher Grade 

S., Cambs 
Hancock, Mrs, Eden-street, Higher Grade 

S., Cambs 

HoUins, Mr, Bd. S., Bottisham, Cam 
Hutt, Mrs, N, S. Trumpington, Caml 
Huddleston, Miss, Bd. S., Sawston, 
Hyde, Mr, N. S. Coton, Cambs 
Lvlo«, Mr, N. S., Croydon, Cambs 
Matthews. Mr H. T., N. S., E 

Marshall, Mr, N. S., Haslingfield, O 
Messer, Miss, Nuneham Gr. S., Caml 
Muggleton, Mr, N. S.. Girton, Cam! 
Phillips, Mr, N. .*<., Fulbourn, Camb 
Smith, C, N. S., Homingsea, < 
Snelling, Miss, N. S , Grandchester, 
Warboy'*, Mr, East-road, Boys' S., ( 
West, Miss, N. S., Fulbourn, Cambs 
Wormell, Mr, N. S., Weston Colville 

53— Canterbury and District, (Kent) Teacliers' Associe 

Pres.^ Mr, Sands, N. S., Littlebourne 

Vice-Preg.j Mr, Denner, N. S., Whitstable 

Treas. and Sec. t MrT. Clements, Bd. S., Whitstable 

Armstrong, Mr, St; Mildred's S., Preston 
Beale, Miss, N. S., Wingham 
Beeby, Miss, N, S., BishopsbouiTie, Canter- 
Ban&eld, Miss, St. Mildred's Sy Canterbury 
Burley,. Mr, W. S., Boughton, Faversham 

Baker, Miss, St. Alphage S., Whitsti 
Clements, Mrs, Bd. S., Whitstable 
Court, Mr, St. Stephen's Bd. S., Cant 
Court, Mrs, St Stephen's Bd. S , (*an 
Colyer, Mr, N.S., Nonnington. Cantei 
Casterdine, Miss, Diocesan S., Cantei 

Mr, N. S.. Bartiain, Ctuilerbury 
Miii, N. S., Barham.CaniBrbury 

nSN.'s.^Chislst, Canlerbory 
bould, Mn. 3*. S., Womao^niaM, 

St.'lf S., Upper HardrcB, CBntcrbnry 
Mi*,N.^,UpporHaidre5, Caalerburjr 
reys, Mr, W. S., Fsvenham 
teyi, Kir, N. S., Bougbton, Favcnham 
d, Mis, St. Maiy Bndbi's S., Culer- 

Mr, St. Ge: 


K'aS., Cnnterbury 
Snlecliffi'e, Whil^uble 

Miir,l.. aii-<s .'iE. lotin's Bd. S, Cai 
Nigholli, .Mi», ifwiunS., WMwia. . 
PaiiJ, Mils, X. S., Adiiban, Csnurbury 
Peuoian, Mr, N. S., Dunkirk, Favenham 
Paine, Mr, St. John'j Bd. S., CanMrbory 
REdmui, Mr, Si. Mildred's S. CanHrbury 
Shallctosi, Mr, N.S.,TbrowleiBh,FBY«Tlua- 
'lliuTEar, Mrs, St. Jabn'i Bd. S., CaBierbtuy 
Simes, MisB, N. S., Si. Nichobu, Marzata 
Turner, Mr.K.S., Shddiriih, Favmfiam 
Wyman, Mr, N. S., OaDdmi«>iK,Canterbiiiy- 
WalKnr, Miu, DiDcaan &, Canttrbury 
Wye, Ht, N. S., Bridge, Canlerbury 
Wye, Mr, N, S., Briwe, Canterbury 
Wye, Miu, N. &, Bndge, Canierbuy 
Wai=r». Mr, Selling, F'ver.ham 
Whrwlow, N. S., Harbledown, Canlerbury 
Williami, Mr, M. S., IcKham Canlerbury 

.—Cardiff District (Glamorgan) Teachers' Association. 

J'Tii., MrWiLKts, N. S., Docks 
Vici-Pra., Mr SnirsoK, St. Mary's HaU 
andSa., Mr Dacey, R. C. S., St. Davld'a-sln 
N. S.. Working- Hudwn 

snon, Cardiff 
N. S., Cardiff 
5 N. S., Canl 

auVs R. C. S., Cardiff 
Marney, Mrs. St. Patrick's R. C S., CardiB 
Maekadam Mr, St. Marr's N. S., Cardiff 
Monriiei, Mn, N. S., Temtieiance-town,. 

Se»ar.l, Mr, Baiteraea.houie, Cardiff 
Smith, Mr, St. Peter's H. C. S., Cardiff 
Whillaker. Mr W.8.,WgrkiTiB.nrMt Cardiff . 
Williams, Mr, N, S„ Llanfabon 
Wiliihin, Mr, N. S., Miundee,lCardia 

55.— Cardigan and District Teadiers' Association. 

Pn,., Mr D. M, Ev^KB, S(. Dognells 
Vici-Pres., Ur W. PicTOH, Cardigan 
Triat., Mrs Richards, Llandugwydd 
Sk., Mr R. I«AN JEMKVN, Penypark 
Mr, B. S., New CaslTe, Endyn Lewis, Mr, B. S., Lie 

"- " '' " -■- 'l-homat, Mr, B. S., \ 

i. Mr, N. S., Qlgcrran 

Mr, B, S., Newport, Pembroke 

Mr, 3. S., Hoiigrove 


M— Cardigaaskiv* tJTorhk (Cardigaaaldis) Tesclimn^ 

e»«W7, Hi, B<L S., A><Tr^Tili c— j„. M. K!. S^ PcnytwuiiiTdTlHU 

Jum, Mi IWh. Bi. S., toni. cai A l c }» « illi 

iWrni, Mr, W. S., Ejiriifkdj, ri 01»a- TbimvMr E, Bi S., Biynbntm, « 

fn^nS' O. Bd. S., Oo^zaa sen Aiorx- WiDiuH. Mi H. I 

57.— Carlisle and Sivtzict (Camberlaiid) Taachora' 

/V«., Mi B. Shttw, H Jt Trl-'hy. X S.. Ct-lale 
fiii-Prn., Mr J, Samdeims, N a., Srtiby CirtUle 
Trcoi., Ml J. Ca^^ell■l.^ Fiimtt S.. Cani>!e 
li JoHii Kci^E, Ragged S., biiulc 

, Maiy'ii 

i«, Mr, End. S., Hutu 
WM, Mi, Link Cuiby, 
J ., _ -iLjiAn'sS. 

Kelly, Mi. Mo;.! Bd. S., bob LongUHn 

Ltulc. Mr. Bd. S., HdIdif Eden, Culisle 
Lincy, Mr, Bd. S.. Wciheral, Cailiile 

'Mr, lid. 8., Utnun' H'^me, Cariiole 
"I, Wn. ^., Halne Ueid, OuJulc 
UmvMun, Mr, N. S. Cutle Cinwk, Bnmp- 

Ion, L'lfliiilE 
nay. Mi, Chriu Oiinch, N, S., Cuiiile 
Dun, Mi«, Oirin Chuich, N. S., (Giili) 

Vnamin, Mi, N. S., BowneM-oii-Solmy, 

FouDMim Mr, H. S., Cmby^n-Kdea, Cai. 


Gnhim. Mr, Bd. &, Kiiluuidniinon-EdeD, 

0™Ii«™,'mi, ChriM Chnpch N. S., Carlinle 

(Ccwljuur StsHtan) 
MuriMn, Ml, BJ. S.. forUbrlde, Carii.l. 
Bintiy, Mi, B. S., Holm* Htad, Carlisle 
B«eh, Mlu, Ctiunl Schwl, Csrliili: 
HonllddjMr.fu'.- " " " 

Odon, M 



Mr, K. S.. Rockclifii, (UiUA 
, N. S.. TIaabi>nk£i», Cailkle 
Mr, B. ri. HoUne Head CiiBde 
Mr Wm.. k S., Holme lltad, Cb- 

Ii. N. S., Rmwic 

, Loionby, P» 



a, D>l>toK, CaHisle 

Tiffin, Ml, N. S., Cote Hill, Cirluls 
Trawell, Miss E., St. Bcde's R. C. S.,Cu1ide 
Turner, Mr, Bd. S.., CuB* 
Websler, Mr, N. S., Kinnlown, C>Hiide 
Welch, Miss, Si. John's S. S., Cailide 
Wilde, Mr. M, S., Houghton, Cirlid* 
Wilion, Mr, Gr. S.. DaTnon, Carlisle 
Pojtletliwule, Mr, End. S. . Wieay, Cariiib 

58.— Oamarvonabire (Sontli} XeacIiorB' Association, 

Pr^., MrG. Jowbs, N. S., Mynylho, Pu^llhcli 

■Rrindliy, Mi Richvd, lid. S., Poitmiidoc 
Juikiiu. Mi, N. S., Edeyni, Pwllheli 


Uoyd, MrT. J., Bd. S., Llithfaea, Pwllheli 
Owen, Miss, Bd. S., Nevin, Pwllheli 
flurry, Mr W., Bd. S., Borth, Portmadoc 
"V^lliams, Mr O., Bd. S., Nevin, Pwllheli 

Williams, Mr H., N. S., TydweiUog, PwllhcU 
Williams, Mr, Bd. S., Llangybi, Pwllheli 
l^illiams. Miss, N. S., PwlUieli 


59.— Chatham, Bochester and Gravesend (Kent) 

Teachers' Association. 

Pret.^ Mr J. E. Lines, H. M. Convict Prison, Chatham 
Vtce-fre$.^ Mr F. Maggs, B. S., Gravesend 
TYeas.f Mr J. H. W. Carr, N. S., Stockbary, Sittingboume 
Sec.f Mr R. Lines, 7, Naylar's-terrace, Union-street, Rochester 

Addns, Mr H., Bd. S., Strood, Rochester 
Auty, Mr J., Mile Town Bd. S., Sheemess 
Avery, Mr £. J., W. 8., New Brompton, 

Baker, Miss M.. Blue Town Bd. S., Sheertiess 
Barker, Mrs J. L., Christ Church S., East 

Biurwick, Miss H., W. S., New Brompton, 

Beckley, Miss £. £., Murston N. S., Sit- 
Beetham, Mr J., Wouldham N. S., Rochester 
Blackbum, Miss, W. S., Sittingboume 
Bowles, Miss E., Holy Trinity N. S., Sheer- 

Bowman, Miss C. £., St. Paul's N. S., Chat- 
Brice, Mrs, Rainham N. S., Sittingboume 
Burgess, Miss £., St. Paul's N. S., Chatham 
Burr, Miss C, 17, Theobald -square, Bochester 
Butler, Miss, Murston N. S., Sittingboume 
Chaflfin, Miss £., Bd. S., Rochester 
Coleman, Mr J. C, Murston N. S., Sitting- 
Corbett, Mr J. A , St. Mary's N. S., Strood, 

Crew, Mr C. G., Teynham S., Sittingboume 
Dajiford, Mr J. L., B. S., Chatham 
Davies, Miss £.^. S., Gravesend 
Delamare, Mr W., Milton Parrock Hall, 

. Gravesend 
Dewhirst, Miss, Queenboro' Bd. S., Sheemess 
Dine, Mr J. J., Shome N. S., Gravesend 
Dorey, Mr C, Bd. S., Gravesend 
Dunstall, Mr W., Mathematical S., Chat- 
Edwards, Mr K. W., Borden N. S., Sitting- 
Finch, Miss A., N. S., Snodland, Rochester 
Frazer. Miss M., St. John's N. S., Chathsun 
Goodchild, Miss L. M., Brompton N. S., 

Hftrnett, Mr H., Royal Marines' S., Chat- 

Harvey, Miss A.. St. Aloysius R. C S., 

Brompton, Chatkam 
Harwood, Miss L., B. S., Chatham 
Hepworth, Mr J., H. M. Convict Prison, 

Borstal, Rochester 
Hilder, Mr T., N. S., Snodland, Rochester 
Jennings, Miss C. A., Milton G. S., Gravesend 
King, Mrs, Luton N. S., Chatham 
Longley, Miss C. £., Bobbing S., Sitting- 
Longley, Mr J., Rainham N. S., Sitting- 
Marsh, Mr W. H., Bd. S., Rochester 
Matthews, Miss A. M., Bd. S., Sheemess 
Matthews, Miss S. £., Bd. S., Sheemess^ 
Mobbs, Mr S. N., £lm House S., Sitting- 
Nicholls, Mr F., Luton N. S., Chatham 
NichoUs, Mrs F., Luton N. S., Chatham 
Owen, Miss C, Zion C. S., Gravesend 
Palmer, Mr J., Stoke Bd. S., Rochester 
Parham, Mr, Milton Bd. S., Sittingboume 
Paris, Miss, Bd. S., Sheemess 
Parkes, Miss A., Bd. S., Gravesend 
Pease, Miss A., W. S., New Brompton, 

Price, Mr J. B., Halston Bd. S., Sitting. 

Friestland, Miss, Holy Trinity N. 8., Sitting- 
Quick, Miss £., The Vale, Chatham 
Richards, Mr A. W., W. S., Sheemess 
Roberts, Mr T.,Frindsbury Bd. S*., Rochester 
Roper, Mr W. H., W. S., Sittingboume 
Rossiter, Miss, Bd. S., bheemess 
Rowland, Miss, Queenboro' Bd. S., Sheemess 
Runicles, Mr JD., Updiurch N. S., Sitting- 
Scholey, Mr J., Hailing Bd. S., Rochester 
Shipley, Miss A., Frindsbury Bd. S., Rochester 
Smith, Mr C. H , MUton Middle Class S., 

Stevens, Mr £., Hartlip N. S., Sittingboume 


Targctt, Mr W., (deceased) Burham Bd. S., 

Taylor, Mr G., N. S., Sheemess 
Taylor, Mr W., Higham N. S., Rochester 
Upton, Mr T., Bapcbild N. S., Sittingbourne 

Verrall, Miss £., Rainham N. S., Sitting* 

Wainwright, Mr W., Brompton N. S., Chat- 

"Walker, Miss, R. C. S., Sheemess 

Weaver, Miss L., Bd. S., Rochester 


60.— Chatteris and District, (Camb.) Teachers' Association* 

Sec, Mr F. B. Goodjb, Wiinblington S. near March 

[No Returns.] 

61.— Chelmsford (Essex) Teachers' Association. 

Pfes., Mr H. Taylor, Victoria Boys' S., Chelmsford 
Vice-Pres.y Mr J. R. Sydes, N. S., Great Waltham, Chelmsford 
Treat, and Sec, Mr Jno. Bennett, N. S., Broomfield, Chelmsford 

Attridge, Mr J., N. S., Hatfield, Peveiel 
Copeland, Mr G., N. S., Ford End, Great 

Fitzwater, Mr J., N. S., (Boys') Danbury 
Hocper, Mr, N. S., Little Waltham 
Worth, Mr, N. S., Little Baddow 

Jones, Miss, Hon. Mrs. Byron's S., Langford^ 

near Maldon 
Sharman, Mr S. H., End. S., Great Baddow 
Stone, Miss, N. S., (Girls') Great Baddow 
Turnage, Mr, N. S., (Hoys') Great Baddow 
Waldren, Mr, N. S., Wnttle, Chelmsford (15 

62.— Chelsea (Borough of) (Middlesex) Teachers' 


Pres.j MrT. G. Hodgson, Victoria-road Bd. S., Starch Green, W. 
Vice-Pres., Mr J. Murray, Silver-street, Bd. S., Kensington, W, 
Treas., MrT. Simi>son, D. street, Bd. S., Queen's Park Estate, W. 
. Sec, Mr S. G. Bonner, Arthur-street, S.,*(^elsea, S.W. 

Amey, Miss, Wornington-road, Bd.S., Netting 

hill, W. 
Annear, Mr, R., Victoria-road, Bd. S., 

Shepherd's Bush, W. 
Armriding, "Mr, Waterloo-street, Bd. S., 

Hammersmith, W. 
Atkins, Miss, Porto-bello-road Bd. S., 

Notting-hill, W. 
Bartlett, Miss, Cook's Ground Bd. S., 

Chelsea, S. W. 
Baskerville, Miss, Queen's Gardens Bd. S., 

Brompton, S.W. 
Baxandall, Mr, Womington-road Bd. S., 

Notting.hill, W. 
Beaver, Mr. A., Walton-street Bd.S., Chelsea, 


Bedford, Miss, D street Bd. S., Queen's' 

Park Estatcj W. 
Bell, Mr J., Silver-street Bd. S., Kensington^ 

Bennett, Miss, Holy Trinity, N. S., Sloane* 
street, Chelsea, S.W. 

Biddle, Mr S., St. Mark's CoUeee, Chelsea. 

Burch, Miss, Middle-row Bd. S., Kensal-rtadc 

Bird, Mr, St. Joseph's R. C S., Porto-beIl(K 
road, W. 

Bird, Miss B. J., D street Bd. S., Queen's 
Park Estate, W. 

Blanc, Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Hammer- 
smith, W. 


, Mr E., Lancefield-street BtL S., 
's Park Estate, W. 

Mr £., D street Bd. S., Queen's 
Lstate, W. 

Miss, Porto-bello-road Bd. S., 
ig.hill, W. 

Miss, St. Luke's S., Markhani'Street, 
.•a, S.W. 

Miss, D street Bd. S., Queen's 
Estate, W. 

Miss, Womington-road Bd. S., 
ig-hill, W. 

,Mr, Park-walkBd. S., Chelsea, S.W. 
Miss M. E., D street Bd. S., 
Vs Park Estate, W. 
►Ir E., St. Clement's N. S., Notting- 

Miss, Wornington-road Bd. S., 
ng.hill, W. 

ill, Mr, J., D street Bd. S., Queen's 
Estate, W. 

Mr H., Lower 8., Dulwich 
ge, S.E. 

Miss, Marlboro'-road Bd. S., New- 

, MrR. , St. Mark'sColIege,Chelsea,S.W. 
, Mr T. E., St. Mark's CoUcge, 
sea, S.W. 

an, Mr, St. Mary Abbott's N. S., 
iington, W. 

an, Mrs, St. Maiy Abbott's N. S. 
iington, W. 

, Miss, Waterloo, street Bd. S.| Ham* 
mith, W. 

■, Miss M., Chertsey 
old, Mr A., Edinburgh-road Bd. S., 
ing.hill, W. 

im. Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Hammer- 
h, W. 

Vfr E. J., D street Bd. S., Queen's 
c Estate, W. 

ock, Miss, Whitelands College, 
Uea, S.W. 

Miss L., Fenrose-street Bd. S., 
worth, S.E., 

ogham, Mr, Training College, Ham- 
imith, W. 

', Miss, William street Bd. S., Hammer- 

s. Miss, Holy Trinity N. o., Sloane- 
5t, S.W. 

, Mr, Waterloo-street Bd. S., Hammer- 
h, W. 

, Mrs, D street Bd. S., Queen's Park 
ite, W. 

Mr H., Womington>road Bd. S., Not- 
•hUI, W. 
M[iss,Walton.street Bd.S., Chelsea,S.W. 

Easterbrook, Mr J., M. A., St. Mark's 

College, Chelsea, S.W. 
EUigott, Mr, £. M., 4lt. Mark's College, 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Evans, Mr. Middle-row Bd. S., Kensal-id, W. 
Gilbert, Miss, Middle-row Bd. S., Ktnsal- 

road, W. 
Girling, Mr G., Aldenham-street Bd. S., 

St. Pancras, N.W. 
Girling, Mrs, Whitfield-atreet Bd. S., Mary- 

lebone, N.W. 
GcMnm. Miss A., Womington-road Bd. S., 

Nottmg.hill, W. 
Gorjaan, Miss, Holy Trinly N. S., Sloanc- 

street, S.W. 
Gray, Mr, Cook'sGround Bd.S., Chelsea,aW. 
Haynes, Miss, Marlboro'-road Bd. S., 

Chelsea, S. W. 
t Haynes, Miss, Vere-streetBd. S., Lincoln's 

Inn, W.C. 
Hilton, Mr G., Holy Trinity N. S.,Draycott- 

street, S. W. 
Hitchcock, Miss, Waterloo-street Bd. S., 

Hodge, Mr D. H., Cook's Ground Bd S., 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Hodge, Mr J., William-street Bd. S., Ham- 

mertmith, W. 
Holmes, Miss, Middlu-row Bd. S., Kensal- 

Hopper, Mr T., B.A., Womington-road Bd. 

S., Nottingihill, W. 
Horsley, MLss, Kenmont-road Bd. S., College 

Park, Kensal-green, W. 
Hunt, Mr, St. Mark's N. S., Notting-hill, W. 
Hunt, Mrs, St. Mark's N. S., Notting-hiU, W. 
Hutchins, Mr, J. P., Porto-bello-road Bd. S., 

Hotting.hill, W. 
Ivey. Mbs, Porto-bello-road Bd. 8., Nottbg- 

hiil, W. 
Jarvis, Mr E. St. John's N. S., Notting- 
hiU, W. 
Jarvis, Miss, St. Stephen's N. 8., Shepherd's 

Bush, W. 
Kelly, Miss, St. Mary Abbott's N. S., 

Kensington, W. 
Kettely, Miss. Marlboro'-road Bd. S. 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Lambertini, Misa. Edinburgh-road Bd. S. 

Notting-hill, W. 
Langdon, Mrs, Womington-road Bd. S. 

Notting-hiU, W. 
Lawson, Mr W., St. Mark's College, 

CheUea, S.W. ^ 

Leaf, Miss K., D street Bd. S., Queen's 

Park Estate, W. 
Lee, Miss, Waterloo-street Bd. S., Hammer- 
smith, W, 

* Pays through West LAtnbelh AssociatioQ 
t Pays tlm)ugh Westminster Association 



Ch<ei-««a. ri.W, 
h^t-^Aj Mr, H.^Tmief N'. S., Drxycott 

iiereer. s.W, 
Uekjvr^y., Mr r-ii, 34ary Abboofi N. S.. 

3(Luit. .vfi«4, Wr«nungtryn^oad BcL S., 

liau«if;kAit, Mm, AlhiofS'road Ea«t, B<L S., 

Hamnftrwintth, W. 
M«f>At(re7, Mr, 4* ^fMtro^e YiUaa^ActoOfW. 
Mciiwsuii. M(*«, r, G<nnuie'4treet, Kmf's 

fMUl, Chelsea, S.W, 
Mfilvor, Mr K,, Mariboro'-road Bd. S., 

Ch*l«sa, .S.W. 
Mdkl«)«'>hn, ProftMor M. A., Univenity Sc 

A/uir«w«, N.B. 
M<>ranr, Mim, St« Mark** N. S., Notting- 

Ull W 
MofTM, Mum, Sc Stephen's N. S., Shepherd's 

bofth, W. 
Mtir^y, Mr, Training College, Hanmer- 

snutb, W, 
Mnrray, Mr«, Victoria-road Bd. S., Shep- 

h«rdV?/Uiih, W. 
Kcrille, Mni, Middle-row Bd S., Kensal- 

ffMd, W. 
NicholU, Mr 7., Albion-road East Bd. S., 

Hammersmith, W, 
Norris, Mr, Waterloo-street Bd. S., Ham- 
mersmith, W. 
Kann, Miss E., Buckingham-teFrace Bd, S., 

Notting.hill, W. 
Oldrey, Miss, D street Bd. S., Queen's 

Park Kfttate, W. 
Olive, Mr, Middle-road Bd. S., Kensal- 

road, W. 
Ormes, Miss. Portobello^oad Bd. S., Not- 

Parsons, Mr J., B.A., St. Luke's N.S., Chelsea, 

S. W. 
Peacock, Miss, William-street Bd. S., Ham- 

menmith, W. 
Pear, Mr A., Womington-road Bd. S., Not- 

ting-hill, W. 
Pear, Mr T. C, All Saints* N. S., Fulham, 

Pear, Mrs, Silver-street Bd. S., Kensington, 

Pearson, Miss, Middle-row Bd. S., Kensal- 

Philpott, Mr, St. Peter's N. S., Portobcllo- 

Pomeroy. Mr S., St. Stephen's N. 8., Shep- 

herd*s-buHh, W. 
Postancc, Mr T., St. John's Baptist N. S., 

Putman, Mr, Latymer>road Bd. S., Not- 

ting-hiil, W. 
Ramsey, Afr F., Edinburgh-road Bd. S.. 

Notling-hill, W. 

Ricfaardsaa,^ Mrs, Max&anl'-nad Bd. &, 

Chctva, S.W. 
RoMiter. Miss. PartobeIIo-eo«d Bd. Si, 

N'otting-hill, W. 
Rowe, uLss, O 

Bd. Sl, Quen\ Pnfc 

Escate. W. 
Rondeman, M|ss, Sc Peter's N. S., Porto* 

bdlo-rcad, W. 
Shelley, Miss, Boddn^am-tcnaoe Bd. 81, 

Xotdng-hin, W. 
SimpsoDT Mr F., F-dinharA-goad Bd. S., 

Notting-hill, W. 
Simpaoa, Mrs T.,B<KJdngham-teCTace Bd. &, 

Notnng-hill, W. 
Smich, Mr C. J., Sc Mark's College, Owlsea, 

Smith, Mis, Bnrkingham-terrace Bd. S., 

Noiting HUI, W. 
Sparrow, Mr, Sc Peter^s N. S., PoftobeQo* 

Statham, Miss, EdinborB^li-ioad Bd. S., Not« 

dng-hiU, W. 
Steel, Miss, Latymer-road Bd. S., NoCting. 

Sweeting, Mr £., William-stieet Bd. S., Han* 

Thomas, Mr W. H., Star-lane Bd. S., FkdhaB, 

Thompson, Miss, Queen's Gardens Bd. S.t 

Brompton, S.W 
Tinto, Air, Christ Church N. S., Chdaea, S.W 
Turner, >lr A. J., Marlboro'-rowi Bd. S., 

Chelsea, S.W 
Wade, Mr J., Marlboro'-road Bd. S., Chebea 

S W 
Walker, Mr L. H., FOrtobeUo-road Bd. SL 

Walker, Miss, Silver-street Bd. S., KeXlsii«> 

Walker, Miss, Cale-street Infants* S., Chelaa^ 

Waihnan, Mrs, Middle-row Bd. S., Keasd- 

Warren, Mr C, Queen's Gardens Bd. S., 

Chelsea, S.W 
Warren, Mr F, Marlboro'-road Bd. S., Chelsea, 

Watt, Miss, Edinburgh-road Bd. S., Not- 

ting-hiU, W. 
Wermiam, Mr, Waterloo-street Bd. S., Ham- 
mersmith, W. 
West, Mr H., Park Chapel N« S., Chelsea, 

Wiedh'offt, Miss, HoUydale-road Bd. S., 

Nunhead, S.E. 
Wilkins, Mr, Middle-row Bd. S., Kensak 

road, W. 
Williams, Mr, Edhbuxgh-road Bd. &, Ko«> 

ting-hiU, W. 
Williams, Miss, Marlboro'-road Bd. S., 

Chelsea, S.W, 

DO. mm p., 



S., K«ii. 






Bd. S., 



Bd. S., 

Wnn, Mr, St. Panl'i K. 3., Hi 
Wrigfit, Mr A. H., St M 
(Selaa, S.W. 

63'~CShelteiilwm (aioacestemhire) Teachers' 

u- Clnllenbuii 


iS,Mr,W, S-, Gl. j^uiwouu-iHcci A.eaain£s, wiis, ot- rniiip'sfl 

■n. MiK, Oienton N. S, Woo™, Mr, B. S 

, Mr, Christ ChurcfiS MsikeEyn*, ML«, ChriM Chureh;GWi' 

t, Mr, Fonhamplon K S., Tcwkesbnrr Page, Mr, i,CDlJEgc"'" 

e, Miw, M[boni-«reM S Prfvlon, Mr, HiEhbui 

Un, Trisily Girls' S Shri>cE, Mih, IJhKsi 

i,Mr,Sl riulUpi'S Smith.MiK, St. Paaliini. 

rother, Mia>, PurishCh. Giili' S Spfnccr, Mr. St. Marf.S 

■- ~ " SwLfl, Mr, Chuiohdown N. 


r i,CoiJtgiVi" 
Mr, HiEhbuiy 

,, Mr. Charlloa Kinn' N. S 
Mr, Chtdwonh N. S., Ner. 

an' %i, BadgEWonb N. ti 
Ju,Mi», Si. Phillips- S 
jd.Mt.StvisnhanFXon N. S 
,kin>,k John's InfanlS 


64,— Chepstow and IHstziot dConmoiitli) Teachen' 

Pril., Ur Coopix, If. 5., Ctldicotl, Chspstow 

Via-PTa., Ur Lohg, X. S., Tidenhu), qhspitow 

TVam., Mr Blcklakd, Bd. S., Mnlhim, Chepstow 

Sit., Mr Wm. Pkillipi, N. S., St. BH»eI>, Colelbnl 

irid, Misi, N. B., Untan, Chtpitoir Finder, Misi, !I. S., Iitoo, CbepitDW 

, Mr, Bd. 5., Ctaepslow Robttlun, Mts, N. S., Porttkewetl, Oiap' 

T, Mis, N.S.. TidcDhun Diue,CheiHtaw stovr 

; Mrs, N. S., ChepHow. Slokes, Mist, N. S., TutshiU, Cbtjxtw 

pi, Hr D., Bd. S., Brockwei)., St. lliooui, Mr, Bd. S., Woojutoa, Sydoij 

ivel's, Coleford Vowles, Min, Bd. 8., Chepstow 

an. Hits, N. S.,Caldicot, Chepuow mid, Mr, K. S^ Srdnar \A 

-66-— Cliester and District (Cliflsliire) Teacliers' Asoociatiai. 

Pro., Mr H. Barlixi', All S^nis' a ChsUr 

. and Sec., Mr C. Silk, B. S., Sallnty, Chesi 

Jldkins, Mr. N, S., Bhoiion, Flinl 
Afford, VEiK, St. Olave'i S., Cholei 
.Arkfc, Mr.Diooosn 3., ChMter 
Badcock, Ui>«, B. S.. Chesiir 
ndky. Mr, Gr. S., llunliury, Tarporley 
BebtMnnon. Miw, Si. John's S., Chesiet 
Beawi^ Miiu, N. S^ Aldfotd, Chwler 
Bleard, Mr, N. S., PuHbrd, Wmham 
1.__ .._ L. & N. W. Ry. Cos. 

Budd»r. Sfira, ». I noma* ».. \jtet 
BuUodt, Mr, N. S., UpUMi, Ch«Hr 

-ChMlham, Mr, Holy IVLniiy S„ Chtsler 
Clarke, Mr, St. Wttliurgh's S., CheKer 
ObtIh!. Mt, N. S , Kel«i.ll, OieUer 
Cliffe, Mr, Chrfst Church S., ChBWr 
Cordcry, Miss, RimseU-strtet S., Chaittr 
Cowine, Mr, N. S,. Norley, FrodtJiam 
Dinv;oodic, MiM, K. S., Sallney, Chnster 
IJobwn, Miss, B. S., Uhrsler 
Earlam. Mr. N. S., Chriulclon, ChHter 

■Gelley, M:=s, Si, Pnul'n S., Cheater 

■Gill, Mr, N, S„ Vi'B«non, Owstn 

f. S., Ch. 
Wanindale, Mr, N. S., ChoImondiLey, Wkfr 

church, (Silop) 
Motley, Mial, Hmdhridgc S, Cheswr 
Monon, Mr, N. S., Dod^non, Wreihu 
Hulvey, Mis, HandDridse S., Chcsta 
NeweII, Miu, St. Maty'i S., Chntcr 
Pulling, Mr, Si. MicbaeTii S., Ctaeucr 
Bobens, Miiii, N. S., GweniyniyiiTdd, lUI 
Robetls, Mr, tl. H., ^nyiriiiycrdTMcU 
Rowun, Miu, Chnu Church S., Owas 
Spencer, Mt, N. S., Hawatden 
IVyioi, Mr, N. S., Flint 
Thtjksione, Mt, B. 3., Saitney, Chesttr 
TyKH., Mr, N. S; Bocliitr, Hfold 
Webb. Mr. Gr. S., Hawirdcn 
Whalley, Miu, B. C, Saltnej-, Chsur 
Whitehoii«, Miss, W. S., Chester 

Hardy, S 


L, Mr, N. S., Connah'«.qiuiy, 

WilLiamf, Mt, (f. S. 
Wilton, Mr, N. S., ! 
Wood, Mr, St.Johc 

c. Mist, IT. S., Connah'^D^, nt< 

66.— Cliippii^c Ifortoii and Charlbory (Oxford) Teaoliwi' 

Pra., Mr F. GaaRKPiRi,ri, Bd. S., Bledinglon 

Vke-rra., Mr H. Hearnb, Bd. S., Milton.undcr-Wychwood 

■Tnu., Ur H. Lloyd, N. S., Chipping Nortoii 

Sn., Mr J. RoLBs, N. S., Chipping Norton 

Ad«n(,MtJ., Bd, S 

Anen,Hi»A., N. S 

Altai, Mr W. ;., Dill. S„ Litlk Compion 
Bacon, Mio H, Clrh' "a., WaiKngion, »uiiey 
ihimiinr, MiM K. B., H. S., ChipranR Notion 
Buikr, Mr R., N. S., FinMock, Enstone 
■Clifltod, Mri..B.S,,Ch>rlb<iry 
IkIhIIi, Wm r. t:., N. S., Hook Norton 
jr^TvMtlMr, HinM., InT. &, Oiadlington 

Gibhwd, Mn. M, A„ N. S., Churchill 
Harrii. MisA. E., It. S,, ChipptnE Norta 
, Misi A., - - --* 

H:i«tines, A 
HeriotdrS^J- . 

ipptns Norta 
MikoD-nailv ' 

An, Mi W,, N, S., Kingham 


f iss J., Bd. Sm' I/^eham 
r W. T., N. «., Hey thorp 
IrG., N. S., Churchill 
Mr S. G., N. S., Spelsbury 
Ir W. H., N. S., RoUright 
;e, Miss S., Inf. S., Churchill 

Porter, Miss H., Inf. S.» Chipping JN'orlm- 
Price, Miss E. P., N. S:, Wboitdn, Wbod-. 


Taylor, Mr E., N. S., Chadlineton 
Thomas, Miss E., N. S., Mucuestone, Saloi 



Sodbnry and District (Gloncesterhire) 
TeachetB' Association. 

Pres., Mr. Harding, N. S., Horton, near Chipping Sbdbury 
Vice-Pres., Mr, Nicholls, N. S., Badminton, near Chippenham 
Treas. and Sec. ^ Mr. Roach, K. S., Yate, near Chipping Sodbory 

Mr, N. S., Chi{)ping Sodbury 
Mrs. N. S., Chipping Sodbury 
Mr, N. S., Iron Acton, near Bristol 
iIiss,N. S.,FramptonCdtterell, near 

Mayer, Mr, B. S., Frampton Cottereli^ 

near Bristol 
Parkinson, Mr, (deceased) 
Tovey, Mr, N. S., Dyrham, near Chipping, 

Wetftpn, Mr, Manor S., Coal Pit^ Heatb> 

near Bnstol '[it 

-Chorley Union (Lancasliire) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr. Spkigt, Adliiigton N.S. 

Vice-Pret.i Mr; Sakgeant, Chorley, St. Pcter's^N. S. 

Treas. andSef.^ Mr R. H. Ellis, St. George's N. S., Chorley 

, Miss, Croston N. S., Chorley 
Vir, W, S., Chorley 
, Miss, Coppuce-moorN.S., Chorley 
Ir, Eccleston N. S., Chorley 
Mr, Charnock Richard ; N. S., 


r. Par. S., Chorley 
Miss, St. George's N. S., Chorley 
Miss, Rivington N. S.» Chorley 
Miss, St, George's N. S., Chorley 
, Mr, Heskin JN. S., Chorley 

Jackson, Mr, St. James's K. S., lieylaqd^ 

Johnson, Mr, H. M. Asst. Ins];>ector, x8. Bur* 

lington -street, Blackburn 
Lenthall, Mr, Croston N. S., Chorley 
Meakin, Miss, St. James's N. S., Chorley 
Moore, Mr, W. S,, Leyland, Chorley 
Marshall, Brmdle N. S., Chorlev. 
Norris, Missj Leyland N. S., Chorley 
Newham, Miss, W. S., Chorley 
Thompson, Mr, St. Mary's R. C. Chorley [29 

— Clmrcli and Oswaldtwistle (Lancashire) Teachers' 

Pres., Mr WAf. FouLbs, B. A., N. S., Church Kirk, Church 
Veas. atidSeCi Mr Joha C6rbriogb, Holy Trinity Free Ch. S., Oswaldtwistle 
, Mr, B. S., Warren Lane, Oswald* 

aw, Mr, N. S.; Sl Paul's Oswaldt- 

Greasley, Mr, N. S., New Lane, Oswaldt« 

Mr, N. S., Knuzdefi, Brqok 
Mr J. H., B. S., Earnest-street 

Martin, Mr, W. S... Hippihgs, Oswaldtwistle 
Wilson, Miss, B. S., Earnest-street, QittTch 


Subscription paid through Blackbiun Association. 

70.— Cirencester and District (Gloucestershire) Teaclienf 


Fre$.i Mr. T. J. Hunt, End. S., Ampae-Cnicis, CircQoester 
Sec. and Treat.^ Mr J. Loteday, N. S., North Cemey, Cirencester 

Bending, Mr A. E. Bd. S., Cirencester 
Beading, Mrs, Bd. S., Cirencester 
Cleverly Mr, End. S., Gloucester-street, Cir- 
Cox, Mr, N. S., Siddington, Circencester 
Cox, Miss, N. S., Siddington, Circencester 
Croome, Miss, N. S., Sraydon, R. S. O. Wilts 
Ernes, Mr, Bd. S., Cirencester 
Foote, Mr F. B. End. S. Cirencester 
Harrison, Miss, Bd. S., Cirencester 
Knowles, Mr, N. S., Maysey Hampton, 

Lee, Miss, End. S., Cirencester 
Manworin^, Mr, N. S., Stratton, 
Marks, Miss, End. S., Cirencester 
Packer, Miss, N. S., Watermoor, Cu« 
Parrish, Mr £., N. S., Soath Ccniey, 

Parrish, Mrs £., N. S., South Carney, 

Timson, Miss, N. S., Watermoor, 
Williams, Miss, Bd. S., Cirence&ter 


71.— Cleveland District (North York) Teachers' Associatioii. 

Pres.y Mr MoxoN, Zetland Schools, Marske 

Tteas.^ Mr T. Harkison, Zetland School Redcar 

Sec.y Mr J. Burnell, St. John's Schools, Middlesboro' 

31and, Mr, End. S., Kirkleatham Hospital, 

-Brown, Mr, N. S., the Sdicolhouse, 

Upleatham, Redoar 
CottoA. Miss, St. John's N. S., Middles- 
>Fenton, Mr, N. S., The School, Warrenby, 

•Gardner, Mrs, St. Paul*s N. S. Middlesboro' 
-Hewson, Mr, High S., za, Kent street, 

Harrison, Wm. Mr, Zetland N. S., Redcar 
Huntington, Mr, Bd. S., Port Clarence, 

I'anson, Mr, St. Peter's Bd. S., Brotton, 

Saltbum-by-the> Sea 


r, N. 

Jones, Mr, N. S., yearly, Redcar 

Jocelyn, Mrs, N. S., Coatham, Redcar 
Lees, Mr, St. Hilda's N. S., MiddksboBaf 
Mallonr, Mr, N. S., The Schoolhoase,lfntOi^ 

Mayer, Miss, Zetland N. S., Manke-by^Ae'' 

Richardson, Miss, St. Pftnl's N. S., Bfiddlii» 

Smith, Mr, N. S., Schoolhouse, 

Smith, Miss, Zetland N. S., 


Turner, Mr, St. Paul's N. S., Middlesbanr 
Varty, Mr, Providence Bd. S., Gnidbroadi 
Webb, Miss, St. HUda's N. S., Middkdbaii/ 
Wainwright, Miss, St. John's N. B., Middltt- 

boro' [24 

93lir-Coln & St. Aldwyn (Gloncestersliire) Teachers' AssociatioB. 

Prts,^ Mr J. Dancb, N. S., Coki, Aldwyn. Fairford 

SeCy Mr C. Taylor, N. S., Bastleach, T«echlade 

DaQce, Mrs, K. S., Coin, Aldwyn, Fairford Orpin, Mr, End. S., Fairf<^d 

Fairwether, Mr, N. S., Bibury, Northleach Plumb, Mrs, N. 8.. Aldsworth, Korthkid 

i^Hartwell, Miss, End. S., Fairfotd. Rose, Mr, N. S., Sherborne, Northleacii 

Higgins, Miss, N. S., Soathrop, Lechlade Rose, Mrs, N. S., Shiirbome, TTiiilhkarli 

'HiK^kinson, Miss, N. S., Quennington, Sjmionds, Miss, N. S., Hatherop, Faiited 

Faurford Warren, Mr, End. S., raiif<»d 
Xydford, Mr, Organist, Bibury, Faiiford \m 

tlMTM aaul IH«triot CWaioambixa) TeadLtn' AaMoiatioa. 

Pm., Ml ). BiuEiTT, W. S., Oiihoo* 
yiet-Pra., KrV. Waiti, K. 5., dutbnme, CKAam 

Trtiu., Mr Rohit Omtes, St. Judim', Oilhnaa 
.^rc., Mr Humv OiBUKH, B. S.. Low Moor, aUbaoe 
Mill, N. S., auibsrne,Clillien)« Livescy, Mr P., C E., Urttim, Wbilln 

Miu, N. S., ClilberoE Blackbuni 

I Wm. J., N. S., WUlinll, Lovod, Mt R., V. S., CUlhcroL 

Uaithewson, Mis, K. S-AVlulIey, Blackbuni 

Walker, Mr. N. S., Siwley, ailhcnc 
Wilkinson, Mr, N. S., Wlnrell, Whilley, 
BlKkbam [ij 

4.— Corautrj, (WHnvick.) Teaohen' Assooiktioii. 

Pnt., Mr J. Mkuok, Si. Joho'i N. S., Cotcsitt 

Vict.Prit. aiU Trial., W. TusMi, 5outh-nr»i Bd. S., Covintty 

.;«., Mr RoBT. C Maidwell, St. Mirk'i S., Conotry 

Nevcy, Mr, KEruley N. S., Covoury 
Nesle, Mr, Wesiirood », S., Covem^ 
Pingnff Miss, Hoiy Trinity Intnl'sCBvnntiT 
Rioiuri, Mr, St. Midual'* N. ■., Conuiy 
Xiclunl, Mn, St. MidiKl'i S. S., Coventry 
Sucncer, Mr, Spon-ureet Bd. S., Coventry 
Steine, Mr, J. 3., Holy Trinity Boy's S., 

Tuiiliy, Mr, Cenlnl $., Bedwonli 
Tarlor. Mr A. J..Stot« Bi. S., Coventiy 
Travers, Mr, St. Si. Oiinuv'' R-C, Coventry 
Tarry, Mils, Si. Oshurg's ft. C, Covenlry 
"■ - ■' - "- -'- .lr«t Bd. B., Covenuy 
el Bd. 5., Covenlr 
■ ■■ " Ungby 


l.'l., St 

, Petet'i aiool, Cov. 



Hwer-* Giris S."covcnlty 


cat-lane S., Coventry 

H^ Trinity Girl's S., Cove 


Ir W. 

O., All Saint-j N. 


Osburg-i R. C, Co.. 


Hr W. 

d, Mrs Etajlev-s 


"s E, S., Coventry Wllde, Miss. Soulli street Bd. S., Covenlry 

k Bd. S., Foleshill WiotertoD, Mr T., Bulkiniton H. S., RuE>y 

JranbrotA and District (Kent) Tsaoliara' Assooiatioii. 

T'mu.d'uf J'«., MrJoHHT. HoLUUAN, Fritlendea, Supleknrtt 

- F., N. S., Cranbnwli (lets of) Hiulam, Mr, S. S., Saodhuttt 

-J, N. S., Cninbn»k(UieoO Holdich. Mr M., N. B^ Goudhuret 

liBs, Bd. S., StacJahunt, (lata oQ HoUmui, Mn, M. S., Frittenden, Sispleliunt 

, N. S., Kilndown, Qoudliint Huyle, Mr, N. S., 5l Michael's, Teiitenjea 

N. S., Rolvenden Humpfarey, Mr, N. S., Hawkhui!! 

IiBS, N. S., Cranbrook Light, Miss, N. S,, Sissinghursl, Staplehntst 

- J. K., Bd. S., Smarden Monre, Mr, End. S., Hiaheate, Hawkhuist 

End. S., Benend 

i., SaptS'ursi" 

Uiu, N. S., Hawkhunt Onlhwaite, Mr, Btl. S., Hudcom (d 

SlBhiaii, tb *^ H. S., KddcDd^ 
" ■ — "' 1., GoudlmtH 

i. S.. Teuerden 

Snjtlt,' Hi J.; N. S., SisMngtuim. Euifc. Weir, Mr, N^S^ ^mlhorM ^ 

II, Ufs, N. s., a 

76.— CniiTMt (Yorkshirs) Tesckers* 

Pro., Mr L. Leach, brbrW. 3^ 

fnv/^vj., tlr J. Wadi, PcDySdeut S., Saxua, til Luda 

riwi., Ui Thokas KIasset, B. &, SUpun 

Sa., Mr H, Evah^, Bd. S., Loiticndalc, Cmoolcy, Leedi 

BUlcy, miei. S., Kai(R,'l.«iU ' SVipuni. Mr. ILC S., Bronehmii, Skin 
Jl, Mr, W. S., BanwldiwicH, ColDc Smiiti, Mi, End. S., OuIiod, Skiploa 

xinwood, Mr E. D., N. S., Long FnsBB nnnh. Ml, N. S.. GiMlcswick, Cads 

>»e]l. Mr. N. S., Kildwict, L«ds Sunley, Mr, N. S., s!t<lc 

'. S., Skipton Taylu, Mr, W. S., Inn,^vc, Lecdi 

;., Dranghlon SkiptDD Thoralon, Mr S., N. S., GarBiayr, L« 

lllfl. & 

King. Mi A., B. S., Bkinon 
Hhoo, Mr, K. &, Htbden 
SudliiiHt, Mt, Ouis Chuich 

77.—Cxtiw sad Dwtricfc (ClieBliire) Teadiera' Aasociatioii 

Avt., Ml BBOUCHTOn, L.K.W. Co.'t S., Cixwe 
rrnu.. Mis Suitk, L.N.W. Ca.'i S., Cicwe 

i-«., Mr Wm. DlSHAFI, Pies. S., Cnwc 

on, Snodbadi N. S. 

- "liidbicliK -■ 

AN. S. 

o^^u^"Mia"j™'A!i HigllT^w 
W, S. suciuen, ni», mui'^uc?L, l_j:* 

I>uekwoilh, Mr, Goo» T™. Hbhnei Chaiwl Siiley, Mi« Wcatnn N. S. 

Bu^oaL'ilr, Gnuu«c, Halmu- Chapel Ku^l Mr,' Bnieian,' S^dbich N.' & 

STST Masa^y, Mi«, Manlwich N. S. 

Cope, Mr, Nailwich N. S. Peacoct, Mr, AluKr N. S. 

^. ...._. ..... ,___ . >.:_VT ^ D_t^ "-'V^,_fanl;amlcyN. E 

i/uckwonn, mr, ooo» ^ree, nonnn v.iiapu aiucy, j*iiu, ipv'i 

U.S. Sudwoith, Miss, _.. _, 

GKmmelt, Mua Juie, Cmt I..N.W. Co.'s S. Storai-, Mr, Borleydam, Nantwich N, S, 

Hinduriff, Mr John, High Town, Crewe, Thom, Miss, Citwe, L.N.W. Cc's S. 

Tomtinson, Mr, WeslM N. S. 
TurabnU, Mr, Crewe, I.N.W, Co.'i S. 
Webb, Miss, Ctewe, Ln.W. Co.'. S. 
i». a. . Wynne, Mr, Crewe, L-N.W.Co-'sS. 

Jwla, Hiu, Kutwidi K. S, ' 

■Croydon and Distriot (Snisox) Teaoherc' 

Bd-S., NenrThonnon HeUh, 

Tnai., Mil!. Mitchhh., B. S,, Crojdon 
Sec., Miis Windsor, », Land-Kmt, Cnydoa 

iB, OrphaD Asylo'D. BiddiD^oo Mordoy, Kn. Bd. S.. Croydi 

Ah, Bd. S., SlneltMle MLicham Mackeorie, Mr, Bd-S., New' 

, MiB. B. S., Uilchim Croydon 

;,Hr, Bd.!9., Miuhun^nd, Croydmi Nturh. Mr, High S., Croydon 

B, Bd. S., Ov^-roul, Cioydon Poitcr, Mrs, GiTi'a S., Giisy Hill 

, MiB, Bd. S, Souh Norwowl Robimi, l«ti». N. .S., SeUuuK 

tr. N. S., Beddiopon Bevcll, Miu, Cfa. Ch., Croydon 

. Miu, Bd. S., South Nocwoxi Revaos, Mi>c, Bd.S., Milcluin.nia<I,CTer<Ion 

. Mijt, Wildboia, S. Croydon Sloi*. Mr, N. 5., Wimhltdon 

.Mr.Bd. S., MiuhuD Kunbrook, Mr, St. George-i S., Uiicham 

d, Mbs, Bd. S., Mticham Tojlor, Mis., B. S.. Croydon 

*r, B. S-.CpoyciMi Tompkins Miti, S[. Smionrt S„ Croydoo 

.tki, Bd. S., Canhaltcm Tnndci, M», Bd. S., Cmydnn 

', Mr. Gr. S.. WincfauKr Thomu, Mr, TddmnVS., Craydcin 

r, BiL S., Ovatnui, Croydon Turner, Mr, The Chemnti Higha, Cteydoa 

Mi», Si. Andrew!, Ore^n Wlllianii, tin, St. John'a Creydan 

V, Hw, N. S.. Wimbledoa WiUumi, ML-u, St. Peler'i Croydon 

.Miss, Si. John's Croydon w— jl—j u:_ i-re e.-_j 

,n, M;», In}. S., PeOEC 
Mr. B. S., Mitcbui 
, mIss. Ht. Andrews, ( 

Mis6. Bd. S., Croydon ,._.,__. 

t, Bt. Leonards, liinatham WDolfall, Mr, Chrut-Chuich Boy** 

■I, Mr, Bd.S., Croydon Croydon 

Mr, Bd. S,, Beulnh-road, Croydon Wacehioi, Mr, Boy.l' S., Woodiida 
* Pays through the ChelLenham Astociauon. 

79>-~Ciuu1}«rland (West) Teachsrs' Asaociation. 

Mitcham Uiikint, Miu, St. George'i S.; Mitchun 

Croydon Willeti, Miss, Bd. S., Lower Mildham 

Sec., Mr F. G. Mablow, Si. Paul's N. S., Fi 
HiH,'Keekle V. Si, \(1iiit)mea ' 

llr R,, Hematite S., Clealon Moor 
Mr H., Bd. S., Mcor.row. While 

. MrE., Bd. S., Eeremo 
dr W., N. S., BecCernio 
MrJ..Bd. K., Diiti 

Fiiher. Mid M.. S 

, Bd. a., Bigiigg Moa 

onl Mr, Si. Patrick's, R.C.,a«alor singham. Whiiehavi 

TackuHi. Miu. MonI 
Miss, Bd. S., (Inf.) Ai 


ono, MrM., Bd. S..(Bc>t: 
ODM, MrW.,Boyi'Bd. S., 
one, Mr J. R,, N. S., Dm 
.eavtni, Mia M., All Sai 

N. S., Whii»- Ptitltf, Mr J^ K. S.. Ooinr 

Puker, Miu S., Gitlt' Bd. a., AilMdoI 
Friiinglon Pvkv, Mr, N. S., Munctutgr 

iritcdoo Pioffin, Mr G., Monueal Eoji" h 

. CocksinuHiih Ctsuor Moot 

j' Gull' N. S., Robson, M[ J., N. S., lamplugli 

Waiud, Mi, Bd. S., Neihenowii, 1 

80.— Darlington and Distriot (Bnrluua) Tsacliers' Asaooia 

/Vh., Mi H. a. Inch, W 

^tt-., Mr A. CLECHoaH, B. 

, Miw, St. Cuihbm-i S., Dar- 

Mt, N. S., Fifhtine Cocki, Du. 

Jirkmihow, Mua, St. CuhbeR't S., Du- 

Br^ Miu, N. S., HiuihuiD.le-SkeiDa 

S., BandEBie, Darliopon 

Br^, 1 


1. S„ II 

Bourne, Miu, Bd. S., Alberi-nud.Darlingwa 
Btranl, Miu, N. S., Croft, Darlington 
Bcbbingtoa, Mi. N. S.. Melamby-Uailingtan 
CathbertHOD, Miu, Si. Psurt S., Darlingion 
Diion, MiM, N. S., Pierocbridgc, Darlington 
Flint, Mr, N. S., Giltlag, Richmond, Ya8i 
FgiguKin.Mr, Bd. S., Bank Ton, DarlinnoB 
Gleva, Mr J., Bd. S., Bniniwick-Urcei. Dai- 

. Mi«, Bd. S., Harrogate Hill, 
atnoa. Mr, Bd. S., Albot-nnd, Sar. 

JohnHin, Mr, High ConniscIilTe, Dwlic 

kcnwonhy, Mr.lloly Trinity S., Dail 

- ■ xlt. Mi«, N. S., Winilon, t^lii 

I. Mia, Bd. B., Kudicw^Irot 

__. ..thy, 
Lndgalc, Mi 

Oldham, Miu, W. S., BDndgate, Darli 

Pri«,'Mr,'N. S.,'Coriierton', Darlinell 
Sfault, Mi», fid. S., Kank Top. Dairm 
Snafford Mr Training College, Darliil 
Shiw, Mr, N. S., Badbeige, T)arlii]gto 
ScMeld, Mr, N. S., Bii^mond, York. 

Taylor, Mr, N. S., Hnmoit" rSrfbig. 
Tctrem, Mr, N, S., Guiiiroid. Darling 
Thompson, Mr, W, S., Hurwoith, D»S 

I, Bd. S., KwkdnBW-ttTcei 
im, Mr, N. S., Middloloo 

81.— Zhy^tfbrd and DarwttlL Val« (Kent) Teadiera' Aasooi 

/>«., Ml, Bbowh, N, S., Ciayford. 
Vla-Prri., Mr WiLCHM, FoMcr'j 3., Welling, S.E. 
Trrai.tiHdSic., Mr F. L. Kitt, If. S., Siitt0D4|.Haae, Danford. 
Anna, Mis, N. S., DunTord Chantlcr, Mr, N. S., DarHbrd 

Baker, Mi, N. $., Soulbfleei, Gnvauid Cole, Mr, Bd. S., Wllnutigcon, Danfon 

BoHey, Mi. B. S., Crockinh'll tCrowdy, Mr B4. S., Powu Sneet, Wo 

Ballstt, Mr, Training fOuff Sh^stary, Orxji, Day, Mr, AiUey Hduh, Kiogidoo, Br 
" Dumbiill, Miu, Home foe Little Boya.! 

Kirby, D»nfont 

B, Mr, N. a., DaiUbrd 


Bdmondt, Mr, N. S., Farningluun, Diutlbrd 
Fkeeth, Misi, Bd. S., St. AlbaaVroad, Dartford 
Forter, Miss, Bd. S., Wilmington 
Grav. Mr, N. S., Eynsford^ Da^ord 
OonlOt Mt, Home for Littk Boys, Horton 

KirbT, Dartford 
Heys, Mr, B. S., Swanscombe, Dartford 
SBdeson, Miss, N. S. Greenhithe 
Xcddle, Mr, K. S., Horton, Kirby, Dartford 
I«M, Mr, Borne for Little Boys, Horton Kirby, 

Martin, Miss, Home and Colonial Training 

GoUqBe, Gny's. Inn-read 
ICjursdcn, Miss, N. S., Slade's Green, Crayford 
ICead, Missj N. S., Bexley Heath 
Osbonie, Bfiss, N. S., Crayford, S.E. 

Pescud, Miss, N. S., Crayford 
fPitt, Mr, Churdi Terrace. Bd. S., Pltimsteadl 

Ralphs, Mr, N. S., Greenhithe 

Scott; Miss, Bd. S., Erith 

Smart, Miss, N. S., Greenhithe 

Smith, Miss, Bd. S., St. AlbanVroad, Dartford! 

Smith, Mr, All Saints' N. S., Perry.street,u 

Stanley, MisSjN. S^ Swanley, St. Ma ry Cray 

Tyer, Miss, Pres. S., Lana^' Bv^ ^HNMi^k 

Turner, Miss, N. S., Sutton-at-Hone, Dartfoidl 

Upton, Mr, N. S., Bexley, S.E. 

Watts, Mr, N. S., Dartford 
fWebb, Mtf Bd. S., Burrage Grore, Plumstead. 

Woolley. Mr, B. S., Eyntford, Dartford [3^ 

t Subscriptions paid through the Greenwich Teachers' Association. 

82.— Daventry and District (NortLamptonsliire) 

T%ach/e«B* Association. 

_ « ^^ 

/V«t., Mr Watson, Par. S., Helidon, Daventry 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr Bxllingham, B. S., Daventry 

Trtat, and Sec.t Mr Bottomlby, Par. S., Byfleld R. S. C, Northantt 

Banbraok, Mr, Par. S., Welton, Daventry 
BQfinff, Mr, Boys' S., Weedon 
Bird, Mr, PAr, S., Preston Capes, Daventry 
Barnham, Mr, End. S., Staverton, Daventry 
Dando, Miss, Par. S., Byfield R. S. O., 

Drew, Mr, Par. S., Eydon, Byfield R. S. O., 

Fogell, Mr, Bd. S., Everdon, Daventry 

Herbert, Mr, Abbey S., Daventry 
Ladkin, Mr, Par. S., Stowe, Weedon 
Pamphlet, Mr, Bd. S., Merriott, Crewkaroa 
Smitn, Par. S., Braunston, Daventry 
Symons, Mr, Far. S., Moreton-Flnkeney^ 

Byfield, R. S. O. 
Wood. Mr, Par. S., Woodford Halse, Byfield 

R. S. O. [i& 

83.— Deal and Sandwidi (Kent) Teachers' Association, 

Ptes,, Mr MuGFORD, W. S., Deal 

VicS'Pres,, "iii Moutxs, Central S., Deal 

Trtas, audStCt Mr Jarbs Dbnigan, Bd. S., Sandwich 

ey, Mr, N. S., Eastry, Sandwich Harrod, Miss M, Par, S., Deal 

V ,, ^; ^ ,<._,„, Harrod, Miss E, Bd. S., S^mdwich 

ioUifi'e, Mr, N. S., Northboum«^ Deal 
fackarall. Miss, Bd. S., Sandwidi 
Nelson, Miss, N. S., Lower Walnier 
Thomas, Miss, W. S., Deal 
Woollatt, Miss, Bd. S., Sandwich 

Dyasoa, Miss, St. George's N» S., Deal 
F^nMd, Miss, Bd. S., Sandwich 
Grace, Miss, St. Andrew's N. S., Deal 
Gtiih, Mr, N. S., Ringwould, Dover 




84.— Derbyshire, (East) Teachers' Assodatioii. 

Pres.f Mr Gledhill, Bd. S., Droafield 
Vice-PrH,^ Mr Owen, Bd. S., Renithaw 
Trenf.^ Mr, MARSHALL,£nd. S., Whittington 
* Sec.^ Mr Bolton, Bd. S., Eckington, Chesterfield 

Aken, Mr, Bd. S^Unstone, Chesterfield 
BM^zaley, Miss, Works S., Suveley, Chester- 
Ball, Miss, Work s S., Clay Cross, Chester- 
Berrill, Mr, Bd. S,, Ridge way, Eckington 
Bilton, Miss, Work*s S., Staveley, Chesterfied 
Boddy, Miss, R. C. S., Spencer-street, 

Briggs, Miss, N., S., Vicar-lane, Chesterfield 
Burrows, Miss, Bd. S., Mosbre' Eckington 
Cawthom. ^ Miss, Inf. S.. Barlberough, 

Clarkej Mr., £nd« S.. Whittington, Moor 
Cummmgham Miss, Bd. S., Marsh-lane, 

Davies, Mr, N. S., Mosbro', Eckington 
Derry, Miss, N. S., Ashover, Chesterfield 
Early, Mr, Bd. S., Hipper-street, Chester- 
Egerton, Mrs, End. S., Eckington 
Francis, Mr, Bd. S., St. Helen's-street, 

French, Mr, Bd. S., Marsh-lane, Eckington 
Fumiss, Miss, Bd. S., Hipper-street, Chester- 
Gibson, Miss, Work's S., Ctay Cross, 

Gledhill, Mrs. Bd. S^ Dronfield. 
Groom, Mr, Bd. S., Brimington, Chesterfield 
Hoades, Mr, Bd. S., North Wipgfield 

HoUingworth, Miss, N. 8., Hasland, Chesta^ 

Horrox, Mr, Bd. S., Eckington 
Johnstone. Mr, Bd. S., Ashover, Chesterfield 
Johnstone. Mrs, Bd. S., Dronfield 
Henyon, Mr, Bd. S., Dronfield 
Major, Mr, N» S., Hasland, Chesterfield 
Mason, Miss, Bd. S., St. Hellen's-street, 

Murray, Mr, Work's S., Clay Cross 
Ruddle, Mr, End. S., whittington. Moor 
Shields, Miss, Work's S., Clay Cross 
Smith, Mr, Bd. S., Mosbro' Eckingtcxi 
Spencer, Miss, Bd., S., Spe^oar-stKet, 

Stickily, Miss, Bd. S., Renishaw, EcklxMloo 
St^ilard, MrV Works S., Clay Cross 
Todd, Mr, Bd. S., Clowne, Chesterfield 
Turner, Mrs, N. S., Derby-lane, Chesterfidd 
Watts, Mr, Bd, S., Killamarsh 
Watts, Mrs, Bd. S., Killamarsh 
Wildgoose, Mrs, End. S., Whittingtaii, 

Willan, Mr, Bd. S., Shirland, Chesterfield 
Wilson, Miss, Bd. S., Eckington 
Wilson, Mr, N. S., Soresby-street, Ghettos 

Wolstenholme, Mr, N. S., St. John's Kev- 

bold [48 

* Not a Member for 1880. 

85.— Derbyshire (North) Teachers' Association. 

/V«., Mr Mills, N. S.i Darley, Matlock 

Vice-Pres.j Mr McMunn, N, S., Tansley, Matlock 

Treas., Mr Sheppard, B. S., Cressbrook, Bakewell 

Sec.j Mr Rowland, N, S., Matlock, Batli 

Baker. Mr, Bd. S., Bradwell, Sheffield 
Bi-oadberry, Mr, Bd. S., Burbage, Buxton 
Barker, Mr, N. S., Curhar, Sheffield 
Cooper, Mr, N. Chelmorton, Buxton 
Davisj Mr, B. S., Matlock Green 
Dawson, Miss, N. S., Twodales, Matlock 
Hampson. Mr; Bd. S., Brandside, Buxton 
Hicks. Miss, N. S., South Darley, Matlock 
iBee, Mr, N. 8., Tideswell, Sheffield 

Linney, Mr, End. 8., Matlock 
Matthewman, Mr, N. S., Baslow, Chesterfield 
Owen, Mr, N. S., E^ram, Sheffield 
Peake, Mr, End. S.,'6ondsall, Derby 
Parker, Mrs, N. S., Crowford, Derby 
Preston, Mr, N. S., Wirkworth, Derby 
I'rinsep, Mr, N.- S., Winster, Derby 
Radford, Mr, N. S., BakeWell 

, His, N. S., HofsuIMi, JtA: 

«. Mr, N. S., Cromford, D«by 
. Miss, N. S., BikeWEll 
Mr, N. 5., Middlcua, Wirbwonb, 

n, Mt, If. S., EhonDerb; 

WalW Mr, Uodf-'e., .3Ma»cIi, Shsffidd 
Westbrook, Ur, End. S.. Aihronl, BhIcckkU 

WUIouihby, Mr, Bd. S., Bnnon 
WndLo*. Mt, N. S., Stony * 

Wi^g, Ur, N. a, Edeuon 

— Derbrshir* (Sontli) 

IVrt., Mr Wh 
Vici-Pra.. Ui, 

Vliss. Ttaining Ci: 

ni-iBre.t Derby 

, Jolltge, Derby 

. . Cunal-ilrecl, Derby 

, Melboimi, U«b* 

Si. Abd'i, Derby- 


S., St. jiunei's«d, D«br 
B. S., Orcliird-ilKet, Derl^ 

. ^ I- u„b; ' 

Mr, K S., Maetwortb, Derby 
Uiia, N. S., St. Dunduii, Derby 
, Mr, P. S., Kiiley, Derby 
, Ur, K. S.. Tmian. Derby 
UiB, Bd. S., Nun.unet, Derby 
. Mr, Bd. S^ Asbbouni.niiid, l5<rby 
it, Bd, S., Kirk Lulgley, Derby 
n, Bd. S., Nun-itrttt, Darby 
t, E, S., EiwoU, Derby 
r, Bd. S., St, JimesVioad. Derby 
It, N. S., St. DunMBo'i Derby 
Ir, N. S.. St. Paul's, Derby 

Teftchen' Ajiaociatdon. 

S., All Sainis", Derby 

1, S., Tnffic-Mreet, Derby 
S., Nun-itreet, Derby 

I., Liuleffver, Derby 

Mumby, Mr, SiddalVrofld, Derby 
Newton, Mr, Bd. S., Genrd-Slreet, Derby 
Orfoid, Mr, Bd. S., Little Eaton. Derby 
Puker, Mi&a, £. B., Orchard.strecJK Derby 
PuvSiH, Mr, Bd. S., G«imiid-9ITeU|CDerW 
Piercj. Mn, Bd. S., Trafficstreet, Derby . 
Reynoldi, Uisa, Bd. S., Gerard-HTcet, 

. ining ColisEe, Derby 

r, N. S., Ockbrook. Derby 

Tiylor, MrL, N. S.' Curain-siiMl'berhy' ' 
T.ylot, Mr, N. S., Breadsall, Derby 
Thorpe. Mn, N. K St. John's. Derby 
lomlTne, M^, W. S., Parliiunent-aliHt, 

Walker, Mr, B. S., Wriibl^treel, DeM 
Wallmi, Mr, W.S.,KinE-KKel, Derby ' 
^Vhite, Mr,^. S., Cuirnn-ilieu, DerBy" 
Wilkei, Mat, Bd. S., Melboum, Derby 
Wilsen, Uisi. N. S., Christ -Church, Derby 
Windle, Mr. N. S., Siwley, Derby 
Wodlalt, Uiu, High S., ChuawootMnet, 
Derby •"in 

17.— Devon (East) (Dorim) Teachers' AsstKnaticm. 

\ T>t^. Bfid Src., Mr Venluni, N. S., Lyme Regis, D«Ht 
MrW., Bd. S.,CoIytan Ka1dmy,Mr, V. S., Whiteqhurch, ( 

" *' " •"--•- Lyme Regii; eonim, Charoionlh Dorset , 

it W„ Bd. 

i» E., Bd. 
lu S., Bd. 

tfr, K. S., IjrJyme, Lyme Ke^ 


88.— Heron (Mid) Teachers' Association. 

Prei.t Mr Thomas Honbt, Bd. S., Hathorlcigh 

Vi€t-Pre9.^ Mr G. H. Honey, Bd. S., Sooth Zeal, Okehampton 

Tr»a*», Mr Wm. Manuel, Bd. S., Sampford, Courtenay 

Sec.t Mr Albert Carey, Bd. S., North Tawton, Devon 

Adams, Mr F. A., Bd. S., Yeoford, Crediton 
Arbory, Mr John Bd. S., Stkktepatk, Oko- 

Carey, Mrs, Bd. S., North Tawton 
Coles, Mr T., Bd. S., Winkleigh 
French, Mr Wm., Gr. S., NorSi Tawton 
Orifflths. Mr Wm., Bd. S., Bow 
Griffiths, Mr, N. S., Exboume 
Kenwood, Miss, N. S., Jacdb8towe,£xboame 

MUls, Mr Wm., N. S., North-Lev 
Moore, Mr Wm., Bd. S., Bratto»Cki«d% 
Peatse, Mr, Bd. S., Broadwoodkelly 
RowelC Mr Wm., Bd. 8., IddlolifA 

Woodland, Miss, Bd. S., Lang Down, Sflt 

TawtcMi, Okehampton 
Windsor, Mr, Bd. S., Inwardleigh V 

89.— Devon (North) (Devon) Teacliers' Association. 

/V/x., Mr, Hbddon, W. S., Landkey, Barnstaple 

Vice-Pres,^ Mr. Thomas, Bd. S., Heanton, Barnstaple 

Treat. andSec.t Mr. Maunder, W. S., Barnstaple 

Andrews, Mrs, Northmolton, N. Devon 
Barrett, Mr. S. S. Philip & Tames, Ilfracombe 
Beer, Mrs, N. S. New^Nt. Barnstaple 
Brewer. Mr, Bishop's Tawton, N. Devon 
Champion, Miss, near Southmolton 
Qa^on, Mr, Landkey, N. Devon 
Elhson, Mr, Chittlehampton, N. Devon 
Gasson, Miss, Vicarage-street, Barnstaple 
Gilbert, Miss, Trinity-street, Barnstaple 
Hioms, Mr, Free S., Barnstaple 
Hodgson, Miss, Geor^enympton, N. Devon 
Kemp, Mr, Bd. S.. Bidetord 
Lucas, Mr, Northmolton, N. Devon 

Milton, Miss, Bd. S.« Southmolton 
Newman, Mr, Tawstock, N. Devon 
Palmer, Mr, Marwood, N*. Devon 
Pearce, Mr, Highbickington, N, Devon 
Pigott, Mr, Sherwell, N. Devon 
Reeves, Mrs, Braunton-road, Barnstaple 
Reeves, Mr, Braunton-road, Barnsti^ 
Richard, Mr, Instow, N. Devon 
Satteriey, Mr, Northwalk, Barnstaple 
Seldon, Mr, Clovelly, N. Devon 
Swain, Mr C. J., S. House, Lyntoo, I 

Tattam. Mr, Highfield-terrace, Uftaoonbe 

90.— Dewsbnry fr District (York) Teacliers' AssociatioB. 

/¥#«., Mr. Deardbn, Boys' 8., Thomhill, Dewsbury 

Vict-Pres.f Mr. Hbfford, Carlton-road Bd. S., Dewsbury 

TTrta*,, Mr. Wagstavp, Battye>ttr6et Bd. S., Heckmondwike 

Sec,, Mr. Cowley, N. 8., Batley Can*, Dewsbury 

Clegg, Miss, N. S., Earlsheaton 
C<dson, Mbs, Bd. S., Batley-carr, DawdN 
Dickinson, Mr, N. S., BirataU, Lewis 
I>ambrough, Miss, Par. C. S., Dewsbmy 
Foster. Mr, Eastboro' Bd. S., Dewsbmy 
Fawcett, Mr. N. S., Millbridge, Lmnd 
Firth, Miss, N. S., Birstall, Leeds 
Gonudl, Mr, N. 8., CUfton, Brighooaa 

Baker, Mr, Bd. S.. Norristhorpe, Liversedge 
Baker, Mrs, Bd.S., Norristhoipe, Liversedge 
Bridges, Mr, Healcy Bd. 3., Batley 
Bitwk, Ux, Puriwell Bd. S^ Batley 
Brook, Mrs, PurlweU Bd. S., Batley 
Barber, Mibs, Central Bd.S,, Heckmondwike 
Barrett, Misi>, Littletown Bd. S., Liversedge 
Claric, Mr, Bd. S., Dewsbury, Moor 


r, Park-road Bd. S., Batlcfy 

Mr, Par. Ch. S., Batley 

, Mr, N. S., Lower Whitley, 


iss, Battye-street Bd. S., Heckmoad« 

[iast Chickenby Heath Bd» S., Dews- 

r. Par. Ch. S., Dcwsbury 
, N. S., RobcTttown, LiversedgiB 
^MrjBoothroyd-lane Bd.S^Dewsbary 
Mrs, Carlton-road Bd. S., Dewsbory 
Miss, N. S., Gawthorpe, Ossett 
Ir, Park.road Bd. S., Batley 
liss, N. S., Hartshead 
Mrs, N. S., Birstall 
ir, N. S., Saville-town, Dewsbury 
iss, N.S., ThomhiU-{^«8, Dewsbury 
Miss, N. S., Birkciiuliaw, Leeds 
3, Mr, Bd. S., Earlsheaton 
n, Mrs, Bd. S., Earlsheaton 
Mr, N. S., Carlinghow, Batley 
dbs, Carlton-road Bd. S., Dewsbury 
Miss, Chickenley-heath Bd. S.| 

Rymer, Mr, Ch. S., EarUieatoa 
Radcliffe, Mr, N. S., Brownhill, BiistaU 
RadcUffe, Mrs, N. S.. Brownhill, BirsuU 
Rogers, Miss, Par. Ch. S., Dewsbury 
Stubley, Miss, Carlton-road Bd.3>> Pewsbnrj 
Teazel, Mr, N. S., Hanging Heaton, Dews* 

Talbot, Miss, Park-road Bd S., Batley 
Valenune, Mr, N, S., BirkeiLshaw, Leeds 
Walker. Mr W., Upper Bd. S., Heckmond* 

Webster, Mr, Wellington-road Bd. S., Dews* 

Williams, Mr, N. S., Battyeford, Mirfiekl 
Walker, Mr R. St. ITiomas* N. S., Batley 
Wharton, Mr, N. S.| Thomhill-Lees, Dews- 
Whitehead, Mr, Carltoo-voad Bd. S., Dews* 

Wagstaff, Mrs, Battye-streeC Bd. S., Hedc* 

Whitworth, Miss, Purlwell Bd. S.. Batley 
Whitworth, Miss £., Carlton-road Bd. S., 

Dewsbury [58^ 

91.— Doneastar (TotIe) Teacliers' Association. 

Prfs.t Mr J., Cowley, Wes. S., Doncaster 

Vice-Prei.^ Mr H. Brookes, End. S., Fishlake, near Doncaster 

Treat, t Mr H. L. Hunter, G. N. R. S., Doncaster 

Sec.f Mr A. Knzght, Par. Ch. S., Doncaster 

Mr J., N. S., Mexbro 
iss, Bd. S., Conisbro 
iss, G. N. R. S., Doncaster 
[r J., Swinton N. S., near Rother* 

Mr J., Clerk to S. B., Bolton-on. 


Mr, Bd. S., Awkley, near X^ncastar 

r, N. S., Norton, near Dopcaster 
[r, N. S., Hatfield Woodhouse, near 

It, Miss, Bd. S., Conisbro 

Vfrs H., N. S., Braithwell near Don* 

c, Mr, End. S., Arksey near Don- 
Miss, N. S., fiexthorpe 
Mrs, W. S., Doncaster 
', Mr, Bd. S., Barmbro, near Don- 
Miss M., N. S., Swint<m near 
r, N. S., Tickhill near Rotheiham 

>, Mrs, Par. Ch. S., Doncaster 
Fuller, Ar fi , N. S., Crowle near Doncaster 
Gee, Miss, N. S., Baiby, Doncaster 
Goulden, Mr, N. S., Sprotbro, near Don* 

Greening, Miss, N. S., Balby, Doncaster 
Haworth, Mr O., Bd. S., Crowle near Don* 

Heald, Miss, N, S., Hooton Pagnell near 

Hudson, Mr, Bd. S., Mexbro 
Hetherington, ^iss, W. S., Doncaster 
Hughes, Miss, G. N. R. S., Doncaster 
Inchbold, Mr^. S., Doncaster 
Johnson, Mri>., Bd. S., BoUon-on-De&me 
Johnson, Mr R.. N. S.» Balne near Selby 
Lamb, Mr J., N. S., Finningley near Don*- 

Lee, Mr A., Cong. S., Mexbro 
Lewis, Mr, B. S.. Doncastw: 
Little wood, Mr, N. S., Rosaington neitf Don* 

Lomas, Miss, Ch* Ch. S., DMicaster 

MiWnwnt, Mn,. W. S., DoncaMa 
Marshall, Mr, N. S., Eawwood near Bolher- 

Mukin. Mr, End. S , Kirk Sandall, near 

Midgeky, Mi, N. S., WadwoHh near Don- 

MitchcU. Mr, N. S.. Biaithoaiifi, Doncutcc 
Moiakon, Mr, Ch. Ch. S., DoDcasKr 
PaAiMon, Mr, fld. S., Btntley neat Don- 

Tayloi, Mc,T™ 


n, MiK, N. S 

Walker, MiBi, Bd. S., Parbiale,! 

Walker. Ur J., Travii S., Hatfield n 

Willii, Mi, N. S., Adwidc'le-StRO, Q 

Y^IU Mai. Ch. Ch. S.. DoocaMH 

03.— Dorldng (Snrre;} Teaolierfi' Aiaociation. 

^ir*., Mr J. Bivnv, Holmswood-slreel, DorfcLng 
Vki-Pra., Mr Havnbs, Leatherhead 

Bamet, Miss, Lealherhead, Surrey 
D'Oyley, Mi*. RanmoreS., Dorking, 
Eailon, Miss. Haisiinw^ S., Darkine, 
Ewington. Mr J., Adtead, £pHin 
.Hackwood, Mr, Ncwdiiate, Dorkiis, 
Howard, Mr. I^iholme-lsne, Dorking, 
Haynet, Miss, Lealheriiead, Sorr^ 

Mwtimore, Mr, Mickleham, Dorking, 
Pe«i*B, Ur, CoWhBrbour, Dortdng.^L..., 
Kllard, Mr H., Si. Paul's, Dorking, SuieJ 
Sooti, Mis., Ranmore S., Dorking, SnmJ 
WathingJoD, Mr, Si. Marlins, Doiknft 
Surrey . [it 

—Sonet (South wad Central) Teacliers' AsvociatioiL 

Pra., Mr W. Shitk, Si. Maiy'l S., Weymouth 

Vici-Pni., Mr Dbbrick, N. S„ Cerfe Caslle, Wareham 

Trial, and Sic, Mr Cooper, Boks' S., Dordiejter 

Atkins, Mr, N. P., Puddteiowo, Dorehesl 
Ash, Mr, N. S., Ponland 
Brims, Mis-i, N. B., Corfe Caallc, Wirelie 
Boaill, Mr, N. S., PotCland 
Bnm-n. Mr, N. S., Maiden, Ne^Ion 
Bennett. Mt, N. 5., Klngilon, ttaieham 
Cax, Mi«s, N. S., Tiiidcton 
Durliiihn, Mi-i., N. S., I'uddjtloan 
Coodchild. Mr, It. S., Waitham 
Hiliier, Mr, N. S., S^anage 
Hardy, Misi, N, S., DorcFiestct 

l^'*Rw,'S: S.. East Fordlnamn 
Mar<o»,^r, ij. a., Milton Abbot 

Parker, Mt^ K. S., Stoborough, WarehiB 
RoseWame, Mr, N. S., Charminster, &«■ 

SteMU, Ur, h. S., Morden 

Smiih, Mbs, Nl S., St. Mary's, Weymonll. 

Webb,.MiM, N. S., Woodslord, DorcheUet 

Wilih&; Miss. N. S., St. Mary's, WeyBWUk 

Willis, Miss, N. a. a- Maiy'a, Weymoodi 

Walton, Miss, N. S., S^dlini 

WMd, Mitt, N. S., WoM Fordingtni.Ita' 

White, Mr, Etid. S., Framptoa 

White, Miss, N.S.,,Wool 

White, Mr, N. 5., Siicklaud t« 


'Xlover €uid Folkestone (Kent) Teacliers' Assodfttioii. 

Pres.^ Mr Richard Kbrr, F.S.A., 19, Shellohs-street, Folkestone 
Treas. aridSec.^ Mr C. H. Cromwell Marsh, 19, Albelt-ioad, Dover 

Vfr W.^ W. S., Folkestone 

Ir E. S., N, S., Dorer 

e, Miss H., St. James' S., Dover 

[iss M., St. Bartholomew's, S.) 

rliss 0., Holy Trinity S., Dover 
Miss S. A.. W. S., Folkestone 
Miss A. K., St. Batholomew's S., 

Mr W., N. S., Sandgate 
, Mr C, Bd. S., River, Dover 
iss £., B. S., Folkestone 
:t, Mr S. H., N. S.» Oieriton, 

s £., St. Mary's S., Folkestone 
Mr J.., St; Fete»*s S., Folkestone 
liss £., St. Mary's S., Folkestone 
MrJ. W., N. S^DoYer 
Miss M. A., N. $., Charlton, 

Lee, Miss, N*. S., Sandgate ' 
Luck, Mr D«, B. S., Folkestone. 
Makey, Miss E., Holy Trinity S., Dover 
Milsted, Miss H., St. James' S., Dover 
Mackin, Mr T. P., R. C. S., Dover 
Pegier, Mr H. P., N. S., SftUibge, Hythe 
Rinff, Miss P., St. Mary's 8., Dover 
Rudkin, ^iss C, N. S., Sandgate 
Richardson, Mr A., Ch. Ch. N. S., Folke* 

Sergeant, Mr G. H., St. Jamyes' S., Dover 
Sims, Miss £,, St. Mary^ S., D6ver 
Stead, Mr R., Or. S., Folkestone 
Stickley, Miss M., Ch. Ch. 3;, Dover 
Sutton, Mr T., Ch. Ch. S., Dover 
Thomas, Miss, B. S., Folkestone 
Ullyctt, Mr H., B. Sc. Lon., F.R.G.S., 

Lyell House, Folkestoae 
Wood, Mr F., B, S., Dover [3$. 

15,— Bowlais (Glamorgaii) Teacliers' Associatioii. 

Prti.y ivir G. Houlson, Dowlais S., Glamorgan 

Vice-Prgs.t Mr H. Woodman, Gellifaelog S., Dowlais 

Trwas.y Mr M. Hirst, Dowlais S., Glamorgan 

Sec. J Mr A. Houlsqn, Dowlais S., GUunoi^gan 

, Miss, Gellifaelog, R. C. S., 

liss, Gellifaelog S., Dowlais 
liss L, Dowlais S., Glamorgan 
Miss S , Dowlais S. , Qlamorggin 
rs S., Pengamddd S., Dowlais 
iss S., Tyr-y-CoUy S., Dowlais 
r S., Dowlais S., Glamorgan 
Miss, Dowlais S., Glamorgan 
ys. Miss, DeM^ais S.,'*d1amorgan' 
iss K., Dowlais S., Glamorgan 

Jones, Miss M. A., Dowlais S., Glamorgaa 
Kelly, Mr, Gellifaelog R. C. S., Dowlais 
Lewis, Mis6 A., Dowlais S,,* Glamorgan 
Lewis, Miss C, Dowlais S., Glamorgan 
Lewis, Miss M., Dowlais S., Glamorgan 
Maby, Miss H. J., Dowlais S., Glamorgan 
Morgans, Miss, Gellifaelog S., Dowlais 
Oliver, Miss, Dowlais S., Glamorgan, 

(decease^) .rj *' 
Rosser, Miss, Gellifaelog S., Dowlais 
Smith, Mr, I>owlais S., Glamorgan [24 

ifGLeld and Bridlington (York) TeaclLers' Associationr 

Prei, Mr J. W. Parsons, N. S., Westwang, York 

Vice-Pres.^ MrW. Holding, N. S., Bridlington 

Treas. aftdSec^ Mr A.' Watts, Schoolhouse, Garton-on-the- Wolds, York 

tf r, N. S., Wansford, Hull • Richardson, Mr L, N.&, Weaverthortie, York 

N. S., Suttons Wharram Station, Shields^ Mr G.^N^.B^ Se^yel:by, Hull • 

Mr, W. S., Nafferton, Hull 

OiiicKis, ITU Kj.t A^. ou ocivrci.ujr, ■aj.uti - ■ 

Sh£lwell, Mr H., N. S., Sledmer«, York 
Thompson, Mr, N. S., Hunmanby [xo' 


97.— Dudley and District (Staffs.) Tsacliers' Associatii 

Pres,, Mr. Worsby, W. S., Tipton 
Vict-Pren.^ Mr Crompton, Earl Dudley's S., Holly Hall, Dudley 
TreM, and Sec.f Mr Hutchinson, 49, St. John*s*street, Netherton, Dudley 
Allen, Mr, N. S., Rowley, Dudley 

Bott, Mr, W. S., Dudley 

"" Breakwell, Mr, St. Peter's N. S., Wol- 

Brown, Mr, Bd. S.. Blackheath, T^udley 
Cartwright, Mr, End. S,, Reddall Hill, 

Gartwrigfat, Mrs, End. S., Reddall Hill, 

Carpmail, Mr. N. S., Brierley Hill 
Clare, Mr, Bd. S., Bank-etreet, Brierley 

Clark, Mr, Bd. S., Pensaett. Dudley 
Collins, Mr, St. Paul's S., Tipton 
Cook, Miss, Bd. S., Old HUl, Dudley 
Cook, Miss, N. S., Dudley Wood, Dudley 
Dailey, Mr, Bd. S., Old Hill, Dudley 
Dawson, Mr, Bd. S., Kate's Hill, Dudley 
Dolling, Msss, N. S., Darby End, Netherton, 

, Dunn^ Miss, St. Thomas' S., Dudley 

Fielding, Mr, B. S., Ruiton, Gomal, 

Fowler, Mr, Bd. S., Hart's Hill, Dudley 
Francis, Miss, Bd. S., Moor St., Briedey 

Golding, Miss, Bd. S., Wolvn-hampton-street, 

Golding, Mr, Bd. S., Netherton, Dudley 
Griffiths, Mr, St. James' S., Dudley 
Griffiths, Mrs, St. Tames' S., Dudley 
Hancox, Miss, B. S., Kintoq, Gomal, Dudle] 

ABncox, Auss, a. d., jfLintoq, liomai, uudiey 
Hancox, Miss B., B. S., Kinton, Comal, 

* Pays through Wolverhampton Association. 

Hale, Mr, Bd. S., Stafford-street, Dud 
Hinton, Mr, Bd. S., Moor-street, B; 

Howlett, Miss, Bd. S.. Netherton^Dn 
Lester, Mr, N. S.-,.Prmce's End, Tipb 
Lewis, Mr, Bd. S., Qiuury Bank, I 

Phibbs, Mr, N. S., Brockmoor, 1 

Richmond, Miss, End. S., Reddal 

Old Hin 
Sidaway, Mr, Bd. S., Tividale, Tiptoe 
Simnett, Mr, End. S., Rowley, Dudle 
St. John, Mr, N. S., Blackheath, Dud 
Southwell, Miss, St. Andrew's Ii 

Netherton, Dudley 
Swain, Miss, St. Paul's S., Tipton 
Swallow, Mr, Castle-street, Net 

•Strachan, Mr, Bd. S., Moor>street, I 

Underwood, Mr, Bd. S., Dudley 

Walker, Mr,N. 8., Upper Gomal, Dm 
Warham, Mr, N. S.. Netherton, DudI 
Warham, Mrs, Bd. S., Netherton, Dui 
Williams, Mr, Blue Coat S., Dudley 
WilBon« M^, Earl Dudley's S., Hot 

Wood, Miss, N. S., Netherton, Dudle 
Woodix>use, Mr, Bd. S., Wolverha 

street, Diidley 
Wynne, Mr, St. Martins S., Upton 

98.— Darham Teachers' Association. 

Fret., Mr Lbe, N. S., Washington 
Vice-Pres,^ Mr Chisholm, Bd. S., Spdhnymoor 
Treas.t Mr Wilson, Witton Gilf>eit 
SeCt Mr Jameson, Weardale Iron and Coal Co's S., Tudhoe Qolliery 

Allison, Mr, N. S., Bucnmoor, Fence Houses 
Allan, Miss, N. S., Wlllinetcm 
Alias, Mr A, N. S., Wilfington 
Ashcroft, Mr, N. 8., Wosi Pelton, Chester-le- 

Bywater. Mr, Bd. 8., East Howie, Fe 
Barkas, Mr, Bd. S., Peases' West. Cn 
Coxon, Mr H., B. S., Cornsay Collier 
Carr, Mr, Bd. S.^ Houghal 
Charlton, Mr, B$. S., Tudhoe Grang 

b T^B. 8., CboMr Sontli Uoor 
W. 8., Hooai Pkuuai, tpaas- 


Hr I., N. S., FcrcjhiU 

■W. B.jN. S., Spennirmooi 

Jr R., B. S., Sunler, Crook 

, N. S., LuchutET 

, Mr, R. C S.. CorasiT CaWenr 

Mi C. R., N. S., Lunley, Fuk* 

ae CoU School, Dailiui 
., inx, R. -^ " '•-^— ••— 
Mr W , M 

:, Mr, R. C. S. JJ.l«w HMc 

, He d, B. k, Lwalw Fufc 

■--" " = "-indeo (SiIHh* 

■Idrids* r*lf 

S., SpBunooor 

:r T^ B. s^ Brud« cat 

UrY.B. EL.Waldrids* 
r, W. S., SpBunooor 

Jinnlnp. Ut J., B.A., Model Sdunl, Daf 

TicbiDii, Ur, N. 5., Stiindilli 
KinchSa, Mr T. C, N. S., Sinuton 
I-teec. Ur, N. S., BumoiKt, Fcncs HgM« 
Loveti, Mr, B. S., TimUle CoUicry 
McKeniie, Mr t. B.. I'udhoc Collicrr S. 
MoSiu. Ur I., B. S., NFiiJuxonh 
Mulims. M>, N. S., Tudhoe 
0>lle, MrD., Bd. 5., Waierhoules 
Quit, Mr, Bd. &, HdnungioD-nw, Crook 

SpitOl, Mr ii, W, k.. Wnihii 
Sioitfa, Mr J., B. S., Edmoad 
T.ic, Mr r,. N. S., Chili™ I 
T.j'lor, Mr R. B., hd. S., Si 

TyiDDu, Mr, Si. Gila' S., Durttun 
W.IU10, Mr J., B. S- Boync Colllwr 
Wsil, Miw, Bd. S., Oiillas BuildiDt;!, FeiT- 


itbonzne and District (BiiMWt) Tmujlmn*' Anoolfttlen. 

Aw., Mr Diuius, JCTiofton N. I., Hiwkbmt 
yiu-Prei., MrTowLiH, Bd, &., Hulihvn 
TVwi. oHdSK., Mr Gmaiv, Chriil Cbuich N. 

Uiu, PaliiiH. 

^e-itrect. Hawkhont 
*i«R. J.,Wilminglo'',Ha' 
Am S. Lm Jeviqgton, Hkw! 

Tst. SkviDuis, EaKboume 
, Airiiilon, Hawkhurit 
Mr., Htllingly. H»»khnnt 
Mr, Hilhngiy, Ha»lihunt 
I, Miu, EdirbocuTie 
iiu, FollcLngion, " ■■ 
I, Berwick, Hi»k 

Love, Miss, Holr TriniryHf. S.. Eu 
Mu^, Miu, Pglenie. uubouFne 
Moninict, Mr, ChlddingTv. Uiwkhui 
"-'■ '■- ""filing fail- " ■ 

ova iind 

iriit Cfaur 

. .-, oslhly, H. .. 

1, Mr, Si. Mury's, Kutbeumi 

Inskx, 'Mr,' Weileyu D^ School, Eu- 

-Epping and Diatriot (Ehsz) Toaolien' Aimociatioit, 

/¥((., Mr M. DuHSTAH, N, S., Epiong 
Vicr-Pra., Mr H*biw>od, N, S., WiIlinB»le, Oagv 
IVau. Hud ,;k., Ur C. BoSB, Tnul 8., Oiifu 
Ir, Engliih S., ChlmU Daunt, Mr, Churdi S., High Oinr ' 

n, Bd. S., Buckhurst Hill, N.E. Fiiher, Mm, tt. S., Epnac Gitaa 

Hiu, N. S., S.fanz JefferuD, Mr D., Cr. S., OuewcU 

Uix, N. S., TheySoa B<iii,EiviBS KinOw, Mr, N^ a. Mnitw, Oi^iir 

Kkcatc, Mr, N. S., Eppnig 

Knowtn, Miw, N. S., Ouewell 

Southern, Mr, N. S.. ^unroid Rinr, 

Sml. Miu, Bd. S , BndihHru HiU 
Sl«e, Mr, it. S., OungTBd, N.E. 

Tin, Ur, N. S., High B««h, NX 
TnobiUgo, Mr, Bd. S., BudAma S, 

Tunw, Utu, St. John's S., BiuUim 
TumiT, MiH, N. S.. Coopersale, Epm 

101,— Erowasli Talle? (Derbyshire and H'ottri 
Teaclten' AsBociatlon. 

VluPnt.. Mr 

CK, N. S., Tetua, AURUn 
BGT.. IT. S., InmriOe, Albtton 

Bevdslev, MiB, N. S., Riddings, Alficlon 
B&j^iB, "^liss, N- S-, lADEley, Marlpoo], 

BurtoD. MipE, N. S., tnjDviUe, Alfreton 

Srk, Mn, N. S., Swanwii, Alfrelon 
C«A=, Mr, N. S. ilfretoQ 
Cooperj Mr, N. ' '''-'-' ' "- 

ConcQ. Mr, N. 3., Kioaings, mireion 
Fellows, M^ N.S., Sinj»lck, Mfmoa 
FlstdiEr, Mr, N. S., Someicotu, Alfmr - 
netdwr, Mrs, H. S., SomerootB, W— 
Goodwin, MiiS N, S.. Cod™, Deri 
Hwlmv.WiBS N. S.,Swai 
HMorfTMr. N. S., Pentncn KipKy. uet 
Hotnio, tiliss, N. S., HiUocks, Riplf 

BiDt, Mj>5, X. S., Riddlngt, Alfitton 
Hnnl, MisJ, N. H.. H»nor, Dwby 

{ohnsDn. Misa, M. S , Westwoo^ " 
ODcs, Miss, N. S., Somenaxei, 

Shipley and CotioAiihay, 
Riddinga, Alfreton 

'^— ■-'■ AlftHOE 


„., Auifeton 
Ripley, Derby 

[«oad^ Alfi 
otei, Alfrtt 

Paiwt, Misi, B. S.. EaHwuod 
Pegg, tin, N. S,, ItonviUe, Alftetqn 
Kne, Ml, N. S., fcidnor, Llerby 

"-^ -m, M.„, .. 
»..,;, Mt, Bd. } 
Rof, I 

ibeili, MSsi, N. S., 1 

■ ■ Bd. S., Ka 

Bd. S„ Sou 

s. AlfretV 
ngs, Alfittoi 


Kowlay, MiMrN"-^^, I'tonvilVefJllftitto' 
Saadfurd, Mr, Bd. S., finMod, - 
SLnriehunt, Mn.. Bd. S., PinxH 
STieldon, Mr, N. S., Eu^iwood 

Tayl«r*>'r/^- S./fenStfT'Ei 
Teagiie, Mis, N. S., RidiUne^ 
^Vilkes, Mr, N. S., Lan^ey 

M3!, M» 


102.— Eisez (Central) Teachers' Aasociation. 

JVou. iouISk,, Mr Cha9. BuRNerr, B. S., Wiihazn 

Buley, Mr E., B. S., Chelmitbrd One, Mc J., B. R., Kelvedon 

Bliley, His J., H^I-alreel, Qielmiford t Ro«, Mr W., Bd. S , BiaintKc 

IngleibT, UibC., B. Infut S., Wiiham Taylor, Miu A^ Bd. S^ Blad:>n 

Ibws, Mr, B. S., MkUeo ChclmifbEd (; 

tfqrs thrgogh the Bnu 

lOS.—EsBsx (Eaat) Teachers' Asiociatloit. 

Pra., Mr Hbnlev, N. S., Thorpe 

Trrai., Mr 5. Clabk, N. S., M>tdal«i-jti«t. Colchulct 
Sic.. Mr RaicHTiii, N. S., Mfland, Colchcuu 
Mini, N. S., TEnctring RolT, Mc, B. S., CaIc>icM«r 

Lr, a. S.. LjLWford Snelciir, Mr, N. S., Ardldgh 

.1, Mr, N. S., ThoTTiretoD Salisbury, Mr, Norman S., MinW 

Miu, N. S.. Old Ueuh, Colcholer SkinEley, Ur, SunwEll-stnet, Col^ii 

MiB, N. S,, Alrafoid Sievcnson, Mn, N. S.. Karl-. CaliK 

Mr, N, S . Wlvmhoe Tayior, Mr, N. S., Maiuiinat™ 

ir, N. S., Kitby Tnylot, MiM, N. S., I'tpirte 

lit, N. S. Gretoslead. Colchesler Tobbul, Mr, N, S., Mark'. Tey 

Ur, Blue S., Colchesler Thomas, Mr, N, S., Col.-- --- 

Mr, N. S.. Eau DouyUDil 
Mrs, N. S., 'l-horpe 

AxB, N. S.. Si. Jmno'. Colc1:« 
nincneirer, Mr, JJ. S.. WaltonJm-Naie 
WebMer, Mr. N. S., CoEifRhall 
Wiaiamii, Mr, N. S., Harwich 
WUhins, Mr, N. S.. Birch 
W»rd. Mifs, W. S,; Hythe, Coldie»Mr 
Wyihe, Mr, N. S., Wesi Bergholl 

lM.~-EaBex (North) Teacliers' AsMciatiim. 

Fr,s., Mr J. HousEEN, N. S.. Debden, Esse. 
Tnat. andStc., Mr A. C. Hi'Ches, M. S., Great Chrstetford, Essex 
Mr, N. S., Ictletoo, Cambridge. Housden, Mr J., B. S., Vewport 

My-ers. Uiis J., Inf. N. S., Saffrg 
Hiu S., N. S.. Saffron Walden Neale, Miss A., B. S.. Saffron W 

t, Miss, N. S.. Widdington, Bishop's Tlmraood, Miss, N. S., Sewers E 

,rd Walden 

Mr, N. 5., Litllebury, Saflron Ward, Mr, N. S .lUJwinter.Safl 

106.— Essex (Sonth-Sast) Te&cliers' Association. 

Fns.. Mr A. J. Kav, N. S., Leigh, Essex 
yUc-Pfts., Mr A. Culling, Ud. S., Rochftrd, Esset 
Trat.andSic,, MrW.H. Norman, Bd.S.,Souihen<i-on-Sea, Essex 
Miss, End. S., Biadwell, Maldon, Fleming, Mr, N. 5., Southmitisler, Maldon 

N. S., ShMburyness, Ewex Hnlle. Mr, Bd. S., M.nyland, Maldon, Eu« 

jnbridge, RDchford, 
Bamham, Maldon, 

Hollamby. Misi, Bd. S., Eastwood, Roch. 
Lay, Mr, Bd. S., Gr«U Waktrine, Estu 


Lodder, Mr?, N. S., Southchurch, Southend, 

May, Miss, End. S., Bradwell, MaJdon, 

North, Mr, N. S., Tillingham, Maldon, 


Raven, Mrs, N. S., Southend-on-Sea, £: 
Smith, Mr, Bd. S., Rayleigh, Essex 
Ward, Mrs, End. S., Bradwell, Mai 

Wilkinson, Mr, N. S., Foulness Isl 


106.— Essex (South) Teachers' Associatioii. 

Pret.^ Mr J. J. Morrkll, B. Bd. S., Suatford 

Vice-Fret.^ Mr Ganly, Model S., West Ham 

Tr^as.y Mr W. Hammbrslby, Hampden Gumey S., Upper Berkley-street, W. 

Sec., Mr G. Bush, Odessa-road Bd. S., Forest Gate, E. 

Ansley, Mr A., B. Bd. S., Stratford 
Arnold, Miss. F., Eagle Cotts, Vicarage-lane, 

Arnold, Miss, Bd. S.. Maryland-point, Strat- 
Ashplant, Mr, Bd. S., Maryland-pciint, 

Badger, Miss, Bd. S., flarrovr-Green, Ley- 

Baker, Mis, Bd. S., Hallsville, Canning- 
Baker, Mr., Bd. S., Leyton 
Barker, Mr A., Bd. S., Church-road, Leyton 
Barnes, Mr G., Forest S., Romford 
Baldock, Mr, Bd. S., Maxyland-point, Strat- 
herry, Mr, Bd, S., South Hallsville, Canning- 
Blvthe, Miss, Bd. S., Odessa-road, Forest 

RIyuie, Mr, N. S„ St. Saviour's Walthamstow 
Krasuer, Mrs, N. S., St. John's, Stratford 
Brewitt, Miss, Bd. S., Maryland-Point, 

Brock, MxiSy Bd. S., Hallsville, Canning- 
Itrockley, Mr J., Bd. S., Harrow-Green, 

Brown. Mr A., Bd. S.,Balaam.street, Plaistow 
Buckingham, Mr, Bd.S., Mechanics Institute, 

Callen, Mr, Bd. S., Canning-Town 
Cane, Miss C. B. S., Higham-Hill, Wal- 

Catt, Miss E., B. S., Shera Hall, Waltham- 

CUre, Miss, Bd. S., Maryland* Point, Strat- 
Clark, Mr G. P., W. S,, Loughton 
Oarkson, Mr A. ?., W. S., St. P^l's, Strat- 
Coates Mr W.. W, S , St. Psml's. Slratfoid 
Coi^kscdj^e, >fiss, Kd. S., Odessa-road, 
Fore»i GAte 

Cocks, Miss, Bd. S., South HaUs' 

CoUingboume, Miss, W. S., St. Savic 

Cooke, Mr John, Bd. S.. Kirkdale-i 

Cooper, Mr, B. Bd. S., Stratford 
Cross, Mr, Bd. S., Odessa-road, Forest- 
Crouch, Mr W., Maryland-Point Bd. 

Cununing, Mr, B. S. Marsh-street, Walt 

Davenport, Mrs, Bd. S., Harrow-G 

Day, Mrs, N. S., St. Paul's, Stratford 
Denham, Mr. N. S., Barkingside 
Denn, Mr J., Bd. S., Workmen's ] 

Delaconrt, Mrs, Bd. S., Kirkdale-road, 

Dix, Mr, Bd, S., Harrow-Green, Leyton 
Dutton, Miss, Bd. S., Clarksao>st 

Eaton, Miss S. E., Bd. S., Harrow-6 

Edwicker, MrB. Bd. S., Stratford 
EUis, Mr G., X. S., St. John's, Stratfort: 
Fell, Miss, Industrial S., Walthamstow 
Finoey, Miss, Bd. S., HallsviUc, Cam 

Foster, Miss, N. S., Canning Town 
Foster, Miss, Bd. S., Maryland P 

Gardham, Miss, i, Devon-terrace, Br 

road, Stratfora 
Goodwin, Mtr, N. S., St. Paul's, Stratfc 
Godfrey, Mr H., Bd. S., High-street, i 

Gibson, Miss, Bd. S., High-street; Stra 
GoAin, Mi$s, Bd. S., Harrow-green, 

Green, Mr, B. S., Purflcet 
Greentield, Mr, Bd. 8., C^annekiea, Stxa 
''rey, Mrs, Bd. S., Kirk dale, Leytonsto 
G«y, Mr S., Bd. S., Kirkdale, LeytOBS 


GriersoD, Miss, Bd. S., Harrow Green, Ley- 

Harbott, Miss, Bd. S., Hiffh-street, Stratford 
Harbour, Miss, B. S., Girls', Stratford 
Hardwick, Miss £., N. S., Trinity, Waltham 

Hamngton, Miss, Bd. S., Leyton 
Hawkins, Mr, Brighton Villas, Buxton-road, 

Hayward, Mr, B. S., Loughton 
Heasman, Mr, N. S., Romford 
Helps, Mr, N. S., St. James', Forest Gate 
Herbert, Mr, Bd. S., Maryland Point, Strat- 
Holmes, Mr G., Bd. S., Church-road, Ley- 
Jackson, Mr, Public S, , Barking 
Jefifries, Miss, Bd. S., North-street, 

fennings, Mr, Par. S., Rainham 
[envey, Mr, N. S., Hornchureh 
[ohns, Miss L., Bd. S.. Leyton 
JohnsAU; Mr, Model S., West Ham 
Keates, Miss £., Bd. S.,- Ley ton 
Kett, Miss, Bd. S.,^ Canning Town 
Kibhaw, Mr, 2, Vine-terrace, Cedars's-road, 

King, Mr J., N. S., Barking 
King, Mr W., N. S., Brentwood 
Laister, Miss, Bd. S., Lamboume, Romford 
Lee, Miss C, Bd. S., Church-road, Leyton 
Lushey, Mr, Bd. S., Canning Town 
Madden, Mr H., Town Hall, Stratford 
Makin, Miss, B. S., Shemhall-street, Wal- 

thamstow ^ 
Marshall, Miss A., Bd. S., Leyton 
Middleton, Mr, N. S., St. Paul's, Stratford 
Millard, Mr, W. S.. St. John's, Stratford 
Mitchell, Miss, B.S., Marsh-street, Waltham- 

Morgan, Miss, Bd. S^ Waltham Abbey 
~ " ~ ' 1,1a 

Norton, Miss, B. S., Girls', Stratford 

Musgrave, Mrs, Bd. S., Church-road, Leyton 
Must, Miss, N. S., Chnst Church, Stratford 

O'Kell, Miss, N. S., St. Luke's, Victoria 

Parker, Miss, Bd. S., Francis-street, Strat- 

Patterson, Miss Bd. S., Odessa-road, Forest 

Pearson, Mr, Bd. S., Odesca-road, Forest 

Pinning, Miss, N. S., St. Luke's, Victoria 

Plant, MisB, Bd. S., Copthall, Waltham- 

Pope, Miss, Bd. S., Maryland Point, Strat- 

Potts, Mr T., Bd. S., Leyton 

Potter, Mr, N. S., St. Paul's, Stratford 

Randall, Miss A., Bd. S., Maryland Point, 

Rawiinson, Mr E., St. Mary's, Waltham 
Rayson, Miss, N. S., St. Paul's, Stratford 
Richardson, Miss, bd. S., Miin'and Point, 

Richardson, Mr, Bd. S., St. HallsvilU Can- 
ning Town 
Ringrose, Mr W., Bd. S., Canning Town 
Ringrose, Mr D., Model S., West Ham 
Riley, Miss M., Bd. S., Waltham Abbey 
R«wley, Mr C., N. S.. Orsett 
Saunders, Miss, Hallsville, Bd. S.,' Can- 
ning Town 
Scott, Miss, Bd. S., Canning Town 
Scott, Mr W., Bd. S., Maryland Point, 

Sharpies, Miss, N. S., Orsett 
Shaw, Mr A., IBd. S., Kirkdale,Leytonstone 
Shaw, Mis, Bd. S., Maryland Point, Strpi 

Slyfield, Miss, B. S., High-street, Stratford 
Smith, Miss, rt. S., Girls', Stratford 
Smith, Miss, B. S., Girls', sitratford 
Smith, Mr, N. S., Trinity, Waltham Cross 
Stammers, Mr J., N. S., Great liford 
Stephenson, Miss, Bd. S., Channelsea, 

Stevens, Miss, Bd. S., Channelsea, Stratford 
Stirling, Miss, N. S., St. John's, Stratford 
Stollery, MrB., Bd. S., Stratford 
St. John, Mr, N. S., Trinity, Barking-road 
Tebbs, Miss, Bd. S., Giove, Stratford 
Thomi)son, Mrs, Bd. S., Odessa-road, 

Forest Gate 
Thornton, Mr, B. S., Marsh-street, Waltham- 

Tiley, Mr, Bd. S., Church-road, Leyton 
Toop, Mr, N. S., Leyton 
Tribe, Miss, The School, New Waltham 
Tuck, Mr E., N. S., Great IJford 
Turner, Mr A., N. S., Great 1 1 ford 
Venning, Mr, W. S., Woodford Bridge 
Wire, Mr, Bd. S., Harrow Green, Leyton- 

Woods, Miss, Bd. S., Balaam-street, Plaistow 
Walter, Miss, M.S., Infr., Barring 
Walmesley, Mr E., Bd. S., Harrow Green, 

Ware, Miss A., N. S., Charlton 
Walters, Mr A., Bd. S., Uarrow Green, 

Webb, Mr Jas., Bd. S., Church-road, 

Whaite, Miss, Bd. S., Canning Town 
White, Miss, W, S., Wanstead 
White, Miss, Fartory 8., Romford 
Willets, Miss, '.d. S^, Lamboume, Romford 
Winterton, Mr, Bd. S., Clarkson-street, 
^^Canning To'wn [151 


107.— Estccmrt and District (Wilts and Gloucestersliire) 

Teachers' AssociatioB. 

Pres., Mr Hexry O. Moyse, N. S., Westport, Malmesbury, Wilts 
Treas. and Sec, Mr W. J. Selden, B. S., Sherstone, Malmesbury, Wilts 

Bell, Miss S., N. S., Shipston Moyne, Tet- 

Carter, Miss, N. S., Broad Somerford, Chip- 

Emerson, Mrs, Girl's S., Malmesbury 

Jones, Mr A. D., N. S., Sherstone, Malmes- 

Manley, Miss, N. S.. Tetbury 
Masters, Mr J., N. S., Tctbory 
Masters, Mrs, Inf. S., Tetbury 
Slater, Miss, Inf. S., Malmesbury 
Wager. Mr Henry, Bd. S., Gorse Hill, 
Smndon [ix 

108.— Exeter District (Devon) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.y Mr James G. Pinn, Central S., Exeter 
VicePres., Mr Robins, St. Themas' Bd. S. Mr Zeal, N. S., Morchard Bishoi) 
Treas,, Mr E. W. Hicks, i, Colleton-terrace, Friars, Exeter (deceased) 
Sec, Mr N. England, N. S., Upton Pyne, Exeter 

Ash, Miss, N. S., Broad Clyst 

Austin, Mr, Clerk of School Board, Exeter 

Austin, Mi>s M, Bd. S., Newtown, Exeter 

Baker, Mr, N. S., Bradninch, Devon 

Baker, Miss, N. S., Bradninch, Devon 

Benoke,, N. S., Heavitree 

Bovey, Miss M. H., Bd. S., E\e Island, 

Bragji?, Mi>s, W. S., Mint-lane, Exeter 
15?nwn, Mrs, N. S., St. Sidweli's, Exeter 
Bryan, Mr C., Bd. S., Paradise-plaoe, Exeter 
Cann, Mr J., N. S., Burrington, Chulmleigh 
Cheeseworth, Mr, Splatt's S., VVhitestone 
Faiion, Mr, End. S., Silverton 
George, Miss M. J., Bd. S, West Hill, 

Ottery St. Mary 
Gillard, Mr. N. S., St. James', Exeter 
Goveit, Miss, Ba. S., Honiton, Clyst 
Granger, .Mrs, Bd. S., Crediton 
Hall, Mr, Hay ward's S., Crediton 
Hall, Mrs, Hayward's S., Crediton 
Heys, Mr, Cheeke St. S., Exeter 

Hicks, Mrs, Bd- S., Mary Arches St., Exeter 
Holman, Mr, N. S., Cullompton 
Hutchines, Miss, Bd. S., Newtown, Exeter 

{ones. Mr F. T., Bd. S., Hadley, Salop 
,athem. Miss, Infants' S., Broad Clyst 
Meadon, Miss, N. S., 5>andford 
Miller, Mr, Episcopal S., Exeter 
Moody, Miss, Bd. S., St. James*, Exeter 
Ogden, Mrs, Exmouth 
Pa<ly, Mr, B. S., Honiton 
ParsoBS, vliss, N. 8. Kenn 
Pry or, Miss E., N S.^ Marsh Green 
Savage, Miss, N. S., Pinhoe 
Seymour, Mr F., W. S., Mint-lane, Exeter 
Sharland, Mr, Bd. S., Colebrook Copplestoo 
Spratt, Miss, N. S., St. Sidwell's. Exeter 
Thomas, Miss, N. S., Stoke Canoa 
Tozer, virs., Bd. S., Exe Island, Exeter 
Underbill. Mr F., Bd. S., Paris St., Exeter 
Vickery, Mr, N. S., St. Sidwell's Exeter 
Webby, Mr, N. S„ Honiton 
Wheatcroft, Mrs, N. S., Rewe, Devon [47 

109.— Falmoutli and Truro (Cornwall) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr W. H. Wellington, N. S., Flushing, Falmouth 

Vice-Pres., Mr W. E. Kneebone, N. S., Penryn 

Trea*., Mr Wra. T. Hawking, Fairmantle St., N. S., Truro 

Sec, Mr Donald Fergison, N. S., Mabe, Penryn 

Ashton, 'Mr Philip, N. S., Mylor Bridge, Bray, Miss Mar>' A., St. Mary's, Truro 

P«nryn Crispin, Miss M., St. John's Infant S. ,4X0110 


I, Mr, Dcvoran Bd. S., Traro 

Mr SV. T., Baldhu Bd. S., Truro 
Miss K., (Girls) B. S., Falmouth 
Miss G., (Girls) N. S., Penryn 
liss. Eny's S., Penryn 
r, Miss E., Tottenham Practising S., 

Miss E., Practising S., Truro 
, Mr, Perranarwortnal Bd. S., Penryn 

Mrs., (Infants) B. S , Falmouth 
js, Miss, (Girls) B. S., Truro 
ead. Miss B., Practising S., Truro 
, Mr Benjamin, N. b., Gerrans, Gram 

r, Mr J. W., W. S., Penryn 
ig, Mrs, N. S., Flushing, Falmouth 
, Miss, (Infants) N. S., Falmouth 

Mr John, Chacewater Bd. S., Truro 
ion, Mr. Probus N. S. 

Olver, Mr W. H., St. Mawes B. S., Gram- 
Gates, Mr, Blackwater Bd. S., Scorrier, 

Porter, Mr, Stithia-s Bd. S., Penryn 
Roberts, Mr S., (Boys^ B. S., Falmouth 
Snell, Mr John, (Boys) B. S., Truro 
Symons, Miss, (Infants) B. S., Truro 
Symons, Mr T. R., N. S., Veryan, Gram- 
Siubbs, Mr John, Rt. Mary's N. S., Truro 
Scoble, Miss, (Girls) N. S., Falmouth 
Teague, Miss, Bd. S., Chacewater, Truro 
Venning, MrT., N. S., St. Feock, Truro 
Vickery, Mr, Mawnan N. S., Penryn 
Vickery, Mrs, Mawnam N S., Penryn 
Williams, Mr G., N. S., Falmouth 
Winckworth, Miss, Late Bd. S., Zealah, 
Truro— Bath [39 

110.— Famham and Aldersliot (Surrey and Hants) 

Teachers' Association. 

Pres, Mr J. Walker, Bd. S., (East End) Aldershot 
Tre/is. and -Src, Mr W. George Humphries, N. S., Farnborough 

Mr, Crondall Bd. S.. Fa-nham 

Vtr, Scale N. S., Farnham 

Mr, Hale, Bishop Sumner S., Fam- 

Mr, Aldershot Bd. S., ^East End) 

;y, Mr, Aldershot Bd. S., (West End) 

Mr W., Crookham N. S. 

Mr A., Bd. -B., Hawley and Cove, 


ries, Mrs, Farnborough N. S., Hants 

., Miss, Row ledge N. S., Farnham 

Miss, Aldershot N. S. 

Mrs, Aldershot Bd. S., (East End) 

Partridge, Miss, Hale Bishop Sumner's 8., 

Palmer, Miss, B. S., Farnham 
Padwick, Mr, Yateley N. S., Farnborough 
Rowe, Mr, Hawley N. S., Fnrnboroneh 
Rowe, Mrs, Hawley N. S., Farnborough 
Sunnuck, Mr, Farnborough North Cams 

vy. s. 

Swift, Mrs., Frimley N. S.,. Farnborough 
Thomas, Miss, Aldershot Bd. S., (East End) 
Waterson, Mr, Wreclesham N. S.. Farnham 
"West. Mr, Frenfham N. S., Farnham 
Wallis, Miss, Aldershot Bd. S. (West End) 
Wood, Miss, Aldershot Bd. S. (West End) 



and City (Middlesex) Teacliers' 

Pres,, Mr E. W. Moore, M.A., Bishopsgate Ward S., E.G. 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr Jos. Dell, St. Matthew's N. S., City-road, E.G. 

Treat., Mr Hy. Musker, St. Bainabas' N. S., Holloway, N. 

Sees., Mr John Crockett, Hargrave Park-road Bd. S., Holloway, N". 

Mr Emile S. Mortimer, Golden-lane Bd. S., E.C. 

>, Mrs, Caledonian-road Bd. S. 
Mrs, Vork-road Bd. S. 

Adams, Mr J. F., 77, Walford-road, N. 
Armstrong, Miss, Cnarles-strcet Bd. S. 


Ayres, Mr, Bagshot Asylum 

Barriball, Miss, Homsey-road W. S. 

Barriballj Mr, Hornsey-road W. S. 

Beck, Miss K., Cottenham-road Bd. S. 

Brown, Mr A. E., Crouch End Bd. S. 

Bourke, Mr W. R., Holloway College 

ftro«me, Miss, Gillespie-road Bd. S. 

BJlton, Miss, Highbury W. S. 

Barnard, Mr, St. James', Holloway N. S. 

Brittan, Miss, Caledonian-road Bd S. 

Burrows, Miss, Angler's Gardens Bd. 8. 

Bartlett, Mr, South Homsey Bd. S. 

\Juckley, Miss, St. Jude's, Mildmay-Park 
N. S. 

Berry, Mr W. E., Winchester-street Bd. S. 

Baker, Mr, Ann-street Bd. S. 

Burt, Miss L., St. Peter's, ClerVenwell N. S. 

Brock ington. Mr, Ann-street Bd. S. 

Barnes, Miss A., Charles-street Bd. S. 

Baker, Mrs, Bath-street Bd. S. 

Barnes, Miss, Aldersgate-street Ward S. 

Brett, Mr, Hanover-street Bd. S. 

Bates, Mr, Sheppert«n-road Bd. S. 

Brown, Mr T., Angler's Gardens Bd. S. 

Cornish, Mr J., St. Mary's Islington Indus- 
trial S. 

Crees. Mi*!S, Pooles-park Bd. S., N. 

Clarenbone, Mr, St. Mary's Islington In- 
dustrial S, 

Cromptou, Miss, Hanover-street Bd. S. 

Crompton, Mrs, Blundell-street Bd. S. 

Cooper, Miss, South Hornsey Bd. S. 

Clark, Mr H., Blundell-street Bd. S. 

Clarke, Mr G. J., Bath-street Bd. S., E.C. 

Growe, Mr, End. S., 8, Baltic-street 

Cutting, Mr, St. Giles', Endell-street N. S. 

Carson, Miss, Angler's Gardens Bd. S. 

Dewhirit, Mr G. W., Chapel of Ease, Liver- 
pool-road N. S. 

Davies, Mr.s, Caledonian-road Bd. S. 

Davies, Mr J., Caledonian-road Bd. S. 

Draper, Miss, Caledonian-road Bd. S. 

Davis, Mr E., South Hornsey Bd. S. 

Dew. Mr J., Gifford-street Bd. S. 

Dewnirst, Miss, York-road Bd. S. 

Dunston, Miss, St. Mark's, Old-street N. S. 

Dunkerley Mr, St. Luke's Old-street, 
Par. S. 

Dyer, Miss, St. Giles', Endell-street, N. S. 

Dewdney, Mr, Child's-hills, Hendon, B. S. 

Dearness, Miss, Shepperton-road Bd. S. 

Emery, Mr, Crouch End Bd. S. 

BbbeUs, Miss, Holy Trinity, Cloudesley- 
square, N. S. 

Ebbles, Miss M., Penton Grove Bd. S. 

Evans, Mr, Bowline Gretn-lane Bd. S. 

Everitt, Miss, Whitefield Tabernacle, 
B. S. 

Fernee, Miss, Barnsbury, B. S. 

Fry, Miss, ( aledoniaa-road Bd. S. 

Pish wick, Mr, St. Paul's, BaU's Pond, N. S. 

r ostcr. Miss, Cloudesley- road, B. S. 

Fisher, Miss^ Central-street, Bd. S. 
FrankUn, Miss, Chau-les-street, Bd. S. 
French. Miss, St. Andrew's, iJatton Gardao* 

Par. S. 
Grant, Mr, Dunc«mbe-road, Bd. S. 
Gates, Mr S., Hiehbury, W. S. 
Green, Miss, St. Barnabas, Holloway, N. S. 
Golding, Mr, Gillespie-road, Bd. S. 
Gay, Mr, Blundell-street, Bd. S. 
Garner, Mrs, Amwell-strect, Clerkenwell, 

Par. S. 
Gamble, Miss, St. Thomas', Charterhotue, 

N. S. 
Groves, Miss, Central-street, Bd. S. 
Green, Miss, Gifford-street, Rd, S. 
Heasman, Mr, Pooies-paik, Bd. S. 
Hickin, Mr, Marlboro'-road, High S. 
Haines, Mr, Highgate, Bd. S. 
Henderson, Miss, St. Mary, Islington, Id- 

dustrial S- 
Hambrook, Mr, St. Stephen's, Cancm- 

bury, N. S. 
Haynes, Miss, St. Paul's, Ball's Pond. 

N. S. 
Hamey, Mr, Blundell-street, Bd. S. (deceased) 
Harper, Miss, York-road, Bd. S. 
Henshaw, Miss, St. John's-lane, Bd. S. 
Headlanm, Rev. S., St. Thomas', Chater- 

house, E.C. 
Hutchensj Mr, Radnor-treet, W. S. 
Hows, Miss, Princes-street, Bd. S. 
Hanson, Miss, Drury-lane, Bd. S. 
Hamilton, Mr G., 43, St. Mary's Axe 
Howard, Mr, St. Mary's, Finchley, N. S. 
Howard, Mrs, St. Mary's, Finchley, N. S. 
Hayward, Mr, North End, Finchley, 

B. S. 
Heath, Miss, Shepperton-road, Bd. S. 
Hytch, Mr, Shepperton-road, Bd. S. 
Hull, Miss, Shepperton-road, Bd. S. 
lago. Miss R., Barnsbury-street, Bd. S. 
Johnson, Miss, Hanover-street, Bd. S. 
Jones, Miss S., South Homsey, Bd. S. 
Jones, Mr J. J., St. Mark's, Kawstome- 

street, N. S. 
Jenkins, Mr F., Aldgate, Tower-street, E., 

Par. S. 
Kershaw, Miss, Caledonian-road, Bd. S. 
Kirtland, Mr, York-road, Bd. S. 
Keble, Miss, St. Mark's, Rawstome-street, 

N. S. 
Kendall, Mr, Charles-street, Bd. S. 
Lee, Mr Hy., Cottenham-road, Bd. S. 
Legge, Mrs, Pooles Park, Bd. S. 
Lovell, Miss, St. Philip's, Arlington-square, 

Lamb, Mr, Bowman's-place, Bd. S. # 
Leonard, Miss, St, George's, Bioomsbury, 

r<. 8. 
Lovell, Mr A., Sir John S., Aldgate 
Miller, Miss, Hargrave Park-rMd, Bd. S. 
Maxten, Mr, Caledonian-road, Bd. S. 



IS, Miss, Church-street, Stoke New- 


. Mr, Holy Trinity, Qoudesltfy- 

xt, N. S. 

aore, Mr, Cloudeslcy-road, B. S. 

ill. Miss, St. Mark's, Rawstorne- 

!t, N. S. 

ng, Mr, Ann-street, Bd. S. 

yre, Mrs, Bowling Green^lane, 

nzie. Miss, Bd. S., Golden-lane 

n, Mr, St. Mark's, 01d-st(:eel, N. S. 

\ l^Irs, Charles-street, Bd. S. 

1, Mrs, St. George's, Bloomsbury, 

, Mr, Princes-street, Bd. S. 

, Mr, Drury-lane, Bd. S. 

:, Mr, Defoe-road, Bd. S. 

Is, Miss, Penton-grove, Bd. S. 

wsky, Mrs, Charles-street, Bd. S. 

, Mr, Central-street, Bd. S. 

Mits, Caledonian-road, Bd. S. 

,, Miss, St. Psul's, Ball's Pond, N. S. 

I^iss, Blundell-street, Bd. S. 

Mr, Caledonian-road, Bd. S. 

, Miss, Angler's Gardens, Bd. S. 

Miss, Blundell-street, Bd. S. 
rth, Mr, Amwell-strect, Clerken- 

Par S. 

.er, Mr, Allen-street, Bd. S. 
ird, Mr, Martyr's Memorial N. S. 
^iss, Aan-street, Bd. S. 
Mr L. W., Ryde House, Clapton 
, Mr, Laystall-street, Bd. S. 
:, Mr, St. Sepulchre's, Holbom, 

ge, Miss, Hanover-street Bd S. 
Miss M., St James' Holloway N. S. 
Mr, Caledonian-road Bd. S. 
dson. Miss, Southgate Infants' S. 
:, Miss C, Blundell-street Bd. S. 
dson, Mr F. L., Bowling Green-lane 

rs. Rev. John, St Thomas Charter- 
e, Goswell-road B.C. (deceased) 
dsoii, Mr W. W., Gr. S., Gray's Inn- 

, Miss, St. Giles, Sndell-street N. S. 

Mr G. H., Rishopsgate Ward S. 

, Miss, Si. Sepulchre's Holbom, 

on. Miss, St. Stephen's, Canonbury 


Mr A. U., Duncombe-road Bd. S, 

Sykes, Mrs, Gillesme-road Bd. S. 

Svkes, Mr, Gillespte-rcad Bd. S. 

Shaw, Mr^ Homsey-road Sd. S. 

Shave, Miss, Caledonian-road Bd. S. 

Scott, Mr, St. Matthias, Stoke Newingtoa 

N. S. 
Stimson, Mr, Peter-street Bd. S. 
Sneath, Mr, St. Andrew's, Hatton Garden 

N. S. 
Speaight, Miss, St. Thomas, Charterhouse 

Smith, Mr C, St. Thomas Charterhouse 

N. S. 
Snoxell, Mrs, St. Luke's Old-street, Par. S. 
Spink s. Miss, Charles-street Bd. S. 
Stockman, Miss, St. George's, Bloomsbury 

N. S. 
Stanton, Mrs., Bishopsgate Ward S. 
Stocker, Miss. Bishopsgate Ward S. 
Smith, Miss C., Greystoke*place, Fetter-lane 

Bd. S. 
Stephens, Miss, St Philip's, Arlington-square 

JH. 8. 
Stretton, Miss, Hanover-street Bd. S. 
Trayes, Mr, Duncombe-road Bd. S. 
Tattersall, Mr, zzo, Albion-road, Stoke Kew 

Tinner, Mr T., Pennefather Memorial, MUd 

may Park 
Tinner, Mr J. G., St. Jude's, Mildmay Park 

N. S. 
Turley, Miss, Winchester-street Bd. S. 
lliomas. Miss, Amwell-street, Clerkenwell 

Par. K. 
Underwood, Mr, Drury-lane, Bd. S. 
Veal, Mrs, Gifford-street Bd. S. 
Wyatt, Mrs, Hargrave Park -road Bd. S. 
Wilkinson, Mr, St. John's, Upper Uolloway 

N. S. 
Waymonth, Mr, High S., Seven Sisters-road 

N. S. 
Williams, Mr, 9t. Barnabas, HoUowav 

N. S, 
Withers, Miss, Sheppertoa.road Bd. S.' 
Woodger, Mr, Angler's Gardens, Bd. S. 

WkUs, Miss, Winchester-street, Bd. S. 
Ware, Mr, Blundell-street, Bd. S. 
Whibley. Miss, Bowling Green-lane, Bd. 9. 
Wentworth, Miss, Golden-lane Bd. S. 
Williams, Mr B., Great Queen-street Bd. 8. 
Wheeler, Mr H. C. Bishopsgate Ward S. 
West, Miss, Shepperton Road Bd, S. 



112.— Forest of Arden (Warwick) Teaehen* Assoeiatum. 

Prtt.y Mr W. SoMBRSGALE, Shostoke End. S. 

Vice-Pres.y Mr J. Kimpton, Meiiden End. S. 

Treta., Mr>, Houghton. Hampt(m-m- Arden, End. S. 

Sec.y Mr J. W. Nicholl, End. S., Berkswell, Coventry 

Booth, Mr, Coleshill, Birmingham X. S. 
Hope, Mr, Uampcon-xn-Ard«n, Birmingham, 

End. S. 

Uuughton, Miss. Hampton-in-Arden, Bir- 
mingham, Irif End. S. 

KIrupton. Miss Meriden, Birmingham. N. S. 

Lowe, Miss, Solihull, Birmingham, End. S. 

Moore, Mirvs, CoIcshilJ, Birmingham, Inf.N.S. 

Newton, Elmdon, Birmingham, N. S. 

Nicholl, Mrs, BerkswelJ, Coventry, End. S. 

Perkins, Miss, Barston, Birmingham, N. S. 

Sidwell, Mr, Packingtao, Meriden, 

ham, N. S. 
Smith, ]VIr, HamptoB-in-Arden, Binningkam 
Sunipter, Mr, Temple Balsdl, Knovl^ 

Birmingham, End. S. 
Ward, Mr, Bickenhill, Birmtn^iam, N. S. 
Welch, Miss, Barton Grvcn, Ke nfl w o rt k 

End. S. ^ 

Whittaker, Miss, Tempfe Bahadl, Knovle, 

Birmingham,. £hd. S. 
Wint«:, Mr, Maxtoke, Cofesfaill, tSaaaa^ 

bam, N. S. [» 

113.— FoTMrt of Boaa (Glostersliire) TeadLOss' AsaociatiaB. 

Pres^ Rev. C. J. Jones, Westbury on Severn, dostersbire 
Vtce-Prei.^ Rev. A. D. Pringlb, Blakeney, Glostershire. & Mr W. Jonbs, Newnham, 
2Vca., Mr J. Hale, Bilson, 6d. S., Cindorford, Gkisterdiire 
Sec.^ Mr G. D. Wood&la:*, St. John's N. S., Cinderfbrd, Glostershnre 

Badham, Miss, N. S., Lydney, Glostershire 
Bailey, Miss, N. S., Blakeney, Woodside 
Ballinger, Mr, N. S., Kuardean, (viostershire 
Biggs, Mr, N. S., Vlitcheldean, Glostershire 
Biggs, Mrs, N. i>., Mitcheldean, Glostershire 
Bryant, Mr, N. S., Dry brook, Glostershire 
Br\ant, Mrs, N. S., Drybrook, Glosterbhire 
Cattanach, Mr, N. S., Flax ley Mesne, Cin- 

derford, Glostershire 
Feltham, Mr. 1». .S., Blakeney, Glostershire 
Fitzgerald, Mr, N. S., Scowles, Glostershire 
Foster, Mr, N. S., BlaWeney, Glostershire 
Gillies, Mr, Ud. S., Plump, Mitcheldean, 

Go&line, Rev. J. Bream, Glostershire 
Hale, Mrs, Bd. S., Bilson, Cmderford, Glos- 
Harvey, Miss, N. S., 'Ucknor, Glostershire 
Hobbs, Miss N. S., FUxIey. Glostershire 
Hobbs, Mr, N. S., Liitledean, Glostershire 
Hull, Mr, Bd. S., Sewdley, Cilostershire 
lones, Mrs, N. S., Newnhani, Glostershire 
Mynett, Mi<;s, N. S., Flaxley Mesne, Cin* 
oerford, Glostershire 

Poynter, Mr, Bd. S., Rnardean HOI, Gkft- 

Poynter, Mrs, Bd. S., Rnardean Hill, Glos- 
Probert, Miss, N. S., Primrose Hill, LydiMy, 

Prosser, Mr, Bd. SL, Bilson, Cinderfixd, 

Smith, Mr. Bd. S., Pillowell, Glostershire 
Summer«gill, Miss^ Bd. S., Pillowell, das* 

Talbot, Miss, Bd. S., Pillowell, Glostershire 
Taylor, Mr, W. S., ChaxhiU, Glostershire 
Tearle, Mrs, N. S., Lydney, Glostershire 
Turner, Mr, N. S., Westbury-on-Sevaiii 

Walker, Mr, N. S., Berry Hill, Coieford, 

Walker, Mrs, N. S., Berry BKll, Colefaid, 

Whitmore, Miss, N. S., Drybrook, Glos- 
tershire [38 


.— Fnmess and District (Lancashire) Teachers' 


Pres.^ Mr Gkoocock, N. S., Lowick, Ulverston-in-Furaess 
Treas.y Mr Jas. Hill, St. George's S., Bsu-row-in-Fumess 
indSec, Mr Rd. Spencer, Bd. S., (Senior Boys') HolkerfStreet, Barrow-in-Fumess 

N. S., Grange over Sands 
[r E. A., Bd. 8., Haverigg 

Miss, Bd. S., (Infants') Holker- 
row in Fumess 

r, Bd. S., Newton, Dalton, Bar- 

N. S., Dalton in Fumess 
ss, N. S., (Infants') St. James's, 


r, N. S., (Boys') St. James's, 


, Mrs, End. S., Buchman Brow, 
1 in Fumess 
R., R. C, St. Mary's, Barrow 

, Mr T. Y., N. S., Lindal, UI- 

R. O.. Bd. S., Hawcoat, Bar- 

Jno., N. S., Pennington, Ulver- 

Jno., W. S., Dalton in Fumess 
r Jno., N. S., Urswick, Dalton in 

[ugh, Bd. S., (Senior Boys') Hoi- 
Barrow in Fumess 
N. S., Bardsea, Ulverston in 

}d. S., (Higher Grade) Bairow in 

r, Bd. S., (Higher Grade) Barrow 

s, Bd. S., Ulverston in Fumess 
s, N. S., (Infants') St. George's, 
5, N. S., Penningfton, Ulverston 

i N. S., (Girls') St. James's, Bar- 

, Miss, Bd. S., Rva Island, Bar- 

Henderson, Miss, N. S., Lindal, Ulverston 

Barrow in Fumess 
Hennessy, Miss, Bd. S., (Junior mixed) Hol- 

ker-street, Barrow in Furness 
Jenkins, Mr, Bd. S. , Ulverston in Furness 
Keay, Mr Rd., Bd. S., (Senior Boys') Raw- 

Hnson-Jtreet, Barrow in Fumess ^ 
Lewis, Mr E. N., N. S., Burlington S., 

Kirkby, Barrow in Fumess 
Marsh, Mr W., Bd. S., (Junior Mixed) Hol- 

ker-street, Barrow in Furness 
Marsh, Mrs W., Bd. S., (Girls') IsUnd-road, 

Barrow in Fumess 
McKay, Miss, Bd. S., (Infants') Rawlinson- 

street, Barrow in Furness 
Mitchell, Mr, Bd. S., Holbom Hill, Millom, 

Morgan, Mr Jno., Bd. S., Cambridge-street, 

Barrow in Fumess 
Mullett, Mr W., Bd. S., Island-road, Bar- 

row in Fumess 
Munro, Mr F., Bd. S., CUve-street, Gate of ) 

Barrow in Fumess 
Myres, Mr E., Hd. S., Dalton in Fumess 
Nuttall, Mr Jno., Bd. S., Clive-street, Bar- 

row in Furness 
Pentreath. Mr Rd., W. S., Dalton-road, 

Barrow in Fumess 
Schofield, Mr Jno., N. S., Ulverston-in- 

*■ urn ess 
Seward, Mr, N. S., Holker, Cark in Cart- 

Singleton, Mr, Bd S., (Junior Mixed), Raw- 

linson- street, Barrow in Furness 
Taylor, Miss, N. S., Ulverston in Fumess 
Warbrick, Mr, Bd. S., Walney, Barrow in 

Webster, Miss, Bd. S., (Junior Mixed) Hol- 

ker-street, Barrow in Furness 
Wilson, Mr, N. S., Askam in Furness 
Veates, Miss M., High Class S., Barrow- 

in Furness [49 

insborongh, North Notts and District (Lincolnshire) 
Teachers' Associations. 

Pres.y Mr H. Hibbitt, N. S., Morton, Gainsborough 

Vice-Pres.y Mr J. W., Walker, Holy Trinity S., Gainsborough 

Treas.y and Sec. y Mr Benj. T., Adlard, Morton Terrace, Gainsborough 

Bd. S., Kirton, Lindsey Baker, Mr H., N. S., Walkeringham, Gains- 



Binghjun. Miss, N. S., Church-gtreet, Gains- 

Cravtn, Mr J., N. S., Back-strett, Gainsboro* 
Glasscodine. Mr. N. S., WiUoughton, Kirton; 

Harrison, Miss, Holy Trinity S., Gainsboro' 
Hurst, Miss, Holy Trin ty S., Gainsboro* 
Ives, Miss, N. S., Church.street, Gainsboro' 
Kent, Mr J., Bd. S., West Stockwith, Gains- 

Lavis, Mr, N. S., East Stockwith, Gainsboro' 
Mason, Mrs, «d, S., Stow, Lincoln 
Pike, Mr R. H^ W. S., Ferry, Rotherham 
Preston, Mr J. T., End. S., Haxey, Bawtry 
Bead, Miu, N. S., Lea, Gainsboro' 

Tomhne, Mr, N. S., Springthorpe, Ga 
Tunley, Mr C. W., W. S., Trinitj 

Tamer, Miss, Bd. S., Misterton, Gain 
Turner, Miss, Bd. S., West Stockwith, 

Varah, Mr, Bd. S., Ashby, Brigr 
White. Mr E., N. S., Byer's Green, S 

White, Mrs, N. S., Byers* Green, S 

White. Mr J. H., N. S., Willingham, 

Williams, Mr E. G„ Bd. S., Misterton, 


116.— 0-lamorifaiL (Central) Teacliers' Association. 

Pres.t Mr. Glovkr, Queen-street, Maestag, Glamorgan 

Treas.f Mrs. Millard, Bd. S., Bridgend 

Vict-Pres. and Sec, Mr. Millard, Bd. S., Bridgend, Glamorgan 

Dodd, Mr, B. S., Tondu, Glamorgan 
Griffin, Mr, N. S., Porthcawl, Glamorgan 
HumpWey, Mr, B. S., Tondu, Glamorgan 
Hutchinson, Mr, Ogmore House, Bridgend 
Jones, Mrs, Milford Cottage, Maestag, Glam- 

Marriott, Miss, Br^mdu S., near Brigd 
Roberts, Mr, Queen-street, Maesteg, 

Sherwood, Mr, Bryndn S., near Bridg 

117.— Glossop and District (Derbjrshire) Teachers' 


Pres., Mr. T., Shaw, Bd. S., Hollingworth, Hadfield near Manchester 

Vice-Pres.t Mr T. Fishbr, W. S., Glossop, near Manchester 

TVrtfj., Mr G. E. Cox, N. S., Whitfield, Glossop, near Manchestei* 

SeCt Mr A. Walker, St. Andrew's S., Hadfield, near Manchester 

Bagshaw, Mrs, W. S., Chisworth, Broad- 
lx>ttom, Derbyshire 

Barber, Miss l/C. U., N, S., Hadfield, near 

Chadwick, Miss, Bd. S., Hollingworth, 
Hadfield, near Manchester 

Ellis, Mr, N. S., Dunston, Sleaford, Lincoln 

Fisher, Mrs, W. S., Glossop, near Manchester 

Hall, Mr T., End. S., Mellor, near Stockport 

Howard, Mr J. N. 8., Bmting, Glossop 

Ingham, Miss, Inf. S., Glossop 

Leech, Mr J., W.S., Ettingahall near Wolver- 

Marshall. Mr R., B. S., Tintwistle, Hadfield, 
near Manchester 

Newton, Mr T., N. S., Hollingworth, Had- 
ffield, near Mancheste r 

Parker, Mr J., W. S., Glossop, nes 

Parker, Mrs, W.S., Glossop, near Ma 
RathmeU, Mr J. W., W. S., Hadfi* 

Shaw, Mr J. R., N. S., Charl 

Broadbottom, near Manchester . 
Shaw, Mrs, Inf. S., Hadfield, nes 

Walker, Mr J., N. S., Broadbotto 

Walker. Mrs, Inf. S., Hollingworth, 1 

near Manchester 
Walker, Miss M. A., N. S., Hadfi. 

Woodhouse, Mr R., N.'S,, Tintwist 

field, near Manchester 


>.— aiouoestor (Olouoester) Teaclien' AasodatloB. 

Prii., Mr H. V 
a-Prtt., Mr. G. Eihiliv, 

Tnia. Mn. Ropm, St. Lnke'j N. S.; 
Stc., Hi E. Kiht, W. E., GLou 

t, W. S., Ej«rofl, Gloueaier Lear, Mt W., W. S., Ryecrofi. Glouo 

liu S. H., St. Mark's N. 8., Moon, Mr H. J., B. S.. Owltenhun 

u Moi5, Mr D. d, B. A., B. S., C»ib1 
Bd. S., GloncMK. - ■ 

1, Bd. S., GloBiHtcr 
IE M. J., St. Cuhtrine't 1 

uii., St. Jm2-> n. sTgiou. 

J., M. S. Hanputy, GUiucei 
iT., Bd. S., Glouctstcr 

„ , ._ _., _. —^ _. ,., Cubbndre, 

Bd. S., Gloncata Stonthooa 

1, Bd. S., GloBiHtcr Murphy, Miu. Christ Churob N. S., 
us M. J., St. Cuh(riiK-t N. S., Glouceiici 

cr N-iirtaii, Mr &.. 6. S., Cloucuter 

~" "" Pickup, Mra, N. S., QBtdjtley, 01«ic«»t« 

PreilDn, Mr, Highbuiv B. S„ Chcllenhun 
Rapcr, Mr, S., Si. Luite'i N. S., Glouctstst 

_., Rogers, Mr, End. S, GItiicesier 

K. S., Little Demi, Rogtrl, Mrs, Bd, S., Trtdworth, Glonceiur 

a Wchh, Mi E., B. S., Tibhenoa, Gloumtw 

F'.,Waiustec Parade, Gloucetlcr Webb, MnH., B. S., Ebkiy, Snoud 

- H.. Si. Janiu'K N. S., Glopcei»r Williums, Miu, B. S., CIducasKr 

k Miu C, N. S., Qucdpley Wi)H»i, Misi S, A., tk. Luke't N. S., 

7V«u. Md J'<f., John Gkienwoc 

m, N. S.. Hook 

IrE..N. S.,Aimyii, Howden 

lis^ Old GooU Bd. S., G»Ie 
li. N. S., RawdilTc, Sdby 

Moriey. Mis> 

— Ooole and District (Torka) Teadiera' AuoJiBitioii. 

K>le Bd. S.. Goole 

fe Hridge Bd. S., Stlby 

wciiOe Brid^t lid. S., 

Mr a T.. N. S.. Duffiild 
Mr £., N. S., Blackiofc. Howdcn 
., Al«:anclra.sir««t DO. :i., V^OOie iDmlinaon, Miss, Old Gool« Bd- S., Goole 

r H., Old Goolc Bd. S., Gaol« TuigHn, Mr C. Wm., X. S„ Luton, Uewdea 

20.— Orantham and District (Liaooln shire) 
Teachers' Association, 

Prts., Mr Adlawi, N. S., Rckincton, Sleafoid 
Via-Prit., Mr B>AD»^fiN, N. S., South Kymt, Slaafotd 
T'^.tic., MfDaviu, Bod. S., Great PoDloa, GraDibam 
t, N. S.. BiU^gborough, Fotking- Bird, Miss, N. S., Grantham 

Bouser. Mr, N. S., Fulbeck, Grantham 
tr, N. S,. Spittlegalt, Gr,^ itham Bcown, Miss. BroiHilow Inf. S., Gnoili 

I. .S., Waitham-le-Woid, Mellon Cantt, Mr, N. S„ Denton, Grantham 

Ciutle, Mr, N. %., WooIsdiorps-by-Be 
i. S., Grtat Conetby, Grantham Gruiham 

M«E, Mr, N, S,. Folkinghani 
CklMm. Mr. N. S., S)»iiTcpic, I 

Delby, Mr, n'. S.'. Wilsford, Gramhsm I'ronU, Mt, N." S. 

Mr. N. !t 

Dytr, MiK, Si. Gilt's Girls' S., End 

Edynudi Mi. n!s., BarkstoD, Grai 
Fishtnden. Mr. N. S., Granthani 
GllbEt. Mr, N. S., BfckenialTe, Ori 
HandcDch, Mr. End. S., Marslon, C 
H.ndcacfc. M,s, End. S.. Marslon, t 
"-H>on, Mrs. (J. S., Ropiley, Gr- 
lin. Sir. N. S„ Ingoldsby, Gra 

Shotton. Mi^s. LanElty S. 
StniM. Mr, B. S., Gran 
Tauni, Miss, Inf. S., Liii 

WXIa, Mr. N. S , Ancasier, G 

Watlon. Mr. N. 5.. Grantham 

Mean. Mr, N. 5., Cnmon. Granlhan. West. Mr. Bd. S., C.ythorpe. C 

Miioer, Miss, N. »., F»lon, Gradibam Whincup, Mi, lU. S., Bitclilieli 

121.— Qreat Tanuontli and District (ITorfolk) 
Taaoliars' Association. 

Pwi., Ml R. Mills, Friary S„ Oosu Yaimoalh 

fkr-Prir., Mr G. CH^FPaLL, Boys' S., Halisworth 

* Trial. fmdStc., Mr G. T. Hoss, B.A., B. S., Grtat Varraauth 

ALpe, Mr, B. S.,GrE2lVatmaul)i Hugginis Mr, Gourlay W. 5.. Gi 

Anderson, Mr, N. S., Becclm 

Bayfigld. Mrs, N. S., WaJpok, HaiHwunh HugEtnt, Miu, Bd. S., Gor1e»an,G 

Bedwcll, Mr, N. S.. Cailtsa Colville, Lowes- mouih 

toft Hughes, Miss, N. S., Ha1es»arth 

Bird. MiM Mangri^ S., Halesworth " ■■- " •=■ —--—-- "-' 

Bridgs, Hiss, N. S., Hrainneld, Sanrniimlhain Julian, Mits Hd. S., Bungay 
Browmng, Miss, N. S., Laugley, Noiwich Xcnwo.ihy, Miss, N. S-, Oiedgravc, 
ii..,&-j %jt-... Bd. S., I""""" " ■ "'■>■ " « = 1...™ T» 

Drowning, Dius, 11. a., i-aa 

Burftird. Hiss, Bd. S., Bungay" _..,, . , , _. 

" -I Mr,H«;jital_S.,GreaiYanoouih Miller. Mrs, Si. Georgi's Bd. S., Gi 

Campbell, I^r, Bd. k.. Tofi Monies, Beccles Norman, Miss, Si. John's S., GnatV 

Castle, Mr, N. S , Somerleyi.n. Lowesioft. Osborne, Mr, St. Peter's N. S., Gr 

Chambers, Mr, Annoll's 5,, Lowestoft moutb 

Chambers, Mr J., Bd. X., Bungay Palmer, Mr, Bd. S., Wreniham, War 

Clow, Mr, Bd. S., Broome, Bungay Pareii, Miss. N. S., Loweiofi 

Cone, Miss. N. S., Thorpe Horieim. Ipswich Richmsnd, Mr, Piiory S.. Greal Var 

Coolc, MrTfed. S.,Gorl«.oi>, Great Yaimouth «i>, Mr, B. S., Sontftleyion, Lmw 

Coium, Miss, N. 5,. Ellintiham, Wangford Rudd, MLis, H %., Filby, Great Vu 

Dalgltish, Miss, N. S., Huntingfleld, Hates- Spanion, Mr, Hospital S., Great Vai 

worth Stewart. Mrs, N. S., Soiterley, 8u«i 

Duichtum, Mr, Bd. S., Runbun-Vauihall, Swann, Kliss, St. Jt^n's S., Loweslo 

Great Varmouth Trieji, Mr, N. S,, Wreniham, Wmi 

Freeman, Mr, B. S., Lowestoft WiiTdrn, Misy, N. S . Proslendeo, V 

French, hj, Bd. S., Becclcs We<t, \\r, bd.'s., 'Bungay" 

Gray. Mr, Bd. S,. Oullon, Lowesioft Whitwood, Mi". N. S., Lonnd, Lot 

~ " Wigg Mr,N.inhga«Bd.S.,Gn;«\ 

Womlward, Mr, Public S., Loddoo, 


denwicli District (Kent) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.„ Mr Webb, Burrage Grove Bd. S., Plumstead 
Vice-Pres.^ Mr Amner, Render- Street, Hatcham 
Treas.y MrTvLER, St Saviour's N. S., Woolwich 
Sec.^ Mr Harbour, Bd. S., Upper Earl-street, Plumstead 

Kender street, Hatchani 
ity S., Woolwich 
Bd. S., Caivert-road, 

., Calvert-road, Greenwich 
I. S., Upper Earl-street, 

Jueen-street, Woolwich 
Moomfield-road, Plumstead 
Church terrace, Plumstead 
rreen's End, Woolwich 
, Bromley-road, Lee 
., S., Blackheath-road, 

Bd. S., Randall-place, 

, Randall-street, Greenwich 
., Hughes' Fields, Deptford 
id. S., Clifton-road, Wew 

, Clifton-road, New Cross 
. S., Stanley-street, New 

'.. S., Regent-street, Dept- 

Hughes' Fields Deptford 
, Mai pas-road, New Cross 
., Kender-street, Hatcham 

Bd. S., Stanley-street, 

is, Bd. S., Powis-street, 

Bd. S., Bloomfield-road, 

d. S., Bloomfield-road, 

Bd. S., Burrage-grove, 
tichael's S., Woolwich 
Arsenal S., Woolwich 
1. S., Lewisham-bridge 
son's S., Leicester-square 
Mary's S.', Lewisham 
[ary's S., Woolwich 
S., Duke-street, Deptford 
Bd. S., Kender-street, Hat- 

, Bd. 8., Tanner's Hill, 

is E., Bd. S., Tanner's-hill 

, Bd. S., South-street, 

Trinity S., Greenwich 
John's S., Deptford 

Etherington, Miss, Bd. S., Blackheath-road, 

Ellis, Mr, Central S., Plumstead 
Ellis, Mr, Pres S., Woolwich . 
Ede, Mr, Bd. S., Black heath*road Greenwich 
Freeman, Mr, Bd. S., The Slade, Phimscead 
Fox, Mr. Bd. S., Upper Earl-street, 

Francis, Mr, N. S., Eltham 
Fairbaim, Miss, Trinity S.. Woolwich 
Fleming, Miss, Bd. S., Duke-street, Deptford 
Funge, Mr, Bd. S., Sydenham Hill-road| 

Sydenham ^ 
Goodyear, Miss, St. John's Sj, Deptford 
Garlick, MrsBd. S., Stanley-street, Deptford 
Goodwin, Miss, St. Paul's ^., Charlton 
Garlick, Mr, Bd. S. Creek-road, Deptford 
Goodman, Mr, Alexandra S., Penge 
Gratwick, Miss, Bd. S., Bloomfield-road, 

Godfrey, Miss, Bd. S., Upper Earl-stveet, 

Gill, Mr, All Saints' S., Shooter's-hill 
Hunt, Mr, Bd. S., Bloomfield-road, Plnm- 

Hartley, Mr, Bd. S., Bloomfield-road, Plum- 
Hiscox, Mr, Bd. S., Bloomfield-road, 

Hamilton, Mr, Bd. S., Burrage-grove, Plum- 
Howard, Mr, Bd. S., Church-terrace, 

Howell, Mr, Bd. S., The Slade, Pl«mstead 
Hansford, Miss, Bd. S., Plumstead-road, 

Harbour, Mrs, 2, Lynmouth-villas, Eglinton- 

road, Shooter's-hUl 
Hunt, Miss, Christ Church S., Shooter*s-hill 
Harris, Mr, Bd. S., Lewisham Bridge 
Hodgson, Miss, Bd. S., Bloomfield-road, 

Hamlyn, Mr, Bd. S , Clift<Mi-road, New Cross 
Ives, Miss, St. John's S., North Woolwich 
Ingram, Miss, Bd. B., Edward-street, 

Jarman, Miss, (late oO Central S., Plumstead 
Jack, Miss, Bd. S., Maxey-road, Plumstead 
Jeffrey, Miss, Bd. S., Plumstead-road 

Jeffrey, Miss, Bd. S., Plumstead-road, Plum- 
Jeffrey, Miss, Bd. S., Burrage-grove, 


Jones, Mr, St. John's S., Woolwich 

Jack, Mr, (late of) Bd. S., Powi«-strect, 

Woolwich (deceased) 
Jackson, Miss, Bd. S., Keoder-street, 

Johnson, Miss, Christ Church S., Greenwich 
Jutson, Mr, Bd. S.. Creed-piace, Greenwich 
Kesson St. John's S., Woolwich 
Kellaway, Miss, Bd. S., Plumstead-road, 

Leonard, Miss, N. S. Woolwich 
Lothian, Miss, Bd. 8., Bloomfield-road, 

Lawrence Miss, Bd. S., Calvert-road, 

Ladner, Mr, Bd. S., Calvert-road, Greenwich 
Lancaster, Miss, St. Peter's S., Calvert-road, 

Lear, Miss, Bd. S., Stanlcy-street, New 

Lloyd, Mr^ Bd. S., Edward-street, Deptford 
Morris, Miss. St. John's S., Woolwich 
McCall, Miss, Bd. S., Bloomfield-road, 

McKenzie, Miss, Bd. S., Calvert-road, 

Moon. Mrs, Bd. S., Blackhsath-road, 

Miller. Miss, N. S., Eltham 
Mallen, Miss, Bd. S., Upper Earl-street, 

Maore, Mr, Bd. S., Burrag^e-grove, Plumstead 
Murphy, Mr, Bd. S., Plumstead-road, 

McBain, Mr, Bd, S., Lewisham Bridge, 
Mince, Miss, Bd. S^ Duke-street, Deptford 
McNab, Miss, Bd. S., Kender-street, 

Mould, Mr, Bd. S., Regent-street, Deptford 
McKnight, Mr Bd. S., Creek-road, Dept- 
Nichols, Mr, Wes. S., Plumstead 
Northam, Miss, Bd. S., Randall-place, 

Oliver, Miss, Bd. S., Burrage-grove, Plum- 
Osborne, Mr, Bd. S., Hollydale-road, 

Phipps, Miss, Bd, S., Powis-street,Woolwich 
Payne, Miss, St. Michael's S., Woolwich 
Parsons, Miss, All Saints' S., Shooter's Hill 
Pitt, B. A., Mr, Bd. S., Church Terrace 

Pearson, Mr, Bd. S., Slater-street, Leicester 
Pope, F. G. S. Mr, Bd. S., Lewisham Bridge 
Rogers, Miss, Bd. S., Creed-place, Greenwich 
Rowlands, Mr, Bd. S., Hatcham Park, 

Richards, Miss, Bd. S., Powis-street, 

Rose, Miss, Bd. S., Powis-street 
Bi(^iards, Miss, St. John's S., N 

Reed, Mrs, Bd. S., Burrage-gn 

Reilly, Miss, Bd. S., Upper ! 

Ross, Mrs, Bd. S., Anglesea Hill, 
Russell, RE.I.S., F.R.H.S., 

Bun-age-road, Plumstead 
Rnnciman, Mr, Bd. S., Black 

Sayle, Miss, Bd. S., Edv 

Simpson, Miss, Bd. S., Qifton-i 

Smith, Miss, Bd. S., The Slade, 
Smith, Mrs, Bd. S., Powis-street, 
Southey, Bd. 8., Burrage-grove, 
btevens. Miss, Bd. S., Burrage-gr( 

Smith, Miss, Bd. S., Burrage-gn 

Stevenson, Miss, Bd. S., Upper I 

Scrivens, Mrs, N. S., Eltham 
Selkirk, Miss, Bd. S., Lewisham I 
Spencer, Miss, Bd. S., Bladi 

Shaw, Miss, Bd. S., Blackl 

Smith, Miss, Bd. S., Blackl 

Swiss, Mr. Bd. S., Powis-street, "V 
Smith, Mr, Bd. S., Luton 
Stone, Mr, Bd. S., Plumstead-ro 

Tvler, Miss, St. John's S., Woolwi 
Thomson, Miss, Bd. S., Plnm: 

Trench, Miss^ St. Thomas' S., Wo< 
Thomson, Miss, Bd. S., Lewisham 
Titcombe, Miss, Bd. S., Th« Slade. 
Thomson, Miss, St. Michael's S., ' 
Thistlethwaite, Mr, St. Stephen's 

Vasey, Miss, Bd. S., Regent-street 
White, Mrs, Bd. S., Regent -street, 
Whatley, Miss, Bd.S., Hughes* Fi 

Wilson, Mrs, 

West, Mr, Bd. S., Hatcham Park, 
Wren, Mr, Bd. S., Duke-street, D 
Wilkins,Miss, Bd. S., Bloomfield-r 

Webb, Miss, St John's S., Plumste 
Wilson, Mr, N. S., Woolwich 
Walsh, Mr, Bd. S., Calvert-road. C 
Wedlock, Mr, N. S., Lee 
Young, Miss, Bd. S., Clifton-n 


rrimsby and District (Lincoln) Teacliers' Association. 

Pres.y Mr S. Wyld, Prim. S., Garibaldi- street, Grimsby 
Vice-Pres.^ Mr L. Rowley, N. S., Bridge-street, Grimsby 
Treas.f Mr Jno. Searlk, Bd. S., Holme hill 
Sec.y Mr Chas. Hokn, Bd. S., Holme Hill 

Bd. S., Clee, Grimsby 
r 1., Bd. S., Holme hill, Grimsby 
A., Bd. S., Holme hill, Grimsby 
Mr A., Bd. S., Holme hill, 

iss M., Bd.S., Holme hill, Grimsby 
Miss, W. S., Waltham, Grimsby 
, Bd. S., Telney, Grimsby 
[r, Bd. S., Clee, Grimsby 
Miss 1., N. S., Bndge-street 

Lss, Grimsby 

liss M. M., Bd. S„ South Parade, 

ss L., Bd. S., South Parade, 

iliss, N. S., Grim»by 

liss H., N. S., Grimsby 

Miss F., Clee, Grimsby 

liss, Bd. S., Clee, Grimsby 

Ir, W. S., Victoria-street, Grimsby 

[iss, N. S., Grimsby 

Misa E., Bd. S., Holme hill. 

Jervis, Miss M., W. S., Victoria-street, 

Jervis, Miss L., W. S., Victoria-street, 

Kay, Mr E., W. S., Laceby, Grimsby 
Leak, Miss A., Prim. S., Garibaldi-street, 

Manning, Miss A , N. S., Grimsby 
Patmore, Mr, Bd. S., Clee, Grimsby 
Rainford, Mr A, E., W. S., Victoria-street, 

Rowles, Mr J. L., N. S., Geethorpes, 

Grim* by 
Sampson, Miss M-, Bd. S., New Clee, 

Smith, Miss Jennie, Bd. 8., New Clee, 

Smith, Mr G., End. S., Laceby, Grimsby 
Stephenson, Mr, N. S„ Grimsby 
Spender, Air W., Rily Grove S., Ulcaty, 

Vivian, Mr, W. S., Victoria-street, Grimsby 
Whiteiey, Mr Jas., W. S., Victoria-street, 

Winter, Mr, N. S., Caistor, Grimsby [39 

Sackney District (Middleses) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr W. H. Jeffries, W. S., Mayfield-road, Dalston, E. 

Vice-Pres., Mr R. Tomlinson, Bd. S., Nichol-street, Shoreditch, E. 

Trgas., Mr W. C. Pratt, Cong. S., Middleton-road, Dalston, E. 

Sec, Mr H. Scott Gill, London Fields Bd. S., Hackney 

liss, Nichol-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

Mr J. H., Nichol-street Bd. S., 

, Mr, Canal-road Bd. S., Hoxton 
iss, Nichol-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

1, Mr W., Church-road W. S., 


diss, Hindle-street Bd. S., Kings- 

ss, Nichol-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

[re, St. Michael's and All Angel's 


[r, Percy-road N. S., South Hack- 

Baker, Miss, Nichol-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

Bale, Mr, Globe-terrace Bd. S., Bethnal 

Bamforth, Mr C, Tottenham-road Bd. S., 

Barley, Mr, Berger-road Bd. S., Homerton, 
Barnard, Miss B., Scnitton-street Bd. S., 

Barnard, Miss C, Scrutton-street Bd. S„ 

Barnes, Mrs, Wcllinton-street Bd. S., Kings- 
Barnes, Miss A. U., Wellington-street Bd. 

S., Kingsland-road 
Bamett, Mrs, St. Bartholomew's N. S., Beth- 

nal Green > 



Beard, Miss, Abbey-street B. S., Bethnal 

Beddows, Miss S., London Fields Bd. S., 

Belsten, Mr, Hamond-sqnare Bd. S., Hoxton 

Bill, Miss, Scruttun-street Bd. S., Shoreditch 

Binns, Mr J. K., Scrutton-street Bd. S., 

Boden, Mr W., Nichol-street Bd. y., Beth- 
nal Green 

Bolus, Mr, Orchard-street Bd. S., Haclcney 

Bond, Mi, Nichol-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

Braham, MLss, Wellington-street Bd. S., 

Brenchley, Mr W., S(3rutton-street Bd. S., 

Brockhurst, Miss, Mintem-street W. S., 
New '>orth-road 

Burge, Miss, JNichoI-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

Burgoyne, Mr, Hamond-square Bd. S., 

Burgoyne, Mrs, Chatham Gardens Bd. S., 

Burr, Miss, Adelphi B. S., Hackney-road 

Bullock, Miss, Wolverley-street Bd. S., 
Bethnal Green 

B3rford, Mr C. H., Shap-street Bd. S., Kings- 

Calver, Mrs, High-street Bd. S., Stoke New- 

Catdipole, Miss, Bamet-street Bd. S., Beth- 
nal Green 

Chadwick, Mr R, Teesdale-street Bd. S., 

Chastenev, Mr S., Wellington-street Bd. S., 
' Kingsland-road 

Qarke, Miss £., Nichol-street Bd. S., Beth- 
nal Green 

Clarke, Miss S., Curtain-road Bd. S., Shore- 

Coles, Miss, Hammond-square Inf. Bfl. S., 

Coleman, Miss, Holy Trinity N. S., Dalston 

Corrie, Miss, St, John's N. S., Hoxton 

Crocker, Miss, Rendlesham-road Bd. S., 

Croft, Mr R. E,, Pritchard's-road Bd- S., 

Crofts, Mr, Hammond-square Bd. S., Hoxton 

Cudmore, Mr H., London-fields Bd. S., 

Cvndell, Miss, St. Bartholomew's N. S., 
Bethnal Green 

Daddo, Mr, Turin-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

Davie&t Miss, Mintem-street W. S., (Inf.) 

Day, Mr, Abbey>street B. S., Bethnal Green 

Dearsley, Miss, Rendlesham-road Bd. S., 

Devonshire, Mr, Mintem-street W. S 

Dinmore, Skr, London-street Bd. S., I 

Draper, Mr, Rendle^am-road B< 

Durston, Miss, Newcastle-street B 

Dyer, Miss, Canal-road Bd. S., Hoxtoi 
J^lliston^ Miss E W., Wellington-stre 

a.f Kingsland-road 
Ellerton, Mr, St. Michael's & All J 

EUson, Mr J. E., Wellington-street I 

England, Mr, Hamond-sqaare Bd. S., 

I^vans, Mrs., Newcastle Bd. S., Shorn 
Femel, Miss, Hamond-square Bd. S., 

Fletcher, Mrs, London-fields Bd. S., H: 
Fraser, Mr, Bonner-lane Bd. S., I 

Furse, Miss, Hamond-square Bd. S. 

Gardmer. Mr T., Rendlesham-road I 

Gardner, Mr T., Chnrch-road W. S^, 

Gardner, Mr J., Gainsborongh-road 1 

Gibbs. Miss, St. Augustine's N. S., Ha 

Gilbert, Mr, Canal-road Bd. S., Hoxtc 
Goldsmith, Miss, Scrutton-street B 

Goodwin, Miss, St. Matthias' Infants 

Bethnal Green 
Goss, Mr, Chatham Gardens Bd. S., H 
Green, Mrs, Church S., West Hackney 
Greenway, Mr, Tottenham-road Be 

Greenway, Mrs £., Tottenham-road I 

Harding, Mrs, Canal-road Bd. S., Hox 
Harding, Mr F. £., Assistant Inspec 

Harrison, Mr T. A., St. Bartholome 

S., Bethnal Green 
Hawcs, Mr, Hamond-square Bd. S., 

Hawley, Mr, Haggerston-road Bd. S., 1 

Hayes, Mr, St. James'-the-less N. S. 

toria Park 
Higgins, Mrs, Teesdale-street Bd. S., ( 

Hill, Mr, Gainsboroogfa-road Bd. S., 

Hole, Mr C W., Wellington-street E 

Hope, Miss, Shap-street Bd. S , KtQg 



Hon, Miss, 61obe-terrace Bd. S., 6«thnal 

Horsford, Mr J. J., Teesdale*st»eet Bd. S., 

Howarth, Mr, London-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

Howe, Mbs, Rendlesham-road Bd. S., 

HiUland, Mr, Rendlesham-road Bd. S., 

Hunt, Mr, St. Columba N. S., Kingsland- 

Hutchinson, Mr G., Nichol-street Bd. S., 

Bethnal Green 
Ingram, Miss, Nichol-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

Jackson, Miss, The Schools, Homerlon 

College, E. 
Jacobs, Miss, Warley-stueet Bd. S., Bethnal 

Jcanes, Mr W. E., Wellington-street Bd. S., 


Jeffries, Mrs. W. S., Mayfield>road, Dalston 
elley, Mr C, Ctanbrooke Row Bd. S., 

Bethnal Green 
Jones, Mr L., High- street Bd. S., Stoke, 

Kendall, Mr, Wilmot-street, Bd. S., 

Bethnal Green 
Kent, Miss, Hamond-square Bd. S., Hoxton 
Knighton, Mr, Glengall-road Bd. S., Isle of 

Landon, Mrs, Turin-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

lAngltYt Mr, Newcastle-street Bd. S., 

Ljirter, Mr W., Scrutton-street Bd. S., 

Lawrence, Miss, St. John's N. S., Hoxton. 
Lay, Mr, Christ Church N. S., Hoxton 
Lilley, Miss, Dalston Cong. S., Middleton-rd. 
Linney, Mr, Caual-road Bd. S., Hoxton 
Lowe, Mu«i, Approach-road W. S., Victoria 

Lowrie Mrs, J., St. Mary's N S.. Hag- 

Lvon, Mr, Rushmore-road Bd. S., Clapton 
Maclue, Miss, Chatham Gardens Bd. S., 

Ifastyn, Mr T, Wellington-street Bd. S., 

Mayes, Miss, Holy TrinitvN. S.,Da'ston, £. 
Kay turn, Mr, St. Judes N. S., Bethnal 

McCraight, Miss, Newcastle-street Bd. S., 
McDonald, Miss, The Schools, Homerton 

College, £. 
McEwaa, Miss, Rushmore«road Bd. S.| 

Mclntvre. Miss, Orchard-street, Bd. S., 

Alears, Mr W., St. Btter"! N. S. De 
Be&uvoir Town 

Meek Miss, Hamond-square Bd. S., Hoxtoa 
Miles, Mr, Pritchard-road Bd. S., Hackney 
Miles, Mrs,^ Pritchard-road Bd. S., Hackney 
Mitchell, Miss, Marsh-street Bd. S., 

Moore, Mr E. W., M.A., Bishopgate Ward S 
Moss, Mr, Parmiter S., BethnaiGreea 
Mullens, Miss, Canal-road Bd. S., Hoxton 
Murray, Mrs, Scrutton-street Bd. S., Shore* 

Neill, Mr, Christ Church N. S., Hoxton 
Nickless, Mr, Hebrew S., Palestine-place 
Nicholl, Mrs, Tottenham-road Bd. S., Kings- 

Ninham, Miss, Turin-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

Northcott, Mr G., Bamett-strect Bd. S., 

Bethnal Green 
Oliver, Mr E. L., Fellows-street Bd. S., 

Osborn, Aliss Adelphi B. S., Hackney-road 
Overton, Mrs, Bd. S., Hoxton 
Palmer, Miss M, Nichol-street Bd. S., Beth. 

nal Green 
Parker, Mr F. H., Scrutton-street Bd. S., 

Parker, Miss, Globe-terrace Bd. S., Bethnal 

Parnell, Miss, St. Philip's N. S., Mount- 
street, Bethnal Green 
Parry, Mr, Canal-road Bd. S., rfoxton 
Pedlar, Miss, Hamond-square Bd. S.,*Hoxton 
Perkins, Miss, Turin-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

Piper, Mr, Church-street Bd. S. , 
Popplewell, Mrs, Canal-road Bd. S., Hoxton 
Powell, Mr, The Schools, Homerton College 

Prosser, Miss, Abbey-street B. S., Bethnal 

Green ' 
Punningham, Mr, Cranbrooke-row Bd. S., 

Bethnal Green 
Remfry, Mr, Shap-street Bd. S., Kingsland 
Reynolds, Miss, Nichol-street Bd. S., Beth- 
nal Green 
Ridgwell, Mr A. J., Wes. S., Mayfield-road, 

Rogers, Mr A., Bonner-street Bd. S., Bethnal 

Saunders, Miss, Bamett-street Bd. S., Beth- 
nal Green 
Savage. Miss, Globe-tenace Bd. S., Bethnal 

Shone. Mr W., Scrutton-street Bd. S.. Shora- 

Simpson, Mr, Church-street N. S., West 

Skinner, Mr W. E., Twig Folly Bd. S., Bon- 

Smith, Mr, Wes. S., May field-road, Dalston 
&iart, Mrs, Pritchard«road Bd. S., Hackney- 

Spui^«op, Min, Domestic Miu 



Thomas, Mr G.R.,W.S.,1 

r, Hiw, Poronan- 

Tiylor, Mia, The 

dollcge. E. 
Taylor. Mr. RushmorE-i 
1, Mr, St, J^n's 
■iiS, MrG. R.,W. =., ..i.1^ 
IH!, Miu E. M., Orchud-si. 

Thsiason, Mr, Bimet-slrEt 

I'hnrpe, Min, RushniorE -road Bd. 5., Clapton 

Thrower, Mr, Oiiirt'- "■' " " 

TQnilinK>n,V " " 
Tniicou, 1 

TiK^er, MiHi, DalitoD Cone. S., Middletc 

Td«II, Misi, Abbey-street B. S., Bcthi 

Way, Mr, HiEh-«re« Bd. S., Stoke : 

Valter, Miss, Hamotid-iiiiUBre Bd. 

Walker, Miu, Wenlock-stieet Bd. S.. 

Walker, Mr F., Nichol-street Bd. S., I 
' - nal Green 
Weaihstby, Mr, Adelphi B. S., Had 

Wehh. Mr F. J., HasBerslone-road Bd, 
Weblin, Mn. Shap-itreet Bd, S,. Kiel 
Wells, Mr W. G., War»icli-stml ft 

Wells, Mr H. M,, Approach-road W 
Victoria Park 

lop, Mr, 
len. Miss 


Mi. St. Phiiii 

. N, 

WiLlson, Mrs, St. Philip's N, S., M 

Wilwn, Mias, St. Saviour's N. S,, Hoj 
Waugh. Mr H., 3, tawley-road, Vi 

Park, E. 
WIndle, Mr, Church,slreet Bd, S., Ho; 
Wood, Mr, The Schools, Hoc 

College, E. 
Wood, Mr, Hamond-square Bd, S„ Ht 


Mr, J-, 1 

125.— Hali&x and District (Torks.) Teachers' Asaociati 

Pn,., Mr MiDHLETO.'i, Albion-Street Bd. S., Halifax 

ViifPra.. Mr Bhooks. Siddal Bd. S.. Halifax 

Trta,., Mr KiTCNBH, West Vale Bd. S., Halifai 

JW,, Mr,B. Booth, Holy Trinity N. S., Halifai 

Aelawd, Miss, Cross Hills Girls' S„ 

AUiKm, Mr, Miaenden Bd. S., Halifan 
Allison, Mn, Miicnden Bd, S., Halifax 
Appleyard, Misa, St. Mary's N. S., HaUfkx 
Aves,Ur, Copley Factory S„ Bslifax 
BaldwiI^ Miu, Sc Pant's S., King Crau, 
Halifa- ' ^ 

Bat, Ml 









*, Por 




N. S,, i 

i,Sl:J«ines'N.&, Hi 
Diu-iuurij, Miss, Pellon-lane B ' 
BKiDke,.Mi>s, Houni-pcllciiv N. 
Barlow, Mr, 5.- Andrer ■ " 

Basdde, Mr. t:lland N, 
B«k, Mr. Quees'i^oad 
Btdvd, Mr, i6, ChOTCh- 
Bosher, Mr, Queen'i-roi 

cook, ilr. iLighlclifTt N. S,, Halilai 
Dolan, Miss, Si. Marie's R. C. S„ Ha: 

. Dodson. ■«&»,■ All Eainu' N. S„ 1 
hebbis, HBlifai 

. I>mke, Ml>ii;ljfhn:lifl:eN. S., Hali&l 
Drmy, M.r, Heath Avenue, Hklihx 

-Gdw«nJivMr,TriMiglgN.'S., HkliAi 


Mr S. G., Pellon-Iane Bd. S., Halifax 
Mr S. T., Salterlee Bd. S., Halifax 
Miss, Queen's-road Bd. S , Halifax 
Miss, St. James' N. S., Halifax 
Miss, «t. Thomas' Bd. S., Halifax 
Miss, New-road Bd. S., Rastrick 
, Miss, Elland N. S., Halifax 
, Miss, Holy Trinity S., Halifax 
Mr, Greetland S., Halifax 
, Miss, Pellon-lane Bd. S., Halifax 
ood, Mr, Portland-road Bd. S., 


Mr W. H., Midgley-road Bd. S., 


i, Mr^, Queenfcbury N. S., Halifax 
fle, Misn, West Vale Bd. S., Halifax 
, Misf, Rishworth N. S., Halifitx 
11, Miss, Pellon-lane Bd. S., HHlifax 
y, Mr, St. Au^> tine's S., Halifax 
i, Mr, Mechanic's Institution, Halifax 
Mr, Hhugh Shaw Bd. S., Hnlifftx 
ias, Parish Ch. Girls' S., Hilif/.x 
, Mr, W. S., Bolton Brow, Sowerly 

Vlrs, 17, Union-atreet, The Beech, 
by Bridge 
Mr, St. George's N. S., Sowerby 


Mr, Pellon-lane Bd. R , Halifax 
Mr, Cross Hilla S., Halifnx 
.li^8, Ovenden Bd. S., Halifax 
, Mi-p, Haugh Shaw Bd. S., Halifax 
Mias, VictoriH.i.treet Bd. S., HnIifax 
Ksd, Mr, Victoria-street Bd. S., 

[r, Elland Edge N. S., Halifax 
u MisJ", Holywell Green S., Halif»x 
Mr, Queensbury Nat. Sch., Halifax 
se. Miss, Queensbury N. S., 


, Mr, (Schoolmaster) Mossley, Man- 


Miss, Bd. S., Halifax 

Mr, Holywell Green S., Halifax 

, Miss, Queensbury N. S., Halifax 

, Mr, 12, Chester-road, Halifax 

[iss, Salterlee, Bd. S., Halifax 

, Miss, St. Mary's S., Triangle, 


vir, Ovenden Bd. S., Halifax 

,Mr Baptists., Queensbury, Halifax 

s, Miss, Elland N S., Halifax 

Oddy, Mr, Northowram Bd. S., Halifax 
Parkinson, Mr, Lee Mount Bd. S., Halifax 
Procter, Mr, Booth Town Bd. S., Halifax 
Pronger, Mr, Pellon-lane Bd. S., Halifax 
Patchett, Miss, Queensbury N.. S., Halifax 
Port, Miss, Albion-street Bd. S., Halifax 
Ryley, Mrs, Ovenden Bd. S., Halifax 
Riclcard, Mr, St. Paul's S., King's Cross, 

Riley, Miss, Portland-road Bd. S., Halifax 
Riley, Miss, Parish Church Girls' 8., Halifax 
Rushforth, Mits, HauehShawBd. S., Halifax 
Rowley, Mr Brooke, Bd. S., Warley Town, 

Sucey, Miss, St. John's N. S., Rastrick 
Skelton, Miss, St. James' N. S., Halifax 
Stocks, Miss, Holy Trinity Giris* S., Halifax 
Stott, Mr, Eccleshill Bd. S., Bradford 
Stokes, Mr, Mount Pellon N. S., Halifax 
Smithee, Miss, West Vale, Bd. S., Halifax 
Spencer, Miss, Queen's-road Bd. S. Halifax 
Sirett, Miss, St. Augustine's S., Halifax 
Sheard, Mi?f, Mytholm Farm, Hipperholmok 

Stubbs, Mr, Portland-road Bd. S., Halifax 
Shaw, Miss, Siddall Bd. S., Halifax 
Stoner, Misn, St. John'* N. S., Rastrick 
Tibbitti, Mr, Ambler Thorn, near Halifax 
Tweed, Mr, bt. Thomas' Bd. S., Halifax 
Turner, Mr-, Sowerby Bridge N. S., Halifax 
Thorbum, Mi^s, Albion- Street Bd. S., Halifax 
Todd, Misa, EUnnd Bd. S , Halifax 
Tordoff, MisH, Triangle S., Halifax 
Tyera, Mi-», Booth Town Bd. S., Halifax 
Thornton, Misa, Northowram Bd. S, Halifax 
Unthank, MisS, Brookroyd Milla Infanta' S. 

Holywell Green, Halifax ' 

Varley, Miss, Copley Factory S., Halifax 
White, Mr, W« installs Bd. S., Halifax 
Watson, Mr, Ripponden N. S., Halifax 
Worm a Id, Mr, Luddenden S., Halifax 
Whitaker, Mr, Ripponden W. S., Halifax 
Worton, Mr, Elland Bd. S., Halifax 
Worton, Mr*, Elland Bd. S., Halifax 
Wheater, Miss, Sowerby S., near Halifax 
Wilkinson, Miss, Mount Pellon N. S 

Hhlifax *' 

Whitehead. Miss, N. S., Rastrick 
Waterwortn, Mr, Ripponden, near Halifax 
Watson, ^ks, N. S., Ripponden, Halifax 


-Halstead and District (Essex) Teachers' Association, 

Tteas^. andSeCi Mr John Jago, Trinity N. S , Halstead 

r W.,- N. S., Sible; Htdingham 
[iss, N. S., St. Andrews, Halstead 

Green, Miss, Factory S., Halstead 
Hutchings, Mr, N. S., Earls Coine 


a, V. S., St. AndnVi, Halitsd 
.^ N, S., Si. Andnw'i, Habuul 

TajlioTth, Mr, John N. S., Culk H 
Ycrtwrr, Hr W., B. S., Baloemd 

127.— Haltwliiatla and Distriot (SortliiuitbeTlaitd) 
Teachers' Asaociatioii. 

I., Miss CoHMON, Grammar S., Haydoo Bridge, Northuml 
.fic., Mr H. Hook, N. &, Uidgchobne, Lasbler, Oulisl. 
■eller Worlu, 

Beck, Mr JoKph, 

MiltaD, Culisle 
C«noU, Mr E. J.. N. S., Henshjw.Bardon 

MiLL Nonhumbaland 
Bolion, MtJ. E., B. S., ■■ ■ '* • 
CilwBi, Mis. J. H., ll. 

ir Hill, Hall. 

UiYcn, MUs M , Girl's N. S., Cncnlnd, 

Uon-ison. Mr W. J., N. S., Fathoitoiie, 

Wiighl, Mid J. O., 

f embcn still onpud. 

138.— Hants (Kid) Teaoheni* Aosociatioii. 

Prii., Mr J. Payhk, Holy TWniiy S., WmchtSB 
Via-Pni., Mr J. E. Smith, M.C.P., 5l Michael's B., WinchBio- 
IVnu. a^.r«;., Mr C H. MoiUH, M.CP., The Dene S., AlrHford 

Bunes, Mr, ii, EaHgate-slrtet, Winchtata 
Bunch, Mr, St. Butholomew's N. S., Hyde, 

Bii^t, Mr. Training College, Winchesier 
Coombes, Hr, Central Bin^ S., WidchesKr 
Fid», Ht, Otierhoum N. S.. Winchesler 
Flev, Mia. WesRm Clrh' S.. Winchesler 
Flew, Hisi E., WeUem ln£ini S. . Winchettei 
Goodjear, Mr, F. S. Sc^ Lond.. S. HiEh£cld 

, Hr, Boys' N. S., Hunky, Win- 
King, Mr, Ovslehpry N. S., 

(, N. 3-, HeadbODme, \ 

Moon. Miss, Holy Trinity S., Windia 
Honinl, Misi, Central Inf. S., Wincbi 
MuwII, Mr, B^s' S.. Allan 
Nichols, Miss, flie Dene S., Aliwrford 
Norpie. Mrs, N. S.. Biriilon, Alr«l 
Riddick, Hia, Orphan Home, AlrcsTc 
Searle, Mr H., 'nuning Colleee, WIi 
Slade, Mr, Cenlnl S.. W.n^h-.,— 
'^■-— e,Miss,K 

5, KineBWDTth S.. Wint^ 
s E., Kingsworlhy S.,Wii 
Cennal Girls' S., Windlt 
■.cu„,.«ra, Bd. S., Cheriton. Aln- 
Weller, Miss. N. S., Twyford, Winch. 
Whitfleld, Mr, St. Faiih'j S., Bl. 


Yomig, Ur A., SU Hidud'i ! 


129.— Santa, (South) Teachers Association. 

Prei.t Mr Hy Russbll, Bevois Town Bd. S., Southampton 

Treas.f Mr P. G. CorbzN, Taunton Trade S., Southampton 

Sec,, Mr W. H. Rogers, All Saints N. S., Southampton 

ird, Mr J. F., (Corresponding Mem* 
^. S., Botley 

Miss J. C, B. S., Bevois Town, 

Miss R., Southern District B. S.f 
Ir R. L., (Corresponding Member) . 

IVf 3j^li w oo d 
id, Miss, Royal British B. S„ South- 

r, Mr, N. S., Hythe 
, Mr E., N. S., Bramshaw 
n, Mr, N. S., Sarisbury Green 
Mrs, Holy Rood N. S., Southampton 
Mr H. W., N. S., Bitteme 
, Miss, Southern District B. S. 
Mr, D„ Houndwell Bd. S., South- 

, Miss, Eastern District Bd. S., 

:, Air B., (Sec. P. T. Scheme) Holy 
y N. S., Southampton 
, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Deanery, 

1, Mr J E., N. S., Highfield 
I, Miss, N. S., Hedge Fnd 
Ir S. A., Bd.''S., Butlock's Heath 
Mr, N. S., Rownhams 
Mr G., N. S., North Eling 
[r, St. Michael's N. S., Houthampton 

Mr J., Eastern District Bd. S., 

Miss, Bd. S., Northam 
Mrs, Holy Trinity N. S., Southamp- 

jr, Mr, W. S., Southampton 
Mr P. L., St. Luke's N. S., South- 
3n (President i88o» 

diss, Royal British Bd. S., South- 

•, Mrs, Bevois Town Bd. S., South- 

Miss E., (Librarian) All Saints' N. 

Hunt, Miss, N. S., Dibden 

James, Mrs, Eastern District Bd. S., South- 

John, Miss, N. S., Bitteme 

Jones, Mr J. H., (Corresponding Member) 
N. S., North Stoneham 

iones, Mrs J. H., N. S., North Stoneham 
amber, Mr R., St. Mary's N. S., South- 

Kirke, Mr W. B., St. Joseph's R. C. S., 

Lucas, Miss N. S., St. Deny's 

Mainer, Mr B., N. S., Nursling 

Merriit, Mr S., N. S., Romsey 

Morris, Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Southampton 

Parvin, Miss, Holy Trinity N. S , South- 

Rogers, Mrs W. H., All Saints' N. S., South- 

Rolfe, Mr W.. N. S., Shirley 

Rowland, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., South- 

Rouse, Mr, (Corresponding Member) B. S., 

Short, Miss, Houndwell Bd. S., Southampton 

Smith, Mrs, Eastern District Bd. S., South- 

Simpson, Mr J. , Church of England S., Free- 

Southcliffe, Miss, Crabniton N. S., South- 

Stevens, Mr J., N. S , Beaulieu 

Sturgess, Miss, St. Luke's N. S., South- 

Swords, Mr, (Corresponding Member) N. S., 

Skeats, Miss, Holy Rood N.S., Southampton 

Thomas, Miss, Pear Tree Bd. S. 

Watkins, Mr G., Southern Dist. Bd. S;, South- 

"Webb, Mr J., St. Paul's N. S., Southampton 

Wood, Mr, Bd. S., Sholing [6o 

130.— Harrogate and District (Yorks.) Teachers' 


Pres.t Mr Buckingham, Ch, Ch. S., Harrogate 

Vice-Pres.y Mr Wilkinson, End. S., Knaresboro* 

Trgas.t Mr Stink, St. Peter's S., Harrogate 

See.y Mr Roberts, Methodist Free Church 8., Horrogate 

, Mrs, Hilda Cottage, Harrogate Buckingham, Miss, N. S., Skipton-road, 



Chambers, Mr W. S , Glasshouses, Pateley 

Ellis, Mr, N. S., Bewerly, Pateley Bridge 
McCoU, Miss, N. S., Green, Uammerton, 
» Yorks 

Milner, Miss, N. S., Follifoot, Wetherly 
Mintoft, Mr, Bd. S., Fellis CliflFe, Ripley 

Oldfield, Mr, Bd. S., Greenhow-hill, Pat 

Pennington, Mr, N. 8., Spofforth, Wethe 
Priestley, Mr, Bd. Norwood, Otley 
Smith, Mr, N. S., Knaresboro* 
Thompson, Miss, Promonade Square, I 


131.— Hastings and District (Snssex) Teachers' 


Pres.i Mr W. Evans, Bd. S., Bourne Walk, Hastings 
Vtce-Pres., MrW. King, Silverhill Bd. S., Hastings 
Treat, f Mr W. Sutton, St. Clement's and All Saints' N. S., Hastings 
.S*^^., Mr Jukes, N. S., Halton, Hastings 

Bescoby, Mr, Guestling, End. S., Hastings 
Burgess, Mr, St. . Leonards N. S., St. 

Bennett, Miss, St. Mary in the Castle, N. S., 

Hastings * 

Burt Misst Bd. S., London-road, St. 

Bridgeland, Miss, Bd. S., London-road, St. 

Coulthwaite, Mr, N. S., St. Andrew's, 

Coulthwaite, Miss, N. S., St. Andrew's, 

Coates, Mr, N. S., St. Andrew's, Hastings 
Edwards, Mr, N. S., St. Mary Magdalen, 

8t. Leonard 
' Freeland, Mr, N. S., St. Clement's and All 

Saints*, Hastings 
Floyd, Miss, Bd. S., Waterloo-place, Hast- 

Goodwin, Mr, N. S., St. Mark's, Bes 

Griffiths, Miss, N. S., Halton, Hastings 
Heasman, Mr, 20, Alexander-terrace, 

Hunter, Mr, N. S., Ore, Hastings 
Meather, Miss, N. S., St. Andr< 

Heather^ Miss M., N. S., Bexhill, Hasti 
Hall, Miss, N. 8., St. Leonards 
Lcgge", Miss, N. S., Halton, Hastings 
Porter, Miss, Bd. S., Waterloo-place, '. 

Ray, Mr, Bd. London-road, St. Leonard" 
Roberts, Mr, N. S., Bexhill, Hastings 
Traxton, Miss, N. S , St. Clements and 

Saints, Hastings 
White, Miss, End. S., Guestling, Hastinj 
West, Miss, Bd., S., Waterloo-place, j 


132.— Say and District (Sereford) Teachers' Associatioi 

Sec, Mr Barrett, N. S., Hay, R.S.O. 
Not affiliated until 1881. 

133.— Heathfield Waldron and District (Snssex) Teache: 


Sec.f Mr Bufton, Waldron, Sussex 

Archer, Miss^ Cross-in-Hand, Waldron 
Bradford, Miss, Blackboys, Hawkhurst 

Clayton, Mr, Mayfield, Hawkhurst 
Disley, Miss, Hadlow Down, Hawkhurst 



Ir, Hadlow Down, Hawkhurst 
, Miss, Maynards Green, Hawkhurst 
Five Ashes, flawkhurst 

Naylor, Mr, Heathfield 
Waghom, MLss, Heathfield 
Westbrook, Mr, Mayfield 


134.— Helston (Cornwall) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.., Mr J. C. Slade, N. S., St. Sithney, Helston 

Vice-Pres., Mr W. Hall, W. S., Helston 

Treat. ^ Miss Nicholls, N. S., St. Ruan, Helston 

Sec.y Mr J. Martin, N. S., Cury, Helston 

r William, Bd. S., Wheal Vor, St. 

Mr, Bd. S., Germoe, Helston 
^liss, Bd. S., Herland Cross, Helston 
Ir, Bd. S., Porthleven, Helston 
\It W. S., St. George's S., Truro 

Miss, N. S., Constantine, Penr^'n 
•, Bd. S., Koskenwyn, Helston 

Mr, N. S., St. Breage, Helston 
Mr, N. S., Lizard, Helston 

Smitham, Mr R., Bd. S., Herland Cross, 

Stephens, Mr J., Bd. S.t Trennack, Helston 
Taylor, Mr, N. S., Helston 
Taylor, Mrs, N. S., Helston 
Thomas, Mr J. P.,N.S., Porthleven, Helston 
Vok, Mr C, Bd. S., Mawgan, Helston 
Williams Miss, Bd. S., Germoe, Helston 
Williams, Miss T., Bd. S., MuUion, Helston 


135.— Hereford (Hereford) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.y Mr Mattev, Bd. S., Marden, near Hereford 

Vice-Pres'.^ Mr Edwards, Bd. S., Ross 

Treas. and Sec. ^ Mr T. Wilding, Par. S., Tupsley, Hereford 

ith. Miss, Bosbur>' S., near Hereford 
r, Bredwardine End. S., Hereford 
Mr, Clehonger S., Hereford 
vir O. H., Much Dewchurch N. S., 

, Mr, Scudamore End. Boys' S., 

Mr G. Tm Blue S.. Hereford 
, Miss F., St Peter's Inf. S, Hereford 
Miss, Scudamore Girls* S., Hereford 
Miss, B S., Leominster 
ick, Miss, N. S., Leominster 

Mr John, Honeybourne S., Broad- 

Mr John, Evancoyd S., Radnorshire 
Vir W. H., N. S., Fownhope, Here- 
Mr, N. S., Humber. Leominster 
liss, Bishopstone S., Hereford 
, Miss, Bosbury S. , Ledbury 
^Ir Josiah, Berkley Free S., Glou- 
hire • 

Mrs, K. S., Middleton-on-the-Hill, 

VI r, B. S., Leominster 
•St. Miss, St. Johns* Inf. S., Hereford 
Mrs, Blue S., Hereford 

Harris, Mr, N. S., Ewyas Harold, Hereford- 
Hart, Mr 6. Parker, Par. S., Lugwardine, 

Jelley, Miss, Blue S., Hereford 
Jones, Mr E. W., N. S., Leomin.ster 
King, Mrs, St. Peter's S., Hereford 
Kellas, Miss, N. S., Kenchester, Hereford 
Lawton, Mr, Bd. S., Woolhope, Ledbury 
Lawrence. Mr, St. Peter's S., Hereford 
Lewis, Miss, N. S., Leominster 
Mason, Miss. N. S., Brienton, Hereford 
Mauven, Mrs, N. S., Withington, Hereford 
Meek, Mr, N. S., Mprdiford, Hereford 
Morgan, Mr, N. S., Ashperton, Ledbury 
Moore, Mr, St. Martin's S., ereford / 
Morrison, Mrs, Scudamore End. Girls* S., 

Noble, Mr S., Scudamore S., Hereford 
Norris, Mr, End. S., Litton, Hereford 
O'Connor, Mr, R.C.S., Belmont, Hereford 
Pearce, Miss, St. Nicholas Inf. S., Hereford 
Polkingham, Miss, KJngstone S., Hereford 
Price,, N. S., Wqst Hyde, Hereford 
Price, Miss S., N. S., Coleford, Gloucester- 
Reed, Mr, N. S., Hentland, Rpss 


Rowlands, Miss, St. John's Mixed S., Here- 

Simpson, MLss, Bd. S., Marden, Hereford 

Simmons, Mr A., N. S., Weobley, Hereford- 

Stodart, Mrs, N. S., Stretton Sugw-as, Here- 

Stevens. Miss £., Bd. S. Ross 

Stevens, Miss F., Bd. S., Ross 

Tunstall, Mr, N. S., Yarkhill, Hereford 

Wargent, Miss, N. S., Frome Bishop, Brom- 
yard, Herefordshire 
Wargent, MLss, N. S., Ledbury (Inf.) 
White, MLss, N. S., Kenchurch, Hereford 
Wilding. MLss, N. S., King's Pyon, Weobly 
Wontner, MLss, N. S., Moreton-on-Logs, 

Yeomans, Mr, N. S., Canon Pyon, Hereford 
Yeomans, Mrs, N. S., Canon Pj'on, "Hereford 


136.— Hereford (West) Brecon, and Radnor (Hereford. 
Brecnockshire, Radnorshire,) Teachers' Association. 

Prts.^ Mr D. Fisher, Dr. Coke's S., Brecon 

Vice-Pret.^ Mr T. L. Brown, Llangas«y S., Bwlch, R.S.O. 

Treat, and Sec, Mr W. A. Moorb, N. S., Ci>To, Hay, R.S.O. 

N. S., L]andefaeIog*fach, 

Babbington, Miss. Inf. S., Brecon 

Baker.- Mr, N. S., .A.beredw 

Barrett, Mr, A. G , N. S., Hay, R.S.O. 

Barrett. Mrs ^. G., N. S., Hay, R.S.O. 

Oark. Muw. N. S., Br«con 

Coulton, Mr J., Fendre S., Brecon 

levies, Mr D. R., End. S„ Whittou, Prost- 

DaN-ies, ^rrW., Bd. S., Talgarth, R.S.O. 
Da\"ies, Mr D. J., N.S., Crickadam, Erwocd, 

Fish, Mr ]., N. S.,!, 'IV.'.yllyn, 

Fisher, Mrs D., Dr. Coke's S., P»rcc.^n 
Jones. Mr T. M., B. S., Hay. K.^^.O. 
Jor.^s. Mr Z. F., N. S.. Llangorse, Talgarth, 

Keighley, Mr. N. S., Franlc.<;brige. Hundred 

Hou.<e, Buiith 
Laurie, Mr J., N. S., Nantmcl, Rhaj-ader 

Lloj-d, Miss, 

Marshall, Mr J., N. S., Llanafan-Fawr, 

Garth, Knighton 
Morgan, Mr hd. S., Brecon 
Morris. Mr, N. S., Garth, Knighton 
Csborne, Mr Jf., N. S., Abbey-c>»-m-hir, 

Penvbont, Knighton 
Powell, Mr D., N. S., Dev^Tinock, Brecon 
RatclifiTe, Mr, N.S.,Talybont, Bwlch R.S.O. 
Skerratt; Miss, N. S., Whitncy-on-the-Wve, 

Hay, R.S.O. 
Stirling, Mrs, Buiith 

Smith, Mr G. R., N. S., Newbridge-on-Wye 
Thomas, Mr W. F., X. S., Glasbur>-, R.S.O. 
Thomas, Mr J., N. S., Llansantfraed, Hoo- 

dred House, Buiith 
Wallace, Miss, N. S., Velindre. Hay. R.S.O. 
Williams, Mr A., N. S., Beulah, Knighton 
Williams, Air W., N. S., Painscastle, Hay, 

R.S.O. [33 

137.— Herts Educational (Herts) Teachers' Association. 

Vice-Pres., Mr W. J. Fowlbr, N. S., Hoddesdon 

TVvttf., Mr J. A. Browv, N. S. Standon, Ware 

See., Mr W. S. Ol.vky, N. 8., Gt. Hadham, Ware, Herts 

Baker Miss, N. S., High Cross, Ware 
Bannister, Mr A., St. Mary's S., Ware 
Blackwell. Mr C. A., N. S., Fillongley, 

Bootes, Mr J. Z., Cowper S-, Hertfwrd 
Krinule, Miss, Bd. S., Brau^ing, Ware 
Bro^^'n, Mr G., Bd. S., Kusholme-road, Clap- 
Brown, Miss, N. S., Standoo, Ware 

Cannon, Miss M., N. S., Bengeo, Hertford 
Ca\-ili, Mr J. F., B. S.. Hertford 
Collins, Miss, Christ Ch. S., War* 
Cordell, Miss, N. S., Waterford, Hertford 
Drage, Miss, N. S., Ware-'^ide. W*arc 
Hh'e, Miss, N. S., Ware-side, Ware 
Ellis, Mr W., N. S., Bengeo, Hertford 
Flack. Mr J., Green Coat S., Hertford 
French, Miss, N. S., Standon, Ware 


!r J. W., All Souls' S., Langham- 


Wilton, N. S., Essendon, Hatfield 

s A. S., N. S., Essendon, flatfield 

H. S., N. S., Bramfield, Hertford 

, Mr, N. S., Buntingford 

Mr, N. S., Hoddesdon 
r W., N. S., Lee Ccmimon, Tring 
$, N. S., Hoddesdon 
iss, N. S., Little Berkhamstestd 

Miss, N. S., Gt. Munden, Ware 
Vliss, N. Su, bt. Hadham, Ware 
e, Mr N., B. S., Cheshunt 

Mrs, N. S., The Heath, Hertford 
Mr T., Bd. S., Braughing, Ware 
, Miss, N. S., Stanstead Abbotts, 

Must, Mr R. A., St. Mary's S., Hitchia 
Newberry, Mr J., Christ Ch. S., Ware 
Newman, Miss, Christ Ch. S., Ware 
Olnev, Mr B., dolwell S., Hitchin 
Prucien, Miss, St, Mary's S., Ware 
Pj-emont, Miss, S. of Industry, Hertford 
Simpson, Miss, All Saints' S., Hertford 
Skelton, Mr J., Bd. S., Widford, Ware 
Snook, Mr F., N. S., Stevenage 
Stone, Miss, N. S., WadesmiU, Ware 
Stroudley, Mr, N. S., Wormley, Hoddesdon 
Thorpe, Mr W., N. S., Buntingford 
Trigg, Miss, N. S., Little Hadham, Ware 
Wilkinson, Miss, St. Mary's S., Ware 
Worker, Miss, N. S., Hoddesdon 
Young, Miss, Smith Memorial S., Hertford 


I.— Herts (West) Elementary Teachers' Association. 

Pret.^ MrT. Gardner, B. S., Watford 
Treas. and Sec.^ Mr W. Leaver, Medbum S., Elstree, Herts 

Mr, B. S., Bushey, Watford 

Miss, N. S., Nash Mills, Hemel, 

Mrs, Girls Bd. S., Bushey, Watford 
Ir, N. S., Rickmansworth 

Miss, C. E. 5., Radlett, Watford 
, Miss, Girls* S., Shenley, Barnet 

Abbey Boys' S., St. Albans 
ss, N. S., Mill End, Rickmansworth 
Miss, Abbey Infants S., St, Albans 

Mr, St. Mar>-s S., Watford 
r, C. E. S., Aldenliam, Watford 
VIr, (deceased; late of Boys' S., 
Mymms, Hatfied 

Franklin, Miss, Bovingdon S,, Hemel, 

Garner, Mr, Christ Ch. S., St. Albans 

Peters, Mr, C. E. S., Ot. Berkhampstcad 

Satiders, Miss, B. S.. Watford 

Seabrook, Mr, Doys* N. S., Hemel, Hemp« 

Shillingford, Miss, D. S., Watford, Shilling- 

Stacey, Miss, Infants S., Cross-street, St* 

Tarran, Mr, Boys' S., Westfield, Hatfield 

Taylor, Mr, Boys' S., Apsley, Hemel, Hemp- 
stead [33 

and District (Northumberland) Teachers' 

Pres,^ Mr W. Stokoe, Humshaugh, Par. S., North Tyne, Northumberland 

^ce-Pres.^ Mr A. Atkinson, Barrasford, N. S., North Tyne, Northumberland 

Erects, and Sec.y Mr H. Pickworth, Warden Par S., Mexham, Northumberland 

, Mr, Ninebanks Bd. S., Langley, 

r J.1S., Allenheads, Northumberland 
Mr. Wark N. S., North Tyne, 

, Mr Tas., Dean Raw, Par. S., 
,', Northumberland 
kir, Acomb N. S., Hexham, North- 

Metcalfe, Mr T. (J., Sinderhope Bd. 8.^ 

Allendale, Northumberland 
McNaughton, Mr, Whittington Par. Sv 

Matfen, Northumberland 
Overmass, Mr, Matfen Par. S., Newcastle,. 

Potts, Mr W., Haydon Bridge End. S., 



;Shippen, Mr S. J., Colwell Par. S., North 

Tyne, Northumberland 
Sowerby, Mr, .•'t. Peters Bd. S., Allendale, 


Watson, Mr 6., Whitley Chapel Par. 

Hexham* Northumberland 
Young, Mr D., Ingoe Bd. S„ Newc 

N orthumberiand 

140— Highbridge and District (Somersetshire) 

Teachers' Association 

Sec.t Mr H. Short, Bd. S., E. Huntspill, Bridgwater 
Not affiliated until i88i. 

:1 41 —High Wycombe & District (Bucks.) Teachers' Associatunuj 

Pres.^ Mr G. Tottle, Bd. S., High Wycombe 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr R. A. Williams, N. S., Great Marlow 

Treas., Mr J. Greenwood, N. S., Wooburn 

Sec.^ Mr R. S., Downs, N. S., High Wycombe* 

Abbott, Mrs, Bd. S., Flackwell Heath, 

Aldndge, Miss, N. S., Little Marlow 
Corke, Mr, Bd, S., West Wycombe 
Holland, Mr, Bd. S., Downley 
Heath, Miss, N. S., Beaconsfield 

Kingj Miss, N. S., Great Marlow 
Le Tissier, Miss, N. S., Little Marlow 
Newham Miss. N. S., Great Marlow 
Peters, Miss, N. S., Hazlemere 
Perry, Mr, Bd. S., Loudwater 
Perkins, Miss, Bd, S., High Wycombe 


.'142,— Holywell and Bhyl District (Flint) Teachers' Associatios. 

Pres., Mr D. J. Da vies, N. S., Rhyl 

Vice-Prei., Miss Burns, N.S., Rhyl 

Trea*.y Mr J. Thomas, N. S., Prestatyn, Rhyl 

Sec.f Mr D. Pierce, Bd. S.', Holywell 

Anderson, Miss, R. C. S., Talacre, Rhyl 

Armstrong, Miss, N. Si, Rhyl 

Bassett, Miss, Lady Augustus S., Mostyn 

Davies, Mr J. J., N. S , Gwaenyscor Rhyl 
Jones, Mr W., N. S., Whitford, Holywell 
Jones, Mr, N. S., Dyserth, Rhyl 
Jones, Mr, Undl. S., Ffynongroew, Mostyn 

Mansbridge, Mr, N. S., Halkyn, Holywd 
M'Carthy, Mr E., 
Roberts, Mr, N. S., Mostyn 
Rowlands, Mr, N. S., Llanasa, Holywell 
Williams, Mr, N. S., Bryncelyn, Holywdl 
"Williams, Mr C, Par. S., Newmarket, Rkji 
(deceased) [i; 

143— Bomcastle and District (Lincolnshire) Teachers' 


Pres.y Mr Andrews, W. S., Horncastle 

Vice-P9es,i Mr Seed, Tattershall, Boston 

Sec.^ Mr Wakeford, N. S., Horncastle 

.Abraham, Miss, N. S., Horncastle *Clarkson, Mrs, B. S., Baumbei;, Htx-ncaslk 

JBadley, Mr, N. S., Bucknall, Horncastle Dix, Miss, N., Asterby, Horncastle 


n, Miss, N. S., Manham Liften, 

Y Boston 

Lss, W, Inf., S. Horncastte 

Mr, N. S., Revesby Boston 

lss, Watsons Inf. S., B«ston 

, Miss, N. S., Homcastle 

r. N. S., Homcastle 

r,. N. S., Old Bolingbroke, Spilsby 

* Members of Committee 

^Llewell>-n, Mr, N. S., Comnsby, Boston 
*Morean, Mr. B. S., Belchford, Homcastle 
Tabranam, Miss, N. S., Moorby Boston 
Tattersall, Mr, N. S., East Keal, i:M;>ilsby 
Wheatley, Miss, N. S., West Ashby, Hom- 
Whittaker, Mr, N. S., Tetford, Homcastle 


Horsham and District (Sussex) Teachers' Association. 

Ircs.^ Mr H. Wright, N. S., Billingshnrst 
Treas, and Sec. ^ Mr, Maytum, All Saints fid. S., Crawley-road, Horsham 
Mr, N. S., Forest-row, East Grin- 

Mr, N. S., Crawley, Sussex 
Ir, N. S., Slinfold, Sussex 

S., St. Mark's Bd. S., Horsham 
r. Gr. S., Horsham 
Mr, Bd. S., Wisboro* Green, Sussex 
, Miss, Bd. S., Southwater, iiorsham 
r, N. S., Billinghurst 

Mr. bd. S., East Orinstead 
Miss, R. O. S., Trafalgar-road, 

Morris, Mr, X. S., Warnham, Horsham 
Nye. Miss. Holy Trinity Bd. S., Horsham 
Penfold, Mrs, St. Mary s Bd. S., Horsham 
Reynolds, Mr, N. S., Colgate, Horsham 
Robinson, Mr, N. S., Crawley Down, 

Shaw, Mr, N. S., I field, Sussex 
Williams, Mr, Gr. S., Horsham 
Winter, Mr, Bd. S., Rusper 
Young, Mr H., East Parade Bd. S., Horsham 


45.— Hnddersfield and District (Yorks) Teachers' 


Pr'es.^ Mr R. Donkersley, Lockwood N. S., Huddersfleld 
Vice-Prts.^ Mr Thos. Metcalfe, Bd. S., Lockwood, Huddersfleld 
Treas. i Mr Thos. Allcott, Bd. S., Moldgreen, Huddersfield 
Sec, Mr Hurlstone, N. S., St. Andrew's, Huddersfield 

[r, N. S., S,. Paul's, Huddersfield 
r J., N. S., St. Peter's, Huddersfield 


Miss, Memorial School, Marsh 

Mr, N. S., Marsden near Hudders- 

iss, Bd. S., Lindley, Huddersfield 

Mr E., W. S., Kirkburton near 
Mr, Bd. S., Shelley, near Hudders- 

, Mrs, Bd. S., Aldmondbury, 


Miss, N. S., Longwood, Hudders- 

iss M. A., N. S., Brighouse, near 


Ir E., Bd. S., Wooldale, near 


ilr J. J?., Gr. S., Longwood near 


Mr, N. S., Rashclifie, Huddersfleld 

Bradbur>', Miss, N. S., Rashclifie, Hudders- 

Bowen, Mr, Bd. S., Beaumont-street, 

Brook, Miss, N. S., Honley, near Hudders- 

Brook, Miss J., N. §., Honley, near Hudders- 

Brougham, Miss, 

Brown, Mr, Lancashire 

Brown, Mr J. D., W. S., Holmfirth near 

Burrans, Miss L., N. S., Paddock (All Saints) 

Butler, Mr, N. S.,Outlane near Huddersfield 

Bywater. Mr, W. S., Linthwaite near Hud- 

Cadwell, Mr, N. S.| Meltham, near Hudders- 

Carter, Miss, Bd, S., Spring Grove, Hudders- 


Carter, Mr J., Orphanage, Reedham, near 

Croydon, Surrey 
Cattell, Miss A., R. C. S., St. Patricks, 

Clay, Mrs, N. S., Armltage Bridge, Hudders- 

Clay, Mr T.. N. S., St. John's Hillhouse, 

Clayton, Miss, N. S., St. James* Brighouse, 

near Huddersfield 
Cooper, Mr G., Bd. S., Crossland Moor, 

Coward, Miss, Longward, Hudderrfeld 
Crookes, Mr End. S., Misson, Bawtry Notts 
Crossley, Mr J. B., Bd. S., Hillhouse, 

Cummins, Mrs, Bd. S., Lockwood, Hudders- 
Davison, Mr, N. S , Meltham Mills, near 

Denison, Mr R., Bd. S., Stile Common, 

Drury, Miss, N. S., Kirkburton, near Hud- 
Duckinfield, Mr J. H., N. S., Lowerhouses, 

Elam, Mr G. H., Bd. S., Spring Grove, 

FarnUh, Mr, Town S., Golcar, near Hud- 
Fitton, Miss, N. S., St. John's Hillhouse, 

Eraser, Miss, Bd.S., Moldgreen, Huddersfield 
Fraser, Miss J., Bd. S., Stile Common, Hud- 
Frazer, Miss M., Bd. S., Lockwood, Hud- 
Gardiner, Mr A.. Parish Ch. N. S., Batley 
Garside, Miss, Bd. S-, Stile Common, Hud- 
Gill, Miss P. A., Thurstonland, near Hud- 

Goddard, Mr, Bd. S., Hinchliffe Mill, near 

Green, Miss. N.ST.St.Thomas*, Huddersfield 
Halkyard, Mr, N., S., St. Thomas', Hud- 

Haliday, Miss L., Bd. S., Almrndbury, Hud- 
Hall, Mr G. H. T., N. S., Wilshaw, near 

Hall, Miss, N. S., Newsome, Huddersfield 
Hands, Mr, N. S., All Saints' Paddock, 

Hardcastle, Mr J., Bd. 8., Longwood, near 

Harrison, Miss, B. S., Meltham, near Hud- 
Hastings, Miss, N.S.,Almondbury, Huddersfield 
Haworth, Mr, N. S., St. John's, Upperthong, 

near Huddersfield 
Hey, Mr Wm., End. S., Thurstonland, near 

Heywood, Miss, Bd. S., Spring Grove, 

Hill, Mr A. S., N. S., Newmiil, near 

Hinings, Miss, Bd.S., Spring Grove, 

Hirst, Mr, N. S., Shepley, near Hudclc 
Holmes, Mr D., Trinity N. S., Ht 

Holmes, Miss, Trinity N. S., Huddersi 
Hope, Miss, Bd. 8., Lindley, Hudders 
Hunter, Miss, Bd. S., Beaumont-street 

Ingham, Mr G. H., N. S., Holmel 

near Huddersfield 
Jackson, Mr, F., Lockwood, Huddersi 
Jackson, Mr J. T., N. S., Nethe 

, near Huddersfield 
James, Mr, Bd. S., Beaumont 

Jenkinson, Mrs, N. S., Kirkheaton 

Jessop, Miss, Bd. S., Quarry Bank, I 

Hill, Staflfordshire 
Johnson, Mrs, Bd. S., Crosland 

Johnson, Miss, Memorial S., Netherto; 

Johnstone, Mr, Mechanics' Institute. 

waite, near Huddersfield 
Jones, Mr, Bd. S., Fenay Bridge 

Keen, Miss, Bd. S., Beaumont 

Kelly, Miss, Bd S., Almondbury 

Killin, Miss M., Town S., Marsdei 

Kitson, Miss, N.S., Golcar, near Hudd 
Lidgate,Mr, Bd.S , Berry Brow, Hudd 
McLintock, Mr, Town S., Marsdei 

Marrs, Miss, W. S., Nctherton, nej 

McCarten, Miss, St. Patrick's R. 

Mellor, Mr S., N. S., Lingardls, Slait 

near Huddersfield 
Mellor, Mr P., N. S., Hebden Brid 

Mellor, Miss, N. S., St. Paul's, Hud. 
Mellor, Miss A., N. S., Highburtc 

Midgley, Mr, N. S., Shelley, near t 

Millar, Mr C, N.S., Cowcliffe, near 1 

Milling, Mr, N. S., Hepworth, near I 

Mills, Mr, Bd. S., Grange Moor, nea 


[I» Mr, N. S., Lepton, near Hudders- 

d, Miss, N. S., Kirkbarton, near Hud- 


m, W. Mr, N. S., Newsome, near 


x>n, Miss, Bd. S., Lockwood, Hudders. 

Aiss, N. S., Lockwood, Huddersfield 
Miss, N. S., Longroyd-bridge, Hud- 

, Miss V. E., N. S., Moldgreen, Hud- 
act, Mr J., Bd. S., Paddock, Hudders- 

&, Mr Wm., End. S., Clayton west, 
by, Miss, N. S„ Brighouse, near Hud- 

dl, Mr, N. S., Thomas' Huddersfield 
fe, Mr, Bd. S., Moldgreen, Hudders- 

M[iss J., Bd. S., Brierley Wood, near 


on, Mr, Bd. S., Lockwood, Hudders- 

s. Miss, Bd. S., Lindley, Huddersfield 

:k, Mr J. A., Bd. S., Spring Grove, 


1, Miss, Bd. S., Moldgreen, Hudders- 

r, Mr, N. S., Linthwaite, near Hud- 

Miss, N. S., Moldgreen, Huddersfield 
Mr, N. S., Famley Tyas, near Hud- 
, Miss E., Bd. S., Lindley, Hudders- 

an, D., Mr, Mechanics' Institute, Hud- 

Mr D., N. S., West Slaithwaite, near 

Miss H. S., Bd. S., Hillhouse, Hud- 
urd, Miss, N. S., Moldgreen, Hudders- 

Mr J., B. S., Meltham, near Hudders- 

Miss A., N. S., Brockholes, nearHud- 

, Mr J. L., N. S., Bradley, near Hud- 

n, Mr, N. S., Golcar, near Huddersfield 
r Mr, Bd. S., Hillhouse, Huddersfield 

Storm, Mr, N. S., Almondbury, Huddersfield 

Strickland, Mr W. P., Bd. S., Lindley, Hud- 

Swift, Miss Bd. S., Lindley (Town> Hudders- 

Sykes, Mr B.. Bd. S., Hillhouse, Hudders- 

S^kes, Miss, N. S., St. Paul's, Huddersfield 

Tait, Mr S, B., Bd. S., Spring Grove, Hud- 

Taylor, Mr M., Scape Goat Hill, Golcar, near 

Taylor, Mrs, Bd. S., Shelley, near Hudders- 

Thompson, Mr, N. S., Scissett, near Hudders- 

Thorpe, Mr, N. S., Brighouse, near Hudders- 

Vickers, Mr, Bd. S., Spring Grove, Hudders- 

Walker, Mr F. W., Almondbury, Hudders- 

Walker. Mr T. S., N. S., Upper Slaithwaite, 
near Huddersfield 

Walker, Mr J. H., N. S., Lockwood, Hud- 

Wall, Mr, N. S., Honley, near Huddersfield 

Ward, MrT., N. S., Lindley, near Hudders- 

Warren, Miss, N. S., St. John's Hillhous^ 

White, Mr D., N. S., South Croslond, near 

White Mr J., N S., Slaithwaite, near Hud- 

Whitely Mr H., N. S., Kirkheaton, near 

Whittaker, Mr, 

Whittell, Mr, S. S., Hohnflrth, near Hudders- 

Wilcox, Miss, 

Wilkinson, Mrs, N. S,, Meltham, near Hud- 

Wilson, Miss, Eastboro, Bd. S., Dewsbury 

Wilson, Mr W., N. S., Kirkburton, near 

Wood, Miss, N. S., Almondbury, Hudders- 

Woodhead, Mr, N. S., Wellhouse, Golcar, 
near Huddersfield 

Worsnup, Mr N. S., Brighouse, near Hud- 

Yates. Mr W. P-, B. S., Rastrick, near Hud- 
dersfield [z59 


146.— Hull, (Yorks) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.t Mr C. S. Spafkord, Day-street B. S., Hull 

Vice-Pres , Mr Wm. Moorby, Bd. S., Newland, Hull 

Treat. ^ Mr R. Carver, St, Peter's N. S., Drypool, Hull (deceased) 

Corresponding and Finance Sec, Mr T. Brovd, Courtney-street Bd. S., Hull 

Minuting Sec, Mr W. H. Doughty, St. John's N. S., Hull 

IJttle, Miss, Courtney-street Bd. S., 
Lilley, Mrs, Drypool's N. S., Hull 
Leggott, Mr, Sir Hy. Cooper Bd. S. 

Armitt, Miss, Wawne-street Bd. S., Hull 
Anderson, Mr F., Lincoln-st. Bd. S., Hull 
Boardman, Mr E., N. S., Welton, near 

Brough. Hull 
Bosomworth, Mr, St. Stephen's N.S., Collier- 

street, Hull 
Brown, Mr L., N. S., Humbleton, Hull 
Camp, Mr W. H., Park-road Kd. S., 

Cartman, Mr, N. S., Elloughton, near 

Brough, Hull 
.-« 1 ii/r:.o T 

Elsom, Mr, Sailors' Orphanage, Park-street, 

Ellis, Miss M., St. Stephen's N. S., Hull 
French, Mr Smitn, W. S., Adelaide-street, 

Gamwell, Mr, St. Paul's N. S., Hull 
Gillespy, Mr, Courtney-street Bd. S., Hull 
Gordon, Mr, Fish-street Bd. S., Hull 
Grindall, Miss, Day-street B. S., Hull 
Hallas, Miss, Fountain-road Bd. S.. Hull 
Harrison, Mrs, Lincoln -street Bd. S., Hull 
Higgins, Mr, Holy Trinity N. S., Hamber- 

street, Hull 
Halcrow, Miss, St. Mark's N. S., Hull 
Hinkin Miss, Williamson-street Bd. S., Hull 
Hanwell, Miss, Mason-street N. S., Hull ■ 
Hurst, Miss A., Courtney-street Bd. S., Hull 
Ingram, Miss J ., The Union School, Anlaby 

road, Hull 
Ingram, Miss A., Sir Hy. Cooper's S., Hull 
Johnson, Mr W. B.. St. Peter's N. S».,Dr>pool 
Jackson, Mbs, Day.street B. S., Hull 

Mitchell, Miss, Lime-street Bd. S., F 
Oliver, Mr, Lincoln-street Bd. S., Hi 
Pitts, Mr, Park-road Bd. S., Hull 
Pitts, Mrs, Park-road Bd. S., Hull 
Petty, Mr, Williamson-street Bd. S. 
Purdue, Miss, Park-road Bd. S., Hul 
Reynard, Mr, Adelaide-street W. S., 
Rush worth. Miss, Adelaide-street W. 
Ridsdale, Miss, Adelaide-street W. S 
Router, Mr, Osbome-street Bd. S., I 
Robinson Mr, Mason-street N. S., ] 
Somerscales, Miss A. E., Wawne-st 

S., Hull 
Somerscales, MLss S. B., Park-road 

Salmon, Mr, W. E., Nautical S., Hi 
Stephenson, Mr, Bean-street Bd. S , 
Stimson, Miss, Williamson-street 

Sheppard, Mr, Fountain-road Bd. S. 
Smith, Mr, Constable-street Bd. S., '. 
Smith, Mr J.. Ellerther N. S., near ' 
Sanders, Miss, Fish-street Bd. S., Hi 
Spencer, Mr, W. S., Beverley 
Lpton, Miss, Drj-pool N. S., Hull 
Vause. Mr, London 
West, Mr, Beverley-road W. S., Hul 
West, Mrs, Beverley-road W. S., Hu 
Wain, Mr, Ulundell-street Bd. S., Hi 
Witty, Mr, SNvanland N. S., near Hi 
Walker, Mrs, Osboume-street Bd. S. 
Whiteley, Mr, N. S., N. Fern by, \i\ 

147.— Huntingdon Church Teachers' Association. 

Sec, Mr Bennett, Boys* Free S., St. Neots Hunts 

[No Returns] 

148.— Hunts and Cambs Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr Henry Jackson, B. S., Earith, St. Ive.s, Hunts 

Treat, and Sec, Mr George Hicks, Fenstanton S., St. Ives, Hunts 

Aldcrson, Mr, Bd. S., Warboys, St. Ives, 

Blake, Miss, Inf. S., St. Ives, Hunts 
Bamacle,Miss, N. S., Hilton, St. Ive 


Tr, B. S., Huntingdon 

5. S., Godmanchester, Hunts 

Mr> B. S., Houghton, St. Ives, 

liss, B. S. Huntingdon 

iss, N. S., Conington, St. Ives, 

Hazlitt, Mr, B. S., St. Ives,. Hunts 
Levey, Miss, B. S.. St. Ives, Hunts 
Marshall, Mr, Bd. S., Woodhurst, St. Ives- 

Pegler, Mr, Bd. S., Willingham, Cambs 
Wheeler, Mj, B. S., Over, St. Ives, Hunts 

-Ilkeston and District (Notts) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.y MrW. Whitehead, Bd. S;, Greasley, Notts 
Vice-Pres.y Mr Pursglove, N. S., Strelley, Notts 
Treai. arid Sec, Mr J. E. Whitehead, B, S., Kimberley, Notts 

?s. Trinity S., Ilkeston, Notts 
s, N. S., Ilkeston, Notts 
[is>;, Bd. S«, Kimberley, Notts. 
;, Bd. S , Clreasley, Notts 
[r, B. S., Ilke-ston, Notts 
liss, Bd. S., (ire.xsley, Notts 
iss, Par. S., Kimberley, Notts 
liss N. S., Trowell, Notts 
ss Bd. S., (ireasley, Notts 
>, Mr. B. S., Kimberley, Notts 
r, N. S., Mapperley, Notts 
s, R. C. S., Ilkeston, Notts 
Mr, Par. S., Kimberley, Notts 

Neale., N. S,, Kirk Hallam, Ilkeston 
Pitt, Mr, End. S. Hallam, Derby 
Pitt, Mr, End. S , West Hallam, Derby 
Read, Miss, N. S., Ilkeston, Notts 
Robinson, Mr, Bd S., Awsworth. Notts 
Robin.5on, Mrs, Bd. S., Awsworth, Notts 
Smith, Miss, B. S., Kimberley, Notts 
Turner, Mr, N, S., Wollaton, Notts 
Webster,, Training College, Lincoln 
Whitehead, Mrs J. E., B. S., Kimberley, 

Whitehead, Mrs W., Bd. S., Oreasley, Notts- 


Ipswicli and District (Suffolk) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr Widgerv, N. S., St. Clement's, Ipswich 

Vice-Prcs.^ Mr Bannktek, B. S., Woodbridge 

Treas., Mr J. Harrison Bd. S., Cavendish-.street, Ip.swich 

Sec, Mr W. M. Greenwood, St. Peter's, N. S., Ipswich, N. S., St. Clement's Ipswich 
Miss, N. S., St. Peter's, Ipswich 
iss, B. S., Woodbridge 
kfliss, B. S., Ipswich 

N. S., St. Margaret's, Ip.swich 

Mr, Bd. S., Arg^le-street, Ipswich 
Ir, N. S., (Jislingham. near Eye 
, IVfr, Bd. S., CaJifomia, Ipswich 

Miss, Bd. S., Somersham 
Ir, N. 8., St. Matthew's District, 
ss, N. S., Hadleigh 

Miss, N. 8., St. John's, Ip.swich 
, Mr, B. S., Ipswich 
TyB. S., Hadleigh 
Mr, Middle Class S., Bemer's-street, 
^iss, Undl. S., Foundation-stre^ty 

Meaden, Mi.s.s, Bd. S., London-road, Ipswich- 
Newman,, N. S., Alderton, Woodbridge 
O'Donnell, Mr, Bd. S., Peasenhall, Saxmund- 

Orchard, Mr, N. S., Helmingham, Stonham 
Plow, Mr, Bd. S., Copdock 
Revans, Miss, Bd. S., Trinity-street, Ipswich 
Revans^ Miss E. J., Bd. S., London-road,^ 

Roll,, N. S., St. Matthew's District, 

Saunders, Miss, N. S., St. John's, Ipswich 
Shackles,, N. S., St. Matthew's District, 

Solly,, N. S., St. Margaret's, Ipswich 
Verlander, Miss, B. S. Hadleigh 
Vickers, Miss, N. S., Holy Trinity, Ipswich' 
Wilding, Mr, Bd. S.,Wherstead-road, Ipswich 




151.— Isle of Man Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr John Taylor, W. S., Douglas 

Vice-Pres,^ Mr Edward Allsn, Par. S., Rusken 

Treat, attd Sec.^ Mr Charles B. Bickerstapf, Bd. S., Ballasalla, Isle of Man 

Birch, Miss E., W. S., Well-road, Douglas 

Cain, Mr T., Bd. S., St. John's 

Christian, Mr John, N. S., Cronk-my-Voddy 

Collister, Mr M. A., N. S., Patrick 

Costain, Mr E., Bd. 8., Santan 

Craine, Miss. N. S., Ramsey 

Cubbin, MrH., Bd. S., Arbory 

Fargher, Mr W., Christian's End. S., Peel 

Fielding, Mr, St. George N. S., Douglas 

Geldard, Mr G., Bd. S., Castletown 

Green, Mr, St. Barnabus N. S., Douglas 

Grindley, Mr Thomas, Bd. S., Marown 

Henderson, Mr, Bd. S., Bride 

Hudson, MrThos., N. S., Foxdale 

Hyslop, .^^iss, Bd. S., Douglas 

Johnson, Miss, Girls' N. S., Laxey 

kewley. Miss, Par. S., Rushen 

Kewley, Mr, Bd. S., Sulby 

Kinrade, Miss, St. George's Inf. $., Don^ 
Mason, Miss A., W. S., Douglas 
NichoUs, Mr Henry, Bd. S., Douglas 
Phillips, Mr J. H., N. S., Andreas 
Quayle, Miss, Bd. S., Castletown 
Quirk. Mr J., N. S., Braddan 
Kadcliffe, Miss, Bd. S., Leza\Te 
Ridge, Mr A., W. 8., Peel 
Schofleld, Mr, N. S., Laxey 
Squire, Mr, Bd. S., Port St. Mary 
Taylor, Miss, St. George's Girls' 'S., DomI 
Tindale, Miss, B'h'p Wilson's Inf. S.. Pted^ 
Udall, Miss, Girls' N. S., Ramsey 
Walker, Miss, St. Barnabas N. S., Doo^ 
Wallace, Mr, Bd. S.. Ballacawne 
Watterson, Mr, Bd. S., Ballaugh 
Wild, Mr W. L., N. S., Ramsey [; 

152.— Isle of Thanet, (Kent) Teachers' Association, 

Pres.i Mr Geo. Stoney, Holy Trinity N. S., Margate 
Treat, and Sec. ^ Mr Henry Walter Thicke, Bd. S., Margate 

Baldwin, MrG. T., Christ-Ch. S., Ramsgate 
Baldwin, MissM., N. S., Minster, Thanet 
Bennett, MrT., Union S., Isle of Thanet 
Bennett, Miss, Bd.S.. Margate 
Catford, Mr Herbert, N. S., Birchington, 

Elliott, Mr J., Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Mar- 
Fagg* Miss, Christ-Ch. S., Ramsgate 
Hathway, Miss, St. George's N. S., Ramsgate 
Hall, MrW. H., Bd. S., Margate 
Hathway, MUs, St. George's S., Ramsgate 
Hraysman, Miss, N. S., Af onkton, Ramsgate 

Johnson. Mr J., N. S., St. Laurence, Rai 

Kmg, MrB. J., St. George's S., Ramsgate 
Mead, Mr J., St. George s S., Ramsgate 
Moor, Mr B. L., Deaf and Dumb Asyla 

Newton, MrT., Holy Trinity N. S., Ramsg 
Snow, Mr J. J., N. S., St. Peters, Broadstai 
Sutton, Miss, St. Luke's N. S., Ramsgate 
Thomas, Mr C. W. W., N.S., Minster, Tha 
Webster, Miss, Christ-Ch. S., Ramsgate 
Wilson, Miss, St. George's N. S.. Ramsgat 
Wiltshier, Miss. .St, Luke's N.*S., Ramsgat 
Wright, Miss, Holy Trinity N. 8., Margati 

153.--Isle of Wight Slementary (Hants) Teachers' Associati 

Pres. and LtirarfoH, Mr A. G. Martin, Bd. S., Newport, I. W. 

yice-Pres.j Mr Cherington, Boys' S., Albert-street, Ryde, I. W. 

Treas. andSeCt Mr A. G. Prickett, N. S., Sandown, I. W. 

Ashworth, Mr, Bd. S., Barton, Newport, Ballard, Miss, N. S., Cross-street, West Coi 

I. W. I* w. 

Ashworth, Mrs, Bd. S., Barton. Newport, Berry, Mr, N. S., Niton, I. W. 

I. w. Brading, Mr£., Bd. S., Wooton, L W. 

Bruinmcn, Mr, Pariiluint, I. W. 

Ctianning, ' Mini, Hovse ot InduKiy, Psrk- 

CoopR.'lir, N. E., YDrkitnet W»I Ci>»», 

CwHi, Mn, N. S., YorkHrcet. West Cowis 

Doubl^y. Mr, N. S., Nnithtvoid, I. W. 

EdiM, Mr,M. S., Newport I. VV. 

Goldini, Ml-n, Bd. S., Si. Juho-s-ruil, Rj-de, 

Hiirdiiiuin, Mi«, Houk of lodiKtii', Park. 

- hurst, l.W. 

HdRt, MIsr, V. S., RolTcntone, BmoICe, 

HowelL, Mr, Parkhuni, 1. W. 

Jones,' Mr, N. S., Vtninor, I. W. 

LMnsRl, Mr, Si. John's S., OnkGdJ, Rjtli, 

Lmiari], Mn, St. John's S., OobliBld, R)-de, 

MaioT. Mi>s, St. John's S., Oalclield, Rydc, 

Burden, Mr,N. S., Cro«.Mr«l, Wet Oo««, 

Mardeii, Mi«, N. S., Crcsi^inKl, WtM 

Coma, I. W. 
Manin, Mr*.Brt-S- N™™rt l.W. 
Maurice, Mi» 

. S., Bettiawonh.toad, 

Mooijy, Mu>. Bd. S., Ne»i»n, I.V. 
Moor, Miu, N. S., Lofce, Sandown. I. 
Molh, Mis^ N. S., Vocli.iireel. Wen C 


Neck, Mt, N. .S., Emi Cowu, I. W. 
Porions, Mr, IJ. S , BriirtBtone, I. W. 
Pnrwns, Mr>. N. S., BiTiih.'.lolie, t. W. 
Portha«,Mi«,N.S., Newport,! W. 
Pync, Mr, N. S . Ningwood, ShuLllleet, l.W. 
RoberI>, Mr, N.S., Sundown, l.W 
Rogtn. Mr, N. S., Frwihwaier, 1. W- 

Snelhne, Mr H .End S , liodshill. I, W. 
Sleanndr, N. S.Urading, 1 W. 
Taylor, Min, Par. S., ShankKn, I. W. 
Taj-1^ Mr, hi. S., Be(ii3worth.nud, R>-de, 

Thoma-s, Mr, H.M. S., Whip«nghain, 1. W. 
Tlwnuu, Mrs, H.M. S.,Wfaimiinahwn,l.W. 

I, l.W 

11ID10U4, mn, pt, a., anorwea, 
Vincent. Mr, N. S., PaEbwirne, _. .. . 
Walwn, Mi», N. S., Snndown. I. W. 
Walwn, Min, Bd. S., Si. JohnV.road, 1 

Wells, Mr. St. John'* fl., Ncw'T>orl, I. W 
Wriiiley, Mr, N. S , Rookley, I. W. 
Voung, MrW., Pat. ." •-■>—'-'-- ■ '" 


154.— Isle* of Soilly TeMheri' Asiociatioit. 

Trial. aniSa., Mr W. 0. Bastiah, Boys' S., 5i. Mai^'i, U\e of Scilly 

, Mna M., St. j^oej' 5., liles a! Dale MUs M., Girli' S., Si. Marj-'i, Isles 

4r C , St. Manm's S., Isles of Hiinea, MUi M., Infanis' !j., fx. Man--s, 

[sle> ol Scilly 
Ptnder. Mr W., Tresco S., Isles of Scilly 

155.— Jarrow and District (Kortltunberland) Teacbos' 

Pre!., Mr J. RiCBV, Bd. S., Dona-slreet, Jsrrow on Tync 

(.-/-ntf., MrJ.Vl 

d. S., Heb] 

IVnu. H«,f J-«E., MrD. W. Voss, Bd.S., MonktomWeslBoldon 
IliMn N. S., Jairow Eldn, Mi«, Dunn-ttreei Bd. &, Jarrow 

. (Innire Bd. S.. Jirrow Garmey, Miss, (linnge Bd. N., jarrow 

Et Bd. &, Jurow Hickman, Mr E., Dunn.street Bd. 5., Jamnr 


Eaverick. Miss, I>ann>street Bd. S., Janow 
I^owes, Mr, Dunn>8treet Bd. S., Jairow 
ijumsden, Mrs, Bd. S., Hebbum Colliery 
McCallum, Miss, Bd. S., Hebbum on Tyne 
Miller, Miss, Bd. S., Hebbum on Tyne 
Mussell, Mr J. H., N. S., WalLsend on Tyne 
Parker, Mr H., Bd. S., Hebbum on Tyne 
Pattison, Miss, Dunn-street Bd. S., Jarrow 
Poskitt; Mr J. H. Ellison N. S., jarrowk 
fiatclifi, Mr J., Dunn-street Bd. S., Jarrow 

Sanderson, Miss, Dunn-street Bd. S., Jmof 
Simpson, Miss, Dunn-street Bd. S.j}ano« 
Suffolk, Miss, Bd. S., Hebbum on Tyne 
Waller, Miss H., N. S., Wallaend on T^-ne 
Walshe, Miss, R. C S., Hebbutn on Tyne 
Walshe, Miss A., R. C. S., Hebbum m 

Tyne • 

Weddle, Miss, Dunn-street Bd. S., Janow 
Witter, Mr J. H., Grange Bd. S., Jarrow 
Yeats, Mr J., Dunn-street -Bd. S., Jarrow 


1S6.— Kendal (Westmoreland) Teachers' Association. 

Sec.t Mr J. Tipper, B. S., Kendal 

Armstrong, Miss, Parish Ch, S., Kirkland, 

£adcock, MUs, Girls' B. S., Castle-street, 

Hewitt, Mr, N. S., Kendal 
S/>gan. Miss, N.S , Kendal 
•Metcalf, Miss, St. George's Ch. S., Kendal 

Park, Mr, Grayrigg Ch; S., near Kendal 
Rosteme, Mr, Kendal Green, 6. 8., Kendal 
Tyson, .Muss, N. S., Kendal 
Waller, Mr, Ch. S., Old HuttoA near Kendi 
Washington, Miss, Parish Ch. S., Kiiklanc 
Kendal [i 

157.— Kent (West) Teachers' Association. 

Treai. and Sec, Mr J. G. Passingham, Royal Victoria S., Tunbridge Wells 

Allison, Mr, N. S., Leigh, Tonbridge 

Jimys, Mr, N. S., Withyham 

tBartlett, MLss, N. S., lonbridge 

iBiggins, Miss, St. John's S., Tunbridge Wells 

iBrowne, Miss, Basinghall Inf. S., Tunbridge 

Wells ' 
HDennington, Mr, St. Mark's 8., Tunbridge 

(Diggens, Mr A., Chapel Free S., Tunbridge 

(Diggens, Mr W., Chapel Free 8., Tunbridge 

Dobedoe, Mr, N. S., Penshurst 
Fleming, Mr, N. S., Edenbridee 
Fleming, Mrs M. A., N. S., Hever 
Fletcher, Mr, N. S., Southborough 
Ford, Miss, N. S., Southborough 

Hall, Miss, Trinity Par. S., Tunbridge Wd 
hartnell, Mr, St. John's S., Tunbridge W«B 
Hewitt, Mr, N. S., Brenchley 
Knight, Mr, St. James's Par. S., Tunbrid 

Lahe, Mr, St. Stephen's S., Tonbridge 
Leeds, Miss, N. S., Speldhurst 
Letchford, Mr, Private S., Tonbridge 
Perkins, Mr, N. S., Piatt 
Parrott, Miss, Murray House S., Tunbrid 

Smith, Mr, N. S., Plaxtoll 
Souden, Miss, N. S., Bidborough 
Thome, Mr, Grosvenor S., Tunbridge Wcl 
Winder, Miss, Murray House 8., "Tunbrid 

Yardley, Miss, N. S., Southborough | 

158.— Keswick and Steteict (Cumberland) Teachers' 


Pret.t Mr T. E. Highton, Brigham N. S., Keswick* 
lYea*., Miss Luck, St. John's N. S., Keswick 
Sec., Mr P. Hahrison Crosthwaite S., Keswick 

Dnpere, Mr T., Thxelkeles, Keswick, Church Highton, Mrs L. £., Brighan, Keswick, N. 

of England N. 8. i Highton, Miss Rose, K^gham, Kcswi 

Qibson, Mr Thos., Braithwaite, Keswick, N. S. 

Church of England N. S. 


ya, Mrs, St. JohjVk S.^(tn&nb(> Kte- 
tk, N. S. 

, Miss, Newlands. Keswick, N^S. 
It, Miss, Grange S., Borto w d arfe , N. S. 

Scottj Mas*, CroAth^railei l^eswic^ ^N . S. 
Tomhnson, MLss, Borrowsdale, Iteswick, 
N. S.> Church of England [la 

59— Ki 

and District (Worcester) Teachers' 

Pres*, Mr Collier, N. S., Lye, Stourbridge 

Vice-Pres., Mr Austin, N. S., Hartlebury 

Treat, atid SeCj Mr Bbeley, Bd. S., Coventry-street, Kidderminster 

p. Mr, Bd. S?., Coventry-street, Kidder- 


y. Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Kidder- 


'histle, Mr, B. S., Wribbenhall, Bewdley 

, Miss, New Meeting Bd. t^., Kidder* 


t. Miss, N. S., Tranche, Kidderminster 

ths, Mr, Worcester Cross S., Kidder- 


h, Mr, Ch. Cookley 

^n, Mr, New Meeting Bd. $., Kidder- 


>ard, Miss, >f. S., Stourport 

2, Mr, N. S., Sytchampton, Stourport 

i. Miss, St. George's N. S., Kidder- 


ley. Muss, N. S., Wolverley 

bottom, Mr, N. 8., Wribbenhall, Bewd- 

alloch, Mr, N. S., Wolverley 

Morgan, Miss, St. John's N. S., Kidder- 

Norman. Mr F.» St. George's N. S., Kidder- 

• minster 

Parkhouse, Mr, N. S., Stourport 

Proberts, Miss, St. John's N. S., Kidder- 

Simpson, Miss, St. George's N. S., Kidder- 

Starr Miss, N. S., Far Forest, Bewdley 
^titeadman, Mrs, Bd. S., Coventry* street, 

Sutters, Mr,' N. S., Witley 

Tidmarsh, Mr, N. S., Abberley 

Timmins, Miss, N. S., Stourport 

Thomas, MLss, Ch. 8., Cookley 

Vann, Mr, -t. John's N. ?♦., Kidderminster 

Vickrage, Mr, N. 9*., Bewdley 

Westwood, Miss, St. Mary's N. 8., Kidder- 

Wood, Miss, Bd. 8.^ Coventry.strcet, Kidder- 
minster [38 

10.— Kingsbridge District (Devon) Teachers' 

Pres.^ Mr Saundesson, N. S., Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge 
Treat, and Sec^ Mr R. W. C. Smart, B. S., Dodbrooke, Kingsbridge 

:>oll, Mr, B. S., Loddiswell, Kingsbridge 

n, Miss, N. S., Charleton, Kingsbridge 

e, Mr, N. S., JJodbrooke,. Kingsbridge 

, Mrs, Bd. S., Huccombe, Stokenham, 


i. Miss, N. S., South Milton, Kings- 

•ert. Miss, B.S., Dodbrooke, Kingsbridge 
tand. Miss, N. S., Brownsto*, Modbury 

Richards, Mr, N. S., Malborough, Kings- 

Saunderson, Mrs, N. S., Aveton Gifford, 

Smith, Mr, N. S., West Alvington, Kings- 

Tapp, Mr, N. S., Loddiswell, Kingsbridge 

Wo 3d, Miss, N. 8.i Govetony Mounts, Totnes 



161.— Kington and East Badnor (Herefbrdshire anc 
Radnorshire) Teachers' 

Pret.., Mr Lloyd, Huntington End. S., Kington 
Vicc-Fres., Mr Sargeant, Old Radnor, N. S. 
• TtMt.f Wfr- Nixon, Lyonfthall, N. S. 
Sec, Mr Bl'IAOCK, Bd. S., Kington 

Baxter, Mr, Newchurch Bd. S., Ha^' 
Davies, Wr, Cireat Oak B. S., Eardisley 
Morris, Mrs, 'Staunton -on-Arrow, N. S., 

Pern bridge 
Porter, Mr, Mansel Lacy N. S., Hereford 
Redfern, Mr, i'itley N. S. 

Schofield, Miss, Mahollem N. S., King 
Shepperd, Mi^s, Presteign, N. S. 
Smith, Mrs, NewRadnor N. S. 
WatkinS) Miss, Kington Inf. S. 
Whyham, Mr, Pembridge N. S. 
WooUey, Miss, Kington, N. S. 

162.— Lambeth District (Surrey) Teachers' Associatic 

Prfs„ Mr R. J. Vincent, Larkhall-lanc Bd. S., S.W. 

Vice-Pres., Mr E. Ballantine, Sumner-road Bd. S., Peckham, S.E. 

7rgai., Mr £. J. Nash, Par. S., Macaulay-road, Claj^iam, S.W. 

SfC, Mr H. Maidment, Green Coat Schools, Camberwell, S.E. 

Adkins, Mr, Park-street S., Vauxhall 
Alexander, Mr, Lambeth S., Hetcules Build- 
Armstrong, Mrs, Bd. S., Wirtcmburg-street, 

Armstrong, Miss, Bd. $., Wirtemburg-street, 

Ayris, Mr- J. R., Bd. S., Landseer-street, 

Bailes, Mr J. G. R., Bd. S., Larichall-lane, 

Baker, Miss A., Archbishop Tenison's S., 

Balchin, Mr R., Bd. S., Gloster-road, Cam- 
Bamrister, Miss^ B. S.) Mount-sfreet, Lam. 

Barker, Miss J., Bd. S., Hill-street, Peckham 
Barnes. Mr R. £., Bd. S^, Melon Ground, 

Bates, Mr fi.^ Bd. Si, Cator-street, Peckham 
Batstone, Miss, Bd. S., Albany -row, Cam- 
Bawden, Mr T. W., Bd. S., Lower Park- 

road, Peckham 
Bayliss, Miss E., Bd. S., I eipsk-road, Cam- 

Beard, Miss, Bd. S., Boundary-lane, Cam- 
Betts Miss, Bd. $., Bererford-street, Wal- 
Binns, Mr, Training College, Westminster, 
Birkby, Mr, Collegiate S., Stockwell 

Blabey, Miss K., Bd. S., Leipsic-road, 

Black. Mr, Bd. S., Zieipsic-road, C 

Bolton, Miss, Bd. S., Holden-street, 

Bolton, Mr, Bd. S., Warple Way, " 

Boriinder, Miss, St. John's S., Waterl 
Boyes, Mr J. C, Bd. S., Southamptoi 

Brading, Mr S. J., Bd. S., Sleafon 

Brand, Mr, Bd. S., Canterbury-roa 

Brattle. Miss J., Bd. S., Lower Pit 

Britton, Mr Tom, Bd. S., Flint-stre« 

Bromfield, Mr A., Oval S., Kenningt 
Brough, Miss E., Trinity S., Swaa 

Browitt, Miss, Bd. S., Sleaford-sti«( 

Browne, Iflss E. S., Bd. S., Lower Pa 

BroMme, Mr E. J., Bd. S., Wirtembnr. 

Clapham * 

Brumby» Mr J. W., Bd, S., Larkhj 

Bryant, Miss K., Bd. S., Flint-stree 


rs. Bd. S., Canterbury-road, Old 


Miss H., Bd. S., Harper«street, New 


Miss, Oval S., Kennineton 

Vir J., Bd. S., Hollydale-road, Nun- 

)rth, Mrs, St, Andrew's Upper S., 


»■, Miss, Bd. S., Holden-street, Bat- 

I, MLss C, Ch. Ch. S.,Cancell-road, 
I, Miss, Bd. S., Holden'Street, Bat- 
Mr C, Bd. S., Albany-row, Cam- 

r R,, Bd.S., Bellenden-rd, Peckham 
Ir H., Central S., Wimbledon 
c, Miss, Bd. S., Walnut Tree Walk, 

, Mr T. C, Bd. S., Mantua-street, 
ir C. J., Bd. S., Ponton-road, Nine 

Virs, Bd. S., Southampton-street, 

[iss L., Bd. S., Gipsy-road, Lower 

»Ir F. W., Bd.S., Westmoreland-road, 

Mr G. B., 15, Wine Office Court, 

Miss, Bd. S., Southampton-street, 

r, Bishop's Hull N. S., Taunton 
Miss, Bd. B.,, Wal- 

Miss. St. Saviour's S., Herne-hill, 

[iss, Par. S.,Rector>' Grove.Clapham 

Miss M. F., St. John's S., AngelU 


liss S. A., Bd. S., Mantua-street, 


I, Mrs, Bd. S., Hollydale-road, Nun- 

, Miss A., St. Philip's S., Lambeth 
iss E., Bd. S., EflFra-parade. Brixton 
;iss A., Bd. S., Gipsy-road, Lower 

Mr F. G., St. Luke's S., Lower 
Ir H., Bd. S., Albany-row, Camb^r- 

•rd, Mr J. N., Bd. S„ Lyham-road, 

ss, Bd. S., Holden-street, Battersea 

Ir A., St. John's S., Waterloo-road 

Miss, Bd. S., Jessop-road, Brixton 

Irs, Christ-Ch. S., Roupell-park, 

Mr S. J., St. Mark's, Bolton-streeti 

Dinham, Miss E. C, Bd. S., Lower Park* 
road, Peckham 

Dobinson, Mrs C. S., Trinity S., Swan-street 

Dormer, Mrs E. A;, Bd. S., Beresford-street 

Downine, Mr E. J., Bd. S., Ponton-road, 
Nine Elms- 

Drumgold, Mr C. T., Bd. S., Lower Park- 
road, Peckham 

Duggin. Miss, Par. S., Rectory Grove, 

Duly, Mr G. W., Bd. S., Melon Ground, 

Dunn, Miss Phoebe, Bd. S., Mantua-street, 

Earn, Mr, Bd. S„ Park-road, Peckham 

Eccles, Mr P. W., Bd. S., Falcon Grove, 

Eckersall, Mr, Bd. S., Canterbury-road, Old 

Edwards, Mr G., Bd. S., Sumner-road, Peck- 

Eldridge, Mrs, Bd. S., Gloster^road, Camber- 

Ell worthy, Miss, Christ-Ch. S., Asylum-roadr 

England, Mrs C, Bd. S., Lower Park-road 

Ewans, Mr, Bd. S., Lower Park-road, Peck- 

Faulkner, Mr J., Technical S., Asylum-road, 

Faulkner, Mr J. Junr. Technicals., Asylum- 
road, Peckham 

Foster, Mr R., Bd. S., Vauxhall-street, Vaux- 

French, Miss E., Bd. S., Lyham-road, Brixton 

Gardiner, Mr J., Bd. S., Westmoreland road, 

Garland, Miss, Green Coat S , Camberwell 

Gautrey, MrT., Bd. S., Gloster-road, Cam- 

Gaudie, Mr W., Bd. S., Gipsy-road, Lower 

Green, Miss, Bd. S., Slea ford -street 'Nine- 

Green, Mr, Belmont S.. Mile street, Vauxhall 

Greenfield, Mr, St. Anne's S., St. Anne's hill, 

Griffin, Mr, Bd. S., Lordship-lane, East 

Griffin, Mrs, Bd. S., Lordship-lane, E, Dul- 

Groves, Miss, Bd. S., Sleaford-street, Viux- 

Hall, Mr J. J., Wes, S., Brixton-hill 

Hall, Mr H. H., Bd. S., Lower Park-road, 

Halsey, Miss, Bd. S., South Lambeth-road 

Hammond, Mr J., Lambeth Indas. S., Nor- 


Hannell, Miss £., Bd. S., LarkhalMane, 

Hanscombe, Mr, Bd. S., Penrose-street, 

Harboard, Mr W., Bd. S., Jessop-road, 

Hardman, Mr, Bd. S., Canterbury-road, Old 

HarrU, Mr A. C, Bd. S., EfTra Parade, Brix- 

Harrison, Miss, Bd. S., Battersea-park 

Harwood, Mr Jos., Bd. S., Falcon Grove, 

Heffell, Miss, Green Coat S., Camberwell 

Heller, Mr T. E., 7, Adam-street, Adelphi, 

Heller, Mrs, 40, Ganden-road, Clapham 

Hennings, Mr, St. John's S., Camberwell 

Hernaman, Mr J., Boys' S., Hercules Build- 
ings, Lambeth 

Hill, Mr J.. Bd. S., Camberwell-road 

Hill, Mr J., Midway-place, Kotherhithe 

Hill, Mrs, Bd. S., Salter's Hill, Lower Nor- 

Hillier, Mr W. H., Bd. S., Jessop-road, Brix- 

Hirst, Miss, Bd. $., Albany-row, Camber- 

Hodges, Mr J., Bd. S. Leipsic-road, Cam- 

Hogan, Miss, Bd. S., Harper-street, New 

Hogan, I^liss, Bd. S., Southampton-street, 

Hogg, Mrs S., Bd. S., Mantua -street, Bat- 

HossacK, Miss E., Bd. S., Gipsy-road, Lower 

House, Mrs, Bd. S., Sleaford-street, Nine 

Hug'^ins, Miss, Bd. S., Falcon Grove, Bat- 

Hughes, Mr J. B., Bd. S., Bellenden-road, 

. Peckham 

Hughes, Miss, Bd. S., Holden-siicci, Bat- 

Huitt, Mr T. H., Trinity S., Swan-street, 

Huitt, Mrs, Trinity S., Swan-street, New- 

Hunt, Mrs A. E., Bd. S., Bellenden-road, 

Hustler, Miss T. E., Bd. S., Effra Parade, 

Ibbertson, Mr, Bd. S., Boundary-lane, Cam- 
Ingle, Miss, Bd. S., Canterbury-road, Old 

Ixer« Mr H., Bd. S., Lyham-road. Brixton 
James, Miss, Bd. S., fiionthampion-street, 

Jenkins, Mr H., Bd. S., WestmorelandHroa^ 

Jennings, Mr J., Bd. S., Albany>row, Cn^ 

Jones, Mrs E. L., St. Saviour's S., Cambo^ 

Jones, Mr W., Bd. S., Flint-street, WalwoA 
Jones, Mr A., (1878). 143, Chadwick-nH 

Jones, Miss S. J., Bd. S., Battersea P^ 

iudd, Mrs, Bd. S., Hollj'dale-road, Nanhcai 
Lemp, Mr H., Camden f., Sumner-roa^ 

Kent, Mr, Bd. S., Mantua-street, Battena 
King, Mr G., Bd. S., East-street, Kenningtn 
Kirby, Mr C, Bd. S., Sleaford-street, Miw 

Knight, Miss, Bd. S., Holden-street, Batter 

Knight, Miss H., Bd. S., Gipsy-road, lowr 

Knighton, Miss A., Bd. S., Leipsic-raid, 

Knowles, MrJ. T., Bd. S., Sleaford-street, 

Nine Elms 
Langler, Mr J. R., Training College, Wert* 

Latto, Miss C, Bd. S., Lower Piaric-nnd, 

Lawless, Miss, Bd. i^., Lower Park-radt 

Laycock, Mr A., Bd. S., Samner-md, 

Lay ton. Miss, Camden S., Peckham 
Lethaby, Miss Ida, Bd. S., Effra Fsaiik, 

Lewis, Mr J., Bd. S , Albany-row, Cambe^ 

Lilley, Mrs, Bd. S., Lower Park-n»d, 

Little, Mr R. W., Bd. S., Cator-street, Peck- 
Lomax, Mr, St. John's S., Walworth 
Losack, Miss, Archbishop Tenison's S.» 

Lowson, Miss, Bd. S., Sleaford*street. Nm 

Madge, Misi, Bd. S., Bellenden-road, P^- 

Maher, Miss, St. Giles' Inf. S., Waterloo-si, 

Makepeace, Mr W., Bd. S., Stock welt^itMidi 

Maling, Miss L., Bd. S., Bellenden-Toad, 

Mansell, Mr G., Bd. S., Mantna-stre^ 

Marshall, Miss, Bd. S., Holden-street, &uter< 

Marshall, Mr C. A., Bd. S., Sumner^road, 

Martin, Mr J., x8, Sharstead-street, Kcnmof^ 




bie, Miss, Bd. S., Samner.r«ad, 


lid, Mr R. F., Ch. Ch. S., Asylum- 


I, Miss, Bd. S., Holden-street* Batter- 

f iss M, Bd. S., Latkhall-lane, Qap- 

Mr Alf., Bd. S., Canterbury-road, 
Miss, Bd. S.,, Wal- 

Miss L., Bd. S., Vanxhall-street 
Mi£s, Bd. S., Westmoreland-road, 
I, Mr, Bd. S., Sleaford-street, Nine 

Miss, fed. S., Effra Parade, Brixton 

Mrs, 17, Braboume Grove, Nunhead 

Miss E. K., Bd. S., Bellenden-road, 


Mr, Bd. S., Holden-street, Battersea 

MrV. T., Bd. S., Boundary-lane 

>, Mr, Bd. S., Southampton-street, 
erwell , 

Mr, Trinity S., Cariisle-street, 

Miss K., Bd. S., Canterbury-road, 

Mr, St. Andrew's S., Roupell-street 
!, Mr, Grfen Coat S., Camberwell 
Mrs, Bd. S., Battersea Park 
Miss, Bd. S., Walnut Tree, Lambeth 
Mr W. R., Bd. S., Stockwell-road 
Mr W. S., Bd. S., Bellender-road, 
Mrs, Bd. S., Mantua-street, Battersea 

•Mrs, Bd. S., Harpwr-street, New 

r W. T., Bd. S., Bolingbroke-road, 

frs, Bd. S., Bolingbroke-road, Old 

-, Bd. S., Mantua-street, Battersea 
p Mr, St. John's N. S., E. Dulwich 
i^, Oval ^., Kennington 
Ir H., Bd. S., Jessop-road, Brixton 
fiss, Bd. S., Sleaford-sreet, Nine 

, Mrs, Bd. S., Gloster-road, Camber- 

, Mr, Bd. S., Poutkampton-street, 

[iss, Bd. S., Bouadary.Iane, Camber- 
Mr H. S., Bd. S., Lyham-road, 

Mr, Bd. S., Holden-st., Battenea 
Mr Bd, S., Bolingbroke-road, Old 

I, Mr, (1879) W. S., Goldsmith-road, 

Redman, Mr., W. S., Stafford-street, Peckham 
Redman, Mr H. F., Bd. S., Leipstc-road^ 

Riches, Mr. Green Coat S., Camberwell 
Riddell, Miss,Bd.S.| Albany-roWfCamberwell 
Ring, Miss, St. Saviour's S., Heme-hni 
Robinson, Mr A. F., Bd, S., Victory 

Place, Walworth 
Robinson, Mr Colin Bd. S., Penrose-street» 

Robson, Mr C, Bd. S., Harper-street, Nevr 

Russell, Mr W. R., Bd. S., Wirtemburg- 

street, Clapham 
Samuel, Miss, Jews' S., Walworth 
Say, Mr, Bd. S., Boundary-lane, Camberwell 
Scott. Miss, Bd. S., Johanna-street, Lam^ 

Sharp. Miss, Commercial S., Wandsworth^ 

Sheldon, Miss £. A., Bd. S., Eflira P^uade,. 

Shopland, Mr, Bd. S., Flint-street, Walworth 
Simmons, Mrs £., Bd. S., Leipsic-road, 

Slade, Mrs, Bd. S., Flint-street, Walworth 
Snelgar, Mr., Bd., S., Graystoke-place, 

Smith, Mr G. W., Bd. S., Leipsic-road^ 

Smith, Miss E., Bd, S,, Johanna-street,. 

Smith, Mr F., St. Andrew's S., Lingham^ 

Smith, Mi!» E., (1879] Licensed Victuallers^ 

Spalding, Miss E., Bd. S., Belleville-road» 

Spalding, Mi»s F^ Bd. S., Mantua-stnet^ 

Spalding, Miss, Bd. S , Mantua-street, 

Sttttoo, Mr D., Bd. S., Sleaford-street, 

Sutton, Miss £., Bd. S., Larkhall-lane, 

Stevens, Mr G. W., Bd. S., Lower Park-road> 

Stubbings, Miss E., Bd. S., Lower Park. 

road, Peckham 
Storr, Mr E., Bd. S., Salter's-hill Lower 

Swaffield, Miss, Licensed Victuallers, S. 

Swift, Miss E., Bd. S., Camberwell-road 
Tavemer, Mr, Bd. S., Lordship-lane, East 

Taylor, Mr H., Belmont S., Mile-street» 

Thomas, Mr A. W., Bd. S., Larkhall-kme, 

Tiley, Mr, Central S., Wimbleton 


Tidman, Miss M., Bd. S., Falcon-square, 

Tope, MrW. S. Bd. S., Salter shUl, Norwood 
Towers, Miss, Bd. S., Sumner-road, Peckham 
Trotter, Mr, Bd. S , Beresford-street, Wal- 
Tnrdell, Misi A., Bd. S., Addington-street, 

Turtjer, Mr J., Bd. S., Salter*s-hill, Norwood 
Tyer, Miss E., Bellenden-road, Peckham 
Varney.Mr W. J., St. Matthew's S., Denmark 

Venning, Mr F., St. Agnes, Kenningten 

Vincent, Mrs R. J., Bd. S., Larkhall.Iane, 

Vincent, Mrs F. E., Bd. S., Victory-place, 

Vi^nd, Miss, Bd. S., Flint-street, Walworth 
Voifiey, Mr R. J., Bd. S., Bellenden-road, 

Voisey, Mrs R. J., Bd. S., Gloster-road, 

■^alker, Mr, Green Coat S., Camberwell 
^Va]lbridge, Miss, Bd. S., Uollydale-road 

Way, Miss M., J»t. Jude's S., Heme Hill 
Weeks, Mr T., Bd. S., Cator-street, Peckhan^ 
Weidhoflft, Miss, Bd. S., Hollydale-road, 

Weight, Mrs, Bd. S., Southampton-street, 

West, Miss, Bd. S. Albany-row, Ca^piber* 


Weston, Mr W., Bd. S., Falcon Grove, Bat- 

Wheaton, Mt S. B., Bd. S., Sleaford-street, 

Wheaton, Miss M. S., Bd. S., Sumner-road, 

Wheeler, Mr M., Bd. S., Southampton-street, 

White, Mr J. J., Bd. S., Waterloo- road, S.E. 
White, Miss F., Bd. S., Bellenden-road, 

White, Mr, Green Coat S., Camberwell 
Whitlock, Miss, Bd. S., Westmoreland-road, 

Wicks, Miss F. R., B. S., Esher-strect, 

Wilkes, Mrs, Bd. S„ Battersea-park 
Willoughby, Miss, Bd. S., Falcon Grov^ 

Wilson, Mr C, Bd. S., Gipsy-road Lower 

Wilson, Mrs S. A., Bd. S., Gipsy-road, Lower 

Winser, Miss, Trinity S., Carlisle-street, 

Wood, Mrs A., Bd. S., Falcon Grove, Bat- 

Woodhall, Miss, Bd. S., Harper-street, New 

Wright, Mr J. T., Bd. S., Melon Ground 

Young, Mrs, Bd. S., Gloster-road, Camber- 

well [294 

163.— Lambetli (West) (Surrey) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ MrW. A. Barter, L.L.B., Belleville-road, Bd. S. 

Vicf'Pres.^ Mr S. Hale, New-road, Bd. S. 

Treas.^ Mr T. C. Phillips, Tennyson-road, Bd. S. 

.SVc, Mr J. Lee, Gideon-road, Bd. S. Lavender-hill, S. W. 

Adderson, Mr, Bolingbroke.road, Bd, S., 

Adkins, Mr, Park-street 

Ainsworth, Miss, Church-street Bd. $., 

Allen, Miss, Winstanley-road Bd. S., Batter- 
sea, S. W. 

Ansell, Miss. Gideon-road Bd. S.^ Battersea 

Apperaon, Mr, The Central S., Wimbledon 

Attwood, Mr, Kochampton N. S. 

Ball, Mr T. G., Frogmore-street, B. S., 

Bannister, Mr, Holy Trinity,- Tulse Hill 

Barker, Mr J. H., Summers Town, Tooting 
Bd. S. 

Bate, Mr J., Battersea-park, Bd. S., 

Bevis, Miss, N. S., Acre-square 

Bloomfield, Mr H., Bd. S., Battersea-park 
Bourke, Miss, N. S., St. (George's, Battersea 
Bradshaw, Mrs, N. S., Putney 
Brown. Miss, Bd. S., New-road, Wands- 
Burnett, Miss J. Bd. S., Tennyson-road» 

Buss, Miss, N. S., St James's, Clapham 
Campbell, Mr, W. S., Lambeth 
Candle, Mr, Bd. S., South Lambeth-road 
Castell, Mr, 7^ Lindone-road, Battersea Rise 
Chandler, Miss, B. S., Frogmore-stretti 

Christopher, Mr Bd. S., Tennyson-road» 

Clissold, Mr, Bd. S., Edingburgh.road, 


(r S^ Bd. S., Summet^K Town 

r G., Bd. S., Tennyson- road, 


G., Bd. S., Johanna-street 
ss M. J., Bd. S., Battersea'park 
fissi, Bd. S., Addin|;ton-street 

Mr, Bd. S., Wirtenibttrg*8treet, 
r W., Bd. S., Winstanby-road, Bat- 

W., Bd. S., Winstanby-road, Bat- 

H., Bd. S., Battersea-park 
ifiss, N. S., New Park-road 
, Mr, N. S., All Saint's, Wands- 

ik, Mr, N. S., Eldon-street, Wands- 

Miss, Bd. S., Bolingbroke-road, 

iss'Cmma, Bd. S., Garratt-Iane 
liss J. M., Bd. S., Tennj'son.road, 

Ir £. J., Bd. S., Gideon-road, Bat- 
Miss A., Bd. S., Bolinsbroke>road, 
Miss, Bd. S., Church-street, Ken- 

>JRs5 H., Bd. S., Gideon-road, Bat* 

^r, Bd. S., Ganratt-lane, Wands- 

, Miss, Bd. S., Belleville-road, Bat* 

iss A., Bd. S., Garratt-lane, Wands* 

r R. J., Bd. S., South Lambeth. 

iss, N. S., St. Simon's, Upper Chel- 

r, N. S., Upper Tooting 
r T., Bd. S., Walton-street, Chelsea 
iss, W. S., Lambeth 
5S, Bd. S., Winstanley-road 
J., Bd. S., Summer's Town 
rGeo., Bd. 8., George-street 
G.. RaJnsden-road, Balham, S.W. 
Miss, N. S.. St. Marks 
Mrs, N. S., White-square 
ss, Bd. S., Winstanley-road, Batter- 

Ic, Mr, Bd. S., Beresford-street, 


:, Mr, K. S., Putney 

•s, Bd. S.. Tennyson-road, Battersea 

, Bd. S., Haverstock-hill 

aiss, Bd. S., South Lambeth-road 

), Mlss, Bd. S., Ponton-road, Batter- 

d, Mr, The Grove B. S., Battersea 
Mr Wm., Bd. S., Addington-streef, 

Harman, Mr, Bd. S., Lyham-road, Brixton 
H.'irper, Mr J. 8., Bd. S., Tennyson-road, 

Harris, Miss E., Bd. S., Bollingbroke<road, 

Harvey, Mrs, N. *»., Putney 
Hawknis, Mr E. G., Bd. S., Tennyson-road, 

Hedges, Miss, B. S., Trinity, Brixtan 
Heller, Mr C, 45, Hartington-road 
Heller, Mr K., 45, Hortington-road 
Hewetson, Mrs, Bd. S., Effn Parade, Brixton 
Hdman, Mr, N. S.. St. James's, Clapliam 
Hovell, Miss, Bdv S., Tennyson-road, Batter- 

Howard, Miss, N. S., All Saints 
Huins, Miss, N. S., St. Mich.iers 
Inman, Mrs, Bd. S., Ponton-road, Battersea 
Jackson, Miss, Bd. S., Gideon-road, Batter- 
Johnston, Miss, Bd. S., Battersea-park 
Juby, Mr, N. S., Putney 
Kar, Mr, Bd. S., Holden-street, Battersea 
Kenneth, Mr F. T., Bd. S., Battersea-park 
Keene, Miss, N. S., St. Mar>-'s, Battersea 
Lamont, Mr, N. S., Rochftrnpton 
Lawrence, Miss M., Bd. S., Gidcon-roady 

Libby, Mr, Bd. S., Church-street, Kenning- 

Lee, Mrs, 2, Sugden-road, Lavender-hill, 

Lockwood, Mrs. Bd. S., Summers Town 
Long, Mrs J., Bd. S., Tennyson-road, Batter- 
Long, Miss, Bd. 8., Belleville-road, Batter- 
Lower, Mrs E. J., Bd. S., Tenn>'son-road, 

Lucas, Miss, Iron Mill-place 
Luscombe, Mr, Bd. S., Winstanley-road, 

Maddison, Mr, x«, Richmond-terrace, Clap- 
Major, Mr, Bd. S., South Lambeth-road 
Mallett, Mr J., Bd. S., Gideon-road, Batter- 
Mansell, Miss, Bd. S., Tennyson-road, 

McEwan, Miss, Bd. S., Gideon-road, Batter- 

Melton, Mr, Bd. S.^ Battersea-park, Battersea 
[eddick, ft " 

Meddick, Miss, Bd 

. S., Ba 


Milbume, Miss, Bd. S., Gideon-road, Batter- 

Mills, Miss, Bd. S., Battersea-park, Batter- 

Mitchell, Miss, Bd. S., New-road, Wands- 

Mitchell, Miss, Tooting Graveney 

Monks, Miss £., Bd. S., ChuTch-street, 


Matrk«irii, Mr, N. S*. Sc Gmrg/%, B^tttenca 

V'lnirn, Mr, Bd. S., BelktifiSU^naid^ Batter- 

NoaJf, MtM N. C, Bd. S., TenayMa-road, 

Vutch«r, MiM, Bd. S., F^aton-raad, Batter- 

SaTiOe, Mr, N. &, AD Sainis, Yorie^Met 
Saycn, Bias, Bd. S., BeUeville-road. Battel. 

0«d«ji, Mr4, Hd. S., Sammeni Town 
pATkhwtf MiM, Hd. S., Lyhaia-road, Brix- 
Paul, MiM, N. S.. St. Mar/t, Battcrnea 
Payn^ Mitw. Bd. S., Falcon Grove, Batteraea 
Pearwn^ Mr Albert, Bd. S., Cburdi-street, 

PenninKton, Mim, 
PerkinK, Miit, Bd. S., Winstanley-road, 

Penteiow, Mim, Bd. S., Battersea-park, 

Pitkcthley, Mim, Bd. S., Tennyson-road, 

Batter itea 
Potter, MiM, Bd. S., Church.iitreet, Kenning- 

Potter, MiHH L., Bd. 8., (iarratt-lane, Wands- 
Potter. Mm, Bd. S., New-road, Wandsworth 

Potker, Mr{»., Bd. S., George-street 
Poutter, MrHd. S., Fark*street 
Pound. MIm, Bd. S., Summer's Town 
Pyle, Miss, N. 8., AH Saints 
Pyle, MrMC, Hd S., (tideon-road, Batteraea 
Rankin, Mr (;., Bd. S., East Lower Lambeth 
Kay, Miss, Bd. S., Church -street, Kennington 
Heed, Mi.Hs, N. S., St. lames', Clapham 
Reeves, Mi>(s L., Bd. b., War(>le-road 
Richmond. Mr W. H., N. S., Bowj-er St. 

John's, Clanhnui 
Richmond, Mrs, N. S., Bowyer, St. John's 

Ridpaih, Mr, The Patriotic, Wandsworth 

Roberts, Miss, Bd S.i Lyham-road, Brixton 
RoWts, Mr H., N. S., St. John's, Usk>road, 

Rolierts Mr S., Bd. S., BoUngbroke-road, 

Rowlands, Miss Bd. S , Winstanley-road, 

Ruddock, Mr, Bd. &, Rattertea-park, Bat* 

Rvder, Mr B. A., N. S., Si. Mary*a Batteis«a 
SWiturky, Mi<^ Bd. S., Ntw-road, Wamb- 


Scarsbrick, Mr. Bd. &, George-atreet 
Shsvp, Mr, Bd. &, Efo P^uade, Bvlxloa 
Smith, Miaa, aS, UazilriegeHroad. Qa^plOB 
Smith, Misa, Bd. S.* Wmstaaky-nad, Bat* 

Smith, Miss P. A., Bd. S., Ghoseh-alrMt, 

Smith, Mr W. R., Bd. S., Landaeer^MiM, 

Shuker, Mr,a8, HaMlbrlggd-KMid, OaphM . 
Sluter, Miss. Bd, S., Gidcon-itMid, BatenH 
Stokoe, Mr R., Bd. S., Battenea-park, B«> 

Summers, Misa, Bd. S., BoU^gbtoka^OBi, 

Swingler, Mia<>,Bd.S..LarkhaU-laD«,C3a|faB 
Tamkin, Mr, N. S., Putney, Upper Boy's 
Tandy, Mr, Bd. 8., Lyham-road* Brixton • 
Tavener, Miss, Bd. S., Dartmooth-atreat 
Taylor, Mr, N. S., Walter St. John's 

Thomas, Miss C Bd. S», Gideon-road, Bat* 

Thompson, Mr G. A., Tooting Graveney 
Tillotson, Mr. Bd. S., Addington-street 
Timons, Mr J.. Bd. S., Battersea-park, B«t« 

Tunally, Mr, Bd, S., South Lambeth-road 
Turner Miss, Bd. S., New-road, Wands- 
worth -road 
Underbill, Mr, Bd. S., Belleville-road, Bat- 
Vince, Mr, Bd. 8., Winstanley-road, Batter- 
Wadis, Miss, N. S., St. Anne's 
Walker, Mrs, N. S., St. James', Clapham 
Ward, Miss, Bd. S., BoTingbroke-road, Bat- 
Ward, Miss A.. N. &, St. Barmbos 
Warren, Miss, Bd.S., New-road, Wandsworfi 

Wighman, Mr, Bd. S., East-kBI, Wands- 
WUks, Miss, Rd. S., Sleaford.strect,Battena 
Williams, Mr, Bd. S., WastmocUnd-niad, 

Wilson, Miss, N.S., All Saints, Henaa-atreet 
Wynn, Mr W. T., N. S., St. Jamen', Oapbam 
Young, Mr, Bd. S.,«d, Battersea 


1 44 —,irM (Jgovth) Mid Sutriot, LMMWiUvS 

T«aoli«rB' A»oei»ti(m. 

on2, Hr J. N., M. S., Skanm, Ua- 

Miw. St. Maiv's ^ . S., LincaiHr 

lo, Mr, Bd. S., Mo ■-- 

■, MrJ., Bd. S., Ft 

ard, Mr, N. S., Dolphi 

Mil., Si. Ann's N. S., Lanastsr 

._., , t. Mt, N. S„ Smifonh, LamasUsr 

S^ Morccunhc Phiuckerlsy, Mr, End. S., AblitysiKid, Laiir 

' Sulil«r,Mra.,N.S.,Lgvcns,HilniIw«- 

,. ^, u^K-L^ i-..vj,M=. Studdarl, Wi, N., S., HeyShan!, MoracBnibe 

HI, nr, N. S., GanunE, Liuiauur SmeiL. UcG., B. S., Lancuiar 

. Mr, N. S., Ings, KenSkl Tii.lier, Mm, Si. Mary's M. S., LancutW 

n, Mi», Lindow.«|uan. Lancaaur Thombir, Ur I.. n1 &., guEmmon, Lui- 
, Mr, J., N. 5., Sivardalc, CaraToiOi imter 

[naon.Mia, Si. jahn-sN. Lanca«er Wildiuan, Mr, N. S., Csian, LancuMr 

MrJ., PanlBDd^IncI. LancaMer Mattindida, MrJ., Suvelcy, neu Kendal 

-, Rev. J.,[.'U. A.I, ArlihalnKVicaran, Wbur, Miu. Si. lolin t K. S., Uncaiur 

brth WinMT, Mw C, Chri»t CKuich, N. S., 

.68.— Lavuocston and Diatriot (Ctnmwallj Teaolisni* 

/<•«£, Ur Gkibhwood, Bd. S., Lcuitil, Launnston 

Vitt-Pru.. Mr Baihatchbt, N. S., EgloiltHiy, Launcoiion 

Trtai., Mr Taitloii, N. S., WorinKUD, LauKoloo 

S-c., Mr Quick, Bd. S,, Boywp, LaunMston 

. Mr, N, S., Bude, CorawaU Broad, Miis, Bd. S., Launcmton 

, Mr, N. R., Strallon, Comvall Combli, Mr, fid. S..L,u<:keli, CalHngtan 

^ Mr, Bd. S , Altunun, Coinwall Richards, Mr, Bd. S., Telcotl, Holiwixth 

— Lsunlngtoa and IKatrict (Warwick) Taaolior*' 


., Mr D. SIMMS, King-s 
■.., MrS1M^soN,C«.^t■ 
^'«u.,■rE. CtLLis, 

UWI, B. S., Coyentry 
, B. S., Warwick 


,N. S.; 

iff., MrT. Dayis 

Si. Luke-i S., LeamingH 

.Abbey H: 

Br.*, Mr, St. Mary-* 

Carr, Mr, Panlai>d-ilr«l 


Gamexon, Mr, Batb-piaoe, N. S., Learn- 

Grifnn, Mr, New-street, R. C. S., Leam- 
Grosvenor, Mr, Bd. S., Southam 
Harper, Miss, St. Nicholas' S., Kfenilworth 
Harvey, Mr, Portland-street, W. S., Leam- 

Helus, Mrs, Guy -street, B. S., Leamington 
Hooper, Mr« N. S., Honningham 
LamsdaJe, Mr, Holy Trinity S., Leamington 
Marsh, Miss, St. John's S., Leamington 
>fower, Mr, Spencer-street, B. S., Leam- 

Mawejf\ Mrs, Spcacer-street, B. S.» Leamii^ 

Pag«,.Mifts»JB<l. S., Milverton 
Parrett, Mrs, Bath-ptoce, N. S., Leanungtoi 
Postans, Mr, St. John's S., Leamington 
Kandall, Miss, St. John's S., Leamiagton 
Spiets. Mr, St. Luke's S., Le^uningtoa 
TapsAdd, Mr, N.' S., Leek Wootton, KenU 

Vernoo, Mr, St. Mary's S., Leamington 
Webb. Mr, Chorlton S., LeamingUM 
Whiteley, Mr, St. John's S., Kenilwioffth 


167.— Leeds and District (Torks) Teacliers' AssociatioB. 

Prts.f Mr Barber. Carlton Hill Bd. S., Leeds 

Vi£e-Pres,t Mr Hamlett, St. Jude's N. S., Hunsiet, Leeds 

Treas.f Mr Brookes, W. S., Richmond Hill, Leeds 

Sec,^ Bdbr Whitworth, Mansion N. S., Leeds 


Miss Barker, Bd. S., Armley 
Miss Thomas, Bd. S., Upper Wortley 
Mr Broscomb, Parish Ch. S., Leeds 
Mr Chij^Oi St. Saviour's S., Leeds 

• Mr Fairbrother, Bd. S., Sweet-st., Holbedc 
Mr Moore. Zi©n Bd. S., New Wortley 
Mr Ridge, St. Peter's Bd. S., Hunsiet 
Mr Thackeicay, Town S.,'HeadmgIey 

Mr Columbine, Bd. S., Alfred Cross-st, Leeds 

Atha, Mr, N. S., Adel, Leeds 

Archer, Mr, St. Matthew's S., Holbeck, 

Atkinson, Mr. Low-road Bd. S., Hunsiet 
Brown, Mr, N. S., Otley 
Brooke, Mr, Countess of Harewood's S., 

Harewood, Leeds 
Bosher, Mr, Burley Lawn Bd. S., Leeds 
Butler, Mr, St. Peter's S., Morley 
Booth^ Mr, Wes. S., Thorner, Leeds 
Blenkinsop, Mr, Leylands Bd. S., Leeds 
Bowker, Miss, York-road Bd. S.* Leeds 
Branan, Miss, Wes. S., Darley-street, Leeds 
Buckle, Miss, N. S., Hough End, Bramley, 

Brewer, Miss, New Roadside S., Horsforth, 

Barron, Miss, St. Peter's Bd. S., Hunsiet, 

Batty, MisK, Indus. S., Beckett-str**et, Leeds 
Blatchley, Mr, Wes. S., Guiseley, Leeds 
Brownfoot, Mr, Bd S., Woodstey-road, Leeds 
Blain, Mr, Bd. S., Lower Wortley 
Barber, Mrs, Carlton-hill, Bd. S., Leeds 
Cockerlyne, Mr, York-rosid Bd. S., Leeds 
Cames, Mr, Bd. S., Churwell, Leeds 
Carr, Mr, N. S., Kirkstall, Leeds 
Coles, Mr, Isle-lane W. S., Holbeck 

Crosthwaite, Mr, Bd. S., Kirkstall Leeds 
Cover, Mr, End. S., Sherbum, SonU 

Cockram, Mr, Bd. S., Armley 
Coxe, Miss, Bd. S., Cross Stamford-streeti 

Cox, Miss, Bd. S., Sheepscar, Leeds 
(Jompston, Miss, Bd. S., Armley 
Dexter, Mr, St. Luke's S., North-stred^ 

Kngland, Mr, W. S., Castlef«rd 
Eaton, Mr, St. Luke's S., Bees^oa-lull, 

Exley, Miss, St. Saviour's S., Leeds 
Evanfs Missy St. Jude's N. S., Huslet, 

FostieKk Mr, N. S., Barwick in Elmet, Leeds 
Fawcett, Mr, Bd. S., Stanningley 
Ford, Mr, St. Stephen's S., BurmantoAs, 
Freeborn, Mr, N. S. Aberford. Leeds 
Faulkner, Mr, Bd. S , Chapeltown, Leeds 
Firth, Miss, Bd. S., York-road, Leeds 
Forsyth, Miss, St. Philip's N. S., Leeds 
Frver, Miss, St. Hilda s, New Cross Green 

Gledhill, Mr, Par. Ch. S., Leads 
Goodacre, Mr, Bd. S., Methley, Leeds 
Green, Mr, Bd. S.( Green-lane, Leeds 


Mr, Little Londoii Bd. S.» Ra«rdOn, 


Miss, Bd. S., Upper Wortley, Leeds, 

;s, Miss, St. Augustine's S*, Wmtig- 
1, Leeds 
, Miss, Bd. S., Bramle^', Leeds 

Miss, Mill Green Bd» S.» New 

m, Mr, St. Saviour's S., Leeds 
.ve, Miss, St. Michael's S., Busling- 
)e, Leeds 

, Mr, 6d. S., Roth well, Leeds' 
Ir, Green-lane Bd. S., Leeds 
Ir, Oxford-place, W. S., Leeds 

Mr, Bd. S., WorUey 

Mr, Princes-Field Bd. S., HoITjeck 
s, Mr, Bd. S., Carlcon.hill, Leeds 
, Mr, St. John Baptist's S., Newtown, 

on, Mr, Bd. S., Bramley, Leeds 
astle, Mr, N. S>., Thorner, Leeds 
y, mUhj St. JSIark's S., Woodhouse, 

.vorth, Miss, Burley-road Bd S,. 

s, Mrs, Bd. S., Cross Stamford-street, 

, Mr, St. Michael's S., Buslingthorpe 
1, Mr, Bd. S. Cross ■ Stamford-street, 

I, Miss, Bd. S., Otley 

n, Mr, Par. Ch, S. Leeds 

Mr, Lowtown N. S., Pudsey 

Miss, Bd. S., Woodhouse-street,Leeds 

II, Miss, Lower Wortley Bd. S., 

)y. Miss, Ellerby.lane Bd. S., Leeds 
, Mr, Bd. S., EUerby-tane, Leeds 
y, Miss, Hyde Park-rd, w. S.. Leeds 
, Mr, Bd. S., Bewerley-sireet, Leeds 
y, Mrs, Bd. S., Kirkstall, Lee^s 
, Mr, Bd. S, Halton, Leeds 
D, Mr, Bd. S., Beeston Hjll, Leeds 
lerrMr, Mill S., Otiey 
I, Mr, Little Holbeck Bd. S., Leeds 
1, Miss, Higher S., Armley ■ .*. 

n, Mr, St. James' Hall, Leeds 
, Miss, Zion Bd, S., New Wortley 
Mr, Higher S., Armley 
:, Miss, N. S., East Keswick, 

, Mr, N. S., Arthington, Otley 
y, Mr St. Mark's S., Woodhouse, 

Ison, Mr, Thwaite-gate Bd. S., Hunslet 
Ison, Mr, N. S., Meanwood, Leeds 
y. Miss, Bd. S., Kuundhay-road. 

, Mr, N. S., Pool, Otley 
andale, Mr, Bd. S., Princes Field, Hoi- 
Miss, N. S., Gildersonie, Leeds 

Owram, Mr, N. S., Arrakt}- . / 
Owrid, Mr, Bd. S., Colton, Whitkirk. Leeds 
Parker, Mr, Pudsey, Leeds 
Pedley, Mr, St. Andrew's S., Leeds 
Peacock, Mr, Bd. S., Annley, Leeds 
Peters, Miss, Bd. S., Little London, Rawden 

Petty, Mr, Bd. S., Greenu'de, Wortley 
Pickup, Mr, N. S., Woodside, Horsforth, 

Pollard, Mr, Zion Bd. S., New Wortley, 

Price, Mr, Bd. S., Low-road, Hunslet, Leeds 
Pullin, Missj St.Jude's S., Hunslet, Leeds 
Reynard, Miss, N. S., Bramley 
Ridout, Mr, H. &L Is Assistant, Ipswich 
Ritchie, Miss, Bd. S., Princes Field, Holbeck 
Rowe, Mr, Bd. S., Bewerley-streeL Leed» 
Rushwonh, Miss, St. Mark's S., Woodhouse, 

Saul, Mr, Bd. S., Little Holbeck, Leeds 
Sawyer, Miss, St. Matthew's S., Holbeck 
Schofield, Miss, Par. Ch. S., Leeds 
Schofield, Mr, Par. Ch. s$., Gariorth, Leeds 
Setterington, Miss, Bd. S., Sherburn, South 

Sheneseyi Miss, Bd. S., Sweet-street, Holbeck 
Shaw, Miss, St. George's S., Leeds 
Shackleton, Mr, Bd S., Pottery Field, Hunsle<r 
Sheppard, Mr, £nd. S., Bardsey, Wetherby 
Smith, Mr, H., St. Simon's S., Leeds 
Smith, Mr, Bd. S„ Otley 
Smith, Mr, All Saints' S., Leeds 
Smith, Mr, N. S., Yeadon, Leeds, 
Snow, Miss, Zion Bd. S., New Wortley 
Soutar, Miss, Bd. S., Leylands, Leeds 
Spybey, Miss, Bd. S., Leylands, Leeds 
Spmk, Mr Bd. S., Green-lane, Leeds 
Squire, Mr, 90, Moor Crescent, Hunslet 
Strickland. Miss, Bd. S., Park-lane, Leeds 
Sunderland, Miss, Bd. S., Silver-royd-hill,. 

New Woitley, Leeds 
Swales, Miss, Par. Ch. S., Leeds 
Taylor, Mr, St. Peter's S., Sunley, Wakefield 
Thompson, Afr, Zion Bd. S., New Wortley, 

.Tkbmpson, Mr, N. S., Rothwell, Leeds 
Tinker, Mr, St Matthew's S., Leeds 
ThrippJeton, Miss, Bd. S., Low-road, Hunslet 
Tomlinson, Mr, Hd. S., Leylands, Leeds 
Tomlin, Mr, W, S., Bramley, I..eeds 
Travers, Mrs, 6alem Bd. S., Hunslet, 
Turner, Mr, St. George's S., Leeds 
Turner, Mr, N. S., Seacroft, Leeds 
Veale, Miss, Bd. S., Low-road, Hunslet, 

Ward, Mr, Highfield S., New Wortley 
Walker, Mr, St. Mary's S., Le«ds 
Wade, Miss, Christ Ch. S., L«eds 
Wass, Miss, Ch. S., Upper Armley 
WeaveriMr,St. Mau-k'»S., WoodlxKisef Leeds 


Welpton, Mr. Salem Bd. S.. Hunslec, Leeds. 
Whitworth, Mr. Bd. S., Birdforth, Easing- 

"Whitworth, Miss, St, Stephen's 8., Leeds 
Whitehead, Mr, Bd. S., Woodhouse-street 

White, Mr, Bd. S., St. Peter's Square, Leeds 
Wice, Mr, 'St. Matthew's S., Leeds 

Wick, Mr; Par, S., Cliapel Allerton, I 
Woolfenden, Mr, Bd. S., Roundha 

Wood, Mr, W. S,, Dar ley-street, Leed 
Worsnop, Miss, Greenstde Bd. S., V 

Wright, Mr, St. Simon's S., Leeds 
Young, Miss, Jack»lane Bd. S., Leeds 

166.— Leicestershire (North) Teachers' Associatiox 

Pret.^ Mr J. T. Judges, Church Gate S., Loughborough 
Treat, and Sec, Mr H. Wood, Ch. Ch. S., Mountsorrel, Loughborough 

Bailey, Mi^, Church Gate S.. Loughborough 
Dar^e, Miss, Bd. S., Loughborough 
Davis, Miss, The Oaks S., Loughborough 
Driffield, Miss, The Warner S., Lough- 
Dickinson, Mr, N. S., Rothley, Loughborough 
Oriffin, Mr, N. S., Claypole, Newark 
Hemingway, Mr, Bd. S., Willoughby on the 

Wolds, Loughborough 
James, Mr, Church Gate S., Loughborough 
Kelsey, Mr, Bd. S., Loughborough 
Kelsey, Mrs, Bd. S., Loughborough 
King, Mr, Bd. S., Benwick, Cambs. 
Kirby, Miss, 8t. Peter's S., Mountsorrel, 

Lammas, Mr, N. S., Hathem, Loughborough 
Lucas, Mr, End. S., Sutton, Bonington, 

Lucas, Mrs, End. S., Sutton, Bonington, 

^fargretts, Miss, Church Gate S., Lough- 

Marshall, Miss, N. S., Copt Oak, Mj 

Mitchell, Miss, Girls' S., Belton, 

Peelj Miss, Crewe 
Pettitt, Mr, N. S., Woodhouse Eaves, 

Richard:>on, Mr, Bd. S., East Leake, 

Skelcon, Mr, N. S., Sileby, Loughbo 
Soar, Mr, Bd. S., Barrow on Soar, 

Thomas, Mr, Boys' S., Kegworth, D 
Thomas, Mrs, Girls' S., Kcerworth, I 
Thorpe, Mr, N. S., Long Whatton, 

Turner, Mr, St. Peter's S., Mou 

Threlfall, Miss, Ch. Ch. S., Mou 

Vial, Mr, Emmanuel Boys' S , Lough 
Watson, Mr, N. S., Prestwold, Lough 

169.— Leicester Scholastic (Leicestershire) Teache] 

Pres.^ Mr W. H. Hoyle, Bd. S., Oadby, Leicester 

Vice-Pres,, Mr King, B. S., Belgrave, Leicester 

Treas.f Mr S., Eyre, Bd. S., Belgrave-road, Leicester 

Minuting Sec.^ Mr Hodgbs, St. Martin's S., tteicester 

Cetieral Sec, Mr L. Staines, 31, Albion hill, Leicester 

Atkins, Bev. £. B. S., Wj^fgcston Gr, S., 

Atkins, Mr F,, N. S., Blaby, Leicester 
Adcock, Mr, Indus. S., Desford, Leicester 
Allen, Miss, N. S., St. Margaret, Leicester 
Allen, Miss, N. S., St. Mark's Leicester 
Allen, Miss, N. S., Croft, Leicester 

Adams, Mi C, N. S., St. Martin's, 1 
Baguley, Mr, N. S., Thunnaston, L 
Baker, Miss, Bd. S., King Richar 
Brown, Miss, St. Margarets Inf. S., I 
Baker, Miss A., Bd. S., Archdeac 


Mis«i Bd. S., Caitherine-fitreet, 

iridge, Miss. Trinity N. S.» Iicicester 
n, Miss.N. S., St. Andrew's Leicester 
11, Miss, Victoria N. S., Leicester 
c» Mr, Bd. S., Ring Rkhard's-road 

Mr, N. S., Wymondham, Melton, 

Mr Bd. S., Ansty, Leicester 
Mr, Aylestone, Leicester 

Miss, Lutterworth, Leicester 
Miss, Bd. S., Ansty, Leicester 
Mias, N. S., Dover-atreet, Leictster 

Mr, Bd. S., Catherine-street,Leicester 
ive, Miss, N. S., Belgrave, Leicester 
Ikir, Bd. S., Oxford^reet, Leicester 
Mr, Bd. S., Gt. Meeting, Leicester 
une. Miss, Chester-street N. 8., 

Miss, N. S., St. Mary's Leicester 
pie, Miss, N, S., Union-street, 

Mr, N. S., St. Mark's Leicester 
, Miss, N. S., St. Geoi^e's Leicester 
on, Miss, Bd. S., Christow-strect 

r. Bd. S., Christow-street, Leicester 
:ld, Mrs, Bd. S., King Richards-road, 

Miss, Bd. S., Chamwood-streel, 

Mr, N. S., Barwell, Leicester 
, Mr^ N. 8., St. Margaret's, Leicester 
>, Miss, N. S., Braunstone, Leicestei' 
rt^ Mr, N. S., Great Glen, Leicester 
VIisSj Bd. S., Syston-street, Leicester 
Miss, N. S., BrunsMrick-street, 

er. Miss, Bd. S., Catherine-street, 

iliss, Bd. S., Oxford-street, Leicester 
ck, Mr, N. S., Helgrave, Leicester 
n, Miss, N. S., Kent-street, Leicester 
, Miss, Bd. S., Aylestone, Leicester 
is. Miss, N. S., St. John's, Leicester 
d, Mr W. W., Bd. S., Chambrook- 
:, Leicester (deceased) 
rd, Mr, N. S., Markefield, Leicester 
r. Miss, B. S., Catherine-street, 

, Miss, Bd. S., Christow.street, 

t. Miss, N. S., Trinity, Leicester 
;, Mrs, Bd. S., OjMford-street, 

, Miss, Bd. S., Christow^treet, 

Mbs, N. S., St. Martin's, Leicester 
i, Mrs, Bd. S., Syston-street^ JUeioester 
, Mr, Bd. S., Syston-streefe,- Leicester 
Q, Miss, Bd.o., Syston-6treet,Leicester 
Miss, N. S., St. Pet«r's, Mountsorrell 

Kellett, Miss, Bd. S.* Belgrave^raad, 

Kcay, Miss, Bd. S., Chanwood-ftttaiet, 

Lanning, Mr, N. S., Syston, Leicest«r . 
Latham^ Mrs» Bd. S., Catherupe-atceet, 

Large,- Miss, Bd, &, Oxford-street, Leicester 

(left district) 
Lakin, Mr^ N. S., St. George's, Leicester 
Leigh, Miss, Bd. S., King Rickard's-road, 

Lomax, Miss, Bd. S., Systoi)-^reet, 

Leicester ' \ 

Mason, Mr, Bd. S., Oxford-street, Leicester 
Mannering, Mr, K. S., Glenlield, Leicester 
Mitchell, Mr. N. S., Kirby Muxloe, Leicester 
Morris, Miss, N. S., Chester-stseet, 

Morgan. Mrs, Bd.S., Syston-street, Leicester 
Mayo, Miss, N., S., Wieston, Leicester 
Muston, Mr, Bd., S., Elbow-lane, Leicester 
Morris, Miss, N. S., Brunswick-st., Leicester 
Neighbour, Mr, Bd. S., Ghristow-street, 

Newby, Miss, Bd. S., Slater-street,^ Leicester 
Noon, Mr, Bd. S., Catherine-street, 

Nellist, Miss, N. S., St. Lake's, Leicester 

(left district) 
Nicholas, Mv, Bd. S., Rat by, Leicester 
Newby, Miss, Bd. S., Great. Meeting, 

Ogden. Miss, N. S., Holbeach, Lincolnshire 
I^mlton, Miss. N. S. , St. Martin's Leicester 
Pares, Miss, N. S., Mark's Inf., Leicester 
Pace, Miss, Bd. S., Bcl^ave-road, Leicester 
Preston, Mr, Bd. S., Wigston, Magna, 

Reyholds, Mr, N. S., Earl Shilton, Leicester 
Rhodes, Mr, Bd. S., Chamwood-street, 

Read, Mr, Bd. S., Aylestone-road, Leicester 
Riley, Miss, Bd, S., Aylestonerroad, 

Reading, Mr, (left district) 
Sargent, Mr, Bd. S., Humberstonc, Leicester 
Sharlard, Mr, W. S., Leicester 
Stevenson, Mrs, Bd. S., Belgrave, Leicester 
Scott, Miss, Bd. S., Slater-street, LeicesMr 
Smith, Miss, N. S., Christ Church, Leicester 
Symthe, Miss, Bd. S., Chamwood'ftreet, 

Smith, Miss, N. S., Belgrave (left district) 
Stiles, Mr, Undl. S. Sileby, Leicester 
Towers, Mr, Bd. S., (^hamwood-«treet, 

Underbill, Miss, N. S., Lutterworth, Leicester 
Vickers» Mr^ N. S., St. Matthew's, Lcscester 
Vickers, Miss, Bd. S.. Charnwood-str^t, 

Willey, Miss, N. S., Knighton, Leicester^ 
Willson, Mr, Bd. S., Willow-street, Leicester 


WOlii, MJB, K. S., Si. htary'f, Leicaler 
Whiu, Mi», N. S., Si. PtK<\ Loice-i: 
Walhuik. Uli*. Wutoow S., Uicutsr 
Woodward, MU», l*. S., Curron-si 

Wnllue, Mr, lid. S., Chamvrwd-ji 

on, Mki, Bd. S.p Winloi 
oa, Miu H., Bd. 5., Grei 

Bd. S., Chamwo 

l?0.~LioIifleld and District (Staff) Teachers' Assodi 

Pm., Mr. Masom, Ercwk House, Longdod, Rugeley. 
Trwt., and Sn., Mr Chahlks Edvuakd Stuart, Winingtsn 

EUloit, tttiss, Prii 

. -gt, Mr, Armitage N. S., Ri 
•MooA, Miss, St. Jostph's R-CS.. 
Fiusn, Mn C. E.. Wiegiman 1 
Strelton, Miss, Hunmerwich Ch. S 
TomlinHHi, Mrs, Si. Chad's M. S., 
WilK Mr,Na. i. Colliery S., O 

Websur, Hiis, W^gingcoa N. S.,1 

ns paid through the WcJncsbury' and DL-.irici Teacher) 

171— Linooln and IdncolnaMre Elementary Teaclic 

BsviEV, Miw, Saint Peiei's ai Gowta End. S. 

BoTv, Mr, North District N. S., Uncoln 
Bint, Mr. N. S.. Dunholne 
BsahMi, Mr, Saint Peter's at Courts End. S. 

Bntt, Mr, N. S.,Noct<>n 
BreiAi, ftilw, St. Martin's N. S., Uncoln 
BiDola, Mr, Si. PetEr'i at Gowu End. S„ 

Bnmuailt, Miss, W. S., Lincoln 

Chuidc. Mis, W. S., Uncoln 

C1*ricgE, Miss, St. Swithin's Par S.. Lincoln 

Clmrlord, Mist, N. S., Clwrrr Millingham 

Dowman, ML-u, N. S., Swinderby 

IIHiMr, Mr, W.'&, Kade 

t^di. HiH. Alfted sItKt W. S., Uncoln 

Oraoiy. Mlu,'St. Peter's in Easigue N, S., 

Ruldicoinb, Mi. IT. S., Brhkuki 

Hating, Mias, Saint Martitfs N. S., Lincoln 

Hollovrell, Mr. N. S., Bianhney 
Hopkinson.Miis, N. 5^, Coleby 
Horion, Ui«, N. S., Nonh Uykeh 
Uumphrej-, Miss, N. S., Swinditbi- 
Kent, Mr, N. $., NettlEham 
Lewii, Mr, Boulter's End. S., Lunj 

MhchEll, Min, n' s'.', Sillith Hylcel 
Modem, Mr, N. S., Bracebrtd^ 
Morley Mia, St. Peter's-at-GowB 

MnigBtToyd, Wr, N- fl., Wcllingoce 
dates, Mr. W S., Lincoln 
O^bome, Mr, N. 3.. North Scarle 

RathSinc, Mi, Indcpl. S.'Tincobl 
Redmnn, Miss, Kingnley-sireel S., 
Smeeton, Mr, .St. Martin's N. S., I 
Swaby, Mr, N. S.. Fsldingwoith 
Thorpe, ML«, N. S„ Kii.BslB)--JtrM 

inis,' Mr,' Aliieti^ttEel, W. S., Lio 


172.— Lmcolnshire (North) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr Besant, Bd. S., Howsham, Brigg 

Treat., Mr Wright, Bd. S., Habrough, Ulceby 

Vice-Pres. and Sec, Mr Swallow, N. S., New Holland Hull 

Berry, Mr, Beckingham N. S., NewaVk-on- Hanly, Mr, Brocklesby-park N. S., Ulceby 

Trent Idell, Mr, Bametby N. S., Brigg 

Borril, Mr, East Halton Bd. S., Ulceby Moore, Mr, Mestingham Bd. S., Kirton 
Brannam, Mr, Grasby N. S., Caistor Lindsay 

Brearly, Mr P., Redbourne N. S., Kirtoii, Perrin, Mr, Wooton N. S., Ulceby 

Lindsay Ralphs, Mr, North Kelsey N. S., Caistor 

Brearl>. Mr, Ulcerby N. S. Skinner, Mr, Thornton Curtis N. S.. Ulceby 

Canty, Mr, Claxby N. S., Market Rasen Statham, Mr, South Kelsey N. S., Caistor 

i>obson, Mr, Wrawby N. S., Brigg Ward, Mr, Barton-on-Humber N. S. [18 

173 — Liskeard and District Elementary (Cornwall) 

Teachers' Association. 

Prei.y Mr G. Hallett, N. S., Mcnheniot, Liskeard 

Vice-Pret., Mr Martin, Bd. S,, Looe 

Treat, attdSec., Mr Noble, Bd. S., Stoke Climsland, Callington 

Librarian, Miss M. A. Elson, End. S., Liskeard 

Anthoney, Miss, Infants* End. S., Liskeard Martin, Mr W. H., N. S., St. Ive, Liskeard 

Cock, Mr J., N. S., Pelynt, Liskeard ^ Mackie, Miss, Bd. S., St. Neot, Liskeard 

Cann, Mr G. B., N. S., Calstock, Tavistock Pearson, Mr J., Bd. S., Liskeard 

Dalton, Mr W., N. S., Callington Rogers, Miss E. A., N. S., Braddock, 

Grose, Miss, Bd. S., Liskeard Lostwithiel 

Guiin, Miss E. E., N. S., Boconnoc, Lost- Tennant, Mr G., Undl. S., Railway Terrace, 

withiel _ St. Cleer, Liskeard 

Hammer^ Mr C. H., N. S., Pensilva, Tanner, Mrs R., N. S., Tideford, St.Gei-mans 

Liskeard Veall, Mr R., Bd. S., Upton Cross, Linkin. 

Harris, Mr W., N. S., South Hill, Callington home, Callington 

Heddon, Mr J., N. S., Quethiock, Liskeard Veall, Mr J. W., Bd. S., St. Cleer, Liskeard 


1 74.— Liirerpool and District (Lancashire) Teachers' 


Pres., Mr J. Powell, William Henry-street Bd. S., Liverpool 

Vice-Pres., Mr A. Coopek, Hope-street B. S. 

Treas., Mr W. R. Suddaby, St Matthew's S., Scotland-road, Liverpool 

Sees., Mr A. Isaac, St. Clements S., Dove-street, Liverpool 

Mr Allen, Ashfield-street Bd. S., Liverpool 

Adamson, Miss, St Laurence's N. S., Kirk- Angell, Mr, Ashfield-street Bd. S. 

dale Armitage, Miss, at. Chrysostom's N. S., 
Ainsworth, Mr, Cranmer Webleyan S. Everion 

Alcock, Miss, St. Clement's N. S.. Dove- Armstrong, Miss, Walton-lane Bd.S., 

streoc Abhton, Misk, Ashficld-strect, BU. S. 


Aughe, Miss, St. Jude's N. S., Low-hill 
Bain, Mr, St. Bride's N. S., Grey-street 
Bain, Mrs, St. Bride's N. S., Giey-street 
Ballantyne, Miss, Chatsworth-street Bd. S. 
><anks. Miss, Walton-lane Bd. S. 
Banks, Miss, Christ Church, Christian-street 
Barker, Miss, Queen's-road Bd. S. 
Barnes, Mr, St. Paul's N. 8., Hyles-street 
Beckett, Mr, St. Catherine's N. S., Tranmere 
Bennett, Mr, Prince Edwin-street, Wesleyan 
Booth, Mr, Caledonian S., Oldham street 
Boulton, Miss, St. Martin's N. S„ Blenheim- 
Broom, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Kirkdale 
Broom, Mr, Granby-street, Bd. S. 
Bromwell, Miss, Queen's-road Bd. S. 
Brown, Miss, Walton-lane Bd. S., 
Brown, Miss, St. Silas N. S., Pembroke-place 
Brandwood, Mr, Aigburth N. S. 
Buckles, Miss, St. John's N. S., Tue Btook 
Burland, Mrs, All Saints' N. S., Great 
* Nelson-street 

Burnett, Miss, Stanley-road Bd. S. 
Callan, Mr, St. Thomas and St. William 


Calvert, Mr, St. Saviour's N. S., Everton 

Christie, Mr, Koscoramon-street Bd. S. 

Clarke, Mr, Holy Trinity N. S., Walton 

Colvin, Miss, Queen's-road Bd. S. 

Conway, Mr, St. Sylvester's R. C. S., 

Cooke, Mr. St. Mary's N. S., Wavertreet 

Coriett, Mr, St. Ann's N. S., Old Swan 

Corlett, Mrs, St." Ann's N. S., Old Swan 

Cpwan, Miss, Qu«en's-road Bd. S. 

Coxe, Mr, St. Sylvester's R. C. S., 

Crompton Mr, Walton-lane Bd. S. 

Crosbie, Mr, Prince Edwin-street Wes. S. 

Crossley, Mr, St. Margaret's N. S., Anfield 

Davidson, Miss, Roscommon-street Bd. S. 

Davies, Mr, St. Barnabas N. S., Greenland- 

Dean, Miss, St. George's N. S., Everton 

Dolon, Mr, St. Edward's R. C. S., 

Dommett, Mr, Holy Trinity W. S., Vine- 

Douglass, Miss, Chatsworth-street Bd. S. 

Duke, Miss, Balm-street Bd. S. 

Dunning, Miss, St. M^ry Magdalene N. S., 

Eaton, Miss, St. Clement's N. S., Dove-street 

Eaves, Mr, St. Saviour's N. S., Everton 

Edwards, Miss, Stanley -road Bd. S. 

Elston, Mr, Koscommon-street Bd. S. 

Evans, Miss, Stanley-road Bd. S. 

Ewing Miss, St. Catherine's N. S., Edge 

Fairgrieve, Miss, Ash field -street Bd. S. 

Fawcett, Miss, V\ illiam Henry-street Bd. S. 

Fawceit, Miss, South Corporation Day Ind. S. 

f crcubon, Mrs, WalLon-lane Bd. S. 

Fryer, Miss, Everton-road Bd. S. 
Gardner, Mr, Si. Chrysostom's N. S., Everton 
Gill, Mr P., Holy Trinity W. S., Wavertrec 
Gill, Mr J., St. Mary's N. S., Bootle 
Gilliland, Mr, Holy Trinity N. S., Beaufort- 

Gleave, Mr, Stanley-road Bd. S. 
Glover, Mr, St. Peter's N. S., Sackville-street 
Glover, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Edge-hill 
Godefroy, Miss, Friends S., Islington 
Good, Mr, St. John's N. S., Tue Brook 
Gordon, Miss, Caledonian fcl., Oldham-street 
Gregory, Miss, St. Titus' N. S., Portland-su 
Grierson, Miss, Balm-street Bd. S. 
Grieve, Miss, Ashfield-street Bd. S. 
Griffith, Mr, St. George's N. «., Everton 
Grundy, Miss, Stanley-road Bd. S. 
Gumbly, Mr, Beaufort-street B. S. 
Gutheridge, Miss, South Church of England 

N. S. . 

Hale, Mr, Christ Church N. S., Bootle 
Hampton, Mr, St. George's N. S., Everton 
Hankey, Miss, Stanley-road Bd. S. 
Harris, Miss, Stanley-road Bd. S. 
Harvvood, Mr, St. Luke's N. S., Colquitt-st. 
Hawkes, Mr, North Corporation Bd. S. 
Haworth, Mr, Harrington Bd. S. 
Heap, Mr, Chatsworth-street Bd. S. 
Hellings, Mr, Old Church N. S., Moorfields 
JHeppard, Miss, Mount Pleasant B. S. 
Hitchcock, Mrs, Butler-street Bd. S. 
Hitchins, Miss, St. John's N. S., Tue Br«ok 
Hornby, Mr, Gordon-street, Mission S. 
Horsfield, Mr, St. Saviour's N. S., Evenon 
Howard, Mr, tot. Martin's N. S., Blenheim- 
Hudson, Miss, St. Bride's, N. S., Grey- 
Hudson, Miss, Aigburth N. S. 
Hughes, Mr, St. John Baptist N. S.,Toxteth 

Inglis, Miss, Hope-street B. S. 
Johnson, Miss, Emmanuel N. S., Everton 
Jones, Miss, Queen's-road Bd. S., Grasmere- 

Jones, Miss, St. Augustine's N. S., Salisbury- 
Jones, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Edge Hill 
Jones, Mr E., 4, Amberley-street 
Jones, Mr, North Corporation Bd. S. 
Kay, Mr, St. John's N. S., Bottle 
Kelly, Mr, St. Augustine's R. C. S. 
King, Miss, St. Silas* N. S., Pembroke- 
Kissack, Miss, St. George's N. S., Everton 
Knight, Miss, Butler-street Bd. S. 
Kylan, Miss, St. Ann's N. S.. Old Swan 
Laing, Miss, Everton-road Bd. 8, 
Lane, Mr, Upper Park-street Bd. S. 
Lancaster, Miss, Roscommon-street Bd. S. 
Langford, Mr, Friend's S., Islington 
Langford, Mr, Old Church N. S., Moof 


ames - 

Lawes, Miss, Christ Church N. S.» Christian- 
street , 

Laycock, Mr, 152, Falkner-street 

Leathwood, Miss,01dChurch N.8.,Moorflelds 

Lee, Mrs, St. Judc's N. S., Low hill 

Maguirc, Miss, Upper Park-street Bd. S. 

Malcolm, Miss, St. Clement's N, S., Dove- 

Manning, Miss, North Corporation, Bd. S. 

Mason, Mr, St. Augustine's N. S., Salisbury- 

May, Mr, Christ Ch. S., Augh ton-street 

Maynard, Mrs, Ashfield-street Bd. S. 

McColl, Miss, St. James* N. S., St. Ji 

McHarg, Miss, St. Cleopas' N. S., Toxteth- 

McPherson, Miss, St. Thomas' N. S., 

Meyers, Miss, St. Saviour's N. S., Canning- 

Mills^ Miss, St. John's N. S., Bootle 

Morris, Miss, Upper Park-street Bd. S. 

Morris, Miss, All Saint's N. S., Great Nelson 

MuUan, Miss, All Soul's N. S., Eaton-street 

Murray, Mr, St. Francis' Xavier's R. C. S. 

Mylie, Mr, Queen's-road Bd. S. 

Noble, Miss, Huyton N. S. 

Norcross, Mr, St. Laurence' N. S., Kirkdale 

Norris, Miss, St. Clements' N. S., Dove-street 

Owen, Miss, Holy Trinity N. S., Wilton, 

Owens, Miss, Barnabas' N. S., Greenland- 

Pattinson, Mr, North Corporation Bd. S., 

Parry, Mr, Queen's-road Bd. S. 

Parrjr, Mrs, St. Mary's N. S, Edge hill 

Pennington, Miss, St. Saviour's N. S., 

Phillips, Mrsj Holy Trinity N. 8., Wavertree 

Pickering, Miss, Pleasant-street Bd. S. 

Pickering, Miss, Whitefield-road W. S. 

Prinele, Miss, 20, Upper Beau-street 

Pritchard, Mr, Walton-lane Bd. S. 

Proctor, Mr, Brunswick W. S. 

Reynolds, Miss, Ashfield-street Bd. S. 

Roberts, Mr, St. Andrew's N. S., Slater- 

Robertson, Miss, Roscommon-street Bd. S, 

Robinson, Miss, Poolstock N. S., Wigan 

KOsendal, Miss, William Henry-street Bd, S., 

Roughsedge, Miss, Seaman's Orphanage 
Rowett, Miss, Prince Edwin-street W. 8. 
Russell, Mr, St. Mary's N. S., Edge hill 
Rutter, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Kirkdale 
Sands, Miss, Ashfield-steeet Bd. 5., 
bawyer, Miss, St. Cleopas* N. S., Toxteth- 
Schollick, Miss, Walton-lane Bd. S.. 
Sephton, Mr, Ashfield-street Bd. S., 
Seymour, Miss, Mount Pleasant B. S. 
>harpe, Mr, 237, Great Homer-street 
Bhaw, Mr, ttruns\\ ick W. S. 
S-hore, Miss, St. Catherine's N. S., Edge-hill 
Simes, Miss, Brunswick W. S. 
Simister, Miss, Ashfield-street Bd. S., 
Skellom, Miss, Upper Park-street Bd. S. 
Smith, Mrs, St. Mary's N. S., Bootle 
Standard, Miss, St. Bride's N. S., Grey-slreet 
Stephenson, Miss, Stanley-road Bd. S. 
Stowbridge, Miss, St. Mary Magdalene N. S. 
Swindley, Miss, St. Mary's N. b., Wavertred 
Sykes, Mr, St. Titus' N. S., Portland-street 
Taylor, Mr, Butler-street Bd. S. 
Taylor, Miss, St. Chrysostom'sN.S., Everton 
Taylor, Mr, St. Stephen's N. S., Byrom-street 
Teare, Miss, Holy Trinity N. S., Beaufort- 
Thompson, Miss, Butler-street Bd. S. 
Thresher, Mr, St. Jude's N. S.. Low-hill 
Titterington, Mr, St. Clement's N. S., Dove- 
Turner, Miss, Prince Edwin-street W. S. 
Twemlow, Mr, Queen's-road Bd. S. 
Vernon, Mr, Emmanuel N. S., Everton 
Vingoe, Mr, Beaufort-street Bd. S. 
Walkden, Mr, St. Silas' N. S., Pembroke- 
Walton, Mr, 98, Spencer-street 
Weston, Mr, Prince Edwin-street W. S., 
Whitehead, Mr, St. Saviour's N.S., Canning- 
street ' 
Whitehead, Mr, St. Paul's N. S., Bootle 
Williams, Mr, St. Mary's N. S., Kirkdale 
Wood, Mr, Upper Park-street Bd. S. 
Woodfield, Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Sackville- 

Woodward, Miss, St. Simon's N. S., Russell 

Wright, Mr, Garston N. S. 
Yates, Mr, St. Silas* N. S., Toxteth.park 



175.— Uaudovery and IJaudilo (Caermarthen) Teachers' 


Pres.y Mr D. S. Thomas, B. S., Llandovery 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr D. Morgan, Cefnanhen B. S., Llandovery 

Treas. and Sec, Mr J. Beavan, Llansadwrn Bd. S., Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire 

Constantine, Mr J. A., Ammanford, Bd. S., 

Davies, Mr G., Crugybar, Bd. S., Llandilo 
Evans, Mr Beriah G., Gwynfe, Bd. S., 

Kvans, Mr U. B., Llanddeusant, B. S., 

Evans, Miss Sophia, late of Llangadock 

Bd. d. 
Gay, Mr D. R., Llanwtyd Wells Bd. S. 

Kimberley, Miss, Llandulas Bd. S., Llan- 

gam march 
IMorjiaii, Mr D., Tabernacle Bd. S., Llandilo 
Aioigan, Mr J., End. S., Llanwrda 
Morgan, Miss 0., B. S., Llandovery 
harry, Mr T., Salem Bd. S., I landilo 
Thomas, Mr T., Bethlehem Bd. S., Llandilo 
V\ illiams, Mr H. S., Rhandirmwyu N. S., 

i/landovery [i6 

176.~Llanelly (Caermarthen) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr J. E. Jones, Copper Works S., Llaneily 
Treas.^ Mr W. Pedlev, Park-street Bd. S., Llaneily 
SeCt Mr D. Morgan, Old-road Bd. S., Llaneily 

Bowen, Mixs, Bigyn Bd. S. 
Cattell, Mr, Llaneily N. S. 
Coles, Mr, Dafen S. 
Davies, Miss, New Dock Bd. S. 
Elhs, Mr, Felinfoel Bd. S. 
Kdmunds, Miss, Copper Works S. 
Francis, Mr, Athenxum S. 
Hopkins, Mr, New Dock Bd. S. 
Johns, Mr, Bryn Bd. S. 
Maby, Miss, Copper Works S. 
Jones, Miss, Old-road Bd. S. 

Morgan, Miss, Llwynhendy Bd. S. 
Nash, Mr, Pembrey Copper Works S. 
Rees, Mr, Llwynhendy Bd. S. 
Richards, Mr. Five-road Bd. S. 
Rogers, Miss, Dafen S. 
Smith. Mrs, Fetinfoed Bd. S. 
Thomas, Miss, Praspect-place Bd. S. 
Thomas, Miss, Market-street Bd. S. 
Williams, Miss, Dock Bd. S. 
Williams, Miss, Market-street Bd. S. 


177.— London (East) (Middlesex) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr E, Chatterton, Bd. S., Knapp-road, E. 
Vice-Pres,. Mr T. Usher wood, Ed. S., Baker-street, Stepney, E. 
Treas. ^ Mr A. H. Wild, Bd. S. Lower Chapman-street, E. 
Sec, Mr G. M. S.mith, Bd. S., Burdett-road, E. 

Agar, Mr, Bd. S., High-street, Shad well, E. 

Allen, Bd. R. C. S., Johnson-street, E. 

Ames, Mr, Science S., Old Ford-road, E. 

Anderson, Mrs, Bd. S., Thomas-street, 
Limehouse, H. 

Applin Miss, Bd. S., Dalgleish-street, Lime- 
house, £. 

Apted, Mr, N. S., St. Mary's, Whitechapel E. 

Atkinson, Miss M. N., Bd. S., Fairfield -road, 
Bow, E. 

Atkinson, Mr M. N., Bd. S., Lower Chap- 
mai -street, E. 

Armstning, Mr, Bd. S., Baker-street, Step- 
ney, E. 

Bailey, Miss, Bd. 8., Byron and Bri^'ht-street, 
Bromley, E. 



Baker, Mr, Bd. S., North liow, E. 

Barge, Mr, N. S., St. Mathias, Poplar, E. 

Bed tie, Mi&», Bd.S., Mdinchester-road, Cubitt- 
town iL 

Billing,' Mr, Bd. S., North Bow, E. 

Bowrey, Hd. S., North 13ow, E. i 

Bourne, Miss, End. S., Raine's Foundation, 
St. George's, E. 

Bradley, Mr, Bd. S., Lr. Chapman-street, E. 

Bramham, Miss, Bd. S., North Bow, E. 

Brazier, Mr, Bd. S., Brunswick-road, 
Poplar, E. 

Broome, Mr, Bd. S., Knap-road, E. 

Brotherton, VV. S. . Tidey-street, E. 

Brown, Mr, Bd. S., Mariner-street, Brom- 
ley, E. 

Burnett, Mr, Bd. S., Brunswick -road, 
Poplar, E. 

Burroughs, Mr, -Bd. S., Old Castle-street, 
Whitechapel. E. 

Burrell, Mr, End. S., Raine's Foundation, 
St. George's, E. 

Butler, Mr E., Bd. S., ITiomas- street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Butler, Mr, Free S., Dr. Barnardo's, Step- 
ney, B. 

Butler, Mrs, Free S., Dr. Barnardo's, Step- 
ney, E., 

Calver, Mr, Bd. S., Upper North- street, 
Poplar, K. 

Carpenter, Miss, Bd. S., Burdett-road, E. 

Carter, Mr, N. S., St. Ann's, Limthouse 

Carter, Mr Chas., Bd. S., Eower Chupman- 
street, E. 

Cassidy, Mr, R. C. S., Johnson-street, E. 

Cassidy, Mrs, Bd, S., South-grove, Mile- 
end, E. 

Caton, Mr, Bd. S., Garden-street, Stepney, E. 

Chapman, Miss, Bd. S., Fairfield-road, 
Bow, E. 

ChristmAs, Mr, North- Bow, E. 

Churchill, Mrs, Bd. S., Old Castle-street, E. 

Clark, Miss J., Bd. S., South-grove, Mile- 
Clark, Miss, H., Bd. S., Gengall.road, 
Cubitt-town, E. 

Cle^g, Mr, M., Bd. S., Northey-«trect, 
Limehouse, E. 

Clews, Mr. W. S., Tredegar-road, Bow, E. 

Clifton, Mr, Bd. S,. Halley-street, Lime, 
house, E. 

Clutterbuck, Mr, N.S., St. Leonard's, Brom- 
ley, K. 

Coad, Mr, G., Bd. S., Thomas-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Collins, Miss, Bd, S., Hanbury-street, Mile- 
end, E. 

CoUison, Miss, Bd. S., South-grove, Mile- 
etid, E. 

Collison, Miss, Bd. S.. Wrights-road, Bow, E. 

Combes, Mrs, Bd. S., Ricards-street, 
Poplar, E. 

Combes, Miss, Bd. S., Baker-street, 
Stepney, E. 

Cooper, Mr, Bd. S,, Byron and Bright-street, 

Bromley, E. 
Conibetre, Miss, Bd. S., Garden-street, 

Stepney, E. 
Coram, Miss, N. S., St. Paul's, Bow 

Common, E. 
Cornell, Mrs, Bd. S., Knapp-road, Bow, E. 
Corris, Mr, Bd. S., Collingwood-street, E. 
Coward, Mr, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 
Crabtree, Miss, Bd. S., Thomat-street, Lime- 

houstf, £. 
Creaser, Mr, W. S., Tredegar-road, 

Bow, E. 
Crutch, Mr, N. S., St. Paul's Wellclose- 

square, E. 
Davis, Mr, Bd. S., North Bow, E. 
Davis, Miss, Bd.S., Baker-street, Stepney, E. 
Davis, Miss, Bd.S., |5rewhouse-liine, W:ip- 

ping, R. 
Davis, Mr, Bd. S., Chiokstand-sireei, E. 
Day, Mrs, Bd.S.,Cayley-strQet, Limehouse.E. 
Defacourt, Miss, B(f. S., Upper North-street, 

Poplar, K., 
Demain, Mr, Bd. S., Brunawick-road, Poplar, 

Denner, Mr, Bd. S., Halley-street, Lime- 
house, E. 
Dennis, Mr, Bd. S., Knapp-road. E. 
Dennis, Mr J., Bd. S., Ricards-street, 

Poplar, E. 
Dennis, Miss, Bd. 8., Marncr-^street, Bromley, 

Desboro, Mr, Bd. S., Nortley-street, Linfe- 

house, E. 
Dickenson, Mr, Bd. S., Fairfield-road, E. 
Dixon, Mr, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 
Dowling, Mr, Bd. S., Cay ley-street. Lime- 
house, E. 
Dunn, Miss, Bd. 5,, Lower Chapman-street, 

Engledon, Mr, Bd. S., Broad-street, Ratcliffe, 

Erskine, M!s<i, BJ. S., Ben Jonson, E. 

E:uim, Mrs, Bd. S., Knapp-road, Bow, E. 

Fe wings. Miss, Bd. S., Garden-street, 

Field, Mrs, Bd.S., Marner-street, Bromley, E. 

Filer, Mr C, Bd. S., Hanbury-street, Mile- 
end, E. 

Filer, Mr*, Bd. S., Hanbury-street, Mile-end, 

Filer, Miss, Bd. S., Northey-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Fitzgt;r>ild, Mis«, N. S , St. Matthias, Poplar, 

Fleming, Miss.W. S., Tredegar-road, Bow, E. 

Flood, Mr, End. S., Raine's Foundation, St. 
George's, E. 

Frazer^ Miss, Bd. 8., Manchester-road, 
Cubitt Town, E. 

Friend, Miss, lid. S., Thomas-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Frisby, Mrs, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 


Fryer, Miss, End. S., Raine's Foundation, 
St. George's, E. 

Gibson, Mr, Bd. S . High street, Bromley, E. 

Gibson, Mr, Bd. S., Cayley-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Gill, Ashton Mr, Bd. S., Thomas-street, 
Limehouse, E. 

Goldswain, Miss, Bd. S., Brunswick-road, 
Poplar, E. 

Graves, Mr, Bd. S., Garden-street, .Stepney, 

Green, Mr, N. S., St. Matthews, Prince- 
square, E. 

Green, Mr, Bd.S., South Grove, Mile-end, E. 

Green, Miss A, E., Bd. S., Ben Jonson, 
Stepney, E. 

Grimwood, Mr, Bd. 8., Chicksand-street, E. 

Hague, Miss, Bd. S., Thomas-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Hambling, Mr, End. S., Rain's Foundation, 
St. George't, E. 

Hayter, Mrs, Bd. S., Old Castle-street, 
Whitechapel, E. 

Heel, Miss, Bd. S., High-street, Bromley, E. 

Hemmings, Mi«s, "W. S., Tredegkr-road, 
Bow, E. 

Herbert , Mrs, Bd. S. , Marner-stree t, Bromley , E. 

Heslop, Mr, Bd. S., Upper North-street, 
Poplar, E. 

Hill, Mr G. C, Bd., Manchester-road, 
Cubitt town, E. 

Hines, Mr, Bd. S., Berner-street, E. 

Hollely, Miss, Bd. S., Essex-street, Stepney, 

House, Mr, Bd. S., Marner-street, Bromley, 

Howard, Mr, Ed. S., Broad-street, Ratcliffe, 

Hugginc, Mr, Bd.S., St. Paui's-road, Burdett 
road, K. 

Hughes, Mr, Bd. S., North BoW, E. 

"Hurden, Mr W., Ricards-street, Poplar, E. 

Hurden, Mr T., Bd. S., Dalgreish-stieet, 
Limehouse, E. 

Hutt, Mr, N. S., Christ Ch. Spitalfield, E. 

Ireland, Miss, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, Stepney, 

Jackson, Miss, Bd. S., Turner-street, Step- 
ney, E. 

Jacobs, Mr, Free S., Dr. Barnardo's, Step- 
ney, E. 

James, Mr, N. S., St. Paul's, Shadwell, E. 

Jennings, Miss, Bd. S., Burdett-road, E. 

Johnson, Mr, Bd.S., St. Paul's- road, Burdett 
road, E. 

Jones, Mr, Bd.S.,01ga.street, Grove-road, E. 

Jones, Mrs, Bd. S., Old Ford, E. 

Jones, Miss, Bd. S., Haverstock-hill, N. W. 

Jones, Miss, Bd. S., Northey-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Keddell, Mr, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 

Keddell, Miss, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 

Kidcs, Miss, :Bd. S., Hanbury-street, E. 

Kilmaster, Mr, Bd. S., Marner-street, Brom- 
ley, E. 

King, Miss, Bd. S., High-street, Bromlcjr, E. 

Knivett, Miss, Bd. S., Northey-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Knivett, Miss, Bd. S., Collingwood-street, 
Limehouse, £. 

Lang, Mr, Bd. S., Marner-street, Broraley, 

Larcombe, Mrs, Bd. S.^ Wright's-road, Bow, 

Lear, Mr, Bd. S., Old Ford, E. 

Leightnn, Miss, Bd. S., Knapp-road 

Lemanquaise, Mr, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 

Leaver, Miss, Bd, S., St. Paul's-road, Bur- 
dett-road, E. 

Lev>', Mr, Bd. S., Old Castle-street, E. 

Leyshon, Mr, Bd. S., Garden-street, Stepney, 

Liddle, Mr, Bd.S., Marner-street, Bromley,E. 

Lister, Mrs, Bd. S., Woolmore-street, Poplar, 

Loehr, Mrs, Bd. S., Brewhouse-lane, Wap- 
ping, E. 

Love, Mr, Bd. S., High-street, Shadwell, E. 

Mackereth, Miss, Bd. S., St. Paul's-road, 
Burdett-road, E. 

Maddock, Mr, N. S., St. Paul's, Bow Com- 
mon, E. 

Maddock, Mrs, Bd S., North Bow E. 

Matthews, Mr, Bd. S., Ben Jonson E. 

Matthews, Mrs, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 

Mansfield, Mr, Bd. S., Settle-street, Com- 
mercial-road, E. 

McCubbin, Mr, Bd. S., Lower Chapman- 
street, E. 

Mellows, Mr, Bd. S., High-street, Shadwell, 

McElroy, Mr. Bd. S., St. Paul's-road, Bur- 
dett-road, E. 

Middleton, Miss, N. S., Christ Church, Spital- 
field, E. 

Morgan, Mr, Bd. S., Cayley-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Morgan, Mr, N. S., St. Luke's, Stepney, E. 

Morgan, Mrs, N. S., St. Luke's, Stepney, E. 

Morris, Mr, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 

Moses, Mr, Bd. S., Old Castle-street, E. 

Mountjoy, Mrs, W. S., Tredegar-road, Bow, 

Mould, Miss, Bd. S., High-street, Bromley, 

Muir, Miss, Bd. S., High-street, Broijfiley, E. 

Miles, Mr, Bd. S., Baker-street, Stepney, E, 

MilHngton, Miss, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 

Neale, Miss, Bd. S., North Bow 

Newson, Miss, Bd. S., Halley-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Oakley, Mr, Bd. S., Glengall-road, Cubett 
Town, E. 

Osborne, Mr, Bd. S., Old Ford, E. 

O'Leary, Mr, The Triangle, Hackney 


OgUvy, Miss, Bd. S., Baker- «;trect, Stepnev, 

Park, Mr, Bd. S., Ol^a-strcdt,, E. 

Park, ISlr J. H., IM. S., BjTon and BrRht- 
strcct, Kromlcy, E. 

Parkcs, Mr, Bd. S., Knapp-road, E. 

Parker, Miss, Bd. S., North Bow, E. 
'Parsons, Mrs, 

Pedder, Miss, Bd. S., Mamer-strect, Brom- 
ley, E. 

Phelps, Miss, Bd. S., Dalgleish-street, liime- 
house, E. 

Phipps, Mr, Bd. S., Northey-«;trect, Lime- 
house, E. 

Philips, Mrs, Bd. S., Manchester-road, C'ublit 
Town, E. 

Philips, Miss A. M., Bd. S., Btn Jonsim K, 

Polkinghome, Mr S. J., Ben Jonson S., 

Pollock, Miss, Bd. S., Dalgleish-street, Lime- 
house, £. 

Plowright, MLss, Bd. S., Ctlengall-roadjCnlntt 
Town, E. 

Pollyblank, Mr, N. S., St. Jude's, White- 
chapel, E. 

Price, Mr, Bd. S., North Bow, E. 

Price, Mrs, Bd. S., North Bow, E. 

Pryer, Mr, Bd. S., Old Ford Yl. 

Pryer, Mr, Bd. S., Turner-street, Stepney, E. 

Puttick, Mr, Bd. S., Knapp-road, E. 

Richards, Mr, Bd. S., Hi|;h-strcci, Bromley, 

Richards, Mrs, Bd. S., Broad-street, Rat- 
cliflfe, K. 

Richards, Mr, W. S., Tredegar-road, Bow, E. 

Richman, Mr, Bd. S., Thomas-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Riley, Miss, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 

Rhodes, Miss, Bd. S., Garden-street, Step- 
ney, E. 

Robinson, Mr, Bd. S., Chicksand-street, K. 

Rose, Mr, Bd. S., Morris-road, Bromley, E. 

Salter, ^Iiss, Bd. S., St. Paul's-road, Hur- 
dett-road, E. 

Schuitze, Miss, Bd. S., Lower Chapman- 
street, £. ^ 

Schultze, Miss A. AL, Bd. S., Cayley-strcct, 
Limehousc, E. 

Scotton, Miss, Bd. S., Old Ford, E. 

Scriven, Mr, Bd S., Wood-street, Spital- 
fields, E. 

Scriven, Miss, Bd.S.,IIi2h-street, Bromley, E. 

Scriven. Miss M., Bd..'S.,Nortliey-street, Lime- 
house, P^. 

Sedcole, Miss, Old Castle-=treet, E. 

Shepherd, Miss, N. S., St. Matthew's, Princes 

square, E. 
Sherwood, Miss, N. S., St. Ann's, Lime- 
house, E. 

Semper, Mr, Bd. S., Old Ford, E. 

Sinclair, Mrs, Bd. S., St. Paul's-road, Bur- 
dett-road, E. 

3xnee, Miss, Bd. S., Knapp-road, E. 

Sr.iu:i, Mr W. F., Bd. S., Ricards- street, 
T*oplar, K. 

S:ni:h, Mrs, Bd. S., North Bow, E. 

Sniiih. Mi'.>; E. A., Bd S., AL-^rner-street, 
Bromley, K. 

Spaldini;, Miss, Bd. S., Glongall-road, Cubitt 
Town, E. 

Stcadman, Mr, Bd. S., Cayley.street, Lime- 
housc, K. 

Stewart, Miss, Bd. S , Hanbury-street, Mile- 
end. E 

Stocklcy, Mr, Bd. S., Old Ford, E. 

Strickland, Mi>-;, I'd. S., Turner-street, Step- 
ney, E. 

Taylor, Mr, Kiul. S., Raine's Foundation, 
St. George's, E. 

Terdre, Mi-;s, Bd. S., Marner. street, Brom- 
ley, E. 

Thomas, Miss, Bd. S., St. Paul's road, Bur- 
dett-road, E. 

Thome, Miss, Bd. S., B>Ton and Bright- 
street, Bromley, E. 

Thornton, A?;, Bd. S., Glcngall-road, Cubitt 
Town, E. 

Thornton, Miss, Bd. S., Morris- rond, Brom- 
ley, L. 

Thivston, Mr, Bd. S., Dalgleish-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Turnbull, Miss, W. S., Tred«gar-road, E. 

Turner, Miss, Bd. S., iJalglcish-street, 
Limehouse, E. 

Turriff, Mrs, Bd. S., Thomas-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Tycr, Mr, Bd. " S., High-street, Bromley, 

Tyer, Mrs, Bd. S., Knapp-road, E. 

Usherwootl, Mrs, Bd. S., Thomas-street, 
Limehouse, E. 

Waugh, Mr, Ratcliffc S. 

Wallis, Miss, Bd. S., Knapp-road, E. 

W:ilsh, Miss, Bd. S., Ben fonson, E. 

Wakcr, Mi>.s, IM, S., 01.:;a-street, Grove- 
road, E. 

Ward, Mis<, N. S., St. Peter's, Mile-end 

Weaver, Miss, Bd. S., Han'-ury-sireet, Mile- 
end, fc. 

Webb, Mr. Bd. S., Fairfieldroa<l, Bow, E. 

West, Mr, Bd. S., Caylej'-sir.'.'t, Limenouse, 

Whitakcr, Mr, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, E. 

White, Mr, N. S., St. Stephen's. Poplar, E. 

Whitmorc. Miss, Bd. S., Northey-street, 
Limehouse, E. 

Wileman, Miss, Bd. S., Ricards-Street, 
I'oplar, E. 

Wild, Mr, Byron and Bright-.-;treet, Brom- 
ley, E. 

Wild, Miss, Bd. S., Orchard House, Poplar, 

Williams, Miss, St. Paul's-road, Burdett- 

road, E. 
Williams, Miss, Bd. S., Ben Jonson, S. 


Willmer, Mr, Bd. S., Turner-street, Step- 
ney, E. 

Willmer, Mrs, Bd. S., Turner-street, Step- 
ney, E. 

Wilson, Miss, Bd. S., Brunswick-road.Poplar, 

Winkworth, Mr, Bd. S., Cayley- street, 
Limehouse, E. 

Wintle, Mr, Bd. S., Morris-road, Bromley, 

Wissenden,'Mrs, End. S., Rainer's Foundation 
St. George's, E. 

Wood, Miss, Bd. -S., Upper North-street, 
Poplar, E. 

Wortley, Miss, Bd. S., Turner-street, Step- 
ney', E. 

York, Mi&s, Bd. S., Thomas-street, Lime- 
house, E. 

Voung, Miss, Kennlngton Oval [262 

178.— Lincolnshire (Louth and East) Teachers' 


Pres,^ Mr Humphreys, Bethlem S., Wainfleet, St. Mary 
F/cc-Prrs,, Mr M. Bice, Holy Trinity S., Loulh 
Trgas.f Mr J. Hargreaves B. S., Louth 
Sec, Mr J. H. Houghton W. S., Louth 

Ashworth, Mr C. J., Bd. S., Great Steeping, 

Brown, Miss, N. S., Well Alford 
Brown, Mr, W. S., Theddlethorpe, Louth 
Bryden, Miss, N. S., Ludborough, Louth 
Bunting, Miss, St. James's Inf. S., Louth 
Carr, Miss, N, S , Withcall, Louth 
Chester, Mr J. F., N. S., Burgh 
Copping, Miss, N. S., Sloothby, Alford 
Devening, Miss, W. S., Donington-on-Bain, 

Elston, Mr, N. S., Tathwell, Louth 
Falkinder, Miss, Holy Trinity S., Louth 
Fawcett, Mr, N. S., Legbourne, Louth 
Fems»ide, Miss, N. S., Huttoft, Alfvrd 
Gilleard, Mr, N. S., Grainthorpe, Grimsby 
(Jould, Mr, N. S.,Saltfleet. Louth 
Grayston, Mr, N. S., Swaby, Alford 
Hare, Mr, N. S., Great Carlton, Louth 
Heath, Mr, N. S., Halton Holgate, Spilsby 
Hedges, Miss, St. James's Gtrls' S., Louth 

Jennings, Miss, Inf. S., Alford 

Jones, Mr J., N, S., Louth 

Northey, Mr, N. S., Alford 

Rowley, Mr, N. S., Saltfleetby, Louth 

Royle, Mr, N. S., Elkington, Louth 

Shepherd, Mr J., Bd. §., North Thoresby, 

Smith, Mr, N. S., Burwell, Louth 
Smith, Mr, N. S„ North Somercotes, 

Tait, Mr, Bd. S., Bilsby, Alford 
Taylor, Mr, N, S., Welton-le-Marsh, 

Tiley, Miss, B. S., Louth 
West. Mr, N. S., Welton-le-Wold. Louth 
Wharrie, Mr, N. S., Marshchapel, Grimsley 
Wilcox, Miss, R. C. S., Louth 
Wilkinson, Miss, Holy Trinity Inf. S. Louth 
WooUey, Mr, N. S., Binbrook, Louth 
Wright, Miss, N. S., Fulstow, Louth 


179.— Ludlow and District (Shropshire) Teachers' 


Ireg., Mr Charles Mabbatt, Lydbury, North Salop 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr R. Sharp, Undl. S., Norbury, Salop 

Treas.y Miss, Cantrell, Inf. S., Ludlow, Salop 

Sec, Mr G. Wincer, N. S,, Aston-on-Clun, Salop 

Anthony, Mr E-, N. S., Culmington, Salop 
Chamock, iMr K., N. S., Leintwardine, Salop 
Copson, Mr L. N., S, (Boys') Bishop's 

Castle, Salop 
iMwtc, Mr, /., N. S., Rushbory, Salop 

Cox, Mr F., N, S., f Roys') Ludlow, Salop 
Deacon, Mr W. E., N. S., Clunbury, Aston- 
on-Clun, Salop 
Edwards, Mr W. E., «N. S., Clungunford, 
Aston-on-Clun, Salop 


H., N. S., Bucknell, Salop 
N. S., (Girls') Ludlowj Salop 

ss, N. S.. Chapel-lawn,' Salop 
Thos., N. b., Stokesay, Craven 


>., N. S„ (Boy's) Clun, Aston-on- 


Vliss, N. S., Bromfield Ludlow, 

W. W., N. S., Brampton Brian, 


Miss, N. S., Edgtcm, Aston-on- 


Richards, Mr, N. S., Wistantow, Craven 
Arms, Salop 

Sargeant, Mr G. H., N. S., Linley, Bishop's 
Castle, Salop 

Stanley, Miss, N. S., Richard's Castle, Lud- 
low, iSalop 

Waikins, Mr, N. S., Newcastle- Clun, Aston- 
on-Clun, Salop 

West, Mr C. j., N. S., Stoke-street, Mil- 
burgh, Salop 

Yates, Miss, N. S., Wentnor, Salop (25 

—Luton and District (Beds) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr J. Knight, 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr Friday, 

Trens.^ Miss, Sandha 

General Sec, Mr. Middle, 

Minuting and Reporting Sec, Mr 

Ir, Waller- street, Bd. S., Luton 

, High Town, N. S-, Luton 

;. High Town, Bd. S., Luton 

tiss. Upper Houghton Bd. S., 


Caddington N. S., Luton 

Mr L., Christ Ch., i.uton 

, J., Biscot Bd. S., Luton 

Miss H. C., Christ Ch., Luton 
Houghton Bd. S., Dunstable 
1, Mr, Gaddesden-row, Bd. S., 

Waller-street, Bd. S., Luton 
ss, J., High Town N. S., Luton 

A., Houghton, Regis-End, Dun- 

!., Christ-Ch., Luton 

Ashton S., Dunstable 

Bd. S., Sandon, Dunstable 

M, Ashton S., Dunstable 

Chapel-street Bd. S., Luton 

H. J. Buck WELL, Christ Ch., Luton 

Jarman, Miss, Chapel-street Bd. S., Luton 
Large, Miss, Christ-Ch. Luton 
Laurie, Mr, SHp-end Bd. S., Luton 
Millington, Mr, Flamstead S. S., Dunstable 
Moon, Mr D., Slip-end Kd. S., Luton 
Raffle, Miss M., Chapel street Bd. S., Luton 
Read, Mr, Studham '^. S., Dunstable 
Robins, Mr, Leagrave Bd. 8., • uton 
Sanders, Mi"", High Town N. S., Luton 
Thorn .s, Mr, ToHdington N. S., Dunstable 
Warne, Mr W., Barton-le-cley-End, Ampthill 
Watts, Miss, Christ Ch., Luton 
West, Mr G., Heechwood, End. S., Markyate 

street, Dunstable 
Windmill, Miss, Slip-end Bd. S.. Luton 
Winkley, Mr, Markyate-street, Bd. S., 

Dunstable (34 

..—Macclesfield and District (Cheshire) Teachers' 


Pres., Mr. Lucas, Lord Vernon's S., Poynton 

Vice-Pres., Mr Green, Christ- Ch. S , Macclesfield 

Treas.^ Mr, Armstrong, Hurdsfield*N. S. 

Sec, Mr Crompton, St,. Peter's N. S., Congleton, Cheshire 

N. S., Wincle 

r, N. S , Marton, Crewe 

., N. S., Els worth, 

, N. S., Prebthurry, Macclesfield 

Mr, N. S., High-lane 
iss, St. Peter's N. S., Congleton 

N, S., Rainow, Maccieslield 
T, Bd. S., Langley, Macclesfield 

Davol, Mr, N. S., Eaton, Congleton 
Da vies, Mr, N. S., Woodcock -wells 
F-ccieston, Mr, N. S . Mossley, Congleton 
Goddard Miss, Christ Ch. N. S., Maccles- 
Hill, xMiss, Lord Vernon's S., Poynton 
Hopkin's, Mr, N. S., Adlington 
Holmes, Mr, N. S., Siddington, Crewe 

I Of? 

Howe, Miss, N. S., BolHngtoni Macclesfield 
Johnson, Miss, N. S., Macclesfield 
Kirby, Mr, I J. S., Marple, Stockport 
Kenyon Mr, N. S., Bollington, Macclesfield 
Lawton, Mrs, Hcech-lano N. S., Macclesfield 
Latham, Mr, N. S., Smallwood, Congleton 
Law, Mr. N. S., ICu>T>ertley Congleton 
Leigh, Miss, Hatton-street N. S., Maccles- 
Lockett, Mr, N. S., Bosley, Corgleton 
Mullock, Miss, St. George's N. S., Maccles- 
Markland, Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Maccles- 
Peachey, Mr, N. S., Macclesfield 
Peuchey, Miss, Hurdsfield Lower S., Maccles- 
Peschey, Miss E., Hurdsfield, Higher S,, 

■Potter, Miss, Hurdsfield, Higher 

Pointon, Miss, N. S., Mscclesfield 
Saul, Miss, Lord Vernon's S., ] 

Smith, Mr, B. S., Macclesfield 
Sutton, Miss, N. S., Bollington, Vai 
Scholfield, Mr, Forost N. S., Maccle 
Tubb, Miss, Christ Ch. N. S., Msccl 
Thewlis, Mr, St. George's N. S., Ma 
Williams, Mr, St. Stephen's N. S.,C 
Williams, Mrs, St. Stephen's N. S., C 
Wood, Mr, St. Jame's N. S., CongI 
Walker, Mr, N. S., North Rode 
Williams, Miss, Lord Vernon's S., P 
Wilkinson, Mr, Crompton-road N.S., 

Wilkinson, Mr, Biddulph N. S., Co; 

182.— ISiaidstoxie District (Kent) Teachers' Associat 

Pres., Mr W. J. Browne, All Saints' N. S., Maidstone 
t Vice-Pres.^ Mr W Oliver, Bd. S., Staplehurst 


Treas. and Sec, Mr H. J. Smith, W. S., Maidstone 

Adams, Mr, St. Peter's N. S., Maidstone 

Anscombe, Miss, N. S., East Mailing 

Ball, Miss, N. S., Valding 

Barnacle, Mr, N. S., Bearstead , 

Barrett, Miss, Girls' B. S., Maidstone 

Bettenson, iMr, Boys' B. S., Maidstone 

BIng, Miss, N. S., Marden 

Cart Wright, Mr, B. S . Sutton Valence 

Chantler, Miss, N. S., Barming 

Clark, Miss, Si. Peter's N. S.. Alaiilstone 

Cunningham, Miss '*^t. Peter's N. S.. M.-xid- 

Dickinson, Mr, B. S., Snodland 
Durban, Miss, N. S., Aylesford 
Eagleton, Miss, St. James* N. S., Maidstone 
Galpin, Mr, N. S., Valding 
German, Mr, Holy Trinity N. S.. Mnid«;tone 
Oootlhugh, Miss, lid. .*^., Hollingbourne 
Groom, Mr, St. Paul's N. S , Maidstone 
Green, Miss, St. Paul's N. S., Maidstone 
Green, Mr, N. S., Teston 
Hawkins, Mr, N S., Thurnham 

iames, ^Ir, St. Stephen's N, S., Tovil 
Lingston, Mr, N. M., Watcringburj- 
Langley, Mr, CoIHer-street, N. S., Valding 
Lauder, Miss, Holy Trinity N. S., Maiosrone 

Lunnon, M:-^, St. Paul's N. S., Ma 
Mac Donald, Miss, N. S., Detling 
* Marsh. Mr, Holy Trinity N. S., ] 
Mitchell, Miss, All Saints N. S.. M; 
Moreland, Mr, N. S., East Mailing 
Nailard, ^liss, N. S., Marden 
Oughton, Miss, St. Philip's N. S., 1 
Owens. Miss, N. S,, Yalding 
Porter, Mr, N. S., Ulcombe 
Ranii.iy, Mr, St. Faith's >'. S., Ma 
Roberts, Mr. N. S.. Banning 
Robinson, Miss. N. S., Larkiield 
Rolfe, Mr, Fd. S., Boughton, Mom 
Sayer, Mr, Union, Hollinc;hourne 
Saunders, Mr, N. S., Sutton Valen< 
Smith, Miss, N. S., Larkfie'd 
Symih, Mr, N. S., Aylesford 
Snell, Mr. Bd. S., Hollingbcume 
Stidoiph, Miss. AM Saint's N. S., J 
Tnverner, Miss, St. Philip's N. S., ! 
Turner, Mr, N.-S., Padd«:ck-wood 
Vergo, Mr, End. S.. Ley bourne 
White, Mr, N. S . M?xdtn 
Wir.ter. Mr, N. S., Kunton 
Young, Mi:s, N. S., Wateringbury 

t Paid through Cranbrook Te uhers' Association. 

• Paid through Tk>ytx Teachers* Association. 


L83.— Malton and District (Torks) Teachers' 


Pres.^ Mr R. S. Pear, Bower Memorial S., Malton, Yorks 

Treat. ^ and Sec, Mr Lod<;r, N. S.. Slingsby, Yorks 

N. S.,Thomton,Pickering, Yorks 

i. S., K.irby Moorside, York 

. S., Cox wold, York 

, N. S., Leavening, North 


[r, N. S., Kirby — Moorside, 

Tr, N. S., Rosedale Abbey, 
rs, N. S., Rosedale Abbey 

iumps, Mr, B. S., Malton^ Yorks 
loreton, Air, N. S., Hovingham, Yorks 
Otterburn, Mr, N. S., Scackleton, Hoving- 
ham, York 
Pickworth, Mr, N. S., Kirby- -Mispcrton, 

Spink, Mr, N. S., Pickering, York 
Weathenll. Mr, N. S., BirdsaU, North 

Grimston York 
Wray, Mr, N. S., Old Malton, York 


-Manchester (Lancashire) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr R. Lakin, B. S., Newton Heath 
Ice-Pres,^ Mr C. J. Dawson, B. A., St. Margaret's S., Whalley Range 
Treas.y Mr B. South, Lyon-street Bd. S., Ardwick 
Sec, Mr Wardle, W. S., City-road, Combrook-park, Manchester 
., W. S., Elm-street, Miles 

S., Christ-Church S., Har- 

• J. W., Bd. S., Vine-street, 

St. Francis' R. C. S., West 

Cannell, Miss, St. Margaret's S., Whalley 


Inft. S., Eccles 
V. S., Whalley Range 
Bd. S., Armitage-street, Hyde- 

Bd. S., Abbott- «:treet, Rochdale 

T, St. John's S., No. i., 

iss, St. John's S., No. i., 

H. Smith, St. James's S., 

• M. Smith, Barnes* Home, 
rsey, Manchester 
Bd. **., Harpurhey 
>t. Bride's S., Moss Side 
, Tarvin, Chester 
•innington Rise, Stockport 
.. F., B.A., Mechaic's Institut- 

St. Philip's S., Bradford-road 
. H., St. Philip's S., Uradford- 

B. S., Eccles 

St. Michael's S,, Hulme 

Clarke, Mr Jas., C'lvendish S., Stretford-road 
Clarke, Mr E., St. Barnabas' S., Oldham 

Clhrk, Mr C, N. S., Prestwich 
Crellin, Miss, Bd. S., Chester-street, Ardwick 
Corrigan, Mr, St. Wilfrid's R. C. S., Hulme 
Cole, Miss, St Peter's S., Swinton 
Cunliffc, Miss, All Saints' S., West Gorton 
Cubbin, Miss, St. Mark's S., West Gorton 
Dawson, Mr G., B. S., Droylsden 
Dooley, Mr, St Oswald's S., Collyhurst 
Duckworth, Miss, Bd. S., Granby-row 
Davies, Miss E., Bd. S., Every-street, 

Dexter, Mr. J., Parish S., Stretford 
Davies, Mr W. M., Lower Mosley-street S. 
Duvics, Miss S., Bd. S., Chester-street, 

Ditchfield, Mr J. E.. Patricroft 
Eastwood, Miss, W. S., Didsbury 
Eckersley, Mr, Radnor-street Bd. S., Hulme 
Elliott, Mr T., St. Philip's S., Hradford-road 
Evuson, Mr, N. S., IJowdon 
£v>n"». Miss A., Bd. S., Mulberrj'-street, 

Fairbrother, Miss, Bd. S., Wood-street, 

Fairbrother, Miss F., Bd. S., Vine-street, 

Fitzgeorge, Mr R., W. S., Stretford 


Gatcnby, Mr A., W. S-, Cailishead, via 

Gatley, Miss, Lancasterian Bd. S., Rochdale 

Grimshaw, Mifs, St. Francis' R. C. S., West 

Gorton, Mis», St. Philip's S., Bradford-road 
Greenway, Miss, Bank Meadow Bd. S., 

Green, Mr G., N, S., Barton-on-Invell 
Graham, Mr, W. S., Dicken's-street, Queen's 

Green, Miss, late of St. Peter's Bd. S., 

Gregory, Mi's, St. Matthew's S., Devonshire- 
street, Hjjde-rnad 
Hackett, Miss, Egerton S., Salford 
Halstead, Misi, St. John's S., Irlam-o'th', 

Hardman, Mr, St. John Baptist S., Hulme 
Hind, Miss, Bd. S., Armitage-street, Hyde- 
Hodgson, Miss B., Bank Meadow Bd. S,, 

H»nnay, Misi, Lloyd-street Bd. S., Hulme 
Hargreaves, Mr, Bd. S., Bradford-cum- 

HuAtingdon, Mr, St. Thomas' S., Ardwick 
Harris, Mr E., M.A., Jews S., Derby-street, 

Hodgi-on, Miss, Chester- street Bd. S., 

Hampton, Miss, Village S., Did -bury 
Hedley, Mr, All Souls' S., E very-street, 

Huddock*, Mr J:, B. S , Ten Acres-lane, 

Newton Heath 
Holmes, Miss, St. Stephen's S., City-road, 

Harrop, Mr, Bd. S., Radnor-street, Hulme 
Horrock*, Mi*s, St. John's S., Longsight 
Hoyle, Miss, W. S., Failsworth 
Hoyle, Mr, St. Matthew's Bd. S., Dearls 

Button, Mr G., Christ Church Bd. S.. 

Hud' on, Mr W., W. S., Davyhulme 
Ingram, Miss, St. James' Bd. S., M»jor-street 
Kaye, Mr, Albert Memorial Br .inch S., Miles 

Knott, Miss, N. S., PreUwich 
Kenworthy, Mis-, Bd. S., Mulberry-street, 

Killingbeck, Mr, W. S. Didsbury 
Kennard, Mr Jr, B. S., Middleton 
Lai-muth, Miss, W. S., Openshaw 
lyeaver. Miss, St. Thoma>.' S.. Ardwick 
I.ittlewood, Mr, Bd S., Granby-row 
Lord, Mr W.. Bd, S., Embden-street. Hulme 
Lord, Mr, St. John's S., R>idcliffe llridge 
Luce, Miss, St. James' S., Collyhurst 
Mason, Mr, St. James' S., Collyhurst 
Mitchell, Mr Joel, St. Jude's S., Ancoats 

McMichael, Mr, B. S., Audensha> 
Moss, Miss, Higher Grade Bd. 

Moss, Miss L., Higher Gr:ide Bd. 

St reet 
Mclntyr, Mr, St. John's S., Garts 
Middleton, Miss, Culcheth B. J 

He th 
Me 'kin, Mr, St. Mark's S., Ho! 

Newton Heath 
Meech, Mr S., National Society, '. 
Mather, Mr J., Christ Church S., 
Nathan, Miss, Jew*s S., Cheethan 
Napper, Mr E. W., St. John's S., 
Newbold, Mr J. A., 41, Higher A 
Norton, Mr B. S., Queen-street, I 
Nield, Miss, St. Thomas's S., Ard 
Newall, Miss, St. George's Bd. S 

Oswald, Mr, Brook-road S., Fallo 
Pepper, Mr E., St. Michael's S., 1 
Patrick, Mr W., St. Saviour's S., 
Priest, Mr E., Ail Saints' S., No. 

Powell, Mr C, Bd. S., Every-stre 
Porter, MrT., 86, Mosley-street 
PosMethwaite, Mr W. T., B. S. E 
Pearce, Mr A. J., Rose Hill S., F 
Prowse, Mr, Bd. S., Queen-stree 

Qurtltrough, Mr, f^t. George's S., 
Quinn, Mr, Higher Grade Bd. i 

Riley, M ss, St. Bride's S., Comi 

Moss Side 
Rose, Mr, Bd. S., Chester-street, 
Ross, Miss, St. Margaret's S. 
Rogers, Mr W., bd. S., I 

Bace, Mrs, Bd. S., Bnrgess-stre 

Rosebajmi, Miss, Culcheth B. 

Stanley, Mr, St. John's S.,AIirir 
Scotson, Mr, Higher Grade Bd 

Selden, Mr G., Bright- terrace, I 

Hyde, Cheshire 
Smith, Miss J., Cavendish S., Str 
Smith, Miss H., Cavendish S 

Silvey, Mr, Lion Bd. S., Cha 

Sanderson, Mr, Parish S., Ums-s 
Summerlield, Mrs, St. Mattht 

Taylor, Mr, All Saint's S., 

Taylor, ^ Miss A., Ashton 

Teare, Mrs, St. James' S., Collol 
Taylor, Mr T., Lancasterian B< 



. S.. Oxford-road 

Holy Trinity S., Hulme 

!rab-lane S., Higher Blackley 

A., St. Andrew .s S., Ancoatb 

• M. A., W. S., Grosvenor- 


ss, W. S., Grosvenor-strect, 


S. E., Bd. S., Lloyd-street, 

S., Ashton-OD-Mersey 
5, New Jerusalem S., Middle- 

K., All Soul's S., E very-street, 

Bethel S., Tailsworth 

f . S., Openshaw 

iss, Lower Mosley-street S. 

ss, St. John's S., Tailsworth 

Townskip S., Sale 

X. Paul's S. Mulberry-street, 

Williams, Mr !>., St. Mary's S., Mois»-lane, 

Williamson, Miss, Jews' S., Derby-street, 

Wood, Mr F., W. S., Longsight 
Walden, Miss, Every-street Bd. S. Ancoats 
Williams, Miss, Bd. S., Tuer-street 
Williams, Miss, Abbott-street Bd. S., 

Williams, Mrs, Lancasterian Bd. S., Roch- 
"Wilkinson, Mr, Cathedral S., Corporation -st- 
Wilkinson, Miss, St. Stephen's S., City-road, 

Wood, Mr J., Dob-lane S., Failsworth 
Woolfendeu, Mr, Bd, S., Queen-street, Brad- 
ford • 
Yarwood, Mr T., St. Mark's S., Cheatham 

Yates, Mr, St. Anne's S., Sale 


5.— Mansfield and District (Notts.) Teachers' 


/'r^.j.Mr W. H. Clarke, N. S., Skegby, Mansfield 
Vke-Pres.^ Mr Jackmn, N. S., Hucknall, Torkard, Notts 
Trcof., Mr W, C. Littlebury, Bd. S., Sutton in Ashfield 
Sec.y Mr E. J. H. Deamon, N. S., Blackwell, Alfreton 
;, Ironwork S., Stanton Hill, 

Bd. S., South Norman ton, 

iery S., Blackwete, Alfreton 
B. S., Pleasley, Mansfield 
Miss, Bd. S., Sutton in Ash- 

d. S., Sutton in Ashfield 
, N. S., Woodhouse, Mans- 
es, N. S., Pleasley, Mansfield 
d, S., South Normanton, Alfrc- 

Mr, N. S., Scarcliffe, Mans- 

VV. S., Mansfield 

s, Bd. S., button. Forest side 

N. S., Kirkby, Mansfield 
i, St. John's N. S., Mansfield 
. S., ^tactan Hill, Maa^^field 
. S., Pleaslev, Mansfiedd 
rib^hclf Colliery b. , Alfreton 

Mewis, Miss, N. S., Sutton in Ashfield 
Minors, Miss, N. S., Whaley Clown, Chester- 
Moore, Mr, St. John's N. S., Mansfield 
Moore, Mrs, St. John's N. S., Mansfield 
Morris, Mr, Bd. S., Sutton, Forest side, 

Oakley, Miss, Colliery S., Blackwell, 

Owen, Mr, N. S., Sutton in Ashfield 
Perkins, Miss, N. S., Shirebrook, Mansfield 
Pickard, Mr, Bd. S., Kirkby Folly, Mans- 
Rawson, Mr, Clerkson's S., Mansfield 
Rodgers, Miss, N. S., Scarcliffe, Mansfield 
Savage, Mr, St. Peter's N. S., Mansfield 
Shaw, Miss, N. S., Woodhouse, Mans- 
Stoad, Miss, Whaley ITiorn S., Langwith, 

Warnear, Mr, N. S., Woodhouse, Mansfield 
Wllliaaa*, Miss, Bd. S., South Normanton, 
Alfreton [57 


186.— Market Drayton and District (Sliropshi 

Teachers* Association. 

Pres.y Mr Palmer, N. 

Vice-Pret.^ Mr Johnstone, N. 

Treas. and Sec, Mr Simmons, N 

Amos, Miss, N. S., Little Drayton, Market 

Doyle, Miss, Bd. S., Knighton, Newcastle, 

Frost, Miss, 
Gregory, Miss, N. S., Moreton Say, Market 

Hayworth, Mr, N. S., Eccles, Manchester 
Hill, Miss, N. S., Edgmond, Newport, Salop 
Kemp, Mr, N. S., Cheswardine, Market 

Lea, Miss, N. S., Hinstock, Market Drayton 
Mtirray, Miss, 

S., Stoke, Market Drayton 
S., Moreton Say, Market Drayton 
. S., Little Drayton, Market Drayton 

Nickless, Miss, N. S., Woodsea 

Pearce, Mr, W. S., Market Dray 
Reeves, Mr, N. S., Hinsto< 

Reeves, Miss, N. S., Hinsto 

Scott, Mr, N. S., Market Draytoi 
Seabrook, Miss, N. S., Market I 
Walters, Mr, N. S., Ashleyj Mar 
Woodhouse,'Mr, Bd. S., Knightor 


187.— Market Harborongh and District (Leicester 

Teachers' Association, 

PreSi, Mr John Houghton, N. S., Husbands Bosworth, Rugby 

Vice-Pres.f Mr Cooper, N. S., Kibworth 

Sec.i Mr Andrew P. Houghton, N. S., Naseby, Rugby 

Bullock, Mr, N. S., Smeeton Westerby, 

Clarke, Miss, N. S., Famdon, Market Har- 

Crane, Mr W., N. S., Hallaton, Leicester 
Fenton, Miss F.. N. S., Clipstone, North- 
' ampton 
Gadney Miss, Girls' N. S., Market Har- 

Greenfield, Miss, N. S., Ashley, Market 

Grundy, Mr W., Boys* N. S., Harborough 
Hammond, Miss, N. S., Gumley, Market 

Harrison, Mr, N. S., Medbourne, Market 


Heaton, Miss, N. S., Kibworth, 
Houghton, Miss, N. S., Hus 

worth, Rugby 
Jones, Mr A., N. S., Lubenh 

Jones, Mr, Bd. S., Foxton, ^ 

Jones, Mr, N. 8., Welford, Rugl 
Knight, Miss, N. S., Welford, R 
Pallett, Miss, N. S., Cottingha 

Pool, Mr W. H., B. S., M 

Skeats, Miss, Portsmouth 
Smart, Mr Jas., N. S., Bow( 

Market Harborough 

188.— Marlborough and District (Wilts.) Teachi 


Sect Mr T. B. Ellery, St. Peter's Boys* S., Marlborough 
[Not affiliated until i8Si] 


-Marylebone (Middlesex) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.y Mr William, Bd. S., Herroy-street, Hampste?d-road 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr. Walker, St. Stephen's N. S., Bayswater 

Tteas.f Mr, "Woodward. Portland B. S., Gt. Poriland-street 

Sec.^ Mr. Winter, St. Luke's N. S., Nutford-place, W. 

Bd. S., Fleet-ro«d, Hampstead 
[r, Bd. S., College-street, Cam- 

5, St. Anne's N. S., Highgate 

,, Bd. S., Fleet-road, Hampstead 
N. S., Lancing-street, St. Pan- 

;, N. S., Lancing-street, St. 

All Soul's N. S., Gt Portland- 

;s, Portland Bd. S., Gt. Portland- 

jd. S., Fleet-road, Hampstead 
d. S., Whitfield-street, W. 
Christ Ch. 8., Stafford-street 
>t. Michaels N. !S., Paddington 
ss, Emanuel N. S., Maida Hill 
;d. S., College-street, Camden 

, Central N. S., High-street, 


iss, St. Paul's N. S., Lissom 

js, Bd. S., Aldenham-street St. 

Miss, Bd. S., Bell-street, Edgar- 

St. John's N. S., Paddington 
5, Bd, S., Stephen-street, Lisson- 

Emanuel N. S., Maida Hill 
It. Peter's N. S., Goldney-street, 

[r, St. Paul's N. S., Lisson-grove 
r, St. Stephen's N. S., Portland- 

Bd. S., Camden-street, Camden 

Bd. S., Stephen street, Lisson 

d. S., Fleet road, Hampstead 
•, Bd. S., Nightingale street, 

Heath street B. S., Hampstead 

, Heath street B. S., Hampstead 

All Soul's N. S., Gt. Portland 

[r, St. Thomas N. S., Portraan 

iss, Emanuel N. S., Maida Hill 
St. Dominic R. S., Haverstock 


St. Mary Magdalen N. S., 

Edwards, Mr, All Soul's N. S., Riding 

Elkins, Mr, Bd. S., Stephen^treet, Lisson 

Elliot, Miss. St. Mary Magdalene N. S., 

Fellows, Mr, St. Peter's W, S., Dutton- 

street, Paddington 
Fitsgerald, Miss, Bd. S., Cromer-street, St. 

Foreman, Miss, Bd. S., Ranelagh-road, 

French, Mr, Christ Church N. S., Stafford- 
street, Marylebone-road 
French, Mrs, Christ Church N. S., Stafford- 
street, Marylebone-road 
Frost, Mr, St. John's N. S., Tottenham 

Fuller, Miss, St. Luke's N. S., Nutford 

Gerrard, Miss, Bd. S., Medburn-street, 

Goddard, Miss, St. Stephen's N. S., Portland 

Goulden, Miss, Bd. S., Stephen-street, Lisson 

Greenwood, Miss, Bd. S., Medburn-street, 

St, Pancras 

Grindrod, Miss, Bd. S., Croomer-street, St. 

Grove, Mr, All Soul's N. S., Riding 
House- street 

Hadaway, Miss, Bd. S., Stephen- street, 

Haslam, Mr, St. John's N. S., Padddington 

Harvey, Mr, N. S., Childs Hill, Hamp- 

Hill, Mr, Bd. S., Aldenham-street, St. 
Pancras " 

Holeyman, Miss, St. Cyprians N. S., Upper 

Holeyman, Miss M., Hampden Garney 
N. S., Upper Berkeley-street 

Holt, Miss, St. Michael's N. S., Paddington 

Holt, Miss, Hampden Garney, N, fcJ., Upper 

Hughes, Bd. S., Stephen-street, Listen 

Hynard, Mr, Bd. S., Cromer-street, St. 

James, Mr, St. Michael's N. S., Paddington 

Johnson, Miss, Bd. S., Medburn-street, St. 

Jones, Mr, Bd. S., Barrett-street, Oxford- 

J I 


jourA, >lisi, St. Midtaei's N. S., Padding. 

Kerble, Miiu, Bd. S., Medburn-street, St. 

Ktmpton, Mr, S:. ilajy** N. S., Br>'anston- 

King, Mr, St. Lake's, X. S., Nutford-place 
Kclky, Mr, St. >Iark*s N. S., Marylcbone- 

Lake, Miss, Bd. S., Hawlcy Crescent, 

iCentish Town 
Linten, Miss, Bd. S., Stephen-street, Lisson 

Loveless, Miss, Emanael N. S., Maida Hill 
Lyon, Mr, Trinity N. S., Cleveland-street 
Maddison, Miss, Bd. S., Medburn-street, St. 

McAdam, Miss, St. Michael's N. S., Padding- 
McGregor, Miss, St. John's N. S^ Padding- 
McKenzie, Miss, Portland li. S., Great Port- 
Mann, Mr, St. Stephen's N. S., Portland 

Matthews, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Padding- 
ton Green 
Marshall, Miss, Bd. S., Fleet-road, Hamp- 

stead ^ 
May, Miss, Bd. S., Fleet-road, Hampstead 
Meyrick, Mr, Bd. S., Fleet- road, Hampstead 
Neal, Miss, Bd. S., Medburn-street, St. 

Nelson, Mr, Bd. S., Stephen-street, Lisson 

Newbery, Miss, St, Luke's N. S., Nutford 

Norris, Miss, Bd. S., Bell-street, Edgware- 

Oxboro', Miss, Bd. S., Aldenham-street, St. 

Palmer, Mrs, Bd. S., Cromer-strect, St. Pan- 
Palmer, Miss, St. John's N. S., Paddington 
Payne, Mr, Bd. S., MedbiUTi-streei, St. 

Parsons, Mr, Bd. S., Netley-street, Camden 

Patrick^ Miss, Bd. S., Hawley Crescent, 

Kentish Town 
Pearson, Mr, Bd. S., Medburn-street, St. 

Phillips, Mr, Bd. S., Haverstock Hill 
Piggott, Mrs, t h. Ch. N. S., Stafford-street 
Potter, Mrs, ."^t. Saviour's N. S., Paddington 
Pullar, Mr, St. Mi.hael's N. S,, Paddington 
Ramsay, Miss, Bd. S., Aldenham-street, St. 

Reed, Miss, All Saints N. S., Pancras-street, 
Reid, Miss, Bd. S., Hawley Crescent, Kent- 
ish Town 
Rice, Miss, Child's Hill, N. S,. Hajapstead 
Ridge, Mr, Bd. S , A'dcnham street, St. 

Sai n n j '^r, ill;-?. Bd. S., Fleet-roa 

Robiztsoa. Miss, St. Paul's N. I 

Sea le. Mils, Ed- S., Aldenham- 

Simm. Mr, Bd. S.. Camden-stree 

Sims, Mr, Bd. S., Fleet-road, Han 
Sir.kirs, Mrs, Bd. S., Fleet-road, 1 
Skegg», Mie, Bd. S., Beil-street, 

Smith, Mrs, St. Ann's X. S., Higl 

Spillman, Miss, Bd. S., Fleet-ro; 

Spratt, Miss, Bd- S., Camdea-5tr& 

Steele, Miss, Bd. a. Fleet-road, I 
Steel, Mr, Bd. S., Aldexiham- 

Stuart, Mis», Bd. S., Aldenham 

Sutton, Miss, Bd. S., Cromer- 

Taylor, Miss, Bd. S., Fleet-road, 
Taylor, Mr. Bd. S., Barrow-hil 

Ti<dale, Mr, Bd. S., Stepney-str 

Thorpe, Mr, St. TTiomas's N. S. 

Townscnd, Miss, Emanuel N. S., 
Tremeer, Mr, Bd. S., Stephen-str 

Tuckley, Mr, Bd. S., Aldenham 

Urry, Miss, Bd, S., Camden-stre* 

Vincent, Miss, St. Michael's N. S 

Walker, Mrs, Bd. S., Fleet-road, 
Wallace, Miss, St. Stephen's N. S 

Walter, Miss, Bd. S., Fleet-road, 
Watson, Miss, Bd. S., Aldenham 

Watts, Mr, Bd. S., Medbum 

Whelan, Miss, Bd. S., Medbuni 

Williams, Mr, Bd. S., Fleet-road. 
Willson, Miss, St. John's N. S., F 
Winter, Mr, St. Mary Magda 

Harrow -road 
Winter, Mr, T. Bd. S., H. 

Wren, Mr, Christ Church N. S., I 
Yeates, Mr, N. S., Camden-stree 

Youne, Miss, St. Saviours 



90.— aCarsrport and District (Cumberland} Teachers* 


Pres., Mr Hollidav, Nat. S., GUcrux, Carlisle 
Treas, and Stc.^ Mr J. Hodc;son% Hritish S., Marj-port 

Mr J. B., N. S.. Maryport 
MrJ., Bd. S., Glasson, Maryport 
;, Afr J., Bd. S., DUtington ' 
:d, Miss M., Nat. Inf. b., Marj-port 
>, Mr, Bd. S., Deanham, Carlisle 
d, Mr, Bd. S., Flimbj', Mar>port 

Sluart, Mr C, N. S., Crosby, Mar>'por 
Stewart, Mr I'. I., N. S., Mar>'port 
Simpson, Miss, Bd. .S., Uearhaun, Carlisle 
Thompson, Mr C, N. S., AllonHy, M.iryport 
Thomson, Miss, Undl. Inf S., Nlaryport 
Whyatt, .Mr, B. S., Allonby, Marj'p^rt 
Yellow, Miss M. A., N. S., Maryport I14 

t Not a member for 1880 

191.— Merioneblisliird (West) Tdacliers' Association. 

Pret.^ MrJ. Jonks, N. S., Dinas Mawddwy, Merionethshire 

Treat. ^ Miss E. I. Gikney, N. S., Machynlleth. Montgomery 

Sec.^ MrJ. E. Roberts, Cd. S.. Towyn, R. S. O., Merloneth.shire 

MrE., End. S., Llanbedr, Merioneth 
•Mr R. J., bd. 6., Lianymawudy, 

Miss A. C, B.S., Pennant, near Llan- 
nair, Mont 

MrJ. O., Arthog, Via, Dolgelley 
, Mr J., Bd. o., Islawrdref, near 
Mr C, N. S., Llanfachreth, Via, Dol- 

►IrW., (la:e of) Bd. S., Bontddu, 


Ir W., N. S., Corris, Via Machynlleth 

Is, Aliss A., B. 6., Wcm, near 

)r>Timair, Mont. 

;, Mr H, b., Bd. S., Pennal, via 


Roberts, Miss J., B. S., Cvrnmaes, .Mont- 

Roberts, Mr O. O., Bd. S., Dolgelley 
Roberts, Mr W., Bd. a., liryncrug, *ierIoneth 
Roberts, Air W., End. S., Hariech, wltri- 

Rowlands, Mr R., Bd. S., Pen.-hyndcndraeth, 

Thomas, MrJ., Bd. S;. Barmouth 
Thomas, 'Ir J. R., B. a., Abergynolwyn 

Williams, .>lr E., N. S., Llwyng.vrils, 

Williams, Mr J,, B. S., LKinbryiimair, 

Williams, Mr R., Bd. 8., Dyffryn, Merio.ieth 
Wilson, Mr J., (late of) N. a., Dolgelley 


192.— Merthyr Tydvil (Brecknock and Glamorgan) 

Teacliers' Association. 

Pre*.^ Mr H, Jolliffe, St. David's N. S., Merthyr Tydvil 
Vice-Prcs.^ Mr J. D. Lloyd, Bd. S., Penydarran, Merthyr Tydvil 
Treas., MrJ. D. Rees, Bd. S., Cefn, Merthyr Tydvil 
Sec, Mr Jenkins, St. Mary's C. S., Merthyr Tydvil 

Mr, Quaker's yard N. S., Pontypridd 

Mr G., Twynyrodyn Bd. S., Merthyr, 


s, Miss M., Abermorlais BJ. S-, 

lyr Tydvil 

Mr J. W., St. David's N. S., Mer- 

Miss M., Abarm:)rlais Bd. S., Mer« 

Jenlans, Mr J., Abermorlais Bd. S., Merthyr 

John, Mr R. M., Abermorlais Bd. S., Mer* 
tnyr iydvil 

Jones, Miss (i. A., Georgetown Bd. S., Mer- 
thyr Tyuvil 

Lewis, .\iiss M. A., Penydarran Bd. S. Msr 
thyr '1 ydvil 



Marshall, Miss M., Gaorgetown Bd. S , Mer- Walters, Mr W., Bd. S.. Geoi^towii, 

thyrTyd\dl ^ Merthyr Tydvil 

Morgan, Mr W., Fochriw Bd. S., Dowlais Williams, T., I lanvabon N. S., Pontypridd 

Puq;he, Miss M., Caedraw Bd. S., Merthyr Williams, Miss H., Penydarran Bd. 8., 

f'ydvil MerthjT Fydvil 

Williams, Miss, Cefh Bd. S.,Merth>TTyd\^l« 

193.— BCidlmrst (Sussex) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr Upton, N. S., Midhurst 

SeCi Mr Ball, N. S., Elsted 

P,all, Miss, N. S., Elsted Moore, Mr, N. 8., Faseboume, Midhurst 

Brihcall, Miss, N. S., Hegshott Pither, Miss, N. S., Woolbeding 

I^awrence, Miss, N. S., Midhurst Randall, Miss, JN". S., Miidhurst 

Mason, Miss, N. S. West Lavington Webster, oAx W. R., N. S., Harting [lO 

194.— BEoreton-in-Marsli (Gloncestersliire) Teachers' 


Pres.^ Mr Gj?o. Herrod, N. S., Todenham, Moreton-in-Marsh 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr T. Southwick, N. 8., Chipping Campden 

Treas. aiidSec.^ Mr W. Johnson, N. S., Moreton-in- Marsh 

Appleby, Mr, N. S., Stow-on-the-Wold Greene, Miss, N. S., Slaughter, Stow-on-the- 

Bastock, Miss, N. S., Broadwell ^ Wold 

Bnnrell, Mr, N. S., Ebrington, Chipping Hopkins, Mr, B. S , Moreton-in-Marsh 

Campden Paterson, Miss, Inf. P., Moreton-in-Marsh 

Childs, Mr, N. S., Longborough, Moreton-in Spink, Mr, N. 8., Swell, Stow-on-the-Wold 

Marsh Walker, Miss, N. S»., Moreton-in-Marsh 

Daw. Miss, Inft. S., Chipping Campden _ Williams, Mr, Bd. 8., Evenlode, Moreton-op- 
Grtes. Miss, N. S., Aston Su hedge, Chipping Marsh 

Campden [15 

195.— Newark and District (Notts) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr J. Neal, Mount N. 8., Newark 

t Treas. andSec.^ Mr Walker, W. S., Newark 

Cobham, Mr, N. S., Averham Eoberts, Mr, N. S., Coddington 

Harrison. Mr, N. S., Famdon Skerrctt, Mr, Bd. S., Collingham 

Hinchliffe, Mr, Bd. S., Balderton Simmons, Mr E. T., Christ Ch. N. S., 

Lister, Mr, N. S., Ossington Newark [i 

t Not a member for 1880. 

196.— Newbnry and District (Berks.) Teachers' AssociatioiL 

Freg., Mr J. M. Gilkes, Wickham and Welford N. S. 

Trcas.^ Mr Newhook, N. S., Hungerford 

Sec.y Mr J. C. Slight, B. S., Newbury 

Boulter, Mr, N. S., East Woodhay, Newbury Castell, Mr, N. S., Great Bedw^-n. Hall«^ 

lionkem. Miss W. S., Newbury ford > » »« 

Miss. N. S., WidtBboume, Ntw- 

I», N. S., Bo«fo«l, MsM-buty 

forS ' 

Le».iii, Mt, N. S.. Woolb«nplo», Rsdiiv 

Mr, N. S., St. Mity-^ Nnrbury 

MiichEll, Mia. M, 8., tit. John'.. Ncwburr 

i*. B. S., N=-bury 

«. Mis., N. S.. St. Mary^i, 1T.W- 

Ne*hi»k, Mn, N. S., Hungerford 

Norviile, Hi«, N. 8.,, Nnrbuiy 

rs, N. S., Wiekham, Newbury 

a, M,. ltd. S,. llaichum, N=w- 

0,Kood, Ili», J). B„ BeBdon. N.wbury 

P^-McMiw, B. a.. Ntwbnry 

Ranihiw, Mr, N. S., Newbuiy 

at, N. S., Si. Ut>ty\ Newbury 
t, MU«, N. S., Gral BafWyn, 

St, Pfl=rde, Ut», tf. d., (iiliM Polklt, 


Tn. S., Great Shefford, L»nibon.e 

Si. ^« de. ICr. N. S., Chilton Foliall. 

^ MUa, N. S., KinLbur>-. Hunger. 

Siraffofd, Mr, K. S., Newbury [jj 



/Vm., Wr Bloor, Ua 

nor S., XEwhiirn-on-T>ne 

ion Hall S., SiockeliEld.i>ii.Tyiie 

Tmi. amiCtHiralStc., Mr W. Rs 

lynn. All S»ini-i fl., Nwdiile^in-Tyne 

Min«lmgSK., MrT. W. ErmNcii, 

%H, Bd. »., SunderlMd-road, Gateshead 

Mr, Bd. S., DunMon, Oaledlead 

Dogheity, Mr, N. S.> Oiriit Chnwh, 

Mr T., St. Mar/i. Rye Bill, 


Evers. Dr., Seie™ S., Elj»iek, Nncuile 

, , J. Peter'*, Nell 

e, Mr, W. S., OriAan House, 

F. H., B. A.. Lanidowne lenncc, 


r, N. S., Thiockley, Nonhuoiber- 

Bd.^S.; St. P< 

Mr, Undl. I 

K. C. S., Si. Mary's, 

F. Bd. S., Redheueh. Gatnhead 
... . ... . gpj^i Tongue, 

. Peter's Infau's, 

ill, Bd. S.. Rnlbtugh. Cateihead 

Falconer. Mr, S.. Ptudhue-on.Tyne 
Gow, Mia, N. S., AIL Sainl'l, Newcajtle 
Graham, Mist, N. S., Si. Cuihbmi'i, Blaydon 

Giaham, hU, B. S., Royal Julnlee, NewcaHla 
Graham, Mr, Mickley Colliery S., SlockifieLd 

G^KiT^Mr, Bd. S., WesiDiiiRland-raad, 

Green, Miss, N. S., Si. Thomsi's. Newcajtie 
Uaswn, Mr, R. C S.. Si. Andrew-., Manon, 

Holdiwonh, Mr, W. S,. Clarence-ureel, 

Holmes, MiM, Bd. a. Arthur's Hill, 

HiH, Mr, Elswick W 




Ireland. Miss, ^. S.,''st. Joiin's Infiuus 
Ikin, Mr^N. S., St. Andrew's, Newculte 

Liitl«, Mr, N. 

.. Chri. 

MpI«. Mr', )ld 

b., li-. 

Morgiui, Mils, 

ad. 3., 1 

edhcugh. Ga 

Ntild, Mr, End 

Parker, M'r, N. 
Pcin, Mr, N, S 


Pot..r, M'r, Bd. 

ic^^h G«e. 

PUk, Mr, W. 

niaton, Elaj 

^>"= ' M 

Bd. S 


North Shield 

Rule, Mi», 

Bd. S 

. Sunderla 





Smith, Mint, Gd, 5,, 

Smith. Miu, B. S.. Baih-li 

Simins, Mr, B. S., Eeyal Jubilee 
■I'oneTkr, H. B., ByM-ell on Tya. 
Tyson, Mr, N. S., St. Thomas'i, 


Vinei, Mr, N. S., St. Cuthbens, Bl^daB 

V7au^. Mi^, N. S., St Siepheis, Nncn* 
Wsl»n, Mr, Bd. 5., Sundeilasd n< 

Winder, Miss, N. S., Byker, NewcuUe 

198!— ITevnnarket (SnffoUand Camlis.) Teachen' 

Tnat. audScc, JPr A. F. Cl\ske, If. S., Fordham, Soham, Cambridgeshire 

'Baiion, Mi, N. S., Rur»ell, Cambtidgeshiie Quinn, Itli, N. S., Isleham Fen, & 
Brodley, Mr. Par, S., Itleham, Soham, Camba 

CunbridBeshire Robson, Mr, N. S., Dalham, Newm 
Bawun, Mr, Bd. S.. Sohaoi, CambridECshire Csmbs 

Uelmore, Miss, N. S., SnailweLI, Newmarkcl, Ballon, Mr. N. S., Mildenhsll 

Cambrideeshire Taylor, Miss, Par. S., islehain, S 
Farrow, ifi, Bd. S., Soham, Camh-^ Cambs 

Feather, Hrii, Bd. S,, Soham, Cambs Thomas, Mr, B. S., Hieham, Bon SL 
Fool, .'■r, H, S., WorlinEIon, Mildenhall Edmunds 

Frogeui, Mr, N. S., Cheveley, Newmaiket, Thresher, Mr, Bd. S.. We^t Row, Mi! 

Cambs Turner, Mr,Bd. S., St. Mark's. New 
Fnl<:he[, Mr. Left the diittici Cambs 

MugTord, Mt, Left the district White, Miss, End. S., Chippeaham, S^am, 
Palmer, Mr, N. S., Banon Mills, Uildenhall Combs (•> I 

199.— ITewpoit Pa^el and Olney Teachers' Associstica. 

* Prts., Mr John H*iib, End. S., Ravenslone. Newport Pagnel 

yiii-Pra., Mr Okson H. Bull, N, S., Newport Pagnel 

Tnrii. a<td Sec, Mr Henrv IliS^ N. S., Stoke GoldingtoD, Newport Paeoel 

\llen, Mr. B. S.. Pliiny, Stratford t Franklin, Mr, N. S., L. N. W. R. Co'tt. 

Barnes, Miss, End. S., Willen, NeiTpgrt Wolverton 

Pagnel Groves, Miss, B. S., Nenrpon Punel 

Bishop. Mr, N. S., Sherinnac, Newport Hendeison, Mits, Newport Pasnel, <^\ 

Pagnel ■ » 5 j »-. ^ , i 

llhaiwynd, Mr, ». S., Gt. Linfotd, Newport Hood, Miss, B. S., Newport Pagnal 


r, Mr, Bd. S., Haversham, Ne^'port 


Miss, InC S., Priory-street, Newport 


r,Mr, Bd.S. Bow Brickhill, Bletchley 

Miss, Inf. S., Priory-street, NeMrport 


m, Mr, Bd. S., Olney, Newport 


Needbam. Mrs, Bd. H., Onley, Newport 

Quixley, Mr, Bd. S., Hanslope, Stony-Strat-^ 

Taylor, Mr, B, S., Newport Pagnel 
Town, Mrs, N.i*., bhelton, Newark-on-Trent 
Wright, Mr, N.S., Cosgrove, Stony Stratford 

• I 

200.— Newport and District (Momnouth) Teachers' 


Pres., Mr W. L. Cock, Clarence-street Bd. S., Newport 

Vice-Pret.^ Mr J. C. Brookk, Undl. S., St. Woolos, Newport 

t Sec. and Treas.y Mr Davibs, End. S., Caerleon, Mon. 

Mr, Bd. S., Maindee, Newport 
Mr, B. S., Abertillerj-, Newport 
1, Air J. K. £>., N. d., Llandvand, 

, Mr, Bd. S., Machen, Newport 
Mrs, Undl. S., St. Woolos, Newport 
Fr, Bd. s^., Maindee, Newport 
r, Mr, Bd. 8., Rhiwderin, Newport 
5, Miss, Bd.r .Barnard Town, Newport 
, Miss, Bd. »., Sitow flill, Newport 
Miss, Holy Trinity N. 8., Newport 
Mr, W. S., Blaenavon 
Mr, Bd. S,, GritTithstown. Pontypool 
Mrs, End. S., Caerleon 
, Mr, B. 8., blaenavon 
Mr, Bd. S„ Cwmtillery, Newport 
Mr, Bd. !?., Rica, Newport 
Miss,N. S., Commercial-street, Newport 

Lowing, Miss, N. S., Red wick, Magor 
Maddocks, Miss, Bd. S., Maindee, Newport 
Pitson, Miss R., Undl. S., Tredegi^r Whaif, 

Pitson, Miss L., Undl. S., St. Woolos, N*w-^ 

Ransome, Miss, N. S., Commercial-street,. 

Smith, Mr £. J., Bd. S., Stow Hill, New- 
Smith, MrT. B., Bd. S., Pontypool 
Thomas, Miss, Bd. S., Machen, Newport 
Thomas, Mr, Bd. S., Garndiflfaith, Ponty* 

Turner, Miss, Bd. 8., Stow Hill, Newport 
Watkins, Miss, N. S., Llanhennock, Oierleonj 
WjUiams, Miss, Bd. S., Maindee, Newport 
Williams, Mr, End. S., Caerleon [32 

t Not a Member for 1880. 

201— ITorfoU: (West) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr J. Stkphknson, St. Margaret's N. S., Lynn 

Vice-Pres., Mr W. G. Rands, Marham N. S., Downham 

Treat, and Sec, Mr L. R. Mitchell, Watlington Bd. 8., Downham 

d, Mr, Hilgay N. S., Downham, 

VIr, Grimston, N. S., Lynn 

1, Mr, Stow Bridge Bd. S., Downham 

;, Mr E, B. S., Lynn 
Mr P. J., Magdnlen Bd. S., Lynn 
Miss, Fordham N. S., Downham 
, Miss, Barton Benish N. S-, Brandon 
vIr, West Acre N. S., Swaflfham 
ei, Mr, Wimbotsham Bd. S., Down- 
Mr R. E., Gayton N. S., Lynn 
Ir G., Finc)iam N. S., Oownham 
, Miss H., St. Nicholas N. S., Lymi 
n. Miss, Bd, S., North Wootton N. S., 

Go*ving, Miss, B. S., Lynn 

Graham, Mr C., Denver N. S., Downham 

Grainger, «\lr E., St. German's Bd. S., Lynn 

Haydon, Miss, St. Margaret's N. S?., Lynn 

Hay don, Mr, Narboro' N. 2J., Swaffham 

Haylett, Miss, b. S., Lynn 

Hodkinson, Mr, Barroway Drove Bd. S., 

Howse, Mr, Casile Rising N. S., Lynn 
t Jarman, Miss, H»Ime N. S., Downham 
Layland, Mr, Flitcham N. S., Lynn 
Leyland, Mr J. H., Hilgay N. S., Lynn 
Marriott, Miss, Terrington, St. Clement's 

Undl. S., Lyun 

t Subscription received through Greenwich Association. 


Mayers, Mrs, Walpole, St. Peter's N. S., 

Mitchell, Miss,^ St. Margarets' N. S., Lynn 
Pickersgill, Miss, ShouldhamN. S., Down- 
Roscoe, Mr, Great Massingham N. S., 

Smith, Miss M. A., All Saints' N. S., Lynn" 
Stevenson, Miss, Cross Keys N. S., Lynn 

Skerrey, Mr, West L5mn N. S., Lymi 
Thistle, Mr, Middleton, N. S., Lynn 
Vair, Mr R., Tilney St. Lawrence Bi &, 

Ward, Miss C, B. S., Bourne 
Wigg» Miss, Terrington, St. Glemealfs 

Undl. S., Lynn 
Wildridge, Miss, 6d. S., Downham 


202.-^irorthamptoii and Northamptonshire Teachers* 


Pres.^ Mr G. E. Dixon, Gayton N. S,, Northampton 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr C. Ellen, St. Edmund's N. S., Northampton 

Treas. and Sec. ^ Mr Frasbr, Kettering. road Bd. S., Northampton 

Jones, Mr, Great Billing N. S., Northampton 
Kirby, Miss, St. Quarter N. S., Nothamp- 

Blackman, Mr, Long Buckby Bd. S., Rugby 
Brown, Mr, Old N. S., Northampton 
Blackman Mr, Long Buckby Bd S., 

Caine, Mr, Pitsford N. S., Northampton 
Dungate, Mr, Greens Norton N. S., Towcester 
Dawson, Mr, Floore N. S., Weedon 
Deacon, Mrs, All Saints* N. S., Northamp- 

Ellen, Mrs, St. Edmund's N. S , Northamp- 
£lliott, Mrs, Hackleton, N. S., Northampton 
£ldon, Mr, Roade Bd. S., Norhampton 
Fisher, Mr, All Saints' N. S., Northampton 
■Forman, Mr, St. Andrew's N. S., Northamp- 
'Graves, Mr, Lamport End. S., Northamp- 
•Goodall, Mr, Abthorpe N. S., Towcester 
Jackson, Mr, F.R.G.S., F.G.S,, Vernon 
Terrace Bd. S., Northampton 

Leach, Mr, Moulton Bd. S., Northampton 
Lyne, Mr Piddington Bd. S., Northampton 
Phillips, Mr, Hardinstone Bd. S., Northamp* 

Perkins, Miss, Maidwell N. S., Northamp> 

PuUen, Miss, Scaldwell N. S., Northamptoo 
Rediough, Mr, Milton Par. S., Northampton 
Reynolds Mr, Whittlebury N. S., Towcester 
Seston, Mr, Earl's Barton N. S., Northamp> 

Smith, Mr, Spring-lane Bd. S., Northampton 
Sharman, Miss, Easton Maudit N. SL, 

Tompkins, Mr, St. Sepulchres N. S., Norths 

amptou [31 

203.— Northampton (North) and District Teachers' 


Prrs., Mr J. H. Winterton, Bd. S., Park-street, Wellingborough 

Vice-Pres.f Mr W. Wood, Bd. S., Rushden, Higham Ferrers 

Treas.y and Sec.^ Mr J. G. Fllkes, End. S., Wellingboro* 

Ainslie, Miss, Bd. S., Higham, Ferrers 
teilling. Miss, N.S., All Saints*, Wellingboro' 
Brown, Mr J. R., Bd. S., Stanwick, Higham 

Cawse, Mr A., Bd. S., Park-street, Welling- 
Evans, Mr, Bd. S., Earls Barton 
Fisk, Miss, N. S., Rushden 
■Giles, Miss, N. S., All Saints', Wellingboro* 
Clover, Miss M. J., N. S., Great Addington 

Hayes, Mr G., Bd. S., Wollaston^ 
Harding, Mr S. J., N. S., Kettering 
Howe, Miss, N. S., Nortn end, Kettering 
Harbour, Mr J., N. S., Cranford 
Harwooa, Miss A., N. S., Peterboro* 
Jones, Mr A., Bd. S., Northampton 
James, Miss K. A., Bd. S., Park-street, W^ 

Knight, Mr A., Bd. S., Rock-street, Well- 


Ir G., W. S., Rfiunds 

ter, Mr, End. S., Little Harrowden 

a, Miss K., Bd. S., Rock-street, Weli- 


Miss E., End. S., Wellingboro' 

, Miss, Bd. S., Park-street, Welling. 


ir, Mr F., Bd. S., Hargrave, Kimbol- 

.h, Miss, Bd. S., Rock-street, Welling- 


ord, Miss, Bd. S., Northampton 

Stalker, Mr D. B., End. S., Burton Latimer 
Shelmerdine, Mr J., N. S., Raunds 
Scab rook, Mr W., Tr C, Peterborough 
Smith, Miss, N. S., Ketteringr 
Turner, Mr, Bd. S., Higham Ferfers 
Towner, Mr A., B. S., Roth well 
Whiteman, Mr, Gr. S., Rothwell 
Wagstaffe, Mr, N. S., Rushden 
Wood, Mr J. E., B. S., Kettering 
Warren, Mr J., N. S., Rushden 
Winterton, Mr W., Gr. S., Wellingboro' [38 

104.— ITortlitLmberlaiid (East) Teacliers' Association. 

/^res., Mr Thos. Taylor, Undl. S., Bebside, Newcastle 
Vice-Pres.^ Mr Robertson, Pres. S., Seaton, Delaval 
ly^/M., Mr Jackson, Bd. S., Blyth 
Sec, Mr Rodson, Newsham Bd. S., BIyth, Northumberland 

r Robert, Shankhouse, Undl.S., Craw- 


, Mr Benjamin, Barrington Undl. S.* 


), Mr Saml. ^., Back worth Bd. S., 

Mr Alex., Widdrington Undl. S., 


Mr, James, Seghill Bd. S.. Dudley 

Mr John, Cambo N. S., Newcastle 

Ir Launcelot, Waterloo N. S., Blyth 
Mr John. Benton-square Bd. S., 


Mr John H., Newbiggin N. S., Mor- 

cld. Miss M. H., Cowpen Quay Bd. 

k, Mr J , Belsay, N. S., Newcastle 
ion, Mr James Morpeth Pres. S., 
Mr, Sleekburn N. S., Bedlington 
[iss J., Blyth Bd. S., 
th, Mr A., Hartley Undl. S., Seaton, 

1, Miss M. A., Widdrington Undl. S., 

iss, Bebside S., Cowpen-lane 
Mr M., Bavington N. S., Capheaton 
Ir, Seaton, Delaval Undl. S. 
y, Mr, Longhirst N. S., Morpeth 
Mr A. H., Cowpen Quay Bd. S., 

Lillie, Miss, Corpor*tion S., Morpeth 
Lister, Miss, Bebside Undl S., Cowpen-lane 
Lumlcy, Miss, Shankhouse Undl. S., Cram- 

Lumsden, Miss, Newsham Bd. S., Blyth 
Lumsden, Mr J., Bebside Undl. S., Cowpen- 

lar^ ' 

Marshall, Miss H., Cowpen Quay Bd. S., 

McCarthy, Miss, Bebside Undl, S., Cowpen- 
McDougall, MrT., Cramlington Undl. S., 
Melrose, Mr Jas., Capheaton N. S., New- 
Moorhouse, Mr R. A., Cowpen Undl. S., 

Nicholson, Mr, Burradon Undl.S., Newcastle 
Oakes, Miss, Burradon Undl. S., Newcastle 
Ogle, Miss, New Delaval Undl. S., Blyth 
Paton, Miss, Seagill Bd. S., Dudley 
Ramshaw, Mr R., Bedlington N. S. 
Stranghan, Mr A., Sleekburn (West) Undl. 

S., Bedlington 
Stokoe, Mr A., New Delaval Undl. S., Blyth 
Traill, Mr A., Pres. S., North Shields* 
TuUock, Miss, Shankhouse Undl. S., Cram- 
■fright, Miss, Shankhouse Undl. S., Cram- 
Wright, Miss, Corporation S., Morpeth [46 


205.— Northumberland (North) Teachers' Associatioxi. 

Pres.i Mr Geo. L. Millsr, Stationer, High-street, Berwick 
Vice-Pret.^ Mr John Glass, X. S., Amble 
Treat, and Sec. ^ Mr H. W. Willits, B. S., Berwick -on-Tweed 

Arthur, Mr Ja^., N. S., Alnhaiti, Alnv/ick 
lilack. Mr, Prcs. S., HurncIiflFe, IJer\%ick 
Bixth, Mr John, N. S., Doddington, Wooler 
Broadbent. Mr. X. S., T'.vecdniouth. Berwick 
Branr.ingan, Miss, R, C. S., Alnwick Mr llios., N. S., Holy Island, Beal 
l'?.\ison, Mr Tho.s., N. S., Jiilingham, Chat 

l^avy, Mr Thos., N. S,, Shoreswood, Berwick 
I>.:>n:ud, Mr, *Pres. S., Roddam, Alnwick 
Dunn. Mr John, N. S., ^hilbottIe, Alnwick 
Fle;niiJ^, Miss, N. S., Tweedmouth, Berwick 
Good. Mr W. C, N. S., Bamburgh, Belford 
(ira^am, Mr, N. S., F lloden, Chat Hill 
(/rei?, Mr, Undl. ?*., Lowick, Beal 
Hail. Mr, N. S., Eglingham, Alnwick 
Hoit, Mr R., N. S., Lesburj-, Alnwick 
H.T.;an, Mi.^s, R. C. S., Alnwick!, Mr R. N. S., Old Bewicir, Alnwick«, Miss A., B. S., College Place, Berwick 
Lonsdale, Miss E., B. S., Old Shildon, Dar- 
McVittie, Mr P., N. S*, Ravensdowne, Ber- 
Miller, Mr VV., N. S., Scremerston, Berwick 
Morton, Mr, N. S., Dunstan, Alnwick 

Oliver, Mr T., B. S., Warenford, Chat H 
Oliver, Mr W., N. S., South Charlton, ( 

Potts, Mr R, N. S., Newton-on-Moor, . 

Rkwling, Mn N. S., Felton, Acklington 
Rennie, .»lr J. B., N. S., Castlegate, Ber 
Southern, Mr W,, N. S., Boadnell, Chat 
Spencer, Miss, N. S., Alnwick 
Tiij-lor, Mr John, 97, Frederick-street, S 

Thompson, Mr T., N. S., Alnwick 
Thompson, Mr J., N. S., Bowsden, Berv 
Thomson, Miss, N. S., Parade, Berwick 
Trebble, Mrs, N. S., Belford 
Tyzack, Mrs, N. S., Grittenham near C 

penham, Wilts 
Wade, Mr F., N. S., Embleton, Chat Hi 
Watt, Miss. N". S., Howick, Alnwick 
Willis, Mr R., N. S., Chillingham, Wool 
Willits, Mrs, Palace Green, Berwick-on-1 
Wolfe, Mr, N. S., l'honuon,Ber\vick-on- 
Wright, Mr John, N. S., Lowick, Beal 
Young, Mr Geo., Bd. S., Sheriff Hill, G 


206.— Vorthwich and District (Cheshire) Teachers' 


Pret., Mr T. Spencer, Barnton, N. S. 

Vice-Pres., Mr W. DrxN, Weaver S., Winsford 

Treas, afidScr., Mr John Wood, Witton N. S., Northwich 

Collingi. Mr, St. John's N. S., Winsford 
I>avies. Mr K., Wharton N. S.. Winsford 
Hill, Miss, R. C. S., Witton, Northwich 
Hoyle, Miss, E., Witton N. S., (Infants) 

Jenkins, Miss, Witton N. S., (Girls') North- 



Johnson, Mis>, Hartford N. S., Northwich 
Knowles, Mr E., Hartford N. S., Northwich 

Murray, Miss, Inf. N. S., Middlewich 
Nuttall, Miss. Girls' N. S., Middlewich 
Nixon, Mr, Gt. Budworth N. S., Northv 
Pegg, Mr, B. S., Witton, Northwich 
Pierce, Mr W., St. Paul's N. S., Leftwid 
Shinkfield, Mr, Meadow Bank Bd. S.. V 

Tyson, Miss, N. S., (Infants) Paradise -st 



207.— Norwich and District (Norfolk) Teachers' 


Pres., Mr W. E. H. Wilson, Bd. S., Surrey-road, Norwich 

V'icc-Pres.y Mr Polkinhorn'e, N. S., Litcham, Norfolk 

Treat., MrT. Rkdi-ord, N. S., Hardingham, Attleboro', Norfolk 

Scc.^ Mr T. ti. Francis, Bd. S., Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich 

Gamble, Miss, Bd. S., Sun-lane, Norwich 
Gedge, Miss, Inf. Model S., Norwich 
Gentleman, Miss, N. S., Upton Acle, Nor- 

k. Mr R. J., N. S., Holy Trinity, 


, Mr, Bd. S., Southrepps, North 


', Mr, Bd. S., Whissonsett, East 


, Miss, N. S., St. Saviours', Norwich 

, Miss L., N. S., St. Peter's per 

.intergate, Nor^v•ich 

, Miss F., N. .S., Hellesdon. Norwich 

Mr, Bd. S., Surrey-road, Norwich 
rell, Miss, N. S., Old Catton, Norwich 
r. Miss, Bd. S., Thorpe Hamlet, 

r, Miss, Bd. S., Sarlingham, Norwich 
r, Mr, N. S., Thorpe, St. Andrew's, 

w. Miss, N. S., Holy Trinity, Norwich 
;s, Mr, Bd. S., Spooner-row, 

s, Mr, B. .S., Carrow, Norwich 
, Miss, Bd. S., Mariner's-lane, Nor- 

lam, Mr, Boys' Model S., Norwich 
, Air, N. b., Swanton Morley, East 

, Mrs, N. S., Swanton Morley, East 

)ur>% Mr, Bd. S., Quay Side, Nonvich 
MUs, iid. S., Southrepps, North 

1, Mr J. B.,'s End. S., Nor- 

n?, Miss, Bd. S., Prospect-row, Nor- 

r, Miss, Inf. S., Ay Isham, Norfolk 
r, Mr, End. S., Seaming, East Dere- 

nart, Mr, Commercial S., Norwich 
J, Miss, Bd. S., Heigham -street, Nor- 

;r, Miss, N. S., Thorpe, St. Andrew, 

Mr, N. S., St. Stephen's, Norwich 
:1s, Miss, Girls' Model S., Norwich 
, Miss, Bd. 8., Wymondham, Norfolk 
;, Mr, l>d. S., St. Augustine's, Norwich 
r, Mr, Boys' S., Broxbourne, Herts 
er, Miss, N. S., Happisburgh, Norfolk 
lugh, Miss, Bd. S., Surrey-road, Nor- 
t Miss, Bd S , North Walsham, Norfolk 

Mr, Bd. S., Beetley, East Dereham 


Gomer, Miss, Bd. S., Thorpe Hamlet, Nor- 
Greenside, Miss, Inf. S., Cromer 
Hall, Mr, Bd. S., St. Augustine's, Norwich 
Hamnnond, Mr, N. S., Mileham, East 

Harmer, Mr, N. S., Pkeyton, Norfolk 
Harmer, Mr, Bd. S., St. Augustine's, Nor- 
Harper, Mr^ Bd. S., Coltishall, Norfolk 
Harvey, Miss, N. S., Starston. Harleston, 

Harwood, Miss, N. S., Upton, Acle, Norfolk 
Hatch, Miss, Bd. S., New City, Norwich 
Head, Miss. N. S., Earlham, Norwich 
Hill, Miss, Bd. S., Wendling, East Dereham 
Hill, Mr, Jf. S., Ay isham, Norfolk 
Holloway, Mr, N. S.. Eaton, Norwich 
HolmeSj Miss, N. S., St. Bartholomew's, 

Houghton, Mrs, Bd. S., Strumpshaw, Nor- 
Horstead, Miss, N. S., Redenhall, Harleston, 

Johnson, Mr, N. S., Great EUingham, Attle- 
boro', Norfolk 
Jones, Mr, N. S., Lyng, Norfolk 
Kaye, Air, K. C. S., Willow-lane, 

King, Mr, Bd. S., Hingham, Norfolk 
Kittcridge, Mr, Bd. S., Felthorpe, Norfolk 
Lander, Miss, Bd. S., North Walsham, Nor- 
Leader, Mr, Boys' Model S., Norwich 
Mann, Miss, Bd. S., Wymondham 
Montague, Miss, N. S., East Ruston, Nor- 
Mott, Miss, N. S., West Tofts, Brandon, 

Mountain, Miss, N- S., St. Paul's, Norwich 
Mower, Mr, Bd. S., Blofield, Norwich 
Mower, Miss, Bd. S., Blofield, Norwich 
Newman, Mr, B. S., Carrow, Norwich 
Norton, Miss, Bd. S., Surrey-road, Norwich 
Nunn, Mr, Bd. S., Heigham-street, Nor- 
O'Leary, Mr, R C. S., Willow-lane, Nor- 



Palmer, Miss, N. S., Knapton, North 

Palmer, Mr, Bd. S., Nortlj Walsham 
Pawson, Mr, N. S., Banham, Attleboro*, 

ff*earson, Mr, End. S., Elmham, East Dere- 
Pearson, Mrs, End. S., Elmham, East 
' Dereham 

Pemberion, Miss. Girls' Model S., Norwich 
Pole, Miss, Bd. S., Quayside, Norwich 
Polkinhorne, Miss, Bd. S., Quayside, Nor- 
Raker, Mrs, N. S., St. Miles, Norwich 
Reeve, Mr, Octagon B. S., Norwich 
Richardson, Miss, Bd. S., Silfield, Wymond- 
■ ham 
Richardson, Mr, Bd. S., Soulhrepps, North 

Rickus, Mr, Bd. S., Wicklewood, Wymond- 

Rotherham, Mr, N. S., Hethersett, Norwich 
Rump, Miss, Octagon B. S., Norwich 
Saunders, Miss, Bd. S., Quayside, Norwich 
Saville, Miss, B. S., Carrow, Norwich 
Savory, Miss, Bd. S., Crook's Place, Nor- 
Scott, Miss, N !^., Cringleford, Norwich 
Seymour, Mr, Bd. S., St. Augustine's Nor- 

iShockley, Mr, Bd. S., Wymondham, Norfolk 
Smith, Miss, Surrey-road, Norwich 
.Snell, Mr, Bd. S., North Walsham, Norfolk 
Stannard, Mr, Bd. S., Crook's Place, Nor- 

Stannard, Miss, Bd. S., Crook's Place, Nor- 
Starling, Miss, Bd. S., New Catton, Norwich 
Stead, Mr, N. S., Necton, Swaffam, Norfolk 
Steel, Mr, Bd. S., Silver-road, Norwich 
Stribling, Mr, Commercial S., Norwich 
Stroud, Mrs, N. S., Itteringhim, Norfolk 
Summerscales, Mr. End. S., St. Peter's 

Mancroft, Norwich 
Taylor, Miss, Bd. S., Heigham-street, Nor- 
Tench, Mr, End. S , Shipdham, East 

Tench, Mr, Bd. S., St. Augustine's Norwich 
Tench, Mrs, Bd. S.. Philadelphia, Norwich 
Terry, Miss, Bd. S , Silver-road, Norwich 
TroUope. Mr, N. S., St. Mark's, Lakenham, 

True, Miss, Bd. S., Carrow, Norwich 
True, Miss N., Bd. .S., New Cztton, Norwich 
Tuck, Miss, N. S., Salhouse, Norfolk 
Turner, Mr, Bd. S., Old Meeting, Norwich 
Walker, Miss, Bd. S., Hemblington, Norfolk 
Waller, Mr, Bd. S., Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich 
Watson, (late) Miss, N. S., Worstead, Norfolk 
Webster, Mr, Bd S., Quayside Norwich 
Wilkin, Miss, N. S., St. Philip's Heigham. 

Wilson, Mr, N. S., Redenhall, Harlcston, 

Williams, Miss, N. S., Little Dunham, 

Woolver, Miss, Bd. S., Hemblington, Norfolk 
Wright, Mr, N. S., doningham, Norfolk 


208.— ITottingliam and District Certificated (Notts) 

Teachers' Associatioii. 

Pres.t Mr A. H. Angrave, Bd. S., Bath-street, Nottingham 

Vice-Pres.f Mr K. J., Milner, N. S., Hyson Green, Nottingham 

Treas., Mr W. H. Walker, St. Phillip's S., Nottingham 

General Sec, Mr C. H. Kitchen, St. Matthias' S., Carltoil-road, Nottingham 

Mimtting Sec.^ Mr T. Killingley, St. Mark's S., Nottingham 

Abbott, Mr D. W., 36, Shakespeare Villas, 

Abbott, Miss S. A., Bd. S., New Radford, 

Abbott, Mr W. H., Bd. S., Queen's Walk, 

.\ram, Miss, St. John's S., London-road, 

Armson, Mr, N. S., Melbourne, Derbyshire 
Alloway, Mr C, N. 8., Bui well, Nottingham 
Atkin, Miss, St. James's S., Rutland-street, 

Attenborough, Mis^ N. S., Carrington, 


Baguley, Mrs, St. Mary's S., Plumtree-street 

Baker, Mr J., Christ Church S., New 
Radford, Nottingham 

Baker, Miss, St. Anne's S., St. Anne's Well- 
road, Nottingham 

Baker, ^ Miss, Bd. S., St. Anne's Well-road, 

Ball, Mr F.W., Bd. S.,New Basford, Notting- 

Bedford, Mr, W. S., Arkwright-street, 

Bedford, Mrs, W. S., . Arkwright-street, 


>rd, Miss, Bd. S., New Basford, 

Vlr, St. Nicholas* S., Nottingham 
Mr, N. S., Stapletord, Nottingham 

d, Miss, N. S., New Radford, Not- 

Vfiss, St. Mark's S., Windsor-street, 


[iss, Bd. S., Hyson Green, Nottingham 

Mr, St. Luke's S., Salford-street, 

Mrs, St. Luke's S., Salford-street, 

Mr, N. S., Kmonlton, Nottingham 
y, Mrs J. E., Bd S., Bath-street, 
rell, Miss, N. S., Bulwell, Nottingham 

e, Mbs £., Bd. S., Long Eaton, 

tone, Mr, N. S., Carrington, Notting- 

Mr W., N. S., Sneinton, Nottingham 
Mr J., 3d. d., Huntingdon-street, 

c, Miss E., Bd. S., New Badford, 
M, Mr, Bd. S., New Basford, Notting- 

,MissF., Holy Trinity S., Burton- 
:, Nottingham 

s. Miss, St. Saviour's S., Arkwright- 
, Nottingham 

Miss E. A., Bd. S., Huntingdon. 
:, Nottingham 
yr, Miss, N. S., Langar, Nottingham 

Miss, All Saints' S., Raleigh-street, 

sll, Mr, N. S., Plumtree, Nottingham 
ids. Miss, N. S., Colston Bassett, 
srlin, Miss, N. S., Beeston, Notting- 

ers, Mr J. W., Bd. S., Long Eaton, 


1, Mr W., Bd. S., Queen's Walk, 


ton, Mr B. J., N. S., Beeston, 


lawe, Mr W., N. S., Carlton, Notting- 

Miss, Bd. S., Huntingdon-street, 

Mr, Blue Coat S., Mansfield-road, 

'e, Mr, Bd.S., Key worth, Nottingham 
Mr, Bd. S., Best wood, Nottingham 

Miss, Bd. S., Hucknall Torkard, 

;, Miss A. M., N. S., ColviUe-street, 

ion, Mr A. H., Undl. S., Lenton, 
I, Mr, Bd. S., Bath-street, Nottingham 

Dunbar, Miss, St. Matthias' S., Carlton-road 

Edmonstone, Miss, Bd. S., New Radford, 

Ellenthorpe, Mr E., N. S., Cinder Hill, 

Elstone, Miss, St. Nicholas* S., Nottingham 

Faunthorpe, Mr, End. S., Flintham, near 

Faulkner, Miss, N. S., Sneinton, Nottingham 

Fewkes, Miss, St. Luke's S., Salford-street, 

Fewkes, Mr, Bd. S., Huntingdon-street, 

Fitness, Mr, N. S., Woodborough, Notting- 

Flewitt, Miss, Bd. S., Bath-street, Notting- 

Fletcher, Miss, St. Stephen's S., Bunker's 
Hiil, Nottingham 

Ford, Miss, St. Nicholas* S., Nottingham 

Fr>-, Mr, N. S., Bramcote, Nottingham 

Gaskell, Mr, All Saints' S , Raleigh-street, 

Gaskell, Mrs, All Saints' S., Raleigh-street, 

Gell, Miss, Christ Ch. S., New Radford, 

Gell, Miss, Christ Ch. S., New Radford, 

*■' Goddard, Mr H., Bd. S., Sneinton, Not- 

Green, Miss, _ St. Saviour's S., Arkwright- 
street, Nottingham 

Goodwin, Mr, N. S., Crosswell, Butler, 

Harford, Mr, St. John's S. London-road, 

Harris, Mr, N. S., Clifton, Nottingham 

Harris, Mrs, Bd. S., Old Basford, Notting- 

Harwood, Miss, Bd. S., Alfreton-road, 

Hayes, Mr, St. Joseph's R. C. S., Kent- 
street, Nottingham 

Haylett, Mr W. C, Bd. S., Bath-street 

Hemming. Mr E. W., Bd. S., Huntingdon- 
street, Nottingham 

Henrys, Mrs, Notintone Place, Sneinton, 

Hill, Mr E., Bd. S., Quarry-road, Bulwell, 

Hill, Miss, Undl. S., High Pavement, Not- 

Hickiing, Mr, N. S., Long Eaton, Notting- 

Hugh, Mr W., Undl. S., High Pavement, 

Hume, Miss, Bd. S., Notintone-str^et, 
Sneinton, Nottingham 

Humphreys, Miss, W. S., Arkwright-street, 

Subscription Paid through Newark Association. 


Higginbottom, Mr, Bd. S., Arnold, Netting- 

Holroyd, Miss A., Bd. S., Queen'* Walk, 

Holroyd, Miss E., Bd. S , Coventry-road, 
Bulwell, Nottingham 

Holroyd, Mr. J., Bd. S., Hucknall, 
Torkard, Nottingham 

Holmes, Miss, N. S., Daybrook, Nottingham 

James, Miss, Holy Trinity S., Burton-street, 

Jame«, Mr, St. Peter's S., Broad Marsh, 

Ji«rvis, Mr, Bath-street Bd. S., Nottingham 

Jefford, Mr B., Bd. S., Notintone-street, 

Johnson, Mr, Bd. S., Hucknall, Torkard, 

Jones, Mr, Bd. S., Bingham, Nottingham 

Jones, Mr, Bd. S.. College-street, Notting- 

Keys, Mr A., Bd. S., Carlton, Nottingham 

Kidd, Mr, N. J<., New Basford, Nottingham 

King, Mr J. H., Bd. S., Bath-street, 

Kirby, Mr W., N. S., Old Radford, Netting, 

Ledsome, Mr J., N. S., Bingham, 

Linthwaite, Miss, Bd. S., ' Quarry-road, 
Bui well, Nottingham 

Mace, Miss, N. S., Lenton, Nottingham 

Marshall, Miss, N. S., Lenton, Nottingham 

A/ensing, Mr, N. S., Cotgrave, Nottingham 

Merchant, Mr G., End. S., Wilford, 

Mills, Mis», N. S., Tlffield, Towcester, 

Milner, Miss, N. S., Hyson Green, Notting- 

Morley, Mr, St. Paul's S., Cross-street, 

Morley, Sliss, Sherwood House S., Mansfield 
road, Nottingham 

^loss, Miss, St. Stephen's, Bunker's Hill, 

Morton, Mr, N. S., Lambley, Nottingham 

JMurfm, Miss, St. Luke's S , Salford-street, 

Newby, Miss, N. S., Hucknall, Torkard, 

Newcombe, Miss, Bd. S., Radford, Wood- 
house, Nottingham 

Newmnn, Mr, N. S.. Culverton, Nottinghaia 

Nctherton, Miss, All Saints' S., Raleigh- 
street, Nottingham 

Oakley, Mr W.,^ Bd. S., Notintone-street, 

SneintoD, Nottingham 
Farkiuj Mr, N. S., Crosswell, Bichop 

Pierrepont, Mr, Holy Trinity S., Burton- 
street, Nottmgham 
Penny, Miss, Bd. S., Notintone-street, 
Sneinton, Nottingham 

Pollard. Mrs, All Saints' S., Nottingham 
Potter, Miss, N. S., New Basford, Notting- 
Price, Miss, Bd. S., Hyson Green, 

Prust, Mr, N. S., Chilwell, Nottingham 
Prust, Mrs, N. S., Chilwell, Nottingham 
Reddish, Mr, N. S., Lowdham, Nottingham 
Richards, Miss, Undl. S., High Pavement, 

Riley, Mr, Bd. S., Hucknall, Torkard, 
B-obey, Miss, Dale Abbey, Derbyshire 
Roper, Miss, N. S., New Bashford, Notting- 
Rose, Miss, N. S., Windmill-lane, Sneinton, 

Salt, Mr, N. S., Southwell, Nottingham 
Savage, Miss, Bd. S., Bath-street, Netting- 

Selby.MrJ., St. Mary's S., Barker Gate, 

Sharpe, Miss, St. Mark's S., Windsor-street, 

Sims, Miss, Bd. S., Huntingdon-street, 

Smith, Miss, Bd. S., Carrington, Nottingham 
Smith, Mr, N. S., Kuddington, Nottingham 
Spencer, Mr, End. S., Ruddington, Notting- 
Spenser, Mr F., Bd. S., New Radford,.Nott- 

Spyer, Mr. Bd. S., Coventry-road, Bulwell, 

Steedman, Mr, Bd. S., St. Anne's well-road, 

Sutton, Mr, Holy Trinity S., Burton-street, 

Soar, Miss, St. Philips S., Nottingham 
Soar Mrs, Bd. S., New Basford, Nottingham 
Treece, Mrj N. S., Annesley, Nottingham 
Turner, Miss, St. Andrew's S., Gt. Alfred- 
street, Nottingham 
Turner, Miss, Bd. S., Gedling, Nottingham 
Varney, Mr, St. Andrew's S., Alfred-street, 

Varney, Mrs, St. Andrew's S., Alfred-street, 

Walker. Miss, St. Stephen's S., Sneinton, 

Walton^ Mr, People's College, College-street, 

Waslin, Mr, All Saints' S., Raleigh-street, 

Wheatley, Mi, St. Anne's S., St. Ann's, Well- 

road, Nottingham 
Whitehouse, Miss, Bd. S., Bath-street, Nott- 
Wheeler, Mrs, N. S., Carlton, Nottingham 
Whitwell, Mrs. N. S., Lenton, Nottingham 
Whitworth, Miss B., St. Paul's S., Notting- 

Wilkins, Mr H., Bd. S., New Radford, 


Wtls*!!, Mr, Bd. S., New Basford, Notting- 

Wilson, Mr, Bd. S., Upper Broughton, Mel- 
ton Mowbray 

Woolley, Miss, N. S., Hoveringham, Nott- 

Woolley, MLss, St. Matthias' S., Carlton-road, 

Wroughton, Miss, Bd. S., Colwlck-street, 

Wroughton, Miss, Holy Trinity S., Burton^ 
street, Nottingham 

Wilkinson, Mr B„ N. S., Hickling, Nott- 

Youne, Mr J. W., Bd. S., Old Basford, Nott- 
ingham [174 

209.— Oldham District (Lancashire) Teachers' Association. 

Pret.^ Mr J. Collinge, B. S., Rochdale-road, Oldham 

Vtce-Fres.y Mr H. Eaton, Bd. S., Hathershaw, Oldham 

Treas. aftd Sec.f Mr Wm. Bagot, N. S., Waterhead, Oldham 


Oldham {North \Veti),—^x Self, St. Andrew's Ch. S., York-street, Oldham 

Oldham {South If^rsf). -Mr Williams, St. Margarets Ch. S., Hollinwood, Oldham 

Oldham (Central).— Mr B. Crowther, B. S., King-street, Oldham 

Crompton aiid Royton Districi. — Mr N. Fish, Congl. S., Royton, Oldham 

MiddUton District.— lAr T. Wade, Mills Hill B. S., Chadderton ^ 

Deakin, Mr Wm., Christ Ch. S., Glodwick, 

Dear, Miss, Bd. S., Wellington-street, Old- 
Dent, Mr, W. S., Glodwick, Oldham 
Draycott, Mr, Zion B. S., Lees, Manchester 
Dyson, Miss, St. Peter's Ch. S., Union-street, 

Adams, Mr W., St. Paul's Ch. S., Ashton- 
road, Oldham 

Barnes, Mr W., Little Moor Lane 8., Oldham 

Ball Mr, St. Luke's Ch. S., Chadderton, 

Bates, Mr C, Furness Hill Middle Class S., 

Battersby, _Mr, B. S., Poyton, Oldham 

Bayley, Miss, W. S., HoUins, Hollinwood, 

Beadsworth, Mr, Farkbridge Works S., Ash- 

Berry, Mr B., B. S., Prince Albert-street, 

Bottomley, Mr J., B. S. Glodwick, Oldham 

Bowden, Mr, W. S., Middleton 

Brown, Mr, Metb. Free Ch. S., Higginshaw, 

Buckley, Mr, 3, Pass-street, Werneth, Old- 

Butterworth, Mr T., 62, Werneth Hall-road, 

BvTom, Mr, B. 8., Middleton-road, Oldham 

Chapman, Mr, Parkfield S., Middleton, Man- 

Chew, Mr, Edge Lane Branch S., Royton, 

Cunliffe, Mr, W. S., Greenacres-road, Old- 

Daniels, Mrs, Village $>., Royton, Oldham 

Davies, Miss, Congi. S., Royton, Oldham 

Dawson, Miss, Bd. S., Roundthom, Oldham 
« Dawson, Mr J., Ch. S., Lees6eld, Manchester 

Dawson, Mr D., St. Mark's Ch. S., Glod- 
wick, Oldham 

Dyson, Mr, Salem S., Lees, Oldham 
Ecroyd, Miss, Ede Institute S., Heyside, 

Edwards, Mr A., St. James' Ch. S., Green- 
acres, Oldham 
Edwards, Mr W., St. Mary's Ch. S., Burn- 
ley-street, Oldham 
Feber, Mr E., Ch. S., Coldhurst, Oldham 
Fitton, Miss, St. James' S., ThornhamShaw, 

Fitton, Mrs, Bd. S., Westwood, Oldham 
Garnett, Miss, W. S., Middleton Junction, 

Gartside, Miss, Christ Ch. S., Glodwick, Old- 
Greaves, Miss M. A., Evangelist's S., Lord- 
street, Oldham 
Greenhalgh, Miss, Ch. S., Moorside, Oldham 
Grundy, Mr, 144, Oxford-street, Oldham 
Hanson Miss, N. S.. Waterhead, Oldham 
Haslam, Mr, Meth. Free Ch. S., Hollinwood 

Henderson, Mr A. D. C, St. Luke's S., Chad- 
derton, Oldham 
Herring, Mr W. J., High S., Werneth, Old- 
Hilton, Mr, N. S., Middleton, Manchester 


Hodgkinson, Miss, St. Thomas Ch. S., Old- 

Holt, Mr, B. S., Townfield, Oldham 
Holt, MrTetlow, Christ Ch. S., Chadderton, 

Homer, Miss, B. S., Boume-street, Hollin- 

wood, Oldham 
Innes, Miss, St. Paul's S., Roy ton, Oldham 
Jackson, Mr, Stockbrook S., Chadderton, 

Jessop, Miss, St. John's S., Wemeth, Oldham 
Johncock, Miss, St. Mary's Ch. S., Burney- 

street, Oldham 
Tbbson, Miss, N. S.,'Barrowflelds, Middleton 
Kennard, Mr, B. S., Middleton 
Landless, Miss, Littlemoor-lane S., Oldham 
Law, Miss, S. A. A., Bd. S., Westwood, 

LaWf Miss M., Bd. S., Hatthershaw, Old- 
Lawson, Miss, W. S., St. Domingo-street, 

Mellor, Mr, B. S., Mills Hill, Chadderton, 

Milne, Mr J., N. S., High Crompton, Old- 
Mitchell, Mr R., New Jerusalen S., Mid- 
Mitton, Mr R., Ch. S., Moorside, Oldham 
Moor, Mr, Bd. Westwood, Oldham 
Mowbray, Miss, Bd. S., Waterhead, Oldham 
Moyle, Miss A., (late oO Christ Ch. S., 

Glodwick, Oldham 
Moyle, Miss L., B. S., King-street, Oldham 
Moyse, Mr J., St. John's Ch. S., Wemeth, 

Ogden, Mr, N. S., Shav', Oldham 
Pollard, Mr, Bd. S., Smith-street, Oldham 
Quarmby, Mr, (late) N S., Shaw, Oldham 
Katclifie, Miss, N- S., Shaw, Oldham 
Rhodes Miss, W. S., Roy ton, Oldham 

Rutherford,,- Meth. Free Ch. S., 

Higginshaw, Oldham 
Rogerson, Mr., W. S., Shaw, Oldham 
Seddon, Mr, B. S., Henshaw-street, Oldham 
Smethurst, Mr, Ch. S., Northmoor, Oldham 
Smith, Mr, Bd. S., Wellington-street, 

Smith, Mr, N. S., Tonge Middleton, Oldham 
Steeple, Miss, Denton-lane 8., Chadderton, 

Steeple, Mr, N. S., Jumbo, Middleton, 

Stephenson, Miss, Bd, S., Smith-street, Old- 
Stevenson, Mrs, Derker Mills S., Oldham 
Stevenson, Mr, Derker Mills S., Oldham 
Swire, Mr O., (late) B. S., Creenacres, Old- 
Unsworth, Mr., St. Thomas S., Wemeth, 

WaHe, Mr G., W. S., Cowhill, Oldham 
Wallis, Mr B., B. S., Shaw, Oldham 
Walters, Mr, St, Peter's N. S., Union-street, 

Waring, Miss, St. Mary's Ch. S., Burnley- 
street* Olftham 
Watts, Mr S. H. East Crompton Ch. S., 

Watts, Mr S. H„ East Crompton Ch. S., 

Whitehead, Miss, St, Thomas Ch. S., Old- 

Winterbottom, Mr, B. S., Honej-well-lane, 

Wild, Miss, St. Stephens Ch. S., Lowermoor, 

Wood, Mr J. R., W. S., Roy ton, Oldham 
WooUacott, Miss, St, Stephen's Ch. S., 

Lowermoor Oldham 
Worsely, Miss, N. S.. Tonge, Middleton 
Wrigley, Mr, B. S., Mechanics' Institute, 
Werneth, Oldham [io6 

210.— Oswestry and Welshpool (Montgomery) Teachers' 


Pres., Mr. Fewtrell, N. S., Llanymyneck, Oswestry 

Vice-Pres.i Mr. .Dudley, N. S., Llanyblodwell, Oswestry 

Treas.^ Mr. Nelson, Bd. S., Oswestry 

See.^ Mr. Feather, N. S., Oswestry 

Barlow,, N. S., Oswestry 
Barrett, Mr, N. S., NescUff, Salop 
Blair, Mr, B. S., Welshpool 
Burr, Mr, N. S., Ruyton xi Town, Salop 
Cash, Mrs, N. S., Oswestry 

Chandler, Mr, N. S., Morton, Oswestry 
Hall, Mr, N. S., The Lodge, Ruabon 

iohnson, Mr, N. S., Treionen, Oswestry 
lucas. Miss, N. S., The Pant. Oswestry* 
Lyddiartt, Miss, N. S., Llanfyllin, Oswestry 


r, N. S., Montgomery 
, Ragged S., Oswestry 
, N. S., Pool puay, Welshpool 
fr, N. S., Whittingt»n, Oswestry 
Vlr, N. S., Churchstoke, Mont- 

Walker, Mr, N. 8., West Felton, Oswestry 
Wheeler, Miss, N. S., Whittington, Oswestry 
Williams, Miss, N. S., Aston, Oswestry 
Wynn, Mr, Trin. S., Oswestry 
Wynn, Miss, Trin. S., Oswestry [24,- 

111.— Fatrington and District (Yorks.) Teachers' 


Prcs., Mr Mason, Orphan Asylum, Spring Bank, Hull 
Treas. and Sec, Mr J. W. Evans, N. S., Easington, Hull 
r, Bd. S., Holmpton, Withemsea, 

?s, N. S., Easington, Hull 

r, N. S., Hollyni, Withemsea, 

Ir, W. S., Ottringham, Hull 

s, The Esplanade, Withemsea, 

[r, N. S., Patrington, Hull 

Ir, I, Temple-street, Stepney, 

Priddy, Mr, N. S., Paull, Hull 
Roberts, Mr, N. S , Ottrm^ham, Hull 
Roberts, Miss, N. S., Patrmgton, Hull 
Robinson, Miss, Bd. S., Hedon, Hull 
Sissons, Miss, Bd. S., Withemsea, Hull 
Still, Miss, N. f.y Patrington, Hull 
Todd, Miss, Bd. 8„ Hedon, Hull 
Watson, Mr, Laxton, Howdon 
Watkinson, Mr, Bd. S., Preston, Hull 


212.— Pembrokeshire Teachers' Association. 

Prcs., Mr Wm. Williams, Bd. S., Pembroke, Dock 
Fice-Pres., Mr T. C. Rees, Bd. S., Haverfordwest 
Treas. y Mr J. Henry Thomas, Par. S., Tenby 
Sec, Mr C. P. Turl, N. S., Cresselly, Pembroke . 

vlr W. M., N. S., St. David's 
: W. G., Bd. S., Neyland 
VlrW. H., Bd. S., Milford 
[r E,, Bd. S., Prendergast, Haver- 

r G. F., N. S., Neyland 
s, Milford 

r, Bd. S., Hundleton, Orielton 
N. S., Warren, Pembroke 
iss, Bd. S., Haverfordwest 
Mr, Bd. S., Narberth 
Mr, N. S., Stackpole, Pembroke 
liss, Bd. S., Pembroke Dock 
Ir, Bd. S., Grosgoch, Letterston 
Ir, Bd. S., Templeton, Harberth 
dr, Bd. S., tit. David's 
W., Bd. S., Pembroke 
Mr, N. S., Lampeter Velfry, 

Lewis. Mr, N. S., Taverapite, near Nar- 
Lewis, Mr P. G., N. S., Rhydberth 
Lewis, Mr Geo., N. A.^ Marloes, Milford 

Livermore, Miss, N. S., Haverfordwest 
Llewellyn, Miss, Bd. S., Prendergast, Haver-- 

Lloyd, MisSj Bd. S., Pennar, Pembroke-docic 
Maihias, Miss, Bd. S , Pembroke 
Morgan, Mr Thos., N. S., H«verfordwest 
Perkm, Miss, N. S., Haverfordwest 
Phillips, Mr, Bd. S., Solva 
Rogers, Miss, Bd. S., Pennar, Pembroke- 

Richards, Mr T. L., N. S., Carew, Pem-r 

Scourfield, Mr W., Bd. S., Whitland 
Simlett, Mr H. J„ N. S., Llangwm, near 

Slimxili, Ml, S, S., Rabuua 
Sttv'v. Mr J., Bd. S., Enirdy, » 

213.— Fenistoae and District (TorJcs) TeadierB' Assocutin. 

/•«i^ Mr t. HABiKEAVEi, N. S., Dtrbj-, near Huild«56«id 

r«r-fV.I., HrT. Hutcl.field N. S., ThureBlgnc, Pcci~tolH 

Trcai oW Stc., H. JvBDAK, !<. S., P<ni:nane, Shield 

Banwt, »lr. (.'mil. S., Dtnby Dale, Hflddcn- Hankuil', Mr, Ei. S., Unn^lf, Dnpoi, 

4;ull, M,, N. S.. U«pcar. Shiffitld 

Joae., Mr, Ed. S., Su^Asbriilge, Data,. 

Ev,raU, ML«, S, S., Ca.l«;<»I«, Drnford 


BHtlijc. Sheffield 

lone., Mis>. Bd. S.. Thurcstpne. SbtBdd 

Joi-. Mr. K. S.. High Hoyl^d, a^rm 


VVcC Huddtir^Bck] 

En«r. Mr., Bd. S., Millhou«, ThurenoM, 

PrcHwoxl. Mr, N. S., HoyhndtwiM 


Flctqher, Miu, N. S., Liine»K. Pcniuoix, 


Stimn>», ill, X. S.. &6-^ BdE«, H 

Fa«I. Uisi, N, S., Ktxboro", Eamsley 

Kuddtrsfield ^ 

^nidge, SILis, N. S., Pcnlsio^it, Sheftrt 

314.— Fenllyn and Edymion Teachers' Association. 

Pni., ilrOn-HNS. Gwyddtl«r„n, Pd. S., Corweo ] 

yLi-Prrs., U[ Peters. Mitsywaen Ed. S., Ba^ 
IVm»., Mr D.wies. N. S., Corwen 
jV., Mr Jones, B. S..CarwEn, Nonh Wale; | 

Husli«, Mr. Bd. S., I,br.dy;ile, Cor«en Jonei, Mr^, .V. s,, Eala 

Jon;-, Mr. N. S., Bali Oweni, Mr, Bd. S., U=la [i 

215.— Penrith and District (Cnmberland) Teachers' 

Pra., Mr CoLTO!!, Ed. S., Pcnihh 
r/r.-J'ra., Mr J. Daviss, N. S., Edciihall, Pe^-.riih 
Trt,u. n-id JV... Mr S. Wiusos, X. S., Penr;.!i 
Ailcn, HtK. Kl S., Penriih Kcat, Mr, Knd. S., Ciil^ith, Vranih 

B>r«iu, MiB, Inn. S., Penriih Opie, »lr, .\. S., Ptnriih 

Biolelti. Mr, N. S., Skir^iih, Penriih Parkin, .\Ir, P«l. S., Gambltsbj-, Penriih 

BriJgeuian, Mr, N. S.. Patnrdsle, Penriih Parry, Mr, Gr. S.. Banou, Penrjih 

Claii^ani. Mr. ^. S., PlumpKin. Penriih Kyder, ^l[>.■, Bd. S., Thiintbv, nnd Liuk 

CrmReU. Mr, N. S., Langwatbby, Penrith ciltichland. P«nriih 

Edraondun, Mr, ^. S., Oii»bj-, Penriih Eyder, Mr T., Ed. S.. CJibum, Penriih 

Kalmstiaw, Mr, N. S,. Mnrtind, Penriih Tumbull. Mr J., End. S., ilaushudn, 

More, Mi«. N. S., Dacre, Pennlh Penriih 

HmchinKii., Mr. N. S., Melmerbj-, Penriih Wal'.er, .Mr, Bd. S., Clifton. Penrith 

Jo.ies, ill. K. i. Yaniraih, Pennlli WiUiM;:i, Mr N. S., Re«t-^, Shap, Fttidtb 

139 * 

16.— PeiuniLce and 2)i«trict (Cortiirall} Teaelieni^ 


Prer.f Mr Austin Cross, 6d. S., Gulval, Penzance 

Vice-Pres,t Mr J. H. Trbloar, Bd. S., St. Hilary, Marazion 

Treas,^ Mrs Webber, W. 8., Penzance 

Sec, Mr J. H. Bark ell, TVythall Bd. S., Gulval, Penzance 

Mr, .N. S., Newlyn (West) Penzance 
Mrs, Whitecrosa Bd. S^ Ludgvan, 

Mrs. N. S., Ludgvan, Penzance 
ham. Miss, N. S., Towednack, St. 

Miss, Elizabethan S., Penzance 
Mifs, Bd. S.. St. Just4n-Penwith, 

Mr, W. S., Penzance 

Harvey, Miss, Bd. S., Ludgvan, Penzance 
King, Mr, Sir C Cole'* S.i Marazion 
Kissell, Mr, N. S., St. Buriaa, Penzance 
Morgan, Miss, W. S.,'Pei|z4noe 
Toman,^ Mr, ^endeen Bd« tS., St. Just-in- 

Penwith, Penzance 
Willcock, Mr, Hon; Mrs. Gilberts' S., 

Mancledra, Penzance 
Wright, Air, W. S., Mousehole, Penzance 
Williams, Mats, Sir C. Cole's S., Marazion 


117.— Fetersfield and District (Hants) Teachers' 


Pres. MrTHOS. Barkshire, N. S., Haslemere, Surrey 

Vice-Pres.f Mr Albert Dallev, Bd. S., Liss, Petersfield 

Treat., Mr G. W. Gulliver, End. S., Bramshott, Liphook 

Sec., Mr Jas. Parnell, Bd. S., Petersfield, Hants 

Mr Jno., Bd. $., Mildenhall, Suffolk 
Miss H.,' N. S., Liphook, Hants 
MrsC., N. S., Milland, Liphook 
Mr W. H., Bd. S., Clanfield, Horn: 

Miss B., N. S., Liphook 
m, Mr J. G., B. S., Petersfield 
«, Mr H. E., End. S., HoUycombe, 

:e, Mrs H. E., End. S., HoUycombe, 

Foord, Mr W. R., N. S., Steep, Petersfield 
Gladwya, Mr Fred, ^. S., Milford, Godal- 

Jarvis, Mr, N. S., Iping, Midhurst 
Lewis, Miss C, Nl S., Milland, Liphook 
Stuart, Mr Montrose, N. S., Rake, Peters- 
Titt, Mr Jas., N. S., Witley, Godalming 
Tregear, Mr W. S., N. S., East Meon, 

Woodman, Mr A. J., N. S., Froxfield, Peters- 
field [20 

;18.--Plymout]i, BeTonporty Btonehotise, and District 

Teaokers' Associatioir. 

Pres., Mr J, Hitchingr, St, Peter's N. S., Plymouth 

Vtce-Prei., Mr U. J. Bailey, N. S., Stonehouse. 

Treat., Mr P. Michell, Ford Bd. S., Devonport 

Sec, Mr J. "t. Carlyon, Kawal and Military S., Devoaport 

Assistant Sec,^ Mr iW; H. AMBttokR, Bd. S.» Stoke, > Devonport 

Crs E., King-Street Bd. S., Plymouth 
% Mr T. N., Charles N. S., Pfymouth 

Barnes, Mr, St. Mary's N, S., pevenport 
Barret, RJisS. Yealmptoa' 


Back, Mr, SuUroan^tnet Bd. $v»1Uyincmth 
Bradbury, Mr, George-street S., PlymoiJlh 
Butcher, Mr, Bd. S., Plymstock . .. 

Bennett, Mr W. J., Morice Town Bd. S., 

Devon port 
Congdon, Miss, Cherry Garden*street Bd. S., 

Connellan, Miss, Wolsdon-street Bd. S., 

Collins, MisSj Stillman-street Bd. S., PIy> 

Codd, Mr, Egg Bttckland ?f. S., 
Chaife, Miss, East Stonehouse Bd. S. 
Claxton, Mrs, St. Jame«'s N. S., Devonport 
Cross, Mr, Holy Trinity N. S., Plymouth 
Cowling, Mr, Stoke Public S., DevonpOrt 
Clutterback, Miss, Ford Bd. S., Devonport 
Daly, Miss, Cherry Garden-street Bd. S., 

Dyke, Mr E. O., St. Austell Bd. S. 
Eddy, Mrs, Morice Town Bd. S., Devonport 
Evans, Mr, H. M. S., Impregnable, Devon- 
Every, Mr, Sparkwell N. S., Plympton 
Firks, Mr G.i I, ]£ast-street Plymouth 
FoUet, Mr, St. Stephen's by Saltash 
Frain, Miss, Grey S., Plymo th 
Full, Miss, Mount-street Bd. S., Plymouth 
Gaud, Mr, Cherry Garden-street Bd. S., 

Gidley, Miss, St. James-the-less N. S., 

Gosling, Mr J. W., Devonport B. S. 
Gowings, Miss, Batter-street Bd., S. Ply- 
Green, Mr S., Comwood N. S., Devon 
Oudridee, Miss, Torpoint N. S. 
Hatherly, Mr T., Christ Church N. S., 

Henwood, Mr C, Public S., Plympton 
Hobbs, Mrs, St. Peter's N. S., Plymouth 
Hore, Mr, Cargreen N. S., Cornwall 
Jago, Mr C, Public S., Plymouth 
Jones, Mr, Torpoint W. S. 
Lake, Mr, Ivybridge Bd. S., Devon 

L^QOn, MjjasrA.r-MUlbrook If. S., Cornwall 
Masters, Misif« R. M., High-street Bd. S., 
Moont, Miss, Oxford-street ^d. S., Plymouth 
Murch, Mr, G., Gcorge-street S., Plymouth 
Murray, Miss, St. Andrew's N. S., Mymoutb 
McGrath, Mr, Plymouth R. C. S. 
Myers, Mrs, Mount-street Bd. S., Plymouth 
Northcott, Mr, Millbrook N. S., Coruwali 
Parker, Mr, Buckfiascleigh Bd. S. 
Parsons, Mrs, Station-road Bd. S., Plymouth 
Partridge, Mrs, St. Peter's N. S., Plymouth 
Pierce, Mr, Plympton, St. Maurice JS. S., 

Pickering, Mrs, Elbow-lane Bd. S., Leicester 
Polgreen, Mr. St. German's N. S., Cornwall 
Powe, Mr D O., St. Andrew's N. S., Ply- 
Precce, Mrs, Ford Bd. S., Devonport 
Rider, Mr, A. J., Stoke Public S., Devonport 
Rendle, Mr J., Grey S., Plymouth 
Roberts, Mr, Compton N. S., Plymouth 
Ruse, Mr J., King-street Bd. 8., Ph^outh 
i*avage. Miss, Oxfbrd-street Bd S , Plymoudi 
Sherwood, Mrs, St. Andrew's Chapel S., 

Shepherd, M iss, Devonport 6. S. 
Sharpe, Mr, Yealmpton N. S. , Devon 
Smale. Mrs, Castle-street Bd. S., Plymouth 
Stanlake, Mr, Tamerton FoUiott N. S., Devon 
Steed, . Mr N., Naval and Military S., 

Smith, Miss, Newton Ferrers, Ivybridge 
Treglohan, Mr T. P., St. James's >\ S,, 

Trend, Mrs, Pt. Stephen's N. 8., Devonport 
Tresise, Mr, St. Stephen's N. S., Devonport 
Trethewy, Mr T., ^t. Andrew's Chapcd U,, 

Ward, Mr, Torpoint N. S. , Cornwall 
Webb, Mr F. J., George-street S., Plymouth 
Welsford, Mrs, St, James's N. S., Devonport 
White, Mr, High-street Bd. S., Stonehouse 
Whitmarsh, Mr, St. Bndeaux N. S. 
Wotton, Miss, Naval and Military S.y 

Devonport [Sa 

219.— Poaitjpridd and Dutrict (Monnumthaxid Glamorgan) 

TeaciMrs' Association, 

Pres4, Mr Jossph Davibs, Graig Bd. S., Pontypridd 

Vice-Prei.^ Mr Lewis Williams, Bd. S., Llantwitfardre, Pontypridd 

Treas., Mr Thos. Jonbs, Bd. S., Coedpenmain, Pontypridd 

Sec,, Mr David Phillips, Bd. S., Treforesc, Pontypridd 

Arthur, MrT., Bd. S., Tonryiefrail 
Booth, Miss, Bd. S., Navigation, Quaker's 

Davies, Mr D., Bd. S., Gilvach Godi, 


Hia, Bd. S., EiTod, PMCypridd 
Ut /., Bd. S., Malbd, PoaPrfnM 
Mr J., a, S., raijgaig, IMntrpridd 

-"" B. S., LlviRU. Pnntrprifld 
v., B. S., Uwnnia 
1^., Bd. &, TmUw, Pontypridd 


te»,M^?.. Bd.S.. TitlbrMi 
tllpi, Hn L, Bd. S., Tnlbm 
"- - "- "' S., l-enrhiwifflto, Ml. Aih 

:., Bd, S., Hafod, Fotitrpridd 

.—Poole (Durtxiet) Ifloineiitary Teachan' Assooiatioti. 

TVfi., MrT. p. tI[CK9,Z.'S., PSAle, DoiHt 

Via-Fret., Mr J. W. Rohuhih, V. S., Loogfleet, Poole, Dniet 

7I-AU. a»i ^A-., Mr Tkohas Laws, N. S., PdoIc, Donet 

lir, 'n.' S., . Hamworthy. "PocJe, 
r. End. S., Spettiibuiy, B 

Towler, Mr, N 

S., Lytohot Mioslet, Poolc, 
S., Poole, DoiHt (ii 

PoitBiooatlL Mid Divtriot (Kantn) Teacheni* Assoelatloit; 

Pni., Mr H. Sandfokd, Alvestoke W. S. 

Via-Pra.. Mr A. C. Hardinq, St. John'i N. S., Poitsu 

vay.iti«cL Bd. S., LAndporl 

m«, BaiLvy'i-Toad, Somer'i-raftd, Sgiuhiea 

Hunt, Mr, BcDeficwt Sodtly'i S., Poniu 
Jackson, Mils, Bd.'S., Uillon 
Xing, Mist, Flyir.i BulMinc Bd. S. 
"•-- ""is E.,Beneacia] Society S.jPoitiea 

«, Soathieft 

Tmu., MrC. Grikis, Co 

, MtG. Grant, Mulio-luiiw. Bailey's 

Mi«, Holy Trinity K. S., Gotpon 

\aa. Miss, Alver^loke K. S. 

■%, Flaiioii-simt Bd. »., Portimoutti 

ilr, Bd.S.,CiHham 

Mr, S«. John-s R. C 8., Ui>dp<« 

, 6iB», St. lolin's R. C. S., Liiqdport 

HIu, 9t. Matthew's K. S., Goipon 


Uin. N. S.. Havant 

, Mr, Portsea l.-land. Union S., 

Min, Swan-sireel Bd. S., Landport 

, FLyfnz BulMane Bd. S., IWpon 

im, MiH, Ilcwtown N. S.. GospDrl 

ir, AJbeR-n>ad Bd. S., Soothwi 

, HiH, Albeit.toad Bd. S., Soothsea 

Irs, Bucl<lsnd Bd, S. 

[r, Ganwharf-road Bd.S., PotunHHilh 

Lee, Mr, I 

i> N. S 

,, Landpolt 
Lieajny, iiin, AuoamLS i<i. S.. LwiOFOft 
Lewis, Mr, FlyioEBall-liuie Bd. S. 
Light, Mr, H. MIL, St. Vincent 
Lnndy, Mr, H. «. M., St. Vincenl 
Lye, Mr, Callage Grove Bd. S„ Ssuthiea 
May, Mr, Cottage Grove Bd, S^ Southsaa 
Mnckett, Mr, Si. MatUiews N, S., Gosporl 
Manden. Mr, H. M. S., St. Vinan; 

Siiiii Mi, Elson N, S. 
arrMn, Alveisloke N. 5- 
Porter, Mist, ChLrdi-mecl Bd, 9. 
Rule, Mr. Buckland Bd. S. 
Shaw, Mn, Si. Jotin's N. S., Foftoa 
Smatl, Mr, H, Buckliad Bd. S. 

Smart, Mr Wo., CUurch-nrcil Qd. i 
-Smiih, Mrs, MiEhtlnsalE-ItrrBR, Sdi 
SmiiK Hiu, FiyiDg Sull-Uos Gd. S. 
SDltinn, Miw, Swan-sireM Bd. S., ' 
Sylv»icr,Mr, H. M. S., " ' '' 
liliaiiiu, Miu, Cbuicb-su 


11, Hr.W. &., GiHpon 

uit, Miss, Bnckland Bd. S. 

ivin, Hi, HdT Triaiij' N. &,. Gopin 

EBi, Miu, ELvias BbUJim Bd 8. 

la, Un, .Tr^uui Villn, Backluid 

d, llus, KcBMUcet ftd. S., Somthxi 

2S2.-Prwtoii and Diatrict Ua^amm^x*) Taaclitn'. . 

/Vn., HrSuTn,«. S., Higher. WmlUn 
Via-Pra., Mr BoSToCK, H. M. Inspector's Assisunt, i. Chtislian-nad, 
Tniu. «^^<c., Mr WOLStBicHoLua, Emmuuel S., Pnoon 

%nley, Uis, V. S., Kitkham 
isiaen, Miss, EmmanuJ S., PnalDn 
-JuliitiEton, Mr, Orchard S. , Preaton 
'BoEtomtcT, Miss, P^. &-, Siimlesbur; 
IBoiDelc, Miss, N. S.. Rirklisni 

Bnit, Mr, Hdy Tnoiiv S. , PtMlon 
'Bracnre[[, Mr. V. " t...... . — 

Brown,MrW. I., _..,_._ 
'CowelU Hi, Chiuc Ch. S., 
■Cowd, "-- =■ ° >" 

, ,.-._., m-le-D»le 

fldmiu^dsim, Mr, N, S.,Sii^HDn 
Triar, Hits, Si. Jeme!'! S.,l>natoil 
Fallowfield, Mr, Moot.rark W, " 
■"GiBmhalKhiWr, B. S,, Presceir 
GMiMT, Mr, N. S., BronriiBjii, iVestoo 
GemJi, Mr, St Baviourt^, Bamher Bridge 
■Hindle, MiB,*t.jDhn-sS.,Praton 
Humphreys, Miss, Chrifl CWi* S., PMBtOn 
'Higgrasoo, Mrs, BaiiHow Memorial S., 

Hodgins, Mf, St. Peter's S., Kanm 
«all. Miss, Holy Trinity S., Preston 
Sartley, Mia, Bl. John's S., Ptacn 


Miss, St. Bamab 
MICH, Miss, St. Lnke'iS-, ■■=,««> 
lulihirst, Miss, St. Snnoat'i S.J, PMttoB . 

[art W. S,, R*«on 

Ibbatson- Ut. tr. S., Dieher WaUon 
Johnstone, Mi«, St. Savioui'iL S., FRatoa 
Keiy, Mr, N. S,, Waltun-le-DaJe 
Leech, Mis;, B. S., Pre'tcTi 
Lynex, Mr. N. S., Kirkham 
McTaiffirt, Mi^ St. Paul'i S., PunUb 
Makinson, Mr, All Saints' S., Preiloo 

"Jr, End, S., Ncwioa-t»4cala 

1-street, PtestoQ 

Mos<, Mr, Vt. s'., _ 
Ogdeo, Mr, W. B.. 
Oedffll, Mr, W. S., 

Tame, Mr, News, ..... 

Pennrngton, Mr dg, Golden Hill E., |>;^t»| 
Sumnu, Mr, St. Jninei's S., Pi«loo 
Succliffe, Mr, at. haul's S., Preston 
Taykjr, Miss, St. Mark's S., Freuoa 
WolMenholine, Mm, EmmHiml S., Preatoa 
Wilkinson, Mr M., St. Malihew'a B., Vn$U» 
WitkinsoR MrT., Bi. Luke's 8., Piestoi 
Woolley, Mt. MooT'laue S., nvstoo 
Whiteade, Hn, N. S., NiddleTorth, PW- 

Woodhouse' Hiss. All Snints' S., PrMod 
Warhiirst, Miss, N. S., Inskip 
Wonhingion, Hin, Christ Church S., 

393.— Baiiu«7 and Dfatriiit' C^uita.) T«noh«]!«' 

Sk., Mr Knott, K &, Pcdy Feel Bridge, Banucy, Hui 

.SS4.— BMdiiiff ■ttd District SUmtnttxr (BwkM.) 

Aw., Mi Thomas Walves, Tilehunt N. S., Kuding 
ytrufPr^t.J^tyf}LUJ>M TnAi^uu, J^ S., SUvaMinU, R 
7niu., Mr Tpei GLKAVjt B. S,, Rtading 
Sic., Hr GiO. ^rit, Si..SlcpheD'> N. S,, Rading 



Babb^ Mr, : 

Si. Paul's N. f 

;:, Wob'^an, 

Bibby, Mr, Co 

lcyJH«t Bi. \ 

5., Read™ 

Bunce, Miu, F 

11. LUrence> 1 

N. 8., R«aing 

B^pck, mIs, 

'. Holy -frinily 

N, S., Renins 

N. S., Rcadiog 

Cook, Cav^hi 

m H. S.. Reid 

CcxiV, Mia S.. 


EEainetan, Mr, Early N. S.. Rendine 
t^w, Mr, Wokingham H. 5., Woikin);- 

G^am, MiaSpReadrng and Eajley Cambincd 

Bd. S.. Beading 
Gray, ^klr.ltsuigrove Bd. S^ Reading 
Grigsby, Mr, Reading uid Earley Caoibined 

HaywinJ, Mr, St. Lawrenra's K. B., Reading 
Hyde, UiBs, Oiria Church N. S., Kudlng 
Hmn. Uiu, St, Paul'^ N. S., Wokineham 
H=w|«t,3dr,Xwjfbnl'«.S.,K<»d«i« —. 
HumplMts, Htt, KatcsgrOVE Bd. 8., 

HtiAy, itas, Comnon N. S., NWijury ' 
Kimber, Miu, St. Stephen'! N. 5., Reading 
Kdwa. HIsi, Brmdinoor. N. S^ Wokiniiiaia 
KinnwoodTMr, Mortimer N. S., Reading 
Lutb, Miu, Cotey Bd. B.. Reading 
Lewih Miu E., Fiachunjat«d M. S., 

Hanh^ Mr, WargiaTC End. B., Healej- 

MoH, Mi.'Rtadlag Gi a, Rwding 
Moffiti, Mr, Kaies-groTc Bd. B., Kndlug 

NichalioD, Miss, St. Man-^Epiicapal Chapel 

tj.. Reading 
lilbrd, Miu, Rnding and Earley Com. 

bined Bd. 8 " ■■ 

Po'ynling, Miss E. L., Holy Trinity K, 3.^ 

I^gr(>iniuc,Mr,Ea^tbampslead N. S.,BlIuknct 
Reerii., Miii, Readinu and Ealjcr Combloed. 

Bd, $,. RcadJDg 
Roper, Mils, Ciey Friar'i, N. .>i., Ren^Bg ' 
Sodlu, Mr. Si. John's N, S., RcadinI 
Scarralt, Mr, ShinScId End, 5,, ReaJiiw ■ 
Sheward, Miss, Uenley-oo-'lliaines N. S-^ 

Smart, Mr, St. Cile^ N. S., Reading 
Smith, Mr, Aldworih N. S., Strcailev 

Siumnds.'MJsi, Cue. , . 

Shi^^y,'!^ St. laurebce'sK: 
llBKhM, ftfrs Coley-street Bd, S 
t TicknH, Hr, Wallingford N. S 


S., Readine 

M. E., RchT 

Wood, Mill, St. Maty'i Eidtcopd Chapel: 

Wei^le^Mrf ArborGeld N. S., Reading 
Vaniold, Miu, Ruding and Earley Combipttk 
Bd, S., Reading []& 

Wallingford AuDdUlon. 

325.— Bedhill and Diatriot (Surrey) Teachers' Aracciatioik. 

' Avi., MrifAiuw, K. S./ttotfitld, Sumy 

Vic€-PTn., Mr,' Pa'intbr, If.'S., Ragile, Sumy 
Trnw. aadSte^ Hx BiiLK.UlidL S., Bsigau, Surrey 
BDmelt, Miu, St. Uallhew'i N. 5^ IMUU, Daluiy, Hr, Bd. S.. felttcad, Esmx 

Surrey Piuaon, Mc, St. Mark's N. S., Rugate, 

Bndbeei, Mr, Bd. S., BltttAiugley, Sumy Surrey 

CUriie, Ifr, St. Maithei/. H. 8„ Bedbiil, Rebnti, MrW. S„ Redhil, Suner 


KobuiKHu, Ills H. S.. HoidnK R«Ic>tc, Vbi' Kfu, 'Si; Ui*C H. '^ 'Bdmc 

Sumy Suirey . ' 

RccvcLMr, B. S..(Ray>])Dvldd(,SiiR(tt ■ WiAw^r, IK, St. Lulu'i H. &, R«pn, 

Virgo, Mia. M. S., KtEgKU, Siunr Sumr I14 

S36,— Kedmtlt, CualMnnis and Hagrla (Comwall) T«ao1uk^ 

S., Roik«r, CiunbonM 

Cim^lfa, Miu, Bd. S, Eau End, Rednlli Ran, Mr. Bd. S., CarunieDeltu, Rolnilh 

Dainty, Mr, Bd. S., Eul End, Rcdrulh Rogtrt, Mia, N, S., PhiUuk, Hatlc 

Eudcy, Mr, Bd. S., St. Agnis, Scomcr Rnndel, Mri, Bd. B., KeheUand, CambwH 

Froil, Mt. M, S., l^ilack, H.yl. Scanun, Mr, N, S. Si. I™, CorawWl 

Muiii, Mn, Bd. S., EaKEnd,R«dnith IrtEcnn, Mr, Bd. 5., Baucn-nul, C^a. 

Hicki, Miu, Bd. S^ Eul Hud, Rsdrutli bnme 

luo, Hr, Bd. S., Troon, Cmnbomt Tonkin, Miu, Bd. 5., BatKn-mid, Cb- 

JtDnint*. Mr, Bd. S., St Day. Sconicr borne 

Lownun, Miw, Bd, S., Trtlelgh, Rtdrath W.lch, Mt, Bd. S., Caraiit, 

Jlnnoir™!-, Mr, Bd. S., Pool, CunboiiH ..■-..•—. ..•- ...r „ ,.. t 

PanlU Miu, Bd. S., Troon. GambaiH 

PbiUiiM, Mr, K. S., Cimbome 

t Not s Member for 18S0. 

^L Mix,' UJ. S.. Si. bay. Seania 
brd, Uiu, Bd. S,, Rotkur, Cm- 

2a7.-~Br«tfbrd and District (Xinoolttshira and Votto) 
T«aolL«n' Association. 

/^a., Mr T. DAri.KK, N. S„ Reifcrf. 

VkfFrn.. Mr Huufhrbv«, N. S., Wheuliy, RitTord. 
nvM. oKrf J-«„ Mr J. Smith, F.R.G.S., W. S., R«foiJ. 

balnr, MIn, bT. S., Hudon. Tuifoid Nelson, Mr, B. S., Sntlon^Q-Trenl, NgmA 

ClowM, Ml». B. S„ Otdull, Retford PhillLpj, Mr. N. S., Evctton, Bawliy 

Davey, Mr, N. S., Cluywortb, Retronl Bownlrei, Mr. B. S., TaxTord 

Evti«t, mIm, W. S. Relford Reed. Mi«, B. S., Ordsall, Ret(«d 

FalmnEr. Mr, B. .1,, Ruiskill, Relford RoM>l«hain, 5,, E«sn, Retfonl 

Grccnhalzk, Mr, B. S., Otdialt, Kttford Snilb, Miu, K. S., Reiford 

Goddald, Mr, N. S., DunhamJin.Trent Ward, Mtl, St. Sariours N. S., Rulbrd 

Gr«n, MiB, N. S., Riifotd Ward, Mt, St. Sa>ioui-s N. S., RetToid 

HaniK)n,Mr,B.S,0.dl^l, Retford WragR, Misi, M. S., SQtIoo.cum-Loa»l, 
Mt, B. S„ Matkham, I'uifotd Retford 

----'■■ i^M, Bawlry Wrage. Mr, N. S., SotIOB.euin-Lo«nd. 
elford Reiford [l} 

338.— BliTiimey and Wsstem VaU«7s (Konnumth) T«acli«ni' 

Pm., MrTnATCHmi, Bd. S., AberbM, nut Newport, Mon. 

rtci-Pris., Mr John Liwii, Bd. S., Ebbw Vale, Man. 

Tr»a., Mr. Pa»t, Bd. S., Cwm. Vienna, Ebb v Vile, Moo. 

Sk., Mr B. C WiiiMoTT, Bd. S., Lower Rhjnuiey, via Cwdil 

Bdc«, Xt, N. S., AbotillBy, dmi NawpsR, BakK, Un. M. &, AbutUlay, nc Ncvyoit, 



n, Wmx Bd. $3 .Middlr iUiyauiey, 

mney, via Cardiff 

I. Mr, Bd. S., Nantybwch, Tre4«gar| 


:, Mr, Bd. S , Brynmawr, Brecon 

1, Miss, Bd. S., Upper Rhymney, 

mney, via Cardiff 

;, Mr, Bd. S., Tredegar, Mon. 

i, Mrs, fid. S., Tredegar, Mon- 

ald, Mu;s,.Bd. S., Ebbw Vale, Mon. 

Mrs, Pontygoff Bd. S„ Kbbw Vale 

Miss, Bd. S., Tredegar, Mon. 
Miss, R. C. S., Rhymney, via Cardiff 
, Miss, Bd. S., Brynmawr, Brecon 

Mr, Bd. S., Sirhowy, Moft. 

Miss^ Bd. S., Sirhowy, Mon. 
ts, Miss, Bd. S., Beaufort, Brecon 
, Mr, Bd. S., Victoria. Ebbu Vale 
ngs, Mrs, Bd. S., Nantybwch, fiera 

Mks, Bd. S., Middle Rhymney, via 

3ne, Miss, Bd. S., Nantyglo, near 

Miss, Bd. S., Beaufort, Brecon 
lich, Mrs, Bd. S., Tredegar, Mon. 
Mrs J., Bd. S., Kbbw Vale 

Lewis, Mlsi. IX, Bd. t,, Cim Victoria, 

Ebbw Vate 
1^1^, Mr, Bd. S., George Town, Tred^ar 
Ilewis, Miss M., lid. S., Victoria, Ebbw Yale 
Lewis, Mr J,, Bd. S., Newtown, Rhymney 
Lewis, Miss, Bd. S., George Town, Tredegar 
Lloyd, Miss» Bd. S*, Sirhowy, Mon. 
Morris, Miss, Bd. S., Manmoel, Tredegar 
Phillips, Mr J., Bd. S., New Tredegar, via 

Phillips, Miss, Bd. S., Victoria, Ebbw Vale 
Phillips, Mrs, J., Bd. S., New Tredegar, via 

Rowell, Miss, Bd. S., George Town, Tredegar 
Rasser, Miss, Bd. S., Blaina 
Shields. Mr, Bd. S., Middle Rhymney, via 

Thatcher, Mrs, Bd. S., Aberbeag, Newport, 

Tohg, Mr, N. S., Brynmawr, Brecon 
Thomas, Mr, Bd. S., U^'per Rhymney, via 

Thomas, Mr, Bd. S., Pontygof, Ebbw Vale 
Wood, Miss. it. C. S., Tredegar, Mon. 
Willmott, Mrs, Bd. S., Lower Rhymney, via 

Cardiff [46 

I.^Bipon and Bi 

(Yorks) Teachers' Associations. 

Pres., Mr Humphries, End. S., Wath, Ripon 

Vice-Pret., MrDALKiN, N. S., Pickhill, Thirsk 

Treai.^ Mr G. Smith, End. S., Ripley, Leeds 

Sec.y Mr R. Best, End. S., Masham, Bedale, Yorks 

Mr A., N. S., Dishforth, Thirsk 
Mr C, N. S., Kirby Hill, Borough- 
e, York 

Miss, N. S., Galphay, Ripon 
y, Mrs, Girls' S., Waih, Ripon 
, Mr W., N. S., Carihorpe, Bedale 
Ir J., N. S., Boroughbridge, York 

Mr, N. S., Aldfieid, Ripon 
1, Miss, W. S., Sawley, Ripon 
I, Mr, N. S , Sowerby, Thirsk 
, Mr, N. S.. Grewellhorpe, ]^}^qx\. 
MrT- L., N. S., Skelton-, Ripon 
, Mr, N. s., Markington, Ripou 
i, Miss, End. S., Masham, Ripon 
egc, Mr, N. S.. Baldersby, lliirsic 
son. Miss, N. S., Hirklington, Ripofa 
y, Miss, N. S., Crantley, R^pbn 
I, Miss, IVinity S., Ripon 
e, Mr C, Board S., t ateley Bridg 

Morton, Mr J., N. S., Rosecliffe, Borough- 
bridge, Yorks 
Moss, Mr T., N. S.. Bishop Thornton, Ripon 
Myers, Mr M., . N. S., Kirkby-Malzeard, 
Palin, MisA, Training College, Rfpon 
Pullau, Mr, N. b., l<arnhani, Knaresborough 
Rookledge, Miss, Cathedral Inf. S., Ripon 
Speak, Mr. J., N. S., Aldfieid, Ripon 
Smith. Mr B. M., Mr. S., Ripon 
Stephens, Mr R, Hooksione, Darley, Ripley, 
• Leeds ;•'/•• 

Tomer, Misb, W. S., RipOn ^ 
Walton, Mr, N. §., Thirsk, 
Walter, Mr, Cathedral S., Ripon 
Williams, Mr, N. S., Sharow, Ripon 
Weston, Mr A. W., N. S., Tanfieid, ^edale 
M^oods, Miss, Training College, Ripon 
Wilson, Mr C, N. S., Burton Leonard, 
Ripon [38 


230.— Bochdale and District (XAiioaskire) Teackers' 


Pres,, Mr 13. Leach, St. Peter's N. S., Newbold, Rochdale 

Vice-Pret., Mr Simpsoit/N. S., Castleton near Manchester 

Tteas. andSeCt Mr William Sadler, 3elfield Bd. S-, Rochdale 

Andrews, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Balderstone 

Booth, Miss, St. Peter's N, S., Newbbld, 

Buckley, Miss, St. James' K. S.| Milnrow, 

near Rochdale 
Benton, Mr, W. S. Wardle, near Rochdale 
Belmont, Miss, Beliield Bd. 8., Rochdale 
Bam ford, Mr, St. Mary's N. S.^ Rochdale 
Baker, Miss, U. M. F. C. S. Littleboro' near 

Butterworth, Miss, St. Edmund's N. S., 

Bottomley, Mr, All ■Saint''s N. S , Hamer, 

Clegg, Mr, St. Edmund's N. S., Rochdale 
Calvert, Mr, N. S., Facit near Rochdale 
Cheeiham, Mr, Oakenrod N. S., Rochdale 
Draycott, Mr, U. M. F. C- S. Littleboro' 

near Rochdale 
Foulkes, Miss, Unipn Street W. S., Bochdale 
GreenWoody Mr, Union Street, W^ ~S., 

Gillgrays, Mr, W. S., Norden, near Rochdale 
Gresty, Miss, Ann Street N. S., Rochdale 
(iill, Miss, N. S., Littleboro' near Rochdale 
Gibbons, Miss, St. Patrick's K. C, S. 

Haresceugh, Miss, St. Edmund's N S. 

Houlden, Mr, St. Mary's N. S., Redcross 

Street, Rochdale 
HoUinshead, Miss, All Saint's N. S., 

Kowarth, Mr, Temple, Litttkboro' near 

Howe, Mr, N. S., Littleboro' near Rochdale 
King, Mr, St. Aibati's N. S., Rochdale 
Lord, Miss, St. Peter"^ N. S., Rochdale 
Leach, Miss, Bd. S., Lowerplace, Rochdale 

Mather, Miss, Calderbrook, Littleboro' near 

Meadowcroft, Miss, St. Edmund's N. S 

Nuttall, Mr, U. M. F. C. S., HaUfold neat 

Nuttall, Mr, U. M. F. C. S., Littleboro", 

near Koehdale 
Oldham, Mr, St. Clement's N. S., Rochdale 
Pilling, Miss, 40, Henry-street, Rochdale 
Pawson, Mr, St. James' N. S., Rochdale 
Parker, Mr, W. S., Facit, near Rochdale 
Pinnington, Miss, St. Patrick's R. C S.; 

Pearce, Mr, Bd. S., Lowerplace, Rochdale 
Robinson, Miss, Bd. S., Milkstone, Rochdale 
Smithies, Miss, Bd. S., Penn-street, Ro^* 

Stott, Mr, Parish Church S., Rochdale 
Stott, Mr, N. S., Dearnley, near Rochdale 
Shepherd, Mr, Walkden N. S.,near Bolton 
Sbi^h^d, Mr, Bd.S.,Cn>nkeyshaw, Rochdale 
Smith, Mr, Clover-street U. S., Rochdale 
Sladin, Miss, St. Mary'« N. S., Balderstone, 

Taylor, Miss, Bd. S., Halifax-road, Rochdale 
Taylor, Mr, N, S., Newhey, near Rochdale 
WooUey, Mr, St. John's R. C. S., Ann-street, 

'Woolfeaden, Mr, N. S., Smallbridge, Roch- 
Wilkinson, Mr, Wardle N. S., near Rochdale 
Wilkinson, Mr, W. S., Littleboro', near 

Wharton, Miss, CIover«street U. S., Rodi- 

Wolstenholme, Mr, Healey N. S., near 

Worthy, Mr, Trinity W. S., Lo>werpIace, 

Wheeler, O. H., Esq., Lyceum, Rochdale 


231.-^Boc]&esfter (Clxnrtii} (Kent) Teachers' Association. 

Sec.t Mr C. £. B'qxall, St. John's Scliool, Chatham. 

Ardley, Mr, Cohhani N. S.y Gravesend 
Am, Miss H,, St. Margaret's S.j Rochest^ 
Brown, Miss, St. Nicholas* S., Rochester 
Brown, Miss J., St. Nicholas* S., Rochester 

Duni^ett, Mr W., St. Mary*s S., Chatham 
Hill, M|<s H., St. Margaret's S., Rochester 
Mander, Mr W., St. Margaret's, Rochester 
Miller, Mrs, St. John's Ixa. S., Chatham 


At R. C, St^ Nicholas* J^ftetcr \r. .: • ^jp^r, ICmrE.j^i |!it«'r«., ItoSutster 
Miss J. St. Mark's New Brompton / Shaw, Mr J., St. Pkul's S., Chatham 
^on, Miss H., St. Mark's ' (Httv : ; . Skioizn, Miss H., St. Peter's S., Rochester 
>ton Shelton, Mr J., St. Mark s New Brompton 

, Miss, St. Peter's, Rochester [x/* 

12.— Sossendale (XAiiea«hire) Teachers' Associatioii. 

Pres., Mr Pubvbs, Bd. S., Shameyford* Bacup. 
Vice-Pres.t andSec,^ Mr Hjinby Terry, N. 8., Waterfoot, via Manchester. 

Mr Abel, B. S., Water, Lumb, 
liurch-in- Rossendale 
e, Mr, N. S., Lumb, Newchiirch-in* 
>, Mr W. M., N. S., Ch. Ch., Bacup 

Mr James, N. S., St. Saviours, 
Mr M., N. S.j Tunstead, Stadk^TMtds 

Mr R., N. S., Crawshawbooth, 

Mr, W. S., Wesley Place, Bacup 
Mr Alexand«r, B. S., Bury-road, 

Mr W., W. S., Longholme, 

Ir H., N. S., Rawtenstall 
II, Miss, N. S., Rawtenstall 

Hoyle, Mr W. T., N. S., Constable, RawCen 

HoUfind, Mr, W. S., Heald, Bacup 
Tenkinson, Mr J., W. S., Stacksteads 
Mottram, Mr H., W. S., Mount Pleasant, 

^ Nutull, Mr.E., ^ S., Water, Lumb, 

Metramrch-in- Rossendale 
Parkinson, Mr I. T., Bd. S., Cloughfold 
Pilling, Miss, N.S., Waterfoot via Manchester' 
Potter, Miss, W. S., Longholme, Rawtenstall 
Robinson, Miss A. M., N. S., Waterfoot via 

Stewart, Mr R., B.S., Mechanics Institution, 

Smith, Mr, W. S., Hsslingden 
Wolstensholme* Mr, B. S., Waterfoot via- 

Manchester [85. 

— Boyston and District (Cambs) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr William R. Beale, N.S., Barkway, Royston, Herts 
Vice-Pres., Mr Thomas Minton, N.S., Barley, Royston, Herts 
Treas. and Sec, Mr Charles Attkidgb, N.S., Royston, Herts 

Mr O. N., B. 8., B^ldock, Herts 
m, Mrs, N. S., Barkway, Royston, 

Mr W., Merchant Taylors* School, 

;U, Baldock, Herts 

Miss, Infant S., Royston, Herts 

VIr A. W., Merchant Taylors' S.,- 

!ll, Baldock, Herts 

(iss, High Cross, Ware, (lateof Rova- 

. S.) Herts 

Miss, Bd. S., Ashwell, Bal^ockJEterts 

nee. Miss, Bd. S., Bassiqglxmrn, 

3n, Cambs • 

HiU, Mr A. W., N. S., Baldock, Herts 
Howe, Miss, Infants S., Royston, Herts 
. Kelly, Mr. £., >B. S., Melboum, Royston 

Mac'Millan, Mrs, N. S., Barley, Royston,. 

Medley, Miss, B. S;, R<>yston, Herts 
Moss, Miss A., B. 8., Htt^hin, Herts 
Mow, Miss S. A., B S., Walsworth, Hitc^in* 

PardingtOB, ^iss„N.' S.,.Baikway, Royston 

. Quar^, Mr T., N. $., Foulmire, Roystofi,. 


Sa4^B>nglqr and Distciot CWuwiok} T«»eh«Tt' 

Pra., Hr Ball, V. S., Piilioi, Rugby 
yia-Pm.. lit Hamwood, V. S., Gmodborough, Rugby 
Trtai. atidStci^ Mr NoLDn, K. S., Briaklow, Coventijt 

PhiLlipi, Mils, C. E. S., Brockhuiit, 
ingby P«". MiM, C. E. S., Sireiton, Rugb) 

Slezfle, Mr, 

Ferry, Mr, W. 5., kngby Slunc, Mr, N. S., Willoughby, Rugb 

-Gilli™, MlH, C. E, S., lUginion, Coventry Troii, Mr, Free S." Dunchurcb, Eugb 

< Othwi, Miu, N. S , Harbora', Rufby Waring, Mr, N. S.. Boarion, Rugby 

Bowkll, Mid, Si. Muihcw'i Inf. V, Rugby WtiUack, Miu, Ud. S., H<nhuD, 

Noldar, Mm, N. S., Krinklow, C'a'tnliy Stonrord 

OnbUL Ur, End. £., Monk'i Kirby, LutKr- 

ftSfi.— SatlMud TeBolLars' AsBOoiatioii. 

Fnt„ Mr Cattsi.i;, N. S., Col«™ore, OAhiim. 
Vici-Pni., Mr Haines, N. S., Uaka Ovenon. 
Tthu., Mr Rowsll. N. S., Builty, Oikhiun. 
Sgc., Mr AsHi» N*. B.^ Uppinghaiu, Rucland 
Bennett. Mr, End. S., Hjuriniwarth Nonon, Miu, N. S.. Uppinebara 

Bo^, Mr, Bd. S., EiutDS, Sumpfnrd Olivet, Iti, M. S., OaVhan, 

BiowD, Mr, N. S., Ediih Weston Oli«r. Mn, N. S., Oakh«m 

-CowdSl. Mr. N. S., Seaion, Uppingham PimloK, Mr, N. S., Ketton 

C)»Bibe>l>in, Mr, N, S., ^ufTcntiiin. Fttiii, Mt.Ahui. Ma^tet. S. S., Un 

Kkdci, Mr, N. S.. Langham, Oakham BicbarduD. Mi, N. S,, Wing, Oalitu 

jrumb, Min, N. S., Creeihu. Oiikham Ria. Mii^ H. S., UpianghaiR 

HQI, Mt. N. S., Li-dduinon. UpMughaia Slooe, Mr. K. S.. Belion. L'ppinghai 

Bodgion. Mr, Church S., Mehuu SUlIer, MUa. N. S., Oakham 

Mwchant. Mr, N. S., Gieetham. Oakham TomK, Mr, N. S.,«oii. Oakh 

Miutung, Muo. M. S., G1ul«n, Uppit^ghun 

936.— Saddl«worth (tonCTMhire) Tsachem' Aasociati 

' Prrt., MtJOHM AvnOB, W. S.. Uppennin, MiDchalet 

Vict-Pml., Ml RotiT. Pkklis, B. S., Mouley. Manchester 

TrtHt., Mt Chaklu PKinr, Ouut Church. N. S.. Omnfield. MancheHa 

.Sic, Mt Major Wiuoh, Si. Marr^ S. 5., OmnGtld, Mucbeuo' 

b>Miiv MiH,B»«kTopHoaK,Upi>e™jn, Harris, Mr.J.,N. S., H(y,l«s, M; 

BoSTm*- W-. P»- S., OpI-n^ Mm- ^^^^^^^J"' *" ^' ^'=^'5. ' 

r.T., fiii S., Boairtww, Giwii- Swann, Mr T„ K. S., DeDjt»w, 


237--'St. Colnmb, Pistridt (fiottkWBii) Tewdhmf 


iVM., Mr W. J. JuLBFF, St Ookunb Minor Bd. S. 
Vic*'Pr€s^ Mr J. Rbbo, 8t. Dennis K. 8. 
Treaa^andStc., Mr W.'Solbuak, St. Metryn Bd. S., Padstew, Cornwall 

Mr J.^t, ColiimbBd. S., Cornwall 
36 £., Fadstow Bd. S., Ccrnwall 
Miss H., Padstow Bd. S., Cornwall 
Mr F, G., Padstow Bd. fi., Com- 

iliss L^ W., St. Mawgan Bd. S., 

Jones, Mr W. P., St. Mawgan Bd. S« 

Moyse, Miss £., St. Cblomb Bd. S., Com 

Nicholls. Mr J., Indcaa Queen's Bd« S. 

St^Columb [iz 

L— St. Helen's and District (Lancashire) Teachers' 


Pres.^ Mr. Woodward, Windle School, St. Helen's 

y'ic*'Pret.,'lix. Wakd, St. Thomas N. S., St. Helen's 

Treas. ana Sec.^ Mr. Enright, Peasley Cross, R. C, St. Helen's, Lanes. 

kir, Moorflat N. S., St. Helen's 

0, Mr £., Moss Bank N. S., Billinge, 


Ir, W. S. St. Helen's 

Mrs, Hardshaw Street. St. Helen's 

. Mrs, Cowley B. S., St. Helen's 

Sitss, Ravenhead N. &, St. Helen's 

E^r, Cowley B. S., St, Helen's 

VCiss, Peasley Crosa, B. S., St. 

[r, Lowe House, R. C, St. Helen's 
Vfr, Sutton St. Anne*s R.' C, St. 


Miss, York Street Inft. School, 
ir, Lowe House, R. C, St. Helen's 

McGariele, Mr, Holy Cross R. C. S., St. 

St. Helen's 
Mason, Mr T. C, W. S., St. Helen's 
Nicholi, Miss, Peasley Cross B. S., St. 

Ormrod, Miss, St. Thomas V. S., St. Bfelen's 
Plewvi, Mr. Sutton N. S., St. Helen's 
Pigott, Miss, Windle School, St. Helen's 
Sales, Mr J. E., W. S., St. Helen's 
Smith, Mr J., Holy Trinity N. S., Parr 

Mount St. Helen's 
Smallshaw, Miss, St. Thomas N. S.« 

Eccleston, St. Helen's 
Taylor, Mr, Haydock B. S., St. Helen's 
Walden, Mr, Haydock N. S., St. Helen's 
Waizborn, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., St. 



-Salford District (Lancashire) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.f Mr D. Smith, Hope Chapel S., Salford. 

Vict'Pret,^ Mr W. H. Holloway, Bd. S., Great Ch^etham-street, Salford. 

Treat.t Mr A. Stombs, N. S^, St. Paufs, Kersal. 

Sec., Mr T. Grinola, B. S., Broughton-road, Pendleton., Salford 

, Miss, W. S., Gardner*6trect, Broderick, Miss, St. Philips N. S., Oldfield- 

:on . road, Salford 

!r, St. Nicholas' N. S., Lower Buckley, Mr, Mount Carmel R, C. S., 

ton ' '" Clarence>Btrcet, Salfoi^d 

Miss, St. Anne's N. 8., Brindle- Camao; Miss,- Methodist Frbe S., Ecdcs 

New>road, sralford '• 

Mr, New Jersulam B. 9/, Bolton- Catteralli Misa, Ch. Ch. N, B., Hope-jtreet. 

ialford Salfofd ,^ 



Chorley, Miss, St. George's N. S., WhjiJaaft , 

Charlestown .TUrr... 

Clarkson, Miss, St, SCepheo's M. S.,.SflJford 
Clegg, Mr; St. Ann's N. &, Brindleheath, 

Conder, Miss, W. S., Cheetham HilU Main " 

Cooke, Mr, St. Luke's N. S., Weaste 
CowbumJMr, St. Anne's N. §.« BriniUe- 

heath, Pendleton 
paltoo, Mr, W. S., ^ussex-street, Low^ 
- Brotghton 

Daris, Mr, St. James* N. S., Hope, Pendle- 
Dawkins, Mr, Ch. Ch. N. S., Hope-street, 

Ditchfield. Mr, B. S., Green-lane, Patricroft 
Dobia, Miss, Stowell Memoriai }i, 8^ Ec^^s 

New-road, Salford 
Evans, Mr, Stuwel Memorial N. S., -Boekfc 

New-road, Salford 
Gamer, Mr., W. S., Regent Road, Salford 
Garlick, Mr., Bd. S., EUor Street^ Pendteton . 
Greenhalgh. Miss, Sacred Trinity N. S., 

Bury Street, Salford 
Greenhalgh, Miss £., St. Stephen's N. S., 

Hailing, Mr., St. Matthias' X. S., Broughton 

Road, Salford 
Heap, Mr., Half Time S., Whit Lane, 
. Pendleton 
Hill, Miss, W. S., Stissex Street, .Lower 

Hilton, Miss, St. Ann's N. S., Brindleheath, 

Howard, Mr., Pres. S., Mount Street, Salford 
Hulnfes, Miss, Working Men's College, 


JphnsorkMr^.^ ^k Ann^ N. ^.^ Brindh 

. .X«a|key, Mr., St. Simon's N. S., Sprii 
Law, Miss, Christ Church Upper S., 

Street. Salford 
ICftrsh, Mr., St. John's N. S., Pendlel 
Mason, Miss, W. S., Regent Road, S 
Massey. Miss, St. Luke's N. S., Wea: 
Mills, Miss, Christ Church N. S., Hope 

CNeil, Mr., St. Peter's R. C. S., Gre 
■ Salford 
Parkinson, Miss, St. Matthias' S., Sil 

Piatt, Mr, 34, Eccles Old-road, Pendl 
Pendlebury, Miss, St. Thomas* 

Hankinson-street, Pendleton 
Riddehough, Mr, Church of Ascen 

S., Dvke-atroet, Lower Brottght<n 
Roberts, Mr, Ch. Ch. Upper ti., Hulni 

Salmon. Mr, Strawberry-road B 

Sanderson, Miss, Bd. S., Southa! 

Shaw, Mr, W. S., Gravel-lane, Salfoi 
Sharrockd, Miss, New Windsor 

Smith, Miss, St. Bartholomew's 

RegeAt-road, Salford 
Taylor, Miss, St. James's N. S., 

Thomley, Mr, Richmond Hill B. S., 
Wardell, Mr, W. S., Gardner-stre* 

Whitfield, Mr, W. S., Cheetham Hi 

Wild, Mr, St. Stephen's S., Salford 
Wood, Miss, Strawberry* road B. i 


240.— Salisbury (Chnrcli) (Wilts) Teachers' Assoeiati 

Stcs., Mr H. Robinson, N._S., St. Thomas' Salisbury, and Miss Midl^ton, N. S 

Edmund's, Sarum 

AH, Ml<is, Free S., Salisbury 

Anset, Mrs, St. Martin's Inf. S.j Sannn 

Axton, iAlss, Melchet Court K, S*, Momss^y 

Aikman, Miss, Park S., Wilton 

Bawden, Mr. N. S., Broad CnaHce, JBanim 

Bnttoq, Mr, Free S., Sartun^ ' . 

Brown, Miss, N. S., Burcombe^ V^oo 

Corby, Mr, N. S., Wilton ( 

Chick, Mrs, N. S., West Hanihiun , 

Clark, Miss, N. S., U^ Tho«ias« &rum 

Eyres, Mr, Gr. S., Wilton . • 

Foreman, Mr. Middkdasn S.,Sarum. > 

Frogbrook, Mr, Farley Hospital, Samm 

Green, Mr, N. S., Winterslow, Sarur 
Grey, Miss, N. S., Nunton, Salisbur 
Hsurwood, Mrs, N. S., Coombe 

Jewell, Mrs, N. S., Odstock, Sarum 
Knight, Mr, N. S., Alderbury, Sami 
King^ Miss, Inf. S., Fisherton 

Samm ' 
Lloyd, Mr, N. S., Fisherton Anger, 5 
Lloyd, Mrs, N. S., Fisherton Anger, 
Lloyd, Miss, Inf. S., Wilton 
Lloyd, Mtss, N. S., Corton, Bath 
Lewis. Miss, Training College, Sartu 



Mim^ H, S., Bemettoa, Saitai '- 

U, Mtss, Training College, JSarum 

, Miss, N. S., Warminster 

, Miss, N. S,, DowQtoQ 

, Mr, N. S., Barford 

vorth, Mr, N. S., St. Maxtin% 


SBJMMMerst Mns, N* B«',''^^iht0'Dosfii6 
-3nuth».¥v»rNf€., St. Edmund's. Samm 
StcAeie,lMtss N'.'S., St. Martin's, Samm 
Stevens, Miss, N. $., Redlynch, Samm 
Williams, Mr, N. S. Whiteparish, Samm 
Williams, Miss, N; S., Whiteparish, Samm 
Wheeler, Mr, N. S., St, £dmund'8,Samm [39 

a4X.--Sc«rl>oroiigli and Bistriot (Torks) Teachers' 


Pret., Mr Baxter, B4, S., Cayton, Scarborough 

yice'Pret,t Mr J. B. Gsbbn, N. S., Scarborough 

Treas. and Sec, Mr J. H..Ybwdall, 30, Tiafifilgu'.square, Scarborough 

in« Mr T.-, N, S., Bmrniston, Scar. 

h, MrW., S. Bd. Offices, King-street 


Miss, Bd. S., ii'alsgrave, Scarborough 

, Miss, Lane. Bd. S., Scarborough 

Mr J., Central Bd. S., Scarborough 

Mrs, Central Bd. S., Scarborough 

Miss, N. S., Scarborough 

Is, Mr, W. S., Filey 

, Miss, CentiiU Bd. S., Scarborough 

Miss, Lane. Bd. S., dcarboroueh 

ngton, Mr, N; S., Hutton Buscel, 

mr, Miss, Central Bd. S., Scarborough 
, Miss. Lane. Bd. S., Scarborough 
lor, Miss, R. C. S., Scarborough 

Pexton, Mr^ N. S., Scarborough 
Phillips, Miss, St. Martin's S., Scarborough 
Pipes, Mr T., N. S., Scarborough 
Potter, Mr F., Bd. S , Seamer, Scarborough 
Richardson, Mr, All Saints' N. S., Scar- 
Sawkin, Mr A., ff. S., Sherbum, Yolk 
Sharpe, Mr, N. S.. Wykeham, York 
Simpson, Miss, Centfu ^d. S., Scarborough 
Tattersall, Mr, N. S., Folkton, York 
Thompson, Miss, Long . Westgate Bd, $., 

Yasey, Mr, Bd. S., East Ayton, Scarboroudbi 
Watson, Mr H.. lAnc. Bd. S., acarborougn 
Watson, Miss, K. S., Scarborough 
Wheater, Mr, Gr. S., Scarborough [^x 

2.— Selby and District (Torks) Teachers' Association. 

Sec,t Mr H. Egglbshaw, N. S., Selby 
[No Returns.] 

,— Shambrook and District (Beds) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr Snbath, Stevington Bd. S., Beds 

Ki<:^.PfVX., MrLAKbBAf/x, Elstow ^^., B^dl 

Treas., Mr FoLLBtTi Goldington Bd. S., Beds 

, 1 

Sec,, Mr RlCHA^, Sharabrdok Bd. S., Beds 

•elt, Miss P., Wootton Bd. S., Bed* . ' Hatemond, Mr, Woottqn tid. S^ Bdds 

ell. Miss R., Woottdn Bd, S., B«ls " JameS, Mr, Kcmptton Bd. S.. Beds 

Miss M.. Goldington Bd. A, B*d» ' *" - • " • - 

arf, Mr, Haynes N. S., Beds 

Spencer, Miu^, CoRle Bd^ S., Beds Ux 



244.— S]&e£EL«ld and District Certificated (Yorks) 

Teadiers' Association. 

Pres*, Mr F. G. Chkvassut, Darnall Bd. S., Sheffield. 

Vkt-Prts.^lUx Q. Champlbt, Pye Bank Bd. S., Sheffield. 

.Treoi., Mr S. B. RosB, Philadelphia Bd. S., Sheffield. 

See.^ Mr T. Abbott, St. Matthias' N. S., Sheffield. 

Adams, Miss, Philadelphia Bd. S., Sheffield 
Adams, Mr F. J., Carbroek Bd. 8., 

Adams, Mr H. J., Netherthorpe Bd. S.; 

Ambler, Mr, P>'e Bank Bd. 8., Sheffield 
Armitage, Mr W., Park W. S., Sheffield 
Arnold, Mrs, Carbrook Bd. S., Sheffield 
Arnold, Mr,William-street Acftidemy Sheffield 
Baldwin, Mr T., High Green B. S., 

Bancroft, Mr, 

Banner, Miss, St. Paul's N. S.. Sheffield 
Barker, Miss, Dyer's Hill N. S., Sheffield 
Barker, Mr, Dyer's Hill N. S., Sheffield 
Barker, Miss, All Saints' N. S., Sheffield 
Baxter, Miss, Langsett«road Bd. S., Sheffield 
Bayliss, Mr, Thomhill Bd. S., Rotherham 
Beard, Miss, Woodside Bd. S., Sheffield 
Bennett, Mr C, St Paul's N. S., Attercliflfe, 

Biggs, Mr, Woodhouse W. S., Sheffield 
Birtles, Mr, Norton N. S., Sheffield 
Boot, Miss, Grimesthorpe Bd. !$., Sheffield 
Boot, Miss E., Newhall Bd. S., Sheffield 
Booth, Miss, Charlton, Dover, Kent 
Bottom, Miss, Philadelphia Bd. 8., Sheffield 
Bowen, Miss, Hathersage N. S., Sheffield 
Bower, Mrs, Norton Bd- S., Sheffield 
Bradley, Mr, Langsett-road Bd. S., Sheffield 
Bramhall, Miss» Broomhill Bd. S.. She0iekl . 
BramhaU, Mits C, Walkley Bdi'S., Sheffield 
Brooksbank, Miss, Batley Carr, Dewsbury 
Brown, Mr, Thorpe Hesfey W. S., **heffiad 
Burgess, Miss, Kilnhurst Bd. S., Rotherham 
Carr, Mr, Greasboro' N. S., Rotherham 
Cattanach, Miss, Crofts Bd. S., Sheffield 
Charlesworth, Miss, Uley S., Rotherham 
Chatterton, Mr, Parsons Cross N. S., 

Chrichley, Miss, Cross Pool K' 8., Sheffield 
Christian, Mr^ St. Mary's N. S., Henmtag«« 

street, Sheffield 
Clark, Miss, Attercliffe Bd. S., Sheffield 
Clark. Mr, Tankersley N. S., Sheffield 
Clarkson, Mr, St. Matthias' N. S.. Sheffield 
Cleghom, Miss, Heeley Bd. S., Snc£ffleld 
Cole, Miss, Hoyland Nether Bd. S.t 

Colling, Mr J., Oughtibridge N. S.. Sheffield 
Coward, Mr H., Free Writing S., Sheffield 
Cox, Mr, W. S.. Rotherham 
Crow, Mr, St. Matthias' N. S<, Sheffield 

Cusjurorth, Mr C, Pitsmoor N. S., Sheffield 
Cuthbert, Mi^s, WaUcley Bd. S., Sheffield 
Davis^AIr Jno. Hoyland Nether Bd. SL* 

Dennis, Miss, Lancasteri^n Bd. S., Sheffield 
Dewar, Miss, Newhall Bd. S., Sheffield 
Drew, Mr T., Grenoside N. S., Sheffield 
Drew, Mr W. F., Pi»rk Bd. S., Sheffield 
Drury Mr A, £., Bui-goyne-road Bd. S., 

Duckett, Mr, Lound End. S., Chfq;)eIto«ii» 

Duckett, Mrs, Lound End. S., Chapehown, 

Bobson Miss, Laugsett-road Bd. S., Sheffidd 
Dyson, Mr, Parish Ch. S., Sheffield 
Easton, Miss, W. S., Rotherham 
Edeson, Mr, ;St. Stephen's N. S., Sheffield 
Edeson, Mrs, Sl Stephen's N. S., Sheffield 
Elliot, Mr T. C, Springfield Bd. S., SheffleU 
Elliott, Miss, Park Bd. S., Sheffield 
Elliott, Mr F. L., High Green B. S., SheffieU 
Evans, Mr, Warren W. S., Chapelfcdwn. 

Fielding. Miss, Woodside Bd. S.. Sheffield 
Flint, Mr, Manor Bd. S., Sheffield 
Flower, Mr, Atterclifie Bd. S., Sheffield 
Fretwell, Mr, Swinton Bd. S., Rotherham 
Gill. Miss, St. Barnabas N. S., Cecil-road. 

Giammer. Miss, Atterclifie Bd. S., Sheffield 
Green, Miss, Walkley Bd. S., Sheffield 
Griffin Mrs, Oughtibridge N. S., Sheffield 
Hague, Mr G., Hollis S., Rotherham 
Haigh, Mr A., Stocksbridge N. S., Sheffied 
fiaigh, Mr W., Worsboro Common Bd. SL, 

Hall, Mr, Feoffees S., Ecclesfield, Sheffield 
Hancock, Miss, Netherthorpe Bd. S., 

' Harbour, Mr, Walkley Bd. S., Sheffield 
Harbour, Miss, St. Paul's N. S., Sheffield 
Hatriss, Miss, Atterclifie Bd. S.. Sheffield 
Harrb, Mr, Wincobank N. S., Sheffield ' 
Harrison, Miss, Central N. S., Sheffield 
Haghurst, Miss, N. S.. Rotherham 
Harvejr, Miss, St. Mathias N. S., Sheffield 
Hemmii>rway, Mr, Kimberworth N. S.» 

Hewett, Miss, Ebenezer W. S.. Sheffield 
Hirst, Air G., Central Higher Bd. S., 

Sheffield ' 


ss, St. Barnabas N. S., Aldenon* 


; Uillsbro' N. 8., Shffleld 

ss, Pre Bank Bd. S., Sheffield 

[iss, St. John's N. S., Park, 

\ttercliffe N. S., Sheffield 
Miss, AH Saints' N. S., Sheffield 
s, St. Luke's N. S., Sheffield 
i^s, Grimesthorpe Bd. S., Sheffield 
G.,Talbot-strectW. S.. Sheffield 
Ir, Dungworth N. S., Sheffield 
sft, Kilnhurst S. H., Rotherham 
EUesmere Road W. S., Sheffield 
. Park Bd. S., Sheffield 
Stocksbridge B. S., Sheffield 
SB, HoUis, S. Rotherham 
dr, All Saints' N. S., Sheffield 
Ir, Carbrook N. S., Sheffield 
Mr, Heeley Bd. S., Sheffield 
Mr, Whiteley Wood N. S., 

nsley N. S., Sheffield 

, Bd. S., Hebbum-on.Tyne 

s, Springfield Bd. S., Sheffield 
Ks, N. S., Rotherham 
, Pye Bank Bd. 8., Sheffield 
Langsett-road Bd. S., Sheffidd 
Ir, High Green B. S., Sheffield 
Irs, Brunswick W. S., Sheffield 
Mr, Central Higher Bd. S., 

Mr, St. Vincent's R. C. 8., 

Mr, Truant S., Hollow Meadows, 

lUs, St. Mary's N. S., Leadmill- 


liss, Woodside Bd. 8., Sheffield 

Mr, Lowfield Bd. S., Sheffield 
T, Heeley Common, Sheffield 
!rs, Heeley Common, Sheffield 
Mr, Central N. S., Sheffield 
Miss, St. George's N. S., Sheffield 
Mr J. B., St. Jude's N. S., Eldon 

Miss, Walkley N. S., Sheffield 
rs, Parish Ch. S., Sheffield 
iss, Norfolk Street W. S., Sheffield 
r, St. Edmund's R. C. S., Sheffield 
;, Heeley Bd. S., Sheffield . 
Miss, NeepsMid N. 8., ShiXMd 
Ir, Wales End S., Sheffield 
VIr, BoUterstone N. S., Sheffield 
At, Netherthorpe Bd. S^ Sheffield 
[r, Hardsworth N. S., Sheffield 

Miss, Central Higher Bd. S., 

Vir Jas., care of Messrs Blackic 
, 49, Old Bailey, E. C. 
•s, I'insley Colliery S., Sheffield . 
s, Langsett Road Bd. S„ Sheffield 

Palmer, Miss. Heel^ W. S., Sheffidd 
Parkin, Mi^, Damall Bd. S., Sheffield 
Parkin, Mr, Hope N. S., Sheffield 
Parkinson, Miss, Park W. S., Sheffield 
Peachy, Miss, Brunswick W. 8., bheffleld 
Pegram, Mi^ Aughton Bd. 8., Rotherham 
Pepper, Mr, Ebenezer W. S., Sheffield 
Perks, Miss, St. Matthias' N. S., Sheffield 
Petch, Mr, Heeley W. S., Sheffield 
Pickles, Mr, Thorpe Hesley H. S., Sheffield 
Ping, Mr W., Langsett Road Bd. S.,- 

Poole, Miss, High Green B. 8., Sheffield 
Porter, Mr, Jersey 

Probd&oc, MisiK Damall Bd. S.. Sheffield 
Ramsey, Miss, Central Bd. ^., Sheffield 
Revill. Miss, St. George's N. 8., Sheffield 
Ripp^ Mr W., Central Higher Bd. S.,- 

Roberts, Miss, Hollow Meadows S., Sheffield 
Robinson, Mr J., Neemend N. S., Sheffield 
Rogers, Miss, Attercliffe Bd. S., Sheffield 
Rogers, Miss, Netherthorpe Bd. S., Ahdfield . 
Sanderson, Mr T., Tonbridge N. 8., Kent 
Saunders, Miss. Parish Ch. S., Shdfield 
Seale, Miss, Eliesmere*road W. S., Sheffield 
Setchfield, Miss, Philadelphia Bd. S., 

Sharpe, Miss, Springfield Bd. S., Sheffield 
Shaw, Miss, Heele;r Bd. S., Sheffield 
Shaw, Mr, Grenoside N. S., Sheffield 
Short, Miss, St. Paul's N. S., Sheffield 
Slack, Mr, Brunswick W. S., Sheffield 
Sims, Miss, Central Higher Bdi 8.. Sheffield^ 
Bmart. Miss, Walkfey Bd. S,. Sheffield 
Smart, Miss, Langsett-road Bd. S.,|Sheffleld 
3mith, Miss A., Crofts Bd. S., Sheffield 
Smith, Mr S., Princess-street W. S., Sheffield 
Smuh, Mr W., Fulwood Bd. S., Sheffield 
Stacey, Ux, DamaU N, S., Sheffield 
Stone, Mr J., Heeley Bd. S., Sheffield 
Strayton, Mr, Grimesthorpe Bd. ^., Sheffield 
Sykes, Miss, Stannington W. S., Sheffield 
Taylor, Miss H., St. Barnabas' N. S.,. 

Thomps<M), Mr, 97, Norfolk-street, Sheffield 
Thorpe, Mr, Ellesmere-road W. S., Sheffield- 
Towler, Mr, WorUey N. S., Sheffield 
Train, Mr, Barrow N. S., Wentworth,. 

Truelove, Mr, Heeley N. S., Sheffield 
Truelpve, Mrs, Pitsmocr N. S^ Sheffield . 
Ttaman, Miss, CarbTt>ok Bd. S., Sheffield ' 
Turner, Miss, Brunswick W. S., Sheffield 
Twist, Mr H. C, Stannington Undl. S... 

Twist. Mr, Bargoyne Bd. S., Sheffield 
Vickers, Mr, J., Walkley N. S., Sheffield 
Vince, Mr, St. Paul's N. S., Attercliflfe,. 

Walters, Miss. Lowfield Bd. S., Sheffield 
Westcott, . Miss, Ncthenhorpe Bd. S. 


-Westerman, Mr, Wadslty N. S., Sheffield 
^hite, Miss, Wallace Holme, Didsbury, 

White, Mr J., Carbrook Bd. S., Sheffield 
Whitehead, Mr T^ Lancasterian Bd. &, 

-Wilkinson, Miss, St. MaryV N. S., 

Hennits^e>8treet. Sheffield 
Willox, Miss, Netluuthorpe Bd. S., Sheffield 
Wilson, MWs K., Vye Bank Bd. S., Sheffield 
Wood, Mr G. H., 8t. John's N. S., Sheffield 

WUd. Mr M., Lancasterian Bd. S., ShdUi| 
Woolman, Mr, Welgate Bd. S., Rotheifan 
Worrall, Miss, Carbrook Bd. S., ShcflcU 
Wright, Mt C, NewhalL Bd. S., Shclidd 
Wright, Mr M. R., Atterchffe Bd. ^\ 

Wright, Mr S., Park Bd. S., Shield 
Wright, Mr, Springfield Bd. S.. Sheffield 
Yoxall, Mr, Weston-street Bd. S., ShefleU 


245.— 8herl)orae and YeoTil (Dorset) Teachers' AssodLatum. 

' Pres,, Mr William Tidmarsh, Bd. S., Gillingham 

Sec.f Mr J. Poolby, B. S., Sherborne, Dorset 

Pinton, Mr, N. S^ Sturmlnster, Newt(Ni 
Prewitt, Mrs, Foster's School Sherborne 
Forrester, Mr, Briti^ S., Millbome Port 
Read, Mr, N. S., Hazelbury, Crewkente 
Ring, Mr, End. S., Bsadford Abbas 
Thomas, Miss, Bd. S., Gillingham 
Wilkins, Mr, Wesleyan S., Sturminstcr Nei^ 

Warner, Miss, N. S., Stalbridge 
Tomkins, Mr, N. S., Misterton, Crewkene 


Bunting, Mr, B. S., Mere, Bath 
*^ter, Mr, N. S., Milbome P6rt 
Cauzier, Mr, End. S. Yetminster, Sherborne 
<Gane, Mr, Bd. S., Fifehead, Magdalene, 

Hunt, Mr, N. S.. Milton, Gillingham 
Fumice, Mrs, Ba. S., Gillingham 
Horobin, Mr, Free S., South Petherton 
Kelway, Mr, Bd. S., Stour, Provost 
Hieham Mr. Bd. 8., YeovU 
Phulips, Miss, N. S., Sherborne 

246.'-Sliipston and Tynoe (Warwick) Teachers' Associatioii. 

Pres.f Mr H. Stansfield,, Wliichford, 3hipston-on*Stour 

Vict'Pres,: Mr S. Taylor, Cherrington. Shipston-on-Stour 

Tteas. and Sec.y Mr H. H., Dodge, Tysoe, Kineton, Warwick 

Smith, Miss, Tredington N. S., (late)SIi9> 

Soley, Miss. IdHcote N. S. , (late) Shipstoe 
Tapsfield, Mr, Honington, (late) Shipston 

Binstead, Mt, Boys' Bd. S., Ships ton ■ 
Bishop, Mr A. C., Boy*s Par. 6., Brailes 
Flower, Mr, Ilmington C. E., Shipston 
KichoUs, Miss, Girls' Bd. S., Shipston 
Pkrkinson, Miss. BurmingtOn N. S. ^ Shi^ton 
RowLett, Miss, Little W(x»lford, Shipston 
Reece, Mils, Butlers Marston, (late) Kineton 

Taylor, Mr. Great Woojjw-d N. S., Shipstoo 

Willson, Miss, Brailes Gms dhipstan 


247.*— Shrewsli'Qry and Shropshire Teachers' Association. 

jPr/r^.j Mr Ha^ks. Pilees, Whitechorch, Salop 

yice-Pres., Mr Sheldon* Upton-Magna, ^irewsbory 

Trees,, Mr Rankivb, National School, Shrcfwsbury 

Set.f MrRiBBiiRT, Su Chad's School, Shrewsbury 

Baker, Mrs, St.- George's Frankwell Shrews> 

Bowen, Miss. N. S., Roddingtoti, Salop 
Bow#n, Mr, Me61e Biacet tthrewsbory 


ore, Mr, British S., Shrewsbury 
r, St. Georsre's S., Shrewsbury 
. Mr. Cound, Shrewsbury 
II, Mr, Shawbury, Salop 
Mr, St. Mary's S., Shrewsbur>' 
rton, Miss, St. Julian's S., Shrewsbury 
Is Mr, R. St Chad's N. S., Shrewsbury 
t, Mrs, St. Chad's Infant S., Shrews- 
Mrs, Hanwood, Shrewsbury 
m, Miss, N. S , Pontesbury 
s, Mr, Shelve, Minsterly. Salop 
>n, Mr, B. A., Millington's Hospital 

Head. Mr, Bowdler's S.. Shrewsbury 
Harrison, Mr, A. Holy Trinity, Shrewsbury 
Hemmino;way, Miss, St. Giles' S., Shrewsbury 
Jones, Mr, Worthen, Shrewsbury 
Nightingale, Miss, St. Mary's S„ Shrewsbury 
Lightbown, Mr, British S., Abbey Foregate, 

Lowe, Mrs, St. Mary's Infant S.. Shrewsbury 
Pickersgill, Miss, St. Chad's 8., Shrewsbury 
Stones, Mr, St Alkmond's S.. Shrewsbury 
Tayior, Mr, Low* Heath, Wem Salop ' 

White, Mr. Stapleton, Shrewsbur\- 
Wiliams, Mr, Acton Scott, Church Stretton, 

Salop (31 

248.— Shropshire (East) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr Ashmore, Cheswynd N. S., (near) Newport, Salop 

Vice'Pres., Mr Fance, Wellington W. S., Salop 

Treas., Mr Palmer, N. S., Wrockwardine, Wellington 

Ssc.^ Mr John Ramsell, Lawley Bd. S., Horsehay, Salop 

Mr J., Educational Institution, 


, Mr, N. S., Shifnal, Salop 

Miss, N. S., St. George's, near 

Miss, N. S. Wrockwardine, near 

:, Mrs, W. S., Wellington, Salop 
;, Miss, Bd, S., Wrockwardine \Vood, 

Ir, N. S., Egmond. Newport, Salop 
Mrs, Bd. S., Wellington, Salop 

Grey, Mr, N.8.,Rodington, near Shrewsbury 
Hallows, Mr, N. S. Bed Lake, nearWellipg- 

Laylnnd, Mr, N. S., Aston, Newport 
Robinson, Mr, N. S., Oawley Bank, Dawley 

Snipe, Mr, Bd. S., Wellington, Salop 
Stewart Mr, N. S., Patshall, Wolverhampton 
Todd, Mr, N. S., SheriflF Hales, Newport 
Tucker. Mr, N. S., S't. (Jeorge's, Wellington 
Yates, Miss N. S., St. (George's, Wellington 
Wentworth, Mr. N. S., Tibberton, Newport 


K Slongrh and District (Bucks) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr, Whittington, Royal Free Schools, Windsor 

Vice-Pres.y Mr, (Joulden, N. S., Boyue Hill, M.iiUenhead 

Treas. and Sec, Mr, Batten, N. S., Farnham Royal, Slough 

Miss. N. S:, Maidenhead 
;iss, N. S , Maidenhead 

Miss, W. S., Maidenhead 
Ir, N. S., Uxbridgt 
Mr, N. S., Burnham 
ng, Mr, N. S., Denham 
Mr, N. S., Uxbridge 
', Mr, N. S., Datchet 
.th, Mr?, N. R., Maidenhead 

Mr, N. S., Windsor 
Vlisp, Royal Free Sch-^ol, Windsor 

Miss, Inft. S., Windsor 
., Miss, N. S., Chalvery 

Parsons, Miss, N. 9., Windsor 

Rawlins, Mr, N. S., Slough 

Spacey, Mr>, N. S., Maidenhead 

Serine, Miss, N. S., Chalvcy 

Stratton, Miss, N. S., Maidenhead 

Sig!?ers, Mr, N. S., Taplow 

Tomkens, Mr, Bd. S.,L.ingley 

West, Mr Wm. H., W. S., Maidenhead 

Wix, Mr, N. S., Sunninghill 

Wix, Mrs, N. S., Sunninghill 

Wood, Miss, N. S., Windsor 

Worth, Mr, Bd. S., Wraysbury 

Wilcox, Miss, N, S., "Windsor [29 


250— Somerset (East Central) Teachers' Assodatioxi. 

Pres.^ Mr J. Harding, Bd. S., Street, near Bridgewater 
Vice-Pres., Mr J. Grant, Wookey Hole S., Wells . 
Treas., andSec.^ Mr G. J. Tredaway, Chewton Mendip N. S., Bath 

Barnes, Mr W., Wells, St. Thomas, N. S. 

Bromfield, Mr E., Walton N. S., Bridge- 

Bendall, Miss, Wells, St. Thomas* N. S. 

Bowman, Mr G., West Pennard N. S., 

Bettridge, Miss, Glastonbury, St. John's N. S. 

Byles, Mrs, Shepton Mallet, Union S. 

Byles, Miss £., Shepton Mallet Union 

Byles, Miss, Coxley N. S., Wells 

Big^s, Mr G., Radstock Bd. S., Bath 

Brain, Miss, Doulting N. S., Shepton 

Bicknell, Mr G. S. S., Clandown N. S., 

Cooke, Miss, Wells, Central N. S. 
• Crowther, Mr A., Ashcott Bd. S., Bridge- 

Bowling, Mrs, Easton N. S., Wells 

Dibdin, Mr H., Shepton Mallet N. S. 

Davis, Mr E., Glastonbury, St. John's N. S. 

Dawe, Miss, Wells, Central N. S. 

l^wson. Miss, Kilmington N. S., Bath^ 

Gunn, Mr, J., East Harptrec N. S., Bristol 

Goater, Miss, Chewton Mendip N. S., 

Gilson, Miss, Shepton Mallet N. S. 

Hargreaves, Mr J., Evercreech N. S., 

Humphries, Miss, Grienton N. S., Bridge- 
water ' 

Hobley, Mr J., Paulton N. S., Bristol 

Harris, Mr T., Charlton Mackerell N. S., 

Herrington, Miss, Priddy Bd. S., Wells 
Jones, Mr J., Burtle N. S., Bridgewater 
Knight, Mr A., Wells, Central N. S. 
King, Mr T. W., Ston Easton Par. &, 

Kempton, Miss, Shepton Mallet, Kih'er 

street N. S. 
Lock, Mr W., Baltonborough N. S., Glas- 

Long, Miss, Chilcompton N. S., Bath 
Mitchell, Mr J., Oakhill B. S., Bath 
Mabey, Miss, Evercreech N. S., Bath 
Peters, MrT., Wells, Union S. 
Plenty', Miss, Street Bd. S., Bridgewater 
Pennicott, Mr J., Cameley N. S., Bristol 
Robson, Miss, West Pennard N. S., Glas- 

Scourse, Mr W., Wookey Bd. 8., Wells 
Saunders, Miss, Evercreech N. S., Bath 
Snelgrove, Miss, Glastonbury, St. John's 

N. S. 
Sellick, Mr T. W. S., Draycott N. S., Wes- 

Towers, Miss, Street Bd. S., Bridgewater 
Vinnicombe, Miss, Moorlynch N. S., Bridge? 

Veater, Mr, Paulton B. S., Bristol 
White, Mr W., Croscombe N. S., Wells 
Waters, Mr B., Camerton N. S., Bath 
White, Miss, Ashcott Bd. S., Bridgewater 
^' right, Mrs, Shepton Mallet N. S. 
WooUey, Mr J., Litton Par. S., Bath [53 

251— Somerset (North) Teachers' Association. 

Treas, and Sec. j Mr Lloyd, N. S., Winscombe, Weston-super-Mare 

Beament, Miss, United Inf. S.,Weston-super. 

Bennett, Mr, N. S., Worle, Weston- 
Broj^, Mrs, N. S., Pill, Bristol 
Burnett, Mr, N. S., Cheddar, Weston- 
Cheli, Miss, N. S., Huish, Bristol 
Davis, Miss, N. S., Weston-super-Mare 
Derrick, Mrs, N. S., Churchill, Bristol 
Edgington, Mr, N. S., Banwell, Weston- 
Elworthy, Mr, N. S., Winford, Bristol 

Frith, Mr, N. S., Uphill, Weston-super-Mare 
Glover, Mr, N. S.« Redhill, Wnngton, 

Green, Mr, N. S., Nailsea, Bristol 
Griffiths, Miss, Inf. S., Clevedon ^ 

Hares, Miss B., N. S.,,Shipham 
Harding, Mr, N. S., Cleve, Bristol 
JefFeries, Mrs, B. S., Cheddar, Weston-super- 
Tenner, Mr, N. S., Wrington, Bristol 
Kitchen, Miss, N. S., Portburj', Bristol 
Lovell, Mr, Christ Church N. S., Weston- 


r, B. S., Weston-supc».Mare 

, Miss, N. 8., Tickenham, Clevedon 

Mr, N. S., Hut ton, Weston-super- 

r, N. S., Axbridge, Weston-super- 

liss, N. S., Clevedon 

ilr, St. John's N. S., Weston-super. 

r, N. S., Long Ashton, Bristol 
^iss, N. S., Weare, Weston-supcr- 

Scourse, Miss, N. S., Sandford, Bristol 
Smith, Mr T. A., N. 8.. Backwell, Bristol 
Smith, Mr A. A., N. S., Congresbur]r». 

Spier, Mr, N. S., Yatton, Bristol 
Turner, Mr, N. S., Bleadon, Weston^upeiw 

Walker, Mr, B. S., Clevedon 
Winso'', Mr, N. S., Clevedon 
Woods, Mr, y. S., Burrington, Bristol 
Yeats, Miss, N. S., Wrington, Bristol 


—South Holland (Lincolnshire) Teachers* 

Sec, Mr F. Dukose, Bd. S., Fleet, Wisbech, Lincolnshire 

d. S., Sutton Bridge, Wesbech 
Mr, N. S., Whaplode 

Fleet, Mr, N. S., Fleet, Wisbech ^ 
Harborne, Mr, N. S., Gedney, Wisbech 


53.— Sonthport and District (Lancashire) Teachers' 


Sec, Mr Walbank, Banks, Southport 
[Not affiliated until 188t] 

254— Sonthwark (Surrey) Teachers' Association. 

Preg.t Mr John Paige, 28, Warwick-lane, City 
• Vice-Pres., Mr Alfred Streeter, Bd. S., Holland-street 
Treas., Mr J. Price, 4, Harefield-road, Brockley 
Sec, Mr T. H. Smith, Bd. S., Rolls-road, Bermondsey 

[iss, Bd. S., Marlboro'-street, Black- 
rliss, Bd. S., Alexis- street, Ber- 


ss, N. S., St. Mary Magdalene's 

is, fed. S., Marlboro'-street, Black- 
iss, Bd. S., Russell-street, Ber- 


r, Bd. S., Rotherhithe New-road 
Miss, Bd. S., Webb-street, Ber» 
T New-road 
Mrs E. A., N. S., St. Saviour's, 

Mr J. R., Bd. S., Famcombe-street, 


;s, Bd. S., Westcott-straet, Tabard- 

Beckett, Miss, Bd. S., Webb-street, Ber^ 

mondsey New-road 
Bedding. Miss S. A. Bd. S., Southwark-park 
Benham, Miss, Bd. S., Roll's-road, Beis 

Bennett, Miss £., Bd. S., Roll's-road, Ber« 

Bennett, Miss K., Bd. S., Bellenden-road» 

Bennion, Mr, Bd. S., Marlboro'-street, Souths 

Bing, Mr E., Bd. S., Albion-st., Rotherhithe 
Bloye, Mr W., Bd, S., South wark-park 
Booth, Mrs, Bd. S., Roll's-road, Bermondsey 
Boud, Mr W., Bd. S., Laxton-street, Ber- 
Bourne, Mr W.,Bd.S.,Albion-st.,Rotherhithft 
Bower, Mr, Bd. S., Monnow-road, Ber* 



Phillips, Miss, Bd. S., Alexis Street, Ber. 

Phillips, Miss, Bd. S., Hughe's Fields, 

Phillips, Mr, Bd. S , Russell Street Ber- 

Porter, Miss £. A., Bd. S., Holland Street, 
Blackfriars Road 

Price, Mrs, Bd. S., Southwark Park 

Piriest, Mr A. H., Bd. S., Farncombe Street, 

Puttick, Mr, Bd. S., Tower Street 

Quinn, MLss, Bd. S., Webb Street, Bermond- 

Raison, Mrs, Bd. S., Hatfield Street, Black- 

Rai>son, Mr, Bd. S., Hatfield Street, Black- 
friars Road 

Reydon, Miss, N. S., St. James', Bermond* 

Ridler, Miss, Bd. S., Rotherhithe New 

Hoe, Mr, Bd. S., Alexis Street, Bermond- 

Rust, Miss, Bd. S., Laxon Street, Ber- 

SalmcMi, Mr, D. Bd. S., Belvedere Place, 

Salter, Mrs, N. S., St. Mary Magdalene's, 

Scarr, Mr, Bd. S., Webber-row, Southwark 

Schartan, Miss, Bd. S., Russell-street, ber- 

Scott, Miss, Bd. S., Midway-place, Rother- 

Searing, Mr, End, S., Newcomen's, Borough 

Siingo, Mr F. O. C. Bd. S , Lant-street, 

Smith, Mr W. G., Bd. S., Monnow-road, 

Snell, MrW. F., Bd. S., Southwark-park 

Snuggs, Miss, Bd. S., London-street, Dock- 

Spencer, ^ Miss, Bd. S., Marlboro'-street 

Spratt, Miss, Bd. S., Neckinger-road Ber- 

Stanton, Mr J., Bd. S., Orange-street, 

Still, Mrs, Bd. S., Rolls-road, Bermondsey 

Stone, M(, Bd. S., Albion-street, Rother- 

Strachan, Miss, Bd. S., Orange-street, 

Strong. Mr W. B., Bd. S., Orange-street 

Scott, Miss L. S., Bd. S., Holland-street, 

Taylor, MrD., Bd. S., Rotherhithe New road 

Taylor, Mrs D., Bd. S., Southwark-park 

Vemouth, Mr R., Bd. S., Rotherhithe>new- 

' Thomas, Miss, Bd. S., Alexis-street, Bar* |j 

Thoriey, Mr, N. S., St. Mary Magdalem'k 

Tolley, Mr, Bd. S., Neckinger-road, Bor* 

Treleaven, Mr, End. S., Herold's, Droov 

Truscott, Miss, Bd. S., Belvedere-place, 

Turner, Mr, Bd. S., Monnow-road, B«r* 

Venables, Mr, Bd. S., Hatfield-street, Black- 

Veysey, Mr J. H., Bd. S., Holland-stnet 

Vincent, Mr, Bd. S., Alexis-street, Bermoodp 

Vincent, Mrs, Bd. S., Monnow-road, Ber- 

Waker«ll, Mr H., Bd. S., Webb-street, Ber- 

Warner, Mr A., Bd. S., Rolls-road, Ber. 

Warner, Mrs, Bd. S., Weston-street, Ber- 

Warren, Mr, Bd. S., Rolls-road, Bermond- 

Warren, Miss, Bd. S. Webb-street, Ber- 

Watts, Miss, W. S., John-street, Old Kenl- 

Wells, Miss £., Bd. S., Holland-street. 

Welsford, Miss, Bd. S., Upper Grangs-road, 

Whatton, Mrs, Bd. S., Rolls-road, Bermond. 

Whitham, Mr F., Bd. S., Neckinger-zoad, 

Wilkinson, Mr, N. S., St. Mary Magd» 
lene's. Grange-road 

Williams, Mr S., ^d. S., Abbey-.stTeet, Ber- 

Williams, Mr, Bd. S., Webber-row, South- 

Wilson, Mr, End. S., Bacon's, Grange-road 

Wilson. Mr, Bd. S., Monnow-road, Ber- 

Wilson, Miss, N. S., St. George's, Boroi^ 

Wilson, Mrs, Bd. S., Marlboro -street, Black- 

Wood, Mr, Bd. S., Monnow-road, Bermond- 

Woodall, Mrs, Bd. S., Orang^e-street, 

Work, Miss M., Bd. S., Holland-street, 

Wright, Miss, Bd. S., Rotherhithe-new-road 


.— Spilsby District (Lincolnshire) Teachers' 

Sec.f Mr N. G. Heath, Halion Holgate, Spilsby 
[Not affiliated until 1881] 

256.— Stafford and District (Staffordshire) Teachers' 


Pres.^ Mr Edward C«ikn, Seighford Bd. S., Stafford 
Vice-Pres.^ Mr Frank Russkll, St. Mary N. S., Stafford 
Treas.y Mr Dennis George Cofpard, Ch. Ch. N. S., Stafford 
Scc.^ Mr HoLMSHAW, Cotes Heath N.S., Eccleshall, Stafford 

Hewitt, Mr, George W., Ecxleshall N. S., 

Hill, Thomas Mr, St. Paul's N. S., Stafford 
UoUins, Miss, Ch. Ch. S., StaflforJ 

Lever, Miss, St. Mary's, Broad Eye N. S. 

Owen, Miss, Eccleshall N. S., Stafford 
Park, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., Stafford 
Roberts, Mr, Standon N. S., Stafford [11 

257.— Staffordshire (North) Teachers* Association. 

Pres.f Mr John Jervis, Bd. S., East Wood Vale, Hanley. 
Vice-Pres.^ Mr George Rushforth, R. C. S., Stoke-on-Trent. 
Treat. ^ Mr Edwin Walker, Earl Granville's S., Cobridge,St oke-on-Tre»t. 
Sec, Mr James Grken Ainsworth, Friars Wood Bd. S., Newcastle-under-Lyme. 

Alsop, Mr E., N. S., Hartshill 

Allen, Mr A., Bd. &., Tunstall 

Brougham, Mrs F., Bedford Bd. S., Hanley 

Beaumont, Mrs K., Cross-street Bd. JS., 

Brander, Air J., Bd. S., Milton 

Baker, Miss E. M., Bd. S., PenkhuU 

Boyer, Mr James, N. 8., Cobridge 

Boyer, Mrs James, N. S., Cobridge 

Burgess, Mi«is, N. S., Norton 

Bealby, Mr, Bd. S., Newcastle-under-lyme 

Brewer, Mr D. H., Bd. S., Chesterton, New- 

cascle-unde -lyme 
Cox, Miss A., N. d., Cobridge 
Collins, Miss A., Bd. S., Fenton 
Champion, Mr, Bd. S , Middleport, Burslem 
Copcland, Miss, Bd. *., Hill Top, Burslem 
Crookall, Mr Geo., N. ri., Leek 
Dunn, Mr H., Bd. S., PenkhuU 
Dugan, Mr J., Bd. S., Fenton 
Dugan, Mrs T., Bd. S., Fenton 
Delamont, Mr S., Bd. S., Hanley 
Dust, Miss, N. S., Norton 
Davis, Miss H , N. S., Fenton 
Edwards, Miss E,, N. S., Fenton, Low 
Glass, Miss S. t., Newport-street Bd. S., 


Grainger, Miss Rye Croft Bd. S., Newcastle- 

Gregory, Mr G., N. S., Edensor, Longton 
Gee, Mr Thos., N. S., Dresden, Longton 
Garner, Mr W,, N. S., Longton 
Gee, Mr Thos., Bd. S., Brindley, Ford, 

Horton, Mr H., Bd. S., Longton 
Hammonds, Miss, N. S., Fenton 
Kirk, Miss, W. S,, Hanley 
Kelley, Mr Edward, N. S., Talkeo'th-Hill 
Kerr, Mr J., R. C. S., Newcastle-under- 

Lloyd, Mr, Rye Croft Bd. S., Newcastle- 
Mercy, Mr F., N. S., Smallthorne ' 
Macdonald, Miss, N. S., Dresdon, Longton 
Martin, Mr T., N. 8., Dresden, Longton 
Mason, Mr S., Bd. S.. Fenton 
Mercer, Mr, St. Giles' N. S., Newcastle 
Meadon, Miss A., Bd. S., Friar's Wood, 

Nicholls, Miss A. F., Inf. Bd. S., Hanley 
Noble, Mr Samuel, Gt. York-street Bd. S., 

Nation, Mr, Bd. S., Smallthorne 
Oakden, Miss E., Earl Granville's S., Cobridge 

Palmer, Miss C, W. S., Hanley 
Riley, Mr T., Central S., Stoke-on-Trent 
Raby, MUs S., N. S., Nortkwood 
Royde, Mr S., St. John's N. S., Burslem 
Smith, > r J., N. S., Keele 
Storey, Mr F., Bd. S., Biicknall 
Ste\ens, Mr S., Bd. S., Bagnall 
Simpson, Mr C, Harpfield Bd. S., Stoke 
bimpson, Mrs C., Harpfield Bd. S., Stoke 
Sutton, Miss, St. John's Bd. S., Longtou 
Smith, Mr S., N. S., Fenton 
Smith, Mr A. H., W. S., Hanley 
Sin»pson, Miss A., Bd. S., Burslem 
Smith, Mr John, N. S., Silverdale 


ShufHebotham, Miss. Bd. S., Newcastle 
Thomas, Mr J. W., Stoke-on-Trent 
Thomas, Miss M., Bd. S., Cross- street, Stoke 
Taylor, Mr E., Marsh Bd. S., Newcastle 
Taylor, Mrs E., Marsh Bd. S., Newcastle 
Veitch, Mr, High-street Bd. S., Longton 
Walton, Mr H., Cross-street Bd. S., Stoke 
Winkle, Mrx, N. S., Loneton 
Wellings, Miss, Bd. S., Fenton 
Wouliscroft, Miss, Earl Granrille's S. 

Co bridge 
Wasley, Miss A., W. S., Burslem 
Wood, Mr A. T.. Bd. S., Penkhull 


258.— Stalybridge and Mossley (Lancashire) Teachers' 


Pres.^ Mr McSheedy, St. Peter's R. C. S., Stalybridge. 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr Picklks, Roughtown B. S., Mossley. 

Sees., Mr W. H. Hikst, F.R.G.S.. Middle Class S., Stalybridge. and Mr B. S. LkBbau^ 

St. George's N. S., Mossley. 

Bardsley, Miss, St. John's N. S , Dukinfield 
Boardman, Miss E., N.S., Cockbrook, Staly- 
Boardman, Miss M., Old St. George's N. S., 

lV)Itcn, Miss, Hob Hill S., Stalybridge 
Bridgewood, Miss, N.S., St. George's, Moss- 

Brooks, Miss, Hob Bill S., Stalybridge 
Burgess, Miss, Rough Town B. S., Mossley 
Garside, Mrs, Castle Hall N. S., Stalybridge 
Heppenstall, Miss, Ch. Ch. N.S., Stalybridge 
Hegginbottom, Miss, Tame Bank S., Staly. 

Hudson, Mr, W, S., Delph 

iarvis, Miss, Tame Bank S., Stalybridge 
.awton. Miss, Castle Hall S., Stalybridge 
Mc Sheedy, Mrs, St. Joseph's R. C. S., 

Newton, Mr, Baptist S., Staleybridge 
Ratchflfe, Mr, Ch. Ch. >. S., Stalybridke 
Redgard, Mr, Castle Hall N. S., Stalybridge 
Schofield, Jno. Mr, Abney B. S., Mossley 
Sidebotioni, MrR., N. S., Micklehurst 
Tinker, Mr, B. S., Stalybridge 
Williamson, Mr, Old St. George's N. S., 
Stalybridge [75 

259.— Stocjkbridge and Andover (Hants) Teachers' Association, 

Treas., Rev. W. Druitt, The Rectory, Stockbrldge. 
Sec.f H. Akc!Iari>, N. Boys' S., Andover. 

Dear, Mr, N. S.. Abbotts Ann, Andover 
Fr>-er, Mr, Bd. S., Over Wall«)p, Stockbrldge 
Hutchence, Miss, N. S., Lougatock, Stock- 
Jewel, Miss, V. S., (Infants) Stockbridge 
Kneller, Mr, End. S., B.oughton, Stockbridge 
Lloyd, Miss, Bd. S., Lechford, Stockbridge 
Moftimer, Mrs, Gale's S., Andover 

riiillimore, Miss, N. S., (Infants) Andover 
Powers, Miss, B. S., (Infants), Andover 
Parsons, Miss, N.S.,UpperClatford, Andorer 
Rushforth, Mr, N. 8., Whitchurch, Andover 
Stevens, Mis*. N. S., Broughton, Stockbridze 
Towler, Mr, Bd. S., Stockbridge 
Titt, Mr, N. S., Thruxton, Andover 
Tonge, Miss, N S., Andover [17 


I eo.— Stockport and District (Cheglxire) Teaohers' 


Prei.^ Mr Edmund Johnson, St. Thomas' N. S., Stockport 

Vice-Pres.t Mr Johnstone, Brentnall Street, W. S., Stockport 

Treas.t Miss Dickinson, Christ Church N. S., Stockport 

Sec.^ Mr W. Pinnington, St. Paurs N. S., Stockport 

d, Mr, Hazel-grove W. 8., Stockport 
ent, Mr, The Houldsworth School. 
lish, Stockport 

i, Mr, Portwood W. S., Stockport 
, Mrs, St. Matthew's N. S., Stockport 
ss, Miss, Ch. Ch. S., Stockport 
orth, Mr, Portwood W. S., Stockport 
orth, Mrs, Portwood W. S., Stockport 
?, Miss, Edgeley W. S., Stockport 
me, Mr, Alderley Edge B. S., near 

, Miss, St. Matthew's N. S., Stockport 
a, Mr, Brentnall Street W. .S., Stock- 

, Mr, Hanover School, Stockport 
iffe, Mr, Gt. Moor N. S., Stockport 
1, .\Hs:>, Lancashire D. S., Stockport 

Hindley, Mr, Cheadle Hulms N. S., Stockport 
Jackson, Mr, Hazel Grove N. S., near Stock- - 

Johnstone, Mrs, Brentnall-street W. S., 

Johnson, Miss, Cheadle Heath Inf. School,- 

ne&r Stockport 
Price. Mr, St. Matthew's N. S., Stockport 
Robinson, Mr, Christ Church N. S., Stock- 
Ri'ier, Miss, St. Thomas's N. S., Stockport 
Starkie, Mrs, St. Paul's N S., Stockport 
Scott, Miss, Portwood W. rf., Stockport 
Scott, Mr R., Edgeley R. C. S., Stockport 
Scott, Mr T., St. Mary's N. S., Stockport 
Whaiey, Mr J. W., B. S., StocKport 
Wild, Mr, St. Thomas's N. S., Stockport 
Willans, Mr H., Edgeley W. S., Stockport 


.—Stourbridge and District (Staffs, and Worcesterhire) 

Teacliers' Association. 

Pret.^ Mr Rawson, N. S., Cleut, Stourbridge 

t Vice-Pres., Mr Hinton, Bd. S., Brierley Hill 

Treas., Miss Lucas, N. S., Wollaston, Stourbridge 

Sfc, Mr Hicks, N. S., Amblecote, Stourbridge 

Hobley, Mr, Bd. S. Hill-streeet, Stour- 
Hobley, Mrs, Bd. S., Hill-street, Stourbridge 
Hodgetts, Miss, 

Holner, Mr, B. S., Cradley, Stourbridge 
Lewis, Miss, Bd. S., Lye, Stourbndge 
Lewis, Mr T., Bd. S., Quarry Bank 
Lowe, Miss, N. S., Glynn, Kingttwinford 
Lucas, Miss E. J., N. S., Wollaston, Stour- 
Mcllrath, Mr, B. S., Park-lane, Nctherend 

Brierly Hill 
Owen, Miss, B. S., Cradley, Stourbridge 
Pearson, Mr, Bd. S., Enville-street, Stour- 
Steele, Miss, N. S., Dennis.park, Stour- 
Squires, Mr, N. S., St. John's, Stourbridge 
Smith, Miss, N. S., at. John's, Diidley 

t Susbcripiion'paid through the Dudley Association 

t, Mr, N., Fnvil'e, Stourbridge 

Miss, Amblecote, Stourbridge 

, Miss, Lye, Stourbridge 

vir, N. S., Stambermifl, Stourbridge 

firs, N. S., Stambermill, Stourbridge 

, Mr, Union S., Kingswinford Stour- 


Mr, N. S., Wordsley, Stourbridge 
Mr, N. S., OlJswinford, Stourbridge 
Miss, Und. ??., Careless Green, Stour- 
Miss, N. S., Wordsley, Stourbridge 

Mrs, Pres. S., Wollaston road, 

., Aliss, Lye, Stourbridge 
Mr, Stourbridge 

Dod, Mr.N.S., Wollaston, Stourbridge 
liss, N S., Cldswinford, Stourbridge 
y, Mrs, N. S., Oldswinford. Stour- 

262.— Stownarket and Diitrict (SniFolk) Teacliws* 

Vlro.Pm., Mr J. B. nBivEn, N. S., Finboroujli Magn«. Slowmflrltet. 

Trial., Mr John Inkpen. B. S., Slo"niarkei. 

Stc, Mr Miles Gilsedt, B. S., NHdtum Ilarkel, SulTolb 

L;cwel]>-n, MrW. S., End. S., McDdlol 
Milne, Miu U., X. S., Ohcltiw 

^bboni/Mi^'L', b! sr^^ioWm».iEt M[niu, Mrs, N. S , Ncedham Mukit 

<iooJjiU, Mr, Bd. S„ Combs, 5to»msrie-t Mould, Mr W. M., Bd. »., BiLdenIon 

Haywurd, Miu, B. S., Nccdbim M.rk« Preece, Mr R., N. S., Hilchan, Ip>wic> 

HiKoch, MiuK., N. 5.,Stowiiiarlxt Prenlice, Mr W. S., Bd. S., tiiboup 

263.— JBtratford-on-Avon (Warwidcsbin) Teachers' 

, Mr Noebis, Slrsl ford-on- Avon Boys' N. S. 
:<-/Vr»., Mr G. A. SiiiTH, ALvesion N. S. 
v., Mr Hv. CoKDiHGLiv, Bd. S., SirstfoTd-oD 

d, Mi^, 

bhui»ry M. S., iilralfonl-is- 

■^^' "^i: 

atford-on-Avan Boj-s- N. S. 
nlon N, S. 

HI N. S. Suatford-ol 

264.— Strond Vale and Severa Side (Gloncentemlure) 
Teachers' Association. 

/>«., Mr J. Plested, B. S., Slroud. 

Vici-Pra.. Mr J. D. Flce, End. S., Woodlhesler, Slroud. 

Irtat., Miss Wgnii, N. S., Miodiinghanip.on, Slroud. 

Stc., Mr J. Westacott, End. S., Slonthouse, Glouceslershire. 

■«B, MiM, N. S., Arabtrley, Stroud. 

mncH, Mr, N. S., CoiacroM, Slroud 

^rrinian,Mr,N.S.,Kingtt»i>l.y,Slone .- ,, -,,,;.■,.. 

Brinkwonh, Mr. UudJ. S.^S.rond^__^__^ fe.Jf ll>f ^.- ^^fi 

iiS(.:;'Msi:i:^s.. ' 

ock, Mr,N. B., Uky, StoMl,ou« 

bu, Mr, N. S., Amte Ity, SlTMid 


-, MiM, N. S.. Bandwick. Sn^ud 

Mr, B. S., Chalford, Stroud 

JDV, Hr, N. S., RiiiidwiL-k, Stroud 


Wrignt, Miss, N. S.. Caincross, Strosd 

Wsbsier, Mr, N. S., Chalford, Simud 

365.— Suffolk (South 'Vest) Teachers' Aisoouitioii. 

Pra,. Mr G. MonuurT, N. S., Boiford. 

Via-Prt,., TAi Browk, Bd. S.. Potsltad. 
7y<^.. Ml G. W. Bhooks Mills, N. S., Nayland. 
^n-., Mr S. O. Gibson, N, S., Slokt-byNaylud. 

M»^ MiM S., N. S„ Siolifby-NayUnd, 
Newion, Mr. Bd. S., Clate 
Pile, Mr. N.S., Burcs 
Prail, Mr, N. S., Hunddn 
'"'— "'-- N. 5., Leaverhiaili 

» I., N. S., l>vendi>h 
,J. j, " = ""'■ 

rial's ^ 

Misi,N. S.,Asi;nBta 
Miss,N. S,Lii.l«W 


,MiMj.. N. S-.GroK 

t, Mrs, N. S., BoufDid 


lta,"&rC.,l!l. ™i»v. 


It, Mrs, -Ci. a., Buiu 

<ond, Mits M., Bd. 5.. 


d. S., Glem 
5., Elmni 

srNrS.,~Aidhii^ Wiirnti;!'MiM!"N.'s.,'N'ayl4nd 

Irs, N. S., Bonfoid 

--^-, s.N.S., Elmntl 

L. C, lid. S., Glemaford Wakelin, Miss, N. S., Bun 

266.— Sunderland and District (JDorham) Teaohem' 

Prei., Mr R. Thompson, Si. Ptier's N. S., MonliwMtmoulh 

yUc-Prcs., Mr J. NicHOLLS, Depiford-yatd S., Saodtrtand 

Trtal., Mr J. L*udbiidalb, Si. Lufct'a N. S., Pallion, Sunderland 

SfC; Mr J. Bbntlhv, Bd. S., Souih Hylton, Sunderland 

r, Mr W. E., Colliery S„ Ryhope, Boyle Mi8iC.,St.Jowph'sR.C.S.,Sunder- 

ong, Mr J., Colliery S,. New Seahain Bryers, Mr T. W., ii, Sirfolk.slreet, Sundeiw 

, Miu, W. S. , Trimdoo-slreel, dundet. land 

Bush, Miss F. T., St Patricli's R, C. S., 
n, Mr C, W. S., Galsshead Sunderland 

1, MrC, Si. Pani's N. S., Hendon, Campbell, Miss. Bd. S., Hend™, Sunders 

Miss, Sl.Joseph'sR.C.S., Sunderland Canny, Miss, Deptfacd.yard B„ Sunderland 


Carr, Mr R., Bd. S., Garden-street, Sunder- 

Carter, Mr J., W. S., Kine-street, Sunderland 

Chapuel, Mr W. C, Bd. §., Hendon, Sunder- 

Clarke, Mr R., N. S., Seaham 

Clements, Mr, W. S., Durham 

Cobum, vir G., Colliery S., Monkwearmouth 

Coates, Mr, Rectory Park .'•. 

Craighead, Mr J., Bd. S. Diamond Hall, 

Davison, Mr R., Bd. S., Diamond Hall, 

Dawber, Miss, R. C. S., Tunstall, nr Sunder- 

Dixon, Miss, Bd. S., South Hylton, nr 

Elliot, Mr, Bd. S., Thomas-street, Monk- 

Forrest, Miss, Rectory Park S., Sunderland 

Greenhalgh, Mr, N. S., New Tunstall, nr 

Hastie, Miss, St. Andrew's S., Deptford, 

Haynes, Mr F., Heworth S., Newcastle 

Hewson, Mr J., Bd. S., Thomas-street, Monk- 

Hughes, Mr J., St. Mary's R. C. S., Son 

Munro, Mr H., Colliery S., Pelton : 

Myers, Miss, W. S., Gateshead 
O'Connor, Mr J., 20, Olive-street, Sundei 
Punshon, Mr J. B., Bd. S., The h 

Sedgwick, Miss S. J., St. Andrew's In 

Deptford, Sunderland 
Sewell, Mr, W. S , Robinson-street, Sui 

Storey, Miss, Bd. S., South Hylton, Sui 

Swallow, Mr J., W. S., Nicholson-si 

Taylor, Mr J., Bd. S., Bearpark, Durha 
Tod, Miss, Bd. S., Diamond Hall, Su 

Thompson, Miss, Inf. S., West Rai 

Fence Houses 
TurnbuU, Mr, Bd. S., James Williara-s 

Watson, Mr E., Grange Bd. S., Jarrow 
Wilson, Miss, R. C. S., Ryhope, Sunde 

267.-'Siirrey (North West) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr A. Rogers, Bd. S., Bagshot 

Vice-Preg.f Mr J. Fosteh, Fd. S., Walton-on-Thames 

Treas. and Sec. ^ Mr Jno. J. Asis, Par. S., Puttenham, Guildford 

Allen, Miss, Inft. S., Hersham. Walton-on- 

Allen, Mr, Boys S., Hersham, Walton-on- 
Aris, Miss, Inft. S., Puttenham, Guildford 
Ayres, Mr, CoUingwood-court. Bagshot 
Ball, Mr, Holy Tnnity Boys School, Guild- 
Bartlett, Miss, Inft. S.jWalton-on-Thames 
Beeney, Mrs, Middle Class S., I, H«ydon- 

place, Guildford 
Beeney, Mr, Boys S., Stoke, Guildford 
Bennett, Mr, N. S., Byflect, Weybridge 
Birt, Miss, Inft. S., Weybridge 
Blackford, Mr, N. S., Cobham, Surrey 
Burch, Mr, N. S.. Valley End, Chobham 
Clemmow, Mr, N. S., Shackleford, God- 
Coleman, Mr, Boys' S., Shepperton, Walton- 
Coknan, Mr, Bd. S., Oatfamds Park, Wey- 

Curtis, Mr, Boys' S., Chiddingford 
Davis, Miss, B. S.. Guildford 
Davisj Mr, Boys' S., Farncombc, Godal 
Delbndge, Mr, Boys' S., Godalming 
Denyer, Miss, Girls' S., Godalming 
Downs, Mr, N. S., Addlestone Weybri* 
Elliott, Miss, Inf. S., Stoke, Guildford 
Famfield, Mr, Abbott's S., Guildford 
Famsworth, Mr, N. S., Busbridge, G 

Freeman, Mr, N. S., Shalford, Guildfor 
FuUford, Miss, Inf. S., Chertsey 
Goudy, Mr, B. S., Gk)dalming 
Greenfield, Mr, Prison S , Woking 
Growns, Miss, Bd. S.. Walton-on-Tham 
Guy, Miss, St Nicholas' S., Guildford 
Hill, Mr, N. S., Pirbright, Guildford 
Hines, Mr, Bd. S , Hollydale-road, 

Howson, Mrs, St. John's S., Woking 
Howson, Mr, St. John's S., Woking 
Jackson, Miss, Gurls' S., Weybridge 


, Mr, Boyj' ^.. Bramley 

ft, Bojo' S,, WeybridgE 

It, N.S., Hor»ll, Woking Slilian 

n, Mn, Bd, S., OstUndi Puk, 

Uia, N . S , Oturshikn, ChcrUey 
Mr, Boys'S.. F— ■— 

■m. Miss, Bd. ^., 

, Miu. H. S., Biiley. Waking 
Mia, Inf. S., Ripley, Wskiag 

s, Bd. S., liagahat 
■ - lenTWonersh, 

, i.risi 


S.. SLoke Cuildfoid 

, Mis) 

Siakr Hill, Guildfonl 

'■', tf'. s!l 


I Cl-uri 

ict lWa«, Brighton 

.Mr. M.S., 
Sir, N. s.. b 

York Town, Barshol 
Taffhnm, Guil^Hd 

r, Mr 

, N, S., 

Cobhtm, Sur^y 


S., Compton^^Guildfortl 

■,' M; 

i(I, Inf 

' S.')' AddtenoDe, Wej 


iss, Inf. S., Mayburr, Woking Turner, Mr, V. S., Ripley, Woking Suulon 

'---■- ood. Miss, N. S., BniBJey, Guild- 

Maybury, WokU 
. S., Chii>ch.uret 

Ir, N. S., Merrow. Gniidford 
"'■ "■ ■., Eagjhi 

1, Mr, N. S., Cliobhan: 

V(i», N. S., Lyne WUkioi. Miu, N. S., Cobhin, Sun 

Mrs, Bd, S.. Windlesham, Bagibot 

268.— Sussex (West) Teachers' Asaociatioii. 

Pra., Mr RicHAUDSOH, End, S., Arundel 


N, EgremontEnd. S., Pelworlh 


■liis, Gtrtt' N. S., Peiwonb 
liK, lnfan«- S.. Petworih 
Mr E., St, Philip'j R. C. S., 

Kelly, iki J.; N. a, h'it.lewortb 

Pill, Mr, N. S., Puiboro' 
Prict, Misi. N. S„ Bywonh, Petwoith 
Strong, Mr, Bd. S.. Wick, Amndel 
Tebbey, Mr, N. S., Coldwalthiin, Pulbor 

—Swansea District (Glamorgan) Teachers' Associatton. 

Prn.. Mr Tkoii.s RlCHAUlu, Waunwen Bd. S., Swansei 
ViifPns.. Mr A. A. James, n. S., BUbopsiont, Swansea 
Tnat., Mr JoHM WiLLiAus, Danygmig, Bd. S., Swansea 
Sti,, Mr WiLLTAH Thosias, Par. a, Swansea 
\i:ss B. S . Kilvey, Swansea Colmore, Mis!, BJ. S., Penclawdd, Swansea 

, Misj A., Bd. S., Dinygraig, Colwill. Misa J., Bd. S., Darygra.g 

ea Connick, Miss C.. Par. S., Swansea 

Mr L. J., Bd. S., Mnmblei, Swansea Cryer, Mr C. F., N. .'i., Skelly, Swantei 

Mr E R., B. S., Vorriston Swaniea Cummings, Mr, B. S., Morriilon, Swansea 

htne,R.,Il.S.,MorrisI0n, Swansea Davies, Mt j. R., Bd. S.. Uansamlet, 

idr.MrJ.W., N.B., Swansea Davies, Mr W. H., Bd. S., Duygru^ 

■dr, Mrs J, W N. S., Swansea Swansea 


Elliott, Mr W., N. S.. Parkmill, Swansea 
Finlay, Miss, 6. S., Hafod, Swansea 
George, Mr J., Bd. S., Penclawdd, Swansea 
G Wynne, Mr R., B. S., Kilvey, Swansea 
Gwynne, Mrs R., B. S., Kilvey, Swansea 
Gwynne, Mr W. H., N."S. Swansea 
Harris, Miss L., Bd. S., Treboeth, Swansea 
Howell, Miss A., N. S., Swansea 
Howells, Miss A., Bd. S., Treboeth, Swansea 
Jenkins, Mr, B. S., Morriston, Swansea 
Jones, Miss A., B. S., Pentrechuiyth, 

Jones, Mr S. P., Bd. S., Three Crosses, 

Jones. Miss, B. S., Mumbles, Swansea 
Kingston, Miss, N. S., Penmaen, Swansea 
Lewis, Mr T. J., N. S., Llanrhidian, Swan- 
Lewis, Mr F., B. S., Mumbles, Swansea 

Lloyd, Mrs S. A., Bd. S., Back-street, Swao* 

Madge, Mr T., Bd. S., Morriston, Swansea ■ 
Matthews, Miss R., Bd. S., BrjTihyfiTd, 

Michell, Miss C, Bd. S., St. Helens', Swan* 

Ogbome, Miss, N. S., Mumbles, Swansea 
Phillips, Miss G., Bd. S., Waonarlwydd, 

Rees, Mrs H., B. S., St. Thomas', Swansea 
Roberts, Mr T., Bd. S., Brynhyfryd, Swansea 
Smith, Miss C, Bd. S., St. Helen's, Swansea 
Thomas, Miss J., Bd. S., Trinity-place, 

Thomas, Miss M., Bd. S., Trinity-place, 

Vernon, Mr W. N., W. S., Swansea 
Williams, Mr J., Bd. S., Aberdeberthy-street, 

Swansea [49 

270.— Swansea Valley (Glamorgan) Teachers' 

Pres.j Mr R. L. Davies, Bd. S., Ystalyfera, Swansea. 

Vtce-Pret.y Mr J. Jenkins, Bd. S., Ystradgynlais. 

Treat,, Mr J. Williams, Bd. S., Wem, Ystalyfere. 

Bec.^ Mr W. M. Jones, P. E. S., Pontardawe, Swansea 

Bradford, Miss, Bd. S., Clydach. Swansea 
Davies, Mr T., Bd. S., Cwmtwrch, Swansea 
Gordon, Mr G., Bd. S., Clydach, Swansea 
Howel, Mr R., Bd. S., Craig-cefn-parc, 

Jenkins, Mr G., Bd. S., Kilybebyll, Swansea 
Jenkins, Mr J. H., Bd. S., Treboth. Swansea 
Wones, Mrs A. T., Bd. S., Clydach, Swansea 

Rees, Mr £., N. S., Penycar, Swantea 

Symonds, Miss, Bd. S., Ystradgynlais, 

Thomas, Mr P., Bd. S., Yniscedwyn, 

Thomas, Mr T., Bd. S., Velindre, Swansea 


271.— Swindon, Faringdon, and Highworth (Wilts) 

Teachers' Association. 

Sec.^ Mr J. Williams, G. W. R. S., Swindon. 
Not affliated until x88x. 

272.— Tanfield (Durliam) Manangers and Teachers' 


Pret.^ Rev. T. Hew an, Archdall, Tangfield Vicarage, Lintz Green. 
Vice-Pres.y Mr Robert Agar, Tanfield N. P., Lintz Green. 
Treat, and Sec, Mr Thomas Darney, Stanley N. 8., Chester-le-Street. 

Oroen, Mr John, Oxhill Bd. S., Chester le« 

Hetherington, Mrs C, Byer Moor R. C. S., 
Lintz Green 


Miss Isabella, Bycr Moor R. C S., 


kfr Thomas, Anniield Plain, Lintz 

VIr Hugh, Collierly N. S., Lintz- 

• James, Uolmside N. S., Chester le- 

iff Mr J. G., Bumopfield N. S., 


Mr Henry, CoUierUy Bd. S., Lintz 

Ridley, Mr George, Stanley, Chester-le« 

Scott, Mr William Pitt Hill N. S.. Chester* 

Sterling, Mr George, Annfield Slain Bd. S.^ 

Lintz Green 
Tuson, -Rev. Richard, Bush Blades, Lintz- 

Wilson, Rev. John A., Bumopfield, Lintz 

Green [iS 

r— Tanuton and West Somerset Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr C. Kille, N. 8., Old Cleeve, Washford 

Vica-Pres.^ Mr A. Reynolds, Bd. 8., Langport 

Treas., Mr G. Reynolds, Bd. S., North Newton, Bridgewater 

Sec.^ Mr J. B. Male, Holy Trinity N. 8., Taunton 

Guy, Mr, Bd. S., Othery, Bridgwater 
Hannaford. Miss, B.S., South*street, Taunton 
Harris, Mr, Bd. S., North Newton, Bridg- 
Hawkings, Miss E., N. S., Pitney, Langpost; 
hawkins, Air, N. S., Norton Fitzwarren^ 

Hayes, Mr G., N. S., West-street, Bridg* 

water ^ 
Humphries, Miss £. A., N. S., Thorloxton, 

Hunt, Mr C. W., Bd. S., Hemyock, Welling- 
Ireland, Mr J. J., N. S., Stogursey, Bridg* 

Ingram, Mr J. 8., N. S., Williton, Taunton 
Johnston, Miss, N. S., Cheddon, Taunton 
Jones, Mr E. A., N. S., Minehesd 
Keith, Mr, N. 8., Kilve, Bridgewate 
Knight, Mr F., Bd. 8., Lydeard St. 

Lawrence, Taunton 
Leng, Mr W. L., N. 8., St. John's, East* 

over, Bridgewater 
Leng[, Mrs, N. S., St. John's, Eastover, 

Manley, Miss, Bd. S., Holywell Lake, 

Martin, Mr T., N. ?., Cannington, Bridge* 

Millett, Miss A. M., N. 8., Bathealton, 

Montague, Mr J., N. 8., St. James', launton 
Moss, Mr C. F., N. S., Dunster 
Mungkton, Miss, N. £$., Combe, St.Nicholas', 

Needham, Mr D., N. S., Longsutton, 

Nickless, Miss, N. S., Ruishton, Taunton 
Nonis, Miss A., N. S., Dorston, Taunton 

>s S. A., N. S., St. Mary's, Bridg- 

Ir T.. N. S., Watchet, Taunton 
, Mr, J., Bd. 8., Puriton, Bridgwater 
;iss, N. S. Pitminster, Taunton 
Miss, Bd. S., Counland-road, Well- 
in, Mr, Bd. S., Middlezoy, Bridg- 

Miss, Bd. S., Aishott, Bridgwater 
Mr, Bd. S., Neere, Bridgwater 
Mr J., B. S.. Clayhidon, Wellington 
, Mr, T. J., N.S.,'King«ton, Taunton 
in, Mr,R. C. Ind. S., Cannington, 

If G., W. S., Taunton 
[r C, N. S., West Monkton, Taunton 
[r G. G., N. S., Cothelstone, Taunton 
r G.» Unitarian S-, Taunton 
I, Miss, N S., Wilton, Taunton 
Mr, Bd. S., Westonzoyland, Bridg- 

s. Miss C. A., N. S., Charlynch, 


Miss J., Bd. S., Albert-street, Bridg- 

ell. Miss, N. S., St. John's, Tengier, 

Mr, Bd. ?., CalmstocV, Wellington 
Mr, B., N. S., Combe St. Nicholas, 

Is. Mr T. B., Bd. J*., Ilminster 
I, Miss, Inf.S., Mary's-street, Taunton 
Mr, N. S., Holcombe Rogus, Well- 

Mr, N. 8., Corfe, Taunton 
s, Bd. S., High-street, Chard 
Miss E. A., Bd. S., Chipstable, 



Paricinson, Mrs, Bd. 8., Chard 

Paul, Miss E., N. s„ Nynehead, Wellington 
Pritchard, Mr W., N. S., Dulverton 
Pullen, Mr, N. S., Stoke &t. Gregory, Taun- 

Pumell, Mr A., Bd. S., Milverton 
^Quick, Miss E., Infants' Bd. S., Milverton 
Richards, Mrs, N. 8., Staple Fitzpaine, 

Rodger, Miss M., N. S., Bicknoller, Taunton 
Sanders, Mr T., Bd. S., High-street, Chard 
:Saunders, Miss, Bd. S., Milverton 
Skinnard, Mr W., Bd. S., Northmoor-green, 

Symes, Mr, N. S.,' Buckland St. Mary's, 

•Tipton, Mr I. J., B. 8., South-street, Taunton 

Titford, Mr B. J., N. S., Curry R 

Tremellen, Mr T., N. S., Bishops Lyd 

Tucker, Mr, N. S., Creech St. Mic 

Urwin, Mr. N. S., Rowbarton, Taunto 
Veale, Mr E. H., N. S., Tiverton, Dev 
Veale, .Mr J., Bd. S., North Pethi 

Vernon, Miss, Bd- S., Eastover, Bridgw 
Wadmore, Mr E., N. S., Spaxton, 1 

Webb, Miss, Bd. S., Ashill, Ilminster 
Webster, Mr. R. C Sr. George's, Taui 
Whale, Mr H., N. S., Trull, Taunton 
Wood, Missv B. S., Albemarle, Tauntoi 

274.— Tavistock District (Devon) Teachers' Associatio 

/V«., Mr Jno. H. Gaud, Bd. S., Gulworthy, Tavistock 
Vice-Pres.j yit}. F. Lemon, Bd. S., North Petherwryn, Launceston 
Sec. and Treas.^ Mr Jno. Craze, Plymouth-road Bd. S., Tavistock 

•Gaud, Miss E., Bd. S., Gulworthy, Tavi- 

Kelly,^ Miss, N. S., South Sydenham, 

Tiffs, Mr L. H., Par. S.. Lamerton, Tavi- 

Tapson, Mr W., Prison Officers' S., 

Town, Dartmoor 
Whenmouth, Mr, Bd. S., Delawan 

White, Mr W., Bd. S., Harrowb 

St. Mellion 

275.— Tees-Side (Dnrliam and Yorks) £leinentary 

Teacliers' Association. 

Pret.^ Mr Evers, Bailey-street Bd. 8., Stockton 
Vice-Prcs.^ Mr Back, Bd. S., Eston Junction 

Sec. and Treat.^ Mr Burn, B. S., Stockton 

Atkinson, Mr, Thornaby, Bd. S., South 

Blaiden, Miss. W. S., South Stockton 
Brundcill, Miss, St. James' S., Stockton 
•Chaytor, Miss, Blue Coat S., Stockton 
Dowse, Mr, Blue Coat S., Stockton 
•Fawettt, Miss, Bailey-street Bd. S., Stock- 
Foreman, Miss, Mill lane Bd. S., Stockton 
Oibson, Miss, Blue Coat S., Stockton 
Glover, Mr, W. S., South Stockton 
Oraham, Miss. B. 8., Stockton 
Hamlj-n, Mr, Bd. S.» Norton, StocktoB 

Highton, Miss, N. S., Thorpe, Stockto; 
Kirtiey, Mr, Bd. S., .Stillin^ton, Ferry! 
Lowther, Mr, B. H., Stockton 
McAleer, Mr, R. C. S., Stockton 
Martindale, Mr, Miil-lane Bd. S., Stod 
Martindale, Mrs, Baiky-street Bd 

Neale, Mi«s, Regent-street Bd. S., Sto< 
Read, Miss, Holy Trinity ?.. Stockton 
Robertson, Miss, Bd. S., Norton, Stocl< 
Sanderson, Mr, St. James' 8., trtockton 
Scarth, Miss, W. S., South Stockton 


Smiles, Mrs, Mill-Iane 6d. S., Stockton 
Sdrk, Mr, N. S., Seaton 

Weir, Miss, Bd. S., Norton Stocktoi^ 
Wise, Miss, St. Thomas' S., Stockto» 

Treat, andSec.^ Mr Edgar, Southend B., Middlesborough 

Alexander, Miss, Bd. S.« Eston Jnnction 

ATon, Mr, Linthorpe IndttStrial S., Middles- 

Co<^soB, Miss, FIeetham*street Mixed Bd. 
S., Middlesbrough 

Dickson, Mr, East-street Bd. S., Middles- 

|>rust, Mr, Bd. S., North Ormesby, Middles- 

Eassie, Mbs, Southend Girls* S., Middles- 

Eggleston, Miss, B. S., Hartbum 

Gardner, Miss, East-street Bd. S., Middles- 

Greenl^d, Mr, Denmark-street, Bd. S., 

.Hcrron, Miss, Denmark-street Girls' Bd. S., 

Hutton, Mr, Stockton-street Bd. S., Middles- 

Jennings, Miss, Bd. S., Eston Junction 

Jones, Miss, Fleetham-street Inf. S., MiddiM*. 

X^wis, Mr, W. S., Middlesbrovgh 
Murray, Mr, Bd. S., New Manke, Mardct* 

Proctor, Miss, Bd. S., New Marske, Manln» 

Richardson, Miss, South Eston Bd. Inf. S.^ 

Roberts, Miss, South Eston Bd. Girls' S^ 

Roberts, Miss, Southend Inf. B., Middlet» 

Snowdon, Miss, W. S., Middlesborough 
Kwanson, Miss, Denmark -street Girls* 8.^ 

Sharp, Mr, High-street, Skelton-in-CIeT«« 

Willits, Mr, Southend Bd. 8., Middl«ih 

Winny, Mr, Linthorpe Bd. S., Middle*^ 

borough (54 

276.— Teign and Bart District (Devon) Teachers' 


Pre*.^ Mr L. G. Hockin, Bd. S., Dartmouth 

Vice-Pres.y Mr Down, Bd. S., Moreton Hampstead ; and Miss J. Sobby, N. S., St. Maty 

Church, Torquay 
Treas. and Sec, MrT. Butland, N. S., King's Teignton, Newton Abbot 

Ball, Miss, N. S., Chudleigh, Newton 

Bayly, Mr W. E., B. S., Chudleigh, Newton 

Heaven, Mr A., Bd. S., Blackawton, Dart* 

Beer, Mr H. R., N. S., Trinity, Torquay 
Beer, Mrs, N. S., Trinity, Torquay 
Bennett, Mr S. D., Bd. S., Brook Hill, 

Blight, Mr F., N. S., Ashprington, Totnes 
Bond, Miss, N. S., Staverton, Totnes 
Bradden, Mr, Bd. S., Brixham 
Brown, Mr J. D., N. ^^., Torre, Torquay 
Bum, Miss E., N. S., Holne, Ashburton 
ButIaind,Mrs, N.S., King's Teignton, Newton 

Butterfield, Miss, Industrial Orphanage S., 

Babbacombe, Torquay 

Chapman, Miss, N. S., Bovey Tracey, New» 

ton Abbot 
Chinneck. Mr J., Bd. S., Dawhsh 
Chinneck, Mrs, Bd. S., Dawlish 
Churchward^ Miss, N. S., Upton, Torquay 
Cornish, Miss, Bd. S., Abbot's Kerswell» 

Newton Abbot 

Crabbc, Miss, B. S., Upton Vale, Torquay 
Davey, Mis! 
ton Abbot 

, 5., Up 
. S., Kii 

ing's Teignton, New* 

David, Mr P. G., N. S., Darlington, Totnea 
Dunn, Mr C. R., N. S., Harberton, Totnea 
Fawkes, MrW. H., B. S., Newton Abbot 
Freestone, Mr, B. S., King's Teignton, Neww 

ton Abbot 
French, Mr S., B. S., Torquay 
Frost, Miss, N. S., All Saints', NewtoQ 

Hancock, Miss, N. S., St. Luke's, Torqtuqf. > 


Bawkins, Miss, N. S., All Saints', Newton 

HcUyer, Mr Jas., N. S., Dittishara, Totnes 
Booper. Mr, Bd. S., Stoke Fleming, Dart- 
Hncklebridge, Miss, Bd. S., Paignton 
Hughes, Hiss M., N.S.,Thurlstone,KingsbrIdge 
Hughes, Miss S., N. S., Holcombe, Daw- 

Papworth, Mr, Bd. S., 

Stoke GabnO, 

RusMn, Mr, Bd. S., Ashburton 

Jboa, Miss, Bd. S., Brook Hill, Teignmouth 

Irwin, Miss, B. S., Bovey Tracey, Newton 

^ames. Miss, Bd. S., Moreton H&mpstead 
Jarvis, Miss, N. S., Babbacombe, Torquay 
Xallaway, Miss, Bd. S., Halwdl, Totnes 
JKaapman, Miss, Bd. S., Lustleigh, Newton 

Knott, Mrs, N. S., Wolborough, Newton 


Miss, N. S., Torre, Torquay 


s. Mr D., Bd. S , High week, Newton 

JLocke, Miss, N. S., North Bovey, Moreton, 

Mabey, Mr J. G., N. S., Chudleigh, Newton 

Major, Miss, Bd. S., Drew*s Teignton, 

Merrick, Mr G., N. S., King's Kerswell, 

Newton Abbot 
Mnlford, MrT., N. S., Harbertonford 
V^e, Mr, Bd. S., Shaldon, Tei.i^mouth 
Aige, Mrs, Bd. S., Shaldon, Teignmouth 
Aonell, Miss, Bd. S., Paignton 

Phillips, Mr, Bd. S., Totnes 
Phillips, Mrs, N. S., Victoria'patk, Torquay 
Kerce, Miss, N. S.» Ellacombe, Torquay 
Pym, Mr, Bd. S., Drew's Teigntoa, Exeter 
Sobertson, Miss, B. $., Torre Hill, Torqoay 
Rumble, Mr W., N. S., Bishop's Tei^too, 

Ruth, Mr W. G. H., Bd. B., Coftoo, Star- 
Savell, Miss, N. S., Torre, Torjiuay 
Shepherd, Miss, N. S., Chudleigh Knighton, 

Newton Abbot 
Skinner, Mr W., Bd. S., Exeter-road, Teign- 
Stevenson, Miss, N. S.i Bovey Tracey, New- 
ton Abbot 
Stone, Mr, Bd. S., Paignton 
Toms, Miss, B. S., Newton Abbot 
Venning, Miss L., N. S., Ellacombe, Tor- 
Venning, Miss A. B., N. S., St. Matthias^, 

Viccars, Mr T., Public College, Torquay 
Warren, Mr W. E., Bd. S., Paignton 
Warren, Mr W., Lord Churston's S., Brix- 

West wood, Mr W., N. S., Bovey Tracey, 

Newton Abbot 
Willott, Miss, N. S., Babbacombe, Torquay 
Yabsley, Mr J. M., N. S., Torqua 
Yabsley, Mrs, N. S., Torquay 
Younghusband, Mrs, Bd. S., Dawlish [79 

St77.— Thame and District (Oxford) Teachers' Associatum. 

JV«., Mr Jos. Tannkr, End. S., Worminghall, Thame . 

Vice-Pres.f Mr Lamb, N. S., Chilton, Bucks 

Trvas. anJSrc.f Mr George Briars, B. S., Thame 

D«nkin, Mr, Bd. S., Long Crendon Snell, Mr, N. S., Thame 

King, Miss, N. S., Thame _ Totjey, Mr, Bd. S., Tetsworth 

Morgan, Miss, N. S., Shabbington, Thame 

Walton, Miss, N. S., Sydenham, Tetsworth 


S78.— TbAmes Valley (Surrey end Middlesex) Teachers' 


Prf$., Mr DxPRosE, Ch. Ch. S. Surbiton, S. W. 

rirf-Prfs., Mr Piixinger, N, S., Merton, Surrey 

TV^w., Mr C. Stosk. Archdeacon, Cambridge's S., T^K-ickenham CommoD 

Sfi\, Mr E Wilkes. Smith, Earl Russell's 5., Petersham, S. W. 

Arnold, Mr, N. S., East Moulsey, Surrey 
Baker, St. John's N. S., Richmond, Surrey 

IS, Mr. Bd. S., SuUon, Surrey 

n, Miss, Green, Isle>»'onh, Middlesex 



Baker, Miss, St Paul's S., Kingston Hill 
Bell, Miss, AUsa Park N. S., £. Twicken. 

Beddel, Mr, Queen*s N. S., Kew, Surrey 
Bland, Mr, N. S., Laleham^ Chertsey 
Boyle, Miss, Catholic S., Richmond, Surrey 
Bugler, Miss, N. S , Hounslow, Middlesex 
Butler, Mr, N. S., Egham, Surrey 
Backerfield, Miss, N. S , Esther, Surrey 
Burgess, Mr, N. S^ Mortlake, 8. W. 
Cook, Miss» Holy Trinity N. S., Richmond, 

Crow, Miss, Eton-street N. S., Richmond, 

Cull, Miss, Montpelier N. S., E. Twicken- 
Curtis, Miss, N. S.j Mortlake S.W. 
CuUey, Miss, Police Orphanage, Twicken- 
Dale, Miss, Brentford End, N. S., Brentford 
Davies, Mr D. J., Par. S., Twickenham 
Davies, Mrs D.Jj., Far. S., Twickenham 
Davies, Miss £., Girls' N. S., North-street, 

Davies, Miss S., Girls* N. S., North street, 

Eagles, Miss, N. S., Hounslow, Middlesex 
Eden, Aliss, N. S., Thames Ditton, Surrey 
Epworth, Miss, St. Paul's N. S., Kingston 

Everett, Mr, N. S., Esher, Surrey 
Flynn, Mr, Catholic S., Isleworth, Middle- 
Fowls, Mr, St. Mark's S., Surbiton 
FomisoUj Miss, Strand-on-Green Bd. S., 

Forgan, Miss, N. S., Hook, Surbiton 
Fogg, Mr, Eton-street N, S., Richmond, 

Ford, Mr, N. S., Spring Grove, Isleworth 
Freeman, Miss, St. Mark's N. S., Surbiton 
Francis, Miss, St. Saviour's N. S., Sunbury 
Gardner, Mr. Middlesex Police Orphanage, 

Gosney, Miss, Holy Trinity N. S., Richmond 

Harris, Miss C, Ch. Ch. N. S., Surbiton 
Harris, Miss M., Ch. Ch. N. S., Surbiton 
Hampton, Miss, N. S., Egham, Surrey 
Harman, Miss, N. S,. Hook, Surbiton 
Holt, Miss, Eton-street Inf. S., Richmond, 

Honor, Miss, St. Mark's N. S., Surbiton 

Jackson, Mr. Garrct-lane Bd. S., Wands- 
worth S. W. 
Keen, Miss, 131, Windmill-street, Gravesend 
Kerswell, Mr, N. S., New Maiden, Surrey 
Knott, Mr, N. S.. Sunbury, Middlesex 
Lockington, Mr, N. S., Ashford, Middletex 
Leaney, Mr, N. S,, Mortlake, Surrey 
Lcgg. Mr, Public S., Kineston, Surrey 
Leg^i Mr, St. John's S., Spring Grove, 

Manser, Mrs, 308, High-street, Brentford 
Mansfield Mr, Engliih S., Hampton Wick, 

Martin, Mr, St. James* N. S., New Hampton, 

Mar\vood, Mr, B. S., Richmond, Surrey 
Marwood, Miss, B. S., Richmond, Surrey 
Page, Mr, Police Orphanage, Twickenham 
Pearson, Miss, St. 'Paurs S. S., Kingston 

Percival, Mr, W. S., Ealing, Middlesex 
Porter, Miss, Girls' N. S., North-ttreet, 

Prior, Mr, End. S., Isleworth, Middlesex 
Roberts, Mr, Eton-street N. S., Richmond, 

Runnegar, Mr, i. Paragon-place, Surbition 

Sherwin, Miss, Norbiton, S., Kingston-oiip 

Siggs, Mr, N.S., Thames Ditton, Surrey 
Simmons, Miss, Par. Inft. S., Twickenham 
Smith, Mrs E. W., Earl Russell's S., Peter- 
sham S W. 
Slade, Miss, Eton-street, N. S., Richmond, 

Sparks', Miss, N. S., Mortlake S. W. 
Stevens, Mr, Norbiton N. S , Kingston 
Stannard, Mr, N. S., Hanworth, Middlesex 
Tate, Mr J. W., British Schools, Brentford 
Taylor, Mr, N. S., Kast Moulsey, Surrey 
Towzer, Mrs, N. S., Old Maiden, Worcester 

Park S. W. 
Walter', Miss,' Public S., Teddington, Middle- 
Wallis, Miss, North-street Girls' N. S., Isle- 
Webb, Mr, Waod-street, N. S., Kingston 
Willis, Miss, Eton-street, Girls' N. S., Rich- 
mond S.W. 
Willis, Miss, S. G., Eton-street, Girls' N. S., 

Richmond S.W. 
White, Miss, Inft. S., Wood-street N. S. 

Yates, Mr, St. Mark's School, Surbiton [85 


279.— Thombiiry (Gloncestershire) Teachers' AssociatioxL. 

Pret.^ Mr F. White, Oldbury N. S., Thornbury 

Vice-Pres.t Mr Powel.l, N. S., Almondsbury 
Treas. and Sec.^ Mr J. F. Reid, B. S., Thornbury 

Caoson, Mr, N. 8., Oveston, Thornbury 
Landsdowne, Miss» N. S., (Inf.) Olveston, 

Last,|Mrs, N. S., Patchway, Aldmondsbury 

Powell, Mrs, N. S., Almondsbury 

Pullin, Miss, Bd. S., Tytherington, Thora- 

Spencer, Miss, N. S., Littleton, Thornbury 


280.— Tiverton and District (Devon) Teachers' 


Pret,^ Mr J. W. Singleton, Member of Tiverton SkiBd. 
Vice-Pres.^ Mr J, J. Frisby, N. S., Stoodleigh, Tiverton 
, Treat, and Sec.f Mr John Bidgood, Heathcote S., Tiverton 

Aldred, Mr, N. S.. Morebath, Tiverton 
Allan, Miss, Bd. S., Chevithorne, Tiverton 
Case, Mr, N. S., Oakford, Tiverton 
Cbwp, Miss L., Bd. S., Bampton-street, 

Clec, Mrs, N. S.. Washfield, Tiverton 
Bimond, Mu^s, Bd. S., Uffculme Tiverton 
Ellis, Miss E., Heathcoat S., Tiverton 
EUts, Miss L., Heathcoat S., Tiverton 
Flood Miss, N. 8., Uplowman, Tiverton 
Hose, Miss, N. S., Tiverton 

Pike, Miss. N. S., Calverleigh, Tiverton 
Sampson, Mr, Bd. S., Uffcumle Tiverton 
Smith, Miss, N. S., Cullompton Tiverton 
Townsend, Hr F., N. S., Bampton, Tiverton 
Tucker, Miis A., Bd. S., Bolham, Tiverton 
Tucker, Mr, G., Bd. S., Ash Thomas, Tiver- 
Watts, Miss, N. S., Cullompton, Tiverton 
White, Miss, N. S., Oakford. Tiverton 
Wifson, Miss A., Bd. S., Elmore, Tiverton 


281.— Todmorden and District Teachers' Association. 

Prts.t Mr Bracbwbll, N. S., Cross^tone, Todmorden 
yict'Prts.i Mr Boards, Bd. S., Mjtholmroyd 
Trras., Mr Bates, Bd. S., Heptonstall 
Sec,i Mr Birtwistls, Waterside S., Todmorden 

Adt, Mrs, Bd. S., Roomfield-Iane, Tod- 
Bnoewcll, Miss, N. S., Cross-stone, Tod- 

DnilMn, Mr, N. S., Walsden 

Henderson, Miss, Bd. S , Roonifield-Iane, 

Shuttleworth, Miss, Bd. S., Hebden Bridge 
Stacey, Mr, Bd. S., Walsden 
Tomer, Mr, N.S.,T odmordeo [xx 



282.— Trowbridge and District (Wilts) Teachars' 


Pres.t Mr Moore, Trinity Boys' S., Trowbridge 

Vice-Pres.t Mr George, B. S., Melksham 

Treas,^ Mr House, N. S , Melksham 

Sec.y Grant, Mr B.S., Westbury, Wilts. 

Leaver, Miss, N. S., Staverton, Trowbridge 
Lewis, Mr, W. S., Road, near Bath 
Lister, Mr, N. S., Trowbridge 
MacNiven, Miss Margaret, Diltons Marsh 

S., Westbury 
Miller, Miss, Giris' N. S., Melksham 
Perrott, Mr, Bd. S., Edineton, Westbury 
Pilley, Mr, N. S., Holt, Trowbridge, WHts 
Snook, Miss, Inf. S., Melksham 
Stinchcombe, Mr, B. S., Trowbridge 
Wilkins, Miss, N. S., Southwick, Trow- 
Mr WiTCOMPE, N. S., Hilperton 

Ainswoith, Mr, N. S., Steeple, Ashton, 

Baker, Mr, B. S., Bratton, Westbury 
Boaden, Miss, B. 8., Brad ford -on- A von 
Bryant, Mr, Christ Church S., Bradford-Cn- 

Burnett, Mrg, Conigre Inf. S., Trowbridge 
Bungay, Miss, N. S., South Wraxhall, 

Chapman, Miss, St. Thomas' Inf. S., Trow- 
Collier, Mr, Par. S., Bradford-On-Avon 
Hill, Miss, Trinity Girls' S., Trowbridge 
Hole, Miss N. S., Monckton, Farleigh, 
Bradford-o n- A von 


283.— Tyneside, (Northumberland and Durham) Teachers' 


Pres.^ Mr T. S. Birkbv, Westmorland-road Bd. S., Newcastle-on-Tyne 
Vice-Pres.^ Mr. Jas. Pvbus, Kettlewell's End. S., North Shields 
Treas.j Mr John Johnson, Jarrow Chemical Company's S., South Shields 
Sec. J Mr W. Sutherland, 69, Adelaide-street, South Shields 

Ash worth, Mr, Bd. S., Tyne Dock 
Aungier, Miss, Bd. S., Wellington Quay 
Blench, Mrs. Bd. S., Laygate, 8outh Shields 
Bone, Mr, Trinity Bd. S., North Shields 
Brady, Miss, B. S., North Shields 
Brockbanks, Mr, St. Stephen's Bd. S., South 

Brockbanks, Mrs, Ocean-road Bd. S., South 

Campbell, Miss, Western Bd. S , North 

Carr, Miss Union B. S., North Shields 
Clegg, Mr, St. Hilda s N. S., South Shields 
Coull, Miss, Eastera Bd. S., North Shields 
Cowling, Mr, Bd. S., Tyne Docks 
Deamess, Miss, Cone-street Bd. S., South 

Dowey, Miss, Jubilee S., North Shields 
Fish, Miss, Jarrow Chemical Company's S., 

South Shields 
Forsyth, Miss, St. Peter's N. S., North 

Found, Mr, N. S., Tynemouth 
Gibson, Mr, Ocean-road Bd.S., South Shields 
Gott, Mr N. S., Bangor 
Grant, Miss, Ch. Ch. N. S., North Shields 
Hewitt, Mr, Chirton Bd. S., North Shields 

Horswill, Miss, Union B. S., South Shields 
Johnson, Miss, Western Bd. S., North Shields 
King, Miss, W^estem Bd. S., North Shields 
Kell, Mr, Cone-street Bd. S., South Shields 
Laws, Miss, Ocean-road Bd. S., South Shields 
Livingstone, Miss, Pres. S., North Shields 
Manson, Mr, Kettlewell's End. S., North 

Mavor, Mr, Western Bd. S., North Shields 
Mercer, Miss, Cone-street Bd. S., South 

Marshall, Miss, Bd. S., Willington Quay 
Nicolson, Miss, Jarrow Chemical Company's 

S., South Shields 
Rigby, Mr, Dunn-street Bd. S., Jarrow-on- 

Richardson, Miss, Union B. 8., North Shields 
Robson, Miss, Eastern Bd. S., North Shields 
Rose, Mr B. A„ Eastern Bd.S., North Shields 
Smith, Miss, Middle class Elementary S., 

North Shields 
Strother, Miss, Jarrow Chemical Company's 

S., South Shields 
Teare Mr, Bd. S., Benfieldside 
Thomas, Mr, Union B. S., South Shields 
Tocker, Mr, Bd. S., Wallsend 
Traill, Mr, Pres., S., North Shields 


Turabull, Mr, Bd. S.. Willington Quay 
Tucker, Mk<, St. Mark's N.S., South Shields 
Urpeth, Mr, Ch. Ch. N. 8., North Shields 

Watt, Miss, Bd. S.. Tyne Dodc 

Young, Miss, Union R. S., South Shields 


884— Vale of Glwyd (Benbigh) Teachers' Association. 

/>**., Mr R. Lloyd, N. S., Ruthin 

Vtet-Pttt., Mr W. Lswis, Bd. S., Henllan, Rhyl 

Tretu. andSec.y Mr J. Parry, Bd. S., Denbi^ 

Barnwell, Mr F. W., N. S., Llandymog, 

Barnwell, Mr, N. S., Llang^miew, Abergele 
Dayies, Miss M. A., N. S.> Llanbedr, Buthin 
£llis, Mr W., N. S., Tremerchic^i, St. 

£vans, Mr C. E., N. S., Derwen, Corwen 
Orattott, Miss M. J.> Bd. S., Frongoch 

Jones, Mr. T.» N. S., Denbigh 
Jones, Mr £>., N. S^, Llanychan, Ruthin 

Tones, Mr H. C, N. S., St. Asaph 

Jones, Mr J. B., N. S., Caerwys, Holywell 

Jones, Mr R P., Bd. S., Pfentrecelyn, 

Jerman, Mr T., N. S., Llanychan, Ruthin 
Owen, Mr T. J., N. S.. Bodferi, Denb^^h 
Owen, Mr, Bd. S., Clocaenog, Ruthin 
Rees, Miss, N. S., Denbigh 
.«teers Mr G., N. S-, GyflfyUio^, Ruthin 
Westington, Miss, Bd. S., Denbigh [a» 

ft85.— Vale of I>erwent dhurham) TeadLers* Associatoiu 

Pres.y >ir Tbarb, Benfieldside Bd. S. 

Vice-Pres.t Mr Hydbn, Consett B. S. 

Treas.t and Sec.^ Mr Leonard, Leadgate W. S., Co. Durham 

Brears, Mr, Leadgate N. S., Co. Durham 
Bullerwell, Mr, Cronewell, B. Sw, near 

Kbchester, Co. Durham 
Dawson, Mr, Consett N. S., Co. Durham 
Horner, Mrs, Benfieldside Bd. S., Black- 
hill, Durham 
[adcson, Mr, CoRsett W. S., Co. Durham 
leunings. Miss, Consett B. S., Co. Durham 
Koanwur, Miss, Benfieldside Bd. &, Black- 

hiU, Durham 
Adliaser, Mr, West wood Bd. S., Lintz Green 
Co> Durham 

Paxton, Miss, Consett N. S., Co. Durham 
Krevel, Mr, Dipton Bd. S., Blackhill, Durham 
Priestley. Mr, Dipton Bd. S., BlackhiII» 

Shaw, MisSy Westwood Bd. S., Lintz Green 
Stanger, Miss, Consett B. S., Co. Durham 
Telford, Mr, West Kyo Bd. 3., Linu Gre«n» 

Tumbull, Miss, Leadgate N. S., Co.»Dur* 

Tumbull. Mr, Wedomsley Bd. S., Blackhill 

Durham Lx^ 

SM.— Vale of Veath (eiamorgaa) Teachers' Amwciatimi, 

iV«s., Mr JosaPH Thomas, Skewen N. 3., Neath Abbey, Neath 

Vtce-Frgt.f Mr Gombr Jonbs, B. A., British School, Neath 

Trgas, emd S^c.^ Mr Sandbrson, N. S., Cadoxtoo, Neath 

'CpIaBortt, Miss, Aid, Davies Schools, Neath 
Okditoo, Mrs, N. S., Neath Abbey 
Sftyies* Miss, N. Sk. (Gurls) Neath AbU:v 
Diavks, Mr D. J., Aid. Davies" S., (Boys; 

liauift, Mias, Melinorythan, Neath 
IlllIlM, Mr S., N. &, RMolv«a 

Hopkws, Miss, Aid. Davies S., (In&nts 

Lewis, Mr, Aid. Davies' S., (Asaastant Bays> 

Jones, Miss, N. S., Skewen Infants, Neatfa^ 

Samad, Miss, B. S , Neath [ly 


287— Wakefield and District (Torksliire) Teachers* 

Pres.^ J. CuMBBRBiRCH, N. S., Nonnanton 

Vict-Pres.f Mr H, Moorhousx, Bd. S., Lofthouse, Wakefield 

Treat.^ Mr J. Y. Walker, 8t. John's S., Wakefield 

Sec.f Mr G. H. Lines, St. Andrew's S., Wakefield 

Armitage, Mr, W. S., Wakefield 
Arnold, Mr, Bd. S., Eastmoor, Wakefield 
Askew, Miss, St. James' Inf. S., Thomes- 

lane, Wakefield 
Bielby, Mr M., New Sharlston S., Wake< 

Bott, Mr G., N. S., Walton, Wakefield 
Bowes, Mr G. H., H. M. Prison, Wakefield 
Brewerton, Miss, St. Michael's Inf. 8., 

Briggs, Miss, Bd. S., East Ardsley, Wake< 

Brooke, Miss, St. Peter's S., Horbury, 

Brooks, Mr L., N. S., Flockton, Wakefield 
Burkinshaw, Mr,^ H. M., Prison, Wakefield 
Barkingshaw, Miss, St. Michael's Girls' S., 

Carbert, Mr T., End. S., Sandal Magna, 

Consterdine, Mr T., B. S., Whitwood, Nor- 

Davb, Mr J., Bd. S., Outwood, Wakefield 
Dixon, Mr E., N. S., Heath, Wakefield 
Dove, Mr G., St. Michaels' S., Wakefield 
Downes, Mr D., Bd. S., Alverthorpe, Wake- 
field . 
Eastburn, Miss, Bd. S., Eastmoor, Wake- 

Edwards, Mr E., End. S., Ledsham, South 

Fox, Miss, St. Mary's S., Wakefield 
Glaister, Mr. Bd. S., Crofton, Wakefield 
Goodyear, Mr H. S., Bd S., Westgate, 

Goodyear, Mrs, Bd. S., Westgate, Wake- 
Hill, M!ss, Parish Church Inf. S.. Wake- 
Homer, MrT., St. James' S., Thomes-lane, 

Howard, Mr F., Parish Church S., Wake- 
Jakeman, Mr J. J., Bd. S., Streethouse, 

Kensington, Miss, W. S., Wakefield 
Ledgard, Mr D. Bd. S., Carlton, Wakefield 

Marshall, Mr 6., Christ Church S., Loft-^ 

house, Wakefield 
Mellor, Mr J. W. R., York-street, Wako^ 

Midgley, Mr C. W., W. S., Pontefract 
Needham, Mr J. H., W. S., Horbmy 

Oakes, Miss, Bd. S., Outwoed, Wakefiekl 
Radcliffe, Mr J., N. S., Newmillerdai% 
Reyner, Mr J., Parish Church S., Wakefield 
Rhodes, Miss, Bd. S., Eastmoor, Wakefieid 
Sagar, Mr J., St. Peter's S., Horbniy 

Sewell, Mr J., St. Luke's S., Middlestowi^ 

Norman ton 
Shaw, Mr G. M., Bd. S., West Ardsley 

Sidebottom, Mr E., N. S., Altofts, Nor 

Sidebottom, Miss, Parish Church Girls Sw*. 

Simpson, Mr T., N. S., Purston, P«ntefiract 
Singleton, Miss, St. Peter's S., Horbury- 

Spencer, Mr, St. James' S., Crigglestone 

Smedley, Mr J., N.S., High Town,Castlefordl 
Stanway, Mr, St. Mary*s S., Wakefield 
Sykes, Miss. Christ Church S., Thon)e»i>. 

lane, Wakefield 
Thomas, Mr, Bd. S., East Ardsley, Wake-^ 

Tomlinson, Mr T., 28, Samuel street, Camp^• 

road, Leeds 
Walker, Mr Jno., N. S., Hemsworth, Wake 

Whittingstall, Mr, B. S., Crigglestone, Wak*^ 

Wilkinson, Miss, St. John's (Inf.) S., Wake* 

Wilkinson, Mr T., Christ Church S., Thomes* 

lane, Wakefield 
Williams, Mr W., St. Catherine's S., Sandal 

Magna, Wakefield 
Young, Mr J. W., Gr. S., Wakefield [6« 


888.— Wallingford and District (Berks and Ozon) Teachers' 


Pres.j Mr W. Bower, Bd. S., Cholsey, Wallingford 

Vice-Pres.^ Mr T. Ball, B. S., Benson, Wallinsford 

Ttt€U. audStc.t Mr T. W. Tickkkr, N. S., Wallingford 

Aiasworth, Miss Bd. S., Watlington, 

▲tt«well, Miss, N. S., South Moreton, 

Bailev, Miiis, B. S., Aston Tinrold, Walling- 

fiaroes. Miss, N. S., Wallingford 

Ifewrr, Mr, N. S., ^orth Moreton, Walling- 

Btnham, Miss, N. S., Goriixg> Reading 

Ji9W«r, Mr Joseph, End. S., Great Uaseley, 

Dntper, Miss, B. S., Goring, Reading 

C^mncis, Mrs, Bd. 6., Nuffield, Heuley-oa- 

Hibbs, Mr, N. S., Swyncombe, Henley-oa- 

KkkleU, Mr, End. S., Blewbury, Didcot 

Lay, Mr, End. S., Ewehne, Wallingford 
Marsh, Miss, Bd. S , Cholsey, Wallingfocd 
Matlock, Mr, Bd. S., Watlington, Tets- 
Muskett, Miss, N. S., High Moor, Henky- 

Newberry, Miss, Bd. S., South Stoke, 

Reely, Mr, N. S., Brightwell, (Berks.^ 

Reynolds, Mr, N. S., Crowmarsh, Wallii^- 

Steer, Miss, Inf. S., Carisbrooke, Isk of 

Strickson, Mr. N. S., Warborongh, WalHiig- 

Whichelo, Miss, Bd. S., StadhampCon, 

Wallingford [24 

889.— Walsall and District (Staffs.) Teadiers' Associatum. 

Fre9.t and Treat.t Mr, Robert Lister, Blue Coat S., Walsall 
Sec.^ Mr T. Routledge, Tantarnt-streeCiBd. S., Walsall 

sty Mr Arthur, Wesley Centenary S., 

Bird, Mr George. Blue Coat S., Walsall 
&uman. Miss, Blue Coat S.. Walsall 
Chalfont, Miss, Bath.street Bd. S., Walsall 
XllavKs, Miss J., Inf. db, Brounhills, Walsall 
Iteostooe, Mr W. A., N. S., Bloxwich, 

Fletwell, Mr, W. S., Pelsall, WalsaU 
^^ittings, Mr A., W. S., Ableweli-stveet, 


Gittings, Mrs, W. S., Ablewell-street, Wal- 
Jeffries, Mr A., Bd. S., Wisemore, Walsall 
Kenney, MrT., N. S. Fleck, WalsaU 
Silvester, Mr W. EL, Bd. S., Butts, Wal- 
Sluter, Mr. N. S.. Pelsall, Walsall 
White, Miss, N. S., Pelsall, WallsaU 


A90.-Walt]iamstaw aiid District (B88«z> Teachannf 

S*c.i Mr Woodford, Bd. S., Woodford Green, Essex 



1.— Warrington and District (Lancashire) Teachers' 


Prrr., Mr Abrahams, St. James' N. S., Warrington 

Vtct'Prti.j Mr Wallace, Christ Church N. S., Lathford, Warrington 

Treai.^ Dr. 'BowEg, Blue Coat Hospital, Warrington 

Sec.y Mr J. T. Folchkr, St. Anne's N. S., Warrington 

SlrSj Blue Coat S., Warrington 

, wamnz 
, Miss, Heathside N. S., Warrington 
Ir Geo., Heathside N. S., Warrington 
it, Mr Parish Church S . Warrington 
Mr, Croft Bd. S., Warrington 
Mr, Heathside N. S., Warrington 
Mr, Mil wall N. S., Warrington 
Mr, Guildhall S., Bury St. Kdmunds 
, Mr, Oxford N. S., Warrington 
le, Mr, Newchurch N. S., War- 


[r, St. Alban's R. C. S., Warrington 

, Miss, The Mount N. S., War- 


*fr, Orley N. S., Northwich 

Place, Miss, Ackledge Factory S,, Wa^ 


Shaw, Miss, The Mount Inf. S., Warrington 
Shawcross, Miss, Higher Walton, N. S^ 

Twiss, Mr, The People's College, Warrington 
Wo«lley, Mr, Grappenhall N. S., Warrington 
Wrightman, Mr, Risley Pres. S., Warrington 
Walton, Mr, Stretton N. S., Warrington 
Wallington, Mr. The People's College, War- 
Woodward, Miss, Grappenhall N. S., War- 
Unsworth, Miss, Heathside S., Warrington, 


292,— Warwick and District Teachers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr Tyrbll, Lighthome Warwick 

Vice-Prtt.t Mr Bon berry, B. S., Henley-in-Arden, Birmingham 

Treas. and Sec » Mr Tonks, Borough S., Warwick 

Griffin, Miss, N. S., Hampton-on-the>HiII, 

Ingram, Miss N. S., Combrook, Warwick 

iones, Mrs, Inf. S.^ Warwick 
lorris, Mrs, St. Nicholas' S., Wanvick 
Redfeame, Mr, All Saints' S., Warwick 
Roach, Missj B. S., Warwick 
Roberts, Miss, N. S., Wootton Warren, 

Tebbutt, Miss, Borough S., Warwick 
Thomas, Mr, N. S., Barford, Warwick 


Mr, Bd. S., Claverdon, Warwick 
eld, Mrs, Bd. S., Norton Lindsey, 
id, Mr, Bd. S^ Ashome, Warwick 

Mr, N. S., Fenny Compton, Learn- 

T, Miss, Bd. S., Burton Dassett, 
, Miss, Bd. S„ Preston Bagot War- 

r, N. S., Barford, Warwick 
Ir, N. S., Hatton, Warwick 

-Weardale and District (Durham) Teachers' Association. 

Pies.j Mr J. RusHTON, Bd. S., Lanehead, Weardale, Darlington 

Vice-Pres.t Mr J. A. Mason, N. S., Stanhope, Weardale, Darlington 

Treas* attdSec.^ Mr J. S. Freeman, Bd. S., Westgate, Weardale, Darlington 

G-odsall, Mr £., N. S., Eastgate, Darlington - 
Slacke, Mr R. S., Bd. S., St. John's 

Chapel, Darlington 
Squire, Mr L., Bd. S.j Rookhope, Eastgate, 

Wren, Mr J., Bd. S., Frosterley, Eastgate, 

Darlington [lO 

Mr J., Bd. S., Newhouse, Ireshope 


Mr T. C. W. S., Stanhope, Dar- 

xd, Mr J., Bd. S., Wearhead, Dar- 


294.— Wednesbnry and District (Staffs.) Teachers' 


Pres.j Mr Knight, St. John's S., Wednesbuiy 
Vice-Prei.^ Mr Gaskbll, Springhead W. S., Wednesbury 
Treat., Mr Price, Holyhead-road W. S., Wednesbury 
Sec., Mr Baker, Old Park B. S., Wednesbury 

Hackwood, Mr, Dudley-road Bd, Sj 

Tope, Mr, Bridge-street Bd. S., Wedneslmf 
Kedy, Miss, St. James' N. S., WedneaWy ' 
Kerley, Miss, St. Mary's R. C. S., WedH 

Lloyd, Miss, All Saints' N. S., Darlaston 
Moore, Miss, St. John's R. C. S., TachficH 

Boyd, Miss, Bridge-street B. S.,Wednesbury 
Bkins, Mr, Pinfold-street W. S., Darlaston 
Biadthaw, Miss, St. John's N. S., 

Clark, Mr, N. S., Morley 
Darlington, Mr, AH Saints' N. S., Darlaston 
Davies, Miss, Kings Hill Bd. S.« 

Bonn, Miss. St. Bartholomew's N. S., 

Ellis, Miss. Wrekin Bd. S., Wellington 
Fewkes, Miss St. James* N. S., Wednesbury 
Fish, Miss, N. S., Ocker Hill, Tipton . 
Foote, Mr, St. Bartholomews N. S., 

Howe, Miss, Parish Ch. S., Darlaston 
Howe, Miss M., Parish Ch. S., Darlaston 

Reed, Mr^ Parish Ch. S., Darlastoa 
Smith, Miss, Bd. S., Tipton 
Stokes, Miss, Newtown Bd. S., Wednesbuiy 
Tibbitts, Mr, St. James' N. S., Wednesbog 
Townsend, Miss, St. Bartholomew's N. &» 

Tranter, Mr, King's Bill Bd. S., Wedneio 

Wilson, Mr Wm., St. James* N. 8., Wedno* 

bury IjB 

295.— Wensleydale (Torksliire) Teachers' Association. 

Pres., Mr G. R. Rumbol, Bd. S., Leeming, Bedale 
Vice-Fret., Mr H. Frith, N. S., East Witton, Bedale 
Treat. OfidSec, Mouat, Mr R. F. de M., Birch Memorial S., Middleham, Bedale 

Bacon, Mr J. T., Thomborough Charity S„ 

Leybum, Bedale 
Bond, Mr Da\-id, N. S., Thoralby, Bedale 
Brittain, Mr Nathan, N. 8., Spennithome, 

Crossley, Mr John, N. S., Constable Burton, 

Douglas, Mrs, End. S., Hackforth and 

Hornby, Bedale 
Grubb, Mr T., Bd. S., Hawes, Bedale 

Klein, Mr C, N. S., Carlton-in-Coverdabk 

Klein, Mrs C, N. S., Carlton-in-Covefdal^ 

Mouat, Mrs, Birch Memorial S., Middldiak 

Sleightholm, lUr J., N. S., Horsdioo^ 

Bedale ^ 

Weatherall, Mr, N. S., West Burton, Bedafe 



296.— West Bromwich Teachers' Association. 

Pret., My J. Vincent, W. S., Great Bridge. 

Vice-Pret., Mr Henry White, Greet's Green Bd. S. 

Treat, and Sec., Mr Wm. Pinner, Ebenezer Bd. S., West Bromwich 

Adtms, Miss M., Park Villa|;e Bd. S. 
Anderson, Mr James, All Saints' Boys' N. S. 
Beard, Miss E., Gun's Village Inf. Bd. S. 
Beckwith, Miss A. M., Ebenezer Inf. Bd. S. 
Beckwith, Miss H. A., Gold's HUi Girls' Bd. 

Bottlton, Miss H. E,, Gold's HiU Inf. Bd. S 
Boyns, Mr Richard, W. S., Bratt-street 
Brown, Miss E., W. S., Great Bridge 
Causer, Miss, W. S. Inf. Bratt-street 
Carter, Miss A., St. John's Inf. N. S. 
Cox, Miss M. A., Holy Trinity Inf. N. S 


Irs E., Ch. Ch. Girls' N. S. 
A. M., Ch. Ch. Inf. N. S., 
I r George, Clerk to the S. Board 
s, St. James* N. S., Handsworth 
is M., Greet's Green Inf. Bd. S. 
r W, H., Holy Trinity Boys' N. 

All Saints' Inf. N. S. 
• Wm. Summit Boys* Bd. S. 
Miss E., Gun's Village Bd. S. 
James, Lyng Boys* Bd. S. 
iliss £., Mayer's Green Infts. Bd. 

rs H., Mayer's Green Girls' Bd. 

rT., Queen-street Boys* Bd. S. 
[iss E., Holy Trinity Girls' N. S. 
^r J. P., Ch. Ch. S., West 


Price, Miss M., Ebenezer Bd. S. 

Peters, Miss S. A., Moor-street Inf. Bd. S. 

Richards, Miss M. A., Moor-street Girls' Bd.- 

Richards, Miss A., Greet's Green Girls* Bd.- 

Roberts, Miss S., Dartmouth-street Bd. S. 
Robinson, Mr B,, Gun's Village Boys' Bd. S.- 
Salter, Mr E. W., St. James* Boys' N. S. 
Sanders, Miss £.. All Saints' Girls' N. S. 
Strickland. Miss M., Summit Girls' Bd. S. 
Sutton, Miss L. E., St. lames* N. S. 
Tilt, Mr Wm., St. Petei^s Mixed N. S. 
Vale, Miss S.. Lyng Inf. Bd. S. 
Vincent, Mrs M., W. S., Great Bridge 
Walsh, Miss, W. S., HiU Top 
Woodhall, Miss E. A., Summit Inf. Bd. S. 
Woodhall, Mr J. H., Gold's Hill Boys' Bd. 

S. Us 

—Westminster (Middlesex) Teachers' Association. 

Mr D. P. Moore, St. Matthew's N. S., Great Peter-street, Westminster, S.W. 

Pice-Pres.^ Mr R. Poston, St. Anne's N. S., Dean-street, Soho, W. 

., Mr R. Bottle, St. Michael's N, S., Buckingham Palace-road, Pimlico, S.W. 

ren. Sec, Mr W. J. Walshe, Bd. S., Horseferry-road, Westminster, S.W. 

. Sec, Mr H. Plowright, Christ Church N. S., Broadway, Westminster, S.W. 

ss. St. Matthew's N. S., Great 

et, S.W. 

Sir W. Perkins' End. S., Chertsey 

s, Horseferry-road Bd. S., West- 


, St. Stephen's N. S., Rochester- 

's, St. Mark's N. S., North 

rect, W. 

St, Stephen's N. S., Rochester- 

, Christ Church N. S., Broadway, 

t. Michael's N. S., Buckingham 

ad, S.W. 

, St. Gabriel's N. S., Glasgow- 

. W. 

2, Ludgate Circus-buildings, E.C. 

;s, St. Gabriel's N. S., Glasgow- 


iss, St. James-the-less N. S., 

treet, S.W. 

iss, Holy Trinity N. S., Vauxhall 

ad, S.W. 

•, Crown Court Pres. S., Covent- 


, Wesleyan College S., Horseferry- 


r, United Westminster End. S., 

a-street, S.W. 

Bryant, Mr, St. Mark's N. S., North* 
Audley-street, W. 

Bullock, Mr, St. James the- less N. S,, 
Chapter-street, S.W. 

Butler, Miss, Grosvenor N. S., South Audley- 
street,, W. 

Butler, Miss, St. Marylebone N. S., Maryle. 
bone-road ,W 

Calland Miss, St. George's N. S., South- 
street, 6rosvenor-squ»re, W. 

Carney, Miss, St. Mary's R. C. S.. Great 
Peler-street, S.W 

Cartwright, Mrs, Houghton-street, Infant 
S. W.C. 

Catiin, Miss, St. Clement Dane's N. S. 
Strand, W.C. 

Chalk, Miss, St. Mark's N. S., North Audley- • 
street, W. 

Chexfield, Miss, St. Margaret's N. S., New 
Tothill-street, S.W. 

CloUter, Miss, St. George's N. S., South- • 
street, Grosvenor-square, W. 

Cogery, Mons, 296, Commercial-road, Old 
Kent-road, S B» 

Cooper, Mr, St. Matthew's N. S., Great 
Peter-street, S,W. 

Cope, Miss, Horseferry-road Free S., S.Vf . 

Cotton, Miss, St. Michael's N. S., Bucking- 
ham Palace-road, S.W. 

Cousins, Miss, James.street Bd. S., Bucking-- 

haun.gate, S.W. 


^ Cowham, Mr, Wesleyan College, Horsefcnry- 

road, S.W. 
Craddocfc, Mr. Horseferryroad Bd. S., West- 

minster, S.W 
Crowe, Mr, 123, Acre-lane, Brixton, S.W. 
Cutler. Mr, St. Gabriers N. S., Glasgow- 

terrace, S.W. 
Dallison, Mr, Holy Trinity N. S., Vauxhall 

Ihidge-road, S.W. 
Dallison, Miss, 57, Viacent-square, West- 
minster, S.W. 
Davmond, Mis«, Clement-street Bd, S., 

I>enton, Mr, Hanover Branch N. S., South 

Mol ton -street, W. 
Dunn, Miss, Hanover Bnmch N. S., South 

Molton-street, W. 
Dunstan, Mr, W. College, Horseferry-road, 

&» *v. 
£di«, Mrs, Horsrferry-road Bd. S., West- 
minster, S.W. 
Elderkin, Mr,W. College S., Horseferry-road 

Elliott, Miss, Horseferry-road fid. S., 

Westminster, S.W. 
EUis, Mr G., St. Peter's N. S., Lower 

Belgrave-strcet, S.W. 
Ellis Mrs G., St. Peter's N. S., Lower 

Belgrave-street, S.W. 
Ellis, Mr H., St. Mary's N. S., Hide-place, 

Vincent-square» S.W. 
Ellis, Mrs H., St. Mary's N. S.. Hide-place, 

Vincent square, S.W. 
£llis. Miss, St. Michael's N. S., Buckiagfaam 

Pilace-road, S.W. 
Evans, Mr W. College, Horseferty-road, S.W. 
Featherstone, Miss, W. College S., Horse- 
ferry-road. S.W. 
Fedarb, Mr, St. Margaret's N. S., New 

TothiU-street, S.W. 
Francis, Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Lower 

Beltcrave^street. S.W. 
Flrancis,Mr, kuianuelHospitaItJames-st.,S.W. 
Fxancis, Mr, St. Anne's N. S., Dean-street, 

S<^, W. 
Fuge, Mrs Grosvenor N. S., South Audley- 

street, W. 
Galaud, Mr, Horseferry-road Bd, S., West- 
minster, S.W. 
Gaunt, Mrs, All Saints* N. S^, Baxightsbridg« 

-^ Geaoer, Mr, United Westminster End. S., 

Alexandria-street. S.W. 
Gerard, Mr, St. Clement Dane's N. Sk, 

Strand, W.C. 
^ Goffin, Mr, United Westminster End. S., 

Alexandra-street, S.W. 
<SMy, Mr, St. George's N. S., South-street, 

Grosvenor-aquare, W. 
. Griffith, Mr, 33, Waosey-street, Walworth- 

KMd, S.S 

Hall, Mr, United Westminster 

Ale xandra-street, S.W. 
Harris, hUss T., 57, Vinccnt-squ 

minster, S.W. 
Harris, Bliss, St. Tames-the-les 

Chapter-street, S.W. 
Harris, Miss. iWlico W. S., War 

Harvey, Mr, Bd. S., Wintert< 

Haynes, Miss. Marlborough-roac 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Haynet, Miss, Vere-street Bd. 

Market, W.C 
Healing, Mr, 6t, Oseney-crescent 

road N.W. 
Henchie, Mr, United Westminstei 

Alexandra-street, S.W. 
Hencfrv, Miss, 10, Claverton-street, 


Hill, Miss, St. Martin's Xorthe 

Castle-street, Lons Acre, VV.C. 
Hill, Miss, St. Stephen's N. S., ] 

Row, S.W. 
Hill, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., H 

Vincent-square, S. ^'. 
Hoare, Miss, Holy Trinity N. S., ( 

Hodge. Mr, Hart-street Bd. S. 

Garden, W.C. 
Howes, Miss, Townlhcnd End. S., 

Row, S.W. 
Hutcfatngs, Miss, Vere-street Bd. 

Market, W.C. 
Johns, Miss, St. Peter's N. S 

Belgrave-street, S.W. 
Johnson, IVtiss, St. Paul's N. S. 

place, Knightsbridge, S. VT. 
Josiyn, Miss, St. Martin's Northe 

Castle-street, Long Acre, W.C. 
Kay, Miss, Holy Trinity N. S., 

Bridge-road, S. W. 
Ketely, Mbs, Marlboroogh-road 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Kinton, Mr, W. College, Horse: 

Knapp, Mr, St. Clement Dane 

Strand, W.C. 
Langler, I^Ir, B. A., W. College, i 

road, S.W. 
Larham, Mr, James-street Bd. S., 

ham Gate, S. W^. 
Lauder, Miss, Albion-rood Bd. S., 

* Lawrance, Miss, 6, Tasman-roai 

road, Qapham, S. W. 
Lee, Mr, Pimlico W. S., Wan 

Lees, Mr, Bd. S., Barrett-stx 

chester-aquare, W. 

* P^ Subficripfcion throng the West Lambeth Associatioii 


Horseferry-road Free S., Wcst- 

r. United Westminster End. S., 
a-street, S.W. 

Mr, St. James' N. S., Marshall- 
3lden-square, W. 
Mr B. A., Wesleyan College, 
y-road, S.W. 

Miss, St. Matthew's N. S., 
;er-street, S.>y. 
[r, St. Stephen's N. S., Rochester 


kir, Ch. Ch, S., Cannon-street- 

Ir, St. James' N. S., Marshall- 

Mden-square, W. 

rs, Ch. Ch. S., Broadway, S.W. 

Carzon- street N.S., May fair, W. 

St, Michael's N. S., Buckingham 
>ad, S.W. 

r, Townshend End. S., Rochester 

Miss, St. Mary's R. C. S., Great 
iet, S.W. . 

Mr, St. Mary's R. C. S., Great 
iet, S.W. 

iss, St. Clements Dane's N. S., 

Mr, St. Martin's Northern N. S., 
•eet, Long Acre, W.C. 

Mrs, St. Stephen's N. S., 
r-row, S.W. 

St. Stephen's N. S., Rochester* 

,21, Great College-street, West- 

iss, lo, Claverton-st.,Pimlico,S.W. 
ir, St. Paul's N. S., Wilton-place, 
iridge, S.W. 

>s, St. Margaret's N. S., New 
;reet. S.W. 

;, Mr B. A., Wesleyan College, 
ry-road, S.W. 

s. St. Edward's R. C. S., Palace- 
Miss, Crown-street Bd. S., 

Mr, United Westminster End. S., 
•a-street, S.W. 

Mr. St. Stephen's N. S., 
r-row, S.W. 

ss, Wesleyan College S., Horse- 
d. S.W. 

Mrs, All Saints* N. S., Knights- 

St. Peter's N. S., Cromer-street, 

Sarsons, Mr, Blue Coat End S,, Westminster. - 

Saunders, Mr, St. Paul's N. S., Wilton-place, 

Knightsbridge, S.W. 
Sewell, Miss, St. Barnabas' N. S., Pimlico, 

Skeen, Miss, St. Anne's N. S., Dean-street. 

Soho, W. 
Smith, Mr, United Westminster End. S., 

Alexandra-street, S.W. 
Spiller, Miss, St. Marys R. C. S., Great 

Peter-street, S.W. 
Stephens. Mr, St. Barnabas' N. S., Ebury- 

street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Stevens, Mr, St. George's N. S., South-street 

Grosvenor- square, W. 
Stone, Mr ^t. Tames Offertory S., 7, 

Swallow-street, W. 
Sugden, Mr, B.A., Wesleyan College, Horse- 
ferry-road, S.W. 
Summers, Mr, Craven-street Bd. S., 

Marshall-street, Golden-square, W. 
Taylor, Miss, St. Barnabas N. S., Pimlico, 

Thomas, Mrs, Ch, Ch. N. S., Broadway, 

Thomas. Miss, St. James N. S., Marshall-^ 

street' Golden-square, W. 
Thompson, Miss, James-street Bd. S. 

Buckingham Gate, S.W. 
Thompson, Mr, United Westminster End, S. 

Alexandra* street, S.W. 
Thurkle, Miss, Curzon-street N. S., May* 

fair, W. 
Toley, Mr, United Westminster End. S.,- 

Alexandra-stteet, S.W. 
Vaughan, Mrs, St. Anne's N. S., Dean- 

street, Soho, W. 
Walshe, Mrs, Horseferry-road Bd. S., West- 
minster, S.W. 
Watling, Miss, Crown Court Pres. S., 

Covent Garden, W.C. 
Watts. Mr, All Saints' N. S., Knightsbridge, 

Weatherdon, Miss, Vere-street, Bd. S. 

Clare Market, W.C. 
Whitehouse, Mr, Hendle-street Bd. S., N. 
Wickham, Miss, Grove-road Bd. S., Forest-- 

Wigley, Miss, St. Anne's N. S., Dean" 

street, Soho, W. 
Wildbur, Miss, Horseferry-road Bd. S., 

Westminster, S.W. 
Wood, Miss, Bd. S , Pulteney-street, W. 
Woolley, Miss, St. Michael's N. S„ Qpcking-- 

ham Palace-road, S.W. £15^ 

t Paid Subscription through the Greenwich Association 


298.— Whickham and District (Dnrham) Teach«n^'| 


Sec.^ Mr G. A. Dennis, Par. S., Whickham by Gateshead 

[No Returns.] 

j299.— Whitby and District (Torksliire) Teachers' 

Prei., Mr A. Drewktt, N. S., Whitby 

Vice- f res. f Mr Jones, N. S., Grosmont, Whitby 

Treas, and Sec.j Mr T. W. Rennison, Bd. S., Whitby 

Ambler, Mr, St. John's N. S., Whitby 
Bullivant, Mr, N. S., Egton, Whitby 
Conyers, Mr, N. S., Thorpe, Whitby 
!Dale. Mr, N. S., Danby, Yarm 
Franlcland, Mr, Bd. S., Goathland, York 
Holmes, Mr, W. S„ Westerdale, York 

Jones, Mr, N. S., Hawsker, Whitby j 
Morton, Mr, B. S., Whitby 
Parratt. Miss, St. Michaers N. S.,Vfm 
Sheppard, Miss, St. John's N. S., ^fHk 
Stephenson, Miss, St. John's N. &, wm 
Wilson, Miss, Bd. S., Glaisdale, Yam 1 

300.— Widnes, Boncom and District (Cheshire) TeadiM 


Pres., Mr J. C. Crawford, N. S., Widnes 

Vice.Pres.j Mr A. Jordan, All Saints' N. S., Runcorn 

Treas.., Mr T. Morris, Weaver Navigation N. S., Weston Point, Runcorn 

Sec, Mr T. Annett, Holy Trinity N. S., Runcorn 

Hunter, Miss Alice, Bd. S., Simm'sC 

Lee, Miss, N. S., Widnes 
Lister, Mr G., N. S., Halewood, nelrl 


Bramsom, Miss, Bd. S., West Bank, Widnes 
Brown, Mr^ H. E., St. Luke's N. S., Fam- 

worth, Widnes 
Brown, Mr E., N. S., Haltonj Runcorn 
Davies, Miss M., Holy Trinity N. S., Run- 
Ellis, Mr S., N. S., Weston, Runcorn 
Forsyth, Miss A., Mission S., Shaw-street, 

Glover, Mr, N. S., Ditton, Widnes 
Griffiths, Miss, N. S., Halton, Runcorn 
Hunt, Mr H., N- S., Widnes 
Hunter, Mr D„ Bd. S., Warrington-road, 

Hunter, Miss, Bd. S., West Bank, Widnes 

Mack, Miss A., All Saints' N. S., Runa 
Mansell, Miss, All Saints' N. S., Runca 
Mathew, Mr T., W. S., Weston, Runcoi 
Parr, Miss A., N. S., Widnes 
Peddar, Miss D., N. S., Famworth, Wi 
Snoddy, Mr J. S., Bd. S., West I 

Wilton, Miss M. E., Bd. S., Simm'sC 

Wordan, Mr, N. S., Gateacre, near I 


301.— Wigan and District Teachers' Association. 

Pres.t Mr Grindrod, Central S., Ince 
Vice-Pres.y Mr Pickles, W. S., Piatt Bridge 
Treas., Mr McCartney, Poolstock S., Wigan 
Sec, Mr HAI.^ St. Thomas' S., Wigan 

Anni|age, Mr, S. Paul's S., Goose-green 
Aspdln, Miss, St. Paul's S., Goose. green 

Bancks, Mr, Bridgewater S., New-town 
Barker, Mr, B. S., Atherton 

w Jeruul«ia S., Wi«n 

IdHky N. S. 

. C. S. 

harine's S., Wigan 

„'^, BilliiiKe N. S. 

Ir, H«hleia N. S., PEiubenon 

H, St. CiibariiK &, Whitley 

Mr, Pns. S., WIgan 

Mr. Foolslock S., Wteao 
Us, St. Thomas' S., -mg'^ 
Ir, Hotwich Old S. 
I, St. Margam's S., WithingtoD- 

;, Mr, Bd. S., CnukE, SfaevinRon 
la. Central S., Ince 
, Mr, St. Paul's S., Ooose-tTMii 
iia, Swinin- Branch S.. Wigan 

.I^Uof Ini^ti's." '^™ 

•a. Mis. St. Calhuine S., Wiekn 


dus. Billinge K. S. 

(, Mr, N. S, Haigh 

iliss, 81, Paul's S., Goose.i!r«a 

dr. New lenisalem S., Mgan 


St. Catherine's S., Wigan 

Langthiw, Mr, Blue Cut K. S., Winn 
Leach, Mr V., St. Mary's R. C. S., WigM 
' Luch, Mr W.. Ashiou.fe-Willowi R. C S. 
LIddlE, Miss, New Jeroialem S.. Wigwi 
Lomu, Mr, St. Thotnai' S.. Cli.]rtoii.uieet, 

Lowe, Mi C, central S., Ince 
Lown, Mr. Undl. S„ Patk-lanc 
Mvhin, Miu. Bridgewater S., New-towD 
Maihcr, Miss. Bellcgreen S., Idm 
Morrit. Misi, CeniraTs., Ince 
Mattram, Mr, Hall al Inse. N. 8. 
Paningion, Mia. Bag-ttne B.. AiKettoo 
Partington. Mr R., Si. Luke's S., Snhiluiv. 



Sayer, Mi«, flallVince N. S. 
Spencer, Miw, Bd, S.. Crooke, Shevingtan 
t Speighc, Mr, N. 8.. Adlington 
Snrnmo-, Mr, 5l Ceotge's, Wlgui 
Ta.vlor, Mbs, St. Thomas S„ WigaD 
Taylor, Mr. All Sainu S., Hindley 
Tunitall, Mr. 8l. Tlismas. S., Wigu 
Tinst, Miss, Athetton N. S. 
Wumongh. Mrs. N. S.. Red Rocli 
Watun, tliss, N, S., Billinie 
Whiimore, Miss. N. S., Hall of Inee 
Wilhy. Mlss, H. S.. Tyldesley 
Wilkinson. Mr, Aihlon-in-Uackerfleld 
Wright, Mr, N. 9., Shevinglon 
YarwoDd, Mr, N. S., Hall of Ince [70 

02— Wi^on and District (Camberland) Teachers' 

-et-Pris., Mi Graham, N. S., Ciaggs, Rosley, Carlisle 

Trcas,. MiTbkhant, N. S.,Wigton, Carlisle 
., Mr HaMDHRiOK, Bd. S., Waveiton, Wiglon, Oirlisli 

.r,Par. S., Isel, Cockermouih 
«r, B. S., Allonby. Jlaryport 
r, N. S., Torpenhow, Asp 

Ir, Bd. S., £iUath, Carlisle 

hell, Aipatria, Carlisle 

n, Mr, N. S., Allhallows, IMeahga 
n, Mn, N. S., Allhallws, Carlisle 


Turnbull, Mr, Bd. S., Willington Quay Watt, Miss, Bd. S., Tyne Dock 

Tucker, Miss, St. Mark's N. S., South Shields Young, Miss, Union B. S., South Shields 

Urpeth, Mr, Ch. Ch. N. S., North Shields [52 

284— Vale of Clwyd (Denbigh) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.j Mr R. Lloyd, N. S., Ruthin 

Vice-Pret.y Mr W. Lewis, Bd. S., Henllan, Rhyl 

Treas. and Sec.^ "iHt J. Parry, Bd. S., Denbigh 

' Barnwell, Mr F. W., N. S., Llandymog, Tones, Mr H. C, N. S., St. Asaph 

Denbigh Jones, Mr J. R., N. S., Caerwys, Holywell 

Barnwell, Mr, N. S., Llangemiew, Abergele Jones, Mr R P., Bd. S., Pentrecelj-n^ 
' Davies, Miss M. A., N. S., Lianbedr, Ruthin Ruthin 

EUis, Mr W., N. S., Tremerchion, St. Jerman, Mr T., N. S., Llanychan, Ruthin 

Asaph Owen, Mr T. J., N. S., Bodfari. Denbigh 

Evans, Mr C. E., N. S., Derwen, Corwen Owen, Mr, Bd. S., Clocaenog, Ruthin 

Gratton, Miss M. J., Bd. S., Frongoch Rees, Miss, N. S., Denbigh 

Denbigh .«teer<;, Mr G., N. S., Gyfiyllio§, Ruthin 

Jones, Mr. J., N. S., Denbigh Westington, Miss, Bd. S., Denbigh [20. 

Jones, Mr D., N. S., Llanychan, Ruthin 

285.— Vale of Berwent (Durham) Teachers' Associaton^ 

Pres.y Mr Teare, Benfieldside Bd. S. 

Vice-Pres.i Mr Hyden, Consett B. S. 

Treets.t and Sec. ^ Mr Leonard, Leadgate W. S., Co. Durham 

Brears, Mr, Leadgate N. S.. Co. Durham Paxton, Miss, Consett N. S., Co. Durham 

Bullerwell, Mr, Cronewell, B. S., near Frevel, Mr, Dipton Bd. S., Blackhill, Durban* 

Ebchester, Co. Durham Priestley, Mr, Dipton Bd. S., Blackhiil». 
Dawson, Mr, Consett N. S., Co. Durham Durham 

Homer, Mrs, Benfieldside Bd. S., Black- Shaw, Miss^ Westwood Bd. S.,I-intz Green 

hill, Durham Stanger, Miss, Consett B. S.| Co. Durham 

{ackson, Mr, CoRsett W. S., Co. Durham Telford, Mr, WestKyo Bd. S., Lintz Green^ 
ennings, Miss, Consett B. S., Co. Durham Durham 

Hinntar, Miss, Benfieldside Bd. )i.t Black- Turnbull, Miss, Leadgate N. S., Co., Dur* 
hill, Durham ham 

Palliaser, Mr, Westwood Bd, S., Lintz Green Turnbull, Mr, Wedomsley Bd. S., Blackhill 
Co. Durham Dur^m [x> 

286.— Vale of ITeath (Glamorgan) Teachers' Association. 

Pres.f Mr Joseph Thomas, Skewen N. S., Neath Abbey, Neath 

VicC'Pret.j Mr Gomer Jones, B, A., British School, Neath 

Treas, and Sec, ^ Mr Sanderson, N. S., Cadoxton, Neath 

XJolcmore, Miss, Aid, Davies Schools, Neath Hopkins, Miss, Aid, Davies S., (In&ats 

Crighton, Mrs, N. S., Neath Abbey Neath 

Davies, Miss, N. &, (Girls) Neath Abbev Lewis, Mr, Aid. Davies* S., (Assistant Boys> 

Davies, Mr D. J., Aid. Davies* S., (Boys) Neath 

Neath Jones, Miss, N. S., Skewen Infants, Neath, 

Evans, Miss, Melincrythan, Neath Abbey 

Griffiths, Mr S., N. S., Resolven Samuel, Miss, B. S , Neath [13. 


287— Wakefield and District (Torksliire) Teachers* 


Pres.^ J. CuMBBRBiRCH, N. S., Normanton 

Vice-Pres.f Mr H, Moorhousx, Bd. S., Lofthouse, Wakefield 

Treat,^ Mr J. Y. Walker, 8t. John's S., Wakefield 

SeCi Mr G. H. Lines, St. Andrew's S., Wakefield 

Armitage, Mr, W. S., Wakefield 
Arnold, Mr, Bd. S., Eastmoor, Wakefield 
Askew, Miss, St. James' Inf. S., Thomes- 

lane, Wakefield 
Bielby, Mr M., New Sharlston S., Wake< 

Bott, Mr G., N. S., Walton, Wakefield 
Bowes, Mr G. H., H. M. Prison, Wakefield 
Brewerton, Miss, St. Michael's Inf. 8., 

Briggs, Miss, Bd. S., East Ardsley, Wake* 

Brooke, Miss, St. Peter's S., Horbury, 

Brooks, Mr L., N. S., Flockton, Wakefield 
Burkinshaw, Mr,^ H. M., Prison, Wakefield 
Barkingshaw, Miss, St. Michael's Girls' S., 

Carbert, Mr T., End. S., Sandal Magna, 

Consterdine, Mr T., B. S., Whitwood, Nor- 
I^vis, Mr J., Bd. S., Out wood, Wakefield 
Dixon, Mr E., N. S., Heath, Wakefield 
Dove, Mr G., St. Michaels' S., Wakefield 
Downes, Mr D., Bd. S., Alverthorpe, Wake- 
field . 
Eastburn, Miss, Bd. S., Eastmoor, Wake- 
Edwards, Mr £., End. S., Ledsham, South 

Fox, Miss, St. Mary's S., Wakefield 
Glaister, Mr. Bd. S., Crofton, Wakefield 
Goodyear, Mr H. S., Bd S., Westgate, 

Goodyear, Mrs, Bd. S., Westgate, Wake- 
Hill, M!ss, Parish Church Inf. S.. Wake- 

Homer, Mr T., St. James' S., Thomes-lane, 

Howard, Mr F., Parish Church S., Wake- 
Jakeman, Mr J. J., Bd. S., Streethouse, 

Kensington, Miss, W. S., Wakefield 
Ledgard, Mr D. Bd. S., Carlton, Wakefield 

Marshall, Mr 6., Christ Church S., Loft-^ 

house, Wakefield 
Mellor, Mr J. W. R., York-street, Wako^ 

Midgley, Mr C. W., W. S., Pontefract 
Needham, Mr J. H., W. S., Horbmy 

Oakes^ Miss, Bd. S., Outwood, Wakefiekl 
Radchffe, Mr J., N. S., Newmillerdam^ 
Reyner, Mr J., Parish Church S., WakefielA 
Rhodes, Miss, Bd. S., Eastmoor, Wakefield 
Sagar, Mr J., St. Peter's S., Horbniy 

Sewell, Mr J., St. Luke's S., Middlestowi^ 

Shaw, Mr G. M., Bd. S., West Ardsley 

Sidebottom, Mr E., N. S., Altofts, Nor 

Sidebottom, Miss, Parish Church Girls Sw*. 

Simpson, Mr T., N. S., Purston, P«ntefi«ct 
Singleton, Miss, St. Peter's S., Horbniy' 

Spencer, Mr, St. James' S., Crigglestone 

Smedley, Mr J., N.S., High Town,CastIefordl 
Stanway, Mr, St. Mary's S., Wakefield 
Sykes, Miss, Christ Church S., Thon)e»i>. 

lane, Wakefield 
Thomas, Mr, Bd. S., East Ardsley, Wake-^ 

Tomlinson, MrT., 28, Samuel- street, Camp^• 

road, Leeds 
Walker, Mr Jno., N. S., Hemsworth, Wake 

Whittingstall, Mr, B. S., Crigglestone, Wake. 

Wilkinson, Miss, St. John's (Inf.) S., Wake* 

Wilkinson, Mr T., Christ Church S.,Thonws* 

lane, Wakefield 
Williams, Mr W., St. Catherine's S., Sandal 

Magna, Wakefield 
Young, Mr J. W., Gr. S., Wakefield [64 




-Wallingford and District (Berks and Ozon) Teachers' 


/V«., Mr W. Bower, Bd. S., Cholsey, Wallingford 

Vice-Pres.t Mr T. Ball, B. S., Benson, Wallingford 

Treas, audSec^ MrT. W. Tickner, N. S., Wallingford 

Ainsvrorth, Miss Bd. S., Watlington, 

▲Uewell, Miss, N. S., South Moreton, 

Sailey, Miss, 6. S., Aston Tirrold, Walling- 

Barnes, Miss, N. S., Wallingford 

Barr. Mr, N. S., iSorth Moreton, Walling- 

Benhaun, Miss, N. S., Goring, Reading 

Bower, Mr Joseph, End. S., Gr«at Uaseley, 

Diaper, Miss, B. S., Goring, Reading 

francis, Mrs, Bd. 2i., Nuffield, Henley-OR- 

fiibbs, Mr, N. S., Swyncombe, Henley-on- 

Kiddeli, Mr, End. S., Blewbury, Didcot 

Lay, Mr, End. S., Ewelme, Wallingford 

Marsh, Miss, Bd. S , Cholsey, WallingfdNnd 

Matlock, Mr, Bd. S., Watlington, Tets- 

Muskett, Miss, N. S., High Moor, Henley- 

Newberry, Miss, Bd. S., South Stoke, 

Reely, Mr, N. S., Brightwell, (Berks.X 

Reynolds, Mr, N. S., Crowmarsh, Walling- 

Steer, Miss, Inf. S., Carisbrooke^ Isle of 

Striclwon, Mr, N. S., Warborough, Walling- 

Whichelo, MLss, Bd. S., Stadhampton, 
Wallingford [24 

889.— Walsall and District (Staffs.) Teachers' Association. 

Frei.^ and Trecu.^ Mr, Robert Lister, Blue Coat S., Walsall 
StCi Mr T. RouTLEDGE, Tantarra-streetiBd. S., Walsall 

Baker, Mr Arthur, Wesley Centenary S., 
Bird, Mr George, Blue Coat S., Walsall 
Barman, Miss, Blue Coat S.. Walsall 
Chalfont, MisS; Bath-street Bd. S., Walsall 
JDiavies, Miss J., Inf. 8., Brounhills, Walsall 
iMiastone, Mr W. A., N. S., Bloxwich, 

Fretwell, Mr, W. S., Pelsall, Walsall 
Cittings, Mr A., W. S., Ablewell-street, 


Gittings, Mrs, W. S., Ablewell-street, Wal- 
Jeffries, Mr A., Bd. S., Wisemore, Walsall 
Kenney, MrT., N. S. Pleck, Walsall 
Silvester, Mr W. H., Bd. S., Butts, Wal- 
Sluter, Mr. N. S., Pelsall, Walsall 
White, Miss, N. S., Pelsall, Wallsall 


290.— Walthamstow and District (Essex^ Teachers' 


Sec.t Mr Woodford, Bd. S., Woodford Green, Essex 

[No returns] 


—Warrington and District (Lancasliire) Teachers' 


Prei.t Mr Abrahams, St. James* N. S., Warrington 

Vice-Prei.^ Mr Wallace, Christ Church N. S., Lathford, Warrlngtoa 

Treai.^ Dr. -Boweb, Blue Coat Hospital, Warrington 

Sec.^ Mr J. T. Fulchbr, St. Anne's N. S., Warrington 

Sj Blue Coat S., Warrington 
Iiss, Heathside N. S., Warrington 
Geo., Heathside N. S., Warrington 
Mr Parish Church S ^ Warrington 
r, Croft Bd. S., Warrington 
r, Heathside N. S., Warrington 
r, Milwall N. S., Warrington 
•, Guildhall S., Bury St. Edmunds 
[r, Oxford N. S., Warrington 
Mr, Newchurch N. S., War- 

St. Alban's R. C. S., Warrington 
Miss, The Mount N. S., War- 

Orley N. S., Northwich 

Place, Miss, Ackledge Factory S., War- 
Shaw, Miss, The Mount Inf. S., Warrington 
Shawcross, Miss, Higher Walton, N. S^ 

Twiss, Mr, The People's College, Warrington 
Woelley, Mr, Grappenhall N. S., Warrington 
Wrightman, Mr, Risley Pres. S., Warrington 
Walton, Mr, Stretton N. S., Warrington 
Wallington, Mr, The People's College, War- 
Woodward, Miss, Grappenhall N. S., Wai>» 

Uns worth. Miss, Heathside S., Warrington, 


>2,— Warwick and District Teacliers' Association. 

Pres.^ Mr Tyrell, Lighthome Warwick 

Vice-Prei.t Mr Bonberry, B. S., Henley-in-Arden, Birmingham 

Treas, and Sec ^ Mr Tonks, Borough S., Warwick 

T, Bd. S., Claverdon, Warwick 
, Mrs, Bd. S., Norton Lindsey, 

Mr, Bd. S., Ashome, Warwick 
Ir, N. S., Fenny Compton, Leam- 

Miss, Bd. S., Burton Dassett, 


kliss, Bd. S„ Preston Bagot War- 

'I. S., Barford, Warwick 
N. S., Hatton, Warwick 

Griffin, Miss, N. S., Hampton-on-the-Hill, 

Ingram, Miss N. S., Combrook, Warwick 
Jones, Mrs, Inf. S.j Warwick 
Morris, Mrs, St. Nicholas' S., Warwick 
Redfeame, Mr, All Saints' S., Warwick 
Roach, MisSj B. S., Warwick 
Roberts, Miss, N. S., Wootton Warren^ 

Tebbutt, Miss, Borough S. , Warwick 
Thomas, Mr, N. S., Barford, Warwick 


^eardale and District (Durham) Teacliers' Association. 

Ptes.y Mr J. RusHTON, Bd. S., Lanehead, Weardale, Darlington 
Vice-Pres.f Mr J, A. Mason, N. S., Stanhope, Weardale, Darlington 
"reas^ atidSec.^ Mr J. S. Freeman, Bd. S., Westgate, Weardale, Darlington 

r J., Bd. S., Newhouse, Ireshope 


r T. C. W. S., Stanhope, Dar- 

Mr J., Bd. S., Wearhead, Dar- 

Godsall, Mr £., N. S., Eastgate, Darlington 
Slacke, Mr R. S., Bd. S., St. John'* 

Chapel, Darlington 
Squire, Mr L., Bd. S., Rookhope, Eastgate, 

Wren, Mr J., Bd. S., Frosterley, Eastgate, 

Darlington [19 


294.— Wednesbnry and District (Staffs.) TeMhext 

Pres.f Mr Knight, St. John's S., Wednesbuiy 

Vice-Pret.^ Mr Gaskell, Springhead W. S., Wednesbury 

Treas.y Mr Price, Holyhead-road W. S., Wednesbury 

Sec.y Mr Baker, Old Park B. S., Wednesbury 

Hackwood, Mr, Dudley-road 

Boyd, Miss, Bridge-street B. S., Wednesbury 
Bkins, Mr, Pinfold-street W. S., Darlaston 
Bnadfthaw. Miss, St. John's N. S., 

Clark, Mr, N. S., Morley 
Darlington, Mr, All Saints' N. S., Darlaston 
Davies, Miss, Kings Hill Bd. S., 

Dunn, Miss. St. Bartholomew's N. S., 

ElUs, Miss, Wrekin Bd. S., Wellington 
Fewkes, Miss St. James* N. S., Wednesbury 
Fish, Miss, N. S., Ocker Hill, Tipton . 
Foote, Mr, St. Bartholomews N. S., 

Howe, Miss, Parish Ch. S., Darlaston 
Howe, Miss M., Parish Ch. S., Darlaston 


Tope, Mrj Bridge-street Bd. S., Wedn< 
' Kedy, Miss, St. James' N. S., Wednes 
Kerley, Miss, St. Mary's R. C. S., V^ 

Lloyo, Miss, All Saints* N. S., Darlas 
Moore, Miss, St. John's R. C. S., Lid: 
Reed, Mr^ Parish Ch. S., Darlaston 
Smith, Miss, Bd. S., Tipton 
Stokes, Miss, Newtown Bd. S., Wedne 
Tibbitts, Mr, 8t. James' N. S., Wedne 
Townsend, Miss, St. Bartholomew's 

Tranter, Mr, King's Hill Bd. S., W 

Wilson, Mr Wm., St. James' K. 8., W 


295.— Wensleydale (Yorkshire) Teachers' Associatioii 

Pres.j MrG. R. Rumbol, Bd. S., Leeming, Bedale 

Vice-Prei., Mr H. Frith, N. S., East Witton, Bedale 

Treas. attdSec, Mouat, Mr R. F. de M., Birch Memorial S., Middleham, Bedale 

Klein, Mr C, N. S., Carlton-in-Cove 

Klein, Mrs C, N. S., Carlton-in-Cove 


Bacon, Mr J. T., Thomborough Charity S„ 

Leybum, Bedale 
Bond, Mr David, N. S., Thoralby, Bedale 
Brittain, Mr Nathan, N. 8., Spennithome, 

Crossley, Mr John, N. S., Constable Burton, 

Douglas, Mrs, End. S., Hackforth and 

Hornby, Bedale 
Grubb, Mr T., Bd. S., Hawes, Bedale 

Mouat, Mrs, Birch Memorial S., Midd 

Sleightholm, Mr J., N. S., Horsd: 

Weatherall, Mr, N. S., West Burton, E 

296.— West Bromwicli Teachers' Association. 

Pres., MY J. Vincent, W. S., Great Bridge. 

Vtce-Pres,t Mr Henry White, Greet's Green Bd. S. 

Treas, andSec^ Mr Wm. Pinner, Ebenezer Bd. S., West Bromwich 

Adams, Miss M., Park Village Bd. S. 
Anderson, Mr James, All Saints' Boys' N. S. 
Beard, Miss E., Gun's Village Inf. Bd. S. 
Beckwith, Miss A. M., Ebenezer Inf. Bd. S. 
Beckwith, Miss M. A., Gold's Hill Girls' Bd. 

Boulton, Mis& H. E., Gold's HiU Inf. B( 
Boyns, Mr Richard, W, S., Bratt-street 
Brown, Miss E., W. S., Great Bridge 
Causer, Miss, W. S. Inf. Bratt-street 
Carter, Miss A., St. John's Inf. N. S. 
Cox, Miss M. A., Holy Trinity Inf. N. J 


[rs E., Ch. Ch. Giris' N. S. 
\, M., Ch. Ch. Inf. N. S., 
[r George, Clerk to the S. Board 
i, St. James' N. S., Handsworth 
s M., Greet's Green Inf. Bd. S. 
W. H., Holy Trinity Boys' N. 

All Saints' Inf. N. S. 
Wm. Summit Boys' Bd. S. 
Vliss E., Gun's Village Bd. S. 
James, Lyng Boys* Bd. S. 
liss £., Alayer's Green Infts. Bd. 

•s H. , Mayer's Green Girls' Bd. 

r T., Queen-street Boys* Bd. S. 
iss E., Holy Trinity Girls' N. S. 
Ir J. P., Ch. Ch. S., West 

Price, Miss M., Ebenexer Bd. S. 

Peters, Hiss S. A., Moor-street Inf. Bd. S. 

Richards, Miss M. A., Moor-street Girls' Bd.- 

Richards, Miss A., Greet's Green Girls' Bd.- 

Roberts, Miss S., Dartmouth-street Bd. S. 
Robinson, Mr B., Gun's Village Boys' Bd. S-- 
Salter, Mr E. W., St. James' Boys' N. S. 
Sanders, Miss E., All Saints' Girls' N. S. 
Strickland. Miss M., Summit Girls' Bd. S. 
Sutton, Miss L. E., St. lames' N. S. 
Tilt, Mr Wm., St. Pete/s Mixed N. S. 
Vale, Miss S.. Lyng Inf. Bd. S. 
Vincent, Mrs M., W. S., Great Bridge 
Walsh, Miss, W. S., Hill Top 
Woodhall, Miss E. A., Summit Inf. Bd. S. 
Woodhall, Mr J. H., Gold's Hill Boys' Bd. 

S. [45 

—Westminster (Kiddlesez) Teachers' Association. 

Mr D. p. Moore, St. Matthew's N. S., Great Peter-street, Westminster, S.W. 

Pice-Pres.y Mr R. Poston, St. Anne's N. S., Dean-street, Soho, W. 
, Mr R. Bottle, St. Michael's N, S., Buckingham Palace-road, Piralico, S.W. 
eft. Sec.t Mr W. J. Walshe, Bd. S., Horseferry-road, Westminster, S.W. 
Sec, Mr H. Plowright, Christ Church N. S., Broadway, Westminster, S.W. 

is. St. Matthew's N. S., Great 
:t, S.W. 

sir W. Perkins' End. S., Chertsey 
, Horsoferry-road Bd. S., West- 

St. Stephen's N. S., Rochester- 
is, St. Mark's N. S., North 

St. Stephen's N. S., Rochester- 
Christ Church N. S., Broadway, 

. Michael's N. S., Buckingham 
d, S.W. 
St. Gabriel's N. S., Glasgow- 

!, Ludgate Circus-buildings, E.C. 
s, St. Gabriel's N. S., Glasgow- 

ss, St. Tames-the-les8 N. S., 
reet, S.W. 

5s, Holy Trinity N. S., Vauxhall 
id, S.W. 

Crown Court Pres. S., Covent- 
Wesleyan College S., Horseferry- 


, United Westminster End. S., 
•street, S.W, 

Bryant, Mr, St. Mark's N. S.. North- 
Audley-stre«t, W. 

Bullock, Mr, St. James the-less N. S., 
Chapter-street, S.W. 

Butler, Miss, Grosvenor N. S., South Audley- 
street,, W. 

Butler, Miss. St. Marylebone N. S., Maryle- 
bone-road, W 

Calland Miss. St. George's N. S., South- 
street, Grosvenor-squHre, W. 

Carney, Miss, St. Mary's R. C. S.. Great- 
Peter-street, S.W 

Cartwright, Mrs, Houghton-street, Infant 

S. W.C. 
Catiin, Miss, St. Clement Dane's N. S. 

Strand, W.C. 
Chalk, Miss, St. Mark's N. S., North Audley- • 

street, W. 
Chexfield, Miss, St. Margaret's N. S., New 

Tothill-street, S.W. 
Clouter, Miss, St. George's N. S., South-- 

street, Grosvenor-square, W. 
Cogery, Mons, 296, Commercial-road, Old 

Kent-road, S E« 
Cooper, Mr, St. Matthew^s N. S., Great 

Peter-street, S,W. 
Cope, Miss, Horseferry-road Free S., S.W. 
Cotton, Miss, St. Michael's N. S., Bucking- 
ham Palace-road, S.W. 
Cousins, Miss, James.street Bd. S., Bucking' 
ham.gate, S.W. 


- Cowham, Mr, Wesleyan College, Horseferry* 
road, S. VV. 

Craddock, Mr, Horseferry -road Bd. S., West- 
minster, S.W 
' Crowe, Mr, 123, Acre-lane, Brixton, S.W. 

Cutler, Mr, St. Gabriel's N. S., Glasgow- 
terrace" S.W 

Dallison.'Mr, Holy Trinity N. S., Vauxhall 
Bridge-road, S.W. 

Dallison, Miss, 57, Vincent-square, West- 
minster, S.W. 

Daymond, Mis', Clement-street Bd, S., 

Denton, Mr, Hanover Branch N. S., South 

Molton-street, W. 
. Dunn, Miss, Hanover Branch N. S., South 
Molton-street, W. 

Dunstan, Mr, W. College, Horseferry-road, 

S. VV. 

EdiB, Mrs, Horseferry-road Bd. S., West- 
minster, S.W. 

Elderkin, Mr,W. College S., Horseferry-road 

Elliott, Miss, Horseferry-road Bd. S., 
Westminster, S.W. 

Ellis, Mr G., St. Peter's N. S., Lower 
Belgrave-street, S.W. 

Ellis, Mrs G., St. Peter's N. S., Lower 
Belgrave-street, S.W. 

Ellis, Mr H., St. Mary's N. S., Hide-place, 
5. S.W. 
t. Mary* 
Vincent square, S.W. 

. Mary I 
Vincent-square, S.W. 
Ellis, Mrs H., St. Mary's N. S., Hide-place, 

Ellis, Miss, St. Michael's N. S., Buckingham 
Palace-road, S.W. 

Evans, Mr W. College, Horseferry-road, S.W. 

Featherstone, Miss, W. College S., Horse- 
ferry-road, S.W. 

Fedarb, Mr, St. Margaret's N. S., New 
Tothill-street, S.W. 

Francis, Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Lower 
Belgrave-street, S.W. 

Francis, Mr, kmanuel Hospital. J ames-st., S.W. 

Francis, Mr, St. Anne's N. S., Dean-street, 
Soho, W. 

Fuge, Mrs, GrosvenorN. S., South Audley- 
street, W. 

• Galaud, Mr, Horseferry-road Bd. S., West- 

minster, S.W. 
-Gaunt, Mrs, All Saints' N. S., Knightsbridge 

•^ Genner, Mr, United Westminster End. S., 

Alexandria-street, S.W. 

• Gerard, Mr, St. Clement Dane's N. S., 

Strand, W.C. 
' Gofiin, Mr, United Westminster End. S., 

Alexandra-street, S.W. 
^G«ay, Mr, St. George's N. S., South-street| 

Grosvenor-square, W. 
. Griffith, Mr, 33, Wanscy-street, Walworth- 

road, S.E 

Hall, Mr, United Westminster 

Ale xandra-street, S.W. 
Harris, Miss T., 57, Vincent-squ; 

minster, S.W. 
Harris, Miss, St. James-the-les! 

Chapter-street, S.W. 
Harris, Miss, Pimlico W. S., War 

Harvey, Mr, Bd. S., Wintertc 

Haynes, Miss, Marlborough-roac 

Chelsea, S.W. 
HayneS, Miss, Vere-street Bd. 

Market, W.C. 
Healihg, Mr, 61, Oseney-crescent, 

road N.W. 
Henchie, Mr, United Westminster 

Alexandra -street, S.W. 
Henary, Miss, 10, Claverton-street, 

Hill, Miss, St. Martm's Northei 

Castle-street, Long Acre, W.C. 
Hill, Miss, St. Stephen's N. S., I 

Row, S.W. 
Hill, Miss, St. Mary's N. S., H 

Vincent-square, S. W. 
Hoare, Miss, Holy Trinity N. S., C 

Hodge, Mr, Hart-street Bd. S., 

Garden, W.C. 
Howes, Miss, Townshend End. S., '. 

Row^ S.W. 
Hutchmgs, Miss, Vere-street Bd. 

Market, W.C. 
Johns, Miss, St. Peter's N. S 

Belgrave-street, S.W. 
Johnson, Miss, St. Paul's N. S. 

place, Knightsbridge, S. vr. 
Josiyn, Miss, St. Martin's Northei 

Castle-street, Long Acre, W.C. 
Kay, Miss, Holy Trinity N. S., 

Bridge-road, S. W. 
Ketely, Miss, Marlborough-road 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Kinton, Mr, W. College, Horsef 

Knapp, Mr, St. Clement Dane 

Strand, W.C. 
Langler, Mr, B. A., W. College, K 

road, S.W. 
Latham, Mr, James-street Bd. S., 

ham Gate, S. W. 
Lauder, Miss, Albion-road Bd. S., 

* I^wrance, Miss, 6, Tasman-roa( 

road, Clapham, S. W. 
Lee, Mr, Pimlico W. S., Wan; 

Lees, Mr, Bd. S., Barrett-str 

chester-square, W. 

* P^d Subscription through the West Lambeth Association 


Horseferry-road Free S., Wcst- 

r. United Westminster End. S.» 
a-street, S.W. 

Mr, St. James' N. S., Marshall- 
oldcn-sqiiare, W. 
Mr B. A., Wesleyan College, 
•y-road, S.W. 

Miss, St. Matthew's K. S., 
:er-street, S.W. 

Ir, St. Stephen's N. S., Rochester 
vir, Ch. Ch, S., Cannon-street- 

Ir, St. James' N. S., Marsh»ll- 

slden.square, W. 

rs, Ch. Ch. S., Broadway, S.W. 

Curzon- street N.S., Mayfair.W. 

St, Michael's N. S., Buckingham 
>ad, S.W. 

r, Townshend End. S., Rochester 

Miss, St. Mary's R. C. S., Great 
jet, S.W. 

Mr, St. Mary's R. C. S., Great 

•et, S.W. 

iss, St. Clements Dane's N. S., 


Mr, St. Martin's Northern N. S., 

■eet, Long Acre, W.C. 

Mrs, St. Stephen's N. S., 
r-row. S.W. 

St. Stephen's N. S., Rochester^ 


,21, Great College-street, West- 

iss, lo, Claverton-st.,Pimlico,S.W. 
>r, St. Paul's N. S., Wilton-place, 
ridge, S.W. 

is, St. Margaret's N. S., New 
;reet. S.W. 

, Mr B. A., Wesleyan College, 
ry-road, S.W. 

s. St. Edward's R. C. S., Palace- 
Miss, Crown-street Bd. S., 

VIr, United Westminster End. S., 
a-street, S.W. 

Mr. St. Stephen's N. S., 
r-row, S.W. 

5s, Wesleyan College S., Horse- 
d. S.W. 

Mrs, All Saints* N. S., Knights- 


St. Peter's N. S., Cromer-street, 

Sarsons, Mr, Blue Coat End S,. Westminster. - 

Saunders, Mr, St. Paul's N. S., Wilton-place, 

Knightsbridge, S.W. 
Sewell, Miss, St. Barnabas' N. S., Pimlico, 

Skeen, Miss, St. Anne's N. S., Dean-street, 

Soho, W. 
Smith, Mr, United Westminster End. S., 

Alexandra-street, S.W, 
Spiller, Miss, St. Marys R. C. S., Great 

Peter-street, S.W. 
Stephens. Mr, St. Barnabas' N. S., Ebury- 

street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Stevens, Mr, St. Georze's N. S., South-street 

Grosvenor- square, W. 
Stone, Mr M. Tames Offertory S., 7, 

Swallow-street, W. 
Sugden, Mr, B.A., Wesleyan College, Horse- 
ferry-road, S.W. 
Summers, Mr, Craven-street Bd. S., 

Marshsdl-street, Golden-square, W. 
Taylor, Miss, St. Barnabas N. S.. Pimlico. 

Thomas, Mrs, Ch, Ch. N. S., Brofdway, 

Thomas. Miss, St. James N. S., Marshall- 
street' Golden-square, W. 
Thompson, Miss, James-street Bd. S. 

Buckingham Gate, S.W. 
Thompson, Mr, United Westminster End, S. 

Alexandra- street, S.W. 
Thurkle, Miss, Curzon-street N. S., May* 

fair, W. 
Toley, Mr, United Westminster End. 8.,- 

Alexandra-stteet, S.W. 
Vaughan, Mrs, St. Anne's N. 8., Dean- 
street, Soho, W. 
Walshe, Mrs, Horseferry-road Bd. S., West- 
minster, S.W. 
Watling, Miss, Crown Court Pres. S., 

Covent Garden, W.C. 
Watts, Mr, All Saints' N. S., Knightsbridge, 

Weatherdon, Miss, Vere-street, Bd. S. 

Clare Market, W.C. 
Whitehouse, Mr, Hendle-street Bd. S., N. 
Wickham, Miss, Grove-road Bd. S., Forest-- 

Wigley, Miss, St. Anne's N. S., Dean' 

street, Soho, W. 
Wildbur, Miss, Horseferry-road Bd. S., 

Westminster, S.W. 
Wood, Miss, Bd. S , Puheney-street, W. 
WooUey, Miss, St. Michael's N. S„ %icking' 

ham Palace-road, S.W. [156 

t Paid Subscription through the Greenwich Association 


298.~WhicklLam and District (Dnrliaiii) Teactoi^^ 


SeCf Mr G. A. Denkis, Par. S., Whickham by Gateshead 

[No Returns.] 


299.— Whitby and District (Yorkshire) Teachers' Asi 

Pres.f Mr A. Drewett, N. S., Whitby 

Vice-fres.f Mr Jones, N. S., Gtosmont, Whitby 

Treas.andSec, Mr T. W. Rennison, Bd. S., Whitby 

Ambler, Mr, St. John's N. S., Whitby Jones, Mr, N. S., Hawsker, Whitby 

BuUivant, Mr, N. S., Egton, Whitby Morton, Mr, B. S., Whitby 

Conyers, Mr, N. S., Thorpe, Whitby Parratt, Miss, St. Michael's N. S., WM! 

Dale. Mr, N. S., Danby, Yarm Sheppard, Miss, St. John's X. S., WWdy 

Frankland, Mr, Bd. S., Goathland, York Stephenson, Miss, St. John's N. S., "WW 

Holmes, Mr, N. S„ Westerdale, York Wilson, Miss, Bd. S., Glaisdale, Yarm 

300.— Widnes, Buncom and District (Cheshire) Teach«f 


Pres., Mr J. C. Crawford, N. S., Widnes 

Vice-Pres.f Mr A. Jordan, All Saints* N. S., Runcorn 

Treas.i Mr T. Morris, Weaver Navigation N. S., Weston Point, Runcorn 

Sec, Mr T. Annett, Holy Trinity N. S., Runcorn 

Bramsom, Miss, Bd. S., West Bank, Widnes Hunter, Miss Alice, Bd. S., Simm'sC 

Brown, Mr^ H. E., St. Luke's N. S., Farn- Widnes 

worth, Widnes Lee, Miss, N. S., Widnes 

Brown, Mr E., N. S., Haltonj Runcorn Lister, Mr G., N. S., Halewood, neBrL 

Davies, Miss M., Holy Trinity N. S., Run- pool 

com Mack, Miss A., All Saints' N. S., Runco 

Ellis, Mr S., N. S., Weston, Runcorn Mamsell, Miss, All Saints' N. S., Rancor 

Forsyth, Miss A., Mission S., Shaw-street, Mathew, Mr T., W. S., Weston, Runcor 

Runcorn Parr, Miss A., N. S., Widnes 

Glover, Mr, N. S., Ditton, Widnes Peddar, Miss D., N. S., Famworth, Wit 

Griffiths, Miss, N. S., Halton, Runcorn Snoddy, Mr J. S., Bd. S., West B 

Hunt, Mr H., N- S., Widnes Widnes 

Hunter^ Mr D„ Bd. S., Warrington-road, Wilton, Miss M. E., Bd. S., Simm'sC 

Widnes ^ Widnes 

Hunter, Miss, Bd. S., West Bank, Widnes Wordan, Mr, N. S., Gateacre, near L 


301.— Wigan and District Teachers' Association. 

Pres.y Mr Grindrod, Central S., Ince 

Vz'ce-Pres., Mr Pickles, W. S., Piatt Bridge 

Treas., Mr McCartney, Poolstock S., Wigan 

Sec, Mr Hall, St. Thomas' S., Wigan 

Armi|age, Mr, S. Paul's S., Goose-green Bancks, Mr, Bridgewater S., New-town 

Aspdin, Miss, St. Paul's S., Goose. green Barker, Mr, B. S., Athcrton 


f r, Blue Coat S., Wigan 
Ir, Upholland Moor N. S. 
, St. Elizabeth's S., Aspull 
, Miss, New Jerusalem S., Wigan 
Miss, Tyldesley N. S. 
Ir, Ince R. C. S. 
!ss, St. Catharine's S., Wigan 
Miss, Central S., Ince 
. Miss, St. Thomas' S., Clayton- 

1, Mr, BilHnge N. S. 
Vlr, Highfleld N. S., Pemberton 
iss, St. Catharine S., Whelley 
, Mr, Pres. S., Wigan 
, Mr, Poolstock S., Wigan 
[iss, St. Thomas' S., Wigan 
Vlr, Horwich Old S. 
s, St. Margaret's S., Withington- 

[iss, Bridgewater S., New-town 

Mr, Blackrod N. S. 

e, Mr, Bd. S., Crooke, Shevington 

iss, Central S., Ince 

, Mr, Si. Paul's S., Goose-green 

Siiss, Swinley Branch S., Wigan 

kliss, St. Andrew's S., Wigan 

., Hall of Ince N. S. 

3n, Miss. St. Catharine S., Wigan 

W. S., Ince 

Miss, Billinge N. S. 

s, Mr, N. S, Haigh 

Miss, St. Paul's S. , Goose-|ireen 

Mr, New Jerusalem S., Wigan 

, Blue Coat S., Wigan 

St. Catherine's S., Wigan 

Langshaw, Mr, Blue Coat N. S., Wigaa 
Leach, Mr V., St. Mary's R. C. S., Wigaa 
Leach, Mr W., Ashton-le- Willows R. C S. 
Liddle, Miss, New Jerusalem S., Wigan 
Lomax, Mr, St. Thomas' S., Clayton-ftreety 

Lowe, Mr C, Central S., Ince 
Lown, Mr, Undl. S., Park-lane 
Machin, Miss. Bridgewater S., New-town 
Mather, Aliss, Belle-green S., Ince 
Morris, Miss, Centrad S., Ince 
Mottram, Mr, Hall of Ince, N. S. 
Partington, Miss, Bag-lane 8., Atherton 
Partington, Mr R., St. Luke's S., Stubshaw- 


Pritchard, Miss, Upholland Moor N. S. 
Quarmby, Mr, St. Catherine's S., Wigan 
Ranson, Miss, W. S., Ince 
Sayer, Miss, Hall of Ince N. S. 
Spencer, Miss, Bd. S., Crooke, Shevington 
t Speight, Mr, N. S., Adiington 
Summer, Mr, St. George's, Wigan 
Taylor, Miss, St. Thomas S., Wigan 
Taylor, Mr, All Saints S., Hindley 
Tunstall, Mr, St. Thomas, S., Wigan 
TwLst, Miss, Atherton N. S. 
Watmongh, Mrs, N. S., Red Rock 
Watson, MisSj N. S., Billinge 
Whitmore, Miss, N. S., Hall of Ince 
Wilby, Miss, N. S., Tyldesley 
Wilkinson, Mr, Ashton-in-Mackerfield 
Wright, Mr, N. 8., Shevington 
Yarwood, Mr, N. S., Hall of Ince [70 

* Subscription paid through Bolton Association, 
t Subscription paid through Chorley Association. 

02— Wigton and District (Cmnberland) Teachers' 


Pres.^ Mr Bell, G. S., Wigton. Carlisle 
Vice-Pres,^ Mr Graham, N. S., Craggs, Rosley, Carlisle 

Treasy. Mr Tennant, N. S., Wigton, Carlisle 
Sec.^ Mr Hemderson, Bd. S., Waverton, Wigton, Carlisle 

s$, N. S., (Infants') Wigton, Car- 

»d. Mr, Bd. S., Holme St. 

t's, Maryport 

[r. Par. S., Isel, Cockermouth 

klr, B. S-, Allonby, Maryport 

!r, N. S., Torpenhow, Aspatria, 

^r, Bd. S., Silloth, Carlisle 

Isted, Mr, N.S., Bothelf, Aspatria, Carlisle 
Laing, Mr, B. S., Blennerhasset, AsjpaOna, 

Law, Miss, N. S., Wigton, Carlisle 
Litchfield, Mr, N. Sf, Bromfield, Aspatria, 

Ponton, Mr, N. S., Allhallows, ^Meakgate, 

Ponton, Mrs, N. S., AUhallews, Cariisle 



303.-~Wilts Teacliers' Association. 

Pres.t Mr Arthur Stotb, Par. S., Swindon 
Treat, and Sic. ^ Mr John WrLLiAMs, G. "W. R. S., New Swindon, Wilts 

Atkin, Miss A., Bd. S., Queenstown, New 

Bates, Mr, N. S., Compton, Bassett Calne 
Beazley. Mr Geo., G. W. R. S., New 

Boden, Mr J. J., N. S., Calne 
Braid, Mr A. Jas., Magdala House, Saltash 
Challis, Mr E., N. S., Latton, Cricklade 
Clarke, Miss, Bd. S., Gorse Hill, Swindon 
Cook, Mr Wm., G. W. R. S., New Swindon 
Day, Mr Henry, Bd. S.» Bodboume, Cheney 

Dedman, Mr J. C, G. W. R. S., New 

Evans, Miss, N. S., Highworth, Swindon 
Evans, Mr John, N. S., Ashton Keynes, 

Fisher, Mr J., Bd. S., Wroughton, Swindon 

Honeybone, Mr, N. S., Dauntscy, ( 

Hudson, Mr James, N. S., Furton, 

Jenkins, Mr J. S., N. S., Hi| 

Swindon, Wilts 
King; Mr G., N. S., Stratton, St. I 

Smith, Mr James, B. S., Woolon, Bj 
Stanier, Mr, N. S., Chiseldon, Swin 
Stone, Mr Sidney, G. W. R, £ 

Sugg, Mr W., N. S.. Cricklade 
Watson, Mrs, G. W. R. Girls' J 

Willoughby, Mr H., N. S., L 

Willey, Miss, Inf. S., Cricklade 

304.— Wincanton and District (Somerset and Wilti 

Teachers' Association. 

Pre» f Mr Haytbr, N. S., Bruton, Bath 
Vice-Pres.f Mr. Gavky, N. S., North Cadbury, Bath 
Treas, and Sec.y Mr Hoyle, Bd. S., Wincanton, Bath 

Coombs, Miss, Wincanton, Bath 
Donaldson, Miss, Bd. S., Wincanton, Bath 
Dilke, Miss, N. S., Bruton, Bath 
Foyle, Miss, N. S., Temple Combe, Bath 
Frost, Mr, N. S., Stoke, Wincanton, Bath 
Hartley, Miss, Bd. S., Charlton Musgrave, 
Wiacanton, Bath 

iame. Miss, Bd. S., Wincanton, Bat! 
.ewis, Mr, S. S., Castle Cary, Bath 
Sprod, Miss, N. S., Wanstron, From 
Tanner, Miss, N. S., Castle Cary, Bj 
West, Miss, N. S., Castle Cary, Bat] 
Willett, Mr, N. S., Horsington, Wl 

305.— Windermere (Westmoreland) Teaeliers' 

Pres.t Mr W. Fuller, N. S., Grasmere 

Vice'Prts.f Mr W. V. Yatbs, Gr, S., Bowness, Windermere 

Trea*. and Sec, Mr G. H. Joyce, N. S., Troutbeck, Windermere 

Aiundell, MrT., N. S., Brathay, Ambleside 
Bentley, Mr J., Kelsick End. S.^ Ambleside 
Dobinson, ^!uss. Inf. S., Ambleside 
Fox, Mr C.^J., N. S., Hawkshead, Amble- 
Sloore, Miss, N. S., Winster Windermere 

M«rrell, Miss, N. S., Ambleside 
Robinson, Mr, N. S., W indermere 
Ruthven, Miss, N. S., Bowness, 

Ruthven,^ Miss A., Inf. S., Ha-v 

Smith, Miss, Inf. S., Windermere 


— Wolverhampton and District (Staifil) Teacliers' 


Pres.^ Mr R. Shaw, Walsall-street Bd. S., Wolverhamyton 

Vice-Pret.^ Mr D. Jbmmbt, St. Mary's N. S., Wolverhampton 

Tre<u. nndSec., Mr H. Hakford, St. Mark's N. S., WoIverhamQfon 

iss, Scdgley N. S., "Wolverhampton 

iiss, St. Mar>''s N. S., Wolvcr- 


Mr, St. Luke's N. S., Blakenwell 

Miss, Red Cross-street Bd. S.| 


diss, N. S., Sedgley 

Vlr, St. Luke's N. S.f Bilston 

, St. Peter's N. S., Wolverhampton 

ir, Wheaton Aston N. S., Fenk- 

WaLsall-road Bd. S., Willenhall 
I iss, N. S., Mosely Village, Wolver- 

Miss, St. Peter's N. S., Wolver^ 

vlr G., B.A., St. John's N. S., 

Mrs, Red Cross-street Bd. S., 

I, Mr, St. Peters College S., 

liss, Dudley-road Bd. '.S., Wolver- 

Mr, N. 8., Bubhbury, Wolver- 

der, Mr, Hurst-hill N. S., BiUton 
fiss, Great Brick-kiln-street Bd. S,, 

n, Miss, St. James N. S., Wolvcr- 

r, Blue Coat 3., Wolverhampton 
Miss, Willenhall-road Bd. B., 

;iss, W. S., Wolverhampton 
, Mr. Tettenhall Wood N. S.> 

, Mrs, Tettenhall Wood N. S., 
, Mr, Bd. S., Dudley Port 
t, Mr, St. James' N. S., Wolver- 
s, N. S., Wood End, Wolvcrhamp* 

[r, N. S., West Coseley, Wolver- 

Mr, N. S., Heath Tov/n, Wolvcr- 

Iff iss. Branch N. S., St. James', 

?, St. Luke's N. S., Wolverliatfrpton 
[r, St. Paul's- J^. S., Wolverhamp- 

[iss, St. Paul's N. S., Wolvcrhamp- 

»rd, Miss, Red Cross-street Bd, S., 

Hetherington, Miss, St. Mary's N. .8.» 
Wo Iverhampton 

Henton, Mrs, N. S., St. Philip's, Penn 
Fields, Wolverhampton 

Hodges, Mr, N. S., Coven, Wolverhampton 

Holden, Mi», St. Piul's N, S., Wolver- 

Holland, Mr, End. S., Penn, Wolverhampton 

Hqnter, Miss, W. 8., Wolverhampton 

Hurrell, Mr, .Great Brick-kiln-street Bd. S., 

Jenkinson, Miss, St. John's N. S., Wolver- 

Jennings, Miss, St. Edward's N. 9.. Bilston 

Kenney, Mr, St. Jude's N, 8., Wolverhamp- 

Lane, Miss, N. S., Wednesfield 

Lea^ Mrs, Great Brick-kiln-street Bd. S., 
VV olverhampton 

Maddock, Miss, St. John's N. S., Wolver- 

MUls,Mr, N. S., EttingshiUl, WoIv«riiampton ' 

Mink ley. Mr, Red Cross-street Bd. S., 

Minkley, Mr$, Red Caoss-street Bd." S., 

Newill, Mrs, St. Mark's N. S., Wolverhamp- 

Newill, Miss, Willenhall-road Bd. 8.,WoIver- 

Nicholls, Mr, N. S.. Coseley, Wolverhampton 
Palmer, Mr* St. Leonards N, S., Bikton 
Perrj^, Mr, N. S., Brewood, Wolverhampton 

Perrj', Miss, N. S., All Saints*, Wolverhamp 

.Plant, Mr, N. S., Codsall, Wolverhampton 

Pool, Mr, Prim. Meth. S., Willenhall 

Priest, Mr, N. S., Sedgley 

Richards, Miss, Tettenhall N.. S.. Wolver- 

Robertson, Miss, Monmore-gieen Bd. S., 

Raven, Mrs, St. Peter's N. S., Wolverhamp- 

Saunders, Mr, St. George's N. S., Wolver 

Saunders, Mrs, St. George's N. S., Wolver- 

Sharpe, Miss, St. Luke's N. S.,Wolverhamp- 

Skett, Mr, Penn Fields N. S., Wolverhamp- 

Smith, Mr, Willenhall-road Bd. S., Wolver- 

Stockham, Mr, St. Ann's N. S., Willenhall 

rrcinellcn, Mr, MonuioK-Erecn Bd. S.. WaLbM9,Mr, N,5..E!&ii]gloi], WolvErhim^ 

Wolverhampton ' - -ton 

Tan,Mii3,Sl. lima'N.S.,WiiIva'hainptc« Williami. Mi jDhn, Dudley-rosd Bd. S., 

Veal, Mi».Wabatl-raadBd. S., Hillenlian Williams, Mis John, budky-mad Bd. S., 

Wench, Miss, Si. Georjte's, Branch tf. S., Wdvertnunplon 

Wolverhampton Yalis, Hiss, St. MaA'a N. 8., WoU-eAimiii. 

Weslwood, Mc. N. S , MUliietdi, Wolver. ton [in 


soy.— WorMBtor Gitjr TeaoIi«TB' AsBoclatioii. 

Prrs., Mr HovnHTON, St. Martin's, Worcester 

Vki-Pra., Mr Williams, Stoke Works S. 
Trua., Mr Paim, Si. George's N. S., Worcesler 
Sk:,, Mr Fabr, Si. John's N, S., Worcester 
Enckell, Ur, Foshnre N. S. Grifflihs, Mr, Powick N. S. 
Diaper, Mi», St. Stephen's S,, Barboume Hvatt, Mr, St. Peier'i, Worcvter 
Grisman, Miss,Sl. George'sN. S.,Worc«ler Kibbiewhiie, Mr, CkimesN. S. 
Grisman,MiiiB.,Sl.Slephen'aS.,BarbQuiD. " — " 

308.— Worksltop a&d Bistriot (Hotta) Teadiem' Ajwooiation. 

Ptii., Mr. JaLland, Abbey Boys' S., Workshop 
Sk., Mr A. COOKK, St. John's Boys' S., Workshop 
Butler, Miss, Abbey Inf. S- Workshop Laws, Miss, Cestle-itieet 8., Workshop 

Dawber, Miss, Abbey Girls' S.. Workshop Royds, Mr, Kiveton Park S„ Sheffielcf IS 

309.— Wrflxluun Bad District (Senbigli and Flint) Teaoliem' 

/V«., Mr. G. J. JONBS, Bd. 8., Pennygelli, Wreiham 

VicfPTii.. Mr J. CtABKB, Bd. 3., Llangollen 

iy«i». bWJ'b-., Mr E. B. Astlbv, PenlraS., Eronghton, Wrexham ' 

Lester, Mr, End. 8., Holi, Wroxhsm 
Mills, Mr, Free S., Wrejiham 
Moms, Miss, N. S,, Gwersyllt, Wreithara , 
Cooke, Mr, Bd. a., Vron, Llangollen Nichol, Mr, N. S.. Hineia, Wreiham 

Crockett, Hi, N. S.. Gresfbrd, Wruham Pair, Mr, M. S., Ruabon, Wnxham 

Daviss, Mr, Bd. S., Rhosddn. Wnxham Powell, Mr, Bd. S., Rhos, Ruaboo, 

Davies, Mr, N. S., Pentrt-Chirk, Ruabon Wrenham 

Dodd, Mr. B. S-LWreiham Heree, Miss, Penlre Bd. S., Brought™, 

Fyfe, Mr, B, 9,, Wicjham Wrexham 

Harding, Mif!, N. B., Acion Park.Wre.hun Rees, Mt, Bd. 8.. Llanfynydd, Wrexhaml 

Man'eyT Miss, N. &, Mmeia, Wrexham Scott, Mis, ». 5., Wnxl^ 

Hflirison, Miss, N. S., Oresford, Wreicham Whitehouse, Mr, N. S., Baymbo, Wrexham' 

Hiughion, Mr, N. S., Wrexham Williams, Mi.s.N. S., laycoed, Wiexham 

Jenmngs, Mr, S. S., Wrexham Williami, Mr, Bd. S., Btynteg, Broughtoo, 

■ taiham, Mr, N. 8., (Jwen.ylll, Wrexham Wrexham [30 

Leake, Mn, K. S., Gwenylll, Wmhim 

— TotIc and Distriot (Torl^aliin) Ttwhev** AMOdatiinK 

Pra., Mr. Cukb, Sui., W. S., IViory-itnet, Voit ;^ ; 

Via-Pra., Mr. H^wfLL, Bd. S., Txtouler, Vorlt 
TV™., Miu Kk«ling, S.. M^gara's N. S., York 

■., Mr J. S„ 
, Mr J.. Bd. S., H»>by, York 
Bug. Hist, N. S., L«mui-nud, York 
y, Mr Nuhan, Bd. S., HnntisgtOD. 

Ur, W. S., GcoTRcunet, York 
I, Miss, N. S., CUn™, York 
Mr, N. S., HinDO, Yoifc 
, fcb, N. a, Aamt, York 
Mr, N. S., Stwuall, Vorll 
Hi», M. S., Si. Mngul'i, Yo^ - 
lias, W, S., Gewge^twtl, York 
UMI.S., Niin.Mo«kic«,YoH( 
fr,N. S^ Shiplon, York 
, Mis, W. S., Georgfrflmt, York 
Jiu £, B. S., Biihophill, Yodi 
tir Alircd, N. S., Be Damii, Yotk 
Mr W.. S. S^ Ch«^.str«t, York 
diH, N. 8., ^. Diimii, York 
•ck, Mt.Iibaor S.. York 
1, Mr. N. S., Ampkforih, York 

1. Paul's H. S.. Hsigiu, Yolk 

Hdlchinson, M., N. S., FJcriclt, York 

" ~ SI. LwrBDCs'i Yonc 

Kilvington, Miu, N, S 

Kirk.MtJ., Qu«n.Mi 

Loch, MrG., N. S., DringhooHl, 
Lcalliiin, Misi, N.S., Hemy, Vorf 


LiEilewmd, MIu, N. §,. Dilion->ir*et,'Yaik 
Manin, Mr. N. S., Morlt FryMoi1,.Yg(k' 
Miller. Uiu M. A.. N. S., Bllton, Yoife 
Neoion, Mr, N. S., Tollmon, Karintwol^, 

Nobk, Mr, N, S., Si. lawitoetf^ Yoi* 
Peiiy. MrR., B. S., BwMItMt-Ytite 
Bobinton. Mr E.,B)ij< Coal S., York' - 

■ Mkkfc([.M B«r,Y™k .. 

iih, Mr. N. 


1.— Ashbonxn* and Vttoxeter TeaciMM* Awociatioiu. - 

/V*t. Mr J. Bacshaw, Ph. S.. EUiJtone, Ashboom*" 
CimJV*., Mr T. S. TAVtoii, Pit. S. , DovRidgo, Dabjf 
TwBi.flJtrfJ'K., MrJOHliGANDV, W. S., Roce«er, Sua 
IrW., W. S., Ulloxeter Ryder. Mr, Bd. S., Abbots Bromlay, BlKdr- ' 

"!» C, N. S., Ultoloter Stafi 

.-_ , „__ = .,_„..; Rigley, MiB, P»r. S., a»cUey, Sloka.aa. 

l<aU„*Mr, Par. 8,, HolIinctoD, UllCKCUr 
Bluer. Miu E^ Far. S., lianller, A^boiiiiift 
Smilh. MrJ., P^. S., Demlone, Ullowlef 
Smilh, MiH E., Bd. S., Maraon, HoaWom- 

try. Derby 
Tortoishdl, Mr, G., H. S., UUOMter 
We^iermui, Misi, F. S., Kin|il<y. StokHia. 

<Two otlier nemben hurt paid whose miros hayo nol been focvntded ) 


■Mils M. A., Par. 

, MrC, Lord Vemon 

S., Klngsley. 
-s S., Sudbury, 

His. IV. S., -Uliieton, CheldJo 
\, Mrs, Lady Vemon'i S., Sudbury, 





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Ko return 


No retuni 







-gs=: = ^= iss^siis;:^! 




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Nov. len 

Feb., 1878 
Jan. 1880 
Feb., 1875 
Oct., 1874 
Sept., 1875 " 
Jan., 1870 
April, 1872 
June, 1877 
March, 1374 
March, 1872 
Mareh, 1878 
Jan., 1881 




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Birmingham District Union, 

President ajid Representative, Mr. Vincent, W.S., Gt. Bridge, Birmingham, 

Vice-Presidents, The Chairmen of the Associations in Union. 

Treasurer and Secretary, ^Mr. Robert Odell, Somerset Villa, Belgi-ave 

Road, Birmingham. 

1. Birmingham and District Society of Teachers ,., 

2. Bromsgrove Teachers' Association 

3. Dudley and District Teachers' Association 

4. King's Norton and District Teachers' Association ... 

5. Smethwick and District Teachers' Association 

6. Stourbridge and District Teachers' Association 

7. Wednesbury and District Teachers' Association 

8. West Bromwich Teachers' Association 





Brightou, Easttourne, and West Sussex District Union. 

President, ^Mr. Lloyd, Rottingdean, N.S. 
Vice-President, Representative, Treaijnrer and Secretary, Mr, J. Welch, The- 

Borough, Eastbourne. 

1. Brighton and Sussex Elementar}' Teachers' Association 

2. Eastbourne and District Teachers' Association 

3. Horsham and District Teachers' Association 

4. Midhurst Teacliers' Association 

5. Sussex (West) Teachers' Association 

Cornwall (West) District Union. 

President, Mr. I. W. Manokb, W.S., Penryn. 
Vice-President, Mr. T. Burgk, Bd. S., Roekear, Camborne. 
TreMurer, Mr. J. ^ADE^ N.S., Sithney, Helston. 
Secretary, Mr. J. H. Barkbll, Trythall Bd. S., Gulval, Penzance. 





1. Falmouth and Truro Teachers' Association 

2. Helston Teachers' Association 

3. Penxance and District Teachers' Association 

4. Hedmth, Camborne,