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117 Fbankliit Stbkbt. 




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. STEPHEN OSGOOD, Gborgbtowk, 
JOHN L. OTIS, Nobthampton, 


Of ihM, Senate, 

Mkssrs. ABTHUR J. G. SOWDON, Boston, 
A. CARTER WEBBER, Cambbidgb. 
SAMUEL W. BOWERMAN, Pittbfibld, j 

0/ the House, 



libbabian bx officio. 
Acting Libbarian. 

ComnunuDeoltt) of il{la00a(i)iiBiett0. 


To the Honorable Legislature of Massachusetts, 

The librarian of the State Library, in accordance with 
sect. 8 of chap. 5 of the General Statutes, submits the fol- 
lowing report for the year ending Sept. 80, 1880 : — 


Number of Volumes added to the Library from Oct, 1, 1879, to Sept. 30, 


By purchase 1,285 

domestic exchanges 850 

foreign exchanges 78 

donation 268 

officers of goyemment 86 



By purchase 129 

domestic exchanges 89 

foreign exchanges 24 

donation 463 

officers of government 40 

Maps 17 



0» TH« -***■ 








3EUmli» 9&a:s» ft Co.» $rtntet0 to t^e (CimimonfDeaitlt 

117 Franklin Strsst. 


) ^^^, h:\ /; ! ~ /3 ti' j^jfS.^S. 








STEPHEN OSGOOD, Gbobgktown, 



Of th6 Senate. 

ARTHUR J. C. 80WDON, Boston, 
A. CARTER WEBBER, Cambbidoe. 
SAMUEL W. BOWERMAN, Pittsfield, J 

0/ the House, 



libbabian ex officio. 
Acting Librakian. 

tfommonxDealtt) of MasBOtfyiatttB, 


To the Honorable Legislature of Massachusetts. 

The librarian of the State Library, in accordance with 
sect. 8 of chap. 6 of the General Statutes, submits the fol- 
lowing report for the year ending Sept. 30, 1880 : — 


Number of Volumes added to the Library from Oct. 1, 1879, to Sept. 30, 


By purchase 1 ,285 

domestic exchanges 350 

foreign exchanges 78 

donation 268 

ofiKcers of government .86 



Bypmx^hase 129 

domestic exchanges 39 

foreign exchanges 24 

donation 463 

officers of government 40 

Mape 17 











11= a 
l"|-s -I 







i I I 



lilil li'=ll sllll 'Ji": iH^' B 






















CJ rlf-l 1-1 00 iH f-l 1-1 «H t-r-l^ 






• 2 

j^ 00 

* 08 





g OOg^PQ 
Q • OS 'O 

►> to 
e8 08 

a* o 

•^ ^ •1-4 O •*-■ L^ 

CO § fl^Pntf 






. . CO . 

. .-s . 



•Si • 

_Q 08 


••mo • 

gag gCQ gHH^i^ g gQ p 



1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT— No. 8. 9 

By the foregoing account, which embraces the library year 
from Oct. 1, 1879, to Sept. 30, 1880, inclusive, it will be seen 
that the receipts and expenditures may be aggregated as 
foUows: — 


Drawn from appropriations for 1878 and 1879 . . . |793 33 

Drawn from appropriations for 1879 3,359 68 

Incidental receipts 4 25 

•4,157 26 


Books, pamphlets, and maps $3,352 58 

Binding 369 22 

Periodicals 167 55 

Expressage 68 82 

Postage and stamped envelopes 39 55 

Stationery 34 11 

Printing 41 12 

Indexing resolves 60 00 

Incidentals 24 31 

•4,157 26 

There remained in the treasury Sept. 30, 1880, an unex- 
pended balance of the several appropriations made on account 
of the library of $440.32. 

American Law Reports. 

The special appropriation made by the Legislature of 
1880 for the purchase of American Law Reports has covered 
the expense of the purchase of all the volumes needed to 
complete our series. Many of these volumes were rare, and 
their purchase has required a diligent search, extending to 
nearly every State in the Union. The library now contains 
complete sets of the printed reports of the decisions of all 
the courts of final resort in every State and Territory of the 
Union. Special effort has been made and will be continued 
to secure the current reports as rapidly as they are issued 
from the press; and it is believed that the current session 
laws and reports, together with the latest compilations of 
statutes and digests of reports, are now on the library- 
shelves in the most convenient arrangement for use. 



English Law Reports. 

The complefion of our set of the reports of the English 
courts should now be considered. As opportunity has of- 
fered, at auction or private sale, missing volumes have been 
purchased, and about fifty of the needed reports have been 
secured the past year. There are now about four hundred 
volumes of English reports wanting to make our set perfect. 
It is probable that an attempt to purchase the whole at once 
would involve a large expense ; but an appropriation, which 
would cover the cost of such volumes as could be from 
time to time advantageously secured, would gradually, if not 
speedily, close the gaps that now exist, without the payment 
of exorbitant prices for individual volumes, and without in- 
volving an extravagant outlay for the ultimate completion of 
the series. 

Session Laws. 

The library contains a collection of the session laws of the 
several States and Territories, which is of great value, and 
which will probably compare favorably with that of the lead- 
ing State libraries ; yet there are few sets which are absolutely 
complete. This is undoubtedly the most valuable and dis- 
tinctive feature of the library, and its deficiencies in this de- 
partment have been carefully considered. Several additions 
have recently been made, which complete the sets of the 
session laws of California, Colorado, Kansas, and Washington 
Territory, and increase our collection of the laws of Utah 
Territory and several of the other Territories and States. A 
list of the deficiencies in this portion of the library has been 
made during the year, the length of which is disagreeably 
suggestive. It should be possible for the library to improve 
, every opportunity to obtain such session laws as it does not 
possess. Many of them are rare, and seldom appear in 
the market. In no case can our deficiencies be supplied by 
exchange, as application has repeatedly been made to the 
State authorities without success. 

Appropriation needed to meet Deficiencies. 

It is thought that a special appropriation of $1,000, made 
available for the purchase of EngUsh reports and session 

1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 11 

laws of the States and Territories, could be judiciously and 
profitably used during the coining year; the value of the 
library would be very largely increased by completion in 
the directions indicated. Its completion can only be secured 
by unwearied search, which the favor of the Legislature 
will alone render possible or profitable. The maintenance 
of a high standard of perfection in these directions will also 
demand incessant vigilance and correspondence. 

Mexican Laws. 

In view of the rapid development of the resources of the 
south-west by Massachusetts capital, and through the agency 
of corporations created under our laws, one of which con- 
templates the establishment of direct rail communication 
with the city of Mexico, the trustees have considered it im- 
portant that the library should contain as complete a collec- 
tion as could be obtained of the Mexican statutes. A valuable 
collection of the earlier statutes was purchased at the sale 
of the library of the late Hon. Caleb Cushing, and subse- 
quent statutes have been secured through the agency of the 
Hon. John W. Foster, recently the American Minister, resi- 
dent at Mexico. The Mexican laws now in the library 
cover nearly the entire period of the present century. 

Canadian Provincial Statutes. 

Our exchanges with the Dominion Government are very 
generous, prompt, and satisfactory. Negotiations during the 
year with the proper officials in the several Canadian Prov- 
inces have resulted in the addition to the library of the 
statutes in force to date in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, 
Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, and British Columbia and 
Vancouver Island. 


The library has received many donations from private indi- 
viduals during the year, the most important single gift being 
the elegant volume of " The Whitney Family of Connecti- 
cut,*' from the compiler, Mr. S. Whitney Phoenix of New 
York. It has also received several valuable donations of 
works upon genealogy and local history, the donors of which 
will be indicated in connection with the title entry, in the 
appended catalogue of additions. 


" The Boston Daily Journal " and " The Woburn Weekly 
Journal " have been contributed by the respective publishers. 
If the publishers of other newspapers throughout the State 
would imitate their generous example, the value of the 
State Library would be greatly increased, and it would be a 
source of gratification to the members of the Legislature and 
other branches of the State Government if complete files of 
the issues of the local press were preserved at the State 
House. The Legislative Library of the Province of Nova 
Scotia, I am informed, preserves the files of all the news- 
papers published in the Province, and the publishers take 
a pride in furnishing their issues for that purpose. 

The Hon. George F. Hoar and the Hon. George B. Loring 
have rendered the library valuable assistance in perfecting 
its collection of the publications of the United States Gov- 
ernment, and acknowledgment is also due to the Hon. Henry 
L. Dawes for courtesies in this direction. 

Town and City Reports. 

The collection of the Annual Reports of the towns and 
cities of the Commonwealth, now in the library, embraces all 
that have been made since the law of 1866 went into effect. 
In many cases the previous reports have been obtained, and 
it is of great importance to the legislator and the historian 
that the State Library should contain a complete file of all 
the financial reports of the cities and towns that have ever 
been published. 

An effort has been made, through extensive correspondence 
in some portions of the State, to perfect these files, and these 
efforts will be extended over the entire State. Those who 
assist the State Library in this particular will render a good 
service to the Commonwealth, and materially aid in the pres- 
ei*vation of the history of their local municipalities. 

The New Catalogue. 

The new catalogue of the library, which was authorized by 
a resolve of the Legislature of 1874, has been completed 
during the year, and is ready for the use of those who con- 
sult the library. With a supplement, which includes the ad- 
ditions made during the progress of the work of preparation, 
the volume comprises 1,048 double column royal octavo 

1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 18 

pages, and is a complete dictionary catalogue of the contents 
of the library, Oct. 1, 1879. Its compilation, a labor requir- 
ing special skill and great care and patience, has been under 
the care of Miss Ellen M. Sawyer, one of the regular library 
assistants, and extra assistance was rendered during the main 
portion of the work by Miss Augusta I. Apple ton. It is 
believed that the system adopted, and the accuracy with 
which it has been carried out, will afford an easy guide for 
the consultation of the library. The printing of the work 
has been delayed by the partial destruction of the sheets by 
fire, which necessitated the reproduction of many pages. 
The arrangement of the additions fnade during the year and 
contained in this report is intended to inaugurate a system 
which shall make each Annual Report a complete annual 
supplement to the General Catalogue. 

Changes in the Libeary-Room. 

In accordance with the provision made by the Legi^^lature 
of 1880, to meet the demand for additional shelf-room, and 
with plans prepared by Messrs. Ware & Van Brunt, and ap- 
proved by the joint standing committee on the library, 
changes have been made in the library-room which provide 
new shelf-room for some fourteen thousand volumes, gives the 
reading-room better light, and renders it more readily accessi- 
ble to the members of the General Court. The main floor now 
corresponds to the former first gallery, and the space between 
that and the old floor is utilized for the storage of books for 
the service of the library. The work has been accomplished, 
together with the repainting of the entire room, without ex- 
ceeding the appropriation of four thousand dollars. The 
change has necessitated the re-arrangement of the entire li- 
brary, and made the year one of very active labor for those 
who have the library in charge. 

It is hoped that the members of the Legislature will find 
the library convenient and attractive for their use, and that 
the catalogue and attendants will furnish them the assistance 
needed to place its contents at their disposal. 

Respectfully submitted. 


Statb Libbabt, Not. 8, 1880. 








IfoU. ^The flgares In bncketo at the end of the titles indicate the •onroee Arom which the 
books were recclTed, thus, [l]i received by purchase; [2j, by exchange; [3], by donation 
(names of indlTidual donors being added) ; [4], from officers of government. 

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On titles.— TlmeB and places of holding the gentnil M'sslons of the Institute.— List of mem- 

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1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. 23 

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[1] • 

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Tha^ ondanpKCii, and h.e itoxteriiv. — Moriran, L. H. Indliin uiiKrattons. — WyckofT, \V. C 
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1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 25 

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24°. [3] 

— See KimbaU, J. 

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sm. 4°. [1] 

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lie charitable institutions. [Argument of a committee of the Board of 
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A. Immigration and head-money taxes.) 

Contained also in Hili'a " Series of papers and circalars used in opposing a bill to regolato 

Report on congressional bill (H. B. 3853), proposing to levy a national 

head-money tax, and otherwise to interfere with the freedom of immi- 
gration. Adopted Jan. 6, 1877. [By H. A. Hill,] Bost., 1877. 8<>. 8 p. 
(Hill, H. A. Immigration and head-money taxes.) 

This is Also no. 15 of Hill's '* Series of papers and circulars used in opposing a bill to regu- 
late Immigration." 

[Various resolutions, circulars, e^c, relating to the imposition of head- 
money taxes.] (Ilili, H. A. Papers aud circulars used in opposing a 
bill to regulate immigration.) 

1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 27 

BofitoD) continued. 

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8*>. [3] 

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8o. [3] 
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See Asplnwally W. 

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8 p. Portrait. [3] 
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United States from Brldgewater, 'during the war of the rebellion, who 
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1879.] 8°. (20) p. [3] 

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]Sorthampton and other towns in 'the valley of the Connecticut. North- 
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address of C. M. Hyde, D.D., and other addresses, letters, documents, etc., 
relating to the early history of the town. Springfield, 1879. 8®. Map, 
portraits and illus. [3] 

— See Connecticut Valley; — Lincoln, F. D. 

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Representative govcmment. — Roman colonios under the empire. — Promotion by merit 

Dilt crI necemity. — Piincfnles of parlmmentnry re tonn. — Parliamentary reform and polii 

cal utility.— Five years or liberal policy and conservative opposition. — What are liberal 

Poilt cnl necemity. — Piincfnles of parliamentnry reform. — Parliamentary reform and politi- 

or liberal policy and conservative opposition. — What are lit 
prlmiples. — Liberals and whiits. — Liberiil organization. — Household suffraxe and parlia- 

mentary government.— The Irish land question.- The past and future relation of Ireland to 
Great Uritaiii. — The English In Ireland. — The law and cu*«tnm of primofronitnre. — I^cal 
tsovprnmrnt in EnglaniL — A political crisis in Canada. — University reform and college 

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— See Chandler, A. D. 
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Buffalo. — Correspondence on the name of BuITrIo: letters hv A. "Wrlifht and N. T. 
Strong. — Gray, D. The last of the Kah-Kwnhs : [a poem]. — Hodffe, W. Buffalo oeme- 
tertcs. — Iiord, J. C. Ode at the dedlcntlon of the Fore*t Lawn Cemv.ery, Sept. 28, 18<j6. — 
Bryant, W. C. The braves* rest; or, The old So?iera Mission Cemetery'. — Norton, C. D. 
The old Black Rock ferry. — Babcock, O. R., and Bird, VV. A. Communlcatiuns relating 
to the name or Black Rock. — Liordy J. C. Annual address. — St«ele« O. O. Origin and 
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execution of the three Thayers. — Dorfiheimer, W. The village of Buflaio during the war 
of 1812. — Stewart, £. H., and Marshall, O. II. An ancient wreck and stockade.— Nor- 
ris. J- Juui-nal of Sullivan s expedition, J nne-Oct., I77S. — Marshall . O. H. The building 
and voyage of the GrilTon, in 1679. — Falk, K. Historv of the Israelites in Buflklo. — Allen, 
L. F. rounding of the citv of .\rarat on Grand Island. — Bryant, W. C. Orlando Allen. — 
Sheldon, J. Uftanrt public services of O. Forward. — Dart, J. The grain elevators of 
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Pennsylvania at nisi prius; the District Court, Courts of Common Pleas, 
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— See Shute, D.;— Watson, S. J. 
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The title-nagen vary a8 foIlowR: "Mpmoria) girvices/' 1872: " Cerenjonlea In Canton and 
Sharon." 1873; "Memorial services in Canton and Sharon," 1874: "Memorial aervlccs. Can- 
ton." 187S-79. 

The orators were : Miner, H. D., 187 1 : — £iidicott, C. , 1872 ; — Everett, J. M. (Canton), 
Billingra, S. W. (Sharon), 1873: — Bill! nffg, J. D. (CHnton), Morae, K. A. (Sharon). 1874; 
— Hnntoon, D. T. V., 1875 ; — Buawell, U. F., 1876;— Hantoon, D. T. V., 1877; — Sa- 
vary, W. IL, 1878;— Noyea, 8. 11., 1819. 

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[3, Jlon. diaries Endicott^ Canton^ Mass.] 
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a muerte de la arlatocracla.— La redcncion aoclal.— La relacion de la econoniiay la pohtlca. 

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£1 rasKO. 

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No more iMued. 

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Called '* Pocket almftnack/' 178*-S2; "Fleet's pocket almanack," 1791. Tbo calendar for 
1779 Is TniMSliiK. 

See also Mills and Hlcka's British and American register. 

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— See Bonnet, V. ; — Carey, H. C. ; — Guizot, F. (P. G.); — Senior, N. W. 
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Tho mythical and romiintic elomento in early EngUnh history.— The continuity of English 
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Canterbury and his bloRraphors. — The reign of Edward iii.— The Holy Soman Empire.— 
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Emperor Frederick ii. — Charles the Bold. — Presidential goremmeut. 

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of the 4th century.- The Goths at Ravenna. — Race and language. Appendix: The Jews 
in Europe. — The Byzantine empire.— First impressions of Athens.- Mt-aiteval*and modem 
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Vol. 6 is an index to ▼. 1-5. 

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The reports have also separate title-pages, as follows, " Reports of cases argued and ad- 
JndgtHl in the Courta of Kind's iicnch and Common Pleas, 1670-63," ''Cases argued and 
decreed In the High Court of Chancery, 1676-1706." 

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1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 49 

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(ienealoeicfi of the following famillCB have been received durlnir the year, 'namely : Ar- 
nold ; — Burrace : — Chapman : — Coffhill ; — Dodse ; — Dooslas » ■— Farwell ; — 
Faxon ; — Fl«la ; — Paine ; — Preston ; — Bassell; — Sumner ; — Valentine; — 
Wanton ; — Whitney. 

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Court of Chancery, &c. With several cases never before published. By 
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Geology. See Anghey, S. ; — Canada ; — Massachusetts ; — Missouri ; — 

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Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region. 


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Institute on the semi-centennial anniversary of the Essex Historical 

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6 V. 8^ [1] 

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See also Intpeeton of Priton*. 

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1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. 61 

Great Britain^ continued, 

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to criniinal law; — Glyn, T. C, and Jameson, R. S. Cases in bank- 
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foreign countries and British possessions, 1874-78. Lond., 1875-79. 5 v. 
4°. [1] 

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8°. [1] 

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8es €U$o Oommimonen <^ PrUont, 

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' Lond., 1875-79. 5 v. 8<». [1] 

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5 V. ^. [1] 

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See also local Oovemment Board. 

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4 V. 1. 8P. [1] 
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land. Reports, 1874-77. [With appendices.] [Lond., 1875-78.] 4 v. in 10. 
8<>andf». [1] 

Be|>oit8. 187i-75, Inolade reports on trade union*; Reports, 1870-77. include Industrial and 
proTtdent societies and trnde unions. 

— Registrar'GeneraJ. 36th-40th annual report of births, deaths, and marriages, 

1873-77. Lond., 1875-79. 5 v. 8^ [1] 

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Great Britain, contintted, 

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W. ; — Creighton, M. ; — Fortescue, Sir J. ; — Freeman, E. A. ; — Green, 

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Kdlted by hi* daugliter Madame dc Wilt. 

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Hampden County, Mass. See Connecticut Valley. 
Hampshire County, Mass. See Connecticut Valley. 
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Hudsoiiy Charles, continued. 

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Tlte 43d report has no appendix. 
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'I be nulhorsof the pennons nrc as follow*: Runnel, J.. 17*^4 : — Roarern, J.,170fi: — Pem- 
berton, E., l7lO;-ThiM;her, i'.. nil;-DHnrnrth, s., 1714;- WncUworth, 11.. I71fi; 
— CoIin»n, H.,1718; — IVilllMinii, W.. I7IH: —Stone, N., 17.'0;— Uancock, J.. 172-2; — 
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1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 71 

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Contains an index to the eleven reports. 

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compilation of the statutes under which the board performs its duties. 

Bost., 1880. 8^ [4] 
Wiib the creation of till* Board the State Itoards of Health and Charities were abolished. 

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tUe Temporary Asylum for the Chronic Insane], 1879. Bost., 1880. 8°. 
(2 cop.) [4] 

^^^"^^ 1«C report of the Temporary Asylum is bound with the 46th report of the State Luna- 

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""' «^. (2 cop.) [4] 


— Tam^'r-cj Ajip ca _'»ir' li; ClL-T.x.*r 2 

axid e 

-^ J. Am 

««SAnk~jj oaJ la. titer's "rr 


:*r.-. R:i»s.. I>7 ^ y=. 


^ xvK«t» ;^^. BdSt^ 

Tci- <L 


— >.."«- V LIT. X'C*->*X Bc->:.. 155?*:- S*. ^ " 

of oAcexs 

to Tol;^ AbstiMSce Society. A-iraji RpoctA. ISTa. BoBt., 

^^f MAcWma* J. P. 

LjsAa. H;*:..ry of Comw^A: . Vt. M> MWVaiy, l^JC 8». Por- 

f^^ L*^i*- I>'.jT*x of :bip devis-^cs OL-c«r;iri: I've' sta^jt^ ^f Maryland 
cc "-L^h -hie cv^e irf puUx- p^oeni Uw> ss cott>pasw>I. B^lt^ 18i». »°. 



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n de las leyes del Imperio Mexicano, 6 sea Codigo de la restauracion. 
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3. 1 


Mexico, continued. 

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Appended are Procecdinprft nnd reports of the Michlprnn State Aftrlcultnrnl Soclotv, Tran»- 
netiuns of the Mlehtffaii Wim» (Irowers and Slieep Breeders' AMoclntion, Heports fn-in coui ty 
CKrriculiurMl s.icietles. un.i RoRiHtrr ol incteoiologlcal observaiions taken at llie State Airrl- 
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Vol. A ins ortitinnlly known as "Mfidpm ciwes: " v. 7 vrnn called by the name of the re- 
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«» "Chs^s trmp. MaccU'Sfleld** or as " Lm*a»'s KiM'orin;" v. 11. as "Ki'ports Q. A.," or 
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PublUbcd by (he Ncw-Englnnd Hlfitorlc Genealogical Society. 
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Hl-'tciry of the Cutler lot.— Croswell, F. HIsiitv ot Trinity Church. New Hnven. — Trow- 
bridge. T. K. History of Ltum Wharf In New HiiVen. — BcMArdsley, K- E. The parHiin«i£e 
of the " Blue MeethiK ilouse."— Cleaveland, K. L. Thu (iovenior (iilbert l<>t.— Bacon, 
N. A.. Notice ofihe pioneers in pomiilosry in New Haven. — Jefferson, T., Prts. of the (J. 5., 
and BIfthop, A. Corrv^tpondence. — Gllman, I>. C. Bp. Berkeley 'b Kiflttto Yaie CulleKe. 
— BronHon, H. Historical account ot Connecticut cnrri-ncv. 

2. OtHceru. — Mem hern — Con«tliiith»n and by-law««. — Beardwley, E. E. Addrew. — 
Wliitaker, E. Early historv of Southuld, Lonu'lMand. — Goodrich, C. Invr.alon of Nf w 
Haven by tlin British tro.ips. July .5, I77W. — Wrljfht, K. W. Thf p<.eiry and nocUi of Con- 
n «'C I icut. — Dexter, F". B. Meniom- «1h respeciInK Kdward Whalh-y and Wiiliann Ooffe. — 
Trowbridge, T. K. KemnrlC8 <m Mr. Dexter's paper reApeutinu Wlialioy and tioir*-.— His- 
torical Kkeich of Stephen Goodyear. — TrowbridiTC* T' K. Ancient houses of New 
H«A en. — Dexter, K. B. Sketch of the life and wrliln}$8 of John Davenport.— Bronson, 
H. M« dicai history and biography. 

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City, 1879. 8«». [2] 

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For earlier reports, see Superintendent qf Public Schools. 

New Jersey school law, -w ith notes, blanks, antl forms for the use of 

school officers. [With amendments to 1880.] Trenton, 1878 [-80]. 8°. [2] 

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2 V. 8°. [2] 

For continuation see State Board qf Educati9n and State Superintendent qfPublfc Instrue- 

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— See Smitli, S. 

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S"". [2] 

— See United States. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories. 
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Tuckey, J. Joan of Arc. 

New Salem, Mass. See Connecticut Valley. 

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1864. N.Y., 1865. 8°. [2] 

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Dec, 1875. N.Y., 1877. 8*^. [3] 

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deaths in New York city during 1879. [N.Y., 1880.] f°. 8 p. [3] 

See also Naffle, J. T. 

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— Common Council. Report [on] arrangements for the reception of the first 

regiment of New York volunteers, on their return from Mexico. N.Y., 
1849. 8°. 55 p. [2] 

1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 81 

New York, Citt/f continued. 

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Annual report of the revenues and expenditures, 1851; Report of receipts 
and expenditures, 1854-50; Annual report, 1856, 64. N.Y., 1843-65. 6 v. 
8«. [2] 

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18G6.] 17f>, Portrait and maps. [1] 
--Same. [1870. By] J. Hardy. [N.Y., 1871.] 8°. xiii,fl26p. Portrait and 
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N.Y., 1852-64. 8°. [2] 

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N.Y., 1880. 8°. [3] 

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[N.Y., 1879-80.] 1. 8°. [3] 

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[3, Edward Atkinson, Boston.] 
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[1856], 79. N.Y., 1857-80. 2 v. 8°. [2] 

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New York, County. Stirrof/ates' Courts. iSee New York, State, 
New York, State. Canal Board. Report of the Commissioners invited by 

the Canal Board to report on tolls upon the canals. D. A. Wells, L. J. N. 

Stark, W. Thurstone, Commissioners. Albany, 1878. 8P, 74 p. [3, Hon. 

D. A. Wells, Norwich, Conn.] 

— Commissioners to Revise Vie Laws for the Assessment and Collef:tion of Taxes, 

2d report. With a code of laws relative to assessment and taxation. D. 
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[3, Hon. David A. Walls, Norwich, Conn.] 

— Court of Appeals. See Selden, H. R. Notes of cases, [1852-54] ; — Sickels, 

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densed digest, V. 2-3. 

— Covrls. See Abbott, A. New cases, v. 1-7; — Abbott, B. V., and A. 

JPraujtice cases, v. 1-19, and New series, v. 1-16; — Brightly, F. C. Digest, 
V. 3;-RapalJe, S. Digest of decisions to 1878; — Wait, W. Table of 
cases to 1872. 

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" l^gitiature. Code of civil procedure as amended in 1877. With notes of 
judicial decisiotis. By G. Bliss. N.Y., 1877. I. 8°. 75, xv, 1229 p. [1] 
rreflxed arc the amemlinents to tbe code, 1878-79. 

— - Documents of the Assemhly, 102d session, 1879. Albany, 1879. 7 v. 8®. 


— Docninents of the Senate, I02d session, 1879. Vol. 1-2. Albany, 1879. 
2v. 8°. [2] 

^ - Journal of the Assembly, 102d session, 1879. Albany, 1879. 8®. [2] 

— -Journal of the Senate, 102<1 session, 1879. Albany, 1879. 8*». [2] 
"^^atof the University. 92d annual report, 1879. Albany, 1879. 8®. [2] 



New York, Staie. Regents of the Univ?r8ityt continued. 

3l8t annual report on the State Museum of Natural History, 1878. Al- 
bany, 1879. 8°. [2] 

See also the names of the diflTerent court*. 

— Secretary of State. Centennial celebrations of the state of New York. By 

A. C. Beach. Albany, 1»79. 1. 8^. Portraits and illus. [2] 


ProceeilinKS of the K. T. Hiftnricftl S« cieiy.— Proceedings at Kingston. — OriskAnjr.-~ 
Benms Up!j.hi8.— Schoharie. — Schuyi«T%'llIf. — Cherry VnUey. — Sketch of the olu capiUiL 
— Sketch of the new capitol. — rrocetdlnicBln <voiumenioraiiun of the occupation of the new 

Manual for the use of the Legislature, 1871-80. Albany, 1871-80. 10 ▼. 

16°. [1,2,4.] 

— Special CommisMion [on] tJie Best Means for the Transportation of Pastengtsrs 

in the City of Hew York. Keport. Albany, 1867. 8°. [1] 

— State Library, 60th-6l8t annual report of the trustees, 1877-78. Albany, 

1878-79. 2 V. 8<>. [2] 

— Svperintendent of Public Instruction. 20th annual report. Albany, 1874. 8°. 

General school laws. Albany, 1878. 8**. [2] 

— Supreme Court. See Hun, M. T. Reports of cases, 18711-80, t. 25-27. 

— Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. See Stover, R. M. Howard's Prac- 

tice reports, 1878-80, v. 67-58. 
^Surrogates' Courts. See Redlleld, A. A. Reports, [1867-79], v. 1-3; — 
Tucker, G. J. Reports, [18<J4-69], v. 1. 

— Topographical Survey of the Adirondack Region. 7th annual report on the 

progress of the survey to 1879. Containing the condensed reports fur 
1874-78. With maps, engravings, etc. By V. Colvin. Albany, 1880. ^. 


— See Homes, H. A. ; —Junius, |)«ei/d. 

New York and New England Railroad Company. Position of the Com- 
pany in reference to terminal facilities on South Boston flats. Bost., 
1880. 1 sheet. Maps. 

New York Chamber of Commerce. 22d annual report of the corporation, 
1879-80. N.Y., 1880. 8°. [3] 

New- York City-Hall recorder. See Rogers, D. 

New^ York evening express almanac*, hand-book of politics, e/c, 1879-80. 
[Ed. and compiled by H. A. Jackson and J. B. Peck. N.Y., [1879-80]. 
2v. 8o. [I] 

The nlmanec for 1880 lins the title *'l?ew York* evening express otatesnian's annual and 
almanac for 1%0." 

New York evening post, Jan.-June, 1880. N.Y., 1880. f®. [1] 

New York Historical Society. Collections, 1809-14, 21, 26. Vol. 1-4. N.Y., 

1811-26. 4 V. 8°. Portraits. 


Vol. 1. Coni't'tutlon.- Miller, S. Discourse to ocmmi morale the dlscoTery of New 
York, Sept. 4, IF09. — VerraszHiii, G. Relailin of ttt- lnnd hy him dlstovend, 1M4.— 
PlayBe, J., and Hudson, H. Vo>Bgefl and nonherni' discuverlofi oi Hiidsoii. I(t07. — Hud* 
son, H. Second vi>>-aue for findhi^ h pMs^aKe to ilio En^t Indies by the nonhea»t. — «liiet« 

B. Third voyage i<f Hudson tuwurds Nova Zcnibl.'t, f/c- — Hudaon, H. Abstract ot Cliisj 
Jtturnal for tiie discovery of thu >:orth-Wc9t I'aKfcigo, bcfrun in .\prii, IHIO. and tndinu wtih hiit 
death. — Hazard, £. l)(H-innfntH extracted from ilio 'h\ vul of Hazjird's " Hlt<totlciiJ t*nllec- 
tionh." — James, Duke vf York. Lttwff ofitiibli>hed for ihe govprnmi-nt of Sew York, ISi 4. 

S. Meinorinl to tlic LeKlshiture. — Men lH•r^. — Officon«. — Williamaon, H. DUcoiirs« 
before the .«*<»cicty, Dec. 6. 1>4]0. — Clinton, l)e W. lUfconrue, 6tb l)*c., iKll. — MorHa, G. 
Dlscoime, 6ih Dec, IK12. — MItchill, H. L. I)lwcour»,«tli Dec, 1813. — LaTonty, 
Accoimi of M. di> L« Salie'ti !&!«( expedili* n aiid dixctjveriei* in ]Sorita Anieric/>. — Holm, T. 

C. Kxiract of a tranRlaiion of the HiRlory of N«-w Sweed L^md. in America, 1102. — Catalogue 
of books, iractR, newBpap- m, niapM, e«<- , in the library if the So* ie«y. 

3. J^leiLlien*.— Otticon". — Morrla, tJ. InBuguiul dlscourhc, Sept.. 1816. — Yerplanck, 
G. <;. Annlvcrnnry dlni-oiir»c, Dec. 7, 1818. — Hoaack, D. lilo»:raphk-al memoir of HukU 
Wiliiatncon.- Jarvfa, S. F. Di»' our»»- on ilu- n l^^n of the Indian irilies of North Aint r- 
U-a.- Hoaack, 1). InaiiKural nddrt•^.•«, Kr»>., 1820. — Wheat on, 11. Annivenmry dlKOour e, 
Dec. .jJ<, IKHI. — Jonea, S. Ccm niinitatJons. « onialninK ienuirk» on Clinton'0 IliMtrical 
dixciiurxo, Simnord'b linzMteor, tlu* las- edition of The K« vl*ed Ihwk, Smith'fi History of Kow- 
York. f/c — Rozman, J. I.. i''.Mratt foni n-c* rd«« rriuiivp to Hie dittptitc bei'ween lii« 
Kovt-nnnont «.f >i«'W-NcMlier.and!« ana llu' Lord rroprieiary of Maryland, euncen lug the iltlc 
of the Duich to the lerritoriea i-n ilir Dolavrare. — Meaae, J. Description of medala struck 
in rt'laiion to important events In Noith Araerloa. 

4. Smith, \U History of New- York. [Vol. 2. 1732-62.] 



New York Historical Society, continued. 

- Home. 2d Ber. v. 1; v. 3, part 1; v. 4. N.Y., 1841-69. 3 v. 8°. [3] 


Vol. 1. Kent, J. AnniverMry d scourse, 182^.— VerrazEanl, O. Voyage aloDR the 
coa»t of Nwrih America. Tvom CiiruliiiH to Newf'nundlHi.d. \SI4: tr. by J. U. Cu|.iiwell.— 
Indian tradition of ibe first arrival of tlie Dutch at Miinhaitan Inland. — Ijaiubreclitsen, 
8tr N. C. History of the New Keiberiand^; 4r. by F. A. van der Kemp. — Donok. A. van 
der. Description of the New Xetherlandn; with a'descrlptlun of the beaver; ir. by J. Jobn- 
»on. — Vrle«, D. F. de. Extracts ftrora the Voyajren; tr. by O. Troost.— Laet, J. van. Ex- 
tracts from ilie New world, or Deacription of tbf Wesi Indies. — Jaet, B. Juunial uf Uud- 
son'x vovage, 1609. — Folnoni, U. Expedition of 9. Argall to Acadlrt and Manhiituin IManil. 
1613. — Deroter, T. Lnter iieecrtbing bis piii>tia»;e from Maine to Virginia, 1619. — Conre- 
apondence between the colonies of New Nt'therlands iind Xe»-Plyinuuth, 1627. — West 
India Company. Charter of llbertle!*, 1629, and niiMcellatieuiis extracts. ir. tV m Dutch 
cuiunial reciiriis — Selyna, U. Catalogue of ihe members of the Dutch Church, 168K.— 
Acrelluii, I. New 8wedf n: or. Tho Swedish seiileHienis on the Delaware: tr. l)y N. Collin. 
— Hadde, A. K'port. — Rlalnir, J. C. Report. — Few piirtlcuiHr* concerning the kov- 
eniors of Kew-Netherlanda. — Hiiitorical sitftch of the Society.— Officers, meniber», etc.— 

Vol. 3. Part 1. Vrles, D. l*. de. Voyages from Holland to America, 16S2~44: tr. bv H. 
C. Murphy. — Mesapolenais, J. Sketch of the .Mobawlc Indiaiisin New NHh« rlnn , 1644; 
with Intro tuctlon unu nutfM by J R. Brodiicad. — JoKuea, I. i*ap<ra; tr. with a memoir by 
J. u. 8hfa. — Oastellf W. Extra^-t from Cnl'*] •' Dn«c«.v«-rie " of Ain>^rira, 1K44. — Melyn, 
C. Bruai advice to the Initrd Netb.^rland I'rjvlncM, «£c.; tr. by H. C. AIurph.» . — Wajfe- 
naar.J. Extract from [hiaj " IteKcbry ving van AmstenlHiii," reliiting to New Am^tel: tr. 
i»/ J. It. Brodhrad. — Leyden, Clinrch of. Hevt-n articles, 1617; witli an iiitrmlociory 
letter by G. liaucruft.— Dreulllettea, i». Jouriml of Hn.embasiiy from Cana«la to the 
Tn ted Colonies of New Eiii<laiid, in I6M>; tr. by . I. <}. Shea; — Kc{>ort. — Quebec. Council. 
Letter aditres-te I to thi* CommixoioMers ol New E*<glaiici. [16-Mj. Appolniineni of Oodeiroy 
and Druilletes. — New Kuffland. CommitMianm qf the United Cotcnies. I^eitcr. — 
Answer to the pn>p<>aitioni< of Krt'tich auHiis — VlriTlnla. AMtrmUv. Proceedings, 1st 
Assembly. 1619; with introductory note, by G. Uancroft. 

4. Catalogue of books In the Lib ary. 

- Collections, 1868-69. 75-76. Publication fund Ber. [Vol. 1-2, 8-9.] N.Y., 

1868-n. 4 V. 8o. [3] 

1868. Clialniers, G. Political annals of tlie present T'nited Colonics to 1763 Boole 2. 
— Colden, C. Letters un Sfnitb's Hist«>ry of New York, I7^)(HiO. — Documents i elating 
to the sdministration of Jacob Leisler.— index. 

1869. Clarendon papers. — Tract* rekuing to New Fort: The destru tlon of Schenec- 
tadv; — Montaicne, J. Arguments olTer'd to the Lords Com in Iks loners for Trade and I'ian- 
tatKiii relatng ro ac^s of Asseinblv at New-York. 1701. — J/itxcW/aneotM document*: Colden, 
C. Letter on Smith's Hlaiorr, nd9; -Documents conccrniiig Pluwdeii's New Alb. on.— 
Gkundiner, J. L. Noteti and uhn rvatlons on the town of Eant Hampton ; — Notes and memo- 
randutns eoocerning Gardiner's Islaiui. — Copy of J. Farrett's grant to L. (tiirdlner.— 
Witchcraft in New York. — New York and the New Hampshire grants. — Index. 

1875. Pattlson, J. Ofticiai letteiti. — Letters to Gen. Luwia Morris. — Index. 

1876. Colden, C. Letter books. Vol. 1, 1760-09. 

New-York times. Index to the New-York times for 1866. N.Y., 1866. 8°. 

Xewarlc, NJ^. Board of Education, 23d annual report, 1879. Newark, 1880. 

8°. [3] 
Vewburyport, Mfus. City Council. A memorial of Caleb Cushing from the 

dty of Newbnryport. [Eulogy by G. B. Loring.] Newburyiwrt, 1879. 

1. 8°. Portrait. [3] 
Presentation of the statue of Washington to the city of Newbury port. 

Newburyport, 1879. I. 8°. 74, (1) p. Portrait and illiis. [3] 
Keweomb, Simon. The A B G of finance; or, The money and labor qiies> 

tions familiarly explained. N.Y., [1877]. 32<». [1] 

Newell, Joseph Keith. "Ours." Annals of 10th regiment, Massachusetts 

volunteers, in the rebellion. SpringHeld, 1875. 8°. 609 p. Portraits. [1] 

With manuscript additions by the author. 

Newhall, James Robinson. Lili: or. Jewels of the third plantation. [Anon.] 
2d ed., enlarged. Bost., 1880. 8^ Illus. [1] 

Newport, iV.fl^. ^See Wheeler, £. 

Newton, Mass. See Drake, S. A. History of Middlesex County. 

Newton Theological Institution. Annual and triennial catalogue, 1843-4. 
Best., 1813. 8°. [1] 

Nimmo, Joseph, Jr, Report on the internal commerce of the United States, 
1879. See United States. Bureau of Statistics. 

Noble, John. The Queen's taxes: an inquiry into the amount, incidence, and 
economic results, of the taxation of the United Kingdom, direct and in- 
direct. Lond., 1870. 8°. [1] 

Korby, K. De I'assistance publiqtie et des ^tablissements de charito et insti- 
tutiuns pieuses en Norv^^e. Rome, 1880. 1. 8^. [2] 




Norman conquest. Sec Freeman, E. A. 

Normans in Europe. See Johnson, A. H. 

Noriis, A. AVilson. Pennsylvauia state reports, 1877-79. See Pennsylvania. 
Supreme Court. Reports, v. 8i)-88. 

Norris, William Henry, Brown, George William, and Brune, Frederick 
William, Jr. Digest of Maryland reports: comprising Harris & McHenry, 
Harris & Johnson, Harris & Gill, Gill & Johnson, Bland's chancery re- 
ports. Bait., 1847. 2v. 8°. [1] 

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North Carolina. General Attsemhly, and resolutions, special session, 
1880. Raleigh, 1H80. 8°. [2] 

Public acts, 1715-1803. Revised and published by J. Iredell, and now 

revised by F. X. Martin. [With an appendix containing the acts, 1804-06] 
Newbern, 1804-[0r>]. 2 v. in 1. 49. [1] 

Public laws, 18f50-(51; lst-2d extra session, 1861; 1862-63; adjonrne*! ses- 
sion, 1862-63; called session, 18G3; adjourned session, 1863; adjourned ses- 
sion, 1864; regular session, 1864-65; adjourned session, 1863; Laws and 
resolutions, special session, 1868. Raleigh, 18(>l-68. In 6 v. 8°. [1] 

Appended to many of the volamea nrc the Comptroller's annual stntcmenta of pablie 

Private laws, 1860-61; lsr-2d extra session, 1861 ; 1862-63; adjourned ses- 
sion, 1862-63; called session, 1863; adjourned session, 1863; adjourned ses- 
sion, 18(i4; regular session. 1861-65; adjourned session, 1865; special session, 
1868; 1868-6!>; imj-10; 1870-71. Raleigh, 1861-7J. 8°. [1] 

— Geological and Natural Ilistorj/ Survey. Part 3. Botany, by M. A. Curtis. 

Raleigh, 1867. 8°. [3, Prof. W. C. Kerr, State Geolor/ist, N.C.] 

— Geological Survey. Report. Vol. 1. Physical geography, resume?, economi- 

cal geology. W. C. Kerr. 1875. Raleigh, 1875. 8°. Maps and plates. [3, 
W. C.KeiT.] 

"State Convention. Ordinances of the State Convention, [lst-4rh session, 
1861-62]. Raleigh, 1H63. 8°. [1] 

— Superintendent of Public Instruction. Annual report, 1879. Raleigh, 1880. 

8°. [2] 

— Supreme Court. North Carolina reports. Vol. 81-82. 1879-80. By T. S. 

Kenan. Vol. 6-7. Raleigh, 1879-80. 2 v. 8°. [2] 

Sec Devereux, T. P., and Battle, W. H. Reports of cases at law, v. 3- 

4; — Keports of cases in equity, v. 2; — Jones, H. C. Rei>orts, 1854-5:i, v. 
2; — Murphey, A. D. Reports, 1804-10, v. 1;-Phinip8, S. F. Reports, 
1866-68; — Tourgee, A. W. Digest of cited cases; — Winston, P. H. Re- 
port's, 1863-64, V. (iO. 

North Reading, Mass. See Dralce, S. A. History of Middlesex County. 

Northampton, Muss. See Bridgmnn, T. ; — Connecticut Valley. 

Northborougli, Northbridge, Mass. Sec Worcester County. 

Northfield, Ma.S8. See Connecticut Valley. 

Northfleld, Vt. .See Gregory, J. 

Northmen. See Farnum, A. 

Norjvay. ^ee Norby, K. 

Nourse, F. The relation of the volume of currency to prices. Read 
at the meeting of the Social Science Association, at Saratoga, Sept. 7. 1876 
n.p., [1876J. 16°. 8 p. [:i, Author] *,*-,. 

— The silver question. Papers read before the American Social Science As- 

sociation, at Saratoga, Sept. 5, 1877. By B. F. Nourse, and W. S. Jevons 

Bost., 1877. 8°. 32 p. [3, Author.] 
Nova Scotia. General Assembly. Law reluting to mines and minerals in 

Nova Scotia. Halifax, 1879. 8°. 46 p. [2] 
"" - ^«^;j«^':i«^^tuteH of Nova Scotia, 4th series. Prepared by A. J. White, H. 

^;7SvT7(^"40p'm- '^''^'^"' Comtnissioners. Halifax. 1873. go. 

1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 86 

Noy, William. Reports and cases taken in the time of Elizabeth, James, and 

Charles. [1551)-1(U9]. Lond., KJoU. f>. [1] 
Noyes, Samncl B. Oration. See Canton, Mass. 
Nuttall Ornithological Club. Bulletin. Vol. 1-4. Editor, J. A. Allen. 

Associate editors, S. F. Baird and E. Coues. Camb., 1876-79. 4 v. 8P. [1] 

Oakham, Mass, See Worcester County. 

Ober, Frcilc'L-iclc A. Camps in the Caribbees: the adventures of a naturalist 

in the lesser Antilles. Bost., 1880 [187U]. S"". Illiis. [I] 
OTallaglian, Jeremiah. Usury, funds, banks, e^c, repugnant to divine 

laws and <1estructive to civil society. Burlington, 1834. 12^. [1] 
Oddments of Andean diplomacy. See Helper, H. B. 
Odell, Andrew J. A descriptive catalogue of the library of Odell, comprising 

rare, curious, and standard books. Sold at auction. Mar. 15, 1880, and 

following days. [Vol. 2.] N.Y., 1880. 1. 8**. [3] 
Ohio. Adjutant-General, Annual report, 1878. Columbus, 1879. 8®. [2] 

— Auditor of State. Ann nal report, 1878. Columbus, 1879. 8®. [2] 

^ Commissioner of Railroads and Telegraphs. 12th annual report, 1878. Colum- 
bus, 1879. ^. [2] 

" Geiwal Assembly. Executive documents. Annual reports for 1878. Colum- 
bus, 1879. 2 V. 8°. [2] 

— General and local laws and joint resolutions, 63d General Assembly, ad- 
journed session, 1879. Vol. 76. Columbu.s, 1879. 8°. [2] 

— Journal of the House of Representatives, (»3d General Assembly, 1878; 
adjourned session, 1879. Vol. 74-75. Spriugtield, Columbus, 1878-79. 2 v. 
8°. [2] 

— Journal of the Senate, adjourned session, 63d General Assembly, 1879. 
Vol. 75. Columbus, 1879. 8®. [2] 

— Ohio school laws, passed by the 63d General Assembly, June 20, 1879. 
Ck>lumbu8, 1879. 8°. [2] 

Revised statutes and other acts of a general nature in force Jan. 1, 1880. 

£d. and annotated by M. A. Dougherty, J. S. Brasee, G. B. Okey. Colum- 
bus, 1879. 2 v. 1. 8°. [2] 

— Geolof/ical Survey, Report. Vol. 3. Geology and palaeontology. Part 1. 

Geology. Columbus, 1878. 8°. Maps and illus. [2] 
^Secretary of Slate. Annual report, including the statistical report, 1878. 
Columbus, 1879. 8<». [2] 

— State Board of A f/r {culture. 33d annual report, with an abstract of the pro- 

ceedings of the county agricultural societies, 1878. Columbus, 1879. 8^. 


.\pp<>ndixrfl contain the I2th nnnuRl rpport of tbo Stale Hortictiltaral Society, and the 8d 
animal report of tb« State Fisli Coiiiini»&>ioii. 

— Stale Commissioner of Common Sdiools, 26th annual report, 1879. Colum- 

bus, 1880. «^, [2] 

— 6late Fisli Commission. See State Board of Agriculture, 

— Slate Horticultural Society, See State Board of Atp^iculture. 

— Supreme Court. Reports of cases, [1877-78]. By E. L. De Witt, reporter. 

New series, v. 34. Cincin., 1879. 8®. [2] 

— Svpreme Court Commission. Reports of cases, [187G-78]. By E. L. De Witt, 

reporter. New series, v. 32-33. Cincin., 1879. 2 v. 8*». [2] 

-^Baldwin, C.C. 

Ohio River, ^'ee Bishop, N. H. 

Okey, George B. Revised statutes of Ohio, 1880. See Ohio. 

Old Colony Historical Society. Collections. Papers read before the Soci- 
ety, 1878. Taunton, 1879. 8°. [3] 

Old Colony Railroad Company. IGth annual report of the directors, 1879. 
Bost., 1879. 8°. [3] 




Oliver, Benjamin L. Forms of practice; or American precedents, in personal 
and real aotions, with annotations. 4tli ed., enlarged. Portland, 1874. 8^. 
xxxvi, 869p. [1] 

Olmstead, Charles H. Reminiscences of service with the first volunteer 
regiment of Georgia, Charleston harbor, in 1863. Address before the 
Georgia Historical Society, Mar. 3, 1879. Savannah, 1879. 8°. 15 p. [3] 

Ontario. Court of Queen^s Bench. Reporta of cases, [1878-79]. By S. J. Van- 
koughnet. C. Robinson, editor. Vol. 44. Toronto, 1880. S^. [2] 

— Ler/islature. Journals of the Legislative Assembly, 4th session, 3d Legisla- 

ture, 1879; 1st session, 4th Legislature, 1880. [Toronto, 1879-80.] 2 v. 8^ 


Sessional papers. Vol. 11-12. 4th session, 3cl Legislature — Ist session, 

4th Legislature, 1879-80. Toronto, 1879-80. 10 v. 8«>. [2] 

Vol. 11. 1879, part 1-7. 1«. 1880, part 1-4. 

Statutes, Ist session, 4th Legislature, 1880. Toronto, 1880. 8°. [3] 

— Minister of Education. Annual report on the public, separate, high, normal 

and model schools of the province, 1878. Toronto, 1880. 8®. [2] 

— Provincial Secretary. Report on the workieg of the tavern and shop licenses 

acts, 1879. Toronto, 1880. 8*='. 67 p. [2] 
Oppert, Ernest. A forbidden land : voyages to the Corea. With an account 

of its geography, history, productions, etc. With charts and illus. N.Y., 

1880. 8° [1] 
Orange, Mass. See Connecticut Valley. 
Oregon, fjef/islative Assembly. General [and special] laws, [joint resolutions 

and memorials], 5th regular session, 18(>8. Salem, 1868. 8^. [2] 
The Special laws and Juiiit resolutions have separate title-pages. 

Special laws, 6th regular session, 1854. Corvallis, 1855. 8°. 

Oregon State Medical Society. Proceedings, 6th-7th annual meeting, 1879- 

80. C. C. Strong, secretary. Vol. 0-7. Portland, 1879-80. 2 v. 8<*. [3] 
Osgood, Samuel. Address. See Fairfield, Conn. 
Oswego. Board of Education. [25th-26th] annual reports, 1878-9. Oswego, 

1879. 8°. [3] 
Otto, William T. United States reports. Supreme Court. Vol. 98-100. Cases 

in the Supreme Court, 1878-80. Vol. 8-10. Bost., 1879-80. 3 v. 8**. [1] 
Our dumb animals Vol. 10-12. [Bost., 1877-80.] 3 v. in 1. 4°. [3] 
Overruled cases. See Bigelow, M. M. 
Oxford, Mass. See Daniels, G. F. ; — Worcester County. 
Owen, Thomas. Reports, wherein are many choice cases, [1556-1615]. Ltond., 

1666. f°. [1] 

Pacific coast pilot. See United States. Coast Sttrvey. 
Page, Sherman. See Minnesota. Ijegislature. 

Pagot^John. Judicial puzzles. Gathered from the state trials. San Fran- 
cisco, 1876. 16°. (I^gal recreations, v. 3.) [1] 


Elizabeth Canning.— The Cnmpdcn wonder: trial of the Perrys for the murder of H*rrl- 
lu — Tlie AuncBley case. — Eliza Feiming.— Spencer Cowpei's ca«e. 


Paine, Henry D. Paine family records. Vol. 1, N.Y., 1880. 8®. [3, A\iOwr.'\ 

Paine family. See Paine, H. D. 

Paleontology. See New York, State, Geological Survey. 

Palgrave, Reginald F. D. The House of Commons. Illustrations of its his- 
tory and practice. New and revised ed. Loud., 1878. 16®. [1] 

Palgrave, William Gififord. Dutch Guiana. With plan and map. Lond., 
1870. 8<^. [1] 



Falmery Sir Gefrey or Geoffrey. Les reports de Sir G. Palmer, [iu the Court 

of Kin^a Bench, 16i&-28]. Lond., 1678. P. (4), 567, (44) p. Portrait. [1] 
Palmer^ Mass. See Ck>Bnectlcat Valley. 
PandOy Jos^ Maria de. EiemeDtos del derecho internacional. 2a ed. 

Madrid, 1852. 1. 8<>. xiv, (2), 700 p. [1] 
Paper money. See Derby, B. H. ; — Mann, C. A. ; — Mill, J. S. ; — Potter, 

E. B., mid Rider, 8. S. ; — Richardson, H. W. ; — Royall, W. L. 
Paris. Dir^'iion de r Administration G^nirale. Bulletin de statlstique muni- 

cipale, mai-sept., [1879]. Paris, [1879], 4?. [2] 
— Exposition Universelle, 1878. Catalogue du Miniature de I'lnatrnction 

Pablique dea caltea et des beaux-arts. Paris, 1878. 3 v. in 5. \&^. [3] 


Vol. 1. C» Alofrae de la Kiblloth^'ie du C'orp^ Eniteltrnant. 

S. Fa<>c.l. Th^cM.— Publieaiiuiuidu .MiiilMtdre. — SoitRcrlptiotts. — Bibllotb^qaescoUIre. 
— Archives et blbtiuth^uea. Fate. 'i. Missluiuiet voyaso«sclenttflqaes. — Expusltlon Ih^ft- 

8. Ka«c. 1. EnselgnementBaptfriour. — Ka«c. 2. ' Eiueigncment prlmaire. 

Section beige. Catalogue officiel des oeiivrea d'art, des produits de I'indua- 

trie et de I'agrlculture. 2e dd. Bruxelles, [1878]. 1H<». [3] 
Park, Edwarda Amasa. Memorial of Samuel C. Jackson, D.D. Andover, 

1878. 8». 32 p. [3] 

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1880-] 120. 26, (32) p. [3, Author.] 
Parker, Francis J. Story of tlie 32d regiment Massachusetts infantry. Boat., 

1880. 8o. [1] 
Parker, John L. See Stoneham, Wakefield and Reading directory ;—Wo- 

burn directory. ' 

Parkntan, Francis. France and England in North America. Part 3. Bost., 

1879. 8°. Maps. [1] 

Part 3. La Salle and the diteovtry of the great West, llth od., with addUlona 

Parliamentary government in the British colonies. See Todd, A. 
Parsons, Anson V. Select cases in equity and at law in the Court of Common 

Pleas of the first judicial district of Pennsylvania, 1842-^1. Vol. 2. Phila., 

1851. 8*. [1] 
Paschal, George Washington. A digest of decisions of the Supreme Courts 

of Texas and of the United Sr^ites upon Texas law, of force and repealed. 

N.Y., Wash., Hou.ston, 1872-75. 3 v. I. 8°. [1] 

— Digest of the laws of Texas, 1754-1874. See Texas. 
Patan^onla. See Coan, Titus. 

Patents. See Preble, W. P., Jr, 

Patterson, Robert Hogarth. The economy of capital; or, Gold and trade. 
Amended ed. Edin., 1865. sm. 8^ [1] 

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vols. 50-67, of the reports of the Supreme Court and the first four vols, of 
the St. Louis Court of Appeals. [Vol. 3.] St. Louis, 1K79. I. 8''. [1] 

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ters.) [1] 

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Court of Appeals of Virginia, 1856-67. Vol. 2. Richuiond, 1867. 8°. [1] 

Paxton, Mass. Centenary meuiorial of Paxton; including a historical ad- 
dress, by G. W. Livermore, oration by J. F. Bigelow, poem by G. G. 
Phippe, etc., June 14, 1865. Worcester, 1868. %^, 78 p. [1] 

— See Worcester County. 

Payne, Joseph. The scrience and art of education, and Principles of the sci- 
ence of education. N.Y., 1876. 12<». 24, (G) p. [3] 

Peabody Education Fund. Memorial of the trustees, with the report on 
the education of the colored population of the Southern States, 10 Feb., 
1880. Caiub., 1880. ^, 34 p. [3, Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, Boston.] 





Peabody Education Fund, coviinvcd. 

— Proceedings of the trustees, annual meeting, Oct., 1879; 18th meeting, Feb., 

1880, with the report and memorial on the education of the colored popula- 
tion of the Southern States. Carab., 1879-80. 8®. [3, Hon. Robert C. Wiiv- 

Pearson, John J. Decisions. See Pearson, W. 

Pearson, William. Decisions of the Hon. J. J. Pearson, Judge of the 12th 
judicial district [of Pennsylvania], composed of the Counties of Dauphin 
and Lebanon. Vol. 1. 1850-68. Phila., 1870. 8°. 11] 

Peerage of Great Britain. See Burke, Sir (J.) B. 

Pelhann, 3f««». See Connecticut Valley. 

Pemberton, Ebenezer. [Election sermon, 1710.] n.t.p. Bost., [1727]. 8°. 
(61) p. [1] 

Pennsylvania. Board of Commissionerg of Public Charities. 8th annual 
report, 1878. Harrisburg, 1878. 8°. [3] 

— Court of Common Pleas. Sec Parsons, A. V. Select cases, 1842-51, v. 2. 

— Dislnct Court. See Pearson, W. Decisions, v. 1 , 1850-68. 

— General Assembly. Abridgment of the laws of Pennsylvania, 1700-1811. 

With references to reports of judicial decisions in the Supreme Court of 

Pennsylvania. By J. Purdon, Jnn. Phila., 1811. 8°. xxxi, 037 p. [1] 
Governor's message and reports of the heads of departments, 1878-79. 

Harrisburg, 1879. 2 v. 8°. [2] 

Journal of the House of Representatives, 1879. Harrisburg, 1879. 8°. [2] 

Journal of the Senate, 1879. Harrisburg, 1879. 8°. [2] 

Laws. 1879. Harrisburg, 1879. 8°. [2] 

Legislative documents. 1879. Harrisburg, 1879. 5 v. 8°. [2] 

List of state and <;ounty officers, 1880. Harrisburg, 1880. 16®. 80 p. [3] 

Smull's legislative hand book. Rules and decisions of the General 

Assembly, [1879]. Harrisburg, 1879. 16°. [2] 
See Roberts, S. Digest of select British statutes in force in Pennsylvania. 

— State Qeolofjist. 3d annual report on the geological survey of Pennsylvania. 

By H. D. Rogers. Harrisburg, 1839. 8°. [3, Rev. Richard Eddy, Medford ] 

— Superintendent of Public lnsti*uction. Report, 1878. Harrisburg, 1878. 8°. 


— Supreme Court. Pennsylvania state reports. Vol. 86-88. By A. W. Norris, 

state reporter. Vol. 5-7. 1877-79. Phila.. 1879-80. 3 v. 8<». [2] 

See Grant, B. Reports, [1852-63]; — Raw! e, W. Reports, [1835], v. 5. 

Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. Annual report, 

1877-79. Phila , 1878-79. 8°. [3] 
Pennsylvania law journal reports. See Clark, J. A. 
Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography. Vol. 3. Phila., 1879. 8**. 

Portraits. [1] 
Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble-Minded Children. 26th- 

27th annual report. West Chester, 1878-79. 8°. [3] 

— Circular of information relating to the School. West Chester, 1879. 8®. 

35 p. [3] 

Penobscot County, 3fe. See Sherman, W. A. 

Pepperell, 3fass. See Drake, S. A. History of Middlesex County. 

Percy, Townsend. Appletons' dictionary of New York and vicinity. 1879. 
N.Y., [1879]. 12°. [1] 

Perkins Institution and 3Iassacliu setts School for the Blind. 48th 
annual report of the trustees, 1879. Bost., 1880. 8*^. (2 cop.) [3] 

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traits. [1] 

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[1878]. 8°. xiv, 607p. [1] 

— Introduction to political economy. N.Y., [1877]. sm. 8. [1] 

1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. 89 

Personal property. See Ames, J. H. 

Peru. Leyes, decretos, etc. See AlbertlDl, L. E. 

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Pharmacy. See American Pharmaceutical Association;— Philadel- 
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«^. [11 

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Con tents. 

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Cowin.— Ilrltflit.— Loril l)«'rb> . — sir Williaiii lliircouri — Edwanl .Iciikiii.t. —Mr. Croi**. 

'4, TlunTia.H Unit. — l>«irii HHrlliiKlon. — Sir U«.beri I'ot-l. — Mr. Chaiubrrlain.— .Mr. Roo- 
buL'k.— Mr. Fawcft. — Sir Staflord .N'ortlicoU'.— "* l'iim;Ii." — I'riiici- lioriMclmkofr. -- Sir 
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(Mr. Braiul). 

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2. Pttrnuin. A. Visits or the Nonltmen to IIMihIo Island. 

3. Bartlett, .1. R. IIiMiory nfthc Wsmtoii tainlly of .Ni\v|)ort, K.I. 

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all the Briii^ii norUuTn colonies.— Philolethea. /'«^u<i short n-piv ii» Ihipkins'it \iudica- 
tlun. anil falfte rvllectionit tiu'aiiiMt the Governor aiici C'tniiK)! of Kiiod«--lslnnd. 1 ^V^. 

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Vol. 2 has the title " Ap^ndice r1 derecho Intcmaciniial de Espaiia, que contlene los trata- 
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It, The I'oti-Offlce Department and postal service. 

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United States, continued. 

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The 1st AnnuHl report embraces Nebnuka; the 2d, WyomfiiK; th** Sd. Colorado and New 
Mexico: the 4ih. Wyoming und portions of contitruous territories; the ftth. Montana and por> 
tiona of adjiiceni territories; the6ih. portions of Montana. Idaho, WyominK. And Utah; th« 
IQtli, Colorado and pariit or adjacent terrlturles; the 11th, Idaho and Wyomltig. 

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connection with thu Uowgate Poinr felxpedition, lt)77-78. 

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See Rice, D. H., and L. C. Digest of decisions, 1869-80; — SimondSy W. 

E. Digest of decisions, 1869-79. 

1880.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. 107 

United States, continved, 

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national cemetery. [No. 4-6], 11, 12, 19, 21, 23, 26. Wash., 1860-70. 9 y. 


Ko. 4. Nam^ ofsoldlert bnrlfd In the national cemetery at Alexandria. 

5. FtirtrcM Monroe and Hampton. Va. 

6. EaAtirrii district of T«.\Aa: Central dlairlct of Texas; Bio Grande district; Camp Ford; 
Corpas Chri«tl. 

1 1. CbHitjinooga, Stone'a Rlrer, and KnoxYlile, Tenn. 

IS. New York. New Jersey, ppiin^ylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Towa, 
Arkansas, Texas, ttah. and on the PHciric coa»t. 

19. Baltimore, Md.; Petersburg, Va.; New heme. N.C.; Florence, 9. C. (additional); 
Baton Roojce. La.: Fort Ht. Philip, La.; Jeffer-on City, Mo.; and rarlous p'ista In Minnesota 
and New Mexico, and Arizona, Colorado, Dakota, Iiidlau, Mouuna, Utah and Washington 

81. Memphis, Tenn., and Chalmette, La. 

23. Marietta and Atlanta, Ga.; Fort Donelson, Tenn.; Chattanooga, Mnrft>ecsboTo' and 
KnoxWlle (additional to no. II). 

Sff. FrederiiHisburg, Va.; MoMle. Ala.; and Fort Gibson. Indian Territory; and names 
not heretofore published of union soldiers interred at Hampton, Va. ; Barrancaa, Florida; and 
Alexanilria, La. 

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F. ; — Carey, H. C. ; — Derby, E. H. ; — Earle, A. L. ; — Lorlng, G. B. ; — 
Mann, C. A. ;— New York, City, Mass Meeting of Citizens In Cooper 
Institute ; — Sterne, S. 

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E. ; -* liamphere, G. N. ; — Ust, F. ; — McPherson, E. ; — Townsend, C. 

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'^"{War with Mexico.)^ See Hudson, C.;— New York, City, Common 

^'' {Civil war.) See Atkinson, E.;~ Bailey, G. W. ; — Bartlett, J. R.; — 

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H. ; — Hood, J. B. ; — Moore, F. ; — Olmstead, C. H. ; — Rhode Island 

Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society. 
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people on behalf of the sick and wounded.] n.t.p. [N. Y., 1862.] 8^. 8 p. 
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Plates. [3] 


Vol. 1, part 1. Morse, £. S. Shell moands of Omori. 

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fiscal year ending S^pt. 30, 1879. Madison, 1879. 8^. [3] 




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The committee on compilation were A. O. Smoot, S. S. Smith, and R. T. nurton. 

Resolutions, acts and memorials, 5th annual session, 1855-[56] ; Acts and 

resolutions, 6th annual session, 1856-7; Acts, resolutions and memorials, 
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16°and8<^. [1] 

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— See United States. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, 
Utilitarianism. iSeeMiU,J. S. 

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in the reign of Charles ii., [and] in the Common Pleas in the reigns of 

Charles ii., James ii., and William and Mary, [1668-91]. Lond., 1696. f?» 

Portrait. [1] 
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93-95, 1800-03, 05, 07, 09-10, 12-13, 15-16, 18-24, 26-28, 30, 32-35. Windsor, 

Rutland, etc., 1784-1835. 33 v. 4** and 8<^. [1] 

The Joumal for 178ft is imperfect. 


Journal of the House of Representatives, 1836-44. Middlebnry, Mont- 

pelier, 1836-45. 9 v. 8**. [1] 
Journal of the Senate, 1836-43, 55. Montpelier, 1836-55. 9 v. 8®. [1] 

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— See Carpenter, W. H., and Arthur, T. S.;— Williams, S. 
Vermont register. See Walton's Vermont register. 

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Chancery, in the time of Lord Chancellor Eldon, 1812-14. 2d ed., with 
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Village politics. See Stubbs, C. W. 

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Tr. by 8. M. Day. With an introiluction by H. N. Day. New Haven, 
1874. 12*>. [1] 



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of Virginia.- With the titles of such as are expired, or repealed. [With 

the acts of 1752.] Williamsburg, 1752. f>. [1] 
» - Collection of all such acts of a public and permanent nature, as are now 

in force. Prefixed, the declaration of rights, and constitution. Richmond, 

1794. f>. [1] 
Acts, 1846-47; Acts and joint resolutions, 1878-79, 79-^. Kichmond, 1847- 

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80]. 2 V. 8o. [2] 
Journal of the Senate, [and documents]. 1879. Richmond, 1878 [1879]. 8**. 


— Special Court of Appeals. See Patton, J. M., Jr., and Heath, R. B. Be- 

porto. 1806-57, T. 2. 
^ Svperintendent of Public Instruction. Virginia school report, 1879. 9th an- 
nual report of the superintendent, 1879. Richmond, 1879. 8^. [2] 

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1878-80; — Patton, J. M., Jr., and Heath, R. B. General index to Grat- 

tan's reports ; — Royall, W. L. Digest of decisions ; -^ Tate, B. Index of 

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Kxecutlve patronaxe and removals from office, Worcester, 12lh Oet.. 1832. — Executive usurp- 
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proiei't, .*<ei ate, U.S., 7th May, 1S14. — Appointing and reroovli>>r power. Senate, U.S.. Utb 
Feb., IK.15 — I^oss of the fortirtcHtlon bill in IMS, Senate, i'.S.. 14th Jan.. 1836. — Reueption at 
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Dec, 1843.— Tlie Christian ministry and the reUgioua instructioift 9t the young. Supreme 



Coort, WiMhlngton, tOth Feb.. 1B44, In tbe a*nird wlU case.— Mr. Jantloe Btonr.— Bbode 
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ContentM. « 

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S. Tel qa'll devrait exister. 

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• * 



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[Oct. '80. 


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Foxborougli, Mass. [View of] Foxborongh. Drawn and published by O. 
H. Bailey and J. C. Hazen. Bost., 1879. [1] 

Franklin, Mass. View of Franklin. Drawn and published by O. H. Bailey 
and J. C. Hazen. Bost., 1879. [1] 

Hampton, Va. Gray's new map of Hampton. 1878. [3] 

Lynn, Mass. [View of] the manufacturing center of Lynn. Drawn and pub- 
lished by O. H. Bailey and J. C. Hazen. Bost., 1879. [1] 

Maynard, ^/ass. [View of] Maynard. Drawn and published by O. H. Bailey 
and J. C. Hazen. Bost., 1879. [1] 

Mlllbury, Mass. [View of] Millbury. [Drawn and published by O. H. Bai- 
ley and J. C. Hazen] Bost., 1880. [1] 

New Mexico. Territory of New Mexico. Compiled from the official records 
of the General Land Office and other sources by C. Roeser. N.Y., 1879. 


New York and New^ Kngland R.R. Map of the Company's lines and 
New England connections. Bost., 1879. [3] 

North Attieborough, Mass. [View of] North Attleborough. Drawn and 
publislied by O. H. Bailey and J. C. Hazen. Bost., 1878. [1] 

North Brookfield, Mass. [View of] North Brf)okfield. Drawn and published 
by O. H. Bailey and J. C. Hazen. Bost., 1878. [1] 

Spencer, Mass. [View of] Spencer. Drawn and published by O. H. Bailey 
and J. C. Hazen. Bost., 1877. [1] 

Stoneham, Mass. View of Stoncham. Drawn andjpublished by O. H. Bai- 
ley and J. C. Hazen. Bost., 1878. [1] 


■ » 

K.^ ' ■ - ' ^ ■ — - ?.>T. 



or TBI 







■ ♦• 

BanH^ i)mg, ic €o*» Printerd to t!)e CommontDealtb* 

117 Fb^v^'klin Street. 


I , 

' I 


I -t. 

I 1 



m SEPTEMBER SO, 1881, 




u, PitiUcii to ttie Cwitinontoriltt^ 


^x, ?c^. 1^, 

• _ •"» 



JOHN G. HOPES Boston. 




JOSEPH H. ROOT, Montagus, 

Of tht Senate. 

EDWARD L THOMAS, Bbooklins, 
GHARLES F. SWIFT, Yabmouth, 
SAMUEL HOAR, Gonoobd, 
JOHN W. P. BUGK, Glabxsbubg, 

Of the Bouse. 


C. R. JA GKSO N . . 

Ltbraman ex officio. 
Acting Librabian. 



(ConttnontDeoltl) of illa00a(t)U0ett0. 


To Ike Honorable Legislature of Massachusetts, 

The librarian of the State Library, in accordance with 
sect 8 of chap. 5 of the General Statutes, submits the fol- 
lowing report for the year ending Sept. 80, 1881 : — 


Number of Volumes added to the Library from Oct, 1, 1880, to Sept. 80, 


By purchase 988 

domestic exchanges 484 

foieign exchanges 85 

donation 663 

officers of goyemment 148 



Bypoichase 281 

domestic exchanges 882 

foreign exchanges 17 

donation 1,919 

officers of goremment 103 


Maps 70 



S i 

tm II sssiiui 



5 £.b 9-'§ 


I ill 





By the foregoing account, which embraces the library year 
from Oct. 1, 1880, to Sept. 30, 1881, inclusive, it will be seen 
that the receipts and expenditures may be aggregated as 
follows : — 


Drawn from appropriations for 1880 $435 25 

Drawn from appropriations for 1881 3,654 07 

t4,089 32 


Books, pamphlets, and maps $2,366 35 

Binding 461 62 

Periodicals 168 70 

Ezpressage 80 62 

Stationery 104 55 

Printing . 62 07 

Indexing resolves 440 00 

Incidentals 26 76 

Messenger service 303 65 

Electric lighthig and bell ' 75 00 

$4,089 82 

There remained in the treasury Sept. 30, 1881, an unex- 
pended balance of the several appropriations made on account 
of the library of $445.93. 

Growth op the Libeary. 

The following table of comparisons will show at a glance 
the annual additions that have been made to the library 
during the past ten years, and the general classification of 
sources from which they were received. 

1 ^ 


• » • = ■s I 
I 1 5, 1 S S 




Change of Trustees. 

DuriDg the year an entire change has taken place in the 
Board of Trustees. Mr. E. P. Whipple declined a re-ap- 
pointment, he having been a member of the Board since 
Sept. 10, 1868. The Hon. George O. Shattuck and the Rev. 
J. M. Manning were re-appointed, but absence in Europe 
prevented their acceptance. They had been members of the 
Board since Nov. 22, 1865. To each of the retiring mem- 
bers the Commonwealth is indebted for valuable and unrec- 
ompensed service. 

John C. Ropes, Esq., succeeds Mr. Shattuck ; Arthur 
Lincoln, Esq., is the successor of Dr. Manning ; and Edward 
Everett Hale, D.D., succeeds Mr. Whipple. 

Session Laws and English Reports. 

The special appropriation has afforded the means for the 
addition of many scarce and valuable volumes which have 
been long needed to perfect our sets of laws and reports. 

Additions have been made during the year to the early 
session laws of Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, 
Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New 
Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, 
South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia. Especial attention 
has been paid to the search for these laws, for the reason 
that the State Library contains the only collection in this 
State, — by far the best collection in New England, and, 
with possibly one or two exceptions, the best in the country. 
The session laws of the Territory of New Mexico are among 
the rarest in the country. Chief Justice Prince having stated, 
in the preface to a recent compilation, that " there is prob- 
ably no civilized community in the world, governed by 
written statutes, where it was so impossible to obtain pos- 
session of a copy of the law." Eight years ago the Terri- 
torial Legislature memoralized Congress that they were unable 
to obtain a copy for use during its session ; and in 1880 
neither the Governor, Legislature, Chief Justice, United 
States Attorney, or any territorial oflBcial, except the Secre- 
tary, was in possession of the laws they were expected to 
adtninister. During the year the State Library has been 

1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT— No. 8. 11 

fortuoate enough to secure all but three sessions of these 
scarce laws. 

Over fifty volumes of English law-reports, needed to com- 
plete our series, have been added to the shelves during the 
year. Through the effort of Mr. Charles C. Soule, during 
a visit to London the past summer, the volumes needed to 
complete our set of the House of Lords Repoits have been 
secured, but they did not reach the library in season to 
appear upon the catalogue of additions in this report. The 
House of Lords being the supreme court of appeal, the high- 
est judicial tribunal in the realm, it was thought important 
that it should be the first series completed. Time and gen- 
erous provision by the Legislature will be needed to make 
the sets of English reports in the library perfect. 

The Annual Appropriation. 

The annual appropriation for the purchase of books for 

^ke library, and for keeping them in proper repair, was fixed, 

^ 1857, — nearly a quarter of a century ago, — at $2,300. 

*he great increase of publications in all departments of lit- 

®^^tuje unquestionably demonstrates that an amount which 

^^y liave been considered sufficient for the current needs of 

the lilrary twenty-five years ago, is entirely too meagre and 

"^adequate for the same purpose to-day. An addition of 

vUOOO to the annual appropriation would meet pressing 

^f^^s, and enable the library to take advantage of opportu- 

mtx^s that may offer to supply deficiencies without the neces- 

^^^y of asking for special appropriations. 


Tlxe library has been enriched by the gift of a large num- 

*^^ of valuable pamphlets and volumes relating to genealogy, 

^^^^1 history, and other topics of interest. It is very desir- 

. \^ that the library should contain the contributions of the 

^^ti^^jjg of Massachusetts to the discussion of public affairs, 

^'^ th© local annals of their families and homes; and all con- 

^^Utions of this character are gladly received and carefully 

P^served. Among the additions by gift and exchange will 

found a large number of titles that have been contrib- 

^^d by historical societies and individuals from different 



[Oct. '81, 


i M. ' 

^'" ;^ 

.ri :.t| 

States, most of which are of permanent value. Individual 
acknowledgment has in all cases been made to the donors, 
and their names will appear upon the record of additions. 
" The Boston Daily Journal," " The Boston Daily and Sun- 
day Herald," " The Woburn Journal," and " The Charles- 
town News " have been regularly supplied to the library 
during the year by the publishers ; and the bound volumes 
will be added to our files. A valuable collection, extending 
through several years of " The Massachusetts Weekly Spy," 
has been given to the library by the Rev. Lucius R. ^aige, 
D.D., of Cambridge. The Hon. George F. Hoar has been 
of great assistance to the library in keeping it supplied with 
the publications of the general government, and favors simi- 
lar in character have been received from Hon. H. L. Dawes 
and Hon. Leopold Morse. 

The full catalogue of additions for the year is appended in 
a form that will be found of use as a catalogue, and at the 
same time show the sources from which the additions have 
been made. 

Respectfully submitted. 



Stats Librabt, Oct. 14, 1881. 







f . t I I 

f ' 1 ■ »; 



1 •■,;f, i, 





-^te.^The figarM In braoketo at tbe end of the titles Indicate the lourcee from which the 
iHwka were received, thoa, [1], received by purchase; [2], by exchange; [8], by donation 
(aamet of Indiridnal donore being added) ; [4], fh>m officers of government. 

Abbott, AiiHtin. New caaes selected chiefly from decisions of the courts of 
the state of New York, [1879-80]. Vol. 8. N.Y., 1881. 8°. [1] 

Abbott, Benjamin Vaughan. The year book of jurisprudence for 1880. 
Boet., 1880. 8°. [1] 

A compend of the most recent statutoa, leading cases, and general information upon the 
progress of tbe Isv. 

Abbott, Josiah G. Argument on the petition of C. P. Talbot and others 
praying for the repeal of tbe act of 1860 for the removal of the dam across 
Concord Kiver, at Billerica, March 13, 1862. Host., 18G2. SP, 60 p. [3, 

^^^ Simon G. A record of births, marriages and deaths in Worcester, 
Abi^*' ^ct. 21, 1813- June 18, 1858. Montpelier, 1858. !&", 31 p. [1] 

^^^it, Mass. Celebration of the 150th anniversary of the incorporation 
^->4^Jngton, June 10, 1862; including the oration [by E. P. Dyer], poem 

V ^^ '^^ ^' ^*^^1' *^^- ^»*-» 1882. ^. [1] 

%0^'^^>36n's annual report of the receipts and expenditures, etc., March, 
^^^^— ^^^eb. 1868, 1858/9. Bost., 1846-59. 8«. [2] 

,. '^'VSi.^^Port for 1845/46 was the first printed; that for 18SA/A6 contains the taxable ralaa- 
\^ tiietown. 

^^■*» -^*<iM. 26th annual report of the school committee, 1861-62. Also, the 
^^**^*"^ of the town clerk, and selectmen's report for the year ending Feb. 

K«F»o^*^ Qf the superintendent of the poor farm of the town, April 7, 1858- 
N- V t*^^"*^ 1, 1869. n.p., 1859. Broadside. [3, O. E, Litil^field, Boston,] 
^ iifT^^^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^ personal estates in Acton, 1872, 75. Bost., Acton, 
^^--■J^fi. 8«. [3, TTm. D, TvtUe, Acton.] 

AdJ^T*^^^' '^•^' See Merrill, J. L. 

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^^*^^1 Union, 7 July, 1875. Camb., 1876. 8°. 30 p. [3, AuVior.] 
^ Tr»^^^'®** before the members of the schools, and the citizens of Quincy, 

jr^^^^ •«, 1866. Boat., 1866. 8°. 36 p. [3, Author.] 
*^ ^'^XTiggleforneutrallty in America: address before the New York His- 

^^C!t^^l Society, Dec. 13, 1870. N.Y., 1871. 8°. 62 p. [3, Author.] 
^i^^^^ Oharles Francis. Jr. The new departure in the common schools of 
^^^^^C2y, and other papers on educational topics. 6th ed., with additional 
^P^^. Bost., 1881. 8o. 74 p. [3, Author.] 


^3^^ pablic library and tbs public schools. — Fiction in public librarlps, and educational 
ttj-z^^^niei. — The new departure in the common schools of Quincy. — The development of 
*^ ■■Tsikerlntendency. 






Adams, Charles Francis, «7r., continued. 

— State scliool sapervision. Argument in favor of the " ten district ** bill, 

before the legislative committee on edacation, Mar. 2, 1881. Bost.» 1881. 
8°. 14 p. [3, Author.] 
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anniversary of the formation of the First Congregational Church in Tem- 
pleton. With a survey of the municipal affairs of the town. Bost., 1857. 

80. [2] 

Adams, Herbert Baxter. History of the Thomas Adams and Thomas Has- 
tings families of Amherst, Mass. Amherst, 1880. 16°. 66 p. [3, Author.] 

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Adams family. See Adams, H. B. 

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town meeting, March 8, 1858. [North Adams, 1858.] 8°. 8 p. [3] 

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Providence, 1880. sm. 4^ 38 p. ^ Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors 
Hist. See. Personal narratives, no. 5, 2d ser.) 

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1851. Bost., 1851.] 8^ (Pm., v. 118.) [I] 

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row, J. L. 

Agriculture. See Gaird, J. ; — Flint, C. L ; — Illinois ; — Indiana; — 
Iowa ; — Lawes, J. B. ; — Maine ; — Massachusetts ; — Michigan ; — 
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The Journal for 1873 contains the Journal of the " Capitol '* Iloune of Rcpre»entatives, 1872. 

Journal of the Senate, 1871/2, 73, 74/5-76/7, 78/9. Montgomery, 1872-79. 

6 V. 8*'. [2] 

Tho Journal of 1873 contains the Journal of the ** Capitol " Senate, 1873. 

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1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. 17 

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the harbor of Boston 'Hitnate<l on the eastern foreshore of East Boston, 
called East Haven, tcr meet the requirements of ocean commerce. Bost., 
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Written for him by John Neal and Mr. Watklns. 

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The '' Proceedings " for 1877 aud 1878 are of the 2d cdlUon. 

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Contains amongst others, papers on the Sunday laws, by H. E. Toung, and on Extradition 
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Coti tents. 

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Isry to the public •chooU^Cushins. T. Private school*. - Shears, B. Kllly yeari of 
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!. i1 1 1 ♦ ' ; 




i : 

: 1 ;:; 


:f .-'- ill I 

I'l i' '■' 

Vi ill 

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y of Arkansas. 

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8». [2] 

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, with the expenses of the town, 18S7/8; Valuation and 

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I, on the constitutional amendment for the abolition of 

J. 8». 22 p. [3] 

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. im, Botton.] 




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Vol. 1 is oCohe 3d edition. 

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Woolsey, c 

si work in France. Ad Introduction of the de|i 

a of Prance to tbe Americaa chiucbes. N.Y., [1890]. !&*. 


he law.breaken. Spe«cti, Horirlch, AUK- 11, I8T9, the Aaj 

lu d«llance of tha taw of Connecticut aecuring a weekly day 

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T. Tbe ballot, ilaiiKera from Iti pervenlon. Aa appeal and 

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'., 1881. 2y. 8". Maps. [1] 

■.rzoffliche* JiittizminiUertum. Uebanlcht der biirgerllcheii 
im Oroa»ber»>gthuni Baden, 1379, Karlsruhe, 1S80. 4°. [a] 
erStratreobttpfl^^lmOrossberzogthnm Baden, 18T0. Eaxla- 
■ [a] 

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I. [1] 

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iDcL See Palgrave, R. H. I.;— Torrens, R. 




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bell, It A. wealth of AlU^mri. - Harr'ia, >V T. Education In Misaourl.— Xbe 
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W. Jenkins, Barre, etc.] 

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Rhode Island. Otmerol Auembly, 




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Content ». 

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Bell, Charles Henry, continued, 

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3. Pleading— Tear. 

8. Exceptions — Plaj. 

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[3, Author.] 




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Tlie»N«ltco|iipl,.^tP: the'irtlo41h mjorti (hr April. Sept. ■nrtOcl.lSTSj^.nd the eth far 


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:., 1H02. BtoHdBlde. [2] 

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e] committee [on] the expediency of revising the by-lawn, 
: regard to the course of studies pursued In tbe Bchools. 




Boston, Mas8,t continued. 

tlon of the whale, bnlnnoptora majtculas, In the poiwpssion of the Society. —Scuddcrj 
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land " — Morse, E. s. Embrvology oiterehratulliia. — L»wrence, (J. N. lilnlsiif «* extern 
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8®. 31) p. [3] 

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Wash., 1861). 8°. 16 p. [3] 

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In^eTioU. Menocial [of Nathaniel Bowdltch]. Boat., 1865. 

It. {;l, AhIIioi:] 

a Aiiierii-n: centennial dismnrae brtore the International 

BM, Pliilnilulpliia, Sept., 18T6. With eirrBots fn>m corre- 

I tlie variuns stntea, {ikn<l] a -liKe^^t ot American sanltaTy law, 

ring. Bo9l„ 18TT. 8". [:t, Author.] 

alel. £ec Bowdltch, H. I. 

GleaniDR9 from a literary life, 183B-8(>, N.T., 1880. tP. [I] 

ZadoL'k. Speech in the House ol Representativei, Hay 10, 
V!V. tfi. 14 p. [3] 

inen^hant ahlppltif; lairs: belnit a consol illation ot all the 
lin;; anil pa<»eii|c<-T acts, 1891-76. Pormlng a <^iiipl«te trea- 
elnw. Lnnd., ISTiJ. 8°. xsviii,(M2p. [I) 

Repurt of the asseswirs, IHGS, TO. Wurceiler, 1808-TO, 

1 C. History of West Point, and its military Importance 

siii-an revolution; and the ori);lnand pro^resl of the United 

Acatlemy. N.Y., imu 8". Maps and lllm. [1] 

. Address at tlie dndlcatloii of tlie Antielam National 

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the aulobiogrnphy of Samuel Brailfocd, Jr., to Jan. 1, 1S70. 
=. 70, ivp. Portrait*, l-i. Author.'] 
to. See Peonsylvanlft Historical Society; — WftllAce, 

7. See Harerhlll. 

book. The. Some account of "The book ot common 
Bil ITIO. by W. Bradford, under the auspices of Trioity 
[Phlla ], ISTO. 13°, 10 p. [;t] 

B. Iteports of the dei^isions of tlie Appellate Coiirta of 
r-8. [I«W]'81. Ciiicaso, IHSl. 2 r. 8°. [1] 
ry. Set ()ulncy. 
Sfe Harris, E D. 

See Burnham, JI. 

A tablo siiowliift the ran)(0 ot the thermometer at tliltoo 
Jail , 18l!)-Jan., tSIll. n.p., n.d. 1 abeeC. [:(, Author.] 
Ilee Ingeraoll, J. R. 

cal elociueni:e in Greece. Dei iiost hones. With extrncti 
nsandacriliial di^ciis^ion on the "Trial on the crown." 
ecMabnn. C1iIc«ko, 1881. 1». Portrait. (I] 
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'■ ['1 

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0-81, 8". [I] 




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— See Hooper, A. 

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the celebration of the birth-day of Washin^^on, Feb. 22, 1862. Salem, 
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Westchester, N.Y. Cleveland, O., 1878. 4°. 60, (1) p. [1] 

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From th« Kcbcllion record, v. 3. 

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elections in the United States. With notes and references. Phila., 1871. 
1. 8°. xlvi, 781 p. [1] 

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of the county, for tlie year ending Dec. 31, 1868. Tauuton, 1869. 8°. [3] 

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Dudley & Co. Bost., 1878. 8®. [IJ 

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ment, lii81. Victoria, [1881]. 1. 8 . [2] 

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public schools, 1872, 74-75, 77-78, 79-80. Victoria, 1872-81. 8°. [2J 
British Museum. See Panizzi, Sir A. (G. M.) 
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and West Bridgewater, 1880. Bost., 1880. 8°. [1] 
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1881. 8°. [1] 
Brookfield, Mass, [Petition of the inhabitants of Quaubauge for a separate 

township to be called Brookfield. 1673. Spriugdeld, 1673.] Broadside. 

Holiotype. [3, J. F. Pratt, Chelsea.] 

— Valuation and taxes, 1871-72. West Brook field, Worcester, 1871-72. 8®. [2] 
Brookline, Mass, Treasurer's report of the ret^eipts and expenditures, report 

of the trustees of the public library and selectmen's report, etc. With a 
list of the taxes, and tax-payers. For the year ending Feb. 1, 1859-60, 62- 
66. Bost., 1859-66. 8". [2] 

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6.] Brookline, [1879]. 8<^. [1] 
Brooklyn, N.Y, Brooklyn Library. Analytical and classed catalogue. 

Brooklyn, 1878-80. 1. 8°. (4), 1110 p. [3] 
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mill in Newport, R.I. Newport, 1851. 18°. 91, (1) p. [1] 
Brooks, Edwards. See Lowell, J. A. 
Brooks, Erastus. Arnold, the American traitor; Andr^, the British spy; 

Washington, the defender of constitutional liberty, etc. Address before 

the Historical and Forestry Society of Rockland County, [N.Y.], Feb. 22, 

1881. N.Y., 1881. &«. 34 p. [3] 

1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT— No. 8. 85 

BrowD, A. B. An emaj on money anil in rslatlona to the AscBl policy Of 
—■■— "T., [187'JJ 10°. 69 p. [1] 

Paul. EiiloRlnin on tliu life and chanicter of JoMph Reed 
:pt. !8, ISffJ. at tlie liall of tbe Univeniiy ol PeonsylraDia. 
8". 40 p. [:l] 
Henry, The medical reglstei (or ttaw England. Boat., 1STT. 

L.. Coini^led itatQtea of Nebrasha, 1881. See Nebnwktt. 

See NebrMakk. Supreme Court. Keporc, t. 10, 
C, compiler. The Philadelphia reports. Contain inftdeclslona 
the Legal IntelUgonoei, 1SI9-T6. Vol.11. Phila., ItNJl. S". [1] 

Reports o( cases, 18T0-80. See Mississippi. Supreme Court. 

[Documents] relating to lanil taken by the Fitcliburg Rail- 
ly from the estate of James Biowu, Belmont, Mass. Bost., 
heets. [A, Aitlltor.'] 

Reports of caxe* upon appeals and writs of error. In tbe 
if l-arlinmeiit, IT0l-7y. Dublin, UW. 7 v. 8». [1] 
Blojtrapliival sketclms of tlia governor, councillors, and mem- 
enate and Houxe of Ropreseiitntives of rlie N.U. Legislature. 
rol. 1. Concord, ISrtl. 8°. 3:1 p. [3, Jni/wr.) 
Gilman. £:i^eHamntonCollege. 

.ill. Some reasoiiH fur the exemption of church property from 
Dvlirater. N.Y.,1881. 16°. 43 p, (-1. Ju'Aor.] 
. The Canton Baptist memorial, beltia a historical discoume, 
ore tbe BaptUt Church In Caiituu, Muss., at tbe celebration 
Bnniversttry,JiineZ2, IHOl. Host., 18li5. 8°. PoitTHits. [I] 
1 O. Tlia teiidng of railroails: a correspondence between W. 
d A. A. Biirrnge. Bost., IK80. 8». 3a p. [3, ^iilAor,] 
! Morgan. The sinking-fund. 3d ed. Boat., 1880. Ui". 19 p. 

Jalfour. Watersiipply. Lond., 1880. 10°. [1] 
liaril, and Goldesborough, John. lieportH of diverse choice 
[IGi>B-l<i24]. With directions hov to proceed in manf inurl- 
etc. Lond., 1011-63. 2 v. lo I. siu. 4'*. [1] 

atittlitchei Bureau. Ziir Statistlk des Hetzogtbuma Braun- 
... (I8U-I. *». aip. [3] 

\,\% du HIdl (The South Palace). Permanent International 
r proiliiciions of arts, science, commerce and Industry. Brus- 

10 p. [3] 
uologlque de Belglque. Annates. Tome 13-13. !e s^e, 
77-T8. Bruxelles, [1877-78], 3 V. 8°. Plates. [3] 
lUideaseancev Tome 9. 1880. Bruxelie!!, [1880]. 8°. [3] 
The Soiitliern question. The policy of conversion. An ad- 
Ml before the Hlildlesez Club. [Jan. 33, 1881], Boston, [1881]. 

1 Cnllen. A iliscourso on the life, character and writlnBS of 
melin Vcrpianclt. before the Now- York Historical Society, 

N.Y.. 1870. 8°. 60 p. [3] 




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— and Gay, Sydney Howard. Popular history of the United States. VoL 4. 

lUus. N.Y., 1881. 1. 8°. [1] 

This Tolome completes the work. 

— See Bellows, H. W. 

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those of our children who are going to he farmers ? n,p., [188-]. 8^. 13 p. 
[3, Aythor.] 

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Mechanic Association, 1852^K). Supplement. n,p., [ISGO]. 8®. [3] 

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— Intellectual leadership in American history. An address before the Society 

of Phi Beta Kappa, at Brown University, Providence, June 15, 1875. 
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the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, Sept. 20, 1805. Bost., 
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— The relations of the educated man with American nationality. Address 

before the literary SDcioties of Williams College, Aug. 1, 1864. Bost., 

1864. 8*. 32 p. [3, AutJior.] 

For other mldrcwew. ^tc see Bible Societr of MasR%ohasettA ; — Paris. Ameri- 
cans of ParlH ; — Protestant KpUcopal Cliurch In th« United State* ;~ 
Worcester, t'itff Commc/l. 

Bunbury, William. Reports of cases in the Court of Exchequer, [1713-41]. 

Published by G. WiLsou. [Lond.], 1755. f«. [1] 

with MS. notes. 
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Morritand N. P. Willi*. — Wllllnin H. Seward. -l^tiward Kverett. — Jolin P. Hnle. — Father 
Taylor. — John C. Calhoun. — Lewis Cass. — Charles C. lUirleljih. — Henrv Ward llcecher. 

— AblxHt l^wrencc. — Rulph Waldo E-nerson. — John Van Burvn. — John' Qn'cnleaf Wblt- 
tler. — WashhiKton Irvlnjr. — O. W. Hethunc. — E. P. Whipple. — (i. C. Hcblie.— Kufua 
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William L. .Man-v.— Alfred Bnnii.— Puier CartwrlKhi. — Anson Burlintrame. — (;eorse Law. 
-Dr. John W. FrancU. — Dr. S. H. C«»x. —Freeman Hum. — B. P. Shillaber. — Blshoit James. 

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James Gordon Bennett. — Caleb Cushlng.- James Watson Webb. — Dr. Duffleld —J R. 
Lowall.-JohnMltchea ^^uuieiu. a. j». 

JC DOCUMENT — No. S. 87 

inewell, J. F-i — Wlnthrop, B. C. 
Dt Auoclutlon. Pn)c«eUiiigs. STth aoDual meeting, 
(he oddieas at F. W LlDcolu. Bost., 1880. 8°. Pol^ 

Kldlon, G. T. 

irgeas Kenealog;. Memorial of the family of Thomsa 
I, t^anawlcli, ItiST. Bust., 18CS. 8°. Portraits. [1] 
iee Burgess, E. 

lie icenealoxr of tlie Barley oi Burleigb family of 
IHtfO. It°. Portraits. [IJ 
mlly. Bee Burleigh, C. 

Illation of the real and pereooal property, and recoid 
. tor ibe year IHSO. Wobum, l«81. 8°. [a] 
ler free Librai-]/. 2d-Stb, Ttli aonual report. BdtUii^ 

Books added, June, ISTT-Feb., 1881. BnrllngtoD, 

xsollecUons and opinions of an old pioneer, N.Y., 

tratUeboTO, Vt. Early blstory, with blOKrapbicftl 
tns. E.I. by A. M. Hemenway. Bratlleboro, li«0. 8°. 

ott 10 tbe tniitecflof the " James Lick Trust " of obeer- 
t. Hamilton ultb reference to tbe location of Lick 
ISO, IWM. sm. 4". 3-i p. Itlsps. [3] 
irtbeud, C. 

rmiii [liedire the Historical Society of PenniiylrantaJ, 
s Waalilugton Mansion In PhiUaelpbU. Phila., 1879. 

iklln. [Keport OD tbej raising of money to be used in 

United States. Cvngrtu. 

Jew Vorlt, [laai:]. See New York. Legielatiire. 

he alleged electoral frauds in the Ule presidential eleo- 

, 1H7M, 8°. L'4 p. [3] 

Felt, C. W. 

lie Insane, Provldenet, Jt I. Charterof the Hospital; 

I of triistties, &c. Providence, 1847. 8". 3(> p. [3] 

:es. ntp. [Providence, 1847] 4°. (2) p. [3] 

tees and super! oteuUent, IHm-GO, 77-Cl. Providence, 

meinorlam. [James Hervey Reed.] n.p., [ISBO]. 16°. 

tasoiis for repudiation; applicable ti 

iBBier, N.Y.,18<i'J. »'. [ij 

jude. M.Y., 1875. ly. Portrait. { 

L huidbook to political questions of the day. Lond., 

I No^I, Baron. Sw NIolioI, J. 




Cabot, John. See Kidder, F. 

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United States. N.Y., 1851». 12®. [1] 

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[and] extra session, 1881. Sacramento, 1880-81. 2 v. 8<*. [i] 

Journal of the Senate, 23<1 session, 1880; 21th [and] extra session, 1881. 

Sacramento, 1880-81. 2 v. 8°. [2] 

Statutes and amendments to the codes, 24th session, 1881, and extra ses- 
sion, 1881. Sacramento, 1881. 8^ [2] 

— State Af/ricultural Society. Transactions, 18G3-73, 75-80. Sacramento, 1804- 

80. 13 V. 8°. [2] 

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8°. [2] 

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54-55. San Francisco, 1881. 2 v. 8°. [2] 
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of Rhode Island. With a memoir of the author, biographical notices, etc., 
by R. Elton. 3il ed. Bost., 1843. 8^ [I] 

Another tltle-pugc reods " Early history of Rhode Island.'* 

Calvert, George, Lord Baltimore. See Mayer, B. 

Cambridge, Mass. Annual repoi*t of the receipts aud expenditures of the 
town, March', 1844. [Camb., 1844.] 8*^. [2] 

— Report of a committee relating lo the West Boston and Canal bridges, 1843. 

Cambridgeport, 1843. 8°. 7 p. [2] 

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Cambrige; rules and regulations for the' government of the department; 

and a city ordinance for tbe prevention of fires. Camb., 1846. 12^. 

21 p. [3] 
Cauibridge in the "centennial." Proceedings, July 3, 1875, centennial 

anniversary of Washington's taking command of the continental army, on 

Cambridge Common. [With a poem by J. U. Lowell, and address by A. 

P. Peabody.] Camb., 1875. 8°. 97 p. Illus. [I] 
^ -Memorial to the men of Cambridge who fell in the first battle of the 

revolutionary war. Services of dedication, Nov. 3, 1870. [With the 

address of A. Mackenzie.] Camb., 1870. 8°. 40 p. [I] 
The soldiers* monument in Cambridge. Proceedings in relation to the 

building and dedication, 18G9-70. [With the oration by A. Mackenzie.} 

Camb, 1870. 8^ Illus. [1] 

— Mayor, Address upon the first organization of the city government, May 

4, 1846. Camb., 181G. 8°. 16 p. [2] 

— Scliool Committee, Regulations of the public schools, 186G. Camb., 18G6. 

16°. 38 p. [3] 

— Water Works. 10th-13th annual report of the water board, with the reports 

of the registrar and superintendent, etc., 1874-77. Camb., 1875-78. 8**. [3] 
Fresh Pond water. Measures proposed for the protection of the purity 

of the water-supply of Cambridge. Bost., 1878. 8°. 55 p. [3] 
[Report of a committee on the sources of x^oUution of the water supply. 

Camb., 1877] 8°. 11 p. [:i] 
Reports of the directors, 1857-61. With the act of incorporation, etc 

Camb., 1872. 8^. 63 p. [{] 

— First Church and Shepard Society. Commemoration of the 25th aimi- 

ver.»iary of the settlement of John A. Albro, as pastor of the church* 
Camb., 1860. 8°. 76 p. [2] 

— St. John's Memorial Chapel. Consecration of St. John's Memorial 

Chapel, Nov. 16, 1869, and sermon preached by Rev. M. Eastburn. fiost 
1870. 8°. 44 p. [2] *' 

.10 DOCUMENT — No. 3. 89 

S49, ST, S9-«0, G3-4, 81. Camb., Cambridgeport, Boat., 

1 8°. [1, and 3, Juguttui Una, DoMon.] 

IMO. ST [nn. «>; buJ. D, U-iklKln. IHM; li,v ThnntoB. Wit* A 
aer. IMI-4; liy W, A.Gteciieu^lt A Ca„ ISW.Ino. M). 

. B«mlDlsc«ace3 ol Joseph Henrj. fi.l.p. [18T-.] 

Revised code of MUaUslppi, 1880. See MlailBsIppl. 

centenniat cetebration of the town, Sept. 12, 18GT. 

y I. Willey.] Concord, 18G8. 1G^ [1] 

■rcli. See BInkely, Q. 

(tf Crown Lands. Bapport du CommUsalre des Terrea 

. Toronto, IMT. 8=. [2] 

•lie Workt. Rapport des Commiuairos des TravBas 

.to,185T. 8". [-2] 

il. Report of A. G. BiichanaD, ohiel emigrant agent, 

.]8=. 32 p. [3] 

H. C. Selmun, dlrecMr. Report of progreBS, 1878-79. 

Maps and lllua. {2] 

Ue. Comptei publics de la province, 1851. Qufbeo, 

8e»sioD, 4th ParllamoDt, 1880-81. Ottawa, ISSl. 3t. 

1 negotiations connected with the affairs of Nora 

J. 8". Tip. [3] 

: Bar I'Enposition de Paris relativement aux produita 

>, 18S7. 8". 2C p. [2] 

ise of Comnions. 3d 8es<<lon, 4th Parliament, 1880-81. 

»1.]8''. [2] 

nate, Sd aesslon, ICh Parliament, 1880-1. Vol. IS. 


10-11, 2d session, 4th Parliament, 1880, v. 13; v. 1-10, 
rliaiiieiit, 1880-81, y. 14. [Ottawa, 1880-810 13 v. 

o; — Hurlbert, J. B. ; — Llllie, A.; — Miles, H , Jr. ; 
itt Hlstorlque de Hootr^al ; — Horrli, A.; — 

CaanI CommisMloneTi, 

iton Harbor. Facts and opinions relative to Its ei- 

ecessities, present and future. Bost., 1881. 6", 22 p. 

review ot the decision of the Supreme Court of the 
i case of Geo. Reynolds vs. The United States, 1ST9. 
8». Y,5Tp. [3] 

lai services ot Commemoration Day, Maj K, 1860. 
, [3, D T. V. Huntoon. Canlon.] 

e Brown, T. 

ta, B, F. ; — Palfrey, .1. G. 

ilscences ot Dr. Spurzbeim and GeorRe Comlje: and 
BQce of pbreoology to 18J0. N.r., 1S81 [1880]. 12". 




Capital and labor. See Godin, J. B. A. ; — Jervls, J. B. ; — Larned, J. N.; 

— Nash, J. 
Carey, Mattliew. Essays on banking. Fbiladulphia, 1816. 12^ [1] 


Letters to the dlrrctoni of the banks of Pblladelphln.— Letter to >lr. Crlhoim on the bill 
for taxing the banks not pnvInK !>pecie. — IMaii fur the removal of the exithig flnancinl iliffl- 
calties. — Kecnpitulatlun of facts and dr«.'Uin« nts on biiiikinK' — KITcctii uf thti establiithmcut 
of ihe Bank of the (JnlieU 8tate.«. — • UenoflciHl effects of the lutroductLu uf bank credits. 

Carlisle, Mass. First Parish. See Twiss, J. J. 

Carpenter, Kinsley. Kntnes of the owners or occnpants of buildings in the 

town of Providence, [R. I.], 1749-71. Troviilence, 1870. l^. 25 p. [1] 
Carpenter, Mattliew H. Speech vindicating i lie constitution of tlie coiiiinittee 

to investigate the sale of arms by tlie Wni* Depaitiiient, and replying to 

Sumner's attack on Pres. Grant, in the Senate of the United States, June 

3,1872. Wash , 1872. 8<». 31 p. [li] 
Carrutb, Wiiliam Ward. The descendants of John Carruth, 1740-1880. 

Bost., 1880. 8«. 12 p. [3, Author.] 
Carruth family. See Carruth, W. W. 
Carter, A. History of tlie parish and* town of Berlin, [Mass.], ' Worcester, 

1878. 1G<>. 40 p. [1] 
Carter, Hosea Ballon, compiler. New Hampshire official roster, with an 

epitome of official succession for two centuries. East Hampstead, [1879]. 

24®. Portrait and map [1] 
Carter, Samuel. Reports of several special cases in the Court of Corainon 

Pleas, [l(K)4-7(>], in the time when Sir O. Bridgman sate Cbief Justice 

there. Lend., 1G88. f°. [1] 
Carthage. See Smith, R. B. 

Carver, Jonathan. See Minnesota Historical Society. 
Case, ErvinT. Battle of the ^line. Providence, 1879. sin. 4°. 37 p. (Rhode 

Island Soldiers and Sailors Hist. Sue. Personal narratives, no. D.) 
Cases in the Court of King's Bencli, in the 7th, 8th, 9tli, and 10th years of 

George ii. during which time Ix)rd Hardwicke presided, [1733-.^]. Added, 

some determinations of Chief Justice Lee; and also two equity cases by 

Lord Chancellor Hardwicke. 2d ed., with notes and references; by T. 

Lee. Lond., 1813. 8°. [I] 

Attributed to Lord Annaly. 

Cattle* See American Convention of Cattle Commissioners. 

Cedar Creek. 6'ee Crowuinshield, B. W. 

Cedar Lake, Ind. See L., Y. N. 

Central American treaty. See Everett, E. 

Central Parl£, N, Y. See New York, City. Board of Commissioners of the 
Central Park. 

Centz, P. C, pseud. See Sage, B. J. 

Cernuschi, Henri. Monetary diplomacy in 1878. Lond., 1878. 8®. 63 p. [3, 
Hamilton A. JJill, Boston.] 

Chadwicls:, French E. Report on the training systems for the navy and mer- 
cantile marine of England. See United States. Department of the Navy. 

Chamberlin, Walter. Vincentown, [N.J.], and its churches, n.p., [1880]. 
8°. 27 p. [3, W. C. Sharpe, Seymour, Conn.] 

Champlain, Samuel <le. Voyages. Tr. from the French by C. P. Otis. 
With liiMtorical illustrations and a memoir hy E. F. Slafrer. Vol. 1. IdGT* 
1G3j. Bust , 1880. sm. 4^. Maps and portraits. (Prince Soc. Publ.) 

Champlin, Junies Tift. A hisroriual discourse ac the oOth anniverHary of 
Colhy University, Aug 2, 1870. Waterville, 1870. 8^ 30 p. [3J 

Chaueellorsvilie, Va. See Dodge, T. A. 

Chandler, Charles H. A history of the Theological Society of Dartmouth 
College. Read before the Society, June 1, 1868. Hanover, 1868. 8^. 
24 p. [1] 

'UBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 41 

^Mtmnn. Mnmolr ot John Albion Amirew. Iteprlnled 
ecilliigs or Ihe Mns'^atbuaetts HialoTical Society, April, 1»80. 
I". 33 p. [3, Aulhor.] 

tvro liltlierto unpiibllsbed discourses, and the valedictory 
t., 1H80. Vi". Portrait and ilhis. [1] 

;e G. Early recollections of Newport, R.I., 1793-1811. New- 
. [I] 

Mu Ellery. See Peabody, E. P. 

trick W. Tlio Trowbriilgo titmily, or the descendants of 
briilge o( New Maven, Cunn. Compiled at the request ot 
tlgfi. Nuw llHVeii, 1BT2. H°. PorlruUs. [1] 
: Smith. See Huntoon, D. T. V. 
winenta. See Kenny, C. S. 

inference of Churltles; — Gre&t Briton. Ckarlii/ Cotn- 
iue, B. T„ Jr. 

'aw. List ot persona taxed for ciry and county for 181T. 
'easurer's slateioimt ot recel|>ts, expenditures, &c., tor year 
I, ISIS. Ullavle^<to^vn. IMS. b". li] 
ilunlcipal reRisler. CLarleatowu, Itufi. B". [2] 
M eHtahllHljin;; a Hre itepartment in Chailestoirn, 1869. 
18U0. H". IJ p. [2] 

lers ot the t-ity council, and a list ot tbe officers ot the city 
rieslowu, [1M7]. lli". [i] 

ss, Out. T, 18IT, at tho Inyiiig ot the corner-stone ot a bnlld- 
acliocil on Monument Sijiiaie. Cliarlextown. 1S17. S". [i] 
' T. Sawyer, Jan. lliai ST; ot J. Dana, Jan. IsnO; ot H. Q, 
I; of L. Hull, 1807. Cliarlestown, ISHl-OT. 8". [3, 3.] 
un Irom the Mayor [rdaiing to the trainin;; flolU. Charle»- 
». 8 p. [2] 

Jres.'i, April SO, ISIT. upon the ttrst organization ot the city 
UliaileMown, 1817. 8°. ai p. [2] 
. Report ot the trustees, 1801-62. Cfaarlestown, 18C1-63. 

re. Majority and minority reports. May 21, 1848, upon the 

. Eager and others fur a separation of the sexes in the Bar- 
Host., IMS. V. ati p. [2J 


. Records of tho Church, lft32-1780. [Compiled by J. F. 
Bost . 1880. i". [.1, Jumes f. Uanneaell, Chaitettoieii.] 

on, W. I. 

/. See Tucker, W. F. 

ai M. P. Ileports of cases In the Superior Courts of the 

:t of Georgia, [1805-10]. N.Y., 1834. 8». [1] 
Report nt the selecCtiien and overseers ot poor for the year 
4, IttUl. Worcester, [Ittlil]. 8". [2] 

Uiveti, W., ami Collius, J. 
Orftunization and Hervice ot Battery F., First Rhode Island 

7,10 Jan. 1, IWU. Providence, 1880. am. 4°. 48 p. (Rhode 

lers ftiid Sailors Hist. Soc. Personal narratives, do. 3, 

miel. See Fowler, W. C. 

a. CalendarluAzteca, ensayo anjueologico. 2a ed. Mexico, 

47 p. [:l] 

, See Hitssam, J. T. 




Chelmsford, Mass, Expenses of the town for the year ending March 1, Idftl- 

March 1» 1861. [Lowell, 1B11-<)1.] Broadsides. [3] 
Chelsea, Mobs. By-laws of the town, 1842, 53. Chelsea, 1853. 8®. [3] 

— Mayor's address, 1st financial report, 1857, and the treasurer's report, with 

reports of departments, etc. Chelsea, 1858. 8°. [2] 

— Schedule of the town accounts, 1847, 48; Annual report of the receipts and 

expenditures for the year ending Feb. 15, 1849-51, 63, 55, 57. Bost., 1848-67. 
8o. [3] 

— City Council. Roll of honor. A list of the soldiers and sailors who served 

on the quota of Chelsea in the civil war, 1861-65. Chelsea, 1880. 8®. [3J 

Chelsea and Revere directory, 1880. No. 17. Compiled by J. Sale. Chelsea, 
[1879]. 8^. [1] 

Cheshire, Enff. See Record Society. 

Cheshire Railroad Company. 2d annual report of the directors. Keene, 
[N.H.], 1847. 8°. [1] 

Chester, Joseph Lemuel. The family of Dummer. [From the N. E. his- 
torical and genealogical register for July and Oct., 1881.] Communicated 
by B. E. Salisbury. [Bost., 1881.] 8°. 29 p. [3, Prof, E. E. Salisbury, New 
Haven, Conn] 

Chester, Pa. See Armstrong, E. 

Chicago, m. Board of Education, 15th-16th, 26th annual report, 1869-70, 80. 
Chicago, 1869-81. 3 v. 8®. [2] 

Historical sketches of the public school system of Chicago to the close of 

the school year 1878-79. By S. Johnston. Chicago, 1880. S°. 79 p. [3] 
Prepared as a supplement to the '25th annual report of the Board of Education. 

— Common Council. Charter and ordinances of the city, to Sept. 15, 1856, ^with 

acts of the General Assembly relating to the city, etc. Compiled by O. 
W. and J. A. Thompson. Chicago, 1856. 8°. [2] 

— Department of Finance. 20th annual statement of the finances, 1876. 

Chicago, 1877. 8°. [2] 

— Department of Public Works. lst-2d annual report, 1876-77. Chicago, 1877- 

78. 2 V. S<*. [2] 

— General Superintendent of Police. Report, 1876. Chicago, 1877. 8°. [2] 

— Public Library, 8th-9th annual report of the board of directors, 1880-81. 

Chicago, 1880-81. 8°. [3] 

— West Chicago Park Commissioners, 3d annual report, 1872. Chicago, [1872]. 

8o. [2] 

— See Wright, J. S. 

Chicago Historical Society. A brief history of the Society, with the con- 
stitution, by-laws, and list of offtcers and members. Chicago, 1881. 
8^. [3] 

Chiclcering, Hannah B. See Dexter, S. E. 

Chicopee directory. See Springfield directory. 

Chicopee Falls directory. See Springfield directory. 

Child, Linus Mason. " Shall the metropolis of New England hare an ele- 
vated railway?" Argument before the legislative committee on street 
railways on the petition of C. E. Powers and others, for an act of incorpo- 
ration for an elevated railway in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and. 
Chelsea. Bost., 1879. 8°. 30 p. [3] 

Children. See Leonard, Mrs, C. T.;— Massachusetts. Deputy StcUe 

China. See Martin, W. A. P.;— Our commercial and "political relations 
etc. ; — United States. Bureau of Education, 

Chinese immigration. See Seward, G. F. 

Choate, Charles F. The concluding argument in behalf of the Northern 
K. U. Railroad against the consolidation of the Fitchburg and LK>well 
Railroads, delivered before the railway committee, March 18, 1873. Host 
1873. ^. 14 p. [3] ■• 


utioD of 3. D. Bnulford ami otbers, to set off wanls 

it, of Ihu city of Koxbury, as a separate B«rii:ultuTBl 

le tilt) Joint legislative comiuittee on towns, BostuD, 

,1851. »-. 42 p. [3] 

Bctory of tlie city of Seattle anil King CouDt7; litatory, 

kiid ill) I 111 Kraut 'a Rulile to Wanliiugion Territory and 

I, Pa.,lHTH. 13°. UluB. [I] 

Slice. Superintendent 0/ lUaith. 

uld, S. It. 

t Norton, C. E. 

e Brown, T. E,; — HUl, H. A. 

Kiiutaibia. Slat MiDual report, 1880. [With] » fa«nd- 

.«" [;»] 

id Transportation. 12tli annual and 13tU atatlitlcal 

(. £e« Gardner, A. B.; — Hastachiuett* Society of 

< Coul&ngee, P. de; — Illinois. Otntral Attembly; — 

itoti, D. B. ; — Foster, W. E. ; — Howland, G. G. ; — 
le Trade Alliance ; — United States. Coiif/rru, 
I Asaovlallon. By-laws. [N.Y.,ltMJl.] 16°. (4)p. [3] 
, 138) ] 16°. (4) p. [y] 
-3, N.Y., 18S1. 16", [J] 

chell, A.; 

A. Lawrence and R. G. Shaw on the present condition 
it BciituD. Host., 183J. 9". 10 p. [a] 
riiBcoHimonweiiltli reconstructed. N.y.,1878. 8°. [1] 

Who was tlie first minister of MendonV n.p., [1881]. 


ir. Au hlatorical sketch of Stutbddge, MasB, Brook- 
■■■ [>] 

lie si'liiler's ofTerini;. [Reiafniseences of the 34tli to0- 
ser infantry and original poems, etc.] Boat.. 1870. \3fl. 

in. On giving names to towns and streetB. Boat., 1880. 

il. Intellectual, moral, and spiritual. 4th ed. Bast., 

Centennial (liscourfie, Sept. 9, 1860, before the First 

Fin Aliml, [.IMm.]. Boat.. 1S31. 8°. OS p [I] 

for Deaf-SIutes at Northampton. LJth annual 

iBinptOD, 1880. 8°. [3] 




Clay, Henry. See Winthrop, R. C. 

Clayton family. See Rylands, J. P. 

Clearing houses. See Bailey, D. P. 

Cleveland, James Butler. A (i^enealoglcal re^ster of the descendants of 

Moses Cleveland of Wobum, Mass., 16%, witb a sketch of the Clevelauds 

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An appendix contains proceeding* of the bench and bar upon the decease of Hon. Benjamin 
Rubbhis Curtis. 

Clinton, 3fa8s. Reports of selectmen, treasurer, overseers of poor, and com- 
mittees for the year ending March, 1853; Report of expenses, March, 1854. 
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ord of Antrim families. Manchester, 1880. 8®. xxiv, 7D1 p. Bfap, poi^ 

traits and illiis. [1] 
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[3, Author ] 
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Georgia, and President of the Georgia Historical Society. Savannah, 

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Colby University (formerly Water vlUe College), Waterville, Me, Catalogue 

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catalogue, 1873/4-80/1. Waterville, [1848] 81. 8®. [3] 

The caUlogue for 1873/4 is of the 2d edition. 

— Catalogue of the library. Waterville, 1845. 8®. 47 p. [.1] 

— Catalogus senatus academici, et eorum qui munera et offlcia gesserunt, 

[1845, 54, 57, 75, 78]. Watervillae, Portlandiae, 1845-78. 8®. [3] 

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— Same. Laws of Colby University. Portland, 1880. 16®. 21 p. [3] 

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JLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. 45 


pple.Tient, no. 1-2. WaterrlllB, 1873-77. «=. P] 

tj of Waterville ColleitB, on tlie nonilltion and wants of 

th the nciloD of the tTiigten on the gaui«, Dec. 18, 18S5. 

1°. 30 p. [3] 

Ins of the comer ntone of tlie Memorial Hall, Aug. 14, 

ledication of the same, An^. 10, 1S09. Wateiville, 1869. 


m, and Durnford, Edward. History of the ZqId war 

md ,18S0. 8°. Map. [1] 

My, Princeton, N.J. Catalogne of the eollege, 1880-81. 

■ [3] 

rlcMi; — HazelClae, M. W.; — Port«r, N.; — Ttaar- 


! Att«mb!if and General Atiembly. Council Joornal, 9tb- 

K; Senate iournal. 2d eesslon, 1879. Central City, Deo- 

a=. [2] 

h, 11th aemilon, 18T2, T6; 3d sesalon, 1879. Central Ctty, 

3 V. 8". [3] 

,1881. Denver, 1881. 8°. [2] 

lennlal report, 18SU. Denver, 1881. 8°. [3, /. Alden 


'iibllc lattructlan. Sil biennial report, 1879-80. Denver, 

Hayes, A. A., Jr. ; — Horrlsoa, It. 8. - 

dor. H,y„lB81. 12°. (Morley, J., ed. EogUah men of 

Capen, N. 

Report of several case* In the Court of King's Denoh 
1089-00]. [Lend.], 1721. P. [1] 

relation of Chambers of Comtnerce at tbe United 

urne, S.; — Commercial anr| flnanclal chnmicte; — 

>nal Board of Trade; — New York Chamber of 

nlth, W. E. 

uiclal clironicle and Hunt's inerchants' magazine. Vol. 

81. 2v. f. [I] 

lations. See Hill, H. A.; — National Board of 

iw En^tand feathered >iong<iterB. With a miscellaneou* 

im, 1879. 8°. [3, Aulhnr.^ 

Walker, J. B. 

it CongTegntionnl Church. Hfnorical aildremea, [by 

otheis]. 1501b BDoiveraary of the church, Nov. 18, 1880. 

Tip. [I] 
! Abbott, J. O. 

See DavU, J. 




Conference of Charities and Correction. Proceedinn^, 7th annaal con- 
ference, Cleveland, 1880. £d. by F. B. Sanborn. Best., 1880. S''. [3, F, 
B. Sanbonit Concord.] 

Conflict of laws. See Wharton, F. 

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trait. [1] 

Congregational churches. See American Congn^egational Association; 
— American Congn^eg^tional Union ; — Congregational year-book; — 
Felt, J. B.; — General Association of Connecticut ;— General 
Association of New Hampshire ; — General Association of the 
Congregational Churches of Massachusetts; —General Conference 
of Congregational Churches of Maine ; — Greneral Conference of 
the Congregational Churches of Connecticut; — Creneral Conven- 
tion of Congregational Ministers and Churches of* Vermont; — 
Puncliard, 6. ; — Rhode Island Congregational Conference ; — 
, Worcester South Conference of Congregational Churches. 

Congregational year-book, 1880 Bost., 18H0. 8^ [1] • 

Imiiod under the sancilon of the National Council or tho Congregational Churches of the 
United Sutea. 

Congressional record: containing the proceeding and debates of the 46th 

Congress, l8t-2d session, [1879-80]. Vol. 9-10. Wash., 1879-80. 2 v. in 9. 

4°. [3, Geo. F. Hoar, Worcester.] 
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1880. 9^. 32 p. [3] 
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the three subsequent sessions incorporated. [By S. P. Beers, T. Day, and 

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Vol. 8 contains a list of corporations organized under general laws. 

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2 V. 8°. [2] 

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Hooker. Hartford, 1881. 8°. [2] 

— See Trumbull, J. H. 


*»Mumpsle Riven Railrokd Company. Copy of an 
] the connecting roads lot the eitenBion of tbe Pasaaiup- 
lie Canada line. Best., 185S. B". 8 p. [1] 
it; astale caleodarof public officers aud iDsttlutloDs tor 
HarttoTd, [1881], 18=. [1] 

Rtdlroad Company. 36th annual report, 1S80. Spring- 

Reasons tor abjuring allegiance to the see of Borne. A 
rl of ShrewsbuTf. lit Auiet, ed. Fblla., 1853. 8°. 38 p. 

Early blstory of Geneva, (formerly called EanadeBaga), 
ie Geneva Courier, March. 18TB, [With an addres)! before 
library and Historical Bouietj, Uec. 22, ISTt).]* Qeaeva, 
) XII, 13 p. [3, AnIIuii:} 
iports ol caaes, 1880-81. See Wlaconaln. Supreme Oovrt. 


». [1] 

lew. Vol. 37-39. Lond., 1880-81. 3 v. 8°. [1] 

inual report of the aelactmen for the year ending March, 

6Ma, 8". [3] 

ion Monday lectures. Soclalisui, with preludes on cnnent 

880. 12". [1] 

t«cl states. Department of War. 

leirer. Coral landa. With illus. Lond., 1880. 2 v. 8°. 

od government. Appeal to leiclalators, editors, religions 
.Y„ 1880. 8'. 48 p. Portrait. [3, Autltor.] 
Barnard, C. 

lealogy of the Diitton family of Pennsylvania, preceded 
tbe family in Gnglanil to 1GG9; with a short account of 
;onn. West Cbesler, Pa . 1871. 8°. (1] 
Istory of the conquest of Spain by the Arab-Moots. Bost., 
1". (1] 

a. The opening of a vrorld. [The development of Africa. 
1881. 16". 18 p [3] 
rone, G. S.; — Horgan, A. 
ooper, H. S. 

ann, C. A.;— Torrens, R. 
tzwUllain, C. W. F.,Earl. 
f, lihaea, N. Y. Register and catalogue, 1879/90. Ithaca, 

s, Marquit. See Johnston, H. P. 

an. The Gold Room, and the New York Siock Excbange 

>use. N.Y., [1878]. 8°. 08 p. <Atla« series, no. 8.) [1] 

Dyer, I. W., compiler ; — Thompson, S. D. 
he Cortland □omal school controversy, Dec. 10, [1868}- 
racuse. 1880. 8°. 93 p. [.t] 

e to the study of political ucononiy. Tr. from the Zd Ital. 
'ac8 l.y W, S. Jevons. Lond., 1880. 16=. [1] 
d States. Ceixsut Qgics. 

>>Dventlon. Memorial of the convention at Greenville, 
«ponse thereto of the Louisville Board of Trade. Louls- 
10 p. [3] 




Coulanges, Fastel de. The ancient city: a study on the religion, laws, and 

institutions of Greece and Rome. Tr. from tlie latest French ed. by W. 

Small. 3d eil. Bost., 1877. 8°. [1] 
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Ckiutts family, ^ee Rogers, C. 
Cox, 67r Georj^e William, and Sankey, Charles, editors. Epochs of ancient 

hUtory. N.Y., [1880-81]. 2 v. 1G°. Maps. 

Benjamin, S. G. W. Troy. Smith, R. B. Rome and Carthagr. 

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Valley. Lafayette, [Iiul.]. 18G0. 8°. [1] 
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Island, with a map of the island. NY., 1843. 8^. Plates. [1] 
Crane, Cephas B. Bi-centenary commemoration, March 21, 1880, of the re- 
opening of the first Baptist meeting-house in Boston, after its doors had 

been *' nailed up " by order of the Governor aud Council of Massachusetts. 

March 8, 1G80. Historical discourse, with other exercises. Bost , 1880. 8^, 

27 p. [3, Author.] 
Crawford, J. B. The Credit Mobilier of Ameri(*a, its origin and history; its 

work of constructing the Union Pacific Railroad and the relation of mem- 

liers of Congress therewith. Bost., 1880. 8^. [1] 
Crawford, Thomas. See Osgood, S. 
Credit Mobilier. ^e Crawford, J. B. ; — Hazard, R. 
Crime. See Farrer, J. A. 
Crimea. See Kinglake, A. W. 
Criminal law. See Bishop, J. P. ; — May, J. W. 
Crosby, Nathan. Eulogy on Hon. Tappan Wentworth, munificent donor of 

Dartmouth College, delivered before the Association of the Alumni, June, 

1876. Lowell, 1877. 8°. 26 p. [3, Autlior.] 

— The first half century of Dartmouth College. Hanover, 1876. 8°. 56 p. 

[3, Author.] 

Read before the Alamni at tbe commencement in 18T&. 

— Memoir of Hon. Saiuuel Sumner Wilde. Concord, N.H., 1881. 8^. 26 p. 

[3, Author.] 

Read at Dartmouth Commencement, June, 1900. 

^Reminiscences of distinguished men of Essex County, [Mass.]. Salem, 
1880. 8°. 29 p. [3, Author.] 

From the liistorical collections of the Essex Institute, ▼. 17, part 9. 

Crowninstaield, Benjamin William. Tlie battle of Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 
1864. A pai)er read before the Massachusetts Military Historical Society, 
Dec. 8, 1879. Camb., 1879. 8°. 36 p. Plan. [3, Author] 

Crystal Palace, N. Y. See Greeley, H. 

Cuba before the United States. Remarks on Sumner's speech at the Rcpah- 
lit'an Convention of Massachusetts, 22d Sept., 18(^ Adopted and ap- 
proved by the Central Republican Junta of Cuba and Porto Rico. N.Y., 
1869. 8^. 39 p. [1] 

Cabas, Antonio Garcia. Tlie republic of Mexico in 1876. Tr. by G. E. Hen- 
derson. Illus. Mexico, [1881 J 8®. [1] 

Cudmore, P. The Le Sueur litany, for Doran-Le Sueur ring, Minnesota. A 
satire. [N.Y., 188-.] 16°. xvi p. [^, Author.] 

— President Grant and political rings. A satire. N.Y., 188b. 16°. 96 p. 

[3, Author.] 
Cumberland, Army of tlie. See Society of the Army of the Cuinber<- 

Cunningham, Robert O. Notes on the natural history of the Strait of 

Magellan and west coast of Patagonia, made during the voyage of H.M.S. 

" Nassau.*' 1866-69. With map and illus. Edln., 1871. 8<>. [1] 

ENT — No. 3. 49 

1.8.;- Enderby, C. ; - GallaUn, 
lorton, S. D ; — KolrherbockFr, 

Stearas.G. L.J— ThornioD, U.; 
ebst«r, D. 

sailurs. Sve Veterans' National 

pulillc aerrices, civil and mlUtnrr, 
40. K.". 71 p. Portrait. [I] 
iliillty. A rIniLi aerinon before tlie 
luinarjr. May 28, 1(171. Cost., 18T1. 

m, at Asbbumliam, Vav. S, 1818. 

Tey, N.H., 1749-1880; with a penea- 

,tlie pi'uceviling!* of tlio csnleniiliil 

{M8, (1) p. Futtraits, map and 

lial reports, 1880. Yankton, 1881. 

ra,8. M. 

iiialoftiic of ofUcen and student*, 

J7I-H0. so. [■,') 

e ■■•uFlninl lr»'lltutj<ilii." \tl?/f(l. N/BI. 

Ill iiiiticea of tho iiieiuUtra. Dost., 

, graduates of Dartmouth College. 

tBlogHO, [1880]. Hanover, 1873-80. 

Shirley, J. M. 

The i>o\ver ot moTement in planti. 


liutM. 1870. i^ce Kansai. 

I llborals in and out of Parliament. 




Davies, James (?) A relation of a voyajje to Sacfadahoc, [Me., 1607], now first 
printed from the original manuscript in tlie Lambeth Palace Library. 
Ed. with preface, notes, etc., hv B. F. De Costa. Camb., 1880. 8<». 43 p. 

Davis, A. History of New Amsterdam; or, New York as it was in the days 

of the Dutch governors. With papers on the American revolution; and 

on Philadelphia in the times of William Penn. Illus. [N.Y ], 1854. 

16«. [1] 
Davis, Charles Henry. Telegraphic determination of longitudes on the east 

coast of South America, 1878-79. See United States. Bureau of Xavi- 

Davis, Jefferson. The rise and fall of the Confederate government. N.Y., 

1881. 2 v. 8°. Portraits and maps. [1] 
Davis, John. An address at the dedication of the town hall, Worcester, 

Mass, 2<1 May, 1825. Worcester, [1825]. 8°. 36 p. [2] 
Davis, Josiah Gardner. Historical discourse at Amherst, N.H., on the 100th 

anniversary of the dedication of the Congregational Meeting-House. 

With sketches of Souhegan West, by A. Heald, S. H. Keeler, W. B. 

Towne, and D. F. Secomb Concord, N.H., 1874. 8<». [1] 
Dawes, William. See Holland, H. W. 
DaivsoD, Henry Barton. The sons of liberty in New York. A paper read 

before the New York Historical Society, May 3, 1859. [Poughkeepsie], 

1859. 8°. [3] 
Day, Joseph M. See Massacliusetts. General Court. 
Day, Thomas. Public statute laws of Connecticut, [1824]. See Connecticut. 

General Assembly. 
Dayton, Ohio. Board of Education. Dayton public schools. Annual reiwrt, 

1879-80. Dayton, 1880-81. 2 v. 8°. [3] 

— See Conklin, W. J. 

Deaf and dumb. See American Asylum at Hartford for the Educa- 
tion and Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb ; — American Instruct- 
ors of tlie Deaf and Dumb; — Arkansas. Deaf-Mute Institute; — 
Clarke Institution f or Deaf-Mutes; — Columbia Institution for the 
Deaf and Dumb; — Dalby, W. B.;— Italy. Direzione de}la Statistica 
Generate; — Michigan Institution for the Kducation of the Deaf 
and Dumb and the Blind; — National Deaf-Mute College ; — Ne'W 
England Industrial School for the Education and Instruction of 
Deaf-Mutes at Beverly; — Principals of Institutions for the Deaf ; 
— Rhode Island School for the Deaf. 

De Costa, Benjamin Franklin. Cabo de Baxos, or The place of Cape Cod in 
the old cartology, with notes on the neighboring coasts. N.Y., 1881. 1. 8^. 
13 p. Map. [3, Author.] 

Revised fVorn the New-England hinortcal and genealogical register, Jan., 1881. 

— Inveutio fortunata. Arctic exploration w ith an account of Nicholas of 

Lynn. N.Y., 1881. 8°. 36 p. [\ Author.] 

Read before the American GcoKraphical Society, May 15, I860. 

— Notes of the anniversary sermon preached in the Church of St. John the 

Evangelist, Wainwright memorial. New York City, May 15, 1881. Phila., 
1881. 24°. 20 p. [1] 

— William Blackstone in his relation to Massachusetts and Khode Island. 

N.Y.,1880. 12°. 24 p. [3, Author.] 
Dedham, Mass. Report of the committee of investigation of the expendi- 
tures on roads in Dedham, for the last six years. Dedham, 1878. 8^. 
21 p. [3] 

— See Hill, W. F. 

~ First Church and Parish. See Lamson, A. 

JC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 61 

Hyde Park. 

cfl report of tliB town, IfiOS-S. with list of Deerfleld 
»t in the Unlrtit SlnieH Hervire. Greeiineld, l»a. S". 
[x; ar^pl; to" Aiitfxnintnfttionof thebankluKBjrBtein 
[Anon.] Boat., 1831. S°. 42 p. [1) 
tembly. LawH, 1843; adjourned seMiot), Jan, 18fl4; 
', 1864; adjourned aewion. Oct., 1864. Dover, Wll- 

w SchooU. Otb annual report. 1880. Dorer, 1881. 

loclety. Paper*. 1-3. Wtlinlnftton. 1879^1. 8". [3] 

atlonal Convention, Ckicago, 1864. OlHcial proceedlnsa. 

I p. [3] 

y.Y.. ISfiS. Official proi'eedlnpi. Reported by G. 

B6B. 1. 8°. [3, Samvel A. Grtm. il.D., fioifon.] 

lallimore, 18T2. OfHclal proceeillngH. BoBt.. 1ST2. 6". 


.'(. Lo<d», 18T6. Official proceedinsB. St. Loiiia, 1ST6. 

^mmittee. The canipHlKn lesuhook. Why the people 

I RepuLlifan Party reviewed. N.Y., 1880. 8". [3] 
y the Demoeratic cniumlllee. prosldenlial rjinipaijiu ot 
■15, 17-18, 22, and many otheru not numbered.] o. jj., 

t, 1880. Set Louisiana. Supreme Court. Reports, 

iet description ot New York, torroerly railed New 
■d., with introduction and nolex by G. Furman. K,Y., 
[owani, W. Bibliiitli. Amer.l.) [1] 
Address at tlie unvellinji ot the Htalue ot Alexander 

1 Park, N.Y., Kov. 22, 1880. N.Y., 18S0. 8°. 14 p. (3, 

iture ot Major Andr^. Oration at Tarrytown, Bept. 

8", 31 p. [3. AutlioT.'i 

An address before the New-Ynrk Hlslorical Society, 

ary, Nov. 22, 1804. [on the early political biutury ot 

,86B. g". TO p, [3] 

iry. Jan. 6, 1874, [on Wllllant in. as a reformer}. H.Y., 

:rait. [3] 

ry, Dec. 19, 18T6, [on the representative men of the 

N,Y., 1876. 8". 44 p. Porlraits. [3] 
h of Robert R, Livlnpiton. Ri-ad before the N. T. 
Oct. 3, 1876. [With "An lilstorlcnl account of the 
1 for the propellinf; of boats," bv B. R. LivlngBlon.] 

p. Portrait. [;t] 

itrallon of Ricliaril. Enrl of Bclloniont, Governor of 
insetis and New Ifamiwliire. 161)7-170]. Addrt-ss be- 
Hialorical Society, at its 75lh aiinJTersary. Nov. 18, 
B". 59.(1), xvll p. Porlmits. [3. AnHior.] 
n Henry Gueat. [auperlntenilent of the Leake and 
s.N.Y.]. N.Y., 1878. I. 8°. 36 p. [3] 


De Pejrster, Freilcric, contlnticd. 

— Tlie iDural niiil liitvlki'iiial influence ct llbmrlcs upon socle 

Ad.lrcHs before lliu Nt-w Yurk Hi'turi. ill Sotitlj-, ou ils <:ist n 
N(.v.21.1»(5. N.Y.. lS«i. B». Ulii>. [..] 
Dfl Peyster, Jolin Watts. Atlilres.1, 'J8n< Nov., 18GG, Mailalin, 1 
Red Huok, H.Y., on the iuaii^iiralioii of a moDiiuient to tier del 
lull tbeii lives in aiippresxiu); tlie Klavelioldurs' rebellion. [V 
nual reports of the " Ulaler Guniil," ItdiMij.] N.Y., IHliT. S°. 

— Tlie ancient, tiinliaval nnd iiioilvni Ncllicrluiidew; Dutch am 

PouglikeeiKiie, [■■••p. 18511]- b°. |>p- l-M- [0 

— Banner prtsieululiou anil aililrcs^. Ikh Grtiud Army of tlie K 

— Description u[ lueduls presenleil by Oscar, King of Stveden ai 

to J. W. Do I'e^Bler. Witb tLe letter in relatiuu tliercto. n.p 
Gp. [Si 

— Pmetiinl strategy, as illn^traleil \<j tlio life nnil niblevenu 

AattrinDFiehlMHiBliiilTniuii. faiskiil, l»l;t. ii". li* p. {■■; ^ 

— Secession in iiwitzerlaiiil iinil in tliu Unilcil Stnlen (-<>in|mrv<l 

Runuut iui(lreB->, Oit. 10, INihl, lieluru llie Vviuuiil Sitate Jlistori 
Mont|M.-liur. CHtskiU, IWhi. 8°. T'.! p. [i] 

— State sovereignty. » ( p., [iSli-]. b". » p. [-J 

— ^Vinte^ ciiuipiiigiia: tbu lest of geuerul^liip. [By Auehor, pit 

I*,-.'. VI': ;4 p. [-1] 

Derby, Cuiiit. ^«^ Orcutt, S., and Benrdsley, A. 

DcB Cars, Ami'itee J., romf.-. A treaiisei-n pnininj; forest nnil 
trees. Tr. rtoiii the Tib Freiicli til. Willi ttu iixrodiiclion, 1 
Kent. OoKt.. IBSl. 11°. xiv, lS, (I) p. lllus. (JIuss. Soc. Pr 
Publ.) [1] 

Detroit, il»h. Bonril of Eiliiralion. IRIb, 21st, C5lb. «Hb-ffii 
annual ie|)0[t. [UtOJ. Ki, til, 71-74, TO-fO. Delruii, lSijl-»l. b". 

Dentscher Verelu fUr iifftnlllehe Gesuudheitapaege. ] 
Aussclinsses iilKt tlie tfu Vvisaninilimg ilea " iJi'Uisi'lieu 
OiTenlllclie GesiindbiilsiiHep^ " in GEiiieinscliaTt mil ileui " 
Gesiimlbeitslecliuik " zu Uaiubnij;, 1^-15 i:e|il., 1K80. Brauuse 

Dewey, Bitliarit S. Provision lor in 

riminnls. Chicago, 187 

Dewhurst, Willii 

1S«1. 12°. [I] 
D« Witt, E. L. Reports, [IS7S- 

new series, v. 33. 
Dext«r, Sarah £. Recollertiona 

ll,--. 50 p. [1] 
Dic«, Fntiitis M. ICeporla, IStiO. 

Dickens J'jbn. Reports at cases in ihc High Court o/ Chancery, 
Bevise.1 by J. Wyalt. Louil., IKOa. 2 v. b=. [I] 

Dickinson, John 'Wood brittle. Two ineiuiiitn t.'SMiyn. Oml ti 
proper limitaand uietliiuls, by J. W. Ditkiiison. Tlie piniwr 
lite tree bigli schools, by U. U. Mor^ 

listory of Saint Augustine, t'lo 
«]. See Ohio. Siiprmte Com 
ol Ilimuali B. Chickering. C 
Si'prone Court oj 

DIetzscb, Eniil. ' 

V. Wp. [•'] 
DUIaye, Slepbi-n I 

.'ronuer's quest." Three annual reports. 01 

The money nnd the flii»nce*i of the Frencl 

ititaudummluls: u true biciorj-. luoludingi 
liitt's ■• rajHiT uiuuey iuliatiuu la Fraute." 

ENT — No. 3. 63 

ited rocks QOith of Boston. [Boat., 

i UiiOetl States Uircnil Courts tor 

Piiporl, Iowa. WW). B", [1] 

1 corpoi'uiious. .tj eU., eiilartced- 

Coonty;— Brockton (including 
g;«wftter); — Braokltno ; — Cam- 
; — Clinton; — Dmivera(/iiW"di'n7 
Alano heater, Kubc^i, Wen ham, 
County;- l-'all River; - Fitch- 
>ncliiilii'-i Bradford); — Holyoke 
^4lo Park IhidiKliii'i Deditnm nrrd 
ethuen m.d Nortli Andover); — 
lalne;-3riildeu {iarliidia;/ Slt,a- 
inchester, iV.//..— Marlboro; — 
Nantasket; — New Bedrord; — 
-New York, J>7a(e,- — Newbury- 

iiiid Watertown) ; — Northamp- 
'ii;i Weymoutli niiij Bralntree); 
jth Danvers); — SomerA'Ilie; — 
,ty, .V.r..-- Wakefield (indodin.j 
;— Waltliam liiidudiiiu Water. 

vjr of Pnblii: Schools. Sa, 6th-(1Ih 

i";iccin(eii(irir( o/ Colored Si^tioola nj 
i>I«.rl, 1sT:1-74 ■WaHli., 1875. 8", [2] 
■/ T-u-lm-f Payic S'lmli. 
eiiorls, 1877-79. 

iltf of Boston. [By a looker on. 

i. ■Witliilliis. Loini..1880. 8'. [1] 
[ free traile examined. From the 
of AVool Uauufacturera. Camb., 

i>f (lie TTon. Phtneliai Adams, of 

p. Portrait. [Ij 

;oni;n>);atloiia1 Cliurcli, Yaririouth, 

, aud Fell. 2, 1))7:<. Varmoutbport, 

Jlcmorinl of Allen W. Dmlge. By 
- Portraits [1] 
ClianceUDiTtvillu. Bost., 1881. S-. 

[lerancA. A papprrcnd hclore tlio 
hlft, Sept. 29,1800. N.Y., 1880. 16<>. 




De Peyster, Frctlcric, condmicd. 

— The moral and intellectual influence of libraries upon social progrca;?. 

Address before llio New York Historical iSocicty, on ils -Gist auuiveisary, 
Kov. 21, 1«(k>. N.Y., 180G. 8°. 90 p. [ .] 
De Peyster, Jolin Watts. Address, 28tli Nov., 1800, Madalin, townsliip of 
Red Hook, N.Y., on tbe inau;;uraiiou of a monument to her defenders who 
lost their lives in suppressing; tbe Klaveholdei's' rebellion. [With the an- 
nual reports of tbe *' Ulster Guard," 1802-05.] N.Y., 1807. 8^ [i, AutJior.] 

— The ancient, niedia'val and uioderu Netherlauders; Dutch and ileniiugs. 

Pouglikeei>sie, [mp. 185'.)]. b°. pp. 1-04. [i] 

— Banner presentation aud address, iyce Graud Army of the Republic. 

— Description of medals presented by Oscar, King of Sweden and Norway, 

to J. W. Do Peyster. With the letter in relation thereto, n.p., [185-]. 8°. 
6 p. [3] 

— Practical strategy, as illustrated by tbe life and achievements of the 

Austrian Fiehl Marebal Traun. Caiskill, 18*)^. 8^ 04 p. [s Aufhor.] 

— Secession in Switzerland amd in the United States conijiared: being the 

annual aildress, Oct. LO, 18()3, beftjre tbe Vermont State Historical Society, 
Montpelier. Catskill, 18(ia. 8°. 72 p. [:i] 

— State sovereignty, n <p., [180-]. 8°. 8 p. [•"] 

— Winter campaigns; the test of generalabip. [By Anchor, p«cuc?.] N.Y., 

1802. 12°. 24 p. l<] 

Derby, Conn, ^ce Orcutt, S., and Beardsley, A. 

Des Cars, AniC'dee J., vonit;. A treatise on pruning forest and ornamental 
trees. Tr. from tbe 7th French cd. With an introduction, by C. S. Sar- 
gent. Bost., 1881. 12®. xiv, t5, (1) p. lllus. (Mass. Soc. Prom. Agric. 
Publ.) [1] 

Detroit, 3Juh, Board of Education. IStb, 21st, 25th, 20tli-32d, 34th-38th 
annual report, [iJiOO], Oo, 07, 71-74, 70-80. Detroit, 1801-81. 8°. [a] 

Deutsclier Vereiii liir OlfentHche Gesuudheitspflege. Berirht des 
Ausschusscs iiber die 8e Veisanindung des ** Deutscbeu Vereins fur 
Olfenllicbe Gesundheitspflege " in Gemeinscbaft mit dem " Verein fiir 
Gesundheitstechnik " zu Hamburg, 13-15 Sept., 1880. Braunschweig, 1881. 
8°. [;i] 

Dewey, Richard S. Provision for insane criminals. Chicago, 1878. 8°. 2G p. 


Reprinted from the Chicajio journal of nervous nnd mental disease, Oct., 1878. 

Dewhurst, William W. The history of Saint Augustine, Florida. N.Y., 
1881. 12°. [1] 

De Witt, E. L. Reports, [1878-80], See Ohio. Supreme Court. Reports, 
new series, v. 35. 

Dexter, Sarah E. Recollections of Hannah B. Chickering. Camb., 18S1. 
lO®. 50 p. [1] 

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Reports, v. 71. 

Diclceus, John. Reports of cases in the High Court of Chancery, [1559-1792]. 
Revised by J. Wyatt. Lon<l., 1803. 2 v. 8°. [I] 

Dickinson, John Woodbridj;e. Two premium essays. Oral teaching: its 
proper limits and methods, l)y J. W. Dickinson. The proper functions of 
the free high schools, by H. H. Morgan. Bost., 1880. 10°. 40 p. [3, lion, 
John W. Dickinson t Boston.] 

Dietzsch, Emil. *' Crowuer's quest.** Three annual reports. Chicago, 1878. 
8<>. 04 p. [a] 

Dillaye, Stephen D. The money and the finances of the French revolution 
of 1789. Assignats aud mandats: a true history. Including an examina- 
tion of A. D. White's "Paper money intiiitiou in France." Pliila., 1877. 
8®. 68 p. [1] 

DOCUiMENT — No. 3. 68 

id iliplr a3S<K;in[c<] rocks north ol Boston. [Bost., 


1 ill llii 

! Unii« 

1 Sratcf. Cirev 

Mt Courts for 


I. Vav 


Iinvii, 18S0. S< 

■■ (1] 

of m 


I t.iri"" 

■ulioiiB. M e 

.1.. eiilar([ed. 

ng, K. J. 
bury, E. E. 

ro; — Bristol Countj;— Brockton (including 
il West Brltlgewiiter); — Brookline; — C«m- 
!<li,it! Itevcre]; - Clinton ; - Danvers Vncliidintj 
; Beverly, SlAn«tiester, Kssex, Weuhain, 
.//. ,- - K*seit County ; - Fall River; - ntch. 
Haverhill (■nchiiliu,, Bradford); - Holyoke 
r Pallif); - Hyde Park (ii«:l'uliiiu Dedliam und 
t (''iid'«f>'i'.'/ Metlmen imd North Aiidover); — 
;-£.yiin;-»»liie:-3raldeU (inrliidimi iUA- 
k-crptl);~Mani-liester, JV.//.; — Slurlboro; — 
Slllford; — Nantasket; — New Bedford; — 
York, tV<j(,- New York, «(a(e,— Newbury- 
»V WalthAm ni>(I Watertown); — North«mp> 
ulDcy iiiKlndiiift Weymoutb and Bralntree); 
{iRtiiiiUii'i South Danvers); — Soinerville; — 
Albany County, .V. r. ; — Wuketteld (IndmUaa 
iiid Saagus);— WuUtaanl (inclurliiif/ Water- 
■ \Vorcesf«r' County. 
iiiM ••/ r,-i(j.(wJ 0/ Public SchooU. M, 6th-fith 

; Sdviolt, uwi Siii'i^ni'teadunt of Colored Snhoolt nj 
cii. Annual n-n<>rf. 1S7:1-T4 Wiwli., I8T5. S". [a] 
ni.D.C. Boanli^T-ftrtf/ PMxtSrlmU. 
irthur, A. Ilei)orls, 1877-79. 

H in tlio vicinily of Boston. [By a looker on. 

rnsa Pafnjonlft, Witli illiis. Lon(1.,lS80, 8". [I] 

10 premises at free traile examlneJ. From the 

I Aatiociatluii of Wool Slauulacturera. Camb., 


lemolr of Dr. Doano. h.t.p. [181-.] 8°. 8 p. 

Sec Dodge,*!. A. 

li of the life i>f tlie Hon. Phlnelias Adams, of 
,1«W0. H". 21 p. Portrait. [IJ 
if the FIrit Conj;r<-(;)iti(>tial Cliurcli, Yarmouth, 
vei'e<l Jan. 31), and Feb. S. UTi. Varmoutliport, 

IIP ([iililnnfo. Jlcmnrial of Allen W. Dodge. By 
N.Y., ISMl. Vi". PcrlraiiH [1] 
campiilsu of Cliaiicelliiravillu. Boat., 1831. 8". 




Dorchester, Daniel. The problem of religious progress. N.Y., 1881. 16°. [1] 
Dorchester, Mass. [Cen.sus of peraons between the ages of 4 and 16 years, 

and list of births in the town, May, 1847-May, 1848. Dorchester, 1848.] 

Broadside. [2] 

— Taxable valuation of the polls and estates and amount of tax, 1850, 61. 

Bost , 1850-61. 8°. [2] 

— See Harris, B. W. 

— First Cliurch and Parish* Proceedings of the 250th anniversary of the 

gathering in England, departure for America, and final settlement in New 
England, March 28 and June 17, 1880. [Compiled by S. J. Barrows] 
Bost., 1880. 8''. [IJ 

— Second Church. Sermon and addresses commemorative of the 25th anni- 

versary of the ordination of llev. James H. Means as pastor of the Second 
Church, DorcheMter, July 13-14, 1873. Bost., 1873. 8^ 72 p. [2] 

Dorr, Benjamin. 6ee Wallace, J. W. 

Dorrien, S. von. Forests and forestry. Letter addressed to V. Colvin, on the 
importance of forests, their management in Germany, etc. N.Y., 1879. 8°. 
45, (1) p. Map. [3] 

Doster, William Emil. An oration before the assembly of the Harvard Law 
S«:hool, March 18, 1859. Camb., 1859. 8°. 39 p. [1] 

Dougherty, John. State of the Union. Speech in the Assembly of Cali- 
fornia, Feb. 14, 1861. n.t.p. [18(il.] 8°. 16 p. [3] 

Douglas, Stephen Arnold. See Black, J. S. ; — Virginius, pseud, 

Douglas, Mass, Report of the selectmen of the town for the year ending 
March 3, 1848. [Worc^ester, 1848.] Broadside. [2] 

Dover, N.H. See Ham, J. R. 

— Methodist Episcopal Church. See Thurston, J. 

Dover {JV.H.) directory for 1859. [No. 6.] By J. S. Hayes. Dover, 1859. 
16*^. [3, Augustus RusSy Boston.] 

Dov?ling, Alfred S. Reports of cases in the King's Bench Practice Court; 
with the points of practice in the Court-s of Common Pleas and Exchequer, 
1830-41. Lond., 18;«-42. 9 v. 8°. [I] 

Downer Landing directory. 6'ee Nantaslcet. 

Dralce, James Madison. Fast and loose in Dixie. Narrative of personal 
experience as a prisoner of war at Libby, Macon, Savannah, and Charles- 
ton. N.Y., 1880. 16°. Illus. [I] 

Drake, Samuel Gardner. Address. See New England Historic, Genea- 
. logical Society. 

Drawing. See Reiber, E. 

Dresser, H. E. Notes on the birds of Southern Texas, n.p., [1866]. 8^. 
(54) p. [1] 

From the IbU for Oct., 1869, and Jan., 1866. 

Dring, Thomas. Recollections of the Jersey pri.son-ship; prepared for pub- 
lication by A. G. Greene. Proviilence, 182^), reprinted [1880?] 4°. [1] 

Drone, Eat^jn Sylvester. A treatise on the law of property in intellectual 
productions in Great Britain and the United States, embracing copyright 
and plavright. Bost.. 1H79. 8°. liv, 774 p. [1] 

Drury, Edwin. Line of descent from Hu^h Driiry, of Boston, 1640, to Edwin 
Drury, of Wilmette, [111.], in 18b0. [Wilmette, 1880.] Broadside. [3, 
Kdwiii Hubbard, Chkiu/Oy III.] 

— Line of descent from John Heald, in Concord, Mass., 1635, to Mary Eliza- 

beth Heald, who died Feb., 1871, at McHenry, 111. [Wilmette, III., 1880.] 

Broadside. [3, K. Hubbard.] 
Drury family. See Drury, E. 
Drury College, Sprinfifieldy Mo. l8t-8th annual catalogue, 1873/4-80/81. 

Spriiigtield, St. LouLs, 1874-81. 8°. [3] 
Dryden, John. See Saintsbury, 6. 

[C DOCUMENT— No. 3. 55 

of Ednration. SOlh annual report. Willi the tuloB 

I histori<:al akercli. Dubuque, IHTS. S°. [3] 

dre»9 before the Societ7 of Alumni of the Cnlver- 

S, 1879. ChBTtoltesville, Vs., 187!). K", 38 p. [3] 

tules of Tfew York, [t8'H<]. .Spf New York. 

iuBtfiiie Grant. Foreign pollc.v. I^ond., 1880. 8°. 

ir»l Federation. Prmjtit-ftl jHillticfi, no. 2.) 

in, Ydudk Irelanil: a fragment of Irish history, 

S80]. 8". viii, 778 p. [1] 

WiwU Bjiurpr. pronilntDtlr In llili niiiT.ll", 

addreu on the centennial of th« siege of YorhtowD, 

IB81]. B°. 7 p. [3, XTif/uir.] 

uder of tlie BriMnh forces to the AmeiHcans and 

n.p...l881. 8". II, (Dp. Plan. [3, ^utftnr.] 
Jtateineiit of Che receipts and expendlturea for the 
870. ii.f,/i. [1870.] Broadside. [3) 
Itaeater, .1. L. 

:raphv of India. With hi.itorioat notes. lOtli ed. 
UM. [1] 

ee banking: an essay on banking, currency, flnance, 
18». ill 
sur lea insectes et lea maladies qui affectent le bM. 

I p. [jj 

works; with a memoir of the author. Ed. by [T. 
18*9. 8°. [.1. EdiBitt M. btoiu, Providence. B.I.] 
m\ (llscoiirHe on ihe rise and proRtew of the First 
h of St. Allians, Vt. Bt. Albans, ISiO. 8°. 12 p. [;|) 
pe, O. 
atiiin of the public acts passed prior to 1440. Ste 

of selected civil and criminal cases decided In the 
Kentucky. Vol. 2. IBUa-fl6. Frankfort, Ky., 1887. 

Isb Monument. See Standlsh Monument As. 

tish life la war time. N V,. 1881. 13°. [1] 

lui. Elements of permanency in our national Inati- 

rire the aliiiuni of Hamilton College, June 23, 1880. 

'. A manual of Maine corporation law. Portlautl. 

■monii: scripto-rational. Containlnn the substance 
Jhakera, N.Y., IHTS. 8= Pi.rtralt. [3. Author.] 
arllable Eye and Ear /yyirmari;; — MaasacUusotta 

'. Smith, R. D.. niul Plllsbury, A. B. 
lory. See Brockton. 
, if'iii See Alexander, J. 
See Bliss, G. N. 

pany. 46th annual report, 1880. Boat., 1880. 8°. [3] 
"spoils" system and civil service reform in tlie 
it'Oflice at New York. N.Y , 18M1. 16°. (Ctvtl Ser> 
»tlon. Publ,. no. .t.) [I] 

tansaa. Proteeilinga of the Leglalatiire aud of the 
Arkansas, and the Eclectic Society, Hxing the pro- 
ne Arkanaaa, Little Bock, 1S81. 8°. (2), 16 p. [3] 




Economic tract:^. No. 1-3. Serius, ISSO-Sl. N.Y., 18.0-81. IG^ 

No. 1. Atkinson, E. Whnt is n b:ii<k ? 

List of books 

2. Suiniiei*, W. *>..and others. I'oiltUnl cconomv nml T>oIltlcAl Kicnco. 
rcciMiiineiitl* d lur Konerui nHiliiix. and a- an liitriKliictiuii lo KptciHl stu«lv. 

3. 8iibjecta anti questlunii iti'ttahili g to iioliiiuni ecummiy, constitutlnnal Inw, etc. 

Eddy, Charles. Geuealogy of tlie Edily family. Brooklyn, N.Y., 1881. 



Eddy family. See Eddy, C. 

Eden, Cliarles H. The West Indies. Lond., 1880. 1C°. Map and illns. 
(Pulling, F. S., ed. Forfi«;ii count rio«) [1] 

Edgar, Andrew, and Rogers, Charles. Genealogical collections concerning 
the Scottish lionso of Kd;{ar. AVith a memoir of James Edgar, private 
secretary to the Chevalier St. George. Lond., 1873. sm. 8**. Portrait. [1] 

Edgar family. See Edgar, A., and Rogers, C. 

Edinburgh review. Vol. 15J-153. Amur. ed. N.Y., 1880-81. 2 v. 1. 8°. [1] 

Edmands, J. Wiley. Speech in the House of Representatives. May 20, 1854, 
on the Nebraska and Kansas territorial hill. Wash.. 1864. 8®. 13 p. [•*] 

Edmunds, James. The medical use of alcohol; and stimulants for women. 
N.Y., 1874. Ki®. IHi p. [1] 

Education. See Adams, C. F., Jv. ; — Aldrich, P. E.; — American Insti- 
tute of Instruction; — American Journal of education ; — Baldwin, 
J.; — Bardeen, C. W.; — Boutwoll, G. S ; — Dicltinson, J. W; — 
Fitch, J. G.; — Fortescue, H. F., A«n7,- — Galloway, U; — Gill, J ; — 
Hinsdale, B. A.;— Journal de rinstruction publique; —Journal of 
education; — National Educational Association; — Northrop, B. G.; 
— Oppler, A.;— Payne, J.; — Qulclc, K. H.; — Rice, A. H.; — Rich- 
ards, Z.; — Robinson, R.; — Scliool Board chronicle; — Seguin, E.; — 
Sill, E. R.; — Smart, J. II. ; — Soldan, L. ; — Sounenscheiu, A.; — 
Tweed, B. F. 

Edwards, John H. A history of the Heard family, of Wayland, Mass. Bost., 
1880. 8^ 01 p. Portraits. [I] 

Egypt. See Poole, S. L. 

Elections. See Brightly, F. C ; — Butler, B. F. ; — Aiassachusetts* 

Elevated railways. See Bradford, M. L. ; — Child, L. M. ; — Uawlces, N. 
M. ; — Massac liusetts. Gencnd Court ; — Merrill, M. 

Eliot, Charles William. Speech for aid in the preservation of the Old South 
Mceting-House, [l)efore the committee on federal relations of the Massa- 
chusetts Legislature]. Bost., 1878. 8°. 14 p. [0, Samuel A. Green, ALU., 

Eliot, William H., .//•., and Porter, William S. Genealogy of the Eliot fam- 
ily. [John Eliot and his descendants ] New Haven, 18j4. 8®. [2] 

EUot family. See EJiot, W. H., Jr., and Porter, W. S. 

Eliot, Mass. Short genealogical account of a few families of the early set- 
tlers in Eliot. And of a branch of the Moody family. Saco, 1851. IG®. 
22 p. [3, Dr. John S. II. Fof/r/, IJoston] 

Contiilnit pcnoalo^^ios of tlie Fog;; nnil Hill fnmillcs. 

Eliot, 3fe. See Short genealogical account. 

Elizabeth, N.J. Sec Hatfield, E F. ; — Murray, N. 

Eller, Homer C. Digest of decisions of the Sujireme Court of Miimesota as 
contained in volumes 1 to 25 inclusive of the Minnesota reports. St. Paul, 
1880-81. 2 V. 1. 8^ [1] 

Ellicott, Thomas. Bank of Maryland conspiracy, as developed in the report 
to the creditors. Pliila., Ism 8°. [1] 

Elliot, George IC. R(?port of a tour of inspection of European light-housQ 
establishments, 1873. See United States. Department nf the Treasury. 

Elliott, Stephen. A reply to a resolution of the Georgia Historical Society 
read before the Society, Feb. 12, 1806. Savannah, 1800. b>°, 13 p. [o] 

— See Coheiiy S. 


First Clinrcli: nn ftnnlversary sermon, Waj 4, 
[3, fi. P. Miiyberi-y. Dottoii.] 
•e ilepfirtnieDts of the United Stnles at Waah- 
rlew u( tlie powers, (imciionB, aiiil Julies of 
urenuB, efc. Waah., 1070. Bin. (t". [I] 

Williams. Proviilence, 18K). 1U° li, Edain 

iiiDiaceDi-es o( a nouageniiTiai 


1 cd. Vol. 12. B.wt., 1K8I. 4". 

I.F.A Pjund Guyot, A. (H); — Encjdo- 

inqtiiiy Rolicileil; Imt gcncml <1eolnii 


Lou.l.,1842. K", 10 p. [I] 

nl. Vol. 27-ai. Jhu. 18T1>-Jutie ISSl. N.Y., 
. ; — MoDgredlen, A.; — Weeks J- 'O. 
•s. See WorceBler, J. E. 
Institute. ProcteiUngs and repoita, 13th 

iMHi. B». m 


0-Hl. Bust., IH74-B0. 2 V. H". (1] 
icintloti. To the iiierabcn- ot the Htate I.rgl''- 
to the iiliarinacy law,] n.p., [ISKl], b°. « p. 

.1.12. 1880. 

Sniem, 1881. 8°. 


>-lT. Salem 

.. lHT!)-60. 2 V. «■>. 



A.; -Moore, J, 



itring ilie Aiftro-P 



vv ago lis, cntalogite 


B author ,t 

d. Paris, 18<i8, H°. [:l] 


Will (20tb) April, 


i, 2.1 ed. 


1. Deliverei 

;1 as tho introdncl 

o the lec- 

Dec . 183!). 

H.«t.,1810. 8°. 74 p. 


Jnlted StRtes, Feb. 8, 1854, on 

, the 


Wash., IRBl, 

S". 14 p. [D] 

an treaty. In 

1 the Senate ot llie 

United Sralea, 

8-. ID p. 


ning Club. 




Fagan, Louis. Life and correspondence of Sir Anthony Panizzi. Vol. 1-3. 

Bost., I>i81. 2 V. 8°. Portraits. [1] 
Fairhaven, Afaas. See Ricketson, D. 
Fall River, Mass. Address of N. B. Borden, Mayor, 1858. Fall River, 1858. 

8o. [2] 

— [4th-7th annual] report of the Watuppa water hoard, 1878-81. Fall River, 

1878-81. 8°. [3] 

— City document, no. 34. Fall River, 1881. 8°. [3] 

— Report of the auditing committee for the year endings: Jan. 31, 1854; Finance 

committee's report of the receipts & expenditures, Jan., 1858, GO. Fall 
River, 1854-60. 8°. [2] 
Fall River directory and an almanac for 1859. By Adams, Sampson & Co. 
Fall River, 1850. 16°. [3] 

— Same. 1880. No. 14. By Sampson, Davenport, & Co. Fall River. [1880]. 

8«>. Map. [1] 
Famines. See T revel yan. Sir C. E 
Fanners. See Bennett, E. H.; — Buckham, M. H. 
Farr, D. C. Re-union of the Wheeler family of Acton, at West Acton, Aug. 

7, 1879. With a sketch of the local Wheeler family genealogy for five 

generations. . Marlboro, 1879. 8°. 7 p. [1] 
Farrar, Maurice. Five years in Minnesota. Lond., 1880. 16°. [1] 
Farrer, James Anson. Adam Smith. 1723-1790. N.Y., 1881. sm. S^. (Mttl- 

ler, I., ed. English philosophers ) [1] 

— Crimes and punishments, including a new translation of Beccaria's 'Dei 

delitti e delle pene.' Lond., 1880. sm. 8°. [1] 
Farrier, George H., editor. Memorial of the centennial celebration of the 

battle of Paulus Hook, Aug. 19, 1879; with a history of Jersey City, N.J. 

Jersey City, 1879. 8°. Map, portraits and illus. [3, Editor.] 
Fate of republics. See Townseud, L. T. 
Fauquier County, Va. Whig Central Committee of Vigilance. Address 

[to the people on the project for arming and disciplining the militia]. 

7i.p., [1840]. 8^. 16 p. [1] 
Fa^vcett, Henry, and Mr». Millicent Garret. Essays and lectures on social 

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mic aaoe'-ts. — I'auperisim, charity and the poor law. — The regulMtion of th^ hours of Inbour 
by tho fttaio. — National dobis and iiiitionHl pronperlty. —What can be done for the atrrlcn- 
turai labourer* y — The >cho(»l« Inquiry Cominlssiont're on tlie education ot Rlrls. — The edu- 
cation of Women. —The electotial ain ibilltics of women. — Why women req .Ire the franchise. 
— The Hou!»e of LortN. — .\n American on representation. — Proportional reprcseutatlou and 
Hare's scheme explained. 

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iiuin family. Account at the ilitncetiitHiita of "Wm. 

, 1K(4, and of Jonatban JoIidhoii, MurlboTODgb, 

J». Ill p. [1] 

eventH In Marlborough and nelKhboring towns. 

NHO. B". tip. [1] 

Haasachugetts Society for the Unlverattf Edu- 

'. Ocean telegraph;: the 2.'illi annji-prsBry of tbe 
t company ev«r (uimtil to lav an iK ran falile, Mar. 
sm. 1°. 04 p. [:l, Author.] 
IB vote that made llie presidi-iit. N ¥.. IS7T. ti°. 

■■ee Bartol, C. A. 

Aland Hnanuialchronielei — Trant, W, 

;k forlHHI. L«nd , [18HI]. H°. [:i] 

al; — Boston Museum of Fine Arts; — Haas»- 

or of Alt JCdaiMion ; — Osgood, S. 

•., Jr. 

rCHs [to tbe boaril of Hchool coinoilttee. on the 11ml- 

.ures of school commltleea. Bosr., 1881]. 8°. 9-23 

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the Irish, 1870-80. Consoliiiatcd and atrauged by 
Bws. Load., [ISrt)]. 2 v. 1. 8°. [1] 

t Hamilton College. 

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pienie and Circuit CourtH of the l'nite<l Stales, 

icln., m3. 8°. [1} 

lusetts ; — Miolilgan ; — Ohio ; - Pennsylvania ; 

Rich, S.; -United States. Commiuion of Fith 

I bury, C. T.. 

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in as pastor of tbe original Coiigregatlunal CLuieh 

lanapjiandii. Bost., 1850. 8°. G4 p. [:i] 

)u before tbe iiiliabitanta of Weston, July 4, 1816. 

. [3, George W. Culting, Jr., Weilon.] 

teaching, delivered in tbe University of Cambridfie, 

.8°. [1] 

vs to be observed by the town, n.p., [1848]. 8°. 




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mntic«i»toHcn IrBlJ.tna. ricnvntl dall>» htudlo del m»iio»criUi con uim introduzlunc »uUa fur- 
ina/.ionc dv^ll Hntichl caiizoiiicri itMliuiii. 

— Sezione di Medicina e Chintrfjia. Pubblicazioni. Firenze, 1880. 1. S^. [3] 

Pacini, F, Hel nroco».«»o morhoo dp| tolom asiatico, del 8Uo stadio dl morte Apparente 
e dcllit Icjijje tnateinatica da cul 6 rogohito. 2a cd. 

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WUli an appendix containing offlclal documents. 

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With an appci dix containing official documents. 

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[C DOCUMENT — No. 3. 

. Bost., 1878. Bra, 6°. [I] 

ur tlie III Cur-oceanic roiiiti. Bost., 18i 

ieo<lote» of piiblio men. Vol.2. N Y.. 1881. 1«. [1] 
iry. A nketuli ol tliu life ol tlio Ilev. Joaepli Muiit- 
Pa., IST'J. B". 47 p. [:l, Aallfir ] 
iciie, £art. Pulilia icbuots fi>r tlio midOlo classes. 

to tliu 

at the la\Ts of Georgia, 1820-29. See Georgia. Gen- 

literatnre ot civil service retonii in tUe Unlteil Slates. 
15 p. [a.Atdlwr] 
r, Tlie ri<;iit usu oC liiitory. An annlvcrHnry <lis- 
ilorital Society of Peiinsj-lvnnia. [Pliila.], I8J6. 8°. 

les ()[arie). See Godwin, P, 

. A key to t'liiriu'H iliueiiLius, for tlie lllustTBtlon ot 

Bost.. ]830. 1-2°. llius. [>] 

e. N.y., 1880. 1^°. (Morley, J., ed. Eogtisli men 

xy. Conililions of success in gene.iloslcal invesiiitn- 
|je cliariicler oC Nuthaiiiol Lhiiiincey. A papur reail 
and Hiatoric-Geuealusical Socieiy in Boston, March 
i-. 28 p. M 
t Tntvelyao, O. O, 

mentaires ile 178T ii I8G0. Iteciicil compiet ilea deliatt 
« ilus CliainbreB Frani,-aises. Iiiiprime sous la dlrec- 
It de E. Lauient. ie scrie. Tome 11-49. 18:!5-:'6. 
'■ [1] 
Bililiath^que du comitii de lifgislation ecrangire. 

ry. V.-. [■•] 

EtoberU, M. ; — Talne, H. A. 

t York during tbe last lialf century. Discciune in 
lie OM anniversary ot the New Yoik Historical So- 
dication of tlielr new editiue, Kov. IT, t8ST. H.Y.. 

d of Sihwl TniMKt nncl Siiperlnttnilenl of FiMic 

iial report, 1880-81. Indianapolis, 1880-81. 8°. [^] 

e Beesly, A. U. 

ii'l of Pi-uMia. See Longman, F. yf. 

ion. See Butts, I.; — DUwell, G. B.; — Hayes, J. 

: — Mongredleu, A.; — Scunlan, J. F.; — Summer, 

istus. The historical geography of Europe. Lond,, 




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12 V. 8°. Portraits. [3] 
— See Weisse, J. A. 
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Friends. See Barton, H. ; — See Onderdonk, H. , Jv. 
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siiffrau'e in Rhode l8lan<l, 1811-42. Providence, 1842. 12®. [1] 
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Froebel, Friedrich. See Wiebe, E. 
Fruit. See Goessmann, C. A., and Maynard, S. T. 
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N.Y., 1881. 8°. [1] 

Con tent $. 

Vol. 1. Frum the outbreak of th« revolutionary war In 1792 to the accession of Loala 
xviii in 1814. 

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added, the Tottingham family of New England, and the Bogardus, Wal- 
dron and Young families df New York. Galesville, Wis., 1866. sm. 8**. 
Portraits. [1] 

Gale family. See Gale, G. 

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hanking system of the United States Phila., 1831. 8°. [1] 

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tive sciences are taught and how thev ought to be taught. Lond., 1881. 
8«. [1] 

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Oxford, 1880. 8°. IIlus. [1] 

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at the conclusion of his settlement over the first church and parish. Box- 
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Cambridge Divinity School, July 17, 1867. Boat., 1867. HP. 31 p. [1] 

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Jan., 1792, on the expediency of repealing the law against theatrical exhi- 
bitions. [With a dissertation on the ancient poetry of the Romans.] 
Bost., 1792 8^ [1] 

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Society of Cincinnati; a paper read before the Rhode Island Historical 
S«.ciety, April 30, 1878. Providence, 1878. 8<>. 12 p. [3] 

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Gardner, 1859-80. 8°. [2, 3] 

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Manih 2, 1861. Fitchburg, 1861. 8°. [2] 

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mitted to Congress by the Secretary of War, and recommended by the 
President. Wash., 1840. 8°. 16 p. [1] 

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Gaspee, schooner. See Bartlett, J. R. 


Argument Id Telalion to the new lan&ttc boapltal at Dan- 

.„ 18TT. t 

3Tp. [-1] 

n the petition of W. Slianly, before the tommlttee on 
issachusettd Leeislalnre, ISTT. Bost., I8S1. 8°. W p. [i] 
le old inan'RCAlemlnr. A dliicoiirae ileliTered in the First 
ham, Aug. 26, 1T81, the 1>irth-da; nt the aulhor. Boat., 

See Banks, C. E. 

uwler, W. C.; — New-England biiitorical and geDsaloel- 



IrlcKn: — Barlnhk: - 
- Clarrnn : - Cl*Tela 
Tiri-EI !»-•■-«'■■"- 


TowSbT — TrowbritlBo ; 

m : - LIttlvh 

Minutes, ICClh-lTIst i 

inual mee 

Ion of New Hampshire. MiniiteH, fK)th-TlHt annual 
. [With the] T'tli-Tinli annual report of llie New-Hamp- 
ilonarr Society. Bristol, N.H., 1878-80. 8°. [1] 

e of the ConftreitMlonal Churches of Conneetleut. 
B. Hartford, 18Ti. B". [1] 

Hlnlitm or CVinnn'Mcut In >tir nvo1ullr>n.-Biuwii. L. amn\r,ni •>( 
hiirch"' ft CnnnK-rlr'ui in dill iinvenmi/'iit. hiiil i<> )>..nii1«r .'Miinllon 

annual meeting, ISTB-TU. Vol S. Hartfoni, 187(i-80. ff. 

on of Conicregational Ministers and Churcbea of 

lUtes, 8]st-8)th annual nit'criiiK, IU'R-TJ. {Wtlh lliej SHth- 
•ort of tliB Vermont Domestic Mlsxionary Society, and 
1 report of the Vermont Education Society. Moutpelier, 

loneer Aasoctatlon. Hlxtory of Its orsanlzaMon, list of 
nhers, and the annual aildreiis. June II, 1878, by N. Sey- 
, N.r., 18Tfl. 8". 44 p. [3, X. Seymour, Ml. Uorrii, A'. 1\] 
Conover, Q. S. 

'te Massachusetts Geneva Award Association, 
uine. Vol, 349-250. Lond., 18SO-81. S v. e". [1] 

ohnston, (A.)K., Jr.,- — RoyalCieoxraphlcBl Sorloty. 
rrnnde, .1., and oihen ; — Cozzeaa, I., Jr. ,- — Dlller, J. 

-Minnesota; -New Hampshlrei-New Jersey; — 
Kortb Carolina; — Pennsylvania ; — Prime, F., Jr. ; — 
; — WIbcoosId. 




George iv., King of Enr/land. See Fitzgerald, P. 

George, Henry. The Irish land question. An appeal to the land leagnes. 

NY., 1881. 12°. 85 p. [1] 
George, Joliu H. Argument in behalf of the petition of the Boston and 

Lowell Railroad for an increase of terminal facilities in Boston, before 

the railroail committee of the Massachusetts Legislature, Feb. 4, 18G1). 

Bost., 18()1). 8°. SUp. [3] 
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Pennsylvania. Secrelanj of State. 
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8°. 8 p. [;i] 
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8°. [2] 
A digest of the laws of Georgia: rontniniug all stiitutes passed from 1820 

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8°. [2] 
Journal of the Senate, 1878; adjourned session, 1879. Atlanta, 1879. 2 v. 

8°. [2j 

Tho St'iiato Joumnl f »r 187?) hn* an ap-^PiKlIx rnntalninc tho proccpdinc* of the Tilth Court 
of Itnpi-Mchiiieiil, in thu triuls of \V. L. UuldHmitli. CumptrulUr-Gi-UcraU and J. W. UonArue, 
SlMte rri-aMirer. 

— Lmo Libran/' Catalogue, 1879. F. L. Haralson, state librarian. Atlanta, 

1879. 8°. [2] 

— Riiihvad CommiMion. Tho briefs of the attorneys for the Railroad Com- 

iiiiH.Hion. np.,[lH8l]. Newspaper slip. [3] 
Decision in suit a;];ainsc the Railroad Commission. [Atlanta, 1881.] 

1 sheet. [3] 
Extracts from the constitution relating to railroads, with the act creating 

a railroad commission. [Atlanta, 1879.] 1 sheet. [3] 

— State School Commissioner, Report, 1879-80. Atlanta, 1880. 8**. [2] 

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& [J. H.] Lumpkin. Atlanta, lh79-81. 4 v. 8°. [2] 
See Hey ward, W. I. Table of cases. 

— See Jones, C. C, Jr. 

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Savannah, 1859. S^. 15 p. 

— Proceedings, resolutions and communications, commemorative of the Hon. 

Edward J. Harden. [Savannah], 1873. 8**. 31 p. [3] 
Georgia Indians. ^v>e Jones, C. C, Jr. 
Gerard, James W. The old stadt buys of New Amsterdam. A paper read 

before the New York Historical Society, June 15, 1875. N.Y., 1875. 8*>. 

59 p. [I] 

— The old streets of New York under the Dutch. A paper read before the 

New York Historical Society, June 2, 1874. N.Y., 1875. 1. 8<>. 52 p. [I] 
Gettysburg, Pa. See Soldiers' National Cemetery Association. 
Gewerbeblatt fiir das Grossherzogthuin Hessen. Redigirt von C. Busch. 

43er Jahrgang. 1880. Darmstadt, [1880]. 8<». [2] 
Ghoison, William Yates. Address on the payment of the bonds of the 

United States in coin, A vondale, Oct. 2, 18(58. Cincin, 1868. 8°. 32 p. [I] 
Gill, John. The art of teaching young minds to observe and think. Illua- 

trate<l by sketches and notes of lessons. 5th ed., enlarged. Lond., 1880. 

10^ [I] 

— Introductory text-book to school education, method, and school manaf^e- 

raent. Lond., 1881. 10°. [I] 

— Sy'stems of education advocated by eminent educationists. Lond., 1876 

16°. [1] 

[C DOCUMENT — No. 3. 65 

irt. Two letters to the Earl of Ater^een, on ths 
lie Neapoliiian ROvecDinent. Itt Amer. from tbe Sth 
8° US' p. (Pm., V. 118.) [1] 

rg. Report OH the Library, 18T1-TO. Glaagow, 1880. 

roct«r, G. H. 

(ktional Churcb, Eierctsei at the SOth anniver- 
Tov. 18, 18T9. [Including the historical address by 
!ter, 1880. 8*. 76 p. [1] 

intic historical statement. Showing also the legal 
nd churches. Gtouccster, 1880. 8°. 2Tp. (I] 
80-81. No. T. And Rockport business directory. 
)«, &Co. Gloncaster, 18S0. 8". Map. [1] 
ndet. NeirnpaperR anil newspaper writers in New 
lost., 1880. 8°. 39 p. [1] 
En Blind Hlilonc, QfneUngJcil Soclflj. F.b. t, IBM. 

adr^. Tbe association of capital with labor; being 
init oF mutual assurance, ret^utatlns tbe aoclal palace 
. by L. BriHtol. N.Y., 1881. 8". 87 p. [i] 

lar view of the doctrines o( Charles Fourier. N.Y., 

The comparative Talue ot Several varieties ot 
g purposes. Boat., 1S80. 8°. (35) p. [i] 
rcporl or Ibo UuuchuMtll HUM BaaTd or Airlcaimre. 

HugoT-beet for the manufacture ot sagar. Boat., 

crattsiiien; a sermon, or parapliraae, upon several 
.pter ot the Act« of the Apostles. Reprinted from 
d., 1839. 12°. 21 p. <Pm., V. 119.) {1] 
us, H. 
te Gothk. 
Tiie origin and development Ol religious belief. 

••• ['1 ,j„„,^ 

nanodiBiain. S, Chrlulinltr. 

Catalogue ot law book.1 published and for sale by 
hany, 1881. 8". [3, Pabliiher:] 
otheca Americana, [No. 1.] N.Y., lSt». 8°. [3] 

reports ot tbe several town officers for the year 
1,1891. Worcester, [1857-fll]. 8°. [2] 
,1861. WorceBter, [I8H1]. 8'". [2] 
It annual report, 18l>8. Worcester, [1808]. 8°. [3] 
. 1839-79. The SOth annlver^iary; proceedings at 

the lailios' Sewing Circle, March fi, 1379. Worcea- 
1, //. L. Shumioa}/, iVbrctiler.] 

tepubllc. Posl Pliil. Kearmj, DfpaHmfat of Htvi 
ing Hall, March 25, 1868. Banner presentation and 
:>eyster. N.T., 1868. 8". 19, (1) p. [3] 


Qrant, Ulynsea Simpson, Pre*, of the U.S. See Bsdean, A.; 

P.; — Marshall, B C. 
Grattan, Peaohy R. Reportu o( cases in the Supreme Court 

VirKlnia. Vol. 33, 1880. Kichiuond, 1881. 8". [2] 
Gray, JameB M. A BeTinon preached In the First Retormed Epia 

BoBtoQ. Kov. 14, 1880, in memory of Rev. Samuel Cutler. [E 

18 p. [3. Author.] 
Or«at Barrlngtoo, Man. Report o( a comuiittee of the town 

ing Hcbool dlatiictt and establishing a town school system. 

25 p. [3] 
Great Britain. BaS Caurt. Set DowHuK. A. S. Repoi 

Saunders, T. W., and Cole, H. T. Ball Court reportn, [184i 

— Charity Commi»>ion. 2:th report. [Lond., 1880.] P. [1] 

— Chi'/ Jtepiilrar of Frienaly Sodelte*. Friendly societies, i 

pmvideut aouleties and trade utilons. Reports, 18T8. I 
[Lond., 1H79,] 1 v. in 3 pts. f. [1] 

— Commli»lonert of the Cuetome. 24th report. [1S79]. Lond., 188 

— CoJTimiMioneri appointed to Inquire into the Truck S]/>lem. 

minutes of evidence. Vol 1. Report, suhedulcB. and sopplei 
is:i. P. [1] 
-— Commii»toner» m iunofy. Copy of the 34th report. [Lond., 1 

— Commiltee of Couneil on Education {Knytand aixd Walet). 

appendix, 18T9-80. Lond., 1880. 8°. 

— Court of Common Pleat. See Brownlow, R., and Goldei 

ReportA, [196E)-ia24]; — Carter, 8. Reports, [I661r-Tfl]; — Hi 
Repori8,[t612-3ti]; — Littletoii,B.,Lar(j, Lesreporta, [ie2fi- 
Slr J. Les reports de divers special cases, [1580-91];— W 
Reports. [l(!Sl-26]. 

— Court of KichequtT. See Bnnburj, W, Reports, [1713-41], 

— Court of King't Bench. See Aleyn, J. Select cases, [161K-40]; 

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Les reports. [1620-41] ; — Lofft, C. Reports, [1TT2-T4]; — Pe 
Reports and caie», [1592-97]; — Rolle, H. Les leporis de 
[]fil4-25];-Slderfln, T. Les reports, [1057-70]; —Yelve 
Reports. [1602-12]. 

— Coiii-lt. Sea Fisher, R. A. Digest of decisions, 1810-80; — Id 

Rose, Q. Cases In bankruptcy, 1810-16. 
See O'Haller, E. L., ami Hardcaatle, H. Reports, [1880], 

— Foreign Qgtee. Reports from her Majesty's representatives t 

tenure of iaod in the sereral countries of Europe, 1869-TO. 
3 V. f=. [11 

— High Court of Chaneery. See Dickens, J. Reports, [1599-11 

B., and Walker, J. Reports. IS1»-21. 

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Hill, Boston.] 

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ICUMENT— No. 3. 

from Her Majesty's diplomatic and codhu- 
the condition of tlie Induatiial claMM in 
.8". [1] 

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ulgratlon and Imioleiatioii, 18T9. [Loud,], 

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detar.uinatlon oE longitudes on the east 
i. See United States. Bureau of Naetga- 

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)., Feb. 20, 18H0, at the dedication of three 
D. Oroton, 1880. 8°. S8 p. [1] 
their descendants], n.p., [1861]. 8°. B p. 

ition ot the publio library to the puhlla 
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iietch of Lincnin. R. I. See Lincoln. 
:\ag: showing the radical de&ciency of the 
1 the advanCHges of a free euri-ency, N.Y., 

e aod banking reform: with suggestiona 
1880. 8°. 2B p. [1] 

h of HopklntoD, [R.I], 1T0T-18TS. DellT- 
he town council. Hope Valle;, R.I., 18TT. 

he opening ot court in the new coart house 

18T3. Greenfleld, 1HT3. 8°. Dl p. [3] 

ir. Address before tiie American Banlcers' 

icin„m7. s". sap. Ill 


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Heigbts; the maiiiiacTe of Fort GriBwold; and the bum 
don. Historical sketch b; J. J. Copp, and eddr«sa by J 
annlTeniarf, Sept. S, ISTO. np, 1HT9. H°. 30 p. [3, 
Baeon, iVbiificA, Conn.} 

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With a meuiorial of the founder, etc. Andover, 181 

— Introductory essaj to "Wood's Bible animals." n.p., [ 

[3, Author.] 

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organ Izaliou. «(c. See Illinois. General AiiembI]/. 
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preached at the South Congregational Church, Jan. 11, 

13", 12 p. [3, Author.] 

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(22) p. (3, Avlbor.] 

rtom the Amsncan liw nvKw for Jan. IfK. 

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ConiUni A\m lUr TolonleCT Kfi«-™i lUtT clunne the wsr wltB 

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8.M.i — Williams, J. 

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committee of the Massachusetts Legislature, Feb. 20, iiSi 
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traced ill his writings and in those ot hla conuiuporaijas. 

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I. Border state!* of Mexico: Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua 

omplete guide for travellarH and emlgraotii. Sbd Fran^ 

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ies. No. 1. N.Y.. ISfiS. 8". 

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(i2/3, ti8/9, Tl/2; 61at-68th annual catalogue of offioen 

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acadeuilci, ct iionim qui iiiunera et ofBuia academloa 

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aination, JSOG-GH; lOth-lUth, lBth-23d. asth examination, 
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^dlcation of the Kirktand monnment, In the cemetery at 

e, June 2B, 18T3, and at the meutlng of the Society of 

1873. S". H, 7 p. Portrait. [3] 

ize eiamination, I860, 03, [Utico, 1860-63.] 8°. [3] 

IS on the character and public iervlces of Samuel Wars 
Coll^, Jan. 29, and In Utica, Feb. 8, 18T4; with a hia- 
Wesfminawr Cburcb, [UtioaJ. UUca, 187*. 8». S9 p. 

\ the Inangiiratlon oC Samuel Gllman Brown an the Tth 

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tt the inauguration ot Samuel Ware Flslier as the 6th 

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. See Smttb, E. 

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le. N.Y.. 1879. 8°. M p. [3] 

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1. £«e PKlmer, E. H. 

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T. The annexation question. CloHinji argument tor the 
Inst the annexation of Dorchester to Boston, before tba 
>WDS ot tlie Massachusetts I^egislature, April 27, 1869. 
ilp. [1] 




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4. Winsor, J. Pletas et in^tulatlo. An inquiry into the authorship of the seTerAl pieces. 

5. List of apparatus available forwientiflc researches involving aucurai« measnrements, 
contained in different American laboratories. 

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iLIO DOCUMENT— No. 3. , 71 


Brethren. [Historical sketch, constitutlDn, and IIM of 

1851. 16°. 16 p. [4] 
01.1-3, Cftinb., 1880-81. 3 T. *■> and 8». 

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1. Bost., 1881. 8°. n p [3, Author.] 
od some of bin desceadants. Boat., 1879. 8°. 64 p. 

. Bost., 1870. 8". 10 p. [3, Author.] 

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w Judicial CbuH. 

ee Ad»ms, H. B. ; — BiickmlBster, L. N. (H.) 
History of Elizabeth, N.J.; inclodliiK the early blatorr 

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ilrcs.1 delivered at the request of the citizens of Hali- 
9, the clone of the 2d century from the first settlement. 
'. 80 p. [I] 

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mmittee on street-railways. Boat., 187fl. S". 10 p. [4] 
en, Jr. New Colorado and the Santa fi trail. 111ns. 
ap. [I] 

LiiiericHii textile ntachlnery: its early history, character- 
, 18711. tP. 72 p. [3, Author.] 

protective tariff. The farmer's question: being a reply 
b tract entitled " Tlie Western fanner of America." By 
, [pseud.]. Camb.,ie80. 8°. 40 p. [3] 
Bost., 1873. (P. 79 p. [3, Author.] 

adilress before the National Associa- 
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i p. [3, Author.] 

n the South. Prepared at the re<]uest of Hon. A. H. 
gla, and others. Bost., 1878. 8°. [3, Author.] 

e Indnstries as Illustrated by the relations of the woollen 
.dress at the fair of tbe American Institute, N.7., Oct. 
1870.8°. 38 p. [3, AulAor.] 




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Health. See Boston. City Cot/nc/^* — Bowditch, H. I. ; — Deutscher 
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[With a notice of Hennepin], by J. G. Shea. N.Y., 1880. 8®. Map. [1] 

An appendix contnlna the account of the Yoynfie down the Mississippi ftum the *' Xouvelle 
dAcouvert*;" an account of Hennepin'» capture, firora the Marjiry paper*; an account of 
Heniieiiln'R canoe cxiilorntion in i.a Salle's letter of Aug. 22, IH42: an account of Hennepin's 
expedition, by the Chevalier Tunty, and l>u Lhut's report to the Marquis de Seignclay. 

— See Minnesota Historical Society; 
Henniker, N.H. See Cogswell, L. W. 

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Illus. [3] 

From the Smithsonian report for 1878- 

— See Cameron, H. C ; —Taylor, W. B. ; — United States. Congress. 
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Heredity. See Moody, L. 

Hesse. See Gewerbeblatt ; — Zeitschrlft. 

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hinder enterprise; that panics and business revulsions will he prevented 
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Hill, Hamilton Andrews, continued. 

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the Massachusetts Legislature, 1878. Bost., 1878.] 8°. [^.Author.] 

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of Boston, addreHHcd to the committee on state charities of the Massachu- 
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history of penny postage. Lond , 1880. 2 v. 8°. Portrait. [1] 

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copied from the original deeds on file in the town clerk's office, Dedham. 
Reproduced with hektof/raph. 1881. sm. 4°. 15 p. [3, Author.] 

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Hilton family. See Hassam, J. T. 

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[1874-75]. sm. 4°. [3] 

No more of tills volume was printed. 

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laws. Santa F^, 1881. 8°. 20 p. [3] 

History. See Foulke, W. P. 

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with a preliminary report. Amherst, 18()2! 12°. [4] 
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Amherst College. Bost., 1879. 8°. 10 p. [3] 

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18 p. [3] 
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An address before the social uuion at Amherst College, July 2, 1879. 

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[3, Author.] 
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Quitman and Yancey. Sketch of southwestern political history to 1861. 

Mobile, 1876. 8°. [1] 




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and some account of the aborigines of northern New York. Albany, 1874. 
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essay read before the New England Historic Genealogical Society, June 
7, 1876; appended, a genealogy of the Dawes family. Bost., 1878. sin. 4°. 
PortraiU. [I] 

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16°. [I J 

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the Zambesi, 1872-79. Tr. by E. £. Frewer. With illus. and a map. 
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1880.] b^. Map. [1] 

Homicide. See Redfield, H. V. 

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policy of the church engaging in merchandise; and setting forth the 
wrong done to booksellers [by] charity publication societies. [Anon,] 
Phila,1849. 8^ 24 p. (Pm., v. 118.) [I] 

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With the address of D. W. Waldron, Memorial Day, 1880.] Bost., 1880. 
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Hopkinton, Mass. See Howe, N. 
Hopkiuton, R.I. See Griswold, S. S. 

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Horticultural Society ; — Missouri. State Horticultural Society/ ; — 
Nebraska. State Horticultural Society ; — Worcester County Horticul- 
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enlarged. Cincin., 1877. 8°. [1] 

Horton genealogy. See Horton, G. F. 

Hospitals. See Massachusetts General Hospital ; — New England Hos- 
pital for Women and Children. 


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[3, Aut/ior.^ 

Brief of a title in the seveutten townHliips in tlie county 

I syllabus of the controversy between Connecticut and 

Read before the Historical Society of Fun nsy Ivan la, 

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■ [1] 

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eys In over three thousand cities and lovrns in the United 
a synopeis ol the collection laws of each state. St. Louis, 
liigvtliu Sus», Boiton,] 
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Author, i 
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ge'iKTBphicHl disiribiition of plants yielding food, climates, flora, aoils, tie., 

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WKh M9. ngle>, 
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Krom the ForlnJiihtlr nvlfw for Ffb , IMS. 

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1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. S. 77 

IIUdoIs, coTitinmd. 

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8». {2] 
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ihip organization and management of county affaini. New ed., eularged. 

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8°- [31 

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CsUed " L<t<iliiUv« docuiiMnta." In 1174. 


IndtfMlt^ contttuied. 

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Indiaoapolis, lSTT-79. 2 v. 8°. [3] 
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8". 40 p. Map. 12] 

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Association of Medical Superintendents of American Institutions 
for the Insane; — Dewey, Xt, 3.;— Great Britain. Commiuionert In 
Liinacii; — Hammond, W. A.; — Hartford Retreat for the Insane; — 
Illinois. Eaetern Hoapital for (fta Jiuone; — Ireland. Lunacy Office; — 
Kirkbrlde, T. 8.; — Massachusetts. Stale Lunatic Hotpital at Danvtrt, 
Narthanniton, efc.; — PennsylTanla Hospital for the Insane ; — Scot- 
land. General Board of L'ommuaioneii in Lunacy; — United Slate*. 
Qoeemnient Hoapital for the In>ane. 

Insects. See Dupoat, B. ; — Hiasourl, State EniotnologUt. 

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Assembly, 1880. Des Mt^nes. 1880. f. [2] 




Iowa, continued. 

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8«. [2] 
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ContMin« also the report of the 6th annual convention of the Iowa Fine Stock Breeders* 
Aaaoclatlon« lt«0. 

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Horticultural Society also of the Western Iowa Horticultural Society and 
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name. Franco. Rome, 1881. I. 8». [2] 

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Critica a riform^k del metoilo in aotropologia fondate eiilte leKRl Blatistiche 
e bioloKiche del'valorl seriall e sull' eaperimento, per E. MorsellL Roma, 
1880. 8'". [2] ' 

Iiitriizioni acieotiflclie pel Tia|{glatori. Kacculte da A. Issel [and otbets]. 

Roma, 1881. 8". [2] 

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SiHi settlei-s o{ tlie name in Massachusetts and Long laland. Hartford, 

1879. 8°. PLirtralta. [3, Author.] 
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(Pm.,v. 119) (I] 
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1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT— No. 3. ' 83 

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ThF TPiiort tor ins bu u ipptMU teaulaiuf tha proondlnfi uT the Suu THchan' 

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Pl«e> Ml-Mof Uie Niw Eoglinil bliloriu] (nd IFniKlil«lcMl raililn', 1ST8. 

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Wornsii'i work iTiACDUnlr? psriBh. —Tho iclelica of bealEh. ^ The two bnstlu. — Thriit. 
knovlhljcc-Ureaiirltln nnd \t\r\t In1lii»nc« fbrgood uii BvLl. — UvrulUD, — Tbv □■■■■■en 

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[1] ^_ ^ ErM«™ Th.t.U* 

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tiSBO]. 1. 8°. !I8B p. [I] 

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flnt thirty yearn of Baptist laboTR in tbe county of Idke, Indiana. 
Point, Iiid.. 1880. 12°. Map. [I] 

A neinorl*) it Jui](« Herrey Ban, ukd oUitn. uf Ctia Lake. 

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Sept. II, 1853. after an absence of some muntbs in Eucupe. Bost 
8°. 20 p. [4] 

— A sermon preached 0<:t. 31. 1858, the Sunday after Ae 40th aniilver 

Ills ordination. Bost.. 1839 8°. 63 p. [3] 
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8» 44 p. [3] 
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?l«ioi)I.] Ell. by G. W. HetotnlnR. Vol. 13-15 1879-80. 
|y. «-. [1] 

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Ml hy H. Holroyit ami J. E. Hall. Ed. b^ J. R. Biilwer. 

0. LoDd.. 1880. H". [I] 

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n. Id the Courte of Probate and Divorce, reported by R. A. 
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itatutes, 1880: with a Hat of the local aDd private acta, at. 

ODd., 1880. 2 V. In 1 8°. [1] 

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i and J. E. Hall. Ed. by J. R. Bulwet. Vol.5. I8TB-80. 

'■ [I] 

tnet. Memoranda of tbe origlD, plan, and reaiilta at the 

r experiments on tbe farm and in the labontory of Lawea, 

1, Herts. [L«Dd., 18S0.J 4°. 25 p. [»] 

'. H. Afcri cultural, botanli^al, and chemical reaulta of ex- 
the mixeil berbaf^ of permauent meadow. Part 1. [Loud., 

Pb1l«optilCMl IrftDBACIlDDI of the Bo^hI Societjr. P^rt 1. IM>. 
md our wbeat-crops. Lond., 1880. 8°. 40 p. [3] 
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[stlonal Church. See Barrowa, J. H. 
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4;iie of tbe trustees, teactiem, and studenls, l)MS-46; Cata- 
^ustees, Instruntors, and stndents, 1817, lU-flS, 71 ; 79tb-87th 
Oroton, Lowell, ADdover, tic., 1843-80. lrt° and 8°. [3, 
wn, Jtf.CflMion,] 

C«ll«l "Qioum Ac«<t(iBjr," pnvloua w IBW. 
e offlcen and students from its inoorporatfon. Omtoe, 1848. 

ting aid in reballdinf; Lawrence Academy. Ototun, [ISflS]. 
i. A. Oreen.] 

ud orders of ezercisea at tbe annual examinations and ezhl- 
.8(Ht-62, 64-SG, 67, 74, 79-80. OrotoD Junction, 1850-80.] 8°. 

ory. Directory of the city of Lawrence, and the adjoining 
ethnen and North Andover, 1860-61, by C. A. Dockbam. 
GO. 8°. [.1, Auguttui Rati. Hotton ] 
No. 13-14. By SampaoD, Davenport, tt Co. Lawrence, 

8". Map. [1] 
rnold, I N.;-Hubbell & Craven;- WllUama, C. L. 

See Hine, O. D. 

half-century disconrse, (at Royalston], Oi;t. 19, 1818; being 
vnrsary of his ordination. With an appendix. Worcester, 
•■ [3] 

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:jchard, and Barna, Dawson. The temperanoe Bible-com- 

•d. Loud., 1S68. 8°. [1] 


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FederatioD. Practical polities, no. ».) 
L«nerUi family, tite Bergeu, T. O. 
Leicester, Must. Annual roport of tlie selectmsD, <Cc., March 3, 18SI 

1«H. Worcester, [lllDl-64). B". [2] 

— Celebration of the centennial anolversar; of American Independel 

4, IHTG; [embracing the utation b; J. B. Ruuell]. Worcester, 
36 p. [1] 

— Valuation, state, county, town, bigUway and school dislrlcl ttti 

WorcSHter, [1»6B]. B", 18 p. [2] 
Leicester Academy. Set Washburn, B. 
l«omlnBt«r pmket dlrectoiy for KMlMU. Hawke* & Tenny, pu 

LeuminBter, I8WI. 31". S8 p. [1] 
Leonard, Mrt. Clara T. The best way to deal with children tab 

home* of vice or neglect. Life In a family v». large iDBtltutlou 

lUSl. 8°. iO p. [;t] 

LesColle, Pierre. Greece and the Times. BepHnted Irom Minerva 

IBBO. Rome, ISeO. 8=. 20 p. [.I] 
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in the United States. Phlla.. 1881. 8°. [1] 
Lewis, Wln«lo». Addreiwes. Het Kew England Historic, Oenei 


— Valedictory address on retiring from the «91ce of president of 

England HIstorlc-Oenealoglcal Sociely, Peh.7, 18)16. Best , 1886. 

LewlBton, Mc. Si:!utol CommltUt and SuperinteiuUnl of SchaoU. 

raports, I8r*-77. 79-80. Lewiston, 1HT6-80. S". [a] 
Ijextngton, Mall. Copy of the valuation of real and personal asti 

M. BoBt., 1851'[S4]. 16° and 8°. l-l, Hun. Chat. Hudton. Lexingtii 

— Beport of the auditor of accouuts, 189I/-J-H/a, [S6]/;~BT/8. Boat. 

S", [3, Hun. C/ua. Hudton, Lexington.] 

— Set Everett, B, 

Liberia, ^'re Samson, O. W.; — 8tet«an, Q. B. 

Liberty. Set ConBtltutlonal liberty. 

UbrarleH. .SVe De Peyster, F.; — Green, 8- 8.; — Library jo 

United States. Bureau of Education. 
Library journal. Vol 6. NY., ISBO 4" [1] 
Lieber, Prancia. MlsceUaueous wriiingB. PhUa., 1B81 [1880]. 

Portrait. [1] 

- - , -.■l.Jt"i^«usAci™flni'fcoiiS«."il»e.7; „._ 

sf cwunurd H r^dncsllBn; sMrH-. HsbiIi L'lraUn ColtaM. I>«. 1. Ml;— 'l 
iiH»..r AilHnaiiicii- iMiininl MMru., iTih Mi. 18M, C«lunibU> Cullur, iJ.v. 
■ud mndtm irarlirr of jwUllcii — AlEiudfrron llDHibDldlt— Addnia wbni ■ bi 
buldt WBi> ■Ucrd In Uw Cininl Puk. N.V., ixNi — WidilaguD »a» ^al>al«l 
•omidjui Uan '*'^^*!IS!iLl',fS£!^ for»lKn Uniiwrn. 

Hi'hyJ^.Ui^Uc^-ntilt »r Mr MwJtHtiffli uSut ataS™fwtUTn. 
IIH ninnllluIlnn.'tulHnlttsiltD th* MruldmUoi at Ih* Anntcu psupiv : — KvflKI 
cbuiKH nicnurv In tba nmrm onnMllunn of New Vnrk : — Niitj»iall>in and i 
(Ham i— InnmeitoM lortbi ^ovemMmt ut aiBln or tba Vmuc tiiMtt In Uw iw 
nila pvttni-oiuldend vtlk rvhnnn lo llw !■••■ and UUKT* or nar;— Tb* MM 
prliunR>orwar;— SoaMjp^ntBtalnMcuUnaalU-i Tbe plaUutluint Tb* Laut 

IIH nr ABHTlua pruttcrloalaUi— The acanlnltT ar tori 
rrponunui ornnlnulon prapmd inrUlrud tfalleaEi- 
tn sollasMi — BlkUvgrapUsal Utt or llie wclttn«i of 

- S*e Tbayer, M. B. 

1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. 

>y, T. H. 

|iV>rbaa, R. B. 

t Ha«>a, T. B. M. ; — United States. LI/eSaiHM Senin ; 


mH11I,H. A.; — United States. Llght-HouK Board. 

aiuda; it* grnwtb and prospects. Two lectures before ths 

latitute, Toionto, 13th and STtb Feb., 1802. ad «d. Toronto, 

p. C3] 

ID, Pret. of tht V.S. Sta PeonsylvanU HUtorioal Society. 

Francis. School and Indiutrlal hygiene. Phtla., 1880. 18°. 

ilth primers.) [1] 

Uslorical sketob o( Lincoln, compiled hr W. A. Oreena. 

, R.I., UrT6. S°. 26 p. [1] 

'rt Bacon, L. V.; — Glubb, H. S.; —Ontario, 

Istorlcal Society of Quebec. Traniactiom, 18T3-7S. Mew 

). Quobec, ISIS. V. Haps and llloa. [3] 

'hlloeophlcal Society of LlTerpooL Proceedings, flSth- 

1878-80. Mo. 33-31. Lond , 1819-80. 2 r. 8°. [3] 

srlo Henry. Qenaalog/ of the Uttlebale family in America, 

Olaa, TeXM, 1880. 16°. ID p. [3,JuEAor.] 

ly. 5m Uttlehale, F. B. 

rd. Lord. Lee reports en le Courts del Commoo Banck & 

> le 2-7 an* del reign de Boy Charlea L, [1630-32]. Lond , 

selectmen and orerseers of the poor, for the year ending 

Concord, [18aS]. Broadside. [2] 

Set Taylor, J. S. 
ert B. tier De Peyster, F. 

inty (IT.Y.i Historical Society. 2d-ath annaal meeting, 
dville, IBTS-ai. 8°. [3, Sorman Seymntr, Ut. Murrit, N. f.] 
ly-laws and certlfloate of incorporation. Hc. Morris, M.Y., 
>. [3, N. Stvmoar. Ml. MorrU, JT.T.] 

vld. Sm BUlkle, W. Q. 

ores of 8aco Bay. A historical guide to Biildetord Pool, Old 

L-h, Fine Point, Prout's Meek. Bost., 1880. 16". Map and 

ee Fowler, T. 

ilted States. EntomologUxU Cammiulaa. 

abot. A short blstory ol the English colonies In America. 

. Map. [1] 

(ports of cases In tbe Conrt ot King's Bench, [1T72-74]. With 

«aes in the Conrt uf Chaiusery aud ot the Couimon Pleaa. 

«•- [1] 

yreriew. Vol. l»-iao. N.Y.. 1880. 2 v. 8". [1] 
trtlatul. Chamber of Commerce. Transluiion ot tbe 
ed by Charte* ii. to tbe mayor and community unU citizens 
«rry. Published by tbe Chamber ot Commerce, London- 
I., 1793. r, [3] 

lastem proverbs and emblem* lUustratlog old truths. Bo«t., 


Long, Jolin Davii 

Ma.vai, IMVl. Itoxt.. IHttl. H". 28 p. [Ij 
Longfellow, Henry Wadswoith. Pnetlcal works. Hooaithold ed. Boat., 

1881 [1880]. l(i=. [1] 
LoDgltudeB. Set United States. Bureauof Navtoation. 
Longman, Frederick Wiliiam. Frederick the GreftC and the htsd jean' 

war. NY., [18HI]. l)i°. Maps. (Morris, £. E., atid athtr: Epocbs of 

mmlem hiitoty.) (1] 
Lorlng, AmaM. History of Piscataquis Couoty, Maine, to 1880. Portlaml. 

1880. 8°. Map. [1] 
Loring, Oeorge Bailey. Mnsucliii setts. Siieiich in the Houi>e of Bepreaent- 

ativw [ol the Ualled State*] Jan. 30, ISHl. Wash., 1881. 8°. 20 p. [3] 
Loughborough, Proston 8. Digost uf the statute laws of Keatncky, [ltM2]. 

See Kentucky. 
Louisiana. Board uf Realih, Annoal report. ISSO. New Orlean.i, 1881. 8°. 

Report, 18S0. Extracts oontaliilng report ot Joseph Jones, president, with 

offlclai carre-tpoDilence, tic. New Orlenns, [1880]. 8°. [-i] 

— Qerural AiaemU]/. An abstract of the school laws. New Orleans, 186S. 8°. 

21 p. [3] 

Digest of tbe lawn of Louisiana now in force, for the organization, sap- 
port and direction of free pohltc schoolsi with the laws establishing aud 
regulating the State University and Agricultural and Mechanical UoUuge. 
By R. M. Lusher. New Orleans, i8T7. t". HO p [2] 

Public education, Loiiislaua. Acts of the General Ansembly, extra ses- 
sion, 18TT. R. M. Lusher, state superintendent. New Orleans, 18TT. 8°. 
IB p. [3] 

— Stale SupfTintendent of Publk Education. Annual report, 1870-72, 74-76. 

New Orleans, 18T1-76. S v. 8°. [2] 

(Orll»^,'eT?7l>ind7j. '" '"""'" " M"""™ '• ' inr* 

— Sufyrane Court. ReportB of cases. Vol. S2. 1880. H. Denis, reporter. New 

Orleans, 1881. 8°. [3] 

Conulni npiirii from lbs orfsnLiilloii or the Conrl andn Ih* cgnltltBtioii at IIR. 

— See Anthony, H. B.; — Hennepin, L, 

Lonlslana Educational Convention. Prooeedingt, May 23-3B, 1872. E. 

Bentley, compiler. New Orleans, 18T2. 8°. [3] 
LoulalaDa Historical Society. Charter and constitution. New Orleans, 

187T. 24°. 8 p, [3] 
Louisiana State Agricultural and Mectaanl(»l College. 3d annual 

report ot the board ot control, 1H7B. New Orleans. 1876. 8°. [3] 

Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical Coll«g«, 

Report ot the board ot supervisors, [KMS], 68, 77. New Orleans, 18CT-78. 
8°. [3]_^ 

" irn oCh LonlsUna Htats AKrioaltar*! imtl Mwbantoia CoUeKa- 

Lovejoy, Elijah Parish. Hee Tanner, H. 

Lovett, William, and Collins, John. Chartism; a new organisation embra- 
cing a plan for the education and < in prove in en t of the people, politically 
and socially. Lond,, 1840. 13°. (Pm., v. 119.) [I] 

Low, David W. Address before the Essex Agricultural Society, at their fiStb 
annual exhibition, Lyun, Sept. 28-29, 18H0. Salem, 1880. 8°. 23 p. [3, 

AC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 89 

0. Bngllali catalogue of books for ISSO. Lond., 
Poetiual worliB. Hoiiseliolil ed. Bun., 1881 [1880]. 

it's pamphlet on npecie refierres. Boit , 1800. 8°. 23 

Ipeiico. The Fapnl Church peTsecuCea to death, nc. 
ml by pulillshed wmettiatis ol m Komsn Uathcillu pritmt. 
8=. tip. (Pw., V. 118.) [1) 
'h eStilDMte cil npiirupriMlouB, tor IS40. {Lowell, 1840] 

D tor jmr endlnK Mnroli 1, IS-lfi;, l:lth-1llh, 
on of racelpU and expenilltur«i, Feb. IK^-Dec. IMl, 

I, im-6i. »'. [-J] 

juumentB. Lowell, 1838-(i0.] 8°. [3J 

hr th* mfrttt at city «aetn ft>r IBM. Lrnrrii. iMg. — dim,, relai- 
. Am-. S. IM1. LuvtR, Ml. - Ko^rt ur ilM ]iilnt «i>«cIhI cgminiitn 
mSS, luii — Aikirr*- or y. Uinii, Murer. Jwi. IJwi.' Lnwc'll.tew. 

maDiifactiiTei, Jan. 1, 18311, IS39. {Lowell, IB3S-3!!.] 

lings ftt the Hemi-centeniilal celebration of the incor- 

I, March 1. 1878, Lowell, ISTS. 8='. {1] 

ud list of the government and oHicent, 1852. Luwell, 

]. B; AdamH, Sampson, & Co. Lowell, 18fll. 8°. {:), 

30-31. Bj Sampaon, Davenport & Co. Lowell, ISTft- 
n, E. 

era of llie old EngUali colonjea In America With 
tea. Lond., IHSO. K". [l] 

pnlar handbook ol parliametiiarr procedure. Lond., 


The literature of Aoierican local history; a tilblio- 
T., 1846. 8". [1] 

ip7 of the TBliiation and taxes. 18SB, OT-68, with the 
'D, 18M, 68-S9. Pltchburg, 1886-59. b". [2, 3, Flint H. 

Tie d'Aublgn^, J. H. 

6teUart,H. M. 

OQ forelgu llfe-aaviog apparatus. Ste United States. 


Lrmm, Eng. »«r Rylanda, J. P. 

Lynn, Matt. Mayor. Iaa.\iganl address, 18B0; IiuiiKiinil adilrew, IHBI-M, 
u'lth tLe list of uit; officem, the new ordlnaDcot, [IWl-ltS], tbe city pbjsl- 
clan's report, [I8Ba-6M], and the [l»t-9lh] report of thu eoinmitteo on 
accuunu. Lyoo, IttaO-JH. H°. [3, Ban. E. S. Davit, Lirnn.] 

— Publir. Library. IBth annual report, ISBO. Lynn, 1S8I. H°. [3] 

— Ike Hopttiaa, G. M.;- Johnson, D. N.;~Newhall, J. S. 

— Boston atreel M. K. Church. An aecuant of the com in em oration uf the 

SSthaooiveniBrj', Hay20. IHTH. Lynn. 1880. 16°. 40 p. [3] 
Lynn directory, witli an sluiaDao for 1860. No. T. By Adams. SampsoQ, & 
Co. Lynn, [cap. 1S51I]. 16°. Map. [3, Augtittut Run, Botlon.'\ 

— Sama. ISHO. No. IT. By Sampson, Davenport, & Co. Lynn, [1880]. S°. 

Map. [I] 
LyDiifleld, Matt. [Financial reports for the year ending] Harcb 182B, Vt-Sl, 
3t-;(B, as, 41, 43, 4«-*T, 49-63. Salem, Boat., [IS25]-63. Broadside and 8°. 
[3, J. Marloa Danfurth, Ltinnfield.^ 

I^schlnska, Mary J. The klnderKaitea principle; itn educational value and 
chief applicalions. Lond., 1880. sq. 8°. Illus. [1] 

HftcArthur, Arthur. Report'* of cases In the Supreme Court of the District 
of Columbia, 18T7-TS. Wa«h., 1881. 8°. [1] 

HcCalmont, F. H. The parliameDtar)- poll hook of all electlona from the 
passinft of the Urst reform act in 1832 to July, ISBO. With an alphabetical 
list of caudidaies. 2d ed. Lond., ISaO. 21°. [1] 

BfcCamant, Thomas. Charter and laws of Pennsylranla, 16S3-170O. Set 
Pennsylvania. Secretary of SUitt. 

HcClellan, QeorKS Btinton. Stu Military Historical Society of Hmsb- 

H'Cllntock, John, and Strong, Jamen. Cycloptedia of Biblical, theological, 
and ecclasfastlcal literature. Vol. 10. 8u— Z. N.r., 1881. 1. 8°. Illus. 

HcGlure, Alexander K^ editor <?) The annals of the war, written by lead- 
log participants North and Soutli. Originally publlslied In The Phila- 
delphia Weekly Times. Phlla., 18T9. 8°. It, ii, 800 p. [1] 

McCord, Thomas. The civil code of Luwer Canada, [1880]. Set Quebec. 

MKIrary, George W. Coses argued anil determined in tlie Circuit Court-i of 
the United States for the 8th judicial circuit, [1880]. Vol. 1. Chicago, 
1881. 8°. [1) 

McDonald, Frank Vligil. Conlribntions to the early history of Bryan Mc- 
Donald and family, settlers Id 1689, on Bed Clay Creek, Delaware. With 
hiograpblcal skelches. San Francisco, 1879. I. 8°. 64, <1) p. Portrait. 
[3, JulAor.] 

— GenealoKy of the MacDonald family. Edition B. Comprising all names 

obtained up to Feb. 1876. [New Haven, 1876?] obi. 8°. [.1, ..lulAor.] 

— Inquiries relating to the auce.itors and descendauts of Joh Whipple, of 

Cumberland, R I., and Qreenwlch, N.Y. Caub., IHSl. 1. 8°. 46 p. Por- 
traits. [3, A-alKoT.\ 

— Supplement no, 1 to eilltion B of the MacDonald genealogy. Containing 

recoids of the descendants of Jesse Peter of Kantncky. Cauib., ISW. 

I. 8°. 72 p. Portraits. [3, JulAor.] 
McDonald, Joseph B. Speech io the Senate of the United SUtes, March 9- 

10, 1380, (on thu bill fur tbe relief of Fitz John Porter], Wash., 1880. B*. 

46 p. [3, Filz John Porter, Morrittuvin, K.J.} 
HcDoiutId family. Sre McDonald, F. V. 
HcDougall, ifri. Frances H. [Whipple]. Ste Older, S. S. 




Maekintosh, James. Speech in the House of Representativa*! [of Mama- 
chnsetts]. March 2, 1881, on the division of Needham h tp, [Boat., 1881.] 
go. 7p. [4] 

MacLeod, Henry Dunning. The elements of economics. Vol. 1. Lond., 
1881. am. 8®. [1] 

McMahon, Martin T. Oen. John Sedgwick. An address before the Ver- 
mont Officers' Reunion Society, Nov. 11, 1880. Rutland, 1880. 8^. 33 p. 

Mcpherson, Edward. The political history of the United States during the 
great rebellion, [I861-<i5]. 3d ed. Wash., 187(>. 8°. viii, 663 p. [1] 

— The political history of the Unite<l States during the period of reconstruc- 

tion, 1865-70. 3d ed. Wash.. 1880. 8®. 9, (>48 p. [1] 

A roprlnt o) his Political munuals, 1866-70. with ndditlont. 

~ Remarks before the committee on banking and currency. House of Repre- 
sentatives, Feb. 6, 1878. Wash., 1878. 8°. lU p. [3] 

Madalin, JV. Y, See De Peyster, J. W. 

Madison, Wi/t, Board of Education. Annual reports, 18f)4-65, 80. Madison, 
18fii$-81. 8°. [3] 

Magazine of American history. Vol. 4-6. N.Y., 1880-81. 3 v. sm. 4^ 
Illus. [I] • 

Magellan, Strait of. See Cunningham, R. O. ' 

Maine. Board of Ayricultare. 24th annual report of the secretary, 1880. 
Augusta, 1880. 8''. [2] 

— CommiMioners on the AMumption of the Municipal War Deb's. Report. 

Augusta, 1868. 8°. [3J 

— Legislature. Acts and resolves, 60th Legislature, 1881. Augusta, 1881. 8®. 

D(>cument8 printed by order of the Legislature, 1880. Augusta, 1880. 8^. 

Journal of the Houne of Representatives, 1857, 65-67, 75V-80, 36th, 44th- 

4fith, 58th-5.9th Legislature. Augusta, 18.'i7-80. 6 v. H^. [2] 
Journal of the Senate, 1854, 66, 58, 60-61, 6.3-67, 79-KO, 33d, .'ioth, 37th, 39th- 

40th, 42d-46th, 58-59th Legislature. Augusta, 1864-HO. 12 v. 8®. [2] 

Public do<rnment8, 1880. Augusta, 18«0. 3 v. 8®. [2] 

Register of the House of Representatives, 1881, containing the names of 

the executive department. Senate, and committees of both houses. 

AugiiHta, 1881. 8^ 24 p. [2] 
RefK^rt of the joint select committee on the defalcation of Benj. D. Peck, 

late Treasurer of Maine. Augusta, I860. 8®. 6(i, (2) p. [3] 

— Secretary of State. Census of the several cities, towns and plantations, in 

Maine. Augusta, 1881. 8^ 10, (1) p. [2] 

Register of the ezeeutive department of the State of Maine, with rules 

for the government thereof, 1881-2. Augusta, 1881. 8°. [2] 

— State Superintendent of Common Schools. 27th annual report, 1880. Augusta, 

1880. 8®. [2] 

— Supreme Judicial Court. Reports of cases in law and equity, [1879-80]. By 

D. R. Hastings. Maine reports, v. 70. Portland, 1880. H°. [2] 
Same. [1879-80.] By J. W. Spaulding. Maine reports, v. 71. Portland, 

1881. 69. [2] 

— See Clabb, H. S. ; — Dyer, I. W. ; — Owen, H. ; — Webb, E. F. 
Maine bosiness directory, 1873. Boat., 1873. S^. [1] 

Maiden. Greenough's directory of Maiden, Medford, Melrose and Everett, 

for 1880. [No. 7.] Bost., 1880. 8«. [1] 
Malherbe, Fran9oiB. Souscription pour une m^aille en I'honneur de Mal- 

herbe, propos^e par P. A. Lair, n.p., n.d. 8®. 74 p. [3] 
Malleiy, Garrick. Introduction to the study of sign language among the 

North American Indians. See Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of 



MftlthoB, Tbotnaa Robert. Prinulplea of political econoiiif. LoDa.,18S0. fP. 

vi.eoip. [1] 

Halt«t«rB' National AiioclaUon ot the llnit«id States. CoDstltutlon and 
b;-UwH, witb the proueediug;a ol the metitliig, N.Y., Sept. 1, IWS. N.T., 
1876. 8°. 02 p, [3, H. II. Kuet«r, tfo«Wii.] 

Manchester (Mam.) directory. Stt Danvera. 

MancfaeaWr, N.H. Bnard of Water Commit*ionert. 1st annaal report, witti 
reports ot the chie! en([ineer, etc. Manohasler, I8T3. 8°. [3] 

— Superintendent of Public Inttruction and Jichoot Committee. Report ot Baper- 
Inteoding w.hool committee, ItUMS-6; 10th-13tb annual report, being the 
10th-S3d annual leport of the school commltlee [and Boanl ol Education], 
l&U-Kl; 2M, 2Htli-2»th, 31iit-33d, 34th annual report of the School Coui- 
mltcee, with the 14th, 20th-21al, 23d-23d, 2Sth annual report of the Snper- 
Intendent of Pnblic tnatractlon, 1861), T4-76, TT--T8, HO. Hanchester, 18B6- 
81. 8°. pj 

K hlatorr at tba 

Manchester, (S'.H.) directory, aod an almanac for I8B8. Number 6. Com- 
piled by Adams. Sampson & Co. Manchester, [cop. I8CT]. 16°. [3, 
Avgiiitiu AuM, BottoB .] 

Manchester, Yt. See Muuson, L. 

Manitoba. See FItzKlbbon, M.; — Morris, A. 

Manning, Jacob Merrill. ChrlHtlan miislons and the social Ideal. Sermon 
before the Amerlcnn Board of Coiiimls-'loners fur Foreign Missions, Out. 
6,1880. BoBt., 1880. B». 18 p. [a] 

Marble, Albert P. Development ot character. Two classes. Ranking and 
markiuK. Address to the public school teachers, Worcester, March 30, 
1881. Worcester, 1881. 8=. 24 p. [:l] 

Marblehead, Man. See Hopkins, G. M. ; ~ Roads, 8., Jr. 

Marblehead directory. See Danvers. 

Marden, Qeorge Augustus, editor. Government of the common wealth ot 
MassachnsettB, [tS80]. Historical, descriptive, and biograpbtcal sketcbea 
by various authors. With views and porcr«lta. Boat., 1880. 2 v. 4°. [3, 

Marion, Uaiu, Annual report ot the selectmen, overseer* of the poor, and 
tchool commitMe tor the Bnaocial jeai ending March 18, 1861. New Bed- 
ford, 1864. 8'". [a] 

Markham, Clements Robert. Peru. With illus. Lond., ISSO. ie°. H^a. 
(Pulling, S. F., ed. Foreign countries.) [t] 

Marlboro directory. Goodnow's pocket directory ot Marlboro, for ISTB-B. 
Clinton, 18T8. S4°. 64 p. [t] 

Marlborough, JfoM. See Felton, C. 

Marriage and Divorce. 5m Bishop, J. P.; — Van Ness, E. 

Marshall, Edward Chauncey. The ancestry of General Grant, and their 
contemporaries. N.Y., 1869. tSf. [1] 

Marshall, John. Atlas to Marshaira Life ot Washington. Phlla., n.d. 
8°. [1] 

Marshfleld, Ifau. Statement ot the selectmen of Marsbfielil, submitted to 
the General Court of Moasacbusetts. Bost., 1881. 8°. 13 p. [4] 

Marston family. See Watson, J. L. 

Martin, Augustus N. Reporls, 18T9-80. See Indiana. Supreme Court <^ 
Judicature. IteporU, v, 68-TO. 

Martin, Frederick. The staleamati's year-book, 1S81. 18th annual pabUoa- 
tion. Lond., 1881. 16°. [1] 

1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. S. 93 

Slartin, Henr? Joseph. Notices: ({enealojtical anil blstorical, of tbe MktUd 

family, of New EnKland. Boat., 18H0. (f°. Portraits, [t] 
lUrtln, W. A. P. The Chloeae, their education, phUrwophy, and lettan. 

N.T., 1B8I, 12». [I] 
HartlD, William B. An inilei to the YlrRinla reports, from JeCFerson to SSri 

Grattan. Rlchinond, ISSl. S°. (4), B68 p. [1] 
Hartln hmllf. £«e Martin, H. J. 
Hartlnean, Harriet. IlluatrotioDii o( political economy. Lond., 1834 [IS32- 

34]. In 9 T. IS**. [1] 

Vol. 1, Ulr In in* -IWiL -Th- hill iinrt Hie y»llsr. M «l. -Bfoote and Brooke Firm. 

•. Th» ttmn of BudiB-Ksw —Tilt meirml of miinT Able* 
Maryland. Court of Appeait. Reports ot 'caMS. J. 8. Btockett, atate 

reponor. Vol. B1-S3. 1878-80. Bait.. 1880-81. 3 t. 8«. [S] 
— Departmtnl of Public /lutrutlion. ^d anaaal report ot the State Superin- 
tendent of Public luatriiction anil reports of the prenideuts of the Boards 
ot County Subool Coiiinilasioiier!>, imi. AonapoliEi, 186)). 8°. [2] 
Stt alia Blali Board qf Biiicalm. 

Report ot the principal of the State Normal School, Khevving the condition 

of the public schoola of Maryland, vltb the repurts of the Coanty Sobool 
CommisiiloD era, 1868. Annapolis, 18)t9. 8°. [2] 

— Otneral Aturmbly. The laws ot Harylanil. with the charter, the bill ot 

rights, r(c. Revised by V. Maicy. Vol. 3-3. Bait., 1811. iv.S'. [1] 

Laws, Dec., IHZl. Atmapolla, 1821 [1822). 8". [1] 

The public school law ot Maryland, 1ST2, as amended 1ST4. Bait.. 1BT4. 

8». 29 p. [2] 

— PtnUentioTtf. AddimI report of the president and dlrectoia, 1880. Bait., 

18H0. 8°. [4] 

— Stati Board of Education. By-laws, rales and regulations. Bait., 18T4. V. 

18 p. [21 

Report ahewing the condition of the pnblic schools ot Maryland, 18T4-TB, 

T8. Aunapolia, 1871^-79. 3 r. 8°. [2] 

Sh atie Dtparimml ^ PiMU InUractGn. ' 
Hbioii, David H. How Western tarmeca are beneflled by protection. 

Chicago, 18T5 8°. [1] 
Kkson, Geo^e C. Newport Illustrated, in a series ot pen and pencil sketchea. 

H.X., [18MJ. 12°. [1] 
Mkton, James. The year-book ot facts In science and the nsefnl srta for 

18T»-80. La)td.,1880. 18°. [1] 
MtuoD, Theodoras B. M. Biperimeut* on repeating rifles by a board of 

French naval offloers. N.Y., 18T9. %". M p. [3, .iuCAor.] 

— OoeaBtonal papers. [Two leaaona from the futote, and The 100 ton gan. 

AnnapollB, IBT-.] S°. 32 p. [3, JulAor.] 

— The preservation of lite at nea. A paper read before the American Qeo- 

graphical Society, Feb. 27, ISrg. N.Y., 1879. 8°. 38 p. \A, AiHhar.\ 
Mason, William Powell. Oration, Jul; 4, 1827, before the Bnpreme executive 
ot the Commonwealth and the city council and Inhabitants ot Boston. 
Host, 182T. V. 31 p. [.1] 




Massachusetts. Adjutant- General. Report, 1880. Bost., 1881. 8^ [4] 

— Atlomei/'Oeneral. Annaal report, 1880. Boat., 1881. 8®. [4] 

— Auditor of AccounU. Report, 1880. Boat., 1881. 8°. [4] 

— Board of Agriculture. 28th annual report of the Secretary, with the retums 

of the finances of the agricultural societies, 1880. Bost., 1881. 8^. [4] 
1st state exhibition, 1857. Bost., 1867. 8^. [4] 

— Board of Commissioners of Savings Banks, Annual report, including ab- 

stracts of reports from the savings institutions in Massachusetts, 1880. 
Bost., 1881. 8°. [4] 

— Board of Education. 44th annual report of the Board : with the 44th annaal 

report of the Secretary, 187i>-80. Bost., 1881. K^. [4] 
International Exhibition. Cin'ularA insued by the Ma.ssachusetts Coni- 

iiiission, Department of Education and Science, 1876. Bost., [1875]. 8^. [4] 
Rep<irt of examinations of schools in Norfolk County, Mass. By Q. A. 

Walton. Bost., 1880. S"*. [4] 
Same. [2d ed. With the Key.] Bost., 1880. 8®. [4] 

— Board of Railroad Commissioner a, 12th annual report, 1881, [with railroad 

reports, 1880]. Bost., 1881. S''. [4] 

— Bureau of Statistica of Labor. 12th annual report, 1881. Bost., 1881. 8®. [4] 
History of the Bureau and of labor legislation in [Massachusetts], 1833- 

70 By C. F. Pidgin. Boat., 1876. 9P. [4] 

— Commissioners for the Erection of the New State Prison. Final report, 1878. 

Boat., 1879. SP, 24 p. [4] 

— Commiasioners on Inland Fisheries. 15th annual report, 1880. Bost., 1881. 

8^ [4] 

— Commissioners of Prisons. 10th annual report. Bost., 1881. 8^. [4] 

Including 1. Reports relative to fails and bouses of correcUon. S, Annaal report of the 
State Prison. 1, Annual report of the lieformatory Prison for Women. 

— Commiasioners on the Revision of the Statutes. Report of the conimlssioners, 

1881. Bost., 1881. 4 pt. ]. 8''. [4] 
Same. Supplement. Legislation of 1881. Bost., [1881]. I. ^. 56 p. [4] 

— Constitution. Constitution or form of government for the Commonwealth 

of Maasachuaetts. n.p., n.d. 18^. 57 p. [4] 

See Bullock, A. H.; — Hale, E. E.; — New England Historic Gtoi&e»- 

logieal Society. 

— Council. Proceedings relative to the deposition of Andrew Oliver, concern- 

ing what paHse<l in Council in consequence of the affair of the 5th of 
March, 1770. Boat., 1770. f®. 33 p. 

— Deputy State Constable. Report of H. K. Oliver, apecially appointed to 

enforce the lawa regulating the employment of children in manufacturing 
and mechanical eatablishmenta. Boat., 1868. 8^. 95 p. [4] 

— General Court. An act further regulating the atorage, safe keeping, and 

transportation of gunpowder in Boaton, with the rules and regulations of 
the flrewarda, relative to the aame. Boat., 1821. 8°. 8 p. [2] 
An act to authorize the Boston Land Company to make certain improve- 
ments in Boston Harbor, and for other purposes. Bost , 1877. 8^. 37 p. [3] 

An act to eatabliah the city of Fitchburg. [Boat., 1872.] 8<*. 16 p. [2] 

An act to establish the city of Boxbury. n.t.p. [Bost., 1846.] 8^. 16 p. 

An act to establish the city of Salem. Salem. [1836] IG^*. 15 p. [2] 

An act to establish the city of Worcester. n.t.p. [1848]. 8^. 8 p. [3] 

Acts and resolves. 1881. Bost., 1881. S^. [4] 

The case of the provinces of Maaaat^huaetta-Bay and New-Tork, respect- 
ing the boundary line between the two provinces. Boat., 1764. f*. xxx, 

Ceremonials at the unveiling of the statue of Gov. John A. Andrew, at 

the State House, Feb. 14, 1871. Bost., 1871. 8^. 29 p. [4] 

1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT— No. 8. 95 

Nuaachiuetts. Oeneral Oiurt, cnntinmd. 

-•AcomplUtionot the laws in forcn ralatlDg to elections. Bout., 1880. 8°. 

63 p m 
--Docnmenta prioted hy onlei of the House o( BepreBentatives, 1881. 

Boat., 1881. 2 r. H°. [1] 
- -I>ocQmei>tB printed b; order of the Senate, 1881. Bmc, 1881. 2v.80. [4] 
--IBlectiODHennonB, 1676,1881] Boat., ms-Sl. le" and 8°. [4] 
ThD pr«ch(n *crs Hsbbanl, W.. IC»: -Forbcr, D. L.. IM1. 
— -Tho gDvernment of lSSD-81. BInKraphical and political skstclies of the 

uambers of the Bxecutive Department, Council, Senate and Uotue. 

[Boat., 1880-81 ] 32°. {4] 

— - Juurnal of the House ol BepreBentativeB, May, 1T34-April, 1735 Boat., 

irai-[3B]. t". 187 p. [1] 

— -Journal of the House of Representatives, 18SD. Boet , 1S80. 8". [4] 

— - Joiinisl of the Senate. 1880. B<>8t., 1880. B". [4] 

— -Maiinal for the use of the General Court, [1881). By S. N. Qiftord and 

O.A. Marden. Boat., 1881. 160. [4] 
--[Orders of the day of the House of Bepreaen tail res, for 1881. Bost., 

IMI.l 8". [4] 
--[Orden of the day of the Senate for 1881. Boat., 1881.] S°. [4] 
— -ReiDonBtrBnceg against elevated rallioads. 1881. Buet., [ISKl]. 8°. fOp. 


— Report of hearinft before committee on harbors and pnblie lands, on 
peiltfon for an act ButhoriiinR the city of Bo»(nn to take and hold prop- 
my for additional ferry fadlitlea from Eant Boston. Boat., 1881. S^. 
Mp. [4] 

— -Report of special coitimictee on the State Workhonsa at Briilgewater. 

[Best., I8n.] V. 16 p. [4] 

— - Report of the committee of ralnation, [1T93?] n.t.p. [1793.] 8°. IS p. 


— -[Report of the Joint special committee on the act concerning the rlfthta 

and libertleA of the people of Massachusetla. Bont. . 1806.] 8°. 69 p. [4] 

— Beport of the Joint special comiolttee on the petitions fur and remon- 
strAoues afcaitist the removal from office of Joseph M. Day, Judge of Pro- 
bate. Boat, 1881. 8". [4] 

{Bepott of the joint staniiinf; comniitloe on trial by Jury and the writ of 

habeas corpus. Boitt , 1859] 8°. 21 p. [4] 
A stateiDent showing the cont of surveying the Indian landii at Gay 

Head. Boat., 1879. 8". 12 p. [3, //on. Jono» H. French, Boston.) 

— QotfTnor. Aildress of J. D. Long W the Let[l'*'A'1te, Jau. 8, 1881. Bost., 

1881. 8°. 08 p. [*] 

— -Sea Felt, J B. 

— Ifarbor and Laad C'ommlMioner$. [2d] annual report, 1880. Boat , 1881. 8". 


— - Argninenis of the Cominlsglnners and tesilmony given in regard to tho 

South Boston Flats, before the committee on hailiors and public lands. 
Boat.. 1880. 8". [4] 

— Inmrance Commialoner. 25th-2Gth annual report, 1880-81. Bost., 1B8D-81. 

tr.89. [4] 
~ Bdtool /or Idiotic and Ftebt-^Uiniled Youih. 33d annual report, 1880. Bost., 
1S8L 8°. [4] 

— Seeretary ef titatt. Abstract of the certificates of corporations organized 

dnrlDK 18H0. Boat., 1881. 8°. [4] 

AggregMes of polls, property, taxes, etc., as assessed Hay 1, 1880. Bost., 

1881. 8°. [4] 

— - PnbUo docnmauts, 1879. Bost., 1880. i v. «*. [4] 


HoBBOcIiDBetta. Stcretarj/ of State, continued, 

3Btli report relating tu the ref^Htr; and retam of birtba, nui 

deatliB, 1ST9. Boat, 1880 S°. [4] 

— Stale Abiuhovu at TeickibTirj). 27th annaal report, 1880, Boat., II 

— State B'Hird of Heailh, Liinac]/, and Vhurity. 2d aDDaal report. 1 

«•■ (<i 

— State Director of Art Ediicollon, Anntial report on Industrial art 

18B0. By W. Smith. Boat., 1881, B°. [4] 

— Stat* Industrial Schonl for Oirls at Lnncailer. By-laws and st&tn 

government and regulation ol the Si'hool. BnBt.,t86(i 16*°. K 

— Slate Lunatic Uoepital at Danveri. 3d annual report, ISBO. I 

8". [4] 

— State Lunatic Soipltat at Iforthampton. SBth annual report, IS 

1881. »". [4] 
~Stalt Lunatic Hospital at Taunton. STth annual report, 1880. I 


linin!r«ii ™IS™"on 

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annual reporu of the realdeot officers, 1880. BoBt,, 1881, 8°. [4 

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and reeulatlon of the School. Westborough, 18TT. 89. 16 p. [: 

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8=. [4] 
SeeHaasacfausetttt. Qeneral Court, 

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See Bennett, E. H , and others. 

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187». Bo 1. CniiiiHlMlonofm»ctin«ittroguHillnii m.Uonbr (hflocil 

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8°, [4] 

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~ Finance, Government, etc. See Bird, P, W.; — Lorlng, G. B. ;- 

O. A,; — Parker, P. J.; — PItmnn, R. C. 

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tures, 1880-81.] [3] 

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H. Bou'ker, W. Wheeler, anil W. A. Macleod Boat , 1881,] 8*. 

— 18th annual report. Boat., 18S1. 8°. [3] 

— See Wheeler, W, 

HaMMchaaetts Charitable B;e and Bar Inflnnary. B6th aim 
1880. Bost., [1880]. 8°. [3] 

m.) PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 97 

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tleoiraer-stona of the building for all the aaes ol the Association, March 
I!,1S!1. Boot., 1881. 8°. 28 p. [3] 
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Bo»I..[18Sl]. 8". [;)] 
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C. [.IJ 
llutMhutettB Geneva Award Association. Geneva anard. Petition to 

theCoagresaof the United Stal«a. n-p., n.d. 8°. 16 p. [3] 
-[Staetnent of the Geueva Award question to tlie BoanU of Trade and 
Chamlienof Commerce uf the various cities of tbecountrjr. Boat., 1881.] 
8°. 11 p. [3] 
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1881. 8°. Portraits. [3] 
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Bmt.lSMO. 8°. Portrait and illHB. [1] 
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-I6lh annual catalogue of officers aod students, 1880-81, Boat., 1880. 8'. [3] 

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«c.] Springfield, 1862. «°. 8 p. [3] 
HsMachusetts Society tor the Prevention o( Cruelty to Animals. 
Some tacts and consilderations saggested by the Brgtlment of J. L. Stsclc- 
pal«, against the bill to prohibit pigeon sbooting. Boat., 18T9. 8^. 10 p. 
Itiuachnsetts Society forthe Promotion of Agrlcnltnre. FubllcatioDS. 
float., 1881, 12". [3J 

Dea Can, A, J.. comU. Tr»tUii cm prunlni Rmii ind oniinientiil Ima. 
HasaaGbusetts Society for the University Education of Women. Re- 
port, 1881. Boat., 1881. 16». [3] 
VaasacbDsetts Society of the Cincinnati. List of membeRi; including a 
complete roll of the original menibera, with brief biographies. Boat., 
1880. 8». [3] 
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1866, 8°. [3] 
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33 p. [3,^u(ftor.] 

- Otatlon at the reunion of the Army of the Cumberland, Columbus, Ohio, 

Sept. 18, 18r4. Cincin., 18Tn. S». 23 p, \;^, Author.] 
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The Board of Education ot the City of Cincinnati et al. Argument for 
the defense. Cincin , 1870. 8'. 87 p. [3, AiiOior.] 

hio, Aug. 2S, 1877, on political ijuestions. Cincinnati, 



HatUiewa, Stanley, eonliniied. 

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1873: wlthaccountof ther«Mledicatlon,Nov.2,1874; sketches ol churches 

etc. ; and a reuord of soldiers in the war of the retMllioQ. Medfleld, 1S7B. 

8". 63, (2) p [3] 
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Club. [Publ.]) . [3] 
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iina, upnn the bill and resolutions relating to bank issues and Buspenilons, 

Dec, 1897. Charleston, 1858. 8", V,mp- [I] 
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£<!S Virginia. 
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sit« essentiello i leur unlt«. Paris, 1844. 8°. 53 p. (Pm.. v. IIS.) [I] 
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the centennial anniversary, genealogical records, and legister of farms 

Acworth, 1869. 8= Portraits. [I] 
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of Salisbury, to the separation in 1654; and Merrimac from its iocorpora 

tion In 1876. Haverhill, 1880. 8°. Map, portraits and illus. [l] 
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for the reinonstranta, against the petitions ol L. A Bigelow and other 

and C. E. Powers and others, for acts of incorporation as elevated rallwa: 

companies, Feb. 30, 1879. Boporled by G. C. Burpee. Bost., 1879. 8* 

63 p, [3] 
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regiment Rhode Island volunteers and the tenth army corps. Providena 

1879. am. t". 31 p. (Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Ulst. Btx 

Personal narratives, no. 9.) 




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Methodists. See New England Methodist Historical Society. 

3Iethueu directi^ry. See Lawrence. 

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An Hppondlx contain'^ ttic prncrodinjrf* of tlie national conference of Principals of Institu- 
tion:> tur tlie Deaf and Dumb, at Flint, Midi., Aug. 14-15. 187'i. 

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5 V. 8<'. [2] ♦ 

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societies, [1849J-51. Vol. [l]-3. J. C. Holmes, Secretary. Lansing, 1850- 
52. 3 V. 8°. [3] 

TrAnsdctlonn. IWO. have an appendix containing tlic statistics of Michl^'an, 1850. 

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documents, 1879. Lansing, 1880. 8°. [2] 

The accompanying document* comprise reports of the University of Michigan, the State 
Konnal ScUo«<l, etc. 

— See American biographical history. 

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reports of the treasurer, superintendent, etc., 1874. Bost., 1874. 8°. [4] 

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nual repf>rt, 1867. Toledo, 1867. 8°. [4] 

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county, for the year ending Dec. 31, 1864-67, 72, 74. Charlestown, 1865-75. 
8^. [3] 

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the answers of ** Hermes," the winner of the lirat prize. Montreal, 1880. 
8^. [3, AutJior.] 

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Military art and scieuce. ^'ee De Peyster, J. W.;— Wilhelm, T. 


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ot General MoClellan in 1862. Papen read before the Society, 1876-80. 
Vol.1. Boat., 1881. 8", Maps. [1] 


Vol. 1. KoDM, J. C. Orn, McClellui'a plant ()>r lh« campalfn of I'd — P 

The oinis of Torktown. — pairrer. f- W, The HTkHt which (lapiwd bctue 

Ti<rklDwn ■nd tl» iMKlnnlnK iH tliB Hv«n-lny> hitilu: — Th« tctFiHliiTi bull- 

HIII:-Tha bMUa of Uilvern UIIL - Whlttler, C. A. Comineiiw on il 

Hill, John Stuart, pivud. The social and political dependence ' 

Bout., 1868. 16". 86 p. [1] 
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1, 1860, with Die valuation and tax list. Wiircester, [1860]. 8°. 

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Htller, Stephen B. Historical skeitliea ot Hudson, [U.Y.]. Hu 

B'. [I] 
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the statnies ot the United States relating to the organization, Ji 

practice, ttc, of the Federal courts. Des Moines, IBHl. 8°. 71( 
BlUler, Willlaia J. Celebration of tlie SOOth annlversar; of tbe 

ot Bristol, B-L, Sept. 24, 1880. [Providence, 1881.] 8°. [1] 
The addnu w*a dcllTstcd by Prof. J. I, Dlmin. 
~ Notes concerning the Wampanoag tribe ot Indians, with some 

a rock |:dcture on tbe shore of Mount Hope Bay, in Bristol, B 

denue, 1880. 13°. [1] 
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committee, written by E. L. Pierce. Milton, 18T0]. 8°. 4 p. | 

— Sn Breck, C. ; — Pierce, B. L. 

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[Prepared by A. K. Teele.] Bost., 1879. 8". 29, (1) p. [3] 
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8». [2] 
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Minerals. See Michigan. Commiwioner of Mineral Statillii^. 
Mines ami Mining, ^s Engineer] ng and mining Journal) — Kn< 

— HorriaOD, R. S. 
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being the 12th annual report. St, Peter, 1B81. 8". [3] 

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N. H. Wincliell, [and others]. St. Paul, :S7S-80. 6 T. 8°. 
plates. [3, 2f. n. Wiachell.] 

MiscellanaouB publications, no. 8. Preliminary report on tb 

stones, clays, limes, cements, moling, flagging and pavlnfi 
Minnesota. By N. H. Wlncheil, State Geologist. 6t. Paul, 188 
[3, If. H. Wlncheil.] 

— Leglllatlve Aam^ly and Legltlalure. General laws, 22d session 

Peter, 1881. a". [3] 

with an RpiKndli conUlning tbe report of Ui« lUtc tnuiinr. 

Session laws of the territory, [6th] session, 1859. Hlonea] 

8°. [1] 

— Slale yornu^ School. Annual catalogue of the officers and studen 

with annual oVculat tot 1880/81. Winona, 1880. 6°. [3, J 



Minnesota, continued. 

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— See Farrar, M. 

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~The Carver centenary; account of the celebration of the 100th anniversary 
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1, 1767, at the "Great Cave,'* now Saint Paul, held May 1, 1867. Saint 
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YoU S. Piirt S. WIlliflMnson, T. R. The Rloux or Dakota*. — Goodrich. E. 8. 
Memoir of Rev. S. Y. Mc&fttMters. — Tributes to the roemorj of Rev. John Mattocks.— 
Life and public senrlcea of Willi* A. Gorman. — Baker, «l. H. Lake Superior, iu history, 
fur trade, efc. — Blifss, 8. R., oiid others. Memorial notices of Rev. Gideon U. Fond. — 
Biffs** ^- R- In nieiDor}' of Rev. Thoa. 8. Wllllamsoa. — Flandrau, C. £. The ltik«pa- 
du«ta inasaacre of 1857. 

^ The Hennepin bi-centenary. Account of the celebration of the 200th anni- 
versary of the discovery of the Falls of St. Anthony, by L. Hennepin. 
Saint Paul, 1880. 8<'. (6) p. [3] 

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siona ; — Mannln^y J. M. 

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The reporters alternate, voL 67 li by Brown. 

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ceedings of the county agricultural societies for 1870. £d. by C. W. Murt- 
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% insects of Missouri. By C. V. Riley. Jefferson City, 1871. 8^. [2] 

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Jeffereon City, 1871. 8<>. [2] 
^ StaU Superintendent of Public SchooU. 31st report, [1880]. Jefferson City, 
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^See Barns, C. R., ed/tor ; — Missouri Immigration Society ; — Water- 
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1«*». [2] 


No. 1. Wherry, W. M. The campaign In Miuoiirl and the battle of Wilson's Creek, IWI. 
8. Waldo, W. Recollections of a septaagenarlan. ^ 

3. l>e Wyl, N. Archsologlcal explorations lu Cole Co., Mo. — Broadhead, O. C. 
Prehistoric remains In Missoart. 

4. Amended charter and by-laws, 1880. 

MlMOiirl Immigration Convention. Official procee<1ing8 of the Missouri 
Immigration Convention, St. Louis, April 13*15, 1880. [St. Louis, 1880.] 
8*. [3] 




^ : i 

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r 1 > I • ^. 

•>-v-i ■■■ . ;•; 


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Money* See Brown, A. B. ; — Cernuschi, H. ; — Heywood, E. H. ; — Hor- 

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~ See Northrup, A. J. 
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iJton A. nm, BotUm.i 



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See also Columbia Inatitvtion for the De«f and Dumb. 

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^. [3] 

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G. W. 
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Complied by Sampson, Davenport «fc Co. 

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1867. 8*'. [3] 



New England Historic, Genealoglcnl Society, mntinued. 

-Aditrew to the members of the Society, Haruh 1,1852, byW.Jenlcs. Boit., 

1852. 8=. [3] 

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-Circular. Numbers. June, IW. Best., 1847. 8". [•■)) 
-Same. Number 1. Jan., 1858. ConstitatioD and by-laws. Bost., 18B8. 8°. 


— LUt ot tba membeta, Jan., I8IT. With tfae ofHcers and committees from 

tite organization of the Society. Boat., 18TT. 8°. 32 p. [3] 
-Memorial biographies. Tonne memorial fund. Vol. 1. 184S-S2. Boet., 
1880. 8°. [1] 

t. Wllllam- 

— The New Englarid Hlntoric-Genealogical Sockty to tba General Court of 

Ma<wai:iinBett>i ; being a c:Dunter remon-i trance to a " Memorial of tbe Mas- 
iwcbuiettn Historical Society" againat the petition of the former for a 
chBDKe in Its corporate name. 2d ud. BoEit., I8&8. 8°. 8 p. [3] 

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— Proceedings. 2BIh Oct., 1880, comineinoralive of the orgBoizBtlon of tb* gov- 

emiuent of HaiwachuBetts, with the proceeilinga at the State Uouae and at 
tbe City Hall. Bost., 1880. 8°. GT p. [3] 


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Xew England Hospital for Women and Clilldren. Annual report for 

tbe year ending 3ept. 30, lHTli-80. West Newtou, Boat., 18T!^1. 8°, {3] 

Th< report for ISTS la ol the M ri., r«vi«il, 

Kew England Indi^strl*! School for the Education and Inttructlon of 

Duif Hul«» at Beverly. 1st annual report, 1880-81. Beverly, 1881. 

8°- [3] 
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Kew Kugland Hetbodlst Historical Society. Proceedings, 1st annual 

meeting, 1881. Boat., 1881. 8°. [3, W. S. Allen, Botton.] 
New Guinea. Bte Albertls, L M.d'. 
New Hampshire. Oentrai Court, Manual for tfae use of the General Court, 

USI. Haneheater, 1881. 18°. [3] 

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Haiiipahlre. By C. H. Hitchcock. Manchester, 18t>9. 8°. 38 p. Nap. 

— Svperiittetident o/ Public Intlrtietlon. Annual report, being the 34th annual 

report upon the publio achooU ol New Hampshire, 1880, Mancbeater, 
1880. af. 12] 


New Hampshire, eontimied. 

— Supreme Court. State v. U. 8. & C. Expreu Co. Decided Marc 

A.(.p. [IB81]. 8". 13, 16 p. [3] 

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8". [3] 

— See Atwater, E. B. 

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laso. New Haven, 1881. 8°. [-■)] 
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8=. [2] 

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[1880-81], V. 6-6. 

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1879-80. Trenton, 187i»-80. 2 v. 8°. Maps. {:(] 

Catalogue of the ceoteDnlal exhibit [at the Internntional E 

PhiladelpbU, 1876]. New Brur.awick, [1876]. 8=. 83 (1) p. [J] 

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blf, 1820-21; lO4Cb-106ch Le(;>s tat lire, and .')ilth-37tli nnder the 
Stlttitlon,[l8a0-81]. Trenton, MiiniHtowii.lwe-Sl. B v. 8». [2] 

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8«. [2] 

Vol. 1. Whitehead, W. A., editor. Ua>:uinfnU reliUni lo the colonial tali 

Documents, 101th Lej^slalure, and 36[b under the new coi 

[1880]. NKWark. 1880. 2 v. 8°. [2] 
Journal ol the 36th Senate, being the 104th session of the Li 

[1«80], Burlington, 1880. 8-. [2] 
Minutes of votes and proceedings, IWth General Assembly, 1881 

City, 1880. B=. [2] 

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port, 1880. Camden, 1881. 8"=. [2] 

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panytnii docnmenla of tlie board of trustees, 1855-07, 69-60, IS2-S. 

Jersey City, Trenwn, 1806-64. 7 v. 8". [2] 
—, - The induction of J. S. Uart as principal of the model school 

1862, Trenton, 1862. 8'. 48 p. [2] 
1st triennial register and ciruiilar of the School, including th< 

preparatory sclioui, 18S8. Trenton. 1858. 8°. [2] 

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99. [2] 

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ark. 18B9-67. 3 V. 8". [2] 

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New Jjondon, Conn. See Oroton Heights Centennial Commltt 
New Mexico. Hureaii of Immiaralion. New Mexico. Cuniiensed 

tiuD of facta concerning tlie territory, in answer to numerous 
nji., n.<l. 8". 8 p. [;t] 

1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. 109 

Sew Mexico. Bureau of Immigration, continued* 

--Report of the Commissioner of Immigration for Colfax County. By H. 
Whigham. Santa Fd, 1880. 8°. 13 p. [3] 

— Gwernor. Mensage del Gov. Samuei B. Aztell a la Asamblea Legislatlva, 

aesion 22a. Santa F^, [1875]. 8°. 16 p. [3] 
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session, 1880. Santa Fd, 1880. d"". 8 p. [3] 

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unrepealed general laws, from the promulgation of the " Kearney code " 
in 1846, to the end of the legislative session of 1880. Compiled under the 
direction of Hon. L B. Prince. Albany, 1880. 8^ 003 p. [1] 

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66/7. [In, Spanish and English.] Santa F^ Albuquerque, 1854-67. 9 v. 

8». [1] 
--Leyes del territorio, 1868/9, 71/3; Actos, sesion 2la-22a, 1873/4, 75/6. 

Santa Fe', 18fi9-[76]. 4 v. 8®. [1] 

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of New Sweden, July 23, 1880. [With the historical oration by W. W. 
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annual report, 1866, 68-69. N.Y., 1867-70. 3 v. 8<>. Maps, and ill us. [3] 

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port for the period of tweuty months. May, 1872-Dec., 1873. N.Y., 1875. 
8°. Maps. [3] 

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N.Y., 1862-69. 7 v. 8«. [3] 

Afierwards contained In tbe Journal of the Board. 
-- Journal, 1861-62, 64-68, 71-80. N.Y., 1861-80. 17 v. 8^ [3] 

Neither Journals nor docaments were printed before 1853 

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27th, 30th, 32d, 39th annual report. N.Y., 1862-81. 10 v. 8^ [3] 
Directory, 1881. N.Y., 1881. 32«. [3] 

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— Superior Court. See Jones, S., and Spencer, J. C. Reports, v. 45-46. 

•^ Directories. New-York directory, containing a valuable and well calculated 
almanack, tables of different coins, etc. By D. Franks. N.Y., 1786 [re- 
pHnUd 1874]. S**. 82 p. [1] 

See Trow's New York city directory ; — Wilson's business directory. 

— Finance, Geology, Histoi-y, etc. See Cornwallis, K. ; — Cozzens, I., Jr, ; — • 

I>avls, A.; — Dawson, H. B.; — Francis, J. W,;— Gerard, J. W.; — 
Lamb, Mrs. M. J. ; — Osgood, S. 

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8°. [3] 

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port, 1880-81 . N.Y., 1880-81. S*'. [3] 



New York, City, contin-atd. 

~- Hercantlle Library ABsoddtlon. S9th-60th anoaal report, 1ST9-S1. 
N.Y„ 1880-81. 8". [3] 

— Young Hen's ChiisUaa Auoclaliou. ZTth-28th bdiiiirI report. N.T., 

1880-81. 8". (3] 
New York, CUy and Cminty. A cop? of the poll lUt of the election for repre- 
BentBtivea for the city and couiitr, tT6l, 68-60, alphabetically made. [Ed. 
by 8 W. Phcenlx. K.T., ISSO.] 4°. [3, a. WhUnvy Phanlx, Sm 

— Board of Education. Set New York, CUjt. 

New York, Sia(e. CommMioiKr$ of jEmij/raUon. Annaal report, 1878-80. 
Albany, I87»-81. 8". [3] 

— CoMlitution. See New York Hletorioal Society. 

— Court 0/ Apptal: £«e Howard, N., ^r. Canes, [I84T-48}; — Slckets, H. E. 

BeporU, 1879-80. v. 33-3T, 
-- Cotirtt. 6'M Abbott, A. New casea, t, 8; — Andrewe,B. E.i — RapalJe^S. 

— L«t/ttiature Code of civil prucedure, Set Laws, I03d session, 1880. 

Documents of the Assorahly, 103d session, 1880. Vol, 1-2, IkT, 9-10. Al- 
bany, 1880. 7 V. »■=. [2] 

Documents ol the Senate, 103d session, 1880, Yol. 1. Albany, 1S80. S°. 


Journal of the Assembly, 103d session, 1880. Albany, 1880. 2 r. 8°. [2] 

JouTual of the Senate, 103d session, 1880. Albany, 1880. 8°. [2] 

Laws, 1st meeting. 7th aesalon, 1781: lac meeting, Sth aeitaion, 1784; last 

meetinK, Hth session, [178,5); !<th-10th sessinn, [178U-8T]) fiOth session, 1827. 
N.Y., 1781-87. In3v. l". [I] 
Laws, 103d session, 1880. Albany, 1880. 2 v. 8°. [2] 

PcivatelawB, 33.1 sesalon, 1810. Albany, 1810. 8=. [2] 

Report of the committee on public education relative to the geological 

survey and natural history of tlie 8tat«. n.l.p. [Albany, 1879.] 8°. 16 p. 

Revised statutes as altered by the Legislature. [1836]. By J. Duer, B. F. 

Butler, J. C, Spencer. [M ed.] Albany, 183«. 3v. 8". [Ij 
The special and local laws affecting public Interests in the city of New 

York, in force Jan. I, 1880. Compiled by O. Blias, P. B. OIney, W. C. 

Whitney. Albany, 1880. 2 v. 8'". Map. [3] 

— Hegent* of tht UniveriUg. Mth-S6th, S7th, (Knh annual report. Albany, 

1811-46. 4 V. 8°. [2] 
3d annual report on the oondition of the State Cabinet of Natural His- 
tory, revised ed.; 13th annual report [appendix F]; 14tfa annual rsport 
[appendix C, and coaCluuatlon of appendix C]; IStb annual repoirt. Al- 
bany, 18fi0-7i*. 7 v. and pm. 8=. [3] 

tloSf lS''^"»oiit.'lnB'v," SM^Sf'^ j"H*ir^rb" cinlj'nii""" "f"fuu;iWW*l^ Huf "J^Sn' 
Cliflnu '« iiru^^' "" " "=""'*' '" ' """ " "PP" e «r rg. uni ton 

— Secretai-y of State. Manual for the use of the Legislature, 1881. Alb«Dy, 

1881. 16". [1] 

— State CommUiioiur to the Parte RcpoHltiin of 18OT. 2d annual report. Al- 

bany, 1868. 8°. Flatea. [3] 

— Slate Muieiim of yalural Hlnory. Preliminary notice of the lamellibrmncbl- 

ate shells of the upper Helderberg, Hamilton and Cheiuung grotipa, with 
others from the Waverly sandstones. Part 2. n.t.p. [Albany, 18fl».] go 
97 p. [3] 

— Superintendent of Common SdiooU. Report, 1831. Albany, 1S34. 8°. [3] 

1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. HI 

New York, State, continued. 

^Superintendent of Public Instruction, 13th-15th, 26th-27th annual report. 
Albany, 1867-81. 5 v. 8«. [2] 

The mlsafng reports nre contained Id the Asaembly docaments of New Tork. 

" Supreme Court, iSee Hun, M. T. Reports, 1880-81, t. 28-90. 

— Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, See Stover, R. M. Howard's Prac- 

tice reports, [1880], v. 59-60. 

— Surrogates^ Courts. See Redfleld, A. A. Reports, [1878-81], v. 4. 

— Directories, New York state business directory, 1874. By Sampson, Daven- 

port & Co. n.p., [1874]. 8°. Map. [1] 

-- History, etc. See Denton, D. ; — De Peyster, F.; — Jogues, I.; — Massa- 
chusetts. Genei'al Cofirt, 

New York Chamber of €k>mmerce. 23d annual report of the corporation, 
1880-81. N.Y., 1881. 8«^. [3] 

~ Report on emigration by a special committee, Jan. 5, 1865, with appendix, 
containing documents and tabular statements. N.Y., 1865. 8^. 32 p. [3] 

[New York] evening post. July, 1880-Juue, 1881. Host., 1880-81. 2 v. f>. 

Ne'w York Historical Society. Annual report of the committee on the tine 
arts, Jan. 1862. [N.Y.. 1862.] 8«. 8 p. [3] 

— The charter and by-laws. Revised Jan., 1858. With a list of members. 

K.y., 1862. 80. 73, (1) p. [3] 

— Same. With the amendments and a list of resident members. N.Y., 1875. 

go. 89 p. [3] 

— Commemoration of the battle of Harlem Plains on its 100th anniversary. 

Oration by J. Jay, [with letters from Washington and otliers relating to 
the battle]. N.Y., 1876. 8®. 98 p. Map. [3] 
^- Commemoration of the conquest of New Netlierlaud, on its 200th anniver- 
sary. [IncludiiiK the oration by J. R. Brodhead.] N.Y., 1864. 1. S^. 87 p. 
Map and portraits. [1] 

— Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the constitu- 

tion of New York, April 20, 1777. Address by C. O'Conor, May 8, 1877. 
K.Y. ,1877. 8°. 40 p. [3] 

— The De Peyster collection. Catalogue of books in the library of the So- 

ciety, presented by J. W. De Peyster. Part 1. Jan. 1868. N.Y., 1868. 8*>. 
24 p. [3] 

— Proceedings at the dedication of the library, Nov. 3, 1857. N.Y., 1867. 8<>. 

27 p. [3] 

Mewr York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co. Report of the board 
of directors to the stockholders, 1872-73; 8th annual report, 1880. N.Y., 
1872-80. 8°. [4] 

The report for 1872 Is the report of the New York and New Haveu Railroad Co. 

Ne'W York rroduce Kxchange. Annual address of the president, with ac- 
companying documents, 1881. [N.Y., 1881.] 8*». 16, (2) p. [3] 

Newark, N.J, Board of Education, lst-15th, 17th-22d, 24th annual report, 
including the regulations relating to public schools, etc., 1857-71, 73-78, 80. 
Newark. 1858-81. 8°. [2] 

— City Superintendent of Public Schools. Annual report, 1855-56. Newark, 

18S6-57. 8°. [2] 
Nevrburgh, X. Y. See Ruttenber, E. M. 
New bury port. City Council, Ordinances of the city, with the city charter 

and amendments, etc, Newburyport, 1880. 8^. [3] 

— Public Library. 23d-25th annual report of the directors. Newburyport, 

1879-81. dP, [3] 

— First Presbyterian Church. See Vermilye, A. G. 
Newburyport directory, 1880-81. No. 19. By Sampson, Davenport & Co. 

Kewburyport, 1880. 8*». [1] 


Neircomb, John Bearse. OenealoKioHl memoir of the }T( 
1636-187i. Elgin, III., 1874. S°. (4), (WO p. Portraits. [1] 

NeTFComb family. See Newcotnb, J. B. 

Newhall, J&iaes Robinson. Proceedings In Ljnn, Mass., Ji 
SBOtb annivnrsarj of the settlemetit. EmbraclDg tbe oi 
Tracy, tbe addresses, correspondence, etc., with an intrw 
and a second part. Lynn, ISHO. S". [3, Chat. E. Partont, . 

Newport, S.I, School CommiUet and Superlttlendtnt o/ Pu\ 
Annual report, 18<i5/6-67/8, 69/70-70/71, 72/3-80/81. Nei 
8'. [2] 

— Sf- Blgelow,T.: — Brooks, C. T.;--ChAnilli>g,G. G.;- 

HlKginson, T. W.; — Mason, G. C; -ShetHeld, W. P. 
Newport mercury. Oct. 27, 1781. [Contains tljs first news o 

of Lord CornWBllis at Yorktown,] Boat., TtpriiUtd 1881. P 
Newspapers. Set Goddard, D. A. 
Newton, Mtat. Report of receipts and expenditures, March 

1835; March 1, IBIS-March 1, 184fl; March 18ai-Feb. 1807; f 

liig Feb. I8S!l-Keb. 18(iO. Newton, Boat., 1835-tiO. 16° an 

HagaT, Stwton.'] 

— School CommiUit. Rules and regulations for tbe public »cba 

Newton, 1874. »'. 3T p. [a] 

— St* Smith, S. P. 

Newton directory, [1881]. Added, a buMlnes.i directory of 

Watertown. No. 7. Worcester, 1881. 8°. Map. [1] 
Nez Perce IndiaDs. fire Joseph, Chief of the Nez Perce*. 
NIebol, JuhD Byron. N.Y., 1880. 12°. (Morley, J., ed. Engl 

ters) [1] 
NiFholas, of Lvin. See De Costa, B. P. 
Nile. See Beke, C. T. 
Nineteenth century. Ed. by J. Enowlea. Vol. 1-8. Lond., 

8=. [11 
Nordensklttld, Arlolf Erik. Arctic Toyafjes, 18S8-T9. With i 

Lond., 1879. 8'. [I] 

Bwe^i'trpiJur «Ipnllil,Hi. Igrt^t, by A^iviil. 

Nordhoir, Charles. Tlie cotton states In the spring and si 

N.Y., 1876. 8° [I] 
Norfolk County, Jfuu. Receipts and expenditures of the c 

73/73, 77/78. 78/79. Dedham, 1872-80. ffi. [:i] 
Norrls, A. Wilson. Pennsylvania reports, 1879. See Fenn 

preme Court. Reports, v. 83-91 
Norrls, John A. Telegraphic determ I nation of longltndes on 

ot South America, 1878-79. See United States. Bureau q, 
Norrls, P. W. Kepurl. See United States. Suptrinlenden 

ttane National Park. 
North American review. Vol.131. NY., 1880. 8". [1] 
North Andover directory. See Lawrence. 
North Brookfleld, ifaet. Valuation and taxes for the ya 

Brookfleld. 1876. 8=>. M p- [2] 

— CoDKrenatloDal Church and Society. See Snell, T. 
North Carolina. Oenerat Aisciiibly. Laws and resolutions, 

1881. 8°. [21 

1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. 118 

North Carolina, conffm<tf(f. 

— Geological Survey. Tiie minerals and mineral localities of North Carolina, 

being chapter 1 of the second volume of the geology of Noi-th Carolina, 

1881. Balelgh, 1881. S''. [2] 

Piirt 1. Genth, F. A., and Kerr, W. C. Mineralog/. 

See Emmons, E. 

— SuperintenderU of Public Instruction, Annoal report, 1880. Raleigh, 1881. 

9P. [2] 

— Supreme Court. North Carolina reports, v. 83-84. 1880-81. By T.S.Kenan. 

Vol. 8-9. Raleigh, 1880-81. 2 v. 8°. [2] 

— See Kerr, W. C. 

North- W%8t Territories. Ordinances of the North- West Territories, 1878- 
79. Battleford. 1879. 8o. [2] 

— Proclamations relating to electoral districts and elections in the North-West 

Territories. Battleford, [1880]. 8«. 19 p. [2] 
Northampton directory and historical register, [1875-6]. Northampton, 1875-6. 

89. Mapandillus. [1] 
North borough, Mass. Reports and statistics for the year 1851-2. Worcester, 

fl&52]. ^. [2] 

— Valuation and taxes for 1880. Marlboro*, 1880. 8°. [3] 

— See Allen, J. 

— First Congregational Church and Society. See Allen, J. 
Northend, Charles, editor. Elihii Burritt; a memorial volume containing a 

sketch of liiH life and labors, witli selections from his writings and lec- 
tures, e/c. N.Y., [wp. 1871)]. 12*'. Portrait and illus. [I] 
Northrop, Birdsey Grant. Examination of teachers. New Haven, 1880. 8^. 
46 p. [3, Author.] 

From the report of the Connecticut Board of Education, 1880. 

— - High schools. Syracuse, 1880. 8®. 26 p. [3, Author.] 

— Rural improvement. New Haven, 1880. 8^. 52 p. [3, AiUhor.] 

— Tree planting, forestry in Europe, and other papers. New Haven, 1880. 8^. 

[3, Author.] 
Northrup, A. Judd. 'Sconset cottage life: a summer on Nantucket Island. 

N.y., 1881. 160. [1] 
North^vest territory of the United States. See Blanchard, R. 
Norton, Andrews. Review of Prof. Frisbie's inaugural address. [Anon.] 

Camb., 1823. 89. 35 p. [3, S. P. Mayherry, Boston.] 

Ftrst published In tlie North American review for January, 1818. 

Norton, Charles Eliot. Historical studies of church-building in the middle 

a^es. Venice, Siena, Florence. N.Y., 1880. 8<'. [1] 
Norvray. See Vincent, F., Jr. 
Norvrood directory. See Hyde Parle 
Notes on " Southern wealth and Northern profits," [by T. P. Kettell. Anon.], 

Pliila., 1861. 8o. 31 p. [1] 
Nott, Charles C, and HoplUns, Archibald. Cases decided in the Court of 

Claims, 1877-79, and decisions of the Supreme Court in appealed cases, 

1877-80. Vol. 13-16. Wash., 1879-80. 3 v. 8P. [1] 

Vol. 15 contaiiM an analytical table of v. 11-15. 

NoT» Scotia. Qeneral Assembly. Statutes, 2d session, 27th General Assem- 
bly, [1880]. Halifax, 1880. 8«. [2] 

— JJibrary CommUsioners and Librarian. Annual report, 1880. Halifax, 1881. 

8<». [2] ., - 

— Superintendent of Education. Annual report on the common, academic, 

oortnal and model schools, for the year ending Oct. 31, 1879. Halifax, 
IWO. 8*. [2] 

5e« OkOAda. Parliament. 



Nova Scotia Historical Society. Report and collections, lere 
HalUax, 18T9. 8°. [3] 


ll™», «e.'--/iiou»t'r*|»rl~fDr (STO.-^ "onncwpTrmikm?- Arehiblfid', aVu 
■ddreiii. — Hlll.Ci.w. MiBUiry ulHI.FituJ'sCliurch-MlchHlaan, F. Jouiii 
Idreof Anii«poll». lIlO.-AccDom ofNovaBciXlit In !:«. -Tri»l» tgr tre»» 

Nuttall Ornithological Club. Bullatin. Yol. 5. Camb., 1880. 8 

Oakham, Man. Report of the selectmen of tlie receiptg and expei 
the town for tlie year ending Feb. SB, 1861; Annual report of 
officers, 1SG2, 64, 66. Worcester, [18ai]-66. 8°. [2] 

— Valnation and Mxcb, IBTfl. Worcester, 1876. 8", 8 p. (2] 
Oakland, Col. Board nf Edvcatlon. Iliiles and regulations and' 

study of tbe public schools. 1680. Oakland, 1880. 3°. [2] 
Obelisks. £ee Welase, J. A. 
Oberlla, Jean FrM^c. Memoir of Oberlln. Reprinted from the I 

[Anon.] Boat,, 1860. 8», (M) p. [S. S. P. Maj/beny, BotUm.] 
Object lessons. See Park, A. ; — Walker, J. 
Oc«an correnta. See Taber, C. A. M. 
Ocean telegraphy. See Field, C. W. 
O'Coaor, Charles. Address, 100th anniversary of the adoption of 1 

Iiition of New York, Hay 8, 1ST7. See New York Historical Si 
Ogdenibnrg and Lake Champlaln Railroad Company. Rep 

committee, appointed Jaly 16, 18TS, to investigate the affairs ( 

densbuifc and Lake Champlaln RalLrood Compaay. Bost., 1878. 


— Report of the condition ot the Company, 1579. BosC, 1879. 8". V 
Ohio. A^utant-Qeneral. Annual report, 1879. Columbus, 1S80, 8° 

— Commiuioner 0/ Bailroadi and Telegraplu, 13th annual report, 187f 

bus, 1880. 8°. [2] 

— Oeneral AtMmbli/. Acta of a (teneral natnre, eDKt«d, revised an 

to be re-printed, Ist aesaloD, IBth General Aaaembly, 1819-(20]. 
Columbus, 1820. 2 v. in 1. 8". [1] 

Acts of a general natnre, Ist sessioii, 24th — 1st session, 26th Qi 

sembly, lB2a-2T. Vol, 24-26. Columbus, 1826-28. 3 v. 8". [2] 
Executive documents. Annual reports (or 1879, made to the 6*1 

Assetnbly, 1880, Columbus, 1880. 3 v. 8". [2] 
General and local laws and joint resolutions, 64th General Assi 

session, 1880. Vol. 17. Columbus, 1880. 8°. 12] 
-- - Journal of the Honse of Representatives, S4th General Assen 

Vol. 78. Colnmbus, 1880. V>. [3] 

— - Journal of the Senate, 61th General Assembly, 1880. Vol. 76. < 

1880. 8. [2] 

— Imtlttillon far the EdvcaOon a/ lAe Blind. 43d-41tb annual repoi 

Colambas, 1880-81. 8". [2] 
•— Sacrelarir o/ StaU. Annual report, [induding the statisUcal rep 
Columbus, ISBO. 8°. [2] 

— State Board of Agrieutlure. 34th annual report, with an abstract r 

eeedings <yt the county agrlcnltnral societies, 187S. CoLumbnt 

AdpbiiIJxm oonUIn Uia liui innnil nport of tbt SItU HorUgaltunl Socliij 

— Slate Ckmmiuion«r of Common Sehaolt. 27th annual report, 1880. i 

1881. 8". [2] 

— State Fith Conumttion. leXiQi aoaual report, 1S7S-80. Colambu 

fP. I3J 



Ohio, continued. 

-- Supreme Court, Reports of cases, [187&-80]. By £. L. De Witt. Kew 
series. Vol. 35. Cindn., 1880. 8o. [2] 

— See Andrews, I. W. ; — • Railroads. 

Ol&io A^^cultural and Meohanioal College. 6th^7tli annual report, 
1876-77. Columbus, 1876-78. 8°. [8] 

Tbe earlier reports are contained in tbe Ohio ezeeatiTe doeamenta. 
Mio Indians. &!e Smith, W. 

Ohio TaUey historical series. No. 1. Oincin., 1868. I. 89. 


"So. 1. Smith, W. Hlatorlcal account of Boaqaet*s expedition against the Ohio Indiana, 
in 1764. With preface by P. Parkman. 

Old Colony Historical Society* Collections. No. 2. Papers read before 
the Society, 187U-80. Taunton, 1880. 8^. [3, Charles A. Beed, Taunton.} 


"So. S. PreAtory note. — OfBcera. — Reed, C. A. The province of Massachusetts Bay in 
the 17th century, with a sketch of Capt. Thomas Coram. — Williams, H. Was Elizabeth 
Pool the first purchaser of the territory, and foundress of Taunton ? 

Old Colony Railroad Company. 17th annual report, 1880. Boat., 1880. 8^. 

Old Settlers' Society,. i?act7ie County, Wis. Official record of the Society, 

with the historical address of C. E. Dyer, at BurliDfjrton, Feb. 22, 1871. Ba- 

cine, 1871. 8<*. 84 p. [3, C/iarles E. Dyer, Racine, Wis.] 
Oliver, Andrew. See Massachusetts. Council. 
Oliver, Henry Kemble. [A collection of newspaper cuttings relating to the 

labor question, etc. Collected by H. K. Oliver.] [3, H. K. Oliver, 


— See Massachusetts. Deputy State Constable. 

Olney, Peter B. Special and local laws affecting public interests in the city 
of New York, 1880. See New Yorlc. Legislature. 

0*Malley, Edward Loughlin, and Hardcastle, Henry. Reports of the de- 
cisions of the judges for the trial of election petitions in Bngland and Ire- 
land, [1880]. Vol. 3. Lond., 1881. 8°. [1] 

Onderdonk, Henry, Jr. The annals of Hempstead, [N.Y.], 1643-1832; also, 
tbe rise and growth of the Society of Friends on Long Island and in New 
York, 1657-1826. Hempstead, 1878. 8o. [3, Author.] 

Ontario. Legislature. Journals of the Licglslative Assembly, 2d session, 4th 
Legislature, 1881. Vol. 14. [Toronto, 1881.] W'. [2] 

The liquor license act ; added, the amending acts of 1878 and 1881. To- 
ronto, 1881. 8**. 68 p. [2] 

Sessional papers. Vol. 13. Part 1-4. 2d session, 4th Legislature, 1881. 

[Toronto, 1881.] 4 v. 8^ [2] 

Statutes of the province, 2d session, 4th Legislature, 1881. Toronto, 1881. 

8P. [2] 

— Library of Parliament. Catalogue, 1881. Toronto, 1881. 8«. [2] 

— MivUster of Education. Report on the public {including separate) and high 

schools, also on the normal and model schools, 1879. Toronto, 1881. 8^' 


— Provincial Secretary. Report on the working of the tavern and shop licenses 

acts, 1880. Toronto, 1881. 8^. [2] 

— Begistrar-Oeneral. Report relating to the registration of births, marriages 

and deaths, 1879. Toronto, 1881. 8**. [2] 
Opinions and facts from eminent physicians, chemists, and others, in fav^r 

of ale and beer a.H light, wholesome beverages. Bost., 1872. 8^. 19 p. [3, 

H. H. Rueter, Boston.] 
Oppler, Adolph. Three lectures on education. With an additional lecture 

on recent educational legislation in Bngland and another lecture entitled, 

Some of 6oethe*s ^dacational views. 4th ed.^ enlarged. Lond., 1876. 16P 



Orange culture. Ste Moore, T. W. 

Oreutl, Samael, and Beardsley, AmbiOM. The blatory of the old t 

Derby, Conn., 1642-1880. With bioKrapblex and genealoglea. Spri 

1880.1.8°. xcvil,S44p. Portraits and illns. [I] 
Orderly book of the nlege of Yorktown, Sept. 2e-Nov. 2, 1T81. Miili 

4". 68 p, (Revolutionary series, no. 1.) [1} 
Ordronauz, John. In re William Winter. Tbe value of expert teat 

h.l.p. [1870.] 8°, 34 p. [1] 

Ordway, Albert. General lailex of the joutnala ol Congress, lat-lOl 

(TTBSS. See United States. Coni/reii. 
Oregon. LegUlative Attembtj/. Journal of the House, 10th regnlBr i 

1878. Salem, 1878. »■*. [2] 

Journal of [be Senate, 10th regular session, 18T8. Salem, 1S7S. 6°. 

Laws ot the State, 1st estra session, 18B9. Salem, Or., 185H. 8=". [ 

Laws ami resolutions and memorial!, llth regular sessiou, 1880. 

1880. 8°. [2] 
[Mesnages and documents, 10th regular session, 1873.] Saleu), 1 

Statutes of a general nature passed at the 2d sesiiion, 1S(M)-[51]. 

City, 18S1. 8°. {1] 

— SupTeme Court. Bee Bellinger, C. B. Reports of eases, 18T9-80, v. 
Oregon State Medical Society. Proceedings, gth annual meetiu 

Vol. a. Portland, 1881, 8=. [3J 
Orford, if.H, CentennlHl celebration of the town, containing the 

[b; G. Har>ton], poems and speeches, Sept. T, 186B. [With biogi 

sketches. Mancheater, N. H„ 1865.] 8". [1] 
Orbkany, Battle of. See Roberta, E. H. 

Omaond, J. J. Reports. See Alabama. Suprtnu Court. Reports, ' 
Orono, Me. 1TT4. 1874. Centennial celebration, and dedication o 

ball, March 3, 1874. [With the address by I. Washburn, Jr.) Pi 

1874. 8°. IllUB. [I] 
Orr, Qustavus J. The education of the negro, ita riae, progress and 

status: address before the National Educational Association, C 

qua, N.T. Atlanta, Ga., 1880. 8°. IB p. [3] 
Osgood, Samuel. Kew York In the 19th century. Discourse before t 

York Historical Society on lu 62d anniversary. Not. 20, 1866. N.' 

8-. [3] 

— Thomas Crawford and art in America. Address before the Kew Y< 

toHcal Society, upon tbe reception of Crawlonl's statue of the Indi 

■ented hf F. De Peystsr, April G, 1B7D. N.Y., 18TS. 8°. 40 p. [3] 
Oswego, N.T. Board of Ediicatton. Sth-6tb, 8th-9Ui, 13th-14th, 1' 

annual report. Oswego, 1858-77. 8°. [2] 
Otis, Harrison Gray. An address to the city council, on the removi 

municipal govemtoent, to the old state bouse. Boat., 18<<a. 8°. 1 
Otto, William T. United States reports, Supreme Court Vol. 

Cases in the Supreme Court, 1879-80. Vol. 11-13. Boat., 1S80.«1, 

Our commercial and political relations with China, by an American 

In Chin*. [Anon. Wash., 1855.] 9P. 8 p. [1] 
Owen, David Dale. 2d report of a geological reconnotssance of A. 

See Arkansas* Geolosieal Svrve]/, 
Owen, Howard. Biographical sketches ot the memhera of the Sei 

House of Representatives of Maine, 18T6-8I. Vol. ft-10. August 

81]. 1. a*. [1] 

Oxford, Mom. Valuation list, 1880-81. Webster, Worcester, [ISSC 

1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT— No. 3. 117 

Paine, Henry D. and Albert W. Paine family records. Vol. 2, no. 1-3. N.Y. 
1881. 8*>. [3, Author.] 

Paine, Robert Treat, Jr. Associated charities. Immediate duty of every 
city to organize its charities. Address at the Barean of Charities, Brook- 
lyn, March 31, 1881. [Bost., 1881.] 8«». 20 p. [3, Author.] 

— Cooperative saving8 banks, or building associations. Bost., 1880. 8®. 12 p. 

[3, Avtfior.] 

Reprinted ttvm the Boston dally advertlMr of Dec. S, 18M. 

Palseontology. See Barrande, J. , and otherg ; — Hall, J. 

Palfrey, John Oorham. A discourse at Barnstable, 3d 6ept., 1839, at the cel- 
ebration of the 2d centennial anniversary of the settlement of Cape Cod. 
Bost., 1840. 8°. 50 p. [1] 

Palgrave, Robert Harry Inglis. An analysis of the transactions of the Bank 
of England, 1844-72. Lond., 1874. 8<>. 42 p. [1] 

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ization. N.Y., 1881. 16®. (New Plutarch.) [1] 

PanlzzI, Sir Antonio (Genesio Maria). See Fagan, L. 

Parent-Duchfttelet, Alexandre Jean Baptlste. De la prostitution dans la 
ville de Paris, pr^o^^ d'une notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de I'auteur, 
par F. Leuret. 2e 6d., corrig^. Paris, 1837. 2 v. 8^. Portrait and maps. 

Paris. See Pareni-Duchfttelet, A. J. B. 

— Americans of Paris. Banquet in honor of MaJor-6en. John A. Dlz, 

June 1, 18G9. [Containing speeches by A. H. Bullock, and others.] Paris, 
1869. 8^. 46 p. [3, Hon. A, H, BuUock, Worcester,] 

— Exposition Universeile, 1887. See New York, State, Commiuiontr to 

the Paris Exposition of 1867 ; — United States. Department of State. 

— Exposition Universeile, 1878. Catalogue of the British Colonies. Lond., 

[1878]. 8«>. [3] 
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iin.liltu,. {21 ^^^^^ 

A. iMlttT.i. V. iriitorlHl iketch orrcoloileiluplnnitlnnilii PeniurtvuaUi DDd othtr 
'"iT'Otiiili.V?'!*','' Pw&'mctwpo"™ th«mlnernloByoJ>pniinrlvMi)», [IBM]. Wllh 

C WnaeT,T..Jr. B«twnr>r prD«ni> In Turk snd Aduiu ConnttM,[ln<]; UlnMnud 
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CCC rnuer. P.. J>. Raport of proirem In IBTT. Thn (eolqgj of LmcMler Coontr. 

• iDliHllMinCaunly.CliOT). 

rem In Anmironu C'naniy. CI17B]. 

iiujK County dMrict, [(«>«]. -ItandsU. 

II. Carll.J. P. Rfporl ••( nitunw, tlSre-T]. Oil w«1l ncuidi and Itveli. l-nbUilied 

"ill. Cm,ta,i. V. OhuIiw vT lit* nil Tta«ii at Wvnn. ViHUngo, Clarion, and Bm- 
Icr RuuntlFn. «r. t BeeoTl of piwmh IV^tl.] Willi an mlHiar irBpi. 

J. WrlpleTiH. B. Kpaclal npoit on iim miroiBuoi or Peniiulvania. lis producilon. 
.'...-^_ •^untlta.tiy l>. J. Locaa. And a map and proHla of a llni of levtli 


. in«innla, [IHISJ. 

KK< SMVMIIO^ J. J. HfpB't o> pr»K"*" In II" Faniu and WMlmarelud dlitrirl 

OonnlT and Fayplie and WaptlmoiiUud CMtnilta mat Ihnn CnntnuL Bl'dn. 

EKK. Amu. IIHTI.] l>an «. LE||onler Vallry. 
Pl«tt,f. Special nrort on Ilia coko mmiuhclan of the VouihloiiliniT RlTer Tal- 
ler » ''■I'll' and WcatmoivlBBd CoubUh. Wlili geoluukal rdifh of Uiu toil ond Inm on 
bnla, from par«y" by C. A. Yoani. To wbkli are apiieaded. I. Report on inntliud- or ook- 
InR. by J. Pullon. 1. Bepon on Iha um of nalural «ai In the Iron rainutacture. by J. B. 

M. H-CraUb^ A.a. BeiMirlarproinulnUie lalHintoryortbeiurrerat HacrUhnrf, 
"Tw'S. M-Ciwtli-A a. Mraporluf pruirgwIntliD lahoraloryof IheaurT.yaiHar- 
Y'p.'t'lall.'^).^' s<*Bi'..n'doioniil'irilmMi.'."M.''bJ j'. ?. I^l'^^i. ^'UlliatU.u 'of'imhnt 
^^N/Ahwi/c/lU'fiwt of c,™'iffSBrH'"M-ll'""T«o'bmdred''tati'e."or"eluviuou 'aboie 

P. LcuDerBaXp 1*. Dcacrliillon ol the coal flAra of Ihe carbonlftruiiB fnmiallon In 
PcMri'<Tli<ania and Ibraunhaat thr CnNed Atatrv. CWItli allii*.1 

PP. ronMlHa,W.)l..atf Whlto,!. C. Tlie Pera^taii or npper carbonlftrana flora 
of 1P»I Virvlnla and M. tf. Pennohanla. Wllh plana. 

Q. Whlte,I.C. RapHtof prijiitoMinlheUeairerRlviudlalrlclortlie bllumlBoaieoal- 

'a*Q.*'Vrbtte.T°?™pwt of' pnwreti In Un. THe ([eol..By of L-arence County. Ap- 

Q 4 Q. White, r. C. Kepnn ot nn'Krria Iti I47H. Tbe RFnl"(n' of Me-cer Conntr. 

S. Aahbnrner, C. A. (hr »oc,Ii,b..- iir UcKenn tqui.iy, "iH li» cmhuc Ion with ttut 

l«T;o.£l^"ri?: 'a .^'>'*^™; [nllit akinf ihe UeBvw'll'i'Shl'Sli'i'o'lil^enVn 
Ur-r-i. I,.wi»iirr and JUnrr Coanllea. 

VV. CliBD», 11. ». Ropotiof pfogre«ilnlM». The leolugy of Clarion Coont)'. 


PenDaylvsnt«, oonUnutd. 

— litcretaiT/ nf Hta(e. Charter to Win. Penn, and lawH o£ the provinct 
Pennsylvania, 1(182-1700, preceded by Duke of York's lawB in force, 1( 
62, witli lawx relatiDg bi the ornpmlEHtion of the provincial courts and 
tOTkal iiiatier. Coiupiled and ed. by 8. OeorRe. B. M. Nead, T. HcCami 
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Vol. 1. MJnu 
" -H, F.b. l»-8 

Pmn^lrrSHii' , 

-vl. AtfM^ JwmMlorikcHiiniiionjmii lnlmixl.Aiic. H.ini.-JunTnilDf Cid. Hi; 
MIIm, <:MK«niliui Ihr bulla of Luna ■■liiiiil, lin.— tjm of tick kMIhk Id I'kllwtelplili. 
ITM.-^^-upmi nlaitai id the nr ■■rth> nrulinlaii. ITIvTt -Plau ur iba cututrucibH) 
inMng of itaa ehavmix da firm Id tba lialnnan IHvcr, in.l-H. i. ,»tIo 
IM. - iUpva iManStaH In l-ann-ylnDt*. -OIDCM Md ■^len la ibe«rvlw'or I'™ 
nnhk IIM-M. -Iiminn lnd»r<, Itfninnnaii ptmt. Iritan oT munDa, and >lilp*' irlk 
nW-K — I'arm n-IariHB t<i rha iwvIdcb ..f Pnmii* liiuila prior tn iNe TarulDiluB.— Jul 
M Cul. J. Bnrd, wUlv inilldnw Kun Ai«Bit* at 8liani<.klB, IIW-T. 

S. Kama* uf per oMt «iio tink tk* mIIi nf ailrHbiiK.. Id ■•ninnrlTanla.lTIS-H. — T 
niailiiic t» Dia war ur tka ravuiuilan. ITTI. — Mnnnrfiila aiitiniit atinau a canv(B<l>-a.1! 
raiMn relailaa to Ikv war of Itir ravDiniloii, ITi«-«l.— HimiItm uT iIh cammlilsa Hi 

atUDIIonti pDwar of Ureal Hrtwln. J71I.— FntoMdlnn uf tka ciinTenlh>n Ajr Iko prr 
of PruMylmila, bald at ■■blladi-lBhla. Jon. »-M. 1I». — Pincptdli>(i ur Ika CMifara 
cBmialitna k(M » PklM-lpMibiuDa^i^K, 1171.— Oillcen oftbeaiatt of PcnDij'lTi 

4. PaMH rrUtlDM to Iba WlilUrr Imnnwtrmn In waa'ar " ' — '" '""" " 

UnortkaJnunayDTCnLT. l-iuclw U Iba Indlituvr Ilia d 
llli M (ba dalHHic <>r Iba ITootlen. InMC 

«. l-aiwn raUtlna U> lb* cdImiIci oa lti« Delawan, I«lt-U. 

e. Pawn ralathiR la lb* Fr-ncb nwupatloii Id woUni f 
MIlM raulHMinrnt at Pinqn' IkIv, IW 

1, Papon rdaUnR to prailnclai alMri In Panm.vWinU. W 

!<• Boy aiHriiBrbara Leinlnnr, tlitw and one bull .v»r< i 
Junniai of Col, J, Bnrd inttt pTDrlncial tortlce, I7M j 

■nU. IK-IW. — rap*n rrlattnv i 
-Id. ITM^.—llK niimuvi- of 1 

UtiDenuonlhrDTlawara K1»r. 
7. AjvhMi. Charier: Chailoll. to Wm.Ptnn.-Lelttr rrom xid. i-eiiii 

10. Pennti'KaiilalnUioMBFuftbc-n.'varDllun.bBtullaiiiandllnMm-M. 

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2Sth, 28th, 3lBt-35th, 3Tth, 39th, 43d-5l8t annual report of the inspec 
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erau Volunteers. 
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Vol. 1, No. I. I'rurpedlnBL— Dentsn. D. Brlrf dMrriplkn of Xew York, I* 
P OH V"^ — 'kU '?'' j' J'"'"]!""'-' "■****"•*■ *- VlMl to W«»hlii(lon. II 
Hortblimberliind CoBOtr, Pa. 'cbmnlM tf 'snfHy°")ilnMtf, in*-Ti. ». tn 



Pennsylvania Historical Society, continued. 

lags.— Constitution o( the Historical Society. 10 Procecdlnira. — Clark, J., «A*. Letters 
to Gen. Waslilngton, during th« occupation of PhlladelphiH by the British snny. Il-I^. 
Proceedlntts. — Heckewelder, J. (C«. £.) MeinorHndum of the names and significations 
vhlch the ** Lemil Leuape," othcrvrlMe called " the DclaWares," had given to rivers, &c.. In 
re&nf>ylvxniti, Nt-w Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. 13. Proceedings. — Holme, J. True 
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Personal liberty. See Pierce, E. L. 
Peru, See Markham, C. R. ; -- Relss, W., and StUbel, A. 



PeHke-ompak-ut; or. The Fklla' tight. Bandom sbetcheii of 1 

toi'7 of Turnen Fulls, [Unas. Anon.'] Tiiroers FaUa, 187S. t 
Pet«r family. See HcDonald, P. V. 
Peters, Hugh. Hee Felt, J. B. 
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Depot, Athol, OrauRe, ISBysi. 8'. [3, Rev. Lyman Clark, Pe 
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Pharmsoy. See American Pharmaceutical Association; — 

ty Druggists' Association. 
Pbelps, E. J. Argumaut for the Vetmoot and Canada Ballroi 

esse of Jauies B. I^ot^on & als., vt. Vermont & Canada R 

als.] Bost., 18T9. H°. 4S p. [4] 
Philadelphia. Cammltilonen /or the Krection of the Pvblk Bi 

new publlu buildings, on Penn Square. Address of B. H. Br 

laylnic of the corner stone, July i, 18T4; ^ith a description 

infis, statistics and progress of tbs work up to Jan. 1, 1881 

18U0. H". lis p. lUus. [3] 
Same. Statistii's and prop'eas of the work up to Jan. 1, 

1881. S". 8 p. [3] 

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— Appreatices' Library Company. Annual report ot the m 

Phlla., 1861. 8°. [»] 

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anil a luemoir of the deceased by J. Uadwalader, reai) befor 
ual Society ot Peiinsylvania. Phlla., 18T4. 8°. M p. [3] 

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on the malt liquor question. N.Y., 1H76. 1. 6". 40 p. 111ns. 
RufUr, Botton.} 
The centennial of American Independeuce. Phila., IS7S. 


Oirculan Issued by tba Massachusutts Commission, Depart 

cation and Science, 1876. Bost , [187S]. 8°. [3] 
International Eibibltion. 1876. Trausportallon. Phila., 1 

i'ee aim New Jersey. Qeological Surnsy ; — Unlt«d State 

-~ Chamber of Commerce. Essay on the warehousing systei 

meut creditfl of the Unlr«d Stat«a. Pblla., 18:28. 8°. ST p. [ 

— Librarians. Oee Wallace, J. W. 

— Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art. 

proceedings at the closing exercises of tbe school, June 4, 1 
1881. 8°. 18 p. [3] 
Phillips, Wendell. The people coming to power! Speech at 
beach gathering, Sept. 13, 1871. Bust., 1871, 8°. 24 p. [3] 

— Speech for aid in the preservation of Che Old South Heetlng- 

the commitLee on federal relations of tba Massachusetts 

Bost., 1878. 8". 14 p, [.1, S. A. Green, M.D., Botton.] 
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the United States. Bust., 1828. S°. [I] 
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8=. [^<] 
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lists of Plyiiiouih and Rhode Island colonies. Witb extra 

nlal laws, 1621-1700, Bost.. 1881. 8". [1] 



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setts and New England, on free labor, free states, e^c, in the West. Let- 
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election. Boat., 1857. 8<*. 15 p. [3, Author.] 

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go. (23) p. [Z, Author.] 

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2 ▼. HP. [1] 

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[3, Author.] 

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preme Court ol the United States Id tbe sinking fun 
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ezamlnation ol the proceediiiBS of Uie general court-ma 

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Morristown, N.J., 1874). 8=. H p. [3, Aiilhor.) 

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N.J., 1874. 8". 31 p. [3, Aiil/uiT.] 

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— [Extract from the Cincinnati Coromcrcial ou the Fiti Jt 

Anon.] n.l.p. Newspaper slip. [3, Gen. Filt-John Porter, J 

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n.p.pieSO, Broadside. [3, Geii. Porter.} 

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13°. [3] 

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2d, 4th] conference, 1858, 72, 80. [Wash.], Northampton, etc., [1868]-80. 8®. 

The report of the first conference, held at Washington, 1M{8, was nubllshed as an appendix to 
tbe llth annual report of the Colnmbia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb; the second report 
of the conference neld at Flint, Mich., forms the appendix to the lOih biennial report of the 
Michigan Institution for the Educstlon of the De<if and Dumb and Blind: the report of the 
tihlrd conference, held at Phlladelpliia, was not published: that of the 4th conference, held 
at Northampton, Is bound with the llth annual report of tbe Clarke Institution. 

Prisons. See Great Britain. (7ommi««toner o/ Pri^n^;— International 
Penitentiary Congn^ess, Stockholm; — J onmaX of prison discipline; — 
Massachusetts ; — Pennsylvania ; — Scotland. 

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Property. See Heywood, E. H. 

Prostitution. See Parent-Duchfttelet, A. J. B. 

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of the 3d Cliurcb Congress, Nov. 11-17. 1876. N.y., I8T8. 8=-. 13, A. H. Bid- 
loci, Worctnler.] 

— See Perry, W. a. 

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of its character and purpose. [By B. B. Smith.] N.Y., 1881. 33°. 7 p- 

[3, B. F. De Cotta, Ifeio York] 

Manual. N.Y., 18S1. 16°. 18 p. [3. H. F. De Cotta, Jfea York.] 

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SiDiiubI convention; being tha SSth annual convention, since the full orgtui- 

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Proverbs. See Long, J. 
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{7),67, Ifip. [2] 

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Providence. R.I.\ 

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2d ed.; June 4, 18130. Providence. 1856-60. 8°. [2] 

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8= 23 p. [2] 

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3d report of the Hhrarlan, 1880. Providence. 1881. 8°. [2] 

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M. Stone, Providence, B.I.] 

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Measures proposed for the prevention of Asiatic cholera In Providence- 
Report to the board of aldermen, by E, M. Saow. Supeiiutendent. Provi- 
dence, 1865. 8'. IS p. [2] 

Report upon fat and lard melting. Providence, 1871. 8°. 11 p. [2] 

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by the governor of Rhode Island, to the Board of Health. By E. H. Snow, 
Superintendent. Providence. 18(iS, 8". 13 p. [2] 

Small pox and the protective power of vaccination in Providence. Re- 
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— See Carpenter, K. 

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Providence, 1880. l(i=. [3] 
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W. 18 p. [3, Dr. Henry Shortle, Provineetoam.] 
Prussia. See Evans, T. W. 
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12=. [3] 
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8°. Map. [1] 
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Railways. See Atkinson, E,; — Brown, W. O. i ~ Georgia ; - 
H. A.; — Illinois; — Iowa; — Haraaclinsetts ;~ Michigan ; — 
Pierce, E. L.;— Poor, H. V.; — Virginia; — Webb, E. F. 

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I78B. 3 V. 8". Maps. [1] 

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«=. (4>.852p. [1] 

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[17li6]. &'ee VltKlnla. 
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1, 1S80, on tba bill for tbe realoration of Gen. Fllz John Porter 

Dnited Slates army. Wa»h.,lBHO 12". 2* p. [X Gen. Filt John P 
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prtme Court, Cases, v. IT. 
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cases afllrmeil, reversed, oremileili anil otherwise criticised. Bei 

of the New York Reference digest. Jerae; Cit.v, 1881. 1. 8°. (vt 

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ethnic amnitiea, etc. N.Y., 1878. IG°. Mapn. [3] 
Reading. See Atkinson, W. P. ; — Smart, J. H. 
Readln^dlrectory. See Wakefield. 
Reasons wby the bill " to authorize the cit.v of Boston to take and bo 

and other properly tor a landinfc for the East Boston ferries" sh< 

rejected. [Anon.] Bost., 1S81. 8°. T p. [4] 
QeciprocUy. See Kelley, W.D.; — Medley, G. W.; — National Bv 

Boconstruction of tbe Southern States. See HcPhersoD,G.; — 1 

E L. 
B«cord Society for the Publication of Original Documents relai 

Lancashire and Cheshire. [Prospectus, rules, report, elc, 1 

n.p,.[l88n}. 8°. [3] 
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state of New York, [18T8-8I]. Vol.4. N.Y., 1881. 8°. [S] 
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crime against the person Id several parts ot the Dnited Stales. 

1880. 16". [1] 
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Bedford], by the British. Sept. S, 1778. [New Bedford, 18T8.J 8°. 11 

Beed, James Hervey. See Buttenvorth, H. 

Reemelln, Charles. Treatise on politico as a science. Cincln., 1BT5. 8 
Reference catalogue of cuirent literature, containing the full titles o: 

now in piiot aod tor sale. Lonil., 1880. 8°. {1] 
Reformatory schools. See Massachusetts. State Bfjtirm School a 

borouffh: — Michigan. Siaie Refonn Schoat. 
Relber, £mile. De la m^thode g^n^iale pour I'easelgnetnent prltn 

dessln. Conference tenue au ai^ge de la Soci^f [pour I'lnstructl 

mentalre],n Jan., 1879. Paris, 1879. 8". iv, 24 p. [3] 
Held, Whltelaw. Town hall suggestions. An aildresa at the openl 

new city hall, Xenta, Ohio, Feb. lli, 1881.' K.Y., 1881.16°. 44 p. | 



Relfls, W., and Stttbel, A. Peruvian antiquities. The necropolis of Anoon in 
Peru. Illnstrations of the civilisation and industry of the empire of the 
Incas, being the results of excavations made on the spot. Part 1-3. 
Lend., [1881]. 3 v. f>. [1] 

Religion. See Dorchester, D. 

Religion and edacaUon. See Matthews, 8. 

Religion and science. See Gulliver, J. P. 

Religions. See Ooald, S. B. ; — Mttller, (F.) M. 

Bellglovs toleration. See Thomson, J. 

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lection from letters to her husband and son, 1804-13. From the French by 
Mrs. C. Hoey and J. Lillle. N.Y., 1881. 12^. Portrait. [1] 

Report, or essay, to illustrate the advantages of direct inland communication 
through Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Hants, to connect the metropolis with 
Sboreham, Rochester, and Portsmouth, by a line of engine railroad. Lond., 
1823. 8°. 31 p. Plan. [3] 

Reporter, The. Vol 10-11. Bost., 1880-«l. 2 v. 1. 8<>. [1] 

Republic of republics. iS^fc Sage, B. J. 

Republican or Democrat? A retrospect with its lesson for the citizen of 
1880. [Anon,] N.Y., 1880. 32*>. 80 p. [1] 

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porterl by B. Davis. Chicago, 1881. 8<». [1] 

— Union Republican Congreetional Committee. Documents issued by the com- 

mittee, presidential campaign of 1880. Ko. 1-70 [60 wanting]. Wash., 
1880. »^. [3] 

— &'ee Allen, S.M. 
Republics. See Townsend, L. T, 
Repudiation. See Butts, I. 
Revere, Paul. See Watson, J. L. 

Revere directory. See Chelsea and Revere directory. 

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1881.] 8«. 8 p. [3, Author.] 

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the 36th annual report of the Commissioner of Public Schools. Provi- 
dence, 1881. 89. [2] 

— Commiesioner qf Public Schools. 24th annual report, 1860. Providence, 1869. 

8°. [2] 

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Island and Providence Plantations as revised by the Commissioners. 
n.p., [1881J. 4<». XI, 046 p. [3, Hon. Robert R. Bishop, Newton.] 

— General Assembly. [Acts and resolves]. May, 1799; June, 1815; May, June, 

1817; May, Oct., 1818; Feb., June, Oct., 1819; Feb., May, Oct., 1820; Feb., 
May, June, Oct., 1821; Jan., May, Oct., 1822; June, 1823; Jan., Oct., 1824; 
Oct., 1825; May, June, 1826; May, Oct., 1827; June, 1828; May, June, Oct., 
1829; May, June, Oct., 1830; May, June, Oct., 1831; June, Aug., Oct., 1832; 
June, 1833; Oct.. 1833; May, Oct., 1834; Jan., May, Oct., 1835; Jan., June, 
1836; Jan., May, 1837; May, Oct., 1838; May, June, Oct., 1839; Oct., 1841; 
Jan., May, 1846; Oct., 1847; Jan., June, Oct., 1848; Jan., May, June, Oct., 
1849; Jan., 1860; Oct.,- 1854. n.t.p. [Providence, 1799-1864.] 8*>. [2] 
The volume of laws for May seision, 1799, Is Incomplete. 

Acta, resolves and reports, May session, 1880- Jan. session, 1881. Provi- 
dence, 1881. 8°. [2] 

Index to the printed acts and resolves, petitions and reports, 1860-62. By 

J. B. Bartlett. Providence, 18G3. 8°. [2] 

Manual with rules and orders for the use of the General Assembly, 

188(M1. Prepared by J. M. Addeman. Providence, 1880. 12°. [2] 



Rhode Idknd. Oenerai Aaembly, oontinutd. 

Public laws, Jan. ISSa-Jao. 1B07. Providance, IMT. 8°. [2] 

Soma. Uny, 18T1-Mar, IHTS. [81h auppleuieat.! Providence, 18T3. B'. 

aanu. Jan. asMloa, 1881. [Providence, 1881.] 8". [2]' 

Report of tbe flaaace commlttetis upon the reports of the state aoilltot, 

quartermaater general, adjutant general, payiuiutec general aud geneial 
treasurer, Jan. 29, IWi, Provldenre, 18G2. 8°. 14 p. [1] 

A school manual, containing tlie subnol lain of Rhode Island; nltb decia- 

loni, leniBtks and forms, 18T3. Providence, 18T3. 13°. [:!] 

— Stalt Rea'trvr. lOih, 24th, 2Gth-2Tlh report apon the births, marriages and 

deaths In the sUte; 1862. T6, T8-79. Providence, iaU-80. 4 v. B°. 1^] 

— History of tbe seventh squadrun Rhode Island cavalry. B; a member. 

[Auoa.] Yartnoutb, Me., 1879. 8°. lip. [1] 

— Set Anthony, H.B.; — C»llender, J.; — Dbt, J. E.; — FrieMi, J.; -Gard- 

ner, A. B. : — Pierce, E. W. 
Rhode Islftad ConinvsatlonKl Conference. Hinntes, 1880-81; wlih ilie 

report of the R, I. Home Ulssioeary Society. Providence. 1800 81. H°. 

[3. S, Rev. T^ODKii Lanrit, Provldenet. SI] 
Rhode I«l*nd HI>.oHoal Society. Proceedings, 1S72/3, 73/4,78/9-80/81. 

Pnivldenee, 1873-81. D v. 8°. [;l] 

Rhode laland historical tracts. Noa. 11-13. Providence, 1880-81. sm. 4". 

S'n. II. IUtl*r,a.n. lUMhiicnphlciliiimmlniirUim-nner lili<Ml*allKi».JwtbK. 
Ani^ll, Pnn » II. iWhlpiHr' ]ilclt..u^il]. l-ULirtnr ■. WIIIUiu. :WI<ti< TiM uli.t Iiv- 

It. r«rM>il|k IV Wf. Tb« tIMkU ScbDol farwTlT iiWlai In Unnrn IvnlTcnlnr. 1u 
itund twrniTutaM.! i^rre. """*'* ^"" «wpon j 

Rh«d* Islnad register for I8S3: oontainln^ a bniinesa directory irf the state. 
B.V ileorge Adants. Vol. 1. Providence, [ISS.']. 13°. [3. Aaavtlv Rua, 

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liW. If. IS] 
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Culled *' New Jemey 8tate Collefre for the Reneflt of Agriculture and tbe Mechanic Arta," 
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coats of arms. Liveri>ool, 1879. 8^ 14 p. [3, Author.] 
A paper read before the Ulctorlc Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 20th Feb., 1879. 

~ Some account of the Clayton family, of Thelwall, Co. Chester: afterwards 
of St. Dominic's Abbey, Doneraile and Mallow, Co. Cork. Liverpool, 

1880. 8<». 20 p. [3, Author.] 

A paper read before tlie Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 4tb Mar., 1880. 


Bylauds J- Pan], eantlmitd. 

— The Starkle familf of Penninf^n and Bedlonl, Id the pariah ol Leigb, Co. 

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[of expenses, ffc., 1331]; — Reports of tbe several departments, Dec. 18S3. 
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forthecit.T. Salem.lSW. 8°. 8p. [2] 

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Augustus EusSf Boston.] 

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[1881.] 8°. 15 p. [3, Author.] 
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■t rtiilailFlphli, til ItBl. 

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cuo en la Conn del <;pptr Usnck. 1U7-H," 
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partinant, requastinfc the reMntlon of Simmona as collei 

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oommunltyT" In Hamilton, H.Y., April i2-«, 1817. 

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Conlentt, . 

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<)'. TtenMiidoi'ortlH'iiew EdanlKurld. 

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ord d[ proceediogs of the 1st anDual ceiioioii, Korrit 

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nnU des 10. deulsch-amerik. Lehrortages. Mllwau 

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speech of A. G. Cnrtin, at the laying of the corner ito 

in the Soldiers' National Cemetery, ac Gettysburg, 

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tlnlted States. Depnrtmenl u/ the Xavy. 
Some reasons why excise tax on lifs-iD-turance companies 

n.l.p. [Bolt., 1H81.] 8°. 2p, [1] 
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E. L 
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— General AtKmbly. An ar.t to alter and amend the schi 

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6 p. [3] 
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bL> orsuulh CinllM for ISII-t uid mn-S. 

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1881.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 141 

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From the Sapplcmentary volume of the Rebellion record. 

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fo. [1] 

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I further legislation affecting the Mystic sewer, 1881. Bost., 1881. 8^. 9 p. 

I w 

stage. 5ee Gardiner, J.; — Irving, H. 

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Duxbnry. Charter, organization, and breaking ground. Laying comer- 
stone, Oct. 7, 1872. Prepared by S. M. Allen. Bost., 1873. 8''. 61 p. [3; S, 
M. AUen, Duxbury.] 


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wBlil'a Dfa Brde nnd Ihre Volker. Tr. bj A. H. Keane. Lond., 
f. Maps and Ulus. 

Stanifeld, Hanier. Honey and the money market explained and 

rat« of dUrount considered. With an appeal to K. Cobden and 

Also, the corraspondeiiue with A. Walker, od monetar; paalt 

[ISfiO]. 8°. 39 p. [1] 
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frat^. Ed. by E. C, Stanton, 8. B. Anthony and M. J. Ga 

Viil, 1. 1(H8-BI. N.Y., 1881. S". [I] 
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Unitarian Conference, Sept, 10, 1873, on the hlatory of the First 

that town. MIKord, 1873. B". 24 p. [2] 

— An historical discourse on the ISOI h annivenary of the orfianlEa 

First Conitref^tional Church in Providence, It. I., and the on: 
Josiah Cotton, Nov. 1. 1878. Providence. 1»79. 8°. 3a p. [2] 

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Abraham Staples, of Mendon, Oct. 31, 1877. [Introductory addi 
B. Staples; historical address, by C A. Staples.] Providenc 
Mp. [1] 

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— [Photograph of the monument erected to the memory of Stark.] 
Starkle family. See Rylands, J. P. 

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meeting for the organization of the Association. Jan. 9, 18T8. 

1881. 8°. 44 p. [3] 
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Staten Island, N Y. Stt Clute, J. J. 

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1861. B". 18 p. [1] 
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cordance with the votes of the towns of Smithfleld, North Smitl 

coin and Woonsocket. Providence. 1881. 8°. [1] 
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— The Southern negro as he is. By Q. R. 8. Best., 1877. Sf. 33 j 
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collections of rare books and manuscripts relating chiefly to 

and literature of America. Sold by suction, July, 1881. Lon< 

[3, Avlhor.] 
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187-.] 16°. Portrait. [S, Author.] 
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18S0. in". 23 p. [a] 
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live Court, and, on appeal. In the Court of Errors and Appet 

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London, 1802. 18°. Portrait. [1] 



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2 V. ^. [\] 

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traits. [IJ 

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Sabjects and questions pertaining to political e(*onomy, constitutional law^ 
the theory and administration of government, and current x>olitics. N.Y., 
1881. hl^. V, 24 p. (Economic tracts, no. 3.) [3] 

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1880. 8°. [3] 

— See Hassam, J. T.; — Winsor, J., ed. 

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£. L.; — Russell, C. T. ; — Stanton, Mrs, £. C, and others, 

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for the United States Senate, March, 1871. Bost., 1878. 12<». 29 p. [3] 

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in the Senate of the United' States, Dec. 21, 1870. Wash., 1870. 8<>. 16 p. 


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gerent France. Speech in the Senate of the United States, Feb. 28, 1872. 
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— See Worcester. City Council, 

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[1881J. 8®. (19) p. [3, Author,"] 

From the Princeton review. 

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(35) p. [3, Author,] 

— and others. Political economy and political science. List of books rocom- 

niended for general reading, and as an in troil notion to special study. 

N.Y., 1881. 16°. 36 p. (Economic tracts, no. 2.) [3] 
Sumter. [Verses published for the benefit of the South Carolina Monument 

Association. Anon.] n,p,t [18—]. 8<^. 11 p. [3] 
Sun. See United States. Naval Observatory, 
Sunderland, Mass, Beport of the selectmen for the year ending March, 

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poor, and school committee, for the year ending March 5, 1860-MaTch 4, 

1864. Worcester, [1860-64]. 8<». [2] 


A. BeftilknlDtHUtlitlk. NTnUd, 

B. RlillsvlteHidst. Nt fSljil, II. I- 
■•■— imbrulKrUIcLK, IS-" 

8»tm«]enivimiiir»lli. H. " 

LtvnABn ■ppgi/urom JeiUTKiiLnllkcn i 
STrltzerlaud. See DePeyster, J. W. 

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71-7*, 76-79. SyraciiBe, 1869-80. 10 v. 8=>. [2] 

For prevloui reporu kx JupfWnlniifait n^ /'iiijfe SrSBBU. 

— Super{nl«n<fent a/ fubfic 5c/iooI<. 13ch, 19th-20th aunual report, 1861, ffl 

SyracuM, 18ei-[68]. 8". [2] 

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ocean currentg, aod their effects on climate. Host.. 1881. ISP. 54 p. | 

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French revolution. Tr. by J. Durand. Vol. 1-2. N.T., 18T8-8J. 
18°. [1] ^^^^^^ 

TalIeyrand-P6rlgord, Cbarles Maurice de, prince ds Beneetnto, The cc 
■pondence of Fiince Talleyrand and King Louts xvtii. during the I 
gress of Vienna [1S14-16] (hitherto unpublished) from the raanuBd 
preserved in the archives of the Ministry of Foreign AfEain at F 
With a preface, etc., by M. O. PallalD. N.Y., 1881. sm 8°. xivlll, S3 
Portrait. [I] 

TMtner, Henry. The martyrdom of Lovejoy. An account ot tbe lite, tr 
an<l perils ot Rev. EllJabP. Lovejoy, killed by a pro-ilavery Al 
III., Nov. 7, 18.17. By an eye-witness. Chicago, 1881. 6^ Portraits. 

Tapestry. See Hayes, J. L. 

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partmenC of higher instruction of the National Educational Auodal 
at Cliautauqua, 1880. n.p., n.ii. 6". 7 p. [.1, Author.] 

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ton. 1881. 8°. 132 

1st supplement to the catalogue. Tauntoo, 1881. 8°. tut, G9, (1) p. | 

— See Atwood, C. R. 

Taunton directory and an almanac for 1861 ; Taunton directory, 1880, no 
Taunton, 1861-79. 2 t. 16° and 8°. Map, [1, 3, AagutHit Jtiiu, Botbm 
tlj' Adamt, 34inpiiin A Co., I«li bj M»in|uoii. Davenport * Co., 1SB». 

Taxation. Ste Ropes, J. C. 

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ration ot Mrs. Taylor, at the Seaman's Bethel, June 33, 1869. [Addrei 
S. C. Watarston. Remarks by W. H'Donald and A. D. Merrill. Sei 
by O. 8. Koyes, June 27. Best.], 18T0. 8°. SO p. [3, S. P. ifoyfr 
Boitoa ] 

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pool, 1881. 8°. Tl p. [.1] 

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Phi Beta Kappa Society ot Harvard University, ituly 18, ISSO. Ca 
IMO. 8°. 27 p. [1] 

~ Poetical works. Household ed. Bast., 1880. 16°. [1] 



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«». [1] 

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Hartronl.lBSO. 8". [S] 

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the direct Tout« for tbe easteni lertiifoatlon o{ the Brie 

■wer to the report of A. Campbeli. rioy, 1836. 8°. 36 
Troy and Albany County ilf. ¥.) bualnesa directorj, coni 

for 1890 uf New York state and of each city In the Vn 

& Bllta. Troy, 18)12. 16°. [3, Avguttui Ruu, BoUon.] 
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bonters of Connectlcnt: with tnterpretaUons of sonii 

ford, 1881. 8°. [1] 
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to R. Q. White. A paper read before tlie Massachnsetti 

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Twenty-ninth Coogreas; Its men and its measures. [Ano 

8". 16 p. [1] 
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First Pariah in Carlisle, Mass., delivered Feb. 23, 1819. 

21 p. [1] 
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A paper read before tlie Worcester Society of Antltj 

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Appended li the rtcord of IbQ reslmiuC, IStl-U. 

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Union PaclAc Railroad. Set Poor, H. V. 

Union Railway Company. [.MeTnonal to tbe city conn 

with the report of tbe committee of the city council up 

Gas Compmiy, tbe Horse- Rail road Corupany, and tbe wi 

[Carab., 18fi2.] 8". IS p [2] 
Unitarian Ism. .See National Conference of Unitarian 

tian Churfliea. 
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fiurrau of Edticalion. 

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1871-72. 8". [3] 



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!tor. 1871. Orcntt, H Methods of school diwipline.^ Dec. 1871. Tan Bokkelen, L. 
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— Pel). lR7i. FranctJi. J. >!.. and otherg. Reports on the Kysteins o( public Instrnction In 
Greece, the Argentine Rrpubllc, Chill, and iCcuador. with Rtatistics of Portugal, and an offl- 
dal repitrt on technical education in Ital/.— June, 1872. Pearne. T. H. Education la tha 
British West Indies. 

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periniendence, Washingtiin, Feb. 18-20. I88U. 
3. Wilcox, S. M. Legal rights of children. 
4* dark, T. M. Rural school architecture. 
5. Hulbert, H. W. £ngti>h niml Hcluxtls. 

6» Clarke, r. W. Report on the toaching of chemistry and physios In the United Statea. 
?• Mareh, V. A. The spelling refurm. 

-Saine, No. 1-3. 1881. Wash., 1881. 8°. [3] 


No. 1. Pool«, W. P. Constraction of library buildings. 9. White, £. E. The rela- 
tion of educatiun to industry and technical tratnhifr tn American schools. 3. National 
Edttoational Aaaoclation. Proceedings of the department of superintendence, 1881. 

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tries. [Wash , 1881.] Broadside. [3] 
^Educational conventions and anniversaries during the summer of 1876. 
Wash., 1876. 8°. 14 p. [3] 

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Geographical Cong^'oss at Venice in 1881, Illiteracy and crime in France, 
School savings banks, and Education in ShefSeld. Wash., 1881. 8*^. 8 p. 


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^ Manual of the common native trees of the northern United States. [By 
G.Vaaey.] Wash, 1877. 8«. 23 p. [3] 

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9>. [3] 

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Bureau of Navigation, 

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eria and nautical almanac. Wash., 1866. 4^. 69 p. [3] 

— Tables of Mercury, for the use of the American ephemeris and nautical 

almanac. ByJ. Winlock. Wash., 1864. 4°. 10, 50 p. [3] 

— Telegraphic determination of longitudes on the east coast of South 

America, embracing the meridians of Lisbon, Madeira, St. Vincent, etc., 
with the latitude of the several stations, by F. M. Green, C. H. Davis, 
and J. A. Norris, 1878-79. Wash., 1880. 4«. 87 p. Plates. [3] 

Bureau of Statistics. 

— Annual report of the Chief of the Bureau on the commerce and navigation 

of the United States, 1877-78. Wash., 1878-79. 2 v. in 3. 8®. [3] 

— Qaarterly reports of the Chief of the Bureau, showing the imports and 

ezports.of the United States for the four quarters of the fiscal year ended 
Jane 30, 1880. Wash., 1880. S^. [3] 

— Sommary statement of the imports and exports of the United States for 

the month ended Aug., 1880-June, 1881. [No. 2-12. 1880-81. Wash., 
1881.] 4«. [3] 


United SUt«0, etmltntud. 

Cennu Bureani. 

— CananibnllMlii. No. 1-36T. Wa«h., 18H0-81. 4°. [s; 

— Extra cenana baUetla. Report od the cotton pK 

By E. W. HlIgsTd- Wash., 1881. 4°. iv, 99 p. [3J 

8t»tUtt«s o( life iDsaraDce. [Wash., 1881.] *". 73 

Tables, with atmoiatlona, showlDK the ayatem 

jurlwUctlon In the Daited Sui«s. By F. H. Wine 

p. [3] 

Centennial Commlulon. 

— Auta at Congmaa. Rolea and r^ulationa. Deactip 

Phila, 187(1. I. 8=. 82, (1) p. [3] 

Circuit and DUtrict Courtt. 

— See Feder»l nporter, t. 1-6. 

— (IK cfreuU.) Sm CUfflinl, W. H. Baporta, 1S6S-78, ' 

— (2d ciTcaU.) 8t» BlMchf ord, 8, ReporU, [1878-80], 

— (4(AcIreua.) 5u Hagbea, B. W. 

— ({«A etrcuit.) Set Wooda, W. B. Caaea, [1877-79], v. 

— letheinuit.) SMDUlon,J.P. Cmm, [1878-79];— » 


CO<ut and Geodetic SuTvey. C. P. Pattermm, i 

— Cataloffue of charia, ISBO. Waab., 1880. am. 4°. 4S p. 

— Methods, disousaious, and reaulta. Ueteorologlcal 

of the coaat pilot. Port 8. Waah., 1880. 1°. 9S p. 

pBita. CT<!K>n«.H(u->»oauuaton»d«>. AppendliiH 

— Beponof the SnperlDtendent, 1877. Wash., 1880. i' 

Commiuion of Fith and Fieheriet, 

— BepOTtof tbeCoouniaBloDar, 1S7S. [Parts.] Waah., 

Committloner of Indian AJfatrt. 

— Annual report, 188a Wash., 1880. 8". [3] 

ConunlMfonera to the Parte Univernd Eipw 

— Heporta. Waah., 1880. v. 8". Illua. [3] 

OOn^tToUer of the CarreiKt/- 

— Annnal report, 1880. Wash., ISBO. 8°. [3] 


— Adulteration of food. Report [from] the committee 

n.t.p. [Wash., 1881.] S°. Kp. [S, O^orge T. Anatl 

— ConjITeBslonal dlractorj, Wash., 1878-81.8°. [3, j 

Inn, mm. 0. F. Hoar, Worcetter, etc.] 

- ConatltDtion o( the United Stat«s, with the ameni 

eon's MaDoal of paillamentai; practice, the standli 
condoctlDfc bnslnasa in the House of Repreeentatl 
force at the close of the 43d Cong^reaa, etc. Com 
4lhed. Wash., [1880], r, [3, Bon. Oeorge D. Robl 

— General Index of the joumala of lat-lOth Concr 

Ordway. Waah., 1880. 4°. [3, .,4Iberl Ordteaf, Wm 

1S81.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 151 

UnlWd StotM. OongrfM, coMinved. 

— A memorial of Joseph Henrr. Wash., 1S80. 1. B°. Portrmit. [3, Bim. 

Ltopold Moru, Botton.] 

CoDUtnlnf ■ddm*c«lD Can^nii, memorial pTDCvrdinit of Bocletleft, ite. 

— MBmarial addreasei on the lite and diameter at Thoddetu StflTsoB, Id the 

HoixM of Bepreaentatlvea, Dec. IT, 1868. Waab., ItMg. 8°. 84 p. [3] 

— SttstDKof money to be used in Impeachment. [Report of B. F. Bntlec 

from the select committee of the managers of Impeachment.] n.l.|). 
[Wuh., IMS.] 8«. 48 p. [1] 

— llie regaUtion and Improvement of the dvU eerrlce. [Report of the 

(sommittee to examine the wreral brandies of the cItII service.] Wmh., 
1881. 8°. «p. [3] 

— Beport on tlie jteaeral Index at tlie jonmsla of Congress. [Bj A. Ord- 

way.J Wasb., 1879. V. 40 p. [3, Aa>tn Orduiav.] 
-Statutes, 2d-M session, 46th CoDgreas, )8I»-81. Waah., 18S0-S1. 2 T. 

1. fP. [1, 8, Hon. aeorgt B. lorlng, Salem.] 
~ 5m Twentj-ninth Congra*. 

nth CoiiffreMt. 

— IdaasBioD. Dec. 1816-Hareh ISn. 

Reporu of oommitteea of the Senate. Vol. 0, part 2. Ho. 703, part 3. 
8°- [2] 

4EfA Congreu, 
-adseaelon. Dae. ISH-June 18T8. 

Senate miscellBneouH documents. Vol. 3. No. 4B. 8°. 

Executive docamenta. Vol. B, IT. No. 1, part S, t. 2, noa. 74-101 («Xr 

cept 89 and 90). 2 v. S°. 
Houae mlacellaneoun documents. Vol, 2, no. 31. 8°. 

— 3d aeasion. Dec. lS78-MaTCh 1879. 

Joamal of the Senate. S°. 

Journal of tlie House. 8°. 

Senate documeota. Vol. I, 3, 0. Noh. 1-12, 14-48, 58. 2 v. 8°, 1 

Reports of committees of the Senate. Nos. MT-869. 4 v. S°. 

SenatemiBcellaneoiisdocuments. VoL 1,3-4. Kos. 1-30, 32-81. 37.104.8°. 

BxBcatlve docnmenu. Vol. 1-9. 11-18. Nos. 1-4T, 49-108. 16 t. H", 1 t. 40. 

Reports of committees of tbe House. No«. 1018 (4Stb Cong., 2d seas.) 

and noe. 1-291. 2 v. 8°. 
House miscellBneoai docamenla. Nos. 1-34. S v. 8°. 
tOth Congmt. 

— 2d aesHloD. Deo. 187B-June 1880. 

Journal of the House of Representatives, 1870. Wash., 1880. S". [3] 
Court of Clalmt. 

— Ste Nott, C. C, and Hopklaa, A. Cases, 18n-T9, v. 13-lS. 


— tSae Beport«r; — Viiltad Ststoa digest. 

D^Mirtnunt qf AfpieuUiiTt. 
-> Beport of the Comralsstoner, 18T9. Wash., 1880. 8°. Plate*. [3] 

— Report upon forestry, [1877]. By F. B, Uouch. Wash., 1S78. 8". [3] 

— Same. Vol.2. [18T8-T9.] Wash., 1880. 8°. [3] 

— Bpodal reports, [1877-81]. No. 1-38. Wash., 18n-81. 8". (3] 

United HUtei.'-fl. Kepon OBcin tha condition ofctofti llu. tuumwit of Uic Inlcnia"™"! 
wlint •Bpplr. uia our whMt upuni. with fotrlgn mifjuia pilc«_— 9. ^obm. 

'l5'.™n»Iii«iilloniJ . 
ilnwlL-lS-O. H*-* 
Bauudara, w. Tm 

, n DlinL— 4. CulIlvMloBor 

th'fliiwiddaunhii.— a-19. Roporlon tkinmOllliBof oronsluiw, ' " 

KUar.C. V. Tbailikiiorai; tiiitruUuiuAirtt(i>nidaetlunor<il'- 


Vntted State*. Department <•/ Aarieulture, conUttued, 

cullnrfl u ■ probtble AmerleoD lndiimi7. — 10-SO* li«porl Qpcn ' 

Nut., Drc. ]B7)*, — 81. RrpDTI DpDii ITae nmalwniilLd prtcn ur l«T111 

.-SV-SO. taHrtiitHnlkeCDiidlUuniircniiw. Mut^Dk,. IWO. - 
lUitoiunliiiiB-iiBfBBOiJi: III npon.— St- llrpnn upon in« an 

Department of the Interior. 

— ^nQBl report or the Secretary, 18T9-80. WbsIi., 1879-80. 4 t, 8°. | 

— L^Mr from the Secretary trHUBmlttiajl k prellmtnary report d[ 

population, iiuliistry, and resources of Alaska. [WMh., ISSl.] 8° 

Depariment (if the IfaBj/. 

— Annual report of tbe SecTetarj, ISTB-tH). Wash., 1880. 2 v. 8°. Pla 

— Narimtive of tbe Keconil Arctlu expedition made by C. F. Hall; 

Ed. by J. B. Noarse. Wasb., IHTS. 4". 1, 644 p. Portraita, mi 
nioj. [3] 

— RsKliIer of the officers of the oavy, Jan. 1, 1880, July 1, 1880. 

1»80. 8=. [3] 

— Report on foreign systems of uaral education, by J. R. Holey, 

1880. 8°. [3] 

— Bepurt on the training syBteias for the nary and metcanUle mi 

England, and on tbe naval training systeuj of France. By P. B 
wick. Wasb., 188a 8°. [3] 

Departmenl of Slate. 

— American pork. Result ot an investlgatiun made under aiitborlt] 

Department of State. Wash., I8BI. 8°. 4D p. [3] 

— Commercial relations of the United Btates Reports from tbe coi 

tbe United StaMs on the i^omnieice, maaufactuies, etc., of their c 
dlstrleti. No. 1-8. Oi-t , 1880-Juna, 1881. Wasb., 1880-81. 8°. [3] 
~ French Universal Exposition tor ISGT. Official correspondence 
subject, containing general legulatious, classiflcation ot articl 
Wash., 1865. 4°. 28 p. [3] 

— International Monetary Conference held In Paris, Aug., 18T8, un 

auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ol France. [Proceed: 
port and monetary documents.] Wash., 1879. 4°. ziv, 918 p. [3] 

~- Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with 
nual tnesaage of the president, Dec. 6, 1880. Wash., 1880. 8°. [3] 
Dtpartment of iht TVeorory. 

— Annual report of the Secretary on tbe state ot the Boanoea, ItTTt^-SO. 

1879-80. 2 V. 8°. [S] 

— Annnal report of the Treasurer, 1880. Wash., 1880. 8°. [4] 

— Letter from the Acting Secretary in reply to a resolution of the B 

Bepresentatlresin relation to the public indebtedness of foreign 
iiienta. Wiuh., 1881. 8=. 01 p. [3] 

— I*tter trom the Secretary, transmitting tbe report of the colli 

customs [on nominations and appointments In the New Tork i 
House]. h.t.p. [Wash,, 1881.] 8=. 2H p. [3] 
- Swilstical abstract of tbe United States. 2d-3d number. 18Tft-l 
nance, coinage, comnMrce, Immlgiatlun, etc. Wasb., 1880-81. S°. 

i«81.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 8. 158 

United States, continued* 

Department of War, 

— A digest of opinions of the Judge Advocate General of the army, with 

notes, by Bvt. Col. W. Winthrop, [Sept. 1862-Dec. 1876.] Wash., 1880. 
S**. XV, (1). 606 p. [3] 
-Annual report of the Secretary, 1879. Wash., 1879. 4 v. in 6. 8^ [3] 

— Manual for army cooks. Wash., 1879. 16°. [3] 

— Official army register, Jan., 1881. Wash., 1881. sm. 8^. [3] 

— The war of the rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the 

Union and Confederate armies. By B. N. Scott. Series 1. Vol. 1. 
Wash., 1880. 8^. v, 752 p. [3, Geo, F. Hoar, Worcester.] 

— See Hamerslyy T. H. S, 

Director of the Mint. 

— Annual report, 1880. Wash., 1880. 8®. [3] 

District Courts. {New York.) 
"See Benedict, R. D., and B. L. Beporis, [1877-78], v. 9. 

Engineer Department. 

— Annual report of the Chief of Engineers, 1879-80. Wash., 1879-80. 6 y. 

8°. [3] 

— Professional papers. No. 18. Report of the geological exploration of the 

40th parallel, made under the direction of A. A. Humphreys, by C. King. 

Vol. 7. Wash., 1880. 4°. [3] 


ToL 7> Marsh* O. C. Odontorntihes : a monof(Taph on the extinct toothed birds of 
Kortb AmeriCM. 

Entomolopical Commisston. 

— lst-3d report, 1878-79, relating to the Rocky Mountain locust and the 

Western cricket. [By C. V. Riley. A. S. Pai'kard, Jr., and C. Thomas.] 
With maps and illns. Wash., 1880. 2 v. 8''. [3] 

Gentral Lartd Office. 

— Annual report of the Commissioner, 1878-79. Wash , 1878-79. 2 v. 8**. [3] 

— Circular showing the manner of proceeding to obtain title to public 

lands under the pre-emption, homestead, timber culture, and other laws. 
Oct. 1, 1880. Wash., 1880. 8«. 94 p. [3] 

— Rules of practice in oases before the Unite<l States District Land Offices, 

the General Land Office, and the Department of the Interior. Approved 
Dec. 20, 1880. Wash.. 1880. 8<>. 14 p. [3] 

Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories. 
F. V. Hoyden, geologist-in-charge. 

— Bulletin. Vol. 5, no. 4; v. 6^ no. 1. Wash., 1880-81. 8o. [3] 

— Hiacellaneous publications, no. 12. Wash , 1880. 8°. lllus. [3] 


27o. 12. Allen. J. A. Hlfttory of North American pinnipeds, a monograph of the wal- 
nuea, aea-llons, Mf»-bearB and seals of North America. 

— Report. Vol. 1-2; 6, parti; 6. Wash., 1873-74. 4 v. 4®. [3] 


Vol. 1. Tieidj, J. Contrlbotions to the extinct vertebrate Aiana of the Western territo- 

5. Cope, £. D. Vertebrata of the cretaceous formations of the West. 
S« Fart 1. Thomas, C. 8yiiop«Ifl of the acrtdldsB of North America. 

6. Leaqaereux, L. ContribuUuns to the fossil flora of the Wesieni territories. Part 1. 
The cntaceouB flora. 

Geological Surveys. 

— See Primey F., Jr. 

Government Hospital for the Insane. 

— By-laws, etc. Sept., 1855. Wash.. 1865. 8«>. 23 p. [3] 

— Operations of the hospital, being the lst-[3d], llth-25th annual report of 

the board of visitors, 1856-58, 66-80. Wash., [1866]-80. 8<'. [3] 

The tnie-paffea rary as follows : IRM, ** Report of the board of vislton : *' I'-es/S-AS. " 11th- 
Ittb annual report or the board of viniturs, ana the lUh-lHth anniinl report of the Siiperintend- 
eat of constraotion ; " 1877-79, " Annual report of opeiations, being the r2d-25th annual report 
oftlieboMdorvialtora." y r • t— 



Unlt«d 9tat«a. Ooneramtnt Ratptlal for tht Jruoix, epatlmiad. 

— Report ol the siiperlntenaent, [ISSfi], WMh., [ISSS]. 8°. [3] 

Jtidgt Advocate General. 

— Bit United St»tM. Department of War. 

HffSaving Service. 

— Anniul raport of opentlona, isao. Wash., IBM). tP, [3] 

Llghi'Botiie Board. 

— LUt ot Utcbt-bouiM, lighted beacona, mod ftuatlag liKhta on 

Otilf, mad. Paciac oouu of the United Btttea. Wash., 18TT. 

— Eeport ol a t«ur ut inspection of European tigbt-hoDM a 

luade In 1ST3, hy Haj. G. H. Billot. Waab., ISTl. S°. FlaW 
Marlne-Bo^ttal Service. 

— Annual report of the Supervising anrgeon-Qenaral, 1880. 'V 


Ifaual Obtervalory. 

— Aatrouomlcal and meteorologlcat obaarvatlouf made daring 

Davis, Superintendent. [Vol. 33 ] Waah., 1880. 2 v. i". [ 

— Bepona on tbe total solar eclipses of July 29, 1SI8, and 

Wasb., 1S80. 4°. Plates. (Washlngtou observations for ISi 

a.) [3] 

Ordnance Department. 

— Annual report ot tbe Cblef of Ordnanoe, ISSO. Wasb., 1880. 

— Report on foreign Ilte-savlng apparatus, b^ D. A. Lyle. ¥ 

Plates. [4] 

— Tables of Helpomene, by B. Schubert. Compnted for 

ephemeris and naatioal almanac. Wash., 1860. i", 80 p. [ 
Patent (^fflce. 

— AlphabeUcal lists of pateotees and Inventions tor the half ye 

July-Deo., laao. IWash., 1880-81.] 3 v. L S". [3] 

— OOulal gazette. VoL lT-18. Wash., 1880-81. 3 v. 1. 8°. [3] 

— Report at tbe Commiasianer of Patents, 18D9, v. 1-3; 186*, 

1, 3; 18S7, V. 3-3; 1868, v. 1-1; 18ti9, v. 1; llffl, v. 3 ; Anniu 
Wash , ISaO-TB. 14 v. 8". [3] 

— Rules ot practice In tbe Patent Office, rsylsed Sept. 1, 1880 

8". 91.(1) p. [3] 

— SpeclfloatioDS and drairlnga of patents isaned Jnoe-Nov., 

1880. 6 V. 1. 8=. 

— 5M Rice, D.U., and L.C. Digest of decisions, 1869-80. 

Pelt'Qfflee DepartrMM. 

— Aunaal report ot the Postmastei-Oeaeral, 18T9-80. Wash., 

8". 13] 


— Ste field, D. D.; — Pftrker, J.; — PresldenUnl ooauta. 

Seveaue Marine Service. 

— Report ot tbe cruise of the Corvrln in the Arctic Oceno, bf 

1880. Wash., 1881. 8°. 71, (1) p. [3] 

— Report upon Alaska and Its people, by Q. W. Bailey. 1 

flap. [31 

Slffoal Servioe. 

— Annual report of the Chief Signal-Officer, 1BT9. Waeh., 18Sa 

Superintendent of the TeUoaetone National Park. 

— Beport, 1879; Annual report, 1880. By P. W. Norrls. Wae 

Map and illtis. [3] 

Supreme Court. 

— See Otto, W. T. United States reporta, t. 101-103, 1879-80. 

1881.] PUBLIC DOODMENT — No. 8. 166 

United States, continued. 

8urgeon^Oenerar$ Office. 

— Index-catalogue of the library of the Office. Authors and subjects. VoL 

1-2. Wash., imySh 2 ▼. 1. 9P. [3] 

Vol. 1. A-Berliiiekl. 9. Berllos-Cholas. 

Works abottt the United States, 

— Commerce, See Hill, G. 8. ; — Hill, H. A. 

— Detcription, etc. See Bigelow, T. ; — Holyoake, G. J. 

— Education. See Hazeltine, M. W. ; — Porter, N. 

— Finance, See Gholson, W. T. ; — Kelly, W. D. ; — Knickerbocker, pseud. ; 

— Sherman, J. ; — Ward, D. 

— Government and Politics. See Clark, G. G. P. ; — Dwlght, T. W. ;-r Elmes, 

W.; — Houghton, W. R. ; — McPherson, E.;— Montgomery, Z.;^ 
Phillips, W.;— Sage, B. J.;— Teftt, B. F. 

— History. See Bryant, W. G., and Gay, 8. H. ; — Ludewig, H. E. ; — Mag« 

azlae of American history;— Schouler, J. ; ~ Thompson, J. P. 

{Colonial period.) See Liodg^, H. G. ; — Lncas, 8. 

{American revolution.) See Allen, P. ; — Fisher, B. 

( CivU war.) See Bright, J. ; — Drake, J. M. ; — McClnre, A. K. ; — Mc- 
pherson, E.;— Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical So- 
ciety ; — Ropes, J. 8. ; -^ United States. Department of War. 

^Jurisprudence. See Curtis, B. R.;~Iiewis, F. A., Jr. ; — Miller, W. B., 
and Field, G. W. ; — Parker, J. 

United States anuy and navy journal. Vol. 17. K.T., [1880]. f . [1] 

United States Brewers' Association. 9tli-20th annual Brewers' Congress 
[or Conyention], 18G9-80. K.Y., [1869] -80. 8^ [3, Henry H, Rueter, 


The tltl«f rary. 

— Report of the Commissioners appointed by the Associations to the United 

States Reyenue Commlmion on the taxation and manufacture of malt 
liquors, in Great Britain and Europe. Phila., 1866. S^, 48 p. [3, H. H, 

United States business directory. See ZelPs United States bnslneas direc- 

UjBited. States digest. ' By J. B. Hudson and G. F. Williams. New series. 
Vol 10. Annual digest for 1879. Boet., 1880. 1. 8<>. [1] 

Univeraitgr of California, Berkeley f Col, 7th annual re-nnion of the Alumni 
Asaociation, June 4, 1879. n.p., [1879]. Iff". (14) p. [2] 

— Bulletin. Special announcement to preparatory schools. a.p., [1881]. 8^. 

5 p. [3] 

— Library bulletin. No. 1-2. Sacramento, 1880'[811b8^ [3] 

'So. 1. Bnpplement to the report of the board of regents. 

S. Notes on llbnuy progress and description of tne Bacon art and library bnlldtng. 

— Ptog^rame of thesis reading in the College of Letters, May 25, 1880. n.p., 

1880. 8°. (7) p. [3] 

— BOipiacer of the University, 1870/71, 1874/5, 80/81. Oakland, Berlieley, 1870- 

81. 8P. [3] 

— Report of a committee from the Alumni Association on the Uniyersity. 

[Oakland, 1878.] 8''. 16 p. [3] 

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— Reports to the president from the Colleges of Agriculture and the Mechanic 

Arts. Sacramento, 1877. 8^. 80 p. [3] 

— OoUege of Agriculture, Report of the professor in charge, to the hoard of 

regents, being a part of the report of the regents of the University, 1880. 
S«cxami!nto, 1881. 8^. [3] 


Vernon, Thomu. Dltxy of T. VornoD, a loyalist bi 
b; tbe Rhode lalanil Qenenl Auembly Iti 1776. 
Rl(t«r. Added, the VemoD fan^lly aod anun, ftnd 

falst. tracta, no. 13,} [1] 
VerplMlck, (IiiHnn Crommelln. Ste Bryant, W. C. 
Vctersns' NaUodkI Committee. Our auldiera and i 

and did on the 10th anniverur; of tlie battle of ^ 

Penna., Sept. 17-18, 1872. By 8. W. Cuiriden. N. 
Victoria. J^ Hayter, H. H. 
Vienna. CongreM, 1814-13. Sm Talleyrftnd-P«rl« 

Vlacent, Frank, Jr. Norsk, Lapp, and Finn; or, Ti 

tar north of Europe. N.r.,la8l. 129. HapandU 
Vlncvntown, }f.J. Ste ChMnberlln, W. 
Vlrclnla. Coiaentioa, ISfilMl. Documenta oontalnlr 

be printed by the conveDtton. Bicbmoud, IWl. 8°. 

— - Journal, acta and proceedings. [With an appen 

8". [I] 
Appmded to th< JodruiI nn Ui> Vlrflnla BDI oT rlfbU mid H> 

— CourU. See Ball, B. Difieated index to Virginia re 

— General Attemblti. An exact abridgement of all the | 

uie, Jan. 1,1758. By J. Uercer. Olaigow, IIS9. r 

Acta ptuued at a General Aawmbly, 17T7, 91-KS, 

[17n]-iau. t T. In 2. r". and 1. 8". [1] 

Tli« UUe-iMfe ii olMtiif far ml. and U» liid« 

— -Abridgment of the public permanent lawa of '\ 

dolph.] RIvhDinnd, 1796. am. 4°. [1] 
A digoat of the lawa of Virginia. By J. Tate. Ri 


Digest of tbe laws ot Virginia. By J. M. Matthev 

3 T. 8°. [I] 

Acu, extra ■eaalon,18BB. Richmond, 186S. 8°. [i 

Comma nlcatioiu from ■everal atatea on the reaolul 

of Virginia, reapeciing tbe alien and aeilftion Uwa: 
tbe General AaHemlily to their aeuaturs la Congreai 
comiiilltee [on] tlie proceedings of sundry other i 
retolutlona of the 21st Dec., 1TU6. Richmond, [ISOC 

— - Debate* In the Honae of Dolc^tea upon the ali 

Richmond, 17»8. 8°. [1] 
Eesolutloni of Virginia and Eentacky, penned by '. 

in relation to the alien and sedlilou laira; and the 

tnga in the House of Delegates of Virginia on the i 

mood, 1836. efi. [1] 
The achool Uw of Virginia Rlchn.oud, 1871 8". 

— Rattroad Oommiuiotia: 2d-lth annual report, [1878 

81. 8v. 8". [U] 

— Sevimtrt o/ tlu Code, 1M9. [3d-4th] report of the re' 

Report, July 1849, being their final report, and t* 
code. Riubmond, 1849. 3 t. In 1. 8°. [1] 

— Reviiort q/ the Laai, IT92. Drau^bts ot billa prepa 

appointed under the act "coni^erning a new edlci 
oom mo n wealth," etc., passed 23d Dec., 1790 Tra: 
tlTe, 36th March, 1793. Richmond, 17B2. 2 v. In 1. 



Vlrsinitty eonttnued. 

— BevUors of the Laws, 1S17. Draughts of bills prepared by the revisprs of 

the laws [S. Roane, and others]. Richmond, 1817. 4P. [1] 

With MS. note*. 
" Sujkerintendent of Public Instruction, 1st, 7th, 10th annual report, 1871, 77, 
80. Richmond, 1871-80. 3 v. 8«. [2] 

— Supreme CouH of Appeals, See Grattan, P. R. Reports, t. 38, 1880. 

— Supreme Coftrt of Appeals, High Court of Chancery, etc. See BburliB, W, B. 

Index to the Virfi^nia reports. 
Yirginlus, pseud, [Letters to the Richmond Enqntrer opposing the election 

of Stephen A. Douglas as candidate for «1m presidency.] n.p., [1808]. 8°. 

16 p. [1] 
Voice from rebel prisons; accounted the horrors of the stockades at Ander- 

sonville, Milan, and other prisons. [Anon,] Bost., 1865. 8^. 16 p. [1] 
Voltaire, Francois Marie Afouet de. See Parton, J. 
Voyagea* See Hunn^well, J. 
Vrooin, Garrett D, W. Reports of cases in the Supreme Court, and, at law, 

in the Ooft of Errors and Appeals of New Jersey, [1880]. Vol. 13. Tren- 

ton» 191. 8°. (New Jersey law reports, v. 42.) [2] 

Valley. SeeCoXyS C. 
Waives. See Berg, C. P. J. van den. 
Walt, Williain. See Andrews, R. B. 
Wakefield, Mass. Inaugural exercises in Wakefield, including the historical 

address [by L. Eaton], and poem [by J. S. Eaton], on the assumption of Its 

new name, July 4, 1888; also, the exercises at the dedication of Wakefield 

Hall, Feb. 23, 1871. Host., 1872. 8^ 100 p. Dlus. [1] 
Wakefield directory and register of Wakefield, Stoneham, Reading, Saugus, 

[1«74]. Bost., 1874. 8«. [1] 
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part 1-3. N.Y., 1872-74. 3 v. 8<». [1] 
Walker, J. The handy book of object lessons: from a teacher* s note book. 

Ist and 2d series complete. Lond., [187-]. 1(>^. [1] 
Walker, Joseph B. Common schools in Concord. Address at the dedication 

of the new high school house in Concord, April 2, 1864. Concord, 1864. 8®. 

22 p. [4] 
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Keane. Maps and illus. 2(1 ed. Lond., 1880. 8^. xviii, (1), 672 p. (Stan- 
ford, E Compendium of geog. and travel ) [1] 

— Island life; or. The phenomena and causes of insular faunas and floras, in- 

cluding a revision and attempted solution of the problem of geological 
climates. N.T., 1881. 8^. Maps and illus [1] 

Supplementanr to bis ** Oeographlcal distribution of aninials/* 

Wallaoe, John William. An address at the celebration by the New York 
Historical Society, May 20, 1863, of the 20Oth birth day of William Brad- 
ford, who introduced printing into the middle colonies. With an intro- 
ductory note. Albany, 1863. S^. [3] 

— An address of welcome, from the librarians of Philadelphia, to the congress 

of librarians of the United States, Oct. 4, 1876, in the hall of the Historical 
Society of Pennsylvania. Phila., 1876. 8^. 11 p. [1] 

— A discourse Itefore the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Oct. 27, 1870, 

commemorative of the Rev. Benjamin Dorr. Phila., 1870. 8°. 64 p. [3] 
WalliSy Severn Teackle. Lecture on the preseut political condition and pros- 
pects of Spain. Bait., 1862. 8''. 28 p. (Pm., v. 118.) [1] 

Delfrered before th« Maryland liutltiite for tb« PromoUon of the Mechanic Arts, Mar. 13, 

Walpole, 2f,H. See Aldrich, O. 


Waltham directorj. Greenoagh's directory of Waltham and Watertown 

for 1880. Boat., 1880, 8°. [1] 

See aUo Newton directory. 
Walton's Vermont register, farmers' almanac, and businens directory, for 

1881. Afltronumical calculations by H. Doton. Olaremont, N.H., 1881. 

180. [1] 
Wampanoag Indians. See Miller, W. J. 
Ward, Durbin. American coinage and currency. An essay, read before the 

Social Science Congress at Cincinnati, May 22, 1878. Cincin., 1878. 8^. 

20 p. [1] 
Ware, Henry. Christ the head of the church. A sermon delivered at the 

installatitm of E. H. Sears, Lancaster, Mass., Dec. 23, 1840. Bost., 1841 

8^. 36 p. [3, Henry S. Kouree, Lianccater,] 
Washburn, Emory. Brief sketch of the history of Leicester Academy. Part 

1. Bost., 1855. 8°. [2] 
Washington, George, Pres, of the U.8, See Brooks, E.;— Cambridge. 

City Council ; ~ Marshall, J. 
Washington, D,C. Board of Trustees of Public Schools. 17th annual report. 

[Wash , 1861.] 8*. [2] 

— Superintendent of Colored Schools of Washington and Georgetown, Annual 

report, 1870-71, 72-73. Wash., 1871-74. 8<». [2] 

See aUo District of Colombia. 
Washington County {Vu) bar. Proceedings in relation to the deaths of 

Hon. Lucius B. Peck and Luther Heur^'-, at March term, 18Q7. Montpelier, 

1867. 8<>. 20 p. [3] 
Washington Mansion, Phila. See Burt, N. 
Washington Territory. Legislative Assembly. Journal of the House of 

Representatives, 6th biennial session, 1877. Olympia, 1877. BP. [2] 
Journal of the Jjegislative Council, 7th biennial session, 1879. Olympia, 

1879. 8°. [2] 
Waterhouse, Sylvester. The resources of Missouri. St. Louis, 1867. 8°. 96 p. 


Waterloo, Battle of. See Ropes, J. C. 

Waterloo Library and Historical Society. The [Seneca County] centen- 
nial celebration of General Sullivan's campaign against the Iroquois, in 
1779, held at Waterloo, Sept. 3, 1879. By D. Willers, Jr. Prefixed, a 
sketch of the Society by S. H. Gridley. [Waterloo, N.Y., 1880.] 8<>. Por^ 
traits and illus. [3] 

Waters, Asa U. Biographical sketch of Thomas Blanchard and his inven- 
tions. Worcester, 1878. 8°. 15 p. [3, H. L. Shumway, Worcester,] 

Waters. See Goulson, H. J. W., and Forbes, U. A. 

Watertown, Mass. Annual report of the receipts and expenditures for the 
year ending Feb. 11, 1856-Feb. 10, 1837. Waltham, 1856-57. 8°. [2] 

— Free Public Library/, 13th annual report of the board of trustees, 1881. 

Bost., 1881. ^, [2] 

Catalogue. 1881. Watertown, 1881. 1. 8*». [2] 

Watertown directory. 6'ee Newton directory; — Waltham directory. 

Waterville College. See Colby University. 

Waterworlss. See Arlington ; — Boston ; — Browne, J. H. B.; — Man. 
Chester, N,H, ; — MIddleborough ; — Montreal ; — New Bedford ; — 
Pittsfield ; — Providence ; — Springfield. 

Watson, John Lee. Memoirs of the Marstons of Salem, with a brief gene- 
alogy of some of their descendants. Best., 1873. 1. 8^. 48 p. [3, Author.'] 
Keprintcd ffora tlio New-Englaml htstorlcnl and genealoslcal register, v. 27, 1873. 

— Paul Revere's signal: the true story of the signal lanterns in Christ Church, 

Boston. With remarks on laying Dr. Watson's communication bef<ire the 
Massachusetts Historical Society, Nov. 9, 1876; by C. Deane. N.Y., 1880 
8P. 32 p. (2 cop.) Illus. [3, Author,] 



Watta, Cornelius C. Reports of casefl, 1879-80. See West Virginia. Su- 
preme Court of AppeaU, 

Watts, Isaac, arid others. What we eat for butter. [The oleomargarine fraud.] 
hA,p. [Best., 1881.] 12*>. (12) p. [4] 

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to decisions of Supreme Judicial Courc, also a digest of decisions on the 
subject of railroads. Portland, 1875. 8^. 720 p. [1] 

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Wall Street, N.Y., Sept. 28, 1840. Beported by A. J. Stansbury. K.r., 
1840, 8<». 33, (1) p. [1] 

— Second speech on the sub-treasury bill, March 12, 1838. Wash., 1838. 8^. 

eOp. [1] 
^ Speech on the subject of slavery, in the United States Senate, March 7, 

1850. Bost., 1850. 8P, 39 p. [4] 

Weeks, Joseph D. Industrial arbitration and conciliation, n.p., [1879]. 8^. 

7 p. [3, CarroU D. Wright, Reading.} 

Read before the American Social Science Association, at Saratoga, Sept. 12, 1879. 

— Beport on the practical operation of arbitration and conciliation in the set- 

tlement of differences between employees and employees in Eugland. 
Harrisbnrg, 1879. ^. 47 p. [3, CarroU D. Wright, Utading.] 
Welsse, John A. The obelisk and freemasonry according to the discoveries 
of Belzoni and Commander Gorringe. Also Egyptian symbols compared 
with those discovered in American mounds. With illus. N.Y., 1880. 8^. 


Welch, William W. The annual address to the candidates for the degree of 

doctor in medicine, in the medical institution of Yale College, Jan. 15, 1857. 

New Haven, 1867. 8<». 14 p. [4] 
Wellesley, Mass. See Collins, P. A. 
Wenham, Mass. Annual report of the auditors of accounts. Selectmen's 

report of receipts and expenditures, etc., fur the year ending Marcli, 1844, 

57-59,62. [Salem, 1844]-(>2. Broadside and 8^. [2] 
Wenham directory. See Danvers. 
WentYTorth, B. Gilbert Haven: a monograph. Delivered before the Troy 

conference, April, 1880. N.Y., 1880 liSP, 42 p. Portrait. [1] 
Wentworth, Tappan. See Crosby, N. 
Wesieyan University. Catalogue, 1879/80-80/8^ Middletown, 1879-80. 8<'. 

West. See Burnett, P. H. 

West Boylston, Mass. Valuation of the towi^, 1855| 57, 59. Worcester, 1855- 

50. 99. [2] 
West Bridgew^ater, Mass, Beports of the selectmen, overseers of the poor, 

town clerk, for the year ending Marcl^ 1, 1857. Host., 1857. 8^. [2] 
West Bridgewater directory. See Brackton directory. 
West Brookfleld, Mcus. Valuation ^i^d taxes for the year 1880. West 

Brookfield, 1880. 8°. [3] 
West Indies. See Eden, C. H. 
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Ulua. [3] 

. NHh.f 


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... Ifoii. (iearfB B. Smith. — HouihtoD, J. Ai.clTi.1 c 
HIarter, f-. r. Pre-Jil-inrlc c.yi|>eninpl,.u.™t!L-Dr«|w 

;r„?r;'fg'3"u^g^*;&r.:- !?'°'^^ 



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Staatoiiy Mrs. £. C, and others. 
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Ths report fur 1845 contains ibe by-lawa of the town. 


Worcester, Man., amlimied. 

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inent orates. Worcester, [18W]. S". 12 p. [3] 

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A.H.BuUock, Worceiter.} 
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B7, 60, 67,72] Worcester, 1848-[72]. 8°. (3] 

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8°. 13 p. [3] 
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li.' nto^rJ'P'.fiilt.r. WortiMM-io-rnrmontt, ns*.«. 
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H". Maps. [1] 
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or.-, 1B81. Worcester, 18B0. 8°. [li] 



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from its formation, [1840]-80. Bost., Worcester, 1847-80. 8<*. [3] 

Schedules of premiums offered, 1872-77. are prefixed to the TranMctlons, 1871-76. 

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South chronicles. Brief history of the Congregational Churches of the 
Conference, 1670-1876. Worcester, 1877. 8^. 66 p. [3, J7. L. Shumway, 

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gesserunt. [1880.] Novo-Portu, 1880. 8®. [3] 
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in June, 1881. No. 1, 3d printed series. A.^p. [New Haven, 1881.] 8^. 
60 p. [3] 

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ous departments of the University. [New Haven, 1880.] 8^. 34 p. [3] 

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present condition of the University. [New Haven, 1881.] ^, 40 p. [3] 

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the North American Indians. See Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of 

Yellow fever. See Keating, J. M. 

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TeUowsUme National Park, 

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Bench, [1002-12]. 1st Amer. from the 4th English ed., with notes and ref- 
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with US. notes. 

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walUs, 19th Oct., 1781, to be celebrated on the Held of Yorktown, Oct., 

1881. N.Y., 1880. 8<>. 17 p. [3] 
— See Duhamel, W. J. C. ; — Johnston, H. P.; — Newport mercury; — 

Orderly book. 


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— Plan of the town and harbor of Boston, 1774. From an accurate survey 

by British authority. Bost., A. O. Crane, 1875. [3, Publtsher ] 
~ Map showing horse rail roads and the surface steam roads with 104 stations 
in and around Boston including 91 surface steam R. B. stations within a 
radius of six miles from city hall. Compiled by F. Pope. Bost., 1881. 
[3, CompiUr.] 
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after a survey ordered by him, showing the position of liis army in de- 
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engiaeer]. [4] 

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* » 



1' . 







IB Post Offick Sqitarr. 



I SEPTEMBER 80, 1682, 





r Opficb SquABB. 

'TKC ^lAJt XO'.ii 



imnEE OF THE lEGISlATDBE, 1882. 

T, Sddbdkt, 

, WlKBrtBLD, 

if AN, BotTOH, 




LIBBAKI4H (S o^da. 



ntDcaltl) of ^as0acl)n0ett0. 


islature of MaaiachuseUt. 

of the State Library, in accordance with 
5 of the Public Statutes, submits the foU 
the year ending Sept. 30, 1882. 



e I 













»165 76 

6S 39 

61 00 
41 60 
32 76 
24 72 
24 00 
10 00 
6 93 
21 86 


$147 34 

102 02 

134 18 

2 26 

16 26 


80 90 
190 00 
606 47 
962 06 

Prid Charles De F. Bares for hooks at auc- 
tion in New York .... 

J. W. Randolph & English, for hooka 
from Green sale .... 

C. L. Ehrenfeld, for Pennsylvania Ar- 
chives and Geological survey . 

W. G, Ritch, for laws of New Mexico 

George £.Littlefield, for books . 

William B Clarke, for books . 

Rand, Avery & Co , for binding . 

J. C. Hazen, for five views of towns . 

expresaage and incidentals . 

sundry bDla for books .... 

Expended for periodicals .... 
expreaaage .... 
stationery and postage 
newspaper carrier 
pnntmg .... 
letter scales .... 

and library Buppliei . 
messenger service 
binding .... 
Paid Bonle A Bugl>ee, for books 





«i<.r> m S4 o 00 oE 00 IN t- coio '^ v>i£ 






« ■ 



■ joO o 

g'6 O*" C— S fe a 

£« $ o "« ©"^ 3 » a 

fcpi^oj J"gU 


By the foregoing account, which embraces the library year 
from Oct. 1, 1881, to Sept. 30, 1882, inclusive, it will be seen 
that the receipts and expenditures may be aggregated as 
follows : — 

DrawD from appropriations for 1681 ■ >. ■ . ■ 1 445 90 
Drawn from appropriations for 1882 3,923 91 

11,369 81 

Books, pamphlets and maps 13,155 07 

Binding £30 IT 

Periodicals HI Si 

Expressage and incidentals 110 30 

Stationer; and postage 134 18 

Printing 15 25 

Letter scales 6 40 

Catalogne and bookcases, etc 80 90 

Messenger service 190 00 

11,869 81 

There remained in the treasury Sept. 30, 1882, an unex- 
pended balance of the several appropriations made on account 
of the library of $176.09. 

Growth op the Libeaet. 

The following table of comparisons will show at a glance 

the annual additions that have been made to the Library 

during the past ten years, and the general classification of 

sources from which they were received. 























1 ■ 



111 - 

I Is 


Through the generous provision of the legislature, the 
Library has been able to obtain about 125 volumes of rare 
English law reports, and also to make arrangements for the 
completion of the set of these reports at an early date. 
Additions have also been made to the sets of the session 
laws of many of the States and Territories, the addition to 
the annual appropriation enabling the Library to take advan- 
tage of most of the opportunities that hiive been open during 
the year for the acquisition of such as the Library did not 

The Library is indebted to Mr. Charles C. Soule for the 
effoi-t to secure to the Library, during his recent visit to 
Europe, certain publications of the English governmeot, 
which are needed. He succeeded, through the kindness of 
the Hon, James Russell Lowell, American minister, in 
obtaining the assurance from the officers of Parliament that 
the set of journals of the House of Lords and the House of 
Commons now in the Library should be made complete to 

A somewhat extensive correspondence with individuals 
and learned societies during the year haa resulted in the 
donation of many valuable publications, especially in the 
departments of local history, genealogy and science. The 
catalogue of additions appended will show how numei-ous 
and valuable these donations have been, and also the names 
of those who have so generously enriched the Library. 

The Acting Librarian is indebted to liis Honor, Stmiuel A. 
Green, mayor of the city of Boston, and to the Hon. Hamil- 
ton A. Hill, for many practical and valuable suggestions; to 
the Hon. George F. Hoar for the interest he has taken in 
securing a systematic distribution of the publications of the 
United States government, as well as for tJie readiness with 
which he has aided the Library in securing such publications ; 
to the Hon. Leopold Morse for a large number of congres- 
sional publications ; and to the large number of persons who 
have shown their interest in the Library and aided in enlarging 
or perfecting its collection. 

The appended catalogue contains the largest number of 
volumes that have been added to the Library in any one 

i2,] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 11 

ir bince it was established. The attention of the mem- 
8 of the legislature is directed to the character of these 
litions and to the sources from which they were received. 


Librarian ex officio. 

Acting Librarian. 

iTE LinKABT, Oct. 14, 1882. 





It.— Th*asiira(labrMk«l*iittln«idiif UltlltlMladloWthaKnireHrroa wh 
iwtn neeWBi, thni, [I], nuind by pnnhuc; [i\, by Mchnnfs; 11). by lU 
« of lodlTldual doDon bfllDgmddtdJ; [4], (him offlcm of fortTnoieDt. 

H. Co-operattcm In land tillage. Lond., [1881]. ■cn.S". xtI, 447 p. [1] 

on, tityro itate. Tbe light and tbe truib of slaTGrf. Aaron'i hlitary. n t.p. 

tffotcester, \B27.] 8". M p. [1] 

•cvlUe, Franei. Soeltth d'Emtilatton. Bnllelln d«l pnK««-*«rbaai, atm 

me table analytiqua dM sfencei, 1877-80. AblwTllle, 1881. S". (3] 

lot Academy, Andnir, Matt. Circular ftnd catalogue, 1878. AndoTttr, 1878. 

!-. [3] 

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iWte of Nair York, [1880-82]. Vol. B-10. N.Y., 1881-82. 2 v. 8". [1] 

lOtt, Chartei, Boron Tt>ittr4m. A IreaClae of tbe law relative lo mercbant 

iblpa and aeamea. IZth ed. B^ 3. Prentice. Lond., 1881. 1. 8". Ull, 087, 

lM)p. [I] 

ott, Jobn Sterena Cabot. Tbe ronutnca of Spanith blatoi7. With lllut. 

U.T.. 1B69. 12». 462 p. [I] 

md, Artbur Herbert Dyke, and Ranaome, Cyril. A handbook in ODtllne of 

he political bialoij of England to 1B81, chronological ly arranged. Load., 

882. am. S". xll, 287 p. [1] 

tr^ Uau. Sei TutUe, W. D. 

ma, Charles Francis, Jr. An oration before the city anCborltlea of Boiton, 

,th Jnly, 1872. Boat., 1872. 8". 32 p. [S] 

nUroad leglslalion. Boatoo, 186S. 8°. 30 p. [2] 

ind othtrt]. Taxation of raiiroada and railroad aecurkles. By a commlUea 

ppolnCed at a conrentlon of State Railroad Commissioners to examine into and 

eport methods oftaxation.ife. N.Y., 1880. 12°. 49 p. [4] 

DM, CbarlCB Kendall. A manual of historical literature, comprising brief de- 

ctiptkmi of blslorles !n English, French, and Ocrman. With suggestions ai to 

latorical study. N.Y., 1882. 8". xxivill, (1), 865 p. [1] 

ms, Francis. History of the etciocniary school contest In England. Lond., 

S82. 8°. ill, 349 p. [1] 

ns, Ooorge Washington. An oration at Qulncj', Otb Jnly, 1824. Boti., 1824. 

*. 24 p. tl] 

ns, John. Pm. of tha V. 5., and Samnel. Foar letters: correspondence on 

lesnbjectofgoTomment. Bosl., 1803. 8°. 32 p. [2J 

t Everett, E. 

OS, John Quincy, Pm. of th* U. 8. Report upon welgbta and meaiarei. 

hilM., 1821. 8°. 245 p. [1] 


Adams, John Qnincy, amlinued. 

— Speecb, auppresfied b; tbe prcTiani queiUoD, on the remoral of Iha pabllc de- 

posits Hnd iM reasoaa. Wub., IS34. 8°. 13 p. [2] 

— Sm Morec, J. T., Jr. 

Adams bmlly. Sot Appleton, W. 8. 

Address of tbe Tree conBtituifonallalB (o tbe people of tbe United Stite*. [.4iwa.] 

Bost., 1860. 8°. M p. [2] 
Address to tbe graduating claii of the AmMbor; Hifih School, Jnt^ I, ISSl, bj a 

High Srbool t«acbeT. [Anon.] Boet., 1S82. 8°. 15 p. [3] 
Address to Ibe people of Massacba setts, on the justice and fnipoitance of ■ In 

for the relief of Insolvent debton. Revised and enlarged, bj a yoang man ol 

Boston. [Anon.] Bost., 1H13. S°. 23 p. [1] 
AduIteratlonH. S*< National Board of Trade. 

Advertisers' manual. 4tb cd. Boat., [1882]. 12°. 240 p. [i, publit/ur.] 
Africa. Sti AmericBo Board of Commlasloners for Foreign Missions; 

— Copplnger, W. 
Agasslz, (Jean) Lonis (Rodolpbe), and Gould, Angnstns Addison. Prlnrlples of 

loology. Parti. Comparative physiologr. Bcvlseded. Bosl,1868. 12°. 2S0p. 

lUns. [2] 
Agenry. Sa Story, J. 
Agriculture. Set A., M.; — Armsby, H. P., and Jenkins, B. n.i — Catrd, 

J. ; — Cutnpbell, L. D. ; — Colman, H, ; — Conne^-tlcut ; — Hlngham 

Affriciiltural and Uortlpultural Society i~Hoosar Valley Agricult- 
ural Society ;~MasHaoIiusetts;— Michigan; — Hissourl;— New Jer- 

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trait. [3, AUlea /omiVy.] 

A TolDmfi of pewtpii[,er cuttlnA* 1ak«D from tli* " Ruidolpta Truicrlpt," ISfiT-A. 

— Memorial of the descendanls of the Hon. John Alden. [With a supplemrnl to 

Oct. 1869.] Randolph, 1867-[89]. 8'. 184 p. p, Sef. E. K. Alden.] 
~- SMTarboz, I. N. 
Alden, Timothy, Jr. Tbe glory of America. A cenltuy sermon, Portsmoath, 

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u or BoMoQ, Jul7 4, ISST. With prebee and appendix, fioct., 

?■ ra 

aioftheBDiaQch-3tr««t3ocleIr:dl>coam, April 21, lUl. BoM., 

1881.] IB". IB p. [2] 

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Bolt., 1B69. IB". Till, 103 p. [I] 

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Uc. Soc.) [3] 

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82. N.T., [1882]. 8=. (4) p. [3] 

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' before tbe comalttee on clahni of tbe HauachaiMti Legltlature, 
1882. 8°. as p. [3] 

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■■ tl] 

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istorr and pragrew of Ibe American Const Snrrey to iSfiS. 

°. 126 p. [3] 

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1881. 8=. p] 

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Ml. Proctedlngi, — ■■ckkBK.M.H. (.'iKilHindDia'oCtKioki.— ParBbsK.R. AA 
drui orvelconu.— Monrj, W. A. Thn wbonl cnrrlmiluii] ind lu reliUoni to builnf u 1KK- 
PiMtarHiii, J. W. ■■Dlltloltducallga. — rvBn.U. I.', fhriiul BToKnpbJ nrnnr nnmliT 
■lid lU rFlitlooi b) «□[ nilun dvitliBiimi.— (^Bivv, J. L.M. EJuoilloii ai me ».ulti.-,— ThcSmiUiilKboal.— droMMwb.J.I'. MeUiodiiiiidnaDlti.— Bl*«l> 

piu-iMM. — MiBall,.l. II. J«io>rhrla'llhcolwlQlteBrl»r.— Mowe.ifrl.J.lV. Kn^tklior 
Ancricui rdncstliin uUil^ Ibe nosilii nf Aowrloiin lift'. — BrBW. W. Th* lEndourlu or SI 
Walter 8ciitL — Pukard, I). T. Hlml may be IklrLy eipccled of tbo Amertcui oudbu) 
kIuwL — Kuportofihe coiuniKIce on necnrlogy. 
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Ibe manuDicturers, at a hearing before the ways and meani committee of H 
House of Rcprescniatirea. Washington, Feb. 3-5. 1880. Sicnographlcall; r 
ported by W. J. Gueet. Phlla., 1880. 8'". 76 p. [3] 

— Hold the fort! Fresh fucts nnd arguments in support of the policy of proiecUo 

nJ.p. Phils., [1876). S". 16 p. [3] 

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L«paley.] Phlla., [1879?]. 8°. 12 p. [3] 

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IM*. Ko. 1. Welak, J. Tm mat nnd pmtoctlon— ' B»-JI*i. T. h tci 

prolcnliiii hM donf fiir the tTnilfd »UIM " —-■-■-• — 
4. Wbo la AuiniBlui HimcmDoQl'— «. 

[C DOCUMENT— No. 8. 19 

el Assocliitlon, eoniiniud, 

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Natural History. l«t-13tb anaaal report, 1870-82. 

1881. 8". [3] 

lOt-latloii of the ttta CroiH. Tbe Red Cross of tbe 
■hat II Is, iU origin aod blstory. [By Clara Barton.] 
.6°. M, (2) p. [3, Mia Clara Btrbm, tVat/Un^lm.} 
iL 16. PhllB., 1881. 8°. [1] 

and Archvologlcttl Society of New Yorh. At- 
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inaal meeting, 1878-81. N.T., I878-S1. I. 8°. [3] 
leal ABsoctatlon. ProccedlDg«, 29tfa anoaal meeQng, 
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InMleal Studle* at Athens. [Prospectus,] n.p., 

istltute of America- 
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U.Y., [1882]. 8°. 34 p. [3] 

Sub-corn mliiM on water works. Catalogue. n.ji , 

7 and basincsg advertiser of Amliarst, comliJned with a 

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p. IllUB. [1] 

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riff. [St. Augastlne, 1882.] Broadside. [3, Author.] 


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With notices of bis worki and lemiaiscencea of bis Bon, Lord Ljodbonf. 
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Andenne coatome, L', de Nonnandle. Btflmpre^slon ^dlt£e ds ieg^ret aiiDOt«Uoni, 
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*Mp. [I] 
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Sermon by J. Tbompson. Boit., 1882. 8°. [3] 
— Cercmonj at tbe leallng of Iba century box, Dec. 22, 18SI, to be tnmamltted to 

tbeir BOCceMort ia leso. Boat., 1882. 8°. 38, (1) p. [3] 
Ancient wreck, Tbe. Losa of tbe Spairoir-Hawk In 1820. BemarkAble preiem- 
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. AncoD, Pern. St* RcIbs, W., and Stiibel, A. 
Anderson, Alexander D. The allver country ; or, Tbe sreat 6oiitbw«it : rtrte* of 
the mioerai and other wealth of tbe former kingdom of New Spain, comprlalnj 
Mexico and the Mexican cesaiona to the United Statca in 1813 and iS53. N.T., 
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(3),3M, (01) p. Portrait. [1] 
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The tme stories of Samter and Pickens. NY., 1882. S". 100 p. [1^ 
Andover basking, Tbe ; a political tale, suited to tbe drcniuatances of the present 
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1819, Feb. lS!tl-Feb. 1821, Jan. 1829, Jan. 1833, Jan. 1835-Jan. 1S37, Jan. 1S39- 
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Ihjfdd, Boitott.] 
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Anglo-Saxons. See Allen, O. 

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f82.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 21 

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itiqulUefl. Sm Fenardent, Q. L. 
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the fr«c tncl«i. Lond., [tS81]. 16". 298 p. Portrait. [1] 
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1-2. 1878-81. Bott., 1879-81. 2 T. 8". [1] 
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[fif-laiTS, lUt of oOctn Hid membera, tie., 1882.] h.i.p. [1882.] obi. 16*. 

S6p. [3] 
ipeal to tbe people. Proof of «d alliance between Anet1c«n Whigs «nd British 

Toriee. [An™.] Host., 1840. 8°. 14 p. [1] 
ipleton, WlUUm Sumner. The Ihmll; of Badcock of Hassacbusetts. Boit , 

1881. 8°. Up. \S, Avthor:] 

Comctfd Anil oilused from tbr New Ehk. blit, ind gTDHl. n^flter. Jiilj, IBAB. 

The Ihmllr of Pnflbr of MusacliuBetta. Boat., 1882. 8°. 9 p. [3, Author.] 

ComcMd and enlar^«l from Ui« Sew Eng, hltl, and ^Tieal. re^liler, July. iaG8, 

Some deacendanls of William Adams of Ipltrlch, Mass. Boat., 1881. i". 8 p. 
[3, Author.] 

pleton's annual cyclopiedU and regtsler of IiopoTtiint CTents, IS80-8I. New 

atries, T. S-fl. Whole aeries, y. 20-21. N.Y., 1881-82. 2 r. 1. 8°. Mapt and 

portnlU. [1] 

uldneck. Sta Turner, H. B. 
unwana. Set Featherman, A. 
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denx carte* el an plan. Paris, 1882. S°. 248 p. [3] 

!>ltratlon. Set UsssitcbtiMtta. fivaoH of SlalUtice of XoAor;— Woekl, 


rheeologlral Institute of America. The Amerlcaa Scbool of Claasieal 
BtDdiea at Atbena. [Prospectua.] nji., [1832]. 8°. 3 p. [3] 
Id annnal report of tbe eiecutlre i»mmlllee, and Isl Knnnal report of the com- 
mittee on tbe American School of Classical Studlca at Atbena, 1881-82. Camb., 

1882. 8°. [3] 

■apere. Claisiisl aerica. 1. BoaL, 18S2. 8°. Tlil, 21fi p. Uape and plan*. 
[3] ^^^^ 

I. (Tlarfta. J. T. Rifntt on Iht Innritlntlnni at Aivk, IMl. WItti Inierlptlotu fnrn 
Ah« ■nd Lriboi, uid juptn bj w. c, Lawun and J. 8. Ulller. 

hiraloKy. See Phllllpa, H., /i-.;— Vslentlnl, P. J. J. 

hitectiirc. See BulMer;— Freeman, E. A.; — Qulncj, J. 

tlcreglona. See Glider, W, H.; — Nordeuskldld, A. B., Aaron. 

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llon coocenilng the territory. Compiled bj P. Hamilton. Prescott, 1881. i". 

120 p. [2] 

uansas. Otnerat Aurmils. Acta, 2d aeaslon, 1838. Little Rock, 1839. 8". 


Joomal of the House of RepreientatlTei, [23d] session, 1881. Little Bock, 
1881. 8°. [2] 

Journal of tbe Senate, 23d aesaion, 188L Little Bock, 1881. 8°. [2] 
■t^trema Court. R«port* of cases, 1879-81. Bj B. D. Tomer. Vol. 36-37. 
Uttio Rock, 1881-82. 3 t. 8°. [2] 

as of New York. See New York. Committioneri on the Correct Anu oftht 

asby, H. P., imd Jenkins, E. H. The brmefs annual hand-book for 1882. 
N.T., 1SS2. 13°. 199 p. [1] 


Armstrong'g primer of United Slates blitorj. With map*. [Jnon.] N.T. IB8I. 

16". 128 p. [IJ 
Arnold, BenedlcL Set Atwlll, W, 
Arnold, laaac N. Abralum Lincoln: a paper r«ad before the Boyal Hiiloriial 

Soclel)', London, June 16, IB81. Chicago, 1881. 8°. (4), 38 p. [3, A%ahor.} 

— 'William B. Ogden, and earl; ilaj« In Chicago : a paper read before the Chicago 

Hlsiorical 8ociel7, Dec. 20, 1881, on the pru«cniatloa of a portrait of [Ogden]. 
Chicago. 1881. 8''. 40 p. [3, Author.] 
Arnold, Thomai Jamei. Reports of cases in the Conrt of Common Pleai and 
upon wrICaoferror from that conrt to the Exchequer ChaiDber, 1S3S-39. VoLl; 
2, pan 1-2. Lond., 1840, 2 t. 8°. [1] 

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Ab1«. See Keane, A. H. — Nordenskiold, A, E., Boron. 

AssoclntJon of Chambers of Commerce of tbe United Kln^^oni. Re- 
port and resolutions, 22d annual meeting, 1882. Land., 1882. 8°. [3, H. A. HiU.\ 

— Report of tbe execative council, to be presented to tbe annoal meeting, Feb. 28, 

1882. h.l.p. [1882.] 8°. 18 p. [3. H. A. HiU.] 
~ Report of tbe special meeting, Hall, 8epC 11-12,1877. Lond., [1877] . B". Sip. 

[3. U. A, Bia.] 
-~ Resolutions adopted at the special meeting, Flymouth, Oct. 4-S, 1881. Lond., 

[1881]. 8°. Up. [3.H.A.BUI.] 
Astor Ubniry, iV.r. 33d annual report, 188L Albany, 1SS2. 8^ [3] 
Astrology. Set PhiUlps, H.,/r. 
Aatrononif. See Procter, R. A.) — United States. Butauo/NavigaHon,— 

Naval Obitrvatorg. 
Atchison, Topeka, and Santa P6 RoOroad. Sea United Stetea. Quarter- 

mailtr 0»tural. 
Atkinson, Edward. Industrial exhibitions : their true function In connection with 

industrial cdacatlon. Address before tbe Massachusetts Charitable Hocfaanic 

Association, Nov. 22, 1881. Bost., 1882. 8°. 43 p. [3, Atdhor.] 
Atlanta. Ste Cox, J. D. 

Atlantic coast pltoc. Sec Unlt«d States. Coatl and GmUik Survey. 
Atlantic monthly. Vol. 48. Bosl., 1881. 8». [I] 
AUasca. Sea Bevan, Q. P.; — New Hampshire; — Rand, HcNally A 

Co.; — Stanford, E. 
Attleborough, Uau. Second Congregatloual Church. Set Crane, J. 
Atwat«r, Edward E. A genealogical register of the descendants in tbe male line 

of David Alwat«r of New Haven, Conn. New Haven, 1873. 8°. M p. [1] 
Atwlll, Winihrop. The treawn of Benedict Arnold, a lecture before a society of 

young men In Northampton. Northampton, 1837. 8°. 4A p. [I] 
AnbcrUn, J. J. A Oigbl to Mexico. With tllus. Lond.. IS82. sm. 8°. (5). 

32a p. Map. [1] 
Augustus, John. Report of [bis] labon tot the last ten years In aid of the 

unfortunate. Boet., 18.V2. 8°. 104 p. [1] 
Austin, Irers James. An oration, by request of the cltj antboritles betixe the 

citizens of Boston, July 4, 1839. Host., 1SJ». 6". 36 p. [1] 
Austin, Jnmes Trecothick. An oration, 4tb July, 1829, Boston. Boat., IB29. 8°. 

26 p. [3] 

— Remarlis on Dr. Channing's Slavery. By a diiaen of MaMacbuielti. [ilMn.] 

Bost., 1839. 3°. 48 p. [I] 
Austin, Ttrat. Stt ITnlted Stat^. Centtu Ofice. 
Austria. X. K, StatittUe/iin CtntriU-Committion. Statlsliscbci Jahrbuch, 1879, 

3e*-4e«, 6e« Heft; 1880, 9cs Heft Wlen, 1882. 3 v. 8". 

Id HtnOrcliUpargc. (irTiiUrUlKnnuinii 

IC DOCUMENT— No. 3. 23 


toTj of (be itate of Oeorgia, 1850-81. With portnlu of 
.T., [cop. 1881]. 1.8°. l2,7Mp. Map. [I] 
Ounun, T. E. 

sad Wbltney. 

Ths Sabbutb quMtlon. Sunday oluerrance and San- 
id two apeechet by L. W. Rocon. Six Krmoni on Ihs 
I. B. BacoQ. NY., 1882. 16°. 283 p. [1] 
LppletOD, W. S. , 

articles on the ilepreclAtlon of »Ur«t and on topic* con- 
1877. 8", Till, 136 p. [1] 

lie American Irish and their inSaence on Iriib politic*. 
136 p. [1] 

clearing bonici and thrlr bnilnesa In 1881. From the 
Tcb, 1882. n.p., [l982]. S°. 7 p. [3, Aul/uir.l 
k* and the Ute criiis. [Prom the Banker's maeailiie, 
}. 8°. (12) p. [3, Author ] 
I North Carolina digest, embracing Ibe reports fnnn Tlit 

RalElgh, [cop. 1879]. 8°. 688 p. {1] 
'. [Tbaopportunlllet or the medical profession and tbrlr 
[7 address before CUfe Medical Society of tbe State of New 
ting, [1S8I]. SyraciisMSBl. 8°. 14 p, [3] 
B balance of trade. From Ibe Philadelpbla Inquirer, Feb. 
.8°. {2) p. p] 
ty cent dollar" rlndlcated. Fblla., 1880. Newspaper 

t It be deprived of legal teiider power ? Interview wltb 
Phila., 1879.J 8°. t p. [2] 
%l.p. [Fhlla., 1877.] 8°. 4 p. [2] 
Its Increasing Inflation and decreasing strength. n,l.p. 

,. pj 

{printed ihim the Anlerlcan cyclopedia. N.Y., 187S. 

ig tclegrapb.] M.l.p. 

iDry the American cur of Jnggcmaut. ntp. [Pblla., 

cr in the slate. n.l.p. 8°. 1 p. [2] 
" nip. [Phila, 1878] 8°, 2 p. [2] 
us before iho tnntreii, f«culty and students of the Indl- 
nne 30. 1808. IndiiiTiupolis. 1808. 8°. 23 p. [3, Jntph 
<uA ColUpir, Cra,>iford$eilie, /mi.] 
new style fixed dates calcndara And Ibe principle* and 
A paper read before the [Numismatic and Anllqua- 
981. Pblla., I881. 8°. Ifl p. [3, H. P/iiUipi, Jr., PhUa- 

igc hospitals. Read before the Massachusetts Medical 
West Gardner, 1882. 80. 10 p. [3, AvtAor.} 
itional Courts of Arbitration. Cambridge, 1871. IS°. 

Uson, D. 

. The Candee genealogy ; with notices of allied bmllles 
I, Mallery, Newell, Norton, ' Pyncbon, and Wadswortb. 
10 p. Illus. [3, Author.} 

Indiana: her ip^wtb and needs. Address. Franklin Col- 
[ansporl, 1880. 8°. 38 p, [3, J. F. Tval» ] 


Baldwin, Oeorge D. Ste EJmea, W. 

Baidirln, Jofaa Denlton, and COtt, WUUmd. A racmd of the dtacenduili ct 
Oipt. Oeorge Denlioii, of Stonington, Codd. WoiCMter, 1B8I. 8°. 423, (1) p. 

POTtCftlU. [1] 

Baldwin, Simeon E. A digeit of reported cuea In tbeSapnmeConnofErron and 
tbe SnperlorCoort of Connecticut BDd In tbeUnlUdStuei coarta for Uiedlanftl 
of Conuectlcnt, to t. 47 Connectlcnt reports uid v. 17 BlMcbfbrd'* Circolt Cout 
report!. Vol. 2. Boit., 1S8Z. 1.8°. [1] 

BaUou, Adin. Blatory of Mlirord, Man., to 1881. Boit., 1BB2. 2 pt. in I. 8°. 
XTill, 1154 p. PortTftlts, map, and Ulna. [1] 

ft. bloanptilco-geiwilDglvAl ngiiur. 

B«dlou, Matmin M. Notable tboogbti about women. Boat., 1882. B°. zJH, 
409 p. [I] 

BaltUnon, Ud. St* GrilBth, T. W. 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Set Poogbom, J. O. 

Bancroft, Oeorge. Hlalor^ of the (urmMlon of llie conMltatioii of the United 
ScMea. N.Y., 1BS2. Iv. S°. xxW, 520 p ; xIt, Ml p. [I] 

Bandellcr, Adolph F. NoC«a OQ tbe bibliogiapb; of Taottan and CeninU Amer- 
ica. From Proceedings of tbe American AnUqaarlaa Sodetr, Oct. 31, 1880. 
Worcester, 1881. S°. 39 p. [3, Sl^hm Salubwrg, Jr., Wavtttr.) 

Battgor, Mt. Stt H«dKe, F. H. 

Bank of North America. St) Liewll, L , Jr. 

Bankruptcy. Sn Brooks, B. F.i — Lowell, J.; — Hcrrantlle Bodies, ^e.,- 

— PhUadelphla Board of Trade ; — PlUsbury, A. £. ; — United Statea. 

Banks & Brothera. A catalogne of law booka pnbUahed or fi>r aale. N.Y., 

1882. ia=. (3), xil, 220 p. [3] 
Banka and Banking. SaCoUbu, C. M.r-ClalbraltA,T.;-OUb>u% J.V.; 

— Ilurd, J. K-i — Hutchison,].; — Journal of the InMllale of Bsnkera;— 
Hacleod, H. D.; — Moxon, T. B.; — New York, Oit^. Committee of 
Bank Ofllcers ; — Thoouu, B. F. ; — Walker, J. H. 

Bajming, Hnbert A., and Arden, Ueniy. Reporta of patent cansec, decided In 

tbe Circuit Courts of the United Stales, 1S74-C79]. Vol. 1-4. K.T., ISSl-ai. 

4t. 8°. t']. 
Barbour, George U. Florida for Conrlats, inralida, and eetUen. With m^ and 

lllns. N.Y., 1882 [1B81]. 12°. 310 p. [1] 
Barnard, Daniel Dewey. An addreaa betive the Pblloclean and Pelthessophlan 

Boclellei of Rutgers College, Julj 18, 1837. Albany, 1837. 8°. 46 p. (Pm^ 

».178.) [1] 
Bbmes, Albert. Stt Jafuuton, J. H. 
Barnes, Isaac 0. An addresa, at Bedford, N.H., on tbe 100th annlTersar; of ttaa 

incarpomtioDoftbelown, Hay 19, ISSO. BoU., 1850. 8°. 4£ p. [I] 
Barracka. Sat Kklund, A. F. 
Barre, Afou. Sn Thompaon, J. 
BarrowB, Wllllua. The war and slarery ; and their relations to each other. A 

discourae in tbe Old South Cfaureb, Beading, Dec 28, 1862. Boat., 1863. Bfi. 

18 p. [1] 
Bartlett^ Frank L. MInea of Maine. Tbe preaent condition of the mhiea and 

tbeir ftitore prospects. Portland, 1879-80. 12°. 84 p. [1] 
Bartlett, Jcdin. The Shakespeare phrase book. Bost., 1881. em. 8°. (S), lOS4p. 

Bartlett, Joaioh. An historical sketch of Chailulowa, Mass., read at tbe opening 

of Washington Hall, Nov. IS, 1813. Bost, 1814 [rtprit^td W»i}. 8°. 34 p. 


,] PUBLIC DOCUMENT —No. 3. 88 

9, T. W. A rsTlew of tbe tatrtaey qamUaa, with special refbrence to tbe 
, mone? doctrine ; and tbe labttitatlon of gold and bIItct certlScaCei Tor 
wrmoDer- WMh., 1881. 8°. 38 p. [1] 

1, Cttiu AnguBtna. Tbe [»e>cher, the linger, and the doer. Dewej, Long- 
lov.aodBertnim. A SennoD. Boet., 1883. 8°. 12 p. [Z, Author.] 
PFeiUant'ideath:>di*co«irM,2«h8«pt., [IBBl]. Boat., 1R81. 8°. 18p. [1] 
m, John. The lawyer and lawrer"* qneitlons, A baccalaureate dliconiEe, 
iTcnlljofWiteonBln, Jnnel8. 1882. Milwaukee, 1882. 8°. 27 p. [3] 
It, Frtderic. Sophlimi of tbe proc«ctlonIit«. Pact 1-2. Sophiimi of pro- 
don, lit-2d feiiei. Fart 3. Spoliation and law. Part 4. Capital and Inter- 
. Tr. from the Pari* ed. of 1883. N.Y., 1870. 16". ivl, 398 p. [I] 

PmrU 1-fl u* ■ trmniUtkin of hla " Sophlamn ^coDomlqiiM." 
He. 5w Lemont^ L. P. 
fFlag Day. Ste HIatory, tte. 
«. See CarringtoD, H. B. 

r, Alfred L. Ulitorieal *ketch of 8t. Mm7'« Church, Newton Lower Fttlli, 
lU. A lermon, 1817, 2Sth annlTersarj of [his] first officiating. Bost., 1847. 

Mp. [1] 
■dell, Joeeph. IncreaM of imall-pox mortality, under conpulBoiy Tacciua- 

0. Cheltenham, [Bng., 18— ]. 8°. 7 p. [3] 

prinlod trtfla (he ProoeedlDKi of the 3Cancli«tcr Lltfruy jinil FIiilQt. 3<tc-, r- IS, no. 9. 

:r, Jere. Beports of caaee in tbe Bupreme Court of TennMaee fur tbe eastern, 

Idie and western dlTlilona, [mB-7B]. Vol. 6. Naibrllle, 1881. B". [2] 

1, 8. C. Oar maTtjred president. Tribnn to the memory of Junes Abram 
rtfeld. Sermons, Dedhua, Mais., Sept, 11 and 2fi, 1881. Dedham, 1S81. 8°. 
p. [3, AvtAor.] 

BO, Chailei Coteewortb, Jr. The natknial and private " Alabama claims" 
1 their "flnal and amicable settlement." Wasb., [1871]. 8°. xvl, 3S8 p. 

, Alanson W. Taxation of mortgaged property. Remarks before (he legls- 
Ta committee on taxation, [of the Hasiachusettj Legislature] , Jan. 17, IBBl. 
p. [1881.] 8°. 13 p. [3, B. A. BiU.] 
, Qeorge Miller. The asylami of Bnropa. Camb., 1881. 12°. 12 p. [2) 

psycbolo^ of the Salam witcboraft exdlement of 1692 and lis practical 
licadan to onrown time. N.T., 1882. 16°. xx, 113 p. [1] 
Ihil thoughts. 8ss Romage, C. T. 
rd, tf. B. Saa Baruea, 1. O. 

ir, Charles. Historic Ore ; an addreat at tbe anniTenary of Cailiopean 
jety and Lycenm. of Vabask College, July 18, IMS. Indianapolis, 1849. 8°. 
1. [3, J. F. ■nolle.] 

1, Amable, ToM/. The iplrit of education. Tr. by Mrs. G. M. McCarthy, 
acnae, 1881. 16°. 32S p. Porlzalt. [1] 

E^<nulWagiier,H.,tcUar*. Die BcTOlkemngderBrde. Jahrllche XJaber- 
it obcr neae Arealberechnungen, OcblelsTerandernngen, Znhlungm, etc., 

BcTOlherung. 1-6. ErgBniungahert no. 33, 39, 41, 49, SS, 62, su Peter- 
in's " Geogrvpbischen Hltibeiluugen." Ootba, 1872-80. 6r. In 1.40. Haps. 

Ida, Adolpboi J. F. Counting Uie cost. A sermon before the American 
rd of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 73d aonual meeting, St. Lonis, 
, 18. 1881. Bost.. 1881. V. 24 p. \3] 
t. Me. See Wblte, W. 
nther V. Sm Elite, 6. E. 

homas. Crown coses reserved for consideration, and decided by tbe Jndges 
England, with a selection of cases relating to indictable oflbncea in the Court 
Jaeen's Bench and tbe Comts of Error. 1BS8-60. Lond., 1861. 8°. ix, 
334 p. [l] 


Bellowi, Henrj WhKne;. Before and alter the Preildmt'B d 
NowYork, Sept. 18,25, 1881. N.T., 1881. 16°. 62 p. [S] 

Belmont, Una. S*t Cambridge, Uau. Mayor. 

Belolt College, Btloit, Wii. 33<l-31th annual tstalogne of 
denti, 1880/81-81/82. Belolt, Chicago, 1880-81. 8°. [3] 

— Blercisei at tbc qDarler-cenlennial anntrerwiTi •'i')' I'l 1^ 

63, (1) p. [3] 

— Hiitorical sketch of Belolt College. Prepared for the Nat 

position for 1878. Madiion, 1878. 8=. 31 p. [3] 
Belt, Robert. Supplement to the reporti In chancer; of F. V< 

ffith addition!. Lond., 1)I2S. 8°. (19), 605 p, [1] 
Bemls, Charlea A. History of Mailborxingh, N.H. With Ch( 
nial celebration in 1976; also, genealogtes anil sketches ol 
Bost., 1881. 8°. Ix, 726, (l)p. Portraits and I llus. [1] 
Bendloe or Bcnloe, William. Reports des divers plaadlngi 
del Comon-Bank, en le rolgnea de Henrj vii , Ilcnry ti 
and Eliiabcth, [1486-1680]. Lord., 1089. f. [1] 

— Lea reports del divers resolutions et judgmeuts doiine par 1 

de la ley en le temps del ralgne dc Hen. Tin., Edw. vi., Ph 
Jaqnes et Charles i., [1631-1628]. Lond., 1661, f. [1] 

BeqluniDi Jndab Peter. A treatise on the law of sale of per 
Teferencea to American dedalons and to the French cod 
Amer. ed„ bj £. H. Bennett Boat., 1881. 8°. Ixxvlli, (1) 

Bennett, Jcweph. Permanence of the pastonl offlce. A sem 
1846, the 2Bth annlTcrsair of the author's ordlnaUon. S 

Bennington, Battle of. Sf Coburn, F. W.; — Ver 

Bent, James Theodore. The life of Gulseppe Garibaldi. WH 

1881. sm. 8°. 813 p. [1] 
Bentham, Jeremj'. Opinloiu on the iiaui7 laws. k.t.p. [1 

48 p. [1] 
Benton, Josiah H., Jr. Argument against the bill to Increase 

InsDrauce companies, before the committee on taxation ( 

Massachusetts. Bost., 1882. 8°. 48 p. [3] 
Bergen, Tennis O. Register In alphabetical order, of the ea 

Coanty, N.Y., to 1700. N.T., 1881. 8". 462 p. [3] 
Berka County, Pa. St« Bninner, D. B. 
Bermuda. Acta of Assembly, made and otiacted in the B 

Islands, 1690-1714. Lond., J^. flai*<!((, 1719. f°. y, 79 p. 
Berrien, John M'PIierson. An addro!» at Princeton, the e»en 

commencement of the College of New-Jersey, Sept. 39, 18: 

request of the American Whig and Cllosophic Societies. 

36 p, (Pm.,T. 173.) [1] 
Berry, A. Moore. Cases in the St. Louis Conrtof Appeals ofl 

1880-81. Vol. 9-10. et. Louis. 1881-82. 2 v. 8". [1] 
Berry, C. B. The other sidu : how it struck us. [TraTcls In t 

Canada.] Lond., 1830. 8°. vll, 296 p. [1] 
Bertram, John. Ste Bartol, C. A. 
Beaant, Walter, atid Rice, James. Sir RIcbanI Whittlngton, 

don. N.Y , 1881. 16°. 222 p. (New Plutarch, t. 8.) [1 
Bevan, 0. Phillips. The statistical atlas of EngUnd, Scotlani 

talning 46 maps with text. Edin., 1883. f °. (S), 76 p. [1 
Beverly directory. Ste Sniein directory. 
Bibllograpby. Stt Banka &. Brotherai— rubUsben 

J.l — Tilomaon, P. O. 

: DOCUMENT — No. 3. 27 

aniey, TbomM P. lUportf , 1S81-S2. St Nevnds. 
T. le. 
A treatjso on the law of itock broken. Pblk,, 1862 

It' gaide: or, Tbe power, dat; and prlTlleges of tbe 
WiachuaetM. Leominster, 18n7. 12°, 166 p. [1] 

Rcmuki on tbe depressed condition of numulkct- 
tb luggeitions as to its cause and lu remedy. Bott., 

ilation to tbe I^ncatter Mill*, ftddreased to tbe pro- 

29 p. [21 
progress of the American Bepiiblle. An oration at tbe 
Vxton, June U, 1B65. Worcester, IS6B. 8°. 32 p. [1] 

Placita Anglo-Norroannica : law cases from William 
in blstoricBl records. [1066-119^.] Bast., 1881. 8°. 

iloppet and lu application in practice. 3d ed. Boat, 

739, J. 1700. St* HerB«y, C. 

lion before the mnnlclpal authorities of Boston, Jul; 
hes at the dinner lu Fancull Hall. Bolt., 18A3. 8". 

IngB, H. 
*r, E. 0. 

117 of tbe lOlh Haisacbnsetts batter; of light artillery. 

xli, (2),«»p. Portraits and lllus. [1] 
.mea, J. B.; — Cbalmera, M. D. 
Britain. Parliament. 

i/b, y. C. Catalogue fur tbe jtta ending Dec. 13, 
17Btb sessions. 2d ed. Raleigh, 1B81. 10°. [3] 
d of Educe^iM. [2d] annual report, 1881. [Bing- 

P. C. ; — New EDgUnd Htatoiic, Genealogleal 
ncaloglcal and blograpblcal record ; — Webb, A. 
loIoKtc&l Club; — Stesrna, W. A. 
>J Board. Report ibewing the work accompUibed 
1 Nov. 28, 1870; daring tba year ended Nov. 28, ISSt. 
90. IMp; 74 p. [3] 

nmentAries on the criminal law. 7tb ed., enlarged. 
rlli,803p.i U,(l),B27p. [t] 

tbe canses of the eivUwar]. Boat., 1B63. S°. 36 p. 

rhe Senate ot Hassachntette: an historical sketch. 


Tbe princlpka of eqnll; : a treatise on the syitem 

a conrts of chancer;. 3d. ed. Pbila., 1882. I. B". 

tbe Clrcnlt and District Courts of tbe United States tbr 

'ol. 8. 1879-79. Chicago, 1882. 8». [1) 

States. Qtographical and Oiological Sumy of Iht 

lagKi <^- A. i — Massachusctta. Gtntral Cmrl. 

igailae. Vol.130. N.Y., 1881. 8=. [1] 

or)- of Prasbjterianism in New England. Boat., 1881. 

■ [11 

irlam. James Abram Qarfleld. A sermon, Sept. 2S, 

I., [1881]. sq. 8°.. B p. [3, AulhoT.\ 


Blaachard, G. E. ArgmncDt before ttie commlciee on oommu'ce of the Honie of 

Beprescntatlvea in oppoeltion to the pending hill for [he reRnlMfon of Inter-ititt 

comraercB, March 1*-17, 1883. N.Y., IBffl. 8=. 218 p. [3, Autlior.] 
Bland, John Pindar, and O'Brien, John. The pabllc icbool qBciUon. Homu 

Cuholldim and AmeriCMilBm : • dleCDision. Camb., 1S80. 8°. 29 p. [I, 

Sn. J. P. Bland, Csmirii^a.] 
Bland bill. Sn Cernuacht, H. 
BlatebRird, Samnel. ReporU of cum to tbo Circuit Court oT the United StaUt 

for the 2d circuit, [1880]. Vol. 18. N.T., 1882. 8°. [1] 
BUch, Richard. New reporii of eaee* heaid in the Hoase of Lords, on appedi ud 

iniis of error, 1327-37. Vol. 1-10; 11, part 1-3. Load, («., 1S2^[^. 11 t. 

B=. [1] 

— Eeports of cases In the Hoose of Lords, on appeals and writi of error, 1819-11. 

Vol. 1-8 1 V. 4, part 1. Lond., 1823-27. 4 t. 8". [1] 
Blind. Set Perkloa Institution and MaasachuaettH School for tbe 

BUm, John Homer.' Genealogy of Hie Bliss tlimll7 in America, lS50-l88a. In- 

elndlng the compilations of O. B. Morris and S. BUm. Bost., I88I. 8°. BIO, 

<l)p. Portraits. [1] 
Nock Island, R.I. Set Uvermorc, a T.; — Sheffield, W. P. 
Blyden, Edward Wllmot. The alms and methods of a Ubenl education fbr A(H- 

cans. Inaogur&l address, Jan. e, 1881. Camb,, 1882. S°. 30 p. [8, C. ITsik 

ingtan Warren, Boitan.] 
BoUvla. Sm Chill. 
Bolton, Robert The hlehwr of the several toirna, manon. and patent* of Ih 

coanlj of Westcbesler, [N,Y.]. Bd. br C. W. Bollon. N.Y., 1881. 2 T. 8*. 

xxT, 826 p. ; 786 p. Haps and illne. [1) 
Bolton, JfoM. First CongregatloDal Church. Historical sketch of thi 

Church. Clinton, ISfil. 12°. 28 p. [I] 
Bonney, Charles 0. A great lawrer. Chicago, 1831. 8°. lip. ]3, AvtMor.] 

— Jury refonn. Tbe cormptlon of the Jury system, and the remedy. A speech li 

behalf of the Citizens' League of Chicago. Chicago, 1882. S°. SO p. ? 

— National regalatkm of Inter-slote commercs. Cblcago, 1882. 8°. 32 p. [3 


— Practical law refbrm. The advantages of extending eqnity remedies. Addna 

befbre the Illinois State Bar Association, [Jan. 6, 1882;. Springfield, 1881. 8° 
13 p. [Z, Author.] 

— ThetmedoctrlQeafthBtarlff. Cblcago, 1881. 8°. IS p. \S, AuAer.] 
Boston, JlfoM. The a'2d annlyorsary of American independence ; repon of erenti 

witb the revised arations of R. Choale and J. 6. Holmes and speecbe* > 
FaneuU Hall, etc., July 0, ISS8. Reported for the Boston conrter. Bost 
18SB. 8". 127 p. [1] 

— Auditor of Aceoimii. Annual report of receipts and expenditures, 1880/81-81/83 

No. 69-70 of the series. Bost., 1881-82. 2 v. 8°. [3] 

— Beard of BeaUh. lOEh annual report, 1881-82. Bosl., 1882. 8°. [S] 

— dig Council. Celebration of the centennial annlTersary of the l>aulo of Bonkt 

Hill. With a survey of the literature of the battle, its antecedents and reanln 

Bost., 1S7B. 1, 8°. 174 p. Illns. [1] 
The charter and ordinances, with such acts of tbe Legislature as relate to U 

dty. Bost., 1827. 8°. 260, xv p. [3] 

Same. Bait., 1864. 8°. xlx, SS8 p. [3] 

Same. Ordinances ofthe dty and Btatnteiorthe Legislature of MassacbiiMtt 

on municipal subjects, passed In 1880-81. Bost., 18S1-S2. 1.8°. 137-211 p. [) 
Compilation of the laws in force relating to the qnallfl cation, assessment, as 

registration of Toters, and tbe conduct of elections. 1881. [Bost.], 1881. U 

47 p. (31 


mqaet to BtBr-Adminil Leinffuliy and Ibe oScen of (be 

7, IBM. Bost , ISM. 8°. 58 p. [3] 

d,81. BoBt., 1853-82. II t. g". [3] 

cation or tta« Soldlen' and ,Salton' Monnment In the arror 

int Hope Cemelerr. Boit., 1667. 8°. 46 p. [3] 

odactloDof pare water into the city, witli a deicriptioa of He 

roilu. IllDi. Bf [N. J. BiBdlec] Boet , 1868. 1. 8°. 

lot itaiidlng commltte* on claimi. Boat., 1871. 18°. 60 p. 

Lbnbain Lincoln. [Inchidlag ttae eulogy t^ C. Saniker.] 

163 p. [3] 

met Abism Oaifleld. [WItb Ute enlogj' bj V. F. Banki.] 

60 p. Portrait. [3] 
, 18*8, 51-52, 54-55, 07-53, SIMC, 70-76, 79-79, 81-S2. Bolt., 

le dtlzeni of Boiton, Jnlj 4, 1798-99, 1804, 08-11, 25-26, 30- 
5S-78. SO-81.] Boet., 1798-81. 8^ [I]. 

. J. 1 - 1;9». I.*wetl, J. 1- ISM, 
W.i— lelD. TswnaeBd. A.i-.- 
,J-i-lMO. B 

C ;— isn. W»rr«B, W. W. :- 

I dedication of tbaCitfHoapllal, Mar 24, 1861. Boet., 1864. 

ing the oomer-itone of the Cic; Hall, Boston, Dec. 22, 1862. 
p. [3] 
be Old State Hoase, Jair 11, 18S2. Bon,, 1882. 8°. 77 p. 

pnritf of Ibe water eopplj-, wlcli the report of Prof I. Bem- 
, 1881.] 8°. 23 p. [3] 

dinge, JdIx 1Q, 1B63-Dee. 31, 18*0; 1872; 1876-81. Bo«t., 
ii.4". PI 

r un Li (he lllh umiul vgLmiK ; ■ Id MiMi b^aw irflh 1980. 

slpUon of the boepltal : Ita enlargement and reconitmctton. 
It, 1877. 8°. 32 p. PlaUB. (2] 

JM.I report*. 3d eertei. Bd. hj D. W. Cheerer, O. F. Wadi- 
[a«0D. Bait., 1881. 8°. TitUSMp. lUna. {3] 
a. Boet., 1882. 8°. [3] 

onmal. Ip68, 72-74. Boet., lB8fr-[74]. 4 1.8". [3] 
I, Dirtrtort for Public hutUiOiont, tte. Report* of the In- 
Jan. and Julr, 1863 1 of the Directors of Public Instlintlona, 
le committee appointed to hiTeatlgate the alleged abniei at 
rmatlon and Correction, Manh, 1864. Bost,, 1861. 8". [3] 
tddreaiofS.A.Qreen.Haror, Jan. 2,1882. Boet., 1882. 8°. 

jr. 7lh-[18IhJ annual report, 1871-82. BoK., 1871-82. 8°. 

h annual report, 1882. hi.p. [Boat., 1882.] 8°. [3] 
8I-Jnlr, 1882. VoL 4, no. 12; 5, no. 1-8. Whole no. e».62. 
.82.] 1. 8'. [3J 


ad. Pffi] Pi"*'- Bo.loTi reoonn. l(31-«. 3. Tha Bool 

School CommUUt. Annnal report, 1881. Bost., 18B2. 8°. 
ProMedingB, 1870-81. Boet., 1875-81. 7 ». 8=>, [3] 

— Boston illusmtad. [Anm.] Boat., [cop. 1878]. 16°. It 

— Dttcription, Hittory. tic. See Bowen, A.; — Copelan 

S. A. ; — IlaskeU, C: — Sdow, C. H.; — Upham, W. 
— Wipes, E. C. i — Winsor, J. 

— Art Club. Proceedings ftt Ihe opening ot (be new clnb 

Bo»[., [1832]. 16°. 43 p. Plan». [3] 

— AsBoctatcd Charities. 2d BnnuBl report, 1881. Bo«t, 

— - [Papers.] No. [1-12, B-9, 11, 13, 16-17, 19-20, 23, a» 

8". [3] 

— Athenteum. Catalogne of the tibrtu?. 1807-71. PartG. 

1.8". [3] 

— Board of Trade. 2etb, 2Sth anntial report. [1B79], S 

Boat., 1880-82. 2 T. 8°. [3] 

— Boston and Albany Railroad. Uth aDanal repc 

1882 [1881]. 8°. [3] 

— Boston and liowell R^lroad. 5m George, J. H. 

— Boston anil 31alne Railroad. Bcport of (he direct! 

8". [3] 

— Boston and Providence Railroad. Report of the ■ 

1881. 8°. [3] 

— Boston FHsh Bureau. 7lh annual report, 1882. Bolt. 

— Boston Port and Seamen's Aid Society. 5th, Ifth 

BoBt.,lB72-82. a°. [3] 

— Boston University. Fresldeot's aontial report, 1880 

Year book. Vol, 9. Bost., 1882. S". [3] 

— Brattle Street Church. Ste Thacher, P. 

— Bulflncb-Street Society. See Alger, W. E. 

— Carney Hospital. Annual report, 1879-81. Boat., IG 


— Charitable Irish Society. ConstitQtloa and bj-lairs 

offlcers and members, etc., and J. Boyd's centennial annli 
17,1837. Bost., [1876]. 12°. H2 p. [3] 

— Children's Mission to the Children of the Destlt 

10lh-24tb, 27ih-33d annual report. Bost., 1800-82. la". 

— Church of the Saviour. See Wateniton, R. C, 

— Copp's Hill Burial Ground. ,S« McDonald, E. 

— First Church. See Kills, A. B. ; — F.llis, O. E. 

— Home for .\ged Men. lBt-2lEt annual report. BosC, 1 

— House of the Antcel Guardian. 3d nnnoal report, 18j 

Bob!., 18,53. S°. [3] 

— Industrial Aid Society for the Prevention of Pi 

annual report. 1880-81. Camb., 1880-81. 8°. [3] 

— King's Chapel. [Organitatlon, services, etc.} Jan. 1, 

24 p, [3. Ren. B. IF. Foote. BoUon.] 
(i« Foote, H. W. 

— 3lBverick National Bank. [History of government at 

IC. 126 p. [3, If. F. Spaulding, Baiton, Maes.] 
~ Museum of Fine Arts. 6lh annual report, 1B81. Boi 

— Sew Xortfa Church. See Hedge, F. H. 

[C DOCUMENT — No. 3. 

, Report, Jin. 188!. Boat., 1883. 8°. [3, CarroU D. 
M. E. Church and Sabbath School. Stt King, 

Ste Cotdng, B. E.; — WeUIngton, W. W. 

ConfbBsian of bitb and fbrm of covenant, iriib lisU of 
(c. B08t., 1866. I2«. 119 p. [S.B.A.mU.] 

and calalogDe of (be offlcen and members, Jan., I3B0. 
I) p. {$. H. A. Hill] 
OD. !6th-30Ui aanaol repoit, 1S77-81. Boat., 1877-Sl. 

»]. Boat., 1870-80. 8". [3] 

iventloii. Tbe municipal election, Dee. 9, 1879. Wbicb 
i> tbe but claims upon voter* wbo want an economical 
It? [Boat., 1879.] 18°. lip. [3, H. A. Hill.] 
norlal Tolnme, Dlacourse of S. H. Hafet. Rennlon 
contribntloni. 1874. [Boat.], 1874. 1S°. £2 p. [1] 
eporta of tbe pbyelciuD and treunrer, <ec., 1S77-7B, 80-81. 
e Studies at Home. 6tli-7tb annnal report. [Boit.J , 

5m Frothlngham, N. L. 

. ConBtllption. h.l.p. 1791. H". 19, (1) p. [1] 

el. 46tb annnat meetingoftbe corporation; proceedlnga 

!. 16°. 13] 

ic. 23d-24cb annual report. Boat., 188t-82. 8°. [3] 

Report of 2d meeUng of merchanta, man u (beta rera and 
[ISai], for Ibe parpoae of Inauguratiog a iroild'a Ibir 
185. Boat., 1881, 8°. [3] 
Ian Aasoclatlon. 3d-10th, 12lb-17th, 21at, 23d-3lBt 

63-68, 72, 74-82. Bost,. 1854-82, 6" and 16°. [3) 
Jan Union. 4tb, 9tb annual report, 1855,60; Report, 
5-78. 18°. [2] • 

[Addresaea of J. D. Long and P. A. Cbadboame com- 
i bittbdajannlveraarf of OarQeld, Not. 20, 1881. Boat., 

committee on tbe country ireek, 1877. Bost., 1878. 18°. 

laeaa dlrectorr, I8S2 Vol.47. Bost, [1881]. 24°. Map. 

;iark, B. E. 

for 1881. Boll., 1881. 8°. [3] 

July-Dec., 1881. Boat., 1881. r°. [1] 
■cller. July-Dec., 1881, Boat., 1881. f. [1] 
y-Dec , 1831. Boat., 1881. f °. [1] 
i. 1632. Boat,, 1882. 8°. Map. [1] 
lassachuietts. Harbor and Land ComminioTuri : ~ 

itry. Vol. 11, no. 7-19. 1877-81. Boat., 1877-81. 6 v 


Boncher, W. H. Tbe sdence of moiie}'j and " Co-operation," together fnniiik 

ing the solullon of the " labor quesdon." Chicago, 1887. S°. 128 p. [1] 
Boutou, Nathaniel. A diiconrae on tbe growth and dcTeiopment of Concord 

N.H., in the laM Olty jeara; being tbe third B«m1-centenBial, June 17, ISIS 

Coocord, 1876. B°. 48 p. [1] 
Bowdltch, Hem; Ingereoll. Sanllar; orgsniiation of nations. KeiHlnted btin 

tbe Boston medical and inrglcal joaraaL Camb., 1B80. IS°. 2i p. [3, B. 4 

nai, Boitm.] 
Bowdltcb, Nathaniel. The new American practical navigator. {Prom the «d.o 

1807-] Wash., 1S80. S°. xli. (1),61B p. Hape and plates. [3] 

Bowdltch, Natbanfel IngenoU. SuSblk inmamea. 3d ed. LotuL, 1S61. r 

xjLr, 7fi7 p. Portrait. [1] 
Bowdlteh, William lugerwilL Tbe rendition of Antbonr Bona. BosL, 1854. 8° 

40 p. [I] 
Bowdoln Collexe> Bnmimck, Mi. Catalogue of tbe (^cert and imdena o 

BowdolQ College and the Medical School of Maine, fikli term, ISSOi iprini 

Usna, 1SS2; [78th-80tb] catalogue, 1879/80-81/2. Portland, Brun«»iclc [18U 

81]. 8°. [3] 

— CaialogoB eenatus academid, et eomin qnl mnnera et offlda gcstempl, nb 

[IB8I.] n.;i., 1881. 8°. 144 p. [3J 
Bowen, Abel. Sew guide to the city of BoMon and vidnl^. Bolt., [1849]. IS" 

86 p. Uaps and illuB. [1] 
Boweo, Chircnce WIntbrop. The boandar; dUpntn of Connecttcat. Boct., IBS! 

4'". 90 p. Portrait and maps. [1] 
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16 p. Chart. [2] 
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Eepreseatatires, [of tbe United State*]. Jnne 1, 1880. Wash., 1880. S". 48 ] 

% Author.] 
Boyd, Andrew Hnnter Holmes. Sea StU«t, J. C. 
Boyd, C. R. BeiourcM of sonth-wesl Virginia, showing tbe minenl depoalts c 

iron, coal, xlnc, <fe. Illni. N.Y., 1B81. 3°. xlY,32lp. [1] 
Boyntott, E. Moody. Tbe money of the future. hJ.p. (N-Y., 1880?.] SS H) 


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work among them. 3d ed., with addenda. N-Y.^ISSO. 12°. ill, 468 p. IUd 

[3, Atahor.] 
Brace, Joab. Half-centary discourse. History of the church in Newingto 

Conn.] : discourse, 16tb Jan., 1B5S. Hartfbrd, 185$. 6". 75 p. [1] 
Brace, Joiukthan. A IcaT of MIlFord history. Tbanksglrlng sermon. In tbe Fir 

Church, Mllford, Conn., Nor. iS, 1858. New HaTco, 1858. 8°. 34 p. [1] 
Bradford, Alden. History of HaMachusetts, 1790-1S2O. [VtA. 3.] Bost., 181 

8°. 327 p. fl] 
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Bradlee, Caleb DhvIb. A sermon before the Third Kettgions Socletr, Dorebert* 

alUrthedcce«5eofRev.RlchardPlke,Feb.22,1868. Boston, 1863. 8°. (18) 
Appended lo and )>ik»1 coiitlnuomLy with S. n«U'i Wwjiinr belbre th( Bodttj. 

— A sermon, Sept. 20, 1831, the first Sunday alter the death of Jame* A. Qarflel 

Bost.. 1881. 12°. 24 p. [S,Atahor.] 

— So King, T. S. 

Bradlee, NathanlelJ. HIstorr of the iutrodnctlon of pure water iDloBuaUiii. S 

Boston. City CouhcU. 
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Vol. 9-10. [1881J-82. Chicago, 1882. 2 ». 8°. [1] 
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2.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 33 

In. Ste Ijiiya, J. 

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7. A. Hobut. Bust., 1877. 8°. 85 p. [3, Hon. F. A. Ilabart, Brat'nfrw.] 

man, Isaac. A seml-eeDtennlal dlscoune, Qsorgeioim, Jane 7, 1M7, the SOib 

innlTerury of lili ordlnallon. Oeorgeloirn, 1B47. 8°. 39 p. [1] 

man, Hilton Palmer. Km Rice, C. B. 

iwf. Sir Thomaa. Tlie Brlilsh nar; : iu atrengtli, reaoorce*, and admlnlstra- 

km. Lond., 18B3. 3 v. 8°, xxzvll, SSI p.; xtI, 421 p. Itlni. [1] 

Vol.l. BtalpbulMliwforihtpiinMHiof HIT. 

•. MljnlliBHui inlilKU uHiiiuclnl wiu iiupbullillni fur Ibe [iuiv«h at nu. 

^k, Samnel. Hlstoilcal sketch of continental paper tnooej'. Ptaila., 1863. 8°. 
3, (1) p. Ijirge paper nipf. [I] 

Olili lift J CDiilei of lUi Btae prlnlrf. 

IgmsD, Sir Orlando. Beporta orjudgmcnu [as] Chief Jnaticc of the Com- 
ion Pleai, 1660-67. Ed. from the HargM>e maDUKripti by S. Baaniiier. 
.ond., 1823. 8°. xxlii, (0,662 p. [1] 

[gSf Samuel (8. J.) The book of ilie Vkrian famllf, with apeoilalloitf u to 
Heir origin, etc ClerelAnd, 1881. 8°. (7). 102, (4) p. Pottnlti. [1] 

Oiyjr 100 o^M prinlnl, {no. m ■ 

fat, Jobn. Pablic addrcjiea. Ed. b; J. E. T. Bogera. I^Hid., 187>. 8°. xtI 

42 p. [I] 

e Smith, O. B. 

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rlennUl review of proceeding*, 1876. Brighton, 1S76. ia°. t4p. (Educ. pm., 

.2.) [3] 

■Head, Mam. Sm VslU, J. 

key, Jfr*. Hugh L. Woman In dvil cerviee reliirm. K.T., 1SS2. 8°. 40 p. 


t«n, Datilel OarrfMni. The booki of Chllan Balun, the prophetic and UeEorlc 

tcorda or tbe Uayai of Yucatan. PhUa., [1832] . 8°, 19 p. [3, Autkar.} 

tol, R.I. Sm Hubbard, H. O. 

tthollc CongregsttonaJ Cbnrch. Sm Shepard, T. 

Irst Congresattonal Church. S*t Iiane, J. P. 

tol Count)- directorr, [1881]. Compiled and publldied by D. Dudley & Co. 

on., 1881. 8°. 102 p. [1] 

iBh almanac [and Companion] , 1883, Lond., [1881]. 12° [I] 

ish f^lumbla. Leffulatiit AmuihUji. Scacniet, fith 8eulon,Sd Partlameat, 

»2. Victoria, [1882]. I. 8", [i] 

jm-itUauitut of Edacaiion. lUlb annnal report on tbe public ichooli, 1S80-8I. 

idoris, 1883. 1. 8°. [2] , 

iBh qnarterly letlew. Vol, 73-74. N.Y., 1881. 2 t. 8'. [1] 

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r Pierre, J. 

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rookllne. [Mfi. 1831]. 8°. 148, 16 p. [1] 

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'ports of tbe leveral departments for 1881, Brooklyn, 1882. 8°. 29B p. (3, 

Ml Lo», Uagor of BroaUyn, N.Y.] 

iks, Beitjamin F. A national bankrupt law. Comments on the echemederlied 

r C C. Bonney, called the " e^inity scbemc," and on tbe propoaed act prepand 

r Jodge Lowell. n.t.p. [188-]. 8°. S p. [3. B. A. Hill, ao1on.i 

ika, CbarlcB. Memoir of Josepb Willard. From "Prooeedhigi of the Has- 

ichnseiw fUttorlcal 8ocMy," for 1866-67. [Anon.^ Camb. 1867. 8°. 2t ^ 



Brooks, PbilllpB. Alexnnder Hamilton Vinton. A menun-ial sermon, Bosl« 

Hay 1», ISttl, and PblUdelpbla, May 29, isai. Bost, ISHl. S°. 16 p. [1] 
BrosH, William. Chicago and Ihs aonrcts of ber pnst nnil Cutare growrb. A. p^x 

read before (be Cbicago Historical Sodctj, Jan. 20, 1880. Cliicago, ISSO. S< 

IB p. [3, H. A. HiU.] 
Brown, David Paal. An addrees to the Fhilociean and PeitbeisopiiEan Sodetiei< 

Rnlgere College. Pbila , lS3-i. 8°. 3!^ p. (I'm., t 173.) [1] 
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Ctom Ills speecbcB and letters. Bobt., 18SI. 12°. 619 p. Poitrnits. [1] 
Bron'n, Edwin Leo. Remarks at a public meeting, Pbiladeliihia, Nov. 17, tS8( 

open Ibe transportation of ilring animals over our railwayl. [WiHi] appendixei 

np., [IBSK]. 12". 24 p. [3] 
Brown, George B. I'be citizen. An address at Ibe dsdleallon of Memorial Ha 

and Library Building. FramlnRbam, Feb. 22, 1873. Bost., 1873. 1. 8°. 23 p. [i 
Brown, Georgo Preston. Sewer-gas and itt dangers ; witb an expositlan of con 

mon defects in bou!« drainage and their remedy. Cliicago, 1881. 16°. '212 | 

II las. [11 
Brown, George William. A akotcb of Ibe life of Thomas Donaldson. BalL, ISS 

1. 8°. 40 p. [3, AtUher] 
Brown, Guy A. Reports of cases, 1881-82. Set Nebnuka. Svpremt Caur 

Reports, V. 11-12. 
Broivn, Henry A. Analyses of tbe sugar question, comprehending cane and be 

angur production, eonsnmption, rtc. Soxonvllle, Mbes., 1879. S°. 12 p. {3) 
Brown, Henry C, compiler. Tbe Pblkuttlpliia reports. Cuntaiahig dedsioii 

published in tbe Legal IntelQgencer, 1877-78. Vol.12. Pfalla., 1882. 8°. vU 

675 p. [11 
Brown, John CofDn Jones. The CofHn fomlly, lis armorial beaiinga and origin ( 

the name. Wlib Hint. Bost., ISSl. S°. 8 p. [3, AaUtor.] 
Brown, Jusiah. Reports of casei upon appeals and writs of error detenuiocd i 

the High Conn of Parliament, [1702-1800]. 2d ed.wHh notea and adiUtioiu 

cases to 1800, by T. B. Torollni. Lond., 1803. 8 v. 8°. [1] 
Brown, Oliver. See Hayden, H. B 
Brown, Willard. Civil-Borvlce reform In the New York Cnitom-IIooiA. N.Y 

1882. 16°. 19 p. (Clvil-Servtce Retozm Asaoc Pabl , no. 4 ) 
Browne, George Lithom. Narrailves of state trials In tbe IDth eeDlDry. 1 

period. From Ibe union witb Ireland to tbe death of Gcorg« IV., 1901-3 

Host., 1882. 2v. sin. 8°. xt, (!), ««?.; xli, 482 p. [1] 
Browning, Oscar. An Introdncilon to tlui binory of educailonal tbeoriet. Ijhh! 

1881. sm, 8°. X, tl),196p. (Kduoatlon librnrj-. v. 1.) , [2] 
Browulee, William Craig. On tbe lottiest, and most Important hraaoh of all a- 

ences. Oration Iwfore the two literary soolelies of Rutgers CoUrge. N.J,, Ju 

16. 1B27. New-BrnnsKlck, 1827. 8°. 32 p, (Pm, v. US.) [1] 
Brownaon, Orestes Augustus. Tbe lalKoing classes. BoM., 1810. 8°. 21 p. ] 
Brunner, D. B. The Indians of Berks County, Pa, Writteil for tbe Soctc^ 

Natural Sciences, Rending, Pa. Reading, 1881. 8°. 110 p. PJates. [i, AtaJio 
BnisH«ls. Socl^lfe KoyaJe Malitcologlque de Belglque. . Proc^^TerlMd 

stances. Tome 10, ISBl. Braxciies, [1881]. 8°. [3] 
Buohanan, David. Speech on the necesclty of ndopilag a flsca) poHcy ttaM i 

promote our native Indaslrics, March 27, 1880, Sydney. Sydncj, 18S0. 

23 p. [2] 
Burk, James 8. Pioneer history of Hitnaukee, 1838-46, Hilwaakee, 1876- 

21.6". vitl,292, (1) p.; 3S3p. Bottralu and map. [1] 
Buckingham, Joseph Tinker. Golden scnllmenU: an address to th« sMt 

Americans of New York. With the declaration of MQtltDcnu of Uic^^ 

Americans of Boston. Bost., 1844. 12°. 21 p. [1} 
Buel, J. W. Legends of tlie Oaarkl. Saint Louis, 18BD. 16°. 110 p. Ulna. 

I, F. Kingiban/, Boiian.^ 





BiifEEilOy N.Y, SupmnUndeni of Education, Annual report, 1880, inclnding 
statistics, etc, 1878-79. Buffalo, 1881. 8°. [3] 

~ Board of Trade. Five minutes' talk about Buffalo ; its business facilities, etc. 
Buffalo, 1881. 8«». 26 p. [3, H. A, HtlL] 

~ Charity Organization Society. Compilation of papers relating to the in- 
corporation of the Society and the trusts of B. Fitch. n.t.p. [Buffalo, 1881.] 
8«. 18 p. [3] 

— Society of Natural Sciences. Bulletin. Vol. 4. No. 2-3. Buffalo, 1882. 

8*». [3] 

— Youngf Men's Association. 33d, 3dth, 37th-43th annual report. Buffalo, 

1869-81. 8°. [3] 
BuUder and wood- worker for 1881. Vol. 17. N.Y., [1881]. f ». [1] 
Building Associations. See Kndlicliy O. A. 
Bull Run. See Cox, J. D. 
Bollock, Alexander Hamilton. Commemoratiye address at Royalston, Aug. 23, 

I860. See Royalston. 
Bundyy Jonas M. State rights and the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court 

of the United States. A constitutional argument. [Anon.] Beloit, [Wis.], 

1860. 8°. 60 p. [2] 
Bmiker HIU declaration, Sept. 10, 1840. [Anon.] ht.p, [1840.] 8^ 12 p. [1] 

— Seo jQoston. City Oouneil, 

Biinls^er Hill 3IonuTnent. See Webster, D. 

Bunls^er Hill Monument Association. Proceedings, annnal meeting, June 17, 
1881. With the address of R. C. Winthrop at the inauguration of the statue of 
Col. Wm. Prtecott «iid ^ notice of Oscar de Lafayette. Bost., 1881. 8<'. 74^. 


Burchard, Horatio 0. Repoit upon the statistics of the production of the precious 
metals in the United States. See United States. Director oftheUhU. 

Burdick, William. The Massachusetts manual : or, Political and historical regis- 
ter; and almanac. No. I. Jan. 1, 1814. Bost., [1814]. lO*'. 68 p. [1] 

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Firht Church, in the 17th and 18th centuries; with a centennial discourse by 
the present pastor. Bost., 1840. 8°. vlii, 517 p. [1] 

Burlingrton, Vt. Fletcher Free Library. 8th annual report, 1882. Burling- 
ton, 1882. 8^. [3] 

Burn, R. The present and long-continued stagnation of trade : its causes, effects, 
and cure. A sequel to An inquiry into the commercial position of Great Biitain, 
He. Enlarged ed. Manchester, [1869]. 8°. 39 p. [3] 

Bumap, Oeorge Washhigton. Origin and causes of democracy in America: a 
diiiconrse in Baltimore, before the Maryland Historical Society, on its 8th an- 
nlvcrsAry, Dec. 20, 1853. [Bait., 1853] . 8«». 29 p. [1] 

— The voice of the times; a sermon in the First Independent Church of Baltimore, 

May 14, 1837. Baltimore, 1837. 8®. 16 p. [1] 
Bums, Anthony. Boston slave riot, and trial of Anthony Bums. [Anon.] Bost., 
1854. 8°. 86 p. [1] 

— 8« Bowdltch, W. I.; — 3forlson, J. H. 

Bums, H. An Index or abbreviated digest of the Supreme Court reports of In- 
diana, from Ist Blackford to 07th Indiana, inclusive. Indianapolis, 1878. 8°. 
(4), 499 p. [1] 

— Sam*. Appendix. 68tb-70th Indiana. Indianapolis, 1881. 8^. 82 p. [1] 
Bumside, Ambrose Everett. The Bumside expedition. Providence, 1882. sm. 4^. 

33 p. (Rbode Island Soldiers and Sailors Hist. Soc. Personal nar- 
ratives, no. 6, 2d icr.) 

— See Poore, B, P. 
Burrfllville, R. L See Keach, H. A. 
Biurroiiglis, Charles. See Peabody^ A. P. 

'? - 



w . 


- ' A*- 













r>^. t'Ut 

» » 

1 7 » »i 

J** « I 


i €^.' 

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k'^ if 






BarroDglii, W. H. A treiHie on the law of public Beeurltiu tn 

Cily. 1881. 1. B°. xlvll, 737, (1) P- tO 
Bnsh, W. P. D. ReporU of eelectcd civil and criminal casta ii 

pcale of Kenmcky. Vol.1*. 1878-79. Lonlavllle, IB79. 8'. 
BustnesB atlni. See Rand, Medially & Co. 
Butler, Benjamin Franklin. Correapondence between Got. And 

Butler. See Andrew, J. A. 
Butler, Joiepliine E., and others. LcglflatlTe reitrlctloni on tbe I 

considered troja tbe womcn'a point of vtew. [Lond,167--] 1 

A. mu.] 

Butler Hospttal for the Inaane, Prmirtence, R.I. Report* c 

superintendent, Jan. 1882. Providence, 1882. 8". 47 p. 
Butt«rfielil, Consul W. History of tbe dlsrovery of the N< 

Nlcolet in 163*. with a sketch of bis life. Cincln., 1881. 12°. 
— Washington 'I rrln'' correspondence. See Washington, O., / 
Butterfiles. See Kdwnrils W. U. 
ButlB, Frank B. A cruise along tbe blockade. ProTldenct, 188 

(Rhode Island Soldlen and Sailors Hlat. Soc. Pe 

no. 12, 2d ser.) 
Buxton, Edward North. The A B C of free trade. Address 

Liberal Association, March 6, 1882. Lond., Cebdtn Club, 188! 

Cabot, G«org«. Sre Klritlond, J. T. 

Caird, James. Tbe landed Interest and Ifae supply of food. 4tli 

sin. 8". xvl, 184 p. [1] 
Oalderwood, Henry. On leaching: iti ends and meaoi. Sd 

16°. X, (1), 126 p. [1] 
Calhoun, John Caldwell. 5m Hoist, H. von. 
California. Ltguiatare. School taw, rules and reflations of I 

Edacatlon, and tbeconslltuliou of CalUbmla,rtc. Sacramenb 


— State Teachert' Intitidt. Proceedings, Hay 4^, 1863. Swr 

(Educ. pm., T. 6.) [3] 

— Supreme Cotirt. Reports of cases, 1880-81. O. H. Smith, r 

ST. San Frandsco, 1B82. 2 v. 8°. [1] 
See Rhodes, A. 

— See Rupert, A. E. D. de. 

Calleoder, Edward Belcher. Tbaddeas SICTenij commotier. 

210 p. Portrait. [1] 
Cairo, Carlo*. Recuell complet des tralt^s, cooTcntlona, eaplti 

et antres actea dlptomatlques de tons les £ials de I'AmdrlqiM 

prficAdA d'nn memolre ear I'etat acncl de rAmerique. ele. 

1-6 ; 2« p«rlade, tome W. [A> ^ponuA.] Paris, 1862-67. 1 

— Una piglna de derecho Intemaclonal. 6 la Amirica del Snr . 

derecbo de gentes modemo. Parts, 1864. 8°. xii, 3D7 p. [1 

Cambridge. Evidence and ergamenn on petitions of Cambrh 

leave to take water tkim Shawsblne River, before the ooi 

health oftbe HaRsacbosetls LeElslstare. Bost,, 1882. 8«. 311 

— Citif CcuneiL Exerdses in celebrating tbe SSOlh anntvenar] 

of Cambridge, Dec 28, 1880. [Including tbe oration by ' 
Camb., 1881. I. 8°. 163 p. PortraiU and lllus. [3] 

CUMENT— No. 3. 

a part of Belmont. Hearing bcrorc the com* 
uietu Legblalure]. H. W. Muuey, J. W. 
mbridge. W. \V. Wamn, O. W. Ware, Jr., 
phleally Tcponxd b; J. M. W. Yerrialou. 
Spalding, Boilon.} 
1B81. Camb., 1882. 8°. [3] 

kiclety. Sit Pope, A. R. 

ly. HemoHal ot Rev. John A. Albro. Com- 
extraoi fh>m tbe lermon of A. UcK«nile; 
I^amb., 1867. 8", » p. Portrail. pj 
I. SI. Compiled and publUhed b7 W. A. 

358, 32 p. Map. [I] 
10. N.Y., 1881-82. 9 T. 12o. Mapi. [1] 

agricultural prodacti. Speech In the Senate 

ro.] 8". 7 p. PI 

,1880-81. [In French and BnfflUli.] Tol.l. 

n, dirxtor. List ot publlcatloni. Montreal, 
Ith a voltune of mapB.] Montreal, 1881. 8' 

e of Commoni, 4lb aeialon, 4(b Parllamenl, 

'. [2] 

«MiOQ, 1th Parliament, 1882. Vol. 19. [Ot- 

■upreroe Court, [1879-81]. Reported by 0. 

I. 2t.8=>. t2] 

alD, 3. de i — Clardlner, D.; — Joara, C. 

Stt Mocklntosta, C. H. 

:. c. 

jmmlselon. Spee<rh In the House of Repre- 
*82. 8°. IS p. [3, Aulhm.\ 
Commemoration Hay, Canton, May 30, 1881. 
V. HuiUoon. CaiUon.} 

ring before the Joint committee on harbon 
1 of H. M. Whilne; and otbera for an act of 
1,1880. 8°. 37 p. [4] 


leut. Sat London. Howard Assocl«tIon;- 

f^arey, IIenr7CbarleB. Letters cm IntematloiiBl copjrrigbt. Pbib.,lS53. S*. 

er muinintiHi r I^Uii . IIW. «T p — Kttkv nf llv itrudi-. ]««-«;. Itiila.lKT. t 
KrUHiitrui'tlini : IniluBlrlal. IhunduL ind p-OIUiil. IliJls . IHil. » p. — Uuw pnHrril. 
cmMuf nnblivandprlntvnwmBcB. imdutlimal Mrp'i'di'nmnHnrh hami in hand im 
rbllii.. I'M. M p.— Our ruiuR. flf.s. risn) rp. — HvTlrw nr (tw hnwri quHr 
uhHiIIrd In 'Ik rrcnt rvpoct iM n ArvAlt. nJp. [ISTO] Sp. — WoDlthL of oliat . 
cdiibIiIT Plilla . ISni. II p.— rnrrwicy Inflitlon! how It Im bwn pnidqp«i,«nrl boKi 
pnHuMr ba reduced. PUia , W71. » p.~Tiie KrltUli urmltn uf mil A IsTL I'bUi. 

— The unit; of law; b» e^iblliited In tlie relulloni of pbyslcal, tocial, mental 

moml Klunre. Pblla , 1872. S°. xxiii,433p. [1] 

— WcalUi ; of wbtit dors ll coniist ? Itrprlntcd fh>in tbe Penn moDllily ma^ 

Oct., 1870. Pblla., 1^0. H°. 11 p. ' [1] 
Carlylr, Tliomas. Set Froude, J. A. 
Caranhan, James Aikmnn. Set Tuttle, J. F. 
Carpina«l, William. Law reports of patent caiei, [16C6-1S42]. Land., tSl 

2v. 80. 7Mp.; »K*iii,692p. [1] 
Carrigan, Edward C. John P. pliair : a n)inp1ete htetory of TennonCt ce1el> 

marder cnse, containing a report of ibe Idal for tbe DinrdeT of Ann B. Fr 

Boat., 1879. 8°. 120 p. Portrait. [3, Aal/ior.] 
Canington, P. A., and Kirwan, A. V. Report! of caici at niti prini L 

Courts of Qnccn> Bench, Common Plena, and Exchequer; with ca»es trii 

tha clrnills, and in the Central Criminal Court, and Croini aatt Rese 

[18*3-53]. Vol. 1-3, part 2, Lond., 184S-[53]. 3 v. 8". [I] 
Carrlngton, Henry B. BattleH of tbe American revolution. 177e-fll. Hiet( 

and military crllidsii], wilb lopograpblcal illua. N.Y., [cop, 1876]. 1. 8°, 

(l).7l2p. [1] 

— Military eilucalion In American collcgea. nJ.p. [Indlanapolta, 1870.] 8°. 

(1) p. [3.J.F. T«aU.] 

— Tbe polytechnic gymnasium of Wabash College. nJ.j>. [1872.] 8°. 8 p. 

/. F. TtaiU.] 
Carroll, W. J. New theory In tbat branch of nituxsl icjence known ai 

bydraulics. Naichei. 1878. 8*. 12 p. [3] 
Carj', Sir Georfie. Rcporle, or causts in chancery, [15.57-1604], Collectet 

Cary outoftbe labours uf W. Lambert. Annexed, the Kind's order and ill 

In cbancory for a rule to be observed by the Chancellor in thai court. Lc 

1872. 12". (12), 183 p. [1] 
Caryi Tbomas Oreave?. An oration before tbe authorities of Botlon, July S, ' 

Host., 1817. 8°. 38 p. [3] 
Cattle diseases. See United Stat«B. Trtatury Catilt Commutum, 
Caucus. See Thayer, A. 
Caverly, Robert Boodcy. Genealogy of the Cavcrly family, 1118-1880. [Prec 

by Ills "Oration to oar congregated kindred. Concord, N.H., May W, 18i 

Lowell, 1880. 8°. 3 p.l., 19fi p. Portrait and illui. [1] 
Caverns. St» Hovey, II. C. 
Cecil County, ild. See JolinstOD, O. 
Ccrnusclll, ilenrl. Bi-metallic money, and lis bearings on tbe monetary aie 

Germany, France, England, and tbe United States. From tbe French. 2t 

Lond., I87fl. 8". IB p. [1] 

— Le Bland iilll. Articles publics dans le Siicie. Parii, 1878. 8'. 6Sp. [I] 

— Midiel Chevalier etie hinii?tHlllsmc. Pariii, 187e. 8°. 135 p. [1] 

— Nomisma; or, "LegBl tender." [Wilb Tbi-ee letters on Ibe silrer questiai 

8. Sraiib ] N.Y., 1877. 12°. 157 p. [1] 






ChadiTviok, James Read. Tbe medical libraries of Boston. A report read at tbe 
1st annual meetinpr of the Boston Medical Librar}' Association, Oct. 3, 1876. 
Camb., 1«76. sm. 4°. 11 p. [3] 

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Pennsylvania ; — United States ; — Wisconsin. 
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I., Jan. 29, 1648.] Lonlsirille, 1867. Broadside. [3, Mr. SmUh, Jnturance 

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faror of the petition of the Co. before the committee on street railways of the 

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• . ! - ■ Ji . 
r ■ • ■ ■'- 


'>: T>" 

"* -J 













. I 






I' suj 


ChariMton, S.C., confmucrf.* 

— DiparlniaU of EAuatioa, Siciiaw of public lehoot work. The high ichool o 

Cbarleaton. Compleie edacailon, an addres* bj S. S. Uvrti. CbarleBlon, 183! 
8". *lp. [2] 

— Washtngton Light Infantrr. Tbe Cowpens MDlenoUl, 17tb Jan., I8il 

[Letter lo Qot . Loni; BolicItinK Ills co>aperallon, with letiitn of approTkl, tii.] 
n.t.p. Cliarlcston, 1880. 4°. 16 p. [3] 
Charlcstown, Hon. Set Bsrtlett, J. 

— First Buptltt Cburch. A abort biitor? of tba First Bapiiit Church % 

CborleaCown. [With nameaof the pruacnt mtinben.] Bo«l., 18S2. 18°. 88 p 

— Harvard Chuivli. Stm Ellis, Q. E. 
Charlton, Uati. Set Havvn, J. 

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Chatham ArtlUery. Se» Jonra, C. C, Jr. 
Chcever CatoUy. Sm Hassam, J. T. 
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araiyornafj] n.lp. [Chelaea. 1866.] »". 26 p. [4] 

— Churoh of Christ. Ste Tuckennan, J. 

Chelsea, Revere and Wloibrop directory for 18S2. No. 18. Compiled b; J. Eale 

Chelaea. [cop. 1881]. 8". 3S8 p. [1] 
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Chemnib:, Sutmy. Stt Felkln, H. U. 

Cherauny, H. SodaJlaiD and Chrlitttinlty. N.Y., 18S2. S". 42 p. ]3, Atdher.] 
C'besapeuke, U. S. frigate. Set Ei'erett, D. 
Chester, Henrietta M. Buaiia, past and preaent. Adapted from the Oemun a 

LanhennuandOetnitx. Wtih map and lllui. Lond.,lS81. am.S". irUi,4J4p 

(Soc. Prom. Christ. Knbwl.) [1] 
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paper read before (he committee on charitable Insdlatlona of the MiuMChaielt 

Legislature, Feb. 17, 1879. ii l.p. [Boat., 18711.] am. 4°. 3 p. [3] 
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Chleopee Falls directory. Stt Springfield directory. 
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and illua. [1] 

8.] PUBLIC DOOUMEST— No. 3. 41 

II. Genenl oomldenilloiit In relation to ilia dltBcnltr between Chile, Fera 

ind BoUvla. [^non.] k.t.p. [Plilla., 1E81.] 8°. 78 p- [3] 

« Arana, D. B. 

[mark, JfoM. Sm HasBachusettS. Committionm to EilablUh Ikf Boundary 

Uns, He. 

Da. SM^ye,a.; — United States. Depa.nmaitaf Statt. 

lese InuDlgratlon. ^nNewSoutb Wales; — Ortb, 0.8.; — WlUlanu, 

s. w. 

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1872. 8" 69 p. [1] 

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ri2p.; (4),784p. [11 

a(«, Joieph H. Famgat. Addreii at Ibe re<ine>t of tbe Farragnl Monamrnt 

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1881. 8". 19 p. [3,,4iKAor.] 

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xMli for 1882. Clndn., 1882. 8°. [3] 

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«pon, 18B2. Cincin,, 1882. 8°. [3] 

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aw. Boat, 1881. 8° lip. [S] 

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Ihe Lnckawnnna conl-rctrlon, inclnding vle*n of tb« natural ictnetj of northen 

P<;nneylrania,tol8T5. lllus. Scranton, 1875. 1.8°. lill, 236 p. [2] 
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Clark, Salter S., rditar. A lntr gmealogiotl Items connected iritb tbe flunll}' 

descended from William Clark, of Hnddam, Conn.; espeeiillr in tbe lin« of 

Eiienciicr Clark, Wotblngion, Conn. ntp. [N.Y., 18—?,) 8". 11 p. p. 

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Sept. 3, 1B79, tbe 100th anniversary of tba formation of tbe cbnreb In tbit 

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[3, Author.^ 
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CoBOn temtly. See Brown, J. C. J.; — Coffin, A, 




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H.; — Mills, C.; — Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theo- 
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1859-81. 11 V. 8°. [3] 

Thp cfltnV>ffne for 187f»-77 Is of the acadomic (Irpartmont only. Ko catalopriip was pnhUshod 
by tti<» tnistt-es Iwforc lKof»; for sevenil years prt-vlmis, cutalopin-s wvrv pnlflisheU by tho 
■tud<-nts, bt-foro which time no eutuluguoii, auuuul or triennial, were issued n^Kularly. 

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xii, 195 p. [3] 

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8®. [3] 
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Collated and edited by W. Jolly. Lond., 1879. 8°. Ixxvi, (1), 772 p. [I] 




I « 


Comenlns or Komensky, Jobannes Amoi, Bp. ofth* UoraUmu. Stt lAorie, 

Commprce. Ste Association of Ctaamberg of Commerce of the tJiiI(«d 
Klnicdom ; — Balrd, H. C.; — Bonney, C. C.; — Boston; — Buffiilo; — 
Cincinnati ; — Cunningham, W. ; — Minneapolis ; — New Vork; — 
Phear, A> J.B^ — PhUadcJphta;^Walker, J. H. 

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CommunUm. Sa Bslrd, H. C. 

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(he 4i)th regiment. "The Cadet Regiment." Boat., 1 882. 1.8°. siT,(l)126p. 
Illua. [11 

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1873. [With the sddreae by E. W. Emerson.] Boit., 1873. 8'. io p. Belio- 
typea. [1] . 

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Congregatlonni Churches. See American Congregation nl AsMM-la- 
tlon; — American Congregational Union; — KvangcIIcal Consocia- 
tion of Rhode Island S — <ienpral Association of New Hampihir*; — 
General Conference of the Congregational Churches. In Maine; — 
General Convention of Vermont ;— Hazen, H. A. i — Herrick, S. E. ; — 
Tjadd, O. T.; — Punchard, G.; — Rhode Island CongregatlonnI Con- 
ference ; — Waddlngton, J. 

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Congressional record: containing the proceedlnga and delMtes of the 46th Con- 

pnta, 3tl lesilon, [1880-81]. v. 11 ; apecial sestion of tbe Senate, [1881], r. 12, 

Wsab., 1881. v. 4°. [3, Hon. Geu-ge F. Bonr, WorteHtr.\ 
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institutiona and conBtllulional lair of tbe United Slatea. Albany, 1882. n". 

(3),19flp. [1] 
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Hartford, 1881. 8°. [2] 

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and tbe lawa, 1751-84]. New-London, 17S0-[S4]. f°. 2 p. 1., 6, (2), 357 p. [2] 
-r - Journal of tbe Hanae of Represcntatlvea, January aesslon, 1882. Barlfurd 
1882. 8°. lOie, (l) p. [2] 


of tbe SenaM sad Honie of RepreMntstlTes, I87T-SI>] n.t^. 
!». [q 

»2. Hartford, 1882. 8». [2] 

cnti, Jsnnarr uialon, 1882. Hartfbrd, 1S82. 3 t. 8°. [2] 
i or tbe oakmy of Connecticut, May, 176S-Oct., 1T67. iiy C. J. 
, 11.] Hartford, 1881. 8>, [2] 

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•■ [2] 

id rcMlutlone, Jantiary teMion, 1882. ButTord, 1882. 8°. [2] 
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EUilroftd Commluloners, 1881.] n.lf. [Baitford, 1881.] 8°. 

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Itain, 1882. V. [3] 

of Errori. Connectlcnt reportt. [1880-81]. VoL 48. By J. 

ford. 1882. 8". [2] 

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T. 3, 1882. 

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U«y HIstoiiPftI Society. Fapera and proceedings. 1876-81. 
II. 1.8°. xl,32Sp. Portrait [1] 
stem Reserve. Set Rlcr, H. 

, Jr. Flan for f\iml>bing trtt text-lNMki adopted in Pall SlTCr. 
D 4fitta annual report of the Maaucliusetta Board of Education.] ' 
1882.] 8°. 13 p. [4] 

re. New York citallons. Casea afflrmed, reTened, modlBed and 
I reporU of tbe state of New York, 1794-[1882]. Albany, 1882. 
ip. [I] 

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ImlUtloiis. Stt Cootey, T. H. 
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■ertew. Vol. 40. Lond., 1881. 8". [1] 
eriaonoy. 5w Breck, S. 
Kelly, J. F. 

Ste MaKlndale, W. B. 

CelebrMlon of tbe lOOlh annlTcrsary of tbe incorporation of 
I 19, 1867) Indndlng a hlitorical addresa by Rer. C. B. Rice, 
Ice, oration by W. Honland, and other ezerclaea. Nortbampton, 
p. [3, C. B. Rici, Omtwrt.] 

hn Neablit. Addreas on laying tbe comer stone of tbe Lnzeme 
I, at Wllkes-Bane, Sept. 9, 1868, with tbe masonic ccnmonles. 
1888. B». 13 p. [2] 

Ing the comer atone of the oew Court Honae, Wllkea-Barre, Pa., 
WiHtea-Barre, ISM. 9". U p. [3] 


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tcmpennce qneitlon. Maiden, [18—]. 1 iheoi. [3, B.A. UUi.] 

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Cooke, Parsons. A centnrf of Puritanism, and u century of its oppwites ; 'tU 
results contrasted to enforL-e Parttan principles, sod (o trace wbat Is peculiar I 
the people of Lynn to what Is pecaliar In Its history. Bast., 1856. 12°. It4 ; 

— Sana, ad pwt BdOK a irftn ri aaA wn l n—t tai oT the flrU; sbowing tin 

MiiHilrtl^ to not a branch of the Chorch of Christ. Ba^ MGS. 12°. 1019 ] 

— A remonstrance against an establlahed religion In MasaacIlDsetts. Bost., ISJ1 

12°. 24 p. [11 
Cooley, Calvin E., tuid othcn. Damages fbr Injuries eatued by defects in bigl 

ways. hi.p. [1881. i] 8°. (2), 6 p. ]?, H. A. BiU.\ 
Cooley, Thomas M. A treatise on the constitutional llmltatlonl which reslnpo 

tbe legislnlive power of ibe Btates of the Atnerfcao Union. 4tb ed. Boat., 1871 

8". lxxlli,8B3p. [I] 
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history of political panle«, great speeches on great issues, the text of exiiila 

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1038 p. [1] 
Co-operation. Sm A^ M. ) — Boucher, W. H. i — Holyoake, Q. J. : — Park 

hunt, B. E. 
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development, exploration, gold mining, trade, (M. [linon.] h.t.p, Hamptot 

1881. 8°. 18 p. Maps. [3] 

Cop>TlKht. Ste Carey, H. C.; — New South Wales. 

Cordner, Jobn. Tbe vision of the Pilgrim Fatbeis. An oration before tbe Nc 

England Society of Montreal. 22d Dec, 1836. With tbe proceedings at tt 

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Corn lavra. Set Aahworth, H. 

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Ithaca, 1882. 1. 8". [3] 
Corporal punishment. Set New Yorki dig. Board of Education. 
CorporatlotiH. Sit Morawetz, V.; — B«iuarks. 
Corwln, Thomas. Ste Rusflell, A. P. 
Cosmography. See Phillips, H,, Jr. 
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CottOKC City, Matt. Grand Itlnmlnntlor) at Cottage City, Sept. 2, 18S3. m] 

1882. f°. (4) p. Illus. (3, 8. A. Grtm.] 

CottlDK, Benjamin Eddy. Ulstorioil sketch of the Obstetrical Society of Bosto 
Bost., 1881. 8". 34 p. [3, .s'. A- Grtm.] 
Atiprndpd (alhlfl Ib "Bkwraphlcal BtctcliH of dtc»ial memben of.t}iF Otnuirlnl 8oc4e^ 

— Medical addresses. Bost., 187n. 8". vl, (1), 123 p. [S, S. A. Ortta.] 
Cotton. Stt Sbepperson, A. B. 

Cotton Convention, Atlanta, Oa. Address of Hon. O. B. Loritig, and oth 
proceedings of the convention, Nov. 2, 1881. Wasb^ 18SI, 8°. SS p. [S| 

rBLIC DOCUME^rC — No. 8. 47 

S— United State*. CnuiK OJica. 

Political cconoalf In one leuon. A tcctnre before tbe 
wliitlon of P«ri.. Tr. by W. C. Fold. N.Y., 1882. 16«. 30 p. 
U, no. S.) [3] 
flrr, R. H. 

Sn WUppIe, E. P. 

Tbe roONlnce of bistor? In "tbe Blnck Coanty," Mid tb« 
II tbe caiecr of Ocn. Robert Snuill«, "Tbe liero of iLc Planter." 

12 p. [3, Author.] 
of. Set CharlntoD, S.C. WoBhlDgton Ugbt In- 
;liiaon, T. W. 

im, and Tbompson, John. Reports ot cbbcs In eriininal Inir 
Id EDglund and Ireland. Vol.1*. 1877-82. Lond , IB»2. 8". 

AtbinU. I4.Y., 1SS2. 12°. Ix,274p. Haps. (Campaigns 
'■) [1] 

MB. ^'ranklln arid Xaah«ille. N.T., 1882. 12°. ix, (1),26e, 
CampnlgnB of tbe civil war, 10.) 

! of Bull Hun, at connei^ted wiib Ibo ^li-Jobn Porter cue. A 
'e the Society of Ex-Army and Navy Offlcen of Cincinnati, 
iiKln,, 1882. la". B, l«p. [1] 

UilT commlialon and inteni:il-re venae taxation. Speech In tbe 
mlallTes.Aprll lt,)5H3. Wash., 1882. 8°. 24 p. [3, Avihor.-i 
A blitorical sketch of tbe ContcregiUlnnal Cburvb In AtUc- 
Dlennlal meeiing. Dec 7, 1848. Boat., 1849. 8°. 44 p. [1] 
. See Washington, Q. 
slcy, T. H. 
HtA, H. D. 

itory of Washington COnnly, Pcnn. ; added, MCOunt of Mnson 
, tbe Whiskey Insurrection, tie. [Wash., Pa., 1870.) 8°. 386, 

ht, C. D. 

w Bishop, J. P. 

. Notes of mllnga hj the presiding oflleers of the Uasaacbu- 

Bo«t., 1882. 16°. 20. (l),306-«»p. [4] 
ihell, and Oeorge G. Noces on (be public statates of Hsisa- 
1882. 1. 8°. XV, e»l p. [1] 
i'« Clarko, D. i — Post«r, Urt. J. E. 

Imports, exports, nad (be French treaty. A iprech In Ibe 
ans, 12tb Aug., 1881. Lond., Cabdm Club, [1881]. 16°. 12 p. 

liat shall we do »lih the InebrlnM ? Reprint from tbe Alienist 
BtLouls, April, 1881. n.p., [1881]. 8°. 24 p. [3, Avikor.y 
J. W. 

ly of the. Sm Clat, H. H.; — Society ot tta« Army of 

An balf^enlury discourse; addmted 10 lbs people of Billerlca, 
amb,1813. 8°. Sip. [1] 
\4. Sm MUIvr. U. E. 

The growth of EngUsb Industry and commsrce. Camb., 
tlv,402p. Uapa. [I] 

lird. H. C. ; — Hartley, T. W. ; — Hector, /. ; — Haclaren, 
:. B. ; — PhlUlps, H., Jr. ; — Spaulding, B. O. ; - WUIson, 

Sm United States Insurance almanac. 

Historical sketch of ship balldhig on the Merrlmac Elver. 

77. 8". 80 p. [1] 


22 p. IhAMor.] 
Curtis, Oeor^ Tlcknor. An oration, 4Ib Jplj, 1S62, before llie mnnldiMl aultioi- 

ItiM of Boston. Boat., 1862. 8°. 4fl p. [I] 
Curtis, George William. Equal ligbts fur women. A speecb in tbe conttilDdDnat 

convention or New York, Allanr, Jalf 19, lBtt7. N.T., 1867. 12°. » p. 

<BquaI rigbts IrncI, no. 7.) [2] 
Cusblng, Caleb. Lecture on Oregon, Boeton, Nov., ISti. nJp. [Land., iMii] 

8=. 12 p. [1] 
Cushlug, Daniel. Exlracte Trom Che minutes of Cnablng, with a pbotograph [ird 

pholo.lithograph] of Ills Llet of the names of such personH a« came out of HIng- 

bBm.Eng., and settled [n Hingtiam, New England. Also, some account of Jolm 

Cutler. Boat., 1805. r°. 28, (3) p. [3, llenrv AuHin IVhitnty, Botm.] 

Onlj- 14 cop]e< printed. 

Cashmsn, Henry Wjlea. A historical and blogiapblcal geoealoKf of the Cnili 

man*: dc«cendants of Robert CusbiDan, tbe puritnn, 1617-1855. BosL, IBU. 

8°. 666, (1) p. PonraitB. [1] 
Cuatoma. Sm Great Britain. Committioneriof tht Cutlomt. 
Cutier, Manaaseh. New Jersey, Fennaylvania and Oblo, in 17B7-S. Pauagn 

from the journals of Cutler. h.lp. [1872.] 8°. 24 p. [3, J. F. TiitlU:\ 
Cycle, Tbe. Published b; tbe Alepb Cbapter of lbs D. O. K. Fratemicy, Uua. 

Agrlcaltnrnl College. Vol. 4. No. 1 [and Supplement]. Amhexit, 1882. V. 

SO, 3 p. [3] 

I>alilgT«n, Jtfn. Madeleine Vinton. Soalh Sea sketches. Boat., 1S81. 16°. 23Sp. p] 
DuUson, 'William. Reports des divera special e*ie« en le Conrt del Comon Bank 

en les relgnes da Hco. viii., £dw. vi., liar, and Elii., [1486-1580]. Lond, 

186S. f. [1] 

Tbii mnitllDlci the «d iHrt of Ihc work cgmnuml.* clltd ■• HctiUk and Dulluia. 
Dallam, James Wilmer. Digest of the laws of Texas, [1349]. See Texas. 
Dallas, Alexander James. Laws of Pennsylvania, 1790-06, t. 3. See Pennsyl- 

vanla. Omeral Aiiamldy. 
Damages. S» Cooley, C. E, ami oMsn, 
Dana, Daniel. A remonstrance addressed to tbe truattes of Phillips Academy, on 

the state of tbe theological seminary under their caro, Sept., 1849. Bost., 18S3. 

8'. 24 p. [3] 
Dana, James. Tbe doctrine and trdsaloa of Jeaus Christ. Sermon, CambrMgc. 

Jan. 25, 1793, at tbe installation of Ablel Holmes to the pastoral care of (be 

first church and society. Boat., 1792. H". 35 p. [1] 
Dana, Richard Henry. Set Muzxey, H. W. 
Danforth, Thomas. An oration, July 4, 1804, at (he request of tbe Mleetmcn ol 

tbe town of Boston. Host., 1804. 8°. 23 p. [1] 
Dantell, Edmund Robert. Fleadlng and practice of the High Court of Chancerj. 

fith Amer. ed. With notes and references to American declilOD*, rte., by J. C, 

Perkins. By W. F. Cooper. Bost., 1879. 3 t. 8=. [1] 
Danube. See Wex, sir G. von. 
Danvers, ilaa. Statement of the manner in which water is tised and th« Mnonoti 

paid fW the tame. 1881. [Dantera, I8S1.] 8". 26 p. [3] 
Danven directory. See Salem directory. 
Dartmouth College, Hanaver, S H. Phi Beia Kappa Soeitty. Catalogue of tk( 

New Hampshire Alpha, 1KS6, [64]-67. Hanover, 1866-87. S". [1] 
— 5m Remarks, etc.; — Wheeloek, E. 
Darwin, Charles (Robert). The fbrmatlon of vegetable mould, throtigb tbe acUor 

of worms, with ob*ervall<Hu oo their balilts. With Ulai. N.Y., 1B82 [1881] 

12'. vll,32«p. [1] 


Brooks. Tbe caemoiial record of Wilufleld, Vt., [IS31-(S5]. 
J. 12". 31) p. [1] 
^wti OireD. A sapplemcntsr; EnglfsU glosaor;. Load., 1831. 

il lo Ibi ilkllamctel of RIchacdKin. nslUwelt. Lslhilm and Varpii, 

BiuJ ot^tri. An addre«e to the Republicans of Massachiiieiu. 
8 p. [2] 
}olor Darlg. A sheich of hia life with a record of bis eftrller 
;Camb.],lg8l. 8°. 16 p. [% Author.] 

smplece revlaal of all ibc &cts of AcBcoibl; ot North-Curotiiw, 
Drth Carolina. Oeneral Anem/il^. 

Report on reccs of drawback to be paid npon exportation of 

See United States. Deparlnuat of the Trtaiury. 
\\j to Mr. Buchanan on (be reduction uf wages anc! of the value 
tb« Senate of tbe United Slates, Jan. -a, ISIO. WItb extracts 
bee of Bacbanan, Walker, Benton and Oatboun. Wasli., tStO. 

. Oleanlngs fh)m Herrlmac Valley. [Foaini and sketcbei.] 
18". 128 p. Portrait. [1] 

j« DavlB, H. 

and McrivKle, Herman. Report* of cases In tlie Coart of 

and Exchequer Cbamber, 1343-41. Lond., I8U. 8°. x, 829 p. 

[>- [11 

See Maa»acliusetts. Getterai Couri. 

t Day, G. £. 

oard of Bducalio*. Daj'ton public schools. Annual report, I83I. 
t". [3] 

B., and Chltty, Edirard. Reports of eases in bankruptcy la tbe 
w, and on appeal before the Lord Cbancellor, 1832-[3j]. Lond., 
S». [II 

I. See American annals of the iloaf and dumb; — Amerl- 
lie.; — Pennsylvania Institution. 

, tiitor. Tbe New England tjlbliopolist, or notices of books on 
>ry, biography, genealogy, &c. Vol. 1. 1880-81. Bust., ISSl. 
, Editor. \ 

: Sketch of the life of H^or Gen. Dearborn, 1775-1812. nl.p. 
P. 21 p. [I] 

of the West. Bost., : 

. See Wentrcortb, J. 

.icbard. Crown cases reserved for consideration, and decided by 
England, with a selection of cases relating to indictable offences In 
iaeen's fiencb aod the Courts of Error. 1852-S6. Lond., 1358. 

QM. Sam*. 18J6-58. Lond , 1858. 8°. xll, 612 p. [1] 


De Custa, Benjamin Franklin. Vemuano Ibi e:iplorer : a vindicaKon of hli letln 
and Toyage. witb an examination of Ibo map or H. da Veirazano, and a dli- 
Beriailon upon ihe globe of Vlpnls. N.Y., 1880. 4°. S2 p. Maps and portnln. 

Decrow, Witliam Emery. Yale and the "Citj of Elini." Illui. Boit, ISffi. 
r2°. xl, 130, (1) p. [IJ 

Dedham, Man. Teachers' mannal. nedbam pnhllc scboola. Bost., 1S81. 8>. 
32 p. [3] 

— First Cburcb. See Burg^ess, E. 

I>eerfleld, Matt. First Churi^Ii and Society. Stt Wtllnrd, S. 

De La Mater, Ln Fajetie. Oeneslogj of descetidatits of Claude Le Maltn 

(Delamater), wbo came from France via Holland and settled at New Neihrr- 

landa. now New York, In 1652. [With appendU.] Albany, 18S2. 8". 229 p. 

Delaiuater famllf . See De La Mater, L. 
Delanare. GerunU Auembly. ZHgut of U»we relatlof! to free schooii. DoTtr, 

1881. 8°. 63 p. [2] 
Lews, 1881. Vol.16. Part 2. Dorer, 1881. 8°. pi 

— Slate Library. Catalognc. R. R. Kcnney, State Librarian. Wilmington, 1881. 

B». B4p. [2] 

— See PeuDBylvanla RUtoiicnl SocletT- 
Delaware County, .V.r. See Gould, J. 

Delnias, Louie. Tbe Huguenots of La Rochelle. A translation of "The RC' 
formed Cburcb of La Rocbelle." Tr. from tbe French, by G. L. CatUo. N.Y, 
[cop. 1880]. am. S=. jtiv, 29 5 p. [!J 

Democrae'y. 5m Bumap, O. W. 

Democratic Tarty. Xalionai Commliim, BaUimore, 1852. Proceedings. Wash.. 
ie.i2. 8°. 78 p. [1] 

— National Conveatitm, Gncimati, 1856. Official proceedings. Cincln., 1856. B' 

78 p. [I] 

— Stt Moody, L. 

DCDlson, Frederic. Tbe battle of Cedar Hoontaln : a perwmal tIcw. Aug. 9 
1862. Providence, 1881. sm. 4°. 40 p. (Rhode lalond Soldiers a<i< 
■ SaUors Hist. Soc. Personal nnrrallves, no. 10, 2d ser.) 

— Illustrated New Bedford, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. With mapi 

Providence, 1879. 8°. 70 p. [I] 
Denlson faniUy. Stt Boldn-tn, J. D , and Cllft, W. 
Dentlatr>'. Set FJlot, C. W. 
De Quincey, Thomas. See Maseon, D. 
Derby, Elias Hnsket. Statistics of tbe resonrces of Fall River, addressed to Blakt 

Brolbers * Co., of London, and letter from Brooks, Ball & Storey, showing tfa 

authority and legality of an Issue of ^600,000 fbnding loan bonds to Blaki 

Brothers i Co., Boston and N.Y. n.;)., !874. 8°. 28 p. H] 
Derby, John Barlon. Second part of [his] Politiral reroiniecences inciadlog 

sketch of the Statesman Party. [Boat., ISas.] 8°. 97-172 p. [2] 
Derivation of English liberty. [Anon ] Haverhill, 1833. 8°. 24 p. [2] 
l>e Rupert. See Rupert. 
Destutt de Tracy, Anioine Lonls Clande, comte. A treatise on political ecoi 

omy ; preflied, a supplement to a preceding work on the understanding, or el 

mcnlB of Ideology. Tr. IVum the Frenth. Georgetown, D.C , 1817. 8°. xxTil 

90, 2.54 p. [1] 
Detroit, MicA. Board of fTtaUh. 1st annual report, 1SS2. Detroit, 1882. 8". [! 
Dewey, Orvllle. Set Bortol, C. A. 

DeWittjE. L. Reports, [1880-81]. S« Obto. Supreme Court. Reports, t. 3 
Dexter, George. The llrst voyage under Sir Humphrey Ollbert's patent of 157 

Keprlnted tVom tbe Proceedings of tbe Massachusetts Historical Societ 

Camb., 1881. 8". 12 p. [3, Author.] 

— Set SuflTolk County bar liook. 

BLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 51 

mrtl, 13S0-S1. Sm Indiana. Si^miit Court of Jadiealtin. 

tor EmmuiacL N T., 1SS2. 16°. 336 p. Portnife. (New 

inHaAm). LetCen. Ed. by [O. Hogarlh and M. Dickens]. 

N.Y., 1881. 12". [1] 

odbitdge. A plan of (eacbing pBychoIog; to normal puplli. 

ffestfleld, 1869 t] 8°. 11 p. [3, Author.] 

. Snmmaiy of the rnlei and procednn of foreign parlifl- 

2. «<•. iv.aesp. [t] 

B EngllBh language. Set Davlm, T. L. 0.; — Ed- 
eat, W. W. ; — Wheeler, W. A., and C. O. 
le effect of lax divorce leglnlatlon upon the etsbitlty of 
[>n9. A paper read before the American Sodal Science Asao- 
., Sept. 8, 1881. Boat., 1881. 8°. 14 p. [3, Author.] 
iwlg. Orallone and easajB : with selected pariah sermona. 
8°. I, *iap. [1] 

: life, times, and aclentlflc iaboan of the 2d Marquis of Wor- 
■eprint of hla Century of Insenlions, 1663, with a commentary 
S6S. 8°. zxlT,624, (1) p. Portraits. [2] 
Lmherat ; — Bristol County ; — Brookllne ; — Cam- 
ea (inehirfiny R«ver« otxi Wlnthrop);~.Pall River; — 
pnn; — Maiden {incladiHg Everett) ; — Mllford; — New 
'■n (iiK/urfiny Peabody, Beverly, Danvers and Mar- 
nervlUe ; — Sprlagfield (including Chlcopee. C'hleopee 
Springfield] ; — Taunton ; — Wakefield ; — Woburn. 
, 8. W.;— Fairbanks, L. 8.1 — New England Dlvorco 
; — Woolaey, T. D. 
Letter on the taxation of churches. n.t.p. N.T., 1876. 8°. 

StAndfleld & Co. 
lanual. 5m Advertisers' manual. 

ng. Onr wild Indiana : thirty.ihree years' personal experi- 
ed men of the great Weat. With an introduction by Qen. 

Hartford, 1882. 8". xxxlx, 29.6S0 p. Portraila. [1] 

r the colony of Dominica, [176SJ-1S18; and tables of the 

preface and Index. Boteao, 1818. 8°. Ixxxvili, 62B, xl p. 

.. S« Brown, O. W. 

Alleged drnnbcnness under prohibition. An important 
. [Nalicb, 1882.] Broadside. [3, Author.] 
pi the old wedlock restored. BosI , 1882. 16°. 64 p. [3, 

: planting find growth of Providence. Providence, 1882. an. 
•de Island blat. tracts, no. IS.) [1] 

I. Ste Turner, O., and Burgess, W. 8. 

Chancel torsTl lie and Oetljaburg. N.Y., 1882. 12°. xl, (I), 
Campaigns of the ciril war, 6.] [1] 

Sit United Stat«8. Congras. 
. Life and timea, written by himself. With an introduction, 
Hartford, 1881. 12°. xxiil, 13-616 p, Portralta and lllua. [1] 
lewporti the city by the sea. Four epochs in her history. 
'. 120 p. [I] 

case* npoo appeals and writs of error Jn the House of Lordi, 
, 1814-19. 6 V. 8°. [1] 

eports of caaes upon appeals and writs of error In the Honse 
Lond., 1S3D-32. 2 v. 8°. lUI, S66 p. -, vll, 022 p. [1] 


Dow hmUy. 8m Stranaluui, H. B. 

Drake, Samuel Adams. Around the Hub. A boys' book iboat BoMon. Boit., 

1881. im. B°. 267 p. Illni. [1] 
Dratier, Lynmn C. King's MonnCain and its beroes : blstory or tbr bittle, Oct. 7, 

1780, and the erents which led to It. Wlib portnillc, maps, and plana. CinciD., 

1881, 8", 612 p. [1] 
— 5m Anderson, R. B. 
Drawing. Ste Perwy, W. 8. 

Dredglmg. Sm United States. Coait and Gaodttit Sitree^. 
Drlnkwater, 'Williani Leece. Cases In tbe Court of CommoD Fleas, tSKMI. 

Vol. 1. Fart 1-a. ni.p. Lond., 1841. 8=. 240 p. [I] 

8". [3] 
DuBole, PotteraoD. In raetBoriam. William E. DnBots, sEiayer of Ibe United 

States Mint and caraior of the cabinet. {Atum.l Phi la., 1881. am. 4°. 8 p. 
[3, Aiahor.\ 
DuBola, William Ewlng. St DuBoIs, Ft — ^Knerson, R. 
Dubreull, J. F. Tbe reference book, being a detailed index of the statutes affect- 
ing the province of Qaebec, from the Consolidated statutes of Canada and 

Loner Canada down lo confederation, and o( all acts passed since, by the Far- 

liamenC of tbe DomiQloa and by the Lcglslntare of Quebec Montreal, 1S79. 

8°. 320, (2) p. [3, AlpKeia Todd, Lihrarian of Partiammt, Canada.^ 
DutTtaalUu, Paul Belloni. Tbe land of the midnigbt sun. Summer and winter 

Journeys through Sweden, Norway, Lapland and northern Finland. With map 

andilio^. N.Y., 1882 [1881]. 2 s. 8°. [1] 
Dudley, L. J. Character and utility of the Clarke Institntion. Prelinihiarj 

addresssttbepnblicexcrciiea, June 17,'80. np., 11880], 8". 8p. [3] 
Du Moneel, ThiJodore Achille Louis, comU, and Preece, William Heniy. Incan- 
descent electric lights, with pailicuhtr reference to the Edison tamps at the Parii 

Exblblllon. Added, " Tbe economy of Ibe electric ligbt by IneandeBceDCft," by 

i. W. Howell; and, "Sleadineas of tbe electric current," by C. W. Siemeni 

N.Y., 1882, le", 176 p. Illua. [1] 
Dunlap, Andrew. An oration at the request of ibe Washlagton 6odety, at Bo* 

Ion, July 4, 1832. BosI,, IS32. 8°. 21 p, [1] 
Dunnell, Mark Uitl. American forestry. Speecb in tbe House of Repreaenia 

tlve£[of lheUnitedStates],March9,18S2. Wash., 1882. 8°. 16 p. [3, ^ttf Aor. 
Durrie, Daniel Steele. Blbliographla genealogica Amcrtcaoa: an alpbabetica 

index to American genealogies and pedigrees. 2d ed, enlarged. Albany, ISTE 

8°, 238 p. [1] 
Durye^ Wlillam Rankin, The present aucccBS of Liberia : its extent and meaoiiiE 

Address, 65th annual meeting of tbe American Colonization Society, Jan. I^ 

1882. Waih., 1382. 8°. 11 p. [3] 
Dntton, Clarence V,. Report on the geology of the high plaleam of Dtah. Si 

United Stat««. Oeogri^hiciU and Geological Sunn/ of tht Rocki/ Mmmttai 

Dntton, Warren, Tbe present Blale of literature ; a poem at the Commencemei 

of Yale College, Sept. 10, 1800. Hartford, 1800, S°. 16 p. [1] 
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{3, Avlhor.] , 

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ttanks, Lorenio S. Tbe l>vs of Musitcbasetu relating to maiTlag* and 

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"■ [8] 

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all River, 1883. 8to. 37 p. [4] 

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J82. 8° Map. [I] 

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an or some oiLer eOlcient police, bef'ire the legislative committee on ihe 
qaor lav, at the Sute House, Feb. 23, 1882. np., [1882]. Broadside. [3, 
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>r tbe City and Ouilda of Londoa Institute for Ihe Advancemeac of Technical 
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ale eduiration. See Woman's Rducntton Association. 
'Claiva. Sn Waahbum & Mocn ManufacturiiiB Co. 
'lag. The, of reiiroads. Shall railroad corpuratlona be permitted to evade 
leir duties at tbe expense of the public safety ! [Anon.] Host., 1882. 8°. 
Ip. [3] 

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aiers. Hudson Bn; a free basin. Hudson Stmlt a fVee gate. Manitoba like 
oniBlanaamnritimestate,«fc. Ptilla., 1878. I. 8<i. 88 p. [I] 
lllwra. Set Nichols, J. R. 

trdeDt, Oaslon L. Tbe Cesnola ooilectioa and the De Horgaa collection, 
Lpers communicated to the American Numismaiic and Arcb/eotoglcal Society, 
[arch 19, 1878. N.T., 1878. 8°. Up. Illus. [3] 

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[. John*!, Newfoondiand, a port of call for trana-atbintlc steamers. Lond., 
i56. 12°. 12 p. Hap. [I] 

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miing opinion la KnoK r*. I^ and Parker m Davis. Wash., 1872. 8°. M p. 

ace. Stt Commercial and Hnanclai chronicle. 
nrlAl reform almanaclt for 1882. Lond., [1882]. 8°. p<] 
arts. See Oreat Britain. Sdenee and Art Depnrlmenl of tht Conmitti* 
f Couneilm fiifiuatian; — Kochler, S. R.; — Langl, J.; — 
tatt yemuU Art School ; — Smith, W. 


Flnlnnd. Stt Dtt CbftUlu, P. B. 

PIre-armi: S» Norton, C. B. ; — United States. Cmnu Offiet. 

Fires. Sn Hayes, J. L. 

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re-anlon, 1S72-S0. Augasbi, 1872-81. 8°. [3, Um. J. P. CiOty, Batkiai 

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Fish, Fisheries. Sh Goode, G. B., and Bean, T. U. ; — Maine ; — Hsrf' 

land ; — Miuisa<-hu8etts ; — United States. 
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reform. Phila , 1S63. 8". 57 p. [2] 
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CalUopciin Soclelf of Wabash College, Ju If £3, 1S50. N.Y., 1850. 8°. »p 

[3./. H. TatlU.-] 
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United States, Ctnnu Office. 
Flteh fHiuUy. Hat Stranahan, H R. 
Fltehburg, Mau. Soldiers' Slonument Committee. Report. Pitchbnii 

1874. 8°. 36 p. [3, Hmri/ Jachum, Fitchburg ] 
Fltchburg dlreclor?. No. 10. 1882. [Pltchburir], 1882. 8°. Hap. [1] 
Fltrllburg Railroad Company. 40tb annual report of the directors, 18S 

Bost., 1882. 80. [3] 

— S« King, O. A., and Joslln, J. T. 

Flags, George A. Woreesier lewnge and BUckslone River. Siatement of polni 

In fsTor of the bill offered by tbe coinmlccee [on public health.] n.l.p. [1882. 

8". 14 p. [4] 
Fleming, Sandford. The adoption of a prime merljian lo be common to a 

nallong. Tbc establishment of standard meridians fur tbe regnlalion of tim 

Read l)efore ihe Internatioual Qeograpblcal Congress at Venice, Sept., 188' 

Lond.,1881, 8". 16 p. [3] 
FUppln, William Searc;, Reports of coses In tbe Circait and District Courts i 

the United States, for the fith Judicial cb^:ulL Vol. 1. 1869-77. Cblcago, 1S8 

8°. xll,69lp. [1] 
Floating-matter of the air. SHTyndall, J. 
Florence, Itnly. K. Istltuto dl Studl Superiori. Saimt di FilmoJSa t Fit 

logia. Accademla orienule. II commenio dl Sabbatai Donnolo sni llbro del 

creazlone. Pubblicato nel testo ebralco con note crltiche e Introduiione da 

Castelll. FIrenze, 18S0. 1.8°. 72,viii, iH6 p. [3] 

— StaonediMtdieinatChinirgia. Pubblicaziuol. Flrenie, 1830.1.8°. 98,(1) 


Florida. Gmerat Aiimbly . A digest of tbe lans of tbe slate. 1822-81. Compl 
by J. F. McClellan. Tallnhastice, 1881. 8°. ivi, 1302p. [1] 

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TalUhaaaec, 18.W. 8". vil, {I). 781 p. [I] 

— Sim Barbour, O. M.; — Shipp, B.;- United Stotes. DepartnttM of Ai 

euUure ; — Upham, 8. C. 
Foedera. See Rymer, T., onrf Sanderson, R. 
Fog signals. See Johnson, A B. 
Fogg, Oeorge Oilman. S« Woadbiiry, A. 
Ftrisom, Cbarles. See Parsons, T. 

[C DOCUMENT— No. 3. 

t (o the Inune; the mansgcmcnt of ihelnstne; nc 
lue. ReprJDted ft-om tbe BoBton medial and surgi 
1««. 41 p. [S,Aiahor.] 

liteaa. From tbe Ansrioui law review da Feb., It 
'. 18 p. [a, Aulkor.] 

inali of Elng'a Chapet. Vol.1. BosI , 1882 [1881]. S". 

r charlCf . Dlicoane, Boslon, oa the Sunday after the 
ly, Not. 7, 1869. Bo«t., 1889. 8", 19 p. [3, Author.) 
a Cbriiilan charch. DlacanrBe at Ibe end or ten yean' 
ipel, Boaton, Dec 21, 1871. Boat., 1872. 8°. 2S p. [3, 

Sumner. Sermon, March 22, 187-1, and aerricei at the 

Bolt., 1874. 8". 48 p. [3, Aathi/r.] 
'acaallon of Boaton. Dlaeourse, March 12, 187fl. Boat., 
illarlan chnrchea. njp. [BoBl.,m7!l 8=. 17 p. [3, 

; year. Sennon, Dec. 28, 1879. Boat,, 1880. 8°. 23 p. 

isT pDbl[c bonefCy. Sermon, March 2, 1873. Boat., 1873. 


'during the present ciTlIirar. n.p., [186-]. R". labeet. 

1. h.l.p. [1873 P] 8°. S3 p. [3, A«ih»r.] 

. SermoD, Jan. 3. 1876, occasioned bj the death of Rer. 
Boat.. 187«. 8°. 48 p. [3, Author.] 
FD Fort Henry to Corinth. N.T., 1881. 12°. vll, (2), 
>Algiis of Ihe ckll war, 2.) 

IScb century. St> Thornton, P. M. 

lea eatahtlahment, progrcsi, iceoerj, monumenta, etc. 

1853. 1-2". lY,(l),237p. [1] 

r. Tbe great commune. Portland, 1878. 8°. 32 p. [2] 

■lland, 1878. 8°. IB p. [2] 

-eaa before the AInmnI Aseodatlon of Rutgers College, 

Tinawick, 1836. 8=>. 22 p. (Pm, v. 173.) [I] 

t Preabj-trrlaa Church. Set WlUlama, J. L. 

Iin, Baron. Repona of aelcct cases in all the coorta of 

15-1738] ; alio Ibc opinion of all Ibe Judges of England 

prerogatlre of tbe royal family, etc. [Load.] , 1748. f <*. 

sw of Dr. Croaby'a " Calm tlew ol temperance." N.Y., 

;al chronicle reports of cases in the Sopreme Court of 
I courts of the Judicial districts of Pennsylvania. 1873-76- 
174-77. 2 V. 8=>. [I] 

, and FiDlMOn, William F. Reports of cases at nisi 
n side on drcuiti with aelcct decisions at Chambers. 
17. 4t.6». [I] 


Foster, Wllllmii E. The ctvU-gerrlce reronn mOTement. Boat., 1881. 16°. 76 

Fowie, Ocorge E. Argnmcnl before tbe aub- committee of tbe House commlci 

on coniDierce. HodiflcatloTi of laws tegnlnting signala for the merchant mirii 

He. ■Wash. 1880. 8". 9 p. [3, II. A. BUI.] 
Foivie, Thomas W. The poor lav. I«nd., 1S81. nn. 8°. 2 p. I., 1S3 p. (En 

Ueh citizen, t. 7.) [l] 
Fowler, William Chaunccy. William Fowler, the roaglBlniW, SDd one line of i 

deacendanti. nt.p. [187-.] 8°. 41 p. [1] 
Franct-, L. B. Reports of cases in tbe Supreme Conrt of Colorado, 1879-81. I 

Colorado. Supreme Court. 
Franoe. Archives parlemcntalree. Imprimd sons la direction de 3. MsTJij 

et de E. Laurent. 2e ttrio. Tome 46-19. 1828-27. Paris, 1880-81. 4 

1. 8«. [1] 

— Collection complete dca loll, dtcreta, ordonnances, ete. Par J. B. «t J. Darergl 

Tome 79-SO. 1S79-80. Farie, 1879-80. 2 v. 8". [I] 

— Miniilire de rinttruetim Publiqut. Congr^a tvaagi^qnc de 1881. le qncsti 

proposle i I'^tude da Congr^s : Des moyens d'oseurer la ftfquentation iraiai 

Prc(jata cle rteolalUjus, Actcs du Coogrts, Rapports, tic. Paris, 1881. 4°. 383 

Snme. 2e question : De I'euseignement etdeiVdncallon dans la demW re ciw 

de la division ^lemcntaire ou petite clasae. Pn^eta de r£aolutlona, Acle) 

Congrts, Rapports, etc. Paris, 1B81, t". 343 p. [3] 
—- 5<«Ch(>valler, M. : — Uulzot, F. (P. Q.) ; — Mauler, — ami olhen; — Sa.< 

A. F., comlt de Melito. 

— Languor See Llttr£, M. F. E. ; — Ramage, C. T. 
Franklin, Conn. Sei Nott, 8. 

Franklin, Uati. See Smallcy, E. 

Fntnklln, Tmn. See Cox, J. D. 

Franklin County, Ky. See James, C. E. 

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FreilerlckeburK, Va. See Palfrey, F. W. 
Free-trade, How British free-trade ruins prodacers and taxes consmw 

Pig-iron. [Anon.) [Phlla , 1872.] Broadside. (Fre« trade pm., v. 1.) 
Free trade. See Amerirnn Iron and Steel Association; — Animt don 

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Elder, C.; — Howes, W. B.;- Medley, O. W. ; — Mongredlen, A.; 

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xxxi.400p. [1] 

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103 p. [I] 

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(2), 371 p. [1] 
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to Melacomet and the extinction of his race. Camb., 1878, 8". 186 p. [1] 
Freeman, James. A discourse on the Rusalao rictortes, given in Kind's Cha 

March '2\ 1813. And a caulogne of tbe library given by William iii. to Kii 

Chapel in 1698. With Introductory remarks by H. W. Foote. Cunb , 1881. 

22 p. [3, Hev. H. W. Foote. Botlim ] 

Btprlnlcd from tlis FiecHdlnEt of Uic Muucbuwttm HLilorlcid SoeM;. Huth aiMI 1 

!.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 61 

man, Norm&n L. Ecports of cases, 1SS0-S2. Stt lUlaols. Si^tnu CotiH. 

iports. T. 97-102. 

man, RicIiBnL- Reports of cues In Ibe ConrtB of Eiri^'s Bencb anil Common 

leas, L670-lT0t. 2d ed., with uolci, etc., b; E. Smirke. Lond., 1S26. i'.- 

iv, «2, (41) p. [1] 

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^■peeling the estate* of Kelacors, IntescaCes and wards. Portland,, 1793. 16°. 

L, (1). lia, (3) p. [3, C. B. Gvild, SomtniUii.'] 

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iKttl, J/ou. Tbe Masoni of Lowell, Sept. 26, 18S1. In mcmorlam, James A. 

larfield. [Lowell, 1882!] 8°. 33 p. Portrait. [3) 

inct HaU Grand Lodge, Solon, hSati. FFOCeedlPgs, 1877-80. Dost., I8S1. 

=. [3] 

Ugrath, Ferdinand. Sat Sears, J. H. 

icb Atlantic Cable. St» Duxbury, ilati. 

irb spoliations. Sie Graj', W.;— United Statce. Ccngrm. 

Lch treaty. Sti Cbamberlaln, J.; — Cross, J. K. 

•ias, Nicolude. The expedltloo ofDon Diegu DloniBlodePe<Ulos«,Oovenior 

f New Mexico, from Santa Fe lo the Uiectiii>l and Quivtra In 1062. WItb an 

ccoanl of Peflslosa's prtjects to aid the French to conquer Che mining oounlry 

g northern Mexico; and his connection with La Sallo. By J. Q Sbea. [In 

ipaaith and Bagliih.] N.Y.. 1882. 8°. 101 p. [1] 

nils soctetlM. See Great Britain. Regitlrar of Fritndlg SoeUiiti. 

nda, Society of. Pmntylvania, \eia Jenrg, aiid Dtlaicart. An address on 

«nie growing evlla of the day, especiallx demoralising literature and art. 2d 

nonth, 10, 1832. Pblla., [1882], I6=. Ifl p. [3] 

^nils Academy, .Vn? Bedford. Historical sketch of tbe Academy, prepared 

br the centennial year. New Bedford. 1876. 8°. 73 p. lllns. f] 

thingbaJn, Nathaniel Langdon. A sermon on the death of General Lahyette, 

>reached to tbe First Church In Boston, Sunday, '29 June, 1831. Boat., 1834. B°. 

16 p. [1] 

he shade of tbi; put. For tbe celebration of the close of the second century 

ilncolbecataljllshraent of the Thursday lecture. Boat., 18M. 8°. IS, (1) p, [1] 

thingtaHm, Richard. Oration before the city government and cltizcDS of 

Joston, July 4, 187*. Bost., 1871. 8", 6S p. [1] 

iide, James Anthony. Thomas Carlyle : a history of tbe flrst forty years of 

Js life, 1796--1835. N.Y., 1882. 2 v. 8". xn, 353 p i vl, 402 p. [1] 

It. Set American I'omoloKlcal Socle^. 

?burg, Mt. Ste Webster, D. 

if, William J. Convict labor. A letter lo the govcrnor..elect [of New York]. 

U.p. [N.Y , 1879.] 8". 7 p. [3, H. A. UiU.] 

er, Arthnr Buckmlnat«r. A record of the First Parish in Watertown, Moss. 

Vatertown, 1861. 16°. 16 p. [1] 

er, Horace W. Noted French trlaU. Impostors and adrcntarers, Bost., 1882. 

V. 264 p. [1] 

er and Whitney. A set of plans showing the Back Bay, 1814-81, and lllui- 
'aling the rapid progress In the developement of the territory for its preaentand 
roposcdnaes. Boat., 1881. 4°. [1] 

Sd And (tether: a bl-montbly periodical, being a compilation of the game 
iws, embracing the Unlicd Slates and Canada, [llevised to July. 1881 ] N.Y., 
I881J. 8". 17* p. [3] 

less, William Henry. Tbe Son of Man comelh. Dlaconrse before the Society 
r tbe CAOibridgepon Pariah, May 30, 1847. Bost., 1817. 8°. 22 p. [1] 


Gfilbralth,T. AnewchftpMr added to political economy: pointing oat > 100 oil 
Ion dollars capical available lo Canadian Indastrles b; the eatabllsbment of 
mortgage Iwinfc of Issue. Toronto, 1882. 8°, 36 p. [3, Aui&or.} 

Gale, Cbarles Jatnca. Reports of cases In tbc Court of Excbeqaer, 1835-36. Lend 
1830-38. 2t. 8=-. xl. 431 p. ; vili, 263 p. [1] 

— and bavlson, Henrj. Reports of casei in the Court of Queeu'i Benct, u 

EicbaquerCbamber, 1841-43. Lond., 1842-13. 3 t. 8°. [I] 
Gale, Nabum. Memorials of old chnrcbes erected by the CoDgregatlonal Pulilil 

Lee : with proceedings at the laying of the corner-stone of the nev Coii|itgi 

tlonal Cburcb, July 21, lSfi7. Lee, IB58. 8°. 39 p. Illns. [1] 
Game laws. Set Fur, Sn and feather. 
Gardiner, Samuel Rawson, and Mulllnger, James Bass. Engllab history k 

students. With a critical and biographical accoant of aDiborlllee, by I. I 

Mullinger. N.Y., 1881. 8°. xxtl, (1), 424 p. [1] 
Gardiner, David. Canadi vt. Nebraska. A refutation of atUcks nude D 

Canada li; C. R. SLaller, Com ml bb loner of tbe Hluourl Railroad CoiDpui) 

Ottawa, 1873. 16°. 2S p. [3. H. A. HiU.] 
Gardner, Dorsej. Quaira Bras, LIgny and Waterloo. A narratWe of the can 

. paign In Belgium, IBIS. Bost., 1882. 8°. xiii, (1), Slj p. [1] 
Gardner bmlly. Descendants of Richard Gardner, of Wohnm, of the name t 

Gardner. BosC, 1858. 8°. 14 p. [3, tV. IV. GreenougA, BoOim ] 
Garfleld, James Abram, Frii. of tAe C. S. Garfleld'a words. Compiled by « 

R. Balch. Host., 1881. 16°. 184 p. Portrait. [1] 

— Memoriai serfiees In honor of Pres. Garfield, at the depot of tbe qunrtermllHr' 

department of the army at JcffcrBonvIllc, Ind., Sept. 28, 1B31. LoulsvlIIi 
[1881]. 8°. ^ip. Portrait. p.JamaA.Eiin.JeferimrilU.Ind.] 

— Tribntee from over seat. Being aelecllone from foreign lesilmonials to Pre 

Garfield. Bost., 1881. iq. 16°. 84p. [1] 

— 5m Alkman, R.; — Bartol, C. A.-, — Beach, 8. C. ; — Bellow^ H. M'.i- 

Blnke, M-i — Boston. City CounetV,-— BostOD. Voung Men's Chrli 
tinn Union; — Brsdlee, C. D.; — Brown, E. E.i — Chambers, O. 8 

— Cliarleston, S C, — Civil Service Rcforra Association ; — Fan 
ham, E. P.; — Freemasons, LoiMtfy — Grout, H. U. ; — Hlnsdalf, B. A 
Hoar, O. F.i — Hojt, 1. S.i — King. M.; — Marble, A. P.;-Mltchel 
8.8.; — Na8on,E.; — Newark, .V.J.;— Palmer, E. B.; — Pcilcler, H. C 

— Porter, E. Q.i — Rcjtiolds, J. P.;- Riddle, A. O. i -Robinson, ' 
H ; — Rockaway, iV_f. Presbyterian Chorcb; — Stmtton, J. P.; 
Thomas, R; — Tuttle, J. F. ; — Vose, J. G. ; — Woodbur>-, A.; — Woi 
restcr. City Council; — WrigbttC. D. 

Garibaldi, Giuseppe. St> Bent, J. T. 

Garrett, Plillip C. Party politics in great cltiea. Address before the Friend 

Institute for Young Men, Fbllodclpbia, March 16, 1882. Pbila., 1882. 8°. 32 

[3, Author] 
Cask ell, John. New elements from old subjects: presented as the basis foi 

Bclcnce of mind. Added, i. The philosophy of nnmerallon : 2. Tbe phUo 

ophy of government: 3. The philosophy of definitions. Pblla., IS74. t 

IF, 196 p. [1] 
Gayot do Pltaval, Francois. Causes ctil^bres et inl^ressantcs, avec ies jn| 

mens qui les one di^citteea. Nouvclle fid , angmenUe. Paris, 1739-43. 20 

120. [2] 
Gazetteers. SoLlpplncott's gazetteer; — Vamey, G. J. 
Gedneyfemlly. See Waters, H . F. 
Getkle, Archibald. Geological sketches at borne and abroad. With lUus. N.1 

1882. am. 8°. x, 332 p. [1] 

!.] . PUBLIC DOCUMENT— No. 3. 63 

^^ogy- >^MB«rgen,T O ;— Durrle,D. L.; — New-England blatorical 

nd gcnnlogic&l register;— New VorkBenealoglcal and bloBrapbk-al record'. 
'Runnels, M. T. 


forioirlnx nimri ol 



A«I>«B| - AI4 

leai — All«iai 


Clark 1 

Clark* 1- 


!■ 1 - K\rtfn t - rabni i - 






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1 — MVFrlx-Nrwrll 

utm 1 - Pm 1 - Pxinr 1 




- P«n<t I - Pot»< - PaHer i - Puffer : 

1 ~ Hlr- 




iral Asitoctatloii of New Hampshire. Mlnatei. 60th annual meeting, 

&S9, xllh tbe pastoral letter, ((c. ; lid annual meeting, lasi, [wltb the] BOlb 

nnn&l report of tbe yen Uampeblre Home Mlaalonary Socletj. Concord, 

8.59-81. S". [I] 

^Tttl ConfercDce of the Congregational Churches In Maine. [Mln- 

tes], 55tb annlrenary, [nltb the report of the] Maine Mlssfnnarj Society, 

1th annlrenory, 1881. Bangor, 1881. S°. [I] 

;ral Convention of Vermont. Minutes. 73d annnnl meeting, I86S. [With 

liej 50th annual report of the Vermont DomcBllc Missionary Society, and 47tb 

nnual report of tbo Vermont Education SoHcty. llonlpeller, 1868. 8°.* [1] 

ilem&n'a magazine. Vol. 2S1. Lonil., 1881. 8°. [I] 

Craphy. Set Amciiean Geographical Society; —Royal Geographl- 

al Society. 

ogy. See Canada; — Gelkle, A. ;- Indiana;- Michigan; — Mlnne- 

ota; — Missouri ; — New Jersey; — Ohio; -Pennsylvania; — Vlr- 


'ge, Henry. Our land and land policy, national and state. San Franclaco, 

371. 8°. 48 p. Hap. [i] 

■ge, John H. Argaraent In Bnrlifl, et als , vi, Boiton, Lowell and Concord 

Railroads, et als., before tbe Supreme Cotirt of New Hompsbirc, Dec. 8, 1881. 

lancbester, [ISS-]. 10°. 31 p. [3] 

■gcUtvro, Man. First CongVegatlonal Church. Xtt Brrunan, I. 

aabody Library. Bulleiin. No.Ua. 187S, np., [IP79;]. 8°. [3] 

::aIalo^e. gjlem. 1869. 8°. 199 p. \3] 

Supplement catalogue. Georgetown, 1877. 8° 7ep. [3] 

gin. Oenerai Autmhty. Acts and roaolnlions, 1873,80/Sl. Attaota, 1873-81. 

r. 8°. [1] 

A compilation of the laws, 1800-10. By A. 9. Cbiyton. Augnsu, 1813. 4°. 

i). 708. (20) p. [21 

A compilation of tbe law*, 1810-19. By L. Q. C. Lamar. Aagnsta, 1821. 4°. 

J), 1300 p. [2] 

A cllgeit of tbe English stntDtei of force in Georgia. By W. Schley. Phlla , 

126. 8°. 500 p. [11 

prenm CouH. Reports of cases, 1879-80. Vol. 64. By [H.] Jaeltaon & [J, H.] 

umpkin, reporten. Atlanta, 1891. 8". [2] 

e Averj', I. W. 

naiiy. Langvagi. Sti Ramage, C. T. 

y, EII)rldgeT.,aBiJo(Aer». Labor of children In reform schools. Arguments 

cfore Senate commlliee [of New York] , on miscellaneous corporations, March 

!, 1882. ni.p. [1832.] 8=. 12 p. [3] 

rsburg. Pa. Stt Doubleday, A. 

IngSi Joshna Ueed. Freedom of speech vindicated. Speech In the House of 

epre«BntB«i»es, Dec. to, 1880. nJ.p. [Wash,, 1866,] 8°. 8 p. [2] 


OUbart, Jamea William. The history, priaclples, and pracUce of banking. Ne* 

ed., reTli«l b; A. S. Michle. Lond., 1882 [1B81]. 2 y. 16°. xt, 443; (3), 

195 p. Portrait. [1] 
Gilbert, Sir Hamphrey. Stt Dexter, O. 
Glider, William H. Sebwatka'a acarch. Sledding In tbe Arctic In qneat of thi 

Franklin records. With mapa and illna. N.Y., 1881. 8°. ztI, 316 p. [1] 
Glldrrsleeve, Cbarl«s H. Reporia of coaes, 1S62-79. Stt New Mexlco- 

Suprtma Court. Reporta, v. 1. 
Giles, Alfred Bllingvood. Tbc Iniqnity of cocnpalaorr racdnation, and tbe uncan- 

ilitutionality of Its statutes. [A reply to Dr. W. S. Evereil'B '• Utility of tv 

clnation."] Hyde Park, 1881. 8". T p. [3, Author ] 
GllBum, JV. H. See Haj-ward, S. 

Gtrard, Stephen. Will and codldl of Olrard. [PMIa-, 1874.] 8". SI p. [3] 
Glasgow. Hltehell Library. Report on tbe library, 1881. Glasgow, 1883. I'. 


OeoTfce WBft1iliaBt4Hi. — Joapph Wjrrpn..— NnlliAnM Grtpn^. — Lalkydtft. — t»vl PnLi 

Olouc«st«r, Hiau. Set Procter, O. H. 
— First Baptist Church. Scml centennial. [Historical addreas by W. LilD' 

aon. GlouccHter,] 1881. 1. 8". 42 p. [3] 
Godbolt, Jobn. Reporta of certain caaea In tbe ^everall coarta of record at West. 

minster, in tbe ralgncs of Elb.nhetb, Jaoics, and Cbarlea, [157fi-1S3S]. Pub- 

llabcdby W. llugbes. Lond , 1653. am. 4°. (8), 451, (II) p. [1] 
Godfrey, Edward K., compiler. Tbe Island of Naotuckcl, Rbat it naa wid *hai 

it is. Witb maps. Bost., 1882. 16°. vl, 365 p. [1] 
Goeasmaan, CharleB A, Salt and Ita naes iif agriculture. A lecture bftan ilu 

State Board of Agriculture, at Pittsfleld, Dec 7, 1869. n^., [1869!]. 8°. !4p. 

Gold currency. See Tldman, P. F. 
Goodbcaltb: 1870-73. Boat.. 1870-73. 4 r. in 3. 8=. [1] 
Goode, O. Broun, and Bean, Tarlcton TI. A llBt of tlic fishes of Easex CoHdIt 

indnding those of Hassaclmaetta Bay according to the lateat reanlta of U>i 

work of Ibe U. 8. Fish Commission. Salem, 1879. 8°. 38 p. [3] 

Goodrich, Samnel Oricvold. Recollections of a lirbtime. N.Y., 1896. 2 '. 12° 

542 p; 563 p. Ulna. [1] 
Goodnln, Daniel, Jr. Memorial of tbe Urea and serrlcea of Jaroet I^ttsaudbli 
aona, Jolm, Satnael and Lendall, during the American revolution, 1760-173'' 
With genealogical and hlatorical appendix. Chicago, 1882. 8°. (6),63p. [3 

Goodwin, Jobn A. "What new doctrine la lhia"i [On the landing of tlii 

Pilgrima.] n.l.p. [Lowell, 1881.] 8°. 4 p. [3] 
Goodwin, Joseph Olcott. Kaat Hartford, [Conn] : Ita hitlory and (ndltioiii 

Hartford. 1879. 8°. 249 p. [1] 
Goodwill, N'nibanlel. Descendanta of Thomas Olcott, of Hartford, Coon. Hut 

ford. 1315. 8°. 63, (I) p. [I] 


ltd William A. Ooodwla't anitaal tCKUtatlve iUtlsHcs of 
te and Hodm of RepreunUUiTes of Connecticat, Mity tei- 
Mslon, 1381. Vol. [1]— 3i 4,no. 1-2. Revlied ed. Ncv 

7. Hlatorj otlheiil Mus. regiment orinfantrj: 2d paper. 

illDS of the 2d Mail. Infantry Aiiocbition, Haj 11,1874. 

: p. [-1. John A. Fax. Botton ] 

nd earlj bUtnr; of Ihe 2d Ha». regiment of [nfanlrr. 

m\ meeting of tbe 2d Mais. Infaniry Association, 11th May, 

«". as p. [3, John A. Fox, Boilon.] 

It! In tbe great rebellioa. 13S3-65. Bo«t., 1382. 8°. tI, (1), 

llni. [I] 

lellai. Set Moore, E. P. 

innlal annlTersar; of tbe Incorporation of Ooshen, Jane 22, 
IdreMee, [bj II. Barrua and otbcrs], poena, tie. Reading, 
I, Hiram Bamu, Botton.^ 
nvrenee, J. 

Jray. N.Y., 1882. 12°. i, 223 p. (Morley, J., «J. Eng- 
) [1] 
Sta AInuuiacta. 
of Delaware Coaniy, and border wan of New York. Con- 
tbe anti-rent dlfflcultlea In Delaware, aU. Roxburf, 1356. 
'orlrail. (l] 

Goldfsborousli, Jobn. Report*; or Collection of cboica 
igltaled in all the courts at Weetmlnater In Ihe latter ^rearea 
ibelb, [1586-1602]. Lond., I6A3. am. 4°. (17), 192, (16) p. 

les. Sm Boeton. Mavprlrk ?(atlonal Bank. 

The railway problem. Addiets on the po«illon which tbe 
1 ahonld orampy to the commonwealth of Fennayltanla, to 
inea, and to the railway problem of tbe day, delivered at the 
, Jone 16. 1881. Phlla., [1881]. 8°. 61 p. Map. [Z, H. A. 

•w SproKue, H. H. 

Republic. Proceedlnga, Ist-Uth mmtlngof the National 
«D; Joamal of the ISth annaal aesaion, 1881. With digest 
of order, etc. Pliila., 1877-81. 8°. 858 p. [3, Coi. W. U. 

i\. t. Concord. 1881. 8°. Portrait*. [1] 
iia. An blatorlcal acconnl of acme memorable actionn, par- 
1; alio against the Admiral of Algier, and In the East Indie*. 
}n by R. A. Brock. Land , 1716, Ttprinttd Ricbmond, 1882. 

An addrcae before tbe Masgnchntett* Honicaltnral Society, 
aiy, Sept. 17, 1831. Boat., 1834. 8°. »2 p. [3] 
Ste Uosae, B. W. 

lermon to the charch and congregation on Jamaica Plala, 
'■ Day succeeding tbe I2Eb anniveraary of hi* ordination, 
•t., 1805. 8°. 22 p. [1] 

to Hon. Leopold Mona [on French apoliatlon*]. Boat., 
. AitthorPi 

Couri. Set Hitrrlsoii, S. B., and Wollaatoni F. L. 


«r«»t Britain, eomtiiHud. 

— CrnUHi Offire, Censai of Bnglsnd and Wnia, 1881. FrellinlnM? reprat, aa 

IShlel or tbs popnlaClon and hoane*. Losd , 1881. f °. xl[, 12S p. [1] 

— Charily Commitnonm for Enflaad and IVaiit. ffiUi report. Lond., 1881. P 


— Chiff IrapmHor of Fattoriei and Workahept. Heport, 1879-60. Lond., 1B80-S1 

8". [1] 

— Civil Heniet Cemmittiomri. 24th-2atb reporl, with Sppendtccs. Loud., 1880-S1 

2t. 8-. [1] 

— CommiiwiontTi of tilt Ciutomi. 29l)i report. IS80. Lond., IS8I. S". {1] 

— Commiuiontn tn Lunacy. Copj of tbe 35tb report, 1881. [Lond., 1881.) t' 


— Cemmiinoneri ef Fritotu. 3d report, <rjtb appendix. Lond., 1880. 2 pt. 8° 


— Committee of Counci! on Eikaaiion [England and ITo/n). Beport; vU 
appendix. 1B80-S1. Lond., 1881. 8°. [1] 

— Court of Common Pint. Sie Anderson, S. Lea reports, [ie34-ieot] ^- 

Arnold, T. J. Report*, ISSS-SSi-BcndlOe, W. ReportJ, [1488-1580] ;- 
Brldgmtin, J^irO. Reportg, I060-fl7:— Dnllson, W. Reports, [l4SS-lSao] ;- 
Drlnkivater, W. L. Caart, 1S40-41 ;— Harrison, 0. B. C, and Rutlier 
ford, H. Reporti, 1866-66; — Hodges, W. ReporU, 1835-S7; — I^otwycht 
Sir E. On Hire des entries, [1682-170*] , — Reporli ind entries. 

— Court of Exchequer. See Gale, C. J.- Reports, 1836-36 ; — Horn, H., at 

Hurlstone, £. T, Reports, IS38-3S ; — Hnrlstooe^ R. T , and Oiltinui 
F. }. Reports. 186S-66, y. i;~IjBti«, R. Reports, [1S06-1Z) ; — Hurplij 
P. S.,andHuriBtone,E.T. Reports, 183B-«7; — TyrwhlM, R. P. Beporti 
l830-35;-Tyrwhltl,,ondGr»ngpr,T.C. Report a, 1816-36. 

— Court of Exekequer {Bquiiy). Set VonnKO, £. Reporta, [1830-31];- 

Vounge, E., and Collyer, J. Reports, [1834-42] ; — W11m>d, J. Reporti 

— Court of IGng't [and Queen'*] Bench. See Bcndloe or BMiloe, V. Lc 

reporta, [1631-16^1 — Blg(>Iow,M.M. PUdtaAnglo-NormMiilai; — Coki 
Sir B. Reports, [1672-1616] ; — I>»\'1nod, H., nttd Merival«, H. Refiarti 
1843-14; — Fott«seu», (A.) J. Reports, [169i>-1738] ; — Preemui, B. Bi 
porta, lS7O-1704;-Gale,C.J.,i»id Davison, H. Reports, lSll-l3; — aod 
bolt, J. Rcportx. [1^73-1638] 1-r.ouldHborouKta, J. Reports, [1686-1602] ;- 
Harrison, B. B., and WoUoafon, F. L. Reports, lS3i)-36 ; — M<ut<1i, . 
Reporta, [1639-63] ;-Moorp, Sir F. Casea, [16ia-16ai] ; — Wlllmore, Q 
WollBKton, T.h.and Davtson, H. Reports, 1837 ; — WUlmore, G , Wol 
laston, F. L,, and Hodges, W. Reporta, 1838-39. 

— Courli. See Bell, T. Cronn cases, 1868-60; — Carpmael, W. Law i«por 

of p&tent coses. [1602-1842] ; — Canington, F. A., owl Klrwan, A. 1 
Heports of csies at ntal prlns, [1843-S3] ; — Cox, E. W., and ThoropsOD, 
Reports of cases In criminal law, 1877.82; — Oewrsly, H. R. Crown case 
1852-66;- DparBly,H.R..Dn(j Bi;ll, T. Cruwn cases, 18W-63; —i>o4-ol 
B. E., and Chlttj-, E. Reporta of cases In hankrnptey, I831-[36] ;- FosI* 
T. C. and Flnlason, W. F. Reports of caaea at nisi priua, t86&-67 ; — Im- 
reporta; — Leigh, E.C., and Cave, L. W, Crown cases, 1861-65;- O'Ma 
ley, E. L., and Hardcastle, H. Reports of dedelons [on] election petitlor 
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— Ctitlam Home Annual slatemenl of the nsTigatlon and shipplof of tbe Unit 

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Annual etalement of tbe trade of tbe Uplled Kingdom with foreign coombri 

and British poasessiona, 1879-80. Lond., 1880-81. 1 v. 4°, [1] 



est Britain, eoxlmuHl. 

Dineiort of Conviet Prifotu. lUport on 

bank, PencoDTllle [and other] prlion 

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Bedataitieal CatrU. See PhUllmOKi, J. Roporti, 1809-21. 
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ReporU, 1746-55. 
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R. ReporU, 1697-1713. 
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C. ReporU, 1827-33;— MacLean,C.H.,aiu<Roblnioii,Q. Cates, 1839. 
liuptctoT of Bafamatory and bviutriai Scluoit. ZSd report. Load , 1880. B". 

Sn^tctort of Salmon Fitkaif (Engbuid and Waif). ietli-20tli anotul tepoit, 

1879-80. Load., ISSO-Sl. 2». 8°. [1] 
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81. 2t. 8°. [1] 

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progms of Levantine plague, and on qnaraatine in the Red Sea. Lond., 1881. 
8". Yiii, 2« p. [1] 

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- PHvateacts,2dse«ilon,22dFarllaDicnt, [1881]. Load., 188 1. 1.8°. [1] 

- Report from the select committee on bills of sale act (1878) amendment bill ; 
with the proceedings, minntea of evidence, aad appendix. [Lond., 1881.] f. 
Jiii, 87p. [1] 

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ment) bill, H. L. 1 with the proceedings, minutes of evidence, and appendix. 
Lond., 1881. f°. viil, 81 p. [1] 

FViey CoutKiL Sn Moore, E. F. The case of O. C. Oorham, [1860]. 

Ripufror of Fritndly Soeieliet. Friendly socletlee, industrial and provident 
>ocietje«, and trade unions. Report*, 1879. Part 1. A. [Loud., 1880.] f. [1] 

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land. (AbstracU of 1879.) Lond., 1881. 8". [1] 

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a. Ap- 

!eiene* and AH Dtpartnunl of tht Commillet of Council on Education. 28th 

report, with appendices. Lond., 1881. 8°. [1] 

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rica-Ctuaietimr't Court. Son Smsle, J„ and Gifflird, J. W. de L. ReporU, 

[1852] -*7. 

IfTicuUvrt. See Rogers, J. E. T. 

Inny eatd ffavy. Se* BnutB^y, Sir T. 

tiojrropAy. Ste Tliomt':)!), F. M. 

TolottU*. See Wedderbnrn, Sir D. 


Great Britain, eontintmd. 

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oiler, M.; — Raonle, D. W.; — Rymer, T., onif Sanderson, R.; — Syme, 
D i-Tr^ll, H. D.i — Wftlpole, S. (H.) ; — Wells, J. C. 

— Hiitory. See Annual regialer;— Elt«n, C. ; — Freemnn, E. A ; — Gardi- 

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Greece. See MahafTy, J P. 

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jix, (2),Mip. [1] 
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See Boston. Mayor. 

— [Notes of Ibe history of Groton, Mass. Ayer, 187S-77 ] *°. Portrait. [3, 


A c-'UrvUnii Of nmfvei cnttinn mnn "TDniR'i PnbUc Spirit." Afcr, WS-Tl. 

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Bockiihud •nahnrtoora of reftage.— Foreign jmllcy 
mirV— Tin relio of tlif onllpoO*!.— A»niT ptriilMll)' bffore ut. ^Otrtlgalk 
Thr rliihl UM of » tarplm: or BniitsiJon of lain an aljiue of ttvp""- - 
blWiircn [Loull N^polnjn and llw^amln lliMmrll]. — 1> tip jmimlHrJu 

pfH-Ilf pl'-ioent In flic (]oape1".~^r. l^rcilcrJc Hartltun do die fituir 

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North Adams. Delivered at the closing services in tbe old Methodist Eiriscopal 

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Portrait and maps. [I] 


dTtlDTin ilultein>oir.-MCTrt)tai, B. (I 
piyiudlrv or flpLnlan- — VkMIbk. *\ H- <^or 
ud tiwtlMcrliiiei^TlicRvlKd lUtuIciof It 

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iDlbors. eihed., enlarged. Liverpool, 1681. 16°. vl, Wl p [1] 
[iton. Hats. [F«»lmlle coplei of two petllfone relating to the incorponUlon of 
the town of Oroton. 1665, A6,] Broailaid»9. [3. S. A. arem.] 
List of ordera drairn b; tbe selectmen on (be town treasurer, 184!-43; Rep«vt 
of tbe selectmen, IB54-55, [lSas]-M. [Orolon Junction, 1843-56.] Broad- 
sides. [3] 
Si« Grwn, S. A. 

First Churcb. Covenant of tbe Cbnrcb ts adopted Jnl; 'H, 1826, wltb tbe 
names of members at Ibat time and since. Oroton, [1S6-] . 16°. 9 p. [3, S. A. 

iton H»lgtat«, Conn. Sea Harris, W. W. 

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Mass , StfU 2S, 1S81, tbe Sunday after tbe death of President Garfield. [Con- 
cord], 1881, 16°. 29 p. [3, Author.} 

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icbcr, Herbert A. Tbe use and nature of Roman medalllona, A paper read 
berore tbe American Kamltmatlc and Archaiologlcal Sodely by Q. L. Feuardent. 
N.T„ 1878. 1. 8°. 8 p. [3] 

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254 p. II] 

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•'■ (1)P- [2] 

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e, Charic*. Our honses are our castles. A review of the proceedings of the 

[innn«ry committee of the HassHciinieits Legislainrei and especially their con- 

inct and that of tbeir associates on (he visit to Ibe Catholic Scbool in Roxbury, 

March 26, 18-55. Bost., ISBfi. 8°. 62 p. [1] 

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■egister" for Oct., 1881.] n.j)., [1881.] 8". 8 p. [3, Harry Hale, Elizabelliiown, 



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donnnoDi UHrattire of Great Britain. Vol. I. [A-E.] Bott., 1883. 1. 8°. 1 

(«a.l)p. (1] 
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power to compel Its citizens to pay taxei proportJonate to tbe ralae of the 

perwnal property aitnated beyond lu limits ( N.Y., [187S]. B". aSp. [4] 
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decUne. K.y., 1878, 8". 67 p. [1] 
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deseendtmU. A genealoglcsl table. Southln^toD, 187B. 16°. 268 p. Poitri' 

Hall) Nalbaiilel. A diKonrae before the Third Beli^oni Society, Dorcheiter, : 

tbe nittenl of iu pMlor, Rev. Bicbard Pike, Feb. 20, 1863. Boct, 1B63. S 

29 p. [II 

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hnndred and fifty ye»rs, [1726-187S]. Hanford, 1873. 12". 120 p. [1| 
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Read before tbe N. H. Hediol Society, Jooe 21, 1B81. Concord, 18B1. 8°. B 

[3, AtHhar.] 
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and marine corps, for one hnndrcd years, 1782-1882. Witlia sketch ofibeaai 

1776-98. Waib., 1882. 1.8°. vli, (1), 942 p. [1] 
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remoTe fhim office daring the recess of tbe Senate. [Anon.] N.T., 1861. 11 

23 p. [2] 

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1881. Lond., 1881. 9 v. 8». [1] 
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By HlsloricQS [pttvd.1 N.Y., 186S. 8°. 11 p. [2] 
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Portrait. [3, Author.} 
Harlem, N.T. Sh RIker, i. 
Harmony <i rove Cemetery, Safem.Jfrut. [Hislorial sketch, list (rfproprieu 

tic] Salem, leea. 16°. 78 p. MapaodUtns. [3.] 
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8ocietyODi(s4tbannliersary, Oct.3, 1832. Camb., 1832. 8°. 96 p. [3] 
Harris, William W. Tbe battle of Groton Heights : narratlrea, official repoi 

records, eU. , of tbe storming of Fort Orljwold, tbe tnassacre of its gariia 

and tbe burning of New London, 6th Sept., 1781. Ulns with map*. Berii 

and enlarged by C. Allyu. NewLondon, CL, 1882. 8°. 399p. Fortiaits. 
. Harris genealogy. 8m Morgan, N. H. 
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of Ckimmon Pleas and the Court of Exchequer Cbamber on appeal from 

Court of Common Pleas. 18a&-6e. Lond., 1868. 8°. xxxl,928p. [1] 




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Court of King's Bench and in the Bail Coortp 183a-36. Lond., 1836-37. 2 v. 

9°. Xvi, 821 p ; xtt, 494 p. [1] 
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Read before the Namismatic and Antiqaariaa Sodetj of Philadelphia, May 4, 

1871. Phiia^ 1871. 1. S^*. 24 p. [8« Auihar,] 
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Eeprtnted ftom tbe Penn monthly for Augntt, 1881. 

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8*». [3] 

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BiUe, BoetoH.] 

See aUo fiv the " ExAmhiatlo&s ** for 1879-80, Woman*! Edutittion A««ooiAtlon. 

— Harrard University examinations. Papers used at the admission examinations 

held at Cambridge, Exeter, New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago, and 

San Francisco, 1881. Camb., 1881. 8<'. 23 p. [3] 
Papers used at the examinations for women, 1874-76, 78-79. Camb., 1876-79. 

W* and 8o. [3, Uiee Bliie,] 
Specimen papers for the examinations for women, 1881-82. Camb., 1881-82 

8^. [3, Mies K. P. Loring, Beverly Farms.'] 
" Weekly calendar. No. 19-28, Oct.-Dec., 1881 ; Calendar, no. 29 54. Jan.- 

JTnne, 1862. nJt,p. [Camb., 1881-82.J 1. 8<>. and 4°. [3] 
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117 p. [3] 
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1881. L S^". [3] 


No. ■•• Wlmaor, J. HAUIwelllana : a bibUography of tbo publicattont of J. 0. HaUlwell- 

IS. Uat of the publications of Harvard Unlvenity and Ua offloers, 1870-80. 

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Vol. 8. Ko. L 

, L. The immature state of the odonata. Tart 2. Subfltmlly 

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£01:^. 1877]. 8^. X, (3), 480 p. Portraito and illas. [1] 


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descendants. Bost., 1882. 8^. 11 p. [3, Author,'] 

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HautefeulUe, Lanrent Basile. Onide des juges marins, code de justice militaire 

ponr I'arm^e de mer [de la France], compl6t6 par les d4crets d*ex6cution et les 
diverses lois qui s'y rattachent. Paris, 1860. 8°. xv, 644 p. [1] 

— Histoire des origines, des progrds et des yariatlons du droit maritime international. 

Paris, 1858. 8°. xii, 636 p. [1] 
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17 p. [3] 
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American Antiquarian Society, [ilnon.] Worcester, 1882. S*'. 24, (1) p- 

Portrait. [3, yathaniel PcUnet Worcester.] 
Haven family. See Parke, J. C. 
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1881-82. Phlla., 1882. 8«. 

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1881. Oration by H. Wood. Phila., 1881. 8°. [3] 

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Haverhill, 1882. 8°. [3] 

— Baptist Church. See Worth, £. 

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[1881]. 8<>. [3] 
Hawaiian Islands. Board of Education, Biennial report, 1882. Honolulu, 

1882. 8°. [3] 

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Hawkes, £. C. See Winn, H. 

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Society, Feb. 14, 1882. [Newspaper slip. Auburn, 1882.] [3, /. F. Tuttle.] 

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theh- relations to each other. N.Y., 1882. 12o. 267 p. [1] 

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manded the party which destroyed the statne of George in, in New York dty, 
July 9, 1776. Wilkes-Barre, 1882. 8°. 22 p. [2] 

— A brief history of the soldiers* medals, issued by West Virginia, as tokens of 

respect to those of her citizens who served in the army of the United States, 
1861-65. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 1881. 8°. 17 p. [1] 

— [Preliminary sketch of the family of Johan Paul Weytzel.] nJ.p, [188-.] 4®. 
9 p. [2] 

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Hartford, 1882. 8«. 799 p. [1] 

1882.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 3. 73 

Health. See Boston ; — Bowdltch, H. I. ; -> Connecticut ; ~ Detroit ; — 
Good health ; — Great Britain ; — Louisiana ; — Massachusetts ; — 
National Board of Health ; — National Quarantine and Sanitary 
Convention ; — New Jersey ; — South Carolina ; — Wisconsin. 

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1878. Bost, 1878. 8°. 34 p. [3] 

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Hebre^w language. See Young, E. J. 

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silver, and consequences to India. £din., 1877. 8®. 70 p. [1] 

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Bev. Joshua Toung, as pastor of the New North Church in Boston, Feb. I, 
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38 p. [1] 
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Henry Mts. See United States. Geog. and Oeol. Survey of the Rocky Moun- 

torn Reffion. 
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in relation to the fiiilure of the Commonwealth Bank, ete. Bost., 1814. 8°. 60 p. 

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