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Eaton Family Associatio 



AUGUST 19th, 1890. 





7, . 


ih/.oc a \ 


OF 1898. 

1^2 f.l 




The Eaton Family Association held its sixth reunion at the 
Meionaon in Boston on Tuesday, August 19th, 1890. The 
President, Rev. Dr. William Hadley Eaton, of Nashua, called 
the meeting to order at half-past ten in the morning. Prayer 
was offered by Rev. Dr. Homer Eaton, of New York City. A 
committee on enrollment was appointed, consisting of Rev. 
H. M. Eaton, Mr. Ebenezer Ferren and Miss Imogene Eaton. 
After an hour's informal chat, during which time the names of 
the persons present were collected, and colored ribbons dis- 
tributed according to the families, the Secretary's report of the 
last meeting was read and accepted. The Treasurer's report 
was also read and accepted, showing — 

Balance from Oct., 1888, . . . $305.55 

Receipts, ..... 152.00 

Expenses to Aug. 19, 1890, . . 286.60 

Balance on hand, . . . $170.95 

Mr. Daniel C. Eaton then read a report on his investigations 
into the history of the Eaton Family formerly residing at 
Dover, England, showing the probable connection of John 
Eaton of Dedham with this family. 

Mr. William L. Eaton made a report on the progress of his 
studies of the history of the family of Jonas Eaton of Read- 
ing. Rev. Dr. Wm. H. Eaton made a report on the genealogy 
of the Haverhill Eatons. No reports were received of the 
Plymouth Eatons, or of the family of William Eaton of Read- 
ing. A committee was appointed to nominate officers for the 
coming year. Captain George Prince read a short paper 
showing his own descent from Francis Eaton of Plymouth, 
and favoring the theory that this Francis was married only 
twice, and not three times, as is commonly supposed. 

4 The Eaton Family Association. 

The nominating committee reported names for officers, 
leaving a few blanks to be filled by the Executive Committee. 
Some of these were filled and the nominations adopted. The 
following is a list of the persons chosen : — 


Rev. William H. Eaton, D.D., Nashua, N. H. 


Rev. Dr. Homer Eaton, Neiv York. 

Hon. DoRMAN B. Eaton, New York, N. Y. 

Rev. Dr. Edward Dwight Eaton, Beloit, Wisconsin. 

Hon. John Eaton, Marietta, Ohio. 

Rev. Joseph M. R. Eaton, Fitchburg, Mass. 


Prof. Daniel C. Eaton, Neiv Haven, Conn. 


Edward B. Eaton, Esq., ^6 Federal st., Boston, Mass. 


Rev. Arthur W. H. Eaton, New York, N. Y. 
William L. Eaton, Esq., Concord, Mass. 
Eugene E. Eaton, Esq., Maiden, Mass. 

finance and auditing COMMITTEE. 

John Eaton, Esq., Room ii, 246 Washington st., Boston. 
Charles O. Eaton, Esq., Boston. 
Chester W. Eaton, Esq., Wakefield, Mass. 

Dinner was then announced. After dinner several gentle- 
men were called upon to address the company, among whom 
were Rev. Dr. Edward D. Eaton of Beloit, and Hon. John 
Eaton of Marietta College, Rev. Samuel Witt Eaton, Rev. H. 
M. Eaton, and Mr. Stephen B. Eaton of Concord, N. H. After 
singing a song, in which Miss Thomas kindly led the assem- 
bly, it was voted to adjourn. 

One hundred and fifty-four names were handed in of the 

persons present. 

Daniel C. Eaton, Secretary. 


I. Report on the Eatons of Dover, England, 

by Daniel C. Eaton. 

Since the last report was presented, in r888, my genealogical work has 
been principally in seeking for the English ancestry of the Dedham family. 
It will be remembered that two years ago I had the pleasure of announcing 
that my correspondent, Mrs. Harman, had found the marriage record of 
John Eaton and Abigail Damon in the registers of the Church of St. James 
the Apostle in the town of Dover, and with them the record of baptism of 
their children Mary and John, and also that of Jane Damon, who was the 
daughter of Mrs. Abigail Eaton by her first husband, Henry Damon. The 
records read as follows : — 


i6jo John Eton &^ Abigaile Doman, April § 


1624 Jane daughter of Henry Dajuan, Aug. 13 

i6jo* Mary the daughter of John Eaton, Mar. 20 

^^33 John the son of John Eaton, Oct. 7 

111 health compelled Mrs. Harman to discontinue her work. The search 
was resumed in 1889 by Dr. Joseph Jackson Howard, a most learned anti- 
quarian, editor of the Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, and now, by her 
Majesty's special appointment, Maltravers Herald Extraordinary. Dr. 
Howard has made in our interest three visits to Dover and its vicinity, and 
two to other places not far from London, besides searching records at Lon- 
don for sundry items concerning the Eatons. 

He has found a record in St. Mary's Church at Dover, showing that John 
Eaton the infant son of John Eaton died at the age of three months and a 
few days, the record being : — 


i'^33* J<-in. 27 John son of John Eaton. 

Mrs. Harman had sent abstracts of several wills of the Dover Eatons, and 
transcripts of many records of baptisms, marriages and burials of the same 
Eatons. Dr. Howard has added to these records considerably, and has also 
sent me transcripts of not only Eaton records from a dozen other parishes 
near Dover, but also records of the families of Tiddeman, Hugesson, 
Hodgeman, Gibbon, Hawkins, Master, Monins, Brockman, Jull, and other 
* It should be remembered that the year ended March 21st or perhaps March 2sth. 

The Batons of Dover, England 

families.with which the Eatons of Dover intermarried. He is still interested 
in the search, and I am persuaded that he will go on with it until all we 
desire has been accomplished. 

The Church of St. Mary the Virgin at Dover was the principal parish 
Church of the Eaton family with which I believe we were connected, but a 
strong interest was always taken by the Eatons in the neighboring Church 
of St. James, and the registers of both Churches contain records of the 
famil}'. The stone-cut memorials, however, all are at St. Mary's. 

The following account of the Dover Eatons is compiled from the informa- 
tion received from Mrs. Harman and the copious transcripts sent by Dr. 
Howard, a few items only coming from other sources : — 

The earliest known ancestor of the famil}' was William Eaton of Dover, 
who died before the year 15S4, probably not long before, and left a will, 
which has not )'et been found. His widow, Jane Eaton, died that 3'ear. She 
made her will Aug. 27, 15S4, and it was proved Dec. 29 of the same year. 
From this will we understand that she was widow and executrix of the will 
of her late husband, William Eaton. Her bod)' was to be buried in the 
churchyard of St. James at Dover. She names her [eldest] son William 
Eaton, her sons John, Peter and Nicholas, then underage, and gives special 
directions for the education of Peter and Nicholas, that " the}- shall be kept 
one year or more in France, to learn the French tongue, and shall afterwards 
be put to some science or occupation." She makes her son-in-law, Jacques 
Huggenson, her sole executor, and mentions " my other children." From 
other sources we know that the wife of Jacques or James Huggenson was 
Joyce Eaton, and that one of the "other children" was Barbara, wife of 

Allen. James Hugesson, for so the name is more commonly spelled, 

had a son James, and probably other children also. The second James 
lived at Linsted, in the northern part of Kent, and was High Sheriff of the 
county. I have his autograph signature on a bond for two hundred pounds 
lawful English money, the bond dated July 6, 1627, and given to Ellys 
Wayland of Linsted, to secure the performance of a certain obligation and 
indenture the exact nature of which is not known. The bond is on thin 
parchment, and is written handsomely in quaint and abbreviated Latin. 
The son of this second James was Sir William Hugesson, of Linsted, air-^ 
the family pedigree is printed in Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica foi 
March, 1886. 

Barbara Allen received letters of administration on her father's estaie 
January 27, 1584-5, a few weeks after her mother's death. No more is 
known of her. 

The four sons of William and Jane Eaton were, then, William, Job , 
Peter and Nicholas. Of the family of William, the oldest son, nothing i" 
positively known. Some William Eaton, and' quite possibly this man, ha j 
several children baptized at St. Mary's in Dover, viz : — 

William Sept. i, 1594. 

Elizabeth, .... Apr. 6, 1597, died 1598. 

Annys Mar. 30, i6oo. 

William, .... June 6, 1602, died 1608. 
William, .... May 28, 1609. 

The Batons of Dover, England. 7 

With this last entry ceases our record of William's family. Of John, the 
second son, under age, but probably a well-grown lad in 1584, we have no 
positive knowledge in his later years. The registers of East Langdon, a 
parish some five or six miles northeasterly of Dover, have three items which 
may possibly refer to him : — 

1612 Sept. 30, John Eaten x Johane Bedforke married. 

1619 Jan. 26, Joane, wife of John Eaton, buried. 

1650 Oct. 21, John Eaton, senex, buried. 

Peter, the third son of William and Jane Eaton, married Jan. 23, 1603-4, 

Elizabeth widow of Patteson. The license for the marriage is 

recorded at Canterbury, and the marriage itself at St. Mary's, Dover. Eight 
children of this marriage are on record ; viz : — 

Jane, baptized Mar. 17, 1604-5 ; m. Shemall. 

Katherine, ; m. Wm. Robinson in 1626. 

William, bapt. Sept. 26, 1608 ; probably died young. 
Joyce, bapt. Sept. i, 161 1; m. Edward Ranger in 1632, was living, a 
widow, in 1665, and had then living two sons, John and Peter 
Peter, bapt. July 3, 1614 or 1615 ; d. 1628. 
John, bapt. Oct. 23, 1616 ; was living in 1636. 
Elizabeth, bapt. Aug. 12. 1619 ; was living in 1636. 
Nicholas, bapt. Jul)', 1623 ; d. 1628. 

The father died before the mother, and she was buried Jan. 8, 1631, 
" Elizabeth, widow of Mr. Peter Eaton." The son John, baptized in 1616, 
and living in 1636, may have transmitted the family name to descendants, 
but, if so, we know not where or when. 

Of Nicholas, the youngest son of William and Jane, we have ample 
records, and this is fortunate for us, for it seems probable that our John of 
Dedham was one of his sons. He was born in 1573, as appears from his 
age of 53 given in a marriage-license dated 1626. He was a church-warden 
of St. Mary's in 1603, and probably for many years thereafter, perhaps until 
his death, which took place in 1636-37, for he was buried in the church of 
St. Mary the Virgin, in Dover, March 21st of that year. 

" In the Heralds' Visitation of Kent in 1619, it was reported as follows: — 

"The towne and Port of Dovor Incorporated By the Name of Maior and 

Jurates have had there Charter and Liberties Confirmed by Divers Kinges 

and Queens of England — And at the present tyme of this visitacon These 

were Cheife in the Gouerment thereof 

William Ward Maior and leiftennant of the Castle of Dovor under the 
Lord warden. 

George Binge John Benger 

William Lennard John Goulstone " 

Henry Steed Richard Dakes 

Robert Garrett Michaell Burley 

John Waade These 4 have 

Thomas Foorde not been Maior." 

Nicholas Eatton 

8 The Eatons of Dover, England. 

From this record we know that Nicholas Eaton was a jurate of Dover in 
1619, and we may infer that he had at some time be'en Mayor of the town. 
He was thereafter always spoken of as jurate. He had a very considerable 
estate, as appears by the large bequest of ^goo and shares of certain vessels 
to his youngest son, besides numerous smaller gifts to sundry relatives and 
friends, and ample provision for his oldest son. 

Jurate Nicholas Eaton was married twice ; first to Katherine Master, 
Nov. 2, 1596, and secondly to Mrs. Joan Gibbs, widow of John Gibbs of 

Horslej^down, and daughter of Tiddeman of Dover. His first wife 

was the mother of his seven children: I have not the date of her death, but 
his second marriage took place in 1626. Mrs. Joan Eaton was buried June 
14, 1635, having made an elaborate will the loth day of the preceding April. 
Her husband's will, equally elaborate, was dated Dec. 6, 1636, and ^yas 
proved by his son William the 29th of March following. 

His children of whom we have found any mention were John, William, 
Elizabeth, Jane, John (2d), Nicholas and Thomas. The first John must 
have died before the birth of the second: he was baptized March 12, 1599. 

William, the second child, was baptized Jan. 9, 1602. He married Susan 
Witherden of Tenterden in 1635, was described as a merchant in Dover in 
1665, and was not living in 1677. He was executor of his father's will, and 
inheritor of all the estate not devised speciall)' to other heirs. It is prob- 
able that he died elsewhere than at Dover, as the date of his death has not 
been found, nor has his will. Two infant children were buried at St. Mary's, 
one in 1637 and one in 1640. A son John and a son William, as also a 
daughter Katherine were living in 1677. Scarcely anything more is known 
of the sons, but the daughter married Benjamin Hawkins in i68r. Their 
daughter Martha Hawkins, born in 1685 married Thomas Fagg and died in 
1727, as is shown by a memorial brass in the central aisle of St. Mar3''s church. 
In the marriage license of Benjamin Hawkins and Katherine Eaton " Mr. 
John Eaton of Canterbury " is named as bondsman. This was probably 
one of Katherine's brothers. Possibly the following license of marriage 
may refer to him : — " 1690, Feb. 23, John Eaton of Canterbury, gent., bachr.," 
The third child of Jurate Nicholas was Elizabeth, baptized Feb. 10, 1603. 
She probably died in childhood, as there is no further mention of her. The 
same may be said of the fourth child, Jane, baptized Mar. 28, 1606. 

The fifth child on the record was a second John, baptized Aug. 21, 161 1. 
He is mentioned in the will of his father's second wife, dated April 10, 1635, 
being set down for ;i^io, his older brother having £30, and the youngest bro- 
ther ;^io, and the unspecified " residue." In the will of his father, dated Dec. 
6, 1636, he is not mentioned at all. There is no record of his burial in the 
mean time, although for that period the church books seem to be in good 
preservation, and his father was a man of position in both town and church. 
It is certainly a fair inference that he had already received his portion from 
his father, and had gone away with it. We know that John of Dedham was 
married in Dover in 1630, had two children baptized there, and one buried, 
and that the day when his wife and her children gave in their names as " Im- 
barqued in the Elizabeth & Ann, bound for New England," was April 27, 
1635, just seventeen days later than the signing of Mrs. Joan Eaton's will. 

The Eatons of Dover, England 

The searches in and near Dover have failed to discover any other John 
Eaton besides the son of Nicholas who could have been the husband of 
Mistress Abigail, and the inference is strong that the two Johns, John the 
son of Nicholas and John who settled in Dedham, were one and the same 
man. Proof of this identity is still wanting ; but it may be found at any 
day. That John, a boy of 19, should marry a widow of 29 or 30 with one, 
and possibl}' two children, is not so improbable as it would at first appear. 
This match, and especially the emigration to America, would so separate 
him from his immediate kinsfolk in Dover, that it is not strange that no 
reference is made to him later than his stepmother's bequest. 

A clue, which may yet lead io satisfactory proof, is the legacy made by 
John of Dedham, of forty shillings "to Edward Hodgman my kinsman." 
Hodgman is a name found in the registers of several of the parishes near 
Dover; but this particular Edward Hodgman is still undiscovered. When 
we find him, and learn just how he was of kin to John, we shall be wiser 
than we are now. John Eaton of Dedham was a man of good social position, 
of reputation and influence in the town, and died possessed of a fair estate. 
That he had some property on his arrival in New England is evident from 
the recorded vote of the town, in 1637 I think it was, requiring him to sur- 
render to the town either the land allotted him or the land he purchased of 
Ralph Shepherd, and that he was had in respect is shown by the town's 
giving him " six weeks' liberty to chuse " which of these to do. Certainly 
he was not unworthy to be a son of the old jurate and churchwarden, if he 
did marry a widow, emigrate to New England, and join a Puritan Church. 

The sixth child of Nicholas Eaton was Nicholas, baptized Oct. 11, 1612, 
and the seventh and last was Thomas, baptized Feb. 20, 1613. Thomas was 
buried in July, 1616, but Nicholas survived his father, and transmitted the 
famil}^ name to three generations of Eatons of Dover. 

To distinguish him from his father I will give him his proper title, and 
speak of him as Captain Nicholas Eaton. He married in 1639 Elizabeth 
Gibbon, who was born in 1618, the oldest child of Matthew Gibbon of West- 
cliffe and his wife Elizabeth White. In Berry's Genealogies of Kent this 
Elizabeth Gibbon is made wife of Thomas Foche, but the marriage license 
dated April 9, 1638, clearly identifies her as the promised bride of Nicholas 
Eaton of Dover, son of Nicholas Eaton, jurat. Captain Nicholas was a 
shipmaster and shipowner, and owned land in several places. He died in 
1667, and was buried at St. Mary's Church in April of that year. His wife 
survived him. In Lyon's History of Dover, Vol. I, p. 127, is given a 
description of an armorial atchievement or hatchment which must have been 
set up in St. Mary's Church in honor of Captain Nicholas and his wife. 
The stone is no longer to be seen in the Church, having been lost or 
destroyed when the Church was renovated some years ago. The descrip- 
tion, however, is precise, and reads thus: — " Quarterly ist and 4th Or a fret 
azure, 2d and 3d barryof six pieces ermine and gules for Eaton and Hussey, 
impaling quarterly ist and 4th sable a lion rampant guardant or between 
three escalop shells argent a crescent for difference, 2d and 3d gules a cross 
between three naked daggers erect argent pommels and hilts or a crescent 
for diflFerence." Dr. Howard tells me that in the second half of this shield 

lo ' The Batons of Dover, England. 

are quartered the arms of Gibbon and Philpott. We know that Elizabeth 
Gibbon's paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Philpott, and so this hatch- 
ment serves to still further identify Captain Nicholas Eaton's wife as the 
daughter of Matthew Gibbon. The Hussey arms quartered with Eaton show 
a Hussey ancestry on the Eaton side. It may be that Joan, wife of the first 
William Eaton, belonged to the Hussey family. A curious thing is that in 
the arms of Eyton of Gadsby in Leicestershire, given in Miscellanea Geneal- 
ogica et Heraldica for May, 1S55, the same azure fret on a field or, for Eyton, 
are quartered with Hussey, but also without explanation. In these arms 
the crest is a lion's head erased, swallowing a cask or tun, a rebus on Eaton 
[Eat-tun]. The more usual crest accompanying \\ie, azure fret on a field or 
is an eagle's head erased sable, in the mouth a sprig vert. Burke gives both 
crests for Eton or Eaton, of Springfield Hall, co. Essex, of Leicestershire, 
and of Somersetshire, and in the recently published Visitation of Shropshire 
there is a long pedigree of the ancient family of Eyton or Eaton of Eyton 
super Weald Mores, and the same alternate choice of crest is given. 

It is known that the Batons of Leicestershire and of Springfield Hall in 
Essex were descended from younger sons in the Shropshire family ; and it 
may be thought a reasonable conjecture that the Dover famil)' had a similar 

Captain Nicholas Eaton's will names four sons and three daughters, but 
the register of St. Mary's Church shows the christening of only two daugh- 
ters. The seven children were Elizabeth, Nicholas, John, William, Katherine, 
Peter and Mary. Elizabeth was baptized Oct. 20, 1639, and Katherine, May 
ig, 1651. Peter, the youngest son, was born about 1655, and Mary was prob- 
ably the youngest of all. 

Elizabeth died before her father. By probable conjecture she married 
Hobday, as her father's will mentions grandchildren of that name. 

Nicholas, the oldest son, married Sarah More in 1667, and went to London. 
He had several children : Elizabeth, Nicholas, who died young, Mary, who 
married in 1700 Mr. Ralph Markland of Lancashire, and a second Nicholas, 
who became Capt. Nicholas Eaton of All Hallows parish in London. There- 
may have been other children also. The will, and the record of death or 
burial of Nicholas of London have not yet been found. 

Of John, William and Katherine, children of the first Captain Nicholas, 
we know onlj' that they were living in 1665, and we ma}'^ infer that they died 
without children. Mar}', the youngest daughter, married Thomas Monyns 
of Dover, gentleman. She died in 1715, and was buried at Charlton, a 
parish very near to Dover. One of her sons was Rev. Richard Monyns, of 
Charlton, and a grandson was a second Rev. Richard Monins, Rector of 
Ringwold and Charlton, who finally inherited the Eaton property, and by 
royal license took the name of Eaton. He died in 1770. 

Capt. Nicholas Eaton's youngest son was Peter. He lived for some years 
in London, and then resided at Woodford in co. Essex. He was knighted, 
the date not found, and so was known as Sir Peter Eaton. His wife was 
Elizabeth, who from the arms on her tomb at Leatherhead, co. Surrey, must 
have been of the family of Cheesman of Kent. Sir Peter Eaton died in 
London, Sept. 22, 1730, and was buried in St. Mary's, Dover, a few days 

The Batons of Dover, England. ii 

later. Sir Peter Eaton had five or six children, Mary, Peter, Martha, Eliza- 
beth, Catharine, and according to a pedigree preserved in the collections of 
Sir Isaac Heald, Lancaster Herald, a son Richard, a captain in the navy 
who died before his father. Peter and Martha died in childhood, the one 
in 1692, the other in 1696. Elizabeth married Christopher Hill, and was 
living in 1729. Catherine married, ist, Matthew Chandler of Maidstone, 
and 2d, Sir John Thompson, alderman and Lord Mayor of London. She is 
buried in the church at Leatherhead, where, against the chancel arch, is a 
monumental stone, inscribed as follows : — 


The Arms, 
a fret azure. 

Near this Place are 

deposited the remains of 


Daughter of 


and Relict of 

Sir JOHN THOMPSON late Lord Mayor of 

the City of London 

She departed this Life on the 8 Day of Ocf 

A. D. 1765, 

Aged 74 ; 

The Merits of the Virtuous and Just 

Survive when Tombstones shall be turned to Dust. 

The oldest child of Sir Peter Eaton was Mary, born in 1689. She married 
her first cousin. Captain Nicholas Eaton of London, son of Nicholas and 
Sarah, and grandson of Captain Nicholas Eaton of Dover. Their children 
were Elizabeth, Mary and Peter. The daughters died unmarried, or at all 
events without offspring. The son Peter was born in 1720. Captain 
Nicholas and Mary Eaton had a residence at Woodford, and over the gate- 
way of their house are still seen the arms of Eaton impaling Eaton, elabora- 
ted in wrought iron. This Captain Nicholas died in 1728, and was buried 
with his ancestors. His wife died in 1733. Their monument was formerly 
within St. Mary's Church : it is now used as a flagstone in the pavement of 

12 The Batons of Dover, England. 

a path outside of the church. The inscription is now nearly obliterated. It 
was described, but not copied, many years ago, in Lyon's History of Dover ; 
and I have two copies of what remains, one made by a member of my own 
family, and one by Dr. Howard. Putting all together, and supplying the 
obliterated dates from the church records, the original inscription can be 
completely restored, and then would read as follows : — 

Arms : Eaton impaling Eaton. 

Here Lyeth Interred the Bod}' of 


Mr. NICHOLAS EATON and Grandson 


who departed this Life the s^^ day 

of April 1728 Aged 48 years 

Here Lyeth Interred the Body of 

Sir PETER EATON Knt. son of Capt. 


of the above Cap'. NICHOLAS EATON 

who departed this Life the 22'' day of 

September Ann" Dom' 1730 Aged 75 years 

Alsoe Here L)'eth Interr'd the Body of 

MARY Relict of the above Cap'. 

NICHOLAS EATON and Daughter of 

Sir PETER EATON who departed this 

Life the 20"' day of September Ann" 

Dom' 1733 Aged 44 years. 

The surviving child of the younger Captain Nicholas and his cousin-wife 
Mary was Peter Eaton, born in 1720. In the will of his grandfather, Sir 
Peter Eaton, special directions for his education are given. Very little is 
known of his liistory. He died, unmarried probably, in London, Jan. 31, 
1769, and was buried in the old church (St. Mary's) at Dover. His monu- 
ment is still preserved on the interior wall of the church, and bears this in- 
scription : — 

The Batons of Dover, England. 


Sacred to the Memory of 


whose remains are here deposited with his Ancestors 

Inhabitants of this Town of DOVER for Ages past 

He being the last Male issue of His Family ; 

Departed this Life, after a long & painful illness, 

In just Hopes of a Better, 

The 31'' day of January 1769 in the 49"" Year of His Age. 

He was Zealous to God, and Benevolent to Man ; 

Reader let His Character be thine. 

Mrs. HANNAH MARKLAND His Cousin and Heir 

In Testimony of Her Regard to His Memory 

And the rest of the EATON Family, 

From whom She is Descended 
Caused this Monument to be erected. 


Felix qui sui memores alios fecit merendo. 
Verily there is a reward for the righteous. 

14 The Batons of Dover, England. 

The Hebrew is from Psalms CII, 14: "For he knoweth our frame; he 
remembereth that we are dust." 

The Greek may be translated : " Blessed in his labors, blessed in his 

The Latin means : " Happy is he who has made others to remember him 
by deserving it," and is changed but little from Virgil's ^neid, VI, 664. 

The property inherited by Hannah Markland was large, and included 
land and houses in many different places. She did not long survive her 
cousin, and left it all to Reverend Richard Monins, her second cousin. 
Richard Monins was also residuary legatee of Dame Catharine Thompson, 
daughter of Sir Peter Eaton, and in accordance with her request he peti- 
tioned the King for permission to take the name and bear the arms and 
crest of Eaton, which petition his Majesty was graciously pleased to grant 
May 4th, 1769. Through the kindness of Dr. Howard I have a copy of this 

The Rev. Richard Monins Eaton died a few months afterwards, and was 
buried at Ringwold, Feb. 28, 1770. With his death the name of Eaton 
ceased in the Dover line. 

There appear on the records of the parishes in and about Dover the names 
of sundry other Eatons, Richard, Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth, Margaret, 
Alice, Mary, x^gnes, etc., for whom places have not yet been found, and 
until this is either done or proved impossible, the search will not be com- 

II. The Family of Jobn Eaton of Haverhill. 

The first four generations of the 

descendants of 

John and Anne Eaton. 

A Report to the Eaton Family Association 

By W. H. Eaton, Genealogist. 

" So let us print, in colors clear and fast, 
The well known present on the half-known past. 
And leave to children's children yet to come 
The brave tradition of the ancient home." 

Mrs. Geo. L. Ckaney. 

First Generation. 

John and Anne Eaton' with their six children came to our New Eng- 
land shores, like many other families of their time, without leaving any 
known record of the place or date of their arrival, or of the vessel in which 
they came. His name first appears on the proprietors' books of Salisbury, 
Mass., in the winter of 1639-16^0. It is supposed that the family came from 
England, but no trace of its ancestry has as yet been found. Tradition was 
current as early as 1750 that John Eaton^ of Salisbury had a brother and a 
cousin by the Eaton name somewhere in Mass., but more recent investiga- 
tions fail to confirm the report. There were several grants of real estate 
made by the "fTreemen" of Salisbury unto John Eaton', Sen. from 1640 to 
1646 inclusive : — One was on the " 26th of ye 6th mo. 1640, 2 acres, more or 
less, for his house lotte, lying between the house lotts of Mr. Samuel Hall 
and Ralfe Blesdale." This lot is identified as lying about a stone's cast, 
nearly south, from the present town office. It is not supposed in town that 
John Eaton' ever put a house upon this lot. On the contrary it is believed 
that he lived upon his " planting lott " granted on "the 7th of the gth mo. 
1640" . . . "containing pr estimation six acres more or less, lying 
uppon ye great neck," having his house near the " great neck bridge," on 
" the beach road." This homestead has never passed out of the Eaton 
family and is now owned by seven sisters in equal and undivided shares, 
under the pleasing name of " Brookside Farm." In the Spring of 1646 John 
Eaton' was chosen "grand juror," and also one of five "Prudential men," 
to manage the affairs of the town. Still, toward the close of this year, for 
reasons not fully explained, John Eaton' transferred his homestead on " the 
great neck " together with all his rights and privileges, as one of the pro- 
prietors in common, to his son John Eaton', and removed with the rest of 
his family about fifteen miles up the Merrimack, to Haverhill, Mass., where 
he spent the last twenty-two years of his life in tilling the soil and in manu- 
facturing staves. 

i6 Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 

The following is a copy of the deed of Rev. Nathaniel Ward to John 
Eaton', Nov. 25 : 1646. 

" The present writing witnesseth that I, Nathaniel Ward of Ipswich, in 
New England, have bargained & sould to John Eaton of Salisbury, cooper, 
all the land, ground, meadow & comonage with their appurtances, which 
I have or ought to have at this present day in Haverhill or Pentuckett in 
New England. To have and to hold the said premises to the sd John Eaton 
his heirs & assignes, paying for the same unto the sd Nathaniel Ward, his 
executors, administrators & assignes the full sume of twelve pounds of 
wheat & pipe staves, six pounds worth of one, and six pounds worth of the 
other, to be delivered to Mr. Richard Russell or Major Sedgwick at Charles- 
towne before the end of September next ensuing ye date hereof. Such as 
shall be good & merchantable at the currant price at that tyme and place. 
In witnesse whereof I have sett to my hand and seal. 

Nathaniel Ward. 

Thomas Howlett. 
Ednion Bridges." 

"One half of this twenty acre lot" was deeded, on the same day, to his 
son-in-law, George Brown, and the deed was signed by "John Eaton sen. 
of Haverhill, & Anne his wife." In his will, made Aug. 6 : 166S, John Eaton' 
gave to his children and grand-children some ten or twelve separate lots of 
land mostly in Haverhill, which he doubtless felt had been a great reward 
of his labor. 

Whatever may have been the cause of the emigration of this family from 
the old country, one thing is plain, that the leader was a man of conviction 
who acted upon his own judgment. His general course of conduct, from 
the time he came to Salisbury till he died in Haverhill clearly shows that he 
was capable, under God, of being the architect of his own fortune. His 
autograph, his dealings in real estate, his official relations in Salisbury, his 
breaking away from his associations there, his choice of a home in Haverhill, 
and finally his last will and testament, which contains 24 well arranged 
items wherein are bequests to his wife, and children and grandchildren, are 
so many testimonies to his intellectual ability and moral integrity. There 
is only one date of any authority by which we can estimate the ages of the 
members of this household. One entry in the records of Salisbury shows 
that John Eaton'^ was b. in 1619. If he was the first born, as he appears to 
have been, then we may reasonably say that his parents, John and Anne 
Eaton', were b. about 1595 ; m. about 1617. The order of the children's 
birth seems to be well defined ; and on the supposition that the average 
difference in their ages was 2^4 years, we can fix the probable birth year of 
each member of the family. "Anne ye wyfe of John Eaton died the s"" of 
February 1660," "John Eaton sen. and Phebe Dow, wid. of Thomas Dow 
of Newbury, were married ye ao''' of Nov. 1661." John Eaton sen. d. in 
Haverhill Oct. 29 : 1668, aged about 73 yrs. Mrs. Phebe (Dow) Eaton d. 

Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 17 

Children : — 

1. John'^ b. 1619 ; m. Martha Rowlandson of Ipswich, Mass., and res. 

in Salisbury, Mass. 

2. Ann''' b. about 1622 ; m. Lieut. George Brown in Salisbury June 25 : 1645, 

and res. in Haverhill. She d. in Haverhill Dec. 16: 1683, leaving no 
children. Lieut. George Brown m., 2d, wid. Hannah Hazen of Rowley, 
Mass., Mar. 17 : 1684. 

3. Elizabeth' b. about 1625 ; m. James Davis of Haverhill, Dec. i : 1648, and 

lived on a farm in Haverhill. Ten children were b. to them : Hannah 
b. June 19 : 1650. Hester b. Oct. 8 : 1651. Elizabeth b. Mar. 11 : 1654. 
^ Ann b. Feb. 13 : 1655. Sarah b. Aug. 5 : 1658. James b. Oct. 3 : i66o. 
John b. June 30 ; 1664, killed in Canada 1690. Daniel b. Sept. 19 : 1666. 
Elisha b. Aug. 30 : 1670. Constance b. Mar. 9 : 1674. 

Elizabeth, the wife of James Davis, d. Jan. 21 : 1683, and Mr. Davis 
m., 2d, Mary . He himself d. July 18 : 1694. 

4. Ruth'' b. about 1628 ; m. Samuel Ingalls Dec. 9 : 1656, in Ipswich, Mass., 

where their children were born, viz : Ruth Nov. 19: 1657. Samuel 
Jan. 24 : 1659. Edmund July 23 : 1662. John Aug. 26 : 1664. Joseph 
Dec. 23 : 1666. Mary Mar. 13 : 1668. Anna Mar. 8 : 1671. Elizabeth 
Sept. 27 : 1673. 

5. Thomas- b. about 1631 ; m., ist, Martha Kent, and 2d, Eunice Singletery, 

and lived in Haverhill. 

6. Hester- b. about 1634. She died in early life, unm. 

Of the two sons, John' and Thomas^ John* settled in Salisbury and be- 
came the head of a numerous race which, for convenience, we call the 
Salisbury Branch. Thomas^ settled in Haverhill, and became the head of 
a long, line of descendants which we call the Haverhill Branch. In this 
paper we will take up first the Salisbury Branch, and afterward the Haver- 
hill Branch. 

Salisbury Branch : — Second Generation. 

John Eaton' (John') was b. in 1619, probably in England. He appears 
to have come to Salisbury, Mass., with his father in the winter of 1639-40. 
About 1644 he m. Martha Rowlandson, a dau. of Thomas Rowlandson, 
sen., of Ipswich, Mass., and sister of Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, who was 
graduated from Harvard University in 1652, the only member of his class. 
As the latter was b. in England in 1631, the Batons and Rowlandsons were 
doubtless known to each other in the fatherland. When John Eaton' 
removed from Salisbury to Haverhill in Nov. : 1646, it is said that he made 
over his homestead on "the great neck," with other real estate, to his son 
John Eaton', who occupied it till his death. And in his will dated Sept. 12 ; 
1682, the latter bequeathed it in turn to his son John Eaton^ who was the first 
child mentioned in the will. I therefore insert his name at the head of the 
list, though it does not appear in the records of Salisbury in connection with 

i8 Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 

the other children. John Eaton' was the possessor of much real estate, as is 
indicated by the fact that in the division of his land by will among his five 
sons, he gave to " Ephraim my son my great division of land above the mill 
being 90 acres." In deeds of conveyances of land he was sometimes called 
" cooper," and at other times " planter." In the first paragraph of his will 
occurs this sentence : " I commend my soul to Almight}^ God, my Creator, 
assuredly believing that I shall receive full pardon and free remission of 
my sins, and be saved by the precious death and merits of my blessed 
Saviour and Redeemer Christ Jesus." He d. Nov. i : 1682. Martha, his 
wife, d. about 30 years afterwards, July, 1712, a woman of great age, and of 
great excellency of character. 

Children : — 

1. Hester^ b. Aug., 1645 ; d. 1649. 

2. John' b. about 1646 ; m. Mary , and lived in Salisbury. 

3. Thomas' b. Jan. 17 : 1647 ; m. Hannah Hubbard, and lived in Salisbury. 

She was probably a descendant of Wm. Hubbard, " an eminent inhab- 
itant " of Ipswich, Mass. 

4. Martha' b. Aug. 12 : 1648 ; m., ist, Benjamin Collins of Salisbury, July 

9 : 1668, by whom she had two children, John Collins and Benjamin 
Collins, and perhaps others. Her ist husband d. 1683, and she m., 
2d, Philip Flanders of Salisbury. 

5. Elizabeth' b. Dec. 12 ; 1650; m. John Groth, of Salisbury, Jan. 7 : 1673. 

He was adm. to practice medicine in 1679 at Hampton. 

6. Ann' b. Dec. 17 : 1652 ; d. June 12 : 165S. 

7. Sarah' b. Feb. 28 : 1655 ; m. Robert Downer of Salisbury, May 6 : 1675, 

and had Robert Downer and Sarah Downer ; perhaps others. 

8. Mary' b. Dec. 9 : 1656 ; d. Jan. i : 1657. 

9. Samuel' b. Feb. 14: 1659. A mariner. No account of marriage. 

10. Joseph' b. Mar. 1 : 166 1 ; m. Mary French, and lived in Salisbury. 

11. Ephraim' b. April 12 : 1663 ; m. Mary True, and lived in Salisbury. 

Salisbury Branch : — Third Generation. 

John Eaton' (John'', John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass., about 1646. He 

m. Mary about 1684, and appears to have occupied a part of his late 

father's estate on "the neck lot of upland in Salisbury." He seems to have 
had a strong passion for real estate. Not satisfied with what was offered in 
Salisbury, he extended his purchases into Maine, into Winnegance Cove, as 
far as 25 miles N. E. of Portland. The names of his sons John* and William'*, 
mentioned first among the sons in the will, are omitted in the family record 
as returned to the clerk of the town. As the sons are evidentl)' named in 
the order of birth in the will, thej' are here inserted in their proper place. 
Will dated Jan. 15 : 1718. He d. Jan. 17 : 1718. 

Children :— 

1. Mary* b. Dec. 13 : 1685. Not mentioned in the will. 

2. John* b. about June, 1687 ; m. Esther Swett of Hampton, N. H. 

Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 19 

3. William'* b. about Nov., 16S9 ; m. Mary Littlefield of Wells, Me. 

4. James* b. April 27 : i6gi. Not mentioned in the will. 

5. SamueH b. Nov. 25 : 1692 ; m. Huldah Worthen, res. in Salisbury. 

6. Martha-* b. Sept. 5 : 1695 ; m. Isaac Buswell of Salisbury, Dec. 20: 171S. 

7. Jonathan'' b. Oct. 2 : 1698 ; m. Judith Ash, res. in Salisbury. 

8. Thomas'* b. Mar. 21 : 1701 ; m. Mehitable Silley, res. in Salisbury. 

9. Daniel* b. July 13 : 1704 ; d. young. 

10. DanieH b. Mar. 11 : 1710; m. Nancy Pike, res. in Salisbury. 

Thomas Eaton^ (John^, John*) was b. in Salisbury, Mass., Jan. 17 : 1647. 
He m. Hannah Hubbard at Salisbury, Nov. 14 : 1679, and settled on a farm 
in Salisbury, "laid out to him in the peak division, so called, gth lot," 
where his children were born. Previous to 16S7, however, he moved His 
family to Boston, where he d. July 9 : 1699. 

Children : — 

1. Thomas'* b. Sept. 15 : 16S0 ; d. in Boston, 1699. 

2. Hannah'* b. June 23 : 1682 ; d. in Salisbury, July 8 : 1683. 

3. Hannah* b. Mar. 10 : 1684. Of Boston 1711, singlewoman. 

Joseph Eaton* (John*, John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass., Mar. i : 1661. 
He m. Mary French, also of Salisbury, Dec. 14: 1683, and had his res. in 
Salisbury, perhaps on " the three acres of land at Sand}' Hill be it more or 
less,'' left him b}' his father. He was a house carpenter, though like his 
brother John, he dealt largely in real estate. He was promoted to the rank 
of Capt. in the militia. He was fond of hunting and trapping, and at the 
right seasons of the year he would go with others as far east as Brunswick, 
Maine, and on his return he would entertain his family with many pleasing 
and exciting incidents of his excursion. By those stories three of his sons 
were fired with an adventurous spirit and must needs seek their fortune in 
the forests of Maine. Mary, his wife, d. July 12: 1726. Capt. Joseph 
Eaton ent. his int. of m. the 2d time with Mary Worster of Bradford, Mass. 
in Nov., 1726, and was probably m. soon after. His second wife d. Sept. 2 : 
1759. The Capt. himself d. Jan. 13 : 1743, in full age, having appointed his 
son Nicholas sole executor of his will. 

Children : — 

1. John* b. Aug. 23 : 1684 ; d. Dec. 12 : 1684. 

2. John* b. Oct. 18 : 1685 ; m. Esther Johnson of Kingston, N. H. and res 


3. Samuel* b. Dec. 7: 1687 ; m. Mary Malcom, res. Brunswick, Me. 

4. Joseph* b. Aug. 14 : 1690 ; m. Mary French, res. Nevvbur)^ ^ 

5. Benjamin* b. Feb. 14 : 1693 ; m. Sarah Merrill, res. Salisbury. 

6. Moses* b. May 18 : 1695. Killed by the Indians near Brunswick, Me. 

7. Mary* b. April 9 : 1697 ; m. Benjamin True of Salisbury Jan. 4 : 1715. 

8. Nicholas* b. Sept. 12 : 1699 ; m. Mercy Walton, res. Salisbury. 

g. Sarah* b. May 20: 1701 ; m. David Buswell of Bradford, June 30: 1726. 
10. Jacob* b. April 16 : 1703 ; m. 1st, Sarah Plumer, and 2d, Sarah Malcom, 
res. Topsham, Me. ,' 

20 Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 

Ephraim Eaton^ (John', John') was born in Salisbury, Mass., April 12 : 
1663. He m. MaryTrue alsoof Salisbur}^ Feb. 5 : i68g. She was probably 
the dau. of Henry and Jane (Bradbury) True, b. May 30: 1668. They res. in 
Salisbury. He was a cooper and a farmer. In addition to his father's be- 
quest to him of "90 acres above the mill," his mother gave him " all my 
upland meadow and common right in said town given me bj' my sister 
Wells, after m}' natural life is ended." Ephraim Eaton^ also owned land in 
Haverhill. Mary Eaton was admitted to membership in the ist Church 
Feb. 19 : 1699. On the 28th of May following her four children were bap- 
tized, and each child born afterwards received the rite in early infancy. 
Ephraim^ the father, d. testate, June 8 : 1723. Marj^ the mother, d. about 174S. 

Children : — 
r. Mary* b. Dec. 11: 16S9 ; m. Jacob Green of Hampton, N. H. in 1713 ; 
adm. to 1st Church May 20: 1713. 

2. Ephraim* b. May 24 : 1692 ; " published to Mary Bartlett of Newbury, 

Jan. 12 : 1722 and forbid." 

3. Jane*, Sept. 13: 1694; adm. to ist Church, May 10: 1713 ; m. John 

Stevens of Salisbury, Dec. 16: 1718. 

4. Samuel*, Aug. 6: 1697; " admtr. of the estate of Samuel Eaton of Hamp- 

ton Falls, N. H. was granted to his bro. Jabez May 18 : 1756." No 
allusion to wife or children. 

5. Jemima* b. April 15 : 1701 ; d. Oct. 13 : 1709. 

6. Henr}'* b. Jan. 22 : 1703 ; m. Mary True, res. Salisbury. 

7. Jabez* b. Aug. 11 : 1705 ; d. in infancy. 

8. Jabez* b. Aug. 9 : 1708 ; m. Sarah True, res. Salisbury. 

Salisbury Branch : — Fourth Generation. 

John Eaton, Jr.* (John^, John'', John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass. about 
1687. Esther Swett, dau. of James Swett of Hampton, N. H. was b. 
June 10: 1690. The above couple were joined in m. at Hampton, Nov. 18 : 
1708. They lived on a farm in Hampton, where several of their children 
were b., till 1721, when they moved to Salisbury where their other children 
were b. The record of the last four children is found in Salisburj'. The 
record in Hampton is ver)' incomplete, giving only the date of marriage, 
and of the birth of Joseph. The other names and dates are supplied from 
miscellaneous records. Probably there were other children b. in Hampton 
whose names do not appear on the following list. 

Children : — 

1. John^ b. about Sept., 1709 ; m. Hannah Fowler, res. Hampton Falls, N. H. 

2. Joseph" b. Aug. 30 : 171 1 ; d. young. 

3. Benjamin' b. about 1718 ; m. Jane Hutchins, res. Seabrook, N. H. 

4. William^ b. about 1720; m. Ruth Wardwell of York, Me. 

5. Thomas* b. Mar. 17 : 1722 ; m. Jane Wheeler, res. Seabrook, N. H. 

6. Wyman* b. July 24: 1725 ; m. Ruth Merrill, res. Seabrook, N. H. 

7. Joseph* b. May 9: 1728 ; m. Sarah Burnell, res. Salisbury. 

8. Rachel* b. May 2 : 1731. 

Note. — William Eatons was the first man who made a permanent settlement on Deer 
Isle, Maine, in 1762. 

Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 21 

William Eaton'* (John^ John*, John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass. about 
Nov., 1689. His father gave him by will "one half of my land and right in 
the Winnegant's Cove, so called, at Kennebeck." Will dated Jan. 15 : 1718. 
Mrs. Rebecca King of Essex Co., Mass. sold "marsh land in Wells, to 
William Eaton of Wells." Deed dated Oct. 29:1718. Records of Wells 
state that William Eaton and Mary Littlefield were joined in marriage 
Jan. 19 : 1709. The records of the ist Congregational Church in Wells show 
that William Eaton united with the church Feb. 10; 1722, and that Mary 
Eaton joined Dec. 23: 1722. On Feb. 10 : 1723 four children were baptized, 
viz, — Mary, Sarah, Joshua, William. From 1723 to 1727 three more were 
baptized, viz, — Martha, Joseph and Ruth. Thus it seems from church records 
that there were b. to William and Mary Eaton of Wells seven children. In 
the will of William Eaton of Wells, dated March 31 : 1741, he mentions but 
four children, in the following order, viz : — Joshua Eaton, Mary Credifer, 
Ruth Eaton and Joseph Eaton, from which it is evident that the other three 
died in childhood or youth. He speaks of Ruth and Joseph as under age, 
and provides " for education, learning and bringing up of my son Joseph 
until he arrives at 2X, and Ruth until she arrives to the age of 18." We 
thus see that William Eaton of Salisbury, Mass., of the 4th generation, at 
about the age of 21, set up a branch house of the Eaton Family, from which 
has gone forth a long line of descendants, doing good service each in his 
own generation. 

From the foregoing records it is apparent that William and Mary Eaton 
had the following 

Children : — 

1. Mary^ b. July 4 : 1710 ; m. Josiah Credifer, res. Wells, Me. 

2. Sarah^ b. Apr. 21 : 1713 ; d. young. 

3. Joshua' b. Mar. 9: 1714 ; m. Anna Delzell, res. Wells, Me. 

4. William^ b. Apr. i : 1717 ; d. young. 

5. Martha^ b. about 1720 ; d. young. 

6. Ruth" b. about 1725 ; m. Joshua Adams, res. Wells, Me. 

7. Joseph' b. about 1727 ; m. Lydia Moulton, res. Wells, Me. 

Samuel Eaton* (John^, John-', John^) was b. in Salisbury, Mass., Nov. 
25 : 1692. He m. Huldah Worthen, dau. of John Worthen of Hampton 
Falls, N. H., in 1713, and lived on a farm in Salisbury, though some of his 
children may have been b. in Hampton Falls. He mentions in his will sons 
Jonathan and Samuel, not found in Salisbury records with the other chil- 
dren. The order in which the children are named in the will seems to be — 
daus. from oldest to youngest, sons from youngest to oldest. Samuel Eaton* 
d. May 7 : 1765. 

Children : — 

1. Samuel' b. about 1714 ; m. Huldah about 1744, res. Salisbury till 

death of his father. Had one son, Samuel^, b. Aug. 8 : 1747. 

2. Jemima' b. Oct. 2 : 1717 ; m. Samuel Maxfield of Salisbury, Jan. 13 : 1742. 

3. Jonathan' b. about 1720 ; m. Nancy . 

4. Elisha' b. Feb. 3 : 1723 ; m. Elizabeth Blake, res. Salisbury. 

22 Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 

5. Sarah* b. July 23 : 1726 ; m. Christopher Toppan of Hampton, N. H., Dec. 

14: 1748. 

6. David^ b. Nov. 15 : 1728 ; m. Lydia Fowler, res. Seabrook, N. H. 

7. Martha* b. Jan. 22 : 1730 ; m. Drake . 

8. Lydia b. Aug. 8 : 1737 ; . 

Jonathan Eaton^ (John^, John', John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass., 
Oct. 2: 1698. He m. Judith Ash of Salisbury Nov. 24: 1720. He was a 
farmer of some means in Salisbury, where all his children were born. And 
though his family was large, yet a fortnight before he died he made a division 
of his estate, and gave to his wife and children their allotted parts. He d. 
July 7 : 1745- 

Children : — 

1. Theophilus* b. July 3 : 1721 ; m. Abigail Fellows, res. Deer Isle, Me. 

2. Nancy* b. Nov. 15, 1723 ; . 

Either Nancy or Patience m. a Pritchard of Newburyport, and 

has descendants there now (1S91). 

3. Patience* b. Apr. 6 : 1725 ; . 

4. Abel* b. Mar. i : 1727 ; Entered his int. of m. at Brunswick, Me., with 

Mrs. Dorcas Coombs Oct. 22 : 1750, and settled on a farm in George- 
town, Me.; m. 2d, Sarah Brown of Eastham, Jan. 26: 1763. 

5. Thomas* b. Feb. 8 : 1729 : m. Eunice Moulton of Newbury. 

6. Ezekiel* b. Dec. 7 : 1730 : m. Mary Campbell, res. Sandown, N. H. 

7. James* b. Feb. 11 : 1733 : d. July 21 : 1748. 

8. Joseph* b. Jan. — : 1735 : d. May 5 : 1736. 

9. Mary* b. Aug. 17 : 1737 : d. Nov. i : 1737. 

10. Judith* b. Oct. 14 : 1738 : d. May 6: 1740. 

11. Joseph* b. Mar. 7 : 1741 : m. Perhaps Sarah Webster, res. Newbury, Mass. 

12. Jonathan* b. Sept. 6 : 1745 ; m. Diana Dow. Settled on Deer Isle, Me. 

Thomas Eaton* (John', John', John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass., March 
21: 1701. Mehitable SiLLEY, " dau. of Benony Silley and Elenor his wife," 
was b. in Salisbury, Feb. 15 : 1704. The above couple were joined in mar- 
riage at Salisbury, Jan. 6 : 1727. He must have died very soon after mar- 
riage, for it is recorded in Salisbury, that " wid. Mehitable Eaton was 
married to Elihu Dow of Salisbury, May 6: 1728." 

Daniel Eaton* (John', John', John') was b. in Salisburj', Mass. Mar. 11 : 
1710, and bap, Apr. 23 : 1710. He m. Nancy .Pike of Salisbury about 1730, 
and lived on a farm in Salisbury. His bro. Jonathan's* homestead was at or 
near the neck bridge so called. This was at length deeded to Daniel*, Mar. 
15 : 1750, said to " contain 20 acres near the neck bridge with buildings." 
This estate, with some variations in the number of acres, was occupied by 
John Eaton', and bequeathed by him to his son John Eaton', and the latter 
bequeathed it to his son John Eaton', by whom it was bequeathed to his son 
Jonathan Eaton*, and after his death, the estate came by the way of trade, 
into the hands of Daniel Eaton*. "The great neck" is a large plat of rich 
upland almost surrounded by a tract of marshy grounds. The Eaton 

Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 23 

homestead is described as being on this neck of upland near the " neck 
bridge." On this ancestral farm there were born to Daniel and Nancy Eaton 
fourteen children, after which he lived over forty years, dying Sept. 20 : 1798. 


1. William* b. June 12: 1731 ; m. wid. Arnold, lived in Salisbury, d. 

1814 without issue. 

2. Abigail^ b. May 21 : 1733 ; d. May 22: 1736. 

3. Mary* b. July 23 : 1735 ; d. Dec. 13 : 1736. 

4. Moses^ b. Aug. 3 : 1737 ; d. young. 

5. Abigail' b. May 31 : 1739 ; m. Jonathan Ealot, lived in Salisbury. 

6. Joshua^ b. Mar. 9 ; 1741. Mariner, never married. 

7. Mary' b. May 27 : 1743. Lived in the homestead, singlewoman, till she 

d. July 15 : 1834. 

8. Daniel' b. May 19 : 1745 ; m. Hannah Walton, and d. Sandwich, N. H. 

9. Benjamin' b. Aug. 4 : 1747 ; m. Mary Manning of Newburyport. 

10. Nancy' b. Sept. 5 : 1749 ; m. John Hinkson of Salisbury. 

11. Martha' b. Aug. 30: 1751 ; m. Abel Eaton, son of Wyman, int. entered 

Dec. II: 1776. Lived in Salisbury and had three daughters. 

12. Bette' b. about 1753 ; m. Caleb Pike. Lived in Salisbury and had sons 

and daughters. 

13. Sarah' b. about 1755 ; m. William Pike of Salisbury. No issue. 

14. James' b. about 1757 ; m. Sarah Eaton, dau. of Wyman, June 17: 1778. 

Lived at the old homestead " near the neck bridge." 

John Eaton^ (Joseph^ John*, John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass., Oct. 
18: 1685. He m. Esther Johnson of Kingston, N. H., about 1713, and 
res. in Salisbury. He was a housewright. Esther, the wife, d. Jan. 22 : 
1728, having had at least seven children. John Eaton'* m., 2d, Elizabeth 
Hook, July 2 : 1728, by whom he had two children. He himself d. Mar. i : 
1746. " Adm. was granted to his son Joseph, cordwainer, of said Salisbury, 
his mother Elizabeth having declined the appointment." 

Children : — 

1. John' b. May 13 : 1714 ; d. June 9 : 1736. 

2. Joseph' b. Aug. 30: 1715 ; m. Jane True of Salisbury. Jan. 11: 1737. 

Settled in Hawke, N. H., where he d. Jan. 15 : 1776. 

3. Abigail' b. Sept. 27 : 1716 ; m. Jacob Bradley of Salisbury, Dec. i5 : 1733. 

4. Benjamin' b. about Oct., 1718 ; d. March 14: 1737. 

5. Hannah' b. Sept. 7: 1721. . 

V 6. Mary' b. Mar. 27: 1723; m. Benjamin Kimball of Hampstead, N. H., 
Dec. 22, 1742. Issue seven sons and one dau. Mary d. Aug. 29: '57. 

7. Moses' b. Dec. 28 : 1724 ; d. June 6 : 1736. 

8. Esther' b. Jan. 16 : 1728 ; d. June 5 : 1736. 

The mother d. Jan. 22 : 1728. 

9. Elizabeth' b. Oct. 21 : 1730 ; d. June 6 : 1736. 

10. John' b. Sept. 22 : 1732 ; m. Mary Merrill of Salisbury, Jan. 25 : 1770. 

Note.— Mrs. Elizabeth (Hook) Eaton m. for her 2d husband Abner Lowell, Dec. 
28 : 1752. 

24 Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 

Samuel Eaton^ (Joseph^ John', John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass., Dec. 
7 : 1687. He inherited a love of exploration. To gratify it he plunged into 
the forests of Maine, and finally settled in what is now Brunswick. The 
following quotation from " Wheeler's Hist, of Brunswick, &c.," is true with 
exceptions noted in parenthesis : " Samuel Eaton, the ancestor of the Bruns- 
wick family of this name, came to Brunswick from Salisbury, Mass., early 
in the last century, and built a house on what is now the southern corner of 
Bank and Main streets, where the billiard saloon stands (1878). He had 
two children and perhaps more. One of his children, Samuel, was a soldier 
in Fort George in 1722. (The soldier must have been the father who was 
probably not m. till about 1715). He was the one sent to Georgetown with 
a letter to Captains Harmon and Moody. The letter was tied in his hair. 
When it was not safe by land, he took to the water and swam. The other 
son, Moses (brother b. May 18 : 1695), was taken prisoner in June, 1722, 
cruelly mutilated and carried to Pleasant Point where the Indians killed 
him." Samuel Eaton'* m. Mary Malcom, dau. of John Malcom of Bruns- 
wick, formerly of Salisbury, about 1715. Martin Eaton, a great grandson b. 
1796, says that Samuel* had two sons, Enoch^ and Daniel^ Enoch' was 
drowned in boyhood. Daniel' was b. 1722, through whom has descended 
the Eaton family of Brunswick, Me. " Mary Eaton int. m. with Thomas 
Stoddard 1747." She must have been a dau. of Samuel and Mar)' (Malcom) 
Eaton, b. about 1727 or earlier. 

Joseph Eaton* (Joseph*, John**, John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass., Aug. 
14: 1690. He m. Mary French, also of Salisbury, Mar. 25: 1724. They 
probably lived in Newbury, Mass. He d. in a few years after marriage, for 
" Adm. of Joseph Eaton of Newbury was granted to his widow Mary, April 
4 : 1727. In the will of his father, Capt. Joseph Eaton, dated Mar. 14: 1742, 
bequest is made "To two daughters, Mary and Sarah, of my son Joseph 

Children : — 

1. Mary' b. Jan. 9: 1725. . 

2. Sarah' b. May — : 1727 ; m. Joshua Pike of Salisbury, Feb. 25 : 1750. 

The widow, Mary Eaton, was m., 2d, to Ensign Andrew Downer of 
Salisbury, Jan. 24: 1740. 

Benjamin Eaton* (Joseph^ John', John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass., 
Feb. 14: 1693. He m. Sarah Merrill of Salisbury, Feb. 3: 1718. He 
was adm. to the first Church in Jan., 1728, and his wife was adm. a month 
later, both having been baptized in infancy. Mr. Eaton was a carpenter. 
He d. early in 1737. She d. Apr. 9: 1743. 

Children : — 

1. Abraham' b. Feb. 9: 1720; d. March 25 : 1720. 

2. Abraham' b. May 13: 1721 ; bap. May 15: 1721 ; m., ist, Martha True, 

and 2d, Thankful Hubbard, res. Salisbury. 

3. Sarah' b. Mar. i : 1723 ; bap. Mar. 10: 1723 ; m. Jabez True, Jr., of Salis- 

bury, Feb. 10: 1741. 

Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 25 

4. Anne' b. Mar. 30: 1725 ; m. Thomas Arnold of Newbury, Nov. 10: 1747. 

Issue one dau. and two sons. 

5. Rhoda^ b. Mar. 15: 1726; bap. Mar. 19: 1726; m. Joseph Dow of Salis- 

bury, Dec. 9 : 1747. 

6. Elizabeth', b. Oct. 19: 1729; bap. Oct. 19: 1729; m. Simon Noyes of 

Newbury, Nov. 9 : 1754, 2d wife. Issue 3 children. 

7. Benjamin' b. Dec. 29 : 1731 ; bap. Jan. 2 : 1732 ; d. Oct. 22 : 1737. 

8. Rachel' b. Apr. i : 1735 ; bap. Apr. 6 : 1735 ; d. Oct. 20: 1737. 

Nicholas Eaton^ (Joseph^, John^, John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass., 
Sept. 12: 1699. He was adm. to the ist Church April 7: 1728. His father, 
Capt. Joseph Eaton^, in his will dated Feb. 2 : 1735, appointed his son 
Nicholas sole executor, and made him residuary legatee of his estate, includ- 
ing the homestead, household goods, live stock, &c. Having this home, he 
desired a companion, so he m., though late in life, Mercy Walton, about 
i756-7> and had one child, Rebecca^, b. Dec. 24 : 1757, and d. Sept. 2 : 1759. 

Jacob Eaton^ (Joseph^, John', John^) was b. in Salisbury, Mass., April 
16: 1703; bap. Aug. I: 1708; pub. to Sarah Plumer in Newbury, Mass., 
Apr. 16: 1726, to whom he was shortly afterwards married. The births of 
two children are recorded in Newbury : 

1. Sarah' b. May 17: 1727. "^ 

2. Hannah' b. Nov. 5 : 1728. 

The same spirit animated him that inspired his brother SamueH. So he 
went East. He was in Topsham, Maine, as early as 1730. 1, His wife, Sarah 
Plumer, d. when is not known. He m. a 2d time Sarah Malcom. Whether 
she was a dau. of John or of Michael Malcom does not appear. The marriage 
must have occurred as early as 1740. It is certain that three sons were b. 
to them : — 

1. Jacob b. April 8: 1741 ; m. Elizabeth Thorn in Topsham, Nov. 27 : 1764. \ 

Drowned in St. John's Falls. 

2. Joseph b. about Nov., 1742, m. Jane McGlatheryof New Harbor, Feb. 28 : 

1769, res. Camden, Me. 

3. Benjamin b. May 20 : 1744 ; m. Tabitha Whalen, and res. in Topsham. 

These sons appear to have been born in Topsham, where their father, 
Jacob Eaton*, remained till some time in the fall of 1744. In Oct. of 
that year he was in York, where he continued till 1748, when he returned to 
Topsham. He is called blacksmith, husbandman, and Dep. Sheriff — the 
latter in York. 

Henry Eaton* (Ephraim^ John' John') was b. in Salisbury, Mass., Jan. 
22 : 1703. He was bap. June 11 : 1704. He was m. to Mary True, dau. of 
Ensign Henry True of Salisbury, Aug. 10 : 1727. He was a cordwainer and 
res. in Salisbury on the farm of his wife's father. By will his own father gave 

26 Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 

him and his brother Samuel all his land in Haverhill, with a clause inserted 
that if either desired to sell, it should be to the other. Henrj' and Mary 
(True) Eaton were members of the Church in Salisbury, and were faithful 
to the covenant in this : — they had all their children bap. in early infancy. 
Marj' the mother d. Oct. 28 : 1790. Capt. Henry, the father, d. Dec. 20 : 1790. 

Children : — 

1. Mary* b. June 20 : 1728 ; int. m. with Nathan Green of Hampton, May i : 


2. Jemima* b. July 31 : 1730 ; d. May 4 : 1736. 

3. True* b. Mar. i : 1733 ; d. Apr. 30 : 1752. 

4. Henry* b. Aug. 5 : 1735 ; d. Oct. 22 : 1758. 

5. Sarah* b. Dec. 4: 1737. She may have m. Henry Maxfield, whose dau. 

Sarah m. Nath'l Hopkinson in 1769. 

6. Abigail* b. May 10 : 1740 ; d. May 31 : 1746. 

7. Johannah* b. Sept. 5 : 1742 ; d. Aug.: 1768. 

8. Ephraim* b. Feb. i : 1745 ; m., ist, Abigail Perkins. Settled in Camden, 

N. H., 1773 ; 2d, Sarah Stevens. 

9. Peter* b. Mar. 23 : 1747 ; d. in infancy. 

10. Peter* b. Mar. 25 : 1748; m. Abigail Greeley, and res. in Salisbury, on 

Little River near " Huckleberry Mill." 

11. Timothy^ b. Mar. 11 : 1750; m. , res. Hampton Falls, N. H. 

Inventory ren. Mar. 10: 1791. Dau. Rachel the only heir mentioned. 

Jabez Eaton' (Ephraim^ John^, John^) was b. in Salisbur)', Aug. 9 : 1708 ; 
bap. Oct. 10 : 1708 ; m. Sarah True, dau. of Ensign Henry True, Jan. 16 : 
1732. They lived at first in Salisbury, where the births of their children are 
recorded, though the last five were born in Hampton Falls, where he d. in 
1761, as Prob. records state that adm. on estate of Lieut. Jabez Eaton of 
Hampton Falls, was ordered Oct. 28 : 1761, he having d. of small pox Jan. 
28: 1760. Bap. of children in Salisbury. 

Children : — 

1. Sarah* b. May 3 : 1733 ; d. young. 

2. Paul* b. Jan. 19 : 1735 ; d. Oct. 7 : 1736. 

3. Jemima* b. about 1736; d. Oct. 3: 1736. 

4. Samuel* b. Apr. 20: 1737 ; m. Rachel Greele}' of Salisbury. 

5. Paul* b. Aug. 29: 1739; m., ist, Mary Tilton, res. Candia, N. H. 2d, 

Hannah Emerson. 

6. Sarah* b. July 3 : 1743 ; m. Robert Smith, res. Salisbury, N. H. 

7. Jabez* b. Sept. 17: 1746; d. 1819, testate, unm. 

8. Joshua* b. July 15 : 1749 ; m. Anne Smith Gill, and lived in Seabrook. 

9. Abigail* b. April 30: 1752. . 

ID. Mary* b. Apr. 22 : 1755 ; d. unm. Oct. i : 1800. 

End of 4th Generation of Salisbury Branch. 

Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 27 

Having presented in the preceding pages a tabulated account of the 
Salisbury Branch down to the fifth generation, we now take up the 
Haverhill Branch of the same famil}^ and pursue it in the same manner 
and for the same number of generations. For the first generation, see 
pages 15 to 17 inclusive. 

Haverhill Branch : — Second Generation. 

Thomas Eaton' (John') was b., it is supposed, in England, about 1631. 
He was with his parents in Salisbury, and went with them to Haverhill, 
Mass., Nov. : 1646. Here he m. Martha Kent, Aug. 14 : 1656. She d. 
Mar. 9 : 1657, leaving a daughter about 10 days old. Thomas Eaton' m. for 
his 2d wife, Eunice Singletery at Andover, Mass., Jan. 6: 1659. She was 
the dau. of Richard and Susanna Singletery of Salisbury, and was b. Jan. 
7: 1641. They lived on a farm in Haverhill, where all their children were 
born. In 1652 Thomas Eaton was one of 37 signers to a petition to the 
General Court to revoke the sentence of disfranchisement against Robert 
Pike for freedom of speech. In 1675 he was one of the Selectmen of the 
town. In 1692 Ensign Thomas Eaton was first Selectman. In 1697 Ensign 
Eaton was one of a Com. on location of meeting house. He was much 
interested in Church and town afTairs, and was highly esteemed by his 
fellow citizens. He was a "well-to-do" farmer. After his decease, Dec. 
15 : 1708, the inventory of his estate amounted to £ 404 5s. His wife, Unes, 
as he wrote it in his will, d. Oct. 5 : 1715. 

Children : — 

1. Martha^ b. Feb. 27 : 1657 ; d. young. 

2. Thomas* b. Mar. 18 : 1660 ; m. Hannah Webster of Haverhill. 

3. Lydia^ b. July 23 : 1662 ; m. Jacob Hardy. 

4. John^ b. Mar. 6 : 1664 ; m. Mary Singletery of Haverhill. 

5. Jonathan' b. Apr. 23 : 1668 ; m., ist, Sarah Sanders, 2d, Ruth Page, of 


6. Job* b. Apr. 22 : 1671 ; m. Mary Simons of Haverhill. 

7. Timothy* b. May 19: 1674; m. Ruth Chapman. 

8. Ebenezer* b. Apr. 5 : 1677. He was a rich bachelor farmer, who occupied 

the homestead of his father. The inventory of his estate, returned 
July 25 : 1737, amounted to ^i^S"] 13s. It was divided into seven 
shares, and distributed to his brothers and sisters or their heirs. 

9. Martha* b. Mar. 16 : 1680 ; m. Thomas Roby. 

10. Ruth* b. Nov. 23 : 1684. She m., ist, Ebenezer Kimball of Haverhill, 
by whom she had three children: i. Jemima b. Oct. 22: 1709. 2. 
Abner b. Apr. 20 : 1712. 3. Abraham b. Jan. 3 : 1714. Mr. Kimball 
d. Jan. 23:1715. After this Mrs. Ruth Kimball m., 2d, Stephen 
Johnson, perhaps a son of John Johnson, to whom was given a house 
with land that he might settle in town as a blacksmith in 1656. 

28 Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 

Heverhill Branch : — Third Generation. 

Thomas Eaton, Jr.^ (Thomas', John^) was b. in Haverhill, Mass., Mar. 
i8, 1660, being the first male child of the Eaton family born in Haverhill. 
He m. Hannah Webster of Haverhill, May 5 : 1684, and probably lived on 
the farm deeded him by his father, in consideration of " natural love and 
affection." This farm the father had " purchased of Henry Kimball, Dec. 
6 : 1682 :" it consisted of two lots, " one of 4 acres of upland," and " another 
lot adj. thereto on the west of 12 acres, laid out in ox commons land." 
Dec. 6: 1682. Thomas Eaton, Jr., was killed by the Indians Mar. 15 : 1697, 
on the same day that Mrs. Hannah Dustin was taken prisoner. His widow, 
Hannah, d. Aug. 14: 1747. The Eaton neighborhood for a hundred j^ears 
and more was in plain sight of the Dustin homestead. 

Children : — 

1. Stephen* b. Mar. 21 : 1685 ; d. Nov. 29 : 1685. 

2. Thomas'* b. Aug. 7 : 1686 ; m. Lydia Kimball. 

3. Hannah* b. Sept. 30 : 1688 ; m. Caleb Allen of Enfield, Mass., Apr. 4 : 


4. Judith* b. Mar. 5 : 1691 ; m. Joseph Hazeltine Nov. 28 : 1717, and had five 

daus. and one son. The son and three daus. d. young. 

5. Joseph* b. Feb. 18 : 1693 ; d. about 1715, unm., a weaver. 

6. Lydia* b. Oct. 18 : 1694 ; m. Joseph Harriman of Haverhill, May Z3  

1723, and had 4 daus. and 3 sons ; one son and one dau. d. young. 

7. Nathaniel* b. Aug. 14: 1696 ; d. Jan. 10 : 1698. 

Note — " In town meeting in 1714, several women petitioned for leave to build a women's 
pew in the meeting house ; among them were Hannah Eaton and Judith Eaton." 

John Eaton^ (Thomas', John') was b. in Haverhill, Mass., Mar. 6 ; 1664. 
He was m. to Mary Singletery of Haverhill, June 25 : 1700, and settled 
on a farm in said town, where all his children were born. Mary, the wife, 
d. Jan. 26: 1729. John Eaton* d. July 10 : 1736. 

Children : — 

1. Mar}'* b. Apr. 10: 1701 ; m. Thomas Whittier of Methuen, Aug. 21 : 1729. 

2. Sarah* b. June 4: 1703 ; d. unm. 

3. John* b. Feb. 5 : 1705 ; m. Judith Hale of Newbury. 

4. Anne* b. Apr. 19: 1708 ; spinster; d. Nov. 26 : 1766, in Haverhill. Inv'y 

of her estate £ 66. 

5. Moses* b. Sept. 6: 1710; m. Susanna Levant of Haverhill. 

6. Nathaniel* b. Apr. 28 : 1714 ; d. young. 

7. Thomas* b. May 25 : 1717 ; d. young. 

8. Eunice* b. May 6 : 1720 ; d. young. 

Note— In the settlement of the estate of John Batons, his two daus., Mary and Anne, 
sold their portion to their bro. John*, who took the homestead and paid all debts. 

Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 29 

Jonathan Eaton^ (Thomas^ John') was b. in Haverhill, Mass., Apr. 23 : 
1668. He was m. to Sarah Sanders of Haverhill, Mar. 17 : 1695, and had, 
one son born on the same day (Mar. 9 : 1697) with Mrs. Dustin's child [whose 
brains were dashed out six days afterwards against an apple tree that stood 
on Jonathan Eaton's land.] That his wife might escape from the attack of 
the Indians, she was concealed in a swamp near by, and by this exposure 
she took a cold which was the cause of her death, though she continued till 
April 23 : i6g3. Jonathan Eaton was m. a 2d time to Ruth Page of Haver- 
hill, Jan. 23 : 1699. He was a farmer and lived on the original Eaton home- 
stead deeded him "from love" by his father Thomas^, who says that it 
" was formerly my father John Eaton's." The inventory of Jonathan Eaton's 
estate, " appraised 6 May 1724 amtg. to ^743-2-6," quite a large real estate, 
mentions "homestead 38 acres with old house, a new house with boards, nails 
and bricks and all other materials ready to finish it." The cellar, where this 
new house stood, was all that marked the site in 1888. It was found in the 
West Parish, a little south of the old grave yard. Of Jonathan Eaton's six 
children, only three lived to be married. He d. Jan. 20: 1723, and Ruth, 
the mother, d. Apr. 2 : 1743. 

Children : — 

1. James'' b. Mar. 9: 1697, ist wife ; m. Rachel (Kimball) Ayer. 

2. Nathaniel** b. Mar. 5 : 1701 ; d. early in life. 

3. Sarah** b. Mar. 7 : 1702; d. young. 

4. Jonathan-* b. Mar. 30: 1705 ; m. Jane Page of Haverhill. 

5. David* b. Feb. 14: 1707 ; d. young. 

6. Ruth-* b. Apr. 17, 1712 ; m. Samuel Merrill of Haverhill, May 2: 1732, 

and had 2 daus. and 2 sons ; the first born d. in infancy. 

Job Eaton^ (Thomas'^ John') was b. in Haverhill, Mass., Apr. 22 : 1671. 
He m. Mary Simons of said Haverhill, Jan. 10 : 1698. He occupied a small 
farm in the West Parish, where his children were born. He d. Sept. 17: 
1717. The widow, Mary Eaton, and John Marsh, both of Haverhill, were 
m. Feb. 8, 1721. A month before, Jan. 11, Mr. Marsh was chosen Dea., and 
held the office till his death, Nov. 24 : 1733. 

Children of Job and Mary Eaton : — 

1. Samuel-* b. Oct. 5 : 1699 ; m.'Mehitable Harriman of Haverhill. 

2. Thomas* b. Feb. 20: 1701 ; m. Mehitable Carter of Methuen. 

3. Abigail* b. Feb. 14: 1703 ; d. )'-oung. 

4. Mary* b. June 9: 1707; m. Isaac Dalton of Haverhill, Dec. 28: 1727, a 

cordwainer, and had 4 sons and 6 daus. Isaac, the husband, d. at 
Cape Brittain. Mary, the wife, d. in Haverhill, July 6 : 1758. 

Timothy Eaton^ (Thomas-, John') was b. in Haverhill, Mass., May 19 : 
1674. He m. Ruth Chapman about 1703, and lived on a farm in Haverhill. 
He dealt largely in real estate. In his will, prob. July 5 : 1763, from which 
it is evident that he left no children nor grandchildren, he divided his real 
estate among 14 legatees, among which was " Rev. Benjamin Parker, Cong'. 

30 Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 

minister of tiie East Parish in Haverhill, all my homestead b'ing between 
Moses Hazen and the present parsonage land, after my wife's decease." 
He appointed Benjamin Parker extr. and made him residuary legatee. 
This " homestead " given to Mr. Parker, according to History of Haverhill, 
" was occupied in iS6o by Henry Davis, next north of Joshua Lake." 

Thomas Eaton'' (Thomas,* Thomas,' John') was b. in Haverhill, Mass., 
Aug. 7: 1686. He m. Lydia Kimball May 22: 1729 and resided on a farm 
in Haverhill. In his will, " proved 17 Apr. 1767," he " provides for wife's 
support during widowhood," makes legacies to his surviving children, con- 
stitutes Joseph, his first born, executor, and gives him the balance of the 
estate after paying legacies. As Joseph lived and died on the farm opposite 
the old garrison house, it is supposed that he received it from his father. 

Children : — 

1. Joseph^ b. Feb. 27 : 1730 ; m. Sarah Webster of Haverhill, Jan. 24 : 1754, 

and had 10 children. One was Rev. Peter Eaton, D.D., of Boxford, 

2. Thomas^ b. Sept. 18 : 1731; d. Jan. 10 : 1740. 

3. Moses* b. Jan. 29: 1734; m. Anna Webster of Plaistow, N. H., Feb. 

5 : 1760; res. in Hampstead, N. H., then in Pelham, N. H., and after- 
wards in Francestown, N. H. 

4. Lydia^ b. Apr. 13: 1736; m. Stephen Noyes of Plaistow, N. H., early in 

1757, and had three sons and two daus. 

5. Nathaniel^ b. Mar. 5 : 1738 ; d. Mar. 29 : 1739. 

6. Mehitable^b. Aug. 17 : 1741 ; m. Eben. Bagley. 

7. Thomas' b. Feb. 3 : 1744 ; m. Mary Swaine about 1768 and settled on a 

farm on Beech Hill in Concord, N. H. 

8. Hannah' b. Mar. 17: 1747; m. Abraham Emerson of Haverhill, July 

16: 1767, and had four daus. and five sons. She d. Mar. 30 : i8ig. 

John Eaton* (John,' Thomas,^ John') was b. in Haverhill, Mass., Feb. 
5: 1705. He m. Judith Hale of Newbury, Mass., Oct. 21 : 1741. In his 
will, made Jan. 23 : 1788, and proved in Aug. of the same j'ear, he made 
liberal bequests to his two daughters, and gave "to his son Moses, all the 
balance both real and personal, and appointed him Exr." The son was 
finally dismissed from this office, and the estate was settled by Samuel 
Walker who found the assets and liabilities about equal. 

Hist, of Hav. says: "In 1774, John Eaton, after faithfully serving as 
Town Clerk and Treasurer for the long period of fifty-seven years retired 
from office . . ." " That he was well fitted for the responsible post, and 
commanded the respect and confidence of his fellow townsmen, is abun- 
dantly demonstrated by his fifty-six annual reelections to the office . . ." 
" Clark Eaton lived in the house now owned and occupied (i860) by Joseph 
B. Spiller, just below the button woods." 

If Mr. Chase is correct in his history of the time John Eaton served as 
clerk, and the town records are correct in the date of his birth, then he was 
first elected to the office at the remarkable age of twelve years. It seems as 
if there must be an error somewhere. 

Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 31 

Children : — 

1. John^ b. Jan. 12: 1743. He was killed at Bunker Hill June 17 : 1775. 

It would seem unm. 

2. Mary* b. June i : 1745. She was unm. at the time her father's will was 

made, Jan. 23 : 1788. After that she may possibly have m. Isaac 
Pearson, as "a payment on legacy" was made to him previous to 

Aug. 7: 1792- 

3. Timothy" b. Apr. 8 : 1748. No allusion made to him in his father's will. 

4. Moses^ b. Jan. 20: 1751. In the settlement of his father's estate he 

seemed like a crotchety old bachelor. 

5. Sarah^ b. May 11:1754; m. Moses Parker of Bradford, Mass., May 

24: 1781. Has descendants in Salem, Mass. 

Moses Eaton^ (John,^ Thomas,'' John') was b. in Haverhill, Mass., Sept. 
6:1710. He m. Susanna Levant of Haverhill, June 21: 1768. Like his 
bro. John^ he m. late in life. He lived on a farm in Haverhill where his 
children were born. He d. May 31 : I774- 

Children : — 

1. Moses' b. Oct. 11 : 1768 ; m. Betsey Plummer. 

2. Nathaniel^ b. Nov. 6 : 1770 ; m. Sarah Emerson of Haverhill, Oct. ii : I797' 

3. Ebenezer* b. Aug. 6 : 1773- • 

V James Eaton* (Jonathan,* Thomas,* John') was b. in Haverhill, Mass., 
Mar. 9 : 1697. When six days old he was concealed with his mother in a 
neighboring swamp, and thus escaped the fate of the Dustin infant of the 
same age, whom the Indians killed. The mother d. from the exposure about 
thirteen months afterwards. Jimmy was very feeble for many years, but 
finally attained to good powers of body and of mind. Samuel Ayer, Jr., 
and Rachel Kimball, both of Haverhill, were m. May 17 : 1726, and had one 
son, Samuel Ayer, b. Feb. 13 : 1727. Mr. Ayer, Sen., d., and James Eaton* 
and wid. Rachel Ayer were m. June 13 : 1728. As James was his father's 
eldest son, tender and only beloved in the sight of his mother, it seemed 
very suitable that at marriage he should take possession of the " new 
house," which his father at death had left unfinished. Here, on the old 
place, purchased of Rev. Nathaniel Ward of Ipswich, by John Eaton,' 
James and Rachel Eaton lived together till separated by death. " He died 
Mar. 18 : 1773," according to the inscription on an old stone, a little inclined 
with age, in a yard a little north of his living residence, in the West Parish. 

Children : — 

1. David'* b. Apr. i: 1729; m. Deborah White of Andover, Conn., Oct. 

10 : 1751, and settled in Nova Scotia soon after 1760. His genealogy 
has been published by Rev. Arthur W. Eaton. 

2. Timothy^ b. July 31 : 1731 ; m. Abigail Massey, and settled in Haverhill. 

3. Sarah'* b. Aug. 13 : I733 ; d. Oct. 17 : 1736. 

4. Rachel^ b. Mar. 3: 1736; m. Daniel Griffing of Haverhill Dec. 12: 1751, 

and had four children : Timothy, Ebenezer, Daniel and Bettee. 

32 Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 

5. James^ b. May 23 : 1738 ; m. Abigail Emerson, and settled in Goffstown, 

N. H. He was the grandfather of the writer of this Report. 

6. Susannah^ b. Sept. 14 : 1740 ; m. Benj". Richards, and settled in Goffstown, 

N. H. She was the great grandmother of Emily Chubbeck, the 3"* 
wife of Dr. Judson, the missionary. 

7. Nathaniel^ b. May 5 : 1743 ; m. Rebecca Dodge, and took care of his 

father. He was the ancestor of Hon. John Eaton, late President of 
Marietta College. 

8. Ebenezer^ b. Aug. 10 : 1745 ; m. Abigail Folsom, and settled in Walpole, 

N. H. 

9. Enoch^ b. Nov. 6 : 1748 ; m. Esther Williams of Ipswich, Mass., and 

settled in Haverhill. 

Jonathan Eaton'' (Jonathan,* Thomas,* John') was b. in Haverhill, Mass., 
Mar. 30: 1705. He m. Jane Page of Haverhill, Nov. 27 : 1733, and lived on 
a farm in Haverhill, and had ten children. He d. early in 1772, testate. 
By the inventory of his estate, appraised 24 Jan. 1772, returned 28 July 1772, 
amtg. to ^943. 4. 4., it appear^ that his real estate lay partly in Massachusetts 
and partly in New Hampshire. His sons Jonathan and Amos settled the 

Children : — 

1. Ruth^ b. May i : 1734 ; d. Aug. 8 : 1736. 

2. Jonathan* b. July 27: 1736; m. Mary Stone of Plaistow, and res. in 


3. Benjamin* b. Sept. 21 : 1738 ; d. unm. June 17 : 1762. 

4. Sarah* b. Dec. 13: 1740 : m. Stephen Page of Haverhill, Apr. 10 : 1764, 

and had David and Jonathan. 

5. Eunice* b. Jan. i : 1743 ; m. Warren Webster of Salem, N. H., Apr. 

4: 1808. 

6. Hannah* b. June 27 : 1745 ; m. Samuel Cross of Methuen, Apr. 14 : 1774. 

7. David* b. Dec. 10: 1747; d. Feb. 10 : 1756. 

8. Amos* b. Oct. 18: 1751 ; m., ist, Mary Gage of Pelham, N. H., about 

1774, and had ten children ; 2d, Anna Ordwa}^ of Haverhill, Mar. 
9: 1796. 

9. Abiah* b. May 9 : 1754 ; d. June 23 : 1762. 

10 Ebenezer* b. Apr. 18 : 1756 ; d. June 23 : 1762. 

Samuel Eaton* (Job,^ Thomas,^ John') was b. in Haverhill, Mass., Oct. 
5 : 1699. He m. Mehitable Harriman of Haverhill, June 11 : 1724. He 
was a farmer in the west part of the town. The first parish meeting of the 
West Parish was held May i : 1734. At this meeting it was "voted to build 
and set the meeting house on the Southeasterly corner of Samuel Eatton's 
pasture." Chase says, " it was a few rods from the present house of 
Timothy J. Goodrich " (i860). Samuel Eaton* had two wives and had 
children by both. 

Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 33 

Children : — 

1. Job* b. Mar. 14, 1725 ; m. Hannah Stevens, and res. in Plaistow, N, H. 

2. Mehitable^ 1 d. June 24: 1726. 

3. AbigaiP \ ^- J""^ ^4 : 1726 ; ^ j^^^ ^^ . ^^^6. 

4. Mary^ b. May 31 : 1727 ; m. Nehemiah Heath of Plaistow, N. H. early in 

1745. Issue, two sons and two daus. 

5. SamueP b. Sept. 29 : 1729 ; m. Edna Hunkins, Mar. 26 : 1761. 

6. Mehitable' b. May 14: 1731 ; d. Sept. 14 : 1736. 

7. Ebenezer^ b. May 10 : 1734 ; m. Phebe Shepard in Plaistow about 1762. 

8. Abigail* b. Aug. 8 : 1736. 

Mehitable, the wife, d. Feb. 14 : 1739. 

Samuel Eaton'' m. 2d time, Hannah Emerson of Haverhill, Nov. 5 : 1741, 
and res. in Plaistow, N. H., where were b. the following 

Children : — 

9. Ithamar* b. Mar. 13 : 1743 ; m. Mary Ordway Feb. 23 : 1769, settled in 

Weare, N. H.- had ten children, and m. 2d, Mrs. Hannah Lowe. 

10. Mehitable* b. Feb. 12: 1744; m. Ebenezer Bailey Oct. 21 : 1762, and 

settled in Weare, N. H. Issue, eight sons and two daus. She d. 
Apr. 1818. He d. Sept. 1807. 

11. Obadiah* b. Apr. 22 : 1747 ; m. Betsey Paige of Plaistow, Jan. 9 : 1775, 

and settled in Weare, N. H. 

12. Betsey* b. Dec. 14 : 1749. . 

13. Peter* b. June 21 : 1753. . 

Thomas Eaton* (Job.^ Thomas,^ John") was b. in Haverhill, Mass., Feb. 
20 : 1701. He was m. to Mehitable Carter Dec. 24 : 1730 by Rev. Chris- 
topher Sargent of Methuen, Mass. Thomas and Mehitable Eaton settled in 
the North Parish of Methuen, which, in May 1750, received a town charter 
by the name of Salem, N. H. Rev. Abner Bailey was the pastor of the 
Congl. church of this parish. In the will of Timothy Eaton^ of the East 
Parish of Haverhill, dated 19 Feb. 1755, one bequest is "To cousin Thos. 
Eaton Deac. of Mr. Bailey's church in Salem, N. H., my great bible." In 
the first parish meeting in the North Parish of Methuen held Jan. 15 : 1736, 
" Thomas Eaton was chosen parish treasurer." His name frequently appears 
on committees. When the church was organized, Jan. 16 : 1740, "Thomas 
Eaton was chosen deacon." The births of his children are all recorded in 
the old town book of Methuen, Mass. 

Children : — 

1. Ebenezer* b. Sept. 22 : 1731 ; d. May 23 : 1738, 

2. John* b. June 18 : 1733 ; m. Abigail Peaslee of Methuen, and settled in 

Bradford, N. H. 

3. Timothy* b. July 28 : 1735 ; m. Mary Dalton. He was a hatter in 


34 Descendants of John and Anne Eaton. 

4. Mehitable^ b. Aug. 28 : 1737 ; d. May 15 : 1738. 

5. Mehitable" b. Feb. 27 : 1739 ; d. Oct. 6 : 1754. 

6. Susanna* b. Jan. 7 : 1741. . 

7. Hannah^ b. July 21 : 1745 ; m. Edward Pattee. 

8. Lydia* b. April 22 : 1747 ; m. Moors Bailey. 
g. Sarah^ b. Mar. 8 : 1749 ; m. Oliver Emerson. 


The filling of all blanks and the correction of all errors in the foregoing 
report are earnestly solicited by the author. Address, 

Rev. W. H. Eaton, 

Nashua, N. H. 

Constitution. 35 


I. The Eaton Family Association was organized in Boston, Massa- 
chusetts, July 25th, 1882. Its objects are genealogical research among the 
several families of the name, and the cultivation of mutual acquaintance 
and friendship. 

II. All persons of the Eaton name or race shall be eligible for member- 
ship, and may become members of the Association by assenting to these 
Articles, and sending their names to the Secretary. 

III. The officers shall be a President, five Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, 
a Treasurer, an Executive Committee of from five to ten members, and a 
Finance and Auditing Committee of three ; and the President, Secretary, 
Treasurer, and the Chairman of the Finance Committee shall be members 
ex-officio of the Executive Committee. These officers shall hold office for 
one year or until others shall be chosen at a regular meeting of the Asso- 
ciation, and the Executive Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies 
that may occur. 

IV. The Treasurer shall pay accounts after they have been approved by 
the President, the Secretary, and the Chairman of the Finance Committee. 

V. Members of the Association are expected to take an active interest 
in its various objects, and likewise to contribute annually to its funds 
according to their ability. 

VI. The Association shall meet annually in the month of August or at 
such times as the Executive Committee shall determine. 

VII. This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the 
Association by a majority vote of those present.