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Chicago Natural History Museum 






Report of the Director 

to the 

Board of Trustees 

for the year 1961 





Former Members of the Board of Trustees 10 

Former Officers 11 

Board of Trustees 1961 12 

List of Staff 1961 13 

Report of the Director 21 

Trustees and Officers 23 

Gifts to the Museum 25 

The N. W. Harris Public School Extension 26 

Staff of the Museum 27 

James Nelson and Anna Louise Raymond Foundation 28 

Volunteer Workers 32 

Museum Attendance 32 

Members' Night 32 

Memberships 33 

Special Exhibits 33 

Lecture Programs for Adults 34 

Expeditions and Field Trips in 1961 34 

Department of Anthropology 37 

Department of Botany 43 

Department of Geology 49 

Department of Zoology 55 

Library of the Museum 65 

Public Relations 68 

Scientific and Professional Societies 69 

Co-operation with Other Institutions 73 

Motion Pictures 76 

Photography and Illustration 76 

The Book Shop 76 

Publications and Printing 77 

Cafeteria and Lunchroom 87 

Maintenance, Construction, and Engineering 87 

Attendance and Door Receipts 91 

Financial Statements 92 

Accessions 1961 96 

Members of the Museum 107 

Benefactors 107 

Honorary Members 107 

Patrons 107 

Corresponding Members 107 

Contributors 108 

Members of the Museum (continued) page 

Corporate Members 110 

Life Members 110 

Non-resident Life Members 112 

Associate Members 113 

Non-Resident Associate Members 133 

Sustaining Members 133 

Annual Members 134 

Articles of Incorporation 161 

Amended By-Laws 163 



South Entrance of Museum fkontispibcb 

Walther Buchen, 1887-1961 9 

Winter Journey 31 

Effigy Vase 36 

Mortuary Pottery 41 

Hemp Exhibit 42 

Cactus 45 

English Walnut 47 

Fossil Shark 48 

Mammal Exhibit 54 

Shaving Knife 59 

Collecting Bats 61 

War Club 64 

Fish Model 67 

New Hall 70 

Primitive Art 75 

Meteorite 86 

Visitors 90 


photo by Sarra, Inc. 


Trustee of the Museum since 1952 

Second Vice-President since 1957 

Contributor and Corporate Member 

Former Members of the 

Board of Trustees 

George E. Adams,* 1893-1917 
Owen F. Alois,* 1893-1898 
Allison V. Armour,* 1893-1894 
Sewell L. Avery,* 1932-1960 
Edward E. Ayer,* 1893-1927 

John C. Black,* 1893-1894 
Watson F. Blair,* 1894-1928 
Leopold E. Block,* 1936-1952 
John Borden, 1920-1938 
Walther Buchen,* 1952-1961 
M. C. Bullock,* 1893-1894 
Daniel H. Burnham,* 1893-1894 
Harry E. Byram,* 1921-1928 

Chesser M. Campbell,* 1959-1960 

William J. Chalmers,* 1894-1938 

Boardman Conover,* 1940-1950 

Richard T. Crane, Jr.,* 1908-1912 

D.C. Davies,* 1922-1928 
George R. Davis,* 1893-1899 
Albert B. Dick, Jr.,* 1936-1954 

James W. Ellsworth,* 1893-1894 

Charles B. Farwell,* 1893-1894 
Howard W. Fenton,* 1941-1951 
Henry Field,* 1916-1917 
Marshall Field, Jr.,* 1899-1905 
Marshall Field III,* 1914-1956 

Ernest R. Graham,* 1921-1936 

Frank W. Gunsaulus,* 1893-1894 

Albert W. Harris,* 1920-1941 
Harlow N. Higinbotham,* 1894-1919 

Emil G. Hirsch,* 1893-1894 
Charles L, Hutchinson,* 1893-1894 

Huntington W. Jackson,* 1894-1900 
Arthur B. Jones,* 1894-1927 

Chauncey Keep,* 1915-1929 
William V. Kelley,* 1929-1932 

George Manierre,* 1894-1924 
Charles H. Markham,* 1924-1930 
Cyrus H. McCormick,* 1894-1936 
Charles A. McCulloch,* 1936-1945 

John Barton Payne,* 1910-1911 
George F. Porter,* 1907-1916 

Clarence B. Randall, 1946-1961 
Frederick H. Rawson,* 1927-1935 
Norman B. Ream,* 1894-1910 
George A. Richardson,* 1930-1957 
John A. Roche,* 1893-1894 
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.,* 1938-1944 
Martin A. Ryerson,* 1893-1932 

Fred W. Sargent,* 1929-1939 
Stephen C. Simms,* 1928-1937 
James Simpson,* 1920-1939 
Frederick J. V. Skiff,* 1902-1921 
Albert A. Sprague,* 1910-1946 
Silas H. Strawn,* 1924-1946 

Edwin Walker,* 1893-1910 
Albert H. Wetten,* 1939-1953 
Leslie Wheeler,* 1934-1937 
Norman Williams,* 1894-1899 
John P. Wilson,* 1932-1959 
William Wrigley, Jr.,* 1919-1931 

* deceased 












Edward E. Ayer* 1894-1898 

Harlow N. Higinbotham* 1898-1908 

Martin A. Ryerson* 1894-1932 

Albert A. Sprague* 1933-1946 

Marshall Field III* 1946-1956 

Norman B. Ream* 1894-1902 

Marshall Field, Jr.* 1902-1905 

Stanley Field 1906-1908 

Watson F. Blair* 1909-1928 

Albert A. Sprague* 1929-1932 

James Simpson* 1933-1939 

Silas H, Strawn* 1940-1946 

Albert B. Dick, Jr.* 1946-1951 

Henry P. Isham 1952-1953 

Samuel Insull, Jr 1954 

Hughston M. McBain 1955-1956 

Walther Buchen* 1957-1961 

Albert A. Sprague* 1921-1928 

James Simpson* 1929-1932 

Albert W. Harris* 1933-1941 

Albert B. Dick, Jr.* 1942-1946 

Samuel Insull, Jr 1946-1953 

Ralph Metcalf 1894 

George Manierre* 1894-1907 

Frederick J. V. Skiff* 1907-1921 

D. C. Da vies* 1921-1928 

Stephen C. Simms* 1928-1937 

Byron L. Smith* 1894-1914 

Frederick J. N. Skiff* 1893-1921 

D. C. Davies* 1921-1928 

Stephen C. Simms* 1928-1937 

* deceased 



OFFICERS Stanley Field, President 

HuGHSTON M. McBain, First Vice-President 

Walther Buchen, Second Vice-President* 

Joseph N. Field, Third Vice-President 

Solomon A. Smith, Treasurer 

Clifford C. Gregg, Secretary 

E. Leland Webber, Assistant Secretary 

board of 

Lester Armour 
Bowen Blair 
Wm. McCormick Blair 
Walther Buchen* 
Walter J. Cummings 
Joseph N. Field 
Marshall Field, Jr. 
Stanley Field 
Clifford C. Gregg 
Samuel Insull, Jr. 
Henry P. Isham 

J. Howard 

William V. Kahler 
Hughston M. McBain 
J. Roscoe Miller 
William H. Mitchell 
John T. Pirie, Jr. 
Clarence B. Randall! 
John Shedd Reed 
John G. Searle 
John M. Simpson 
Solomon A. Smith 
Louis Ware 

committees Executive — Stanley Field, Solomon A. Smith, Joseph N. 

Field, John G. Searle, Hughston M. McBain, 
Wm. McCormick Blair, Henry P. Isham, Marshall 
Field, Jr. 

Finance — Solomon A. Smith, Hughston M. McBain, 
Walter J. Cummings, Walther Buchen,* Henry P. 
Isham, Wm. McCormick Blair, John G. Searle 

Building — Joseph N. Field, William H. Mitchell, Lester 
Armour, Louis Ware 

Auditing— John G. Searle, Clarence B. Randall,! Marshall 
Field, Jr., Louis Ware 

Pension — Hughston M. McBain, William V. Kahler, John 
G. Searle, John T. Pirie, Jr., Samuel Insull, Jr. 

* deceased 
t resigned 



Clifford C. Gregg, B.S., Sc.D., LL.D., Director 

E. Leland Webber, B.B.Ad., C.P.A., Assistant Director 


Paul S. Martin, Ph.D., Chief Curator 

Donald Collier, Ph.D., Curator, South American Archaeology and Ethnology 

George I. Quimby, A.M., Curator, North American Archaeology and Ethnology 

John B. Rinaldo, Ph.D., Associate Curator, Archaeology 

Kenneth Starr, Ph.D., Curator, Asiatic Archaeology and Ethnology 

Roland W. Force, Ph.D., Curator, Oceanic Archaeology and Ethnology* 

Phillip H. Lewis, M.A., Curator, Primitive Art 

HOSHIEN Tchen, Ph.D., Consultant, East Asian Collection 

Allen S. Liss, A.B., Custodian of Collections 

Alfred Lee Rowell, Dioramist 

GusTAF Dalstrom, Artist 

Theodore Halkin, B.F.A., M.S., Artist 

Walter Boyer, B.F.A., Ceramic Restorer* 

Walter C. Reese, Preparator 

Susan Schanck, B.S., Artist-Preparator 

Agnes M. Fennell, B.A., Departmental Secretary 

Robert J. Braidwood, Ph.D., Research Associate, Old World Prehistory 

Fay-Cooper Cole, Ph.D., Sc.D., LL.D., Research Associate, Malaysian Ethnology f 

Fred Eggan, Ph.D., Research Associate, Ethnology 

J. Eric Thompson, Dipl.Anth.Camb., Research Associate, Central American 

Evett D. Hester, M.S., Field Associate 


John R. Millar, Chief Curator 

B. E. Dahlgren, D.M.D., Curator Emeritusf 

J. Francis Macbride, Curator, Peruvian Botany 
John W. Thieret, Ph.D., Curator, Economic Botany 

C. Earle Smith, Jr., Ph.D., Associate Curator, Vascular Plants* 
Louis O. Williams, Ph.D., Curator, Central American Botany 

♦ resigned 
t deceased 



Patricio Ponce de Leon, Ph.D., Assistant Curator, Cryptogamic Herbarium 

Emil Selxa, Curator of Exhibits f 

Samuel H. Grove, Jr., Artist-Preparator 

Frank Boryca, Technician 

Walter Huebner, Preparator 

Robert Anderson, Artist 

Edith M. Vincent, A.B., Research Librarian 

Dorothy Gibson, Assistant and Departmental Secretary 

E. P. KiLLiP, A.B., Research Associate, Phanerogamic Botany 
Rogers McVaugh, Ph.D., Research Associate, Vascular Plants 
Donald Richards, Research Associate, Cryptogamic Botany 
Earl E. Sherff, Ph.D., Research Associate, Systematic Botany 
Hanford Tiffany, Ph.D., Research Associate, Cryptogamic Botany 
Margery C. Carlson, Ph.D., Associate, Botany 


Sharat K. Roy, Ph.D., Chief Curator 

Edward J. Olsen, Ph.D., Curator, Mineralogy 

Bertram G. Woodland, B.Sc, Associate Curator, Petrology 

Harry E. Changnon, B.S., Curator of Exhibits 

Henry Horback, Assistant 

Henry U. Taylor, Preparator 

Rainer Zangerl, Ph.D., Curator, Fossil Reptiles 

Robert H. Denison, Ph.D., Curator, Fossil Fishes 

William D. Turnbull, Assistant Curator, Fossil Mammals 

David Techter, B.S., Assistant, Fossil Vertebrates 

Eugene S. Richardson, Jr., Ph.D., Curator, Fossil Invertebrates 

George Langford, Ph.B., Curator, Fossil Plants H 

Orville L. Gilpin, Chief Preparator, Fossils 

Ronald J. Lambert, Preparator, Fossils 

Maidi Wiebe Leibhardt, Artist 

Evelyn Shahroch, Departmental Secretary 

Ernst Antevs, Ph.D., Research Associate, Glacial Geology 

Albert A. Dahlberg, D.D.S., Research Associate, Fossil Vertebrates 

Erik N. Kjellesvig-Waering, B.Sc, Research Associate, Fossil Invertebrates 

Everett C. Olson, Ph.D., Research Associate, Fossil Vertebrates 

Bryan Patterson, Research Associate, Fossil Vertebrates 

R. H. Whitfield, D.D.S., Associate, Fossil Plants 

Violet Whitfield, B.A., Associate, Fossil Plants 

1 retired 



Austin L. Rand, Ph.D., ScD., Chief Curator 

Philip Hbrshkovitz, M.S., Curator, Mammals 

Karl Koopman, Ph.D., Assistant Curator, Mammals* 

Emmet R. Blake, M.S., Curator, Birds 

Melvin a. Traylor, Jr., A.B., Associate Curator, Birds 

M. Dianne Maurer, a.b.. Assistant, Birds 

Robert F. Inger, Ph.D., Curator, Amphibians and Reptiles 

Hymen Marx, B.S., Assistant Curator, Reptiles 

Janet Wright, Assistant, Reptiles 

LoREN P. Woods, A.B., Curator, Fishes 

Pearl Sonoda, Assistant, Fishes 

Rupert L. Wenzel, B.A., Curator, Insects 

Henry S. Dybas, B.S., Associate Curator, Insects 

August Ziemer, Assistant, Insects 

Fritz Haas, Ph.D., Curator Emeritus, Lower Invertebrates 

Alan Solem, Ph.D., Curator, Lower Invertebrates 

Ernest J. Roscoe, M.S., Assistant, Lower Invertebrates 

D. DwiGHT Davis, Curator, Vertebrate Anatomy 

Joan Davis Levin, B.A., Assistant 

Sophie Andris, Osteologist 

Carl W. Cotton, Taxidermist 

Dominick Villa, Tanner If 

Mario Villa, Assistant Taxidermist 

Peter Anderson, Assistant Taxidermist 

Joseph B. Krstolich, Artist 

Ruth Andris, Departmental Secretary* 

Wanda Harrison, A.B., Departmental Secretary 

Rudyerd Boulton, B.S., Research Associate, Birds 

Alfred E. Emerson, Ph.D., Sc.D., Research Associate, Insects 

Harry Hoogstraal, M.S., Research Associate, Insects 

Ch'eng-chao Liu, Ph.D., Research Associate, Reptiles 

Orlando Park, Ph.D., Research Associate, Insects 

Clifford H. Pope, B.S., Research Associate, Amphibians and Reptiles 

Charles H. Seevers, Ph.D., Research Associate, Insects 

R. M. Strong, Ph.D., Research Associate, Anatomy 

Robert Traub, Ph.D., Research Associate, Insects 

Alex K. Wyatt, Research Associate, Insects 

Luis de la Torre, M.S., A.ssociate, Mammals 

Marion Grey, Associate, Fishes 

Waldemar Meister, M.D., Associate, Anatomy 

Edward M. Nelson, Ph.D., Associate, Fishes 

H retired 



Harry G. Nelson, B.Sc, Associate, Insects 
Karl Plath, Associate, Birds 
DioscORO S. Rabor, M.S., Associate, Birds 
Lillian A. Ross, Ph.B., Associate, Insects 
Ellen T. Smith, Associate, Birds 
Robert L. Fleming, Ph.D., Field Associate 
Georg Haas, Ph.D., Field Associate 
Frederick J. Medem, Sc.D., Field Associate 


Richard A. Martin, B.S., Curator 
David A. Ross, B.S.A., Preparator 

Bertha M. Parker, M.S., Research Associate 


Miriam Wood, M.A., Chief 
Marie Svoboda, M.A. 
Harriet Smith, M.A. 
Edith Fleming, M.A. 

Maryl Andre, B.S. 

Joanne Evenson, B.S. 

Elda B. Herbert, M.A., Secretary 



Meta p. Howell, B.L.S., Librarian 

M. Eileen Rocourt, M.A., Associate Librarian 

Esther P. Kerster, Secretary 

Classification and Cataloguing 
W. Peyton Fawcett, B.A. 
Bertha W. Gibbs, A.B., B.S.inL.S. 
Chih-wei Pan, M.S. 

Eugenia Bernoff 

Accessions, Binding, Stacks 
George Stosius, M.E. 
Constantin Globa, Dipl.Eng. 



Lillian A. Ross, Ph.B., Scientific Publications 

Patricia M. Williams, A.B., Assistant 

Helen Atkinson MacMinn, A.M., Miscellaneous Publications 


Paula R, Nelson 

Marilyn Jlvdrich, B.S., Associate 


Gloria Pagano, in charge 
Mary H. Ryan, Assistant* 


Susanmary Carpenter, B.A., Secretary to the Director 

Marion G. Gordon', B.S., Registrar 

Raymond A. N. Gomes, Assistant Recorder 

Hilda Nordland, Assistant Recorder 

Jeannette Forster, Assistant Recorder 

Jessie Dudley, Receptionist 


Marion K. Hoffmann, Auditor 
Eleanor Sheffner, Assistant Auditor 
Robert E. Bruce, Purchasing Agent 


Jane Comiskey, B.A., Manager 
Marion A. Kratky, B.A., Secretary 


E. John Pfiffner, Staff Artist 
Marion Pahl, B.F.A., Staff Illustrator 

* resigned 



John Bayalis, Photographer 

Homer V. Holdren, Assistant 

Kurt Bogen, Assistant* 

Ferdinand Huysmans, Dipl.A., Assistant 

Clarence B. Mitchell, B.A., Research Associate, Photography 

John Mover, in charge 


Raymond H. Hallstein, Sr., in charge 
Harold M. Grutzmacher, Assistant 


James R. Shouba, Superintendent 

GuSTAV A. NoREN, Assistant Superintendent 


William E. Lake, Chief Engineer 
Leonard Carrion, Assistant Chief Engineer 


Harry R. Smith, Captain 



Annual Report of the Director 


Annual Report 

of the Director 

To the Trustees of the Museum : 

I have the honor to present a report of the operations of the Museum 
for the year ending December 31, 1961. 

During the year 1961 the Museum celebrated its Fortieth Anni- 
versary in the present building, which was opened to the public 
on May 2, 1921. It might be well to note briefly the tremendous 
progress made by this institution during that period under the 
leadership of President Stanley Field and the four directors who 
served under him. 

In 1919, the last full year of operation in the old building in 
Jackson Park, the total attendance amounted to 123,799. In the 
year 1961 that figure was surpassed by the monthly totals in April, 
May, July, and August, while the annual attendance rose to 1,307,567. 
Operating expenditures in 1919 were $150,871 compared with 
$1,460,935 in 1961. Attendance in the eight months of 1921 that 
the building was open amounted to 517,285 persons and climbed 
steadily until the year 1927 recorded more than a million persons 
visiting the Museum. The figure of one million has been exceeded 
every year since. 

At the time of the opening in 1921 the exhibits were substantially 
as they had been at the old building. Since that time new exhibition 
techniques and acquisition of splendid additional collections have 
made this Museum a world leader in the exhibition field. 


Outstanding exhibits added since coming to the new building 
include the series of 101 stone and bronze sculptures in Chauncey 
Keep Memorial Hall representing the principal racial types of the 
world today, the restorations by Frederick Blaschke of prehistoric 
man dating from earliest authentic records to the time of Swiss Lake 
Dwellers, and the unique collection of plant restorations exhibited 
in the Hall of Plant Life. Noteworthy also are the mounted fossil- 
group of Gorgosaurus and Lambeosaurus in Stanley Field Hall and 
the completion of the fossil skeleton of Brontosaurus excelsus in 
1958 after it had stood incomplete since 1921. In the Department 
of Zoology the habitat groups of Asiatic mammals that resulted 
primarily from the Kelly-Roosevelts and Simpson-Roosevelts expedi- 
tions and the African waterhole group in Carl E. Akeley Memorial 
Hall are of unusual merit. In the Department of Anthropology 
all exhibition halls have been redone and are outstanding in telling 
the story of the civilizations they represent. 

It would be useless to try to list all of the splendid new exhibits 
produced in the past forty years, but comparison with old records 
and photographs tells an extremely vivid story of progress. 

The half-million dollar gift of Mrs. Anna Louise Raymond in 
1925 established the James Nelson and Anna Louise Raymond Foun- 
dation, which has provided lecture service and children's education 
over the span of years since that time. The receipt of the Edward 
E. Ayer Lecture Fund in 1941 permitted the Museum to continue 
and improve the lecture series begun in the last century. The 
Fiftieth Anniversary gift of the late Marshall Field III permitted 
the Museum to round out the staff and provide improved facilities 
for scientific research. 

Another interesting comparison between 1919 and 1961 is the 
number of Members of the Museum. The 1919 Annual Report of 
the Director lists 153 Life Members and 74 Annual Members, com- 
pared with the total of 4,224 in these two categories in 1961. 

The Museum Library, assisted by generous gifts of a number of 
funds for library purposes, has become one of the important spe- 
cialized scientific libraries of the world; while the acquisition of a 
number of important research collections in many fields of study 
has made the Museum an important world research-center in the 
fields of natural history and anthropology. The building itself, which 
seemed so vast in 1921, now presents serious problems in the way 
of storage space. Many areas have been equipped with mezzanine 
floors, and everything possible is being done to permit the housing 
and protection of specimens while keeping them readily available 


for study. The first forty years in the new building have indeed 
been noteworthy. 

Continued attention to the acquisition of collections necessary 
for research and maintenance of important research in the various 
fields of our interests have, of course, multiplied our financial prob- 
lems. The assistance of individuals and foundations, as well as the 
continuing support of our Members and friends, has been indis- 
pensable to the Museum's progress and will be indispensable to the 
future of the Museum. 


At the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees President Stanley 
Field was re-elected to serve for his fifty-third term in that office. 
All other officers also were re-elected for an additional year: Vice- 
Presidents Hughston M. McBain, Walther Buchen, and Joseph N. 
Field, Treasurer Solomon A. Smith, Secretary Clifford C. Gregg, 
and Assistant Secretary E. Leland Webber. 

With deep regret the Board of Trustees announces the death 
of Walther Buchen, a Trustee of the Museum since 1952 and Second 
Vice-President of the Museum since 1957. In his memory the Board 
of Trustees adopted the following resolution: 

Walther Buchen 

"The Trustees of Chicago Natural History Museum record with 
deep regret and sorrow the loss they have sustained through the 
death on June 12, 1961, of Walther Buchen. Mr. Buchen was 
born on December 22, 1887. He received the degree of Master of 
Arts from the University of Illinois and served on the faculty of the 
University until he entered the advertising profession, becoming 
President of the Buchen Company in 1923 and continuing in that 
capacity until his retirement. 

"He had always been a lover of nature, and this wholesome 
interest brought him into contact with the Museum as early as 
1948 when he conferred with curators in the Department of Zoology 
about collecting birds and mammals for the Museum. From that 
time on, he continued collecting and presenting to the Museum 
specimens of great scientific value. In 1952, with Mrs. Buchen, 
he conducted an expedition to Africa, which resulted in the prepara- 


tion of the Museum's outstanding habitat group 'Marsh Birds of 
the Upper Nile.' This exhibit had been contemplated at the Mu- 
seum for more than fifteen years, but it remained an unsatisfied 
want until the Buchens brought it to completion. 

"Mr. Buchen was elected a Contributor of the Museum in 1949, 
but his benefactions to the Museum continued throughout his life. 
He was elected a Corporate Member and a member of the Board 
of Trustees in 1952. He had served continuously as a member of 
the Finance Committee since 1954 and as a Second Vice-President 
since 1957. At the time of his death he was looking forward to 
his next expedition for the Museum, to be financed by himself. 

"Mr. Buchen was a frequent visitor at the Museum and had a 
wide acquaintance among the members of its staff. Their interests 
were his interests, and he will be deeply missed not only by the 
Board of Trustees but by the Museum staff as well. 

"In his contacts with his fellow members of the Board of Trustees, 
Walther Buchen was known for his genuine interest and concern, 
his warm friendship, and his ever-ready willingness to be of service. 
In his absence he will always be remembered. 

"Therefore, be it resolved that this expression of our sorrow at 
his death be entered in • the permanent records of the Board of 
Trustees of the Museum. 

"And be it further resolved that our deep sympathy be conveyed 
to the members of his family and that a copy of this resolution be 
sent to his widow." 

Another loss to the Board of Trustees was sustained in the 
resignation of Trustee Clarence B. Randall. The many demands 
upon him in governmental service forced him to sever his ties with 
the Museum, of which he had been a Trustee since 1946. 

At its December meeting the Board of Trustees elected to its 
membership Bowen Blair, partner of William Blair and Company, 
John Shedd Reed, vice-president for finance of the Santa Fe Railway, 
John M. Simpson, chairman of the board of A. M. Castle and 
Company, and Clifford C. Gregg, Director of the Museum. 



The Museum received from the estate of the late Edgar C. Borth 
$6,771.90. William S. Street gave $13,875 toward a zoological ex- 
pedition to Iran. Jack C. Staehle made an unrestricted gift of 
$2,167.50, William G. Burt made an unrestricted gift of $1,116.50, 
and Rush Watkins contributed $1,000 to a zoological expedition fund. 

Mrs. Stanley Field, a Benefactor of the Museum, added $6,000 
to the Sara Carroll Field Fund. Miss Margaret B. Conover added 
$975 to the Conover Game-bird Fund, Dr. Maurice L. Richardson 
added $500 to the Maurice L. Richardson Paleontological Fund, 
and Dr. Clifford C. Gregg added $200 to the Commander Frank V. 
Gregg Memorial Fund. The Frederick Reynolds and Abby Kettelle 
Babcock Fund received $478.20 from the estate of the late Mrs. 
Abby K. Babcock (for use of Special Funds see page 94). 

Donations to the Walther Buchen Memorial Fund were received 
from: Mrs. Harve Badgerow, Mrs. William McCormick Blair, Mrs. 
Walther Buchen, Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Calvin, Joseph N. Field, 
Stanley Field, Mr. and Mrs. WilHam B. Greene, Dr. Clifford C. 
Gregg, Mrs. John C. Nevins, Carl S. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Louis 
Ware, and Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius G. Weber. 

Roy E. Sturtevant gave $500 for use by the Department of 
Geology, Wayne State University (Detroit) contributed $467.50 
toward a zoological publication, and James R. Getz gave $391.25 
for an anthropological field trip. Judd Sackheim contributed $250 
to the Southwest Archaeological Expedition and Mrs. Hermon 
Dunlap Smith gave $200 for zoological purposes. 

Other gifts came from: American Scandinavian Foundation 
(Chicago chapter), Amphenol-Borg Electronics Corporation, Edwin 
C. Austin, George A. Bates, Bowen Blair, William McCormick Blair, 
Kent Chandler, Peder A. Christensen, Mrs. Edward S. Clark, 
Robert N. Corning, Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Donnelley, Walter Erman, 
Maxwell Hahn, Philip Hershkovitz, National Society of Colonial 
Dames of America in State of Illinois, John T. Pirie, Jr., Philip S. 
Rinaldo, Jr., Melvin N. and Mary F. Rothschild Fund, Mr. and 
Mrs. Reuben M. Schutz, Edgar Uihlein, University of Illinois, 
Mrs. Archie F. Wilson, and Mrs. Richard Zickman. 

Contributors elected by the Board of Trustees are: George F. 
Arnemann, Edgar C. Borth (posthumously), William G. Burt, Joe 
Cervenka, Joseph N. Field, James R. Getz, Mrs. John A. Holabird, 
Jack C. Staehle, Mrs. William S. Street, Mrs. Margaret Teskey, 
Mrs. Cyril L. Ward, and Alex K. Wyatt. Gifts of materials received 
during the year are listed at the end of this Report (see page 96). 



The program for which this department was created — that of pro- 
viding schools in the city of Chicago with regularly scheduled loans 
of portable Museum exhibits — was carried out through the year with 
no change in our long-established procedures. As in preceding years, 
34 different exhibits of natural- history material were delivered to 
each public, parochial, and private school and the few other accred- 
ited public-service institutions on the department's circulation list. 
At all times during the school year, between the initial delivery and 
the final pickup, each recipient had on its premises two of the more- 
than-a-thousand portable exhibits prepared over the years in the 
department's workshop. Exchanges were made every tenth school 
day, as has been customary. 

The four men who deliver the exhibits in specially fitted depart- 
mental trucks spent nine of every ten days exchanging exhibits and 
one day assisting in the workshop. Pickup of exhibits at the end of 
the 1960-61 school year was begun on June 7 and completed on 
June 22. Delivery for the 1961-62 school year took from Septem- 
ber 11 through September 27. The trucks were in operation on 171 
days and traveled a combined total of 12,115 miles. At the end of 
the year 497 names were on the circulation list. 

The department was without a preparator from August, 1960, 
until October, 1961, when Preparator David A. Ross was appointed 
to the staff. Before coming to Harris Extension he served a three- 
month apprenticeship in the Plant Reproduction Laboratory of the 
Museum's Department of Botany. Currently he is concerned with 
redoing our miniature coal-mine and oil-well exhibits, both of which 
are obsolete. Preliminary to working on the oil-well exhibit, he 
spent four days of December in Oklahoma inspecting oil wells, study- 
ing modern drilling methods, and collecting pertinent photographs 
for reference. 

Repairs during the year were necessary on 188 of the depart- 
ment's portable exhibits. Breakage in circulation was moderate: 
twenty-two exhibits were temporarily withdrawn from circulation 
for repair. An exhibit of the Caspian tern was destroyed by vandals 
in an elementary school. 

Forty-two requests for individually selected portable exhibits or 
such specific study-kit material as birdskins, herbarium sheets, and 
rocks and fossils were received and filled. Thirty of the requests 
were from elementary-school teachers. Among the other borrowers 
were garden clubs, television studios, an Audubon club, and the 
American Red Cross. 



Dr. Fred Eggan, who is Professor of Anthropology at the University 
of Chicago, was elected Research Associate in Ethnology by the 
Board of Trustees of the Museum. Appointments during the year 
were: Miss Joanne Evenson, Raymond Foundation; Theodore Hal- 
kin, Artist, Department of Anthropology; Mrs. Wanda Harrison, 
Secretary, Department of Zoology; Ferdinand Huysmans, Assistant, 
Photography; David A. Ross, Preparator, Harris Extension; Miss 
Susan Schanck, Artist-Preparator, Department of Anthropology, and 
Mrs. Patricia M. Williams, Assistant Editor, Scientific Publications. 

Promotions during the year were: Phillip H. Lewis, from Asso- 
ciate Curator of Primitive Art to Curator; Dr. Edward J. Olsen, 
from Associate Curator of Mineralogy to Curator; Patricio Ponce 
de Leon, from Assistant in Botany to Assistant Curator of the 
Cryptogamic Herbarium; Dr. John B. Rinaldo, from Assistant Cu- 
rator of Archaeology to Associate Curator; Miss Eleanor Scheffner, 
from Bookkeeper to Assistant Auditor; and Dr. Louis 0. Williams, 
from Associate Curator of Central American Botany to Curator. 
Mrs. Dorothy Gibson, who will continue to serve as Secretary of the 
Department of Botany, was made an Assistant. 

Dr. Roland W. Force, Curator of Oceanic Archaeology and Eth- 
nology, resigned at the end of the year to become Director of the 
Bernice P. Bishop Museum in Honolulu. Other resignations during 
the year were: Mrs. Ruth Andris, Secretary, Department of Zoology; 
Kurt Bogen, Assistant, Photography; Walter Boyer, Ceramic Re- 
storer, Department of Anthropology; Dr. Karl Koopman, Assistant 
Curator of Mammals; Mrs. Mary H. Ryan, Assistant, Member- 
ships; and Dr. C. Earle Smith, Jr., Associate Curator of Vascular 
Plants. After many years of faithful service, three members of the 
staff retired: George Langford, Curator of Fossil Plants; Emil Sella, 
Curator of Exhibits in Botany; and Dominick Villa, Tanner. 

The Curator Emeritus of Botany, Dr. B. E. Dahlgren, who was 
an authority on wax palms, died in December. He had been a valued 
member of the Museum staff since 1909, becoming Curator of Botany 
in 1935, a title that was changed the following year to Chief Curator 
of Botany. Dr. Fay-Cooper Cole, noted anthropologist, who was a 
Research Associate at the Museum and from 1904 until 1923 had 
been a member of the Museum staff, died early in September. 

I record with regret also the death during the year of the following 
employees of the Museum: Robert Kelly, guard; Peter Letang, 
cabinetmaker; Francesco Marchese, janitor; and John Strysik, pen- 
sioner (formerly a painter). 



This was another year of increasing use of the Museum by school 
groups. The greatest part of Raymond Foundation's work is with 
organized school groups, but not all the school groups that visit 
the Museum can be accommodated with tours and programs. Many 
school groups come independently and see the Museum under the 
supervision of their teachers. A total of 4,513 organized groups 
(including 220,816 persons) came to the Museum in 1961. (For 
those who were helped by Raymond Foundation see the tables on 
the following pages.) 

One unusual school group merits special comment. A sixth- 
grade class of twenty-eight students from Bell School (Chicago 
public) came for a Workshop on Rocks and Minerals, after very 
special arrangements and preparations had been made by the teacher. 
Six members of this class were blind, and for them the teacher 
had all the questions and instructions set up in braille. These 
six students accomplished an unbelievable amount as they worked 
first with the hand specimens of rocks and minerals and then in 
the exhibition halls with the help of the sighted students, the teacher, 
and the Raymound Foundation staff member. The sightless students 
"saw" the specimens with their hands and fingers, read the questions 
in braille about these specimens, and then wrote their answers to 
the questions in braille. 

Thirteen television programs for children were presented on the 
Lee Phillips Friendship Show (WBBM-TV), twelve by Mrs. Maryl 
Andre and one by Miss Edith Fleming. The first Soundtrek Special 
Lecture for use by high-school and junior-college classes in biology, 
"Classification of Plants and Animals" by Mrs. Andre and Miss 
Marie Svoboda, was taped and put on the Museum's Soundtrek 
radio-guide system late in December. 

Two series of Museum Stories were given to children attending 
the spring and fall motion-picture programs on Saturday mornings: 
"Whales" by Mrs. Andre and "Trees" by Miss Svoboda. The 
Journey program for boys and girls continued with enthusiasm, 
and 1,544 Journeys were completed (family groups are finding this 
program interesting). 

During the period in spring when so many school groups come 
to the Museum, Mrs. Elizabeth Best Deis, a former member of 
Raymond Foundation staff, assisted with tours and Mrs. Helen 
Christopher helped in meeting groups as they entered the Museum. 



1. Work with Children 

A. School groups Groups Individuals Groups Individuals 

Chicago public 347 12,484 

Chicago parochial 36 1,422 

Chicago private 30 824 

Total Chicago groups 413 14,730 

Suburban pubUc 849 28,153 

Suburban parochial 39 1,812 

Suburban private 4 72 

Total suburban groups 892 30,037 

Out-of-state groups 99 3,666 

Total 1,404 48,433 

B. Other groups 

Special (clubs, etc.) 73 3,327 

C. Individuals or groups 

Journeys 1,544 

Children's movies 29 15,077 

Total 29 16,621 

total work with children 1,506 68,381 

2. Work with Adults 


Public tours 

Miscellaneous groups 

Museum-film showings 

total work with adults 122 5,395 

3. Miscellaneous Programs 

Television programs 13 

Grand Total for Raymond Foundation Work 1,641* 73,776 

* In addition to programs and tours, 805 of these groups (including 33,447 people) were shown movies 
or other visual materials to help them to a better understanding of the subject being studied. 












1. Study-Unit Programs 

Ancient Egypt (spring and fall) 44 programs with 4,013 in attendance 

Life in Ancient Rome (spring and fall) . . 44 programs with 2,322 in attendance 

Birds (spring) 19 programs with 1,369 in attendance 

Trees and Their Uses (spring and fall) . . 18 programs with 1,193 in attendance 

How Animals Adjust to Environment 

(fall) 10 programs with 1,193 in attendance 

2. Workshops 

From Caveman to Civilization (spring) .30 programs with 1,202 in attendance 

Learning about Insects (fali) 29 programs with 730 in attendance 

Rocks and Minerals (faU) 17 programs with 584 in attendance 

3. Intermediate Girl Scout Nature-Badge Programs 

February on Saturdays (3) 3 programs with 983 in attendance 

4. Programs for Individuals or for Groups 

A. honor days for organizations 

Camp Fire Girl Day 1,293 in attendance 

Cub Scout Day 714 in attendance 

Girl Scout Day 840 in attendance 

B. journeys 

No. 24— Toys 

winter of 1960-61 (January, February) 300 

No. 25— Between the Tides 

spring 372 

No. 26 — Dinosaur Land 

summer 357 

No. 27— Trees 

fall 423 

No. 28— Winter Fur 'n Feathers 

winter of 1961-62 (December only) 92 

Awards presented in 1961 

to participants in the Journey program: 

Travelers (completed 4 different Journeys) 76 

Adventurers (completed 8 different Journeys) . . 37 

Explorers (completed 12 different Journeys) .... 15 

Final Special Journey 6 

Museum Discoverers 8 

Total Awards 142 
















The Museum thanks its volunteer workers for their help during the 
year. Some of them, designated as Research Associates and Asso- 
ciates, are included in the List of Staff at the beginning of this 
Report. Other volunteers are: Stanley Dvorak, Dr. MacDonald 
Fulton, Ellis Neiburger, and Joseph A. Pizzo. 


Attendance in 1961 totaled 1,307,567, a gain of 63,193 over 1960 
and of 232,141 over 1959. During the summer months the Museum 
was kept open until eight o'clock on four evenings a week, which 
permitted many persons employed during the day to take advantage 
of an evening in Grant Park that included a visit to the Museum 
and dinner in its cafeteria. The popularity of evening hours, which 
originally were established at the Museum as a supplement to the 
public concerts in Grant Park, soon demonstrated that this new 
service was highly acceptable to the public. Attendance by groups 
was a considerable factor in Museum attendance during the year, 
reaching a new daily record of 4,478 persons who attended in eighty- 
six groups on Friday, May 12, and a new monthly record of 62,064 
persons in the total group-attendance in May. 


On Friday evening, April twenty-eighth, 1,725 Members and their 
guests came to the Museum for our annual Members' Night. Feature 
of the evening was the opening of the new hall showing cultures of 
Polynesia and Micronesia (Hall F), in which many of the finest 
specimens from the famous Fuller Collection were presented for the 
first time to public view. Dr. Roland W. Force, Curator of Oceanic 
Archaeology and Ethnology, who had supervised the preparation 
of this outstanding exhibition hall, gave illustrated talks in a nearby 
room. As usual all workrooms and laboratories at the Museum were 
open to our visitors. In addition, an effort was made to have interest- 
ing displays in widely scattered parts of the building so that crowds 
would not concentrate in any one area. Our visitors were uniformly 
enthusiastic, and many of them expressed regret that there was not 
time to see everything. It is hoped that repeated visits to the 
Museum will allow them to accomplish this objective. 



Again in 1961 the number of Members of the Museum increased. 
A net gain of 411 brought the total to 7,685, which included 326 
new Associate Members. The substantial contribution made by our 
Annual and Sustaining Members to our operating funds and the 
increase made by our Life and Associate Members in our endow- 
ment funds are particularly gratifying as an expression of approval 
of the work of the Museum. (Names of Contributors elected in 
1961 by the Board of Trustees are given on page 25, and complete 
membership lists begin on page 107.) 

It is with deep regret that I record the death of five distinguished 
Members of the Museum whose service to the Museum has been 
notable: John Borden, a Corporate Member and former Trustee; 
Abb^ Henri Breuil, a Corresponding Member; Captain A. W. F. 
Fuller, a Benefactor, Patron, and Corporate Member; Sterling 
Morton, a Contributor; and Dr. Jeanne S. Schwengel, a Contributor. 


"Prehistoric Art of the Libyan Sahara," a special exhibit of repro- 
ductions of rock paintings and drawings, was presented during 
December. The records of an ancient civilization dating from 6000 
B.C. to about 2000 B.C. were discovered by Dr. Fabrizio Mori, who 
led four Italian expeditions to Libya between 1955 and 1959. The 
exhibition was shown through the courtesy of the Italian Institute 
of Culture and was made available by the American Federation 
of Arts. 

"Birds of Greenland," an exhibit of fifty-two watercolors by the 
Danish artist Gitz-Johansen, was displayed from October 1 to Oc- 
tober 22 through the courtesy of the American Scandinavian Foun- 
dation. In connection with the opening of the exhibition, a concert 
of Scandinavian music was given by the Chicago Chamber Orchestra 
in James Simpson Theatre on September 30 and a motion-picture 
program dealing with Greenland was presented on October 1. 

"Temple Rubbings from Thailand" was shown from October 27 
through November 26. These rubbings in oil colors were made at 
the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha by Mrs. Vadna Gearhart of 
Evanston, Illinois, and were lent by Mrs. Gearhart for the exhibit. 

Annual showings included the Sixteenth International Exhibition 
of Nature Photography in co-operation with the Nature Camera 
Club of Chicago in February, the exhibit in May of work done in 


our halls by students of the Junior School of the Art Institute of 
Chicago, and in June the Amateur Handcrafted Gem and Jewelry 
Competitive Exhibition sponsored by the Chicago Lapidary Club. 


The 115th and 116th free lecture series for adults were presented at 
the Museum on Saturday afternoons during March, April, October, 
and November. These lectures are made possible through the foun- 
dation established by the late Edward E. Ayer, first President of 
the Museum. Attendance at the seventeen lectures totaled 16,302 
persons. Programs were varied in content, and a special effort was 
made to present material that was in the news. Audience reaction 
continued to be extremely favorable. 


The Museum conducted twelve expeditions and field trips in 1961. 

Department of Anthropology — Great Lakes Area Archaeological 
Field Trips (George I. Quimby, Curator of North American Archae- 
ology and Ethnology, see page 38) ; Southwest Archaeological Expedi- 
tion (Dr. Paul S. Martin, Chief Curator of Anthropology, see page 37) 

Department of Botany — Northwest Territories Botanical Expedition 
1961-62 (Dr. John W. Thieret, Curator of Economic Botany, see 
page 44) 

Department of Geology — Central America Volcanological Field 
Trip (Dr. Sharat K. Roy, Chief Curator of Geology, see page 50) ; 
Quebec PcUeontological Field Trip (Dr. Robert H. Denison, Curator 
of Fossil Fishes, see page 49) ; Vermont Geological Field Trip (Bertram 
G. Woodland, Associate Curator of Petrology, see page 51) 

Department of Zoology — Africa Zoological Field Trip, 1961-62 
(Melvin A. Traylor, Jr., Associate Curator of Birds, see page 56); 
Arizona Zoological Field Trip (Dr. Alan Solem, Curator of Lower 
Invertebrates, see page 55) ; Florida Zoological Field Trip (Dr. Robert 
F. Inger, Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles, see page 55) ; Guiana 
Zoological Expedition, 1960-61 (Harry A. Beatty, see page 55); 
Pacific Zoological Field Trip, 1961-62 (Dr. Solem, see page 55); 
Surinam Zoological Field Trip, 1961-62 (Philip Hershkovitz, Curator 
of Mammals, see page 55) 











A.D. 1000 

Department of Anthropology 

Research and Expeditions 

The Southwest Archaeological Expedition completed another season 
of research in Arizona under the leadership of Chief Curator Paul S. 
Martin (see page 34). A grant from the National Science Founda- 
tion (for research in cultural stability and development of traditions 
in the Upper Little Colorado River Drainage) made it possible to 
undertake excavations near Snowflake, Arizona, to continue the 
paleoecological studies of the previous season, and to continue the 
archaeological reconnaissance. The Museum is grateful for this 
assistance. James R. Carter, C. E. Gurley, Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell 
Hahn, Charles E. Keney, M.D., and Judd Sackheim also contrib- 
uted toward the funds of the expedition, and grateful acknowledge- 
ment of their interest is made here. 

A pueblo located on the ranch of James Carter was partly exca- 
vated. A large kiva (one of two) and twenty rooms were finished. 
Routine trenching of the trash-mound produced thirty burials. From 
them and from the rooms more than a hundred whole or restorable 
pots were found. Fifty-four sites were discovered on the recon- 
naissance. Well-preserved pollen was obtained from several archae- 
ological sites, from the banks of a deep arroyo, and from sediments 
in an ancient lake-bed. These will, when analyzed, indicate the 
climate of the area for the past five thousand years and some of the 
foods gathered or produced by the inhabitants. David McQueen, 
Antioch College student, classified pottery and catalogued artifacts. 

Dr. Donald Collier, Curator of South American Archaeology 
and Ethnology, continued analysis of archaeological materials from 
Casma Valley, Peru, that had been gathered in 1956. Fifty sites 
were dated by means of pottery seriation techniques and a sequence 
of architectural types was worked out. The time-span covered is 
from about 1000 B.C. to A.D. 1550, shortly after the Spanish con- 
quest. It was found that additional ceramic and architectural data 
were needed from two crucial groups of sites dating from the Form- 
ative period, about 600-400 B.C. Dr. Duccio Bonavia, of the Uni- 
versity of San Marcos, Lima, kindly made a trip to Casma to collect 
the needed data, correct the site maps, and make photographs. He 
was ably assisted by Felix Caycho Quispe, of the University of San 
Marcos Museum. Donald E. Thompson, who was Curator Collier's 
assistant on the expedition in 1956, will be co-author of the final re- 
port on the Casma research. 


George I. Quimby, Curator of North American Archaeology and 
Ethnology, continued investigations of prehistory and changing en- 
vironments in the Great Lakes region. A grant-in-aid from the 
American Council of Learned Societies made it possible for him to 
undertake special studies of Indian cultures of the period just before 
and just after the arrival of FYench explorers and missionaries, thus 
considerably extending the scope of the Great Lakes research pro- 
gram. The Museum is grateful for this assistance. 

During the year field trips were made to various sites on the 
south shore of Lake Superior and the northern half of the Lake 
Michigan basin (see page 34). Surface collections of artifacts were 
obtained and test trenches were dug in key sites. As part of this 
aspect of Great Lakes research Curator Quimby, assisted by James R. 
Getz, made an archaeological survey of the Garden and Stonington 
peninsulas in upper Michigan. Great Lakes research dealing with 
protohistoric and historic Indian cultures from about a.d. 1400 to 
1750 consisted primarily of study trips to examine relevant collec- 
tions of late-period artifacts owned by museums and private indi- 
viduals. Pertinent collections were recorded and photographed in 
color for reference. 

Dr. Roland W. Force, Curator of Oceanic Archaeology and Eth- 
nology, devoted a part of the year to an analysis of kinship and 
social organization in the Palau Islands of Micronesia. A portion 
of the analysis was carried out with the aid of the resources of the 
library of Bernice P. Bishop Museum in Honolulu. This research, 
which produced several short articles, was supported by Chicago 
Natural History Museum and a grant-in-aid from the Social Science 
Research Council. The final report will supply information on both 
the contemporary and the aboriginal way of life in Palau, including 
sections on kinship terminology, status heirarchy in sociopolitical 
life, the exchange system, kin and local groups, settlement patterns, 
and village organization. 

Dr. Kenneth Starr, Curator of Asiatic Archaeology and Ethnol- 
ogy, continued studies in the two main areas of his interest. These 
areas are the prehistory of eastern Asia and Chinese ink-rubbings. 

Phillip H. Lewis, Curator of Primitive Art, continued his research 
into further definition of primitive art. Going beyond the social 
definition of primitive art (see page 41), the art itself, rather than its 
social context, was considered in its aspects of form and meaning 
and contrasted with the art of civilized societies. Generally speak- 
ing, art form in primitive societies (mainly because of the unified 
structure of primitive societies) has clearer meanings than in the 
more complex civilized societies. 


During the first months of the year Associate Curator Rinaldo 
joined with Chief Curator Martin in preparation of a report on the 
excavation of a great kiva and several small prehistoric Indian vil- 
lages in eastern Arizona. He made an analysis of architectural data 
and stone, bone, and baked-clay artifacts, particularly the signifi- 
cant sacred stone-image found in the great kiva, and prepared maps. 
From June through September he directed excavations for the South- 
west Archaeological Expedition (see page 34), and after his return he 
continued the analysis of data begun in the field. 

Care of the Collections— Anthropology 

The rearrangement of the Central and South American collections 
in Room 35 was completed by Custodian of Collections Allen S. Liss 
with the help of Owen Delman, temporary assistant, who sorted 
and classified several thousand clay figurines from the Valley of 
Mexico. This work led to the reassembling of a rare Toltec effigy 
vessel, the two parts of which had been acquired by the Museum 
from different sources in 1905 and 1923 (see the picture of this object 
on page 36). 

In the Division of Asiatic Archaeology and Ethnology work was 
begun on a new storage area to house the Museum's collections of 
ethnological materials from China and Tibet. This facility is being 
built in connection with the reinstallation of the exhibition galleries 
devoted to the display of cultural materials representing life in China 
and Tibet during recent centuries. 

Dr. Hoshien Tchen, Consultant, East Asian Collection, continued 
his work of cataloguing the Museum's vast collection of Chinese 
ink-rubbings. This highly specialized work included translation of 
inscriptions, identification of pictorial elements, and addition of ex- 
planatory notes. This year Dr. Tchen particularly has directed his 
efforts toward completing the catalogue of rubbings taken (1) of 
the reliefs of the tomb of Confucius at Ch'ii-fu in Shantung Province 
and (2) of the stone monuments assembled in the famous Pei-lin, 
located at the Temple of Confucius in the historically important city 
of Hsi-an in Shensi Province [the Pei-lin, or "Stone Forest," is a 
museum of stone tablets that was established in the Yiian-yu reign 
period (A.D. 1086-1093) of the Sung dynasty and represents the most 
famous single collection of historically and calligraphically impor- 
tant stone inscriptions in all of China]. Dr. Tchen's continuing work 
in the cataloguing of the Museum's collection of ink-rubbings is of 
great significance. 


Accessions— Anthropology 

The 116 whole or restorable black-on-white pottery vessels that were 
excavated by the Southwest Archaeological Expedition in 1961 rep- 
resent the first documented collection from the area in and around 
Snowflake, Arizona. Included in this collection is an unusually fine 
series of shell, bone, and stone artifacts that illustrate hitherto un- 
known developments in Hopi culture of the eleventh and twelfth 
centuries. Interesting and useful collections of ethnological material 
from the Indians of eastern Bolivia and central Brazil were purchased 
from Borys Malkin, who collected them in 1960-61. 

The most significant acquisition of the year in the Oceanic col- 
lections is a rare whalebone weapon, a gift from Captain and Mrs. 
A. W. F. Fuller of London. This weapon, which is called a hoeroa 
by the Maori who used such weapons in intertribal warfare many 
years ago and is one of the few in museum collections, was once in 
the collection of Sir Frederick Selby Chance, former Member of 

Added to the collections is the plaster cast of an Egyptian statu- 
ette that was received in exchange from Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek 
of Copenhagen. The original of the cast is a seated figure, complete 
except for the head. The missing head has been in the possession 
of Chicago Natural History Museum since 1908 and now, with the 
exchange of casts, each institution has the whole piece, even though 
only part of each statuette is original. 

Exhibits— Anthropology 

The renovation of exhibits in the Hall of Ancient Chinese civilization 
(George T. and Frances Gaylord Smith Hall) was continued by Cus- 
todian Liss under the supervision of Curator Starr, with the close 
co-operation of the Division of Maintenance and the help of Miss 
Mary Hogquist (Museum Fellow), David McQueen, James D. 
Hawley, and Keir Jorgensen (Antioch College students), and Don- 
ald Adler (assistant). An extensive program for the reinstallation 
of the cultural materials representing modem China and Tibet also 
was initiated. Associated with Curator Starr in this program and 
contributing markedly to its success is Theodore Halkin, Artist. 

Seventeen new exhibits were installed in Hall F (Peoples of Poly- 
nesia and Micronesia) before the formal opening of the new hall, 
which took place on Members' Night (New Zealand — 4, Fiji — 2, 
Tonga — 1, Samoa — 2, Gilberts — 2, Marshalls — 1, Carolines — 1, Pa- 


laus — 2, and Hawaii — 2). Special features of the new hall are a 
mural map of the culture areas of the Pacific, a collection of en- 
larged photographs of outstanding specimens, and a life-group inside 
the Maori council house. Later in the year an exhibit was prepared 
for Hall A (Melanesia) in which the unique and beautiful shell-inlay 
work of the Solomon Islands was emphasized. 

"Primitive Artists Look at Civilization," which was the Mu- 
seum's featured exhibit for July, is the first aspect of the Hall of 
Primitive Art (Hall 2, Edward E. and Emma B. Ayer Hall) to be 
completed. Exhibits illustrating the major theme of the hall, "The 
Human Image in Primitive Art," are not yet completed. Both 
themes deal with images of man as conceived by primitive artists: 
those done within the context of primitive social life and those done 
in primitive societies in change (societies with Europeans and Euro- 
pean influences present). 

Artist Gustaf Dalstrom, Artist-Preparator Susan Schanck, Dio- 
ramist Alfred Lee Rowell, and Preparator Walter C. Reese helped 
in the exhibition program. 





HALL 28 

Department of Botany 

Research and Expeditions 

Dr. Margery C. Carlson, Associate in Botany, continued study of 
plants that she collected in Mexico in 1960, making identifications 
and distributing certain groups to specialists. Dr. Earl E. Sherff, 
Research Associate in Systematic Botany, determined collections of 
Hawaiian plants belonging to groups in which he has specialized. 
Dr. Rogers McVaugh, Curator of Vascular Plants at the University 
of Michigan and Research Associate on the staff of the Museum, 
spent a period in residence in Chicago and also visited major herbaria 
in other cities in order to prepare his contribution on the M3rrtaceae 
for the Flora of Guatemala. 

Curator Emeritus Dr. B. E. Dahlgren (since deceased) relin- 
quished to Dr. Sidney F. Glassman of the University of Illinois 
(Navy Pier, Chicago) the whole responsibility of preparing the con- 
cluding report on the palm genus Copernicia, the first part of which 
was published during the year in Gentes Herbarum. J. Francis 
Macbride, Curator of Peruvian Botany, worked on the Composite 
family of plants for the Flora of Peru. Some tribes of the Com- 
positae are being prepared by collaborators. 

At the invitation of Armour Research Foundation, Dr. Patricio 
Ponce de Leon, Assistant Curator of the Cryptogamic Herbarium, 
accompanied Dr. Ervin Hawrylewicz on a short field trip to Devil's 
Lake, Wisconsin, as consultant to the Foundation and to collect 
cryptogamic plants for the Museum (the Armour Research project 
is concerned with the viability of lower plants under simulated con- 
ditions presumed to exist on the planet Mars). Dr. Ponce de Leon 
continued studies of the genus Polyporus in preparation for a mono- 
graph on these fungi. He also cultured and isolated various fungi 
obtained from specimens of luminescent wood in an effort to deter- 
mine the agent and critical factors. 

Dr. C. Earle Smith, Jr., Associate Curator of Vascular Plants, 
continued preparation of a critical catalogue of the Muhlenberg 
Herbarium. He made a short study trip to the United States 
National Herbarium in connection with his revision of the Melia- 
ceae of Panama, for which the manuscript was submitted to Mis- 
souri Botanical Garden for publication in its Flora of Panama. He 
served as Consulting Botanist for the joint Archaeological-Botan- 
ical Tehuacdn Project undertaken by staff members of the Royal 
Museum of Canada and sponsored by the R. S. Peabody Founda- 


tion and spent July and part of August collecting in the Tehuacan 
area of Mexico (see illustration on page 45). 

Dr. John W. Thieret, Curator of Economic Botany, conducted 
an expedition to the Northwest Territories of Canada (see page 34) 
with the aid of funds from a grant awarded in 1960 by the National 
Science Foundation for the purpose of a vegetational survey of the 
Fort Providence- Yellowknife Highway area at the western end of 
Great Slave Lake. He was accompanied by Robert J. Reich, of 
Indiana State Teachers College, who assisted in the collection of 
plant specimens. 

Dr. Louis 0. Williams, Curator of Central American Botany, 
completed the families Dilleniaceae through Begoniaceae for the 
Flora of Guatemala (see page 78) and at the end of the year was 
well along with manuscript for the following families, Cactaceae 
through Combretaceae. Corollary to this has been the publication 
of new genera, species, and combinations under the title Tropical 
American Plants, II (see page 78). He made brief study-trips to the 
United States National Herbarium and Gray Herbarium of Harvard 
University in connection with his work. The completion of the 
Flora of Guatemala is being aided with funds granted in 1961 by the 
National Science Foundation. 

Miss Edith M. Vincent, Research Librarian, located botanical 
data for staff members, correspondents, and workers from other insti- 
tutions as well as handled most routine matters of library operation 
for the department. 

Care of the Collections— Botany 

The collection of pollen slides, accumulated from various sources in 
recent years, was organized with the assistance of Miss Margaret 
Archibald, Antioch College student. Miss Mia Buehr and Miss 
Lynn Whitman, Antioch College students, sterilized and transferred 
fruit collections stored in containers subject to insect infestation to 
glass jars or plastic bags capable of retaining a fumigant. David 
Frodin (temporary assistant) completed cutting to standard her- 
barium sizes leaves and spadices of palms that had been collected 
by Curator Emeritus Dahlgren in connection with his studies of the 
wax palm Copernicia. Mrs. Dorothy Gibson, Departmental Secre- 
tary and Assistant, continued her preparation of slides of floral dis- 
sections as an aid to identification of the numerous tropical American 
plants received from various collectors in the past and which remain 
undetermined even as to family. 









Assistant Curator Ponce de Leon completed checking, indexing, 
and reorganizing into phylogenetic arrangement all of the crypto- 
gamic herbarium and initiated the transfer of specimens to color- 
coded folders to indicate geographic location (in the latter project 
he was assisted by Antioch College students Miss Barbara Agate 
and Miss Buehr). He completed identification of all Steyermark 
collections of Missouri fungi, lichens, and hepatics, identified and 
completed the nomenclatural revision (into current synonymy) of 
all specimens of Polyporus in this herbarium, completed the anno- 
tation and cross-indexing to current nomenclature of all genera of 
cryptogams, and supervised the preparation (by Miss Archibald) 
of a complete card index for all genera. 

Mrs. Lenore Warner began an alphabetical index of type-photo- 
graphs in families and genera to supplement and cross-reference the 
numerical indices completed last year. A total of 5,266 type-photo- 
graphs was sent to other institutions in continuation of exchange, 
779 were sold, and 300 new negatives were added to the files. A 
total of 28,386 specimens was mounted and added to the herbarium 
of vascular plants. Plants were mounted by Mrs. Karoline Ben- 
yovszky, Almon Cooley, Peter Feldmann, David Frodin, and Mrs. 
Jennie Pletinckx, and by Matthew Richards, Miss Hyo Young 
Chung, Miss Linda Dybas, Miss Archibald, and other student assist- 
ants. Robert Yule completed a number of tasks connected with the 
operation of the Herbarium and other sections of the department. 
Mrs. Pletinckx aided in sorting and labeling the collections received 
in 1960 from Holly Reed Bennett so that duplicates may be used 
for exchange purposes. 

Accessions— Botany 

Among the largest and most valuable collections received through 
exchange were 4,656 specimens of Vascular plants from the Con- 
servatoire et Jardin Botaniques, Geneva, Switzerland. These speci- 
mens had been selected with the assistance of Curator Macbride 
when he was in Geneva a number of years ago in connection with 
the project to photograph type-specimens of American plants in 
European herbaria. The 2,837 plants of the Tehuacdn area, Mexico, 
collected by Associate Curator Smith while he was with the R. S. 
Peabody Foundation's Archaeological-Botanical Tehuacdn Project 
(see page 43), constitute a botanical survey of a valley from which 
there is promise of much new information on the early development 
of food plants and primitive cultures. Holly Reed Bennett again 


presented the largest gift, 2,946 plants that he collected in the United 
States and identified. Other significant acquisitions were 331 plants 
of Mexico from Dr. U. T. Waterfall and 360 plants of North Pakistan 
from Professor O. Polunin, acquired by purchase, and 841 plants of 
South Korea from the University of Michigan, acquired by exchange. 

Exhibits— Botany 

Remodeling the Hall of Useful Plants (Hall 28) was begun early in 
the year with bricking-in court windows and constructing framework 
to support display cases of the style long used for botanical exhibition 
(but without the bases containing storage cabinets). This work was 
more than half completed by the Division of Maintenance at the 
end of the year. Completed for installation in the new setting were 
exhibits of plant dyes and tannins, resins, and leaf fibers (Manila 
hemp and agave) and several models to be included in other exhibits. 
Curator of Exhibits Emil Sella, Technician Frank Boryca, Prepar- 
ator Walter Huebner, Artist Robert Anderson, Artist-Preparator 
Samuel H. Grove, Jr., and Curator Thieret effectively co-ordinated 
their separate skills and knowledge in the planning and construc- 
tion of exhibits. 






Department of Geology 

Research and Expeditions 

Dr. Rainer Zangerl, Curator of Fossil Reptiles, and Dr. Eugene S. 
Richardson, Jr., Curator of Fossil Invertebrates, spent most of the 
year preparing a manuscript on the paleoecology of two interesting 
Pennsylvanian black shales of western Indiana. Studies of these 
shales have brought forward a wealth of striking evidence concern- 
ing the nature of the environment of deposition at the time of their 
formation some 250 million years ago. It has thus been possible to 
determine in far greater detail than anticipated the physiographic 
setting, the rate of deposition, and the factors responsible for the 
vast accumulation of vertebrate skeletons at the sites of Mecca and 
Logan quarries (see Annual Report 1960, page 61). The systematic 
study of the extensive collection of fossils made at these localities 
will be undertaken separately. 

Dr. Robert H. Denison, Curator of Fossil Fishes, has continued 
his study of the Cyathaspidae, a family of primitive jawless verte- 
brates, and has completed a description of a collection of Silurian 
cyathaspids from the Yukon obtained by oil-company geologists. 
In addition, he has studied Early Devonian lungfishes from Wyo- 
ming and the histology of early hard tissues. During parts of July 
and August he conducted a field trip to Escuminac Bay in Quebec 
(see page 34), where he collected in the Upper Devonian rocks and 
obtained a representative series of fishes. 

George Langford, Curator of Fossil Plants, spent the greater part 
of the year studying the Museum's Coal Age and Mesozoic plants 
and rearranging the storage specimens to improve their accessibility. 
He also spent considerable time in correcting and revising speci- 
men labels. 

As a part of his study of the fossil fauna of the Washakie forma- 
tion, William D. Turnbull, Assistant Curator of Fossil Mammals, 
worked on the fossil rodents and uintatheres from that formation. 
He also continued his study of the adaptive types of mammalian 
masticatory apparatus, giving special attention to the analysis of 
the functional mechanisms. His field activities were limited to a 
week of collecting in western Colorado (see page 51). 

Dr. Edward J. Olsen, Curator of Mineralogy, completed his work 
on the statistical distribution of magnesium and iron in the minerals 
olivine and orthopyroxene from world occurrences. He developed a 
technique to use the X-ray fluorescence unit for quantitative analy- 


ses of iron, cobalt, and nickel and effectively used it to analyze par- 
tially an uncommon nickel-cobalt bearing lazulite from Baraboo, 
Wisconsin. He also became actively interested in the study of mete- 
orites and did preliminary work on the identification of constituent 
minerals in the Weekeroo Station, La Porte, and Mount Joy meteo- 
rites by X-ray diffraction. Because of the lack of appropriate litera- 
ture on the subject, some of the X-ray diffraction data had to be 
initially calculated. 

Dr. Sharat K. Roy, Chief Curator of Geology, spent four months 
in the field in the Central American republics of Guatemala, El Sal- 
vador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, working along the volcanic belt 
that parallels the Pacific Ocean (see page 34). The purpose of the 
trip, which was taken in connection with the forthcoming monograph 
"The Principal Volcanoes of Central America," was to revisit indi- 
vidual volcanoes for restudy of each with emphasis on checking the 
data collected on previous field trips and also to take new photo- 
graphs to replace old ones of certain volcanoes whose appearance 
had been noticeably changed by recent eruptions. 

Much was accomplished on this trip but not everything that had 
been planned. Five volcanoes, Pacaya in Guatemala and four, 
Concepcion, Monmotombo, Telica, and Coseguinea, in Nicaragua, 
which were not hitherto reached for lack of transportation or only 
sketchily observed from the air, were studied in detail, and samples 
from recent lava flows were collected for chemical and petrographic 
analyses. In El Salvador, Volcan Izalco, which, now in a dormant 
stage, is marked only by fumarolic activity, was again climbed and 
the changes that had taken place in its crater and flanks were care- 
fully observed. 

We wish to thank again the Director and other members of the 
staff of Instituto Tropical and of the Geological Survey of San Sal- 
vador for their hearty co-operation and for the use of facilities to 
carry on field work and laboratory studies. Our grateful apprecia- 
tion for rendering cordial and most effective aid to facilitate field 
work in Nicaragua is also offered to Dr. Juan Jose Lugo Marenco, 
Ministro de Economia, and Dr. Roberto Solorzano Marin and to 
Dr. Adolfo J. Bengoech^a of the National Geological Survey of 
Nicaragua. But for the help given by these officials it would not 
have been possible to accomplish even a part of the work done in 

In the field of research, Chief Curator Roy (with J. J. Glass and 
E. P. Henderson) completed the paper "The Walters Meteorite," 
and another paper "Spheroids in Volcanic Ash" was completed also, 
except for photographic and editorial details. He also made steady 


progress on two monographs, one on volcanoes (to which reference 
has been made) and the other on chondrules in chrondritic meteo- 
rites. A paper (with E. R. DuFYesne) describing a new meteoric 
mineral, an anhydrous magnesium phosphate hitherto unobserved 
in nature, was published (see page 84). The mineral was found in 
the Springwater meteorite, a pallasite, from Springwater, Saskatch- 
ewan, Canada. It has been named farringtonite in honor of the late 
Dr. Oliver Cummings Farrington, the first Chief Curator of the 
Museum's Department of Geology and a leading student of meteor- 
itics of his time (see illustration on page 86). 

Bertram G. Woodland, Associate Curator of Petrology, completed 
a study on the trend of metamorphism of rocks from an area in north- 
east Vermont. He also made chemical analyses of four basic dike 
rocks from the same area and completed a report on the petrology 
of the dike suite to which the analyzed rocks belong. A quartz fab- 
ric analysis of some folded quartz veins in schist is in progress. He 
spent five weeks in the field in central Vermont studying the minor 
structures of metamorphic rocks and collecting specimens for de- 
tailed examination of their structural geometry (see page 34). He 
also spent a week in the field in Parke County, Indiana, with Curator 
Zangerl and Curator Richardson to familiarize himself with the 
stratigraphy of the area. During his stay he collected some fine 
specimens of cone-in-cone in limestone for the study collection. 

Earlier in the year Patrick J. Carlone and Miss Lynn Whitman, 
Antioch College students, rendered able assistance to Curator Olsen 
and Associate Curator Woodland in the chemical and mineralogical 
laboratories. Later, during October through December, the excel- 
lent services of Miss Laura N. Stone, another Antioch College stu- 
dent, were used by Curator Olsen in reorganizing and inventorying 
mineral specimens. 

Accessions— Geology 

Our collections of Cretaceous fishes from the Niobrara chalk were 
increased by the purchase through the Maurice L. Richardson Pale- 
ontological Fund of excellent specimens of Pachyrhizodus, Albula, 
Apsopelix, and Saurodon from Marion C. Bonner. Significant addi- 
tions to the fossil-mammal and fossil-bird collections were specimens 
from the DeBeque formation of Colorado (some were donated by 
Al Look and Miss Sue Hill and some were collected by Assistant 
Curator Turnbull — eight very poorly known orders are represented 
by these specimens). 


Francis Tully presented twenty specimens of interesting and en- 
tirely unknown segmented fossil invertebrates found in concretions 
in the abandoned strip mines of Will County, Illinois. Dr. Hans 
Hess, of Switzerland, who visited the Museum in June, presented 
eight beautifully preserved specimens of Jurassic echinoderms from 
France and Switzerland. 

Mrs. Cyril L. Ward generously donated five beautiful black opals 
and fire opals set in gold mounts with diamonds and rubies. These 
exquisite stones are among the best of our opal collections displayed 
in H. N. Higinbotham Hall (Hall 31, Gems and Jewels). By ex- 
change with the Mineralogical and Geological Museum of Copen- 
hagen University an interesting suite of alkalic igneous rocks from 
Ilimaussag, Greenland, was added to the rock collection. 

Care of the Collections— Geology 

David Techter, Assistant, catalogued the major portion of the ex- 
tensive collection of fossils obtained from the Mecca and Logan 
quarries of Parke County, Indiana (see page 49), and at the end 
of the year a total of 725 specimens of fossil fish, representing the 
choicest material, had been catalogued. Several hundred additional 
specimens were under further study to determine which of them 
should be catalogued and added to the permanent collection. Or- 
ville L. Gilpin, Chief Preparator, completed the painstaking prepa- 
ration of a huge shark (eight and a half feet long in its present state) 
from the Logan Quarry. This remarkable specimen is a nearly com- 
plete skeleton and, because it is the only one that has ever been re- 
covered and prepared, it adds much to the interest of Coal Age fauna 
(see illustration on page 48). 

The fossil invertebrate collections also received due attention. 
Mrs. Maria Weiss, of the University of Chicago, working on a Mu- 
seum grant, has identified and relabeled numerous Paleozoic crinoids 
and brachiopods. Likewise, Chi-wei Pan, of the Museum staff, iden- 
tified and catalogued several hundred Cenozoic invertebrates from 
the extensive Nelson Collection. 

Approximately twenty cases of minerals in the study collection 
were completely reorganized and inventoried by Curator Olsen. 
When the work is completed, following the method of reorganiza- 
tion adopted, the collection will be more compact and there will be 
a substantial gain in storage space. The new arrangement will en- 
able one to determine all mineral species on hand, the exact location 
of each, and the quality and extent of the collection. 


Exhibits— Geology 

Early in the year one of the exhibits displajdng fossil horses in 
Ernest R. Graham Hall (Hall 38) was revised by the addition of a 
newly mounted skeleton (cast) of the Eocene horse Hyracotherium. 
The mount was constructed by Preparator Ronald J. Lambert, and 
Mrs. Maidi Wiebe Leibhardt, Departmental Artist, painted the 
restoration. Throughout the year reinstallation of the Hall of Eco- 
nomic Geology (Hall 36) was continued. Ten exhibits were disman- 
tled and reinstalled using cut-out-letter labels. Descriptions of 
various ores that have increased in economic importance within 
the past decade were brought up to date. 

The months of June, July, and August were devoted to renova- 
tion and reinstallation of the Hall of Gems and Jewels (Hall 31, 
H. N. Higinbotham Hall). The addition of new labels and new 
pads and the display of several new gems that had been acquired 
by the Museum in recent years noticeably improved the appearance 
of the hall. 

Two new exhibits were installed in Clarence Buckingham Hall 
(Hall 35, Moon, Meteorites, and Minerals). One of these graphically 
illustrates the Hamlet meteorite, which struck the home of Mr. and 
Mrs. A. C. Hall of Hamlet, Indiana, on October 13, 1959. Included 
in this exhibit are fragments of the roof of the house damaged by 
the meteorite, diagrams showing the direction of fall of the meteo- 
rite computed from information given by eye witnesses of the fall, 
and photographs of the locale of the fall. The other exhibit repre- 
sents one of the largest individuals (845 pounds) of the Canyon 
Diablo meteorite shower. Canyon Diablo, Arizona. 

The exhibition program was carried on by Harry E. Changnon, 
Curator of Exhibits, in co-operation with Associate Curator Wood- 
land, Curator Olsen, Assistant Henry Horback, and Preparator 
Henry U. Taylor. Illustrations were competently executed by Mrs. 
Maidi Wiebe Leibhardt. 






Department of Zoology 

Research and Expeditions 

In southern Asia, the PhiHppines, Africa, South America, Central 
America, North America, and the Hawaiian Islands, our staff mem- 
bers were afield, making collections and studying their specialties. 
In addition, we had one expedition in South America by a non- 
staff member. 

Dutch Guiana (Surinam). Harry A. Beatty, of New York, 
who started field work in Surinam in 1960, continued collecting birds 
and mammals through the year (see page 34) . In November Curator 
Philip Hershkovitz began a stay of several months in Surinam (see 
page 34) to get specimens of mammals from that part of the con- 
tinent to use as comparative material in his revisions of South 
American mammals (his field work is financed by a National Science 
Foundation grant). Accompanying Curator Hershkovitz was Dr. 
Jack Fooden, postdoctoral fellow, supported by a grant from the 
National Institute of Health. 

Panama. Curator Rupert L. Wenzel, in connection with his 
study of the Streblidae (bat flies) of Panama, made a short study 
and field trip there in October to observe bats and their parasite 
flies and to take part in some collecting. 

North America. Associate Curator Henry S. Dybas made short 
field trips to Virginia and southern Indiana to collect samples of soil 
to process in insect funnels for the minute insects in them and also 
to survey localities for possible studies in 1962 and 1963 of periodical 
cicada emergence. 

Curator Robert F. Inger spent about three weeks in February 
and March in central Florida, studjdng and recording frog voices 
(see page 34). This work will correlate with similar work he has 
done in Africa and Borneo. 

Curator Alan Solem made a field trip in Arizona (see page 34) to 
obtain more material for a study of evolutionary changes in isolated 
populations of snails, of which fifty-year-old material is available. 
He was again fortunate in being accompanied by the veteran col- 
lector, Munroe L. Walton of Glendale, California. 

Pacific. In August Curator Solem, accompanied by Mrs. Solem 
as assistant, started on a study trip (to continue through 1962) that 
will take them to New Zealand, Australia, and Europe for the pur- 
pose of examining landsnails of the Pacific islands in various museums 
(see page 34). The first stop was Honolulu, where they studied the 


splendid material in Bernice P. Bishop Museum. Curator Solem 
was able also to do some field work in Hawaii, He is financed in 
part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. 

Curator Loren P. Woods spent six weeks in Hawaii as a member 
of a marine fish-collecting expedition sponsored by the John G. Shedd 
Aquarium of Chicago. 

Philippine Islands. Associate D. S. Rabor this year utilized 
his vacation period from Silliman University in the Philippines to 
make a much-needed collection of birds from southern Luzon. 

Nepal. Field Associate Robert L. Fleming continued his asso- 
ciation with the World Book Encyclopedia Scientific Expedition to 
the Himalayas (see Annual Report 1960, page 24). He collected 
birds and mammals chiefly at high altitudes. 

Egypt. The work of Research Associate Harry Hoogstraal in 
Egypt continued to yield specimens of birds and mammals for our 

Southern Africa. Associate Curator Melvin A. Traylor, Jr., 
supported by a National Science Foundation grant, was unable, be- 
cause of political disturbances, to follow his original plan of working 
in Angola and, instead, has outlined work in adjacent territories of 
the Rhodesias and Southwest Africa (see page 34) . He started field 
operations early in October and will continue work into 1962. 

Division of Mammals. The first draft of the checklist of South 
American mammals being prepared by Curator Hershkovitz (aided 
by a grant from the National Science Foundation) was virtually 
completed during the year and the section on whales was put into 
final form for publication. A systematic revision of the South Amer- 
ican phyllotine group of rodents was brought up to date for publi- 
cation, and studies were continued on other difficult groups of South 
American mammals. Assistant Curator Karl Koopman continued 
his studies of the bats of northern Africa. 

Division of Birds. Curator Emmet R. Blake has continued 
taxonomic studies of South American birds with special reference 
to recently received collections from Surinam, Colombia, and Argen- 
tina. He has also brought up to date the section of the family of 
Icterid blackbirds for Peters' Checklist of Birds of the World and has 
seen proof of the section on American crows and jays. 

Associate Curator Traylor (aided by a National Science Founda- 
tion grant) has been continuing the preparation of a checklist of 
birds of Angola. He has also continued studies of the migratory birds 
of Egypt (in connection with the work of Research Associate Hoog- 
straal on the vectors of arthropod-borne diseases) and of birds of 
Nepal (in connection with Field Associate Fleming's fieldwork there). 


Chief Curator Austin L. Rand, in collaboration with Dr. E. 
Thomas Gilliard of the American Museum of Natural History, has 
completed about half of the manuscript for the handbook of birds 
of New Guinea that was begun last year. He continued taxonomic 
studies of birds of the Philippines and, with Mrs. Rheua Rand, pub- 
lished A Midwestern Almanac, a general book (see page 85). Asso- 
ciate Ellen T. Smith spent part of her time investigating the records 
of early days in Chicago for material on birds. 

Division of Amphibians and Reptiles. Curator Inger, who 
continued his studies of reptiles and amphibians of Borneo (sup- 
ported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation) 
and of the amphibians of the Pare National de la Garamba (Congo), 
described several new species of reptiles and amphibians. In collab- 
oration with Dr. Bernard Greenberg of Roosevelt University, he 
continued studies of the reproductive cycle in the frog Rana eryth- 
raea. Assistant Curator Hymen Marx has collaborated with Curator 
Inger in revising a genus of snakes. 

Division of Fishes. Curator Woods continued taxonomic stud- 
ies of fishes from the Caribbean Sea and adjacent waters and began 
work on an account of the fishes of the Order Berycoidei for the series 
"Fishes of the Western North Atlantic," to be published by Sears 
Foundation. Associate Marion Grey, who continued to occupy her- 
self with the deep-sea fishes of the Caribbean and adjacent waters, 
began a study of the genus Anoplogaster of the Dana Collection. 
Associate Edward M. Nelson, now at the University of Puerto Rico, 
completed two papers (using Museum material) that he had begun 
before leaving Chicago. 

Division of Insects. Curator Wenzel spent most of his research 
time on a study of the parasitic bat flies of Panama (part of Family 
Streblidae) in collaboration with Major Vernon J. Tipton of the 
United States Army. Curator Wenzel also prepared a key to the 
genera of North American histerid beetles and a checklist of the 
Michigan forms of the family, both for separate publication, and has 
nearly completed a revision of the New World genera of the family. 

Associate Curator Dybas continued studies of the beetles of the 
families Limulodidae and Ptiliidae and published three short papers 
on the latter. His studies of the periodical cicada, begun in 1956, 
have been completed. 

Research Associate Charles H. Seevers has nearly completed his 
monograph of the rove beetles (Family Staphylinidae) that live with 
ants, a study supported by a grant from the National Science Foun- 
dation. Research Associate Alex K. Wyatt prepared a short paper 
describing a new moth. Associate Harry G. Nelson studied dryo- 


poid beetles of the genus Pelonomus of tropical America. Associate 
Lillian A. Ross continued her studies of spiders. 

Division of Lower Invertebrates. Curator Emeritus Fritz 
Haas, at the request of the Academy of Natural Sciences (San Fran- 
cisco), studied certain of their collections from tropical Africa, Mada- 
gascar, and Central and South America with the understanding that 
we retain types and duplicates. Two papers have resulted. Dr. 
Haas also began a monograph on fresh-water mussels (Unionidae), 
to be published in the series Das Tierreich (Berlin). 

Curator Solem made considerable progress on a review of the 
landsnails of Panama, but his main research was on the snails (endo- 
dontids) of the Pacific islands. Assistant Ernest J. Roscoe continued 
his studies of the mollusks of the pluvial Lake Bonneville in Utah 
and completed a checklist of the mollusks of Utah. 

Division of Anatomy. Curator D. D wight Davis continued his 
anatomical study of the giant panda. Research Associate R. M. 
Strong continued his study of the anatomy of birds, and Research 
Associate Waldemar Meister continued his study of the histological 
structure of the long bones in penguins. 

Care of the Collections— Zoology 

Routine in the Department of Zoology demands a wide variety of 
skills, but none is more exacting than that of turning big, dried, 
board-hard, raw, mammal skins, as they come from the field, into 
soft, flexible, tanned skins suitable for handling and study. This is 
the province of our Tanner, Dominick Villa, and Assistant Taxi- 
dermist, Mario Villa. 

To aid in their work we have installed a new skin-shaving ma- 
chine with a rotating circular blade. Formerly, to shave a skin and 
so make it thin, the soaked skin was draped over a beam and the 
thick hide pared to an appropriate thinness all over with a two- 
handed shaving knife that had a turned scraping-edge. The tanner 
must not cut holes in the skin, or cut into the hair-roots so that the 
hairs fall out, or leave thick spots that will be stiff. Also with tender 
skins, such as those of some cats, foxes, and antelopes, and skins in 
poor condition, stretching or tearing must be avoided. The new 
shaving machine in which the hide is held against the rotating blade 
simplifies some of this, but it still does not do away with a skilled 
operator, such as Dominick Villa, who has carried on this work for 
us for thirty-one years and on his retirement this year will be suc- 
ceeded by Mario Villa. 




Assistant M. Dianne Maurer, in addition to more routine activ- 
ities, identified small collections of South American birds, prepared 
study-skins of a few local birds that were brought to the Museum 
and conducted visitors through the Division of Birds, Assistant 
Janet Wright, among other duties such as typing and artwork, com- 
pleted a check of the collection of herpetological reprints and cata- 
logued the histological slides that were made for the study of frog 

Assistant Pearl Sonoda's activities included processing numerous 
loans and exchanges, and, with the assistance during the summer 
of Thomas W. Case, Antioch College student, she saw that the fish 
collection had the proper amount of preservative. Assistant August 
Ziemer continued to prepare and label insects for study. Most im- 
portant of the duties of Assistant Joan Davis Levin was preparation 
of anatomical drawings for the report on the giant panda for the 
Division of Anatomy. 

Osteologist Sophie Andris continued her task of preparing skulls 
for the Division of Mammals and skeletons for the Division of 
Anatomy. F. John Allen, Dennis Buskirk, Miss Aileen M. Wagner, 
and Stephen J. Parshall, Antioch College students, helped in various 
phases of insect and mollusk curating. 

Accessions— Zoology 

Our collections continue to grow at a gratifying rate, as the following 
figures show: mammals — 1,079; birds — 4,720; amphibians and rep- 
tiles — 5,136; fishes — 3,695; insects — 49,643; lower invertebrates — 
about 100,000; anatomical material — 43 specimens. 

An important collection of about 50,000 shells, which is especially 
rich in Melanesian and South American material, was purchased 
from a private collector, Walter J. Eyerdam. Mrs. Margaret Teskey 
donated a valuable collection of about 14,000 nonmarine mollusks 
representing mostly North American species. A fine collection of 
Hawaiian tree-snails formed by George F. Arnemann, of Honolulu, 
was presented by him in memory of his wife, the late Evelyn Lena 
(Miller) Arnemann. 

The Wyatt Collection of North American Lepidoptera, repre- 
senting sixty-seven years of collecting and study by Research Asso- 
ciate Alex K. Wyatt, who gave it to us, is the most valuable study 
collection of this group that the Museum has acquired. It contains 
more than a third of the North American species, brought together 
by selective collecting and rearing. 







Exhibits— Zoology 

"This Is a Mammal" is the title of the new exhibit that has been 
installed in Hall 15 (Mammals in Systematic Arrangement) as the 
first completed step in reinstalling the hall. Around a mounted cat, 
which is used as an example of a mammal, are grouped arrangements 
of bones, pieces of skin, models, diagrams, and paintings to present 
visually the characteristics of the class Mammalia in skin, muscle, 
organs, bones, care (suckling) of young, and warm-bloodedness 
(see illustration on page 54). Preliminary preparation of material 
for the next four exhibits in the series is well advanced with mount- 
ing most of the small mammals needed and making models for 
explanatory materials. 

The model of the strange coelacanth fish known as Latimeria 
chalumnae, which the Museum purchased in 1958 (see Annual Re- 
port 1958, page 72), has finally been placed on exhibition. It has a 
case to itself in the Hall of Fishes (Hall 0), as befits the uniqueness 
of this "living fossil" from the sea off the East African coast (see 
page 67 for illustration). Just opposite it is the exhibit of other 
"living fossil fishes," which was revised last year. 

The renovation of older exhibits is progressively taking more time. 
This year, work on the walrus exhibit in the Hall of Marine Mammals 
(Hall N) was completed, which included cleaning the animals, re- 
newing the accessories (chiefly snow), and repairing the background, 
and work has been started on the group of elephant seals, which 
needs similar attention. The disintegration of fins in the plastic 
models of fishes in Hall O is assuming serious proportions, and this, 
with water seepage in the habitat group of fishes of the Texas coast, 
has necessitated extensive repairs that are now under way. 

Exhibition work was carried on by Artist Joseph B. Krstolich, 
Taxidermist Carl W. Cotton, and Assistant Taxidermist Peter An- 
derson. Artwork was prepared by Staff Artist E. John Pfiffner, who 
also assisted with design. 


















The grand total of 10,336 items received in the Library during the 
year included books, periodicals, microfilms, photostats, maps, at- 
lases, and musical recordings. The preponderance of these receipts 
consisted of serials, journals, and monographs provided through the 
exchange program maintained by the Museum with scientific and 
learned societies and other research centers both in this country and 
abroad. All together, 8,501 such items, including journals received 
on paid subscription, were recorded on the Kardex during the year. 

Several exchanges that had been temporarily suspended were re- 
activated. The majority of these exchanges were located in Euro- 
pean countries where reorganization of societies and institutions had 
taken place following World War IL The work performed by these 
centers is embodied in their publications, which form the immediate 
and primary working tools of the scientist, providing him with the 
very latest results of specific research. 

Books and journals not obtainable by exchange and urgently 
needed in special-subject areas of the Museum's fields of interest 
were purchased. Of the 1,015 book orders placed, 974 had been 
received by the end of the year, and 2,015 volumes were accessioned. 
Because of limitations in the budget, many recommended titles, new 
and old, were set aside for further consideration. This list of desid- 
erata continues to grow from year to year. 

The cataloguing division is responsible for making the literature 
in the Library readily available for use. In all, 17,664 cards were 
filed in the general catalogue and departmental catalogues. In the 
preparation of subject entries for the Library's catalogue, the cata- 
loguing division uses, as a basic reference. Subject Headings Used in 
the Dictionary Catalogs of the Ldbrary of Congress . . . (5th edition), 
a comprehensive volume of 1,204 pages. Over the years, the divi- 
sion has added innumerable additions, corrections, and emendations 
to bring the list of subject headings into conformity with the special 
needs of this Museum. 

Considering the great growth of the Library's subject catalogue 
and the crowded condition of the "Subject Headings List," the 
Library decided to create an Authorities File for Subjects, similar 
to the Authorities File for Authors set up in 1957. Using the 
Library's subject catalogue and the "Subject Headings List," Miss 
Ann Williams, a library trainee from Hiram College working in the 
Library during the summer months, prepared subject headings and 
cross-reference cards for the letters A-G, a total of 7,105 cards. 
The cataloguers are now engaged in the painstaking work of revis- 


ing these cards to eliminate duplication and to provide additional 
cross-references. It is believed that this procedure will contribute 
substantially to the usefulness of the Library's subject catalogue, 
not only for the staff, but for the general public as well. 

To date, 1,952 subject headings have been revised and 1,512 
additional cards have been included; 3,939 cards have been added 
during the year to the Authorities File for Authors. The catalogu- 
ing division further reports that 1,809 new titles, comprising 2,041 
volumes, were catalogued during the year. In line with the reclassi- 
fication program, 406 titles, comprising 2,613 volumes, were reclas- 
sified. All together, 2,215 titles and 4,654 volumes were processed 
and 1,340 analytics were made for monographs and selected subjects 
not included in published indexes. The listing of current holdings 
for inclusion in the third edition of the Union List of Serials was 
completed, and 631 cards were contributed to the National Union 
Catalog, representing literature unique in its field held in the Library. 

Chih-wei Pan, under the supervision of the cataloguing division, 
has completed the descriptive cataloguing and typed main entry 
cards for 557 Chinese and Japanese works in the East Asian Library. 
These cards replace the original cards prepared by hand by Dr. 
Hoshien Tchen. The cards follow the form adopted by this Library 
for the cataloguing of works in Oriental languages. The main entry 
appears under the name of the author (or in some cases the title) in 
the original language with a translation into English of the title 
and a brief commentary, followed by a recapitulation in Chinese 
characters of the same information. 

A large part of the Library's collection is housed in different loca- 
tions throughout the Museum. This physical arrangement of the 
collections makes it impossible to indicate statistically the extensive 
use made of these hundreds of books on specialized subjects by the 
curators and their colleagues. Circulation figures for the Reading 
Room only show that 2,332 books were used by 524 visitors who 
made reference use of the Library's resources. These resources are 
not limited to the staff of the Museum or to members of the general 
public, but are further extended by interlibrary loans — 71 libraries 
borrowed 222 volumes and the Museum Library in turn borrowed 
131 volumes from 26 libraries. The reference division provided addi- 
tional service to individuals who either wrote or telephoned their 
queries, by supplying them with the desired information or referring 
them to an authoritative source. 

Altogether 1,446 volumes, mostly of serial publications, were pre- 
pared and sent to the bindery, an increase of 356 volumes over the 
preceding year. The efforts of the bindery division continued to 


show gratifying results in the preservation and conservation of the 
Library's valuable research materials. During the course of the year 
440 volumes were repaired in the Museum Library, and 4,441 vol- 
umes were labeled and bookplated. The year's activities included 
the usual task of shifting volumes in the general and departmental 
libraries in order to relieve congestion on the shelves caused by the 
continued influx of serial publications. 

The program of removing duplicate and unwanted materials con- 
tinued with the withdrawal of 246 items. The items not discarded 
were disposed of by exchange or sale. The net proceeds of material 
sold totaled $357.64. 

The Library is frequently called upon to translate correspondence 
and miscellaneous items into English. More than 220 items, some 
short and others long and involved, were translated. 

Many important gifts were received in the Library from mem- 
bers of the Museum staff and other individuals. This opportunity 
is taken to express our appreciation to the donors whose names 
appear on page 103. 

In co-operation with the student-training program of Antioch 
College, the Library was pleased to have the services of Miss Estelle 
Regolsky, Miss Karen Jorgensen, Miss Mary Jane Gaston, and 
Donald Hackett. The clerical assistance provided by these stu- 
dents enabled the Library staff to give greater attention to the pro- 
fessional aspects of the work at hand. 





During 1961 the Division of Public Relations launched a new pro- 
gram, expanded its general publicity procedures, established new 
office routines, and maintained the changes and gains in program 
begun last year. 

In January a featured exhibit-of-the-month program was started. 
Its purpose is to focus public attention on the permanent exhibits of 
the Museum, a different one of which is selected for featuring each 
month. This program has not only been useful in highlighting new 
exhibits — which have ranged from a single exhibit to a whole new 
hall — but it has renewed public interest in older permanent exhibits 
and has encouraged visitors to seek acquaintance with less familiar 
areas of the Museum. Also, radio and television interviews were 
regularly arranged so that the curators responsible for the exhibits 
might bring them to the attention of still another audience. 

The Museum wishes particularly to express its appreciation to 
Chicago's American, the Chicago Daily News, the Chicago Sun-Times, 
and the Chicago Tribune for regularly carrying feature articles and 
attractive picture-spreads — both in color and in black-and-white — 
about each month's exhibit. On the national level, response in- 
cluded feature articles in Time magazine and the New York Times, 
pickups by the national press services, several listings in the "Life 
Guide" of Life magazine, and an unprecedented coverage in news 
media all over the world for July's featured exhibit, "Primitive 
Artists Look at Civilization." The continuing co-operation of many 
local community newspapers is also noted with thanks and appre- 
ciation. The Museum's monthly Bulletin continued to provide a 
fruitful source of features and stories for both the local and the 
nation-wide syndicated press. 

Among other procedures begun during the year was the estab- 
lishment of filing systems for a large variety of records and photo- 
graphs, primarily intended to aid the Division of Public Relations 
in carrying out more smoothly and promptly its responsibility to 
render service to the communications media and the general public. 
In addition, the program of distributing posters and mailing pieces 
advertising the Museum's summer events was expanded. For their 
continued courtesy in displaying, without charge, a number of pub- 
licity placards, the Museum wishes to thank the North Western 
Railway, Chicago Transit Authority, and Illinois Central System. 
Museum notices appeared in Chicago Exhibitions Calendar (published 
quarterly by the Adult Education Council) and This Week in Chicago 
(distributed by hotels and organizations concerned with tourists). 



Ten specialists — archaeologists and climatologists — accepted the in- 
vitation of Dr. Paul S. Martin, Chief Curator of Anthropology, to 
attend a conference at the field camp of the Museum's Southwest 
Archaeological Expedition at Vernon, Arizona. Discussions were 
concentrated on problems of obtaining and interpreting archaeo- 
logical data and ways of furthering co-operation. The meeting was 
made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation, 

Chief Curator Martin attended the annual Pecos Conference 
on southwestern archaeology at Nevo Casas Grandes (Mexico), 
the Southwestern Ceramic Conference at the Museum of Northern 
Arizona (with Dr. John B. Rinaldo, Associate Curator of Archae- 
ology), and the meetings at Philadelphia of the American Anthro- 
pological Association. Dr. Donald Collier, Curator of South Amer- 
ican Archaeology and Ethnology, George I. Quimby, Curator of 
North American Archaeology and Ethnology, Dr. Roland W. Force, 
Curator of Oceanic Archaeology and Ethnology, and Phillip H. 
Lewis, Curator of Primitive Art, also attended the meetings of the 
American Anthropological Association, where Curator Quimby and 
Curator Force presented papers. 

Curator Force attended the meeting of the Central States An- 
thropological Society at Ohio State University (where he was elected 
first vice-president) and the Tenth Pacific Science Congress of the 
Pacific Science Association at the University of Hawaii (where he 
was chairman of a session and convener). Chief Curator Martin, 
Curator Collier, and Curator Quimby attended meetings of the 
Society for American Archaeology at Ohio State University, where 
Curator Quimby presented a paper. Allen S. Liss, Custodian of 
Collections, attended meetings of the Illinois Archaeological Survey 
in Urbana and served as judge of projects for the Junior Academy 
of Sciences. 

During the summer Dr. Hoshien Tchen, Consultant for the East 
Asian Collection, visited Taiwan to attend the educational and 
cultural sessions of the important Yang-ming Shan Forum, which 
was held near the capital city of Taipei. During his stay on Taiwan 
Dr. Tchen spoke over the Taiwan radio and described the educational 
activities of the Museum, particularly those relating to Asiatic 
archaeology and ethnology. 

John R. Millar, Chief Curator of Botany, attended the Con- 
ference of Directors of Systematic Collections at San Francisco 
and, with Dr. Louis O. Williams, Curator of Central American 







Botany, the American Institute of Biological Sciences at Purdue 
University. Curator Williams attended the meeting of the Society 
for Economic Botany at Cambridge. Dr. C. Earle Smith, Jr., Asso- 
ciate Curator of Vascular Plants, continued to serve as secretary 
of the systematics section of the Botanical Society of America. 

Dr. Robert H. Denison, Curator of Fossil Fishes, was elected 
vice-president and Dr. Rainer Zangerl, Curator of Fossil Reptiles, 
was elected secretary-treasurer of the Society of Vertebrate Paleon- 
tology at its annual meeting, which was held at Chicago Natural 
History Museum. Curator Denison attended a Gordon Research 
Conference on chemistry, physiology, and structure of bones and 
teeth and gave a lecture. William D. Turnbull, Assistant Curator 
of Fossil Mammals, and Orville L. Gilpin, Chief Preparator of 
Fossils, attended the Field Conference held in western Nebraska 
by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. 

Dr. Austin L. Rand, Chief Curator of Zoology, attended the 
meetings in Washington of the American Ornithologists' Union. 
Other members of the staff of the Department of Zoology who 
attended meetings of scientific societies in their fields were: Philip 
Hershkovitz, Curator of Mammals, and Dr. Karl Koopman, Assistant 
Curator — American Society of Mammalogists (in Urbana); Dr. 
Robert F. Inger, Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles — American 
Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (in Austin); Loren P. 
Woods, Curator of Fishes — American Institute of Biological Sciences 
(at Purdue University); Henry S. Dybas, Associate Curator of In- 
sects — North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of 
America (in Kansas City); Dr. Fritz Haas, Curator Emeritus of 
Lower Invertebrates — American Malacological Union (in Santa 
Barbara); Dr. Alan Solem, Curator of Lower Invertebrates, and 
Ernest J. Roscoe, Assistant — American Malacological Union (in 
Washington); Curator Solem — Pacific Science Congress (in Hono- 
lulu); and D. Dwight Davis, Curator of Vertebrate Anatomy — 
American Society of Mammalogists (in Urbana), American Society 
of Zoologists (in Denver), and the Society for the Study of Evolu- 
tion (at Purdue University). 

Dr. Clifford C. Gregg, Director of the Museum, and E, Leland 
Webber, Assistant Director, attended the annual meeting of the 
Association of Science Museum Directors at Cranbrook Institute of 
Science, where Dr. Gregg introduced a panel discussion. Dr. Gregg 
also attended the annual meeting in Detroit of the American Associa- 
tion of Museums, at which he was one of three panel speakers on 
federal support of museums. Members of the staff who also attended 
the meeting of the American Association of Museums were Assistant 


Director Webber, Chief Curator Millar, Curator Force, Custodian 
Liss, and Miss Miriam Wood, Chief of Raymond Foundation. Miss 
Wood, who was vice-president at large of the Midwest Conference 
of Museums for 1960-61, attended the meetings in Lansing of the 
Midwest Conference of Museums. 

The Museum Library was represented at the annual convention 
in San Francisco of Special Libraries Association by the Librarian, 
Mrs. Meta P. Howell, and the Associate Librarian, Mrs. M. Eileen 
Rocourt. They took advantage of the specialized activities pertain- 
ing to the functions of the Museum's Library that were on the 
program of the convention. Local meetings of the American Library 
Association and Special Libraries Association were attended by 
members of the Library staff during the year. 

Members of the Museum staff who continued to serve in various 
editorial capacities on scientific journals include Curator Collier, 
American Antiquity; Curator Davis, Evolution (managing editor); 
Curator Inger, Copeia; Associate Curator Rinaldo, Archives of Archae- 
ology; Curator Thieret, Economic Botany; Assistant Curator Turnbull, 
S auger tier kundliche Mitteilungen (Stuttgart, Germany) and Society 
of Vertebrate Paleontology News Bulletin; Curator Williams, Eco- 
nomic Botany; and Curator Woods, The American Midland Natu- 

Numerous articles and reviews are contributed by members of 
the Museum's scientific staff to various learned journals. A list 
of some of this material in 1961, including books by staff members 
not published by the Museum but on subjects within the Museum's 
field of interest and research, begins on page 83. 



Dr. Donald Collier, Curator of South American Archaeology and 
Ethnology, George I. Quimby, Curator of North American Archae- 
ology and Ethnology, and Dr. Kenneth Starr, Curator of Asiatic 
Archaeology and Ethnology, taught courses at the University of 
Chicago, and Curator Collier and Curator Quimby lectured at the 
University of Illinois (Urbana). In collaboration with the Milwaukee 
Public Museum and the Milwaukee Art Center, Dr. Roland W. 
Force, Curator of Oceanic Archaeology and Ethnology, and Cu- 
rator Collier lectured in Milwaukee. The course in muscology, 
which is given by the entire staff of the Museum's Department of 
Anthropology in co-operation with the Department of Anthropology 
of the University of Chicago, was continued at the Museum (Miss 
Mary Hogquist held the Museum Fellowship of the University of 
Chicago during 1960-61, and Fecadu Gadamu, from Addis Ababa, 
Ethiopia, was awarded the fellowship for 1961-62). 

Dr. John W. Thieret, Curator of Economic Botany, taught an 
undergraduate course at the University of Chicago during the spring. 

Under the Visiting Scientist Program of the American Geological 
Institute, Dr. Rainer Zangerl, Curator of Fossil Reptiles, was in- 
vited to lecture at West Texas State Teachers College and at Brigham 
Young University. Dr. Edward J. Olsen, Curator of Mineralogy, 
gave six lectures at the evening division of Indiana University Ex- 
tension (South Bend) and also lectured at the Illinois Institute of 
Technology. Bertram G. Woodland, Associate Curator of Petrology, 
addressed the Geology Club of Northwestern University. Harry E. 
Changnon, Curator of Exhibits, conducted six geology field trips 
for the Chicago Academy of Sciences. 

Dr. Robert F. Inger, Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles, lec- 
tured at the University of Southern California and at San Diego 
State College; Loren P. Woods, Curator of Fishes, lectured before 
the Institute for Biology Teachers at Earlham College and at the 
University of Hawaii; Ernest J. Roscoe, Assistant in the Division 
of Lower Invertebrates, lectured at the University of Utah; D. 
Dwight Davis, Curator of Vertebrate Anatomy, lectured at the 
University of Chicago and at the University of Illinois (Navy Pier) 
and delivered four lectures for a joint program between the Chicago 
Academy of Sciences and Chicago Teachers College; and Henry S. 
Dybas, Associate Curator of Insects, gave a seminar at the University 
of Chicago. Dr. Austin L. Rand, Chief Curator of Zoology, was 
awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Science by his alma 
mater, Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada. 


Classes from many universities and colleges in the United States 
and Canada visited the scientific departments of the Museum or 
otherwise used the Museum's facilities. Supervised classes from a 
number of art schools continued to use the Museum exhibits as 
part of their regular classwork in sketching, painting, and modeling 
(see page 33). The Chicago Area Science Fair (sponsored by the 
Chicago Teachers Science Association) and Chicago Latin Day 
(sponsored by the Illinois Classical Conference for Latin Students 
of the Chicago Area) were held in the Museum. 

The Library of the Museum collaborated during the year with 
Rosary College Library School and the Graduate Library School of 
the University of Illinois in their programs of assigning students 
to various libraries for on-the-job training in library techniques 
(two students were instructed in the specialized work of this Library). 
Under the co-operative plan adopted in 1946 by this Museum and 
Antioch College eighteen students were employed in 1961 by the 
Museum (their names are listed in appropriate places in this Report). 

Various local organizations continued to use the Museum for 
their regular meetings or for lectures. Among them were the Adult 
Education Council, Chicago Police Academy, Citizenship Council 
of the Board of Education, Illinois Orchid Society, Kennicott Club, 
Nature Camera Club of Chicago, and Orcheses Dance Group of the 
University of Illinois. 

The Free Concerts Foundation presented ten concerts in James 
Simpson Theatre of the Museum. These were varied programs 
arranged and financed by Mrs. J. Dennis Freund, an Associate 
Member of the Museum and organizer and president of the Free 
Concerts Foundation. The programs included notable music and 
musicians who had not been heard previously in Chicago or who 
had not appeared here for an undue length of time. The FVee 
Concerts Foundation has been eminently successful in accomplishing 
its avowed purpose of stimulating interest in chamber music and 
of offering free to students of music an opportunity to hear out- 
standing artists. 







General inspection of all film-subjects in the Museum's Film Li- 
brary, which includes repair, cleaning, and replacement of damaged 
sections, was accomplished on the usual twice-a-year basis. Cata- 
loguing and accessioning films, now numbering 108 complete pro- 
ductions, were continued, and checking film in the footage library 
(which contains thousands of feet of film on miscellaneous natural- 
history subjects) was completed. 

During the year "Through These Doors," the film that pictures 
Museum activities, was screened by fifty-five schools throughout 
the Chicago area for thousands of school children. Various adult 
groups also requested use of the film, which is lent free, but, with 
only eight prints of the film available at the present time, all re- 
quests could not be filled. 

All photography, editing, and script preparation for the Museum's 
new film (yet to be titled) have been completed. It is planned that 
this new film will be ready for showing early in 1962. 


John Bayalis and Homer V. Holdren, assisted by Ferdinand Huys- 
mans, increased production in the Division of Photography, the 
items handled reaching a total of 158,487 (which included 1,882 
new negatives and 32,592 contact prints, in addition to enlargements, 
Kodachromes, and other special orders). The quality of their work 
continued to meet the high standards of the Museum. Filing and 
maintenance of records were capably handled by Miss Mary Creed, 
as customary. 

E. John PfifTner, Staff Artist, and Miss Marion Pahl, Staff Illus- 
trator, continued to produce a wide variety of drawings and layouts. 
Demands upon them for their specialized services were heavy, but 
as usual they responded to the challenge. 


Sales of books, souvenirs, and novelties through the Museum Book 
Shop, which were slightly less than the sales of the previous year, 
amounted to $182,327. Sales by mail still were a considerable item. 
The Book Shop continued to be a source of authoritative information 
for schools, students, and naturalists in general. 



Following the pattern of recent years, activity in the Division of 
Publications again reached record levels. Shipment of publications 
without charge under exchange agreements totaled 24,461 copies, 
which is a higher total than in any previous year except 1946 and 
1947 when publications that had accumulated during World War II 
were distributed. Sales of 72,425 copies were 11 per cent more than 
1960 sales and the highest in the Museum's history. 

Many of the Museum's mailing operations have been located 
for a number of years in the Division of Publications. In a further 
consolidation virtually all Museum mailing and mimeographing were 
centralized there during 1961. George Kasha, who was employed 
to handle this considerably augmented work, co-operated closely 
with Raymond A. N. Gomes and Miss Hilda Nordland, and the 
transition was smoothly accomplished. 

During the year the Museum issued 37 publications in its scien- 
tific series, 4 reprints in its popular series, 1 reprint of a special 
publication, 1 annual report, 1 guidebook, 1 index, and 16 Museum 
Storybooks (9 reprints). Of these, copies printed by the Museum 
Press totaled 126,081 from 2,197 pages of type composition. Twelve 
issues of Chicago Natural History Museum Bulletin were printed, 
averaging 8,911 copies an issue. In addition there were posters, 
price lists, lecture programs, invitations, announcements, post cards, 
and looseleaf Museum Stories (for the Raymond Foundation), total- 
ing 994,340 impressions. 

Publications issued by the Museum in 1961 are listed on the 
following pages. Titles of articles by staff members printed in volume 
32 of the Museum's Bulletin are also given. 




Lewis, Phillip H. 

A Definition of Primitive Art, Fieldiana: Anthropology, volume 36, number 10, 
21 pages, 5 illustrations 

Martin, Paul S., John B. Rinaldo, and William A. Longacre 

Mineral Creek Site and Hooper Ranch Pueblo, Eastern Arizona, Fieldiana: 
Anthropology, volume 52, 181 pages, 97 illustrations 


Macbride, J. Francis 

Flora of Peru, Botanical Series, volume 13, part 5c, number 1, 105 pages 


Orchids of Peru, Fieldiana: Botany, volume 30, number 4, 227 pages, 34 

Williams, Louis O. 

Tropical American Plants, II, Fieldiana: Botany, volume 29, number 6, 
30 pages 

Standley, Paul C, and Louis O. Williams 

Flora of Guatemala, Fieldiana: Botany, volume 24, part 7, number 1, 193 
pages, 29 illustrations 


Colbert, Edwin H. 

The Triassic Reptile, Poposaurus, Fieldiana: Geology, volxmie 14, number 4, 
20 pages, 5 illustrations 

Kjellesvig-Waering, Erik N. 

Eurypterids of the Devonian Holland Quarry Shale of Ohio, Fieldiana: Geology, 
volume 14, number 5, 20 pages, 20 illustrations 

NiTECKi, Matthew H. 

Catalogue of Type Specimens of Foraminifera in the Walker Museum of Paleon- 
tology, Fieldiana: Geology, volume 13, number 2, 54 pages 


Blake, Emmet R. 

A New Peruman Race of Crypturellus obsoletus, Fieldiana: Zoology, volxmie 

39, number 51, 3 pages 

Notes on a Collection of Birds from Northeastern Colombia, Fieldiana: Zoology, 

volume 44, number 4, 20 pages 

Variation in Myiozetetes luteiventris, Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 44, number 

9, 4 pages 

Blake, Emmet R., Gunnar Hoy, and Francisco Contino 

Variation in the QuaiUdove Geotrygon frenata, Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 39, 
number 50, 6 pages 

Cochran, Doris M., and Coleman J. Goin 

A New Genus and Species of Frog (Leptodactylidae) from Colombia, Fieldiana: 
Zoology, volume 39, number 48, 4 pages, 1 illustration 



Delfinado, Mercedes D. 

Haemolaelaps travisi, a New Species of Mite from the Philippines (Laelaptidae: 
Acarina), Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 44, number 6, 3 pages, 1 illustration 
Philippine Zoological Expedition 191^6-19^7, The Philippine Biting Midges 
of the Genus Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae), Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 
33, number 7, 63 pages, 7 illustrations 

Delfinado, Mercedes D., and Edward W. Baker 

Tropilaelaps, a New Gentis of Mite from the Philippines (Laelaptidae [s. lat.] : 
Acarina), Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 44, number 7, 4 pages, 2 illustrations 

Drake, Carl J. 

Philippine Zoological Expedition 19^6-19^7, A New Genus and Species of 
Cantacaderine Lace-bug from the Philippines {Hemiptera: Tingidae), Fieldiana: 
Zoology, volume 42, number 9, 4 pages, 1 illustration 

Dybas, Henry S. 

A New Fossil Feather-wing Beetle from Baltic Amber (Coleoptera: Ptiliidae), 
Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 44, number 1, 9 pages, 5 illustrations 
A New Genus of Feather-wing Beetles from Termite Nests in Bolivia {Coleoptera: 
Ptiliidae), Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 44, number 8, 6 pages, 2 illustrations 
Two New Genera of Feather-wing Beetles from the Eastern United States {Cole- 
optera: Ptiliidae), Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 44, number 2, 8 pages, 4 

Fleming, Robert L., and Melvin A. Traylor, Jr. 

Notes on Nepal Birds, Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 35, number 8, 47 pages, 
4 maps 

Fouquette, M. J., Jr. 

Status of the Frog Hyla albomarginata in Central America, Fieldiana: Zoology, 
volume 39, number 55, 7 pages, 3 illustrations 

Haas, Fritz 

New Land Mollusks from Madagascar and Mexico, Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 
44, number 3, 5 pages, 3 illustrations 

Hershkovitz, Philip 

On the Nomenclature of Certain Whales, Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 39, 
number 49, 19 pages 

On the South America Small-eared Zorro Atelocynus microtis Sclater {Canidae), 
Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 39, number 44, 19 pages, 7 illustrations 

Inger, Robert F. 

Notes on Two New Guinean Lizards of the Genus Sphenomorphus, Fieldiana: 
Zoology, volume 39, number 47, 4 pages, 1 illustration 

Inger, Robert F., and Alan E. Leviton 

A New Colubrid Snake of the Genus Pseudorabdion from Sumatra, Fieldiana: 
Zoology, volume 44, number 5, 3 pages, 1 illustration 

Inger, Robert F., and J. I. Menzies 

A New Species of Toad (Bufo) from Sierra Leone, Fieldiana: Zoology, volume 
39, number 54, 6 pages, 2 illustrations 

Inger, Robert F., and J. D. Romer 

A New Pelobatid Frog of the Genus Megophrys from Hong Kong, Fieldiana: 
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A New Berycoid Fish from Brazil {Family Trachichthyidae), Fieldiana: 
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Andre, Maryl 

Whales, Museum Storybook [9 Museum Stories], 21 pages, 9 illustrations, 

Staff Members of Raymond Foundation 

Desert Life, Museum Storybook [7 Museum Stories], 21 pages, 10 illustrations, 


Small Living Things, Museum Storybook [8 Museimi Stories], 20 pages, 

13 illustrations, paperbound 

Stephens, Lorain 

Common Insects, Museum Storybook [9 Museum Stories], 21 pages, 9 illustra- 
tions, paperbound [second edition] 

SvoBODA, Marie 

Spices, Museum Storybook [9 Museum Stories], 21 pages, 9 illustrations, 


Trees, Museum Storybook [8 Museum Stories], 20 pages, 8 illustrations, 


(Wood, Miriam, and Others] 

Living Giants, Museum Storybook [9 Museum Stories], 21 pages, 10 illustra- 
tions, paperbound [second edition] 




General Guide, Chicago Natural History Museum, 48 pages, 32 illustrations, floor 
plans, map [fortieth edition] 

Report of the Director to the Board of Trustees for the Year 1960, 187 pages, 26 


Chicago Natural History Museum Bulletin, volume 32 [1961], 12 numbers, 100 pages, 

the following articles and reviews by staff members of chicago natural 
history museum are printed in volume 32 of the bulletin: 

[Beatty, Harry] 

"Surinam Diary," no. 12, pp. 5, 8, 1 illustration [excerpts prepared by Austin 
L. Rand] 

Blake, Emmet R. 

"A Bird's Eye View of the Museum's Newest Exhibit," no. 1, pp. 6-7, 5 

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"This Is a Mammal," no. 6, pp. 3, 8, 3 illustrations 

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Review of The Care of Pet Turtles [by Herndon G. Dowling and Stephen 
Spencook], no. 2, p. 7 

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"Primitive Artists Look at Civilization," no. 7, pp. 2-3, 8, 7 illustrations and 
cover picture 

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"This Month's Cover," no. 4, p. 8, 1 illustration and cover picture 

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"Expedition!" no, 3, pp. 3-5, 3 illustrations 

"Gems from the Urals," no. 10, pp. 4-6, 7 illustrations and cover picture 

"Isis: Wife and Mother of the Sim," no. 12, p. 2, 1 illustration and cover 


"Prehistoric Art of the Libyan Desert," no. 12, p. 4, 3 illustrations 
"Tibet!" no. 2, p. 8, 3 illustrations and cover picture 
"Winter Fur 'n Feathers," no. 12, pp. 3, 7-8, 1 illustration 



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"A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea," no. 9, pp. 4-7, 3 illustrations 

Review of The Story of Geology [by Jerome WyckofT], no. 1, p. 3, 1 illustration 

Rand, Austin L. 

Review of Mark Catesby — The Colonial Audubon [by George Frederick Frick 
and Raymond Phineas Stearns], no. 7, p. 5 

RoscoE, Ernest J. 

Review of How to Know the American Marine Shells [by R. Tucker Abbott], 

no. 10, pp. 7-8 

Review of 1001 Questions Answered about the Seashore [by N. J. Berrill and 

Jacquelyn Berrill], no. 7, p. 5 

Review of The Lower Animals, Living Invertebrates of the World [by Ralph 

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"Wanted: Used Snail Shells," no. 4, p. 3, 2 illustrations 

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Total attendance and total receipts from the food services of the 
Museum closely approximated the figures of the preceding year. 
More than 257,000 persons used the cafeteria and lunchroom, and 
gross receipts amounted to $213,690. It was necessary for the 
Museum to make additional provision for school children who brought 
their lunches as the popularity of "a day at the Museum" con- 
tinues to grow among schools of Chicago and the entire Middle 
West. It was not always possible, however, to make provision for 
all children who wished to use Museum facilities at lunchtime, 
and it is hoped that, as school groups become increasingly aware 
of the problem, scheduling of facilities at other than peakload hours 
will be increased. 


Closing exterior windows in Hall 28 (Botany) was completed, to- 
gether with extensive interior construction that will fit this hall 
for the reinstallation of exhibits in economic botany. Reinstallation 
of the collections in Hall 31 (Gems and Jewels) was completed, 
work that involved cleaning and painting the exhibit cases as well 
as rewiring and fitting many of them with new slimlined lamps. 
Remodeling Hall F (Anthropology) was completed, including re- 
wiring and installation of lights appropriate to the new design of 
the hall. 

In connection with the planned reinstallation of the Chinese 
and Tibetan collections in Hall 32 (Anthropology) construction was 
begun on a new storeroom for collections removed from exhibition 
and those now stored in another area. Many improvements to 
facilitate the storage of research collections and easy access thereto 
were completed. The Divisions of Maintenance and Engineering 
assisted in cleaning and repainting the interiors of exhibit cases in 
Hall 24 (Anthropology) and made repairs as needed in the exhibits 
of the walrus and elephant-seal groups in Hall N (Zoology). 

Care of the exterior of the building included installation of 
eight iron roof-ladders that were necessary for easier access to 
various levels of the roof by the maintenance force. The floodlights 
were entirely relamped and fixtures cleaned. The third -floor fagade 
at both the east and west of the building was tuckpointed, and new 
gutters were installed to serve certain areas of the main skylight. 
Personnel of the Chicago Park District made essential repairs to 


the Museum's service drive and resurfaced the terrace at the west 
of the building. 

In the boiler room the necessary annual cleaning was done 
during the summer months, and heat lamps were installed in the 
boilers to keep them dry and thus prevent corrosion. The front 
arches in boilers one and two were repaired, and a large section 
of breeching lining was replaced (it was necessary also to replace 
about nine feet of lining in stack). Stokers were inspected and 
repaired, and chemical pumps, motors, and accessory equipment 
were thoroughly renovated. 

Air coolers were installed in the main skin-storage room on the 
fourth floor to prevent damage by heat in the summer months. 
Fire equipment received routine maintenance. Elevator mainten- 
ance, plumbing installation and maintenance, electrical work, and 
systematic cleaning and repainting were carried on as needed through- 
out the building during the year. 

Under existing contracts 18,018,505 pounds of steam were fur- 
nished to the Chicago Park District and 12,549,000 pounds were 
furnished to the John G. Shedd Aquarium. For heating the Mu- 
seum building 36,285,195 pounds of steam were generated. 


In the pages that follow are submitted the Museum's financial 
statements, attendance statistics, door receipts, accessions, list of 
Members, articles of incorporation, and amended by-laws. 

Clifford C. Gregg, Director 
Chicago Natural History Museum 











FOR YEARS 1961 AND 1960 

1%1 1%0 

Total attendance 1,307,567 1,244,374 

Paid attendance 183,369 172,759 

Free admissions on pay days 

Students 58,497 55,670 

Schoolchildren 199,487 178,200 

Teachers 12,684 11,670 

Members of the Museum 1,121 954 

Service men and women 1,070 1,159 

Special meetings and occasions 13,421 10,412 

Press 48 84 

Admissions on free days 

Thursdays (52) 154,509 (52) 143,255 

Saturdays (52) 323,664 (53) 307,440 

Sundays (52) 359,697 (51) 362,771 

Highest attendance on any day 

(July 23) 14,812 (December 3) 13,472 

Lowest attendance on any day 

(December 23) 364 (February 15) 265 

Highest paid attendance (July 4) 4,925 (September 5) 3,757 

Average daily admissions (363 days) 3,602 (364 days) 3,418 

Average paid admissions (207 days) 886 (208 days) 831 

Number of picture postcards sold 288,673 273,247 

Sales of Museum publications (scientific 
and popular). General Guide, and 

photographs; checkroom receipts $ 43,982 $ 41,788 




FOR THE YEARS 1961 AND 1960 


receipts: 1961 1960 

Endowment income — 

From investments in securities $ 707,772 $ 393,085 

From investments in real estate* 112,000 403,535 

$ 819,772 $ 796,620 

'''the Pittsfield Building was sold during 1960 

Chicago Park District— tax collections $ 335,340 $ 344,455 

Annual and sustaining memberships 30,830 30,220 

Admissions 45,842 43,190 

Sundry receipts, including general purpose 

contributions 99,898 87,624 

Restricted funds transferred to apply against 

Operating Fund expeditures 118,370 124,301 

$1,450,052 $1,426,410 


Operating expenses — 

Departmental $ 666,995 $ 661,832 

General 507,556 492,345 

Building repairs and alterations 107,834 98,914 

$1,282,385 $1,253,091 

Collections — purchases and expedition costs $ 70,961 $ 67,448 

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment 17,558 6,395 

Pension and employees' benefits 67,545 69,341 

Provision for mechanical plant depreciation 22,486 10,000 

Nonrecurring expenditures — 

Purchase and installation of boiler $ 20,226 

$1,460,935 $1,426,501 

DEFICIT FOR YEAR $ 10,883 $ 91 








1961 1%0 

Income from endowments $ 36,298 $ 32,998 

Expenditures 24,556 24,500 

SURPLUS FOR THE YEAR $ 11,742 $ 8,498 


receipts: 1961 1960 

From Specific Endowment Fund investments. ... $ 91,917 $ 79,181 

Contributions for specific purposes 84,939 52,675 

Operating Fund appropriation for mechanical 

plant depreciation 22,486 10,000 

Sundry receipts 59,903 62,292 

$ 259,245 $ 204,148 


Transferred to Operating Fund to apply against 

expenditures $ 118,370 $ 124,301 

Added to Endowment Fund principal 58,552 55,000 

Loss (gain) on sale of restricted fund securities. . $ 121 (3,271) 

$ 177,043 $ 176,030 

excess of receipts over expenditures $ 82,202 $ 28,118 

The Trustees, 

Chicago Natural History Museum: 

We have examined the accompanying comparative statement of receipts and ex- 
penditures — current funds of the Chicago Natural History Museum for the year 
ended December 31, 1961. Our examination was made in accordance with gen- 
erally accepted auditing standards, and accordingly included such tests of the 
accounting records and such other auditing procedures as we considered necessary 
in the circumstances. 

In our opinion, the statement mentioned above presents fairly the receipts 
and expenditures of the current funds of the Chicago Natural History Museum for 
the year ended December 31, 1961, in conformity with generally accepted account- 
ing principles applied on a basis consistent with that of the preceding year. 

Arthur Young & Company 
Chicago, Illinois 
January 20, 1962 



Anthropology Purchase Fund $ 1,939.29 

Edward E, Ayer Lecture Foundation 

Cost of Museum lecture series 4,692.00 

Subsidy to publication program 1,875.94 

Frederick and Abby Kettelle Babcock Fund 

Subsidy to publication program 2,342.94 

Mrs, T. B. Blackstone Fund 

Purchase of specimens 1,417.75 

William J. and Joan A. Chalmers Trust Fund 

Purchase of specimens 163.00 

Mrs. Joan A. Chalmers Bequest Fund 

Purchase of specimens 341.09 

Field Trip 500.00 

Laboratory equipment 826.37 

CoNOVER Game-Bird Fund 

Purchase of specimens 701.00 

D. S. Rabor Field Trip 3,500.00 

Harry A. Beatty Expedition 35.00 

Thomas J. Dee Fellowship Fund 
Fellowship grants to 

Mrs. Barbara Solem 2,500.00 

Mrs. Maria Weiss 360.00 

Group Insurance Fund* 

Group insurance costs 7,103.73 

N. W. Harris Public School Extension Fund 

Preparation, care, and distribution of exhibits to schools of Chicago 24,556.24 

The Johnson Foundation 

Research on waxy palms 1,883.64 

Library FuNDf 

Purchase of books and periodicals 3,409.76 

National Science Foundation 

Research subsidies (12 projects) 45,061.99 

James Nelson and Anna Louise Raymond Public School and 
Children's Lecture Fund 
Subsidy to public school and children's lecture program 39,960.36 

Maurice L. Richardson Paleontological Fund 

Purchase of specimens 180.00 

Field trip to Mecca, Indiana 200.00 

Field trip to the Province of Quebec 518.45 

Karl P. Schmidt Fund 

Study grants 285.00 

Zoology Purchase Fund 136.59 

These funds have been used in accordance with the stipulations under which they 
were accepted by the Museum. In addition, the income from more than $15,000,000 
of unrestricted endowment funds was used in general Museum operation. 

* Established by Stanley Field 

t Established by Edward E. Ayer, Huntington W. Jackson, Arthur B. Jones, and 
Julius and Augusta N. Rosenwald 


Contributions and Bequests 

Contributions and bequests to Chicago Natural History 
Museum may be made in securities, money, books, or 
collections. They may, if desired, take the form of a 
memorial to a person or cause, to be named by the giver. 
For those desirous of making bequests to the Museum, 
the following form is suggested: 


I do hereby give and bequeath to Chicago Natural 
History Museum of the City of Chicago, State of Illinois: 

Cash contributions made within the taxable year to Chicago 
Natural History Museum to an amount not in excess of 
20 per cent of the taxpayer's net income are allowable as 
deductions in computing net income for federal income tax 




Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago: 
carved wooden representation of a cock 
— Benin City, Nigeria (exchange) 

Bahr, Miss Edna H., Ridgefield, 
Connecticut: 3 jade pieces and a pot- 
tery tray— China (gift); 1 stone ax — 
South Pacific (gift); 1 stone ax— Eng- 
land (gift) 

Bascom, Dr. William R., Berkeley, 
California: ethnological material — Ni- 
geria (gift) 

Brinkerhoff, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne, 
Snowflake, Arizona: 4 restorable pot- 
tery bowls — Arizona (gift) 

Brobeck, Miss Emma, Chicago: 24 
ethnological specimens — China (gift) 

Budd-Hanna, Mrs. Ruth, Fort 
Wayne, Indiana: ethnological specimens 
from Bantu tribes — Benoni, Union of 
South Africa (gift) 

Bunting, Mrs. F. H., New Orleans 
and New York: 3 rubbings and a book- 
let, Tfea/ta— Thatta, Sind, Pakistan 

BusTiN, Dr. Andrew G., Joliet, Illi- 
nois: Japanese urn — Japan (gift) 

Care, Chicago Office: amulet case of 
silver and brass — Tibet (gift) 

Cervenka, Joe, Chicago: Hellenistic 
earring of gold, circa 200 B.C. — Near 
East (gift) 
Chicago Natural History Museum: 
Collected by Dr. Paul S. Martin 
(Southwest Archaeological Expedition, 
1961): 1,010 stone, bone, and shell arti- 
facts, 116 pottery vessels (43 whole and 
73 restorable), 8 fragments of basket, 
mat, and cloth, 30 human skeletons, 
charcoal samples for dating, and pot- 
sherds and pigment samples — Arizona 

Collected by Dr. Donald Collier (Peru 
Archaeological Expedition, 1956): 22 
whole and fragmentary pots, 2 stone 
artifacts, 30 lots of organic material for 
identification, 50 lots of sherds, 13 en- 
largements of aerial photographs — Cas- 
ma Valley, Peru 

Purchases. 46 ethnological specimens 
and 50 photographic negatives from 
Beni and Santa Cruz provinces, Bo- 
livia; sculpture and wood and a net 

bag from Melbourne, Australia; 7 pieces 
of prehistoric pottery from Peru: 266 
ethnological specimens and 71 photo- 
graphic negatives from Bolivia and 
Brazil; 9 bark paintings from New 

Transfer: Javanese batik — from De- 
partment of Botany, Chicago Natural 
History Museum (see Annual Report 
1912 (vol. 4, no. 3, 1913], page 232, Ac- 
cessions, Department of Botany, "Col- 
lected by C. F. Millspaugh") 

Dahlberg, Dr. Albert A., Chicago: 
13 human teeth with betel incrustation 
—Bangkok, Thailand (gift) 

Dalkoff, Leonard, Rock Island, 
Illinois: 3 preconquest ornaments of 
gold-copper alloy — Colombia (gift) 

Fuller, Captain, and Mrs. A. W. F., 
London: weapon (hoeroa) — New Zea- 
land (gift) 

Gearhart, Mrs. Creed F., Evan- 
ston, Illinois: rubbing from Wat Po — 
Bangkok, Thailand (gift) 

Gregory, Mrs. Alice H., Chicago: 
shell necklace and silver bracelet, pend- 
ant, and brooch — southwestern United 
States (gift) ; woman's beaded costume 
(dress, leggings, moccasins, belt, head- 
band), a beaded bandoleer, and 2 stone 
pipes — Montana (gift) ; 2 belts, 2 head- 
bands, and a silver necklace — Guate- 
mala (gift) 

Hoffman, Miss Malvina, New York: 
costume and accessory items used by 
models for Malvina Hoffman's sculp- 
tured figures in Hall 3 — India, Ceylon, 
and Malay Peninsula (gift) 

HosELiTZ, Professor Bert F., Chi- 
cago: 2 looms, 5 textiles, and 6 nega- 
tives showing looms in use — Tux pan, 
Jalisco, Mexico (gift) 

Howe, Charles A., Homewood, Illi- 
nois: 41 Kodachrome slides on archaeo- 
logical subjects — Mexico (gift) 

Kennedy, Miss Bess, Grafton, West 
Virginia: 2 Navaho rugs — Arizona or 
New Mexico (gift) 

Lachman, Harold, Chicago: 2 lengths 
of cloth (1 from India and the other 
probably from India) (gift) 

MusEO Nacional de Panama, Pan- 
ama City, Panama: prehistoric pottery 
jar — Veraguas Province, Panama (gift) 


Museum of Northern Arizona, 
Flagstaff: Hopi top, rug, cookie jar, 
polychrome bowl, and silver necklace 
— Arizona (exchange) 

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Co- 
penhagen, Denmark: plaster cast of 
Egyptian statuette, complete except for 
head — Egypt (exchange) 

Pendl, Mrs. Henry, Brookfield, Illi- 
nois: bowl — Philippine Islands (gift); 
textile — China (gift) 

Reed, Earl H., Chesterton, Indiana: 
tapa beater — Hawaii (gift) 

SoLEM, Mrs. George 0., Oak Park, 
Illinois: Eskimo art-object made by 
young Eskimo about 1940— Alaska (gift) 

Trier, Robert, McKenzie Bridge, 
Oregon: 24 painted plaster reproduc- 
tions of prehistoric figurines (fragments) 
— Canary Islands (gift) 

Wright, Kenneth M., Chicago: Chi- 
nese gown — Canton, China (gift) 


Adams, Professor Preston, Green- 
castle, Indiana: 31 specimens of Hy- 
pericum (gift) 

Bennett, Holly Reed, Chicago: 
2,946 specimens of vascular plants (gift) 

Blake, Emmet R., Evanston, Illi- 
nois: fruiting specimen of Prunus to- 
mentosa (gift) 

Botanischer Garten und Museum, 
BerUn-Dahlem, Germany: 160 plant 
specimens of the Oberneder herbarium 

British Museum (Natural His- 
tory), London: 127 specimens of vas- 
cular plants (exchange) 

Brooke, Miss Winifred M. A., Liss, 
Hants, England: 26 specimens of vas- 
cular plants (gift) 

California, University of, Berke- 
ley: 46 specimens of algae (exchange) 
and 180 specimens of vascular plants 

Chicago Natural History Museum: 

Collected by Dr. John W. Thieret 
and Robert J. Reich (Northwest Terri- 
tories Botanical Expedition, 1961-62): 
5,243 specimens of vascular plants — 

Collected by Dr. Patricio Ponce de 
Leon (field work, 1961, in conjunction 
with Armour Research Foundation): 31 
specimens of cryptogams — Wisconsin 

Purchases: one-half "pound of carob 
seeds and 10 varieties of carob pods, 360 
specimens of North Pakistan vascular 
plants, 80 specimens of South African 
vascular plants, 313 specimens of Bel- 
gian Congo plants, 331 specimens of 
Mexican vascular plants 

Colorado, University of, Boulder: 
3 type-photographs of herbarium speci- 
mens (one of Klugia and two of Rhyn- 
choglossum) and 51 specimens of crypto- 
gams (exchange) 

Conservatoire et Jardin Botan- 
IQUES, Geneva, Switzerland: 4,656 spec- 
imens of vascular plants from tropical 
America (exchange) 

Continental Coffee Company, Chi- 
cago: 12 samples of coffees (gift) 

Cosby, Dr. Hugh E., Minot, North 
Dakota: specimen of Cladonia tenuis 

Duke University, Durham, North 
Carolina: 48 specimens of mosses (ex- 

Durkee Famous Foods, Chicago: 4 
samples of spices (gift) 

Dybas, Henry S., Homewood, Illi- 
nois: 179 specimens of fungi (gift) 

Gibson, Mrs. Dorothy, Oak Park, 
Illinois: 115 specimens of vascular plants 
and 1 vial of seeds (gift) 

Government Sawmill Division, 
Port Blair, Adaman Islands: 22 speci- 
mens of woods (exchange) 

Gray Herbarium, Harvard Uni- 
versity, Cambridge, Massachusetts: 
127 specimens of vascular plants and 113 
photographs of specimens (exchange) 

Gregg, Dr. Clifford C, Valpa- 
raiso, Indiana: 33 specimens of vascu- 
lar plants and 1 specimen of lichen (gift) 

Instituto Agronomico do Sul, Pe- 
lotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: 440 
specimens of vascular plants (exchange) 

Instituto BotAnico, Caracas, Vene- 
zuela: 3 type specimens of vascular 
plants (1 as gift and 2 in exchange) 

Instituto Botanico, Florence, Italy: 
190 specimens of vascular plants (ex- 

Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas 
DA AMAz6NiA,.Manaus, Amazonas, Bra- 
zil: 226 specimens of vascular plants 

Laughlin, Kendall, Chicago: speci- 
men of Quercus (gift) 

Lawrance, Alex E., Natal, British 
Columbia, Canada: 25 specimens of 
vascular plants (gift) 


LuNDELL, Dr. Cyrus L., Renner, 
Texas: specimen of Bartholomaea (gift) 

Marin M., Dr. Felipe, Cuzco, Peru: 
409 specimens of vascular plants (ex- 

MartInez, Dr. Maximino, Mexico 
D.F., Mexico: isotype specimen of Pel- 
togyne mexicana Martinez, with wood 
sample and descriptive publication (gift) 

Matuda, Professor Eizi, Mexico 
D.F., Mexico: 86 specimens of Orchi- 
daceae (gift) 

Michigan, University of, Ann Ar- 
bor: 841 si)ecimens of vascular plants 

Morton, Mrs. Julia F., Coral Ga- 
bles, Florida: 3 sample collections of 
plant by-products and raw materials 

Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois: 
50 specimens of vascular plants and 846 
prints of woody olants (g^ift) 

National Federation of Coffee 
Growers of Colombia, New York: 2 
samples of coffees (gift) 

Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, Stock- 
holm, Sweden: 145 specimens of vascu- 
lar plants (exchange) 

NESTLfe Company, Inc., Fulton, New 
York: 13 samples of plant products and 
raw materials (gift) 

Nottingham, University of, Sutton 
Bonington, Loughborough, England: 5 
specimens of Cephaelis ipecacuanha (gift) 

Falser, Dr. Barbara, Chicago: 3 
specimens of Ericaceae, with Koda- 
chrome print of each specimen (gift) 

Pan American Petroleum Cor- 
poration, Tulsa, Oklahoma: 642 slides 
of various pollens (exchange) 

Peabody Foundation, The R. S. 
(Archaeological-Botanical Tehuacdn 
Project), Amherst, Massachusetts: 2,837 
specimens of vascular plants (exchange, 
in return for services of Dr. C. Earle 
Smith, Jr., as botanical consultant) 

PiATTONi, Celso, Chicago: sample 
bag of capers for spice exhibit (gift) 

Rinaldo, Dr. John B., Elmhurst, 
Illinois: 50 specimens of vascular plants 

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Sur- 
rey, England: 107 specimens of vascular 
plants and one type-photograph (ex- 

Schultes, Dr. Richard E., Cam- 
bridge, Massachusetts: type-specimen 
of Saurauia Alvaroi R. E. Schultes (gift) 

Sherff, Dr. Earl E., Hastings, 
Michigan: 292 specimens of vascular 
plants (gift) 

Traverse, Dr. Alfred, Houston, 
Texas: 155 specimens of vascular plants 

United States Department of 
Agriculture, Belle Glade, Florida: 5 
packets of seeds and fibers of various 
fiber-producing plants (gift) 

United States National Museum, 
Washington, D.C.: 8 vascular plants 

VoLLBRECHT, JoHN L., Lake Bluff, 
Illinois: 6 specimens of fungi and 2 sam- 
ples of "luminiscent" wood (gift) 

VoTH, Dr. Paul D., Chicago: 2 cul- 
tures of red yeast (gift) 

Ward, Dr. Daniel B., Gainesville, 
Florida: 23 specimens of vascular plants 

Williams, Dr. Louis O., Park For- 
est, Illinois: 106 specimens of vascular 
plants and 1 negative of type-photo- 
graph of Meliosma longipedunculata 
Standi. & L. O. Wms. ex Brizicky (gift) 

YuNCKER, Dr. T. G., Greencastle, 
Indiana: specimen of Mikania (gift) 


Ahnen, Richard, Chicago: fossil clam 
—Utah (gift) 

Applegate, Dr. Shelton P., State 
College, Arkansas: fossil invertebrates, 
vertebrates, and plants — various local- 
ities (gift) 

Armistead, Robert, Cicero, Illinois: 
fossil mammal rib-bone — Florida (gift) 

Barstow, Willis, Palisade, Colo- 
rado: fossil turtle — Colorado (gift) 

Budd-Hanna, Mrs. Ruth, Fort 
Wayne, Indiana: gold ore — South Africa 

Chalmers Crystal Fund, Wil- 
liam J.: minerals — various localities 

Chicago, University of, Chicago: 
fossil reptiles — Oklahoma (gift) 

Chicago Natural History Museum: 

Collected by Dr. Robert H. Denison 
(Quebec Paleontological Field Trip, 
1961): numerous fossil fishes — Canada 

Collected by William D. TumbuU 
(during Society of Vertebrate Paleon- 
tology Field Conference, 1961): fossil 
mammals — Nebraska 


Collected by Bertram G. Woodland 
(Vermont Geological Field Trip, 1961): 
numerous minerals —Vermont and south- 
ern Quebec 

Collected by Dr. Rainer Zangerl, Dr. 
Eugene S. Richardson, Jr., and Mr. 
Woodland (field work, 1961): fossil in- 
vertebrates, fishes, and minerals — In- 

Conn, Mrs. H. K., Quebec, Canada: 
minerals — Canada (gift) 

Cope, Professor James B., Rich- 
mond, Indiana: hyoid apparatus cast 
of a fossil mammal — Indiana (gift) 

Copenhagen University, Miner- 
alogical and geological museum, 
Copenhagen, Denmark: minerals 
— Greenland (exchange) 

Dartmouth College Museum, Han- 
over, New Hampshire: cast of fossil fish 
— Escuminac Bay, Canada (exchange) 

Davis, Robert C, Chicago : minerals 
— California (gift) 

DuRAND, Paul, Los Angeles: miner- 
als — Brazil (gift) 

Erling, Daniel, Milwaukee, Wis- 
consin: minerals — various localities (gift) 

Hannen, Miss Gertrude, Chicago: 
fossil snails — Illinois (gift) 

Hess, Dr. Hans, Binningen, Basel- 
land, Switzerland: fossil invertebrates — 
various localities (gift) 

Hill, Chris, Glen EUyn, Illinois: 
slab with fossil invertebrates — Illinois 

Hiser, William, Ann Arbor, Mich- 
igan: fossil invertebrates — Michigan 

Hofstetter, Oscar B., Nashville, 
Tennessee: fossil crab — Tennessee (ex- 

Johnson, Jack, Carrollton, Texas: 
fossil fish — Texas (gift) 

Kelly, William D., Clarendon Hills, 
Illinois: fossil fishes, invertebrates, and 
minerals — various localities (gift) 

Kjellesvig-Waering, Erik N., Port 
of Spain, Trinidad, British West Indies: 
fossil invertebrate — Bolivia (gift) 

Knecht, Mrs. Otto H., Evanston, 
Illinois: fossil invertebrates — Florida 

Langston, Dr. Wann, Ottawa, On- 
tario, Canada: cast of fossil fish (ex- 

Look, Al, Elmer Moyer, and Sue 
Hill, Grand Junction and Rifle, Colo- 
rado: fossil mammal material and cast 
of mammal specimen — Colorado (gift) 

MusEO Civico di Storia Naturale 
Dl MiLANO, Milan, Italy: fossil fishes 
and fossil plants — Italy (exchange) 

Neal, Quintin, Chicago: fossil coral 
— Wisconsin (gift) 

Niles, Harold F., River Forest, Illi- 
nois: petrified wood — Arizona (gift) 

Pan American Petroleum Corpo- 
ration, Calgary, Alberta, Canada: fos- 
sil invertebrate in well-core — Canada 

Princeton University, Princeton, 
New Jersey: cast of forelimb of fossil 
mammal (exchange) 

QuiNN, James H., Fayetteville, Ark- 
ansas: fossil invertebrates — various lo- 
calities (exchange) 

Richardson Paleontologic A L 
Fund, Maurice L., fossil fishes— Kan- 
sas (purchase) 

SCHMID, Rudolf V., Lake Bluff, Illi- 
nois: fossil invertebrate — Illinois (gift) 

Schwartz, Dr. Henry, Chicago: 
minerals — Vermont (gift) 

Seifert, Martin, Carrollton, Texas: 
fossil fishes — Texas (gift) 

Simpson, William, Wheeling, Illinois: 
mineral — Illinois (gift) 

Southern Illinois University, Car- 
bondale: fossil invertebrates — Illinois 

TuLLY, Francis, Chicago: fossil in- 
vertebrates — Illinois (gift) 

United States National Museum, 
Washington, D.C.: minerals — various 
localities (exchange) 

Universidade do Rio Grande do 
SuL, EscOLA DE Geologia, Porte Aleg- 
re, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: minerals 
— various localities (exchange) 

Ward, Mrs. Cyril L., Evanston, Illi- 
nois: opals — various localities (gift) 

WOLLIN, Jay, Morton Grove, Illinois: 
fossil invertebrates — Oklahoma (gift) 

Woodland, Bertram G., Homewood, 
Illinois: minerals — Copenhagen (gift) 

Wrigglesworth, Lorne, Northwest 
Territories, Canada: gold ore — Canada 


Academia R.P.R., Institutul de 
BlOLOGlE, Bucharest, Rumania: 646 
fishes — Rumania (gift) 


Academy of Sciences, Zoological 
Institute, Leningrad, U.S.S.R.: 19 
mammals — U.S.S.R. (exchange) 

Allchin, Mrs. Ruth, West Malvern, 
England: 3 landsnails — Southern Rho- 
desia (gift) 

American Museum of Natural His- 
tory, New York: 1 frog — New Guinea 
(exchange) ; 8 landsnails — Indonesia (ex- 
change); 15 landsnails — Egj'pt (gift) 

Anonymous: 2 birds — Chicago (gift) 

Arn'Emann, George F., Honolulu: 

collection of tree snails — Hawaii (gift) 

Baker, Emmett B., Kingston, Mas- 
sachusetts: approximately 96 marine and 
nonmarine mollusks — Massachusetts 

Barr, Dr. Thomas C, Jr., Cooke- 
ville, Tennessee: 4 cave bettles — Texas 

Beckx, v., Amanzimototi, Natal, 
South Africa: bird — South Africa (gift) 

Bergeron, Eugene S., Balboa, Canal 
Zone: 66 mollusks — Panama (gift) 

Blake, Emmet R., Evanston, Illinois: 
bird — Illinois (gift) 

Bonetto, Dr. Argentino A., Santa 
Fe, Argentina: six lots of landsnails — 
Argentina (gift); 62 freshwater mussels 
— South America (gift) 

Borgmeier, Father Thomas, 
O.F.M., Jacarepagu4, Brazil: 16 bee- 
tles — Central and South America (gift) 

Breelant), Dr. Saml-el G., Wilson 
Dam, Alabama: approximately 165 
freshwater shells — Eastern North Amer- 
ica (gift) 

Brigham Young Unix'ersity, Provo, 
Utah: 500 ants — Nevada (permanent 

British Museum (Natural His- 
tory), London: frog — Chile (exchange); 
44 nonmarine mollusks — New Hebrides 

Buettner-Janusch, Dr. John, New 
Haven, Connecticut: 2 mammals — Ken- 
ya (gift) 

Carnt:gie Museum, Pittsburgh: 2 
birds — Brazil and F^nch Guiana (ex- 

Chace, Emery P., San Diego: 8 land- 
snails — Santa Barbara Islands and 
Lower California (gift) 

Chicago Natural History Museum: 

Collected by Harry A. Beatty (Gui- 
ana Zoological Expedition, 1960-61): 
220 mammals, 838 birds, 251 amphib- 
ians and reptiles, 151 fishes, 12 inland 
mollusks — Surinam 

Collected by Dr. Robert F. Inger 
(Florida Zoological Field Trip, 1961): 
128 amphibians and reptiles — Florida 

Collected by D. S. Rabor (Philippine 
zoological field work, 1920): 219 birds — 
Philippine Islands 

Collected by Dr. Alan Solem and 
Munroe L. Walton (Arizona Zoological 
Field Trip, 1961): approximately 950 
landshells — Arizona 

Collected by Dr. John W. Thieret 
(Northern Great Plains Botanical Field 
Trip, 1959): 7 frogs— Canada 

Collected by Loren P. Woods and 
others (Hawaii Field Trip, 1961, spon- 
sored by John G. Shedd Aquarium): 
1,444 fishes — Hawaii 

Purchases: 337 mammals, 2,998 birds 
and 1 egg, 2,698 amphibians and rep- 
tiles, 327 fishes, 21,897 insects, 65,283 
specimens and 40 lots of lower inverte- 

Chicago Park District, Chicago: 
bird — Chicago (gift) 

Chicago Zoological Society, Brook- 
field, Illinois: 14 mammals, 2 birds, 22 
amphibians and reptiles — worldwide 

Chin, Phui-Kong, Jesselton, North 
Borneo: 92 amphibians and reptiles (ex- 
change); 95 amphibians and reptiles 

Chltich, Dr. Gilbert, San Fran- 
cisco: 238 amphibians and reptiles — 
Amboina, Borneo, and Java (gift) 

Companhia de Diamantes de An- 
gola, Dundo, Lunda, Angola: 3 mam- 
mals--Angola (gift) 

DE BoE, Mrs. Michael Price, Coral 
Gables, Florida: 4 shells— Florida (gift) 

Deleske, Donald, Chicago: bird — 
Idaho (gift) 

Delfinado, Miss Mercedes D., 
Manila: 3 slides of mites — Philippine Is- 
lands (gift) 

DE Maeyer, Francis, Chicago: 3 
birds — Mexico (gift) 

Demaree, Delzie, Hot Springs, Ar- 
kansas: 57 freshwater clams — Arkansas 

Devambez, Dr. L., Noumea, New 
Caledonia: approximately 110 fresh- 
water mollusks — Fiji Islands (gift) 

Dluhy, Eugene, Chicago: 4 butter- 
flies — Formosa (gift) 

DuARTE, Eliseo, Montevidea, Uru- 
guay: approximately 85 shells — south- 
em South America (exchange) 


Dybas, Henry S., Homewood, Illi- 
nois: 16 amphibians and reptiles — Palau 
(gift); 3 salamanders — Indiana (gift); 
736 insects — Michigan (gift) 

Earlham College, Joseph Moore 
Museum, Richmond, Indiana: bird — 
British Guiana (gift) 

EiGSTi, W. E., Hastings, Nebraska: 
butterfly — Nebraska (gift) 

Emerson, Dr. Alfred E., Chicago: 
lizard — India (gift) 

Evans, David H., Hinsdale, Illinois: 
129 fishes— England (gift) 

Evenson, Miss Joanne L., Chicago: 
13 mollusks — Wisconsin (gift) 

Eyerdam, Walter J., Seattle: ap- 
proximately 500 marine snails — western 
North America (gift) 

Fechtner, Frederick R., Rockford, 
Illinois: 29 sets of freshwater mussels — 
Illinois and Tennessee (gift) 

Fernando, E. G., Dehiwala, Ceylon: 
26 insects — Ceylon (gift) 

FOBES, Edward, Omaha: 4 marine 
snails — Indo-Pacific (exchange) 

Frederick, Mrs. C. L., Chicago: 65 
marine shells — Ascension Island (gift) 

Fulton, Dr. MacDonald, Chicago: 
262 frogs and lizards — Puerto Rico (gift) 

Galloway, John, Chicago: marmoset 
— locality unknown (gift) 

Gans, Dr. Carl, Buffalo: mammal — 
locality unknown (gift) 

General Biological Supply House, 
Chicago: 3 mammals — locality unknown 

Greenberg, Mrs. Howard, Lincoln- 
wood, Illinois: bird — Illinois (gift) 

Gregg, Dr. Clifford C, Valparaiso, 
Indiana: 2 birds — Indiana (gift); land- 
snail — Austria (gift) 

Haile, Dr. Neville S., Jesselton, 
North Borneo: 14 frogs — North Borneo 

Herrington, Rev. H. B., Westbrook, 
Ontario, Canada: approximately 1,500 
nonmarine mollusks — Eastern Canada 

HoLSTEiN, Herman, Oak Park, Illi- 
nois: dog — domesticated (gift) 

HooGSTRAAL, Dr. Harry, Cairo, 
Egypt: 343 mammals, 249 birds, 36 am- 
phibians and reptiles, 65 snails, 53 in- 
sects — Egypt ana Sudan (gift) ; 2 mam- 
mals — India (gift); 1 snake — Montana 

Howden, Dr. Henry, Ottawa, On- 
tario, Canada: 10 beetles — Canada and 
United States (gift) 

Hoy, Gunnar, Salta, Argentina: 2 
birds — Argentina (gift) 

Illinois, University of, Urbana: 13 
landsnails — West Indies (exchange) 

Illinois State Normal University, 
Normal: 46 fishes — various localities 

Inahara, Nobuo, Osaka, Japan: 57 
beetles — Japan (exchange) 

KiSTNER, Dr. David, Chico, Cali- 
fornia: 116 insects — Mexico, Peru, and 
United States (gift) 

KooPMAN, Dr. Karl F., New York: 
mammal — Guadeloupe (gift) 

Krauss, Dr. N. L. H., Honolulu: 
2 lizards — Tuamotu (gift) 

KuNTZ, Dr. Robert E., care of APO, 
San Francisco: 669 amphibians and rep- 
tiles — Formosa (exchange); 101 amphib- 
ians and reptiles — Pescadores (gift) 

Lambert, Roland J., Zion, Illinois: 
snake skin — Illinois (gift) 

Langguth, Alfredo, Montevideo, 
Uruguay : mammal — Uruguay (gift) 

Lansbury, I., Oxford, England: 4 in- 
sects — Netherlands New Guinea (ex- 

Layne, Dr. James N., Gainesville, 
Florida: 2 insects — Florida (gift) 

Lehmann, Dr. Wilma H., Chicago: 
9 mammals — locality unknown (gift) 

Lennox, James W., Piano, Illinois: 
33 landsnails — Illinois (gift) 

Levell, John P., Chicago: mammal 
— France (gift) 

Lincoln Park Zoological Society, 
Chicago: 2 mammals, 2 birds, 3 amphib- 
ians and reptiles — various localities 

LocKWOOD, Dunbar, Cambridge, 
Massachusetts: mammal — U.S.S.R. 

Long, Lewis E., Harrison, Arkansas: 
310 insects — Afghanistan (gift) 

Machado-Allison, Lie. Carlos E., 
Sao Paulo, Brazil: 10 beetles — Brazil 

Malaya, University of, Kuala 
Lumpur, Malaya: 419 fishes — Malaya 

Malkin, Borys, Chicago: 93 fishes — 
Bolivia (gift) 

Maurer, Miss M. Dianne, Palatine, 
Illinois: bird — Illinois (gift) 

Mc Allister, Mrs. Jessie R., Gary, 
Indiana: collection of sea shells — Flor- 
ida (gift) 


McDaniel, Burruss, Jr., College 
Station, Texas: 2 mites — Mexico (gift) 

McMiCHAEL, Dr. D. F., Sydney, Aus- 
tralia: 18 landsnails — West Australia 

Meier, Claus, Falkau, Germany: 
37 sets of freshwater mollusks — Central 
Europe (exchange) ; 265 nonmarine mol- 
lusks — Western Europe (exchange) 

Menzies, Dr. J. I., Bo, Sierra Leone: 
33 amphibians and reptiles — Sierra Le- 
one (gift) 

Merubia, Henry, Evanston, Illinois: 
234 insects — Bolivia (gift) 

Metter, Dean E., Moscow, Utah: 
14 frog larvae — Washington (gift) 

Miami, University of. Coral Gables, 
Florida: 6 fishes — Bahamas (gift) 

MiNTON, Dr. Sherman, Jr., care of 
APO New York: 12 lizards, 6 snakes — 
Pakistan (gift) 

MusEO Argentino de Ciencias 
Naturales, Buenos Aires, Argentina: 
4 mammals — Argentina (exchange) 

MusEO Civico DE Storia Naturale, 
Genoa, Italy: 70 nonmarine mollusks 
— Indonesia and New Guinea (exchange) 


Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguary: 
3 lizards — Uruguay (exchange) 

Museum and Art Gallery, Durban, 
Union of South Africa: 4 birds — Africa 
(exchange); 7 birds — Africa (gift) 

Museum of Comparative Zoology, 
Cambridge, Massachusetts: salamander 
— Tennessee (exchange) ; frog — Thai- 
land (exchange) 

MusEU Riograndense de Ciencias 
Naturais, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: 
8 amphibians and reptiles — Brazil (ex- 

National Museums of Southern 
Rhodesia, Bulawayo, Southern Rho- 
desia: 2 birds — Southern Rhodesia (gift) ; 
12 amphibians and reptiles — Southern 
Rhodesia (exchange) 

Naturhistorisches Museum, Vien- 
na, Austria: 2 frogs — Sumatra (ex- 

Nelson, Dr. Edward M., San Juan, 
Puerto Rico: collection of various in- 
vertebrate animals — Puerto Rico Cgift) 

Newbill, Thomas J., Ft. Lauderdale, 
Florida: 4 birds — Florida, Colombia, 
and Ecuador (gift) 

Noel, Emil, Chicago: 4 sea urchins — 
Florida (gift) 

Oriental Institute, University of 
Chicago, Chicago: 41 mammals, 10 birds 
— Iran (gift) 

Pasteur, Dr. Georges, Rabat, Mo- 
rocco: 8 amphibians and reptiles — 
Algeria, Madagascar, and Morocco (ex- 

Pine, Ronald H., Lawrence, Kansas: 
57 mammals — western United States 


POYNTON, Dr. J. C, Pietermaritz- 
burg. Natal: 48 frogs — Africa (exchange) 

Price, L., Kaitaia, New Zealand: 60 
sets of nonmarine mollusks — Australia 
and New Zealand (exchange) 

Price, Dr. Manning D., College Sta- 
tion, Texas: 19 insects — Guatemala and 
Mexico (exchange) 

QuiMBY, George I,, Chicago: 
67 shells — Lake Michigan (gift) 

Raffles Museum, Singapore: frog — 
North Borneo (exchange) 

Randall, Dr. John E., St. John, 
Virgin Islands: 4 fishes — Virgin Islands 

Reed, Dr. Charles A., New Haven, 
Connecticut: 40 landsnails, plaster casts 
of deer — Iran (gift) 

Rettenmeyer, Carl, Manhattan. 
Kansas: 4 beetles —Nigeria (gift) 

Riedel, Dr. a., Warsaw, Poland: 
36 nonmarine mollusks —Peru, Poland, 
and Siberia (exchange) 

Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke 
Histoire, Leiden, Netherlands: frog — 
Sumatra (exchange) 

Rocky Mountain Laboratory, 
Hamilton, Montana: 22 chigger mites — 
Panama and Peru (gift) 

Roscoe, Ernest J., Chicago: 226 lots 
of land and freshwater mollusks — west- 
ern United States (gift) 

Sabine, Ted, Zion, Illinois: 726 in- 
sects and related arthropods — Central 
and South America (gift) 

Sarawak Museum, Kuching: 3 frogs, 
5 tadpoles — Sarawak (exchange) 

Scheerpeltz, Dr. Otto, Vienna, 
Austria: 12 insects — Europe (gift) 

Silva-Taboada, Gilberto, Havana, 
Cuba: 31 mammals — Cuba (exchange); 
2 mammals — Cuba (gift) 

Summers, Ray, Petaluma, California: 
marine snail — Philippine Islands (gift) 

SwEGLES, Kyle V., Chicago: 88 liz- 
ards — Caribbean Sea (gift) 


Talmadge, Robert, Willow Creek, 
California: 77 mollusks — western Amer- 
ica (exchange); 149 shells — California 
and Lower California (exchange) 

Teskey, Mrs. Margaret, Marinette, 
Wisconsin: approximately 14,000 non- 
marine mollusks — world-wide (gift) 

Tinkle, Dr. Donald W., Lubbock, 
Texas: 2 snakes — Texas (gift) 

Underwood, Garth, Saint Augus- 
tine, Trinidad, British West Indies: 
mammal — Jamaica (gift) 

United States Fish and Wildlife 
Service, Cold Bay, Alaska: 5 birds — 
Amchitka, Aleutian Islands (gift); Pas- 
cagoula, Mississippi: 430 fishes — Gulf of 
Mexico (gift) 

United States National Museum, 
Washington, D.C.: 19 beetles — Central 
and South America (exchange) 

Utah, University of. Salt Lake 
City: 133 freshwater clams — Utah (ex- 

Vanzolini, Dr. P. E., Sao Paulo, 
Brazil: lizard — Brazil (exchange) 

VissER, John, Camps Bay, South Af- 
rica: 17 frogs — South Africa (exchange) 

Walker Museum, University of 
Chicago, Chicago: approximately 4,000 
snails — world-wide (gift) 

Walton, M. L., Glendale, California: 
4 landsnails — California ("exchange) 

Werner, Dr. Floyd, Tucson, Ari- 
zona: 3 beetles — California, and Lower 
California (gift) 

WiRTH, Dr. Willis W., Washington, 
D.C.: 43 slides of biting midges — Thai- 
land and United States (gift) 

World Book Encyclopedia Scien- 
tific Expedition to the Himalayas, 
Chicago: 7 mammals — Nepal and Tibet 
(gift); 375 birds— Nepal (gift) 

Wyatt, Alex K., Chicago: 24,644 
butterflies and moths — chiefly North 
America (gift) 

Yunker, Dr. Conrad E., Canal 
Zone, Panama: 28 amphibians and rep- 
tiles — Panama (exchange); 61 amphib- 
ians and reptiles — Panama (gift) 

Zangerl, Dr. Rainer, Hazel Crest, 
Illinois: 38 frogs — various localities 

Zoological Survey of India, Cal- 
cutta: 2 frogs — India (exchange) 

ZooLOGiscHES MusEUM, Amsterdam, 
Netherlands: lizard and snake — Indo- 
nesia (exchange) 


Nagy, J. J., Chicago: 13 insect speci- 
mens embedded in plastic — gift 


Chicago Natural History Museum : 
Made by Division of Photography — 
1,882 negatives, 32,592 contact prints, 
2,568 enlargements, 382 Kodachromes, 
89 lantern slides, 12 rolls of film devel- 


Chicago Natural History Museum : 

"A Sauk Village Site" (700-foot silent 
/color film); "Tibetan Dancers" (100- 
foot silent/color film) 

Film Associates, Hollywood, Cali- 
fornia: "What's Under the Ocean" (550- 
foot sound /color film) — purchase 

Richardson, Dr. Eugene S., Jr., 
Gurnee, Illinois: "Shark Quarry" 400- 
foot silent/color film) — exchange 


American Heritage, New York 
Bunting, Mrs. F. H., New Orleans 
Davis, D. Dwight, Richton Park, 

Dean-Throckmorton, Dr. Jeannette, 

Des Moines, Iowa 
Dockstader, Dr. Frederick J., New York 
Erize, Esteban, Museo Historic© y de 

Ciencias Naturales, Bahia Blanca, 

Estacao Agron6mica Nacional, Oeiras, 

Field, Dr. Henry, Coconut Grove, 

Field, Stanley, Lake Bluff, Illinois 
Flores-Barroeta, Luis, Mexico D.F., 

Gregg, Dr. Clifford C, Valparaiso, 

Gregory, Mrs. Alice H., Chicago, 

Harper and Brothers, Publishers, 

New York 


Hershkovitz, Philip, South Holland, 

Howe, Roger F., Chicago 

Inger, Dr. Robert F., Homewood, 

Instituto Interamericano de Ciencias 
Agricolas de la O. E. A., Lima, Peru 

Korean Research and Information 
Office, Washington, D.C. 

Luce, Maurice C, Chicago 

McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., 
New York 

Millar, John R., Skokie, Illinois 

Mills, Joan Paterson, New York 

New York Graphic Society, Greenwich, 

Peiia, Luis E., Santiago, Chile 

Rand, Dr. Austin L., Chesterton, 

Rosenthal, Mrs. Samuel, Chicago 

Ross, Miss Lillian A., Chicago 

Secretariat aux AfTaires Algeriennes, 
Paris, France 

Smith, Mrs. Hermon Dunlap, Lake 
Forest, Illinois 

Standard Oil of New Jersey, Newark, 
New Jersey 

Techier, David, Chicago 

Thieret, Dr. John W., Homewood, 

Wyatt, Alex K., Chicago 



The Members of the Museum 

are those who 

by their generous contributions 

encourage our staff 

and assist in our operation 


Marshall Field* 


Those who have contributed $100,000 or more to the Museum 

Ayer, Edward E.* 

Buckingham, Miss 
Kate S.* 

Conover, Boardman* 
Crane, Cornelius 
Crane, R. T., Jr.* 

Field, Joseph N.* 
Field, Marshall, III* 
Field, Stanley 
Field, Mrs. Stanley 
Fuller, Captain A.W.F. 

* deceased 

Graham, Ernest R.* 

Harris, Albert W.* 
Harris, Norman W.* 
Higinbotham, Harlow N. 

Kelley, William V.* 

Pullman, George M.* 

Rawson, Frederick H.* 
Raymond, Mrs. Anna 

Raymond, James Nelson* 
Ryerson, Martin A.* 
Ryerson, Mrs. 
Martin A.* 

Simpson, James* 
Smith, Mrs. Frances 

Smith, George T.* 
Sturges, Mrs. Mary D.* 
Suarez, Mrs. Diego 

Those who have rendered eminent service to Science 

Beyer, Professor H. O. Field, Stanley Suarez, Mrs. Diego 

Cutting, C. Suydam Gustaf VI, His Majesty. 

Kmg of Sweden 

Those who have rendered eminent service to the Museum 

Brewer, Charles H. 

Calderini, Charles J. 
Chad bourne, Mrs. Emily 

Chancellor, Philip M. 

Cutting, C. Suydam 
Day, Lee Garnett 
Ellsworth, Duncan S. 
Field, Mrs. Stanley 


Fuller, Captain A.W.F. 

Hancock, G. Allan 
Moore, Mrs. William H. 
Suarez, Mrs. Diego 
White, Harold A. 


Scientists or patrons of science, residing in foreign countries, who have rendered 
eminent service to the Museum 

Humbert, Professor Henri 

Keissler, Dr. Karl 


Breuil, Abb6 Henri 



Those who have contributed $1,000 to $100,000 to the Museum 
in money or materials 

$75,000 to $100,000 
Chancellor, Philip M. 

$50,000 to $75,000 

Chalmers, Mrs. Joan A.* 

Dee, Thomas J.* 

Keep, Chauncey* 

Morton, Sterling* 

Remmer, Oscar E.* 
Rosenwald, Mrs. 
Augusta N.* 

$25,000 to $50,000 

Adams, Mrs. Edith 

Babcock, Mrs. Abby K.* 
Bensabott, R.* 
Blackstone, Mrs. 

Timothy B.* 
Block, Leopold E.* 
Buchen, Walther* 

Coats, John* 
Coburn, Mrs. Annie S.* 
Crane, Charles R.* 
Crane, Mrs. R. T., Jr.* 
Cutting, C. Suydam 

Farr, Miss Shirley* 

Jones, Arthur B.* 

Murphy, Walter P.* 

Porter, George F.* 

Richards, Donald 
Richards, Elmer J. 
Rosenwald, Julius* 

Schmidt, Karl P.* 

Vernay, Arthur S,* 

White, Harold A. 

$10,000 to $25,000 

Adams, Joseph* 
Armour, Allison V.* 
Armour, P. D.* 
Avery, Sewell L.* 

Barnes, R. Magoon* 
Bartlett, Miss Florence 

Chadbourne, Mrs. Emily 

Chalmers, William J.* 
Conover, Miss 

Margaret B. 
Cummings, R. F.*. 

Everard, R. T.* 

Gunsaulus, Dr. F. W.* 

Hoogstraal, Harry 

Insull, Samuel* 

Laufer, Dr. Berthold* 
Lufkin, Wallace W.* 

Mandel, Leon 
McCormick, Cyrus 

McCormick, Stanley 
Mitchell, John J.* 

Perry, Stuart H.* 

Reese, Lewis* 
Richardson, Dr. 

Maurice L. 
Robb, Mrs. George W.* 
Rockefeller Foundation, 


Sargent, Homer E.* 
Schweppe, Mrs. 

Charles H.* 
Straus, Mrs. Oscar S.* 
Strawn, Silas H.* 
Street, William S. 
Strong, Walter A.* 

Walpole, Stewart J.* 
Watkins, Rush 
Wetten, Albert H.* 
Witkowsky, James* 
Wrigley, William, Jr.* 

$5,000 to $10,000 

Adams, George E.* 
Adams, Mil ward* 
American Friends of 

Arenberg, Albert L. 
Arenberg, Mrs. Claire S. 

Bartlett, A. C* 
Bishop, Heber (Estate) 
Borland, Mrs. John Jay* 
Borth, Edgar C* 

Chicago Zoological 

Society, The 
Crane, R. T.* 
Cuatrecasas, Dr. Jos6 

Doane, J. W.* 

Field, Dr. Henry 
Fuller, William A.* 

Graves, George Coe, II* 

Harris, Hay den B.* 
Harris, Norman Dwight* 
Harris, Mrs. Norman W.* 
Haskell, Frederick T.* 
Hester, Evett D. 
Hutchinson, C. L.* 

Keith, Edson* 

Langtry, J. C. 

MacLean, Mrs. 
M. Haddon* 
Moore, Mrs. William H. 

Payne, John Barton* 
Pearsons, D. K.* 
Porter, H. H.* 

Ream, Norman B.* 
Revell, Alexander H.* 
Riley, Mrs. Charles V.* 

Salie, Prince M. U. M. 
Schwengel, Dr. Jeanne S.* 
Searle, John G. 
Sherff, Dr. Eari E. 
Sprague, A. A.* 
Street, Mrs. William S. 
Storey, William Benson* 

Telling, Miss Elisabeth 
Thorne, Bruce 
Tree, Lambert* 

Valentine, Louis L.* 
Van Evera, DeWitt 

Ward, Mrs. Cyril L. 
Wyatt, Alex K. 

* deceased 


CONTRIBUTORS (continued) 

$1,000 to $5,000 

Acosta Soils, Dr. M. 
Armour, Lester 
Arnemann, George F. 
Avery, Miss Clara A.* 
Ayer, Mrs. Edward E.* 

Baker, Herbert 
Baker, Mrs. Herbert 
Barr, Mrs. Roy Evan 
Barrett, Samuel E.* 
Bascom, Dr. William R. 
Bennett, Holly Reed 
Bishop, Dr. Louis B.* 
Bishop, Mrs. Sherman C. 
Blair, Watson F.* 
Blair, Wm. McCormick 
Blaschke, Stanley Field 
Block, Mrs. Helen M.* 
Borden, John* 
Boulton, Rudyerd 
Brown, Charles Edward* 
Burt, William G. 

Cahn, Dr. Alvin R. 
Carman, Dr. J. Ernest 
Cervenka, Joe 
Clyborne, Harry Vearn 
Clyborne, Mary Elizabeth 
Cory, Charles B., Jr.* 
Cowles, Alfred 
Crocker, Templeton* 
Cummings, Mrs. 

Robert F.* 
Cummings, Walter J. 

Desloge, Joseph 
Dick, Albert B., Jr.* 
Doering, O. C* 
Dybas, Henry S. 

Eitel, Emil* 

Emerson, Dr. Alfred E. 

Field, Joseph N. 
Field, Marshall, Jr. 
Fish, Mrs. Frederick S.* 
Fleming, Dr. Robert L. 
Force, Dr. Roland W. 
Frederick, Clarence L. 
Frederick, Mrs. Helen 

Gerhard, William J.* 
Gerstley, Dr. Jesse R.* 
Getz, James R. 
Graham, Dr. David C. 
Graves, Henry, Jr.* 
Gregg, Dr. Clifford C. 

Grier, Mrs. Susie L* 
Gunsaulus, Miss Helen* 
Gurley, William F. E.* 

Hand, Miss La Verne 
Harvey, Byron, III 
Herz, Arthur Wolf* 
Hibbard, W. G.* 
Higginson, Mrs. 

Charles M.* 
Hill, James J.* 
Hinde, Thomas W.* 
Hixon, Frank P.* 
Hoffman, Miss Malvina 
Holabird, Mrs. John A. 
Howe, Charles Albee 
Hughes, Thomas S.* 

Isham, Henry P. 

Jackson, Huntington W.* 
James, F. G. 
James, S, L. 

King, Joseph H.* 
Charles K.* 
Kraft, James L.* 

Langford, George 
Lee Ling Yiin 
Lerner, Michael 
Look, Alfred A. 
Lundelius, Dr. Ernest 

Maass, J. Edward* 
MacLean, Haddon H. 
Mandel, Fred L., Jr. 
Manierre, George* 
Maremont, Arnold H. 
Marshall, Dr. Ruth* 
Martin, Alfred T.* 
Martin, Dr. Paul S. 
McBain, Hughston M. 
McCormick, Cyrus H.* 
McCormick, Mrs. Cyrus* 
McElhose, Arthur L.* 
Mitchell, Clarence B. 
Mitchell, William H. 
Moyer, John W. 

Nash, Mrs. L. Byron 
Nichols, Henry W.* 

Odell, Mrs. Daniel W. 
Ogden, Mrs. Frances E.* 
Ohlendorf, Dr. William 

G/l&r6iic6 * 
Osgood, Dr. Wilfred H.* 

Palmer, Potter* 
Park, Dr. Orlando 
Patten, Henry J.* 
Pearse, Langdon* 
Pinsof, Philip 
Prentice, Mrs. 
Clarence C. 

Quimby, George I. 

Rauchfuss, Charles F.* 
Raymond, Charles E.* 
Reynolds, Earle H.* 
Ross, Miss Lillian A. 
Ross, Walter S.* 
Rumely, William N.* 

Schapiro, Dr. Louis* 
Schwab, Henry C* 
Schwab, Martin C* 
Schweppe, Charles H.* 
Seevers, Dr. Charles H. 
Shaw, William W. 
Smith, Byron L.* 
Smith, Ellen Thome 
Smith, Solomon A. 
Solem, Dr. Alan 
Sprague, Albert A.* 
Staehle, Jack C. 
Steyermark, Dr. 

Julian A. 
Sturtevant, Mrs. Mary 

Sturtevant, Roy E. 

Teskey, Mrs. Margaret 
Thompson, E. H.* 
Thorne, Mrs. Louise E.* 
Thurow, Donald R. 
Trapido, Dr. Harold 
Traylor, Melvin A., Jr. 
Trier, Robert 

Van Valzah, Dr. Robert 
Von Frantzius, Fritz* 

Ware, Louis 
Wheeler, Leslie* 
Whitfield, Dr. R. H. 
Wielgus, Mrs. Laura 
Wielgus, Raymond 
Willems, Dr. J. Daniel 
Willis, L. M.* 
Wilson, John P.* 
Wolcott, Albert B.* 

Yarrington, Dr. C. W.* 

Zangerl, Dr. Rainer 

* deceased 



Annour, Lester 

Blair, Bowen 

Blair, Wm. McCormick 

Brewer, Charles H. 

Calderini, Charles J. 
Chadboume, Mrs. Emily 

Chancellor, Philip M. 
Collins, Alfred M. 
Cummings, Walter J. 
Cutting, C. Suydam 

Day, Lee Gamett 

Ellsworth, Duncan S. 

Field, Joseph N. 
Field. Marshall, Jr. 
Field, Stanley 
Field, Mrs. Stanley 

Gregg, CliflFord C. 

Hancock, G. Allan 

Insull, Samuel, Jr. 
Isham, Henry P. 

Kahler, William V. 

McBain, Hughston M. 
Miller, Dr. J. Roscoe 

Mitchell, WiUiam H. 
Moore, Mrs. William H. 

Pirie, John T., Jr. 

Randall, Clarence B. 
Reed, John Shedd 

Searle, John G. 
Simpson, John M. 
Smith, Solomon A. 
Suarez, Mrs. Diego 

Ware, Louis 
White, Harold A. 
Wood, J, Howard 

Borden, John 


Buchen, Walther 

Fuller, Captain A. W. F. 

Those who have contributed $500 to the Museum 

Alexander, Edward 
Allerton, Robert H. 
Arenberg, Mrs. Judith S. 
Armour, A. Watson, III 
Armour, Miss Cynthia 
Armour, Gordon Field 
Armour, Lester 
Armour, Miss Linda 
Armour, Mrs. Vernon 
Armour, Vernon Kelley 
Ascoli, Mrs. Max 
Austin, Edwin C. 

Babson, Henry B. 
Barr, Mrs. Roy Evan 
Barrett, Mrs. A. D. 
Barrett, Robert L. 
Bates, George A. 
Baum, Mrs. James E. 
Baur, Mrs. Jacob 
Belden, Joseph C, Jr. 
Bell, Mrs. Laird 
Bent, John P. 
Bermingham, Edward J. 
Birdsall, Mrs. Carl A. 
Blum, Harry H. 
Bolotin, Hjonan 
Borland, Mrs. Bruce 
Borland, Chauncey B. 
Brassert, Herman A. 
Brundage, Avery 
Buchanan, D. W. 
Budd, Britton I. 

Burley, Mrs. Clarence A. 
Bumham, John 
Burt, William G. 
Butler, Julius W. 

Carney, William Roy 
Carpenter, Mrs. John 

Carr, George R. 
Carton, Alfred T. 
Casalis, Mrs. Maurice 
Cathcart, James A. 
Chatfield-Taylor, Wayne 
Chrisos, Dr. Sam S. 
Clare, Carl P. 
Clegg, Mrs. WiUiam G. 
Connor, Ronnoc Hill 
Cook, Mrs. Daphne Field 
Cowles, Alfred 
Cox, William D. 
Cramer, Corwith 
Crown, Colonel Henry 
Crown, Robert 
Cudahy, Edward A. 
Cummings, Dexter 
Cummings, Walter J. 
Cunningham, James D. 

Dahl, Ernest A. 
Davidson, David W. 
Denman, Mrs. Burt J. 
Dick, Edison 


William R., Jr. 
Dierssen, Ferdinand W. 
Donnelley, Gaylord 
Dorschel, Querin P. 
Drake, John B. 
Durbin, Fletcher M. 

Eckhart, Percy B. 
Edmunds, Philip S. 
Elich, Robert William 
Erdmann, Mrs. 
C. Pardee 

Farr, Newton Camp 
Fay, C. N. 
Field, Joseph N. 
Field, Marshall, Jr. 
Field, Mrs. Norman 
Field, Stanley 
Field, Mrs. Stanley 
Forgan, James B. 
Frankenthal, Dr. 

Lester E. 
Friedlich, Mrs. 

Herbert A. 

Haffner, Mrs. 

Charles C, Jr. 
Hales, William M. 
Harris, Norman W. 
Hecht, Frank A. 
Hickox, Mrs. Charles V. 


LIFE MEMBERS (continued) 

Hixon, Mrs. Frank P. 
Hodgson, Mrs. G. C. 
Hoover, H. Earl 
Hoover, Ray P. 
Hopkins, L. J. 
Hoyt, N. Landon 
Hutchins, James C. 

Insull, Samuel, Jr. 

Jarchow, Charles C. 
Jelke, John F. 
Joiner, Theodore E. 
Jones, J. Morris 

Kahler, William V. 
Keith, Mrs. Stanley 
Kelley, Miss Jennifer 

Kelley, Russell P. 
Kelley, Russell P., Jr. 
Kelley, Russell P., Ill 
Kenney, Clarence B. 
King, James G. 
Kirk, Walter Radcliffe 
Knight, Lester B. 
Kohler, Eric L. 
Krafft, Mrs. Walter A. 

Ladd, John 
Levy, Mrs. David M. 
Leslie, Dr. Eleanor I. 
Leslie, John Woodworth 
Linn, Mrs. Dorothy C. 
Lloyd, Glen A. 
Lunding, Franklin J. 

MacLeish, John E. 
MacVeagh, Fames 
Madlener, Mrs. Albert F. 
Manierre, Francis E. 
Mark, Mrs. Cyrus 
Mason, William S. 
McBain, Hughston M. 
McBride, W. Paul 
McCormick, Fowler 

McGraw, Max 
Mcllvaine, William B. 
McKinlay, John, Jr. 

Donald R., Jr. 
McMillan, James G. 
Meyne, Gerhardt F. 
Miller, Mrs. C. Phillip 
Miller, Dr. J. Roscoe 
Mitchell, William H. 
Morse, Charles H. 
Mueller, Miss Hedwig H. 
Myrland, Arthur L. 

Odell, William R. 
OfReld, James R. 
Oldberg, Dr. Eric 
Orr, Robert M. 
Otis, J. Sanford 

Paesch, Charles A. 
Palmer, Honor6 
Perry, William A. 
Phelps, Mrs. W. L. 
Pick, Albert, Jr. 
Prentice, Mrs. 
Clarence C. 
Primley, Walter S. 

Raymond, Dr. Albert L. 
Roberts, Shepherd M, 
Robertson, Hugh 
Robinson, Sanger P. 
Rodman, Mrs. Katherine 

Rodman, Thomas 

Rosenwald, William 
Ross, Mrs. Robert C. 
Rubloff, Arthur 
Runnells, Mrs. Clive 
Ryerson, Edward L. 

Sackheim, Judd 
Sawyer, Ainslie Y. 
Seabury, Charles W. 

Searle, John G. 
Sengstack, David K. 
Shakman, James G. 
Sharpe, Nathan M. 
Shire, Mrs. Moses E. 
Simpson, James, Jr. 
Simpson, John M. 
Smith, Edward Byron 
Smith, Solomon A. 
Smith, Solomon B. 
Soper, James P., Jr. 
Spalding, Keith 
Spatta, George 
Stern, David B., Jr. 
Stuart, Harry L. 
Stuart, John 
Stuart, R. Douglas 
Sturges, George 
Sullivan, Bolton 
Sulzberger, Frank L. 
Swift, Harold H. 

Taylor, James L. 
Thompson, John R., Jr. 
Tree, Ronald L. F. 
Tyson, Russell 

Valentine, Mrs. May L. 
Veatch, George L, 

Wagner, Louis A. 
Waller, Richard A. 
Wanner, Harry C, 
Ward, P. C. 
Ware, Louis 
Ware, Mrs. Louis 
Warren, Paul G. 
Welch, Mrs. Edwin P. 
Welling, Mrs. John Paul 
Whiston, Frank M. 
Willard, Alonzo J. 
Wilson, Mrs. Robert E. 
Wrigley, Philip K. 
Wrigley, William 

Zimmerman, Herbert P. 

Bechtner, Paul 
Borden, John 
Browne, Aldis J. 


David, Dr. Vernon C. 
Doyle, Edward J. 

Gregory, Tappan 
Kennelly, Martin H. 



Those, residing fifty miles or more from the city of Chicago, who have 
contributed $100 to the Museum 

Allen, Dr. T. George 
Andrew, Edward 

Clemen, Dr. Rudolf A. 
Coolidge, Harold J. 

Desmond, Thomas C. 
Dulany, George W., Jr. 

Fowler, Miss Lissa 
Franklin, Egington 
Freeman, Charles Y. 

Gregg, Clifford C, Jr. 
Gregg, Captain John B. 
Gregg, John Wyatt 

Heame, Knox 

Holloman, Mrs. 
Delmar W. 

Johnson, David E. 
Johnson, Herbert F., Jr. 

Keatinge, Daniel W. 
Knudtzon, E. J. 

Macnaughton, Mrs. M. F. 
Maxwell, Gilbert S. 
Minturn, Benjamin E. 
Murray, Mrs. Robert H. 

Osgood, Mrs. Cornelius 

Post, Mrs. Philip Sidney 

Richardson, Dr. 

Maurice L. 
Rosenwald, Lessing J. 
Ruble, George C. 

Sackett, DeForest 
Shirey, Dwight 
Smith, Mrs. Vera Lash 
Strassheim, Fred W. 
Stern, Mrs. Edgar B. 

Tarrant, Ross 

Watt, Herbert J. 
Weaver, Mrs. Lydia C. 
Wiman, Mrs. 
Charles Deere 

Zerk, Oscar U. 



Those who have contributed $100 to the Museum 

Aaron, Charles 
Aaron, Ely M. 
Abadin, Dr. Amando F. 
Abbell, Joseph J. 
Abbott, Donald 

Putnam, Jr. 
Abeles, Mrs. Jerome G, 
Abler, Julius J. 
Abrams, Duff A. 
Abrams, Dr. Herbert K. 
Abrams, James Ross 
Abramson, Ralph J. 
Ackerman, Dr. Joseph 
Ackley, Dr. W. O. 
Adamick, Gustave H. 
Adams, Mrs. Charles S. 
Adams, Cyrus H., Ill 
Adams, Mrs. Frances 

Adams, Fred E., Jr. 
Adams, George L. 
Adams, Miss Jane 
Adams, John Q. 
Adams, Mrs. S. H. 
Adams, William C. 
Adamson, Henry T. 
Addington, James R. 
Addington, Mrs. 

Sarah Wood 
Adler, Harry 
Adler, Dr. Robert 
Aeby, Miss Jacquelyn 
Ahlschlager, Walter W. 
Albade, Wells T. 
Alberts, Lee Winfield 
Alberts, Mrs. M. Lee 
Albiez, George 
Albright, Dr. Arthur C. 
Albright, C. Jere 
Alder, Thomas W. 
Aldis, Graham 
Alenduff, Harold W. 
Alexander, WiUiam H. 
Allbright, John G. 
Allen, Frank W. 
Allen, Mrs. Grace G. 
Allen, Herman 
Allen, Joseph M. 
Allen, Nathan 
Allen, Waldo Morgan 
Allen, Wayne M. 
Allensworth, A. P. 
Allin, J. J. 
Allmart, William S. 
Allport, Hamilton 
AUworthy, Joseph 
Allyn, Mrs. John W. 
Alschuler, Alfred S., Jr. 
Alsip, Mrs. Charles H. 

Alter, Harry 
Altholz, Mrs. Herbert C. 
Alton, Carol W. 
Alward, Walter C, Jr. 
American, John G. 
Ames, Alfred C. 
Ames, Rev. Edward S. 
Ames, Joseph B. 
Ancel, Louis 
Andersen, John D. 
Anderson, Mrs. A. W. 
Anderson, Mrs. Alfred 
Anderson, Carlyle E. 
Anderson, Francis M. 
Anderson, Dr. Herbert L. 
Anderson, Hugo A. 
Anderson, J. W. 
Anderson, Mrs. 

Robert Gardner 
Anderson, W. W. 
Andreasen, Norman 
Andrews, Mrs. E. C. 
Andrews, Milton H. 
Andrews, Mrs. Otis G. 
Angelopoulos, Archie 
Anger, Frank G. 
Anning, H. E. 
Anstiss, George P. 
AntognoH, John L. 
Appelt, Mrs. Jessie E. 
Appleton, Arthur I. 
Appleton, John Albert 
Arenberg, Kenneth M. 
Aries, Dr. Leon J. 
Armour, Mrs. Laurance 
Armour, Laurance H., Jr. 
Armour, Mrs. Stanton, Sr. 
Armour, T. Stanton 
Armstrong, Mrs. Julian 
Armstrong, Kenneth 
Armstrong, Richard R. 
Armstrong, Mrs. 

William A. 
Arnold, Herbert R. 
Arnold, Mrs. Lloyd 
Arnold, Lorn E. 
Arnold, Robert M. 
Arntzen, John C. 
Artingstall, Samuel G. 
Arvey, Mrs. Edith F. 
Ascher, Fred 
Ashe, Clayton 
Ashenhurst, Harold S. 
Asher, Frederick 
Asher, Norman 
Asher, Dr. Sidney 
Atwood, Carl E. 
Auer, George A. 
Augur, Allison L. 

Augustus, Mrs. Helen A. 
Aurelius, Mrs. Marcus A. 
Ause, Orval H. 
Austin, William F., Ill 
Avery, George J. 
Avery, Guy T. 
Avery, William H. 
Axelrad, Mrs. Milton S. 
Ayres, Robert B. 

Babbitt, Mrs. Oscar 
Babson, Mrs. Gustavus 
Back, Miss Maude F. 
Bacon, Dr. Alfons R. 
Bacon, R. H. 
Bade, Miss Florence 

Baer, David E. 
Baffes, Dr. Thomas G. 
Baggaley, William Blair 
Baker, Paul E. 
Bailey, George R. 
Bair, W. P. 
Bairstow, Mrs. 

Harry, Jr. 
Baker, Greeley 
Baldwin, Mrs. Amy G. 
Baldwin, Rosecrans 
Baldwin, Vincent Curtis 
Balgemann, Otto W. 
Balkin, Louis 
Ball, Clayton G. 
Ball, Dr. Fred E. 
Ball, Ralph K. 
Ballard, Mrs. Ernest H. 
Ballard, Mrs. Foster K. 
Ballenger, A. G. 
Ballis, S. R. 
Balluff, Louis N. 
Baltis, Walter S. 
Banker, O. H. 
Banks, Dr. Seymour 
Bannister, Miss 

Ruth D. 
Barancik, Richard M. 
Barber, Phil C. 
Barbera, Joseph 
Barden, Horace G. 
Bardwell, William U. 
Bargquist, Miss 

Lillian D. 
Barker, E. C. 
Barkhausen, Mrs. 

Henry G. 
Barkhausen, L. H. 
Barlow, John T. 
Barnard, George Hugh 
Barnes, Cecil 
Barnes, Mrs. John S. 



Barnes, Miss Lilace Reid 
Barnett, Claude A. 
Barney, Albert S. 
Barnhart, Mrs. A. M. 
Barr, Mrs. Alfred H. 
Barr, George 
Barrett, Mrs. Arthur M. 
Barry, Mrs. Scammon 
Barson, Dr. Lloyd J. 
Barsumian, Edward L. 
Bartel, Thomas B. 
Barthell, Gary 
Bartholomae, Mrs. 

Bartholomay, Mrs. 

William, Jr. 
Bashore, Mrs. Helen 
Basile, A. R. 
Basile, William B. 
Basinger, Paul J. 
Basta, George A. 
Bates, Dr. A. Allan 
Bates, Mrs. A. M. 
Bates, Rex J. 
Battey, Paul L. 
Baum, Dr. Hugo C. 
Baum, Wilhelm 
Baumann, Harry P. 
Bausch, William C. 
Bayly, Dr. Melvyn A. 
Beach, Miss Bess K. 
Beach, E. Chandler 
Beach, George R., Jr. 
Beachy, Mrs. Walter F. 
Beatty, John T. 
Becherer, Robert C. 
Beck, Alexander 
Becker, Edward C. 
Becker, Mrs. Ethel G. 
Becker, James H. 
Becker, Louis L. 
Becker, Max 
Becker, Mrs. S. Max, Jr. 
Beckler, R. M. 
Beckman, Mrs. Victor A. 
Beckstrom, Miss 

Lucile M. 
Beddoes, Hubert 
Beebe, Dr. Robert A. 
Behr, Carlton E. 
Behr, Mrs. Edith 
Beidler, Francis II 
Belding, Mrs. H. H., Jr. 
Behnky, Walter 
Bell, Chauncey M. 
Bell, J. Delos 
Bellizzi, Dr. Alfredo 
Bellows, Jason Ernest 
Belmonte, Dr. John V. 
Belnap, Nuel D. 
Bender, Eric 

Benjamin, Jack A. 
Benner, Harry 
Bennett, Bertram W. 
Bennett, Clinton C. 
Bennett, Edward H., Jr. 
Bennett, Dr. H. Stanley 
Bennett, S. A. 
Bennett, Professor 

J. Gardner 
Benson, John 
Benson, Mrs. 

Thaddeus R. 
Berc, Harold T. 
Ber6, Lambert 
Berend, George F. 
Berens, Alfred S. 
Berens, Dr. David G. 
Bergen, Mrs. G. L. 
Bergfors, Emery E. 
Bergman, Arthur W. 
Berkely, Dr. J. G. 
Bernstein, Samuel 
Bernstein, Saul 
Berry, V. D. 
Bersbach, Elmer S. 
Bertschinger, Dr. C. F. 
Berwanger, Jay 
Besly, Mrs. C. H. 
Bettendorf, Harry J. 
Bettman, Dr. Ralph B. 
Betts, David H. 
Betz, Carl E. 
Bichl, Thomas A. 
Biddle, Robert C. 
Biedermann, Lee F. 
Biehn, Dr. J. F. 
Bielinski, Dr. Henry E. 
Biersborn, Charles F. 
Bigelow, Mrs. Ann 
Biggers, Bryan B. 
Biggs, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Bigler, Dr. John A. 
Bikle, W. E. 
Billow, Miss Virginia 
Billsten, Henry A. 
Bimmerle, Dr. John F. 
Binder, Miss Kay 
Birch, Dr. Carroll L. 
Bird, Miss Frances 
Bishop, Howard P. 
Bittel, Mrs. Frank J. 
Bittrich, Miss Grace 
Bixby, Edward Randall 
Bixby, Frank L. 
Bixby, George, Jr. 
Bjork, Eskil I. 
Black, Dr. Chester J. 
Blackburn, Oliver A. 
Blaine, James B. 
Blair, Miss 

Anita Carolyn 

Blair, Bowen 
Blair, Edward 

Blair, John M. 
Blair, Wm. McCormick 
Blair, Wolcott 
Blanksten, Samuel B. 
Blatchford, Dr. Frank 

Blecker, Mrs. 

Michael, Jr. 
Blessing, Mrs. Lewis G. 
Blish, Charies C. 
Bliss, Vincent R. 
Block, Joseph L. 
Block, Leigh B. 
Block, Mrs. Leigh B. 
Block, Nelson C. 
Block, Philip D., Jr. 
Block, Samuel W. 
Bloss, Mrs. Sidney M. 
Bluford, Mrs. David 
Blumenschein, C. M. 
Blumenthal, Dr. Irving 
Blumenthal, Milton M. 
Blunt, J. E. 
Boal, Stewart 
Boal, Thomas 

Mrs. George V. 
Bodjanac, Stephen 
Bodman, Robert E. 
Bodman, W. S. 
Boe, Archie R. 
Boericke, Mrs. Anna 
Boetcher, John E. 
Boettcher, Arthur H. 
Bogert, George T. 
Bogert, Mrs. Gilbert P. 
Bohac, Ben F. 
Bohasseck, Charles 
Bohne, Carl J., Jr. 
Bolotin, Gerald G. 
Bolten, Paul H. 
Bondy, Berthold 
Bonine, Miss Ada 
Boomer, Dr. Paul C. 
Boone, Arthur 
Booth, George E. 
Borcherdt, Mrs. 

Robert T. 
Borg, George W. 
Bori, Mrs. Albert V. 
Borland, Mrs. 

John Jay, II 
Borland, William F. 
Borowitz, David 
Borwell, Robert C. 
Bosch, Charles 
Bosch, Mrs. Henry 
Boss, Sidney M. 



Bosworth, Mrs. 

Roland I. 
Boughner, Jackson L. 
Bousa, Dr. Bohuslav 
Bowen, Mrs. Clarence W. 
Bowers, Ralph E. 
Bowersox, W. A. 
Bowes, Arthur S. 
Bowman, Mrs. E. M. 
Bowman, J. C. 
Bowman, Johnston A. 
Boyd, Mrs. T. Kenneth 
Boyer, Paul F. 
Braddy, Jim 

Bradley, Mrs. A. Ballard 
Bradley, John R. 
Bradley, Roy D. 
Bradway, Malcolm S. 
Brainerd, Mrs. Arthur T. 
Bramble, Delhi G. C. 
Branch, Judson B. 
Brandel, Miss Carola R. 
Brandenburg, John A. 
Brandt, Charles H. 
Brandt, William A. 
Bransfield, John J. 
Bransfield, John J., Jr. 
Braucher, Ralph L. 
Brauer, Mrs. Paul 
Braun, Dr. L. L. 
Braun, Martin H. 
Braun, Dr. Milton 
Bremner, Mrs. David F. 
Brendecke, Miss June 
Brennan, B. T. 
Brenner, S. L. 
Brennom, Dr. Elmo F. 
Breslin, Dr. Winston I. 
Brichetto, John L. 
Bridges, Arnold 
Briggs, George L. 
Bristol, James T. 
Brock, Donald C. 
Brodie, Miss Laura 
Brodribb, Lawrence C. 
Brodsky, J. J. 
Brost, Robert V. 
Brostoff, Harry M. 
Browder, William B. 
Brown, A. Wilder 
Brown, Baird 
Brown, Cameron 
Brown, C. Foster, Jr. 
Brown, Mrs. C. H. 
Brown, Christy 
Brown, Mrs. Everett C. 
Brown, H. Templeton 
Brown, Isadore 
Brown, Dr. Joshua M. 
Brown, Mark A. 
Brown, Richard P., Jr. 

Brown, Warren W. 
Brown, William F. 
Browne, Aldis J., Jr. 
Bruckner, William T. 
Bruhn, H. C. 
Brunell, Albert H. 
Bruning, Herbert F. 
Brunsvold, Mrs. 

Henrietta A. 
Brunswick, Joseph E. 
Brunswick, Larry 
Brust, Paul W. 
Bryant, John J. 
Bua, Nicholas J. 
Buchanan, Eugene D. 
Buchanan, L. B. 
Buchbinder, Robert 
Buchen, Paul J. 
Buchen, Mrs. 

Walther H. 
Buchner, Dr. E. M. 
Buckley, Mrs. Warren 
Bucklin, Mrs. Vail R. 
Buddeke, Ivo W. 
Buddington, Robert M. 
Budrys, Dr. Stanley 
Buechler, Adolph 
Buehler, A. C, Jr. 
Buehler, H. L. 
Buehler, Robert 
Buettner, Walter J. 
Buffardi, Louis 
Bulley, Allen E. 
Bund, Marcus 
Bunn, B. H. 
Bunn, C. M. 
Bunte, Mrs. Theodore W. 
Burbott, E. W. 
Burch, Clayton B. 
Burchmore, John S. 
Burd, James E. 
Burg, Harry 
Burgweger, Mrs. 

Meta Dewes 
Burke, Mrs. Edmund L. 
Burnell, Homer A. 
Burnham, Mrs. George 
Burnham, Joseph A. 
Burns, Mrs. Randall W. 
Burrows, Robert S. 
Burry, William 
Burwell, Mrs. 

Dorothy M. 
Busch, David T. 
Bush, Earl J. 
Bush, Mrs. William H. 
Butler, Mrs. Coula P. 
Butler, George W. 
Butler, John C. 
Butler, Paul 
Butzow, Mrs. Robert C. 

Byrne, Miss Margaret H. 

Cahn, Dr. Alvin R. 
Cahn, Morton D. 
Caiazza, Theodore M. 
Cainkar, Louis F. 
Caine, Leon J. 
Caldwell, Wallace B. 
Call, Edgar J. 
Callender, Mrs. 

Joseph E. 
Calvin, Mrs. H. L. 
Camenisch, Miss 

Sophia C. 
Cameron, Anson W. 
Cameron, Mrs. 

John Wheaton 
Cameron, William T. 
Camp, J. Beidler 
Campbell, Donald F., Jr. 
Campbell, George V. 
Campbell, Hugh 
Campbell, John Noble 
Canby, Caleb H., Jr. 
Canman, Richard W. 
Canmann, Mrs. 

Harry L. 
Capes, Miss Alice G. 
Caples, William G. 
Capps, Dr. Joseph A. 
Carey, Mrs. Charles 
Carlen, Raymond N. 
Carlin, Leo J. 
Carlisle, Mrs. William T. 
Caron, O. J. 
Carqueville, Mrs. A. R. 
Carr, Rear Admiral B. L. 
Carr, Robert A. 
Carr, Mrs. Robert F. 
Carroll, John A. 
Carroll, J. B. 
Carstens, Milton Searle 
Carter, Mrs. Armistead B. 
Carter, Miss Frances 

Carton, Laurence A. 
Carton, Dr. Robert W. 
Caspers, Paul 
Cassady, Thomas G. 
Castruccio, Giuseppe 
Cathcart, Silas S. 
Caywood, Thomas E. 
Cederlund, R. Stanley 
Cerling, Fredolph A. 
Cernoch, Frank 
Cerny, Mrs. Jerome 
Cervenka, Carl 
Chandler, Henry P. 
Chandler, Marvin 
Chapin, William Arthur 
Chapman, Arthur E. 



Chapman, Dave 
Chapman, Richard R. 
Chatain, Robert N. 
Chazanow, George 
Cheney, Dr. Henry W. 
Chenier, Miss Mizpah 
Cherones, George D. 
Cherry, Walter L., Jr. 
Chester, W. T. 
Chiara, Anthony R. 
Childs, Leonard C. 
Chilgren, Arthur D. 
Chinlund, Miss Ruth E. 
Chorn, William G. 
Christensen, Robert W. 
Christian, John F. 
Christiansen, Dr. Henry 
Christopher, Dr. G. L. 
Christy, Dr. Harold W. 
Chulock, Willmar A. 
Churan, Charles A. 
Church, Mrs. Freeman S. 
Clark, Mrs. Alice Dargan 
Clark, Mrs. Edward S. 
Clark, Edwin H. 
Clark, Dr. James Wilson 
Clarke, Charles F. 
Clarke, Ernest E. 
Clarke, Dr. T. Howard 
Clay, John 
Clement, Howard W. 
Clement, James W. 
Clements, George L. 
CliflFord, Fred J., Jr. 
Clifford, J. S. 
Clinch, Duncan L. 
Cline, Lyle B. 
Clonick, Abraham J. 
Clonick, Herbert J. 
Clonick, Seymour E. 
Close, James W. 
Clough, Herbert W. 
Clovis, Paul C, Sr. 
Clow, Miss Marion 
Cluxton, Dr. 

Hariey E., Jr. 
Coale, William F., Jr. 
Coates, E. Hector 
Coates, John M. 
Coath, V. W. 
Coburn, Maurice W. 
Cochran, John L. 
Coey, David R. 
Coghlan, Mrs. David L. 
Cohen, George B. 
Cohen, Mrs. L. Lewis 
Cohen, S. T. 
Cohn, Aaron H. 
Coldiron, Harry A. 
Cole, John W. 
Cole, Sidney I. 

Coleman, Clarence L., Jr. 
Coleman, Dr. George H. 
Coleman, Mrs. John 
Coleman, Loring W. 
Coleman, Marvin H. 
Collias, Philip J. 
Collins, Beryl B. 
Collison, E. K. 
Colnon, Stuart 
Colvin, Miss Bonnie 
Colvin, Miss Jessie 
Colwell, Clyde C. 
Combs, Earle M., Jr. 
Compton, Mrs. 

Arthur H. 
Compton, D. M. 
Cone, Mrs. R. E. 
Conger, Miss Cornelia 
Conklin, Miss Shirley 
Conley, Philip 
Conlin, Andrew F. 
Connell, P. G. 
Connery, John 
Connors, Mrs. Thomas A. 
Conover, Miss 

Margaret B. 
Cook, Mrs. Charles B. 
Cook, Mrs. David S. 
Cook, Jonathan Miller 
Cook, Junius F., Jr. 
Cook, L. Charles 
Cook, Leslie H. 
Cook, Dr. Richard S. 
Cook, Thomas H. 
Cooke, Dr. Pauline M. 
Cooley, Gordon A., Sr. 
Coolidge, Dr. Edgar D. 
Coombs, James F. 
Coonley, John Stuart 
Coonley, Prentiss L. 
Cooper, Lee 
Cooper, Samuel 
Cooper, S. Robert 
Copland, David 
Corbett, Mrs. William J. 
Cordray, Mrs. David P. 
Corrington, John W. 
Cosford, Thomas H. 
Costanzo, Dr. Vincent A. 
Costanzo, Dr. 

Vincent A., Jr. 
Costello, A. B. 
Costello, Dr. Lome 
Coston, James E. 
Cottle, Dr. Maurice H. 
Cotton, Eugene 
Coulon, Dr. Albert E. 
Coulson, John S. 
Coulter, Mrs. J. R. 
Cowan, Ralph 
Cowen, Miss Edna T. 

Cowen, Dr. Jack P. 
Cowen, Maurice L. 
Cowles, Knight C. 
Cox, Clifford B. 
Cragg, Mrs. George L. 
Craig, George M. 
Grain, G. D., Jr. 
Cram, Mrs. Norman 
Crawford, Henriques 
Crawford, W. F. 
Creange, A. L. 
Cretors, Charles J. 
Criel, Theodore A., Jr. 
Crohn, Miss Natalie 
Cromwell, Miss 

Juliette Clara 
Cross, Robert C. 
Cry or, Robert E. 
Cubbins, Dr. William R. 
Cudahy, Edward L 
Culbertson, James G. 
Cullen, J. A. 
Culmer, Dr. Charles U. 
Culver, Sydney K. 
Cummings, Mrs. D. Mark 
Cummings, Edward M. 
Cummings, Mrs. 

Frances S. 
Cump, Percy W., Jr. 
Cuneo, John F. 
Cunningham, J. Lester 
Cunningham, Seymour S. 
Curtis, Austin 

Guthrie, Jr. 
Curtis, Glenn R. 
Cusack, Harold 
Gushing, John Caleb 
Cushman, Barney 
Cutler, Paul William 
Cutter, Charles F. 

Dabasinskas, Walter 
Daemicke, Mrs. 

Irwin Paul 
Dahl, Miss Bernice 
Dahlberg, Wendell 
Dahlin, Cari A. 
Daily, Orville G. 
Daily, Richard 
Daley, Harry C. 
Dalmar, Mrs. Hugo 
Dalmar, Hugo, Jr. 
Daly, James J. 
Dammann, J. F. 
Dangel, W. H. 
Danielson, Philip A. 
Danley, Jared Gage 
Danne, William C, Jr. 
Dantzig, Leonard P. 
Dapples, George H. 
D'Aquila, George 



Darbo, Howard H. 
Darby, John H. 
Daughaday, C. Colton 
Davidson, D. E. 
Davidson, Louis G. 
Davies, Marshall 
Davies, Trevor L. 
Davis, Arthur 
Davis, C. S. 
Davis, DeForest Paine 
Davis, Don L. 
Davis, Frank S. 
Davis, Dr. Joseph A. 
Davis, Dr. Loyal 
Davis, Morton A. 
Dawes, Charles C. 
Dawson, John H. 
Dean, Mrs. S. E., Jr. 
DeardorfF, Merle S. 
Decker, Charles O. 
De Costa, Lewis M. 
de Dardel, Carl O. 
Deeming, W. S. 
Deis, Mrs. Thomas P. 
Delaney, Frederick A. 
DeLarye, Dr. William L. 
DeLay, Frank P. 
Delp, Larry 
Demaree, H. S. 
Deming, Everett G. 
Denis, Stanley T. 
Denney, Ellis H. 
Deree, William S. 
Dern, James G. 
Desgrey, Charles W. 
Des Isles, Mrs. Carrie L. 
Detmer, John F. 
De Trana, Dr. George 
Deutsch, Mrs. Percy L. 
Devine, Matthew L. 
De Vries, David 
DeWitt, Clyde F. 
DeWitt, Dennis 
Dick, A. B., Ill 
Dick, Elmer J. 
Dick, Robert 
Dick, Mrs. Robert F. 
Dickinson, F. R. 
Dickson, Vincent B. 
Diggs, Mrs. N. Alfred 
Diestel, Mrs. Herman 
Dietch, Henry X. 
Diller, Robert 
Diller, Theodore C. 
Dillie, James P. 
Dimick, Miss Elizabeth 
Dimmer, Miss 
Elizabeth G. 
Dixon, George W., Jr. 
Dixon, Wesley M., Jr. 

Dixon, Mrs. William 

Dobyns, Mrs. Henry F. 
Doctor, Isidor 
Dodge, Mrs. Paul C. 
Dolan, Tom 
Dole, John L. 
Dolke, W. Fred 
Domville, Mrs. 

Donlon, Mrs. Stephen E. 
Donnel, Mrs. Curtis, Jr. 
Donnelley, Elliott 
Donnelley, Mrs. H. P. 
Donohue, Edgar T. 
Doody, Miss Kitty 
Doolittle, John R. 
Dornbusch, Charles H. 
Dorocke, Joseph, Jr. 
Dorsey, John K. 
Dotson, Mrs. Heber T. 
Doucette, Robert J. 
Douglas, James H., Jr. 
Douglass, H. James 
Douglass, Mrs. 

Helen James 
Douglass, Kingman 
Dover, S. M. 
Doyon, Robert Gale 
Drago, Stephen 
Drake, Charles R. 
Drake, Robert T. 
Drake, Mrs. R. Taylor 
Drangsholt, Mrs. 

Gunnar S. 
Dreutzer, Carl 
Drever, Thomas 
Dreyfuss, Mrs. Moise 
Dry, Carl 
Dubbs, C. P. 
Duclos, George A. 
Dudak, Mrs. Anna 
Dudley, Laurence H. 
Duffy, James F. 
Dukelow, Mrs. Madelina 
Dulla, Steven G. 
Dulsky, Mrs. Samuel 
Dumelle, Frank C. 
Dunbar, James H., Jr. 
Dunbaugh, Harry J. 
Duncan, Albert G. 
Duner, Joseph A. 
Dunlap, William E. 
Dunlop, Charles 
Dunlop, Mrs. Simpson 
Dunphy, Charles S. 
Durand, Mrs. N. E. 
Dvonch, Dr. William J. 
Dyer, Robert T. 

Easterberg, C. J. 

Eastman, Mrs. George H. 
Eaton, J. Frank 
Ebbers, Todd A. 
Ebeling, Frederic 0. 
Ebert, Carl H. 
Ebin, Mrs. Dorothy 

Ebzery, Miss Joan 
Eckert, Theodore T. 
Eddy, Alfred K. 
Edelson, Dave 
Edelson, Mitchell, Jr. 
Edwards, Miss Edith E. 
Edwards, G. H. 
Edwards, William C. 
Eger, Gerard J. 
Ehrlich, Stanton L. 
Eichengreen, Edmund K. 
Eichler, Robert M. 
Eiseman, Fred R. 
Eisenberg, Sam J. 
Eisendrath, Edwin W. 
Eisendrath, Miss Elsa B. 
Eisenhower, Earl D. 
Eisenschiml, Mrs. Otto 
Eisenstein, Sol 
Elcock, Mrs. Edward G. 
Eldred, Mrs. Harriot W. 
EUbogen, Miss Celia 
Ellies, E. E. 
Elliott, Mrs. Edwin P. 
Elliott, Miss Grace E. 
Ellis, Mrs. G. Corson 
Ellis, Howard 
Elmer, Mrs. Clarence W. 
Elting, Winston 
Elvgren, Gillette A. 
Emanuelson, Conrad R. 
Embree, Henry S. 
Embree, J. W., Jr. 
Emery, Edward W. 
Emmerich, Miss Clara L. 
Engberg, Miss Ruth M. 
Engelman, Mrs. Roberts. 
English, Harold 
English, William L. 
Engstrom, Harold 
Entsminger, Samuel E. 
Epstein, Harvey 
Epstein, Herman L. 
Erickson, L. Hyland 
Ericson, Mrs. Chester F. 
Ericsson, Clarence 
Ericsson, Dewey A. 
Ericsson, Walter H. 
Erikson, Carl A. 
Erman, Walter 
Ernest, Joseph R. 
Ernst, Mrs. Leo 
Escudier, A. F. 
Esgar, R. Rea 



Ettelson, Jerome 

Etten, Henry C. 
Evans, Miss Anna B. 
Evans, Eliot H. 
Evans, Keith J. 
Evans, Vernon K. 
Everett, William S. 
Evers, John W. 

Faber, Milton D. 
Fabrice, Edward H. 
Fackt, Mrs. George P. 
Factor, Mrs. Jerome 
Fader, A. L. 
Fairweather, Dr. D. H. 
Faherty, Roger 
Fai thorn, Walter E. 
Falk, Dr. Alfred B. 
Falk, Ralph, II 
Falls, Dr. A. G. 
Farley, Preston 
Farnham, Mrs. Harry J. 
Farrell, Mrs. B. J. 
Farrell, Mrs. Ernest H. 
Farwell, Albert D. 
Farwell, John V., Ill 
Faurot, Henry, Jr. 
Faust, Harry C. 
Fay, Eugene C. 
Febhardt, Mrs. Ernest A. 
Feinstein, Edward 

Feiwell, Morris E. 
Fell, Dr. Egbert H. 
Fellows, William K. 
Felsenthal, Edward 

Fennekohl, Mrs. 

Arthur C. 
Ferguson, R. W. 
Femald, Robert W. 
Ferry, Mrs. James H., Jr. 
Fetzer, Wade, Jr. 
Fiduccia, Charles B. 
Field, John S. 
Field, Meyer 
Fiffer, Robert S. 
Filerman, Arthur 
Filkins, A. J. 
Fineman, Oscar 
Fink, Mrs. Frank 
Finley, Max H. 
Finnerud, Dr. Clark W. 
Firsel, Maurice S. 
Fish, Mrs. Helen S. 
Fishbein, Dr. Morris 
Fisher, Mrs. Raymond 
Fisk, Mrs. Burnham M. 
Fiske, Kenneth M. 


Mrs. Charles C, Sr. 
Fitzmorris, James 
Fitz Simmons, Dr. J. 
Flagg, Miss Grace S. 
Flanagan, James F. 
Fleischman, Miss Anne 
Fleming, E. I. 
Fleming, Mrs. Joseph B. 
Fletcher, Joseph 
Fletcher, Mrs. Mildred C. 
Flinn, Walter H., Jr. 
Flint, George M. 
Florian, Anton G. 
Florsheim, Harold M. 
Florsheim, Irving S. 
Flowers, Dr. Vladimir C. 
Foell, W. J. 
Follansbee, Rogers 
Follett, Dwight 
Folonie, Mrs. Robert J. 
Folsom, Mrs. William R. 
Foote, Mrs. Hariey T. 
Forch, Mrs. John L., Jr. 
Ford, Mrs. Willis Roland 
Foreman, Alfred K., Jr. 
Foreman, Edwin G., Jr. 
Foreman, Harold E. 
Forgan, Mrs. J. Russell 
Forgan, Robert D. 
Forman, Charles 
Forster, J. George 
Fort, George A. 
Fortune, Miss Joanna 
Foster, Mrs. Charles K. 
Foster, Robert S. 
Fowle, Frank F. 
Fowler, Mrs. Earle B. 
Fox, Clarence E. 
Fox, Jacob Logan 
Fox, Myron H. 
Fox, Dr. Paul C. 
Franche, Mrs. D. C, III 
Frank, Arthur A. 
Franke, Allyn J. 
Frankel, Jones B. 
Frankel, Louis 
Frankenstein, Lester E. 
Frankenstein, William B. 
Franklin, G. K. 
Eraser, Edward S. 
Frasier, Richard C. 
Frazer, Mrs. George E. 
Freda, Dr. Vincent C. 
Frederick, Mrs. 

Clarence L. 
Freeman, Gay lord A. 
Freeto, Clarence E. 
Freiler, Abraham J. 
Frenier, A. B. 
Freudenthal, G. S. 

Freund, Mrs. I. H. 
Freund, Mrs. J. Dennis 
Frey, Charles Daniel 
Freyn, Henry J. 
Fridstein, Meyer 
Friedberg, Dr. Stanton A. 
Friedlander, William 
Friedlich, John 
Friedman, Norman B. 
Friedman, Raphael N. 
Fritsch, Miss Josephine 
Frye, W. P. 
Frystak, A. J. 
Fucik, E. Montford 
Fuller, Mrs. Gretta 

Fuller, J. E. 
Fuller, Judson M. 
Fuller, Perry L. 
Fullerton, Thomas 
Fulton, Paul C. 
Fyanes, F. D. 

Gabriel, Adam 
Gaertner, William 
Gainer, Walter D. 
Gale, Willis 
Galgano, John H. 
Gall, Frank 
Gall, Harold J. F. 
Gall, Harry T. 
Gallup, Rockwell L. 
Gait, Mrs. Anne 

Rick cords 
Gait, Mrs. A. T. 
Gamble, D. E. 
Gamble, E. Ross 
Gamm, Dr. Stanford R. 
Garcia, Jose 
Gardner, Addison L., Ji . 
Gardner, F. Sewall 
Gardner, Frederick D. 
Gardner, Henry A. 
Gardner, Henry K. 
Gardner, Robert A., Jr. 
Garen, Joseph F. 
Garrison, Dr. Lester E.. 
Garvey, W. H., Jr. 
Gary, Theodore S. 
Gates, Mrs. L. F. 
Gawthrop, H. H. 
Gay, Rev. A. Royall 
Gebhardt, Alfred E. 
Gee, James W. 
Gehl, Dr. W. H. 
Ceiling, Dr. E. M. K. 
Geist, Herbert 
Geittmann, Dr. W. F. 
Geldmeier, Dr. Erwin F. 
Gellert, Donald N. 
Gensburg, Samuel H. 



Gentry, Veit 
Gerding, R. W. 
Gerk, G. F. 
German, Fred W. 
Gerngross, Mrs. Leo 
Gettelman, Mrs. 

Sidney H. 
Gettleman, Arthur 
Gettleman, Frank E. 
Getz, James R. 
Getz, Mrs. James R. 
Gibbs, A. E. 
Gibbs, Richard F. 
Gibson, Paul 
Gibson, Truman K., Jr. 
Gidwitz, Alan K. 
Gidwitz, Victor E. 
Gidwitz, Willard 
Giflfey, Miss Hertha 
Gifford, Mrs. 

Frederick C. 
Gilchrist, Mrs. John F. 
Gilchrist, Mrs. William 

Giles, Dr. Chauncey D. 
Giles, Mrs. Guy H. 
Giles, John O. 
Gillett, Frank G. 
Gillett, W. N. 
Gilmore, Dr. John H. 
Gimbel, J. W., Jr. 
Ginther, Miss Minnie C. 
Giryotas, Dr. Emelia J. 
Gits, Mrs. Remi J., Sr. 
Glade, David Bruce 
Glaescher, Mrs. G. W. 
Glaman, Miss Johanna C. 
Glasner, Rudolph W. 
Glasser, Joshua B, 
Glassner, James J. 
Glenn, Miss Terry 
Glick, Louis G. 
Gluck, Gerson, I. 
Glore, Robert Hixon 
Gober, Miss Martha P. 
Gobler, David 
Godley, Mrs. John M. 
Godwin, Dr. Melvin C. 
Goes, Mrs. Arthur A. 
Goessele, John H. 
Goldberg, Charles K. 
Goldblatt, Joel 
Golding, Robert N. 
Goldsby, Fred L. 
Goldstein, Dr. Abraham 
Goldstein, Dr. Helen L. 

Goldstein, Nathan S. 
Goldy, Walter L 
Goltra, Mrs. William B. 
Gomberg, Dr. Harry 

Goodfriend, S. L. 
Goodman, Benedict K. 
Goodman, Howard 
Goodman, Mrs. Milton F. 
Goodman, William E. 
Goodson, Orr 
Goodwin, George S. 
Gopp, Leonard W. 
Gordon, Colin S. 
Gordon, Edward 
Gordon, Harold J. 
Gordon, Leslie S. 
Gordon, Dr. Richard J. 
Gordon, Mrs. Robert D. 
Gorrell, Mrs. Warren 
Gootlieb, Frederick M. 
Gould, Jay 
Gould, Mrs. June K. 
Grade, Joseph Y. 
Graham, Andrew C. 
Graham, Mrs. Arthur R. 
Graham, David 
Graham, Douglas 
Graham, E. V. 
Graham, Miss 

Margaret H. 
Granger, Mrs. Lillian M. 
Grant, Gordon B. 
Grant, James D. 
Grant, John G. 
Graves, Austin T. 
Graves, Howard B. 
Grawoig, Allen 
Grawols, G. L. 
Gray A. S. 
Gray, Dr. Earle 
Gray, Edward 
Gray, Philip S. 
Greeley, Joseph M. 
Green, Howard E. 
Green, Michael 
Greenburg, Dr. Ira E. 
Greene, Henry E. 
Greene, Howard T. 
Greene, Wesley H. 
Greenebaum, Robert J. 
Greenlee, Mrs. William 

Greenman, Mrs. Earl C. 
Greenwald, Herbert S. 
Gregg, Clarence T. 
Gregory, James J. 
Gregory, Stephen S., Jr. 
Grentzner, C. A. 
Gressens, Otto 
Grey, Dr. Dorothy 
Griff enhagen, Mrs. 

Edwin O. 
Griffith, Mrs. Carroll L. 
Griffith, Mrs. William 
Grimes, Don R. 

Griswold, Harold T. 
Grizzard, James A. 
Groak, Irwin D. 
Grohe, Robert F. 
Gronkowski, Rev. C. I. 
Groot, Cornelius J. 
Grosberg, Charles 
Grossman, Frank I. 
Grote, Russell H. 
Grotowski, Mrs. Leon 
Grunow, Mrs. William C. 
Guenzel, Paul W. 
Guernsey, Mrs. Nellie T. 
Guest, Ward E. 
Guetzkow, Harold S. 
Guldager, Carl D. 
Gunlock, V. E. 
Gurley, Miss Helen K. 
Gustafson, Carl 
Gustafson, Carl I, 
Gustafson, Gilbert E. 
Gustafson, Mrs. 

Winfield A. 
Guthrie, Mrs. Eleanor Y. 
Guthrie, S. Ashley 
Gwinn, R. P. 

Haas, Albert F. 
Hachmeister, A. W. 
Hadley, Mrs. Edwin M. 
Haedike, Edward J, 
Hagen, Mrs. Daise 
Hagues, Mrs. David N. 
Hahn, Arthur 
Hailand, Arthur G. 
Haines, Mrs. James J. 
Hair, T. R. 
Hajicek, Rudolph F. 
Hale, Mrs. Samuel 
Hales, Mrs. Burton W. 
Hales, Burton W., Jr. 
Hall, Edward B. 
Hall, Miss Eliza P. 
Hall, Mrs. J. B. 
Hallauer, Edward W. 
Halligan, W. J, 
Halperin, Aaron 
Halverstadt, Romaine M. 
Hamilton, Miss Eva Alice 
Hamilton, Samuel 
Hamm, Fred B. 
Hammaker, Paul M. 
Hammerschmidt, Mrs. 

George F. 
Hand, George W. 
Handy, Ellsworth A. 
Hanelin, Dr. Henry A. 

Mrs. Bertha Cooley 
Hansen, Mrs. Fred A. 
Hansen, Jacob W. 



Hanson, Mrs. Norman R. 
Harder, John H. 
Harders, Mrs. Flora 

Hardin, David K. 
Hardin, George D. 
Harding, Miss 

Addie Clark 
Hardy, Mrs. L. Martin 
Harig, Herbert 
Harmon, Foster W. 
Harms, Van Deursen 
Harper, Alfred C. 
Harris, Mrs. Abraham 
Harris, David J. 
Harris, Herman 
Harris, Gordon L. 

Mrs. Mortimer B, 
Harris, Robert Bruce 
Harris, Stanley G. 
Harrison, Carter H., Jr. 
Harsha, E. Houston 
Hart, Henry N. 
Hart, Max A. 
Hartman, Dr. Robert R. 
Hartmann, A. O. 
Hartung, George, Jr. 
Hartz, W. Homer 
Harvey Byron 
Harvey, Byron, III 
Harvey, Daggett 
Harvey, Richard M. 
Harwood, Thomas A. 
Harwood, Thomas W. 
Hass, G. C. 
Hass, Miss Harriet E. 
Hassmer, Joseph L. 
Haugen, Bernhart 
Havelaar, W. C. 
Hawkes, Albert K. 
Hawkes, Joseph B, 
Hay, Mrs. William 

Hayakawa, Dr. S. I. 
Hayes, Harold C. 
Hayes, Dr. Thomas H, 
Hayward, Thomas Z. 
Haywood, Mrs. 

Marshall L., Jr. 
Hazlett, Dr. William H. 
Hazlett, Mrs. William H. 
Head, James D. 
Healy, Thomas H. 
Healy, Vincent Jerrems 
Hearst, Mrs. Jack W. 
Heaton, Harry E. 
Heaton, Herman C. 
Hecht, Fred C. 
Hecht, Kenneth G. 
Hecht, Myron A. 

Hedin, Walter L. 
HefTernan, Miss Lili 
Hefner, Adam 
Heggie, Miss Helen 
Heide, Mrs. Bernard H. 
Heinzelman, Karl 
Heinzen, Mrs. Carl 
Heisler, Francis 
Heldmaier, Miss Marie 
Helfrich, J. Howard 
Heller, John A. 
Heller, Mrs. Florence G. 
Hellman, George A. 
Hellyer, Walter 
Helmich, Miss Lenore 
Hemphill, James C. 
Henderson, Kenneth M. 
Henke, Frank X,, Jr. 
Henkel, Frederick W. 
Henley, Dr. Eugene H. 
Henschel, Edmund C. 
Hensel, Paul G., Jr. 
Herbst, LeRoy B. 
Herdina, Jerry 
Herman, Richard P. 
Hermann, Grover M. 
Herron, James C. 
Herron, Mrs. Oliver L. 
Hertzberg, Lawrence 
Herz, Mrs. Alfred 
Herz, J. H. 
Hesse, E. E. 
Heverly, Earl L. 
Hibben, Joseph W. 
Hieber, J. Patrick 
Higgins, Miss Margaret 
Hildebrand, Dr. 

Eugene, Jr. 
Hildebrand, Grant M. 
Hilgendorf, George M. 
Hilker, Mrs. Marion 
Hill, Carlton 
Hill, Dormand S. 
Hill, Rolwood R. 
Hill, Mrs. Russell D. 
Hill, Stacy H. 
Hille, Dr. Hermann 
Hillier, William H. 
Hind, Mrs. John Dwight 
Hines, Charles M. 
Hinkson, Dr. G. Duncan 
Hinman, Mrs. Estelle S. 
Hinrichs, Henry, Jr. 
Hintz, Mrs. Aurelia 

Hirsch, Albert 
Hirsch, Edwin W. 
Hirsch, LeRoy E. 
Hirschberg, Samuel J. 
Hirtenstein, Robert E. 
Histed, J. Roland 

Hixon, Mrs. Robert 
Hobbs, Russell D. 
Hodges, F. Robert 
Hodgman, Mrs. 

Charles R., Jr. 
Hodgkinson, Mrs. W. R. 
Hodous, Michael F. 
Hoefman, Harold L. 
Hoffman, Miss 

Hoffman, Edward 

Hoffmann, Dr. Eugene 
Hoffman, Raymond A. 
Hogan, Robert E. 
Hokenson, Howard G. 
Hokin, Edwin E. 
Holabird, W. S., Jr. 
Holden, Edward A. 
Holderby, Glen W. 
Holinger, Dr. Paul H. 
Holland, M. J. 
Hollander, Mrs. Samuel 
Holleb, Marshall M. 
Holleb, A. Paul 
Hollenbach, Louis 
Holliday, W. J. 
HoUins, Gerald 
HoUoway, Allen D. 
Holloway, Charles C. 
Holloway, J. L. 
Holmberg, Mrs. 

Adrian 0. 
Holmblad, Dr. 

Edward C. 
Holmburger, Max 
Holmes, J. A. 
Holmes, William 
Holmes, William N. 
Holt, McPherson 
Holub, Anthony S. 
Holzheimer, Carl 
Hooper, Miss Frances 
Hoover, Mrs. Fred W. 
Hope, Alfred S. 
Hopkins, Albert L. 
Hopkins, Mrs. James M. 
Hopkins, Mrs. 

James M., Jr. 
Hopkins, Dr. M. B. 
Horcher, William W. 
Homburg, Arthur C. 
Home, Mrs. William 

Dodge, Jr. 
Horner, Mrs. 

Maurice L., Jr. 
Horton, Mrs. Helen 
Horween, Arnold 
Horween, Isidore 
Hosbein, Louis H. 
Hoshell, Robert J. 



Hoslett, Dr. Schuyler 

Houck, Irvin E, 
Houck, L. E. 
Hough, Charles F, 
Hough, Frank G. 
Hovland, Mrs. John P. 
Howard, Bailey K. 
Howard, Mrs. Harvey H. 
Howard, Howell H. 
Howe, Miss Alice 
Howe, Miss Amy L. 
Howe, Charles Albee 
Howe, Ralph B. 
Howe, Roger F. 
Howie, Mrs. James E. 
Howse, Richard G. 
Howson, Louis R. 
Hoy, Pat 

Hoyne, Miss Susan D. 
Hoyt, Mrs. Phelps B. 
Hraback, L. W. 
Hrdlicka, Mrs. John D. 
Hubachek, Frank 

Huber, Dr. Harry Lee 
Huck, Ralph F. 
Hudson, Miss 

Katherine J. 
Hudson, William J. 
Huey, Mrs. A. S. 
Hufty, Mrs. F. P. 
Huggins, G. A. 
Hughes, Dr. Charles E. 
Hughes, John E. 
Hughes, John W. 
Hume, James P. 
Hume, Patrick H. 
Humphrey, H. K. 
Huncke, Oswald W. 
Hunding, B. N. 
Hunker, Robert W. 
Hunt, George L. 
Hunt, Jarvis 
Hunt, Miss Ruth 
Hunt, Mrs. William O. 
Hunter, Mrs. C. K. 
Hunter, Mrs. Florence H. 
Hunter, Lemuel B. 
Huska, Mrs. Joseph 
Hust, George 
Huszagh, Ralph D. 
Hutchens, Edward J, 
Hutchins, John S. 
Hutchinson, Foye P. 
Hutchinson, Samuel S. 
Huth, Frank D. 
Hynes, D. P. 
Hypes, WilHam P. 

I ekes, Raymond W. 

Ickes, Mrs. Wilmarth 
Idelman, Bernard 
Igoe, Michael L. 
Igoe, Michael L., Jr. 
Ignowski, Vincent P. 
Iker, Charles 
Ilg, Robert A. 
Ilg, Paul F. 
IlHch, George M., Jr. 
Ingalls, Allin K. 
IngersoU, Roy C. 
Ingersoll, Mrs. S. L. 
Ingram, Frank H. 
Inlander, N. Newton 
Inlander, Samuel 
Irons, Dr. Ernest E. 
Irons, Mrs. Spencer E. 
Irvine, George L. 
Isaacs, Roger D. 
Isham, George S. 
Isham, Henry P. 
Isham, Henry P., Jr. 
Isom, W. R. 
Ives, Clifford E. 
Ives, George R. 

Jackson, Allan 
Jackson, Archer L. 
Jackson, Byrne A. 
Jackson, Carl W. 
Jackson, Mrs. W. A. 
Jacobi, Miss Emily C. 
Jacobs, Aaron M. 
Jacobs, Nathan E. 
Jacobs, Julius 
Jacobs, Mrs. Walter H. 
Jacobs, Walter L. 
Jacobson, A. J. 
Jacobson, Arent J. 
Jacobson, Jacob 
Jacobson, Raphael 
Jahn, Reinhardt H. 
James, Ralph C. 
James, Thomas M. 
James, Walter C. 
Jameson, Clarence W. 
Jancosek, Thomas A. 
Jansey, Dr. Felix 
Janson, Dr. C. Helge M. 
Janusch, Fred W. 
Jarchow, Mrs. C. E, 
Jarchow, Robert B. 
Jeffers, Howard F. 
Jeffries, Dr. Daniel W. 
Jens, Arthur M., Jr. 
Jensen, W. J. 
Jerger, Wilbur Joseph 
Jessen, Floyd E. 
Jessen, Dr. George N. 
Jetzinger, David 
Jirgal, John 

Jirka. Dr. Frank J. 
Job, Dr. Thesle T. 
John, Dr. Findley D. 
Johnson, Alvin O. 
Johnson, Calmer L. 
Johnson, Herbert M. 
Johnson, Hjalmar W. 
Johnson, John H. 
Johnson, Mrs. Norma O. 
Johnson, Norman E. 
Johnson, Mrs. O. W. 
Johnson, Paul C. 
Johnson, P. Sveinbjorn 
Johnson, Philip C. 
Johnson, Ray T., Jr. 
Johnston, Edward R. 
Johnston, Miss Fannie S. 
Johnston, Mrs. Hubert 

Johnston, Hulburd 
Johnston, Mrs. M. L. 
Jonswold, C. R. 
Jolly, Miss Eva Josephine 
Jonak, Frank J. 
Jones, Dr. Fiske 
Jones, Gordon M. 
Jones, James B. 
Jones, Dr. Margaret M. 
Jones, Melvin 
Jones, Miss Susan E. 
Jordan, Horace W. 
Jorgensen, Paul 
Joseph, Mrs. Jacob G. 
Joseph, Louis L. 
Joy, Guy A. 
Juergens, H. Paul 
Julian, Dr. Ormand C. 
Julien, Victor R. 

Kahn, Mrs. Arthur S. 
Kahn, J. Kesner 
Kahn, Jerome J. 
Kaine, James B. 
Kaiser, Dr. George D. 
Kalnitz, Arnold B. 

Mrs. Anthony 
Kamin, William C. 
Kamins, Dr. Maclyn M. 
Kamm, Dr. Bernard A. 
Kane, Jerome M. 
Kanter, Jerome J. 
Kaplan, Morris I. 
Kaplan, Nathan J. 
Kaplan, Stanley A. 
Kargman, Wallace I. 
Karfos, Anthony C. 
Kasakoff, Lawrence 
Kasch, Frederick M. 
Kass, Joseph J. 
Katz, Mrs. Sidney L. 



Katz, Solomon 
Katz, William 
Katzenstein, Mrs. 

George P. 
Katzin, Frank 
Kaufman, Justin 
Kaufman, M. G. 
Kaufmann, Dr. 

Gustav L. 
Kay, Mrs. Marie E. 
Keach, Benjamin 
Keare, Mrs. Spencer R. 
Kearney, A. T. 
Kearns, Mrs. Jerry J. 
Keeley, Robert E. 
Keene, William J. 
Keeshin, J. L. 
Kehoe, Mrs. High Boles 
Keith, Stanley 
Kelemen, Rudolph 
Kelley, John F. 
Kelley, Mrs. M. Cotton 
Kellogg, Mrs. Helen L. 
Kelly, Arthur Lloyd 
Kelly, Barbara Wetten 
Kelly, Charles Scott 
Kelly, Mrs. Haven Core 
Kelly, T. Lloyd 
Kelsey J. D. 
Kemp, Russell M. 
Kemper, Hathaway G. 
Kemper, Miss Hilda M. 
Kemper, James S. 
Kempner, Stan 
Kendrick, John F. 
Kennedy, Mrs. E. J. 
Kennedy, Henry Warner 
Kennedy, James G. 
Kennedy, Lesley 
Kennedy, R. J. 
Kennedy, Taylor L. 
Kenny, Henry 
Kenoe, Henry W. 
Kent, Robert H. 
Kentor, William E. 
Kern, Mrs. August 
Kern, H. A. 
Kern, Dr. Nicholas H. 
Kern, Trude 
Kerwin, Edward M. 
Ketteman, Dr. Charles H. 
Kettering, Mrs. 

Eugene W. 
Ketzler, A. C. 
Kew, Mrs. Stephen M. 
Kidwell, L. B. 
Kiefer, Dr. Joseph H. 
Kiessling, Mrs. Charles S. 
Kile, Miss Jessie J. 
Kimball, Paul C. 
Kimball, William W. 

Kimbark, John R. 
King, Mrs. Charles G. 
King, Clinton B. 
King, Harold R. 
King, Mrs. John 

Kingman, Mrs. Arthur G. 
Kinkead, W. S. 
Kinsey, Robert S. 
Kirkland, Mrs. 

Kirst, Lyman R. 
Kitchen, Howell W. 
Kittle, Mrs. C. M. 
Kitzelman, Otto 
Klapman, Philip A. 
Klee, Steven Michael 
Klein, Robert L. 
Klein, William P. 
Kleinpell, Dr. Henry H. 
Kleist, Mrs. Harry 
Kleppinger, William H. 
Kleutgen, Dr. Arthur C. 
Klinetop, Mrs. Charles W. 
Knapp, William G. 
Knickerbocker, Miss 

Knight, Howard 
Knight, John S. 
Knopf, Andrew J. 
Knowlton, John M. 
Knutson, George H. 
Koch, Mrs. Fred J. 
Koch, Rajonond J. 
Koch, Robert J. 
Koczur, Dr. Joseph L. 
Koehnlein, Wilson O. 
Koenig, Oswald N. 
Koenig, PhiHp F. 
Koerber, Lorenz F., Jr. 
Kohn, Edward 
Kohn, Henry L. 
Kolar, George G. 
Kolbe, Frank F. 
Kolehmainen, Waino M. 
Kolesiak, Walter R. 
Kollar, Dr. 

John Anton, Jr. 
Kopf, Miss Isabel 
Kopinski, Louis 
Koppenaal, Dr. 

Elizabeth Thompson 
Korf, Dr. Stanley R. 
Kornblith, Mrs. 

Howard G. 
Kosmach, Frank P. 
Kosobud, William F. 
Kostrzewski, Dr. M. J. 
Kotal, John A. 
Kotin, George N. 
Koucky, Dr. J. D. 

Kowalski, Dr. Leonard F. 
Kozlik, Frank B. 
Kraft, Mrs. David H. 
Kraft, John H. 
Kraft, Norman 
Kralovec, Emil G. 
Kralovec, Mrs. Otto J. 
Kramer, Dr. George M. 
Kramer, Leroy, Jr. 
Kraus, Samuel B. 
Kraus, William C. 
Krautter, L. Martin 
Kresl, Carl 

Herman L., Jr. 
Krez, Leonard 0. 
Kribben, Arthur K. 
Kribben, Delafield 
Krider, E. A. 

Richard W., Sr. 
Kroch, Carl A. 
Kroehler, Kenneth 
Kroeschell, Robert A. 
KropflF, C. G. 
Krost, Dr. Gerard N. 
Krupnick, Samson 
Kuehn, Miss Katherine A. 
Kuh, Mrs. Edwin J., Jr., 
Kuhn, Frederick T. 
Kuhn, Dr. Hedwig S. 
Kuhn, Overton F. 
Kunka, Bernard J. 
Kunstadter, Albert 
Kunstadter, Sigmund W. 
Kurfes, John Fredric 
Kurpieski, Mrs. Eleanor 
Kurtz, William O., Jr. 
Kurtzon, Morris 
Kurzdorfer, E. T. 
Kutchins, Edmund 
Kutza, Dr. Michael J. 

Laadt, George A. 
Laadt, Dr. John R. 
Lacey, Miss Clara R. 
Laflin, Miss June 

Laflin, Louis E., Jr. 
Laflin, Mrs. Louis E., Jr. 
Laflin, Louis E., Ill 
Laflin, Miss Mary 

Laing, Mrs. Milton L. 
Laing, William 
Lambert, C. A. 
Lamberton, R. H. 
Lambertsen, John G. 
Lambrecht, Carl R., Jr. 
Lampert, Wilson W. 
Lanahan, Mrs. M. J. 



Lane, F. Howard 
Lang, Edward J. 
Lang, Gordon 
Langdon, Lawrence E. 
Langenbach, Mrs. 

Alice R. 
Langford, Mrs. Robert E. 
Langhorne, George 

Lanman, David T. 
Lanman, Mrs. 

Edward Boylston 
Lansinger, Mrs. John M. 
Lapham, Fenton D. 
Large, Judson 
Larimer, Howard S. 
Larkin, Mrs. Walter D. 
Larrance, Ken 
Larsen, Samuel A. 
Larson, Leslie S. 
Larson, L. S. 
Larson, Mrs. Sarah G. 
Lasch, Harry 
Lassers, Sanford B. 
Laterza, Michael F. 
Lathrop, Dr. Clarence A. 
Latshaw, Dr. Blair S. 
Laud, Mrs. Sam 
Lautmann, Herbert M. 
La vers, A. W. 
Lavidge, Arthur W. 
Law, Mrs. Robert 0. 
Lawless, Dr. Theodore K. 
Lawton, Robert M. 
Lax, John Franklin 
Layden, Michael J. 
Lazar, Maurice 
Leadbetter, Gordon 
Leahy, George J. 
Leahy, James F. 
Leavell, James R. 
Leavitt, Mrs. Nathan 
Le Baron, Miss Edna 
Lebold, Samuel N. 
Lebolt, John Michael 
Lederer, Dr. Francis L. 
Lee, David Arthur 
Leekley, Philip A. 
Lefens, Miss Katherine J. 
Lefens, Walter C. 
Lehmann, Robert O. 
Leichenko, Peter M. 
Leight, Mrs. Albert E. 
Leighton, George N. 
Leith, John A. 
Leland, Miss Alice J. 
Leland, Mrs. Rosco G. 
Lennon, George W. 
Lello, Herbert F. 
Leonard, Arthur T. 
Lerch, William H. 

Leslie, John H. 
Lessman, Gerhard 
Le Tourneau, Mrs. 

Levering, J. E. 
Levi, Julian H. 
Levin, Robert E. 
Levin, Sidney D. 
Levinson, Mrs. Salmon O. 
Levitan, Benjamin 
Levitt, Dr. Le Roy P. 
Levy, Alexander M. 
Levy, Arthur G. 
Lewis, Mrs. J. J. 
Ley, Robert J. 
Liebenow, J. Gus 
Liebenow, Robert C. 
Liebenson, Harold A. 

Mrs. Richard W. 
Lietz, J. T. 
Liffshin, Reuben J. 
Liguori, Sister Mary 
Lilien, Mrs. K. K. 
Lill, George, II 
Lillyblade, Clarence O. 
Lindar, Albert J. 
Lindberg, Le Roy A. 
Lindell, Arthur G. 
Linden, John A. 
Lindgren, Erik A. 
Lindheimer, B. F. 
Lindsay, Mrs. Martin 
Lingle, Harrison C. 
Linn, Howard 
Linn, Mrs. W. Scott 
Lippman, Mrs. William 
Litten, Chapin 
Littig, Howard L. 
Little, Mrs. E. H. 
Littler, Harry E., Jr. 
Livingston, Mrs. 

Milton L. 
Lizzardo, Joseph F. 
Llewellyn, Mrs. Ross 
Lloyd, William Bross, Jr. 
Lodge, Robert H. 
Loeb, Mrs. Ernest G. 
Loeb, Hamilton M. 
Loebl, Jerrod 
Loewenberg, Israel S. 
Loewenberg, M. L. 
Loewenherz, Emanuel 
Loewenstein, Richard M. 
Loewy, Dr. Arthur 
Logan, Seymour N. 
Long, R. E. 
Long, William E. 
Loomis, D. P. 
Loomis, Reamer G. 


Mrs. Luther M. 
Lorber, Herbert J. 
Lord, Arthur R. 
Lord, John S. 
Lord, Mrs. Russell 
Lorentz, Arthur G. 
Lotz, Philip W. 
Loucks, Charles O. 
Louer, Albert E. M. 
Louis, Mrs. John J. 
Loundy, Mrs. Mason A. 
Lovgren, Carl 
Lowe, William H. 
Lowell, Arthur J. 
Lowrie, Mrs. John M. 
Lucey, Patrick J, 
Ludgin, Earle 
Ludolph, Wilbur M. 
Lundberg, Robert 
Lundy, Dr. Clayton J. 
Luria, Herbert A. 
Lurie, George S. 
Lusk, R. R. 
Lustgarten, Samuel 
Lydon, Robert R. 
Lyford, Harry B. 
Lynch, J. W. 
Lynch, William J., Jr. 
Lyon, Charles H. 

Mabee, Mrs. Melbourne 
MacArthur, Donald 
Mac Cowan, Hervey L. 
MacDonald, E. K. 
Mac Farland, Lanning 
Macias, William George 
Maclntyre, Mrs. M. K. 
MacKenzie, William J. 
Mackey, Frank J. 
Macki, Carl Gunnar 
MacKiewich, Justin 
Mackinson, Dr. John C. 
Mackoff, Mrs. Saul 
MacLean, Mrs. 

John A., Jr. 
MacLellan, K. F. 

Kenneth F., Jr. 
MacMurray, Mrs. 


J. deNavarre, Jr. 
Madden, John 
Madlener, Mrs. 

Albert F., Jr. 
Madlener, Otto 
Madrin, Mrs. Charles 
Maehler, Edgar E. 
Magan, Miss Jane A. 
Magerstadt, Madeline 



Magid, Cecil E. 
Magnus, Albert, Jr. 
Magnuson, Mrs. Paul 
Mah, George G. 
Maher, Dr. 

David Bremner 
Maher, Mrs. D. W. 
Maher, James P. 
Main, Walter D. 
Majka, F. L. 
Major, Ross 0. 
Majors, Mrs. B. S. 
Makler, Joseph H. 
Maley, Alexander B. 
Maling, Albert 
Mailer, Dr. Adolph M. 
Manasse, De Witt J. 
Mandel, Mrs. Aaron W. 
Mandel, Edwin F. 
Mandel, Miss Florence 
Mandel, Mrs. Robert 
Manegold, Mrs. 

Frank W. 
Manierre, Louis 

Mrs. Russell L. 
Manz, Mrs. Carolyn D. 
Maragos, Samuel C. 
Marchant, Miss Lilian 
Maremont, Arnold H. 
Mark, E. E. 
Mark, Griffith 
Marker, Van E. 
Markham, Mrs. 

Herbert L 
Markus, Alfred S. 
Marovitz, Sydney R. 
Marquart, Arthur A. 
Marquardt, Dr. 

Gilbert H. 
Marsh, A. Fletcher 
Marsh, E. S. 
Marsh, Mrs. Marshall S. 
Marsh, Peter John 
Martin, Eldon 
Martin, Mrs. George B. 
Martin, George F. 
Martin, Samuel H. 
Martin, Wells 
Marx, Adolf 
Marx, Victor E. 
Marzola, Leo A. 
Mason, Arnold D. K. 
Mason, Willard J. 
Masse, B. A. 
Massey, Richard W. 
Masters, Eugene W. 
Masterson, Peter 
Mathesius, Mrs. Walther 
Mathis, Allen W. 
Matson, J. Edward 

Maurer, Dr. Siegfried 
Maxant, Basil 
Maxwell, A. K., Jr. 
Maxwell, Robert E. 
Maxwell, W. Stirling 
Mayer, Frank D. 
Mayer, Herman J., Jr. 
Mayer, Isaac H, 
Mayer, Leo 
Mayer, Oscar G. 
Mayer, Robert B. 
Mazurek, Miss Olive 
McAlvin, Mrs. James H. 
McArthur, A. Peter 
McArthur, Billings M. 
McCabe, Frank J., Jr. 
McCahey, James B. 
McCarl, David N. 
McCarthy, Joseph W. 
McCausland, Mrs. 

Clara L 
McClellan", John H. 
McCloska, Fred W. 
McCloud, Thomas W. 
McClun, John M. 
McCormick, Mrs. 

McCormick, Howard H. 
McCormick, Lenader J. 

Robert H., Jr. 
McCormick, Roger 
McCrea, Mrs. W. S. 
McCreight, Louis Ralph 
McCurry, Paul D. 
McCutcheon, Mrs. 

John T. 
McDavid, Raven I., Jr. 
McDermott, Franklin 
McDonald, E. F., Jr. 
McDougal, C. Bouton 
McDougal, David B. 
McDougal, Mrs. 

Edward D., Jr. 
McDougal, Mrs. James B. 
McDougal, Mrs. Mary 
McDougal, Mrs. Robert 
McErlean, Charles V. 
McGregor, John M. 
McGufRn, James P. 
McGurn, Matthew S. 
McKay, Miss Mabel 
McKellar, Donald 
McKenna, Charles H. 
McKinney, Mrs. Hayes 
McKittrick, C. E. 
McLennan, Mrs. 

Donald R., Sr. 
McLennan, William L. 
McMenemy, Logan T. 
McMillan, John 

McMillan, W. B. 
McNair, F. Chaloner 
McNamara, Louis G. 
McNamara, Robert C. 
McNamee, Peter F. 
McNulty, Joseph D. 
McPherson, Cleo Edwin 
McQuarrie, Mrs. Fannie 
McReynolds, Mrs. 

Ruth M. 
Mead, Dr. Henry C. A. 
Means, John L. 
Medsker, Dr. Ora L. 
Meers, Henry W. 
Megan, Graydon 
Mehan, Mrs. Georgette 
Mehn, Dr. W. Harrison 
Meidell, Harold 
Melcher, George Clinch 
Mellody, Miss Margaret 
Melnick, Leopold B. 
Merriam, Miss Eleanor 
Merricks, Mrs. James W. 
Merrill, Miss Marion E. 
Mesenbrink, Paul H. 
Metcalfe, Mrs. Charles 
Mettenet, Francis X. 
Metz, Dr. Arthur R. 
Metz, Carl A. 
Metzger, Roswell W. 
Meyer, Mrs. A. H. 
Meyer, Charles A. 
Meyer, Dr. Charles A. 
Meyer, Charles Z. 
Meyerhofif, A. E. 
Meyers, Erwin A. 
Meyers, Jonas 
Michaels, Allen C. 
Michaels, Everett B. 
Michalko, Edward 
Michel, D. Daniel 
Michel, Dr. William J. 
Michels, Robert D. 
Michet, Dr. Clement J. 
Middleton, J. A, 
Midowicz, C. E. 
Mielenz, Robert K. 
Milburn, Miss Anne L. 
Milgrom, H. T. 
Milhening, Frank 
Milhoan, F. B. 
Miller, Miss Bertie E. 
Miller, Byron S. 
Miller, Dr. Cecelia E. 
Miller, Mrs. Clayton W. 
Miller, C. R. 
Miller, Creighton S. 
Miller, Mrs. Donald J. 
Miller, Mrs. Ellen C. 
Miller, Frank A. 
Miller, Mrs. George 



Miller, Mrs. Harvey O. 
Miller, Hyman 
Miller, John S. 
Miller, Mrs. Olive 

Miller, Oren Elmer 
Miller, Mrs. Thomas S. 
Miller, William H. 
Milliken, John F. 
Mills, Allen G. 
Mills, Mrs. 

Dorothy Stone 
Mills, Lloyd Langdon 
Mills, Wesley K. 
Milne, Mrs. David H. 
Milnor, George B. 
Miner, Dr. Carl S. 
Minkler, Ralph R. 
Mitchell, John J. 
Mizen, Dr. Michael R. 
Mock, Dr. Harry Edgar 
Moeller, George 
Mohr, Albert, Jr. 
Moist, Mrs. Samuel E. 
Mojonnier, Timothy 
Mollan, Mrs. Feme T. 
Molloy, David J. 
Mong, Mrs. C. R. 
Monheimer, Henry I. 
Montgomery, P. B. 
Moore, Chester G. 
Moore, Edwin R. 
Moore, Harold A. 
Moore, Oscar L. 
Moore, Paul 
Moore, Philip Wyatt 
Mordock, John B. 
Morgan, John Alden 
Morgan, MisvS 

Elizabeth W. 
Morgan, K. P. 
Moroni, Aldo L. 
Morrison, D. K. 
Morrison, Mrs. Harry 
Morrison, James C. 
Morrow, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Morse, Mrs. Charles J. 
Morse, Leland R. 
Morse, Mrs. Milton M. 
Morse, Robert H. 
Moses, Howard A, 
Mosher, Edward A, 
Moss, Jerome A, 
Moss, John T. 
Mossman, John E, 
Mostek, Raymond 
Mouat, Andrew J. 
Moulding, Mrs. Arthur T. 
Moxon, Dr. George W. 
Moyer, Mrs. David G. 
Meyer, Mrs. Paul S. 

Mudd, Mrs. J. A., Jr. 
Muehlstein, Mrs. 

Mueller, Austin M. 
Mueller, J. Herbert 
Mulcahy, Mrs. 

Michael F. 
Mulhern, Edward F. 
Mullaney, Paul L. 
Mullen, Mrs. Esther T. 
Mullen, Dr. Joseph J. 
Mundstock, Robert W. 
Munnecke, Wilbur C. 
Munnecke, Mrs. 

Wilbur C. 
Munroe, Moray 

Carroll Dean, Jr. 
Murphy, Charles F. 
Murphy, Edward F. 
Murphy, Joseph D. 
Murphy, O. R. 
Murphy, Robert E. 
Murphy, W. Richard 
Muszynski, John J. 
Myers, Harold B. 
Myrland, Arthur L. 

Nachman, H. S. 
Naess, Sigurd E. 
Nafziger, R. L. 
Nagel, Mrs. Frank E. 
Nance, Willis D. 
Nardi, Victor G. 
Nath, Bernard 
Nathan, Joseph E. 
Naumann, Miss Susan 
Nebel, Herman C. 
Neely, Mrs. Lloyd F. 
Nehls, Arthur L. 
Nelson, Arthur W. 
Nelson, Charles G. 
Nelson, Charles M. 
Nelson, James S. 
Nelson, Victor W. 
Neskow, Dr. Peter S. Y. 
Nessler, Robert P. 
Neuman, Sidney 
Neumann, Arthur E. 
Newberg, Paul K. 
Newberger, Arnold 
Newberger, Joseph 

Newcombe, Leo 
Newhouse, Karl H. 
Newman, Mrs. Albert H. 
Newman, Charles H. 
Newman, Ralph G. 
Newton, C. G. 
Nichols, Frank Billings 
Nichols, J. C. 

Nielsen, George 
Nietschmann, Walter 
Nilson, Alfred R. 
Nilsson, Mrs. 

Goodwin M. 
Nishkian, Mrs. 

Vaughn G. 
Nitze, Mrs. William A. 
Noble, Daniel E. 
Noble, Samuel R. 
Noonan, Edward J. 
Norell, Elmer G. 
Norem, Mrs. Lawrence E. 
Norian, Richard 
Norman, Harold W. 
Norris, Mrs. Lester 
Norton, Christopher D. 
Novak, Charles J. 
Noyes, Mrs. May Wells 
Nusbaum, Mrs. 

Hermien D. 

Obermaier, John A. 
O'Brien, Miss Janet 
O'Connell, Edmund 

O'Connor, Hugh J. 
O'Connor, John B. 
Odell, Miss Audrey 
Oden, Dr. Joshua, Jr. 
Oester, Dr. Y. T. 
OfReld, Mrs. James 
Offield, Wrigley 
Oglesbee, Nathan H. 
O'Hara, Arthur J. 
O'KeeflFe, William F. 
O'Kieffe, De Witt 
Okner, Dr. Henry B. 
Olaison, Miss Eleanor O. 
Oldefest, Edward G. 
Oleson, Wrisley B. 
OHn, Cari E. 
Olin, Edward L. 
Oliver, Dr. Marguerite 
Oliver, Mrs. Paul 
Olsen, Miss Agnes J. 
Olsen, Mrs. Arthur O. 
Olson, Albert M. 
Olson, Benjamin 

O'Neil, Dr. Owen 
O'Neill, J. W. 
Onofrio, Mrs. Michael J. 
Ooms, Casper William 
Oppenheimer, Seymour 
Orndoff , Dr. Benjamin H. 
O'Rourke, Albert 
O'Rourke, Mrs. Harry J. 
Orr, Mrs. Robert C. 
Orr, Thomas C. 
Ortmayer, Dr. Marie 



Oscar, Robert E. 
Oser, Nelson A. 
Osgood, Mrs. Gilbert H. 
Ostrom, Mrs. J. Augustus 
O'Sullivan, James J. 
Otis, Joseph Edward, Jr. 
Otis, Peter Witherspoon 
Otis, Stuart Huntington 
O'Toole, Donald 
Ott, Mrs. Fentress 
Ott, John Ekern 
Ott, John Nash, Jr. 
Ott, Wendel Fentress 
Owens, Harry J. 

Paasche, Jens A. 
Packard, Dr. Rollo K. 
Paflfhausen, J. V. 
Page, John W. 
Pagel, Mrs. William H. 
Pallasch, Dr. Gervaise P. 
Palm, Felix 
Palmer, James L. 
Palmer, O. Earl 
Palmgren, Mrs. 

Charles A. 
Paluch, Edward J. 
Pandaleon, Costa A. 
Papierniak, Dr. Frank B. 
Paradee, Sidney A. 
Pardee, Harvey S. 
Park, R. E. 
Parker, Miss Edith P. 
Parker, Norman S. 
Parker, Troy L. 
Parks, C. R. 
Parmelee, Dr. A. H. 
Parry, Mrs. Norman G. 
Partridge, Lloyd C. 
Paschen, Mrs. Henry 
Paschen, Herbert C. 
Pashkow, A. D. 
Patchen, Dr. Paul J, 
Patrick, Harry H. 
Patterson, Grier D. 
Patterson, R. Curtis 
Patterson, Thomas A. 
Patton, A. E. 
Patzelt, Miss Janet 
Peabody, Howard B. 
Peabody, Miss Susan W. 
Peacock, Charles D., Ill 
Pearl, Allen S. 
Pearson, George 

Albert, Jr. 
Peasley, Mrs. John R. 
Peirce, Albert E. 
Pellettieri, Dr. D. J. 
Pellicore, Dr. 

Raymond J. 
Pellouchoud, Vernon J. 

Pencik, Jan M. 
Percy, Mrs. Charles H. 
Perel, Harry Z. 
Perkins, Harry D. 
Perkins, L. B. 
Perlman, Daniel 
Perlman, Henry 
Perlman, Raymond L. 
Perrigo, Charles R. 
Perry, Mrs. I. Newton 
Peskin, Bernard M. 
Peterkin, Daniel, Jr. 
Peters, Harry A. 
Petersen, Jurgen 
Petersen, William 0. 
Peterson, Mrs. 

Elizabeth F. 
Pettibone, Holman D. 
Petty, P. E. 
Pfaelzer, Miss 

Elizabeth W. 
Pflaumer, Robert E. 
Pflock, Dr. John J. 

Herbert F., Sr. 

Colonel M. M., Jr. 
Phillips, Dr. Herbert 

Phoenix, George E. 
Pick, Frederic G. 
Pierce, Berlyn 
Pierce, J. Norman 
Pierce, Paul, Jr. 
Pierson, Joseph B. 
Pierson, Roy J. 
Pikiel, Mrs. A. J. 
Pillsbury, Mrs. C. S. 
Pink, Mrs. Ira M. 
Pirie, Mrs. Gordon L. 
Pirie, Mrs. John T. 
Pirie, Mrs. S. C, Jr. 
Pitts, Henry L. 
Plapp, Miss Doris A. 
Piatt, Mrs. Robert S. 
Plochman, Cordelia G. 
Plummer, Comer 
Plunkett, Paul M. 
Pobloske, Albert C. 
Podell, Mrs. Beatrice 

Poister, John J. 
Pollak, Charles A. 
Polyak, Stephen, Jr. 
Pond, Mrs. Harold M. 
Pope, Mrs. Henry, Jr. 
Pope, Herbert 
Pope, John W. 
Poppell, Tyson E. 
Poppenhagen, Henry J. 
Porter, Edward C. 

Porter, Mrs. Frank S. 
Porter, Henry H. 
Porter, Louis 
Porter, Mrs. Sidney S. 
Posey, Chester L. 
Post, Myron H. 
Pottenger, William A. 
Potter, Howard I. 
Potter, Dr. Robert Morse 
Potts, Albert W. 
Poulson, Mrs. Clara L. 
Powills, Michael A. 
Prall, Bert R. 
Pray, Max 
Preble, Robert C. 
Price, Frederick J. 
Price, John McC. 
Prince, Mrs. Arthur C. 
Prince, Harry 
Prince, Rev. Herbert W. 
Prince, Kenneth C. 
Prince, Leonard M. 
Pritchard, Richard E. 
Pritikin, Marvin E. 
Pritzker, Mrs. Jack 
Probst, Marvin G. 
Prosser, Mrs. John A. 
Prussing, Mrs. R. E. 
Pucci, Lawrence 
Purcey, Victor W. 
Putterman, A. Jerry 
Puttkammer, E. W. 
Puzey, Russell V. 

Quick, Miss Hattiemae 
Quigley, Jack A. 

Racheff, Ivan 
Radebaugh, Richard J. 
Radford, George 
Radford, Mrs. W. A., Jr. 
Radovich, Miss Bessie 
RaflF, Mrs. Arthur 
Raftree, Miss Julia M. 
Ragan, Alvin J. 
Railton, Miss Frances 
Ramis, Leon Lipman 
Randall, Rev. Edwin J. 
Randall, Irving 
Raney, Mrs. R. J. 
Rankin, Miss Jessie H. 
Rathburn, M. Hudson 
Rathje, Frank C. 
Ratner, Walter B. 
Ray, Harold R. 

Master Russell P. 

Master Rutherford P. 
Raymond, Mrs. 

Howard D. 



Reach, Benjamin F. 
Reals, Miss Lucile 

Farnsworth, Jr. 
Redfield, William M. 
Reed, John S. 
Reed, Mrs. John Shedd 
Reed, Mrs. Lila H. 
Reed, Mrs. Philip L. 
Reeder, Howard C. 
Regan, Mrs. Robert G. 
Regenstein, Joseph, Jr. 
Regnery, Frederick L. 
Reid, Mrs. Bryan 
Reid, Bryan S., Jr. 
Reid, Robert H. 
Reilly, George A. 
Reilly, Vincent P. 
Reinecke, Lester W. 
Reisch, Mrs. Louis J. 
Remien, Miss 

Marie Katherine 
Renaldi, George J. 
Renn, Mrs. John A. 
Renouf, William 
Renshaw, Mrs. Charles 
Rentschler, Mrs. 

William H. 
Replogle, Dr. Fred A. 
Re Qua, Mrs. Charles 

Howard, Jr. 
Rew, Mrs. Irwin 
Reynolds, Mrs. 

G. William 
Reynolds, Harold F. 
Rhines, James E. 
Rhodes, Charles M. 
Rice, Mrs. Charles R. 
Rice, Laurence A. 
Rich, Elmer 
Rich, Franklin J. 
Rich, Harry 
Richards, Mrs. Bartlett 
Richards, Donald 
Richards, Longley 
Richards, Marcus D. 
Richardson, George A. 
Richardson, Irving 
Richter, Mrs. Adelyn W. 
Rickcords, Mrs. 

Francis Stanley 
Ridley, Douglas K. 
Rieg, George S. 
Rieser, Leonard M. 
Rietz, Elmer W. 
Rietz, Walter H. 
Riker, Dr. WiUiam L. 
Riley, John H. 
Rinaldo, Philip S., Jr. 
Rindfleisch, Keith P. 
Risdon, Russell R. 
Ritchie, Mrs. John 

Roberts, Charles S. 
Roberts, Harry V. 
Roberts, William 

Robertson, Scott 
Robinson, Edward 
Robinson, Milton D. 
Robinson, R. W. 

Theodore W., Jr. 
Robinson, William S. 
Roddewig, Clair M. 
Roderick, Solomon P. 
Rodgers, Dr. David C. 
Rodman, Thomas 

Rodman, Mrs. Hugh 
Roe, Frederick 
Roebuck, Mrs. A. S. 
Roehling, Mrs. Otto G. 
Roehm, George R. 
Roehrborn, Ernest R. 
Rogers, Miss Annie T. 
Rogers, Mrs. George P. 
Rogers, Lester C. 
Roggenkamp, John 
Rohloff, Paul F. 
Romane, Julian J. (Pat) 
Rome, Samuel 
Romer, Mrs. Arthur C. 
Roos, Miss Virginia M. 
Root, John W. 
Rosborough, Dr. Paul A. 
Rose, Miss Evelyn 
Rosen, M. R. 
Rosenbaum, Mrs. 

Edwin S. 
Rosenbaum, Mrs. 

Harold A. 
Rosenfeld, M. J. 
Rosenfels, Mrs. Irwin S. 
Rosenstone, Nathan 
Rosenstone, Samuel 
Rosenthal, J. F. 
Rosenthal, M. A. 
Rosenthal, Samuel R. 
Rosenwald, Richard M. 
Ross, Mrs. Doris Serrins 
Ross, Earl 
Ross, Robert C. 
Ross, Thompson 
Rosset, Harry 
Rotchford, J. Stuart 
Rotenberry, Dean 
Roth, Mrs. Donald I. 
Roth, Mrs. Margfit 

Roth, Walter L. 
Rothacker, Watterson R. 
Rothschild, George 



Melville N., Jr. 
Routh, George E., Jr. 
Rowan, Mrs. Paul 
Rowe, John R. 
Rozelle, Mrs. Emma 
Rubinson, Kenneth Alan 
Rubloff, Arthur 
Rubovits, Mrs. Frank E. 
Ruettinger, John W. 

Mrs. Eugene Smith 
Runnells, John S. 
Ruppert, Max K. 
Russell, Mrs. Mary H. 
Russell, Robert S. 
Rutledge, George E. 
Ryan, Arthur 
Ryan, Eugene F. 
Ryerson, Mrs. 

Donald M. 

Sacco, Anthony E. 
Sachar, Bernard 
Sackett, Samuel J. 
Sage, W. Otis 
Saks, Benjamin 
Salk, Erwin A. 
Salk, Dr. Melvin R. 
Salmon, Mrs. E. D. 
Saltzberg, Gerald B. 
Salzman, Charles N. 
Sample, John Glen 
Sampsell, Marshall G. 
Sampson, H. R. 
Samuelson, George 
Sandidge, Miss Daisy 
Sandquist, Elroy C, Jr. 
Sandquist, Dr. Robert W. 
Sandler, George S. 
Sands, Mrs. Frances B. 
San FiUppo, Dr. Paul D. 
Sanow, Harry R. 
Santini, Mrs. Randolph 
Sargent, Chester F. 
Sasser, Mrs. Fred H. 
Satter, Mark J. 
Sauter, Fred J. 
Sawyer, Dr. Alvah L. 
Sawyier, Calvin P. 
Scalbom, G. Trumbull 
Scarborough, Mrs. Henry 
Schact, John H. 
Schaefer, Fred A. 
Schafer, Mrs. Elmer J. 
Schafifner, Mrs. L. L. 
Schanfield, Leonard 
Scharin, Mrs. J. Hippach 
Scheinman, Jesse D. 
Schelly, Mrs. Herbert S. 
Schenck, Frederick 



Schenk, Miss Marion H. 
Scheu, Ralph 
Schick, Dr, Armin F. 
Schlatter, Miss Nina E. 
Schlichting, Justus L. 
Schloer, Harold J. 
Schloss, Harold W. 
Schmidt, Dr. Charles L. 
Schmidt, Mrs. Minna M. 
Schmitz, Dr. Henry 
Schneider, D. G. 
Schneider, F. P. 
Schnering, P. B. 
Schnering, Robert B. 
Schnur, Ruth A. 
Schnute, Dr. William J. 
Schoenhofen, Leo H. 
Scholl, Dr. William M. 
Schonne, Mrs. 

Charles W. 
Schoonhoven, Ray J. 
Schreiner, Sigurd 
Schrey, Dr. Edward L. 
Schuck, E. H. 
Schueren, Arnold C. 
Schulman, Dr. Jerome L. 
Schulze, Mrs. Mathilde 
Schumaker, Lawrence C. 
Schupp, Philip C. 
Schurig, Robert Roy 
Schuyler, Mrs. 

Daniel J. 
Schwab, Laurence E. 
Schwander, J. J. 
Schwandt, Miss Erna 
Schwanke, Arthur 
Schwartz, Charles F. 
Schwartz, Charles K. 
Schwartz, Charles P. 
Schwartz, Edward H. 
Schwartz, Joseph H. 
Schwartz, Leo J. 
Schwartz, Milton H. 
Schwartz, Nathan H. 
Schwartz, Dr. Otto 
Schwartz, Dr. Steven O. 
Schwinn, Frank W. 
Sciaky, Sam 
Scott, Miss Maud E. 
Scott, Willis H. 
Scribner, Gilbert 
Scribner, Gilbert H., Jr. 
Scudder, Mrs. 

William M. 
Seaholm, A. T. 
Searle, Daniel C. 
Searle, Mrs. Nell Y. 
Searle, William L. 
Searles, Donald K. 
Sears, Miss Dorothy 
Sears, J. Alden 

Searson, R. V. 
Seaton, G. Leland 
Seaverns, Louis C. 
Sedgwick, C. Galen 
Sedlacek, Frank 
See, Dr. Agnes Chester 
Seeburg, Justus P. 
Seeburg, Noel M., Jr. 
Segal, Myron M. 
Segal, Victor 
Seibold, Mrs. 

Arthur B., Jr. 
Seifert, Mrs. Walter J. 
Seip, Emil G. 
Seipp, Clarence T. 
Seipp, Edwin A., Jr. 
Seipp, William C. 
Selig, Lester N. 
Selseth, Ole 
Sembower, John F. 
Sencenbaugh, Mrs. C. W. 
Senne, John A. 
Sensibar, Mrs. Ezra 
Serota, Dr. H. M. 
Sethness, C. H., Jr. 
Sevic, Mrs. William 
Sewell, Allen K. 
Sexton, Thomas G. 
Shanahan, Mrs. David E. 
Shapiro, Henry 
Sharp, Carl J. 
Sharrow, H. N. 
Shaw, Alfred P. 
Shaw, John I. 
Sheesley, Jay R. 
Sheldon, James M. 
Shelton, Dr. W. Eugene 
Shepherd, Mrs. Edith P. 
Shepherd, Miss Olive M. 
Sherman, Mrs. W. W. 
Shillestad, John N. 
Shillinglaw, David L. 
Shoan, Nels 
Shoemaker, M. M. 
Shoemaker, Paul B. 
Shorey, Clyde E. 
Shroyer, Malcolm E. 
Shumway, Edward D. 
Shumway, Mrs. Edward 

De Witt 
Shumway, Spencer 

Shure, Myron B. 
Sibley, Joseph C, Jr. 
Siebert, C. Stuart, Jr. 
Siebel, George E. 
Sieck, Herbert 
Siemund, Roy W. 
Sieracki, Mrs. Anton 
Silander, A. I. 
Silberman, Charles A. 

Silberman, David, Jr. 
Silberman, David B. 
Silberman, Hubert S. 
Silberman, N. M. 
Sill, Vincent D. 
Sills, Budd 
Sills, Clarence W. 
Silverstein, Ramond 
Simond, Robert E. 
Simonds, Dr. James P. 
Simonson, Burton E. 
Simpson, Lyman M. 
Sims, Edwin W., Jr. 
Sims, William W. 
Sinaiko, Dr. Edwin S. 
Sincere, Henry B. 
Sinclair, Dr. J. Frank 
Singer, Mrs. Mortimer H. 
Singer, William A. 
Sinsheimer, Allen 
Siragusa, Ross D. 
Sisskind, Louis 
Sittler, Edwin C. 
Sivage, Gerald A. 
Skarrn, Kenneth W. 
Skleba, Dr. Leonard F. 
Slater, Frederick J. 
Sloan, Dr. Noah H. 
Smallberg, Dr. 

William A. 
Smick, Robert W. 
Smith, Bruce M. 
Smith, Edgar H. 
Smith, Dr. Edward C. 
Smith, Harold Byron 
Smith, Mrs. Hermon 

Smith, J. P. 
Smith, Jens 
Smith, John F., Jr. 
Smith, Mrs. 

Katharine Walker 
Smith, Mrs. Kinney 
Smith, L. Richard 
Smith, Lynwood 
Smith, Miss Marion D. 
Smith, Miss Ollie M. 
Smith, Paul C. 
Smith, Philip E. 
Smith, R. L., Jr. 
Smith, Mrs. Ruth B. 
Smith, Mrs. Theodore 

Smith, Z. Erol 
Smuk, Dr. J. E. 
Smullan, Alexander 
Snodell, Walter S., Jr. 
Snow, Lendol D. 
Snyder, Harry 
Snyder, Richard E. 
Sobel, Mrs. Herbert H. 



Sola, Joseph G. 
Solinsky, R. S. 
Solomon, Alfred B. 
Somerville, Mrs. William 
Sonntag, Dr. Joseph F. 
Sopkin, Mrs. Setia H. 
Sorensen, Stanley M. 
Sorensen, T. R. 
Spacek, Leonard P. 
Spalding, Mrs. 

Vaughn C, Jr. 
Specht, Mrs. F. W. 
Speigel, Dr. I. Joshua 
Speer, Robert J. 
Spencer, Mrs. 

Frederich L. 

Mrs. Humphrey Orr 
Spencer, William M. 
Spencer, Mrs. WilHam M. 
Sperry, Mrs. Leonard M. 
Sperry, Oliver R. 
Spertus, Herman 
Spiegel, Mrs. Arthur H. 
Spiegel, Mrs. Gatzert 
Spiegel, Dr. Manuel 
Spiegel, Peter J. 
Spiel, Mrs. Robert E. 
Spielmann, Willson 
Spitz, Joel 

Spooner, Dr. Bruce A. 
Sporrer, M. J. 
Sprague, Dr. John P. 
Spray, Cranston 
Spreyer, F. L. 
Sprtel, Dr. Simon L. 
Squires, John G. 
Staack, Dr. 

H. Frederick, Jr. 
Stacey, Mrs. Thomas I. 
Staehle, Jack C. 
Staley, Miss Kate 
Stanhaus, Wilfrid X. 
Stanley, Justin A. 
Stannard, F. J. 
Starbird, Miss Myrtle I. 
Starrels, Joel 
Stateler, C. B. 
Staub, E. Norman 
Steadry, Frederick 0. 
Stefan, Joseph J. 
Steele, Henry B., Jr. 
Steele, Mrs. Walter D. 
Steepleton, A. Forrest 
Stein, Mrs. Henry L. 
Stein, Dr. Irving, Sr. 
Stein, Sydney, Jr. 
Steinberg, Dr. Milton 
Steiner, George R. 
Steiner, Harold C. 
Stenson, Frank R. 

Stephan, Mrs. John 
Stephani, Edward J. 
Stephens, W. R., Jr. 
Sterba, Dr. Joseph V. 
Stern, Mrs. Alfred 
Stern, Gardner H. 
Stern, Oscar D. 

Mrs. Joseph True 
Stevens, Mrs. 

Clement D. 
Stevens, Delmar A, 
Stevens, Elmer T. 
Stevenson, Engval 
Stewart, John 
Stiglitz, Reuben 
Stine, Francis B. 
Stiner, Mrs. Norman J. 
Stipp, John E. 
Stirling, Miss Dorothy 
Stitt, Robert B. 
Stoffels, Edgar O. 
Stoker, Nelson D. 
Stone, J. McWilliams, Jr. 
Stone, Mrs. Theodore 
Storer, E. W. 
Stough, Mrs. Jay 
Stratton, Paul 
Straus, Frederick W. 
Straus, Henry H. 
Straus, Martin L. 
Straus, Melvin L. 
Strauss, Dr. Alfred A. 
Strauss, Mrs. 

Herman A. 
Strauss, Ivan 
Strauss, John L. 
Straw, Mrs. H. Foster 
Streicher, I. H. 
Strickfaden, Miss 

Alma E. 
Stromberg, Charles J. 
Strong, Edmund H. 
Strong, M. D. 
Strong, Mrs. Walter A. 
Strotz, Harold C. 
Stuart, Robert D., Jr. 
Stuebner, Erwin A. 
Stulik, Dr. Charles 
Stults, Allen P. 
Sturgis, John C. 
Sturtevant, Roy E. 
Sturtevant, Mrs. Roy E. 
Sudler, Carroll H., Jr. 
Summer, Mrs. Edward 
Sundin, Ernest G. 
Suomela, John P. 
Sutherland, Mrs. Robert 
Sutherland, William 
Sutter, William P. 
Swain, David F. 

Swanson, Holgar G. 
Swartchild, Edward G. 
Swartchild, William G. 
Swett, Israel 
Swett, Robert Wheeler 
Swibel, Charles R. 
Swift, Mrs. Alden B. 
Swift, Edward F., Jr. 
Swift, George H., Jr. 
Swift, Gustavus F., Jr. 
Swonk, Wayne 
Sykes, Aubrey L. 
Sykes, Byron M. 
Sykes, Mrs. Wilfred 
Symons, John 
Synek, Henry Thrush 

Dr. Frederick J. 

Talbot, Mrs. C. Conover 
Talbot, Mrs. Stuart 
Tallman, John Emil 
Tanan, Stanley J. 
Tarrant, Mrs. Robert 
Tarrant, Ross 
Tax, Dr. Sol 
Taylor, Mrs. A. Thomas 
Taylor, E. Hall 
Taylor, Herbert J. 
Taylor, L. S. 
Taylor, Orville 
Taylor, Robert C. 
Tellschow, H. B. 
Temple, Charles Vach6 
Tenney, Henry F. 
Terry, Fos Bell 
Tessem, Nels 
Thatcher, Everett A. 
Thatcher, Dr. Harold W. 
Thelen, Floyd E. 
Thillens, Melvin 
Thomas, Mrs. Florence T. 
Thomas, Dr. William A. 
Thomas, W. E. 
Thompson, Arthur H. 
Thompson, A. M. 
Thompson, Ernest H. 
Thompson, Floyd E. 
Thompson, John E. 
Thompson, Dr. W. V. 
Thon, Warren H. 
Thoren, Mrs. J. N. 
Thorne, Hallett W. 
Thornton, Roy V. 
Thorson, Reuben 
Thorson, Mrs. Reuben 
Thrasher, Dr. Irving D. 
Thresher, C. J. 
Thulin, F. A. 
ThuUen, Henry M. 
Tibbetts, Mrs. N. L. 



Tiberius, George 
Tieken, Theodore 
Tilden, Louis Edward 
Tobey, William Robert 
Tockstein, Miss 

Mary Louise 
Todt, Mrs. Edward G. 
Tolpin, Paul H. 
Tonn, George 
Topaz, Martin 
Torbet, A. W. 
Torff, Selwyn H. 
Torosian, Peter G. 
Torrence, George P. 
Touchstone, John Henry 
Towler, Kenneth F. 
Towne, Mrs. John D. C. 
Tracy, Wilfred 
Traer, Glenn W. 
Trainor, H. J. 
Trask, Arthur C. 
Traut, Bernard H. 
Travelletti, Bruno L. 
Travers, Vernon 
Travis, Eugene C. 
Traylor, Mrs. 

Melvin A., Sr. 
Traylor, Mrs. 

Melvin A., Jr. 
Trees, George S. 
TrefTeisen, Gustave 
Trenkmann, Richard A. 
Trentlage, Richard B. 
Trimarco, Ralph R. 
Trimble, Mrs. M. B. 
Tripp, Chester D. 
Trombly, Dr. F. F. 
Trowbridge, Mrs. 

A. Buel, Jr. 
Trude, Mrs. Mark W. 
True, Charies H. 
Trumbull, WiUiam M. 
Tumpeer, Joseph J. 
Turner, G. H. 
Turner, Mrs. Horace E. 
Turney, Kenneth R. 
Turow, Dr. David D. 
Twerdahl, Edward A., Jr. 
Tyler, Thomas S. 
Tyrrell, Miss Frances 

Ughetti, John B. 
Uihlein, Edgar J., Jr. 
Ullmann, Herbert S. 
Ullmann, S. E. 
Ulrich, Norman A. 
Upham, Mrs. 
Frederic W. 
Urbain, Leon F. 
Uriell, Francis H. 
Ustick, Robert W. 

Utter, Mrs. Arthur J. 

Vacha, Dr. Victoria B. 
Vacin, Emil F. 
Vail, Dr. Derrick T. 
Vale, Mrs. Murray 
Valentine, Andrew L. 
Valentine, Patrick A. 
Van Artsdale, Mrs. 

Flora D. 
Vance, Dr. Graham A. 
Van Cleef, Felix 
Van Cleef, Mrs. Noah 
Van Cleef, Paul 
Van Dellen, Dr. 

Theodore R. 

Dr. Cornelius A. 
Van Deventer, 

Vanek, John C. 
Van Hagen, Miss 

Van Kirk, Mrs. R. D. 
Van Mell, Herman T. 
Van Ness, C. Radford 
Van Nice, Errett 
Van Schaak, R. H., Jr. 
Van Tassel, Kari R. 
Van Winkle, James Z. 
Van Zwoll, Henry B. 
Varel, Mrs. CD. 
Vaughan, Norman 
Vawter, William A., II 
Vehe, Dr. K. L. 
Venema, M. P. 
Venerable, Mrs. James T. 
Vernon, John T. 
Verson, David C. 
Vette, J. L. 
Vial, Charles H. 
Vickery, Miss Mabel S. 
Vil, Dr. Charies S. 
Vogel, James B. 
Vogl, Otto 
Vogt, Mrs. Albert 
Volkober, J. A. 
Von Colditz, Dr. 

G. Thomsen 
von Leden, Dr. Hans 
Von Wolforsdorf, Paul 
Voorhees, H. Belin 
Voosen, John C. 
Vorreiter, C. W. 
Vose, Mrs. Frederic P. 
Voynow, Edward E. 

Wacker, Frederick G., Jr. 
Wade, Albert G., II 
Wager, William 
Wagner, Mrs. David H. 

Wagner, Mrs. Frances B. 
Wagner, Fritz, Jr. 
Wagner, John Alexander 
Wagner, Richard 
Wahl, Arnold Spencer 
Wahl, Orlin I. 
Wakefield, Dr. Ernest H. 
Wakerlin, Dr. George E. 
Waldman, S. C. 
Walgreen, C. R., Jr. 
Walgreen, Mrs. 

Charies R. 
Walker, James 
Walker, Mrs. Paul 
Walker, Samuel J. 
Walker, Ward 
Walker, William E. 
Walkowiak, Dr. Lydia 
Waller, Mrs. Edward C. 
Wallin, Mrs. G. W. 
Walsh, Dr. Eugene L. 
Wanner, Arthur L. 
Ward, Mrs. N. C. 
Ward, William Parker 
Ware, Mrs. Robert R. 
Ware, Mrs. Thomas M. 
Wares, Mrs. Helen Worth 
Warfield, Edwin A. 
Warner, Mrs. John Eliot 
Warren, Paul S. 
Warren, Walter G. 
Warsh, Leo G. 
Was, Dr. Harold H. 
Washburne, Hempstead 
Washington, Laurence W. 
Wasick, Dr. Milan M. 
Wasleflf, Mrs. Alexia 
Wassell, Joseph 
Wasson, Mrs. Isabel B. 
Waterbury, Donald 0. 
Waterman, French 
Watkins, George H. 
Watkins, William A. P. 
Watkins, W. W. 
Watson, Harry P. 
Watson, William Upton 
Watt, Andrew J. 
Watt, Richard F. 
Watts, Harry C. 
Watzek, J. W., Jr. 
Waud, Morrison 
Weaver, John M. 
Weaver, Robert P. 
Webb, Dr. Edward F. 
Weber, Warren J. 
Webster, Frederick F. 
Webster, Miss Helen R. 
Webster, Henry A. 
Webster, Mrs. R. S. 
Weeks, Kenneth L. 
Wegrzyn, Dr. John T. 



Wegrzyn, Joseph 
Weichselbaum, Dr. 

Paul K. 
Weigel, George K. 
Weigle, Mrs. Maurice 
Weil, Alfred J. 
Weil, Martin 
Weiner, George 
Wei nr ess, Morton 
Weinress, S. J. 
Weinstein, Dr. M. L. 
Weinzimmer, Dr. H. R. 
Weir, Paul 

Weisbrod, Benjamin H. 
Weisbrod, Maxfield 
Weiss, Dr. Edward 
Weiss, Dr. Leon H. 
Weiss, Mrs. Morton 
Weiss, Siegfried 
Weissbrenner, A. W. 
Weissman, Dr. Irving 
Weitzel, Carl J. 
Welch, M. W. 
Weldon, Richard H. 
Welfeld, Marvin J. 
Welles, Mrs. Donald P. 
Welles, Mrs. Edward 

Wells, Arthur H. 
Wells, C. A. 
Wells, Miss Cecilia 
Wells, Mrs. John E. 
Wells, John Warren 
Wells, Preston A. 
Wendell, Barrett 
Wendell, F. Lee H. 
Wendell, Miss 

Josephine A. 
Wendorf, Herman 
Wentworth, Mrs. 

Mary T. 
Wentworth, Mrs. 

Sylvia B. 
Wentz, Peter L. 
Wenzel, Alfred C. 
Werelius, Dr. Carl Y. 
Wertheimer, Joseph 
Wesby, Vernon L. 
Wesley, C. N. 
West, Thomas H. 
Wetmore, Horace O. 
Weymer, Earl M. 
Wharton, Dr. Donald C. 
Wheeler, E. Todd 
Wheeler, George A. 
Wheeler, Leslie M. 
Wheeler, Mrs. Seymour 
Whipple, Mrs. Charles J. 
Whiston, Jerome P. 
Whitaker, R. B. 
White, Mrs. James C. 

White, Richard T. 
Whit€, Sanford B. 
Whitfield, George B. 
Whiting, Lawrence H. 
Whitnell, William W. 
Whitney, Jack M., II 
Whitney, Lafeton 
Wicks, Russell M. 
Widdicombe, Mrs. R. A. 
Wieland, Mrs. 

George C. 
Wienhoeber, George V. 
Wies, H. M. 
Wiggins, Kenneth M. 
Wilbrandt, Robert A. 
Wilcox, Robyn 
Wild, Lydon 
Wilder, Harold, Jr. 
Wiles, Mrs. Russell 
Wiley, Mrs. Clarence F. 
Wilhelm, Dr. Emanuel C. 
Wilker, Mrs. Milton W. 
Wilkey, Fred S. 
Wilkinson, Mrs. 

George L. 
Wilkinson, John C. 
Willems, Dr. J. Daniel 
Willens, Joseph R. 
Willett, Howard L., Jr. 
Willey, Mrs. Charles B. 
Williams, Harry J. 
Williams, Dr. Jack 
Williams, Dr. Jasper F. 
Williams, Kenneth 
Williams, Rowland L. 
Williams, Thomas L., Jr. 
WilHams, W. J. 
Williamson, George H. 
Williamson, Mrs. Jack A. 
Willis, Paul, Jr. 
Willis, Thomas H. 
Willner, Benton Jack, Jr. 
Wilms, Hermann P. 
Wilson, Allen B. 
Wilson, D. H. 
Wilson, Edward Foss 
Wilson, Miss Helen A. 
Wilson, John P., Jr. 
Wilson, Mrs. John R. 
Wilson, Morris Karl 
Wilson, Philip Servis 
Wilson, Robert H. 
Winans, Frank F. 

Mrs. Frederick O. 
Windsor, H. H., Jr. 
Winston, James H. 
Winston, Mrs. James H. 
Winter, Irving 
Winter, Munroe A. 
Wirth, J. W. 

Wiseman, William P. 
Wishnick, Dr. 

Seymour D. 
Witkowski, Dr. Lucjan L. 
Witter, William M. 
Wlochall, Arthur 
Wolbach, Murray, Jr. 
Wolfe, Lloyd R. 
Wolfson, Miss Nancy 
Wood, Mrs. Gertrude D. 
Wood, Mrs. Hettie R. 
Wood, Kay 
Wood, Mrs. R. Arthur 
Wood, Robert E. 
Wood, Mrs. Rollin D. 
Woodall, Lloyd 
Woods, Frank H. 
Woods, Weightstill 
Woolard, Francis C. 
Woolman, John S. 
Wright, George L. 
Wrigley, Mrs. Charles W. 
Wronski, Casimir 

Wulf, Miss Lydia 
Wulf, Miss 

Marilyn Jean 
Wyatt, Harry N. 
Wupper, Benjamin F. 

Yager, Mrs. Vincent 
Yarnall, Frank H. 
Yates, T. L. 
Ylvisaker, L. 
Yondorf, John David 
Yondorf, Milton S., Jr. 
Yonkers, Edward H. 
Yorkey, Mrs. Margaret 
Yost, Miss Karyl 
Young, B. Botsford 
Young, Dr. Donald R. 
Young, E. Frank 
Young, George W. 
Young, J. L. 
Young, William T., Jr. 

Zabel, Max W. 
Zabel, Mrs. Max W. 
Zadek, Milton 
Zapel, Elmer J. 
Zeisler, Mrs. Ernest B. 
Zeiss, Dr. Fred R. 
Zerler, Charles F. 
Ziebarth, Charles A. 
Zimmerman, E. W. 

Dr. Harold W. 
Zimmerman, Louis W. 
Zimmermann, Frank O. 
Zimmermann, Russell A. 



Zinke, Otto A. 
Zitzewitz, Mrs. Elmer K. 

Zitzewitz, Mrs. W. R. 
Zivin, Mrs. Alma M. 

Zurcher, Mrs. Suzette M. 
Zwiener, Kenneth V. 

Antrim, E. M. 

Boynton, A. J. 
Brundage, Howard A. 
Burdick, Mrs. Alfred S. 

Churan, Miss Jessie 
Clow, Mrs. Harry B. 
Crilly, Edgar 

Dennehy, Thomas C, Jr. 

Elliott, Frank R. 

Fallon, Dr. W. Raymond 

Mrs. Edward R. 
Foreman, Mrs. Alfred K. 


Garden, Hugh M. G. 
Gehrmann, Felix 

Harrington, David L. 
Hertz, Mrs. Fred 
Hibbard, Mrs. W. G. 
Holt, Miss Ellen 

Kaufifmann, Alfred 

Leland, Samuel 

Marzluflf, Frank W. 
McDonald, Lewis 
Morey, Dr. Charles W. 
Morton, Sterling 

Oberf elder, Walter S. 
Opeka, Frank M. 

Pearse, Mrs. Langdon 
Pope, George J. 

Ripstra, J. Henri 
Rittenhouse, Charles J. 
Rolnick, Dr. Harry C. 

Sargent, Ralph 
Stern, David B. 

Templeton, Walter L. 
Thornbum, John N. 

Vasalle, Rudolph A. 

Weisskopf, Dr. Max A, 
Wolf, Walter B. 
Wright, H. C. 



Those, residing fifty miles or more from the city of Chicago, who have 
contributed $50 to the Museum 

Baum, Mrs. James 
Baxter, George R. 
Bradley, Mrs. Oma M. 
Brown, Walter F. 
Bruce, Richard H. 
Buchanan, Warren 

Carlson, Elmer G. 
Walter W., Jr. 

Droste, Albert C. 

Fairman, Fred W., Jr. 

Gooch, Cecil D. 
Graham, Thomas A. 

Hagerty, Kenneth A. 
Hanson, Martin W. 

Johnson, Dr. Sydney J. 
Johnson, Mrs. Sydney J. 

Lindboe, S. R. 

McBain, James H. 
Meevers, Harvey 
Merker, George E., Jr. 

Niederhauser, Homer 

Gates, James F., Jr. 
O'Brien, Ward 

Pain, F. W. 
Palais, Gordon K. 
Phillips, Montagu Austin 
Piper, Warren Peter 
Porter, Dr. Eliot F. 

Soanes, Dr. Sidney V. 
Stevens, Edmund W. 

Trott, James Edwards 

Vas, Gabriel N. 

Whipple, Miss Velma D. 
Winslow, Seth L. 


Those who contribute $25 annually to the Museum 

Adler, Robert S. 
Akenson, Wylie G. 
Arenberg, Albert L. 

Banks, Dr. Sam W. 
Bell, Arthur Joel 
Bensinger, B. E. 
Beukema, Miss Hermine 
Bowen, Carroll G. 

Cone, Fairfax M. 
Coursen, Charles B. 
Cross, Louis J. 
Crown, Irving 

Dennis, Joseph W. 
Dodge, John V. 
Duncan, Kent W. 

Eckhouse, Richard H. 
Erickson, Donald 
Evans, Dr. Florence L. 

Farley, Preston 
Fentress, David 
Fink, Sam 

Folds, Charles W. 

Gore, Budd 
Guilbault, Joseph E. 

Hepburn, R. J. 
Hill, David A. 

Kaiser, Dr. George D. 
Keith, Donald K. 
Kimmel, J. Myron 
Kledzinski, Miss Loreta 
Knight, Arthur B. 
Krulik, Michael 
Kyritsis, Mathon 

Mann, John M. 
Martin, C. Virgil 
Martin, Dr. Stanley 
Minas, Karl K. 
Moore, David W. 

Nathan, Thomas 

Peterson, Lawrence A. 
Plunkett, Paul M. 

Price, Mark 

Renner, Carl 
Rich, Francis M. 

Sale, Robert C. 
Schaffner, Arthur B. 
Sebastian, Jerome R. 
Scheflfner, Elizabeth B. 
Smeeth, William B. 

Tibbitts, Douglas E. 

Van Duzer, John B. 
Van Koert, Lewis I. 

Waddington, Dr. 

Harry K. 
Wallerich, George M. 
Warner, J. E. 
Wehrmacher, Dr. 

William H. 
Weisman, Jack 
Wolnak, George 

Zaret, George Ernest 



Those who contribute $10 annually to the Museum 

Aase, James H. 
Abbott, James S., Ill 
Abel, Miles L. 
Abel, Robert B. 
Abeles, Alfred T. 
Abrahams, Harry 
Abrahamson, Robert A. 
Abrams, Burton R. 
Abrams, Irving S. 
Abramson, Jules 
Achtner, Raymond H. 
Ackerberg, Robert, Jr. 
Ackermann, Kurt J. 
Ackerson, Carl 
Adams, Cyrus H. 
Adams, Eaton 
Adams, Hall 
Adams, Harvey M. 
Adamson, Henry 

Addis, Donald J. 
Addison, Edward A. 
Adelman, R. J. 
Ader, David L. 
Adler, Charles 
Adler, David 
Adler, Howard 
Adler, Richard F. 
Adler, William H. 
Afton, Harold 
Agar, Mrs. Katherine D. 
Aggerbeck, Lawrence J. 
Agnew, Dr. Paul C. 
Ahern, Edwin W. 
Ahlfeld, William J. 
Ahnquist, Elwyn T. 
Ahrens, Mrs. Russel F. 
Aishton, Richard A. 
Akerhaugen, Alfred 
Akers, Milburn P. 
Akre, Dr. Osmund H. 
Alberding, Charles 

Albus, Kent 
Alden, John E. 
Alderdyce, D. D. 
Aldige, Miss Esther 
Aldrich, Howard A. 
Aldridge, Elmer V. 
Alford, Lore W. 
Allen, Amos G. 
Allen, F. Denby 
Allen, Gerald C. F. 
Allen, Richard I. 
Allison, Anthony G. 
Alschuler, Mrs. 

Alfred S., Sr. 
Alschuler, Richard H. 

Alshire, Donald W. 
Alsin, Dr. Clifford L. 
Alston, Robert D. 
Alter, James 
Altman, Julian A. 
Alton, Robert Leslie 
Altschul, Mrs. A. Robert 
Altschul, Gilbert 
Amberg, Mrs. Thomas 
Ames, Mrs. John D. 
Amon, John W. 
Amren, Stanley C. 
Amtman, Dr. Leo 
Andelman, Dr. Samuel L. 
Andersen, Howard W. 
Anderson, A. B. 
Anderson, A. L. 
Anderson, Corliss D. 
Anderson, Ellis B. 
Anderson, Herbert R. 
Anderson, John H., Jr. 
Anderson, Kenneth H. 
Anderson, Robert 
Anderson, Robert W. 
Anderson, Roy P. 
Anderson, Roy R. 
Anderson, Mrs. Stanley D . 

Theodore W., Jr. 
Anderson, W. A. 
Andreas, Osborn 
Andreas, Mrs. Ralph L. 
Andrew, Mrs. 

Lucius A., Jr. 
Andrews, C. Prentiss 
Andrews, Frederick B. 
Andrews, Mrs. Roy E. 
Angres, Dr. Erwin 
Anixter, Edward F. 
Annan, Dr. Cornelius M. 
Annan, Ormsby 
Anson, Dr. Barry J. 
Antal, R. 

Antonczyk, Raymond 
Antonow, Joseph P. 
Appelbaum, Mrs. Henry 
Apple, Dr. Carl 
Appleton, Mrs. Albert I. 
Appleton, Mrs. Arthur I. 
Archambault, J. E. 
Archer, Dr. E. A. 
Arenberg, Albert L. 
Arey, Mrs. Gordon 
Argoe, Dimitri T. 
Arieff, Mrs. Alex J. 
Arkema, Edward L. S. 
Armanetti, Guy 
Armour, Mrs. Monroe 
Armour, Norbert F. 

Armstrong, Dr. 

Charles H. 
Armstrong, Mrs. Paul L. 
Arnkoff, Dr. Morris 
Arnold, Alex 
Arnold, David R. 
Arnold, Donald R. 
Arnold, G. E. 
Arnold, Dr. Robert A. 
Arnold, Robert S. 
Aronson, M. R. 
Aronson, Mrs. Zelda G. 
Arrington, Mrs. 

W. Russell 
Arthur, Robert S. 
Arthur, Mrs. W. R. 
Arvey, Erwin B. 
Aschman, Mrs. 

Frederick T. 
Ash, John P. 
Ashbrook, Charles G. 
Ashburne, Dr. L. Eudora 
Ashcraft, Edwin M., Ill 
Ashenhurst, Robert L. 
Asher, Dr. Carl A. 
Ashmore, Harry S. 
Ashwell, Mrs. John W. 
Askounis, Mrs. Homer 
Aten, Lyle Rex 
Athanas, Arthur 
Atherton, Mrs. CD. 
Atkinson, Mrs. 

Wallace G. 
Audo, Peter D. 
Auer, Stuart F. 
Auerbach, Mrs. Julius 
Auerbach, Stanley I. 
Augdahl, Mrs. Melville R. 
Aurelio, Anthony J. 
Autenrieth, Glenn E. 
Austin, Mrs. Henry 

Avalon, Mrs. George M. 
Averhoff, Mrs. Charles C. 
Avery, Mrs. Howard 
Ayers, Dr. George W. 
Ayers, William P. 
Ayres, Willard 

Babel, Edmund F. 
Bacci, Alex H. 
Bach, Mrs. Louis S. 
Backman, C. E. 
Baer, Arthur A. 
Baer, Mrs. Joseph W. 
Baer, Mrs. Robert A. 
Bagan, Bernard 
Baggot, Mrs. James E. 
Bagley, A. B. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Bagley, Hughes A. 
Bailes, W. L. 
Bailey, Mrs. Warren G. 
Bair, Mrs. David R. 
Baird, Mrs. Andrew 
Baird, John W. 
Baird, Russell M. 
Baker, Dr. Bernard 
Baker, Bruce 
Baker, Edward H., Jr. 
Baker, Frank M. 
Baker, Mrs. Herbert 
Baker, John Francis 
Baker, John L. 
Baker, Mrs. Marion 

Baker, Robert C. 
Bakken, Anthony W. 
Balaban, Elmer 
Baldauf, John H. 
Bales, WilHam R., Jr. 
Balikov, Dr. Harold 
Balin, Meyer C. 
Ball, Edward H. 
Ball, William H. 
Ballard, E. E. 
Ballard, Mrs. E. S. 
Ballengee, Lee 
Baltz, Wilham S. 
Bankard, E. Hoover, Jr. 
Banning, Thomas A., Jr. 
Bannister, Daniel R. 
Bannon, James W. 
Barasa, J. Laurence 
Barasch, Dr. C. J. 
Barclay, Miss Cheryl 
Barclay, Harold 
Barclay, Wendell F. 
Bard, Ralph Austin, Jr. 
Barke, Oscar A. 
Barker, Cleveland A. 
Barker, Mrs. C. R. 
Barker, James M. 
Barker, Robert Clyde 
Barlett, Robert C. 
Barnes, Mrs. Cecil 
Barnes, George E. 
Barnes, Mrs. Harold 

Barnes, William H. 
Barnett, Mrs. George 
Barnett, Herbert H. 
Barnett, Stephen D. 
Barnhart, Harry 
Barnow, David H. 
Barr, Charles L. 
Barr, G. Lance 
Barr, Warren N., Jr. 
Barrash, Dr. Meyer 
Barrett, Charles R. 
Barrett, Mrs. Wilson 

Barrick, Dr. Robert G. 
Barron, Raymond M. 
Barry, David J. 
Barry, Gerald A. 
Barry, Norman J. 
Barsky, Dr. Freida 

Barsy, Herbert 
Bartels, Miss Nell 
Bartelson, Lyle W. 
Barth, Dr. Earl E. 
Barth, Hec 

Bartholomay, Henry C. 
Bartholomay, Herman 

William, Jr. 
Bartizal, John R. 
Bartlett, George S. 
Bartling, Martin L., Jr. 
Barton, A. D. 
Barton, Arthur H. 
Barton, J. V. 
Barton, Thomas J. 
Baskin, Isadore 
Bass, Charles 
Bass, Samuel B. 
Basta, James O. 
Bates, Bennitt E. 
Bates, Edwin R. 
Batko, Dr. B. B. 
Batson, Burnham L. 
Bauer, John A. 
Baum, Arthur W. 
Baum, Jack W. 
Bauman, P. J. 
Baumann, Miss 

Nettie A. 
Baxter, Arthur K. 
Baxter, Miss Edith P. 
Baxter, John H. 
Bay, Dr. Emmet B. 
Bayer, George L. 
Baylin, Dr. Ralph 
Bazell, Dr. S. R. 
Beach, Milton B. 
Bean, Ferrel M. 
Beaner, P. D. 
Beart, Robert W. 
Beasley, Milton R. 
Beattie, Orville C. 
Beatty, Ross J., Jr. 
Beaumont, D. R. 
Beber, Sam 
Beck, Mrs. Edward S. 
Becker, David 
Becker, Eugene J. 
Becker, Oscar J. 
Bedford, Jesse 
Beduhn, Irving J. 
Beers, Zenas H. 
Beers-Jones, L. 

Behr, Carl 
Beilin, Dr. David S. 
Beirne, T. J. 
Beisel, Ervin E. 
Belickas, Dr. Anthony 
Bell, Donald R. 
Bell, Mrs. John C. 
Bell, Dr. Julius N. 
Belle, Walter C. 
Bellows, Dr. John G. 
Belofsky, Sheldon 
Benestante, Frank 
Benjamin, Edward 
Benke, Carl E. 
Bennett, Dwight W. 
Bennett, Myron M. 
Bennett, Richard M. 
Bennett, Russell 0. 

Edward D. 
Bensinger, Robert F. 
Benson, George R., Jr. 
Bent, Mrs. Maurice H. 
Bentley, E, William 
Benton, Mrs. Charles W. 
Ber6, Paul 
Bereman, John H. 
Berens, Edward P. 
Berentson, Benjamin H. 
Bergdahl, Hal A. 
Bergen, Alfred L. 
Berger, Paul H. 
Berger, William B. 
Bergman, Edwin A. 
Bergstrom, Robert W. 
Berk, Alex M. 
Berk, Benjamin 
Berkowitz, Ralph A. 
Berkson, Norman N. 
Berkwits, Dr. Edward 
Berman, Harvey 
Berman, Seymour 
Bernardi, Joseph L. 
Berns, Barney 
Berns, Robert E. 
Bernstein, Dr. Arthur 
Bernstein, Arthur J. 
Bernstein, Dr. Max M. 
Bernston, Stanley M. 
Berry, Arthur L. 
Berry, Russell T. 
Bert, Vernon J. 
Bertrand, Eugene F. 
Best, Gordon 
Bettman, Ralph B. 
Betz, Dr. WilHam P. 
Betzer, N. A. 
Beug, Theodore C. 
Beven, T. D. 
Beyer, Theodore A. 
Bick, Carl A. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Biddle, George J. 
Diddle, Robert C. 
Bidwell, Dr. Charles L. 
Bieg, E. J. 
Bielenberg, Ivan L. 
Bigane, Joseph F., Jr. 
Billik, Richard J. 
Billings, Dr. Arthur A. 
Billings, Fred G. 
Billings, Marshall L. 
Billings, Mrs. Wyly, Jr. 
Billman, Charles R. 
Binford, W. H. 
Binkley, John D. 
Birch, Dr. George W. 
Bird, Frederick H. 
Bird, PhiHp L. 
Bird, T. S. 
Birks, Z. S. 
Birnbaum, Irving 
Bimdorf, B. A. 
Bish, Raymond H. 
Bishop, Mrs. 

James R. T. 
Bissell, Cushman B. 
Bjorkman, Carl G. 
Black, Dr. Arnold 
Black, Benjamin H. 
Black, E. J. 
Black, Harry 
Blaha, Ralph C. 
Blackburn, John W. 
Blaine, George A. 
Blair, Mrs. Arthur M. 
Blair, Henry A. 
Blair, Mrs. 

Wm. McCormick 
Blaisdell, Philip H. 
Blake, Thomas J. 
Bland, Lee 

Blatchford, Thomas R. 
Bliesener, Larry David 
Block, Irwin D. 
Blomberg, Roy E. 
Blomquist, Alfred 
Blossom, Mrs. 

George W., Jr. 
Blouke, Miss 

Martha Coucher 
Blumberg, Nathan S. 
Blowitz, Milroy R. 
Bluhm, Harold J. 
Blum, Professor 

Irving D. 
Blume, Ernest L. 
Blumenfeld, Robert 
Blunck, Carl J. 
Blustin, Leo Sanford 
Boardman, Newell S. 
Boberg, I. E. 
Boden, Robert W. 

Bodmer, Dr. Eugene 
Boehm, Mrs. George M. 
Boehme, Harold C. 
Bohan, Clinton W. 
Bohrer, Mason L. 
Boitel, A. C. 
Bokman, Dr. A. F, 
Bolognesi, Giulio 
Bonniwell, Donald R. 
Boone, Douglass M. 
Boone, William A. 
Boothby, Palmer C. 
Bopp, Andrew R. 
Bopp, Frank H. 
Borge, Michael 
Borghi, H. F. 
Bomemeir, Dr. Walter C. 
Borre, Mrs. Edward M. 
Boruszak, Mrs. Melvin 
Bosky, Joseph B. 
Bosley, Harold E. 
Bossov, Samuel V. 
Boswell, Arlie O., Jr. 
Both, Mrs. William C. 
Botthof, Mrs. C. L. 
Bouc, Mrs. Charles A. 
Bournique, Miss Helen E. 
Bovyn, Paul F. 
Bowe, Mrs. William J. 
Bowen, Dr. 

Edward H., Jr. 
Bowers, Lloyd W. 
Bowes, Frederick M. 
Bowes, W. R. 
Bowker, Mrs. Charles, Jr. 
Bowles, Dr. 

Joseph A., Jr. 
Bowman, Jay 
Boyd, Charles W. 
Boyd, Darrell S. 
Boyer, Dick 
Brach, Edwin J. 
Brachman, Dr. P. R. 
Brack, Clarence G. 
Bradburn, Robert F. 
Bradford, William S. 
Bradley, Edward J. 
Bradley, Thomas C. 
Brady, Mrs. Laban J. 
Brady, Michael J. 
Brameyer, Henry A. 
Brand, Theodore 
Brandt, Leslie A. 
Brandt, Lloyd C. 
Brandt, Melvin A. 
Brandt, Mrs. Robert C. 
Brandt, William M. 
Branham, William T. 
Brannan, Robert H. 
Braude, Mrs. Michael 
Braun, E. J. 

Braun, James L. 
Breckinridge, Miss Mary 
Breen, Thomas 
Brehm, Mrs. Lula A. 
Bremer, Robert S. 
Brent, John F. 
Brent, Stuart 
Breuer, Grant W. 
Breuer, Mrs. Grant W. 
Brewer, Dr. Charles W. 
Brewer, James E. 
Brickman, A. W. 
Bridge, Arthur 
Bridgen, Mrs. Clarence J. 
Briede, Henry J. 
Briehl, Dr. Walter 
Briggs, Edward A., Jr. 
Bright, Mrs. Orville T. 
Brightman, Mrs. 

C. Gordon 
Brislen, Dr. Andrew J. 
Broadhurst, R. P. 
Brock, William N, 
Brockett, R. M. 
Brod, Raymond M. 
Brodie, Dr. Allan G. 
Brody, Bernard B. 
Brody, Merton B. 
Bronson, Beckwith R. 
Bronson, E. A. 
Bronson, Walter D. 
Brook, H. C. 
Brooks, Gerald W. 
Brooks, Dr. James M. 
Broska, Joseph 
Brosnan, Dr. 

Jerome M. 
Brosseit, George E. 
BrostofiF, Ben C. 
Brousard, Rollen N. 
Brown, Edward I. 
Brown, George F. 
Brown, Grant A. 
Brown, Harry 
Brown, James, IV 
Brown, John A. 
Brown, Mrs. Roger O. 
Brown, W, A., Jr. 
Brown, William R. 
Brownell, B. B. 
Brownell, Miss 

Beryl Ann 
Browning, Miss Elizabeth 
Bruce, A. D. 
Bruckner, Aloys L. 
Brum, Miss Ida L. 
Bryan, Charles W., Jr. 
Bryant, Mrs. Daniel C. 
Buchanan, Donald P. 
Buchanan, R. M. 
Buck, Mrs. Nelson L. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Buckingham, Mrs. 

George T. 
Buckley, Robert C. 
Bucy, Dr. Paul C. 
Budinger, William G. 
Budzinski, Henry A. 
Buenger, Theodore H. 
Bueter, Norman E. 
Buhring, Albert G. 
Buik, George C. 
Bules, Floyd W. 
Bulger, John C. 
Bulger, Thomas S. 
Bunday, Alvah S. 
Burch, A. T. 
Burch, Charles A. 
Burckert, F. D. 
Burdett, Robert J, 
Burdick, Dr. 

Allison L., Jr. 
Burditt, George M. 
Burg, Charles J. 
Burge, Philip W. 
Burgert, Woodward 
Burgess, Cyril G. 
Burgmeier, William T. 
Burgy, Mrs. Edna W. 
Burke, James E. 
Burkema, Harry J. 
Burkey, Lee M., Jr. 
Burkill, Edward W. 
Burlage, Thomas D. 
Burman, Craig A. 
Burman, Merwin R. 
Burn, Felix P. 
Burnette, Mark C. 
Burns, Mrs. 

Dulcie Evans 
Burns, Kenneth J., Jr 
Burns, William J. 
Burrell, Basil S. 
Burrows, Arthur A. 
Burson, Robert G. 
Burtis, Clyde L. 
Burtis, Guy S. 
Burton, Scott F. 
Butler, F. P. 
Butler, Hartman L., Jr. 
Butler, John Meigs, Jr. 
Butler, Rush C, Jr. 
Button, B. B., Jr. 
Bye, WilHam H. 
Byrne, Dr. M. W. K. 
Byrnes, William Jerome 
Byron, Robert B. 

Cabeen, Richard McP. 
Caddell, Walter W. 
Cadmore, R. 
Cadwell, Charles S. 
Cady, Kendall 

Cady, Paget K. 
Caesar, O. S. 
Caffrey, John R. 
Cahill, Mrs. C. N. 
Cahill, William E. 
Cairnes, W. E. 
Caldini, Floyd A. 
Calkins, Gilbert R. 
Calkins, Ned W. 
Callahan, Charles D. 
Callanan, Charles J. 
Caloger, Philip D. 
Calvin, Mrs. Frank J. 
Camino, Dr. Rudolph 
Camp, Jack L. 
Campbell, C. B. G. 
Campbell, Colin L. 
Campbell, E. R. 
Campbell, G. Murray 
Campbell, Irving B. 
Campbell, Keith T. 
Campbell, Mrs. Samuel J. 
Canaday, Raymond 
Canby, Caleb H., Ill 
Cannon, Charles B. 
Cannon, Le Grand 
Cantrell, Larry W. 
Canmann, David L. 
Capek, Charles A. 
Capozzo, John G. 
Capulli, Leonard R. 
Carbonell, John 
Carl, Jack 

Carl, Otto Frederick 
Carlson, Mrs. LeRoy T. 
Carlton, Mrs. Frank A. 
Carlton, Howard A. 
Carmell, Sherman 
Caro, Dr. Marcus R. 
Carp, Joseph T. 
Carpenter, Mrs. 

Herbert R. 
Carpenter, Lyman E. 
Carr, Albert J. 
Carr, Claude E., Jr. 
Carr, Ernest J. 
Carr, Joseph P. 
Carroll, Ralph 
Carroll, Wallace E. 
Carroll, Dr. Walter W. 
Carrow, Dr. Leon A. 
Case, Leland D. 
Casey, Donald E. 
Cass, Sidney H. 
Cassevant, Albert F. 
Cassidy, Clayton G. 
Castanes, John C. 
Castle, Alexander J. 
Castle, Sidney L. 
Cavanaugh, Roger M. 
Cavenaugh, Robert A. 

Caylor, Harry E. 
Cella, John L. 
Cerami, Ned J. 
Cerf, Floyd D., Jr. 
Cermak, George R. 
Cervenka, George J. 
Chadwell, John T. 
Chalifoux, Mrs. Robert S. 
Chameroy, Arthur T. 
Chandler, Emmerson T. 
Chandler, Russell J., Jr. 
Chaplicki, Norbert L. 
Chapline, J. R. 
Chapman, Ralph 
Charlton, Samuel E. 
Charone, Sheldon M. 
Chartoc, Shepard 
Chase, E. G. 
Chase, Norman M. 
Chase, Thomas B. 
Chenicek, Dr. J. A. 
Chesler, Morton C. 
Chesrow, David S. 
Chesrow, Dr. Eugene J. 
Chessman, Stanley L. 
Chidley, Harry J. 
Childs, William C. 
Chinnock, Ronald J. 
Chodash, Benjamin B. 
Christener, Ernest W. 
Christensen, Christian 
Christensen, Earl 
Christensen, John W. 
Christensen, Joseph M. 
Christianson, Mrs. J. 

Christopher, Gale A. 
Chutkow, R. I. 
Ciral, Philip F. 
Claar, Mrs. Elmer A. 
Claghorn, Arthur U. 
Claire, Richard S. 
Clansky, Roy W. 
Clark, Mrs. Berenice 
The Clark Children 
Clark, Dean M. 
Clark, Glenn A. 
Clark, John H. 
Clark, K. Raymond 
Clark, Mrs. Ralph E. 
Clark, Robert O. 
Clarke, Mrs. Bernice 
Clarke, Ernest E. 
Clarke, John Walter 
Clarke, Miss Lorena 
Clarke, Mrs. Philip R. 
Clarke, Thomas M. 
Clarkson, John L. 
Clausing, Mrs. 

George W. 
Cleaver, J. Benjamin 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Clements, Howard P., Jr. 
Clements, Mrs. Olen R. 
Clifford, Jack F. 
Clifton, Elliott S. 
Clinton, Mrs. Duane, L. 
Clorfene, Bruce 
Close, Gordon 
Cloud, Hugh S. 
Cloud, Marion D. 
Cobb, Sanford 
Coburn, John T. 
Cockrel, Orvel H. 
Cocks, Thomas G. 
Cody, Arthur C. 
Cody, Joseph M. 
Coe, Lester 
Coen, Thomas M. 
Coesfeld, Harry M. 
Cogan, Bernard J. 
Cogan, John J. 
Coggeshall, Dr. Chester 
Cohen, Harry 
Cohen, Maxim M. 
Cohen, Milton 
Cohen, Nathan M. 
Cohn, Eugene L, 
Cohn, Louis J. 
Cohn, Nathan M. 
Cohn, Mrs. Rose B. 
Cohon, Jack A. 
Coladarci, Peter 
Colbert, Leonard 
Colby, Bernard G. 
Cole, John L 
Cole, Sander W. 
Cole, Dr. Warren H. 
Cole, Willard W. 
Colegrove, Miss 

Charlotte A. 
Colenso, James E. 
Colin, Edward C, Jr. 
Collins, Julien 
Collins, Michael W. 
Collins, Paul F. 
Collins, William M., Jr. 
Collinsworth, E. T., Jr. 
Colmar, John L. 
Coltman, Bertram W., Jr. 
Compere, Dr. Edward L. 
Comstock, Dr. F. H. 
Concannon, John T. 
Condon, E. J. 
Condon, J. J. 
Condon, James G. 
Conglis, Nicholas P. 
Conklin, Clarence R. 
Conley, Edwin B. 
Conlon, Mrs. F. Patrick 
Conn, Warner S. 
Connette, Richard P. 
Conser, Mrs. Eugene P. 

Considine, Dan J. 
Considine, Miss Doris G. 
Consoer, Arthur W. 
Consoer, George O. 
Conway, Hayden F. 
Conway, James P. 
Cook, Mrs. Albert C. 
Cook, Everett R. 
Cook, Gordan 
Cook, Robert G., Jr. 
Cooke, Edwin Goff 
Cooke, James F. 
Cooke, Dr. Pauline M. 
Cooke, Roger A. 
Cooke, Thomas Edward 
Cookman, Aubrey O. 
Cooley, Charles C. 
Coolidge, W. K. 
Cooper, George J. 
Corbett, Dr. Maxwell M. 
Corbett, Mrs. Mitchell S. 
Corbett, Paul M. 
Corbett, Dr. Robert 
Corbin, Harold 

Harlow, Jr. 
Cordwell, John D. 
Coren, Lew 
Corper, Philip 
Corrington, Louis E., Jr. 
Corthell, Charles K. 
Cory, Dr. C. D. 
Cosbey, Dr. Robert C. 
Cossman, Maurice B. 
Costello, Thomas F. 
Cotey, James A. 
Cotsworth, Albert, III 
Cotterman, I. D. 
Coulter, Mrs. J. R. 
Coulter, Thomas H. 
Coveney, E. L. 
Covert, Robert M. 
Covington, John R. 
Covington, William S. 
Cowan, John R. 
Cowles, Alfred 
Coy, Harry L, Jr. 
Coyne, Thomas R. 
Cragg, Mrs. George L. 
Cragg, Richard T. 
Craig, Mrs. Virginia 
Craigmile, Charles S. 
Cramer, Kenneth E. 
Crane, Earl D. 
Cravens, Mrs. Thomas R. 
Crawford, Mrs. Louis 
Crawford, Robert A. 
Crawford, Wallace L. 
Cray, Glenn F., Jr. 
Crean. Dr. C. L. 
Creber, Walter H., Jr. 
Croke, Edward J., Jr. 

Crombie, Robert A. 
Cronin, J. Philip 
Cropper, Mrs. Wendell P. 
Cross, Dr. 

Roland R., Jr. 
Crowley, George D. 
Crowson, George M. 
Crowther, Fred D. 
Crutchfield, Henry W. 

Walter W., Sr. 
Cyr, Miss Elaine M. 
Cuca, James A. 
Culbertson, John Carey 
Culbertson, S. A., II 
Culhane, Martin A. 
CuUicott, George E. 
Culver, Bernard W. 
Cummings, Nathan 
Cummings, Tilden 
Cummins, Dr. 

George M., Jr. 
Cuneo, Francis J. 
Cunningham, Bernard J. 
Curran, William W. 
Currie, Ernst 
Curry, James L. 
Curtis, Ellwood F. 
Curtis, Paul 
Curwen, H. L. 
Cushman, Mrs. A. W. 
Cushman, Dr. Beulah 
Cushman, L. Arthur, Jr. 
Cushman, Robert S. 

Dabney, Mrs. Charles O. 
D'Addio, G. S. 
Daggett, Miss Dorothy 
Daggett, Walter R. 
Dahlberg, Theodore L. 
Dalton, Arthur T. 
Daily, Mrs. Francis L. 
Daly, Robert E. 
D'Amico, Joseph S. 
Damon, Robert J. C. 
Danciu, Earl A. 
Danders, Raymond A. 
Danforth, George Edson 
Daniels, Draper 
Darby, Phillips M. 
D'Arcy, John 
Darfler, Walter L. 
Daro, August F. 
Darrow, William W. 
Dashow, Jules 
Daspit, Walter 
Dato, Edwin E. 
Daut, Miss Myrnie Lee 
Dauwalter, F, Schuyler 
David, Sigmund W. 
Davidow, Leonard S. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Davidson, Carter 
Davidson, David 
Davidson, William D. 
Davis, Mrs. A. D. 
Davis, Benjamin B. 
Davis, Charles A. 
Davis, Mrs. Charles P. 
Davis, Mrs. De Witt, III 
Davis, Howard J. 
Davis, Hugh 
Davis, James N. 
Davis, Paul H. 
Davis, Ray A. 
Davis, Robert C. 
Dawson, John W. 
Dawson, Dr. I. Milton 
Day, Wesley H. 
DeAlbani, Mrs. Mary 
DeBacher, Jack R. 
DeBolt, K. J. 
Debs, Mrs. Jerome H. 
DeCesare, Joseph 
Dechert, Curt H. 
Decker, Dr. Ann 
Decker, Darrell D. 
De Costa, H. J. 
Dedmon, R. Emmett 
Dee, P. J. 
Defrees, Donald 
Deinhardt, Dr. Friedrich 
Deknatel, Frederick H., II 
de la Torre, Dr. Alberto 
Delcher, Mrs. Edwin S. 
De Lee, Dr. Sol T. 
De Leuw, Charles E. 
Dellow, Reginald 
DeLorenza, Charles 
Del Papa, Joseoh R. 
De Lue, Ross 
Demos, Peter T. 
De Motte, R. J. 
Denemark, A. F. 
Denman, Walter W. 
Denning, George S. 
De Normandie, John B. 
Dentz, Frank R. 
De Pencier, Mrs. 

Joseph R. 
Dernehl, James U. 
Despres, Leon M. 
Dess, William 
Deutsch, Richard H. 
Devery, John J. 
Devoe, Carl 
Dewey, Clarence J. 
De Witt, E. J. 
Diaz-Perez, Dr. Luis E. 
Dick, Mrs. Edison 
Dicken, Mrs. Clinton O. 
Dickerson, Earl B. 
Dickman, Frank 

Didricksen, J. W. 
Dienhart, John W., Jr. 
DiflFenbaugh, Dr. 

Willis G. 
Dilibert, S. B. 
Dill, Dr. Loran H. 
Dillion, Don F, 
Dillon, W. M. 
Dillon, William S. 
Dimsdale, Mrs. David 
Dirda, Dr. L. A. 
Dispenza, N. R. 
Dixon, Arthur 
Dixon, Lyman W. 
Dixon, Stewart S. 
Dobbin, Robert A. 
Doberstein, Robert R. 
Dobkin, I. 
Dobro, Henry 
Doctoroff, John 
Doern, Philip 
Doherty, John P. 
Dole, Arthur, III 
Donahoe, Edward J. 
Donald, Mrs. Alanson J. 
Donigan, Robert W. 
Donoghue, James V. 
Donovan, John J. 
Dooley, James A. 
Doris, Edward 
Dougherty, Mrs. Jean E. 
Doughty, William H. 
Douglas, Kenneth J. 
Dove, John R. 
Dovenmuehle, George H. 
Downey, William K. 
Downs, Charles S. 
Downs, James C, Jr. 
Doyle, Mrs. Phil A. 
Doyle, Thomas J. 
Drake, Miss Alvertta 
Drake, Mrs. Harry L. 
Drake, Lyman, Jr. 
Drapier, Miss Louise 
Drennan, Walter R. 
Dresser, Thorpe 
Driscoll, George E. 
Driscoll, William M. 
DuChateau, M. F. 
Duensing, M. C. 
Duff, Philip G. 
Duffey, Richard 
Dulla, Steven J. 
Dunbeck, Mrs. 

Norman J. 
Duncan, Charles W. 
Duncan, Mrs. H. F. 
Duncan, J. Russell 
Dundas, William A. 
Dunkle, Raymond M., Jr. 
Dunkleman, Gabriel 

Dunn, Robert W. 
Dunning, Mrs. W. S. 
Dunsmore, A. J. 
Durgin, Richard L. 
Durham, F. J. 
Durham, William E. 
Durrie, Paul H. 
Duschene, Joseph P. 
Dusek, B. W. 
Dutt, James L. 
Duty, J. E. 
Dvorak, Stanley J. 
Dwyer, Robert A. 

Eagan, S. F. 
Earlandson, Ralph O. 
Eastman, A. D. 
Eastman, Mrs. Walker P. 
Eastwood, Mrs. 

Agnes R. 
Eaton, William P. 
Eberhart, A. Dryden 
Ebin, Mrs. Dorothy 

Echt, George 
Eck, Robert J. 
Eckert, Fred W. 
Eckert, Philip G. 
Economou, Dr. 

Steven G. 
Eddy, George A. 
Eddy, J. E. 
Edelman, Daniel J. 
Edelstone, Benjamin J. 
Ederer, E. A. 
Edes, Francis D. 
Edge, Peter 
Edgerly, Daniel W. 
Edleman, Alvin 
Edmonds, C. George 
Edmunds, Mrs. John K. 
Edwards, Dr. Eugene A. 
Edwards, Herman C. 
Egan, A. J. 
Egdorf, John E. 
Eggan, Burton M. 
Eglit, Nathan N. 
Egon, Basil G. 
Eichstaedt, Dr. John J. 
Eigelsbach, Carl P. 
Eisenberg, David B. 
Eisendrath, David C. 
Eisenstein, Mrs. 

Harold L. 
Eiserman, Irving W. 
Eismann, William 
Eklund, Ernest A. 
Eklund, Roger 
Ekstrand, Richard L. 
Elbersen, William J. 
Elden, A. D. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Elenz, Robert J. 
Elfenbaum, William 
Elfring, George E. 
Ellickson, Dr. Bruce E. 
Elling, Winston 
Ellinger, Dr. R. H. 
Ellingsen, E. Melvin 
Ellis, Cecil Homer 
Ellis, Hubert C. 
Ellis, Ralph E. 
Ellison, Jack 
Ellman, A. R. 
Ellman, Harold R. 
Elson, Alex 
Elston, Mrs. I. C. 
Elting, Victor, Jr. 
Elvart, R. J. 
Elver, Thomas 
Ely, Maurice R, 
Embree, John W., Ill 
Emery, Mrs. Fred A. 
Emrich, Milton S. 
Endicott, De Witt 
Engebretson, Einar N. 
Engelmann, George 
Engh, Harold V., Sr. 
Englehaupt, William M. 
Englund, Fred W. 
Engstrom, L. E. 
Enzweiler, W. P. 
Ephraim, Max, Jr. 
Epple, Louis R. 
Epsteen, Dr. Casper M. 
Erickson, William N. 
Erikson, Bertil G. 
Ersfeld, Dr. John G. 
Erzinger, Howard F. 
Eshbaugh, C. Harold 
Esko, Sampson 
Esten, Miss Virginia 
Etcheson, A. Thomas 
Evans, C. H. 
Evans, Clyde H. 
Evans, Keith J. 
Evans, Thomas N. 
Everote, Warren 
Ewen, Gordon H. 
Exum, Ray E., Jr. 

Fagan, Miss Judith 
Fagan, Peter 
Fager, Raymond Alton 
Fagerson, Harold R. 
Fahey, Mrs. Edward W. 
Fahey, F. 

Faierson, Stanley W. 
Fairbank, Livingston, Jr. 
Fairs, C. Ronald 
Faissler, John J. 
Faletti, Richard J. 
Falk, Mrs. C. B. 

Falkenberg, Charles V., 

Fallon, Mrs. Jerome F. 
Falls, Dr. F. H. 
Fantus, Ernest L. 
Farber, Dr. Harry H. 
Farber, Lynn C. 
Farlow, Arthur C. 
Farnsworth, Gordon F. 
Farr, A. V. 
Farrar, Holden K. 
Fasano, Joseph F. 
Faulkner, Earle C. 
Faulks, Mrs. Herbert R. 
Faurot, Robert S. 
Faverty, Clyde B. 
Fay, Clifford T., Jr. 
Fay, William E., Jr. 
Feagans, D. G. 
Feeley, James P. 
Fegles, Donald 
Feinberg, Louis 
Feldman, Max 
Felker, C. V. 
Fellers, Francis S. 
Fellingham, Paul 
Fellowes, Harry L. 
Fellowes, H. Folger 
Fenchen, John A. 
Fenemore, Miss 

Fenn, John F. 
Fentress, James, Jr. 
Fergus, William D. 
Ferguson, William E. 
Fern, J. M. 
Ferrall, James 
Ferry, Mrs. Frank 
Fetridge, William 

Feuchtwanger, Sidney 
Feulner, Edwin 
Fey, Edward J. 
Fey, Dr. Richard W. 
Fick, Mrs. Raymond W. 
Field, Miss Mariana 
Field, Mrs. WilHam A. 
Fifielski, Edwin P. 
Filter, Pat S. 
Finch, Herman M. 
Fink, Joseph H. 
Finkl, Alfred F. 
Finlayson, James K. 
Finn, B. L. 
Finston, Albert Leo 
Firth, M. S. 
Fischer, Harry A. 
Fischer, H. Robert 
Fischer, William D. 
Fish, Mrs. Sigmund C. 
Fishburn, Mrs. Alan 

Fisher, Bernard M. 
Fisher, Harry N. 
Fisher, Maurice 
Fisher, Mrs. Thomas 
Fishman, Isadore 
Fishman, Jacob M. 
Fishman, Dr. Jerome 
Fishman, Julius 
Fishman, Louis 
Fishman, Samuel 
Fishman, W. S. 
Fiske, Mrs. Donald W. 
Fiske, Kenneth M. 
Fiske, Thomas E. 
Fistell, Mrs. Harry 
Fitch, Morgan L., Jr. 
Fitzgerald, J. Gushing 
Fitzgerald, Miss 

Mary K. 
Fitzgerald, Matthew J. 
Fixman, I. M. 
Flacks, Reuben S. 
Flaherty, Miss Helen 
Flanagan, Dr. James B. 
Fleischman, Bernard 
Fleming, Dr. James F. 
Flemming, Miss A. 
Fletcher, James E. 
Floreen, Adolph R. 
Florsheim, Leonard S. 
Floyd, Fred S. 
Flynn, Leo M. 
Fogel, Mrs. William 
Ford, Dr. Charles A. 
Ford, Donald A. 
Ford, Miss Thelma 
Forrest, William R. 
Forgue, Norman W. 
Forst, Miss Eveline M. 
Fosse, Irwin A. 
Foster, Mrs. John N. 
Foulks, E. E. 
Foulks, William 
Foute, Kenneth 
Fowler, Clifford C. 
Fowler, Harold E. 
Fox, Arthur E. 
Fox, Dr. Benum W. 
Fox, George J. 
Fox, Irvin J. 
Fox, John Jay, Jr. 
Fox, Joseph J. 
Fragomeni, Joseph S. 
Fraker, Charles D. 
Frale, Anthony M. 
Framburg, Stanley 
Frank, Augustus J. 
Frank, Clinton E. 
Frank, Curtiss E. 
Frank, George 
Frank, Irving 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Frank, John M. 
Frank, Maurice A. 
Frank, Mrs. Robert B. 
Frankel, Adolph 
Frankenbush, Robert 
Franklin, Ben L. 
Franks, Maurice R., Jr. 
Franz, Herbert G. 
Frauen, Hermann 
Freehling, Stanley M. 
Freeman, Charles A., Jr. 
Freeman, C. R. 
Freeman, David A. 
Freeman, Ernest E. 
Freeman, Jack 
Freeman, James E. 
Freeman, John 
Freeman, Kernal 
Frei, Russell H. 
Fremont, Miss Ruby 
Freudenfeld, Mrs. Silvia 
Frick, William G. 
Friedeman, Richard F. 
Frieder, Edward 
Friedland, Sidney 
Friedlich, John 
Friedman, Hans A. 
Friedman, Morton B. 
Friedsam, A. C. 
Friedlander, Max B. 
Friedlob, Fred M. 
Frisbie, Richard P. 
Fritch, Mrs. Louis C. 
Froman, Abel 
Frost, Allan 
Frost, Henry C. 
Fruh, Arthur W. 
Frjmil, Robert 
Fuchs, J. D. 
Fucik, Frank M. 
Fuelling, John A. 
Fugard, John R. 
Fuhry, Joseph G. 
Fuller, Mrs. 

Eugene White 
Fuller, Mrs. Harry H. 
Furlong, Clair W. 
Furlong, Phil 
Furth, Lee J. 

Gabel, Walter H. 
Gadau, Harry L. 
Gadshe, Mrs. R. E. 
Gaffney, William E. 
Gage, John N. 
Gaines, Aaron G. 
Gaines, Dr. R. B. 
Gallagher, Arthur J., Jr. 
Gallagher, Daniel 
Gallagher, Frederick H. 

Gallagher, Mrs. 

Gallarneau, Hugh H. 
Gallas, Mrs. Marie 
Gallauer, William 
Galley, Mrs. H. William 
Gallo, Alfred E. 
Galvin, Richard J. 
Gammon, Mrs. 

Kenneth J. 
Gannett, Gordon H., Jr. 
Gannon, Edward P. 
Gansbergen, R. H. 
Garard, James L., Jr. 
Garbe, Raymond 
Garcia, Miss Mary 
Gardner, Frank M. 
Gardner, Milton H. 
Gardner, William B. 
Gardner, W. Kelly 
Garr, L. A. 

Garrabrant, Norbert T. 
Garretson, Robert H. 
Garrick, Dr. Samuel 
Gartner, Max L. 
Garwacki, Dr. John H. 
Gary, Charles V. 
Gast, Dr. Carl L. 
Gasul, Dr. B. M. 
Gathany, Van R. 
Gaudian, Chester M. 
Gaudio, James C. 
Gavron, Joseph P. 
Gawthrop, Alfred 
Gaylord, Mrs. Ruth K. 
Gearen, John J. 
Gebhard, Paul 
Gehlbach, H. Hunter 
Geiger, C. Gregg 
Geilman, Harold 
Gelling, James B. 
Gelperin, Dr. Jules 
Genematas, William N. 
Gent, Mrs. Dennis 
Genther, Charles B. 
George, Clark B. 
George, Nelson C. 
Geraghty, James K. 
Geraghty, Miss 

Margaret G. 
Geraghty, Mrs. 

Thomas F. 
Geraghty, Thomas F., Jr. 
Gerencser, Dr. Vincent 
Germaine, Daniel 
Gerometta, Miss Jean 
Gerrard, J. M. 
Gertstner, Edward W. 
Gertz, Dr. George J. D. 
Geter, Howard D., Sr. 
Getz, Oscar 

Getzoff, Byron M. 
Giacobe, Mrs. Anthony 
Giase, Joseph S. 
Gibson, Joseph P., Jr. 
Gibson, Miss Margaret 
Gibson, Robert F. 
Gibson, W. B. 
Gidwitz, Gerald 
Giesecke, R. H. 
Gifford, Chester 
Gifford, Frederic Z. 
Gilbert, Alvin J. 
Gilbert, W. P. 
Gill, Joseph L. 
Gilmer, Frank B. 
Gilmore, Mrs. 

William Y. 
Ginsburg, Mrs. 

Benson E. 
Giordano, Frank L. 
Gish, S. M. 
Gitelson, Dr. Maxwell 
Glade, Mrs. 

George H., Jr. 
Glass, Marvin 
Glatt, Jack E. 
Gleave, Winston 
Gleiss, Henry O. 
Click, Edward R. 
Glockner, Maurice 
Glore, Charles F., Jr. 
Glore, Hixon 
Glos, Mrs. Albert H. 
Glover, Grange J. 
Godlowski, Dr. Z. Z. 
Goebel, John 
Goebel, Louis H. 
Goff, James M. 
Gold, Dr. Jerome J. 
Gold, Norman 
Goldberg, Arthur J. 
Goldberg, Bertrand 
Goldberg, Mrs. Moyer 
Goldberg, Mrs. 

Samuel L. 
Golden, John R. 
Goldman, G. J. 
Goldsmith, E. G. 
Goldsmith, Dr. Julian 
Goldstein, Sidney J. 
Gomberg, Arthur S. 
Gomberg, Dr. David 
Good, James W., Jr. 
Gooden, Melvin J. 
Goodenough, S. W. 
Goodhart, Mrs. H. J. 
Gooding, Robert E. 
Goodman, Benjamin E. 
Goodman, Mrs. William 
Goodrich, Miss Juliet T. 
Goodrich, Paul W. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Gordan, Marvin N. 
Gordon, Mrs. Debora 
Gordon, Leonard 
Gordon, Miss Maude 
Gordon, Norman 
Gore, Mrs. Roston 
Gorham, Willett N. 
Gorham, Sidney S., Jr. 
Gorman, Joseph K. 
Gornick, Francis P. 
Gornstein, Dr. H. C. 
Gorsline, Frank D. 
Gottlieb, Jacob 
Gottschall, Robert V. 
Gougler, Lawrence W. 
Governale, Dr. Samuel L. 
Goward, Lincoln R. 
Grader, George T. 
Graf, Paul A. 
Graffis, Herbert 
Grage, William 
Graham, Donald M. 
Graham, Dr. James F. 
Graham, Dr. John P. 
Graham, W. Crosby 
Graham, Mrs. William B. 
Granger, Mrs. Denise 
Grant, Louis Z. 
Grant, Paul 
Grant, Robert M. 
Grant, William H. 
Grantham, Joe P., Jr. 
Grauer, Milton H. 
Gray, Cola A. 
Gray, John D. 
Gray, Thomas C. 
Grazian, Leonard R. 
Green, Mrs. Dwight H. 
Green, Mrs. George L. 
Green, Mrs. Robert A. 
Green, Thomas 
Greenaway, Donald 
Greene, Dr. Harry G. 
Greenberg, S. U. 
Greenfield, Paul J. 
Greenfield, Michael C. 
Greenwood, Marvin 
Gregg, Miss Doris M. 
Gregory, Dr. 

Benjamin J. 
Gregory, Mrs. S. G. 
Griffith, Dean L. 
Griffith, Melvin J. 
Griffiths, G. Findley 
Grimes, J. Frank 
Grimm, Leo J. 
Griswold, Barret B. 
Groble, Edward B. 
Groen, Mrs. F. H., Jr. 
Groen, Fred H. 
Groenwald, F. A. 

Grohe, Robert F. 
Groseth, Mrs. Haakon B. 
Grossman, Dr. Burton J. 
Grossner, Joseph 
Grove, Harry A. 
Groves, Mrs. Northa P. 
Gruendel, George H. 
Grumhaus, Harold 
Grunow, Elmer W. 
Grunsfeld, Mrs. Mary 

Guelich, Robert V. 
Gumbinger, Miss Dora 
Gunderson, Gunnar E. 
Gunness, Robert C. 
Gunther, Dr. Meyer S. 
Gurke, Mrs. Florence 
Gurvey, Harry E. 
Gustus, Dr. Edwin L. 
Gutgsell, Mrs. Emil J. 
Guzik, Mathew R. 
Gwinn, Dr. R. P. 
Gwyer, Dr. F. V. 

Haberman, Morton 
Hachtman, George E. 
Hackett, Thad 
Haefner, Colonel Earl W. 
Haessly, Dr. Marvin M. 
Hafner, Andre B. 
Hagedorn, William R. 
Hagey, Harry H., Jr. 
Hagey, J. F. 
Hagues, David N. 
Hahn, Bernard J. 
Hahn, Mrs. Dorothy 

Haider, Donald H. 
Haigh, Arthur H. 
Haigh, D. S. 
Haines, Charles J. 
Haines, Walter 
Hajduk, Dr. J. M. 
Hajen, Herman F. 
Hakanen, Paul A. 
Hale, Edwin A. 
Haley, James F. 
Hall, Arthur B. 
Hall, Harry 
Hall, Harry C. 
Hall, Miss Helen 
Hall, John L. 
Halla, Mrs. Joseph, Jr. 
Hallberg, Parker 

Halleen, Harold P. 
Haller, Louis P. 
Hallihan, Edward E. 
Hallmann, Ernest H. 
Halper, Dr. Louis 
Halperin, Robert S. 

Halvorson, Harold L. 
Ham, Mrs. Harold 
Hambleton, Chalkley J. 
Hamill, Mrs. Robert W. 
Hamilton, Andrew C. 
Hamilton, Mrs. 

Gurdon H. 
Hamilton, Mrs. John 
Hamilton, Stuart 
Hammond, James W. 
Hammond, L. F. 
Hampson, Philip 
Hands, H. William 
Hank. John J. 
Hanley, R. Emmett 
Hanlon, Robert T. 
Hanna, John C. 
Hannaford, Miss 

Mildred L. 
Hannon, James J. 
Hansen, Mrs. C. E. 
Hansen, Donald W. 
Hansen, James 
Hansmann, Mrs. Elwood 
Hanson, Fred B. 
Hanson, Mrs. George 
Hanson, J. L. 
Harbaugh, Watson D. 
Hardies, Melvin A. 
Harding, Frank 
Harding, William H. 
Hardt, Robert A. 
Hardwicke, Harry 
Hardy, Charles L. 
Hardy, Mrs. Edward K. 
Hardy, Julian H. 
Hargrave, Homer P. 
Harig, Karl 
Harkness, Mrs. Samuel, 

Harkrider, Raymond 
Harlow, Miss Johnnie 
Harland, Mrs. D. Foster 
Harper, H. Mitchell 
Harper, Mrs. Paul V. 
Harper, Philip S. 
Harper, Mrs. Philip S. 
Harrington, J. J., Jr. 
Harrington, John 
Harris, Miss Audrey C. 
Harris, Benjamin R. 
Harris, Chauncey D. 
Harris, Gerald H. 
Harris, Harold 
Harris, Irving B. 
Harrison, Dr. R. Wendell 
Harrison, Solomon E. 
Harrison, William H., Jr. 
Harrow, Joseph 
Hart, Mrs. Augustin S. 
Hart, Chester C. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Hart, Henry A. 
Hart, Herbert L. 
Hart, Mrs. H. G. 
Harte, William J. 
Harter, Dr. J. A. 
Hartigan, Miss Catherine 
Hartigan, L. J. 
Hartman, Mrs. Glenn W. 
Hartman, Mrs. Irvin H. 
Hartman, Milton C. 
Hartman, Victor 
Hartung, Miss 
Elizabeth M. 
Harvey, Emmett C. 
Harvey, Com. Norman C. 
Harwood, Donald 
Harwood, Robert I. 
Hasler, Mrs. Edward L. 
Hassel, Henry C. 
Hasselbacher, H. H. 
Hassell, Mrs. Warren S. 
Hassen, Samuel 
Hassinger, Dent 
Hassmer, Joseph L. 
Hatcher, Dr. David B. 
Hatfield, W. A. 
Hattis, Robert E. 
Hauck, Cornelius J. 
Haug, Miss Elsie L. 
Haugan, Charles M. 
Hauger, R. H. 
Hauser, William G. 
Hausler, Mrs. M. G., Jr. 
Hausner, Robert Otto 
Havey, Robert W. 
Hawley, F. W., Jr. 
Hay, Lawrence J. 
Hayes, Dr. Alan B. 
Hayes, Daniel T. 
Hayes, David J. A., Jr. 
Hayes, Mrs. Edith C. 
Hayes, Edward G. 
Hayes, Miss Hatti 
Hayes, H. Kenneth 
Hayes, James F. 
Haynes, Charles Webster 
Haynes, Gideon, Jr. 
Hayley, Lewis Y. L. 
Haynie, Miss Nellie V. 
Haynie, R. G. 
Hazel, B. F. 
Hazel, Dr. George R. 
Head, Russell N. 
Healy, Laurin H. 
Heath, James E. 
Heath, William O. 
Hebenstreit, Dr. K. J. 
Heckel, Edmund P., Jr. 
Heddens, John W. 
Hedeen, Ernest W., Jr. 
Hedeen, Dr. Robert A. 

Hedges, Dr. Robert N., 

Hedges, Dr. Robert N., 

Hedrich, Mrs. Otto H. 
Heffner, Dr. Donald J. 
Heffron, Kenneth C. 
Heidemann, Herbert E. 
Heifetz, Samuel 
Heikes, Neil E. 
Hein, Leonard W. 
Heinekamp, Raymond A. 
Heineman, Ben W. 
Heinen, Dr. Helen 
Heinen, Dr. J. Henry, Jr. 
Heinsimer, W. R. 
Heinze. Mrs. 

Bessie Neuberg 
Heirich, Bruneau E. 
Helgason, Ami 
Hellerick, Leonard P. 
Hellman, Milton E. 
Helmer, Hugh J. 
Helmick, Lawrence J. 
Hemenway, Henry H. 
Hemery, Mrs. Jack L. 
Hemphill, Luther D. 
Henderson, B. E. 
Henderson, H. Harry 
Henebry, John P. 
Heniken, Graham E. 
Henkle, Herman H. 
Henner, Mrs. Robert 
Henner, William Edward 
Hennessy, John H. 
Henningsen, Jack 
Henri, W. B. 
Henriksen, H. M. 
Henriksen, Kai 
Henry, Dr. James W. 
Hepburn, J. W. 
Herbert, W. T. 
Herdrich, Ralph C. 
Herkes, S. R. 
Herman, Maurice 
Herman, Sol W. 
Herold, Lloyd G. 
Herring, H. B. 
Herrschner, Frederick 
Hersey, James R. 
Hess, Sidney J., Jr. 
Hesseltine, Dr. H. Close 
Hetreed, Dr. Francis W. 
Heuser, Arthur W. 
Hewitt, Edwin Shields 
Heymann, Robert L. 
Heyne, Norman E. 
Hickey, Frank E. 
Hickey, Mrs. Lawrence 
Higbee, Robert F. 
Higdon, Harry J. 

Higginbotham, William B. 
Higgins, Collin O. 
Higgins, Russell G. 
Highstone, Mrs. 

William H. 
Hikawa, Richard K. 
Hilf, J. Homer 
Hilkevitch, Dr. A. A. 
Hilkevitch, Dr. 

Benjamin H. 
Hill, Charies W. 
Hill, Mrs. Cyrus G. 
Hill, Hoyt S. 
Hill, James J. 
Hills, Thomas M. 
Hiller, Rembrandt C, Jr. 
Hillis, G. 

Hillmer, Miss Louise 
Hime, Horace C. 
Hinck, H. George 
Hindmarch, Alan 
Hine, Clarke F. 
Hines, Mrs. Clarence W. 
Hingson, George D. 
Hinko, Michael 
Hinman, Burton, Jr. 
Hinshaw, Joseph H. 
Hirsch, Erich 
Hirsch, Dr. Lawrence L. 
Hirsch, Milton W. 
Hirsch, Samuel 
Hirsh, Herbert W. 
Hitchcock, Stephen M. 
Hitshew, R. M. 
Hix, Miss Elsie 
Hixson, Hebron 
Hlad, Harold D. 
Hoag, Dr. Walter C. 
Hoage, Eari W. 
Hoagland, Miss Helen 
Hoban, Dr. Eugene T. 
Hobscheid, Fred J. 
Hobson, Richard 
Hochberg, Jerome J. 
Hochfeldt, William F. 
Hocking, Charles H. 
Hockman, Miss 

Miriam L. 
Hodgdon, Donald G. 
Hodges, Colonel Duncan 
Hodgkins, William P., Jr. 
Hoefer, A. J. 
Hoehler, Fred K. 
Hoekelman, Harold 
Hoell, Frank H. 
Hoeltgen, Dr. 

Maurice M. 
Hoffman, A. C. 
Hoffmann, Clarence 
Hoffmann, Miss E. 



ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Hoflfmann, Miss Ruth L. 
Hofstetter, Charles A 
Hogenson, William 
Hogquist, Mrs. Mary 
Hogsten, Mrs. Yngve 
Hohbaum, Mrs. Rosa M. 
Hohman, Dr. Ned U. 
Hokenson, Gustave 
Hokin, Barney E. 
Holabird, William 
Holcomb, H. H., Ill 
Holcomb, Mrs. R. R. 
Holden, Harold M. 
Holland, Arthur M. 
Holland, Lewis J. 
Holland, Morris Z. 
Hollander, Alvin B. 
Hollander, Jack 
Hollander, Dr. S. S. 
Holleran, L. F. 
Hollerbach, Joseph 
Holliday, Preston H. 
Hollinger, Mrs. Theda M. 
HoUingsworth, Thomas 
Hollis, Dr. Robert H. 
Holloman, L. C, Jr. 
Holmes, John B. 
Holmes, John S. 
Holmes, R. W. 
Holmes, Ralph 
Holson, Evar W. 
Holt, Dr. Helen 
Holub, Max 
Holubow, Harry 
Homan, Mrs. Hubert A., 

Homan, Joseph 
Hooper, A. F. 
Hooper, Walter P. 
Hoover, James C. 
Hopfear, Dr. D. A. 
Hopkins, John L. 
Hord, Stephen Y. 
Horn, L. H. 
Horner, Dr. Imre E. 
Horstman, James A. 
Horton, Mrs. Arthur 
Horton, Warren C. 
Horwich, Philip 
Horwitz, Samuel C. 
Houda, Dr. Leonard J. 
Houston, J. C, Jr. 
Howard, John K. 
Howard, Philip L. 
Howe, Walter L. 
Howe, William J. 
Howell, William C. 
Howell, Thomas M., Jr. 
Howington, Robert P. 
Howlett, Mrs. Michael J. 
Hoyt, N. Landon, Jr. 

Huber, H. Dana 
Huddleston, J. W. 
Hudson, George L. 
Huey, William L. 
Hughes, Dr. Charles W. 
Hughes, Robert D. 
Huguelet, Robert J. 
Huizinga, A. T. 
Humm, Joseph 
Hummel, J. W. 
Hummer, William B. 
Humphrey, Eugene X. 
Humphrey, Mrs. H. D. 
Humphreys, J. Ross 
Humphreys, Robert E. 
Huncke, Miss Ada 
Hungerford, Becher W. 
Hunt, Michael 
Hunt, Theodore W. 
Hunter, Charles J. 
Hunter, E. R. 
Hunter, J. N. 
Hurley, G. B. 
Hutcheson, M. F. 
Hutchings, John A. 
Hutchins, Chauncey K. 
Hvale, Mrs. James L. 
Hyde, Milton E. 
Hyde, Mrs. Willis O. 
Hyer, W. G. T. 
Hyman, Harold 

laccino, Paul A. 
Impey, Charles E. 
Inger, Jacob 
Ingeman, Robert L. 
Ingersoll, Robert S. 
Insolia, James V. 
Interlandi, Dr. Joseph 
Ireland, Robert 
Irons, Dr. Edwin N. 
Irons, Robert B. 
Irvin, John C. 
Irwin, A. J. 
Isaac, Eric 
Isaacs, Edgar E. 
Isaacs, George 
Isaacs, Dr. Harry J. 
Isaacs, T. J. 
Isaacson, Herbert 
Isett, G. Richard 
Iversen, Lee 
Ives, Robert W. 
Ives, S. J. 
Izui, Dr. Victor 

Jablonsky, Anthony J. 
Jack, Martin L. 
Jacker, David 
Jacker, Norbert S. 
Jackman, Warren 

Jackson, G. McStay 
Jackson, Harold 
Jackson, Mrs. Osmond A. 
Jackson, R. W. 
Jacobi, Frank C. 
Jacobs, Miss Barbara 
Jacobs, Ben 
Jacobs, E. G. 
Jacobs, Harry 
Jacobs, Maurice H. 
Jacobs, Nate 
Jacobs, Robert J. 
Jacobs, Wyatt 
Jacobsen, C. E. 
Jacobshagen, Alfred 
Jacobson, Evans M. 
Jacobson, Harold L. 
Jacobson, S. P. 
Jaffe, Harry 
Jaffe, Julius C. 
JaflFe, Louis 
Jaicks, Frderick S. 
James, Miss Gladys 
James, Russell B. 
Janes, Otto 
Janis, Robert F. 
Januchowski, E. D. 
Jarecki, Mrs. Robert A. 
Jarrow, Stanley L. 
Jastromb, Samuel 
Jay, Richard H. 
Jehn, Mark 
Jenner, Albert E., Jr. 
Jenner, Mrs. H. B. 
Jennings, B. J. 
Jennings, Mrs. 

James W. 
Jensen, Harald, Jr. 
Jensen, Henry J. 
Jensen, James A. 
Jiede, Edward 
Jobe, E. C. 
JoflFe, M. H. 
Johns, George G., Jr. 
Johnson, Miss Agnes E. 
Johnson, D. Gale 
Johnson, Miss 

Donna Lee 
Johnson, Mrs. 

Doris Hurtig 
Johnson, Edmund G. 
Johnson, Edward L. 
Johnson, Emil T. 
Johnson, Ernest L. 
Johnson, Iver C. 
Johnson, James P. 
Johnson, Miss Janice C. 
Johnson, Mrs. Mabel S. 
Johnson, R. C. 
Johnson, R. Ellis 
Johnson, R. W. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Johnson, Ray Prescott 
Johnson, Robert E. 
Johnson, Robert K. 
Johnson, Sidney R. 
Johnson, Wallace D. 
Johnston, A. J. 
Johnston, Mrs. John M. 
Johnston, Leith 
Johnston, Logan T., Jr. 
Johnston, Thomas G. 
Jolls, Thomas H. 
Jonatat, Kurt 
Jones, E. Willis 
Jones, George R. 
Jones, John E. 
Jones, Kenneth A. 
Jones, Loring M. 
Jones, Owen Barton 
Jones, Vaughn M. 
Jordan, Dr. John W. 
Jordan, W. Beaumont 
Jordon, Castle W. 
Joseph, Dr. Paul 
Joy, Eugene P., Jr. 
Joyce, Robert E. 
Juhre, Russell H. 
Juley, John 
Jung, C. C. 
Jurco, Stephen 
Jurczak, Dennis Michael 
Jurica, Rev. Hilary S. 

Kachigian, Michael M. 
Kahn, Nat M. 
Kahoun, John A. 
Kaiser, Carl A. 
Kaiser, Robert 
Kaleta, Charles J. 
Kalkoske, A. C. 
Kalnin, Jacob 
Kamin, Alfred 
Kaminski, Dr. M. V. 
Kammholz, T. C. 
Kandlik, Edward A. 
Kane, George H. 
Kane, Mrs. Marion 0. 
Kanehl, James R. 
Kanelos, Frank S. 
Kannapell, Jack E., Jr. 
Kanter, Dr. Aaron E. 
Kanter, Melvin 
Kaplan, Alvin L. 
Kaplan, Mrs. Frank 
Kaplan, Harvey 
Kaplan, Mrs. Julius F. 
Kaplan, Dr. Lawrence 
Kaplan, Samuel 
Kapnick, Harvey E., Jr. 
Kapov, John J. 
Karafotias, Christ 
Karasik, Sidney Z. 

Karlin, Daniel 
Karlin, Irving M. 
Karlin, Leo S. 
Karlin, Norman 
Karmatz, Mrs. 
Ramonda Jo 
Karst, Lambert P. 
Karstens, James W. 
Kart, Eugene 
Kasbohm, Leonard H. 
Kash, Bernard B. 
Katz, Alan D. 
Katz, Bernard 
Katz, Edwin M. 
Katz, Mrs. Harold A. 
Katz, Miss Jessie 
Katz, Meyer 
Katzin, Samuel N. 
Kaufman, Daniel D. 
Kaufmann, Fred R., Jr. 
Kay, Joseph C. 
Kayser, Victor P. 
Kearney, E. L. 
Kearney, Marshall V. 
Kearney, William P. 
Keating, Edward 
Keator, Harry F., Jr. 
Keck, George 
Keck, Mathew 
Keck, Richard B. 
Keck, Dr. W. L. 
Keefe, John F. 
Keeler, Carl R., Jr. 
Keister, G. E. 
Keith, David L. 
Keith, Elbridge 
Keller, Harry F. 
Keller, Mrs. J. E. 
Keller, M. J. 
Kelley, Alfred J. 
Kellogg, James G. 
Kellogg, John Payne 
Kelly, Clyde 
Kelly, Dr. Frank B. 
Kelly, Frank S. 
Kelly, J. Edgar 
Kelly, John E., Jr. 
Kelly, John J., Jr. 
Kelly, William D. 
Kernel, Mrs. Margaret P. 
Kemp, Neal 
Kemp, Miss Ola 
Kemp, Richard B. 
Kemp, Wallace B. 
Kendall, Claude 
Kendall, G. R. 
Kennedy, Mrs. Ardis M. 
Kennedy, Mrs. Joseph C. 
Kennel, William E. 
Kenyon, Dr. A. T. 
Kenyon, Michael M. 

Kepecs, Dr. Joseph 
Keranen, George M. 
Kerr, Leslie H. 
Kerr, William D. 
Kerrigan, W. 
Kesses, Rev. Niketas 
Kessler, Ben H. 
Kessler, Paul T., Jr. 
Kettel, Dr. Louis John 
Ketting, Howard B. 
Keyser, Clell W. 
Kiddoo, Guy C. 
Kieffer, Ralph C. 
Kihlstrum, Elmer E. 
Kiley, Francis T. 
Killen, Mrs. Joan 
Kimball, Charles H. G. 
Kimball, Kenneth J. 
Kimball, Ronald M. 
Kimes, Gerald C. 
Kincannon, Jack F. 
Kincheloe, Samuel C. 
Kindahl, John O. 
King, Mrs. Calvin P. 
King, Forest A. 
King, George F. 
King, H. R. 
King, Lynwood B., Jr. 
King, Robert H. 
King, Willard L. 
Kingham, J. J. 
Kinne, Harry C, Sr. 
Kipnis, Daniel D. 
Kirby, Dr. William 
Kirkland, William S. 
Kirschbaum, Irving H. 
Kirson, Leonard 
Kittleson, Dr. K. D. 
Kiven, Norman M. 
Kjelstrom, Paul C. 
Klatt, Albert Arthur 
Klauer, Verne 
Kleeman, Richard E. 
Klefstad, Sivert 
Klehm, Howard G. 
Klein, Dr. David 
Klein, Dr. Ernest L. 
Klein, Dr. Erwin 
Klemperer, Leo A. 
Klepak, John J. 
Klikun, Z. P. 
Kling, Leopold 
Klontz, Kenneth V. 
Klooster, Howard H. 
Kneip, Elmer W. 
Knoebel, Mrs. Walter H. 
Knorr, Amos K. 
Knourek, William M. 
Knowles, D. H. 
Knudsen, Glenn M. 
Knuepfer, C. A. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Knutson, A. C. 
Koch, Glenn H. 
Koehn. Carl W. 
Koff, Dr. Robert H. 
Kogut, Walter 
Kohler, Robert W. 
Kohn, Louis 
Kohn, Mrs. Sylvan 
Kolflat, Alf 
Koplin, Mrs. Harry 
Koranda, Hugo 
Kordsiemon, William M. 
Koretz, Edgar E. 
Koretz, Robert J. 
Korn, Bernard M. 
Korschot, Benjamin C. 
Korshak, Marshall 
Korshak, Saul 
Korsvik, W. J. 
Kos, Victor A. 
Kosdon, A. 
Kosterlitz, Mrs. S. 
Kot, Henry C. 
Kotas, Rudolph J. 
Kovalick, W. W. 
Kraft, Florian R. 
Kraft, Maurice M. 
Kraft, Ralph B. 
Krag, Franz K. 
Kramer, Harry G., Jr. 
Kramer, L. H. 
Kramer, Melvin A. 
Kramer, Robert 
Krane, Leonard J. 
Krasner, David P. 
Krattebol, A. Marshall 
Kraus, Mrs. Esther S. 
Krause, Adolph 
Krause, Miss Pearl 
Krebs, D. F. 
Krebs, Walter O. 
Kreer, Henry B. 
Kreger, Leon A. 
Krehl, Rico B. 
Krensky, Arthur M. 
Kresnoff, Dr. Charles S. 
Kreuger, C. W. 
Krimsin, Leonard 
Kringel, Leon H. 
Krinsley, Lazarus 
Kriser, Mrs. Leonard S. 
Kritchevsky, Jerome 
Krivanek, Dr. Joseph H. 
Kroeschell, Mrs. Roy 
Kroll, Harry 
Krueger, Roy H. 
Krumdieck, Leo 
Krupp, David J. 
Kruty, Samuel 
Krzeminski, Stanley J. 
Kuchar, Mrs. Marie 

Kuechmann, A, M, 
Kuehne, E. Richard 
Kuhnen, C. W. 
Kuhnen, Mrs. George H. 
Kuhns, Mrs. H. B. 
Kulikowski, A. H. 
KuUby, Roy S. 
Kullman, F. H., Jr. 
Kupcinet, Irv 
Kupfer, Dr. Ernest B. 
Kurtz, George H. 
Kurz, Walter C. 
Kushell, Charles J. 
Kushner, Dr. Abraham 
Kusswurm, Armin H. 
Kuta, Stanley J. 
Kutak, Jerome F. 

Lachman, Harold 
Ladd, Joseph C. 
Laegeler, J. C, Jr. 

Ferdinand W. 
Laggren, Mrs. Robert I. 
Laidlaw, John 
Laidlaw, John, Jr. 
Laidley, Roy R. 
Laird, Kenneth 
Lake, Charles W,, Jr. 
Lampe, J. B. 
Lance, O. C. 
Landahl, Mrs. Herbert D. 
Landau, S. J. 
Lane, George A. 
Lang, Eugene C. 
Langan, Harley B. 
Lange, Hugo C. 
Lange, Otto H. 
Langford, Joseph P. 
Langworthy, Jack N. 
Lanterman, Joseph B. 
Larkin, J. D. 
Larson, Elmer W. 
Larson, Simon P. 
LaRue, Victor E. 
LaSalle, Miss Janet A. 
Lasch, Charles F. 
Lash, Dr. A. F. 
Lasher. Willard K. 
Lau, Mrs. M. K. 
Lauder, T. E. 
Laven, Philip J. 
Lavezzorio, John M. 
Law, M. A. 

Lawrence, Dr. Charles H. 
Laws, Theodore H. 
Laurion, J. L. 
Layfer, Seymour J. 
Leach, T. Royce 
Lealtad, Miss Grace 
Leander, Russell J. 

Le Beau, Jack T. 
Lechler, E. Fred 
Leek, Walter C. 
Le Comte, A. John 
Ledbetter, James L. 
Ledder, Edward J., Jr. 
Lee, Mrs. Agnes 
Lee, Bernard F. 
Lee, Bertram Z. 
Lee, Mrs. Raymond E. 
Leeper, Harold B., Jr. 
Leffler, F. O. 
Le Goff, Montgomery 
Lehecka, Clarence J. 
Lehman, Lloyd W. 
Lehmann, Robert O. 
LeHockey, D. M. 
Leigh, Kenneth G. 
Leigh ton, Mrs. Arthur J. 
Leighton, Robert 
Lekis, Robert H. 
Lemer, Benjamin 
Lensing, Edward C, Jr. 
Leonard, Mrs. Ray W. 
Leopold, Robert L. 
LeRoy, Dr. George V. 
Lesch, John F. 
Leslie, Orren S. 
Lesparre, James N. 
Lester, Mrs. Robert 
Levi, Stanley B. 
Levin, Lawrence 
Levine, William 
Levine, William D. 
Levinson, Mrs. Winnifred 
Levitan, Moses 
Levy, Albert H. 
Levy, Bennett S. 
Levy, Jacob 
Lewis, Edward J. 
Lewis, Harold W. 
Lewis, Louis J. 
Lewis, M, E. 
Lewis, W. Wilson 
Lieb, Jack H. 
Lieber, Maury J. 
Lieber, Philip A. 
Lifvendahl, Dr. 

Richard A. 
Lill, George, II 
Lilliander, Ernest E. 
Limarzi, Dr. Louis R. 
Lind, Paul B. N. 
Lindberg, Donald F. 
Lindgren, Erik A. 
Lindquist, A. J. 
Lindsley, A. J, 
Linebeny, Fred C. 
Lipinski, M. G. 
Lippincott, R. R. 
List, Stuart 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Listen, Thomas P. 
Liszka, Stanley J. 
Little, G, P. 
Littman, Benson 
Livermore, Charles P. 
Llewellyn, Karl N. 
Lloyd, Carl S. 
Lloyd, Miss Georgia 
Lloyd, Thomas J. 
Locke, Edwin A., Jr. 
Lockwood, Mrs. 

Maurice H. 
Loeb, Herbert A., Jr. 
Loeb, Theodore R. 
Loebe. Edward E. 
Loebel, Clarence J. 
Loeffler, Julius 
Loewenstein, Mrs. 

Logan, James E. 
Logan, Robert 
Logelin, Edward C. 
Long, H. Dale 
Long, Marshall R. 
Lonnon, Mrs. 

Raymond G. 
Loomis, Miss Marie 
Looney, Charles C. 
Lopina, Lawrence T. 
Lorant, B. H. 
Loughead, Miss Ruth 
Loughlin, Sydney 
Lourie, Donald B. 
Love, John T. 
Love, H. Norris 
Love, Harold 
Loventhal, William G. 
Loverde, Dr. Albert A. 
Lowden, James E. 
Lowe, Dr. Edmund W. 
Lowe, Rev. Leonard H. 
Lowrie, Raymond P. 
Lowy, Walter H. 
Luce, Richard 
Luckow, Russell Q. 
Lueders, Ralph J. 
Lufkin, Miss Bernardine 
Luick, Mrs. D. J. 
Lund, Bjarne, Jr. 
Lunde, Marvin C. 
Lundgren, Sten J. 
Luotto, Stefano 
Lupfer, William B. 
Lurie, S. C. 
Lusk, Miss Helen 
Lutterbeck, Dr. 

Eugene F. 
Lydon, Eugene K. 
Lyman, Henry H., Jr. 
Lynch, Miss Zoe D. 
Lynn, Mrs. Robert H. 

Lyon, Mrs. Jeneva A. 
Lyon, Dr. Samuel S. 
Lyons, Michael H. 
Lyons, Richard H. 

Mac Arthur, Roger 
MacCarthy, Richard B. 
MacChesney, Mrs. 

Macdonald, Angus 
MacDonald, H. E. 
MacFarland, Hays 
Maciunas, Dr. A. 
Mack, Edward E., Jr. 
Mack, John J. 
Mack, Dr. Ronald B. 
Mackay, Kenneth B. 
Mackay, Dr. Roland P. 
Mackaye, Mrs. M. R. 
MacKechnie, H. N. 
Mackel, Dr. Audley M. 
MacKenzie, David O. 
MacKenzie, William J. 
MacKrell, F. C. 
MacNamee, Merrill W. 
MacPhee, Paul A. 
Macomb, J. deNavarre 
Madden, Francis J. 
Madden, Robert J. 
Madonia, Dr. Anthony V. 
MadufT, Sidney 
Magers, Donald D. 
Magill, Miss Hallie 
Mahon, D. Lee 
Maier, Dr. Roe J. 
Main, Charles O. 
Maisel, Jack W. 
Maison, Mrs. L. G. 
Majerus, Paul W. 
Majonnier, John J. 
Major, Frank A. 
Malato, Stephen A. 
Malmsten, Clarence C. 
Malugen, Jack C. 
Mamby, Dr. Audley R. 
Mandel, Sidney W. 
Mangier, Fred J. 
Mann, Douglass L. 
Mann, Earle A. 
Mann, Dr. Philip 
Manning, Dr. John J. 
Mannion, John F. 
Manz, Mrs. George R. 
Maranz, Leo S. 
Marcellus, Edward F. 
Marchetti, Mrs. Alfred 
Marcus, Abel 
Marcus, Dr. Richard E. 
Mardorf, Miss Mae F. 
Margolis, Dr. 

Bernard S. 

Mark, William B. 
Markey, Howard T. 
Markle, Mathew G. 
Markman, Simeon K. 
Marks, Frank 0. 
Marks, Ira G. 
Marks, Melvin C. 
Markus, Henry A. 
Marley, John L. 
Marling, Mrs. 

Franklin, Jr. 
Marlowe, Dr. John J. 
Marquart. Arthur A. 
Marron, Dr. James W. 
Marshall, Benjamin H. 
Marshall, Charles A. 
Marshall, Frank G. 
Marshall, Jay 
Marshall, Lee J. 
Marshall, Prentice H. 
Marshitz, Miss 

Grace Elaine 
Marslek, Emil J. 
Marsteller, William A. 
Marston, T. E. 
Martin, Alvah T. 
Martin, Glenn E. 
Martin, Mrs. 

Louise CM. 
Martineau, Robert J. 
Martsolf, Philip 
Marwood, R. L. 
Marx, Samuel A. 
Maschgan, Dr. Erich R. 
Mashek, V. F., Jr. 
Mass, Marvin L. 
Masters, Keith 
Mastri, Mrs. Aquil 
Masur, Dr. Walter W. 
Matchett, Hugh M. 
Matera, Dr. Charles R. 
Matheson, Martin H. 
Mathey, H. C, Jr. 
Mathieu, Auguste 
Matson, H. M. 
Matter, Joseph A. 
Matteson, Edward K. 
Matthews, Francis E. 
Matthews, J. H. 
Matthews, Miss Laura S. 
Matthias, Walter N. 
Mattingly, Fred B. 
Mauer, Dr. William J. 
Mauritz, Waldo 
Maxon, R. C. 
Maxwell, John M. 
Maxwell, W. R. 
Maxwell, Dr. William L. 
May, Sol 
Mayer, Frederick 
Mayer, Harold M. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Mayfield, W. A. 
Maynard, Robert W. 
McAdams, Edward J. 
McArthur, Mrs. S. W. 
McCabe, Edward J., Jr. 
McCaffrey, J. L. 
McCall, Dr. I. R. 
McCallister, Frank 
McCallister, James 

McCallister, Ward 
McCallum, W. W. 
McCally, Frank D. 
McCann, Charles J. 
McCarthy, Mrs. 

Theris V. 
McCarthy, Mrs. Vern I. 
McCarthy, Vern I., Jr. 
McCloud, Bentley G., Jr. 
McCollum, Giles B. 
McCollum, Mrs. John W. 
McCormack, Mrs. 

Thierry L. 
McCormick, Richard D. 
McCoy, Charles S. 
McCoy, John L. 
McCoy, George R. 
McCracken, John W. 
McCracken, Kenneth 
McCreery, C. L. 
McDermott, H. T. 
McDermott, William F. 
McDonald, James T. 
McDonald, John M. 
McDonnell, Morgan F. 
McDonnell, William H. 
McDougall, Dugald S. 
McDougall, Mrs. 

Edward G. 
McDougall, John A. 
McDowell, Remick 
McDowell, Thomas E. 
McElvain, Clifford A. 
McEwan, Mrs. 

Thomas S. 
McEwen, C. Logan 
McGibbon, Edmund L. 
McGovney, Warren C. 
McGowan, Carl 
McGowen, Edward J., Jr. 
McGowen, Thomas N. 
McGrady, J. A. 
McGraw, Durmont W. 
McGreevy, Robert J. 
McGrew, Edwin H. 
McGuire, Martin J. 
McGuire, Simms D. 
Mclntyre, James 
McKeldin, Mrs. S. Bennet 
McKenna, Dr. Arthur E. 

McKibbin, Mrs. 

George B. 
McKinney, William K. 
McKinsey, Joseph S. 
McKinzie, William V. 
McKittrick, William 

McKnight, Gordon L. 
McKnight, John F. 
McKnight, L. G. 
McKy, Keith B. 
McLain, Stuart 
McLaren, Richard W. 
McLaren, Mrs. Robert J. 
McLaughlin, James P. 
McLaughlin, L. B. 
McLaury, Mrs. 

Walker G. 
McLean, Edward C. 
McLeod, William 
McLetchie, Hugh S. 
McMahon, Mrs. 

Daniel P. 
McMahon, Miss 

McMahon, James P. 
McManus, J. L. 
McNair, Frank 
McNally, Andrew, III 

Donald McC. 
McNitt, W. C. 
McNulty, Joseph M. 
McSurely, Mrs. 

William H. 
McTier, Samuel E. 
Mead, Dr. Irene T. 
Meador, Miss Geraldine 

Means, Kenneth L. 
Meccia, D. D. 
Meek, Joseph T. 
Megowen, E. J. 
Mehaffey, Robert V. 
Meier, Mrs. Florence K. 
Meine, Franklin J. 
Meinert, Richard J. 
Meissner, John F. 
Meiszner, John C. 
Melcarek, Dr. T. A. 
Mele, J. F. 

Mellinghausen, Parker 
Mellody, Mrs. 

Andrew R. 
Meltzer, A. L. 
Melville, Mrs. R. S. 
Mendelsohn, Dr. 

Robert S. 
Menzner, Mrs. 

Howard B. 
Merens, Seymour H. 

Merrill, Frederick L. 
Merrill, Raymond K. 
Merritt, Thomas W. 
Mervis, David C. 
Mesirow, Abner J. 
Mesirow, Norman 
Metcoff, Eli 
Metz, Jerome L. 
Meyer, Albert F. 
Meyer, Mrs. Carl 
Meyer, Mrs. Clara K. 
Meyer, Harold W. 
Meyer, Dr. Karl A. 
Meyer, L. E. 
Meyer, Sebastian 
Meyer, Stanton M. 
Meyer, Wallace 
Meyers, S. E. 
Michaels, F. W. 
Michaels, Joseph M. 
Michaels, Ralph 
Michalaros, Demetrios 
Michels, Henry W., Jr. 
Middleton, R. Hunter 
Miehls, Don G. 
Mietke, Miss Dorothy 
Migely, Robert J. 
Milbrook, A. T. 
Milburn, James F. 
Mildren, Miss Sarah E. 
Millard, A. E. 
Millard, Mrs. E. L. 
Miller, Arthur J., Jr. 
Miller, Bernard 
Miller, F. L. 
Miller, Glenn R. 
Miller, Mrs. Grace 

Miller, Harold M. 
Miller, Henry E. 
Miller, Herbert A. 
Miller, John W. 
Miller, Leo A. 
Miller, M. Glen 
Miller, Milton T. 
Miller, Miss Roberta 
Miller, Miss Ruth 
Miller, R. W. 
Miller, Robert H. 
Miller, Wesley C. 
Miller, William Bricen, Jr. 
Miller, William H. 
Miller, Mrs. William W. 
Milligan, John J. 
Milligan, Robert L. 
Millington, Dr. 

George H. 
Millman, George W. 
Mills, Irving 
Mills, Walter B. 
Milne, James W. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Milner, Robert A. 
Minor, R. R. 
Mitchell, Donald H. 
Mitchell, George 
Mitchell, John E. 
Mitchell, John L. 
Mitchell, Oliver L. 
Mittleman, Eugene 
Mix, Clarence E. 
Moburg, Gerry 
Mohl, Arthur F. 
Mohr, Clarence 
Mohr, Richard F. 
Moinichen, Sigfred L, 
Molina, Dr. FVancisco A. 
Mollendorf, J. D. 
Molnar, Charles 
Monsen, Myron T. 
Montana, James S. 
Montenier, Jules 
Montgomery, Mrs. 

Montgomery, Mrs. R. C. 
Mont-Pas, Westley F. 
Moody, Robert A. 
Moore, Arthur J. 
Moore, Donald F. 
Moore, Edward F. 
Moore, Dr. E. M, 
Moore, Harvey K. 
Moore, Dr. Josiah J. 
Moore, Kenneth W. 
Moore, R. E, 
Moore, Mrs. Ruth 
Moorman, Sylvester D. 
Moran, J. Alfred 
Morava, John H. 
Moreland, James C. 
Morey, Albert A. 
Morgan, Mrs. Carter W. 
Morgan, Dr. Freda 
Morgan, G. Walker 
Morgan, Mark C. 
Moriarty, M. J., Jr. 
Morley, Robert T. 
Moro, Gerald Scott 
Moroni, Harry E., Jr. 
Morris, Milton H. 
Morrison, Clinton 
Morrow, Mrs. C. Allen 
Morstadt, Arthur H. 
Mortimer, Charles A. 
Morton, Howard C. 
Morton, Kenneth 
Mose, Mrs. Einar H. 
Moss, Jerry 
Mottek, C. T. 
Mottier, C. H. 
Moulder, Dr. Peter V. 
Moyer, Mrs. Harold E. 
Muckley, Robert L. 

Mueller, Douglas 
Mugg, Charles L. 
Muldoon, John A., Jr. 
Mullen, J. Bernard 
Mullery, Donald C. 
Mulligan, George V. R. 
Mundy, Peter 
Munnecke, Robert C. 
Munnecke, Mrs. 

Wilbur C. 
Murphy, H. C. 
Murphy, Howard Dudley 
Murphy, J. P. 
Murphy, Michael P. 
Murphy, Stephen M. 
Murray, Cecil J. 
Murray, Edwin A. 
Murray, Dr. William 

H. T. 
Musick, Philip Lee 
Muss, Joshua A. 
Mutter, Mathias S. 
Muzzy, H. Earle 
Myers, W. L. 
Myerson, Raymond K. 

Nadler, Charles Fenger 
Naghten, John Mullin 
Nagler, K. B. 
Nagy, Dr. Andrew 
Naser, Charles F. 
Nash, Mrs. Herbert 
Nash, R. D. 
Natchett, Webster 
Naughton, M. James 
Naughton, Dr. Thomas J. 
Nault, Dr. William H. 
Naven, Benjamin S. 
Neckar, Louis C. 
Nedoss, Dr. H. P. 
Neely, C. W. 
Neiberg, Al 
Neiburger, Herman A. 
Neigoff, Miss Anne 
Neisser, Mrs. Walter R 
Nellis, Frank Post 
Nelson, Mrs. 

Arnold C, Jr. 
Nelson, C. E. 
Nelson, Emerson S. 
Nelson, Mrs. John Ben 
Nelson, William H. 
Nemec, Thomas F. 
Ness, J. Stanley 
Nettnin, L. H. 
Neubauer, Floyd T. 
Neufeld, Dr. 

Evelyn A. Rinallo 
Neukuckatz, John 
Newburg, C. Frank 
Newman, Charles H. 

Newman, Dr. Marcus M. 
Newsome, James E. 
Newton, Ernest L. 
Newton, Lee Craig 
Niblick, James F. 
Nice, Dr. Leonard B. 
Nicholson, Dwight 
Nickel, Walter J. 
Niefeld, Dr. Jaye S. 
Nieland, Mrs. Mollie B. 
Nilles, B. P. 
Nilson, Alfred R. 
Nilsson, Erik 
Nippert, Louis 
Nisen, Charles M. 
Nisson, Dr. Philip S. 
Niven, Dr. Charles F. 
Nixon, Charles A. 
Noble, Fred G. 
Noel, Albert E. 
Noel, Emil 
Noonan, T. Clifford 
Noonan, William A., Jr. 
Noone, John P. 
Nordberg, C. A. 
Nordenburg, Seymour 
Norman, Gustave 
Norris, Mrs. Bruce A. 
North, Mrs. F. S. 
North, William S. 
Northam, Mrs. Harold K. 
Northrup, Lorry R. 
Norton, Mrs. Carl R. 
Norton, Charles E. 
Norton, Michael J. 
Nowaczyk, Alfred 
Nugent, Dr. Oscar B. 
Nugent, Richard H. 
Nygren, Henry C. 

Oakhill, Frederic 
Oakley, Kenneth E. 
Oakley, Mrs, Sterling A. 
Oberhelman, Dr. 

Harry A. 
Oberlander, Dr. 

Andrew J. 
Oberlander, James C. 
Obermaier, Mrs. 

John Burton 
O'Boyle, C. Robert 
O'Brien, Dale 
O'Brien, Dr. Donald E. 
O'Brien, Donald J. 
O'Brien, Dr. George F. 
O'Brien, John J. 
O'Brien, Mrs. 

Mae Sexton, Jr. 
O'Brien, Maurice James 
O'Connell, Dr. 

Franklin T., Jr. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

O'Conner, P. K. 
O'Connor, F. E. 
O'Connor, John J. 
O'Connor, Michael J. 
O'Connor, Thomas S. 
O'Connor, William E. 
Odell, Dr. Clarence B. 
O'Haire, Harry J. 
O'Hearn, Dr. James J. 
O'Keefe, John F. 
Okerberg, Philip E. 
Old, Admiral Francis P. 
O'Leary, Daniel J. 
O'Leary, Miss Geraldine 
Olhausen, Miss Alice 
Oliver, William S. 
Olwin, Dr. John H. 
Ollendorff, Klaus 
O'Neill, Dr. Eugene J. 
O'Neill, J. W. 
Opie, Earle F. 
Oppenheimer, Paul 
Orb, John A. 
O'Reilly, Frank E. 
O'Reilly, R. Patrick 
O'Riordan, Charies F. 
Oriikoff, Richard 
Orner, Mrs. Rhoda 
Orr, Hunter K. 
Orr, Mrs. Reuben 
Orschel, A. K. 
Orstrom, Albert Z. 
Orth, Gustave 
Osann, Edward W., Jr. 
Osborne, Nathan G. 
Osborne, W. Irving, Jr. 
Osgood, Stacy W. 
O'Shaughnessy, James B. 
Osmond, Harvard R. 
O'Toole, John J. 
O'Toole, Paul 
O'Toole, Robert H. 
Ott, John C. 
Ottke, Dr. Robert C. 
Otto, Dr. George H. 
Otto, Walter C. 
Ovenu, Dr. Harold 
Overton, George W., Jr. 
Owen, John E. 
Owen, Mrs. Ralph W. 
Owen, S. C. 
Owens, Stanley 

Pabich, Mrs. George E. 
Pacer, T. S. 

Pachman, Dr. Daniel J. 
Packard, Miss 
Emmy Lou 
Padrick, E. B. 
Page, Mrs. William H., II 

Pagenkopf, Miss 

Pagenta, Dan 
Paidar, Mrs. Leonard J. 
Paisley, W. W. 
Pakel, John, Sr. 
Paleczny, C. N. 
Pallardy, CM. 
Palm, Mrs. Ralph D. 
Palmer, Roland E. 
Pancoast, Robert L. 
Panerali, Joseph M. 
Pantelis, A. A. 
Papiemiak, Dr. Frank B. 
Parker, Lee N. 
Parker, Sam T., Jr. 
Parkhurst, Marshall M. 
Parkin, Mrs. J. L. 
Parks, Robey 
Parme, Alfred L. 
Parmer, John F. 
Parry, Mrs. Margaret 
Paschal, John William 
Pasco, Frank J. 
Pasko, Walter P. 
Patten, Harry 0. 
Patterson, M. W. 
Patterson, W. A. 
Pattis, S. William 
Patton, Ralph E. 
Pattou, Brace 
Pauker, David H. 
Paul, L. O. 
Pauley, Clarence 0. 
Paulus, Mrs. Max G. 
Paveza, Charles 
Payes, William J., Jr. 
Payne, Ned 
Payson, Randolph 
Peabody, Mrs. 

Stuyvesant, Sr. 
Pearce, Charles S. 
Pearce, Thomas H. 
Peck, Miss Constance L. 
Peck, David B., Ill 
Peck, Nelson C. 
Peck, Stewart T. 
Peckler, Dr. David A. 
Pellettiere, Joseph J. 
Pelz, William W. 
Pendexter, J. F. 
Penn, Kurt G. 
Penner, Louis L. 
Penner, Richard J. 
Penner, Samuel 
Pennigsdorf, Lutz 
Pepich, Stephen T. 
Peregrine, Moore W. 
Perin, Donald W. 
Perkins, Donald S. 
Perkins, M.D., George L. 

Perkins, Lawrence B. 
Perkins, Mrs. Robert H. 
Perlitz, Robert H. 
Perlman, Alfred B. 
Perlman, Harold L. 
Perlstein, Miss Sarah M. 
Perry, Miss Margaret E. 
Petacque, Max W. 
Peters, Dr. Albert G. 
Peters, Tom J. 
Petersen, Carl 
Peterson, Clifford J. 
Peterson, C. W. 
Peterson, Dr. Daniel D. 
Peterson, David D. 
Peterson, Eugene A. 
Peterson, H. R. 
Peterson, O. Ewald 
Peterson, O. C. 
Peterson, Melvin O. 
Peterson, Peter G. 
Peterson, Victor H. 
Petriskey, Mrs. Helen 
Petry, Charles J. 
Pettinger, Andrew 
Pettit, Roger 
Petty, Dr. David T. 
Pfarrer, W. H. 
Phelps, Miss Elizabeth 
Phelps, William Henry 
Philip, James G., Jr. 
Philipsborn, Herbert F. 
Philley, Mrs. W. B. 
Piatek, Stanley R. 
Picha, Edward F. 
Pick, O. M. 
Pierce, Berlyn 
Pierce, Mark E. 
Pierson, D. Robert 
Pieters, Graeme Stewart 
Pilchard, Elwin S. 
Pilkington, Thomas A. 
Pillsbury, Theodore R. 
Pilot, Dr. I. 
Pink, Mrs. Harold 
Pinsof, Philip 
Pinsof, William 
Pirofalo, James C. 
Pistona, Mrs. Margaret C. 
Piszczek, Dr. Edward A. 
Pitt, Gavin A. 
Plachota, Dr. J. J. 
Piatt, Henry R., Jr. 
Piatt, Nathan M. 
Piatt, Reuvan N. 
Piatt, Sherwood K. 
Pletsch, George B. 
Plotnick, Dr. I, Robert 
Pochter, Irwin P. 
Poe, Miss Frances 
Pohl, Dr. Carl M. 



Polales, John C. 
Polatsek, Robert D. 
Pollock, Dr. George H. 
Pollock, Mrs. Lewis J. 
Pontius, Andrew L. 
Pontius, Mrs. G. V. 
Pool, E. J. 
Poore, Taylor 
Pope, J. W. 
Porter, Dr. George J. 
Porter, L. W, 
Porterfield, Henry A., Jr. 
Portes, Dr. Caesar 
Portis, Henry R. 
Potter, Charles S. 
Potts, Dr. Willis J. 
Powers, Carl J. 
Powers, John W. 
Powers, William F. 
Praeger, Charles H. 
Preble, Mrs. Robert, Jr. 
Prellwitz, Miss T. L. 
Prentice, J. Rockefeller 
Press, Robert M. 
Preston, Mrs. Bradford 
Preston, Charles D. 
Price, Mrs. Griswold A. 
Price, J. H. 
Priebe, Frank A. 
Prince, Howard C. 
Prince, Robert M. 
Prince, William Wood 
Prindiville, Frank W. 
Pringle, Don 
Prins, D. J. B. 
Pritchard, N. H. 
Pritikin, Mrs. Sara Z. 
Profili, Mrs. Giacomo 
Prohaska, Dr. John Van 
Prokop, Richard A. 
Psik, Mrs. Paul R. 
Puestow, Dr. Charles B. 
Putze, Louis 
Pullman, Frederick C. 
Purdy, John P. 
Purvis, Miss Sadie 
Pushkin, Dr. E. A. 
Putnam, Edmond D. 
Pye, Harold C. 
Pyshos, Basil N. 

Quackenboss, Thomas C. 
Quarles, Albert M. 
Quayle, Robert 
Querl, E. P. 
Quin, George Robert 
Quindry, Frank 
Quinlan, SterHng C. 
Quisenberry, Mrs. Ann C. 
Quisenberry, John A. 
Quisenberry, T. E. 

Raaen, John C. 
Rabb, Stuart W. 
Radack, Mrs. 

Dorothy W. 
Radebaugh, Brye J. 
Rahl, Mrs. James A. 
Raines, Mrs. Dale S. 
Raleigh, Dr. William T. 
Ramsey, Lon W. 
Randell, A. C. 
Rank, Emil T. 
Ranney, George A., Jr. 
Ransom, Lyle H. 
Ransom, Robert C, Sr. 
Rardon, Mrs. Eva B. 
Rasmussen, Howard R. 
Rassenfoss, John A. 
Raubitschek, Dr. 

Howard A. 
Rautbord, Clayton L. 
Rawleigh, James N. 
Rawson, Miss Georgia C. 
Ray, Hugh L. 
Rayner, Lawrence 
Raysa, Richard S. 
Read, Freeman C. 
Ready, Charles H. 
Rearick, Arden J. 
Reckard, Dale W. 
RedclifTe, R. L. 
Redding, Bert J. 
Redding, Mrs. Edward 
Redfield, C. Truman 
Redmond, William A. 
Reed, Mrs. Charles A. 
Reed, Mrs. Frank C. 
Reed, Harold V. 
Reed, L. F. B. 
Rees, Lester G. 
Reese, Edward H. 
Reeves, George C. 
Refakes, A. J. 
Regan, James A. 
Regan, Miss Lucy 
Regnery, Mrs. Henry 
Reich, Lewis W. 
Reicin, Frank E. 
Reid, Alf F. 
Reid, Fred T. 
Reid, Roy 
Reid, Samuel S. 
Reidy, T. Hamil 
Reiff, David 
Reiffel, Dr. Leonard 
Reilly, W. J. 
Rein, Lester E. 
Reiners, Otto A. 
Renald, Joseph P. 
Rennicke, Norbett G. 
Resnikoff , George J. 
Reuscher, Charles J. 

Revnes, Richard 
Reynolds, H. J., Jr. 
Reynolds, Harold P. 
Reynolds, James A., Jr. 
Reynolds, Mrs. Ruth B. 
Reynolds, Thomas A., Sr. 
Rhead, Dr. Clifton C. 
Rhoads, Clarence C. 
Rice, Dr. Frank E. 
Rice, J. E. 
Rice, Dr. Orlin W. 
Rich, Joseph E. 
Richards, Miss Catherine 
Richards, Harper 
Richards, Miss Irma L. 
Richards, John C. 
Richards, Mrs. Oron E. 
Richardson, Irving 
Richman, Charles P. 
Richman, Mrs. Irvin F. 
Richman, Ruben A. 
Richmond, Herbert J. 
Richter, Harold 
Rick, Robert C. 
Rickard, Frank W. 
Ricker, Joseph A. 
Ridley, Douglas 
Riederer, Frank W. 
Riegel, Malcolm S. 
Riegler, Eugene 
Ries, Max H. 
Riggs, Mrs. Joseph A. 
Riggs, W. R. 
Riha, Frank J. 
Riley, Earl K. 
Riley, Edward C. 
Rinaker, Samuel M. 
Ring, Leonard M. 
Ringenberg, Wade R. 
Rink, Dr. Arthur G. 
Rink, George A. 
Rioff , Harry A. 
Ripley, James J. 
Riskin, Murray 
Rissman, Gerald H. 
Risto, Herbert 
Riva, Joseph P. 
Rivkin, William R. 
Rix, Mrs. Bernard J. 
Roach, O. R. 
Roach, Rollin W. 
Robandt, Al 

Robb, Mrs. Margaret H. 
Robbins, Burr L. 
Robbins, Fred J. 
Robbins, Laurence B. 
Roberts, Mrs. Charlene G. 
Roberts, John W. 
Roberts, William E. 
Robertson, Dr. Robert C. 
Robinson, C. Snelling 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Robinson, Ernest N. 
Robinson, W. H. 
Rochetto, Mrs. Evelyn 
Rodell, Herbert L. 
Rodger, John H. 
Rodman, George E. 
Rodriquez, Dr. Arthur A. 
Rodwick, Frank P. 
Roecker, Howard G. 
Roefer, Henry A. 
Roembke, R. 
Roettger, Don E. 
Rogers, Owen 
Rohn, Mrs. Esther E. 
Rold, Dr. Dale 
Rolfe, John M. 
Rolfing, Mrs. R. C. 
Rollman, Justin A. 
Romain, William A. 
Roman, B. F. 
Romano, Michael R. 
Ronning, Magnus I. 
Root, Robert A. 
Rootberg, Philip 
Rose, Jack 
Rose, Ralph 
Roseland, J. G. 
Rosen, Harold J. 
Rosenbaum, Arthur 
Rosenberg, Ben L. 
Rosenberg, H. E. 
Rosenberg, Jack M. 
Rosenblatt, S. L. 
Rosenblum, Mrs. Louis 
Rosenheim, H. H. 
Rosenson, Herzl 
Rosenthal, Gerson M., Jr. 
Rosenwald, Mrs. 

Milly M. 
Roshkind, Allan I. 
Rosner, Manuel 
Ross, Dr. Chester John 
Ross, Earl 
Ross, Mrs. K. B. 
Ross, Dr. Martin T. 
Ross, Ralph H. 
Rossi, Matthew L. 
Rossit, George G. 
Rossman, Theodore 
Rossow, Mrs. Phylis 
Roth, Raymond M. 
Roth, Sylvan A. 
Rothermel, Stephen W. 
Rothschild, Edward 
Roulette, Mrs. Cecil H. 
Roulston, Robert J. 
Rowe, F. B. 
Rowland, Clarence, Jr. 
Rowley, Mrs. Curtis W. 
Rowley, Dr. W. F. 
Royds, Arthur V. 

Rozene, Arthur E. 
Rozmarek, Charles 
Rubnitz, Dr. Myron E. 
Rudd, N. H. 
Rudolph, Mrs. Bertha 
Rudolph, Mrs. David P. 
Rudolph, Miss Patricia 
Rudolph, Walter D. 
Rubert, William F. 
Rudin, Louis E. 
Ruff, J. 

Ruhl, Robert H. 
Rummell, Darwin M. 
Rummler, Charles W. 
Rumsfeld, Herbert W. 
Rundin, Walter C, Jr. 
Runzel, William L., Jr. 
Rush, Charles M. 
Rush, Richard B. 
Rusin, Bron J. 
Ruskin, Mrs. Harry H. 
Russell, Harold S. 
Russell, Mrs. Paul 
Russell, W. Hunter 
Ruth, Philip F. 
Ruth, Miss Thyra J. 
Rutherford, James E. 
Rutherford, M. Drexel 
Ruttenberg, David C. 
Ruttenberg, Derald H. 
Ryan, Arnold W. 
Ryerson, Anthony M. 
Rynberk, Gilbert J. 
Ryser, Frank 
Ryser, Werner 

Saalfeld, Harry H. 
Sabshin, Dr. Edith G. 
Sacco, Anthony E. 
Saccone, Joseph A., Jr. 
Sachs, Irving J. 
Sachs, Jack L. 
Sack, Bernard N. 
Sack, Don 

Sackheim, Michael P. 
Sackheim, Sol 
Sadauskas, Miss 

Frances H. 
Sagan, Bruce 
Sage, Andrew 
Sage, Miss Mary E. 
Sager, Mrs. S. Norman 
Sailor, Mrs. Charles M. 
Salanda, Karl B. 
Saldivar, Dr. Ricardo E. 
Salins, Sidney 
Salm, Raymond C. 
Salmon, Mrs. Charles S. 
Salomon, Ira 
Saltiel, Dr. Thomas P. 
Salvador, Rupert D. 

Sampson, Robert L. 
Sampson, William D. 
Samuels, Albert 
Sanborn, Mrs. V. C. 
Sandberg, C. A. 
Sandberg, John V. 
Sanders, Frank B. 
Sanders, Joseph H. 
Sanders, Robert L. 
Sanders, Stephen P. 
Sanderson, Gerald 
Sandrik, Stephen 
Sandrok, Edward G. 
Sanfilippo, Dr. John A. 
Sang, Bernard S. 
Sappanos, Michael 
Sauer, James H. 
Sauerman, John A. 
Saunders, Richard S. 
Saupe, Mrs. Anna 
Savage, Mrs. Stanley 
Savard, Gonzag^e A. 
Savin, Bernard 
Savin, V. R. 
Sawyer, Percy 
Sax, Jerome M. 
Sax, Leonard B. 
Sayers, Miss Edith E. 
Sayre, Dr. Loren D. 
Scala, Mrs. Florence 
Scalise, Joseph W. 
Scallon, John W. 
Scandiff, Jerry R. 
Scanlan, Thomas P. 
Scanlon, Miss Marjorie 
Schaar, B. E. 
Schade, George Carl 
Schaden, Harry 
Schaden, Tobias 
Schaefer, W. A. 
Schaffner, Miss Marion 
Schageman, R. V. 
Schaller, George J. 
Schallerer, Mrs. Mary 

Schallman, David A. 
Schallmoser, Joseph 
Schanck, Francis R. 
Schanck, Francis R., Jr. 
Schatzman, Marvin E. 
Schau, Ernest G. 
Scheele, A. 
Scheer, Harry 
Scheiner, Edward F. 
Scheinfeld, Aaron 
Schelthoff, John W. 
Scheman, Dr. Louis 
Schiff, Max 
Schildt, Fred H. 
Schiller, Dr. A. L. 
Schiller, Donald H. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Schiltz, M. A. 
Schipfer, Dr. L. A. 
Schlesinger, Richard B. 
Schlessinger, Dr. Nathan 
Schlicht, B. J. 
Schloerb, Robert G. 
Schlossberg, John B. 
Schlossman, Norman J. 
Schmeal, Howard A. 
Schmehil, Dr. Edward J. 
Schmidt, Fred H. 
Schmidt, Robert George 
Schmidt, Mrs. 

Siegfried G. 
Schmitt, Roland G. 
Schneider, Charles I. 
Schnipper, Michael 
Schoch, M. G. 
Schoeneberger, Charles A. 
Schonthal, Joseph 
Schooler, Lee 
Schorn, Arnold N. 
Schrader, John P. 
Schraeder, Mrs. Harry K. 
Schrager, Charles L. 
Schreyer, Carl G. 
Schroeder, Paul A. 
Schroeder, Dr. Paul W. 
Schulien, Charles 
Schultz, Arthur L. 
Schultz, Chester H. 
Schultz, Eugene B., Jr. 
Schultz, W. Norman 
Schuster, Amos M, 
Schuth, O. D. 
Schuttler, Mrs. Peter 
Schwalm, Harold E. 
Schwartz, Ben E. 
Schwartz, U. S. 
Schweich, Anderson M. 
Schwemm, Earl M. 
Scofield, Clarence P. 
Scott, A. Charles 
Scott, Frederick H. 
Scott, J. Grant 
Scott, Mrs. J. Russell 
Scott, Mrs. Marion R. 
Scott, Robert M. 
Scott, Walter B. 
Scrimgeour, Miss 

Gladys M. 
Scully, Charles F. 
Seaman, H. Gilbert 
Seaman, Henry L. 
Seaman, Irving, Jr. 
Seator, Douglas S. 
Seaverns, George A., Jr. 
Seckler, Samuel A. 
Seeley, Miles G. 
Segal, J. Herzl 

Segal, Max 
Segman, Walter W. 
Seibel, Mrs. Julia F. 
Seibert, William R. 
Seidel, Walter H. 
Self, Joseph V. 
Selfridge, Calvin F. 
Sell, N. J. 
Selle, Miss Pearl C. 
Sellers, Dr. Donald W. 
Sellers, Paul A. 
Selz, Miss Denise 
Sensenbrenner, O. K. 
Serwat, Leonard H. 
Sevcik, John G. 
Severns, Roger L. 
Severance, George S. 
Sewart, Whitney M. 
Seymour, Fletcher 
Shafer, Frederick C. 
Shafer, Dr. Sid John 
Shannon, Peter M. 
Shantz, Marc A. 
Shapiro, Arthur M. 
Share, J. R. 
Shaw, Lee C. 
Shea, Richard E. 
Shearer, James, II 
Shedd, Mrs. Charles C. 
Shedd, JeflFrey 
Sheehan, Mrs. Robert R. 
Sheehan, Thomas J. 
Shepard, Kenneth E. 
Shepherd, Ronald J. 
Sherer, Mrs. Albert W. 
Sheridan, Donald T. 
Sheridan, Leo J. 
Sheridan, Raymond M. 
Sheridan, Robert P. 
Sherman, John H. 
Sherman, Robert T. 
Sherman, Mrs. Robert T. 
Shetler, Stanley L. 
Shields, G. A. 
Shilton, Earle A. 
Shine, Joseph J. 
Shimer, William B. 
Shipley, M, L. 
Shlaes, Harry L. 
Shlopack, Wallace B. 
Shoemaker, F. Wells 
Sholes, DeVer 
Short, Jeffrey R., Jr. 
Short, William H. 
Shrader, Frank K. 
Shuart, Karl P. 
Shuflitowski, Joseph T. 
Shure, Arnold I. 
Shuster, Leroy C. 
Shutack, John T. 

Shriver, Robert 

Sargent, Jr. 
Shy, Ira O. 
Sieber, Paul E. 
Siegan, B. H. 
Sierocinski, E. John 
Sieron, Robert D. 
Silber, Newton E. 
Silver, Mrs. M. 
Silverstein, Mrs. Milton 
Silverthorne, Mrs. 

Simanski, Mrs. Julia 
Simjack, Miss Marybeth 
Simmon, Dr. 

Nicholas M. 
Simmons, George H. 
Simmons, Dr. Nicholas L. 
Simon, Mrs. Arnold B. 
Simon, Charles H. 
Simon, George E. 
Simpson, Benjamin I. 
Simpson, Bruce L. 
Simpson, Mrs. Donald J. 
Simpson, E. A. 
Simpson, John B. 
Simpson, Justin 
Sims, David K. 
Singer, Carl N. 
Singer, Morris T. 
Singleton, Thomas B. 
Sippel, Edward A. 
Sisler, George F, 
Sitek, John A. 
Sittler, Dr. W. Walter 
Sivyer, Warner 
SkafT, Mrs. Ernest 
Skamfer, Robert 
Skan, Leon N. 
Skeie, Kermit A. 
Sklansky, Mrs. M. A. 
Sklar, N. Raoul 
Skoczek, Mrs. Roman A. 
Skoner, Ralph 
Skudera, Mrs, Marie 
Slater, Milton E. 
Slindee, Mrs. Edward A. 
Sloan, Dr. Jack H. 
Slottow, Richard S. 
Smalley, B. L. 
Smalley, Dr. Charles J. 
Smalley, John H. 
Smigiel, Chester W. 
Smith, C. D. 
Smith, Charles L. 
Smith, F. Gordon 
Smith, George P. F. 
Smith, Goff 
Smith, H. Kellogg 
Smith, H. William 
Smith, Harold A. 



Smith, Harry C. 
Smith, Harry T. 
Smith, Howard A. 
Smith, John Justin 
Smith, Kenneth P. 
Smith, L. L. 
Smith, Dr. Manuel 
Smith, Norbert 
Smith, Owen 
Smith, Mrs. Raymond F. 
Smith, Robert C. 
Smith, Mrs. Solomon B. 
Smith, S. S. 
Smoker, Richard E. 
Smyth, David B. 
Snitoff, Howard J. 
Snyder, Bernard A. 
Snyder, Edward J., Jr. 
Snyder, James E. 
Sokolec, Maurice 
Sollis, Edwin B. 
Sollitt, Sumner S. 
Solomon, Ezra 
Sommers, Bert Edward 
Sonderby, Max E. 
Sonne, Fred T. 
Sonoda, Miss Louise 
Soper, Taylor G. 
Sorensen, Howard C. 
Sorensen, L. W. 
Sorrelle, E. Courtney 
Souder, W. F., Jr. 
Southwick, Dr. Harry W. 
Sowa, Frank 
Spangler, James C. 
Spanik, Miss Anne 
Spanjer, Henry J., Jr. 
Sparberg, Sidney J. 
Spark, David I. 
Spaulding, George E. 
Spaulding, J. B. 
Spelman, Harold J. 
Spencer, Charles M. 
Spencer, Mrs. I. 
Spencer, William N. 
Sperry, Oliver R. 
Spertus, Philip 
Spiegel, Miss 

Katherine J. 
Spiehler, Adolph F. 
Spinka, Dr. Harold M. 
Spitz, Lawrence S. 
Spitz, Milton J. 
Spooner, Dr. Bruce A. 
Squire, D. 
Staat, Richard A. 
Stade, Hans A. 
Stafford, Charles M. 
Stafford, Mrs. Richard W. 
Stagman, Nathan 
Stagman, Dr. Joseph 

Stahl, John 
Stahl, T. R. 
Stair, H. Bowen 
Stanbery, J. N. 
Standen, Charles R. 
Stang, J. L 
Stanley, E. V. 
Stanton, Mrs. Francis R. 
Stanton, John 
Star, Alvin D. 
Stark, Ralph W. 
Starshak, A. L. 
Starkweather, M. F. 
Starzyk, Dale 
Stauffacher, E. L. 
Stavenhagen, Fred A. 
Stavish, Emanuel G. 
Steans, Dr. George L. 
Stebbins, Mrs. A. L. 
Steele, Mrs. Chester B. 
Stefany, Henry 
Steffen, Charles 
Steffey, O. O. 
Steigmann, Dr. 

Stein, A. D. 
Stein, Mrs. Louise K. 
Stein, Melvyn E. 
Steiner, Miss Joanne 
Steinhorn, Mrs. S. R. 
Steinmann, Mrs. F. H. 
Steins, Mrs. Halsey 
Stekly, Harold 
Stenhouse, Miss 

Bessie C. 
Stenn, Dr. Frederick 
Stepelton, Norman A. 
Stephan, Edmund A. 
Stephens, Dr. Natalie 
Sterling, James R. 
Stern, Henry 
Stern, Jerome H. 
Stern, John W. 
Stern, Herbert L. 
Stern, Herbert L., Jr. 
Stern, Lawrence F. 
Stern, Russell T. 
Stern, Russell T., Jr. 
Sternberg, Arthur 
Sternberg, Edward 
Stetson, William C. 
Stevens, John Paul 
Stevens, William E. 
Stevenson, Ben T. 
Stevenson, Mrs. Borden 
Stewart, Brendan J. 
Stewart, George W. 
Stewart, Ray S. 
St. George, George Q. M. 
Stiggleman, James H. 
Stikkers, Alex 

Stirling, Miss Dorothy 
Stix, Lawrence C, Jr. 
Stoaks, Richard O. 
Stocker, Frederick B., Jr. 
Stocking, George T. 
Stoesser, John N. 
Stofft, Edmond B. 
Stohl, Milton R. 
Stokesberry, Paul W. 
Stolar, Burton L 
Stollery, Mrs. Harry 
Stolz, Leon 
Stone, Mrs. E. J. 
Stone, Harry L. 
Stone, Herbert Stuart 
Stone, J. McWilliams 
Stone, Marvin N. 
Stone, W. Clement 
Stonehouse, Elmer H. 
Storey, Smith W. 
Storkan, Mrs. James 
Stormont, Dr. D. L. 
Stout, Frederick E. 
Stover, Frank C. 
Straight, Mrs. Madeline 

Strandjord, Dr. Nels M. 
Strathearn, Donald, Jr. 
Stratton, Robert C. 
Stratz, Albert E. 
Straus, Mrs. Robert E. 
Strauss, Eugene O. 
Stresen-Reuter, A. P. 
Strnad, James E., Jr. 
Stroben, Donald R. 
Strom, Norman N. 
Stryck, Paul W. 
Stuart, La Rhett L. 
Stuart, Lyman J. 
Stuart, William M. 
Stubenrauch, E. H. 
Stuckslager, Walter N. 
Study, Dr. Robert S. 
Study, Mrs. Robert 
Sturdy, Franklin D. 
Stueckemann, Mrs. 

Fred C. 
Sturm, Arthur 
Succa, Roy J. 
Sujack, Edwin T. 
Sule, Charles J. 
Sullivan, Eugene T. 
Sulzberger, Mrs. 

Frank L. 
Sundell, Miss Grace B. 
Sundt, E. V. 
Sutton, Dr. George C. 
Suyker, Hector 
Svec, Anton E. 
Svensson, Olof 
Swain, Mrs. Henry 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Swan, Jack 
Swanson, H. G. 
Swartz, Harry B. 
Swartzberg, Irvin 
Sweeney, David B. 
Sweet, Mrs. Carroll 
Sweet, David M. 
Swenson, Gayle 
Swenson, R. E. 
Swett, William O. 
Swift, Phelps Hoyt 
Swift, T. Philip 
Swihart, J. R. 
Swinford, James C. 
Swoiskin, Dr. Irving 
Swope, George 

Taaffe, C. R. 
Taber, Edwin M. 
Taber, John Anderson 
Tabin, Mrs. Adrian 
Tabin, Mrs. Albert 
Tabin, Julius 
Taft, Mrs. John Ailes 
Talbot, Dr. Eugene S. 
Talbot, Stuart 
Talbott, John B. 
Talmage, Mrs. Harry 
Tannenbaum, Saul 0. 
Tarnopol, Emil 
Tarrson, Albert J. 
Tatge, Paul W. 
Taub, Charles 
Taylor, Fitzhugh 
Taylor, Mrs. Hope 
Taylor, John W. 
Taylor, Mrs. John W., Jr. 
Taylor, Mrs. Sam G., Ill 
Taylor, William L., Jr. 
Taymor, Aaron 
Teach, Gordon L. 
Tecson, Joseph A. 
Tedrow, James W. 
Teichen, E. H. 
Teitel, Charles 
Teitelbaum, Joseph D. 
Telfer, Bruce T. 
Tellefsen, Ralph, Jr. 
Teller, Sidney A. 
Temple, Jack B. 
Temple, John 
Templeman, William I. 
Temps, Leupold 
Teninga, Alfred J. 
Tennant, Don 
Terker, Sam 
Terrell, Richard L. 
Terrill, Dean 
Terry, Willis E. 
Teter, Park 
Thiele, Edward M. 

Thiele, George C. 
Thoelecke, L. C. 
Thomas, Mrs. B. Russell 
Thomas, Miss Martha 
Thomas, Norman L. 
Thompson, C. Harold 
Thompson, Dr. Charles E. 
Thompson, H. Hoyt 
Thompson, Dr. John R. 
Thompson, Russell W. 
Thompson, Warren E. 
Thorek, Dr. Philip 
Thoresen, H. B. 
Thrush, George H. 
Thurber, Joseph G. 
Thurston, John F. 
Tibbs, Harry M. 
Tice, Winfield 
Tideman, S. N., Jr. 
Tiersky, Dr. Morris D. 
Tilden, Merrill W. 
Timmings, G. H. 
Tinen, John, Jr. 
Tinsley, Dr. Milton 
Tippens, Mrs. Albert H. 
Tittle, Vernon 
Tobey, Newton H. 
Todd, Mrs. E. L. 
Toelle, R. Maynard 
Tolpin, Dr. Samuel 
Toomin, Philip R. 
Topolinski, J. J. 
Torgerson, Ray G. 
Tourtellot, Gair, III 
Towns, R. E. 
Toyomura, Dennis 
Trace, Dr. Herbert D. 
Tracy, T. J. 
Tracy, Wheeler 
Trager, D. C. 
Train, Jack D. 
Trainor, Mrs. Minita 
Traver, George W. 
Travers, Claude R. 
Traynor, William 
Tread way, Cecil E. 
Treadwell, George P. 
Treasurer, Mrs. Henry J., 

Trees, Charles J. 
Tremper, Robert 
Tresley, Dr. Ira J. 
Trieger, Ralph 
Trienens, Howard J. 
Triggs, Warren 
Triner, Joseph 
Troeger, Louis P. 
Troxel, Dr. J. C. 
Troxell, R. L. 
Tubergen, Harry F., Jr. 
Tucker, Irwin R. 

Turek, A. O. 
Turgrimson, Charles D. 
Turkevich, Nicholas L. 
Turner, Dr. Herbert A. 
Turner, Oliver S. 
Turner, William S. 
Tuthill, 0. W. 
Tuzin, C. F. 
Tyk, Warren G. 
Tyson, John 

Ufferman, William 
Uhlmann, Richard F. 
Ultsch, W. Lewis 
Underwood, Richard C. 
Uaro, Gerard M. 
Unger, Mrs. Dan 
Urann, E. B. 
Urbach, Mrs. H. H. 
Urban, Andrew 
Urban, John T. 
Uretz, Daniel A. 
Urick, Delbert N. 
Uriell, Frank G. 
Urnes, Dr. M. P. 
Ushijima, Mrs. Ruth 
Utz, Miss Martha 

Vacante, Dr. Anthony B. 
Vachout, Dr. D. M. 
Vail, Mrs. Daniel M. 
Vail, Donald P. 
Vail, J. Dean, Jr. 
Valentine, Mrs. Joseph L. 
Van Buskirk, M. G. 
Vance, Norman, Jr. 
Vance, S. M, 
Vanderkloot, Dr. Albert 
Vander Kloot, 

Nicholas J. 
Vander Laan, Dr. 

CorneHus A. 
van der Meulen, John H. 
Vander Ploeg, Frank 
Vanderwicken, Mrs. 

Edwin P. 
Van Deventer, 

William E. 
Van Dyk, S. A. 
Van Epps, Dr. James 
Van Etten, Floyd G. 
Van Gorkom, Mrs. J. W. 
Van Hagen, Mrs. 

George E., Ill 
Van Hazel, Dr. Willard 
Van Kampen, A. H. 
Van Ness, A. L. 
Van Ryzin, Mrs. Joel G. 
Van Stanten, James 
Varde, Chris M. 
Varley, John S. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Vasalle, Master David 
Vaughan, A. W. 
Vaughn, Wilbert T. 
Veeder, Mrs. Melvin N. 
Veeger, Jack 
Velvel, Charles 
Velvel, H. R. 
Venrick, Mrs. Charles F. 
Vergeck, Bruno J. 
Verhaag, Dr. Joseph E. 
Ver Nooy, Miss Winifred 
Vernon, Leroy N. 
Verros, Harry Peter 
Vetter, Paul G. 
Veverka, Dr. Frank J. 
Vicari, Dr. Frank A. 
Vick, Maurice B. 
Victorine, Vernon E. 
Viger, James W. 
Vihon, Charles H. 
Vilas, Mrs. Royal C. 
Vilsoet, William 
Vincenti, Anthony P. 
Vivas, Julio 
Vlcek, Dr. Anton J. 
Vogt, Robert F. 
Voigt, Mrs. Wilbur R. 
Volid, Peter 
Vollmer, Karl F. 
Von Brauchitsch, 

Frederick C. 
Vondrasek, Earl A. 
Von Gehr, George 
Voorhis, Jerry 
Voris, Dr. Harold C. 
Vose, Hamilton, Jr. 
Voytech, Charles F. 
Vratny, Thomas J. 
Vyse, T. A. E. 

Wach, Dr. Edward C. 
Wachter, Frederick J. 
Wack, Mrs. Edwin O. 
Wack, Mrs. Otis 
Wade, Wendell W. 
Wadsworth, Robert 

Wagoner, William F. 
Waitkus, E. Algerd 
Walbert, Richard 
Waldie, Benjamin D. 
Waldman, Dr. Albert G. 
Waldner, Arthur L. 
Waldo, C. Ives, Jr. 
Walgren, Lawrence C. 
Walker, Dr. Alfred O. 
Walker, Frank R. 
Walker, Dr. Maggie L. 
Walker, Malcolm M. 
Walker, Reno R. 
Wallace, William B. 

Wallace, Zearl B. 
Wallenstein, Sidney 
Waller, Fletcher C. 
Wallerstedt, R. W. 
Wallerstein, David B. 
Wallgren, Eric M. 
Walling, Mrs. 

Willoughby G. 
Wallingford, Donald H. 
Wallis, Wayne 
Walter, Guy S. 
Walters, Gary G. 
Walther, Cole 
Waltman, C. E. 
Waltman, Charles T. 
Wanda, Dimitry 
Wands, Mrs. Thomas F. 
Wang, Dr. S. Y. 
Wanger, David E., Jr. 
Wanzer, H. Stanley 
Warady, Dr. Seymore C. 
Ward, Mrs. Herbert S. 
Warde, Frederick A. 
Wardwell, Allen 
Wardwell, Henry 
Ware, James R. 
Ware, Willis C. 
Warman, Winfield C. 
Warner, Kenneth O. 
Warner, Mason 
Warner, Peter B. 
Warren, Ben O. 
Warren, Richard C. 
Warshawsky, Roy I. 
Warshell, Henry L. 
Washburn, Dr. 

Kenneth C. 
Wasson, Theron 
Waterfield, John R. 
Waterman, Mrs. Alex H. 
Watling, John 
Watrons, David C. 
Watson, D. R. 
Watson, George 
Watson, Norman E. 
Watson, Mrs. Thomas S., 

Watson, William D. 
Watts, Amos H. 
Watts, G. W. 
Watts, James A. 
Watts, Dr. Walter F. 
Weary, RoUin D., Jr. 
Weatherby, George W. 
Weathers, Everett A. 
Webb, Dr. A. C. 
Webb, Dr. J. Lewis 
Webber, Mrs. Gayle M. 
Webber, Mrs. Harriet P. 
Weber, James E. 
Weber, Miss Laura M. 

Weber, Paul W. 
Webster, Dr. Augusta 
Webster, N. C. 
Webster, Wesley G. 
Weeks, Andrew G. 
Weeks, Harrison S. 
Weick, George T. 
Weidert, William C. 
Weil, Mrs. Cari H. 
Weil, David Maxwell 
Weiner, Aaron B. 
Weiner, Charles 
Weiner, Irwin S. 
Weinstein, Harold 
Weinstein, M. A. 
Weintroub, Benjamin 
Weisbrod, Mrs. 

H. Johnstone 
Weisman, Mrs. Nat 
Weiss, Dr. Arthur M. 
Weiss, Dr. Marvin A. 
Weiss, Louis J. 
Weisz, William J. 
Welch, Raymond W., Jr. 
Wellman, Lester R., Jr. 
Wells, Sidney 
Welsh, Vernon M. 
Welton, Arthur D. 
Wendel, Mrs. George E. 
Wendt, Mrs. M. R. 
Wenner, Mrs. David, Jr. 
Wenninger, William C. 
Werner, Mrs. A. J. 
Werner, Dr. Howard L. 
Werrenrath, Reinald, Jr. 
Wesby, Charles F. 
Wessling, Richard 
West, Arthur 
West, James D. 
West, Lawrence J. 
West, Richard H. 
Westbrook, Charles H. 
West brook, Frank 
Westerfield, Harry G. 
Westerhold, Mrs. 

Lenora C. 
Westfall, Dr. Robert E. 
Wetherell, Warren 
Whall, Arthur L. 
Wharton, Mrs. 

Joseph P., Jr. 
Wheary, Warren 
Wheaton, David 
Wheeler, Henry P. 
Wheeler, John B. 
Wheeler, W. L. 
White, Gordon 
White, Dr. Gregory J. 
White, John G. 
White, Miss Naomi 
White, Dr. Michael S. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

White, Dr. Philip C. 
White, Philip M. 
White, Dr. Ralph P. 
White, Richard H. 
White, Robert P. 
Whitelock, John B. 
Whiteman, Weston K. 
Whiteway, Mrs. R. E. 
Whiting, Lawrence H. 
Whitsell, Dr. F. M. 
Whitte, Virgel E. 
Wickersham, Mrs. Lucille 
Wicks, Dr. Mark 
Wiersum, Jack 
Wieser, Walter J. 
Wilby, A. C. 
Wiles, Bradford 
Wilhelm, Eugene A. 
Wilkes, Mrs. R. M. 
Will, Philip, Jr. 
Willard, Nelson W. 
Willey, Lawrence V., Jr. 
Williams, Albert D. 
Williams, Bennett 
Williams, Miss Diane 
Williams, Donald B. 
Williams, Mrs. 

Ednyfed H. 
Williams, Emory 
Williams, Lynn A. 
Williams, Dr. 0. B. 
Williams, Dr. Philip C. 
Williams, Ralph E. 
Williams, R. Arthur 
Williams, Robert J. 
Williamson, Harold A. 
Willing, Mrs. Mark S., Jr. 
Willis, George H. 
Willis, Ivan L. 
Willy, Dr. Ralph G. 
Wilsey, Dr. H. Lawrence 
Wilson, Christopher W. 

Christopher W., Jr. 
Wilson, Dr. Earle E. 
Wilson, E. W. 
Wilson, H. B. 
Wilson, Harold E. 
Wilson, Mrs. John H. 
Wilson, Joseph J. 
Wilson, Robert M. 
Wilson, Mrs. Roger V. 
Windes, Guilford R. 
Winkenweder, V. O. 
Winkler, Edward 
Winograd, Dr. Alvin M. 
Winston, Farwell 
Winter, Mrs. Gibson 
Winter, Ted 
Winterbotham, John R. 

Winters, Ernest J. 
Wise, Dr. Sidney S. 
Wishingrad, Dr. Lester 
Wisner, David E. 
Wiss, Dr. Edward J. 
Withall, H. H. 
Withall, Mrs. William E. 
Witt, Robert J. 
Witte, Lester 
Witty, Dr. Drake R. A. 
Wlocholl, Arthur 
Wojnarowsky, Dr. 

Wolcoff, Phillip 
Wolf, Albert M. 
Wolf, Andrew 
Wolf, C. W. 
Wolf, Morris E. 
Wolf, Albert M. 
Wolfe, Edward 
Wolfe, Hubert J. 
Wolff, Arnold R. 
Wolfson, Max J. 
Wolfson, Rudolph A. 
Wood, A. E. 
Wood, Alexander M. 
Wood, Arthur M. 
Wood, C. A. 
Wood, Harold F. 
Wood, Kenward T. 
Wood, Mrs. Phylys 
Wood, Reverend 

Walter S. 
Wood, William A. 
Wood, Mrs. William J. 
Woodall, Lloyd 
Woodman, Dudley J. 
Woodruff, Donald E. 
Woods, Dr. A. W. 
Woods, Robert A. 
Woodside, William S. 
Woodson, William T. 
Woodward, Miss 

Mary H. 
Woody, Warren V. 
Woolley, Murray B. 
Woolpy, Max 
Workman, S. L. 
Works, Nelson C, Jr. 
Works, Mrs. Nelson C, Jr. 
Worthy, James C, 
Wray, Franklin C. 
Wray, Glenn 
Wreath, Robert L. 
Wright, John A. 
Wright, C. G. 
Wright, Dr. F. Howell 
Wright, Miss 

Margaret J. 
Wrightson, William F. 

Wujcik, Robert 
Wydra, Henry 
Wyman, Austin L., Jr. 
Wyne, Walter 
Wynne, Mrs. Lloyd 

Xelowski, Dr. Thad 

Yacullo, Dr. William A. 
Yager, Richard Sidney 
Yavitz, Sidney M. 
Yellin, Morris 
Yeoman, George W. 
Yeretsky, Norman M. 
Yesnick, Dr. Louis 
Ylvsaker, L. 
Yntema, Dr. Leonard F. 
Yohe, C. Lloyd 
Young, C. S. 
Young, George B. 
Young, Rollin R. 
Young, William T., Jr. 
Youngquist, C. Harry 
Youngren, W. W. 
Ytterberg, Victor E. 

Zabor, Dr. Robert C. 
Zaczek, Miss 

Genevieve A. 
Zagrodny, Edward 
Zahn, Louis 
Zarish, Mrs. Joseph F. 
Zartman, James N. 
Zehr, Ores E. 
Zeiss, Dr. Chester R. 
Zeitlin, Dr. N. S. 
Zeitlin, Samuel E. 
Zekman, Dr. Theodore N. 
Zelinsky, S. F. 
Zelinsky, Mrs. S. F. 
Zeller, Charles B. 
Zerega, Joseph J. 
Ziegler, Dr. George E. 
Zielinski, Dr. Victor J. 
Zigler, John D. 
Zimmerman, Austin M. 
Zimmerman, Charles W. 
Zimmerman, Herbert 
Zimmerman, Irving 
Zimmerman, Dr. Nathan 
Zimmerman, Otto H. 
Zimmermann, Frank O. 
Zimmermann, Mrs. P. T. 
Zisook, Edmond N. 
Zitzewitz, Arthur F. 
Zoll, William F. 
Zurek, Anthony A. 
Zurek, Francis J. 
Zusser, Maurice M. 
Zylstra, Clifford H. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Aitchison, Robert J. 
Amberg, Harold V. 

Burnham, Mrs. Daniel H. 
Butler, Horace G. 

Flack, Dr. Hugh A. 

Harman, Dr. Hubert F. 
Harrison, Rodney D. 


Jones, Mrs. 

Walter Clyde, Sr. 

Koch, Carl 

McClurg, Verne O. 
McDonough, John J. 
Montgomery, S. A. 

Noyes, Mrs. Ernest 

Oberfelder, Joseph H. 

Dr. Abraham M. 

Perlman, Alfred H. 
Price, Griswold A. 

Samuels, Benjamin 
Smith, Bernard Peacock 
Stebler, Mrs. W. J. 



Articles of Incorporation 



William H. Hinrichsen, Secretary of State 

To All to Whom These Presents Shall Come, Greeting : 

Whereas, a Certificate duly signed and acknowledged having been filed in the 
office of the Secretary of State, on the 16th day of September, a.d. 1893, for the 
organization of the COLUMBIAN MUSEUM OF CHICAGO, under and in 
accordance with the provisions of "An Act Concerning Corporations," approved 
April 18, 1872, and in force July 1, 1872, and all acts amendatory thereof, a copy 
of which certificate is hereto attached. 

Now, therefore, I, William H. Hinrichsen, Secretary of State of the State of 
Illinois, by virtue of the powers and duties vested in me by law, do hereby certify 
that the said COLUMBIAN MUSEUM OF CHICAGO is a legally organized 
Corporation under the laws of this State. 

In Testimony Whereof, I hereto set my hand and cause to be affixed the 
Great Seal of State. Done at the City of Springfield, this 16th day of September, 
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three, and of the 
Independence of the United States the one hundred and eighteenth. 


[Seal] Secretary of State. 


Secretary of State: 

We, the undersigned citizens of the United States, propose to form a cor- 
poration under an act of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois, entitled 
"An Act Concerning Corporations," approved April 18, 1872, and all acts amenda- 
tory thereof; and that for the purposes of such organization we hereby state as 
follows, to- wit: 

1. The name of such corporation is the "COLUMBIAN MUSEUM OF 

2. The object for which it is formed is for the accumulation and dissemi- 
nation of knowledge, and the preservation and exhibition of objects illustrating 
Art, Archaeology, Science and History. 

3. The management of the aforesaid museum shall be vested in a Board of 
Fifteen (15) Trustees, five of whom are to be elected every year. 

4. The following named persons are hereby selected as the Trustees for the 
first year of its corporate existence: 

Edward E. Ayer, Charles B. Farwell, George E. Adams, George R. Davis, 
Charles L. Hutchinson, Daniel H. Burnham, John A. Roche, M. C. Bullock, 
Emil G. Hirsch, James W. Ellsworth, Allison V. Armour, O. F. Aldis, Edwin 
Walker, John C. Black and Frank W. Gunsaulus. 

5. The location of the Museum is in the City of Chicago, County of Cook, 
and State of Illinois. 


George E. Adams, C. B. Farwell, Sidney C. Eastman, F. W. Putnam, Robert 
McCurdy, Andrew Peterson, L. J. Gage, Charles L. Hutchinson, Ebenezer 


Buckingham, Andrew McNally, Edward E. Ayer, John M. Clark, Herman H. 
Kohlsaat, George Schneider, Henry H. Getty, William R. Harper, Franklin H. 
Head, E. G. Keith, J. Irving Pearce, Azel F. Hatch, Henry Wade Rogers, Thomas 
B. Bryan, L. Z. Leiter, A. C. Bartlett, A. A. Sprague, A. C. McClurg, James W. 
Scott, Geo. F. Bissell, John R. Walsh, Chas. Fitzsimmons, John A. Roche, E. B. 
McCagg, Owen F. Aldis, Ferdinand W. Peck, James H. Dole, Joseph Stockton, 
Edward B. Butler, John McConnell, R. A. Waller, H. C. Chatfield-Taylor, A. 
Crawford, Wm. Sooy Smith, P. S. Peterson, John C. Black, Jno. J. Mitchell, C. F. 
Gunther, George R. Davis, Stephen A. Forbes, Robert W. Patterson, Jr., M. C. 
Bullock, Edwin Walker, George M. Pullman, William E. Curtis, James W. 
Ellsworth, William E. Hale, Wm. T. Baker, Martin A. Ryerson, Huntington 
W. Jackson, N. B. Ream, Norman WilHams, Melville E. Stone, Bryan Lathrop, 
Eliphalet W. Blatchford, Philip D. Armour. 

State of Illinois ) 

> ss. 
Cook County I 

I, G. R. Mitchell, a Notary Public in and for said County, do hereby 
certify that the foregoing petitioners personally appeared before me and acknowl- 
edged severally that they signed the foregoing petition as their free and voluntary 
act for the uses and purposes therein set forth. 

Given under my hand and notarial seal this 14th day of September, 1893. 

G. R. Mitchell, 
[Seal] Notary Public, Cook County, III. 


Pursuant to a resolution passed at a meeting of the corporate members held 
the 25th day of June, 1894, the name of the COLUMBIAN MUSEUM was 
changed to FIELD COLUMBIAN MUSEUM. A certificate to this eflFect was 
filed June 26, 1894, in the office of the Secretary of State for Illinois. 


Pursuant to a resolution passed at a meeting of the corporate members held 
the 8th day of November, 1905, the name of the FIELD COLUMBIAN 
A certificate to this effect was filed November 10, 1905, in the office of the Secretary 
of State for Illinois. 


Pursuant to a resolution passed at a meeting of the corporate members held 
the 10th day of May, 1920, the management of FIELD MUSEUM OF NATURAL 
HISTORY shall be invested in a Board of Twenty-one (21) Trustees, who 
shall be elected in such manner and for such time and term of office as may be 
provided for by the By-Laws. A certificate to this effect was filed May 21, 1920, 
in the office of the Secretary of State for Illinois. 


Pursuant to a resolution passed at a meeting of the corporate members held 
the 15th day of November, 1943, the name of FIELD MUSEUM OF NATURAL 
certificate to this effect was filed November 23, 1943, in the oflice of the Secretary 
of State for Illinois. 


Amended By-Laws 




Section 1. Members shall be of twelve classes, Corporate Members, Hon- 
orary Members, Patrons, Corresponding Members, Benefactors, Contributors, 
Life Members, Non-Resident Life Members, Associate Members, Non-Resident 
Associate Members, Sustaining Members, and Annual Members. 

Section 2. The Corporate Members shall consist of the persons named in 
the articles of incorporation, and of such other persons as shall be chosen from 
time to time by the Board of Trustees at any of its meetings, upon the recom- 
mendation of the Executive Committee; provided, that such person named in 
the articles of incorporation shall, within ninety days from the adoption of these 
By-Laws, and persons hereafter chosen as Corporate Members shall, within 
ninety days of their election, pay into the treasury the sum of Twenty Dollars 
($20.00) or more. Corporate Members becoming Life Members, Patrons or 
Honorary Members shall be exempt from dues. Annual meetings of said Corporate 
Members shall be held at the same place and on the same day that the annual 
meeting of the Board of Trustees is held. 

Section 3. Honorary Members shall be chosen by the Board from among 
persons who have rendered eminent service to science, and only upon unanimous 
nomination of the Executive Committee. They shall be exempt from all dues. 

Section 4. Patrons shall be chosen by the Board upon recommendation of 
the Executive Committee from among persons who have rendered eminent serv- 
ice to the Museum. They shall be exempt from all dues, and, by virtue of their 
election as Patrons, shall also be Corporate Members. 

Section 5. Any person contributing or devising the sum of One Hundred 
Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) in cash, or securities, or property to the funds 
of the Museum, may be elected a Benefactor of the Museum. 

Section 6. Corresponding Members shall be chosen by the Board from 
among scientists or patrons of science residing in foreign countries, who render 
important service to the Museum. They shall be elected by the Board of Trustees 
at any of its meetings. They shall be exempt from all dues and shall enjoy all 
courtesies of the Museum. 

Section 7. Any person contributing to the Museum One Thousand Dollars 
($1,000.00) or more in cash, securities, or material, may be elected a Contributor 
of the Museum. Contributors shall be exempt from all dues and shall enjoy all 
courtesies of the Museum. 

Section 8. Any person paying into the treasury the sum of Five Hundred 
Dollars ($500.00) at any one time, shall, upon the unanimous vote of the Board, 
become a Life Member. Life Members shall be exempt from all dues, and shall 
enjoy all the privileges and courtesies of the Museum that are accorded to mem- 
bers of the Board of Trustees. Any person residing fifty miles or more from 
the city of Chicago, paying into the treasury the sum of One Hundred Dollars 
($100.00) at any one time, shall, upon the unanimous vote of the Board, become 
a Non-Resident Life Member. Non-Resident Life Members shall be exempt 
from all dues, and shall enjoy all the privileges and courtesies of the Museum that 
are accorded to members of the Board of Trustees. 

Section 9. Any person paying into the treasury of the Museum the sum of 
One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) at any one time, shall, upon the vote of the Board, 


become an Associate Member. Associate Members shall be exempt from all dues, 
and shall be entitled to tickets admitting Member and members of family, includ- 
ing non-resident home guests; all publications of the Museum issued during the 
period of their membership, if so desired; reserved seats for all lectures and enter- 
tainments under the auspices of the Museum, provided reservation is requested in 
advance; and admission of holder of membership and accompanying party to all 
special exhibits and Museum functions day or evening. Any person residing fifty 
miles or more from the city of Chicago, paying into the treasury the sum of Fifty 
Dollars ($50.00) at any one time, shall, upon the unaniipous vote of the Board, 
become a Non-Resident Associate Member. Non-Resident Associate Members 
shall be exempt from all dues, and shall enjoy all the privileges and courtesies 
of the Museum that are accorded to Associate Members. 

Section 10. Sustaining Members shall consist of such persons as are selected 
from time to time by the Board of Trustees at any of its meetings, and who shall 
pay an annual fee of Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00), payable within thirty days 
after notice of election and within thirty days after each recurring annual date. 
This Sustaining Membership entitles the Member to free admission for the Mem- 
ber and family to the Museum on any day, the Annual Report and such other 
Museum documents or publications issued during the period of their membership 
as may be requested in writing. When a Sustaining Member has paid the annual 
fee of $25.00 for six years, such Member shall be entitled to become an Associate 

Section 11. Annual Members shall consist of such persons as are selected 
from time to time by the Board of Trustees at any of its meetings, and who 
shall pay an annual fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00), payable within thirty days after 
each recurring annual date. An Annual Membership shall entitle the Member 
to a card of admission for the Member and family during all hours when the 
Museum is open to the public, and free admission for the Member and family 
to all Museum lectures and entertainments. This membership will also entitle 
the holder to the courtesies of the membership privileges of every museum of note 
in the United States and Canada, so long as the existing system of co-operative 
interchange of membership tickets shall be maintained, including tickets for any 
lectures given under the auspices of any of the museums during a visit to the cities 
in which the co-operative museums are located. 

Section 12. All membership fees, excepting Sustaining and Annual, shall 
hereafter be applied to a permanent Memberehip Endowment Fund, the interest 
only of which shall be applied for the use of the Museum as the Board of Trustees 
may order. 



Section 1. The Board of Trustees shall consist of twenty-one members. 
The respective members of the Board now in office, and those who shall here- 
after be elected, shall hold office during life. Vacancies occurring in the Board 
shall be filled at a regular meeting of the Board, upon the nomination of the 
Executive Committee made at a preceding regular meeting of the Board, by a 
majority vote of the members of the Board present. 

Section 2. Regular meetings of the Board shall be held on the third Monday 
of the month. Special meetings may be called at any time by the Chairman of the 
Board or the President, and shall be called by the Secretary upon the written 
request of three Trustees. Five Trustees shall constitute a quorum, except for 
the election of officers or the adoption of the Annual Budget, when seven Trustees 
shall be required, but meetings may be adjourned by any less number from day 
to day, or to a day fixed, previous to the next regular meeting. 

Section 3. Reasonable written notice, designating the time and place of 
holding meetings, shall be given by the Secretary. 

honorary trustees 
Section 1. As a mark of respect, and in appreciation of services performed 
for the Institution, any Trustee who by reason of inability, on account of change 


of residence, or for other cause or from indisposition to serve longer in such capac- 
ity shall resign his place upon the Board, may be elected, by a majority of those 
present at any regular meeting of the Board, an Honorary Trustee for life. Such 
Honorary Trustee will receive notice of all meetings of the Board of Trustees, 
whether regular or special, and will be expected to be present at all such meetings 
and participate in the deliberations thereof, but an Honorary Trustee shall not 
have the right to vote. 



Section 1. The officers shall be the Chairman of the Board, the President, 
a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, a Third Vice-President, a Secre- 
tary, an Assistant Secretary, and a Treasurer. They shall be chosen by ballot 
by the Board of Trustees, a majority of those present and voting being necessary 
to elect. The Chairman of the Board, the President, and the Vice-Presidents shall 
be chosen from among the members of the Board of Trustees. The meeting for 
the election of officers shall be held on the third Monday of January of each year, 
and shall be called the Annual Meeting. 

Section 2. The officers shall hold office for one year, or until their succes- 
sors are elected and qualified, but any officer may be removed at any regular 
meeting of the Board of Trustees by a vote of two-thirds of all the members of 
the Board. Vacancies in any office may be filled by the Board at any meeting. 

Section 3. The officers shall perform such duties as ordinarily appertain 
to their respective offices, and such as shall be prescribed by the By-Laws, or 
designated from time to time by the Board of Trustees. 



Section 1. The Treasurer shall be custodian of the funds of the Corpora- 
tion, except as hereinafter provided. He shall make disbursements only upon 
warrants, signed by such officer, or officers, or other persons as the Board of 
Trustees may from time to time designate. 

Section 2. The securities and muniments of title belonging to the Corpora- 
tion shall be placed in the custody of some Trust Company of Chicago to be desig- 
nated by the Board of Trustees, which Trust Company shall collect the income 
and principal of said securities as the same become due, and pay same to the 
Treasurer, except as hereinafter provided. Said Trust Company shall allow access 
to and deliver any or all securities or muniments of title to the joint order of the 
following officers, namely: the Chairman of the Board, the President or one of 
the Vice-Presidents, jointly with the Chairman, or one of the Vice-Chairmen, of the 
Finance Committee of the Museum. The Chairman of the Board, the President 
or any one of the Vice-Presidents, jointly with either the Chairman or any one of 
the other members of the Finance Committee, are authorized and empowered 
(a) to sell, assign and transfer as a whole or in part the securities owned by or 
registered in the name of the Chicago Natural History Museum, and, for that 
purpose, to endorse certificates in blank or to a named person, appoint one or more 
attorneys, and execute such other instruments as may be necessary, and (b) to 
cause any securities belonging to this Corporation now, or acquired in the future, 
to be held or registered in the name or names of a nominee or nominees desig- 
nated by them. 

Section 3. The Treasurer shall give bond in such amount, and with such 
sureties as shall be approved by the Board of Trustees. 

Section 4. The Harris Trust and Savings Bank shall be custodian of "The 
N. W. Harris Public School Extension of the Chicago Natural History Museum" 
fund. The bank shall make disbursements only upon warrants signed by such 
officer or officers or other persons as the Board of Trustees of the Museum may 
from time to time designate. 




Section 1. The Board of Trustees shall elect a Director of the Museum, 
who shall remain in office until his successor shall be elected. He shall have im- 
mediate charge and supervision of the Museum, and shall control the operations 
of the Institution, subject to the authority of the Board of Trustees and its Com- 
mittees. The Director shall be the official medium of communication between the 
Board, or its Committees, and the scientific staff and maintenance force. 

Section 2. There shall be four scientific Departments of the Museum — 
Anthropology, Botany, Geology, and Zoology — each under the charge of a Chief 
Curator, subject to the authority of the Director. The Chief Curators shall be 
appointed by the Board upon the recommendation of the Director, and shall serve 
during the pleasure of the Board. Subordinate staff officers in the scientific Depart- 
ments shall be appointed and removed by the Director upon the recommendation 
of the Chief Curators of the respective Departments. The Director shall have 
authority to employ and remove all other employees of the Museum. 

Section 3. The Director shall make report to the Board at each regular 
meeting, recounting the operations of the Museum for the previous month. At 
the Annual Meeting, the Director shall make an Annual Report, reviewing the 
work for the previous year, which Annual Report shall be published in pamphlet 
form for the information of the Trustees and Members, and for free distribution 
in such number as the Board may direct. 


the auditor 

Section 1. The Board shall appoint an Auditor, who shall hold his office 
during the pleasure of the Board. He shall keep proper books of account, setting 
forth the financial condition and transactions of the Corporation, and of the 
Museum, and report thereon at each regular meeting, and at such other times as 
may be required by the Board. He shall certify to the correctness of all bills 
rendered for the expenditure of the money of the Corporation. 



Section 1. There shall be five Committees, as follows: Finance, Building, 
Auditing, Pension, and Executive. 

Section 2. The Finance Committee shall consist of not less than five or more 
than seven members, the Auditing and Pension Committees shall each consist of 
three members, and the Building Committee shall consist of five members. All 
members of these four Committees shall be elected by ballot by the Board at the 
Annual Meeting, and shall hold office for one year, and until their successors are 
elected and qualified. In electing the members of these Committees, the Board 
shall designate the Chairman and Vice-Chairman by the order in which the mem- 
bers are named in the respective Committee; the first member named shall be 
Chairman, the second named the Vice-Chairman, and the third named, Second 
Vice-Chairman, succession to the Chairmanship being in this order in the event of 
the absence or disability of the Chairman. 

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman of the 
Board, the President, the Chairman of the Finance Committee, the Chairman 
of the Building Committee, the Chairman of the Auditing Committee, the Chair- 
man of the Pension Committee, and three other members of the Board to be 
elected by ballot at the Annual Meeting. 

Section 4. Four members shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Com- 
mittee, and in all standing Committees two members shall constitute a quorum. 
In the event that, owing to the absence or inability of members, a quorum of 
the regularly elected members cannot be present at any meeting of any Com- 
mittee, then the Chairman thereof, or his successor, as herein provided, may 
summon any members of the Board of Trustees to act in place of the absentee. 


Section 5. The Finance Committee shall have supervision of investing the 
endowment and other funds of the Corporation, and the care of such real estate 
as may become its property. It shall have authority to make and alter investments 
from time to time, reporting its actions to the Board of Trustees. The Finance 
Committee is fully authorized to cause any funds or investments of the Corpora- 
tion to be made payable to bearer, and it is further authorized to cause real estate 
of the Corporation, its funds and investments, to be held or registered in the name 
of a nominee selected by it. 

Section 6. The Building Committee shall have supervision of the con- 
struction, reconstruction, and extension of any and all buildings used for Museum 

Section 7. The Executive Committee shall be called together from time 
to time as the Chairman may consider necessary, or as he may be requested to 
do by three members of the Committee, to act upon such matters affecting the 
administration of the Museum as cannot await consideration at the Regular 
Monthly Meetings of the Board of Trustees. It shall, before the beginning of 
each fiscal year, prepare and submit to the Board an itemized Budget, setting 
forth the probable receipts from all sources for the ensuing year, and make recom- 
mendations as to the expenditures which should be made for routine maintenance 
and fixed charges. Upon the adoption of the Budget by the Board, the expendi- 
tures stated are authorized. 

Section 8. The Auditing Committee shall have supervision over all account- 
ing and bookkeeping, and full control of the financial records. It shall cause 
the same, once each year, or oftener, to be examined by an expert individual or 
firm, and shall transmit the report of such expert individual or firm to the Board 
at the next ensuing regular meeting after such examination shall have taken place. 

Section 9. The Pension Committee shall determine by such means and 
processes as shall be established by the Board of Trustees to whom and in what 
amount the Pension Fund shall be distributed. These determinations or findings 
shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees. 

Section 10. The Chairman of each Committee shall report the acts and 
proceedings thereof at the next ensuing regular meeting of the Board. 

Section 11. The Chairman of the Board and the President shall be ex-officio 
members of all Committees, and the Chairman of the Board shall be Chairman 
of the Executive Committee. Vacancies occurring in any Committee may be 
filled by ballot at any regular meeting of the Board. 



Section 1. At the November meeting of the Board each year, a Nomi- 
nating Committee of three shall be chosen by lot. Said Committee shall make 
nominations for membership of the Finance Committee, the Building Committee, 
the Auditing Committee, and the Pension Committee, and for three members 
of the Executive Committee, from among the Trustees, to be submitted at the 
ensuing December meeting and voted upon at the following Annual Meeting 
in January. 


Section 1. Whenever the word "Museum" is employed in the By-Laws of 
the Corporation, it shall be taken to mean the building in which the Museum 
as an Institution is located and operated, the material exhibited, the material in 
study collections, or in storage, furniture, fixtures, cases, tools, records, books, 
and all appurtenances of the Institution and the workings, researches, installa- 
tions, expenditures, field work, laboratories, library, publications, lecture courses, 
and all scientific and maintenance activities. 

Section 2. The By-Laws, and likewise the Articles of Incorporation, may 
be amended at any regular meeting of the Board of Trustees by a vote in favor 
thereof of not less than two-thirds of all the members present, provided the 
amendment shall have been proposed at a preceding regular meeting.