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507 DEC 101364 




Chicago Natural History Museum 


by L. 

Report of the Director 

to the 

Board of Trustees 

for the year 1963 






Former Members of the Board of Trustees 8 

Former Officers 9 

Board of Trustees, 1963 10 

List of Staff, 1963 11 

Report of the Director 19 

Trustees and Officers 22 

Gifts to the Museum 24 

The N. W. Harris Public School Extension 25 

James Nelson and Anna Louise Raymond Foundation 26 

Special Exhibits and Programs 28 

Staff of the Museum 30 

Volunteer Workers 31 

Department of Anthropology 37 

Department of Botany 43 

Department of Geology 47 

Department of Zoology 51 

Library of the Museum 59 

Public Relations 60 

Co-operation with Other Institutions 61 

Activities of Staff Members in Scientific and Professional Societies . . 62 

Motion Pictures, Photography and Illustration 63 

Book Shop, Publications and Printing 63 

Maintenance, Construction and Engineering 70 

Attendance, Statistics and Door Receipts 73 

Financial Statements 74 

Accessions in 1963 78 

Members of the Museum 86 

Benefactors 86 

Honorary Members 86 

Patrons 86 

Corresponding Members 86 

Contributors 87 

Corporate Members 89 

Life Members ^^ 

Non-Resident Life Members 91 

Associate Members 92 

Non-Resident Associate Members 116 

Sustaining Members 116 

Annual Members H'^ 



Museum Arches frontispiece 

Joseph N. Field 7 

Antarctica Exhibit 29 

The Museum on Expedition 32-34 

Stone Lions, Ch'ing Dynasty 36 

Mask from Benin 39 

Conservator at work 41 

Cactus and orchids, Costa Rica 42 

Model of Currant 44 

Space Geology Exhibit 46 

Praying Mantis, preparation and display 50 

Skull of beaked whale 53 

Artist at work 55 

Workshop for members' children 58 

Illustration from "Bible Animals" 64 

Parade of Treasures 72 


Trustee of the Museum since 1934 

Member of the Executive Committee since 1954 

Second Vice-President and Chairman of the Building Committee 

Contributor and Corporate Member 

Former Members of the 

Board of Trustees 

George E. Adams,* 1893-1917 
Owen F. Aldis,* 1893-1898 
Allison V. Armour,* 1893-1894 
Sewell L. Avery,* 1932-1960 
Edward E. Ayer,* 1893-1927 

John C. Black,* 1893-1894 
Watson F. Blair,* 1894-1928 
Leopold E. Block,* 1936-1952 
John Borden,* 1920-1938 
Walther Buchen,* 1952-1961 
M. C. Bullock,* 1893-1894 
Daniel H. Burnham,* 1893-1894 
Harry E. Byram,* 1921-1928 

Chesser M, Campbell,* 1959-1960 
William J. Chalmers,* 1894-1938 
boardman conover,* 1940-1950 
Richard T. Crane, Jr.,* 1908-1912 

D, C. Davies,* 1922-1928 
George R. Davis,* 1893-1899 
Albert B. Dick, Jr.,* 1936-1954 

James W. Ellsworth,* 1893-1894 

Charles B. Farwell,* 1893-1894 
Howard W. Fenton,* 1941-1951 
Henry Field,* 1916-1917 
Marshall Field, Jr.,* 1899-1905 
Marshall Field III,* 1914-1956 

Ernest R. Graham,* 1921-1936 
Frank W. Gunsaulus,* 1893-1894 

Albert W. Harris,* 1920-1941 
Harlow N. Higinbotham,* 1894-1919 

Emil G. Hirsch,* 1893-1894 
Charles L. Hutchinson,* 1893-1894 

Huntington W. Jackson,* 1894-1900 
Arthur B. Jones,* 1894-1927 

Chauncey Keep,* 1915-1929 
William V. Kelley,* 1929-1932 

George Manierre,* 1894-1924 
Charles H. Markham,* 1924-1930 
Cyrus H. McCormick,* 1894-1936 
Charles A. McCulloch,* 1936-1945 

John Barton Payne,* 1910-1911 
George F. Porter,* 1907-1916 

Clarence B. Randall, 1946-1961 
Frederick H. Rawson,* 1927-1935 
Norman B. Ream,* 1894-1910 
George A. Richardson,* 1930-1957 
John A. Roche,* 1893-1894 
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.,* 1938-1944 
Martin A. Ryerson,* 1893-1932 

Fred W. Sargent,* 1929-1939 
Stephen C. Simms,* 1928-1937 
James Simpson,* 1920-1939 
Frederick J. V. Skiff,* 1902-1921 
Solomon A. Smith,* 1920-1963 
Albert A. Sprague,* 1910-1946 
Silas H. Strawn,* 1924-1946 

Edwin Walker,* 1893-1910 
Albert H. Wetten,* 1939-1953 
Leslie Wheeler,* 1934-1937 
Norman Williams,* 1894-1899 
John P. Wilson,* 1932-1959 
William Wrigley, Jr.,* 1919-1931 

* deceased 











Edward E. Ayer* 1894-1898 

Harlow N. Higinbotham* 1898-1908 

Stanley Field 1909-1961 

Martin A. Ryerson* 1894-1932 

Albert A. Sprague* 1933-1946 

Marshall Field III* 1946-1956 

HUGHSTON M. McBain 1957-1963 

Norman B. Ream* 1894-1902 

Marshall Field, Jr.* 1902-1905 

Stanley Field 1906-1908 

Watson F. Blair* 1909-1928 

Albert A. Sprague* 1929-1932 

James Simpson* 1933-1939 

Silas H. Strawn* 1940-1946 

Albert B. Dick, Jr.* 1946-1951 

Henry P. Isham 1952-1953 

Samuel Insull, Jr 1954 

Hughston M. McBain 1955-1956 

Walther Buchen* 1957-1961 

Albert A. Sprague* 1921-1928 

James Simpson* 1929-1932 

Albert W. Harris* 1933-1941 

Albert B. Dick, Jr.* 1942-1946 

Samuel Insull, Jr 1946-1953 

Joseph N. Field 1954-1961 

Ralph Metcalf 1894 

George Manierre* 1894-1907 

Frederick J. V. Skiff* 1907-1921 

D. C. Davies* 1921-1928 

Stephen C. Simms* 1928-1937 

Clifford C. Gregg 1937-1961 

Byron L. Smith* 1894-1914 

Solomon A. Smith* 1914-1963 

Frederick J. V. Skiff* 1893-1921 

D. C. Davies* 1921-1928 

Stephen C. Simms* 1928-1937 

Clifford C. Gregg 1937-1961 

* deceased 


OFFICERS Stanley Field, Chairman of the Board 

Clifford C. Gregg, President 
HuGHSTON M. McBAiN.t First Vice-President 
James L. Palmer, First Vice-President 
Joseph N. Field, Second Vice-President 
Bowen Blair, Third Vice-President 
Solomon A. Smith,* Treasurer and Assistant Secretary 
Edward Byron Smith, Treasurer 
E. Leland Webber, Secretary 

board of 

Lester Armour 
Bowen Blair 
Wm. McCormick Blair 
Walter J. Cummings 
Joseph N. Field 
Marshall Field, Jr. 
Stanley Field 
Clifford C. Gregg 
Samuel Insull, Jr. 
Henry P. Isham 
William V. Kahler 

Hughston M. McBain 
J. RoscoE Miller 
William H. Mitchell 
James L. Palmer 
John T. Pirie, Jr. 
John Shedd Reed 
John G. Searle 
John M. Simpson 
Edward Byron Smith 
Solomon A. Smith* 
Louis Ware 

J. Howard Wood 

COMMITTEES Executive— Stanley Field, Clifford C. Gregg, Solomon A. 

Smith,* Joseph N. Field, John G. Searle, Hughston M. 
McBain, Wm. McCormick Blair, Henry P. Isham, 
Marshall Field, Jr. 

Finance — Solomon A. Smith,* Hughston M. McBain, 
Walter J. Cummings, Henry P. Isham, Wm. McCor- 
mick Blair, John G. Searle, Lester Armour 

Building — Joseph N. Field, William H. Mitchell, Louis 
Ware, J. Roscoe Miller, J. Howard Wood, John M. 

Auditing — John G. Searle, Marshall Field, Jr., Louis Ware, 
Bowen Blair 

Pension — Hughston M. McBain, William V. Kahler, John 
G. Searle, John T. Pirie, Jr., Samuel Insull, Jr. 
John S. Reed 

* Deceased 
t Resigned 



E. Leland Webber, B.B.Ad., C.P.A., Director 


Paul S. Martin, Ph.D., Chief Curator 

Donald Collier, Ph.D., Curator, South American Archaeology and Ethnology 

George I. Quimby, A.M., Curator, North American Archaeology and Ethnology 

John B. Rinaldo, Ph.D., Associate Curator, Archaeologyf 

Kenneth Starr, Ph.D., Curator, Asiatic Archaeology and Ethnology 

Phillip H. Lewis, M.A., Curator, Primitive Art 

HosHiEN TCHEN, Ph.D., Consultant, East Asian Collection 

Christopher C. Legge, M.A., Custodian of Collections 

Alfred Lee Rowell, Dioramist * 

Mary Hogquist McDermut, Assistantf 

RONNOG Seaburg, Assistant 

GusTAF Dalstrom, Artist 

Theodore Halkin, B.F.A., M.S., Artist 

Walter C. Reese, Preparator 

Susan Schanck, B.S., Artist-Preparator If 

Stevens Seaburg, A.M., Artist-Preparator 

Christine S. Danziger, M.S., Conservator 

Agnes M. Fennell, B.A., Departmental Secretary 

Robert J. Braidwood, Ph.D., Research Associate, Old World Prehistory 

Philip J. C. Dark, Ph.D., Research Associate, African Ethnology 

Fred Eggan, Ph.D., Research Associate, Ethnology 

J. Eric Thompson, Dipl.Anth.Camb., Research Associate, Central American 

James R. Getz, B.A., Field Associate 
Evett D. Hester, M.S., Field Associate 


John R. Millar, Chief Curator 

J. Francis Macbride, Curator, Peruvian Botanyt 

In-Cho Chung, Ph.D., Assistant Curator, Vascular Plants 

Louis O. Williams, Ph.D., Curator, Central American Botany 

Patricio Ponce de Leon, Ph.D., Assistant Curator, Cryptogamic Herbarium 

Samuel H. Grove, Jr., Artist-Preparator 

Frank Boryca, Technician 

1 on leave 
X retired 
t resigned 
* dscpasad 



Walter Huebner, Preparator 

Robert Anderson, Artist 

Edith M. Vincent, A.B., Research Librarian* 

Dorothy Gibson, Assistant 

Clare A. Rehling, Departmental Secretary 

E. P. KiLLiP, A.B., Research Associate, Phanerogamic Botany 
Rogers McVaugh, Ph.D., Research Associate, Vascular Plants 
Donald Richards, Research Associate, Cryptogamic Botany 
Earl E. Sherff, Ph.D., Research Associate, Systematic Botany 
Hanford Tiffany, Ph.D., Research Associate, Cryptogamic Botany 
Margery C. Carlson, Ph.D., Research Associate, Phanerogamic Botany 
Sidney F. Glassman, Ph.D., Research Associate, Palms 
Ing. Agr. Antonio Molina R., Field Associate 


Rainer Zangerl, Ph.D., Chief Curator 

Edward J. Olsen, Ph.D., Curator, Mineralogy 

Bertram G. Woodland, Ph.D., Curator, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 

John Clark, Ph.D., Associate Curator, Sedimentary Petrology 

Harry E. Changnon, B.S., Curator of Exhibits 

Henry Horback, Assistant 

Henry U. Taylor, Preparator 

Robert H. Denison, Ph.D., Curator, Fossil Fishes 

William D. Turnbull, Associate Curator, Fossil Mammals 

David Techter, B.S., Assistant, Fossil Vertebrates 

Eugene S. Richardson, Jr., Ph.D., Curator, Fossil Invertebrates 

Orville L. Gilpin, Chief Preparator, Fossils 

Joe H. Choate, Preparator, Fossils 

Tibor Perenyi, Ph.D., Artist 

Evelyn Sharoch, Departmental Secretary! 

Winifred Reinders, Departmental Secretary 

Ernst Antevs, Ph.D., Research Associate, Glacial Geology 

Albert A. Dahlberg, D.D.S., Research Associate, Fossil Vertebrates 

Erik N. Kjellesvig-Waering, B.S., Research Associate, Fossil Invertebrates 

Everett C. Olson, Ph.D., Research Associate, Fossil Vertebrates 

Bryan Patterson, Research Associate, Fossil Vertebrates 

Ralph G. Johnson, Ph.D., Research Associate, Paleoecology 

Robert F. Mueller, Ph.D., Research Associate, Mineralogy 

J. Marvin Weller, Ph.D., Research Associate, Stratigraphy 

R. H. Whitfield, D.D.S., Associate, Fossil Plants 

Violet Whitfield, B.A., Associate, Fossil Plants 

t resigned 
* deceased 



Austin L. Rand, Ph.D., Sc.D., Chief Curator 

Joseph Curtis Moore, Ph.D., Curator, Mammals 

Philip Hershkovitz, M.S., Research Curator, Mammals 

Emmet R. Blake, M.S., Curator, Birds 

Melvin a. Traylor, Jr., A.B., Associate Curator, Birds 

M. DiANNE Maurer, A.B., Assistant, Birds 

Robert F. Inger, Ph.D., Curator, Amphibians and Reptiles 

Hymen Marx, B.S., Assistant Curator, Reptiles 

LOREN P. Woods, A.B., Curator, Fishes 

Pearl Sonoda, Assistant, Fishes 

Rupert L. Wenzel, Ph.D., Curator, Insects 

Henry S. Dybas, B.S., Associate Curator, Insects 

August Ziemer, Assistant, Insects 

Fritz Haas, Ph.D., Curator Emeritus, Lower Invertebrates 

Alan Solem, Ph.D., Curator, Lower Invertebrates 

D. DwiGHT Davis, D.Sc, Curator, Vertebrate Anatomy 

Sophie Andris, Osteologist 

Carl W. Cotton, Taxidermist 

Mario Villa, Tanner 

Peter Anderson, Assistant Taxidermist 

Joseph B. Krstolich, Artist 

Wanda O. Harrison, A.B., Departmental Secretary 

Rudyerd Boulton, B.S., Research Associate, Birds 

Alfred E. Emerson, Ph.D., Sc.D., Research Associate, Insects 

Harry Hoogstraal, Ph.D., Research Associate, Insects 

Ch'eng-chao Liu, Ph.D., Research Associate, Reptiles 

Orlando Park, Ph.D., Research Associate, Insects 

Clifford H. Pope, B.S., Research Associate, Amphibians and Reptiles 

Charles H. Seevers, Ph.D., Research Associate, Insects 

R. M. Strong, Ph.D., Research Associate, Anatomy 

Robert Traub, Ph.D., Research Associate, Insects 

Alex K. Wyatt, Research Associate, Insects 

Bernard Greenberg, Ph.D., Research Associate, Amphibians and Reptiles 

Luis de la Torre, M.S., Associate, Mammals 

Marion Grey, Associate, Fishes 

Waldemar Meister, M.D., Associate, Anatomy 

Edward M. Nelson, Ph.D., Associate, Fishes 



Harry G. Nelson, B.S., Associate, Insects 
Karl Plath, Associate, Birds 
DioscoRO S. Rabor, M.S., Associate, Birds 
Lillian A. Ross, Ph.B., Associate, Insects 
Ellen T. Smith, Associate, Birds 
Robert L. Fleming, Ph.D., Field Associate 
Georg Haas, Ph.D., Field Associate 
Frederick J. Medem, ScD., Field Associate 


Richard A. Martin, B.S., Curator 
David A. Ross, B.S.A., Preparatory 
Ronald Lambert, Preparator 
Lido Lucchesi, Assistant Preparator 

Bertha M. Parker, M.S., Research Associate 


Miriam Wood, M.A., Chief Edith Fleming, M.A. 

Marie Svoboda, M.A. Maryl Andre, B.S. 

Harriet Smith, M.A. Ernest J. Roscoe, M.S. 

Elda B. Herbert, M.A., Secretary 



Meta P. Howell, B.L.S., Librarian 

Esther P. Kerster, Secretary 

Classification and Cataloguing 

M. Eileen Rocourt, M.A., Associate Librarian and Catalogue Librarianf 

W. Peyton Fawcett, B.A., Associate Librarian and Reference Librarian 

Bertha W. Gibbs, B.A., B.S. in L.S. 

Chih-wei Pan, M.S. 

Serials and Interlibrary Loans 
Eugenia J. Jang 

Accessions, Binding, Stacks 

George Stosius, M.E. 

CONSTANTIN Globa, Dipl. Eng. 

H on leave 
t resigned 



Lillian A. Ross, Ph.B., Scientific Publicationst 

Patricia M. Williams, A.B., Assistant 

Helen Atkinson MacMinn, A.M., Miscellaneous PublicationsJ 


Paula R. Nelson 

Marilyn Arado, B.S., Associate 

Lois M. Buenger, B.A., in charge 


James I. Goodrich, Assistant to the Director 
Helen B. Christopher, Secretary to the President 
SusANMARY CARPENTER, B.A., Secretary to the Director 
Marion G. Gordon, B.S., Registrar 
Hilda Nordland Damsgaard, Assistant Recorderf 
Jessie Dudley, Receptionist 


Marion K. Hoffmann, Auditor 
Eleanor Sheffner, Assistant Auditor 
Robert E. Bruce, Purchasing Agent 
William J. Wallace, Cashier 1[ 
Ardith Popham, Cashier 


Jane Comiskey, B.A., Manager 

Marion Pahl, B.F.A., Staff Illustrator 

K on leave 
X retired 



John Bayalis, Photographer 
Homer V. Holdren, Assistant 
Ferdinand Huysmans, Dipl.A., Assistant 

Clarence B. Mitchell, B.A., Research Associate, Photography 

John W. Mover, in charge 

Harold M. Grutzmacher, in charge 


James R, Shouba, Building Superintendent 

Division of Maintenance 

Gustav a. Noren, Superintendent of Maintenance 

Division of Engineering 

Leonard Carrion, Chief Engineer 
Jacques L. Pulizzi, Assistant Chief Engineer 


William L. Daggett, Captain 


Annual Report of the Director 

Annual Report 

of the Director 

To the Trustees: 

"A growing museum is a living museum." Throughout 1963 this 
concept of museum dynamics came to mind as we sought to plan 
goals for and determine needs of the Museum. Last year mention 
was made in this report of some of the many aspects of our work 
which have grown in recent years. We also pointed out a clear and 
urgent need to provide space to house our growing collections. The 
very bed rock on which the foundation of a distinguished museum 
rests is the breadth and quality of its collections. All else is based 
on great collections — scientific research by staff and visiting scholars, 
graduate training, creation of outstanding exhibits which are the 
major resources for a program of public education. The proper hous- 
ing and care of these collections are unglamorous but fundamental 
responsibihties of any museum. Accordingly, it seemed wise to de- 
vote a major portion of our attention, in 1963, to this end. The 
matter gained further importance when the University of Chicago 
oifered the outstanding Walker Museum collection of fossil inverte- 
brates to Chicago Natural History Museum on a permanent deposit 
basis. The transfer of this great collection, four times the size of 
our present collection of fossil invertebrates, will be a major step 
toward the creation of a national resource for paleontological research 
and graduate education. University of Chicago President George W. 
Beadle wrote of the proposed consolidation: "A most important re- 
sult of the proposed change will be the increase of real cooperation 


and pooling of efforts of various midwest universities and colleges 
and the Chicago Natural History Museum. Not only the University 
of Chicago, but all other institutions interested in fields represented 
in the Museum, will find increased opportunities for independent 
study and teaching." 

Without space in the Museum to house this collection, and with 
critical need for additional area for our fine Library and Division of 
Insects, the decision was made to plan for the filling in of a light well 
in the north-east quadrant of the building. This will provide an 
additional 25,000 square feet of floor space. After two years of study, 
space allocations were made, and plans drawn up for the remodeling 
of adjacent areas to provide modern and efficient study, laboratory, 
office and classroom areas. Since the financing of this construction 
was beyond the resources of the Museum, we requested, in March, 
financial assistance from the National Science Foundation. After 
careful study of the plans for the construction and use of the new 
facility, the National Science Foundation granted $875,200 to the 
Museum, thus insuring the construction. By year's end architects 
were working on the plans, with hopes that construction would be 
completed in 1964. 

Completion of this facility will resolve our immediate expansion 
needs. We will then be in a position to plan an orderly approach to 
the general requirements of modernization and improvement of the 
Museum building, as well as to future expansion needs. 

Another task, also directly related to the collections, has been 
to introduce modern, scientifically correct techniques for the preser- 
vation of the large and irreplaceable collections of the Department 
of Anthropology. In 1963, a conservator was added to the staff of the 
Department, and plans were made for a modern conservation lab- 
oratory. A major grant from the Robert R. McCormick Charitable 
Trust, additional funds from the Wenner-Gren Foundation for An- 
thropological Research and Museum funds provided resources for 
equipment and construction which will be completed in 1964 (see 
page 40) . 

To turn from the tangibles of the present to other matters of even 
greater long-term importance, it is evident that the Museum is at a 
point at which fundamental decisions must be made in respect to 
education, exhibition, and research — decisions which will affect its 
program for years to come. Some of the areas of concern are: 

— The extent to which the Museum will commit itself to a 
broadened program of education. At school level, at the grad- 
uate level and in adult education, the opportunities for spe- 


cialized contributions to and participation in the educational 
program of the midwest are far beyond our present capacity 
to finance. Here, as in other areas, decisions must be made 
on the basis of a well-defined plan as to the appropriate re- 
sponsibilities for a museum to assume, measured against the 
resources potentially available. 

— Our commitment to a strong and revitalized exhibition 
program. A natural history museum provides two important 
and distinctive elements of the educational process — extensive 
exhibits and large systematic collections of specimens. The 
collections are important in educational work at the graduate 
level, but the exhibits are the principal factor in museum edu- 
cational work below that level. As such, exhibits must be 
up to date and dynamic if they are to stimulate and properly 
instruct those who use them. Chicago Natural History Mu- 
seum's exhibits occupy ten acres of floor area in 46 halls. 
These exhibits are outstanding. But, like textbooks and en- 
cyclopedias, they require periodic revision in the light of new 
knowledge, using new techniques, new approaches to display, 
and new ideas in interpretation. The task of renewing these 
extensive exhibits as often as necessary requires a larger exhi- 
bition staff. 

— The means by which our active research program may be 
strengthened and broadened. The relationship of the federal 
government to the scientific community has, in the years since 
World War II, become a clear and permanent segment of 
national policy and interest. The government and the uni- 
versities, science museums, and other research institutions are 
deeply concerned with the orderly progression of federal in- 
volvement in scientific research. The welding of institutional 
goals, capabilities, and resources with federal programs and 
financial support will require the most dedicated thought and 
effort on the part of all museum personnel. It is equally im- 
portant, however, that a private institution make a strong 
commitment of non-federal resources to research to insure that 
the flexibility and independence of the institution be main- 
tained. Chicago Natural History Museum traditionally has 
been dedicated to significant financial support of all research 
activities of the Staff. This policy will require continuing in- 
fusion of funds and a broadened base of local support. 

In terms of operation, 1963 proved to be gratifjring. Our attend- 
ance of 1,409,633 was only 4% less than 1962, a remarkably small 


drop from the unusually high 1962 attendance built by the Tutan- 
khamun Treasures exhibition. A consistent growth in attendance 
has been evident for the last six years. 

Membership in the Museum again increased and totaled 8,740 
at year's end, an increase of 517 Members over the previous year. 
The Associate and Life Membership Endowment Funds, created by 
Membership contributions from these Membership categories, passed 
the $1,000,000 level during 1963. 

Developments in exhibition revision, educational work, and other 
areas of our programs are set forth in the following pages. 


The Board of Trustees lost one of its most loyal and devoted members 
on October 20 on the occasion of the death of Solomon A. Smith, 
Treasurer of the Museum since 1914 and a Trustee since 1920. In 
his memory, the Board of Trustees adopted the following resolution: 

Solomon A. Smith 
"The Members of the Board of Trustees of Chicago Natural History 
Museum noted with deep regret and a sincere sense of personal loss 
the death on October 20, 1963, of Solomon A. Smith, their fellow 
board Member. 

"Mr. Smith was elected Treasurer of the Museum on August 10, 
1914, and since that date had served the Museum in many capacities. 
He became a Life Member in 1919, a corporate Member and a 
Trustee in 1920. He had served at various times as a member of the 
Pension Committee and the Nominating Committee. Since 1940 
he had served as Chairman of the Finance Committee and as a mem- 
ber of the Executive Committee. His wise counsel was always a 
source of strength to the Museum. 

"Mr. Smith began his career with the Northern Trust Company 
of Chicago in 1900 and became the President in 1914. In 1957 he 
became Chairman of the Board and on October 15, 1963, he became 
Honorary Chairman of the Board. 

Besides being a banker of note, Mr. Smith had served as a Di- 
rector of the Commonwealth Edison Company, Illinois Tool Works, 
Inc., Montgomery Ward and Company, Inc., United States Gyp- 
sum Company and Elgin National Watch Company. 


"He was generous in giving his time to numerous civic and char- 
itable organizations. He served in various capacities as a Board 
Member or officer of Presbyterian- St. Luke's Hospital, the Museum 
of Science and Industry, the Chicago Child Care Society, the Chicago 
Zoological Society, the Hospital Association of Lake Forest, the 
Chicago Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Visiting Nurse 
Association, the Chicago Sunday Evening Club and several others. 
He served longer on the Board of Trustees of Chicago Natural His- 
tory Museum than any other Member, except the Chairman of the 
Board, Mr. Stanley Field. 

"The Members of the Board of Trustees of the Museum feel 
the deep loss, not only of his valued services, but of his personal 

"Therefore, be it resolved that this expression of our sorrow at 
his death be permanently inscribed on the records of the Board of 
Trustees of Chicago Natural History Museum. 

"And be it further resolved that our deep sympathy be conveyed 
to the members of his family in their bereavement and that a copy 
of this resolution be sent to his widow." 

At the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees, Stanley Field 
was re-elected Chairman of the Board, to serve as presiding officer 
of the Board for the fifty-fourth year. Other officers re-elected 
were Clifford C. Gregg, President; Hughston M. McBain, First 
Vice President; Joseph N. Field, Second Vice President; Bowen 
Blair, Third Vice President; Solomon A. Smith, Treasurer and Assis- 
tant Secretary; E. Leland Webber, Secretary of the Board and Di- 
rector of the Museum. 

Hughston McBain asked that the Board accept his resignation as 
First Vice President at the September meeting, because of the pres- 
sure of his other business affairs. At this meeting, James L. Palmer, 
President of Marshall Field and Company, was elected a Trustee 
and First Vice President to succeed Mr. McBain. 

Edward Byron Smith, President of The Northern Trust Com- 
pany, was elected to the Board in January. Upon the death of his 
father in October, Mr. Smith was elected Treasurer of the Museum. 



There was a gratifying increase in financial support to the Mu- 
seum during the year, both in restricted and unrestricted gifts. Such 
giving is the key to realization of the Museum's potential as a re- 
search and educational center of increasing distinction. 

The following gifts for specified purposes were received : Mr. and 
Mrs. William S. Street, for zoological expeditionary work, $8,731.25; 
Phihp K. Wrigley, for marine biological research, $5,000; James R. 
Getz, $615, and Edward Alexander, $500, for anthropological field 
work; Dr. Louis 0. Williams, $600 in support of botanical field work 
in Central America; Robert R. McCormick Charitable Trust, $33,- 
000, and Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, 
$4,000 for establishment of a conservation laboratory in the Depart- 
ment of Anthropology; Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropologi- 
cal Research, $3,000, for computer programming in archaeological 
research; Roosevelt University, $625 in support of a zoological publi- 
cation; National Science Foundation, $60,650 in support of research 
and research facilities; United States Army Medical Research and 
Development Command, $10,580 in support of entomological research. 

Unrestricted gifts were received from: the Searle Foundation, 
$1,000; Mr. and Mrs. James L. Palmer, $500; William H. Mitchell, 
$500; General Biological Supply House, $500. 

Endowment funds were estabhshed by receipt of gifts of $25,000 
from the Solomon A. Smith Charitable Trust to the Solomon A. 
Smith Fund and $1,000 from Mrs. Anne Rickcords Gait to the 
Francis Stanley Rickcords Memorial Fund. Additional gifts to pre- 
viously estabhshed endowment funds included: Stanley Field, $43,- 
821.62; Sterling Morton, $10,000 (bequest); Jack A. Staehle, 
$8,494.66; William G. Burt, $1,015.88; Miss Margaret Conover, 
$1,026.56; Dr. Maurice L. Richardson, $750; Mrs. Walther Buchen, 
$722; Mrs. Cyril L. Ward, $500; Mrs. Daphne Field Cook, $500; 
$554.86 from the estate of the late Mrs. Abby K. Babcock. 

Other Gifts were also received from Mrs. Lee Winfield Alberts, 
Hamilton Allport, Edwin C. Austin, George Hugh Barnard, George A. 
Bates, Board of Jewish Education, Bowen Blair, Arthur S. Bowes, 
Von Allan Carlisle, Peder A. Christensen, Carl 0. Colby, Donald 
Collier, William S. Covington, Walter H. Creber, Jr., Elliott Don- 
nelley, Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Donnelley, Thomas E. Donnelley, 
Shirley Farr Estate, Joseph N. Field, Miss Juliet T. Goodrich, Chf- 
ford C. Gregg, Maxwell Hahn, John F. Hayward, Harry Hoogstraal, 
Robert S. Ingersoll, Samuel Insull, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. George C. 


Kraemer, Commander J. F. Kurfess, Mrs. Joseph Lipman, Paul S. 
Martin, Dorothy A. McDonald, Charles F. Murphy, Barbara Myers, 
Dr. Eugene J. O'Neill, George F. Prescott, George I. Quimby, John 
Quisenberry, William J. Roberts, Mrs. Katherine Field Rodman, 
Dr. Sheldon W. Rosenstein, Lillian A. Ross, Melville N. and Mary F. 
Rothschild Fund, Judd Sackheim, Andrew Sage, Mr. and Mrs. 
Reuben Schutz, John G. Searle, Chester Shell, Harry Silverstein, 
B. L. Smalley, Harold Byron Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Hermon Dunlap 
Smith, State Bank and Trust Co. (Evanston), Russell F. Stephens, 
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Sturtevant, Mrs. Margaret Brown Trimble, 
Milton Tootle, Jr., Walter F. Wallace, E. Leland Webber, Donald P. 
Welles, Ira E. Westbrook, Miriam Wood, Arthur Young & Company, 
Mrs. R. Zickman. 

Gifts to the Memorial Fund were received in memory of: Paul 
Fejos, Commander Frank V. Gregg, Wilfrid D. Hambly, James G. 
Kellogg, Marie Pabst, Karl P. Schmidt, Solomon A. Smith, Mrs. 
Reuben M. Strong. 

Contributors elected by the Board were: George A, Bates, Mrs. 
Anne Rickcords Gait, Dr. Julian R. Goldsmith, and Robert J. Reich. 
Gifts of materials received during the year are listed at the end of 
this report (see page 78) . 


Staff members of Harris Extension carried out its program of lend- 
ing portable Museum exhibits of natural history material to Chicago 
schools in accordance with precedents established over the years 
and with the provisions of the Trust. At the end of the year a total 
of 501 schools and other public-service institutions were participating 
in the lending program. Each institution participating the full school 
year received 34 exhibits. 

Repairs were made in the workshop on 441 of the portable cases. 

Twenty-eight requests for birdskins, herbarium sheets, insect 
cases, rocks and fossils, and other material individually selected by 
teachers were filled. Six of the standard portable exhibits were 
among the materials signed out. 



Raymond Foundation's 1963 activities are briefly outlined as follows: 
Tours, lectures, workshops, journeys, motion pictures and TV pro- 
grams gave the assistance to groups and individuals which is the 
purpose of Raymond Foundation. The greatest needs and requests 
continued to come from school groups visiting the Museum. A 
record 4,521 organized groups, including 222,419 persons, registered 
in the Museum in 1963. These were mainly school groups, but 
others, such as Girl and Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, day camps, 
summer play groups and clubs of all kinds, were included. Un- 
fortunately, it was possible to provide guide service to only a small 
number of these groups. 

It was encouraging to note the careful way in which teachers 
were planning their museum visits. Increasingly, the visit to the 
Museum had a definite purpose related to a special interest or need 
and teachers were doing an excellent job of planning and carrying 
out a museum visit with very little assistance from Raymond Found- 
ation. This is a healthy sign in school usage of museums. Also 
noticeable was the fact that the average number of students per 
class has been reduced; this has made educational work in the 
Museum much more effective. New programs this year were: 

1. Space Geology Programs presented in connection with "Chi- 
cago and Midwest Space Month," from April 11 to May 9, and the 
Museum's special exhibit, "Space Geology." Raymond Foundation 
offered two programs daily on weekdays. Films and discussion of 
Space Geology, and self-guided tours of the special exhibit, made up 
the program. Twenty-one programs in all were given to 6,655 per- 
sons, mainly elementary school groups. 

2. Informal Saturday Workshops for Members' children initiated 
in October and November. Five different subjects of interest to 
children of ages 10 through 13 were selected. Each workshop was 
limited to a small number of children to allow more personal com- 
munication between them and the Museum staff member. Eleven 
sessions were given to a total of 337 children. This successful pro- 
gram was an important step toward closer contacts between the staff 
and the membership. 

One program which merits special mention was Chicago's second 
Holiday Science Lectures series, presented to a group of selected 
high-ability high school students on December 26 and 27. The 



1. Work with Children 

A. School groups Groups Individuals Groups Individuals 

Chicago public 331 12,436 

Chicago parochial 42 1,667 

Chicago private 35 731 

Total Chicago groups 408 14,834 

Suburban public 921 32,207 

Suburban parochial 43 1,518 

Suburban private 6 216 

Total suburban groups 970 33,941 

Out-of-state groups 97 3,801 

Total 1,475 52,576 

B. Other groups 

Special (clubs, etc.) 109 6,851 

C. Individuals or groups 

Journeys 1,328 

Children's movies 23 12,730 

Total 23 14,058 

Total Work with Children 1,607 73,485 

2. Work with Adults 

Colleges 28 710 

Public tours 49 1,235 

Miscellaneous groups 8 155 

Museum-film showings 48 4,667 

Total Work with Adults 133 6,767 

3. Miscellaneous Programs 

Television programs 10 

Grand Total of Raymond Foundation Work 1,750 80,252 


speaker, Dr. William Fowler, of the California Institute of Technol- 
ogy, presented four lectures on "The Origin of the Elements." This 
excellent series of which the Museum is privileged to be a co- 
sponsor, is a part of a national program of the American Association 
for the Advancement of Science made possible by a grant from the 
National Science Foundation. 


In observance of Chicago and Midwest Space Month (April 9-May 9) 
the Museum presented an extensive exhibition titled "Space Geol- 
ogy." The focus of the exhibition was on the physical features of 
the moon's landscape delineated in models, photographs and maps. 
A historical diorama and a display of meteorites and tektites pro- 
vided supplementary interest. 

"Is There Life on Mars?", another special Space Month exhibit, 
graphically explained what happens to mosses when subjected to 
simulated Martian environmental conditions. Recent experiments 
conducted by the Armour Research Foundation provided background 
information for the display. 

"Antarctica — The White Continent", a major exhibit presented 
in Hall 9 from June to September, dramatically outlined current 
scientific progress on the world's least-known continent. Photo- 
graphs, models, scientific instruments and a reproduction of an actual 
Antarctic camp were provided by a number of federal agencies and 
private lenders. The exhibit had been assembled by and first shown 
at the Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia. 

A photographic exhibit depicting Indian life in the Navajo and 
Hopi country of the Southwest was displayed in Stanley Field Hall 
during March. The 58 black-and-white photo enlargements were 
taken by Elizabeth Compton Hegemann. 

Floral water-color paintings by Miss Ethelynde Smith were dis- 
played in Hall 28 from June 15-July 31. In the same hall, water- 
color paintings of edible and poisonous mushrooms by Oscar Pejsa 
were presented from September to December. 

An attractive exhibit of botanical prints by Henry Evans of San 
Francisco was shown in Stanley Field Hall in November and Decem- 
ber. "Birds of the World," a collection of paintings by Karl Plath 
which reflect his long interest in birds, was presented in Stanley 
Field Hall in December. 















Annual Museum exhibits included the 18th Chicago International 
Nature Photography Exhibition, the 13th Annual Amateur Hand- 
crafted Gem and Jewelry Competitive Exhibition, and a presentation 
of drawings by the students of the Junior School of the Art Institute. 

A record 1,905 Museum Members and their guests enjoyed Mem- 
bers' Night on the evening of April 26. 

The eighteen adult lectures presented through the provisions of the 
Edward E. Ayer Lecture Fund were attended by a total of 16,288 
persons on Saturday afternoons of March, April, October and Nov- 


In March, Dr. John C. Clark joined the staff as Associate Curator 
of Sedimentary Petrology, in connection with a planned reorganiza- 
tion of responsibilities for collections and research in petrology. Dr. 
Bertram G. Woodland, formerly Associate Curator of Petrology, was 
appointed Curator of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology. Other 
appointments during the year were Dr. In-Cho Chung, Assistant 
Curator of Vascular Plants; Mrs. Christine S. Danziger, Conservator, 
Department of Anthropology; Lido Lucchesi, Assistant Preparator, 
Harris Extension; Miss Clare A. Rehling, Departmental Secretary, 
Department of Botany; Mrs. Winifred Reinders, Departmental Sec- 
retary, Department of Geology; Joe H. Choate, Preparator, Fossil 
Vertebrates, Department of Geology; and Mrs. Ronnog Seaberg, 
Assistant, Department of Anthropology. 

Seven Research Associates were elected by the Board of Trustees : 
Dr. Philip J. C. Dark, African Ethnology; Dr. Margery Carlson 
(formerly Associate, Botany) Phanerogamic Botany; Dr. Sidney F. 
Glassman, Palms; Dr. Bernard Greenberg, Amphibians and Reptiles; 
Dr. Ralph G. Johnson, Paleoecology; Dr. Robert F. Mueller, Min- 
eralogy; Dr. J. Marvin Weller, Stratigraphy. James R. Getz was 
appointed Field Associate in Anthropology and Ing. Agr. Antonio 
Molina R., Field Associate in Botany. 

Staff promotions included W. Peyton Fawcett from Head Cata- 
loguer to Associate Librarian; Christopher C. Legge, Department of 
Anthropology, from Assistant Custodian of Collections to Custodian 
of Collections; William D. Turnbull from Assistant Curator to Asso- 
ciate Curator of Fossil Mammals; and Mario Villa from Assistant 
Taxidermist to Tanner. 


After many years of devoted service, Miss Lillian A. Ross, Asso- 
ciate Editor of Scientific Publications, retired at the close of 1963. 
Some measure of her contribution to the Museum may be gained by 
consideration of the fact that more than two-thirds of the scientific 
publications published since the Museum's founding have appeared 
under her editorship. Others who retired, each after fifteen years 
or more years of service, were: Mrs. Hilda Nordland Damsgaard, 
Assistant Recorder; Mrs. Helen A. MacMinn, Associate Editor, 
Miscellaneous Publications; J. Francis Macbride, Curator, Peruvian 

Resignations during the year included Dr. John B. Rinaldo, Asso- 
ciate Curator, Archaeology; Mrs. Evelyn Shahroch, Departmental 
Secretary, Department of Geology; Mrs. Mary Hogquist McDermut, 
Assistant, Department of Anthropology. 

I regretfully record the deaths of Elmer S. Riggs, Curator of 
Paleontology who was a member of the staff from 1898 until 1942; 
Alfred Lee Rowell, Dioramist, Department of Anthropology; Paul C. 
Standley, formerly Curator of the Herbarium; and Miss Edith M. 
Vincent, Research Librarian, Department of Botany. 


The Museum expresses its appreciation to its volunteer workers for 
their assistance through the year. Some of them, designated as Re- 
search Associate and Associates, are included in the List of Staff. 
Others are: Mrs. Joanne Bucholz, Stanley J. Dvorak, Miss Karen 
Gross, Sol Gurewitz, Miss Helen Horton, James Howe, Mrs. Lhadon 
Karsip, Kenneth Kietzke, Ellis Neiburger, and Miss Diane de Vry 
Roth. Twelve Senior Girl Scouts were trained as Museum Aides to 
assist the Raymond Foundation, especially in the Nature Proficiency 
Badge Programs given for Girl Scouts in February and October. 


The Museum on Expedition 

. . . ARIZONA 






. . . AUSTRA 




The Museum on Expedition 










(HALL 32) 

Department of Anthropology 

Research and Expeditions 

Dr. Paul S. Martin, Chief Curator, excavated a large thirteenth cen- 
tury pueblo on Hay Hollow Wash, near Snowflake, Arizona. James 
N. Hill and John Fritz, research assistants, helped plan and exe- 
cute the research. A grant from the National Science Foundation 
aided the Museum in this work. 

The object of the excavation was to obtain data for testing the 
hypothesis that the patterns of social organization in the Southwest 
at A.D. 1200 were changing to adapt to a shift in environment, and 
that these developments culminated in modern Western Pueblo social 

The ruin was composed of four house-blocks or groups of contig- 
uous rooms that were organized in the form of a large rectangle 
around an open plaza. There are 91 rooms in the pueblo and of 
these 56 were chosen to obtain a statistically random sample. No 
round or Great Kivas were found but five rectangular ceremonial 
structures were located, four of which were dug. The great plaza 
probably served as a working area and contained two rectangular 
earth-walled kivas. 

Only two burials were found. The midden was shallow and rested 
on bed rock. The absence of other interments is puzzling. 

Samples for pollen analysis were collected from about 100 loci. 
Mr. Richard Hevly, Geochronology Laboratories, University of Ari- 
zona, Tucson, Arizona, is processing these samples and from them 
he hopes to obtain a clear impression of climatic conditions that ob- 
tained in that area in the thirteenth century and of the foods grown 
or collected. 

During this summer excavation, 108 negatives were exposed, de- 
veloped and cataloged; 2415 specimens of bone, stone and pottery 
were classified and cataloged; 31,000 sherds were recovered, classi- 
fied and tabulated; and over 10,000 pieces of lithic waste were an- 

These and other data will be processed on the IBM 7090 com- 
puter at the University of Chicago (the costs of processing will be 
defrayed by a grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation). FVom the 
results of the computer processing we hope to make probability 
statements about our finds, to isolate causes of similarities and rela- 
tionships, and to make progress in the study of cultural processes 
and changes in cultural systems. Thus we shall be able to move 


Archaeology into the explanatory level and back into the field of 

George I. Quimby, Curator of North American Archaeology and 
Ethnology, engaged in research on the archaeology of the historic 
period — a.d. 1600-1820 — in the Upper Great Lakes region. As part 
of this project he examined a number of relevant private and mu- 
seum collections in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ontario 
and undertook field investigations of certain key areas. In October 
Curator Quimby and Mr. James R. Getz, Field Associate, made an 
archaeological survey of the south shore of Lake Superior and the 
northern and eastern shores of Lake Michigan in an attempt to locate 
documented Indian sites of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. 
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Capser of St. Paul, Minnesota kindly furnished 
the use of their boat for some survey work in the Apostle Islands. 
Artifacts from surface collecting and test excavations included bi- 
polar cores and tools from Late Woodland Period sites and a new type 
of knife from an Archaic site. 

Collections— Anthropology 

A major accession in 1963 was the Captain A. W. F. Fuller African 
ethnological collection which was a generous gift of Mrs. Fuller 
in memory of her late husband. The collection consists of 225 
pieces of African art and other ethnological materials — 190 pieces 
are from Benin and the 35 other pieces from Nigeria, the Congo and 
other parts of Africa. 

The importance of this acquisition is considerable. The Fuller 
Benin Collection is one of the world's large Benin collections and 
widely representative of the total range of material from Benin. 
The late Captain Fuller not only tried to acquire many and good 
pieces, but did so with emphasis on their representation of technical 
processes. As a result, the Fuller Benin Collection goes beyond be- 
ing an art collection, although it contains many fine art pieces, but 
samples a wide range of Benin material culture. 

The total collection of 380 pieces, resulting from the combination 
of the Fuller Collection with the Benin collection of Chicago Natural 
History Museum, which was of the same size, thus now comprises 
one of the world's largest and best Benin collections. 

The most important, and certainly the most interesting, group 
of Asian materials acquired during the year was the Lion Dog Col- 
lection, acquired through the generosity of Miss C. F. Bieber of 
Santa Fe, New Mexico. The collection consists of more than one 






hundred Chinese pieces, quite varied in age, material and function, 
each of which manifests a representation of the Lion Dog, popular 
symbol of courage and protestation against evil in China and other 
parts of eastern Asia. This unique collection was described in the 
Museum Bulletin for May, 1963, as was the significance of the Lion 
Dog in Asian religion and folklore. 

In order to initiate a scientific conservation program for the pres- 
ervation of the anthropology collections, Mrs. Christine Danziger, 
a chemist, was appointed Conservator in the Department of Anthro- 
pology. It was necessary to establish a well-equipped laboratory in 
order to apply the most recent conservation techniques — such as 
micro-, electro-, and organic chemistry; spectroscopy, x-ray and 
x-ray diffraction; metallurgy, mineralogy and textile chemistry along 
with microphotography and photography — to the great variety of 
inorganic and organic materials in the collections. As a part of plan- 
ning the laboratory, Mrs. Danziger made a study trip to the leading 
conservation centers in the United States and Canada. Basic equip- 
ment was acquired with funds from a grant from the Wenner-Gren 
Foundation for Anthropological Research, and work was begun on 
the preservation of specimens of bronze and wood. A grant from the 
Robert R. McCormick Charitable Trust of Chicago will make pos- 
sible the construction of the laboratory in 1964 and the purchase of 
additional equipment. 

The year saw the completion of the Asian Ethnology storage area 
and the transfer into this area of all the Asian ethnological collections 
not on public display. Housed in the new storage area, which re- 
places a half-dozen separate, widely distributed storage rooms, are 
cultural materials from most of eastern Asia, including China, Tibet 
and other Himalayan countries, Japan, Korea and mainland South- 
east Asia. 

The long and painstaking task of processing the large collections 
of Chinese and other Asian ethnological materials acquired in the 
past several years continued. Chief among these collections are the 
group of more than one thousand examples of folk textiles obtained 
from Dr. Carl Schuster and the rare and extensive group of more than 
fifteen hundred folk-art pieces (See the Museum Bulletin for May, 
1963), the great majority of which were given to the Museum by 
Miss C. F. Bieber. After more than two years of steady work, the 
processing of these and several other smaller collections was very 
nearly completed. 

Dr. Hoshien Tchen, Consultant, East Asian Collection, continued 
to make identifications, furnish descriptions and provide other in- 


formation as requested. He devoted most of his time and efforts, 
however, to continuing the cataloguing of the Museum's excellent 
collection of Chinese ink-rubbings. This collection is one of the larg- 
est and most comprehensive in the Western world. Of special note, 
Dr. Tchen this year completed the cataloging of five important 
groups of rubbings. 


Artist Gustaf Dalstrom completed repainting the background of the 
Swiss Lake Dweller diorama in Hall C (Stone Age of the Old World), 
bringing it up-to-date with recent archaeological findings on Neo- 
lithic villages of Switzerland. 

The combined Fuller-Chicago Natural History Museum Benin 
collections had been displayed as a special temporary exhibition, 
"The Art of Benin," in Hall 9 during the last quarter of 1962. Early 
in 1963 most of that exhibition was moved and reinstalled in the 
west end of Hall E (Africa) where it will remain indefinitely. The 
reinstallation was done so that the published catalog. The Art of 
Benin, is still useful in referring to specific items. 

After nearly three years of labor the reinstallation of the Chinese 
hall "China in the C'hing Dynasty" (Hall 32), neared completion 
and is to open formally at the end of January, 1964. 





Department of Botany 

Research and Expeditions 

Dr. Rogers McVaugh, Curator of Vascular Plants at the University 
of Michigan and Research Associate on the staff of the Museum, 
visited a number of European herbaria during the summer to search 
archives and collections for data concerning Sess^ and Mocino speci- 
mens, which would help to clarify the historical background of the 
collection and permit the designation of types and authors in the an- 
notated catalogue now in preparation. Herbaria in Florence, Paris, 
Geneva, and Madrid, revealed helpful data so that on his return 
Dr. McVaugh was able to identify handwriting and interpret nota- 
tions on original labels. 

Mr. Paul Hutchison, Senior Botanist of the University of Cali- 
fornia Botanical Garden, Berkeley, left in November for Peru as 
leader of the Eighth Andean Expedition in which the Museum par- 
ticipates as one of several sponsors, as does the Botanical Garden. 
Mr. Hutchison will try to amplify a collection of Peruvian cacti and 
obtain other data needed to enable him to discuss the cacti of Peru 
for the Flora of Peru. 

Dr. Sidney F. Glassman, I*rofessor of Biology, University of Illi- 
nois, Navy Pier, and Museum Research Associate, began a revision 
of the palm genus Syagrus and continued compiling data for a pro- 
posed second and revised edition of An Index to American Palms by 
B. E. Dahlgren, first published by the Museum in 1936 and still an 
essential reference on American palms. 

Dr. In-Cho Chung, who joined the staff as Assistant Curator of 
Vascular Plants in late January, began the identification of Ecua- 
dorian plants collected by Dr. Acosta-Solis and sent to the Museum 
for determination. 

Dr. Louis 0. Williams, Curator of Central American Botany, 
began the year in the field, and continued collecting in Nicaragua 
and Costa Rica until his return to the Museum in March. In Jan- 
uary the National Science Foundation awarded the Museum a grant 
in support of botanical field work in Central America for a two-year 
period, with Dr. Williams as principal investigator. The Escuela 
Agricola Panamericana, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and the Museo Na- 
cional, San Jos^, Costa Rica, cooperate in the project through Ing. 
Antonio Molina R., Curator of the Herbarium at the Escuela, and 
Ing. Alfonso Jimenez M., Curator of the National Herbarium, who 
have accepted specific collecting assignments. Each institution co- 



operates further by administering portions of grant funds and offer- 
ing use of certain facilities at their respective locations. 

The new grant for botanical field work in Central America rein- 
forces and supplements an earlier National Science Foundation grant 
in support of Museum efforts to conclude a Flora of Guatemala be- 
gun a number of years ago by the late Paul C. Standley, and now the 
principal research effort of Dr. Williams. The extension of the col- 
lecting range in Central America is in recognition of both the desira- 
bility of more intensive study of the flora of the New World tropics 
and the fact that as the rapidly expanding population in Central 
American countries compels extension of land under cultivation, it 
will become increasingly difficult to discern the composition and pat- 


terns of distribution of the early vegetation. Dr. Williams com- 
pleted manuscript for another part of the Flora of Guatemala dealing 
with the Araliaceae and Umbelliferae and also a preliminary paper on 
novelties and new combinations. On December first he returned to 
Guatemala where he was met by Ing. Molina for further collecting 
in the vicinity of San Marcos. 

J. Francis Macbride, Curator of Peruvian Botany, in continuation 
of his work on the Flora of Peru, completed and submitted manu- 
script covering a number of the tribes in the family Compositae. 

Collections— Botany 

Over 27,000 herbarium specimens of vascular plants from 67 differ- 
ent sources were received, as were nearly 3,000 specimens of non- 
vascular plants from 17 different sources. Principal among these 
were 13,000 specimens collected by Dr. Louis 0. Williams and col- 
laborators in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica; 890 specimens 
of Central American plants, largely the collection of Percy Gentle, 
received on exchange from the Texas Research Foundation; and 
1,637 fungi of the Samuel T. Harper collection received on exchange 
from the University of Wisconsin. 

Active use of the herbarium is measured in part by the number 
of specimens borrowed by other institutions for study by members of 
their staffs, or by graduate students. In addition to 90 persons who 
came to use the herbarium, 87 loans totaling 17,979 specimens, were 
shipped to other institutions including twelve foreign herbaria. 

Exhibits— Botany 

Construction work, lighting, and painting of the Hall of Useful Plants 
(Hall 28) were completed. The series of seventeen murals by Julius 
Moessel dealing with the development of agriculture was transferred 
from Hall 25 to Hall 28. Fourteen case units were installed wholly 
or in part with exhibits on fumitories, masticatories, and narcotics 
(under the general title of "pacifier plants"). Also brought well 
toward completion were exhibits on non-alcohohc beverages, rubber, 
and soybeans, the last as part of an exhibit on the more general 
subject of legumes. Realistic models of Indian hemp, soybean, co- 
caine, peyote, sassafras, opium poppy and currant were made for 
inclusion in these exhibits or those to be started soon. 




Department of Geology 

Research and Expeditions 

Dr. Edward Olsen, Curator of Mineralogy, began a study of phase 
equilibria in meteorites. The purpose of the study is to examine the 
distribution of chemical elements between pairs of minerals found in 
meteorites in order to establish the temperatures and pressures which 
existed in the parent body, or bodies. The work is being done in 
collaboration with Dr. Robert F. Mueller of the Department of Geo- 
physical Sciences, University of Chicago. In October, 1963, this 
work was granted financial support by the National Science Foun- 
dation for the year October, 1963 through September, 1964. The 
support will be used to provide additional x-ray and chemical equip- 
ment, student assistance, etc., both at the Museum and on the Uni- 
versity of Chicago campus. 

Dr. Bertram G. Woodland, Curator of Igneous and Metamorphic 
Petrology, completed a study on the nature and origin of cone-in- 
cone structure, the results of which are to be published by the Mu- 
seum. A short paper on compaction cones in shale was also written 
and is now in press. He continued his research on micro-structures 
in metamorphic rocks collected from the Royalton area, Vermont. 
Dr. Woodland spent four weeks of the summer in the central Black 
Hills region of South Dakota examining the Precambrian schists and 
quartzites and collecting specimens for further study of the micro- 
structures with a view to determining the structural geometry of the 
area and elucidating its deformational history. 

Henry Horback, Assistant, continued work on a new catalog 
of meteorites in the Museum collection. This work was begun by 
the late Dr. Sharat K. Roy, who was former Chief Curator of the 

Harry Changnon, Curator of Exhibits, progressed on his manu- 
script of a semi-popular guide to the geology of the Chicago area and 
also conducted a number of field trips to newly-created, transient 
outcrops in this region. 

Dr. John Clark, Curator of Sedimentary Petrology, spent most 
of his time in the final laboratory work and in writing on a major 
research project, "The paleogeography and paleoclimatology of the 
Eocene-Oligocene transition in western United States." In con- 
nection with this work he conducted eight weeks' field work in 
South Dakota and Utah, collecting specimens and studying the pale- 
ogeography of the Eocene-Oligocene transition. 


Dr. Eugene S. Richardson, Jr., Curator of Fossil Invertebrates, 
made several one-day field trips to the Peabody Coal Company's 
strip mines in Grundy, Will and Kankakee counties, Illinois, where 
he has, for several years, been collecting elements of a rich and un- 
usual coal-age fauna. He has been studying several of these animals 
in the laboratory, most notably, a large, soft-bodied worm of uncer- 
tain relationships and a sea-cucumber with uniquely excellent pres- 
ervation. Both of these forms are represented by large suites of 

Research Associate Erik Kjellesvig-Waering completed a manu- 
script on a revision of the eurypterid superfamily Stylonuracea and 
continued his studies on the eurypterids and scorpions from the 
Museum's quarry in the Early Devonian rock of Cottonwood Can- 
yon, Wyoming. 

Dr. Robert H. Denison, Curator of Fossil Fishes, has completed 
his revision of the Cyathaspididae, the earliest family of vertebrates 
known from more than fragments. It includes 19 genera, which 
have been found in North America, Europe and Asia in rocks rang- 
ing in age from Middle Silurian to Early Devonian. 

With Chief Preparator Orville L. Gilpin, Denison returned in 
July and August to Cottonwood Canyon in the northern part of the 
Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. They collected in the Devonian 
rocks at the same locality that has been worked by Museum parties 
during three previous seasons. This year's collection was particularly 
rich in skulls and plates of several different kinds of arthrodires. At 
the Museum, Curator Denison has been working on the lungfish from 
the same locality. This is of particular interest and importance be- 
cause it is the earliest known member of this group of fishes, with the 
possible exception of a single skull from Germany. 

Dr. Rainer Zangerl, Chief Curator of Geology, compiled a bibli- 
ography on the subject of biostratonomy. He also continued work 
on the sharks and other primitive vertebrates from the Pennsylva- 
nian Mecca and Logan Quarry shales of Parke County, Indiana. 
Fieldwork in the Parke County area, done with Dr. Clark, served 
the purpose of determining the depositional relationships between 
the sandstone and the adjacent strata. 

William D. Turnbull, Assistant Curator of Fossil Mammals, es- 
sentially finished a manuscript on the adaptive types of mammalian 
masticatory apparatus. Early in August, he embarked on an expe- 
dition to southeastern Australia and Tasmania with Dr. Ernest 
Lundelius of the University of Texas. The expedition was made 
possible by a grant to the Museum from the National Science Foun- 
dation. Mrs. Priscilla Turnbull and Mrs. Judy Lundelius, both 


trained geologists, are acting as assistants in the field. The purpose 
of the expedition is to procure, if possible, mammalian and other 
vertebrate remains of late Cretaceous and early Tertiary age, but 
collections of Pleistocene and post-Pleistocene cave faunas will also 
be made whenever an opportunity presents itself. 

Collections— Geology 

During 1963, two outstanding specimens were added to the gem col- 
lection on exhibit in H. N. Higinbotham Hall. One was a 63.5 carat 
faceted, pink kunzite from Brazil. The other was a six-inch long 
single crystal prism of the mineral azurite from Southwest Africa. 
Azurite only rarely occurs in prismatic crystals, and then usually 
only in small sizes (less than an inch long). 

An interesting and valuable gift of rock specimens was received 
from Dr. Mary Woodland. The specimens come from many clas- 
sical localities in Great Britain and the eastern United States. 

Another outstanding gift was the large ore collection of the late 
Professor E. S. Bastin. This was received from the Department of 
Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago. 

A notable collection of 117 specimens of a coal-age holothurian 
(sea cucumber) was received as a gift from Mr. Kenneth Davenport 
of Chicago. Mr. Davenport collected the specimens in a part of the 
Peabody Coal Company's strip mines in Will County, Illinois, where 
Curator Richardson had advised him to look. However, the partic- 
ular spot that Mr. Davenport found was one that had not previously 
been visited. This fortunate discovery points up dramatically the 
peculiar manner of occurrence of fossils in parts of the strip mining 
area: certain species are concentrated in small aggregations whose 
discovery is the reward of continued systematic searching. The 
specimens contributed by Mr. Davenport are the only specimens of 
holothurians yet found anywhere in the world that are preserved in 
such a way as to show not only the tiny mineral "sclerites" in the 
skin, but also the form of the animal's body. 

Exhibits— Geology 

Twelve exhibits concerned with the occurrence and economic use of 
metallic minerals were reinstalled in the Hall of Economic Geology 
(Hall 36). New backgrounds were added, labels brought up to date 
and new specimens were added when necessary. 




Department of Zoology 

Research and Expeditions 

Field work by staff members was carried on in North America, Egypt, 
Sudan, Asia, Philippines, Borneo and Indian Ocean. The Museum 
financed field work by non-staff members in Malaya and Lord Howe 
Island, off Eastern Australia. 

North America. — Associate Curator Henry S. Dybas, with Dr. 
Monte Lloyd of the University of California, spent eight weeks in 
southern Illinois studying the emergence of the thirteen-year period- 
ical cicadas. This is the third emergence of periodical cicadas Cura- 
tor Dybas has studied: the first being the 1956 emergence in the 
Chicago area and, the second, the 1962 emergence in Virginia. 

Egypt and Sudan. — Research Associate Harry Hoogstraal con- 
tinued collecting in connection with his studies of birds as vectors of 
arthropod-borne diseases. 

Asia. — The Street Expedition to Iran to collect mammals arrived 
in the field in July, 1962 and terminated in February, 1963 (see Ac- 
cessions) . The expedition personnel consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- 
liam Street of Seattle, Contributors to the Museum, and Douglas 
Lay, currently a Street Fellow of the Museum. In Nepal, Field 
Associate Robert L. Fleming continued his bird studies and made a 
trip to the Gandak-Kosi Watershed. In Malaya, Curator D wight 
Davis, on leave of absence to teach at the University of Malaya, did 
some field work and Dr. A. J. Berry of the same University was 
financed by the Museum to collect mollusks in the limestone hill 
regions of Northern Malaya. 

Philippine Islands. — Associate D. S. Rabor was supported in 
part for field work (birds) on Mindanao. 

Borneo. — Curator Robert F. Inger's project of a temporary field 
station in Borneo for the study of biology of frogs and reptiles was 
interrupted by local political unrest and the scene of the operations 
had to be moved farther from the Indonesian frontier. In connection 
with this transfer Curator Inger spent August and September in 
Borneo. Dr. Bernard Greenberg of Roosevelt University continues 
to collaborate with Curator Inger in the program. At the year's 
end William Hosmer of Melbourne, Australia and graduate student 
James Bacon were continuing the field work with the trained Dyak 
staff. Graduate student F. Wayne King returned to the United 


Indian Ocean. — Curator Loren Woods participated in the Inter- 
national Indian Ocean Expedition, Cruise 4B (November 11-Decem- 
ber 12) on board the research vessel Anton Bruun. 

Lord Howe Island. — In September and October Mr. Laurie 
Price of Kaitaia, New Zealand went to Lord Howe Island under 
our auspices and collected non-marine mollusks from 21 stations on 
the Island. This collection will be important in helping to solve 
some of the puzzling zoogeographic aspects and relationships of the 
snails from this island. 

Division of Mammals. — Curator Joseph C. Moore has followed 
up his earlier studies of beaked whales by a circumglobal study trip 
which will take him to most of the museums in the world where 
beaked whale specimens are known to be preserved. He left in Sep- 
tember, 1963 and expects to return in March, 1964. Curator Philip 
Hershkovitz published four papers on South American mammals as 
part of his continuing work on a check list of South American Mam- 
mals. Douglas Lay, the William S. Street Fellow, has completed a 
report on the field work of the William S. and Janice K. Street Iran- 
ian Expedition, of which he was a member, and has begun an account 
of mammals collected in Iran. 

Division of Birds. — Curator Emmet R. Blake published two 
papers resulting from his studies of South American birds. Associate 
Curator Melvin A. Traylor published a 250-page Check-list of An- 
golan Birds that will long be the standard reference work for the 
country. Other African studies by Traylor resulted in several minor 
papers either published or submitted for publication. He also col- 
laborated with Harry Hoogstraal, Research Associate, on a paper 
concerning ticks and birds following migration routes between Egypt 
and Europe and Asia. Curator Traylor's continuing interest in 
Nepal birds resulted in completion of a paper in collaboration with 
Field Associate Robert L. Fleming. Chief Curator Austin L. Rand, 
in collaboration with Dr. E. Thomas Gilliard of the American Mu- 
seum of Natural History, completed and sent to the publisher the 
1300-page manuscript, plus 80 illustrations, of the Handbook of New 
Guinea Birds. 

Division of Reptiles and Amphibians. — The taxonomic study 
of the snake genus Calamaria of Asia and East Indies, for which 
specimens were borrowed from many of the important collections of 
the world, has been completed by Curator Inger and Assistant Cura- 
tor Hymen Marx. Manuscript of a study of the Philippine frog, 
Cornufer dorsalis, was prepared by Curator Inger and Dr. Walter 
Brown of Stanford University. A paper on part of the continuing 



Borneo frog studies was published by Curator Inger and Dr. B. 
Greenberg of Roosevelt University. 

Assistant Curator Marx, with Dr. George B. Rabb of the Chicago 
Zoological Society, started a revision at the generic level of the snake 
family Viperidae. 

Division of Fishes. — Curator Woods has completed the species 
accounts of a comprehensive paper on the salt water fishes of the 
order Berycoides. The introduction and the keys for identification 
remain to be done. Associate Marion Gray has in manuscript a 
paper on the larval and adult forms of certain deep sea fishes. 

Division of Insects. — Curator Rupert L. Wenzel expects to 
publish his studies on the bat-flies of Panama in 1964 as part of the 
volume Ectoparasites of Panama. The editing and compiling of the 
volume was begun in 1963 as part of a cooperative project under a 
grant from the Office of Research and Development, Office of the 
Surgeon General, United States Army. Associate Curator Dybas 
completed field work on the 1963 periodical cicada emergence (see 
above) and is analyzing the results. 

Research Associate Charles H. Seevers began a generic revision 
of a group (sub-family Aleocharinae) of rove beetles. Associate 
Harry Nelson initiated a revision of a genus (Pelonomus) of dryopoid 

Division of Lower Invertebrates. — Curator Emeritus Fritz 
Haas has finished two-thirds of his monographic synopsis of the fresh 
water clams of the world. Only the Australian, African and South 
American genera remain to be done. 

Curator G. Alan Solem submitted seven short manuscripts for 
publication and has nearly completed a monograph on two genera of 
land snails (Isomeria and Lahyrinthus) of the American tropics. Sta- 
tistical analysis of the raw data for Curator Solem's monograph of 
Pacific Ocean endodontial land snails is near completion and de- 
scriptions of all but the last few type specimens have been finished. 
Dissections of two-thirds of the available Pacific species and 140 
drawings of the anatomy have been made with the aid of summer 
assistant Marcia Oddi. 

Division of Anatomy. — Curator Davis worked on the editing 
and proofreading of his monograph on the anatomy of the giant 
panda. He also continued a study on the hearts of bears. During 
the latter part of the year Curator Davis was on leave to fill a tem- 
porary teaching position at the University of Malaya. 

The research program of the Department of Zoology was mate- 
rially aided by six grants of the National Science Foundation active 
during 1963. 



Collections— Zoology 

Collections and identified specimens were added from every continent 
and many islands. The growth of our collections is shown by the fol- 
lowing figures: birds-6595; mammals-4694; reptiles and amphib- 
ians-10,605; fishes-574; insects-40,746; lower-invertebrates-18,883 ; 
anatomy-12; total-82,109 specimens accessioned. 

The following are among the year's many outstanding accessions: 

The collection of 1649 mammals representing over 100 species 
from Iran (see Street Iran expedition above) which forms the largest 
and most comprehensive collection ever made in Iran. It will form 
the basis of a report which is in progress on the mammals of the area 
(see p. 52). 

The A. I. Good collection of 5866 bird specimens from Cameroon 
was purchased from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and 


gives us an excellent reference collection from that zoogeographically 
important part of Africa. This will be essential to Curator Traylor's 
work on African birds. 

In 1961 a most remarkable discovery was made in Alabama of a 
new genus of salamander, Phaeognathtts. A gift of seven specimens 
from Dr. Ronald Brandon brings us our first representatives of this 
new salamander. 

A notable exchange of mollusks with museums in the Pacific area 
(Honolulu, New Zealand, Australia) brought us some 3300 specimens, 
with type specimens, personally checked by Curator Solem. These 
additions are of inestimable value as reference material in Curator 
Solem's continuing work. 

Exhibits— Zoology 

For the first time the Museum is presenting an exhibit of major or- 
ders of the class Insecta, or insects. Insects are by far the richest 
in species of any group of animals, are wonderfully diversified, and 
some are uniquely important to man. This new exhibit, begun last 
year and finished in 1963, is installed in three cases headed "The 
Insect World" (Hall 18). Not only does it fill an important place 
in our overall program of presenting the weath and diversity of ani- 
mal life but it is especially useful for school groups studying insects. 

Another new exhibit, "January through the Latitudes" (Hall 18), 
is primarily a teaching exhibit for school groups. Its theme is the 
variety of seasons during January in different latitudes. The exhibit 
is installed in five cases, one each, depicting January in the Arctic 
(winter). North Temperate Zone (winter). Tropics (eternal summer), 
South Temperate Zone (summer), Antarctic (summer). Though 
stressing animal life, ideas and material from Botany and Anthro- 
pology were borrowed. This exhibit is temporary with many mu- 
seum specimens used without special preparation. The exhibit may 
point the way for further exhibits of this type. It is described in 
more detail in the December, 1963, Museum Bulletin, pp. 1, 8. 

The routine maintenance, repairing and refurbishing of existing 
exhibits threatens to overwhelm new creative work. After about 
two years of full-time work one important repair task has just been 
completed — that of replacing disintegrated plastic fins with newly 
carved fins on many of the fishes in Hall 0. The original fins were 
carved from an untested plastic. The replacements are expected to 
be permanent. 












The work of any given year can be estimated fully only in the con- 
text of the total library situation over a period of years, which indi- 
cates the general course the work is taking and the development of 
patterns of service by which accomplishments can be measured. A 
significant factor in the Library's growth is the marked intensifica- 
tion of interest in the Library's resources and its recognition as a 
regional center for source material on the natural sciences. An in- 
crease of almost 50% over last year's usage of the library by visitors 
other than the staff and their colleagues was noted in 1963. 

A research library must grow if it is to maintain the importance 
of its collections and remain responsive to the needs of its users. In 
1963 the Library continued the systematic procurement of currently 
issued publications on a world-wide scale. It also continued to ac- 
quire non-current research materials contributing to the progress of 
scientific work in the Museum's fields of interest. 2,365 books were 
received and accessioned, 8,934 issues of periodicals were received 
on exchange and 10,218 miscellaneous items were also received. 

The Library's far-flung network of exchange relations was ex- 
panded by the addition of 18 new exchange agreements. The revi- 
sion of 40 older exchange agreements was made to keep the system 
operating effectively. 

Production in the Cataloging Division was slightly lower than 
that of last year, but there were increases in the total of new num- 
bers developed in the "Q" Schedule of the Library of Congress clas- 
sification scheme, and in changes of tracing in connection with the 
development of subject headings. The project for the creation of a 
Subject Headings Authorities File, begun in 1961, has been progress- 
ing steadily and is now revised through the letter L. 

The development of the East Asia Library has continued so that 
there are now 2,164 cards in the East Asian Division card catalog. 
In addition, there remain preliminary cards for the Berthold Laufer 
collection, which require further checking before cataloging may pro- 
ceed. A program was begun to repair and restore some of the older 
Oriental volumes in the Berthold Laufer collection. The Tibetan 
collection also falls within the scope of the East Asia Division. Cards 
for this collection are on file in the East Asia Division card catalog. 

On March 13, 1963, the Honorable Paul H. Douglas designated 
Chicago Natural History Museum Library a United States Govern- 
ment Depository to receive publications under the selective plan of 
distribution. The designation was accepted on July 17, 1963 by 
Carper W. Buckley, Superintendent of Documents. This oppor- 


tunity is taken to thank Senator Douglas for his interest on our 
behalf, and Mr. Buckley for the privilege of the depository status 
we shall enjoy. 

The Library received as a gift approximately 9,000 pamphlets 
from Dr. Orlando Park of Northwestern University. This material, 
principally in the field of entomology but extending into other scien- 
tific fields as well, contains monographs and, in the bulk, reprints of 
articles. All items representing duplicates in the Library's collection 
will be distributed to the divisional libraries for inclusion in the 
pamphlet and reprint files. Mrs. George Tayloe Langhorne gave a 
number of books on the Philippines to the Library in memory of the 
late Colonel Langhorne and Walther Buchen. The map collection 
was enriched by a substantial contribution from the U. S. Army. 
Two sets of topographic maps of the United States consisting of 
3,592 map sheets on the scale 1:25,000 are awaiting cataloging. A 
collection of books on Egyptology was received from Miss Madeline 
Lang. Only a few of the many important gifts received are men- 
tioned here. The names of all the donors who contributed so gener- 
ously to the Library's collection may be found on page 85. 


The breadth of public relations activity in a given year may be meas- 
ured by the programs and events publicized. During 1963 the Public 
Relations office publicized eight special exhibits, nine featured exhib- 
its-of-the-month, the spring and fall adult lecture series, two special 
events — Members' Night and the Holiday Science Lectures, ten pro- 
grams and activities of the Raymond Foundation, three new perma- 
nent exhibits, six expeditions, eleven staff research projects, one 
major acquisition, and seven additions to staff or honors received 
by Museum staff. 

Publicity tools prepared by the Public Relations staff included 
flyers, posters, advertising for CTA stations and stations of the Chi- 
cago & North Western Railway; radio spot announcements, and TV 
slides. The staff also wrote press releases, feature articles, and Bulle- 
tin articles; and photographed exhibits and special events. 

Media utilized included the local metropolitan and community 
newspapers, Sunday newspaper magazine sections, the press of other 
major cities (including the New York Times), all national press and 
wire services, house organs, magazines (including Life and the Illus- 
trated London News), and radio and television. 



Dr. Donald Collier, Curator of South American Archaeology and 
Ethnology, gave four lectures in the Summer Institute in Anthro- 
pology, sponsored by the American Association of Museums at the 
University of Arizona. Dr. Paul S. Martin, Chief Curator of Anthro- 
pology, Dr. Collier, Dr. Kenneth Starr, Curator of Asiatic Archae- 
and Ethnology, and Mr. George I. Quimby, Curator of North Amer- 
ican Archaeology and Ethnology, taught courses at the University 
of Chicago. The Museum continued to present the course in muse- 
ology taught by the staff of the Department of Anthropology in 
co-operation with the University of Chicago. The Museum Fellow 
for the 1963-64 academic year was Mrs. Georgette Kataoka. Mrs. 
Kataoka, a graduate student in the Anthropology Department at 
the University of Chicago, specialized in the anthropology of the 
Himalayan region, with a special interest in Nepal. 

In the closing months of the year arrangements were concluded 
between the Museum and the Committee on Southern Asian Studies 
of the University of Chicago to share the services of Mrs. Lhadon 
Karsip, a Tibetan who recently came to the University from the 
Far Eastern and Russian Institute of the University of Washington. 
At the Museum Mrs. Karsip assisted in a variety of activities being 
carried on in the Division of Asiatic Archaeology and Ethnology. 

Dr. Everett C. Olson, Museum Research Associate and Professor 
of Paleontology at the University of Chicago, conducted his lab- 
oratory course on cranial morphology at the Museum. 

During the year, the Museum provided specimens of meteorites 
for major research projects to the following institutions and com- 
panies: University of California, Cornell University, General Dy- 
namics Corporation, Harvard University, Illinois Institute of Tech- 
nology Research Institute, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, 
Mainz, West Germany. 

Dr. Rupert L. Wenzel, Curator of Insects, and Henry Dybas, 
Associate Curator of Insects, taught courses at Northwestern Uni- 
versity. Dr. Wenzel was appointed a Visiting Professor at North- 
western University, as was Mr. Dybas at Southern Illinois University 
and D. D wight Davis, Curator of Vertebrate Anatomy, at the Uni- 
versity of Malaya. Curator Davis supervised the graduate studies 
of Mrs. Hasiana Sjarief of the Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia 
and Dr. Robert F. Inger, Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles, 
directed the doctorate programs of University of Chicago students 
James P. Bacon and Harold Voris. 


Fifteen students from Antioch College were employed by the 
Museum, following a co-operative plan adopted in 1946. Several 
universities, colleges and societies, in addition to those previously 
mentioned, used the Museum's facilities, among them De Pauw 
University, the University of Illinois, Indiana University, the Mil- 
waukee Entomological Society and Roosevelt University. Super- 
vised classes from a number of art schools continued to use the 
Museum exhibits as part of their regular classwork in various art 
techniques (see p. 30). 

The Chicago Area Science Fair, sponsored by the Chicago Teach- 
er's Science Association, and Chicago Latin Day, sponsored by the 
Illinois Classical Conference for Latin Students of the Chicago Area, 
were held in the Museum in May. 

Meeting facilities of the Museum were used by various local 
organizations, including the Children of the Daughters of the Amer- 
ican Revolution, the Citizenship Council of the Board of Education 
of Chicago, the Illinois Audubon Society, the Illinois Orchid Society, 
Kennicott Club, Orchesis Dance Club of the University of Illinois, 
and the Regional Council of the Boy Scouts of America. 

The Free Concerts Foundation concluded its program of out- 
standing chamber music in James Simpson Theatre. This year 2 
concerts, sponsored by Mrs. J. Dennis Freund, were presented. 


J. Francis MacBride, Curator of Peruvian Botany, was awarded the 
degree of Doctor Honores Causa by the Universidad Nacional de 
San Antonio Abad of Cuzco, Peru, for his contribution to the Flora 
of Peru in the Museum's Fieldiana series. Dr. Louis 0. Williams, 
Curator of Central American Botany, was appointed Associate of 
the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, San Jos^, Costa Rica. 

Dr. Robert H. Denison, Curator of Fossil Fishes, was re-elected 
President and Dr. Rainer Zangerl, Chief Curator of Geology, was 
re-elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Society of Vertebrate Paleon- 
tology at the society's annual meetings. Dr. Edward J. Olsen, Cura- 
tor of Mineralogy, was appointed lecturer in the Department of Geo- 
physical Sciences, University of Chicago. 

Dr. Austin L. Rand, Chief Curator of Zoology, was re-elected 
President of the American Ornithologists' Union at the annual meet- 
ing held in Gainesville, Florida. Dwight D. Davis, Curator of Ver- 


tebrate Anatomy, was honored with a D.Sc. degree from North 
Central College. Dr. Davis was also appointed to the editorial board 
of the Journal of Morphology. Dr. Robert F. Inger, Curator of 
Amphibians and Reptiles, was elected Vice-President of the Society 
for the Study of Evolution. 

E. Leland Webber, Director, was elected Councillor of the Amer- 
ican Association of Museums. Miss Edith Fleming and Miss Harriet 
Smith, Guide Lecturers of the Raymond Foundation, participated in 
the American Association of Museums' Summer Institute in Anthro- 
pology presented at the University of Arizona, June 15 - July 27. 
Ernest Roscoe, also of Raymond Foundation, was elected Coun- 
cillor-at-large, Executive Council, of the American Malacological 


Major work by the Division of Photography included the com- 
pletion of two additional series of color transparencies for teaching 
uses — one series of the new exhibit, "The Insect World," and an- 
other of botanical plant models; and more than 18,000 prints of 
botanical type specimens for distribution to other herbaria. Routine 
photographs for research, public relations, and for outside purchasers 
totaled more than 14,000. 

Additional prints of the Museum film, "Through These Doors," 
were purchased to aid in satisfying the demand for showings outside 
the Museum, primarily to school groups preparing for a class visit. 
Routine checking, cleaning, and repair of footage in the film library 
were completed. 

The Division of Illustration, although operating with fewer per- 
sonnel, accomplished much during the year and maintained the work 
schedule on a reasonably current basis. Major responsibility was 
undertaken for three special exhibits; approximately 85 drawings 
were completed for the permanent exhibit, "The Insect World"; 
scientific illustration and public relations design work were carried 
on concurrently. 


Sales of Museum publications reached a record high for the sixth 
consecutive year, totaling 77,584 copies. Exchange distribution to- 


taled 23,006 copies, almost exclusively scientific publications. In 
addition, 28,787 copies of Museum Storybooks and other children's 
material were sold by the Book Shop, which is the outlet for all read- 
ing matter for children published by the Museum. Sales in the Book 
Shop were $182,530.27. 

The publications issued by the Museum during 1963 are listed 
on the following pages. Virtually all were printed by the Museum 
Press. Total copies printed were 84,272 from 1940 pages of type 
composition. Twelve issues of Chicago Natural History Museum 
Bulletin were printed, averaging 10,087 copies per issue. 





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Completion of construction work in the Hall of Useful Plants (Hall 28) 
and the permanent exhibition, "China in the Ch'ing Dynasty," 
(Hall 32) during the year permitted the deployment of personnel 
to two major special exhibits, "Space Geology" and "Antarctica" 
and to construction work prior to reinstallation of the Haseltine 
sculptures of British Champion Animals in Hall 19. 

The lunch room serving area was remodeled; fire hoses, racks, 
and valves were replaced in all fire protection locations throughout 
the building; and major reinstallation was accomplished in the boiler 
stack and breeching. 

Further plans wei'e made to meet growing Museum needs for 
space, principally for the Department of Geology and the Library. 









FOR THE YEARS 1963 AND 1962 

1963 1962 

Total attendance 1,409,633 1,470,424 

Paid attendance 189,652 217,386 

Free admissions on pay days 

Students 70,998 67,283 

School children 228,112 216,324 

Teachers 14,961 13,667 

Members 2,386 1,637 

Service men and women 1,048 902 

Special meetings and occasions 8,416 9,439 

Admissions on free days 

Thursdays 187,930 180,191 

Saturdays 345,823 357,103 

Sundays 360,307 406,492 

Highest attendance on any day . . (November 30) 17,444 (July 15) 29,472 

Lowest attendance on any day .... (January 14) 320 (January 15) 248 

Highest paid attendance (August 13) 3,895 (July 4) 9,108 

Average daily admissions 3,894 4,050 

Average paid admissions 921 1,050 




FOR THE YEARS 1963 AND 1962 


RECEIPTS 1%3 1%2 

Endowment income 

From investments in securities $ 735,842 $ 709,802 

From investments in real estate 112,000 112,000 

$ 847,842 $ 821,802 

Chicago Park District— tax collections $ 360,985 $ 360,185 

Annual and sustaining memberships 33,610 33,402 

Admissions 47,413 54,346 

Sundry receipts 105,883 136,983 

Restricted funds transferred to apply against 

Operating Fund expenditures 213,041 171,045 

$1,608,774 $1,577,763 


Operating expenses 

Departmental $ 705,554 $ 660,106 

General 628,055 626,801 

Building repairs and alterations 118,245 132,388 

$1,451,854 $1,419,295 

Collections: purchases and expedition costs $ 103,515 $ 111,035 

Furniture, fixtures and equipment 31,516 25,276 

Provision for mechanical plant depreciation 22,486 22,486 

$1,609,371 $1,578,092 

DEFICIT FOR YEAR $ 597 $ 329 







1963 1962 

Income from endowments $ 38,386 $ 36,604 

Expenditures 34,961 24,359 

SURPLUS FOR THE YEAR $ 3,425 12,245 



From Specific Endowment Fund investments $ 96,087 $ 92,942 

Contributions for specific purposes 130,229 82,552 

Operating Fund appropriation for mechanical 

plant depreciation 22,486 22,486 

Sundry receipts 63,656 66,571 

Gain on sale of restricted fund securities 1,456 60 

$ 313,914 $ 264,611 


Transferred to Operating Fund to apply against 

expenditures $ 213,041 $ 171,045 

Added to Endowment Fund principal 73,000 60,000 

$ 286,041 $ 231,045 


The Trustees, 

Chicago Natural History Museum: 

We have examined the accompanying comparative statement of receipts and 
expenditures — current funds of the Chicago Natural History Museum for the year 
ended December 31, 1963. Our examination was made in accordance with gen- 
erally accepted auditing standards, and accordingly included such tests of the 
accounting records and such other auditing procedures as we considered necessary 
in the circumstances. 

In our opinion, the statement mentioned above presents fairly the receipts 
and expenditures of the current funds of the Chicago Natural History Museum 
for the year ended December 31, 1963, in conformity with generally accepted 
accounting principles applied on a basis consistent with that of the preceding year. 

Arthur Young & Company 
January 13, 1964 



Edward E. Ayer Lecture Foundation Fund 

Cost of Museum Lecture Series $ 4,772.50 

Subsidy to Publication Program 1,924,37 

Frederick and Abby Kettelle Babcock Fund 

Subsidy to Publication Program 2,442.09 

Emily Crane Chadbourne Zoology Fund 

Purchase of specimens 653.50 

Mrs. Joan A. Chalmers Bequest Fund 

Purchase of specimens 808.88 

Laboratory equipment and supplies 447.53 

Field trip to South Dakota 400.00 

CoNOVER Game-Bird Fund 

Purchase of specimens 651.21 

Dr. D. S. Rabor, field trip 1,000.00 

Dr. Robert Fleming, field trip 250.00 

Thomas J. Dee Fellowship Fund 
Fellowship grants to: 

Gibamitra Gangopdhyay 100.00 

Taiji Tammura 250.00 

Peter J. Hocking 369.00 

Mrs. Priscilla Turnbull 625.00 

Group Insurance Fund* 

Group insurance cost 7,043.83 

N. W. Harris Public School Extension Fund 
Preparation, care, and distribution of exhibits to 

Chicago schools 34,961.08 

Library FuNDf 

Purchase of books and periodicals 3,995.54 

Purchase Funds 

Anthropology Purchase Fund 335.00 

Geology Purchase Fund 148.97 

James Nelson and Anna Louise Raymond Public School and 
Children's Lecture Fund 
Subsidy to public school and children's lecture programs 40,992.52 

Maurice L. Richardson Paleontological Fund 

Purchase of specimens 275.00 

Laboratory equipment 1,092.77 

Field trip to Wyoming 568.89 

Field trip to Indiana 200.00 

Field trip in Illinois 209.83 

Homer E. Sargent Fund 

Conservation laboratory costs 154.35 

Karl P. Schmidt Fund 

Study grants 275.00 

These funds have been used in accordance with the stipulations under which 
they were accepted by the Museum. In addition, the income from more than 
$16,000,000 of unrestricted endowment funds was used in general Museum operation. 

•Established by Stanley Field 

t Established by Edward E. Ayer, Huntington W. Jackson, Arthur B. Jones, 
Julius and Augusta N. Rosenwald 


Contributions and Bequests 

Contributions and bequests to Chicago Natural History 
Museum may be made in securities, money, books, or 
collections. They may, if desired, take the form of a 
memorial to a person or cause, to be named by the giver. 
For those desirous of making bequests to the Museum, 
the following form is suggested: 


I do hereby give and bequeath to Chicago Natural 
History Museum of the City of Chicago, State of Illinois: 

Cash contributions made within the taxable year to Chicago 
Natural History Museum to an amount not in excess of 
30 per cent of the taxpayer's net income are allowable as 
deductions in computing net income for federal income tax 




BiEBER, Miss Caroline Frances, 
Santa Fe, New Mexico: Lion Dog col- 
lection, 1 Chinese child's doll, 1 Chinese 
Ch'ing dynasty table, 3 illustrated book- 
lets—China (gift) 

Buck, Mrs. Victoria E., Chicago: 
2 Chinese seals (stamps) — China (gift) 

Chicago Natural History Museum: 

Collected by Dr. Paul S. Martin 
(Southwest Archaeological Expedition, 
1963): 2415 specimens, including bone, 
stone, and whole pots, and 31,000 sherds, 
all from Broken "K" Site — Arizona 

Fuller, Mrs. A. W. F., London: 193 
pieces from Benin and related areas; 32 
pieces from other parts of Nigeria, the 
Congo, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and 
South Africa— Africa (gift) 

Gauhati University, Assam, India: 
11 Neoliths from Garo Hills — Assam, 
India (exchange) 

Goldsmith, Julian R . , Chicago : 2 pre- 
Columbian ceramic pieces from western 
Mexico, and 1 stone carving from Guer- 
rero — Mexico (gift) 

Hoffman, Miss Malvina, New York: 
1 bone ceremonial costume from Tibet, 
and folio of photographic prints, part of 
source material used when preparing 
sculptured figures now in Hall 3 (gift) 

HoOGSTRAAL, Dr. Harry, Cairo, 
Egypt: 2 painted coverings for mum- 
mies, adult and child; 1 painted piece 
of linen, paper and plaster from a mum- 
my wrapping; and 1 piece of linen, frag- 
ile and fragmentary — Egypt (gift) 

HuTH, Frank D., Chicago: 3 birch 
bark bitings (patterns bitten into thin- 
sheets of birch bark), Cree Indians — 
Beaver Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada 

Leopold, Professor W. F., Evans- 
ton, Illinois: 4 pre-Columbian pottery 
vessels — Costa Rica (gift) 

McAtee, Mrs. Viola A., Chicago: 2 
Lion Dogs — China (gift) 

Meyer, Dr. John H., Chicago: 1 ma- 
rimba, 4 drums, 1 pair of rattles — Es- 
meraldas Province, Ecuador (gift) 

MOYER, John, Chicago: 1 page from 
the 12th chapter of the "Gita" (the bible 
of the Hindus) — Orissa Province, India 

Sliupas, Mr. and Mrs. Vytautas, 
Chicago: 13 ethnological objects — Libe- 
ria (gift) 

Studley, Rev. (Miss) Ellen M., 
Chicago: 64 ethnological and 1 archaeo- 
logical specimens from China; 2 eth- 
nological specimens from Korea, 2 from 
Taiwan and 1 from India — Asia (gift) 

Templeton, Clayton, Woodworth, 
Wisconsin: 24 ethnological specimens 
from Carja, Tapirape and Sherente In- 
dians—Araguaya and Tocontins Rivers, 
Brazil (gift) 

Volland, Mrs. Gertrude, Home- 
wood, Illinois: 1 piece of batik and 4 
wax cups for making batik — Java (gift) 

Vymola, A2C Kenneth L., Scott Air 
Force Base, Illinois: 2 prehistoric pot- 
tery vessels and stone arrowhead — Ve- 
raguas Province, Panama (gift) 

Ware, Louis, Winnetka, Illinois: 1 
Royal Bokhara rug and 1 Persian rug — 
Central Asia and Persia (gift) 

Wiese, Raymond J., Chicago: 36 eth- 
nological specimens — Paraguay (gift) 

Williams, Dr. and Mrs. Louis O., 
Park Forest, Illinois: 1 gold frog — 
Costa Rica (gift) 

ZiNGG, Mrs. Mabel B., Portland, 
Oregon: 4 Tarahumara sashes and 1 
Huichol bag — Chihuahua and Nayarit, 
Mexico (gift) 


Archer, Dr. W. Andrew, Washing- 
ton, D. C.'S samples of Salix "diamond 
wood" (gift) 

Arizona, University of, Tucson: 46 
slides of fern spores (exchange) 

Bennett, Holly Reed, Chicago: 
2,377 vascular plants (gift) 

Bernice p. Bishop Museum, Hono- 
lulu, Hawaii: 170 vascular plants (ex- 

Bold, Dr. H. C, Austin, Texas: 11 
specimens of algae (gift) 

British Museum (Natural His- 
tory), London: 383 vascular plants (ex- 

California, University of, Berke- 
ley: 135 cryptogams and 87 vascular 


plants (exchange) and 165 vascular 
plants (Fifth and sixth Expeditions to 
the Andes, in which this Museum par- 
ticipated by financial contribution) 

Chicago Natural History Museum: 

Collected by Janice K. Street (The 
William S. and Janice K. Street Iranian 
Expedition of Chicago Natural History 
Museum, 1962-63): 57 vascular plants 

Collected by Dr. John W. Thieret 
(Northwest Territories Botanical Expe- 
dition, 1961-62): 2 specimens of Arabis 

Collected by Dr. Louis O. Williams 
(Guatemala Botanical Expedition, 1962- 
63): 5,000 plant specimens; (Central 
America Botanical Field Work, 1963, in 
cooperation with the Escuela Agricola 
Panamericana of Honduras and the 
Museo Nacional, San Jose, Costa Rica) : 
8,000 plant specimens 

Purchases: 70 ferns from Borneo and 
Malaya, and 611 photographs of type- 
specimens of Solarium 

Coastal Studies Institute, Baton 
Rouge, Louisiana: 82 vascular plants 

Colorado, University of, Boulder: 
60 lichen specimens (exchange) 

Escuela Agricola Panamericana, 
Tegucigalpa, Honduras: 880 vascular 
plants (exchange) 

Gibson, Robert, Waukegan, Illinois: 
9 specimens of fungi (gift) 

Gray Herbarium, Harvard Uni- 
versity, Cambridge, Massachusetts: 
305 vascular plants (exchange) 

Gregg, Dr. Clifford C, Valparaiso, 
Indiana: 3 cryptogams (gift) 

Heller, A. H., Managua, Nicaragua: 
136 vascular plants (gift) 

Herbario "Barbosa Rodrigues," 
Itajai, Brasil: 245 vascular plants and 5 
mosses (exchange) 

Ibarra, Dr. Jorge A., Guatemala 
City, Guatemala: 1 specimen of Pogo- 
nopus speciosus (gift) 

Illinois State Natural History 
Survey, Urbana, Illinois: 145 vascular 
plants (exchange) 

Instituto Botanico, Caracas, Vene- 
zuela: 352 vascular plants (exchange) 

Iowa, State University of, Iowa 
City, Iowa: 34 vascular plants (ex- 

Jardim Botanica do Rio de Janie- 
ro, Brasil: 50 vascular plants (exchange) 

JuRiCA, The Rev. Father Hilary, 
Lisle, Illinois: 5 cryptogams (gift) 

Kansas, University of, Lawrence, 
Kansas: 1 isotype specimen of Ratibad 
latipales gift) 

Kaplan, Dr. Lawrence, Chicago: 
97 vascular plants (gift) 

Lakela, Dr. Olga, Tampa, Florida: 
3 specimens of Polycarpaea nebulosa 

Lankester, Charles H., Moravia, 
Costa Rica: 1 type-fragment of Cotha- 
rexylum Lankesteri (gift) 

Laughlin, Kendall, Chicago: 1 iso- 
type specimen of Quercu^Xriparia (gift) 

Little, Dr. E. L., Jr., Washington, 
D. C: 25 specimens of woody plants 

Martinez, Prof. Maximino, Cd. 
Universitaria, Mexico: 3 isotype speci- 
mens of vascular plants (gift) 

Michigan, University of, Ann Ar- 
bor, Michigan: 426 vascular plants (ex- 

Minnesota, University of, Minne- 
apolis: 30 vascular plants and 197 cryp- 
togams (exchange) 

Missouri Botanical Garden, St. 
Louis: 668 vascular plants (exchange) 

Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi, 
Belem, Pard, Brasil: 1 isotype specimen 
of Diospyros egleri (gift) 

National Museum of Canada, Otta- 
wa, Ontario : 120 bryophy tes (exchange) 

Nelson, Dr. E. M., San Juan, Puerto 
Rico: 3 specimens of Asclepias (gift) 

New York Botanical Garden, 
Bronx Park: 319 vascular plants (ex- 

OuLU, University of, Oulu, Fin- 
land: 150 vascular plants (exchange) 

Puleston, Jennifer, Brookhaven, 
New York: 4 specimens of fungi (gift) 

Rakauskas, William, Chicago: 6 
specimens of fungi (gift) 

Reich, Robert J,, Chicago: 4,855 
vascular plants and 645 cryptogams 

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Sur- 
rey, England: 18 photographs of type 
specimens of Bignoniaceae (exchange) 

Saunders, Donald, Skokie, Illinois: 
15 specimens of fungi (gift) 

Sherff, Dr. Earl E., Hastings, 
Michigan: 44 vascular plants (gift) 

Skutch, Dr. Alexander F., San Isi- 
dro, Costa Rica: 42 vascular plants (gift) 

Southwestern Louisiana, Univer- 
sity OF, Lafayette, Louisiana: 40 vas- 
cular plants (exchange) 


Stolze, Robert G., Norridge, Illi- 
nois: 88 vascular plants (gift) 

Texas Research Foundation, Ren- 
ner, Texas: 870 vascular plants (ex- 

Thieret, Dr. John W., Lafayette, 
Louisiana: 26 vascular plants (gift) 

Tokyo, University of, Japan: 230 
vascular plants (exchange) 

United States Forest Products 
Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin: 415 
specimens of woody plants (exchange) 

United States Forest Service 
Herbarium, Washington, D. C. : 90 bry- 
ophytes (exchange) 

United States National Arbore- 
tum, Washington, D. C: 97 vascular 
plants (exchange) 

United States National Museum, 
Washington, D. C: 1 type-fragment of 
Pentaplaris doroteae (exchange) 

Uzzell, Ann, Bass River, New Jer- 
sey: 2 specimens of Drosera (gift) 

Williams, Dr. Louis O., Park For- 
est, Illinois: 3 vascular plants (gift) 

Wisconsin, University of, Madi- 
son, Wisconsin: 1,637 specimens of fungi 
and 31 vascular plants (exchange) 


Academy of Sciences, Paleonto- 
LOGiCAL Institute, Moscow, U.S.S.R.: 
V-71 Cast of Estemennosuchus Skull — - 

Alberta, University of, Edmonton, 
Alberta, Canada: Meteorite — Peace 
River, Alberta, Canada (exchange); 
stone meteorite — Bruderheim, Alberta, 
Canada (exchange) 

American Museum of Natural His- 
tory, New York: casts of Uintathere 
skull and jaws — locality unknown (gift); 
specimen of Bothriolepis Canadensis — 
Quebec (exchange) 

AuGUSTANA College, Rockford, Illi- 
nois: Andnogmius skull and Ichthyo- 
dectes skull — locality unknown (ex- 

Baker, Sid, British Columbia, Can- 
ada: five mineral specimens — locality 
unknown (exchange) 

Barnes, Miss Thea and Miss Pam- 
ela Lipscomb, Chicago: Silurian trilo- 
bite — locality unknown (gift) 

Brigham Young University, Provo 
Utah: 1 block containing fossil fish — 
Utah (exchange) 

British Museum (Natural His- 
tory), London: cast of skull and jaws of 
Paracycloiosaurtis davidi — Australia (ex- 

California, University of, Berke- 
ley: 25 casts of mammal specimens — 
locality unknown (exchange) 

Chicago Natural History Museum: 

Collected by Dr. John Clark (South 
Dakota and Utah Geological Field Trip, 
1963): various minerals and fossils — 
South Dakota 

Collected by Dr. Clark and Dr. Eu- 
gene S. Richardson, Jr. (field trip, 1963) : 
19 fossil invertebrate specimens, Rhab- 
doderma — Illinois 

Collected by Dr. Clark, Dr. Richard- 
son, Carole Stentz and Kenneth Kietzke 
(field trip, 1963): 215 specimens— Illi- 

Collected by Dr. Robert H. Denison 
(Wyoming Paleontological Field Trip, 
1963): numerous fossil fish specimens — 

Collected by Dr. S. K. Roy (deceased) 
on various field trips over the years: 104 
lava specimens — various localities 

Collected by Dr. Bertram G. Wood- 
land (Black Hills Geological Field Trip, 
1963) : numerous mineral and rock spec- 
imens — South Dakota 

Purchases: 100 rock specimens and 
100 thin sections 

Chicago, University of, Chicago: 
Bastin Collection of Ore specimens — 
various localities (gift) ; collection of fos- 
sil reptiles, 1 fish tooth — Oklahoma (gift) 

Choate, Joe, Harvey, Illinois: Cone- 
in-cone associated with concretion — 
Oklahoma (gift) 

Clark, Dr. John, Chicago: Mosa- 
saur vertebrae and Graptemys carapace 
— South Dakota (gift); cephalopods, 
fishes, trilobites and crabs — various lo- 
calities (gift) 

Dr. Clark and Kenneth Kietzke, 
Chicago: 8 rock specimens — locality un- 
known (exchange) 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Chi- 
cago: Pennsylvanian nudibranch (sea 
slug) — Illinois (gift) 

Dalhousie University, Halifax, 
Nova Scotia: 4 specimens of zeolite min- 
erals — locality unknown (exchange) 

Davenport, Kenneth, Chicago: 117 
specimens of Pennsylvanian fossil holo- 
thurian, Achistrum — Illinois (exchange) 


Davis, D. Dwight, Richton Park, 
Illinois: 26 specimens of fossil inverte- 
brates — locality unknown (gift) 

Demaray, L., Chicago: cone-in-cone 
structure — Illinois (gift) 

Erling, D., Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 
11 mineral specimens — various localities 

Fechtner, Fred, Rockford, Illinois: 
Pleistocene elk antler — locality unknown 

Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Chi- 
cago: 2 Ordovician molluscs — locality 
unknown (gift) 

Gass, Harold L., Tucson, Arizona: 
cast of Oestophorus plate — Arizona (gift) 

GiNG, John and Howard, Tinley 
Park, Illinois: various invertebrate spec- 
imens—Indiana (gift) 

Geological Survey of Canada, Ot- 
tawa, Ontario, Canada: stone meteorite 
— Canada (exchange) 

HiBBARD, Dr. Claude W., Ann Ar- 
bor, Michigan: 14 specimens of Pliocene 
and Pleistocene fossil fish — Idaho and 
Kansas (exchange) 

Iowa, University of, Iowa City: 2 
specimens of Cardipeltis — locality un- 
known (gift) 

International Minerals and Chem- 
icals Co., Skokie, Illinois: 13 mineral 
specimens — various localities (gift) 

Johns, Bryce, Park Forest, Illinois: 
1 specimen of Stigmaria — Illinois (gift) 

Johnson, R. C, La Grange, Illinois: 
Pennsylvanian brachiopod — Illinois 

Jones, R. D., Jr.: 1 piece of tuff — 
Alaska (gift) 

Kietzke, Kenneth, Sturgis, South 
Dakota: crinoid stem, 19 trilobites, and 
28 invertebrates — locality unknown) 
(exchange); specimen of Mesohippus — 
South Dakota (gift) 

Krzton, John, Chicago: facetted 
crystal of Brazilian kunzite (exchange) 

Man, Jerome V., Skokie, Illinois: 
Oreodont skull — South Dakota (gift) 

McKee, Melbourne, Wilmington, 
Illinois: Pennsylvanian nudibranch (sea 
slug) — Illinois (gift) 

Moore, Paul, Chicago: specimens of 
Freirinite and Woodruffite — Michigan 
and New Jersey (gift) 

Museo de la Plata, Buenos Aires, 
Argentina: 8 specimens of fossil plants 
— locality unknown (exchange) 

Myers, George S., Stanford, Cali- 
fornia: fossil crocodile vertebrae and 
teeth— Peru (gift) 

Olson, Wesley, Clinton, Minnesota: 
3 Pliocene barnacles and 1 Miocene snail 
— locality unknown (gift) 

Patrick, John, Berkeley, California: 
Azurite Crystal — locality unknown (ex- 

QuiNN, Dr. James H., Fayetteville, 
Arkansas: 9 specimens of cephalopods 
and 2 specimens of pelycypods — local- 
ity unknown (exchange) 

Ragar, John, Bellwood, Illinois: Si- 
lurian problematicum — Illinois (gift) 

Raley, Chester, La Grange, Illinois: 
fossil ammonite — locality unknown (gift) 

St. Procopius College, Lisle, Illi- 
nois: invertebrate fossil — Alaska (gift) 

Schenker, Rev., Arthur, Techny, 
Illinois: cretaceous coral — Italy (gift) 

Simon, Miss Janet, Chicago: Silu- 
rian Coral — locality unknown (gift) 

Smithsonian Astrophysical Ob- 
servatory: meteorite (exchange) 

Stefans, J., Chicago: brecciated fos- 
sil wood — locality unknown (gift) 

Stentz, Carole, Glen Ellyn, Illinois: 
Mississippian sponge — Ohio (gift) 

Sturdevant, Mr. and Mrs. Roy, 
Lake Forest, Illinois: magnetite, illme- 
nite, quartz sand — California (gift); 
Hornblende granite — California (gift) 

Utah State University, Logan, 
Utah: 2 Devonian pteraspids — Utah 

Wagner, Mrs. G., La Grange, Illi- 
nois: fossil turtle plastron — Arkansas 

William J. Chalmer's Crystal 
Fund: numerous minerals and one tek- 
tite — various localities (purchase) 

Woodland, Dr. Bertram G., Home- 
wood, Illinois: 37 mineral specimens — 
Vermont (gift); 8 mineral specimens — 
various localities (gift) 

Woodland, Dr. Mary, Homewood, 
Illinois: specimen of Cordierite hornfels 
— France (gift) 

Zangerl, Dr. Rainer, Hazel Crest 
Illinois: compaction cones in shale, 2 
specimens of Mowry shale shell con- 
glomerate — Colorado, South Dakota 
and Utah (gift) 

Zeitner, Mrs., Mission, South Da- 
kota: cone-in-cone structure^Texas 



Academy of Natural Sciences of 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 3 non- 
marine moUusks — Panama (exchange) 

American Museum of Natural His- 
tory, New York: 3 birds — Africa (Con- 
go and Mali) and Hawaii (exchange) 

Andrews, Dr. E. Wyllys, Merida, 
Yucatan, Mexico: 669 non-marine snails 
— Mexico (gift) 

Ansell, William F. H., Fort Jame- 
son, Northern Rhodesia: 24 mammals — 
Northern Rhodesia (gift) 

Archer, Dr. Allan F., Forsythe, 
Georgia: 33 land snails — South America 

Arizona, University of, Tucson: 
mammal — Arizona (exchange) 

Auckland Institute and Museum, 
Auckland, New Zealand: 376 mollusks 
— Kermadec Islands and New Zealand 

Australian Museum, Sydney, New 
South Wales, Australia: 184 non-marine 
mollusks — Australia and South Pacific 

Barker, R. Wright, Houston, Tex- 
as: 10 non-marine mollusks — Colombia 
and Costa Rica (gift) 

Barr, Dr. Thomas C, Lexington, 
Kentucky: 1 insect — Texas (gift) 

Bergeron, Eugene S., Balboa, Ca- 
nal Zone: 36 land snails, 35 non-marine 
mollusks — Panama (gift) 

Bernice p. Bishop Museum, Hono- 
lulu, Hawaii: 6 insects — Campbell Is- 
land (gift); 2,619 non-marine mollusks 
— Pacific Islands (exchange); 5 land- 
snails — Oahu, Hawaii (exchange) 

Berry, Mrs. Pek Yeong, Kuala 
Lumpur, Malaya: 2 frogs — Singapore 


BiCKEL, Bruce P., McGregor, Iowa: 
135 non-marine mollusks — Iowa and 
Wisconsin (exchange) 

Biggs, The Rev. H. E. J., Bromley, 
Kent, England: 10 non-marine mollusks 
— Persia and Solomon Islands (gift) 

BOKERMANN, Dr. Werner C. A., Sao 
Paulo, Brazil: 51 frogs — Brazil (ex- 

Boron, Miss C, Chicago: 6 sets bird 
plumes — various localities (gift) 

Boyd, Roy, Elmhurst, Illinois: do- 
mestic dog (gift) 


Brandon, Dr. Ronald A., Univer- 
sity, Alabama: 7 salamanders — Alabama 

Breeland, Samuel G., Wilson Dam, 
Alabama: 100 fresh-water mollusks — 
Eastern North America (gift) 

Brennan, Dr. James, Hamilton, Mon- 
tana: 10 insects — Mexico and Panama 

Brigham Young University, Provo, 
Utah: 473 insects — Nevada (permanent 

BuRCH, John Q., Los Angeles: 2 ma- 
rine snails — Mexico (gift) 

BuRCH, R. D., Houston, Texas: 37 
marine snails — world-wide (gift) 

Carlsbergfondets Dana-Ekspedi- 
TIONER, Charlottenlund Slot, Denmark : 
9 fishes — Indian Ocean, North Atlantic 
Ocean and Strait of Gibraltar (gift) 

Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh: 14 
non-marine mollusks — Costa Rica (ex- 

Chamberlin, Dr. R. V., Salt Lake 
City, Utah: 2 fresh-water snails — Utah 

Chicago Natural History Museum: 

Collected by Dr. D. Dwight Davis 
(Malayan Zoological Expedition, 1958- 
59): 7 insects — Malaya 

Collected by Philip Hershkovitz and 
Harry A. Beatty (Guiana Zoological Ex- 
pedition, 1960-62): 5,356 insects— Suri- 

Collected by Dr. Robert F. Inger, Dr. 
Bernard Greenberg and F. Wayne King 
(Borneo Zoological Expedition, 1962- 
63): 7,591 amphibians and reptiles and 
203 fishes — Borneo 

Collected by Hymen Marx and Har- 
old Voris (local field trip): 14 salaman- 
ders and 1 frog — Indiana 

Collected by Mr. and Mrs. William S. 
Street and Douglas M. Lay (The Wil- 
liam S. and Janice K. Street Iranian Ex- 
pedition of Chicago Natural History 
Museum, 1962-63): 1,649 mammals, 96 
birds, 442 amphibians and reptiles and 

9 fishes — Iran 

Purchases: 217 mammals, 6,430 birds 
and 6 bird eggs, 2,861 amphibians and 
reptiles, 26,385 insects, and 6,745 lower 

Chicago Zoological Society, Brook- 
field, Illinois: 7 mammals, 8 birds, and 

10 amphibians and reptiles — world-wide 

Chin Phui-Kong, Jesselton, North 
Borneo: 53 amphibians and reptiles — 
North Borneo (gift) 

Daleske, Donald, Chicago: 2 mam- 
mals — South Korea (gift) 

Davis, Dr. Charles C, Cleveland, 
Ohio: 250 fresh-water snails — El Salva- 
dor (gift) 

Davis, Dr. D. Dwight, Chicago: liz- 
ard — Illinois (gift) 

Dluhy, Eugene, Chicago: 555 insects 
— China, Formosa, Japan, Philippines, 
Thailand, United States and Venezuela 
(exchange); 1,106 insects — Austria, Mex- 
ico and Venezuela (gift) 

Dominion Museum, Wellington, New 
Zealand: 143 non-marine mollusks — 
Kermadec Islands and New Zealand 

Downing, Paul E., Highland Park, 
Illinois: bird — Illinois (gift) 

Drake, Robert J., Vancouver, Brit- 
ish Columbia: land snail — Mexico (gift) 

Dvorak, Stanley J., Brookfield, Illi- 
nois: 24 fresh-water mollusks— Wiscon- 
sin (gift); 5 marine and fresh-water shells 
— Indiana, Australia and Japan (gift); 
marine snail — Japan (gift) 

Elbel, Dr. Robert E., Dugway, 
Utah: 28 insects— Thailand (gift) 

Emerson, Dr. Alfred E., Chicago: 
215 insects — United States (gift) 

Engelmann, Mr. and Mrs. George 
W., Palos Heights, Illinois: raccoon — 
Illinois (gift) 

Fechtner, Frederick R., Rockford, 
Illinois: turtle — Illinois (gift); 155 fresh- 
water mollusks — Illinois and Kentucky 

Feete, Miss Dorothy, Chesterton, 
Indiana: marine snail — Spain (gift) 

Fernando, E. C, Dehiwala, Ceylon: 
2 birds— Ceylon (gift) 

Fleming, Dr. Robert L., Kathman- 
du, Nepal: bird — Nepal (gift) 

Fobes, E., Omaha, Nebraska: marine 
snail — Fiji (gift) 

Forrester, Dr. Donald J., Missoula, 
Montana: 1,159 land snails — Montana 


Gabriel, Charles, Abbotsford, Vic- 
toria, Australia: 123 non-marine mol- 
lusks — Australia (gift) 

Glaessner, Dr. M. F., Adelaide, 
South Australia: turtle — New Guinea 

Greenberg, Dr. Bernard, Chicago: 
10 amphibians and reptiles — Malaya 

Gregg, Dr. Clifford C, Valparaiso, 
Indiana: 75 insects — Indiana and Eur- 
ope (gift) 

Gruhn, George, River Forest, Illi- 
nois: snake — Kentucky (gift) 

Haile, Dr. Neville S., Jesselton, 
North Borneo: 383 land and fresh-water 
shells — British North Borneo (gift) 

Harry, Dr. Harold W., Houston, 
Texas: 135 fresh-water snails — Puerto 
Rico (gift) 

Heuss, Klaus, Hessen, West Ger- 
many: 5 fresh-water mussels — West 
Germany (exchange) 

Hill, Murray, Burlington, Wiscon- 
sin: 11 marmosets— Brazil and captive 

Hinckley, Dr. Alden D., 3 lizards — 
Fiji Islands and Tonga Islands (gift) 

HooGSTRAAL, Dr. Harry, Cairo, 
Egypt: 87 mammals, 17 birds, 160 am- 
phibians and reptiles, 388 insects — 
Egypt, Greece, India, Lebanon, Nepal, 
Sudan and Syria (gift) 

Hopson, Ole, Waukesha, Wisconsin: 
94 fresh-water clams and marine shells — 
Florida and Wisconsin (gift) 

Howard, Mrs. Faye B., Santa Bar- 
bara, California: 181 marine mollusks — 
Mexico (gift); 6 marine snails — Baja 
California (gift) 

Hoy, Gunnar, Salta, Argentina: 17 
birds — Argentina (gift) 

HuBRiCHT, Leslie, Meridian, Missis- 
sippi: 1,346 fresh-water mollusks — 
Southern United States (gift) ; 691 fresh- 
water shells — Southeastern United States 
(gift); 41 land snails — Alabama and Ten- 
nessee (exchange) 

Imamura, Professor Taiji, Mito, 
Japan: 5 insects — Japan (gift) 

Jackson, Ralph, Cambridge, Mary- 
land: 3 land shells — Florida and Ecua- 
dor (gift) ; 21 land snails — Maryland and 
Belgian Congo (gift) 

Jacobson, Morris K., Rockaway 
Beach, New York: 6 land snails— New 
York (gift) 

John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago: 
fish — Hawaii (gift) 

Kannankeril, J. v., Chicago: 2 ma- 
rine worms — India (gift) 

KiETZER, Mrs. Edmund, Niles, Illi- 
nois: 1 bird — New Guinea (gift) 

Kluge, Arnold, Los Angeles: 4 snakes 
— Australia (exchange) 

Kohls, Dr. Glen M., Hamilton, 
Montana: 4 insects — Utah (gift) 


KuNS, Dr. Merle L., Balboa Heights, 
Canal Zone: 2,684 mammals, 89 am- 
phibians and reptiles; worm — Bolivia 

KuRFESS, Commander John F., San 
Francisco: 19 amphibians and reptiles 
• — California (gift) 

Lay, Douglas M., Chicago: 4 mam- 
mals — Germany, Italy and Mexico (gift) 

Legner, Dr. E. Fred, Riverside, 
California: 9 insects — Puerto Rico and 
Trinidad (exchange) 

Lincoln Park Zoological Society, 
Chicago: 2 mammals and 1 bird — vari- 
ous localities (gift) 

Madge, E. H., London: 7 non-marine 
mollusks — Mauritius (gift) 

Malkin, Borys, Sao Paulo, Brazil: 
15 bats — Peru (gift); 2,911 insects — 
England, Holland, Poland and Sweden 

Marcott, Mrs. Edna, St. Peters- 
burg, Florida: 80 littoral snails — Florida 

Michigan, University of, Ann Ar- 
bor, Michigan: 2 birds — India (exchange) 

MOSER, John C, Alexandria, Louisi- 
ana: 11 insects — Louisiana (exchange) 

MusEE Royal de L'Afrique Cen- 
TRALE, Tervuren, Belgium: 2 frogs — 
Republic of Congo (exchange); 14 fishes 
— Africa and South Atlantic Ocean (ex- 

MusEU do Dundo, Dundo, Lunda, 
Angola: 16 birds — Angola (gift) 

Museum G. Frey, Munich, Gemany: 
688 insects — various localities (exchange) 

Museum of Comparative Zoology, 
Cambridge, Massachusetts: 27 amphib- 
ians and reptiles — Solomon Islands (ex- 
change) ; 4 fishes — South America (gift) ; 
12 non-marine mollusks — Panama (ex- 

Naturhistorisches Museum, Vien- 
na, Austria: 2 snakes — Sumatra (ex- 

Naturhistorisches Museum, Basel, 
Switzerland: 27 land snails — New Heb- 
rides (exchange) 

Nelson, Dr. Edward M., San Juan, 
Puerto Rico: 7 amphibians and reptiles 
and 145 invertebrates — Puerto Rico 

Nelson, Gayle H., Loma Linda, 
California: 23 insects — United States 

Pain, Tom, London: 4 land snails — 
British Guiana (exchange) 

Painter, Dr. Reginald H., Manhat- 
tan, Kansas: 10 insects — Mexico (gift) 

Park, Dr. Orlando, Evanston, Illi- 
nois: 370 slides of mites — United States 

Payne, Jerry, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: 
69 insects — South Carolina (exchange) 

Poynton, John C, Pietermaritzburg, 
Natal, Union of South Africa: 2 frogs — 
Mozambique (gift) 

Price, Laurie, Kaitaia, Northland, 
New Zealand: 107 land snails, 3 non- 
marine mollusks — New Zealand (gift) 

QuiMBY, John, Chicago: 121 land and 
fresh-water shells — Michigan and Can- 
ada (gift) 

Rabb, Dr. George B., Brookfield, 
Illinois: 3 frogs^South Africa and Vene- 
zuela (gift) 

RoscoE, Ernest J., Chicago: 23 land 
mollusks — Idaho, Utah and Wyoming 

Rose, Francis L., New Orleans, Loui- 
siana: 2 salamanders^ — Alabama (gift) 

Roth, Mrs. Diane Devry, New 
York: 325 non-marine mollusks — Mex- 
ico (gift) 

Samuels, Lieutenant Colonel H. J., 
San Francisco, California: 7 amphibians 
and reptiles — Vietnam (gift) 

Sarawak Museum, Kuching, Sara- 
wak, Malaysia: lizard — Borneo (gift) 

Skinner, Mrs. Kenneth, Bonfield, 
Illinois: 2 moths — Illinois (gift) 

Smith, Edward G., Marseilles, Illi- 
nois: dolphin — Florida (gift) 

Smith, Dr. Leslie, Davis, California: 
7 slides of insects — United States (gift) 

South Cook County Mosquito 
Abatement Program, Hazel Crest, Illi- 
nois: 18 fishes — Illinois (gift) 

Stanford University, Stanford, Cali- 
fornia: 4 frogs^ — Philippine Islands (ex- 
change) ; 22 fishes — Antarctica (gift) 

Steeves, Harrison R., Jr., Birming- 
ham, Alabama: 2,480 insects — United 

States (gift) 

Stifel, Peter B., Salt Lake City, 
Utah: 21 land snails— Utah (gift) 

Summers, Ray, Petaluma, California: 
marine snail — Australia (gift) 

Talmadge, Robert J., Willow Creek, 
California: 9 snail shells — Cahfornia and 
Africa (gift) 

Tarpon Zoo, Tarpon Springs, Flor- 
ida: 4 amphibians — Colombia (exchange 
and gift) 


Teskey, Mrs. Margaret, Marinette, 
Wisconsin: 330 land and fresh-water 
mollusks — Louisiana and Texas (gift); 
14 mollusks— Chile (gift) 

United States Fish and Wildlife 
Service, Pascagoula, Mississippi: 289 
fishes — various localities (gift) 

United States National Museum, 
Washington, D. C: 378 mollusks— 
world-wide (exchange); 4 non-marine 
mollusks — Colombia and Mexico (ex- 

Universidad de Venezuela, Cara- 
cas, Venezuela: 35 non-marine mollusks 
— Venezuela (exchange) 

USTICKE, G., St. Croix, Virgin Islands: 
6 marine shells — Virgin Islands (gift) 

Vaz-Ferreira, Dr. Raul, Montevi- 
deo, Uruguay: 8 fishes — Brazil and Uru- 
guay (exchange) 

Vesey-Fitzgerald, Dr. D., Aber- 
corn, Northern Rhodesia: 201 frogs — 
Northern Rhodesia and Tanganyika 

Visser, John, Port Elisabeth, Cape, 
South Africa: 5 frogs — South Africa 

VoRis, Harold, Chicago: 3 salaman- 
ders — Indiana (gift) 

Walsh, Fraser, Oradell, New Jersey: 
77 insects — Formosa and Philippine Is- 
lands (gift) 

Walsh, Mrs. Ruth, New York: 3 
birds — Turkey (gift) 

Weber, Jay A., Miami, Florida: 156 
marine clams — Eastern North America 
(gift); 1,177 marine shells — Eastern 
United States, Bahamas and Caribbean 


Weyrauch, Dr. Wolfgang, Tucu- 
man, Argentina: 5 land snails — Argen- 
tina (gift) 

Zoologische Sammlung des Bayer- 
ischen Staates, Munich, Germany: 1 
mammal — South America (exchange) 

Zoologisches Institut, Zurich, 
Switzerland: 92 non-marine mollusks — 
Pacific Islands (exchange) 


Anderson, Mrs. Alfred, Chicago 

Beyer, Prof. H. O., Manila, Philippines 

Esconi Associates, Mokena, Illinois 

Field, Stanley, Lake Bluff, Illinois 

5th United States Army, Chicago 

Gregg, Dr. Clifford C, Valparaiso, 

Harrison, Mrs. Wanda O., Chicago 

Harvey, Byron, III, Phoenix, Arizona 

Inger, Dr. Robert F., Homewood, 

John Crerar Library, The, Chicago 

Lang, Miss Madeline, Oak Park, Illinois 

Langhorne, Mrs. George Tayloe, Chicago 

Legge, C. C, Park Ridge, Illinois 

Millar, John R., Skokie, Illinois 

Park, Dr. Orlando, Evanston, Illinois 

Prestwich, Arthur A., Edenbridge, 
Kent, England 

Quimby, George I., Chicago 

Rand, Dr. Austin L., Chesterton, 

Richardson, E. Stanley, Philadelphia 

Roscoe, E. J., Chicago 

St. Martin, Miss Vida, Minneapolis, 

Smith, Mrs. Hermon D., Lake Forest, 


Traylor, Melvin A., Winnetka, Illinois 

Zangerl, Dr. Rainer, Hazel Crest, 




Marshall Field* 

Those who have contributed $1 00,000 or more to the Museum 

Ayer, Edward E.* 

Buckingham, Miss 
Kate S.* 

Conover, Boardman* 
Crane, Cornelius* 
Crane, R. T., Jr.* 

Field, Joseph N.* 
Field, Marshall, III* 
Field, Stanley 
Field, Mrs. Stanley* 
Fuller, Captain A.W.F.* 

* deceased 

Fuller, Mrs. A. W. F. 
Graham, Ernest R.* 

Harris, Albert W.* 
Harris, Norman W.* 
Higinbotham, Harlow N.* 

Kelley, William V.* 

Pullman, George M.* 

Rawson, Frederick H.* 

Raymond, Mrs. Anna 

Raymond, James Nelson' 
Ryerson, Martin A.* 
Ryerson, Mrs. 

Martin A.* 

Simpson, James* 
Smith, Mrs. Frances 

Smith, George T.* 
Sturges, Mrs. Mary D.* 
Suarez, Mrs. Diego 


Those who have rendered eminent service to Science 

Beyer, Professor H. O. 
Cutting, C. Suydam 

Field, Stanley 

Gustaf VI, His Majesty, 
King of Sweden 

Suarez, Mrs. Diego 

Those who have rendered eminent service to the Museum 

Brewer, Charles H. 

Calderini, Charles J. 
Chadbourne, Mrs. Emily 

Chancellor, Philip M. 

Cutting, C. Suydam 
Day, Lee Garnett 
Ellsworth, Duncan S. 
Fuller, Mrs. A. W. F. 

Hancock, G. Allan 
Moore, Mrs. William H. 
Suarez, Mrs. Diego 
White, Harold A. 


Scientists or patrons of science, residing in foreign countries, who have rendered 
eminent service to the Museum 

Humbert, Professor Henri 


Keissler, Dr. Karl 


Those who have contributed $1,000 to $100,000 to the Museum 
in money or materials 

$75,000 to $100,000 
Chancellor, Philip M. 

$50,000 to $75,000 

Chalmers, Mrs. Joan A.* 

Dee, Thomas J.* 

Keep, Chauncey* 

Morton, Sterling* 

Remmer, Oscar E.* 
Rosenwald, Mrs. 
Augusta N.* 

$25,000 to $50,000 

Adams, Mrs. Edith 

Babcock, Mrs. Abby K.* 
Bensabott, R.* 
Blackstone, Mrs. 

Timothy B.* 
Block, Leopold E.* 
Buchen, Walther* 

Coats, John* 
Coburn, Mrs. Annie S.* 
Crane, Charles R.* 
Crane, Mrs. R. T., Jr.* 
Cutting, C. Suydam 

Farr, Miss Shirley* 

Jones, Arthur B.* 

Murphy, Walter P.* 

Porter, George F.* 

Richards, Donald 
Richards, Elmer J. 
Rosenwald, Julius* 

Schmidt, Karl P.* 

Vernay, Arthur S.* 

White, Harold A. 

$10,000 to $25,000 

Adams, Joseph* 
Armour, Allison V.* 
Armour, P. D.* 
Avery, Sewell L.* 

* deceased 

Barnes, R. Magoon* 
Bartlett, Miss Florence 

Chadboume, Mrs. Emily 

Chalmers, William J.* 
Conover, Miss 

Margaret B. 
Cummings, R. F.* 

Everard, R. T.* 

Gunsaulus, Dr. F. W.* 

Hoogstraal, Harry 

Insull, Samuel* 

Laufer, Dr. Berthold* 
Lufkin, Wallace W.* 

Mandel, Leon 
McCormick, Cyrus 

McCormick, Stanley 
Mitchell, John J.* 

Perry, Stuart H.* 

Reese, Lewis* 
Richardson, Dr. 

Maurice L. 
Robb, Mrs. George W.* 
Rockefeller Foundation, 


Sargent, Homer E.* 
Schweppe, Mrs. 

Charles H.* 
Straus, Mrs. Oscar S.* 
Strawn, Silas H.* 
Street, William S. 
Strong, Walter A.* 

Walpole, Stewart J.* 
Watkins, Rush 
Wetten, Albert H.* 
Witkowsky, James* 
Wrigley, William, Jr.* 

$5,000 to $10,000 

Adams, George E.* 
Adams, Milward* 
American Friends of 

Arenberg, Albert L. 
Arenberg, Mrs. Claire S. 

Bartlett, A. C* 
Bieber, Miss Caroline 

Bishop, Heber (Estate) 
Borland, Mrs. John Jay* 
Borth, Edgar C* 

Chicago Zoological 

Society, The 
Crane, R. T.* 
Cuatrecasas, Dr. Jos6 

Doane, J. W.* 

Field, Dr. Henry 
Fuller, William A.* 

Graves, George Coe, II* 

Harris, Hayden B.* 
Harris, Norman Dwight* 
Harris, Mrs. Norman W.* 
Haskell, Frederick T.* 
Hester, Evett D. 
Hutchinson, C. L.* 

Keith, Edson* 

Langftry, J. C. 

MacLean, Mrs. 
M. Haddon* 
Moore, Mrs. William H. 

Oppenheimer, Mrs. 

Florine G. 
Oppenheimer, Seymour 

Payne, John Barton* 
Pearsons, D. K.* 
Porter, H. H.* 

Ream, Norman B.* 
Revell, Alexander H.* 
Riley, Mrs. Charles V.* 

Salie, Prince M. U. M. 
Schwengel, Dr. Jeanne S.* 
Searle, John G. 
Sherff, Dr. Earl E. 
Sprague, A. A.* 
Street, Mrs. William S. 
Storey, William Benson* 

Telling, Miss Elisabeth 
Thorne, Bruce 
Tree, Lambert* 

Valentine, Louis L.* 
Van Evera, DeWitt 

Ward, Mrs. Cyril L. 
Weiss, Mrs. Babs O. 
Wyatt, Alex K. 


CONTRIBUTORS (continued) 

$1,000 to $5,000 

Acosta Solfs, Dr. M. 
Alexander, Edward 
Armour, Lester 
Arnemann, George F. 
Atwater, A. G. 
Avery, Miss Clara A.* 
Ayer, Mrs. Edward E.* 

Baker, Herbert 
Baker, Mrs. Herbert 
Barr, Mrs. Roy Evan 
Barrett, Samuel E.* 
Bascom. Dr. William R. 
Bates, George A. 
Bennett, Holly Reed 
Bishop, Dr. Louis B.* 
Bishop, Mrs. Sherman C. 
Blair, Watson F.* 
Blair, Wm. McCormick 
Blaschke, Stanley Field 
Block, Mrs. Helen M.* 
Borden, John* 
Borgmeier, Rev. Thomas 
Boulton, Rudyerd 
Brown, Charles Edward* 
Burt, William G. 

Cahn, Dr. Alvin R. 
Carman, Dr. J. Ernest 
Cervenka, Joe 
Clyborne, Harry Vearn 
Clybome, Mary Elizabeth 
Cory, Charles B., Jr.* 
Cowles, Alfred 
Crocker, Templeton* 
Cummings, Mrs. 

Robert F.* 
Cummings, Walter J. 

Desloge, Joseph 
Dick, Albert B., Jr.* 
Doering, O. C* 
Donnelley, Mrs. Ann S. 
Donnelley, Elliott 
Dybas, Henry S. 

Eitel, Emil* 

Emerson, Dr. Alfred E. 

Field, Joseph N. 
Field, Marshall, Jr. 
Fish, Mrs. Frederick S.* 
Fleming, Dr. Robert L. 
Force, Dr. Roland W. 
Frederick, Clarence L. 
Frederick, Mrs. Helen 
Fuller, Mrs. A. W. F. 
Fuller, Captain A. W. F.* 

* deceased 

Gait, Mrs. Anne 

Gerhard, William J.* 
Gerstley, Dr. Jesse R.* 
Getz, James R. 
Goldsmith, Dr. Julian R. 
Graham, Dr. David C. 
Graves, Henry, Jr.* 
Gregg, Dr. Clifford C. 
Grier, Mrs. Susie I.* 
Gunsaulus, Miss Helen* 
Gurley, William F. E.* 

Hand, Miss La Verne 
Harvey, Byron, III 
Herz, Arthur Wolf* 
Hibbard, W. G.* 
Higginson, Mrs. 

Charles M.* 
Hill, James J.* 
Hinde, Thomas W.* 
Hixon, Frank P.* 
Hoffman, Miss Malvina 
Holabird, Mrs. John A. 
Howe, Charles Albee 
Hughes, Thomas S.* 

Isham, Henry P. 

Jackson, Huntington W.* 
James, F. G. 
James, S. L. 

King, Joseph H.* 

Charles K.* 
Kraft, James L.* 

Langford, George 
Lee Ling Yiin 
Lerner, Michael 
Look, Alfred A. 
Lundelius, Dr. Ernest 

Maass, J. Edward* 
MacLean, Haddon H. 
Mandel, Fred L., Jr. 
Manierre, George* 
Maremont, Arnold H. 
Marshall, Dr. Ruth* 
Martin, Alfred T.* 
Martin, Dr. Paul S. 
McBain, Hughston M. 
McCormick, Cyrus H.* 
McCormick, Mrs. Cyrus* 
McElhose, Arthur L.* 
Mitchell, Clarence B. 
Mitchell, William H. 
Moyer, John W. 

Nash, Mrs. L. Byron 
Nichols, Henry W.* 

Odell, Mrs. Daniel W. 
Ogden, Mrs. Frances E.^ 
Ohlendorf, Dr. William 

Osgood, Dr. Wilfred H.* 

Palmer, Potter* 
Park, Dr. Orlando 
Patten, Henry J.* 
Pearse, Langdon* 
Pinsof, Philip 
Prentice, Mrs. 
Clarence C. 

Quimby, George I. 

Rauchfuss, Charles F.* 
Raymond, Charles E.* 
Reich, Robert J. 
Reynolds, Earle H.* 
Ross, Miss Lillian A. 
Ross, Walter S.* 
Rumely, William N.* 

Schapiro, Dr. Louis* 
Schwab, Henry C* 
Schwab, Martin C* 
Schweppe, Charles H.* 
Seevers, Dr. Charles H. 
Shaw, WiUiam W. 
Smith, Byron L.* 
Smith, Ellen Thome 
Smith, Solomon A.* 
Solem, Dr. Alan 
Sprague, Albert A.* 
Staehle, Jack C. 
Steeves, Harrison R., Jr. 
Steyermark, Dr. 

Julian A. 
Stille, Walter T. 
Sturtevant, Mrs. Mary 

Sturtevant, Roy E. 

Teskey, Mrs. Margaret 
Thompson, E. H.* 
Thome, Mrs. Louise E.* 
Thurow, Donald R. 
Trapido, Dr. Harold 
Traylor, Melvin A., Jr. 
Trier, Robert 

Van Valzah, Dr. Robert 
Von Frantzius, Fritz* 

Ware, Louis 


CONTRIBUTORS (continued) 

Wheeler, Leslie* 
Whitfield, Dr. R. H. 
Wielgus, Mrs. Laura 
Wielgus, Raymond 

Willems, Dr. J. Daniel 
Willis, L. M.* 
Wilson, John P.* 
Wolcott, Albert B.* 

Wrigley, Philip K. 
Yarrington, Dr. C. W.* 
Zangerl, Dr. Rainer 


Armour, Lester 

Blair, Bowen 

Blair, Wm. McCormick 

Brewer, Charles H. 

Calderini, Charles J. 
Chadbourne, Mrs. Emily 

Chancellor, Philip M. 
Cummings, Walter J. 
Cutting, C. Suydam 

Day, Lee Gamett 

Ellsworth, Duncan S. 

Field, Joseph N, 
Field, Marshall, Jr. 
Field, Stanley 
Fuller, Mrs. A. W. F. 

Gregg, Dr. ClifTord C. 

Hancock, G. Allan 

Insull, Samuel, Jr. 
Isham, Henry P. 

Kahler, William V. 

McBain, Hughston M. 
Miller, Dr. J. Roscoe 


Smith, Solomon A. 

Mitchell, William H. 
Moore, Mrs. William H. 

Pirie, John T., Jr. 

Randall, Clarence B. 
Reed, John Shedd 

Searle, John G. 
Simpson, John M. 
Smith, Edward BjTon 
Suarez, Mrs. Diego 

Ware, Louis 
White, Harold A. 
Wood, J. Howard 


Those who have contributed $500 to the Museum 

Alexander, Edward 
Allerton, Robert H. 
Arenberg, Mrs. Judith S. 
Armour, A. Watson, III 
Armour, Miss Cynthia 
Armour, Gordon Field 
Armour, Lester 
Armour, Miss Linda 
Armour, Mrs. Vernon 
Armour, Vernon Kelley 
Ascoli, Mrs. Max 
Austin, Edwin C. 

Babson, Henry B. 
Barr, Mrs. Roy Evan 
Barrett, Mrs. A. D. 
Barrett, Robert L. 
Bartsch, Helmuth 
Bates, George A. 
Baur, Mrs. Jacob 
Belden, Joseph C, Jr. 
Bell, Mrs. Laird 
Bent, John P. 
Bermingham, Edward J. 
Birdsall, Mrs. Carl A. 

* deceased 

Blum, Harry H. 
Bolotin, Hyman 
Borland, Mrs. Bruce 
Borland, Chauncey B. 
Brassert, Herman A. 
Brundage, Avery 
Buchanan, D. W. 
Budd, Britton I. 
Burley, Mrs. Clarence A. 
Burnham, John 
Burt, William G. 
Butler, Julius W. 

Carney, William Roy 
Carpenter, Mrs. John 

Carr, George R. 
Carton, Alfred T. 
Casalis, Mrs. Maurice 
Cathcart, James A. 
Chatfield-Taylor, Wayne 
Chrisos, Dr. Sam S. 
Clare, Carl P. 
Clegg, Mrs. William G. 
Connor, Ronnoc Hill 

Cook, Mrs. Daphne Field 
Cook, James A. 
Cowles, Alfred 
Cox, William D. 
Cramer, Corwith 
Crown, Colonel Henry 
Crown, Robert 
Cudahy, Edward A. 
Cummings, Dexter 
Cummings, Walter J. 

Dahl, Ernest A. 
Davidson, David W. 
Denman, Mrs. Burt J. 
Dick, Edison 

William R., Jr. 
Dierssen, Ferdinand W. 
Donnelley, Gaylord 
Dorschel, Querin P. 
Drake, John B. 
Durbin, Fletcher M. 

Eckhart, Percy B. 
Edmunds, Philip S. 
Elich, Robert William 


LIFE MEMBERS (continued) 

Erdmann, Mrs. 
C. Pardee 

Farr, Newton Camp 
Fay, C. N. 
Field, Joseph N. 
Field, Marshall, Jr. 
Field, Mrs. Norman 
Field, Stanley 
Forgan, James B. 
Frankenthal, Dr. 

Lester E. 
Friedlich, Mrs. 

Herbert A. 

Haffner, Mrs. 

Charles C, Jr. 
Hales, William M. 
Harris, Norman W. 
Hecht, Frank A. 
Hickox, Mrs. Charles V. 
Hight, Howard E. 
Hixon, Mrs. Frank P. 
Hodgson, Mrs. G. C. 
Hoover, H. Earl 
Hoover, Ray P. 
Hopkins, L. J. 
Hoyt, N. Landon 
Hutchins, James C. 

Insull, Samuel, Jr. 

Jarchow, Charles C. 
Jelke, John F. 
Joiner, Theodore E. 
Jones, J. Morris 

Kahler, William V. 
Keith, Mrs. Stanley 
Kelley, Miss Jennifer 

Kelley, Russell P. 
Kelley, Russell P., Jr. 
Kelley, Russell P., Ill 
Kenney, Clarence B. 
King, James G. 
Kirk, Walter Radcliffe 
Knight, Lester B. 
Kohler, Eric L. 
Kraift, Mrs. Walter A. 

Ladd, John 

Cunningham, James D. 
Linn, Mrs. Dorothy C. 

Leslie, Dr. Eleanor I. 
Leslie, John Woodworth 
Levy, Mrs. David M. 
Lloyd, Glen A. 
Landing, Franklin J. 

MacLeish, John E. 
MacVeagh, Fames 
Manierre, Francis E. 
Mark, Mrs. Cyrus 
Mason, William S. 
McBain, Hughston M. 
McBride, W. Paul 
McCormick, Fowler 
McGraw, Max 
Mcllvaine, William B. 
McKinlay, John, Jr. 

Donald R., Jr. 
McMillan, James G. 
Meyne, Gerhardt F, 
Miller, Mrs. C. Phillip 
Miller, Dr. J. Roscoe 
Mitchell, William H. 
Morse, Charles H. 
Mueller, Miss Hedwig H. 
Myrland, Arthur L. 

Odell, William R. 
Offield, James R. 
Oldberg, Dr. Eric 
Orr, Robert M. 
Otis, J. Sanford 

Paesch, Charles A. 
Palmer, Honor6 
Perry, William A. 
Phelps, Mrs. W. L. 
Pick, Albert, Jr. 
Prentice, Mrs. 
Clarence C. 

Raymond, Dr. Albert L. 
Roberts, Shepherd M. 
Robertson, Hugh 
Robinson, Sanger P. 
Rodman, Mrs. Katherine 

Rodman, Thomas 

Rosenwald, William 


Primley, Walter S. 
Smith, Solomon A. 

Ross, Mrs. Robert C. 
Rubloff, Arthur 
Runnells, Mrs. Clive 
Runnells, John S. 
Ryerson, Edward L. 

Sackheim, Judd 
Sawyer, Ainslie Y. 
Seabury, Charles W. 
Searle, John G. 
Sengstack, David K. 
Shakman, James G. 
Sharpe, Nathan M. 
Shire, Mrs. Moses E. 
Simpson, John M. 
Smith, Edward Byron 
Smith, Solomon B. 
Soper, James P., Jr. 
Spalding, Keith 
Spatta, George 
Stern, David B., Jr. 
Stuart, Harry L. 
Stuart, John 
Stuart, R. Douglas 
Sturges, George 
SulHvan, Bolton 
Sulzberger, Frank L. 

Taylor, James L. 
Thompson, John R., Jr. 
Tree, Ronald L. F. 

Valentine, Mrs. May L. 
Veatch, George L. 

Wagner, Louis A. 
Waller, Richard A. 
Wanner, Harry C. 
Ward, P. C. 
Ware, Louis 
Ware, Mrs. Louis 
Warren, Paul G. 
Welch, Mrs. Edwin P. 
Welling, Mrs. John Paul 
Wheeler, Henry P. 
Whiston, Frank M. 
Willard, Alonzo J. 
Wilson, Mrs. Robert E. 
Witte, John McFaul 
Wrigley, Philip K. 
Wrigley, William 

Tyson, Russell 



Those, residing fifty miles or more from the city of Chicago, who have 
contributed $1 00 to the Museum 

Alexander, Walter 
Allen, Dr. T. George 
Andrew, Edward 

Boynton, Charles T. 
Brittingham, Mrs, 
Thomas H. 

Cassevant, Albert F. 
Clemen, Dr. Rudolf A. 
Coolidge, Harold J. 

Desmond, Thomas C. 

Erickson, Charles J. 

Fowler, Miss Lissa 
Franklin, Egington 
Freeman, Charles Y. 

Gregg, Clifford C, Jr. 

Gregg, Major John B. 
Gregg, John Wyatt 

Hearne, Knox 
Holloman, Mrs. 
Delmar W. 

Johnson, David E. 
Johnson, Herbert F., Jr. 

Keatinge, Daniel W. 
Knudtzon, E. J. 

Macnaughton, Mrs. M. F. 
Maxwell, Gilbert S. 
Miller, Emil W. 
Mintum, Benjamin E. 
Moore, J. Kinney 

Norton, Mrs. Carl R. 


Dulany, George W. Jr. 

Post, Mrs. Philip Sidney 
Price, Mark 

Richardson, Dr. 

Maurice L. 
Rosenwald, Lessing J. 
Ruble, George C. 

Sackett, DeForest 
Shirey, Dwight 
Skarrn, Mr. Kenneth W 
Smith, Mrs. Vera Lash 
Stern, Mrs. Edgar B. 
Strassheim, Fred W. 

Watt, Herbert J. 
Weaver, Mrs. Lydia C. 
Wiman, Mrs. 
Charles Deere 

Zerk, Oscar U. 


Those who have contributed $100 to the Museum 

Aaron, Charles 
Aaron, Ely M. 
Abadin, Dr. Amando F. 
Abbell, Joseph J. 
Abbott, Donald 

Putnam, Jr. 
Abeles, Mrs. Jerome G. 
Abler, Julius J. 
Abrams, Duflf A. 
Abrams, Dr. Herbert K. 
Abrams, James Ross 
Abramson, Jules 
Abramson, Ralph J. 
Ackerman, Dr. Joseph 
Ackley, Dr. W. O. 
Adamick, Gustave H. 
Adams, Mrs. Charles S. 
Adams, Cyrus H., Ill 
Adams, Eaton 
Adams, Mrs. Frances 

Adams, Fred E., Jr. 
Adams, George L. 
Adams, Miss Jane 
Adams, John Q. 
Adams, William C. 
Adamson, Henry T. 
Addington, James R. 
Addington, Mrs. 

Sarah Wood 
Adler, Harry 
Adler, Dr. Robert 
Aeby, Miss Jacquelyn 
Ahlschlager. Walter W. 
Aigner, A. C. 
Akehurst, A. George 
Akenson, Wylie G. 
Albade, Wells T. 
Alberts, Lee Winfield 
Alberts, Mrs. M. Lee 
Albiez, George 
Albright, Dr. Arthur C. 
Albright, C. Jere 
Alder, Thomas W. 
Aldis, Graham 
Alenduff, Harold W. 
Alexander, William H. 
AUbright, John G. 
Allen, Craig T., Jr. 
Allen, Frank W. 
Allen, Mrs. Grace G. 
Allen, Herman 
Allen, Joseph M. 
Allen, Nathan 
Allen, Waldo Morgan 
Allen, Wayne M. 
Allensworth, A. P. 
Allin, J. J. 
Allmart, William S. 

Allport, Hamilton 
Allworthy, Joseph 
Allyn, Arthur C. 
Allyn, Mrs. John W. 
Alschuler, Alfred S., Jr. 
Alsip, Mrs. Charles H. 
Alter, Harry 
Altholz, Mrs. Herbert C. 
Altman, Julian A. 
Alton, Carol W. 
Alward, Walter C, Jr. 
American, John G. 
Ames, Alfred C. 
Ames, Rev. Edward S. 
Ames, Joseph B. 
Ancel, Louis 
Andersen, John D. 
Anderson, A. Harold 
Anderson, Albert L. 
Anderson, Mrs. Alfred 
Anderson, Mrs. A. W. 
Anderson, Carlyle E. 
Anderson, Corliss D. 
Anderson, Francis M. 
Anderson, Dr. Herbert L. 
Anderson, Herbert R. 
Anderson, Hugo A. 
Anderson, J. W. 
Anderson, Mrs. 

Robert Gardner 
Anderson, W. W. 
Andreasen, Norman 
Andrews, Mrs. E. C. 
Andrews, Milton H. 
Andrews, Mrs. Otis G. 
Angelopoulos, Archie 
Anger, Frank G. 
Anning, H. E. 
Anstiss, George P. 
Antognoli, John L. 
Appelt, Mrs. Jessie E. 
Appleton, Arthur I. 
Appleton. John Albert 
Archer, Dr. E. A. 
Arenberg, Albert L. 
Arenberg, Kenneth M. 
Aries, Dr. Leon J. 
Armour, Mrs. Laurance 
Armour, Laurance H., Jr. 
Armour, Mrs. Stanton, Sr. 
Armour, T. Stanton 
Armstrong, Mrs. Julian 
Armstrong, Kenneth 
Armstrong, Richard R. 
Armstrong, W. H. 
Armstrong, Mrs. 

William A. 
Arnold, Herbert R. 
Arnold, Mrs. Lloyd 

Arnold, Lorn E. 
Arnold, Robert M. 
Arntzen, John C. 
Arquilla, George, Jr. 
Artingstall, Samuel G. 
Arvey, Mrs. Edith F. 
Ascher, Fred 
Ashe, Clayton 
Ashenhurst, Harold S. 
Asher, Frederick 
Asher, Norman 
Asher, Dr. Sidney 
Ashwell, Mrs. John W. 
Atwood, Carl E. 
Auer, George A. 
Auerbach, Mrs. Julius 
Augur, Allison L. 
Augustus, Mrs. Helen A. 
Aurelius, Mrs. Marcus A. 
Ause, Orval H. 
Averitt, Arthur C. 
Avery, George J. 
Avery, Guy T. 
Avery, William H. 
Axelrad, Mrs. Milton S. 
Ayres, Robert B. 
Ayres, Willard 

Babbitt, Mrs. Oscar 
Babson, Mrs. Gustavus 
Bacci, Alex H. 
Back, Miss Maude F. 
Bacon, Dr. Alfons R. 
Bacon, R. H. 
Bade, Miss Florence 

Baehr, William B. 
Baer, David E. 
Baffes, Dr. Thomas G. 
Baggaley, William Blair 
Baker, Dr. Bernard 
Baker, Edward H. 
Baker, George D. 
Baker, Paul E. 
Bailey, George R. 
Bair, W. P. 
Bairstow, Mrs. 

Harry, Jr. 
Baker, Greeley 
Baldauf, John H. 
Baldwin, Mrs. Amy G. 
Baldwin, Rosecrans 
Baldwin, Vincent Curtis 
Balgemann, Otto W. 
Balkin, Louis 
Ball, Clayton G. 
Ball, Dr. Fred E. 
Ball, Ralph K. 
Ballard, E. E. 



Ballard, Mrs. Ernest H. 
Ballard, Mrs. Foster K. 
Ballanger, A. G. 
Ballis, S. R. 
Balluff, Louis N. 
Baltis, Walter S. 
Banker, O. H. 
Banks, Dr. Sam W. 
Banks, Dr. Seymour 
Bannister, Miss 

Ruth D. 
Bannon, James W. 
Barancik. Richard M. 
Barber, Phil C. 
Barbera, Joseph 
Barbero, Mrs. Claudia 
Barden, Horace G. 
Bardwell, William U. 
Bargquist, Miss 

Lillian D. 
Barker, E. C. 
Barkhausen, Mrs. 

Henry G. 
Barlow, Mrs. Gordon 

Barlow, John T. 
Barnard, George Hugh 
Barnes, Cecil 
Barnes, Mrs. John S. 
Barnes, Miss Lilace Reid 
Bamett, Claude A. 
Barney, Albert S. 
Barnhart, Mrs. A. M. 
Barr, Mrs. Alfred H. 
Barr, George 
Barrett, Anthony J. 
Barrett, Mrs. Arthur M. 
Barry, Mrs. Scammon 
Barson, Dr. Lloyd J. 
Barsumian, Edward L. 
Bartel, Thomas B. 
Barthell, Gary 
Bartholomae, Mrs. 

Bartholomay, Henry C. 
Bartholomay, Herman, Jr. 
Bartholomay, Mrs. 

William, Jr. 
Barton, A. D. 
Bashore, Mrs. Helen 
Basile, A. R. 
Basile, William B. 
Basinger, Paul J. 
Basta, George A. 
Bates, Dr. A. Allan 
Bates, Mrs. A. M. 
Bates, Rex J. 
Battey, Paul L. 
Baum, Dr. Hugo C. 
Baum, Wilhelm 
Baumann, Harry P. 

Baumann, Miss 

Nettie A. 
Bausch, William C. 
Bayly, Dr. Melvyn A. 
Beach, Miss Bess K. 
Beach, George R., Jr. 
Beachy, Mrs. Walter F. 
Beattie, Orville C. 
Beatty, John T. 
Becherer, Robert C. 
Beck, Alexander 
Becker, Edward C. 
Becker, Mrs. Ethel G. 
Becker, James H. 
Becker, Louis L. 
Becker, Max 
Becker, Mrs. S. Max, Jr. 
Beckler, R. M. 
Beckman, Mrs. Victor A. 
Beckstrom, Miss 

Lucile M. 
Beddoes, Hubert 
Beebe, Dr. Robert A. 
Beeder, R. H. 
Behr, Carlton E. 
Behr, Mrs. Edith 
Beidler, Francis II 
Belding, Mrs. H. H., Jr. 
Belinky, Walter 
Bell, Chauncey M. 
Bell, J. Delos 
Bellizzi, Dr. Alfredo 
Bellows, Jason Ernest 
Belmonte, Dr. John V. 
Belnap, Nuel D. 
Bender, Eric 
Benjamin, Jack A. 
Benner, Harry 
Bennett, Bertram W. 
Bennett, Clinton C. 
Bennett, Edward H., Jr. 
Bennett, Dr. H. Stanley 
Bennett, Professor 

J. Gardner 
Bennett, S. A. 
Bensinger, B. E. 
Benson, John 
Benson, Mrs. 

Thaddeus R. 
Benton, Mrs. Charles W. 
Berc, Harold T. 
Ber6, Lambert 
Berend, George F. 
Berens, Alfred S. 
Berens, Dr. David G. 
Berg, Miss Cecelia 
Bergen, Mrs. G. L. 
Bergfors, Emery E. 
Bergman, Arthur W. 
Bergsten, Mrs. Ralph A. 
Berkely, Dr. J. G. 

Berman, Seymour 
Bernstein, Arthur J. 
Bernstein, Samuel 
Bernstein, Saul 
Berry, V. D. 
Bertschinger, Dr. C. F. 
Berwanger, Jay 
Besly, Mrs. C. H. 
Beton, Conrad A. 
Bettendorf , Harry J. 
Bettman, Dr. Ralph B. 
Betts, David H. 
Betz, Carl E. 
Beug, Theodore C. 
Biddle, Robert C. 
Biedermann, Lee F. 
Biehn, Dr. J. F. 
Bielinski, Dr. Henry E. 
Biersborn, Charles F. 
Bigelow, Mrs. Ann 
Biggers, Bryan B. 
Biggs, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Bikle, W. E. 
Billow, Miss Virginia 
Billsten, Henry A. 
Bimmerle, Dr. John F. 
Binder, Miss Kay 
Birch, Dr. Carroll L. 
Bird, Miss Frances 
Bittel, Mrs. Frank J. 
Bittrich, Miss Grace 
Bixby, Edward Randall 
Bixby, Frank L. 
Bixby, George, Jr. 
Bjork, Eskil I. 
Bjorkman, Carl G. 
Black, Dr. Chester J. 
Black, Harry 
Blackburn, Oliver A. 
Bladen, Arthur M. 
Blaha, Ralph C. 
Blaine, James B. 
Blair, Miss 

Anita Carolyn 
Blair, Bowen 
Blair, Edward 

Blair, John M. 
Blair, Wm. McCormick 
Blair, Wolcott 
Blanksten, Samuel B. 
Blatchford, Dr. Frank 

Blatchford, Thomas R. 
Blecker, Mrs. 
Michael, Jr. 
Blessing, Mrs. Lewis G. 
Blish, Charles C. 
Bliss, Vincent R. 
Block, Joseph L. 
Block, Kenneth L. 



Block, Leigh B. 
Block, Mrs. Leigh B. 
Block, Nelson C. 
Block, Philip D., Jr. 
Block, Samuel W. 
Bluford, Mrs. David 
Blumenschein, C. M. 
Blumenthal, Dr. Irving 
Blumenthal, Milton M. 
Blunt, J. E. 
Blustin, L. Sanford 
Boal, Stewart 
Boal, Thomas 

Mrs. George V. 
Bodine, Earl C. 
Bodjanac, Stephen 
Bodman, Robert E. 
Bodman, W. S. 
Boe. Archie R. 
Boehme, Harold C. 
Boericke, Mrs. Anna 
Boetcher, John E. 
Boettcher. Arthur H. 
Bogdajewicz, Edward P. 
Bogert, George T. 
Bogert, Mrs. Gilbert P. 
Bohac, Ben F. 
Bohon, Clinton W. 
Bohasseck, Charles 
Bohne, Carl J., Jr. 
Bolotin, Gerald G. 
Bolten, Paul H. 
Bondy, Berthold 
Bonine, Miss Ada 
Bonniwell, Donald R. 
Boomer, Dr. Paul C. 
Boone, Arthur 
Booth, George E. 
Boothby, Palmer C. 
Borcherdt, Mrs. 

Robert T. 
Borg, George W. 
Bori, Mrs. Albert V. 
Borland, Mrs. 

John Jav, II 
Borland, William F. 
Borowitz, David 
Borwell, Robert C. 
Bosch, Charles 
Bosch, Mrs. Henry 
Bosky, Joseph B. 
Boss, Sidney M. 
Bossov, Samuel V. 
Bosworth, Mrs. 

Roland I. 
Boughner, Jackson L. 
Bournique, Miss Helen E. 
Bousa, Dr. Bohuslav 
Bowen, Mrs. Clarence W. 
Bowers, Ralph E. 

Bowersox, W. A. 
Bowes, Arthur S. 
Bowker, Mrs. Charles, Jr. 
Bowman, Mrs. E. M. 
Bowman, J. C. 
Bowman, Johnston A. 
Boyd, Mrs. T. Kenneth 
Boyer, Paul F. 
Braddy, Jim 

Bradford, Dr. William S. 
Bradley, Mrs. A. Ballard 
Bradley, Edward J. 
Bradley, John R. 
Bradway, Malcolm S. 
Brainerd, Mrs. Arthur T. 
Bramble, Delhi G. C. 
Brammer, Dr. Lowell H. 
Branch, Judson B. 
Brandel, Miss Carola R. 
Brandenburg, John A. 
Brandt, Charles H. 
Brandt, Leslie A. 
Brandt, William A. 
Brandt, William M. 
Branham, William T. 
Bransfield, John J. 
Bransfield. John J.. Jr. 
Brashler, Richard J. 
Braucher, Ralph L. 
Brauer, Mrs. Paul 
Braun, Dr. L. L. 
Braun, Martin H. 
Braun, Dr. Milton 
Bremner, Mrs. David F. 
Brennan, B. T. 
Brenner, S. L. 
Brennom, Dr. Elmo F. 
Breslin, Dr. Winston I. 
Brichetto, John L. 
Bridges, Arnold 
Briggs, George L. 
Bristol, James T. 
Broadhurst, R. P. 
Brock, Donald C. 
Brodie, Miss Laura 
Brodribb, Lawrence C. 
Brodsky. J. J. 
Brody, Bernard B. 
Brook, H. C. 
Brost, Robert V. 
Brostoff, Harry M. 
Browder, William B. 
Brown, A. Wilder 
Brown, Baird 
Brown, Cameron 
Brown, C. Foster, Jr. 
Brown, Mrs. C. H. 
Brown, Christy 
Brown, Mrs. Everett C. 
Brown, Glenn E. 
Brown, H. Templeton 

Brown, Isadore 
Brown, Dr. Joshua M. 
Brown, Mark A. 
Brown, Richard P., Jr. 
Brown, Mrs. Roger O. 
Brown, W. A., Jr. 
Brown, Warren W. 
Brown, William F. 
Browne, Aldis J., Jr. 
Bruce, Roy A. 
Bruhn, H. C. 
Brunell, Albert H. 
Bruning, Herbert F. 
Brunsvold, Mrs. 

Henrietta A. 
Brunswick, Joseph E. 
Brunswick, Larry 
Brust, Paul W. 
Bryant, John J. 
Bua, Nicholas J. 
Buchanan, Eugene D. 
Buchanan, L. B. 
Buchbinder, Robert 
Buchen, Paul J. 
Buchen, Mrs. 

Walther H. 
Buchner, Dr. E. M. 
Buckley, Mrs. Warren 
Bucklin, Mrs. Vail R. 
Buddeke, Ivo W. 
Buddington, Robert M. 
Budrys, Dr. Stanley 
Buechler, Adolph 
Buehler, A. C, Jr. 
Buehler, H. L. 
Buehler, Robert 
Buettner, Walter J. 
Buffardi, Louis 
Buik, Donald W. 
Bulley, Allen E. 
Bund, Marcus 
Bunn, B. H. 
Bunn, C. M. 
Bunte, Mrs. Theodore W. 
Burbott, E. W. 
Burch, Clayton B. 
Burchmore, John S. 
Burd. James E. 
Burditt, George M. 
Burg, Harry 
Burgess, Cyril G. 
Burgess, Kenneth F. 
Burgweger, Mrs. 

Meta Dewes 
Burke, Mrs. Alfred L. 
Burke, Mrs. Edmund L. 
Burman, Marshall L. 
Burn, Felix P. 
Burnell, Homer A. 
Burnham, Mrs. George 
Burnham, Joseph A. 



Burns, Fred R. 
Burns, Mrs. Randall W. 
Burrows, Robert S. 
Burry, William 
Burwell, Mrs. 
Dorothy M. 
Busch, David T. 
Bush, Earl J. 
Butler, Mrs. Coula P. 
Butler, George W. 
Butler, John C. 
Butler, Paul 
Butterworth, Louis H. 
Butzow, Mrs. Robert C. 
Bye, William H. 
Byrne, Miss Margaret H. 

Cadwell, Charles S. 
Cahan, Haskell 
Cahn, Dr. Alvin R. 
Cahn, Morton D. 
Caiazza, Theodore M. 
Cainkar, Louis F. 
Caine, Leon J. 
Caldini, Floyd A. 
Caldwell, Wallace B, 
Callahan, Dr. James J. 
Call, Edgar J. 
Callender, Mrs. 

Joseph E. 
Calvin, Mrs. H. L. 
Camenisch, Miss 

Sophia C. 
Cameron, Anson W. 
Cameron, Mrs. 

John Wheaton 
Cameron, William T. 
Camp, J. Beidler 
Campbell, Donald F., Jr. 
Campbell, Donald W. 
Campbell, George V. 
Campbell, Hugh 
Campbell, John Noble 
Campbell, Powell M, 
Canby, Caleb H., Jr. 
Canman, Richard W. 
Canmann, Mrs. Harry L. 
Capes, Miss Alice G. 
Caples, William G. 
Capps, Dr. Joseph A. 
Carey, Mrs. Charles 
Carlen, Raymond N. 
Carlin, Leo J. 
Carlisle, Mrs. William T. 
Carlson, Walter C. D. 
Carmell, Sherman 
Caron, O. J. 
Carp, Joseph T. 
Carpenter, Herbert R. 
Carqueville, Mrs. A. R. 
Carr, Rr. Adm. B. L. 

Carr, Robert A. 
Carr, Mrs. Robert F. 
Carroll, J. B. 
Carroll, John A. 
Carstens, Milton Searle 
Carter, Mrs. Armistead B. 
Carter, Miss Frances 

Carton, Laurence A. 
Carton, Dr. Robert W. 
Caspers, Paul 
Cass, Sidney H. 
Cassady, Thomas G. 
Castruccio, Giuseppe 
Cathcart, Silas S. 
Cavenaugh, Robert A. 
Caywood, Thomas E. 
Cederlund, R. Stanley 
Cerling, Fredolph A. 
Cermak, George R. 
Cernoch, Frank 
Cerny, Mrs. Jerome 
Cervenka, Carl 
Chace, Thomas B, 
Chalfant, Arnold R. 
Chameroy, Arthur T. 
Chandler, Henry P. 
Chandler, Marvin 
Chapin, William Arthur 
Chaplicki, Mrs. 

Norbert L. 
Chapman, Arthur E. 
Chapman, Dave 
Chapman, Richard R. 
Chase, Norman M. 
Chatain, Robert N. 
Chazanow, George 
Cheney, Dr. Henry W. 
Chenicek, Dr. J. A. 
Chenier, Miss Mizpah 
Cherones, George D. 
Cherry, Walter L., Jr. 
Chesler, Morton C. 
Chester, W. T. 
Chiara, Anthony R. 
Childs, Leonard C. 
Chilgren, Arthur D. 
Chinlund, Miss Ruth E. 
Chorn, William G. 
Christensen, Christian 
Christensen, John W. 
Christensen, Joseph M. 
Christensen, Robert W. 
Christian, John F. 
Christiansen, Dr. Henry 
Christopher, Dr. G. L. 
Christy, Dr. Harold W. 
Chulock, Willmar A. 
Churan, Charles A. 
Church, Mrs. Freeman S. 
Ciral, Philip F. 

Clansky, Roy W., Jr. 
Clark, Mrs. Alice Dargan 
Clark, Mrs. Edward S. 
Clark, Edwin H. 
Clark, Dr. James Wilson 
Clark, K. Raymond 
Clarke, Charles F. 
Clarke, Ernest E. 
Clarke, Miss Lorena 
Clarke, Dr. T. Howard 
Clausing, Mrs. George W. 
Clay, John 
Clement, Franklin G. 
Clement, Howard W. 
Clement, James W. 
Clements, George L. 
Clifford, Fred J., Jr. 
Clifford, J. S. 
Clinch, Duncan L. 
Clonick, Abraham J. 
Clonick, Herbert J. 
Clonick, Seymour E. 
Close, James W. 
Cloud, Hugh S. 
Clough, Herbert W. 
Clovis, Paul C, Sr, 
Clow, Miss Marion 
Cluxton, Dr. 

Harley E., Jr. 
Coale, William F., Jr. 
Coates, E. Hector 
Coates, John M. 
Coath, V. W. 
Coburn, John T. 
Coburn, Maurice W. 
Cochran, John L. 
Cocks, Thomas G. 
Coey, David R. 
Coghlan, Mrs. David L. 
Cohen, Abraham H. 
Cohen, George B. 
Cohen, Harry 
Cohen, S. T. 
Cohn, Aaron H. 
Colby, Bernard G. 
Coldiron, Harry A. 
Cole, John W. 
Cole, Sidney I. 
Coleman, Clarence L., Jr. 
Coleman, Mrs. John 
Coleman, Loring W. 
Coleman, Marvin H, 
Colenso, James E. 
Coliton, William P. 
Collias, Philip J. 
Collins, Beryl B. 
CoUison, E. K. 
Colnon, Stuart 
Colvin, Miss Bonnie 
Colvin, Miss Jessie 
Colwell, Clyde C. 



Compton, Mrs, 

Arthur H. 
Compton, D. M. 
Concannon, John T. 
Cone, Fairfax M. 
Cone, Mrs. R. E. 
Conger, Miss Cornelia 
Conklin, Miss Shirley 
Conley, Philip 
Connell, P. G. 
Connery, John 
Connors, Mrs. Thomas A. 
Conover, Miss 

Margaret B. 
Cook, Mrs. David S. 
Cook, Jonathan Miller 
Cook, Junius F., Jr. 
Cook, L. Charles 
Cook, Leslie H. 
Cook, Dr. Richard S. 
Cook, Thomas H. 
Cooke, Dr. Pauline M. 
Cooley, Gordon A., Sr. 
Coolidge, Dr. Edgar D. 
Coombs, James F. 
Coonley, John Stuart 
Coonley, Prentiss L. 
Cooper, Lee 
Cooper, Samuel 
Cooper, S. Robert 
Copland, David 
Corbett, Dr. Maxwell M. 
Corbett, Paul M. 
Corbett, Dr. Robert J. 
Corbett, Mrs. WilUam J. 
Cordin, Mrs. Ruth 
Cordray, Mrs. David P. 
Corrington, John W. 
Corry, Mrs. Edgar C. 
Corthell, Charles K. 
Cosford, Thomas H. 
Cossman, Maurice B. 
Costanzo, Dr. Vincent A. 
Costanzo, Dr. 

Vincent A., Jr. 
Costello, A. B. 
Costello, Dr. Lome 
Coston, James E. 
Cottle, Dr. Maurice H. 
Cotton, Eugene 
Coulon, Dr. Albert E. 
Coulson, John S. 
Coultrap, James W. 
Coursen, Charles B. 
Covington, John R. 
Covington, William S. 
Cowan, Ralph 
Cowen, Miss Edna T. 
Cowen, Dr. Jack P. 
Cowen, Maurice L. 
Cowles, Knight C. 

Cox, Clifford B. 
Coyne, Thomas R. 
Cragg, Mrs. George L. 
Craig, George M. 
Craig, Mrs. Virg^inia 
Grain, G. D., Jr. 
Cram, Mrs. Norman 
Crawford, Henriques 
Crawford, Robert A. 
Crawford, W. F. 
Creange. A. L. 
Creber, Walter H., Jr. 
Cretors, Charles J. 
Criel, Theodore A., Jr. 
Crohn, Miss Natalie 
Cromwell, Miss 

Juliette Clara 
Cross, Louis J. 
Cross, Robert C. 
Cryor, Robert E. 
Cubbins, Dr. William R. 
Culbertson, James G. 
Cullen, J. A. 
Culmer, Dr. Charles U. 
Culver, Sydney K. 
Cummings, Edward M. 
Cummings, Mrs. 

Frances S. 
Cummings, Nathan 
Cummings, Thomas N. 
Cump, Percy W.. Jr. 
Cuneo, Francis J. 
Cuneo, John F. 
Cunningham, J. Lester 
Cunningham, Seymour S. 
Curry, James L. 
Curtis, Austin 

Guthrie, Jr. 
Curtis, Glenn R. 
Curtis, Paul 
Curwen, H. L. 
Cusack, Harold 
Gushing, John Caleb 
Cushman, Barney 
Cutler, Paul William 
Cutter, Charles F. 

Dabasinskas, Walter 
Daemicke, Mrs. 

Irwin Paul 
Dahl. Miss Bernice 
Dahlberg, Theodore 
Dahlberg, Wendell 
Dahlin, Carl A. 
Daidone, Benjamin 
Daily, Orville G. 
Daily, Col. Richard 
Dainty, Ralph B. 
Daley, Harry C. 
Dalmar, Mrs. Hugo 
Dalmar, Hugo, Jr. 

Daly, James J. 
Danders, Raymond A. 
Dangel, W. H. 
Danielson, Philip A. 
Danley, Jared Gage 
Danne, William C, Jr. 
Dantzig, Leonard P. 
Dapples, George H. 
D'Aquila, George 
Darbo, Howard H. 
Darby, John H. 
Daspit, Richard W. 
Daughaday, C. Colton 
Davidson, Carter 
Davidson, D. E. 
Davidson, Louis G. 
Davies, Marshall 
Davies, Trevor L. 
Davis, Arthur 
Davis, C. S. 
Davis, DeForest Paine 
Davis, Don L. 
Davis, Frank S. 
Davis, Henry E. 
Davis, Dr. Joseph A. 
Davis, Mrs. June 

Davis, Dr. Loyal 
Davis, Morton A. 
Dawes, Charles C. 
Dawson, John H. 
Dean, Mrs. S. E., Jr. 
DeardorflF, Merle S. 
Decker, Charles O. 
De Costa, Lewis M. 
de Dardel, Carl O. 
Deeming, W. S. 
Deis, Mrs. Thomas P. 
Delaney, Frederick A. 
DeLarye, Dr. William L. 
DeLay, Frank P. 
Delp, Larry 
Demaree, H. S. 
Deming, Everett G. 
Denis, Stanley T. 
Denney, Ellis H. 
Deree, William S. 
Dern, James G. 
Desgrey, Charles W. 
Detmer, John F. 
De Trana, Dr. George 
Deutsch, Mrs. Percy L. 
Devine, Matthew L. 
Devoe, Carl 
De Vries, David 
DeWitt, Clyde F. 
DeWitt, Dennis 
Dick, A. B., Ill 
Dick, Mrs. A. B., Ill 
Dick, Elmer J. 
Dick, Robert 



Dick, Mrs. Robert F. 
Dickinson, F. R. 
Dickman, Frank 
Dickson, Vincent B. 
Diestel, Mrs. Herman 
Dietch, Henry X. 
Diggs, Mrs. N. Alfred 
Diller, Robert 
Diller, Theodore C. 
Dillie, James P. 
Dillion, Don F. 
Dimick, Miss Elizabeth 
Dixon, George W., Jr. 
Dixon, Stewart S. 
Dixon, Wesley M., Jr. 
Dixon, Mrs. William 

Dobyns, Mrs. Henry F. 
Doctor, Isidor 
Dodge, Mrs. Paul C. 
Dodge, John V. 
Dodson, James R. 
Dolan, Tom 
Dole, Arthur III 
Dole, John L. 
Dolke, W. Fred 
Domville, Mrs. 

Donlon, Mrs. Stephen E. 
Donnel, Mrs. Curtis, Jr. 
Donnelley, Elliott 
Donnelley, Mrs. H. P. 
Donnelley, Thomas E., II 
Donnersberger, Mrs. 

Raymond G. 
Donohue, Edgar T. 
Doody, Miss Kitty 
Dooley, Mrs. Robert D. 
Doolittle, John R. 
Dornbusch, Charles H. 
Dorocke, Joseph, Jr. 
Dorsey, John K. 
Doucette, Robert J. 
Douglas, James H., Jr. 
Douglass, H. James 
Douglass, Mrs. 

Helen James 
Douglass, Kingman 
Dover, S. M. 
Doyon, Robert Gale 
Drago, Stephen 
Drake, Charles R. 
Drake, Mrs. Harry L. 
Drake, Robert T. 
Drake, Mrs. R. Taylor 
Drangsholt, Mrs. 

Gunnar S. 
Dreutzer, Carl 
Drever, Thomas 
Dreyfus, Mrs. Moise 
Dry, Carl 

Duclos, George A. 
Dudak, Mrs. Anna 
Dudley, Laurence H. 
Duffy, James F. 
Dukelow, Mrs. MadeHna 
Dulla, Steven G. 
Dulsky, Mrs. Samuel 
Dumelle, Frank C. 
Dunbaugh, Harry J. 
Duncan, Albert G. 
Duncan, Kent W. 
Duner, Joseph A. 
Dunlap, William E. 
Dunlop, Charles 
Dunlop, Mrs. Simpson 
Dunphy, Charles S. 
Durand, Mrs. N. E. 
Dvonch, Dr. William J. 
Dyer, Robert T. 

Easterberg, C. J. 
Eastman, Mrs. George H. 
Eaton, J. Frank 
Ebbers, Todd A. 
Ebeling, Frederic 0. 
Ebert, Carl H. 
Ebin, Mrs. Dorothy 

Ebzery, Miss Joan 
Eckert, Theodore T. 
Eddy, Alfred K. 
Edelson, Dave 
Edelson, Mitchell, Jr. 
Edmunds, John K. 
Edwards, Miss Edith E. 
Edwards, G. H. 
Edwards, William C. 
Eger, Gerard J. 
Eglit, Nathan N. 
Ehrlich, Stanton L. 
Ehrmann, Walter H. 
Eichengreen, Edmund K. 
Eichler, Robert M. 
Eiseman, Fred R. 
Eisenberg, Sam J. 
Eisendrath, Edwin W. 
Eisenhower, Earl D. 
Eisenschiml, Mrs. Otto 
Eisenstein, Sol 
Eklund, Ernest A. 
Eldred, Mrs. Harriot W. 
Elfenbaum, William 
Ellbogen, Miss Celia 
Ellies, E. E. 
Ellinger, Dr. R. H. 
Elliott, Mrs. Edwin P. 
Elliott, Miss Grace E. 
Ellis, Mrs. G. Corson 
Ellis, Howard 
Elmer, Mrs. Clarence W. 
Elson, Alex 

Elston, Mrs. I. C. 
Elting, Victor, Jr. 
Elting, Winston 
Elvgren, Gillette A. 
Emanuelson, Conrad R. 
Embree, J. W., Jr. 
Emery, Edward W. 
Engelman, Mrs. Roberts. 
Engelmann, George W. 
English, Harold 
English, William L. 
Engstrom, Harold 
Entsminger, Samuel E. 
Epstein, Harvey 
Epstein, Herman L. 
Erickson, Donald 
Erickson, L. Hyland 
Ericson, Mrs. Chester F. 
Ericsson, Clarence 
Ericsson, Dewey A. 
Ericsson, Walter H. 
Erikson, Carl A. 
Erman, Walter 
Ernest, Joseph R. 
Ernst, Mrs. Leo 
Escudier, A. F. 
Esgar, R. Rea 
Ettelson, Jerome 

Etten, Henry C. 
Evans, Miss Anna B. 
Evans, Mrs. Bergen 
Evans, Eliot H. 
Evans, Keith J. 
Evans, Vernon K. 
Everett, William S. 
Evers, John W. 

Faber, Milton D. 
Fabrice, Edward H. 
Fackt, Mrs. George P. 
Factor, Mrs. Jerome 
Fader, A. L. 
Fagen, Mrs. Abel E. 
Faherty, Roger 
Fairweather, Dr. D. H. 
Fairweather, S. J. 
Faithorn, Walter E. 
Faletti, Richard J. 
Falk. Dr. Alfred B. 
Falk, Ralph, II 
Falls, Dr. A. G. 
Farley, Preston 
Farnham, Mrs. Harry J. 
Farrell, Mrs. B. J. 
Farrell, Mrs. Ernest H. 
Farwell, Albert D. 
Farwell, Francis C. 
Farwell, John V., Ill 
Faurot, Henry, Jr. 
Faust, Harry C. 



Faverty, Clyde B. 
Fay, Eugene C. 
Febhardt, Mrs. Ernest A. 
Feinstein, Edward 

Feiwell, Morris E. 
Fell, Dr. Egbert H. 
Fellowes, H. Folger 
Fellows, William K. 
Felsenthal, Edward 

Fennekohl, Mrs. 

Arthur C. 
Fentress, David W. 
Ferguson, R. W. 
Fernald, Robert W. 
Ferry, Mrs. James H., Jr. 
Fetzer, Wade, Jr. 
Feuchtwanger, Sidney 
Fiduccia, Charles B. 
Field, John S. 
Field, Meyer 
Field, Mrs. William A. 
Fiffer, Robert S. 
Filerman, Arthur 
Filkins, A. J. 
Fillinsky, Edmund A. 
Filter, Patrick S. 
Fineman, Oscar 
Fink, Mrs. Frank 
Fink, Joseph H. 
Finlayson James K. 
Finley, Max H. 
Finnerud, Dr. Clark W. 
Firsel, Maurice S. 
Firth, M. S. 
Fischer, David J. 
Fishbein, Dr. Morris 
Fisher, Mrs. Raymond 
Fishman, Mrs. Jacob M. 
Fishman, Louis 
Fishman, Samuel 
Fisk, Albert 
Fisk, Mrs. Burnham M. 
Fiske, Kenneth M. 
Fitch, Marvin 
Fitzgerald, George J. 

Mrs. Charles C, Sr. 
Fitzmorris, James 
Fitzsimons, Laurence J. 
Fitz Simmons, Dr. J. A. 
Flacks, Reuben S. 
Flagg, Miss Grace S. 
Flanagan, James F. 
Fleischman, Miss Anne 
Fleming, E. I. 
Fleming, Mrs. Joseph B. 
Fletcher, Joseph 
Fletcher, Mrs. Mildred C. 
Flinn, Walter H., Jr. 

Flint, George M. 
Florian, Anton G. 
Florsheim, Harold M. 
Florsheim, Irving S. 
Flowers, Dr. Vladimir C. 
Foell, W. J. 
Folds, Charles W. 
Follansbee, Rogers 
Follett, D wight 
Folonie, Mrs. Robert J. 
Foote, Mrs. Harley T. 
Forch, Mrs. John L., Jr. 
Ford, Miss Thelma 
Ford, Mrs. Willis Roland 
Foreman, Alfred K., Jr. 
Foreman, Edwin G., Jr. 
Foreman, Harold E. 
Forgan, Mrs. J. Russell 
Forgan, Robert D. 
Forman, Charles 
Forster, J. George 
Fort, George A. 
Fortune, Miss Joanna 
Foster, Mrs. Charles K. 
Foster, Robert S. 
Fowle, Frank F. 
Fowler, Gerald J. 
Fowler, Mrs. Earle B. 
Fox, Clarence E. 
Fox, George J. 
Fox, Jacob Logan 
Fox, Dr. Paul C. 
FVale, Anthony M. 
Franche, Mrs. D. C, III 
Frank, Robert B. 
Franke, Allyn J. 
Frankel, Jones B. 
Frankel, Louis 
Frankel, Marshall 
Frankenstein, Lester E. 
Frankenstein, William B. 
Franklin, G. K. 
Franz, Herbert G. 
Eraser, Edward S. 
Frasier, Richard C. 
Frazer, Mrs. George E. 
Freda, Dr. Vincent C. 
Frederick, Mrs. 

Clarence L. 
Freedman, Edward H. 
Freehling, Stanley M. 
Freeman, Ernest E. 
Freeman, Gay lord A. 
Freeto, Clarence E. 
Freiler, Abraham J. 
Frenier, A. B. 
Freudenthal, G. S. 
Freund, Mrs. I. H. 
Freund, Mrs. J. Dennis 
Frey, Charles Daniel 
Freyn, Henry J. 

Fridstein, Meyer 
Friedberg, Dr. Stanton A. 
Friedlander, William 
Friedlich, John 
Friedlob, Fred M. 
Friedman, Mrs. 

Norman B. 
Friedman, Raphael N. 
Fritsch, Miss Josephine 
Frost, Allan 
Fruh, Arthur W. 
Frye, W. P. 
Frystak, A. J. 
Fucik, E. Montford 
Fucik, Frank M. 
Fuller, Mrs. Gretta 

Fuller, J. E. 
Fuller, Perry L. 
Fullerton, Thomas 
Fulton, Paul C. 
Furlong, Clair W. 
Fyanes, F. D. 

Gabriel, Adam 
Gainer, Walter D. 
Gale, Willis 
Galgano, John H. 
Gall, Frank 
Gall, Harold J. F, 
Gall, Harry T. 
Gallo, Alfred E. 
Gallup, Rockwell L. 
Gait, Mrs. Anne 

Rick cords 
Gait, Mrs. A. T. 
Gamble, D. E. 
Gamble, E. Ross 
Gamm, Dr. Stanford R. 
Gammie, George 
Garcia, Jose 
Gardner, Addison L., Jr. 
Gardner, F. Sewall 
Gardner, Frederick D. 
Gardner, Henry A. 
Gardner, Henry K. 
Gardner, Robert A., Jr. 
Garen, Joseph F. 
Garrison, Dr. Lester E. 
Garvey, W. H., Jr. 
Gary, Theodore S. 
Gasper, T. F., Jr. 
Gates, Mrs. L. F. 
Gaul, Michael F. 
Gawthrop, H. H. 
Gay, Rev. A. Royall 
Gaylord, Mrs. Ruth K. 
Gebhardt, Alfred E. 
Gebhardt, Mrs. Ernest A. 
Gee, James W. 
Gehl, Dr. W. H. 



Ceiling, Dr. E. M. K. 

Ceilman, Harold 

Ceist, Herbert 
i Ceittmann, Dr. W. F. 

Celdmeier, Dr. Erwin F. 

Cellert, Donald N. 

Celman, Dr. Renee L. 

Censburg, Samuel H. 

Centry, Veit 

Ceorge, Clark B. 

Gerden, Paul 

Gerding, R. W. 

Gerk, G. F. 

German, Fred W. 

Gerngross, Mrs. Leo 

Gerrard, J. M. 

Gerstley, Mrs. Jesse R. 

Geter, Howard D., Sr. 

Gettelman, Mrs. 
Sidney H. 

Gettleman, Arthur 

Gettleman, Frank E. 

Getz, James R. 

Getz, Mrs. James R. 

Getzoff, Byron M. 

Giacobe, Mrs. Anthony J. 

Gibbs, A. E. 

Gibbs, Richard F. 

Gibson, James T., Jr. 

Gibson, Paul 

Gibson, Truman K., Jr. 

Gidwitz, Alan K. 

Gidwitz, Victor E. 

Gidwitz, Willard 

Giffey, Miss Hertha 

Gifford, Frederic Z. 

Gifford, Mrs. 
Frederick C. 

Gilchrist, Mrs. John F. 

Gilchrist, Mrs. William 

Giles, Dr. Chauncey D. 

Giles, Mrs. Guy H. 

Giles, John O. 

Gill, Joseph L. 

Gillett, Frank G. 

Gillett, W. N. 

Gilmore, Dr. John H. 

Gimbel, J. W., Jr. 

Girardi, Elizabeth- 

Giryotas, Dr. Emelia J. 

Gits, Mrs. Remi J., Sr. 

Glade, David Bruce 

Glade, Mrs. George H. 

Glaescher, Mrs. G. W. 

Glaman, Miss Johanna C. 

Glass, Mr. Marvin 

Glasser, Joshua B. 

Glassner, James J. 

Gleasner, Lee J. 

Glenn, Miss Terry 
Click, Louis C. 
Clore, Robert Hixon 
Glos, Mrs. Albert H. 
Cluck, Gerson, I. 
Cober, Miss Martha P. 
Godley, Mrs. John M. 
Godwin, Dr. Melvin C. 
Goes, Mrs. Arthur A. 
Coessele, John H. 
Colber, David 
Cold, Norman 
Goldberg, Arthur J. 
Goldberg, Charles K. 
Coldblatt, Joel 
Colding, Robert N. 
Coldsby, Fred L. 
Goldstein, Dr. Abraham 
Goldstein, Dr. Helen L. 

Goldstein, Nathan S. 
Goldy, Walter L 
Goltra, Mrs. William B. 
Gomberg, Dr. Harry 
Goodfriend, S. L. 
Goodman, Benedict K. 
Goodman, Howard 
Goodman, Mrs. Milton F. 
Goodman, Mrs. William 
Goodman, WilUam E. 
Coodson, Orr 
Goodwin, George S. 
Gopp, Leonard W. 
Gordon, Colin S. 
Gordon, Edward 
Gordon, Harold J. 
Gordon, Leslie S. 
Gordon, Marvin M. 
Cordon, Dr. Richard J. 
Gordon, Mrs. Robert D. 
Correll, Mrs. Warren 
Gottlieb, Frederick M. 
Gottlieb, Jacob 
Gould, Jay 
Gould, Mrs. June K. 
Grade, Joseph Y. 
Graff, Edward 
Graham, Andrew C. 
Graham, Mrs. Arthur R. 
Graham, Bruce J. 
Graham, David 
Graham, Douglas 
Graham, E. V. 
Graham, Miss 

Margaret H. 
Granger, Mrs. LiUian M. 
Grant, Gordon B. 
Grant, James D. 
Grant, John G. 
Grant, Robert M. 
Craves, Austin T. 

Graves, Howard B. 
Grawoig, Allen 
Grawols, C. L. 
Cray, A. S. 
Gray, Dr. Earle 
Gray, Edward 
Gray, Philip S. 
Gray, William Scott, III 
Greeley, Joseph M. 
Green, Howard E. 
Green, Michael 
Creenaway, Donald 
Creenburg, Dr. Ira E. 
Greene, Henry E. 
Greene, Howard T. 
Greene, Wesley H. 
Greenebaum, Robert J. 
Greenlee, Mrs. William 

Greenman, Mrs. Earl C. 
Greenwald, Herbert S. 
Gregg, Clarence T. 
Gregg, Lewis D. 
Gregory, James J. 
Gregory, Stephen S., Jr. 
Grentzner, C. A. 
Gressens, Otto 
Grey, Dr. Dorothy 
Griffenhagen, Mrs. 

Edwin O. 
Griffith, Mrs. Carroll L. 
Griffith, Dean L. 
Griffith, George 
Griffith, Mrs. WilHam C. 
Grimes, Don R. 
Grimes, Douglas A. 
Griswold, Barret B. 
Griswold, Harold T. 
Griswold, J. Edwin 
Grizzard, James A. 
Groak, Irwin D. 
Groen, Mrs. F. H., Jr. 
Grohe, Robert F. 
Cronkowski, Rev. C. I. 
Grosberg, Charles 
Groseth, Mrs. Haakon B. 
Grossman, Frank I. 
Grote, Russell H. 
Grotowski, Mrs. Leon 
Grumhaus, Harold 
Grunow, Mrs. William C. 
Guenzel, Paul W. 
Guernsey, Mrs. Nellie T. 
Guest, Ward E. 
Guetzkow, Harold S. 
Guldager, Carl D. 
Cunther, Dr. Meyer S. 
Curley, Mrs. Fred G. 
Curley, Miss Helen K. 
Gustafson, Carl 
Custafson, Carl I. 



Gustafson, Gilbert E. 
Gustafson, Mrs, 

Winfield A. 
Gutgsell, Mrs. Emil J. 
Guthrie, Mrs. Eleanor Y. 
Guthrie, S. Ashley 
Gwinn, H.C 
Gwinn, R. P. 
Gwyer, Dr. F. V. 

Haag, Ralph F. 
Haas, Albert F. 
Hachmeister, A. W. 
Hadley, Mrs. Edwin M. 
Haedike, Edward J. 
Hakenjos, Miss Sophia F. 
Hagen, Mrs. Daise 
Hagues, Mrs. David N. 
Hahn, Arthur 
Hailand, Arthur G. 
Haines, Mrs. James J. 
Hair, T. R. 
Hajicek, Rudolph F. 
Hale, Mrs. Samuel 
Hales, Mrs. Burton W. 
Hales, Burton W., Jr. 
Hall, Dr. Buford 
Hall, Edward B. 
Hall, Miss EHza P. 
Hall, Harry C. 
Hall, Mrs. J. B. 
Hallauer, Edward W. 
Halligan, W. J. 
Halperin, Aaron 
Halverstadt, Romaine M. 
Hamilton, Miss Eva Alice 
Hamilton, Samuel 
Hamling, Ben M. 
Hammaker, Paul M. 
Hammerschmidt, Mrs. 

George F. 
Hand, George W. 
Hands, H. William 
Handy, Ellsworth A. 
Hanelin, Dr. Henry A. 
Hank, Bernard J. 
Hannaford, Miss 

Mildred L. 

Mrs. Bertha Cooley 
Hansen, Mrs. Fred A. 
Hansen, Jacob W. 
Hanson, Mrs. Norman R. 
Harder, John H. 
Harders, Mrs. Flora 

Hardin, David K. 
Hardin, George D. 
Harding, Miss 

Addie Clark 
Harding, John P., II 

Hardy, Mrs. L. Martin 
Harig, Herbert 
Harkrider, Raymond 
Harmon, Foster W. 
Harms, Van Deursen 
Harper, Alfred C. 
Harper, H. Mitchell 
Harris, David J. 
Harris, George S. 
Harris, Gerald H. 
Harris, Gordon L. 
Harris, Herman 

Mrs. Mortimer B. 
Harris, Robert Bruce 
Harris, Stanley G. 
Harrison, Carter H., Jr. 
Harrison, Earle 
Harsha, E. Houston 
Hart, Chester C. 
Hart, Max A. 
Harte, William J. 
Hartman, Dr. Robert R. 
Hartmann, A. O. 
Hartung, George, Jr. 
Hartz, W. Homer 
Hartz, Dr. Wilson H. 
Harvey, Byron 
Harvey, Byron, III 
Harvey, Daggett 
Harwood, Thomas A. 
Harwood, Thomas W. 
Haskins, Mrs. Nancy H. 
Hass, Miss Harriet E. 
Hassel, Mrs. Henry C. 
Hassmer, Joseph L. 
Hauch, Miss Catherine 
Haug, Dr. Elsie L. 
Hauge, Clarence 
Haugen, Bernhart 
Hausler, Mrs. M. G., Jr. 
Havelaar, W. C. 
Hawkes, Albert K. 
Hawkes, Joseph B. 
Hawkins, Kenneth B. 
Hawkinson, Marshall J. 
Hay, Mrs. William 

Hayakawa, Dr. S. I. 
Hayes, Harold C. 
Hayes, Miss Hatti 
Hayes, Dr. Thomas H. 
Hayes, Mrs. William F. 
Hayward, Thomas Z. 
Haywood, Mrs. 

Marshall L., Jr. 
Hazel, B. F. 
Hazlett, Dr. William H. 
Hazlett, Mrs. William H. 
Head, James D. 
Healy, Thomas H. 

Healy, Vincent Jerrems 
Hearn, Francis J. 
Hearst, Mrs. Jack W. 
Heaton, Harry E. 
Heaton, Herman C. 
Hecht, Fred C. 
Hecht, Kenneth G. 
Hecht, Myron A. 
Hedin, Walter L. 
Heffernan, Miss Lili 
HeflFron, Kenneth C. 
Hefner, Adam 
Heggie, Miss Helen 
Heide, Mrs. Bernard H. 
Heineman, Ben W. 
Heinzelman, Karl 
Heinzen, Mrs. Carl 
Heisler, Francis 
Heldmaier, Miss Marie 
Helfrich, J. Howard 
Heller, Mrs. Florence G. 
Heller. John A. 
Hellerich, Leonard P. 
Hellman, George A. 
Hellyer, Walter 
Helmich, Miss Lenore 
Hemenway, Henry H. 
Hemphill, James C. 
Henderson, Kenneth M. 
Henebry, John P. 
Henke, Frank X., Jr. 
Henkel, Frederick W. 
Henley, Dr. Eugene H. 
Hennessy, John H. 
Henry, C. Wolcott, Jr. 
Henschel, Edmund C. 
Hensel, Paul G., Jr. 
Hepburn, R. J. 
Herbert W. T. 
Herbst, LeRoy B. 
Herdina, Jerry 
Herman, Richard P. 
Hermann, Grover M. 
Herron, James C. 
Herron, Mrs. Oliver L. 
Hertzberg, Lawrence 
Herz, Mrs. Alfred 
Herz, J. H. 
Hesse, E. E. 
Heuser, Arthur W. 
Heverly, Earl L. 
Hewes, W. F. 
Hewitt, Edwin Shields 
Heymann, Robert L. 
Hibben. Joseph W. 
Hicks, Thomas D. 
Hieber, J. Patrick 
Higgins, Miss Margaret 
Higgins, Russell G. 
Hikawa, Richard K. 



Hildebrand, Dr. 

Eugene, Jr. 
Hildebrand, Grant M. 
Hilgendorf, George M. 
Hilker, Mrs. Marion 
Hilkevitch, Dr. A. A. 
Hill, Carlton 
Hill, Dormand S. 
Hill, Rolwood R. 
Hill, Mrs. Russell D. 
Hill, Stacy H. 
Hille, Dr. Hermann 
Hillier, William H. 
Hind, Mrs. John Dwight 
Hines, Charles M. 
Hinkson, Dr. G. Duncan 
Hinman, Mrs. Estelle S. 
Hinrichs, Henry, Jr. 
Hirsch, Albert 
Hirsch, Edwin W. 
Hirsch, LeRoy E. 
Hirsch, Milton W. 
Hirschberg, Samuel J. 
Hirtenstein, Robert E. 
Histed, J. Roland 
Hixon, Mrs. Robert 
Hobbs, Russell D. 
Hodges, F. Robert 
Hodgman, Mrs. 

Charles R., Jr. 
Hodgkinson, Mrs. W. R. 
Hodous, Michael F. 
Hoefman, Harold L. 
Hoffman, Clarence 
Hoffman, Miss 

Hoffman, Edward 

Hoffmann, Dr. Eugene 
Hoffman, Raymond A. 
Hofstetter, Charles A. 
Hogan, Robert E. 
Hokenson, Howard G. 
Hokin, Barney B. 
Hokin, Edwin E. 
Holabird, W. S., Jr. 
Holden, Edward A. 
Holderby, Glen W. 
Holinger, Dr. Paul H. 
Holland, M. J. 
Hollander, Jack 
Hollander, Mrs. Samuel 
Holleb, Marshall M. 
Hollenbach, Louis 
Holliday, W. J. 
Hollins, Gerald 
Holloway, Allen D. 
Holloway, Charles C. 
Holloway, J. L. 
Holmberg, Mrs. 

Adrian 0. 

Holmblad, Dr. 

Edward C. 
Holmburger, Max 
Holmes, J. A. 
Holmes, WilHam 
Holson, Evar W. 
Holub, Anthony S. 
Holzheimer, Carl 
Homan, Mrs. 

Hubert A., Jr. 
Hooper, Miss Frances 
Hoover, Mrs. Fred W. 
Hope, Alfred S. 
Hopkins, Albert L. 
Hopkins, Mrs. James M. 
Hopkins, Mrs. 

James M., Jr. 
Hopkins, Dr. M. B. 
Horcher, William W. 
Homburg, Arthur C. 
Home, Mrs. William 

Dodge, Jr. 
Horner, Mrs. 

Maurice L., Jr. 
Horton, Mrs. Helen 
Horween, Arnold 
Horween, Isidore 
Horwich, Leonard J. 
Hosbein, Louis H. 
Hoshell, Robert J. 
Hoslett, Dr. Schuyler 

Houck, Irvin E. 
Houck, L. E. 
Hough, Charles F. 
Hough, Frank G. 
Hovland, Mrs. John P. 
Howard, Bailey K. 
Howard, Mrs. Harvey H. 
Howard, Howell H. 
Howard, Philip L. 
Howe, Miss Alice 
Howe, Miss Amy L. 
Howe, Charles Albee 
Howe, Col. Ralph B. 
Howe, Roger F. 
Howell, Miss Laura O. 
Howie, Mrs. James E. 
Howse, Richard G. 
Howson, Louis R. 
Hoy, Pat 

Hoyne, Miss Susan D. 
Hraback, L. W. 
Hrdlicka, Mrs. John D. 
Hubachek, Frank 

Huber, Dr. Harry Lee 
Huck, Ralph F. 
Hudson, H. Kenneth 
Hudson, Miss 

Katherine J. 

Hudson, William J. 
Huey, Mrs. A. S. 
Hufty, Mrs. F. P. 
Huggins, G. A. 
Hughes, Dr. Charles E. 
Hughes, John E. 
Hughes, John W. 
Hume, James P. 
Hume, Patrick H. 
Humphrey, H. K. 
Humphrey, Robert C. 
Huncke, Oswald W. 
Hunker, Robert W. 
Hunt, George L. 
Hunt, Jarvis 
Hunt, Miss Ruth 
Hunt, Theodore W. 
Hunt, Mrs. William O. 
Hunter, Mrs. C. K. 
Hunter, Lemuel B. 
Huska, Mrs. Joseph 
Hust, George 
Huszagh, Ralph D. 
Hutchens, Edward J. 
Hutchins, John S. 
Hutchinson, Foye P. 
Hutchinson, Samuel S. 
Huth, Frank D. 
Hvale, Mrs. James L. 
Hyman, Harold 
Hynes, D. P. 
Hypes, William P. 

Ickes, Raymond W. 
I ekes, Mrs. Wilmarth 
Idelman, Bernard 
Igoe, Michael L. 
Igoe, Michael L., Jr. 
Iker, Charles 
Ilg, Paul F. 
Ilg, Robert A. 
IlHch, George M., Jr. 
Ingalls, Allin K. 
Ingersoll, Robert S. 
Ingersoll, Roy C. 
Ingersoll, Mrs. S. L. 
Ingram, Frank H. 
Inlander, N. Newton 
Inlander, Samuel 
Irons, Dr. Ernest E. 
Irons, Mrs. Spencer E. 
Irvine, George L. 
Isaacs, Roger D. 
Isham, George S. 
Isham, Henry P. 
Isham, Henry P., Jr. 
Isom, W. R. 
Ives, Clifford E. 
Ives, George R. 

Jackson, Archer L. 



Jackson, Byrne A. 
Jackson, Carl W. 
Jackson, Charles Selwyn 
Jackson, G. McStay 
Jacobi, Miss Emily C. 
Jacobs, Aaron M. 
Jacobs, Julius 
Jacobs, Nathan E. 
Jacobs, Mrs. Walter H. 
Jacobs, Walter L. 
Jacobs, Wyatt 
Jacobson, A. J. 
Jacobson, Arent J. 
Jacobson, Jacob 
Jacobson, Raphael 
Jahn, Reinhardt H. 
James, Ralph C. 
James, Thomas M. 
James, Walter C. 
Jameson, Clarence W. 
Jancosek, Thomas A. 
Janis, Mrs. Robert F. 
Jansey, Dr. Felix 
Janson, Dr. C. Helge M. 
Janusch, Fred W. 
Jarchow, Mrs. C. E. 
Jarchow, Charles C. 
Jarchow, Robert B. 
Jastromb, Samuel 
Jecha, Irwin 
Jeffers, Howard F. 
Jeffries, Dr. Daniel W. 
Jens, Arthur M., Jr. 
Jensen, W. J. 
Jerger, Wilbur Joseph 
Jessen, Floyd E. 
Jessen, Dr. George N. 
Jirgal, John 
Job, Dr. Thesle T. 
Johnson, Alvin O. 
Johnson, Calmer L. 
Johnson, Carl H. 
Johnson, Herbert M. 
Johnson, Hjalmar W. 
Johnson, John H. 
Johnson, Mrs. Norma O. 
Johnson, Norman E. 
Johnson, Paul C. 
Johnson, P. Sveinbjorn 
Johnson, Philip C. 
Johnson, R. Ellis 
Johnson, Ray T., Jr. 
Johnson, Wallace D. 
Johnston, Edward R. 
Johnston, Mrs. Hubert 

Johnston, Hulburd 
Johnston, Mrs. M. L. 
Johnstone, David M. 
Jolly, Miss Eva Josephine 
Jonak, Frank J. 

Jones, Gordon M. 
Jones, James B. 
Jones, John E. 
Jones, Dr. Margaret M. 
Jones, Miss Susan E. 
Jonswold, C. R. 
Jordan, Horace W. 
Jordan, Robert J. 
Jorgensen, Paul 
Joseph, Mrs. Jacob G. 
Joseph, Louis L. 
Joy, Guy A. 
Juergens, H. Paul 
Julian, Dr. Ormand C. 
Julien, Victor R. 
Jung, C. C. 
Jurco, Stephen 
Jurica, Dr. Hillary S. 

Kahn, Mrs. Arthur S. 
Kahn, J. Kesner 
Kahn, Jerome J. 
Kaine, James B. 
Kaiser, Dr. George D. 
Kalnitz, Arnold B. 

Mrs. Anthony 
Kamin, William C. 
Kamins, Dr. Maclyn M. 
Kamm, Dr. Bernard A. 
Kane, Jerome M. 
Kanehl, James R. 
Kanelos, George A. 
Kanter, Jerome J. 
Kaplan, Morris I. 
Kaplan, Nathan J. 
Kaplan, Stanley A. 
Kargman, Wallace I. 
Karlos, Anthony C. 
Karst, Lambert P. 
Kasakoff, Lawrence 
Kasch, Frederick M. 
Kash, Bernard B. 
Kass, Joseph J. 
Katz, Mrs. Sidney L. 
Katz, Solomon 
Katz, William 
Katzenstein, Mrs. 

George P. 
Katzin, Frank 
Kaufman, Justin 
Kaufman, M. G. 
Kaufmann, Dr. 

Gustav L. 
Kay, Joseph C. 
Kay, Mrs. Marie E. 
Keach, Benjamin 
Keare, Mrs. Spencer R. 
Kearns, Mrs. Jerry J. 
Keebler, Miss 

Florence M. 

Keeley, Robert E. 
Keene, William J. 
Keeshin, J. L. 
Kehoe, Mrs. High Boles 
Kelemen, Rudolph 
Kelley, John F. 
Kelley, Mrs. M. Cotton 
Kellogg, Mrs. Helen L. 
Kelly, Arthur Lloyd 
Kelly, Barbara Wetten 
Kelly, Charles Scott 
Kelly, George Gilman 
Kelly, Mrs. Haven Core 
Kelly, T. Lloyd 
Kelsey J. D. 
Kemp, Russell M. 
Kemper, Hathaway G. 
Kemper, Miss Hilda M. 
Kemper, James S. 
Kempner, Stan 
Kendrick, John F. 
Kennedy, Mrs. E. J. 
Kennedy, Henry Warner 
Kennedy, James G. 
Kennedy James W. 
Kennedy, Lesley 
Kennedy, R. J. 
Kennedy, Ralph L. 
Kennedy, Taylor L. 
Kenny, Henry 
Kenoe, Henry W. 
Kent, Robert H. 
Kentor, William E. 
Kern, Mrs. August 
Kern, Dr. Nicholas H. 
Kern, Trude 
Kerwin, Edward M. 
Ketteman, Dr. Charles H. 
Kettering, Mrs. 

Eugene W. 
Ketzler, A. C. 
Kew, Mrs. Stephen M. 
Kidston, Alan R. 
Kidwell, L. B. 
Kiefer, Dr. Joseph H. 
Kieffer, Ralph C. 
Kiessling, Mrs. Charles S. 
Kile, Miss Jessie J. 
Kimball, Paul C. 
Kimball, William W. 
Kimbark, John R. 
Kimmel, J. M. 
King, Mrs. Charles G. 
King, CHnton B. 
King, George F. 
King, Harold R. 
King, Mrs. John 

Kingman, Mrs. Arthur G. 
Kinkead, W. S. 
Kinsey, Robert S. 



Kirkland, Mrs. 

Kirson, Leonard 
Kirst, Lyman R. 
Kitchen, Howell W. 
Kittle, Mrs. C. M. 
Kitzelman, Otto 
Klapman, Philip A. 
Klatt, Albert Arthur 
Kledzinski, Miss Loretta 
Klee, Steven Michael 
Klefstad, Sivert 
Klein, Robert L. 
Klein, William P. 
Kleinpell, Dr. Henry H. 
Kleist, Mrs. Harry 
Kleppinger, William H. 
Kleutgen, Dr. Arthur C. 
Klinetop, Mrs. Charles W. 
Knapp, William G. 
Kneibler, Mrs. Arthur R. 
Knickerbocker, Miss 

Knight, Arthur B. 
Knight, Howard 
Knight, John S. 
Knott, Lawrence T. 
Knowlton, John M. 
Knutson, A. C. 
Knutson, George H. 
Koch, Mrs. Fred J. 
Koch, Raymond J. 
Koch, Robert J. 
Koczur, Dr. Joseph L. 
Koehnlein, Wilson O. 
Koenig, Oswald N. 
Koenig, Philip F. 
Koerber, Lorenz F., Jr. 
Kohn, Edward 
Kohn, Henry L. 
Kohn, Le Roy L. 
Kolar, George G. 
Kolbe, Frank F. 
Kolehmainen, Waino M. 
Kolesiak, Walter R. 
Kollar, Dr. 

John Anton, Jr. 
Kopf, Miss Isabel 
Kopinski, Louis 
Koppenaal, Dr. 

Elizabeth Thompson 
Kordsiemon, William M. 
Korf, Dr. Stanley R. 
Korhumel, Newton F. 
Kornblith, Mrs. 

Howard G. 
Korsvik, W. J. 
Kosmach, Frank P. 
Kosobud, William F. 
Kostrzewski, Dr. M. J. 
Kotal, John A. 

Kotin, George N. 
Koucky, Dr. J. D. 
Kowalski, Dr. Leonard F. 
Kozlik, Frank B. 
Kraft, Mrs. David H. 
Kraft, John H. 
Kraft, Norman 
Kralovec, Emil G. 
Kralovec, Mrs. Otto J. 
Kramer, Dr. George M. 
Kramer, Leroy, Jr. 
Kraus, Samuel B. 
Kraus, William C. 
Krautter, L. Martin 
Krebs, Walter 0. 
Kremer, Miss 

Jeannette G. 
Kresl, Carl 

Kresnoff, Dr. Charles S. 

Herman L., Jr. 
Krez, Leonard 0. 
Kribben, Arthur K. 
Kribben, Delafield 
Krider, E. A. 
Kriser, Mrs. Leonard S. 

Richard W., Sr. 
Krivanek, Dr. Joseph H. 
Kroch, Carl A. 
Kroehler, Kenneth 
KropflF, C. G. 
Krost, Dr. Gerard N. 
Krupnick, Samson 
Kruskal, William 
Kruty, Samuel 
Kuehn, A. L. 
Kuh, Mrs. Edwin J., Jr., 
Kuhajek, Eugene J. 
Kuhn, Frederick T. 
Kuhn, Dr. Hedwig S. 
Kuhn, Overton F. 
Kulikowski, Leon T. 
Kunka, Bernard J. 
Kunstadter, Albert 
Kunstadter, Sigmund W. 
Kurfess, John Fredric 
Kurpieski, Mrs. Eleanor 
Kurtz, William 0., Jr. 
Kurtzon, Morris 
Kurzdorfer. E. T. 
Kutak, Jerome F. 
Kutchins, Edmund 
Kutza, Dr. Michael J. 
Kyritsis, Mathon 

Laadt, George A. 
Laadt, Dr. John R. 
Lacey, Miss Clara R. 

Laflin, Miss June 

Laflin, Louis E., Jr. 
Laflin, Mrs. Louis E., Jr. 
Laflin, Louis E., Ill 
Laidlaw, John, Jr. 
Laidley, Roy R. 
Laing, Mrs. Milton L. 
Laing, William 
Lake, Charles W., Jr. 
Lambert, C. A. 
Lamberton, R. H. 
Lambertsen, John G. 
Lambrecht, Carl R., Jr. 
Lampert, Wilson W. 
Lanahan, Mrs. M. J. 
Lane, F. Howard 
Lang, Edward J. 
Lang, Eugene C. 
Lang, Gordon 
Langdon, Lawrence E. 

Col. Albert 
Langenbach, Mrs. 

Alice R. 
Langford, Mrs. Robert E. 

Mrs. George Tayloe 
Lanman, David T. 
Lanman, Mrs. 

Edward Boylston 
Lansinger, Mrs. John M. 
Lapham, Fen ton D. 
Large, Judson 
Larimer, Howard S. 
Larkin, Mrs. Walter D. 
Larrance, Ken 
Larsen, Samuel A. 
Larson, Leslie S. 
Larson, L. S. 
Larson, Mrs. Sarah G. 
La Salle, Miss Janet A. 
Lasch, Harry 
Lasher, Gen. 

Edmund C. R. 
Lassers, Sanford B. 
Laterza, Michael F. 
Lathrop, Dr. Clarence A. 
Latshaw, Dr. Blair S. 
Laud, Mrs. Sam 
Lauth, Fred P. 
Lautmann, Herbert M. 
Lavers, A. W. 
Lavidge, Arthur W. 
Law, Mrs. Robert O. 
Lawless, Dr. Theodore K. 
Lawton, Robert M. 
Lax, John Franklin 
Layden, Michael J. 
Layfer, Seymour J. 
Lazar, Maurice 



Leadbetter, Gordon 
Leahy, George J. 
Leahy, James F. 
Leander, Russell J. 
Leavell, James R. 
Leavitt, Mrs. Nathan 
Le Baron, Miss Edna 
Lebold, Samuel N, 
Lebolt, John Michael 
Lederer, Dr. Francis L. 
Lee, Bernard F. 
Lee, David Arthur 
Leekley, Philip A. 
Lefens, Miss Katherine J. 
Lefens, Walter C. 
Lehmann, Robert O. 
Leichenko, Peter M. 
Leight, Mrs. Albert E. 
Leighton, George N. 
Leith. John A. 
Leland, Miss Alice J. 
Leland, Mrs. Rosco G. 
Lello, Herbert F. 
Lennon, George W. 
Lentin, Julian 
Lentz, Dr. Roland G. 
Leonard, Arthur T. 
Lerch, William H, 
Leslie, John H. 
Lessman, Gerhard 
LeTourneau, Mrs. 

Levatino, Jerome J. 
Levell, John P. 
Levering, J. E. 
Levi, Julian H. 
Levi, Stanley B. 
Levin, Mrs. Edward M., 

Levin, Robert E, 
Levin, Sidney D. 
Levinson, Mrs. Salmon O. 
Levitan, Benjamin 
Levitan, Mrs. Dorothy R. 
Levitt, Dr. Le Roy P. 
Levy, Alexander M. 
Levy, Arthur G. 
Lewis, Mrs. J. J. 
Lewis, Louis J. 
Ley, Robert J. 
Liebenow, J. Gus 
Liebenow, Robert C. 
Liebenson, Harold A. 
Leichty, G. Frederick 

Mrs. Richard W. 
Lietz, J. T. 
Liffshin, Reuben J. 
Liguori, Sister Mary 
Lilien, Mrs. K. K. 
Lill, George, II 

Lillyblade, Clarence O. 
Lindar, Albert J. 
Lindberg, Le Roy A. 
Lindell, Arthur G. 
Linden, John A. 
Lindgren, Erik A. 
Lindsay, Mrs. Martin 
Lingle, Harrison C. 
Linn, Howard 
Linn, Mrs. W. Scott 
Lipinski, M. G. 
Lippman, Mrs. William 
Litten, Chapin 
Littig, Howard L. 
Little, Mrs. E. H. 
Littler, Harry E., Jr. 
Livingston, Mrs. 

Milton L. 
Lizzardo, Joseph F. 
Llewellyn, Mrs. Ross 
Lloyd, Georgia 
Lloyd, William Bross, Jr. 
Lodge, Robert H. 
Loeb, Mrs. Ernest G, 
Loeb, Hamilton M. 
Loebl, Jerrod 
Loewenberg, Israel S. 
Loewenberg, James L. 
Loewenberg, M. L. 
Loewenherz, Emanuel 
Loewenherz, Walter B. 
Loewenstein, Richard M. 

Mrs. Richard J. 
Loewy, Dr. Arthur 
Logan, James E. 
Logan. Seymour N. 
Long, Marshall R. 
Long, R. E. 
Long, William E. 
Loomis, D. P. 
Loomis, Reamer G. 
Looney, Charles C. 

Mrs. Luther M. 
Lorber, Herbert J. 
Lord, Arthur R. 
Lord, John S. 
Lord, Mrs. Russell 
Lorentz, Arthur G. 
Lotz, Philip W. 
Loucks, Charles O. 
Louer, Albert E. M. 
Louis, Mrs. John J. 
Loundy, Mrs. Mason A. 
Lourie, Donald B. 
Lovgren, Carl 
Lowe, William H. 
Lowell, Arthur J. 
Lowenstine, M. R. 
Lownes, Victor A., IV 

Lowrie, Mrs. John M. 
Lowrie, Raymond P. 
Lucey, Patrick J. 
Ludgin, Earle 
Ludolph, Wilbur M. 
Luft, John L. 
Lund berg, Robert 
Lundgren, Sten J. 
Lundy, Dr. Clayton J. 
Luria, Herbert A. 
Lurie, George S. 
Lusk, R. R. 
Lustgarten, Samuel 
Lydon, Robert R. 
Lyford, Harry B. 
Lynch, J. W. 
Lynch, William J., Jr. 
Lyon, Charles H. 

Mabee. Mrs. Melbourne 
MacArthur, Donald 
MacCarthy, Richard B. 
MacCowan, Hervey L. 
MacDonald, E. K. 
MacFarland, Lanning 
MacGregor, Donald 
Macias, William George 
Maclntyre, Mrs. M. K. 
MacKay, Dr. Roland P. 
MacKenzie, William J. 
Mackey, Frank J. 
Macki, Carl Gunnar 
MacKiewich, Justin 
MacKinnon, Mrs. 

Cyrus L. 
Mackinson, Dr. John C. 
Mackoff, Mrs. Saul 
MacLean, Mrs. 

John A., Jr. 
MacLellan, K. F. 

Kenneth F., Jr. 
MacLeod, Albert H. 
MacMurray, Mrs. 


J. deNavarre, Jr. 
MacPhee, Paul A. 
Madden, John 
Madlener, Mrs. 

Albert F., Jr. 
Madlener, Otto 
Madrin, Mrs. Charles 
Maehler, Edgar E. 
Magerstadt, Madeline 
Magid, Cecil E. 
Magnus, Albert, Jr. 
Magnuson, Mrs. Paul 
Mah, George G. 
Maher, Dr. 

David Bremner 



Maher, Mrs. D. W. 
Maher, James P. 
Main, Walter D. 
Maison, Mrs. L. G. 
Majka, F. L. 
Major, Ross O. 
Majors, Mrs. B. S. 
Makler, Joseph H. 
Maley, Alexander B. 
Maling, Albert 
Mailer, Dr. Adolph M. 
Malmsten, Clarence C. 
Malugen, Jack C. 
Manasse, De Witt J. 
Mandel, Mrs. Aaron W. 
Mandel, Miss Florence 
Mandel, Mrs. Robert 
Manegold, Mrs. 

Frank W. 
Manierre, Louis 
Mann, John M. 

Mrs. Russell L. 
Manz, Mrs. Carolyn D. 
Maragos, Samuel C. 
Marchant, Miss Lilian 
Maremont, Arnold H. 
Mark, E. E. 
Mark, Griffith 
Marker, Van E. 
Markham, Mrs. 

Herbert I. 
Markle. Mathew J. 
Marovitz, Sydney R. 
Marquart, Arthur A. 
Marquardt, Dr. 

Gilbert H. 
Marsh, A. Fletcher 
Marsh, E. S. 
Marsh, Mrs. Marshall S. 
Marsh, Peter John 
Marshall, Jay 
Martin, C. Virgil 
Martin, Eldon 
Martin, Mrs. George B. 
Martin, George F. 
Martin, Samuel H. 
Martin, Wells 
Martsolf, Philip, Jr. 
Marx, Adolf 
Marx, Victor E. 
Marzola, Leo A. 
Mason, Arnold D. K. 
Mason, Willard J. 
Masse, B. A. 
Massey, Richard W. 
Masters, Eugene W. 
Masters, Keith 
Masterson, Peter 
Mathesius, Mrs. Walther 
Mathis, Allen W. 

Matson, J. Edward 
Maxant, Basil 
Maxwell, A. K., Jr. 
Maxwell, John M. 
Maxwell, Robert E. 
Maxwell, W. Stirling 
Mayer, Frank D. 
Mayer, Herman J., Jr. 
Mayer, Isaac H. 
Mayer, Leo 
Mayer, Oscar G. 
Mayer, Robert B. 
Mayer, Sydney R. 
Mazurek, Miss Olive 
McAlvin, Mrs. James H. 
McArthur, A. Peter 
McArthur, Billings M. 
McCabe, Frank J., Jr. 
McCahey, James B. 
McCallum, W. W. 
McCarl, David N. 
McCarthy, Joseph W. 
McCausland, Mrs. 

Clara L. 
McClellan, John H. 
McCloska, Fred W. 
McCloud, Thomas W. 
McClun, John M. 
McCord, Mrs. 

Katheryn L. 
McCormick, Mrs. 

McCormick, Howard H. 
McCormick, Leander J. 

Robert H., Jr. 
McCormick, Roger 
McCoy, George R. 
McCray, Dr. R. M. 
McCrea, Mrs. W. S. 
McCreight, Louis Ralph 
McCurdy, Frank C. 
McCurry, Paul D. 
McCutcheon, Mrs. 

John T. 
McDavid, Raven I., Jr. 
McDermott, Franklin 
McDonald, E. F., Jr. 
McDougal, C. Bouton 
McDougal, David B. 
McDougal, Mrs. 

Edward D., Jr. 
McDougfal, Mrs. James B. 
McDougal, Mrs. Mary 
McDougal, Mrs. Robert 
McErlean, Charles V. 
McGowen, Thomas N. 
McGregor, John M. 
McGuffin, James P. 
McGurn, Matthew S. 
McKay, Miss Mabel 

McKeldin, Mrs. S. Berniet 
McKellar, Donald 
McKenna, Charles H. 

Mrs. George B. 
McKinney, Mrs. Hayes 
McKittrick, C. E. 
McLaren, Mrs. Robert J. 
McLennan, Mrs. 

Donald R., Sr. 
McLennan, William L. 
McManus, J. L. 
McMenemy, Logan T. 
McMillan, John 
McMillan, W. B. 
McNair, F. Chaloner 
McNamara, Louis G. 
McNamara, Robert C. 
McNamee, Peter F. 
McNulty, Joseph D. 
McPherson, Cleo Edwin 
McQuarrie, Mrs. Fannie 
McReynolds, Mrs. 

Ruth M. 
Means, John L. 
Medsker, Dr. Ora L. 
Meek, Cecil P. 
Meers, Henry W. 
Mehan, Mrs. Georgette 
Mehn, Dr. W. Harrison 
Meidell, Harold 
Meier, Paul 
Meiszner, John C. 
Melcher, George Clinch 
MelJody, Miss Margaret 
Melnick, Leopold B. 

Dr. Robert S. 
Merriam, Miss Eleanor 
Merricks, Mrs. James W. 
Merrill, Miss Marion E. 
Merritt, Thomas W. 
Mesenbrink, Paul H. 
Metcalfe, Mrs. Charles 
Mettenet, Francis X. 
Metz, Carl A. 
Metzger, Roswell W. 
Meyer, Mrs. A. H. 
Meyer, Charles A. 
Meyer, Dr. Charles A. 
Meyer, Charles Z. 
MeyerhofiF, A. E. 
Meyers, Erwin A. 
Meyers, Jonas 
Michaels, Allen C. 
Michaels, Everett B. 
Michalko, Edward 
Michel, D. Daniel 
Michel, Dr. William J. 
Michels, Robert D. 
Michet, Dr. Clement J. 



Middleton, J. A. 
Midowicz, C. E. 
Mielenz, Robert K. 
Milburn, Miss Anne L. 
Milburn, James F. 
Milgrom, H. T. 
Milhening, Frank 
Milhoan, F. B. 
Miller, Bernard 
Miller, Byron S. 
Miller, Dr. Cecelia E. 
Miller, Mrs. Clayton W. 
Miller, C. R. 
Miller, Creighton S. 
Miller, Mrs. Donald J. 
Miller, Mrs. Ellen C. 
Miller, Mrs. George 
Miller, Glenn R. 
Miller, Mrs. Harvey 0. 
Miller, Hyman 
Miller, John S. 
Miller, John W. 
Miller, Mrs. Olive 

Miller, Oren Elmer 
Miller, Mrs. Thomas S. 
Miller, William H. 
Milligan, John J. 
Milliken, John F. 
Mills, Allen G. 
Mills, Mrs. 

Dorothy Stone 
Mills, Lloyd Langdon 
Mills, Wesley K. 
Milne, Mrs. David H. 
Milnor, George B. 
Miner, Dr. Carl S. 
Minkler, Ralph R. 
Mints, Thomas M., Jr. 
Mitchell, John J. 
Mitchell, Oliver L. 
Mitchell, Thomas E. 
Mizen, Dr. Michael R. 
Mock, Dr. Harry Edgar 

Mrs. Horace M. 
Moeller, George 
Mohr, Albert, Jr. 
Moinichen, Peter 
Moist, Mrs. Samuel E. 
Mojonnier, Timothy 
Mollan, Mrs. Feme T. 
Mollendorf, J. D. 
Molloy, David J. 
Mong, Mrs. C. R. 
Monheimer, Henry I. 
Montana, James S. 
Montgomery, P. B. 
Moody, Robert A. 
Moore, Chester G. 
Moore, Edwin R. 

Moore, Harold A. 
Moore, Dr. Josiah J. 
Moore, Oscar L. 
Moore, Paul 
Moore, Philip Wyatt 
Morava, John R. 
Mordock, John B. 
Morgan, John Alden 
Morgan, Miss 

Elizabeth W. 
Morgan, K. P. 
Morley, Robert T. 
Moro, Gerald Scott 
Moroni, Aldo L. 
Morrison, Clinton 
Morrison, D. K. 
Morrison, Mrs. Gertrude 
Morrison, Mrs. Harry 
Morrison, James C. 
Morrow, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Morse, Mrs. Charles J. 
Morse, Leland R. 
Morse, Mrs. Milton M. 
Morse, Robert H. 
Mosher, Edward A. 
Moss, Jerome A. 
Moss, John T. 
Mossman, John E. 
Mostek, Raymond 
Mouat, Andrew J. 
Moulding, Mrs. Arthur T. 
Moxon, Dr. George W. 
Moyer, Mrs. David G. 
Moyer, Mrs. Paul S. 
Mudd, Mrs. J. A., Jr. 
Muehlstein, Mrs. 

Mueller, Austin M. 
Mueller, J. Herbert 
Mulcahy, Mrs. 

Michael F. 
Mulhern, Edward F. 
MuUaney, Paul L. 
Mullen, Mrs. Esther T. 
Mullen, Dr. Joseph J. 
Mundstock, Robert W. 
Munnecke, Wilbur C. 
Munnecke, Mrs. 

Wilbur C. 
Munroe, Moray 

Carroll Dean, Jr. 
Murphy, Charles F. 
Murphy, Edward F. 
Murphy, James P. 
Murphy, Joseph D. 
Murphy, O. R. 
Murphy, Robert E. 
Murphy, W. Richard 
Muszynski, John J. 
Muzzy, H. Earle 

Myers, Harold B. 
Myrland, Arthur L. 

Nachman, H. S. 
Naess, Sigurd E. 
Nafziger, R. L. 
Nagel, Mrs. Frank E. 
Nagler, Karl B. 
Nance, Willis D. 
Nardi, Victor G. 
Nath, Bernard 
Nathan Dr. Lester A. 
Nathan, Joseph E. 
Nathan, Thomas 
Nault, Dr. William H. 
Nayder, Thomas J. 
Nebel, Herman C. 
Neely, Mrs. Lloyd F. 
Nehls, Arthur L. 
Nelson, Arthur W. 
Nelson, Charles G. 
Nelson, Charles M. 
Nelsen, Cliiford D. 
Nelson, James S. 
Nelson, Victor W. 
Nelson, William H. 
Neskow, Dr. Peter S. Y. 
Nessler, Mrs. Aldo E. 
Nessler, Robert P. 
Neuman, Sidney 
Neumann, Arthur E. 
Newberg, Paul K. 
Newberger, Arnold 
Newberger, Joseph 

Newberger, Keneth O. 
Newbrough, E. Truett 
Newcombe, Leo 
Newhouse, Karl H. 
Newman, Mrs. Albert H. 
Newman, Charles H. 
Newman, Ralph G. 
Newsome, James E. 
Newton, C. G. 
Nichols, Frank BilHngs 
Nichols, J. C. 
Nicholson, Dwight 
Nieland, Mrs. Mollie B. 
Nielsen, George 
Nierman, Leonard G. 
Nietschmann, Walter 
Nilson, Alfred R. 
Nilsson, Mrs. 

Goodwin M. 
Nishkian, Mrs. 

Vaughn G. 
Nitze, Mrs. William A. 
Nixon, Charles A. 
Noble, Daniel E. 
Noble, Samuel R. 
Nolan, Jeremiah J. 



Noonan, Edward J. 
Noonan, William A., Jr. 
Norell, Elmer G. 
Norem, Mrs. Lawrence E. 
Norian, Richard 
Norman, Harold W. 
Norris, Mrs. Lester 
North, William S. 
Norton, Christopher D. 
Nowaczyk, Alfred 
Noyes, Mrs. May Wells 
Nusbaum, Mrs. 
Hermien D. 

O'Bannon, William T. 
Oberhuber, Mrs. Anton 

Dr. Andrew J. 
Obermaier, John A. 
O'Brien, Miss Janet 
O'Connell, Edmund 


Dr. Franklin T. 
O'Connor, Hugh J. 
O'Connor, John B. 
O'Connor, Thomas S. 
Odell, Miss Audrey 
Oden, Dr. Joshua, Jr. 
Oester, Dr. Y. T. 
Offield, Mrs. James 
Offield, Wrigley 
Oglesbee, Nathan H. 
O'Keeffe, William F. 
O'Kieffe, De Witt 
Okner, Dr. Henry B. 
Olaison, Miss Eleanor O. 
Oldefest, Edward G. 
Oleson, Wrisley B. 
Olin, Carl E. 
Olin, Edward L. 
Oliver, Dr. Marguerite 
Oliver, Mrs. Paul 
Olsen, Miss Agnes J. 
Olsen, Mrs. Arthur O. 
Olson, Albert M. 
Olson, Benjamin 

O'Neil, Dr. Owen 
O'Neill, J. W. 
Onofrio, Mrs. Michael J. 
Oppenheimer, Seymour 
Orb, John A. 
Orndoff, Dr. Benjamin H. 
O'Rourke, Albert 
O'Rourke, Mrs. Harry J. 
Orr, Hunter K. 
Orr, Mrs. Robert C. 
Orr, Thomas C. 
Orstrom, Albert Z. 
Ortmayer, Dr. Marie 

Osann, Edward W., Jr. 
Oscar, Robert E. 
Oser, Nelson A. 
Osgood, Mrs. Gilbert H. 
Ostrom, Mrs. J. Augfustus 
O'Sullivan, James J. 
Otis, Peter Witherspoon 
Otis, Stuart Huntington 
O'Toole, Donald 
Ott, Mrs. Fentress 
Ott, John Ekern 
Ott, John Nash 
Ott, Wendel Fentress 
Owens, Harry J. 

Paasche, Jens A. 
Pacer T. S. 
Packard, Dr. Rollo K. 
Paffhausen, J. V, 
Page, John W. 
Pagel, Mrs. William H. 
Pagels, George A., Jr. 
Paidar, Mrs. Leonard J. 
Painton, James W. 
Pallasch, Dr. Gervaise P. 
Palm, Felix 
Palmer, James L. 
Palmer, O. Earl 
Palmgren, Mrs. 

Charles A. 
Paluch, Edward J. 
Pandaleon, Costa A. 
Papierniak, Dr. Frank B. 
Paradee, Sidney A. 
Pardee, Harvey S. 
Park, R. E. 
Parker, Miss Edith P. 
Parker, Norman S. 
Parker, Troy L. 
Parkin, Mrs. J. L. 
Parks, C. R. 
Parks, Mrs. Ruth S. 
Parrillo, Mrs. Mark 
Parrish, Charles M. 
Parry, Mrs. Margaret 
Parry, Mrs. Norman G. 
Partridge, Lloyd C. 
Paschen, Mrs. Henry 
Paschen, Herbert C. 
Pasco, Frank J. 
Pashkow, A. D. 
Pasko, Walter P. 
Patchen, Dr. Paul J. 
Patrick, Harry H. 
Patterson, Grier D. 
Patterson, R. Curtis 
Patterson, Thomas A. 
Patton, A. E. 
Patzelt, Miss Janet 
Pauker, David H. 
Peabody, Howard B. 

Peabody, Miss Susan W. 
Peacock, Charles D., Ill 
Pearl, Allen S. 
Pearson, George 

Albert, Jr. 
Peasley, Mrs. John R. 
Peirce, Albert E. 
Pellettieri, Dr. D. J. 
Pellicore, Dr. 

Raymond J. 
Pellouchoud, Vernon J. 
Pencik, Jan M. 
Penner, Louis L. 
Percy, Mrs. Charles H. 
Pereira. Morton 
Perel, Harry Z. 
Perkins, Mrs. Cynthia J. 
Perkins, Harry D. 
Perkins, John H. 
Perkins, L. B. 
Perlman, Alfred B. 
Perlman, Daniel 
Perlman, Henry 
Perlman, Raymond L. 
Perrigo, Charles R. 
Perry, Mrs. I. Newton 
Peskin, Bernard M. 
Peterkin, Daniel, Jr. 
Peters, Harry A. 
Petersen, Jurgen 
Petersen, William O. 
Peterson, Mrs. 

Elizabeth F. 
Petherbridge, Roy E. 
Petriskey, Mrs. Helen 
Petty, P. E. 
Pfaelzer, Miss 

Elizabeth W, 
Pflaumer, Robert E. 
Pfleger, Frank 
Pflock, Dr. John J. 

Herbert F., Sr. 

Col. M. M., Jr. 
Phillips, Dr. Herbert 

Phoenix, George E. 
Piatek, Stanley R. 
Pick, Frederic G. 
Pierce, Berlyn 
Pierce, J. Norman 
Pierce, Paul, Jr. 
Pierson, Joseph B. 
Pierson Robert R. 
Pierson, Roy J. 
Pikiel, Mrs. A. J. 
Pillsbury, Mrs. Charles S. 
Pink, Mrs. Ira M. 
Pinsof , William 
Pirie, Mrs. Gordon L. 



Pirie, Mrs. John T. 
Pine, Mrs. S. C, Jr. 
Piszczek, Dr. Edward A. 
Pitts, Henry L. 
Plapp, Miss Doris A. 
Piatt, Mrs. Robert S. 
Plochman, Cordelia G. 
Plummer, Comer 
Plunkett, Paul M. 
Pobloske, Albert C. 
Podell, Mrs. Beatrice 

Poister, John J. 
Polatsek, Robert D. 
Pollak, Charles A. 
Pollock, Dr. G. H. 
Polyak, Stephen, Jr. 
Pond, Mrs. Harold M. 
Pope, Mrs. Henry, Jr. 
Pope, Herbert 
Pope, John W. 
Poppell, Tyson E. 
Poppenhagen, Henry J. 
Porter, Edward C. 
Porter, Mrs. Frank S. 
Porter, Henry H. 
Porter, Louis 
Porter, Mrs. Sidney S. 
Posey, Chester L. 
Pottenger, William A. 
Potter, Howard I. 
Potter, Dr. Robert Morse 
Potts, Albert W. 
Poulson, Mrs. Clara L. 
Powills, Michael A. 
Prall, Bert R. 
Pray, Max 
Preble, Robert C. 
Price, Mrs. Edward S. 
Price, Frederick J. 
Price, J. H. 
Price, John McC. 
Prince, Mrs. Arthur C. 
Prince, Harry 
Prince, Rev. Herbert W. 
Prince, Kenneth C. 
Prince, Leonard M. 
Pritikin, Marvin E. 
Pritzker, Abraham N. 
Pritzker, Mrs. Jack 
Probst, Marvin G. 
Prokop, Joseph 
Propst, Matthias J. 
Prosser, Mrs. John A. 
Prussing, Mrs. R. E. 
Pucci, Lawrence 
PuUinger, A. J. H. 
Pullman, Frederick C. 
Purcey, Victor W. 
Putterman, A. Jerry 
Puttkammer, E. W. 

Puzey, Russell V. 
Pyshos, Basil N. 

Quick, Miss Hattiemae 
Quigley, Jack A. 

Raab, S. S. 
Racheff, Ivan 
Radebaugh, Richard J. 
Radford, George 
Radford, Mrs. W. A., Jr. 
Radovich, Miss Bessie 
Raff, Mrs. Arthur 
Raftree, Miss Julia M. 
Ragan, Alvin J. 
Railton, Miss Frances 
Raines, Mrs. Dale S. 
Raisch, L. S. 
Ramis, Leon Lipman 
Randall, Irving 
Raney, Mrs. R. J. 
Rankin, Miss Jessie H. 
Rathburn, M. Hudson 
Rathje, Frank C. 
Ratner, Walter B, 
Rawson, Miss Georgia C. 
Ray, Hugh L. 

Master Russell P. 

Master Rutherford P. 
Raymond, Mrs. 

Howard D. 
Reach, Benjamin F. 
Ready, Charles H. 
Reals, Miss Lucile 

Earns worth, Jr. 
Redcliffe, R. L. 
Redfield, William M. 
Reed, John Shedd 
Reed, Mrs. John Shedd 
Reed, Mrs. Lila H. 
Reed, Mrs. Philip L. 
Reeder, Dr. Clifton L. 
Reeder, Howard C. 
Refakes, A. J. 
Regan, Miss Lucy 
Regan, Mrs. Robert G. 
Regenstein, Joseph, Jr. 
Regenstein, Miss Ruth 
Regnery, Frederick L. 
Reichmann, William D. 
Reid, Mrs. Bryan 
Reid, Bryan S., Jr. 
Reid, Robert H. 
Reilly, George A. 
Reilly, Vincent P. 
Reinecke, Lester W. 
Reisch, Mrs. Louis J. 
Remien, Miss 

Marie Katherine 

Renaldi, George J. 
Renn, Mrs. John A. 
Renouf, William 
Renshaw, Mrs. Charles 
Rentschler, Mrs. 

William H. 
Replogle, Dr. Fred A. 
Re Qua, Mrs. Charles 

Howard, Jr. 
Rew, Mrs. Irwin 
Reynolds, Mrs. 

G. William 
Reynolds, Harold F. 
Reynolds, James A., Jr. 
Reynolds, Thomas A. 
Rhines, James E. 
Rhodes, Charles M. 
Rice, Mrs. Charles R. 
Rice, Laurence A. 
Rice, Dr. Orlin W. 
Rich, Elmer 
Rich, Franklin J. 
Rich, Harry 
Richards, Mrs. Bartlett 
Richards, Donald 
Richards, Longley 
Richards, Marcus D. 
Richardson, Irving 
Richman, Charles P. 
Richter, Mrs. Adelyn W. 
Rickcords, Mrs. 

Francis Stanley 
Ridley, Douglas K. 
Rieg, George S. 
Rieser, Leonard M. 
Rietz, Elmer W. 
Rietz, Walter H. 
Riker, Dr. William L. 
Riley, John H. 
Rinaldo, Philip S., Jr. 
Rinder, George G. 
Rindfleisch, Keith P. 
Ring, Leonard M. 
Rink, George A. 
Risdon, Russell R. 
Ritchie, Mrs. John 
Robb, James T. 
Roberts, Charles S. 
Roberts, Harry V. 
Roberts, William 

Robertson, Scott 
Robinson, Edward 
Robinson, Milton D. 
Robinson, Miss 

Robinson, R. W. 

Theodore W., Jr. 
Robinson, William S. 
Rochetto, Mrs. Evelyn 



Roddewig, Clair M. 
Rodgers, Dr. David C. 
Rodman, Mrs. Hugh 
Rodman, Thomas 

Roe, Frederick 
Roebuck, Mrs. A. S. 
Roehling, Mrs. Otto G. 
Roehm, George R. 
Roehrborn, Ernest R. 
Rogers, Miss Annie T. 
Rogers, Mrs. George P. 
Rogers, James Waller 
Rogers, Lester C. 
Roggenkamp, John 
Rohloflf, Paul F. 
Rolnick, Dr. Donald 
Romane, Julian J. 
Rome, Samuel 
Romer, Mrs. Arthur C. 
Roos, Miss Virginia M. 
Root, Robert A. 
Rosborough, Dr. Paul A. 
Rose, Miss Evelyn 
Rose, George E., Jr. 
Rosen, M. R. 
Rosenbaum, Arthur 
Rosenbaum, Mrs. 

Edwin S. 
Rosenbaum, Mrs. 

Harold A. 
Rosenblatt, S. L. 
Rosenfeld, M. J. 
Rosenfels, Mrs. Irwin S. 
Rosenstone, Nathan 
Rosenstone, Samuel 
Rosenthal, Gerson M., Jr. 
Rosenthal, J. F. 
Rosenthal, M. A. 
Rosenthal, Samuel R. 
Rosenwald, Richard M. 
Ross, Mrs. Doris Serrins 
Ross, Earl 
Ross, Melville, Jr. 
Ross, Peter H. 
Ross, Robert C. 
Ross, Thompson 
Rosset, Harry 
Rotchford, J. Stuart 
Rotenberry, Dean 
Roth, Mrs. Donald I. 
Roth, Kenneth A. 
Roth, Mrs. Margit 

Roth, Walter L. 
Rothacker, Watterson R. 
Rothfield, Norman 
Rothschild, A. PYank 
Rothschild, George 



Melville N., Jr. 
Routh, George E., Jr. 
Rowan, Mrs. Paul 
Rowe, John R. 
Rowland, Clarence, Jr. 
Rozelle, Mrs. Emma 
Rubert, William F. 
Rubinson, Kenneth Alan 
RubloflF, Arthur 
Rubnitz, Dr. Myron E. 
Rubovits, Mrs. Frank E. 
Ruettinger, John W. 
Rummler, Charles W. 

Mrs. Eugene Smith 
Rush, Richard B. 
Ruskin, Harry H. 
Russell, Mrs. Mary H. 
Russell. Robert S. 
Ruttenberg, David C. 
Ryan, Arthur 
Ryan, Bernadette T. 
Ryan, Eugene F. 
Ryerson, Mrs. 

Donald M. 
Ryser, Frank 

Saalfeld, Harry H. 
Sacco, Anthony E. 
Sachar, Bernard 
Sachs, Jack L. 
Sackett, Samuel J. 
Sage, W. Otis 
Saks, Benjamin 
Salak, C. James 
Sale, Robert C. 
Salk, Erwin A. 
Salk, Dr. Melvin R. 
Salmon, Mrs. E. D. 
Saltzberg, Gerald B. 
Salzman, Charles N. 
Sample, John Glen 
Sampsell, Marshall G. 
Sampson, H. R. 
Samuelson, George 
Sandberg, John V. 
Sandler, George S. 
Sandidge, Miss Daisy 
Sandquist, Elroy C, Jr. 
Sandquist, Dr. Robert W. 
Sands, Mrs. Frances B. 
San FiHppo, Dr. Paul D. 
Sang, Bernard G. 
Sanow, Harry R. 
Santini, Mrs. Randolph 
Sargent, Chester F. 
Sasser, Mrs. Fred H. 
Sauter, Fred J. 
Sawyer, Dr. Alvah L. 
Sawyier, Calvin P. 

Sax, Leonard B. 
Sayers, Miss Edith E. 
Scalbom, G. Trumbull 
Scarborough, Mrs. Henry 
Schact, John H. 
Schaefer, Fred A. 
Schafer, Mrs. Elmer J. 
SchafFner, Mrs. L. L. 
Schanfield, Leonard 
Schanck, Francis R. 
Scharin, Mrs. J. Hippach 
Scheinman, Jesse D. 
Scheff, Dr. Lawrence J. 
Schelly, Mrs. Herbert S. 
Schelthoff, John W. 
Schenck, Frederick 
Schenk, Miss Marion H. 
Scheu, Ralph 
Schick, Dr. Armin F. 
Schiff, Max 
Schild, Mrs. Gerhart 
Schiller, Donald H. 
Schlatter, Miss Nina E. 
Schlegel, Russell A. 
Schlichting, Justus L. 
Schloer, Harold J. 
Schloss, Harold W. 
Schmidt, Dr. Charles L. 
Schmitz, Dr. Henry 
Schneider, Mrs. 

Benjamin B. 
Schneider, D. G. 
Schneider, F. P. 
Schnering, P. B. 
Schnering, Robert B. 
Schnur, Ruth A. 
Schnute, Dr. William J. 
Schoenhofen, Leo H. 
Scholl, Dr. William M. 
Schonne, Mrs. 

Charles W. 
Schoonhoven, Ray J. 
Schreiber, L. D. 
Schreiner, Sigurd 
Schrey, Dr. Edward L. 
Schuck, E. H. 
Schueren, Arnold C. 
Schuessler, Walter E. 
Schulenberg, Raymond F. 
Schulman, Dr. Jerome L. 
Schultz, Chester H. 
Schulz, Dr. E. H. 
Schulze, Paul, III 
Schulze, Mrs. Mathilde 
Schumaker, Lawrence C. 
Schupp, Philip C. 
Schurig, Robert Roy 
Schuyler, Mrs. 

Daniel J. 
Schwab, Laurence E. 
Schwander, J. J. 



Schwandt, Miss Erna 
Schwanke, Arthur 
Schwartz, Charles F. 
Schwartz, Charles K. 
Schwartz, Charles P. 
Schwartz, Charles P., Jr. 
Schwartz, Edward H. 
Schwartz, Joseph H. 
Schwartz, Leo J. 
Schwartz, Milton H. 
Schwartz, Nathan H. 
Schwartz, Dr. Otto 
Schwartz, Dr. Steven O. 

Mrs. William E. 
Schwinn, Frank W. 
Sciaky, Sam 
Scott, Miss Maud E. 
Scott, William W. 
Scott, Willis H. 
Scribner, Gilbert 
Scribner, Gilbert H., Jr. 
Scudder, Mrs. 

William M. 
Seaholm, A. T. 
Seaman, Irving, Jr. 
Searle, Daniel C. 
Searle, Mrs. Nell Y. 
Searle, William L. 
Searles, Donald K. 
Sears, Miss Betty J. 
Sears, Miss Dorothy 
Sears, J. Alden 
Searson, R. V. 
Seaton, G. Leland 
Seator, Douglas S. 
Seaverns, Louis C. 
Sedgwick, C. Galen 
Sedlacek, Frank 
See, Dr. Agnes Chester 
Seeburg, Justus P. 
Seeburg, Noel M., Jr. 
Seeley, Miles G. 
Segal, Myron M. 
Segal, Victor 
Seibert, William R. 
Seibold, Mrs. 

Arthur B., Jr. 
Seidel, Walter H. 
Seifert, Mrs. Walter J. 
Seip, Emil G. 
Seipp, Clarence T. 
Seipp, Edwin A., Jr. 
Seipp, William C. 
Selby, Peter Spengler 
Selfridge, Calvin F. 
Selig, Lester N. 
Sell, N. J. 
Selseth, Ole 
Selz, Miss Denise 
Sembower, John F. 

Seminatore, George J. 
Seng, Francis A. 
Senne, John A. 
Sensibar, Mrs. Ezra 
Sensibar, Jacob R. 
Serota, Dr. H. M . 
Sethness, C. H., Jr. 
Sevic, Mrs. William 
Sewell, Allen K. 
Sexton, Mrs. Sherman J. 
Sexton, Thomas G. 
Shafer, Dr. Sid John 
Shanahan, Mrs. David E. 
Shannon, Daniel J. 
Shanower, Malcolm 
Shapiro, Arthur M. 
Shapiro, Henry 
Share, J. R. 
Sharp, Carl J. 
Sharrow, H. N. 
Shaw, Alfred P. 
Shaw, John I. 
Shedd, Mrs. Charles C. 
Sheesley, Jay R. 
Sheldon, James M. 
Shelton, Dr. W. Eugene 
Shepherd, Mrs. Edith P. 
Shepherd, Miss Olive M. 
Sherman, Gordon 
Sherman. Mrs. W. W. 
Shields, John W. 
Shillestad, John N. 
Shillinglaw, David L. 
Shoan, Nels 
Shoemaker, M. M. 
Shoemaker, Paul B. 
Sholes, DeVer 
Shorey, Clyde E. 
Shroyer, Malcolm E. 
Shuart, Karl P. 
Shumway, Mrs. Edward 

De Witt 
Shumway, Spencer 

Shure, Myron B. 
Sibley, Joseph C, Jr. 
Siebel, George E. 
Siebert, C. Stuart, Jr. 
Sieck, Herbert 
Siekman, Rudolph R. 
Siemund, Roy W. 
Sieracki, Mrs. Anton 
Sieron Robert D. 
Sikking, Art L., Jr. 
Silander, A. I. 
Silberman, Charles A. 
Silberman, David, Jr. 
Silberman, Hubert S. 
Silberman, N. M. 
Sill, Vincent D. 
Sills, Budd 

Sills, Clarence W. 
Silverstein, Raymond 
Simjack, Miss Marybeth 
Simmonds, Mrs. 

George L. 
Simon, Dr. Arnold B. 
Simond, Robert E. 
Simonds, Dr. James P. 
Simonson, Burton E. 
Simpson, Lyman M. 
Sims, Edwin W., Jr. 
Sims, William W. 
Sinaiko, Dr. Edwin S. 
Sincere, Henry B. 
Sinclair, Dr. J. Frank 
Singer, Mrs. Mortimer H. 
Singer, William A. 
Sinsheimer, Allen 
Siragusa, Ross D. 
Sittler, Edwin C. 
Sivage, Gerald A. 
Sklansky, Mrs. M.A. 
Skleba, Dr. Leonard F. 
Skudstad, Richard L. 
Slater, Frederick J. 
Sloan, Dr. Noah H. 
Smallberg, Dr. 

William A. 
Smeeth, William B. 
Smick, Robert W. 
Smigiel, Chester W. 
Smith, Bruce M. 
Smith, Edgar H. 
Smith, Dr. Edward C. 
Smith, Fred B. 
Smith, GofF 
Smith, Harold Byron 
Smith, Hawley L., Jr. 
Smith H. Kellogg 
Smith, J. Norbert 
Smith, Mrs. Hermon 

Smith, J. P. 
Smith, Jens 
Smith, John F., Jr. 
Smith, Mrs. 

Katharine Walker 
Smith, Mrs. Kinney 
Smith, L. Richard 
Smith, Lynwood 
Smith, Miss Marion D. 
Smith, Miss OUie M. 
Smith, Paul C. 
Smith, Philip E. 
Smith, R. L., Jr. 
Smith, Mrs. Ruth B. 
Smith, Mrs. Theodore 

Smith, Z. Erol 
Smyth, David B. 
Smuk, Dr. J. E. 



Snodell, Walter S., Jr. 
Snow, Lendol D, 
Snydacker, Dr. Daniel 
Snyder, Harry 
Snyder, Richard E. 
Sobel, Mrs. Herbert H. 
Sola, Joseph G. 
Solinsky, R. S. 
Solomon, Alfred B. 
Somerville, Mrs. William 
Sonntag, Dr. Joseph F. 
Sopkin, Mrs. Setia H. 
Sorensen, Howard C. 
Sorensen, Stanley M. 
Sorensen, T. R. 
Spacek, Leonard P. 
Spalding, Mrs. 

Vaughn C, Jr. 
Spanjer, Henry J., Jr. 
Spaulding, J. B. 
Specht, Mrs. F. W. 
Speer, Robert J. 
Speigel, Dr. I. Joshua 
Spelman, Harold J. 
Spencer, Mrs. 

Frederich L. 

Mrs. Humphrey Orr 
Spencer, William M. 
Spencer, Mrs. William M. 
Sperry, Mrs. Leonard M. 
Sperry, Oliver R. 
Spertus, Herman 
Spiegel, Mrs. Arthur H. 
Spiegel, Mrs. Gatzert 
Spiegel, Dr. Manuel 
Spiegel, Peter J. 
Spiel, Mrs. Robert E. 
Spielmann, Willson 
Spinka, Dr. Harold M. 
Spooner, Dr. Bruce A. 
Sporrer, M. J. 
Sprague, Dr. John P. 
Spray, Cranston 
Spreyer, F. L. 
Sprtel, Dr. Simon L. 
Squires, John G. 
Staack, Dr. 

H. Frederick, Jr. 
Staat, Richard A. 
Stade, Hans A. 
Staehle, Jack C. 
Stagman, Nathan 
Staley, Miss Kate 
Stanbery, J. N. 
Stanhaus, Wilfrid X. 
Stanley, Justin A. 
Stannard, F. J. 
Star, Alvin D. 
Starbird, Miss Myrtle I. 
Starrels, Joel 

Starzyk, Dale 
Stateler, C. B. 
Staub, E. Norman 
Steadry, Frederick O. 
Steele, Henry B., Jr. 
Steele, Mrs. Walter D. 
Steepleton, A. Forrest 
Stefan, Joseph J. 
Stein, Mrs. Henry L. 
Stein, Dr. Irving 
Stein, Sydney, Jr. 
Steinberg, Dr. Milton 
Steiner, George R. 
Steiner, Harold C. 
Steinhorn S. R. 
Stenn, Dr. Frederick 
Stenson, Frank R. 
Stepelton, Norman A. 
Stephan, Dr. Ruth 
Stephani, Edward J. 
Stephens, Russell F., Jr. 
Stephens, W. R., Jr. 
Sterba, Dr. Joseph V. 
Stern, Mrs. Alfred 
Stern, Gardner H. 
Stern, Gerald J. 
Stern, Oscar D. 
Stetson, William C. 

Mrs. Joseph True 
Stevens, Mrs. 

Clement D. 
Stevens, Delmar A. 
Stevens, Elmer T. 
Stevenson, Engval 
Stewart, John 
Stiglitz, Reuben 
Stine, Francis B. 
Stine, Orrin B. 
Stiner, Mrs. Norman J. 
Stipp, John E. 
Stitt, Robert B. 
Stix, Lawrence C, Jr. 
Stoerker, Marion A. 
Stoffels, Edgar O. 
Stoker, Nelson D. 
Stone, J. McWilliams, Jr. 
Stone, Mrs. Theodore 
Storer, E. W. 
Stough, Mrs. Jay 
Stout, Miss Phyllis A. 
Stafer, Guy H. 
Strandjord, Dr. Nels M 
Stratton, Paul 
Straus, Frederick W. 
Straus, Henry H. 
Straus, Martin L. 
Straus, Melvin L. 
Strauss, Dr. Alfred A. 
Strauss, Mrs. 

Herman A. 

Strauss, Ivan 
Strauss, John L. 
Straw, Mrs. H. Foster 
Strickfaden, Miss 

Alma E. 
Stromberg, Charles J. 
Strong, Edmund H. 
Strong, M. D. 
Strotz, Harold C. 
Stuart, Robert D., Jr. 
Stuebner, Erwin A. 
Stueckemann, Fred C. 
Stulik, Dr. Charies 
Stults, Allen P. 
Sturgis, John C. 
Sturtevant, Roy E. 
Sturtevant, Mrs. Roy E. 
Sudler, Carroll H., Jr. 
Sugar, Dr. Oscar 
Sultan, Dr. Nathan A. 
Summer, Mrs. Edward 
Sundin, Ernest G. 
Suomela, John P. 
Surpless, Mrs. James L. 
Sutherland, Mrs. Robert 
Sutherland, William 
Sutter, William P. 
Sutton, Dr. George C. 
Swain, David F. 
Swanson, Holgar G. 
Swanton, John R. 
Swartchild, William G. 
Sweet, Philip W. K. 
Swenson, Miss Gayle 
Swenson, R. E. 
Swett, Israel 
Swett, Robert Wheeler 
Swibel, Charles R. 
Swift, Mrs. Alden B. 
Swift, George H., Jr. 
Swift, John C. 
Swift, Gustavus F., Jr. 
Swinford, James C. 
Swonk, Wayne 
Sykes, Aubrey L. 
Sykes, Byron M. 
Sykes, Mrs. Wilfred 
Symons, John 
Synek, Henry Thrush 

Dr. Frederick J. 

Talbot, Mrs. C. Conover 
Talbot, Stuart 
Talbot, Mrs. Stuart 
Tallman, John Emil 
Talmage, Mrs. Harry 
Tanan, Stanley J. 
Tarrant, Ross 
Taub, Ronald H. 
Tax, Dr. Sol 



Taylor, Mrs. A. Thomas 
Taylor, E. Hall 
Taylor, Herbert J. 
Taylor. L. S. 
Taylor, Orville 
Taylor, Robert C. 
Taylor, William L., Jr. 
Teach, Gordon L. 
Tellschow, H. B. 
Temple, Charles Vache 
Tennant, Don 
Templeman, William I. 
Tenney, Henry F. 
Terrill, Dean 
Terry, Fos Bell 
Tessem, Nels 
Thatcher, Everett A. 
Thatcher, Dr. Harold W. 
Thelen, Floyd E. 
Thillens, Melvin 
Thomas, Mrs. Florence T. 
Thomas, Miss Martha 
Thomas, Robert M. 
Thomas, W. E. 
Thomas, Dr. William A. 
Thompson, A. M. 
Thompson, Arthur H. 
Thompson, Dr. 

Charles E. 
Thompson, Ernest H. 
Thompson, Floyd E, 
Thompson, John E. 
Thompson, Dr. W. V. 
Thon, Warren H. 
Thoren, Mrs. J. N. 
Thorne, Hallett W. 
Thornton, Roy V. 
Thorson, Reuben 
Thorson, Mrs. Reuben 
Thrasher, Dr. Irving D. 
Thresher, C. J. 
Thulin, F. A. 
Thullen, Henry M. 
Tibbitts, Douglas E. 
Tibbetts, Mrs. N. L. 
Tiberius, George 
Tideman, S. N., Jr. 
Tieken, Theodore 
Tilden, Louis Edward 
Tippens, Mrs. Albert H. 
Tittle, Vernon 
Tobey, William Robert 
Tockstein, Miss 

Mary Louise 
Todt, Mrs. Edward G. 
Tolpin, Paul H. 
Tonn, George 
Toomin, Philip R. 
Topaz, Martin 
Torbet, A. W. 
Torff, Selwyn H. 

Torosian, Peter G. 
Torrence, George P. 
Totsch, Marvin D. 
Touchstone, John Henry 
Tourtellot, Gair, III 
Towler, Kenneth F. 
Tracy, Wilfred 
Trainor, H. J. 
Trask, Arthur C. 
Traut, Bernard H. 
Travelletti, Bruno L. 
Traver, George W. 
Travers, Vernon 
Travis, Eugene C. 
Traylor, Mrs. 

Melvin A., Sr. 
Traylor, Mrs. 

Melvin A., Jr. 
Traynor, William 
Treadway, Cecil E. 
Trees, George S. 
Treffeisen, Gustave 
Trenkmann, Richard A. 
Trentlage, Richard B. 
Trienens, Howard J. 
Trimarco, Ralph R. 
Trimble, Mrs. M. B. 
Tripp, Chester D. 
Trombly, Dr. F. F. 
Trowbridge, Mrs. 

A. Buel, Jr. 
Trude, Mrs. Mark W. 
True, Charles H. 
Trumbull, William M. 
Tubergen, Harry F., Jr. 
Tumpeer, Joseph J. 
Turner, G. H. 
Turner, Mrs. Horace E. 
Turney, Kenneth R. 
Turow, Dr. David D. 
Twerdahl, Edward A., Jr. 
Tyler, Thomas S. 
Tyrrell, Miss Frances 

Ughetti, John B. 
Uihlein, Edgar J., Jr. 
Ullmann, Herbert S. 
Ullmann, S. E. 
Ulrich, Norman A. 
Upham, Mrs. 
Frederic W. 
Urbain, Leon F. 
Uriell, Francis H. 
Ustick, Robert W. 
Utter, Mrs. Arthur J. 

Vacha, Dr. Victoria B. 
Vail, Dr. Derrick T. 
Vale, Mrs. Murray 
Valentine, Andrew L. 
Valentine, Patrick A. 

Van Artsdale, Mrs. 

Flora D. 
Vance, Dr. Graham A. 
Van Cleef, Felix 
Van Cleef, Mrs. Noah 
Van Cleef, Paul 
Van Dellen, Dr. 

Theodore R. 

Dr. Cornelius A. 
Van Deventer, 

Van Duzer, John B. 
Vanek, John C. 
Van Hagen, Miss 

Van Kirk, Mrs. R. D. 
Van Mell, Herman T. 
Van Ness, C. Radford 
Van Nice, Errett 
Van Ryzen, Joel G. 
Van Schaak, R. H., Jr. 
Van Tassel, Karl R. 
Van Winkle, James Z. 
Van Zwoll, Henry B. 
Vaughan, Norman 
Vawter, William A., II 
Vehe, Dr. K, L. 
Venema, M. P. 
Venerable, Mrs. James T. 
Vernon, John T. 
Verson, David C. 
Verson, Melvin D. 
Veverka, Dr. Frank J. 
Vette, J. L. 
Vetter, Paul G. 
Vial, Charles H. 
Vickery, Miss Mabel S. 
Vil, Dr. Charles S. 
Vogel, David A. 
Vogel, James B. 
Vogl, Otto 
Vogt, Mrs. Albert 
Volid, Peter 
Volkober, J. A. 
Von Colditz, Dr. 

G. Thomsen 
von Leden, Dr. Hans 
Von Wolforsdorf, Paul 
Voorhees, H. Belin 
Voosen, John C. 
Vorreiter, C. W. 
Vose, Mrs. Frederic P. 
Voynow, Edward E. 
Voysey, Frank E. 

Wacker, Frederick G., Jr. 
Wade, Albert G., II 
Wads worth, 

Robert Woodman 
Wager, William 



Wagner, Mrs. David H. 
Wagner, Mrs. Frances B. 
Wagner, Fritz, Jr. 
Wagner, John Alexander 
Wagner, Richard 
Wahl, Arnold Spencer 
Wahl, Orlin I. 
Wakefield, Dr. Ernest H. 
Wakerlin, Dr. George E. 
Walbert, Richard 
Waldman, Seymour C. 
Walgreen, C. R., Jr. 
Walgreen, Mrs. 

Charles R. 
Walker, James 
Walker, Mrs. Paul 
Walker, Samuel J. 
Walker, Ward 
Walker, William E. 
Walkowiak, Dr. Lydia 
Waller, Fletcher C. 
Waller, Marshall S. 
Wallin, Mrs. G. W. 
Walsh, Dr. Eugene L. 
Wanda, Dimitry 
Wang, Dr. S. Y. 
Wanner, Arthur L. 
Ward, Mrs. David Harris 
Ward, Mrs. N. C. 
Ward, William Parker 
Ware, Mrs. Robert R. 
Ware, Mrs. Thomas M. 
Wares, Mrs. Helen Worth 
Warfield, Edwin A. 
Warner, J, E. 
Warner, Mrs. John Eliot 
Warren, Ben O. 
Warren, Paul S. 
Warren, Walter G. 
Warsh, Leo G. 
Was, Dr. Harold H. 
Washington, Laurence W. 
Wasick, Dr. Milan M. 
Wasleff, Mrs. Alexia 
Wassell, Joseph 
Wasson, Mrs. Isabel B. 
Waterbury, Donald O. 
Waterman, French 
Watkins, George H. 
Watkins, William A. P. 
Watkins, W. W. 
Watson, D. R. 
Watson, Harry P. 
Watson, Norman E. 
Watson, William Upton 
Watt, Andrew J. 
Watt, Richard F. 
Watts, Amos H. 
Watts, George W. 
Watts, Harry C. 
Watzek, J. W., Jr. 

Waud, Morrison 
Weary, Rollin D., Jr. 
Weaver, John M. 
Weaver, Robert P. 
Webb, Dr. A. C, 
Webb, Dr. Edward F. 
Weber, Paul W. 
Weber, Warren J. 
Webster, Frederick F. 
Webster, Henry A. 
Webster, Mrs. R. S. 
Weeks, Kenneth L. 
Wegrzyn, Dr. John T. 
Wegrzyn, Joseph 
Wehrmacher, Dr. 

William H. 
Weichselbaum, Dr. 

Paul K. 
Weigel, George K. 
Weigle, Mrs. Maurice 
Weil, Alfred J. 
Weil, Martin 
Weiner, George 
Weiner, George M. 
Weinress, Morton 
Weinress, S. J. 
Weinstein, M. A. 
Weinstein, Dr. M. L. 
Weinzimmer, Dr. H. R. 
Weir, Paul 

Weisbrod, Benjamin H. 
Weisbrod, Maxfield 
Weisman, Jack 
Weisman, Morton 
Weiss, Dr. Edward 
Weiss, Dr. Leon H. 
Weiss, Mrs. Morton 
Weiss, Siegfried 
Weissbrenner, A. W. 
Weissman, Dr. Irving 
Weitzel, Carl J. 
Welch, M. W. 
Weldon, Richard H. 
Welfeld, Marvin J. 
Welles, Mrs. Donald P. 
Welles, Mrs. Edward 

Wells, Arthur H. 
Wells, C. A. 
Wells, Miss Cecilia 
Wells, Mrs. John E. 
Wells, John Warren 
Wells, Preston A. 
Welton, Arthur D., Jr. 
Wendel, George E. 
Wendell, Barrett 
Wendell, F. Lee H. 
Wendell, Miss 

Josephine A. 
Wendorf, Herman 
Wenninger, William C. 

Wentworth, Mrs. 

Mary T. 
Wentworth, Mrs. 

Sylvia B. 
Wentz, Peter L. 
Wenzel, Alfred C. 
Werelius, Dr. Carl Y. 
Wertheimer, Joseph 
Wesby, Charles F. 
Wesby, Vernon L. 
Wesley, C. N. 
West, Mrs. James W. 
Westbrook, Frank 
Wetmore, Horace O. 
Wharton, Dr. Donald C. 
Wheary, Warren 
Wheaton, David H. 
Wheeler, E. Todd 
Wheeler, George A. 
Wheeler, Leslie M. 
Wheeler, Mrs. Seymour 
Whipple, Mrs. Charles J. 
Whiston, Jerome P. 
Whitaker, R. B. 
White, Mrs. James C. 
White, Miss Noami 
White, Richard T, 
Whit€, Sanford B. 
Whitfield, George B. 
Whiting, Lawrence H. 
Whitnell, William W. 
Whitney, Jack M., II 
Whitney, Lafeton 
Whitney, Russell C, Jr. 
Whitt, Virgel E. 
Wicks, Dr. Mark 
Wicks, Russell M. 
Widdicombe, Mrs. R. A. 
Wiegel, George 
Wieland, Mrs. 

George C, 
Wienhoeber, George V. 
Wies, H. M. 
Wieser, Walter J. 
Wiggins, Kenneth M. 
Wilbrandt, Robert A. 
Wilcox, Robyn 
Wild, Lydon 
Wilder, Harold, Jr. 
Wiles, Mrs. Russell 
Wiley, Mrs. Clarence F. 
Wilhelm, Dr. Emanuel C. 
Wilker, Mrs. Milton W. 
Wilkey, Fred S. 
Wilkinson, Mrs. 

George L. 
Wilkinson, John C. 
Will, Philip, Jr. 
Willems, Dr. J. Daniel 
Willens, Joseph R. 
Willett, Howard L., Jr. 



Willey, Mrs. Charles B. 
Willey, Lawrence V., Jr. 
Williams, Mrs. Bernard 
Williams, Emory 
Williams, Mrs. 

G, Reynolds 
Williams, Harry J. 
Williams, Dr. Jack 
Williams, Dr. Jasper F. 
Williams, Kenneth 
Williams, Dr. O. B. 
Williams, Robert J. 
Williams, Rowland L. 
Williams, Thomas L., Jr. 
Williams, W. J. 
Williamson, George H. 
Williamson, Mrs. Jack A. 
WilHs, Paul, Jr. 
WilHs, Thomas H. 
Willner, Benton Jack, Jr. 
Wilms, Hermann P. 
Wilson, Allen B. 
Wilson, D. H. 
Wilson, Edward Foss 
Wilson, Miss Helen A. 
Wilson, John P., Jr. 
Wilson, Mrs. John R. 
Wilson, Joseph J. 
Wilson, Morris Karl 
Wilson, Philip Servis 
Wilson, Robert H. 
Winans, Frank F. 

Mrs. Frederick O. 
Windsor, H. H., Jr. 
Winston, James H. 
Winston, Mrs. James H. 
Winter, Irving 
Winter, Munroe A. 
Wirth, J. W. 

Wiseman, William P. 
Wishnick, Dr. 

Seymour D. 
Witkowski, Dr. Lucjan L. 
Withall, Mrs. William E. 
Witter, William M. 
Wlochall, Arthur 
Wolbach, Murray, Jr. 
Wolfe, Lloyd R. 
Wolfson, Miss Nancy 
Wolfson, Rudolph A. 
Wolnak, George 
Wood, Mrs. Gertrude D. 
Wood, Mrs. Hettie R. 
Wood, Mrs. Kay 
Wood, Mrs. R. Arthur 
Wood, Robert E. 
Wood, Mrs. Phylys 
Wood, Mrs. Rollin D. 
Woodall, Lloyd 
Woodruff, Vaughn N. 
Woods, Frank H. 
Woods, Weightstill 
Woolard, Francis C. 
Wooley, Murray B. 
Woolman, John S. 
Wozniak, Raymond E. 
Wright, George L. 
Wronski, Casimir 

Wray, Franklin C. 
Wulf, Miss Lydia 
Wulf, Miss 

Marilyn Jean 
Wyatt, Harry N. 
Wygert, Edwin E. 

Yager, Mrs. Vincent 
Yarnall, Frank H. 

Yates, T. L. 
Ylvisaker, L. 
Yondorf, John David 
Yondorf, Milton S., Jr. 
Yonkers, Edward H. 
Yorkey, Mrs. Margaret 
Yost, Miss Karyl 
Young, Dr. Donald R. 
Young, E, Frank 
Young, George B. 
Young, J. L. 
Young, Rollin B. 
Young, William T., Jr. 
Youngquist, C. Harry 

Zabel, Max W. 
Zabel, Mrs. Max W. 
Zadek, Milton 
Zapel, Elmer J. 
Zawacki, Robin L. 
Zeisler, Mrs. Ernest B. 
Zeiss, Dr. Fred R. 
Zelinsky, S. F. 
Zerler, Charles F. 
Ziebarth, Charles A. 
Zimmerman, E. W. 
Zimmermann, Frank O. 

Dr. Harold W. 
Zimmerman, Louis W. 
Zimmerman, Otto H. 
Zimmermann, Russell A. 
Zimring, Daniel J. 
Zinke, Otto A. 
Zitzewitz, Mrs. Elmer K. 
Zitzewitz, Mrs. W. R. 
Zivin, Mrs. Alma M. 
Zurcher, Mrs. Suzette M. 
Zwiener, Kenneth V. 




Beach, E. Chandler 
Bersbach, Elmer S. 
Bigler, Dr. John A. 
Burke, James O., Sr. 
Bush, Mrs. WUliam H. 

Cline, Lyle B. 
Coleman, Dr. George H. 
Cook, Mrs. Charles B. 
Cudahy, Edward I. 
Cummings, Mrs. D. Mark 

Dammann, J. F. 
Darrow, Paul E. 

Embree, Henry S. 
Emmerech, Miss Clara L. 

Fish,Mrs. Helen S. 
Fox, Myron H. 
Fuller, Judson M. 

Glasner, Rudolph W. 
Gunlock, V. E. 

Hart, Henry N. 

Hass, G. C. 
Holleb, A. Paul 
Holmes, William N, 
Holt, McPherson 
Hunding, B. N. 

Jackson, Allan 
Jirka, Dr. Frank J. 
Johnson, Mrs. O. W. 

Keith, Stanley 
Kern, H. A. 
Kroeschell, Robert A. 

Lydon, Eugene K. 

Mandel, Edwin F. 
Markus, Alfred S, 
Maurer, Dr. Siegfried 
Metz, Dr. Arthur R. 
Miller, Frank A. 
Moses, Howard A. 

Novak, Charles J. 

O'Hara, Arthur J. 

Otis, Joseph Edward, Jr. 

Parmelee, Dr. A. H. 
Post, Myron H. 

Ray, Harold R. 
Roderick, Solomon P. 
Root, John W. 
Ruppert, Max K. 
Rutledge, George E. 

Shumway, Edward D. 
Silberman, David B. 
SmuUan, Alexander 
Spitz, Joel 

Stirling, Miss Dorothy 
Swift, Edward F. Jr. 

Varel, Mrs. C. D. 

Waller, Mrs. Edward C. 
West, Thomas H. 
Wupper, Benjamin F. 

Young, B. Botsford 



Those, residing fifty miles or more from the city of Chicago, who have 
contributed $50 to the Museum 

Baum, Mrs. James 
Baxter, George R. 
Bradley, Mrs. Oma M. 
Brown, Walter F. 
Bruce, Richard H. 
Buchanan, Warren 

Carlson, Elmer G. 
Colby, Carl 
Walter W., Jr. 

Droste, Albert C. 

Elbersen, William J. 

Fairman, Fred W., Jr. 

Gooch, Cecil D. 
Graham, Thomas A. 

Hagerty, Kenneth A. 
Hanson, Martin W. 

Johnson, Perry Charles 
Johnson, Dr. Sydney J. 
Johnson, Mrs. Sydney J. 

Lindboe, S. R. 

McBain, James H. 
Meevers, Harvey 
Merker, George E., Jr. 
Montagu, Austin Phillips 

Niederhauser, Homer 

Gates, James F., Jr. 
O'Brien, Ward 

Pain, F. W. 
Palais, Gordon K. 

Pearce, Thomas H. 
Pearson, Mrs. Emma 
Phillips, Montagu Austin 
Piper, Warren Peter 
Porter, Dr. Eliot F. 

Risto, Herbert 

Smith, Mark E. 
Soanes, Dr. Sidney V. 
Stark, Ralph W. 
Stevens, Edmund W. 
Stuttman, Leonard 

Trott, James Edwards 

Vas, Gabriel N. 

Whipple, Miss Velma D. 
Winslow, Seth L. 
Wujcik, Robert 


Those who contribute $25 annually to the Museum 

Adler, Robert S. 
Angle, Dr. Paul M. 

Bell, Arthur Joel 
Beukema, Miss Hermine 
Bowen, Carroll G. 
Burgmeier, William T. 

Camp, W. L. 
Carlson, Carl R., Jr. 
Carstens, Dr. H. Paul 
Coulter, Mrs. J. R. 
Crown, Irving 

De Butts, J. D. 
Don, Daniel 

Eckhouse, Richard H. 
Evans, Dr. Florence L. 
Ewen, Gordon H. 

Farley, Preston 
Fickes, Robert 0. 
Folds, George R. Jr. 

Gabriel, Rudolph R. 
Glenn, Sigmund 
Gore, Budd 

Hill, David A. 

Guilbault, Joseph E. 

Hall, J. Parker 
Harris, Mrs. Stanley 
G., Jr. 

Jiu, James 

Kaiser, Dr. George D. 
Keith, Donald K. 
Krulik, Michael 
Kyritsis, John Mathon 

Lee, Edward J. 

Martin, Dr. Stanley 
McBrady, John W. 
McKerrow, Vincent S. 
Melamed, Dr. Myron 
Mey thaler, Robert J. 
Minas, Karl K. 
Moore, David W. 
Mueller, William J. 

Nolan, W. P. 

Olmstead, C. V. 


Renner, Carl 

Patinkin, Norman J. 
Perkins Mrs. John F. 
Peterson, Lawrence A. 
Plunkett, Paul M. 
Price, Mark 

Quackenbush, John L. 

Roberts, William J. 

SchaflFner, Arthur B. 
Sebastian, Jerome R. 
Scheffner, Miss 
Elizabeth B. 
Schwartz, Ben E. 

Taub, Ronald H. 
Thomas, Robert B. 
Tomilinson, Walter A. 

Van Koert, Lewis I. 

Waddington, Dr. 

Harry K. 
Wallerich, George M. 
Windes, Guilford R. 
Wren, David 



Those who contribute $1 annually to the Museum 

Abbott, James S., Ill 
Abel, Miles L. 
Abel. Robert B. 
Abeles, Alfred T. 
Abeles, Francis 
Abelson, Edmund 
Abrahams, Harry 
Abrahamson, Robert A. 
Abrams, Burton R. 
Abrams, Irving S. 
Achtner, Raymond H. 
Ackerberg, Robert, Jr. 
Ackermann, Kurt J. 
Ackerson, Carl 
Adamowski, Benjamin S. 
Adams, Cyrus H. 
Adams, Hall 
Adams, Harvey M. 
Adamson, Henry 

Adcock, William 
Addison, Edward A. 
Ader, David L. 
Adler, Charles 
Adler, Richard F. 
Agar, Mrs. Katherine D. 
Agler, W. B. 
Agnes, Mrs. Philip R. 
Agnew, Dr. Paul C. 
Ahern, Edwin W. 
Ahlfeld, William J. 
Ahnquist, Elwyn T. 
Ahrens, Robert 
Ahrens, Mrs. Russel F. 
Aishton, Richard A. 
Akerhaugen, Alfred 
Akerlund, O. A. 
Akers, Milburn P. 
Akre, Dr. Osmund H. 
Alderdyce, D. D. 
Aldige, Miss Esther 
Aldrich, Howard A. 
Alexander, Fred W. 
Alford, Jeff C. 
Alford, Lore W. 
Alfrejd, Carl T. 
Aliotta, Mitchell 
Allard, Mrs. Jean 
Allen, Amos G. 
Allen, Dale C. 
Allen, F. Denby 
Allen, Fred A. 
Allen, Greer 
Allen, Mrs. John Rex 
Aller, John E. 
Allese, Raoul M. 
Allison, Anthony G. 
Allison, Dr. James M., Jr. 

Allrich, Robert W. 
Alois, Michael 
Alschuler, Mrs. 

Alfred S., Sr. 
Alschuler, Richard H, 
Alsin, Dr. Clifford L. 
Alter, James 
Altschul, Gilbert 
Amberg, Mrs. Raymond 
Ames, Mrs. John D. 
Amon, John W. 
Amour, Frederic D. 
Amren, Stanley C. 
Amtman, Dr. Leo 
Anastos, Themis 
Andalman, Michael 
Andelman, Dr. Samuel L. 
Anderson, Alfred 
Anderson, Art 
Anderson, Dale 
Anderson, Ellis B. 
Anderson, J. Arthur 
Anderson, Kenneth H. 
Anderson, Leonard W. 
Anderson,Norman R. 
Anderson, Mrs. Odin W. 
Anderson, Robert 
Anderson, Robert H. 
Anderson, Robert W. 
Anderson, Mrs. Stanley D . 

Theodore W., Jr. 
Anderson, W. A. 
Andreas, Mrs. Ralph L. 
Andrews, Frederick B. 
Andrews, James N. 
Andrews, Mrs. Roy E. 
Angevin, John J. 
Angres, Dr. Erwin 
Angsten, Henry W., Jr. 
Anixter, Edward F. 
Annan, Dr. Ormsby 
Anthony, R. B. 
Antonow, Joseph P. 
Appelbaum, Mrs. Henry 
Apple, Dr. Carl 
Appleton, Mrs. Albert I. 
Appleton, Mrs. Arthur I. 
Ardinger, W. S. 
Arenberg, Albert L. 
Arieff, Mrs. Alex J. 
Arkema, Edward L. S. 
Arkin, Dr. Aaron 
Armour, Norbert F. 
Armstrong, Mrs. John M. 
Arnkoff, Dr. Morris 
Arnold, Charles S. 
Arnold, Donald R, 
Arnold, G. E. 

Arnold, Robert S. 
Arnowitz, Joseph 
Aronson, Harry 
Aronson, M. R. 
Aronson, Mrs. Zelda G. 
Arquilla, Robert 
Arrington, Mrs. 

W. Russell 
Arthur, Robert S. 
Arthur, Thomas 
Arthur, Mrs. W. R. 
Arvey, Erwin B. 
Aschman, Mrs. 

Frederick T. 
Ash, Mrs. George 
Ashbrook, Charles G. 
Ashburne, Dr. L. Eudora 
Ashcraft, Edwin M., Ill 
Ashcroft, Lawrence H. 
Ashenhurst, Robert L. 
Asher, Dr. Carl A. 
Askounis, Mrs. Homer 
Asrow, Sherwin P. 
Astrin, Marvin H. 
Atkinson, Mrs. A. G. 
Atkinson, Percy W. 
Atkinson, Mrs. 

Wallace G. 
August, K. C. 
Aurelio, Anthony J. 
Austin, Mrs. Henry 

Austin, Malcolm P. 
Austin, Richard 
Austin, William F., Ill 
Autenrieth, Glenn E. 
Avalon, Mrs. George M. 
Averhoff, Mrs. Charles C. 
Avery, Mrs. Howard 
Axelrod, David 
Axtell, Allan T. 
Ayers, Dr. George W. 
Ayers, William P. 

Babbitt, Mrs. Harriet K 
Babcock, Richard F. 
Babel, Edmund F. 
Bach, Mrs. Louis S. 
Backman, C. E. 
Bacon, Vinton W. 
Bacon, Warren H. 
Bacon, William T. 
Badger, Mrs. James G. 
Baer, Arthur A. 
Baer, Mrs. Joseph W. 
Baer, Mrs. Robert A. 
Bagan, Bernard 
Baggot, Mrs. James E. 
Bagley, A. B. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Bagley, Hughes A. 
Bailey, Albert C. 
Bailey, Ronald 
Bailey, Mrs. Warren G. 
Bairn, Michael 
Bair, Mrs. David R. 
Baird, Mrs. Andrew 
Baird, John W. 
Baird, Russell M. 
Baker, Bruce 
Baker, Donald 
Baker, Mrs. Herbert 
Baker, John L. 
Baker, Mrs. Marion 

Baker, Robert C. 
Balaban, Elmer 
Balagot, Mrs. Reuben 
Balcerak, Edmund A. 
Baldauf, Mrs Arthur J. 
Baldridge, Holmes 
Baldrige, Miss Letitia 
Balikov, Dr. Harold 
BaHn, Meyer C. 
Balkin, William R. 
Ball, Edward H. 
Ball, Mrs. Webb C. 
Ball, William H. 
Ballard, Charles D. 
Ballis, Dayton 
Balonick, Robert L. 
Baltz, William S. 
Bankard, E. Hoover, Jr. 
Banning, Thomas A., Jr. 
Banzhaf, Clayton H. 
Barabas, William 
Barasa, J. Laurence 
Barasch, Dr. C. J. 
Barber, Mrs. A. H. 
Barber, Franklin D. 
Barboro, Alfred J. 
Barclay, Miss Cheryl 
Bard, George M. 
Bard, Jack J. 
Bard, Ralph Austin, Jr. 
Barke, Oscar A. 
Barker, Cleveland A. 
Barker, Mrs. C. R. 
Barker, James M. 
Barker, M. G. 
Barker, Robert Clyde 
Barlett, Robert C. 
Barnes, Mrs. Cecil 
Barnes, Mrs. Harold 


Mrs. Nelson L., Jr. 
Barnes, William H. 
Barnett, Mrs. George 
Barnett, Herbert H. 
Barnett, Mark R. 

Barnhart, Harry 
Barnhart, Tom E. 
Barnow, David H. 
Baron, Walter R. 
Barr, Charles L. 
Barr, Lyman 
Barr, Warren S. 
Barrash, Dr. Meyer 
Barrett, Charles R. 
Barrick, Dr. Robert G. 
Barricks, Arthur G. 

Miss Jane S. 
Barron, Raymond M. 
Barry, David J. 
Barry, Gerald A. 
Barry, Norman J. 
Barsy, Herbert 
Bartels, Miss Nell 
Bartelson, Lyle W. 
Barten, John B, 
Barth, Dr. Earl E. 

William, Jr. 
Bartkus, Eugene A. 
Bartlett, George S. 
Bartlett, Robert C. 
Bartling, Martin L., Jr. 
Barton, Arthur H. 
Barton, J. V. 
Barton. Thomas J. 
Baryl, Walter G. 
Baskin, Isadore 
Baskin, Mrs. Seymour Z. 
Bass, Charles 
Bass, Samuel B. 
Bassett, Robert C. 
Batalia, Donald C. 
Batchelder, Tilden 
Bates, Edwin R. 
Bateson, Norman E. 
Batko, Dr. B. B. 
Batson, Burnham L. 
Baty, R. D. 
Bauder, Frank E. 
Bauer, John A. 
Baughman, Ernest E. 
Baughman, M. Eugene 
Baum, Alvin H. 
Baum, Arthur W. 
Baum, Bernard H. 
Baum, Jack W. 
Bauman, P. J. 
Baumgartner, John C. 
Baur, Eugene F. 
Baxter, Arthur K. 
Baxter, Miss Edith P. 
Baxter, John H. 
Bay, Dr. Emmet B. 
Bayer, George L. 
Baylin, Dr. Ralph 

Baylor, F. Wesley 
Baynes, Miss Collette 
Bazell, Dr. S. R. 
Beach, James 
Beach, Milton B. 
Beacom, Alfred P. 
Bean, Ferrel M. 
Beaner, P. D. 
Beart, Robert W. 
Beatty, Miles W. 
Beatty, Ross J., Jr. 
Beaudin, Ralph 
Beaumont, D. R. 
Beber, Sam 
Beck, Donald 
Becker, Eugene J. 
Becker, Dr. Oscar J. 
Bedford, Jesse 
Beebe, Mrs. C. K. Ill 
Beers, Zenas H, 
Beers-Jones, L. 
Begando, Dr. Joseph S. 
Behr, John L. 
Beilin, Dr. David S. 
Beirne, T. J. 
Beisel, Ervin E. 
Belding, David S. 
Beliard, Honorable Jean 
Bell, Donald R. 
Bell, Mrs. John C. 
Bell, Dr. Julius N. 
Bellis, Leon R. 
Bellows, Dr. John G. 
Bellows, Stanley J. 
Benestante, Frank 
Benjamin, Edward 
Benke, Carl E. 
Bennett, Dwight W. 
Bennett, Marshall 
Bennett, Myron M. 
Bennett, Russell 0. 
Bennett, Walter F. 

Edward D. 
Bensinger, Robert F. 
Benson, Charles A. 
Benson, George R., Jr. 
Benthin, Howard A. 
Bentley, E. William 
Bere, Paul 
Berends, Bruce 
Berens, Edward P. 
Berentson, Benjamin H. 
Berg, E. W. 
Bergdahl, Hal A. 
Berger, Paul H. 
Berger, William B. 
Bergman, Edwin A. 
Bergstrom, Del V. 
Bergstrom, Robert W. 
Berk, Alex M. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Berk, Benjamin 
Berkos, Manuel J. 
Berkwits, Dr. Edward 
Berliner, Richard C. 
Berman, Harvey 
Berns, Barney 
Berns, Robert E, 
Bernstein, Dr. Arthur 
Bernstein, Dr. Max M. 
Bernstein, Russell 
Bernston, Stanley M. 
Berry, Arthur L. 
Berry, Raymond D. 
Berry, Russell T. 
Bert, Vernon J. 
Bertrand, Eugene F. 
Bess, Norman E. 
Best, Gordon 
Betar, Miss Sally M. 
Bettelheim, Mrs. Bruno 
Bettman, Ralph B. 
Betz, Dr. William P. 
Betzer, N. A. 
Beutlich, Roy A. 
Beuttas, Paul J. 
Beven, T. D. 
Beyer, Theodore A. 
Beyerman, Fred 
Biddle, Robert C. 
Bidwell, Dr. Charles L. 
Biesen, Joseph 
Beisterfeldt, Herman 
Biestman, Fred B. 
Bigane, Joseph F., Jr. 
Biggert, Phillip C. 

Miss Eleanore J. 
Bill, Charles H. 
BilHk, Richard J. 
Billings, Dr. Arthur A. 
Billings, Fred G. 
Billings, Marshall L. 
Billings, Mrs. Wyly, Jr. 
Billman, Charles R. 
Binford, W. H. 
Binkley, John D. 
Biram, John D. 
Birch, Dr. George W. 
Birch, H. Ward, Jr. 
Bird, Frederick H. 
Bird, T. S. 
Birks, Z. S. 
Birndorf, B. A. 
Bischoff, Mrs. Jacob H. 
Bish, Raymond H. 
Bishop, Edward, Jr. 
Bishop, Mrs. 

James R. T. 
Bishop, James W. 
Bissell, Cushman B. 
Bixler, John Donovan 

Bjorklund, Einar L. 
Black, Dr. Arnold 
Black, Benjamin H, 
Black, E. J. 
Black, James H. 
Black, John T. 
Blackburn, John W. 
Blaha, Roland W. 
Blair, Mrs, Harold 0. 
Blair, Mrs. 

Wm. McCormick 
Blake, Thomas J. 
Blake, Thomas W. 
Bland, Lee 
Blaul, Miss Elizabeth 
Blettner, Edward F. 
Bliesener, Larry David 
Block, E. French 
Blomquist, Alfred 
Bloom, D. A. 
Bloom, Irving D. 
Bloom, Raymond P. 
Bloom, Sidney 
Blossom, Mrs. 

George W., Jr. 
Blouke, Miss 

Martha Coucher 
Blowitz, Milroy R. 
Bluhm, Al 
Bluhm, Harold J. 
Blum, Professor 

Irving D. 
Blumberg, Nathan S. 
Blume, Ernest L. 
Blume, John, A. 
Blumenfeld, Robert 
Blumenthal, Mrs. M. H. 
Blunck, Carl J. 
Boardman, Newell S. 
Boberg. I. E. 
Bock, M. R. 
Bock, Stanley D. 
Bode, Jule 
Bodmer, Dr. Eugene 
Boehm, Mrs. George M. 
Boggis, James A. 
Bogie, Duane C. 
Bohrer, Mason L. 
Boissy, Gilbert E. 
Boitel, A. C. 
Bokman, Dr. A. F. 
Bolen, Earl P. 

Mrs. Peter F. 
Boiling, Henry 
Bolognesi, Giulio 
Bolton, William M. 
Bond, Myron E. 
Bonhajo, Louis 
Boom, Milton 
Boone, Douglass M. 

Bopp, Frank H. 
Borchardt, Miss Shirley 
Borg, Alvin 
Borge, Michael 
Bornemeir, Dr. Walter C. 
Borre, Mrs. Edward M. 
Borta, Frank W. 
Boruszak, Mrs. Melvin 
Boswell, Arlie O., Jr. 
Bosworth, Robert W. 
Bottler, J. S., Jr. 
Bovyn, Paul F. 
Bowe, Mrs. William J. 
Bowen Carl H. 
Bowen, Dr. 

Edward H., Jr. 
Bowen, Ivan, II 
Bowers, Lloyd W. 
Bowers, John C. 
Bowes, Frederick M. 
Bowes, W. R. 
Bowles, Dr. 

Joseph A., Jr. 
Bowman, J. C. 
Bowman, John S. 
Bowman, Ralph S. 
Bowman, Wesley 
Boyd, Charles W. 
Boyd, Darrell S. 
Boyer, Dick 
Boyle, Wallace J. 
Brace, Frederick F., Jr. 
Brach, Edwin J. 
Brachman, Dr. P. R. 
Brack, Clarence G. 
Bradburn, Robert F. 
Bradley, Charles C. 
Bradley, Charles W. 
Bradley, Roy 
Bradley, Thomas C. 
Brady, Harold S. 
Brady, Michael J. 
Brady, Norman A. 
Bramson, David J. 
Brand, Theodore 
Brandsetter, H. E. 
Brandt, Mrs. Robert C. 
Brandzel, Mrs. A. R. 
Branigar, Harvey W., Jr. 
Brannan, Robert H. 
Brannin, David P. 
Branz, Kenneth W. 
Braude, Mrs. Michael 
Braun, E. J. 
Breen, Thomas 
Brehm, Mrs. Lula A. 
Bremmer, Paul D. 
Breneman, Gerard J. 
Brent, John F. 
Brett, Mrs. Helen 
Breuer, Mrs. Adam A. 



Brewer, Dr. Charles W. 
Brewer, Curie L. 
Brice, James J. 
Bridge, Arthur 
Briehl, Dr. Walter 
Briggs, Edward A., Jr. 
Briggs, G. E. 
Briggs, Gordon R. 
Bright, Mrs. Orville T. 
Brinckman, Emil C. 
Brindle, Ernest W., Jr. 
Briscoe, Boyd 
Brislen, Dr. Andrew J. 
Brock, William N. 
Brockett, R. M. 
Brockman, Dr. David D. 
Brod, Raymond M. 
Brodie, Dr. Allan G. 
Brody, Mrs. A. L. 
Broeckl, Thomas E. 
Brogan, John C. 
Bromley, Bruce 
Bronner, Maurice H. 
Bronson, Beckwith R. 
Bronson, E. A. 
Bronson, Walter D. 
Bronston, Cecil P. 
Brooks, Archie 
Brooks, Dr. Deton J., Jr. 
Brooks, Gerald W. 
Broska, Joseph 
Brosseit, George E. 
Brostoff, Ben C. 
Brower, Edward, Jr. 
Brown, B. Warren 
Brown, Charles 
Brown, Edward I. 
Brown, F. Quentin 
Brown, George F. 
Brown, Grant A. 
Brown, Harry 
Brown, James, IV 
Brown, Robert C, Jr. 
Brown, T. F., Jr. 
Brown, William R. 
Brownell, B. B. 
Brownell, Miss 

Beryl Ann 
Browning, Miss Elizabeth 
Browning, W. L. 
Bruce, Miss Kathryn 
Bruckner, Aloys L. 
Bruin, William R. 
Brum, Miss Ida L. 
Brumbaugh, Robert T. 
Brusslan, Dan 
Bryan, Charles W., Jr. 
Bryant, Mrs. Daniel C. 
Bryg, John E. 

Mrs. De Witt W. 

Buchanan, Donald P. 
Buchanan, R. M. 
Bucholz, Mrs. S. 
Buck, Mrs. Nelson L. 
Buck, Norman W. 
Buckingham, Mrs. 

George T. 
Buckingham, Henry P. 
Buckley, Robert C. 
Buckley, Robert W. 
Bucklin, Mrs. Henry A. 
Buckreus, Allan J. 
Bucy, Dr. Paul C. 
Budelman, Ralph N. 
Budzinski, Henry A. 
Buehler, E. Marvin 
Buhring, Albert G. 
Bulk, George C. 
Bukacek, Dr. Richard F. 
Bulger, John C. 
Bulger, Thomas S. 
Bullock, Walter E. 
Bunday, Alvah S. 
Burch, A. T. 
Burdick, Dr. 

Allison L., Jr. 
Burg, Charles J. 
Burger, Robert K. 
Burgert, Woodward 
Burgeson, Walter C. 
Burgess, Ted H. 
Burgmeier, William T. 
Burian, Lee 
Burk, W. C. 
Burke, James E. 
Burke, Philip D. 
Burkema, Harry J. 
Burkey, Lee M., Jr. 
Burkill, Edward W. 
Burks, Mrs. Dean B. 
Burlage, Thomas D. 
Burman, Craig A. 
Burman, Merwin R. 
Burno, Mrs. Ruth 
Burns, Mrs. 

Dulcie Evans 
Burns, Jack J. 
Burns, John F. 
Burns, Kenneth J., Jr 
Burns, Stephen J. 
Burns, Miss Teresa Ann 
Burns, William J. 
Burow, Richard E. 
Burrill, R. W. 
Burrows, Arthur A. 
Burrows, W. J. 
Burson, Robert G. 
Burtis, Clyde L. 
Burtis, Guy S. 

Harold William 

Burwell, Romeo 
Busby, L. W., Jr. 
Busch, Miss Lois A. 
Bushnell, Richard 
Buswell, John T. 
Butler, Hartman L., Jr. 
Butler, John Meigs, Jr. 
Butler, Rush C, Jr. 
Miss Marta 
Button, B. B., Jr. 
Butts, Benjamin F. 
Butzen, Lambert R. 
Byrne, Dr. M. W. K. 
Byrnes, William Jerome 

Cabeen, Richard McP. 
Cacherat, Albert A. 
Cadmore, R. 
Cady, Kendall 
Caesar, O. S. 
Cagney, J. Patrick 
Cahill, Mrs. C. N. 
Cahill, William E. 
Cain, Byron A. 
Cairnes, W. E. 
Caldwell, William, Jr. 
Calkins, Gilbert R. 
Callaghan, Francis P. 
Callahan, Charles D. 
Callanan, Charles J. 
Callender, Ralph W. 
Caloger, Philip D. 
Calvin, Mrs. Frank J. 
Camino, Dr. Rudolph 
Camp, Jack L. 
Campbell, C. B. G. 
Campbell, Colin L. 
Campbell, E. R. 
Campbell, Irving B. 
Campbell, J. Carl 
Campbell, Keith T. 
Campbell, R. Craig 
Campbell, Stanley W. 
Campbell, W. C. 
Canaday, Raymond 
Canar, Donald A. 
Canby, Caleb H., Ill 
Cannon, Charles B. 
Canmann, David L. 
Capek, Charles A. 
Capulli, Leonard R. 
Carbonaro, Joseph I. 
Carbonaro, Louis 
Carbonell, John 
Carder, Gustave G. 
Cardwell, Rosson L. 
Carl, Jack 

Carl, Otto Frederick 
Carleton, Dr. E. H. 
Carlin, Mrs. Tobin 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Carlisle, Von Allan 

Carlman, Carl 

Carlson, Mrs. LeRoy T. 

Mrs. Oscar D. 

Carlton, Howard A. 

Carlucci, Marc J. 

Carpenter, Lyman E. 

Carr, Albert J. 
r Carr, Claude E., Jr. 
f Carr, Ernest J. 

Carracio, George V. 

Carroll, Ralph 

Carroll, Dr. Walter W. 
I Carrow, Dr. Leon A. 
[ Carson, Norman T. 
I Carter, John C. 

Carter, John J. 

Carto, David S. 

Cary, F. Strother, Jr. 


Mrs. Anthony E. 

Cascino, Dr. Joseph P. 

Casey, James E. 

Casey, Joseph 

Cash, William B. 

Cassidy, Clayton G. 

Castanes, John C. 

Castle, Alexander J. 

Castle, Sidney L. 

Cavanaugh, Roger M. 

Cavett, Paul A. 

Caylor, Harry E. 

Cecil, Mrs. Charles 

Cella, John L. 

Cerami, Ned J. 

Cerf, Floyd D., Jr. 

Cerrone, Carmen A. 

Cesar, Mrs. D. 

Chalifoux, Mrs. Robert S. 

Challand, Dr. Helen 


Mrs. Mayland E. 

Chalupa, Charles F. 

Chames, George W. 

Chamlin, George 

Chandler, Henry T. 

Chandler, Malcolm A. 

Chantry, Robert W. 

Chapman, Ralph 

Chartoc, Shepard 

Chase, Thomas B. 

Cheatham, Banks H. 

Cheney, James H. 

Cheresh, Sidney N. 

Cherny, William A. 

Cheskin, Mrs. Louis 

Chesrow, David S. 

Chesrow, Dr. Eugene J. 

Mrs. Stanley L. 

Chidley, Harry J. 
Childs, William C. 
Choate, Donald H. 
Christensen, Earl 
Christensen, Edwin H. 
Christian, Richard C. 
Christman, Paul J. 
Christopher, Gale A. 
Churlin, Edward 
Chutkow, R. I. 
Ciesar, John, Jr. 
Cincotta, Donald J. 
Cirese, Miss Helen M. 
Clapper, A. B. 
Clare, Fred W. 
Claire, Richard S. 
Clark, Dean M. 
Clark, John H. 
Clark, Mrs. Ralph E. 
Clark, Robert O. 
Clark, William N. 
Clarke, Mrs. Bernice 
Clarke, Dr. B. G. 
Clarke, Ernest E. 
Clarke, Mrs. Philip R. 
Clarke, Samuel M. 
Clarke, Thomas M. 
Cleaver, J. Benjamin 
Clemensen, Arthur C. 
Clements, Howard P., Jr. 
Clements, Mrs. Olen R. 
Clifton, O. W. 
Clinton, Mrs. Duane, L. 
Cloke, Thomas H., Jr. 
Close, Gordon 
Cloud, Marion D. 
Clyne, Howard J. 
Coash, Mrs. C. J., Jr. 
Coates, James E. 
Cobb, Raymond W. 
Cobb, Sanford 
Cobbs, William W., II 
Cobden, George 
Cochran, Harold W. 
Cody, Arthur C. 
Cody, Joseph M. 
Coe, Lester 
Coen, Thomas M. 
Cogan, John J. 
Cogswell, G. E. 
Cohen, Aaron S. 
Cohen, A. Jess 
Cohen, Harry 
Cohen Dr. Louis 
Cohen, Maxim M. 
Cohen, Milton 
Cohen, Nathan M. 
Cohen, Dr. Sidney 
Cohn, Albert H. 
Cohn, Eugene L. 
Cohn, Nathan M. 

Cohn, Robert H. 
Cohn, Mrs. Rose B. 
Cohon, Jack A. 
Coladarci, Peter 
Cole, Franklin A. 
Cole, John I. 
Cole, Dr. Warren H. 
Cole, Willard W. 
Coleman, Dr. John M. 
Colin, Edward C, Jr. 
Collins, Julien 
Collins, Michael W. 
Collins, Paul F. 
Collins, William M., Jr. 
Collinsworth, E. T., Jr. 
Compere, Dr. Edward L. 
Comstock, Dr. F. H. 
Condon, David 
Condon, E. J. 
Conforti, Edward J. 
Conger, Edwin H. 
Conklin, Clarence R. 
Conley, Edwin B. 
Conlon, Mrs. F. Patrick 
Conn, Arthur L. 
Conn, Warner S. 
Connelly, John J. 
Connette, Richard P. 
Conser, Mrs. Eugene P. 
Considine, Dan J. 
Considine, Miss Doris G. 
Consoer, Arthur W. 
Consoer, George O. 
Conway, Hayden F. 
Conway, James P. 
Cook, Mrs. Albert C. 
Cook, Howard F. 
Cook, R. R. 
Cook, Robert G., Jr. 
Cooke, Edwin Goff 
Cooke, James F. 
Cooke, Dr. Pauline M. 
Cooke, Roger A. 
Cooke, Thomas Edward 
Cooley, Charles C. 
Cooley, Mrs. Kenneth G. 
Coolidge, W. K. 
Cooper, Edward A. 
Cooper, George J. 
Cooper, Robert A. 
Copland, John A. 
Corbett, Paul M. 
Corbin, Harold 

Harlow, Jr. 
Cordwell, John D. 
Coren, Arthur 
Gorman, Thomas G. 
Cornbleet, Dr. Theodore 
Cornelius, John 
Corrington, Louis E., Jr. 
Cortwright, H. E. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Cory, Dr. C. D. 
Cosbey, Dr. Robert C. 
Costello, Thomas F. 
Costigan, Robert E. 
Cotey, James A, 
Cotsworth, Albert, III 
Cotterman, I. D. 
Coulter, Thomas H. 
Courtice, Richard N. 
Covert, Robert M. 
Covey, Frank M., Jr. 
Cowan, John R. 
Cowles, Alfred 
Cox, Dr. William L. 
Coy, Harry I., Jr. 
Cragg, Mrs. George L. 
Cragg, Richard T. 
Cragg, Robert C. 
Crago, H. Carmen 
Craigmile, Charles S. 
Cramer, Kenneth E. 
Crane, Earl D. 
Cravens, Mrs. Thomas R. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Y. 
Crawford, Mrs. Louis 
Crawford, Wallace L. 
Cray, Glenn F., Jr. 
Creed, Mrs. Bennett C. 
Crews, Halbert 0. 
Crise, Roger J. 
Crist, Walter G. 
Crockett, Newell 
Croft, John T. 
Croft, Dr. Joseph D. 
Croke, Edward J., Jr. 
Cromartie, William A. 
Cromie, Robert A. 
Cronin, J. Philip 
Crooks, Mrs. Harry D. 
Cropper, Mrs. Wendell P. 
Cross, Dr. 

Roland R., Jr. 
Crossley, Richard C. 
Crouch, Leslie C. 
Crowley, George D. 
Crowson, George M. 
Crowther, Fred D. 
Crunican, John J. 
Crutchfield, Henry W. 
Cyr, Miss Elaine M. 
Cuca, James A. 
Cudd, Herschel H. 
Culbertson, S. A., II 
Culhane, Frank J. 
Culhane, Martin A. 
Cullerton, William J. 
Cullinan, Dr. Catherine 
Culver, Bernard W. 
Culver, Richard D. 
Cummings, Alan H. 

Cummings, Tilden 
Cummins, Dr. 

George M., Jr. 
Cunningham, Bernard J. 
Cunningham, Francis V. 
Cunningham, Robert D. 
Cushman, Aaron D. 
Cushman, Mrs. A, W. 
Cushman, Dr. Beulah 
Cushman, L. Arthur, Jr. 
Cushman, Robert S. 
Czar, Frank J. 

D'Addio, G. S. 
Daggett, Miss Dorothy 
Daggett, Walter R. 
Dagovitz, Dr. Leonard I. 
Dahlberg, John K. 
Dalton, Arthur T. 
Daly, Robert E. 
Damarin, Vern F. 
Danciu, Earl A. 
Danforth, George Edson 
Dangler, Miss Margaret 
Daniels, Draper 
Danielson, Mrs. John 
Dantonet, Emile E. 
Darby, Edwin 
D'Arcy, John 
Dare, Donald A. 
Darfler, Mr. Donald 
Daro, August F. 
Darr, Milton F., Jr. 
Darrah, B. W. 
Darrow, William W. 
Dato, Edwin E. 
Daubert, George A. 
Davenport, William B. 
David, Sigmund W. 
Davidow, Leonard S. 
Davidson, William D. 
Davis, Alvin G. 
Davis, Benjamin B. 
Davis, Carlos Lewis 
Davis, Charles A. 
Davis, Charles O. 
Davis, Mrs. Charles P. 
Davis, Mrs. De Witt, III 
Davis, Howard J. 
Davis, Hugh 
Davis, James N. 
Davis, Joseph 
Davis, Mitchel P. 
Davis, Paul H. 
Davis, Ray A. 
Davis, Mrs. Robert A. 
Davis, Robert C. 
Davis, Miss Susan 
Dawe, Charles C. 
Dawson, John W. 
Day, Wesley H. 

DeAlbani, Mrs. Mary 
DeBacher, Jack R. 
De Baets, M. R. 
De Biak, Miss Carol Lee 
DeBolt, K. J. 
Debs, Mrs. Jerome H. 
DeCesare, Joseph 
Dechert, Curt H. 
Decker, Dr. Ann 
Decker, Darr ell D. 
De Costa, H. J. 
Dedmon, R. Emmett 
Defrees, Donald 
De Frise, William F. 
Dehmlow, Louis H. T. 
Deinhardt, Dr. Friedrich 
Deknatel, Frederick H., II 
De Lee, Dr. Sol T. 
De Leuw, Charles E. 
DeLorenza, Charles 
De Lorenzo, Charles 
Demain, Steve L. 
De Ment, George L. 
De Motte, R. J. 
Denemark, A, F. 
Dennis, Marvin D. 
De Normandie, John B. 
Denst, Jack 
Denton, Earl A. 
Dentz, Frank R. 
De Pencier, Mrs. 

Joseph R. 
Dernehl, James U. 
De Santis, Anthony O. 
Despres, Leon M, 
Dess, William 
Deutsch, Richard H. 
Devery, John J. 
Devlin, Joseph L. 
De Vry, Edward B. 
Dewey, Clarence J. 
De Witt, E. J. 
Diaz-Perez, Dr. Luis E. 
Dichter, Miss Joan 
Dick, Mrs. Edison 
Dicken, Mrs. Clinton O. 
Dickerson, Earl B. 
Dickey, John B. 
Dichhut, H. W. 
Dickinson, David E. 
Dickinson, Mrs. Welch 
Didricksen, J. W. 
Diegel, Harold F. 
Dietzgen, Joseph E. 
Diezel, John B. 
Dilibert, S. B. 
Dill, Dr. Loran H. 
Dillman, David 
Dillon, Mrs. Lucille M. 
Di Lorenzo, Nick J. 
Dinelli, Mrs. Phelix 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Dinse, Charles W. 
Di Prima, George 
Dirda, Dr. L. A. 
Dispenza, N. R. 
Dixon, Arthur 
Dixon, Lyman W. 
Dobbin, Robert A. 
Doberstein, Robert R. 
Dobro, Henry M. 
Doerner, Ernest 
Dohertv. John P. 
Dolin, Albert H. 
Dolnick, Arthur A. 
Dombek, Benny D. 

Mrs. Robert K. 
Donahue, Russell B. 
Donald, Mrs. Alanson J. 
Donigan, Robert W. 
Donoghue, James V. 
Donovan, John J. 
Dooley, James A. 
Dorfman, Allen M. 
Doris, Edward 
Dorn, Thomas E, 
Dougherty, Mrs. Jean E. 
Doughty, William H. 
Douglas, William C. 
Douglass, Kingman, Jr. 
Dovenmuehle, George H. 
Dover, David J. 
Downs, Charles S. 
Downs, James C, Jr. 
Downs, John R. 
Doyle, Edward Park 
Drake, Miss Alvertta 
Drake, Lyman, Jr. 
Drake, Sam W. 
Drebin, Bernard V. 
Dreher, George 
Dresser, Thorpe 
Drevs, Robert M. 
Drew, Joseph D. 
Drezner, Ben 
Driscoll, George E. 
Driscoll, William M. 
Drucker, Mrs. Robert 
Druse, Richard C. 
Dubin, M. D. 
Dubinsky, Frank 
DuChateau, M. F. 
Duda, Henry J. 
Duddy, Thomas E. 
Duff, Philip G. 
Duffey, Richard 
Duffy, George E. 
Dulla, Steven J. 
Dunbeck, Mrs. 

Norman J. 
Duncan, Charles W. 
Duncan, Mrs. H. F. 

Duncan, J. Russell 
Dunkin, Mrs. Morton L. 
Dunkle, Raymond M., Jr. 
Dunkleman, Gabriel 
Dunlap, Leonard E. 
Dunlop, Mark L. 
Dunning, Mrs. W. S. 
Dunsmore. A. J. 
Durbin, Winfield T. 

Miss Claudia W. 
Durham, F. J. 
Durham, Richard T. 
Durham, William E. 
Durrie, Paul H. 
Duschene, Joseph P. 
Duty, J. E. 
Duvall, Anthony C. 
Dvorak, James H. 
Dvorak, Stanley J. 
Dwyer, Martin C. 
Dwyer, Robert A. 
Dyal, Elton E. 
Dykema, Herman, Jr. 

Eagan, S. F. 
Earlandson, Ralph O. 
Eastman, A. D. 
Eastman, Mrs. Walker P. 
Eastwood, Mrs. Agnes R. 
Eaton, William P. 
Eberhart, A. Dryden 
Ebin, Mrs. Dorothy 

Echt, George 
Eck, Mrs. Carl 
Eck, Robert J. 
Eckert, Fred W. 
Eddy, George A. 
Eddy, J. E. 
Eddy, Russell J. 
Edelman, Daniel J. 
Edelstone, Benjamin J. 
Edens, Delford W. 
Edens, Robert L., Jr. 
Ederer, E. A. 
Edes, Francis D. 
Edgar, Robert F. 
Edge, Peter 
Edleman, Alvin 
Edmonds, C. George 
Edmonds, Thomas E. 
Edwards, Caleb M. 
Edwards, Herman C. 
Edwards, Wilbur S. 
Egan, A. J. 
Egan, Mark 
Eggan, Burton M. 
Eggleston, Raymond C. 
Eichstaedt, Dr. John J. 
Eigelsbach, Carl P. 

Eikelbarner, Mrs. Lyle F. 
Eisenberg, David B. 
Eisendrath, David C. 
Eisenstein, Dr. Milton W. 
Eisman, John M. 
Eklund, Roger 
Ekstrand. Richard L. 
Elder, William M. 
Elenz, Robert J. 
Elf ring, George E. 
Eller, John C. 
Ellickson, Dr. Bruce E. 
Filing, Winston 
Ellingsen, E. Melvin 
Ellis, Cecil Homer 
Ellis, Hubert C. 
Ellis, Ralph E. 
Ellman, Harold R. 
Elrick, George S, 
Elsas, Robert E. 
Elver, Thomas 
Embree, John W., Ill 
Emrich, C. Lyman, Jr. 
Emrich, Milton S. 
Endicott, De Witt 
Engel, Robert K. 
Engh, Harold V., Sr. 
Enelehaupt, William M. 
Enlund, E. Stanley 
Ensor, Elwood H. 
Enzweiler, W. P. 
Ephraim, Max, Jr. 
Epple, Louis R. 
Epsteen, Dr. Casper M. 
Erickson, William N. 
Ersfeld, Dr. John G. 
Erzinger, Howard F. 
Eshbaugh, C. Harold 
Esko, Sampson 
Eskuchen, Frank G. 
Esserman, Norman 
Esten, Miss Virginia 
Evanger, Earl W. 
Evans, C. H. 
Evans, John W. 
Evans, Keith J. 
Everham, Arthur T. 
Everitt, Bruce W. 
Everote, Warren 
Evers, Clifford F. 
Ewers, A. Raymond. 
Exum, Ray E., Jr. 
Ezra, Max R. 

Fabian Mrs. Joann 
Fagan, Miss Judith 
Fagan, Peter 
Fager, Raymond Alton 
Fagerson, Harold R. 
Faierson, Stanley W. 
Fairbank, Livingston, Jr. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Fairs, C. Ronald 
Faissler, John J. 
Falduto, Anthony P. 
Falk, Mrs. C. B. 
Fallon, Mrs. Jerome F. 
Falls, Dr. F. H. 
Fanning, Mrs. L. S. 
Farber, Dr. Harry H. 
Farber, Lynn C. 
Farlow, Arthur C. 
Farmer, Lee R. 
Farnsworth, Gordon F. 
Farnsworth, Mrs. Joy 
Farr, A. V. 
Farrar, Holden K. 
Fasano, Joseph F. 
Fathers, Gordon E. 
Faulkner, Earle C. 
Faulks, Mrs. Herbert R. 
Faurot, Robert S. 
Fay, Cliflford T., Jr. 
Fay, William E., Jr. 
Feagans, D. G. 
Fegles, Donald 
Feinberg, Louis 
Felbinger, Bernard J. 
Feldstein, Charles R. 
Feldstein, Mrs. Harry 
Felker, C. V. 
Fellers, Francis S. 
Fellingham, Paul 
Fellingham, Warren L. 
Fellowes, Harry L. 
Felsher, Lazare Z. 
Fenn, John F. 
Fentress, Calvin, Jr. 
Fentress, James, Jr. 
Fergus, William D. 
Ferguson, Donald W. 
Ferguson, William E. 
Fern, J. M. 

Fernandez, Mrs. Cesar 
Ferrara, Nello V. 
Ferreri, Frank 
Ferry, Mrs. Frank 
Feuerstein, Ervin 
Feulner, Edwin 
Fey, Edward J. 
Fey, Dr. Richard W. 
Fick, Mrs. Raymond W. 
Fickett, G. E. 

Miss Juliana Lathrop 
Field, Miss Mariana 
Fielder, Frederick 
Fields, Sidney M. 
Fifielski, Edwin P. 
Finch, Lindley 
Finkl, William 
Finlay, Henry A. 
Finley, Charles 

Finston, Albert Leo 
Firestone, Bernard 
Fisch, Maurice C. 
Fischer, Edward R. 
Fischer, Henry W. 
Fischer, H. Robert 
Fischer, William D. 
Fischman, King J. 
Fish, Mrs. Sigmund C. 
Fishburn, Mrs. Alan 
Fisher, Bernard M. 
Fisher, Harry N. 
Fisher, Maurice 
Fisher, Rauland C. 
Fisher, Robert H. 
Fisher, Robert L. 
Fishman, Isadore 
Fishman, Dr. Jerome 
Fishman, Julius 
Fiske, Mrs. Donald W. 
Fiske, Kenneth M. 
Fistell, Mrs. Harry 
Fitch, Charles R. 
Fitch, Morgan L., Jr. 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Gerald 
Fitzgerald, J. Gushing 
Fixman, I. M. 
Flaherty, Miss Helen 
Flanagan, Dr. C. Larkin 
Flanagan, Dr. James B. 
Fleischman, Bernard 
Fleming, Dr. James F. 
Flemming, Miss A. 
Fletcher, Donald T. 
Fletcher, James E. 
Fletcher, R. P., Jr. 
Flood, James G. 
Floreen, Adolph R. 
Florsheim, Miss Lillian H. 
Florsheim, Leonard S. 
Floyd, Fred S. 
Floyd, Spencer 
Fogel, Mrs. William 
Foote, Mrs. Edward L. 
Foote, Mrs. Robert L. 
Ford, Dr. Charles A. 
Fordtran, Henry C. 
Fornero, George M. 
Forrest, William R. 
Forgue, Norman W. 
Forst, Miss Eveline M. 
Fosse, Irwin A. 
Fossler, G. O. 
Foster, Dr. Hugo 
Foster, Mrs. John N. 
Foulks, E. E. 
Foulks, William 
Foute, Kenneth 
Fowler, Clifford C. 
Fowler, Glenn C. 
Fowler, Keith T. 

Fowler, Harold E. 
Fox, Arthur E. 
Fox, Dr. Benum W. 
Fox, Earl B. 
Fox, John Jay, Jr. 
Foxwell, Richard 
Fraker, Charles D. 
Framburg, Stanley 
Franczak, Albert J. 
Frank, Augustus J. 
Frank, Clinton E. 
Frank, Curtiss E. 
Frank, George 
Frank, Irving 
Frank, John M. 
Frank, Milton L. 
Frank, Raymond W. 
Franklin, Ben L. 
Frauen, Hermann 
Frederick, Dr. Earl E. 
Freeark, Mrs. Ray H. 
Freed, Ben J. 
Freeman, A. A. 
Freeman, Charles A., Jr. 
Freeman, David A. 
Freeman, Earl 
Freeman, Jack 
Freeman, James E. 
Freeman, Mrs. John 
Freeman, Kernal 
Freeman, Lee A. 
Freeman, Will 
Frei, Russell H. 
Fremont, Miss Ruby 
French, Henry S. 
French, Miss Phyllis J. 
Fresendorf, Edward 
Freudenfeld, Mrs. Silvia 
Frick, William G. 
Friedeman, Richard F. 
Friedland, Sidney 
Finedlich, John 
Friedman, Hans A. 
Friedman, Jack N. 
Friedlander, Max B. 
Fript, Barry 
Frisbie, Richard P. 
Froeb, Cornelius Field 
Froman, Abel 
Frost, Henry C. 
Fry, Ray M. 
Fugard, John R. 
Fugett, George C. 
Fuhry, Joseph G. 
Fuller, Mrs. 

Eugene White 
Fuller, Mrs. Harry H. 
Fuller, William A. 
FuUriede, William H. 
P\itterman, Nathan 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Gabel, Walter H. 
Gadau, Harry L. 
Gadske, Mrs. R. E. 
Gage, John N. 
Gage, W, S. 
Gaines, Aaron G. 
Gaines, Dr. R. B. 
Gallagher, Arthur J., Jr. 
Gallagher, Frederick H. 
Gallagher, Mrs. 

Gallagher, Mrs. James B. 
Gallagher, John B. 
Gallagher, William J. 
Gallagher, William S. 
Gallarneau, Hugh H. 
Gallas, Mrs. Marie 
Gallauer, William 
Galley, Mrs. H. William 
Galloway, William D. 
Gaiter, Jack 
Galvin, Richard J. 
Gannett, Gordon H., Jr. 
Gannon, Edward P. 
Gansbergen, R. H. 
Gantt, William A. 
Garapick, William E., Jr. 
Garbe, Raymond 
Garbe, Richard W. 
Garber, Maurice H. 
Garcia, Miss Mary 
Gardner, Dean 
Gardner, W. Kelly 
Garner, Mrs. H. H. 
Garnett, Cyrus L. 
Garretson, Robert H. 
Garrick, Dr. Samuel 
Gartz, Mrs. E. F. 
Garver, George P. 
Garvey, Thomas J. 
Garwacki, Dr. John H. 
Gary, Charles V. 
Gasch, Robert H. 
Gasser, Kurt 
Cast, Dr. Carl L. 
Gaudian, Chester M. 
Gaudio, James C. 
Gauger, A. F. 
Gaul, Michael F. 
Gawthrop, Alfred 
Gearen, John J. 
Gebhard, Paul 
Gehlbach, H. Hunter 
Gehr, Thomas Y. 
Geiger, C. Gregg 
Geisen, Joseph A. 
Geissal, Leo M. 
Gellman, Mrs William 
Gelperin, Dr. Jules 
Gendel, Paul 
Genematas, William N. 

Genther, Charles B. 
Geocaris, James A. 
Georgas, John L. 
George, Robert M. 
George, Nelson C. 
Gerathy, E. Carroll 
Geraghty, James K. 
Geraghty, Miss 

Margaret G. 
Geraghty, Mrs. 

Thomas F. 
Geraghty, Thomas F., Jr. 
Gerchgall, Mrs. Jacob. 
Germaine, Daniel 
Germaine, Jerry R. 
Gerometta, Miss Jean 
Gerson, Irving B. 
Getz, Oscar 
Getz, John G., Jr. 
Giangreco, William F. 
Giambalvo, Nunzio A. 
Gibbs, Dr. Frederic A. 
Gibbs, William T. 
Gibson, Jack Marvin 
Gibson, Miss Margaret 
Gibson, Otis J. 
Gibson, Robert F. 
Gibson, W. B. 
Gidwitz, Gerald 
Giesecke, R. H. 
Gifford, Chester 
Gilbert, Allan A. 
Gilbert, Arnold M. 
Gilbert, Thomas L. 
Gilbert, W. P. 
Gilchrist, Robert T. 
Gillespie, Edward S. 
Gillespie, James W. 
Gilmer, Frank B. 

Mrs. William B. 
Gilster, Arthur H. 
Gimbel, Stanley D. 
Giovacchini, William T. 
Gish, S. M. 
Gitelson, Dr. Maxwell 
Givens, J. M., Jr. 
Glasell, Don L. 
Glass, Mrs. Bradley M. 
Glass, Wiley W. 
Glazer, Daniel 
Gleave, Winston 
Click, Edward R. 
Glickauf, Joseph S., Jr. 
Glieberman, Herbert 
Glockner, Maurice 
Glore, Charles F., Jr. 
Glore, Hixon 
Glover, Grange J. 
Gnaedinger, John P. 
Gocke, Robert E. 

Godlowski, Dr. Z. Z. 
Godshall, Ammon B. 
Goebel, John 
Goebel, Louis H. 
Goif, James M. 
Gold, Edward 
Gold, Mrs. Meyer 
Goldberg, Bertrand 
Goldberg, George J. 
Goldberg, Mrs. 

Samuel L. 
Golden, John R. 
Goldman, Dr. Albert 
Goldrick, John R. 
Goldsmith, E. G. 
Goldsmith, Howard 
Goldsmith, Dr. Julian 
Gomberg, Arthur S. 
Gomberg, Miss Lauri 
Goodenough, S. W. 
Gooding, Robert E. 
Goodlander, L. G. 
Goodman, Benjamin E. 
Goodman, Howard 
Goodrich, Miss Juliet T. 
Goodrich, Paul W. 
Gootrad, Harold 
Gordon, Aaron 
Gordon, Mrs. Debora 
Gordon, Edward 
Gordon, Herman J. 
Gordon, Miss Maude 
Gordon, Norman 
Gordon, Robert A 
Gore, Mrs. Roston 
Gorham, Willett N. 
Gorham, Sidney S., Jr. 
Gorman, Richard F. 
Gornick, Francis P. 
Gornstein, Dr. H. C. 
Gorsline, Frank D. 
Corvette, Charles W. 
Gossett, Lorn 
Gottlieb, David 
Gottlieb, Emanuel 
Gottschall, Robert V. 
Gottschall, Walter L. 
Gougler, Lawrence W. 
Gould, Harold H. 
Governale, Dr. Samuel L. 
Graf, Paul A. 
Graffis, Herbert 
Graffis, Joseph 
Grage, William 
Graham, Donald M. 
Graham, Gerald J. 
Graham, Dr. James F. 
Graham, Dr. John P. 
Graham, Dr. Lois 
Graham, Mrs. William B. 
Granath, James W. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Granger, Mrs. Denise 
Grant, Meyer Z. 
Grant, Michael 
Grant, Louis Z. 
Grant, Paul 
Grant, William H. 
Grauer. Milton H. 
Gray, Cola A. 
Gray, John D. 
Greeley, Samuel S. 
Green, Albert 
Green, Mrs. Dwight H. 
Green, Mrs. George L. 
Green, J. W. 
Green, Ken 
Green, Mrs. Robert A. 
Green Theodore J. 
Greenbaum, Michael 
Greene, Dr. Harry G. 
Greenberg, Dr. H. A. 
Greenberg, Jack 
Greenberg, S. U. 
Greenfield, Paul J. 
Greenfield, Michael C. 
Greenwood, Marvin 
Gregor, Frank 
Gregory, Dr. Benjamin J. 
Gregory, Stanley O. 
Grenzebach, John 
Grey, O. C. 
Griffin, Edwin J. 
Griffin, James T. 
Griffith, Melvin J. 
Griffiths, G. Findley 
Grimes, J. Frank 
Grinker, Dr. Roy R., Jr. 
Groban, Raymond S. 
Groble, Edward B. 
Groen, FVed H. 
Groen, John A. 
Groenwald, F. A. 
Grogg, Ben 
Grohe, Robert F. 
Grossman, Dr. Burton J. 
Grossner, Mrs. Joseph 
Grossnickle, Myron D. 
Groves, Mrs. Northa P. 
Grunsfeld, Mrs. Mary 

Gryglas, Stephen 
Guard, Samuel R. 
Gullickson, Rollo 
Gumbinger, Miss Dora 
Gund, Henry 
Gunderson, Gunnar E. 
Gunderson, Lewis O. 
Gunn, Buckingham W. 
Gunness, Robert C. 
Gurewitz, Solomon 

Gurvey, Harry E. 
Gustus, Dr. Edwin L. 
Guzay, CM. 
Guzik, Mathew R. 

Haas, Howard 
Hass, Mrs. Robert G. 
Haberman, Kenneth S. 
Haberman, Morton 
Hachtman, George E. 
Hackett, Hugh P. 
Hackett, Joseph J. 
Hadley, John W. B. 
Haebich, Dr. Arthur T. 
Haefner, Col. Earl W. 
Haerther, W. W. 
Haessly, Dr. Marvin M. 
Hafner, Andre B. 
Hagey, Harry H., Jr. 
Hagey, J. F. 
Haggerty, L. G. 
Hahn, Bernard J. 
Hahn, Mrs. Dorothy 

Haigh, Arthur H, 
Haight, Edward A, 
Haines, Charles J. 
Hajduk, Dr. J. M. 
Hakanen, Paul A. 
Halbert, Robert T. 
Haley, James F. 
Halfpenny, Harold 
Hall, Arthur B. 
Hall, Clifford F. 
Hall, Harry 
Hall, John L. 
Halla, Mrs. Joseph, Jr. 
Hallberg, Parker 

Haller, Louis P. 
Hallihan, Edward E. 
Hallmann, Ernest H. 
Halper, Dr. Louis 
Halvorson, Harold L. 
Ham, Mrs. Harold 
Hambleton, Chalkley J. 
Hamill, Mrs. Robert W. 
Hamilton, Andrew C. 
Hamilton, Gene C. 
Hamilton, Mrs. 

Gurdon H. 
Hamilton, Mrs. John 
Hamilton, Lamont 
Hamilton, Stuart 
Hamlin, Richard E. 
Hammerman, Jerome 
Hammerstrom, Arthur H. 
Hammond, Carl 
Hammond, James W. 
Hampson, Philip 
Handler, Dr. Joel S. 

Handley, J. A. 
Hank, John J. 
Hanley, R. Emmett 
Hanna, John C. 
Hanner, The Very 

Reverend William 0. 
Hannibal, Donald V. 
Hansen, Mrs. C. E. 
Hansen, Donald W. 
Hansen, James 
Hansen, Julian 
Hansen, Mrs. William 0. 
Hansmann, Mrs. Elwood 
Hanson, Fred B. 
Hanson, Mrs. George 
Hanson, Robert F. 
Hapgood, L. A. 
Harden, Clyde, Jr. 
Hardies, Melvin A. 
Harding, Frank 
Harding, George M. 
Harding, Harold R. 
Hardwicke, Harry 
Hardy, Charles L. 
Hardy, David J. 
Hardy, Mrs. Edward K. 
Hardy, Mrs. Francis H. 
Hardy, Julian H. 
Hargrave, Homer P. 
Harig, Karl 
Harlow, Miss Johnnie 
Harland, Mrs. D. Foster 
Harper, Paul C. 
Harper, Mrs. Paul V. 
Harper, Philip S. 
Harper, Mrs. Philip S. 
Harper, Philip S., Jr. 
Harrington, J. J., Jr. 
Harris, Benjamin R. 
Harris, Chauncey D. 
Harris, E. Newton 
Harris, Irving B. 
Harris, Paul V. 
Harris, Thomas J. 
Harrison, Paul L. 
Harrison, Dr. R. Wendell 
Harrison, Solomon E. 
Harrison, William H., Jr. 
Harrow, Joseph 
Hart, Mrs. Augustin S. 
Hart, L. Edward, Jr. 
Hart, Harry J. 
Hart, Henry A. 
Hart, Herbert L. 
Hart, L. Edward 
Hart, Miss Marguerite D. 
Harter, Dr. J. A. 
Hartigan, Miss Catherine 
Hartigan, L. J. 
Hartman, Mrs. Irvin H. 
Hartman, Milton C. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Hartung, Miss 

Elizabeth M. 
Harty, Richard B. 
Harvey, Com. Norman C. 
Harvey, Mrs. William H. 
Harwood, Donald 
Harwood, Robert I. 
Hasler, Mrs. Edward L. 
Hasselbacher, H. H. 
Hassen, Samuel 
Hassmer, Joseph L. 
Hata, Takashi 
Hatcher, Dr. David B. 
Hatfield, W. A. 
Hauck, Cornelius J. 
Hauger, R. H. 
Hauser, William G. 
Havey, Robert W. 
Hawkinson, Robert W. 
Hawley, F. W., Jr. 
Hawrysz, Walter 
Hay, Lawrence J. 
Hayd, Michael 
Haydon, Mrs. Harold 
Hayes, Daniel T. 
Hayes, Edward G. 
Haynes, Charles Webster 
Haynes, Gideon, Jr. 
Hayley, Lewis Y. L. 
Haynie, R. G. 
Hazel, Dr. George R. 
Head, Russell N. 
Healy, Charles L. 
Heath, James E. 
Heath, William O. 
Hebenstreit, Dr. K. J. 
Hebenstreit, Mrs. K. J. 
Heckel, Edmund P., Jr. 
Heddens, John W. 
Hedeen, Dr. Robert A. 
Hedrich, Mrs. Otto H. 
Heeren, Mrs. Jack W. 
Heffner, Dr. Donald J. 
Heiberg, John 
Heidemann, Herbert E. 
Heifetz, Samuel 
Heikes, Neil E. 
Hein, Leonard W. 
Heinekamp, Raymond A. 
Heineman, W. A. 
Heinen, Dr. J. Henry, Jr. 
Heinsimer, W. R. 
Heinz, Miss Helen F. 
Heinze, Mrs. 

Bessie Neuberg 
Heirich, Bruneau E. 
Hekman, Edward J. 
Helbling, James V. 
Heldt, Howard A. 
Helgason, Ami 
Hellman, Milton E. 

Helmer, Hugh J. 
Helmich, Burnell C. 
Helmick, Lawrence J. 
Hemb, D. M. 
Hemery, Mrs. Jack L. 
Hemphill, Luther D. 
Henderson, B. E. 
Heniken, Graham E. 
Henke, Henry J. 
Henkle. Herman H. 
Henn, Roger E. 
Henner, Mrs. Robert 
Henner, William Edward 
Henningsen, Jack 
Henri, W. B. 
Henriksen, H. M. 
Henry, Dr. James W. 
Hensold, Harold H. 
Henson, Ray D. 
Hepburn, J. W. 
Herkes, S. R. 
Herman, Sol W. 
Hermes, John B. 
Hernandez, Nicholas M., 

Herrick, Walter D. 
Herring, H. B. 
Herrschner, Frederick 
Hersey, James R. 
Hersh, Charles K. 
Herst, Perry S., Jr. 
Hess, Charles W. 
Hess, Sidney J., Jr. 
Hesseltine, Dr. H. Close 
Hesslein, Mrs. Milton B. 
Hetreed, Dr. Francis W. 
Heyne, Norman E. 
Heywood, Mrs. O. C. 
Hiben, Milan G. 
Hickey, Frank E. 
Hickey, William Mark 
Hicks, E. John 
Higgins, Collin O. 
Higgins, Ray A. 
Highstone, Mrs. 

William H. 
Hilborn, John T. 
Hileman, Ronald L. 
Hilkevitch, Dr. 

Benjamin H. 
Hill, Charles W. 
Hill, Mrs. Cyrus G. 
Hill, Herbert L. 
Hill, James J. 
Hill, Kimball 
Hills, George B., Jr. 
Hills, Thomas M. 
Hiller, Rembrandt C, Jr. 
Hillmer, Miss Louise 
Hinchee, Nelson C. 
Hinck, H. George 

Hindmarch, Alan 
Hines, Mrs. Clarence W. 
Hingson, George D. 
Hinman, Burton, Jr. 
Hinshaw, Joseph H. 
Hirsch, Erich 
Hirsch, Dr. Lawrence L. 
Hirsch, Leonard N. 
Hirsch, Samuel 
Hirsh, Herbert W. 
Hirsh, Morris 
Hitshew, R. M. 
Hix, Miss Elsie 
Hixson, Hebron 
Hjermstad, H. U. 
Hoag, Dr. Walter C. 
Hoage, Earl W. 
Hoagland, D. R. 
Hoagland, Miss Helen 
Hoban, Dr. Eugene T. 
Hobgood, John 
Hobscheid, Fred J. 
Hobson, Richard 
Hochberg, Jerome J. 
Hochfeldt, William F. 
Hocking, Charles H. 
Hockman, Miss 

Miriam L. 
Hodges, Colonel Duncan 
Hodgkins, William P., Jr. 
Hodgson, Earl 
Hodlmair, Charles A. 
Hoeffer, Mrs. H. J. 
Hoehler, Fred K. 
Hoellen, John J. 
Hoeltgen, Dr. 

Maurice M. 
Hoermann, John W. 
Hoerner, John M. 
Hofeld, Edwin A. 
Hofgren, Axel A. 
Hoffman, A. C. 
Hoffman, Mrs. S. J. 
Hoffmann, Miss Ruth L. 
Hogquist, Mrs. Mary 
Hogsten, Mrs. Yngve 
Hohbaum, Mrs. Rosa M. 
Hohman, Dr. Ned U. 
Hokenson, Mrs. Gustave 
Holabird, William 
Holcomb, Mrs. R. R. 
Holcombe, Mrs. Stuart K. 
Holden, Harold M. 
Holditch, Stanley 
Holland, Arthur M. 
Holland, Daniel E. 
Holland, Harry J. 
Holland, Lewis J. 
Hollander, Alvin B. 
Hollenbeck, Arthur S. 
Hollender, Dr. S. S. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Holleran, L. F. 
HoUerbach, Joseph 

Joseph F., Jr. 
Hollerbaugh, J. F. 
Holliday, Preston H. 
Hollingsworth, Thomas 
Mollis, Raymond 
Hollobow, Irving E. 
Holloman, L. C, Jr. 
Holmberg, V. V. 
Holmes, John B. 
Holmes, John S. 
Holmes, Miss Mabel E. 
Holmes, R. W. 
Holt, Dr. Helen 
Holub, John 
Holubow, Harry 
Homan, Joseph 
Hondrop, Peter 
Honor, Dr. Harold L. 
Hooper, A. F. 
Hoover, James C. 
Hopfear, Dr. D. A. 
Hopkins, John L. 
Hopkins, Raymond 
Horak, Joseph E. 
Hord, Stephen Y. 
Horner, Dr. Imre E. 
Horrell, Frank J. 
Horton, Mrs. Arthur 
Horton, Warren C. 
Horwich, Arthur 
Horwich, Herbert F. 
Horwich, Philip 
Horwitz, Samuel C. 
Houchins, Charles W. 
Houda, Dr. Leonard J. 
Houghton, Harry E. 
Houle, Cyril O. 
Houpt, Donald, Jr. 
Houpt, Richard V. 
Houseknecht, E. William 
Houston, J. C., Jr. 
Howard, Dr. T. R. M. 
Howe, Lawrence, Jr. 
Howe, Walter L. 
Howe, William J. 
Howie, David P. 
Hoyt, N. Landon, Jr. 
Hubbard, Lloyd 
Huber, Dr. Earl B. 
Huber, H. Dana 

Mrs. Joseph W, 
Hudson, George L. 
Huebner, Joseph A. 
Huff, Dr. Stanley E. 
Huggins, Rollin C, Jr. 
Hughes, Dr. Charles W. 
Hughes, Robert D. 

Huguelet, Robert J. 
Huizinga, A. T. 
Hullsiek, William L. 
Hult, Richard N. 
Humm, Joseph 
Hummel, Mrs. Fred E. 
Hummer, William B. 
Humphrey, Eugene X. 
Humphrey, Mrs. H. D. 
Humphreys, J. Ross 
Huncke, Miss Ada 
Hungerford, Becher W. 
Hunsaker, Ted 
Hunt, Michael 
Hunter, E. R. 
Hunter, J. N. 
Hunter, Thomas E. 
Hurley, Neil C, Jr. 
Hutcheson, M. F. 
Hutchings, Harold E. 
Hutchings, John A. 
Hutchins, Chauncey K. 
Hyde, Milton E. 
Hyman, Henry F. 

Igasaki, Masao, Jr. 
Iglarsh, Louis 
Ignowski, Vincent P. 
Imhoflf, Earl J. 
Impey, Charles E. 
Inger, Jacob 
Innes, Robert D. 
Inouye, Dr. Henry F. 
Insolia, James V. 
Interlandi, Dr. Joseph 
Irey, Miss Margot 
Irons, Dr. Edwin N. 
Irvin, Joe E. 
Irvin, John C. 
Irwin, A. J. 
Isaac, Eric 
Isaacs, Edgar E. 
Isaacs, Dr. Harry J. 
Isaacs, Kenneth S. 
Isaacs, T. J. 
Isaacson, Herbert 
Isett, G. Richard 
Isham, James L. 
Israelstam, Alfred W. 
Isserman, Fred, Jr. 
Iversen, Lee 

Jablonsky, Anthony J. 
Jacker, David 
Jacker, Norbert S. 
Jackman, Warren 
Jackson, Harold 
Jackson, Julian 
Jackson, Mrs. Osmond A. 
Jackson, Dr. Robert D. 
Jackson, R. W. 

Jacobs, Ben 
Jacobs, Harry 
Jacobs, Jesse A. 
Jacobs, Maurice H. 
Jacobsen, Theodore H. 
Jacobshagen, Alfred 
Jacobson, Harold L. 
Jacobson, S. P. 
Jaffe, Harry 
Jaffe, Julius C. 
Jaflfe, Louis 
Jaicks, Frederick S. 
James, Russell B. 
Jans, Peter D. 
Jansen, Walter 
Januchowski, E. D. 
Jarecki, Mrs. Robert A. 
Jarrow, Myles A. 
Jarrow, Stanley L. 
Jay, Richard H. 
Jeffris, Rufus R. 
Jehn, Mark 
Jenkins, Evan 
Jenner, Albert E., Jr. 
Jenner, Master 

Christopher James 
Jenner, Mrs. H. B. 
Jennings, B. J. 
Jennings, Mrs. 

James W, 
Jensen, George B. 
Jensen, Henry J. 
Jensen, Raymond A. 
Jobe, E. C. 
Joffe, M. H. 
Johnson, Miss Agnes E. 
Johnson, D. Gale 
Johnson, Miss 

Donna Lee 
Johnson, Mrs. 

Doris Hurtig 
Johnson, Edmund G. 
Johnson, Edward F. 
Johnson, Edward L. 
Johnson, Emil T. 
Johnson, Everett C. 
Johnson, George F. 
Johnson, George R. 
Johnson, Harry G. 
Johnson, Henry A. 
Johnson, Irwin B. 
Johnson, Miss Janice C. 
Johnson, Milton C. 
Johnson, Morris 
Johnson, Peter W. 
Johnson, R. N. 
Johnson, R. W. 
Johnson, Ray Prescott 
Johnson, Richard L. 
Johnson, Robert E. 
Johnson, Robert K. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Johnson, Robert M. 
Johnson, Wesley R. 
Johnston, A. J. 
Johnston, Mrs, John M. 
Johnston, Richard L. 
Jolls, Thomas H. 
Jones, Clark H. 
Jones, George R. 
Jones, James F. 
Jones, John Paul 
Jones, Loring M. 
Jones, Owen Barton 
Jones, Miss Phyllis Case 
Jones, Richard L. 
Jones, Theodore 
Jones, Vaughn M. 
Jordan Earl C. 
Jordan, Dr. John W. 
Jordan, W. Beaumont 
Jordon, Castle W. 
Joseph, Dr. Paul 
Jospey, Mrs. Sheldon 
Jost, William 
Joy, Eugene P., Jr. 
Joyce, Robert E. 
Juhre, Russell H. 
Juley, John 
Junkunc, B. B. 
Jurczak, Dennis Michael 
Juron, Marvin 

Kachigian, Michael M. 
Kadden, Edgar 
Kahn, Nat M. 
Kahoun, John A. 
Kaine, Eugene D. 
Kaiser, Robert 
Kalcheim, Henry A. 
Kaleta, Charles J. 
Kalnin, Jacob 
Kalwajtys, R. F. 
Kamin, Alfred 
Kaminski, Dr. M. V. 
Kammholz, T. C. 
Kandlik, Edward A. 
Kane, George H. 
Kane, Mrs. Marion 0. 
Kane, R. E. 
Kanelos, Frank S. 
Kannapell, Jack E., Jr. 
Kanter, Dr. Aaron E. 
Kaplan, Alvin L. 
Kaplan, Mrs. Frank 
Kaplan, Harvey 
Kaplan, John 
Kaplan, Dr. Lawrence 
Kaplan, Samuel 
Kapnick, Harvey E., Jr. 
Karacic, Thomas J. 
Karasik, Sidney Z. 
Karg, Mrs. Frank G. 

Karlin, Daniel 
Karlin, Irving M. 
Karlin, Leo S. 
Karlin, Leonard 
Karlin, Norman 
Karstens, Harry 
Karstens, James W. 
Kart, Eugene 
Katz, Alan D. 
Katz, Edwin M. 
Katz, Miss Jessie 
Katz, Meyer 
Katz, Norman 
Katzin, Samuel N. 
Kaufman, Daniel D. 
Kaufman, Miss Francis J. 
Kaufmann, Fred R., Jr. 
Kaulas, Joseph 
Kaup, Dick 
Kawabata, S. 
Kayser, Victor P. 
Kealy, Hutchins D. 
Kearney, E. L. 
Kearney, Marshall V. 
Kearney, William P. 
Keating, Edward 
Keator, Harry F., Jr. 
Keck, Richard B. 
Keck, Dr. W. L. 
Kedzie, Daniel P. 
Keefe, John F. 
Keehn, Mrs. Leroy 
Keeler, Carl R., Jr. 
Keene, Robert N. 
Keim, Miss Lenore 
Keis, Mrs. John H. 
Keister, G. E. 
Keith, David L. 
Keith, Elbridge 

Miss Bonee Elaine 
Keller, Harry F. 
Keller, M. J. 
Keller, Paul 
Kelley, Alfred J. 
Kelley, Elijah B. 
Kelliher, Peter M. 
Kellogg, John Payne 
Kelly, Clyde 
Kelly, Dr. Frank B. 
Kelly, Frank S. 
Kelly, Miss Georgia 
Kelly, James J. 
Kelly, J. Edgar 
Kelly, John E., Jr. 
Kelly, John J., Jr. 
Kelly, Miss Mara 
Kelly, Michail 
Kelly, Thomas Atkins 
Kelly, Thomas F. 
KeUy, William D. 

Kemel, Mrs. Margaret P. 
Kemp, Miss Ola 
Kemp, Richard B. 
Kemp, Wallace B. 
Kemper, Mrs. Malcolm 
Kendall, Claude 
Kendall. G. R. 
Kendrick, Leigh W. 
Kennedy, Mrs. Ardis M. 
Kennedy, Charles P. 
Kennedy, John A. 
Kennedy, Richard L., Jr. 
Kennel, William E. 
Kenyon, Dr. A. T. 
Kepecs, Dr. Joseph 
Kern, Dr. Maximilian 
Kerpec, Miss Susan 
Kerr Mrs. Avelyn M. 
Kerr, Leslie H. 
Kerr, William D. 
Kerrigan, W. 
Kesler, Howard F. 
Kesler, Dr. R. L. 
Kesses, Rev. Niketas 
Kessler, Ben H. 
Kessler, Paul T. 
Kestnbaum, Mrs. Meyer 
Kestnbaum, Robert D. 
Ketting, Howard B. 
Kettner, K. J. 
Kiddoo, Guy C. 
Kiddoo, Thomas E. 
Kight, Robert F. 
Kilbridge, William J. 
Kiley, Francis T. 
Killen, Mrs. Joan 
Killian, Mrs. Victor J. 
Kimball, Charles H. G. 
Kimball, Kenneth J. 
Kimball, Richard 
Kimball, Ronald M. 
Kincheloe, Samuel C. 
Kindahl, John O. 
King, Alan 
King, Dale E. 
King, Forest A. 
King, Garfield 
King, H. R. 
King, John J. 
King, Lynwood B., Jr. 
King, Robert H. 
King, Warren J. 
King, Willard L. 
Kingham, J. J. 
Kinney, Mrs. Eugene M. 
Kipnis, Daniel D. 
Kipnis, Ira A. 
Kipper, Walter C. 
Kirby, Dr. William 
Kiron, Peter, Jr. 
Kirschbaum, Irving H. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Kittleson, Dr. K. D. 
Kiven, Norman M. 
Kjelstrom, Paul C. 
Kleeman, Richard E. 
Klehm, Howard G. 
Klein, Dr. David 
Klein, Dr. Ernest L. 
Klein, Dr. Erwin 
Klein, Richard 
Kleinstein, Walter H. 
Klemperer, Leo A. 
Klepak, John J. 
Klevs, Mrs. Alvin 
Klicar, Mrs. Frank G. 
Klikun, Z. P. 
Klingeman, Harvey A. 
Klontz, Kenneth V. 
Klooster, Howard H. 
Knauer, Robert L. 
Kneip, Elmer W. 
Knight, Robert P. 
Knoebel, Mrs. Walter H. 
Knorr, Amos K. 
Knowles, D. H. 
Knuepfer, C. A. 
Koach, Joseph 
Kober, Mrs. Dieter 
Kocour, Max G. 
Kodros, Dr. Andreas G. 
Koe, Emil J. 
Koehn, Carl W. 
Koehnemann, Renard A. 
Koff, Dr. Robert H. 
Kohn, Mrs. Sylvan 
Kolarik, Frank J. 
Kolbert, Charles A. 
Kolflat, Alf 
Komaiko, William 
Komie, Lowell B. 
Komlos, William A. 
Koplin, Mrs. Harry 
Koppelman, Dr. Ray 
Koranda, Hugo 
Koretz, Edgar E. 
Koretz, Robert J. 
Korschot, Benjamin C. 
Korshak, Marshall 
Korshak, Saul 
Kortzenborn, Kenneth J. 
Kos, Victor A. 
Kosdon, A. 
Kosterlitz, Mrs. S. 
Kostka, Robert 

Dr. Thaddeus 
Kot, Henry C. 
Kovacs, Louis E. 
Kovalick, W. W. 
Kraft, Florian R. 
Kraft, Maurice M. 
Krag, Franz K. 

Krakover, Mrs. Evelyn 
Kramer, Harry G., Jr. 
Kramer, Mrs. L. A. 
Kramer, L. H. 
Kramer, Melvin A. 
Kramer, Robert 
Krane, Leonard J. 
Krasner, David P. 
Krattebol, A. Marshall 
Kraus, Mrs. Esther S. 
Krause, Adolph 
Krause, Miss Pearl 
Kreer, Henry B. 
Krehl, Rico B. 
Kreuger, C. W. 
Krick, William 
Kriel, Miss Lucille 
Kriewitz, Harry C. 
Krill, Robert L. 
Krimsin, Leonard 
Krinsley, Lazarus 
Kritchevsky, Jerome 
Kroc, Ray A. 
Kroeschell, Mrs. Roy 
Kroll. Harry 
Kronberg, George H. 
Krumm, Franklin O., Jr. 
Krupp, David J. 
Krzeminski, Stanley J, 
Kubik, John F. 
Kuchar, Mrs. Marie 
Kuechmann, A. M. 
Kuehl, Harold E. 
Kuehne, E. Richard 
Kuhnen, Mrs. George H. 
Kuhns, Mrs. H. B. 
Kuhns, Richard F. 
KuUby, Roy S. 
Kullman, Mrs. Alfred 
Kullman, F. H., Jr. 
Kulp, Lee H. 
Kuntz, Duane F. 
Kupcinet, Irv 
Kurtz, Miss Ann C. 
Kurtz, George H. 
Kurz, Walter C. 
Kurzka, Keith F. 
Kushell, Charles J. 
Kushner, Dr. Abraham 
Kusswurm, Armin H. 
Kutner, Luis 

Lachman, Harold 
Ladany, William 
Laegeler, J. C, Jr. 
Lagerstedt, John H. 
Lain, William 
Laird, Kenneth 
Lajter, Chet 
Lalley, Miss Faith L. 
Lamb, M. J., Jr. 

Lambert, Irving 
Lampe, J. B. 
Lampert, Walter W. 

Mrs. Herbert H. 
Landahl, Mrs. Herbert D. 
Landau, S. J. 
Landen, J. Malcolm 

Mrs. Maurice N. 
Lane, George A. 
Langan, Harley B. 
Lange, Otto H, 
Langford, Joseph P. 
Langworthy, Jack N. 
Lansing, Stanley 
Lanterman, Joseph B. 
La Pine, Arthur S. 
Larcher, Dr. Val 
Larkin, J. D. 
Larmee, Donald H. 
Larson, Charles R. 
Larson, Edward B. 
Larson, Elmer W. 
Larson, Dr. Norman E. 
Larson, Simon P. 
Lasch, Charles F. 
Lash, Dr. A. F. 
Lasher, Willard K. 
Lau, Mrs. M. K. 
Laughlin, Thomas C. 
Laurion, J, L. 

Mrs. John M. 
Law, Mrs. Fred Edward 
Law, M. A. 

Lawrence, Dr. Charles H. 
Laws, Theodore H. 

Mrs. Stanley Edward 
Lay, W. N. 
Layman, William M. 
Lazar, Buryl J. 
Lazarski, Ben R. 

Richard Michael 
Lazarus, George 
Leach, T. Royce 
Le Beau, Carter N. 
Le Beau, Jack T. 
Le Boy, T. 
Lechler, E. Fred 
Lechner, John B. 
Leek, Walter C. 
Le Comte, A. John 
Ledbetter, James L. 
Lederer, Sanford H. 
Lee, Mrs. Agnes 
Lee, Armand 
Lee, Bernard F. 
Lee, Bertram Z. 



Lee, Mrs. Raymond E. 
Leedy, Dr. Haldon A. 
Leeper, Harold B,, Jr. 
Leffler, F. O. 
Le Goff, Montgomery 
Lehecka, Clarence J. 
Lehman, Lloyd W. 
Lehmann, Robert O. 
Lehmpuhl, Robert H. 
LeHockey, D. M. 
Leibhardt, Mrs. Maidi 
Leigh, Kenneth G. 
Leighton, Mrs. Arthur J. 
Leighton, W. J. 
Leimbacher, R. C. 
Lemer, Mrs. Benjamin 
Lenon, Richard A. 
Lensing, Edward C, Jr. 
Leopold, Herbert R. 
Leopold, Robert L. 
Lesch, John F. 
Lesch, Lyndon H. 
Lesinski, Irwin B. 
Leslie, Conrad 
Leslie, Orren S. 
Lesparre, James N. 
Lester, Mrs. Robert 
Levan, Wilson D. 
Levin, Lawrence 
Levine, William 
Levine, William D. 
Levinson, Julius Y. 
Levi tan, Moses 
Levy, Albert H. 
Lewis, Edward J. 
Lewis, Harold W. 
Lewis, Marshall 
Lewis, Richard S. 
Lewis, Thomas A. 
Libit, Sidney M. 
Lichtmann, S. A. 
Lieb, Jack H. 
Lieber, Maury J. 
Lieber, Philip A. 
Lieberman, Jacob 
Lifvendahl, Dr. 

Richard A. 
Lill, George, II 
Lilliander, Ernest E. 
Lillienfield, C. H. 
Limarzi, Dr. Louis R. 
Lincoln Charles W. 
Lind, Paul B. N. 
Lindberg, Donald F. 
Linden, Ronald Edward 
Lindgren, Erik A. 
Lindquist, A. J. 
Lindquist, Howard G. 
Lindquist, Jerry A. 
Lindsley, A. J. 
Link, Wendell H. 

Lippincott, R. R. 
Lipsey, Dr. Alfred J. 
Lisman, William 
Liss, Mrs. Sarah G. 
List, Stuart 
Liston, Thomas P. 
Liszka, Stanley J. 
Litschgi, Dr. J. J. 
Little, G. P. 
Littman, Benson 
Liu, Dr. W. C. 
Livezey, Mrs. K. Trees 
Livingood, Mrs. John J. 
Llewellyn, Karl N. 
Lloyd, Carl S. 
Lloyd, G. Blair 
Lloyd, Thomas J. 
Lloyd, Mrs. Vince 
Loarie, Willard J. 
Lockwood, Mrs. 

Maurice H. 
Loeb, Herbert A., Jr. 
Loeb, Theodore R. 
Loebe, Edward E. 
Loewenstein, Mrs. Sidney 
Logelin, Edward C. 
Logeman, Mrs. John III 
Logie, George, C. 

Dr. P. Robert 
Long, H. Dale 
Loose, Arthur J. 
Lorant, B. H. 
Lorch, John T. 
Loughead, Miss Ruth 
Loughnane, John P. 
Love, John T. 
Love, H. Norris 
Love, Harold 
Loverde, Dr. Albert A. 
Lowden, James E. 
Lowe, Dr. Edmund W. 
Lowe, Robert O. 
Lowy, Walter H. 
Luce, Richard 
Luckow, Russell Q. 
Ludwig, Richard J. 
Lueders, Ralph J. 
Lufkin, Miss Bernardine 
Luick, Mrs. D. J. 
Lund, Bjarne, Jr. 
Luotto, Stefano 
Lurie, Howard J. 
Lurie, S. C. 
Lusk, Miss Helen 
Lustgarten, Henry 
Lutgert, Raymond L. 
Lutterbeck, Dr. 

Eugene F. 
Lutz, Carl F. 
Lutz, Dr. J. Frederick 

Lynch, John G. 
Lynch, William 
Lynch, Miss Zoe D. 
Lynn, Chester B. 
Lynn, Mrs. Robert H. 
Lyon Harvey T. 
Lyon, Mrs. Jeneva A. 
Lyon, Dr. Samuel S. 
Lyons, Lawrence J. 
Lyons, Michael H. 

Mac Arthur, 

Mrs. Donald 
MacArthur, Roger 
Maccabee, Ben 
MacChesney, Mrs. 

MacDiarmid, William S. 
Macdonald, Angus 
MacDonald, H. E. 
MacDonald, James D. 
MacFall, Russell P. 
MacFarland, Hays 

Reverend Ignatius 
Maciunas, Dr. A. 
Mack, Charles S. 
Mack, Edward E., Jr. 
Mack, John G., Jr. 
Mack, Herbert 
Mack, John J. 
Mack, Dr. Ronald B. 
Mackel, Dr. Audley M. 
MacKenzie, David O. 
MacKenzie, William J. 
MacKrell, F. C. 
MacNamee, Merrill W. 
MacRae, Robert H. 
Macomb, J. deNavarre 
MacTaggart, Alex 
Madden, Mrs. Margaret 
Madden, Robert J. 
Madden, Wayne S. 
Madigan, John 
Madson, Stanford A. 
Magers, Donald D. 
Magill, Miss Hallie 
Magill, John 
Magnuson, Hugo E. 
Magos, John P. 
Mahnke, R. H. 
Mahon, D. Lee 
Main, Charles 0. 
Main, Mrs. O. W. 
Maino, N. L. 
Majonnier, John J. 
Major, Frank A. 
Malato, Stephen A. 
Maiden, Samuel 
Malmstrom, Ernest G. 
Malone, John L. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Malunat, Miss Minnie 
Mamby, Dr. Audley R. 
Mandel, Sidney W. 
Mander, Robert 
Mangier, Fred J. 
Mangier, Robert J. 
Maniates, Peter G. 
Manilow, Lewis 
Mann, Douglass L. 
Mann, Donald N. 
Mann, Dr. Philip 
Mann, Robert E. 
Manning, Dr. John J. 
Mannion, John F. 
Mantel, Harry 
Mapp, Eugene T. 
Maranz, Leo S. 
Marble, Dr. Duane F. 
Marcellus, E. F. 
Marchetti, Mrs. Alfred 
Marcin, Mrs. Anthony 
Marcus, H. L. 
Marcus, Jules A. 
Marcus, Maurice 
Marcus, Dr. Richard E. 
Mardorf, Miss Mae F. 
Maren, Peter Alan 
Margolis, Dr. 

Bernard S. 
Marinangeli, Paul 
Mark, Clayton, III 
Mark, William B. 
Marks, Mrs. Raymond 
Markey, Howard T. 
Markle, Mathew G. 
Markley, Don G. 
Markman, Simeon K. 
Marks, Ira G. 
Marks, Melvin C. 
Marks, Stanford D. 
Markus, HenryA. 
Marlatte, Robert J. 
Marlowe, Dr. John J. 
Marohn, James A. 
Marquart, Arthur A. 
Marquis, Chalmer H. 
Marron, Dr. James W. 
Marshall, Benjamin H. 
Marshall, Charles A. 
Marshall, David H. 
Marshall, Frank G. 
Marshall, Lee J. 
Marshall, Prentice H. 
Marshitz, Miss 

Grace Elaine 
Marslek, Emil J. 
Marsteller, William A. 
Marston, T. E. 
Martin, Alvah T. 
Martin, Mrs. Betsy Ross 
Martin, Dr. Clement G. 

Martin, Edmund R. 
Martin, George S. 
Martin, Glenn E. 
Maschgan, Dr. Erich R. 
Mashek, V. F., Jr. 
Mason, Dan V. 
Mass, Marvin L. 
Mast, John W. 
Masur, Dr. Walter W. 
Matchett, Hugh M. 
Matera, Dr. Charles R. 
Mather, Mrs. Robert S. 
Mathers, Thomas N. 
Mathews, Martin B. 
Mathey, H. C, Jr. 
Mathieu, Auguste 
Matson, H. M. 
Matter, Joseph A. 
Matteson, Edward K. 
Matthews, Francis E. 
Matthews, J. H. 
Matthews, Miss Laura S. 
Matthias, Walter N. 
Mattingly, Fred B. 

Miss Eleanor D. 
Mauer, Dr. William J. 
Mauritz, Waldo 
Maxon, R. C. 
Maxwell, W. R. 
May, Sol 

May berry, J. L., Jr. 
Mayer, Harold M. 
Mayers, Mrs. E. L. 
Mayfield, Jack 
Maxson, Raymond D. 
Maynard, Robert W. 
McArthur, Mrs. S. W. 
McBrady, John W. 
McCabe, Edward J., Jr. 
McCaffrey, J. L. 
McCall, Dr. I. R. 
McCallister, Frank 
McCallister, James 

McCallister, Ward 
McCally, Frank D. 
McCarn, Mrs. Ruth O. 
McCarthy, John F. 
McCarthy, Mrs. 

Theris V. 
McCarthy, Vem I., Jr. 
McClain, Robert W. 
McCloud, Bentley G., Jr. 
McClure, Arch 
McConville, E. B. 

Mrs. Thierry L. 
McCormick, Richard D. 
McCoy, Mrs. Charles S. 
McCoy, David W. 

McCracken, John W. 
McCracken, Kenneth 
McCreery, C. L. 
McCuUough, Robert W. 
McDade, Vincent J. 
McDermott, H. T. 
McDermott, William F. 
McDonald, John M. 
McDonnell, William H. 
McDougall, Dugald S. 
McDowell, Remick 
McElvain, Clifford A. 
McEwan, Mrs. 

Thomas S. 
McEwen, C. Logan 
McGee, Henry W. 
McGehee, E. J. 
McGovern, John E., Jr. 
McGovney, Warren C. 
McGraw, Durmont W. 
McGreevy, Robert J. 
McGrew, Edward D. 
McGrew, Edwin H. 
McGuire, Robert E. 
McGuire, Simms D. 
Mclntyre, James 
McKean, John J. 
McKinsey, Joseph S. 
McKinstry, Miss Evelyn 
McKinzie, William V. 
McKittrick, William 

McKnight, Gordon L. 
McKnight, John F. 
McKnight, L. G. 
McKy, Keith B. 
McLaren, Richard W. 
McLaury, Mrs. 

Walker G. 
McLean, Edward C. 
McLeod, William 
McMahon, Mrs. 

Daniel P. 
McMahon, Miss 

McMahon, Earl J. 
McMahon, James P. 
McMillan, R. E. 
McNair, Frank 
McNally, Andrew, III 

Donald McC. 
McNeal, Michael 
McNerney, Walter J. 
McNitt, Arthur C. 
McNitt, W. C. 
McNulty, Joseph M. 

Mrs. Donald F. 
McSurely, Mrs. 

William H. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

McTier, Samuel E. 
McVeigh, Harold L. 
McVey, Franklin 
McWeeny, Douglas L. 
Mead, Dr. Irene T. 
Meador, Miss Geraldine 

Means, Albert L. 
Meccia, D, D. 

Mrs. Albert 
Meding, Arthur F 
Meek, Marcellus R. 
Meeks, Robert G. 
Megowen, E. J. 
MehafiFey, Robert V. 
Mehlinger, Dr. Kermit 
Meier, Mrs. Florence K. 
Meigs, Merrill C. 
Meine, Franklin J. 
Meinert, Richard J. 
Meinhard W, J. 
Melcarek, Dr. T. A. 
Mele, J. F. 

Mellinghausen, Parker 
Mellody, Mrs. 

Andrew R. 
Mellon, Gary L. 
Melton, B. H. 
Meltzer, A. L. 
Melville, Mrs. R. S. 
Memmel, Mrs. William E. 
Mendenhall, David W. 
Menides, Byron 
Menninger, Dr. Karl 
Merrill, Raymond K. 
Mervis, David C. 
Mervis, Jack N. 
Mesirow, Abner J. 
Mesirow, Norman 
Metcalf, Gordon M. 
Method, Dr. Harold L. 
Metz, Jerome L. 
Meyer, Albert F. 
Meyer, Amel R. 
Meyer, Mrs. Carl 
Meyer, Mrs. Clara K. 
Meyer, Harold W. 
Meyer, Dr. Karl A. 
Meyer, L. E. 
Meyer, Sebastian 
Meyer, Stanton M. 
Meyer, Wallace 
Meyers, David C. 
Meyers, David X. 
Meyerson, Charles 
Michaels, F. W. 
Michaels, Joseph M. 
Michaels, Ralph 
Michalaros, Demetrios 
Michow, Dr. Albert 


Miss M. Jean 
Middleton, R. Hunter 
Mietke, Miss Dorothy 
Migely, Robert J. 
Milbrook, A. T. 
Mildren, Miss Sarah E. 
Miles, Mrs, Caroline W. 
Miles, John R. 
Millard, A. E. 
Millard, Mrs. E. L. 
Miller, Arthur J., Jr. 
Miller, F. L. 
Miller, Gilbert H. 
Miller, Mrs. Grace 

Miller, Henry E. 
Miller, John E. 
Miller, Jordan 
Miller, Leo A. 
Miller, M. Glen 
Miller, Milton T. 
Miller Norman A. 
Miller, Richard A. 
Miller, Robert B. 
Miller, Miss Roberta 
Miller, Russell G. 
Miller, Miss Ruth 
Miller, R. W. 
Miller, Wesley C. 
Miller, William A. 
Miller, William Bricen, Jr. 
Miller, William H. 
Miller, William S. 
Miller, Mrs. William W. 
Milligan, Robert L. 
Millington, Dr. 

George H. 
Millman, George W. 
Mills, Ralph, Jr. 
Mills, Walter B. 
Miner, Thomas H. 
Minns, Elbert W. 
Mishlove, Stuart H. 
Mitchell, Chester F., Jr. 
Mitchell, Donald H. 
Mitchell, George 
Mitchell, John E. 
Mitchell, John L. 
Mittelman, George E. 
Mittleman, Eugene 
Mix, Clarence E. 
Moch, Frank J. 
Moeller, Fred O. 
Mogilner, Charles A. 
Mohl, Arthur F. 
Mohr, Clarence 
Mohr, Richard F. 
Molina, Dr. Francisco A. 
Molnar, Charles 
Monek, Francis H. 

Monsen, Myron T. 
Moore, Arthur J. 
Moore, C. W. 
Moore, Edward F. 
Moore, Dr. E. M. 
Moore, George B. 
Moore, Harvey K. 
Moore, Kenneth W. 
Moore, R. E. 
Moorhead, Stephen P. 
Moorman, Sylvester D. 
Moran, J. Alfred 
Moran, John H. 
Moreland, James C. 
Morey, Albert A. 
Morgan, Mrs. Carter W. 
Morgan, Clifford E. 
Morgan, Dr. Freda 
Morgan, G. Walker 
Morgan, Mark C. 
Moroni, Harry E., Jr. 
Morrill, Byron S. 
Morris, Carl L. 
Morris, Edwin L. 
Morris, Jerrold L. 
Morris, Milton H. 
Morris, Russell 
Morrow, Mrs. C. Allen 
Morrow, James P. 
Morstadt, Arthur H. 
Mortensen, Clyde C. 
Mortenson, John A. 
Mortimer, Charles A. 
Morton, Howard C. 
Morton, Kenneth 
Mose, Mrs. Einar H. 
Moseley, Spencer D. 
Moser, Ralph 
Moses, Walter H. 
Moss, Charles J. 
Moss, C. Malcolm 
Moss, Curtis F. 
Moss, Jerry 
Mottier, C. H. 
Moulder, Dr. Peter V. 
Moulding Thomas F. 
Movitz, Dr. David 
Muckley, Robert L. 
Mueller, Douglas 
Mueller, Robert F. 
Muenster, William R. 
Muenze, Arthur K. 
Mugg, Charles L. 
Muldoon, John A., Jr. 
Mullen, J. Bernard 
Mullen, William A. 
Muller, Leon Arnold 
Mullery, Donald C. 
Mulligan, George V. R. 
Munnecke, Robert C. 
Murphy, Miss Arlene 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Murphy, Howard Dudley 
Murphy, J. P. 
Murphy, Michael P. 
Murphy, Stephen M. 
Murphy, William 
Murray, Edwin A. 
Musick, Philip Lee 
Muss, Joshua A. 
Mutter, Mathias S. 
Myers, Edward T. 
Myers, George V. 
Myers, Herbert L. 
Myers, Mrs. Lewis E. 
Myers, W. L. 

Nadler, Charles Fenger 
Nagy, Dr. Andrew 
Naser, Charles F. 
Nash, Mrs. Herbert 
Natovich, Hy 
Naughton, Dr. Thomas J. 
Naven. Benjamin S. 
Neal, Phil Caldwell 
Nedoss, Dr. H. P. 
Nechine, Leonard M. 
Neely, C. W. 
Neer, Clyde F. 
Neiberg, Al 
Neiburger, Herman A. 
Neigoff, Miss Anne 
Neil, Mrs. Marcella 
Neill, Mrs. Vincent B. 
Neisser, Mrs. Walter R. 
Nelson, Miss Arlene J. 
Nelson, Mrs. 

Arnold C, Jr. 
Nelson, Carl 
Nelson, Carl J. 
Nelson, C. E. 
Nelson, Hale 
Nelson, Mrs. John Ben 
Nemerovski, Leo 
Nesheim, Dr. R. O. 
Ness, J. Stanley 
Netsch, Walter A. 
Neufeld, Dr. 

Evelyn A. Rinallo 
Neukuckatz, John 
Newburg, C. Frank 
Newman, Charles H. 
Newman, Herbert R. 
Newman, Dr. Marcus M. 
Newman, William, III 
Newton, Ernest L. 
Newton, Lee Craig 
Niblick, James F. 
Nice, Dr. Leonard B. 
Nichols, Mrs. Fred A. 
Nichols, Owen H. 
Nicholson, John W. 
Nicholson, Miss Odas 


Mrs. Thomas L. 
Nieban, C. G., Jr. 
Niefeld, Dr. Jaye S. 
Neilsen, Ralph R. 
Nilles, B. P. 
Nilson, Alfred R. 
Nilsson, Erik 
Ninke, Walter A. 
Nippert, Louis 
Nisen, Charles M. 
Nisson, Dr. Philip S. 
Niswander, Frank C. 
Niven, Dr. Charles F. 
Noble, Fred G. 
Noble, W. E, 
Noel, Albert E. 
Noel, Emil 
Noesges, Thomas 
Nohren John E. 
Nolan, John J. 
Nooden, Robert A. 
Noonan, T. Clifford 
Noone, John P. 
Norby, William C. 
Nordberg, C. A. 
Nordenburg, Seymour 
Nordine, Mrs. Kenneth 
Nork, Theodore J. 
Norman, Gustave 
Norris, Mrs. Bruce A. 
Northam, Mrs. Harold K. 
Northrup, Lorry R. 
Norton, Charles E. 
Norton, George H., Jr. 
Norton, Michael J. 
Nugent, Richard H. 
Nuger, Mrs. Joseph 
Nygren, Henry C. 

Oakley, Kenneth E. 
Oberhelman, Dr. 

Harry A. 
Obermaier, Mrs. 

John Burton 
O'Boyle, C. Robert 
O'Brien, Dr. Donald E. 
O'Brien, Donald J. 
O'Brien, Dr. George F. 
O'Brien, Mrs. 

Mae Sexton, Jr. 
O'Brien, Maurice James 
O'Brien, P. J. 
O'Connell, James J., Jr. 
O'Conner, P. K. 
O'Connor, F. E. 
O'Connor, Michael J. 
Odell, Dr. Clarence B. 
O'Hagan, Charles E. 
O'Haire, Harry J. 
O'Hearn, Dr. James J. 

O'Keefe, John F. 
Okerberg, Philip E. 
O'Laughlin, Paul 
O'Leary, Daniel J, 
O'Leary, Miss Eileen 
Olhausen, Miss AHce 
Oliver, William S. 
Ollendorff, Klaus 
Olmstead, C. V. 
Olsen, Chester A., Jr. 
Olsen, Howard E., Jr. 
Olson, Mrs. Amanda C. 
Olson, C. W., Jr. 
Olson, Harvey 
Olson, William O. 
Olson, Wood 
Olwin, Dr. John H. 
O'Malley Patrick L. 
O'Neil, C. Roderick 
O'Neil, George M. 
O'Neill, Dr. Eugene J. 
O'Neill, J. W. 
Opelka, F. Gregory 
Opie, Earle F. 
Oppenheimer, Paul 
O'Reilly, Frank E. 
Orensteen, Roger B. 
Orlikoff, Richard 
O'Rourke, J. P. 
Orr, Mrs. Reuben 
Orschel, A. K. 
Orwig, Harold I. 
Osborne, Nathan G. 
Osborne, W. Irving, Jr. 
Osgood, Stacy W. 
O'Shaughnessy, James B, 
O'Shaugnessy, John E. 

Dr. William T. 
Ostrander, William L. 
O'Toole, John J. 
O'Toole, Robert H. 
Ott, John C. 
Otto, Dr. George H. 
Otto, Harold W. 
Otto, Walter C. Jr. 
Ovenu, Dr. Harold 
Overgard, Cordell, J. 
Overly, Floyd E. 
Overton, George W., Jr. 
Owen, John E. 
Owen, Mrs. Ralph W. 
Owen, S. C. 
Owen, William W. 
Owens, Stanley 

Mrs. Randolph G., Jr. 
Ozinga, Martin 

Pabich, Mrs. George E. 
Pabst, Mrs. Edmund G. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Pachman, Dr. Daniel J. 
Packard, Miss 

Emmy Lou 
Packer, Mrs. Charles W. 
Packer, Davey 
Padrick, E. B. 
Page, Mrs. William H., II 
Pagenkopf, Miss 

Pagenta, Dan 
Painton, James W. 
Pakel, John, Sr. 
Paleczny, C. N. 
Paley, Mrs. David 
Pallardy, C. M. 
Pallasch, B. Michael 
Palm, Mrs. Ralph D. 
Palmer, Arthur T. 
Palmer R. M. 
Palmer, Roland E. 
Pancoast, Robert L. 
Panerali, Joseph M. 
Papierniak, Dr. Frank B. 
Pappas, Mrs. Peter V. 
Park, William B. 
Parker, Lee N. 
Parker, Leslie M. 
Parker, Sam T., Jr. 
Parker, William E. 
Parme, Alfred L. 
Parrillo, Richard 
Parris, Porter 
Partee, Cecil A. 
Partlow, Charles W. 
Passis, Monroe B. 
Pater, P. J. 
Patinkin, Mrs. Harold 
Patschke, Robert E. 
Patten, Harry 0. 
Patterson, W. A. 
Pattis, S. William 
Patton, Ralph E. 
Paul, Stanley G. 
Paulsen, Richard E. 
Paulus, Mrs. Max G. 
Paveza, Charles 
Payne, George O. 
Payne, Mrs. Lillian 
Payson, Randolph 
Peabody, Mrs. 

Stuyvesant, Sr. 
Pearce, Charles S. 
Pearl, Ward C, Jr. 
Pearson, Elmer R. 
Peck, Miss Constance L. 
Peck, Mrs. David B. II 
Peck, David B., Ill 
Peck, Nelson C. 
Peck, Stewart T. 
Peckler, Dr. David A. 
Pehrson, Gordon O. 

Peifer, Thomas D. 
Pen, Rudolph 
Pendexter, J. F. 
Penn, Kurt G. 
Penner, Richard J. 
Penner, Samuel 
Pennigsdorf, Lutz 
Pepich, Stephen T. 
Peregrine, Moore W. 
Peregrine, Roy I. 
Perkins, Fred A. 
Perkins, Dr. George L. 
Perkins, James L. 

Mrs. John F., Jr. 
Perkins, Lawrence B. 
Perlitz, Robert H. 
Perlman, Harold L. 
Perlman, Harvey 
Perlstein, Miss Sarah M. 
Perls, Walter M. 
Perry, Harold 
Person, Lee E. 
Petacque, Max W. 
Petermann, A. E. 
Peters, Dr. Albert G. 
Peters, Victor S. 
Petersen, Carl 
Petersen, Hugh E. 
Peterson, C. W. 
Peterson, David D. 
Peterson, Eugene A. 
Peterson, Howard R. 
Peterson, John E. 
Peterson, 0. C. 
Peterson, O. Ewald 
Peterson, Richard F. 
Peterson, Victor H. 
Petry, Charles J. 
Pettersen, Jack F. 
Petty, Dr. David T. 
Pfaelzer, Melvin A. 
Pfarrer, Mrs. W. H. 
Pfeiffer, J. L. 
Phalin, Howard V. 
Phelps, Miss Elizabeth 
Phelps, William Henry 
Philip, James G., Jr. 
Philipsborn, Herbert F. 
Phillips, Mrs. Leone 
Picha, Howard 
Pick, 0. M. 
Pielsticker, R. J. 
Pierce, Allen E. 
Pierce, Berlyn 
Pierson, D. Robert 
Pieters, Graeme Stewart 
Pietrzak, Roman M. 
Pillsbury, Theodore R. 
Pilot, Dr. I. 
Pipkin, C. M. 

Pirruccello, Dr. Frank W. 
Pistona, Mrs. Margaret C. 
Pitt, Gavin A. 
Plachota, Dr. J. J. 
Piatt, Harold J. 
Piatt, Henry R., Jr. 
Piatt, Nathan M. 
Piatt, Sherwood K. 
Pletsch, George B. 
Plotnick, Dr. I. Robert 
Pochter, Irwin P. 
Poe, Miss Frances 
Pohl. Dr. Carl M. 
Polales, John C. 
Polance Francis R. 
Polikoff, Mrs. Barbara 
Polk, Morris G. 
Pollack, Sheldon S. 
Pollock, Miss Dora 
Pollack, Erwin W. 
Polos, Harry F. 
Pontius, Andrew L. 
Pontius, Mrs. G. V. 
Pool, E. J. 
Poole, Charles L. 
Poole, George A. 
Poolos, Nick J. 
Poore, Taylor 
Pope, J. W. 
Popp, Ralph 
Porter, L. W. 
Portes, Dr. Caesar 
Portis, Henry R. 
Posner, Harry R. 
Poss, Mark A. 
Postweiler, William L. 
Potter, George D. 
Potter, Charles S. 
Potts, Dr. Willis J. 
Powell, Charles C. 
Powers, Carl J. 
Powers, John W. 
Powers, William F. 
Praeger, Charles H. 
Pratt, Harold W. 
Prebensen, Harold J. 
Preble, Mrs. Robert, Jr. 
Preis, Jackson H. 
Prellwitz, Miss T. L. 
Prena, Gregory 
Prentice, Robert 
Prescott, George F. 
Preskill, Alfred W. 
Preston, Mrs. Bradford 
Preston, Charles D. 
Price, Mrs. Griswold A. 
Price, Miss Mary Ann 
Priebe, Frank A. 
Prince, Robert M. 
Prindiville, Frank W. 
Pritchard, N. H. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Pritikin, Mrs. Sara Z, 
Prohaska, Dr. John Van 
Prokop, Richard A. 
Proud, James D. 
Prucha, Raymond 
Pruitt, Mrs. O. E. 
Psik, Mrs. Paul R. 
Puccetti, Harry W. 
Puestow, Dr. Charles B. 
Puffer, W. Fred 
Pulley, Reid 
Purcell, Mrs. Helen M. 
Purdy, John P. 
Purvis, Miss Sadie 
Pushkin, Dr. E. A. 
Putnam, Alfred L. 
Putnam, Edmond D. 
Pye, Harold C. 
Pyle, Howard 

Quackenboss, Thomas C. 
Quack enbush, John L. 
Quackenbush, Ralph T. 
Quain, Robert F. 
Quarles, Albert M. 
Quateman, Joseph I. 
Querl, Paul 
Quin, George Robert 
Quindry, Frank 
Quinlan, Sterhng C. 
Quisenberry, John A. 
Quisenberry, T. E. 

Rabb, Stuart W. 
Radack, Mrs. 

Dorothy W. 
Radebaugh, Brye J. 
Ragel, Jack W. 
Rahe, RoUand A. 
Rahl, Mrs. James A. 
Raleigh, Dr. William T. 
Rand, John B. 
Randell, A. C. 
Ranney, George A., Jr. 
Ransom, Robert C, Sr. 
Rappaport, George 
Rardon, Mrs. Eva B. 
Rasin, Rudolph S. 
Rasmussen, Carl A. 
Rassenfoss, John A. 
Ratcliffe, Myron F. 
Rathfelder, Carl A. 
Raubitschek, Dr. 

Howard A. 
Rauch, Richard 

Mrs. John W. 
Ray, Fred W. 
Ray, Mrs. William F. 
Rayl, Richard B. 
Raymond, Ollie 

Rayner, Lawrence 
Raysa, Richard S. 
Rayunec, Arthur P. 
Reace, WilHam T. 
Read, Frank S. 
Read, Freeman C. 
Rearick, Arden J. 
Reckard, Dale W. 
Redden, Edward J. 
Redding, Bert J. 
Redfield, C. Truman 
Redmond, Hugh 
Redmond, William A. 
Reed, Mrs. Frank C. 
Reed, L. F. B. 
Reese, Edward H. 
Reeves, George C. 
Regan, James A. 
Regnery, Mrs. Henry 
Reich, Lewis W. 
Reicin, Frank E. 
Reid, Alf F. 
Reid, Fred T. 
Reid, John E. 
Reidy, T. Hamil 
Reiff, David 
Reiffel, Mrs. Arthur H. 
Reiffel, Dr. Leonard 
Reilly, Colonel Jack 
Reilly, W. J. 
Rein, Lester E. 
Reiners, Otto A. 

Mrs. M. Robert 
Remke, John 
Renald, Joseph P. 
Rennicke, Norbett G. 
Rennix, Victor E. 
Resnick, Mrs. Edward G. 
Resnikoff , George J. 
Reuscher, Charles J. 
Reynell, Robert L. 
Reynolds, Earl R. 
Reynolds, James A., Jr. 
Reynolds, Paul G. 
Reynolds, Mrs. Ruth B. 

Thomas A., Jr. 
Rhead, Dr. Clifton C. 
Rhodes, C. Harker, Jr. 
Rice, Dr. Frank E. 
Rich, Joseph E. 
Richard Jerome 
Richards, Miss Catherine 
Richards, Howard A. 
Richards, Miss Irma L. 
Richards, John C. 
Richards, Mrs. Oron E. 
Richards, William Bruce 
Richardson, Irving 
Richman, Ruben A. 

Richmond, Herbert J. 
Rick, Robert C. 
Rickard, L. E. 
Ricker, Joseph A. 
Rickher, Mrs. Judy 
Ridgeway, Charles D. 
Ridley, Douglas 
Riedel, Ralph 
Ries, Max H. 
Riggs, Mrs. Joseph A. 
Riggs, W. R. 
Riha, Frank J. 
Riley, Earl K. 
Riley, Francis X. 
Rinaker, Samuel M. 
Rinella, Sam A. 
Ring, Jack 

Ringenberg, Wade R. 
Rink, Dr. Arthur G. 
Rink, Joseph J. 
Rioff , Harry A. 
Ripley, James J. 
Riskind, Mrs. Philip A. 
Ritter, Charles E. 

James J., Jr. 
Ritz-Woller, Mrs. Zella 
Riva. Joseph P. 
Rivkin, William R. 
Roach, O. R. 
Roach, RoHin W. 
Robandt, Al 

Robb, Mrs. Margaret H. 
Robbins, Burr L. 
Robbins, Laurence B. 
Robbins, Miss Linda 
Robbins, Fred A. 
Roberts, Mrs. Charlene G. 
Roberts, Eben A. 

Shepherd M., Jr. 
Roberts, Thomas C. 
Robertson, Edward H. 
Robertson, Dr. Robert C. 
Robins, Irving 
Robinson, Angus 
Robinson, C. Snelling 
Robinson, Paul H., Jr. 
Robinson, W. H. 
Robinson, William A. 
Roche, Burke B. 
Roche, George P. 
Roche, John J. 
Rockwell, Matthew L. 
Rodell, Herbert L. 
Rodger, John H. 
Rodman, George E. 
Rodriquez, Alfred 
Rodriquez, Dr. Arthur A. 
Roecker, Howard G. 
Roefer, Henry A. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Roesel, Dr. Rudolph W. 
Roettger, Don E. 
Rogers, Alfred M. 
Rogers, Franklyn 
Rogers, George B. 
Rogers, Owen 
Rohn, Mrs. Esther E. 
Rold, Dr. Dale 
Rolfe, John M. 
Rolfing, Mrs. R. C. 
Rollman, Justin A. 
Romain, William A. 
Romano, Michael R. 
Rondenet, Dr. L. E. 
Rooks, R. Newton 
Root, Clark 
Root, John O. 
Rootberg, Philip 
Rosberg, J. Wesley 
Roschke, Erwin M. 
Rose, Jack 
Rose. Ralph 
Roseberry, Carroll V. 
Roseland, J. G. 
Rosen, A. Abbot 
Rosen, Harold J. 
Rosen, Roger H. 
Rosenberg, Ben L. 
Rosenberg, H. E. 
Rosenberg, Jack M. 
Rosenbloom, Ronald 
Rosenbluth, Dr. Paul R. 
Rosenheim, H. H. 
Rosenson, Herzl 
Rosenthal, Albert Jay 
Rosenthal, Warner A. 
Rosenwald, Mrs. 

Milly M. 
Roshkind, Allan I. 
Rosi, Dr. Reno 
Rosner, Mrs. Manuel 
Rosos, Stephen 
Ross, Earl 
Ross, Mrs. K. B. 
Ross, Dr. Martin T. 
Ross, Ralph H. 
Ross, Richard J. 
Rossberg, Raymond 
Rossi, Matthew L. 
Rossman, Theodore 
Roth, Harold J. 
Roth, Raymond M. 
Rothermel, Stephen W. 
Rothschild, Albert B. 
Rothschild. Edward 
Rotman, Morris B. 
Roulston. Robert J. 
Rowley, Mrs. Stella M. 
Rowley, Dr. W. F. 
Rozene, Arthur E. 
Rozmarek, Charles 

Rozran, Philip 
Rubin, Jack B. 
Rubin, Sidney S. 
Rudd, N. H. 
Rudo, Milton 
Rudolph, Mrs. David P. 

Mrs. Robert M. 
Rudolph, Walter D. 
Rudin, Louis E. 
Rumick, Mrs. David G. 
Rummell, Darwin M. 
Rumsfeld, Herbert W. 
Rundgren, Mrs. Nels E. 
Rundin, Walter C, Jr. 
Runner, Dr. Charles J. 
Runzel, Mrs. William L. 
Rush, Charles M. 
Rusin, Bron J. 
Russell, Harold S. 
Russell, John W. 
Russell, Mrs. Paul 
Russell, W. Hunter 
Ruth, Philip F. 
Rutherford, James E. 
Rutherford, M. Drexel 
Rutstein, Martin I. 
Ruttenberg, Derald H. 
Ryan, Arnold W. 
Ryerson, Anthony M. 
Ryker, John 
Ryser, Werner 

Saar, Robert P. 
Sabshin, Dr. Edith G. 
Sacco, Anthony E. 
Saccone, Joseph A., Jr. 
Sachs, Irving J. 
Sack, Don 
Sackheim, Sol 
Sadauskas, Miss 

Frances H. 
Sadler, Kenneth P. 
Sagan, Bruce 
Sage, Andrew 
Sager, Mrs. S. Norman 
Sailor, Mrs. Charles M. 
Sakol, Samuel A. 
Salano, Mrs. Eugenia 
Saldivar, Dr. Ricardo E. 
Sale, Lewis P., Jr. 
Salins, Sidney 

Mrs. Richard E. 
Salm, Raymond C. 
Salmon, Mrs. Charles S. 
Salomon, Ira 
Salstone, Mrs. Milton T. 
Salvador, Rupert D. 
Sampson, Robert L. 
Sampson, William D. 

Samuels, Albert 
Samuels, Richard H. 
Sanborn, Mrs. V. C. 
Sanders, Dr. Alexander 
Sanders, Frank B. 
Sanders, Robert L. 
Sanders, Stephen P. 
Sanders, Theodore L. 
Sandler, Martin N. 
Sandowskis,' Ben 
Sandrik, Stephen 
Sandrok, Edward G. 
Santelli, Mrs. Leonora 
Sappanos, Michael 
Sauer, James H. 
Sauerman, John A. 
Saunders, Richard S. 
Saupe, Mrs. Anna 
Sauter, J. M. 
Savage, Mrs. Stanley 
Savin, Bernard 
Savin, Victor R. 
Sawle, William S., Jr. 
Sax, Harold W. 
Sax, Jerome M. 
Say re, Dr. Loren D. 
Scala, Mrs. Florence 
Scalise, Joseph W. 
Scallon, John W. 
Scandiff, Jerry R. 
Scanlan, Thomas P. 
Scanlon, Charles J. 
Scanlon, Miss Marjorie 
Scelzo, George P. 
Schaar, B. E. 
Schade, George Carl 
Schaden, Harry 
Schaden, Tobias 
Schaefer, W. A. 
Schaff, Philip, Jr. 
Schaffer, Donald L. 
SchafTner, Miss Marion 
Schageman, R. V. 
Schaller, George J. 
Schallman, David A. 
Schallmoser, Joseph 
Schanck, Francis R., Jr. 
Schatzman, Marvin E. 
Schau, Ernest G. 
Scheele, A. 
Scheer, Harry 
Scheinfeld, Aaron 
Scheman, Dr. Louis 
Schiller, Dr. A. L. 
Schipfer, Dr. L. A. 
Schleitwiler, Hal 
Schlessinger, Dr. Nathan 
Schlicht, B. J. 
Schlienz, Richard W. 
Schlossberg, John B. 
Schlossman, Norman J. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Schluter, Bernard J. 
Schmeal, Howard A. 
Schmehil, Dr. Edward J. 
Schmeling, Evans S. 
Schmidt, Fred H. 
Schmidt, Richard P. 
Schmidt, Mrs. 

Siegfried G. 
Schmitz, Roy M. 
Schneider, Eugene F. 
Schneider, Michael 
Schnipper, Michael 
Schoch, M. G. 
Schoenberg, Mrs. A. J. 
Schoeneberger, Charles A. 
Scholsser, Leon 
Schooler, Lee 
Schorn, Arnold N. 
Schorr, Dr. Henry 
Schrader, John P. 
Schraeder, Mrs. Harry H. 
Schrager, Charles L. 
Schreiber, Dr. Sidney 
Schreyer, Carl G. 
Schroeder, Carl V. 
Schroeder, J. Robert 
Schroeder, Paul A. 
Schuh, Miss Isabelle 
Schuknecht, Thomas R. 
Schulman, Samuel E. 
Schultz, Arthur W. 
Schultz, Edward H., Jr. 
Schultz, Eugene B., Jr. 
Schultz, Harry R. 
Schultz, W. Norman 

Mrs. Jacques D. 
Schuster, Amos M. 
Schwalm, Harold E. 
Schwanke, F. R. 
Schwartz, Charles A. 
Schwartz, David P. 
Schwartz, Ulysses S. 
Schwartzberg, Irving 
Schweich, Anderson M. 
Schwemm, Earl M. 
Scofield, Clarence P. 
Scott, A. Charles 
Scott, Frederick H. 
Scott, J. Grant 
Scott, Mrs. J. Russell 
Scott, Leslie W. 
Scott, Mrs. Marion R. 
Scott, Robert M. 
Scott, Walter B. 
Scrimgeour, Miss 

Gladys M. 
Scully, Charles F. 
Scully, Thomas F, 
Seaman, H. Gilbert 
Seaman, Henry L. 

Searle, Richard M. 
Searles, Mrs. Charles C. 
Seaverns, George A., Jr. 
Seay, Thomas 
Seckler, Samuel A. 
Seedorf, Robert R. 
Segal, J. Herzl 
Segal, Max 
Seibel, Mrs. Julia F. 
Self, Joseph V. 
Selle, Miss Pearl C. 
Selleck, Robert W. 
Sellers, Paul A. 
Seng, Francis A. 
Sengstacke, John H. 
Seno, Salvatore Dante 
Sensenbrenner. O. K. 
Serafin, Mrs. Joseph L. 
Serwat, Leonard H. 
Sevcik, John G. 
Severance, George S. 
Seward, Robert M. 
Sewart, Whitney M. 
Shafer, Frederick C, 
Shannon, Peter M. 
Shantz, Marc A. 

Mrs. Joseph R. 
Shapiro, Mrs. Philip A. 
Shapiro, Mrs. Sydney 
Sharer, Wesley E. 
Sharp, Harry 
Shaw, Dr. Noel G. 
Shearer, James, II 
Shedd, Jeffrey 
Shehan, Mrs. Edmund J. 
Sheehan, Mrs. Robert R. 
Sheehan, Thomas J. 
Sheerin, James F. 
Sheldon, Leo C. 
Shelton, R. D. 
Shepard, Kenneth E. 
Shepherd, Ronald J. 
Sher, Raymond 
Sherer, Mrs. Albert W. 
Sheridan, Leo J. 
Sheridan, Raymond M. 
Sheridan, Robert P. 
Sherman, John H, 
Sherman, Lawrence A. 
Sherman, Robert T. 
Sherman, Saul S. 
Sherman, William S. 
Sherrick, Paul H. 

Dr. Christy C. 
Shethar, John 
Shetler, Stanley L. 
Shields, G. A. 
Shilton, Earie A, 
Shine, Joseph J. 

Shimer, William B. 
Shipley, M. L. 
Shlaes, Harry L. 
Shlopack, Wallace B. 
Shoemaker, F. Wells 
Short, Jeffrey R., Jr. 
Short, William H. 
Shulman, Bennett H. 
Shure, Arnold I. 
Siculan, Dan 
Sider, Edward 
Sieber, Paul E. 
Siegan, B. H. 
Sierocinski, E. John 
Silberman, Milton J. 
Silver, Dr. Jerome M. 
Silvers, Earl 
Silverstein, Harry 
Simanski, Mrs. Julia 
Simkins, Lyle E. 
Simmon, Dr. 

Nicholas M. 
Simmons, George H. 
Simmons, Joseph M. 
Simmons, Dr. Nicholas L. 
Simmons, Richard W. 
Simon, Charles H. 
Simon, George E. 
Simon, Robert A. 
Simpson, Bruce L. 
Simpson, Mrs. Donald J. 
Simpson, E. A. 
Simpson, John B. 
Simpson, Richard B. 
Sinclair, Mrs. J. Hoffman 
Sinclair, W. E. 
Sinek, Mrs. William J. 
Singer, Morris T. 
Singleton, Thomas B. 
Sippel, Edward A. 
Sitek, John A. 
Sivyer, Warner 
Sjostrom, Robert A. 
Skan, Leon N. 
Skeie, Kermit A. 
Skibinski, Chester 
Sklar, N. Raoul 
Skoczek, Mrs. Roman A. 
Skoner, Ralph 

Mrs. Emil A., Jr. 

Miss Blanche D. 
Skweres, Thomas W. 
Slataper, Dr. Franco 
Slepyan, Dr. Albert H. 
Slindee, Mrs. Edward A. 
Sloan, Dr. Jack H. 
Sloan, Sam P. 
Slottow, Richard S. 
Smalley, B. L. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Smalley, Dr. Charles J. 
Smalley, John H. 
Smart, Robert E. 
Smart, S. Bruce, Jr. 
Smerling, Manuel 
Smith, Amos K. 
Smith, C. D. 
Smith, Charles L. 
Smith, Curtis 
Smith, Elbert M. 
Smith, F. Gordon 
Smith, George P. F. 

Miss Grace Frances 
Smith, Harold A. 
Smith, Harry C. 
Smith, Jack M. 
Smith, John Justin 
Smith, L. L. 

Smith, Mrs. Raymond F. 
Smith, Roland K. 
Smith, Mrs. Solomon B. 
Smith, S. S. 
Smith, Thomas W. 
Smith, Victor C. 
Snitoff, Howard J. 
Snively, Randolph R. 
Snow, Dr. Adolph I. 
Snow, Bruce 
Snydacker, James U. 
Snyder, Bernard A. 
Snyder, James E. 
Soboroff, William L. 
Sokolec, Maurice 
Sokolec, William 
Soldwedel, Henry A. 
Solin, Joseph 
Sollitt, Sumner S. 
Solvin, Joseph 
Sommers, Bert Edward 
Sommers, Donald G. 
Sondel, G. W. 
Sonderby, Max E. 
Sonne, Fred T. 
Sonoda, Miss Louise 
Sorensen, Christ J. 
Sorensen, L. W. 
Sosin, Marvin P. 
Sosin, Sidney 
Souder, W. F., Jr. 
Sowa, Frank 
Spaght, Harold W. 
Spang, Ralph M. 
Spangler, James C. 
Spanik, Miss Anne 
Spanuello, Leo J. 
Sparling, Dr. Edward J. 
Spaulding, George E. 
Specht, Gerard C. 
Spencer, Asbury L. 
Spencer, Charles M. 

Spencer, Mrs. I. 
Spencer, James M. 
Spencer, William N, 
Sperry, Oliver R. 
Spertus, Philip 
Spiehler, Adolph F. 
Spitz, Lawrence S. 

Donald Herbert 
Spurlock, Dr. Jeanne 
Sroge, Maxwell H. 
Stagman, Dr. Joseph 
Stahl, Harold A. 
Stahl, John 
Stahl, T. R. 
Stair, H. Bowen 
Stamm, Mrs. Elmer J. 
Stamm, Frederick K. 
Standen, Charles R. 
Stang, J. I. 
Stanley, E. V. 
Stanton, Mrs. Francis R. 
Stanton, John 
Stark, Leonard W. 
Starshak, A. L. 
Stauffacher, E. L. 
Stavenhagen, Fred A. 
Stavish, Emanuel G. 
Stayman, Clarke C. 
Steans, Dr. George L. 
Stebbins, Mrs. A. L. 
Steck, Mrs. Irving 
Steele, Mrs. Chester B. 
Stefany, Henry 
Steffen, Philip N. 
Steflfey, A. O. 
Steffey, O. O. 
Stegman, Mrs. Walter W. 
Steiger, Aaron A. 
Steigmann, Dr. 

Stein, A. D. 
Stein, Edward 
Stein, Melvyn E. 
Steiner, Miss Joanne 
Steiner, Max S. 
Steinman, R. E. 
Steinmann, Mrs. F. H. 
Steins, Mrs. Halsey 
Steitz, Ronald A. 
Stekly, Harold 
Stenn, Dr. Frederick 
Stenson, William A. 
Stepan, Alfred C, Jr. 
Stephan, Edmund A. 
Stephens, Dr. Natalie 
Stephens, Norval 
Stern, John W. 
Stern, Herbert L. 
Stern, Herbert L., Jr. 

Stern, Lawrence F. 
Stern, Russell T. 
Stern, Russell T., Jr. 
Sternberg, Edward 
Sternburg, Mrs. Paul 
Stetson, F. Winslow, Jr. 
Stevens, John Paul 
Stevens, William E. 

Master Adlai, IV 
Stevenson, Mrs. Borden 
Stevenson, James R. 
Stewart, Brendan J. 
Stewart, Charles L., Jr. 
Stewart, Frank T. 
Stewart, George W. 
Stewart, Stanley C. 
St. George, George Q. M. 
Stickler, L. R. 
Stiggleman, James H. 
Stikkers, Alex 
Stillerman, Dr. Jack 
Stind, C. J. 
Stine, Geart Donald 
Stoaks, Richard O. 
Stocker, Frederick B., Jr. 
Stoeffhaas, W. F. 
StoflFt, Edmond B. 
Stohl, Milton R. 
Stokesberry, Paul W. 
StoUery, Mrs. Harry 
Stolz, Leon 
Stone, Mrs. E. J. 
Stone, Harry L. 
Stone, Herbert Stuart 
Stone, J. McWilliams 
Stone, Marvin N. 
Stone, W. Clement 
Stonehouse, Elmer 
Storey, Smith W. 
Stormont, Dr. D. L. 
Stover, Frank C. 
Strachan, H. Gray 
Straight, Mrs. Madeline 

Strathearn, Donald, Jr. 
Stratton, Robert C. 
Stratz, Albert E. 
Straub. Mrs. David R. 
Straus, Mrs. Robert E. 
Strauss, Robert 
Streich, Dennis 
Streicher, Mrs. Marie 
Stresen-Reuter, A. P. 
Strieker, Henry J. 
Strobeck, Roy A. 
Strom, Norman N. 
Struett, Mrs. Helen K. 
Strunk, Norman 
Stuart, La Rhett L. 
Stuart, Lyman J. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Stuart, William M. 
Stubenrauch, E. H. 
Stuckey, M. A. 
Stuckslager, Walter N. 
Study, Dr. Robert S. 
Study, Mrs. Robert 
Sturdy, Franklin D. 

Harry L., Jr. 

Frederick C, Jr. 
Stutz, George L. 
Succa, Roy J. 
Suiter, Harold W. 
Sujack, Edwin T. 
Sullivan, Eugene T. 
Sullivan, Joseph J. 
Sullivan, Larry 
Sulzberger, Mrs. 

Frank L. 
Summers, Wayne M. 
Sundt, E. V. 
Supplee, Charles B. 
Suyker, Hector 
Svec, Anton E. 
Svensson, Olof 
Swain, Mrs. Henry 
Swan, Jack 
Swanson, H. G. 
Swartzberg, Irvin 
Sweeney, Dr. Howard J. 
Sweeney, Mrs. Leo P. A. 
Sweet, Mrs. Carroll 
Sweet, David M. 
Swett, Warren C. 
Swett, William O. 
Swift, Phelps Hoyt 
Swift, T. Philip 
Swihart, J, R. 
Swingle, Roy E. 
Swinton, Kurt B. 
Swoiskin, Dr. Irving 
Szarakaika, William 

Tabin, Julius 
Tacy, A. Curtis 
Taft, Mrs. John Ailes 
Talbot, Dr. Eugene S. 
Talbott, John B. 
Tank, Marvin H. 
Tankus, Harry 
Tannenbaum, Saul O. 
Tappendorf, Robert H. 
Targ, Mrs. Max 
Tarnopol, Emil 
Tarrson, Albert J. 
Tarrson, Sidney A. 
Tatge, Paul W. 
Taub, Charles 
Taylor, Daniel H. 
Taylor, John R. 

Taylor, John W. 
Taylor, Mrs. John W., Jr. 
Taylor, Mrs. Sam G., Ill 
Taymor, Aaron 
Tecson, Joseph A. 
Teich, Curt, Jr. 
Teitel, Charles 
Teitelbaum, Joseph D. 
Telfer, Bruce T. 
Tellefsen, Ralph, Jr. 
Teller, Sidney A. 
Telser, Eugene 
Temple, Jack B. 
Temple, John 
Temple, Mrs. Lilly 
Temps, Leupold 

Dr. Malcolm A. 
Teninga, Alfred J. 
Tennyson, Alfred R. 
Teolis, Matthew F. 
Terker, Sam 
Terrell, Richard L. 
Terry, Willis E. 
Tesuaro, Dominic A. 
Teter, Park 
Thayer, Robert 
Theiss, Arthur W. 
Thiele, Edward M. 
Thiele, George C. 
Thielemann, George 
Thoelecke, L. C. 
Thomas, Mrs. B. Russel 
Thomas, Frank 

Mrs. Norbert J. 
Thomas, Joseph P. 
Thomas, Roma T. 
Thompson, C. Harold 
Thompson, H. Hoyt 
Thompson, Jack E. 
Thompson, Jack W. 
Thompson, Dr. John R. 
Thompson, Robert G. 
Thompson, Russell W. 
Thompson, Tyrus W. 
Thompson, Warren E, 

Dr. William R. 
Thorek, Dr. Philip 
Thoresen, H. B. 
Thornton Melvin L. 
Thrasher, Robert L. 
Throm, Edward L. 
Thrush, George H. 
Thulin, Mrs. Fred, Jr. 
Thurber, Joseph G. 
Tibbs, Harry M. 
Tice, Winfield 
Tiersky, Dr. Morris D. 
Tilden, Merrill W. 

Timmer, Martin J. 
Timmings, G. H. 
Tinkham, Leo V. 
Tinsley, Dr. Milton 
Tintiangco, John Jose 
Tisdall, Mrs. James M. 
Titus, Ray E. 
Tobey, Newton H. 
Tobin, Paul E. 
Toelle, R. Maynard 
Tokar, Mrs. F. J. 
Tolpin, Dr. Samuel 
Tomei, Felix J., Jr. 
Toper cer, Mrs. Sylvia 
Torok, Andrew 
Tourtelot, Edward M. 
Tower, Robert C. 
Toyomura, Dennis 
Trace, Dr. Herbert D. 
Tracy, Eugene A. 
Tracy, T. J. 
Tracy, Wheeler 
Trager, D. C. 
Trager, Frank E. 
Train, Jack D. 
Trainor, Mrs. Minita 
Traugott, Alan S. 
Travis, Dempsey J. 
Travis, Raymond 
Trayser, Vern C. 
Treasurer, Mrs. Henry J., 

Tremblay, Hubert J. 
Tremper, Robert 
Tresley, Dr. Ira J. 
Trestenjak, Harold G. 
Triggs, Warren 
Trindl, John C, Jr. 
Triner, Joseph 
Triska, Miss Mary A. 
Troeger, Miss E. M. 
Troeger, Louis P. 
Troxel, Dr. J. C. 
Troxell, R. L. 
Trueblood, Robert M. 
Trump, Robert M. 
Tucker, Irwin R. 
Tucker, Joseph W. 
Turek, A. O. 
Turner, Dr. Herbert A. 
Turner, Oliver S. 
Turner, William S. 
Tutt, Kermit E. 
Tuttle, James B. 
Tuzin, C. F. 
Twomey, Michael F., Jr. 

Uaro, Gerard M. 
Uhlmann, Richard F. 
Ultsch, W. Lewis 
Underwood, Richard C. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 


Mrs. Thomas I. 
Unger, Mrs. Dan 
Unger, Dr. Donald L. 
Unkovskoy, Mrs. Simon 
Unrad, Mrs. Joseph Ij. 
Urann, E. B. 
Urban, Alfred J. 
Urban, Andrew 
Urban, Frank 
Uretz, Daniel A. 
Uretz, Dr. Robert 
Urick, Delbert N. 
Uriell, Frank G. 
Urnes, Dr. M. P. 
Usas, Michael J. 
Ushijima, Mrs. Ruth 

Vacante, Dr. Anthony B. 
Vail, J. £)ean, Jr. 
Valentine, Paul H. 
Van Auken, Paul S. 
Van Buskirk, M. G. 
Vance, Norman, Jr. 
Vance, S. M. 
Vandenbosch, Robert 
Van Der Eb, Henry 
Vanderkloot, Dr. Albert 
Vander Kloot, 

Nicholas J. 
Vander Laan, Dr. 

Cornelius A. 
van der Meulen, John H. 
Vander Ploeg, 

Mrs. Frank 
Van De venter, 

William E. 
Van Dyk, S. A. 
Van Epps, Dr. James 
Van Etten, Floyd G. 
Van Gorkom, Mrs. J. W. 
Van Kampen, A. H. 
Van Moss, Trev 
Van Ness, A. L. 
Vanness, Charles E. 
Van Oosten, L. L. 
Van Scheltema, 

John K., Jr. 
Van Stanten, James 
Van Zelst, Theodore W. 
Varese, Anthony A. 
Varley, John S. 
Vaughan, A. W., Jr. 
Vaughn, Wilbert T. 
Veeger, Jack 
Velo, D. J. 
Velvel, Charles 
Velvel, H. R. 
Verd, Paul H. 
Vergeck, Bruno J. 
Verhaag, Dr. Joseph E. 

Ver Nooy, Miss Winifred 
Vernon, Leroy N. 
Vesey, Mrs. George W. 
Vetterick, Ronald K. 
Vicari, Dr. Frank A. 
Vick, Michael D. 
Victor, George E. 
Victorine, Vernon E. 
Vietsch, Grant C. 
Viehe-Naess, Ivar, Jr. 
Viger, James W. 
Vihon, Charles H. 
Vilas, Mrs. Royal C. 
Vilsoet, William 
Vincent, Edward R. 
Vincenti, Anthony P. 
Violett, Luther F. 
Vlcek, Dr. Anton J. 
Vogel Carl E. 
Vogt, Karl 

Voigt, Mrs. Wilbur R. 
Volakakis, John 
Vollen, Harry A. 
Vollmer, Karl F. 
Von Brauchitsch, 

Frederick C. 
Vondrasek, Earl A. 
Von Gehr, George 
Voorhis, Jerry 
Voris, Dr. Harold C. 
Vose, Hamilton, Jr. 
Voss, Frederick J. 
Voytech, Charles F. 
Vyse, T. A. E. 

Wach, Dr. Edward C. 
Wachs Daniel P 
Wack, Mrs. Edwin O. 
Wack, Mrs. Otis 

Mrs. Frederick G. 
Wade, Wendell W. 
Wagner, Everett 
Wagner, Franz 
Wagoner, William F. 
Waldie, Benjamin D. 
Waldman, Dr. Albert G. 
Waldner, Arthur L. 
Waldo, C. Ives, Jr. 
Waldron, Thomas F. 
Walgren, Lawrence C. 
Walker, Frank R. 
Walker, Dr. Maggie L. 
Walker, Malcolm M. 
Walker, Reno R. 
Wall, Mrs. Burton 

Dr. James C, Jr. 
Wallenstein, Sidney 
Wallerstein, David B. 
Wallgren, Eric M. 

Walling, Mrs. 

Willoughby G. 
Wallingford, Donald H. 
Walt, William 
Walter, Dr. Gilbert 
Walter, Robert H. 
Walters, Dirk R. 
Walters, Gary G. 
Waltman, C. E. 
Waltman, Charles T. 
Walton, Arthur K. 
Walton, C. Lee, Jr. 
Walton, Mrs. William 
Wands, Mrs. Thomas F. 
Wanger, David E., Jr. 
Wanzer, H. Stanley 
Warady, Dr. Seymore C. 
Ward C. E. 

Mrs. Joan Boettner 
Ward, Kenneth J. 
Warde, Frederick A. 
Wardwell, Allen 
Wardwell, Henry 
Ware, James R. 
Ware, Willis C. 
Wareham, Robert S. 
Warman, Winfield C. 
Warner, Kenneth 0. 
Warner, Mason 
Warner, Peter B. 
Warnke, D. F. 
Warren, James L. 
Warren, Joseph R. 
Warren, Richard C. 
Warshawsky, Roy I. 
Washburn, Dr. 

Kenneth C. 
Wassell, James L. 
Wasson, Theron 
Wasz, Robert H. 
Waterfield, John R. 
Waterman, Mrs. Alex H. 
Waterman, Mrs. William 
Watling, John 
Watrous, Dr. R. M. 
Watson, Donald S. 
Watson, Norman E. 
Watson, Mrs. Thomas S., 

Watts, James A. 
Wayne, Albert R. 
Weatherby, George W. 
Weathers, Everett A. 
Webb, Dr. J. Lewis 
Webber, Mrs. Gayle M. 
Webber, Mrs. Harriet P. 
Webber, Richard 
Weber, James E. 
Weber, Miss Laura M. 
Weber, Milan G. 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Webster, Dr. Augusta 
Webster, N. C. 
Weeks, Harrison S. 
Weideman, Dr. John A. 
Weidert, William C. 
Weigly, Ted C. 
Weil, Mrs. Carl H. 
Weil, David Maxwell 
Weiner, Aaron B. 
Weiner, Charles 
Weinstein, Harold 
Weinstein, S. M. 
Weintroub, Benjamin 
Weis, Le Roy 
Weisbrod, Mrs. 

H. Johnstone 
Weiskirch, Sidney A. 
Weisman, Mrs. Nat 
Weiss, Dr. Arthur M. 
Weiss, Dr. Jack Allan 
Weiss, Louis J. 
Weiss, Miss Viola Y. 
Weisz, WilUam J. 
Weldon, Clarence W. 
Weldon, Paul T. 
Wellman, Lester R., Jr. 
Wells, Frank, C. 
Wells, Maurice Lamont 
Welsh, Vernon M. 
Wenner, Mrs. David, Jr. 
Werner, Mrs. A. J. 
Werner, Charles S. 
Werrenrath, Reinald, Jr. 
Wessling, Richard 
West, James D. 
West, Lawrence J. 
West, Richard L. 
Westbrook, Charles H. 
Westerfield, Harry G. 
Westerhold, Mrs. 

Lenora C. 
Westin, Glenn V. 
Wetherell, Warren 
Wetmore, Frank O., II 
Wetzel, Mrs. Jeannette 
Whall, Arthur L. 
Wharton, Mrs. 

Joseph P., Jr. 
Wheeler, John B. 
Wheeler, W. L. 
Whipple, Mrs. Jay N. 
Whitaker, Arnold C. 
White, Gordon 
White, Dr. Gregory J. 
White, John, Jr. 
White Lester B. 
White, Dr. Philip C. 
White, Philip M. 
White, Dr. Ralph P. 
White, Richard H. 


Adm. Richard 
Whitelock, John B. 
Whiteman, Weston K. 
Whitsell, Dr. F. M. 
Whittaker, Otto 
Wickersham, Mrs. Lucille 
Widduck, Louis G. 
Wieczorowski, Robert E. 
Wieringa, Robert T. 
Wiesman, Clarence K. 
Wiggins, Stanley F. 
Wilby, A. C. 
Wile, Mrs. Richard F. 
Wiles, Bradford 
Wilkes, Mrs. R. M. 
Wilkie, Goodrich 
Wilkin, James F. 
Wilkow, William W. 
Wille, James H. 
Williams, Albert D. 
Williams, Bennett 
Williams, Donald B. 
Williams, Mrs. 

Ednyfed H. 
Williams Edward J. 
Williams, Lynn A. 
Williams, Dr. Philip C. 
WilHams, Ralph E. 
Williams, R. Arthur 
Williams, Robert C. 
Williamson, Harold A. 
Willing, Mrs. Mark S., Jr. 
Willis, George H. 
Willy, Dr. Ralph G. 
Wilmouth, Robert K. 
Wilsey, Dr. H. Lawrence 
Wilson, Bruce 

Miss Christine 
Wilson, Christopher W. 

Christopher W., Jr. 
Wilson, Dana F. 
Wilson, Dr. Earle E. 
Wilson, E. W. 
Wilson, Miss Emily C. 
Wilson, Gordon 
Wilson, Grant V. 
Wilson, H. B. 
Wilson, Harold E. 
Wilson, Robert J. 
Wilson, Robert M. 
Wilton, Mrs. Oliver N. 
Wilz, Kenneth J. 
Winkenweder, V. 0. 
Winkler, Edward 
Winston, Farwell 
Winter, Mrs. Edwin 
Winter, Mrs. Gibson 
Winter, Ted 

Winterbotham, John R. 
Winternitz, Lester 
Winters, Ernest J. 
Wise, Dr. Sidney S. 
Wishingrad, Dr. Lester 
Wiss, Dr. Edward J. 
Witcher, Mrs. E. K. 
Witte, Lester 
Wittenberg, Harvey 
Witty, Dr. Drake R. A. 
Wlocholl, Arthur 
Wojnarowsky, Dr. 

Wolcoff, Phillip 
Wolf, Albert M. 
Wolf, C. W. 
Wolf, Morris E. 
Wolf, Mrs. Walter B. 
Wolfe, Hubert J. 
Wolff, Armin M., Jr. 
Wolff, Arnold R. 
Wolff, Robert E. 
Wood, Alexander M. 
Wood, C. A. 
Wood, Harold F. 
Wood, James O. 
Wood, Kenward T. 
Wood, Reverend 

Walter S. 
Wood, William A. 
Wood, Mrs. William J. 
Woodall, Lloyd 
Woodhead, Daniel, Jr. 
Woodman, Dudley J. 
Woods, Robert A. 
Woodside, William S. 
Woodson, William T. 
Woodward, Miss 

Mary H. 
Woolpy, Max 
Workman, S. L. 
Wormser, Walter 
Worrill, Walter F. 
Worthy, James C. 
Wray, Glenn 
Wright, John A. 
Wright, C. G. 
Wright, Mrs. Clark 
Wright, David C. 
Wright, Dr. F. Howell 
Wright, J. H. 
Wright, Lewis J. 
Wright, Miss 

Margaret J. 
Wrightson, William F. 
Wunder, Frederick R. 
Wyatt, William R. 
Wydra, Henry 
Wyman, Austin L., Jr. 
Wyne, Walter 
Wynne, Mrs. Lloyd 


ANNUAL MEMBERS (continued) 

Xelowski, Dr. Thad 

Yacullo, Dr. William A. 
Yager, Richard Sidney 
Yavitz, Sidney M. 
Yelich, Theodore N. 
Yellin, Morris 
Yeoman, George W. 
Yerges, Lyle F. 
Yesnick, Dr. Louis 
Ylvsaker, L. 
Yntema, Dr. Leonard F. 
Yohe, C. Lloyd 
Young, Samuel H. 
Young, William T., Jr. 
Youngblood, John V. 
Youngren, W. W. 

Ytterberg, Victor E. 

Zabor, Dr. Robert C. 
Zaczek, Miss 

Genevieve A. 
Zahn, Louis 
Zambrow, Dr. John L. 
Zamirowski, Ted, Jr. 
Zbiegien, Theodore F. 
Zehr, Ores E. 
Zeitlin, Dr. N. S. 
Zeitlin, Samuel E. 
Zekman, Dr. Theodore N. 
Zelinsky, Mrs. S. F. 
Zeller, Charles B. 
Zerega, Joseph J. 
Zigler, John D. 

Zilen, John E. 
Zimmermann, Arthur W. 
Zimmerman, Austin M. 
Zimmerman, Charles W. 
Zimmerman, Irving 
Zimmerman, Dr. Nathan 
Zimmermann, Frank 0. 
Zimmermann, Mrs. P. T. 
Ziontz, George 
Zisook, Edmond N. 
Zitmore, Albert 
Zitzewitz, Arthur F. 
Zoll, William F. 
Zornow, H. F. 
Zurek, Anthony A. 
Zuvers, Howard E. 
Zylstra, Clifford H. 


Armanetti, Guy 

Cannon, Le Grand 
Conglis, Nicholas P. 
Conley, Charles P. 

Drennan, Walter R. 

Edgerly, Daniel W. 
Everett, Richard M., Jr. 

Grass, A. Irving 
Grinstead, M. W. 
Grossner, Joseph 

Haaksma, Wallace H. 
Harper, Harry H. 
Hart, Mrs. H. G. 
Higdon, Harry J. 
Huddleston, J. W. 

Janis, Robert F. 
Johnson, R. C. 

Kellogg, James G. 
Krumdieck, Leo 

Landy, Bernard W. 
Lavezzorio, John M. 
Loventhal, William G. 

McClow, Lloyd L. 
McCoy, Charles S. 
Montenier, Jules 
Mullen, J. Bernard Jr. 

Natchett, Webster 

Old, Admiral Francis P. 

Paisley, W. W. 

Pauley, Clarence 0. 
Perry, Archie N. 

Roth, Sylvan A. 
Royds, Arthur V. 

Schurman, Jacques D. 
Schuttler, Mrs. Peter 
Seymour, Fletcher 
Shuflitowski, Joseph T. 
Smith, Robert C. 
Sparberg, Sidney J, 

Miss Katherine J. 
Stirling, Miss Dorothy 
Stone, Peter 
Storkan, Mrs. James 


Mrs. Joseph L.