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Full text of "Representative Clevelanders : a biographical directory of leading men and women in present day Cleveland community"

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The Cleveland Topics Co. 

Caxton Bldg. Cherry 1935 


A Biographical Directory of Leading Men and Women 
in Present'Day Cleveland Community 


The Cleveland Topics Co. 



1927 ■' 



Copyrighted iq26. by the 
The Cleveland Topics Co. 


IN a spirit of community helpfulness this volume has been conceived and prepared 
after more than a year of painstaking effort. In the undertaking — the first of the 
kind in Cleveland — the aim has been to produce a standard biographical reference 
source, but aside from such usefulness, the sketches are intended to serve as a mirror 
of current progress because the records of individual citizens go to make the substantial 
growth of the city. Printed proofs of all data having been submitted for approval and 
the vital statistics having been sanctioned by those whose names are included, this 
work is in reality an autobiographical compendium, covering a large portion of Cleve- 
land's representative population. 

Up to this time Cleveland has been one of the few vast centers in which such a 
book has not been available. Access to information about men and women in everyday 
business, civic or personal affairs has been difficult, therefore, to obtain. In the 
early days of Cleveland's existence, down through the nineteenth century, everyone 
was Well acquainted with one another. When curious folks came via the Ohio Canal 
to see or to trade, they had plenty of leisure to find out what they did not know about 
the city or the people wath whom they dealt. Since Alfred Kelley built the city's 
first railroad on to the time of development of super-arteries of transportation by rail, 
water and air, there still continued that degree of congeniality in which all met as 

Since the beginning of the present century, in which Cleveland moved up as a city, 
the trend has been toward limitation of intimate personal acquaintance. The lackadais- 
ical era in which people called one another by their first names and in which handshakers 
were omnipresent, is followed by a new period. Now a city of a million persons and 
the natural hub of at least two million people in one of the most prosperous sections 
of the United States rather demands authentic records about persons and affairs. 

In selecting names, every possible effort has been exerted to procure information 
from all who were deemed eligible, but some names, which were desired, are missing 
for reasons of personal modesty or misunderstanding of the real object of this enter- 
prise. In every case written requests were sent by mail and in many instances per- 
sonal solicitation was made in order that the purpose might be fully understood. Some 
who have not been included may be surprised. Others who are included may wonder 
w hy certain names were selected along with theirs. But we wish to impress forcibly 
that in the selection of a representative list many conditions had to be considered; 
prominence in daily prints or prestige in form of authority or wealth had to be con- 
sidered in relation to the idea of the volume, and the real purpose of it. All names 
have been chosen impartially and for no consideration other than desirability. The 
book is limited to living subjects and to legitimate information about persons, but in 
case of death of anyone whose questionnaire had been returned and in the hands of 
the publishers, the same has been included as prepared and marked (Deceased). 

Anyone who wishes to know about a representative citizen of Cleveland, as to 
where he came from, how educated, regarding his home life, politics, military or pos- 
sibly religious affiliations, or something of the various steps in accomplishing a career, 
may turn to this alphabetical list for the desired answer. Or for those who wish to 

know more about certain friends or acquaintances, the volume is intended to be en- 

The press of Cleveland, daily, weekly and metropolitan, will find "Representative 
Clevelanders" especially helpful on many points of importance and interest. Errors easily 
occurring in hasty writing or hurried preparation may be obviated to a degree by 
use of the compiled data which is in a standardized type form and style. Restrictions 
to accomplish uniformity may be misunderstood in some instances but the practicability 
of the form adopted will be apparent in usage. Libraries in Cleveland as well as in 
many other cities early signified their desire to have the book on their shelves. 

As this volume makes its appearance Cleveland stands on the threshold of a new 
advance in industry and transportation. 

When it is considered that ten million passengers or nearly one-tenth of the total 
population of the country are carried every year by steam railways, interurbans and 
busses in and out of the city, and that sixteen million tons of freight are hauled in by 
rail carriers annually, part of which is consumed and the remainder of which is 
manufactured into millions of tons of cargoes for outgoing shipments, one can realize 
more fully the urgent need of enlarged fact and figure references. Publications gen- 
erally now concern themselves not so much about abstract affairs as about persons, 
who they are, what they are doing, where they came from and how they succeeded. 

Increasing importance of Cleveland as a financial center also emphasizes the in- 
creased necessity of accurate vital statistical records for use of banks and business 
houses. Since the Federal Reserve system was inaugurated in 19 14, resources of the 
member banks in the fourth district, of which Cleveland is the center, have more than 
tripled, now totaling close to four billion dollars. But more important than banking 
figures or transportation or manufacturing prestige is the growth of Cleveland's civic 
spirit before which the provincialism of olden days has been forced to bow, and to which 
this work is dedicated. 

To those who responded courteously to this enterprise and with an understanding 
such as moved them to act for mutual community advantage, we express our feeling of 

No doubt, as time goes on there will be necessity of revision and in order to 
assure of this we will later invite suggestions for improvement or advice as to changes 
in biographical data, changes of address or of business associations, and especially 
notices of deaths. 

R. Y. McCRAY, 


Representative Clevelanders 


ABBKY, dizabeth Lamprecht; born, Cleve- 
land, July 28, 1895; daughter G. O. and 
Emma (Power) Lamprecht; educated, Miss 
Mittleberger's, Sibley, Laurel schools and 
Cleveland kindergarten training schools; 
married, Cleveland, Oct. 4, 1917 to Robert Par- 
sons Abbey — children: Robert Lamprecht 
and Sterling Parsons Abbey. Residence: 
2300 S. Overlook-rd., Cleve. Hghts. 

ABBEY, Robert Parsons, attorney; mgr. 
trust dept. Canton First Natl. Bank; born 
China, Oct. 5, 1883; son Robert Easton and 
Louise (Parsons) Abbey; educated Wooster 
Univ., B.A., and Cleveland Law School, L.L.B.; 
married, Cleveland, Oct 4, 1917 to Elizabeth 
Lamprecht — children: Robert Lamprecht and 
Sterling Parsons Abbey. Member Beta Theta 
Pi, Delta Theta Phi fraternities. Canton, 
Brookside Country, University Exchange, Ad 
and Hermit clubs; Canton Chamber of Com- 
merce and Real Estate Board. Residence: 
2300 S. Overlook-rd., Cleve. Hghts. Office 
1630 Euclid-ave. 

ABBOTT, Anna Smith, born Cleveland, Dec. 
12, 1861; daughter Stiles Curtis and Catherine 
(Gleeson) Smith; educated Sterling and 
Brooks schools, Cleveland and Mrs. Pratt's 
school, Utica, N. Y.; married, Cleveland, Nov. 
5, 1885 to Henry Stanley Abbott, Columbus, 
O. — children: Catherine Smith, Cobb, Mary 
Stanley, James Samuel Abbott, II. Member 
Daughters Amer. Rev.; New Eng. Soc, (I!leve- 
land; George Washington-Sulgrave Insti., 
N. Y. ; Chagrin Valley Hunt, Women's City 
clubs. Residence: 2832 Weybridge-rd., Shaker 

ABBOTT, Asa Appleton, clergyman; born, 
Macon County. Mo., July 12, 1850; son William 
Dudley and Mahulda (Kirby) Abbott; edu- 
cated, public and private schools of Linn, 
Macon and Adair Counties, Mo.; Seabury Di- 
vinity school, Faribault, Minn., degree B. D. 
and D. D. ; married, Salem, N. J., May 17, 1921 
to Isabel A. Kedney; ordained to the priest- 
hood in Protestant Episcopal church, 1884, be- 
gan ministry at Cathedral of Our Merciful 
Saviour, Faribault, Minn.; subsequently hold- 
ing rector.'ships at Vincennes, Ind., Evansville, 
Ind., and Warren, O., effective from January 
1, 1899; was appointed by The Rt. Rev. Will- 
iam Andrew Leonard, D.D., Bishop of Ohio, 
to office of archdeacon of that diocese, serv- 
ing 21 years, after which time he resigned 
to accept appointment as Senior canon of 
Trinity cathedral, Cleveland; author of "A 
Pioneer Family of the West." Residence: 
New Amsterdam Hotel. Office: Trinity Ca- 

ABBOTT, Dorothy Wllbor, born, Cleveland, 
Dec. 25, 1895; daughter Lucien Arthur and 
Mabel (Brooks) Wilbor; educated Laurel 
school, class 1913 and Holton-Arma school, 
Washington, D. C. ; married, Cleveland, June 
28, 1917 to James Samuel Abbott II. — chil- 
dren: James Samuel Abbott III. Member 
Junior League, Cleveland and Laurel Alum- 
ni assoc. Residence: 2891 Huntington-rd., 
Shaker Hghts. 

ABBOTT, Gardner, attorney, born Cincinnati 
O., Dec. 11, 1878, son Willard and Caroline 
Powers (Younglove) Abbott, educated Phillips 
Academy, Andover, Mass.; Yale Univ., A. B. ; 
Columbia Law school, LL.B. ; married, Cleve- 
land, Oct. 16, 1912 to Lois A. Allen — children, 
Gardner, Luther Allen, Willard and Julian 
Abbott; on Cleveland board of health, 1912; 
member Troop A; asst. chief of staff 83rd Div. 
N. A.; world war, served in France as major 
G. S. with 57th British Div., and 37th French 
Div. and 2nd depot Div. A. E. F.; lieut. col. O. 
R. C. ; in office of Blandin, Rice and Ginn, 1905; 
started in business for himself 1909; with firm 
ToUes, Hogsett, Ginn & Morley since 1914; 
treas. Postergraph Co.; pres. Abbott Realty 
Co.; sec. Babies Dispensary and hospital; 
director Guardian Trust Co.; identified with 
Universities, Hospitals and Babies and Chil- 
dren's hospital; member Andover P. A. E.; 
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; Columbia Phi 
Delta Phi; Wolf's Head; Union Nisi Prius, 
Mid-Day, Kirtland, Pepper Pike and Tavern 
clubs. Recreation: music and golf. Resi- 
dence: 2531 North Park-blvd. OflEice: Union 
Trust Bldg. 

ABBOTT, Walter Hazelton, electrical and 
mechanical engineer; born Aura, N. J.; son 
Harry J. and Ella (Hazelton) Abbott: edu- 
cated Pennington seminary, N. J.; Univ. of 
Chicago, B.S. ; student course. Ft. Wayne Elec 
works, Ind.; Ecole Internationale d Electricltl, 
Paris, France, married, Cleveland, 1903 to 
Winifred Manlove — children, two. Vice pres., 
Continental Gas & Elec. Corp.; Canada Gas & 
Elec. Corp.; Iowa Service Co.; Nebraska Gas 
& Elec. and Lincoln Gas & Elec. Light Co.; 
member Amer. Inst. Elec. Engln., Cleveland 
Eng. Soc; the Spanish club, Cleveland; trus- 
tee of permanent fund, Cleve. Eng. Soc; La 
Malson Francalse, Cleveland; Chagrin Valley 
Country club. Chamber of Commerce. Resi- 
dence: 1849 Rosalind-ave. E. C. Oflice: Cuya- 
hoga Bldg. 

ABBOTT, WMlIlam Jamienon. physician, eye, 
ear, nose and throat, born Canada, Aug. 11. 
1874; son Albert and Elizabeth B. (Jamleson) 
Abbott; educated Univ. of Toronto, B.A., 1897; 


M.B., 1901; post graduate work, London, Ackerman; educated, Atlanta, Madison pub- 
Eng-.; Interne Lakeside hospital, Cleveland; lie schools, Southern Military Acad., Mllledge- 
married, Cleveland, April 11, 1906 — children: ville Ga., Western Reserve Law school and 
Mary Crozler, Jane Elizabeth, John Crozler, grad. Cleveland Law school; married, Bow- 
William Edwin Abbott. During world war ling Green, Ky. June 18, 1908 to Lorelle Rus- 
member advisory examining board: member sell Natcher — children: Abram Kennedy 
Cleveland Academy Med.; Ohio State Med. II, and William Houston Ackerman. First 
Soc. : Amer. Med. Assn.; Amer. Laryngological, pres. Northern Ohio Fish & Game Protec- 
Rinological and Otological Society. Resi- tlve Assn.; first pres. Cleveland Tournament 
dence: 1898 Woodward-ave., Hghts. Office: Caster's club; former senior councilor. United 
8314 Euclid-ave. Commercial Travelers; former pres. Cleve- 
ABEL, Lt. Col. Charles L.. publications 1^"^ Wholesale Grocers Baseball League: 
writer; born, London. England., Oct. 12, 1891; trustee, Snow Lake Fishing and Hunting 
son, Juan ckrlos and Anna A. E. (Griepen- ^1"^= "i^"wf®I' J^v,'}'"'"*!, ^''^Q^T^" S^™^ ^®'" 
kerl) Abel; educated N. Y. City public schools; ^'i®: admitted Ohio Bar 1906; twelve years 
DeWitt Clinton high school; Spencerian Com- *^sh and game editor Cleveland News, twelve 
mercial schools, Cleveland; world war, en- years same capacity N. E. A. service; former 
tered 1st officers training camp. Ft. BenJ. Har- assoc. editor Sportman's Review, Outdoor 

Sherman, O.; promoted major A. G. D. Sept. Canadian Camp, N. Y.; member Cleveland 

18, 1918; remained as personnel adjutant Advertising Club, Northern Ohio Fish & 

Camp Sherman until discharged Sept. 25, 1919; Game, Old Colony, Aviation and Athletic and 

appointed Lt. Col. A. G. D. Jan. 10, 1920; still Ackerman's camp clubs. Residence: 1B816 

active in reserve activities; Editor Abel's Hazel-rd. E. C. Office: 1213 W-3rd st. 

Photographic Weekly; The Commercial Pho- Ar-irmmw atw n^i..^ n r^^^^^■.^■\^^,. 

tographer; Building Industry (official organ a ,^£^n'!^^^,^H„n^?J?l^^ . k'«.„ °T?iL v rl' 

Builder's Exchange); member Royal Photo- ^.T^ '"^ 4m^-^""^ "/^?°-' ^,2^",', ^f"^* T° 

graphic Society of Great Britain; Photo- City, son William and Mary (Fallon) Acker- 

grapher's assn. of America; Reserve Officers 5l^"- .^-^"^JSf i^iVV^eJErf"'^ ^-^m^.^^'*"!^"; ^^w 

assn. of U. S., (director local chapter): Army ^?" = ^^® ^^"^^ Manor. Office: Ft. of W. 

Officers assoc. (director local chapter); assoc. o'ltn-st. 

member Buiders Exchange of Cleveland ADAMS, Almeda C, teacher of singing; 

Northern Ohio Gun and Country Club, born, Corhernton, Penn.. Feb. 26, 1865; daugh- 

(treas.); Army & Navy Post No. 54, Amer. ter James and Katherine (Ketchum) Adams; 

L^£lS?.L ^ <?^^^'' °^ ?.?"1™^^®1 Z'^'^'i?''^' educated. Ohio State School for Blind, New 

committee) Sojourners Club; Pentalpha Blue England Conservatory of Music, Boston; pri- 

Lodge. Windermere Chapter; Museum of Art; ^ate teachers. N. Y.; member Fortnightly 

Cleveland Automobile Club. Recreation: rid- Musical and Womens Music Teachers clubs; 

AfkrJT^^'^Vlf\^°^}l^' ^^T^- K?!^^^®"/'®- has been without sight since babyhood but 

Cleveland Athletic Club. Office: 515 Caxton has been self-supporting and helped sup- 

°' port others since age of 20; originator of 

ABEMv. John B., Industrial counsellor, Cleveland Music School Settlement and con- 
born. Springfield, O. April 8. 1893; son John ducted classes in every social settlement of 
B. and Mary O. (Upp) Abell: educated Oberlin Cleveland. Residence: The Commodore. Of- 
preparatory. Western Reserve and Ohio State Ace: 409 Frederick Bldg., 2063 E. 4th st. 
Univ.; married, Chicago. 111.. July 23, 1921, »T>.-fe r-k-.i^ e^j„.„_ ^^r.^f^^t.-.^^,.- 
to Nelda C. Geahry— children: John H Abell h„^?^r^!* ,,5„^*''Tnn. s^ Vfi..q™ ^^n ''^/.fj; 
Jr.. and Nelda Catherine Abell. Former chief ^o*^" Cleveland, June 8, 1859; son Edgar 
Immigration bureau. Cleveland; former sec'y. ^^^"^,^ f""^ Jf^^^u"^^,^^ Adams, educated 
unemployment commission Cleveland Foun- Cleveland Public schools; married. Cleveland, 
dation; former sec'y. Findlay O. street rail- Jp"® l^' }^^\ ^° -11"^,'^ Bowley— chl dren: 
way commission; during war, with the Sher- J^": Bessie Jean Hall; a leading citizen. 
win-Williams Co., Cleveland. Detroit. Chicago During World war was general chairman war 
and Newark, N. J. plants; did reorganization chest activities and prior to that time he was 
work for Chicago City Club; sec'y and or- ^^^P noted for leadership in charity cam- 
ganlzer Findlay. O. Chamber of Commerce; Paigns, especially hospitals, among them be- 
newspaper and magazine writer over period 1"^ the largest ones ever conducted in Cleve- 
of years; pres. John B. Abell Organization, land; pres. and gen. manager. The Cleveland 
Cleveland, and John B. Abell and Associates, Hardware Co.. director Cleveland Trust Co.. 
Toledo; member I. O. O. P., Cleveland Auto Commonwealth Savings & Loan Co.. Cleve- 
clubs; Chamber of Commerce. Recreations: land Life Insurance Co.; Is now vice pres. 
motoring, fishing, swimming, golf. Residence: ot the Mid-Day club, trustee of the Cleve- 
2982 Somerton-rd., Hghts. Office: 637 Union land Community Fund, Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. 
Trust Bldg. A. and Welfare Federation; member Union 

ACKER, Fred IV., lawyer, born Cleveland, Mayfleld, Mid-day, Cleveland Advertising and 

Aug. 15, 1895; son Stephen N. and Louise City clubs. Recreation, golf and garden- 

(Wels) Acker: educated Ohio North. Univ., Ing. Residence: 2700 E. Overlook-rd. Office: 

Ada, O. L.L.B.; married, Cleveland, Oct. 23. Lakeside-ave. & E. 45th st. 

1924 to Margaret M. Zurlinden; U. S. Army of .t..ii,b i^^h.^i. *u r- u*« 4r,«„..o.,«» <-«„», 

Occupation. World war; practiced law since ADAMS. Ellrnbeth C, life Insurance coun- 

July 3. 1922; dir. and sec'y. Ohio Loan Co., ff^°'"= ]'°'? Jamestown, O.; daughter Thomas 

Hall Road Land Co., Royal Brass Co., Stand- ^- ^n^ Amanda (Davis) Adams; graduate 

ard Barber Sup. Co.; member Cleveland Bar Jamestown, C>. high school; war camp com- 

Assn.. Chamber of Commerce; Delta Theta munity service for girls Pensacola Fla. 

Phi fraternity. Recreation: tennis. Residence: ^"'■*"S, 7f/:"^^"^S«rJ^°.'r«" ^ ^?Pt.. Phoenix 

1580 Chesterland-ave. Office: 1747 Union J^^^tual Life Ins Co. Residence: 1906 E. 84 st. 

Trust Bldg. Office: 308 Euclld-ave. Bldg. 

ACKEHMAN, Morris, editor and publisher; ADAMS, Ezra Stllesj born, Elyrla. O.; son 
born Madison. Ga.. March 14 1883- son Abram Ezra Stiles and Lydla (Pond) Adams; mar- 
Kennedy and Lilly Kennedy (Robertson) ried. Wellington, O., to Jennie L. McClelland — 


children, Louise Adams and Georgia (Adams) 
Drake, (Mrs. E. A. Drake); member 176th 
Regiment O. V. I., Civil War; one of found- 
ers Commercial Trade Review; Cleveland 
ri'proseiitative of The Iron Age of New York 
for 28 years. Residence: 2820 Coleridge-rd. 

ADAMS, Frances A., teacher; born Cleve- 
land, Jan. 2, 1857; daughter Rev. Seymour W. 
Adams, D. D. and Augusta (Hoyt) Adams; 
educated Cleveland public schools, and Cleve- 
land Acad., Vassar College, A.B., Class 1877. 
During World war did Red Cross and cleri- 
cal work; also did committee work with 
the Citizens League; teacher. Central High 
school, 1877-1900; ass't principal East High 
school from organization in 1900-21, when 
she resigned; member Phi Beta Kappa fra- 
ternity; member Children's committee, Cleve- 
land Humane Soc; Cleveland Branch Vassar 
Alumnae Assn.; Women's Council for Peace 
Promotion; member Women's Auxiliary of 
Cleveland Orchestra, Women's City club and 
serves on various committees. Recreations, 
music and theatre. Residence: 1523 E. Blvd. 

ADAMS, Francis Drake, partner, Murfey, 
Blossom, Morris & Co.; born, Akron, O., Feb. 
15, 1891; son Roswell Gibbs and Ruth Aug- 
usta (Drake) Adams; educated, Western Re- 
serve University, 1913; married, Cleveland, 
Nov. 5, 1924 to E. Ruth Lucas; member Troop 
A.: world war 1st Lt. 72nd Field Artillery; 
member Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Resi- 
dence: 3139 Montgomery-rd., Shaker Hghts. 
Office: 504 Guardian Bldg. 

ADAMS, George Dana, manufacturer; born 
Warren, O., Feb. 17, 1863; son George and 
Elizabeth (Dana) Adams; educated, common 
schools, Warren, O.; Hiram College; married 
Cleveland, O., July 22, 1916 to Pearl Bittle — 
children, Ruth and Jeanne Adams, Margaret 
Adams Schmidt by former marriage (in 1887 
^^wlth Grace Field); came to Cleveland 1879; 
first employed, Adams Jewett Co., until 1895; 
started Cleveland Bag Factory; later Cleve- 
land Akron Bag Co., general mgr., vice pres. 
and pres. until merger. Chase Bag Co., 1925 — 
of which he is vice pres.; director Adams Bag 
Co.; vice-pres. Chase Bag Co.; directoi* 
Cleve. Animal Protective league; all Ma- 
sonic orders; society Colonial wars; Son3 
Amer. Rev.; Ohio Society, N. Y.; member 
Union, Athletic, and Acacia clubs; Circum- 
navigation club, N. Y. ; grandson, Ashael 
Adams who taught school at foot of Superior- 
ave., in 1806 In log cabin for $50 per year; 
also carried mail between Cleveland and 
Pittsburgh, on horseback in 1813 (one trip 
a week); Residence: 2234 Woodmere-dr. of- 
fice: Chase Bag Co., E. 40th st. and Perklns- 

ADAMS, Robert H., wholesaler school sup- 
plies; born, E. Smlthfleld, Pa., Dec. 23, 1881; 
son Levi T. and Charlotte Clair Adams; edu- 
cated, Cazenovia seminary, Cazenovla, N. Y. ; 
married, Erie, Pa., Feb. 21, 1905 to Daisy 
White — children. Marguerite and Robert H. 
Adams jr.; married second time, Sewlckley, 
Pa., March 15, 1924 to Jean Snedden; partner 
J. R. Holcomb & Co.; member City club and 
Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 11907 Mt. 
Overlook-av. Office: 1331 St. Clair-av. 

ADAMS, Rnth AnsTunta; born, Cleveland, 
O., 1857; daughter Joseph J. and Augusta Ann 
(Briggs) Adams; educated, Cleveland grade 
and high schools; supplemental education in 
mu.sic, art and literature; Samuel Adams, 
Revolutionary veteran came to Cleveland 
1835; born Boston, served in army and navy; 
Samuel Adams' son, came to Cleveland 1840 

with family; father, Joseph J. Adams was his 
son; Samuel E. Adams, well-known lawyer, 
also one of his sons; last of the family liv- 
ing In Cleveland. Residence: 1910 E. 84-st. 

ADAMS, Theodore F.. minister; born, Paly- 
myra, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1898; son Rev. Floyd H. 
and Evelyn (Parkes) Adams; educated, Deni- 
son univ., B.A.; Rochester Thelog. Sem., B.D.; 
Hammond, Ind., high school; National College 
Chiropractic, D. C. ; married, Beaver Dam, 
Wis.. Feb. 26 1925 to Esther Jillson; pastor, 
Cleveland Pleights Baptist church; president 
Baptist Young Peoples' union of Ohio, 1924- 
'25; vice pres., Young Peoples' Union of 
America, 1925-'26; pastor Dewey Avenue 
Union church, Rochester, N. Y., 1922-1924; 
Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Theta Pi and Phi Mu 
Alpha (musical) fraternities; member City 
club. Residence: 3309 Silsby-rd. 

ADAMS, Walter Howard, public accoun- 
tant; born, Armstrong Co., Pa., Aug. 7, 1876; 
son Joseph Shields and Mary (Blaine) Adams; 
educated, Pittsburgh; married, Leetonla, O., 
1902 to Nettie Ferguson — children, daughter 
and son; former mayor Leetonla, O. and sec. 
Republican county committee, Columbiana 
county; mgr. Haskins & Sells and former 
vice-pres. and treas. Continental Supply Co., 
St. Louis, Mo.; sec. and treas. Insulating 
Lumber Co.; member Masonic lodge; past 
masters assn.; High Noon club. Recreation: 
golf. Residence: 1360 Ansel-rd. Office: 713 
Federal Reserve Bank Bldg. 

ADELBERG, Irving Samuel, district manager; 
born, St. Louis, Dec. 9, 1887; son Adolph and 
Mary (Hammer) Adelberg; educated St. Louis 
public schools; married, St. Louis, Jan. 3, 1915 
to Dollye Berlin; Century Electric Co., St. 
Louis since 1907 and manager New Y'ork, 
Philadelphia and Cleveland offices at different 
times; director Century Electric Co.; member 
Assn. Inst, of E.E. ; member Chamber of 
Commerce. Residence: 2026 E. 107th-st. 
Office: 958-60 Hanna Bldg. 

ADELSTEIN, Charles S., orthodontist; born, 
Russia, Aug. 17, 1895; son Simon and Dina 
(Fertel) Adelstein; educated, Louisville Col- 
lege of Dentistry, 1917; International School 
of Orthodontia, 1924; married, Cleveland, 1920 
to Florence B. Jacobs; chairman membership 
committee, Cleveland Dental Soc. and treas. 
1925-26; also member Ohio State Dental Soc, 
American Dental and Northern Ohio Dental 
Assns.; Residence: 2577 Euclid Hghts Blvd. 
Office: 830 Rose Bldg. 

AEBERLI, Fred, physician; born, Zurich, 
Switzerland. Feb. 19, 1878; educated, public 
schools. Switzerland and United States; Ger- 
man Wallace, bachelor science; Ohio State 
Univ., M. D. ; post graduate, Univ. Zurich; 
married, Cleveland, Dec. 2, 1909 to Minnie L. 
.•\u; fellow Am. Medical assn.; Cleveland 
Academy Medicine; Ohio State Medical So- 
ciety; Medical staff, Glenville hospital; mem- 
ber Cleveland Club. Residence: 8514 Wade 
Park-ave. Office: same. 

AEBERI.I, Minnie L., grad. nurse; born, 
Mansfield, O., Feb. 8, 1879; daughter John H. 
and Evalyn (Hartupee) Au.; educated, pub- 
lic schools, graduated 1906 Huron-rd hos- 
pital; married, Cleveland, Dec. 2, 1909 to Dr. 
Fred Aeberli; member Western Reserve chap- 
ter D. A. R., Cleveland Sorosls. Residence: 
8514 Wade Park-ave. 

AFFELDER, Harry F., mechanical engi- 
neer; born, Pittsburgh, May 10, 1881; son 
Jacob and Kate (Flieshman) Affelder; Adu- 


cated. Allegheny grammar and high schools; 
Case school; married, Cleveland, Oct. 21, 1912 
to Rhoda Littman — children, Lewis J. and 
Ruth Jane Affelder; engineering dept. West- 
inghouse Machine Co., Pittsburgh, 1904-06; 
N C. Wil.son, consulting engineer, Pitts- 
burgh, 1906-07; Keystone Eng. Co., Pitts- 
burgh, 1907-08; Allis-Chalmers Co., Pitts- 
burgh office, erecting and sales engineer, 
1908-13; taught mathematics and machine de- 
sign, night school, Carnegie Tech, 1905-07; 
vice-pres. and supt. The "Wolf Env. Co.; 
sec.-treas. Wald Realty Co.; pres. The Wolf 
Detroit Envelope Co. and Envelope Realty 
Co., Detroit; member Tau Beta Phi and Sig- 
ma Psi fraternities; Owl and Key society; 
City, Town, Oakwood and Cleveland Auto 
clubs. Residence: 2575 Norfolk-rd., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: P. O. Box 413. 

AGATE, Georgre Rowland, treasurer, Cleve- 
land Plain Dealer; born, Lorain county, Ohio, 
June 17, 1856; son Lafayette and Philena 
(Reynold) Agate; educated Elyriahigh school; 
married East Brady, Pa., Feb. 22, 1882 to Jen- 
nie Antoinette Clark — children, June An- 
toinette (Mrs. Ralph Souerbeck); connected 
vi'ith Cleveland Herald, Oct. 11, 1881; with 
Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 15, 1885, con- 
tinuing since; spends winters in Florida. 
Residence: 44 E. 194th-st. Office: 415 Plain 
Dealer Bldg. 

AGNEVV, CeloteN J., attorney at law; born, 
Pittsburgli, Pa., Mar. 24, 1887; son William 
r)aly and Emma (Reddick) Agnew; educated, 
Pittsburgh public schools, Baldwin Wallace 
Academy; Baldwin Wallace College, LL.B., 
1918; admitted to Bar 1918; married, New- 
castle, Pa., Nov. 5, 1921 to Edna Faye Dor- 
sey; republican candidate for judge of mu- 
nicipal court, 1923; member Western Reserve 
Republican Club, assoc. member legal ad- 
visory board during war; in business under 
name Celotes J. Agnew, attorney and coun- 
sellor at law. Residence: 13805 Chautauqua- 
ave. Office: 941 Engineers Bldg. 

AGNEW% William, attorney; born, Glasgow, 
Scotland, May 30, 1870; son John and Eliza- 
beth (Black) Agnew; educated, Cleveland 
public schools; Cleveland laAv school, LL.B.; 
Baldwin Univ.; married, Cleveland, June 20, 
1899 to Anna B. Coville; chief deputy clerk 
of courts, 1903-1911; pres. Cleveland board of 
review, 1913; deputy state tax commissioner, 
1914-1915; state senator, 1917-1921; admitted 
to bar 1906; member Cleveland, Ohio State 
and American Bar assns.; National Tax assn.; 
Masonic bodies; pres. Cleveland Athletic club; 
member Cleveland Automobile and Willowick 
Country clubs. Residence: 4145 E. 95th-st. 
Office: 322 Euclid-ave. 

AHLMAN, liouls F., sales representative; 
born, Euclid Village, Jan. 21, 1887; son Fred 
and Mary (Snyder) Ahlman; educated East 
high school and Univ. of Chicago; married, 
Euclid Village, Sept. 17, 1913 to Julia B. 
Reese — children, Elizabeth Jane, Warner 
Reese and Lois Helene Ahlman; sales repre- 
sentative. The Harshaw Fuller & Goodwin 
Co.; member Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. 
Residence: 18402 Lynton-rd. Office: 545 
Hanna Bldg. 

AIKINS, Amie Florence, born, Worcester, 
Mass., daughter John S. and Hannah Allen 
(Morgan) Dean; educated. Miss William's 
private school for girls, Worcester, Mass.; 
married, Worcester, July 11, 1895 to H. Aus- 
tin Aikins — children, Amie Dean (Mrs. John 
D. H. Hoyt), Margaret (Mrs. John T. Seaver) 

and Nancy Ann Coes (Mrs. Chester B. Scott). 
Residence: 2611 Edgehill-rd. 

AIKINS, H. Austin, professor: born, Toronto, 
Ont., Can., 1867; son of William T. Aikins. 
M.D., LL.D. and Lydla A. (Piper) Aikins; 
educated, Univ. of Toronto, B.A., 1887; Yale 
Ph.D., 1891 and honorary fellow Clark Univ., 
1892-*94; married, Worcester, Mass., 1895 to 
Amie F. Dean — children, Amie F. (Mrs. John 
D. H. Hoyt), Margaret (Mrs. J. T. Seaver) and 
Anna Coes Aikins; member Amer. Psycho- 
logical Assn.; Amer. Philosophical Assn.; 
Fellow Amer. Assn. for Advancement of 
Science; Muskoka Lakes Golf and Country 
club. Recreations: boating, golf. Resi- 
dence: 2611 Edgehill-rd., Hts., summer home, 
Hamill's point, Muskoka, Ont. Office: West- 
ern Reserve Univ. 

AKERS, Jeanette Henn, born, Hartford, 
Conn., June 4, 1900; daughter Albert W. and 
Gertrude (Bruce) Henn; educated Laurel 
school and Vassar college, A.B., 1921; married, 
Cleveland, Aug. 20, 1921 to Kenneth W. Akers; 
member Clollege club and Cedarhurst Country 
club. Residence: 2075 Coventry-rd. Summer: 
Stop 135 Lake Shore Blvd. 

AKERS, Kenneth AVilliam, advertising; 
born, Cleveland, Aug. 17, 1895; son Edwin 
A. and Fanny (Hay) Akers; educated Colum- 
bia Univ., B.A. ; married, Jeannette M. Henn, 
Aug. 20, 1921; during world war with the 
Imperial British Royal Flying Corps and 
Royal air force, Lieut, and full flying officer, 
British expeditionary force, in France; mem- 
ber American legion; Delta Upsilon and Sig 
ma Delta Chi (journalism) fraternities; Ce- 
darhurst Country club. Residence: 2075 Cov- 
entry-rd. Office: 642 Hanna Bldg. 

ALBER, Louis John, manager lecturers and 
concert artists; born Independence, O., April 
13, 1879; son Charles Christian and Christina 
(Gluck) Alber; educated. Independence public 
schools; married Saginaw, Mich., Aug. 4, 1903 
to Laura M. Barron — children, Barron Alber; 
director speakers bureau of War Loan board, 
treasury department, Wash., during Liberty 
Loan drives; member International Lyceum 
and Chautauqua assn.; Lyceum and Chautau- 
qua managers assn.; Advertising club and 
Chamber of Commerce; secured official story 
of first Around-the-World Flight with ".Smil- 
ing Jack" Harding. Residence: 14915 Edge- 
water-dr. Office: 2443 Prospect-ave. 

ALBERS, Clarence F., dentist; born, Cleve- 
land, Feb. 7, 1897; son of Fred and Martha 
(Wischmeier) Albers; educated parochial 
grammer school, 1911; Lincoln high school, 
1915; Western Reserve dental, 1918; married, 
Cleveland, June 26, 1919 to Lydia A. Lange — 
children, lone, born Oct. 30, 1922; during the 
world war he served with Dental Corps No. 1 
at Camp Greenleaf, Ga. to close of war; began 
private practice, upon leaving army; member 
Cleveland Dental, Ohio State Dental Soc. and 
Amer. Dental Assns.; Psi Omega (dental) fra- 
ternity. Residence: 4401 Archwood-av. Office: 
Pearl-rd., W. 35th-st. 

ALBL, Michael Albert, physician; born, 
Cleveland, Oct. 8, 1869; son Michael and Kath- 
erine (Peck) Albl; educated, Cleveland public 
schools; Central high school; entered Cleve- 
land school of Pharmacy, 1887 and studied 
two years; in drug business one year; West- 
ern Reserve Univ. Med. Dept., 1892, M. D.; 
married, Cleveland, Aug. 25, 1892 to Frances 
Stadnik— children, Frances J., Oswald M. and 
Jasmine J. Albl; world war, member Examin- 


Inpr boaid; member consulting staff and vice 
chief of staff St. Alexis hospital; director 
Crescent Realty Co.; member Cleveland 
Academy of Medicine; Cleveland Medical Li- 
brary assn.; State and American Medical 
assns.; Masonic lodge; Knights of Pythias; 
C.S.P.S. (Rohemian organization); Quinnobog 
Fishing, Norton B. Fishing and Forest City 
Hunting clubs; his father, Michael Albl, came 
to Cleveland from Bohemia in IS.'iO. Recrea- 
tion: fishing and hunting. Residence: 5074 
Hroad\Yay. Office: same. 

AL.BRECHT, Joseph, druggist, retired; 
born, Germany, April 1, 1870; son Ansein and 
Albertina (Rcmele) Albrecht; educated, pa- 
rocliial schools, Sanduslcy, O. ; Cleveland 
School Pharmacy (now Western Reserve); 
married, Aug. 15, 1891 to Josephine Nessel- 
hauf — cliildren, 8; 40 years in drug business; 
member N. O. D. A.; O. S. Ph. A.; N. A. R. D.; 
K. of C, Gilmour Council. Recreation: fish- 
ing, baseball and golf. Residence: 1896 K. 
75th- st. 

ALBURN, Cary R., lawyer; born, Youngs- 
town, O., Oct. 22, 1883; son John Frederick 
and Cecelia (Luebben) Alburn; educated, 
grammar and Rayen high schools. Youngs- 
town with honors; Western Reserve Univ., 
A.B., 1905; Oxford Univ., Eng., B.C.L. (Bache- 
lor Civil Law); 1907, also special graduate 
work, law and economics; 1907-08, at same 
school; married, Cleveland, May 22, 1912 to 
Helen Alice Whitslar, A.B., at W.R.U., 1911 — 
chiltlren, Cary R. Alburn Jr., and Doris Whits- 
lar Alburn; sec'y.. Business Men's Taft club, 
1908; headmaster, Cleveland Boys Home, Hud- 
son, 1910; chief sec'y. to Sen. Theodore Bur- 
ton, 1910-'ll; chairman legal advisory board 
No. 14, in world war; member Oxford Varsity 
La Crosse team, 1906-'08; pres. American club, 
Oxford, 1908; admitted to bar in Ohio, 1908 
and to practice federal courts following; 
second and first assist. United States Atty. 
Northern Ohio, 1911-'15, since engaged in 
general practice, specializing in corporation 
and real estate matters; professor John Mar- 
shall law school, 1920-'23; member Amer., 
Ohio and Cleveland bar Assns. ; trustee First 
Unitarian church, Cleveland; member grad- 
uate council. Western Reserve Univ.; mem- 
ber Ohio committee for selection of Rhodes 
Scholars and first Rhodes scholar from Cleve- 
land to Oxford Univ., 1905-'08; Delta Kappa 
Epsilon fraternity, Mid-Day, University and 
City clubs, also Citizens league. Recreations: 
tennis and golf. Residence: 19101 Oxford-rd., 
Shaker Hghts. Office: 1585 Union Trust Bldg. 

ALCOTT, Franklyn L,., retired; born, Cleve- 
land. Jan. 23, 1856; son of Leverett and Mary 
A. (Williams) Alcott; educated, Greylock In- 
stitute, South Williamston, Mass.; married, 
Cleveland, Oct. 6, 1880 to Jennie Wick Bissell 
— children, Charles B., Franklyn L. Alcott, Jr. 
and Marion (Mrs. H. B. Miles) member Shaker 
village council; director Amer. Stove Co., vice 
pres. The Diamond Portland Cement Co.; 
trustee Lake View Cemetery Assn., St 
John's Orphanage; director Childrens Fresh 
Air Camp; charter member Troop A. Veterans 
Assn.; Cleveand Chamber of Commerce; fellow 
Cleveland Museum of Art; member Union 
club. Little Mountain club, Castalia Trout 
club. Recreations: fishing, bower gardens, 
photography. Residence: 16260 South Park- 
blvd.. Shaker Hghts. 

AL.DRICH, Emmet W., merchandise mana- 
ger; born N. Y. State, Apr. 25, 1864; son 
Edmond D. and Mary (Whitraore) Aldricb; 

educated, Glrard, Mich.; married, Coldwater, 
Mich.. Dec. 16, 1885 to Cora L. Wiswell; trus- 
tee Northern Baptist Home; member Ma- 
sonic lodge. Residence: Perry, O. Office: 
Hallo Bros. Co. 

ALDRICH, Mabcllc Johnn. born, Cleveland; 
daughter Samuel C. D. and Josenhine (Mil- 
ler) Johns; educated, Cleveland schools; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, July 24, 1915 to Wickliam 
Hurd Aldrich; member Women's City Club. 
Residence: 2040 Stearns-rd. 

ALDRICH, AVlvkham Hurd, mechanical en- 
gineer; born, Cleveland, O., Jan. 1, 1882; son 
E. F. and Ellzabetli (Hurd) Aldrich; edu- 
cated, Cornell Univ., 1904, M.rO.; married, 
Cleveland, July 24, 1915 to Mabelle J. Johns; 
supt. steam power station, Cleveland Elec- 
tric Illuminating Co.; member Kappa Sigma 
fraternity; University club. Residence: 2040 
Stearns-rd. Office: 75 Public Square. 

ALE3XANDE:R, Arthur Hadden, landscape 

arcliitect; born, Decatur, 111., Oct. 27, 1892. 
son Arthur Bengough and Stella (Hadden) 
Alexander; educated, Phillips Exeter Aca- 
demy 1910, University of Wisconsin, B.S. 
1914; Harvard University, M. L. A. 1917; world 
war, 96th Aero Squadron, A. E. F., wounded 
in action, Sept. 4, 1918, distinguished service 
cross; Croix De Guerre; professional prac- 
tice landscape architecture, Boston, 1919- 
1920, Cleveland, 1922-1925; instructor Iowa 
State College, 1921-1922; partner Alexander 
and Strong; member American Society of 
Landscape Architects; Phi Delta Theta fra- 
ternity; University and Kirtland Country 
clubs. Residence: University club. Office: 
4500 Euclid-ave. 

ALEXANDER, Harold Graham, treas. Natl. 
Screw & Mfg. Co.; born, Cleveland, Sept. 5,, 
1882; son W. D. B. and Lida (Graham) Alex- 
ander; educated. University school, Asheville 
school, Asheville, N. C. and Yale Scientific 
school, B. S.; married, Cleveland, June 9, 1908 
to Eleanor Quayle — children, Eleanor and 
Winnie-Jane Alexander; member Mid-Day, 
Shaker Heights and Willowick Country clubs. 
Residence: 18850 So. T^^oodland-rd. 

ALEXANDER, Henry M., lumber business; 
born, Wheeling, W. Va., March 6, 1878; son 
David McClure and Roselma (PauU) Alex- 
ander; married, Canton, O., Oct. 22, 1907 to 
Katherine Harter — children, Mary, Constance, 
Martha, Katherine and Quentin; during the 
world war 1st. Lieut, gas attack branch, 
chemical warfare service; member Union and 
Mayfield clubs. Residence: 2765 Fairmount- 

ALEXANDER, Rob Roy, Investment securi- 
ties; born, Minerva, O.; son Joseph K. Alex- 
ander and Rachel (Crowl) Alexander; edu- 
cated Phillips Exeter Academy, Harvard col- 
lege, A. B., 1904; Harvard law school, LL. B., 
1907; practiced law as Alexander & Dawley in 
Cleveland, .1908-'ll, entered employ of the 
Cleveland Trust Co. 1911 and July 1, 1919 be- 
came trust, officer; resigned Nov. 15, 1921 to 
establish investment business under name of 
R. R. Alexander & Co., of which he is now 
owner; member Delta Upsilon fraternity and 
Masonic fraternity, also of University, Coun- 
try, Mid-Day, Cleveland Athletic and Harvard 
clubs. Recreation: music and golf. Residence: 
The Country club, Eddy-rd., Lake Shore Blvd. 
Office: Union Trust Bldg. 

ALEXANDER, William Broipvnlle, manufac- 
turer; born, Cleveland, April 4, 1884; son 
W. D. B. and Lida (Graham) Alexander; edu- 


cated, public and University schools; married, 
Cleveland, Sept. 9, 1918 to Charlotte Gray — 
two children; general superintendent and di- 
rector National Screw & Mfg. Co. Residence: 
2325 St. James Parkway. Office: 2440 E. 75th- 

ALEXANDER, William David Brown, man- 
ufacturer; born, Cleveland, Aug. 21, 185S; son 
David Brown and Frances (Parnell) Alex- 
ander; educated, Cleveland public schools; 
married, Cleveland, Nov. 15, 1881 to Llda Jane 
Graham — children, Harold Graham Alexander, 
William Brownlie Alexander, Mrs. William 
P. Foster; is pres. National Screw & Mfg. 
Co., director Cleveland Trust Co.; director St. 
Luke's hospital; trustee Case School Applied 
Science and Calvary Presbyterian church; 
member Union, Mayfield Country and Mid-Day 
clubs of Cleveland; Machinery club, of New 
York, Ohio Society of New York; Chamber of 
Commerce and Chamber of Commerce, U. S. A. 
Residence: 16900 S. Park-blvd. Office: 2440 
E. 75th-st. 

ALFRED, Elizabeth ,1., teacher of English; 
born Cleveland, daughter John and Mary 
Alfred; educated, Tremont Grammar school; 
West high school; Cleveland Normal school: 
member N.E.O.T.; Ohio State Teachers and 
National Educational assns.; completed three 
and one-half years college work, and am ex- 
pecting to finish this winter, having obtained 
a Sabbatical leave of absence; editorial work 
for Dr. Charles Douglas of Detroit two sum- 
mers; spent three summers at Harvard and 
one at Chicago Univ.; served as editor Young 
Peoples Christian Endeavor society paper: 
member Business Women's club and Pilgrim 
church. Residence: Laurel Hall, 1932 E. 

AL.LEX, Albert Marls, consulting engineer; 
born. Akron, O., Aug. 26, 1877; son Miner J. 
and Frances (DeWolf) Allen; educated Akron 
public schools, Hiram College and Stevens 
Institute of Technology, M.E.; married. Union 
Hill, N. J.. April 16, 1900 to Christine Pel- 
linger (deceased) — children: Margaret Cyn- 
thia (Mrs. Harold Stuart) and Robert Fran- 
cis Allen; A. M. Allen & Co., architects and 
engineers, since 1906; director, Interstate 
Terminal Warehouses Inc. and Lake Erie 
Trust Co.; member Amer. Soc, Mech. En- 
gineers, Amer. Soc. Electrical Engineers, 
Amer. Soc. Refrigeration Engineers; Phi 
Sigma Kappa fraternity, is a 32nd degree 
Mason and Knight Templar; member Uni- 
versity, Union, Cleveland Athletic, Shaker 
and Acacia clubs, also Engineers Club of 
N. Y. and City club, Akron. Residence: 13615 
Shaker-blvd. Office: 7016 Euclid-ave. 

ALLiEN, Clnnde. manager Globe-Wernlcke 
Co.; born, Columbia, S. C, July 6, 1885; son 
William W. and Linda (Rogers) Allen, Bor- 
dentown, N. J.; educated high school, Greens- 
boro, N. C, Univ. North Carolina, Chapel 
Hill, N. C; married, New York city, June 12, 
1913 to Julia Silber, Philadelphia; member 
Masonic order; member Cleveland Athletic, 
Lakewood Country and Kiwanis clubs. Resi- 
dence: 14719 Clifton-blvd. Office: 2044 Euc- 

ALLEN, Ennice Westfall, born Carroll Co., 
O., Jan. 23, 1860; daughter Levi and Elizabeth 
(Hales) Westfall; educated, Carroll Co. 
schools; married, Carroll Co., Feb. 23, 1881 
to John Custer Allen — children, Angeline Es- 
tell, Nina Leona, Samuel Westfall, (irace 
Amanda, Mary Elizabeth and Frank Harold; 
world war. Red Cross work; member D. A. R. 
Residence: 1356 Lakeland-ave., Lakewood, O. 

ALLEN, Florence EIlinTTOod, Judge Su- 
preme Court of Ohio; born. Salt Lake City, 
Utah, March 23, 1884; daughter Clarence 
Emir Allen and Corrlne M. (Tuckerman) Al- 
len; educated Western Reserve Univ., 1904, 
A.B. degree, Western Reserve Univ., 1908, 
A.M. degree; New York Univ. Law School, 
1913, L.L.B. degree; assistant county prose- 
cutor, Cuyahoga county, 1919-'20, judge court 
of common pleas, 1921-'23, Judge Supreme 
Court of Ohio, 1923 to date. 

ALLEN, Kenneth Lelnnd, manufacturer; 
born, Cleveland, June 18, 1888; educated, pub. 
lie schools; University school; Yale Univ., 
Sheffield Science school Ph. B., 1911; mar- 
ried, Bratenahl, Nov. 18, 1913 to Joyce Cot- 
tingham — children, Walter Cottingham Allen 
and Kenneth Allen, Jr.; capt. U. S. armv, ord. 
dept., Oct. 1917-Jan. 1919; member Troop A, 
1st Cleveland cavalry, 1912-15; vice-pres. and 
director The Adams Bag Co., CJhagrin Falls, 
O.; member Kirtiand and Countrv clubs. Resi- 
dence: 9925 Lake Shore-blvd. Office: Chagrin 
Falls, O. 

ALLEN, Martha Hill, born, Madison, Ind., 
.Mar. 14, 1884; daughter Wm. Lewis and Jen- 
nie (Culbertson) Hill; educated, Western 
College for Women, A.B. 1906; Michigan Uni- 
versity, A.M. 1910; married, Madison, Ind., 
Nov. 30, 1910 to Holland Craten Allen — 
children, Margaret Jean, Rolland Craten, Jr., 
George William, Joseph Stephan and James 
Herman; member College Club; assoc. mem- 
ber Canterbury Club. Residence: 2737 Endi- 

ALLEN, Rolland Craten, geologist; born, 
Richmond, Ind., May 24, 1881; son George 
Debold Allen and Florence (Brown) Allen; 
married Madison, Ind., Nov. 1911 to Martha 
Hill — children: Jean, Craten, George, Joseph 
and James Allen; educated common schools 
Kansas and Wisconsin, Univ. of Wisconsin 
and Univ. of Michigan; finished common 
school education in 1897; learned trade cheese 
maker and labored in saw mill, flour mill, 
brick yard, farm and country store; 1897- 
1900, prepared for college while teaching 
country school, Green County, Wis.; summer 
spent clerk, office county superintendent 
schools selling books; 1900-1903, student 
Univ. Wisconsin, summer spent in Colorado, 
Illinois and Wisconsin selling books and stere- 
optican views; 1903-1904, assistant principal 
high school and athletic coach, Plymouth, 
Wis.; summer 1904 compassman geological 
field party in Canada; 1904-1905, student Univ. 
of Wisconsin and quiz master in elementary 
geology; graduated in geology, June 1905. 
In this year closed debate with Univ. of 
Michigan and awarded science medal for 
graduating thesis, director of students' co- 
operative store, etc.; 1905-1906, field assis- 
tant U. S. Geological Survey, Colorado coal 
fields as sampler, topographer and geologi- 
cal aide. In fall and winter geological work 
In Cobalt District of Ontario; assistant in- 
structor and student Univ. of Wisconsin; 
geological field work In quartzite area of 
Barron County, Wis.; 1906-1908, geologic and 
prospecting work In Ontario including Cobalt 
Kenogaml, Lady Evelyn and Elk Lake dis- 
tricts, geologic and topographic survey of 
Woman River, Iron Range; graduate stu- 
dent Univ. of Wisconsin 5 months on geolog- 
ic survey and examination of 100,000 acres 
of land in Dickinson, Iron and Gogebic Coun- 
ties, Mich., 1908-1909, Instructor in Economic 
geology ore deposits and metamorphlsm, 
Univ. of Michigan. Summer of 1909 geologic 
survey of Iron River iron bearing district of 
Michigan; 1909-1919, State Geologist, Mich.; 


1909-1919, special lecturer in economic ge- 
ology and ore deposits, Univ. of Michigan; ap- 
pointed commissioner of mineral statistics 
of Mich.; appraiser of mines of Mich.; ad- 
visor to Mich. Securities Comm.; 1918-1919. 
member Federal Excess Profits Tax Board; 
examination and valuation of flfty-flve zinc 
mines in Oklahoma and the copper mines of 
Michigan; resigned as State Geologist of 
Mich. August 1919 to date, vice pres. Lalto 
Superior Iron Ore Assoc; 1921-1924, Oglebay, 
Norton & Co., General Manager Mines; 1924 
to date, first vice pres. Oglebay Norton & Co. 
Member American Assoc, of Economic Geolo- 
gists, American Assoc, for the Advancement 
of Science, American Iron & Steel Institute, 
American Institute of Mining and Metallur- 
gical Engineers, F. & A. M. Lodge 33 Lansing 
Mich., Geological Society of America, Mich. 
Academy of Science, Mining & Metallurgical 
Society, Society of the Sigma XI, Alpha Chi 
Sigma (professional chemical fraternity) 
author of boolts and articles on geological 
subjects; member Union, Big Ten and Can- 
terbury clubs. Recreation: outdoor sports, 
golf. Residence: 12737 Endlcott-rd., Shaker 

ALLEN, Sylvan Venten, attorney at la,w, 
born, Russia, April IB, 1898; son Morris and 
Bes.sie (Niehamkin) Allen; educated, Board 
school, Leeds, England; local high and law 
school; married, Cleveland, Feb. 25, 1921 to 
Elizabeth Loeb; member Knights of Pythias, 
Knights Kherans. Residence: 12320 Arling- 
ton-ave. Office: 521 Guarantee Title Bldg. 

ALLERTON, Earle Wayne, pattern maker; 
born, Alliance, O., March 6, 1881; son Francis 
Marion and Henrietta (Oby) Allerton; edu- 
cated. Alliance public schools; Mt. Union col- 
lege; married, Benton Harbor, Mich., Dec. 22, 
1908 to Ella Celesta Goodall — children, Mary 
Louise, Gertrude Mabel, Lucille Margaret and 
Frances Marian Allerton; member Masonic 
lodge; Sigma Nu fraternity; eligible to mem- 
bership in Sons of the American Revolution, 
Founders and Patriots of America and Sons 
of Colonial Wars. Recreations: antiquarian, 
travel, family histories and photography. 
Residence: 1868 Chapman-ave., E. Cleveland. 

ALLERTON, Ella C; born, Lodl, Wis., Feb. 
20, 1886; daughter Louis K. and Eva P. 
(Jenks) Goodall, of Puritan ancestry, de- 
scendant of Robert Goodall, Salem, Mass., 
1634; John Whitney, Waterton, Mass., 1635; 
William Ward, Sudbury, Mass., 1639 and a 
number of other early Puritans; educated, 
public schools, Sumner, Iowa and Madison, 
Wis., also private schools; married, Benton 
Harbor, Mich. Dec. 22, 1908 to Earl Wayne 
Allerton — children, Mary Louise, Gertrude 
M., Lucile Margaret and Frances Marian Al- 
lerton; sec. Parents-Teachers assn., Port- 
land Ore.. 1921-'22; member Western Reserve 
chapter, Daughters Amer. Rev.; member and 
class leader. East Glenvllle M. E. church; 
member Parents-Teachers Prospect school. 
Recreations: travel excursions and photog- 
raphy. Residence: 1867 Chapman-ave., E. C. 

ALLISON, George Alexander, physician; 
born, PlumvlUe, Pa., May 9, 1871; son Robert 
Alexander and Mary Caroline Allison; edu- 
cated in Country schools and Med. Dept. 
Western Reserve Univ. 1895, M. D. ; married. 
Wlllard, O., Dec. 14, 1898 to Elizabeth N. Cole 
— children, Mabel Evelyn, Dorothy Blanche 
and Ruth Elizabeth Allison; member Cleve- 
land Academy of Medicine. Residence: 8517 
Wade Park-aVe. Office: same. 

ALLISON, Jamea Wallace, attorney; born, 
Erie Co., Pa., Oct. 15, 1847; son William and 

Harriet H. (Carson) Allison; educated, com 
mon school, Waterford Academy (Erie Co., 
Pa.) and Michigan Univ., LL.B.; married, 
Wattsburgh, Pa., Oct. 15, 1874 to Adele Fritz 
— children, Ruth S., Thomas C, Robert C. and 
Gertrude Allison; clerk of courts, Erie Co., 
Pa., 1897-1902; special agent treasury dept. 
Ogden, Utah; school director. Lake Pleasant, 
Erie Co., Pa., member Emmanuel lodge, F. 
and A. M. ; Lake Erie Consistory; Masonic 
and High Noon clubs. Residence: 9807 Park- 
gate-ave. Office: 1040 B. of L. E. Bldg. 

ALLYNE, Edmund E., manufacturer; born, 
Cleveland, Dec. 25, 1874; son Joseph H. 
Allyne and Anna M. (Wightman) Allyne; 
educated public schools; married Cleveland. 
May 14, 1902 to Mildred Ford — children: Rol- 
lin F., Mildred Vernon and Edmund E. Al- 
lyne, Jr., five years with O. N. G., 1893-'98 
pres. Aluminum Castings Co., 1909-'19, when 
he organized Aluminum Manufacturers Inc. 
resigned 1920 to travel and for less active 
business; director Allyne Ryan Foundry Co., 
1913 to date, organized Allyne Zerk Co., 1922 
and after successful development sold in 
1924; pres. Northland Investment Co., South- 
land Investment Co., partner R. R. Alexander 
and Co.; he was passenger first air mall flight 
New York to San Francisco and return, sum- 
mer 1920 with MaJ. Lent, then superintendent 
air mail service; member Society Automo- 
tive Engineers and 32nd. degree Mason, also 
member Union, Country, Shaker Heights, 
Roadside and Cleveland Athletic cluba. Rec- 
reations: travel, boating and fishing. Resi- 
dence: 3020 North Park Blvd. 

ALPERS, 'U'^illlam A., business executive: 
born, Brooklyn, N. Y. June 23, 1883; son 
August A. Alpers and Hedwig Geisler Al- 
pers; educated grammer schools. New York 
city, Chillicothe, O. and Cincinnati; married, 
Cleveland, Oct. 17, 1906 to Ruby INIay Hender- 
son — children: Grace, Virginia and William 
Henderson. Entered employ Cleveland Win- 
dow Glass & Door Co. July 1900 and became 
secretary in 1916. Entered paint manufac- 
turing in 1920 as president of The Postal 
Paint & Color Co. In 1922 name was changed 
to The W. A. Alpers Co. Has served as sec- 
retary and later pres. of Cleveland Paint Oil 
and Varnish club, also pres. In 1915 of Na- 
tional Assoc. Paint Distributors, In 1920 vice 
pres. National Oil & Varnish Assoc; director 
and secretary Cleveland Window Glass & 
Door Co., president and treasurer The W. A. 
Alpers Co. and secretary and director The 
Cleveland Paint & Color Co., member Lake- 
wood lodge No. 601, F. & A. M., Cunningham 
Chapter No. 187 R. A. M., member Cleveland 
Athletic, Rotary, and Cleveland Paint & 
Varnish clubs. Recreations, golf, fishing and 
motoring. Residence: 1494 Belle-ave., Lake- 

ALTHANS, Arthnr J., special agent general 
Insurance; born, Cleveland, Dec. 20, 1890; son 
John and Anna B. (BlUenstein) Althans; 
educated Cleveland Public schools; attended 
first officers training school, world war; com- 
missioned 2nd Ueut, promoted to 1st Ueut. 
served 2 years in camps in U. S.; sec'y. Young 
Men's Business club, previously; after war 
executive sec'y. Al Slrat Grotto and manager 
Cleveland convention; executive sec'y. Ma- 
sonic Temple campaign Assoc, member Meri- 
dian Masonic lodge. McKlnley chapter. Ori- 
ental commandery, 32nd Lake Erie consis- 
tory, Al Slrat Grotto and Al Koran shrine; 
also Cleveland Elks, Athletic, and Sleepy 
Hollow County clubs. Residence: 2228 Maple- 
wood-rd., Hghts. Office: Leader News Bldg. 


ALTMAN, J. H., pres.; born, Cleveland, David and Elsie (Sprague) Pulver; educated 

Sept. 12, 1898; son M. H. and L. (Goodman) Cleveland public schools and Cleveland 

Altman; educated, Cleveland school; married, School of Education; married, Cleveland. 

Cleveland, to Helen Goodman — children, Janet Sept. 12. 1888 to Jay Harry Ammon — chll- 

Louise Altman; pres. Standard Envelope Mfg-. dren, Elsie R., Ralph D. (d-Oct. 1909) and 

Co. Office: 1600 E. 30th st. Katherine Ammon Mills (d-Feb. 12, 1921); 

AI.VORD. KatheHne Brainard ScHbner; bond"^ R^d" Crols'ttc.!"tauyht"knHting ?free) 
society and club editor Cleveland Times; and knit every spare moment- member Na- 
born, Cleveland; daughter George Weed and tional Educ. Assn., Ohio State Teachers Assn 
Margaret (Keim) Scribner; educated, Laurel and Cleveland Teachers Federation; mem- 
school and Shaw high; Wilcox Commercial ber Western Reserve Chapter, D. A. R.; Sun- 
school; married, Cleveland, Dec. 22, 1917 to day school work at Boulevard Presbyterian 
Claude Bradford Alvord, divorced, 1925 — chll- church. Residence: 126.5 Parkwood-dr. Of- 
dren, Joan Almon and Katherine Scribner Al- nee: John Burroughs school, 
vord; professional shopper with Hahne & Co., Aitfei^iT'D ¥„ „». _ t* 

Newark, N. J., 1923; associated with Lindner n^vJu,^^ \t t^ A ^cn]*^ manager; born, 

Co. over a year; taught at Wilcox Commer- tUo ^^ ' k?"^ ^ ^-I ^^^^^ ^°^ Adolph and 

cial; specfal stati.stical work, City Hall; pub- fl^"f (Kosenblum) Amster; educated Cleve- 

licitv for Emmanuel church where she is a if."?; P""'ic schools and through first year 

member; press memberships Women's clubs f^'^T school; married, Cleveland, Nov. 20, 1917 

of Cleveland. Residence: 2477 Derbyshire-rd. to Jennie Friedman — children, Arthur Louis 

Office: E. 22nd and Payne-ave. ?:"° Natalie Rose Amster; started with the 

Kosenblum Co., 1910 two weeks nft^r ^nm 

AMMERMAX, Harold T., attorney at law; pany was organized; first as office boy- thTn 

born, Barberton, O., Jan. 23, 1895; son Charles after company was formed was made secre 

and Kate (Thompson) Ammerman; educated tary, which office has held, since; also sec- 

Co. and The Tucker Fuel Co., member Beta ATMcr.^u > 

Theta Pi. Residence: 1773 Elberon-dr. Of- AM^^ll.K, Lester E., sec'y-treas.. The Am- 

flce: 930 Williamson Bldg. fl^"" ^o- born, N. Y. City, ,May 31, 1893; 


ig world war in above; member Cleveland City lodse No 15 
forces in France \^ ebb chapter and Al Sirat Grotto- K of P 
unit. May 6, 1917 Recreation: traveling. Residence: ' 12307 

orris and Kate (Engel) Amster- edncntori 

AMMERMAX, Ralph L.. attorney at law; Public school. No. 32 Brooklvn N v r.„ ' 

born, Eaton, O., June 14, 1892; son Frank La- tral High, Cleveland; Baldwin-WallacW iTn.v" 

ten and Mary Ellen (Swain) Ammerman; t.t. vt ^^„^.„. ,.' ^-^.'^'^i^'" . ^^^A^ace Univ. 

educated. Western Reserve Ui 

Franklin T. Backas Law school, L. 

Cleveland, May 4, 1917 to Heler 

Bluhm — children, Viola June and 

Ammerman; served during world war in above; 

American expeditionary fc 

with Lakeside ambulance u , , , „. ^,^^.^^,,y^:^ 

to April 19, 1919; practicing attorney since Shaker-blvd., Shaker ^Hghts" ""office- '?5f)n 9 

June 1, 1920; past commander Charles Kell ^^ oodland-ave. oovv-^ 

Post No. 47 of American legion; orator, a V4r vne'r* r^mr. ^ 

Timothy Doan council. Royal Arcanum; sec- oharV« P^,J^^^^ George, chancellor in 

treas. Lakewood Mortgage and Guaranty Roumanfl, ^o^ ^ '^^'i^'f^^^*^; born, Craiova, 

Co.; pres. Lake Erie Garden, Inc.; member Cecilia (Orrnan i ' Anftl'^of^"., ^®°'"?® *"<* 

Delta Theta Phi, law fraternity. Pi Kappa Al- Umv of (JlaTelow ^cnt^^^f ''?^^-' educated, 

pha; member Cleveland Bar assn., and Cleve- bur^h PittslmrJ^^' Scotland; Univ. of Pitta- 

land Museum of Art; Royal Arcanum; Roval unm^rrifd^wil^^'r^f^'' '"'P'^S engineer; 

Arch Mason; Rising Sun chapter; member Km/nf^,; a /,i"F ^^J^ served as captain in 

American Legion and '40 and 8' member goumanian ^ta^"^ oSfcT7?-= Z^\ir °^t„1*^« 

Kell Post bowling team of American legion "o"r"anian btar. Office. 31o Bulkley Bldg. 

four years. Residence: 3115 Yorkshire-rd. ANDERSON, A. D., secy, and treas • born 

Office: 442-8 Engineers Bldg. INIilton, \\i.«., Feb. 3, 1866- son V D and 

AMMON, Jay R., manager Stearn Adv. Co.; mon^schS^ls^^onLfiel'lf '"A^^i/r^'^r^*^'^'' ''°")- 

born April 26, 1875; son Col. John H. Ammon TeV^ c'.v^J'nH^T.^.^fi^' ?^'„f.",L''H5i11^^ J^l" 

dfe^d MaVch To:'r9l2: "marVi^d-sVc^^nd ^imeTo fic'e'' m? W 'gek';?"^"'- ^^^^^•°''^- ^f- 

Mrs. O. S. Werntz, Nov. 8, 1919; member "^ ^'^• 

Troop A for years and Sergeant Troop C, 1st ANDERSON, Edmund Theodore, social 
Ohio Calvary, Spanish American War; was a worker; born, Meadville, Pa., 1892; son Ed- 
member Cornell varsity football team and mund Theodore and Anna (Breckenridge) 
Cornell Freshman crew; secretary-treasurer Anderson; educated Meadville high school- 
and manager Stearn Adv. Co., also same ca- seven years musical study, N. Y. Y. M. C. A.', 
pacity Stearn Advertising of N. Y., member Silver Bay, N. Y.; married, Waterbury, Conn., 
Cornell chapter Alpha Delta Phi, veteran Opt. 15, 1920 to Marion Wallace; during war 
member Woodward lodge F. & A. M. and director of music and camp recreation. Camp 
Alpha Zata, member Mayfleld, Athletic and P*ke, Little Rock, Ark.; director shop recrea- 
Advertising clubs. Residence: Gates Mill O t'on, DuPont Co., Hopewell. Va., also at 
Office: Union Trust Bldg. Waterbury, Conn., as musician, soloist 1st 
..^-. Presbyterian church. Holy Trinity church, 
AMNION, Lucy Pulver, teacher; born, Cuya- Hebrew Tabernacle, all N. Y. Citv.; member 
noga county, O., Aug. 17, 1867; daughter Musical Art Society, N. Y., director of Alta 


Social settlement; member American Assn. of ''lub (also chairman membership committee) 
Social Workers. Cleveland Settlement Union member Cleveland Athletic and Canterbury 
and executive committee. National Fed. of .;lub3: pres. Alumni Assn. Rensaeller college. 
Settlements; pres. Cleveland Settlement Union Residence: 2590 Coventry-rd., Shaker Hghts. 
trustee Boy's committee. Rotary club and Office: 700 Marshall Bldg. 
manv committees Welfare federation; Ma- 
sonic lodge. F. & A. M.. Waterbury. Conn.. «_-,.„ ^o n Aue- 
Cleveland Chapter. F. & A. M. and Saturday V^Vl.^.^ r?V_,^:'/-"^- 

T., attorney at law; born, 
!0. 1873; son John F. 



Evening club; member Rotary and City clubs. Dora (Al.<.house) Arnos; educated Stryker 
also Chaerin Vallev Country club. Resi-high school. 1893; Trl State Normal College, 
dence- i^flO Mavfleld-rd A.R., Angola. Ind.. 1899; W. R. U. law school, 

dence. i-biu .ua> neia ra. ^^^^, married, Cleveland. 1907 to Anna C. 

ANDERSOX, Hamilton Alexander, born. Laughrldge — children. William F., Robert L. 
Chicago, 111., July 31. 1899; son Norman and and Norman W. Arnos; practiced law since 
Minera Jane Anderson; educated. Western |1903; began development of real estate in 
Reserve Univ.; Adelbert College. A.B.; world 1907; pres. The South Euclid Development 
war, U. S. Naval Reserve Force; member Co. and The Belvoir Stone & Supply Co.; has 
Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; Univprsity one of the finest farms in Ohio, located In 
Club. Residence: 1895 Chapman-ave. Office: Unionville in Lake Co.. known as "Broad- 
The White Co fields." Recreation: farming. Residence: 

, , ^ South Euclid, O. Office: 402 Engineers Bldg. 

AXDKRSOX. John Edwin, asst. genl. frt. 
agt. ; born. Lawrence, Kan., Oct. 15. 1887; son ARNSTIjVE, Benjamin Victor, wholesale 
Olof and Betty (Rasmussen) Anderson; edu- Jeweler; born. Cleveland. June 8, 1857; son 
cated, public schools, Douglas County, Kan., Jacob and Sarah Arnstine; educated Cleveland 
Lawrence Business College; St. Louis Col-gphools; married, June 15. ISS^'*' (first wife 
lege of Law: married. Lawrence. Kan., Sept.f^jg,} j^ 1910), remarried, Jan • 

' - -' Lion 


25. 1911 to Ona May Swalm; entered employ 
of Big Four railroad as clerk, Kansas City, 
Mo.. 1905; held positions at Kansas City, 
St. Louis and CThicago as clerk, rate clerk, 
city frt. agt., traveling frt. agt. and chief 
clerk; appointed commercial agt. Detroit, 
1912; general agt. Cincinnati, 1917; division 
frt. agt. Cincinnati, 1918; division frt. agt. 
Cleveland, 1919; asst. general frt. agt. Cleve- 
land since 1925; member Lakewood Lodge, 
No. 601 F. and A. M. ; Traffic and High Noon 
clubs. Office: 1013 W^illiamson Bldg. 

ANDERSON, John Henry, patent counsel, 
born, Cleveland, Oct. 7. 1881; son John and 
Elizabeth (Grandy) Anderson; educated. Case 
school of Applied Science 1903, B. S. : Na- 
tional Univ. Law, 1906, LL.B.; George Wash- 
ington Univ. 1907, M.P.L. ; married, Washing- 
ton, D. C, to Goldia Fleming McMullin — • 
children, John Fleming Anderson; 1903-1911. 
asst. examiner U. S. patent office; 1911-1913 
patent dept. General Electric Co., Schenec- 
tady, N. Y.; since 1913 patent counsel Incan- 
descent Lamp dept.. General Electric Co., 
Nela Park; member American and Cleveland 
Patent Law assns. ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon and 
Tau Beta Pi fraternities; Society of Incas 
(Incandescent Lamp, dept. of G. E. Co.); Old 
Colony, University, Canterbury Golf, Cleve- 
land Automobile and Case clubs. Residence: 
1849 Page-ave., E. Cleveland. Office: Nela 

ANDERSON, Martha, secy, and treas. ; born 
Cleveland, O., Aug. 1, 18S4; daughter John 
and Elizabeth (Grandy) Anderson; educated. 
Central high and Spencerian Commercial 
schools; secy, and treas. The Thomas H. 
Geer Co.; member Professional Women's and 
Altrusa clubs. Residence: 2577 Euclid-blvd., 
Cleveland Hghts. Office 1847 Union Trust 

ANDREAS, Fred W., physician; born, Cleve- 
land, April. 16, 1892; son Wm. and Louise 
(Eichenberg) Andreas; educated, Heidelberg 
1915, B.S.; University of Michigan 1920, M.D.; 
married, Fremont, O., June 28 1921 to Edna 
Louise Buehler — children, Bruce F. Andreas; 
world war, M. E. R. C. ; member American 
Medical Assn.; Academy of Medicine, Ohio 
State Medical society; Masonic and K. of P. 
lodges and Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternitv. 
Residence: 12721 Edmonton-ave. Office: 842 
member Industrial Commn., tJhain"bei Df Com- 

i^_-.~.fe.»i "Itionlse, secretary; 
born, Wellington. O.. Feb. 10. 1887; daughter 
Frederick E. and Alena R. (Starr) Andrews; 
educated. Wellington high school. Class '04; 
Oberlin conservatory music, 1904-05; Oberlin 
College, '09 O. B. K. (A. B.); Dyke School 
of Business. 1914; teacher Wellington high. 
1910-14; secretary to President and to editor 
Plain Dealer. 1915 to date; member Business 
Women's club. Residence, 1886, E. 82nd. St. 
Office, Plain Dealer Pub. Co. 

ANDRE^VS, Harriet "Warmington, born, 
Cleveland, June 10. 1860; daughter William 
and Emily E. (McClure) Warmington; edu- 
cated. Cleveland public and West high 
schools; married, Cleveland Sept. 28, 1881 to 
Upson Austin Andrews — children, Austin, 
William McClure and Alice (Mrs. Henry J. 
Welch) Andrews; member D. A. R. ; Women's 
City, Country and Roadside clubs. Residence: 
8806 Euclid-ave. 

ANDREWS, Mabel Shields, born. Akron, O.; 
daughter Albert G. and Maria (Richardson) 
Shields; educated Western Reserve Academy. 
Lake Erie college; married. Hudson, Feb. 24, 
1892 to Matthew Andrews — children, Donald 
S. Andrews and Marcella A. Baxter. Resi- 
dence: "The Woods" Gates Mill. 

ANDREW'S, Marguerite Jeavons; borr 
Cleveland, O., Jan. 8. 1894; daughter W. R 
and Grace (Goetz) Jeavons; educated, Laure.' 
school, Cleveland and Bennett school. Mill- 
brook, N. Y.; married. Cleveland. Aug 8. 1917 
to Fletcher Reed Andrews — children. Jean« 
Andrews; member Country club. Residence 

ANDRE\VS, Mnttheiv, merchant of coal and 
iron; born. Industry, Pa., 1865; son Thomp- 
son J. and America Andrews; educated. East 
Liverpool schools; married. Hudson. Feb. 24. 
1892 to Mabel Shields Andrews — children, 
Donald Shields Andrews and Marcella A. 
Baxter; chairman of board. M. A. Hanna Co.; 
member Union. Tavern, Chagrin Valley Hunt. 
Pepper Pike and India House clubs; Racquet 
and Tennis club of New York. Residence: 
The Woods. South Euclid. O. Office: 1300 
Leader News Bldg. 

ANDRLS, Jnlian Merrltt, lawyer; born, 

Elyria. O.. Sept. 27. 1888; son Loomis G. and 

Fannie C. (Dunham) Andrus; educated, 

Elyria high school; Oberlin Academy; Bald- 

»;<iwin-Wallace, LL.B.; married, Cleveland, June 

^^128, 1924 to Maud E. Hogan; wor^ld war, en- 

merce; member. National Town & Country Ijdlisted, 308th Engrs. ; capt. 41st F. A.; Troop 


LTMAN. J. H., pres.; born, Cleveland. Da^chlef Washington bureau. Hearst newspapers; 

)t. 12, 1898; son M. H. and L. (Goodman) 
fcman; educated, Cleveland school; married, 
Jveland, to Helen Goodman — children, Janet 
Aiise Altman; pres. Standard Envelope Mfgr. 
( Office: 1600 E. 30th st. 

Al.VORD, KRtherlne Bralnard Scribner; 

Tciety and club editor Cleveland Times; 
^n, Cleveland; daughter George Weed and 
trgaret (Keim) Scribner; educated, Laurel 
^ool and Shaw high; Wilcox Commercial 
Ihool; married, Cleveland, Dec. 22, 1917 to 

^l^general manager Cleveland Shopping News 
|C"since Inception, 1921; member Elks, Cleve- 
oep^and Advertising and Chagrin Valley Coun- 
dreitry clubs, and Chamber of Commerce. Resi- 
Katlence: 12888 Cedar-rd., Hghts. Office: 5309 

and APGAR, Blla M. (Mm.), U. S. internal 
tionevenue office; born, Jan. 9, 1886; daughter 
andiilel P. and Clarissa (Edwards) Apgar; edu- 
ber *ated Findley Lake, N. Y.; Duke Center, Pa. 
dayind Ripley, N. "S\, married, Ripley, N. Y., 

laude Bradford Alvord, divorced, 1925 — chil- chuvlarch^l, 1885 to William C. Apgar — children; 
ren, Joan Almon and Katherine Scribner Al- " " "' 

3rd; professional shopper with Hahne & Co., 
ewark, N. J., 1923; associated with Lindner 
0. over a year; taught at Wilcox Commer- 
al; special statistical work. City Hall; pub- 
3ity for Emmanuel church where she is a 
ember; press memberships Women's clubs 
Cleveland. Residence: 2477 Derbyshire-rd. 
'.'ice: E. 22nd and Payne-ave. 

fice^oss Edwards Apgar, Marshalltown. Iowa; 

.*ec'y to clerk, district exemption board, Cen- 

^,-*ral N. Y. state, at Syracuse, during world 

^^^Var; also with Boy's working reserve there; 


ec'y. Daughters of the King, Grace church. 

jlMMERMAN, Harold T., attorney at law; 

r" ^",.\^'^ir Q, Jan. 23, 1895; son Charles 
'sue studies. Kesiue^.^^' „' . j.. ,„- - 
318 Anisfield Bldg. 

lan( 923-24-25; member Business & Professional 
higtlub, Cleveland; member Grace Episcopal 
to ohurch. Residence: Y.W.C.A. 18th & Pros- 
andpect-ave. Office: Hanna Bldg. 

pan ARBUCKL.E, Daisy Viola, principal; born, 
afte't. Paul, Minn.; daughter Dr. George W. and 
jSlizabeth Ann (Caine) Arbuckle; educated, 
Cleveland public. Central high, Cleveland 
ANXAT, William Harper, attorney at law; normal training, and extension work Cleve- 
born, Wooster, O., Mar. 3, 1891; son William land Teachers College; world war, assisted 
and Vinnie (Harper) Annat; educated, Woos- at Red Cross Center; teacher Barkwill school, 
ter College, A.B. 1913; Harvard Law school, Dunham school; 1918 head teacher Euclid 
LL. B. 1916; admitted to Ohio Bar Jan., 1917; Park school, little four room red brick-2 
partner White, Cannon and Spieth Jan., 1921; portables; Mar. 1922, principal Euclid Park 
admitted to practice U. S. Supreme Court school, new 12 room bldg.; will need 10 
Jan. 29, 1923; member Cleveland Bar assn.; room addition in near future; member Wood- 
Ohio State Bar assn.; American Bar assn.; ward chapter O. E. S.; former member 
University and Mid-Day clubs. Residence: Women's City club; Art Museum; Principal 
University Club. Office: 1565 Union Trust club. Residence: 1818 Haldane-rd. Office: 


ANSBERG, John H., clergyman, born, Rus- 
sia, Oct. 23, 1882; son John and Anna 
(Shlegel) Ansberg; educated Rochester col- 
lege and theological seminary (Baptist). 
Western Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, 

Euclid Park School, 18000 Euclid-ave. 

ARCHBOLD, Charles L., advertising mana- 
ger; born; Decatur, Ind., March 9, 1880; son 
George W. and Christine (Meibers) Arch- 
bold; educated public schools, Markle, Ind. 

Pa Presbeyterian married Roc^^ N. Y.'. g'^rried, Decatur, Ind., Dec. 20, 1901 to Erin 

May 7, 1914 to Miss Anna V. Voellnaiel— " ^"*^ ^n^..., n.^r-.^.,, r. ^.^a t>„^„,^ 
children, John Ansberg, Jr., and Ruth Irene 
Ansberg; pastor Nottingham Baptist church, 
sec'y Board of Trade N. S., Pittsburgh. 
Residence, 11133 E. 167th st. Business, Not- 
tingham Baptist church, E. 167th st. and 

B. Bobo — children, Geoffrey C. and Ronald 
W. Archbold; active in liberty bond and com- 
munity fund campaigns; 1905 to 1910 wrote 
and sold special syndicated articles to trade 
journals; 1910 became advertising manager, 
National Refining Co. and editor En-ar-co 
News; 1917 originated Boy and Slate sign on 
which appears epigrams; has written several 
ANSLEY, Francis M., banker; born, St. Paul thousand epigrams and continuing; 13,000 

Minn., Sept. 11, 1890; son Clinton and Ella such signs apearing in U. S. and Can.; mem- 

(Cross) Ansley; educated, Univ. of Minn., ber Rotary, Advertising and Gilchrist clubs. 

1913; married, Cleveland, Sept. 16, 1922 to Residence: 3319 Kenmore-rd., Shaker Hghts. 

Helen Green — children, Clinton Ansley; heavy Office: 704 National Bldg. 

artillery, U. S. A., 1918-19. Residence. 2680 

AREY, Martha H., born, Bath, New Hamp- 
shire; daughter Clark and Ellen (Noyes) 
Clark; married, Cleveland, Sept. 11, 1884 
to Clarence Oliver (deceased) — children, 
Jack Haywood Arey, North Olmstead 
and Ellen Harriet Arey, San Diego, 
Calif., latter educated Wells college, former 
Michigan agricultural school, also served 2% 
years at San Domingo with Marines during 
war; member Moses Cleveland chapter 
ANSON, Sam B., publisher; born, Cleveland, Daughters Amer. Revolution and Women's 

Hampshire-rd. Office, Guardian Trust Co. 

ANSLEY, Helen Green, home manager; 
born, Cleveland, O., Feb. 26, 1900; daughter 
Frederick and Stella (Hall) Green; educated 
Smith College, A. B., 1921; married, Cleve- 
land, Sept. 16, 1922 to Francis Milton Ans- 
ley — children, Clinton Greney Ansley; member 
Smith College club. Residence. 2680 Hamp- 
shlre-rd., Hghts. 

Aug. 28, 1884; son Charles L. and Elizabeth 
A. (Fagan) Anson; educated Lockport, N. Y. 
high school, married, Cleveland, Oct. 14, 1908 
to Edith M. McConville — children, Mary 
Edith, Sam B., Jr., James K., Charles L. and 
Virginia Rose Anson; executive secretary 
Cleveland I^Iayor's war executive board; as- 
sistant director publicity. Liberty loans Dec. 25, 1889 to George Arthur Armington 
Fourth Federal Reserve district; newspaper — children, Arthur P., Stewart F., Everett 
man, variously city editor Cleveland Plain ^^- ^"^rg© Eldon and Rpvmor-rl O A^rmrag- 
Dealer, city editor Cleveland Press, city edi-'^sbyterian ...uf c;,-noly Trinity church, 
tor Cleveland Leader and Cleveland News, -brew Tabernacle, all N. Y. City.; member 
publisher Columbus, O., Dally Monitor anc'^^'cal Art Society, N. Y., director of Alta 

City club. Residence: 1850 E. 81st. st. 

ARMINGTON, Clara Pritchard, born, W. 
Cleveland, Mar. 22, 1869; daughter Benjamin 
W. and Rebecca N. (Stewart) Pritchard; edu- 
cated, Cleveland Central high school and 
normal school, Eagle St.; married Cleveland, 


ARMOUR, MnrKnret Fuller, born, Cleve- 
land, July 14, 18S6; daughter Wlllard and 
Abigrail (Souther) Fuller; educated, College 
for Women W. R. U. A. B. 1908; married, 
Cleveland, Apr. 28, 1917 to Myles Francis 
Armour — children, Albert Willard, Julia 
Fuller and Myles Francis Jr. Armour; taught 
about 8 years In high schools of Florida 
and Ohio 1908-16; active as class representa- 
tive class 1908 College for Women 1923-25; 
formerly charter member Cleveland City 
Club; former member College, and Cleveland 
Hghts. Civic clubs. Residence: 227 W. Grand- 
blvd.. Detroit, Mich. 

ARMOL'R, Myles Francis, sales engineer; 
born, Cleveland, 1886; son Albert and Mary 
(Gibbons) Armour, educated Case School Ap- 
plied Science, B. S. degree, 1908; married, 
Cleveland, 1917 to Margaret W. Fuller — chil- 
dren, Albert Willard, Julia Fuller and Myles 
Francis Armour, Jr., employed in steel 
production with Bourne Fuller Co. during 
the war and held position with The McKln- 
ney Steel Co. and Cuyahoga county, then 
with The Strong. Carlisle and Hammond Co. 
and recently with the Hydraulic Press Mfg. 
Co., Mt. Gilead. O. Office: Hydraulic Press 
Mfg. Co.. Mt. Gilead. 

ARMSTRONG, John Georgre, banking; born, 
Youngstown, O. ; son Robert and Elizabeth 
(George) Armstrong; educated, Cleveland 
public schools; married, Cleveland to Ma- 
belle Bate — one child; clerk bd. of trustees, 
Cleveland Hghts. 6 years; Sinking Fund 
Comm., Cleveland Hghts.; vice-pres. Union 
Trust Co.; secy, and treas., director J.H.R. 
Products Co.; 32nd Mason; Al Koran Shrine; 
member Shaker Hghts. Country and Mid- 
Day clubs; Chamber of Commerce. Resi- 
dence: 2945 Scarborough-rd. Office: Union 
Trust Co. 

ARNOLD, Rernard, retired; born, Vienna, 
Feb. 28, 1872; educated Cleveland and Bedford 
grammar schools; married, Cleveland, 1894 
to Anna Beyer — children, Phillip B. Arnold; 
organizer and president of the Arnold Cream- 
ery Co.; organizer and proprietor, Ohio 
Creamery and Supply Co. Recreation: travel. 
Residence: Alcazar hotel. Office: 701 Wood- 

ARNOLD, RIake S., minister; born Chip- 
pewa Lake. O., Aug. 5, 1886; son A. S. 
and Catherine (Sommer) Arnold; educated 
public schools, Medina high school and Otter- 
bein college; married, Chippewa Lake, Sept. 
14, 1910 to Varie M. Chamberlain — children, 
Geraldine, Vincent and Lois Arnold; licensed 
as minister. United Brethern church, 1909 at 
conference, Strasburg, O.; ordained in 1914; 
served as pastor at Overton, Otterbeln, Akron 
(latter 5 years at First U. B. church); now 
serving fifth year at Calvary U. B. church, 
Lakewood; served 5 years as sec'y. East Ohio 
Conference U. B. church. Residence: 1597 
Mars-ave., Lakewood. 

ARNOLD. Georfce J., real estate; born, Vln- 
cennes, Ind., Jan. 9, 1884; son Adam Augustus 
and Catherine Frances (Dalton) Arnold; edu- 
cated, Renssaeller; married, Youngstown, O., 
Nov. 22. 1911 to Mildred Marie Murray — chil- 
dren, Mildred Catherine, William Richard II 
and Mary Elizabeth Arnold; vice pres. and 
general manager of The Van Swerlngen Co., 
vice pres. and director, The Shaker Co., 
irres., treas. and gen. mgr.. The Cour-Lee 
Construction Co.; pres. The AJax Oil Co.; di- 
rector The Vale Oil Co.; trustee and chairman 
the Board. Good Shepherd Convent; trustee 
Ursi''.irt-c '^'^'I'-o'o sad.r '.rnegie Avenue A^^ru;- 
member Industrial Commn., Uhamljer or Com- 
merce; member, National Town & Country 

flub (also chairman membership committee) 
member Cleveland Athletic and Canterbury 
.^lubs; pres. Alumni Assn. Rensaeller college. 
Residence: 2590 Coventry-rd., Shaker Hghts. 
Office: 700 Marshall Bldg. 

ARNOS, w. T., attorney at law; born. De- 
fiance Co., O., Aug. 20, 1873; son John F. and 
Dora (Alshouse) Arnos; educated, Stryker 
high school, 1893; Trl State Normal College, 
A.B., Angola, Ind., 1800; W. R. U. law school, 
jl903; married, Cleveland, 1907 to Anna C. 
Laughrldge — children, William F., Robert L. 
and Norman W. Arnos; practiced law since 
1903; began development of real estate in 
1907; pre.s. The South Euclid Development 
Co. and The Belvoir Stone & Supply Co.; has 
one of the finest farms In Ohio, located In 
Unionvllle in Lake Co., known as "Broad- 
fields." Recreation: farming. Residence: 
South Euclid, O. Office: 402 Engineers Bldg. 

ARNSTINE, Renjamln Victor, wholesale 
Jeweler; born, Cleveland, June 8, 1857; son 
iJacob and Sarah Arnstine; educated Cleveland 
schools; married, June 15, 188^*'(first wife 
died in 1910), remarried, Jan. .4 •.'."\OS.>j //.' " 
Nirdlinger — chUfirc^., j^dgar J., Selma A. and 
Jane; son served in world war, re- 
turning first lieut.; vice president. The Arn- 
stine Bros. Co.. director The Euclid Motor Co.; 
member Excelsior club. Residence: 2033 
Abington-rd. Office: 4614 Prospect-ave. 

ARNSTTNE, H.irry W., jeweler; 
born, Cleveland, Feb. 2, 1859; son Jacob and 
Sarah Arnstine; educated Cleveland pub- 
lic schools; married, Cleveland, Dec. 
28, 1898 to Lillian Koch — children, James 
M., Dorothy J., and Harry W. Arnstine, Jr.; 
pres. The Arnstine Bros. Co.; director 
the Euclid Motor Co.; member Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce and Excelsior club. 
Residence: Hotel Alcazar. Office: 4614 Pros- 

ARTER, Clinrles KinRsley, attorney-at-law, 
born, Cleveland. O., April 24, 1875; son Frank 
A. and Eliza (Kingsley) Arter; educated Am- 
herst College, B.A. 1898 and Harvard Law 
School, 1901; married, Cleveland, Sept. 27, 
1902 to Grace Denison — children, Elizabeth, 
(deceased), Calvin Kingsley and Charles 
Kingsley Arter II; during war legal advisor 
to draft board and spoke daily public meet- 
ings; member law firm of Smith, Taft & Arter 
1902-1917; member firm Dustin, McKeehan, 
Merrick, Arter & Stewart since 1918; di- 
rector American Multigraph Co., Buckeye 
Rubber Co., Land Title Abstract & Trust Co., 
Frank A. Arter Co.; member Amherst College 
Alumni, pres. and director The Kinglsey Co., 
Hawthorne Const. Co. and Cuyahoga Lum- 
ber Co.; American Bar and Cleveland Bar 
Assns.; trustee Baldwin Wallace, Cleveland 
Museum Nat. History and Cleveland Hghts. 
Library Board; member D. K. E.. Nisi Prius, 
American Variable Star Observers. Union, 
Hermit and Mayfield clubs. Recreations, as- 
tronomy and entomology. Residence: Blue 
Stone-rd.. Cleveland Hghts. Office: 920 
Guardian Bldg. 

ARTER, Charlotte Lillian; born, Hanover- 
ton, O., Sept. 12, 1861; daughter Theodore and 
Susan (Pritchard) Arter; educated, Green 
Bay, Wis. high school, 1879; 2 years North- 
western Univ., Evanston, 111. Residence: 1852 
Rosalind-ave., E. C. 

ARTER. Frances Blanche; born, Cleveland; 
daughter Frank A. and Eliza (Kingsley) Arter; 
.educated. Welleslev college; Western Reserve 
VJnlv., B.S.; married. Cleveland. Sept. 27, 1898 
to Louis Eugene Myers — children, Francis 



Charles Arter and Eugene Arter Myers; world kindergarten training college; married, 
war, served Red Cross; sang in many enter-' Cleveland, 1904 to Alfred F. Arthur — children, 
tainments given to raise money for soldlerfi^ Elizabeth B. Arthur; assoc. Women's Board 
and orphans of the war; also sang for the/ Lakewood Public hospital; Training Home 
soldiers; soprano soloist for nine years In the i for Girls, Franklin Hall (boarding home), 
leading churches of Cleveland; has sung on / Residence: 13850 Lake-ave. 
programs of the Fortnightly Musical and Re- ( .„„„,.„». ... ,. ^ v, ,-„ , , 

cital clubs as well as in pageants at the ' ASHBl RV Alice 1 auKhn. born, Cleveland. 
Women's college and for the American Legion Feb. 25, 1859; daughter George R., and Mary 
in Wade Park; has given her services for many , Ann (Achre) Vaughn; educated, Cleveland 
years toward raising funds for charitable and public schools; married, Cleveland, Nov. 17, 
education organizations; formerly pres. Lee- 1»».4 to John W'esley Ashbury; member 
ture Recital club; formerly vlce-pres. also sec. "Kings Daughters;' Daughters of 1812 (Com- 
f or Shaker Lakes Garden club; formerly chair- modore Perry Chapter); assoc. Training 
man of Garden committee of College club; Home for Girls, Franklin Hall (boarding 
pres. three years Shaker Heights Neighbor- : home) ; Phillls Wheatley Assn. Residence: 
hood Guild; vice-regent Western Reserve 1454 Woodward-ave., Lakewood, O. 

Chapter D. A. R. ; pres. Shaker Neighbor- 
hood Guild; member Tau Zeta Epsilon fra- 
ternity; Garden club of America; member 
State officers club, D. A. R. ; Alumni Assn. 
of College for Women; Wellesley club; Ameri- 
can Assn. of University Women; T.,eague of 
Women Voters; Woman's City. Fortnightly 
Musical and Lecture Recital clubs; Shaker 
Heights Country club. Recreation: music 
and t'ra.vel. Residence: 16740 South Park- 

blvd. '^ - — --. 

ARTER, Frank A., retired; ,jbrn, Hanover, 
O., March 8, 1841; son David and Charlotte 
(Laffer) Arter; educated, Hanover high 
school; Allegheny college, Meadvile, Pa.. A. B. 
and M. A.; also LL.D. ; married, Cleveland, 
to Eliza Kingsley — children, Mrs. Fred L. 
Taft, Mrs. Louis E. Myers and Charles K. 
Arter; director Union Trust Co. and Alle- 
gheny college; vice-pres. Children's Industrial 
School; treas. N. E. O. Annuity Fund; direc- 
tor and executive committee St. Lukes hos- 
pital; member Layman's assn. N. E. O. Conf. ; 
Phi Kapra Psi and Phi Beta Kappa frater- 
nities; Chamber of Commerce; Union club. 
Residence: 17300 South Park-blvd. Office: 
Guardian Bldg. 

ARTER, Siinan Prltchnrd, born, Sandyville, 
O., Jan. 20, 1834; daughter Judge Reasin and 
Susan (Lauffer) ; educated Canton Female 
Seminary and Mt. Union college; married, 
Hanoverton, O., Jan., 1857 to Theodore Arter 
— children, James P., William Sherman, Theo- 
dore Jr., John Y., Charlotte L., Minnie C. Ar- 
ter and Mrs. C. .T. Donahue; during Civil war, 
pres. Columbiana county sanitary commn. 
Residence: Cleveland since 1869, now, 1852 
Rosalind-ave., E. C. 

ARTHUR, Alfred Prnnklln, musician; born, 
Cleveland. Jan. 12, 1875; son Alfred and Kate 
(Burnham) Arthur; educated, Cleveland pub- 
lic schools; married, Cleveland. 1904 to Jes- 
sie Larkin — children. Elizabeth B. Arthur; 
director Cleveland school of Music, Musicians' 
Club and Madrigal Club; Colleague of 
American Guild of Organists. Residence: 
13850 Lake-ave., Lakewood, O. Office: 3101 

ARTHUR, Charles Burgean, Jr., analysis 
dcp't., Guardian Trust Co.; born, Cleveland, 
Nov. 1, 1894; son Charles B. and Ida B. 
(Sturtevant) Arthur; educated Williams Col- 
lege, A. B., 1917, cum laude; married. Mentor, 
O., Sept. 28, 1921 to Helen B. Schafer— chil- 
dren, Barbara Arthur; during war 1st Lieut., 
4th div., 16th Field artillery; served In 
France, 1% years and won citation for bra- 
very; member Phi Beta Kappa, Williams col- 
lege and Sigma Phi fraternity. Residence: 
2321 Bellfield-ave., Cleve. Hghts. Office: 
Guardian Trust Co. 

ARTHUR, Jessie I.arkin, born, Cleveland; 

ASHBY, Florence White, housewife; born, 
Cleveland, Feb. 19, 1880; daughter Henry 
Clay and Sabrina M. (Capron) White; edu- 
cated, Cleveland public schools. Central High 
and Lake Erie college; married, Cleveand, 
Oct. 14, 1901 to Hoklon M. Ashby — children, 
George Arthur and Mary Virginia Ashby; 
member Women's Club of Albany, Pine Hills 
Fortnightly club and Albany Country club. 
Residence: 143 S. Lake-ave., Albany, N. Y. 

ASHMAN. John Edmnnd, first mortgage 
bonds, with S. Ulmer & Sons; born, Lindsay, 
Ont., Can., Aug. 23, 1868; married, Cleveland, 
O., Dec. 18, 1901 to Minnie Heyse — children. 
Alma (Mrs. G. A. Proctor). -Residence: 12536 
Clifton-blvd., Lakewood. Office: 700 Ulmer 

ASHMUN, Alice Ford, born, March 27, 18r,6; 
daughter Henry and Martha (Slaght) Ford; 
educated, district school E. Cleveland and 
Central high school; married, Cleveland, 
Nov. 28, 1888 to George Coates Ashmun — 
children, Russell Ford, Louis Henry, George 
Slaght and Bernice Ashmun. Residence: 
1813 Wilton-rd. 

ASHMUN Bernico, born, Cleveland. May 
17, 1898; daughter Dr. George Coates and 
Alice (Ford) Ashmun; educated, Laurel 
School for Girls, 1903-1916; W. R. U. 1916- 
1920; assoc. Cleveland Girls Council sum- 
mer camp 1923-24-2.T. Residence: 1813 Wil- 
ton-rd., Cleveland Hghts., O. 

ASHMUN, Dorothy Ovlaff, born, Cleveland, 
Nov. 8, 1894; daughter of Arthur Nelson and 
Lydla (Gibbs) Ovlatt: educated, Cleveland 
public schools; married, Cleveland, April 16, 
1921 to Russell Ford Ashmun — children, 
Russell Ford Ashmun Jr.; member Hudson 
club. Residence: Hudson, O. 

ASHMUN, George Conten, physician; born, 
Tallmadge, O., Jan. 31, 1841; son Russell At- 
water and Marcla (Wright) Ashmun; edu- 
cated, public schools; Tallmadge Academy; 
medical dept. W. R. U. 1870-71-72 M. D. 1873; 
married, Cleveland, 1880 to Laura J. Post, 
1888 to Alice Ford — children, Russell Ford, 
Louis Henry, George Slaght and Bernice 
Ashmun; U. S. examiner pensions 1873-1886; 
board of health 1880; health officer 1881- 
1891; city council 1898-99-1902-3; board of 
education 1909-1916; Civil War musician 2nd 
regt. Ohio vol. cav. 1861-2; lieut. 7th In- 
dependent Co. Ohio vol. cav. 1863-5; major 
and surgeon 5th regt. Inf. Ohio Natl. Guard 
1889-1898; professor hygiene and preventive 
medicine medical dept. W.R.U. 1893-1909; pro- 
fessor jurisprudence (med.) 1909-1916; pro- 
fessor jurisprudence and medical ethics 1916- 
1924; prof, emeritus jurisprudence and medi- 
cal ethics W. R. U. 1925; recently resigned 
after 35 years service on board directors 

daughter Hugh and Ella (Burrows) Lar- Savings and Lo^.t L--' l*yi-l„25,- mem- 
kin; educated, Cleveland public schools and ber G. A. R.; 7th Independent Co. Ohio vol. 



cav. for service In Civil War; became body 
guard of Pres. Lincoln Dec, 1863 until his 
death; member Loyal Legrion Commandery 
of Ohio. Residence: 1813 Wilton-rd., Cleve- 
land Hghts. 

ASHMUX. RuHsell Ford, auditor; born, 
Cleveland, Oct. 6. 1891; son George C. and 
Alice (Ford) Ashmun; educated, Cleveland 
public schools, and Univ. of Michigan la.vA 
school; married, Cleveland, April 16, 1921' 
to Dorothy Oviatt — children, Russell Ford' 
Ashmun, Jr., served with Ohio Natl guard 
on Mexican border, 1916-'17; served with 
14oth Infantry, 37th div., A. B. F.. 1917-'18 
as 1st Lieut.; now captain Infantry officers 
reserve corps; general auditor The McNyler 
Interstate Co., Bedford; member Military or- 
der, Loyal Legion of the U. S.; member Hud- 
son club. Residence: Hudson. Office: Mc- 
Myler Interstate Co., Bedford. 

ASSMUS, Albert Louis, vice president, 
Cleveland Trust Co.; born, Cleveland, Feb. 
5, 1876; educated Cleveland public schools. 
Central High; married, 1905 to Daisy Spen- 
cer — children, Eleanor and Alberta Assmus; 
member Cleveland Athletic and Canterbury 
clubs. Residence: 2243 Chestnut Hills-dr. 
Office: Cleveland Trust Co. 

ATKIX, Charles G., consulting engineer; 
born. East Orange, N. J., June 6, 1888; son 
Samuel and Nellie Atkin; educated. Union 
College, Schenectady, N. Y., B. E. ; married, 
St. Louis, Mo. to Helen Ketcham — 3 children; 
world war, major U. S. A. 47th artillery; man- 
ager Cleveland district, Lockwood Greene 
and Co.; member Beta Theta Pi fraternity; 
Mason F. and A. M., Oneida Chapter R. A. M. 
Utica Commandery No. 3 Utica, N. Y. ; Is- 
mailia Shrine, Buffalo, N. Y. ; Cleveland 
Athletic Club and Chamber of Commerce. 
Residence: 3262 Warrington-rd. Office: 1566 
Hanna BIdg. 

AT'WATER, Almon L,., Dr., dentist; born, 
Sheffield, Ashtabula county, O., Jan., 1878; 
son John Wilbur Atwater and Frances (Pee- 
bles) Atwater; educated Kingsville public 
schools, 1895 and Western Reserve Dental 
school, 1899; married, Cleveland, 1919 to La- 
Verne Fitch, member Cleveland Dental and 
Ohio State Dental Societies. Residence: 12479 
Cedar-rd. Office: 6007 Euclidave. 

ATWATER, Harmon G., real estate and 
building; born, Cleveland, Sept. 19, 1877; son 
Jared J. and Hattie G. (Root) Atwater; edu- 
cated, Crete High school. Neb., graduated, 
'96; Case school, one vear; married, Sacra- 
mento, Cal., Oct. 27, 1902 to Emily Daniels — 
children, Gordon A., Windsor H. and Frances 
E. Atwater; member firm, Atwater Realty Co.; 
member. Knights of Pythias, Star Lodge, No. 
526. Residence: 13621 Blenheim-rd. Office: 
13933 St. Clair-ave. 

AUCrSTLS, Ellsworth H., Cambridge, Col- 
lieries Co.; born, Chicago, 111., Nov. 23, 1897; 
son Albert A. and Grace Huntington (Hunt) 
Augustus; educated, Yale Univ. (ex. 1919-war 
class); University school, Cleveland; mar- 
ried, Buffalo, N. Y. Dec. 29, 1920 to Francei 
Elizabeth Good — children, Daneen Good and 
Albert Anthony Augustus II; world war, 
sergt. 158th Depot Brigade, Camp Sherman, 
O. ; member Kirtland, Country, Mayfleld, 
City, Buffalo Country and John G. Whlta 
Chess clubs. Residence: 3137 Fairmount- 
Blvd. Office: 1050 Rockefeller Bldg. 

AUSTIN, Jesse L., manager Cunard Anchor 
P-2e; bOTU. Bi-ooK'on, N. Y., Feb. 12, l890; 
son William G. and Josephine (Van Wickel) 
Austin; educated public schools, N. Y.; mar- 

ried. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 5, 1918 to Ingrld 
Krestine Hagen — children, Jane and Faith 
Constance Austin; April 1917 to Feb. 1919, 
U. S. Navy; rank ensign when enlistment ex- 
pired; to date 20 years with Cunard line; es- 
tablished the Cleveland office Immediately 
after the war since which four large trans- 
atlantic steamship- lines have established 
offices in Cleveland; member ^Iasonic lodge, 
N. 403, Brooklyn, N. Y.; member Cleveland 
Rotary, and Traffic clubs, Akron and 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 
3778 Glenwood-rd., Cleve. lights. Office: 
1022 Chester-ave. 

AUSTIN, V^'llbert John, president; born, 
Cleveland, Nov. 2, 1876; son Samuel an*d 
Sarah J. (Gynn) Austin; educated. Case 
School of Applied Science, B. S.; married, 
Massillon, O., Sept. 13, 1903 to Ida Stewart — 
children, Allan Stewart, Donald Gynn and 
Margaret Louise Austin; pres. The Austin 
Co., The Austin Co. of Texas, The Austin 
Co. of Calif., The Austin Finance Co., The 
Austin Securities Co., The Surety Invest- 
ing Co. and The Advance Properties Co.; 
director National Air Tran.;./*"- -, inc. ; trus- 
l^e — WnKtemTsvt -Ivi. E. Church, St. Lukes 
Hospital; chairman music committee Winde- 
mere M. E. Church; board of management 
E. C. Y.M.O.A. ; member Union, Mid-Day, 
Shaker Hghts. Country and Willowick Coun- 
try clubs; Bankers and Transportation Clubs, 
N. Y. and Manufacturers Club, Phila. Recrea- 
tion: principally golf. Residence: 1894 
Farmington-rd., E. C. Office: 16112 Euclid- 

AUXER, Fred P.. president National Tele- 
phone Supply Co.; born, Cleveland, March 6, 
1876; son Perry H. and Alice (Costello) Aux- 
er; educated, Cleveland Public schools; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, 1904 to Elizabeth F. Tucker 
— children, Alice Auxer; served in Spanish- 
American war with 5th O V. I., 12 years 
with Ohio National guard; captain, 5th, O. 
N. G., 1901-'02; also pres.. The Hatter Co.; 
and director The Galvanized Products Co., 
The Gammel Co., The Brown Body Corp. 
and The American Box Co.; member, IMasonic 
lodge; member, Cleveland Athletic, Willowick 
Country and Rotary clubs. Residence: 2SS6 
Courtland-blvd. Office: 5100 Superior-ave. 

AVEL.L.OXE, Jo.seph Charles, physician and 
surgeon; born, Sicily, Jan. 1, 1890; son 
Charles and Satvatrice (Mazzaglia) Avellone; 
educated, Adelbert College, A. B., 1913; W. 
R. U. medical school, M. D., 1916; married, 
Lakewood, June 28, 1922 to Julia Ann Deni- 
son — 2 children; world war, capt. in M. C. 
U. S. A. attached to, June 1917-May 
1919; member Phi Chi medical fraternity; 
Academy of Medicine. Recreation: music 
and golf. Residence: 1603 Waterbury-rd., 
Lakewood, Office: Marshall Bldg., W. 65th- 
st. and Lorain-ave. 

AVERY, Frederick Burt, clergyman: born, 
Cleveland. June 7, 1854; son Rev. John Thomas 
and Sarah Whiting (Canfleld) Avery; edu- 
cated, Cleveland Central high school, Oberlin 
College, M. A.,; General Seminary, N. Y.; 
Divinity School, Philadelphia, Lincoln Mem- 
orial University. D.D.; married, Evanston, 
Ind., Nov. 10, 1880 to lone Lester — children, 
Frederic Whitney, Harriette L. (Mrs. Har- 
vey B. Gaul), lone C. (Mrs. Earle E. White), 
and Lester Tryon Avery; one of founders of 
I.,incoln Memorial University, Cumberland 
Gap, Tenn., and two years its president; rec- 
tor St. Paul's church. Canton, O. ; St. John's, 
Youngstown, O.; St. Mark's, Frankford, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; St. James, Palnesville, O.; St. 
Paul's, East Cleveland, O.; St. John's, Cleve- 



land, O.: member standing: commlttse Dlo- teacher. 1896-'03; three years at Kenyon Mill- 
cese of Ohio. 15 years and pres. five years; tary academy, four years Ashland seminary, 
tnember board. Lincoln Memorial; pres. Sons Versailles, Ky.; employed by Fred P. Thomas. 
Amor. Revolution, Painesville, O.; chaplain insurance, in 1903; became stockholder and 
W. R. chapter G. A. R. ; Cleveland; chaplain vice president 1911; In 1922 elected president. 
Ohio Sons Amer. Revolution, 1922-'23; pres. Position now occupied, also vice president, 
Painesville Art Assn.; vice pres. Grace Nettle- ''t'e Underwriters Mortgage & Investment 
ton Home (for orphans) Harrowgate, Tenn.; Cb.; member Cleveland Chamber of Corn- 
life member Chamber of Commerce, Cleve- nferce^_ WMloughby Ch^mber^ of Commerce, 
land; life member and 1 "" ~" ' '""" ^' ' ~~ """ 
Educational Soc, Philadt 
from active rectorship 19 

.9 <?tnt»-st ■Painooviiio ueiia upsuon iraierniiy, jwasomc uiue luuKtj, 

b. btate St., Falnesvllle. chapter and commandery. member University 

AVERY, Henry Raymond, Jeweler; born, ^^^^ and vestryman Grace Episcopal church. 

Reading, Mich., Dec. 31, 1880; son Henry Aus- Willoughby. O. Recreation: golf. Residence. 

, tin and Josephine ("Williams) E. Avery; edu- Willowlck, Lake county. O. 

/ cated high school, Concord. Mich.; married, ayERS. Clifford Lincoln Sherman, wholc- 
; New Haven. Conn., Jan. 23, 1903 to Elsie gale coal- born Gambler, O., Sept. 26. 1863; 
Murray — children. Alice. May and Zara Har- son William and Harriet (Weeks) Ayers: 
riett Avery; started in jewelry business at educated, Kenvon College, Gambier. O.. class- 
age of 18 for Solomon Fry. New Haven, Conn., leal course, A.B. 1886; married. Pasadena, Cal.. 
remaining eight years; then joined Duhme ..une 7 1889 to Abbie Johnson — children. 
Jewelry Co.. Cincinnati, O., remaining one S^reigh B., McClaren and Elolse Johnson 
year; 1906 associated with Webb C. Ball & /vyers; (after death of Abble Johnson Ayers. 
Co. as a junior ss.lesman and four years later T>14, married Eliza Troll West. St. Clairsvllle, 
was given posfvion of buver c^— 4ic ■7n^'-*5^i^elmont County, O.); 1886 to 1889. lumber 
1923 reorganized the business and became business, Pasadena. Cal.; 1889 to 1896. varl- 
rresident of company in 1924; member, Cham- ous branches railroading; 1896 to present 
ber of Commerce and Exchange club Rec- time, coal business; vice tres.. The *-• -^ 
reations: fishing and golf. Residence: 2217 Ayers Coal Co.; sec. Becker Steamship Co ; 
Cottage Grove-dr. Office: 1114 Euclld-ave director, The C. L. Ayers Coal Co. Clark 

Patent Tubing Co. and H. F. Wilcox 
i.r^^^^^',^^?i!*^tti% ",""• t'^'""' ^'at^rtown. pampa Oil Co.; member Westwood Country. 
N. Y. April 19. 1896; daughter Dr. Wallace Belmont Hills Country, Mld-Dav and Cleve- 
N. and Jeannette Camela (Hall) Brown; edu- land Athletic clubs and Chamber of Com- 
cated, Watertown high school and Wells merce Residence, 12037 Lake-ave., Lake- 
College, B.A. ; married. Watertown, N. T., wood ' O Office: 1509 Rockefeller Bldg. 
Oct. 1918 to Lester Tryon Avery — children, „ ^ x. i . v«,„ 
Catherine Lester and Barbara Waldo Avery- AYRES. Leonard Porter, banker, born, 
member College and Wells Alumnae clubs Niantic. Conn.; son Milan C. and Georglana 
of Cleveland. Residence: 894 Caledonia-ave., (Gall) Ayres; educated, Boston Univ. Ph. B. 
Cleveland Hghts. 1902, A. M. 1909. Ph. D. 1910, Doctor of 

Commercial Science (honorary) 1923; world 
AVERY, Lester Tryon, refrigeration en- war director of statistics. Council of Na- 
gineer; born, Painesville, O., Aug. 28, 1896; tional Defense; statistician War Industries 
son Rev. Frederick B. and lone (Lester) board; Priority committee, Allies Purchas- 
Avery; educated, (Shaw high school; Case ing committee; American member Bureau 
School Applied Science, Bachelor of Science de Statisque Interallie"; Organizer and 
degree electrical engineering; mai^ried. Chief-Statistics branch. General Staff, U. S. 
Watertown, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1918 to Jeannette A.- chief stati.'^tician A. E. P.: chief 
Hall Brown — children. Catherine Lester and statistical officer. Conference to Negotiate 
Barbara Waldo Avery; world war, U. S. Naval Peace; now member general staff eligibility 
Reserve Force; refrigerating engr. Hibbard list; Technical Advisor, committeos of ex- 
Co. 1920-1922; director mgr. American Car- perts appointed by Reparation Commission 
bonic Mchry. Co. since 1922; member Eta 1924 (Dawes Committee); 1902-1907 teacher 
Kappa Nu Elec. Eng. Soc; Beta Theta Pi in Porto Rico; then district supt. of schools, 
fraternity; University and Glen Rock Coun- then general supt. of schools for the island; 
try clubs. Recreation: tennis. Residence- 1907-1920 Russell Sage Foundation, becom- 
894 Caledonia-ave., Cleveland Hghts. Office- ing director of depts. of Statistics and Edu- 
305 Plymouth Bldg., E. 22nd-st. and Prospect- cation; 1915-public school survey Cleveland; 
ave. Dec. 1920 vice-pres. The Cleveland Trust Co.; 
AYER, Frederick Borden, general Insur- fellow and pres. American Statistical assn.j 
ance; born Oct. 27, 1874, Unity N. H • son fellow Amer. assn. for the advancement of 
Benjamin F. Ayer and Susan (Varney) Bailey Science; member American Economic assn.; 
Ayer; married, Ashtabula, O., June 15 1889 National Educational assn.; Distinguished 
to Agnes Louise Goddard — children Edwin Service medal; Phi Beta Kappa fraternity; 
Goddard, Ethel Louise and Margaret Ayer- sec. Cleveland Foundation committee; Edu- 
educated Williams College, 1896 A b' cational Board Commonwealth Fund, Na- 
degree; also preparatory school Kenvon tional Finance committee American Legion, 
Military Academy Gambier, O.; 1890- war dept. business council; Beta Theta PI 
'91; member, American Protective league- fraternity; Army and Navy Post No. 54 
liberty bond speaker during War; president (past commander) Residence: 2096 E. 96th- 
of council Wlllowick Village, O.; school st. Office: The Cl" 

Cleveland Trust Co. 


BABCOCK, Mary Eliza Foote, born, Cleve- and Women's City clubs. Recreation: music, 

land, Sept. 22, 1884; daughter Francis M. Residence: 12007 Phillips-ave. 

ohnA.«^ • i" to Harrison F. Babcock— ^^^ j • (Wallace) (sister of Eliza Jen- 
children, one daughter; member Western nings); educated Cleveland Female seminary. 
Reserve Chapter D.A.R., Melvin Reading Woodland-av. Episcopal church school, S. N. 



Sanford, principal; married, Cleveland, May Builders Exchange. Recreation: swimming 

1, 1878 to Rev. Arthur M. Backus— children, gymnasium work, bridge, golf and chess. 

Jean Wallace (Backus), Dawson and Mar- Ke.sidence: 10111 EdKewater-dr Office- 251 

Jorie Leslie Backus (deceased); Eliza Jen- Erie Bldg. 
nings, Jane Wallace's sister, gave the Homa 

for Incurables, through Mrs. Burton's influ- BADE3, William Heary, minister; born, 

ence, largely. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings al&o Akron, O., Dec. 13, 1885; son William Henry 

gave to tlie city The Industrial School o,i and Sophia J. (Wllmklng) Bade- educated 

Detroit-ay., the old Jennings residence. Mrj. Lincoln Public School, Central Institute, 

and Women s City clubs; president Women b ordained deacon 1908. Erie. Pa., ordained 

Auxiliary, Diocese of Ohio, one and one half elder 1910. Lorain, O.; minister W. 41st st. 

llVf^- .uVl^ T^S}^AF^r^^%l^9^'^ A"^^ .^'''^ °"^ Cleveland 1906-1907; W. 65th st. Cleveland 

half years. Residence: 2028 E. 83rd-st. 1906-1907; Freedom. Pa. 1907-1911- Gibson- 

Backus; elected to board of public affairs „*.— ,,^,-,„ , ^ « — 

of county; member. Cleveland Athletic and BAEDER, Lydia C, office mgr. Erner Elec- 

Madison Golf clubs. Residence: Brighton- trie Co.; born Elmhurst, 111., daughter August 

rd., Bratenahl. Office: 1153 Leader News ^"d Louisa (Schmidt) Baeder; educated Elm- 

Bldg. hurst. 111. and Cleveland, O.; director Busi- 

BACOX. Leon Brooks, lawyer; born, Ta- "r^f^^n'^^^'f^^A^w ?f,f'^^""= ^^^^ ^- ''^^*- 

berg. Oneida Co., N. Y., July 24. 1870; son ^'- °'^''=®- ^''^O W. 9th-st. 

Sidney Brooks and Esther D. (Munger) Ba- BAEHR, Albert Meckes, manufacturer; 

con; graduate. Williams college, A.B., 1893; born, Cleveland, O.. July 3, 1895; son Albert 

Syracuse Univ., LL.B. 1899; married, July 24, H. and Meta (Meckes) Baehr; educated Case 

1900, Anna Osborne Anthony, d. Capt. Jacob School of Applied Science, B. S. 1916; mar- 

Merritt Anthony and niece Susan B. Anthony, ried, Cleveland, O.. April 20, 1921 to Elsie W. 

suffrage leader — children, Harriet Anthony. Trottner; world war, 1st Lieut. 802nd Pioneer 

Ann Dalton, Susan Anthony; practice of law Inf.; partner. Clark, Clark & Baehr; pres. & 

since admission to the bar — New York 1898- treas. Forest City Sales Co.; member Phi 

1903, in Ohio 1903-1923 at Cleveland; since 1923 Delta Theta Fraternity. Lakewood Lodge 601 

member firm of Bacon & Tippett, New York F. & A. M.. Cunningham Chapter 87 RAM. 

City; business, London, England, 1895-1896; Forest City Commandery 40 KT, Lake Erie 

member Am. Bar Assn.; N. Y. County Law- Consistory A.A.S.R.. Cleveland Athletic Club, 

yers' Assn.; Soc. Mayflower Descendants; So- Residence: 1628 Wagar-ave., Lakewood. Of- 

ciety Colonial Governors; Sons of Am. Rev.; flee: 2104 Superior viaduct 
gen. com. Roosevelt Mem'l. Assn.; gen. com. 

Serbian Relief; Kappa Alpha Society; Phi BAEHR, Fred E., secretary-treasurer; born 

Delta Phi fraternity; Masonic Bodies and Al June 18, 1877; West Park, O.; son Chris Baelir 

Koran Temple. Mystic Shrine; compiler De- and Augusta (Brandes) Baehr; educated 

scendants Michael Bacon, Dedham 1633. and Baldwin Wallace. Berea, O. and Spencerian 

Descendants John Anthony, Portsmouth, R. I. Business college; married. Cleveland August 

1634; world war: non-com. officer Red Cross; 26th. 1917 to Gussle Krumher; secretary- 

tories; instructor Selective Service Board; q. M. Realty Co.; member Masonic order. 

I. M. C A., Camp Sherman, Ohio four mln- Woodmen of thn W^nrlrt nnri Mio-h Mnnn oiuh 

ute man; special representative. U. S. Ship- Recreation- flshirre Re^^^ 

ping Board; lecturer "Balkan Problem as indth «t nsmng. Kesldence. 1297 W. 

Cause of War" with slides from photos ^"^i-n-st- 

taken in Balkans 1914; Clubs: Williams, BAEHR, Herman C, banking; born. Keo- 
(N. Y.), University (Syracuse), Hermit and kuk. Iowa, March 16, 1866; son Jacob and 
University (Cleveland), Appalachian Mt. Magdalene (Zipf) Baehr; educated, Cleve- 
(Boston). Residence: 1869 Grasmere-st.. land public schools; Lehman's Scientific 
East Cleveland. Office: 247 Park-ave.. New academy, Worms-on-the-Rhine, M. B.; grad- 
York City. uate first Scientific station, N. Y., 1887; mar- 
BACOX, Marvin J., proprietor Bacon Engl- ried, Rochester, Pa., April 21, 1899; county 
neering Sales Co.; born, Toronto, Mar. 19. recorder. 1904-1910; elected Mayor of Cleve- 
1879; son Jos. H. and Caroline Bacon; edii- land, 1909, defeating Tom L. Johnson; during 
cation included three years study In Eng- his administration many public Improve- 
land, France, and Italy; married, Mllwau- ments were inaugurated; started erection of 
kee. Nov. 20. 1912 to Maud von Baum- city hall; completed negotiations for building 
bach — children, Elizabeth Louise and Robert E. 9th st. pier; tuberculosis sanitarium; elim- 
Gladstone Bacon; foreign representative for inated many grade crossings (Pennsylvania 
American Roller Bearing Co. 1901-1903; and Nickel Plate); started many water works 
sales manager for American Roller Bearing improvements. Including filtration plant, In- 
Co. at Boston, Mass., 1903-1909; travelled and terceptlng sewer, new main to west side; 
studied In France, Italy, Germany, North also dredged and Improved river and coop- 
Africa and Spain during entire year 1910; erated with county In construction of high 
established Bacon Engineering Sales Co. level bridge; previously had charge of Baehr 
1911 dealing In contractors machinery; Brewing Co., which was consolidated with 
member, Benevolent Brotherhood of Elks, the Cleveland & Sandusky Brewing Co.. of 
Cleveland Athletic and Sleepy Hollow clubs; which he became secretary and treasurer; 



member original park board, 1900; launched 
many popular sports in public parks; 
president of The Forest City Savings 
& Trust until its consolidation with the 
Cleveland Trust Co. of which he is now di- 
rector; member Chamber of Commerce; 
Chamber of Industry, (pres. two terms); 
Cleveland Gesangverein; Star Turner society 
and active in other German societies; 32nd 
degree Mason: Shriner; past chancellor K. of 
P.; B. P. O. E. Residence: 1400 W. 25th-st. 
Office: W. 25th-st and Detrolt-ave. 

BAEHR, Meta. born, Cleveland, O.; daughter 
John and Anna (Fletcher) Meckes; educated 
public school; Ursuline Convent private tu- 
tors; married. Cleveland, O.. Nov. 28, 1894 
to Albert H. Baehr — children, one boy and 
one girl; world war, Civilian Relief, Red 
Cross; member Hicks School Alumni, Alten- 
heim Society, Lakewood Garden, Lakewood 
Women's Clubs. Residence: 12520 Lake-ave. 

BAER, Frank House, transportation com- 
missioner; born, Cleveland, Nov. 12, 1863-_sQn - 
Anthony and Lucy (House) Baer; educatea 
Cleveland public schools; married, Bryn 
Mawr, Penn., July 2, 1908 to Elizabeth Spen- 
cer Hunter — children, Chisholm Spencer 
and Elizabeth Spencer Baer; 1889-1918 
with N. y. C. & S. L. R. R.; since May 1, 
1918 transportation commissioner Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce; sec'y. Great Lakes 
Regional Advisory board; director and mem- 
ber executive committee of Nat'l. Industrial 
Traffic League; director Torrington Land Co.; 
member Cleveland Chamber of Commerce 
since 1891, trustee of Cleveland Public 
Library, 1898-1901; member Rowfant club. 
Recreation: collecting rare books and early 
valentines. Residence: 286.5 Southington-rd. 
Office: Chamber of Commerce. 

BAER, Milton A., salesman; born. Wheel- 
ing, W. Va., July 10, 1896; son of Lee and 
Hanna (Heyman) Baer; educated public 
school. Wheeling, W. Va. and Univ. of Mich- 
igan; world war. Sergeant Inf., on perma- 
nent personnel at Camp Sherman for 9 months. 
Recreation: swimming; memlier City Club 
and The Temple. Residence: Sovereign 
Hotel. Office: Landesman Hirscheimer Co., 
1323 West 9th-st. 

BAHXSEN, Roland, minister; born, Naza- 
reth, Pa., Oct. 10, 1889; son Rev. Geo. F. and 
Marie (Raillard) Bahnsen; educated Nazareth 
Hall Military Academy; Moravian College 
and Seminary, Bethlehem, Pa., B. A., B.D. ; 
Union Theological Seminary, N. Y. City, B.D. ; 
married, Brooklyn, N. Y., April 14, 1915 to 
Beatrice E. Rebbein; minister Canadensis, Pa. 
1910-1912 (Moravian); Dunburn, Sask., Cana- 
da 1914-1916 (Moravian); Port Washington, O. 
1916-1918 (Moravian); Nichols, N. Y. 1918- 
1924 (Presbyterian); Miles Park Presbyterian 
Church 1924. Residence: 4223 East 98-st. 

BAHREXBl RG, T>ouiH P. H., physician; 
born, N. Y. City, Dec. 28, 1873; son John H. 
and Caroline (Timmerman) Bahrenburg; 
educated Pemberville, O. High School, 
graduated 1890; Western Reserve Academy 
1S92 1893; Western Reserve University School 
of Medecine, M. D. graduated 1896; married, 
Princeton, Ind., Jan. 8, 1901 to Elizabeth 
McClurkin — children, Elizabeth Carolyn and 
James Henry Bahrenburg; world war, mem- 
ber Missouri State committee and St. Louis 
Auxiliary Committee, council of National De- 
fense; In command U. S. Marine Hospital 
No. 18, St. Louis, Mo. 1917-1923; organized 
and in command U. S. P.H.S. Hospital No. 
35, St. Louis, Mo. from July 1, 1919 to 
July 31, 1922 when it was turned over to the 

U. S. Veterans Bureau; commissioned Assis- 
tant Surgeon (Ist Lieut.) U. S. Marine Hos- 
pital Service (later Public Health Service) 
June 22, 1900; promoted to P. A. Surgeon 
(Capt.) Jan. 13, 1906; promoted to Surgeon 
(Major) Dec. 13, 1912; served at N. Y. City; 
Liverpool, Eng. (American Consulate); Hono- 
lulu, Hawaii; Chicago; New Orleans; Evans- 
ville, Ind.; Delaware Breakwater, Del., 
Quarantine; Galveston, Tex.; St. Louis, Mo.; 
now in command U. S. Marine Hospital No. 
6, Cleveland, O.; member (Cleveland Academy 
of Medicine; American Medical Assn.; fellow 
of American College of Surgeons; medical 
director St. Louis Tuberculosis Society 1917- 
1923; member A.M.P.O., Medical Veterans of 
World War. Recreations: photography, arch- 
eology, riding. A ruling elder Presbyterian 
church, U. S. since 1914: ordained Galveston, 
Tex. Residence: 1292 W. 108th-st. Office: 
U. S. Marine Hospital No. 6, 1041 Lakeslde- 

BAIL., Frank W., architect; born, Wells- 
ville, O., July 3, 1891; son Geo. W. and Mag- 
gie (Wooster) Bail; educated, Columbia Univ. 
school of architecture, B. Arch.; married, 
Wellsville, 1912 to Florence Barnes — children, 
Jane and George Bail; world war, 1st lieut. 
Inf. Staff, 83rd Div. ; practiced architecture 
New York City 1916-1917; practiced in Cleve- 
land, since 1920; pres. and treas. The Frank 
W. Bail Co.; member Cleveland Chapter A. 
I. A.; member City club of New York; Uni- 
versity club of Cleveland. Recreation: ten- 
nis, fishing, boxing. Residence: 2427 Wood- 
mere-dr., (Cleveland Hghts. Office: Hanna 

BAILEY, Albert Caesar, vice-president The 
Grasselli Chemical Co.; born, Cincinnati, Oct. 
30, 1876; son Daniel and Lucretea (Grasselli) 
Bailey; educated public school. University, 
Case School of Applied Science; member Zeta 
Psi, T. N. E. ; member Union, Mid Day, Her- 
mit, Kirtland, Chagrin Valley Hunt and Road- 
side clubs. Residence: 2061 E. 96th St., sum- 
mer, Gates Mill. Office: 1300 Guardian Bldg. 

BAII.EY, Bertha Louise, born, Cleveland, 
O.; daughter William and Julia (Wood) 
Bailey; educated Cleveland and Lakewood 
public schools; Oberlin College, Ph.B.; 
Women's College; trustee Phillis Wheatley 
Assoc; member Western Reserve Chapter 
Daughters of The American Revolution, Ohio 
Women's Home Missionary Union (Congrega- 
tional), Highland Congregational Church, 
Y. M. C. A.. The Cleveland Sorosis. Resi- 
dence: 1346 Andrews-ave., Lakewood. 

BAILEY, Clarence Wagar, real estate; 
born, Cleveland, O., March 27, 1893; son 
Arthur R. and Nettie F. (Wagar) Bailey; 
educated Cornell University, B. S., 1916; mar- 
riedj Lakewood, O., Dec. 25 1918 to Edith C. 
Bevington — children Clarence Wagar, and 
David Bevington Bailey; member Phi Delta 
Sigma Fraternity; member Cornell Club of 
Cleveland. Residence: 14921 Lake-ave., Lake- 
wood. Office: 15723 Madison-ave., Lakewood. 

BAILEY, Edith Bevingrton, born, Bucyrus, 
O., March 4, 1898; daughter Jay W. and Flor- 
ence E. (Wakefield) Bevington; educated 
Women's College; married, Cleveland, O., 
Dec. 25, 1918 to Clarence Wagar Bailey — 
children, Clarence Wagar and David Bev- 
ington Bailey; world war. Volunteer Ameri- 
can Red Cross, Personnel dept.; member Col- 
lege for Women Alumnae Assn., Woman's, 
Lakewood Woman's, and Three Arts clubs. 
Residence: 14921 Lake-ave., Lakewood. 

BAILEY. George, Episcopal clergyman; 
born, Wellington, Eng., Aug. 7, 1867; son 
John and Elizabeth (Brass) Bailey; educated 



Firth Univ., Ranmoor Theological College, 
Sheffield, Eng. 1886-1892; A.M. 1902; D..D 
lf>OG; Ph. D. 1906; married, England, June 27, 
1892 to Matilda Sandland — children, George 
P., Maude Evaline and John William Bailey; 
world war, County chairman for Food Con- 
servation, Erie County, Pa.; member British 
Recruiting Commission; Chaplain to Home 
forces (Honorary); president Westminster 
College. Salt Lake City. Utah 1901-1905; rec- 
tor St. Phillip's Church, Cleveland since 1918; 
research work in Egypt, Palestine, Greece 
and Italy; editor of "Church Life," official 
organ of the Diocese of Ohio; Chairman of 
Department of Publicity; member Diocesan 
Council; Chaplain Brooklyn Lodge No. 454 
F. & A. M. since 1919; Chaplain Keystone 
Chapter No. 217 R. A. M. Recreation: walk- 
ing, fishing, golf. Residence: 3425 Highview- 
ave. Office: St. Philip's Episcopal Church, 
Denison-ave & W. 33rd st. (Deceased June 
6, 1926.) 

BAILEV, Harry, manufacturer; born, Eng- 
land, April 19, 1878; son Henry and Mary 
Ann Bailey; educated public school, Burslem, 
Eng.; Central School of Science & Technol- 
ogy, Stoke-on-Trent, Eng.; married, Eng., 
April 19, 1900 to Jane Goodhead — children, 
Nora Elaine and Sybil May Bailey; general 
manager Booth's Ltd., Tunstall, Eng. 1905- 
1911; superintendent Homer Laughlin China 
Co., Newell. W. Va. 1912-1918; vice-president 
and general mgr. Bailey-Walker China Co., 
Bedford, O. Recreation: golf; member (Coun- 
try Club. Residence: 12878 Cedar-rd., Cleve- 
land Hghts. Office: Bedford, O. 

BAILEY, Helen Moyle, born, Plymouth, Pa.; 
daughter James and Lily Dale (Kinsman) 
Moyle; educated Bucknell University, 1920, 
A.B. ; married Plymouth, Pa., Oct. 5, 1920 to 
Theodore Litchfield Bailey — children, James 
Moyle Bailey; member Cleveland Bucknell 
Alumni Association. Residence: 1924 E. 84th 


BAILEY, Henry Turner, teacher of art, ar- 
tist; born, Scituate, Mass., Dec. 9 1865; son 
Charles Edward Bailey and Eudora (Turner) 
Bailey; educated public schools Massachu- 
setts Art School, Hon. Degree L.H.D. Deni- 
Bon University, 1925; married Scituate, Mass. 
1889 to Josephine Litchfield — children, Eliza- 
beth, Lawrence H., Theodore L., Margaret 
and Gilbert T. Bailey; teacher Boston evening 
schools, supervisor of drawing, Lowell, Mass.; 
agent for promotion of industrial drawing, 
state board of education, Mass., 16 years; edi- 
tor The School Arts Magazine, 9 years; direc- 
tor Chautauqua summer schools Art and 
Craft, Chautauqua, N. Y.; dean, two years, 
and director six years Cleveland School of Art; 
director School for Training in Art and 
Craft, Educational Therapy, Cleveland; 
director seven years the John Huntington 
Polytechnic Institute, Cleveland; member of 
Rowfant club, Cleveland Society of Artists, 
president 1924-'25, Society American Artists; 
director of Cleveland School of Architecture, 
Associated Charities of Cleveland and of 
Sandalphone School; also member of The 
"Jhurch of the Master, Cleveland; the Cleve- 
land Advertising and Burroughs clubs, Will- 
oughby, and Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. 
Recreations: nature study, landscape and 
painting. Residence: 1920 E. 84th et. 

BAILEY. Herbert Perry, asst. to pres. ; 
born, Cleveland, Jan. 8, 1892; son Lewis A. 
and Anna (Perry) Bailey; educated, Ober- 
lln A. B., 1913; married, Cleveland, May 26, 
1921 to Alice Williams — children, Nancy 
Grace and Marjorie Alice; since graduation 
from college In 1913 with Warner & Swasey 
Company holding positions of auditor, 
credit manager, asst. treas. and asst. to pres.; 

member, Society of Automotive Engineers, 
Industrial Advertising Association, Credit 
Men's Association, Cleveland Engineering 
Society. University and Highland Park clubs. 
Residence: 2602 Exeter-rd.. Cleveland Hghts. 
Office: 5701 Carnegie-ave. 

BAILEY, Morrison Kyle, architect; born, 
Cleveland, March 19, 1896; son A. R. and 
Kettle (Wagar) Bailey; educated, Lakewood 
high school; Cornell Univ., bachelor archi- 
tecture; married, Colorado Springs, Nov. 6, 
1924 to Katherine Greathouse of Lexington, 
Ky.; world war, served in U. S. Naval Re- 
serve Force at training school, Pelham Bay, 
N. Y.; with Brown Hoisting Machinery Co.; 
member Delta Phi fraternity; University and 
Cleveland Advertising clubs. Temporary resi- 
dence: 2825 W. 32nd ave., Denver, Colo. 

BAILEY, Ralph Lawrence, attornev-at- 
law; born. Springfield, O., March 21, 1893; 
son Robert Thomas and Mary Emma (John- 
son) Bailey; educated Springfield grade and 
high schools; Monmouth College, Monmouth, 
VA., A.B., first honors; Law School Western 
Reserve Univ., LL. B.; married, Clearfield, 
Iowa, June 2, 1917 to Georgia Leach Miller — 
children. Tad Lawrence and Ned Miller 
Bailey; member of firm Hagenbuch & Bailey; 
member Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Delta Phi. 
Residence: 1082 Wllbert-rd., Lakewood. Of- 
fice: 909 Leader Bldg. 

BAILEY, Theodore Litehfleld, investment 
banking; born, North Scituate, Mass., Sept. 
13, 1894; son Henry Turner and Josephine 
(Litchfield) Bailey; educated Harvard Col- 
lege 1917, A.B., Magna Cum Laude, Honors 
in English; married, Plymouth, Pa., Oct. 5, 
1920 to Helen Louise Moyle — children, James 
Moyle Bailey; world war. Headquarters Com- 
pany, Camp Upton, N. Y. 1918; reporter, 
Press, News and Plain Dealer, 1917, 1918, 
1919; advertising manager, Otis & Co.; mem- 
ber Cleveland Advertising Club and Harvard 
Club of Cleveland. Residence: 1924 E. 84th 
St. Office: Cuyahoga Bldg. 

BAILEY. Waldo C; born, Cleveland. Feb. 
16, 1873; son Kennedy B. and Kate C. (Conkl- 
ing) Bailey; married, Olean, N. Y., Sept. 27, 
1899 to Anna Stephan — children, Kennedy 
B., Wm. S. and Jean F. Bailey; asst. genl. 
supt. Operating Dept., Grasselli Chemical 
Co.; member American Institute of Chemi- 
cal Engineers; Masonic lodge, F. & A.M., 
R. A. M., R. & S. M., K. T.. Shrine, Consis- 
tory, Chamber of Commerce and Shaker 
Club. Recreation: golf. Residence: 2890 
Attleboro-rd. Office: 1400 Guardian Bldg. 

BAIN, Roy St Clair, coal operator; born, 
Cleveland, Nov. 15, 1889; son St. Clair Ed- 
ward and Margaret (Cook) Bain; educated, 
Cleveland public schools; married, Cleveland, 
May 12, 1912 to Evelyn Ruth Theurer (de- 
ceased); married, Cleveland, June 30, 1925 
to Mrs. Florence Fuller — children (jorliss 
Roy and Robert St. Clair Bain and Betty, 
Peggy and Robert Fuller; entered bitum- 
inous coal operating business 1903 with 
Pittsburgh Coal Co.; sec. and sales mgr. Cen- 
tral Coal Mining Co., River Ridge Coal Co. 
and Central Tow Boat Co.; sec. and gen. 
mgr. Northeastern Coal & Export Co.; pres. 
The 4 in 1 Window Co.; has served as di- 
rector and pres. of Ohio Wholesale Coal 
men; member executive board National 
Wholesale coal Assn.; member Knight 
Templars; Shrine; Oriental Commandry; Ai 
Koran Temple; (illeveland Athletic, Acacia 
Country. Chagrin Valley Country, Madison 
Golf Country and American Business clubs; 
president Cleveland Chapter American Busi- 
ness club, 1926. Recreation: bowling, golf 



and brldg-e. Residence: 1525 E. 115th at. S. Baker, of morning and Sunday Ledger and 

Office: 305 Rockefeller Bldg. the Evening News-Tribune, Tacoma, Wash.; 

nAi'vnTMnfiF' Mnrv Hnpvev born Cleve- <^''"ector Associated Press, since 1916; dlrec- 

lamU 'o"''/l'5?;'''dfuKh^e?"He7rV an"d K^Uy \Z, tl^^nr'^ ,^,T^?fr'"<-h^rr^r!.*''^' F^orplfr^v 
(Allyn) Harvey; married. Cleveland, O., 1878 i^" * *; ^^^^,- ^®^?;i^^*= chairman Forestry 
to George Dana Balnbridge; Mrs. Bain- ^o'^'P'^tee since 1921; vice-pres. Broadway 
bridge's father, Henry Harvey and his wife f'"i"^o'" ^^'V director Cleveland Life Inaur- 
came to Cleveland in 1848. For many years l^''\p°-J''^%^^^\^ Warehouses, Inc. Locke 
Mr. Harvey was trustee of the First Presby- Machine Co., Cleveland Iceless Cooler Co and 
terlan Church of Cleveland. Member Women's ?!L"f.^^^?'"L"^?o°i= trustee Y. M C. A.. 1907; 
Pitv riiih Rpsidpnop- 1143'5 Euclid-ave • treasurer since 1925; trustee Euclid-ave. Con- 
summer Gerrish Island ' Maine ^"'=^'*^ ^''®' gregatlonal church; member Union, Mid-day 
summer, Uerribh island, Maine. ^^^ Mayfleld Country clubs of Cleveland; 

BAKER, Alton F., newspaper man; born, Union, Country and Yacht clubs, Tacoma, 

Willoughby, O., Feb. 14. 1894; son Elbert Wash.; Cosmos club, Washington, D. C; 

H. and Ida (Smith) Baker; educated, Central Cleveland Chamber of Commerce since 1895; 

high school; Cornell Univ., A.B., 1917; mar- director, 1906-1908; chairman municipal com- 

rled, Binghamton, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1919 to mittee, 1902-1904; chairman committee on 

Mildred E. Moody — children, Alton P., renaming and renumbering of streets, 1904- 

Louise Carol, Edwin M. and Herbert C. 1909. Residence: Lyndhurst Park, So. Eu- 

Baker; world war. Commandant Adjoint did, O. Office: Plain Dealer Bldg. 

American Ambulance Unit with French Army, d.wj-itito w7i„ »» > i^„ ^ /~<i„„„i»„/i r\ 

1917; 1st Lieut, of Aviation, American Army .n^n « i'rs^ ^.?,Jht^r qt^rbPn rAn« •«?:i 

1917-1918-1919 (pilot) in France; member ^P'^/L ^•rM?l,tnr^^^Mnrr^^^^J^nP^ 

Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Advertising. g^Jly^ ^^90^-1904- ^aSled Clevelind O 

Aviation and Hermit clubs.. Residence: 3089 g^^.^ff; iJJg^o'^Roben^E^iim'etf Brke^^^chn- 

Warrington-rd. Office: Plain Dealer. ^^^^^ Katherine Huyette. Barbara Crane and 

BAKER, EdTvard Max, broker; born, Erie, Emily Mill ward Baker; assistant librarian 
Pa., Aug. 18, 1875; son Isaac and Bertlia East Cleveland public library 1914-1915; lib- 
(Ernhorn) Baker; educated Erie public and rarlan Fremont public library 1916-1917. Re- 
high schools. University of Chicago, B.A. creation: gardening; member Women's City 
Class orator; ex-chairman Cuyahoga County and Smith College Club. Residence: 2558 
Republican Executive Committee; president Derbyshire-rd. 

Cleveland Stock Exchange for 15 years; In bakER, Fannie E., born, Cleveland, O.; 

brokerage business in Cleveland since 1901; ciaus^htPr Rnilin r and T l^ziA ^ fWarrpn> 

r^''c^^JJ,'mT,'n'!fv'^'c^h^.t^Tcifno?l^^'Ri'c1-Va"^fo'^" Whfte educa ed ""cieveland pubiic^^c\To?s 

ber Community Chest Council Recreation, ^j j^jgher's school, graduated Hathaway- 

reading whist and theatre; member Oak- g school; marred Cleveland. Oct. 27, 

J'°°^'. ?o''7'k^^l,'°^_!;rn'l,i^i'i^'^^Xfff.'"^^ 1891 to Walter Charles Baker — children, 

dence: 2875 Drummond-rd. Office. 1880 Un- EHzabeth and Robert W. Baker; member 

ion irust iiiag. Women's City and Lakewood Garden clubs. 

BAKER, Emily Shackleton; born. New York Residence: 18131 West Cllfton-rd. 

City; daughter William H and Louise (Cox) baKER, Wallace John, attorney; born. 

Shackleton; niarried Pittsburgh, Pa. 1885 Painesville. O., March 1, 1897; son Charles 

to Dr. Albert Rufus Baker— children. Lennox p ^^^ ^^' Augusta (WolfCe) Baker; edu- 

William and Ju lan Shackleton Baker; mem- ^^^^^ Dartmouth College; Ohio State Univ., 

ber Woman 3 City Club. Residence: 15445 ^.B.; Western Reserve Law School. L.L.B.; 

Lake Shore Blvd. married. Wilkinsburg. Pa.. Sept. 2, 1925 to 

wrotiAo-a'. Tr/orrir cirr, i t H Ra ^It- v> m RaUor 'ties; memocr University uiuB. Kesmence: 

Hastings, Frank Smith Baker E.H Baker. 2288 Grandview-ave.. Cleveland Hghts. Of- 

Jr.. and Alton Fletcher Baker; world war, ^ g,- wilHamson Bide- 

team captain Y. M. C. A. war work campaign, "^®- ^^^ VViliiarason mag. 

1917; team captain in all Cleveland war work BAKER, Gertrnde Strong, born, Cleveland, 
campaigns and vice-chairman Executive O.. March 23. 1887; daughter Harry B. and Jen- 
Committee; member State war work Council; nie (Gregory) Strong; educated Miss Mittle- 
also member National war work council from berger's School. Cleveland, O.. and Ogantz, 
1917 to dissolution of council, Feb. 10. 1921; Phil.. Pa.; married, Cleveland. O.. Nov. 7, 
team captain Community Chest campaigns 1912 to I. Webster Baker-children, I. Web- 
from the beginning; member special com- ster, Jr., and Barbara Jane Baker. Resl- 
mittee to secure Federal Reserve Bank for dence: 1838 Alvason-rd., B. Cleveland. 
Cleveland; member special committtee to call „»-r^T. » «r .. .^ j„ _ti„i.„^. »>«,.« 
upon National Republican Committee to se- ^^!^'*;,, '* ^l *^''*f7' 1 ss^ «on l^nf Tra 
cure 1924 convention and member of executive ^f^^^i'^ir "i;'. ^Ry,'L^^ ^Lwr^ Jno«t^r^^^^^ 
committee handling the convention; devised O- and Emma (B^r^) ^ak^. educated Univ. 

\nt ?h^."nVbl7o''k'n^^F7XHcrH Vo,?''r.'nre" Nov ^rfbl'l Jo ^dtrtr^Ild^ Stronl-chUdren: 

mg the public and Frederick H. Goff repre- j Webster. Jr. and Barbara Jane Baker; 

senting the Cleveland Railway Co arbitrated president Roger Williams Co.; member Sigma 

the ten year traction war; after five months ^ Fraternity. Mid-Day and Hermit Clubs. 

Federal Judge Tayler brought into the arb- Residence: 1838 Alvason-rd., E. Cleveland, 

tratlon to decide points still unsolved; this office: 3804 Payne-ave. 
led to the Tayler plan under which the sys- 
tem has since operated; advertising manager, BAKER, Inez P., born. Cleveland; daughter 

Cleveland Herald. 1877-82; advertising mana- Charles Sawtell Phillips and Emma 

ger Cleveland Leaderj 1882-97; director Jane (Quirk) Phillips; educated East 

Leader Co.. 1887-97; gen. mgr. Cleveland Plain Cleveland public schools, Miss Mittleberger's 

Dealer, 1898-1920; pres. Plain Dealer Pub. school, Cleveland, and Liggett's private 

Co. since 1913; joint owner with son, Frank school, Detroit; married, Cleveland,, Nov. 



1912 to Ira H. Baker — children, Melissa, Jane 
and Ira H. Baker (Mr. Baker died May, 1922; 
he was a graduate of Central High and Case 
schools; was prominent in athletics, especially 
football, and in later years golf); Mrs. Baker 
is member Shaker Heights Country club and 
Women's City Club. Recreation: golf. Resi- 
dence: 12526 Cedar-rd. 

BAKCR. Julian Shackleton; born, Cleve- 
land, 1893; son Dr. Albert R. and Emily 
(Shackleton) Baker; world war, served in 
U. S. A. Aerial Photographic section, was 
sent to France; salesman with Geo. W. Gre- 
ber Shoe Co. Residence: 15445 Lake Shore 
Blvd. Office: 110 St. Clair ave., N. W. 

BAKE^R, Newton DIehl, lawyer; born, Mar- 
tinsburg, W. Va., Dec. 3, 1871; son Newton 
D. (Oct. 6, 1841-Feb. 4, 1907) and Mary Ann 
(Dukehart) Baker; grandson Ellas Baker, 
Jr. (March 4, 1811-May 2, 1867) and Mary 
Ann (Billmyer) Baker (Feb. 16, 1816-Feb. 
14, 1896); great grandson Ellas Baker, Sr. 
(March 1, 1785-May 22, 1863) and Ann (Zook) 
Baker (Aug. 28, 1790-May 24, 1875); educated, 
Johns Hopkins Univ., A. B. ; Washington and 
Lee Univ., LL.B. ; honorary LL.D from Univ. 
of North Carolina, Univ. of W. Va., Washing- 
ton and Lee Univ., Western Reserve Univ., 
Oberlin college and Wittenberg college; mar- 
ried, July 5, 1902 to Elizabeth Leopold — chil- 
dren, Elizabeth, Newton D. Ill and Margaret 
Baker; world war, served as Secretary of 
War; admitted to bar of W. Va., 1894; to bar 
of Ohio, March 17, 1899; private sec. to U. S. 
Post Master General Wilson, 1896-1897; first 
asst. city solicitor of Cleveland, 1901-1902; 
director of law of Cleveland, 1902-1912; 
mavor of Cleveland, 1912-1916; sec. of war, 
March 5, 1916 to March 4, 1921; National pres. 
of fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta; pres. 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, April, 1922 
to April, 1923; pres. National Consumers 
league, 1920-1924; director Baltimore & Ohio 
Railroad Co. and Cleveland Trust Co.; mem- 
ber executive committee National Crime com- 
mission: attends Episcopal church; published 
"Frontiers of Freedom" and "Progress and 
the Constitution"; political affiliation — demo- 
crat. Residence: 19200 S. Woodland-rd. Of- 
fice: 1924 Union Trust Bldg. 

BAKER, AValter Charles, civil and mechan- 
ical engineer; born, Hinsdale, N. H., June 
27, 1868; son George Wells and Jeannette 
Rowene (Hall) Baker; educated Cleveland 
public schools and Case School of Applied 
Science; married, Cleveland, O., Oct. 27, 1891 
to Fannie White — children, Elizabeth and 
Robert Wells Baker; former president Amer- 
ican Ball Bearing Co.; vice-president Baker 
Motor Vehicle Co.; member Society of Auto- 
motive Engineers, American Society of Me- 
chanical Engineers, Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce, Cleveland Chamber of Industry. 
Recreations: radio, automobiling and yacht- 
ing; member Union, Cleveland Athletic and 
Clifton clubs. Residence: 18131 West Cilfton- 
rd., Lakewood. Office: 515 Insurance Center 

BAKER^ William Henry, advertising agent 
and counsellor; born, Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 
14, 1869; son William Henry and Eliza G. 
(Jefferies) Baker; educated Philadelphia pub- 
lic schools; married, Chicago, Anna Huber, 
1892; Chicago, Mary C. Browne, 1899 — chil- 
dren, Charlotte Schwartz, Edwin Jefferies and 
William Henry Baker; author: "A Dictionary 
of Engraving," (1908) and "A Dictionary of 
Men's Wear," (1908); contributor of special 
articles to advertising and business journals; 
member Cleveland Chamber of Commerce and 
Cleveland Advertising Club; operates his busi- 

ness. Resident Cleveland since April 1904. 
Recreation: gardening, copper craftsmanship. 
Residence: 1863 E. 7l8t-st. Office: Guardinn 

BAIiDWIV, Arthur Douelas, attorney; born, 
riawali, April 8, 1870; son of Henry Perrino 
and Emily (Alexander) Baldwin; educateil 
Yale, 1898, B. A.; Harvard, 1901, LL.B.; mar- 
ried, Bratenahl Village, June 18, 1902 to 
Ueba Williams — children, Henry P., Fred C, 
A. Alexander, Sarah G., and Lewis W. Bald- 
win, and Louise Mason King; Bratenahl 
school board, world war, served 1917-1919 with 
headquarters of 164 F. A. Brigade 89th Dlv. 
as 1st Lieut.; promoted April 1919 to Captain 
F. A.; member law firm Garfield, MacGregor 
& Baldwin; pres. Babies Dispensary and Hos- 
pital; trustee Cleveland Welfare Federation; 
trustee Legal Aid society; trustee University 
school; member Alpha Delta Phi, Yale; Wolf's 
Head, Yale. Recreations: horseback riding 
and polo; member Union, Tavern, Chagrin 
Valley Hunt, and Kirtland Country clubs. 
Residence: 9534 Shore Blvd. Office: 1029 
National City Bldg. 

BALDWIN, Garner Terry, dentist; born. 
Beech Lake, Pa., 1870; son Dr. J. A. and 
Thomaslne (Spry) Baldwin; educated Pa. 
grammar school; Mich. Wis. and N. Y. high 
schools; Western Reserve Dental College, 
D.D.S.; married, Scranton, Pa., 1898 to Alice 
Skerritt — children, Emory K., Pauline L., 
Garner T., Margaret B. and Clifford C. Bald- 
win; world war, member Ohio Section Pre- 
paredness League of American Dentists; 
member Cleveland Dental Society, Ohio State 
Dental society and National Dental assn.; 
trustee Greenville College, Greenville, 111. 
Residence: 1658 W, 69th st. Office: 6503 De- 

BALDWIN, Reba Williams, born, Cleveland, 
June 20, 1876; daughter Edward Porter Will- 
iams and Louise (Mason) Williams; educated 
Cleveland public schools. Miss Spencer's 
school, later Hathaway Brown and Miss Por- 
ter's school at Farmington, Conn., as well as 
Miss Hersey's school, Boston; married, Cleve- 
land, June 17, 19U2 to Arthur Douglas Bald- 
win — children, Henry Perrine, Fred Chambers, 
Louise Mason, Arthur Alexander, Sarah Gran- 
ger, Lewis Williams Baldwin; trustee Visit- 
ing Nurse Assn., Anti-Tuberculosis League, 
Babies' hospital; Phillis Wheatley Assn. 
llathaway-Brown school, St. Barnabas Guild 
of Nurses and Cleveland Institute of Music. 
Residence: 9534 Lake Shore Blvd. 

BALDWIN, S. Prentiss, scientist; born, 
Cleveland, Oct. 26, 1868; son Charles Candee 
Baldwin and Caroline S. (Prentiss) Baldwin; 
educated Dartmouth, 1892, A.B. degree; 1894, 
A.M. degree. Western Reserve 1894, LL.B. de- 
gree; married, Thomasville, Ga., Feb. 15, 1898 
to Lilian Converse Hanna; president of The 
Williamson Co. and The New Amsterdam Co.; 
Fellow Amer. Assns. Advancement of Science; 
Fellow Geological Society of America; mem- 
ber American Ornithologists union; pres. In- 
land Bird Banding Assn. and member of va 
rious scientific societies as well as D. K. E. 
fraternity. Union club and Chagrin Valley 
Hunt club; trustee Western Reserve Histor- 
ical Society and also of Cleveland Museum 
of Natural History, Residence: Hillcrest 
Farm, Gates Mill, O. 

BALDWIN, ^Vilbur M., vice president and 
executive manager The Union Trust Co.; 
born, Solon, O., Sept. 27, 1875; son Francis 
Hart Baldwin and Elizabeth Thornton (Mc- 
intosh) Baldwin; educated public schools; 
married, Cleveland, June 6, 1900 to Florence 
Adams Shanklin — children, Elizabeth Bald- 



win; rierk Cleveland Chamber of Commerce 
one vear; with the Union Trust Co. and Its 
predecessor companies 32 years, starting as 
bookkeeper, he was gradually elevated to 
the position of vice president and executive 
manager The Union Trust Co., vice president 
and director The United States Coal Co., The 
Dillonvale & Smithfield R. R. Co., director 
The Union club and secretary and director 
The Mayfield Country Club, also member 
Country, Mayfield Country and Mid-Day 
clubs, in addition to Union club. Recreation: 
g-olf, horseback riding. Residence: 2280 Dem- 
ington-dr., Cleveland Hghts. Office: Union 
Trust Co. 

BAI.K^VILl,, Stephen, president Balkwlll 
Manganese Crossing Co.; born, Cleveland, O., 
April 1, 1871; son Washington Ward and 
Catherine (Breymaior) Balkwill; educated 
Cleveland public schools and Central high 
school; married. Canton. O., Nov. '11, 1806 to 
Anna Bomberger — children, Stephen Ward 
Balkwill; Sl^nd degree Mason; member Amer- 
ican Society of Mechanical Engineers; Cleve- 
land Engineering society; Am. Ry. Engineers 
assn.; Am. Society for Testing Materials; 
member Union, Hermit, Roadside, Coun- 
try and Wianno clubs. Residence: 2740 Falr- 
mount-blvd. Office: 1330 Williamson BIdg. 

BAIjI.,, Flanien, supervisor Cleveland Dis- 
trict of New York Life Insurance Co.; born, 
Cincinnati, O., Aug. 5, 1871; son Flamen and 
Katharine (Follett) Ball; educated Cincinnati 
and Cleveland public schools; married, Cleve- 
land, O., Feb. 14, 1900 to Katharine Forcl — 
children I'lamen Ball, Jr.; member school 
board Shaker Heights Village; chairman 
Court of Honor, Boy Scouts; vice-chairman 
Industrial Committee Community Fund; vice- 
chairman Industrial Committee in sale of 
war bonds; director Norris-Allister-Ball Co.; 
director Sunnyside - Nurseries Co.; elder 
Church of the Covenant. Recreations: golf, 
fishing and mountain climbing; member 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, Shake/r 
Hghts. Country, Mid-Day and Ad clubs; with 
New York Life Insurance Company for 31 
years. Residence: 2872 Broxton-rd., Shaker 
Hghts. Office: 600 Bulkley BIdg. 

BALI.., Frederick Llnooln, secretary-treas- 
urer: born, Leskard, Ont., Can., Sept. 9, 1887; 
son William J. Ball and Sarah (Griffin) Ball; 
educated Cleveland Law school, 1911; married, 
Toronto, Feb. 12, 1912 to Lulu M. Bateman — 
children, Robert Lewis, Margaret Adele, 
Frederick James, Gordon Bateman and Lewis 
Clark Ball; secy-treas., also director Park 
Drop Forge Co.; member Mid-Day and Acacia 
Country clubs. Residence: 9432 Lake Shore 
Blvd. Office: 730 E. 79th-st. 

BALLOT, Clarence Maturin, City Street 
Railroad commissioner; born. North Adams, 
Mass., Sept. 8, 1885; son William A. and Fan- 
ny (Carpenter) Ballou; educated Cornell, 1907, 
M.E. ; married, Braddock, Pa., June 14, 1911 
to Mary A. Cosgrove — children, Thomas C. 
and Frances A. Ballou; manager Crescent 
Plant, American Sheet & Tin Plate Co.; Asst. 
Mgr. National Plant, American Sheet & Tin 
Plate Co.; memljer Cleveland Engineering 
Society. Residence: 2935 Scarborough-rd., 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: 718 Hanna Bldg. 

BALLOU, Mary Cosgrove, born, Braddock, 
Pa., Sert. 8, 1889; daughter Col. Thomas and 
Mary (Flanagan) Cosgrove; educated Brad- 
dock public schools; Georgetown Visitation 
Convent, Washington, D. C.,; married, Brad- 
dock, Pa., June 14, 1911 to Clarence Maturin 
Ballou — children, Thomas Cosgrove and 
Frances Anne Ballou; world war East Cleve- 
land Red Cross; member Women's City Club. 

Residence: 2935 Scarborough-rd., Cleveland 

BANCROFT, Pearl White; born, Cleveland, 
July 23, 1885; daughter W. T. and Ellen 
(Mansfield) White; educated, Mittlebergers; 
Ingleslde; Rathgowry, Eastbourne, Eng. ; 
married. Hot Springs, Ark. April 5, 1905 
to James L. Bancroft — children, Barbara 
White Bancroft; world war. Red Cross Hdqrs. 
E. 105th Canteen. Residence: 11006 Edge- 
water-dr. and Melbourne, Fla. 

BANCROFT, Hosa Leon, local mgr. Blue 
Valley Creamery Co.; born, Garrettsville, O., 
Dec. 25, 1887; son O. L. and Flora (Clark) 
Bancroft; educated Univ. of Wyoming, B.S., 
1914; Iowa State College, M.S., 1915; married. 
Ames, Iowa, June 5, 1920 to Irene T. Johnson 
— children Barbara Jeanne and Patricia May 
Bancroft; world war, drafted for Extension 
Service, Iowa State; member Alpha Tau Ome- 
ga, Phi Kappa Phi and Alpha Zeta fraterni- 
ties. Residence: 1640 Victoria-ave., Lake- 
wood. Office: 1820 E. 42nd st. 

BANKSON, John Palmer, district sales man- 
ager General Refractories Company; born, 
Philadelphia, Jan. 28, 1902; son John Palmer 
and Frances L. (Woodford) Bankson; edu- 
cated Yale College, B.A. 1922; world war, 
Sgt. Yale S.A.T.C. 1918; 2nd Lieut. U.S.R.; 
member Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity; member 
Yale Club of Philadelphia, Marion Cricket 
Club, University club of Cleveland Resi- 
dence: University club. Office: 1159 Leader 

BARBER, Arthur Welle»ley, attorney; born 
Berea, O., 1S58; son Gershom Morse and Hul- 
dah Lavlnia (Seeley) Barber; educated 
Cleveland grade and high schools; Western 
Reserve College, A.B., A.M.; Columbia Law 
School; married, Lakewood, O. 1896 to Har- 
riet May Wagar — children, Arthur Wellesley 
Wagar, Gershom Morse Mars and Berenice 
May Wagar Barber and Eunice Duncan Bar- 
ber Tillotson; member Alpha Delta Phi fra- 
ternity and Cleveland Society of Artists. 
Residence: 1503 Warren-rd. Lakewood. 

BARBFR, Carroll G., physician; born, Nor- 
walk, O., June 12, 1893; son Francis E. and 
Jennie May (Cain) Barber; educated Ohio 
State Univ., 1916, Ph.G.; 1920, M.D.; ortho- 
pedic dept. Charity Hospital; orthopedic dept. 
St. Alexis Hospital; director Lakewood Co- 
operative Club; member Alpha Tau Omega 
and Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternities; mem- 
ber Cleveland Academy of Medicine and Ohio 
State & American Medical assns. Residence: 
17022 Delaware-ave., Lakewood. Office: 
14805 Detroit-ave. 

BARBFR, Harriet May Wagar, born. Lake- 
wood, O., April 2, 1872; daughter Francis 
Harvey and Serena (Tucker) Wagar; edu- 
cated Cleveland West high school, Vassar 
College, A.B. 1894; married, Lakewood, O., 
Dec. 22, 1896 to Arthur Wellesley Barber — 
children, Arthur W^ellesley Wagar, Gershom 
Morse Mars and Berenice May Wagar Bar- 
ber, and Mrs. Eunice Duncan Barber Tillot- 
son; world war, chairman knitting W^estern 
Reserve Chapter D. A. R., made speeches for 
Red Cross In Lorain, West Park, etc., can- 
vassed for Liberty Loans and Red Cross; 
general chairman Wheel and Distaff Guild, 
Western Reserve Chapter D. A. R.; after war 
reconstruction work; R. C. certificate of 
service and badge; state director of Dept. 
of Flower, Mission and Relief Work of Oliio 
W. C. T. U.; N. S. U. S. Daughters of 1812; 
vice-regent Daughters of American Colonists 
of State of Ohio; member N. S. Daughters of 
Founders and Patriots of America, Lakewood 
Woman's Club and W. C. T. U. Residence: 
1503 Warren-rd Lakewood. 



BARBER. Mildred Moon, artist; born, 
Cleveland, July 26, 1S89; daughter Marion 
Francis and Elizabeth (Boffenmyer) Moon; 
educated, Cleveland schools; Cleveland School 
of Art; private Instruction in music, art and 
French; married, Cleveland, June 24, 1925 to 
George Harter Barber who has been asso- 
ciated with the Sterling & Welch Co. for 
fifteen years; formerly secretary to the 
director. University Nursing District of 
Western Reserve Univ.; member Western 
Reserve Chapter D. A. R. ; Calvary Presby- 
terian church. Recreation: travel, golf, music 
and drama. Residence: 1916 E. 93rd st. 

BARDWELL, Seth A., life Insurance; born 
Jan. 27, 1881, Castalia, Erie county, Ohio; son 
Seth Edgar Bardwell and Celestie Matilda 
(Thompson) Bardwell; educated Castalia high 
school; Perkiomen seminary, Pemisburg, Pa.; 
Philadelphia college Pharmacy; Yale Shef- 
field Scientific school, 1904; unmarried, man- 
ager Seth A. Bardwell general agency of 
Lincoln National Life Insurance Co.; mem- 
ber Klwanis club and Cleveland Chamber 
of Commerce. Residence: 10509 Euclid-ave. 

BARKER, Alice Martin; born, Painesville, 
O., July 6, 1880; daughter John T. and Sarah 
Ann (Gage) Martin; educated. Hathaway- 
Brown school; married, Cleveland, Jan. 23, 
1901 to Raymond H. Barker — children, Ray- 
mond M.. Dorothy E., Robert H. and "Vir- 
ginia Barker; sec. S. Barker's Sons Co. and 
Raymond H. Barker Co.; pres. Barker Weed 
Laughlin Co.; member Lake Placid club. 
Recreation: motoring. Residence: Storm- 
crest, Bay Village, O. Office: 729 Prospect- 

BARK'WILL, Ernest S., sec'y. The Cleveland 
Builders Supply & Brick (30.; born, Cleveland, 
Aug. 15, 1875; son Charles G. Barkwill and 
Marie (Streeter) Barkwill; educated Am- 
herst 1898, B.S. degree; married in Chicago, 
June 8, 1903 to Charlotte Ray Dering — chil- 
dren, Charles D. Barkwill; in addition to 
above, director Canfield Oil Co. and Union 
Trust Co.; vice president The Clinton Co., 
director The John P. Cochran Co., Superior 
Bond & Mortgage Co., and treasurer of 
Common Brick Mfgs. Assn. of America; 
trustee Jones Home; member Union and May- 
field clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
2189 Harcourt-dr. Office: 1011 Leader Bldg. 

BARNARD, Ernest Sargrent; pres. Cleve- 
land Baseball Co.; born, West Columbia, W^. 
Va.; July 17, 1874; son Elias and Mary D. 
(Sargent) Barnard; educated, Otterbein Col- 
lege, Ph.B., married, Cleveland, 1918 to Joseph- 
ine E. Flick; member, Blendon Lodge 339 
F. & A. M.; Baker Chapter 139 R. A. M., Cleve- 
land Council 36 R. & S. M. ; Allenby Com- 
mandery; Lake Erie Consistory; Cleveland 
Athletic and Acacia Country clubs. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Residence: 1512 East 106th et. 
Office: 6601 Lexington-ave. 

B.\RNES, Amzi Milton, retired; born Bur- 
lington, Conn., March 23, 1855; son Isaac and 
Theda (Spencer) Barnes: educated common 
schools, (iollinwood schools, Chesher Military 
Academy and Wiliston, East Hampton, Mass.; 
Eastman Business College; married, James- 
town, N. Y., March 21, 1883 to Harriette 
Mackey Pike — children, Mrs. Reuel A. Lang 
and Harry Cloyd Barnes; president Fire 
Equipment Corporation. Recreation: golf; 
member Chagrin Valley Country and Dover 
Bay Country clubs. Re-^idence: 1825 Rox- 
bury-rd. Office: 1415 W. 9th st. 

BARNES, CharleN R., real estate operator; 
born, Akron, O., Nov. 12, 1883; son Rev. 

( harles E. and Rose (Robinson) Barnes; edu- 
K.'''^*^,, P"'^'''-' **"** private schools; married. 
^^'X:.}J'^^ ^'^y- ^ov- l"*' 1914 to Juliette Block 
—children, Charlette June Barnes; world war, 
<lirfctor public education for a section of 
lU'il Cross in N. Y. City; began as newspaper 
reporter; for years newspaper columnist on 
old Cleveland Leader and Press, also Cincin- 
nati Post; later editorial paragrapher for 
New \ork World; contributed quantities of 
verse to humorous weeklies and magazines; 
for 6 years short story writer, producing 
The Sweeney Stories around 1910; for 15 years 
has been doing research work in therapeutic 
psychology and has produced a number of 
cures under supervision of physicians of 
Cleveland and New York City; eight years 
ago gave up writing for business; president 
The Barnes Comjrany, real estate and mort- 
gages: active in politics. Residence: 3417 
Fairmount-blvd. Office: 3711 Euclid-ave. 

BARNES. Harriette M., born. Pike, N. Y., 
Sept. 7, 1865; daughter Harry and Margretta 
(Mackey) Pike; educated Union School and 
Collegiate Institution, (graduated); married. 
Jamestown, N. Y.. March 21, 1883 to Amzi 
Milton Barnes — children, Mrs. Reuel A. Lang 
and Harry Cloyd Barnes; director Woman's 
Hospital, Central Friendly Inn. Recreation: 
golf; member Women's City Club. Resi- 
dence: 1825 Roxbury-rd. 

BARNES, Juliette Block, born, Cleveland, 
Jan. 9, 1888; daughter Judge Joseph C. and 
Mrs. Block; educated Cleveland public 
schools, Washington College, Washington, 
D. C. ; married, New York City, Nov. 14, 1914 
to Charles Robinson Barnes — children, Char- 
lotte June Barnes; active in politics; state 
pres. Women's Rep. Federation; member 
Women's City and Fortnightly Musical clubs 
and League of Women Voters. Residence: 
3417 Fairmount-blvd. 

BARNEY, Dorothy G.; born, Cleveland, 
Sept. 7, 1901; daughter Walter Burr and Nona 
(Cappeller) Gongwer; educated. Smith col- 
lege, A. B., 1923; married, Cleveland, June 10, 
1924 to Dr. William Raymond Barney — 
children, William Raymond Barney, Jr.; mem- 
ber Women's City and College clubs. Resi- 
dence: 2956 Coleridge-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

BARNEY, William Raymond, physician; 
born, Cleveland, O., Nov. 23, 1887; son Wil- 
liam Charles and Amanthis (Dennis) Barney; 
educated Adelbert College, A.B. ; Western 
Reserve Univ., M.C. ; married, Cleveland, O.. 
June 10, 1924 to Dorothy Johnson Gongwer 
— children, one; world war. Major Medical 
Corps Lakeside Hospital, France 1917-1919; 
member American and Ohio state Medical 
Assns. Cleveland Academy, University Club; 
visiting physician Maternity and City Hos- 
pitals; member Alpha Tau Omega and Nu 
Sigma Nu fraternities. Residence: 2956 Cole- 
ridge-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: Osborn 

BARNUM, Richard C book publisher; born 
Ennis. Texas, Sept. 6. 1879; son Frank E. 
Barnum and Minnie (Church) Barnum; grad- 
uated Nelson, O. and Garretsvllle, O. high 
schools and attended Hiram college one year; 
married, Cleveland, Dec. 16, 1911 to Mary E. 
Fair; nominee of single tax party for vice 
president United States In 19'J0: began as 
book agent in 1901 for F. B. DIckerson Co.; 
advanced to general agency and continued 
until 1910 when he organized The R. C. Bar- 
num Co.; took over the F. B. Dickerson Co. 
In 1915, the H. L. Baldwin Pub. Co. In 1917, 
The Pioneer Press In 1918; organized the 
Subscription Book Publishers Assn. In 1915 
and served one year as president, (an assocla- 



tion of leading subscription book publishers 
of U. S. and Canada); The R. C. Barnum Co. 
and subsidiaries employs college students 
during summer vacations in U. S., Canada, 
Australia and New Zealand; director The R. 
Barnum Co., mgr. Barnum Service Co. 
Recreations: walking and single tax, Resi- 
dence: 11421 Mayfleld-rd. Office: 322 Rocke- 
feller Bldg. 

BAKRATT, Thomas Percy, sugar broker; 
born, Tampa, Fla., May 8, 1895; son Theo- 
philis and Anne M. (Unitt) Barratt; educated 
St. Paul's School, Baltimore, Md.; Trinity 
School, N. Y.; married, Cleveland, O., Feb. 
25, 1925 to Gertrude Taylor; world war, 
Lieut. Air Service, A. E. F.; Mexican Border 
service; resident mgr. Lamborn & Co., Inc.; 
member Cleveland Athletic and Cedarhurst 
Country clubs. Residence: 292u Hampshire- 
rd. Office: 650 Rockefeller Bldg. 

BARREN, Henry A., gen. supt.; born, Cleve- 
land, Jan. 27, 1SS2; son Alexander and Grace 
(Chisholm) Barren; educated, Cleveland pub- 
lic schools; Ohio State Univ.; married, Cleve- 
land, Aug. 30, 18SS to Adelaide M. Rothwell — 
children, Harry Bertram and Kenneth Alex- 
ander Barren; gen. supt. American Steel & 
Wire Co.; member Cleveland Engineering 
Society, American Zinc Institute, Iron & Steel 
Institute, Masonic and Phi Gamma Delta fra- 
ternities. Shaker Heights Country club, 
Worcester club, Worcester, Mass., Mononga- 
hela Valley County and Duquesne clubs of Pa. 
Residence: 2S64 l^'airmount Blvd. Office: 714 
Rockefeller Bldg. 

BARRETT, Charles Cupron, accountant; 
born, Cleveland, May 31, 1886; son Benson 
S. and Bouisa S. (Parker) Barrett; educated, 
Central High school, Oberlin high school and 
Case School of Applied Science; married, 
Cleveland, June 15, 1912 to Bucy Chamber- 
lin — children, Charles, Betty, Louise, Lucille 
and James Parker Barrett; asst. treas. Cowles 
Detergent Co.; sec. and asst. treas. Klectric 
Smelting & Aluminum Co. Residence: 1UU79 
Republic Ct. Uffice: 1021 Guardian Bldg. 

BARRETT, F. W., dentist; born. Pavilion, 
N. Y., Oct. 5, 1883; son Thomas and Margaret 
Barrett; educated Western Reserve Univ., 
D.D.S.; married. Pavilion, N.Y., Aug. 24, 1908 
to May C. Rogers — children, one daughter; 
seventeen years in Cleveland dental practice. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 2681 Euclid 
Blvd. Office: 304 Alhambra Bldg., Euclid 
and E. 105th st. 

BARRON, Amo8 N., manufacturer; born, 
Charleston, Mass., Aug. z4, 1666; son Henry 
and Elana (Noyes) Barron; educated, gram- 
mar school at Charleston, Mass.; Boston Latin 
school, Boston, Mass.; Harvard Univ., cum 
laude; married, Cleveland, Feb. 11, 1908 to 
Jane Carson; active for many years in Cleve- 
land Chamber of Commerce having been 
chairman industrial development committee 
and afterwards director, now inactive; one 
year with General Electric Co., Lynn, Mass.; 
one year with their subsidiary companies in 
Chicago and New York; then entered the em- 
ploy of the National Carbon Co., 1894 as 
traveling representative; after five years was 
made manager of Noblesville, Ind. works; 
came to Cleveland to assist the gen. mgr. in 
supervision of the various factories of the 
company; made factory mgr. and then asst. 
gen. mgr.; re-signed Jan. 1, 1920; member 
Harvard, Country, Rowfant, Mayfleld, Kirt- 
land, Union and Mid-Day clubs; Masonic 
lodge. Recreation: golf, automobiles and 
travel. Residence: 2233 Devonshire-rd. Of- 
fice: Union Trust Bldg. 

BARRY, Frank T., minister; born, Platts- 
mouth. Neb., P'eb. 9, 1881; son Angus F. and 
Mary E. (Healy) Barry; educated Lake 
Forest College, A.B., 1905; post grad. North- 
western Univ., 1915; McCormick Theological 
Seminary, 1908; married, Topeka, Kan., Oct. 
28, 1908 to Sarah Prince McArthur — children, 
Mary Katharine, Frank McA., Martha Isa- 
bel and David W. Barry; world war, four 
minute man, covering Ottawa County, Kan- 
sas; pastor Ninth Presbyterian Church, Chi- 
cago, 111., 1908-1909; associate pastor First 
Presbyterian Church, Evanston, 111., 1910- 
1915; pastor First Presbyterian Church of 
Minneapolis, Kan., 1916-1918; pastor Wood- 
land-ave. Presbyterian Church, 1919; Wood- 
land Center Settlement. Recreations: ten- 
nis and bowling. Residence: 10324 Park 
Hghts.-rd. Office: Woodland-ave. and E. 
46th St. 

BARRY, Isabelle Lucille, dramatic teacher; 
born, Cleveland, O., Aug. 4, 1899; daughter 
John D. and Jane (McKelvey) Barry; edu- 
cated West High School, 1917; special work 
Columbia Univ.; graduate Dorn School of 
Expression; studied under Eliza Warren, 
Cleveland, Prof. S. H. Clark of Chicago Univ. 
and Maud Sheerer of New York; member 
Women's, Music and Drama and Three Arts 
clubs. Residence: 1411 Alameda-ave., Lake- 
wood. Studio: Carnegie Hall, 1220 Huron-rd. 

BARRY, William Gibbons, telephone execu- 
tive; born, Savannah, Ga., May 24, 1877; son 
Wm. Frederick and Ella Chace (Ives) Barry; 
educated, Brooklyn, N. Y. high school; mar- 
ried. New York, Apr. 18, 1900 to Caroline 
Walker Linen; N. Y. National Guard, 1900- 
1908; entered telephone business in New York 
1902; district mgr. Rochester, N. Y., 1910; 
resigned to go with Southwestern Bell Tele- 
phone Co. as div. coml. supt. 1912 with head- 
quarters at St. Louis; later made gen. coml. 
supt. with territory extending to entire states 
of Mo. and Ark.; 1921 accepted position of 
gen. coml. supt. of Ohio Bell Telephone Co.; 
director Tiffin Consolidated Telephone Co.; 
director Fremont Telephone Co.; membei 
American Institute of Electrical Engineers; 
Chagrin Valley Golf and Cleveland Athletic 
clubs; Chamber of Commerce and Cleveland 
Real Estate Board. Recreation: golf and 
motoring. Residence: 2625 Euclid Hghts. 
Blvd. Office: 4300 Euclid-ave. 

BARSTOW, Burrows, merchant; born, 
Cleveland, O., Aug. 18, 1892, son Sanford K. 
and Hermoine (Burrows) Barstow; educated 
University School; Dartmouth, 1910; Wes- 
tern Reserve, 1912; Univ. of California, 1917; 
married, Cleveland, O., Nov. 23, 1920 to Mil- 
dred Barger — children, Burrows, Jr. and Anne 
Barstow; world war, served in France, two 
years; pres. Radio Equipment Co.; member 
Delta Tau Delta. Residence: 3329 Ingleside- 
rd.. Shaker Hghts. Office: 14248 Euclid-ave. 

BARSTOW, Mildred Barker, born, Cleve- 
land, O., Nov. 20, 1899; daughter William and 
Loa (Wilson) Barger; educated Rogers Hall 
School, Lowell, Mass.; Martha Washington 
Seminary, Washington, D. C; married, Cleve- 
land, O., Nov. 23, 1920 to Burrows Barstow — 
children. Burrows, Jr. and Anne Barstow. 
Residence: 3329 Ingleside-rd., Shaker Hghts. 

BARTHOLOMEW% Mrs. John W., horn, 
Waynesburg, O., May 10, 1875; daughter F. R. 
and Rebecca (Rinehart) Yarger; educated, 
Waynesburg high school; Wooster; married, 
Waynesburg, June 10, 1901 to John W. Bar- 
tholomew — children, Elizabeth B. Rudge, Re- 
becca and Virginia Bartholomew; mernber 
Daughters of Veterans; Florence Crittenton 
Home; Lakewood Woman's club; Glenville 



Presbyterian church. Residence: 16710 Cllf- 
ton-blvd., Lakewood. 

BARTLETT, C. O., manufacturer; born July 
15, 1850; son O. N. Bartlett and Mary (Church) 
Bartlett; educated In district schools, Brecks- 
vllle, then taught school winters and worked 
during: summers; married in Brecksvllle, Oct. 
1, 1873 to Emma R. Snow — children, Mrs. B. 
P. Forbes, deceased; Mrs. W. S. Lister, Mrs. 
A. F. Lister and C. O. Bartlett, Jr., who Is a 
graduate Case School, engaged In world war 
and now manager American Agricultural Co., 
Detroit. Mr. Bartlett Sr. started in a small 
way in manufacturing mill machinery In 
Cleveland and gradually added other lines; 
was president and treasurer of the C. O. Bart- 
lett & Snow Co. until two years ago when 
he resigned account failing health; is still di- 
rector and largest stockholder; member I. O. 
O. F. lodge, Brecksvllle and Cleveland Engi- 
neering Society. Residence: Brecksvllle, O. 

BARTLETT, C. W.. president The Factor- 
ies Equipment Co.; born, N. New Portland, 
Me., Aug. 5, 1879; son C. H. and Lydia M. 
(Jenkins) Bartlett; educated Univ. of Maine, 
electrical engineer; married, Cleveland, O., 
Dec. 25, 1920 to Edna B. "Walker; employed by 
General Electric Co. 1902; engaged in busi- 
ness for himself 1918; organized Factories 
Equipment Co., in 1921; pres., treas. and di- 
rector Factories Equipment Co.; member 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce and The 
Mohawk Club, Schenectady, N. Y. Residence: 
1248 Elbur-ave., Lakewood. Office: 639-641 
Penton Bldg. 

BARTLETT, Emma R., born, Brecksvllle, 
O., Feb. 1854; daughter Owen P. and Frances 
(Fay) Snow; educated Brecksvllle schools; 
married, Brecksvllle, O., Oct., 1, 1873 to 
Charles O. Bartlett — children, one son and 
three daughters. Residence: Brecksvllle, O. 

BARTOS, Elizabeth, physician; born Buda- 
pest, Hungary; daughter Philip and Jane 
(Ausch) Bartos; educated, high school, Buda- 
pest; began medical studies at the Depart- 
ment of Medicine of Royal Hungarian Univ. 
at Budapest; graduate Western Reserve 
Univ. medical school, 1924; interne Cleveland 
City hospital. 1924-1925: house-physician In 
Babies & Children's hospital; member Cleve- 
land Academy of Medicine; Nu Sigma Nu 
medical sorority; Alpha Omega Alpha hon- 
orary medical fraternity. Residence: 7206 
Hough-ave. Office: 2103 Adelbert-rd. 

BARTOSOVSKY, Bofannlav, consul of 
Czechoslovakia: born, Podoli, Czechoslovakia, 
1881; son Bohuslav and Caroline Bartosovsky; 
educated Univ. of Prague, Doctor of Law; 
member Cleveland Chamber of Commerce and 
Citv Club of Cleveland. Residence: 12525 
Lake-ave. Office: 308 Euclid-ave. 

BASSETT, Edward S.. born, New Haven, 
Conn.; son Newcomb M. and Jane E. M. 
(Hill) Bassett: educated Hopkins School, 
New Haven high school; married, Dover Bay, 
O., Sept. 14, 1899 to Helen Chase — children. 
Charles Chase and Jean Hill Bassett; served 
with Naval Reserves. Detroit, Mich., 1898; 
world war, U. S. Draft Board, Cleveland, 
1917; treas. Cleveland Leader, 1901-1911; 
founder Bassett & Smith, 1912, director Elec- 
tric Smelting & Aluminum Co.; gen. mgr. 
Cowles Detergent Co; member Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce, Civic I-eague. Owasco 
Country Club. Auburn, N. Y., Rowfant, Coun- 
try and Mid-Day clubs; assoc. member Cleve- 
land Grays. Recreation: golf and motoring. 
Residence: 1955 E. 93rd st. Office: 1021 
Guardian Bldg. 

BASTON, Albert Preston, mgr. Star Baking 
Co.; born, Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 3. 1894; 
3on Cliarles F. and Ora Z. (Cooper) Baston; 
educated St. Louis Park high school; Univ. 
of Minn., 1917: admitted to Bar. 1917; mar- 
ried, Duluth, Minn.. May 15, 1920 to Ruby 
Haimon Laird — children, Frederick Laird and 
Prescilla Baston; world war, 22 months over- 
seas with U. S. M. C, 17th Co., 5th Reg.; 
received D. S. C. ; AU-American Football team, 
1916-1917; director Professional Football 
Club; president. Big Ten University Club; 
member Phi Sigma Kappa and Phi Delta Phi 
fraternities. Recreation: football, tennis and 
golf; member National Town & Country Club. 
Residence: 1523 Arthur-ave, Lakewood. Of- 
fice: 1519 Lakeview-rd. 

BATES, Albert Harlan, patent lawyer; 
born Cincinnati, O., Jan. 24, 1869; son Cyrus 
S. and Laverna (Sutherland) Bates; educated 
Lehigh Univ., 1889, M. E.; Ohio State Univ., 
1892. LL.B. ; married, Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 11, 
1904 to Kathleen Jones — children. Margaret 
and Darwin Bates; legal dept. Brush Elec- 
tric Co., 1892-1893; with Robert Parkinson, 
patent lawyer. Chicago, 1893-1896; partner 
Thurston & Bates 1897-1906; partner Bates. 
Fonts & Hull, 1906-1910; patent law under 
name Albert H. Bates, 1910-1916; partner 
Bates & Macklin, 1916-1923; partner Bates, 
Macklln, Golrick & Teare, since 1923; life 
member American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers; member Cleveland Engineering 
Society. Cleveland Patent Law Assn.. Cleve- 
land Chamber of Commerce; member Psl 
Upsilon Fraternity; Loyal Legion; New Eng- 
land Society and Canterbury Golf club. Rec- 
reation: fishing, touring. Residence: 2916 
Litchfleld-rd.. Shaker Hghts. Office: 1028 
Society for Savings Bldg. 

BATES, Elijah, certified public accountant; 
horn, Homeworth, O., Sept. 17. 1877; son 
James and "Wilhelmina M. (Riley) Bates: 
graduated Alliance high school, 1895; Mount 
Union College, Alliance, O.. graduate Normal 
dept.; married, Mavsville. Ky., June. 1910 to 
Elizabeth Peyton Key; taught public schools 
three years: in government postal service 
four years; practicing public accountant 
eleven years: manager Cleveland office Has- 
klns & Sells, 1919-1924; sec, treas. and direc- 
tor The McMyler-Interstate Co., Bedford, O. : 
member American Institute of Accountants; 
American Society of Certified Public Account- 
ants; National Assn. of Cost Accountants; 
Certified Public Accountant (Indiana); mem- 
ber Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, Ameri- 
can Management Assn., City, Kiwanis and 
National Town & Country clubs; member 
Church of the Covenant. Residence: 2512 
Lee-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: Bedford, O. 

BATES, Kathleen Jones, born, Atlanta. 
Ga. : daughter Darwin G. and Sarah E. (Scott) 
Jones; educated Lucy Cobb Institute, Athens. 
Ga. and Pratt Institute Library School, 
Brooklvn, N. Y.; married, Atl.Tnta. Ga., Oct. 
11. 1904 to Albert H. Bates — children, Margaret 
and Darwin Bates: member Welfare Federa- 
tion Budget, executive committee, 1923-1926; 
member executive board of Citizens I.,eague 
of Cleveland, term 1927; member advisory 
committee of Women's City Club, 1925-1926; 
chairman organization committee Parent- 
Teacher Assn. of Cleveland Heights, 1921; 
pres. Cleveland Girl's Council, board of trus- 
tees, 1922-1926; member Women's City and 
Nineteenth Century clubs. Recreation: gar- 
dening. Residence: 2 916 Litchfleld-rd., 
Shaker Hghts. 

BATES, Stanlee Theodore, real estate; 
born, Cleveland, May 6, 1891; son Theodore 
M. and Olive (Cozad) Bates; educated Central 



High School, Western Reserve Univ., A.B.; 
Case School of Applied Science, B.S.; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Dec. 13, 1919 to Margaret W. 
Hamilton; world war, 2nd Lieut. Engineers, 
1st Engineers, 301st Tank Battalion, twenty 
months in France; with Ford-McCaslin Co. 
(real estate) three years; since 1922 had his 
own office, real estate and building business; 
pres. Highland Apartments Co.; sec. and 
treas. Euclid Mayfield Garage Co.; vice pres. 
Marsh-Hart Co.; sec. and treas. Metal Im- 
provements Co.; member Real Estate board; 
member Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, Cleve- 
land Chamber of Commerce, University and 
Cedarhurst clubs. Residence: 1295 Tellow- 
stone-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 706 Bulk- 
ley Bldg. 

BATH, Cyril John, machinery dealer; born, 
London, Eng., Dec. 21, 1889; son John Lewis 
and Clara Gertrude (Heffer) Bath; educated 
Saffron Waldon in Essex, a private prep, 
school; married, Cleveland, Nov. 6, 1915 to 
Georgiana McHale — children, Elizabeth Clara 
Ann and Cyril Louis; world war, served in 
special capacity the Aircraft division of the 
War Industries board; came to Cleveland 
at the age of 18, worked as machinist for 
two years; sold machinery for Motch & 
Merry weather, 1908; started in business, 
1915; built warehouse and offices in present 
location, 1924; sole owner Cyril J. Bath & 
Co.; member Cleveland Athletic and Canter- 
bury Golf clubs. Residence: 2430 Deming- 
ton-dr. Office: E. 70th st. & Machinery-ave. 

BATT, Tom, salesman; born, Cleveland, 
June 30, 1883; son Samuel and Mary Jane 
(Morgan) Batt; educated, public schools; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, 1913 to Arlynn Miller — 
children, one boy; member Cleveland Athletic 
Club. Recreation: golf and base ball. Resi- 
dence: 15448 Euclid-ave. Office: Wm. Edwards 

BATZER, George J., production manager; 
born, Philadelphia, Pa., July 13, 1883; son 
Julius and Emma Batzer; educated, gram- 
mar school and night high school; married, 
Cleveland, Oct. 19, 1904 to Theresa Seringer 
— children, Russel, Marjorie and Lois Bat- 
zer; pres. Titan Machine & Mfg. Co.; mem- 
ber Forest Hill Blue Lodge; Heights Chap- 
ter 206; Cleveland Athletic and High Noon 
clubs. Recreation: golf, swimming, motor- 
ing and dancing. Residence: Alcazar Hotel. 
Office: F. B. Stearns Co. 

BAIKXET. William J., banking; born, 
Cleveland, March 21, 1876; son Joseph and 
Elizabeth (Rothgery) Bauknet; educated, 
public schools; married, Cleveland, June 21, 
1915 to Ida Chayer — children, two; treasurer 
and director Pearl St. Savings & Trust Co.; 
director City Investment Co.; pres. West 25th 
St. Business assn.; member K. of P.; Masonic 
lodge, 32nd degree; Elks; Shrine. Residence: 
1533 Lewis-dr., Lakewood. Office: 4175 Pearl- 

BAXTER, Ed^in Chllds. banking; born. 
Grand Haven, Mich., Sept. 12, 1878; son Ed- 
win Baxter and Ellen Louise (Scagel) Bax- 
ter; married, June 22, 1904 to Margurite 
Noakes at Cleveland, O., children — Alan Ed- 
win Baxter; assistant secretary of organiza- 
tion entertaining annual encampment G. A. R. 
summer 1901; secretary convention board 
Chamber of Commerce 1902-'09; sec'y. Retail 
Merchants Board 1903-'09: assistant secretary 
Chamber of Commerce 1903-1912; industrial 
commissioner 1911-'14; cashier and secretarv 
Federal Reserve bank of Cleveland; assistant 
to president, the Cleveland Trust Co. 1919, 
and vice president of same bank, 1920 to date; 
vice-pres. for Ohio of Trust Company division 

American Bankers' Assn. 1915-26; on com- 
mittees of Chamber of Commerce and other 
civic and business organizations. Once 
president of Cleveland Heights Civic Club; 
since 1920 chairman Cleveland Heights City 
Planning commission, president 1924-25 Ohio 
Conference on City planning; vice chairman 
industrial div. Community fund 1923-26; first 
secretary and later vice president Bankers' 
Club; president Adelbert College Alumni 
Assn. 1924-'26; trustee and treas. of the Wel- 
fare Federation; member Alpha Delta Phi 
fraternity. Union, Canterburv Golf, Bankers' 
and Cleveland Advertising clubs. Recreation: 
golf and reading. Residence: 3037 E. Over- 
look-rd. Office: Cleveland Trust Co. 

BAYLESS, W'llliani Xiven, advertising; 
born, Louisville, Ky., Aug. 24, 1878; son 
William N. and Annie (Starbird) Bayless; 
educated, Male high school, Louisville, Ky. ; 
Washington-ave. Law school, St. Louis, Mo.; 
married, Detroit, Mich. Apr. 29, 1911 to Bertha 
Southard — children, Seth and Neville Bayless; 
at age of 17 moved to St. Louis and later be- 
came adv. mgr. of American Bed Co.; went 
to Detroit and became connected with Brown- 
ell & Humphrey and later with O. J. Mul- 
ford Adv. Co.; 1909 went to Toledo, became 
adv. mgr. Conklin Pen. Mfg. Co.; 1920 came 
to Cleveland, with Powers-House Co. and 3 
years later went into advertising agency 
business; pres. Bayless-Kerr Co.; member, 
Associated Adv. Clubs of the world, vice- 
pres., 1923; National Advertising Commission 
of A.A.C. of W. ; Governing Board, Church 
Adv. Dept. A.A.C. of W. ; Cleveland Central 
Y.M.C.M., Board of Management; Lakewood 
Y.M.C.A., board of management; Publicity 
Chairman Federated Churches: Fellowship 
for Christian Social Order (National); Com- 
mission on men's work. Congregational 
Church (National); member Cleveland Ad- 
vertising Exchange and Construction clubs 
and Chamber of Commerce. Recreation: 
books and traveling. Residence: 2109 River- 
side-rd., Lakewood. Office: 1162 Hanna Bldg. 

BEACH, Clara GoodenouKh, born, Toronto, 
Nov. 1, 1860; daughter Rolland A. and Mary 
(De Rene) Goodenough; educated, Brighton, 
Eng.; married. New York, Nov. 1, 1881 to 
Edward Clayton Beach — children, Mary Evel- 
ine and Edward Austin Beach; member 
Women's City club. Residence: Bay Village. 

BEAHAN, Bessie DeAVitt, born, Owego, N. 
Y., Nov. 28, 1854; daughter, Joseph Shaw and 
Catherine (Carnochan) DeWitt; educated 
Owego Free Academy and Cornell Univ. A.B. 
1878; married, Brooklyn, N. Y., June 28, 1892 
to Willard Beahan; world war, red cross 
work; formerly a high school teacher; mem- 
ber Cornell Women's club of Cleveland, Col- 
lege and Women's City clubs. Residence: 
2213 Bellfield-ave. 

BEAHAX, W'lllard, civil engineer; born, 
Watkins, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1854; son James and 
Harriet (Griswold) Beahan; educated Stark- 
Iv Seminary, N. Y.; Cornell Univ. C. E. 1878; 
rharried, Brooklyn. N. Y., June 29, 1892 to 
Bessie Bell DeWitt; railroad construction 
and location engineer, N. Y. Central R. R. ; 
member American Engineering Society and 
Cleveland Engineering Society. Residence: 
2213 Beimeld-ave. 

BEALE, John Daniel, office and credit 
manager; born, 'U'illiamsburg. Va., March 
15, 1890; son George E. and Isabelle (Daniel) 
Beale; educated William and Mary College, 
B.A., 1910; married Charlotte, N. C, Feb. 
20. 1915 to Esther F. Gregory — children, 
Elizabeth Gregory and Dorothy Ann Beale; 



world war, served two years, Field Staff 
Construction Div. ; after graduation tauglit 
biological sciences at Roanoke, Va. higli 
school; assisted in organization Roanoke 
Vacation School: office and credit manager 
Pompelan Co. and Nymfaun Co.; member 
Taylor Society, Sigma Alplia fraternity and 
Masonic Lodge; member City, Higli Noon, 
Cedarhurst, and Heights Dance clubs. Recrea- 
tion: golf and boating. Residence: 1474 Ry- 
dalmount-rd. Office: 2400 Payne-ave. 

BEALIy, Cyrna M., lumber business; born, 
Cumberland, Md., Aug. 6, 1861; son William 
and Margaret (Folck) Beall; educated Wil- 
son's Academy, Cumberland, Md.; married. 
Cleveland, O.. Nov. 27, 1887 to Mary L. 
Sllfe — children, Raymond L. I?eall; director 
and treas. West Cleveland Trim Co.; director 
Lakewood Mortgage & Guaranty Co.; mem- 
ber K. of P. Lodge No. 460. Residence: 1428 
W^est Clifton-blvd. 

BEARDSLEY, Joseph C. civil engineer; 
born, Cleveland, March 1, 1863; son Eli Sher- 
wood and Sarah Ann (Peck) Beardsley; 
educated Case School of Applied Science 
(one year) 1883; graduated Infantry and 
Cavalry school. Fort Leavenworth, Kan., 
1891; children — Dorothy Lydia and Virginia 
Josephine Beardsley; private, corporal and 
sergeant Co. B. 4th U. S. Inf., Jan. 12, 1885 
to Feb. 6, 1888; 2nd Lieutenant 8th U. S. Inf., 
Feb. 6, 1888 to June 30, 1893 (resigned); cap- 
tain 5th O. V. I., June 30 to Nov. 5, 1898 
(Spanish War); Asst. engineer Cleveland 
Water Dept., 1893-1904; with Thomson Meter 
Co. of N. Y. from 1906 to 1925: fres. Spanish 
War Veteran Assn.; member Cleveland En- 
gineering Society, sec. 1903 to 1910; member 
Masonic Lodge, Cleveland Council. Resi- 
dence: Volunteer Bay, Vermilion, O. Office: 
1426 W. 3rd St., Room 303, Cleveland. O. 

BEARDSLEY. Viola Mny. born, Cleveland, 
April 29, 1894; daughter Philip A. and Plooma 
M. (Boyd) Ryder; educated, Lakewood schools 
and high school; married, Cleveland, 1915 
to Douglas Charles Beardsley — children, Mari- 
an Elizabeth, Virginia Louise, Marjorie Jean 
and Betty Mae Beardsley; member. Young 
Matrons Club. Residence: 1432 Elmwood- 

BEATTIE, Anna Belle, publicity; born. 
New London, O. ; daughter A. M. and Dora 
(Sullivan) Beattie; educated Norwalk, O. 
high school, Denison Univ., A.B., 1906; two 
summer terms at Columbia Univ.; Western 
Reserve Univ. of Applied Social Sciences; 
graduate Advertising school of Cleveland Ad- 
vertising club; teacher high school English for 
11 years; Lima, O., high school 8 years; Cleve- 
land Associated Charities, district visitor, 
1917-1919; taught English to foreigners in 
city night school. 1918-1920; publicity secre- 
tary, Associated Charities since 1919; con- 
ducts weekly book reviews in Lorain. (O.) 
Journal; also occasional reviews in social 
work magazines; member Phi Beta Kappa 
and Chi Psi Delta fraternities. Recreations: 
books, bridge and theatre; member Business 
& Professional Women's and Social W'orkers 
clubs, and Daughters American Revolution; 
in collaboration with Wm. Telzrow won 1924 
Eisenman Award. Residence: 3147 Prospect- 
ave. Office: 614 Electric Bldg. 

BEATTY, Henry Mclntonh, electrical en- 
gineer; born, Cleveland, June 11, 1900; son 
Robert Dunlap and Alexandrine (Mcintosh) 
Beatty; prepared at and graduated from 
Asheville School, 1918; Cornell, 1922, E.E.; 
married, Cleveland, Oct. 30, 1923 to Elizabeth 
Coates — children, Barbara Ann; world war, 
in training at Camp Taylor when Armistice 

was signed; electrical engineer with Crecellus 
& Phillips, 1922-1924; electrical engineer with 
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. since 
1924; member Deta Phi fraternity, Hermit and 
Cornell clubs. Recreation: golf and tennis; 
Residence: 2269 Grandvlew-ave. Office: Cleve- 
land Electric Illuminating Co. 

HE-VIIMONT, Corn .\llee Merrlam; born. 
Honeoye Falls, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1869; daughter 
John Merriam and Sabra Anne (Alien) Mer- 
rlam; educated in Cleveland schools; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Nov. 24, 1892 to George Hen- 
rv Beaumont — children, Sabra Merriam (Mrs. 
William Guthrie Packards.) Cornelia Merri- 
am and Allis Merriam Beaumont: did Red 
Cross work at Bratenahl. Residence: 2865 
Fairfax-rd., Cleve. Hghts. 

BE.VVIS, Jnlia Ijiietkemeyer, born, Cleve- 
land, Jan. 11, 1860; daughter Henry William 
and Helene (Hennenger) Luetkemeyer; 
educated Cleveland Elementary and Central 
high school; married, Cleveland, Dec. 25, 1890 
to William Henry Beavis — children Mrs. Mar- 
tin Maurer of New York and Mrs. Stanley B. 
Sherman, Shaker lights,, O.; Mrs. Beavis' 
father was prominent in early activities of 
Ohio City and Cleveland as director of Citi- 
zens Savings & Loan and People's Savings & 
Loan; member Wimodausian and Women's 
City clubs. Residence: 3316 Grenway-rd., 
Shaker Hghts. 

BECK. Carroll Lindley, life insurance; born, 
Clark Countv, Indiana, Nov. 7. 1879; son Wm. 
Lister and Elizabeth (McRoberts) Beck; edu- 
cated Indiana public schools and Indiana 
Univ.; married, Cleveland, O., Dec 29, 1917 
to Anne Burger — children. Carroll Anne, Don- 
ald James and iNIarjorie Isabel Beck; elected 
mavor of Bay Village, Nov. 1923; Bay Village 
council, Nov., 1921; world war, active in Lib- 
ertv bond sale and American Protective 
league work, volunteered for military service; 
bookkeeper Cement Mfg. Plant, 3 years; 
salesman in lumber and millwork lines, 8 
vears; sales mgr. and gen. mgr. furniture and 
lumber manufacturing, 5 years; asst. mgr. 
Cleveland Office Union Central Life Insur- 
ance Co.; trustee Cahoon Memorial Park, Bay 
Village. Recreation: gardening, trapshoot- 
ing and hunting; member Cleveland Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Cleveland Life Under- 
writers Assn., City, Lions. Big Ten, Hoo Hoo 
and Bav Village Community clubs. Resi- 
dence: Vineland-rd., Bay Village, O. Office: 
816 Keith Bldg. 

BECK. Claiule Schaefer, surgeon: born Sha- 
mokin. Pa., Nov. 8, 1894; son Simon and Mar- 
tha (Schaefer) Beck; educated Pennsylvania 
State Normal School. Millersville, Pa., A.B.; 
Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, 
Pa., M.D.; Johns Hopkins University, Balti- 
more, Md.; interne in surgery. Johns Hop- 
kins Hospital. 1921-1922; resident surgeon. 
The New Haven Hospital, 1922-1923; Arthur 
Tracy Cabot Fellow in surgical research. The 
Harvard Medical school and associate in 
surgery at the Peter Bent Brigliam Hospital, 
Boston. 1923-1924; Crile Fellow in Experi- 
mental Surgerv, The W"estern Reserve Medi- 
cal School and Lakeside Hospital, 1924-1925; 
member Cleveland Academy of Medicine. 
Residence: Lakeside Hospital. Office: Lake- 
side Hospital. 

BECKENB.VCH, Homer R.. pres. Lake City 
Sales Co.; born. Cleveland, 1890; son Wm. and 
Bertha (Reinhart) Beckenbach; educated 
Cleveland public schools and high school; 
married, Newark, N. J., Nov. 19. 1912 to Le- 
ila M. Foster; world war, served in Bureau 
of Aircraft Production; member Masonic 
lodge. Recreation: gardening, base ball and 



hand ball. Residence: 3141 Essex-rd., Cleve- 
land HRhts. Office: 7022 Euclld-ave. 

BECKER, Edward M., manufacturing con- 
fectioner; born, Cleveland, Sept. 13, 1877; son 
John F. and Louise E. (Feil<ert) BecVcer; edu- 
cated, public schools; married, Cleveland, 
Sept. 19. 1900 to Ella E. Schlote — children, 
Alice Becker Allison; pres. and treas. Edw- 
M. Becker Co.; member Masonic Lodge, Bren- 
ton D. Babcock, Blue lodge. Mount Olive 
Chapter, Oriental Commandery, Lake Erie 
Consistory and Al Koran Shrine; Cleveland 
Athletic club. Residence: 839 Parkwood-dr. 
Office: 659 Bolivar-rd. 

BECKER, Elizabeth Katharine, gown fit- 
ter; born, Elyria, O., daughter George L. 
and Magdelane (Von Der Harr) Becker; mem- 
ber Business and Professional Woman's club. 
Residence: 1401 E. 81st St. Office 1907 Euclid- 

BECKER, Erwin George, real estate and 
insurance; born, Cleveland, Aug. 24, 1890; son 
James and Ida M. (Hughes) Becker; educat- 
ed, West high school and special summer 
course at Dartmouth; married, Cleveland, Jan. 
23, 1915 to Inez M. Fehr — children, Nan Adelle 
and Erwin Becker; ordinance dept., civil 
branch; started in business in 1913; original 
operator In Garfield Heights village and 
Maple Heights village; pres. Reliance Inv. 
Co.; pres. Libby Gardens Realty Co.; vice- 
pres., Parkdale Realty Co.; sec. Reliance 
Mortgage Co.; sec. Oberlin-ave. Realty Co.; 
E. G. Becker & Co.; member Cleveland Real 
Estate Board, Chamber of Commerce and 
Cleveland Fire Insurance Club; Dorian Liter- 
ary Society, Cleveland Athletic, Wlllowick 
Country and Cleveland clubs. Recreation: 
golf, bowling and base ball. Residence: 15701 
Oak Hill-rd., E. Cleveland. Office: 414-20 En- 
gineers Bldg. 

BECKER, Dr. Henry A., surgeon; born, 
Chicago, March 3, 1870; son August and Au- 
gusta Becker; educated, West high school, 
Adelbert College, W^. R. U. Medical Dept.; 
universities of Vienna, Berlin, Paris and 
London; post graduate work; asst. prof, of 
surgery W. R. Medical until 1923; married, 
Detroit. Sept. 18. 1901 to Laura Elizabeth 
Ferguson — children, William N. Becker; capt. 
Spanish American war; assoc. surgeon to 
Lakeside hospital until 1923; asst. head surgi- 
cal Dept. City hospital until 1923; chief sur- 
geon Falrview Park hospital; surgeon Big 
Four, New York Central and B. & O., Ry.; 
member local. State and National Medical 
societies; College of Surgeons; Delta Tau 
Delta and Sigma Nu fraternities; University 
and Westwood Country clubs. Recreation: 
golf, yachting and travel. Residence: 17841 
Lake-rd. Office: 629 Guardian Bldg. 

BECKWITH, Ada B., supervisor of art; 
born, Cleveland; daughter Havel and Alida 
(Haight) Beckwith; educated Outhwaite 
school, Central high school, Cleveland Nor- 
mal and Pratt Institute Art dert.; teacher 
elementary schools of Cleveland, 1906-1911; 
asst. supervisor of art, 1913-1918; supervisor 
of art in Lakewood public schools, 1918-1925; 
pres. Alumni Assn. Pratt Institute art dept., 
Cleveland branch, 1923-1924; vice-pres. Lake- 
wood Society of Artists, 1924-1925; director 
and vice-pres. Cleveland Women's Art club, 
1924-1926; exhibitor landscape painting 
Cleveland Museum of Art, 1923-1924-1925; 
member Women's Art Club of Cleveland, 
Lakewood Society of Artists, Pratt Institute 
Art department. Alumni Assn. Residence: 
1626 Elberon-ave., E. Cleveland. Office: 1456 
Warren-rd., Lakewood. 

BECICAVITH, Anael Earle, banker; born, 
Norwich, Conn., Nov. 16, 1868; son of Ansel 
A. and Celeste Lydla (Kenyon) Beckwith; 
educated, Norwich academy, 1887; Harvard 
college, 1891; married, Syracuse, N. Y., June 
28, 1892 to Olive Crawford Moorhead — chil- 
dren, Henry Kenyon Beckwith and Celeste 
Lydla Beckwith Stohr; war service; educa- 
tional director with Y. M. C. A. at Fort Han- 
cock, Sandy Hook, N. J.; for twenty-one years 
previous connected in the executive capacity 
with advertising and educational service: ex- 
ecutive vice-president Citizens Savings assn.; 
past master Seneca lodge of Rochester, N. Y. ; 
and Service lodge F. & A. M. of Cleveland; 
secy, and treas. Shrine luncheon club; K. T.; 
32nd degree Mason; member Sons of Ameri- 
can Revolution; Kiwanis, Madison golf, Har- 
vard and Cleveland Athletic clubs. Resi- 
dence: 3231 Redwood-rd. (IJountry Home: 
Golf Lakelands, Madison, O. Office: Citizens 
Savings Assn., B. F. Keith Bldg. 

BECK'WITH, C. G., commissioner of city's 
div. of light and power; born, Dowagiac, 
Mich., Apr. 19, 1870; son Edwin W. and Clara 
L. (Sullivan) Beckwith; educated, Univ. of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; married, Cass- 
apolis, Mich., Feb. 19, 1895 to Belle N. Norton 
— children, Raymon N. Ellis (adopted); op- 
erating and electrical foreman G. H. Ham- 
mond Packing Co., Hammond, Ind.; supt. of 
construction of lighting plants In various 
parts of Mich, and 111., 1893-1895; supt. elec- 
trical engineering, Montpelier, O., municipal 
plant, 1895-1900; supt. and electrical engi- 
neer, Collinwood. O., municipal plant. 1900. 
1910; superintendent and electrical engineer- 
ing city of Cleveland municipal plant, since 
1910; he personally planned and supervised 
the Installation of the modern system of 
lighting, particularly the White Way system, 
first of its kind in the world; member Ameri- 
can Institute Electrical Engineers; Cleveland 
Engineering Societv: Electrical League of 
Cleveland; Collinwood lodge, F. & A. M. ; I. O. 
O. F. ; Univ. of Mich. Alumni assn. Resi- 
dence: 868 E. 149th St. 

BECKW^ITH, Ethelwynn Rice, professor of 
mathematics; born, Hartford, C^onn., Jan. 7, 
1878; daughter William Holden and Elizabeth 
(Kinney) Rice; educated Oberlin College, Ph. 
B., 1900; Western Reserve Univ. A.M., 1909; 
Radcliffe College, Ph.D., 1925; married, Ober- 
lin, July 2, 1900 to William Erastus Beck- 
with; member faculty of College for Wo- 
men Western Reserve Univ., 1910-1920; mem- 
lier faculty Vassar College, 1921-1922; acting 
head of dept. of mathematics. College for 
Women Western Reserve Univ., 1924- 1925: 
head of dept. of mathematics Milwaukee 
Downer College, 1925-1926; member Ameri- 
can Mathematical Society, Mathematical 
Assn. of America, American Statistical Assn.. 
American Assn. for the Advancement of 
Science. Residence: 3032 E. 115th st. 

BECKWITH, Fredertck Angnstns, born. 
Cleveland; son W^illlam Edwin and Sara 
Weeks (Doe) Beckwith; educated Union Col- 
lege; married, Albany, N. Y. to Janet Morri- 
son McQueen — children, one daughter; vice- 
pres. Kelly Island Lime & Transport Co.; 
member Metropolitan club, Washington, D. C, 
and Union Club, Cleveland. Office: Union 
Trust Co. 

BEGG, Harold Kohli, physician and sur- 
geon; born, Ohio, Dec. 13, 1894; son William 
and Martha (Kohli) Begg; educated North- 
western University, B.S.. M.D.; married, Chi- 
cago, 111., May 18, 1920 to Regina Wagoner — 
children, one boy; world war, medical re- 



serve corps; taught post graduate surgery In 
Chicago 2 years; partner, Drs. Castle, Els- 
enbrey, Begg & Muncaster; member Ohio 
State Medical society, Academy of Medicine; 
American Medical Society; member Phi Delta 
Theta and Phi Rho Sigma fraternities. Re- 
creation: golf and tennis; member Acacia 
Country Club. Residence: 2181 Goodnor-rd. 
Office: 532 Rose Bldg. 

BEGG, Rnssell Stuart, automobile engi- 
neer; born, Columbus Grove, O., June 30, 1887; 
son Dr. W. H. and Martha (Kohll) Begg; 
educated, Oberlin Academy, Northwestern 
Univ. and Univ. of Michigan; married, Colum- 
bus Grove, June 21, 1911 to Mary Lenore Ster- 
ling — children, Edith Martha Begg; director 
and chief engineer Jordan Motor Car Co.; 
member Cleveland Engineering Society and 
Society of Automotive Engineers; Phi Delta 
Theta fraternity; Canterbury Golf and Cleve- 
land clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence. 
2878 Brighton-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 
Jordan Motor Car Co. 

BEIDLKR, Theodore F,, manufacturer; born, 
Chester County, Pa., Nov. 2, 1844; son Israel 
and Mary (Latshaw) Beidler; educated Free- 
land Seminary, Montgomery county. Pa.; mar- 
ried, Louisville. Ky., June 30, 1870 to Mattle 
S Scrogln — children, Hovs^ard T., Theodore F., 
Jr., Elliott W. and Lillian Beidler; served in 
the Pennsylvania Emergency during the Civil 
war; director National Screw & Manufactur- 
ing Co.; director Martell Packings Co., Elyria, 
O. Residence: Avon Village, O. 

BELCHER, George Wilson, physician; born, 
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 29, 1895; son George C. W. 
and Mary (Smith) Belcher; educated Belle- 
ville high school, Belleville, 111., 1913; bache- 
lor of science, Washington Univ. St. Louis, 
1917; doctor of medicine, Washington Univ. 
Medical school, 1919; married, Cleveland, 
March 24, 1923 to Susan Hilda Harper — chil- 
dren Mary Harper and George C. W. Belcher; 
world war, private, student army training 
corps; active service Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; 
assoc. surgeon Cleveland Clinic; member Chi 
Zeta Chi fraternity and Masonic lodge. Res- 
idence: 1529 Glenmount-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 
Office: Cleveland Clinic. 

BELDEIV, Lillian C, attorney; born Canton, 
O., Oct. 2, 1890; daughter Frederick H. and 
Harriet L. Belden; educated Central high 
school, Canton O., 1904-1908; Hiram College, 
1909-1913, Ph.B.; Wooster Univ., Wooster, O., 
postgraduate, 1915; Boston Univ. law dept., 
1918; George Washington Univ. law school, 
L L.B., 1924; Milton business school, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1919; Carnegie Tech., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., Engineer of tests special course, 
1918; world war, worked for U. S. A. in ordi- 
nance dept. as asst. engineer of tests In 
Washington. D. C. and Boston in 1918, 
clerk on analytical board of Insurance dept. 
of war risk insurance bureau; asst. to man- 
ager, dept. of equipment U. S. railroad ad- 
ministration, Washington, D. C, 3 years; 
teacher high school, Uniontown, O., Jr. high 
school at Canton, O.; taught English for for- 
eigners, night school. Canton, O.; member 
womens bureau. Metropolitan police dept., 
Washington, D. C; research (legal), employed 
by W. P. Harrison, attorney and sec. Ameri- 
can Society of C. P. A.'s Washington, D. C; 
passed Ohio bar examination and was admit- 
ted to practlve Jan. 10, 1925; began law work 
with Bartholomew, Leeper & McOIll, Jan., 
1925; opened own office August, 1925; member 
Cleveland Bar Assn.; Order of Eastern Star, 
Meridian Chapter, No. 401; Protected Home 
Circle, Independence Circle No. 220; chairman 
Legislative committee of Business & Pro- 

fessional Women's Club of Cleveland; mem- 
ber Business and Professional Women's Na- 
tional Federation; Women's City Club of 
Cleveland; Hiram Club (Women); Hiram 
(IJlub of Cleveland secretary; League of 
Women Voters of Cleveland and of Ohio re- 
publican women of Ohio. Residence: 1984 E. 
116 St. Office: 1431 B. of L. E. Bank Bldg. 

BELL, Arohle, writer; born, Geneva, O., 
March 17, 1877; son Samuel A. and Sarah 
Jane (Soden) Bell; educated Geneva high 
school; author of fourteen published books, 
among them "A Trip to Lotus Land," "The 
Spell of China," "King Tut-ankh-amen." "The 
Spell of Egypt," "Mary of Magdala," "The 
Spell of the Holy Land," "Sunset Canada," 
"Seralmo" and "A Scarlet Repentance," etc. 
Residence: 1397 E. 86th st. Office: Cleveland 

BELL, Clara Louise, artist; born Newton 
Falls, O., daughter Robert A. Bell, and 
Clara C. (Koons) Bell; educated Youngstown, 
O. public schools and high school, Cleveland 
School of Art; Art Students league, N. Y.; 
scholarship Cleveland School of Art, 1909; 
Hayes prize C. S. A., 1911; first prize minia- 
ture Penton Medal Cleveland Art Mus., 1919; 
first prize, 1923 and 1925 Cleveland Art Mus. 
Exhibition of miniatures in following gal- 
leries: National Academy of Design, 1914-'15, 
1917-'18; America Society Min. Painters. 
Copley Gallery, Boston; Doll & PIckard, Bos- 
ton; Panama Pacific exhibition all 1914, 
Chicago Art Institute, 1921; Amcr. W. C. 
Society, Nafl. Art Soc. 1916; Pennsylvania 
Academy, 1913-'14, 1917-'18; Knoedler's, N. Y., 
1913-'23, Cleveland Art Mus., 1919-'25. por- 
trait In oil chosen by jury for contemporary 
American painting, Cleveland Art Mus., 
June 1924: member N. Y. Water Color club. 
Studio club. N. Y. Sculptor Society, of Cleve- 
land and Cleveland School of Art Alumni 
Assn. Residence: 3226 Euclid-ave. Office: 

BELL, Ermlnnle E., teacher; born Garland, 
Me.; daughter John Henry and Frances 
Emily (Shaw) Bell; educated West Cleveland 
public school, Kentucky school and West 
high school, Cleveland; graduate normal 
dept. Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, O.; 
member Western Reserve Chapter, Daughters 
of the American Revolution; Clara Barton 
Tent, Daughters of Veterans; Wade Park 
W C. T. U.; wrote and had published several 
poems, short stories and character sketches; 
member Euclid-ave Christian Church. Resi- 
dence: 1557 E. 84th st. 

BELL, Harold K., attorney, born, Lima, O., 
Apr. 4, 1895; son Frank M. and Leila (Kelly) 
Bell; educated Lima high school, 1912; Adel- 
bert College Western Reserve Univ., 1912- 
1916, A.B.; Western Reserve Univ. Law 
School, 3 years until 1919; married, Cleveland, 
Feb 24, 1922 to Margaret Mohler; world war. 
In service from May 12, 1917 to Jan. 30, 1919; 
honorably discharged with rank of 1st lieut.; 
served first officers training camp; 352nd In- 
fantry. 88th Div.; 87th Infantry. 19th Div.; 
admitted to Ohio bar July 9. 1919; since has 
been associated with White, Cannon & Spleth; 
secretary Biltwell Co., Inc.; director M. T. 
Davis Co.; sec. Jerry O. McNaughton Co.; 
Sec. W. F. Weaver Co.; director Whittlesey 
Engineering Co.; secretary Zeta Assn. of 
Delta Tau Delta (Inc.); member Cleveland 
Bar Assn.. Ohio State Bar Assn. and Cleve- 
land Law Library Assn.; member Delta 
Tau Delta and Phi Delta Phi fraternities. 
Recreation: golf and outdoors. Residence: 
14600 Euclid-ave. Office: 1565 Union Trust 



BELL. John Thomnfl, attorney; born, Wil- 
burn, Va.. June 2, 1893; son Isaac Bonaparte 
and Etta (Hardy) Bell; educated Univ. of 
Virginia. Charlottsville, Va.. 1912-1913; Army 
& Navy Preparatory school, Washington, D. 
C, 1913-1914; United States Military Academy, 
West Point, N. Y., 1914-1917, graduated; Har- 
vard Law school, Cambridge, Mass., 1919- 
1921; Boston Univ. Law School, L.L.B., 1922; 
married. South Manchester, Conn., June 23, 
1919 to Judith Calkins Cheney — children, 
Patricia Stager Bell; world war, cadet U. S. 
M. A., 1914-1917, 2nd lieut., 1st lieut., Capt. of 
Infantry; 1917-1919, U. S. army and U. S. ex- 
peditionary forces in France; machine gun 
school, Chantillon-Sur-Seine, 4th U. S. Inf. 
3rd div.; 5th brigade hdqrs. staff special In- 
structor in automatic arms; officers training 
camps, presidio of California; with 3rd div. 
Bth and 6th brigade hdqrs. before Chateau 
Thierry, France, 1918; instructor in charge 
of army div. at Cornell Univ, 1918; adjutant 
of hdqrs. of S. A. T. C, N. Y. City, 1918-1919; 
mayor Gates Mills village, 1924-1925; prac- 
ticing law in Cleveland since 1922; member 
Phi Delta Phi fraternity and Assn. of Grad- 
uates of United States Military Academy, 
West Point, N. Y. Recreation: horseback rid- 
ing, golf, and tennis; member Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce, Army & Navy club 
of N. Y., and Cleveland City club. Residence: 
Gates, Mills, O. Office: 1131 Leader Bldg. 

BELL,, Judith S. Calkins Cheney, born, 
Cleveland; daughter Henry W. and Harriet 
(Stager) Calkins; married, New York, May, 
1916 to Thomas Langdon Cheney (deceased) 
— children, Patricia Stager Bell; married. 
South Manchester, Conn, June, 1919 to John 
Thomas Bell; member Chagrin Valley Hunt 
club. Residence: Gates Mills, Ohio. 

BELL, Margaret Mohler, born, Middle Point, 
O., Aug. 28, 1898; daughter H. A. and Phoeber 
E. (Ford) Mohler; educated. Western Re- 
serve Univ.; Cleveland School of Art; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Feb. 24, 1922 to Harold K. 
Bell. Residence: 14600 Euclid-ave. 

BELL, Marion Dunham, born, Ashland, Wis., 
Sept. 22, 1896; daughter of Lewis E. and Fan- 
ny (Murray) Dunham; educated Shaw high 
school and Dana Hall School, Wellesley, 
Mass.; married, Cleveland, Oct. 26, 1918 to 
Dr. Richard Parker Bell — children, Richard 
Parker, Jr. and Joan Louise Bell; member 
Phi Delta Zeta Sorority. Recreation: golf; 
member Lakewood Country Club. Residence: 
1559 Northland-ave., Lakewood, O. 

BELL, Oscar C, Judge Municipal court; 
born, Biggsville, 111., March 15, 1880; son 
William and Sarah M. (Jamison) Bell; edu- 
cated Biggsville, 111. high school (graduate); 
Univ. of Illinois, 1903; Cleveland Law School, 
1913, L.L.B.; married, Sandusky, O., Sept. 17, 
1921 to Mabel A. Holland — children, Thalia 
Holland Bell; world war, assisted in all Lib- 
erty loans; member four minute bureau; lo- 
cal war board and mayor's board; chief pros- 
ecutor, 1921; asst. director of law, 1922-1923; 
elected judge Municipal Court, 1923; member 
Pythian Star Lodge, K. of P.; Fraternal Or- 
der Eagles; Big Ten University club; City 
club; Foresters of America; Protective Home 
Circle; Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Univ. of 111.; 
Cleveland Bar Assn.; State Bar Assn.; Univ. 
of 111. Club in Cleveland. Residence: 10603 
Everton-ave. Office: City Hall. 

BELL, Richard Parker, physician and sur- 
geon; born, Franklin, Pa., Sept. 14, 1887; son 
William M. and Alice (Ladds) Bell; educated 
Franklin high school, Washington & Jeffer- 
son college and Medico Chirurgical College 
of Phila.; married, Cleveland, Oct. 26, 1918 to 

Marion Dunham — children, Richard Parker, 
Jr. and Joan Louise Bell; Mexican border. 
Troop A., 1916-1917; world war, lieut. Medi- 
cal Corps U. S. Navy, 1917-1919; Philadelphia 
General Hospital; Charity hospital, Cleveland; 
member Academy of Medicine; Ohio State 
Medical society; American Medical Assn.; 
member Phi Kappa Psi and Phi Rho Sigma 
fraternities; Lakewood lodge F. & A. M. No. 
601; Lake Erie Consistory, 32nd degree; mem- 
ber Lakewood Country Club. Recreation: 
golf, baseball, tennis and basket ball. Resi- 
dence: 1559 Northland-ave., Lakewood. Office: 
322 Osborn Bldg. 

BELLAMY, George Albert, social settlement 
worker; born. Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 29, 
1872; son William and Lucy (Stow) Bellamy; 
educated Hiram College, A.B., 1896; married, 
Cleveland, Sept. 3, 1912 to Clara Horn — chil- 
dren, Laura, Alice, Esther and Betty Bellamy; 
founded Hiram House, a social settlement, 
the first of its kind in Cleveland, 1896 and 
has continued as its director; has served for 
fifteen years as special representative Play- 
ground and Recreation Assn. of America; 
lecturer on civic, recreational and social 
problems; for three years served as member 
of board of National social work conference; 
trustee Hiram House; trustee Hiram Col- 
lege. Recreation: golf, horseback riding; 
interested in Indian lore and in collection of 
antiques, brasses, etc.; member Chagrin Val- 
ley Country club. City Club of Cleveland, Ki- 
wanis Club and Cleveland Chamber of Com- 
merce. Residence: Hiram House, 2723 Or- 
ange-ave. Summer: Chagrin Falls. Office: 
Hiram House, 2723 Orange-ave. 

BEXDELL, Marguerite Ford, managing 
secretary; born, Indiana; daughter Wm. and 
R. Florence (Jones) Ford; educated. Young 
Ladies Seminary Kentucky and Cleveland, 
O.; married, Cleveland, O., Oct. 5, 1892 to 
Bertrand "^V. Bendell — children, two sons; 
chosen as representative business woman to 
go to Europe just before Armistice was 
signed; served two years on Cuyahoga Co. 
executive committee; first secretary of Busi- 
ness & Professional Women's club; member 
Cleveland Zonta, Business and Professional 
Women's clubs; pres. of Delphian Chapter; 
eligible for D. A. R. Residence: 1910 East 
93rd St. Office: 314 Bulkley Bldg. 

BENES, Frederick Gordon, merchant tailor; 
born, Cleveland, March 4, 1899; son Godrey 
Dale and Mary Jane (Condell) Benes; edu- 
cated Cleveland and E. Cleveland schools, 
graduating from Shaw high school; married, 
Cleveland, Oct. 27, 1923 to Jean Margaret 
Austen — children, Edward Austen Benes; 
member Madison Golf Lakelands, Civitan 
and Glen Rock Country and (Cleveland clubs. 
Residence: 1892 Charles-rd. Office: 4400 

BEXES, Jean Austen, born, Cleveland 
Hghts., O., Jan. 20, 1902; daughter Edward 
Tree and Helen Gertrude (Ward) Austen; 
educated Cleveland Hghts. schools; College 
for Women, Western Reserve Univ., 1919- 
1921, Cleveland School of Art, 1921-1923; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Oct. 27, 1923 to Frederick 
Gordon Benes — children, Edward Austen 
Benes; member Phi Kappa Theta Sorority; 
Residence: 1892 Charles-rd., E. Cleveland. 

BENESCH, Alfred Abraham, attorney; born, 
Cleveland, March 7, 1879; son Isidore Julius 
and Bertha (Federman) Benesch; educated 
Harvard College, A.B., 1900, A.M., 1901; How- 
ard Law school, L.L.B., 1903; degree A.B., 
"magna cum laude" with honors in history 
and political economy; married, Chicago, 111., 
Nov. 29, 1906 to Helen Newman; member City 
council, 1912-1913; director public safety. 



1914-191B; member board of education, 1926; 
vrorld war, official translator for P. O. dept. 
translating foreign language newspapers; 
dollar a year man; member legal advisory 
board; member law firm Herrlck, Hopkins, 
Stockwell & Benesch; pres. Conrad Balsch 
Kroehle Co.; pres. Osterman Co., Akron, O.; 
vlce-pres. Royal Mortgage Co.; director Alt- 
man Furniture Co.; director Royal Furniture 
Co.; sec. Harris Construction Co.; member 
board of directors Cleveland Jewish Orphan 
Home, National Jewish Hospital of Denver, 
Temple Tlfereth Israel, Travelers Aid Society, 
Educational League and Hebrew Freedom 
Assn. member Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. 
Recreation: fishing; member Excelsior and 
City clubs. Residence: 1333 East Blvd. Office: 
912 Society for Savings Bldg. 

IlKNHAM, Chnrles Edward, marine sur- 
veyor and appraiser; born. Bunker Hill, Ash- 
tabula County, O.. Sept. 29, 1847; son Samuel 
and Harriett CWllllams) Benham; educated 
public schools of Ashtabula; Bryant-Stratton 
& Felton Commercial college, Cleveland; read 
medicine with Dr. Boynton; married, Cleve- 
land, Jan. 1, 1866 to Jennie M. Prescott; mar- 
ried Minnie M. Hayes. March 17, 1911 — chil- 
dren, Eve M. Karr, Jennie M. Efferth, Wm. 
Prescott, Robert H. and Harrison M. Benham, 
and Chas. A. Benham (died July 22, 1919) 
and George E. Benham (lost with Stmr. John 
Owen and crew of 23 on Lake Superior about 
Nov. 12, 1919); first vlce-pres. and director 
West Cleveland Bank, now Edgewater branch 
of the Cleveland Trust Co.; Marine surveyor 
and appraiser. Brokerage business. Are & ma- 
rine Insurance and marine supplies; retired 
from active business with exception of spe- 
cial Marine matters; chairman water-works 
board; West Cleveland Republican club; In- 
firmary board of Cuyahoga County; formerly 
Cleveland city council member: chairman nav- 
igation committee and honorary member of 
Chamber of Commerce; past pres. Cleveland 
Chamber of Industry; past grand pres. Inter- 
national Shipmasters jAssn.; ]\Tasnnlc order; 
Odd Fellows Order; Early Settlers Assn. 
Recreation: winters in Frorida and traveling. 
Residence: 1262 Hird-ave., Lakewood. 

IIEXHAM, Dorolhy Cooke, Columbus, April 
22, 1891; daughter Henry Davis and Sarah 
(Brooks) Cooke- educated, Miss Mlttleber- 
ger's school; married, Cleveland, Jan. 4, 1916 
to George Cliittonr'.en Benham; world war. 
Red Cross work; member Maison Francalse, 
Circle des Canflrences Francaises, Christ 
Child Society, W^indow Box Garden club. 
Residence: 1905 Wadena St. 

BENn.4M, Elixnbefh Annette, born. Ebens- 
burg. Pa., Sept. 23, 1874; daughter James and 
Mary (Gallagher) Maloney; educated Ebens- 
burg high school, 1890; normal school; nurs- 
ing at St. Ann's hospital; married, Cleveland, 
Jan. 18. 1904 to Wallace Coburn Benham — 
children, Mary Elizabeth Benham; world war, 
head of Red Cross serving for Circle of 
Mercy; offered services as nurse if necessary; 
vlce-pres. public interest league; past pres. 
Circle of Mercy; diocesan treas. N. C. C. W. ; 
professional nurse; teacher for 8 years in 
public schools Cambria County, Pa.; member 
Circle of Mercy; Horstman training home for 
girls; St. Mary's Guild; honorary member 
Leonardo Society; member Citizens league; 
mouth Hygiene Assn.; charter member Wo- 
men's City Club of Cleveland; served two 
years on membership committee of Women's 
City Club; Interested in all activities for 
betterment of social conditions and Ameri- 
canization work; director St. Ann's hospital 
society and chairman of membership. Resi- 

dence: 1249 E. 103rd-st. Summer: Ebensburg 

BE\HAM, Geo. Chittenden, financial secre- 
tary Diocese of Ohio; born. Pass Christian, 
Miss., June 18, 1874; son Geo. C. and Caroline 
(Thrall) Benham; educated by private tu- 
tors; married, Cleveland, Jan. 4, 1916 to 
Dorothy W. Cooke; associate director of 
publicity. Cleveland world war, area; 1st. 
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th I..iberty Loan Cam- 
paigns. Residence: 1905 Wadena st. Office: 
2241 Prospect-ave. 

BENJAMIN, Dnvid, secretary and purchas- 
ing agent; born. Cleveland, July 13, 1890; 
Bon, William and Hannah (Mellman) Benja- 
min; educated Mayflower school, Central 
high school, Spencerian college; married 
Cleveland, May 18, 1920 to Belle Jeanne Gold 
— children, Elain Pearl and Bertlne Ma( 
Benjamin; world war, enlisted May 15, 1918 
discharged May 15, 1919; served as 1st Sergt 
overseas in 1st Div. machine gun battalion, 
on board of directors The Becchmont Coun- 
try Club; secretary, purchasing agt. and 
director CJabriel Snubber Mfg. Co.; member 
Society Automotive Engineers; Webb Chap- 
ter Masonic Order; K. of P.; Elks; Grotto; 
Purchasing agents Assn. Recreation: golf, 
swimming, fishing, handball, tennis, basket- 
ball and baseball; played basketball with The 
Columblas and Alliance club which teams 
held the city and state championships; holds 
the record for number of field baskets scored 
in a single game by an individual player in 
the state (30). Residence: 2205 Lamberton- 
rd. Office: 1407 E. 40th st. 

BENJAMIN, Morris I., designer and gen. 
mgr.; born, Poland, Feb. 2, 1876; son Walter 
and Miriam (Jungerman) Benjamin; edu- 
cated, Warsaw, Poland; Cleveland public 
school; Central high school; Cleveland school 
of Art; married, Cleveland, Sept. 5, 1897 to 
Mollie P. Spanner — children, Mrs. Benj. F. 
Roth, Youngstown, O., Mildred S., Roma C, 
Walter and Sanford H. Benjamin; world war, 
sold savings certificates; with Benjamin 
Bros.. 1900; Newman Dress & Suit Co., 1906- 
1915, gen. mgr.; M. I. Benjamin Co., 1915- 
1921, pres. and treas.; Emsheimer-Fishel Co., 
1921-1925, designer and mgr.; 1925, insurance, 
securities and member of Rosemaid Co., Gal- 
lon, O.; pres. three terms Cleveland Cloak & 
Suit Designers Assn.; member I. O. B'nal 
B'rith and K. of P. Residence: 1835 E. 
97th St. 

BENNETT, Curtis Burnam, civil engineer; 
born, Richmond, Ky., Aug. 23. 1897; son Wal- 
ler and Mary (Burnam) Bennett; educated 
Culver Military Academy, 1913-1915 and Cor- 
nell University, 1915-1919. C. E.; member 
Junior American society of Civil Engineers; 
Alpha Tau Omega fraternity; Cornell club 
of Cleveland and Unlversitv club. Residence: 
3813 Euclld-ave. Office: 700 Hanna Bldg. 

BENNETT, Rohcrt Samuel, funeral direc- 
tor; born. Port Huron, Mich., April 14, 1880; 
Bon Chas. W. and Ida May (Newman) Ben- 
nett; educated public schools of Port Huron, 
Mich.; studied undertaking five years at Pt. 
Huron Mich, and 10 years at Chicago; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Nov. 10, 1910 to Mary 
Fern Calhoun — children, Betty Ann Ben- 
nett; elected coroner St. Clair countv, Mich., 
1901, re-elected, 1903; came to Cleveland 
in 1908; sold automobiles for ten years; 
in 1919 went into undertaking business; 
pres. and treas. R. S. Bennett Co.; mem- 
ber Masonic lodge; Windermere chapter; Hol- 
lyrood Commandery; Lake Erie Consistory; 
Al Koran; Shrine and Grotto; member Cleve- 
land Athletic, Acacia Country, Cleveland. 



Mercator, Gyro and Advertising Clubs, Res- 
idence: 1940 E. 90th 8t. Office: 1940 E. 90th st. 

BENIVETT, Samnel C manager printing; 
born Cornwall, Eng., April 21, 1872; son 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Caldwell) Bennett; 
educated, grammar school; married, Cleve- 
land April 25, 1893 to Mary Jane Walker — 
children, Arthur "Walker Bennett; started 
printing career with S. P. Mount & Company, 
followed by The Williams Publishing Co.; 
with A. S. Oilman Company since 1893, now 
business mgr. and director; member Cham- 
ber of Commerce and Cleveland Advertising 
club. Recreation: fishing, golfing and motor- 
ing. Residence: 864 Parkwood-dr. Office: 
623 E. St. Clair-ave. 

BEXXET, Wm. J.; real estate; born, 
Cleveland, Feb. 11, 1859; son John and Aman- 
da (Canfield) Bennet; educated, Cleveland 
public schools; married, Solon, O., 1895 to 
Mary C. Kittredge — children, Helen Kittredge 
and Marion Morget Bennet; started work in 
hat store 1876, then worked for Pennsylvania 
Ry. Co. and Big Four; with T. S. Paddock & 
Son Co., hatters, about three years; establish- 
ed firm Wm. J. Bennet & Co.. 1886; changed 
firm to Bennet & Fish; partnership continu- 
ing 29 years; purchased by The W. B. Davis 
Co.; established first haberdashery store on 
Euclid-ave.; member Iris Blue lodge; Cleve- 
land Chapter, Cleveland Council, Oriental 
Commandery and Lake Erie Consistory, 32nd 
degree; Acacia Country and Masonic club; 
Chamber of Commerce; Alpena Country club. 
Residence: 1822 Crawford-rd. 

BERGER, Samuel S., physician; born, 
Hungary, Apr. 14, 1884; son Samuel and Rose 
(Goodman) Berger; educated Western Re- 
serve Univ., M. D. 1904; married, Cleveland, 
Dec. 15, 1921 to Vera Grossman — children, 
two; member Medical Advisory board; chair- 
man of clinical and pathological section of 
Cleveland Academy of Medicine, 1924; intern- 
ist, visiting physician to Mt. Sinai hospital; 
chief of Medical dept. of out patient service 
of Mt. Sinai hospital; member, Cleveland 
Academy of Medicine; Ohio State Medical 
Assn. American Medical Assn.; American Col- 
lege of Physicians; Alpha Omega Alpha fra- 
ternity. Excelsior club. Residence: 1543 E. 
Boulevard. Office: 830 Keith Bldg. 

BERGIX, Josephine Collins Curtis, born, 
Joplin, Mo., June 8, 1892; daughter Charles 
Edwin and Grace Emily (Kent) Curtis; edu- 
cated Laurel School, Cleveland: Fraulein 
Klatt's, Berlin, Mme. Teatman's, Paris; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Sept. 14, 1918 to Matthew 
Anthony Bergin — children, Matthew Anthony 
Bergin, Jr.; membership sec. Y. W. C. A.; 
sec. speakers bureau, Cleveland Community 
Fund; member Junior League, and Women's 
City Club. Residence: 3290 Warrington-rd., 
Shaker Hghts. 

BEJROIN, Matthew A., insurance adjuster; 
born, Columbus, O., Nov. 19, 1891; son Mat- 
thew J. and Theresa M. (Burns) Bergin; edu- 
cated Ohio State Univ.; married, Cleveland, 
Sept. 14, 1918 to Josephine Collins Curtis- 
children, Matthew Anthony Bergin, Jr. Res- 
idence: 3290 Warrington-rd. Office: 830 

BERKELEY, Edmnnd Breathed, insurance; 
born. Virginia, Aug. 15, 1889; son Edmund and 
Charlote (Breathed) Berkeley; married Cleve- 
land, Sept. 9, 1916 to Elizabeth Rattle — chil- 
dren, William Rattle Berkeley; member Troop 
A., Cleveland O. N. G. ; member of firm Owen 
Crowell & Co. Residence: 3229 Fairmount 
Blvd. Office: Guardian Bldg. 

BERXET, John Joseph, prfsident Nickel 
Plate railroad; born, Brant, Erie county, N. 
Y.. Feb. 9, 1886; son Bernard Bernet and 
Emma (Green) Bernet; educated grammar 
schools, Buffalo; married, Angola, N. Y., Oct. 
14, 1891 to Helen L. Woods — children, Wil- 
liam G., Bernard F., Maurice J., Anna May 
wife of W. D. Callaghan and Helen F. Bernet. 
Entered employ Lake Shore & Mlchigali 
Southern railroad, 1889, as operator at Buf- 
falo, train dispatcher, same road 1895 and 
promoted to trainmaster, Buffalo six years 
later; asst. div. superintendent 1903-05; div. 
superintendent, Feb. 2-Nov. 2, 1905; assis- 
tant gen. supt. 1905 and general supt. 
1906-1911; asst. to vice-pres. N. Y. Central, 
Chicago 1911-'12; became vice president 1912, 
continuing until 1916 when elected president 
New York, Chicago & St. Louis railroad 
(Nickel Plate); director The Morris Plan 
Bank and Ohio Chamber of Commerce; pres- 
ident and member board of trustees the 
Catholic Charities Corporation; member 
Union, Mid-Day, Shaker Heights Coun- 
try clubs; Union League, Chicago, Toledo, 
Erie and Kahkwa clubs. Residence: 19300 
Shaker-blvd. Office: 616 Columbia Bldg. 

BERNON, Maurice, lawyer; born, Cleveland, 
1885; son David J. and Augusta (Jacobs) 
Bernon; educated Cleveland public and high 
schools; Western Reserve Univ., L.L.B.; mar- 
.ried, Cleveland, Dec. 25, 1912 to Minnie M. 
Rfiss — children, Howard S. and George R. 
Bernon; member City Council, 1908-1909; asst. 
city solicitor, 1910-1911; member Ohio Senate, 
1913-1914; municipal judge, 1915-1917; asst. 
attorney general Ohio; 1917-1918; judge com- 
mon pleas court, 1920-1924; chairman soldiers 
and sailors memorial commission of Cuya- 
hoga county; member state board of bar ex- 
aminers; member law firm Bernon, Mulligan, 
Keelev & LeFever. Residence: 12868 Cedar- 
rd. Office: Union Trust Bldg. 

BERNSTEIN, Gus M., manufacturer; born, 
Cleveland, Aug. 28, 1886; son Moritz and 
Rosalie (Arndt) Bernstein; educated Cleve- 
land public and high schools; married, Sid- 
ney, O., Apr. 17th, 1912 to Fannie Herzstam — 
children, Elizabeth and Rosalind Bernstein; 
sec. and treas. Men's Apparel club of Ohio, 
1921, pres. 1922; executive, Schaffner Broth- 
ers; sec. and treas. Vulcan Brass Mfg. Co.; 
member Masonic lodge and Excelsior club. 
Residence: 2512 Kenilworth-rd., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: 1013 Oregon-ave., N. E. 

BERRY, Charles Chade, business executive; 
born, Cleveland, April 6, 1888; son George C. 
and Martha (King) Berry; educated. Western 
Reserve Univ., A. B. 1909; married, Cleveland, 
1910 to Louise Latimer — children, Charles 
Latimer and Jean Louise Berry; sec. and gen. 
mgr. Cleveland Cooperage Co., 1911-1920; 
pres. Cleveland Cooperage Co., 1920, 1925; 
pres. Allied Barrel Co., 1925-1926; vice-pres. 
and director Clayton C. Townes Co., member 
Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Beta Kappa fra- 
ternities; University, Cleveland Athletic and 
Lakewood Country clubs Recreation: golf. 
Residence: 18117 Clifton-rd. Office: 1815 
Guarantee Title Bldg. 

BERRY, Louise L. born, Cleveland; daugh- 
ter Erwin D. and (La Marche) Latimer; edu- 
cated Hathaway-Brown School; married, 
Cleveland, Sept. 27. 1910 to Charles C. Berry- 
children, Charles L. and Jean Louise Berry. 
Residence: 18117 Clifton-rd. 

BERRY, Maxwell Rufus, pres. Electric 
Products Co.; born. Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 24, 1882; 
son Chas. Markham and Henrietta (Rigdon) 
Berry; educated Georgia school of Technolo- 
gy, B.S. ; Cornell Univ., M.E.; married, Birm- 



Ingham, Ala.. Nov. 14, 1906 to Elizabeth Evans 
Johnston — children, five; served on vari- 
ous technical committees for government 
during: war; after graduating started with 
West Penn Power Co. and became asst. gen. 
mgr. ; organized Electric Products Co., At- 
lanta, Ga., 1909 moving business to Cleve- 
land, 1911; past pres. Cleveland Electrical In- 
dustries Assn.; member American Institute 
Electrical Engineers; past director Electrical 
league; member Kappa Sigma and honorary 
scientific society of Sigma Xi; member Cliam- 
ber of Commerce; American Plan Assn., Citi- 
zens league. Recreation: gardening and 
plant propagation. Residence: 1897 Gras- 
mere St., E. Cleveland. Office: 1725 Clarks- 

BKTHFLL, Lonise Townsend, born, Cleve- 
land, March 7, 1900; daughter Pitt and Mattie 
(Curtiss) Townsend; educated Lakewood 
public schools. Smith College, 1922, B. A.; 
married, Cleveland. April 25. 1925 to Richard 
Sargent Bethell; secretary Girls Reserve (Y. 
W. C. A.) Lakewood branch, 1924-1925; mem- 
ber Junior League. Residence: 5 Bradford 
Place, Montclair, N. J. 

BETTEX, Francis de Sales, college profes- 
sor; born, Wocklum, April 16, 1863; son Fran- 
cis and Clara (Mertens) Betten; educated 
German gymnasium and Jesuit institutions; 
came to America 1S98; instructor at Canisius 
college, Buffalo, 1898-1908; at St. Ignatius 
college, now John Carroll Univ., Cleveland, 
since 1909; author of German translations of 
"Percy Wynn," "Tom Playfair," "Ada Mer- 
ton," "Claude Lightfoot" (Juveniles by Rev. 
Francis J. Finn, S.J.); author of "Historical 
Terms and Facts," "Blessed Peter Canisius," 
"A-B-C of the History of Church Architec- 
ture," "The Roman Index of Forbidden 
Books"; co-author of the Betten-Kaufman 
series of history text books, "Ancient "World"' 
and "Modern "World"; member American 
Catholic Historical Assn.; American His- 
torical Assn.; Catholic Central Verein, So- 
ciete Academique D'Histoire Internationale 
(Paris); honorary member St. Boniface so- 
ciety. Residence: John Carroll Univ., 1911 
W. 30th St. 

BETZ, Albert D., salesman, born, Cleveland, 
Oct. 24, 1895; son Phillip C. and Louise (Seith) 
Betz; educated Cleveland grammar school and 
Central high school; married, Cleveland, June 
18, 1924 to Margaret Kinsey — children, Albert 
D. Betz 11; world war, corporal Battery D. 
135th F. A. 37th Div. ; member Masonic lodge 
and K. of P.; Graphic Arts club; American 
Legion Residence: 3836 Klrkwood-rd., Cleve- 
land Hghts. Office: 104 St. Clair, West. 

BEYER, David, baker and manufacturer of 
bakers' specialties; born Hungary, Feb. 8, 
1876; son Ignatz and Hannah Beyer; edu- 
cated grammar schools in Europe; married, 
Cleveland. Sept. 12, 1902 to Ethel Grossman 

children E. M. Blaugrund, M.B., Rosalyn, 

Gertrude and Lucille Beyer; served In Span- 
ish-American war; world war, assisted food 
administration bureau as expert baker ad- 
vising large bakers regarding bread prob- 
lems; pres. congregation Kneseth Israel, pres. 
Beyer Co.; member Allied Bakers' Trade Assn. 
Residence: 1173 East Blvd. Office: 2403 St. 

BICKNELL. Charles N., treas. Union Paper 
& Twine Co.; born, Morrisville, N. Y., Mar. 3, 
1871; son Charles T. and Susan (Payne) Bick- 
nell; educated Cleveland public schools. Cen- 
tral high school; married, Buffalo, N Y., Aug. 
12, 1908 to Lula J. Bicknell; treas. and gen. 
mgr. Union Paper & Twine Co.; vice-pres. 
Union Paper & Twine Co. of Michigan; vice- 

pres. Capitol Endowment Co.; member Mas- 
onic lodge; Cleveland Athletic, Shaker Heights 
Country and Roadside clubs and Biltmore 
Forest Countrv Club of Biltmore, N. C. Res- 
idence: 12349 Cedar-rd. Office: 116 St. Clair- 
ave., W. 

BICKNELL, Liuln Johnston, born, Kansas 
City, Mo.; daughter Col. Thomas Craig and 
Mary (Pool) Johnston; educated College of 
the Sisters of Bethamy, Topeka, Kan.; mar- 
ried, Buffalo, N. Y., 1908 to Charles Newtln 
Bicknell; world war, assisted in Liberty bond 
campaign; member Women's City Club. Res- 
idence: 12349 Cedar-rd. 

BICKNELL., Warren, general contractor; 
born Morrisville. N. Y. Feb. 19, 1868; son 
Charles T. and Susan (Payne) Bicknell; 
educated Massillon Ohio high school, Green 
Springs, O. Academy and Western Re- 
serve University, B. A. degree; married, 
St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 19, 1900 to Anne 
Guthrie — children, Frances L., Vassar 1923; 
Warren, Williams, 1925; Elizabeth Vassar 
1925 and Guthrie Bicknell; vice president 
the Lundoff-Bicknell Co., president The War- 
ren Bicknell Co., director The Union Trust 
Co.. The Wheeling & Lake Erie Ry. Co., The 
Union Salt Co., the National Coal Co., The 
Cleveland Railway Co., The Ft. Worth 
Power & Light Co., president the Spring- 
field & Xenia Ry. Co., sec'y. and treasurer 
the Youngstown & Ohio River Ry. Co. 
and consulting engineer The Havana Elec- 
tric Ry. Light & Power Co.; trustee 
Adelbert college, pres. board of trustees 
Western Reserve academy, Hudson, O. and 
trustee Cleveland Museum Natural History; 
member Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; 
Union, Mid-Day, Mayfleld Country and Klrt- 
land clubs, Havana Country club, Havana, 
Cuba. Recreation: golf. Residence: 1801 
Chestnut Hill-dr. Office: 2024 Keith Bldg. 

BIDAVELL, Lncllle Randall, born. Provi- 
dence, R. I., Sept. 13, 1867; daughter James 
and Belinda (Nutley) Randall; educated 
Providence schools; married. Providence, R. 
I., June 26, 1894 to Noria Stevens Bidwell — 
children, Hope Bidwell; member 'V\''omen'3 
City Club. Residence: 1800 E. 63rd st. 

BIELE, Edward, accountant and authority 
on federal taxes; born. New York, Jan. 31, 
1892; son Charles and Clara Beile; educated, 
New York Univ.; married, Camptown, Penna., 
April 14, 1925 to Anna Frances Fassett; world 
war, served in 16th Div.; trained in California 
and served on Mexican border but did not 
leave U. S. A,; served about six years in var- 
ious departments of city and state govern- 
ment of New York at New York City; later 
employed by Ernst and Ernst Public ac- 
countants; in 1922 organized Edward Biele 
& Co., tax consultants, which firm Is now the 
largest organization in this part of the coun- 
try that confines its activities to practice in 
federal tax matters; senior partner Edward 
Biele & Co., tax Consultants; pres. Edward 
Biele & Co. Inc., public accountants; treas. 
Chadbourne-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 1303- 
12 Guarantee Title Bldg. 

BIERCE, Georf^e W'm., counsellor of deco- 
rations; born, Memphis, Tenn.; son George 
H. and Sarah (Holden) Bierce; educated 
Western Reserve Univ. and Adelbert College. 
Residence: E. 89th st. and Euclid-ave. 

BIGGAR, Anna Ely; born, Cleveland, Oct. 3, 
1876; daughter George Frederick and Martha 
(Keller) Ely; educated Miss Peebles school, 
N. Y. City; married, Cleveland, Oct. 19. 1899 
to Dr. Hamilton Fisk Blggar, Jr. — children, 
Mrs. Rachel Blggar Wiesar, Hamilton Fisk 



and Frederick Ely Blggar. Residence: 2331 
South Overlook-rd. 

BIGGAR, Edward Charles, printer; born, 
Fremont, Neb., Aug. 15, 1872; son Wm. J. 
and Rebecca (Van Anda) Biggar; educated 
common school, Fremont, Neb.; married, Buf- 
falo, N. Y., Sept. 12, 1902, to Rose E. Kennedy 
— children, Bruce Van Anda Biggar; Spanish 
war. 1898-1899, Company E. 3rd New York 
Volunteer Inf.; Indian War, 1890-1891, Com- 
pany E. 1st Neb. National Guard, served as 
scout under Col. W. F. Cody; learned print- 
ing business in Fremont, Neb., worked at it 
in Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Cleveland for 
thirty years; owner Biggar Printing Co.; 
member Graphic Arts club; Odd Fellows; 
Masonic lodge; Spanish War Veterans; Vet- 
erans of Indian Wars; and Cleveland Adver- 
tising Club. Recreation: gardening; in 
younger days served as farmer, gardner, 
horse wrangler, sheep herder and cowboy in 
western states. Residence: Aurora, Ohio. 
Office: 634 Huron-rd., Cleveland. 

BIGGAR, Hamilton Fisk, surgeon (retired); 
born. Oakville, Can., March 15, 1839; son of 
Hamilton Biggar and Eliza Phelps (Racey) 
Bigger; educated Victoria Univ., Toronto, in 
1863 A. M., M. D., LL. D., F. A. C. S. degrees; 
Cleveland Univ. medicine and surgery 1866; 
married, Columbus, O. Feb. 25, 1870 to Susan 
Miles Brooks — children, Rachel Racey (de- 
ceased) Hamilton Fisk Jr. (deceased), Will- 
iam Brooks, Sue Racey; member American 
Institute Homeopathy, Ohio State Homeo. 
Med. Society, American Medical Assn., Ohio 
State Medical Society and American College 
of Surgeons; member Ohio Society of New 
York and Phi Alpha Gramma fraternity, Union 
Cleveland Athletic, Mayfield, Cleveland Auto 
clubs, also Chamber of Commerce and 
Authors, London, Eng. 

BILL, Clarence PoTrers, professor Greek, 
Western Reserve Univ.; born, Cuyahoga 
Falls, O. July 10, 1875; son Herbert Wes- 
ton and Mary (Mcllwain) Bill; educated 
A. B. (summa cum laude and valedictorian) 
Adelbert college, Western Reserve, 1894; A. 
M. Adelbert college, 1895; A. M. Harvard 
Univ., 1896; Ph. D. Harvard. 1898; Morgan 
Fellow Harvard, 1897-'98; Univ. of Munich 
1902; American school classical studies, 
Rome, 1902-'03; American school classical 
studies. Athens, Greece, 1903; married, Cleve- 
land, Jan. 26, 1907 to Sarah Amanda Bab- 
bitt — children, Herbert Edward and Cather- 
ine Adams Bill; S. A. T. C, Ft. Sheridan, 111., 
1918; field director, Cleveland district, Red 
Cross, 1918-'19; professor of Greek as above, 
1905 to present time, professor Greek 
language and literature, also acting direc- 
tor, American school of classical studies, 
Athens, Greece, 1912-'13; sec'y.-treas. Amer. 
Philological Assn., 1907 to date and editor 
transactions and proceedings same associa- 
tion 1907 to present time; also director and 
member executive committee of this associa- 
tion, member Archaelogical Institute of 
America; Classical Assn. of Middle West and 
South, also Classical Assn. of England and 
Wales; member of Council Ohio Classical 
Conference, Phi Beta Kappa and Delta Up- 
silon fraternities and University club. 
Recreation: baseball, hand ball and lavsTi 
tennis. Residence: 2076 Cornell-rd. Adel- 
bert College, Western Reserve University. 

BILL, Dolly Lee, born. Menominee, Mich., 
Feb. 25, 1890; daughter John S. and Alma 
(Walter) Lee: educated College for Women, 
W. R. U., A.B.; married, Cleveland, June 25, 
1912 to Fred Russell Bill — children, Mary 
Leo and Frances Russell Bill; member Phi- 

Beta Kappa fraternity and College Club. 
Residence: 3011 Euclid Hghts. Blvd. 

BILL, Fred RuRnell, photographer; born, 
Cleveland, April 13, 1888; son Frank Rodger.s 
and Catherine (Russell) Bill; educated Adel- 
bert College, W. R. U., A.B.; married, Cleve- 
land, June 25, 1912 to Dolly Lee — children, 
Mary Lee and Frances Russell Bill; sec. treas. 
Bill Studio Co.; member Masonic lodge, 32nd 
degree. Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; and 
Canterbury Club. Residence: 3011 Euclid 
Heights Blvd. Office: 604 Hanna Bldg. 

BILLINGS, Dwigrht B., born, New York City. 
Dec. 24, 1895; son Dwight M. and Lillie (Brin- 
kerhoff) Billings; educated Amherst, A.B., 
1918, Howard. M.B.A., 1922; married, London. 
O., June 14, 1924 to Constance Lee Williams; 
world war, American ambulance, naval avia- 
tion, lieut. ; asst. treas. White Motor Com- 
pany; member Masonic lodge, chapter and 
consistory; Psi Upsilon fraternity; member 
University Club. Residence: 2417 Overlook- 
rd. Office: 842 E. 79th st. 

BILLMAN, Anita Boyce, born, Monterey, 
Mex., July 17, 1885; daughter Dr. Isaac and 
Annie (Rapp) Boyce; educated Univ. of 
Wooster, Ph.B., 1907; married Xalapa, Mex., 
Feb. 4, 1909 to George H. Billman — children. 
Dorothy Virginia Billman; world war. red 
cross and food conservation; member Kappa 
Kappa Ganima; Daughters of American Rev- 
olution, Daughters of American Colonists, 
College and Monday Afternoon clubg. Resi- 
dence: 2043 E. 83rd st. 

BILLMAN, Geo. H., lawyer; born, Cuyahoga 
Falls, O., March 21, 1865; son Alexander G. 
and Eliza A. (Hartman) Billman; educated 
Univ. of Wooster, A.B., A.M., Univ. of Mich. 
LL.B.; married, Xalopa, Mex., Feb. 4. 1909 to 
Anita Rapp Boyce — children, Dorothy Vir- 
ginia Billman; president City Council, two 
terms; member Beta Theta Pi fraternity; 
University, Big Ten University and City 
clubs. Residence: 2043 E. 83rd st. Office: 
805 Society for Savings Bldg. 

BINGHAM, Gordon B., retail store man- 
ager; born, Evansville, Ind., Oct. 10th, 1880 
son John Wethered and Marion (Davidson) 
Bingham; educated Evansville high school; 
traveling salesman Dennison Mfg. Co., 1901- 
1909; district mgr. of Ohio Dennison Mfg. Co., 
1909-1919; sales mgr. Burrows Bros. Co., 
1919-1921; sec. and gen. mgr. Burrows Bros. 
Co. since 1921; member Euclid Masonic lodge, 
McKinley Chapter, Woodward Council; mem- 
ber Cleveland Athletic and Willowlck Coun- 
try clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 8205 
Euclid-ave. Office: 633 Euclid-ave. 

BINGHAM, Robert Fry, lawyer; born. Sid- 
ney, O., July 3, 1891; son Evan William and 
Lizzie Anne (Fry) Bingham; educated Miami 
Univ., A.B., 1913; Western Reserve Univ. law 
school, LL.B., 1916; married, Cleveland, July 
3, 1917 to Edna May Koppenhafer — children, 
Robert Evan Bingham; admitted to Ohio bar 
July 1, 1915; member of law firm Thompson, 
Hine & Flory; director Cleveland Ignition Co.; 
sec. and treas. Freehold Company; director 
Columbus Ignition Co.; member American 
Bar Assn.; Ohio State Bar Assn.; Cleveland 
Bar Assn.; Cleveland Real Estate board; 
American Academy of political and social 
science; National Tax Assn.; member Delta 
Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Chapter; Phi Delta 
Phi, Ranney Chapter, Sons of American Rev- 
olution and Masonic Bodies; member Mid- 
Day, Hermit, University and City clubs. Resi- 
dence: 3101 Warrington-rd., Shaker Hghts. 
Office: 1122 Guardian Bldg-. 



dirge:, RiisMell Hnll, physician; born, 
Northampton, Mass., 1872; son Edward and 
Cornelia M. (Day) Birge; educated Brown 
Univ., A.B., 1894; Harvard Medical school, 
M.D., 1898; married, Toronto, Can., 1903 to 
Edith E. Clarke — children, Russell C. and 
Margaret J. Birgre; world war, major medical 
corps; asst. chief, surgical dept. Base hos- 
pital. Camp Sherman; chief surgical dept. 
Base hospital, camp Meade; chief surgical 
dept. Base hospital, camp Dix; assoc. visit- 
ing surgeon Lakeside hospital; assoc. prof, 
surgery, Western Reserve medical school; 
pres. Cleveland Academy of Medicine, 1920- 
1921; member American Medical Assn.; fel- 
low of American College of Surgeons; mem- 
ber Cleveland Academy of Medicine and Pas- 
teur Club; sec. Cleveland Medical Library 
Assn.; member Delta Upsilon and Phi Beta 
Kappa fraternities; member University and 
Mavfield clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
3005 Coleridge-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
2417 Prospect-ave. 

BISHOP, Alvord Lawrence, lawyer; born, 
Cllntonvllle, Wis., Jan. 3, 1876; son Chas. 
A. and Delia M. (Dow) Bishop; educated 
Drake Univ., Des Moines, Iowa and Cleveland 
law school; married, Des Moines, Iowa, Dec. 
12, 1902 to Nellie C. Smith — children, Alvord 
L. Bishop, Jr.; Spanish-American war, 12th 
U. S. V. signal corps; councilman. East Cleve- 
land; member East Cleveland charter com- 
mission, Cleveland Bar Assn. and Masonic 
fraternities; member City, Exchange and 
Co-operative clubs. Residence: 1826 Craw- 
ford-rd. Office: 825 Guardian Bldg. 

BISHOP, Arthur Charle.s, secretary; born 
Cleveland, May 15, 1879; son Charles K. and 
Anna (Ochse) Bishop; educated German 
Lutheran school Cleveland public school and 
West high school; married, Cleveland, June 
4, 1900 to Linda Rice — children, R. Ward 
Bishop; 1895-1896 with Pittsburgh & Yough- 
iagheny Gas Coal Co.; 1896-1925 Oglebay, 
Norton & Co., sec; sec. Montreal Mining 
Co.; sec. Bristol Mining Co.; sec. Castile 
Mining Co.; sec. Brule Mining Co.; sec. 
Commonwealth Iron Co.; asst. sec. and asst. 
treas. Rosiclare Lead & Fluorspar Mfg. Co.; 
asst. sec. Columbia Steamship Co., sec. Office 
Supply & Printing Co.; member Lake Super- 
ior Mining Institute and B. P. O. Elks. 
Residence: 14921 Lake-ave., Lakewood. Of- 
fice: 1208 Hanna Bldg. 

BISHOP, Birdie King; born, Cleveland, 
Aug. 9, 1876; daughter George and Caroline 
fDickman) King; educated Brownell school 
and Miss Mittleberger's school; married, 
Cleveland, Oct. 21, 1896 to George B. Bishop- 
children, George King, Charles Hudson, Vir- 
ginia and Homer liartman Bishop; world 
war, teaching center of red cross; vice- 
pres. Woman's Board of Managers of St. 
Luke's hospital; member Y. W. C. A., Shaker 
Heights Neighborhood Guild and Women's 
City club. Residence; 2325 Delamere-dr. 

BISHOP, Charles Hudson, asst. sec. and 
treas. Bishop Product Co.; born, Cleveland, 
July 10, 1901; son George E. and Birdie 
(Kind) Bishop; educated, East high school 
and Dartmouth College, B. S.; world virar. 
Troop A., First Cleveland Cavalry; member 
Phi Delta Epsilon fraternity, university and 
advertising clubs. Residence: 2315 Dela- 
mere-dr. Office: 7512 Carnegle-ave. 

BISHOP, Constance, housewife; born, 
Cleveland, Sept. 21, 1889; daughter Samuel 
Mather and Flora (Stone) Mather; educated 
Hathaway-Brown school, Cleveland and Mrs. 
Dow's school, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y.; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Dec. 5. 1914 to Robert H. 

Bishop, Jr., M. D. — children, Robert H. Ill, 
William Mather. Amasa Stone and Jonathan 
Stone; active In Red Cross work In Cleve- 
land during War; active in behalf of Red 
Cross College for Women, Hathaway-Brown 
school, Phillis Wheatley Assn. and St. Barna- 
bas Guild for Nurses; member Women's City 
Club Cleveland and Colony club, New York 
City. Recreations: gardening and riding. 
Residence: Arrowhead farm, Novelty, O. 

BISHOP, Edgar Datis, manager B. D. 
Bishop Co.; born, Newton, Iowa, Aug. 1, 
1887; son Edgar C. and Dora (Bell) Bishop; 
educated Newton, Iowa and Fort Riley, Kan. 
public and U. S. Army schools; married, 
Niagara Falls. N. Y., Aug. 6, 1914 to Mabel 
Bell Mercer — children, Virginia Bell Bishop; 
member Postal Affairs committee of Cham- 
ber of Commerce; was sec. and treas. and 
organized Citizens committee of Chagrin 
Falls which closed the running race track 
there in 1921; world war, was active in lin- 
ing up factories of Cleveland in Liberty Loan 
campaigns and early Community Fund; or- 
ganized E. D. Bishop Co., 1919, owner and 
manager; organized One Minute Supply Co., 
1922; organized Bishop Account Recorder Co., 
1924, owner and manager; member Chamber 
of Commerce, Masonic lodge and Advertising 
club. Residence: Chagrin Falls, O. Office: 
211 Union Bldg. 

BISHOP, Elroy Vernon, physician; born, 
Medina, O., Feb. 1, 1874; son Abner B. and 
Mandilla (Hartman) Bishop; educated Medina 
high school; Ohio State Univ.; married, Buf- 
falo, N. Y., Feb. 4, 1925 to Christine Drury 
Irish; member Cleveland Academy of Medi- 
cine; American and Ohio State med-ical so- 
cieties; Al Koran Shrine; Lake Erie Con- 
sistory; Union Acacia Country, Big Ten Uni- 
versity and High Noon clubs. Recreation: 
billiards, golf and base ball. Residence: 2061 
E. 96th St. Oflflce: 760 Rose Bldg. 

BISHOP, George E., dentist and manufac- 
turer; born, Smithville, O., March 24, 1870; 
son Abner Bishop and Mandella (Hartman) 
Bishop; educated Medina high school, Phila- 
delphia Dental College and Ohio State Univ., 
MD, D.D.S.; married, Cleveland, Oct. 21, 
1896 to Birdie May King— children, George 
King, Charles Hudson, Virginia and Homer 
Hartman Bishop; director of dental examina- 
tions for Cuyahoga County of selective ser- 
vice men during war; pres. Bishop Product 
Co.; member Cleveland, National and Ohio 
State Dental societies; member Chamber of 
Commerce, Advertising and Shaker Heights 
Country clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
2325 Delamere-dr. Office: 760 Rose Bldg. and 
7512 Carnegie-ave. 

BISHOP, George Taylor, owner and execu- 
tive public utilities; born, Ravenna, O., Oct. 
11, 1864; son Clark B. and Arvilla A. (Tay- 
lor) Bishop; educated, public schools of 
Ohio; married, Brownsville, Pa., Nov. 26, 
1891 to Anna L. Swearer; pres. and director 
Frontier Corp.; Chairman of board and di- 
rector Washington, Baltimore, Annapolis Elec- 
tric R. R. Co.; director Chesapeake and Ohio 
Ry. Co.; pres. and director Macedonia-North- 
fleld Banking Co.; member Masonic lodge; 
Sons of American Revolution; Ohio Society 
of New York; Mid-Day, Union, Mayfield, Pep- 
per Pike and Cleveland Automobile clubs, 
Cleveland; Portage club, Akron; Maryland 
and Baltimore Country clubs, Baltimore, Md.; 
Clievy Chase club, Chevy Chase, Md.; Con- 
gressional Country club, Washington, D. C; 
Bankers, Metropolitan and Union League 
clubs. New York City. Residence: North 



Woods, Macedonia, O. Office: 1758 Union 
Trust Bldg-., Cleveland. 

BISHOP, Ralph J., direct mall advertising; 
born, Cleveland, Dec. 31, 1891; son Wm. L. and 
Anna Helen (Good) Bishop; educated. Central 
high school; married, Cleveland, 1914 to Hazel 
Mason — children, Ralph J. and Lester Mason 
Bishop; connected with American Multigraph 
Sales Co., Peerless Motor Car Co.; pres. Bish- 
op Cope Co.; member Gyro and Cleveland Ad- 
vertising- clubs Recreation: golf and hand- 
ball. Residence: 2090 Scarborough-rd. Office: 
2530 Superior-ave. 

BISHOP, Mary Ruth Martyn, born, Cleve- 
land Hghts., Jan. 23, 1895; daughter Richard 
George and Mary Elizabeth (Jones) Martyn; 
educated Ohio Univ. 1917, A. B. ; married, 
Cleveland, May 26, 1923 to Robert S. Bishop; 
member Pi Beta Phi, College Club, and Golf 
and Yacht Club, Babson Park, Fla. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Residence: Cody Villa, Babson 
Park, Fla. 

BISHOP, Robert Spltzer, realtor; born, 
Cleveland, June 20, 1893; son Dr. Hudson D. 
and Elizabeth (Spitzer) Bishop; educated Cor- 
nell University, 1915, A.B.; married, Cleve- 
land, May 26, 1923 to Mary Ruth Martyn; 
vice-pres. and gen. mgr. Cody Realty Serv- 
ice; member Beta Theta Pi. University Club 
and Babson Park Golf and Yacht Club, Bab- 
son Park, Fla. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
Cody Villa, Babson Park, Fla. Office: Frost- 
proof, Fla. 

BISHOP, Walter John, office supplies and 
printing; born, Lakevpood, O., Feb. 15, 1898; 
son Charles K. and Anna O. Bishop; educated 
Lakewood high school and tvv^o years Case 
School of Applied Science as C. E.; married, 
Cleveland, March 29, 1921 to Helen E. Coen; 
world war, 2nd lieut. heavy artillery. Ft. 
Monroe, Va. ; vice-pres. and director Office 
Supply & Printing Co.; director Cleveland 
Graphic Arts club; member society of Military 
Engineers; Phi Delta Theta fraternity; mem- 
ber Cleveland Graphic Arts club; now 1st 
lleut. 112th Engineers O.N.G. Recreation: 
hunting, fishing and tennis. Residence: 12818 
Franklin-ave. Office: 811 Superior-ave. W. 

BISSELIi, Belle Pratt, teacher; born, Cop- 
ley, O.; born June 3, 1867; daughter Lawson 
M. and Lucia M. (Bissell) Pratt; educated, 
Twinsburg, Aurora, Lake Erie College; mar- 
ried, Twinsburg, O., June 30, 1892 to Dr. Will 
D. Bissell; member E. Congregational Read- 
ing circle; Colonial Study Circle and Hiram 
College club. Desidence: 1849 Beresford-ave 

BISSELL, Howard Mayer, investment bonds; 
born. Fort Worth, Tex., Aug. 22, 1888; son 
Frank Edward and Ida May (Mayer) Bis- 
sell; educated Howe School, Howe, Ind., and 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y.; married, Cleve- 
land, June 26, 1919 to May Harris — children, 
Rosemary Bissell; vice-pres. Stanley & Bis- 
sell, Inc.; member Alpha Tau Omega fra- 
ternity; Masonic Blue Lodge, Chapter and 
Commandery; Al Koran Temple, Al-Sirat 
Grotto and Tall Cedars of Lebanon; member 
Chamber of Commerce, Union, Mid-Day, 
Cleveland Athletic and Westwood Country 
clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 17231 
Lake-ave., Lakewood. Office: lOOi Union 
Trust Bldg. 

BISSELL. Will DeVUle, dentist; born, Aur- 
ora, O.; Jan. 27, 1865; son Calvin and Sarah 
A. (Oviatt) Bissell; educated, Hudson, West- 
ern Reserve Univ.; D.D.S. ; married, Twins- 
burg, June 30, 1892 to Belle L. Pratt 
member Cleveland Dental Society; Sigma 
Delta Sigma fraternity and City Club of 

Cleveland. Residence: 1849 Beresford-ave. 
Office: 13859 Euclid-ave. 

BITTERMAN, Alpharetta, graduate nurse, 
R. N. ; born, Mogadore, O., March 3, 1864; 
daughter Joseph and Christianna (Shafer) 
Bitterman; educated Mogadore high school; 
nursea training at Lakeside hospital; private 
duty for two years and dispensary work at 
White Co.; Fidelity Savings & Loan Co. one 
year; member Graduate Nurses Assn. Dist. 
No. 4.; Ohio State Grad. Nurses Assn.; Nation- 
al Nurses Assn.; Women's City club and Wo- 
men's Business and Professional club. Res- 
idence: 1744 Strathmore-ave., E. Cleveland. 

BLACHMAN, Harry A., attorney; born, 
Cleveland, July 3, 1897; son Jacob and Celia 
(Cohen) Blachman; educated Adelbert Col- 
lege, Western Reserve 1918; Lex-Western 
Reserve 1921, A. B., L. L. B. graduated Cum 
Laude; married, Cleveland, Aug. 23, 1921 to 
Sara R. Goldberg — children. Nelson Merle; 
and Arthur Gilbert; world war, four minute 
man; sec. and director. Buckeye Bldg. Co.; 
director Laurell Hall Co. and The Elmore 
Land Co.; member Cleveland Bar Assn.; Col- 
legiate and Alliance clubs. Residence: 12855 
Cedar-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 1809 
Union Trust Bldg. 

BLACKBURN, George R., mannfaeturer; 

born, Salem, O., July 14, 1873; son Jonathan 
K. and Emily (Holloway) Blackburn; edu- 
cated public school and one year Friends 
college; married, Cleveland, Jan. 27, 1904 to 
Helen E. Boylan; worked at wood turning, 
pattern making, bicycle Industry and me- 
chanical draughting; manufacturer of own 
patents; owner Blackburn Specialty Co.; in- 
vestments in coal mines, cotton plantations, 
California lands, apartment houses, factory 
and leases; member Chamber of Commerce. 
Cleveland Electrical League, Cleveland Auto 
and National Town and Country CTlubs. 
Recreations: motoring, golf and radio. Resi- 
dence: 14921 Shore Acres-dr. Office: 1965 
E. 66th St. 

BLACKBURN, John H., minister; born. 
Peninsula O., Jan. 3, 1868; son Henry and 
Dinah Blackburn; educated, Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ.. 1893, B. A.; 1896, M. A.; Drew Theolog- 
ical Seminary, 1895, B. D. ; Baldwin-Wallace, 
D. D.; married, Crestline, O., Sept. 14, 1893 
to Mabel Lashels — children, Mrs. Faith In- 
gersoll, Lakewood, Paul V. Blackburn, Port 
Huron, Mich.; Frances E. Blackburn, Lima, 
Peru, S. A.; Mrs. Miriam Lister, and Lys- 
beth Blackburn, Cleveland; world war, 
served eight months with Y. M. C. A. 
overseas, in charge of hut at East Columbea 
La Belle; 1905-1915 pastor of Lakewood Meth- 
odist Episcopal church during which time 
present building occupied by this church was 
erected; 1922 to present date pastor Pearl-rd. 
Methodist church; erected and equipped build- 
ing as Dept. of Religious Education and re- 
modeled and enlarged church; 13 years chair- 
man of board of examiners of North East Ohio 
Conference; 7 years pres. board Ohio inter- 
conference summer school of Theology; many 
years chairman Lakeside Bible conference; 
for 5 years secretary of board Home Missions 
and Church Extension, North-Ea.<?t Ohio Con- 
ference; pres. Ministers assn. ; Chairman fi- 
nance commission, Methodist Union, Cleve- 
land; director Lakeside Assn.; trustee home 
for aged, Elyria, O. ; director Retired Minis- 
ters' home, Florida; member Phi Beta Kappa 
fraternity and Warren G. Harding Lodge, F. 
& A. M. Recreation: gardening. Residence: 
3528 Muriel-ave. Office: 4200 Pearl-rd. 

BLACKBURN, Mabel Lashels, born, Sulli- 
van, C, Aug. 3, 1873; daughter R. L. and Eliza 



H. (Clark) Lashels; educated, Crestline high 
school; Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; married, Crest- 
line, O., Sept. 14, 1893 to Reverend John H. 
Blackburn — children. Faith, Paul, Frances, 
Miriam and PJlizabeth Blackburn; world war, 
chairman Red Cross knitting at Conneaut, O.; 
member committee Lakeside school Foreign 
Missions, Lakeside, O.; member and officer 
Women's Foreign Missionary Society Meth- 
odist Episcopal Church; "Women's Home Mis- 
sionary Society; pres. Lakewood Book and 
Thimble Club; treas. Women's Civic League 
of Brooklyn. Residence: 3528 Muriel-ave. 

BLACK, Morris Alfred, merchant; born 
Toledo, Ohio, May 31, 18G8; son Herman and 
Eve (Judd) Black; educated Harvard Univ., 
A.B., 1890; married, St. Louis, Mo., March 21, 
1898 to Lenore E. Schwab — children, Herman 
Black; pres. Chamber of Commerce, 1914-19; 
chairman City Plan Committee, 1915- 
1925; pres. Civic League, 1903-1921; vice-pres. 
City Plan commission, 1915-1920; pres. Lindner 
Coy; pres. Blackmore Co.; vice-pres. Tailored 
Woman, Inc.; vice-pres. Blackmore Danzig 
Co.; member Cleveland Athletic, Oakwood, 
City, Excelsior and Rowfant clubs. Resi- 
dence: 1864 East 89th st. Office: 1331 Euc- 

BLACK, Peter P., retired; born, Cleveland, 
Aug. 26, 1846; son John and Odelia (Holmes) 
Black; educated, Cleveland Public schools; 
married, Hornell, N. Y., Sept. 1896 to Mary 
Clark; member Elks; pioneer carriage manu- 
facturer. In the business 50 years. Residence: 
14920 Terrace-rd., E. Cleveland. 

BLACK, William Henry, retired; born, 
Cleveland, Aug. 5, 1856; son John C. and Em- 
ily A. (Putnam) Black; educated, Cleveland 
Public schools; world war, volunteered but 
rejected on account of age; made recruiting 
officer and organized Co. M. of Lake County; 
member. Mason, Elks; Elks club. Residence: 
124 South St., Painesville, O. 

BLACKMORE, Mabel L., recreation super- 
visor; born, Chicago, 111., Oct. 14, 1886; 
daughter Harry H. and Mae Elizabeth (Mc- 
Mahon) Blackmore; educated, Chicago, 111.; 
world war, instructor at Red Cros.s; member 
Business Women's and Women's City clubs: 
Order of the Eastern Star; Ohio Delphian 
Federation. Residence: 1851 Belmore-rd. 
Office: 720 Electric Bldg. 

BLAHD, Moses E., surgeon; born, Cleve- 
land, March 28, 1883; son Henry and Emma 
(Scheuer) Blahd; educated Cornell Univ., 
Western Reserve Univ., M. D. and Univ. oil 
Strasburg; married, Cleveland, Nov. 16, 1912 
to Rae Lichtenstader — children, two; world 
war, captain medical corps; 1916 senior asst. 
surgeon Mt. Sinai hospital; 1923, assoc. sur- 
geon in charge of surgical division Mt. 
Sinai hospital; 1925, surgeon-in-chief Mt. 
Sinai hospital; member Medical Library assn. 
Cleveland Academy of Medicine, Ohio State 
Medical Society, American Medical Assn., fel- 
low, American Medical Society and American 
College of Surgeons; member Omega Epsilon 
Phi fraternity, Excelsior, Oakwood and Town 
clubs. Residence: 1167 East Blvd. Office: 
3912 Prospect-ave. 

BLAKRSLEE:, Frnnk R., insurance; born, 
Cleveland, Dec. 8, 1882; son Frank and Lu- 
cretia B. (Stone) Blai^eslee; educated, Cleve- 
land public school and Central high school; 
married, Cleveland, Oct. 26, 1910 to Elsie 
Wolff; world war, active in campaign for 
Liberty Loan and War Stamps; owner Frank 
R. Blakeslee Co., director Royal Mortgage Co., 
director Cleveland Film Exchange Building 
Co.; member Masonic bodies including 32 de- 
cree and Al Koran shrine; Royal Arcanum, 

Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Indus- 
try, Cleveland Athletic and Acacia Country 
clubs. Recreations: golf, pool, quoits, bowl- 
ing, dancing, swimming and bridge. Resi- 
dence: 518 Wade Park Manor. Office: 306 Hip- 
podrome Bldg. 

BLAKE^SLKE:, Orlando Tamblyn, manager 

parts dept.. Peerless Motor Car Corp.; 13 
year.s now with Van Dorn Iron Works Co.; 
born Baltimore, Md., 1886; son Jolin D. and E. 
(Tamblyn) Blakeslee; educated, Central high 
school; Western Reserve Univ., Ex '11; mar- 
ried, Cleveland Hghts., 1917 to Wynola Mc- 
Manus — Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Resi- 
dence: 2277 S. Overlook-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 
Office: Quincy-ave. and E. 93rd st. 

BLAKESLEE, Wynola McManus, born, 
Cleveland, 1888; daughter Thomas J. and 
Mary (Jackman) McManus; educated, Miss 
Mittleberger's school; married, Cleveland, 
Oct. 20, 1917 to Orlando Tamblyn Blakeslee — 
children, Thomas Richard Blakeslee; member 
Women's City club. Residence: 2277 S. Over- 

BLAIVCHARD, Ferdinand Quincy, clergy- 
man; born Jersey City, N. J., July 23, 1876; 
son Edward R. and Anna W. (Quincy) Blan- 
chard; educated, Newton high school, Amherst 
college, A. B. 1898; Yale Divinity school, B. 
D. 1901; Amherst college, D.D. 1918; Oberlin 
college, D.D. 1919; married, Newtonville, 
Mass., June 19, 1901 to Ethel H. West — chil- 
dren, Edward Richmond and Virginia West 
Blanchard; world war, Y. M. C. A. service at 
Camp Chillicothe, 1917-1918; pastor. Southing- 
ton, Ct. 1901-1904; East Orange, N. J., 1904- 
1915; Cleveland, Euclid-ave. Congreeratlonal 
church, 1915 to date; pres. board of education 
in East Orange, N. J.; pres. Cleveland Federa- 
tion of Churches, 1919-1920; chairman, board 
of trustees Negro Welfare Assn. of Cleveland; 
executive committee of State Federation of 
Churches; trustee, Fisk Univ.; director, 
American Missionary Assn.; member, Delta 
Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Optimist and Ala- 
thian clubs; author of liymn "O Child of Low- 
ly Manger Birth" In various hymnals; editor 
of "Treasure Island" in Barnes Classics; 
author "For the Kings Sake." Recreation: 
golf. Residence: 1686 Lee-rd. Office: Euclid 
Ave. Congregational Church. 

BLANCHARD, Harry F., district manager; 
born, Alfred, Me., Oct. 11, 1875; son Albert W. 
F. and Sarah (Stone) Blanchard; educated, 
public schools of Maine and Mass.; married, 
Bedford, N.H., April 23, 1902 to Meltie N. Mit- 
chell — children. Ha R. and Roger H. Blan- 
chard; entered employ of The Fleishmann 
Co. as salesman in Oct. 1894; served as sales- 
man, sales agent and dist. manager in Mass., 
N. H., Conn, and Ohio; member Masonic lodge; 
I.O.O.F. ; N.E.O.P. ; Cleveland Athletic, Rotary 
and Westwood Country clubs. Recreations: 
golf, touring and following baseball and foot 
ball. Residence: 1434 Marlowe-ave., Lake- 
wood. Office: 2168 E. 19th st. 

BLAXDIN, Clnrn Estelle, born, Cleveland. 
Aug. 5, 1873; daughter, Edwin J. and Martha 
(Van Ness) Blandin; educated, Cleveland 
schools; member Women's City and Lecture 
Recital clubs. Residence: 16210 Parkland-dr. 

BLANDIN, Edwin Jay, attorney-at-law; 
born Stuben Co., N. Y., July 13. 1843; son 
John and Parthenia (Fisher) Blandin; edu- 
cated Hillsdale College; married, Morris, 111, 
Nov. 12, 1868 to Martha Van Ness — children, 
William A. and Clara E. Blandin; Judge com- 
mon pleas court; pres. Russ Mfg. (^o.; mem- 
ber Oriental Commandry K. T. and Mayfield 
Country Club. Residence: 16210 Parkland-dr. 



DLAIVK, Otto JuIIafl, manager; born, Cleve- 
land, Sept. 26, 1889; son Joseph and Wilhelm- 
ina (Maier) Blank; educated Cleveland pub- 
lic schools and Spencerian Commercial 
school; married, Cleveland, April 5, 1913 to 
Florence I^ouise Snyder — children, four; man- 
ager, Peck Stow & Wilcox Co.; member Ma- 
sonic Blue lodge, chapter and Woodmen of 
the World, High Noon Club and Chamber of 
Commerce. Recreation: Y. M. C. A. Resi- 
dence: 1734 Wickford-rd. Office: 2176 W. 3rd- 

BL.ANKEMIORN, Marion A., physician; 
born, Orrville, O. Nov. 13, 1885; son Henry 
and Emma (Amstutz) Blankenhorn; educat- 
ed Wooster College. Ph. B.; Western Re- 
serve Univ. M.A., M.D.; married. May 1, 1917 
to Martha Taggart — children, three; world 
war. capt. Medical corps. A.B.P. 22 months 
with Lakeside unit and medical consultant 
in 5th army corps; asst. visiting physician 
Lakeside hospital; asst. prof. medicine 
Western Reserve Univ., at present on leave 
of absence and at Rockefeller Institute. N. 
Y.; fellow of American Med. Assn.; member 
Assn. or American physicians and Ameri- 
can Society for Clinical investigation; direc- 
tor Cleveland academy of Medicine; member 
Alpha Tau Omego. Nu Sigma Nu and Alpha 
Omego Alpha fraternities. Residence: 3090 
Woodury-rd. Office: Lakeside hospital. 

BLAZY, Frank Wilford, pres. treas.; born, 
Kdinburg, O., Oct. 6, 1870; son Jacob and 
Llizabeth A. (Dole) Blazy; educated Mt. 
Lnion; married, Cleveland, Oct. 11, 1900 to 
Mary A. Beardslee — children, R. Sterling and 
Henry W. Blazy; pres. treas. Star Elevator 
Co.; pres. Wickliffe Supply Co.; member Na- 
tional Town & Country club. Residence: 2604 
E Overlook-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: W. 
53rd St. & Big Four R.R. 

DLAZV, Mary Beardslee, born, Cleveland; 
daughter Charles H. and Flora (Sterling) 
Beardslee; educated College for Women, 
W. R. U.; married, Cleveland, Oct. 11, 1900 
to Frank Wilford Blazy— children, Ralph 
Sterling and Henry Wilford Blazy. Resi- 
dence: 2604 E. Overlook-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

BLISS, Harry A., merchant; born, August 3, 
1867; son Williams and Anna M. (Johnston)' 
Bliss; educated, high school, married, Cleve- 
land, Aug. 31, 1910 to Blanch L. Fisher — chil- 
dren, Imogene Fisher Bliss; formerly a mem- 
ber Old Cleveland Gattling Gun Batterv 
member Troop A Veteran Assn.; pres. Society 
De.scendants of Henry Wolcott, 1924- treas 
New England Society Cleveland and Western 
Reserve, 1920, 1921; troas. vice-pres. Pioneer 
Memorial assn.; chairman trustees Henry 
Wolcott Foundation; sec. treas. U. S. Power 
Squadron; chairman house committee and 
board of directors Cleveland Yacht club; dir- 
ector Grafton Stone Co.; pres. treas. Bliss 
Supply Co.; member Cleveland Engineering 
Society: Sons of Veterans; Hermit Club. Rec- 
reation: Yachting. Residence: 1S27 Idlewood, 
E. Cleveland. Office: 1277 W. 9th st. N. W. 

BlilSS, ITorace C, nhv.^iicinn; born, Rut- 
land. Vt., Nov. 2. 1857; son Horace C. nnd 
Marinnna H. (Rogers') Bliss: educated 
Cleveland college of phvsicians and sur- 
ppons 1Sf>7: married. Canal Fulton, O.. Oct. 
10. 1905 to Nellie Hoover; practiced medicine 
in Cleveland for 32 years; member Academy 
nf Medicine of Cleveland, Ohio State Medi- 
cal Assn. Recrf^ations: genloerv and gen- 
eral biology, evolution, etc. Residence: 2705 
Woodland-ave. Office: 2705 Woodland-ave. 

BOSS, Philip E., vice-pres.; born, Cleve- 
land, Dec. 14. 1885; son Julius E. and Belle 

M. (Hauxhurst) Bliss; educated Ohio Wea- 
leyan Univ. 1904; married, Cleveland, Dec. 
14, 1904 to Loretta E. Crane — children, 
Mary A. and Charles William Bliss; vice-pres. 
Warner & Swasey Co.; vice-pres. Caxton 
Building Co.; member American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers, Cleveland Engineer- 
ing Society, Phi Delta Theta fraternity. 
Union, Mid-Day and Canterbury Golf clubs. 
Residence: 2512 Guilford-rd. Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: 5701 Carnegie-ave. 

BLOOMFIELD, Lonia A., lawyer; born, 
Cleveland, Jan. 12, 1888; son Moses F. and 
Rose li. (Goldfarb) Bloonifleld; educated, 
Baldwin Wallace college; Cleveland Law 
school, LL.B.; married, Cleveland, Sept. 14, 
1922 to Kitty E. Rosen — children, Robert 
Theodore Bloomfleld; world war, 437th En- 
gineers Corps. 1917-1918; partner, Gott, 
Bloomfleld & Orr; member Cleveland, Ohio 
State and American Bar Assns. ; Forest City 
Lodge, Caldwell Consistory, Evergreen Chap- 
ter, Almas Temple Shrine; Westwood Country 
club and Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 
1271 P"nts-rd., Lakewood. Office: 818 Guard- 
ian Bldg. 

BI.OO!>iaTIIST, Earl Winflelil, minister; 
born, .Jame-titown, N. Y., Aug. IR, 1895; son 
Fred J. and Jennie E. (Moore) Bloomquist; 
married. Kane, Pa., Dec. 25. 1917 to Hazr-1 
Ann Dorn — children, Marjorie, E. Winfield 
Jr. and Evangel Bloomquist; ordained Con- 
neaut, Ohio, July 13, 1920; pastorates at 
Mayville, N. Y. and Cleveland, Calvary Bap- 
tist Church. Residence: 2601 Library-ave. 

BLOSSOM, Dudley Stuart, director public 
health and welfare; born Cleveland, March 
10, 1879; son Henry S. and Leila (Stocking) 
Blossom; educated. Yale Univ., A.B. ; married, 
Cleveland, Sept. 29, 1910 to Elizabeth B. Bing- 
ham — children, Dudley S. Blossom, Jr. and 
Mary P. Blossom; world war, capt. American 
Red Cross, 1917-1918; director public wel- 
fare, 1919-1921; vice-pres. The W. Bingham 
Co., 1910-1918; past pres. Yale Alumni assn., 
Cleveland Country club and Tavern club; 
director The W. Bingham Co., Standard Tool 
Co.. Perry Payne Co. and Central National 
Bank; vice-pres. Blossom Lock Co.; vice-pres. 
Musical arts assn.; member Humane society; 
Welfare Federation; Community Fund; pres. 
Maternity hospital; member Alpha Delta 
Phi fraternity; member Tavern, Mayfield, 
Pepper Pike, Hermit and Chagrin Valley 
Hunt clubs. Recreation: golf and music. 
Residence: P. O. South Euclid, O. Office: 327 
City Hall. 

BLOSSOM. Gertrude Ayres, born, Cincin- 
nati, O., Nov., 1888; daughter Stephen Cooper 
and Louise (McLean) Ayres; educated. Col- 
legiate school. Cincinnati; Miss Wright's 
school (Bryn Mawr) ; married, Cincinnati, O., 
June 1, 1914 to Pelham Hooker Blossom — chil- 
dren, Stephen Ayres and Henry Sheldon Blos- 

BLOSSOM, Pelham Hooker, born, Cleveland, 

ISSfi: son Henry Sheldon and Leila (Stocking) 
Blossom; educated. University school and 
Harvard Univ.; married, Cincinnati, O., June 
1. 1914 to Gertrude Ayres — children, Stephen 
Avres and Henry Sheldon ■nios^om: mom1if>r 
Troop A; world war, capt. 322nd of 83rd Div. 
Machine Gun Battalion: promoted to Maior 
n9th MacViinp Gun Battalion 32nd Div. c/o 
327 City Hall. 

BLITHM, Solomon, director of Temple ac- 
tivities: born. New York City. Feb. 9. 1894; 
son Max and Rosalie (Geisenberg) P.lnhm; 
educated public school No. 32 N. Y. C, Town- 
send Harris Hall, B. A., at College of City 



of New York, 1914; M. A. at Columbia, 1915; 
prraduate studies at Columbia, New York 
Univ., Western Reserve Univ.; Phi Beta Kap- 
pa honors; married, Massachusetts, Aug. 26, 
1917 to Emma R. Honor — children, Sylvia 
Joy; world war, served in signal corps of 
U. S. Army In Officers training school; 
taught in elementary and high schools of 
N. Y. C; taught history and principles of 
education at College of City of N. Y. ; has 
contributed articles and reviews to "School 
and Society," The New York Evening Post, 
and Saturday Review of Literature; 1917 
Director of young peoples branch of the 
Educational Alliance, N. Y. C; 1921-1924, su- 
perintendent of Y. M. H. A. of the Bronx, 
N. Y. C. ; since Sept. 1924, director of Temple 
activities Cleveland; first vlce-pres. Na- 
tional Assn. of Jewish Center Secretaries; 
member American Sociological Society; di- 
rector Bureau of Jewish education, mem- 
ber district committee of Jewish social ser- 
vice bureau; Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. 
Residence: 11406 Ashbury-ave. Office: The 
Temple, E. 105th st. and Ansel-rd. 

BLYTH, Lester Wllbcrt. resident partner, 
Ernst & Ernst; born. Gallon, O., Sept. 24, 1872; 
ni.uTiod, Galion, O., Dec. 17, 1901 to Anna 
Helmuth — children, Ella Louise and Mary 
Jane Blyth; world war, Lieut. Col. Ordnance 
dppt; in charge of auditing cost plus a profit 
contracts; enlisted May 17, 1917; honorably 
discharged Jan. 23, 1919; member of a number 
Masonic orders; Union. I\Iid-Day, Cleveland 
Athletic, Mayfield and Canterbury clubs. 
Residence: 2639 Fairmount blvd. Office: 1356 
Union Trust Bldg. 

BOCKSTAHLER, Louis A., fruit and pro- 
duce broker; born, Dale, Ind., Feb. 2nd, 1875; 
son John and Caroline Krause; educated, Ger- 
man Wallace College, Berea, O. ; graduated in 
classical course, 1903; married, Louisvillle, Ky. 
Oct. 25, 1904, to Adelaide Fink Scheffel — chil- 
dren, Alice, Louis Anthony and Courtney B. 
Bockstahler; sole owner L. A. Bockstahler & 
Co. Recreation: fishing and growing flowers. 
Residence: 2923 Southington-rd., Shaker 
Hghts. Office: 566 Broadway-ave. 

nonv. Loiii.s F., manufacturer; born, Ver- 
milion, O., Anril 12, 1S82; son Louis and Eliz- 
abeth (Leimbach) Body: married, Cleveland, 
June 9, 1909 to Ruth Boyd Carpenter — chll- 
aren, three boys; president and director 
Guardian T-nok Wheel Co.; member Cleveland 
Athletic and Canterbury golf clubs. Resi- 
dence: 2911 Weymouth-rd. Office; 1965 E. 
59th St. 

BOKR, Benjamin C, lawyer; born Alton, 
Iowa, Apr. 25, 1889; son John and Grace (Kui- 
per) Boer; educated, Univ. of Iowa, B. E., 
1913; elected to honorary fraternities, Tau 
Beta Pi and Sigma XI (both scholastic) 
Western Reserve Law school, L L.B., 1917; 
elected to Order of Coif (honorary scholas- 
tic); married. Los Angeles, Cal., July 20, 1919 
to Louise Burton — children Barbara Boer; 
world war, Naval Officers Training school; 
first pres. Big Ten Univ. Club, 1922-1924; 
pres. Federal Mortgage Finance Co.; sec. and 
trcas. Dodd-Aldrich Realty Co.: member law 
firm Boer, Arnold, Tobias and Winsper; mem- 
ber American, Cleveland and Ohio State Bar 
Assns.: Big Tf^n University Cliil> dlin" tor) 
and Clifton club. Residence: 12943 Clifton 
blvd. Office: 313 Engineers Bldg. 

BOETIIELT. .\rniln RJchnrd. banking; son 
Rev. Richard F. and Margaret (Von Stock- 
housen) Boethelt; married, Cleveland, Oct. 14, 
1922 to Lucile Marshall — children, Richard 

Boethelt (deceased); world war, registered 
for military service, 1918 but was not called; 
member various Masonic bodies Induing Lake 
Erie Consistory, Scottish Rite 32nd degree; 
Cedarhurst Country club. Residence: 2170 
Maplewood-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: Un- 
ion Trust Co. 

BOETIIELT, Luollc Mnrsliiill, born, Cleve- 
land, 1890; daughter Alexander B. and Irene 
(Van Cleve) Marshall; educated. Western 
Reserve College for Women, B. A.; Cornell 
Univ., M. A.; married, Cleveland, 1922 to 
Armln Richard Boethelt — children, Richard 
Boethelt (deceased); organizer war camp 
Community Service; pres. three years Win- 
dow Box Garden club; chairman program 
committee Fairmount Garden club; active 
member Playhouse; trustee Cleveland Flower 
Show Inc.; executive chairman Cleveland 
branch National Plant, Flower & Fruit Guild; 
member Kappa Alpha Theta; Sweet Briar Al- 
umnae assn.; Western Reserve chapter of 
D A R. ; Fairmount Presbyterian church 
Ladies Society; College, Women's City and 
Cedarhurst Country clubs; committee mem- 
ber of Cleveland assn. Residence: 2170 
Maplewood-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

BOFFENMYER, Roy E., sales manager; 
born Ashland, O.; son Henry C. and Jose- 
phine (Hahn) Boffenmyer; educated, Ash- 
land high school; married, Buffalo, N. Y., 
June 23, 1915 to Mabel Wilfred Burrows; 
asst. sec. and sales mgr. Lamson & Sessions 
Co.; member Bigelow No. 243 F. & AM.; 
Thatcher Chapter, Forest City Commandery, 
Al Koran, Sons American Revolution. Cleve- 
land Athletic and Sleepy Hollow Country 
clubs Residence: 15103 Clifton Blvd. 

Office: 2188 Scranton-rd. 

BOGGIS, Henry Parsons, district sales man- 
ager, Gardner Tap & Die Co.; born, Cleveland, 
May 21, 1895; son Herbert J. and Sarah 
(Parsons) Boggls; educated. Technical high 
school and Cornell Univ., M. E.; married, 
Cleveland, Sept. 30, 1920 to Margaret Criley 
—children, Helen and Margaret Boggis; world 
war, overseas Y. M. C. A., 1 year, 1918-1919; 
member Delta Phi fraternity: Sons of Ameri- 
can Revolution; University club. Residence: 
1851 Cumberland-rd. Office: 1878 East 18th-St. 

BOGGIS, Margaret CHley; born, Wooster, 
O., Jan. 12, 1898; daughter John M. and Cora 
(Frlck) Criley; educated, Shaw high school. 
Western Reserve Univ. College for Women, 
A. B.; married, Cleveland, Sept. 30, 1920 to 
Henry P. Boggis — children, Helen and Mar- 
garet Boggls; member Delta Phi Upsilon 
sorority; College club. Residence: 1851 Cum- 

BOGGIS, Taylor H., sec. Foundrymen 
Assn.; born, Lock Haven, Pa., April 12, 1868; 
son R. H. and Helen (Taylor) Boggis; edu- 
cated Cleveland academic schools and Cleve- 
land School of Civil Engineering; married, 
Cleveland, 1888 to Louise Schuler — children, 
Martha B. Carey and Horton S. Boggls. 
Residence: The Commodore. Office: Rocke- 
feller Bldg. 

BOLEY, Ernest, asst. to gen. supt. Ameri- 
can Steel & Wire Co.; born, Krefeld, Ger- 
many; Nov. 26, 1861; son William and Au- 
gusta (Borbach) Boley; educated, Krefeld, 
Germany; married, Cleveland, July, 1887 to 
Frida Roelker — children, Margaret Sullivan, 
Ernest W., Herman V. and Walter W. Boley; 
member Geographical Society; CThamber of 
Commerce; Shaker and Cleveland Athletic 
clubs. Residence: 1875 Roaemont-rd. Office: 
Rockefeller Bldg;. 



BOLTON, Charle* Cheater, retired; born 
Cleveland. March 23, 1855; son Thomas Bol- 
ton and Emeline (Russell) Bolton; educated 
Cleveland Public schools, Philips Exeter 
Academy, Exeter, N. H., Harvard College; B. 
A. from Harvard and RI. A. degree from 
Kenyon College, Gambler, O.; married, Cleve- 
land, Nov. 24, 1880 to Julia A. Castle — chil- 
dren. Chester Castle, Kenyon Castle, Irving 
Castle, Newell Castle and Julian Castle Bol- 
ton; charter member 1st Cleveland Troop 
Cavalry, now Troop A.O.N.G. later captain 
same organization; member firm of M. A. 
Hanna & Co. until 1904 when retired from 
active business; director Brown Hoist Mach. 
Co., Bourne Fuller Co., National Refining Co., 
Guardian Trust Co. and Society for Savings, 
also vice president; trustee and vice presi- 
dent The Associated Charities; member 
Kirtland Country, Mayfield Country, Union, 
Cleveland clubs, Castalia Sporting Club Co., 
Winous Point Shooting and Cleveland Gun 
clubs. Recreation: out-doorsports. Resi- 
dence: 10701 East-Blvd. 

BOLTON, Chester Castle, executive; born, 
Cleveland, O. Sept. 5. 1882; son Charles 
Chester Bolton and Julia A. (Castle) Bolton; 
educated Cleveland Public schools. Univer- 
sity school, Cleveland and Harvard Univ. 1905 
A.B. degree; married, Cleveland, Ohio Sep- 
tember 1907 to Frances Payne Bingham — 
children, Charles Bingham, Kenyon Castle 
and Oliver Payne Bolton; councilman village 
of Lyndhurst, 1921-'22-'23, state senator 
1923-'24 and '24-'25; war industries board, 
Washington, 1917; Ohio National Guard 
Troop A 1905-'10; captain Ordinance U. S. A. 
1917, Lt. Col. G. S., U. S. A. 1918; employe 
of the Bourne Fuller Co., 1905-'17 and asst. 
treasurer 1915-'17; director Cleveland Trust 
Co., Perry Payne Co., Standard Tool Co., 
vice president and director Lake Erie Bolt 
& Nut Co.; director Fontuna Steamship Co.; 
president of the Ohio Guernsey Breeders 
Assn.; trustee Lakeside hospital, visiting 
nurses assn.. Case School of Applied Science; 
Community Fund Council, and Welfare Feder- 
ation; member American Legion, American 
Guernsey Cattle, Rotary, Union (of which 
he is president), Mayfield, Pepper Pike, 
Kirtland, Tavern, and Chagrin Valley 
Hunt clubs. Racquet Tennis club, N. T., Ten- 
nis & Racquet club, Boston and Metropoli- 
tan club, Washington. Recreations: golf, 
shooting, breeding cattle. Residence: Fran- 
Chester place, Richmond-rd., Lyndhurst. Of- 
fice: 1552 Hanna Bldg. 

BOLTON, Irvin*? Castle, manufacturer; 
born, Cleveland, March 22, 1888; son Charles 
Chester and Julia (Castle) Bolton; educated. 
University school, 1899-1906; Milton Aca- 
demy, Milton, Mass., 1907-1908; Harvard 
Univ., A. B., 1912; married, Cleveland, Dec. 
15, 1917 to Rachel W^ilson — children, Julia 
Castle and Pauline Wilson Bolton; commis- 
sioned 1st lieut. O. N. G., May 3, 1917; world 
war, capt. battery A 135th F. A., July, 1917; 
discharged, April 10, 1919; served in France, 
June 27, 1917 to March 24, 1919; treas. War- 
ner & Swasey Co.; sec. and treas. Kirtland 
Country Club Co.; trustee Cleveland Credit 
Mens Assn.; director Guardian Trust Co.; 
member American Legion; Union, Univer- 
Bity, Kirtland Country, Tavern and Har- 
vard clubs; Chamber of Commerce. Resi- 
dence: 1639 E. 115th St. Office: 5701 Car- 

noLTON, Nevrell Castle, with Bourne- 
Fuller Co.; born, Cleveland, March 22, 1888; 
son Charles Chester and Julia (Castle) Bol- 
ton; educated, University school, 1899-1906; 
Milton academy, Milton, Mass., 1906-1908; 

Harvard Univ., 1908-1912; member Troop A, 
1913-1924; served on Mexican border, 1916; 
1st lieut. 135th F. A., 1917-1918, A. D. C. to 
Brig. Gen. W. R. Smith 62nd F. A. Brig.; A. 
D. C. to Maj. Gen. John Blddle, 1918 going to 
England March, 1918; stationed in London; 
France 1918 with 138th F. A.; discharged 
1919; 1st lieut. Troop A. 1921-l'.t22; capt. 
Troop A 107th Cav., 1923-1924; major 107th 
Cav., 1924-1925-1926; director Cuyahoga 
Factory Development Co.; director Troop A 
Armory Co.; director Tavern Club; vice- 
pres. Chagrin "Valley Hunt club; trustee 
Cleveland Protestant Orphan Asylum and 
St. John's orphanage: member Tuverii, Cha- 
grin Valley Hunt, Kirtland, Mid-Day and 
Harvard clubs and Delphic Club of Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Recreation: horseback riding 
and golf. Residence: 10701 East-blvd. Office: 
ICOO Hanna Bldg. 

BOMMHARDT, John A., patent and claim 
attorney; born, Hastings, Minn., Sept. 14, 
1862; son Jacob and Elizabeth (Glock) 
Bommhardt; educated, St. Paul's Germa.n 
Parish school; Mayflower school; business 
college and law school; married, Cleveland, 
July 24, 1901 to Catherine F. Kavanaugh — 
children, two; sec. Cuyahoga County Re- 
publican executive committee, 1909-1913; sec. 
Cleveland Memorial day committee since 
1903; past commander Ohio division of Sons 
of Veterans, U. S. A.; entered law office late 
Milo B. Steven in Jan. 1880; connected with 
firm until 1908; located at Cleveland, Chicago, 
Detroit and Washington, D. C. ; started in 
business for himself 1908; admitted to prac- 
tice before U. S. Pension bureau 1892; admit- 
ted to practice before U. S. Patent office, Oct. 
1911; member Woodward lodge No. 508 F. 
and A. M.; Al Sirat Grotto No. 17; Lookout 
Camp, Sons of Veterans; Cleveland Kiwanis 
club. Residence: 9400 Clifton-blvd. Office: 
582 The Arcade. 

BOND, Frederick Chase, insurance; born, 
Cleveland, Nov. 12, 1873; son Frederick H. 
and Melitich (Chase) Bond; married, Cleve- 
land, Oct. 5, 19 04 to Grace M. Wilder — 
children, Harrison F., John Wilder, Fred- 
erick Jr., and Elizabeth L. Bond. Residence: 
1616 Compton-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
Guarantee Title Bldg. 

BOND, Grace M. AVilder, born, Garretsville, 
O., June 11, 1877; daughter Ira T. and Elblza 
(Luther) Wilder; educated. College for 
Women, W. R. U; married, Oct. 5, 1904 to 
Frederick C. Bond — children, Harrison F., 
John Wilder, Frederick Chase Jr., and 
I'lizabeth Luther Bond. Residence: 1616 
Compton-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

BOND, Seth Marshall, merchant; born, 
Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 8, 1859; son William 
J. and Lucelia (Nones) Bond; educated, pub- 
lic school; married, Cleveland, June 2, 1886 
to Gertrude Hayden — children, Doris Hayden 
(Mrs. Harris G. Sherman); entered employ 
of Root & Co. of Fort Wayne, Ind., as cashier 
Sept. 1, 1874; in 1876 organized small retail 
dry goods store; entered wholesale dry goods 
with Johnston & Erwin of Indianapolis, 1881- 
1884; then came to Cleveland to join Root 
& McBride Co.; made director 1895 and 
shortly afterwards sec; 1914 made president 
which position he still holds; director Guar- 
dian Trust Co. and The Hollenden Hotel; ac- 
tive in wholesale merchants board Chamber 
of Commerce, serving as president several 
years; has also been active in National 
Wholesale Drygoods assn.; identified with 
Associated Charities and Society for the 
Blind; member Union, Mayfield clubs and 
Merchants club. New York. Recreation: golf. 
Residence: 16800 South Park-blvd. Office: 
The Root & McBride Co. 



BONE, Estella J., born, Cleveland, Nov. 
5, 1852: daughter J. H. A. and Ellen A. (Car- 
penter) Bone; educated Cleveland public 
school and Central high school; had charpe 
of Woman's column In Cleveland Herald 
which was bought by the Plain Dealer; 
charter member "Woman's Press club which 
afterward formed into The "Writers club. 
Residence: 14806 Terrace-rd. (Deceased.) 

BOXESTEEL, ^VII1U Edward, born, Ohio, 
Oct. 7, 1862; son George H. and Loretta C. 
(Prior) Bonesteel; educated, Cleveland pub- 
lic schools; married, Cleveland, Oct. 4, 1886 to 
Annabelle Scott; pres. and treas. "Worden 
Tool Co.; vice-pres. Security Savings & Loan 
Co., Acacia Park Cemetery Co., Mutual Mort- 
gage Co., and Con%'ention Board; director 
Knollwood Cemetery Co., Memorial Construc- 
tion Co. and Clough & "Witt Machine Co.; 
member Masonic lodge; Scottish Rite; Knight 
Templar: Shrine: Royal order Jesters; Cleve- 
land Athletic, Rotary and Shaker Hghts. 
Country clubs. Rpsldence: 2031 E. 100th st. 
Office: 1845 Scranton-rd. 

BOOL, Samuel E., partner Pickands, Ma- 
ther & Co.; born, England; married, Cleve- 
land to Elizabeth Ann Hicks — children, Anne 
Elizabeth Bool; member Union, Country, 
Mid-day and Cleveland Athletic clubs; 
Chamber of Commerce; board of Better Bus- 
iness Bureau; Cleveland Advertising club. 
Residence: 2253 Harcourt-dr. Office: "Union 
Trust Bldg. 

BOONE. Glen Alton, lawyer; born, Bliss- 
field, Mich., May 5, 1875; son John H. and 
Helen Louisa (Bullard) Boone; educated, Col- 
lins, O. high school, 1892; Baldwin Univ., 
Berea, 1902, LL.B. ; law dept. Cleveland Elec- 
tric Rv. Co., 1898-1908; special solicitor law 
dept. Pa. R. R. Co., Pittsburgh, 1908-1920: U. 
S. railroad administration with "W. G. Mc- 
Adoo director general of railroads; member 
Cleveland and Ohio State Bar assns. ; Cham- 
ber of Commerce: Baldwin Univ. Law Alum- 
ni; Masonic lodge. Recreation: hand ball, 
golf. Residence: 95U Euclid-ave. Office: 90: 
Leader-News Bldg. 

BOONE, Laura Schlosser. born, "Warren, 
Pa., Oct. 14, 1892; daughter Robert James and 
Kathryn (Morris) Schlosser: educated "War- 
ren, Pa. high school; Hathaway-Brown. 
Cleveland: married, Cleveland, June 4, 1919 
to Glen Alton Boone: world war. Red Cross 
work, etc.; member Hathaway-Brown Alum- 
nae assn. Recreation: golf. Residence: 9511 

BORGERHOFF, Joiteph Leopold, college 
professor; born, Lean, Belgium, Sept. 27, 
1870; son Theodore and Elizath (Op't Eynde) 
Borgerhoff; educated in Belgium; graduate 
Univ. of Brussels; "Vanderbilt Univ.; Univ. of 
"Wisconsin; Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Paris; 
M. A. Lit. Doctor (Paris); married. Atlanta. 
Ga., Oct. 16. 1903 to Elizabeth "VN'oodward 
Guerard — children, Frederic Guerard and 
Elbert B. Op't Eynde Borgerhoff; world war, 
lecturer to French troops. 1918-1919; fellow 
and assistant in the Romance language de- 
partment of "Vanderbilt Univ., Univ. of "Wise. 
Univ. of Chicago; instructor and professor 
Romance languages "Western Reserve Univ., 
1903 to date; author and contributor to schol- 
arly publications; author of: Le Theatre 
Anglais a Paris sous la Restauration (Paris, 
Hachette); Annotated editions of Les Mem- 
oires d'un CoUegien by Laurie Rostand's Le 
Princesse Lointaine; France's Le Crime de 
Sylvestre Bonnard; Modernized "Version of 
Aucassin et Nicolette (Western Reserve 
Univ.); member Modern Language Assn. of 

America; chevalier of Crown of Belgium; 
member Chagrin "Valley Country club. Recre- 
ation: golf and boating. Residence: 3051 
Colcridge-rd. Office: College for Women, 
Western Reserve Univ. 

BORTON, Fred S., investment banker; born. 
Plymouth, Ind.. Oct. 25, 1861; son Amos and 
Mary (Cooper) Borton; educated, Plymouth, 
Ind. high school; married, Cleveland, June 24, 
1896 to Harrlette A. Brown — children, El- 
eanor B. and Samuel C. Borton; partner in 
firm Borton & Borton; trustee, Hiram House; 
member Mayfield, Kirtland, Union and Hermit 
clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 3072 
Fairmount Blvd. Office: 1326 Hanna Bldg. 

BO.SWORTH. Nevrton Cnnnlns. retired; 
born, Solon, O., July 11, 1850; son Fenner 
and Martha Jane Bosworth; educated pub- 
lic and high schools: married, Solon, O., 
Oct. 28. 1874 to Cora Robbins — children, W. 
R. and Morris F. Bosworth and Mrs. H H. 
Watson; pres. and treas. Bosworth Hdw. 
Co.; member Early Settlers Assn., Masonic 
fraternity and Leesburg Golf club. Resi- 
dence: Fruitland Park, Fla. 

BOURKE, John Thomas, political editor; 
born, Susquehanna, Pa,, Aug. 6. 1858; son 
Thomas H. and Jane Barlow (McCabe) 
Bourke; educated, Youngstown, and Lehigh 
Univ., Bethlehem, Pa.; married, Marshfleld. 
Wis., Jan. 14, 1893 to Charlotte Frances John- 
son; member Cleveland's first civil service 
commission, 1910-1914; began newspaper work 
on Denver, Col. Tribune, 1883; reporter on 
Cleveland Leader, 1885-1891; asst; city edi- 
tor. Leader, 1S91-1902; city editor, Leader, 
1902-1905; Political editor of Leader, 1905 to 
date. (now Cleveland News); vice-pres 
_Tackeberry Trunk Co.; pres. Madison-Hilliard 
Gas Co.; pres. since 1915, Ohio Legislative 
Correspondents Assn.; member. Meridian 
Lodge, F. & A. M., Webb Chapter, Roval 
Arch Masons. Lakewood Country and North- 
ern Ohio Lehigh clubs. Residence: 12907 
Clifton Blvd. Office: 25 Cleveland News. 

BOITR.LAND, Benjamin Parsons, teacher; 
born, Peoria. 111.. May 2, 1870; son BenJ. L. T. 
and Clara E. (Parsons) Bourland; educated, 
Switzerland and Germany, 1882'-1885; Univ. 
of Michigan, A. B. 1889, A. B. 1890; Univ. 
of "Vienna, PH. D. 1897; married, Dorchester, 
Mass., June 18, 1902, to Gertrude S. Thayer; 
director Junior Red Cross, 1917-1918; direc- 
tor, Dept. of Development; assoc. director, 
Dept. of Development of Personnel, Lake Div. 
American Red Cross, 1917-1918; Instructor 
Univ. of Michigan, 1892, 1895; asst. professor, 
1899-1901; assoc. professor, Adelbert college 
and Western Reserve Univ. 1901-1903; pro- 
fessor of the Romance languages and litera- 
tures, 1903 to date; member, council of 
modern language Assn. 1899-1900, vice-pres. 
1916-1916: treas. and sec. Rowfant Club Co.; 
member Modern Language Assn. of American, 
American Philological Assn., Hispania Society 
of America; trustee, Alta Social Settlement; 
member Alpha Delta Phi. Phi Beta Kappa 
and Rowfant Club. Residence: 2193 Grand- 
view-ave., Cleveland Hghts. Office: Adelbert 
College. 3028 Prospect-ave. S. E. 

BOURLAND, Gertrude Thayer, born, Bos- 
ton, Mass.; daughter J. Loring and Malvine 
S. (Goodrich) "Thayer; educated, Dorchester 
high school, Boston; pupil (piano) Arthur 
Foote. l'^. A. MacDowell, Boston. Wlenskow- 
ska, Lieschitlzky. "Vienna; married. Boston, 
Mass., June 18. 1902 to B. P. Bourland: di- 
rector afternoon concerts Fortnightly Musi- 
cal club, 1906-1908; member Women's City 
Club. Recreation: music. Residence: 2193 
Grandview-ave., Cleveland Hghts. 



bourne:, Henry Eldrldgre, professor of 
history; born East Hamburg, N. Y., April 
13, 1862; son James Russell and Isabella 
Graham (Staples) Bourne; educated, Yale, 
B. A. 1883, B.D. 1887; L. H. D. (Honorary) 
Marietta College, 1911; married, Boston, 
Mass. April 2, 1890 to Margaret Anne Ma- 
son — children, Margaret Gibbs and Richard 
Mason Bourne; principal, Thomaston, Ct., 
high school 1883-1884; assoc. editor Con- 
gregationalist, Boston, 1888-1889; teacher of 
history, Norwich, Conn. Free Academy, 1889- 
1892; professor of history, College for 
Women, Western Reserve Univ., 1892; lec- 
turer at Lowell Institute, Boston, 1918; mem- 
ber summer session faculty Ohio State Univ. 
1914; at Chicago Univ. 1911, 1920, 1922; at 
Univ. of Oregon, 1918; at Univ. of Texas, 
1921; at Columbia Univ., 1926; member 
original executive committee of Munici- 
pal Assn. of Cleveland, founded 1897; 
member executive council of American His- 
torical Assn., 1916-1920; member American 
Historical Assn., Political Science Assn., 
Soclete d'Histoire, Moderns Societe des 
Etudes Napoleoniennes, fellow of Royal His- 
torical Society; trustee Goodrich social 
settlement since organization in 1897; presi- 
dent of board, 1903-1923; member Psi Upsllon 
fraternity and University Club of Cleveland. 
Recreations: canoeing and motoring. Resi- 
dence: 11480 Hessler-rd. Office: College for 
Women, Western Reserve Univ. 

BOURNE, Henry Knoirles, 2nd vlce-pres. 
Oglebay Norton Co.; born, Cleveland, Dec. 
1873; son Benjaman C. and Tabitha (Howes) 
Bourne, educated, public school; Central high 
school; married, Cleveland, June 1900 to 
Mabel C. Thayer — children, Henry Thayer 
and Laurence Thayer Bourne; member of 
partnership Oglebay Norton and Company 
1917-1924; then made 2nd vice-pres. of cor- 
poration, 1924; also a director; director, sec. 
and treas. Huron Land Co.; member American 
Iron and Steel Institute; American Institute 
of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers; trus- 
tee Church of the Covenant; member Union 
and Mayfleld Country clubs; Chamber of 
Commerce. Residence: Chagrin Falls, 0. 
Office 1208 Hanna Bldg. 

BOURNE, Marlon Adeline; born, Cleveland, 
July 18, 1886; daughter Julius and Mary 
Ellen (Normand) Reif; educated, Cleveland 
public schools; married, Cleveland, May 8, 
1909 to W^illiam W. Bourne — children, War- 
ren Normand Bourne. Residence: 2121.5 
Detroit-rd., Rocky River. 

BOURNE, AVlIIiain Warren, mechanical en- 
gineer born Cleveland, Sept. 19, 1884; son 
Ezra and Emma (Curtis) Bourne; educated 
Case School of Applied Science, B. S. In 
mechanical engineering, 1907; married, 
Cleveland, May 8, 1909 to Marion Adeline 
Normand — children, Warren Normand 
Bourne; world war, 1st Lieut. Ordnance 
Dept. U.S.A.; member Cleveland Engineer- 
ing Society; 32nd degree Mason and Shriner; 
Westwood Country club. Residence: 21215 
Detroit-rd., Rocky River. Office: Merkle, 
White, Huxtable, Auble Co. 

BOUSE. Hngo Frank, real estate; born, 
Pittsburgh, Pa., July 26, 1895; son Albert 
and Marie (Popelik) Bouse; educated, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.; married, Cleveland, Feb. 16, 1917 
to Doris Elizabeth Lucas — children, four; 
world war, one and a half year's service; 
pres. H. F. Bouse Co., Avon Estates Co. and 
Avon Acreage Co.; pres. Bouse-Lawrence 
Inc.; vice-pres. Hu-Ray Development Co.; 
member Cleveland Athletic club. Residence: 
Stop 23, Lake Road, West, Bay Village, O. 
Office: 717 United Bank Bldg. 

BOWER, H. C, sales manager; born, Mll- 
lersburg, O., Apr. 1874; son Jos. M. and Ida 
(Johnson) Bower; educated, Millersburg high 
school and Mount Union college; married, 
Detroit, Mich., 1915, to Viola Elizabeth Bel- 
anger — children, two; division sales manager 
for American Multlgraph Co. Detroit, 1912- 
1919; same position, Cleveland, 1919-1921 and 
again 1925; asst. to general sales manager 
American Multigraph Sales Co., 1908-1912; 
sales manager Geo. T. Trundle Engineering 
Co., 1923-1924; member Masonic Order, F. & 
A. M. Spartan Lodge 126; Heights Chapter 
206; Heights Commandery 76; Michigan Sov- 
ereign Consistory; Al Koran Temple A. A. O. 
N. M. S. ; Cleveland Athletic and Shrine clubs. 
Recreation: golf and fishing. Residence: 
2946 Corydon-rd. 

BOWERS, Charles Albert, M. D. surgeon; 
born, Wheeling, W. Va., April 13, 1884; son 
Frank William and Margaret B. (Williams) 
Bowers; educated, W. Va. Univ., B. S., 1908; 
Johns Hopkins Medical School, M. D., 1912; 
Western Reserve Univ., A. M., 1917; mar- 
ried, Milan, O., Jan. 13, 1917 to Mabel F. 
Paul — children, Mary Catherine, Charles Al- 
bert and Frank William Bowers; world war, 
1st Lieut. Medical corps; interne, asst. resi- 
dent and resident surgeon Lakeside hospital 
on service of Dr. Geo. W. Crile, 1912-1919; 
asst. to Dr. Hugh H. Young, Johns Hop- 
kins hospital, Brady Urogical Clinic 1014-191,5 
assoc. urologist St. Vincent's Charity hos- 
pital; dept. head of Urology, St. Luke's hos- 
pital; consultant surgeon U. S. Marine hos- 
pital; director Bowers Pottery Co., Man- 
nington, W. Va.; member American College 
of Surgeons; American Urological Assn.; 
American Medical Assn.; Ohio State Medi- 
cal Assn.; Cleveland Academy of Medicine; 
member and president of Shaker Heights 
Board of Education since Jan. 1924; member 
Phi Kappa Psi fraternity; Cleveland club. 
Residence: 16708 Kenyon-rd., Shaker Hghts. 
Office: 8314 Euclid-ave. 

BOWERS, Roy Edwin, minister; born, Ma- 
con, Mo., Jan. 7, 1872; son Albert and Malvina 
(Hart) Bowers; educated, Oberlin college 
A. B., A. M. and Honorary D. D. ; Chicago 
Seminary B. D.; Univ. of Berlin; New college, 
Edinburgh; married, Ashland, O., April 15, 
1909 to Frances Holbrook — children, Albert 
Holbrook; minister Rootstown, O. Congre- 
gational church, 1901-1904; Ashland, 1905- 
1908; Wllmette, Chicago, 1908-1918; Lake- 
wood Congregational church, 1918 to date; 
member Clifton Lodge, No. 6G4, F. & A. M. 
Lakewood Rotary club. Residence: 1241 
Granger-ave. Office: 1375 W. Clifton Blvd. 

BOW^ES, Joseph Henry, real estate; born. 
Yorkshire, Eng., May 12, 1875; son William 
and Esther (Langdale) Bowes; educated 
public schools; came to America at the age 
of 8; married, Buffalo, N. Y., Mar. 20, 191 fi 
to Henrietta Greenleaf Affantranger — child- 
ren, Wilda Josephine, Betty Alice, Winifred 
Blanche, Joseph Henry and Richard Chyde 
Bowes; world war, mechanical experimental 
work with General Electric Co.; active in 
raising funds for public use; sales manager 
three years and director of sales S^^ years 
with Rapid Transit Land Co.; owner J. H. 
Bowes Real Estate Co.; planning and allot- 
ting high grade properties in Central 
Heights district; active class A member 
Cleveland Real Estate Board; member Ma- 
sonic lodge, Al SIrat Grotto. Protected Home 
Circle. Recreation: travel, fishing and hunt- 
ing. Residence: 3118 Berkshlre-rd. Office: 
2027 E. 105th St. 



BOWLEn, Fred W.; born, Cleveland, son 
William L. and Mary (Almond) Bowler; 
educated, Central high school; Case School 
of Applied Science; married, Montclair, N. 
J., June 16, 1908 to Nellie F. Wallace — child- 
ren, Mary Elizabeth (deceased) and William 
Wallace Bowler. Residence: 2585 Colchester- 

HOWLER, George Herbert; born, Aurora, 
O., July 28, 1870; son William Lyman and 
Mary (Almond) Bowler; educated, Cleveland 
public schools; married, Cleveland June 19, 
1895 to Ida Louise Forbey — children, Louise 
Bowler Strimple; member Cleveland Ath- 
letic, Canterbury Golf clubs; Wanaka golf 
club, Buffalo, N. Y. Residence: 2194 Am- 

BOAVLER, Helen Rockefeller, born Cleve- 
land, Dec. 16, 1879; daughter Frank Rocke- 
feller and Helen E. (Scofield) Rockefeller; 
educated Miss Mittleberger's school; married 
Cleveland, June 2, 1903 to Walter S. Bowler — 
children, Helen R. and Franklin R. Bowler; 
member Women's City Club. Recreation: gar- 
dening. Residence: 2911 South Park-Blvd. 

BOWLER, Ida Lonlxei born, Cleveland; 
daughter William E. and Jessie (Hills) For- 
bey; marrierl, Cleveland, June 19, 1895 to 
George H. Bowler — children, Louise Bowler 
Strimple; member, Women's City and Ath- 
enian clubs. Residence: 2194 Ambleside-dr. 

BOWLER, Nellie ■«%%» born, Geneva, Pa.; 
daughter R. H. and Anna (Gorman) Wallace; 
educated, East high school; Women's col- 
lege; married Montclair, N. J., June 16. IftOS 
to Fred W. Bowler — children, Mary Eliza- 
beth (deceased) and William Wallace Bow- 
ler. Residence: 2585 Colchester-rd. 

BOAVLER, AValter Scott, vice president 
Cleveland 'Trust Co.; born Cleveland, Jan. 
10, 1872; son Walter N. Bowler and Francis 
(Weaver) Bowler; educated Cleveland schools 
and Hiram college; married, Cleveland, June 
2. 1903 to Helen E. Rockefeller — children 
Helen R. and Franklin R. Bowler; vice presi- 
dent of The Bowler Foundry Co., The Ohio 
Confection Co., director Buckeye Steel Cast- 
ings Co., Wheeling & Lake Erie Ry. Co., 
Cleveland Steel Co. and Norris Alister Ball 
Co.; trustee the Alta House, member Union, 
Mid-Day, Country, Kirtland and Pepper Pike 
clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 2911 
South Park-Blvd. Office: Cleveland Trust Co. 

BOWMAN, Amy Mnlllns, born, Wooster, 
O., July 14, 1889; daughter Walter James 
and Amy (Scovil) Mullins; educated Hatha- 
way Brown, Briarcliff and Sorbonne, Paris; 
married, Cleveland, April 20, 1911 to Edgar 
Stlllman Bowman — children, Elizabeth, Con- 
stance and Marjorie Bowman; member 
Junior League and Country club. Residence: 
2757 Lancashire-rd. 

BOW^MAN, Ed)Brnr Stlllman, merchant; 
horn, Cleveland, Oct. 15, 1880; son I. T. and 
Harriet (Stlllman) Bowman; educated, Cor- 
nell, A. B., 1902; vlce-pres. Geo. H. Bowman 
Co.; member Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; 
University and Cleveland Athletic clubs. 
Residence: 2100 Surrey-rd. Office: 224 

BOWMAN, GeorRe Henry, merchant; born, 
Cleveland, Dec. 30, 1868; son I. T. and Har- 
riet (Stlllman) Bowman; educated, Western 
Reserve, 1889; married, Salem, O., Oct. 2, 
1907 to Mary Augusta Brooks — children, 
George H., Mary Augusta and Brooks Bow- 
man; pres. Geo. H. Bowman Co., Summit 
China Co., Alliance Vitrified China Co.; di- 
rector Guardian Trust Co.; member Delta 

Kappa Epsilon; Union, Mid-Day, Cleveland 
Athletic, Mayfleld Country and Kirtland 
clubs. Residence: 2667 Berkshlre-rd. Of- 
fice: 224 Euclld-ave. 

BOYD, Chester M., accountant; born, 
Coshocton, O., July 8, 1893; son Everett iJ. 
and Lucy E. (Maxwell) Boyd; educated, 
Fresno, O. high school; grad. Ohio Wesleyan 
['niv., B. A., 1910; marrird, Coshoft(jii. O., 
Aug. 14, 1919 to Neva E. Shannon — children, 
Frances Marian and Helen Winifred Boyd; 
world war, 1st R.O.T.C. ; 2nd Lieut. Cavalry, 
Ft. Benj., Harrison, Ind. ; Camp Sherman, 
O., Aug. 27, 1917 to May 1, 1918; overseas 
May 8, 1918 to May 29, 1919, with 308th Am- 
nunltlon Train, 158th Artillery Brigade, F. 
A.; 1st Lieut, by order Gen. Pershing Nov. 
8. 1918, Muese, Argonne Offensive combat 
troops, Sept. 19, to Nov. 11, 1918. Office: 
1821 E. 18th Bt. 

BOYD, Frank Hamilton, manager; born, 
Forest City, 111., Oct. 4, 1890; son George 
R. and Katherine (Hamilton) Boyd; edu- 
cated, public schools, Racine, Wis., married, 
Cleveland, June 5, 1920 to Esther Margander 
— children, Marian Louise and Gloria Suz- 
anne Boyd; world war, 1 year with 12Gth 
div. French army as Lieut, of Ambulance 
section; one year in U. S. A. air service as 
cadet pilot; 15 years with American Seat- 
ing Co., now local manager; first pres. and 
one of the organizers of Cleveland Aviation 
club; now vice-pres.; member National com- 
mittee of American Field Service fellow- 
ships for French universities; vice-pres. and 
trustee American Field Service Assn.; mem- 
ber Masonic lodge. Residence: 17707 Wins- 
low-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 1404 B. 9th st. 

BOYD, Marion A., dentist; born, Monroe, 
O., Aug. 13, 1895; son John and Fannie 
(Long) Boyd; educated, Monroe high school 
and Western Reserve Univ., D. D. S. June, 
1923; married, Covington, Ky., Oct. 5, 1917 
to Mildred Sigg — children, Eleanor Ruth 
Boyd; w^orld war, sergt. major; demonstra- 
tor of clinical operative dentistry in West- 
ern Reserve Univ. dental college, 1923-1924; 
member Masonic fraternity. Residence: 7102 
Carnegie Ave. Office: 7016 Euclid-ave. 

BOYD, Robert McDowell, attorney; born, 
Saginaw, Mich., July 4, 1897; son George 
Hauptman and Letitia May (Morley) Boyd; 
educated Taft School, 1913-1917; Cornell 
Univ., 1917-1919; Oxford Univ., diploma in 
economics and political science, 1920; Univ. 
of Michigan, LL.B., 1922; married, Cleveland, 
Sept. 26, 1925 to Kathryn Lois Moore;world 
war, chief aviation rigger, U. S. Naval Re- 
serve Flying Corps, 1918; former member 
Troop A, first Cleveland Cavalry; admitted 
to Ohio bar, Dec, 1922; with firm Tolles, 
Ilogsett, Ginn & Morley, 1922-1925; since 
then with Cleveland Trust Co. as asst. coun- 
sel; member Delta Chi fraternity. Recrea- 
tion: riding and golf. Residence: 290J 
Hampton-rd. Office: Euclid-ave and E. 9th- 

BOYD, William H., lawyer; born, Fair- 
view, O., Aug. 11, 1864; son George W. and 
Mary A. (Campbell) Boyd; educated, public 
schools; married. Flushing, O., Sept. 7, 1892 
to Anna M. Judklns — children, Mildred A. 
(deceased) and Mary Gertrude Boyd; re- 
publican In politics; asst. director of law, 
1897-1899; candidate for mayor, 1905; dele- 
gate at large to republican national con- 
vention, 1920; elector at large to and presi- 
dent Ohio electoral college, 1920; engaged 
In trial of many Important law suits for 
last 25 years; associated with Judge D. C. 



Westenhaver in long- litigation of street 
railway controversy, 1906-1909; counsel for 
Van Sweringen interests in long fight for 
union depot; member of former firm of 
Westenhaver, Boyd & Brooks and at present 
member of firm Boyd, Cannon, Brooks and 
Wickham; member American, Ohio and Cuy- 
ahoga County Bar assns.; Masonic lodge, 
Knights of Pythias, Elks; Cleveland Ath- 
letic club and Chamber of Commerce: Resi- 
dence: 1525 E. 107th St. Office Marshall 

BOYKIN, Benton Lnmar. real estate; born, 
Gadsden. Ala., Feb. 27, 1893; son "W. J. and 
Elizabeth K. (Weir) Boykin; educated Cum- 
berland Univ. LL.B. 1917; married, Clarks- 
ville, Tenn. Dec. 21, 1917 to Annie M. Robin- 
son — children, four; -world war, first officers 
training camp. May 13, 1917, 1st Lieut.; served 
in France about one year with 19th M. G. 
B. 7th Div., discharged March 1920; with Van 
Sweringen Co.; member Sigma Nu fraternity 
and Cleveland Athletic club. Residence: 
16827 Kenyon rd.. Shaker Hghts. Office: 700 
Marshall Bldg. 

BOYL.4.X, Mnrtha J., pres. John Carroll 
Univ.; born, Cleveland, Aug. 28, 1874; son 
Terrence and Mary (McAneny) Boylan; edu- 
cated, St. Ignatus College; Campion College 
A.B. and M.A. Office: John Carroll Univ. 

BOVLE, Xorman Avery, treas. ; born, Hel- 
ena, Mont., April 16, 1891; son Geo. A. and 
Ida M. (Page) Boyle; educated, Rockwell 
school. East High school, Adelbert College, 
\\'estern Reserve Univ. A. B. ; married, Co- 
lumbus, O., Oct. 3. 1914 to Edna Ruth Deyo — 
children, Barbara and Martha Boyle; treas- 
urer, Werner G. Smith Co.; member Delta 
Upsilon fraternity, University and Lakewood 
Country clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
1254 Thoreau-rd., Lkwd. Office: 2191 W. 
110th St. 

BOYLSTOX, Herbert Melville, professor 
of metallurgy; born, Brooklyn, N. T., Jan. 
4. 1881; son John Williams and Sara A. 
(Snook) Boylston; educated. Harvard Univ., 
1903, S. B. in chemistry, cum laude; Harvard 
Univ. 1905, M. A, in metallurgy; married, 
Edgartown, Mass., Nov. 30. 1905 to Mabel L. 
Shurtleff — children, Alison Williams; instruc- 
tor at Harvard Univ., 1906-1912; member firm 
Sauveur & Boylston, Cambridge, Mass., con- 
sulting metallurgical engineers. 1909-1921; 
secretary Iron & Steel committee A.I.M.E. 
1913-1915; sec. Boston Chapter A. I. M E. 
1918-1920; chairman Ohio section A. I. M. E., 
1920-1922; chairman committee on heat treat- 
ment of iron and steel A.S.T.M., 1920 to date; 
chairman publication committee, American 
Soc. for Steel treating, 1920 to date; member 
board engineering foundation, 1921 to date; 
Carnegie scholar British iron and steel In- 
stitute, 1915-1916; professor of metallurgy, in 
charge of metallurgical and mining engineer- 
ing. Case School of Applied Science, Cleve- 
land, 1920 to date; fellow, American Assn. for 
Advancement of Science; member, A.I.M.E., 
A.S.T.M., A.S.S.T., American Iron & Steel In- 
stitute, British Iron & Steel Institute, British 
Institute of Metals, American Ordnance 
Assn., S. P. E. E., Cleveland Engineering 
Society, Harvard Engineering Society, Sigma 
Xi fraternity. University and Cedarhurst 
Country, Cleveland clubs and Harvard club 
of Boston, Harvard Union of Cambridge, 
Mass. Recreations: golf and swimming. 
Residence: 2083 Taylor-rd., East Cleveland. 
Office: Case School of Applied Science. 

BOYNTOX, Henry Percy, advertising agent; 
born. Elyria, O., Feb. 26, 1879; son Patrick 
Henry and Mary (Townshend) Boynton; edu- 

cated, Elyria high school. 1897 and Ohio 
State Univ., 1899-1900; married, Ruggles, O.. 
Oct. 17, 1905, to Genevieve Sutherland Beach; 
member Elyria School board, 1909-1910; direc- 
tor Elyria Chamber of Commerce, 1909-1910 
directed liberty bond sales in 4th ward, Cleve- 
land; photographers asst., 1893; Elyria library 
asst., 1895-1896; Chemist Johnson Co., 1897- 
1899; newspaper -work, 1900-1901; Itinerant 
printer. 1901-1902; editor Elyria Republican, 
1902-1905; editor Elyria Telegram, 1905-1910; 
editor Akron Beacon Journal, 1910-1911; poli- 
tical correspondent, 1912; Industrial Survey 
Co., 1913-1914; advertising agency, 1915 to 
date; proprietor Henry P. Boynton Advertis- 
ing agency; member Cleveland Advertising 
Club. Recreation: garden, dogs, chickens; 
also interested in old books and furniture; 
formerly identified with baseball, football, 
tennis, boxing, chess, yachting, etc. Resi- 
dence: 2082 Riverslde-dr. Office: 850 Euclid- 

BOYXTOX, Xapoleon, H., National Lamp 

Works; born, Minneapolis, 1885; son Amos 
R. and (Bro-wn) Boynton; educated, Austin 
high school, Chicago; Univ. of Illinois, B. S. 
1909; married, Chicago. 111., 1909 to Winifred 
Valer — children, Marguerite and Ben Boyn- 
ton; -world war, home service in Red Cross, 
Y. M. C. A., War chest and loans; with Buck- 
eye Electric div. of General Electric; direc- 
tor, Cleveland Trust Co.; member, A. I. E. E., 
I. E. S., N.E. L. A.; identified with Community 
fund, Welfare federation, and Recreation 
council; member Sigma Si and Eta Kappa Nu 
fraternities; member Union, Shaker, Ad, and 
Rotary clubs and Chamber of Commerce. 
Recreations: horses, golf and outdoors. Real" 
dence: 2668 Edgehill-dr. Office: Buckeye 
Elec. Div., 1811 E. 45th st. 

BRADEN, James, mfr. printing inks; born, 
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 16, 1879; son David 
and Fannie (Dumont) Braden; educated. 
Culver Military academy; Butler College; 
married, Dayton, O., 1909 to Helen Fishter 
— children, Eleanor C. and Helen F. Braden; 
served in Spanish American War; pres. and 
treas. Braden Printing Ink Co.; member 
Sigma Chi fraternity; International Society 
for Crippled children; Masonic lodges in- 
cluding 32nd degree and Shrine; Acacia 
Country, Rotary, Graphic Arts clubs. Resi- 
dence: 17120 S. Woodland-rd., Shaker Hghts. 
Office: 104 St. Clair-ave. 

BRADFORD, Charles C, manufacturer; 
born, Cleveland, May 27; son George W. and 
Mary (Cozad) Bradford; educated, East high 
school and (3ase School of Applied Science, 
B.S., E.E.; married, Cleveland, June 4, 1921 
to Mary Wallace — children, Charles C, Jr.; 
world war, 1st Lieut. M.T.C.; vice-pres. Eaton 
Bumper & Spring Service Co.; member Phi 
Kappa Psi fraternity. Residence: 2432 Dem- 
ington-dr. Office: Central-ave. & 65th st. 

BRADFORD, Mary Ada; born, Cleveland, 
Mav 14, 1862; daughter Newell S. and Sarah 
J. (Goe) Cozad; educated, Cleveland public 
schools. Married, Caldwell, Kansas, Oct. 11 
1882 to George W. Bradford — children, Charles 
Cozad Bradford and Ruth Bradford Putnam; 
went to Kansas in 1879; taught two years in 
government Indian school at Anadarko In- 
dian territory; was principal of the school 
of 125 children — all Indians; Anadarko reach- 
ed by stage fording seven small rivers; early 
married life went to Colorado and pre-empted 
land; returned to Cleveland in 1893; was born 
in Wade Park, then owned by her grand- 
father, Samuel Cozad; her father was born 
on the same place In 1830; her mother was 
born at Bazetta, Trumbull Co., in 1835; both 



parents living, date of this compilation. Resi- 
dence: 2043 Cornell-rd. 

BRADFORD, Mary Wallacet born, Oil City. 
Pa., January 27; daughter Ralph H. and Anna 
(Carman) Wallace; educated Montclalr high 
school, "Wheaton Seminary and Teachers col- 
lege, Columbia Univ.; married, Cleveland, 
June 4, 1921 to Charles Bradford — children, 
Charles C, Jr. Residence: 2432 Demlng- 

BRADLEY, Alice Deerlngr, musician; born. 
Chicago, 111.; daughter John Parker and Su- 
san (Porter) Ilsley; educated in Philadelpliia 
private schools; married, Philadelphia, 1891 
to Arthur Bradley — children, Arthur Il.sley 
Bradley; music editor, Cleveland Topics; vice- 
pres. Fortnightly Musical club and director 
of extension section: member Woman's City 
Club and Unitarian church. Residence: 2039 
East 107th St. 

BRADLEY, Arthur Ilsley, Graybar Electric 
Co.; born, Cleveland, July 25, 1899; son Arthur 
and Alice Deering (Ilsley) Bradley; edu- 
cated, Case School of Applied Science; 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1921; 
world war, served with Naval Reserve 
Force; member Phi Kappa Psi frater- 
nity. Recreation: music and athletics. Resi- 
dence: 2039 E. 107th st. Office: 1010 Rock- 

BRADLEY, Charles L., banker: Cleveland, 
born. Oct. 22, 1885; son M. A. Bradley; edu- 
cated. University school; Cornell Univ., 1908; 
married, (Cleveland, April 28, 1909 to Gertrude 
Baker — children, Mary Agnes Bradley and 
Alva Bradley II; vice-pres. Union Co. 
and Nickel Plate R. R. ; American Multigraph, 
Co., Ferry Cap and Set Screw Co., Otis Steel 
Co. and Perfection Heater and Mfg. Co.; 
treas. University school; member Pepper 
Pike, Tavern, Union, Mid-Day and Mayfield 
Country clubs. Residence: 2301 Coventry-rd. 
Office: Union Trust Co. 

BRADLEY, Rev. Dan P., pastor Pilgrim 
church; born, Bangkok, Siam, March 17, 
1857; son Dan Beach Bradley and Sarah 
(Blachly) Bradley; educated Oberlin college 
and Oberlin graduate school of Religion, '82 
and '85, respectively; married, Oberlin, O. 
July 9, 1893 to Lillian Jaques — children, 
Dwight J., Robert G. and Dan F. Bradley; 
has always been a Republican organization 
man, and as he expresses it, "did my bit," 
In speaking and working for success in 
World War: pastor Steubenville (Congrega- 
tional church 1885-1887; pastor Yankton, S. D. 
Cong, church. 1887-'92; acting pres. Yankton 
college, 1889-'92; pastor Park church, 
Grand Rapids, 1892-1902; president Grinell 
college, Iowa. 1902-'05, pastor Pilgrim church. 
Cleveland, 1905 to date; trustee Oberlin Col- 
lege. Cleveland Congregational union and 
Congregational Education Foundation, Chi- 
cago; D. D. degree, Cornell, Yankton and 
Oberlin colleges: member York lodge. 
Masonic, Grand Rapids, Mich., Chamber of 
Commerce and Chamber of Industry, Cleve- 
land, assoc. moderator Natl. Congregational 
council. Recreations: sawing wood in Michi- 
gan forest, golf and baseball. Residence: 3045 
W. 14th St. 

BRADLEY, Geor^re Floyd, seedsman and 
nurseryman; born. Cleveland, Dec. 22. 1885; 
son George Herbert and Retta (Leeke) Brad- 
ley; educated Cleveland grammar and West 
high schools; married. Cleveland, June 1, 
1911 to Pearl Ayda Templin; world war, 1st 
Lieut. M. T. C, U. S. A.; organized com- 
pany 1906; incorporated company. 1912; vlce- 
pres. and treas. Templin Bradley Co.; vice- 

pres. Temley Plant Food Co.; sec. Children's 
Flower Mission; director Royal Mtge. Co.; 
member American Seed Trade Assn.; Amer- 
ican Assn. of Nurserymen; National Educa- 
tion Assn.; Y. M. C. A., west branch; Masonic 
lodge; Rotary, Athletic and Advertising 
clubs; mail order seedsmen, 1924-1925-1926; 
sec. treas. Exhibitor's Assn. of National Edu- 
cation Assn. 1926; Chairman (5 yrs.) postal 
Laws committee In American Seed Trade 
Assn. 1922-1926; Rotary director, 1924-1926; 
member Chamber of Commerce and Chamber 
of Industry. Residence: 1553 Arthur-ave., 
Lakewood. Office: 5700 Detroit-ave. 

BRADLEY. Morris A., real estate; born 
August 15, 1859; son Alva Bradley and Helen 
M. (Burgess) Bradley; educated public 
schools and Hiram College; married May 10, 
1883 to Anna Leimlnger — children, five; with 
his father until 1885 and upon his death 
took charge of estate; president United 
States Coal Co., the Bradley Transportation 
Co. and the Cleveland & Buffalo Transit Co.; 
director in number of companies, also in- 
terested in various corporations; member 
Mayfield Country, The Country, Kirtland 
Country, Mid-Day, Union, Chagrin Valley 
Hunt and Pepper Pike Country clubs. Resi- 
dence, 15970 South Park Blvd.. Shaker Hghts. 
Office: 706 Marion Bldg. (Deceased.) 

BRADY, Bernard Scullion, attorney; born. 
Steubenville, O., June 12, 1892; son P. E. 
and Mary (Scullion) Brady; educated, George- 
town Preparatory school, 1910; Georgetown 
Univ., 1914, A.B.; 1915, A.M.; Western Re- 
serve Univ., 1917, L. B. and made member 
of Order of the Coif.; married Marion, O., 
May 17, 1923 to Gertrude Schroeter — children, 
Mary and Nancy; world war, member Legal 
advisory board; member speakers division 
of Community Fund; member Cleveland 
Bar Assn., Ohio State Bar Assn., Phi Alpha 
Delta Law fraternity, Knights of Co- 
lumbus; Democrat; former pres. Cleveland 
chapter Georgetown Univ. Alumni Assn.; 
chairman advisory board. Social Mission 
settlement; member City and Cleveland 
clubs. Recreations: fishing and tennis. Resi- 
dence: 2192 Brlarwood-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 
Office: 1921 Guarantee Title Bldg. 

BRADY, Bruce B., lawyer; born. Mon- 
mouth, 111.. Dec. 24. 1896; son Ernest D. 
and Eva S. (Bates) Brady; educated, Mon- 
mouth College, A. B., 1916; Chicago Kent 
College of Law; Lieut, artillery, U. S. A., 
subsequently; capt. F. A., 111. Natl. Guard.; 
formerly asst. attorney general of 111.; en- 
tered practice in 111. 1919; removed to Cleve- 
land, 1923; pres. General Title and Invest- 
ment Co.; member Cleveland Bar Assn.; 
Shrine; I.O.O.P. ; University, Kiwanls and 
City clubs. Residence: 2963 Coleridge-rd.. 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: 1605 Williamson 

BRADY, Joseph Georgre, physician; born, 
Cleveland, Nov. 1, 1893; son George and 
(Tatherine (Cummmings) Ilrady; educated, 
elementary; St. Augustine's School. 1908; 
John Carroll Univ., A. B., 19J5; Western 
Reserve School of Med.. M. D., 1919; married, 
Cuyahoga Falls, O., Oct. 24, 1924 to Florence 
Elizabeth Trares; R. O. T. C, 1918-1919; mem- 
ber Ohio State Medical assn.; Cleveland 
Academy of Medicine; Phi Chi Medical fra- 
ternity. Recreation: golf. Residence: 3170 
Kenslngton-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
1504 Hanna Bldg. 

BRAIXARD, Frances llerrick; born, Cleve- 
land, Nov. 19, 1900; daughter H. B. and Mary 
(Langley) Herrick; educated Western Re- 



serve Univ., 1922, B. S.; married, Cleveland, BRAUIV, Edw. J., physician; born, Pitts- 
Dec. 22, 1923 to Henry S. Bralnard; member, burgh, Pa., Feb. 6, 1891; son Leopold and 
Sigma Psl sorority at Western Reserve Univ. Jennie (Klein) Braun; educated, Pittsburgh 
Residence: 1S77 E. 90th st. public schools and high school; Univ. of 
««...>T.,^^ .. e ». „ Pittsburgh, 1914, Doctor of Medicine; world 
BRAIXARD, Henry Spraijriie, attorney; ^^r, 1st Lieut. U. S. Med. Corps, 1917-1919; 
born, Chicago, 111., Aug. 28, 1899; son Sidney diagnostician, division of health; staff Mt. 
Wellman and Evelina Graham (Forsythe) Sinai hospital; member Academy of medicine 
Bralnard: educated. Western Reserve Univ., of Cleveland. Residence: 1100 Iluron-rd. 
A. B. 1922; LL.B., 1924; married, Cleveland, office: 122 City Hall. 
Dec. 22, 1923 to Frances Irene Herrick; world 

war, field artillery officers school, Camp Tay- BRAYTON, Alice Clarke, born, Cleveland, 
lor, Ky.; private sec. to Hon. Newton D. July 13, 1877; daughter William Edward and 
Baker, 1922-1924; associated with Baker, Caroline (Newton) Clarke; educated, Vassar 
Hostetler & Sldlo, 1924 to date; member. Or- College, A.B. with honorary mention; married, 
der of Coif, Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Gamma Cleveland, Sept. 19, 1901 to Charles A. Bray- 
Delta fraternities. Residence: 1877 E. 90th ton — children, Carolyn E., David Bingham 
St. Office: 1924 Union Trust Bldg. and John Clarke Brayton; member Phi Beta 
nn.»-^n^ •«..•.«, r. -r. Kappa; trustee of Assn. for Crippled and 
BRAIAERD. Bertha Snow, born, Parma, Disabled; member, Country, Kirtland, Chag- 
Aug. 31, 1864; daughter William Gary and rin Valley Hunt and Women's City clubs. 
Jane (Elliott) Snow; educated, public schools; Recreation: tennis. Residence: 10803 Mag- 
married, Brooklyn village (now Cleveland), nolia-dr 
Nov. 18, 1886 to Charles W. Brainerd — 

children, Genevieve (Mrs. A. D. Taylor) and BRAYTON, David Bingham, foundryman; 

Eva (Mrs. C. M. Lemperly) : world war, work- born, Cleveland, Oct. 17, 1903; son Charles 

ed with Red Cross and R. R. Canteen; on A. and Alice (Clark) Brayton; educated, 

board Central Friendly Inn; member Clifton University school; Taft school; grad. Ash- 

and Women's City clubs. Residence: 12903 ville School; 2 years at Univ. of Mich.; mar- 

Lake-ave., Lakewood. ried, Cleveland, Aug. 15, 1925 to Martha Mary 

King; asst. Supt. Standard Car Wheel Co.; 

BRAXD, Carl W., mfr. food products; born, member Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Recrea- 

Cleveland, July 26, 1880; son Frederick W. tion: tennis, golf, swimming and Ice-skat- 

and Caroline C. (Wldlar) Brand; educated, jng. Residence: 13401 So. Woodland-rd. 

Cleveland primary schools. Central high office: 6704 Bessemer-ave. 
school, (2 yrs.) Spencerian business college, 

Cleveland Law school (2 yrs.); married, BRAYTON, William Bineham. Jr.. sales- 
Chicago, April 26, 1905 to Edith B. Ewlng — man; born, Cleveland, Nov. 27, 1898; son 
children, Ewlng, Betty, Pauline and Carl William Bingham and Virginia (Higgins) 
Brand; past chairman, Municipal Research Brayton; educated. University school, 1917; 
Bureau; executive committee Citizens Yale Sheffield Scientific school, 1921, B. S.; 
League; council. City of Cleveland Heights; Yale S.A.T.C, Battery D. field artillery; mem- 
past pres.. National Coffee Roasters Assn.; ber Chi Phi fraternity. Recreation: Troop 
vice-consul for Brazil in Cleveland; pres. A. 107th Cavalry. Residence 3066 Scar- 
and mgr. Wldlar Co.; pres. and treas.; borough-rd. Office: Cleveland Builders Sup- 
C. W. Brand Realty Co.; pres. Federal Im- ply & Brick Co., Leader Bldg. 

provement Co.; director, American Column «n^^mj- m»- ^ ..v,,,^,-.,! i t> .,!,» 

or^^ T nrv^K^^ r>^ • ty^^a v>^f^r.-^a A/Tir^ir^o- BRECK. TheodoTe, phy SIC 1 an b om , Br cck s - 

and ijumber Co.; treas., Keforma Mining „iii„ r\ A^« i ioc-t. _„„ -h^aJ,^ ^ J_j •»*•„__ 

rn • riirA^tnr riov^innri Pr^rr^mnTiiti, p'^riH- vllle, O,, Dcc. 1, 1 8 67 ; son Edward and Mary 

Co.; director, Cleveland Community Fund; t /n^i;<.«-> Rrk/u- i^.r^Ul',!^ oh^.h,^^^ 
tniRtAP Wf^ifarfi Fpriprntion- T.rp« rVi 11 . P- (Oakes) Breck; educated, Oberlin;Am- 

Cedarhurst, City, and National Town & Coun- Theodore and Graham King; Breck; world 

try clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 2251 ^a,'-, capt. Med. corps.; practiced at Brecks- 

Coventry-rd., Clevelancf Hghts. Office: 722 Y'"® 20 years; member Masonic lodge; LO. 

Bollvar-rd O.F. ; Cleveland and High Noon clubs. Resi- 
dence: BrecksvUle, O. Office: Brecksville, 

BRANNAN, Robert O., senior representa- O. 
tive sales; born, Belolt, Wis., Nov. 1, 1901; BREED. Rev. AValter R.. Episcopal clergy- 
son R. A. and Jessie E. (Hin.sdale) Brannan; man; born, Lynn, Mass. Jan. 10, 1867; son 
educated. Western Reserve Univ. (2 years) Joseph Breed and Frances (Burrall) Breed; 
transferred to Cornell. A.B. degree; world educated Wesleyan university, Middletown, 
war, Troop A., 107th Cavalry; senior repre- Conn., Episcopal Theological school, Cam- 
eentative Linde Air Products Co.; director, bridge, Mass.; post graduate. Harvard Univ.; 
General Title & Investment Co.; member, B.S., B.D. and D.D. degrees: married June 4, 
American Welding Society, Star & Arrow 1895 to Ellen Brodrick Zehner — children, 
(athletic) Phi Delta Phi and Alpha Delta Phi William Zehner Breed; ordained priest in the 
fraternities; member Majura (Jr. Honorary Protestant Episcopal church. In Christ 
social club) British American, Cornell-ln- church, Tarrytown, N. T. by the late Bishop 
China, Ten O'clock, University and Hermit Potter, May, 1891; rector, successively of: 
Clubs. Recreations: riding and golf. Resl- Trinity church. Concord, Mass.; Christ 
dence: 1899 E. 82nd st. Office: 409 Union church, Quincy, Mass.; St. James church, 
Bldg. Lancaster, Penn.; St. Paul's church, Cleve- 

nw A-vTVATw Tmrnii tp k ., t>,.„o« r> land; president of the standing committee, 

tjPv^?^ i1^^'- J^^ i? n ^'A^ ?ro;,r,?J^? -S.o^" of Diocese of Ohio; member University club, 

Nov. 27 1893, son M. C. and (Cannon) Bran- phUadelrhia; University, Cleveland Country 

nan; educated, Wooster college; married, ^lubs, Cleveland; Roadside and Hunt clubs 

Bowling Green, O., Aug. 1, 1919 to Marjorle Qates Mill. Residence: Wade Park Manor. 
Case — children, one daughter; world war, 

pilot Naval Flying Corp., rank of ensign; BREGENZER, Mary Dedrenx. born, Cleve- 
managing director western dlv. Anchor Post land, July 2, 1879; daughter Frederick and 
Iron works; member Cleveland and Aviation Wilhelmlna (Beier) Dedreux; educated, pub- 
clubs. Residence: 3168 Corydon-rd., Clev«- lie school and private instruction; married, 
land Hghts. Office: 21500 St. Clair-ave. Cleveland, June 25, 1901 to Emll B. Bregenzer 



— children, Edith M. and Horace Dedreux 
Bregrenzer; vice-pres. and director A. & B. 
Box Co.; vice-pres. and director Erie Coal 
&. Coke Co.; traveled Europe in 1923; member 
Unitarian church; Cleveland Heights Civic, 
Womens City and Research clubs and Cleve- 
land League of Women Voters. Residence: 
3054 Euclid Hghts. Blvd. 

BRKININGKR, Jennie AVlIson. born, War- 
saw, Ind.. Jan. 17. 1873; daughter George 
Washington and Elizabeth (Essiclt) Wilson; 
educated, Oberlin, Ohio; married, Goshen, 
Ind., Aug. 24, 1898 to Herbert Curtis Breinin- 
ger — children, Charles Herbert; member. 
Women's, Women's City and East Cleveland 
Woman's clubs; League of Women voters, 
East Cleveland G. O. P., Chambers-PIayden 
Parent Teachers Assn. Residence: 1071 

BREITENSTEIN, Joneph C, attorney; born 
Canton, O., July 30, 1884; son Louis Breiten- 
stein and Rfary (Shane) Breitenstein, un- 
married; educated at Quincy College, Quincy, 
111.. A. B. degree in 1910, graduated from 
law department Georgetown university, 
Washington, D. C. 1914; secretary to former 
Senator Atlee Pomerene, 1911-15; secretary 
Democratic state executive committee of 
Ohio, 1916; was chief assistant U. S. Dist. 
Atty., May 1915-Nov. 15-'22, Northern district 
of Ohio; special assistant U. S. Dist. Atty. 
Nov. 15-'22 March 15-'23, conducting with U. 
S. Atty. Wertz trial of cases United States 
vs. C. E. Ruthenherg, Charles Baker and Al- 
fred Wagenknecht, securing conviction for 
violation of draft laws, also handled case 
United States vs. Eugene V. Debs for violation 
espionage act during World War. Records 
show verdicts for government all important 
civil and criminal cases during his incum- 
bency and also affirmation by higher courts. 
Director, Harry H. Packer Co., The Climax 
Cleaner Co., The Riverside Savings & Loan 
Co., the First Savings & Loan Co., Elyria; 
law firm, Wertz & Breitenstein; member The 
American Bar Assoc, Ohio Bar Assoc, Cuya- 
hoga County Bar Assoc, Stark County Bar 
Assoc, Canton; also member Knights of 
of Columbus, Canton, Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce, Cleveland Athletic club and 
Sleepy Hollow club, Brecksville. Recreations: 
hand ball and golf. Residence: Cleveland 
Athletic club. Office: 1162 Union Trust Bldg. 

BRELSFORD, Hurley H., physician, born 
Ohio, Champaign Co. March 14, 1872; son Asa 
and Elmina (Batdorf) Brelsford; educated, 
Ohio State Univ., B.Ph., M.D. ; married, Cleve- 
land, Feb. 18, 1903 to Margaret Alice Lewis; 
Troop D. Spanish American war; resident 
physician, Cleveland State hospital, 1901- 
1903; general practice, 1903-1909; diseases 
of the eye, 1909 to date; member Cleveland 
Academy, Ohio State Medical Society and 
American Medical Society; member Alpha Mu 
Pi Omega medical fraternity. Kappa Sigma. 
Residence: 1866 E. 97th St. Office: 607 Rose 

BRELSFORD, Millard, clergyman; born. 
Champaign Co., Aug. 17, 1873; son Charles and 
Mary Ellen (Hanback) Brelsford; educated, 
Denison Univ., A. B. 1897; Rochester Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1900, B. D. 1907; Doctor of 
Divinity, Denison, 1917; married, Roscoe, O., 
May 16, 1900 to Gertrude M. Carhartt — 
children, Ernst C. and Charles M. Brelsford; 
pastor. First Baptist Church, Urbana, O., 1900- 
1905; pastor. East Cleveland Baptist Church, 
1905-1913; pastor. First Baptist Church, Gran- 
ville, Ohio, 1913-1919; pastor. East Cleveland 
Baptist Church (second pastorate) 1919 to 
date; member Ohio Baptist convention, since 
1901; Ohio Baptist Education society; Den- 

ison Unlv, since 1902; sec. of board since 
1914; member Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, 
Denison, 1897. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
1885 Grasmere. Office: 14516 Euclid-ave. 

BRENNEMAN, L.. Lienlie. Insurance; born, 
Mis.souri, July 18, 1885; son Martin iind E.stlu'r 
(Bosserman) Brenneman; educated, Juniata 

college, B. E., 1905; M. E., 1910; Univ. ol 
Chicago; Columbia Univ. B. S., 1912; A. M., 
1913; married, Elmira, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1915 to 
Eulessa S. Bien — children, Mayre Louese and 
Marjery Ann Brenneman; taught school and 
was supervising principal of schools town 
of Oyster Bay, Long Island; also connected 
with educational dept. of Victor Talking 
Machine Co., Camden, N. J. and lecturer on 
Chautauqua circuit; became life insurance 
broker; known by reason of amount of life 
insurance sold as "a millionaire writer"; 
general agent Equitable Life Insurance Co. 
of Iowa; pres., L. L. Brenneman & Co.; 
member, Cleveland Life Undewriters, Inc. 
and National Assn. of Life Underwriters; 
organized Northeastern Ohio Juniata As- 
sociation and has since been secretary and 
treasurer; member, Cleveland Athletic, Lake- 
wood Dancing and Mid-Day clubs. Residence: 
18151 Clifton-rd., Clifton Park, Lakewood. 
Office: 1837 Union Trust Bldg. 

BRETT, Ruth Connolly, born, Cleveland, 
June 12, 1896; daughter James and Margaret 
(Poran) Connolly; educated Shaw high school 
and Western Reserve Univ.; married, Wash- 
ington, D. C, July 10, 1917 to William Howard 
Brett, Jr. — children, William Howard Brett, 
III; member Sigma Psi fraternity. Resi- 
dence: 3760 Mayfield-rd. 

BRETT, William Howard, Jr., manufactur- 
ing; born, Cleveland, Dec. 31, 1893; son 
William H. and Alice L. (Allen) Brett; edu- 
cated, Dartmouth College, 1916, A. B.; mar- 
ried, Washington, D. C, July 10, 1917 to C. 
Ruth Connolly — children, William H. Brett, 
III; world war, U. S. Army, April, 1917 to 
Dec 1918; sec. The Enamel Products 
Co.; member. Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Rec- 
reation: golf and tennis. Residence: 3760 
Mayfield-rd. Office: The Enamel Products 

BREVES, Iionis William, paint, varnish and 
lacquer rafgr. ; born, Cleveland, Feb. 17, 1888; 
son Chas. and Marie (Fix) Breves; educated, 
Cleveland public school; University school; 
married, Cleveland, Oct. 17, 1910 to Grace 
Georgia Vogt — children, Laverne Lillian; 
pres. Cleveland Paint Oil & Varnish Club; 
pres. Cleveland Paint Club Golfers; director 
of purchases and factory mgr. Arco Com- 
pany; member Cedarhurst Country Club. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 2035 Bruns- 
wick-rd., E. Cleveland. Office: 6408 Euclid- 

BREW^ER, Abraliam T., lawyer; born, 
Monroe Co., O., Sept. 20, 1841; son Abraham 
and Mary (Mitchell) Brewer; educated, Har- 
lem Springs college; Ohio State Law school; 
married, Cleveland, 1900 to Clara G. Tagg; 
served over 3 years in Civil war, 61st Pa. 
Vols.; seriously wounded at battle of Fair 
Oaks; trustee W^estern Reserve Historical 
Society; member Sons of American Revolu- 
tion; author Ohio Corporations, five editions, 
1884-1903; author History of the 61st Penn. 
Volunteers, 1911. Residence: B704 Haw- 

BREWER, W^ilbcrt S., lithography; born, 
Cleveland, Aug. 1, 1893; son of William N. 
and Lulu A. Brewer; educated Case School 
Applied Science, mechanical engineering 1915; 
served in World War over seas in France and 
Belguira; associated with Otis Lithograph 



Co. since college with exception of war 
period and one year spent in far north; 
president Otis Lithograph Co. and director 
Bay State Film Mfg. Co.; member Zeta Psi 
fraternity, University, of Canterbury golf 
club and Clifton club, Cleveland and Hunt- 
ingdon Bay club, N. Y. Residence. 11732 
Edgewater-dr., Cleveland. Office: E. 17th 
and Payne-ave. 

BREWER. Mrs. AVilliam >'.. born, Bruns- 
wick. O., Nov. 6, 1862; daughter David T. 
and Ellen (Park) Sherwood: educated, Cleve- 
land public high school and Normal School; 
married, Cleveland, Sept. 10. 1884 to "William 
Nelson Brewer — children. Wilbert Sherwood, 
and Elizabeth Brewer, Caroline Brewer Goff 
and Evalyn Brewer Ames; director of Eliza 
Jennings Home; member, Clifton Club. Resi- 
dence: 11732 "West Shore-dr. 

BRIGGS, Claude Porter, teacher; born, 
Minier, 111.. Nov. 1879; son Ben. T. and Agnes 
(Porter) Briggs, educated, Illinois Normal 
school; Univ. of Illinois, A. B. ; Univ. of Chi- 
cago; Teachers college, Columbia Univ. and 
Harvard Univ.: married, Aurora, 111., 1909 to 
Kathryn Kendall — children, Jane, Barbara 
and Kendall Porter Briggs; member Phi 
Delta Gappa fraternity; pres. Nat. Assn. of 
Secondary Sfhool principals: Clifton lodge, 
F. & A. M. ; director Midwest Savings & Loan 
Bank. Residence: 1616 Belle-ave., Lakewood. 
Office: Lakewood High School. 

BRIGGS, D^ljBTht Palmer, advertising; 
born. Cleveland, June 9, 1861; son Chas. C. 
and Minerva (Hinckley) Briggs; educated, 
Cleveland public and high schools; married, 
Elyria, O., Nov. 16, 1882 to Anna Bradford 
Boyd — children, Edna Boyd Briggs Mac- 
I..achlan; married, Sept. 10, 1913 to Annie 
E. Corom; with Cleveland Topics 20 years 
in advertising dept. Residence: 3385 Ken- 
more-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 319 Caxton 

BRIGGS, Howard I.Innell, director of vo- 
cational and practical arts education; born, 
Boston, Mass, July 22, 1888; son Frank Joseph 
and Jeanette (I^innell) Briggs; educated, en- 
gineering at Northeastern College, Boston, 
Mass.; B. S. "Vocational at Carnegie Institute 
of Tech.; M. A. Educational administration, 
University of Mich.; summer courses. Har- 
vard Univ.; married, San Antonio, Texas, 
March 11, 1919 to Elizabeth Leonore John- 
son — children, Elizabeth Linnell Briggs; 
world war. served psychological div. com- 
pleted training courses for examiners medical 
officers training camp. Camp Greenleaf, 
Georgia; at close of war was in charge of 
industrial training, Base hospital. No. 1, re- 
habilitation; served in capacities, shop 
teacher, supervisor, trade school principal, 
vocational director since 1911 in various 
cities including New Bedford and Newton, 
Mass., Salisbury, Conn., Pittsburgh, Pa.. El 
Paso, Texas, Claremore, Okla., Saginaw, Mich., 
and Cleveland; pres. "Voc. Sec. National 
Education Assn.; member. Executive Com- 
mittee School Masters Club; member. Na- 
tional Society for "Vocational Education, Na- 
tional Society for Study of Education, Na- 
tional Educational Assn., Ohio State Society 
for "Vocational Education; "Vocational Edu- 
cation Assn. of Middle "W'est., Ohio State 
Teachers Assn., North Eastern Ohio Teachers 
Assn., School Masters Club, Manual Arts club 
of Cleveland and Phi Delta Kappa Honorary 
Educational fraternity; member City club; 
author of "Practical Bricklaying;" contri- 
butor to year book National Society for Study 
of Education and other educational and re- 
search publications. Recreations: cross 

country drives, walks, golf, lectures, concerts, 
operas, dramas and working with tools. Resi- 
dence: 17014 Kenyon-rd., Shaker Hghts. 
Office: Board of Education. 

BRIGGS. Jeannette Stiver*, born, Ripley, 
O.. April 10, 1894; educated, Hathaway 
Brown, 1913; one year Miss Madiera's, "Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; one year Mrs. Scoville's, New 
York City; married, Ripley, O., July 14, 1917 
to Maurice Briggs — children, Billy and Bar- 
bara Briggs. Residence: 2116 Renrock-rd. 

BRIGGS, Maurice, attorney; born, Horton, 
Kansas. July 20, 1892; son "W. M. and Ida May 
(Von Buchols) Briggs; educated, Ohio State 
Univ., B. A., 1914; "Western Reserve Univ., 
LL. D., 1924; married, Ripley, O., July 14, 
1917 to Jeannette Baird Stivers — children, 
Billy and Barbara Briggs; with law firm 
Briggs & Briggs; member Delta Tau Delta, 
Phi Delta Phi, Theta Nu Epsilon, and Gamma 
Phi fraternities; Sphinx Senior Society and 
Bucket and Dipper Junior Society and A.U."V. 
society, Cleveland Athletic and Roadside 
clubs. Residence: 2116 Renrock-rd. Office: 
320 Leader Bldg. 

BRIGGS, "VVarren M., lawyer: born, Horton, 
Kansas. March 8, 1890; son "William M. and 
Ida M. (Buchols) Briggs; educated, Ohio State 
Univ., A. B., 1911; Harvard Law school, L.L.B., 
1915; married, Ripley, O., July 14, 1917 to 
Tlildegarde E. Shoemaker — children. Eu- 
genia May, James "Warren and John Jerome 
Briggs; asst. law director, Cleveland, 1920; 
world war. Capt. U. S. Infantry, 1918-1919; 
sec. Cleveland club; member Phi Beta Kappa, 
and Delta Tau Delta fraternity. University 
club. Residence: Alcazar Hotel. Office: 320 
Leader Bldg. 

BRINTNAL,I« Roy Arthur, oculist; born, 
"Valley City, O., March 1, 1884; son Arthur 
and Edith (Phelps) Brintnall; educated, 
"Valley City high school; Purdue Univ.; Ohio 
"Weslyan Univ.; "Western Reserve Medical, 
1911, M. D. ; New York Eye & Ear Infirmary; 
world war, capt. med. corps., 1917-1918. com- 
manding convalescent hospital No. 15; di- 
rector First Aid, American Red Cross, Lake 
Div., Ohio, Kentucky, Mich.. Ind. and "W. 
"Va., 1921; chief Bureau Hospitals, Ohio, 
1922; specializing diseases and injuries of 
eyes, 1923; general practice medicine, 1912- 
1P17; practice now limited to traumatic eye; 
member Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Beta Pi 
fraternities; American Legion. Army & Navy 
I'ost No. 54. Recreation: fishing. Resi- 
dence: 1419 Grace-ave., Lakewood. Office: 
302 Osborn Bldg. 

BRITTINGHAM. Harold Hlxon, physician; 
son Thomas Evans and Mary (Clark) Brit- 
tingham; educated, Hotchkiss, 1912; Yale, 
1916, A. B. ; Harvard Medical, 1920, M. D.; 
married, Ft. "Worth, Texas, Nov. 8, 1921 to 
Lucille Matthews — children, Thomas Evans 
Brittingham II; world war, served in Medi- 
cal corps.; member Medical Arts Society; 
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma XI and Alpha Ome- 
ga Alpha fraternities; University and Tennis 
clubs. Residence: 2195 Demington-dr. 

BRITTINGHAM. l/ucllle Matthews born, 
Albony, Texas; daughter, John Alexander and 
Sallie Ann (Reynolds) IMatthews; odnoated. 
Univ. of Texas; married. Ft. "Worth, Texas, 
Nov. 8, 1921 to Harold Hixon Brittingham — 
children, Thomas Evans Brittingham II, and 
Sally Brittingham; member "U'omen's City 
Club. Residence: 2195 Demington-dr. 

BRITTOX, Charles Schuyler, executive; 
born, Cleveland, Aug. 21, 1S60; son Joseph 



■U'. and Salome Plerson (Schuyler) Britton; 
educated, Cleveland public and private 
schools; married, Cleveland, Oct. 20, 1881 
to Caroline Louise Beckwith (deceased); 
married, Milwaukee, April 5, 1899 to Anne 
Brighan; councilman of Bratenahl village; 
Pres. Cleveland Topics Co., Britton-Gardner 
Printing Co., Carroll Realty Co., Rockwell 
Building Co.; vice-pres. Motorteria Company; 
director S. LelMur Co.; member Union, Tav- 
ern, Country, Kirtland and Pepper Pike clubs. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 10712 Lake 
Shore-blvd. Office: Caxton Bldg. 

BRITTON, Karl Becktvith, executive; born, 
Cleveland; son Charles S. and Carrie (Beck- 
with) Britton; educated. University school; 
Cornell Univ., 1906. M.E. ; married, Cleve- 
land, to Jessie Tuttle — children, Barbara and 
Beckwith Britton; vice pres. Britton-Gardner 
Printing Co. and Cleveland Topics Co.; vice- 
pres. and sec. Rockwell Building Co.; pres. 
Superior Rockwell Garage; sec. Carroll Realty 
Co.; trcas. Retail Trade Corporation; mem- 
ber Society of Automotive Engineers; Univer- 
sity, Mid-Day and Cedarhurst Country clubs; 
Cornell club of New York. Residence: 3350 
Bradford-rd. Cleveland Hghts. Office: 205 
Caxton Bldg. 

BROADBEXT. Blrdsall Holly, orthodon- 
tist; born. Lockport. N. Y., Sept. 27. 1894; son 
James P. and Mable Louise (Holly) Broad- 
bent; educated, Western Reserve Univ., 
D.D.S. ; Angle college of Ortliodontia, Pasa- 
dena, Cal; married, Cleveland, Sept. 27, 192 L 
to Bernice Marian Mathews — children, Ann 
Louise and Jane Elizabeth Broadbent; world 
war, enlisted in Medical Reserve corps; mem- 
ber Cleveland, Ohio State and American Den- 
tal societies; Edward H. Angle Society of 
Orthodontists; Psi Omega fraternity; deputy 
Commissioner and 15 year veteran of Cleve- 
land Boy Scouts; member Rotary, Cleveland 
Athetlic and National Town and Country 
clubs; Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 
14437 Superior-rd. Office: 1534 Keith Bldg. 

BROCKETT, Bluford AV.. patent law; born, 
Baltimore, Md., July 27, 1877; son Benjamin 
F. and Caroline (Hunter) Brockett; educated, 
LL.B., 1899; LL.M. 1900; masters of Patents, 
1901; graduate Columbian Law School, Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; married, Washington, D. C, 
April 10, 1907 to Francis Jeanette Miller; en- 
tered practice of law with Whitaker & Pre- 
vost at Washington, D. C. ; came to Cleve- 
land, 1901 with Thurston & Bates; entered 
practice alone December 1905; formed pres- 
ent partnership of Brockett & Hyde, 1916; 
director. Shaker Heights Country club; vice- 
pres., Bewsick Round Fabric Belting Co.; 
member. Shaker Heights Country, Union, 
Cleveland Athletic clubs. Residence: 2501 
Guilford-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 1430 
Keith Bldg. 

BROCKWAY, Clarence Mellen. automohle 
industry; born, Boston, Mass., June 11, 1872; 
son Charles Gordon and Amelia Frances 
(Hight) Brockway; educated, Worcester 
Academy, Mass.; Boston school of Technology, 
Mass. Institute; married, Cleveland, Mar. 
23, 1912 to Louise Horton — children, Horton 
and Ruth Brockway; veteran Spanish Amer- 
ican war; enlisted Private Troop A., Ist 
Ohio Cavalry; member Cleveland Athletic 
club. Residence: 1839 Farmington-rd., E. 
Cleveland. Office: A. B. Smythe Bldg., Huron- 

BROCKW.VY. I.oiiImo Iloptoii. l>orn. Cl.vo- 
land, June 21, 1875; daughter William Perry 
and Emma (Sawtelle) Brockway; educated, 
Cleveland grade and high schools; Lasell 
Seminary, Auburndale, Mass.; married, Cleve- 
land, Mar. 23, 1912 to Clarence Mellen Brock- 

waj' — children, Horton and Ruth Brockway. 
Residence: 1839 Farmington-rd., E. Cleve- 

BRODIE, Warren James, secretary; born, 
Rochester, N. Y., April 27, 1863; son William 
Alexander and Laura (Diver) Brodie; edu- 
cated, Geneseo State Normal School, 1883; 
Rutgers College, 1887, B. S.; entered service 
of Standard Oil Company as private secretary 
to Louis H. Severance and served until his 
death; then private secretary to John L. 
Severance and Charles F. Brush; sec. and 
treas., Cleveland Arcade Co.; director, Linde 
Air Products Co.; director, Colonial Salt Co.; 
trustee, Rutgers college; member Union, Uni- 
versity, Mayfleld Country, Canterbury Coun- 
try, Garfield Perry Stamp clubs and Universi- 
ty club of N. Y., and Zeta Psi club of N. Y. 
Recreation: golf, yachting, chemistry, print- 
ing, photography, painting, philately, col- 
lecting stringed musical Instruments. Resi- 
dence: University club. Office: 480 The Ar- 

BROMLEY, Charles Howard, sales manager; 
born, Ohio, 1873; son Harry and Zorada Brom- 
ley; educated, Jackson, Mich.; married, Cleve- 
land, June 22, 1900 to Frances G. Ginn — child- 
ren, Harry Bromley; on advisory board. 
Heights Savings & Loan Co. ; member. Masonic 
lodge, Chagrin Valley Golf, Cleveland Athle- 
tic and Union clubs. Residence: 2192 Bell- 

BRONSON, Adelbert Emmons, sec. and sales 
mgr. ; educated. Central high school; Prince- 
ton Univ.; married to H. Elizabeth Steuer — 
children, Adelbert E. Bronson, Jr.; sec. and 
sales mgr. Dill Mfg. Co.; director Nelson 
Special Machine Co.; member Masonic lodge; 
Heights Commandery; National Town and 
Country, Akron University and Canterbury 
Golf clubs. Residence: 2713 Lancashire-rd. 
Office: 684 E. 82nd-st. 

BROOKHART, Anna R., born Lon- 
don, Ont., July 7, 1879; daughter Wm. 
and Cornelia IBuhre) Mills; educated, Chey- 
enne, Wyo. high school; London, Ont. con- 
servatory of music; married, Cheyenne, Wyo., 
Aug. 28, 1906 to Leslie S. Brookhart — children, 
Cornelia, Kathleen, Elinore and John M. 
Brookhart; world war, Glenville chapter Red 
Cross; pres. Collinwood parent teachers assn., 
1920; member Glenville Monday club; pres. 
Women's Guild Incarnation church, 1919- 
1926. Recreation: golf. Residence: 245 Over- 
look Park-dr. 

BROOKHART, Don, pres. Brookhart Fruit 

Co.; born, Lima, O.. Dec. 7, 1883; son Barton 
A. and Lulu (Curtis) Brookhart; educated, 
Western Reserve Univ.; married, Younga- 
town, O., Nov. 2, 1910 to Grace Foster Balrd 
— children, Baird, Suzanne and Jan<>t Brook- 
hart; member Delta Kappa Epsilon fra- 
ternity; Cleveland Athletic Club. Office: 
764 Broadway. 

BROOKHART, Leslie S.. physician — sur- 
geon; born, Letts, Iowa. Oct. 10, 1880; son 
John W. and Martha (Shallabarger) Brook- 
hart; educated, Cheyenne high school, Chey- 
enne, Wyo.; Univ. of Mich., dept. of medicine 
and surgery, M. D., 1905; married, Chey- 
enne, Wyo., Aug. 28, 1906 to Anna R. Mills — 
children, four; Spanish American War, 1898- 
1899, private Co. G. Wyoming volunteers, 
service in Philippine Islands; world war, 
1918-1919, capt. U. S. medical corps., service 
Base hospital, Camp Sherman, chief of Sur- 
gical service Base hospital; momber Cleve- 
land Academy of Medicine; Madison Golf 
Lakelands, Big Ten, Univ. of Michigan Union 
and Cleveland clubs. Recreation: golf. Resl- 



dence: 245 Overlook Park-dr. Office: S314 

BROOKS, Arthur DeWItt, printing; born, 
Cleveland, May 23, 1877; son Arthur S. and 
Mary (DeWitt) Brooks; educated, Cornell 
Univ., B.S. 1900; married, June 26, 1911 to 
Marlon Wetmore — children, Russell C. Brooks; 
ores. The Brooks Co.; director Guardian 
Trust Co. and Eaton Axle & Spring Co.; 
member Cleveland Society of Artists; Union, 
Mayfleld and Hermit clubs. Residence: 11936 
Carlton-rd. Office: 1241 Superior-ave. E. 

BROOKS, Charles S., writer; born, Cleve- 
land, June 25, 1878; son Stephen E. and Mary 
E. (Coffinberry) Brooks; educated, Yale, 
1900, A. B.; married, Cleveland, Oct. 12, 1907 
to Minerva C. Kline; formerly employer of 
shipping board, Washington; formerly em- 
ployer of commission under State dept., 
N. Y. C; vice-pres. and director Brooks Co.; 
director Freehold Co.; pres. The Play House; 
vlce-pres. The Play House Foundation; mem- 
ber University, Rowfant, Tavern, Kirtland 
and Pepper Pike clubs; Yale club of New 
York; graduates club of New Haven; Eliza- 
bethan club of New Haven; author of Jour- 
neys in Bagdad, 1915; There's Pippins and 
Cheese to Come, 1917; Chimney Pot Papers, 
1919; Hints to Pilgrims, 1921; Luca Sarto, a 
novel, 1920; Frightful Play, 1922; A Thread 
of English Road, 1924; Luca Sarto, a play, 
1924; Like Summer's Cloud, 1925; Roundabout 
to Canterbury, 1926. Residence: 11107 Mag- 

BROOKS, Charles Twing, lawyer; born, 
Salem, O., March 29, 1867; son J. Twing and 
Annie P. (Miller) Brooks; educated, Yale, 
A. B., 1889; Harvard, LL.B., 1894; connected 
with Squire, Sanders & Dempsey 1894-1914; 
retired from active practice; sec. Geo. H. 
Bowman Co.; pres. Hurd Coal & Iron Co.; 
director Farmer's Natl. Bank, Salem, O. ; 
member Tavern, Rowfant, Union, Mid-Day, 
Mayfleld Country and Chagrin "Valley Hunt 
clubs; University and Yale clubs of New 
York. Residence: 12526 Cedar-rd. Office: 224 

BROOKS, Cheater K., iron and steel manu- 
facturer; born, Cleveland, Feb. 6, 1885; eon 
Edward H. and Agnes Endicott (Chapln) 
Brooks; educated, Yale Univ., B. A., 1906; 
Case School of Applied Science, B. S., 1908; 
married, Cleveland, Feb. 5, 1914 to Elizabeth 
Freeman Brown — children, Harvey, Laura 
and Oliver Brooks; director Brown Hoist- 
ing Machinery Co., Philip H. Collins Co., 
and C. L. Ryley Coal Co.; director Chamber 
of Commerce; member American Iron and 
Steel Institute; Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Sigma XI and Tau Beta PI fraterni- 
ties; Union, Tavern, Kirtland and Wlnous 
Point Shooting clubs. Residence: 2724 Berk- 
Bhlre-rd. Office: 10600 Qulncy-ave. 

BROOKS, Daisy Worthlngton, born, 
Cleveland, Oct. 1, 1878; daughter Ralph and 
Helen H. (Ely) Worthlngton; educated. 
Miss Mittleberger's school, Hathaway Brown, 
Annie Brown's school. New York, married, 
Cleveland, Jan. 16, 1902 to Wilbur Hart 
Brooks — children, Katharine Brooks; world 
war. Red Cross service; member. Union, 
Mayfleld Country, Mid-day and Pepper Pike 
clubs. Residence: 11945 Carlton-rd., Euclid 

BROOKS, Ernest Ralph, physician; born, 
Wheeling, W. Va., Oct. 19, 1882; son Ell R. 
and Belinda (Thomas) Brooks; educated, 
Pittsburgh Central high school, 1900; Wash- 
ington & Jefferson college, A. B. 1904; West- 
ern Reserve Medical college, M. D. 1908; 

married, Cleveland, Oct. 19, 1909 to Maude 
D. Bothwell — children, Maude B. and Ernest 
R. Brooks, Jr.; supt. Warrensville Tubercular 
Farm, 1909-1912; world war nerved on car- 
die vascular board and with Base hospital 
No. 133; held Major's commission in Med. 
Reserve corps; director, Western Reserve 
Navigation Co.; member A. M. A., Cleveland 
Med. Library, Cleveland Academy of Medi- 
cine, Ohio State Med. Assn., A. T. O. fra- 
ternity, Nu Sigma Nu Med. fraternity, Cleve- 
land Museum of Art, University, Acacia 
Country and Northern Ohio Gun and Coun- 
try clubs. Recreation: golf, volley-ball, 
fishing. Residence: 9400 EucUd-ave. Office: 
312 Osborn Bldg. 

BROOKS, Henry Martin, Insurance and 
real estate, born June 23, 1848, Elyria, O., 
son Henry Johnsen Brooks and Abigail 
(Hart) Brooks; married In Cleveland, O., 
July 6, 1870 to Harriet Eliza Moore — chil- 
dren, Mrs. Mabel Brooks Wilbur, Mrs. Ger- 
trude Brooks Dalzell, Mrs. Q. W. Bentley, 
Wilbur H., and Stephen H. Brooks. Served In 
Ohio State militia during Civil war, outstand- 
ing Republican; entered Insurance field in 
Sept. 1866, continuing until present, 60 con- 
secutive years, during which period he served 
as official and director various banks and 
industries, besides handling real estate 
(principally business properties) as owner 
and agent, chairman of board and direc- 
tor of The Brooks & Stafford Co., direc- 
tor The Brooks Co., publishers and director 
Cleveland Trust Co.; member Union club. 
Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of In- 
dustry. Recreations: golf, fishing and travel. 
Residence: Elandon-dr., Cleveland Hghts. 
Office: 1231 Chester-ave. 

BROOKS, James C, attorney; born, Cleve- 
land, May 22, 1876; son Stephen E. and Mar> 
E (Coffinberry) Brooks; educated, Yale, A. 
B. ; Harvard, LL.B. ; married, Cleveland to 
Frances Perkins — children, James C. Brooks, 
Jr.; married, April 7, 1926 to Mrs. Linda Bole 
Perkins; world war, in legal dept. of Ameri- 
can Red Cross in France, Aug. 1917 to Jan. 
1919; appointed solicitor of American Red 
Cross in France, March, 1918; member law 
firm Boyd, Cannon, Brooks & Wickham; di- 
rector Brooks Co., W. S. Gllky Printing Co., 
Cleveland Trust Co., Hill Clutch Co. and 
Postergraph Co.; member Alpha Delta Phi 
fraternity; Union, Kirtland Country, Pepper 
Pike and Tavern clubs. Residence: 11107 
Magnolia-dr. Office: 900 Marshall Bldg. 

BROOKS, Katharine, born, Cleveland, Dec. 
6, 1902; son Wilbur H. and Daisy (Worthlng- 
ton) Brooks; educated, Hathaway-Brown 
school; Mount Vernon seminary, W^ashlng- 
ton; Cleveland School of Art; member Junior 
League. Residence: 11945 Carlton-rd. 

BROOKS, Katherlne Gill, born, Cleveland. 
Jan. 31, 1888; daughter Oliver KIngsley and 
Harriet Ellen (Gill) Brooks; educated. Miss 
Mittleberger's school; Ingleslde school. New 
Mllford, Conn.; world war. Chairman recrea- 
tional committee of Lakeside Unit.; asst. 
director Bureau of Personnel, Lake Division, 
A. R. C. ; served as pres. Board of Trustees 
Visiting Nurse Assn.; sec. Junior League; 
sec. Board of Managers of St. John's Orphan- 
age, identified with visiting nurse assn.; St. 
Johns orphanage; member Women's City 
club. Residence: 2692 Berkshlre-rd. 

BROOKS, Marsraret Alice, born Columbus, 
O., 1860; daughter William B. and Rachel 
(Hardlnge) Brooks; educated, high school; 
Hollldaysburg, Pa. seminary; stenographer 



with Standard Oil Co. from 1898 to Nov., BROWN, Chnrles Robert Conrnd, pres. 

I'JliS; member Woman's City club. Residence: Sunshine Cut Glass Co.; born, Cleveland, 

1905 Wadena st., E. Cleveland. March 7, 1884; son Robert C. and Caroline 

BROOKS. Wilbur Hart, insurance; born, d-:J^^^l^^^\ Brown; educated common and 

Princeton Alumni Assn., Mayfield Country. ^ Lakewood Country and Shrine clubs 

Lnion, Mid-Day and Pepper-Pike clubs ^^^ Chamber of Commerce. Recreation: 

Residence: 11945 Carlton-rd. Office: 1231 goif. Residence: York-rd., Parma Hghts. 

Chester-ave. Office: 1312 Ontario-st. 

BROWN. Abner B., born, Cleveland, Nov. bROWN, Dale, mgr. Cleveland Better Bus- 

14. 1871; son Nathaniel and Rose (England) iness Bureau; born, Amboy. 111., Sept. 15, 
Brown; educated, public school; married, iggi- gon strother M. and Myrtle (Spencer) 
Minn., Jan., 1900 to Ray G. Brown— children, Brown; educated, public schools of Chicago 
Ins Brown; served two terms as director and Cleveland; Glenville high school; Adel- 
Chamber of Commerce; vice-pres. and mgr. bert college, graduated, 1913; Western Re- 
Carey Co.; vice-pres. Doan Savings & Loan gerve Univ. Law school, graduated. 1915; A. 
Co.; pres. Essble Realty Co.; pres. Carey g, ^nd LL.B. degrees; married, Cleveland, 
Realty, Inc.; member Masonic lodge; West- gept. 15, 1919 to Frances Ely Coulton— child- 
chester-Biltmoie Country. Sleepy Hollow, ren, Sarah Ann and Elizabeth Ely Brown; 
Cleveland Athletic, Cedarhurst, and Shaker -world war, private, corporal and sergeant 
Heights Country clubs. Residence: Wade i^ machine gun co. 5th Ohio National Guard, 
Park Manor. Office: 5906 Euclid-ave. 1915-1916; served for 9 months at El Paso, 

BROWN, Alma Davis, born, Cleveland; Te^as, 1916-1917; 2nd Lieut. H. Co 145th 

daughter John H. and Rhoda Helen (Dixon) f'^S?y''"^c'apl'Hd'^r'"co ?4i?h In?antJy''served 

Davis; educated, Cleveland schools and Ober- ^^e/seks"^ wUh"^ l^s' ?nfant'ry Som '5une 1918 

lin conservatory; married, Cleveland, Dec. ^q ju^e 1919 in Meuse-Argonne and Ypres- 

15, 1886 to George Hayes Brown — children, Lyg offensive and in two defense sectors; 
Hattie Brown Hobson, Lucille Brown Ketch- .^as regimental intelligence and operations 
am, D'Etta Brown Dodge, Georgie Brown officer from June 1918 to January 1919; 
Mitchell, Jean Kathryn, Wilson D. and Win- transferred to 357th Infantry 90th Dlv. 
ton H. Brown; world war worked in Lake- army of occupation in Jan. 1919; served aa 
wood Red Cross and on Lakewood Mayor's ofTlcer in charge of German civilian affairs 
war committee; women's committee, D.A.R.; at Hillesheim, Germany from Jan. 1919 to 
honorary vice-pres. St. Luke's hospital; june 1919; mustered out Aug. 1919 as Capt. 
woman's board of managers; Grant-Wilson of Infantry; decorated by France with Croix- 
parent teachers executive board; Western de-Guerre; asst. sec. Chamber of Commerce. 
Reserve Chapter D.A.R.; Animal Protective 1919-1923; manager Cleveland Better Busi- 
League; supt. of temperance and missions, ness Bureau, 1923 to date; member Legisla- 
W. C. T. U.; Consumer's League; Lakewood tive Committee Chamber of Commerce; mem- 
League of Women Voters; pres. Three Arts ber Executive committee American Legion, 
club; member Book & Thimble and Lake- Cuyahoga County, 1919-1924; member, Masonic 
wood Women's clubs; member Lakewood fraternity, 32nd degree; Pi Kappa Alpha and 
M. E. church; teacher for many years in Delta Theta Phi fraternities; Cleveland 
S.S.; vice-pres. Home and Foreign Missionary Grays, Cleveland Advertising club and 
Societies etc; former member Deaconess' chamber of Commerce. Recreation: tennis, 
board in M. E. church; former member Bible fishing. Residence: 3305 Daleford-rd. Shaker 
committee in Cleveland West Side Y, W. C. A. Hghts. Office: Federal Reserve Bank Bldg. 
Residence: 15620 Detroit-ave., Lakewood, O. , „ - ,. , ■ 

BROWN. Edward H.. furniture business; 

BROW^N. Andrew H., asst. transportation born, Cleveland, July 24, 1895; son Edward 

commissioner; born, Peoria, 111., July 5, 1889; james and Delia (Howey) Brown; educated, 

son George N. and Emma L. (Carlson) Cornell Univ., M. E., 1920; world war, 1st 

Brown; educated. Univ. of Michigan. A. B.; lleut. 324th F. sig. brig.; member Troop 

John Marshall school of Law, LL. B. ; mar- A at present; sec. and treas. Brown Bros, 

ried, Boston, Mass., Aug. 19, 1922 to Helen Stores, Inc.; member Alpha Tau Omego fra- 

N. Betts — children, Helen Elizabeth, George ternity; University, Cleveland Advertising 

Robbins, and Andrew Theodore Brown; and Lake Placid clubs. Residence: 2208 

member, Chamber of Commerce, Delta Theta Harcourt-dr. Office: 2163 E. 9th-st. 

Phi fraternity and Traffic Club of Cleveland. „ , ^, ^ , . ,. x.. 

Residence: 2041 Carabel-ave., Lakewood. BROWN, Edward J., furniture merchant: 

Office: 203 Chamber of Commerce. born, Berea, O.. June 4, 1866; son G. E. and 

Hannah M. (Perbler) Brown; educated, Bald- 

BROWT<r, Mrs. Burton A., born. Fredonla, ^i^ Univ.; married, Berea, O., Dec. 10, 1893 

N. Y., Jan. 31, 1883; daughter Geo. G. and to Delia E. How. y — children. Edward H. 

Edith (Colgrove) Miner; educated at Fre- and Winifred J. Brown; traveling salesman 

donia. N. Y. State Norman school, 1904; mar- furniture, 1886-1891; Brown Bros. 1891; pres. 

ried, Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1906 to Burton Brown Bros. Stores. Inc.; pres. Colonial Real- 

A. Brown — children, Clayton G. and Edith ty Col.; director Aldrlch Howey Co.; trustee 

M. Brown; taught school two years at Clif- American Whist League; member Shaker 

ton Springs, N. Y.; treas. Musical Art socle- Heights Country. Cleveland Athletic and 

ty; first vice-pres. Mother's class Epworth- Cleveland Duplicate Whist clubs. Recrea- 

Euclld Methodist church. Residence: 7606 tlon: golf and whist. Residence: 2208 Har- 

Llnwood-ave. court-dr. Office: 2161 E. 9th-st. 



BROVVX, ErncBt Benton, merchant; born, 
Berea, O., Mar. 24, 1868; son Godfrey E. and 
Harriet (Peebles) Brown; educated, Bald- 
win-Wallace college; married June 24, 18'Jl 
to Carrie Anthony — children, Harriet B. Goss, 
Marion B. Truxal, Doris B. Sperry; married, 
Cleveland, Jan. 17, 1906 to Mary Zenner — 
children, Ernest Benton and Mary-Louise 
Brown; member Shaker Heights Country 
club. Residence: 2035 Chestnut Hills-dr. 

BROWN, Ernest B., manufacturer; born, 
Troy, N. H. ; son H. J. and A. M. (Bemis) 
Brown; educated, grammar and high school; 
married, Cleveland, Jan. 7, 1903 to Mabel S. 
Herringshaw (deceased) — children, two; 
member medical advisory board during the 
war; E. B. Brown, mfg. and dispensing op- 
tician; member Coeur De Lion Commandery 
No. 64; Al Koran Temple, N. M. S. ; Cleveland 
Athletic, Rotary, Cleveland and Willowick 
clubs. Recreation: golf. Office: Union Trust 

BROWN, Fayette, pig Iron mfg. and lake 
vessel transportation; born, Cleveland, Aug, 
1, 1881; son Harvey H. and Elizabeth F. (Hlc- 
kox) Brown; educated. University school; 
Yale Univ., A. B. ; married, Elyrla, O., Jan. 
18, 191.3 to Geraldine Walker — children, Fay- 
ette, Willard Walker, Barbara and Ralph 
Hickox Brown; world war, 135th F.A.-A.E.P., 
France, 1918-1919; member of firm Harvey 
H. Brown & Co.; pres. Stewart Furnace Co.; 
director Cleveland Trust Co., Great Lakea 
Towing Co., By-Products Coke Corp., Cleve- 
land Storage Co.; member Psi Upsilon Fra- 
ternity; Scroll and Key Society; Union, Tav- 
ern, Mid-Day, Mayfleld, Klrtland and Chag- 
rin Valley Hunt clubs; University club of 
N. T., Raquette club of Chicago; Duquesne 
club of Pittsburgh; Graduates club of New 
Haven. Residence: 2617 Berkshire-rd. Oftice: 
1854 Union Trust Bldg. 

BROWN, Francis P., Jr., Pickands, Mather 
Co.; born, Cleveland; son Francis P. and 
Elizabeth Evatt (Chalfant) Brown; educat- 
ed, Univ. of Wisconsin; married, Cleveland, 
Dec. 18, 1919 to Sarah Irene Stevens — children, 
Sarah Elizabeth Brown; member Psl Upsilon 
fraternity, Rho Chapter. Residence: 2S30 N. 
Moreland-blvd. Office: Union Trust bldg. 

BROWN, Geo. H., sec. and treas. ; born, 
Conneautville, Pa.; son Thomas Wilson and 
Sarah J. (Mc(i!almont) Brown; educated, pub- 
lic schools: married, Cleveland, Dec. 15, 1886 
to Alma S. Davis — children, Hattie Brown 
Hobson, Lucille Brown Ketcham, D'Etta 
Brown Dodge, Georgie Brown Mitchell, Jean 
Kathryn, Wilson D. and Winton H. Brown; 
pioneer in the manufacture of bicycles, auto- 
mobiles and diesel engines; sec, treas. and di- 
rector Winton Engine Co.; treas. and director 
Lindsey Wire Weaving Co.; director Cleve- 
land Trust Co.; chairman official board Lake- 
wood M. E. Church; trustee St. Luke's hospi- 
tal; trustee Baldwin-Wallace college; mem- 
ber Cleveland and Lakewood Chambers of 
Commerce. Residence: 15620 Detroit-ave., 
Lakewood. Office: 2116 W. 106th-st. Sum- 
mer: Brownhaven, Mentor Headlands, O. 

BROAVN, Geraldine Walker, born, Ports- 
mouth, N. H., Nov. 4, 1890; daughter Arthur 
and ]Mary (Foster) Walker; educated, 
Briarcliff school; Miss Sheldon and Miss 
Nixon's school at Florence, Italy; married, 
Elyria, O., Jan. 18, 1913 to Fayette Brown — 
children, Fayette, Willard Walker, Barbara 
and Ralph Hickox Brown. Residence: 2617 

BROAVX, Harold Hays, real estate and 
building; born, Adamsville, Pa., son H. Wal- 

lace and Elizabeth (Findley) Brown Sept. 21, 
1883; married, Cleveland, 1907 to Margurlte 
C. Gill — children, Elizabeth, Jane and Jack 
Brown; sec. treas. mgr. H. W. Brown & Son 
Co.; director Gibraltar Realty Co.; treas. 
Advance Bldg. Co.; member Willowick Coun- 
try, Cleveland and City clubs. Residence: 
2548 Euclld-blvd. Office: 12429 Cedar-rd. 

BROAVN, Irene Stevenn. born. Cleveland; 
daughter Edwin Augustus and Carrie S. 
(Penney) Stevens; married, Cleveland, Dec. 
18, 1919 to Francis P. Brown, Jr.— children, 
Sarah Elizabeth Brown. Residence: 2630 
N. Moreland-blvd. 

BRO^VN, James D., genl. agt. passgr. dept. 
Erie R.R. ; born, Dansville, N. T. ; son Alex- 
ander and Harriette (Doty) Brown; educat- 
ed, public and private schools, Buffalo, N. Y.; 
married, Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1870 to Sarah 
M. Andrus — children, Harriette, Ella and 
Edwin H. Brown; director, N. Y., Penn. & 
Ohio R.R. and one of most widely known 
passengermen in country, has hobby of writ- 
ing and novel advertising methods; member 
Union club; Chamber of Commerce; Cleve- 
land R.R. Passenger agts. club. Residence; 
12337 Cedar-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

BROW^N, Lois Hoffman, born, Lakewood, 
O., Sept. 2, 1893; daughter Harry H. and 
Gertrude M. (Hartzell) Hoffman; educated, 
Glendale, Ohio; married, Cleveland, April 20, 
1918 to Wayland W. Brown — children, Har- 
riet Lawrence and Natalie Gertrude Brown; 
member Junior League of Cleveland. Resi- 
dence: 2282 Grandview-ave.; summer: Dover 
Bay, Rocky River, O. 

BROWN, Marj' Louise, born, Cleveland, 
Dec. 23, 1876; daughter E. James and Mary 
J. (Granger) Zenner; educated, Ursuline 
Academy and Central high school; married, 
Cleveland, Jan. 17, 1906 to Ernest Benton 
Brown — children, Ernest Benton and Mary 
Louise Brown; world war, two surgical dress- 
ings groups weekly at Y.W.C.A. ; chairman 
Girl Reserves, Central Y.W.C.A.; member 
board of management; trustee, Y.W.C.A.; pres. 
Woman's Whist League of America; member. 
Shaker Heights Neighborhood Guild, City 
club, Cleveland Heights Civic club and 
Wimodaissian club. Residence: 2035 Chest- 
nut Hills-dr. 

BROWN, Ralph F., Vice-President, Cuya- 
hoga Abstract Title & Trust Co.; born, 
Cleveland, July 10, 1881; son Arland and 
Alice L. (Frary) Brown; educated, Ashta- 
bula high school; married, Cleveland, Jan. 
9, 1925 to Merle Weir — children, Peggy Ann 
Brown; began work with Cuyahoga Ab- 
stract Title & Trust, Sept. 30, 1900 as office 
boy and advanced to asst. sec. May 6, 1919; 
made director, March 28, 1922 and vice- 
pres. May 7, 1923; director Lakewood Sav- 
ings & Loan Co.; member, Ohio Title Assn. 
and American Title Assn., Cleveland Real 
Estate Board, American Institute of Bank- 
ing, Chamber of Commerce, Cleveland Ath- 
letic Club, Co-Operative Club of Cleveland, 
City and Automobile clubs. Recreation: 
music-piano, handball. Residence: 1035 
Kenneth-dr. Office: Cuyahoga Abstract 

BRO\%'N, Wayland W., trust estates; born, 
Youngstown, O., Sept. 21, 1893; son Frank 
Wayland and Cora (Lawrence) Brown; 
grandson of W. H. Lawrence; educated, 
Asheville, N. C, and Case School of Applied 
Science; married, Cleveland, Apr. 20, 1918 
to Lois Terrill Hoffman — children, Harriet 
Lawrence and Natalie Gertrude Brown; 



world war, civil service, Wateroliet Arsenal, 
1917-1918; with Cleveland Trust Co., 1920 to 
date; member Beta Theta Pi fratenrnity, 
Dover Bay Country club. Recreation: golf 
and tennis. Residence: 2282 Grandview-ave., 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: Cleveland Trust 

BRO\VX, Wm. Paul, physician; born, 
Rochester, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1890; son Wm. 
Robt. and Anna (Willett) Brown; educated, 
Rochester East high school, Fordham Univ., 
Syracuse Univ., College of Medicine, Syra- 
cuse; married, Rochester, N. Y., Dec, 1919 
to Anne Fowler — children, Jeanne Simpson 
and Mark Willett Brown; world war, Med- 
ical corps, Dec. 1917 to Dec. 1918; resident 
physician Ohio State sanatorium, 1919-1920; 
pres. Mississippi Valley Sanatorium assn., 
1920-1921; specialist in tuberculosis, Cleve- 
land, 1921 to date; member National Tuber- 
culosis Assn.; American Sanatorium Assn.; 
Ohio State Medical Assn.; Societie Pneu- 
mothoracis Internationale; Mississippi Val- 
ley sanatorium Assn.; Cleveland Academy 
of Medicine; Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity; 
Cleveland Grays and Gilmour Council K. of 
C. Residence: 410 Front St., Berea, O. Office: 
231 Hanna Bldg. 

BROWNE, Adah Wagar, born, Lakewood, 
O., March 14, 1846; daughter Israel D. and 
Elizabeth (Pyle) Wagar; educated, Lakewood 
and Oberlin; married, Lakewood, Sept. 3, 1872 
to Myron Gilbert Browne — children, three 
(youngest died at age of four years); mem- 
ber Conversational club since its first year; 
member Lakewood Women's club; Dames of 
the Loyal Legion; G. A. R.; W. C. T. U.; 
Woman's Alliance of Boosters; Study club. 
Residence: 16303 Detroit-ave., Lakewood. 

BROAVXE, Alice Billinics, born, Hingham. 
Mass., Dec. 24, 1893; daughter Charles T. and 
Fanny A. (Baldwin) Billings; educated, 
Rogers Hall, Lowell, Mass.; Radcliffe college, 
A.B.; married, Belmont, Mass., May 29, 1918 
to Theodore C. Browne — children, Edward 
Crowninshield, Frances Billings and Sarah 
Eden Browne; settlement worker. South 
End House, Boston; medical social worker, 
Cambridge hospital, Mass.; member Radcliffe 
Alumni assn.; Women's City, Women's Civic 
club of Cleveland Heights; chairman Civic 
committee, 1923-1924; chairman membership 
committee, 1925-1926. Residence: 2257 Briar- 

BRO^VNE, Katherlne Teare, born, Cleve- 
land, Jan. 5, 1894; daughter Elmer E. and 
Mary L. (Jackson) Teare; educated, Hath- 
away Brown and Dana Hall, Wellesley, Mass.; 
married, Cleveland, Oct. 5, 1915 to Ralph G. 
Browne — children, Elmer and Ralph S. 
Browne; member Women's City Club. Rec- 
reation: golf. Residence: 2164 Chatfleld-dr. 

BROWXE, Ralph Goodrich, vice-pres. 
Great Western Oil Co.; born, Cleveland, July 
2, 1893; son, B. W. and Helen M. (Goodrich) 
Browne; educated, Shaw high school and 
Cornell Univ.; married, Cleveland, Oct. 5. 
1915 to Kathryn L. Teare — children, Elmer 
Teare and Ralph G. Browne; vice-pres. and 
director Great Western Oil Co.; member 
Kappa Sigma fraternity, Canterbury golf, 
Hermit and Town and Country clubs. Res- 
idence: 2164 Chatfield-dr. Office: 2846 E. 
37th St. 

BROWXE, Theodore Crowninshield, man- 
ufacturer's agent; born, Salem, Mass., July 
17, 1892; son Edward Cox and Charlotte 
(Crowninshield) Browne; educated. Har- 
vard, 1915, S. B. ; Noble and Greenough, Bos- 
ton, Prep. School; married, Belmont, Mass.. 
May 21, 1918 to Alice Towne Billings — 

children, Edward C, Frances Billings and 
Sarah Eden Browne; world war, 2nd and 
Ist Lieut. Ordnance, 1917-1919 (Railway 
Ordnance section) ; member University 
club. Residence: 2257 Brlarwood-rd. Office: 
605 The Arcade. 

BRITE, Leonard H., general Insurance; 
born, Cleveland, Nov. 9, 1898; son Frederick 
E. and Winifred (Herrick) Bruce; educated, 
Western Reserve Univ., Adelbert College, 
A.B., 1919; world war, coast artillery corps, 
2nd Lieut. 1918-1919; troop A., 107th cavalry, 
1923-1925; partner, Bruce & Bruce, general 
insurance since 1920; member Alpha Delta 
Phi fraternity. Army & Navy Post 54, Ameri- 
can I^egion, Sons of American Revolution; 
Alpha Delta Phi Club of New York and 
University club. Residence: 2683 Leighton- 
rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 600 Union Mort- 
gage Bldg. 

BRUCE, Znla L., prln. Nottingham School; 
born, Cleveland, Aug. 22, 1871; daughter 
Charles E. and Mary (Whitworth) Bruce; 
educated, Cleveland, Central high school. 
Residence: Stop 135, Euclid, O. 

BRl'CH, Helen ONhorne, born, Willoughby. 
O., Aug. 9, 1894; daughter Prank M. and 
Dorothy (Morris) Osborne; educated. Fair- 
mount school; Ogontz school; married, Cleve- 
land, June 1, 1918 to Edward P. Bruch — 
children, Aileen Allison and Edward Philip 
Bruch. Residence: 2249 Chatfleld-dr. 

BRUCH, Karl, Acme Machinery Co.; born, 
Cleveland, April 18, 1890; son Fred and 
Emma (Mohrmon) Bruch; educated. Uni- 
versity school; married, Cleveland, Nov. 28, 
1914 to Mildred Osborne — children, Barbara, 
Karl and Peter Bruch; member Country, 
Hermit, Roadside, Mayfield and Kirtland 
clubs. Residence: 3041 Fairmount Blvd. 

BRl^CH, Mildred, born, Cleveland, Jan. 1. 
1892; daughter Frank M. and Dollie (Morris) 
Osborne; educated, Mittlebergers school and 
Ogantz school; married, Cleveland, Nov. 28 
1914 to Karl Bruch — children, Barbara, Petei 
and Karl Bruch. Residence: 3041 Fairmoun' 

BRUDNO, Ezra Sells:, author; born, Lithu- 
ania, May 28, 1878; son Isaac and Hannah 
(Model) Brudno; educated, Adelbert college, 
W. R. U. 1896-1897; Yale, 1898-1900; reading 
law and at the same time pursuing academic 
studies; finished law W. R. U. 1900; married, 
June 2, 1913 to Rose Hart Heiss; republican; 
began practice of law 1901; asst. dlst atty. 
1909; author The Fugitive, 1904; The Little 
Conscript, 1905; The Tether, 1908; One of Us, 
1912; Scribes and Pharisees; The Jugglers, 
1920; also contributed to various magazines. 
Re.sldence: 2785 EdgehlU-rd., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: Soc. for Savings Bldg. 

BRUML, Fred E., lawyer; born, Cleveland, 
Jan. 20, 1878; son Charles and Elizabeth 
(Bauer) Bruml; educated, Cleveland public 
schools; Central high school; Western Re- 
serve Univ. law school; married, Cincinnati, 
O., Oct. 20, 1902 to Theresa Hoffhelmer; 32nd 
degree Mason; member Knights of Pythias, 
past grand chancellor of Ohio. Residence: 
2589 Overlook-rd. Office: 902 Society for 
Savings Bldg. 

BRUXER, Abrani Brenenian, Physician; 
born, Columbia, Pa., Oct. 13, 1891; son Al- 
fred Cookman and Annie M. Bruner; edu- 
cated, Wllllamsport Dickinson Seminary, 
1909; Wesleyan Univ., B. A. 1913; Columbia 
Univ.; College Physicians and Surgeons, 
M. D. 1916; married, Erie, Pa., April 14, 1925 
to Mildred M. Benson; world war, 1st Lieut., 



Medical corps, American Expeditionary 
forces, 1918-1919; formerly resident surgeon 
Bellevue liospital; Manhattan Kye, Kar and 
Tiiroat hiospital. New Yorlt City; instructor 
in Ophthalmology, Western Reserve Medical 
School; surgeon to Lakeside hospital. Eye 
dispensary; fellow of the American collegre 
of surgeons; member American Medical 
Assn.; American Academy of Ophthalmology 
and Oto-laryngology; Alpha Delta Phi fra- 
ternity; University and Canterbury Golf 
clubs. Residence: 3107 Huntington-rd., 
Shaker Hghts. Office: 1214 Guardian Bldg. 

BRtJNER, Lydia Clark, born, Columbia, 
Pa., Sept. 27, 1866; daughter William and 
Lydia (Groff) Clark; educated, C. C. L 
seminary, Hackettstown, N. J.; married, 
Columbia, Pa,, Feb. 18, 1897 to William Evans 
Bruner — children, Clark Evans Bruner. Resi- 
dence: 3109 Fairfax-rd. 

BRUNER, William Evans, physician; born, 
Columbia, Pa., Jan. 8, 1866; son Abram and 
Sarah J. (Brenneman) Bruner; educated 
Wesleyan Univ., A. B., 1888, A. M., 1891; 
Univ. of Pa., M. D., 1891; married, Columbia, 
Pa., Feb. 18, 1897 to Lydla S. Clark — children, 
Clark Evans Brunner; w^orld war, major, 
Medical dept., U. S. A., on duty in surgeon 
general's office, 1918; was demonstrator, in- 
structor, lecturer and clinical professor at 
Western Reserve Univ.; professor of ophthal- 
mology Western Reserve Univ. since 1914; 
visiting ophthalmologist, Lakeside hospital; 
consulting ophthalmologist Charity, Materni- 
ty, Baby's and Rainbow hospitals; pres. one 
year Cleveland Academy of Medicine; pres. 
two years Cleveland Medical Library assn.; 
member American Ophthalmological society; 
American Academy of Ophthalmology and 
Otolaryngology; American College of Sur- 
gery; American and Ohio State Medical 
Assn.; Cleveland Academy of Medicine; trus- 
tee Cleveland Medical Library assn.; mem- 
ber Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Delta Phi and 
Nu Sigma Nu fraternities; Union and Row- 
fant clubs. Recreation: books and fishing. 
Residence: 3109 Fairfax-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 
Office: 1214 Guardian Bldg. 

BRUXXER, Ella Ford, born, Cleveland, 
Aug. 20, 1850; daughter Horatio and Martha 
Cordelia (Cozad) Ford; educated. Lake Erie 
college, 1871; married, Cleveland, Nov. 5, 
1878 to William Franklin Brunner — children, 
Mrs. Wm. Voris (Louise), Mrs. C. J. Forbes 
(Marion) and Ford W. Brunner; pres. Ohio 
branch Woman's board of Interior; for thirty 
years vice-pres. Woman's board of Interior; 
member College and Woman's City clubs; 
born in historic Ford home which stood 
on corner of Euclid and Adelbert. Resi- 
dence: 2076 Abington-rd. 

BRUSH, Charles Francis, scientist; born 
Euclid, O., March 17, 1849; son Col. Isaac 
Klbert and Delia Williams (Phillips) Brush.; 
M.E., Univ. of Mich., 1869; Ph.D., Western 
Reserve, 1880; (hon. M.S., U. of Mich., 1899; 
LL. D., Western Reserve Univ., 1900; Kenyon 
Coll., 1903; Sc. D., Univ. of Michigan, 1912); 
married M;ary E. Morris, of Cleveland. Oct. 
6, 1875; three children: Charles Francis 
Brush, Jr., Mrs. Edna Brush Perkins, Helene 
Brush; chem. expert, Cleveland 1870-3; Iron 
and ore commn. mcht., 1873-7; pioneer in- 
vestigator of electric lighting; invented the 
Brush Electric arc light, 1878, now In gen. 
use; also the storage battery (fundamental 
invention) and other devices essential to 
modern elec. engring.; founder the Brush 
Electric Co.; credited with "The Practical 
Development of Electric Arc Lighting" 
(Rumford medal), pres. Cleveland Arcade Co. 
since 1887; founder Linde Air Products Co. 

(1st pres.,) trustee Western Reserve U., 
Adelbert Coll., Univ. School, Cleveland Sch. 
of Art, Lake View Cemetery; corporator Case 
Sch. Applied Science. Warden Trinity Cathe- 
dral, cnevalter of Legion of Honor, France, 
1881; Rumford medal. Am. Acad. Arts and 
Sciences, 1899; hon. member Am. Soc. for 
Steel Treating; fellow Am. Acad. Arts and 
Sciences, Am. Physical Soc, A.A.A.S., Am. 
Geog. Soc, N. British Acad, of Arts, life mem- 
ber British Assn., Ohio Chamber of Com- 
merce, Cleveland Chamber of Commerce 
(pres. 1909-10), Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs, mem- 
ber Am. Inst. Mining and Metallurgical 
Engrs., Am. Philosophical Soc, Am. Inst. 
Elec. Engrs., Archaeol. Inst. Am., Am. Hist. 
Assn., Chamber of Commerce of U. S., Nat. 
Elec. Light Assn., Franklin Inst., Phlla., Am. 
Chem. Soc, Royal Soc. of Arts (London), 
Illuminating Engineering Soc; member Uni- 
versity (New York), Country, University, 
Union (pres. 1897-8), Mayfield (Cleveland), 
and Wlnous Point Shooting (pres. 1895-1922) 
clubs; Royal Society (London). Awarded 
Edison medal, 1913. Residence: 3725 Euclld- 
ave. Office: The Arcade. 

BRUSH, Dorothy Hamilton, born, Cleve- 
land, 1894; daughter Walter Jones and Mary 
Jane (Adams) Hamilton; educated. Hatha- 
way-Brown school, 1912; Smith college, A. 
B., 1917; married, Cleveland, July 28, 1917 
to Charles Francis Brush, Jr. — children, Jane 
Hamilton Brush and Charles Francis Brush 
III world war, civilian relief secretary, Shef- 
field, Ala., 1918; member Women's Protec- 
tive assn.; big sister, Y. W. C. A.; music 
institute; Girls' Council; Child Guidance 
Clinic; pres. Smith College club; member 
College and Women's City clubs. Residence: 
2262 Tudor-dr. 

BRYAN, Ezra Keeler, asst. mgr. Brooks 
Co.; born Lexington, Ky., Jan. 10, 1878; son 
John Gano and Eunice Isabell (Fish) Bryan; 
educated, Newport, Ky. grade school; mar- 
ried, Folmouth, Ky., 1907 to Katherlne Mc- 
Creary Clarke — children, Ezra K., Anna 
Katherlne, Ernestine Clarke and Asahel 
Gano Bryan; clerk and business mgr. Cleve- 
land Hghts. Board of Education, 1914-1924; 
chief clerk, Cincinnati Board of Trade; sales- 
man, Globe-Wernlcke Co.; asst. mgr. Brooks 
Co., sec. and treas. Period Print Co.; director. 
Visible Record, Equipment Co.; member 
Chamber of Commerce, Heights Lodge 633 F. 
& A. M., Heights Chapter 206 R. A. M. Wood- 
ward Council 118 R. & S. M., Heights Com- 
mandery 76, Al Koran Temple, Lake Erie 
Consistory, National Union, High Noon and 
Shrine Luncheon clubs. Residence: 18504 
Kinsman-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 1241 
Superlor-ave. E. 

BRYANS, William Lawrence, live stock 
commission merchant; born, Buffalo, N. T., 
Oct. 17, 1874; son Robert and Mary Jane 
(McDonald) Bryans; educated, Buffalo, N. Y. 
public schools and private tutor; married, 
Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1897 to Anna Frances 
Davis; pioneer In live stock business; part- 
ner and mgr. Benstead, Bryans & Co., direc- 
tor Pearl St. Sav. & Trust Co.; executive 
committee. Community Bank of Lakewood; 
member Cleveland Athletic Club; Elks. 
Residence: 13979 CUfton-blvd., Lakewood. 
Office: 3200 W. 65th st. 

BRYANT, Earnest Horton, automobiles and 
real estate; born, St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 28. 
18S8; son Forrest Eugene and Mattie E. 
((Theney) Bryant; educated, grade and high 
schools of Toledo, O.; married, Cleveland, 
March 28, 1909 to Mao K<-eler — ohild.-un, E. 
Horton and Glen Donald Bryant; world war 
assisted Federal Food administration and 



Ohio State Food board by conducting an others, German Insurance Company which 

educational cainiialern, among iho farmore of Chicago Fire, (Oct. 1871) wiped out; remained 

Ohio in the use of power on the farn end in local fire Insurance underwriting until his 

Bcj.iing to them lUOJ Farm Traciora death, 1905. Residence: 1636 B. 117th St. 

at factory cisl ani no prr>tlt to any me; Office: 808 Union Trust Bldg. 

pres. Superior Twelfth Kca Co., vice i>>8. i,,Tr'«^.i«r-«r.« « .. w „^, 

Cleveland Alcron Country Homes Co; pies. BUCKINGHAM, Peter, building contractor; 

Superior Avenue Assn.; own.jr Bryant Car- °,o^"' ^"*^'j^51?' Aug. 19, 1856; son James and 

aye. Residence: 12741 Cedar-rd. Office: Betsey (Wilcox) Buckingham; educated, 

i:;61-1311 Superior-,ive. common schools and two years night school 

taking courses of drawings and mechanical 

IttDI8, Jacob L., gynecologist and obstetri- work; married, Cleveland, Dec. 9, 1880 to 

clan; born, Cleveland, July 23, 1885; son of Mary Braund — children, Ave; served five 

Hyman and Sarah (Fox) Bubls; educated, years on Republican Executive committee of 

Cleveland college of Physicians and Sur- Cuyahoga county; served two years on State 

geons, 1907; married, New York City, June 2, Executive committee; served two years as 

1914 to Etta Anson Finke — children, Sylvia state representative at Columbus from Cuya- 

Ruth, Elaine Irene and Sally Ann Bubis; hoga County; member Masonic lodge since 

assoc. in obstetrics and senior asst. in gyne- 1882: Foresters lodge since 1876. Residence: 

cology at Mt. Sinai hospital; member Ohio Collins. O. — (Deceased). 

State Medical society; fellow American Medl- i,. ..^wiw r.D »-. it. • * v, 

cal Society and American College of Sur- rieve^nn^^,,^ ^^''''^iliqi^^snnPTii^ini/ n^V^A 

geons; member Beechmont Country club. M^f^v f ArVn^^f Rnkhl^r^ r^^^rir^ oL^^i^^^^^ 

Residence: 2885 Washington Blvd., Cleveland 1,1^^^ 12 ??i^ \o t net M ^i«n^'. ^^^^^ 

tirTV,*^ rnvi^ . -nii! T7<.,^ii^ „,.„ June i<2, is>io, to Liucy M, ciauge — children, 

Hghts. Office. .016 Euclid-ave. Lucille M. Buehler; pres. Buehler Printcraft 

BUCHAN, Mary Davis, born, Cleveland, Co.; director Cleveland Safety Council; pres. 
1863; daughter James S. and Helen (Hunt) Cleveland Graphic Arts club; member 
Davis; educated, Cleveland high school and Grotto; Shrine; 32nd degree Mason; Mentor 
Saniford Seminary; married, Cleveland, Dec. Headland Golf Country and Cleveland Gra- 
14, 1882 to A. J. Buchan — children, George Phic Arts clubs. Residence: 10814 Lake- 
Davis and Helen Hunt Buchan; world war, ave. Office: 208 W. St. Clair-ave. 
red cross service; on Y. W C A. committee; bueRMAN, George J., contracting plumber; 
member Woman's City and Monday After- born, Cleveland, Aug. 28, 1886; son G H. and 
noon clubs. Residence: 2035 Adelbert-rd. ^nna (Kuper) Buerman; educated, St. Steph- 

BUCHER, "Walter M., physician; born, en's Parochial school, 1900; three years at St. 

Tiffin, O., June 5, 1886; son Casper Theodore Ignatius college; married, Cleveland, Aug. 

and Anna (Liechti) Bucher; educated, Heidel- 22, 1911 to Ida P. Beerli — children, Geo. J., Jr. 

berg Unlv, 1907 B S • Western Reserve ^^^ Elisabeth Grace Buerman; started in the 

Univ., 19H,"m. D.;' married, Clyde, O., June 24, plumbing, sewering and gas fitting business 

1914 to Rena Richards — children, Betty and 1908; sec. and treas. Hadoka Gas & Oil Co.; 

Joan Bucher; medical inspector Cleveland Partner Joseph F. Beerli & Co.; member 

Public schools, 1914-1920; pres. Broadview- Knights of Columbus; Socialer Turn Verein. 

Pearl Realty Co.; member Cleveland Academy Recreation: baseball and bowling. Residence: 

of Medicine. Ohio State Medical Society and 3527 W. 122nd st. Office: 4126 Lorain-ave. 

American Medical Assn.; member Phi Rho bULKLEY, Henry Gordon, born, Cleve- 

Sigma fraternity^ Cleveland Athletic and land, July. 1881; son Chas. H. and Roberta 

Sleepy Hollow Country clubs. Recreation: e. (Johns) Bulkley; married, New Orleans, 

^°'' ^"i. travel. Residence: 4106 Brooklyn- igoi to Lyda W. Leonard; member Troop A 

ave. Office: Broadvlew-Pearl Bldg. Ohio Natl. Guard; 1st O. V. C. Spanish War; 

BUCHMAN, Ale.-i:ander Mathias. sales ad- Industrial service, 1917-1918; pres. Positypo 
visor and statistician; born, Bucyrus, O., Deo. Corp. of America; pres. Marine Hotel Corp.; 
6. 1865; son Mathias and Ida (Derr) Buch- "'^'T^^^!; ,^'®>'f''^"** v.^** , 9,^"?: Friars, New 
man; educated, public school, Cleveland, J°^'^' Columbia Yacht club, New York. Res- 
graduating from Sterling school in Feb. 1880; If,^"*^®- Strongsville, O. Office: Bulkley 
one term Central high school; five years, ^^^S- 

1880-1885, clerk In father's office. Fire Insur- BULKLEY, Katharine Pope, born, Helena, 
ance, Cleveland; five years, 1885-1890, asst. Mont., Aug. 9, 1886; daughter Francis and 
mgr. Enterprise Furniture Co., Minneapolis, Hannah (Copp) Pope; married, Helena Mont., 
Minn.; twenty-five years, 1891-1916, salesman Feb. 17, 1909 to Robert John Bulkley — 
and general sales mgr. Glauber Brass Mfg. children, Robert Johns and Katharine Bulk- 
Co., Cleveland; retired at age 50, then in ley; member Country, Kirtland and Women's 
poor health; 1922 to date associated with City clubs. Residence: Corning-dr., Braten- 
Schultz Bros. & Co. Investment bankers, as ahl, O. 

sales adviser and statistician; sec. and treas. BULKLEY, Robert J., lawyer; born, Cleve- 

Hough Realty Co.; trustee Montefoire Home land, Oct. 8, 1880; son Charles H. and Ro- 

for Aged; director, Jewish social service Bu- berta E. (Johns) Bulkley; educated, Unl- 

reau; vice-chairman Aux. board. Federation versity school; Harvard college, A. B., 1902; 

of Jewish Charities; 32nd degree Mason, vet- Harvard law school. 1903-1905; A. M., 1906; 

eran member of all bodies, Nebraska Scottish married. Helena, Mont., Feb. 17, 1909 to 

Rite; life member Tangier Temple, nobles of Katharine Pope — children, Robert Johns 

the Mystic Shrine, Omaha, Neb.; exalted Rul- and Katharine Bulkley; member of Con- 

er, 1910, Cleveland lodge B. P. O. Elks; mem- press, 1911-1915, 2l8t Ohio dist. democrat; 

ber, Oakwood Country club and City club delegate democratic National conventions 

of Cleveland; six years a member of team at Baltimore, 1912 and St. Louis, 1916; 

1 Dlv. A, Cleveland Community fund cam- world war, chief of legal section war indus- 

palgns; father — Mathias Buchman. graduate tries board and (temporarily) senior coun- 

of Univ. of Furth Bavaria (1849) came to sel U. S. Shipping board emergency fleet 

U. S.. 1850; first located in N. T., then In Corp.; member law firm Bulkley, Hauxhurst. 

Bucyrus, O., engaged in practice of law, was Jamison & Sharp; pres. Bulkley Bldg. Co.; 

prosecuting attorney. Crawford County, 186S; chairman Board Morris Plan Bank; pres. 

came to Cleveland, 1870 and founded, with Cleveland Land and Securities Co.; trustee 



University school; member Tavern, Union, 
Country, Hermit, City, Kirtland, Athletic, 
Cleveland Ad and Mid-Day clubs. Resi- 
dence: Corning-dr., Bratenahl, O. Office: 
Bulliley Bldg. 

BULOAV, Helen Valere. born, Cleveland, 
July 7, 1888; daughter of Perry and Philip- 
pine (Merkle) Kellogg; educated, grammar 
school; married, Cleveland, June 25, 1913 to 
Walter Charles Bulow — children, Donald 
Kellogg and Valere Kellogg Bulow; took home 
nursing course at Red Cross and received cer- 
tificate; member Rebekah lodge, I. O. O. F.; 
Oriental Lodge; Ladies Auxiliary, Canton No. 
1; Civic Assn. of Cleveland; Parent Teachers 
Assn. of Byhrer school; pres. of Judges & 
Jurors Assn. of Ohio, three years; has as- 
sisted in procuring clothes for disabled sol- 
diers. Residence: 2320 Trowbridge-ave. 

BUNDY, Rot !>•» industrial engineering; 
born, Carthage, Ind., May 12, 1887; son Al- 
bert L. and Alice (Pitts) Bundy; educated, 
Carthage, Ind., common and high schools; 
professional degree E. E. June 1926 Pur- 
due Univ. 1910, B. S. in E. E.; married, 
Elkhart, Ind.. June 15, 1913 to Berenice M- 
Ijiltz — children, Iris Zella Bundy; June 1910 
to April 1924 employed by National Lamp 
Works of G. E. holding positions as fol- 
lovvs — economic engineering in Eng. Dept., 
foreman, production manager and asst. mgr. 
Cleveland Mazda Lamp; from April 1924 to 
date employee of board of Education, Indus- 
trial Coordinator of Metal Trades appren- 
tices and as conference leader in charge ot 
foremen training, this work being done in 
cooperation with the State and Federal 
boards for vocational training; member 
School arts and School Masters Assns., State 
Society Vocational Educational and National 
Society Vocational Education, North East- 
ern Ohio Teachers Assn. and Big Ten Uni- 
versity club; Chamber of Commerce. Recrea- 
tion: fishing, swimming, sports, music— <:or- 
netist. Residence: 273 E. 150th st. Office: 
Board of Education. 

BL'NTS. Frank Emory, physician and sur- 
geon; born, Youngstown, O., June 3, 1861; 
son, William C. and Clara E. (Bamheisel) 
Bunts; educated, U. S. Naval Academy, 1881; 
Western Reserve Univ., M.D.; married. Cleve- 
land, Oct. 29. 1888 to Harriet E. Taylor- 
children. Clara Louise Daoust and Alexan- 
der Taylor Bunts; cadet midshipman U. S. 
Navy, 1877-1883; Spanish-American war, ma- 
jor and surgeon 1st Ohio Cavalry; capt. troop 
A.. O. N. G. ; world war, Lieut. Col. U. S. A. 
Medical corps, Base hospital No. 4 at Roneu, 
France; post graduate studies In Germany, 
Austria, France and England, 1888-1889, in 
Hamburg, 1896; prof, principles of surgery 
in clinical surgery, W. R. U., 1893 to date; 
first pres. Cleveland Medical Society; vice- 
pres. Oliio Medical Society; vice-pres. Ameri- 
can Surgical Assn.; visiting surgeon to St. 
Vincent's and Charity hospitals and Cleve- 
land Clinic hospital; consultant surgeon to 
Lutheran, Women's Maternity and St. Ann's 
hospital; director Cleveland Trust Co.; trus- 
tee Cleveland Medical Library and Cleveland 
Clinic foundation; fellow American Surgical 
Assn.; American Medical Assn.; American 
College Surgeons; member Societe Interna- 
tional; Ohio State Medical and Cleveland 
Medical Assns.; Nu Sigma Nu fraternity. 
Union, University and Country clubs and 
Army & Navy club of Washington. Recrea- 
tion: traveling and fishing. Residence: 1932 
E. 89th-st. Office: 9204 Euclid-ave. 

BURCIIARD. Jeaiile Kerr, organist; born, 
Denton. Md.. June 13. 1875; daughter Jona- 
than W. and Amanda C. (Slsk) Kerr; edu- 
cated, Goucher College; New England con- 
servatory of Music; married, Denton, Md., 
Dec. 27, 1910 to Anton Burchard — children, 
William Kerr. James An^on. Catherine Esther 
and Jonathan Burchard; member Woman's 
City club; husband died Apr. 4. 1913; has been 
theatre organist for several years. Residence: 
1877 Hastlngs-ave. E. Cleveland. 

BURCHFIELD, JoHeph Hayes, publicity di- 
rector; horn, Youngstown. O.. Sept. 15. 1890; 
son William Charles and Alice (Murphy) 
Burchfield; educated, Salem, O.; Cleve- 
land School of Art; Georgia Leighton Nor- 
ton .scholarship; married. Wickliffe. O., Sept. 
19, 1925 to Ruth Margaret Mclntyre; world 
war, private. Medical Corps.; 16th inf., 1st 
div. all offensive and defensive actions; 
American D. S. C. awarded Oct. 1, 1918 for 
Siossons action; publicity director Geo. H. 
Bowman Co.; member Cleveland Advertis- 
ing post, American Legion, 1st vice com- 
mander, 1925, commander, 1926. Recrea- 
tion: bridge and swimming. Residence: 1836 
Garfield-rd., E. Cleveland. Office: 224 Euclid- 

BURDICK, Carleton Wheeler, Jeweler; 
born, Cleveland, Oct. 11. 1891; son Russell 
Emmet and Mary (McCutcheon) Burdick; 
educated, Cleveland public schools and Uni- 
versity school; married, Cleveland, April 
12. 1916 to Eleanor A. Hoge — children. David 
Carleton Burdick; with Bowler & Burdick 
Co.; member Rotary club. Residence: 3257 
Chadbourne-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 1126 

BURDICK Eleanor Hoge, born, Lorain 
O., July 18, 1894; daughter James G. and 
Anna L. (Wallace) Hoge; educated, Hatha- 
way-Brown; married, Cleveland, Apr. 12, 
1916 to Carleton Wheeler Burdick — children, 
David Carleton Burdick; on Junior Board 
Eliza Jennings Home; member Cleveland 
Junior League, Woman's City Club and Na- 
tional Town and Country club. Residence; 
3257 Chadbourne-rd. 

BURniCK, Herbert AV.. wholesale jeweler; 
born, Alfred, N. Y., May 19, 1860; son Russell 
W. and Malvina A. (Middaugh) Burdick; 
educated. Alfred Univ.; married. Rochester, 
N. Y., Jan. 9, 1884 to Stella L. Pease — children, 
Herbert E. Burdick, Mrs. Kiel T. Clark and 
Mrs. W. H. Cool; started in business with 
Bowler & Burdick Co.. 1878; with them un- 
til 1913; organized H. W. Burdick Co., 1913; 
pres. H. W. Burdick Co.; former director 
Chamber of Commerce; former pres. Whole- 
sale Merchants board of Chamber of Com- 
merce; former pres. and present member 
advisory committee National Wholesale 
Jewelers assn. ; member Canterbury Golf and 
Cleveland Athletic clubs; Chamber of Com- 
merce. Recreation: golf. Residence: Al- 
cazar Hotel. Office: 1010 Euclid-ave. 

BURGESS, Alloe I., born, N. H. ; daughter 
Col. Hosea E. and Mary E. (Plllsbury) Hill; 
educated. Public school and Lake Erie Sem- 
inary; married. Cleveland, 1885 to Howard 
H. Burgess — children, Mrs. Geo. Clark John- 
son; member. D. A. R. and Woman's City 
club. Residence: Wade Park Manor. 

BURGESS, Howard H., vice-pres. Federal 
Oil Corp.; born, Huron County. O. ; son 
Rev. Oliver and Caroline (Cogswell) Bur- 
gess; educated, public schools. Brooks school 
and Baldwin Univ.; married. Cleveland, 1885 
to Alice I. Hill — children. Mrs. Geo. Clark 
Johnson; active in Republican politics 



in the nineties; held municipal office for 12 
years; was officially connected with various 
political organizations; for several years 
was connected with Cleveland newspaper as 
local editor and later as political writer; 
vice-pres. and director Federal Oil Corpora- 
tion; director Cleveland Tanning Co.; direc- 
tor Citizens Mfg. and Investment Co.; pres. 
and director Stockwell Tax Table Co.; direc- 
tor old Hundred IMlning Co.; member Hal- 
cyon Lodge F. & A. M.; Union and Shaker 
Heights clubs. Recreation: golf and travel- 
ing. Residence: Wade Park Manor. Office: 
Bulkley Building. 

BURGESS, Theodore H., lawyer; born, Au- 
burn, N. Y., Sept. 20, 18S2; son Archibald M. 
and Anna (Wilkins) Burgess; educated. Au- 
burn high school, 1899; Hamilton college, 
A. B., 1903, A.M.. 1906; Union Univ.; Albany 
law school, LL.B., 1906; married, Staten Is- 
land, April 30, 1921 to Florence MacMullen 
— children, Theodore Hiclvok Burgess; as- 
sociated with following law firms in New 
York City — Huntington, Rhinelander & Sey- 
mour; Ritch, Woodford, Bovee & Butcher; 
Masten & Nichols; 1906-1908; in legal de- 
partment Erie R.R., New York City, 1908- 
1920; during Federal control of railroads was 
general solicitor in charge of the legal per- 
sonal injury, freight claim and tax depart- 
ments; member la'w firm Cook, McGowan, 
Foote, Bushnell & Burgess; director Bene- 
ficial Loan Society; member Phi Beta Kappa, 
Alpha Delta Phi and Phi Delta Phi fraternities 
and University club. Residence: 14701 South 
Woodland-rd. Office: 1319 Williamson Bldg. 

BIRKE, Thomas Aloysius, surgeon; born, 
Cleveland, April 18, 1864; son Thomas and 
Ellen (Shannon) Burke; educated. Assump- 
tion college, Canada, 1882; Canisius college, 
1885, A. B. ; Western Reserve, 1888, M. D., 
1892, A. M. ; post graduate. New York, Chi- 
cago, Philadelphia; Vienna, Austria; London, 
Eng. ; married, Cleveland, June 21, 1892 to 
Lillian G. McXeal — children, Eleanor, Joseph- 
ine and Thomas A.: pres. medical examining 
board; coroner, 1902 and 1906; member staff 
Cit3', State and St. Alexis hospitals; visit- 
ing surgeon Charity hospital; pres. Cleve- 
land Column Co.; director Wilson Rubber 
Co. and The Bordon Co.; fellow American 
Medical assn. ; member Ohio State Medical 
assn. ; Cleveland Academy of Medicine; 
Knights of Columbus; Catholic Order of 
Foresters; Catholic Knights of Ohio; City 
club. Recreation: fishing, golf and hunt- 
ing. Residence: 1966 E. 75th-st. Office: 465 
Rose Bldg. 

BraXHAM, Carol Mcl.,ane. born, Cleve- 
land, Dec. 25, 1887; daughter James W. and 
Milie (Sykes) McLane; educated. Central 
high school. College for Women, Western 
Reserve Univ., A. B. ; married, Cleveland 
HghtB., Nov. 28, 1917 to Fred Walker Burn- 
ham — children, Marjorie Alice and Jean 
Elolse Burnham; teacher in high school at 
Willoughby, O. ; in Cleveland schools; in 
charge of a department at the Welfare Fed- 
eration; member Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Phi 
T'psilon sorority. Residence: 1609 Crest-rd., 
Cleveland Hghts. 

Bi:r\HAM, Fred Walker, teacher; born, 
Williamstown, Vt., Sept. 21, 1879; son Melvin 
E. and Martha (Walker) Burnham; educat- 
ed. Tufts college. A. B., 1905, A. M., 1907, 
Goddard Seminary, Barre. Vt.. 1901; 
married, Cleveland Hghta., Nov. 28, 1917 
to Carol Danner McLane — children, Marjorie 
Alice and Jean Eloise Burnham; teacher 
Goddard Seminary, Barre, Vt., head Greek 

department, Mercersburg Academy, Pa.; prin- 
cipal Shepard school, Wickford, R. I.; asst. 
Principal Goddard Seminary, Barre, Vt.; 
teacher Stone school, Cornwall-on-Hudson, 
N. Y. ; teacher Cleveland Heights high school; 
member N.E.A.; Schoolmasters and Research 
clubs; Zeta Psl fraternity; Shrine and other 
masonic bodies; Cleveland Heights Civic club. 
Residence: 1609 Crest-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 
Office: Heights High School, Cleveland Hghts. 

BURNHAM, Ilarlnnd G.. attorney at law; 
born, Cleveland, Nov. 3, 1902; son Edward 
and Minnie (Laub) Burnham; educated, 
Cleveland public school. Central high school. 
Cleveland Preparatory school, Cleveland Law 
school, LL.B. degree. Residence: 1581 B. 

BURNS. Hovrard F.. lawyer; born. Lock 
port, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1888; son William Trca 
and Ella Louise (Marsh) Burns; educated 
elementary and high schools in Chicago; Am- 
herst, A.B., 1912; Harvard, LL.B., 1916; mar- 
ried, New York City; Sept. 3, 1924 to Elnr. 
Margareta Anderson; associated with M. B. 
and H. H. Johnson, 1916-1917; associated with 
White, Johnson, Cannon & Spieth. 1917-1921; 
member City, Singers and University Clubs. 
Recreation: tennis, golf, canoeing. Residence: 
1877 E. 75th-st. Office: 1921 Guarantee 
Title Bldg. 

BURRKLL, Edward Parker, director of 
engineering; born, Hall, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1871; 
son Edward and Elizabeth (Parker) Bur- 
rell; educated, Canandaigua academy, N. Y. ; 
Cornell Univ., E.E. of M.E., M.E.; married, 
St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 8, 1904 to Katherine 
Ward; director Warner & Swasey Co.; mem- 
ber Cleveland Engineering Society and Amer- 
ican Society of Mechanical Engineers; mem- 
ber Canterbury Golf and Cornell clubs. 
Recreation: golf and camera. Residence: 
2923 Lee-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 5701 

BURRELL., Katherine Ward, born, Raven- 
na, O., daughter Lyman Sawyer and Juliette 
(Butler) Ward; educated, Ravenna high 
schood; married, St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 8, 1904 
to Edward Parker Burrell; world war, as- 
sisted Red Cross; member Women's and 
Women's City clubs; Shaker Heights Neigh- 
borhood Guild, League of Women Voters. 
Recreation: assisting National Plant and 
Flower Guild of America and reading. Resi- 
dence: 2923 Lee-rd., Shaker Hghts. 

BURROWS, Charles W^llliam, born, Hollis, 
York County, Me., Dec. 21, 1S49; son Joseph 
Wesley and Mary Elizabeth (Atkinson) Bur- 
rows; educated, U. S. Military Acad., West 
Point, 1870; married, Feb. 26, 1884 to Lottie 
Thomas Mott of Norwalk, Conn.; sec. lieut. 
Light Batt. C, 3rd U. S. Artillery, 1870-1872; 
founded the firm of Burrows Bros., Nov. 1873, 
now The Burrows Bros. Co.; member Assn. 
of Graduates, U. S. Military Acad.; Society of 
Colonial wars; Chamber of Commerce; about 
all the early settlers named Burrows in this 
country are descendants from Knolin de 
Burghe, (the Norman name), who was Lord 
of Couterville. born in 1032, A. D. and came 
from Falaise with Wm. the Conquerer in 
1066; In his ancestry besides other Indian 
fighters were two Burrows who were sta- 
tioned at West Point iluring Revolutionary 
war, namely, Lt. Jonathan and Corp. David 
Burrows; David Burrows died of cholera in 
1782; a maternal ancestor, Major Robert Pike, 
born 1616, was in several Indian wars and in 
command of forces east of the Merrlmac in 
King Philip war, though too old to take 
action in field service; he strenuously opposed 



the Salem-Wltchcraft-Deluslon at great risk, 
writing the "Great Argument" against this 
persecution and doing much to bring about 
its end; Mr. Burrows' mother was an Atkin- 
son and two streets in Boston are still named 
Atkinson and Bury Sts. from name and place 
In England whence this forebear came In 
"Bllen-and-Mary" in 1635; In paternal line Is 
Rev. Pelatiah Tingley who graduated from 
Yale in 1761; Mr. Burrows Is well known as 
a wide reader In many lines; has made many 
corrections in American histories, particu- 
larly in connection with our Flag; in appre- 
ciation of this latter the Daughters of the 
American Revolution presented him with a 
beautifully engrossed, richly decorated tes- 
timonial volume. Residence: 1881 E. 82nd st. 

BURROWS, Gny Simpson, restaurant own- 
er; born, Cleveland, May 24, 1884; son James 
Simpson and Margaret (McT^nln) Burrows; 
educated, St. Clair public school; married, 
Cleveland, March 23, 1908 to Beatrice Flor- 
ence Poland; vlce-pres. Clark Restaurant 
Co., 1920-192B; vice-pres. and director C. B. S. 
Spas. Inc. 1925-1926; member Elks No. 18; Eu- 
clid Masonic lodge No. 599; Mt. Olive Chapter 
No. 189; Hollyrood Commandry No. 32; Lake 
Erie Consistory 32nd degree; Al Koran 
Shrine; Al Slrat Grotto; Tall Cedars of Le- 
banon No. 70; Sleepy Hollow Country and 
Cleveland Automobile clubs; Y. M. C. A.; Ohio 
State and Cleveland Restaurant assns. Recre- 
ation: golf. Residence: 14901 Lake-ave., Lake- 
wood. Office: 1318 Huron-rd. 

BURROWS, Harris Bradbury, life Insur- 
ance; born, Cleveland, June 16, 1885; son 
Harris B. and Eva (Lacey) Burrows; edu- 
cated, University school; married, Cleveland, 
June 4, 1907 to Edith Jenkins — children, Har- 
ris B. and Richard C. Burrows; world war, 
service in Liberty Loan drives; gen. mgr. 
Northern Ohio Home Life Insuance Co. of 
New York; at the time of appointment was 
about youngest manager of an important life 
insurance company in the country; has been 
special agent of Mutual Life Insurance Co. 
of New York for last ten years with nation- 
wide contract permitting business in any 
part of United States or Canada; member 
ITnion, Canterbury, National Town & Coun- 
try, Cedarhurst Country, Cleveland Athletic 
and Cleveland Advertising clubs. Recreation: 
golf. Residence: 15000 Terrace-rd. Office: 
1268 Union Trust Co. 

BURT, Arthnr Hartwell, sales manager, 
Sherwin-Williams Co.; born, Cleveland, Aug. 
6, 1892; son Arthur Edwin and Sarah Helena 
(Jones) Burt; educated, Cleveland public 
and high schools; married, Cleveland. .Tune 
22, 1918 to Gladys Tllden Burt — children. 
Mary Tilden, Sarah Clarissa and Nancy 
Louise Burt; world war, entered First Offi- 
cers Training camp at Fort Benjamin Harri- 
son in 1917; capt. army transport service U. S. 
army, 1917-1919; became associated with 
The Sherwin-Williams Co. in 1912; director 
of Army and Navy Post 54. American Legion; 
member Construction club of Cleveland; 
Cleveland Paint club; Cleveland Athletic 
club. Residence: 3019 Chadbourne-rd. Of- 
fice: 601 Canal-rd. 

BURTON. Rlinaheth Antoinette, ex-teacher; 
born, Cleveland, Dec. 25, 1856; daughter Dr. 
E. D. and Antoinette Merlam Burton; edu- 
cated. Lake Erie College, Palnesville, O. ; one 
year at Chicago Univ.; taught at Lake Erie 
College for eighteen years. Residence: 1911 
Shaw-ave., E. Cleveland. 

BURTON, Harold HItz, attorney-at-law; 
born, Jamaica Plain, Mass., June 22, 1888; 
son Prof. Alfred E. and Gertrude (Hitz) Bur- 

ton; educated, Newton high school, Mass., 
1901-1905; Bowdoin College, Maine, A.B. 1909; 
Harvard Univ. LL.B., 1912; married, West 
Newton, Mass., June 15, 1912 to Selma Flor- 
ence Smith — children, Barbara, William 
Smith, Deborah and Robert Smith Burton; 
world war, 1st Lieut. 361st Inf. 91st Div. 
1917-1918; Capt. 361st Inf. 91st Div. 1918- 
1919; awarded U. S. Army citation certificate 
and Belgian Crolx-de-Guerre; Capt. Inf. Res., 
331st Inf. 1922; Major Cleveland Grays, 19-'l- 
1922; admitted to Bar, Ohio, 1912, Utah, 1914; 
associated with law firm Gage, Wilbur & 
Wachner, 1912-1914; asst. attorney, Utah 
Power & Light Co. and Utah Light and Trac- 
tion Co., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1914-1915; at- 
torney, Idaho Power Co. and Boise Valley 
Traction Co., Boise, Idaho, 1916-1917; asso- 
ciated with law firm Day, Day & Wilkin, 
1919-1920; member Day, Day & Wilkin, 1920- 
1923; of Day & Day, 1923-1925; of Cull, Bur- 
ton & Laughlin, 1925 to date; instructor in 
law of private corporations. Western Reserve 
Univ. Law school, 1923-1925; director Ohio 
Trust Company; trustee. First Unitarian 
Church; pres. Cleveland chapter Unitarian 
Laymen's League; member Phi Beta Kappa; 
American, State and Cleveland Bar Assns.; 
Chamber of Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon, 
American Legion, Hermit, Country, National 
Town and Country and Mid-Day clubs and 
Cleveland Grays. Recreation: handball and 
tennis. Residence: 14533 Terrace-rd., E. 
Cleveland. Office: 1044 Hanna Bldg. 

BURTON, Jonathan Prescotf, coal operator; 
born, Massilon, O., Jan. 12, 1876; son Jona- 
than Prescott and Mary E. (Zerbe) Burton; 
educated, University school; Yale Univ., 1896; 
married, Cleveland, Jan. 8, 1903 to Kate Wins- 
ton Burnham — children, Winston Prescott, 
Katherine and David Rittenhouse Burton; 
pres. J. P. Burton Coal Co., By-Products Coal 
Co., Kennon Coal Mining Co. and Trevorton 
Colliery Co; director National City Bank and 
Cleveland Burial Case Co.; member Klrtland, 
Country, Union, Mayfield, Tavern and Pepper 
Pike clubs; Yale Club, New York. Residence: 
2787 Falrmount-Blvd. Office: 825 National 
City Bank Bldg. 

BURTON. Martha W.; born, E. Cleveland; 
daughter Dr. Erasmus D. and Emeline A. 
(Meriam) Burton; educated, Lake Erie college; 
Wellesley college; studied piano music in 
New York City and Berlin, Germany; world 
war, home Red Cross work; taught piano 
m"u.<5ic for a number of years, having a studio 
In Cleveland; active member Cleveland Fort- 
nightly Musical club; City club. Residence: 
15r52 Euclid-ave. 

BURTON, Theodore Elijah, publicist; born, 
Jefferson, O., Dec. 20, 1851; son Rev. Wm. and 
Elizabeth (Grant) Burton; educated, Oberlin, 
1872, A. B.; 1875, A. M.; (LL.D. Oberlin, 1900; 
Dartmouth, 1907; Ohio Univ., 1907; St. John's, 
Annapolis, 1913; New York Univ., 1919); ad- 
mitted to bar, 1875; practiced at Cleveland; 
member 51st (1889-91) and 54th to 60th (1895- 
1909) Congresses, 21st Ohio dist.; elected to 
61st Congress but resigned upon election to 
U. S. Senate for term 1909-15; member 67th 
and 68th Congresses (1921-25) 22nd Ohio dist.; 
chairman Inland Waterway commission by 
appointment Pres. Roosevelt, 1907-1909; 
chairman Natl. Waterways commission cre- 
ated by Congress, 1909-1912; member Na- 
tional Monetary commission, 1908-1912; mem- 
ber Interparliamentary Union (exec, council, 
1904-1914; exec. com. 1921), and as such par- 
ticipated in meetings at St. Louis, London, 
Geneva, Paris, The Hague, Vienna and Co- 
penhagen; delegate Republican Natl, conven- 



tlons, 1904, 1908 and 1912; received unani- 
mous support of Ohio deleg'atlon for presi- 
dential nomination In Republican National 
convention, 1916; pres. Merchants Natl. Bank, 
N. Y. City, Jan. 1917-Jan. 1919; Stafford-Lit- 
tle lecturer at Princeton, 1919; Cutler lec- 
turer, Rochester Univ., 1922; member Union 
club, Cleveland; Metropolitan club, Washing- 
ton; Union league and. Authors clubs. New 
York; author Financial Crises and Periods of 
Industrial and Commercial Depression, 1902; 
Life of John Sherman, 1906; Corporations and 
the State, 1911; Some Political Tendencies of 
the Times and the Effect of the War There- 
on 1919; The Constitution, Its Origin and 
Distinctive Features, 1923. Residence: Ho- 
tel Sovereign, Cleveland. Office: House of 
Representatives, Washington, D. C. 

BUSH, Eugene Trowbridge, life Insurance; 
born, West Salem, O., Feb. 19, 1879; son, J. P. 
and Annabel (Trowbridge) Bush; educated, 
Oberlin college, 1901, A.B.; married, Cleve- 
land, Sept. 20. 1905 to Florence M. L. Jenkins 
— children, Marian E. and Virginia T. Bush; 
Pres. Bullerton Co.; director Jenkins S. S. Co.; 
member Shaker Heights Country, Westwood 
Country and Cleveland Athletic clubs. Resi- 
dence: 1934 E. 90th-st. Office: 1268 Union 
Trust Bldg. 

BUSHNEL.L., Kdvrard, lawyer; born, Fre- 
mont, O., May 18, 1865; son Ebenezer and 
Cornelia K. (Woodruff) Bushnell; educated, 
Adelbert college, A.B., 1887 and A.M.. 1889; 
married, Cleveland, April 20, 1892 to Maude 
Kidder Sherwin — children, Elizabeth Sherwin 
(deceased) and Nelson Sherwin Bushnell; 
member Board of Education, 1914-1917; pres. 
Board of Education, 1916-1917; admitted to 
bar 1891; member of firm Sampllner and 
Bushnell, 1896 and Cleveland and Bushnell, 
1900-1901; practiced alone until 1918 and then 
became member of Cook, McGowan, Foote, 
Bushnell and Lamb now Cook, McGowan, 
Foote, Bushnell and Burgess; pres. West 
Ninth Co.; vice-pres. Columbus Coffin Co.; 
sec. treas. and director Mototeria Co.; direc- 
tor and sec. Central Factory District Co.; 
member American, Ohio State and Cleveland 
Bar assns.; Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; 
Union, University, Country, Pepper Pike and 
Nisi Prlus clubs. Recreation: fishing and 
golf. Residence: 1900 E. 81st-st. Office: 
1319 Williamson Bldg. 

BrSHNELL, Sophia Ballard, born, Canton, 
O., Dec. 11, 1864; daughter Martin Luther and 
Sophia (Ball) Ballard; educated. Lake Erie 
College and Womens Medical college of 
Penn.; married, Columbus, O., Oct. 23, 1889 
to Thomas Hubbard Bushnell — children, T. H., 
Rebekah, and Ebenezer Bushnell and Faith 
(Mrs. Stiles S. Smith) and Mary Alice (Mrs. 
Robt. F. Grindley); trustee Y. W. C. A.; mem- 
ber Library board, E. Cleveland; College, 
Women's City, East Cleveland Women's and 
Nineteenth Century clubs. Residence: 15018 
Terrace-rd., E. Cleveland. 

BIISHNErLi, Thoman Hubbard, lawyer; 
born, Burton, O., Aug. 17, 1856; son Ebenezer 
and Julia (Baldwin) Bushnell; educated. 
Western Reserve (Adelbert College), B.A., 
1882, M. A., 1885; admitted to Bar, 1885; 
practiced in Wisconsin, 1886-1896; married 
Columbus, O., Oct. 23, 1889 to Sophia 
Ball Ballard — children, Thomas Hubbard, 
Rebekah and Ebenezer Bushnell, Mary Alice 
Bushnell Grindley and Faith Bushnell 
Smith; judge insolvency and juvenile court, 
Cuyahoga County, O., 1904-1905; world 
war, served on Draft Service Board; vice- 
pres. and director Mitchell Land Co.; 
pres. for years and now director and 
member executive committee Cleveland Hu- 

mane Society; member D. K. B. fraternity; 
Union club. Residence: 16018 Terrace-rd., 
E. Cleveland. Office: 806 Guarantee Title 

BUSTARD, John Hilllard. attorney; born, 
Cleveland, Sept. 22, 1897; son William Ross 
and Elizabeth (McLaren) Bustard; educated, 
Ohio Northern Univ., 1915-1921; academic and 
law courses; republican; candidate for coun- 
cil, 1923; Cleveland candidate state legisla- 
ture, 1924, Cuyahoga County; world war. 
Navy, 1918; pres. Sahara Construction Co., 
Superior 112th Co., J. H. Bustard & Co. and 
Leader Land and Mtg. Co.; member State and 
County Bar assns.; Cleveland Real Estate 
board; Masonic lodge, Theta Nu Epsilon fra- 
ternity; Western Reserve Republican, 19th 
Ward Republican, Auto and High Noon clubs. 
Recreation: bowling, driving, hiking, mystery 
stories. Residence: 2086 E. 96th st. Office: 
401 Leader Bldg. 

BUSTARD, William Rons, attorney; born, 
Cleveland, 1894; son William Ross and Eliza- 
beth (McLaren) Bustard; educated, Baldwin 
Wallace Univ., A.M., LL.B.; married, Cleve- 
land, Feb., 1920 to Margaret E. Nelson — chil- 
dren, Eleanor Elizabeth and Audry Ann Bus- 
tard; candidate for state senator; member 
Bar assn. committee, 1923-1924 for new laws 
submitted to State legislature; member 
American Legion post No. 130; chairman 
Glenville post; A. L. of forty hommes and 
eight chevaux of American Legion; member 
Bar Assn. committees; pres. Cedar-Fair- 
mount-ave. assn.; pres. Molly Pitcher Candy 
Co.; pres. Superior-Realty Co.; treas. Car- 
negie Fairmount Realty Co.; treas. and sec. 
Molly Pitcher Candy Co.; pres. and treas. 
Leader Mortgage Co.; member Masonic lodge; 
Forest City Forum; Parliamentarian; High 
Noon and City Clubs; Chamber of Commerce. 
Recreation: golf and swimming. Residence: 
2096 E. 96th st. Office: 401 Leader Bldg. 

BUTCHART, Franklin David, minister; 
born, Clinton, Ont., May 4, 1875; son John and 
Christina (Bentley) Butchart; educated, pub- 
lic schools Ontario, Can.; Hiram college, A.B., 
1902; graduate work Univ. of Chicago; mar- 
ried, Ionia, Mich., Sept. 8, 1915 to Mary L. 
Beckwlth — children, Christine Beckwlth 
Butchart; for two years pastor Chagrin Fall 
Christian church; twenty years pastor Broad- 
way Christian church, Cleveland; now pastor 
West-Blvd. church; two years, 1911-1912 
executive secretary Hiram college; has 
held for six years position executive sec- 
retary of Cleveland Disciple's Union; director, 
Euclid Heights Investment Co.: member 
Board managers Cleveland Christian Home 
for Children; Iris Masonic lodge. Residence: 
3071 W. Blvd. Office: W. Blvd. & W. 101st. 


BUTI.ER, Alice, physician; born, Ohio, Dec. 
30, 1863; daughter Daniel and Hannah (Bo- 
.stater) Kosenlierger; educated, Ohio .Northorn 
Univ., 1897, A.B.; Ohio State Univ., 1900, M.D.; 
married, Ohio, June 1, 1884 to N. C. Butler; 
world war civilian relief, "four minute man"; 
pres. board Trustees Woman's Hospital; trus- 
tee Y. W. C. A.; member American Institute 
of Homeopathy, State and Local Medical So- 
ciety, Staff of Woman's Hospital; Delphian, 
American Guild of Health, Museum of Art, 
College, Women's City, Business and Profos- 
Blonal Women's and Cleveland Zonta clubs. 
Residence: 1772 Radnor-rd.. Cleveland Hghts. 
Office: 1036 Rose Bldg. 

BL'TI-ER, Edvtard Timothy, stove mfgr. ; 
born, Cleveland, Mar. 10, 1872; son Timothy 
and Mary Jane (Downs) Butler; educated. 



Parochial schools; West high school; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Nov. 22, 1898 to Emma Mary 
Connelly — children, James Andrew and Ed- 
ward Timothy; participated in all Communi- 
ty Fund drives; director American Stove Co.; 
sales manag-er Dangler Stove Co.; vice-pres. 
Cleveland Wire Cloth and Mfg-. Co.; director 
McDougall Butler Co., Inc., Buffalo, and Pearl 
Paint & Stove Co.; trustee Catholic Chari- 
ties Corp.; member Chamber of Commerce; 
Museum of Art; Knights of Columbus; Citi- 
zens League; Canterbury Golf, Cleveland 
Athletic and Town and Country clubs. 
F:ecreation: golf and travel. Residence: 
2758 West Park-blvd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 
5017 Perkins-ave. 

BUTLER, Edward Timotbr, Jr., attorney- 
at-law; born, Cleveland, March 10, 1901; son 
Edward T. and Emma (Connelly) Butler; 
educated Georgetown Univ., 1921, A.B. ; West- 
ern Reserve Univ., 1924, LL.B. ; active in 
Democratic politics; one of the organizers 
of Cuyahoga club; member Troop G. O.N.G., 
107 Cavalry; active in campaigns of Com- 
munity Fund, Catholic Charities Corp. and 
John Carroll Univ.; associated with firm 
Calfee, Fogg & White; member Cleveland 
Bar Assn., Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity; 
Gilmour Council Knights of Columbus, 
Georgetown Univ. Alumni Assn., University 
and City clubs and First Cleveland cavalry. 
Recreation: horseback riding, golf and swim- 
ming. Residence: 2758 West Park Blvd. 
Office: 1305-308 Euclid-ave. Bldg. 

Bl'TLER, Franfe J., coal mining; born, 
Saybrook, O., Jan. 19, 1872; son Patrick P. 
and Katherine (Xaughton) Butler; educat- 
ed, Ashtabula high school; honorary alum- 
nus Notre Dame; Univ. Notre Dame, Ind. ; 
married, Cleveland, June 21, 1904 to Jessie 
S. McGinnis — children, John, Joseph, Robert, 
Albert, Charles and Mary Catherine Butler; 
rres. Riverside Savings & Loan Co., 1918- 
1919; vice-pres., Cambridge Collieries Co., 
1914-1925; state officer of the first State 
council of Knights of Columbus, elected at 
the first convention held in Ohio, 1898; trus- 
tee St. Clements church, 1924-1925; member 
Chamber of Commerce; Knights of Colum- 
bus; Notre Dame club of Cleveland. Resi- 
dence: 16911 Edgewater-dr. Office: 1050 
Rockefeller Bldg. 

Bl'TLER, James Andrew, attornev; born. 
Cleveland, Jan. 21, 1900; son Edward T. and 
Emma (Connelly) Butler; educated. Lovnla 
high school, Georgetown Univ., A. B., 1921; 
Western Reserve Univ., LL.B., 1924; S. A. 
T. C. at Georgetown, 1918; Troop G., 107th 
Ohio Cavalry, 1925 to date; member Cuyahoga 
club; active in campaigns of Catholic Chari- 
ties corporation; member Cleveland Bar 
Assn., Phi Alpha Delta fraternity, Knights 
of Columbus, University club and 1st 

Cleveland Cavalry, Troop G. ; sec. Cleve- 
land Georgetown (jlub. Recreation: horse- 
back riding, golf and swimming. Residence: 
2758 West Park blvd.. Shaker Hghts. Office: 
826 Hanna Bldg. 

BUTTERFIELD, Emmet E., school prin- 
cipal; born, Carroll Co., O., June 8, 1887; son 
Albert and Margaret (Smith) Butterfield; 
educated, Mt. Union college. Alliance, O., 
Ph.B., 1911; "Western Reserve Univ., A. M., 
1924; Columbia Univ., A. M., 1925; married, 
Wooster, O., June 19, 1911 to May Irwin — 
children Robert Emmet and Kathryn Ir- 
win; principal high school, Canfield, O., 1911- 
1912; teacher mathematics, Hamilton. C, high 
school, 1912-1917; teacher mathematics E. 
Technical high school, Cleveland, 1917-1920; 
principal Rice Jr. high school, 1920-1922; 
prin. Audubon Jr. high school, 1922 to date; 
member Ohio State Teachers assn. ; National 
Educational assn.; Cleveland Research club; 
Phi Delta Kappa; City club. Residence: 3277 
E. Overlook-rd. Office: Audubon Jr. High 
School, East Blvd. 

BUTT.S, Mrs. Clark I., born, Cleveland, 
Sept. 28, 1849; daughter George and Maria 
C. (Blackmer) ^Vorthington; educated, Farra- 
ington. Conn., Miss Porter's School; married, 
Cleveland, Nov. 9, 1871 to Clark I. Butts — 
children, F. "Worthington, Alice M. and Mary 
Butts. Residence: 2028 E. 83rd St., Suite 1. 

BYERLEY, Jeannette Paxton Howland, 

born, Detroit. Mich.; daughter Thomas Jef- 
ferson and Eunice Marie (Hunt) Paxton; 
married, Detroit, Mich., to Oakley D. How- 
land (deceased) and Francis A. Byerley (de- 
ceased) — children, Archange Navarre and 
DeForest Hunt Howland and Francis A. 
Byerley, Jr.; member, D. A. R. ; U. S. Daugh- 
ters of 1912; Founders and Patriots of Amer- 
ica, 1607; Colonial Dames XVII century; 
Colonial Daughters, 1607-1775; Women's City 
club. Residence: 12816 Euclid-ave. 

BYERS, AVilliam \V., hotel management; 
born, Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 23, 1879; son 
Thomas M. and Ruth E. (Wyatt) Byers; edu- 
cated, Delaware, O., high school; Ohio Wes- 
levan Univ., Ex-1900; married, Columbus, O., 
Feb. 11, 1903 to Estelle Sapp — children. 
William W. Byers, Jr.; pres. and mgr. Fern 
Hall Hotel Co.; director Hough-79th Co.; 
member Phi Gamma Delta fraternity: Ma- 
sonic lodge; B. P. O. Elks: City club; Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Residence: 3250 Euclid- 
ave. Office: same. 

BYRNES, Alice McHardy. born. Owosso. 
Mich.; daughter Arthur and Emily E. 
(Phillips) McHardy; educated, Miss Liggetts 
school, Detroit; married. Shaker Hghts., 
April 10, 1917 to Wm. E. Byrnes. Residence: 
2849 Fairfax-rd. 

CAD"\VAl.LADER, Bernard, correctionist of 
speech and voice defects; born, Wolverhamp- 
ton, Eng., Sept. 21, 1867; son George and Jane 
(Lacon) Cadwallader; educated, St. Mary's 
school and academy; professional studies in 
England and United States: married, E. Cleve- 
land, 1905 to Minerva Peet Lowman — children, 
Jane Lowman, Cecelia Lowman and Phyllis 
Lacon Cadwallader; taught in Beaver college, 
Beaver. Pa., Wooster Univ., Wooster, O.; sum- 
mer school. Von Kunits school, Pittsburgh; 
director of Sandalphon school home for men- 
tally retarded children; director Cleveland 
Speech Clinic for speech defects; member 

American Society for study of feeble minded. 
Residence: 1865 Windermere st. Office: 1874 
E. S2nd-st. 

CAD^VAL,L.ADER, Minerva Lowman. teach- 
er; born, Cleveland, Jan. 22, 1ST9; daughter 
Mather Jacob and Mary (Taber) Lowman: 
married, Cleveland, April 19, 1905 to Bernard 
Cadwallader — children, Jane Lowman, Cecelia 
Lowman and Phyllis Lacon; teacher in E. 
Cleveland schools, 1900-1905; asst. director 
Sandalphon school for mentally retarded chil- 
dren, since 1919: member City, Ophello and 
Windermere Mothers' clubs. Residence: 1865 
Windermere-st. Office: 1874 E. 82nd-st. 



CADWALiLADER, Starr, executive sec; 
born, Howard, N. Y., June 11, 1869; son Joseph 
S. and Anne (Starr) Cadwallader; educated, 
Hamilton college, A. B., 1893, A. M., 1896; 
Union Seminary; Columbia Univ.; married, 
Utica, N. y., July 30, 1896 to Harriet E. 
Gompii — children, Elizabeth, (deceased) and 
Starr Cadwallader; world war, chairman 
Cuyahoga County selective service board; 
headworker Goodrich House, 1896-1905; 
school director, Cleveland, 1902-1905; sec. 
board of commerce, Detroit, 1905; sec. Cleve- 
land School of Art, 1906-1907; supt. of Health, 
(Cleveland, 1908-1909; real estate, Steln-Cad- 
wallader-Long. 1910-1917; member Ohio 
board of administration, 1913-1915; American 
Red Cross, 1918-1923; director Civilian Re- 
lief, Lake Div. ; manager Lake Dlv. ; mana- 
ger Southwestern Div.; ex. sec. Cleveland 
Hospital Council, 1924; sec. Roslyn Realty 
Co.; member American Sociological assn.; 
American assn. Social Workers; National 
Conf. of Social Workers; American Hospital 
assn.; trustee (5oodrich Social Settlement; ad- 
visory conim. Associated Charities; chairman 
Cleveland Chapter American Assn. Social 
Workers; member Alpha Delta Phi and Phi 
Beta Kappa fraternities; University and City 
clubs. Residence: 2901 Weymouth-rd. Of- 
fice: 408 Electric Bldg. (Deceased.) 

CAINE, Laura Elizabeth Hower, born, 
Cleveland; daughter H. T. and R. Antoinette 
(Beckman) Hower; educated, Cleveland pub- 
lic schools; married, Cleveland, 1893 to Wil- 
liam Clarence Caine — children, Kathryn Calne 
Marvin; member Union and Country clubs. 
Residence: 16600 South Park-blvd. 

CAINE, William Clarence, retired, born, 
Cleveland; son William and Jane (Caley) 
Caine; married, Cleveland, 1893 to Laura 
Elizabeth Hower — children, Kathryn Calne 
Marvin; formerly vice-pres. Union Trust Co.; 
retired, 1919; member Union, Country and 
City clubs. Residence: 16600 South Park-blvd. 

CALDAVELiL, Alma B., school supervisor; 
born, Indiana, 1870; daughter Theodore R. 
and Isabel (Brenton) Caldwell; educated, 
Indiana public schools; Terre Haute State 
Normal; Indiana Univ.; Franklin college; Chi- 
cago Univ., B. S., A. M. ; member Women's 
City, Women's and Principal's clubs. Recrea- 
tion: auto-driving, walking and camping. 
Residence: 3535 Euclid. Office: Board of Edu- 

CALDWELiL,, Harold Van Yorx, executive 
secretary; born. Maiden, Mass., Dec. 11, 1888; 
son Eben and Kate V. (Laughlln) Caldwell; 
educated, Amherst college, 1913, A. B.; gradu- 
ate study Columbia Univ.; married, Burling- 
ton, Vt., Dec. 30, 1914 to Mildred Joyce Rey- 
nolds — children, Harold Van Yorx and Rich- 
ard Reynolds; senior asst. in English, Amherst 
college, 1913; instructor and asst. prof, of 
English, Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1913-1918; In- 
structor of English, Case School of Applied 
Science, 1918-1919; editorial and reportorlal 
staff Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1919-1922; asst. 
mgr. Cleveland Safety council, 1922; sec. to 
the director of schools, 1922-1923; executive 
sec. Cleveland Academy of Medicine, since 
1923; member Chamber of Commerce; Phi 
Kappa Psi fraternity; public health commit- 
tee Chamber of Commerce; Cleveland Health 
council Welfare Federation; Academy repre- 
sentative on various other civic groups. Rec- 
reation; outdoor life. Residence: 3187 E. 
137-st. Office: 2318 Prospect-ave. 

CALEY, Fred H., sec. Cleveland Automo- 
bile club; born, Hudson, O., June 2, 1873; 

son Frederick P. and Clara S. (Palmer) 
Caley; educated, country schools; Kent high 
school; Northern Univ., Ada, O.; children, Ro- 
land C. and Donald C. Caley; after college, 
taught, farmed and worked in Akron rubber 
factories; did real estate and insurance busi- 
ness in Akron; during 1896 presidential cam- 
paign became active In Republican politics; 
1900 entered official work at Columbus, 10 
years, mostly with State Insurance dept.; 
first man appointed state registrar of auto- 
mobiles for Ohio, held office four years dur- 
ing which time he organized State Automo- 
bile dept.; became mgr. Cincinnati Automo- 
bile club; then secretary of Cleveland Auto- 
mobile club; member Chamber of Commerce 
and Chamber of Industry; Bigelow lodge, 
F. & A. M.; Oriental Commandery; Knight 
Templar; Lake Erie Consistory; Scottish Rite 
Mason; 32nd degree; member Cleveland Ath- 
letic, City and Rotary clubs. Office: Hollen- 
den Hotel. 

CALHOUN, Helen Smith, born, Cleveland, 
Sept. 9, 1887; daughter Dr. J. R. and Abigail 
C. (Overholt) Smith; educated, Hathaway- 
Brown school; Bucknell Seminary; Smith col- 
lege; married, Cleveland, May 3, 1911 to Tracy 
Jennings Calhoun — children, Abigail, Esther, 
Catharine and Newton Calhoun; member 
Pi Beta Phi sorority; Mayfield, Country 
and Athletic clubs. Residence: 1586 E. 115th- 

CALHOUN, Tracy Jennines, manufacturer; 
born, Cleveland, July 11, 1885; son Newton 8. 
and Caroline (Jennings) Calhoun; educated, 
University school; Cornell Univ.; married, 
Cleveland, May 3, 1911 to Helen M. Smith — 
children, Abigail, Esther, Catharine and 
Newton; vlce-pres. and gen. mgr. Johnston & 
Jennings Co.; vice-pres. and gen. mgr. OH 
Conservation and Engineering Co.; member 
Mayfield and Cleveland Athletic clubs. Re- 
creation: bowling and golf. Residence: 1586 
E. 115th-st. Office: Addison-rd. and Lake 
Shore tracks. 

CALKINS, Ann Shurmer, born, Cleveland; 
daughter Daniel and Elizabeth (Townsend) 
Shurmer; educated, Mrs. Salisbury's school 
(later Hathaway-Brown) ; St. Agnes, Albany, 
N. Y.; married, Cleveland to Charles Clark 
Calkins — children, Helen Calkins Wheeler. 
Residence: Wade Park Manor. 

CALLACOTT, Charles M., real estate; born, 
Cleveland, Dec. 18, 1881; son Charles C. and 
Almyra (Hicks) Callacott; educated, Shaw 
academy; Glenville high school; married, 
Cleveland, June 18, 1903 to Florence Jessie 
Sprulcs — children, one son and one daughter; 
capt. in American Protective League during 
world war; asst. sec. and treas. I'^airmount 
Savings Bank Co., 1901-904; with Cleveland 
Trust Co. as loan clerk until 1912; mgr. its 
real estate dept. 1912 to 1918; pres. City and 
Suburban Realty Co. subsidiary Company, 
1918-1925; pres. and director The Mayfield 
Clubside Realty Co.; vice-pres., treas. and 
director The Adams Realty Company; pres. 
and director The Chas. M. Callacott Company; 
member Union, Cleveland and City cluba. 
Recreation: motoring, golf and travel. Resi- 
dence: Mayfleld-rd. Office: Swetland Bldg. 

CALVERT, Percy N., lithographing and 
printing; son Peter J. and Elizabeth (Smith) 
Calvert; educated, Eastwood Board school, 
Keighley, Eng.; Keighley Technical college; 
married, Cleveland, 1904 to Mildred A. Burn- 
side — children, Audrey B. and Robert B. Cal- 
vert; director National Assn. of Employlngr 



Lithographers; pres. The Reserve Lithograph 
Printing Co.; pres. Calvert Hatch Co.; sec. 
Fourth District Publishing Co.; owner 
Leavenworth Bank Service Co.; member 
Masonic lodge; Knight Templar; 32nd degree; 
Al Koran Shrine; member Cleveland Athletic, 
Town & Country and Willowick Country- 
clubs. Residence: 16100 Parkland-dr., Shaker 
Hghts. Office: 624 Caxton Bldg. 

CAMPBELL, Caroline Roberts, born, Cleve- 
land; daughter Lyman Crosby and Jane 
(Bolles) Roberts; educated, Central high 
school; School of Education; Chautauqua 
Literary and Scientific; married, Cleveland 
to Edward A. Campbell — children, Florence 
Katharine Campbell and Edith Campbell Van 
Tassel; world war. Red Cross service; mem- 
ber S. H. G. Society of Hall in the Grove; 
Mayflower descendant, 10th in direct line 
from Richard Warren (12th signer); Regent 
of Western Reserve Chapter, D. A. R.; have 
Richard Warren's line of direct descent back 
to the 7th century; William 4th Earl of 
Warren was one of the three Earls who 
forced King John to sign the Magna Charta 
and appointed the 25 Barons as sureties or 
keeper of the Great Charter. Residence: 2330 
Roxboro-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

C4MPBEI-L. E«lT*aril A., dentist; born, 
Cleveland, 1856; son John and Ellen (Halli- 
well) Campbell; educated, Cleveland and Eng- 
land; married, Cleveland, 1882 to Caroline 
Roberts — children, Florence Katharine Camp- 
bell and IMrs. Louis H. Van Tassel; member 
Board of Education, two years. Residence: 
2330 Roxboro-rd. Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
355 Colonial Arcade. 

CAMPBELL, Fannie Fuller, born, Cleve- 
land, July 19, 1851; daughter Augustus and 
Mary A. (Hutching') Fuller; educated, public 
school; Cleveland Academy (Miss Guilford's 
School); married, Cleveland, June 20, 1876 to 
Oscar James Campbell — children, Prof. Oscar 
James and Charles Fuller Campbell, and Jean 
Campbell Hukill: world war, worked with 
Red Cross; member Women's City club; for 
many years connected with Cleveland Day 
Nursery and free Kindergarten assn. as vice- 
pres. and treas. ; pres. two years Women's 
assn. of Church of the Covenant. Residence: 
2175 Grandview-ave., Cleveland Hghts. 

CAMPBELL. Lon L., attorney; born, Arkan- 
sas, Jan. 12, 1885; son W. W. and Ann Camp- 
bell; educated, Arkansas public schools; Univ. 
of Arkansas, B. A., L. I.; Columbia Univ., New 
York, B. L. L. ; married, Hope, Ark., Oct. 11, 
1911 to Hazel Johnson — children, Mary Barton 
and Dorothv Ann Campbell; general counsel, 
director and sec. Grief Bros. Cooperage Corp., 
J. R. Raible Co. and Allen Cooperage Co.; 
member Sigma Chi fraternity; Clifton and 
Cleveland Athletic clubs. Residence: 1076 
Rosalie-ave., Lakewood. Office: 1937 Willey- 

CAMPBELL, Thomas Montgomery, vice- 
pres. : born, Cleveland, Nov. 20, 1882; son 
Henry Harrison and Anna (Krause) Camp- 
bell; educated, Central high school, 1901; 
married, Cleveland, Feb. 28, 1916 to Minnie 
V. Berichon; world war, made repairs to 
various boiler rooms' furnaces for plants 
naking war equipment; in 1924 liquidated 
3rightman Furnace Co. of Cleveland which 
vas founded by father, Henry Harrison 
Campbell in 1890; vice-pres. and director 
Brown Paper Goods Co., Chicago, 111.; mem- 
ber Iris Lodge No. 229, F. & A. M.; Cleveland 
Chapter No. 148 R. A. M.; Holyrood Com- 
mandery No. 32, K. T. ; Ancient Accepted 
Scottish Rite, 32nd degree; Al Koran Tem- 

ple, A.A.O.N.M.S.; B. P. O. E. Cleveland Lodge, 
No. 18; member Cleveland Athletic club. 
Residence: The Commodore, 1990 Ford-dr. 

CAMMANN, Lucy J., born, Rockwell, Iowa, 
Aug. 25, 1890; daughter Albert A. and Lucy 
(Breed) Moore; educated, Albert Lee col- 
lege; Colorado Woman's college; married, 
Cleveland, May 7, 1913 to Frederick W. Cam- 
mann — children, Lucy Jane and Frederick W. 
Cammann; member D. A. R. Residence: 2036 

CANFIELD, Elsie Ford, born, Cleveland, 
Jan. 15, 1889; daughter Wellington and Jane 
(Grandy) Terryberry; educated. Central high 
school; married, Cleveland, June 1, 1912 to 
Hiram Henry Canfield — children, Estelle Jean 
Ford; world war, Red Cross Surgical dress- 
ings (two years); member Women's City, 
Canterbury Golf, Cleveland Heights Civic 
and National Town and Country Clubs. Re- 
creation: golf, bridge, reading and music. 
Residence: 3249 Hyde Park, Cleveland Hghts. 
Summer: Gates Mill. 

CA1VFIEI>D, Hiram Henry, atty. and city 
manager, Cleveland Heights; born, Cleve- 
land, Sept. 12, 1883; son Harrison Wade and 
Martha Ann (Robinson) Canfield; educated, 
Culver Military Academy; University school; 
Western Reserve Univ., B. A.; Western Re- 
serve Law School, LL.D. ; married, Cleveland, 
June 1, 1912 to Elsie Ford — children, Estelle 
Jean Ford Canfield; world war, draft board, 
Cleveland Hghts.; member Delta Upsilon and 
Phi Delta Theta fraternities; Canterbury Golf, 
National Town and Country and City clubs. 
Recreation: coaching football for Case and 
Shaw high and golf. Residence: 3249 Hyde 
Park, Cleveland Hghts. Summer: Gates Mill. 
Office: Cleveland Hghts., City Hall. 

CANNAN, Effie, teacher; born, Camden, O.; 
daughter John and Rachel (Williams) (Ilan- 
nan; educated, Wellington, O., high school; 
Oberlin college; summer work at Cleveland 
school of Education and Western Reserve 
Univ.; Harvard, Chicago Univ. and Columbia 
Univ.; asst. principal Prospect school; mem- 
ber North Eastern Ohio, Ohio State and Na- 
tional Education assns. ; East Congregational 
Reading Circle. Residence: 1762 E. 89th st. 
Office: Prospect School, Shaw-ave., E. Cleve- 

CANNIFF, Ella Viola Oviatt, born, Aurora, 
O.; daughter Silas and Jemmima (Sapp) 
Oviatt; educated, Indiana Normal school; 
married, Aurora, O., April 20, 1893 to William 
Henry Canniff (deceased). Residence: 11235 

CANXON, Austin V., lawyer; born, Streets- 
boro, June 9, 1869; son Artemus M. and Leo- 
nora (Wells) Cannon; educated, Buchtel col- 
lege (now Univ. of Akron), 1892, B. S.; mar- 
ried to Marian E. Cook (deceased) — children, 
Rudolf A., Victor M. and Josephine Cannon; 
commissioner on Uniform laws from Ohio 
for more than fifteen years; lecturer on bank- 
ruptcy more than fifteen years at Western 
Reserve Univ.; publisher of articles in vari- 
ous publications on bankruptcy and equitable 
receivership; member firm White, Cannon & 
Spieth; director and gen. counsel City Ice 
& Fuel Co.; vice-pres. dir. and counsel Elec- 
tric Vacuum Cleaner Co.; sec. and director 
Globe Machine & Stamping Co.; director, sec. 
and treas. National Woolen Co.; director Pen- 
ton Publishing Co.; director and counsel Hig- 
bee Co.; member Cleveland, Ohio State and 
American Bar assns.; Klrtland Country, 
Country, University, Union and Mid-Day 
clubs. Residence: 2235 Harcourt-dr. Office: 
1565 Union Trust Bldg. 



CANNON, Rudolph A., attorney-at-law; 
born, Cleveland, Mar. 22, 1898; son, Austin V. 
and Marian (Cook) Cannon; educated. Uni- 
versity school; Princeton, 1920, A. B.; West- 
ern Reserve law school, LL.B., 1923; married, 
Hingham, Mass., June 23, 1923 to Ruth 
Wavle; world war, training camp, Prince- 
ton, N. J., 1918; member Phi Delta Phi fra- 
ternity; University club. Residence: 11483 
Hessler-rd. Office: 1565 Union Trust Bldg. 

CANNON,' Ruth ^VnvJe, born Berkshire, 
N. Y., May 5, 1899; daughter George Albert 
and Laura Alice (Macey) Wavle, educated, 
Cambridge I..atin school; Pratt Institute; 
married, Hingham, Mass., June 23, 1923 to 
Rudolf Austin Cannon; member Women's City 
Club; Junior League. Residence: 11483 Hess- 

CANNON, Victor Mnrmhall, salesman; born, 
Cleveland, May 30, 1901; son Austin V. and 
Marian E. (Cook) Cannon; educated. Uni- 
versity school; Dartmouth college, B. S., 1923; 
with Electric Vacuum Cleaner Co., Inc.; mem- 
ber University club. Residence: 2235 Har- 
court-dr. Office: 1734 Ivanhoe-rd. 

CAPSHAIV. AVilUe Walling, commercial 
sales; born, McMinville, Tenn.. Aug. 15, 1892; 
son Jesse Davis and Ella Lee (Brewer) Wall- 
ing; educated, Univ. of Tenn.; married, Tenn., 
Dec. 30, 1910 to E. W. Capshaw — children, 
Gordon Walling and Fred Walling Capshaw; 
engaged in child-welfare work for three 
years; eastern sales representative Walter A. 
Goldsmith Co.; member Business & Profes- 
sional Women's club. Residence: Hotel Hol- 
lenden. Office: 2152 Superior-ave. 

CARDINAL, Georse Ralph, investments; 
born, Ogdensburg, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1888; son 
John and Mary (Premo) Cardinal; educated, 
Ogdensburg public schools; married, Cleve- 
land, Sept. 24, 1923 to Hazel Brockett; mem- 
ber Cleveland Astronomical Society; City 
club. Residence: 15445 Lake Shore-blvd. 

CARDINAL, Hazel Brockett, born, Bristol- 
ville, O., Dec. 29, 1891; daughter Ernest La- 
Valle and Ada (Dabney) Brockett; educated, 
Cleveland Schools; special course at Reserve, 
Lakeside hospital, Kindergarten training 
Center and Red Cross Training school; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Sept. 24, 1923 to George R. 
Cardinal; world war, nurses aide at Lakeside 
in Camp Dix., N. J.; member D. A. R. ; Wom- 
en's City club. Residence: 15445 Lake Shore- 

CARHARTT, John Eme«t, clergyman; 8on 
John M. and Emily (Taylor) Carhartt; edu- 
cated, Denison Univ.; Western Reserve Univ.; 
Theological School of Kenyon college; sec. 
to Bishop DuMoulin; senior curate at Trinity 
Cathedral; rector St. Alban's-on-the-Heights; 
member Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Resi- 
dence: 2577 Euclid Hghts.-blvd. 

CARI-ETON, Charlen Henry, lumber dealer; 
born, St. Clair, Mich., Sept. 18, 1859; son 
George W. and Emeline P. (Smith) Carleton; 
educated, high school at St. Clair, Mich., busi- 
ness college, Valparaiso, Ind.; married, 
Wayne, Mich., Jan. 3, 1889 to Janet L. Morri- 
.son (deceased) — children, George M., Marg- 
aret and Jean Carleton; after leaving school 
entered employ of B. W. Jenks & Co.; came 
to Cleveland, May, 1885; entered employ of 
N. Mills & Co.; secured an interest in firm 
the following year; pres. The Mllls-Carleton 
Co.; vice-pres. The Pearl St. Realty Co.; di- 
rector Lumber Underwriters of N. Y. ; retired 
from active business Sept. 1, 1924; member 
Lumberman's club; Country club. Recrea- 

tion: Florida fishing and golf. Residence: 
13421 Lake Shore-blvd. 

CARLIN, Georg;e Thomas, gen. mgr.; born, 
Cleveland, March 11, 1867; son Thomas P. and 
Elizabeth (Goss) Carlln; educated, grammar 
school. Green Castle, Ind., Wayne, Mich, and 
Detroit, Mich.; married, Cleveland, June 14, 
1888 to Amy C. Conkey — children, Shirley E. 
Holden and Vivian A. Kirkpatrick; mgr. con- 
solidated express companies under name 
American Railway Express Co. in movement 
of war material during world war; with 
Nickel Plate Railroad, five years; entered 
express transportation business, 1890; gen. 
mgr. Eastern Lakes dept. consisting of six 
divisions containing over 1600 officers and 
5000 employes American Railway Express 
Co.; member Masonic order; Royal Arcanum; 
Royal Ijeague; member Chamber of Com- 
merce, Cleveland Traffic, Masonic and High 
Noon clubs. Residence: Arrowhead, Will- 
oughby, O. Office: 1120 Chester-ave. 

CARPENTER, Alfred J., advertising agent; 
born, Pueblo, Colo., June 13, 1882; son Alfred 
V. and Martha (Garman) Carpenter; educated, 
Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ. Palo Alto, Calif.; 
Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn.; married, 
Franklin, Ky., June 20, 1904 to Mary Frances 
Hobdy; pres. Carpenter Advertising Co.; 
meml>er Masonic lodge; Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon fraternity; Dover Bay Country club. Resi- 
dence: 230 Cornwall-rd., Rocky River. Office; 
Sloan Bldg. 

CARPENTER, Ellen W. B., born, Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa., Dec. 4, 1884; daughter Charles 
Welles and Anne (Davis) Bixby; educated, 
Wilkes-Barre Institute; two years travel 
abroad including one winter at Mme. Mo- 
noury's school at Neuilly, Paris; married, 
Wilkes-Barre, Feb. 8, 1911 to Robert Frank- 
lin Carpenter — children, Robert Franklin 
r'arpenter, Jr. Residence: 2373 Demington- 

CARPENTER, Frank B., lawyer; born, 
Oberlin, O., July 17, 1866; son John D. and 
Charity G. (Lester) Carpenter; educated, 
Oberlin college, A.B., 1888; Columbia law 
school; married, Morrison, 111., June 3, 1890 
to Edna Woods — children, Florence C. Hig- 
gins, John W. and Edward L. Carpenter; 
asst. general counsel for N. Y. C. & St. L. Ry. 
Co. 1901-1912; in 1912 appointed general 
counsel for same road; in general practice 
of law since 1916; vice-pres. and general 
counsel The Cleveland and Mahoning Valley 
Ry. Co.; director Dill Mfg. Co.. Hill Clutch 
Machine & Foundry Co. and The Richman 
Bros. Co.; member Ohio Bar assn.; Union 
and Mayfield clubs. Residence: 11115 Bell- 
flower-rd. Office: Union Trust Bldg. 

CARPENTER, Frank Garfleld, lawyer; 
born, Wabash, Ind., Dec. 3, 1879; son Rev. 
Iv. L. and Mary (Funk) Carpenter; educated 
Wabash public and high schools; Hiram col- 
lege, B. L.; Univ. of Indianapolis, LL.B.; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Oct. 25. 1905 to Floren.-e 
Hathaway — children. Lucille, Margaret and 
Priscilla; republican; prosecuting attorney 
Wabash County, Ind., two terms, 1907-1910; 
admitted to Indiana Bar. 1902; Ohio Par, 1911; 
treas. Guaranty State Savings & Loan Co.; 
tires. Frank O. Carpenter Co.: mem'ier law 
firm Carpenter & Smith; member Cleveland, 
Ohio State and American Bar fssns.; pres. 
Hiram college Alumni assn., 1925-1926; past 
grand commander A. & I. order Knights of 
Malta for Ohio; Masonic Orders, Windermere 
Blue lodge; Windermere Chapter, Oriental 
Commandery; Al Koran Shrine, Al Sirat 
Grotto; past Chanceller Knights of Pythias; 
member High Noon, Shrine Luncheon, Lln- 



coin-American and The Cleveland clubs. 
Recreation: fishinj?. Residence: ?,i02 Chad- 
bourne-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 2012 Guar- 
antee Title Bldg. 

CAUPENTEH, John Woods, salesman; born, 
Cleveland. Dec. 30, 1895; son Franlc B. and 
Edna (Woods) Carpenter; educated, Univer- 
sity school, 1913; Princeton Univ., 1917; mar- 
ried, Ft. Wayne, Ind., Oct. 14, 1922 to Mari- 
bel Susan Olds — children, John Woods Car- 
penter, Jr.; vv^orld w^ar, 1st lieut. 324th F. A., 
A. E. F.; served from May 9, 1917 to June 5. 
1919 overseas; entered employ of Otis Steel 
Co July 1919; connected with sales organi- 
zation since June 1920; member University 
and Princeton Campus clubs. Residence: 
19901 Malvern-rd. Office: Otis Steel Co. 

CARI'ENTEU, Marihel Ohls, born. Ft. 
Wayne, Ind., March 9, 1895; daughter Noble 
Granger and Susan (McCulloch) Olds; edu- 
cated, Ely Court, 1913; married, Ft. Wayne, 
Ind., Oct. 14, 1922 to John Woods Carpenter 
— children, John Woods Carpenter, Jr., vi^orld 
war, Canteen service (captain) 1917-1919. 
Residence: 19901 Malvern-rd. 

CAKPENTER. Otto William, born, Mans- 
field, O., Nov 12, 1870; son William B. and 
Emeline (Grove) Carpenter; educated, Mans- 
field public schools; Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 
A. B.; married, Bucyrus, O., May 4, 1898 to 
Ruby Desire Sears — children, Emeline, Ben- 
jamin Sears and Otto William Carpenter; 
member board of Education, Lakewood, four 
years; Sinking Fund commission, Lakewood; 
world war, organized house to house cam- 
paign for Liberty Bond issues and other war 
activities in Lakewood and had charge of 
second, third and fourth bond issues; came to 
Cleveland, 1900, took charge of agency of 
Union Central Life Ins. Co., continuing as 
manager until ir»l8 and associated with 
agency thereafter until present time; became 
first pres. of Lakewood Savings & Loan Co., 
organized board and is still pres.; director 
Colonial Savings & Loan Co.; member Lake- 
wood lodge, F. <& A. M. ; Cleveland Chapter. 
R. A. M.; Alpha Tau Omega fraternity; mem- 
ber Westwood Country club; Chamber of 
Commerce. Recreation: golf and gardening. 
Residence: 14234 Detroit-av^., Lakewood. 
Office: Society for Savings Kldg. 

C.XRPEXTEU. Robert Franklin, manufac- 
turer; born, Cleveland, Oct. 16, 1883; son Al- 
fred O. and Alice (Boyd) Carpenter; educated, 
Central high school; Dartmouth college, 1906, 
A. B. ; married, Wilkes Barre, Pa., 1911 to 
Ellen W. Bixley — children, Robert F. Carpen- 
ter, Jr.; pres. and treas. Sanymetal Products 
Co.; member National Assn. Partition Mfgrs. ; 
Delta Upsilon fraternity; Dartmouth club of 
Cleveland; University and Canterbury clubs; 
Chamber of Commerce. Re.sidence: 2373 
Demington-rd. Office: 1705 Urbana-rd. 

C.ARR, Charles «.. dist. sales mgr. Gisholt 
Machine Co. of Madison, Wise; born, East 
Haverhill, N. H., Nov. 7, 1863; son John and 
Sibyl M. (Haywood) Carr; educated, Port 
Hope, Mich.; commercial course at Valparaiso, 
Ind.; married, Corry, Pa., Oct. 26, 1898 to 
Sarah Ermina Butters — children, John J. 
Carr; member Cleveland Athletic and City 
clubs. Residence: 1888 Page-ave., E. Cleve- 

CARR, Frank n„ manager; born, Summit 
County, Nov. 16, 1866; son of William Lyman 
and Emily J. (IMalone) Carr; educated public 
schools; married, Akron, O., 1888 to May E. 
Doyle — children, two; manager of The North- 
ern Ohio branch of the Canada Life Assur- 

ance Co. of Toronto, Canada for 28 years; 
director of The Cleveland Mercantile Co. and 
the Western Reserve Condensed Milk Co.; 
member the Al Koran shrine; 32nd degree; 
Lake Erie Consistory; A. A. S. R. of F. M.; 
H. P. O. E. ; Cleveland Life Underwriters; 
Cleveland Athletic, National Town and Coun- 
try, and Koran clubs. Residence: Sovereign 
Hotel, E. Blvd. Office: 1418 Keith Bldg. 

CARH, Horace, printer; born, Crawford Co., 
Pa., Sept. 13, 1868; son Harvey L. and Mary 
E. (Amidon) Carr; educated, grammar school, 
married, Cleveland, June 12, 1891 to Nettle 
Burton — children, one (deceased); learned 
printing business in Erie, Pa, 1883-1889; 
worked in Cleveland, 1889-1893; started busi- 
ness, Nov. 1, 1893; member Council of Socio- 
logy; Rowfant and Cleveland Graphic Arts 
clubs. Recreation: photography, printing, 
book-collecting and reading. Residence: 
10415 Colonial-ave. Office: 635 Caxton Bldg. 

C.\RR. Jessie Robinson, director of school 
of music; born, Bolivar, Pa., Feb. 14, 1886; 
daughter William Irwin and Margaret (Coul- 
ter) Robinson; educated, Millersville, Pa.; 
State Normal school; Wilson college; studied 
under William Sherwood, Wilson G. Smith, 
Richard Hagemann and Carrie Louise Dun- 
ning; married, Cleveland, Nov. 25, 1922 to 
Francis Lee Carr — children, Robinson Saint- 
Amour by former marriage; world war, direc- 
tor of American fund for French w^ounded, 
two years before U. S. entered, then served on 
Canteen duty in Cleveland; former pres. Ce- 
clllan Music club; organized Thursday Fort- 
nightly Music club (now MacDowell club); di- 
rector Girls' Chorus of E. Glenville M. E. di- 
rector choir, Glenville Congregational church; 
former member Thursday Fortnightly Liter- 
ary club; pres. and director Dunning-Pro- 
gressive school of music; member Garfield 
Fire Clay Co., Robinson, Pa., founded by 
Eliot Robinson (grandfather) pioneer brick 
mfgr. Western Pennsylvania; member Chau- 
tauqua Literary Reading circle; and Del- 
phians Fortnightly Musical club. Recreation: 
swimming and walking. Residence: 2066 E. 
107th St. Office: same. 

CARRAN, Grace E., born. Peninsula, O.. 
July 14, 1872; daughter Andrew and Agnes 
(Dougherty) Cassidy; educated, "Villa Angela, 
Nottingham, O. ; married, Cleveland, Nov. 23, 
1896 to Lewis C. Carran — children, Agnes E., 
Lewis C. and Andrew J. Carran; member 
Leonarda, Cathrine Horstmann and Christ 
Child societies; Willowick Country and 
Women's City clubs. Residence: 2532 Euclld- 

CARREL, Moses Gray, passenger repre- 
sentative B. & O. R.R. ; born, Lyons, O., 
June 4, 1854; son William P. and Elizabeth 
(Waite) Carrel; educated, public schools and 
Hillsdale, Mich, college; married, Reading, 
Mich., June 8, 1875 to Jennie Eudora Bailey — 
children, Lucy (Mrs. J. I. Tod); Frank LeRoy 
Carrel and Elsie (Mrs. G. I. Bauman); started 
as telegraph operator for L. S. & M. S.Ry in 
1870; ticket agent at Union depot, Cleveland, 
1880-1891; sec. and treas. Merchants Bank- 
ing and Storage Co., 1891-1893; manager and 
editor of Railway Magazine and assoc. edi- 
tor Cleveland Press 1893-1894; gen. passenger 
agent C. L. & W. Ry., 1894-1903; division 
passenger agent Baltimore & Ohio R.R. 1903- 
1920; passenger representative B. & O. R.R. 
since 1920; trustee Hillsdale college, Hills- 
dale, Mich.; past master Meridian lodge No. 
610 F. & A. M. ; member McKlnley chapter, R. 
A. M. ; Woodward Council R. and S. ; past com- 



mander Holy rood Commandery No. 32 K.T. ; 
member Eliada lodge A.A.S.R.; past M. E. 
Master Bahurlm Council P.O.J. A.A.S. Rite; 
past first lieut. commander Lake Erie Con- 
sistory A.A.S. Rite; honorary member Su- 
preme Council; 33rd degree A.A.S. Rite; past 
potentate of Al Koran Temple, Mystic Shrine; 
member High Noon and Masonic clubs. Resi- 
dence: 11211 Hessler-rd. Office: 905 Union 
Trust Bldg. 

CARUOI.1-, Frank C. insurance adjuster; 
born, Munson, O., Dec. 14, 1855; son Henry P. 
and Eliza Carroll; educatetl, Munson and 
Chardon, O. ; married, Chardon, C, April 30, 
1881 to Mary Miller — children, Florence and 
Frank M. Carroll. Admitted to the Bar at 
Chardon, O., 1877. Residence: Painesville, O. 
Office: 307 The Arcade. 

CARROLI-, William P., executive manager; 
born, New York City, July 21, 1879; son Pa- 
trick H. and Helen (McDonald) Carroll; edu- 
cated, Columbia Univ., M. K.; married. New 
York, July, 1905 to Margaret Sofsky — chil- 
dren, William A. and Jack Carroll; special 
representative and consultant in labor rela- 
tions; executive asst. to vice-pres. of Emer- 
gency Fleet Corp., U. S. Shipping board; mas- 
ter mechanic in charge of motive power and 
equipment, N. Y. C. R. R., 10 years, Rochester, 
N. Y., Albany and New York; manager Whit- 
ing Mfg. Co., Burlington, Vt., three years; 
e.xecutive mgr. Building Trades Employers 
assn., four years; director National Building 
Trades Employers assn.; member American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers; New York 
Engineering society; Knights of Columbus; 
Elks; Ethan Allen society of Vermont; 
American Railway Master Mechanics; Cleve- 
land Automobile and Lake Champlain Yacht 
clubs; New York City club; author of "Ship- 
yard Occupations" used officially by all ship- 
yards during the war and other works treat- 
ing on labor relations in industry. Recrea- 
tion: boxing, swimming, walking and theatre. 
Residence: 1243 Quilliams-rd., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: Rose Bldg. 

CAUTER, Edwin F., pres. Ohio Bell Tele- 
phone Co.; born, Farmington, Mo., May 24, 
1877; son William and Marie (Mcllvaine) 
Carter; educated, St. Louis Manual Training 
school; Washington Univ., St. Louis; married, 
St. Louis, May 12, 1906 to Mary Bull — children, 
Edwin Follett, Jesse Mcllvaine and Mary 
Clem Carter; employed in telephone business 
in St. Louis in 1900; commercial mgr. of The 
Bell Telei)hone Co. of Mo. 1910; gen. mgr. 
for Kansas of Southwestern Bell Telephone 
Co. 1919; gen. mgr. of Texas for same com- 
pany 1921; vice-pres. Southwestern Bell Tele- 
phone Co. in 1925; pres. Ohio Bell Telephone 
Co. 1926; member Phi Delta Theta fraternity. 
Office: 4300 Euclid-ave. 

CARTER, Kntlierlne Taylor, daughter Vir- 
gil Corydon and Margaret (Sacket) Taylor; 
educate(l, Miss Mittleberger's school; mar- 
ried, Cleveland to Richard Otis Carter — chil- 
dren, Mrs. James H. Harris, Jr., and Wilson 
S. Dodge; member D. A. R.; Willowlck and 
Cleveland Athletic clubs. Residence: 13805 

CARTER, Richard Otl«, jeweler; born. New 
London, O., Aug. 1, 1875; son Otis Goodman 
and Estell (Moorehouse) Carter; educated, 
New London public schools; married, Cleve- 
land, to Katlierine Taylor; member Athletic 
and Willowlck clubs; owner of Jewelry busi- 
ness for 15 years in Taylor Arcade; now in 
Union Trust Arcade. 

CARTER, .Sarah .Sherman, born, Cleveland, 
March 28, 1876; daughter Henry Stoddard and 
Ilarriettc (Benedict) Sliorman; educated, 
Hathaway Brown school; Cainl)ridge school, 
Cambridge, Mass.; married, Cleveland, April 
18, 1900 to Dr. Edward Perkins Carter — chil- 
dren, Edward I'erkins Carter, Jr. Residence: 
204 Stratford-rd., Baltimore, Md. 

CARTL^Y, Charlotte C, born, Canada, Dec. 
.TO, 1SS8; daughter James H. L. and Amanda 
(Cannon) Clark; educated, Bolton school; 
Ci'iilral high school; Laurel school; married,, Aug. JO, 1913 to Paul Roland Car- 
toy — children, Jane Minerva and Alice Mar- 
garet; world war. Red Cross work. Resi- 
dence: 3284 Beechwood-ave. 

CARY, Sheldon, pres.; The Browning Crane 
Co.; born, Cleveland, Sept. 11, 1870; son of 
John E. Carey and Mary (Stockly) Carey; 
educated Brownell public school, Stirling 
public school, Brooks school. La Villa school 
Lausanne, Switzerland; Lawrenceville school 
New Jersey and Sheffield Scientific school, 
Yale, New Haven; married Cleveland, 1902 to 
Lily M. Zerbe — children, Rachael Duchatel, 
John Reeder and Sliell Irma; 2nd lieut. 1st 
Ohio Cavalry, Spanish-American war; pres. 
and director of The Browning Crane Co. and 
Cleveland Institute of Music; member Delta 
Phi fraternity; Country, Union, Kirtland 
Country clubs, and St. Antliony club, N. Y. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 2373 Kenil- 
worth-rd., Euclid Hghts. 

C'ASE, Blanche Adelaide Shiink; born, 
Gallon, O., Sept. 24, 1871 ; daughter Samuel and 
Charlotte (Riblet) Sliunk; married, Cleve- 
land, April 30, 1896 to Clyde Allison Case — 
children, Helen, (Mr.s. Alfred E. Goss), 
Edith Allison Case and Clyde Allison Case, 
Jr. Residence: Alcazar Hotel. 

CASE, Clyde Allison, Jr., born, Cleveland, 
Nov. 30, 1905; son Clyde A. (deceased) and 
Blanch A. (Shunk) Case; attending Cornell 
Univ.; member Delta Plii fraternity. Resi- 
dence: Alcazar Hotel, Cleveland Hghts. 

CASE, Eckstein, sec. and treas. Case School 
of Applied Science; born, Carlyle, III., July 9, 
1858; educated, Cleveland public school.s; two 
years U. S. Military academy. West Point; 
studied law under Judge J. E. IngersoU and 
Judge Rufus P. Itanney, graduating Univ. 
of Mich. 1883; never practiced; member Row- 
fant and University clubs; member executive 
committee Municipal assn. five years. Resi- 
dence: 1656 Magnolia-dr. Office: Chamber of 
Commerce Bldg. 

CASE, Vivien M., born, Warrensville; 
daughter, Nehemiah and Maria N. (Wells) 
Marks; married, Cleveland, Nov. 29, 1921 to 
Clinton L. Case — children, one daughter; 
member Order of the Eastern Star; Ohio 
State Good Government Assn.; Women's .\ux- 
iliary lOast End Lincoln Republican Club; 
Independent Kepiiblican Club; corresponding 
sec. for Cuyahoga County \V. C. T. U., two 
years sec. Government club, five years; Glen- 
ville Union W. C. T. U., two years; member 
Eurlid-ave. Chri.-^tian Church, 28 years. Resi- 
dence: 657 E. 91st St. 

CASIIMAN. William Timothy, attorney-at- 
law; born, Montpelier, Vt., Oct. 4, 1872; son 
John and Jane (Byrne) C'ashman; educated, 
Ho.-^ton public schools: Boston college; St. 
Mary's college, A. B., 1893, LL.D. 1912; Catho- 
lic Univ. of America, LL.B. 1896; LL.M. 1897; 
married, t.'levelaiul, Jan. 25, 1899 to Aloise 
Grasselli — children, Wm. Grasselli, Eugene 



Ramiro, Aloise Grasselll, Mary Frances and 
John Augustin Cashman; gen. counsel Gras- 
selll Chemical Co.; member American Bar 
assn.; trustee Catholic Charities Corp. and 
5t. Ann's Maternity home; member Knights 
of Columbus; Union, University, Mayfleld and 
Kirtland clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
2881 So. Park-blvd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 
1300 Guardian Bldg. 

CASKEY, Nelly Newton, born, Cleveland. 
Nov. 19, 1889; daughter Charles L. and Julia 
M. (Thompson) Newton; educated Hathaway 
Brown school; W. R. U. College for Women, 
A.B. ; married, Cleveland, April 6, 1907 to 
Walter Higbee Caskey (deceased, 1920); pres. 
and treas. Federal Steel Sales Co.; member 
Phi Beta Kappa (college honorary society for 
scholarships); Delta Phi Upsilon sorority; 
College, Women's City, Fortnightly Musical, 
Conversational and Review clubs. Residence: 
3026 Lincoln-blvd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
425 Bulkley Bldg. 

CASS, Edith Dorothy Eckert, born, Cleve- 
land; daughter C. A. and Louise (Messer) 
Eckert; educated, Cleveland, Oberlin and New 
York; married, Cleveland, June 25, 1919 to 
Francis D. Cass; music teacher and church 
organist; member Jane Elliott Snow and 
Heights Civic clubs. Residence: 3273 Claren- 
don-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

CASTO, Frank 1»I., orthodontist; born 
Blanchester. O., May 30, 1875; son James 
Monroe and Margaret (Watklns) Casto; 
educated, Blanchester high school; Ohio 
State Univ. Dental school, 1898, D. D. S.- 
Ohio State Medical school, 1900, M. D.; Ohio 
State Pharmacy school, 1902, Ph. G.; married, 
Columbus, O., Feb. 20, 1902 to Florence M. 
Andrus — children, Wm. A., Ruth A. and 
Florence Adele Casto; dean Western Reserve 
Univ. school of Dentistry; past pres. Big 
Ten Univ. club; past pres. local and state 
Dental societies; vice-pres. National Dental 
society; served on numerous important com- 
mittees of Local, State and National Dental 
societies; made many professional contribu- 
tions; director C. C. Townes Co.. Harris 
Calorific Co. and Caston Realty Co.; pres. 
Superior 34th Co.; vice-pres. Euclid 73rd Co.- 
member local. State and National Dental 
assns.; local. State and National Medical 
assns.; American Society of Orthodontists- 
Delta Sigma Delta, Alpha Mu, PI Omega, 
Omicron Kappa Upsilon fraternities; Union, 
Big Ten University, Cleveland Athletic, Town 
and Country, Rotary and Mayfleld Country 
clubs; medical staff Rainbow hospital. Rec- 
reation: golf and fishing. Residence: 1857 
Rosalind-ave. Office 1334-36-38 B. F. Keith 

CASAVEL.L, John H„ banker; born, Clay- 
ton, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1872; son Anthony B. and 
Caroline P. Caswell; married, Cleveland, Oct. 
7, 1900 to Lillie P. Perry — children, William 
Doan and Florence M. Caswell; assi. vice- 
pres. Union Trust Co.; member City Club. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 1826 E. 93rd- 
st. Office: Union Trust Co. 

CATHCART, W^allaoe Hash, director The 
Western Reserve Historical Society; born, 
Elyria, O., April 2, 1865; son of S. H. and 
Eliza (Chamberlain) Cathcart; educated, Den- 
Ison Univ., B.S. degree; 1926, honorary degree 
Doctor of Humane Letters; married, Cleve- 
land, Aug. 8, 1893 to Florence Holmes; Feb. 
11, 1918 to Ellen Douglas Hamilton — children, 
Genevieve (Athey) and Evelyn Cathcart; 
book business in Elyria, 1881-'86; librarian 
Denison Univ.. 1887-'90; sec. The Taylor 
Austin Co., 1890-'97; sec, later vice-pres. and 

general manager The Burrows Bros. Co., vice- 
pres. American Booksellers and Publishers 
assn. and pres. Cleveland Baptist Missionary 
society for seven years; also pres. 1905-1912, 
vice-pres, director and trustee since 1913 of 
The Western Reserve Historical society; trus- 
tee Denison Univ.. member The Baptist Church 
of the Master; member American Antiquar- 
ian, Nantucket Historical. Firelands' His- 
torical, American Numismatic, American 
Geographical. American Historical, American 
Philatelic societies and Association of 
American Museums; also meml)er Phi 
Gamma Delta fraternity and Shaker Heights 
Country club; while with Burrow Bros, met 
and knew many celebrated people, Including 
s^ir Henry Irving, Ellen Terry, Richard Mans- 
field, Eleanor Robson, James Whitcomb Riley, 
Eugene Field, who were among the donors 
of autograph books to Mr. Cathcart's collec- 
tion of about 1,000; also author, his "Bib- 
liography of Natlianlel Hawthorne" pub- 
lished by the Rowfant club. Residence: 14605 
S. Woodland-rd. Office: 10700 Euclid-ave. 

CERRI, Josephine Grace Rittman, born, 
Meadville, Pa.; daughter Frederick Ernest 
and Georgianna (Derickson) Rittman; edu- 
cated. Miss Mittelberger's school; Miss Gra- 
ham's school, N. Y.; Dresden, Germany; mar- 
ried, Washington, D. C, 1903 to Dr. Nicola 
Cerrl — children, Nicola Cerri, Jr.; awarded 
two Italian Red Cross decorations; member 
Amateur Musical club. Residence: 1929 E. 

CERni, Dr. Comm. NIcoIn, former Italian 
Consul; born, Avezzano, Italy, 1875; son Dr. 
Antonio and Mariannina (Jetti) Cerrl; edu- 
cated. Royal College Victor Emanuel. Naples; 
Royal Univ., Rome; married, Washington, 
D. C, 1903 to Josephine Grace Rittman — 
children, Nicola Cerri, Jr.; Italian Consular 
Representative from 1900 to 1926; Sir Knight 
Commander of the Order of the Crown of 
Italy; member Amateur Musical Club. Resi- 
dence: 1929 E. 90th-st. 

CHADSEY, Mildred, assoc. prof. School of 
Applied Social Sciences, W. R. U. ; daughter 
A. N. and Elizabeth (Adams) Chadsey; edu- 
cated, Morgan Park Academy; Univ. of Chi- 
cago, PH. B. ; world war, served in American 
Red Cross In Italy, 1918-1920; director Home 
Service Dlv. A. R. C. in Italy; member Con- 
sumers League of Ohio; Girls Council; Bu- 
reau Municipal Research Education Exten- 
sion council: Theta Beta Phi Sorority. Rec- 
reation: summer camp in Little Mountains. 
Residence: 1887 E. 82nd st. Office: Western 
Reserve Univ. 

CHALOUPKA, Aloysiiis W, attorney-at- 
law; born, Checo-Slavakia, July 2, 1886; son 
Joseph and Anna (Pleticha) Chaloupka; edu- 
cated, St. Prokop's Parochial school; St. Ig- 
natius College; Cleveland Law School. LL.B., 
1917; married, Cleveland, Nov. 10, 1910 to 
Hermina B. Vanera — children, Lawrence. 
Eleanor and Robert; member Cuyahoga 
County Democratic Club; private practice of 
law since June 30, 1917; teacher of English 
for Cleveland Board of Education, three 
years; citizenship class teacher, under direc- 
tion of Citizens' Bureau, ten years; asst. 
county prosecutor, Cuyahoga County, 1919- 
1920; member Cleaveland, General As- 
sembly, Fourth Degree, K. of C; member 
Gilmour Council, No. 310, K. of C; member 
Cleveland Aerie, No. 135, Fraternal Order of 
Eagles. Residence: 3688 E.-Blvd. Office: 937 
Society for Savings-Bldg. 

CHAMBERLAIN, Charlotte B., born, Orr- 
ville, O. ; daughter Samuel Martin and Mollie 
(Orr) Brenneman; educated, Wooster College, 



Wooster, O. and abroad; married, Orrvllle, O., 
Dec, 1912 to Dr. Wilson Smith Chamberlain 
(divorced) — children, Charlotte Margaret 
Chamberlain. Residence: 3041 Warrington-rd. 

CHAMIIERLAIN. John Aldrlch. attorney; 
born, Grafton, O., Dec. 25, 1874; son Wells A. 
and Cynthia (Aldrlch) Chamberlain; educated, 
Denison Univ., A. B., 1899; Western Reserve 
Law school, LL. B., 1902; married, Cuyahoga 
Falls, O., June 23, 1906 to Frances A. Hlnde — 
children, Mary Louise and Lucia Chamber- 
lain; member firm Stearns, Chamberlain & 
Royon; director Alta House; member Phi 
Gamma Delta and Phi Delta Phi fraternities; 
Union, Mid-Day and Country clubs. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Residence: 13006 Forest Hill- 
ave., E. Cleveland. Office: 1490 Union Trust 

CHAMDERLAIIV, Ti'lIIInm W., shoe manu- 
facturer; born, Cleveland, April 19, 1858; son 
Norman W. and Mary Elizabeth (Hagedorn) 
Chamberlain; educated, public schools; mar- 
ried, Brookline, Mass., Jan. 4, 1905 to Carrie 
Simpson — cliildren, Norma Chamberlain Bon- 
nie; vice pres. Ferris Shoe Co.; treas. Union 
Savings & Loan Co.; member Shaker Heights 
Country and Cleveland Athletic clubs; 
Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 1695 Mag- 
nolia-dr. Office: W. 47th-st. and Ravine-ave. 

CHAMBERLAIN, Wilson S., physician; 
born, Paris, O., March 11, 1887; son Dr. H. H. 
and Laura W. (Smith) Chamberlain; edu- 
cated, Univ. of Wooster, A. B., 1910; Western 
Reserve School of Medicine, M. D., 1916; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Jan. 6, 1923 to Constance 
George — children, Margaret Chamberlain; 
world war, capt. medical corps, 18 months 
service; N. Y. City and AUentown, Pa. hos- 
pitals, volunteered services in July, 1917, ac- 
cepted and commissioned 1st lieut. M. R. C. ; 
commissioned capt. M. C. April, 1923; staff 
member Hospital Clinic, Lakeside Dispensary 
Clinic and Lakeside hospital; member 
Academy of Medicine of Cleveland; Ohio State 
Medical assn.; Coeur de Lion Commandery 
and McKinley Chapter, R. A. M. ; Nu Sigma 
Nu fraternity; Phi Gamma Delta, collegiate; 
Elks lodge. No. 18; American Legion Army 
& Navy Post; Portage Country club. Recre- 
ation: golf and rifle shooting. Residence: 
2031 E. lOOth-st. Office: 10553 Euclid-ave. 

CHAMBERLIIV, C. W., gen. mgr.; born, 
Cleveland, Nov. 16, 1893; son Carver W. and 
Amantha Churbra (Stowe) Chamberlln; edu- 
cated, grade and high schools; married, Cleve- 
land, June 10, 1925 to Erma Lucile Royal; 
active in Government Liberty Loan drive; 
active in preparatory training of youths be- 
low draft age in Akron, O. ; street newsle, 
1905-1911; Akron rubber factories, 1911-1913; 
learned trade, 1913-1918; real estate broker 
and builder, 1918-1926; painting contractor, 
1921-1926; operated refreshment stands at 
East Market gardens and ton concessions at 
Summit Beach park with an average em- 
ployment of 15 men and four women during 
the years of apprentice-ship, 1913-1918; gen. 
mgr. Chamberlin & Co.; member Y. M. C. A.; 
B. M. C. Residence: 1934 E. 75th-st. Office: 
324 National City Bldg. 

CHAMRERI-IX, Fred Emernon, public ac- 
countant; born, Cortland, O., 1884; son 
Charles W. and Mae (Craft) Chamberlln: 
educated, Cortland high school; Cleveland 
law school. Certified public accountant, In- 
diana; married, Cleveland, Nov. 12, 1917 to 
Jessie Elizabeth Peck — children, Ruth, Lois, 
Robert and Carol Chamberlin; with Ernst & 
Ernst, 1905-1907; auditor McMyler Interstate 
Co.. 1907-1915; with Haskins & Sells, 1917- 
1921; partner Patton Chamberlin & Scovlll, 
1922 to date; member Ohio Bar; Chamber of 

Commerce: Monarch club. Residence: 9008 
Empire-ave. Office: 758 Leader Bldg. 

CHAMREHMIV, Robt. nurnn, physician; 
born, Solon, O., June 28, 18S0; son Asahel and 
Agnes (Cochran) Chamberlin; educated, 
Twinsburg high school, 1898; Western Re- 
serve Dental, 1901; Cleveland Medical. 1904; 
New York post graduate, 1919; W. 11. U. post 
graduate, 1920; married, Twinsburg, June, 
1901 to (jcrtrude Parmelee; married, 1906 to 
Lula Culhan — children, Glenn K. Chamberlin; 
21 years of general medical practice; special 
attention during last 6 years to diseases of 
the heart; member Cleveland Academy of 
Medicine; Summit County Medical society 
State and American Medical assns.; Summit 
Lodge F. and A. M., Twinsburg; Summit 
Chapter, F. & A. M., Bedford; Twinsburg; 
Tennis and Grantwood Golf clubs. Residence: 
Twinsburg, O. Office: same. 

CHAMPIOIV, Pierre, manufacturer; born, 
Cleveland, Aug. 26, 1899; son David and Rose 
(Daly) Champion; educated, Cleveland public 
and parochial schools; Notre Dame Univ., 
Ph.B., 1922; married, Cleveland, Sept. 26, 1923 
to Agnes Mooney — children, David J. Cham- 
pionll. ; world war, served in S.A.T.C. at Notre 
Dame Univ., 1918; officer in Metropolitan div. 
of Community Fund; entered business, 1922 
with Champion Rivet Co.; elected vice-pres. 
1925; member Amer. Boiler Mfgrs. assn.; 
Knights of Columbus; Chamber of Commerce, 
University, National Town & Country, Chag- 
rin Valley Country and Rotarv clubs. Resi- 
dence: 2899 Courtland-blvd. Office: E. 108th- 
st. and Harvard-ave. 

CHAMPION, Wllllnm Matthew, pediatrist, 
M. D. ; born, Cleveland, Jan. 26, 1893; son Mat- 
thew and Cecelia (Gallagher) Champion; edu- 
cated. Central high school; Western Reserve 
Univ., Adelbert college, 1916, A. B. ; School of 
Medicine, 1919, M. D.; world war. Student's 
Army training corps; instructor in pediatrics 
Western Reserve School of Medicine; instruc- 
tor in school of Applied Sciences, W. R. U.: 
lecturer, School of Nursing, W. R. U. ; mem- 
ber Alpha Kappa Kappa medical fraternity 
Recreation: horseback riding and golf. Resi- 
dence: 13633 Euclid-ave., E. Cleveland. Office: 
2429 Prospect-ave. 

CHANDLER, Mrs. George Newconili, born, 
Cleveland, Jan. 27, 1870; daughter John 
Franklin and Welthena (Cruith) Rust; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Jan. 12, 1892 to George New- 
comb Chandler (deceased) — children. Mrs. 
Kenneth B. Wick, Mrs. Willard F. Walker and 
John Rust Chandler; member Kirtland, 
Country and Union clubs. Residence: 2155 
Overlook-rd., Euclid Hghts. (Deceased.) 

CHANDLER, Helen, teacher: born, Cleve- 
land, Dec. 1, 1888; daughter William II. and 
Mary (Willard) Chandler; educated. Lake 
Erie college, 1908-1911; Teachers college, 
Columbia Univ., 1911-1912, B. S.; teacher at 
East high school; member College club; 
Cleveland Home Economics assn. Residence: 
2672 Hampshlre-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
East High School. 

CIIAPIN, Frederick Hownrd. born, Iowa, 
1877; son Frederick W. and Eliza (Pauly) 
Chapin; educated, Des Moines, Iowa Prep, 
school; Univ. of Minn.; married, Minneapolis, 
1899 to Helen LaRue; world war, Ceramic 
dlv. war industries board, 1917-1918; pres. 
Natl. Acme Co.; director Land Title & 
Abstract Co.; pres. Members* Garage Co.; 
pres. A. M. McGregor Home for Aged; mem- 
ber Union and Mayfield Country clubs. Rec- 
reation: golf. Residence: 2065 Hanover-rd., 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: Coit-rd and E. 131st- 

CHAPIN, Helen LaRne, born, Minnesota, 
1877; daughter Dr. B. F. and Anna (Oram) 



LaRue; educated, St. Mary's Hall, Fairbault, 
Minn.; married, Minneapolis, 1899 to Fred H. 
Chapin; member Women's City and Clytean 
Literary clubs. Residence: 2065 Hanover-rd., 
Cleveland Hghts. 

CHAPIN, IVaihnnlel D., manufacturer; born, 
Cleveland, Oct. 12, 1861; son Hermon M. and 
Matilde (Fenno) Chapin; educated, Central 
high school; married, Newburyport, Mass., 
July 11, 1888 to Annie Toppan Spalding — 
children, Nathaniel Thayer Chapin and Helen 
Chapin Hitchcock; pres. and treas. Billings 
Chapin Co. and Chalac Co.; member Country, 
Kirtland and Union clubs. Residence: 1608 
Hazel-dr. Office: 1163 E. 40th-st. 

CHAPIN, N. Thayer, manufacturer; born, 
Cleveland, Jan. 11, 1890; son Nathaniel D. and 
Annie Toppan (Spalding) Chapin; educated, 
Yale, Ex '13; married, Cleveland, Aug. 18, 
1917 to Louise Wetmore Cole; world war, 
capt. Inf. A. E. F.; pres. Cleveland Paint Oil 
and Varnish Club, 1923-1924; vice-pres. Bill- 
Ings-Chapin Co.; member Country club. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 1875 Crawford- 
rd. Office: 1163 E. 40th-st. 

CHAPMAN, Carlos Albert, lawyer; born, 
Twlnsburgh, O. ; son Nathan Albert and Grace 
(Howe) Chapman; educated, "Western Re- 
serve Academy, Hudson, O. ; Adelbert college; 
Univ. of Cincinnati, LL.B.; married, E. Cleve- 
land, to Ethel R. Eddy — children, Ralph 
Eddy Chapman; world war, worked on 
Draft board No. 5; worked with home Ser- 
vice dept. of Red Cross; member American 
and Ohio State Bar assns.; Beta Theta Pi and 
Phi Delta Phi fraternities. Residence: 1854 
Shaw-ave., E. Cleveland. Office: 1344 Union 
Trust Bldg. 

CHAPMAN, Ethel Eddy, born, Cleveland; 
daughter Samuel Mansfield and Sarah L. 
(Smyth) Eddy; educated, Cleveland schools 
and Kindergarten training school; married, 
E. Cleveland, to Carlos A. Chapman — chil- 
dren, Ralph Eddy Chapman; member Ameri- 
can Society for Psychical Research; grand- 
daughter of Anson and Caroline (Fitch) 
Smyth; member St Paul's Episcopal Church, 
E. Cleveland; sec. The Periodical Club of St. 
Paul's Episcopal Church; interested in all 
social service work. Residence: 1854 Shaw- 
ave., E. Cleveland. 

CHAPMAN, Frank EdTrard, director Mt. 
Sinai hospital; born, St. Louis, Dec. 27, 1884; 
son Alonzo L. and Elizabeth Mason (Foster) 
Chapman; educated, St. Louis schools; mar- 
ried, Alton, Dec. 27. 1911 to Vlda M. Black- 
children, Elizabeth Scott Chapman; world 
war, adviser to Surgeon general's office on 
medical training; In charge medical dept. 
Frisco railroad, 1902-1911; in charge St. Louis 
City hospital, 1911-1915; director Mt. SInal 
hospital, Cleveland, since 1915; pres. Ohio 
Hospital assn., 1918; executive sec. Ohio Hos- 
pital assn., 1919-1923; chairman special com- 
mittee American Hospital assn.; author "Hos- 
pital Organization and Operation," 1924; hos- 
pital consultant on organization and con- 
struction of hospitals; member American and 
Ohio Hospital assns.; Taylor society; board 
of trustees Ohio Hospital assn.; board of 
trustees Cleveland Hospital Council; member 
Masonic lodge; Rotary and Mid-Day clubs; 
Chamber of Commerce Residence: 13615 
Shaker-blvd., Moreland Courts. Office: 1800 
E. 105th-st. 

CHAPMAN, Ralph E^ddy, mechanical en- 
gineer; born, Cleveland; son Carlos Albert 
and Ethel (Eddy) Chapman; educated. 
University school, 1918; Case School of Ap- 
plied Science, B. S. in M. E., 1924; director 
Carter Mfg. Co.; member American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers; Cleveland Engineering 

Society; American Society for Physical Re- 
search; National Aeronautic Assn. of U. S. A.; 
member St. Paul'.s Episcopal Church; one of 
the founders of Cleveland Radio assn.; con- 
siderable spare time is spent in radio research 
and consulting work. Residence: 1854 Shaw- 
ave., E. Cleveland. Office: Engineering dept., 
East Ohio Gas Co. 

CHAPPELKA, Arthur H., born, Cleveland, 
July 31, 1882; son J. and Catherine A. (Mandt) 
Chappelka; educated high school, Spencerian 
I>uslness college; Central Institute; married, 
Cleveland, Jan. 20, 1917 to Minnie R. Kidd — 
children, one son; vice-pres. Chisholm-Moore 
Mfg. Co. Office: 5046 Lakeside-ave. 

CHARD, Mary Hawkinn. born, Cleveland; 
daughter of Richard and Jane (Granger) 
Hawkins; educated St. Clair school; married, 
Aug. 17, 1902 to William P. Chard, who en- 
listed when 15 and mother secured his release; 
again enlisted when 16 and was honorably 
discharged at end of civil war, his discharge 
papers bearing genuine signature of Presi- 
dent Lincoln; for years widely known as 
councilman and director under late Mayor 
McKisson; Mary Hawkins Chard occupied at 
courthouse 27 years and later in real estate; 
member Cleveland chapter. No. 139, Order of 
Eastern Star; No. 2 White Shrine of Jeru- 
salem; No. 6 Order of Amaranth and Memorial 
corps No. 44, G. A. R. Residence: 1819 E. 

CHARNLEY, Vernon, born, Evanston, 111., 
Dec. 6, 1879; son Walter H. and Mary Vernon 
(Wolfe) Charnley; educated. High school, 
Sewickley, Pa.; married Sewickley, Pa., June 
10, 1907 to Anna Knapp — children, Vernon, 
Mary Anna and Katrine S. Charnley; Coun- 
cilman, Rosslyn Farms, Pa.; vice-pres. Cleve- 
land Hghts. Civic club; pres. 2 years Heights 
high school Parents-'Teachers assn.; world 
war, 1st lieut., capt., and major Finance 
Dept., U. S. A., 1918-1919; U. S. A. Liberty 
medal; lieut. col. Finance O. R. C, 1923; sec, 
treas., director and on executive committee 
Morgan Lithograph Co.; treas. Cleveland Ak- 
ron Country Homes Co.; treas. Cleveland 
Heights Presbyterian church; member Union 
club; Cleveland Grays; Chamber of Commerce. 
Recreation: driving, swimming and cards. 
Residence: 3269 Euclid Hghts. -blvd. Office: 
E. 17th St. and Payne-ave. 

CHARPENTIER, Edonard Ralph Harmnn, 

research chemist; born, New York City, Nov. 
8, 1892; son Ertouard and Charlotte Helen 
(Harman) Charpentier; educated, Instltut 
National Agronomique, Paris, degree of In- 
genicur Agronome I. N. A.; married. New 
York City, Nov. 4, 1916 to Mary Douglass — 
children, Douglass Edouard and Mary Helen 
Charpentier; sec. Cleveland City Forge & 
Iron Co.; research chemist, Nela Park. Resi- 
dence: 2995 Montgomery-rd., Shaker Hghts. 
Office: Research Laboratory, Nela Park. 

CHARPENTIER, Mary Dongrlann, born, Mont 
Eagle, Tenn., June 13, 1893; daughter Craw- 
ford and Alice (Mabee) Douglass; educated. 
Ward Seminary, Nashville, Tenn., 1909-1912; 
married. New York City, Nov. 4, 1916 to 
Edouard Ralph Harman Charpentier — child- 
ren, Douglass Edouard and Mary Helen Char- 
pentier. Residence: 2995 Montgomery-rd., 
Shaker Hghts. 


Bend; four years chief clerk Peabody Coal 
Co., Chicago; one year treas. American Tractor 
Corp., Peoria; three years asst. treas. Inter- 
state Foundry Co., Cleveland; four years pub- 
lic accountant, Cleveland; decree Certified 
Public Accountant, Feb. 21, 1925; sole prop- 
rietor Avery B. Charpie & Co.; member 
American society of Certified Public Ac- 
countants. Recreation: breeder of English 
bull dogs. Residence: 2225 Goodnor-rd. Of- 
fice: 1844 Union Trust Bldg. 

CHASE, AIniirn Foote Cowlen, born Cleve- 
land, March, 1850; daughter Edwin and Eliz- 
abeth Caroline (Hutchinson) Covi^les; edu- 
cated. Cleveland Academy; Vassar college; 
married, Cleveland, Aug. 1, 1872 to Charles 
Whitney Chase — children, Mrs. Helen E C 
Bassett and two deceased; identified with Y. 
^V. C. A.; ^\''ashington School and Social Cen- 
ter, Dunedin, Fla; member Historical Society; 
Institute of Music; cor. sec. executive com- 
mittee Women's dept. Cleveland Centennial 
Committee, 2nd pres. church, later church of 
the Covenant; member Women's City club. 
Residence: 1955 E. 93rd st. 

CHASE, William Wnj-ne, real estate; born, 
Bainbridge, O., Nov. 19, 1872; son Charles E. 
and Annette (Ellis) Chase; educated, Geauga 
County district school and Cleveland schools; 
married, Cleveland, 1893 to Edna E. Thomas 
(deceased), 1907 to Rebecca Neff — children, 
Kathryn Chase Heme, Russell N., Charles W., 
Ruth and June Chase; pres. Cleveland Real 
Estate Inv. Co.; director United Bank; member 
Cleveland Real Estate and Cleveland Mort- 
gage assns. ; Masonic lodge. Sleepy Hollow 
Country (pres.). Union and Glen Valley clubs. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: Brecksville, O. 
Office: 412 Cuyahoga Bldg. 

T-.r5;P5^^,^' J**"**" Lorins. clergyman; born, 
Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 13, 1857; son Rev 
David Bacheller and Sarah Constance Hop- 
kins (Snow) Cheney; educated Boston Latin 
School. 1873, Franklin Medal; Univ. of Roch- 
ester, A. B., 1877, Townsend fellowship; Univ. 
of Chicago, B. D. 1881; Univ. of Liepzig, Ph. 
D., 1883; married, Hebron, O., Feb. 2, 1888 to 
Minnie Kate Rees; pastor American Chapel, 
Leipzig, Germany, 1882; pastor, Newark, O, 
and Ypsilanti, Mich.; pastor Cleveland, Will- 
son-ave. Baptist church, 1894; supply, E 
Cleveland Bapt. church, 1914; asst. pastor 
Euclid-ave. Baptist church, 1915-1925; 
Wheaton, 111. and Alameda, Cal.; member 
Society Biblical Literature and Exegesis; 
Sons of American Revolution; identified with 
Ohio Bapt. Convention and Denison Univ. 
Residence: Cleveland and Hebron, O. 

CHENEY, Merle Benjamin, manufacturer: 
born, Jamestown, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1895; son B 
J. and Ella L. (Lukens) Cheney; educated, 
Purdue Umv., B. S. in Chemical Engineering 
1919; world war. Lieut. Field Artillery; man- 
ufacturer of anesthetics; pres. Cheney Chemi- 
cal Co.; member Research Committee of In- 
ternational Anesthesia Research Society; Phi 
Lamda Upsilon, honorary chemistry; Delta 
Upsilon fraternity and Masonic lodge; Uni- 
versity and Big Ten clubs. Residence: 1850 
E. 81st St. Office: 10101 Qulncy-ave. 

(Edwards) Childs; educated. Mme. Carey's 
scliool. IJaltimore, Md.; Masters School, Dobbs 
Ferry, N. Y.; trustee assn. for Crippled and 
olsabled; member Cleveland Girl.s Council 
advisory board Junior league; member Coun- 
try and Women's City clubs. Residence: 2788 

CHILD.^, Ida M., born, Lisbon, O., daughter 
Henry and Rebecca (Clunk) Morrow; edu- 
cated Lisbon high school; married Wells- 
vllle, a. May 3rd, 1883 to Frank Childs (de- 
ceased) — children, Ina B. Childs Cole; mem- 
ber Fortnightly Study Club; pres. Mission- 
ary Society. Residence: 10901 Tacoma-ave. 

CHILDS, Lymnn W.. physician; born, Lee, 
111., Oct. 1, 1867; son Charles and Ann Eliza 
(Smith) Childs; educated, Illinois State 
Normal Univ. 1890; Western Reserve Medical 
college, 1894; studied in Univ. of Vienna 
1899-1900; married, Waterloo, la., 1902 to 
Colene C. Hogg — children, Evelyn L., Frances 
B., Eleanor M. and Lyman W. and (twins) 
Mary and Martha Childs; member sanitation 
committee. Chamber of Commerce, three 
years; instrumental in introduction of medi- 
cal inspection In Cleveland public schools- 
introduced first fresh air school in Cleveland 
in 1911; house physician City hospital, 1894; 
medical examiner, Cleveland public schools, 
1910 to present date; at present supervisor 
of health education Cleveland public schools; 
member Cleveland Academy of Medicine; 
American Medical assn.; American Public 
Health assn.; Masonic lodge. Residence: 3248 
Euclid Hghts. Blvd. Office: 5005 Euclid-ave. 

CHISHOLM, Adlle Corning, born, Cleve- 
land, July 17, 1874; daughter Warren Holmes 
and Mary Helen (Wick) Corning; educated, 
Farmington, Conn.; married, Cleveland, Nov. 
24. 1896 to Alvah Stone Chisholm — children, 
Adile C. Eells, William Chisholm II, Helen 
and Corning Chisholm; world war, Red Cross 

work; member Country, Union, Kirtland, 
Chagrin Valley and Women's City clubs. 

Women's National Republican Club N. Y. 

City. Residence: 12717 Lake Shore-blvd. 

CHISHOLM, Ann Laugrhray, married, 
Cleveland, Nov. 20, 1906 to Henry Chisholm 
— children, Henry Chisholm, Jr. Residence: 
11420 Wade Park-ave. 

CHISHOLM, Charles Kenneth, merchant; 
born, lona. Ont., Aug. 6. 1865; son William 
and Abigail (Pinneo) Chisholm; educated, 
Canada; married. Ashtabula, O., March 15, 

1899 to Laura Adaline Ford — children. Ruth 
Chisholm; world war, with War Industries 
board; organized the Chisholm Shoe Co. in 

1900 and has been pres. since that date; 
member National Shoe Retailers Assn.; 32nd 
degree Mason; Knight . Templar ; Shriner; 
member Mayfield Country. Shaker Heights 
Country. Union, Hermit, Athletic and Rotary 
clubs; Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 
17800 Parkland-dr. Office: 1140 Euclid-ave 

CHEYNEY, Edward L., sales manager; 
born, Philadelpliia. Pa., 1877; son Edward and 
Mary (Gibson) Cheyney; married, Harwin- 
ton, Conn., June 28, 1916 to Josephine Mc- 
Conway Lincoln — children, Charles Henry 
and Priscilla Alden Cheyney and Klrke Porter 
Lincoln, Jr.; Spanish-American war, Battery 
A., Phila., Pa.; world war, capt.; member Psl 
Upsilon: Country, Hermit, Union .^and Mid- 
Day clubs. Residence: 2228 Chatfield-dr 
Office: 910 Hanna Bldg. 

CHILD.S, Effle EdwardH, born, Cleveland, 
Sept. 24, 1879; daughter Oscar A. and Mary 

CHISHOLM, OeorKe Ti'llllam. retired; born, 
Mt. Vernon, O. ; married, Lima. O., 1908 to 
Grace Chapman; world war, on advertising 
committee of various Liberty Loans; many 
years with Buckeye Pipe Line Co., a Stand- 
ard Oil subsidiary at Lima, O. ; Immediately 
after the war. with Hayden, Miller & Co., 
Cleveland, five years; financial mgr. Em- 
manuel Church; member Garret Wykoff 
lodt'e. F. and A. M. ; B. P. O. E. ; Shaker 
Heights club. Recreation: golf and travel 
Residence: 1901 Wadena St., E. Cleveland. 

CHISHOLM, Grace Chapman, born, Elyrla, 
O., 1877; daughter James W. and Margaret 
(Darling) Chisholm; educated, Lake Erie col- 
lege, B, A.; New York State Library school, 



B. L. S.; married, Lima, O., 1908 to George 
W. Chisholm; world war, worked with War 
Kelief Society and Red Cross; formerly asst. 
librarian at N. Y. State library, Albany; for- 
merly head librarian at Lorain and Lima, O. ; 
member Shalier Heights and Women's City 
clubs. Recreation: golf and travel. Resi- 
dence: 1901 Wadena St., E. Cleveland. 

CHISHOLM, Il^'nry, retired; born, Cleve- 
land, Oct. 1, 1878; son Wilson Blaclt and Nel- 
lie (Brainerd) Chisholm; educated. Univer- 
sity school, 1897; Yale, 1901; married, Cleve- 
land, Nov. 20, 1906 to Anna Laughray — child- 
ren, Henry Chisholm, Jr.; member Union and 
Shalter Height.s Country clubs. Residence: 
11420 Wade Parlt-ave. 

CHISHOLM, NeHle Bratnard. born, Louis- 
vile, Ky., Nov. 24, 1855; daughter Joseph 
Mather and Helen C. (Hills) Brainard; edu- 
cated, public schools and Branch Seminary, 
Cleveland; Farmington, Conn.; married, 
Cleveland, June 6, 1876 to Wilson B. Chisholm 
— children, Henry Chisliolm, Josephine Chis- 
holm Burke, Helen Chisholm Hord, Ruth 
Chisholm Newcomer and Bruce Chisholm; 
member board of lady managers Lakeside 
hospital; Farmington society; Union club. 
Residence: 11027 Magnolia-dr. 

CHISHOLM, Stewart Henry, retired capital- 
ist; born, Montreal, Can., Dec. 21, 1846; son 
Henry and Jean (Allan) Chisholm; educated, 
Cleveland public schools; married, Sept. 25, 
1872 to Harriette Kelley (deceased); married, 
Jan. 23, 1900 to Mrs. Henry P. Card (de- 
ceased); came to Cleveland in 1849 when there 
were only 18,000 inhabitants; vice pres. 
American Steel & Wire Co. and Cleveland 
Rolling Mill Co.; pres. H. P. Nail Co., Chis- 
holm Moore Mfg. Co., Long Arm System Co., 
and American Grass Twine Co.; director and 
interested in various other corporations; 
member Union and Country clubs. Residence: 
6407 Euclid-ave. 

CHOPP, Charles C, pres.; born, Cleveland, 
April 10, 1876; son Joseph and Barbara 
(Kobes) Chopp; educated, Cleveland public 
schools; married, Cleveland, May 30, 1912 to 
Gladys Dean — children, Chester, Annajean, 
Carrol and Barbara Chopp; Spanish war, with 
troop A, 1st Ohio Cavalry; past commander 
U. S. Spanish war veterans of Ohio; w^orld 
traveler, has traveled the globe four times; 
research work in raw materials, buying and 
selling; one trip to central Europe and one 
trip to the Far East on confidential govern- 
ment business; pres. and managing director 
World's Products Trading Co., exporters and 
importers; member Dover Lodge, F. & A. M.; 
Webb Chapter; Spanish War Veterans; 
Chamber of Commerce; Cleveland Athletic, 
Lakewood Country and Rotary clubs of Cleve- 
land; Whitehall and Circumnavigators clubs, 
New York. Residence: 1098 Forest Cliff-dr., 
Lakewood. Office: 274 Rockefeller Bldg. 

CHRISTIAN, Anna M. Salzer, teacher; born, 
Cleveland; daughter A. F. and Sadie M. (Has- 
smer) Salzer; educated. Central high school; 
Oberlin college, A. B. ; Western Reserve 
School of Education, first person to receive 
an M. A. in Education from Western Reserve; 
married, Cleveland, April 28, 1906 to Charles 
H. Christian — children, Cliarles H. Christian; 
teacher Palatine, 111. 1898-1900; Cleveland, 
1900-1906 and 1911 to present date; co-prin- 
cipal first Junior high school opened in Cleve- 
land, Detroit Junior high, 1915; organized 
Junior high at West high school, 1918; asst. 
principal West high in charge Junior high 
dept.; member Elementary Principals' club; 
member Junior asst. principals' club; Cleve- 
land Oberlin Women's assn.; Business 
Women's club; Colonial Study Circle; mem- 
ber Cleveland Research club; deacon, advisory 

committee and leader women's bible class 
Community Church of Lakewood. Residence: 
1251 Cook-ave., Lakewood. Office: West 
High school. 

CHRISTIAN, Archer Edvrln, banking; born. 
Mt. Morris, Mich., Oct. 28, 1873; son William E. 
and Margaret L. (Cooley) Christian; educated 
Bay City, Mich.; married, Cleveland, March 
19, 1901 to Beatrice M. Page — children, Aileen 
Devereaux, John and Archer Edwin Christ- 
ian; asst. cashier Union National Bank; sec. 
Security Savings & Loan Co.; on Boy Scout 
committee, Goodrich House; member Chamber 
of Commerce; Rotary and Q'lty clubs; organ- 
izer John G. White Chess club. Recreation: 
golf and chess. Residence: 3474 Washington- 
blvd., University lights. Office: 7100 Pros- 

CHRISTIAN, George Bridson, retired; born, 
Isle of Man, June Z3, 1846; son Robert and 
Elizabeth (Bridson) Christian; educated 
Cleveland public school; Bryan and Strat- 
tons Commercial school; married, Cleveland, 
Oct. 9, 1890 to Eliza J. Worswick— children, 
Elizabeth B. Christian; in 1863 became mem- 
ber 29th Ohio Militia which in April 18C4 was 
merged into 150th Regiment; in Co. F, served 
100 days mostly in forts about Washington, 
being at Ft. Totten at the time of tlie Jubal 
Early raid, July 12, 1864; Jan. 1864 started 
as cashier and bookkeeper with Rose & Pren- 
tis, pork packer; in Feb. 1876 at organization 
of Cleveland Provision Co. became treas. and 
acted in that capacity for about 30 years; 
treas. Cleveland Provision Co.; member 
Chamber of Commerce; trustee The Northern 
Ohio Baptist Home, Cleveland; member 
Grand Army of the Republic; Army and Navy 
Post, No. 187; active in Bible class and church 
work with First Baptist church. Recreation: 
gardening at Chagrin Falls. Residence: 3018 

CHRISTOPHER. David A., lawyer; born, 
Millersburg, O. Feb. 4, 1888; son of John 
Christopher and Laura Belle Lacey; educated 
Millersburg liigh scliool. Western Reserve 
Univ. law school. Northwestern Univ. law 
school; married Lansing, Mich. May 16, 1916 
to Julia Anna Kingsley; solicitor Euclid vil- 
lage since Jan. 1, 1922; under Brig. Gen. 
Charles X. Zimmerman, active in Liberty loan 
campaigns; member of local exemption board 
paigns; member of local exemption board 
No. 3; member Al Koran shrine Lal<e Erie 
Consistory 32nd degree Mason; member 
Cleveland Athletic, Willowick Country and 
Big Ten University clubs; director The 
Packard Cleveland Motor Co., The Cleveland 
Packard Co., The Vance Motor Co., Sunny- 
side Realty Co.; pres. and gen. mgr. the 
Christopher Construction Co.; pres. and gen. 
mgr., and director of the Lake View Park 
Amusement Co. and The Miller Parts.; mem- 
ber Cleveland Bar and Ohio State Bar Assn. 
Residence: Stop 140 Lake Shore-blvd., Euclid 

CHURCH, Anstin Henry, merchant; born, 
Chagrin Falls, O., April 21, 1869; son Henry 
and Martha (Preble) Church; common school 
education; married. Chagrin Falls, O., June 
4, 1893 to Olive M. Rose — children, Mrs. 
Miriam R. Stem and Henry E. Church; early 
In life employed in several stores in the com- 
munity; 1887 employed by O. F. McClentic, 
then one of firm of O. F. McClentic & Co., 
later Brewster & Church; now The Brewster 
& Church Co.; treas. The Chagrin Falls Bank- 
ing Co.; director Golden Gate Masonic Temple 
Co.; member Golden Gate lodge. No. 245 F. 
& A. M.; Chagrin Falls Chapter, No. 152 
R. A. M.; Golden Rule Chapter, No. 442 O. 



E. S. ; Oriental Commandery, No. 12; Lake 
Erie Consistory Scottish Ilite; Al Koran 
Shrine; Early Settlers assn.; Acacia Country, 
Chagrin Valley Country, Kiwunis and Cleve- 
land Automobile clubs; grandfather, Henry 
Church, Sr. was one of the earliest settlers 
of Chagrin Falls, having come from Amherst, 
Mass. in 18.34; father, Henry Church, Jr. was 
second wliite child born in Cliagrin Falls, 
1836; though he, Henry Church, Jr., took the 
trade of his fatlier, a lilacksmith, had he had 
proper training would liave been an artist 
and sculptor; in his later years he was often 
spoken of as "the artist blacksmith." Rec- 
reation: motoring, golf and study of nature. 
Residence: 31 Church-st., Chagrin Falls, O. 
Office: 21-27 Main-st., Chagrin Falls, O. 

CIjAFLIIV. Rolioccn Henderson, born, Cleve- 
land, Aug. 7, 1877; daughter Jolin Moreland 
and Anna R. (Cary) Henderson; educated 
public schools; Hathaway Brown school; one 
year in Germany and Switzerland, 1898; 
Cleveland Kindergarten training school, 1901; 
married, E. Cleveland, June 20, 1903 to Ed- 
ward Scott Claflin — children, James Moreland, 
Anna Elizabeth and Edward Scott Claflin. 
Residence: 15518 Oakhill-rd., E. Cleveland. 

CLAPP, Robert Vernon, building contrac- 
tor; born, Cleveland, O., 1897; son Robert 
George and Ella (Tyler) Clapp; educated, 
Virginia Military Institute; Cornell Univ., C. 
E.; married, Cleveland, 1922, to Gertrude 
Wain — children, Robert Vernon Clapp, Jr.; 
lieut. in world war; president Robt. V. Clapp 
Co.; vice-pres. and gen. mgr. The Estate De- 
velopment Co.; member Delta Tau Delta frat- 
ernity. Residence: 2628 Belvoir-blvd. Office: 
539 Cook Bldg., 4G3 Prospect. 

CLAPP, Willnrd M., born. Mentor, O. ; 
educated, Univ. of Michigan; married, Boston, 
to Jessie Greenwood Manning; member Union, 
Country, Kirtland, Chagrin Valley Hunt, May- 
fleld Country, Rowfant, University and Hur- 
on Mountain clubs. Residence: 2780 E. Over- 
look-rd. Office: .7609 Platt-ave. 

CLARK. Alfred G., realtor; born, Cleve- 
land, March 6, 1874; son Cyrus L. and Mary 
L. (Sherman) Clark; educated. University 
school; New York Military Academy; married, 
Cleveland, 1898 to Alice R. Russell — children, 
Dorothy F., Marian L. and Eleanor K. Clark; 
U. S. Dept. of Justice agent; officer American 
Protective league; pres. Cleveland Real Esate 
board, 1914; sec. National Assn. Real Estnte 
boards, 1915; pres. Alfred G. Clark, Inc.; 
director, Cleveland assn. for Criminal Justice; 
member Union club; family first settled in 
Cleveland in 1827; descendant of Abra Clark 
and Roger Sherman, both signers of the 
Declaration of Independence. Residence: 
6801 Euclid-ave. Office: 611 National City 

CLARK, Arthnr Henry, publisher and 
manufacturer; born. London, Dec. 20, 1868; 
son Joseph and Sophia (Hart) Clark; educat- 
ed, private scliools and Oxford Univ., Eng.; 
married, Cleveland, 1910 to Fannie Z. Bell — 
children, Ethel B., Robert B., IClizabeth B., 
Mary A., Arthur H. and (Wallace) B. Clark; 
pres. and treas. The Arthur H. Clarlt Co., 
Cleveland Worm & Gear Co., Cleveland Lab- 
oratory Co. and Knollwood Cemetery Co.; 
treas. Acacia Park Cemetery and Memorial 
Construction Co.; director In several other 
companies; member American Historical assn. 
Illinois State Historical Society; Western Re- 
serve Historical Soc. ; American Oriental 
Society; Stable Money league; Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce; Cuyahoga County 
Chamber of Commerce; Cleveland Athletic, 
Rowfant and National Town and Country 
clubs; a leading publisher in documentary 
historical and economic works. Residence: 

224 North-st., Bedford, O. Office: 4027 Pros- 

CLARK, Klin Frances, teacher; born. Brook- 
field, N. Y., May G, 1872; daughter Francis J. 
and Lucy J. (Landphere) Clark; educated. 
Central high school; grad. Cleveland School 
of Education; training teacher at Bolton 
school, four years; cadet supervisor, one year; 
building supervisor at Kinsman school since 
Sept., 1925; member D. A. R., Western Re- 
serve Chapter; Cleveland Emerson Society; 
Teachers' Federation; Cleveland Automobile 
club; American Nature assn., Cleveland Anti 
Vivisection society. Residence: 10101 Dlclc- 
ens-ave. Office: Kinsman-rd. and E. 79th st. 

CLARK. Flora Kelsey, born, Marseilles 
France, Sept. 20, 1885; daughter Wilbur F 
and Maria C. (Smith) Kelsey; educated, Ly- 
see, Marseilles, France, 1906; Univ. of Minn. 
1907-1908; married, Lee, Mass., June 4, 191( 
to William M. Clark — children, Lincoln H. 
Marion K., Loraine C. and William T. Clark 
member Women's City club. Residence: 186f 
Allandale-ave., E. Cleveland. 

CLARK, Frank H., born, London, England 
April 17, 1869; son Robert Edward Francis 
Clark and Elizabeth Ann (Steeds) Clark; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Jan. 10, 1900 to Edith Handy 
Johnson — children, John Steeds, Robert John- 
son, Frank H., and William Handy Clark; 
pres. The Eclipse Electrotype and Engraving 
Co. and The Liberty Savings & Loan Co.; 
director The Cleveland Folding Machine Co.; 
member of Masonic Lodge, Hermit Club, and 
Shaker Heights Country club. Residence: 
2848 Drummond-rd. Office: 1457 Superior-ave. 

CLARK, Fred G., pres. Fred G. Clark Co., 
born, Cleveland, Nov. 2, 1890; son of Fred 
G. (deceased) and Mary A. (Winter) Clark 
(deceased); educated Asheville school, Ashe- 
ville, N. C, University school, Cleveland; 
Kenyon College, Gambler, O. ; married. Men- 
tor, O., June 26, 1915; captain Q.M.C., dur- 
ing world war; president Fred G. Clark Co., 
vice president, the Conewango Refining Co., 
trustee, the National Petroleum Assn., direc- 
tor the American Oil Men Assn. and member 
the American Petroleum Institute; member 
Psi Upsilon fraternity, Uni.on, Tavern, Hermit 
and Kirtland Country club^. Residence: 11125 

CLARK, Hazel ITranIa Baker, born, Cleve- 
land, June 16, 1883; daughter Dr. DeForrest 
and Caroline (Wagar) Baker; educated. West 
high school; married, Lakewood, O., June 2, 
1909 to Sheldon Pettibono Clark — children, 
Sheldon DeForrest, Channing, Robert Pettl- 
bone and Nancy Hoadley; on board Cleveland 
Heights Health center; member Commodore 
Perrv Chapter National Society U. S. Daught- 
ers of 1812; Moses Cleaveland Chapter D. A 
R. great-great-granddaughter of Capt. Cal- 
vin Hoadley who came to Cleveland in Sept. 
1807; member Women's Civic and Aurora 
Study clubs. Recreation: gardening, gen- 
ealogy and child study. Residence: "Chag- 
uan," Aurora, O. 

CLARK, Mills G., real estate; born, Ben- 
gonia, Mich., Dec, 1892; son Geo. A. and Franc 
(Ellis) Clark; educated, Adelbert college, W. 
R. U., B. A., 1916; married, Cleveland, 1917 to 
Marjorie Gardner — children, Gardner, Eugene 
and Crandall Clark; world war, 2nd lleut., 
1st lleut. and capt., Q. M. C, stationed at 
Washington, D. C; pres. Clark Elliott Co., 
and Clark Elliott Bldg. Co.; sec. Operators 
Realty Co.; member Cleveland Real Estate 
board; Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; Univer- 
sity, Cedarhurst Country and Cleveland clubs. 
Residence: 1210 Oakridge-dr., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: 806 Bulkley Bldg. 



CliARK, Primus Prentice Culver, manu- 
facturer; born, Lafayette, Ind., Sept. 23, 1876; 
son Geo. W. and Su.san M. (Mar.shall) Clark; 
educated, Purdue Univ., M. E., 181)4; married, 
Cleveland, 1S>04 to Effie M. Heathman— chil- 
dren, Martha H. Clark; pres. Clark Controller 
Co., Clarkvvell Holding Co. and P. C. Clark 
Realty Co.; vice-pres. West View Greenhouse 
Co.; director City Brass Mfg. Co. and McMyler 
Interstate Co.; member Cleveland Athletic, 
Canterbury and Big Ten clubs. Residence: 
Cleveland Athletic club. Office: 1146 E. 152nd 


CLARK, Robert Henry, born, Cleveland, 

April 25, 186;"); son Henry Freeman and I<:iiza 
(Crowell) Clark; educated, St. Paul's school, 
Concord, N. H. ; Racine college, M. A.; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, 1887 to Julia Wick Bissell— 
children, Millicent Clark; world war, member 
of committees for selection of nurses and of- 
ficer.'^; war chest work; with Cleveland Trust 
Co. 189r.-1898; in casualty insurance business 
until 1914 when he retired; director Central 
Natl. Bank; member Chamber of Commerce; 
Holv Cross House for crippled children; 
Church Home for aged women; Trinity Ca- 
thedral executive committee; Union, Uni- 
versity, Country, Hunt, Automobile and Kirt- 
land Country clubs. Residence: 11424 Bell- 

CLARK, Sheldon Pettibone, artist; born, 
Cleveland, Oct. 15, 1867; son Charles H. and 
Frances Isabel (Pettibone) Clark; educated 
Cleveland public schools; Cleveland School of 
Art; Herkiner school, Busbey, England; 
Calorossi school, Paris, France; married, 
Cleveland, June 2, 1909, to Hazel Urania 
Baker — children, Sheldon DeForrest, Chan- 
ning, Robert Pettibone, and Nancy Hoadley 
Clark; government employee New York 
Central Railroad; member of Cleveland So- 
ciety of Artists; Recreations: art and poul- 
try. Residence: "Chaguan," Aurora, O. Of- 
fice: same. 

CLARK, AVilllnm Merritt, manager; born, 
Derby, Conn., March 9, 1880; son William J. 
and Mary J. (Terry) Clark; educated, Yale, 
1901; Polvtechnic School, Zurich, Switzer- 
land, 1901-1902; Univ. of Berlin, Germany, 
1902-1903; married, Lee, Mass., June 4, 1910 
to Flora Kelsev — children, Lincoln T., Marion 
K., Loraine C. and William Terry; Natl. Guard 
7th regiment, New York City; manager Pit- 
ney Glass Works, Incandescent Lamp dept. 
of General Electric Co.; member American 
Chemical Society; American Ceramic Society; 
American Society for Testing Materials, So- 
ciety of Glass Technology; Society of Chem- 
ical Industry. Residence: 1864 AUandale-ave., 
E. Cleveland. Office: 1133 E. 152nd at. 

CLARK, "Willis ^V., pres. Dingle-Clark Co.; 
born, Waterloo, 1886; son F. M. and Addle 
(Jewett) Clark; educated, Waterloo, N. Y. ; 
married, "Waterloo, N. Y. 1911 to Grace Gen- 
ung Webster; director Cleveland Worm & 
Gear Co.; member Cleveland Athletic and Na- 
tional Town and Country clubs; Electrical 
League. Residence: 3066 Yorkshire-rd. Of- 
fice: 1438 Engineers Bldg. 

CLARKE, Alberta E., asst. sec. Women's 
Savings & Loan Co.; born, Cleveland, Sept. 
17, 1892; daughter John and Mayme (Mc- 
Grath) Loftus; educated. Central high school; 
attended Western Reserve Women's college; 
married, Cleveland, June 2, 1914 to Clarence 
A. Clarke; world war, did Red Cross work 
in Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland; suffrage 
work in N. Y. ; managed a campaign in 1923 
in Cleveland; vice-pres. Aquilla Realty Co.; 
director Women's Savings & Loan Co.; mem- 
ber Lakewood Republican, Lakewood "Wo- 
men's, Cinema, Women's City and Business 
and Professional Women's clubs; Conserva- 

tion of Child Labor. Recreation: golf and 
swimming. Residence: 1487 Lakewood-ave. 

CLARKE, Grahnm W., mfg. chemist; born, 
Canestota, N. Y. March 25, 1857; son Warren 
and Harriet (Graham) Clarke; educated, 
Univ. of Michigan, 1882, Ph. C. ; married. 
Rushton, Mich., Feb. 22, 1899 to Grace U. 
Olsaver — children, Warren O., Urana and Har- 
riet Clarke; during war engaged in manufac- 
ture of munitions of war; vice-pres. and 
director Clarke Chemical Co.; director Chase 
Chemical Co. Residence: Wickliffe on-the- 
Lake, O. Office: same. 

CI,.VRKE, Jay N., sales agent; born, San- 
dusky, O., Aug. 19, 1855; son William H. and 
.Mary (Newton) (jlark; educated, Sandusky 
public schools; married, Cleveland, 1876 to 
Pauline Doll — children, Mr.s. H. G. Hoak, 
Hariy N. and Norris J. Clarke; after leaving 
school entered the manufactui'ing business, 
later devoting energies to sales work and 
from 1909 to 1917 was sales agent of the 
Bethlehem Steel Co. in the Cleveland Dis- 
trict; since 1924 has been as.sociated with the 
Carpenter Steel Co. of Reading, Pa.; member 
K. of P". lodge No. 68. Residence: 8705 Birch- 

CLARKE, John HcHsin, attorney-at-law; 
born, Lisbon, O., Sept. 18, 1857; son John and 
Melissa (Hessin) Clarke; educated. Reserve 
college, 1877, A. B., 1888, A. M., LL. D.. West- 
ern Reserve, 1916; Brown, 1925; U. S. dist. 
Judge, Northern dist. of Ohio, 1914-1916; 
assoc. Justice of Supreme Court of U. S., 
1916-1922, resigned, becoming pres. League of 
Nations non-partisan assn., N. Y. ; admitted to 
bar of Ohio, 1878; practiced at Lisbon, O., 
u^itil 1880; at Youngstown, until 1897; at 
Cleveland until appointed U. S. Federal Judge 
in 1914; general counsel for Nickel Plate rail- 
road 13 years; trustee public library, Youngs- 
town, O. 12 years; of public library, Cleve- 
land, six years; member Union club; Univer- 
sity clubs of New York and Washington. 
Residence now; 746 Bryson-st., Youngstown, 

CL.ARKE, Norris Jay, manufacturer; born, 
Cleveland, Aug. 29th, 1883; son Jay Newton 
and Pauline (Doll) Clarke; educated public 
schools; Central high school; married, Sewick- 
ley. Pa., June 24, 1907 to Katherine McKee 
Pearson — children, Kathleen Pearson and 
Marguerite Norris Clarke; major in Ordnance 
dept. U. S. army; after leaving school entered 
employ of The Bourne-Fuller Co. working In 
various capacities until Jan. 1, 1912; became 
sec. of The Upson Nut Co., later being elected 
vice-pres.; July 1, 1919 became pres. and 
gen. mgr. of The Lake Erie Bolt & Nut Co. 
which was organized to take over the busi- 
ness of the Lake Erie Iron Co.; treas. The 
Steel Car Co.; director The Fisher Body Ohio 
C"o.; member of Country, Mayfield, Mid-Day, 
Pepper Pike and Union clubs of Cleveland; 
and Duquesne Club of Pittsburgh. Resi- 
dence: 1950 E. 93rd St. Office: E. 63rd st. & 
N. Y. C. R. R. 

CL.ARKE. Urana, musician; born, "Wickllffe- 
on-the-Lake, O., Sept. 8, 1902; daughter Gra- 
ham and Grace (Olsaver) Clarke; educated, 
Ijaurel school, 1920; grad. Artists course 
David Maunes Music School New York City, 
1925; pupil of Ralph Leopold and Howard 
Brockway; teacher of piano and solfige at 
David Maunes Music school, N. Y. Rec- 
reation; swimming, skating and riding. Resi- 
dence: 52 E. 72nd St., New York City. Sum- 
mer: Wlckliffe-on-the-Lake, O. School: 157 
E. 74th St., New York. 

CLAUSIIVG, Henry A., clergyman; born, St. 
Marys, O., Feb. 12, 1876; son George and 
Elizabeth (Schroer) Clausing; educated, Mis- 
sion House Academy college and seminary, 



1893-1902, A. B., B. D.; married, Manitoba. 
Can., Sept. 27, 1903 to Talitha Hansen — child- 
ren, Agnes Clausing; served Home Mission 
board, Morden, Man., Can., 1903; served con- 
greRation in Findley, O. and Garrett, Ind.; 
Shanesvllle, O., 1911-1920; pres. St. John's 
Classic, 1915-1916; began with 6th Reformed 
church 1920; this church has since united 
with the 7th Reformed church, now known 
as St. Matthew church; member Presbyterian 
Ministers club. Residence: 4843 Wendell-ave. 

CLAWSON. Earl I'., mgr. Sigmund Ullman 
Co., Cleveland; born. South Point, O., Jan. 
11, 1881; son Alfred H. and Jennie Davidson 
(McClure) Clawson; married, Chicago, 111., 
Nov. 18, 1911 to Kva Sherwood Dillon — child- 
ren, one; member Masonic Lodge; 32nd de- 
gree; Mystic Shrine; Chagrin Valley Coun- 
try and Shrine clubs. Residence: 2121 Ren- 
rock-rd. Office: 1102-4 Hamilton-ave. 

CLE.\VEI.,.\XD, SherriU Atwood, physician, 
born, Cleveland, Sept. 18, 1885; son Edwards 
P. and Hattie A. (Sykes) Cleveland; educated 
Fredonia Xormal School, N. Y. ; Amhurst col- 
lege 1909, A. B. ; Western Reserve Univ. Med- 
ical 1914; married, Ellington, N. Y., Nov. 20, 
1915 to Ethelyn L. Clapp; referee Mission 
State Life Ins. Co.; assoc. medical director 
Cleveland Life; member of Academy of Medi- 
cine; Delta Tau Delta and Phi Rho Sigma 
fraternities. Residence: 3197 Chadbourne-rd. 
Office: 6815 Euclid-ave. 

CLEGG, Lee Milton, manufacturer; born, 
Providence, R. I., 1897; son Robert I. and 
Emma (Poole) Clegg; educated Case School 
of Applied Science, B. S. ; world war, officer's 
training school, Camp Taylor, Ky. ; sales mgr. 
The Steel Products Co. Cleveland dist. ; di- 
rector Thompson Products, Inc.; member of 
Automotive Engineers; Phi Kappa Psi fra- 
ternity; University and National Town and 
Country clubs. Residence: 887 Greyton-rd., 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: 2196 Clarkwood-rd. 

CI^EMEXS, Alice Lcpebne; born, London, 
Eng. daughter Charles E. and Harriet 
(Boucher-Stebbing) Collins; educated, private 
schools in England and Germany; married, 
Berlin, Germany, 1880 to Max Lepehne — 
children, one son and three daughters; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, 1895 to Charles E. Clemens. 
Residence: 1719 E. 115th-st. 

CLiEMEXS, Charles Edwin, musician; born, 
Plymouth, Eng., March 12, 1858; son Philip 
Blake and Hannah Theresa (Brown) Clemens; 
educated. Royal college of music, London, 
Eng.; Mus. Doc. Western Reserve Univ., 1915; 
married, Oct. 29, 1895 to Mrs. Alice Lepehne; 
at age of eight years played the organ pub- 
licly and at eleven years won, in competi- 
tion, position of organist in Christ church, 
Devonport; official organist Royal chapel, 
Berlin and prof, of organ and theory of music, 
Klind worth- Scharwenka Conservatorium, 
Berlin, 1889-1896; accepted call to Cleveland, 
1896, organist St. Paul's Episcopal church, 
1896-1911; Euclid-ave. Presbyterian church 
(now Church of the Covenant) 1911 to date; 
prof, of music and organist Western Reserve 
Univ. since 1899; widely known as concert 
organist; delivered recitals at Buffalo and 
St. Louis expositions; author Modern Pro- 
gressive Pedal Technique (2 vols.) 1894; Mod- 
ern School for the Organ, 1907; also various 
church music. Residence: 1719 E. 115th-8t. 

CLEMENTS, Arthur Lntlmer, civil engineer; 
born. Cleveland, March 17, 1901; son William 
Latimer and Martha (Forrester) Clements; 
educated. University school, 1920; Cornell, 
1924; married, Cleveland, Sept. 17, 1924 to 
Evelyn Rankin W^hite — children, Arthur Lati- 
mer Clements, Jr. and William White Clem- 

ents; member Delta Phi fraternity. Resi- 
dence: 3001 Coleridge-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 
Office: 2735 Prospect-ave. 

CLEMENTS, Evelyn Ilankin AVhIte, born, 
Cleveland, May 17, 1903; daughter William 
Wisiier and Edith G. (Rankin) White; edu- 
cated, r^aurel school, 1921; Kent Place school. 
Summit, N. J.; married, Cleveland, Sept. 17, 
1924 to Arthur Latimer Clements — children, 
Arthur Latimer Clements, Jr., and William 
Wliite Clements; member Junior I^eague 
Residence: 3001 Coleridge-rd., Cleveland 

CLEMENTS, Karl Alexander, born Cleve- 
land, June 4, 1903; son William L. and Mattle 
E. (Forrester) Clements; educated, Cornell 
Univ. Residence: 2732 Fairmount-blvd. 

CLEMENTS, VVillinm Forrenter, sales en- 
gineer; born, Cleveland, June 6, 1899; son 
William L. and Mattle E. (Forrester) Clem- 
ents; educated, Mass. Institute of Technology. 
Residence: 2732 Fairmount-blvd. 

CLEMENTS, William Latimer, born, Cleve- 
land; son James and (Latimer) Clements; 
married, Cleveland, June 10, 1896 to Mattle 
E. Forrester — children, W^illiam Forrester, 
Arthur Latimer and Karl Alexander Clements. 
Residence: 2732 Fairmount-blvd. 

CLEMINSHAW, Beatrice D., born. Toledo, 
O., Aug. 21, 1894; daughter James V. and 
FJlizabeth (Dobbins) Davison; educated, 
Smead school, Toledo; married, Cleveland, 
June 25, 1921 to Russell H. Cleminshaw; mem- 
ber Junior League; Women's City and Kirt- 
land clubs. Residence: 3070 Woodbury-rd. 

CLEMINSHAW, Russell H., manufacturer; 
born, Cleveland, Sept. 4, 1895; son William II. 
and Mary (Higbee) Cleminshaw; educated. 
University school, 1912; Cornell Univ., M. E., 
1916; married, Cleveland, June 25, 1921 to 
Beatrice Davison; world war, 1st lieut. 322nd 
Field Artillery; treas. Cleveland Electric 
Motor Co.; member American Industrial Elec- 
trical Engineers Society; Tau Beta Pi Soc- 
iety; Delta Phi fraternity; Kirtland and Uni- 
versity clubs. Residence: 3070 Woodbury-rd. 
Office: 5213 Windsor-ave. 

CLEMMER, George "Walter, retired; born, 
Sewickley, Pa., Sept. 25, 1866; son Solomon 
and Belinda (Agie) Clemmer; educated Sew- 
ickley, Pa.; married, Akron, O., April 25, 1900 
to Lucy Rowe — children, Virginia Rowe and 
Richard Walter Clemmer; in retail jewelry 
business for thirty years at Akron, O. ; re- 
tired from active business 1916, has since been 
a resident of Cleveland; member of Union 
club. Residence: 1863 Cadwell-ave. 

CLEMMER. Lucy Rowe, born, Mansfield, O.. 
Sept. 30, 1877; daughter Francis Martin and 
Louisa (Pardee) Rowe; educated Akron high 
school; married, Akron, O., Apr. 25, 1900 to 
George Walter Clemmer — children, Virginia 
Rowe and Richard Walter Clemmer; member 
of Union club. Residence: 1863 Cadwell-ave. 

CLEVELANH, Anita M., teacher; born. 
Cleveland, 1881; daughter Charles M. and 
Gertrude (Mixer) Cleveland; educated West- 
ern Reserve Univ. B. A., 1905; graduate work 
at Harvard Univ. and Univ. of California; 
private tutor 1908-1914; teacher of English 
and History In elementary grades at Hatha- 
way Brown school since 1914; member Gam- 
ma Delta Tau sorority; College, and Women's 
City clubs; Recreation: European travel and 
in the West, writing, and amateur theatri- 
cals; editor the Alumnae bulletin; College 
for Women Alumnae, as member of the board 
of directors also chairman of publicity. Resi- 
dence: 9808 Lamont-ave. Office: Hathaway 
Brown School. 

CLIMO, Arthur Harold, born, Cleveland, 
Dec. 13, 1880; son Joseph Dudd and Nellie 



(Weaver) Climo; educated, University school; 
Cornell college; married, Cleveland, Jan. 6, 
1904 to Winifred Reed — children, Virginia 
Reed Cllmo; vice-pres. Lino Paint Co.; mem- 
ber Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; Country, 
Kirtland and Union clubs. Summer: Reed- 
hurst Farm, Mentor, O. 

ClilMO, GcorKe Frederick, Jr., born. Center 
Point, W. Va., Nov. 8, 1895; son George Fred- 
erick and Nellie Adele (Payne) Climo; edu- 
cated, Adelbert college, W. R. U., A. B., 1917; 
married, Cleveland, Nov. 15, 1919 to Lucretia 
M. Osborn — ^children, James Osborn; world 
war, Co. H, G7th Inf., Mont Ala. officer.s 
training camp, Louisville, Ky. ; trustee First 
Baptist church; member Alpha Delta Phi 
fraternity; University and Ad clubs. Resi- 
dence: 3000 Somerton-rd., Cleveland Hghta. 
Office: 4403 St. Clair-ave. 

CLIMO, Lncretia, O., born, Cleveland, Dec. 
21, 1895; daughter Louis Albert and Emily 
L. (Kaldwin) Osborn; educated Vassar college, 
A. B. 1917; married, Cleveland, Nov. 15, 1919 
to Oeorge F. Climo, Jr. — children, James Os- 
born; member of College club. Residence: 
3000 Somerton-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

CLOL'GH, VirKlnia Louise, director Cleve- 
land branch Noyes School of Rhythm; born, 
Cleveland, April 29, 1903; daughter Joseph 
Burt and M. Louise (Eyer) Clough; educated, 
Cleveland Hghts. school; Noyes school of 
Rhythm, N. Y. City; member Noyes Group 
assn.; member Catherine Avery Society; 
taught Noyes work four years in Cleveland. 
Residence: 2317 Lamberton-rd., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: 7609 Euclid-ave. 

COAKLEY, John A., traffic manager; born, 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 22, 1881; son T. F. and 
Agnes (Quinn) Coakley; educated, Baldwin 
Univ., A. B. ; Cleveland law school, 1912; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Jan. 23, 1912 to Marie L. 
Beckman — children, John A., Henry B., Thom- 
as F., William D., Mary V., Agnes R., Ann G. 
and Margaret M. Coakley; vice-pres. and 
director Newburg & So. Shore R. R., Canton 
Car Co. and Lake Erie Construction Co.; 
director Crown C & C Co. and Midland Bank; 
pres. and director Natl. Protection Co. and 
Sanmoro Co.; first vice-pres. and director 
Automatic Sprinkler Co. of America, Auto- 
matic Sprinkler Corp. of America, Ohio Auto- 
matic Sprinkler Co., Automatic Sprinkler Co. 
of Canada and Sypho Chemical Corp.; 
member American Iron & Steel institute; 
traffic manager American Steel & Wire Co.; 
trustee Associated Charities; board of direct- 
ors St. Ann's Hospital; trustee Catholic Char- 
ities Corp.; member Union, Mid-Day, Cleve- 
land Athletic, Shaker Hghts., Country and 
Cleveland Traffic clubs. Recreation: golf. 
Residence: 2656 Berkshire-rd. Office: 1246 
Rockefeller Bldg. 

COAKLEY, Marie Beekninn. born, Cleve- 
land, Jan. 2, 1887; daughter Henry and 
Anna (Holland) Beckman; educated Ursiline 
convent; married, Cleveland, Jan. 23, 1912 to 
John A. Coakley — children. Jack, Mary, Ag- 
nes, Anne, Henry, Margaret, Thomas and 
William Coakley. Residence: 2656 Berkshire 

COATES, Albert H., born, Virginia, Minn., 
June 6, 1003; son Albert and Martha (Uoid) 
Coates; educated, Phillips Exeter Academy, 
1922; Yale Univ., 1926; member Delta Psi 
fraternity. Residence: 2848 W. Park-blvd. 

COATES, William R., born. North Royal- 
ton, Nov. 14, 1851; son Col. John and Lucy 
(Weld) Coates; educated, country district 
school; Oberlin college; married, Brecksville, 
0., Feb. 22, 1872 to Lettie Stacy White 
— children, Herbert J., Mary Weld and Mild- 

red Adella Coates; member board of edu- 
cation and Justice of the peace in Brecks- 
ville, O.; pres. County Teachers' Institute; 
member legislature (representative) and 
secretary of the Joint house and Senate dele- 
gation to the 67th general assembly from 
Cuyahoga county; mayor of Brooklyn village, 
and member of Brooklyn board of education 
and clerk of same; County clerk, Cuyahoga 
county, having served as deputy and being 
advanced step by step to chief deputy and 
then elected clerk; member Cuyahoga county 
jury commission; pres. and director Denison- 
Harvard Savings & Loan Co.; vice-pres. and 
director Letter Specialty Co.; officer River- 
side lodge, K. of P.; sec. Early Settlers assn. 
and Tippecanoe clul) Co.; has recently writ- 
ten a liistory of Cleveland and Cuyahoga 
County which is published by American His- 
torical Society of N. Y. and Chicago in three 
volumes. Residence: 3304 Archwood-ave. 
Office: 4th floor, Euclid Arcade. 

conn, Arthur, consulting engineer; born, 
Cleveland, Sept. 9, 1860; son J. B. and Alice 
(Wilkinson) (I^obb; educated Rensselaer Poly- 
technic Institute, Troy, N. Y., C. E. ; married, 
Youngstown, O., Oct. 25, 1888 to Florence R. 
Haney — children, Arthur Cobb, Jr. and Nat- 
alie A. Kendall; formerly member Cleveland 
gatling gun battery; formerly connected with 
engineering dept. of Mississippi River com- 
mission, St. Louis; N. Y. P. & O. R. R., Cleve- 
land; Keystone Bridge Co., Pittsburgh; C. 0. 
C. & I. R. R., Cleveland; formerly chief en- 
gineer Snead & Co. Iron Works, Louisville, 
Ky. ; formerly member Dodd & Cobb, archi- 
tects, Louisville; at present consulting en- 
gineers specializing in a new type of in- 
clined floor garage which he designed and 
patented; member Chi Phi fraternity; former 
member Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 
1404 Hower-ave. 

COBB, Catherine Smith Abbott, born, Col- 
umbus, O., Dec. 18, 1886; daughter Henry 
Stanley and Anna Katherine (Smith) Abbott; 
educated, Hathaway-Brown school, 1905; Mrs. 
Dow's school, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y.; mar- 
ried, Cleveland. Jan. 3, 1912 to Ralph Wilkin- 
son Cobb — children, Ralph Cobb, II., Anna 
Abbott Cobb and Ahira Cobb, II., second vice- 
pres. Junior League, 1913-1914; second pres. 
Junior League, 1914-1916; sec. organizing 
committee Women's City club; Identified with 
Babies Dispensary and hospital; St. John's 
orphanage; Huron-rd. hospital; budget com- 
mittee, "Welfare Federation; member babies 
and children's Aid; The New England Society. 
Residence: 14510 Drexmore-rd. 

COBB, Clare Johnson, born, Cleveland; 
daughter. Philander L. and Sarah M. (Clarke) 
Johnson; educated, Cleveland public schools; 
Miss Mittleberger's school; Vassar college, 
1899; married, Cleveland, Nov. 19, 1903 to 
Lester N. Cobb — children, Harriet Bryant and 
Lester Norton Cobb; member Women's City 
club. Residence: 11214 Euclid-ave. 

COBB, Frank M., lawyer; born, Cleveland, 
June 21, 1874; son Caius C. and Helen (And- 
rews) Cobb; educated, Yale, A. B., 1897; West- 
ern Reserve Univ., LL. B., 1899; married, 
Cleveland, June 3. 1908 to Mildred E. Ford 
(deceased) — children, Elizabeth, Frances, 
Janet, Richard F. and Mildred F. Cobb; di- 
rector Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.; 
member Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Delta Phi 
fraternities; University, Cleveland Athletic 
and Canterbury clubs; Yale club of New 
York; Columbus Athletic club, Columbus. 
Residence: 1601 Magnolia-dr. Office: 1408 Il- 
luminating Bldg. 

COBB, Harold Bryant, stock broker; born 
Cleveland, Oct. 16, 1888; son Ralph L. and 
Alice M. Cobb; educated. University school; 



world war, served In U. S. Navy, April 6, 1917 Society Certified Public Accountants; Cleve- 

to August 1, 1919; member Country and Her- land Athletic club; Chamber of Commerce, 

mlt clubs. Residence: 2863 Scarborough-rd. Residence: 1437 Northland-ave. Office: Hlp- 

Offlce: Murfey, Blossom, Morris & Co. podrome Bldg. 

COBB. Percy AVells, scientific research In 
lighting and vision; born, Cleveland, O., May 
20, 1873; son of Brutus Junius Cobb and Mary 
Rose (Bill) Cobb; educated in Cleveland, B.S. 
degree, Case School Applied Science, 1894 
and M.D. degree. Western Reserve Univ., 
1902; married, Cleveland, Aug. 4, 1909 to 
Mary Stanwood Gaylord — children, Edward 
Gaylord and David Gaylord Cobb; captain 
medical corps, U. S. Army May 23, 1918-Dec. 6, 
1920; world war chiefly speci;u work at Hazel- 
hurst field and Mitchell field, Long Island, 
at medical research laboratory (air service); 
interneship, Lakeside hospital 1902-'03; dem- 
onstrator of physiology. Western Reserve 
Medical college, 1903; instructor physiology, 
1916 to date; now psychologist lighting re- 
search laboratory, Nat'l Lamp works. Gen- 
eral Electric Co., Nela Park, in same capaci- 
ty since 1909, except when in military ser- 
vice; practiced medicine, 1904-09; member 
American Physiological Society; American 
Psychological Assn.; Illuminating Engineers 
Society and American Assn. for advancement 
of Science'; also member Beta Theta Pi fra- 
ternity. Residence: 1852 Chapman-ave., East 

COBB, Richnrd H., building construction; 
born, Cleveland, Dec, 8, 1885; son Lester A. 
and Anna (Norton) Cobb; educated, Cornell, 
1909, A. B.; married, Cleveland, Aug. 8, 1910 to 
Edith Boardman — children, Richard H. and 
Carl Boardman Cobb; World war, Ordnance 
dept., 1917-1919; sec. treas. Crowell & Little 
Construction Co.; director Consolidated Iron 
Steel Co.; member Cleveland Engineering 
Society: Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; Union 
and Mayfield Country clubs. Residence: 1905 
E. 93rd-st. Office: 930 Hanna Bldg. 

COCHRAN. Clyde E., electrical engineer; 
born, Twinsburg, O., March 25, 1878; son 
Thomas C. and Ella A. (Lane) Cochran; edu- 
cated Twinsburg grade and high schools; 
Case School of Applied Science, B.S.; married, 
Cleveland, August 15, 1002 to Mabelle A. 
Densmore — children, Thelma and Wayne 
Cochran; with Elwell Parker Electric Co. 
Recreation: bowling. Residence 10925 
Churchill-ave. Office: 4205 St. Clalr-ave. 

COCHRAN, John Bnxton, Insurance; born, 
Urbana, O., Feb. 13, 1871; son George G. and 
Eliza B. Cochran; educated. Brooks Military 
Academy; Case School of Applied Science, 1893; 
married, Cleveland, Oct. 26, 1892 to Grace M. 
Taylor — children, Mrs. Jerald P. Moore (Har- 
riet Katherine); started in business with 
Erie Railroad Co., 1891; with that company 
until Sept. 1, 1905; operated Cleveland Paper 
Box Co., 1905 to April 1, 1915; with New Eng- 
land Mutual Life Insurance Co., Dec. 1, 1915 to 
date; member Union and Mayfield Country 
clubs. Residence: 1907 E 84th-st. OflTlce: 
710 Bulkley Bldg. 

COCHRAN, Wllllnin Albert, certified public 
accountant; born, Berea, O., March 23, 1880; 
son William Hiram and Elva (Bristol) Coch- 
ran; educated, Berea high school; sundry 
schools of business; married. Cleveland, June 
25, 1907 to Jasmine De Etta Matteson — 
children, one daughter; world war, comptrol- 
ler of Y. M. C. A. overseas, August, 1917 to 
Dec, 1919; chosen by National war work 
council of Y. M. C. A. to take charge of all 
overseas accounting which included accounts 
In all Y. M. C. A.'s in England, France, Italy, 
and later Germany; partner. Alexander, 
Cochran and Huffman; member American 

COCKRELI... Ememon T., high school prin- 
cipal; born, Indian.i, Dec. 13, 1891; son John 
D. and Anna M. (Wlnchell) Cockrell; edu- 
cated Franklin college, A. B., 1912; Columbia 
Univ. A. M., 1916; married, Michigan, 1919 to 
Ruth Rosewarne — children, Edwin and Ruth 
Cockrell; politically Independent; world war, 
2nd lieut. in artillery; principal of Collln- 
wood Junior high school 1919-192,'); principal 
of Empire junior high scliool since 1925; 
member of National Educational assn.; Sec- 
ondary School Principals assn.; Masonic 
lodge. Recreations: tennis and basketball. 
Residence: 18023 Wlndward-rd. Office: Em- 
pire Junior High School. 

CODY, Amelia Farnsworth, born near 
Auburn, N. Y., June 16, 1843; daughter Whlt- 
comb and Harriet (Fancher) Farnsworth; 
educated, B. Cleveland school at Doans Cor- 
ners, 1857-1861; earlier education at Rural 
school. New York State; married, Cleveland, 
Oct., 1861 to Lindus Cody — children, Harriet 
(Mrs. A. J. Marsh), Lydia S., Henry Bissell, 
Frank S., Arthur P., Mary A., and Grace Cody, 
Gertrude, (Mrs. W. A. Wheaton), Ethel J. 
(Mrs. Sam Hlgginbottom) and one child de- 
ceased; member D. A. R.; has always been 
an ardent church and missionary worker. 
Residence: summer — Willoughby on the Lake. 
Ohio; winter — Babson Park, Fla. 

CODY, Henry BiNsell, realtor; born, Palnes- 
vllle, O., Oct. 12, 1866; son Lindus and Amelia 
(Farnsworth) Cody; educated Western Re- 
serve Univ. B. A. 1891; married, Cleveland, 
Feb, 26, 1895 to Elma C. Canfleld — children, 
Louis Fancher Cody; member Cleveland 
Hghts. school board; secy, and mgr. The E. 
93rd St. Bldg. Co.; trustee Women's Hospital 
assn.; member of Delta Upsilon fraternity; 
Shaker Hghts. Country, Babson Park Golf 
and Yacht and Univer.sity clubs, and Chamber 
of Commerce. Residence: 2608 Norfolk-rd. 
Office: 306 National City Bldg. 

CODY, Jane StelnTvedell, born, Cleveland, 
Aug. 29, 1903; daughter Wm. E. and Myra 
(Smith) Stelnwedell; educated. Laurel school; 
Dana Hall school; Miss Finch school; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Dec. 29, 1922 to Louis F. 
Cody — children, Jane Cody. Residence: 3314 

CODY, Louis F., realtor; born, Cleveland, 
son Henry B. and Elma C. (Canfield) Cody; 
educated, Cleveland Hghts. public school; 
Shaw high school; Dartmouth college, B. S. ; 
married, Cleveland, Dec. 29, 1923 to Jane 
Stelnwedell — children, Jane Cody; assoc. sec. 
E. 93rd St. Bldg. Co.; assoc. treas. The Helper 
Cody Co.; member Delta Kappa Epsllon fra- 
ternity; Tennis and Racquet and Shaker 
Heights Country clubs. Residence: 8314 
Berkshire-rd. Office: 306 National City Bldg. 

COFFEE, Flora Adelaide, born, Cleveland, 
Apr. 11, 1875; daughter Capt. George and Mary 
Emily (Hook) Warner; educated Cleveland 
public schools; married, Cleveland, June 29, 
1898 to Warren Hlne Coffee; member of 
Women's City and Woman's clubs. Residence: 
Park Lane Villa. 

COFFEE, Warren H., merchant tailor; born, 
Canfield, O., Feb. 18, 1859; son Isaac and Kate 
(Hlne) Coffee: educated, public schools. Can- 
field, O.; married, Cleveland, O., June 29, 1898 
to Flora A. Warner; pres. and treas. The W. 
H. Coffee Co.; member Iris Lodge; Cleveland 
Chapter; Holyrood Commandery; Al Koran 



Temple Mystic Shrine; Merchant Tailors As- 
sociation of Cleveland; executive committee- 
man National Assn. of Merchant Tailors of 
America: Cleveland Athletic and Rotary clubs. 
Recreation: fishing. Residence: Park Lane 
Villa. Office: Hippodrome Bldg. 

COFFEEN, Martha Martin, born, Grand 
Rapids, Mich., June B, 1855; daughter Henry 
and Jane (Scoville) Martin; educated, Grand 
Rapids and Chicago schools; married, Chi- 
cago, 111., Dec. 13, 1877 to Mllo Lester Coffeen 
— children, Mae Coffeen Miller, Henry Mar- 
tin Coffeen (deceased) and Lester Coffeen 
Williams. Residence: Riverode Farms, Cha- 
grin Falls, O. 

COFFINBERRY, John Beach, real estate; 
born, Mansfield, O., April 7, 1847; son Abrara 
and Eliza (Beach) Coffinberry; educated, 
Ohio public schools; married, (Cleveland, to 
Bertha Shotter — children, John B., Jr., and 
Arthur S. Coffinberry; member Cleveland 
City Council 1882; Fifth Ohio Volunteer In- 
fantry during war with Spain; Mayor of 
Lakewood; and War Board; admitted to Ten- 
nessee bar 1872; ran for Congress for 14th 
District 1896; built railroad from Fort Worth 
to Dallas, Texas 1901; pres. Lorain and 
Elyrla Electric Railway 1902; vice pres. Co- 
lonial Savings & Loan Co.; treas. R. C. Prod- 
ucts Co. Residence: 11843 Lake-ave. Office: 
1048 Engineers Bldg. 

COGA>r, James Edward, physician; born, 
Marriton, Ont., 1871; daughter James and 
Mary (Daly) Cogan; educated, Toronto Univ., 
1892, Ph. M. D.; Jefferson Medical College, 
1896, M. D. ; post graduate course London and 
Paris, 1902; married, Cleveland, June 1, 1905 
to Katherine Gleason — children, one son and 
one daughter; member Cleveland board of 
health, 1910-1913; world war chairman ad- 
visory committee Selective Service system; 
ophthalmologist at St. Alexis and St. John's 
hospitals; formerly assoc. prof, of Ophthal- 
mology at Western Reserve Univ.; member 
Cleveland Academy of Medicine; Ohio State 
Medical Society; American Medical assn.; 
American Academy of College of Surgeons; 
trustee Catholic Charities Corporation; mem- 
ber Knights of Columbus; Cleveland Athletic 
club. Residence: 2037 E. 107th st. Office: 707 
Rose Bldg. 

COHEN, Max, manufacturer knit goods; 
born. New York, 1881; son Joseph and Dora 
(Epstein) Cohen; educated, Brownell; Cen- 
tral high school; Dyke School of Business; 
two years In Cleveland law school; married, 
Oct. 23, 1904 — children, Judson Harmon 
Cohen; member A. J. Mandel & Co., 1905 gen. 
mgr. Favorite Knitting Mills, successor of 
former firm; pres. Cestus Amusement Co.; 
chairman of a junior division and also direc- 
tor of Cleveland Amateur Baseball & Athetlc 
assn.; member Cleveland Basketball 

Commission; pres. Cuyahoga Valley Base- 
ball League; member Knights of Pythias; 
H. B. & S. U.; Cleveland Advertising and 
City clubs; Chamber of Commerce; one of the 
original charter members of the Social Re- 
form Club of Hiram House, a debating club 
for boys, formed right after Hiram House, 
was opened. Recreation: all sports; man- 
aging and arranging for organization of all 
Favorite Knit athletic teams. Residence: 
1370 West-blvd. Office: 1388 W. 6th st. 

COHEX, Milton B., physician; born, In- 
diana, May 17, 1894; son Morris S. and Daisy 
(Epstein) Cohen; educated, Univ. of Louis- 
ville, med. dept., M. D., 1915; married, Indi- 
ana, Sept., 1916 to Edna Marie Geach — 
children, June Beverly Cohen; world war. 

COHEN, Wm. B., real estate Investor; 
born, Cleveland, O., Oct. 21, 1889; son Max 
and Sara (Blalosky) Cohen; educated Cen- 
tral high school; Leland Stanford Univ.; Univ. 
of Michigan; married, Cleveland, 1914 to Lil- 
lian Koblitz — children, three; pres. The Case 
Investment Co. treas. The Eleven Hundred 
Four Prospect Co. director The M. Cohen & 
Son Co.; Recreations: golf, member of Beech- 
mont Country, City and Temple Men's clubs. 
Residence: 1115 Parkslde-rd. Office: 422 

COIT, Anna Dix North, born, Cleveland, 
April 24, 1902; daughter Charles Asa and 
Grace Mary (Warner) North; educated. Laurel 
school; Cleveland Kindergarten and Day 
Nursery assn.; married. Shaker Hghts., Jan. 
30, 1924 to William Clark Coit — children, 
Charles Henry Coit II; teacher for two years 
in Shaker Hghts. schools; member Junior 
League. Residence: 3136 Warrington-rd, 
Shaker Hghts. 

COIT, Caroline Elizabeth, born, Cleveland; 
daughter Wm. H. and Harriet (Fairfield) 
Coit; educated, private school; Cleveland 
schools; Yale Art school; member Women's 
City club. Residence: Carlton-rd. 

COIT, William Clark, born, Cleveland, Ohio, 
July 28, 1894; son Charles H. and Emlllne 
(Clark) Coit; educated. University school; 
Taft school, Watertown, Conn.; married. 
Shaker Hghts. Ohio, Jan. 30, 1924 to Anna 
Dix North; world war, two years, one year 
In France, one year sergt. Ohio Natl. Guard; 
member Country club. Residence: 3136 War- 
rlngton-rd. Shaker Hghts. 

COLE, Frederick Van Cleve, publishing; 
born, Whitehouse, N. J., Nov. 26, 1890; son 
Stephen Edgar and Elizabeth R. (Johnson) 
Cole; educated Newark Academy, Newark, 
N. J.; Williams college, B. A., 1910; married, 
Cleveland, June 24, 1916 to Annabel Abbott 
Root; world war, rejected by recruiting serv- 
Ive: active in sale of liberty bonds; entered 
business Aug. 1910 with International Cot- 
ton Mills Corp., N. Y.; entered publishing 
business, 1912 with "Municipal Journal" of 
N. Y. ; came to Cleveland, 1912 as district 
manager; joined Penton Publishing Co., 1913; 
became circulation mgr. 1914; director and 
sec. and treas. Penton Press Co., 1921; direc- 
tor Penton Publishing Co., 1923; sec. Pen- 
ton Pub. Co. and vice-pres. and treas. Pen- 
ton Press Co. 1925; member University, City 
and Cliagrin Valley Country clubs; Williams 
club of N. Y. Recreation: golf, squash, swim- 
ming. Residence: 2217 Cummington-rd. Of- 
fice: 1213 W. 3rd-st. 

COLE, Leota Townsend, born, Akron, O., 
May 14, 1871; daughter Charles C. and Louise 
(Pardee) Townsend; educated, Akron public 
school; one year at Buchtel college; mar- 
ried, Akron, Aug. 7, 1890 to Herbert W. Colo 
— children, Helen Cole Burton, Roger Town- 
send, Herbert A. and Arthur W. Cole; mem- 
ber Martha Bolton and Women's City clubs. 
Residence: 1835 E. 89th-st. and Mentor-on- 



COLEMAN. Elizabeth Dnnbnr, born, Cleve- 
land, Nov. 18, 1868; daughter George Edward 
and Eliza (Reid) Dunbar; educated, Cleve- 
land schools; married, Cleveland, July 18, 
1889 to Alfred Ernest Coleman — children, R. 
Reld Coleman; member Charity Sewing 
Society; Sleepy Hollow Country, Women's 
City and Women's clubs: National Whist 
assn. Residence: 2589 Euclid-blvd. 

COLEMAN. Tbomaa J., atty. at law; born, 
Cleveland, O. Nov. 27, 1893; son Michael J. 
and Anna (O'Donnell) Coleman; educated. 
Holy Name school; South high school; Cleve- 
land Law school, L. L. B. ; world war, 
served with 331st Infantry 83d division from 
Sept. 1917 to Feb. 1919; American Expedi- 
tionary Forces May 1918 to Feb. 1919; treas. 
Integrity Mortgage Co. secy. Kinsman Square 
Chevrolet Co.; member Cleveland and Ohio 
State Bar assns.; Knights of Columbuat 
fourth degree; American Legion: and Delta 
Theta Phi law fraternitv. Residence: 383b 
E. 71st-st. Office: 306 The Arcade. 

COLLEXS. Clarence Lyman, manufacturer; 
born, Cleveland, March 19, 1875; son Charles 
Terry and Mary Abbey (Wood) Collins; ed- 
ucated, Yale, 1896, Ph.B.; Columbia, 1897, E.E.-. 
Sigml Zi at Yale; married, Tioga Center. N. 
Y., Dec. 12. 1906 to Clara Ransome Latimer — 
children, Emilie Robb, Clarence Lyman and 
Jonathan Latimer Collens; world war. Chair- 
man war service committee of manufacturers 
of electrical apparatus; pres. Electric Power 
club. 1917-1919; pres. Cleveland Engineering 
society, 1922-1923; chairman Electric manu- 
facturers council, 1924-1925; delegate to meet- 
ing of International Electrotechnical Com- 
mission in Geneva, 1922 and in London, 1924; 
pres. Reliance Electric & Engineering Co.; 
member American Institute of Electrical 
Engineers; Cleveland Engineering society; 
pres. Association for Crippled and Disabled 
1926; member Sigma chapter Delta Psl 
Yale; Mayfield Country, Kirtland Country and 
University clubs: Yale club of New York City. 
Residence: 2544 Wellington-rd. Office: 1088 

COLLIE, Wlllard A., sup't. transportation; 
born, Martin, Mich. Nov. 28, 1871; son John 
and Margaret (Watson) Collie; educated, 
public schools; married, Fort Wayne, Ind., 
Sept. 21, 1897 to Ella S. Crosby — children, 
Murray W. and W^ayne C. Collie; supt. trans- 
portation Nickel Plate Road; member Masonic 
lodge; High Noon club. Residence: 2990 E. 
Overlook-rd. Office: 410 Columbia Bldg. 

COLLIER. William Edward, steel; born, 
Pittsburgh, Pa., June 12, 1877; son H. A. and 
Mazle (McCandless) Collier; educated, Pitts- 
burgh high school; Cleveland sales manager 
Republic Iron & Steel Co.; member Union and 
Country clubs. Residence: 6919 Euclid-ave. 
Office: 1528 Hanna Bldg. 

COLLINGS, Georgre E„ manufacturer; born, 
Hereford, England, 1854; son Thomas H. and 
Susan (Arnold) Collings; educated. Clehon- 
ger Academy, Herefordshire, England; mar- 
ried. Green Springs, Ohio, Nov. 17, 1879 to 
Margaret M. Boswell — children, three; pres. 
The Taylor-Lockwood Co.; pres. The Cleve- 
land Woolen Mills Co.; vice pres. The Dow 
Chemical Co.; member (jhamber of Commerce; 
Associated Charities; Cleveland City Blue 
lodge; Holyrood Commandery Knight Tem- 
plars; Scottish Rite; Union and Country 
clubs. Residence: 1815 Crawford-rd. Office: 
2224 Clarkwood-rd. 

COLLINS. Bryon Alonzo, born, Whitney 
Point, New York, June 15, 1884; son William 
Mulford and Cora (Peeso) Collins; educated, 

Binghamton Central high school; Union col- 
lege, Schenectady, N. Y.; married, Dallas, 
Texas, Feb. 12. 1908 to Elizabeth Jane Stone — 
children. Sarah Anne. Sylvia Elizabeth, Wil- 
liam M. II, Katherine Stone, and Patricia Col- 
lins; National adv. mgr. Cleveland Plain 
Dealer Publ. Co.; member Phi Phi (high 
school) and Psi Upsllon (college) frater- 
nities; Cleveland Athletic and Canterbury Golf 
clubs. Residence: 1837 Wilton-rd. Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: Plain Dealer Bldg. 

COLLINS, Carolyn Wadaivortb. teacher; 
born, Cleveland; daughter Wilford Ellsworth 
and Emma (Barnes) Collins; educated, Bolton 
school, Shaw high school, 1919; College for 
Women, Western Reserve Univ., 1923; served 
at Canteen as asst. hostess; received recogni- 
tion from American Red Cross for knitting; 
rode in old stage coach at launching of 4th 
Liberty Loan; teacher of science at John 
Adams Junior high school; counsellor at 
Cleveland girl scout camp at Burton 
during summer 1924; during four years at 
college was member of glee Club and on 
business staff of "Reserve Weekly"; member 
Astronomical society; North Eastern Ohio 
Teachers assn.; Charter Oak Chapter 
Daughters of the American Colonists; West- 
ern Reserve Chapter; D. A. R. ; College and 
Graduates clubs; active in Young Peoples 
society. Church of the Covenant; member 
choir. All Souls Universalist church. Recrea- 
tion: horse-back riding. Residence: 3034 
Euclid Hghts.-blvd. 

COLLINS, Emma Barnes, born, Caldwell, 
O., daughter Vachel Hall and Sarah Margaret 
(Tribby) Barnes; educated, public schools: 
married, Cleveland, Oct. 24 1895 to Wilford H. 
Collins — children, Carolyn Wadsworth and 
Harlan Barnes Collins; world war, sec. treas. 
and director Melbourne Community auxiliary 
of Cleveland Red Cross; inspector of garments 
at headquarters and E. 97th center and has 
received the Tiffany medal (official) for Red 
Cross service: member Cabinet of Women's 
council of the Federated churches; Western 
Reserve Chapter D. A. R.; Cleveland Sorosls. 
Residence: 3034 Euclid Hghts.-blvd. 

COLLINS. Mary Sannn. artist and teacher; 
born. Bay City, Mich.; daughter Chester L. and 
Sarah J. (Miller) Collins; educated. Eastern 
high school. Bay City; School of the Museum 
of Fine Arts, Boston; Art Students Leagus 
New York; Teachers College, Columbia, Univ. 
teacher course in Occupational Therapy given 
by Cleveland School of Art; teacher of art. 
East high school; exhibitor, exhibition ot 
Cleveland artists and craftsmen. May 1919 to 
May 1925; exhibition, June 1921-June 1925 
Pennsylvania Academy, Chicago Art Insti- 
tute, Milwaukee Museum of Art, etc.; win- 
ner, Penton medal, exhibition of Cleveland 
artists and craftsmen, 1921; first prize for 
landscape, 1924; represented In permanent 
collection of Cleveland public schools. 
Women's City club of Cleveland; member 
American Federation of Art; Women's Art 
club of Cleveland. Residence: 181« Well- 
esley-ave., E. Cleveland. 

COLLINS. Philip Hamilton. Investment 
banker; born, Cleveland, Oct. 4, 1886; son 
Charles Edward and Harrlette Rogers (Col- 
well) Collins; educated, Yale, B. A., 1908; 
married, Cleveland, Jan. 22, 1918 to Eleanor 
Perrln — children, (Cecily, Virginia and Alice 
Collins; member Troop A, O. N. G.; world 
war, capt. 323rd F. A. A. E. F., Meuse- 
Argonne Offensive Army of Occupation; p^rea. 
treas. and director Philip H. Collins Co.; 



director Yale and University school Alumni fie world by rail and water; noted for his 

assn.; member Alpha Delta Phi fraternity and personally conducted touring around the 

Elihu club of Yale; University, Kirtland and world with record seldom estaiDllslied by any 

Mid-Day clubs. Recreation: tennis and golf; one In that business. Residence: 2556 Over- 

with H. C. Wick, Jr. won Ohio state doubles look-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 2051 E. 

championship, 1908. Residence: 2883 Sedge- 9th. -st. 

wick-rd. Office: 1166 Union Trust Bldg. ^^, . ,r^^ „ . . v, r, •,, 

COLIA'ER, FranceH Unrrls, born, Seville, 

COLLINS, Trenton C, Investments; born, O. ; daughter Herman and Louise Harris; 

Cleveland, April 19, 1887; son John F. and educated. New London, O.; married, Cleve- 

Frances (Compton) Collins; married, De- land, April 29, 1891 to D. J. Collver. Resi- 

troit, Mich.. Nov. 26, 1913 to Ruth Powney; dence: 2556 Overlook-rd. 

with Higbee Co., 14 years, resigned as Ad- r-rk» c«»r,,. „ .. • • * j 
vertlsing Manager; formerly director Cleve- COLSON, A\ llliam Brew«ter. pianist and 
land Advertising club; active in formation P^^f"'^*; born, Rochester, N Y June 27, 
of policies of the Shopping News; pres. Tren- 1846; son W m. B. and Nancy N. (Hunn) Col- 
ton C. Collins & Co., Collinswood Estates Co. son; organ pupil of Clarence Eddy, CTiicago; 
and Collinswood Poultry Ranches; director nano pupil of TV m. H. Sherwood, Chicago 
Phoenix Oil Co. of Florida; member Masonic and T. J. Cook, New York City; married, 
lodge; vice-pres. Tampa Gyro club; member Norwalk, O., Nov. 19, 1868 to Frances E. Page 
Cedarhurst Country and Cleveland Adver- — children, Frank Ernest and Frederick Wil- 
tlsing clubs; Palma Ceia Golf, Morocco and Ham Colson; teacher of piano and organ for 
Temple Terrace Country clubs of Tampa, 57 years; 32nd degree Mason; organist and 
Fla. ; National Travel club of New York. Rec- director of music in the Scottish Rite de- 
reation: golf, swimming and fishing. Resi- grees for 33 years; organist and director 
dence: St. Andrews Park, Tampa, Fla. Office: Pilgrim Congregational Church 13 years; 
227-228 Allied Bldg., Tampa, Fla. organist and director of music at Old Stone 

^r^T T Tcroi-n I ^ *» * 1 church for 32 years; now organist emeritus; 

COLLISTER, Lawrence G.. attorney-at-law ^ne of the founders of the American Guild 
and State Senator; born^ Martins Ferry, O., of Organists and National Music Teachers 
Oct 4, 1893; son Ceasar C. and Eleanor (Gill) ass:.i. Residence: 3328 Euclid-ave. Office: 
Collister; educated, Baldwin-Wallace college, §13 The Arcade. 
LL.B. ; Ohio Northern, LL.M. ; married, Cleve- 
land, June 17, 1919 to Biela M. Chabek; twice COLSTON, WMlllam AinHlie, born, Louis- 
elected to State Senate and serving at pres- ville, Ky., Nov. 3, 1873; son John William and 
ent; lieut. during war: pres. Old Chip- Belle (Ainslie) Colston; educated, public 
pewa, Inc., The Clean Play Co. and Com- school and high school, Louisville, Ky., val- 
munity Club Co.; vice-pres. Lincoln Sav. edictorian, 1891, A. B.; Jeffer.son school of 
& Loan Co., County Mortgage Co. and County Law, Louisville, Ky., valedictorian and win- 
Abstract & Title; director Chippewa Lake ner of Faculty and Regent gold medals; mar- 
Park Co., State Mortgage Co., Harvard Sav. ried, Washington, D. C, Dec. 1, 1923 to Cora 
& Loan Co. and County Sav. & Loan Co.; Virginia Brown — children, Margaret Virginia 
member Cleveland and Ohio State bar assns.; and Ann Ainslie Colston; Spanish-American 
Commission on Home for Feeble Minded; war, capt. U. S. V.; service in Porto Rico, 
Commission appointed by Legislature for In- Col. 1st Ky. infantry Mexican border serv- 
vestlgation of roads, etc.; member Masonic ice; world war, colonel 138th field artillery^ 
blue lodge. Chapter Council, Commanderv comdg. 63rd F. A. Brigade, service in France; 
and Shrine; K. of P.: Oddfellows, Knights of started with Louisville & Nashville R. R. Co., 
Malta; Delta Theta Phi law fraternity: Chip- 1891 as subordinate clerk and messenger; 
pewa Country club. Recreation: swimming rose to chief active accounting officer and 
and tennis and a little golf and saddle horses, transferred to law dept. becoming general 
Residence: 2990 W. 14th-st. Office: 3106 W. solicitor; resigned to become director of fi- 
25th St. nance of Interstate Commerce Commission, 

rni ¥ TSTim Ti/^-c.,1 i7'^o,..»i. K^,.r> co.„o„r,o 1920: appointed vice-pres. and general coun- 

JlL^Jtn.^l^'^^Ssirs^n'^^^^^^ fnd^En'a ^^""i^^^l^'^J^^.^^A' }!H ; also dire^c- 


?I°'irw'l'„V''"'Tj'^'*''«""-^ "^""t,-;,^'^''''- ^T?; ^"'1 Louisville Boat clubs, Louisville. Ky. 

T°o J7 ^"''l- nt^ "^"'I'^^T^^'^'^'"*'"'^.^"^^^'''* monwealth club. Richmond, Va.; Cosmos, 

,^ c»f ? wmV- ^^^'■te<^ ^^n?*^^^ ''"^ Universitv and National Press clubs, Wash- 

rif\^. Sherwin-Williams Co., 1903, Kansas mgton; Union club. Cleveland. Recreation: 

ulL- iQn7 l^ ^M^"Q''1I'=°*v,^^ Sales Man- ^^^er sports. Office: 604 Columbia Bldg. 
ager. 1907. there until 1919; then sent to ex- 

ecutlve offices in Cleveland; now mgr. gen- COMBS, Troy, vice-pres.; born, Perry 

eral trade sales Sherwin-Williams Co.; County, Ky. 1896; son Samuel Combs; edu- 

Scottlsh Rite Mason; member Hella Temple cated, Phillips Exeter Academy; Princeton 

Shrine, Dallas, Texas; Acacia Country and Univ., 1919-1920; Harvard Univ., 1920-1922; 

Cleveland Athletic clubs. Recreation: golf married, Cleveland, Nov. 18, 1922 to Virginia 

?ind bowling. Residence: 3360 Kenmore-rd., R. Hatch — children, Chittenden and Richard 

Shaker Hghts. Office: 601 Canal-rd. Combs; golf champion Canterbury golf club, 

r^nr wtTTT-n n ^^ i * • j, 1925; director and vice-pres. Pittsburg & Ohio 

COLLVER. David Jay, tours, cruises and fining Co.; member Canterbury Golf club. 

^Il« ^ ^a '^'■^' n,^"^°P®;, ^-A •^•••,^i'a^"fL?^^^' Residence: 3024 Chadbourne-rd. Office: 1603 

1846; married Cleveland April 29. 1901 to union Trust Bldg. 
P rancls H. Harris — children. Leon L. and 

Hattle R. Collver; chief clerk to General COMERFORD, John Joseph, plumbing con- 
Dureya in the Shenandoah Valley, Va. during tractor; born, Cleveland, March 1, 186s; son 
civil war; in 72nd Ohio engaged in Battle John and Bridget E. (Fennel) Comerford; 
of Shiloh and siege of Corinth; youngest educated. St. Patricks parochial school; mar- 
soldier in General Sherman's army, having ried, Cleveland, Oct. 16, 1889 to Anna A. 
enli.eted in January, 1861 at Fremount, O. Dolan; world war, assisted in the selling of 
at age of 14; many years with Big Four rail- Liberty Bonds and War Savings stamps; 
road and New York Central lines with wide asst. plumbing in.spector, 1893-1894; pres. 
acquaintance throughout railroad and traf- local Union No. 55, 1892; treas. Cleveland 



Master Plumbers' assn., 1904 and pres. 1905 11334 Bellflower-rd. Office: Case School of 

and 1926; pres. Cleveland Master Plumbers' Applied Science. 

club, 1912, treas. 1911; director The Builders ^^„c„,«,r..j- . .. ,> ^ , . 

Exchange. 1916; trustee and director Cuya- . COMSTOCK. John Reed. manufacturer, 

hoca Plumbing Company; pres. and director, born, Mechanlcsburgr, Pa., March 28 1890; 

1925-1926, vice-pres. and director. 1919-1924 ^o" ^^°- i^tedman and Julia (Uatts) Com- 

Junibo Heater & Mfg. Co.; director, 1924 to stock; educated, St. Lukes school, Wayne. 

1926 The Metal Stamping & Mfg. Co.; pres. P^.; Stearns Inst. -Technology. M. E.; asst. 

and treas. The J. J. Comerford Plumbing Co.; Senl. mgr Hanna Furnace Co.; previously 

vlce-pres. Wade Park-ave. Improvement assn., Y,'^*^ *^^1:^ ^!^^^®o!"l ^'^f^ F^ Steelton, Pa.: 

1926; member The Builders Exchange; Cham- ^i':i''*°j:F,Sl^^/".?I^^^^^ir\/r"r"^*'^ J^ ^?^<.« 

^^o'unfrv^°ci?.'?.^'"^?H"n''^-l';lue^'o^f^XvlfJL7 SineTr^sT'^'et^Theti^^^Pl^^Um^a ^S'ha'pt^eV 

Country club; Citizens league of Cleveland, fraternity, member University club. Resl- 

Residence: 811/ ^ ade Park. Office: same. dence: University club. Office: 1300 Leader 

COMEY, George P., manufacturer; born, News Bldg. 
Brooklvn. N. Y.. April 21, 1858; son George COMSTOCK. Louise N. Brown, born. Hor- 
P. and Clara (Dean> Comey; educated. Brook- Sf"', ^- "^V ??P*- < "' i^^I^^?*"^''*'"'; William 
lyn Polytechnic Institute; Connecticut LI- l^I,tt,.T% ^^r^^^^^ \ ^I^aT^'r^T.^Vn^n^ni^: 
brarv Institute. Suffield. Conn.; married. ^^"^S^^."!' }f^^^;^^^2:'^^^^^TXI^\^^l^• 
Hinsdale Mass June 29 1881 to Nancy J. EeToy.^N.^'ll.^'B^ 1^78^87 mi^flerLYRo^y; 
Gill— children. Clara M. Florence L.. George ^ y.. June 29, 1882 to Frank Mason Corn- 
Lawrence, Frederick Harlan, Ralph. Harold stock— children William .Steele Brown Com- 
^"•^x- ^"IT""* Comey; started business career stock; member Women's City club. Recrea- 
with father and uncle in New York City in ^j^^. ,f Residence: 11334 Bellflower-rd. 
manufacture of ladies' hats and straw goods, ^ 

two years; came to Cleveland, 1880; engaged CONDIT. Marlon Carr. born. Cleveland, 

in same business with J. G. Pettee's interest Aug. 25. 1885: daughter William Finley and 

and organized Comey & Johnson; after Mr. Alice T. (Codding) Carr; educated, Hathway 

Johnson's death firm was reorganized: pres. Brown school; Smith college. A. B. Phi Beta 

and treas. Comey & Johnson Co.; director Kappa fraternity; married, Cleveland. Oct. 1, 

National Refining Co.. Union Trust Co. and 1910 to Paul Brainard Condit — children. Paul 

Falls Rubber Co.; trustee Suffield school, Carr. and William Brainard Condit; trustee 

Suffield. Conn.: member Union, Mayfield and Visiting Nurse assn. and University District 

Automobile clubs. Residence: 2708 Berk- of Public Health nursing. Residence: 1949 E. 

shire-rd. Office: 1426 Superior-ave. S4th st. 

COMEY. Robert Tearle, asst. purchasing CONDIT, Paul Brainard, real estate: born, 

agent; born. Cleveland. Nov. 5 1897; son Cleveland, Feb. 4, 1879; son Paul P. and 

George P. and Nancy (Gill) Comey: educated, Florence (Brainard) Condit; educated, Unl- 

Lawrenceville school, Lawrenceville, N. J.; versity school; Yale, Ph. B. ; married, Cleve- 

married, Cleveland, May 10th, 1924 to Eliza- land, Oct. 1, 1910 to Marion Codding Carr — 

beth C. Pickands— children, Jeanne Pickands children, Paul Carr and William Brainard 

Comey; world war, C.Q.M. (A) U.S.N.R. fiying Condit; director Co-Orerative Investment Co. 

corps. Recreations: golf, ice hockev, and Residence: 1949 E. 84th st. Office: 1606 Wll- 

baseball; member Hermit club. Residence: liamson Bldg. 

3365 Kenmore-rd. Shaker Hghts. Village. Of- COXEY. Aim* C, investment banker; born, 

fice: Pickands Mather & Co., 2000 Union Trust New York City. N. Y., July 1, 1888; son 

Bldg. George Eaton and Anna (Carll) Coney; 

COMMON. Cordelia Louisa, born, Cleveland, educated, Yale 1909; married, Rochester, N. 

1850; daughter Hiram and Lydia (Linaley) T,-. Sept. 29, 1914 to Elizabeth Lee— children. 

Aikin; educated, public school; four years at ^'\^® . ^^^ „?°To^= '*^°^^'! ^?''" ^'^"*- Naval 

Cleveland Institute, 1868; married, Cleveland, ^^^^t'°" 191'7-18-19; asst. vice pres. Union 

1870 to George White Common— children, one T^"^^ ^o- director Dodge Mfg. Co.; direc- 

daughter (deceased) and one son; father, tor Automatic Registering Machine corp ; 

Hiram Aikin came from Conn, with parents member Union and Country clubs; Yale club, 

when he was a year old: of the Carter, Aikin. New York. Residence: 3121 Huntington-rd. 

Cochran reunion (descendents of Henry Car- Office: Union Trust Co. 

ter) held for many years; probably the old- CONKEY, Albert Billinsrs. St., sales and 

est living descendant of the earliest South advertising mgr.; born. Cleveland. Mav 30, 

Side settlers. Residence: 3174 W. 14th st. i880: son Joseph T. and Grace E. (Hunkin) 

COMSTOCK, Franlc Mason, professor; born. ^2"^!^= educated. Cleveland public schools; 
LeRoy. N. Y.. May 20, 1855; son Samuel Oberlin academy; Oberlin conservatory; mar- 
Francis and Mary Mason (Turner) Comstock; '^'^d, Cleveland, June 26 1912— children. Al- 
educated. Union college, 1876 with degrees of bert, Jr. and Jane^ E. Conkey : member Acacia 
A. B. and C. E.. fellowship zoology, 1876- fountry. City, and Advertising clubs^ Recrea- 
1877; A. M. degree, 1879; Ph. D., 1891; L.H.D.. ^'ons: music, golf, and bowling. Office: The 
1926: married, LeRoy. N. Y.. June 29. 1882 to °- E. Conkey Co. 6o29 Broadway. 
Louise N Brown-Children. Wm. Steele Brown CONKEY, Florance White. musician— 
Comstock; principal LeRoy Academic In- teacher of piano; born, Detroit, Mich. Apr. 
stitute. LeRoy. N. Y. 1879-1891; prof, of de- ]_ iggi- daughter, William Leonard and 
scriptive geometry. Case School of Applied Laura May (Johnson) White; educated, Cin- 
Science since. 1891; acting pres. Case School ^innati College of Music: married to Albert 
of Applied Science, 1912-1913: member Roch- ^ Conkey— children. Albert B. and Jane E. 
!m5'"nf Qj;n^f^SL°^f ^.'^Tr^rnll^^Hon^^; Conkey; member of Shaker Hghts. Neighbor- 
v^^i^L^^J^t p^ society for The Promotion of ^^^^ guild: Women's Auxiliary Cleveland 
Engineering Education; American and Cana- orchestra; Fortnightly Musical club. Resl- 

•^f." ^""^^^l""^, ^l>1"^=^^c,°- °VT-; ^t^'*^.yP' dence: 2628 Kingston-rd.. Cleveland Hghts. 
silon. Tau Beta Pi and Sigma XI fraternities; 

University club of Cleveland; Tomahawk club CONNELLY, Betty Clara, nurse; born. 
of Ontario; Dorset Field club of Dorset, Vt. Douglas. Colo.. Sept. 9. 1883; daughter Fran- 
Recreation: fly Ashing and golf. Residence: cis M. and Rosa Belle (Lovell) Connelly; 



educated, high school, 2 years. Ft. "Wayne, two sons; world war, Y. M. C. A. work, 1917; 

Ind.- private tutor, 2 years; Lakeside hospital supt. of schools. Republic, Mich., 1916-1920; 

training school for nurses, 3 years. Ft, N., principal Longwood high school, Cleveland, 

1916- world war. Army Nurse corp, 1917-1919; 1920-1923; director of research. Board of 

In France with Base hospital No. 4, May, 1917 Education, since 1923; member National 

to Sept 1918- chief nurse. Mobile hospital society for the study of Education; National 

No 5 Q E F. ' at Les Placys, France until assn. of Directors of Research; Phi Delta Kap- 

1919- director of dispensary of maternity pa fraternity. Recreation: golf and fishing, 

hospital and W. R. U. since Decemlter, 1913; Residence: 432 E. 109th at. Office: Board of 

Royal Red Cross No. 2, British decoration; Education. 

Croix de Guerre, citation from Gen. Petaln, CONWELL, John W^llliam. surgeon; born, 

French decoration; member American Legion Cadiz, O., Aug. 15, 1892; son Col. John and 

at Cambridge, O.; National organization Elizabeth (McConnell) Conwell; educated, 

public health nurses; American Nurses assn.; Cadiz high school, 1910; Ohio State Univ., A. 

Ohio State assn. of Graduate nurses; Alum- B., 1914; Western Reserve, M. D., 1918; mar- 

nae assn. of W. R. U. school of nursing; ried, Cadiz, O., July 27, 1922 to Mary Helen 

American of hospital social workers; Bullock — children, John W. Conwell, III.; 

Women's City club. Recreation; fishing, world war, with Medical Reserve corps; 

camping, entertaining^ children. Residence: resident surgeon Lakeside hospital; resident 

2105 Adelbert-rd. Office: same. physician and surgeon Rainbow hospital; 



Cleveland public and high schools and Man- Cleveland "Aca'demv orMed'lcineT' Ohio 'state 

V^^ VcVJ"^"}^ X,^""^^'- "'^"If'^'K^ »y-i^^nH.»n and American medical assns.; Nu Sigma Nu 

l^A- u^'i? t° Marlon Beckenbach--<-hildren ^^^ ^ ,^ ^^. g, American Legion, A. 

Edith Marion; world war, air craft service ^ j^ ^^ ^ Masonic Lodge; University, Big 

in U. S.; vice-pres. and ^eri. mgr. Champion rj, gingers' and Mentor Headlands Country 

Machine & I- orging Co ; treas. Carey Ma- ^j^^g Recreation: golf, tennis, fishing and 

chine Co. and Cleveland Bock Drill Co.. on ^^^^^^ Residence: 12950 Cedar-rd. Office: 

advisory board United Banking & Trust Co., „.„ Uanna Rlrie- 

member Army Ord.; American society for "" "tr"^,„ "^^^ ^ ^ k ,, 
Steel Treating; American National Red Cross; COOK. Allan Behrends. banking; born. 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce; National Seattle, Wash., Jan. 12, 1892; son Allan Fair- 
Chamber of Commerce; Mid-Day, Cleveland child and Lilian (Behrends) Cook; educated. 
Athletic and Westwood Country clubs. Resl- Trinity college. Hartford, Conn. B S.. 1913; 
dence: 2500 Stratford-rd. Office: 3178 E. married, Hartford Conn., Sept 1920 to Car- 
■jcth Kt olyn M. Case — children, Allan Fairchild Cook 

"^" , „ . . u«^.» II. and Jeffrey Wilcox Cook; former- 

COIVNEI.L;). Laurence E., vice-pres.. born, ,y ^g^^ ^^^^^ Wlllvs-Overland Co., To- 
Cleveland, March lo. 18/9; son Daniel and j^^^^ ^^^^ subsidiary companies; asst. sec. 
Katherine (L.iughlin) Connelly; educated, ^^j^^ Banking Corp., New York City; lecturer 
Cleveland public schools and Central high ^j, foreign exchange. New York Univ. school 
school; married, Cleveland, Jan. 2, 1904 to of Commerce; accounts and finance. 1919-1924; 
Louise Byorley— children. Laurence E Kath- author "Financing Exports and Imports," 
erine Louise and Mary Louise Connelly ; vice- 1903 ^nd various articles appearing in trade 
pres. D. Connelly Boiler Co.; director Nickel ^nd financial magazines, 1922-1925; vice- 
Plate Foundry Co.; member advisory board p^gg Guardian Trust Co.; member publicity 
to American Society of Mechanical Engineers committee trust company division American 
Boiler Code Committee; chairman board of Bankers assn.; member Alpha Delta Phi 
boiler rules State of Ohio: advisory board to fraternity; Country, Mid-Day and Cleveland 
Industrial commission of Ohio; member Cleve- Advertising clubs; Chamber of Commerce, 
land Engineering society: Union Mid-Day Recreation: Golf. Residence: 2190 Amble- 
and Shaker Heights Country club.^. RfS'- side-dr. Office: 623 Euclid-ave. 
dence: 3111 South Park-blvd. Office: 1170 

Ivanhoe-rd. COOK, Cliarles Ganson, solicitor; born. 

Cleveland, March 1, 1891; son Theodore W. 

CONNELLY, ■W'llllani C manfr.. born, ^nd Emma A. (Ganson) Cook; educated. 

Cleveland, July 23, 1875; son Daniel and Western Reserve Univ., A. B., 1912; Univ. 

Katherine (Laughlin) Connelly; educated, St. ^f Marburg, Germany, 1913-1914; Harvard 

Ingatius college; Case School of Applied Univ.. M. A.. 1915; married, London, Ont., 

Science; married. Buffalo. N. Y., Nov. 12, 1907 j^ne 31, 1923 to Anna Stirling Love; world 

to Marry Schaefer — children, Daniel Con- .^^^r, American Field service. 1917; 248 Artll- 

nelly, IT; world war. chairman War Service jgrie de Campagne (French), 1918-1919; Croix 

committee for American Boiler Mfgrs. assn.; (jg Guerre; rank. Aspirant; director Cleve- 

director Chamber of Commerce, 1926-1927; jand Window Cleaning Co., Cleveland Cart- 

pres. D. Connelly Boiler Co.; director Central age Co. and Commercial Tool Co.; member 

National Bank; member American Society Delta Upsilon fraternity; Woodward Lodge, 

Mechanical Engineers; Cleveland Engineer- >jo 5og^ p ^ a. M.; Loyal Legion and Amer- 

Ing Society; Cleveland Chamber of Com- jca^ Legion; University and Harvard clubs, 

merce; chairman advisory board Grasselli Recreation: golf. Residence: Hampton Court, 

Home for Crippled children; member Union, Hampton-rd.. Shaker Hghts. Office: 2811 

Mid-Day and Shaker Heights Country clubs. Carroll-ave 
Residence: 2S01 North Park-blvd. Office: 
1170 Ivanhoe-rd. COOK, Ernest S., attorney-at-law; born, 

CONNOR. William L., teacher; born. Troy, Morenci, Mich, June 26, 1859 ; son Stephen IL 

Ind., Apr. 24, 1889; son Samuel K. and Alice and Mary H. (Price) Cook; educated Kenyon 

(Purcell) Connor; educated. Indiana Normal college. Gambier O. 1882 valedictorian A 

school. Terre Haute. Ind.. A. B., 1914; Wis- g- = married, CJeveland, April 25 1910 to Nancy 

consin Univ., graduate work In social science. B. Myers— children by former marriage, 

1916; Columbia Univ.. graduate work In edu- Martha. Helen. James D and Marion Cook; 

cation, M. A.. 1924; married, Hymera. Ind., practiced law in Cleveland since May 26, 1886. 

Aug. 16. 1915 to Ernie Stutsman— children, asst. U. S. Dist. atty. Northern dist. of Ohio. 



1890-1895; director, United Banking and Trust 
Co., Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Co., The 
Champion Maciiine & Forging Co., Hunklii- 
Conkey Construction Co.; director and vice- 
pres. Tile Beckman Co.; member Amer- 
ican, Ohio State and Cleveland Bar assn.; 
Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; Halcyon 
lodge, F. & A. M.; Thatcher Chapter, K. A. 
M. ; Union, University, May field Country an<l 
Mid-Day clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
2830 Franklin-ave. Office: 1319 Williamson 

COOK, Florcnoe i*IarKnrct, teacher of piano 
and organ; born, Cleveland, Dec. 1, 1902; 
daughter Fred J. and Maude (Allee) Cook; 
educated, Bolton grammar school; Fairmounl 
Junior high school; East high school, salu- 
tatorian; Lake Erie college, Mus. B. degree, 
high honor; accompanist four years and 
director one year of Lake Erie college glee 
club. Residence: 2020 E. 90th st. 

COOK, Francit* Joseph, attorney-at-law; 
born, Pennsylvania, Feb. 6, 1889; son P. J. 
and Mary (Kahl) Cook; educated, John Mar- 
shall School of law; Ohio Northern Univ., 
LiL.B., LL.M.; candidate for Republic nomina- 
tion for State Senate in 1924, running eiglit 
in a field of 21 candidates, not a candidate 
before tho always taking active interest in 
each campaign; world war, served overseas 
with 30th engrs. (gas and liame Unit) but 
was on detached service with ch. engr. adv. 
section and gen. staff; holds commission as 
capt. air specialist Res. U. S. army, attached 
to War dept. for emergency; serving liis 
third term as dept. commander veterans of 
foreign wars of U. S.; assisted in organiza- 
tion of Cuyahoga Co. veterans commission of 
which he is sec. and treas. ; member Cleve- 
land Bar assn.; Delta Theta Phi law frater- 
nity; Epsilom Sigma Pi fraternity; Veterans 
of Foreign Wars of the U. S. Office: Fidelity 
Mortgage Bldg. 

COOK, George Albert, retired building con- 
tractor; born, Cleveland, June 15, 1854; son 
of Abram Cook and (McReynolds) ; edu- 
cated in country district school; married, 
Brooklyn, Dec. 31, 1883 to Bessie M. Fiele — 
children, two daughters; built public schools, 
bridges, Colonial Salt Work, Akron; also 
erected many churches and factories; mem- 
ber Builders Exchange for 50 years; mem- 
ber I. O. O. F. lodge. Recreation: nature 
Study and following Cart T. Robertson, 
Cleveland Plain Dealer. Residence now: 
Culver City, Cal. 

COOK, Otiii Richmond, Investments; born, 
Cleveland. Oct 16. 1875; son Col. Benton and 
Jennie (Shattuck) Cook; educated, Cleve- 
land public schools; married, Cleveland, 
March 19, 1896 to Gertrude M. Bacon — chil- 
dren, Joseph Arthur Cook; with B. F. Good- 
rich Co., Akron, 11 years; gen. mgr. Kelly 
Springfield Tire Co. of New York, 12 years; 
retired since 1924; director City Real Estate 
and Investment Co.; pres. O. R. Cook Proper- 
ties Co.; member Tyrian lodge. Holyrood 
Commandery; Lake Erie Consistory; Al 
Koran Shrine; Union, Shaker Heights and 
Masonic clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
13705 Shaker-blvd. Office: 4614 Prospect-ave. 

COOK, WnKer Scott, clergyman; born, 
Fredericktown, O., June 9, 1875; son Dr. S. 
M. and Margaret (Hardgrove) Cook; edu- 
cated, Hiram college, A. B., Ot)erlln Seminary, 
B. D. ; married. W. Farmington. O.. Sept. 4, 
1900 to Mary Belle Griffith — children. Mar- 
garet Louise Cook; pastor Nelsonville Chris- 
tian church. 1906-1911; pastor Wllklnsburg 
Church of Pittsburg, 1911-1918; pastor Lake- 

wood Christian Church since 1918; twice pres. 
Cleveland Disciples Ministers assn.; former 
pres. Cleveland Minlslc-rs' Union; member 
Clifton lodge. F. & A. M.; City club. Resi- 
dence: 1416 Lauderdalo-ave. 

COOKK, Edmund Vnncc, writer; born. On- 
tario. June 5, 1866; son Edmund and Matihia 
(Vance; Cooke; niarrieii, Chicago, Oct. 21, 
1897 to Lilith Castleljerry — children, Dolores 
F.. Martha C. and Edmund Vance Cooke; 
author of Companionable Poems. Impertinent 
Poems, Clironicles of the Little Tot, I Rule 
the House, Rimes to be Read, Little Songs for 
Two, The Uncommon Commoner, Cheerful 
Children, Then Something Happened, 
Told to the Little Tot. The Story Club, and 
"from tile Book of Extenuations.' Residence: 
11338 Mayfield-rd. 

COOI>, Helen AdaniM, born. Cleveland, Nov. 
6. 1878; daugliter Fitch and Helen (Ranney) 
Adams; married, Henry R. Cool — children, 
Kenneth Adams and Janet Ranney Cool. 
Residence: 3397 South Fairmount-blvd. 

COOL,, Henry R., manufacturer, born, Ur- 
bana, O., Oct. 22, 1878; son William A. and 
Lena (Rose) Cool; educated, Ohio State Univ. 
Ex. '99; married, Cleveland, Nov. 23, 1904 to 
Helen Ranney Adams — children, Kenneth 
Adams and Janet Ranney Cool; pres. Service 
Recorder Co.; member Chi Phi fraternity; 
member Canterbury golf club. Residence: 
2543 Baldwin-rd. Office: 454 Hanna Bldg. 

COOLEY, A. S., veterinarian; born, Dover 
Center, June 11. 1858; son John M. and Lucy 
(Seymour) Cooley; educated. Dover grade 
school; Ohio State Univ.; Chicago V. S. col- 
lege; married. Cleveland. May 10. 1894 to 
Flora A. Arnold — children. Dr. R. S. Cooley. 
Mrs. Stiles Koom and Mrs. Kenneth Carter; 
State veterinarian under Gov. ^^■illis; mem- 
ber 84th. 85th and 86th General Assembly; 
member O. N. G., Troop A, 17 years; by ap- 
pointment Gov. Harris, 1st lieut. Squadron 
A, Ohio; chairman board of State Veterinary 
Examiners; favored and worked for higher 
entrance experiments to colleges giving tlie 
V. S. degree and increased time on college 
requirements; practiced 35 years at E. 55th 
and Euclid-ave. located where the Cleveland 
Trust, East End branch, now stands in 1887; 
has retired returning to home in Dover Cen- 
ter; held offices in Ohio and American Veter- 
inary Medical assns. and National Live Stock 
Sanitary assn.; member Academv of Medicine; 
Woodward lodge, No. 508 F. & A. M.; Veteran 
men; Masonic Veteran lodge; Chamber of 
Commerce; still owns Cleveland Veterinary 
hospital; property bought of J. H. Wade, 
3911 Perkins-ave. Residence: Dover Center, O. 

COOI.EV, Kntherine, buyer; born. Gll- 
bertsville, June 25, 1895; daughter Seymour 
and Nettle (Rose) Hoage; educated. Union 
high school. Union, N. Y. ; Boston Univ.; 
married, Binghamton, Jan. 21, 1910 to Lee A. 
Cooley; formerly buyer for Quality shop, 
Haverhill, Mass., C. Crawford, Hollidge, Bos- 
ton, Mass.; now liuyer sports wear Halle 
Bros. Co.; memlier Order of the Eastern Star; 
Business Women's club; Madison golf club. 
Recreation: horseback, golf, swimming and 
bowling. Residence: 2040 E. 83rd st. Offica: 
Halle Bros. Co. 

COOMDGE, JamcH H., retired, born, Quincy, 
111., Oct. 14, 1866; son James H. and Mary El- 
len (Brown) Coolldge; educated, private 
schools; married, Chicago, 111. to Elizabeth 
Blake — children, Joseph Lexington, Robert 
Blake and James H. Coolldge; son Joseph'a 
middle name was taken by him after visit 



at scene of The Battle of Lexington, where COPELAND, Charlotte, optometrist; daugh- 

Joseph Coolidge, direct ancestor, fell In flrat ter Dr. Thomas A. and Frances C. (Carleton) 

battle of revolutionary war; a monument Copeland; educated, Ohio Univ. at Athens, O., 

was later erected in memory of late Joseph B.A.; member Copeland Optical Co.; member 

Coolidge by the citizens of Watertown, Mass. Better Vision Society of Cleveland; Ameri- 

and was dedicated by a hymn composed by can and Ohio State Optometrlc assn.; Alpha 

S. F. Smith, author of "America"; associated Gamma Delta sorority; Cleveland Pan-Hel- 

wlth the milk and 5ce cream industry for 25 lenlc assn.; Altrusa and Business and ProfeB- 

years as officer of The Telling Belle Vernon slonal Women's clubs; Big Sister council. 

Co. and predecessor dairy concerns; member Residence:10510 Euclid-ave. Office: same. 

Masonic lodge; Willowick Country and Mid- ^^„„.^„ „ „, „ . ,^ » . 

Day clubs. Recreation: farming, golf, real ^S,^^^^^' ^^^^**^ Walker, architect; born, 

estate. Residence: 1844 Alvason-rd.. E. Cleve- Philadelphia, Pa., 1897; son Munroe Walker 

land. Office: 406 Swetland Bldg. and PrisUla (Van Tme) Copper; educated. 

Univ. of Pennsylvania, B. S. ; married, Cleve- 

COOLIDGE, Joseph I.exInKton, real estate land, Nov. 20, 1921 to Marguerite W. Letts — 

broker and operator; born, April 19, 1895; son children, two; world war, ensign, U. S. N.; 

James H. and Sarah Elizabeth (Blake) Cool- member American Institute of Architects; 

Idge; educated, Univ. of Illinois; Cleveland Sigma Phi Sigma and Gamma Eta Kappa 

Law school; Baldwin-Wallace, LL.B.; mem- fraternities; Phi Tau Sigma, honorary archl- 

ber Cleveland Real Estate board; Chi Phi tectual society; Univ. club of Pennsylvania, 

fraternity; Cleveland Advertising and Wil- Cleveland club. Recreation: swimming and 

lowlck Country clubs. Residence: 1844 Al- eolt. Re.sidence: 3207 Euclid Hghts.-blvd. 

vason-rd., E. Cleveland. Office: 406 Swetand Office: 4500 Euclid-ave. 

^^'iS- CORBUSIER, John AVilliam Cresswell, 
COOLIDGE, Sollaee Burronghs, coal oper- architect; born, Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1878; 
ator; born, Columbus. O., Aug. 21, 1874; son eon Francis H. and Mary (Nagle) Corbusier; 
Edward B. and Ada (Sollaee) Coolidge; edu- educated. Mechanic's Institute, Rochester, N. 
cated, Univ. of Michigan, B. S., 1898; married, Y.; Donn Barber Atelier, New York City; 
Detroit, Mich., April 10, 1901 to Mary DennI- Beaux Arts, Paris, France; married, Cleve- 
son Coolidge; director Glens Run Coal Com- land, June 1, 1905 to Katherlne Lyman — chll- 
pany; vice-pres. and director Clarkson Coal dren, Henry Lyman, Margaret, John W. C. 
and Dock Co.; member Masonic bodies; Union, and Philip Giles; began architectural career 
Country, Cleveland Athletic and Shaker in Rochester, went to Buffalo at age of 18, 
Heights Country clubs. Residence: 2339 Dela- one year later to New York into office of 
Tiere-rd. Office: 603 Rockefeller Bldg. Cass Gilbert, then with Magonlgle; after 
^ „„ , . , , , completing studies In Paris settled In Cleve- 
COOPER, Charles 1., social worker; born, jand; after two years in office of prominent 
Ukraine, Dec. 29, 1886; son Macco and Clara architect, opened his own office; in 1912 built 
(Gerb) Copper; educated, Univ. of Pitts- Trinity Lutheran church of Akron; has since 
burgh, A. B., 1910, cum laude; married, Pitts- built churches in all parts of the country; 
burgh, Pa., 1910 to Anna F. Cooper — children, 1924, went into partnership with Mr. Otto 
Theodore H. and Carl M. Cooper; overseas Lenski and Mr. Foster; member American 
relief unit to Poland, 1920 under the Joint Institute of Architects; gold medal from 
Distribution committee; directed social serv- Architectural league of N. Y.; member Cham- 
Ice activities of Jewish community of Pitts- ber of Commerce; Cleveland Athletic, Kiwanls 
burgh, 1910-1920; 1919 lectured to social and Hudson clubs. Recreation: building 
science classes of Duquesne Univ. on family working models of steamships, sail boats 
case work; July 1923 became director of and locomotives. Residence: Hudson, O. 
council educational alliance, Cleveland; 1924 Office: 2138 Keith Bldg. 
was elected pres. Kingsbury Neighborhood .r^^„r..-«- « x-. • *• u r^^., 
assn.; important phase of work in Cleveland, ^,p**J"?,'^Y' ^- ^;V Panting; born, (Chicago, 
the selling of the old Alliance building to I'^- 1871; son E. H and Dora (Baruch) Cor- 
Friendly Inn social settlement and the crea- day; educated Cleveland public «^l'ools; 
tlon of two new social centers; organized Al- ??,^r'"'ed. Cleveland Jan. 5, 1895— chi dren 
llance camp at Painesville on the Lake and I^^is H. and Estelle Corday; organized and 
established Friday Evening Open forum; mem- ""'as president of The Corday & Gross Com- 
ber American assn. of Social workers; Ind. Pf "y,!^;^^"^^ years; reUred from company 
Ord. B'nai B'rith; Natl. Conf. of J. Soc. Work; Dec 31 1921; January^ 1924 became associated 
American Sociological society; Natl. Conf. of ^'^^h The Petrequin Paper Company as sales 
Social workers; member City club, author of Promotion manager which position he still 
several monographs on development and pro- holds; mernber Cleveland Advertising Auto- 
gress of the foreign neighborhoods in a num- ^op'^e, ^"^^.-^'^^i.'^ra o" Residence: 1696 E. 
ber of American cities. Residence: 1734 79th st. Office: 1559 Superior-ave. 
Chapman-ave. COREN. Morris G., furniture dealer; born, 
COOPER. Charles Proctor, born, Caldwell. Russia. May 1, 1889; son George and Rebec- 
O.. Aug. 23, 1884; son A. C. and Lucy Gebhart «^\ ^P''''^T'^^\ Coren; educated public 
Cooper; educated, Caldwell high school; Ohio ?P^ools and high school in city of Bialystok. 
~. . TT • T>«- T-i • T-< T-. • J T^ 1. I'oland and in Normal scnool or vviina. 
State Univ ME in E E.; married. Durham poi^nd; teacher in public school, two years; 
N. H. Sept. 1, 1909 to Leonora Elizabeth married, Steubenville, O., March 3, 1912 to 
Parsons— children, Alice Gureard and Charles Helen R. Esman (deceased) — children, Blanch 
Proctor Cooper. Jr. pres. member of execu- Esther and Vera Dorothy; married, Cleve- 
tlve committee, and director of Ohio Bell land, June 29. 1923 to Eva G. Weinstein — 
Telephone Co.; member American Institute children, Bettle Miriam; world war, capt. of 
of Electrical Engineers; Delta Tau Delta team in Liberty Loan drives; owner and gen. 
(college fraternity): Sigma Xi (Honorary mgr. Lincoln Pharmacy in Massilon, O. 
Scientific society); Union, Mid-Day, Univer- till Jan. 18, 1922 and C. B. Cigar Co., Mas- 
sity. Shaker Hghts. Country, Big Ten Uni- sillon, O. to April 7, 1922; in importing bus- 
versity. and Columbus Athletic clubs. Rest- iness from May 1922 to July 1923, having 
dence: 2217 Tudor-dr. Office: 4300 Euclid- made a four month trip through the coun- 
ave. tries of Central and Eastern Europe; in the 



furniture business since June, 1923; pres. and 
treas. Broadway Furniture Co.; pres. Quick 
Service Ice & Coal Co., Massillon, O. ; mem- 
ber Eagles; Moose; Bnai Brith. Recreation: 
extensive travel, comping and fishing. Resi- 
dence: 9607 North-blvd. Office: 5907 Broad- 

COREY, Grace, secretary; bom, Conneaut- 
ville. Pa., May 5, 1882; daughter of Frank 
Leslie and Frances (Graves) Corey; educated, 
Meadville Commercial College (graduate) 
and American Institute of Banking (gradu- 
ate); employed in Federal Reserve Bank of 
Cleveland during the war; second woman to 
join and graduate American Institute of 
Banking, Cleveland chapter; active in social 
and educational work of the chapter; mem- 
ber of National women's committee of the in- 
stitute 1924-'26 and deligate to the national 
conventions at Baltimore and Cleveland; 
chapter member and treasurer Alpha chapter 
Delphia society, Cleveland; also member The 
Business and Professional Women's club and 
National Federation of same. Residence: 
9611 Hough-av. Office: Federal Reserve 

CORIEL.L, Thomas Clay, printer; born, 
Portsmouth, O., Nov. 8, 1894; son Dennis 
Yeley and Nora Jane (Banker) Coriell; edu- 
cated, public schools; married, Cleveland, 
Sept. 19, 1923 to Helen May Melhuish; pres. 
and gen. mgr. Period Printing Co. Resi- 
dence: Spencer-rd., Parkview Village, O. Of- 
fice: 1360 West 3rd St., Cleveland. 

CORLETT, Amanda Leisy; born, Iowa, April 
13, 1867; daughter Isaac and Christine Leisy; 
a resident of Cleveland since 1872, 
gold medalist in music at Notre Dame 
Academy; graduate Hatliaway-Brown school; 
married, Germany, June 26, 1895 to William 
Thomas Corlett — children, Christine Corlett 
Henriques, Ann Corlett Ford, Helen, Thomas 
and Edward Corlett; pres. Pontiac Improve- 
ment Co.; for several years connected with 
Babies Dispensary; member Women's City 
club; Identified with Wade Day Nursery, 17 
years; member Ladies advisory committee 
Lakeside hospital, 25 years. Recreation: 
travel. Residence: 11015 East-blvd. 

CORLETT, Selene; born, England, Oct. 13, 
1864; daughter Thomas James and Caroline 
(Griffiths) Corlett; educated, Cleveland public 
schools; Pittsburgh college for girls, two 
year law; married, Cleveland, March 4, 1884 
to Walter H. Corlett — children, Blanche Cor- 
lett; has been an active member of Woman's 
Civic assn.; formerly chairman Welfare com- 
mittee when better conditions at police sta- 
tion for women witnesses were obtained; this 
(Committee also help obtain safety zones 
and raise in pay for cleaners at Court houses; 
first woman in city to suggest Women police- 
man and many other civic problems; dress 
making establishment for 14 years; millinery 
store for four years; world war, organized 
womans training school, 260 members; 
established shooting range at home, en- 
gaged army officer to teach how to shoot 
after four months training many women be- 
came proficient; same group trained as street 
car conductors during war and became con- 
ductoretts; 30 members went to school at the 
Buick automobile plant and under instruc- 
tion of engineers could do anything in re- 
pairing automobiles and many were employed 
by automobile concerns; entered 40 names on 
roll at Red Cross headquarters and took sev- 
eral courses in first aid and elementary hy- 
giene, also trained at Mt. Sinai hospital; 
organized a group from these members wlio 
drove cars for Red Cross, two members driv- 

ing the Babies Dispensary hospital truck; 
drove car three days a week for Red Cross, 
delivering supplies and collecting the fin- 
islied work from working centers all over the 
city and neighboring towns, gave one day a 
week making surgical dressings, also sewed 
at Ked Cross, knit dozens of sweaters and 
socks for the boys over seas; visited five can- 
tonments in the South, helped raise one thou- 
sand dollars for relief and comfort of tne 
Cleveland Soldiers at Montgomery, Ala.; 
progressive republican of the same school 
as Roosevelt and LaFoUette; member of 
school board of Shaker Hghts., formerly 
"East View Village"; active in women's suf- 
frage for 35 years with distinction of be- 
ing only women of Cleveland who did 'picket' 
duty in front of the White House and Capitol 
steps in 1916 when women militants at Wash- 
ington made fight to obtain the vote; member 
Cleveland Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star; 
Dames of Malta; Avalon Sisterhood; Past 
commander Maccabees; Women's and Welsh 
Women's clubs; sec. Thursday Thought club; 
member Civic assn., (pres. of board); National 
Woman's Party, (pres. Cleveland branch). 
Recreation: fiowers and raising Boston ter- 
riers. Residence: 3548 Lee-rd., Shaker Hghts. 

CORLETT, Spencer Dudley, attorney at 
law; born, Cleveland, March 17, 1891; son 
George W. and Clara H. Corlett; educated, 
Western Reserve, Adelbert, A. B.; Western 
Reserve law school, LL.B. ; married, Cleve- 
land, July 3, 1917 to Zella Snow Kelly— chil- 
dren, Wm. Southard, Forrest Snow and Louisa 
Jane Corlett; world war, lieut. 57tli field 
artillery; prof. Lake Erie school of law, 1923- 
1926; pres. National Fur Farms Co.; sec. 
Metal Stamping & Mfg. Co.; trustee Hudson 
Congregational Church; member Phi Gamma 
Delta and Phi Delta Phi fraternities; Masonic 
lodge; Cleveland Athletic and Hudson clubs; 
Chamber of Commerce. Recreation: hunting 
and fishing, Canadian exploration. Residence; 
Aurora-st., Hudson, O. Office: 725 Soc. for 
Sav. Bldg., Cleveland. 

CORLETT, William Thomas, physician; 
born. Orange, O., Apr. 15, 1854; son William 
and Ann (Avery) Corlett; educated, district 
school; Chagrin Falls Academy; Oberlin col- 
lege; Wooster Univ. med. dept., M. D. ; Royal 
college of Physicians, London, Eng., L.R.C.P. ; 
married, Germany, June 26, 1895 to Amanda 
Leisy — children, Mrs. Horace F. Henriques, 
Mrs. Daniel B. Ford, Helen, Thomas and Ed- 
ward Corlett; member Cleveland board of 
Health, 1883, public schools first visited by 
board of Health; demonstrator of anatomy 
in Wooster Univ. med. dept., 1879; lecturer 
on skin and venereal diseases, Wooster Univ. 
med. dept., 1882, prof, of same, 1883-1885; 
lecturer on dermatology and syphilology and 
chief of clinic. Western Reserve Univ., 1885- 
1888; prof, in same, 1888-1914; dermatologist 
and syphllologist Lakeside hospital, 1898- 
1914; consulting dermatologist since; physi- 
cian for diseases of the skin. City hospital, 
1893-1914; consulting dermatologist, St. Alexis 
hospital, 1893-1915; consulting dermatologist 
Babies and Childrens hospital since 1911; 
l)rof. emeritus of dermatology Western Re- 
serve Univ. since 1914; author of chapters 
on the Exfoliative dermatoses In Morrow's 
System of G-U diseases, syphilology and der- 
matology, 1894; parasitic diseases in Ameri- 
can Text book, 1898; chapters on rarer dis- 
eases of the skin in the Reference Hand Book 
of the medical sciences, 1903-1915; author of 
"A Treatise on the Acute Infections Exan- 
themata," 1901; "The American Tropics," 
1908; "The People of Arrisdale and others." 
1917; "Reminiscences," 1919; also numerous 
contributions to medical journals; fellow of 
Royal society of Medicine, London; fellow 



American Medical assn. ; member American 
dermatological assn.; honorary member Ohio 
State Medical assn., Northeast Ohio Med. 
society, etc.; member American public health 
assn.. City of Mexico, 1893; member 11th and 
12th International Medical Congress, Rome, 
1894; same in London, 1913; member Inter- 
national Dermatological Congress, London, 
1896; member Union, Country, Kirtland, Cleve- 
land Gun and Winoua Point Shooting clubs. 
Residence: 11015 East-blvd. 

CORNING, Henry Wick, retired; born, 
Cleveland, Jan. 13, 1869; son Warren Holmes 
and Mary Helen (Wick) Corning; educated, 
St. Paul's school. Concord, N. H.; Harvard 
Univ., 1891, A. B. ; married, Philadelphia, to 
Edith Warden — children, Mary and Warren 
Holmes; Spanish war, capt., Troop B, 1st O. 
V. C. ; director Union Trust Co.; member 
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; Union, Tavern, 
Country, Mayfleld and Kirtland clubs. Resi- 
dence: 10901 Lake Shore-blvd. 

CORNING, Mary Helen "Wick, born. Youngs- 
town, O., May 24. 1841; daughter Henry and 
Mary Sophia (Hine) Wick; educated. Glen- 
dale college, Glendale, O. ; married, Cleveland, 
Dec. 7, 1864 to Warren Holmes Corning — 
children, Leslie Solon (deceased), Henry Wick 
Corning, and Mary Almira Audenried, (de- 
ceased), Adele Corning Chisholm, Helen Corn- 
ing Warden, and Olive Payne Corning Pear- 
son. Residence: 10901 Lake Shore-blvd. & 

CORNING, Warren Holmes, born, Cleveland, 
Feb. 25, 1902; son Henry Wick and Edith 
(Warden) Corning; educated, St. Paul's 
school, 1915-1920; Harvard college, 1920-1924. 
Residence: 10901 Lake Shore-blvd. 

CORRIGAN, Francis Patrick, surgeon; born, 
Cleveland, July 14, 1881; son Edward and 
Margaret (Regan) Corrigan; educated, Adel- 
bert college, A. B., 1903; Western Reserve 
Medical school, 1906; fellow of American 
college of Surgeons, P. A. C. S., 1917; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Oct. 16, 1912 to Ethel Foster — 
children, Patricia, Robert F., Martha, Edward 
and Lillian D.; Ohio Naval Reserve, 1898-1903; 
represented American college of Surgeons In 
South America, Ecuador and Bolivia, 1920; 
In Brazil, Uruguay, Argentine, Chile, Peru and 
Panama, 1921; staff surgeon St. Alexis hospi- 
tal since 1910; director of surgery to St. 
Alexis hospital, Jan. 1, 1924; director Mort- 
gage Syndicate Co.; member Cleveland Acad- 
emy of Medicine; American and Ohio State 
medical assns.; American college of Sur- 
geons; A. M. A. of Vienna, Austria; member 
Nu Sigma Nu medical fraternity; Cleveland 
City, Cleveland Athletic and Spanish clubs. 
Recreation: travel, hunting, fishing, swim- 
ming and riding. Residence: Cor. East-blvd. 
and E. 100th st. Office: 1110 Euclid-ave. 

CORRIGAN, James W., manufacturer of 
steel; born, Grybow, Polish Austria, April 7, 
1880; son James and Ida (Allen) Corrigan; 
educated, Michigan Military Academy, Or- 
chard Lake, Mich.; Case School of Applied 
Science; Falkenou's School of Assaying and 
Mill Tests, San Francisco, Calif.; upon gradu- 
ation from this latter school, he accepted a 
position of manager of the telegraph office in 
Goldfleld, Nevada, but soon after secured a 
position with the Gennessee Furnace Co., of 
Charlotte, New York, so as to continue his 
chosen work and obtain field experience in 
the studies he had followed; later, for the 
firm of Corrigan, McKinney & Co. he was sent 
to Mexico and put in charge of operations 
for that company; here he remained until 
the company's dissolution and the formation 
of the McKinney Steel Co., when he retired 
from actual participation In the new com- 
pany's affairs and travelled extensively 
throughout Europe; on May 18, 1925 he re- 

turned to again take up his work with the 
McKinney Steel Co. and was elected its presi- 
dent; married. New York, Dec. 2, 1916 to 
Laura Mac Martin; member Union and Road- 
side clubs, Cleveland; liacquet club, Chicago; 
Sunningdale, and Addington clubs, England. 
Recreation: golf, travel, racing and breeding 
horses. Residence: Wickliffe O. Office: Mc- 
Kinney Steel Co., 3100 E. 45th-st. 

CORY, J. Virgil, atty. at law; born, Spring- 
field, O., Sept. 20, 1893; son Charles C. and 
Clara (Campbell) Cory; educated, Springfield 
high school; Wittenberg college, A.B.; West- 
ern Reserve Univ. law school, L.L.B. ; Order 
of Coif (honorary law society); married, Ash- 
land, O., June 30, 1921 to Mildred Smith — 
children, James Campbell Cory; world war, 
Sgt. major Field Artillery; practiced law since 
Dec. 1919; member law firm McConnell, Black- 
more and Cory, Cuyahoga County Bar assn.; 
member Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Delta Phi 
fraternities. Recreation: golf. Residence 3345 
Grenway-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 1014 
Hippodrome Bldg. 

COSGRAVE, lionls D., broker and importer; 
born, Pittsburg, Jan. 18, 1886; son Sylvester 
A. and Marie (Butler) Cosgrave; educated, 
Princeton Univ., 1910; married; Seattle, June 
2, 1914 to Josephine R. McLaughlin — children, 
Barbara Butler and Betsy Tanner and 
Josephine Ann Cosgrave; pres. L. D. 
Cosgrave Co. and Florentine Linen Co.; 
director Settlement Property Co.; mem- 
ber Masonic lodge; Princeton club of N. Y.; 
Princeton club of Cleveland; Cleveland Ath- 
letic club. Residence: 2440 Woodmere-dr. 
Office: 1120 Chester-ave. 

COTTRELL, George William, lawyer; born, 
Detroit, Mich., June 1876; son Eber Ward and 
Ellen (Smith) Cottrell; educated, Univ. of 
Michigan, B.L. — L.L.B. ; married, Detroit, 
Mich., 1902 to Florence Helen Chamberlain — 
children, George William, Jr. and Eleanor; 
member law firm Kelley, David & Cottrell; 
treas. Holy Cross House for crippled and dis- 
abled cliildren; member Psi Upsilon frater- 
nity; member Union, Tavern, Kirtland and 
Nisi Prius clubs. Residence: 1883 E. 93rd-st. 
Office: 1968 Union Trust Bldg. 

COUGHLIX, Robert J., asst. treas.; born, 
Cleveland, Feb. 12, 1878: son John W. and 
Nancy Evans (Clarke) Coughlin; educated, 
Cleveland grade and high schools; married, 
Cleveland, Aug. 22, 1901 to Margaret Walsh — 
children, Robert J. and Alice Coughlin; 
started working as office boy under W. F. 
Bulkley, treas. of Leader Printing Co., pub- 
lishers of the Daily and Sunday Leader, News 
and Herald in Aug., 1894. Residence: 1517 
Chesterland-ave., Lakewood. Office: News 

COUGHLIN, Thomas, banker; born, Cleve- 
land, June 21, 1876; son John and Mary 
(Comyns) Coughlin; educated, Cleveland 
Parochial schools; Univ. of Dayton, Dayton, 
O.; married, Cleveland, June 21, 1899 to Mary 
Agnew — children, Mrs. J. Mason King, 
Thomas, Paul and Robert Coughlin; member 
city council, 1898-1900; member state legis- 
lature, 1902-1904; city auditor, 1917-1910; di- 
rector of finance, 1912-1916; engaged in in- 
surance business, 1897; became associated 
with Morris Plan Bank of Cleveland when or- 
ganized in 1916; pres. Morris Plan Bank, 
Coughlin & Whited Co., Cuyahoga Mort- 
gage Co., Allen Theatre Co. and Ohio 
Building Realty Co.; treas. Murray Ohio Mfg. 
Co.; director P. A. Geier Co. and Lakewood 
Fireproof Storage Co.; trustee Univ. of Day- 
ton and Catholic Charities Corporation; mem- 
ber Shaker Heights Country, Union and Mld- 



COULTO, Mildred Smith, born, Cleveland rOTi'ivn n„««<^ « 

Feb 13 1870; daughter Charles h/ and Louisa Euclid OSe^?"3o fsfixPn"*'' ^,""",'^°; '^.^l"' 

M. (Johnson) Smith; educated from 1880 to H anH Mo^^ I'^r C- ^^^?,' daughter Col. John 

1888 with Mrs. Salsbury and Miss P^ Fishe? dated rM^v/inn^i'^'"V,?^''^°?^ Ammon; edu- 

andHaihaway Brown schools ; married Cllvt- BYilnd^' «fphnni **r, ^"^li'^ schools; graduate 

land, May 27, 1891 to Richard M Coulton-. Prnv^nlr^^f °t?'' t"°^ Moses Brown's school, 

children, Mildred Louise Charles S and RichT fs 1890 to Tnhn p.;.,'"?^'"'^-''- Cleveland. Janl 

ard M. Coulton, and Frances EvCouUon i7ni?;^„f "^,°^t" ^^','° lowing— children, John 

Brown; member Dames of LoyL^ Legion" gr^^e markin^^^n^w ^°." Cowing; charge of 

D.A.R. Western Reserve chapter- US D of DA T? f^i- fiJ" Western Reserve Chapter, 

1812 Commodore Perry chapter; Women's City toWe^hf-^* ov-Jr ^i\ ^^^" ^"^ *," ^^^ work al- 

club. Recreations: at Springbank olontz trir ami on «t^..t" years; also state regls- 

O. Residence: 3209 K lieVs^t'"""' ^^^'^^^^ T^. m'2 ^lldlh^Itrm^^lfTl^^lr yjfrs m^ori^- 

COURSEN. Ronald Chester, salesman; born. Aiumnt «««"<. ^^^Pt^®'"' U. S. D.; member 

[adison, N. J Dec. 2, 1923; son Alfred Chester piT."L^,^f "' ?^°^^^ Brown's school; We.stern 

University club Recreations: squash and L^h .f^Si^'^x^'^r;, Recreation: books, flowers 

3^shing. Residence: Quad Hall, 7500 A, , ^5' Residence: 1892 Knowles-ave.. E 

Euclid-ave. Office: Penton Publishing Co. Cleveland. 

COURTNEY. Clarence W.. civil engineer; cord®^^^^H' ^l"g^* iV^ifiT*'^"?' ^?'""' 9""^}- 

n oi^i V^y^'^'^U k Gates— children, Leland —children, Marie CowlesMcInto^h^ \T;,?fiTi^f 

G. and John R. Courtney; began civil en- Cowles ParhSii XTo^t^o ^^^itosh, Madeleine 

gineering practice, 1903; represented varloSn Mari^lref F^ ni'^ilof'^'^^ ^°^'?5. D^^^'^ and 

class of residential subdivisions; furthered S^^.^p^' William Barnnm, industrial en- 


treas. Cle 

TRY. Charles Cnrtis,. pres. and Mar^grret^Co^lis. "p!e'^fd^en^e^^1l2o''s\T^^ 

veland Tool & Supply Co.; born. New ^^- Cleveland Hghts. superior- 

Philadelphia ; son John Walton and Marv rox tp^w.^^* tt ^v. • , 

Elizabeth (Curtiss) Coventry educated Phil- o ^nA wv,,?* ¥' P^yfJ^ian; born, Ottawa, 

adelphia public schools; di'rlctor Security 8ox e"lucated^ Wab?.^h".°n'"'^ ^- F^l^^^^^ 

Savings & Loan Co.; member Union Mav- ern Pes^rvp \r rt ^ ^°^^^^X\ ^- ^■- ^^^st- 

field Country, Cleve and AdverUsing CV^^ to E^4 Jean Hu^' .?'^''^'?'?' Cleveland, 1914 

and Cleveland Automobile clubsrcl'ambe? dem^nstrlfo^and^nst^^c'^o'irsurger^ ITol'' 

Offi^ceT^T^W ?th'?t'"''= ''"' ^^'' '"^-^'- "i' ^^^^-^^^^ Reserve Medical'SoT; 'ass't^ 

Uirice. 1427 W. 6th St. acting visiting surgeon Lakeside hospital 

COVERT. Amelia Agnes, born, New Brigh- Mntnaf \fnJ'tH°i? Woman's hospital; director 

ton, Penn.; daughter Dr. A. D and Amand r^ ^ Mortgage Co.; vice-pres. Romec Mfg. 

M. (Curtis) Dutcher; educated, Ceveland^Tgh ^tat.^T."^-.^i'i ^'"•^V^^"r.,^^^^'^^l ^^^^-J Ohio 

school; married, Cleveland, to John Cutler Meri?n,^»^' / , ^""^'^^^ = '^•'^''^'^"^ -"Academy of 

Covert; one of earliest members of the Con- Jeons memw'^T— "'^'"iP" ^P"^^^ ^^ Sur- 

versatlonal club; lived in Lyons France 15 VflJll'r.t^ ^^'^,^^'^1'^^'^^^^^ ^"<^ Acacia clubs, 

years where husband was Unuri" States oon. ?/"^^i °".- ^^i^' Residence: 2887 Attleboro- 

years where husband was United' States oon- .h^"o^<^'°"- <f°^^- ^^^'^« 
Bul. Residence: 2597 Gullford-rd ^^- Office: Osborn Bldg. 

L,u lAAD . " ,,i;'^°' '■'^"B"'- at tii. recnnical "^"" ^'"" ^o-. '^lay ises. working as rod- 
high 1908 to 1913; organized the Cowan Pot- turner, puddler and roller, until fall of 187^- 
^rj^K^^"l'° ^?^^' ^'■^^- ?°^^" Pottery Co.; In June 1876 formed partners" p with CC 
member American Ceramic society and Cleve- Newton. Dunkirk, N. Y manufactuHn^ f^^^i 

r^r»-«7c-T» « — n . .- .^ .- spring 1880 purchased Newton's Interest 

COWELIv, Mary Balnhrldgre. born. New business continuing under Cox's name iinfii 

York State; daughter. Rev. Saml. M. and fall of 1880 when F. F. Prentiss came into 

Mary P (Folwell) Bainbridge; educated. El- Arm, name then being Cox & Prentt^^ thn« 

^'J^ g^"fSf' ?i"i>''a' N. Y.; married, Cleve- continued until Jan. 1, 1904 when Cleveland 

^f^f'y. ^^?}- ^' l^U. *°. S^"^'- "■ Cowell— who Twist Drill Co. was incorporaTed under Oh^o 

Cow.n i'SnV.^^ '^'^ ^^^1^,7^^^ ?J^^- ""^ the laws; now chairman board of abovl com 

Cowell & Hubbard Co.— children, Dana Edltha pany and director Cleveland Trust (^o.! meSi 



ber American Society Mechanical Engineers; 
Frankling Institute; Society of Mayflower 
Descendants; Loyal Legion; also, member 
Union, Mayfleld clubs of Cleveland, the Essex 
County club of Mass. and the Midwick club, 
Los Angeles; retired in 1918 at age of 66, 
from all position of responsibility except as 
above; mother was the oldest daughter of 
Charles Granderson Finney, president Ober- 
lin college. Recreations: photography, yacht- 
ing and golf. Residence: 3411 Euclid-ave. 

COX, Jacob Dolson, Jr., manufacturer; born, 
Cleveland, Nov. 1. 1881; son J. D. and Ellen 
(Prentiss) Cox; educated. University school; 
Williams college, Williamstown, Mass., 1903, 
A. B. ; pres. and gen. mgr. Cleveland Twist 
Drill Co.; director Cleveland Trust Co., mem- 
ber Cleveland Engineering Society; Chi Psi 
and Phi Beta Kappa fraternities; Union, Uni- 
versity, Country, Mayfleld and Kirtland clubs. 
Recreation: golf, motoring and yachting. 
Residence: 3411 Euclid-ave. Office: Lakeside- 
ave. and E. 49th-st. 

COX, John H., attorney and chief adjuster 
Cleveland liailway Co.; born, Cleveland, July 
2, 1873; son Robert and Pauline (Huber) Cox; 
educated, Cleveland public schools; Cleveland 
law school of Baldwin Wallace college, LL.D.; 
married, Cleveland, Oct. 1896 to Carrie Stein- 
kamp — children, John R., Pauline M., Robert 
W. and George Cox; former member Bth regt. 
O. N. G.; served in Massilon and Brown Hoist 
Strike; world war, served as four minute man 
and war activities committee. Chamber of 
Industry and all Liberty Loan campaigns; 
cashier Western Union Telegraph Co.; journal 
clerk of court of common pleas; chief ad- 
juster Cleveland Railway Co.; past pres. 
Cleveland Chamber of Industry, Cuyahoga 
County League of Republican clubs, Past 
Masters Assn., Masonic Employment Bureau 
and Railroaders and Telegraphers Aid So- 
ciety; past Monarch Al Sirat Grotto; past 
master Bigelow lodge; past master Forest 
City Council; pres. Northern Ohio Fish and 
Game assn.; pres. Ohio Grotto assn.; director 
Metropolitan Yachting assn.; pres. The West 
Side Masonic Bldg. Co.; sec. The Cox Tool 
Co.; treas. Cleveland Inner Ring Co.; director 
Cleveland Piston & Mfg. Co.: member Delta 
Theta Phi — scholarship key; Old Time Teleg- 
raphers and Historical society; pres. Al Sirat 
Grotto Beneflt Fund; treas. Railroaders & 
Telegraphers Aid Society; member all Ma- 
sonic bodies. S2nd degree; K. of P.; Sons of 
Veterans; Cleveland Boat and Western Re- 
serve clubs. Recreation: yachting, fishing 
and hunting. Residence: 1272 W. 116th-st. 
Office: 831 Hanna Bldg. 

COX, Mary R., teacher; born, High Hill, 
O.; daughter Hugh M. and Sarah E. (Wal- 
lace) Cox; educated. New Concord, O. high 
school; Ohio Northern Univ.; teacher in Cleve- 
land day school of the deaf, now Alex. Gra- 
ham Bell oral school, since 1908; principal 
assns. and various organizations for the edu- 
cation and welfare of the deaf; sec. board of 
Cleveland Assn. for the Hard of Hearing; D. 
A R. ; D. of U. and Am. Leg. Aux.; Women's 
City Club. Residence: 1954 E. 82nd-st. Of- 
fice: 2390 E. 55th-st. 

COX, Melville J. M., investment bonds; born. 
Canton, O.. May 24th, 1890; son Alexander 
Bradley and Adelaide (Morton) Cox; edu- 
cated. Western Reserve Univ. magna cum 
laude. Phi Beta Kappa, A.B. ; married, Irwin, 
Pa,, Oct. 8, 1921 to Marselle Wagoner — 
children, Mary Adelaide and Patricia Cox; 
world war. lieut. infantry 1917-19; mgr. Cleve- 
land office Harris Forbes & Co. of New York 
1920-23; mgr. investment dept. Hord Curtlss 
& Co.; member Cleveland Chamber of Com- 

merce; Phi Gamma Delta fraternity; Masonic 
lodge; University, Union and Canterbury golf 
clubs. Residence: 3132 Warrlngton-rd. Of- 
fice: 1201 Union Trust Bldg. 

COX, Samuel Houghton, director of cor- 
porations; born, Cleveland. July 3, 1880; son 
Jacob Dolson and Ellen (Prentiss) Cox; edu- 
cated. University school; Williams college, 
B. A., 1903; world war. Chamber of Com- 
merce committee on Cleveland war chest; 
Chamber of Commerce committee on Com- 
munity Fund; with Cleveland Twist Drill Co. 
as shop apprentice, salesman, advertising 
mgr., asst. genl. mgr.. 1903-1918; in 1918 re- 
tired from active business on account of ill 
health; vice-pres. Cleveland Twist Drill Co.; 
director Realty Underwriting Co.; formerly 
director in Union Mortgage Co.. Lake Shore 
Bank, National Mortgage Co. and Doan Sav. 
& Loan Co.; fellow Cleveland Museum of Art; 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. Western 
Reserve Historical Society; Sulgrave Institu- 
tion; formerly trustee St. Clair hospital; Chi 
Psi fraternity; Gargoyle society of Williams 
college; Loyal Legion; Troop A. Veterans; 
Union, Chagrin Valley Hunt and University 
clubs; California and Midwick Country clubs 
of Los Angeles, Calif.; Williams club of New 
York. Recreation: polo, yachting, hunting. 
Residence: 3411 Euclid-ave. Office: Cleveland 
Twist Drill Co. 

COZAD, H. Irving, physician; born, Cleve- 
land. Sept. 22, 1872; son Henry Irving and 
Lucy Emma (Hine) Cozad; educated, Adelbert 
college, W.R.U., PH. B. ; Western Reserve 
Medical school, M.D. ; married, Richfield, O., 
May 5, 1900 to Celia Alida Humphrey — 
children. Pauline H., Florence I. and David 
S. Cozad; world war. advisory medical board, 
Akron Div.; since 1904 has devoted time to 
care of nervous and mental disease at Fair 
Oaks Villa. Cuyahoga Falls, O. ; member staff 
and nervous and mental visiting physician, 
Akron City hospital; member American, State 
and Summit Co. medical assns.; Cleveland 
Academy of Medicine; Library assn.; Ameri- 
can Psychiatric assn.; Lake Erie Consistory, 
Akron Commandery; Tadmore Temple; Ak- 
ron City and Silver Lake Country clubs. Reei- 
dence: 125 W. Broad-st.. Cuyahoga Falls. O. 
Office: Fair Oaks Villa. Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

CRABBS, Harry W., real estate; born. Day- 
ton, O. ; sec. and general mgr. Van De Boe- 
Hager Co.; director Liberty Savings & Loan 
Co. Residence: 3015 Edgehill-rd., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: 416 National City Bldg. 

CRAIG, Gale, paper salesman; born, Spring- 
field, O., June 25, 1889; son William S. and 
Janet (Jeffries) Craig; educated, grammar 
school, Chicago, 111. and St. Mary's, O. ; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Oct. 30, 1915 to Mabelle E. 
Merritt; city salesman, 7 years, American 
Type Founders Co., Sabin Robbins Paper Co. 
and The Millcraft Paper Co.; member 
Euclid Lodge No. 599 F. & A. M., Cleveland; 
Kishwankee Chapter No. 90 R.A.M., Belvidere, 
111.; Cleveland Club, Printing House Crafts- 
men; Graphic Arts and Grantwood Golf clubs. 
Recreation: golf and baseball. Residence: 
1629 Clarence-ave. Office: Kalamazoo, Mich. 

CRAIG, George Lochead, builder; born. 
Glasgow, Scotland, Jan. 29, 1882; son John 
and Janet (Lochead) Craig; educated, Glas- 
gow high school; Glasgow Technical college; 
miarried, Cleveland. April 15. 1913 to Teresa 
J. Cusick — children, George Armour. Douglas 
Stirling and Mary Lochead Craig; pres. Craig 
Curtlss Co.; member Cleveland Engineering 
society; Heights Masonic lodge; Heights 
Chapter; Mid-Day. Shaker Heights Country, 
Athletic. Tippecanoe and W^estern Reserve 
Republican clubs. Recreation: golf. Resi- 
dence: 3878 Mayfleld-rd.. Cleveland Hghts. 
Office: 4614 Prospect-ave. 



CRAMPTOX. Mary R., born, Port Huron, 
Mich.; daughter Oswald and Ida B. (Runnels) 
Fayram; educated, Univ. of Mich., A. B., 1909; 
married, St. Clair, Mich., Sept. 18, 1912 to 
Paul Scott Crampton — children, Scott Paul, 
Mary R. and Betty Jane Crampton; member 
College club. Residence: 20039 Lake Sliore- 

CRAMPTON, Paul Scott, attorney; born, 
St. Clair, Mich., March 6, 1886; son Benjamin 

F. and Emmeline (Jenks) Crampton; edu- 
cated, St. Clair, Mich.; Univ. of Michigan 
L.L,.B. 1908; married, St. Clair, Mich., Sept. 18. 
1912 to Mary Runnels Fayram — children, 
Scott Paul, Mary R. and Betty Jane Cramp- 
ton; three years service Fifth Ohio Regiment, 
Ohio Natl. Guard 1910-1913; member School 
Board, Euclid Village 1918-1920; member 
Cleveland and Ohio State Bar assns. ; Gaston 

G. Allen lodge, F. & A. M. Windemere chap- 
ter, R. A. M. Recreation: walking. Residence: 
20309 Lake Shore-blvd. Office: 1360 W. 3rd st. 

CRAMPTON, Robert Jenks, sash and door 
mfgr.; born, St. Clair, Mich., Aug. 20, 1884; 
son Benjamin Franklin and Emaline Clarke 
(Jenks) Crampton; educated, St. Clair public 
schools; Cleary Business college, Ypsilanti, 
Mich.; republican; world war, 2nd lleut. Mexi- 
can Border service; 1st lieut. 37th Division 
145th Inf. France; owner and mgr. R. J. 
Crampton Lumber & Millwork Co.; member 
Masonic lodge; 32nd degree; Sons of Ameri- 
can Revolution; American Legion; Citizens 
League. Recreations: "the great outdoors." 
Residence: 1965 E. 116th St. Office: 10587 

CRASS, Maurice F., operating executive; 
born. Canton, O., 1876; son C. Frederick and 
Christine (Zallinger) Crass; educated, San- 
dusky public and high schools; married, 
Cleveland, 1901 to Emma M. Reid — children, 
two sons and two daughters; world war, su- 
pervised production of war contract products 
with Grasselli Chemical Co.; former member 
of 6th Ohio O.V.I. ; entered employ of Grasselli 
Chemical Co., 1893; promoted to chief clerk 
of Cleveland office; then superintendent of 
New Castle, Pa. plant; then to asst. Central 
Div. supt., headquarters at Cleveland; mem- 
ber National Safety Council, sectional officer; 
treas. board of trustees Methodist Episcopal 
Deaconess Home and West Side Community 
House; 32nd degree Mason; member Lake 
Erie Consistory; Rotary, Acacia and High 
Noon clubs; actively engaged in church and 
charitable work; member Church of Savior 
Methodist Episcopal church of Cleveland 
and Shaker Hghts., official and ex-president 
of the Methodist union of Cleveland 
Metropolitan district. Recreation: golf, 

base ball, tennis and fishing. Residence: 
14723 Drexmore-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 
1400 Guardian Bldg. 

CRAWFORD, Mr*. Deane Berry, born, 
Cleveland. Aug. 23, 1890; daughter John C. 
and Florence (Russell) McWatters; educated. 
Central high school; Cleveland Kindergarten 
Training school; married, Cleveland, May 13, 
1915 to Deane Berry Crawford; world war. 
Red Cross worker in East Cleveland; former- 
ly Kindergarten teacher; member Women's 
City club. Residence: Stop 147 Lake Shore- 
blvd. R.F.D. No. 3 Wllloughby, O. 

CRAWFORD. Flora Brown, mgr. of lunch 
room West high school; born. Crawford's 
Corners, Pa.; daughter C. J. and Mary (Mc- 
Clelland) Crawford; educated, Ohio State 
Univ. B.S. in home economics, 1915; director 
Home Economics Y.W.C.A. 1917-1923; vice 
pres. Ohio State Alumnae; member Business 
Womens club, and Home Economics assn. 
Residence: 11508 Detroit-ave. Office: West 
High School, W. 69th st. & Franklin-ave. 

CR.VWFORD, Frederick Coolldee, manufac- 
turer; born, Watertown, Mass., March 19, 
1891; son Fred E. and Mattie S. (Coolidge) 
Crawford; educated. Harvard college, 1913, 
A.B., Magna Cum Laude; Harvard graduate 
scliool of Applied Science, 1914, M.Cj.E. ; world 
war. Naval Air service; vice-pres. and direc- 
tor Thompson Products Co.; genl. mgr. Michi- 
gan plant; member Phi Beta Kappa fratern- 
ity; Harvard and Cleveland Engineering 
clubs; University club, Cleveland; Detroit 
Boat clubs; Harvard club, and Brooklands 
Golf Forest Lake Country, and Brooklands 
Golf clubs, Detroit. Office: Thompson Prod- 
ucts Co., Conant-ave., Detroit, Mich. 

CRAAVFORD, Porter Jamen. phvsician; born, 
Seville, O., May 29, 1895; son Porter W. and 
Ella G. (Foskett) Crawford; educated, Se- 
ville high school, 1912; Univ. of Akron, 1916, 
bachelor of science; W.R.U. school of Medi- 
cine, 1920, M.D.; Lakeside hospital. Interne; 
married. Prairie Depot, O., Aug. 30, 1919 to 
Ruth Elizabeth Fri.sbie — children, James Tel- 
fer and Porter Foskett Crawford; world war, 
U. S. Army, 1917; transferred to Medical re- 
serve corps, Oct., 1917; students army train- 
ing corps, Oct. 1918; discharged, Dec. 1918; 
Lakeside hospital, 1920-1921; general prac- 
tice of medicine, 1921-1923; public health prac- 
tice, since 1923; member Cleveland Academy 
of Medicine; Ohio State and American Medi- 
cal assns.; Ohio society of Sanitariums; Lone 
Star and Nu Sigma Nu fraternities: Masonic 
Blue lodge, Seville, O.; Chapter. Wakeman, 
O. ; Council, Norwalk, O. ; Knight Templar, 
Lorain, O. ; member Troy Rotary club. Resi- 
dence: Troy, O. Office: same. 

CRAAVFORD, WlUard John Jr., real estate 
developer; born, Cleveland, Jan. 23, 1885; son 
Willard John and Bessie (Taylor); educated, 
public schools — eight years; Univ. school — 
four years; Cornell Univ., A.B., 1907; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, June 27, 1912 to Marguerite 
Muller — children, Willard John 111., Nancy 
Jane, and David Crawford; pres. The Craw- 
ford Realty Co. and The Crawford Land Co.; 
vice pres. The Herrick Co.; director The Union 
Trust Co. and The Equity Savings & Loan 
Co.; corporate member The Society for Sav- 
ings; member Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; 
Union, University, Hermit, Tavern, Mayfield, 
Pepper Pike and Mid-Day clubs. Recreations: 
golf, fishing, book collecting. Residence: 2301 
Stillman-rd. Office: 7th fl. Cuyahoga Bldg. 

CRECELIUS, Lawrence Philip, consulting 
engineer; born, St. Louis, Mo., July 19, 1879; 
son Louis J. and Barbara Finman (Huss) 
Crecelius; educated. Manual training school, 
of Washington Univ., St. Louis, Mo.; married, 
Carrollton. 111., Dec. 19, 1906 to Anna May 
Eberlin — children, Philip L. Crecelius; chair- 
man Fuel Administration, northeast Ohio dis- 
trict; inventor of electrical welding processes, 
appliances, and devices and electrical regu- 
lators; designed first satisfactory 60 cycle, 
D. C. Ry. rotary converters, 1912-1913; 
pres. American Electric Railway Engineer- 
ing assn., 1915; designed and built 1000 ton 
per hour skip hoisting bituminous coal mine, 
1921-1922; author of numerous articles on 
power subjects for technical press; member 
American committee on Electrolysis; senior 
partner Crecelius & Phillips; member Ameri- 
can Institute of Electrical Engineers; Cleve- 
land Engineernig society; American Mining 
Congress; member Cleveland Tennis & Rac- 
quet, Mid-Day and Cleveland Automobile 
clubs. Residence: 14206 So. Park-blvd. Office: 
1517 Union Trust Bldg. 

CREECH. Harrln, banking; born, Cleve- 
land, Feb. 26, 1874; son James and Clarabelle 
(Simmons) Creech; educated, public schools; 



married, Allegan, Mich., 1903 to Carlotta Pope class of Companion of Bath, 1919; Chevalier 

— children, p-lorence and James Pope Creech; de I'Ordre Nationale de la Legion d'Honneur, 

former trustee sinking fund City of Cleve- IH22; lecuturer and demonstrator histology, 

land; 1892 employee Garfield Savings Bank; 1889-1890; professor physiology, 1890-18'Jij; 

July 6, 1898, asst. sec. and treas. Jan. 12, principles and practice of surgery, 1893-1900, 

1901, sec. and treas.; Jan. 8, 1910, vlce-pres. ; Woo-ster Univ.; professor clinical surgery, 

Jan. 8, 1916, pres.; April 9, 1923, pres. The 1900-1911, surgery, 1911-1924, Western ite- 

Cleveland Trust Co.; also director Cleveland serve Univ.; visiting surgeon. Lakeside hos- 

Trust Co., Sherwin Williams Co., White Sew- pital, 1911-1924; one of the founders of Cleve- 

Ing Machine Co., Ajax Mfg. Co., Ohio Quarries land Clinic, Feb., 1921; surgeon to Cleveland 

Co. and Wheeling & Lake Erie Ry.; trustee Clinic hospital, opened June, 1924; Cartwright 

Fairmount Presbyterian church; trustee prize, Columbia Univ., 1897 and 1903; Senn 

Community Fund; member Union, Mayfield, prize, A. M. A., 1898; Alvarenga prize, college 

Kirtland and Rowfant clubs. Residence: 2572 of Physicians, Phlla., 1901; Nat. Inst. Soc. 

Stratford-rd. Office: Euclid-ave. & E. 9th Sci. medal, 1917; Amer. Med. gold medal, 1914; 

St. Trimble Lecture medal, 1921; Lannelongue 

CREGO. George Stranahan, sales engineer; ^^'^f- ?°Si^^? }^r.^Z''T^'^J\''ll "l^ c^^'aT^'^m* 

born, Buffalo, NY., April 28, 1896; son Floyd ^^^^^- ^^^S. fellow American Assn. Adv Sci.; 

S. and Kathkrine (Childs) Crego; educated, fP.^/' ^^^^^ . ^I'^lTr^?: t^t"' ^^rl^^ t^7;' 

Case School of Applied Science, 1920, B. S. of j^^^^' r'^i'mt^^^hysiol so?- Amer Assn' 

C. E.; married, Elyria, O., Feb. 10, 1923 to Hen- ik-y^J^' n\rr,t^f .^h a kh q.V^o- «^„»v.„J!: 

riette L. Edwards— childi^en, George Edwards O^^^- .^^''^'"^■J^r.i A5f; ^^i^l-' r.^^^'^^"^ 

Crego; world war, commissioned 2nd lieut. |"rfr. assn. member Amer. Assn Path, and 

1st officers training camp, Aug. 15, 1917; as- ^^^^•= m^°^- t^""-^^^!; ^2,''-,^r''^ i o'^'' t?^'^ 

— — ^ - Med.; Nat. Inst. Soc. Sci.; Nat. Acad. Sci.; Nat. 

1919; sales engineer with Dravo Equipmont member, (honorary) Societe Internationale de 

Co. for three years; member Phi Kappa Psl chirugie, Bruxelles; Peruvian Medical Socie- 

fraternity. Recreation: golf, tennis, sailing ty; Academic Royale de Medecin de Bel- 

and swimming. Residence: 3382 E. 152nd St., gique; corresponding member, Societas 

Shaker lights. Village. Office: 1603 St. Clair- Medico-Chirurgica Edinburgens; one of 

ave. the founders of Cleveland Museum of 

CREGO, Henrlette Edwards, born, Cleve- Natural History; member, Country, May- 
land, Aug. 18, 1898; daughter Henry John and field, Kirtland, University, Union and 
Henriette (Beckman) Edwards; married. Tavern clubs; Dr. Crile's publications include 
Elyria, O., Feb. 10, 1923 to George Stranahan Surgical Shock, 1897; Surgery of Respiratory 
Crego — children, George Edwards Crego; System, 1899; Certain Problems Relating to 
world war, head of Elyria Navy League Assn. Surgical Operations, 1901; On the Blood Pres- 
during 1917-1919. Residence: 3382 E. 152nd- sure in Surgery, 1903; Hemorriiage and Trans- 
st.. Shaker Hghts. fusion, 1909; Anemia and Resuscitation, 1914; 

Anoci-Association (Crile and Lower), 1914; 

CREGO, Katherlne Childs, born, Cleveland, 2nd Ed. title. Surgical Shock and the Shock- 

1860; daughter Henry and Elizabeth (Hitch- less Operation through Anoci-Association, 

cock) Childs; educated, Buffalo Seminary; 1920; Origin and Nature of the Emotions, 

Wells college; married, Buffalo, N. Y., 1885 1915; A Mechanistic View of War and Peace, 

to Floyd S. Crego, M.D. — children, Floyd 1915; Man, An Adaptive Mechanism, 1916; 

Harry, Elizabeth (deceased), Richard Childs, The Kinetic Drive, 1916; The Fallacy of the 

George S. Crego; member Women's City club. German State Philosophy, 1918; A Physical 

Residence: 10710 Deering-ave. Interpretation of Shock, Exhaustion and Res- 
toration, 1921; the Thyroid Gland (with 

CREGO, Richard C, purchasing; born, others) 1922; Notes on Military Surgery, 1925; 

Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 11, 1894; son Floyd S. a Bipolar Theory of Living Processes, 1926. 

and Katherine (Childs) Crego; educated, Unl- Residence: 2620 Derbvshire-rd. Office: Cleve- 

versity school, 1915; world war, 324th Reg. land Clinic Bldg., Euclid-ave. and E. 93rd st. 

F. A. attached to 32nd Div. ; six months in ^„,, ,-, ^ m^ » i > i r^^ i„ ^ t 

U. S., one year overseas; rank— -corporal; asst. nS^HJ^^'P^"*'^ MoBrlde, born, Cleveland, Jan. 

purchasing agt. C. O. Bartlett & Snow Co.; ". 1876; daughter John Harris and Elisabeth 

purchasing agt. Dalomite Products Co.; asst. i}^^^^tM.?^^^^^'^^} educated, public schools; 

purchasing agt. Lincoln Elec. Co. Recrea- ^J'^s Mittleberger s school, Cleveland; Miss 

tion: yachting. Residence: 10710 Deerlng-ave. ^^l^^K,^ fn^«°°l' Boston; married, Cleveland, 

Office: Coit and Kirby-rds. Feb 7, 1900 to George W. Crile, M.D.-- 

children, Elizabeth, George Harris, and Robert 

CRILE, George W., American surgeon: born, Crile and Mrs. Hiram Garretson; member 

Chill, O., Nov. 11, 1864; son Michael and Women's City club; board of lady managers 

Margaret (Deeds) Crile; educated, Ohio North- Lakeside hospital; advisorv council, College 

em Univ., A. B., 1884, A. M., 1888; Wooster for Women, W. R. U. Residence: 2620 Derby- 

Univ., M. D., 1887; studied medicine in Vienna, shire-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 
London, Paris; honorary degrees, Wooster 

V^H^^f^^J^- ^•P.f",'^ P':°f?f^*""^L*^"'^,^*'V member Sigma Phi Epsilon an'd Alpha Kappa 
Lakeside Base hospital unit. U. S. army, 1917- Kappa fraternities. Recreations: all sports. 
19i8, In service with B. E. F., in Franco; Hesidence- 2504 Kenilworth-rd. Office: Lake- 
senior consultant in surgical research. May sj(je Hospital 

1918 to Jan. 1919; lieut. col. June 1918; col. ' „ . ^ .* ». 

Nov., 1918: brig. gen. med. O. R. C, Nov., 1921; CRITCHFIELD, MauHoe Q.. attorney, born, 

distinguished service medal, March 15, 1919; New York City, Aug. 22, 1901; son William 

honorary member, military division, third tral high school; Baldwin-Wallace Academy; 


Cleveland Law school, LL.B. : secy. N. Katz, 
Inc. and The West End Real Estate Ex- 
changre. Inc.; member the Cleveland Bar Assn. 
and Citizens Leapue of Cleveland. Residence: 
487 Eddy-rd. Office: 413 Ulmer Buldg. 

CROBAI'GH. Frank Lincoln, analytical and 
con.>;ulting chemist, (retired); born, Cleveland, 
Aug:. 7, 1866; son Samuel Crobaugh and Lucy 
Jane (Hawes) Crobaugh; educated. Central 
hiph school; Case School of Applied Science, 
1S89, B. S., M. S.; married, Cleveland, May 8, 
1890 to Ida Florence Stoddard (deceased); 
married, Oct. 29, 1924 to Mrs. May A. Mar- 
tin — children, S. Chester Crobaugh; four 
years, chief chemist and metallurgist to Stew- 
art Iron Co., Ltd. of Sharon, Pa.; then estab- 
lished as analytical and consulting chemist 
and metallurgist in Cleveland in Bratenahl 
Bldg. wliere he operated independently for 
twenty years; then became Frank L. Cro- 
baugh Co.; retired from this business several 
years ago; now in real estate work for him- 
self; for a period of 12 years beginning In 
1895 held the chair of general, sanitary and 
pathological chemistry in the Cleveland Medi- 
cal college; formerly a member of several 
technical societies but left them on retir- 
ing from the chemical business; member 
Shaker Heights Country and St. Augustine 
Country clubs; author of "Methods of Chemi- 
cal Analysis and Foundry Chemistry;" when 
active, liberal contributor to chemical jour- 
nals here and abroad of papers based on per- 
sonal technical investigation and experiment. 
Recreation: golf and travel. Residence: Sum- 
mer — Fenway Hall, Cleveland, winter — 38 
Saragossa-st., St. Augustine, Fla. Office: 20a 
Union Mortgage Bldg. 

CROBAUGH, Samuel Chester, pres. Union 
Mortgage Co.; born, Sharon, Pa., March 6, 
1891; son Frank L. and Ida (Stoddard) Cro- 
baugh; two years special work In history and 
languages at Western Reserve Univ.; grad. 
Western Reserve Law School, 1914; married, 
Cleveland, April 20, 1916 to Margaret Malone 
— children, Samuel Chester and Jean Esther 
Crobaugh; practiced law two years, 1914- 
1916; organized real estate mortgage com- 
pany which merged In April, 1923 with Union 
Mortgage Co.; became vlce-pres. and mgr. ; 
became pres. Jan. 1925; member Union. 
University, Country, Shaker and Mid-Day 
clubs. Residence: summer — Walnut farm, 
Newbury, winter — 2311 Stillman-rd., Cleve- 
land. Office: 200 Union Mortgage Bldg. 

CROFIJT, Elizabeth Bishop Ballard (Gage). 

born, Lenox, Mass., June 21, 1885; daughter 
Harlan H. and Lucy Bishop (Pike) Ballard; 
educated. Miss Hall's school, Plttsfleld, Mass.; 
Smith college, 1907, A. B.; married, Plttsfleld, 
Mass., Feb. 28, 1911 to Robert Thompson Gage 
(deceased) — children, Elizabeth Bishop, Ruth 
Bulkley, Margaret Ballard and Robert Thomp- 
son Gage; married. March 8, 1919 to William 
Elmer Crofut — children, Jane Burr Crofut; 
asst. registrar. Smith college, 1908-1909; mem- 
ber Smith College and Mayfleld clubs. Resi- 
dence: 2500 Guilford-rd. 

CROFUT, William Elmer, born, Syracuse, 
N. Y., Sept. B, 1874; son Elmer Burr and Har- 
riet (Davis) Crofut; educated, Syracuse high 
school and unlv.; married, Plttsfleld, Mass., 
March 8, 1919 to Elizabeth B. Ballard- 
chlldren. Jane Burr Crofut and William E. 
Crofut, Jr.; world war, non-commissioned 
officer American Red Cross war council; 
former director Wholesale merchants board. 
Chamber of Commerce; former director Cleve- 
land Credit Men's assn.; director board Y. M. 
C. A.; prior to 1905 vlce-pres. and director 
Ohio Rubber Co.; then formed and Incorpo- 

rated The Forest City Rubber Co., Oct., 1905, 
pres. and manager; member board of trustees 
Y.M.C.A.; Union, Mayfleld, Hermit and Cana- 
dian Camp Fire clubs; Chamber of Commerce. 
Recreation: Canadian explorations, extensive 
canoe trips, winter trips with Indians and 
dog teams, outdoor life. Rocky Mts., golf. 
Residence: 2500 Gullford-rd. Office: 1276 

CROSS. Clenveland R., lawyer; born, Den- 
ver, Colorado, May 19, 1882; son Rev. Roselle 
T. and Emma (Bridgman) Cross; educated, 
Oborlin college. A. B., 1903; T^nlv. of Wiscon- 
sin, post graduate, 1904; Western Reserve 
Univ., LL.B., 1907; married, Molino, 111., Nov. 11, 
1908 to Ruth Savage — children, Robert Alden 
and Caroline Murdock Cross; member Lake- 
wood board of education; formerly member 
Republican County executive committee; ad- 
mitted to Ohio Bar, 1907; practiced law In 
Cleveland, since 1907; member firm Wilkin, 
Cross and Daoust; director Land Title Ab- 
stract & Trust Co.; Pres. Colonial Savings & 
Loan Co.; member American, Ohio State 
and Cleveland Bar assns.; pres. Lake- 
wood hospital; trustee Hathaway Brown 
school; trustee and pres. Cleveland Welfare 
Federation; member Cleveland Community 
Fund council; director Municipal Research 
Bureau; pres. Oberlin National Alumni assn.; 
member John Hay Chapter, Alpha Delta law 
fraternity; Hermit, Mayfleld, Union, Univer- 
sity, Mid-Day, Clifton and Westwood clubs; 
Chamber of commerce; Sons of American 
Revolution; Masonic lodge. Recreation: golf. 
Residence; 1114 West F'orest-rd., Lakewood. 
Office: 1106 Union Mortgage Bldg. 

CROTTY. Agnen Jane, born, Toledo, O., 
Sept. 17, 1864; daughter Nicholas J. and Mary 
(Tiernan) Kelley; educated, grade and high 
schools; Bryant Institute; married, Toledo, 
Jan. 25, 1882 to Martin M. Crotty — children, 
Arthur B. and Oswald M. Crotty; past pres. 
Christ Child Society; and Circle of Mercy; 
life member of the Early Settlers assn. Resi- 
dence: 2973 Overlook-rd. 

CROTTY, Martin M„ consulting engineer; 
born, Cleveland, Apr. 6, 1856; son John and 

C.ouncil K. of U. ; past faltliful navigator or 
the Moses Cleaveland Assembly of 4th degree 
K. of C. ; past pres. of the Cleveland Gun 
club; life member of Early Settlers Assn. 
Residence: 2973 Overlook-rd., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: Hollenden Hotel. 

CROUSE, Fanny Clark, born, Ovid, Mich., 
July 27, 1875; daughter N. J. and Emma 
(Briggs) Clark; educated, Univ. of Michigan; 
married, Ovid, Mich., Oct. 13, 1898 to J. Robert 
Crouse — children, Doris C, Alma W., J. 
Robert. Henry E., Mary E. and William 
D. Crouse; world war. Red Cross and Can- 
teen work. Residence: 2893 Euclid Hghts.- 

CROUSE, Gny Victor, physician and sur- 
geon; born. Tiro, O., June 28, 1892; son Joshua 
and Phoebe (Volkmar) Crouse; educated. Tiro 
high school, 1910; Wittenberg College, Spring- 
field, O., 1914; Western Reserve Univ. Medi- 
cal school, 1920; married, Cleveland, May 18, 
1925 to Christine Martin — children, Donald 
Allen Crouse by former marriage; world war. 
Medical Reserve corps; member Academy of 



Medicine; assoc. staff Lutheran and St. Alexis 
hospitals; member Alpha Tau Omega arts 
school fraternity; Nu Sigma Nu medical fra- 
ternity; Masonic Blue lodge; Chapter; Coun- 
cil, Commandery; 32nd degree Al Slrat Grotto; 
Al Koran Shrine. Recreation: golf. Resi- 
dence: 4491 Broadview-rd. Office: 3028 West 
25th St. 

CROW, Howard M., lawyer; born, Glen- 
wood, O., May 28, 1882; son William T. and 
Alice (Nelson) Crow; educated, Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ., 1906, A.B.; 1909, A.M.; Western Re- 
serve Univ. Law school, 1909, LL.B.; married, 
Mount Gilead, O., June 30, 1915 to Elba King- 
man — children, Mary Alice Crow; member of 
American and Cleveland Bar assns.; Delta Tau 
Delta and Phi Delta Phi fraternities; Masonic 
lodge; Knight Templar; Shriner; Cleveland 
Athletic club. Residence: 1821 Roxford-rd. 
E. Cleveland. Office: 909 Leader Bldg. 

CROWELI., Fannie Benbam, born, Cleve- 
land, O.; daughter O. J. and Elizabeth A. 
(Coburn) Benham; educated. Lake Erie col- 
lege; Oherlin conservatory; married, Cleve- 
land, 1901 to Henry Clark Crowell — children, 
Elizabeth, Virginia and Ruth Crowell; world 
war. Red Cross worker; member Women's 
Civic club. Residence: 3255 Hyde Park, 
Cleveland Hghts. 

CROWELIi, Grace AVenham, born, Cleve- 
land, May 6, 1872; daughter Arthur J. and 
Melvina M. (Putnam) Wenham; educated. 
Smith college, 1894, B. L. ; Western Reserve 
Univ., M. A.; married, Cleveland, Feb. 11, 
1902 to Wilbur Saunders Crowell — children, 
Jean Crowell; teacher, Miss Mittleberger's 
school, 189R-1901; sec. West Side branch As- 
sociated Charities, 1905-1909; sec. Lakewood 
branch, 1910; life member Associated Chari- 
ties; member executive committee Consumers' 
league in early years of its organization; 
member Women's City, and The Novel clubs. 
Residence: 1079 Forest Cliff-dr., Lakewood, 
and Brecksville, O. 

CRO^VEMi, Henry C, attorney-at-law; 
born, Cleveland, 1875; son John and Elizabeth 
(Bresie) Crowell; educated. Western Reserve 
Univ., LL.B., 1897; married, Cleveland, 1901 
to Fannie A. Benham — children, Elizabeth, 
Virginia and Ruth Crowell; lieut. Ameri- 
can Protective league; world war, 4th Lib- 
erty Loan campaign; captain tank crew; 
speech making publicity trip from Dela- 
ware to Circlevllle; member American Phil, 
society; Cleveland Athletic club. Recreation: 
auction bridge. Residence: 3255 Hyde Park. 
Office: 1102 Engineers Bldg. 

CROWELL, Mortimer LegRett, contractor; 
born, Cleveland, Sept. 30, 1879; son John 
and Elizabeth (Bresie) Crowell; educated, 
Dartmouth college, 1901, B.S. ; married, Cleve- 
land, June 5, 1906 to Zoe McDaniel — children, 
two sons, three daughters; war record. Troop 
A, First Ohio Cavalry (Spanish war); pres. 
The Crowell Smith Co.; member of Alpha 
Delta Plii fraternity; Masonic lodge. Resi- 
dence: 1764 Lee-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
3415 Lakeside-ave. 

CROAVELL, W^ilbnr S., physician; born, 
Cleveland, Jan. 8, 1872; son W. H. and Mary 
L. (Haynes) Crowell: educated, W. R. U., 
M. D., 1899; married, Cleveland, Feb. 11, 1902 
to Grace Wenham — children, Jean Crowell; 
Spanish American War, 1898; fellow Cleveland 
Academy of Medicine; A.M.A. Cleveland Medi- 
cal library; member Clifton, City clubs. Resi- 
dence: (Summer) West Richfleld-rd., Brecks- 
ville, O. (winter) 1079 Forest Cliff-dr. Office: 
1274 Main-ave. 

CROW^LEY, Chenter F., electrical engineer 
and contractor; born, Saginaw, Mich., May 27, 
1888; son David C. and Margaret (Oconor) 
Crowley; educated, Arthur Hill high school; 
Assumption college; married, Erie, Mich., 
Sept. 12, 1913 to Fannie A. Meads — children, 
Carlisle, Mary Jane and Jean Crowley; gen. 
mgr. Hatfield Electric Co.; member Western 
society of Engineers: member South Shore 
lodge. P. and A. M., Chicago; Consistory and 
Medina Temple, Chicago; Acacia Country and 
High Noon clubs. Office: 2136 Keith Bldg. 

CROWLEY, Joneph Herron, lawyer; born 
Long Island City, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1893; son 
John Francis and Elizabeth (Herron) Crow- 
ley; educated, Adelbert college, W. R. U., 1916, 
A. B. ; Western Reserve University, law 
school, 1916-1917; Ohio Northern Univ., law 
dept., 1921, LL.B.; 1923. LL.M.; married. 
Cleveland, Sept. 1, 1923 to Margaret V. Com- 
myns — children, Joan Crowley; world war, 
private Infantry. 23 Co. G. S. I., 1918; camp 
librarian camp Meade, Camp Lee, Great 
Lakes, June 1917-1918; private practice, 1921- 
1923; attorney Cleveland Humane society 
since 1923; member Cleveland and Ohio State 
bar assns.; National Probation assn.; Am. 
Assn. of Social Workers; Natl. Conference of 
Social Workers; trustee Legal Aid society; 
charter member Beta Epsilon Chapter Pi 
Kappa Alpha fraternity and Reserve Chapter 
Sigma Delta Chi; member Day Senate Delta 
Theta Phi fraternity; member City and Cuy- 
ahoga clubs; Cleveland Grays; Cuyahoga 
County Council, American Legion; Command- 
er, Meuse Rhine Post No. 195, American Leg- 
ion. Residence: 1124 E. 125th st. Office: 
106 City Hall. 

CRVM, Anna Marcia Phelps, born, Chardon, 
O. ; daughter Captain Alfred and Jennie M. 
(Pomeroy) Phelps; educated, Cleveland high 
school and Normal school; married, Cleveland, 
Feb. 5, 1883 to X. X. Crum — children, Alfred 
Phelps and Rev. Rolfe Pomeroy Crum; world 
war. Red Cross work; Mr. X. X. Crum died 
July 25, 1922 in Tulsa; was treas. of the firm 
X. X. (IJrum & Co. of Cleveland, real estate 
and loans; charter member Moses Cleaveland 
Chapter D. A. R., past regent of same chapter. 
Residence: San Antonio, Texas. 

CRUMINE, Dr. Henry Charles, physician; 
born, Akron, O., Feb. 20. 1877; son Martin 
Houston and Olive (Henry) Crumine; edu- 
cated, Akron high school; Case school, two 
years; Cleveland college of Physicians and 
Surgeons; M. D., 1900; married, Bridgeport, O., 
Sept. 20, 1905 to Retta Elizabeth Frasier — 
children, Martin Houston Cruming^ II; world 
war, captain Medical Corps, U. S. army, 1918- 
1919; patient at Walter Reed General hos- 
pital, Washington, D. C. ; Base hospital. Camp 
Wadsworth. S. C. Med. office troop train, 
hon. discharge, camp Dix, N. J.; Cleveland De- 
tention hospital (small pox) 1898; resident 
house physician and surgeon Cleveland Gen- 
eral hospital, 1899; resident pathologist 
Cleveland City hospital, 1900; medical ex- 
aminer Penn. R. R., 1901; general practice 
since 1901 member Academy of Medicine of 
Cleveland; Ohio State and American medical 
assns.; member Beta Theta Pi fraternity; Ma- 
sonic Blue lodge; Royal Arcanum; American 
Legion; Cleveland Clinical club; Unitarian 
Laymen's league. Recreation: fishing and 
out-of-door sports. Residence: 15108 Ter- 
race-rd., E. Cleveland. Office: same. 

CUDNEY, Charlotte V., real estate broker; 
born. Mentor. O., June 21. 1876; son James 
William and Margaret Ann (Litt) Cudney; 
educated. Mentor high school; Spencerian 



business college; partner Cudney & Miller; 
member Women's City and Cleveland Zonta 
club. Recreation: golf and gardening. Resi- 
dence: 23-16 Euclid Hghts.-blvd. 

Cri.L, Frank X., attorney; born. Mlamls- 
burg. O., May 19, 18S7; son Charles William 
and Mary (Delaney) Cull; educated, Miamis- 
burg, O., high school; Notre Dame Univ., 
Ph.B., 1908; Georgetown law school; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, May 19, 1920 to M. Magdalene 
Daley — children, Magdalene, Louise and 
Marian Cull; world war, 135th F. A., 322nd 
F. A. 3rd Regt. F. A. R. D.; enlisted in 135th 
F. A., June 7, 1917; commissioned 2nd lieut. 
Nov. 27, 1917; 1st lieut. Oct. 5, 1918; attached 
to 322nd F. A., Dec. 1, 1917 to April 1. 1918; 
thereafter and until end of war with 3rd 
reg. F. A. replacement dept. ; member Univer- 
sity and Mid-day clubs. Residence: 3295 E. 
Yorkshire-rd. Office: 630 Bulkley Bldg. 

CL'LL, Louis D., manufacturer; born, Cleve- 
land, Feb. 27, 1884; son Richard A. and Eliza- 
beth (Round) Cull; educated, common and 
high school.^! of Cleveland; married, Cleve- 
land, June 22, 1910 to Wilma Robinette — chil- 
ren, Robert D. and Louise Cull; started in 
chain manufacturing business upon gradua- 
tion from high school with same company 
he is now In; sec. and treas. Cleveland Chain 
& Mfg. Co., Krein Chain Co. and Seattle Chain 
& Mfg. Co.; vlce-pres. and treas. Parker 
Street Fdry. Co. and Dall Motor Parts Co.; 
director Provident Bldg. & Loan assn. and 
Commercial Savings & Loan Co.; trustee 
Y. M. C. A.; member Masonic lodge, 32nd de- 
gree; Al Koran Shrine; Allenby Commandery; 
Knights of Pythias; Sleepy Hollow Country 
and Glen Valley clubs. Recreation: golf. 
Residence: 9808 Milea-ave. Office: Stop 2. 
A. B. C. Ry. 

crLLlTAN. Frank T., lawyer; born, Cleve- 
land, March 5, 1880; son David and Anna Cul- 
litan; educated, St. Ignatius college, B. A., 
1901; law dept. Baldwin Wallace Univ., 1906, 
LL.B.: married, Cleveland, Nov. 21, 1907 to 
Anna Marie Millard — children, Catherine 
Frances CuUitan; admitted to bar June 1906; 
practiced in Cleveland since; chosen by Citi- 
zens committee to stand for Constitutional 
delegate, 1912; director Citizens league; di- 
rector The North American Banking & Farm- 
ers Co.; director East View Land Co.; mem- 
ber Ohio State, Cleveland and American Bar 
assns.; Delta Theta Phi law fraternity; 
Knlphts of Columbus, Elks; Chamber of Com- 
merce; City club. Residence: 492 E. 120th st. 
Office: Guardian Bldg. 

CIMMER, Clyde L., physician; born, Cadil- 
lac. Mich., Feb. 23, 1882; son Dr. Robert J. 
and Abbie (Stone) Cummer; educated Adel- 
bert college. Western Reserve Univ., Ph. B., 
magna cum laude, 1904; Medical school, W. 
R. U., 1907; married, Cleveland, Feb. 25, 1915 
to Marienne Dix North — children, Robert 
North and Katherine Anne Cummer; member 
medical advisory board. No. 7, U. S. selective 
service; assoc. prof, clinical pathology, Med. 
school, W. R. U. ; visiting dermatologist to 
St. Vinrenfs (Charity) and St. Alexis and St. 
John's hospitals; member American and Ohio 
State medical assns.; American assn. Immun.; 
Cleveland Academy of Medicine; Cleveland 
Medical Library assn.; American Soc. Clin. 
Path.; fellow American college physicians; 
trustee (I^leveland Medical Library assn. and 
Cleveland Academy of Medicine; member Beta 
Theta Pi. Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Kappa and 
Alpha Omega Alpha fraternities; Union and 
Rowfant clubs. Residence: 2229 Woodmere-dr., 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: 2417 Prospect-ave. 

CUMIWEU, Mnrlenne North, born, Cleveland, 
O.; daughter William C. and Hannah Clark 
(Graham) North; educated, Hathaway Brown 
school; Bradford Academy; marriel, Cleve- 
land, Feb. 25, 1915 to Clyde L. Cummer — 
children, Robert North and Katherine Ann 
Cummer; member of Women's City club. 

CUMMINGS, Marinn Sill, born, Juanlta, 
Nebraska, Sept. 17, 1882; daughter Gurdon S. 
and Emma (Bennett) Sill; educated, Fostoria, 
O., grammar schools and high school; mar- 
ried, Fostoria, June 18, 1901 to Arthur Her- 
bert CTummings — children, Edgar Herbert and 
Arthur Giles Cummings; world war. Red 
Cross worker, Canton, O.; Americanization 
worker in connection with D. A. R. and also 
the East Cleveland Baptist Church; member 
of D. A. R. Residence: 13904 Northfleld-rd. 

CIJNNEA, Estella Genevieve Smith, born 
Cleveland, son Patrick and Margaret (Olwill) 
Smith; educated, Ursuline Convent, B. A. 
1872; one term Columbia Univ.; married, 
Cleveland, Jan. 19, 1876 to James Cunnea — 
children, Edith Smith, Florence Genevieve, 
Ralph Smith and Louis James Cunnea; 
world war, made bandages and knitted; 1st 
pres. Ladies Aid society; established train- 
ing home for girls in their old homestead 
and woman at Union depot to care for girls; 
member Early Settlers assn.; Brooks society 
of St. Pauls church; member Women's City 
College, Woman's and Shaker Heights clubs; 
Life member Museum of Art; American assn. 
University Women; past sec. Woman's club; 
pres. Municipal School league; 1st pres. Ur- 
suline Alumnae. Recreation: travel and 
study. Residence: 11435 Euclid-ave. 

CURRY, Anne Hirst, journalist; born, 
Baltimore, Md., Oct. 21, 1892; son Dr. William 
H. and Annette M. (Chaney) Curry; educated, 
Baltimore public schools; graduated Western 
high school; correspondent in France for 
women's oversea hospitals (suffrage unit) 
Feb. 1918-March 1919; In New York, author 
of books for Warner Bros. Co., National ad- 
vertising; editorial work on magazine; in 
Cleveland, publicity work for first season 
Metropolitan Opera concerts, April, 1924; 
Municipal concerts, Oberammergau exposi- 
tion; two seasons of concert work; special 
page on Cleveland Times, and theatre pub- 
licity; member Women's City and Women's 
advertising clubs. Recreation: books, thea- 
tre and music. Residence: 4209 Euclid-ave. 
Office: Cleveland Times. 

CURRY, "Walter Rolll, dentist; born, Belle- 
fonte. Pa., Aug. 4, 1887; son James A. and 
Louisa (Rolli) Curry; educated. Western Re- 
serve Univ., D.D.S. ; married, Erie, Pa., Jan. 
27, 1913 to Lydia E. Baltke — children, Jane 
and Betty Curry; member Psl Omega fra- 
ternity; Cleveland, Ohio State, Northern Ohio 
and American Dental societies; Masonic 
lodge; 32nd desree; Grotto, Tall Cedars; 
Shrine; Cleveland Athletic, Cedarhurst Coun- 
try and Koran clubs. Residence: 859 East- 
blvd. Office: 4951 Payne-ave. 

CURTIN, Jamen Ilovey, born, Newark, 
N. J., Feb. 15, 1865; son James Thomas and 
Mary E. (Hovey) Curtin; educated, public 
schools and business college; married, Chi- 
cago, 111., April 3, 1890 to Georgia May Dixon 
— children, Mrs. H. L. Felt, Mrs. Chas. B. 
Beach and Florence F. Curtin; connected with 
Mercantile agency R. G. Dun & Co. for forty 
years; started as a messenger in their Chi- 
cago office; has been in charge of their 
branch offices In different parts of the coun- 
try locating in Cleveland, in July, 1916 aa 
manager of Cleveland office; member Union 



club; Chamber of Commerce. Recreation: 
travel and fishing'. Residence: 1523 East- 
blvd. Office: Century Bldg. 

CI RTIS, Ada D. Palmer, teacher; born, New 
Bedford, Mass., Sept. 21, 1869; daughter Ab- 
ner D. and Matilda (Dean) Palmer; educated, 
Cleveland elementary school; Central high 
school; Cleveland Normal Training school; 
married, Canada, July 3, 1899 to George F. 
Curtis — children, baby (deceased) and Wil- 
bur R. Curtis; teacher day school special 
(overage) 5th grade; night school (Ameri- 
canization) five years; formerly teacher at 
Jewish Orphan home, 12 years; member Pearl 
Chapter, O. E. S. ; Western Reserve Chapter, 
D. A. R. ; A. I. W. fraternal order; P. H. C. 
fraternal order; Palestine Shrine; Teacher's 
federation; Mayflower descendant; eligible 
to Colonial Dames. Recreation: theatres, 
travel and educational entertainment. Resi- 
dence: 9007 Willard-ave. Office: Hicks 
school, W. 24th st. 

Cl'RTISS, Constance Calkins, born, Cleve- 
land, Aug. 23, 1885; daughter Henry Well3 
and Harriet (Stager) Calkins; educated, W. 
R. U. Library school, 1910; married. Gates 
Mill, Oct. 2, 1915 to Henry Stiles Curtiss — 
children, Harriet Stager, Constance, and Jane 
Stair Curtiss; trustee of Maternity Hospital. 
Residence: 2322 Delamere-dr., Cleveland 

CIRTISS, Edwin S., banker; born, Cleve- 
land, Apr. 2, 1881; son Stiles H. and Lucia M. 
(Stair) Curtiss; educated, Cornell Univ. M. E. ; 
vice pres. Cleveland Trust Co.; member May- 
field, Roadside, and Hermit clubs. Residence: 
2268 Woodmere-dr., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
The Cleveland Trust Co. 

CURTISS, Henry Stiles, born, Cleveland, 
Sept. 14, 1879; son Stiles H. and Lucia M. 
(Stair) Curtiss; educated, Yale Univ. 1901; 
married. Gates Mill, Oct. 2, 1915 to Miss 
Constance Stager Calkins — children, Harriet 
Stager, Constance and Jane Stair Curtiss; 
member of Tavern, Union, Mid-Day, Kirtland, 
Pepper Pike, and Chagrin Valley Hunt clubs. 
Residence: 2322 Delamere-dr., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: 1201 Union Trust Bldg. 

Ct'RTISS, Lee Clark, building contractor: 
born. New York City, Feb. 8, 1879; son George 
Brooks and (Clark) Curtiss; educated, Bar- 
nard school. New York City; Dartmouth col- 
lege; married, New York City, Sept. 12, 1906 
to Elise Durval Henderson — children, four 
daughters; supervised construction for many 
Important buildings for the architectural firm 
of McKim, Mead and White, New York; one 
of the organizers of the general contracting 
firm of The Craig-Curtiss Co., Cleveland 
which has executed many building projects 
since organization in 1917; vice-pres. treas. 
and director of this firm; director Superior 
86th St. Co.; life member Fern Brook lodge. 
No. 898 F. & A. M.; member Calvary Presby- 
terian church; sustaining member Cleveland 
^^useum of Art; member Canterbury golf, 
Cleveland Athletic and High Noon clubs: 
Chamber of Commerce. Recreation: golf, 
bowling and walking. Residence: 1554 Tay- 
lor-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: E. 46th st. 
& Prospect-ave. 

CURTISS, Lncia M. Stair, born, Cleveland, 
July 7, 1853; daughter Edwin and Marcia L. 
(Cobb) Stair; educated, Miss Guilford's 
school, Cleveland; married, Cleveland, Sept. 
30, 1875 to Stiles H. Curtiss — children, Chas. 
Edwin, Henry Stiles, Edwin Stair, and Anna 
Marcia; Residence: 2268 Woodmere-dr. 

CURTISS, William Ciclln, manufacturer; 
born, Cleveland, March 17, 1877; son James 
Milton and Mary (Eglin) Curtiss; educated. 
University school; Yale college, 1899, B. A.; 
married, Cleveland, June 24, 1908 to Lillian 
Judd — children, Ruth Judd Curtiss; treas. 
Cleveland Dental Mfg. Co.; pres. City Realty 
Company; director Union Savings & Loan 
Co.; trustee Riverside Cemetery; member 
Union and Mayfleld Country clubs. Resi- 
dence: 2265 Woodmere-dr. Office: 3307 

CUSHING, Edward Harvey, physician; born, 
Cleveland; son Edward Fitch and Melanie 
(Harvey) Cushing; educated, Yale Univ., 
A. B. ; Harvard Univ., M. D.; world war, lieut. 
U. S. F. A. Residence: 9619 Lake Shore-blvd. 

CUSHING, Florence Williams, born, Gro- 

ton, N. Y., Nov. 22, 1858; daughter Samuel 
Gardner and Electa (Clark) Williams; edu- 
cated, public and private schools, Ithaca, 
N. Y. and Cleveland; married Ithaca, N. Y., 
June 3, 1886 to Henry Piatt Cushing — 
children, Bessie Clark, Cornelia B., Kirke 
Williams and Alice Clark. Residence: 2275 
Tudor-dr., Cleveland Hghts. 

CUSHING, Melanie Har»ey, born, Cleve- 
land; daughter Edward H. and Martha 
(Williams) Harvey; married, Cleveland to 
Dr. Edward Fitch Cushing — children, Edward 
Harvey Cushing. Residence: 9619 Lake 

CUSHMAN, Eva Lewis, born, Cleveland, 
Nov. 28, 1878; daughter Joseph Morgan and 
Ellen (Carlisle) Lewis; educated, Cleveland 
public schools; one year Miss Mittleberger's 
school; two years Smith college; married, 
Cleveland, Nov. 3, 1910 to Frederic H. Cush- 
man — children, Ellen Cushman; on Retreat 
board; member Women's City and Social 
Study clubs. Residence: 10921 Wade Park- 

CUSHMAN, Frederic Henry; born, Havana, 
O., Jan. 23, 1879; son Seymour and Malissa 
(Felton) Cushman; educated, country schools; 
married, Cleveland, Nov. 3, 1910 to Eva May 
Lewis — children, Ellen Cushman; member 
Troop A three years; member Rotary, Her- 
mit and Canterbury clubs. Residence 10921 
Wade Park-ave. Office: 1907 E. 13th-st. 

CUSHMAN, Vera Clare, teacher; born. Sil- 
ver Creek, N. Y.; daughter Joshua E. and 
Millie (Young) Cushman; educated, Fredonia, 
N. Y., State Normal school; Bryant and Stral- 
ton business college, Buffalo, N. Y.; Syracuse 
Univ., Syracuse, N. Y., Ph.B. ; teacher com- 
mercial dept. E. Technical high school, five 
years; formerly taught in Rayen high school, 
Youngstown, O. ; member Delta Gamma so- 
rority; Daughters of American Revolution; 
Business Women's club. Residence: 1851 E. 
82nd St. Office: E. Technical high school. 

CUSTIS, Dongrlas, dist. mgr. Mutual Life, 
N. Y.; born, Jamestown, O., Oct. 20, 1892; son 
W. O. and Fannie (Wood) Custis; educated, 
Jamestown high school. 1911; Kenyon col- 
lege, 1912-1913; married, Xenia, O., July 27, 
1921 to Hortense Morgan — children, Wanda 
and John William Custis; republican; world 
war veteran; member Cleveland Life Under- 
writer assn.j 32nd degree Mason; Shriner; 
Kiwanis and Shrine clubs. Residence: 3053 
Carabelle-ave., Lakewood. Office: 1268 Union 
Trust Bldg. 

CUTLER, Carolena Sperry, born. New Ha- 
ven, Conn., Sept. 2, 1875; daughter Ellzur 
Henry and Caroline (Corbin) Sperry; edu- 
cated, grade and private school, New Ha- 



ven. Conn.; Rye Seminary, Rye, N. T.; mar- 
ried, New Haven, Conn., June 25, 1903 to 
James Elbert Cutler; member New England 
society of Cleveland; Women's City club; life 
member Cleveland Associated Charities. 
Residence: 2040 Stearns-rd. 

CUTLER. Jnmes Elbert, university profes- 
sor; born, Princeville, 111., Jan. 24, 1876; son 
Francis W. and Antonalsh (Hoag) Cutler; 
educated, Univ. of Colorado, B. A., 1900; 
Yale Univ., Ph. D., 1903; married. New Ha- 
ven Conn., June 25, 1903 to Carolena D. 
Sperry; world war, major, promoted from 
captain, U. S. army; office of chief of staff, 
dlv. of military intelligence, July, 1918-Aug., 
1919; from year to year member of various 
committees concerned with public affairs In 
Cleveland; chairman Citizens' committee 
which established the "Sane Fourth" in 
Cleveland; prior to appointment to present 
position was a member^ of faculties of Yale 
Univ., Wellesley college and Univ. of Michi- 
gan; prof, of sociology and Dean of the 
School of Applied Sciences of Western Re- 
serve Univ.; member American Sociological 
society; American Academy of Political and 

Social Science; National Institute of Social 
Sciences; American Assn. of University Pro- 
fessors; Natjonal Conference of Social work; 
American Assn. of Social workers; etc.; 
trustee Cleveland Associated Charities; trus- 
tee Goodrich Social Settlement; trustee, Cleve- 
land Welfare Federation; Cleveland Chamber 
of Commerce; Citizens' league of Cleveland; 
Phi Gamma Delta fraternity; City and Uni- 
versity clubs. Recreation: motoring and ten- 
nis. Residence: 2040 Stearns-rd. Office: 
Western Reserve Univ. 

CUTTER, Annie Ellnnbeth, born, Cleveland, 
July 12, 1845; daughter Timothy P. and Elisa- 
beth (Reeve) Spencer; educated. Central htgtt 
school; Mrs. Day's school; married, Cleve- 
land, Nov. 22, 1871 to Charles Long Cutter — 
children, five. Residence: 2160 So. Overlook- 

CUTTER, Estelle DeWItt. born, Boston, 
Mass.; daughter Thomas A. and (Patterson) 
DeWItt; married, Boston, Mass., Feb. 26, 1904 
to E. Stanley Cutter — children, Stanley De- 
WItt Cutter; member Willowick and Athletic 
clubs. Residence: 2665 St. James Parkway. 


DACHMAX, Joseph Z., attorney; born, 
Russia; son Jacob and Rachel (Greenblatt) 
Dachman; educated, private and public 
schools in Russia; private schooling and 
Lincoln high school In Cleveland; Boston 
Univ. law school, LL.B. ; married, Cleveland, 
Sept. 18, 1921 to Jennie Bolm; served In 
world war with 5th Division in France; came 
to America 1911 penniless, worked days, 
studied nights, then went to school morn- 
ings and worked afternoons; after war com- 
pleted law study, received degree, returned 
to Cleveland, married, passed bar and has 
practiced law since; member National Union. 
Residence: 769 Starkweather-ave. Office: 619 
Ulmer Bldg. 

D.\GER, William F., physician; born, Nor- 
wich, Can., Feb. 7, 1872; son Daniel A. and 
Paulina (Caverhill) Dager; educated, Univ. 
of Penna., M. D., 1897; married, Norwich, 
Can., May 24, 1898 to Lillian J. Stephenson — 
children, Mildred L. Dager; world war, camp 
surgeon Sept. 27, 1917-June 21, 1918 Camp 
Funston Kan.; reg. surgeon 41st Inf. June 
22, 1918-Jan. 27, 1919; general medicine Ft. 
Seneca, O. 1897-1902; general medicine Lorain, 
O. 1902-1921; sub. district medical officer 
U. S. veterans bureau Cleveland, July 1921- 
Jan. 1925; chief general medical and sur- 
gical section of Cleveland regional office 
of U. S. veterans bureau; member American 
Medical assn.; Military Surgeons of United 
States; Ohio State Medical and Lorain County 
Medical societies; Cleveland Academy of Med- 
icine; Masonic lodge; American Legion; 40 
Hommes Et Chevaux; Cleveland Grays; Uni- 
versity Club of Lorain, Ohio. Residence: 225 
Flfth-st., Lorain, O. Office: 237 Hanna Bldg. 

DAUBEY, Sherninn C. secy.; born, Berlin, 
O., April, 1880; son Frank and Clara E. 
(Clark) Dalbey; educated, public schools; 
married, Cleveland Nov. 1914 to Anna E. 
Walker; sec-director Ohio Forge Co.; di- 
rector Economy Savings & Loan Co.; mem- 
ber Masonic lodge; Cleveland Athletic, Cleve- 
land and Chagrin Valley Country clubs. 
Residence: 2925 Berkshire-rd., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: 2955 E. 92nd st. 

DALEY, William A., printing; born, Erie, 
Pa. Apr. 22. 1877; son George and Jennie 
(Darling) Daley; educated, Fairfield Semi- 

nary, Miller school; married. New York, Nov. 
23, 1905 to Cora Tice — children, Kenneth 
and William Daley; pres. The W. S. Gilkey 
Printing Co.; director Electric Ry. Imp. Co. 
and Fred G. Clark Oil Co.; board. The Guar- 
dian Trust Co.; member Union, Hermit, 
Shaker Heights, Country and Town and 
Country clubs. Residence: 2916 Sedgewlck-rd. 
Office: 1138 W. 9th st. 

DALLY, Ovid L., attorney at law; born, 
West Mansfield, O., Nov. 29, 1897; son I. B. 
and Leota (McGee) Dally; educated, Miami 
Univ., Oxford, O., Western Reserve Univ., 
LL.B.; married, Cleveland, June 23, 1923 to 
Mary Ann Kibble; private Co. E. 4th Ohio 
Inf. Mexican border 1916; world war, driver 
French army ambulance 1917; five months 
at Verdun; Pilot American aviation, Kelly 
Field, Texas 1918; 1919 to date 1st lieut. 
Aviation Reserves; sec. Aviation group offi- 
cers Reserve assn. N. E. Ohio; member of 
firm of Nally, Dally and Miller; member Phi 
Kappa Tau and Phi Alpha Delta fraternities; 
Masonic lodg^e; Cleveland Aviation club. Resi- 
dence: 11716 Kelton-ave. Office: 635 Guardian 

DALTOX, Byron, architect; born, Cleve- 
land, Jan. 16, 1889; son George F. and Harriet 
(Whitmore) Dalton; educated, Cornell Univ.; 
married, Cleveland, June 20, 1914 to Florence 
Pierce — children, Robert, James and Calvin 
Dalton; partner, W^alker & Weeks; member 
Cleveland Athletic and Acacia clubs. Resi- 
dence: 3220 Clarendon-rd. Office: 1900 Euclld- 

DALY, Cllflford Janien, lawyer; born, Cleve- 
land, June 8, 1897; son Michael and Catherine 
(Linsky) Daly; educated, Baldwin Wallace 
College LL.B. : Ohio Northern Univ. LL.M.; 
admitted to Bar Jan. 8, 1922; treas. Fulton 
Denlson Business Men's Assn.; member 
Cleveland Bar assn.; Knights of Columbus 
(Cleveland council); Fulton Gun Club. 
Recreation: tennis, swimming, horseback rid- 
ing, golf and shooting. Residence: 4003 
Dalsy-ave. Office: 442 Engineers Bldg. 

DANFORTH, Arthur Edwardit, Iron ore 
salesman; born, Cleveland, Nov. 6, 1884; son 
John Howard and Kate (Ingersoll) Danforth; 
educated, Shaw high school; Oberlln College; 
married, Cleveland, April 17, 1912 to Jane 
Hlllyard — children, Katherlne Alice, John 



Hillyard, ■William Howard, Harold Coleman, 
Elizabeth Jane, Marjorie Anne Danforth and 
Arthur Edwards Danforth Jr.; director Ogle- 
bay, Norton & Co.; member American Iron & 
Steel Institute; New England Society of 
Cleveland; "Cheshire Cheese" of Cleveland; 
Union Club, Cleveland; Duquesne Club, Pitts- 
burgh, Buffalo Athletic Club; Hamilton, 
(Wis.) Club. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
1890 Rudwick-rd. Office: 1202 Hanna Bldg. 

DANFORTH, Jnne Hillyard, born, Cleve- 
land, April 7, 1891; daughter Wm. R. and 
Daisy (Green) Hillyard; educated, Shaw high 
school. 1909; Cleveland Kindergarten Train- 
ing school; married, Cleveland, April 17, 1912 
to Arthur Edwards Danforth — children, 
Katherine Alice, John Hillyard, "William How- 
ard, Harold Coleman, Elizabeth Jane, Mar- 
jorie Anne Danforth and Arthur Edwards 
Danforth Jr.; member New England society 
and Women's City club. Recreation: golf. 
Residence: 1890 Rudwick-rd. 

DANGLER, Frank Barker, manufacturing; 
born, Cleveland, June 22, 1888; son D. Edw. 
and Effie (Schofield) Dangler; educated. Sib- 
lev public and University school; Asheville 
school, Asheville, N. C; Tale Sheffield Scienti- 
fic school; married, Cleveland. Jan. 23, 1924 
to Gladys M. Cottingham; assoc. Dangler 
Stove Co., Div. American Stove Co.; member 
Delta Phi fraternity; Country and Kirtland 
clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 9913 
Lake Shore-blvd. Office: 5017 Perkins-ave. 

DANIELS, Irr-inp L.., civil engineer; born, 
Oberlin, O., June 26, 1877; son Theodore F. 
and Julia H. (Lewis) Daniels; educated, pub- 
lic and high schools, Lorain, O. ; Berea college, 
Berea, Ky. ; Oberlin college, Oberlin, O.; Case 
School of Applied Science; married, Corinna, 
Me. to Lilla E. Wood — children, 2nd Lt. 
Harold Kennan, Archibald Holmden, William 
Theodore and Alice Campbell Daniels; during 
world war he was commissioned capt. in the 
engineer corps, U. S. army, trained at the 
2nd engineer officers training camp. Fort 
Leavenworth, organized the 509th engineers 
battalion, served at Camps Travis, Lee, 
Devons and Humphreys and in France in 
charge of water supply construction, as com- 
manding officers of the 521st engineers and 
as zone major in settlement of war claims; 
did electrical construction work, railroad 
construction and maintenance work with L. 
S. & M. S. Ry. Co..; road design and construc- 
tion with country engineer; engineer in 
charge of power plant work, industrial con- 
struction and stadium for "Giants'' at Polo 
Grounds, New York; in business for himself 
since 1912, except during war period; advisor 
Billings Polytechnic Inst.; Case Alumni assn.; 
life member Cleveland Museum of Art; mem- 
ber Home Builders Exchange; American 
Society of ilechanical Engineers; Phi Delta 
fraternity; I>ookout camp. No. 466 Sons of 
Veterans; Uniform Rank Sons of Veterans; 
C;ieveland Commandery; Veterans of Foreign 
Wars, Cleveland Post No. 84; American 
Legion, Meuse-Rhine Post; I. O. O. F., Cleve- 
land City lodge. No. 5.; Cleveland Boat, 
Tippecanoe and (Cleveland Automobile clubs; 
member Church of the Covenant. Recreation: 
yachting and automobiling. Residence: 53 
Beverly Hills-dr. Euclid, O. Office: 2036 E. 

D.4NIELS. Lllla Wood; born, Corinna, Me., 
Sept. 21, 18S5: daughter William Ireland and 
Alice Ellen (Fisher) Wood; educated, public 
schools and Corinna Union Academy; mar- 
ried, Corinna, Me. to Irving Lewis Daniels — 
children, 2nd Lt. Harold K., Archibald Holm- 
den, William Theodore and Alice Campbell 

Daniels; asst. post master and departmental 
clerk in Washington; world war, organized 
and had charge of government office employ- 
ing 450 clerks, also Red Cross activities; 
formerly teacher in public schools, press cor- 
respoident, author and government clerk; 
member League of American Pen Women; 
National Geographic society; past worthy 
matron Order of the Eastern Star; past grand 
Ruth Order of the Eastern Star; vice-grand, 
Rebeccah lodge; parliamentarian, Republican 
Women of Euclid; member Republican Wom- 
en of Ohio; League of Women Voters; Euclid 
Community club; Women's Christian Tem- 
perance Union; past pres. Corinna Literary 
club and Alumni assn., C. U. A.; member 
Church of the Covenant. Residence: 53 Bev- 
erly Hills-dr., Euclid, O. 

DAOUST, Clara Bunts, born, Cleveland, 
Mar. 23, 1890; daughter Dr. Frank E. and 
Harriet (Taylor) Bunts; educated, Mittel- 
berger school, 1908; Miss Church's school, 
Boston, 1909; married, Cleveland, April 24, 
1912 to Edward Chellis Daoust — children. 
Frances, Edward Chellis, Mary Hooker and 
Susan Daoust; world war, chairman surgical 
dressings, division Red Cross and canteen 
service; member volunteer committee of 
Associated Charities; house committee Ma- 
ternity hospital; Cleveland Junior League 
(pres.) ; N. Y. Junior League club and 
Women's City club. Residence: 2323 StiU- 

DAOUST, Edward Chellis, lawyer; born. 
Defiance, O., Oct. 19, 1887; son Charles J. and 
Mary (Hooker) Daoust; educated, Defiance 
high school. University of Mich, and Yale 
Univ., LL.B. 1909; married, Cleveland Apr. 24, 
1912 to Clara Louise Bunts — children, Frances, 
Edward Chellis Jr., Mary Hooker and Susan 
Daoust; United States commissioner Northern 
district of Ohio 1912-1915; member troop A. 
(Cleveland) 1910-1913; acting sec. District 
Appeal Board during world war; assisted 
with Red Cross work in Washington D. C. ; 
admitted to Ohio bar 1909; has practiced 
.«ince that time; now associated with the 
firm of Wilkin, Cross & Daoust, established 
1914: special partner in Murfey, Blossom 
Morris & Co., investment dealers and mem- 
bers New York Stock Exchange; director 
Midland Bank; director and sec. Union 
Mortgage Co.; director, Guarantee Title 
& Trust Co.; director of various other 
financial and real estate companies; member 
Chamber of Commerce; member Cleveland, 
Ohio and American Bar assns.; trustee Cleve- 
land Clinic Foundation, University School. 
Euclid-ave. assn. and vice-pres. Cleveland 
Real Estate board; member Corbey Court 
and Phi Delta Phi societies of Yale Univ.; 
member Sons of American Revolution; mem- 
ber Omega lodge F. & A. M. ; member Yale 
club of New York; member Union, University 
(pres. 1925), Hermit, Rowfant, Mid-Day 
(director), Country (sec.i treas.), Kirtland 
Country, Pepper Pike Country and Nisi 
Prius clubs. Recreation: golf and collecting 
rare books; has one of the finest collections 
of Dickens first-editions in the country. 
Residence: 2323 Stillman-rd. Office: 1100 
Union Mortgage Bldg. 

D.\RBY, Burton Roy, vice-pres.; born, Bay 
Village, Mar. 8, 1898; son Thos. J. and 
Margaret (Hornburger) Darby; educated. 
West high school; Baldwin Wallace college, 
LL.B.; married, Cleveland, June 3, 1916 to 
E. Pauline Chapman — children, Dorothy 
Marie and Richard E. Darby; asst. mgr. 
mortgage loan dept. Guardian Trust Co. 1917- 
1923; sec. and asst. treas. The Realtv Bond 
& Mortgage Co. 1923-1926; pres. and director 
The Leader Mortgage Co.; vice-pres. and dl- 



rector The Colonial Mortgage Investment 
Co., Baltimore; member Delta Theta Phi law 
fraternity; Cleveland Athletic club. Resi- 
dence: 1624 Cordova-ave. Office: 308 Euclid- 

D.\RLI.\G, Perry J., banker; born, Elyria, 
O., Sept. 10. 1869; son Byron V. and Cynthia 
(Adams) Darling; educated, Elyria high 
school; Oberlin business college; world war, 
member Cleveland War Council; asst. treas. 
Rod Cross council; sec. Superior Trust Co.; 
organizer and pres. Commonwealth Banking 
and Tru.'^t Co.; vice-pres. Ohio Trust Co.; 
member Cleveland Athletic club. Residence: 
1118 Euclid-av. 

DARXELI., Donfclnn Leonard, sales execu- 
tive and engineer; born, Cleveland, Jan. 19, 
1891; son Louis Fielder and Belle Langdon 
(Long) Darnell; educated, Case School Ap- 
plied Science, B. S., 1913; elected societv 
of Sigma Xi (honorary); M. E. 1916; E. E. 
1919, Case School; married, Cleveland, Oct. 
14, 1920 to Lyndell Decker; world war, served 
17 months in U. S. army, Sept. 22, 19i7-Feb. 

11, 1919; enlisted as private 332nd Inf., served 
successively in hdqrs. 83rd div.; engineer- 
ing div. ; ordnance dept. and staff of chief 
of field artillery; promoted to rank of capt., 
U. S. A. Recreation: tennis, golf and swim- 
ming. Residence: 1181 Brockley-ave., Lake- 
wood. Office: 2180 "W. 25th st. (The Baker 
Itaulang Co.) 

DAl'TELi, Gertrude Ferre Taylor, born, 
Cleveland; daughter William G. and Belle 
(Ferre) Taylor; educated, Cleveland grade 
and Central high schools; Lake Erie college, 
Painesville, O. ; married, Cleveland, 1902 to 
Willis E. White — children, Florence Ferre, 
Henry Clay. Jeanette Hayes and Gertrude 
Victoria White; married. New York City 
to Carl Dautel — children, Virginia Eugenie 
Dautel; member Delta Gamma Phi sorority; 
Social Study and Matinee clubs. Residence: 
3003 Lincoln-blvd. 

DAVENPORT, I.eroy Benjninin. attorney 
at law; born, Kinzua. Pa., July 6, 1888; son 
Chas Wesley and Joanna (Robinson) Daven- 
port; educated, Adelbert College, W. R. Law 
school. LL.B. ; married, Unionville, O., June 

12, 1915 to Marjorie Nicholas — children, John 
Nicholas and David Wesley Davenport; mem- 
ber of law firm Dustin, McKeehan, Merrick, 
Arter and Stewart; director, Ferro Enamel- 
ing Co.. and Cuyahoga Savings & Loan Co.; 
member Phi Delta Phi, Delta Sigma Rho 
and Beta Theta Pi fraternities; "R" Club, 
Western Reserve Univ.; American Bar assn.; 
Kirtland, Hermit, Country and Union clubs. 
Residence: 2651 Fairmount Blvd. Office. 920 
Guardian Bldg. 

DAVENPORT, Mnrjorie MchoIaH, born, 
Cleveland, June 5. 1891; daughter Frederic 
M. and Jennie (Hopper) Nicholas; educated, 
Hathaway Brown and Mrs. Dow's School, 
Briarcliff Manor; married, UnlonvUle, O., 
June 12, 1915 to Leroy Benjamin Davenport — 
children, John Nicholas and David Wesley 
Davenport; member D. A. R. ; Women's City 
club. Residence: 2651 Fairmount Blvd. 

D.VVERN. Ila Purvlw. born. West Liberty, 
Iowa; daughter Charles A. and Alice (Elzey) 
Purvis; educated. State Univ. of Iowa, B. A., 
1910; married. Davenport, la.. Oct. 27, 1919 
to Frank C. Davern; world war. Red Cross 
worl\; aid in State dept. of education, Idaho; 
instructor St. Margaret's Hall (Episcopal 
boarding school), Boise, Idaho; principal 
Kuna (Idaho) high school; Instructor mathe- 
matics, Marshalltown (la.) high school; mem- 
ber Phi Beta Kappa fraternity; Lakewood 
Women's club. Recreation: shooting, hunt- 
ing and swimming. Residence: 1292 Hall ave., 

D.WEV, Myra Ellia ChHMtian. born. New- 
burg, O., Oct. 2, 1856; daughter Charles F. 
and Elizabeth (C^rossingham) Christian; edu- 
cated, elementary schools, N. Y. City and 
Cleveland high and Normal schools; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, July 13, 1881 to Thomas 
George Davey — children, Wheeler Pedlar 
Davey; world war, affiliated with W. C. T. 
U. ; graduated from first class of normal 
school, 1875; taught school in Cleveland six 
years; member W. C. T. U. ever since Its 
organization; member Y. W. C. A.; Peace 
society; Equal Franchise; United Women of 
the Republic; memljer Miles Ave. Christian 
church more than 30 years. Residence. 4069 

E. 93-rd St. 

DAVID, Herman Hartzell, attorney at law; 
born, Youngstown, O., Jan. 28, 1891; son 
Joseph and Fannie David; educated, Landon 
elementary and West high schools; Ohio 
Northern Univ. LI^B. ; married, Cleveland, 
Oct. 1, 1917 to Amy T. Birch — children, Her- 
man and Elaine Eunice David; world war, 
rejected on application for voluntary en- 
listment. May 6, 1917; actively identified with 
amateur athletics for 10 years following 
graduation from high school; played with 
and managed several champion teams In 
baseball and basketball in that period; mem- 
ber Cleveland Bar assn.; Forest City lodge, 

F. & A. M. Recreation: reading. Residence: 
1729 Wayside-rd. Office: 507 Ulmer Bldg. 

DAVID, Walter Woodbnry, student; born, 
Morris, 111., Sept. 4, 1890; son Weldon E. 
and Susan D. (Woodbury) David; educated, 
Univ. of Chicago, 1914, B. S.; Harvard Univ. 
1921-22, (summer) Bexley Hall, Kcnyon Col- 
lege, 1925; world war, ensign, U. S. N. R., 
aboard U. S. S. Don Juan de Austria, patrol 
and convoy duty in 2nd Naval district; mem- 
ber Cleveland Photographic society; Uni- 
versity club; 1920-1924 instructor mathe- 
matics Univ. School; entered Kenyon Jan. 
1925 as candidate for Holy Orders. Recrea- 
tion: staff of Keewaydin Camps, Lake Dun- 
more, Vt. Residence: (present) Bexley Hall, 
Kenyon College, Gambler, O. Cleveland resi- 
dence: 1981 (joodnor-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

DAVID, W'illinm Luther, attornev; born, 
Titusville, Pa., Feb. 29, 1872; son William 
Luther and Eliza Susan (Gibson) David; 
educated, common schools, Olean, N. Y. ; Find- 
lay College, Findlay, O.; Ohio State Univ.; 
married, to Mabelle Peden — children, George 
Hamilton David; world war, pres. draft board 
No. 1, Cleveland; mobilization officer for 
Cuyahoga Co.; member B. P. O. E. and Ma- 
sonic lodges; Union, Clifton, Westwood Coun- 
try and Nisi Prius clubs; six years prosecut- 
ing attorney, Hancock Co., O. ; special prose- 
cutor connected with attorney general's of- 
fice and Dept. of Justice; Ohio National 
Guard from 1893 to 1913, retired officer with 
rank of major; member of firm of Kelley, 
David and Cottrell. Residence: 17224 Edge- 
water-dr. Office: 1968 Union Trust Bldg. 

DAVIDSON, Edward, lawyer; born, N. Y. 
city, Sept. 1, 1895; son Frank and Fannie 
(Rosen) Davidson; educated, public and 
Rayen high schools, Younstown, O. ; Ohio 
State Univ. (law school); W. R. U. (law 
school); married, Brooklyn, N. Y. Aug. 25, 
1925 to Hilda Helen Jaffa; world war, sea- 
man in American Merchant Marine; Ship- 
buildt-r, Hog Island shipyard; soldier, heavy 
Artillery corp. ; assigned to Ft. Benjamin 
Harrison; began active practice of law In 
Cleveland. Ma.r. 1, 1921; charter member 
Tau Epsilon Rho law fraternity; Big Ten 
Univ. club; The Temple. Residence: 2928 
Washington-blvd. Office: 1801 Guarantea 
Title Bldg. 



nAVIDSOJV Pan! Franklin, physician; born, Klwanla school at Rainbow Hospital; mem- 

Amhprqt O May IS, 1891; son Dr. John ber Blgrelow Lodge, 243, F. and A. M., 

Vr^nklin arid Mary Louise (Dieter) David- Thatcher Chapter, 101, R. A. M., Al Sirat 

son- educated Adelbert College, W. R. U., Grotto; Sleepy Hollow Country club; pres. 

A B 1913" School of Medicine, W. R. U., Public Mtg. & Investment Co.; pres. Superior 

M D* 1916-' married, Richmond, Va., Nov. 2, Brick Co. Residence: 10710 Lake-ave. Office: 

1918 to Nancy Maury Collins — children. Bar- 4 Gordon Arcade, 

bara Ann Davidson: world war capt^l^LC ^^^^ Charles William, insurance; born, 

V-, ?• ^^''^ll Air^ha fritfirnitv hSrary Youngstown, O., Dec. 25, 1870; son John 

Alpha Omega Alpha fraternity honorary ^e^ ^^^^.^ Richards) Davis; educated, 

medical society; Academy of Medicine O.b. j^,.^ ^^^ Rayen high school, Youngstown, 

M. A.: A. M. A. JPl Kappa Alpha ^nd Alpha ^ State Univ.f 1894. degree, Eng. of 

Kappa Kappa (Med.) fraternities. University j^ines; married, Colorado Springs, Col.. Jan. 

club. Residence: 1833 Cumberiand-ra. ui- j^ jg^g ^^ Kathleen Lawrence — children, 

flee: 10406 Euclid-ave. Elizabeth, Albert Rees II and Willis Law- 


Wales, Fe 

S"^^^'^^?•^^•H^t^"p«ton'^Sdr''en'^MaHe Ohio"" StaVe" UnlVr ' Frcul'ty' cuds. necre- 

^^"^V^'^tv^^? n.^ navies^ sec~andtreas Acme ation; golf and billiards. Residence: 1587 

^.%y!fn%%''Tor^l^reliory£tyB^^^^^^^ & Sheridan-rd.. So. Euclid. O. Office: 806 Union 

Trust Co : pres. Glenville Masonic Temple Mtge. aiag. 

Building Co.; 32nd degree Mason; member DAVIS, Charlotte Cotton, auction bridge 

Cleveland Athletic, W^illowlck Country and teacher; born, Jameston, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1874; 

Rotary clubs; Cleveland Chamber of Com- daughter Walter and Charlotte (Sue) Cotton; 

merce Recreation: golf and other out door educated, Central high school, Cleveland, with 

sports. Residence: 1567 E. 108th st. Office: special English work later at College for 

4533 St. Clair-ave. Women, W. R. U. ; married, Cleveland, Aug. 

, ,„_. . „^„ r-iovo 12, 1903 to J. Talman Davis; world war, 

DAVlES, Sydney A., lawyer "^oj-n.^Cleve- ^ i,g^ <3ally in surgical dressings dept. 

land, Dec. 22. 1893; son John Sydney and ^^ Cleveland and St. Louis; member, 

Elizabeth (Williams) Davles; educated. Lake- -^omen's Whist league; assoc. member Amer- 

wood high school; two years art work at \v j^^^^ Whist league. Recreation: listening to 

R. U.; two years law at Cornell; three years ^usic; writing fiction and raising gladioli, 

law at Cleveland Law school, LL.B.; marriea, Residence: 2025 E. 100th st. Country home, 

Toledo, O., Aug. 4, 1916 to Lula Hess; vice- Euclid, O. 

pres.. The Investors Land Co., Builders Inv. ^ ^ , 

Co and The L W. Kemper Realty Co.; sec, DAVIS, Harry Lyman, gen. ins. and bank- 

Geo I Cramer Inc.: member Delta Upsllon ing; born, Cleveland, Jan. 25, 1878; son Evan 

Mortgage mag. ^^ ^.^j^ f^j. governor; served as Governor of 

DAVIS Alfred Lenter, insurance; born, Ohio 1921-1922; conceived and rushed com- 

Cleveland Aug 10. 1864; son Henry S. and pletlon municipal auditorium while mayor; 

Lolette (Lyman) Davis: educated, Cleveland vice-pres. Davis & Farley Co.; chairman, 

public schools; married, Warren. O.. Sept. board of directors, Ohio Trust Co.; director, 

1 1887 to Grace I Downs — children, Florence Ohio Founders Co.; 32nd degree Mason, 

L Davis- served in politics eight years with Shrlner and member Grotto, Elks and Knights 

late M 'a Hanna; pres. Tippecanoe club of Pythias; Cleveland Athletic, and Chagrin 

in 1900' traveling auditor for Internal Rev- Valley Country clubs. Recreation: saddle 

enue dept 1901-1905; pres. A. L. Davis In- horse riding, golf, hunting and fishing. Res- 

surance Co • stockholder. Republic Casual- idence: 3105 South Moreland Blvd., Shaker 

ty Co Pittsburgh, Pa.: member Masonic Hghts. Office: Davis & Farley Bldg., E. 

Club, Woodward lodge, Webb Chapter, Lake 11th & Chester-ave. 
Erie Consistory Shrine, (Syria Temple) ; daviS. Howard Hubbell, physician, born, 

St'l S^''^'"%,,K^^^^fitHfnor.%f9Vv nerhv Cleveland, Apr. 18, 1883; son Dr. Fredrick 

High Noon club Residence 3128 E Derby- ^ ^^^ Hannah M. (Hubbell) Davis: edu- 

shire-rd Cleveland Heights. Office. 808 gated, Kentucky and West high school; Univ. 

Keith Bldg. of Mich., A. B. 1906; W. R. Medical school. 

DAVIS, Alton F., vice-pres.; born. Palmyra, M.D. 1910; Harvard Post Grad., 1914; married, 

O.. Oct. 24. 1889; son F. J. and Harriet Cleveland, Feb. 24, 1925 to Ann Breitenstein; 

(Hiser) Davis; educated, Ohio State Univ. world war. Medical Corp. Aug. 9, 1917-July 

(Elec. eng.); married. Alliance, O., Nov. 16, 3, 1919; attached to British Expeditionary 

1921 to Carrie E. Spring; director and vice- Forces in France; received American D. S. C., 

pres. Lincoln Electric Co.; member Ameri- Jan. 8, 1918; wounded St. Quintln, Mar. 21, 

can Institute Elec. Eng. and American Weld- 1918; member Cleveland Academy of Medi- 

ing Society; University club; Sigma Alpha cine; Ohio State Medical society: American 

Epsilon and Eta Kappa Nu (honorary socle- Medical assn.; Phi Beta Pi and Phi Gamma 

ty). Residence: 12985 Cedar-rd., Cleveland Delta fraternities; American Legion; Veterans 

Hghts. Orfice: The Lincoln Electric Co., Colt of Foreign wars; Knights of Pythias and 

and Klrby-rds Masonic lodges; Lakewood Country club. 

Residence: 1291 Lakeland-ave., Lakewood. 

DAVIS. Chas U.. retired; born, Cleveland, Office: 1730 W. 25th st. 

Nov. 3, 1872; son David and Margret (Dud- _ , . . 

ley) Davis; educated, Cleveland schools; mar- DAVIS, John Richard*, gen. Insurance; 

Tied, Cleveland, 1898. to Daisy M. Harrison— born, Youngstown, O., May 35, 1881; son 

children, Margret Davis; past pres. Cleve- John Rees and Maria (Richards) Davis; edu- 

land Klwanis club; gov. 5th div. of Ohio cated, Youngstown public and Rayen high 

Kiwanis; past pres. Fellowcraft club of schools; (Tulver Military Academy, Culver, 

Cleveland, (now Graphic Arts club); chair- Ind.; married, Youngstown, O., Dec. 3, 1902 

man special objective com. Kiwanis club for to Myrtle Barnes — children, John Robert 



Davis; councilman at large Youngstown, O., DAWSON, Jean Backun, born, Dedham, 

1904-06; member Fire Prevention and Con- Mass., Aug. 11, 1882; daughter Arthur Mann 

servation com. In Ind. during world war; and Eliza V. (Burton) Backus; educated, 

treas. The Albert Rees Davis Co.; member Smith College, A. B., 1904; married Cleve- 

Cleveland Radio Experimentors club, (pres. land, Nov. 17, 1910 to Archll)ald Nail Dawson, 

in 1925); board of visitors Culver Military M. D. — children, William Burton, Archibald 

Academy; Life Member Culver Legion; Nail, Jr., and Elizabeth Jane Dawson; trustee 

Heights Masonic lodge 633; Chapter No. 206; Lakewood public library; member D. A. R. 

Coeur De Lion Commandery No. 64; Al Koran and Women's City club. Residence: 16105 

Temple. Recreation: radio experimenting. Detroit-ave., Lakewood. 

Residence: 1844 Lee-rd, Cleveland Hghts. nwvsoTW Robert H lawver* born, Pontlac, 

Office: 806 Union Mortgage Bldg. Mfch. Ma?ch 28 iss"!' so^Yo^in W 'and Jeari 

DAVIS, Kntberlne Weldenkopf, daughter Han.ilton; educated, Unlv of Mich., A. B. 
A. J. and Lillian (Van Camp) Weidenkopf; 1903; Western Reserve Unlv I'l-B . 1909 
married. Cleveland, Nov. 8, 1924 to Raymond married, Pueblo, Colo., Sept. 14, 1910 to Luna 
Lloyd Davis. Residence: 3324 Norwood-rd.. Cooper— children, Luna E. and Jean L. Daw- 
Shaker Hffhts son; member advisory board, Cuyahoga 
anaKer iignia. County; Phi Delta Phi fraternity; Cleveland 

D.WIS, Kathleen Lawrence, born, West- Athletic, University and Canterbury Golf 

cliff, Colo., 1882; daughter Dr. George W. and clubs. Recreation: baseiiall and football. 

Harriet (Powars) Lawrence; educated, Miss }{esidence: 3007 Berkshire-rd., Cleveland 

Baldwin's School, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1901; mar- Hghts. Office: 725 Soc. for Sav. Bldg. 

Tied, Colorado Springs. 1909 to Charles W. , „, , j o «* 

Davis-^children, Elizabeth, Albert Rees II DAY, Anna Louise, born, Cleveland, bept. 

and Willis Lawrence Davis; member Women's 14, 1853; daughter Henry H. and Ellen M. 

City Club. Residence: 1587 Sherlden-rd., Barnett; educated, Cleveland public school; 

South Euclid, O. married, Elyria, O., Dec. 24, 1869 to Amzl 

Jerome Day — children, Charles Arthur Day 

DAVIS, Raymond L., lawyer; born, Monti- ^nd Marguerite Day Douhet; father and hus- 

cello, Ind., Sept. 9, 1892; son Daniel L. and band served In civil war. Residence: 9810 

Frances (Bush) Davis; educated, Phillips Denison-ave. 

Exeter Academy and Harvard, A. B., cum ' ^ ^ *. r» 

laude, LL.B.; married, Cleveland, Nov. 8, 1924 DAY, William L., lawyer; born. Canton, O., 

to Katherine Weidenkopf; world war, com- Aug. 13, 1876; son William R. and Mary L. 

missioned 2nd lleut. F. A. at second train- (Schaefer) Day; educated, Wllliston Seminary 

Ing camp; asso. with law firm of Krueger & and Univ. of Michigan, LL.B.; married, Caro. 

Pelton; director, Cleveland Structural Steel Mich., Sept. 10, 190l to Elizabeth E. McKay 

Co.; sec. and treas.. Pontlac Oil Co.; member —children, William R. and Jean Cameron 

Cleveland Bar Assn.; Service lodge No. 658 Day; U. S. dist. attorney 1908-1911; U. fa. 

F. & A. M.; Heights Chapter No. 206 R. A. M.; dist. judge, 1911-1914;^ member^ *l'""V,,»°^ 

Army & Navy ' _. t^- . 
and Harvard 

fishing. Resider.»,c. oo-t xiu. vy wuu-iu., .oiicvjvci , - t3„„!/i^„««. tota 

Hghts. Office: 1940 E. 6th St. Town & Countrjf clubs Residence. 2236 

Harcourt-dr. Office: 1728 Engineers Bank 

DAVIS, Rees Howell, attorney at law; born, Bldg. 

Malad, Idaho, Aug. 19, 1892; son Rees Howell DeACRES, Clyde H., sec; born, Iowa, Oct. 

and Sophia (Lewis) Davis; educated, Ober- g, 1882; son James H. and Belle H. (Houston) 

lin College. A. B.; Western Reserve law De Acres; educated, Cornell college; married, 

f'^^^Q^d P^-^-^ married, Hamburg N. Y., Oct. j^.^^ j^n. 29, 1908 to Zola Marietta— children, 

1, 1918 to Marjorie Talarmo — children, Ruth ^jj^^^ Virginia; private, 1st regt. Iowa Na- 

M and Ann Davis; assoc. Cleveland board of tional Guard; private, 49th regt. Iowa volun- 

educatlon 1921; member Cleveland Athletic j^ry Inf., Spanish American war; 1st lieut. 

and City clubs Residence: 11508 Ashbury- company G Iowa National Guard; 1st lieut. 

ave. Office: 1540 Guardian Bldg. battalion adjutant, Iowa National Guard; 

D.\WLEY, Arthur Addison, real estate; sec.-dlrector, Wm. Taylor Son & Co.; mem- 
born, Cleveland, Feb. 9, 1887; son Jay P. and ber Union, Shaker Hghts. Country, Mid-Day, 
Iva G. (Canfleld) Dawley; educated. Phillips Athletic City and Advertising clubs. Resi- 
Exeter Academy, 1901-1905; \^estern Re- dence: 2330 Delamere-dr. Offloo: 630 Euclid- 
serve Univ. class of 1909, did not finish; mar- ^.ve. 

ried, Cleveland, Apr. 30, 1919 to Florence I. DEAN, Dorothy S. Mudge, born, Baltimore, 
Lynn — children, Arthur A., Frances L. and Md., June 28, 1890; daughter Frank and Mar- 
Barbara A. Dawley; Troop A. 1st Ohio garet (Simon) Mudge; educated Friends 
Cavalry, Texas border duty 1916, corp. ; world school, Baltimore, Md.; married, Baltimore, 
war, 1st lieut., 135th F. A. 1917-1919, Includ- Md., May 29, 1915 to Grove Parker Dean — 
ing service at front in France, volunteer; children, Frances Phillips and Orville Adel- 
business property specialist; member Delta liert Dean; member Women's City club. 
Kappa Epsllon fraternity; Canterbury Golf Residence: 3163 Sycamore-rd., Cleveland 
club. Residence: 2451 Woodmere-dr., Cleve- Hghts. 
land Hghts. Office: 806 Fidelity Mtge. Bldg. DECKER, Harry, gen. contractor and bulld- 

DAWSON, Archibald Nail, physician; born, ^- "orn Cleveland. Feb 14 1864 ; son Dence- 

T.,T,£» 90 1889- o/^r, txriiiiorr, r-horviK^Jl™ .> „ H man and Adriana (Van Lesser) Decker, edu- 

i^Jll I'l^ln.' i^^Z.7^ l^Z.?/^^t \^IL cated. public schools of Cleveland; married, 

Mary E (Nail) Dawson; educated, Ohio Wes- Cleveland. May 31. 1888 to Evelyn Weihl— 

leyan Univ., A. B.; Western Reserve Medl- children, five daughters; successfully con- 

cal school, M. p.; married. Cleveland. Nov. ducted a dry goods and ladies ready-to-wear 

17. 1910 to Jean W. Backus — children, business at 2710 W. 25th St.; treas.. mgr. 

William Burton. Archibald Nail and Eliza- and director The Decker Realty Co.; director 

beth Jane Dawson; member Phi Rho Sigma pearl St. Savings & Trust Co., Marvel Amuse- 

and Sigma Alpha Epsllon fraternities; Cllf- ment Co. and Cleveland Vending Co.; trustee 

ton and Sleepy Hollow golf clubs. Residence: Euclld-ave. Baptist church; member Masonic 

16105 Detroit-ave.. Lakewood. Ofltlce: 16703 lodge; K. of P. Residence: 2809 Walton-ave. 

Detroit-ave., Lakewood, Office: 8110 W. 25th-»t. 



DeCUMBE. J. William, attorney at law; 
born, Cleveland, Feb. J, 1885; son Philip and 
Emilie (Schmitt) DeCumbe; educated, Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ. A. B., 190S; Harvard law 
school; Boston Univ. law school, J. B., 1911; marshal's office law dept. under 
Hon. W. S. Fitzgerald; member Masonic 
lodge; life member Al Koran Templ'j; Shrine; 
Odovene, Harvard and University clabs. 
Residence: 3813 Euclld-ave. Office: 1215 
Williamson Bldg. 

de DOMINICIS, Mario Paolo, teacher of 
foreign languages and lecturer; born, Rome, 
Italy, Nov. 15, 1883; son Giuseppe and Maria 
(Heylandt) de Dominicis; educated at the 
famous aristocratic colleges of Montecassino 
and Istituto Massimo; frequented the Uni- 
versities of Rome and Berlin; previous to the 
war belonged to the land reserve of Italy; 
during the war came to United States with 
the Italian military and naval missions; hav- 
ing been born in an International family 
(father Italian and mother German) was 
brought up in cosmopolitan atmosphere, the 
salon of Mrs. de Dominicis being considered 
at one time the most cosmopolitan salon of 
Rome, and thus became neutral ground for 
the gathering of diplomats; father, Guiseppe 
de Dominicis formery personal secretary to 
H. M. King "Victor Emanuel II. Residence: 
3226 Euclid-ave. 

DEERING, James Sankey, physician and 
surgeon; born, Cleveland, Nov. 2, 1896; son 
James Joseph and Jane (Sankey) Deering; 
educated, Carroll Univ. 1917, A. B.; "W. R. 
Medical school, 1922, M. D.; member Cleve- 
land Academy of Medicine; American Medi- 
cal assn.; Phi Chi medical fraternity; Knights 
of Columbus lodge, (4th degree); Cleveland 
Grays. Residence: 5816 Linwood-ave. Office: 

DEERING, Robert Waller, university pro- 
fessor; born, Hogansville, Ga., June 27, 1865; 
son John Richard and Frances (Covin) Deer- 
ing; educated, Centre college, Danville, Ky. ; 
Vanderhilt Univ., A. M., 1885; oratorical 
medal, founder's medal for scholarship; chem- 
istry prize; teaching fellowship; Phi Beta 
Kappa: Univ. of Leipzig, Germany, Ph.D., 
1889; married, Mt. Sterling, Ky., Sept. 9, 1891 
to .Tessie Winn (deceased) — children, Dorothy 
Deering; world war, dollar-a-year man; in- 
structor in German, Vanderhilt Univ., 1885- 
1886; adjunct profesor of German, Vanderhilt, 
1889-1892; professor of German, Western Re- 
serve Univ. since 1892; Dean of the graduate 
faculty Western Reserve, 1893-1922; member 
Modern Language assn. of America; American 
Dialect society: Simplified Spelling board; 
Assn. of University Professors; Phi Delta 
Theta fraternity; memben Cleveland Heights 
Tennis club; charter member University club; 
editor and author of sundry textbooks in Ger- 
man; contributor of reviews and articles for 
magazines. Recreation: music and flowei* 
gardening. Residence: 2931 Somerton-rd., 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: College for Women, 
Western Reserve University. 

DeGOLLIER, Allele . Irene, artist and art 
teacher; born, Cleveland, Feb. 22, 1893; 
daughter Edouard Pierre and Luella (Doo- 
little) DeGollier; educated, Cleveland public 
schools; East high school; Cleveland School 
of Art, graduate of design; also normal 
courses; world war, social work for Canteen 
club; vice-pres. Cleveland School of Art 
alumnn assn.; trustee and recording sec. 
Women's Art club of Cleveland; designer and 
maker of hand-wrought jewelry and silver 
ware. Residence: 10070 Kee Mar Park. 

DEIBEIi, Harry liewlu, lawyer; born, Bak- 
ersville, Coshocton Co., O., Sept. 25, 1881; son 
Jacob Henry and Mary (Wentz) Delbel; edu- 
cated, Denison Univ. (academic) A.B. ; West- 
ern Reserve law school, LL.B. ; married, Cleve- 
land, July 31, 1916 to Marian Crawford Bru- 
baker — children, Frances Mary and Beatrice 
Grace Deibel; author of "Deibel's Ohio Pro- 
bate Code" used generally in Ohio; profes- 
sor, law of wills and trusts, Cleveland law 
school; member Delta Theta Phi fraternity; 
Masonic lodge; K. of P. Residence: 7212 Clln- 
ton-ave. Office: Engineers Bldg. 

DE KAISER, Jacob, lawyer; born, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., Feb. 22, 1878; son Hyman and 
Rachel (Margolis) De Kaiser; educated. 
Western Reserve Univ., LL.B., 1899; married, 
Cleveland, Dec. 12, 1918 to Mildred M. Rahr, 
member Naval Reserves, Cuyahoga County; 
War board. No. 2; director The Wilson Rubber 
Co., Cleveland Securities Co. and Frankel 
Chevrolet Co.; member I. O. B .B., No. 16; 
K. P. Deak lodge; Chamber of Commerce; 
Beachmont Country club. Recreation: hand- 
ball, golf, horseback riding, fishing, motor- 
ing and swimming. Residence: 2438 Euclid- 
blvd. Office: 1225 Guarantee Title Bldg. 

DEMING, Barton R., real estate; born, 
Windsor, Ont.; son Hubert V. and Susan (Wi- 
gle) Deming; educated, public and high 
schools of Sarnia, Ont.; married, Chicago, 
111., July 8, 1908 to Helen A. Rice — children, 
Elaine Allen Deming; interested in the de- 
velopment of Cleveland real estate since 
1903, principally in E. Cleveland; the Euclid 
golf neighborhood in Cleveland Hghts., hav- 
ing a large acreage bought from J. D. Rocke- 
feller in 1913; pres. B. R. Deming Co.; mem- 
ber Shaker Hghts. Country and Cleveland 
Athletic clubs; Chamber of Commerce; 
Cleveland Real Estate board. Office: 505 
Bangor Bldg. 

DEMING, Helen Rice, born, Chicago, 111.; 
daughter I. J. and Eliza (Allen) Rice; edu- 
cated, Univ. of Mich., B. L. ; post graduate 
course at Univ. of C^hicago; married, Chi- 
cago, July 8, 1908 to Barton R. Deming — 
children Elaine Allen Deming; formerly prin- 
cipal of high school at C^hampion, Mich.; 
formerly preceptress of high school at Ypsl- 
lanti, Mich.; member Women's City and Col- 
lege clubs; Univ. of Mich. Women's league. 
Residence: 2485 Fairmount-blvd. 

DeMOOY, Edward, general manager; born 
Cleveland, Jan. 24, 1881; son Cornelius and 
(Ochsner) DeMooy; educated, public schools; 
twenty years with Fairbanks Morse Co., last 
four years as Cleveland manager; vice-pres. 
and gen'l mgr. The Cleveland Motor Car Sales 
Co.; member Masonic lodge and Cleveland 
Athletic Club. Residence: 1212 Manor Park, 
Lakewood, O. Office: Prospect-ave. at E. 
40th St. 

DEMPSEY,. John Bonrne, lawyer; born, 
Cleveland, Sept. 26, 1888: son James H. and 
Emma N. (Bourne) Dempsey; educated, Yale 
college, B. A., 1911; Harvard law school, 
LL.B., cum laude, 1915; Yale Univ., M. A., 
1915; private Troop A, 1st Ohio Cav., Mexi- 
can Border service; world war, capt. 323rd 
F. A.; overseas service; member Ohio House 
of Representatives, 1923-1924 and 1925-1926; 
associated with law firm Squire, Sanders and 
Dempsey, since 1915; director The Bourne 
Fuller Co. and The Cleveland Varnish Co.; 
member Cleveland, Ohio and American Bar 
assns.; trustee University school and trustee 
Lake View Cemetery assn.; member Union, 
Tavern, University, Country, Chagrin Valley 
Hunt and Klrtland Country clubs; also Yale 



club of New York. Residence: 12814 Lake Co., 1918-1923. Residence: IIGOO Ablewhlte- 
Shore-blvd. Office: 1857 Union Trust Bldg. ave. 

DEIVNISON, Marion Beckley, born, Cleve- 

Helen C. Denison; comptroller Cleveland ^^f"'=""?."«;r^IPvVlVnrt School o^ Educa- 

avi.«t Pr. •>v TViA Tnvptt On • vipp-nrp^ Alumnae assn., Cleveiana bcnooi or ii,uut,j. 

1 rust Co., d lectoi The l^ovett Co. vice-pres. . ^ Normal Alumnae assn.; sec. West 

Cleveland Chapter Ohio assn. of bank audi- gj^^' y W C A Auxiliary, 1912; recording 

tors; member Lakewood Masonic lodge No. ^^^ Western Reserve Chapter, D. A. R. ; mem- 

601; Cunningham Chapter; Lakewood Coun- ^ier Women's club; great great grandfather, 

try club. Recreation: golf. Residence: Stop josiah Barber was first mayor of Ohio City, 

32 Lake-rd., Bay Village, O. Office: Cleve- 1336 and one of the first Judges of Ohio City; 

land Trust Co. (Main Office). he was one of the founders of St. Johns Epis- 

np^xisoiv riiffni. I.Pmuei inve«?tment copal church, the oldest church organization 

DEMSON. (-^inton L,emiiel, investment Cleveland. Recreation: books, music, golf, 

banker; born, Cleveland, Feb. 9, 1886, son j^esidence: 1446 Rosewood-ave., Lakewood, O. 

Lemuel Taylor and Sarah Louise (Fuller) . , , . 

Denison; educated. University school, 1902; DENTON, Hal P.. writer and lecturer; 

Case School of Applied Science, 1906, bache- born, Chardon, O., Sept. 19, 1866; son Richard 

lor of science in Mechanical Engineering; Evert and Lydia Eliza (Pomeroy) Denton; 

Coast Artillery School, Fortress Monroe, Va.; left public schools in Chardon when 10 years 

with Murfey, Blossom, Morris & Co.; pres. ^j^j ^nd learned printers trade; married, 

Phi Delta Theta Club Co.; director The 103rd Washington D. C, Sept. 28, 1912 to Eliza 

O. V. I. Co.; treas. Bond club of Cleveland; Russell Peachy— children, Anne Meem Peachy 

member Phi Delta Theta fraternity; Xangi Benton; in 1886 Mr. Denton founded the 

society; University, Cleveland Athletic and Qeauga' Democratic Record in Chardon, the 

Country clubs. Recreation: baseball and ^j-g^ Democratic newspaper in Geauga coun- 

golf. Residence: 3813 Euclid-ave. ^y. jn ijjsg he was connected with the Cleve- 

DRNISON G<>orere Weslev manufacturer of la"^ Sun and Voice and the Cleveland Daily 

ut^xinuss, i^eoTge wesiey, manuraciurer 01 member editorial staff of Cleveland 

brick and tile; born, Mt. Gilead, O., Sept. 3. 5^" - x^orld in its early day-s devoting his 

1886; son William D. and Rose (Trone) Deni- ^^J^fngs to state and national politics. In 

son; educated Delaware, O., high school; ^gg^ became member of staff New York 

Culver Military Academy; married. Bay Vil- -rvorld- in 1895 night editor New York 

lage, O., Sept. 2, 1916 to Miriam Ellinwood— pj-gss-' teturnMng to World was sent to 

children, Norman Ellinwood and Richard Washington as correspondent, where at var- 

Trone Denison; business production of clay j^^g times he represented the World, The 

products; vice-pres. and gen. mgr. The Ohio ^ York Morning Journal (now the New 

"- ^T-ii >; A^- ooon 1? J during a consiaeraoie pan 01 ma a\.a,y ik 

Bay Village, O. Office 8829 Broadway. Washfngton was the accredited official rep- 

DENISON, Miriam Ellinwood, born, Cleve- resentatiye in America of the Mexican Her- 

land, June 4, 1892; danght 
Anna T. (Williams) Ell 

ter (Carroll' B and aid, official organ of President Diaz at the 

inwood educated Mexican capital; in 1899 was chief of the 

voc^a,- ^rfiw«' department of publicity and promotion of 

i^: ^sl'^t\.?:^lfr'o.\Ts^L''ior.^ ^ri^Sif^ia£-^^I^c^n^Sd 

Hathaway Brown Alumnae assn.; Y. W C A.; ^^^use o^ the Ma'ne disaster, ^accompanied 

Women's City club. Residence: Bay Village, Ernpero" Kaiser Wilhelm, and at the time 

'-'• head of the Germany Navy, on his entour- 

DENISON, Robert Fuller, attorney; born, age of America, and was with Professor 

Cleveland, Jan. 4, 1876; son Lemuel Taylor Samuel Langley when the latter made his 

and Sarah Louise (Fuller) Denison; educated, first attempt to flv with his machine; in 

Williams college, A. B., 1897; Columbia law various campaigns he traveled with McKin- 

school, LL.B., 1900; married, Ossining, N. Y., ley, Roosevelt, Taft, Bryan and Hiram John- 

Oct. 11, 1899 to Elizabeth Brainerd Thomson son; in 1906 he edited the Savannah (Ga.) 

• — children, Robert Borodel and Elizabeth St. Morning News; in 1912 confidential advisor to 

John Denison; member firm Squire, Sanders Gov. Judson Harmon, of Ohio, and in charge 

& Dempsey; author Manuel for Municipal of his national headquarters in Washington 

Bonds; member Phi Delta Theta, Phi Beta and at the Baltimore convention when a 

Kappa and Phi Delta Phi fraternities; Gar- candidate for nomination for president; later 

goyle society; Union, University, Canterbury jn the year, at the personal solicitation of 

and Country clubs; Williams club. New York, former President Roosevelt, he handled the 

Residence: 2873 North Park Blvd. Office: publicitv for the Bull Moose campaign in Illi- 

1857 Union Trust Bldg. nois; during the campaign of 1908 chief edl- 

eux' Dennis; technician in engineering dept. York; Adventurers' and Press clubs Chl- 
National Lamp Works of General Electric cago; Press club, Pittsburgh and Kiwanis 



club, Cleveland. Residence: 2769 Lancashire Residence: 2313 Bellfleld-ave. Office: 546 Rose 

rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: Federal Reserve Bldg. 

Bank Bldg., Chicago, IlL deSAUZEJ, E:mile Blals, director of foreign 

DePODE.STA, ^VilIiam Aneafitin, art book- languages; born. Tours, France, Dec. 7, 1878; 
binder; born, Dublin, Ireland, Nov. 16, 1866; son Eugene E. and Marie (Beaubeau) de- 
son John M. and Anna (Boyce) dePodesta; ed- Sauze; educated, Montmorillon College, Univ. 
ucated, Kildare Street school, St. Stephen's of Poitiers, St. Joseph's college, Philadelphia, 
school and Trinity college, Dublin, Ireland; B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; resided and studied in Eng- 
married, Cleveland, Nov. 1916 to Mary Goode; land and Germany; married, France, 1902 to 
world war, served with Canadians in train- Melanie Philips — children, one; member of ex- 
Ing, Windsor, Nova Scotia; eleven months ecutive committee Liberty Loan organization; 
overseas in the Sixth Dragon Guards (British head of department Romance Languages 
Army), 1st lieut.; active service Italian Temple Univ. Philadelphia 1906-1916; pro- 
front; received D. S. O., Italian de la Guerre, fessor Romance language department Univ. 
Victory and Service medals designed and of Penn. 1916-1918; director of foreign 
tooled handsome books in London, Paris, languages, Cleveland 1918 — director of the 
New York and Cleveland; prices as high as school of modern languages conducted by 
$1000 for single volume; a prominent amateur Western Reserve Univ. and Cleveland School 
athlete; held several world's long distant, of Education 1918 — director of the Cleveland 
running records; Irish cross country cham- Maison Francaise; editor-in-chief Foreign 
pionship; New England three miles champion; Language series, John C. Winston Co. Phil- 
also won a great many other races; superin- adelphia; president National Federation of 
tendent Dollard & Son, Dublin, Edwin Ives Modern Language Teachers in United States; 
& Sons, New York, National Publishing Co., member Classical and Archeological 
Phila., Warner Co. Akron, O., and Forest assn. ; nationally known as an authority on 
City IJookbinding Co., Cleveland; proprietor the pedagogy of foreign language; contri- 
W. A. dePodesta Art Book Binder; member buted many articles on the subject to pro- 
Templer lodge No. 203 F. & A. M., New York; fessional reviews; author of a series of text- 
British Legion; British Great War Veterans books widely used in American high schools 
of America; Cleveland Chamber of Com- and colleges; member of Sigma Pi Delta fra- 
merce; amateur athlete member of Hadding- ternity, and City club. Recreation: golf, 
ton. Metropolitan and County Dublin har- Residence: 1852 E. lOlst-st. Office: Cleveland 
riers; London, Manhattan, Knickerbocker and Board of Education. 

New York Athletic clubs. Recreation: goif, „ „ 

swimming and rowing; running and boxing DESBERG, Frederick, attorney-at-law; gen. 

some years past. Residence: 2069 E. 69th-st. mgr.; born. Wheeling, W. Va., May 22, 1883; 

Office: 421-422 Caxton Bldg. " son Louis S. and Nancy (Sondheimer) Des- 

»^ «,T-.r w ^ »^ ,. f-, ^- ^ • • i. berg; educated, public schools of Cleveland; 

»e P^Y, Irving Aewton, Baptist minister; western Reserve Univ.; Franklin T. Backaus 

L"^^^?,o^^^'®»= married, Chicago, 111., Sept. q^jo Theatres, past five years; sec. Cuyahoga 

29, 1913 to Annie Imgle— children, Newton Mortgage Co., Geltman Sponging Co. and AL 

S:.,?enry C. and Robert W.DePuy; pastor e. Lazarus Co.; pres. Improved Cloth Spong- 

>Yil'^^^«^^^- Baptist church, Rochester, N. Y., jng Co.; director Superior Walnut Company, 

IPJ'll^i' Baptist church, Marshall Mich., Huron Road Co., Grace Ella Realty Co. and 

J?,^*"^A\*l= ^^'^Y^"^"', Baptist church, Chicago, Thor Realty Co.; member Cleveland and Ohio 

111.. 1910-1914; Lakewood Baptist church, gtate Bar assns.; trustee Euclid-ave. Temple; 

Lakewood. 1914-1926; now pastor Linden Ave. member Excelsior and Oakwood Country 

Baptist Church of Dayton, O.; trustee Cleve- clubs. Recreation: golf and hand ball. Resi- 

land Baptist assn., pres., 1924-1925. Resi- dence: 11115 Wade Park-ave. Office: 1515 

dence: 1423 Lincoln-ave., Lakewood. Office: Euclid-ave. 
Lakewood Baptist church, Lakewood. 

„ ,„ „ ^.. . , ^, DETTELBACK, Benjamin, locomotive en- 

PF 1.9^ 'o?**??^T'*' architect; born. Cleve- gineer; born, Sandusky, O., 1854; son S. and 

3, 1910 to Carlotta Krause — children. Max and 
Use Dercum; member of firm, Dercum & DETTLING, Fred, pres.; born, Akron, O.. 
Beer, architects; member Cleveland chapter jujy 12, 1888; son John and Elisabeth (Bot- 
American Institute of Architects; Athletic zum) Dettling; educated, St Josephs Semin- 
club. Residence: 1956 West-blvd. Office: ary; Akron high school; Cani.sius college; 
4500 Euclid-ave. married, Akron, O., Nov. 20, 1909 to Ruth 
m7<DGUTUE^D -c^^A^^s^t^ xxT^ -rvV, va ir. I a Ti • J- Howland — childTeu, Randalin and Nancy 
DERSHI3IER, Frederick Wm.. physician j^e^^ling; pres. Cleveland Rubber Clearing 
born, Beaver Falls, Pa., Apr. 16, 1890; son House Co.; member Portage Country and 
W. S. and Agnes R. (Evarts) Dershimer; edu- Cedarhurst Country clubs. Residence: 1835 
cated, Geneva college two years; Jefferson Windermere, E. Cleveland. Office: 4504 Pros- 
Medical college, Philadelphia, M.D. ; post ^^nt ave 
graduate work at Johns Hopkins Univ.; mar- ^ 

ried, Cleveland, to Norma Patton Leitch; DEUTSCH, Raymond, manufacturer; born, 

formerly Senior State director of Internation- Cleveland, Jan. 1, 1883; son Adolphe S. and 

al Health Board of the Rockefeller Founda- Estelle (Meyer) Deutsch; educated, Cleveland 

tion; Service in British Guiana, Trinidad public schools; Cornell Univ.; married, Cleve- 

and Alabama; private practice; member land, Dec. 27, 1906 to Ethel Shrier — children, 

Cleveland Academy of Medicine; Ohio State Elizabeth and Jane Deutsch; treas. Monarch 

Medical assn.; American Medical assn.; ad- Aluminum Ware Co.; director The Republic 

visory director Industrial section of National Brass Co. and The Guardian Lock Wheel Co.; 

Organization for public health nursing; asst. member Excelsior. Oakwood and Cornell 

visiting physician at St. Vincent's Charity clubs. Residence: 1397 East-blvd. Office: 

hospital, neuropsychotrlc and medical clinics. 4613 Payne-ave. 



DeVENNE3, John Clarence, pres,; born, 
Youngstown, O., April 21, 1889; son John and 
Mary A. (Jones) DeVenne; educated, Adel- 
bert college, W. R. U. ; married, Cleveland 
Feb. 3, 1916 to Willmetta H. Smith — children, 
Jane Elizabeth, John Werner and Patricia 
Ann DeVenne; pres. Cleveland Cartage Co.; 
sec. The Werner G. Smith Co.; member Delta 
Upsllon fraternity. Residence: 1230 Overlook- 
rd., Lakewood. Office: 1725 E. 24th-st. 

DEWALD, Louise, commissioner of City 
Cemeteries; born, Cleveland, Nov. 3, 1877; 
daughter William and Catherine (Klump) De- 
wald; educated. Cleveland public schools; 
started clerical work in Cemetery dept. June 
1, 1900; later as secy, supervisor and at pres- 
ent commissioner; served continuously under 
Mayors John Farley, Tom L. Johnson, New- 
ton D. Baker, Herman Baehr, Harry L. Davis, 
Wm. Fitzgerald, Fred Kohler, and City Man- 
ager Wm. R. Hopkins; member Altrusa, Busi- 
ness Women's and Women's City clubs. Rec- 
reations: baseball and golf. Residence: Suite 
No. 701 The Commodore Apts. Office: Wood- 
land Cemetery. 

DEWEY, Daniel, manufacturer; born, T\'or- 
cester, Mass., Oct. 12, 1899; son John C. 
and Sarah B. Dewey; educated, Williams col- 
lege A.B. ; married, Cleveland, Jan. 6, 1923 
to Edith Ide French — children, Daniel Dewey, 
Jr. and Joseph Eaton; world war, seaman, U. 
S. N. R. Residence: 2211 Delaware-rd. Of- 
fice: 799 E. 140th-st. 

DEWEY, Edith French, born, Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y., July 15, 1900; daughter Joseph 
Oriel and Edith (Ide) Eaton; educated, Hath- 
away-Brown school; Bennett School, Mill- 
brook, N. Y ; Deverell school. New York City; 
married, Cleveland, Jan. 6, 1923 to Daniel 
Dewey — children, Daniel Dewey, Jr. and Jo- 
seph Eaton Dewey. Residence: 2211 Dela- 

DEWEY, Edward N., real estate and In- 
surance; born, Cleveland, Nov. 5, 1873; eon 
J. W. and Elizabeth (Nettleton) Dewey; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Jan. 25, 1889 to Mabel Dam- 
son; member Cleveland Athletic and Shaker 
clubs. Residence: 2270 Bellfield-ave. Office: 
1612 Union Trust Bldg. 

DEWEY, Kirk Martin, pastor; born, Ft. 
Madison, la., Sept. 9, 1897; son Siar B. and 
Olga (Kirk) Dewey; educated, Denmark Acad- 
emy high school; Iowa state college, B. S.; 
graduate School of Theology, Oberlin, O ; 
married, Springfield, S. D., July 11, 1922 to 
Grace Gray Thomas; world war, S. A. T. C. 
at Ames, Iowa; pastor Brooklyn Heights 
church since Jan.. 1926; director of religious 
education, Brooklyn Hghts, May 1924 to Jan. 
1926; 1920-1923, chief chemist Iowa High- 
way Commission; member Tau Beta Pi 
(honorary engineering). Phi Lambra Up- 
silon (honorary chemical) and Phi Kappa Phi 
(honorary scientific) fraternities. Recrea- 
tion: tennis. Residence: 1726 Shaaf-rd. 

DeWITT, Carl J., sales mgr. and sec; born, 
Cleveland, Aug. 29, 1889; son John H. and M. 
A. (Kelso) DeWitt; educated, Cleveland; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Aug. 29, 1918 to Dorothy O. 
Tettelbach — children, two; served In world 
war; secy. Folberth Inc.; member Masonic 
lodge; Rotary, Cleveland Athletic, Cleveland 
Advertising and Cleveland Yachting clubs; 
Chamber of Industry. Residence: Olmsted 
Falls. O. Office: 7914-22 Lake-ave. 

DeWITT. Clinton, lawyer; born, Cleveland, 
Nov. 15, 1888; son Thomas M. and Julia T. 
(Thompson) DeWitt; educated, Western Re- 
serve Univ., 1910, A.B. ; Law School. 1912, 
LL. B.; married, Cleveland, Nov. 17, 1914 to 
Margaret W. W^alton; member of law firm 
of Simmons, DeWitt & Vilas; professor of 

law. Western Reserve Univ.; trustee Associ- 
ated Charities; trustee and treas. Legal Aid 
Society; member Order of Coif; Delta Kappa 
Epilson and Phi Delta Phi fraternities; Her- 
mit, Mayfleld. University and Rowfant clubs. 
Residence: 2260 Chatfield-dr. Office: 806 
Fidelity Mortgage Bldg. 

DEXTER, Richard, physician; born, Boston, 
Mass., Sept. 19, 1878; son Charles Warner and 
Sarah E. (Colby) Dexter; educated. Harvard 
college. 1901. A.B.; Harvard Medical school. 
M.D. 1905; married, April 3, 1926 to Mrs. 
Bertha Ornsten; served in France with Lake- 
side unit May 1917; lieut. M.R.C.U.S.A.; served 
with this unit till Apr. 1918; was then trans- 
ferred to A.E.F. and became consultant In 
warfare gas poisoning with special duty with 
1st Army A.E.F. during St. Mihiel and Ar- 
gonne battles; promoted to capt. Dec. 1917; 
major, Aug. 1918; lieut. colonel, Sept. 1918; 
discharged from service Feb. 1919; served as 
interne Mass. General Hospital 1905-1906; 
studied in Europe 1906-1907; taught in Har- 
vard Medical school and practiced in Boston 
1907-1908; asst. resident in Medicine Lake- 
side hospital, Cleveland, 1908; taught in West- 
ern Reserve Medical school at various times 
1909-1917; on staff of Lakeside hospital, or 
staff at Cleveland City hospital until 1920 
director of the medical service St. Alexis hos- 
pital; fellow American Medical assn.; on board 
of directors Cleveland Academy of Medicine; 
member executive committee of staff of St. 
Alexis hospital, trustee Cleveland Medical 
library assn ; member Tavern and Mayfleld 
Country clubs; Harvard club of Boston; Har- 
vard club of New York City. Recreations: 
golf, swimming and motoring. Residence: 
3110 Warrington-rd. Office: 2417 Prospect- 

DIBRELIi, Warren, W., builder; born, Se- 
guin, Texas, Sept. 6, 1889; son W. C. and 
Ruth (Eblen) Dibrell; educated, Univ. of 
Texas, C. E. class of 1911; married, Buffalo, 
N. Y., May 21, 1919 to Josephine Fuller — 
children, one; chief estimating dept. U. S. 
Housing Corp. Washington, D. C. ; member 
adjustment committee U. S. Housing Corpn. 
in settlement of cancelled contracts after the 
Armistice; pres. The Cowell Dibrell Co.; mem- 
ber Masonic lodge; 32nd degree: affiliated 
with Galveston, Texas bodies; Shrine, El 
Mlna, Galveston, Texas; High Noon, Silver 
Lake country clubs, and Chamber of Com- 
merce. Residence: 3125 E. Derbyshire-rd. 
Office: Chamber of Commerce. 

DICK, Alexander C, atty. ; born, Union, S 
C, Apr. 22, 1893; son Leonard White and Re- 
becca Holmes (Blandlng) Dick; educated, 
Charleston college. Charleston. S. C. B.A.; 
Oxford Univ. B.A. and Bachelor of Civil Law; 
world war, second and first lieut. 53rd In- 
fantry, 6th division, A.E.F. second in com- 
mand Company "M" Pershing's Guard Regi- 
ment; associated with Thompson, Hlne & 
Flory. attorneys-at-law; member Kappa Al- 
pha fraternity, (Southern); Univer.iity club. 
Residence: 2627 Idlewood-rd. Office: 1123 
Guardian Bldg. 

DICKENS-LEWIS, W 111 lam Frederick, cler- 
gyman; born, Shrewsbury, Eng., Dec. 20, 
1876; son Rev. William and Cella (Edwards) 
Dickens-Lewis; educated Shrewsbury schools; 
Lake Forest college, 111, A.B., awarded Mc- 
Clure gold medal; Princeton Theological 
seminary, M.A., awarded Carter Hebrew 
prize; Hanover college, D.D.; married, 
Wilmington, Del., June 1899 to Blanche Wil- 
dln; ex-pres. Hancock County chapter Amer- 
ican Red Cross; former member Central 
committee Liberty Loan for North Western 
Ohio; supt. Welfare work for American 
prisoners of war landed at Leith, Scotland. 
1919; acting: army chaplain for A. £. P. 



brigade with Scottish troops in Scotland, 
1918-1919; supt. Am. Y. M. C. A. for 8th 
military area including Scotland and North 
Ireland with headquarters in Edinburgh, 
Scotland, 1918; In France, 1919; was present 
at last bombardment of London by German 
Gothas, May 1918; ordained Presbyterian 
minister by Presbytery of New Castle, May, 
1898; served as minister of the Westminster 
church, Wilmington, Del., 15 years; Fifth 
church, Kansas City, two years; First 
church, Findlay, O.. six y^ars; now minister 
of Cleveland Heights church; founder with 
Bishop Leighton Coleman, of Delaware, of 
"The Transatlantic Society of America;" 
translator of the Welch Mss. of the Historical 
Society of Delaware; moderator of the 
Synod of New Castle, 1899; moderator of 
Presbytery of Cleveland, 1924-1925; commis- 
sioner to General assembly at Grand Rapids, 
1923 and at Winona Lake, 1897; del. to Pan. 
Presbyterian Council, Cardiff, Wales, June 
1925; representative twice of the Trans- 
atlantic Society to the Atlantic Union of 
London; has crossed the Atlantic 57 times; 
has contributed articles of historical re- 
search to various papers and magazines; his 
poems have also appeared in New York 
Observer, The London Spectator and The 
Glasgow Herald; nearly lost his life on 
wedding tour on the Glacier des Boissons, 
Switzerland, when the rope broke and he fell 
into a crevasse from which he was rescued; 
member of several professional associations 
at home and abroad; former trustee Indus- 
trial Schools for Girls, Wilmington, Del.; 
former trustee Free Library Board, Wil- 
mington, Del.; member and chaplain Heights 
Blue lodge; lionorary member Omar lodge and 
several Scottish lodges; member K. T.; 
Heights Commandery; Woodland Council; 
Friars; City, High Noon, St. David's and 
Findlay Country clubs; hon. member New 
club., Edinburgh. Recreation; golf, mountain 
climbing and sea voyages. Residence: 2877 
Hampshire - rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
Cleveland Heights Presbyterian Church. 

DICKEY, Alvin Oyer, attorney, born, Mer- 
cerville, O., July 8, 1877; son Elza and Viola 
(Caldwell) Dickey; educated, Ohio Northern 
Univ. B.S. : married, Galllpolis, O., Dec. 1903 
to Emma Weihe — children, Carl, Louise and 
Paul Dickey; prosecuting attorney Gallion 
Co. Ohio 1906-1911; special counsel office of 
attorney general of Ohio 1915 and 1916; mem- 
ber Knights of Pythias; B.P.O.E. Residence: 
1531 Marlowes-ave., Lakewood. Office: 1305 
308 Euclid-ave. Bldg. 

DICKEY, Helen Cutler, born. Fort Wayne, 
Ind., March 21, 1886; daughter Samuel and 
Ella (Dickerson) Cutler; educated, Louisville 
Girls high school, 1905; Lake Forest college, 
1908, A.B.; married, Brooklyn, N. Y., May 
19, 1909 to Lincoln G. Dickey — children, Lin- 
coln Cutler, Margaret Jane and Patricia Ann 
Dickey; treas. College club; chairman of Stu- 
dent and Junior sections of Fortnightly Musi- 
cal club; member of College, Fortnightly 
Musical and Women's City clubs. Residence: 
3093 Huntington-rd. 

DICKEY, Lincoln Griffith, manager Public 
Auditorium; born. Auburn, Neb., Sept. 16, 
1884; son S. C. and Elizabeth A. (Reid) 
Dickey; educated. Manual Training school 
Indianapolis, Ind.; Lake Forest college, 
1908, A.B.; married, Brooklyn, N. Y., 
May 19, 1909, to Helen Mary Cutler— children, 
Lincoln Cutler, Margaret Jane and Patricia 
Ann Dickey; department public informa- 
tion as program director United States 
and Allied Government's War Exposi- 
tions; program director and assistant general 
mgr. Winona assembly at Winona Lake. Ind.; 
general supt. Redpath Chautauquas; mgr. 
Cleveland Adv. club; vice pres. Coit-Alber 

Chautauquas; business mgr. Cleveland Orches- 
tra; mgr. Public Auditorium; director Singers 
club; member Masonic Blue lodge; Chapter; 
Council; Commandery; Grotto; Cedars; 
Shrine; Chamber of Commerce; Advertising, 
Rotary, Hermit and Chagrin Valley Country 
clubs. Recreations: golf, bowling, baseball, 
football. Residence: 3093 Huntington-rd. 
Office: Public Auditorium. 

DICKEY, Saninel 8., principal of Junior 
High School; horn, Chippewa Lake, O., May 21, 
1894; son John F. and Alpha R. (Bliler) 
Dickey; educated Leroy high school, 1911; 
Wooster college, 1916, Ph.B. ; Teacher's college 
Columbia Univ. M.A. 1924; married, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., June 11, 1920 to Nellie Turner 
Souder; republican; pres. West Side Com- 
munity Welfare council, capt. of Community 
chest team on West Side; teacher and athletic 
coach Berea high school, two years; athletic 
coach Camden Junior school, Camden, N. J. 
1919-20; principal Berea Junior high school 
1920-22; supt. Berea public schools 1921-23; 
picnic director for Cleveland Recreation 
Council, summer 1925 and 192G; asst. princi- 
pal West Tech high school, 1923-24; princi- 
pal Detroit Jr. High school 1924 to present 
time; district school teacher Medina Co. 1912- 
13; director and pres. of Auxiliary board 
of directors of Midwest Savings & Loan 
ber of I. O. O. F. ; elective vice-pres. Lincoln 
club of Lakewood Congregation Church, 
Lakewood, O. ; Wooster Alumni assn of 
Cleveland. Recreation: athletics, baseball, 
bowling. Residence: 1531 Westwood-ave. Of- 
fice: Detroit Jr. High School, W. 49th at 

DICKEY, William H., life insurance; born, 
Pittsburgh, Pa., March 14, 1890; son Daniel 
D. and Helen Ray (Hamilton) Dickey; edu- 
cated, University school; Princeton Univ. 
A.B. ; married, Cleveland, May 27, 1916 to 
Bessie Cameron — children, Daniel D. and 
Mildred C. Dickey; representative of the New 
England Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Boston 
with McNutt & Ferris; member Hermit and 
Kirtland Country clubs. Residence: 2827 
Scarborough-rd. Office: 710 Bulkley Bldg. 

DIERDORFF, Percy C. mgr.; born, Colum- 
bus, O., May 18, 1880; son H. B. and Charlotte 
(Miller) Dierdorff; educated, Ohio State 
Univ.; married, Mansfield, O., Dec. 25, 1905 to 
Florence R. Thomas — children, H. Beecher 
Dierdorff; twenty three years with Jeffrey 
Mfg. Co. in engineering and sales; one year 
with Morrow Mfg. Co., Wellston O. as chief 
engineer and sales mgr.; one year with Cas- 
paris Stone Co. Columbus, O. chief engineer; 
member of Elks; Masonic lodge and 
Shrine; Cleveland Athletic club. Residence: 
1083 Abbieshire-ave.. Lakewood. Office: 1008 
Keith Bdlg. 

DIETZ, David Henry, science editor; born, 
Cleveland, Oct. 6, 1897; son Henry W. and 
Hannah (Levy) Dietz; educated Western 
Reserve Univ. 1919; married, Cleveland, Sept. 
26, 1918 to Dorothy B. Cohen — children, Doris 
Jeanne Dietz; world war, enlisted in Company 
A, S.A.T.C. unit at Western Reserve Univ. 
Oct. 1, 1918; mustered out of service Dec. 
13, 1918; became a member of editorial staff 
of Cleveland Press while a freshman at col- 
lege; continued with The Press during col- 
lege work and has been member of staff 
ever since, assuming duties of science editor 
for The Press and other newspapers of the 
Scripps-Howard group in 1921; in 1923 made 
a special trip to Europe to attend scientific 
meetings at London, Paris, Liverpool and 
other cities; at present, in addition to other 
duties, writing a daily science column under 
the title of "The Last Frontier" which is 
syndicated to 500 newspapers by NEA ser- 
vice; has lectured upon science before busi- 



ness men's clubs In many cities; dolner such 
lecturing at present under management of 
Louis J. Alber, lecture bureau; author of a 
number of magazine articles on scientific 
subjects; feliow Royal Astronomical Society; 
member, American Assn. for the Advance- 
ment of Science; British Assn. for the Ad- 
vancement of Science; British Astronomical 
assn.: Societe Astronomique De France; As- 
tronomical Society of the Pacific, Ohio Acad- 
emy of Scit-nce, and Cleveland Astronomical 
society; trustee of Council Educational Alli- 
ance, 1924; member and former secy, of Lin- 
coln Memorial Commission of Greater Cleve- 
land; member Sigma Delta Chi and Zeta Beta 
Tau fraternities: City and K. (W.R.U.) clubs. 
Kecreations: tenni.s and music (having studied 
violin under Charles Rychlik and harmony 
with Prof. Clemens). Residence: 1146 Cleve- 
land Hghts-blvd. Office: Cleveland Press. 

DILLEY, A. Vernon, merchant; born, Hub- 
bard, O., 1878; son C. Layfette and Mary 
(Kelly) Dilley; married, Chicago, 111., 1908 to 
Helen Chamberlin — children, Robert Vernon 
and Donald Chamberlin Dilley; vice pres. Lind- 
ner Coy.; member of Cleveland Athletic, Sleepy 
Hollow and Advertising clubs; Chamber of 
Commerce. Residence: 2678 Derbyshire-rd. 
Summer residence: 15 Hurst-ave., Chautauqua, 
N. Y. Office: The Lindner Coy. 

DILLOX, Andrew Duty, attache U. S. Court, 
Cleveland; born, Warrensville, O., Sept. 2, 
1846; son David and Nancy (Sickles) Dillon; 
educated in rural schools at Warrensville, 
O. ; married, Cleveland, 1896 to Fannie Eliza- 
beth Haslem — children, David A. and Harry 
E. Dillon; in 1862, at age of fifteen enlisted 
at Cleveland in Company D, 103rd O.V.L; 
served until close of the war; wounded 
twice; left as dead at battle at Resacca, Ga. ; 
trustee of Memorial Day assn.; member Me- 
morial Post. G.A.R. and Early Settler's assn. 
Office: 338 Federal Bldg. 

DILLOV, James Kelly, division passenger 
agent: born, Pittsburgh, Pa. Oct. 25, 1860; 
son of Levi and Eliza Ann (Kelly) Dillon; 
educated, public schools of Pittsburgh, Pa.; 
married, Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 5, 1896 to Edna 
Virginia Jack — children, James Edward Dil- 
lon, Jr.; division passenger agent Pennsyl- 
vania RR Co.; entered service with P.R.R. 
Oct. 1, 1879 as clerk, picked up stenography 
and acted in that capacity to chief asst. gen. 
pass. agt. four years; made asst. chief clerk 
and appointed district passenger agent Pitts- 
burgh, June 1897; promoted to division pas- 
senger agent at Cleveland, Apr. 1, 1907; mem- 
ber Knights Templar; Cleveland Traffic club, 
Mid-Day club; Cleveland Chamber of Com- 
merce; connected with pasenger dept. P.R.R. 
for 46 years. Recreations: suburban home In- 
terests. Residence: 2673 Scarborough-rd. 
West, Cleveland Hghts. Office: 756 Union 
Trust Bldg. 

DIXGI.E. Bdith Tnreff, born, Cleveland, 
Nov. 28, 1889; daughter George L. and Laura 
L. (Tureff) Weiss; educated, Hathaway 
Brown, and Briarcliffe schools; married, 
Cleveland, June 9, 1914 to Howard Dingle — 
children, Janet Tureff, Laura Elizabeth and 
John Rogers Dingle; member Women's City 
club. Residence: 2699 W. Scarborough-rd., 
Cleveland Hghts. 

DIXGLE, Hoivnrd, born, Ashbury Park, 
N. J., Aug. 21, 1883; son John S. and Abble 
C. (Rodgers) Dingle; educated, Cornell Univ. 
M.E.; married, Cleveland, June 9, 1914 to 
Edith Tureff Weiss — children, Janet, Laura 
and John Rodgers Dingle; chairman indus- 
trial division Cleveland (Community Fund; 
vice pres. and genl. mgr. Cleveland Worm & 
Gear Co., secy, and treas. Dingle-Clark Co.; 
member American Institute Electrical En- 

gineers, Society Automotive Engineers; trus- 
tee W.C.T.U. ; member Phi Kappa Sigma and 
Sigma Xi fraternities; University, Canterbury, 
and Dover Bay Country clubs. Recreation: 
golf. Residence: 2699 W. Scarborough-rd. 
Office: 3249 E. 80th-st. 

DIN'SMORE. Robert A., dentist; born, Wash- 
ington, Pa.; educated, Pennsylvania; married, 
Cleveland, 1891, to Trypliene Greene; member 
Troop A 1892-97. Residence: Gates Mill, O. 
Office: 915 Smythe Bldg. 

I>IPPEl., Arthur I^nwrence, physician; born, 
Cleveland, Nov. 13, 1890; son William Henry 
and Mary (Hauptman) Dippel; educated, 
Adelbert college, 1913. A.B.; School of Medi- 
cine W.R.U. 1916, M.D.; married, Cleveland, 
Sept. 15, 1920 to Susan J. Bagnall — children, 
one; world war, 1st lieut. medical corps, 82nd 
division; fellow of the Academy of Medicine 
Cleveland, O. ; member Phi Chi medical fra- 
ternity and Independent Order of Foresters. 
Residence: 5821 Cable-ave. Office: 5601 

DISBROW, Charles \V., teacher; born, Ho- 
boken, N. J.; son Charles I. and Susan (Pec- 
kins) Disbrow; educated, Hamilton college, 
two years; Amherst college, 1894, B.A. ; direc- 
tor of U.S. Boys' Working Reserve in Cleve- 
land; connected with U.S. Dept. of Labor; 
secy, and treas. Gary Ranch Company, Colora- 
do; member Delta Upsilon fraternity and Uni- 
versity club. Office: East High School., 
Cleveland, O. 

DISSETTE, Edtvard "W., attorney at law- 
born, Nov. 3, 1867; son Judge Thomas K. and 
Sara Fisher; educated, public schools; Brooks 
Military Academy; (Cleveland Law school; 
Baldwin Univ.; married, Ashtabula, O., Feb. 
21, 1888 to Ruth D. Morgan — children, Ruth 
M. and Thomas K. Dissette; city claim agent, 
1895-1899; member Cleveland Gravs, 1887- 
1891; 2nd lieut. 5th Ohio Inf. 1896-1899; 
served with that regiment during 
American war as 2nd lieut.; Republican nomi- 
nee for judge of Municipal court, 1911; active- 
ly engaged in law practice since 1902; re- 
garded as authority on law of real property 
and taxation; director Macoban Realty Co. 
and Nichols Hat Co.; sec. Blaine Mining & 
Reduction Co.; member Cleveland and Ohio 
State Bar assns. ; Woodward lodge. No. 505 
F. & A. M. ; Military Order of Foreign Wars; 
United Spanish War Veterans, Cramer Camp; 
Elks; Eagles. Residence: 1782 E. 90th st. 
Office: 308-309 Ulmer Bldg. 

DITTMAR, Carl, manager; born, Jersey 
City, N. J., Nov. 5, 1885; son Joseph Edward 
and Elise C. (Gunderlock) Dittmar; married, 
Seattle, Wash., June 30, 1920 to Marion L. 
Frye; mgr. Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical 
Co.; director Stibium Products Co.; member 
American Ceramic society; American Electro 
Chemical society; Cleveland Chamber of Com- 
merce; Cleveland Art Museum; Vattier lodge 
No. 386 F. & A. M. ; Union, Cleveland Country 
and Cleveland Athletic clubs; City club, Ak- 
ron; Missouri Athletic club, St. Louis; Colum- 
bia club, Indianapolis; Business Men's and 
Maketewah Country clubs, Cincinnati, O. Rec- 
reations: golf, book collecting, Chinese porce- 
lain collecting. Residence: 13805 Shaker- 
blvd. Office: 607 Hanna Bldg. 

DOAN, Mrs. Carrie Therena Rradley Penae, 

piano merchant; born, Somers, Conn. Mar. 20, 
1841; daughter John and Laura (Woodruff) 
Bradley; educated, Somers, Conn, and New 
York City, N. Y. ; married, Somers, Conn. Nov. 
5. 1857 to H. E. Pease — children, Channing 
(deceased), Clara, Edward W., and Justin 
(deceased) Pease; married, Cleveland, July 17, 
1879 to E. W. Doan; successful as piano mer- 
chant, realtor, mortgages, stocks and bonds; 
charter member Sorosis club; active member 



M.E. church. Residence: 9605 Euclld-ave. 

DOAN, Margraret Pratt, born, Cleveland, 
Oct. 20, 1891; daughter Charles T. and 
Kate (Gleason) Pratt; married, Cleveland, 
Feb. 5, 1915 to T. H. Doan. Jr. — children, 
Margaret L. and Constance S. Doan. Resi- 
dence: 2528 Derbyshire-rd. 

DOAN, T Heberton, Jr., born, Philadelphia, 
Pa., Oct. 10. 1890; son T. H. and Martha B. 
(Snodgrass) Doan; married Cleveland, Feb. 
5, 1915 to Margaret Pratt — children, Margaret 
L. and Constance S. Doan; vlce-pres. The 
Foote-Burt Company. Residence: 2528 Derby- 
shire-rd. Office: The Foote-Burt Co. 

DODD, Edwin A., born, Cleveland, O., Nov. 
23, 1880; educated public schools; married, 
Cleveland, Sept. 25, 1906 to Julia Greene — 
children, Wallace Buckingham Dodd; vice 
pres. and genl. mgr. Perfection Stove Co.; 
secy, and treas. Dodd Co. ; director Equity Sav- 
ings & Loan Co. and Bewsick Round Fabric 
Beltg. Co;; member Union, Mid-Day and 
Shaker Hghts. County clubs. Residence: 
3012 Falrmount Blvd. Office: 7609 Platt-ave. 

DODD, Julia Greene, born, Cleveland; 
daughter John O. and Julia E. (Buckingham) 
Greene; educated, Cleveland Central high 
school; married, Cleveland, Sept. 25, 1906 to 
Edwin A. Dodd — children, Wallace B. Dodd; 
member D. A. R. ; Shaker Heights Country 
club. Residence: 3012 Falrmount blvd. 

DODGE), Clayton Thomas Jo.neph, physician; 
born, Cleveland, Aug. 8, 1890; son Joseph 
Luther and Elizabeth Sophia (Sauer) Dodge; 
educated, Ohio Wesleyan Univ. 1910-16, mag- 
na cum laude; Western Reserve Medical 
school, 1916-20, Interne at Cleveland City hos- 
pital. 1920-21; married, Cleveland, December 
31. 1914 to Ruth Christine Reed — children, 
Mary Jane and Kenneth Reed Dodge; world 
war, private S.A.T.C. W^estern Reserve Univ. 
unit; asst. in chemistry O. W. Univ. 1913-16; 
demonstrator of biochemistry W. R. Univ. 
Dental school 1917-18; junior pharmacologist 
at American University gas and chemical 
warfare work, 1918-19; demonstrator of 
anatomy, W.R.U. 1921-22; physician Collin- 
wood dispensary 1922, Euclid Village disp. 
1922-24, St. Clair disp. 1922, Wlckliffe disp. 
1922, and Babies disp. and hospital 1922; 
demonstrator pediatrics W.R.U. 1922-25, In- 
structor In pediatrics W.R.U. 1925; fellow 
Cleveland Academy of Medicine; Ohio State 
and American Medical assns. ; member Phi 
Beta Kappa, 1916, Alpha Omega Alpha, 1920, 
Alpha Kappa Kappa. Residence: 15457 Eu- 

DODGE, Samuel Donelas, attorney; born, 
Cleveland Aug. 25, 1855; son George C. and 
Lucy Amelia (Burton) Dodge; educated, Wil- 
liams college, 1877, A.B.; Columbia law school, 
1879, LL.B.; married, Cleveland, October 25, 
1882 to Jeanette M. Graff — children, Henry 
Dodge and Janet Sutherland Garfield; mem- 
ber Board of Education; Cleveland Sinking 
Fund; pres. Cleveland Humane society; asst. 
U.S. Dist. Atty. and U.S. Dist. Atty. appointed 
by Grover Cleveland; member Board of Par- 
dons State of Ohio for nine years; trustee 
Society for Savings; member Country and 
Union clubs. Office: Guardian Bldg. 

DOERFLER, Samnel, lawyer; born, Cleve- 
land, July 30, 1876; son Abraham and Bertha 
(Jaskulek) Doerfier; educated, Cleveland pub- 
lic schools; Central high school; Adelbert col- 
lege, W.R.U.; asst. prosecuting atty. Cuya- 
hoga County 1912-16; prosecuting atty. Cuya- 
hoga County 1916-20; government appeal 
agent for Cuyahoga County with jurisdiction 
over all local boards; member Oakwood Coun- 

try and Urban clubs. Residence: 1838 E. 
lOlst-st. Office: 1150 Leader News Bldg. 

DOLAN, Charlen A., clothing merchant; 
born, Ravenna, O. ; son Patrick and Bridget 
(Gillrlde) Dolan; educated, Cleveland schools; 
Spencerian business college; married, Wash- 
ington, D. C, June 9, 1897 to May Eleanor 
Barrett; Interested In civic Improvements 
especially the street llgiiting system of 
Cleveland; was chairman of old Superior- 
ave. assn. 1899, which installed first 
White Way; formerly pres. Retail Merchants 
Board Chamber of Commerce; also member 
Convention board and Municipal committee; 
for many years chairman of decoration com- 
mittee of Cleveland for city and national 
events; with Browning King & Co.; director 
Security Savings & Banking Co.; captain 
Community Fund campaign; identified with 
Charity Hospital campaign; member Cleve- 
land Athletic club. Residence: Wade Park 
Manor; Summer: 24555 Lake Shore-blvd., 
Euclid, O. Office: 419 Euclld-ave. 

D03IBEY, Clara l.« junior officer and mgr. 
"Womens Service; born, Cleveland, March 2C. 
1886; daughter Louis Dombey; educated, Lin- 
coln high school; Lafayette Institute course; 
American Institute of Banking courses; has 
been in the banking field since 1903 at which 
time she was employed with the First Natl. 
Bank of Cleveland, merged into the Union 
Trust Co., In 1922; Regional vice pres. of 
Assn. of Bank Women; director Business & 
Professional Womens club; memer of East- 
ern Star; Women's City club, and Altrusa club. 
Residence: 1194 Andrews-ave., Lakewood. 
Office: Union Trust Co. 

DOMINO, Karl Albert, born, Cleveland, Dec 
6, 1888; son G. A. and Elizabeth (Unkrlch) 
Domino; educated. Case School of Applied 
Science, 1910; B.S. In civil engineering; rnar- 
ried, Cleveland, Oct. 5. 1912 to Mlldrtd (Tal- 
houn — children, Donald Calhoun and Paul 
Albert Domino; secy, and treas. and direi-tor 
of Williams Pivot Sash Co.; treas. and direc- 
tor Oak Ridge Park Co.; member Phi Kapna 
Psi and Tau Beta PI fraternities: Cleveland 
Engineering Society; Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce; University, Rotary, Cleveland 
Athletic, Old Colony and Merchants & Manu- 
facturers clubs. Recreation: fishing. Resi- 
dence: 3326 Clarendon-rd. Office: E. 37th & 

DOMINO, Mildred Calhonn, born, Cleveland, 
Nov. 17th, 1890; daughter Albert B. and D. E. 
(McMahon) Calhoun; educated. East high 
school; College for Women, W. R. U.; married, 
Cleveland, October 5, 1912 to Kurl Albert 
Domino — children, Donald Calhoun and Paul 
Albert Domino; pres. "^'^omens Civic club of 
Cleveland Hghts.; past pres. Auxiliary club of 
Kappa Psl fraternity. Residence: 3326 

DOMLiADOVAC, Rev. Michael G., Roman 
Catholic priest; born, Croatia, Dec. 18, 1887; 
son Joseph and Frances (Klander) Domlado- 
vac; educated, grammar and high schools; 
three years at Univ. of Zagreb in Croatia — 
fourth year of theology at Rochester, N. Y.; 
ordained for priesthood June 10, 1911; from 
July 4, 1911 appointed pastor of Croatlans at 
Youngstown, O. where he built new church 
with school and pastorage; organized 
Sts. Peter and Paul's Parish; Dec. 8. 
1917 appointed pastor of Croatian St. Paul's 
R.C. parish in Cleveland, where he has been 
ever since; editor of the only Croatian Catho- 
lic newspaper in U.S. "Nasa Nada" (Our 
Hope) organ of the Ooatlan Catholic Union 
at Gary, Ind.; one of the organizers of the 
Croatian Catholic Union at Gary, Ind., 1921. 
Residence: 1369 E, 40th at. Office: same. 



DONAHEY, James Harrison, cart.'^onist ; 
born, Tuscarawas County, O., April 8. 1875; 
son John Coulter and Catheiinx fChaney) 
Donahey; educated, public schools; business 
college, Cleveland School of Art; married, 
Cleveland; June 1, 1898 to Beatrice Fleming: 
Cox; pres. Long Lake Company; pres. Nortli- 
ern Ohio Realty Co.; member Maytield, Her- 
mit and Rowfant clubs; Cleveland Society of 
Artists clubs; known by millions as one of 
nation's leading cartoonists. Residence- 1887 
Hillside-ave. Office: Cleveland Plain Dealer. 

DONAHUE, Eleanor White, born, Paducah, 
Ky., 1887; daughter Robion and Ellen (King) 
White; educated, Miss Walcott school of Den- 
ver; Stanley Hall, Minneapolis, Minn.; mar- 
ried, Chicago, Dec. 1918 to James F. Donahue 
— children, Leann King Donahue; member 
D. A. R. Residence: 2850 Chadbourne-rd. 
Shaker Hghts. 

DONALDSOX, Kenneth Hniue. mining en- 
gineer; born, Greenwich, Conn., Sept. 15, 1888; 
son Robert M. and Ida L. (Schwacofer) Don- 
aldson; educated. School of Mines, Columl)ia 
Univ. New York City. E.M. June 1912; mar- 
ried, Clifton. Ariz.. May 1918 to I.".li;in D. 
Hughes — children, Roberta M. Donaldson; 
concentrating copper, lead and ores in Mon- 
tana and Arizona; smelting of copper and lead 
ores in Montana, Colorado and Arizona; asst. 
professor of mining engineering at Case 
school of Applied Science from 1921 to date; 
member American Institute of Mining and 
Metallurgical Engineers; Cleveland Engineer- 
ing Society; Sigma Chi and Sigma Alpha fra- 
ternities. Recreation: golf. Residence: 3134 
Corydon-rd. Office: Case School of Applied 

DOXALDSON, William Wilson, physician 
and surgeon; born, Washington, O., Dec. 25, 
1885; son Newton D. and Elizabeth (Martin) 
Donaldson; educated, Washington & Jeffer- 
son college, Washington, Pa., 1908. A.B.; 1910. 
A.M.; W^estern Reserve School of Medicine. 
M.D. 1915; married, Washington, Pa., June 
24, 1913 to Grace Lenore Tombaugh — child- 
ren. Richard Byron Donaldson; post gradu- 
ate work at Western Reserve School of Medi- 
cine summer course, one year in Lakeside 
hospital eye clinic; one and one-half year In 
Babies hospital and dispensary; The Lying 
In hospital of New York city; The New York 
Post-graduate medical school; The U.S. Public 
Health Service one year; fellow of Academy 
of Medicine; member of Alpha Tau Omega 
and Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternities; Cleve- 
land club. Recreations: fishing and reading. 
Residence: 14110 Woodworth-rd. Office: 13806 
St. Clair-ave. 

DOOLITTL.E, Ada Lois, musician; born. 
Cleveland. O., June 5, 1890. daughter William 
F. and Catherine (Otter) Miller; educated. 
Johnstown high school, Johnstown. Pa.: mar- 
ried. Cleveland. June 8, 1914 to William 
Clayton Doollttle; was active during war fur- 
nishing music (gratis) whenever called upon; 
sang for Liberty Loan campaigns; has sung 
in Church choirs In Johnstown. Pa. and Cleve. 
land; was secy, of Federation chorus six 
years; pres. of Musical Arts four years; un- 
der her leadership Musical Arts society won 
first prize In the Music Memory contest car- 
ried on by Cleveland Orchestra In 1924; has 
furnished music for many shut-ins; is very 
much Interested in American Opera. Resi- 
dence: 2205 Rexwood-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

DOUAX, Jennie Atkinson, public school 
teacher; born. Cleveland. May 30, 1885; 
daughter James and Jennie (Daly) Atkinson; 
educated, Cleveland grammar school; Cen- 
tral high school; School of Education 
and additional college courses at W.R.U. ; 
married, Cleveland, Feb., 1913 to George A. 

Doran; before marriage taught in pub- 
lic schools of Cleveland, advancing 
through the various grades of WiUard School 
and has taught since the war period; has 
travelled extensively through the United 
States; especially noted in school system 
for making tlie study of geography and his- 
tory interesting through dramas originated 
by the pupils; has had public recognition In 
newspapers and educational magazines; the 
play "Bad English" prepared and presented 
by her pupils has been solicited by many 
schools and libraries; member Cleveland 
Federation of Teachers; National Education 
Assn.; Northeastern Ohio Teachers Assn. 
Recreation: study, lectures, drama, art appre- 
ciation, nature study and travelling. Resi- 
dence: 1743 Holyoke-ave., E. Cleveland. Of- 
fice: Dunham School. 

DORER, "Victor K., attorney; born, Cleve- 
land, Feb. 17, 1898; son Casper and Ida (Koeh- 
ler) Dorer; educated. Adelbert college, W. R. 
U., A.B.. Western Reserve Law School. LL.B. ; 
world war, member of U.S. Naval Reserve 
force; member of law firm of Christopher, 
Mosier and Dorer: member Beta Theta Pi, and 
Phi Delta Phi fraternities; Masonic lodge. 
Residence: 14812 Superlor-rd.. E. Cleveland. 
Office: 801 Guarantee Title Bldg. 

DORIVBIRER, Jnmes George, mechanical 
engineer; born, Huron County, Ohio, March 19, 
1867; son John Jacob and Elizabeth (Trott) 
Dornbirer; educated, Rose Polytechnic Insti- 
tute, Terre Haute, Ind. ; married, Logansport, 
Ind., May 12, 1892 to Laura E. Ridenour — 
children, Stanton Dewey, Norman James, and 
James George. Jr. Dornbirer; manufacturer 
of machinery for the government during the 
Spanish war and world war; produced labor 
saving machinery in Cleveland about thirty 
years; wrote articles for mechanical journals 
for about two years; director of Equity Sav- 
ings & Loan Co.; pres. The Ohio Harding Co.; 
member American Society of Mechanical En- 
gineers; Cleveland Engineering Society; 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce; Cleveland 
Athletic, and Rose Tech clubs; Cleveland Art 
Museum. Recreation: experimental research 
work. Residence: 537 Brookwood-dr. 

DOTY, Edward W^., born, Pierrepont, N. Y. 
Sept. 15, 1863; son Rev. Thos. K. and Marj 

A. (Luce) Doty; educated, Cleveland public 
schools; West High school, 1882; married 
Cleveland, Apr. 25, 1888 to Bertha Grace Bis- 
sell — children, Lillian M. Sterling and Harol<f. 

B. Doty; member legislature, Ohio 1892-1895; 
clerk House Representatives Ohio 1904-1909; 
member Cleveland City Sinking Fund com- 
mission 1908-1914; Secy. Board of Education 
Sinking Fund commission since 1898; member 
Ohio Constitutional convention 1912; Cleve- 
land City Charter commission 1913; Ohio 
Utilities commission 1913-15; treas. Westwood 
Country club Company; member Westwood 
Country. Cleveland Athletic and City clubs. 
Residence: 1282 W. 102nd st. Office: 216 
Superior-ave. N.W. Room 808. 

DOUDA, Frank E., asst. postmaster; born. 
Cleveland. Oct. 27. 1876; son Frank J. and 
Theresa (Cansky) Douda; educated, Bolton 
school; Central high school; married, Cleve- 
land, Oct. 11, 1899 to Mary E. Strand — child- 
ren. Franklin Charles and Mildred M. Douda: 
appointed postal cashier June 10. 1920. ap- 
pointed asst. postmaster Dec. 18. 1922; di- 
rector, secy, and treas. Mason Realty & Con- 
struction Company (now dissolved): member 
Chamber of Commerce; Masonic lodge; 
Knights of Pythias; associate member Cleve- 
land Real Estate board. Recreations: tennis, 
Indoor baseball, swimming. Kesidence: 11611 
East blvd. Office: 244 Federal Bldg. 



DOUGHERTY, Donald Carr. born. Steuben- 
vlUe, O., Aug. 14, 1889; son Edmund Yard and 
Fannie (Carr) Dougherty; educated, Phillips 
Academy. Andover, Mass. 1909; Cornell Univ. 
Ithaca, N. Y. 1913, A.B. ; married, Cleveland, 
May 29, 1916 to P'rances Rossiter; 1917-1919 
director of publicity Lake Division American 
Red Cross (Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky); 
1919 — division manager Lake Division Ameri- 
can Red Cross; established organization, 
management and publicity service 1919: or- 
ganized and managed Case School $1,660,000 
campaign; Hathaway-Brown School $600,000 
campaign, "New Hiram' College $600,000 
campaign, Hiram College 75th Anniversary 
$1,250,000 campaign, and Lincoln Memorial 
$30,000 campaign; organized Cleveland Chap- 
ter, National Aeronautic Association and 
managed Cleveland Airport opening dinner 
in Public Auditorium; publicity for Babies 
and Maternity Hospitals' $2,500,000 campaign, 
Charitv Hospital $1,500,000 campaign, Mt. 
Sinai Hospital $1,500,000 campaign. Univer- 
sity School $1,000,000 campaign, Eliza Jen- 
nings Home $300,000 campaign, Cleveland 
Flower Shows, Cleveland Woman's Exposi- 
tion, Woman's Christmas Exposition, 125th 
Anniversary of the City of Cleveland, Singers 
Club, "Hermits in Sardinia", "Society Cruise" 
and Cleveland Appearances of John Philip 
Sousa, Princeton Triangle Club, Harvard 
Hasty Pudding Club, Yale Glee and Banjo 
Clubs, Kenyon College Centennial; publishes 
Dougherty's Magazine; member Delta Kappa 
Epilson fraternity; Mid-Day, Cleveland, Ad- 
vertising and Cornell clubs. Residence: 9511 
Lamont-ave. Office: 721 Bulkley Bldg. 

DOrGLAS, Herbert J., comptroller; born, 
Hancock. N. Y., Sept. 22, 1877; son John Rob- 
ins D. and Julia (Hoagland) Douglas; edu- 
cated. New York public schools; and N. Y. 
City preparatorv school; married, Great Bend, 
Pa. Oct. 23, 1901 to Myra Curran — children, 
Robert C. and Jean Delight Douglas; always 
followed accounting in stock brokerage busi- 
ness, harvesting machinery and in 1903 joined 
The Sherwin-Williams Co. as general auditor 
and organizer of accounting systems; asst. 
secy and comptroller Sherwin Williams Co.; 
member of Mayfield Country and Cleveland 
Athletic clubs. Recreations: golf, hunting, 
travel, books. Residence: 2347 Tudor-dr. 
Office: 601 Canal-rd. 

DOUGI^AS, Orrin F., sec. and asst. treas. ; 
born, Springfield, O., March 7, 1886; son 
James N. and Lavenia H. Douglas; educated. 
Ohio State Univ., LL.B.; married. Piqua, O., 
1913 to Frances B. Bowdle — children James 
Nicholas Douglas, III, and Frederick Orrin 
Douglas; atty. at law; pres. The Special Screw 
Prod. Co.; director The J. L. Free Co., The 
Winton Hotel Co.; member Ohio Bar assn.; 
Delta Chi fraternity; University club. Resi- 
dence: 1305 Yellowstone-rd. Office: 5439 Dun- 

DOrGL,.\SS, Mrs. Charles Lee. born, Cleve- 
land, Oct. 7, 1856; daughter Albert Gallatin 
and Maria Ripley (Leland) Smith; educated. 
Cleveland public and high schools; Wells col- 
lege, Aurora, N. Y.; married, Cleveland, Sept. 
30. 1885 to Charles Lee Douglass — children. 
Leland S. Douglass; Mr. Chas. Lee Douglass 
served in civil war; he was in insurance busi- 
ness in Cleveland for 50 years; pres. of Bing- 
ham & Douglass Co. at the time of his death 
Oct. 28, 1923. Residence: 1871 E. 97th st. 
Office: 517 Cuyahoga Bldg. 

DOUGLiASS. Walter 1,., real estate; born, 
Hammondsport, N. Y., April 18, 1880; son My- 
ron H. and Alice (Wood) Douglass; educated, 
high school; married, Hammondsport, N. Y., 
Sept. 4, 1902 to Ina May Cole — children, Henry 
George Douglass; director Fidelity Mortgage 

Co.; vlce-pres. H. A. Stahl Properties Co.; 
treas. Dust Recovering and Conveying Co.; 
also connected with many other real estate 
companies; member Chamber of Commerce; 
Cleveland Real Estate board; Shaker Heights 
Country and Cleveland Athletic clubs. Rec- 
reation: golf and fishing. Residence: 2234 St. 
James Parkway, Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
Hickox Bldg. 

DOWD, Herbert H., dentist; born, Cleve- 
land. Aug. 12, 1880; son Frank and Mary 
A. (Campbell) Dowd; educated. Cleveland 
public schools; Western Reserve Dental col- 
lege. D.D.S.; married Cleveland. Sept. 14, 
1910 to Elizabeth G. Robb — children, Robert 
Hamlin, Anna Ruth and Elizabeth Jane 
Dowd; with Co. C, 5th I. V. I. during war 
with Spain; also as color sergt. non-commis- 
sioned staff, 6th U. S. Inf..; demonstrator of 
prothetic technics, 1912-1913; demonstrator of 
prothetic technics and clinical prosthetic den- 
tistry, 1913-1914; lecturer on crown and 
bridgework 1914-1918; instructor of crown and 
bridgework, prosthetic dentistry and metal- 
lurgy, 1918-1919, W. R. dental college; mem- 
ber Northern Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio State and 
American Dental assns. Residence: 11901 
Castlewood-ave. Office: 826 Rose Bldg. 

DOWDEN, Effle Nichols, concert pianist 
and teacher of piano; born, Washington, D. 
C. ; daughter Edmund S. and Annie E. (Hum- 
phreys) Nichols; finished piano study in Ber- 
lin, Germany under Alberto Jonas; married, 
Columbus. O.. May 1, 1916 to Harold VanDyke 
Dowden — children. Edmund VanDyke Dow- 
den; became asst. in Berlin and New 
York to Alberto Jonas; concertized in U. S. ; 
member Fortnightly Musical club. Residence: 
2750 Hampshire-rd. Studio: same. 

DO^VME. AVilliani, contracting painter and 
decorator; born. Cleveland. 1874; son William 
and Margaret (McLaughlin) Downie; edu- 
cated, Cleveland high school; married, War- 
ren, O., 1897 to Cora Evarts Green — children, 
Douglas and William Downie; world war, 
registered in draft; republican; pres. The 
Wm. Downie Co.; director Wade Chateau 
Co. and Euclid Manor Co.; member and on 
Grievence committee Painting Contractors 
assn.; chairman of Trade School of Painting 
and Decorating school of Cleveland; chair- 
man committee on education and committee 
on "Save the Surface and You Save All'' of In- 
ternational assn. of Master House Painters 
and Decorators of the U. S. and Canada; 
vice-pres. Ohio assn. of Painters and Decora- 
tors; member Forest Hill lodge; Forest Hill 
Council; Windermere Chapter; Lake Erie 
Consistory; Coeur de Lion Commandery 
Acacia Country, Rotary, Shriners, Burns 
Gushing (pres.) and Acacia Wliist clubs; 
member Clan Grant, St. Andrews Scotch so- 
cieties Royal Arcanum and Cleveland club. 
Residence: 2753 Euclid Hghts-blvd. Office: 
9500 Edmunds-ave. 

DOWMNG. HnKh Earl, attorney; born, 
Cleveland, May 12, 1891; son Frederick K. 
and Margaret (Boyd) Downing; educated, 
Cleveland public schools; Cleveland law 
school, LL.B., 1915; married, St. Thomas, Ont., 
Jan. 29, 1924 to Katherine MacGregor — chil- 
dren, one daughter; world war, lieut. (J. G.) 
U. S. N.R.F., 1917-1919; vice-pres. Union Mtge. 
Co.; member Cleveland Real Estate board; 
Chamber of Commerce; Service lodge. No. 
658 F. & A. M. ; Acacia Country and Mid-Day 
clubs. Residence: 2448 Woodmere-dr., Cleve- 
land Hghts. Office: 200 Union Mortgage 

DR\PER. Charles Thomas, manufacturer; 
born, Cleveland, Nov. :;6, 1855; son Thomas 
George and Celestia (Converse) Draper; edu- 
cated. Cleveland schools; married. Cleveland, 
Sept. 20, 1881 to Florence H. Rossiter — chil- 



dren, three; began manufacture of tin cans 
in 1875; In 1901 business merged with Ameri- 
can Can Co., and In 1911 organized the Draper 
Mfg. Co., steel barrels, of which he Is pres. 
and general mgr. ; member Masonic lodge, 
32nd degree; Y. M. C. A.; Chamber of Com- 
merce; Cleveland Atliletic and Willowick 
Country clubs; trustee Woodland-ave. M. E. 
church. Recreation: baseball. Residence: 
12337 Cedar-rd. Office: E. 91st st. and Crane- 

DRAPER. Harriet Enslgrn Newton, born, 
Holyoke, Mass., Oct. 19, 1868; daughter John 
Carter and Lela Frederika (Vulte) Newton; 
educated, Mrs. Pratt's school, Utica, N. Y. ; 
Temple Grove Seminary, Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y.; married. Wilmington, Vt., Oct. 16, 1895 
to Walter Holbrook Draper — children, Lela 
Draper Neighbors; world war, Red Cross 
work; member Women's City club. Resi- 
dence: 1823 Page-ave. 

DREHER, CInra O., born, Philadelphia, Pa., 
Jan. 9, 1867; daughter Emile Francis and 
Clara Reid (West) Deiterlchs; educated, 
Cleveland schools; married, Cleveland, Feb. 
16, 1888 to Oscar Dreher — children, Reid 
Wainright Dreher (deceased) and Burleigh 
Dreher. Residence: 1699 E. 82nd st. 

DREHER, Henry, pres.; born, Cleveland, 
Aug. 18, 1864; son B. and Elizabeth (Acker- 
man) Dreher; educated, Brownell-st. school; 
Kenyon college; married, Cleveland, Dec. 28, 
1886 to Nellie Mabel Ashell; pres. Dreher 
Piano Co.; member Masonic lodge; Oriental 
Commandery; Webb Chapter; Lake Erie Con- 
sistory; Al Koran Shrine; Cleveland Athletic 
and Shaker Heights Country clubs. Recrea- 
tion: golf, shooting, billiards, flute playing. 
Residence: 11206 Euclid-ave. Office: 1226 

DRESSER, Ferdinand John C, civil en- 
gineer; born, Arcadia, Wis., Dec. 21, 1883; son 
John and Anna (Kirschner) Dresser; edu- 
cated, high school at Arcadia, Wis., 1900; 
Univ. of Wisconsin, 1904; special course Co- 
lumbia Univ., 1915; married. New York, Jan. 
2, 1909 to Helen Bemis Wallian; responsible 
for construction organization and construc- 
tion progress following war jobs; engine 
terminals Pennsylvania Ry., Logansport, Ind., 
Crestline, O., Richmond, Ind. for T. & O. C. 
Ry., Engine terminal at Columbus, O. ; Nar- 
dyke Marmon, Indianapolis, Ind.; National 
Cash Register, Dayton, O. ; Wright Aeroplane, 
Dayton; New York Air Brake, Watertown, 
N. Y. ; U. S. Naval Air training sta. Peninsula, 
Fla. ; Demand Match Co., Savannah, Ga. ; also 
other war Jobs built during war period; pres. 
Dresser Co.; member Masonic lodge; Cleve- 
land Athletic, Big Ten and Chagrin Valley 
Country clubs; past pres. Assn. Gen. Con- 
tractors of Cleveland, 1924; pres. Assn. Gen. 
Contractors, Ohio Chapter, 1925-1926; repre- 
sentative Assn. Gen. Contractors of Ameri- 
can and on Natl. 3rd of Jurisdictional Awards 
In the building Industry. Residence: 2094 

DRES.SI>ER, Philip d'Huo, engineer; born, 
London, Eng., Oct. 14, 1893; son (jonrad d'Huc 
Dressier; educated, Felsted school, Essex, 
Eng.; Clare College, Cambridge, Eng.; Na- 
tural sciences tripos, part I and II, first class. 
B. A., 1914, M. A., 1920; has been interested 
in continuous tunnel and car furnaces in 
United States and England; vlce-pres. Amer- 
ican Dressier Tunnel Kilns, Inc.; member 
American Ceramic society; Cleveland Athletic 
club. Recreation: music and walking. Resi- 
dence: 1543 East-blvd. Office: 1740 E. 12th 


DROEGE, Emily Caroline, born, Cleveland: 
daughter Arnold and Katherine (Simon) 
Moser; educated. Cleveland public school; 

married, Cleveland to Wm. L. Droege — child- 
ren, two; member Research and Women's 
City clubs. Residence: 2496 Derbyshlre-rd. 

DROPPERS, Oliver G., clergyman; born. 
Cedar Grove, Wis., Sept. 7, 1887; son John 
and Delia (Walvoord) Droppers; educated, 
Hope College, 1912, A. B., Holland Mich.; 
Western Theological Seminary, 1915, A. M., 
Holland, Mich.; married. Cedar Grove, Wis., 
June 23, 1915 to Delia J. Hyink — children, 
Oliver John, Carl Hyink, Paul Edward and 
Felicia Gcraldine May Droppers; pastor Byron 
Center Reformed Church 1915-1919; Classical 
Missionary for Reformed Church in America 
1919-1922; pastor Calvary Reformed Church, 
Cleveland since 1922. Residence: 1920 W. 
65th St. 

DRUCKER, LewlH, attorney; born, Mon- 
treal, Can., Dec. 25, 1893; son Eleazer and 
Sarah Drucker; educated. College of the c3ity 
of N. Y., 1912, A. B. Univ. of Chicago, law 
school, 1913; Western Iteserve Univ. law 
school, 1915, LL.B. ; world war. Ordnance 
Sergt. Ammunition section, oversea.s; sec. Rex 
Refining Co.; director Mercliants Savings & Co.; member Cleveland Bar assn.; Inde- 
pendent order Bnai Brith; American Legion; 
40 Hommes and 8 Chevaux; Hungarian Bene- 
volent Social Union. Recreation: tennis 
Residence: 10222 Empire-ave. Office 818 
Guardian Bldg. 

DRUMMOXD, John Hamilton, builder; born. 
New York, Jan. 21, 1889; son Thomas J. and 
Margaret C. (Hamilton) Drummond; edu- 
cated, Princeton Univ., 1910, C. E. ; married. 
New York, Jan. 21, 1913 to Willette Irving 
Knapp — children, John H., Willette Mary and 
Dorothy Drummond; came to Cleveland, 1914 
as supt. of construction on new City Hall; 
incorporated Drummond-Miller Co. in Jan., 
1916; general building construction, ten years; 
built and own Quad Hall, 1925; pres. Drum- 
mond-Miller Co.; sec. Ardmillan Co.; treas. 
Ancaster Co.; pres. Argyle Co.; member 
Princeton Engineering assn.; University, 
Hermit, Canterbury and Mid-Day clubs. 
Residence: 1898 E. 89th-st. Office: 7500 

DRURY, Elizabeth Hills, born, Chardon, O., 
Dec. 21, 1880; daughter John J. and Eliza O. 
(King) Hills; educated. Central high .school; 
married, Cleveland, Oct. 1, 1902 to Herbert 
Remington Drury — children, P'rancis R., John 
M. and Virginia Ann Drury. Residence: win- 
ter — St. Petersburg, Fla.; summer — Willough- 
by, O. 

DRURY, Herbert Remington, manufacturer 
and artist; born, Cleveland, Aug. 21, 1873; 
son Francis Edson and Frances A. (Perkins) 
Drury; educated. Central high school, Cleve- 
land; Art Students league. New York; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Oct. 1, 1902 to Elizabeth Mara 
Hills — children, Francis R., John M. and Vir- 
ginia Ann Drury; world war, government 
auditor. Eastern aeroplane factories; sales 
mgr. and vice-chairman war savings stamp 
committee of Westchester County, N. Y.; 
asst. state treas. Ohio war work campaign; 
asst. state treas. United war work compaign 
in Oliio; trustee and treas. Cleveland Music 
school settlement 1918-1922; trustee and 
treas. Cleveland school of Art, 1920-1923, 
sec. and treas. The Cleveland Metal I'roducts 
Co. (now the Perfection Stove Co.) prior to 
the war and consolidation with the Cleve- 
land Foundry Co.; member Cleveland society 
of Artists; trustee Cleveland music school 
settlement. Recreation: tennis. Residence: 
— winter, E. 646-17-ave., north, St. Peters- 
burg, Fla.; summer — WiUoughby, O. 



DRYFOOS, Fannie Mayer, born, Cleveland, 
Aug- 20, 1865; son Adolph and Nina (Newark) 
Mayer; educated, Cleveland public schools; 
married. Cleveland, 1885 to Nathan 1. Dry- 
foos — children, Elsa D. Bresler; member 
Women's City club. Residence: Wade Park 

DRYFOOS, Xnthan I., business and finance; 
born, Fremont, O., Oct. 11, 1860; son Isaac 
and Sarah (Schwartzenberg) Dryfoos; edu- 
cated, Fremont public school, first honor 
graduating; married, Cleveland, 1885 to Fan- 
nie Mayer — children, Elsa D. Bresler; city 
hall commissioner under Mayors McKisson, 
Baer and T. Johnson; organized The National 
Woolen Co., The Wolf Envelope Co. and The 
Ohio Cities Telephone Co.; early activities In 
building. The Racine Milwaukee & Kenosha 
R.R. ; The Oshkosh & Green Bay Heat Light 
and Power Co.; The Tuscarawas County Tele- 
phone Co.; Springfield Xenla Telephone Co.; 
pres. Wolf Envelope Co. and Ohio Cities Tele- 
phone Co.; treas. Keller Knitting Co.; di- 
rector National Woolen Co., United Banking 
& Trust Co.: Consolidated Iron Steel Co., 
Cleveland Tallow Co.; member Cleveland Ath- 
letic, Mid-Day, Town, Oakwood, Excelsior 
and City clubs; Chamber of Commerce; Cham- 
ber of Industry; director Cleveland Auto- 
mobile club. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
Wade Park Manor. 

DRYSDALE:, Fanny Benham, born, Wooster, 
O. ; daughter Melvin L. and Emma A. 
(Howard) Benham; educated, Lake Erie col- 
lege; Cincinnati college of Music; married, 
LeRoy, O., Nov. 27, 1905 to Dr. Harry H. 
Drysdale — children. Jean Howard Drysdale; 
world war, Cleveland chapter. Red Cross; 
life member Associated Charities; trustee 
"The Retreat;" member Amateur Mhisical 
club, Women's City club. Residence: 2633 E. 
Overlook-rd., Euclid Hghts. 

DRYSDALE, Harry H., physician (neur- 
ologist); born, May 28, 1876; son Wm. H. 
and Jean (Parke) Drysdale; educated, Buf- 
falo high school; medical dept. Ohio Wes- 
leyan Univ. (now W. R. Univ.) M. D., 1901; 
married, LeRoy, O., Nov. 29, 1906 to Fanny 
E. Benham — children, Jean Howard Drysdale; 
hospital steward, U. S. army, 1898-1899, serv- 
ing in U. S. and Cuba during Spanish-Ameri- 
can war; member Ohio board of State Char- 
ities, 1912-1917, appointed by Gov. Judson 
Harmon; consulting member Medical Advi- 
sory board No. 7, Cleveland, during world 
war; consulting Neurologist, U. S. public 
health service, 1918-1920; asst. supt. Mas- 
sillon State hospital, 1901-1902; post grad- 
uate work In Naples, Paris, Heidelberg, 
London and Edinburgh (nervous and mental 
diseases); examiner, probate court, Cleveland 
1905-1915; practise confined to disorders of 
the brain and central nervous system; author 
of various treaties relative to diseases of the 
mind and central nervous system; member 
Ohio State and American Medical assns. ; 
American Psychiatric assn.; Cleveland Ac- 
ademy of Medicine; visiting neurologist 
Charity hospital and Falrview Park hospital; 
member Union and Country clubs; Chamber 
of Commerce. Recreation: golf, fishing and 
travelling. Residence: 2633 E. Overlook-rd., 
Euclid Hghts. Office: Rose Bldg. Cleveland, 

DUFF, JeMsie, teacher; born, Lincoln, 111., 
June 11, 1887; daughter William David and 
Emeline (Larlson) Duff; educated, Lincoln, 
111., Lincoln college; Normal Training for 
Teachers of Deaf, Philadelphia, Pa.; Teachers 
college, Columbia University; hostess for 
open house at Woman's club during the war 
w-hen hundreds of soldiers and sailors were 
entertained on Sundays, Wednesdays and 

Saturday; contributor to educational maga- 
zines, author of "The Making of Amer- 
icans" a booklet published by Western Re- 
serve chapter of tne D.A.R. ; director Roose- 
velt club of Sons of the Republic of the 
United States of America, sponsored by the 
Western Reserve chapter of D.A.R. ; member 
National Education Assn.. Northeastern Ohio 
Teachers assn. and Ohio State Teachers assn.; 
member Cleveland Astronomical society: 
member Cleveland Teachers Federation; so- 
licitor for the Roosevelt club Scholarship 
loan fund; member The Church of the Cove- 
nant; The American Guild of Health; West- 
ern Reserve chapter D.A.R.; National Geo- 
graphic society; member Woman's, Women's 
City and Colonial Study Circle of Cleveland 
clubs, (past pres.) Recreation: travel, nature 
study, mountain climbing, books, dramatics 
and music. Residence: 3535 Euclld-ave. 

DUNBAR, Frank Herbert, mechanical en- 
gineer; born, Cleveland, Oct. 3, 1882; son Wm. 
Reid and Nancy (McLeish) Dunbar; educated, 
South high school; Case School of Applied 
Science, B. S., 1906; Cornell Univ., 1907-1908 
as post graduate student and instructor; 
married, Cleveland, Nov. 28, 1911 to Vera 
Jones; pres. Baker Dunbar Co. and Dunbar 
Engineering Co.; sec. Cleveland Laundry Ma- 
chinery Mfg. Co.; member American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers: Phi Delta Theta 
fraternity; Canterbury Golf and Cleveland 
Athletic clubs. Recreation: boating, sailing 
and golf. Residence: Harper-rd., Chagrin 
Falls, O. Office: 1900 Euclld-ave. 

DUNBAR. Wallace G., builder; born, Cleve- 
land, Nov. 15, 1891; son William and Elizabeth 
(Carroll) Dunbar; educated. Adelbert college, 
W. R. U., B. A.; married, Cleveland, May 15, 
1923 to Lucile Clark — children, Margaret 
Elizabeth Dunbar; world war, enlisted 308 
Ammunition train, Camp Sherman; transfer- 
red Statistical branch, general staff, Washing- 
ton, D.C. ; commissioned 2nd lleut. U.S.A., Sept. 
25, 1918; advertising, Cordav & Gross Co., 
1913-1917; pottery, Bedford China Co., 1919- 
1921; building. The William Dunbar Co., 
since 1921, sec. and treas.; member Associated 
General Contractors of America; Alpha Delta 
Phi and Phi Beta Kappa fraternities; Uni- 
versity and Cedarhurst Country clubs; active 
member The Play House. Recreation: tennis, 
golf and skating. Residence: 1504 Rydal- 
mount-rd. Office: 8201 Cedar-ave. 

DUNCAN, Amelia M., born, Taylorvllle, 111.. 
1884; daughter Rev. Alonzo and Grace Bell 
(McSparran) Michael; educated, Wilson col- 
lege, Chambersburg, Pa., A. B. ; married, 
Cleveland, 1912 to Tracy H. Duncan — children, 
Margaret E., Grace A. and William S. Dun- 
can; member College and Women's City clubs. 
Residence: 2799 Courtland-blvd. 

DUNCAN, Tracy H., attorney; born, Toledo, 
May 5, 1879; educated. Cleveland public 
schools; Central high school; Adelbert col- 
lege, A. B. ; Western Reserve Law school, 
LL.B; married, Cleveland, 1912 to Amelia R. 
Michael — children, Margaret Eleanor, Grace 
Amelia and William Stewart Duncan; admit- 
ted to bar, Ohio 1903; with law firm Goulder, 
Holding and Masten, 1903-1910; Holding, 
Masten, Duncan & Leckie, 1910-1925; Hold- 
ing, Duncan and Leckie, since 1925; lecturer 
on insurance, W. R. U, law school, 1910-1915; 
director Union Mortgage Co., Pontlac Im- 
provement Co., Rud Machine Co., Commercial 
Coal & Coke Co. and Lake Shore Sand & 
Gravel Co.; pres. City Blue Printing Co. 
and Operators Realty Co.; member Ameri- 
can Bar assn.; Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Tau 
Delta and Phi Delta Phi fraternities; Union 



and University clubs; Chamber of Commerce, sailing, motoring. Residence: 3048 Chad- 
Residence: 2799 Courtland-blvd. Office: 1970 bourne-rd. Office: 1900 Euclid-ave. 
Union Trust Bldg. 

„.,„^.„ „ . „ ^ ,^ DUNN, Helen Irvrln JuntlR. born, Clncln- 

DUIVCAN, Viola Deetrick. born, Youngs- nati, O.; daughter Howard Irwin and Laura 

town, O., March 23, 1876; son Dr. John and (Rohner) Justls; educated. The College Pre- 

Elizabeth (Park) Deetrick; educated, Rayen paratory School for Girls; Smith college, 1918; 

high school, Youngstown, O.; married, married, Cincinnati, O., June 27, 1917 to Don- 

Youngstown, O.. Oct. 18, 1899 to William aid Dunn — children, Elizabeth Irwin Dunn 

McKlnley Duncan — children, William McKin- ^^^ Nancy King Dunn; member Junior 

ley, Jr., John Allison Duncan and Andrew 'pague; Smith college and Women's City 

Jackson, III: member Women's City club. dubs. Residence: 3048 Chadbourne-rd., 

Residence: Winter, 2028 E. 88th-st. Summer, Shaker Hghts. 

Ledge Hills Farms. ni'NN. .I,,me«. Jr.. banker; born, Cleveland. 

DUNCAX. 'Willlnm McKlnley, lawyer; born, Jan. 29. 1880; son James and Anna (Paterson) 

Pittsburgh, Pa., Mav 19, 1873; son Andrew 2""": educated, Cleveland public schools; 

Jackson and Sarah (McKlnley) Duncan; edu- ^ff.liH^^ r^.^l'^^o.i ^, o^l"^^^^^'''!^^^^ married. 

ley, Jr John AllVson Duncan and An- 5'^%'^^^'^. ^jyi^^X'^nH-^ Lakewood; Knights of 
drew Jackson. Ill; member law firm Squire r^^'"!?!; .^/^^°"l^,^^^'1?ii."'^^I'^"'^^"/ O'"^; ^*?' 
Sanders and Dempsey; chairman of board, !l!5 ^I?" V ^°"t^^7' -^xnl^""^ ^?.""^''^:, ^^^'^IT 
pres. and director Wheeling and Lake Erie ^on Country, Union. Mid-Day^ City and High 
Ry. Co.; member Union, Mavfield Coun- ^oon clubs; Lakewood and Cleveland Cham- 
try. Shaker Heights Country, Chagrin Valley ^J'J'^,:^^ ■^ZT/.l^'n. . ^%V^r^'-^r^ ^?°^'t ^J"** 
Country. Hermit and Mid-Day clubs. Resi- wnni'^^off?^^!*^^^^'^;^^^^ Le^'is^dj.. Lake- 
dence: 2028 E. 88th-st. Office: 1857 Union ^''°°^- Office. 502 Union Trust Bldg. 
Trust Bldg. DURELL, George Britton, manufacturing; 

DU:VHAM. Elizabeth Reed. born. Albion. ^"/"' i^f^-i'' /„TlT^.nn«{^\ ^]w!.n^ii«r°^^^ 

XT -^ . ^ ..r^ut^ A r-> «„/! tU»,„i„ XT' li.award H. and Hannah A. (Woodward) Dur- 

^o ^; «^,a"f'^^|'^ ^^'^on .°\t^"^^"^^?"'^. ^- ell: educated, Pennington Seminary; Prince- 

(Smalley) Reed; educated. New York State ton Univ , A. B.; married. Harriman. Tenn.. 

Normal college. Pd.B.; Univ. of Michigan, jung 7. '1893 to Genevieve Hill— children. 

A. B.. 1907; married. Cleveland. Aug. 15. 1908 Gladys Durell Higgins. George Edward and 

to Fred Sylvester Dunham — children. Reed Kathryn Durell; pres. American Fork & 

Sterling Dunham; state sec. of D. A. R. dur- Hoe Co.; director Union Trust Co.; pres. Ohio 

ing war and engaged in all their war actlvi- Mutual Savings & Loan Co.; member Klrt- 

ties; formerly teacher of Latin and Greek and land Country, Union and Country clubs, 

vice-principal of a New York State high Residence: 3145 North Park-blvd. Office: 

school; contributor to classical journal; active Keith Bldg. 
and interested in patriotic societies; formerly 

sec. of Western Reserve Chapter, D. A. R.; DURKIN, John Francis, asst. supt. trans- 
now vice-regent; member Daughters of portation; born. Peoria, 111.. Sept. 17. 1865; 
Founders and Patriots of America; eligible son James and Bridget (Moran) Durkin; 
to membership in Mayflower Society, Co- educated, Peoria parochial and PubHc 
lonlal Dames and other societies whose mem- schools; married. Cleveland Nov. 1889 
bership is based on direct descent from the to Helen Weeks Swetman— children, three 
first settlers and officers in the early co- ^"'^s and three daiighters; member C ty 
lonlal government; formerly pres. Univ. of Council. Cleveland 1907-1909 and 1911-1915; 
Mich. Alumnae assn and member Alumnae ^^i" accountant Indiana-Illinois & Iowa R. R., 
Council at Ann Arbor. Mich.; member College Kankakee. 111.. 1890-1893; chief clerk supt. 
club; Phi Beta Kappa fraternity and Psi car service, N. K R R. R., 1893-1918: sunt. 
Gamma sorority. Residence: 2335 Delaware- car service Nickel Plate railroad 1918-1923. 
rd. Cleveland Hghts. asst. supt. trans. Nickel Plate railroad since 
"' ' 1923; vice-pres. and member board of direc- 
DUNKLEE, Mrs. Charles A., born, Cleve- tors Homestead Savings & Loan Co.; mem- 
land, Nov. 12, 1858; daughter Noyer B. and ber St. Vincent DePaul society; St. Thomas 
Georglanna (Crary) Prentice; married. Cleve- Parish; American Insurance Union; Catholic 
land. May 30. 1883 to Charles A. Dunklee — Knights of Ohio; Holy Name society; Catho- 
children, one. Residence: 2215 Woodmere-dr., lie order of Foresters; Railroaders & Tele- 
Cleveland Hghts. graphers Aid society. Residence: 1212 E. 87th 

n^Twiu Ti 11 « , o^r.t. 1 T^^r^ «*• Offlce: 429 Columbia Bldg. 

DUNN, Donald Omar, architect; born. New 

York City, Oct. 14, 1892; son Admiral Herbert DIISTIN, Cecil Rome, high school prlncl- 

O. and Bessie Amanda (Webb) Dunn; edu- pal; born. Pioneer, O., July 26, 1887; son John 

cated. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, H. and Mary (Barklev) Dustln; educated, 

1916, bachelor of science; married, Cincin- Tri-State college, Angola, Ind.. B. S., 1913; 

nati. O.. June 27. 1917 to Helen Irwin Justls— Teachers college. N. Y. City. A. M., 1924; 

children. Elizabeth Irwin and Nancy King Teachers College diploma — superintendent of 

Dunn; physically disqualified for military schools; married. Coldwater, Mich.. Aug. 1917 

service during war; settled In Cleveland, May, to Ruth Elder — children, Richard E. and 

1917; with Hubbell & Benes, 1917-1919; with Robert W. Dustln; world war. Naval Reserve 

Franz Warner, Jan. 1919 to Aug. 1919; entered officers training school. Municipal pier, Chl- 

the organization of Walker & Weeks, archl- cago. 111.. May 31. 1918 to Dec. 6, 1918; 

tects. Aug. 1919; member of the firm since teacher Rural schools, Williams Co., O., three 

Jan. 1, 1926; member American Institute of years; teacher village schools. Pioneer, O., 

Architects; sec. Cleveland Chapter; Society three years; principal high school. Mont- 

of Technology Architects; Beta Nu chapter of pelier, O., six years; superintendent village 

Delta Tau Delta fraternity; Frieze and schools, Montpeller, O., three years; prlncl- 

Cornice honorary architectural fraternity; pal John Marshall Sr. high school. Cleveland, 

member University club. Recreation: golf, four years; member Cleveland and State 



Educational Research assns.; Ohio State 
Teachers assn.; National Kducation assn. ; 
member City club; pres. Cleveland chapter 
Isaac Walton league of America. Recrea- 
tion: hunting-, fishing and tennis. Residence: 
3826 W. 160th-st. Office: Lorain-ave. and W. 

DUSTIN, Killth ranedon, born, Port.smouth, 
N. H., March 8, 1868; daughter Samuel and 
Ellen M. (Willey) Langdon; educated, Cleve- 
land public sciiools and Normal school; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, July 31, 1889 to Virgil A. E. 
Dustin — children, Mrs. Marjorie D. Leonard; 
sec, treas. and director Cleveland Animal 
Protective league; chairman board The 
Training Home for Girls; assoc. chairman 
Franklin Hall, Boarding Home for Working 
Girls; director W. C. T. U.; member Round 
Table club, 35 years. Residence: 1518 W. 

DUSTIN, Virgil Alton Kllsworth, assign- 
ment commissioner; born, Richfield, O., Feb. 
11, 1861; son Chandler and Maria (Ellsworth) 
Dustin; educated, Cleveland public and high 
schools; married, Cleveland, July 31, 1889 to 
Edith M. Langdon — children, Mrs. Marjorie 
D. Leonard; invented and installed a .system 
used in Common Pleas Court of assigning 
cases to be tried; member Masonic lodge. 
Chapter, Commandery and Shrine. Resi- 
dence: 1-518 W. 32nd-st. 

DUTNEY, George V., dept. mgr.; born, 
Pittsburgh, Pa., March 7, 1889; son William 
v. and Mary T. Dutney; educated, Cornell 
Univ., M. E., 1910; world war, capt. Ordnance 
dept.; overseas service, France and Italy, 18 
months; peace commission, Paris and Rome; 
formerly supt., Plate and Structural Mill, 
Jones & I^aughlin Steel Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.; 
mgr. Insulation and Power specialty dept., 
Johns Manville, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.; same, 
Cleveland; member Theta Xi scientific fra- 
ternity; University club; Pittsburgh Athletic 
assn. Residence: University club. Office: 
Johns Manville, Inc., 6300 Euclid-ave. 

DUTTON, Chnrles Frederick, teacher; born, 
Cleveland, April 5, 1870; son Dr. Charles 
Frederick and Mary S. (Newton) Dutton; 
educated, Cleveland public schools; Oberlin 
college, A. B., 1893; married, Cleveland, June 
25, 1902 to Elme Edwina Booth — children, 
Frederick B., Richard S. and Philip N. Dut- 
ton; teacher West high school, 1894-1909; 
teacher West Commerce high school since 
1909; member Cleveland Engineering society; 
trustee First Congregational Church. Resi- 
dence: 4816 Pranklin-blvd. Office: West 
Commerce High School. 

DUTY, Spencer Marcns, mfg. face brick; 

horn, Cleveland, Sept. 28, 1878; son Daniel 
and Sarah L. (Cozad) Duty; educated, Cleve- 
land public and high schools; married, Cleve- 
land, Dec. 12, 1905 to Mabel Cummer — chil- 
dren, Spencer Cummer Duty; In brick busi- 
ness with his father from 1897 to 1901 when 
his father died; from 1901 to 1908 operated 
plant in Cleveland; 1908 organized and be- 
came pres. of the Deckman-Duty Brick Co. 
which name was changed to The Medal Brick 
& Tile Co. in recent years; now pres. and 
treas.; member Canterbury Golf. Mid-Day and 
Cleveland Athletic clubs. Residence: 1885 E. 
89th-st. Office: 4900 Euclid-ave. 

DWORKEN, Max M., attorney at law; born, 
Russia, June 10, 1885; son Meyer H. and Re- 
becca (Garfinkel) Dworken; educated public 
and private Russian schools and Hebrew 
schools, Russia; public schools of Oak Harbor, 
O. and Port Clinton, O. ; night course, Central 
high school; Baldwin Wallace Academy, 1921; 

Baldwin Wallace college of laws, 1922, 
bachelor of laws; married, Cleveland, to 
Esther Rosenberg — children, Adelade Dwor- 
ken; member Citizen Military training organ- 
ization under instruction of Ohio National 
Guard, 1907; member National Union Assur- 
ance society, Cleveland Bar assn.. Temple 
Men's club, Zionist organization of America. 
Residence: 11906 Durant-ave. Office: 1423 
Schofield bldg. 

DYAR, Marie KnHten, born, Chicago, 111., 
March 17, 1889; daughter Herman A. and 
Emily (Bartles) Kasten; educated, high school, 
Winnetka, 111., Wellesley college, B. A., 1910; 
married, Chicago, May 4, 1915 to Hugh Hunt- 
ington Dyar — children, Patricia Emily Dyar 
and Hugh Huntington Dyar, Jr.; world war, 
surgical dressings and home care of the sick 
courses, Red Cross; active worker in sewing 
and surgical dressings units; member Welles- 
ley college Alumnae assn.; Women's City, 
Cleveland Wellesley and Canterbury Golf 
clubs; Shaker Hglits. Parent-Teacher assn. 
Residence: 2963 Falmouth-rd., Shaker Hghts. 

DYE, Mary L.ittle, born, Beverly, O. ; 
daughter Dr. James and Lurana S. (Jenison) 
Little; married, Logan, O., Nov. 11, 1884 to 
Dr. James Henry Dye; member Women's City 
club. Residence: 11893 Carlton-rd. 

DYE, Trafton M., attorney; born Sidney, 
Iowa, Jan. 11, 1886; son Charles H. and Eva 
(Emery) Dye; educated Oberlin college A. 
B., 1906, Columbia Univ. law school, LL.B., 
1910; married, Portland, Ore., Nov. 7, 1912 to 
Mary E. Ward — children, Mary Elizabeth and 
Charles Sherman; practiced in Portland, Ore., 
1910-1917; Cleveland, since 1917; partner, 
Wilkin, Cross and Daoust; member, Cleve- 
land, Ohio State and American Bar assns.; 
trustee and member executive committee 
Logal Aid society; member Phi Beta Kappa 
fraternity; Masonic lodge; Elks; Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce; Cleveland Athletic and 
Lakewood Country clubs. Recreation: golf. 
Residence: 1085 Kenneth-dr., Lakewood. Of- 
fice: 1106 Union Mortgage bldg. 

DYER, Charlen Dickey, Jr., engineer; born, 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 13, 1885; son Charles 
Dickey and Belle (Smith) Dver; educated, 
Univ. of Pennsylvania, B. S. in C. E., 1908: 
married, Chicago, 111., July 10, 1916 to Mabel 
Keig — children, Charles Dickey Dyer, III, 
Marshall and Margaret Belle Dyer; pres. 
Dyer Associated Engineers Inc.; member 
Union club. Residence: 2951 E. Overlook-rd., 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: 907 National Citv 

DYER, Clara Cnrran, born, Cleveland; 
daughter Thomas J. and Catherine Louisa 
(Proudfoot); educated, Hathaway-Brown; at- 
tended Mrs. Lifts school at Rye, N. Y. ; mar- 
ried, Cleveland 1904 to Guy Sawyer Dyer; 
world war, worked four months in Egypt and 
nine months in France with Australian Red 
Cross service; member Women's City club; 
formerly member Tuamby club of Melbourne, 
Australia; Alexandria club of London, Eng.; 
Women's Athletic club of San Francisco, Cal. 
Residence: 6715 Dunham-ave., Cleveland; and 
Alvarado, Calif. 

DYER, Herrlck Harrel, pres.; born, Alva- 
rado, Calif., Feb. 12, 1890; son Edward Frank- 
lin and Kate (Harrell) Dyer; educated, Case 
School of Applied Science, 1909-1913; married, 
Cleveland, Sept. 15, 1914 to Irene Konker — 
children, Herrick Harrell Dyer, Jr.; pres. The 
Dyer Co.; member Cleveland Engineering 
society; Chamber of Commerce; Alpha Chi 
Sigma chemical society; Zeta Psi fraternity; 
Cleveland Athletic, Chagrin Valley Country 
and National Town and Country clubs. Hec- 



reation: grolf, hunting: and fishing. Residence: be one of the outstandinf? Institutions for 

31 Villa Beach. Office: 3030 Euclid-ave. business training; pres. Dyke School of Busl- 

„,. . , .. ^ ^ -KT .., T^ ,. ness; since 1899 has been closely Identified 

D\KE. Frnnk. I,., teacher; born, North East, ^^.n,^ j^^ development at corner of Prospect 

Pa., Oct. 2, isr.5; son Lodire J. and Lucinda g^id K. 9th; member National assn. of Accred- 

(Stetson) Dyke; educated, Geauga Seminary, ited Commercial Schools; National Federation ; 

Chesterland, O.; married, Cleveland, 1886 to Chamber of Commerce; City and Kiwanls 

Ada E. Brown — children, Lucy M. Dyke and clubs; Cleveland Real Estate board. Recrea- 

Mrs. B. A. Haycox; organized Dyke School of tlon: motoring. Residence: 20010 T.,orain-rd., 

Business 1893 in Cuyahoga bldg.; from the Rocky River, O. Office: Smythe bldg., 1001 

smallest beginning the school has grown to Huron-rd. 

B.4MKS, Haydon, industrial consultant; Women's City club. Residence: 1868 E. 82nd 

born, Shanghai, China. Dec. 19, 1863; son I. St. Office: Public Library. 

B. and Emma (Hayden) Eames; educated, EATON, Cyrun Stephen, banker; born. Nova 
United States Naval Academy with subse- Scotla, Dec. 27, 1883; son Joseph H. and Mary 
quent service as a commissioned officer; mar- a. (McPherson) Eaton; educated, Woodstock 
ried, Hagerstown, Md., June 18, 1890 to Clare college; McMaster Univ., B. A., 1905; mar- 
Hamilton — children, Mrs. Sidney Howard ried, Cleveland, 1907 to Margaret House — 
(Clare J. Eames), Mrs. A. J. Cox (Emma children, Margaret Grace, Mary Adelle, Eliza- 
Hayden Eames) and Hamilton Eames; world beth Ann, Anna Bishop, Cyrus Stephen, Jr., 
war, in charge of small arms and ammuni- Augusta Farlee and MacPherson Eaton; oper- 
tion production. Residence: 2376 Kenilworth- g^^Qj. public Utilities Properties, 1906-1912; 
rd., Euclid Hghts. Office: 1411 Guarantee organized Continental Gas & Electric Corp., 
Title Bldg. 1912; became partner of firm Otis & Co., 

EARI>Y. Elizabeth Hurlbut. born, Cleve- ^^"'^ers, 1915; chairmian of ^oard The United 
land; daughter John E. and Elizabeth ^;fe'*ctp^?"Neb?^skS°"(^kr"&"' Ellc%r1c^cT; 
(Ranney) Hurlbut; educated, Cleveland ^^^ The Trumbull Steel Co.; pres. The Co- 
schools; married, Cleveland, to John Have- lumbus Ry., Power «& Light Co.; director 
lock Early (deceased) — children, Margaret Cleveland Trust Co., American Light & Trac- 
Early Booth and John Hurlbut Early (both ^^^^ ^q.. Central Alloy Steel Corp., National 
deceased). Residence: 2815 Scarborough-rd, Acme Co., The William Davies Co., Ham- 

EASTMAN, Harry Lloyd, judge; born. But- P?^,"**' t?.^^"*^*!*" ^'o^ho' T^rf.^lfi^^k^^^Rnw^m^n"' 
1^^ vir, \^\.i-i a 100O. c!^v, ^1,1, „ tr „„j Ohio Brass So., The Loomis Co., Bowman- 
ler. Pa April 9, 1882; son Oliver H. and Rutmore Hotels Co. and Kansas City Power 
Clara (Bond) Eastman; educated, grade and ^ Light Co.; trustee Kansas City Power 
high schools of Findlay, O.; Western Reserve Securities Co., Denison Univ., Cleveland 
Univ. law school, LL.B. ; married, Cleveland, Museum of Natural History and Cleveland 
Sept. 30, 1922 to Marcella J. Dalgleish; asst. y. M. C. A.; member Ohio Society of New 
U. S. attorney, Northern dist. of Ohio, 1918- York; Mid-Day, Union, University. Athletic 
1920; 1st lieut. J. A. G., O. R. C. ; began prac- Mayfleld, Stock Exchange Luncheon. Pepper 
tice of law In 1913 with firm Bacon, Couse Pike and Summit Hunt clubs. Residence: 
and Curran, later associated with Goulder (winter) 8917 Euclid-ave., Cleveland; (sum- 
White & Garry and Treadway & Marlatt; mer) Acadia Farm, Northfield, O. Office: 320 
member of firm Woods, Lang & Eastman; Cuyahoga Bldg. 
until May, 1926, when appointed judge of in- eaTON, Joseph Oriel, banker; born, Yon- 

A^.^^J^ a,;,? tJo,,";;' i^^i^ri- nitttlr.^ \^2^',,^' chairman Eaton Axle & Spring Co.; director 

Army and Navy Union, Citizens league National Acme. Trumbull Steel Co.. Central 

«im^l?J?^ r^^nll'I)o,^^r,^^w.,v,^=®^''^Am^i.^o^^ Alloy Steel Corp.. Lakewood Kng. Co.. Elec- 

Somerton-rd. Ceveland Hghts. OflJice: Old t^j^ Controller Co.. Hudson Valley Coke & 

Court House, Public Square. Prod. Co.; S. F. Bowser Co., Bohn Aluminum 

EA.STMAN, Linda Anne, librarian; born, & Brass Corp. and Gabriel Snubber Mfg. Co.; 

Oberlin, O.. 1867; daughter William Harvey "jiemher Delta Psi fraternity; Union, Hormit. 

Dayton, O. ; public library, asst. I)ranch libra- EBELING, George A., architect; born, 

rian, vice librarian and librarian, Cleveland Wheeling, W. Va., June 17, 1889; son Henry 

Public library; (librarian since 1918); library and Amelia (Brunner) Ebeling; educated, 

counselor and asst. professor school of Wheeling high scliool; Carnegie Institute of 

Library Science of Western Reserve Univ.; Technology; married. Wlieeling, W. Va., Dec. 

has served as president of Ohio Library assn.: 26, 1917 to Maude Wyrlck Cox — children, 

vice-pres. of the American Library assn. and Elizabeth Jeanette. Helene and Martha Deison 

of the Women's City club; member American Ebeling; world war, production manager U. 

and Ohio Library assns. ; American Library S. shipping board emergency fleet corpn. 

Institute; Adult Education Commission; tru.s- (finished machinery): practicing architect 

tee Cleveland Welfare assn.; member board Wheeling, W. Va. 1914-1917; praoticing archl- 

of Directors Cleveland Recreation Council tect Cleveland, Grieble & Ebeling 1919-21, 

and Girls Council; executive committee Cleve- practicing architect Cleveland since 1921; 

land Conference on Educational Cooperation secy, and treas. Homes Builders of Cleveland; 

and Cleveland Forum Council; member member Cleveland Engineering Society; 



Cleveland Athletic club; pres. Cleveland Car- 
negie Alumni assn. Recreations: hunting: and 
fishing. Residence: 22BB Bellfleld-ave. Office: 
737 ProBpect-ave. S. E. 

EDDY, Carroll William, veterinarian; born, 
Cleveland, Sept. 12, 1871; son Samuel Mans- 
field and Sarah L. (Smyth) Eddy; educated, 
Cleveland grade and public schools; Ohio 
State Univ.; married, Cleveland, Nov. 25, 1905 
to May Graham; in practice 1900-1905, chief 
food and dairy inspector, Cleveland 1905-1916; 
dairy business 1916-1925; member American 
Veterinary Med., Ohio Veterinary Med., North- 
•western Veterinary Med., and various other 
allied technical assns. Residence: 13910 
Larch mere -blvd. 

EDGERTOX, Ida M., teacher; born, Parma 
township, April 27, 1868; daughter Irwin and 
Margaret (Cole) Edgerton; educated, Cleve- 
land public schools; West high school, 1886; 
Cleveland Normal school, 1887; summer 
•courses at Columbia Teachers college; teacher 
in Cleveland public schools since 1887; prin- 
cipal of Scranton school since Jan. 1, 1901; 
Tnember Western Reserve chapter D.A.R. and 
■Ohio Chapter Daughter of Founders and 
Patriots. Residence: 1413 Branch-ave. Office: 
Scranton school. 

EDMISTON, Horace Stewart, dentist; born, 
Cleveland,, May 30, 1891: son H. T. and Mary 
E. (Black) Edmiston; educated. Western Re- 
serve Univ.; married, Cleveland, March 20. 
1922 to Rita Leopold — children, two; world 
war, ambulance service ten months; 1st li'S'it. 
dental corps Staff Base hospital, Camp Upton 
18 months: practiced dentistry since 1916 ex- 
cept for time In service; member CTleveland 
Dental society and National Central assn.; 
Delta Sigma Delta fraternity; Masonic lodge; 
Rajah shrine; 32nd degree; Caldwell Consis- 
tory, Bloomsburg, Pa.; Lakewood Country 
olub; Tribe; T. M. C. A.; American Legion; 
U. S. Army ambulance assn. Recreations: 
golf, gardening. Residence: 1480 Bunts-rd. 
Office: 862 Rose Bidg. 

EDMONDSON, Georvre Monntnin, photo- 
grapher; born. Norwalk, O., Aug. 23 1866; 
son George William and Mary Jane (Mount- 
ain) Edmondson; educated, public schools; 
■married Oherlin, O.. 1901 to Wilhelmlna R. 
Keason — children, George Mountain, Jr. and 
Ivy Jane Edmondson. Residence: 1964 E. 
S7th St. 

EDM0ND.S01V, Wilhelmlna Rejene, born, 
Amherst, O., 1877; daughter Peter Craft and 
■Rejene (Plato) Neason; educated, public and 
private schools; married, Oberlin, 1901, to 
•Geo. M. Edmondson — children, George M. and 
Ivy Jane Edmondson. Residence: 1964 E. 97th 


EDMONDSON, William J., artist, born, Nor- 
walk, O., 1868; son George William and Mary 
Jane (Mountain) Edmondson; educated, pub- 
lic schools Norwalk, O. ; Academy of Fine 
Arts, Philadelphia, Pa.; Julian academy, 
Paris; Aman Jean academy, Paris; awarded 
by P.A.F.A. European scholarshin, Chas. Top- 
pan prize; married, Cuyahoga Falls, O. Dec. 
18, 1906 to Florence L. Holloway; exhibits 
in leading art museums; Penton medal figure 
painting; popular vote and other prizes Cleve- 
land Museum of Art; represented In per- 
manent collections, Cleveland, Philadelphia, 
New Orleans; member of art committee Pan- 
ama Pacific Exposition, San Francisco; 
portraits in many homes, institutions, and 
public buildings throughout the country; 
member of Cleveland Society of Artists; Fel- 
lowship of the Pa. Academy of Fine Arts. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 2812 Scar- 
borough-rd. Studio; 2362 Euclld-ave. 

EDW^ARDS, Ellery P., physician; born, 
Harperfleld, O., March 7, 1878; son Preston 
J. and Lucy (Howes) Edwards; educated, 
Huntsburg high school. 1899; Oberlin college, 
1903, A.B.; W.R.U. medical college, 1909, M.D.; 
married, Morencl, Mich., Sept. 19, 1911 to Marie 
Lavlna Green — children, Preston, Eleanor, 
Evelyn and Henry Edwards; world war, vol- 
unteered but not accepted; member Cleveland 
Academy of Medicine; Cleveland club. Re- 
reatlons: tennis and swimming. Residence: 
2953 Berkshlre-rd. Office: 8314 Euclld-ave. 

EDW^ARDS, John R,, Jr., born, Cleveland, 
Aug. 15, 1868; son John R. and Mary M. 
(Brower) Edwards; educated, Cleveland pub- 
lic schools; three years Central high school; 
two terms Spencerian business college; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, 1889 to Jeanie Ewald — child- 
ren, Helen A. Edwards; married, 1900 to Mae 
Foss — children, John R. and Harry Foss Ed- 
%vard3; connected with Jno. R. Edwards. Sr. 
Coal & Teaming Co. since 1872, name later 
changed to Jno. R. Edwa'-d.s & Son; location 
at Pennsylvania Ry. and Woodland-ave.; lo- 
cation sold to Pennsylvania Ry. Co. in 1923; 
asst. mgr. Jno. R. Edwards, Sr. and Jno. R. 
Edwards & Son; the Edwards family came to 
Cleveland with Moses Cleaveland; the original 
Edwards was one of the surveyors in Cleave- 
land's party and located at the present site 
of Buckeye-rd. and Woodhlll-rd. where grand- 
father and father were born; Rapid Transit 
Ry. passes almost directly under the last 
home erected by his grandfather. Residence: 
2650 East-blvd. 

EDWARDS, Mrs. John R., born, England, 
Sept. 13, 1866; daughter John Wakefield and 
Hannah (Bennett) Wakefield; educated, Grove 
House seminary; Bryn Mawr, Breconshlre, 
England; married, Leetonia, Ohio, Oct. 20, 
1885 to John R. Edwards — children, Laura 
Virginia Edwards and Ruth Edwards Winch; 
member Woman's club. Residence: 12908 

EDW^ARDS, Ralph Wlgmore, born, Cardiff, 
Wales, Feb. 1, 1879; son Morgan and Fanny 
(Wlgmore) Edwards: educated, Cleveland 
law school; married, Cleveland, June 22, 1916 
May Otter — children, Ralph Wlgmore Ed- 
wards, Jr.: democrat; in 1910 was elected 
member House of Representatives 79th Gen- 
eral Assembly; Feb. 1912 appointed member 
board of Civil Service Commissioners of City 
of Cleveland; came to U. S. In 1885 and moved 
to Cleveland after many years residence In 
New York City; admitted to bar in 1901 and 
has since practiced law in Cleveland, member 
of firm Farrell and Edwards. Residence: 
4016 Riveredge-rd. Office: Williamson Bldg. 

EELI.S, Adele Chlnholm, born, Cleveland, 
Sept. 11, 1897; daughter Alvah Stone and 
Adele (Corning) Chisholm; educated, Hatha- 
way Brown school; Westover school. Conn., 
1916; married, Cleveland, June 7, 1919 to 
Howard Parmelee Eells, Jr. — children, Adele 
Chisholm and Frances House Eells; identified 
with Rainbow hospital, St. Agnes guild and 
Junior league; member KIrtland country and 
Union clubs. Residence: 2290 Ardleigh-dr. 

EELLS, Howord Parmelee, Jr., manufac- 
turer; born, Cleveland, Aug. 25, 1892; son 
Howard Parmelee and Maud (Stager) Eells; 
educated, University school, Milton academy; 
Williams college, 1915; married, Cleveland, 
June 7, 1919 to Adele Corning Chisholm — 
children, Adele Chisholm Eells. Jr. and 
Frances House Eells; world war, lieut. Rain- 
bow division (42nd) A. battery, 149th field 
artillerv; served in France from Sept., 1917 
to April 1919; president Dolomite Products 
Co.; sec. Standard Sewing Machine Co.; 
vice pres. Atchison Eastern Bridge Co.; mem- 
ber Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; treag. Cleve- 



land school oi art; treas. Humane society; 
member Kirtland, Union and Tavern clubs. 
Residence: 2290 Ardleigh-dr. Office: 1110 

EELLS, Mnud Stngrer, born, Cleveland, Sept. 
1865; daughter Henry Warren and Alice 
(Trabue) Stager; married, Cleveland, Nov. 11, 
1889 to Howard Parmelee Eells — children, 
Frances, Howard Parmelee, Harriet Stager, 
Samuel, and Maud Stager Eells. Residence: 

EGGLKR, CnrI Edward, illuminating en- 
gineer; born, Vincennes, Ind., May 22, 1889; 
son Frederick A. and (Baech) Egeler; edu- 
cated, Vincennes, Ind. high school, 1909; Pur- 
due Univ. 1913, B. 8. in electrical engineer- 
ing; world war; Indiana National guard 1908- 
11; U. S. Navy, 1917-19; lieut. (sr. gd.) 1918, 
U. S. Naval Reserve 1919 — now commanding 
1st division, U. S. Naval Reserve, Cleveland, 
9th Naval District; war service on U. S. S. 
San Diego and U. S. S. Huron; National Lamp 
Works of General Electric Co. publicity en- 
gineer, 1913-17; special engineer, 1919-24; 
commercial engineer, 1924 to date; member 
Illuminating Engineering society; Society of 
Motion Picture Engineers; Cleveland Electri- 
cal League; American Legion (Army & Navy 
post) Delta Upsilon and Eta Kappa Nu frat- 
ernities; Masonic orders; University and Sin- 
gers clubs. Recreations: golf, tennis and 
music. Residence: 13808 Fernwood-ave. Of- 
fice: Nela Park, E. Cleveland, O. 

KHRKE, Charles W., born, Cleveland, Jan. 
2, 1873; son Joachim and Louise (Hibbe) 
Ehrke; educated, Cleveland grammar schools; 
Spencerian business college; married, Cleve- 
land, May 1895 to Martha Splittorf — children. 
Earl L., Raymond A. and George E. Ehrke; 
vice pres. Cuyahoga Soap Co.; pres. Cos- 
mopolitan Savings & Loan Co.; Chamber of 
Commerce; member Masonic lodge; 32nd de- 
gree; Shrine. Residence: 11204 Ashbury-ave. 
Office: 12378 Superior-ave. 

EICHER, Archibald McClelland, constr. en- 
gineer; born, Greensburg, Pa., Mav 23, 1890; 
son Alexander and Elinor (McClelland) 
Elicher; educated Greensburg high school, 
1908; Massachusetts Inst, of Technology, S. B., 
1912; world war; 1st lieut. Eng. O.R.C. Fort 
Leavenworth, 2nd camp; discharged on ac- 
count of poor eyesight, 1917; in France Nov. 
1917 with Stone & Webster Eng. Corpn. Con- 
struction of Ordnance depots of Is-sur Tille 
Bourges-Mehun sur Yevre, etc. until Dec. 
1918; engineer American Construction Com- 
pany; member Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraterni- 
ty; University club. Residence: 3813 Euclid- 
ave. Office: 505 Marlon Bldg. 

EICKIIOFF, Theodore H., electrical and 
mechanical engineer; born, Indiana, Nov. 18, 
1885; son Henry C. and Elizabeth (Kuehn) 
Eickhoff; educated, manual training school 
Indianapolis; Purdue Univ., B.S.E.E. 1908; 
E.E. 1920; Geo. Washington Univ. B.L. 1913; 
married, Milwaukee, Oct. 1, 1921 to Miss Clara 
Strasen — children, Henry John and Elizabeth 
Marie Eickhoff: engineering development and 
perfection of Thompson submachine gun and 
Thompson autorifle, as chief engineer for 
the Auto Ordnance corpn. 1916-24; In course 
of work developed a chronograph to measure 
within one ten-thousandth of a second; mem- 
ber Cleveland Engineering Society; Society of 
Industrial Engineers, Tau Beta PI fraternity; 
Gethsemane Ev. Lutheran church. Recrea- 
tion: hiking. Residence: 970 Helmsdale-rd. 
Office: 118 St. Clalr-ave. 

EIDE. Riindolph, vice-pres. and gen. mgr., 
The Ohio Bell Telephone Co.; born, Lee, 
111., May 25, 1888; son Tollef T. and 
Christine H. (Greve) Eide; educated. 

Lee, Illinois high school; tfnlv. of Illinois, 
A.B.; married, St. Louis, Jan. 17, 1917 
to Edna Ruth Phillips— children. Catherine 
< hristine, Randolph. Jr., John Henry, and 
Richard Phillips Eide; national guard, N. Y.; 
1911-13 Traffic Dept. New York Telephone 
Co.; 1913-16 Supervisor of Traffic Southwest- 
ern Bell Telephone Co. St. Louis; 1916-17 
Supervi.sor of Traffic Michigan Bell Telephone 
Co. Detroit; 1917-21 Supt. of Traffic Central 
L nlon lelephone Co. Columbus; 1921-23 gen. 
.supt. of traffic Ohio Bell Telephone Co.; 1923- 
24 gen. mgr. Ohio Bell Telephone; 1924 vice- 
pres. and director; director Lima Tele- 
phone & Telegraph Co.; member Amer. Inst, 
of Electrlcid Engineers; Mayfield, Union, 
University, Mid-Day and Big Ten clubs. R. d- 
dence: 2102 Lamberton-rd. Office: 1300 

EINSTEIN, Albert E„ life "underwriter; 
born, Cleveland, June 27, 1884; son Leopold 
and Bertha (Rauh) Einstein; educated, Cleve- 
land grammar schools; Central high school; 
University school; married. Pittsburgh, Sept. 
30, 1915 to Birdie Wersheimer; Ordnance 
Dept. director finance and accounting; asst 
in charge Chandler Motor Car Co. during 
world war; secy, and treas. Ullman & Einsteir 
Realty Co.; chairman board of directors City. 
Allotment Co.; member Oakwood golf and 
Excelsior clubs. Residence: 2616 Dartmoor- 
rd. Office: 1208 Swetland Bldg. 

EISENMAN, William Hunt, national secy.p 
born, Jamestown, O., July 8, 1884; son Maurice- 
and Margaret Eisenman; educated, Kenyon 
college; Ohio State Univ.; Morningside col- 
lege; Leland Stamford, Jr. Univ., Ph. B. and 
M.A. ; married, Danville, 111. Aug. 1917 to- 
Mildred R. Randle — children, Wra. Hunt 
Eisenman Jr.; world war, capt. company M 
3rd Reg. Illinois National Guard 2 years; edu- 
cational work 12 years; instructor Racine 
college; principal high schools; professor of 
chemistry and physics; supt. public schools;: 
national secy. American Society for Steel 
treating; genl. mgr. National Steel and Ma- 
chine tool exposition; secy. American Society 
for Steel treating; member A.S.T.M. ; S.A.E.;. 
A.S.S.T.; C.E.S.; Wisconsin academy of sci- 
ences; member Masonic lodge; Knight Temp- 
lar; Consistory; Shrine; Elks; Chagrin Valley 
Hunt, Country, High Noon and Masonic clubsr. 
Chamber of Commerce. Recreation: golf- 
Residence: 3259 Stockholm-rd. Office: 4600< 

EliDEN, John Aten, attorney; born. East 
Liverpool, O. April 3, 1892; son E. E. and 
Mary (Aten) Elden; educated, Virginia Mili- 
tary Institute; Adelbert college, A.B.; West- 
ern Reserve Law school, LLB. ; post gradu- 
ate work at Georgetown law school, Columbia 
law school: republican candidate for State 
representative 1924, State senator 1916; 
served as first lieut. In gas defense division 
of U. S. army during world war; member 
executive committee Cleveland Bar assn., 
vice-pres. Ohio State bar assn., vice-pres. 
Franklin Savings & Loan Co.. Economy 
Mortgage Co., Needham Products Co., 
Taylor Amusement Co., and Jordan Cotton 
Mills Co.; secy. Utilities Service Co. and Cir- 
cle Theatre Co.; chairman advisory board 
Lake Erie Trust Co.; member advisory board 
Prudential Savings & Loan Co.; member Phi 
Kappa Alpha and Delta Theta Phi fraterni- 
ties; Mid-Day, University. Roadside. Cleve- 
land Athletic clubs; 32nd degree Mason 
and Shriner; Chamber of Commerce. 
Recreation: travel. Residence: 2704 Derby- 
shlre-rd. Office: 816 Hippodrome Bldg. 

ELRREDGE, Albert Clarton. asst. supt of 
schools; born, Edinburg, O., June 13, 1868; 
son Franklin and Suskn (Carr) Eldredge; 



educated, district school Edinburgr, O.; Al- 
liance high school; Mt. Union college, 1895; 
married, Pittsburgh, Pa. Aug. 30, 1897 to 
Elsie I. Miller — children, Howard, James A., 
Sarah F. and Albert M. Eldredge; war record, 
member Eighth Regiment O.N.G. 1893-95; 
teacher in country schools, two years; teacher 
Jn elementary schools, Alliance, O., two years; 
principal elementary school, Lorain, O., four 
years; principal high school, Lorain, O., 1899- 
1905; supt. of schools, Lorain, O. 1905-1914; 
asst. supt of schools Cleveland, O., since 
1914; director The Lovett Co.; member Na- 
tional Education assn. Ohio State teachers 
assn. ; State Board of education until re- 
organization code went into effect; Sons of 
Veterans; K. of P.; F. & A. M.; City club. 
Residence: 1766 N. Taylor-rd. Office: Board 
of Education. 

ELI.IOTT, Allen Edrick, real estate and 
building; born, Somerville, Mass., Sept. 15, 
1885; son Geo. E. and Annie L. (Simmons) 
Elliott; educated, Univ. of Maine; married, 
Greenville, Pa., Mar. 4, 1916 to Laura Vaughn 
— children, Jane Elliott; asst. engineer, B. & 
A. R. R.; locating engineer L. F. & J. R. R. ; 
asst. val. engineer B. & L. E. R. R. ; sales 
mgr. Sharon Pressed Steel Co.; treas. and 
sec. The Clark-Elliott Co. and The Clark-El- 
liott Bldg. Co.; trea.s. Operators Realty Co.; 
member American and Cleveland societies of 
Civil Engineers; Gamma Epsilon Kappa, 
Kappa Sigma and Theta Nu Epsilon fraterni- 
ties; Duquesne club of Pittsburg; Greenville 
Country and Cleveland clubs. Residence: 
3170 Svcamore-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
806 Bulkley Bldg. 

ELLIOTT, Ralph W., physician; born, Erie 
County, Pa., 1877; son Andrew N. and Abble 
(Cleaveland) Elliott; educated Adelbert col- 
lege, Ph. B. 1900; Western Reserve Medical 
school, M. D., 1903; married, Cleveland, 1908, 
to Florence Moorhead — children, Alice El- 
liott; member American Medical assn.; Cleve- 
land Academy of Medicine; fellow American 
public health assn.; Phi Rho Sigma frater- 
nity; University club. Residence: 2689 Col- 
chester-rd. Office: 8314 EucUd-ave. 

ELLIS, John W., born, Princeton, 111., Aug. 
28, 1877; son John and Ella (Gary) Ellis; 
educated, Northwestern Univ.; married, Cleve- 
land Nov. 16, 1909 to Mildred L. Furness — 
children, one; pres. The Chemical Supply Co.; 
member Beta Theta Pi faternlty; Cleveland 
Athletic and Shaker Hghts. Country clubs. 
Recreations: fishing. Residence: 2673 Euclid 
Hghts.-blvd. Office: 2450 Canal-rd. 

ELLSWORTH, Ralph H., born. West Rich- 
field, O., Sept. 18, 1868; son Ranson C. and 
Cora (Humphrey) Ellsworth; educated. West 
Richfield high school; married, Cleveland, 
Oct. 16 1894 to Emily H. Oviatt; republican; 
travelling salesman for twenty-five years 
representing the Arnold W^ooden Ware Co.; 
elected director of the company 1896; elected 
pres. and genl. mgr. 1912 — has been elected 
pres. and genl. mgr. each succeeding year; 
member Halcyon lodge No. 498; F. & A. M. ; 
Thatcher Chapter No. 101; R. A. M. ; Forest 
City Commandery No. 40; Knight Templar; 
Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 1446 Co- 
hassett-ave. Office: Arnold Wooden Ware 

ELSNER, Sidney, E., attorney; born, Cleve- 
land, Oct. 9. 1893; son Morris and Dora 
(Bernstein) Eisner; educated, Cleveland pub- 
lic schools; Glenville high school; Cleveland 
law school; Baldwin Wallace college; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Dec. 16, 1917 to Charlotte 
Sill — children, Sidney Edgar Eisner; repub- 
lican; 1918 candidate legislative branch; legal 
advisory board during war; Legal Aid society 
1915-16; partnership Blackett & Eisner 1916- 

17-18; practicing alone since; secy. The 
Cleveland Allotment Co., Banner Realty Co., 
Cleveland Land Sales Co., Robert Sill Rc.ilty 
Co., Economic Hldg. & Construction Co.; i>re3. 
Fairmount Richnidiid Land Co.; director Wal- 
dorf Land Co.; vicf-pres. Trebor I.iand Co., 
member Cleveland Bar assn.; charter mombei 
Golden Square lodge No. 579, I". & A. .M., 
organist since Its inception, asst. secy. 1923 
24-25; Al Sirat grotto. Recreations: motor- 
ing and golf. Residence: 1775 N. Taylor-rd. 
Office: 1431 Engineers Bldg. 

ELY, Mabel CoIIingrn, born, ClfMeland, Sept 
15, 1891; daughter Geo. E. and Margaret 
(Boswell) Collings; educated, Hathwiy Brown 
school; Miss Spence's school. New York City; 
married, Cleveland, June 19, 1917 to S. Pres- 
cott Ely — children, Edith C. and Virginia E. 
Ely; member Junior League of Cleveland; 
Kirtland Country club. Residence: 1889 E. 
84th St. 

ELY, Samnel Prcscott, broker; son Prescott 
and Minnie (Hanmer) Ely; educated, Univer- 
sity school; Western Reserve Univ.; married, 
Cleveland, June 19, 1917 to Mabel P. Collings 
— children, Edith C. and Virginia E. Ely; 
member Troop A, 1st Ohio Cavalry 1909-1916- 
1919-1920; world war, 301st U. S. Cav. 1917- 
1919; member Hord Curtlss Co.; Alpha Delta 
Phi fraternity; Tavern and Kirtland Country 
clubs. Residence: 1889 E. 84th-st. Office: 
1201 Union Trust Bldg. 

EMERICH, Ida Belle Day, born, Cleveland, 
Dec. 25, 1867; daughter Joseph A. and Eliza- 
beth (Watterman) Day; educated, Collln- 
wood public school; Shaw high school, E. 
Cleveland; married, Cleveland, April 18, 1887 
to Amiel W. Emerich — children, A. Wilkes, 
Harold E., Helen Doris and Ada Marlon 
Emerich; republican; world war, assisted at 
Red Cross Center; director New Center Gar- 
age; formerly member Women's club; mem- 
ber First Presbyterian church on Western 
Reserve since she was 13 years of age; mem- 
ber Pythian Sisters, Sherman Temple, No. 102; 
Early Settlers assn.; Republican club. Resi- 
dence: 16205 St. Clalr-ave. 

EMERICH, Nellie Day, born, Nottingham, 
O.. July 5, 1871; daughter Joseph A. and Eli- 
zabeth (Waterman) Day; educated, East 
Cleveland high school; married, Nottingham, 
Aug. 29, 1894 to John R. Emerich — children, 
five; member Pythian Sisters; Daughters of 
Veterans; Women's Organization of Retail 
Druggists. Residence: 1286 E. 188th-st. 

EMERSON, Florence Taylor, born, Cleve- 
land; daughter W. D. and Janet (Reed) Tay- 
lor; educated, Cleveland grammar and high 
school; College for Women, W. R. U., A. B., 
1903; married, Cleveland, June 15, 1909 to 
Sam W. Emerson — children, Florence R., 
Janet Logan and Peggy Emerson; member 
Delta Phi Upsilon Sorority; Women's City and 
College clubs. Residence: 2424 Coventry-rd. 

EMERSON, Henry Ivory, attorney at law; 
born, Litchfield, Me., March 15, 1871; son 
Ivory W. and Rose A. (Stewart) Emerson; 
educated, public schools of Lewistown, Me.; 
Cincinnati Univ.; married, Dec. 25, 1894 to 
Nettle M. Nauman (deceased); married, Feb. 
19, 1917 to Lillian B. McCormlck — children, 
Ross W., Charlotte M. and Louise M. ICmer- 
son; member City council of Cleveland, 1902- 
1903; member 64th, 65th and 66th Congresses, 
1915-1921; practiced law since Aug. 7, 1893; 
member Bar assn.; K. of P. Residence: 13106 
Forest Hill-ave. Offices: 223 Society for Sav- 
ings Bldg. 

EMERSON, Hneh McKnlgrht, civil engineer; 
horn, Cleveland, March 15, 1888; son James 
and Katherlne (McKnlght) Emerson; edu- 
cated, Cleveland public schools and high 



school; Case School of Applied Science, 1910; 
married, Cleveland, Oct. 3, 1914 to Georglanna 
Edith Blood; world war, capt. Ordnance dept., 
U. S. army, 1917-1919; member Cleveland En- 
gineering- society; Phi Kappa Psi and (honor- 
ary) Tau Beta Pi fraternities; Cleveland 
Athletic, Chagrin Valley Country and Cleve- 
land Advertising clubs; Cleveland Grays; 
Cleveland Real Estate board. Recreation: 
golf and bowling. Residence: 18915 Oxford- 
rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 1836 Euclld-ave. 

EMERSON, Oliver Fnrrar, university pro- 
fessor; born, Traer, la.. May 24, 1860; son 
Oliver and Maria (Farrar) Emerson; edu- 
cated, Iowa college, 18S2, A. B.; 1885, A. M.; 
Litt. D. 1912; Cornell Univ., 1891, Ph. D.; mar- 
ried, St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 24, 1891 to Annie L.. 
Logan — children, Olive Logan (Mrs. H. E. 
Payne); supt. schools, Grinnell, la., 1882- 
1S84; :\luscatine, la., 1884-1885; prin. Academy 
of Iowa college, 1885-1888; Goldwin Smith 
fellow in English, Cornell Univ. 1888-1889; 
instructor in English, 1889-1891; asst. prof, 
rhetoric and English philology, 1892-1896, 
Cornell Univ.; prof. English, Western Re- 
serve Univ. since 1896; pres. Modern Lan- 
guage Assn. of America, 1923; member Ameri- 
can Dialect society (pres. 1905); member 
Modern Humanities Research assn.; American 
Assn. for the Advancement of Science; 
American Assn. of University Professors; 
Linguistic Society of America, Simplified 
Spelling Board; Zeta Psi fraternity; Univer- 
sity club; author History of the English 
Language, 1894; a Brief History of the Eng- 
lish language, 1896; Middle English Reader, 
1905; Outline History of the English Lan- 
guage, 1906; editor Johnson's Rasselas, 1905; 
Slemoirs of the Life and Writings of Edward 
Gibbon, 1898; Poems of Chaucer, 1911; con- 
tributor to Modern Language Notes, Dialect 
Notes, Publications of Modern Language 
Assn.; Modern Philology, Journal of English 
and (jermanic Philology, Anglia, Modern 
Language Review, Romanic Review, Review 
of English Studies and Proceedings of British 
Academy. Recreation: gardening. Residence: 
1910 Wadena-st., E. Cleveland. Summer: Elm 
Lodge, Painesville, O. Office: Western Re- 
serve Univ. 

EMERSOX, Sam AV., building contractor: 
born, Cleveland; son James and Kate (Mc- 
Knight) Emerson; educated, Cleveland public 
schools; Case School of Applied Science, A. 
B., C. E.; married, Cleveland, June 15, 1909 to 
Florence J. Taylor — children, Florence R., 
Janet L. and Peggy Emerson; pres. and treas. 
Sam W. Emerson Co.; member Cleveland En- 
gineering society; (Cleveland Builders Ex- 
change, (past president); Phi Kappa Psi and 
Tau Beta Pi fraternities; Cleveland Athletic 
(director), Mid-Day. Shaker Heights Golf 
and Rotary clubs; Chamber of Commerce. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 2424 Coventry- 
rd. Office: 1836 Euclid-ave. 

EMERY, AiieuHtn .\ntolnette, born, Cleve- 
land, June 3, 1871, daughter Christopher F. 
and Antoinette A. (Burke) Emery; educated, 
Cleveland public schools; Miss Mittleberger's 
school; Garland and Weston Kindergarten 
training school, Boston, Mass. Residence: 
Chagrin Falls, O. 

EMMONS. Joneph V., metallurgist; born. 
North Lewisburg, O.. Jan. 24, 1888; son Davis 
R. and Victoria (Embrey) Emmons; educated, 
National Normal Univ., Lebanon, O., A. B. ; 
Case School of Applied Science, special work 
in Chemistry; married, Springboro, Pa., June 
12, 1915 to Bertha Helen King — children, Betty 
Jane and Roger King Emmons; metallurgist 
with Cleveland Twist Drill Co.; member 
American Institute of Mining & Metallurgical 

Engineers; British Iron & Steel Institute; 
American Society for Steel Treating; Ameri- 
can Society for Testing Materials; Cleveland 
Engineering Society. Recreation: gardening. 
Residence: 3284 Chadbourne-rd. Office: 1242 
E. 49 th St. 

EMSLIE, Ernnk W., attorney; born. New 
London, O., 1890; son W. D. and (Carr) Ems- 
lie; educated, Adelbert college, W. R. U., A. B., 
1913; Western Reserve Univ. law school, LL.B., 
1915; married, Cleveland, 1915 to Stella Mul- 
len — children, Billy, Rita (deceased) and 
Richard G. Emslie. Residence: 1250 Elbur- 
ave., Lakewood. Office: 1131 Leader Bldg. 

ENGEL, Rudolph Cnrl, physician and sur- 
geon; born, Cleveland, June 19, 1879; son 
Fred C. and Mary C. Heimberger; educated, 
Cleveland public school; South high school; 
medical dept., O. W. U., 1902; married, Cleve- 
land, June 11, 1902 to Mary S. Sluka — chil- 
dren, Walter, Alvin and Carl Engel; asst. to 
police surgeon, Cleveland, 1909-1912; special- 
izing in industrial medicine since 1912; medi- 
cal director, service dept. McKinney Steel 
Co.; member Academy of Medicine; Ameri- 
can Medical assn.; American Health assn.; 
American assn. Physicians and Surgeons; 
Masonic Blue lodge to Consistory; K. of P.; 
Masonic club. Residence: 2912 Weybrldge- 
rrt., Shaker Hghts. Office: McKinney Steel 

ENSTEN, Ed^-in Jack, vice-pres.; born 
Missouri, Oct. 8, 1887; son B. and Julia (Rank) 
Ensten; educated, Central high school; world 
war, C. P. officer, U. S. N. R. F., 1917-1918; 
pay school Ensign rating, 1918-1919; sales 
nigr. Printz Biederman Co., 1920-1924; vice- 
pres. since 1925; director Truehaft Construc- 
tion Company; member B.P.O. Elks; Cleve- 
land Chamber of Commerce; The Taylor socie- 
ty; Oakwood Country and Excelsior clubs. 
Residence: Fenway Hall. Office: Printz 
Biederman Co. 

EPSTEIN, Nathan Joshua, physician; born, 
Poland, Sept. 1, 1893; son Isaac and Ida 
(Szypkeuitz) Epstein; educated, public school 
(evening); New York City high school; Eron 
preparatory school. New York; one year Pre- 
medical Flower hospital. New York City; 
George Washington Medical school, Washing- 
ton, D. C, M. D. 1921; world war, honorable 
discharge from S. A. T. C, Washington, D. C; 
member Cleveland Academy of Medicine; 
Ohio State and American Medical assns.; fra- 
ternal order of Eagles. Residence: 3347 

E. 113th St. Office: 3003 Woodland-ave. and 
13003 Kinsman-rd. 

ERHART, Joseph E., teacher of singing; 
born, Erie, Pa., March 17, 1886; son Edward 

F. M. and Josephine (Rastattier) Erhart; 
educated, Univs. of Pennsylvania, The Sor- 
bonne, Heidelberg and Calcutta; married, 
Cleveland. Nov. 25, 1922 to E. Barbara Ley; 
studied singing under deReszke, Bouhy, 
Marches!, Cotogni, Sbriglia, etc.; made debut 
in the grand opera Samson by Salnt-Saena 
at Marseille in 1906; sang the leading tenor 
rolls in thirty-nine grand operas for seven 
years appearing at Paris, London, Rome, 
Milan, BrvissoUs, Monte Carlo, Nice, Engheln 
and Montevideo; sang with the Boston and 
Metropolitan Opera companies, season 1910- 
1911 under the direction of Henry Russell; 
taught singing in Paris and New York; in 
Cleveland since 1921; member Cleveland club. 
Recreation: bridge and golf. Residence: 2040 
E. 83rd-st. Office: same. 

ERL.ANGER, VMoIa Janet, physician; born, 
Cleveland, June 26, 1891; son Joseph and Rosa 
(Felsenheld) Erlanger; educated, Smith col- 
lege, 1910-1911; Woman's Medical college of 
Pa., M. D., 1915; staff member Mt. Sinai and 
Woman's hospitals and Florence Crittenton 



Home; member Cleveland Academy of Medl- member committee on Unified Finances of 

cine; Ohio State and American Medical assns.; Presbyterian Church; member National 

Nu Sigma Phi sorority; Women's City club; Capitol Commission of the Presbyterian 

Instructor "Woman's Medical college of Pa., Church; member Union, Mayfield Country, 

1918-1920. Residence: 1745 Wymore-ave. Of- Cleveland; Bankers, Recess, Railroad, and 

flee: 603 Rose Bldg. Automobile clubs, New York; Toledo club, 

^nmr.i^T ..J „«^^«*o^„. K^,.^ r"i^,r^iQr./i Toledo; Business Men's club, Cincinnati; 

ERMAN, Llda, secretary; born Cleveland, Residence: 2540 Falrmount Blvd. Office: 

^ii^y !\ w^^Vk*^^^^''!®'^ ^"ryLwL.'^w^^h Columbus Athletic club, Columbus, O.; 

(Hurst) Weatherhead; educated. West High unjon Trust Bldg 
school; business college; traveled in Europe; 

married, Canada, 1908 to Herbert Alsten Kr- ERNST, Theodore C, born, Cleveland, Sept. 

man; assisted in selling Liberty bonds and 23, 1869; son John C. and Mary (Hertel) 

community fund campaigns; very active in Ernst; educated, Cleveland public schools; 

republican party and Board of Elections West high school; Spencerian Business col- 

Bince woman suffrage; member Republican lege; married, Cleveland, June 17, 1897 to 

Women of Ohio and Cuyahoga County Re- Cora Koepf — children, one daughter; formerly 

publican league; was an official hostess at in auditing dept. Nickel Plate Railroad; as- 

the Republican Convention 1924; interested sociate of Wilson G. Smith in music Instruc- 

in the Reliance Savings & Loan Co. and was tion; formerly co-partner with brother A. C. 

secretary of the advisory board, 1924; mem- Ernst in firm of Ernst and Ernst, accountants, 

ber Woman's Benefit assn., sec. and treas. with C. P. A. degree; re-organized the Excel- 

for ten years, then commander, sent as dele- sior Laundry as The E and H. Laundry Co. 

gate twice to Poet Huron, as delegate to and pres of same; vice-pres. Prudential Sav- 

executive sec. under Mrs. Powell, pres.; mem- 'i^^'-'J/ 1627 Hollvwood rd Off ce- 2914 De 

ber Cinema club; League of Women Voters, l^^u^Av^ Hollywood-rd. Office. ^914 Ue- 

Relief Corps No. 209; Powell club; her grand- ••'"'>■- '!>'<'• 

parents on both sides came from England ESCH, Leon Marie, attorney; born, Cleve- 

and settled In the woods near Royalton, land, March 29, 1893; daughter Dr. William 

came by oxen and cleared the woods for a J- and Frank (Black) Esch: educated. East 

log cabin; her parents moved to W. 57th st. high school, (Greek-Latin classical), Laurean 

in 1878, which place was the end of the society; (:ieveland Law school of Baldwin 

Bridge-st. car line; her father's brothers, Wallace, LL.B; democrat (woman s) party; 

Albert and Edward Weatherhead were in- ward leader 1922; two years service. War 


iT motors division, general 
staff. Washington. D. C. ; Cleveland Assn. 

ERNST, Alwln Charles, auditor; born, for Criminal Justice; member Cleveland Bar 

Cleveland July 26. 1881; son John C. and assn.; Business Women's club. Residence: 

Mary (Hertel) Ernst; educated. public 1646 E. 55th-st. Office: Federal Reserve 

schools, business school and private tutors; Bank Bldg. 

married, Cleveland, 1903 to Charlotte Faw- esHLEMAN. Charles Leas, advertising; 
cett— children, four daughters; world ^\ ar, y^^^.^ Millerstown, Pa., Feb. 13, 1882; son 
member of the committee of three appointed jQgeph Mard and Salome Gilbert (Shreffler) 
to formulate a system and detail a plan for gshleman; educated, Miffiin academy prepar- 
the handling of the first Liberty Loan; per- ^tory school; Penn State, B.S. in E. E., 1901- 
sonally organized the auditing units of Pitts- jg^g. General Electric apprenticeship school, 
burgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland and other im- i905-1907; married. Harrisburg, Pa., June 4. 
portant points for bankers handling the loan jg^^ ^^ Lillian Stites— children. Charleen 
organization; supervised all subscriptions L^^g Eshleman; world war, chairman of the 
and accounting details of the Federal Re- ^,^3^^ Industries committee in Canton, O. dis- 
serve Bank of Cleveland during the first t^ict under the direction of Charles A. Otis 
loan, and his firm rendered like service for }„ mobilizing industrial plants for the pro- 
the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; be- duction of heavy artillery mounts; following 
gan professional career in 1898 with F. Hohl- attendance at National Military Training 
felder, Jr., public accountant of Cleveland, camp. State college. Pa. was commissioned 
until 1903 when he organized the firm of Ernst captain heavy artillery, ordnance dept. U.S. 
and Ernst, taking his brother. Theodore C. army; at present holds commission as cap- 
Ernst as his partner; his brother withdrew tain U. S. army reserve corps; served in 
from the firm In 1907 on account of ill health various capacities with The General Electric 
and A. C. Ernst continued as managing part- Co.. Pittsfield. Mass.. and Schnectady, N. Y., 
ner having associated with him eight part- 1905-1907; came to Cleveland in 1907 to be- 
ners and a large staff of employees; firm come sec. and treas. of The Jandus Electric 
maintains forty-seven practice offices In the Company; while serving this company Mr. 
United States; employed by U. S. government Eshleman developed a new form of street 
in Sept. 1924 to investigate the entire post lamp and ornamental standard which has 
office system for the purpose of ascertaining become the accepted form of modern street 
the cost of operating the postal service and or white way lighting in all American cities, 
particularly the cost of handling the differ- including Cleveland and many foreign 
ent classes of mail; appeared as expert wit- countries; assisted in the organiation of The 
ness in 1924 in regard to tax refund matters Union Metal Mfg. Co., Canton, O. to manu- 
before the Couzens committee of the U. S. facture these products; under his direction 
Senate, and has been connected with a very as vice-pres. and general sales manager this 
large amount of Government work connected company became the largest producer of 
with accounting, refunds and various details ornamental street lighting equiprnent in the 
of accountancv; trustee Y. W. C. A.; auditor world; coincident with the development of 
Red Cross and Community War Chest of the Union Metal Mfg. Co. he joined with R. 
Cleveland in war period and continuous audi- H. Griswold of Cleveland in starting The 
tor of Community chest; trustee Y. M. C. A.; Griswold-Eshleman Company, today one of 
trustee College of Wooster, Wooster, C; Cleveland's oldest advertising agencies, of 



which he is sec. and treas. ; member Ameri- 
can assn. of Advertising Agencies; Public 
Utilities Advertising Assn.; Masonic bodies; 
Phi Gamma Delta fraternity; National 
Geographic society; Canterbury Golf, City 
and National Travel clubs; descended from 
old Pennsylvania Dutch family that settled 
in Lancaster, Pennsylvania In 1719, shortly 
after the opening of Pennsylvania by William 
Penn; these early ancestors came from 
Strausburg, Alsace Lorraine and Amsterdam, 
Holland; representatives of the family fought 
In the American Revolution, War of 1912, 
Civil War and World War. Recreation: golf, 
fishing and hunting. Residence: 2225 Dem- 
ington-dr., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 1450 
Leader Bldg. 

ESHLEMAN, Lillian Stlten; born, Newport, 
Pa., March 7, 1881; daughter Dr. Harry and 
Mary Jane (Singer) Stltes; educated, Mlllers- 
ville State Normal school, Mlllersvllle, Pa.; 
married, Harrlsburg, Pa., June 4, 1907 to 
Charles Leas Eshleman — children, Charles 
Leas Eshleman; member Daughters of 
American Revolution; Daughters of Ameri- 
can Colonists; Women's City club; Lucie 
Turner hospital guild; is a direct descendant 
of John Stltes, M. D. who in 1640 certified to 
the death of his sovereign King Charles I 
of England at this execution In London; he 
then came to Plymouth, Mass., as physician 
and surgeon to the American Colonists and 
was the first of nine generations of physi- 
cians and surgeons in America by the name 
of "Stltes". Residence: 2225 Demlngton-dr., 
Cleveland Hghts. 

ESRY. Georgre T., printing and publishing; 
born, Cleveland, Dec. 26, 1872; son George 
H. and Elizabeth (Coleman) Esry; educated, 
Cleveland public school; Sheldon Business 
school; Western Reserve Univ. extension 
course in advertising Cleveland Advertislntj 
club; married, Cleveland, Dec. 18, 1895 to 
Jessie M. McCanna (deceased 1910) — child- 
ren, Florence Belden, George E. and 
William C. Esry; treas. and director The 
Prompt Printing and Publishing Co.; mem- 
ber Cleveland Graphic Arts; Cleveland assn. 
of Credit Men; Chamber of Industry; Lake- 
wood lodge, No. 601, F. & A. M.; Cunningham 
Chapter, No. 187, R. A. M.; Cleveland Auto- 
mobile club. Recreation: baseball, quoit 
pitching. Residence: 1335 St. Charles-st., 
Lakewood. Office: 2814 Detroit-ave. 

ESSEY, Inaac R., born, Cleveland, Dec. 18, 
1876; son Moses H. and Leah Essey; educated, 
Steubenville public schools; Duff college, 
Pittsburgh, Pa.; married. New York, May 28, 
1918 to Ida Lowenthal — children, Herbert 
Leon Essey; salesman for The J. Essey Co.; 
member Elks club. Residence: 9822 Parkgate- 
ave. Office: 1420 W. 6th st. 

ESTAnnOOK, AnMtIn, fruit auctioneer; 
born, Grafton, Mass., Feb. 26, 1874; son Ed- 
ward A. and Carrie (New) Estabrook; edu- 
cated, common and high schools of Massa- 
chusetts; married, Grafton, Mass., Jan. 1, 
1896 to Ella May Davison — children two; mgr. 
and auctioneer The Consolidated Fruit Auc- 
tion Co. 23 years; vice pres. and director of 
above company; director State Mortgage Co. 
Recreation: harness horses. Residence: 4248 
W. 35th St. 

ESTABROOK, Ella M.. born. Nova Scotia 
Nov. 3, 1874; daughter Wm. Henry and Eun- 
ice Ada (Rufus) Davison; educated, Grafton, 
Mass.; married, Grafton, Mass., Jan. 1, 1896 to 
Austin Estabrook — children, Beatrice Eleanor 
and Edward Austin Estabrook; world war, 
sec. and treas. Brooklyn Branch Cleveland 
Red Cross; pres, and business mgr. Woman's 

Civic League of Brooklyn; director at large. 
The League of Women Voters; member Ameri- 
can Red Cross; Animal Protective league; 
Citizens league; Cleveland Cinema club; 
Cuyahoga County Chamber of Commerce; 
Y.W.C.A.; Cleveland Safety Council; N. M. A.; 
Women's Civic assn.; pres. Congress of 
Mothers, 1911-1912; member Citizens commit- 
tee of 1,000 on law enforcement; member Fed- 
eration of Woman's clubs; through Women's 
Civic league established in Brooklyn, 
branches of Y.M.C.A. and Y. W. C. A.; worked 
on all Liberty Loan and Community Fund 
drives. Residence: 4248 W. 35th st. Office: 
3317 Broadvlew-rd. 

ESTEP, Harvey Cole, publisher; born, Stam- 
pede, Wash., 1886; son Harvey Cullen and 
Gertrude (McCausland) Estep; educated, Univ. 
of Minnesota, M. E. ; married, St. Paul, Minn., 
Feb. 17, 1909 to Helen deCamp Lynch — chil- 
dren, Edward Lyncii Estep; sec. cast ammuni- 
tion committee, Ordnance dept., 1918; resided 
In Europe, 1920-1924, vice-pres. Penton Pub- 
lishing Co.; sec. and treas. Foundry Equip- 
ment Manufacturers assn.; member American 
and British Iron and Steel Institutes; 
American, British and French Foundrymen's 
assn.; A. S. M. E. ; Engineers club, London, 
Eng.; Big Ten club. Residence: 1260 Yellow- 
stone-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: Penton 

ESTES, Ryan Phelps, physician; born, Italy, 
Texas, Dec. 22, 1897; son Dr. Gary P. and 
Anna P. (Patton) Estes; educated, Wax- 
ahachie, Texas high school 1915; Trinity 
Univ. Waxahachle, Texas 1915-18; Univ. of 
Texas Medical dept. 1918-22, M.D. ; Interne 
Cleveland City hospital 1922-23; interne Char- 
ity hospital, Cleveland 1923-24; resident in 
surgery at St. Luke's hospital Cleveland 1924- 
25; member American Medical assn.; Cleve- 
land Academy of Medicine; Phi Alpha Sigma 
fraternity. Recreation: golf, tennis, swimming. 
Residence: 10716 Deerlng-ave. Office: 633 
Hanna Bldg. 

ESTY, Lonla John, attorney; born, Cleve- 
land, April 12, 1877; son John B. and Carrie 
E. (Griffin) Esty; educated, Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ. B.S.; Western Reserve Univ. B.L. ; mar- 
ried, Garrettsville, O., May 15, 1902 to Grace 
L. Davis (deceased) — children, Roger E. and 
Janet L. Esty; married, Nov. 18, 19:!5 to Edith 
L. Smith; attorney for eight years Citi- 
zens Savings & Trust Co. now the Union 
Trust Co.; member of firm of attorneys Mc- 
Millan, Esty & Pattison; pres. The Cleveland 
Realization Co., pres. The Mortgage Assn. of 
Ohio; past pres. 'The Mortgage Assn. of Cleve- 
land; member Iris lodge F. and A. M. ; Webb 
chapter, R.A.M. ; Oriental Commandery; Lake 
Erie Consistory; 32nd degree; Al Koran; 
Shaker Heights Country, Cleveland Athletic 
and Masonic clubs. Recreation: golf, hunt- 
ing, fishing, touring. Residence: 2545 Wel- 
lington-rd. Office: 1308 Union Trust Bldg. 

ETTINGER, Adrian, broker; born, Cleve 
land, Sept. 8, 1893; son Charles and Jennie 
Goldsoll Ettinger; educated, South Case 
grammer school; (Central high school; Har- 
vard college, A.B., 1915; Harvard law school, 
LL.B., 1917; married, Cleveland, Jan. 11, 1920 
to Alice M. Joseph — children, Robert J. and 
Ernest Ettinger; legal dept. Council of Na- 
tional Defense at Washington, 1917; entered 
U. S. air service 1918; Camp Sevier, Green- 
ville. S. C; then to Souther Flying field, 
Amerlcus, Ga. ; then to Ft. Omaha, Neb.; then 
to Army Balloon school, Arcadia, Cal.; dls- 
chargd 1919, rank of second lleut.; passed 
Ohio Bar examinations 1917; practiced law 
from 1919-26; April 1, 1925 became partner 
in the brokerage house of Samuel Unger- 
lelder; member Cleveland Bar assn.; Harvard 
Law school assn.; Town, Excelsior, Harvard, 



Cleveland Aviation, Mid-Day and Oakwood Rose Emma Hogg — children, Lee Charles 

clubs' American Legion; Army Officers assn. Evans; asst. to surgical chief Base hospital. 

Recreation- golf, horseback riding, tennis. Camp Sevier; asst. to surgical chief U.S.A. 

Residence' 2580 St. James-pkwy. Office: general hospital Ft. McHenry, Md.; member 

T nhhv l.pader News Bldg. Masonic lodge; Odd Fellows; Cleveland club. 

Lobb>, Leaaer Aev\s tiias. , ^ ^ , Residence: 10844 Ashbury-ave. Office: 10403 

ETTI.\'GER, Alice J., born, Cleveland, Oct. Euclid-ave. 

loUU'; %%l'cTelT^L^r%oi%ll' ^"i^.'ml^: EVAXS, Walker Allan, born, St. Louis. Mo.. 

^, York Rite Masonic bodies, including Al Koran 
EVAN.S, Armen G., physician; born, Cleve- shrine, Al Sirat Grotto, and Tall Cedars of 
land, July 20, 1895; son John H. and Cornelia Lebanon; Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, Cham- 
F (Harrison) Evans; educated, Adelbert col- oer of Commerce; Cleveland Real Estate 
lege W.R.U. 1917, A.B.; W.R.U. school of Board; Cleveland Athletic and National Town 
medicine, 1920 M.D. ; married, Cleveland, 1921, and Country clubs. Residence: Fenway Hall, 
to Louise E. Canneville; demonstrator of Office: 850 Hanna Bldg. 
Tipdiatrics W R U. school of Medicine; fellow , _, .,,. 
American Medica assn.; Cleveland Academy EVANS. Walter Lewis, born Chillicothe, 
of Medf^ine; member Alpha Phi Alpha fra- O., July 31 1875; son William E. and Alnia 
ternlty Residence: 2176 E. 83rd-st. Office: (Platter) Evans;, educated (Dhillicothe pub- 
7ifi9 r>»Titrpi nvp I'C schools; married, Cleveland Sept. 28, 1899 
7102 cenirai-a\e. ^^ j^j^^.^ Qji^j^ Glidden — children, Winifred 
EVAN'S. Clement L. V., manufacturer; born, Glidden and William Scott Evans; sold liber- 
Cincinnati, O., Jan. 30, 1865; son William ty bonds and drew cartoons during world 
and Hannah (Hart) Evans; educated, public war; cartoonist on Cleveland Press from 
and high schools, Cincinnati, O., and business 1895-1901; cartoonist on Cleveland Leader 
college- married, Cleveland, Nov. 18, 1891 to 1901-1907; director of the W. L. Evans school 
Emma L Fries — children, Charles F. Evans; of cartooning from 1907-1925; member Board 
engaged in the lead manufacturing business of Education of Shaker Hghts. public schools 
since 1885; mgr. Gibson Price Co.; vice pres. 1914-22; member Shaker Hghts. Country club, 
and treas. Berkshire Mfg. Co.; member Cham- Recreation: golf. Residence: 2837 Lee-rd. Of- 
ber of Commerce; Lakewood lodge No. 601 fice: 849 Leader News Bldg. 

^A.-^T l^W^.^H^rmfn^rv Ph^'h^^Rec^eatioS- EVERETT, Flora Morris, born, Cleveland, 

R.A.M.: Lakewood Country ^ub Recreation. daughter Calvary and Flora 

fishing and travelling ^^^.^,f^^%\.^^^^^ (Pierce Morris; educated, Hathaway Brown 

Riverside-rd. Office: 615 Swetland Bldg. school; Ogontz school; married, Cleveland, 

EVAXS David E., insurance and bonds: 1908, to S. Homer Everett — children. Morns 

born Cleveland, Jan. 4, 1880; son Edward and Homer Everett; trustee Babies Dispen- 

and Elizabeth M. Evans; educated, Cleveland sary and hospital; on board of Lakeside hos- 

high schools- Case School of Applied Science; pital; member Union, Mayfleld and Kirtland 

married, Cleveland, Feb. 16, 1909 to^Majrgaret clubs. Residence: 10830 Magnolia-dr. 

EVERS, William H., civil engineer; born, 

o >C\'-r >5r„ rrU \^^ ri«-ir.p- dTm -plain Dealer scnoiarsnip to ^asa ocnuui oi Aijpiieu ocicin.c, 

SO.M. Center-rd. Office. 400 Plain ueaier ^^^^^^^^ Cleveland. Spet. 17. 1895 to Ottilie 

iii^S- , J T% „ H. Nieman— children, Julie Elizabeth, Esther 

EVAXS, Mary Glidden, born, Cleveland, Dec. ottilie and William H. Evers; connty en- 

31, 1878; daughter William P. H. and Jane ^^^^^j. ^f Cuyahoga county 1899-1906; city 

L. (Hughes) Glidden; educated,^ CJ_eveland B'"'^«' ""^ V"->^„. s. , _j',_ ^ , . ^ 

public sch " • •. ^1 --1 

1899 to W 
fred Glic 

^°'"^l^^^'"^^^T?^';,?«''''rn,Vn't1^v""womenk'"citV cast reenforced concrete products; pres. The 

ber Shaker Hghts Country WomensC^^^ ^ ^ ^^^^^ Engineering Company and 

and Nineteenth Century clubs. Recreation. ^ ^ Products Company; treas. The 

golf. Residence. 2837 Lee-rd. Landed Investment Co. and The Neva Devel- 

EVAXS, Peter Platter, consulting engineer; opment Co.; director The Beaver Park Co.; 

born, Chillicothe, O., May 27, 1870; son Wil- member Ohio and Cleveland Engineering 

liamE and Alma (Platter) Evans; educated, societies; American Assn. of Civil Engineers; 

Ohio State Univ. 1892, C.E.; married.lColumbus, The American Society of Civil Engineers; 

O. Sept. 11. 1894 to Mary Harward — children. Evangelical Lutheran church. Residence: 

Dr. Eugene H., Corinne P., Rodger C. (de- 19820 Lorain-ave. Office: Engineers Bldg. 

peaked) and Georere L. Evans; vice-pres. Os- . , 

born Engineerini Co.; member American EWART, Howard Lee, insurance engineer; 

Society of Civil engineers; Cleveland En- born. Canton, O., Nov. 1, 1892; son Marion 

churchV Cleveland"' Athi'eUcr Akron City, Can- A.R;" "world 'war, member U.S. army ambu- 
terbury Golf, Cleveland Auto clubs; Chamber lance service, section No. 542 sergt. ; over- 
of Commerce. Recreation: golf, volley ball, seas duty in Italy, France, and Germany; sec. 

iam H. 


and Margaret C. (McDonald) Ewing; edu- 
cated, Alliance high school, 1887; Mt. Union 
collegre, 1890; Western Reserve Univ., 1901. 
L.L..B.; married Alliance, O., Jan. 4. 1894 to 
^^artha Holies — children, Frank H. Ewing; 
asst. treas. Stark county, 1890-1894; asst. 
county auditor Stark county, 1894-1896; pres. 
Alliance Board of Equalization, 1896-1897; 
chairman Democratic city and county exe- 
cutive committee, 1896-1897; pres. City of 
Canton and Stark Co. board of elections, 
1898-1901; pres. The Euclid Plastering Co.; 
director The Harwood Lumber Co., The 
Brown International Turbine Co. and The 
Ajax Plastering Co. ; sec. -treas. The I. X. L. 
Ladder Co.; The Luxe Realty Co. and The 
Ivanhoe Grocery Co.; member Commercial 
Travelers, L. and L. assn.; Biglow lodge No. 
234 F. and A. M. ; Webb Chapter, No. 14 
R.A.M; Al Sirat Grotto No. 17; M.O.V.P.E.R,, 
No. 63; Cleveland lodge, L.L.O.M.; Banner 
lodge of Veterans; Sigma Alpha Epsilon fra- 
ternity. Residence: 2096 E. 89th st. 

E1\'ING, Harrison W., judge; born, Mahon- 
ing County, O., July 26, 1874; son Harrison 
J. and Sarah (Patterson) Ewing; educated. 
Central high school, 1892; Adelbert college, 
1893-1895; Western Reserve Univ. Law school, 
1899, LL.B.; married, Cleveland June 27, 1903 
to Elmyra C. Lucas — children, Marjorie Gaile 
Ewing; judge of Cuyahoga County Common 
Pleas Court having been appointed by Gov. 
Donahey Oct. 13, 1925; admitted to bar June 
1899; partnership with father Ewing & Ewing 
until his death May 2, 1903; partner firm of 
Ewing, Nieding & Kramer 1906-12; partner 

Dawley, Ewing, Counts and Terrell until 
1916; partner of Virgil Terrell until 1918; ap- 
pointed judge common pleas court, Oct. 13, 
1925; director The Atlas Bolt & Screw Com- 
pany; member Cleveland and Ohio State bar 
assns.; Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity; Ma- 
sonic Blue lodge, chapter and Council; 
Knights of Pythias; City, Acacia Golf and 
Canadian Campflre clubs. Recreation: golf, 
fl.«hing and hunting. Residence: 2179 E. 
8nth-st. Office: Court Room 7, New Court 

E^VING, Roscoe, lawyer; born, Wo.oster, O., 
May 23, 1889; son John E. and Chastina 
(Haird) Ewing; educated, schools In Me- 
dina County to eighth grade; higl" 
school at Wadsworth, Ohio; W. R. U. law de 
partment; married, Medina, O., Aug. 26, 1914 
to Viva Sargeant — children, John, Jane and 
Mary Louise; secy. Geo. Hausheer Co., Morse 
Rogers Steel Co., Reaugh Construction Co.; 
member Ohio State and Cleveland bar assns.; 
Cleveland Real Estate board; Masonic lodge; 
member Westwood Country club. Residence: 
1273 French-ave. Office: 720 Williamson 

EYEARS, Martha Woodin, born, Hudson, 
O.. Aug. 12, 1832; daughter E. S. and A.B. 
(Coe) Woodin; educated, Hudson Female Sem- 
inary; high school and seminary in Cleve- 
land; married, Cleveland, Oct. 29, 1856 to 
Alfred Eyears — children, Jessica A. and 
Josephine Eyears; Frederick C. Eyears (de- 
ceased). Residence: 1934 E. 90th-st. 

FACKL,ER, John D., attorney at law; born, 
Adarlo, O., Jan. 18, 1878; son Matthias C. and 
Mary (Boyce) Fackler; educated, Savannah 
(Ohio) Academy; College of Wooster; Har- 
vard Law School; married, Savannah, O., 
Aug. 12, 1902 to Alice May Hankinson — chil- 
dren, Margaret Elizabeth, Ruth Marjorie and 
Mary Alice Fackler; member fourth Ohio 
Constitutional Convention; member local. 
State and American Bar assns.; Phi Delta Phi 
and Delta Sigma Rho fraternities: Union and 
Canterburv clubs. Residence: 2866 Sedge- 
wick-rd.. Shaker Hghts. Office: 1306 Wil- 
liamson Bldg. 

FAIRBAIRN, Frederick William, manufac- 
turers' agent and jobber of advertising 
signs, displays, etc.; born, Montreal, Can., 
July 8, 1875; son William John and Georgi- 
ana (Maffre) Fairbairn; educated In Mon- 
treal and Minneapolis; married, Chicago, July 
3, 1901 to Mame Othellia Lovgren — children, 
Donald Wm., Dorothy Marie, Charlotte Jane 
and Margaret Julia; in former years, general 
freight agent of Indiana Harbor Railroad and 
In various capacities in the freight traffic 
departments of C. C. C. & St. L. Ry., Erie 
Railroad and L. S. & M. S. Ry., Chicago, and 
C. N. O. & T. P. Ry., and Southern Railway 
System, Cleveland; member Covenant lodge 
No. 526 F. & A. M., Chicago; Cleveland Ath- 
letic and Cleveland Automobile clubs; treas. 
and member council Church club of Cleveland. 
Recreation: fishing and motor-boating. Resi- 
dence: 2991 Edgehill-rd., Cleveland Hghta. 

FALK, Morris, manufacturer; born, Ger- 
many, June 18, 1876; son Maler and Caroline 
(Rosenthal) Falk; educated in Germany; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, June 7, 1915 to Blanche R. 
Relss — children, Suzanne M. Falk; treas. The 
Falk Feierstein Co. Residence: 2590 Colches- 
ter-rd. Office: 2135 Superior-ave., N. E. 

FANCHER, ElTadore R., banking: born. 
Bloomer Center, Mich., Oct. 17, 1864; son 

Thaddeus W. and Ermina G. Fancher; edu- 
cated, Lorain, O., public schools; married, 
Chicago, 111., Feb. 16, 1893 to Harriet Schro- 
der; world war, chairman Liberty Loan execu- 
tive committee for fourth federal reserve dis- 
trict; clerk and teller First National Bank, 
Lorain, O., 1882-1885; teller, asst. cashier, 
cashier, vice-pres. and pres. Union National 
Bank, Cleveland, 1885-1914; governor Fed- 
eral Reserve Bank, Cleveland, since Nov. 1, 
1914; member Union and Mayfield Country 
clubs. Residence: 13901 Shaker-Blvd. Office: 
Federal Reserve Bank. 

FARLEY, Pauline Thurlow, born, Ipswich, 
Mass., Nov. 12, 1845; daughter Thomas Smith 
and Paulina Adams (Thurlow) Greenwood; 
educated, Ipswich Female seminary; married, 
Ipswich, Mass., June 8, 1888 to Thomas Swa- 
sej' Farley — children, two; member The 
Huganot Society of New Jersey; Cleveland 
Colonv National Society of New England; 
Western Reserve Chapter D. A. R. ; Jewett 
Family of America. Residence: 3510 Rich- 
mond-rd., Richmond Hghts. (So. Euclid P.O.). 

FARNHAM, Eleanor, publicity counsel; 
born. New Jersey, April 20, 1896; daughter 
Ralph Everett and Jeannette (Hawkins) 
Farnham: educated. Lake Erie college, 1918, 
A. B. ; formerly with Plain Dealer editorial 
dept.. The H. Black Co., employee's service 
dept. and The Premier Press with J. Dean 
Halliday; publicity counsel offices opened in 
the Gage Gallery in partnership with Edith 
Moriarty; member Women's City Club. Resi- 
dence: 1404 Hower-ave., E. Cleveland. Office: 
2258 Euclid-ave. 

FARNSAVORTH. Charles Dudley, sales; 
born. Cleveland, Nov. 23, 1890; son C. E. and 
Bertha (Hunt) Farnsworth; educated, Cleve- 
land public schools; married. Cleveland, June 
25, 1917 to Marion Stevenson; world war. 
United States Navy, 1918. Residence: 1093 



FARNS WORTH, Georgre Bourne, surgeon; 
born, Boston, Mass., Dec. 16, 1880; son Geo. 
Bourne and Marion (True) Farnsworth; edu- 
cated, Bowdoln, 1903, A. B. cum laude; Har- 
vard, 1907, M. D., cum laude; married, Cleve- 
land, June 8, 1911 to Ruth Sutphen Wick — 
children, Ruth Dudley Wick and Suzanne 
Sutphen Farnsworth; world war, capt. com- 
manding Battery B, 322 F. A., 1917-1918; asst. 
prof, obstetrics, W. R. U.; obstetrician. Ma- 
ternity hospital and dispensary; member 
Cleveland Academy of Medicine; fellow 
American college of Surgeons; member Uni- 
versity and Boothbay Harbor Yacht clubs; 
Cruising club of America. Recreation: yacht- 
ing. Residence: 2540 Arlington-rd., Cleve- 
land Hghts. Office: 2429 Prospect-ave. 

FARNSWORTH, Harry M., lawyer; born, 
Nashua, N. H., Sept. 4, 1861; son Marshall H. 
and Mary C. (Danforth) Farnsworth; edu- 
cated, Cleveland public and high schools; 
married, Cleveland, March 25, 1886 to Betti© 
C. Brainard — children, Frank M. and Brain- 
ard H. Farnsworth; chairman Draft Board 
6th dist., Cleveland; pres. Cleveland Metro- 
politan Park Board; member Brooklyn lodge. 
No. 454 F. & A. M. Residence: 3517 W. 25th 
St. Office: 2507 Archwood-ave. 

FARN'SWORTH, Ruth Sntphen, born, Va- 
latia, N. Y., Sept. 21, 1879; daughter Dr. Paul 
F. and Bertha (Davies) Sutphen; educated. 
Miss Mittleberger's school; Miss Dana's 
school, Morristown, N. J.; married, Cleveland, 
June 21, 1904 to Dudley Baldwin Wick, Jr. — 
children, Ruth Dudley Wick; married, June 8, 
1911 to George Bourne Farnsworth — children, 
Suzanne Sutphen Farnsworth; world war or- 
ganized and directed Red Cross organizations 
at Chllicothe, O., and Christines Cove, Me., 
1917-1918'; member Women's City, Shaker 
Lakes Garden and Amateur Musical clubs. 
Recreation: yachting, landscape gardening, 
music and dramatics. Residence: 2540 Ar- 
llngton-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

FARR, Fannie May, church and charity 
work; born, Euclid Village, May 2, 1867; 
daughter Charles and Mary J. (Aldrich) Farr; 
educated, Euclid and Bolton schools; Miss 
Frances Fisher's school; worked four years 
with the War Relief; member Euclid-ave. 
Congregational Church for more than forty 
years; life member Associated Charities: 
member Women's City club. Residence: 1742 
Lake Front-ave., E. Cleveland. 

FARR, Herbert Jefferson, brick manufac- 
turer; born, Medina, O., May 27, 1873; son 
Warren and Mary Ann (Nye) Farr; educate*!, 
Cleveland public and high school; married, 
Wellington, O., to Florence E. Barney — chil- 
dren, Ruth Farr Gygli and Herbert Jeffer- 
son Farr, Jr.; republican; A. P. L. work dur- 
ing war; manager, brick production The 
Cleveland Builders Supply &^ Brick Co.; mem- 
ber Cleveland Athletic club. Residence: 
2845 Drummond-rd., Shaker Hghts. Office: 
Leader News Bldg. 

FARR, Lonis Rothe, investments; born, De- 
troit, Mich., 1895; son Merton E. and Emma 
(Rothe) Farr; educated, Detroit University 
school; Cornell Univ.; married, Detroit, Oct. 
20, 1920 to Margaret Buchanan — children, 
Peggy, L. R., Jr. and Frederick Buchanan 
Farr; world war, active service with field 
artillery, 18 months; member Hermit club. 
Residence: 2230 Lamberton-rd. Office: 1276 
Union Trust Bldg. 

FARR, Marjfaref Bnohannn, born, Detroit, 
Mich., 1899; daughter Frederick T. and Grace 
(Bemls) Buchanan; married, Detroit, Oct. 20, 

1920 to Louis Rothe Farr — children, Peggy. 
L. R., Jr. and Frederick Buchanan Farr; 
member Junior League board; Women's City 
club. Residence: 2230 Lamberton-rd., Cleve- 
land Hghts. 

de FAUCON, Arthuro Garay, exporting en- 
gineer, Argentine vice-counsul for Ohio; 
born, Buenos Aires, Nov. 22, 1882; son Adol- 
pho and Ruflna (de Garay) Faucon; edu- 
cated, Buenos Aires Univ., Argentine, me- 
chanical engineer; married, San Francisco, 
1915 to Norma Quayle Holwlck; commissioner 
of police for Santiago del Estero State, Ar- 
gentine, 1908; capt. Argentine Reserve Army; 
commissioner to Pan-American Exposition 
from Argentine, 1915; in 1925 appointed vice- 
consul to State of Ohio for Argentine, consult- 
ing engineer to municipality of Buenos Aires 
and to the Minister of public works; member 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers; 
Cleveland Engineering Society; Jockey club, 
Buenos Aires; through mother, descendent 
of Juan de Garay, founder of Buenos Aires 
for King of Spain in 16th century. Recrea- 
tion: golf and bridge. Residence: 11435 Eu- 
clid-ave. Office: National City Bank Bldg. 

FEDDERY, Will J., advertising; born, 
Toronto, Canada, June 6, 1884; son Jos. and 
Lydia (Mann) Feddery; educated, Chicago, 
111.; married, Cleveland, Oct. 26, 1922 to Hazel 
G. Stuart — children, Billie Elaine Feddery; 
14 years as Central Western mgr. Hardware 
Age, N. Y.; member Masonic Blue 
lodge; Chapter; Commandery; Al Koran 
Shrine; Cleveland Athletic, Shrine, and Acacia 
Country clubs. Recreation: golf and base- 
ball. Residence: 13600 Ardoon-ave. Office: 
1362 Hanna Bldg. 

FEIGHAX, John T., banker; born, Cleve- 
land, May 7, 1876; son Joseph and Anna 
(Higgins) Feighan; educated, St. Ignatius 
college: married, Cleveland, Aug. 16, 1899 to 
Mary English — children, Joseph E^ Michael 
A., John T. Jr., Edward, Francis, (Jecilia M. 
and Anna C. Feighan; world war, liberty 
loans; with The Cleveland Trust (i;o. since 
Oct. 31, 1895; vice pres. Cleveland Trust Co.; 
secy, and director Colonial Woolen Mills Co.; 
director Riester & Thesmacher Co^^ Hanover 
Realty Co., Lake City Ice Co. Residence: 
17485 Lake-ave. Office: 1400 W. 25th-st. 

FEIL., Harold, physician; born. Bay Shore, 
N. Y., June 26, 1889; son George E. and Lillian 
(Stein) Cohen; educated, Univ. of Denver, 
1914, A.B.; Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1911. M.D.; 
married, Omaha, Neb., July 29, 1915 to Nellie 
R. Elgutter — children, three; world war, 1st 
lieut. M.R.C., U.S.A. 1918-19; visiting physician 
Cleveland City hospital and Mt. Sinai hos- 
pital. Residence: 2343 Ardleigh-dr. Office: 
609 Osborn Bldg. 

FEIN, Harry J., pharmacist; born, Cleve- 
land, Sept. 10, 1903; son Robert Fein; edu- 
cated. Western Reserve Univ. Phar.G. : mar- 
ried, Cleveland, June 3, 1924 to Theresa 
Grozin — children one; owner Feins Drug 
Store; member N.A.R.D.; Alpha Kappa Up- 
silon fraternitv. Recreation: ba.<5ketball and 
baseball. Residence: 3387 E. 145th-st. Office: 
11705 Kinsman-rd. 

FEISS, Carrie Lehman, born, Jackson, O., 
1856; daughter Joseph and Hannah (Rich- 
man) Lehman; educated, Portsmouth, O. high 
school; married, Cleveland, to Julius Feiss; 
world war. Red Cross worker. Residence: 
1672 Oakwood-dr. 

FEISS, Edith Lehman, born, Cleveland, Dec. 
13 1878; educated, Wellesley, 1900, B. A.; 
married, Cleveland, O., June 2, 1903 to Paul 
L Felss — children, Julian, Carl, Caroline B. 



and Gertrude Louise Felss. Residence: 12600 

KEISS, JnlinM, manufacturer; born, Ger- 
many, Oct. 7, 1848; son Henry and Babetta 
(Meyer) Felss; educated, Germany; married, 
Fremont, O., 1874 to Carrie Dryfoos; mar- 
ried, 1910 to Carrie Leyman — children, Paul 
Jj., Richard A., Henry O., George J. Felss and 
Edna Felss Hays; one of the organizers of 
Mayfleld cemetery; member of building com- 
mittee of the Temple; trustee Society for 
Savings; chairman of board of The Joseph 
& Feiss Co.; former pres. and vice pres. of 
Federation of Jewish Charities; member 
Chamber of Commerce: Excelsior, Oak- 
wood, and Town clubs. Residence: 1672 Oak- 
wood-dr. Office: Joseph & Feiss Co. 

FEISS, PnnI L., born, Cleveland, June 3, 
1875; son Julius F. and Carrie (Dryfoos) 
Feiss; educated, public schools; University 
school; married, (ITleveland, June 2, 1903 to 
Edith Lehman — children, Julian W., Carl 
Lehman, Caroline Babette. and Gertrude 
Louise Feiss; former pres. Chamber of Com- 
merce; one of the organizers of \ft. Sinai 
hospital and its pres. for ten years; chair- 
man of CTleveland dist. Federal Housing corpn. 
during world war; vice pres- National in- 
formation bureau; former chairman board of 
Trustees of Alta House; vice pres. and genl. 
mgr. Joseph & Feiss Co.; vice pres. Clothing 
manufacturers research board; decorated with 
order of St. Sava. Kingdom of Serbs and 
Croats: medal from Swiss government; vice 
I)res. Cleveland Community fund and chair- 
man of investigation committee; executive 
member committee of Cleveland Musical arts, 
assn. and American Jewish committee; mem- 
ber advisory board of Cleveland Museum of 
Art; bibliographical society of England; 
Rowfant, Cleveland Athletic, Mid-Day, and 
Oakwood clubs, Cleveland, O., and Grolier 
club of New York. Residence: 12600 Cedar- 
rd. Office: 2149 W. 53rd-st. 

FELDMAN, Bamcli A., attorney; born, 
Perrysville, O., Jan. 30, 1897; son Ben and 
Esther (Kaatz) Feldman; educated, Glenville 
high school, 1915; Adelbert college, 1920; 
"Western Reserve law school, 1922; Supreme 
Master of the Rolls, The Tau Epsilon Rho 
fraternity (legal). Residence: 1109 Thorn- 
hill-dr. Office: 214 Society for Savings Bldg. 

FELSMAN. Herman H., attorney; born, 
Columbus, O., March 25, 1893; son Samuel 
and Anna (Faverman) Felsman; educated, 
Ohio State Univ. law school; married, Cleve- 
land, Oct. 25, 1922 to Adeline Lavine; 2nd 
lieut. U.S.A. during world war; partner firm 
of Beckerman & Felsman; member Zeta Beta 
Tau and Delta Sigma Rho fraternities; 
Sphinx, Ohio State Univ. and Beechmont 
country clubs. Residence: Alcazar hotel. 
Office: 525 Natl. City Bank Bldg. 

FEND, Edward William, export mgr.; born 
Fremont, O., Oct. 23, 1875; son John and 
Carolina (Ost) Fend; educated, Fremont pub- 
lic schools; married, Laporte, Ind., June 21, 
1895 to Adda May Harris — children, Harland 
Fend; asst. sales mgr. and export mgr. Wil- 
lard Storage Battery Co.; member Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce; Export Manager club; 
F. & A. M. ; R.A.M.; Chagrin Valley country, 
Cleveland, and Cleveland Auto clubs. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Residence: 13717 McElhatten- 
ave. Office: 246-286 E. 13l8t-st. 

FE>"N, Sereno P.. born Tallmadge, O. ; son 
Sereno and Eliza (Carruthers) Fenn; 
educated, Tallmadge district school; Humia- 
ton Institute; married, Milwaukee, Wis., 
May, 1870 to Mary Augusta DeWlt; married, 
Bluehill, Me.. July 15, 1918 to Mrs. Helen 
Berry Wright; republican; veteran of the 

Civil War; associated with Sherwin-Wil- 
liams Co. since 1870, as treas. and vlce- 
pres. ; connected with Y.M.C.A. of Cleveland 
since Its beginning and served as pres. 26 
years, now honorary pres.; member Clifton, 
Mayfleld and Union clubs. Residence: 2061 
E. 89th St. Office: 601 Canal-rd. 

FENNER, Jenne A., attorney; born, Shiloh, 
O., 1872; son Joseph C. and Anna (Marlng) 
Fenner; educated, Wittenberg college, 1894, 
A.B. : Ohio State Univ. 1808, LL.B.; married, 
Norwalk, O., 1914 to Marian Warner Wild- 
man — children, Ellen Anna Fenner; world 
war, legal advisor Draft board 8; legal ad- 
visor civilian Red Cross Cuyahoga county; 
director the Pcnn Rubber & Supply Co., Re- 
flex Spark Plug Co., F. H. Bultman Co., Snow 
White Co. of Cleveland, Kelvlnator Cleveland 
Co., H. W. Witwer Co., and Dr. Wood Ap- 
pliance Co.; member (Cleveland Bar assn.; 
Cleveland Council of Sociology; Free and Ac- 
cepted Masons; Sons of American Revolu- 
tion; trustee First Unitarian Church; member 
Beta Theta Pi fraternity; Cleveland Chamber 
of Commerce; Univ. club. Residence: 2112 E. 
83rd St. Office: 609 Society for Savings Bldg. 

FERGUSON, Clarice M.. occupational thera- 
pist; born Cleveland, June 14, 1S95; daughter 
James R. and H. (Pierce) Ferguson; edu- 
cated In Cleveland schools; member Western 
Reserve Chapter D. A. R.; Cleveland Occu- 
pational Therapv assn. Residence: 1677 El- 
beron-ave., E. (Cleveland. Office: Cuyahoga 
Falls Sanitarium, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

FERGTTSON. Egbert R., life insurance: born, 
Bathurst, N. B. Canada, June 19, 1877; son 
John and Bessie (Smith) Ferguson; married, 
El Paso, Texas, March 7, 1907 to Nellie Ken- 
nedy — children, Mary Elizabeth and Egbert 
R. Ferguson, Jr.; served during Spanish war. 
Corporal company G, regiment New Jersey 
volunteers; mgr. The Mutual Life Insurance 
company at El Paso, Texas 1906-7; Pueblo, 
Colorado 1907-1908; Charlotte, N. C. 1908-11; 
Cincinnati, O. 1911-25; Cleveland, since Aug. 
1, 1925 time; member Phalanx lodge, F. & A. 
M. Charlotte N. C; Scottish rite 32nd de- 
gree; Oasis temple Mystic Shrines; life mem- 
ber Albuquerque, New Mexico lodge B.P.O.B.; 
Cincinnati club, Cincinnati, O. Recreations: 
baseball, swimming, driving, walking Resi- 
dence: 9803 Lake-ave. Office: 1268 Union Trust 

FERGUSON, Harold KlnRsley, builder and 
engineer; born, Albion, Mich., Nov. 22. 1883; 
son John H. and America P. (Clark) Fergu- 
son; educated, high school Jackson, Mich. 
1898; Ohio Wesleyan Univ., B.S.. 1905; mar- 
ried, Willoughby, O., Aug 26, 1908 to Lillian 
E. Austin — children, Elinor, Kingsley, Ruth 
and Margery Ferguson; developed method of 
standard factory building before and during 
war; engaged in rush Industry construction 
from 1915-18; since leaving college, asst. 
signal engineer A.T.&S.F. R.R. Topeka, Kan- 
sas; commercial engineer General Electric 
Co. Schenectady, N. Y. ; later sec. and vice 
pres. Austin Co., Cleveland; now pres. H. 
K. Ferguson Co. engaged In architectural 
engineering and construction work, among 
buildings constructed, a considerable part 
of National Cash Register Co. Dayton, O.. 
including complete theatre; also Fatlma 
cigarette factory for Liggett & Myers, Rich- 
mond, Va.; also important work for General 
Electric Co. In Japan and U.S.A.; director The 
Stearns Conveyer Co.; pres. Cleveland Safety 
council 1925; trustee Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; 
director Cleveland Univ. club; member board 
of governors Y.M.C.A. night schools; member 
Cleveland engineering society; Engineers 
club. New York; Phi Beta Kappa fraternity; 
Canterbury, University and Mid-Day clubs. 



Cleveland.; Bankers, Engineering and Trans- Institute of Banking. Recreation: bowling, 

portation clubs, New York. Recreation: ten- hunting and reading. Residence: 13671 Euc- 

nis, golf, sailing. Residence: 2820 West Park- lid-ave., K. Cleveland. Office: 308 Plain 

blvd. Office: 4900 Euclid-ave. Dealer Bldg. 

FERGUSON, Rny Alexander, director of 
sales; born, Chicago, 111.; son Alexander 
James and Edna D. Ferguson; educated, 
Chicago, 111.; married, Chicago, 111., Sept. 1920 
to Beulah Heth — children, Ray Alexander 
Ferguson, Jr.; sales mgr. The H. W. Gossard 
Co. and International Corset Co.; director of 
sales The Kaynee Co.; member Cleveland and 
Cleveland Advertising clubs; National Assn. 
of Sales Executives. Recreation: golf, ten- 
nis, swimming, bridge and good books. Resi- 
dence: 3295 Dorchester-rd., Shaker Hghts. 
Office: 6925 Aetna-rd. 

FERGUSON, William Stanley, architect; and 
engineer; born, St. Thomas, Can.; son Charles 
A. and Elizabeth A. (Parkin) Ferguson; ed- 
ucated, Cleveland high school; special tutor- 
ing for six vears in engineering; married, 
Cleveland, Feb. 5, 1901 to Effie A. Callaway 
— children, Ruth and Evelyn Ferguson; at 
present director of public service. Cleveland; 
for past two years in Hopkins cabinet; did 
much Construction work for goverment dur- 
ing war as engineer in charge of shell plants; 
pres. The T\'. S. Ferguson Co. for 16 years; 
pres. The Roland Realty Co., The Memphis 
Hy-land Co. and the Woodworth Rd. Land 
Co.; vice pres. The Champion Radio Co.; 
director The Stop to Shop Market Co., Kan- 
sas City; stockholder in several other com- 
panies; inventor of the Ferguson reinforced 
dock which is used all over the United 
States: has handled over $100,000,000 
worth of work for other people; mem- 
ber of societv of civil engineers; Masonic 
lodge; 32nd degree. Recreation: good shows 
and motoring. Residence: Stop 139 Lake 
Shore-blvd. Office: 1900 Euclid Bldg. 

FERRIS, Frank Holliday, minister; born, 
Brooklyn. New York, May 5. 1892; son Edwin 
Sherwood and Mary A. (Holliday) Ferris; 
educated, Amherst college, magna cum laude, 
1914, A.B.: Union Theological seminary, 1917, 
B.D.; Columbia Univ. 1917, M.A.; married, 
Ridgefleld, N. J., May 15, 1917 to Minna 
Proctor, — children, Frank Holliday, Robert 
Proctor, Dorothy Stuart, and Jean Alden 
Ferris; chaplain U.S. Navy (rank of lieut. 
junior grade) from Dec. 1917 to April 1919; 
on board U.S.S. Mercy for one year; on board 
U.S.S. Texas five months; with cruiser and 
transport force and fleet; became pastor of 
Old First Church of E. Cleveland in 1920: 
this church was founded in 1807. is the oldest 
in Greater Cleveland; has always stood on 
same site, altho the present stone edifice is 
the third building: the first of logs was built 
by pioneers in 1810; the second of frame was 
built in 1816; member Phi Beta Kappa, Delta 
Sigma Rho and Delta Tau Delta fraternities. 
Residence: 16335 Kirk-st. Office: First Pres- 
byterian church, Euclid at Nela-aves. 

FERRY, W'm. Howard, trust officer and 
asst. sec; born, Elkhart, Ind., Nov. 7, 1884; 
son John H. and Clara W. (Smith) Ferry; 
educated, Englewood high school, Chicago, 
111., 1903; private law school, San Diego, Cal.; 
admitted to California Bar, 1912: married, 
San Diego, Cal., May 14, 1907 to Agnes Kath- 
leen Wright — children, Wm. Howard Ferry, 
Jr.; escrow and trust officer Union Title and 
Trust Company of San Diego, Cal., 1907-1911; 
cnief deputy county recorder, San Diego 
County. Cal., 1911-1919; connected with Land 
Title Abstract and Trust Company of Cleve- 
land since Nov. 1, 1919; trust officer and asst. 
sec. of same since Feb., 1923; member Cleve- 
land Chamber of Commerce; Cleveland Real 
Estate board; Cleveland Chapter of American 

FESLER, Mayo, sec. Civic League; born, 
Morgantown, Ind., Nov. 19, 1871; son Peter 
and Emma C. Fesler; educated, Indiana com- 
mon and high schools; dePaw Univ.; Univ. 
of Chicago, Ph.B., 1897; married, Aug, 20, 
1902; teacher high schools, 1897-1899; fellow 
History and Political science, Univ. of Chica- 
go, 1899-1902; substitute prof, of history, 
Univ. of Indiana, 1902-1903; sec. Civic League, 
St. Louis, Mo., 1903-1910; sec. Civic League, 
Cleveland, since 1910; member University 
and City clubs. Office: Swetland Bldg. 

FETTERMAN, Jonepb, physician, born, 
Russia, March 20, 1897; son Sam and Esther 
(Bauer) Fetterman; educated, Adelbert Col- 
lege, 1918, A.B.; W.R.U. medical school, 1921, 
M.D; interne and resident Mt. Sinai hospital, 
1921-23; dispensary physician Lakeside hos- 
pital, 1923-25; demonstrator of anatomy at 
W. R. U. medical school 1924: member Acad- 
emy of medicine; Phi Beta Kappa fraternity 
and A. O. A. Recreation: athletics and books. 
Residence: 14724 Superior-rd. Office: 1499 E. 
55th St. 

FIEBACH, Albert H., lawyer; born. Brown- 
helm, O., Aug. 28, 1876: son Peter and Sarah 
(Leuszler) Fiebach; educated, Oberlin col- 
lege, A.B., 1899; Harvard law school, LL.B., 
1902; married, Shenandoah, Iowa, Nov. 30, 
1905 to June Bogart — children, Mary Fie- 
bach; member Republic central committee 
and executive committee of Cuyahoga 
county; clerk and solicitor of Bratenahl 
village since 1919; member Cleveland 
Ohio State and American bar assns ; high 
priest, Bahurim council Ancient Accepted 
Scottish Rite; asst. rabban Al Koran temple 
Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of Mystic 
Shrine; Union and Cleveland Athletic clubs. 
Residence: 10110 Lake shore-blvd. Office: 
1118 Guardian Bldg. 

FIELD, Renjamln F., born, Fresno. Calif., 
July 30, 1889; son William A. and Hattie L. 
(Lewis) Field; educated, public schools Buf- 
falo, N. Y. ; married, Cleveland. Oct. 15. 1913 
to Mary V. Madden — children, Mary Viola; re- 
porter and editor on Buffalo and Cleveland 
newspapers up to 1915; entered real estate 
business; publicity department Central Lib- 
erty loan committee fourth federal Reserve 
district during war for all loan campaigns; 
vice pres. S. H. Kleinman Realty Co.; vice 
pres. and director of Mortgage Syndicate Co.; 
member Knights of Columbus; grand knight 
Gilmour council from 1924 to 1925; member 
Cleveland Ad club; Chamber of Commerce and 
(Jhamber of Industry. Residence: 20100 Edge- 
cliff-blvd. Euclid, O. Office: 315 National 
City Bldg. 

FIELDING, Arthur S„ face brick manufac- 
turer; born, Boston, Mass., Jan. 17, 1883; son 
James and Hattie E. (Doran) Fielding; edu- 
cated, Phillips Exeter academy, 1908; Harvard 
college, 1912, A.B. ; married, Petersburgh. N. 
Y., June 12, 1918 to Helen R. Paddock — chil- 
dren, Jane Paddock Fielding; secy. Cleveland 
Hghts. Civic club, 1924-25: advisory Health 
council Cleveland Hghts, 1924-25; labor ex- 
pert U. S. Shipping board, Washington, D. C, 
1918; Illinois National guard 1915-17; mgr. 
Hydraulic Press Brick Co.; director Penn Con- 
tinental Savings assn. ; member Harvard, Uni- 
versity and Cleveland Hghts. Civic clubs; 
Builders Exchange; Chamber of Commerce. 
Recreation: hiking. Residence: 1740 Comp- 
ton-rd. Office: 5005 Euclid-ave. 

FIELDING, John, Jfh purchasing agent; 
born, Pittsburgh. Pa., Sept. 9, 1883; son John 



Fielding, Sr. and Catherine (Lang) Fielding; FINDLEY, Mnud KiuHley, born Brooklyn, 

educated, Washington and Jefferson college, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1873; daughter Thomas P. and 

A.B. 1905; married, Sante Fe, N. M., Feb. 1, Marion (Blake) Kinsley; educated, Smith col- 

1908 to Nettle M. Harrison; professor of eco- lege, A.B. 1895; married. New York City. Aug. 

nomics, Assint college, Assint, Egypt, 1905-6; 20, 1902 to Edwin Leigh Findley — children, 

with Phelps-Dodge Co. El Paso Texas 1910- William Hardie Findley; member College 

17; professor economics Texas State school of club; Euclid Ave. Congregational church. 

M/ines 1917-19; with McKinney Steel Co. since Recreation: motoring. Residence: 2833 Avon- 

1919; member Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity; dale-rd. 

Cleveland Athletic club. Residence: 2646 North FINDLEY, Quay H., attorney, born. Harta- 
Moreland-blvd. Office: The McKinney Steel town. Pa., Dec. 8, LS88; son Richard C. and 
Co. Minnie (Hedges) Findley; educated, Central 
FINDLAY', Harry L., born, Banbrldge, Ire- high school; Western Reserve Univ. A.B. 
land, March 23, 1881; son William and Sarah 1911; LL.B. 1913; married, Cleveland, Dec. 28, 
(Logan) Findlay; educated, Western Reserve 1916 to Margery King — children, Margery 
academy, Hudson, O, 1898; Adelbert college, Elizabeth and Patricia King Findley; private 
1902; A.B.; married, Aug. 14, 1907 to Carrie E. Troop A.O.N.G. 1916; 2nd lieut. Ohio 2nd 
Wise (deceased) — children, Malcolm Wise and F.A.: 1st lieut. 135th F.A.: admitted to the bar 
Ruth Patricia Findlay; married. Sept. 5. 1925 of Ohio 1913; partner in law firm of Wilkin, 
to Gertrude M. Haserodt — children, Virginia Cross and Daoust; secy. Osborn Building Co., 
Findlay; upon graduation from Adelbert col- Stratford Building Co., and member Cleve- 
lege in 1902 entered employ of the Yough- land and Ohio State bar assns. ; Beta Theta 
iogheny & Ohio Coal Co. of Cleveland as Pi and Phi Delta Phi fraternities; Sons Amer- 
a clerk; occupied various positions in this lean Revolution; American legion; Military 
company until in 1912 was made genl. Order of Foreign wars; University, Union and 
sales mgr.; in 1915 was made vice pres. which Kirtland clubs. Recreations: golf, polo, ten- 
position he still occupies; director and pres. nis, squash, horseback riding, swimming 
Simpson Creek Colleries Co.; director of Residence: 11021 Wade Park-ave. Summer 
Progress Coal Co., Northern Coal and Dock residence: Kirtland Country Club. Office: 
Co.; vice-pres. and director D. E. Adams Coal 1106 Union Mortgage Bldg. 

Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba; member Delta Tau 

iianna tiiag. McComb, O., June 23, 1909 to Zoe Ellen 
FINDLEY, Edwin Leigh, principal; born, Hoskinson — children, Charles Millard and 
Akron, O., Feb. 9. 1870; son Dr. Samuel and Mary Ellen Finfrock; instructor in law West- 
Mary Ann (Hardie) Findley; educated, Univ. ern Reserve Univ. 1907-10; professor of law 
of Akron, A.B., A.M.; Johns Hopkins Univ.; Western Reserve Univ. 1910; sec. of W. R. U. 
Alliance Francaise, Paris, France; Teachers law school, 1912; member Cleveland, Ohio 
college. Columbia Univ.; married, New York State and American bar assns.; faculty trus- 
City, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1902 to Maud Kinsley — tee W. R. Univ.; member Masonic lodge; 
children, William Hardie Findley; associate Order of Coif; Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Delta 
professor Latin and Greek Univ. of Akron; phi fraternities; University club. Recreation: 
Instructor in Greek Wilbrahamt Academy; nature study and birds. Residence: 3186 Oak- 
Instructor in Latin, Central high school; asst. rd. Office: Western Reserve Univ. Law School, 
principal. East high school; now principal of 

South high school; member Classical assn. of FINGER, Ray Heruian, sales manager; 

the Middle West; Maison Francaise; Phi Delta born Eau Claire, Wis., Jan. 6, 1890; son 

Theta and Alpha Sigma Phi (Honorary) fra- Charles F. and Catherine (Shuerman) Finger; 

ternities; Cleveland Tennis and Racquet, educated, Cornell college, A.B., 1913; married, 

Cleveland City, Cleveland Hghts. Civic and Iowa City, Iowa, Aug. 1915 to Lois A. Snyder; 

Johns Hopkins clubs. Recreation; tennis and officer in Sn. corps, U.S.A. in charge of physi- 

hiking. Residence: 2833 Avondale-rd. Of- cal rehabilitation at General hospital No. 

flee: South High School. 26 Fort Des Moines, Iowa; Mgr. Case Alumni 

^ assn. 1920; secy. mgr. Cleveland Ad club. 1921- 

FINDLEY, Emerson, born, Akron, O. ; son 25; sales mgr. Cleveland Life Insurance Co. 

Samuel and Mary Ann (Hardie) Findley; edu- 1925-1926; since 1926 city mgr. Sun Life As- 

cated, Univ of Akron, 1894, A.B. ; Harvard surance Co., member Sigma Nu fraternity; 

graduate school; Yale graduate school ; mar- trustee Euclid Ave. Congregational church; 

ned Philadelphia. Oct. 1907 to Genevieve A. member Cleveland Chamber of Commerce; 

Foote; teacher in Buchtel college. Akron; Cleveland Advertising, Gyro, Chagrin Valley 

teacher in Akron high school; asst. to head country and Madison Golf Lakellnds clubs, 

master Hil house high school New Haven, Residence: 13614 Cormere-ave. Office. 1210 

Conn.; Latin master Penn Charter school, j ^„^^^ rihd- 

Philadelphia, Pa; with "The Iron Age" New ^eaaer tsios. 

York N. Y.; Central Western mgr. "The Iron FINKENSTAEDT, Edward Rudolph, invest- 
Age" Cleveland. O.; member Phi Delta Theta ments; born. Bay City. Mich., Sept. 6, 1887; 
fraternity; University, Citv and Cleveland son Frederick C. and Anna (Turner) Finken- 
Advertising clubs. Recreations: golf and staedt; educated. Bay City, Mich.; Univ. of 
travel. Residence: Park Lane Villa. Office: Mich. 1911, A.B.; married, Washington, D. C, 
1362 Hanna Bldg Feb. 26, 1919 to Lillian Birney — children, 
irivni v\' Hnnnrd IV asst sales mer • Fredrick Birney and Alonsa Catherine 
hn^n Pi^v^i^nH F^h 1^ 18^4 son FraiVk E* Finkenstaedt ; capt. Motor transportation 
^°^"'t^?.® filf . ^ l?.',,ii^^- ^Hl.-fa/in rrntrai corps. U. S. Army; member University and 
and Etta (Nevin) Findley; educated. Central J^„,rL:_v f.i„ho Rpqidence- 22G5 Delaware- 
high school; Case School of Applied Science; St""^'^^ clubs. Residence, ^^bb Delaware- 
married, Cleveland, June 24. 1921 to Dorothy ra. 

Smith- 1st lieut. 322 F.A. during war; capt. FINKENSTAEDT, Lillian Birney, born, 

135 FA Ohio National Guards since war; Chevy Chase, Md.. January 10, 1895; daughter 

asst sales mgr. The Patterson Leltch Co.; Theodore Weld and Alice McLellan Birney; 

member Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity; educated, private schools in Washington, D. C. 

University, and Sleepy Hollow country clubs; and Atlanta, Ga..; Ogontz school, 1913; married, 

American legion Recreations: golf, horse- Feb. 26, 1919 to Edward Rudolph Finkenstaedt 

back riding. Residence: 2645 Falrmount- — children, Frederick Birney and Alonsa Cath- 

blvd. Office: 900 E. 69th Bt. erine Finkenstaedt; served In England and 



France as volunteer nurse 1915-1916; charter 
member Washington Red Cross canteen; vol- 
unteer translator U. S. war college, Washing- 
ton, 1917-18; member board of Junior league, 
1919-1922; vice pres. League of Women voters. 
Residence: 22666 Delaware-rd. 

FIIVLAY, Lnnce George, contract mgr.: born, 
Scotland, Nov. 16, 1876; son George and Emma 
Finlay; educated, public schools; Glasgow 
Univ. M.E.; married, Cleveland, Jan. 28, 1917 
to Eleanor M. Clare — children, Janet Eleanor 
and Robert Bruce Finlay; contract mgr. Ray- 
mond Concrete Pile Co.; pres, Lauderdale 
Harbors Development Co.; director Lauder- 
dale Isles, Inc.; director Rotary Machine Co.; 
member Cleveland Engineering society; 
American Concrete Institute; Cleveland Ath- 
letic, Buffalo Athletic, Old Colony and Wick- 
M*^e Country clubs. Recreation: swimming. 
Residence: 2214 Demington-dr., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office 140 Cedar-st., N. Y. City. 

FINLEY, William F., banker; born, Mll- 
lersburg, O., Oct. 17, 1879; son Calvin E. and 
Laura (Gray) Finley; educated. Mount Union 
college, A.B. ; married, Fredericksburg, O., 
Nov. 26, 1907 to Grace Morgan — children, 
Helen Irene, William Franklin and Eliza- 
beth Grace Finlev; vice-pres. Cleveland 
Trust Co.; pres. Northfleld Heights Realty 
Co.; treas. Heights Building Co., Northfleld 
Farms Co. and St. Clair-106th Realty Co.; 
trustee Windemere M. E. church; member 
Alpha Tau Omega fraternity; Canterbury 
Golf and Mid Day clubs; Chamber of Com- 
merce. Residence: 1830 Chapman-ave., E. 
Cleveland. Office: 916 Euclid-ave. 

FIRKSTONE, Robert Jnmes, manufacturer; 
born, Columbiana, O., 1873; son Benjamin and 
Catherine (Flickinger) Firestone; married, 
New York, Aug. 28. 1918 to Kathleen Town- 
send — children, Sara Dolph (by former 
marriage), Kathleen Townsend and Jean Dal- 
las Firestone; director and vlce-pres. Fire- 
stone Tire & Rubber Co. from 1904-18; organ- 
ized U. S. Motor Truck Co. at Cincinnati, 
Ohio, in 1912; organized Standard Tire 
Compay at Willougby, Ohio in 1919; pres. 
Standard Tire Co.; vice-pres. and director of 
U. S. Motor Truck Co.; director of National 
City Bank; member Mayfleld and Union clubs, 
Cleveland; Chicago Athletic club; Bankers 
club. New York City. Recreation: tennis and 
horseback riding. Residence: 15900 South 
Park-blvd. Office: Willoughby, O. 

FISCHBEIN, D. H., dentist; born, Cleve- 
land, Feb. 5, 1899; son S. and R. (Mendel) 
Fischbeln; educated. Central high school; 
Baldwin Wallace college, 1918; Ohio State 
Univ. 1923; member student army training 
corps at Baldwin Wallace college, Berea, O.; 
capt. Ohio State boxing team 1920-21; ama- 
teur boxing champion, Cleveland, 1918; Co- 
lumbus, 1920; lightweight division. Recre- 
ation: boxing, golf, football and baseball. 
Residence: 2183 E. 76th st. Office: Cedar- 
79th Bldg. 

FISHBACK, Frederick R., born, Washing- 
ton, D. C, Jan. 28. 1880; son William Owen 
and Mary (Kauffman) Fishback; educated, 
public schools of Terre Haute, Ind.; Rose 
Polytechnic Institute, B.S. in Electrical 
Engineering; married, Cleveland, Dec. 1906 
to Bessie M. Oakes — children, two daughters; 
pres. The Electric Controller and Mfg. Co.; 
member Am. Institute of Electrical Engi- 
neers; Assn. Iron and Steel Elec. Engineers; 
University, Canterbury, Shaker Heights 
Country and Mid-Day clubs. Residence: 
19100 So. Woodland-rd. Office: 2698 E. 
79th St. 

FISCHLiEY, Alphens PanI, broker; born. 
Canal Fulton, O., 1884; son Martin and Eliza- 
beth (Schroeder) Fischley; married, Cleve- 

land Sept. 5, 1906 to Beatrice B. Balkwlll — 
children. Helen Beatrice and Irma Elizabeth 
Fischley; world war, associated with small 
arm division U. S. Ordnance; organizer in 
Lake Erie Trust Co.; managing director 
Knollwood Mausoleum; all degrees of Ma- 
sonry including Shrine, Cleveland; honorary 
life member Moslem Temple, Detroit, Mich.; 
member Cleveland Athletic, Willowick 
Country, High Noon and Shrine clubs; Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Residence: 2868 Washing- 

FISH, Francis Stlllman, architect; born, 
Cleveland, 1886; son Francis Stlllman and 
Anna J. (Ryan) Fish; educated, St. Ignatius 
college; Columbia Univ.; E'Cole De Beaux 
Arts; world war, director of construction 
and equipment for Knights of Columbus War 
activity committee; construction division 
U. S. Army; member Chamber of Commerce; 
Beaux Arts society of Architects; associate 
of Edward T. P. Graham, Boston, Mass.; 
member Knights of Columbus; Cleveland Art 
Museum. Residence: 2945 Corydon-rd., Cleve- 
land Hghts. Office: 6007 Euclid-ave. 

FISHER^ Charles Henry, controller; born, 
Cleveland, Dec. 22, 1875; son John Henry and 
Anna (Wendell) Fisher; educated, Cleveland 
public schools; married, Cleveland. June 15, 
1919 to Anna Rosenberg — children, John 
Montrose and Chester Henry Fisher; world 
war, statistician in charge material control 
division, quartermasters dept., retired with 
rank 1st lieut., served March 1, 1918 to Jan. 6. 
1919; controller The Ames Co.; sec. Sixty 
Fifth Carnegie Realty Co.; member and sec- 
ond vice-pres. American Numismatic assn.; 
member American Numismatic society; Tribe 
of Ben Hur; American Legion; City club; sec. 
Western Reserve Numismatic club. Resi- 
dence: Chagrin i^'alls, O. Office: The \mes 

FISHER, ElUvood H., chain store grocer; 
born. New York City, 1899; son M. F. and 
Bertha (Christie) Fisher; educated, Dart- 
mouth college, bachelor of science; asst. 
buyer, Fisher Bros. Co.; member Beta Theta 
Pi fraternity; University and Shaker Heights 
Country clubs. Residence: 3000 Falrmount- 
Blvd. Office: 2323 Lakeside-ave. 

FISHER. Estelle Brndburn, born, Cleveland; 
daughter Donald McPherson and Anna (Brad- 
burn) Eason; educated, Louisville. Ky.; mar- 
ried. Louisville. Ky. to Harry Waldo Fisher 
— children, Josephine Fisher Platter and 
Angelina Fisher Carrel; member Western 
Reserve Chapter, D.A.R. ; Daughters of the 
American Colonists; National Society of iNew 
England Women; Cleveland Century club. 
Residence: 1797 E. 86th st. 

FISHER, J. Edgar, physician; born, July 
22. 1890; educated. Canton, O., public school, 
1906; high school. 1910; Ohio State Univ., 
1910-1915; Jefferson Medical college, 1915- 
1918; Allegheny Gen. hospital. Pittsburg, 
1918-1919; College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, Vanderbilt Clinic. N. Y.. Dermatology, 
1919-1920; associated with Dr. Howard Fox, 
N. Y., as associate In private office, 1919-1920. 
in dermatology; married, Cleveland. June 
17. 1923 to Helen Joy Kessler — children, 
Alain Gilda; world war, served with Medi- 
cal reserve corps; practiced medicine in 
Cleveland since 1920 (limiting to dermat- 
ology); member Phi Delta Epsilon medical 
fraternity; Ohio State and American Medical 
assn.; Cleveland Academy of Medicine; Medi- 
cal Library assn.; Mt. Sinai Medical society. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 2655 Haddam- 
rd.. Shaker Hghts. Office: 7016 Euclid-ave. 

FISHER, Jerome CoUett, lawyer; born. 
Chanute, Kan., March 10, 1889; son Jerome H. 
and Effie (Collett) Fisher; educated, Har- 



vard college, A.B.; Harvard law school, mal school, 1893-1894; graduated from Cleve- 

L.L.B. ; married. Cedar Rapids, la., June 23, land Normal, 1895; taught 18 years at Warren 

1917 to Katharine Bingham — children, Eliza- school. Cleveland; asst. principal 7 years at 

beth Ann Fisher; world war, Capt. U. S. Hicks school; building supervisor and cadet 

Army. 1917-1919; partner in law firm Thomp- supervisor at various buildings for three 

son. Hine and Flory; member Cleveland years; first principal of Garfield school and 

Athletic, City and Harvard clubs; Chamber served there two years; now principal of Ma- 

of Commerce. Residence: 11308 Hessler-rd. rlon school; from time to time has written 

Office: 1122 Guardian Bldg. various articles for educational magazines 





Thrl^hpi'-- sec "The Pi'sheVand"" wiTson Co' '"'"'^ '■^'^^ Vermont in early 

i/llf^^^r.1- ?vfin w^vo^ frl?r/i I? r-i^vlianH Purcell Fitzpatrick was born in 1835 and re- 

Offtie 825 Rockek^fer Bldg • Cleveland. j.^ed his early education in Cleveland pub- 

Ultice. 8^i) KOCKeieuer tsiag. jj^ schools, attended old I'rospect school; 

FISHER, Manning Force, chain store gro- mother, Margaiet (McGrath) Fitzpatrick re- 
cer; born, Jersey City, N. J., Dec. 8, 1863; ceived her education at Ursuline Convent; 
son Manning F. and Harriet (Rittenhouse) father a veteran of the Civil war and lived In 
Fisher; educated, public school in Jersey Cleveland all his life except during the 70's 
City; married, Bavonne, N. J., Oct. 19, 1898 when he was in Iowa; one brother fought in 
to Bertha Christie — children, Britton, Ell- Spanish American war and went through 
wood H., Harriet R. and George C. Fisher; campaign in the Philippines. Residence: 7810 
world war, member Mayor's war board; past Cedar-ave. Office: Marion school, 
pres. Cleveland Chamber of Industry; prior „. Aivnir'ni»ii?vir'n ¥»«.„„ r- h^^„ m^,,- 
to coming to Cleveland in 1907 he was a , „ T , ?L. , q\?^^ w ^". °w"' Plf^^' 
department manager in one of the largest land, Aug. 2b, 1883; daughter Jacob and Mary 
chain store concerns in New York City; in (Grober) Gutmann; educated, Cleveland, gram- 
January, 1907 opened the first of the Fisher mar school; Central high school; married, 
Bros, chain of stores, pres. Fisher Bros. Co.; Cleveland. June 18, 1906 to Carl H. Flander- 
member Chamber of Commerce; Chamber of meyer — children, Paul, David, Ruth and Lil- 
Industry; treas. City Savings and Loan Co., lian Flandermeyer; sec. three years Women's 
member Shaker Hghts. Country, Cedarhurst organization of National Assn. of Retail 
Country, Advertising and Mid-Day clubs; di- Druggists; now 1st vice-pres. same organiza- 
rector The City club. Recreation: golf, tion; also treas. entertainment committee of 
Residence: 3000 Fairmount-blvd., Cleveland same; chairman program committee of Hazel- 
Hghts Office: 2323 Lakeside-ave. ae'l School Mothers club; has been appointed 

delegate to National conventions of W. O. N. 

FITCH, ^Vllliam K., mechanical engineer; a. R. D. ; was one of the pioneer suffrage 

born, Rockford, 111., Nov. 2, 1889; son Dr. workers. Residence: 482 E. 118th st. 

William H. and Katherine P. (Kountz) „,^wt. „,.,,. , , , v, , 

Fitch; educated, Yale, B.A., 1910; Univ. of FLEHARTY, John L., banker and lawyer; 

Wisconsin, M.E., 1913; world war, 1st lleut. born, Cleveland, Aug. 1876; son George and 

Ordnance dept.; now capt. field artillery, Jane (Lone) Fleharty; educated, Cleveland 

O.R.C. ; private Troop A., 107th cavalry, public schools; Baldwin Univ.; Cleveland law 

O.N.G. ; vice-pres. and Cleveland dist. mgr. school; pres. The Pearl-st. Savings & Trust 

Dravo Doyle Co., Pittsburgh; dist. mgr. Dravo Co.; member Westwood and Clifton clubs. 

Equipment Co., Pittsburgh; member Psi Up- Recreations: golf and horse-back riding, 

silon and Tau Beta Pi fraternities; University Residence: 15105 Lake-ave., Lakewood, (De- 

and Country clubs. Residence: University ceased.) 

club. Office: 4800 Prospect-ave. w^, ,^,c.x,,c . mr » -n. t, . i, -kt tr 

FLEISHMAN, Lillian, born. Auburn, N. Y., 

FITZGERALD, John F. L., bank officer; daughter John C. and Margaret (Anderson) 
born, Washington, D. C, Feb. 20, 1889; son Murphey; educated, private boarding school; 
Edward A. and Sarah C. (Teagle) Fitzgerald; Academy of the Holy Names, Rome, N. Y. ; 
educated, Georgetown Univ., LL.B.; married, graduated with all degrees and honors of the 
Washington, D.C., Jan. 8. 1914 to Christine L. academy; married to Morris Fleishman (de- 
Birmingham — children, John Charles and John ceased;) has resided in Cleveland for 25 years. 
Lee Fitzgerald; asst. secy. The Cleveland Residence: 1942 E. 75th st. 
Trust Co. Residence: 2217 Kerrwood-rd.. 

Cleveland Hghts. Office: The Cleveland FLEMING, Matthew John, banking; born, 

Trust Co. (Main Office.) New Albany, Ind., June 4, 1879; son Charles 

FltiGFRALD Wm Sinton lawver- born ^- ^^^ (Myers) Fleming; educated, Pltts- 

wrsmngt^^.'^^'c^o'cVrmO; son'^'a;id^?an"d ^urg^ Pa public and high schools; married 

f^n^l'^L^^rols '^^'4^s^h^^l^t=on 'd "^^^ ^e^<^^il slLT-clflkJu^r tfi^e"!; '^o^r?d' V-°ar^1r cKl 

^"a%h'iSto^^'u°^l^v'.^Y^l':'Ll'Sl";f''orSerl?^^lt^ oj I^J.^-ty Loan accounting and ^^l^stribution 

state atty. general; councilman, director of '^^ Bonds, stamps etc., sei\ea on parlous 






FITZP.VTRICK, Mary F. C, principal public Pa.. 1912; Holy Grail Commandery, K. T., 

school; born Council Bluffs, Iowa, Feb. 6, Lakewood, O., 1923; Al Koran Temple, 

1876; daughter John Purcell and Margaret Cleveland, 1923; Lakewood Country club (one 

(McGrath) Fitzpatrick; educated, grammar of organizers) ; Clifton club. Recreation: golf, 

and high school: St. Bridget's school, Cleve- Residence: Gates Mill, O., P. O. Box, 112. 

land 1893; teacher training at Cleveland Nor- Office: Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland. 



FLEMING. Hazel C, born, Parkereburgh, 

W. Va.; married, Spokane, Wash., Sept. 7, 1918 
to Wm. J. Fleming — children, Macklin C. 
Stainbach. Residence: 2171 Chatfleld-dr., 
Cleveland Hghts. 

FLE/MING, Thomas W., born, Mercer, Pa., 
May 13, 1874; educated, common and public 
echools at Meadeville Pa.; Cleveland Law 
Bchool, Baldwin Wallace college LL.B. 1906; 
married and has three sons; elected council- 
man 1909; deputy state oil Inspector ,1914; 
councilman Ward 11, 1915-1917; now serving 
a third term from his district; admitted to 
Ohio Bar 1906; ex-pres. Cleveland Colored 
Men's assn.; member National Assn. for Ad- 
vancement of Colored People; member Tippe- 
canoe, Western Reserve and Attacks clubs. 
Residence: 2342 E. 40th-st. Office: City Hall. 

FLEMING, Wm. J., sales manager; born, 
Carlisle, O.; son James C. and Elizabeth John- 
son Fleming; educated, Franklin, O. high 
school; married. Spokane, Wash., Sept. 7, 1918 
to Hazel C. Stainbach; sales manager Bourne 
Fuller Co.; director The Columbian Hdw. Co.; 
member Union, Mavfleld and Pepper Pike 
clubs. Residence: 2171 Chatfleld-dr., Cleve- 
land Hghts. Office: 1600 Hanna Bldg. 

FLESHICIM, Sylvester \V., manufacturer; 
born, Cleveland, April 13, 1889; son Isaac and 
Fannie (Wolf) Flesheim; educated Cleveland 
public and Central high schools; married, 
Cleveland to Erma C. Hexter — children, Clem- 
entine and Emily Flesheim; pres. The Master 
Builder Co.; pres. Temple Mens club; director 
Excelsior club; member Oakwood Country 
club. Residence: 2565 Norfolk-rd. Office: 
7106 Euclid-ave. 

FLETCHER, Lydia D., born, Middletown, 
Pa., Nov. 28, 1865; daughter Cyrus and Eliza 
(Reider) Dyer; married, Cleveland, Sept. 4, 
1889 to James F. Fletcher — children, Paul M. 
Fletcher; member Women's City club. Resi- 
dence: 1916 E. 71st St. Office: Federal Re- 
serve Bank of Cleveland. 

FLETCHER, Paul Milton, estimator; born, 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Dec. 16, 1890; son James 
P. and Lydia (Dyer) Fletcher; educated, Ashe- 
vlUe school, Ashville, N. C; Case School of 
Applied Science; world war, 135th Field artil- 
lery. May 1917 to April 1919; member Beta 
Theta Phi fraternity. Residence: 1916 E. 
71st. -St. Office: Willard Storage Battery Co. 

FLETCHER, William Hugh, asst Federal 
reserve agent and chief examiner; born, Ath- 
ens, O., Dec. 1, 1887; son Charles E. and Hat- 
tie (Davis) Fletcher; educated, Ohio Univ., 
1905; married, Cleveland, Aug. 29, 1921 to 
Kathryn Carroll; world war, enlisted, 1918 for 
duration of war; appointed by Sec. of War on 
commission to make financial survey of 
Philippine National Bank, Manila, P. I., Oct. 
19, 1919; appointed deputy National Examiner 
for treasury bureau, Philippine Islands, Jan. 
1920; appointed National Bank examiner May 
1921; asst. Federal Reserve Agent, Fed- 
eral Reserve Bank of Cleveland; member Beta 
Theta PI fraternity; Gaston G. Allen lodge, 
F. & A. M..; member Ohio Society of New York; 
Lakewood Country club; Beta Theta Pi 
Alumni assn. of Cleveland. Residence: 1477 
Lewis-dr., Lakewood. Office: Federal Re- 
serve Bank of Cleveland. 

FLIEDNER, Helen Marie, supervisor of art; 
born, Gold Hill, Nev., May 20, 1868; daughter 
George J. and Louisa A. M. (Burlin) Flied- 
ner; educated, Cleveland public schools; 
Cleveland School of Art; New York Univ., 
Julian Academy, Paris; Columbia Univ.: 
Colorossi Academy, Paris; teacher of art at 
Miss Mittleberger's school; teacher at Cleve- 
land School of Art; asst. supervisor of art 

and supervisor of art, Cleveland public 
echools, 1906-1925; member National Educa- 
tion a.ssn.; Women in Administration; North 
Eastern Ohio Teachers assn.; councilor. Girls 
camp flre; member American Federation of 
Arts: Womens City and Women's Art clubs. 
Recreation: travel, reading and gardening. 
Residence: 1971 West 99th at. Office; Boarc'> 
of Education. 

FLIEGNER, Elsie Louise Miller, born, 
Cleveland, Oct. 9, 1898; daughter Pliilip Law- 
rence and Anna (Stofft) Miller; educated, 
Laurel school, 1919; married, Cleveland, Sept. 
16, 1919 to Carl Fliegner — children, Robert 
Lawrence. Residence: 3141 Derbyshlre-rd 
Cleveland Hghts. 

FLOOD, Earl Denison, painting contractor 
and stain manufacturer; born, Cleveland O 
June 26, 1890; son William and Nellie (Deni- 
son) Flood; educated, public schools, supple- 
mented by special instruction in paint chemis- 
try; married, Cleveland, Jan. 12, 1918 to Amy 
P. Freeman — children, Ellen C. and Carl P 
Flood; asst. to chief inspector for dyes, enam- 
els and fabrics, Detroit district; aircraft pro- 
duction; director Gyro club; pres. and vice 
pres. Cleveland Painters & Decorators assn.; 
director Builders Exchange; chairman Joint 
Painters and Decorators apprenticeship com- 
mittee; genl. mgr., secy, and treas. of Wm. 
Flood Co.; member of Tyrian lodge. No. 370 
F. & A. ML; Cleveland Athletic and Gyro clubs. 
Residence: 3390 Bradford-rd. Office: 6217 

FLORY, AValter LeRoy, lawyer; born, New- 
ark, O., March 31, 1880; son Jesse A. and 
Phoebe Hewitt (Smith) Flory; educated, Deni- 
son Univ., 1903, LL.B.; Yale law school; West- 
ern Reserve law school, B.L. ; married, New- 
ark, O., Oct. 2, 1908 to Julia McCune — chil- 
dren, John, Elizabeth and Phoebe Flory; one 
of those drafters of the municipal court act 
for Cleveland, 1910-1911; director Chamber of 
Commerce, 1923-1924; member selective ser- 
vice board, 1917-1918; district representative 
of the U. S. Shipping board Emergency Fleet 
Corp., 1917-1918; member Troop A, 1907-1910" 
pres. Citizens league, 1924-1925; partner in 
law firm Thompson, Hine and Flory since 
1912; director Brush Laboratories Co., The 
Erner Electric Co.. The Permold Company, 
Paudett Investment Co.; The Freehold Com- 
pany, The Liberty Savings & Loan Co., The 
Premier Co., The Play House, The Play House 
Foundation and The Citizens League; member 
Cleveland, Ohio State and American Bar 
assns.; Council of Sociology; Philosophical 
club; pres. of Play House. 1916-1919; sec. of 
Play House Foundation since 1925; member 
Beta Theta Pi and Phi Delta Phi fraternities; 
Corbey Court; Union, Mid-Day, University and 
City clubs; Chamber of Commerce. Residence: 
2265 Stillman-rd. Office: 1122 Guardian Bldg. 

FLYNT, George W.j born, Cleveland, Aug. 

1, 1867; son Edward M. and Mary A. (Easton) 
Flynt; educated, Cleveland public schools; 
married, Cleveland, July 19, 1896 to Elizabeth 
J. Kaufman — children, two daughters; direc- 
tor Dl-Noc Mfg. Co.; director Davies Can Co.; 
manager Western sales, Henry Woods Sons 
Co., Boston, Mass.; member Woodward lodge 
No. 508, F. & A. M. ; Chamber of Commerce; 
Cleveland Athletic, Cedarhurst and High 
Noon clubs. Recreation: fishing and golf. 
Residence: 10811 Hampden-ave. Office, 258 
The Arcade. 

FOLGER, H. Clay, supt. detective agency; 
born, Norfolk, Va.. June 15, 1880; son Ellery 
Channing and Sally A. (Reed) Folger; edu- 
cated, Baltimore, Md. public schools; Univ. of 
Maryland, Baltimore; married, Akron, March 

2, 1922 to Doris E. Crow; with war exposition 
five months under committee of public infor- 
mation; pres. Municipal Detective Agency; 



member International Secret Service; Assn. of bury, Cleveland Athletic and Canadian Camp 

Ohio Detective Agencies; Elks; Chamebr of Fire clubs. Recreation: The North woods, 

Commerce; Eagles. Recreation: flshlne. Resi- canoeing, fishing, book collecting and golf, 

dence: Stop 37, Bay Village, O. Office: 417 Residence: 9615 Mlles-ave.. S. E. Office: 614 

Schofield Bldg. Guardian Bldg. 

FOCKE, Theodore Moaes, dean and profes- FOOTK, Ed^vard A., lawyer; born, Cincln- 
sor; born, Massillon, q., Jan 3, 1871; son Theo- nati, O., Jan. 1, 1869; son Edward A. and 
^S't J^U ^'^"^ Kathenne M. (Brown) Focke; Susan A. (Bowler) Foote; married. Cleveland. 
?^A^f"^-«^^?f.,,^^'^r'r.°£..^„PJi'^^^r..S.l^„^^a' April 9, ,1,904 to Mary L. Hllls-oJ^lldren. Ed-* 

j; mem- 
ion and 

In physics, Oberlin college. 1893-1896; gradu- FOOTE, Clnjton H., lumber dealer; born, 
ate student, Goettingen, 1896-1898; Instructor Rochester, O., Aug. 2. 1863; son Walter B. 

America; fellow American Assn. Advancement q. Blum, Mrs. A. H. Gillmore and Elizabeth 

of Science; Society for Promotion Engineer- M. Foote; has been engaged in lumber busi- 

ing Education; Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi and ness in Cleveland for 44 years; started with 

Phi Kappa Psi fraternities; Tomahawk club, Fisher and Wilson Co. in 1S82 as office boy; 

Honey Harbor, Ont Residence: 2057 Cornell- pres. The C. H. Foote Lumber Co., The Glen- 

rd. Office: Case School of Applied Science. vllle Lumber Co. and The Harvard Lumber 

FOLEY, Roland Ray, lawyer; born, Emma, ^o.; ^ice-pres. The East Cleveland Lumber 

Colo.. Dec. 6, 1S89; educated. Harvard law ^o director The Collinwood Lumber Co., 

school; associated with Thompson, Hine & T\lt^^i^ ^^^^''^^J^'''^^?^ S°-i^?® Wlckllffe 

Flory; member University club. Residence: Th^^^rm^ w<.!Vl®f ^Ule Road Lumber Co 

1821 E. 86th-st. Office: 1122 Guarllan Bldg. S^'^o'^t^a'J'i^ c"o!'^^^^e '^ATb^e^'^A^v^eV Vuln^^rhl] 

FOLK, George B., attorney; born, Martins- and Mentor Lumber and Supply Co., trustee 

burg, W. Va.. Sept. 15, 1887; son Geo. W. D. the Brotherhood club; member Masonic lodge; 

and Mary Elizabeth (Billmyer) Folk: edu- Canterbury and Cleveland clubs; Chamber of 

cated, West Virginia Univ., A.B., 1908; Colum- Commerce. Recreation: outdoor sports. Resi- 

bia Univ. law school; Western Reserve law dence: 2926 Fontenay-rd., Shaker Hghts. Of- 

school, 1915; married. Columbus. Dec. 19, 1917 flee 1528 Williamson Bldg. 

to Marjorie Marshall Kinkead — children, t^rirkmr- ^t^- i m . .^ , 

- - - . — -- -■ FOOTE, Earl Harrington, sales manager; 



rnities; City and University clubs. Resi- (vork- married ClevHanrtn.p''"'^^ ^iq?^" tn 

nno- iPSQ rjronTvn v-rri shnlfpr We-ht*? vvorK, marrieu, Cleveland, uec. 31, 1913 to 

fici- 1259 Union Tmst Bldg ^Shts. Dorothy Budde-children, Earl Harrington, Jr. 

fice. 1^59 union irust Biag. j^^^ Augusta. Irving and Dorothy Helen 

FOLKMAN, Sanford B., steamship agent; Foote; vice-pres. and sales mgr. The R. C. 

born, Cleveland, Aug. 27, 1896; son Jos. and Barnum Co.; member Masonic lodge; Kappa 

Bertha (Sicherman) Folkman; educated, Sigma fraternity; City club. Residence: 1619 

Cleveland public schools; Spencerian college. Compton-rd. Office: 314 Rockfeller Bldg. 

1916; married, Cleveland, March 14, 1922 to ^^r^rw^mr. «r,,,, « * * ^ i, 

Anna T. Grossberger— children. Shirley Jane t^^T?*^^' ^^ *W* """*,' "^^"'i^o^S*"'"®''= r,?/''""' 

Folkman; world war, sergt. Co. E. 112th En- ^°^^%^^^^yi^^' ^^ J"]y U' ^^^^^ ^°? Theo- 

gineers 37th div., April 30. 1917 to April 17, ^ore C. and Mary E (Hunt) Foote; educated, 

1919; served in France and Belgium; pres. Cleveland public schools; married, Cleveland, 

Heights Temple Alumni assn. (third term;) JV"^ 10, 18.s4 to Fannie E Roberts— children, 

member Forest City lodge No. 388 F. & A. M.; Lida E. Tarr, Helen S. and Herbert C. Foote; 

Webb Chapter, No. 14, R. A. M.; advisor of manager and owner T. H. Bullock Mfg Co.; 

radio construction and operation. Residence: member Early Settlers assn.; New England 

12977 Cedar-rd Society of Cleveland. Residence: 2166 E 89th- 

st. Office: 875 E. 140th st. (Deceased.) 

FOLLANSBEE, George Edward, surgeon; 

born Cleveland, Oct. 16, 1871; son John Ed- ^ FORCE, Augnsta Manning; born, Cleveland, 
ward and Julia E. (Pratt) Follansbee; edu- Nov. 15, 1879; daughter Albert Russel and 
cated Univ. of Wooster, M.D., 1895; American Sarah (Harding) Manning: educated Ken- 
College of Surgeons, F. A. C. S., 1920; married, t"cky school; graduated West high school, 
Connecticut, May 28, 1898 to Alice M. Perry; 1898: married, Cleveland. April 21, 1909 to 
member local board No. 11, selective service I'^ed Wenham Force— children, Albert Man- 
draft; pres. Academy of Medicine, 1918; pres. ning Force; member Lakewood Day Nursery 
Ohio State Medical assn., 1924-1925; pres. board; Women s (:ity and Lakewood Women's 
Rowfant club. 1924-1925; chief of staff St. 51'"^; Lakewood high Parent Teachers assn. 
Alexis hospital, 1920; member Judical council Residence: 1<423 Clifton-blvd., Lakewood. 

Al^.lV.<;\".i^L^l^'=^^„^?f?'oil2^^Poi;^.^-5l^L^^°^.^ . FORD. Carl Bonghton. attorney-at-law. 

tor Academy of Medicine, Cleveland Medical and Frances Elizabeth Ford; world war. 

Library assn., Rowfant club, St. Alexis hos- speakers staff Federal Reserve Bank Liberty 

pital and Cuyahoga Co. Medical Relief assn.; f^oan campaigns; ofrtcer American Protective 

member Newburgh lodge F. & A. M.; Baker league; manager 20th, 21st and 22nd districts 

Chapter, R.A.M.; Oriental Commandery, K. T.; in Leonard Wood campaign; in law practice 

Lake Erie Consistory, A. A. S. R.; Al Koran twenty-five years; manager of five Hermit 

Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.; Rowfant, Canter- club shows; originator of the endowment 



business in Cleveland through organization 
of the Capital Endowment Co.; conducted 
merger of Reliance and Commonwealth 
Banks; partner Smart, Ford, Taylor and Has- 
selman; partner Concentrate Products Co.; 
pres. Ohio Trust Co.; director Forest City 
Structural Steel Co., Capital Endowment Co. 
and other corporations; member Alpha Delta 
Fhi fraternity; Hermit, Cleveland Athletic, 
Quinnebog Fishing and Nisi Prius clubs; 
Recreation: swimming, fishing, driving, 
motoring and horse back riding. Residence: 
Aurora, O. Office: Hanna Bldg. 

FORD, Cyrus Clark, real estate; born Cleve- 
land, April 16, 1892: son Horatio Clark and 
Ida May (Thorpe) Ford; educated, Cleveland 
public school; East liigh school; Western 
Reserve Univ.; Yale, 1914; married, Cleveland, 
March 11, 1916 to Rachel Martha Hoge — 
children, Rachel Martha and Anne Clark 
Ford; world war, 1st lieut. motor transport 
corps; vice-pres. Ford McCaslin Co.; sec. 
Williamson Co.; treas. and director Gibraltar 
Savings Co.; director Williamson Securities 
and The Knight, Norris Gibbs Co.; member 
Alpha Delta Plii fraternity; Union. Country, 
University, Kirtland Country and National 
Town and Country clubs. Recreation: polo, 
riding and golf. Residence: 2077 Kent-rd., 
Euclid Hghts. Office: 817 Williamson Bldg. 

FORD, Ella White, born, Cleveland, Jan. 9, 
1883; daughter Thomas H. and Almira L. 
(Greenleaf) White: educated. Miss Mittle- 
bergers school; Hathaway-Brown school. 
The Elms. Springfield, Mass.; The Masters 
school, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. ; Simmons college, 
Boston; married, Cleveland, May 7, 1908 to 
Horatio Ford — children, H. Clark, Andrew, 
T. Windsor, Jonathan, Almira and Baldwin 
Ford: member D.A.R. ; American Guild of 
Health; New England Historic Genealogical 
society; college and school Alumnae assns.; 
Junior League; Women's City and Chagrin 
Valley Hunt clubs. Recreation: horseback 
riding and travel. Residence: Whitford, 
South Euclid, O. 

FORD, Frances Mary Gardiner, born, Nor- 
walk, O.; daughter Edmund G. and Susan J. 
(Barnes) Gardiner; educated, Miss Mittle- 
berger's school, 1898; Smith college, A.B., 
1902; Western Reserve Univ.. M.A., 1907; 
married, Nowalk, O., July 21, 1921 to James 
Albert Ford; member Women's City and 
College clubs. Residence: 2921 South Park- 

FORD, Horatio, attorney and mortgage 
banker; born, Cleveland, June 23, 1881; son 
Horatio Clark and Ida May (Thorp) Ford; 
educated, Fairmount Grammar school, 1896; 
Central high school, 1900; Yale Univ., A.B., 
1904; Western Reserve Univ., LL.B., 1906; 
married, Cleveland, May 7, 1908 to Ella 
Almira White — children, H. Clark, Andrew, 
Tliomas Windsor, Jonathan, Almira and 
Baldwin Ford; member Troop A, O.N.G., 
1904-1910; executive secretary of Liberty 
Loan organization of Cleveland; member of 
board of education, Lyndhurst village, 1920- 
1924; cashier asst. sec. and sec. Tlie Garfield 
Savings Bank, 1906-1913; vice-pres. The 
Cleveland and Eastern Traction Co. and The 
Cleveland and the Chagrin Traction Co., 1915- 
1925; member law firm Snyder, Henry 
Thomsen, Ford and Seagrave and its pre- 
decessor firms from 1913 to 1926; pres. 
Williamson Securities Co. since 1916; treas. 
Realty Bond and Mortgage Co., 1922-1924; 
director The Cleveland Trust Co. since 1920; 
director The Garfield Bank 1913-1920; direc- 
tor The South Euclid Bank since 1925: officer 
and director of several other real estate 
companies; member Cleveland Bar assn.; 
Cleveland Real Estate board; chairman ex- 

ecutive committee of Cleveland Council Boy 
Scouts of America and commissioner for 
Cleveland, 1910-1290; trustee Euclid Ave. 
Congregational church; member Phi Delta 
Phi fraternity; Zeta Psi fraternity, Eta chap- 
ter at Yale and Ranney chapter at W. R. U.; 
member Union and Chagrin Valley Hunt 
clubs. Recreation: horses and riding. Itesi- 
dence: Mayfield and Richmond-rds., South 
Euclid, O. office: 914 Williamson Bldg. 

FORD, Jameit A., lawyer; born, Norwalk, 
O., 1871; son James B. and Cornelia (Cook) 
Ford; educated. Western Reserve Univ., A.B.; 
Harvard Univ., U.A. LL.B.; married, Norwalk, 
O., July 19, 1921 to Mary Gardiner; world 
war, special attorney U. S. Food Administra- 
tion; member Union, Mayfield and Univer- 
sity clubs. Recreation: golf. Residence: 2921 
South Park-blvd. Office: Soc. for Sav. Bldg. 

FORD, John Qulncy Tandy, attorney at law; 
born, Georgetown, Ky., Jan. 21, ls97; son 
James McCoy and Margaret (Tandy) Ford; 
educated, Georgetown college, bachelor of 
arts, 1917; Harvard Univ., bachelor of laws, 
1922; world war, ensign U. S. Navy, 1918-1919; 
Troop A, O.N.G., 1924-1925; principal Sturgis 
high school, Sturgis, Ky., 1917-1918; member 
Cleveland Bar assn.; Bruce Wyman law club; 
Kappa Alpha fraternity; University and 
Harvard clubs. Office: 1520 Union Trust Bldg. 

FORD, Rachel Martha Hoge, born, Lorain, 
O., daughter James B. and Anna L. (Wal- 
lace) Hoge; educated, Hathaway-Brown 
school; Smith college, A.B. ; married, Cleve- 
land, March 11, 1916 to Cyrus Clark Ford — 
children, Rachel Martha and Anne Clark 
Ford; member Junior League; Country, Un- 
ion and Kirtland Country clubs. Residence: 
2077 Kent-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Summer: 
Willoughby, O. 

FORD, Simptton S., attorney: born, Rich- 
mond, O., Oct. 7, 1854; son William and Eliza 
Jane (Frederick) Ford; educated, Allegheny 
college, class orator; married, Richmond, O., 
Oct. 5, 1887 to Altai Marie Scott — children, 
Wm. Harold Ford; member Cleveland board 
of education, 1892-1896; asst. director of law, 
1895-1899; common pleas judge. 1899-1912; 
member board of trustees Allegheny college; 
pres. Guaranty State Savings & Loan Co., 
The Rapid Transit Land Sales Co., The Un- 
derwriters Mortgage & Investment Co., Ford 
Realty & Construction Co. and Cedar Heights 
Land Co.; member Phi Beta Kappa, Phi 
Kappa Psi and Phi Alpha Delta fraternities; 
member and director Cleveland club; member 
Chamber of (V)n;.ncrte; Cleveland Law Li- 
brary; City club. Residence: Fenway Hall. 
Office: 2049 E. 105th st. 

FORMAXEK, JoHeph, post Office dept. div. 
of railway mail service; born, Cleveland, 
March 7, 1873; son Joseph and Mary Form- 
anek; educated, Cleveland grammar school 
and Central high school, 1891; entered rail- 
way mail service as clerk in 1892; success- 
ively promoted to clerk-in-charge, chief 
clerk, asst. division supt. and division supt.; 
now supt. railway mail service, ninth divi- 
sion, headquarters Cleveland; member Eu- 
clid lodge No. 599, F. & A. M.; Chamber of 
Commerce. Recreation: fishing and garden- 
ing. Office: 430 Federal Bldg. 

FORREST, Mary Louise, born, Clyde. O. ; 
daughter Charles Lee and Lydia (Hess) 
Hubbard: educated. West high school; Ohio 
State Univ.; married, Cleveland, April 12. 
1904 to Capt. George F. Forrest; director of 
Welfare (recreational and educational) for 
the years 1919 and 1920 in the bureau of war 
risk Insurance, treasury dept. In Washington, 
D. C. ; managed the two campaigns of Judge 
Mary B. Grossman, 1921 and 1923; became 
chairman of the 20th congressional district 



(republican) 1924: made associate chairman fellow, Lakeslrte hospital and demonstrator 
of the Cuyahoga county Republican executive in Medicine, W. R. U., 1923-1925; Instructor 
committee and managed women's division in in Medicine. W. R. U., since 1925; O. W. Crile 
the county for presidential election, 1924; Research fellow. W. R. U., 1925-1926; member 
member Western Reserve Chapter of D.A.R.; Academy of Medicine of Cleveland; Cleveland 
Women's City club. Residence: 10616 Hatha- Medical Library assns.; .Sigma Chi and Alpha 
way-ave. Mu Pi Omega fraternities; Sigma Chi and 
FOUSYTHr:, SnnincI TliomtiH, physician; K"'^" "' Pennsylvania clubs of Cleveland and 
born, Canonsburg, Pa., Oct. 4. 1SS2; son Alvin ^^w York; Cedarhurst Country club. Recrea- 
Miller and Mary McCoy (Smith) Forsythe; f'O": ^,°'^,^"'^^, ^•"""'S- Residence: Lakeside 
educated. Canonsburg high school. 1900; hospital, Cleveland. Office: same. 
Jefferson Academy, 1902; Washington and FO.SS. Walter D., retired; born, Wooster, O.; 
Jefferson college, 1906, A.B.; Starling — Adam and Marv (Kortnpvi Fo«m- ednl 
Ohio Medical college, 1913. M.D.; married. ^ ? / o ku » ^ 7 ^ w M ?, ' a 
Chicago. 111.. Dec. 22, 1917 to Evelyn Sara ^^ted. Public schools of Wooster, O.; edu- 
Mills — children. Marv Jane Forsvthe: world cated, Beaver Falls, Pa., Sept. 25, 1879 to 
war. 1st lieut. Med. officers training camp, Mary E. Jolley — children, O. H., D. J., C. P. 
Ft. Riley. 354 Inf., 89th div. Med Corps; capt. and W. R. Foss and Mildred F'oss Thompson; 
Med. Corps, Feb. 1918; transferred to Base world war, first asst. chief American Pro- 
hospital No. 26, Nov. 10. 1918; discharged, tective league; chairman Wayne County 
Camp Jackson, May 6, 1919; member Cleve- Liberty Bond sales; member City council, 
land Academy of Medicine; Ohio State and Wooster, O., 1900; helped organize and was 
"^/'^^";;?;'.V?^f,?i?^L?^^"!'i '^I^.^J't^",.-^^^?^^?.^; first pres. Citizens National Bank, Wooster, 
., , *„ Q _ pres. The Wooster Brush Co.; directoi 

Security Savings & Loan Co. and Hotel Win- 
ton Co.; chairman of executive committee ol 

fellowship in Dept. of Medicine. Univ. of I'fi'i"'^ °/.,U""^I^f li^'''^^^^*'^ ^^'''°^\^J for six- 
Minnesota in eye ear, nose and throat, 1916. teen yeais, member Lake Erie Consistory, 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 3305 Dor- ^-^^ degree; past em. commander ^^ooster 
chester-rd.. Shaker Hghts. Office: 235 Colon- S°™"^,^"x?';Y c ^"cl^^'^^ Templar; Al Koran 
ial Arcade. Temple N.M.S. ; St. Benedict Conclave Red 

Cross of Constantine; sec. and treas. CJleve- 

FORTIN'E, Theresa Gertrude, copy writer, member Chamber of Commerce; Cleveland 

financial advertising; born. New Moscow. O., land Court No. 14, Royal Order of Jesters; 

Sept. 27. 1892; daughter James William and Athletic, Rotary, Acacia Country, Old Colony 

Ella Rosanna (Haines) Fortune; educated, g^d Shrine Luncheon clubs, Cleveland; 


Cleveland high school; world war. Red Cross, FOSS, William Alva (Al Foss), mfgr. fish- 
teacher in surgical dressings division; volun- j^g tackle; born, Covington, O., Feb. 14, 1868; 
teer worker at Y. W. C A. ; hostess duty at ^r^ j ^^^ Cordelia C. Foss; common 
dances and other entertainments and club _„v^„_, „,i, ,„„*:„„. ™o,.,-;^,q r-'i^,-oio,,,i r>^^ 19 
work; formerly worked for credit manager ?^^?°^ ^^"^^^'°" ' ™?,'^"^,''' S'^' f '^""^^^f ^' H' 
and general manager Wm. Tavlor Son & Co.; }^^^ to Florence A. Keith— children, Chas.W 
also for president of Dunlap-Ward Co.; form- Joss; inventor of the pork rind artificial fish 
erlv sec. to structural Steel dept. mgr. Van bait; owner Al Foss Fishing Tackle Co.; 
Dorn Iron Works Co. and to adulter and member Clev'eland Casters. Cleveland Gun 
treas. Cleveland Tractor Co.; now financial and Cleveland Advertising clubs. Recreation: 
copy writer, with Francis R. Morison; mem- Ashing, hunting, tournament casting trap 
ber board of trustees, Y. W. C. A., 1920-1921; ?'^°oting, amateur motion pictures. Residence: 
also member hydropathic and industrial ex- 1289 \^ . 111th st. Office: 9o06 Quincy-a\e. 
tension cornmittees; chairman inspirational FOSTER, Rose Waehalac, office manager 
council, 1918-1920; member Cleveland Ad- ^orn. Cleveland, Nov. 1, 1S85; educated in 

Bn^Vn^sf Wnmpn'^"'Hnh,°'"r.n^.v^ H^, h°"ni Cleveland and Detroit; married Cleveland, 

tsusiness women s ciuDs (jeneva ciuo or •».' or, inoo • r^i -nr t->^ ».^. . ™„.«k„.. 

Y. W. C. A.; one of committee of one hundred ^ov. 30, 1923 to_ Glenn W. Foster; member 

business and professional women meeting in Business Women s and Cleveland Automobile 

New York in April, 1919 to organize National ^''^^- Residence: 2040 E. 83rd st. Office. 522 

Federation of Business and Professional t^rospect-a\ e. 

clubs: father James William Fortune was a FOSTER, Arthnr B., merchant and manu- 

physician and surgeon Residence: 13416 facturer; born. Nelson, O., Dec. 14, 1844; son 

Casper-rd.. N.E. Office: 518 Sloan Bldg. (,has. R. and Roseanna E. (Bancroft) Foster; 

FORW.VRD, Carlton R^ general manager; educated public schools; Nelson Academy; 

born. California, July 28. 1888; son H. J. and married, Ravenna, O., Sept. 23, 1865 to Belle 

Carie (Thompson) Forward; educated, public Wright; Civil war. three years, 104th O.V.I. ; 

school, Cortland, O. ; married, Cleveland. May maj. Cleveland Gravs; maj. 1st Battalion of 

6, 1913 to Nita V. Schreble — children, Jack, Engineers of Ohio; first pres. National Screw 

Paul and Carolyn Forward; gen. mgr.. vice- & Tack Co.; past pres. Nungesser Carbon and 

pres. and treas. The Wagner Awning & Mfg. Battery Co.; past pres Cleveland Electric 

Co.; member Woodward lodge No. 508; Cour Supply Co.; past vice-pres. Crescent Sheet 

De Lion Commandery; Lake Erie Consistory: and Tin IMate Co.; pres. Manufacturers board 

Al Koran Shrine; Al Sirat Grotto; Cleveland of Cleveland; pres. The Energine Refining 

Athletic and Acacia Country clubs. Residence: Co.. The Buckeye Welding & Supply Co. and 

11103 Wade Park-ave. Office: 2658 Scran- Acacia Cemetery Co.; chairman board of 

ton-rd. directors The D. O. Summers Co.; director 

FOSHAY, Lee, physician; born, Cleveland. State Banking & Trust Co. now Union Trust 

Jan. 20, 1896; son Dr. P. Maxwell and Laura and The Citizens Mortgage & Investment Co.; 

Craig (Long) Foshay; educated, Univ. of member Chamber of Commerce; all Masonic 

Pennsvlvania. M.D. 1920; world war. M.E.P.C, bodies; past grand commander Knights Temp- 

1917-1918: Interne Pensvlvanla hospital lar of Ohio; 33rd degree member of Supreme 

Philadelphia. Pa., 1920-1922; residence phy- Council of Scottish Rite Masonry. Residence: 

slclan. Lakeside hospital, 1922-1923; Medical 11305 Wade Park-ave. Office 242 The Arcade. 



FOSTER, James Hiram, born, Meriden, City; general sec. Presbyterian board of Mln- 
Conn., Apr. 10, 1879; son Samuel Hiram and Isterlal relief and sustentatlon; general sec. 
Mary (Stanley) Foster; educated, St. Pauls Presbyterian new era movement; former pas- 
school. Concord. N. H.; Yale Univ.. 1897; WU- tor Old Stone church; now pastor Old First 
Hams college, 1898-1899-1900; married, Cleve- Church of Newark, N. J., 1926- pres. board of 
land, Sept. 28, 1907 to Edith Mcintosh, — child- directors Univ. of Dubuque Iowa; vlce-prea. 
ren, Mcintosh, Mary Stanley. James H. and United Society of Christian Endeavor- dlrec- 
Elizabeth Mcintosh Foster; member Union, tor of the college of Wooster Wooster O • 
Hermit, Pepper Pike and Roadside clubs member Sons of American Revolution; pres'. 
Residence: 2200 Devonshire-dr. Office; 805 Ohio State Pastors Convention, 1926; mem- 
Bulkley Bldg. ber Union League club of Chicago. Resi- 

FOSTER, Joseph Jr^ manufacturer; born. ^?"^®-^?°H New Anisterdam. Office: Old 

Shanghai, China. Oct. 30, 1880; son Joseph ^^one Church, Public Square. 

f"?^"f'l," l?n',"?^«i:> .^2^*«^Lf,^y„^4«^'„»^';- _ FOWLER, Harold North, professor of 

Office. Eddy-rd. and Taft-ave. ph.D., 1885; married. Exeter, N. H.. Dec. 23. 

FOSTER, Leonard Gurly, retired Buckeye 1890 to Helen Bell (deceased); married, 

poet; born, Brooklyn, O.. Sept. 10, 1840; son London. June 30, 1925 to Mary Zay Black- 

Ebenezer and Almira (Williams) Foster; edu- l°'^^,' i^^S^Y^^^'^r^ Harvard Un^v., 1885-1888 
cated, Bei 
tute, Clevel 
1872 to 

rence W. ^ ^^.^. , ».. ...v-t.^. ^.^...w..i. o^..v^^^.. pror. on spe 

- - - - - 1906- 




- . .„„ , r.^„. .„.„ ,, „ „ ..iddle 

also wrote a great many other poems on all West and South; Society for promotion Hel- 

subjects; has testimonials from Elbert Hub- lanlc Studies; National assn. for Constitu- 

bard, Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Will Carlton and tional Govt.; corresponding member Deutsches 

many others; was at first Chautauqua. N. T. Archaeol. Institute; editor. Thusydides, book 

meeting held in 1874 and has been going there V, 1888; Plautus, Menaechmi. 1889; Quintus 

ever since in July and August; wrote 100 Curtius, books HI an dIV. 1890; Allen and 

poems for their forum and opened It twice Glreenough's Ovid. 1891; joint author. Tuell 

dally, 1924; has been complimented by many and Fowler's First Book In Latin, 1893; Tuell 

prominent people of Chautauqua; goes to St. and Fowler's Beginners Book in Latin, 1900; 

Petersburg yearly where he writes and Fowler and Wheeler's Handbook of Greek 

speaks; writes for Morning TTmes. Evening Archaeology, 1909; author. History of Ancient 

Enterprise and the Tourist Magazine; known ^.''^ek Literature, 1902; History of Roman 

as "The Buckeye Poet". Residence: 3007 Literature. 1903; A History of Sculpture, 1916; 

Arrhwnnd-nvp translator. Plato, Vol. I In the Loeb Classical 

Arcnwooa ave. Library, 1914, Vol. II, 1921. Vol. Ill, 1925. Vol. 

FOSTER, William Howard, born. Cleveland, IV, 1926; contributor on classical subjects 

Oct. 7, 1858; son Nelson K. and Mary (Whit- to revs, and magazines; trustee Cleveland 

lock) Foster; educated, Cleveland public School of Art; member Phi Beta Kappa fra- 

schools, Sterling Grammar school, E. 30th St., ternity; Mayfleld and University clubs of 

then Sterllng-ave. and old Central high Cleveland; Harvard Club of Boston; Oakley 

school, Euclid and E. 9th St.; married, Cleve- Country club. Watertown, Mass. Recreation: 

land, June 25, 1884 to Laura H. Dillon — golf and cards. Residence: 2460 Overlook-rd. 

children, four sons and one daughter, eldest Office: College for Women. Ford-dr. 

of the four sons died May 18, 1925; started as ^rt,,,, ^« n i. * ^ i ^„A„^^r.■^^ ^^o-i 

office boy In old Standard Oil Co. offices on FOWLER, Robert Earl, Industrial engl- 

Euclid-ave.. Oct. 13, 1877; now director and neer; born. Oswego, N. T., Sept. 23. 1877; son 

1st vice-pres. Standard Oil Co.; director Albertus O. and Aurel C. (Cole) Fowler; 

National City Bank; member Cleveland Cham- educated, public schools of Mich.; Ferris 

ber of Commerce; Painesvllle Chamber of Institute, Big Rapids, Mich.; married. 

Commerce; Ohio Society, New York; Early Altona. Mich.. Aug. 24, 1904 to Mabel A. 

Settlers assn. Recreation: gardening, motor- Wlllett — children, Aurel Grace and Alan J. 

ing and playing with grandchildren. Resl- Fowler; founded and taught The Analad 

dence: 2250 Delamere-dr.. Cleveland Hghts Division of the Cleveland Advertising club 

Summer: Mentor. Lake Co. O Office' East based on his manuscript of the book "Blue 

Ohio Gas Co. Bldg. ' ' Printing Your Market"; director and member 

_^„, ,_^„ ^ of executive committee The Cleveland and 

FOIJLKES, William Hiram, clergyman; Sandusky Brewing Co.; pres. The Cleveland 

born, Quincy, Mich.; son William and Harriet Window Cleaning Co.; ex-pres. The Society 

A. (Johnson) Foulkes; educated. College of of Industrial Engineers: ex-director the 

Eniporia, Kansas, 1897, A. B.; later A.M., D.D. Wholesale Merchants & Mfgs. board of Cleve- 

and LL.D.; Whltmouth college, D.D.; Lenox land Chamber of Commerce; ex-director 

college, D.D. ; graduate McConnell Theol. Sem- Cleveland Advertising club. Recreation: 

Inary. Chicago; fellow of McConnell Seminary reading. Residence: 10411 Edgewater-dr. 

in new college, Edinburgh. Scotland; married. Office- 2S17 Carroll-ave. 

Peabody. Kan., Jan. 21. 1898 to Catherine E. . ,„v. >;r 

Lamb — children. Frederic Richard. Paul Ber- FOX, Arthur W^., gen. supt. The Alay Co.; 

gin, William Robertson and Catherine Har- born, Richmond, Indiana, Sept. 9, 1874; son 

riet; world war, sec. National War Service Simon and Theresa (Kern) Fox; educated. 

Commission of Presbyterian church; two elder Earlham college, Richmond. Ind. ; McMicken 

sons in overseas service; pastor Fort Pres- Univ., Cincinnati, O. ; married, Cleveland, 

byterian church, Portland, Ore.; Rutgers Sept. 9, 1903 to Gertrude Machol — children, 

Presbyterian church, Broadway, New York Louis, James and Marvin Fox; member Jew- 



Ish Welfare. Residence: 3008 Warrlngton-rd. 
Office: The May Co. 

FOX, Ernest C, manufacturer; born, Cleve- 
land, April 4, 1870; son Frank B. and Julia 
(Brown) Fox; educated, Cleveland public 
schools; married, Cleveland, 1897 to Klla 
Mabley — children, Margaret and Katharine 
Fox; world war, member legal advisory 
board; member Cleveland Athletic club. 
Residence: 2344 Ardleigh-dr., Cleveland 
Hghts. Office: 3747 E. 93rd-st. 

FOX, Harry K., salesman; born, Indiana, 
Feb. 16. 1872; son Simon and Theresa (Kern) 
Fox; educated. Richmond, Ind.; married, 
Cleveland, Jan. 15, 1903 to Emma Rosenfeld; 
Shriner; member Oakwood and Excelsior 
clubs. Residence: Fenway Hall. Office: 
6565 Braodway. 

FRACKEL.TON, Constance Chandler, born, 

Cleveland, Sept. 12, 1886; daughter Harrison 
T. and Ellen (Foster) Chandler; educated. 
Cleveland public school; Laurel school; Miss 
Baldwins School, Bryn Mawr, Pa.; married. 
New York City, Nov. 7. 1907 to R. J. Frackel- 
ton; pres. The Chandler & Price Co.; direc- 
tor The Reliance Gauge Column Co.; member 
Women's City club. Residence: 2510 Strat- 
ford -rd. 

FRACKELTON, David AVndrtell, manufac- 
turer and banker; born, Petersburg, 111., Dec. 
3, 1871; son David S. and JNIarie Louise 
(Chandler) Frackelton; educated, Illinois 
college, Ph.B., 1894; member private bank- 
ing firm of D. S. Frackelton and Co., Peters- 
burg, 111., 1898-1912; vice-pres. The Frackel- 
ton State Bank, Petersburg, 111., 1912-1913; 
came to Cleveland in 1913 and became vice- 
pres. and treas. Chandler and Price Co.; 
elected pres. Equity Savings and Loan Co. 
in 1919; also director of these two compan- 
ies; treas. and director Cleveland Wheel- 
barrow Co.; treas. and director Reliance 
Gauge Column Co.; director W. S. Bidle Co. 
and Peoples Telephone and Telegraph Co. 
of Menard County; trustee Phillis Wheatley 
assn., Cleveland City Mission and Presby- 
terian Home for Aged at Sydney; trustee 
Illinois college, 1917-1924; member Univer- 
sity club. Residence: 2353 Woodmere-dr., 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: 6000 Carnegie-ave. 

FRACKELTON, Fannie Pitcairn, born, 
Harrlsburg, Pa., Sept. 15, 1SS6; daughter 
Hugh and Annie (Sherfy) Pitcairn; educated, 
Frl. Kreuslers Hohere Tochterschule, Ham- 
burg, Germany; The Baldwin school of Bryn 
Mawr; Columbia Univ., B.S., A.M ; married, 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 8, 1917 to David W. 
Frackelton; pres. Phillis Wheatlev assn. 1923- 
1925; treas. Y. \V C. A., 1925-1926; vice-pres. 
Y. W. C. A., 1920-21-22-23-24; member Wom- 
en's City, College, Monday Afternoon and 
19th Century clubs. Residence: 2353 Wood- 
mere-dr., Cleveland Hghts. 

FRACIvELTOV, Robert James, manufac- 
turer; born. Chandlerville. 111., June 11, 1868 
son David S. and Louise (Chandler) Frackel- 
ton; educated. Illinois college, Jacksonville, 
111.. B.S.; married. New York City. Nov. 7, 
1907 to Constance Louise Chandler; pres. and 
gen. mgr. The Chandler and Price Co.; vice- 
pres. and director The Reliance Gauge 
Column Co. and The W. S. Bidle Co.; director 
The Cleveland Folding Machine Co., The 
Laundryette Mfg. Co, The National Paper 
and Type Co., The Cleveland Trust Co., The 
Mutual Mortgage Co. and The Cleveland 
Wheelbarrow and Mfg. Co.; vice-pres. and di- 
rector The Chandler Land Corp. and The 
American Tlml)er Co.; member Union, Uni- 
versity and Shaker Hghts. Country clubs; 
identified with Y. M. C. A. ; Tusculum college; 
American Univ., Cairo, Egypt. Recreation: 

golf. Residence: 2510 Stratford-rd. Office 
6000 Carnegie-ave. 

FRANCE. E. Miller, life Insurance; born, 
I'hiladelphia, Pa., June 30, 1866; son A. J. 
and Annie (Ainsworth) France; educated, 
riiiladelphia public .schools and graduate of 
I'ierce School; married, Roslyn, L. I., July 7, 
1891 to Alice H. Leys— children. Leys A. and 
Helen H. France; from age of 18 to 24 was 
telegraph operator and ticket agent New 
York Division of the Pennsylvania R. R.; 
three years as stenographer and private sec. 
four years as sec. and treas. The Standard 
Wheel Co. (the Vehicle Wheel Trust), of Ind.; 
1897 entered the life Insurance business, 
spending two years In Ind. and then moved 
to Cleveland; gen. agt. The State Mutual 
Life Assurance Co. of Mass.; director Shaker 
Heights Country Club Co.; trustee Cleveland 
Y.M.C.A; 32nd degree Mason; member Cleve- 
land Athletic, Shaker Heights, City and 
Shrine clubs; Chamber of Commerce; 
Cleveland Life Underwriters; Sons of Veter- 
ans. Residence:: 1801 Cadwell-ave. Office: 
1440 Leader Bldg. 

FRANKEIi, David, merchant; born, Russia, 
June 13, 1894; educated, Cleveland high 
school; married, Cleveland, Jan. 23, 1923 to 
Ida Bassichis — children, Howard Frankel; 
vice-pres. and treas. Frankelite Co. Resi- 
dence: 1648 Eddington-rd. Office: 5016 

FRANKEL, Pliillp, lawyer; born, Cleve- 
land, Feb. 27, 1885; son Emmanuel and Ray 
(Waldmann) Frankel; educated, Cleveland 
public schools; Spencerian business college; 
Cleveland law school; married, Cleveland, 
June 16, 1908 to Hermine Havre — children, 
one son and one daughter; world war, sec. 
Cleveland war industries commission; pres. 
The Frankel Chevrolet Co., The Frankel 
Bros. Realty Co. and Cleveland Securities 
and Investment Co.; vice-pres. and sec. Ohio 
Cities Telephone Co., New Philadelphia, O.; 
treas., Broadson Realty Co.; partner Frankel 
Bros. Insurnance Agency; sec. Oakwood 
Country club; member Town, Excelsior and 
Cleveland Automobile clubs; Chamber of 
(Commerce. Residence: Commodore Apts. 
Office: 1520 Guarantee Title Bldg. 

FRANItS, Clianipion Lee, dentist; born, 
Doylestown, O., Apr. 9, 1862; son Riley and 
Sausannah (Evey) Franks; educated, Ohio 
college Dental Surgery, D.D.S.; married, 
Londonville to Adell A. Scott; democrat; 
member Masonic lodge; Elks. Residence: 
10208 South-blvd. Office: 1005 Schofield Bldg. 

FRANTZ, Edward Lonis, executive; born. 
N. Canton, O., Nov. 23, 1882; son Frank X. 
and Jennie (Kolp) Frantz; attended public 
school at North Canton from 1889 to 1899 
graduating during latter year, except for 
year 1895 when he took a course at Canton 
Business college; married, Cleveland, Nov. 
18, 1909 to Josephine Lavan — children, five; 
chairman of board. Apex Elec, Mfg. Co.; pres. 
Elf Motor Co., A/.or Motor Mfg. Co., Factories 
Holding Co., Elfdale Realty Co. and Euc- 
lid Seventieth Co.; trustee Catholic Chari- 
ties Corp.; member Shaker Hghts. Country, 
Cleveland Athletic and National Town and 
Country clubs. Chamber of Commerce. Rec- 
reation: golf and farming. Residence: Ed- 
phlne Farm, Chardon-rd, Wlckliffe, O. Office: 
Hanna Bldg. 

FRARY, Ilina Tliayer, publicity and mem- 
bership sec; born, Cleveland. April 13, 1873; 
son George Spencer and Carrie A. (Thayer) 
Frary; educated, Cleveland public schools; 
Cleveland School of Art; married, Cleveland, 
1904 to Mabel Amanda Guild — children, Spen- 



cer Guild and Allan Thayer Frary; world 
war, with army Y. M. C. A. as assoc. edu- 
cational sec. of Southern dept., headquarters 
at San Antonio. Texas, two years 1918-1920; 
designer for The Brooks Houseliold Art Co. 
and The Rorheimer-Brooks Studios, 1894- 
1914; free lance designer, 1914-1918; pub- 
licity and membership sec. The Cleveland 
Museum of Art since 1920; instructor Cleve- 
land School of Art; member Chamber of 
Commerce; American assn. of Museums; 
American Federation of Arts, Cleveland So- 
ciety of Artists; Cleveland Writers club; 
"Western Reserve Historical society; The 
Society for the Preservation of New Eng- 
land Antifiuities; The Texas Historic Land- 
marks assn.; The Cleveland Mtiseum of Art; 
New England Society of Cleveland and the 
W. R.; Alumnae assn. of the Cleveland School 
of Art; Masonic bodies, including Oriental 
Commandery No. 12 Knights Templar and 
Al Koran Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S.; City club; 
Euclid Ave. Congregational Church; district 
chairman The Cleveland Community Fund. 
Recreation: photographing early American 
Architecture. Residence: 2225 Bellfield-ave. 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: The Cleveland Mu- 
seum of Art. 

FRARY, Mabel Guild, born, Cleveland; 
daughter Chas. B. and Caroline E. (Smith) 
Guild; educated, West high school; College 
for Women, W. R. U.. Ph.B., 1899; married, 
Cleveland, 1904 to Ihna Thayer Frary — child- 
ren, Spencer and Allan Frary; world war, 
speaker for government on food conservation 
etc., 1917; nurse Fort Sam Houston Base 
hospital, 1918; pres. Melvin Reading club; 
member American Assn. of University 
Women. Residence: 2225 Bellfield-ave. 

FRASER, Archlhald R., banker; born, 
Hamilton. Ont., July 29, 1880; son Wm. and 
Ruth (Richmond) Eraser; educated, Conn- 
eaut, O. high school; married, Cleveland, Feb. 
6, 1909 to Juliet Page Grigor — children. Jack 
A. and Ruth G. Eraser; vice-pres. Guardian 
Trust Co.; treas. Clay Engine Co.; member 
Cleveland Athletic and Willowick Country 
clubs; Oman lodge, F. & A. M. Residence: 
2970 Berkshire-rd., Cleveland Hghts. Office: 
Guardian Trust Co. 

FRASIER, Margaret Townsend, finance sec; 
born, Brookside, O. ; daughter William F. and 
Melissa J. (Lafferty) Frasier; educated. 
Bridgeport high school, 1894; Mt. De Chautal 
Academy, WMieeling, W. Va. : graduate Frank- 
lin college. New Athens, O., Ph.B., 1898; finance 
and business sec. Y. W. C. A. since 1909; asst. 
treas. Y. W. C A; charter member Women's 
City club Residence: 2710 St. James Park- 
way. Office: 1710 Prospect-ave. 

FRAZEE, Genevieve EHtelle, artist; born, 
Cleveland, Jan. 20, 1S58; daughter Dr. W. H. 
and Genevieve Estelle (Smith) Beaumont; 
educated in Cleveland:; married, Cleveland, 
Jan. 20, 1880 to Henry Frazee — children, 
John Newton and Henry Frazee; member 
Daughters of the American Revolution; 
Emerson club; Dorcas society; Libertv Chap- 
ter, O.E.S. ; City club. Residence: The Had- 
den Apt., 10510 Euclid-ave. 

FRAZEE, Mrs. Henry, Jr., born. Tiffin, O., 
Nov. 15, 1889; daughter Wm. and Mary (Fitz- 
gerald) Megan; educated. Tiffin high school. 
1900-1904 Heidelbert Commercial school; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, June 10, 1913 to Henry Frazee, 
Jr. — children, Mary Genevieve. Roberta and 
Henry III; acted as member of the campaign 
committee of Republican Executive commit- 
tee in Sept. 1924; member Tiffin high school 
Alumni assn.; League of Women Voters; on 
play ground committee of Women's City 
clubs for three years; sec. Republican club; 
member Women's Indepedent and Women's 

City clubs; Women's Civic assn.; Recrea- 
tional Council. Residence: 3786 Glenwood- 
rd., Cleveland Hghts. 

FRAZINE, Charleti CnHter, director of fin- 
ance; born, Ashtabula, O., Aug. 13, 1878; son 
George H. and Alice V. (Hudson) Frazine; 
educated, public school; married, Cleveland, 
May 22, 1902 to Lua Clark — children, two 
daughters; clerk Collinwood Municipal Light 
plant and Water Works, 1906-1908; clerk 
Tax Dept. City of Cleveland, 1910-1913; clerk 
sinking fund commission, City of Cleveland, 
1913-1916; chief clerk commission of assess- 
ments and licenses, City of Cleveland, 1916- 
1918; tax deputy City of Cleveland, 1918-1922; 
director of finance City of Cleveland Hghts. 
since 1922; director J. & J. Rotary Pump Co.; 
member Collinwood lodge F. & A. M. No. 
582, (past master); Rising Sun chapter; 
Western Reserve Chapter O. E. S. (past pat- 
ron); Grotto; Tall Cedars; City and Cleveland 
Hghts. Civic clubs; past pres. Aspinwall club. 
Residence: 1619 Ridgefleld-rd. Office City 
Hall, Cleveland Hghts. 

FREDA, "Weston Harry, clergyman; born, 
Chester, Nova Scotia, Dec. 8, 1889; son Hard- 
ing William and Francis (Morash) Freda; 
educated. Halifax, Nova Scotia; Acadia Univ., 
Wolfville, Nova Scotia; Newton Theological 
Institution, Newton Center, Mass.; received 
degree of doctor of divinity, Franklin Col- 
lege June 2, 1926; married, Port Hawksburg, 
Nova Scotia, Dec. 25, 1912 to Nina Evelyn 
Emball — children, Evelyn and Thornton 
Freda; world war, spoke at camps in 
Maine and Massachusetts and Canadian re- 
cruiting meetings; ordained at Niantic, Conn., 
Feb. 16, 1912; held pastorates at Sydney 
Mines, Nova Scotia; Dorchester, New Bruns- 
wick: Somerville, Mass.: Boston, Mass.; 
Cleveland, O. ; built up community program 
in Boston that reached thousands of non- 
church people: served as a director in Boston 
Federation of churches for four years; helped 
organize several industrial conferences; 
minister. Baptist Church of The Master; trus- 
tee Cleveland Baptist City Mission society; 
Masonic lodge; Lions club. Recreation: golf, 
tennis and bowling. Residence: 2952 Hamp- 
shire-rd. Office: Euclid and E. 97th st. 

FREE, Joseph Laverne, real estate opera- 
tor; born, Crawford Co.. Pa.; son .Joseph P. 
and Helene (Hopkins) Free; educated. Clar- 
ion State Normal school, M.E.; three years 
at Grove City college; married. New York. 
Mar. 15, 1920 to Grace Adelaide Mullian — 
children, Sally Grace, Jean Adelaide and 
Richard Laverne Free; children by a former 
marriage — Mrs. John C. Moore, Chicago. Mrs. 
Howard R. Henn, Cleveland, James L. Free, 
Chicago and Joseph P. Free, Cleveland: served 
one term as auditor of Crawford County. Pa.; 
started as a country scliool teacher; kept 
general country store and from there went 
into the land business: pres. class of 1895, 
Clarion State Normal school; built and 
opened Winton Hotel; pres. Winton Hotel Co.. 
J. L. Free Co., Bolivar Prospect Co.. Ohio 
Muck Farming Co., Nela Overlook Land Co., 
1600 Prospect Co. and H. & F. Realty Co.; has 
served on executive committee of Cuyahoga 
County, Ohio State and International Sunday 
School assns. ; member Woodward lodge, F. & 
A. M.; Cleveland Chapter, 32nd degree: Lake 
Erie Consistory; Oriental Commandery: 
Cleveland Athletic and Shaker Heights Coun- 
try clubs. Residence: 1560 Mistletoe-dr. Office: 
Geo. W. Stone Bldg. 

FREED, Emerieh B., attorney at law; born, 
Budapest, Hungary, Nov. 22. 1897; son Nich- 
olas and Sarah (Benfield) Freed; educated, 
Western Reserve Univ., cum laude. A.B., 
LL.B. ; associated with law firm Bulkley, 
Hauxhurst, Jamison & Sharp; member Cuya- 



hoga, County and Ohio State Bar assns.; berger; educated, Central hiph scliool; West- 
City and Mid-Dav clubs, Civic league; Cham- ern Reserve Univ., A.B., 1901: Baldwin-Wal- 
ber of Commerce. Residence: 2825 Euclid lace. LL.R., 1903; married, 1903 to Fannie 
Hghts.-blvd. Office: 630 Bulkley Bldg-. Fertel — cliildren, Lloyd Stanton and Ruth 

^„.,. „^ . ^ , , , ,, Mae: with Cleveland Trust Co. since 1901; 

FREEDMAX, Edward F., physician; born, asst. trust officer, 1903; trust officer, 1907; 
Hungary, Oct. 21, 1888; son Isadore and Dora vice-prc.'?. since 1915; director American Zinc 
(Wintner) Freedman; educated Adelbert col- Co., Bailev Wall Paper Co., Boston Panama 
lege, B.A., 1910; Western Reserve Medical Coconut Co., Bv-Products Pocohontas Co., 
school, M.D., 1913; Univ. of Munich, 1913-1915; Cliami)ion Realty Co., Cleveland Cham- 
married, Erie, Pa., Nov. 26, 1919 to Ruth B. ber of Commerce, Cleveland PainesviUe 
Baker — children, one daughter; director in & Ashtabula R. R., Cleveland PainesviUe & 
department of roentgenology Mt. Sinai hos- Ea.stcrn R. U., Cleveland-Sarnia Saw Mills 
pital; member American and Cleveland Radio- Limited Co., F. D. Cummer & Sons Co., Cuya- 
logical societies; Cleveland Academy of Med- hoga Mortgage Co., Dominion Salt Co., 
icine; Oakwood Country club. Recreation: Fortel, Dangler, Wilson Co., The W. N. Gates 
golf. Residence: 2765 Euclid Hghts.-blvd. Co., Haddam Realty Co., Horbeth Land Co., 
Office: 466 Hanna Bldg. Island Creek Coal Co.. Island R. R. Co., Lake 

Sliore Electric Co., Morris Coal Co., Morris 


children. Helen Flora Freeman Gigliotti and i^o^pi^al: trustee Cleveland College, Euclid 

Roland John freeman, world war, jvorked ^^ ' Temple. Goodrich Social Settllment, Mt. 

on clothing supplies and other comforts g. . hospital and Oakwood club. Member 

needed; past editor The Bedford Ohio News (.^,^ league; Chamber of Commerce; 

Regpter. four years; founder of The community Fund council; Tippecanoe club; 

Musical club 25 years ago no^v cal ed Tl e Euclid-ave Temple; Bankers, Excelsior. Mid- 
Bedford, O. Music club: first treas^ The Oh o Oakwood Country clubs. Recrea- 

Federation of Music clubs; sec. past presi- tj^i,. „„,f Rp<5idpncp- 27S4 Derbvshire-rd 

dents assembly of The National Federation cTevelfndHehfs Office" Cl^^^ Co' 

of Music clubs; member Cleveland Writers' <-ieveiana Mgnts. unice. cieveiana irusi k.o. 

club. Residence: 172 North-st., Bedford, O. FRERICH.S, Arthur Henry, insurance ad- 

viser; born. Cleveland. Nov. 21, 1877; son 

»ir w ■ ' T u , T T % • XT ■^-, 1 c.;.,*.; — children, Virginia l<'rericlis; interestea in 

Memphis Law school, LL.B; New York State j^j matters during war and peace; repre- 

Library school; world war chairman for sentative Aetna Life insurance company 

Tennessee, of American Library Assn. War ^^^^ affiliated companies; member Cleveland 

Fund Campaign, 1917; librarian Camp Dix. Life underwriters; Masonic lodge; Sons of 

N. J. Base hospital library, 1918; librarian veterans; Tall Cedars of Lebanon; Cleve- 

Davenport, la. public library, two years; j^j^^ Athletic club. Recreation: Athletics 

member Tuesday club Davenport; reference a,nd music. Residence: 1235 Bonnie View- 
librarian, Louisville, Ky. public library, 1905- Office 622 Leader News Bldg. 
1910; member Louisville Woman s club; pres. 

Ky. Library assn.; traveled in Europe, 1910; FRETTER, Frank H., born, Cleveland; son 
reference librarian, Newark, N. J. public Nathaniel and Barbara Fretter; educated, 
library, 1911; librarian, Goodwyn Reference Cleveland public schools; married, Cleve- 
Library, Memphis, Tenn, 1912-1921; member land, to Margaret Alexandra Hulbert — child- 
Mempliis Country club and Nineteenth Cent- ren, one; pres. The National Refining Co.; 
ury club; pres. Tennessee Library assn.; director The Union Trust Company; mem- 
studied law in Univ. of Memphis night law ber Union, Mid-Day and Country clubs. Resl- 
school, 1919-21 and was admitted to bar, but dence: 2581 Norfolk-rd. Office: 1404 E. 9th st. 
was called at once to Harvard as head of for- K'liir-u' iviiiinm TT«.ni-r c!ale<? eneineer- 
eign I^w department. Harvard Law Library, . "P^^'S-'^' ,.>^ ""•*"* r'l!.?"!^' ^^tn 9? ISQV 
1921-2:^; in Sept. 1922 came to Cleveland as ^«'""ir GoetUngen Geimany Dec^ 22^ m 
librarian of the main library of Cleveland ^°" "f^/^ nnv of C^nfn^en Germany '• 
Public library system, which position she ^^"^^^^^^r I'l^^sDit^f anrR^d Cross se?^^ 
still occupies; member American Library ^^iL^J;^^,^' il°lP''^H/{^^^i;®rH ri^npklpr Coml 
assn. (first vice-pres. 1923-1924); Ohio sales engineer for the Bernard Gloekl^^^^^ 
Library assn.; member Tennessee Bar; papy ?.f. Pittsburgh, Pa ^manufacturers of 

ig .. 

FREEMAN, >at K., merchant; born. Rus- Ontario; interested in cattle, dogs, silver 
sia, April 8, 1888; son Leo Freeman; educat- foxes, etc. Residence: 1548 E. 82nd St. 
ed. Cleveland public schools; married, Cleve- Office: 401 Euclid Arcade Annex, 
land, April 7, 1914 to Katherine Feinsilber— fRIEROLIN, Carl D., lawyer; born. Jan. 
er'iil'-^JS'v,„«".^r[\„^."^a^^"f ^r^^^H^L'; "n"- ^"h 19. 1878;. son' William and. Kate (Denner 

12949 "Cedar-rd. Office: 2023 Prospect-ave. f9iT1|i3;"se"n"aio^ Trom Ohi^o i9T3-T47" judge 

FREIHERGER. I. F., senior vice-president Common Pleas court 1914; U. S. referee In 

Cleveland Trust Co.; born. New York City, bankruptcy 1915; chairman Cosmopolitan 

Dec. 12, 1879; son Samuel and Esther Frel- section Liberty loan; pres. City club 1915- 



16, Citizens League 1923-24, and American!- PRITZSCHE, Alfred, born. Cleveland, May 

zation council 1918; member of law firm of 21, 1869; son Alfred and Carolyne (Snyder) 

Frlebolin and Byers; trustee American Red Frltzsche; educated, Cleveland public Bchools; 

cross; member Phi Gamma Delta, Delta married, Cleveland. June 6. 1894 to Clara 

Sigma Rho and Phi Delta Phi fraternities; Neracher — children, Allan, Alfred Jr., Paul and 

City, University, Mid-Day, and Canterbury William Frltzsche; member of Industries board 

clubs; Chamber of Commerce. Recreation: during war; director and vlce-pres. General 

tennis and theatre. Offics: Guarantee Title Fire Extinguisher Co., Providence, R. I. Bor- 

Bldg. den Co. Warren. O., U. S. Construction Co., 

<7.nwr-.r>» * i^r » _••- I, „ • 1 1-^^-. TechnlcoloT Co. Inc., General Phonograph Co. 

FRIEDMAN, Arthnr, mechanical engineer ^ew York.; pres. Twin High Transmission 
born, Cleveland, Mar. 14, 1885; son Samuel co.; vice pres. Rubsam Corpn. Michigan; 
and Cella (Goodman) Friedman; educated, trustee Catholic charities; member Geo- 
Case school of Applied Science; married, graphical society; Ohio Society of New York; 
Toledo, Mar. 26, 1919 to Blanche Herzog — Cleveland Athletic, Shaker Heights country, 
children, one; pres. The Chemical Rubber Congress Lake clubs of Cleveland, and Man- 
Co.; vice pres. The Cleveland Heater Co.; hattan club of New York. Recreation: golf, 
member Case School Aluml assn.; Advertis- fishing and hunting. Residence: 16111 Park- 
ing and Temple Mens' clubs; Chamber of land-dr. Office: Society for Savings Bldg. 
Commerce. Residence: 10314 Clifton-blvd. ^„,r^„ ,,,. .;. ^ ». ^ . v -r^ ^. ^ 
Office: W. 112th cor Locust-ave. „ '^**Y^'*'v,>^ *"',^'"*^v, Michael, born, Bradford, 

Pa.; daughter Raphael and Theresa (Feld- 

PRIEDMAN, Herman, manufacturer; born, man) Fryer; educated. Hunter college. New 

Hungary, May 17, 1855; son Simon and Mir- York City, B.A.; Columbia Univ.; married, 

lam Friedman; educated, Budapest, Hungary; New York, April 27, 1911 to Julius Fryer; 

married, Cleveland, Nov. 25, 1913 to Maud secy, council of National Defense, one year; 

Lowenthal — children, two; pres Friedman- pres. Council of Jewish women, five years; 

Blau-Farber Co.; life member Cleveland Mu- member Civic league, one year; vice pres. 

seum of Art; Masonic lodge; Hungarian Aid Martha House; treas. Cleveland Music school 

Society; Bnai Brith; Excelsior and Oakwood settlement; director Council Educational 

golf clubs. Recreation: traveling, golfing. Alliance, Cleveland Travelers Aid and Girl's 

Residence: 2866 Fairfax-rd. Office: E. 37th council; honorary trustee Council of Jewish 

and Perkins-ave. Women; former trustee Western Reserve 

Social service committee; member Excelsior 

FRIEDMAN, Joseph, born, Russia, March club. Residence: 1383 East-blvd. 
4, 1872; son Lester and Hanna Friedman, edu- „,t, , ^^ .,. ^ .. /-.,. -r^ 
cated, Russian schools; married, Cleveland, •no^^^^^'V8«^"*'Hcf?^h?fi ^°,';^„?f?fi'®S'' ^^^^i 
Sept. 11, 1898 to Etta Sands-children, Leste.: Snette (Case)' Cran^e^ marrVe^d M^shawaka 
and Derla Fri^Bdman; pres. Ohio Confection Co tXiep\ SlSSeTo^ImlJ.^^'^^^ 
The O. C. Realty Co The Trio Realty and ren, Dorthy (Mrs. Ward Harrison) and Carl 
Investment Co. and the Charles Sands Co.; -^ Fuller. Residence: 14267 Superior-rd. 
member Masonic lodge. Residence: Commo- 
dore hotel. Office: 6110 Grand-ave. FULiLER, Alice Ingcrsollj born, Sandusky, 

^„,^^,. - r , ^ ^ . . ^ T, . O- April 26, 1864; daughter Dr. Edward Pay- 

FRIEDMAN, M. D„ physician; born, Russia, son and Julia (DeForest) Ingersoll; educated, 

Dec. 2, 1898; son Harry and Rose (Fleshln) Packer Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y.; married, 

Friedman; educated, Univ. of Michigan, A.B., Brooklyn, N. Y., April 14, 1885 to Horace 

1920; M.D., 1924; medical residence at Mt. Arthur Fuller — children, Antoinette Fuller 

Sinai hospital; member Academy of Medi- and Marian Fuller, adopted daughter; world 

cine. Residence: 2825 Euclid Hghts-blvd. war. Red Cross work in Cleveland and Pasa- 

Office: Mt. Sinai hospital. dena. Residence: 430 San Rafael-ave., Pasa- 

FRIEND, Frank Carl, lawyer; born, Austria, <3ena, Calif. 

Nov. 17, 1862; son Anton and Petronila FULLER, Alice Sylies, born, Syracuse, 

Friend, educated, public school; Central high N. Y July 27. 1899; daughter H. Walter and 

term; board of education, 1889-1890; board —children. Barbara Lou Fuller; worked for 

of health 1906-1907; edmitted to the bar, 1884; victory war chest under direction P. J. Dar- 

practiced law in E. K. Wilcox's office until ung. 1918-19; liberty loan work at Cleve- 

1893 when the partnership of Wilcox & land Trust Co. 1919-20; Friendship club work 

Friend was formed; this partnership was dis- at Y. W. C. A.; Baptist Young Peoples Union; 

solved In 1904; member Cleveland, State and Residence: 896 Greyton-rd. 
American Bar assns.; member Masonic lodge „,,.,„,« ^ , •.,,.„. », /-,i i j 

and chapter; Cleveland Athletic club. Resi- .oFo^^'^^'^^t^^^t'"* ^i"*?^*' ^?.''"' ^x'®^®'n^'': 

dence: The Stockbridge, 3328 Euclld-ave. 1892; ^on R J. and Alice C!^ne)Fu]l^^^ 

Officp- q-?-? «;nc for ^av Ririe- educated. East high school; Western Re- 

urnce. \)66 hoc. for bav. mag. ^^^.^^ Univ.; married. Cleveland, June 14, 

FRITSCH, H. Samuel, born, Long Grove. 1917 to Pauline Strimple— children, Cathe- 

111., Dec. 9, 1878; son H. Samuel and Mary rlne, Mary Louise, Carl W. and Ralzemon 

Helen Mary Frltsch; pastor of Congrega- H^htH blvd Office- 623 Union Bldg 

tional church at Sharon, Wis. 1903-4; Somo- •"ernts.— Diva, unice. b^i union ciu^. 
nauk. III., 1905-7; Billings, Mont., 1907-11; FULLER, Elizabeth Calder. born, Cleve- 

Medina, O. 1911-17; Pilgrim Church, Chicago, land, Aug. 31. 1893; daughter Alexander 

1917-18; Hough Ave. Congregational church, William and Adelaide (Lamprey) Calder; 

Cleveland since 1918; member Masonic lodge; educated, Bradford Academy, Bradford, Mass., 

Woolworth lodge; McKinley chapter; Cour married, Cleveland, Aug. 24, 1917 to Samuel 

de Lion Commandery; author of book of Augustus Fuller, III — children, Elizabeth 

poems "The Groping Soul." Residence: 1694 Ann and Richard Calder Fuller. Residence: 

E. 85th St. Office: 8273 Hough-ave. 11507 Ashbury-ave. 



FULLER, Henry Brainard, born, Cleveland, and Henry Bralnard Fuller; Residence: 3115 
Dec. 13, 1895; son Samuel A. and Edith H. Corydon-rd. 

(Bralnard) Fuller; married, Cleveland, June FULIiKR, Mary Hewitt, born, Rochester, 
19. 1920 to Marjorie B. Whitslar — children, N. Y.. Jan. 2, 1854; daughter George Washing- 
William Whitslar and Henry Bralnard Ful- ton and Mary Jane (Cheever) Hewitt; edu- 
ler; world war, 499th Aero squadron in cated, Elyria and Cleveland public schools; 
France; district sales manager Blaw-Knox Oberlln college. 1874; married. Elyria, Nov. 
Company. Recreations: golf. Residence: 9, 1874 to Charles Wesley Fuller — children, 
3115 Corydon-rd. Office: 516 Union Bldg. Mrs. Geo. Lewis Wanzer. Residence: 1902 

FULLER, Jay D„ manufacturer; born, lioscmont-rd. 
Alden, N. Y.. Jan. 22, 1872; son Spencer J. and FULLER, Pauline Strlmple; born. Cleve- 
Mary A. (Smith) Fuller; educated, Alden land, 1894; daughter Judge Theo L- and Allie 
high school; married, Cleveland, June 4, 1896 (Wright) Strimple; educated, Hathaway- 
to Florence Helen Quayle— children, Helen Brown school; married, Cleveland, June 14, 
Elizabeth Fuller; associated with the Haserot 1917 to Carl W^ui^r— children Catherine 
canneries for 15 years; established the Filler Mary Lou se CaH W f "^ Ra zemon J^sse 
canneries in 1904 acting as pres. of the /j^'^^.^'^y.^'^EuciTd H^hts -blvd 
company; established the Fuller Bidenham idence. 2J76 Kuclia Hghts.-Diva. 
Co., canned food brokers in 1920; member FULLER, Ral^h Lathrop, retired; born, 
Rotary and Cleveland Athletic clubs; mem- Cleveland, Oct. 28. 1865; son Charles Wesley 
ber Masonic order. Residence: Park Lane and Sarah (Cobb) Fuller; educated, Cleveland 
Villa. Office: 668 Rockefeller Bldg. and Elyria public schools; Ohio State Univ.; 

^ , ^ married. Cleveland, O., to Thalia Maude 

FULLER, Joel Haven, born, Cleveland. Reese — children, Mrs. Ina Fuller Portman, 
Sept. 6. 1851; son William and Catherine i^ois E. and Thalia R. Fuller; mayor of 
Maria (Haven) Fuller; educated, Cleveland Euclid Village, twice; councilman Euclid 
public schools; married, Buffalo, N. Y. Sept. Village nine years; pres. Cleveland Chamber 
12, 1888 to Lillian Beatty Turner — children, of Commerce; chairman Zoning Committee 
Mrs. Randolph G. Pack; with Standard Oil Euclid Village; executive officer O. N. B. 
Co. 1876-1889; partnership of Stowe-Fuller Ohio Naval ReserTe; lieut. Cleveland Gatling 
Co. 1890-97; corporation The Stowe Fuller gun battery; named Willowlck club was its 
Co. 1897-1923; Stowe-Fuller Refractories Co. first president and drove first ball when 
1923 to date; pres. The Sanwin Co., W. 3rd golf course was opened; trustee WiUoughby 
Frankfort Bldg Co., Morse Apartment Co., M. E. church; helped incorporate the Village 
Properties Finance Co., Chester 17th Com- of Euclid with a majority of three votes 
pany and Windsor-40th Company; vice pres. only; director Guardian Trust Co.; formerly 
Stowe-Fuller Refractories Co., Superior-40th pres. The Harshaw Fuller & Goodwin Co.; 
Company and Superior-86th Company; direc- formerly trustee St. Luke's hospital; member 
tor Open Hearth Fire Brick Co.; member Phl Gamma Delta fraternity; member Wick- 
Iris lodge No. 229, P. and A. M.; Webb liffe on the lake. Union, Big Ten Univ.. Cleve- 
chapter No. 14, R. A. M.; Oriental Command- land Country. Willowlck Country, Hermit, 
ery No. 12, Knight Templar; Cleveland coun- Cleveland Athletic, S. A, M., Cheshire Cheese, 
cil No. 36; Lake Erie Consistory, 32nd degree; and Rotary clubs of Cleveland; Drug & 
Union, Mayfleld Country, Rotary, and Nation- Chemical, Chemists, and Bankers clubs of 
al Town and Country clubs; Chamber of New York; formerly charter member of May- 
Commerce; Ohio society of New York; Repub- field Country club; former vice commodore 
lican; Episcopalian; member Harrys Valley of Lakewood Yacht club. Residence: Wick- 
Rod and Gun club, Pennsylvania. Recrea- liffe, O. 

tlons: golf, sailing and billiards. Residence: ,, , „„ ,> , t » v. /~>i^„«.io„/i -m-ow 

2371 Grandvlew-ave. Office: 1616 Keith Bldg. ii'^^LLER,^Ra|.|e^ J., ^born.^ C^e^e^^^^^ 

FULLER, Lillian Beatty, born, Cleveland; Fuller; educated, Clereland public schools; 

daughter George W. and Georgia A. (Beatty) married, Mishawaka, Ind., Sept. 8, 1886 to 

Turner; educated, Cleveland; married, Buf- Alice E. Crane — children, Dorthy (Mrs. Ward 

falo N. Y., Sept. 12. 1S88 to Joel H. Fuller — Harrison) and Carl W. Fuller; pres. Columbia 

children, Mrs. Randolph G. Pack; Residence: Products Co ; member Chamber of Com- 

2371 Grandview-ave. , merce; Dover Bay Country and City clubs. 

.:.,T, .^n »» .. « r.,i^,-=f«.,.. H^rr, Residence: 14267 Superior-rd. Office: 623 

FULLER, Marcellns B., minister; born, TT„i_n -RiHe- 

Casstown, O., June 12. 1868; son Robert and ^n^on rsiug. 

Eliza (Robinson) Fuller; educated, Troy FULLER, Samnel AngmMnM, born, Cleve- 

high school; Wesleyan Univ. Boston School land, Oct. 27, 1892; son Willard and Gail 

of Theology; Evansvllle college, Indiana, (Souther) Fuller; educated, Shaw high 

DD- Ohio Wesleyan Univ. D.D.; married, school; Dartmouth college, B.S.; married, 

Troy, O. Sept. 9, 1891 to Gertrude McKnlght Cleveland. Aug. 24. 1917 to Elizabeth Ellen 

children, Glenn Vincent and Mark Adin Calder — children, Elizabeth Ann and Ricliiard 

Fuller- has had pastorates in Manchester, Calder Fuller; world war. sergt. Machine 

O • Georgetown. 6.; First church, Urbana, Gun Co. O.N.G. Mexican border duty; capt. 

O- Trinity church, Cincinnati, O.; Grace Infantry 329th Inf. 83rd division; capt. 

church Dayton. O.; Trinity church, Lima, Infantry 28th Inf. first division; niaj. In- 

O • Lakewood Methodist Episcopal church, fantry adjutant and operations officer; di- 

Lakewood O ; trustee St. Luke's hospital; vision adjutant first division; overseas ser- 

formerly trustee Ohio Northern, Ada, O.; vice, Croix da Guerre; Silver star citation; 

member Lakewood Kiwanis club; Alpha Tau member Delta Kappa Epsllon fraternity; 

Omega fraternity; his whole life has been Cleveland Chamber of Commerce: Canton 

spent in Ohio where for 34 years he has been and Massillon clubs Residence 11507 Ash- 

a minister in the Methodist church. Res- bury-ave. Office: 1409 Union Trust Bldg. 

idence: 1337 Summit-ave. Office: Detroit, Thalia Reene, born. Orville. O.. 

and Summit Aves. Sept. 20, 1881; daughter Wirt McCllntock and 

FULLER. Marjorie WIiit«lar, born. Cleve- Ida Julia (Plimpton) Reese; educated. West 

land, March 19, 1898; daughter William H. high school; Western Reserve Unlv Col- 

and Nellie M. (Chesnell) Whitslar; educated, lege for Women 1898-1902, B.L.; married. 

Western Reserve College for Women. B.A.; Cleveland. March 31. 1906 to Ralph Lathrop 

married^ Cleveland June 19. 1920 to Henry Fuller— children, Ina Fuller Portman, Lois 

Brainard Fuller— children, William Whitslar Evelyn, and Thalia Reese Fuller; Red Cross 



worker during the war; member and former 
vice pres. of Republican Women of Ohio; 
member of Willoughby Methodist church; 
recording secy, of Cleveland Dlst. of the 
"Women's Home Missionary society; member 
Alumnae assn. College for Women, and 
Cleveland Intercollegiate scholarship assn. 
and chairman of its executive committee 
in 1924; board of Women managers St. Lukes 
hospital, and West side community house; 
member I'hi Kappa Zeta fraternity; Fort- 
nightly Musical, College, Women's City and 
Window Box garden clubs; American assn. 
of Univ. Women. Residence: Wickliffe-on- 
the-Lake, O. 

FULLERTON, Eiimeralda Story, born, Chll- 
licothe, O.; educated, Dana Hall; married, 
Chllllcothe, O.. Dec. 21, 1907 to William Dixon 
FuUerton — children William and Wlllard 
Story Fullerton. Residence: 2259 St. James 

FULLERTON, Harold O., architect; born, 
Youngstown, O., Oct. 18, 1895; son Louis C. 
and Elizabeth (Jones) Fullerton; educated, 
Univ. of Michigan 1915-20; B.S. in architec- 
ture and arch, engineering; married, Mexico, 
N. Y., June 24, 1922 to Margaret Rose Skin- 
ner; world war, enlisted in engineering corps 
1917; transferred to Officers Training camp; 
heavy artillery Fortress Monroe, 1918; asso- 
ciate member Cleveland Real Estate board; 
member Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity; Univer- 
sity club. Residence: 2459 Overlook-rd. 
Office: 611 National City Bank Bldg. 

FULI-ERTON, \%'llllam Dixon, surgeon; 
born, Chlllicothe, O., March 25, 1886; son 
William I. and Mary (Madeira) Fullerton; 
educated, Yale, 1907; Johns Hopkins Medical 
school; married, Chlllicothe, O., Dec. 21, 1907 
to Esmeralda Story — children, William and 
Wlllard Story Fullerton; member Univer- 
sity club. Residence: 2259 St. James Park- 
way. Office: 1510 Keith Bldg. 

FURNAS, I. Lester, dentist, born, Lynn. 
Ind., Sept. 13 1888; son Miles J. and Ozella 

(Hadley) Furnas; educated, common and 
high school, Lynn, Ind.; Central Normal col- 
lege; Indiana Univ., 1910, D.D.S.; married, 
Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 2, 1909 to Agnes 
Itevels — children, Eleanor and Helen; world 
war, major, U. S. Army, O.R.C. ; ten years, 
prof, prosthetics, Indiana Univ.; six years, 
taught post graduate classes before 38 dif- 
ferent State Dental assns.; lectured through- 
out Canada and Europe on dental subjects; 
honorary member of seven different state 
dental assns.; charter member National So- 
ciety Denture Prosthetists; member National, 
Ohio State and Cleveland Dental assns; past 
master Irvington lodge No. 666, F. and A. M. ; 
member Delta Sigma Delta fraternity. Of- 
fice: Western Reserve Univ. 

FURRER, Arnold Frotcham, physician; 
born, London, England, Oct. 13, 1875; son 
John and Calame Furrer; educated, Boston 
public and high schools: grad. 1902 Harvard 
Medical; private tutoring at Harvard Med- 
ical school; married, Meadville, Pa., 1915 to 
Dr. Helen Hempstead — children, two; world 
war, capt. medical corps. Camp Pike, Little 
Rock, Ark.; member American Medical assn.; 
Cleveland Academy of Medicine; Harvard and 
City clubs. Recreation: tennis and travel- 
ing. Residence: 1805 Middlehurst-rd. Of- 
fice 1110 Euclid-ave. 

FURTH, George W., real estate and In- 
vestments; born, St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 24, 1876; 
son Jacob and Jenny (Bloch) Furtli; edu- 
cated, St. Louis public schools; Cleveland 
law school; married, Fremont, O., Oct. 21, 
1909 to Jessie Bach — children, Jane and 
George W. Furth; formerly director of Coun- 
cil Educational Alliance; Local Board Jewish 
Orphan Home; director Temple Men's club; 
Cornerstone lodge No. 323 A. F. and A. M. ; 
past pres. I.O.B.B., Cleveland lodge No. 16; 
Excelsior club. Residence: 1387 East-blvd. 
Office: Hanna Bldg. 

GABRIEL, Harry Edward, born, Cleveland, 
June 11, 1878; son W. H. and Mary E. (Brown) 
Gabriel; educated, Univ. school, 1897; Ando- 
ver, Andovcr, Mass., 1897; Yale, New Haven, 
Conn., 1900; married, Harrisburg, Pa., Nov. 
14, 1901 to Cora C. (juigley — children, Cecile 
Gabriel; member Phi Sigma Kappa frater- 
nity; Masonic lodge; 32nd degree; Cleveland 
Athletic, Civitan and Sam clubs. Residence: 
2870 Glengarry-rd. Office: 2071 E. 46th st. 

GAENSSLEN, Frances Copplns, born, Buf- 
falo, N. Y.; daughter Francis T. and Lucia 
Jennie (Peck) Coppins; educated, Buffalo 
Seminary, New York; married, Buffalo, N. Y., 
Jan. 28, 1892 to Edward L. Gaensslen — chil- 
dren, Irma Gaensslen Ruf and Philip Gaens- 
slen; member Womens City, Cedarhurst Golf 
and Brecksvllle Country clubs. Residence: 
Hotle Alcazar. 

GAGE, Aneltn Redmond, born, Elyria, Sept. 
14, 1879; daughter N. A. and Julia (DeWolfe) 
Redmond; educated, Elyria, O. ; married, 
Cleveland, Sept. 1, 1898 to H. Tom Gage — 
children. Jewel Gage Fagles; director in sur- 
gical dressing during world war; member 
Melvin Reading club. Residence: 2119 Len- 

GAGEJ, Eleanor Miles, born, Cleveland, 
Feb. 7, 1892; daughter Duane and Minnie 
(Morgan) Miles; educated, Central high 
school; married, Cleveland, Jan. 20, 1912 to 
Nelson E. Gage — children, Nelson Miles and 

Allen Duane Gage. Residence: 1987 Idle- 
wood-rd., E. Cleveland, O. 

G.VGE, Nelson Edward, sales manager; 
born, Cleveland, Sept. 11, 1887; son E. N. and 
Dixie (North) Gage; educated, Cleveland, O., 
East high school, 1905; married, Cleveland, 
Jan. 20, 1912 to Eleanor Allen Miles — chil- 
dren, Nelson Miles and Allen Duane Gage. 
Residence: 1897 Idlewood-rd. Office: Una 
Welding & Bonding Co. 

GAGE, Robert B., dentist; born, Louisville, 
Ky., July 19, 1878; son Walton F. and Mary L. 
(Foskett) Gage; educated, Unlv of Mich- 
igan; Ohio State Univ. 1904, D. D. S.; married, 
Troy, O., Dec. 4, 1906 to Ada C Gulp; mem- 
ber Cleveland Dental society; Ohio State Den- 
tal and American Dental assns.; trustee 
Rocky River Civic and Improvement assn., 
member Sigma Chi and Xi Psi Phi fraterni- 
ties; Iris lodge; Webb chapter; Cleveland 
council; Oriental Commandery; Lake Erie 
Consistory; High Noon and Big Ten clubs; 
past master Iris lodge No. 229, 1920. Resi- 
dence: 1299 Giel-ave, Lakewood. Office: 916 
Rose Bldg. 

GAGE, Sidney L., real estate operator; edu- 
cated, Buffalo public schools; married. New 
York, Oct. 10, 1923 to Jane Anderson; pres. 
and treas. The S. L. Gage Co.; Gage Holding 
Corpn. ; and Sander Mayfield Land Co.; treas. 
Land Development Sales Co. Residence: 
Alcazar Hotel. Office: 411 Bulkley Bldg. 



GAHN, Hnrry C, lawyer; born, April 26, 
1880, Elmore, O. ; son Dr. Louis F. and Esther 
(Knight) Gahn; educated, Elmore high 
school, 1S97; Univ. of Mich. 1904; married, 
Cleveland, June 16, 1917 to Grace Gerrard; 
member Cleveland City council, 1910-21; mem- 
ber Congress, 21st Ohio District 1921-23; 
Cleveland liiver and Harbor commission, 
1911-20; treas. American assn. of Port Au- 
thorities, 1912-19; district chairman Liberty 
loan campaigns; pres. Cleveland City council 
1918 and 1919; practiced law in Cleveland 
since 1904, having general practice with 
special attention to handling of estates and 
personal injuries cases; represented the Or- 
phan home in Berea since 1913; atty. for Le- 
gal Aid society 1909-12; pres. Cleveland 
Chevrolet Dealers assn.; officer In several 
companies, including The Columbia Metal 
Stamping Co. and The Broadway Chevrolet 
Salt's Co.; member Cleveland bar assn.; Ma- 
sonic lodge; Columbia Commandery, Wash- 
ington, D. C. to which several Presidents, 
including Harding belonged; Knights of 
Pythias; Y. M. C. A.; City, Western Reserve 
Republican and Masonic clubs. Residence: 
2205 E. 79th st. Office: 1130 Williamson Bldg. 

fiAMMEL, John Anthony, physician; born, 
Vietshoechheim, Bavaria, July 24, 1894; son 
of Stephen and Anna (Fisher) ; educated, 
Univ. of Wuerzburg, Bavaria, 1918-22; M. D. 
1922; licensed in Ohio 1923; married, Cleve- 
land, O., Sept. 27, 1923 to Elfreeda van Boem- 
mel — children, Leonard John Gammel; demon- 
strator of dermatology. Western Reserve 
Univ. Medical school since 1924; fellow of 
American Medical assn.; member Ohio State 
Medical assn.; Cleveland Academy of Medi- 
cine. Residence: 6902 Linwood-ave, Office: 
Lakeside hospital. 

GAMMETER, Harry Christian, Inventor; 
born, Akron. O., Feb. 27, 1870; son Christian 
and Anna (Mauerhofer) Gammeter; educated, 
public schools, Buchtel college and Case 
School of Applied Science; married. Green 
Springs, O., Oct. 25, 1905 to Maude F. Frey — 
children, Electa L. and Harry F. Gammeter; 
draftsman American Car and Foundry Co.; 
representative of United Typewriter and Sup- 
ply Co.; while associated with H. C. Os- 
born developed multigraph machine and 
other office appliances; inventor of Universal 
golf, ether primer and protectolarm; founder 
of Elmwood Gardens at Green Springs, Green 
Springs Nature Lovers' society and Green 
Springs Bird sanctuary; director The Ameri- 
can Multigraph Sales Co.; vice pres. 
The Green Spring Hotels Co.; member 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
and Cleveland Engineering .Society; mem- 
ber First Church of Christian Science; 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce; Masonic 
lodge; Cleveland Athletic club. Recreation: 
motoring, nature studies, fishing and golf. 
Residence: 2337 Bellfield-ave. Office: E. 40th 
St. and Kelley-ave. 

GA>.\ETT, Alice P., settlement worker; 
daughter Henry and Mary (Chase) Gannett; 
educated, Bryn Mawr college, A. B. ; member 
Cleveland Settlement Union; trustee Merrick 
house; pres. Consumer's league of Ohio; mem- 
ber Womens City Club. Recreations: garden- 
ing and print collecting. Residence: 1420 
E. 31st St. Office: same. 

GARBER, Borin Doev, teacher and Hebrew 
writer; born, Russia, Aug. 1870; son Israel 
and Feige (Krus) Garber; educated, Hebrew 
Fchonls and Yeshlvoths of Dvinsk. Polotzk, 
Antaulept, Dusiatl; titles of Rabbi, Buch- 
halter, architect, author, pedagogue, and lec- 
turer; married, Dvinsk, Russia, Oct. 1893 to 

Sarah Kleinsteln — children, Israel, Rose, 
Miriam, Jacob, Joseph, Matsioh, Ezra, Sula- 
smith, and Zrubovel; founder and principal 
of tlie Cleveland Hebrew schools; promoter 
of Hebrew and Talmudlc study and knowl- 
edge; contributor of Hebrew and Jewish 
magazines and other periodicals; principal 
of Cedar Ave. & E. 89th st. Cleveland Hebrew 
school and institute; 20 years In this profes- 
sion in Cleveland; member Zionist organiza- 
tion; Sons of Zion and the Jewish center; 
Hebrew teachers assn.; is now writing a 
book which will soon be ready for publica- 
tion; is planning to write several Hebrew 
books. Residence: 10309 Hampden-ave. 

GARDINER, Mon. horn, Chicago, 111., Nov 
19, 1884; son Frank H. and Helen C. (Root) 
Gardiner; educated, Univ. of Illinois; married 
Chicago, March 25, 1915 to Pauline V. C 
Dodgshun — children. Lion, Jr. and Helen 
Root Gardiner; vice pres. Lakewood Engi- 
neering Company; member Phi Gamma Delta 
and Tau Beta Pi fraternities; Masonic lodge; 
Lakewood Country club. Residence 1086 Erie 
Cliff-dr. Office: Lakewood Engineering Co., 

GARDNER, Charlotte Angnstn, born, Ely- 
ria, O., June 16, 1846; daughter of Nahum Ball 
and Sarah (Monteith) Gates; educated, Elyria 
public schools; Oberlin, O.; Trov Female Sem- 
inary, New York; married, Elvrla, Sept. 8, 
1869 to Theodore Yale Gardner — children, 
four; member Women's City club. Residence: 
1930 E. 81st St. 

GARDNER, Constance Eraser, born, Han- 
kow, China; Feb. 27, 1900; daughter Sir 
E. D. H. Fraser, K. C. M. G. and Constance 
(Walkinshaw) Fraser; educated, Bentley 
priory, Stanmore, England; Laleham, East- 
bourne, England; married, Shanghai, China 
Aug. 9, 1918 to Kenneth Huntington Gardner 
— children, Constance Alice and Patricia Fra- 
ser Gardner. Residence: 3128 Warrington-rd. 

GARDNER, Georj^e Henry, printing; born, 
Cleveland, June 9, 1863; son of George W. 
Gardner and Rosaline (Oviatt) Gardner; edu- 
cated Case school, 1886, also public schools 
and Brooks school; married, Cleveland, Sept. 
25, 1889 to Alice Louise Huntington — chil- 
dren, Kenneth Huntington; war activities, 
Cleveland Gatling Gun Battery and Brooks 
school corps; formerly with Clark Gardner 
& Co., flour mills; Iron & Steel Press Co., 
trade paper; Gardner Publishing Co. and 
Gardner Printing Co., of which he is presi- 
dent; trustee, Cleveland Society for the 
Blind; member Zeta Psi fraternity and 
Union, Mayfield and Cleveland Yacht clubs. 
Recreations: yachting and golf. Residence: 
Gates Mill, O. 

GARDNER, Guy S„ merchandise broker; 
born, Cleveland, Dec. 2, 1873; son Samuel 
Stebbins and Harriet (Sniffen) Gardner; edu- 
cated, Cleveland public schools; married 
Cleveland, Sept. 23, 1916 to Mrs. Olive Pack- 
ard White; owner The Guy S. Gardner Co.; 
director the Werner G. Smith Co.; member 
Cleveland Country club. Recreation: golf. 
Residence: 8608 Carnegie-ave. 

GARDNER, Kenneth Hnntlnfcton, born, 
Cleveland, March 14, 1896; son George Henry 
and Alice (Huntington) Gardner; educated, 
Cornell Univ. 1918; married, Shanghai, China, 
Aug. 9, 1918 to Constance Fraser — children, 
Constance Alice and Patricia Fraser Gardner; 
world war, E. O. T. C. Camp Humphrey, Vir- 
ginia, 1918; dist. engineer Shanghai, (ihlna, 
1916-1018: vice-pres. Gardner Printing Co.; 
sec. The Britton-Gardner Ptg. Co.; member 



Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Residence: 3128 
Warrington-rd. Office: Caxton Bldg. 

GARDNER, Olive Packard, born, Warren, 
O., June 29, 1885; daughter Warren and Mary 
(Doud) Packard; educated, Dana Hall, 
Wellesley, Mass., 1902; married, Warren, O., 
June, 1905 to Carl Foster White — children, 
Henry Packard White; married, Cleveland, 
Sept. 23. 1916 to Guy S. Gardner. Residence: 
8608 Carnegie-ave. 

GARFIELD Abram, architect; born, Wash- 
ington, D. C, Nov. 21, 1872; son James A. and 
Lucretia (Rudolph) Garfield; educated, St. 
Paul's school; Williams college, A. B.; Mass. 
Institute of Technology, B. S.; married, Cleve- 
land, Oct. 14, 1897 to Sarah Granger Williams 
— children, Edward W. and Mary Louise Gar- 
field; director and vlce-pres. American Insti- 
tute of Architecture; member National 
Commission of Fine Arts; pres. Cleveland 
school of architecture; trustee Hiram college; 
member Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; Union, 
Tavern, Kirtland Country, and University 
clubs of Cleveland; Williams club, N. Y. C. 
Residence: 9718 Lake Shore Blvd. Office: 
915 National City Bldg. 

GARFIELD, Edward Willlnms, born, Cleve- 
land, Mav 18, 1899; son Abram and Sarah 
Granger (Williams) Garfield; educated, Taft 
School, Watertown, Conn., 1918; Williams col- 
lege, Williamstown, Mass., 1922, B. A.; member 
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; Kirtland, Hermit 
and Cleveland Advertising clubs of Cleve- 
land; W'illiams club of New York City. Rec- 
reation: hunting, riding, fishing and tennis. 
Residence: 9718 Lake Shore blvd. Office: 
Bherwin-Willlams Co., 601 Canal-rd. 

GARFIELD, Helen NeTrell, born, Cleveland, 
Feb. 12, 1866; daughter John and Judith Poore 
(Hills) Newell; educated. Miss Porter's 
school, Farmington, Conn., 1883-1885; mar- 
ried, Chicago, 111., Dec. 30, 1890 to James 
Rudolph Garfield — children, John Newell, 
James Abram Newell and Rudolph Hills Gar- 
field; member Red Cross and Belgian Relief 
during the war; chairman fatherless children 
of France; pres. Visiting nurses three 
years; treas. Cleveland Assn. Hard of Hearing; 
principal Lake Erie school of speech read- 
ing; chairman training school committee of 
Lakeside hospital, and Isabel Hampton Robb 
memorial assn.; member National assn. of 
organizations for the hard of hearing; 
Woman s Roosevelt Memorial assn. and Col- 
onial Dames; Woman's City and Kirtland 
Country clubs. Recipient of Queen Elizabeth 
medal of Belgium. Residence: Hollycroft, 
Mentor, O. Office: 2638 Euclid-ave. 

GARFIELD, JnmeM Abram, lawyer; born, 
Chicago, 111., Apr. 18, 1894; son James Ru- 
dolph and Helen (Newell) Garfield; educated, 
Taft School, Watertown, Conn., 1908-12; 
Williams college, Williamstown, Mass., 1912- 
16; A,B. magna cum laude; Harvard law 
school, 1916-19; married, Chillicothe, O., Dec. 
31, 1917 to Edwina Forbes Glenn — children, 
Helen Louise and Elizabeth Garfield; pro- 
moted from capt. to major In Field Artillery 
U. A. Dec. 31, 1917; served until mustered out 
Dec. 11, 1918; asst. director school of Fire 
Gunnery Dept. Fort Sills, Okla. ; attached with 
332nd F.A.N.A.; admitted to Ohio Bar Dec, 
1919; vice pres. and chairman of board Chrls- 
tensen Air Brake Co.; vice-pres. Western Re- 
serve Navigation Co.; member Alpha Delta 
Phi and Phi Beta Kappa fraternities; Uni- 
versity clubs of New York, Cleveland and 
Chicago. Recreation: tennis, squash, rac- 
quets, riding and reading. Residence: Men- 
tor, O. Office: 6513 Cedar-ave. 

GARFIELD, JameN Rudolph, attorney; 
born, Hiram, O., Oct. 17, 1865; son James A- 
and Lucretia (Rudolph) Garfield; educated, 
Williams college. A.B., 1885; Univ. of Pitts- 
burgh, LL.D. 1909; married, Chicago. 111., Dec. 
SO, 1890 to Helen Newell — children, John N., 
James A., Newell and Rudolph H. Garfield; 
member Ohio Senate; U. S. civil service com- 
mission; U. S. commissioner of corporations; 
secy, of the Interior; director of Red Cross, 
Lake division; member law firm Garfield, 
MacGregor and Baldwin; American and Ohio 
Bar assns. ; pres. board of trustees Lake Erie 
college; trustee Cleveland Community Fund 
council. Welfare Federation of Cleveland; 
pres. Roosevelt Memorial assn.; Alpha Delta 
Phi fraternity; Union, University and Kirt- 
land Country clubs of Cleveland; University 
and Williams club of New York. Recrea- 
tion: tennis. Residence: Mentor, O. Office: 
101'9 National City Bldg. 

GARFIELD, John Milan, lawyer; born, San 
Francisco, Calif., Sept. 9, 1876; son John 
Quincy and Emma Jane (Parker) Garfield; 
educated. Boys high school and Cogswell 
Polytechnic college at San Francisco; West- 
ern Reserve Law school, LL.B., 1900; married. 
Elyria, O., Sept. 28, 1910 to Helen Pond 
Bowen — children, John Bowen, Scott Parker 
and Samuel Howe; admitted to Ohio bar June 
1900; practiced alone and from Jan. to Sept. 
1901 with Hoyt, Dustin and Kelley; Nov. 
18, 1901, entered employ of Blandin, Rice and 
Ginn, afterwards in 1911 Blandin, Hogsett & 
Olnn and in 1913, Tolles, Hogsett, Glnn and 
Morley; became a partner Jan. 1, 1919 to the 
present time; admitted to practice in U. 
S. Supreme court and other Federal courts; 
secy., treas. and director Ohio & Pennsyl- 
vania Coal Co.; secy, and director J. B. 
Savage Co.; treas. and director Erie 
Co. and Euclid Co.; member American, 
Ohio State and Cleveland Bar assns.; pres. 
Cleveland Hghts. Civic club; member Union, 
Mid-Day and Canterbury golf clubs; Recrea- 
tion: golf. Residence: 2573 Wellington-rd. 
Office: 1759 Union Trust Bldg. 

GARFIELD, John Newell, born Chicago, 
111., Feb. 3, 1892; son James Rudolph and 
Helen (Newell) Garfield; educated, Williams 
college, 1911-13; Cornell Univ. 1913-14; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, June 27, 1916 to Janet Suther- 
land Dodge — children, Janet Dodge, J.nmes 
Rudolph, Jr., Frances Sutherland and John 
Newell, Garfield, Jr.; member Ohio National 
Guard Troop A, Border service; world war, 
135-134th F. A. Montgomery, Alabama and 
overseas in France; Ohio National Guard 
Troop G 1925; member Humane Society of 
Cleveland; Kirtland Country, and Tavern 
clubs of Cleveland; Toledo club, Toledo, O. 
Residence: Mentor, O. Office: 1444 Rocke- 
feller Bldg. 

GARFIELD, Sarah Williams, born, Cleve- 
land, O., Jan. 10, 1873; daughter Edward Por- 
ter and Louise (Mason) Williams; educated. 
Miss Mittelberger's school; Hathaway-Brown 
school; Miss Porter's school, Farmington, 
Conn.; married, Cleveland, Oct. 14, 1897 to 
Abram Garfield — children, Edward Williams 
and Mary Louise Garfield; trustee and charter 
member Visiting Nurses assn.; member Farm- 
Ington society and Womens City club. Resi- 
dence: 9718 Lake Shore-blvd. 

GARLOCK. Anna Jansen Cordon, Doctor of 
Physiotherapy; born, Copenhagen, Denmark, 
June 12, 1878; daughter John P. and Augusta 
(Borman) Jamsen; educated, private school 
Copenhagen, Nurses Training, Brooklyn Hos- 
pital, 1899; Grleghlon Hale college massage 
and electrotherapy, 1904; Hydrotherapy and 



general Physiotherapy, married, Cleveland, 
Nov. 18, 1908 , to C. R. Gordon — children, 
Chrlstlon Gordon; married Cleveland Oct. 
30, 1922 to S. L. Garlock; studied 
extensively in above subjects at Bad-Horn- 
bergr, Germany, 1905; state medical license 
1916; hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, massage 
and Swedish movements; director Hydro- 
pathic dept. Y. W. C. A. 1908-1918; manager 
and treas. Cordon Hydrotherthlc Co., 6110 
Euclid-ave., 1918-1921; supt. Physiotherapy 
dept. Women's hospital 1921-1925; at present 
owner and manager The Physiotherapy In- 
stitute; cliarter member Glenvllle chapter 
O. E. S.; pres. Danish Sisterhood; charter 
member Business Women's and Zonta clubs. 
Residence: 1906 Rosemont-rd. Office: 7113 

GARRETSON, Alice Grlsg:, born, Montgom- 
ery, Ala., Sept. 27, 1896; daughter Richard 
Wilmer and Mary (Sadler) Grlgg; educated, 
Washington seminary, Atlanta, Ga.; Randolph 
Macon college, Lynchburg, Va. ; married, 
Montgomery, Ala., June 3, 1919 to George 
Ely Garretson — children, George Armstrong 
Garretson. Residence: 1571 East 115th-st. 

GARRETSON, Georgre Ely, Insurance; born, 
Cleveland. Nov. 25, 1891, educated, Univ. 
school, Cleveland, O. ; Princeton Univ.; mar- 
ried, Montgomery, Ala., June 3, 1919 to Alice 
Grlgg — children, George Armstrong Garret- 
son; member Ohio National guard Troop A, 
1st cavalry 1912-1917 including Mexican bor- 
der duty; world war; first lieut. 135th Field 
Artillery 1917-19, in France nine months; with 
Pickands Mather Co. Nov. 1913 to June 1916; 
Worthington, Murfey & Co. July 1919 to Sept. 
1921; In insurance business for himself 
since Jan. 1922; member American Legion; 
Military order of foreign wars; military order 
of Loyal Legion of U. S.; Kirtland Country 
club. Residence: 1571 E. H5th st. Office: 
1890 E. 82nd st. 

GARRETT, E. W., physician; born, Mans- 
field, O., Aug. 23, 1885; son Samuel H. and 
Anna M. (Ballantlne) Garrett; educated, 
Adelbert college. A. B. 1907; Western Re- 
serve medical school, M.D. 1912; married, 
Toronto, Canada, June 20, 1917 to Florence L 
Cober — children, William C. and John W^. 
Garrett; on Medical staff U. S. army 1918 
Base hospital; nose, ear and throat service, 
Camp Kearney, Calif.; asst. visiting oto- 
laryngologist Lakeside hospital 1920-1926; 
senior instructor Western Reserve medical 
school In oto-laryngology; visiting oto-laryn- 
gologist Woman's hospital 1924-26; chairman 
oto-laryngologlcal section Academy of Medi- 
cine 1925; visiting oto-laryngologlst Rainbow 
hospital 1925-26; member Medical arts so- 
ciety; Academy of Medicine; Ohio State and 
American Medical assns. ; Beta Theta PI and 
Nu Sigma Nu fraternities; Chagrin Valley 
Country club. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
2896 Hampshire-rd. Office: 515 Osborn Bldg. 

GARRETT, Frank B., attorney; born Me- 
dina County, O.; son Jesse R. and Cordelia M. 
(Ml)ler) Garrett; married, Albany, N. Y., 1888 
to Ida M. Moore; member and official of the 
Collinwood Church of Christ; formerly mem- 
ber and clerk of Collinwood board of educa- 
tion. Residence: 14605 Asplnwall-ave. Of- 
fice: 788 E. 152na st 

GARRV, Jessie Grnham, born, New Leba- 
non, Pa., Nov. 20, 1868; daughter Thompson 
and Pho«be (Klrkpatrlck) Graham; edu- 
cated, Hubbard high school; Rayon high 
school, Youngstown, O.; Grove City college; 
married, Cleveland, Dec. 24, 1903 to Thomas 
H. Garry — children, one dauffhter; did ordi- 

nary Red Cross work during world war; 
member D. A. R. Residence: 1891 Page-av«. 
E. Cleveland, O. 

GARRY, Thomas H., lawyer; born, Straford, 
Ontario, March 18, 1868; son Albert J. and 
Margaret (Taylor) Garrv; educated, Univ. of 
Wisconsin. B. !>., 1893; married, to JessU 
Graham — daughter Margaret Garry Read- 
ing; asst. U. S. attorney Northern district of 
Ohio 1904-10 during which time he handled 
many Important cases and participated In 
many notable trials; member of law firm 
Goulder, White & Garry; member. City, 
State and American Bar assns.; trustee St. 
Luke's hospital; Cleveland Athletic, Univer- 
sity, and Canterbury Golf clubs. Resi- 
dence: 1891 Page-ave., E. Cleveland, O. 
Office: 1682 Union Trust Bldg. 

GARVIN, Charles Herbert, physician nnd 
surgeon; born Jacksonville, Fla., Oct. 27, 1890; 
son CThas. E. and Theresa (Green) Garvin; 
educated, public schools Jacksonville, Fla.; 
Atlanta Univ.; Howard Univ., A. B. 1911; 
Howard Univ. school of medicine, M. D. 1916; 
married, CHiarlottesvllle, Va., to Rosalind 
West— children, Chas. West Garvin; World 
war, capt. Medical corp. U. S. Army, A. E. F. 
1917-1919; one year overseas duty with 367th 
Inf. and 366 Ambulance Corp.; interne, Freed- 
man's hospital one year; asst. visiting eur* 
geon one year; now asst. surgeon G. V. Dis- 
pensary, Lakeside hospital; treas. Cleveland 
Peoples Finance Corp.; director, (advisor), 
Empire Savings & Loan Co., member Cleve- 
land Academy of Medicine; American Medical 
assn.; National Medical assn.; Alpha Phi Al- 
pha and Sigma Pi Phi fraternities; trustee 
Mt. Zion Congregational church. Recreation: 
golf. Rpsirlence: 11114 Wade Park-ave. Of- 
fice: 4208 Central-ave. 

GARVIX, Ralph E., consulting sanitary en- 
gineer; born, Philadelphia, March 15, 1888; 
son William and Mary (Hewitt Garvin; edu- 
cated, Philadelphia public schools; married, 
Cleveland, March 28, 1914 to Doris Beverldge 
— children, William H. and Jean Garvin; utili- 
ties design and construction for housing 
projects U. S. shipping board at Lorain, O. 
and Wyandotte, Mich.; also, under U. S. Hous- 
ing Corp. at Alliance, O. ; designer and con- 
structor of water supply and distribution sys- 
tems, sewerage systems and sewerage treat- 
ment; member Cleveland Athletic, Acacia 
Country, Cleveland Elks and Exchange clubs. 
Residence: 3074 Essex-rd. Office: 600 Davis 
and Farley Bldg. 

GASCOIGIVE, Geo. B., consulting sanitary 
engineer; born, Ohio; educated, Ohio State 
Univ.; married, Columbus, July 1912 to Myra 
Sherman — children, Ann, George, Jr., and 
Ruth Gascolgne; member American Society 
of Civil Engineers; American Public Health 
assn.; Cleveland Engineering society; Phi 
Delta Theta fraternity; Cleveland Athletic, 
University and Canterbury Golf clubs; Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Residence: 14755 Drex- 
more-rd. Office: 1149 Leader Bldg. 

GATES, Frederic Hayes, advertising coun- 
selor; born, Elyrla, O., Jan. 20, 1860; son 
Nahum Ball and Sarah S. (Montelth) Gates; 
educated, Elyrla public schools; Western Re- 
serve college; graduated Williams col- 
lege, 1881, A.B. ; married, Savannah, Ga., Feb. 
9, 18S7 to Annie C. Theus; after graduation 
engaged In wholesale and retail coal 
business in Chicago; repressnted Rus- 
sell & Co., MasslTlon, O. as southern 
manager for 11 years as manufacturer of 
engines, threshers and saw mills headquar- 
ters at Atlanta, Ga. ; then Joined his brother, 



W. N. Gates in advertising specialty business 
which was established in 1878; served as 
eastern and western manager with offices in 
New Yorli and Chicago, 11 years; pres. Gates 
& Co. Coal, Chicago; southern mgr. Russell 
& Co., Massilon, O. ; pres, since 1913 W. N. 
Gates Co.; 32nd degree Mason; member Alpha 
Delta Phi fraternity'; Church club of Cleve- 
land; Sons of American Revolution; Western 
Reserve society; member University, Cleve- 
land Athletic, Cleveland Advertising, Union, 
and Singers clubs; pres. Singers club many 
years; now life honorary pres. Recreation: 
mu.'^ic. Residence: 1915 E. 84th st. Office: 
409 National City Bldg. 

GATES, Lawrence C, pres.; born, Chagrin 
Falls, O., son F. C. and Florlen (Tambllng) 
Gates; educated Ohio Wesleyan Univ. 1915, 
A.B.; married. Chagrin Falls, 1916 to Olive 
Curtiss — two children; pres., All-Tread Tire 
Co.; member Phi Delta Theta fraternity; Ro- 
tary and Odevene clubs. Residence: 1557 
Wyandotte-ave., Lakewood. Office: 2229 E. 

GATTL'SO, Rev. Fr. Sante, priest; born, in 
Italy, Aug. 6, 1893; son Cataldo and Mary 
(Dell'Aira) Gautso; educated, Rome, Italy 
1906-22; world war, soldier; member religi- 
ous order Fathers of Mercy which was 
founded in 1218; ordained priest Dec. 22, 1917; 
came to Cleveland March 1922; was at diocese 
St. Anthony's church at Youngstown, O. un- 
til .Ian. 29, 1924; at present pastor of St. 
Rocoo's Roman Catholic church, Cleveland; 
member Forest City council Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Residence: 3173 W. 38th st. 

GAIT, Vas»«ar G., dentist; born, Payne, O., 
Feb. 14, 1896; son Ell and Mary E. (Outland) 
Gaut; educated, Payne high school, 1913; 
Ohio State Univ. dental college 1917; married, 
Jackson, Mich., Oct. 4, 1919 to Ruth M. Goy- 
Ings (deceased); enlisted dental reserve 
corps July 23, 1918; commissioned 1st lleut. 
dental corps; served at Camp Jackson, Soutli 
Carolina; discharged Jan. 4, 1919; practiced 
four years In Paulding, O. after discharged 
from the army; came to Cleveland in Sept. 
1923; member Cleveland dental society; Ohio 
State and American dental assns. ; Masonic 
lodge; R.A.M. ; Defiance Commandery, Defi- 
ance, O. ; Order of Eastern Star; City club. 
Residence: 1481 Clarence-ave. Office: 822 
Rose Bldg. 

GE.\RV, John Donald, salesman; born, 
Cleveland, May 30, 1895; son John Richard 
and Elizabeth (Prltchard) Geary; educated, 
Culver Military academy, 1910-14; Western 
Reserve Univ. 1914-15; married, Cleveland, 
Sept. 17, 1921 to Lois Doty — children, Ann 
Elizabeth and Charles Richard Geary; world 
war, 1st and 2nd training camps Fort Ben- 
jamin Harrison, Ind.; commissioned first lleut. 
Infantry assigned to Camp Zachary Taylor, 
Ky.; discharged Aug. 1919, Capt. P.M.G.D.; 
member Alplia Delta Phi fraternity. Resi- 
dence: 1618 Coventry-rd. Office: B. of L. E. 
Bank Bldg. 

GEARY, Lois Doty, born, Cleveland, June 
9, 1899; daughter Charles R. and Maud (Wet- 
mor) Doty; educated, Laurel school, 1916-18; 
Penn Hall school, 1918-19; married, Cleve- 
land, Sept. 17, 1921 to John Donald Geary — 
children, Ann Elizabeth and Charles Richard. 
Residence: 2303 Bellfleld-ave. 

GECKLER, Ralph Charles, sales manager; 
born, Cleveland, May 23, 1901; son Charles F. 
and Margaret (Chafer) Geckler; educated, 
Lakewood high school; Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology two and one-half years; 
one-half year Case School of Applied Science; 

married, Cleveland, Dec. 22, 1919 to Margaret 
Gorton — cliildren, Jane and Charles Douglas 
Geckler; started with Lott and Geckler after 
leaving school and has been w-ith this firm 
ever since; at present sales mgr.; recently 
started the R. C. Geckler Co. and is devot- 
ing part of his time to that concern; mem- 
ber Beta Theta PI fraternity; Xangi society; 
Cleveland Alumni assn. of Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology; Cleveland Beta club; 
S. P. I. F. society; Cleveland Athletic club; 
Recreations: golf, swimming, tennis, bowl- 
ing and bridge. Residence: 1267 Arllngton- 
rd. Office: 821 Bollvar-rd. 

GEE, James McCreary, manufacturer; born, 
Klngsville, O., Dec. 24, 1875; son Francis W. 
and Mary (McCreary) Gee; educated, Alle- 
gheny college, Meadville, Pa.; Western Re- 
serve Univ. law dept.; married, Mayville, N. 
y., June 6, 1900 to Helen Mills — children, 
Francis, Daniel, Nicholas and Marollne Gee; 
world war, sec. prov. regt. 5ih Co. U. S. T. C. 
Inf. training at Fort Benjamin Harrison; en- 
gaged in airplane motor development; elected 
ward assessor and supervised the real estate 
appraisal of 24th ward; coirnected for a time 
with county treasurer's office; traveling sales- 
man before settling in Cleveland; In 1902 en- 
gaged in life Insurance business as asst. supt. 
of The Prudential Life Ins. Co.; in 1904-1905 
mgr. sales and technical dept. of the Hapgood 
Incorporation; 1905-1908 pres. The Cleveland 
Sales Co., handling stock and bonds of local 
nature; engaged in real estate brokerage busi- 
ness giving special attention to Investments, 
properties and long-time leases; now engaged 
in the manufacture and sale of a cupola oil 
burner, used extensively In stoves, furnaces 
and boilers; pres. The Colonial Automobile 
Co.; pres. The Kelley Island Telephone & Elec. 
Co.; sec. The Weger Motor Co.; head James 
M. Gee and Sons Co.; member Phi Delta Theta 
fraternity; Knights of Pythias lodge, No. 133; 
Alumni club of Phi Delta Theta: Allegheny 
College club. Residence: 10626 Garfield-ave. 
Office: same. 

GEHR, Alpha Robhins. daughter Frank C. 
and Lizzie (C'lapp) Robblns; educated, Vas- 
sar college, B.A., 1911; married, Cleveland, 
March 24, 1923 to Ray Stewart Gehr — chil- 
dren, Agnes Robblns Gehr; member Phi Beta 
Kappa fraternity; Womens City club. Resi- 
dence: 2549 Kenllworth-rd. 

GEHR, Ray .Stewart, patent attorney; born, 
Clarion County, Pa., March 11, 1878; 
son I. B. and Lovllla (Jackson) Gehr; edu- 
cated, Western Reserve Univ. Ph. B., 1899; 
Cornell Univ. M. E., 1906; National Univ. 
LL.M.. 1910; married, Cleveland 1923 to Alpha 
Ballou Robblns — cliildren, Agnes Robblns 
Gehr; member American bar assn.; Cleveland 
patent law assn.; Delta Upsllon and Sigma 
Xi fraternities; University club; Chamber of 
Commerce. Residence: 2549 Kenllworth-rd. 
Office: Bulkley Bldg. 

GEHRING, Albert, author and music 
teacher; born, Cleveland, March 21st, 1870; 
son C. E. and A. B. (FornofC) Gehring; edu- 
cated. Harvard Univ. A.B. and A.M.; married, 
Cleveland, Feb. 10, 1898 to Irma Mueller — 
children, Mrs. Charles H. Reed, Waldo E. 
and Hermlne B. Gehring; member Cleveland 
school council, 1902-4; president of same 
1903-4; special lecturer at College for Women, 
1900-2; books published — Racial Contrasts, 
1908; Basis of Musical Pleasure, 1910; Shad- 
ows and Realities, 1912; Appreciation of Mu- 
sic, 1913; Phantaslen und Betrachtungen, 
1916; Maskenfest, 1922; The Religion of 
Thirty Great Thinkers, 1925; author of arti- 



clcs in magazines and papers and in the En- trustee and member official board of Wade 

cyclopedia Americana; composer of a number Park M. K. church; member Euclid lodge 

of pieces for voice and piano; member No. 599, F. & A. M. Residence: 1527 E. 

Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. Residence: 1448 82nd st. Office: 8129 Wade Park-ave. 

W. 101st St. GEORGE. Thomnn Hnyen. surgeon; born. 

GEIST. Herbert F., born, Cleveland, Oct. 6, Sandy Lake, Pa., 1876; son Andrew and Mary 

1887; son Herman F. and Caroline (Krueger) (Gordon) George; educated, Sandy Lake com- 

Geist; educated, Lincoln high school; Ohio mon and high schools; Allegheny and Volant 

Wesleyan Univ.; married, Cleveland, Feb. 18, colleges, M.Sc. 1897; Ohio State Univ. 1900; 

1925 to Ruth E. Holmes; pres. The Geist served in hospital corps during Spanish Amer- 

Buiiding Material Co. and The Independent ican war; practiced surgery in Cleveland sinc« 

Brick and Tile Co.; member Phi Delta Theta 1900; staff of Huron Road and City Hospitals 

Ar«-a,ue. Country and Glen Rock Country clubs. Rec- 

GENTlLIiY, J. v., dentist: born, Cleveland, reations: bowling, motoring and golf. Resi- 

May 23, 1889: educated, Cleveland schools; dence: 2026 Abington-rd. Office: Schofield 

Western Reserve Univ. Dental college, 1914; Bldg. 

married, Cleveland, May 11, 1911 to Marie GERACI, Frank P., physician and surgeon: 

Specht — children, James Malcolm and Marlin born, Italy, Sept. 4, 1891; son Gaetano and 

Hight Gentilly; world war, appointed Gov't. Maria (Scarpace) Geraci; educated, Brownell 

representative and officer in charge to the school 1906; Central high school, 1910; Adel- 

Preparedness League of American Dentists, bert college, 1914, A.B. ; Western Reserve 

a semi military organization with duties to medical school, M.D. 1917; married, Cleve- 

provide dental service to recruits in the army land, Dec. 7, 1917 to Barbara Russo — chil- 

and navy and to make fit for enlistment dren, Marie Ann, Mary Magdelene, and 

those men found deficient in dental require- Martha Mercedes; world war, enlisted In 

ments, headquarters in New York City; sec. U. S. army in July 1917; active service In 

Cleveland Dental society, 1917; pres. Northern Fr^an^e as first lieut. in medical corps in 

Ohio Dental assn.. 1923; pres. Ohio State Den- 1918-19 with camp hospital No 43; surgical 

tal society. 1927; director Dental dept. Cleve- ^^^^^''e^.^LfJ- t^ff'^s ^^I'^^^el^otoul n"atient 

land B. of E., 1917; 1st lieut. Dental corps S^'^reicaf dent of cL^ 

U. S^ army stationed at S. G O Washington l^efenf time'; Clev'^lanrac^ad^my 'of medU 

N. Y.; practiced in Cleveland; student of ^j^g; ohio State and American medical assns.; 

modelling and sculpture at Cleveland School Alpha Phi Delta and Phi Chi fraternities; 

of Art; in dentistry specializes in diagnosis y.M.C.A.; Ansonia club; Commemoration Post 

and construction of arti.stic dental restora- ^q. 74 of American Legion. Recreations: golf 

tions; member Delta Sigma Delta dental rra- a^d baseball. Residence: 11914 Buckingham- 

ternity; pres. Cleveland Optimist club, 1925. ave. Office: 2403 E. 9th st. 
Residence: 17902 Landseer-rd. Office: 764 

Rose Bldg. GERHAN, H. W., born, Cleveland, Aug. 28, 

1879; son John and Emma (Rhode) Gerhan; 

GEORGE, Claybourne, attorney; born, married, June 29, 1903 to Wilhelmina J. Merkt 

Surry, Va., March 26th, 1888; son Bolden and — children, two; pres. and mgr. Automobile 

Cornelia (Brown) George; educated, Howard Hospital Co.; member Cleveland Athletic, 

Univ. A.B. 1915; LL.B. 1917; Boston Univ. Shrine, Exchange and Clifton clubs. Office: 

LL.M. 1920; married, Washington, D. C, Apr. 2076 E. 22nd st. 

17, 1918 to Enola McDaniel; world war. off i- geRHAUSER, William Henry, born, De- 

cers training camp, June to October 1917, ^^^^^ j^ich., Jan. 7th, 1889; son William and 

conimissioned first lieut. Oct. 1917; spent ^ary (Klippel) Gerhauser; educated, Detroit 

eight months in France; fought in battle of u^iv. school; Univ. of Michigan, 1911; mar- 

Argonne; discharged March 26, 1919; direc- ^ied, Detroit, June 13. 1914 to Amy Jean Farr 

tor and chairman of finance committee of — children, William Farr, Merton Farr and 

The Cleveland Peoples Finance corpn.; mem- Henry Farr Gerhauser; vice pres. and secy, 

ber Cleveland Bar assn.; Antioch Baptist American Shipbuilding Co.; member Chi 

churc*; pres. Cleveland branch National pg, fraternity; Universitv, Country and Her- 

assn. for advancement of colored people; mlt clubs. Residence: "Round Hill", Chagrin 

member Masonic lodge; B. P. O. E.; Metro- Falls, O. Office: American Shipbuilding Co. 

polltan and City clubs. Residence: 2296 „ „ „ , ^, 

E. 103rd St. Office: 527-8 Erie Bldg. , «p«STEjyBERGER, Else B., born. Cleve- 
land. March 4, 1881; daughter Fred K. ana 

GEORGE. Frank E.. real estate; born, Pauline (Schmidt) Schweitzer; educated, 

Palmyra, O., Nov. 8. 1867; son John C. and normal training school, 1901; studied in Eu- 

Mary (Evans) George; educated, Aurora high rope 1899-1900; married, Cleveland. March 28. 

school. Aurora. O. in same class as C. A. 1913 to Henry John Gerstenberger— children. 

Nlman and A. V. Cannon; married. Atwater, Paula Ruth, Else Louise, Gretchen and Kath- 

O., May 7, 1889 to Gertrude Conrad— children, crine Gerstenberger; member Womens City. 

Loreta George True. Evelyn George Zaebst. ^^^^I'^^^T^fl'^^^^^^^"? 1?^^'^^^^^^^^^ Woman, 

and Oliver C. George; served on a committee ^lubs. Residence. 1940 Noble-rd. 

Wade Park M. E. Church Cleveland district, GERSTENBERGER, Henry John, physician ; 

Lorain fund, also same church in connection born, Cleveland, Jan. 9, 1881; son John Henry 

with the new St. Luke's hospital fund; also and Clara E. (Schake) Gerstenberger; edu- 

served on a committee of Cleveland real es- cated, Concordia college. Fort Wayne, Ind., 

tate board In connection with a committee 1899; Western Reserve medical school, 1903; 

from Mr. Zangerle's office for re-appraisal of Europe, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1909, 1910, 1913, 1921; 

property for taxation In city of Cleveland; married, Cleveland, Mar. 28, 1913 to Else B. 

has been singing in the choir of the M. E. Schweitzer — children, Paula Ruth, Else 

church 30 years; connected with church work Louise, Gretchen and Katherlne Gersten- 

46 years; in real estate business at same berger; director Bureau Child Hygiene, 1910- 

location 15 years; pres. F. E. George Co.; 1913; medical director of Babies Dispensary 



and hospital, 1906 — ; prof, of pediatrics at lean Osteopathy and Women's National Oste- 

Western Reserve medical school. 1914 — ; de- opathic assns.; Ohio and Cleveland district 

partment head, diseases of children and con- societies of osteopathic physicians and sur- 

tagious diseases at Cleveland City hospital, preons; American Electrosive Research assn.; 

1921—; pediatric director Babies and Chil- Central states Electronic society; Delta Ome- 

drens hospital, 1925 — ; pediatric director ga fraternity; League of Women Voters; life 

Rainbow hospital, 1924 — ; visiting pediatrist member Cleveland Museum of Art; Am. Soc. 

Lakeside hospital, 1914 — ; consulting pedia- Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology; Wom- 

trist Children's Fresh Air Camp, 1924 — ; mem- en's alliance of Unitarian church; Consumer's 

ber American Pediatric society; American, League; Women's City, Century and Cleveland 

Ohio State and Cuyahoga medical societies; Heights Women's Civic clubs; Good Citizens 

Central States Pediatric society; Alpha Ome- League; subscril)er to Visiting Nurses assn., 

ga Alpha fraternity; University and Cleve- Legal Aid Society, Associated Charities, 

land clubs. Residence: 3175 Montgomery-rd. Cleveland Community fund; chairman dispens- 

Offlce: 2103 Adelbert-rd. ary committee Cleveland district Society of 

.r.^,n,> ,, ^ .J,. i.^ai»v_ Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons. Rec- 

GETZ. Hester Adella, merchant florist; born reations: golf, tennis gardening, walking 

Columbus, O., March 23, 1869; daughter Israel and riding. Residence: 2990 Euclid Hghts- 

S. and Margaret (Shaffer) Getz; educated, tiv^. Office: 512 Bulkley Bldg. and 1501 Eu- 

Columbus public schools; established flower clid-ave 

business In Cleveland in 1902, firm consist- „,„„^,, -.r. ^ . i. t. ..^ r. i. -n. 

Ing of women only; first to establish six ., ^*^.SEY, Victor A., born, Pittsburgh, Pa., 

o'clock and Sunday closing, the success of July 12 1883; son James Valentine and Mar- 

which Is demonstrated by the fact that a g'^^'^V^ l^^^l^^^Ln^'^P^^i. 'T\^'"'"i®'^', P'"sburgh 

large majority of the best fiorists through- Pa., Oct. 18, 1906 to Stella Beale— children, 

out the country now close their stores on four; member American Protective league 

Sunday and in the evening; proprietor and during war not eligible for active service, 

manager of Westman & Getz. Florists; mem- Residence: 3090 Berkshire-rd. 
ber advisory council of Citizens league of GILBERT. Claude Arthur, mgr.; born. 

w®y,fl?,"'^'r>.!^^'T!F^K ° /. ^K^ 1 °^ directors Oolumbus, O., March 10, 1895; son H. L. and 

Womens City club and charter member of ivy (Cooper) Gilbert; educated, Delaware 

the club; member board of .d rectors Girls q grade and high schools; Ohio Wesleyan 

Ka^'P'^^^- , Residence: 2040 E. 88th st. Office: unj^. b. A.; married, Delaware, O., Aug. 30, 

5923 Luclid-ave. 192i to Anne Callander — children, Richard 

: iniQ missioned 2nd lieut. May 15, 1919; mustered 
i'lliam out o* sevice July 10, 1919; 2nd lieut. offl- 
of the cers reserve corps, U. S. Infantry 1919-21; In 

LL.B. 1914; married, Cleveland, Nov. 26, 
to Christine Franks — children, Willi 

Robert and Uene Gibbons; councilman of ....^ ... ■ -j ^ ^ « ^.r-n j o* 

first dist. at present; police prosecutor, 1920- stock planning department of Willard Stor- 

22; asst. law directors, 1922-23; member of age Battery Co., Cleveland. 1920-21; office 

law firm, Dowling, Dowling, Moriarity, and and parts manager Ohio General Motor Truck 

Gibbons; member Knights of Columbus; C:.o- 1921-24; mgr General Motors Truck 

Eagles; Elks; Alhambras; Army and Navy go since 1924; 32nd degree Scottish 

Union. Residence: 3712 Rocky River-dr. 2'te mason; Alladin Shrine, Columbus, O., 

Office: 1220 Williamson Bldg. Chi Psi fraternityj American Legion. 

Recreations: bowling, swimming and tennis. 

GIBSON. Frnnk Scott, surgeon; born. Residence: 1080 E. 169th St. Office: 4400 

Kingston, O., 1886; son Henry L. and Ida L. Superior-ave. 

(Scott) Gibson; educated, Mt. Union college, , „„ „ . , „ , 

B.S. 1915; Western Reserve Univ., M.D. 1916; GILBERT. Homer Ellsworth, born, Colum- 
married, Cleveland, Aug. 28, 1923 to Louise M. ^^s, Sept. 3, 1892; son Homer L. and Iva 
Holtkamp; world war, entered service medi- (Cooper) Gilbert; educated, Ohio Wesleyan 
cal corps, June 30, 1917; discharged Dec. 16, I'niv.; married, Cleveland, Sept. 8, 1916 to 
1918; rank on entering service lieut., and on Eleanor Irwin — children, Ruth and Louise 
discharge that of major; member of Academy Gilbert; treas. Ohio Buick Co.; member Sn- 
ot Medicine; Ohio State and American medi- tional assn. of cost accountants; pres. Clevo- 
cal assns.; fellow American College of Sur- land Assn. of Credit Men; member Chanib-jr 
geons; instructor of surgery at Western Ro- of Commerce; Cleveland Athletic, Acacia 
serve medical school; member Sigma Alpha Country, Cleveland Advertising, and Old 
Epsilon and Nu Sigma Nu fraternities; Unl- Colony clubs. Residence: 2223 So. Overlook- 
verslty and Canterbury Golf clubs. Real- rd. Office: 1903 E. 19th st. 

dence: 1890 E. 97th st. Office: 1144 Hanna GILBERT, PhlHp Louis, doctor; born. New 

■"*"^- York City, Oct. 13, 1899; son Harry and Anna 

GIBSOIV, Hortense Elizabeth, banking; born. (Solomon) Gilbert; educated. Sterling School; 

Rochester, N. Y., July 29, 1886- daughter Central high school, 1916; Western Reserve 

William Howard and Mary (Brittan) Whif- dental college. 1919; world war apprentice 

fen; educated. Rochester. N. Y. and Buffalo, seaman U. S Naval Reserves 1918; practiced 

N. Y.; employed by Weed & Co. Buffalo, N. y! dentistry six years at corner lEuclid & 

1911; Union Stock Yards Bank, Buffalo, N. Y. E. 55th st. in partnership with Dr. M. D 

1917; with First National bank of Cleveland Porus; member Cleveland, Northern Ohio and 

Blnce June 1918; member Business and Pro- American dental assns.; Alpha Zeta Gamma 

fessional Women's club. Recreations: bowl- dental fraternity. Recreations: handball at 

Ing, dancing, singing, cards, reading and ,"^-M-C.A. basketball indoor baseball and fl.<!h- 

theatre. Residence: 1930 E. 81st st. Office: !"&• Residence: 2178 E. 80th st. Office. Euclid 

Union Trust Co. and E. 55th st. 

GIDDINGS, Helen Marshall, osteopathic GILCHRIST, Donald Charles, advertising 

surgeon; born, Greenspring, O., May 16, 1870; sales representative; born Vermilion, O., June 

physician daughter Frederick S. and Mary 11, 1897; son Charles Pierce and Harriet L. 

Elizabeth (Marshall) Giddings; educated. (Ives) Gilchrist; educated. East high school, 

Greenspring high school; American school of 1916; Ohio State Univ.; married, Cleveland, 

osteopathy, Kentsville, Mo. ; has practiced oste- Sept. 20, 1922 to Martina Doran — children, 

opathy In Cleveland 27 years; member Amer- David Evan Gilchrist; U. S. N. R. F. 1918-19; 



member Cleveland Advertising club. Resl- erick Gilkey — children, Suzanne Gilkey; mem- 
dence: 2067 E. 106th pi. Office: Warren Publi- ber Women's City club. Residence: 20B1 
cations, Boston, Mass. Taylor-rd. 

GILCnuiST. Fay McCrea, born, Cleveland; 
daughter Alexander and Elsetta (Irvine) 
McCrea; educated, Hathaway Brown scliool; 
National Park seminary; married, Cleveland, 
Jan. 8, 1902 to Joseph Alexander Gilchrist — 
children, Joseph Alexander Jr., Elsetta and 
Marjorie Fay Gilchrist; member Women's 
City club. Residence: winter, 3022 W. 14th 
St.; summer, York-rd. Parma Hghts.. O. 

GILCHRIST. John Devin. purchasing agent; 
born, Vermilion, O., Jan. 30, 1878; son Joseph 
Clough and Alice (Devin) Gilchrist; educated, 
Vermilion high school, 1891-2; Central high 
school, Cleveland, 1893-5 Western Reserve 
Univ. 1896-7; on football team 1896; married, 
Cleveland, Feb. 12, 1907 to Mabel Hart — 
children. Hart Devin John Devin, Jane Hart, 
Mabel Ellen, and Robert Grant Gilchrist; 
member Cleveland Naval Reserves in 1898; 
member firm Drake & Maytham, Buffalo, N. Y. 
1S99-1900; with Gilchrist Transportation Co. 
Cleveland, in charge of purchases, 1900-5, 
treasurer, 1905-1908, mgr. 1913-1915; with 
Hydraulic Pressed Steel Co. as purchasing 
agent since 1916; member Delta Kappa Ep- 
Bilon fraternity; Hermit and Cleveland Whist 
clubs. Recreations: fishing and hunting; 
Residence: 1843 Caldwell-ave. Office: 6100 

GILCHRIST, Jospeh Alexander, born, Ann 
Arbor, Mich., Aug. 20, 1876; son Joseph Clough 
and Alice (Devin) Gilchrist; educated. Central 
high school; married, Cleveland, Jan. 8, 1902 
to Fay McCrea — children, Joseph Alexander, 
Jr. Alice Elsetta and Marjorie Fay Gilchrist; 
served during Spanish American war; with 
the Ohio Provision Co. Residence: winter, 
3022 W. 14th St.; summer, York-rd., Parma 
Hghts., O. Office: Ohio Provision Co. 

GILCHRIST, Mabel Hart, born, Cleveland, 
March 19, 1881; daughter Frank Wilbur and 
Jennie S. (Griswold) Hart; educated, Hatha- 
way Brown school, 1899; Misses P^ayson 
school, New York City. 1900; married, Cleve- 
land, Feb. 12, 1907 to John Devin Gilchrist — 
children. Hart Devin, John Devin, Jr., Jane 
Hart, Mabel Ellen and Robert Grant Gil- 
christ; member Women's City club. Resi- 
dence: 1843 Caldwell-ave. 

GILCHRIST, Martina Doran, born, Sandus- 
ky, O., daughter James and Susan (McCor- 
mick) Doran; educated, Notre Dame convent; 
East high school; College for Women, West- 
ern Reserve Univ. B. S. 1920; married, Cleve- 
land, Sept. 20, 1922 to Donald Charles Gil- 
christ — children, r>avid Evan Gilchrist; mem- 
ber Household Administration Alumni West- 
ern Reserve Univ.; Catholic Collegiate assn.; 
Women's City club. Residence: 2067 E. 106th- 

GILKEY, Ellery Frederick, born, Cleve- 
land, Nov. 6, 1895; son William Sanborn and 
Mary Virginia (King) Gilkey; educated, Univ. 
of Pennsylvania, B.S. 1918; married, Pitta- 
burgh, Pa., Nov. 3, 1920 to Eliza Chambers 
Huffman — children, Suzanne Gilkey; world 
war, served with battery C 135th Field ar- 
tillery, June 1917 to April 1919; in France 
with this regiment; secy, and director of 
W. S. Gilkey Printing Co.; member Kappa 
Alpha fraternity; University, Mid-Day and 
Hermit clubs. Residence: 2051 Taylor-rd. 
Office: 1138 W. 9th st. 

GILKEY. Elixa Hnffman, born, Latrobe, Pa., 
Sept. 5, 1898; daughter Harry Metzer and 
Evelyn (Chambers) Huffman; educated. 
Beechwood school, Jenkinstown, Pa.; married, 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 3, 1920 to Ellery Fred- 

GILKISON, Conrad Coiil, dentist; born, 
Mansfield, O., July 4, 1895; son Willard M. 
and Sflina (Coul) Gilkison; educated, West- 
ern Reserve Univ. D.D.S. 1924; married, 
Paincsville, O., April 18, 1925 to Alice Mar- 
garet Codling; world war, 325 Machine gun 
Pn. Co. A 84th division; Ist lieut.; In organ- 
ized reserve; member Cleveland clinic; Amer- 
ican and Northern Ohio dental societies; Del- 
ta Sigma Delta fraternity; Mansfield lodge 
No. 35 F. & A. M.; Mansfield chapter No. 28 R. 
A. M.; Mansfield council No. 94, R. & S. M.; 
WiUobee Shore club. Recreations: fishing, 
hunting, baseball. Residence: Lake Shore- 
blvd., Willobee. Office: Cleveland Clinic. 

GIIiL, Dorothea AniboH, born, Columbus; 
daughter Herman and Amelia (Heckman) 
Aml)os; educated. Miss Phelph Englisli and 
Classical school, Columbus, O.; Frl. Cralnes, 
Berlin, Germany; married, Columbus, Aug. 
21, 1894 to Kermode F. Gill — children, Amelia 
Louise, John Kermode and William Ambos 
Gill. Residence: 2170 Harcourt-dr. 

GILL, Kermode Frederic, contractor; born, 
Cleveland, April 12, 1866; son John and 
Margaret (Kermode) Gill ; educated. Cleveland 
public schools; private tutors; married, Co- 
lumbus, Aug. 21, 1894 to Dorothea Ambos — 
children, Amelia I^ouise, John Kermode and 
William Ambos Gill; builder of Missouri State 
court house (interior) ; Federal Reserve Bank, 
capitol; Washington, D. C. post office; Cleve- 
land post office (interior); Hudson county 
court house (Interior), Federal Reserve Bank, 
Guardian Trust (^o., Cleveland Trust Co., 
Leader News bldg., Hanna bldg., Bulkley 
bldg., Cleveland, O. ; Liberty bank of Buffalo, 
N. Y.; member firm John Gill & Son; vice 
pres. Sterling Bronze Co., New York; vice- 
pres. Cleveland Cooperative Stove Co.; direc- 
tor Cleveland Railway Co., Guardian Trust 
Co., Federal Telegraph and Telephone Co., 
Buffalo, N. Y. ; Prospectus Co. and Bulkley 
Bldg. Co.; trustee Mu.seum Natural History 
and Babies' hospital, and Cleveland School 
of Architecture; member Union, Tavern, Pep- 
per Pike, Country. Kirtland, Mayfield and 
Noon-Day clubs; Union League, New York; 
New York club; Racquet clubs of Philadelphia 
and Washington. Residence: 2178 Harcourt- 
dr. Office: Bulkley Bldg. 

GILL, Panl Stanley, real estate; born, Cleve- 
land, Aug. 6, 1875; son Charles Henry and 
Matilda (Quayle) Gill; educated. Harvard 
Univ. A.B. 1898; married, Cleveland, June 15, 
1915 to Mabel O'Hare — children, Patricia Ann 
Gill; pres. Erie Mortgage Co., Mortgage and 
Investment Co., and Gill Lumber Co.; direc- 
tor G & R Realty Co.; member University and 
Hermit clubs. Residence: 2423 Derbyshire-rd. 
Office: 1115 Hippodrome Bldg. 

GILLESPIE, Chester Karl, attorney; born, 
Raylor Park, O., Apr. 4, 1896; son Warren and 
I^ulu (Trail) Gillespie; educated, Cleveland 
public schools; Baldwin-Wallace college, law 
department, LL.F5. 1920; married, Cleveland, 
Sept. 27, 1924 to Dorothy E. Thomas; world 
war, sergt. major 6th Pioneer Inf. Camp 
Sherman, O.; one of asst. law directors of 
Cleveland 1921; ran for State Senator 1924; 
member Cleveland bar assn.; Kappa Alpha 
Psl fraternity. Recreation: tennis. Resi- 
dence: 2294 E. 95th st. Office: 530 Erie 

GILLIS, Roderick Allan, bonds Investments; 
born. Nova Scotia, July 7, 1887; son George 
A. and Emma U. (Piers) Gillis; educated. 
Brown Univ. 1915. bachelor of philosophy; 
married, Cleveland, May 7, 1919 to JuUetta 



Rue Field — children, Roderick Allan Glllls, Idence; Gates Mill. O. Office: 1759 Union 

Jr.; world war, instructor training infantry Trust BulldinE- 

replacements Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. dur- ^, .»,„ . t' . . ^ . . , 
Ing: 1918; entered Investment business 1915 GLANZ, Isadore H., furrier, born, Austria, 
with Otis & Co. Cleveland; with Halsey Stuart March 1890; son H. Glanz; educated, public 
& Co. Chicago, III. since 1917; in Cleveland schools of New York City and Buffalo, N. Y.; 
for them since 1919; member Sigma Chi fra- married, Buffalo, Dec. 25, 1912 to Ida Deborah 
ternity; University club, Cleveland; Cleve- Rieger — children, Norman, Sylvia and San- 
land Brown University club; Recreations: ford Glanz; member Congregation Tifereth 
horseback riding, golf, tennis, skating, squash Israel temple; Jewish Center; East end 
racquets. Residence: Macedonia, O. Office: Y.M.C.A. ; Men's temple club; Unity lodge; 
1281 Union Trust Bldg. K. of P.; I.O.O.F. Recreation: swimming, 
<-^i<w»r.,n^ .. ^ t ^ , baseball, tennis, handball, basketball, calis- 
GILLMORE, Alan Herbert, general contrac- thenlcs, reading. Residence: 1840 Ansel-rd. 
tor, born, Cleveland, Aug. 5, 1892; son Frank- Office: 1995 E. 105th st. 
lin E. and Emma A. (Pinard) Gillmore; edu- 
cated. Case school of Applied Science; mar- GLASIER, Jessie Claire, writer; born, Bel- 
ried, Cleveland, Dec. 25, 1915 to Mabel M. laire, O. ; daughter H. S. and Eliza E. (Clapp) 
Foote — children, Jean Wentworth and Alan Glasier; educated, Oberlin and Washington, 
Herbert Gillmore, Jr.; director and secy, of D. C. ; woman's club editor and art critic 
the A. A. Lane Construction Company; direc- Cleveland Plain Dealer, since 1905; author 
tor of the Tidewater Land Co.; erected the "Gaining the Heights" (a juvenile story) 
Cleveland Protestant Orphan Asylum group and short stories, biographical and historical 
of 12 buildings near Chagrin Falls, O., Cleve- sketches, feature stories, miscellaneous pub- 
land Christian home. National Carbon build- Hcations, including St. Nicholas, Youth's 
ings, Reo Motor Car sales and service build- Companion, Woman's Home Companion, etc.; 
ings. Lang bodv plant, and Rapid Transit member Cleveland Writers club; Cleveland 
Land Sales building, Cleveland O., Winder- branch New England Women's society; 
mere Storage Co., Cleveland, O., Hagan Foun- Daughter of American Colonists, Charter Oak 
dry Co. and Ohio Body and Blower Co., Orville chapter; Woman's. Women's Business & Pro- 
O., Cities Service Oil Co., Detroit, Mich., and fessional and Zonta clubs. Residence: 10091 
The Green Engineering Co. plant, Chicago, Kee Mar Park, N. E. Office: Cleveland Plain 
111.; member Cleveland Engineering society; Dealer. 

Cleveland Chamber of Commerce; Masonic GLASS, Geo. Frederick, born, Cleveland, 

Blue Lodge; Chapter; Knights Templar; Al Aug. 19, 1868; son Samuel and Esther (Adam) 

Koran Shrine: Cleveland Athletic club. Glass; educated, College of Physicians and 

Residence: 2936 Brighton-rd. Office: 1869 Surgeons, Baltimore, Md.; married, Cle->'e- 

E. 55th-st. land, 1898 to Gertrude Stegkemper — children, 

<^>T n.^T ^. . -.. ^ . ^, Lionel Glass; member Ohio National Guard 

GILPI>, Eloise -VanDerveer, born Cleve- 1896-1902; world war, ensign and asst. sur- 

land, June 5, 1899; daughter J. H. and Leonore geon 1896-1902 Ohio Naval Brig., O.N.G.; 

(Kingsley) \anDerveer; educated. Laurel world war A.E.F. Oct. 1917 to June 1919; 

school; married Cleveland, Feb. 21, 1920 to major chief of medical service Base hospital 

^.^"ry TTT P'"' Jr.— children, Henry Edmund No. Ill; major officer Medical Reserve corps.; 

Gilpin, III. Recreations: swimming and tennis, pres. The Ohio Bronze Powder Co.; member 

liesidence: 1840 E. 97th st. Masonic lodge; Army Officers assn. of Ohio; 

GILPI>% Henry Edmnnd. Jr., born, Hornell, Cedarhurst, Rotary, Aviation and Cleveland 

N. Y., April 25, 1897; son H. E. and Mary ^^^J^^V^ ^nd Automobile dubg Residence: 

Helen (Church) Gilpin; educated, University ^^^^ Lane Villa. Office: 1120 E. 152nd st. 
school, Cleveland, O. ; married, Cleveland. Feb 

Morgan Lithograph Co. 
r-ix-v i:^— _i, u«j^ «** I. 1-. GLAUBER, Isaac Charles, born, Cleveland, 
mnnt n ^^K p"^^!?! attorney; born Fre- April 14, 1870; son Marcus and Rosa (Heller) 
SMmiVJnt n^h'.i^!^?i>^^,?i\ Francis Marion Glauber; educated. Cleveland public schools; 
Kenvon con.V?Pph R ^ sqn^\ ?'A" =i q^'^-'"''^^'''^' married, Cleveland, March 17, 1892 to Helen 
r^^H^^ifSiia?./, o "t,,^ °'o^^?ial^l^= '^^'"" Gertrude Goldowski— children, Mrs. J. 'N. 
^ilf^ w.-^7f fn p'^^9:^"1"Ph® 25. 1899 to Cor- Miller, Edwin M. and Norman S. Glauber: 
nella^^lnlfredRoot— children Francis, Marion during the world war served on the sub war 
Koot, Alexander and Baraba R<aot Ginn; board of fibre manufacturers for U. S. A. in 
pres and director Ohio & Pennsylvania connection with the work of the U. S. council 
Coal Co , Euclid Company, Erie Company, of national defense; in years 1922-23 served as 
. " m?.?" Fund Company; vice pres. Guaran- member of board of directors of Cleveland 
*t® m'V,? ^"-i? ,T''H?'^ Co.; secy, and director Chamber of Industry, the latter year served 
the Telling Belle Vernon Co., sec. The Labor- on the executive committee; director and 
atory Products Co., and National Bond and genl. mgr. National Woolen Co.; on advisory 
Share Co.; director Chesapeake and Ohio Ry. board Pearl St. Savings and Trust Co.; direc- 
Co., The National Refining Co., Northern Oil tor National assn. of wool fibre mfgrs. ; mem- 
Company, Tillotson & Wolcott Co., Fisher ber Ellsworth lodge. No. 505 F. & A.M.; Webb 
Body Ohio Co., Glenn L. Martin Co., Rich- chapter No. 14, R.A.M. ; Oriental Commandery 
man Brothers Co., ^Vashmgton, Baltimore No. 12 Knights Templar; Lake Erie Con- 
and Annapolis Electric Railway Co., Indus- sistory 32nd degree; Aleppo temple of the 
trial Rayon corpn. ; Electric Controller & Mystic Shrine; Masonic and Cleveland Auto 
Mfg. Co., Union Trust Co., Midland Steel clubs; holds membership in National Assn. 
Products Co., Cleveland Southwestern Rail- of Manuafcturers of U.S.A.; National Knitted 
way & Light Company. Annapolis & Outerwear Assn.; Cleveland Civic league; 
Chesapeake Bay Power Company and Murrav Cleveland chapter of National Aeronautical 
Ohio Mfg. Co.; member Delta Kappa Epsilon assn. of U.S.A.; American National Red Cross 
and Phi Beta Kappa fraternities; Union, Cleveland chapter; Cleveland Chamber of In- 
Mayfield Country, Kirtland Country, Chagrin dustry; United States Chamber of Commerce. 
Valley Hunt, Rowfant, Mid-Day clubs, Cleve- Residence: 10915 Lake-ave. Office: 3131 W. 
land, and Bankers club of New York. Res- 33rd st. 



GLEASON, Charles BillinKH. banker; born, 
Newburgh, N. Y., 1890; son W. Stanton and 
Grace (Hoysradt) Gleason; educated, Hotch- 
kiss, 1909; Yale, A.B. 1913; married, Bronx- 
ville, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1916 to Katharine Kent 
— children, Jane and Stanton Kent Gleason; 
vice-pres. Cleveland Trust Co.; director and 
vice-pres. University club; member Alphi 
Delta Phi fraternity; Union, Kirtland, Uni- 
versity, Rowfant, Cleveland Racket and Ten- 
nis clubs. Residence: 2534 Derbvshire-rd. 
Office: Cleveland Trust Co. 

GLE.\SOX, Katharine Kent, born, Bronx- 
ville, X. Y., 1894; daug^hter W. W. and Jessie 
(Adams) Kent; educated, Bennett School, 
Millbrook, N. Y. ; married, Bronxville, N. Y. 
Feb. 12, 1916 to Charles Billings Gleason — 
children, Jane and Stanton Kent Gleason; 
member Women's City club; Junior league. 
Residence: 2534 Derbyshire-rd. 

GLOVER, Donald Mitchell, surgeon; born, 
Urbana, 111., Aug. 2, 1895; son John Adams 
and Clara Lobdell (Wood) Glover; educateil, 
Univ. of Illinois. A.B., 1916; Harvard medical 
school, M.D. 1920; married, Willoughby. O., 
Julv 8, 1924 to Leona Van Gorder — children, 
Mary Wood Glover; world war M.E.R.C. 191.S- 
19; specialized in plastic surgery; demonstra- 
tor in anatomy and surgery at Western Re- 
serve medical school; visiting surgeon at St. 
Luke's hospital; member Cleveland Academy 
of ^Medicine and American Medical assn.; 
Alpha Delta Phi and Phi Rho Sigma fraterni- 
ties; Harvard club of Boston. Residence: 
2855 E. Derbyshire-rd. Office: 7016 Euclid- 

GLOVER, Leona Van Gorder, physician; 
born, Cleveland, March 26, 1897; daughter H. 
H. and Nancy (Boice) Van Gorder; educated, 
Hathaway Brown school: Wellesley college, 
A.B., 1919; Western Reserve medical school, 
M. D., 1923; married, Willoughby, July 8, 1924 
to Dr. Donald M. Glover — children, Mary 
\S'ood Glover; specialized in pediatric.?; mem- 
ber of Alpha (Dmega Alpha; Nu Sigma Phi 
sorority; American medical assn.; Shake- 
speare club ^^'elIesley college. Residence: 
2855 E. Derbyshire-rd. 

GLOVD, James R,, engineer; born, Cleve- 
land, 1877; son George Madison and Frances 
(Ridgeway) Gloyd; educated, Cleveland public 
schools; Case School of Applied Science; mar- 
ried, Cleveland, Dec. 5, 1906 to Anna C. Her- 
rick — children, Anna Frances Gloyd ; vice pres. 
Potomac River corpn.; pres., Jefferson De- 
velopment Co. Charleston, W. Va. : member 
Society of Mechanical Engineers. Residence: 
Alcazar Hotel. Office: Harpers Ferry, W. Va. 

GO.\KES, Fred W„ real estate; born Oneida, 
N. Y., 1868; son Alfred E. and Mary (Palmer) 
Goakes; educated, public schools, high 
schools and business college; married, De- 
troit, July 20, 1922 to Thirza A, Merrifleld; 
entered and followed real estate business; 
member Annandale Golf club, Pasadena, Cal.; 
Cleveland Athletic and Willowick Golf club. 
Residence: 1145 East-blvd. Office: 309 Wil- 
liamson Bldg. 

GODFREY, Robert Dnraine, attorney; born. 
Upper Sandusky, S:=ept. 24, 18S8; son Philips 
and Elizabeth Amelia (Stoll) Godfrey; edu- 
cated, Lewis Institute, Chicago, 111.; Univ. of 
Chicago, Ph.B. ; Univ. of Pennsylvania LL.B. 
1915; married, Cleveland Oct. 21, 1922 to Mar- 
Jorle Woodworth — children, Robert Duraine 
Godfrey, Jr.; member Delta Tau Delta frater- 
nity; Mid-Day club; Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce. Residence: 2121 Renrock-rd. Of- 
fice: 1447-8 Leader-News Bldg. 

GOETZ, Mrs. Anisnist C, born, Cleveland, 
April .1. 1871; daughter John H. and Rose 

(Rolland) Smith; educated. Cathedral school, 
Cleveland; married, Cleveland, Sept. 4, 
1901 to August C. Goetz — children, Raymond, 
Harry, Edith, Edward and Rose Goetz; mem- 
ber Catholic Daughters of America; Womens 
Relief corps No. 15; past pres. Woman's club; 
identified with Goodrich House. Residence: 
1388 E. 21st St. 

GOFF, Caroline Brewer, born, Cleveland; 
daughter William Wilson and Lulu A. (Sher- 
wood) Brewer; educated, Hathaway Brown 
school; Vassar college, A.C; married, Cleve- 
land, May 24, 1924 to William S. Goff— 
children, Caroline Brewer Goff; member 
Women's City club. Residence: 10024 Lake 

GOFF. William Sonth^rorth, born, Cleveland, 
O. ; son Frederic Harris and Frances (South- 
worth) Goff; educated, Halkey school; 
Williams college; married, Cleveland, Mav 24, 
1!24 to Caroline Brewer — children, Caroline 
Brewer Goff; world war, member field ar- 
tillery at Camp Zachary Taylor; vice-pres. 
W. P. Southworth Co.; asst. treas. Cleveland 
Trust Co.; member Delta Psi fraternity. Resi- 
dence: 10U24 Lake Shore-blvd. Office: Cleve- 
land Trust Co. 

GOLDBERG, Frank Theodore, attorney, 
and financing and civil engineer; born, Cleve- 
land, June 2 1894; son Samuel and Mollie 
(Plotinsky) Goldberg; educated. Case school 
of Applied Science, B.S., 1916; Cleveland law 
school and Baldwin Wallace college, LL. B. 
1920; engineer of city of Cleveland, 1916-17; 
capt. engineers officers reserve during world 
war, 1917-18; pres. and treas. Noma Finance 
Co.; director Winton Hotel Co. and Clevelanil 
Opera Co.; member Cleveland and Ohio bar 
assns. ; Society for Civil Engineers; Stadia 
club of Engineers; Zeta Beta Tau fraternity; 
"C" club of Case School of Applied Science; 
Masonic lodge; Knights of Pythias. Recrea- 
tions: football, basketball, boxing, and sports 
of all kinds. Residence: 10511 Greenlawn- 
ave. Office: 202-5 Ulmer Bldg. 

GOLDEXBOGEX, Ellen May, attorney; born, 
Cleveland, 1890; daughter Ernest A. and 
Christine (Bozold) Durschlag; educated, 
Cleveland public schools; West high school; 
Cleveland school of education; Cleveland law 
school. B.A. ; married, Cleveland, 1922 to Nor- 
man Edward Goldenbogen; elected to and 
made pres. of Lakewood city council Jan. 
1926; first woman to hold this office in state 
of Ohio; member Cleveland Bar a.«sn.; League 
of Women Voters; Zenith Home Circle; Y.W. 
C.A. ; Three Arts, Lakewood Women's and 
Women's city clubs. Residence: 14622 Clif- 

GOLDMAN, Ben B., lawyer; born, Cleveland, 
Nov. 13, 1896; son Morris and Bella (Gold- 
man); educated, Cleveland public schools; 
High School of Commerce; Baldwin Wallace 
college, LL.B. ; married, Cleveland, June 17, 
1923 to Goldie Weinstock — children, one; in 
adjutant general office. War Dept. Washing- 
ton, D. C. 1918; office counsel Joseph Laronge 
Co. 1920-25; member Cleveland Bar assn.; 
City and Business Men's clubs; Y.M.C.A. 
Residence: 1667 Hillcrest-rd. Office: 407 
Williamson Bldg. 

GOLDMAN, Solomon, rabbi; born, Ukraine, 
Aug. 18. 1893; son Abraham Abba and Jea- 
nette (Grossman) Goldman; educated. New 
York Univ. B.A. 1918; Columbus Univ. 1918- 
19; rabbi. The Jewish Theological semin.ary 
and candidate L.H.D. 1918; married. New 
York City, June 23, 1908 to Alice M. Lipko- 
witz — children, Geulah Judith and Naomi 
Ramah Goldman; conducted services at 
Brooklyn Navy yards during the war; rabbi 
Temple Bnai Israel, Brooklyn. N. Y., 1917-19; 
rabbi, B'nal Jesbrun temple, Cleveland, 1919- 



22: rabbi, Cleveland Jewish center since 
1922; member Federation Jewish Charities; 
United Synagogue of America; Zionist organ- 
ization of America; American Jewish Con- 
gress; Cleveland Bureau of Jewish Education; 
Council Educational Alliance; Citizens League; 
Alathians; Beechmont Country club. Resi- 
dence: 1357 East blvd. Office: The Jewish 

GOLDN'ER, Jacob Henry, clergyman; born, 
Bridgewater, Pa., Aug. 8, 1871; son George 
and Caroline (Vogt) Goldner; educated, Rayen 
high school, Youngstown, O. ; Hiram college. 
Western Reserve Univ.; Univ. of Chicago; 
Harvard Univ.; married, Cleveland, Aug. 10, 
1904 to Harriet B. Marks — children, Jacob H. 
and Gerald R. Goldner; pastor Chagrin Falls, 
1896-1898; pastor Euclid Ave. Christian church 
since Jan. 1900; has travelled through Greece, 
Egypt, Palestine, Europe, Asia Minor and 
Turkey, Sinai and Arbia. Residence: 2528 
Edghill-rd. Office: Euclid-ave. and E. 100th 


GOLDSMITH. Edith JoHeph. born, Cleveland, 
April 23, 1892; daughter Siegmund and Ro- 
linda (Hays) Joseph; educated, Hough school; 
Laurel school; Kindergarten training school; 
married, Cleveland, June 14, 1911 to Walter 
A. Goldsmith — children, John Joseph, Suzanne 
Kathryn and Betty Jane Goldsmith; member 
welfare board of Cleveland; Cleveland Child 
welfare federation; Educational league; Fed- 
eration of Womens clubs; pres. Temple 
Womens assn.; League of Women Voters; 
Womens City club. Residence: 2550 Arling- 

GOLDSMITH, Isadore, newspaper writer; 
born, Cleveland, Sept. 20, 1875; son S. M. 
and Sarah (Forsch) Goldsmith; educated, 
Cleveland public schools; married, Akron, 
Nov. 20, 1899 to Cora V. Nachtrieb — children, 
two; member City club; Civic League; Typo- 
graphical Union No. 53; editor Assn. of In- 
ternational Labor press; managing editor 
Cleveland Federationist; owner Cleveland 
Weekly Railroad Guide; member Euclid ave- 
nue Temple; Men's Temple club. Residence: 
9108 Hough-ave. Office: 450 Rockefeller Bldg. 

GOLD.SMITH, AValter A., manufacturer; 
born, Cincinnati, O., Dec. 28, 1876; son Abram 
and Sara (Apfel) Goldsmith; educated, Univ. 
ol Cincinnati, O.; married, Cleveland, June 14, 
1911 to Edith Joseph — children, John Joseph, 
Suzanne Kathryn and Betty Jane Goldsmith; 
pres. Walter A. Goldsmith Co.; member Ed- 
ucational league; Men's City, Cleveland Ad- 
vertising, Excelsior, Oakwood and Town 
clubs. Residence: 2550 Arlington-rd. Office: 
2152 Superior-ave. 

GOLDS^VOUD, Jniiies, factory sup't. ; born, 
Cleveland, April 9, 1864; son Cornelius and 
Jennie (Cole) Goldsword; educated, Cleveland 
public schools; married, Cleveland, Sept. 6, 
1894 to Marina Meermans; director Globe Pa- 
per Co. and Barger Sheet Metal Co.; mem- 
ber Cleveland Athletic club. Residence: 1352 
E. 85th St. Office: 1506 Superior-ave. 

GOLRICK, Albert Raymond, lawyer; born, 
Cleveland, Sept. 11, 1889; son Philip and 
Anna Rae (Thompkins) Golrick; educated. 
Case school of AppUed Science; Baldwin 
Wallace college; Cleveland law school; de- 
grees, M.E., B.S., LL.B. ; married, Cleveland 
Nov. 24, 1917 to Grace Summers — children, 
Philip David, Richard Thompkins and Nancy 
Grace Golrick; worked as an apprentice in 
machine shop making tools; studied drafting 
and machine designing in night school; 
served as machine designer for several large 
corporations; attended night school at Cen- 
tral Institute and specialized In automatic 
machine development; became consulting en- 
gineer, then patent expert and finally gen- 

eral law and patent lawyer; prea. Rubber 
Development Co.; partner in Bates, Moclilin, 
Golrick and Teare Co.; member Cleveland 
Patent Law assn.; Delta Theta Phi fraternity; 
Gyro club. Residence: 3534 E. 104th st. Office: 
1028 Society for Savings Bldg. 

GOLTRA, Annie Laura, born, Bloomington, 
111. Aug. 2, 1869; daughter Geo. W. and Caro- 
line (Hoover) Rust; educated, common and 
high school Bloomington, 111.; married, 
Bloomington, 111., June 12, 1888 to W. F. 
Goltra — children, Fay Goltra Spindler (de- 
ceased). Pearl and Perry P. CJoltra; world 
war, member Red Cross Unit of Cleveland, 
two years service, received decoration; vico- 
pres. and director The W. F. Goltra Tie Co.; 
member Epworth Euclid M.E. church; Cleve- 
land Sorosis. Residence: 1940 E. 93rd st. 

GOLTRA, William Francis, merchant and 
manufacturer; born, Kankakee, 111., Dec. 3, 
1861; son Clarkson K. and Elmira (Perrault) 
Goltra; educated, St. Viateurs college, Bour- 
bonnais. 111.; Univ of 111., Urbana, 111. B.S. 
In C.E., 1883; married, Bloomington, 111., Juno 
12, 1888 to Annie Laura Rust — children, Fay 
Goltra Spindler (deceased). Pearl and Perry 
P. Goltra; continually in service of Lake Erie 
and Western railroad as engineer, draftsman, 
chief clerk to purchasing agent, to chief en- 
gineer, to general manager, asst. chief en- 
gineer and purchasing agent, 1884-1907; gen- 
eral tie agent. New York Central Lines west 
of Buffalo, 1907-1911; pres. and director W. F. 
Goltra Tie Co. since 1911; dealers and manu- 
facturers of railroad ties and lumber; In- 
terested in wood preserving plants; has writ- 
ten several boolcs and papers pertaining to 
timber preservation; member American Wood 
Preservers assn.; National Assn. of Railroad 
Tie Producers; Tyrian lodge, A. F. & A. M. 
Coeur de Lion Commandery, Kniglits Templar; 
A. A. Scottisii Rite, 32nd degree; Epworth- 
Euclid M.E. church; University of Illinois 
Alumni club of Cleveland, pres. 1926; resi- 
dent of Indianapolis from 1888 to 1901; in 
Cleveland since 1001. Residence; 1940 E. 93rd 
St. Office: 664 Rockefeller Bldg. 

GOODBRIDAD, Donna May, musician; born, 
Metamora, O. ; daughter Dr. Robert L. and 
Jennie (Melhorn) Souder; educated, Ohio 
Northern Univ.; Oberlin Conservatory; Stern- 
berg School of Music, Phila. ; married, Ada, 
O., Oct. 26, 1904 to Harry Leith Goodbread — 
children, Ruth Goodbread; accompanist of 
Miss Lila Robeson, contralto, formerly of the 
Metropolitan Opera Co.; director of programs 
Fortnightly Musical club; member Lecture 
Recital club and Musical Arts society; vice- 
pres. and state chairman of contests in Ohio 
Federation of Music clubs 1922-1925; pres. 
The Ohio Federation of Music clubs, 1926; 
official accompanist for 7th Biennial Natl, 
contest of Natl. Fed. of Music clubs Chicago. 
April, 1927. Residence: 2795 Euclid Hghts.- 

GOODHUE, Lanra Singlctary, born, Cleve- 
land, Dec. 21, 1871; daughter Anson R. and 
Martha (Chapman) Singletary; married, 
Cleveland, June 26, 1895 to William M. Good- 
hue; member Daughters of the American 
Revolution; United States Daughter of 1812; 
Daughters of American Colonists; Daughters 
of Founders and Patriots; Women's City club. 
Residence: 1862 E. 101st St. 

GOODMAN, Hannah B., born, Philadelphia, 
Pa., Aug. 17, 1892; daughter Samuel Elia and 
FUizabeth (Carpel) Brenner; educated. Cen- 
tral high school; married, Cleveland, Dec. 29, 
1915 to Julius A. Goodman — children, Herbert 
Jules Goodman; member Council of Jewish 
Women; Sisterhood Euclid-ave. Temple; Y.W. 
C.A. ; Women's City club. Residence: 2447 
Lee-rd., Cleveland Hghts. 



GOODMAN, Max P., counselor at law; born, 
Cleveland. Aug. 28, 1872; son Jacob and Rose 
(Herschowitz) Goodman; educated. Cleveland 
public schools; married. Cleveland, Dec. 14, 
1909 to Julia E. Bamberger — children, Julian 
Max and Maxine C. R. Goodman; councilman 
Mayor Farley's administration; while in 
city council introduced and forced legisla- 
tion to be enacted abolishing railroad grade 
crossings; pres. Euclid 105th Properties Co.; 
director Youngstown & Ohio River R.R., Op- 
penheim Collins Co., The Ancaster Co.. The 
Frankle Bros. Co., the Metal Products Co., 
The American Fire Clay Products Co., the 
Euclid Doan Power Co., The Newman Cigar 
Co., pres. Woodland Building & Improve- 
ment Co.; organized Y. & O. R.R. ; practiced 
law since 1894; member Forest City lodge, 
F. & A. M. (life member); I.O.B.B. ; H.B. &. 
S.U.; has composed some music including 
Gov. McKinley's Inaugural March. Recrea- 
tion: music and literature. Residence: 2401 
Coventry-rd. Office: I2th fl. State Bank Bldg. 

GOODMAN, Win. Z., attorney at law; born, 
Cleveland, July 19, 1898; son Max and Reggie 
Goodman; educated, Bolton school, 1913; Cen- 
tral high school, 1917; law school Baldwin 
Wallace college, June 1920, LL.B. ; passed 
bar examination, June 1920; asst. sec. Build- 
ing Contractors Exchange, 1921 and 1922; 
see. and attorney Building Contractors Ex- 
change, 1923; settlement of wage disputes 
and lockouts in building trades in co-opera- 
tion with secretary of The Builders Ex- 
change, 1922 and 1923; treas. The Justice 
Realty Co.; pres. Property Managers, Inc.; 
director Sylvania Mfg. Co. and Metal Alloys 
Company; member Cleveland Bar assn.; for- 
merly treas. and pres. of Heights Temple 
Alumni assn.; formerly member board of 
trustees B. J. Temple; member Windermere 
lodge K. of P.; Century club. Residence: 
Griswold Hotel. Office: 530 Leader Bldg. 

GOODWIN, Mary C, physician and surgeon; 
born, Middlefield, O., Feb. 23, 1863; daughter 
Clinton and Lucy Wilder (Taylor) Goodwin; 
educated, Chardon high school; Cleveland Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons (now West- 
ern Reserve), 1897; sec. of directors Provi- 
dent hospital; member Cleveland Academy 
of Medicine; Medical Library assn.; Ohio 
State Medical assn.; member of staff at Provi- 
dent hospital and Florence Crittenton home; 
member Taylor chapter D. A. R. ; Glenville 
chapter O. E. S.; Glenville Presbyterian 
church. Recreation: country trips with a 
kodak, reading. Office: 10516 St. Clair-ave. 

GOOD\VIN, William McCoUongrh. dentist; 
born, Sardis, O.. Sept. 8, 1899; son Wm. Mc. 
and Eleanore (Burton) Goodwin; educated 
Clarington, O. high school, 1914-1917; Central 
Institute, 1917-1918; Western Reserve Univ. 
dental school, D.D.S., 1918-1922; mouth hy- 
giene service, Board of Education; member 
Delta Sigma Delta dental fraternity; Cleve- 
land, Ohio State and American Dental assns. 
Recreation: hunting and fishing. Residence: 
11432 Euclid-ave. Office: 7811 Wade Park- 

GORDON, Wallace M., clergyman; born, 
Montreal, Can.; son John W. and Mary (Hol- 
land) Gordon; educated. Bishops Univ., Can- 
ada; General Theological Seminary, New 
York, 1st class English honors, M.A.; world 
war, capt. Camp Sherman; pastor St. Agnes 
church, E. Orange, N. J.; Grace church, Cin- 
cinnati, O.; asst. Trinity church, Buffalo; As- 
cension church, Lakewood, O. Residence: 
13216 Detroit-ave., Lakewood. 

GORDON, William, attorney; born. Oak 
Harbor, O., Dec. 15, 1S6J; son Washington 
and Margaret (Rymers) Gordon; educated. 
Oak Harbor public schools; Toledo Business 

college, Toledo, O. ; Univ. of Mich., LL.B.; 
married. Port Clinton, O., Sept. 12, 1893 to 
Elizabeth M. Gernhard — children, Walter 
Scott and Dorothy Gordon; served four years 
as deputy county treas.; six years member 
board of county school examiners; six years 
as prosecuting attorney, all in Ottawa 
County; delegate to Democratic National con- 
vention at Chicago In 1896 from 9th Congres- 
sional dist. of Ohio; member Democratic 
State Central Committee, 1903-1904; moved to 
Cleveland, 1906; elected to 63rd Congress from 
the 20th district of Ohio in Nov. 1912 and re- 
elected to 64th and 65th Congresses; pres. 
and member board of directors The Gordon 
Lumber Co., Oak Harbor, O.; member Bigelow 
lodge, F. & A. M. ; Forest City Commandery, 
K. T.; Thatcher Chapter, R. A. M.; Past Mast- 
ers Assn. of Cleveland; Al Koran Temple, N. 
M. S. ; Lakewood Country club. Recreation: 
duck hunting. Residence: 6904 Franklin-ave. 
Office: Guarantee Title Bldg. 

GORMAN, Harold Heranconrt, lawyer; born, 
Cincinnati, O., Nov. 28, 1894; son Frank M. 
and Lillian (Herancourt) Gorman; educated, 
Franklin school, Cincinnati; Harvard college, 
A. B. cum laude, 1916; Harvard law school, 
LL.B. 1918; married, Cincinnati, O., Sept. 28, 
1918 to Dorothy May Bowman — children, 
Frank M. and Dorothy M. Gorman; asst. 
solicitor Dept. of State, Washington, D. C., 
Nov. 1918 to May, 1919; with former firm. 
Reed, Meals & Eichelberger; attorney with 
Automobile Club, Cleveland, Jan. 1922 to Jan. 
1923; member law firm Wilson & Gorman 
since Jan. 1923; sec. and treas. The Water- 
wood Land Co. and Mortgage Loans, Inc.; 
director B. Epstein & Co.; member Cleveland 
Bar assn.; S. A. E. fraternity; Heights lodge, 
No. 633 F. & A. M.; Heights chapter, R. A. M.; 
member Harvard and City clubs. Residence: 
3205 E. 137th st. Office: 527 Guardian Bldg. 

GORSLINE, Mildred AV., prod, mgr.; born. 
Ft. Wayne, Ind., May 1, 1896; daughter Homer 
A. and Mary (Van Zant) Gorsllne; educated, 
East high school; Cleveland Advertising 
school; asst. treas. The Lezius Ptg. Co.; with 
this company 13 years; member Women's 
Advertising club. Recreation: riding, gar- 
dening, skating and dancing. Residence: 
2552 Eaton-rd., University Hghts. Office: 
1115 Oregon-ave. 

GOSS, Edward Alfred, banking; born, 
Cleveland, Oct. 22, 1894; son Thomas C. and 
Anna (Knowles) Goss; educated, Shaw high 
school, 1913; Dartmouth college, 1917, B. S.; 
Cleveland Law school, 1926; married, Cleve- 
land, May 4, 1920 to Helen B. Case — children, 
Robert Case Goss; world war, private 30lst 
field signal battalion, 76th division; sales- 
man Borton & Borton, 1919-1920; teller 
with Union Trust Co. 1920-1926; with The 
Equity Savings & Loan Co. since May 1926; 
member Theta Delta Chi fraternity. Rec- 
reation: golf. Residence: 2433 Overlook-rd., 
Cleveland Hghts. Office: Union Trust Co. 

GOSS, Harriet Brown, born, Cleveland, 
March 30, 1892; daughter Ernest Benton and 
Carrie (Anthony) Brown; educated. Smith col- 
lege, 1914, A. B.; Cleveland normal school, 
1914-1915 (graduate work); married, Cleve- 
land June 30. 1920 to Leonard Knowles Goss 
— children Thomas Ernest Goss; teacher 
Empire Junior high school, 1915-1916; Uni- 
versity school for boys, 1917-1920, teaching 
history and geography. Residence: 1579 Bel- 

GOSS, Helen Cane, born, Cleveland, Feb. 16, 
1898; daughter Clyde A. and Blanche A. 
(Shunk) Case; educated, Hathaway Brown 
school, 1917; married, Cleveland, May 4, 1920 
to Alfred Edward Goss — children, Robert Case 



Goss. Residence: 2433 Overlook-rd., Cleveland Unity school of Christianity, Carnegie Hall, 

Hghts. Rev. Ernest C. Wilson, leader. Residence: 

GO.SS. Leonard Knowles, engineer; born, 14001 Cllfton-blvd. 
Cleveland. Feb. 21, 1891; son Thos. Carr an^ goULDER, Charleii, real estate and build- 
Anna Mary (Knowles) Goss; educated, East jng. born, Cleveland, Oct. 22, 1847; son C. B. 
high school; Case School of Applied Science ^nd Barbara (Freeland) Goulder; educated. 
B. S., 1913; married, Cleveland June 30 1920 Cleveland public schools; married, Cleveland, 
to Harriet Mildred Brown — children, Thomas june 20, 1892 to Marian Clements (deceased) 
Ernest Goss; world war, lieut. ordnance dept., — children, Mrs. Robert J. Izant and Mrs. Robt. 
U.S.A., 1917-1919; pres. The Commercial Tool p. Hamilton, Jr.; laid out and dedicated 
Co.; member American Society of Mechanical parkwood-dr. allotment and built most of the 
Engineers; Phi Kappa Psi fraternity; Unl- houses on allotment; built block on Superior 
versity club. Residence: 1579 Belmar-rd. and E. 111th st.; built on Riverside-ave., Ma- 
Office: 2026 E. 22nd st. pledale-ave., Lee-rd. and Eddy-rd.; former 

GOTTFRIED, Henry S., attorney; born, member Chamber of Commerce and Real Es- 

Hungary, Feb. 19, 1893; son Joseph A. and tate board; member City club. Residence: 

Helen (Sperling) Gottfried; educated. Bald- 1261 Parkwood-dr. 

win-Wallace, Cleveland law school, cum GOULDER, Harvey Danforth, admiralty 

laude; married Cleveland, Nov. 14, 1915 to lawyer born, March 7, 1853; son Christopher 

Charlotte Stark— children, Bernice and Hel- jy ^nd Barbara (Freeland) Goulder; educated, 

aine Gottfried; world war. Cleveland prd- public schools; Central high school, 1869; 

nance, district claims board; with Cleveland studied law in office of Tyler & Dennison; 

Electric Illuminating Co.^ven years; auditor ^^arried, Washington, Nov. 11, 1878 to Mary 

years- pral^UcinlTaw'^six y%ars° sic and m^ ^- ^^^^^^ (deceased, 1913); married, Aug. 5. 

Sector ^alsooFfriaceC^o.S'Vperior Sales 19^5 to Mrs. Seabury C Ford (deceased. 1921); 

Service Co.; director Royal Plumbing Co.; fP^nt summer vacations working on the 

member Cleveland Bar assn.; Cleveland City lakes under his father a master of lake 

lodge No. 15, F. & A. M.; Grotto; Windermere craft; in 1871 entered the employ of Alcott, 

lodge K. of P.; Citizens league. Recreation: Horton & Co. as entry clerk in wholesale dry 

golf. Residence: 2969 East Derbyshire-rd. goods dept.; took up study of admiralty law 

Office: 1110 Hippodrome Bldg. under the late John E. Carey; in 1875 re- 

ceived license to practice admiralty law in 

medal; married, Cleveland, 1899 to Myra Scott; intimately connected with marine matters, 
director Western Reserve school of design, and extensive practice in lake and river cities 
1893; instructor Oberlin college; ex-pres. and from Duluth to Montreal; recognized au- 
master emeritus Cleveland Society of Artists; thority on all phases of admiralty law; gen- 
senior Instructor Cleveland School of Art; In- eral counsel Great Lakes Protective Assn. 
structor John Huntington Institute; member and American Bureau of Shipping; director 
The American Federation of Arts. Office: Wilson Transit Co. and Cleveland & Buffalo 
Cleveland School of Art. Transit Co.; member Chamber of Commerce; 

„ „ „ „ ^^ I. T>,^^ %. _\. American Academy of Political and Social 

GOTTWALD. Myra Scott, born, Pittsburgh, gdence; American Bar assn.; Maritime Law 

Sept. 27 1868; daughter M. Turner and Char- American Society of International 

Ictte (Jackson) Scott; educated Cleveland Society of Naval Architects and Marine 

ilgh school; Cleveland normal school; mar- t^,^^,' „„^o. Av,:„ sr^r^ietv of Mow Vnrv TnHia 

clubs, Cleveland; Congressional Country club 
GOlJliD, Allen Adams, engineer and mfrs. of Washington; Croatan Country club of Vlr- 
agent; born, Newton, Mass., Dec. 14, 1887; son ginla; Buffalo Athletic and Transportation 
John Allen and Frances Taylor (Sabin) Gould; clubs of Buffalo; Detroit and Detroit Athletic 
educated, Mass. Institute of Technology, 1910, clubs of Detroit. Residence: Stockbridge 
bachelor of science; troop A, Ohio Cavalry. Apts. Office: Union Trust Bldg. 
Mexican Border, 1916-1917; world war, British , ^, , , 
ministry of munitions in U. S. 1917; capt. GOWEN. Albert YonngloTe, born, Cleveland, 
M.T.C. with G-1 Staff 37th Division A.E.F., May 8, 1883; son Caleb E. and Gertrude 
1918; Meuse-Argonne offensive; Ypres Lys (Younglove) Gowen; educated. University 
offensive; major M.T.C, engineering div, school; St. Pauls school, Concord, N. H. and 
SOS., 1919; asst. engineer Peerless Motor Harvard college; married, Cleveland, to Mar- 
Car Co.; asst. sales manager, The Towmotor garet H. Smith — children, Margaret H.Gow- 
Co.; director University club: district mgr. en; director Kelley Island Lime & Trans- 
The Lewis Asphalt Engineering Corpn.; port Co.; started in business 1906 with Kelley 
ex. S.A.E.; Industrial division. Community Island Lime Co.; connected with Lehigh Port- 
Fund; member Phi Beta Epsilon fraternity; land Cement Co. 15 years, last five years as 
University club; Technology club of Northern vice-pres.; due to ill health, has resigned 
Ohio. Recreation: tennis and squash rac- from all business connections, except to act 
quettes. Residence: University club, 3813 in an advisory capacity with companies In 
Euclid-ave Office: 4500 Euclid-ave. which he is interested; member Tavern, Union 
„, , ^ „ ,- and Kirtland clubs of Cleveland; Chicago and 
GOULD. Lonise. born, Cleveland, Nov. 12, University clubs of Chicago: New York Yacht 
1883; daughter John and Marie (Frank) (.juj, ^f n. Y. Residence: Magnolia-dr. Of- 
Horning; educated. Orchard and Hicks schools, «„«. Leader News Bldg. 
Cleveland; married, Cleveland, June 27, 1906 ^ ^^a-uc o „ , ^ ^ 
to Walter C. Gould — children, Harvey Walter GRAHAM, Charles Adam, florist; born, 
Gould; member Lakewood Child Conserva- Cleveland. July 22, 1898; son C. J. and Lulu 
tion League, sec. vice-pres. pres. Educational (Peterson) Graham; educated Kenyon col- 
Chairman, served seven years.; serving the lege; married, Cleveland, July 19, 1922 to 



Helen Beatrice Kinney; junior member, A. 
Graham and Son; member Delta Kappa Ep- 
sllon fraternity. Uesidence: 3233 E. Mon- 
mouth-rd. Office: 12319 Euclid-ave. 

GRAHAM, Kliznbrth Dorrnnce, born, Croth- 
erB, Pa.. Apr. 29, 1885; daughter Robert 
Miller and Ella HodK:ins (Crolhers) Dorrence; 
educated, Miss MittTebergers school and Na- 
tional Parlt Seminary; — children, Elizabeth 
Crothers Graham. Residence: Wade Park 

GRAHAM, Grnce B., te