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Full text of "Re-union of the Burton and Robinson families : records of proceedings, historical records and genealogy of the families, 1879"

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Historical Records 


Genealogy of the Families 





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Burton and Robinson Families 

SEPTEMBER 18, 1879 

At the suggestion of a few members of the families originating in 
Capt. Benjamin Burton and Dr. Moses Robinson, whose descendants hav- 
ing frequently inter-married, made it desirable that the reunion should 
embrace both families; a reunion of said descendants was ultimately fixed 
upon and held on the site of the old stone garrison house, or Burton's 
Fort, so called, once located on and forming a part of the old Burton 
farm and homestead in Cushing; which has always remained the property 
of some one of the family, being now owned and occupied by John Burton. 

These grounds selected for the gathering border on the west side of 
Georges river directly opposite the upper St. George meeting house. 
The present homestead is situated on a high ridge near the river, between 
the river and which was a large field descending with a graded slope to 
the water's edge, bordered on the southern and river side by a young 
growth of oaks, birches and other trees, which afforded ample shade and 
protection from the wind for a long table abundantly filled, and the large 
company who were gathered round it; also for swings and other sources 
of amusement to the many children that made a part of the gathering. 

At a short distance off, and nearer the river, arose the steam and 
odor of that indispensable adjunct of such occasions, a clam bake, which 
under the care and supervision of Mr. J. H. Flint, of Rockland, contri- 
buted no small share in supplying the craving appetites resulting from a 
long drive, and fast. 

A more favorable place for such a gathering could scarcely have been 
found among the many beautiful places which border the Georges river; 
certainly none surrounded with so many natural beauties, and so crowded 
with historical reminiscenses. 

The spot, where once stood the old fort, was marked by a flag staff, 
bearing the American flag; a few only of the foundation stones were to 
be seen. Here Capt. Benjamin Burton in 1754 located himself and built 
this fort. It was built of stone and strongly fortified with pickets, and 


not only proved ample protection for his own family through many a 
severe attack made against it in after years by the Indians, but was a 
place of refuge to his neighbors in many a time of peril. More than one 
person was found present whose mother or grandmother, father or grand- 
father, had first seen the light of this world in this old garrison house; 
and from the lips of whom had been heard the tales of what was suffered, 
done and dared, by those from whom they sprang. 

The Robinson homestead is situated on the same side of the river 
some three-quarters of a mile above the Burton place. It was located by 
Dr. Moses Robinson, who was one of the earlier settlers, if not the 
earliest, on the river; having some time previous to Burton's settlement, 
twenty years at least, located himself and family here as his first home 
on Georges river. His fifth child, Archibald, was born here, in 1737, 
being the first white child born among the settlers on Georges river. It 
has always remained in posession of the family descendants, being now 
occupied by "Aunt Hannah," relict of Jacob Robinson, one of the great- 
grandchildren of Dr. Moses. "Aunt Hannah" was present on this 
occasion, and although the snows of eighty winters had not passed with- 
out leaving their trace, there were few of the younger portion, and of 
later generations of her sex present, who would have cared to try titles 
with her for power of endurance, or to out-walk, or out-talk her. She 
gave many interesting reminiscences of the events that had occurred in 
and around the old fort, her mind clear and memory good; some one 
should record them for future generations. 

After dinner those present comprising delegations from the city of 
Rockland, towns of Union, Warren, Thomaston, St. George and Cushing 
proceeded to effect a permanent organization by choosing 

George W. Robinson, Thomaston, Treasurer; 

C. W. Prince, Thomaston, Secretary; 

M. R. Mathews, Warren, Treasurer: 

Joseph Robinson of Warren, ") 

Thomas Burton of Cushing, 

Moses R. Mathews of Warren, 

Benj. Burton of Union, 

James Henderson of Thomaston, 

James P. Robinson of Cushing, 

Charles Whitney of Rockland, 

Erastus Robinson of St. George, 

Isaac J. Burton was selected to give the Historical Address. 


Capt. George W. Robinson, on taking his place as presiding officer, 
read the following address of welcome : 


As members of one common family, springing from the same stock, 
under different names, and with many other family and social relations, 

Vice Presidents. 


-we "have here met on this historic spot, which was once the earthly home 
of those from whom we sprang, for a social, annual reunion. 

It is an ancient custom, and brought down to us, in every history of 
our race. The sacred word given to the children of Abraham, not only 
bear witness of these facts, but make it a part of their religious duty. 
Bringing down this custom so long neglected by us, of an annual feast 
gathering, where in obedience to this command, they from every nation 
under Heaven, would gather together at Jerusalem, and give thanks unto 
Him, who as Jehovah their God, had made of them a great nation. So 
would we gather together and humbly acknowledge before Him, from 
whom all things are and do exist, our heartfelt thankfulness and con- 
tinued dependence upon Him for all His gifts. 

Leaving it for those whose special duty it may be to rehearse the 
family records, and trace through its genealogy the family ties which 
show our common origin, I will dwell but lightly on those features and 
events under which, and through which our forefathers were led to seek 
this land, and establish thereon their home, and leave it unto us as our 
heritage. To establish the privilege of worshiping God untrammeled, to 
furnish for themselves and those born of them homes they could call 
their own, to this land our fathers came; and through toil and suffering, 
with undaunted courage and continuous conflict only, were they able 
to overcome the opposing influence and bring into subjection, not 
only the wilderness they had chosen for their home but the wild and war- 
like tribes they found inhabiting it. The toil and suffering, the labor and 
the conflict, was theirs, and we are now enjoying the fruits thereof. 

With thoughts and feelings filled with reverent and thankful re- 
membrance may we now come together and in the revival of those 
scenes with which they are so closely connected, find a common bond 
wherewith to bind us more closely together than hitherto it has been our 
privilege to be. May we each and every one find that it is good for us to 
be here; and in the happiness we may bestow upon others, find that true 
happiness which springs from and becomes a part of all true kindliness. 
Desiring to do what I can to promote this result, I would hereby bid you 
one and all, a cordial welcome. 

After which, Mr. Isaac J. Burton being called upon, read the following 
as a partial historical record of the genealogy, doings and transactions of 
the earlier members of the Robinson and Burton families: 


Did you hear that savage war-whoop, the cry of massacred children, 
and the wailing of bereft mothers? Did you hear the alarm gun from these 
walls of defence, and the associated block -house below? No, no! is re- 
responded on every hand; their echoes have died out a hundred years 
ago. And to-day, fellow citizens, friends and relatives, we are here to 
commemorate the many scenes that have transpired since first our 


fathers came to this wilderness, tenanted by wild beasts and ferocious 
savages. We are here, too, to renew family ties and exchange friendly 

Then let no one feel backward in lending a helping hand to make this 
gathering social, agreeable and profitable to all assembled. Let each 
bring their little store of history and tradition, that they may be re- 
membered and transmitted to generations yet unborn. 

We are able to-day to trace our history back to a remote date. Far 
across the Atlantic in various countries of Europe we find our pedigree 
in embryo. England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Germany have con- 
tributed to compose this band of aspiring Yankees. 

It will be difficult at this late day to analyze this heterogeneous gen- 
ealogy, and assign to each nation its respective part. 

The names of Burton and Robinson we first find in England. John 
Robinson conspicuous among the Puritans went with them to Leyden. 
The church in which he preached in that land of refuge still stands, and 
just in front of it may be seen, inserted in the wall of an old house, a 
tablet on which is this inscription:— "Here lived, taught and died John 
Robinson, 1611-25;" it is still called the Robinson house. 

Dr. Moses Robinson of the Scotch-Irish emigration came first to 
Cashing, but removed to Warren where he died and was buried in the 
Pilgrim Cemetery. From him have descended the long line of Robinsons 
found in various towns around. Of his nine children Ai'chibald the fifth 
was the first white child born in Warren, Jan. 31, 1737. The third son, 
John, married Sarah Carver, descendant of Gov. Carver of Plymouth; 
hence the given name Carver among the Robinsons. Of Moses 2d 
children the oldest son, Moses, (4th,) married Jane Burton; and the sixth, 
Betsey, married Wm. Burton. 

Moses 3d died 1777, said to be the first buried in the old graveyard in 
Cushing. Moses 5th, of Warren, married Elizabeth Ludwig of Waldo- 
boro. Here comes in the first German tincture in the Robinson lineage. 
In the fourth generation among the most renowned is Hon. Edward 
Robinson who married Joanna A. Parsons of Cushing, subsequently N. J. 
& P. G. Fales of Thomaston. He was a ship captain, merchant, and State 
Senator; was presidential elector in 1840, and candidate for Governor in 

Capt. Oliver 2d married Margaret Patterson, was cashier of Thom- 
aston bank. Time will not permit us to speak of the numerous indi- 
viduals that constitute the six generations of the Robinson Lineage; but 
we will give an opportunity for any who wish to speak for themselves; 
suffice it to say, as a race, they are an honorable and industrious class of 
people, have occupied many trustworthy positions in society, and have 
done much to build up the towns of Thomaston, Cushing, St. George and 
Warren; besides emigrating to various towns and states of the Union. 

Of the antiquities of Georges River there is none more involved in 


mystery than the tradition of what is presumed to be an under-ground 
house, situated on a farm in Cushing, that has been in possession of 
the Robinson family from the first settlement of the town to the present 
day. When the emigrants first came to this river, they found on that 
farm remains of an underground house of large dimensions; it was 
situated on a point of land formed by the river and a deep creek. The 
structure was built of hewn timber, and had an underground passageway 
leading from the creek into it, made also of hewn timber, which was high 
enough for a man to walk erect and with width sufficient to admit a good 
size boat. The house had been built long before any permanent settle- 
ment had been in this vicinity, as it was in a state of decay when 
the Scotch-Irish emigrants came, and appeared as if it dated back to a 
remote time. There are various ideas expressed about it, but its mystery 
has never yet been unraveled. 

We pass now from the Robinson lineage to notice that of the Burton 
family: We have already shown that these two families were intimately 
connected by early marriages; subsequent history shows that later 
generations have also intermarried, so that a complete biography of 
either lineage could not be written without frequent allusions to the 
other; therefore we shall have frequent occasion to allude to the Robin- 
sons while speaking of the Burtons. 

The indissoluble union of these families rendered it expedient to hold 
a reunion together upon this ancient farm, around the ruins of a forti- 
fication that protected our sires and our mothers from the savage arrow 
and scalping-knife. But we defer any further abstract remarks, till we 
have given a brief biography of Burton lineage. 

So far as we have been able to learn, the name Burton had its origin 
in England. The definition of the name is tackle. (Ropes and pulleys 
for raising weights.) The first of the name brought into public life was 
Sir Edward Burton, who was created knight banneret by Edward after 
the battle of St. Albins in 1460. (Banneret, a military rank conferred 
only upon those able to bring a certain number of vassals into the field.) 
We next trace the name to Ireland. Sir Charles Burton, the first bar- 
onet, was Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1753, and one of the representatives 
in Parliament. In 1758 we find an association of Burtons in Pollacton Co. , 
Ireland, where a coat of arms was created, and the following motto 
adopted: Dus provid ebit (God will provide). Sir Charles Wm. C. Burton 
was 5th Baronet and son of Lieut. Benj. Burton of 19th Lancers. Before 
passing to Ireland I should have mentioned Robert Burton, a writer of the 
17th century, who was born at Lindley, Leicestershire, 1576. His learning 
was said to be various and extensive; he was author of Anatomy of 
Melancholy. We leave the rest of the Burton history of England and 
Ireland and introduce to you Capt. Benj. Burton with Alice Lewis his 
wife from Ireland, who was among the first settlers in Cushing. We are 
able to trace his ancestors directly to Wales, where his father or grand- 


father, having joined Cromwell's army, went with it to Ireland and 
assisted in subjecting that country to the Commonwealth. At the close 
of the war he probably settled in the north part of Ireland where we 
found Capt. Ben j., whom we just introduced, getting up a colony to go 
to America, among whom was his father, who died on the passage over. 
At the age of 27Benj.,with the rest of the colony, arrived safely in 
Georges River in 1736. Nine years subsequent to this date, on the 16th of 
June, he was in a battle at the capture of Louisburg where he acquired a 
good degree of credit; and on his return was appointed commander of 
the block-house, in what is now Thomaston, near where the toll-bridge is. 

On the 19th of July the Indians made a successive attack on the 
place, burnt a number of houses, killed several cattle,and killed or captured 
a citizen. This act so exasperated Burton, and a spirit of retaliation, 
that he and Lieut. Proctor with a company of 19 men pursued a band of 
Tarratine Indians, and having overtaken them Burton severed the head 
of one from his body with a blow of his sword; and Proctor dispatched 
another. History brings us now to the ground on which we stand. In 
1754, one and a quarter centuries ago, a block-house of stone was created 
here by Capt. Benj. Burton and by him occupied; to render it a more 
complete protection, it was surrounded by picket. Two years elapse, 
when on the 24th of March, 1756, the united Indian tribes made a furious 
attack upon this fortification, commanded by their inveterate enemy, 
whom if possible they were determined to slay. By hard fighting and 
skillful tactics they were repulsed; not however till they killed two men, 
scalped another and left him nearly dead. Do not these acts, my friends, 
awaken within you a spirit of patriotism? does it not tacitly and em- 
phatically say, the land our fathers' blood has stained is dear, is dear to 
every American Patriot? 

It is narrated of Capt. Burton by Cyrus Eaton, Esq., that on one 
occasion, (in which war, not informed,) being some distance out with his 
wife and four children, when an alarm was given by the dogs, he took 
one child on his back, one under each arm, while his wife took the other 
and all escaped safely into the fortress. 

One of his daughters imbibed the spirit and courage of the father; 
often in the absence of a garrison she would stand guard on the top of 
the fortress while the father was laboring in the field. 

Nearly half a century elapsed, when on the night of the 20th of 
March, 1763, this unflinching soldier, who had passed through two wars, 
perished in his boat while coming from the fort at Thomaston, home. His 
ashes repose in the cemetery near where stood that fort; but after the 
desecration of that hallowed ground where heroes sleep, the headstone 
that ^arked his grave was transferred by his grand-daughter, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Miller, to the cemetery near the Baptist church in Warren. 


Peace to thy ashes now mingled with earth; 
And peace to thy soul departed from earth; 
No more shall the cannon thy slumbers disturb; 
Ne'er shall the war-whoop by thee be heard. 
Here on the banks of Georges fair shores 
Rest noble warrior; thy conflicts are o'er. 

Of the eleven children of the second generation all we boys lived to 
be married except John, who died at the age of 19. Two of the family, 
William and Jane, as before stated, married Robinsons. William re- 
mained here on the old farm, and his posterity, even to the fourth gen- 
eration, are here today and live in the very house their ancestors built. 
William's occupation was farming and ship-building. Thomas removed 
to Calais. Benjamin's life was more complicated than either of the 
brothers. Partaking largely of his father's warlike characteristics he 
espoused, at an early age, his country's conflict with her formidable foe. 
On the 16th of December, 1773, Benjamin B., at the age of 23 was one of 
the seventeen men that constituted the "tea-party" on board the British 
merchant ships in Boston harbor; he was stationed in the hold to attach 
the tackle to the chests, and did not relinquish his position till 342 chests 
of tea were steeped in salt water. This was Benjamin's first act of re- 
bellion against John Bull. 

In 1779 measures were taken to defend the coast against the incursions 
of the British army, and Burton, who had been commisioned Lieutenant, 
stationed with a force at Camden. In February 1780, during intense 
cold weather and while the snow was from three to four feet deep, he 
went with a flag of truce to Biguyduce, where the British were quartered, 
to procure the release of Eliakin Libby of Warren, who had been cap- 
tured from a lumber schooner. The Penobscot Bay was frozen sufficiently 
hard to enable him to cross directly from Camden to Biguyduce on the ice; 
and having procured the release of Libby returned in like manner. In 
1781 Burton returned to Biguyduce under less auspicious circumstances. 
On a passage from Boston to St. George he was taken prisoner, con- 
veyed to the British fortress and imprisoned in a room with Gen. Wads- 
worth, who a short time before had been taken prisoner at Thomaston. 
The summer before, Burton, in the capacity of major, had served under 
Gen. Wadsworth. This intimate acquaintance enable them the sooner to 
devise plans for their escape, and prevent their being sent to England as 
was the intention of Gen. Campbell. The Major being a carpenter by trade, 
procured a gimlet ostensibly to make toys, but really to cut a hole through 
the top of the room that was ceiled with boards; this he accomplished so 
ingeniously that he was not detected though they were guarded and closely 
watched. An aperture was made by boring off a board, leaving a little at 
the four corners; the gimlet holes were filled with brown bread about the 
color of the ceiling which prevented the incisions being seen. The work 
consummated they waited for a stormy night and made their escape, and 
arrived safely at Thomaston where they were received with acclamations 


of joy. At what time Major Burton was promoted to Colonel I have not 
ascertained. He died in Warren, May 24, 1835, at the advanced age of 
86. A low marble stone there marks his resting place. 

Of the third generation of Burtons there are but few left that we 
know of. The fourth generation is quite numerous and some of them are 
tinctured with the old war spirit. Captain Isaac of the third generation 
(deceased) , in the war 1812-13, surprised a British barge that came up 
the river, setting fires to vessels. His step-mother, Mrs. Wm. Burton, 
made herself useful on the occasion by procuring ammunition. His 
brother, Wm. 2d, one of the nineteen children of Wm. Burton, was a ship- 
builder and served as coast-guard in the war of 1812-13. He was killed 
in Warren by the falling of a tree. I. J. Burton, his only son, true to the 
definition of the name, has for forty-two winters acted as tackle to raise 
the young minds from A B C to mathematics' high degree; and for forty- 
five summers has been employed in ship joinering and house carpentering 
the most of the time. 

A number of the fourth generation were in the war of the rebellion. 
Elbridge served about four years in the First Maine Cavalry; was cor- 
poral and commissary sergeant. Numbers of the name through nearly 
all generations have been ship-masters and master mechanics. There 
have been no ministers except those that have descended through the 
female lineage. The same is true of doctors; as to lawyers I don't know 
as there are any to be found. 

In 1635 we find that three Burtons came from Europe here in different 
ships; Thomas, 19 years of age, came in the ship Elizabeth; Jonathan, 17 
years old, came in ship Matthew; George, 23 years old, came the same 
year. Whether these are linked with our ancestry or not I am not able 
to say ; nor where they located I know not. 

This old fortification, around whose ruins we stand, was in 1758 guarded 
by six persons: Benjamin Burton and Thomas Carny, sergeants; Christian 
Power, John Green, Joseph Andrews, Cornelius Thornton and John Bur- 
ton, privates. We find a John Burton here today in possession of the 
farm although one hundred and thirty years have passed away. When 
another century shall have passed away, may it still be found in posses- 
sion of the name and guarded by the same patriotic spirit that charac- 
terized its primitive owners. We think we are justified in making the 
assertion, that in this building Dr. Robinson established the first Sabbath 
school ever held in America. 

Friends, as we stand here today, in quietude, we know nothing of the 
fears and sorrows of our ancestors who have passed away. With an his- 
torical eye let us look into this old structure and see mothers weeping for 
loved ones slain; wives for husbands moaning, and children bewailing 
murdered fathers. Look at the slain about the fortress, and the young 
men weltering in their gore, with their scalps torn from their heads. The 
thought, even at this late day, is repulsive to the human mind. What 


then could have been the feelings of those who witnessed the scenes. 

Look again just down the river and see two boat loads massacred 
and scalped by a band of merciless savages, their blood mingling with the 
waters, their bodies a prey to wild beasts. See, too, from the east and 
from the west, strong men, with their wives and helpless children, coming 
to this and other fortifications for refuge. Now, let us contrast our situ- 
ation with theirs and lift up our eyes in adoration to God, for the bless- 
ings we today enjoy, which have been transmitted to us through the blood 
and toil of our noble sires. 

May we emulate their virtues while with charity we depreciate their 
errors, knowing that they, like ourselves, were mortal; we are still so, 
while they have put on immortality; and we trust and hope are enjoying 
the rewards of a life that was spent amid toils and hardships, fears and 
sorrows. The day is coming when the dead shall arise; and if we are per- 
mitted to recognize each other, we shall meet them on the other shore, 
where parting and sorrow will be no more. 

On motion of C. Prince, a vote of thanks to those who had been in- 
strumental in getting up this reunion, and whose care and labor had added 
so much to its happy and successful realization, was unanimously tendered. 

In the almost impromptu gathering of these family connections, thus, 
for the first time brought together, but little had been or could be done to 
arrange and make a part of their record, the many interesting facts con- 
nected with and composing a part of their family history. Mr. Burton 
in his record has been able to embrace many interesting incidents not 
found elsewhere, and was also able to tell us of others which are not em- 
braced in that record. 

It was expected that some one of the Robinson family would have 
been prepared to give more fully than Mr. Burton was able to do, a par- 
ticular history of that family. But the one most depended upon for that 
duty was unavoidably absent, so that but little was presented in that 

Of the European ancestors of the Robinson family little is known with 
any degree of certainty. It is only known that quite a number of those 
who ultimately became settlers on the Georges River, came over as early 
as 1719 from North Ireland, being mostly of Scotch descent, having left Ire- 
land because of the unfavorable surroundings connected with a residence 
there of those holding to the Protestant faith. Some of these first settled 
in Londonderry and other adjacent towns in New Hampshire; others re- 
sided for a short time at Penamaquid, Boston and other places along the 
coast; and who through the favorable inducements held out by Samuel 
Waldo, Esq., the then owner of what was called the Waldo patent, includ- 
ing that portion of the coast now embraced in the towns of Waldoboro, 
Friendship, Cushing, St. George, Thomaston, South Thomaston, Rockland 
and Camden, were finally led to make a permanent settlement in this 


Dr. Moses Robinson and his brother Andrew, it is most probable, was 
one of these, for we find him located near Broad Cove, in the present 
town of Cushing, with his family of four boys, viz:— Joseph, Moses, Jr., 
John and Hanse, some time at least before June 31, 1837; at which time it 
is known Archibald, his fifth son, was born, being it is said the first white 
child of the settlers born on the Georges River. 

This farm he afterwards left in charge of his sons, and in 1754 took 
up lot No. 22, in the upper town, now Warren. Andrew, his brother, was 
unmarried; his business as far as can be learned, embraced engineering, 
for he was often employed in the building of fortifications in the vicinity, 
and was employed in strengthening the old fort at Georges River at the 
time of his death, which occurred 1742. 

In the years that followed, the names of Dr. Moses and his sons are 
often found in the records of those days. Sometimes as occupying and 
working his farm in the upper town; sometimes as inmates with the 
other settlers of the Block House and old fort, in what is now Thomaston; 
and sometimes at Burton's fort. 

Thj. farm at Broad Cove, after being held by one or more of his eld^r 
brothers finally came into the possession of Archibald, above mentioned, 
and has remained in possession of^some one of his family down to this day. 
Most of Dr. Moses children and grandchildren married and settled in the 
vicinity (several of them marrying and settling on the opposite, or eastern 
side of the river), from whom sprarg a large circle of relatives, a circle 
that has increased to quite large dimensions; many children of the seventh 
generation being present at this gathering. 

Of those bearing the name of Robinson in the towns of Union, War- 
ren, St. George and Cushing all, with a very few exceptions are branches 
of his family; and also to quite an extent is this the case in Rockland and 

Of his daughters we find that Margaret his 7th child married Moses 
Rivers of Cushing; Mary his 8th child married Matthew Kelloch of St. 
George, whilst of his granddaughters, Hannah married Samuel Gil- 
chrest; Elizabeth, Elijah Hall; and Mary, Capt. Samuel Watts; all of St. 
George, from whom and whose children have sprung the numerous fami- 
lies bearing the name of Gilchrest, Kelloch and Watts, in St. George, 
Cushing, Warren and Thomaston; these again branching off through the 
female portion into other names too numerous to mention. 

A genealogy of these families, as far as it has been in our power to 
obtain is hereunto annexed, being copied in most cases from Eaton's An- 
nals of Warren, and History of Thomaston and Rockland. 

The officers of this gathering were appointed a committee to select 
time and place of reunion for next year. 

After prayer by the Rev. Mr. Tyler, and the singing of the Doxology 

by all present, the meeting was declared adjourned until again called to- 
gether by its officers, by whom this Record is respectfully submitted. 
Attest:— C. PRINCE, Sec. 

Genealogy of Capt. Benj. Burton's Family 


Capt Benjamin, m Alice Lewis in Ireland, was among the first set- 
tlers in Cush, commanded the stone block-house there, and d March 20, 
1763. His father, Benjamin, d on the passage over from Ireland. Their 
chil. 1, Rebecca, r and d in Boston. 2, Agnes, d in 1829, in Boston. 3, 
Mary, m Capt. Thomas Casey, r Halifax, N. S. 4, Alice, r and d in Bos- 
ton. 5, Col. Benjamin, b in 1749, m Hannah Church of Bristol, R. I., and 
d in Warren, May 24, 1835, a 86, having built the Bickford house at the 
village, and r in it the closing years of his eventful life. 6, John, d a about 
19. 7, Sarah, b in 1753; m Nehemiah Eastman from Gilmanton, N. H., and 
d in June, 1835, at Montville. 8, Elizabeth, m Hon. Edward Killeran; r 
and d Cush. 9, Thomas, m 1st, Betsey Barber, 2d, Susan McCobb; r and 
d at Calais in 1837 or '8. 10, William, m 1st, Jane Robinson, 2d, Chloe 
Bradford; r Cush, and d in March, 1842. 11, Jane, m Moses Robinson of 
Cush and d in Feb 1803. 

Col Benjamin's chil. 1, Benjamin (3d), m Jameson. 2, Capt 

Thomas (2d), b ab 1784; m Lydia Young of Cush, Jan 10, 1813; r W village 
where Wm H Hodgman now r and d Sept 28, 1850. 3, Capt. John (2d), 
m 1st, May Morton, 2nd, Rebecca Vaughan; r for a time in W, on the 
Wight place; but rem Kilmarnock. 4, Elizabeth, b in 1787, m 1st, An- 
selin Vaughan, 2d, Dea John Miller, rem Lincoln; d and bur in W March 
1, 1877. 5, Hannah, m John L Robinson of Cush, Jan 16, 1814. 6, Sarah, 
m Capt Dunbar Henderson; r Th. 7, Ann, m 1st, Capt Robert Norton, 
2d, Dr Thos D. Raeburn, May 17, 1830; r Newton, Mass. The mother 
died Aug 21, 1834. 

William, born 1754 (brother of Col Benjamin, son of Capt Benjamin 
of Cushing, and grandson of Benjamin who d on his passage from Ireland 
to St George's) ; m 1st, Jane Robinson, 2d, Chloe Bradford; r C and d 
March, 1842. His chil. By 1st wife. 1, Jane, d young. 2, Nancy, m Capt 
Andrew Robinson; r and d St George. 3, William (2d), m 1st, Elizabeth 
Parsons of C, 2d, Lucy Spear of W; r C and d Jan 2, 1821 4, Jane B, m 
John Montgomery of Townsend; r C and now Th. 5, Isaac, m Nancy 
Parsons; r C and d Boston. 6, Matthew, b May 10, 1762; m Margaret 
Robinson of St George, Oct 29, 1818; r Rock, a caulker. 7, Eliza, d young. 
8, Elizabeth, m Ephraim Robinson; r St George. By 2d wife. 9, Sarah. 
10, Chloe, d young. 11, Thomas, m 1st, Rachel Vinal, 2nd, Lucy (Vinal) 
Burton; r C. 12, Sarah; 13, James, m Lucy Vinal; r and d C. 14, Chloe; 
15, Alfred; 16, Elbridge; all d young. 17, John R, m Lydia Bradford; r 
C. 18, Lucy, d young. 19, William (3d), m Miss Hyler; rC d New 


Matthew's ch. 1, Capt Alfred, b Dec 13, 1818; m 1st, Elionai L Healeyv 
April 26, '46, 2d, Sarah A Luce, April 1, '53; r Rock, died, murdered in 
Kingston, Jamaica, Sept 6, 1860, on board his barque Alvarado, by his 
crew. 2, Susanna R, born July 29, 1821; m John Bartlett, Oct 29, '46, r 
Rock. 3, Nancy R, b April 2, 1825; m Lysander Fales; r Rock. 4, Mar- 
garet, b Aug 7, '27; m William G Paul; r Rock. 5, George, b Sept 16, '29; 
m Lucy E Clark, July 2, '48; r Rock. 6, Capt Benjamin (4th), b March 
15, '35; m Jane E Oliver of W, April 4, '61; r Rockland. 

Capt Alfred's ch. 1, Mayalan M, b June 4, 1845, d Sept 2, '47. 2, El- 
ionai L, b Feb 3, d April 27, '49. By 2d wife. 3, Hiram C, b June 14, '54. 
4, Annie M, b Sept 30, '58; d Feb 9, '63. 

George's ch. 1, Henry F, b Aug 7, 1849. 2, George E, b May 28, 1856. 

Of Thomas's chil. 1, Elbridge, b April 9, 1826; m 1st, Eliza Hyler of 
Cush, 2d, Lucinda Stahl, Dec 13, 1852; served ab four years in 1st Me 
Cavalry, Co B, was corporal and com sergeant; c to W Warren in Sept 
'73, and r on the Thos Hoffses place. 

Capt Thomas's chil. 1, Edward, m and r in Philadelphia. 2, Dorothy, 
Y, m James H Sanford, pub Sept 16, '37, r Topsham; died '47. 3, Thomas, 
m Eliza Cunningham of Belfast; r New York. 4, Isaac, m Sarah Fish of 
Lincoln, where he r. The mother m 2nd, R^v James Farquharson of Wil- 
liamsburg, N Y, Sept 25, '55, and d at Lincoln in March, '72. Mr F having 
d in Feb '58. 

Capt John's chil. 1, Mary Ann, m Thomas White, Dec 1830; r and d 
in Winthrop. 2, Eliza, m Darius Nye of Union, pub March 28, '35. 3, Al- 
bert G, m and r to Oldtown; 4, Harriet. 5, James. 6, John (3d), all rem 
to Kilmarnock. 

Elbridge's chil. By 1st wife. 1, Eveline, m Sidney Mank of Wal; r 
Th. 2, Edvarado; 3, Georgiana; bothr Cush. By 2d wife. 4, Alvah F, b 
Dec 12, 1853; r W. 5, Lizzie F, b Oct 21, '55; m Geo A Moore of Milford, 
Jan 9, '75. 6, William J, b June 4, '58. 7, Nellie F, b March 18, '60. 
8, Rachel, b Feb 25, '62; d in 1864. 9, Angie M, b Jan 2, '67; all r W. 10, 
Bennie W, b Jan 25, '69; d 1874. 

William 2d's chil. By 1st wife. 1, Isaac J, born Oct 2, 1816; m Lucy 
Ann Boggs, Nov 25, '45; r W. By 2d wife. 2, Eliza Jane, m Gideon L 
Pease of Boston, pub May 20, 1830. 

Isaac J's chil. 1 and 2, twins, b Sept 1, 1846; Melvin, d Sept 7, '46; 
Mary L, m Nathan R Tolman; r W. 3, Ada S M, b Feb 3, '51; m Geo W 
Farnsworth, April 15, '74; r Bath, and has daughter, Mabel VFarnsworth. 
4, Lucy J, b Aug 27, '53; m James F. Creighton; r N Warren. 


Capt Dunbar's, (2d), chil. 1, Capt James, b about 1817; mar 1st, 
Sarah J Singer, Oct 1841. 2d, Mrs Sarah J Robinson, May 13, '54; r Th, a 
ship master. 2, Ann E, m Col William Bennett; r Th. 3, Susan; r Th. 
4, Capt Dunbar, (2d), b ab 1826; m Oliva Chapman, July 25, '56; r Th, a 
ship master, like most of the family. 

Genealogy of Dr. Moses Robinsons Family 


Dr. Moses, of the Scotch Irish emigration, came first to what is now 
dishing, afterwards to W, with the first settlers; d and was buried there 
in the 1st graveyard, by the old Pres meetinghouse, Capt Andrew, probably 
a brother, died and was buried at the old Fort, 1742. Dr. Moses' ch. 
(sons), 1, Joseph, m Mary McFetheridge, not McKoun, as in Annals of 

Warren; r C, and d, aged about 78. 2, Moses (2d), m McFar- 

land; r and d C. 3, John, m Sarah Carver, descendant of Gov Carver 
of Plymouth; r and d Pleasant Pt Cove, C. 4, Major Hanse, m Bridget 
or Priscilla Hyler; r and d C. 5, Archibald, born Jan 31, 1737; the first 
white male ch at what is now W; m Margaret Watson; r C and d Feb 25, 
1820. 6, William, b ab 1738, or the latter part of 1737; m Mrs Rebecca 
(Rea) Minot, Nov 3, 1767; r W and d April 23, 1813. (Daus) 7, Mar- 
garet, m Joseph Rivers of C. 8, Mary, m Matthew Kelloch; r and d St. 

George. 9, Jane, m Bennett; r Rock, and perished in a snow storm 

in 1870. 

Joseph's ch. 1, Hannah, m Samuel Gilchrist; r and d St George. 2, 
Sarah, d unm. 3, Mary, d young. 4, Moses (3d) , b 1766, d 1777, said 
to be the first buried in the old graveyard, in Cushing. 5, John (2d), lost 
at sea. 6, Joseph (2d), d in W IndievS. 7, Elizabeth, m Elijah Hall; r and 
d St George. 8, Archibald (2d), m Sarah Hutchins; r and d C. 9, Jane, 
d unm in St George, aged 75 or 80. 

Moses' (2d's), ch 1, Moses (4th), m Jane Burton, r C and d Apple- 
ton. 2, John (3d), m Nancy or Harriet Payson; r St Geo. 3, Mary m 
Capt. Samuel Watts; r and d St Geo. 4, Joseph (3d), b Feb 1755; 
m Jane Lewis; r St Geo and d March 4, '43. 5, Matthew, m Hannah Ster- 
ling of Bristol; r 1st, at McCobb's Narrows, but rem over nearer F; r and 
d C. 6, Betsey, m William Burton, r and d C. 7, Nancy, m 1st, Capt 
Simon McLellan; 2d, James McCarter; r C. 8, Isaac, m Sarah Rivers; r 
and d C Widow m Samuel Payson. 9, Andrew, m Margaret Lewis; r C, 
rem and d Union. 

John's ch. Reuben, d unm. 2, Robert, dunm. 3, John Carver, m 
Betsey Hyler; r and d C. 4, Capt Alexander, m Polly Page; r and d 
Pleasant Pt C. 5, Charles, m Alice Robinson; r and d C. 6, Betsey, m 
Moses Rivers. 7, Sarah. 

Major Hanse's ch. 1, Priscilla, m Gardner; r and d C. 2. Mar- 
garet, b 1763, m John Roakes; r W and d April 19, 1806. 3, Simeon, m 
Hannah Hyler; r C. 4, Agnes, m 1st, Caleb Howard, 2d, Rob Porterfield; 
rem Ohio. 5, Betsey, m Cornelius Hyler; r anddC. 7, Hanse (2d), m Lucy 


Hyler; r C. 8, Capt Moses (5th), b 1773, m Priscilla Hyler; r C and d; 
lost overboard June 1833, from sloop Orient, on passage from E Th to 
Bangor. 9, John (4th), m Polly Dillaway; r and d Hope. 10, Thomas, m 
a Collamore; r and d Liberty. 11, Jacob, m 1st, Nancy (or as the town 
records have it Anomeriah) Robinson, who died Oct 28, 1795; 2d, Sarah 
Kelloch, b Dec 1, 1796; r S Th and d April 6, 1813. 

Archibald's ch. 1, Capt William (2d), born Nov 27, 1762; m Catherine 
Packard, Oct 3, '93; r C and d June 26, 1822. 2, Mary, b Sept 27, '64; d 
unm. 3, Elizabeth, b Aug 17, '66; m Dea James Fisher; r W and d Oct 
1849. 4, Margaret, b Aug 17, '68; m 1st, William Watson, 2d, John A 
Roscoe, July 27, 1805; r Th and d F 1822. 5, Capt James, b Sept 25, '70; 
m Rachel, dau of Lieut James Thompson of Cranberry Is (a Rev soldier 
who d in Friendship, Dec 1, 1837, aged 93) ; r C and Rock and d March 11, 
1831. 6, Capt. John H, b Jan 11, '73; m Jane Sumner of War; r C and d 
Nov 1, 1837. 7, Sarah, b March 21, '75; m Josiah Keith; r Th and d May 
3, 1803. 8, Lucy, b Oct 8, '77; m William W French; r and d W. 9, 
Nancy, b July 2, '80; r Th and d Feb 18, 1861. 10, Capt Archibald (3d), b 
Jan 8, '83; m 1st Elizabeth Vose, 2, Mary Vose, b May 16, 1811; r C and d 

William's ch. 1, Moses (5th) , b Oct 1769, m Elizabeth Ludwig of Wal; 
r War, a farmer and d Dec 19, 1858. 2, P Pebbles, b 1775; m Sabra Jame- 
son; r W and d Dec 20, 1824. 3, Capt William (3d), b Oct 3, '79; m Hannah 
McLellan, b March 22, 1806; r Th and d Oct 11, '45. 4, Hannah, m William 
Watton of F. 5, Mary, m Christian Kaler of Wal. 6, Daniel, b 1785, d 
Nov 5, 1809. 

Archibald (2d) 's, ch. 1, Samuel, a soldier on the Lakes and d of fever 
after peace but before his return. 2, Robert, died in 1813. 3, Mary, b ab 
1797; m 1st, Henry Jenks, 2d, James Creighton; r Th. 3, Archibald (4th), 
m Elizabeth Curtis, Dec 10, 1824; r Th on the place now occupied by his 

widow, and d June, 1845. 4, Sarah, m Felch of Natick, Mass. 5, 

Susan, m Chas S Brown; r R. 

Moses, (4th) 's ch. 1, Alice, m 1st, Charles Robinson; 2d, James Hack- 
elton; r and d Bristol 2, Elizabeth, b 1785; m 1st William Saywood, 2d, 
Theodore Howard; r Rock and d April 29, 1842. 3, Rebecca, m Solomon 
Comstock; r and d Argyle, Me. 4, Nancy, m Nathaniel Fales (3d) ; r Th 
and d Sept 19, 1850. 5, Jane, m 1st, Haynes Whitney; 2d, Jeremiah Gil- 
man; r Th. 6, Maria, d young. 7, Susanna, d in Argyle. 8, Charlotte, 
m Thomas Ellis, Jan 25, 1821; r and d Argyle. 9, Benjamin B, b 1819; m 
Abigail Pottle; r Appleton; rem ? Rock. 10, Sarah, m Joseph Pottle, Jan 
25, 1821; r and died Montville. 

John, (3d)'s ch. 1, John (4th), m Nancy Robinson of C; r St G. 2, 
Ephraim, m Betsey Burton; r St G. 3, Mary, m Adam Wyllie; r and d 
St G. 4, Margaret, b June 12, 1797; m Matthew Burton; r Rock. 5, 
Moses (6th), b ab 1800; m Hannah Hall; r Rock; rem St G; a carpenter 
etc. 6, Isaac, m Mary Willie; r St G. 7, George, died unm. 


Joseph, (3d)'s ch. 1, Mary, d young. 2, Andrew, (2) ; m 1st, Nancy 
Burton; 2d, Polly Fuller; r St G and d March 1860. 3, Jane, m Archibald 
MeKellar; r and d St G. 4, Capt George, born April 14, 1784; m Susan 
Norwood (who it is somewhat remarkable was born the same year, month, 
day, and time of day with himself); rTh; a ship master, tanner, etc. 5, 
Margaret, m Dea John Miller; r and d W. 6, Elizabeth, m Hon Joel Mil- 
ler; r Th. 7. Rosanna, m Steward Harrington; r Th. 8, Joseph (4th), m 
Abigail Ames; r and d St G. 9, Edward, m Hannah Fuller; r St G. 

Matthew's ch. 1, Capt Moses (6th), m 1st, Jane, dau of Jesse 
Thomas of Cam; 2d, Eliza Green; 3d, Maria Diamond; r Rock and d in 
South America. 2, Capt Henry, b Jan 4, 1796; m Mary Jameson of F, r 
F and War where he d July 21, 1860. 3, Capt. Simon, b Oct 8, '97; m 1st, 
Jane Jameson; 2d, Hannah Storer of C; r Th and d Aug 20, 1861. 4, Caro- 
line, m 1st, Thurston W Jameson; 2d, Josiah Sterling; r F. 5, Eliza, m 
Josephus Bradford of Bradford's Is. 6, Dea Isaac, b ab 1803; m Clarinda 
A. Copeland, June 11, 1829; 2d, Mrs Nancy (Morton) Rhoades, b Dec 5, 
1861; r War and d Jan 22, '63. 7, Capt Jam^s (2d), m Susan Ann Robin- 
son; r Thand din Pensacola, Oct 26, 1834. 8, Jessie, m Eliza Robinson; r C. 

Isaac's ch. Rachel, m William Parsons; r Cush. 

Andrew's ch; 1, Lewis, m Fairbanks of Hope; randd Brad- 
ford. 2, John L, m Hannah Burton, Jan 16, 1814; removed Union; r and 
d Searsmont. 3, Yarley, rem m and d in the South. 4, Margaret, d in 
Cush. 5, Jane, m James Hall of W; r Boston. 6, Ephraim, d in Cush 
unm. 7, Mary, m William H Webb, Jr, of War; r Boston. 8, Agnes, m 
and r Boston. 

John Carver's ch. 1, Nancy, d unm. 2, William, d unm. 3, Eliza- 
beth, m 1st, Hoffses; 2d, James Grant. 4, Carve, d unm. 5, 

m James Grant. 

Capt Alexander's ch. 1, Elsie, r Cush. 2, Alexander (2d), d a about 
21; 3, Hannah, m Moses Rivers; r Cush. 4, Hope, m Herman Casualis 
or Castilleux; r Cush. 5, Eliza, m Capt Jesse Robinson. 6, Arthur, m 
Eliza McLellan; r Cush at Pleasant Pt. 7, Dolly, d in C. 8, George (2d), 
m and r C. 9, Mary, m Mr Pitcher of Wal. 10, Harriet, r Boston. 

Simeon's ch. 1, Barbara, m Capt William Hyler; r Cush. 2, Capt 
John (5th), m Abigail Parsons, became a Mormon; rem Salt Lake. 3, 
Agnes, m Cornelius Robinson; r and d C. 4, Hannah, m William Wyllie; 
r and d C. 5, Capt Oliver, m Matilda Shibles, Nov 6, 1825; came to Th 
and d 1846; lost at sea in a gale, with all on board. 6, Peggy, m Capt 
Henry Ulmer; r and d Rock. 7, Simeon (2d), d unm. 8, Lawrence, lost 
overboard at sea. 

Hanse, (2d)'s ch. 1, Nancy, m John Robinson (4th); r St G. 2, 
Simon (2d), m Polly Wyllie; r and d C. 3, Deborah, m James Gilchrist; r 
St G. 4, Jacob (2nd), m Hannah Carney; r C. 

Capt Moses, (5th) 'sch. 1, Ann, m Grafton; r Rock or C. 2, 

Cornelius, m Agnes Robinson; r and d C. 3, Mason, m 1st Rachel Hyler; 


2d, her sister; r and d C. 4, Louisa, m Anthony Libbey; r and d W. 5, 
Moses (6th), m Rachel Elwell; r C and Salt Lake. 6, Emeline; 7, Paulinda; 
8, Edward; 9, Hannah, died unm. 

Jacob's ch. by 2d wife. 1, Nancy, b Jan 4, 1799; m Beals, it is 

believed, and rem Mass. 2, Priscilla, b, July 2, 1800. 3, Mary, b April 
26, 1802. 4, Hanse (3d), b Aug 18, 1804. 5, Sarah, b July 14, '06. 6, 

Susan, b Dec 15, '08; m Hawes; 2d, James Davis; r Rock. 7, Jacob 

(2d), b June 26, '11; d July 2, '38, his skull being broken when blasting 
kilnwood in Th. 8. Matthew (2d), b Aug 8, '13; probably rem St George 
with most of the family. 

Capt William, (2d) 's ch. 1, Marlborough, b April 26, 1794, lost off 
Newport, on Briton's reef, Nov 27, 1815, in a Boston vessel, the crew all 
perishing, save one. 2, Hon Edward, b Nov. 25, '96; m 1st, Joanna A 
Parsons of C, April 25, 1821; 2d, Nancy J Fales, May 29, '28; 3d, Penelope 
G Fales, Jan 15, '46; r Th; a ship master, merchant, etc, State Senator, 
1836; M C, 1838; Presidential elector, 1840; candidate for Governor, 1843 
and 4; d Feb 19, 1857. 3, Eben, b June 13, '98; d in Salem, Mass, Oct 20, 
1820. 4, Ann James, b May 25, 1800; m Barden T Levensaler; r Th. 5, Wil- 
liam (4th), b July 17, '02; m Eliza Parsons of C; r Th and d Nov. 27, 47. 
6, Capt Oliver (2d), b Feb 17, '05; m Margaret Patterson, Aug 6, '35; r 
Th; ship master, cashier of Th Bank, etc. 7, Hester, b Aug 8, '07; m Ab- 
ner Knowles, Esq; r Bangor and Th. 8, Harlow, b July 1, '10; r Th. 9, 
Catherine, b Nov 27, '11; m Timothy Fogg, rem California. 10, Benjamin, 
b Nov 13, '14, m Sarah E. Washburn, Dec 25, '44; r Th, keeps livery 
stable, etc. 

Capt James' ch. 1, Annie, b in C, Sept 1798; m Capt Barnabas Webb; 
r Th. 2, Edmund, b June 25, 1800, died by drowning, May 9, 1814. 3, 
Julia, b May 1, '04; m Dexter Bennett; r Th. 4, Rebecca, b June 16, '06; 
m Joseph Emerson, Nov 30, '26; d Oct 2, '38. 5, Capt James (3d), b Nov 
20, '08; m Margaret M Spear, Sept 18, '32; r Rock. 6, Capt Joshua A, b 
May 8, '11; m and r a time near the Mississippi river; ret and r Rock. 7, 
Capt David W, b 1813; m Mary A Fuller of or near Boothbay, Nov 26, '36; 
r Rock; all master mariners. 8, Barnabas W, b Dec 8, '15; r Rock and d at 
New Orleans, Sept 18, '64. 9, Eliza, b Dec 18, '18; m 1st, Charles S Demuth; 
2d, Samuel B Dodge; rem Montville. 10, Capt William W, b July 28, '20; 
r Rock, a ship master. The mother d at Rock, Aug 9, '53, aged 77. 

Capt John W's ch. 1, Capt Alden, b Feb 1, 1801; m Eliza Nutting, 
March 11, '34; r C and d July 30, '53. 2, Sarah Ann, b June 13, '07; m 
Dea Joseph Catland; r Th. 3, Mary Adaline, b May 27, '10; m Capt Eb- 
enezer Creighton of War; r Th. 4, Seth, b Dec 8, '12; d Sept 23, '30. 5, 
Edmund Buxton; b Aug 30, '16; d at New Orleans, Jan 2, '38. 6, Eben- 
ezer Archibald, b June 25, '21; d Jan 9, '53. The mother died suddenly, 
July 4, '48. 

Capt Archibald, (3d)'s, ch. 1, Susan Ann, bl809; m 1st, Capt James 
Robinson; 2d, Capt John Cox; r Th. 2, Rufus Vose, went to sea and has 


not been heard from. By 2d wife. 3, Thomas Vose, m 1st, Eliza Ann 
McLellan of C; 2d, Jane Mclntyre; r C. 4, May E, m Henry Bradford; 
rem Nebraska. 5, Lucy J; 6, James, m Lydia M Hyler of C. 

Moses, (5th) 's, chil. 1, William (4th), b June 22, 1794; m 1st, Han- 
nah Mclntyre, Oct 15, 1818; 2d, Mrs Mary J (Sprowl) Meserve, June, 
1847; 3d, Mrs Lucy (Watson) Rokes, in 1865; r W and d April 30, '68. 2, 
Sarah, b Oct 22, '97; m 1st, Capt Lawrence Crawford; 2d, John Mathews; 
r W. 3, Hannah P, m Thos Mclntyre; r Wa and d Jan 13, '55. 4, Eliza, 
b 1800; m Col J W Richmond; r W and d Oct 4, '71. 5, Jacob, b Nov 19, 
'03; m Clarissa Woltz of Wal, Jan 31, '31; r Won homestead. 6, Joseph 
(2d) , is supposed to have d in the far west ab '30. 

P Pebbles's chil. 1, Robert, b July 14, '03; m Ann Storer, Jan 24, 
'33; r W on homestead and d July 12, '77. 2, P Pebbles (2d), b 1805; m 
Deborah M Bucklln in 1842; r W and d July 31, '46. 3, Sarah, b 1807; m 
Capt Geo Mclntyre; r W and d, May 29, '67. 4, Ira, b June 8, '09; m Eliza 
Copeland, Aug 14, '33; built and r to Brooklyn in W. 5, Nancy, b '11; m 
Thos Mclntyre (2d), r W and d Oct 8, '40. 6, Harriet, m T P Burgess; r 
W village. 7, Edmund, b ab 1815; m Margaret Miller of Wal; rem Wal. 
8, Jane Elizabeth, r W village. 

Capt William, (3d)'s ch. 1, Capt George W, b Oct 27, 1807; m Lu- 
cretia B, daughter of Peter Stone of Castine, Oct 1, '33; r Th, a master 
mariner. 2, Julia, b Oct 23, '09; m Capt Richard Spear; 2d, George Miller; 
3d, John Griffin. 3, Electa P, b April 26, '13; m Phineas Tyler; r Th and 
d since '55. 4, Jackson, b Feb 26, '15 and d Feb 18, '16. 5, Almira, b '17; 
m Capt Sanders Curling; r Th and d Aug 29, '46. 6, Capt William Jack- 
son, b Jan 21, '20; m Sarah Simonton of Portland, Sept 23, '47; d ? Aug 18, 
'50, at sea in brig Irwin. 7, Eliza A, b Feb 7, '23; m 1st, Capt Thomas 
Allen, Sept '47; 2d, Capt William Slater; r Th. 8, Thomas M, b March 
17, '25; d in New York, June 29, 1852. 


Capt Henry's ch. 1, Thurston J, b '43; m Abbie J Williams, Aug 7, 
'62, served his country in the 20th Me regiment and d at Harper's Ferry, 
Va, Nov 8, '62. 

Dea Isaac's chil. 1, Dea Leander S, b Oct 8, '30; m Irene M Robinson, 
March 27, '59; r W on Cornhill homestead. 2, Rebecca C, b June 21, '33; 
died in W, Nov 10, '54. 3, Orinda A, b Dec 1, '35; m Levi Mclntyre; r W. 
4, Alvin N, b Sept 14, '39; m 1st Caroline Packard of Union; 2d, Katie A 
Welsh of Min; r W, and served in 13th reg through the war, rem and r 
Clarksville, Nebraska. 5, Charles C, b May 8, '43; d in W, Aug 29, '50. 
6, Isaac B, born as the preceding in F; d Aug 21, '50. 7, Maria B, b in 
W, Feb 8, '51; m Lewis P Mayo of Waterville, Aug 10, '70; r Fall River, 
Mass, and has chil, Myrtie Augusta and Nathaniel Isaac Mayo. 

Archibald, (4th) 's ch. 1, Mary A, b Nov 22, 1826; d Sept 1, '27. 2, 
Charles B, b Feb 15, '29; d ab '49, of cholera, returning from Europe. 3, 


Susan L, b Oct 15, '32; m Andrew J Benner; b Sept 26, '53 and d Nov 17, 
'61. 4, Ann E, b July 22, '35; r Th. 

Benjamin B's ch. 1, Calvin, r Appleton. 2, Eliza J, b ab 1849; r 

Moses, (6th) 's ch. 1, Ambrose H, b June 12th, 1824; m Mary J 
(Green) Mason, Dec 14, '51; r Rock, provision dealer, etc. 2, Julia A, m 
Alexander Hathorn; r St G. 3, Elizabeth, m John Kenniston; r Rock and 

d Jan 12, '55; 4, Lovisa, m Wellington; r Lexington, Mass. 5, 

Hannah, b Nov 8, '35; d Dec '54. 6, Elijah, b Nov 21, '36; d Jan 18, '37. 
7, Caroline, b Aug 15, '39; r Lexington. 8, Margaret, b Feb 16 and d 
April 2, 1842. 9, Eliza, b ab 1844. 10, Mary, b ab 1846. 

Andrew, (2d)'s ch. 1, Jane, m Phinley Kelloch; rem Oregon. 2, 
William B, b ab 1807; m Eleanor Clark; r Rock, a carpenter, etc. 3, 
Nancy, m Samuel Tobey; r Machias. 4, Eliza, d young. By 2d wife. 5, 
Sarah; 6, Hannah, both dead. 7, James F, m Catherine Clark; r St G. 8, 
Mary, m James Wyllie; r St G. 9, Almira, m Lincoln Gilchrist; r St G. 

Capt George's ch. 1, Eliza N, b July 7, 1806; m John Elliott (2d) ; r 
Th. 2, Oliver, b July 13, '08, d July 5, 19. 3, Joel M, b May 12, '10; m 
Ann Burgoyne; r E Cambridge, Mass. 4, Irene, b Aug 27, '12; m Samuel 
Elliott; r Mobile, d in Florida. 5, Albert, b May 12, '14; m Mary E Gault; 
b Nov 7, 1835; rem Ellsworth. 6, Israel, b Nov 16, '16; d young. 7, Alden 
(2d), b June 9, '18; m Mary A Bates of Boston; r E Cambridge. 8, Susan 
N, b April 23, '20; m Joshua A Fuller; r Th and d May 28, 1855. 9, George 
I, b June 10, '22; m Helen M Stackpole, June 9, '50; r Th, a druggist, etc. 
10, Capt Edwin A, b Dec 31, '24; m Amelia Waldo, Nov 28, '55; r Th, a 
master mariner. 11, Arthur E, b May 7, '28; m Georgianne Woodward; r 
S Boston. 

Edward's ch. 1, Nathan, lost at sea in brig Amanda, 1843. 2, Edward 
(2d , d young. 3, John, d young. 4, Elsie, m John, son of Ephraim 
Robinson; r St G. 5, Abigail, d young. 6, Mary E, b ab '32; m Thomas 
Walsh; r Th. 7, Sarah, d young. 8, Edward (3d), m Nancy Wyllie; r St 
G. 9, Clara. 

Capt Henry's ch. Thurston J, b ab 1843; m Abbie J Williams, Aug 7, 
'62; a soldier of 20th Me reg, d in Virginia. 

Capt Simon's ch. by 1st wife. 1, Melinda, m Howard Morton; r Th. 
By 2d wife, 2, Simon (2d), b Feb 14 and d Feb 27, '33. 3, Hannah J, b 
Aug 31, '35. 4, Willard W, b ab 1837. 

Capt James, (2d) 's ch. 1, Levi L, b March 6, 1831. 2, James W, b 
April 21, 1833. 

Capt Oliver's ch. 1, Harriet, b Sept 28, 1827; m Capt John B Roney. 
r Th. 2, R Killpatrick, b Sept 14, 1827; m Ellen Allen, Dec 19, '50; r Th; 

3, Charlotte, b March 21, 1829; m Henderson C Miller, Sept 30, '49; r Wal. 

4, Mary A, b Dec 21, 1832; m William Woodcock; r Th. 5, Oliver (3d), b 
May 10, 1835; m Mary Bohndel, Sept, '62; r Th, a mariner. 6, George 
Henry, b April 1, '38; r Th, a mariner. 


Hon Edward's ch. by 1st wife. 1, Sarah Frances, b in C, April 26, 
1822; m Capt Arthur M Fales; r Th. 2, Catheri e P, born May, 1824; d 
Sept 22, '25. By 2d wife. 3, Joanna E, b Dec 23, '29; d Oct 16, '39. 4, 
Maria Louisa, bOct5, '31: m Oliver B. Fales; r Rock, and d April 11, '54. 5, 
Alida P, b June 18, '33; m Robert Foster of Bloomfield, N J, Oct 15, '53, 
and died Oct 3, 1856. 6, Lieut Edward L, b Feb 2, '35; m Rebecca Col- 
son, Feb 1864; r Th, a mariner; officer in the 20th Mass Reg, etc. 7, 
Nancy Isadore J, b Oct 1, '36; r Th. 8, Frederick A, b Jan 16, '40; m 
Mary A Barnard, March 23, '64; r Vineland, N J, an orchardist. 9, Julia 
Wilder, b Jan 4, '42. 10, Ella, b April 9 and d April 29, '44. By 3d wife. 
11, Caroline Dwight, b ab 1848. 

William, (4th) 's ch. 1, Joanna P, b June 3, 1829; m William Hodg- 
kins, r Th. 2, Sarah C, b Dec 18, '33; m Waterman M Robbins, Aug 3, 
'51, and d April 10, '54. 3, William P, b Dec 3, 1836; m and r in the 
West: sails on the Lakes. 4, Lermond, b Nov 12, '40; d Jan 28, '41. 5, 
Ada E, b July 28, '42; d March 19, '61. 6, Mary H, b Dec 16, '45. 7, 
Oliver (2d), b July 30, and died Sept 14, 1848. 

Capt Oliver, (2d)'s ch. Augustus Oliver, b Feb 19, 1840; m Julia S 
Rivers, Oct '63; r Th, asst cashier. 

Capt James, (3d)'s ch. Jamas F, m Nancy J Sweetser, Sept 28, '59; 
r Rock, a painter, etc. 

Capt Joshua A 'sch. 1, Julia A, b March 7, 1841; d Oct 17, '61. 2, 
Catherine, b ab '43. 3, Mary E, b ab '50. 4, Willie H, b ab '52. 5, 
Clara E, b ab '55. 6, Frederick C, b ab 1858. 

Capt David W's ch. 1, Franklin F b June 16, 1838; d March 2, 1856; lost 
overboard in a gale, from sch St Lawrence. 2, David E, b May 22, 1839. 

Capt George W's ch. 1, Ada L, b Oct 11, 1835, d July 28, '40. 2, 
Horatio W, b Aug 8, '41; m Capt James B McLellan; r Th. 3, George 
Lucretius, b March 6, '43. 4, Adelle, b 1845; m Capt William H Robin- 
son of Auburndale, and d Sept 24, 1864 ; drowned a few months after her 
marriage, at Gabarus Bay, when leaving the wreck of her husband's ves- 
sel. 5, Mary S, b ab '47. 6, Anah, b ab '49. 7, Sarah J, b ab '53. 

Jacob's chil. 1, Rooksby M, b July 28, '33; m Joseph Henry Flint; r 
R and d Aug 10, '64, from a fall. 2, Hannah E, born Aug 23, '35; m J 
Henry Flint; r Rock. 3, Daniel Jackson, b Dec 18, '37; m Adelia Standish, 
May 7, '65; r W, on the Wm Robinson place, and d July 17, '74. 4, George 
W, b July 11, '40; m Abbie E. Hyler, Sept 17, '68; r Th. 5, Julia M, b 
Jan 24, '43; d suddenly of cholera Sept 10, 57. 6, Mary F, b Aug 27, 
'45; m Oliver Lermond; r Th. 7, Martha S, b Oct 20, '47; r W. 8, Ada 
E, b Jan 10, '50; m Daniel Mclntyre of Battle Mountain, Nevada, Oct 16, 
'76. 9, Nelia H, b July 5, '52; r W. 10, Mansfield R, b Jan 10, '55; r W 

Robert's chil. 1, Patrick Pebbles, b Aug 6, '33; m 1st, Susan M Ger- 
rish, March 27, '59; 2d, Susie T, dau of Rev M Dunbar, Oct 7, '73; rSt Geo. 
2, Sarah A, b Nov 27, '34; r W. 3, Malissa, b Oct 23, '36; d Jan 30, '38. 


4, Irene, b Oct 15, '38; m Leander S Robinson; r W. 5, John E, bNov II,, 
'40; dFeb 17, '42. 6, Leander, b Sept 9, '42; m Mary Helen Wallace, 
Sept 7, '63; r and has blacksmith shop at W village, 7, Emily J, b Sept 
3, '44; m Rev John F McKusick of Denmark, Me, Aug 10, '62; r Alexan- 
dria, Va, and has 6 daus. 8, Amelia E, b Aug 4, '46; m Capt Given B- 
Wallace of Th and d May 6, '72. 9, Hilliard W, b Aug 21, '48; m Adelia 
A Haskell, May 2, '74; r W village. 10, Newell R, b April 20, '50; m 
Vesta I Spear, Dec 29, '71; r W village. 11, Alice S, b July 25, '52; m 
Capt Geo A Gilchrist, Dee 27, '73? r Tenant's Harbor. 

Ira's chil. 1, Sarah F, b June 10, '36; r W and d May 5, '58. 2, At- 
woodG, b Oct 2, '41; m 1st, Susan C Kaler June 7, '60; 2d, Hattie M 
Kaler; 3d, Mary Chase of Searsport; r W. 

Edmund's chil. 1, Otis, d at the age of 19 yrs. 2, Grace, rem and r 


Dea Leander S's chil. 1, Charlie L, b Dec 26, '59; r W; ill in body but 
unusual in soul and intellect, he d Feb 12, '73. 

Alvin N's chil. By 1st wife. 1, Carrie Adelia, r U. The mother d, 
'67. By 2d wife. 2, Lewis C. 3, Alvin A. 4, Jessie L; all in Nebraska. 

Edwin F's chil. 1, Alice I, b June 17, '61; r W. 2, Horace E, b Sept 
27, '64; d July 5, '65. 3, Willie C, b Sept 21, '66; d Feb 14, '75. 4, a nin- 
fant, b July 15 and d July 29, '70. 5, Florence A, b June 23, '72; d Jan 26, 
'74. 6, an infant, b Sept 3, '75; d a 2 weeks. 7, Merritt A, b Oct 18, '76; 

Rufus M's chil. 1, Ina C, b Nov 2, '62; r W. 

Moses, (4th) 's chil. 1, Charles, b July 18, '68. 2, Clarence E, b July 
3, '72; both r W. 

D Jackson's chil. 1, Willie M, b July 5, '66. 2, Daniel J, b Jan 20, 
V '68; both r W. 3, Henry F, b Sept 5, '70; d May 8, '74. 4, July M, b Sept 
1, '72; d May 25, '74. 5, Julia Mabel, b June 10, '74; r W 

George W's chil. 1, Yeaton R, b June 1, '71. 2, Marian S, b May 4, 
'74. 3, b June 7, '77; all in Th. 

Patrick P's chil. 1, Levi G, b Dec 17, '59; r St Geo. 2, Oliver P, b 
Dec 11, '65; d Nov 27, '74. 3, Eugene C, b Dec 20, '71; d Oct 20, '72. 

Leander's chil. 1, Bessie Counce, b July 1, '66. 2, Annie M, b Jan 
15, '69. 3, Frank C, b June 1, '70. 4, Edwin B, b Jan 7 and d July 4, 
'72. 5, Freddie L, b Dec 30, '74; all in W village 

Hilliard W's chil. 1, Charles L, b May 17, '75, in W village. 

Newell R's chil. 1, Winnifred N, b May 21, '73. 2, Ida Mabel, b Feb 
25, '76; both in W. 

Atwood G's chil. By 1st wife. 1, Sarah Francis, b Apr 18, '61; in 
W. By 2d wife. 2, Lester Ira, b Oct 4, '68; d Jan '70. 3, Lester 0, b 
Aug 20, '70; d May '71. 

Ambrose H's ch. 1, Lizzie D, b May 10, 1856. 2, Albert (2d), b Oct 
7, 1858. 


Albert's ch. 1, Albert C, b Sept 4, 1836. 2, Edward F. 

•George I's ch. 1, Helen, b ab 1852. 2, Fannie, b ab 1859. 

•Capt Edwin A's ch. Eddie Stetson, b Dec 17, 1854; d March 20, 1858. 

R Killpatrick's eh. Lucy Ellen, b Dec 8, 1855; d March 29, '64. 



Margaret, m Joseph Rivers C. Rivers, Joseph, came from the north 
of Ireland; m Margaret Robinson; settled and d in Cush. Their ch. 1, 
Thomas, m Katie Furness; r and d C. 2, Mary, m Dennis Fogerty of St 
Geo. 3, Moses, m Hannah Carney; r and d C. 4, Archibald, m Nancy 
Gardner of Boston. 5, Betsey, m Thomas Henderson of St G. 6, Sarah, m 
Robert Jameson of F. 7, Joseph, (2dj, m Maria Jameson; r and d C. 8, 
Margaret, m Capt James Crawford; r and d W. Of the sons of Thomas. 

1, Dennis, m and r C and had sons, viz: 1, Richard. 2, James H, m Eliza- 
beth A Leman of Boston; 2nd, Nancy Vose, Nov, 1838; r Th; was deputy 
collector of customs, commission merchant some years at Mobile and Bos- 
ton. Of the ch of Moses. 1, Joshua, m and r in C and had ch. 1, Robert, 
b ab 1816; m Nancy M Page of C; r W, rem Th and d Sept 10, '54. 2, 
Rachel, m William Jordan; r and d Th. 3, Sarah A, m Benjamin Jordan; 
^em Hope. Thomas, also of the same family (descent not ascertained), b 
ab 1809; m Amelia ; r S Th; in fish business. 

Of Richard's sons. 1, Capt William W; m Louisa B. Russell of Wal, 
Nov 18, 1858; r Th and d in 1862; his wife having d previously and an only 
child died April 28, '63. 

James H's ch. By 1st wife. 1, Henry T, b ab 1825; m Mary J Dunbar, 
Aug 20, '51; a commission merchant at Mobile; since clerk in U S Navy. 

2, Edward R, b ab 1827; m Eliza Aldrich of New Bedford; r Th and Mobile. 

3, Sarah G, m William H Church, Sept 2, '46; r N York. 4, William 
E, a soldier in 13th Mass Reg. 5, Elizabeth A, b May 5, '36; m Capt A J 
Aldrich of N Bedford, Nov 18, '54; r Th. The mother d April 15, '38. By 
2d wife 6, Julia S, b Sept 29, '39; m Augustus O Robinson; r Th. 7, 
Col Charles C, b March 26, '41; officer in 11th Mass Reg; m Hannah M 
Jacobs, Jan 24, '65; r Th. 8, George M, entered U S Navy. 9, Frank. 
10, Mary. 

Robert's ch. 1, Burletta, b ab 1841; m P P Nichols; r Th. 2, Evander, 
b June 1844; d in W, Jan 1845. 3, Evander (2d), b in W, 1846. 

Thomas's ch. 1, Israel, b ab 1842; r S Th; a mariner, member 
of Coast Guards, etc. 2, Sarah, b ab '44. 3, Richard T, b ab '46. 4, 
Dennis, b ab '48. 5, Ruth H, b ab '51. 6, Amos, b ab '54. 7, Hiram, b 
ab '56. 8, Caskaline, b ab '59. 

Mary, m Matthew Kelloch, St George. Matthew's ch. 1, Margaret, 
d unmarried in St George. 2, Finley (3d), m r and d Camden. 3, Moses, 
m 1st, Mehitable Hassey of New Meadows; 2, Lydia Saywood; r S Th and 
d ab 1826. 4, Hanse, m Sally Phinney; r St George. 5, Polly m Adam 
Boyd of Broad Bay; r and d St George. 6, Katie, m David Boyd; r and d 


St George. 7, Jane, m Capt Thos Kenney; r and d St George. 8, Sarah, 
m Jacob Robinson; r S Th and d St George. 

For Continuation of Second Generation see Page 25. 


Hannah, first daughter of Joseph, married Samuel Gilchrist, St 
George. Gilchrist, Samuel, m Hannah Robinson; went into the army and 
was wounded in a skirmish, at Harlem, during Washington's retreat from 
N Y, the British ball remaining in his side to the day of his death; r and d 
St George. An uncle, it is believed, of Samuel, r in early times on the 
McLean or Andrews farm in W. 

Samuel's ch. 1, Capt John, m Margaret Fogerty, Jan 30, 1800; r in 
St George. 2, William, b Aug, 1780; m Betsey Norwood; r Montville and 
d 1860. 3, Capt Joseph, b in Cush, May 20, 1782; m Sarah Carney, Jan 6, 
1803; c to Th, Aug 15, 1823 or '4; a wealthy retired mariner, and d Sept 7, 
1864. 4, Hugh, m 1st, Betsey Hall; 2d, Hannah Clemonds, in Knox, 
whither he rem and m a third time. 5, Samuel (2d), m Lydia Smalley, r 
St George. 6, Archibald, d young. 7, James, m Deborah Robinson; r 

Cushing; 8, Alexander, m 1st, Margaret Hyler; 2d, McKellar; r 

and d St George, Aug 8, '44. 9, Robert, m Betsey Hall; r St George. 10, 
Sarah, m Jas Lineken; r St George, 1st house from Th line. 11, George, 
m Martha Lineken; r St George 

Capt Joseph's ch. 1, Mary, m Lewis Spear of Warren, June 27, 1827. 
2, Nancy, b 1806; m Capt Samuel Creighton of W and d Oct, 1859, at 
Brooklyn, N Y. 3, Harriet, b ab 1808; m Caleb Levensaler; r Th. 4, 
James (2d), b ab 1811; m Rebecca Killeran; r Th, a lumber dealer, etc. 5, 
Capt Levi B, m 1st, Catherine Webb, Nov 23, 1843; 2d, Hortentia E Har- 
rington of Rock, Sept 28, '51; r Th; ship master and builder. 6, Eliza, m 
Capt Joseph S Burgess of W; r N Y. 7, Joseph (2d), m Martha Ann 
Vinal, Aug 7, 1842; lost at sea, April 28, '49, on passage from Havre toNY; 
1st mate of ship John Hancock. 8, Capt Raymond L, m 1st, Harriet B 
Jordan, May 30, 1853; 2d, Rebecca W Jordan, Oct 28, 1856; r Th. 

James' ch. 1, Samuel C, drowned in Georges River, Aug 7, 1858. 2, 
Augustus S, m to Mary A Flinton, Aug 2, 1858, and perished with her and 
his brother by drowning, Aug 7, 1858. 3, Faustina D, b 1841, d April 2, 
'62. 4, Winfield Scott, b ab 1843. 5, Charles H, b ab '49. 6, Ella R, b 
ab ' 52. 

Capt Levi B's ch. By 1st wife. 1, Webb Bliss, d Sept 29, '44. 2, 
Frederick Eugene, b ab 1847. By 2d wife. 3, Morisse Bliss, b March 24, 
'53, d Oct 31, '54. 

Joseph's ch. 1, Caleb Levensaler, b ab 1843. 2, Mary Anna, b ab 
'46. 3, Adelia F, b ab '48. 

Capt Raymond B's ch. By 2d wife. Clarence. 

Nancy, dau of Moses, m Capt Simon McLellan. Capt Simons's ch. 1, 
Capt Isaac, m Deborah (Weed) McLellan, Feb 21, 1830; rem Illinois, but 
ret and r Th. 2, Capt Simon (2d), m Deborah Metcalf of F; d, killed in 


Richmond, Va, Dec 18, '28. 3, Nancy, b ab 1792; m Benjamin Litchfield; 
r Rock. 4, Capt James, m Mary Rivers; r C. 

Capt Isaac's ch. 1, Bertha D, b May 24, 1831; m Moses Stearns; rem 
Libertyville, 111. 2, Edwin B, b June 17, '33; m Mary F Quimby of Wal; 
d Aug 23, '53; r S Th; a painter. 

Capt Simon, (2d) 's. Ira, m and r Friendship. 

Capt James' ch. 1, Isaac R, m Nancy B McLellan, March 31, 1836; r 
and d C. 2, Eliza, m Thomas Vose Robinson; r and d C. 3, William, 
drowned when sailing out of the mouth of Georges River. 

Edwin B's chil. 1, Abbie W, b ab 1858. 2, Geo E, b ab '60. 

Isaac R's ch. Celia, b Oct 1841, d July 13, '44. 

C'intinvierl from P:ige 24 

Alexander's ch. 1, David Y, b 1763; m Mary Ross; r W and d June 
25, 1823. 2, Margaret, b 1766; m Francis Young; r W and d June 17, '26. 
3, Alexander (3d), b Sept 26, '70; m Elizabeth Mero; r W, where all his 
ch were b, but rem Rock and d May, '53, a 82. 4, Mary, m Moses Hawes 
of Union. 5, Jane, m Joseph Jameson; rem Senebec Pond. 6, Adam, m 
Mary Butler; rem China. 7, George, d a 19. 8, Samuel, b ab 1778; m 
Lucy Lewis; r W. 9, Sarah, d a 13. 10, Rosanna, m David Cummings of 
Union. 11, Benjamin, b 1785; m 1st, Esther Libbey, Nov 5, 1805; 2d, 
Hannah (Nichols) Mallard, '33; r W and d very suddenly, Jan 2, '38. 


David, (3d)'s ch. By 1st wife. 1, John (3d), m Mary Stover of St 
G; r S Th. 2, James (2d), m Hannah Madden of St G, Jan 7, '08; r and d 
in Belfast or Waldo. 3, Jane, d young. 4, William (2d), b ab 1793; m 1st, 
Susan Snow; 2d, Hannah Haskell, May 27, '32; 3d, Ann Maria Hayden, 
April 8, '46; r S Th; a mason, etc. 5, Rachel, m Adam Boyd, Jr; r and d 
Rock. 6, David (4th), m Eleanor Kelloch of St George. The mother d 
May 21, 1826. 

Alexander, (2d)'s ch. 1, John (4th), d unm, at sea, Oct 7, '41. 2, 
Singer, d of yellow fever, returning from the W Indies. 3, Nancy, m 
George Harrington of S Th; r St G. 4, Mary, m Daniel Meserve, Dec. 31, 
'35. 5 Capt James (3d), m Louisa Kelloch; r St G. 6, Fullerton, b ab 
'10; m Margaret Drake, Dec 31, '35; r Th; a carpenter. 7, Isabel, m 
Daniel Kinney of St G. 8, Alexander (4th) , m Mary Ann Kelloch. 

George's ch. 1, Washington, and three others; all r Wal. 

Matthew, (2d)'s ch. 1, Polly, m Francis Haskell; r and d S Th. 2, 
Ambrose, b ab 1797; m Jane Haskell; r S Th; a merchant 3, Hannah, d 
young. 4, Betsey, m Thomas Haskell; r S Th. 

Finley, (2d)'s ch. 1, Isabella, m William Sleeper; r and d S Th. 2, 
Joseph, m Abigail Eastman, July 17, 1817; r and d S Th. 3, Archibald, d 
in Virginia. 4, Mehitable, d young. 5, Eleonai, d unm. 6, Capt Jesse, b 
ab '10; m 1st, Elathea Lindsey; 2d, Sarah Lindsey, Dec 20, '32; 3d, Julia 
A Davis, Dec 24, '58; r Rock. 7, Mary, b ab '12; m 1st Albert Marsh; 2d, 


Dea Peter Hall; r Rock. 8, Lydia, m Harrison Ulmer; r Rock. 9, Nancy, 
m Alden Blackington; r Rock. 

Thomas's ch. 1, Eleanor, m David Kelloch (4th), r St G. By 2d 

wife. 2, Farnham, m Rivers; r Bangor. 3, Jefferson, m Emeline 

H Blackington; r S Th. 4, Capt Madison m Lovicy C Fountain, May 1, 
1840; r St G. 5, Elbridge G, b ab '16; m Frances E Blackington, Nov 20, 
'47; r Rock; a lime burner. 6, Joshua, m and r Eastport. 7, Jackson, b 
'18; d unm at Providence, D 22, '41. 

Continued fiom PMge 25 

Mary, dau of Moses (2d), m Capt Samuel Watts of St George. Wil- 
liam ch in the Scotch Irish emigration of 1719, m Margaret McLellan of 
Casco; r and d Boston or neighboring islands. Their ch. 1, John, b on 
Long Island, Boston Harbor, 1740 or '42; m Elizabeth McNeal of Boston; 
c to W 1764; r there and d Aug 10, 1817. For his descendants, see Annals 
of Warren. 2, Capt Samuel, b on Long Island; m Mary Robinson, Dec 
22, 1772; r and d St G. 3, a dau, d unm in Mass. The mother m 2d, Sam- 
uel Gilchrist and r awhile on the McLean or S Andrews lot, in what is now 
Warren. Capt Samuel's ch. 1, Capt Joseph, b Sept 27, 1773; m Sarah Stone 
of Line; 2d, Cynthia (Everett) Ranlett; r St Geo and d Sept 7,1841. 2, 
Margaret, b July 27, '75; m Moses Fogerty; r and d St G. 3, Jane, b 
June 23, '77; m Joshua Smalley; r and d St G. 4, Capt John, b March 20, 
'79; m Hannah Smalley; r and d St G; a master mariner. 5, Samuel (2d), 
b April 12, 1781; d at Gaudaloupe, from a cut and ensuing mortification. 6, 
Moses, b June 5, '83; m Catherine McKellar; 2d, Polly Fogerty; rem and 
d Montville. 7, Mary, b July 11, '85; d with throat distemper. 8, Capt 
William, b Dec 11, '87; m Jane, dau of Thomas Henderson of St G; r Th; 
a carpenter, militia officer, etc. 9, George, b March 16, '90; m Mary 
Giles, St G. 10, Elizabeth, b July 20, '92; m Asa Harrington; r and d 
Appleton. 11, Sarah, b April 2, '95; m Paul Giles; 2d, Mark Gay of C; r 
Th and d Nov, 1859. 

Capt Joseph's ch. 1, Mary, m Isaac Thompson of Montville and d 
leaving but one chlid, viz: J W Thompson, Esq, an active business man in 
Stockton, Me. 2, Jane, b ab 1798; m Samuel Fogerty, r Th. 3, Rachel, 
m George Watts of W ; rem and d, Harrington, Me (having had 5 ch of 
whom the 4th, George, rem with his father to Oregon and 5th, Rachel, m 
William Burkett of Th; rem Cal). 4, Sarah, b June 16, 1801; m Charles 
Watts of Warren (who d Feb 24, '63, a 64) ; r Warren. 5, Elizabeth, m 
1st, John Giles; 2d, John Teel, r St G. 6, Capt W (2d), b ab '05; m Eliza- 
beth Trussell of St Geo; r Th; a master mariner. 7, Joseph (2d), m 
Cyrena Luke of St G. 8, Nancy, m Dea Joseph Simmons of St G; 2d, 
William Gilchrist of St Geo. 9, Capt Samuel (3d), b ab '11; m Clarissa 
Mills of St G;r Th; a ship builder and merchant, for a time under the firm 
of Watts, O'Brien & Co, and since by himself. 10, Capt George (2d) ? 
lost at sea in sch E O'Brien. 11, Capt Alfred, b April 25, '16; m Eliza- 
beth W Brown, July 20, 1843; r Th since '38; a master mariner. By 2d 


wife. 12, Capt Jphn (3d), m Eliza Davis; r East Boston, Mass. 

Capt John's ch. 1, Samuel (4th), Esq, m Sarah Linnekin; r St G. 
Capt Joshua, m Lucy Hall; 2d, Cyrena Clark, r St G. 3, Ketura, m Capt 
Alex Hathorn; 2d, Albion Wall of St Geo. 4, Mary. 5, David, both d 
young. 6, Lydia, m Capt Eben Farnham of Boothbay. 7, Hannah, m 

Capt Robinson of Belfast; r St G. 8, John (4th), b ab '14; m Sarah 

Linnekin of Belfast; r Tenant's Harbor, St G and now Rock; a merchant. 
9, Edward, d young. 10, David P, m Mary J Harrington, r St George. 

Moses' ch. 1, Isaac, m a Foster; r Knox. 2, Wiers, m a Foster; r 
Montville. 3, Levi, m a McLaughlin; r Montville. 4, Catherine, m a 
Smith; r Freedom. 5, Eli, m and r St George. 6, Sarah, m and r St 
George. 7, Archibald, m Mary J French of St George. 8, Moses (2d) , m 
Mary E Long, r St Geo. 

Capt William's ch. 1, Capt Artemas W, b ab 1814; m Susan Kel- 
leran, p Sept 12, '35; 2d, Susan W Cole, d Dec 6, '58; r Th; a master mar- 
iner. 2, Henry H Y, b ab '16; m Lucy P Sellea, Oct 1, '37; r Th; a 
caulker. 3, Clementine, r Th. 4, Elizabeth, d in April, '45. 5, Lucy A, 
b 1824; d Feb 25, '56. 6, Nancy J, b and d Dec, 1323. 7, Mary Frances, 
b Oct 5, '30; d March 19, '52. 

George's ch. 1, Elsie F, m Capt Aaron Wall; r Th. 2, Capt James, 
m Catharine Woodcock, July 10, '42; 2d, Betsey (Masters) Jordan, Nov, 
5, '56; r Th; a master mariner. 3, Capt George (3d), m Lucy Fountain, 
St George. 4, Capt William Henry, b St G, May 15, 1821; m Bessie 
Fountain; r Th and died Dec 23, '62; drowned on passage from Callao to 
Cowes. 5, Capt Edward (2d), m Emeline Gilchrist; r St Geo. 6, Robert, 
drowned young, having slidden on his hand-sled into a curbless well. 7, 
Capt Charles D, m Mary A Dizer of St George; r Th and d in Boston, Feb 

1, '63. 8, Capt Robert G, m Rachel M Simon ton, Nov 18, '49; r Th; a mas- 
ter mariner. 9, Jackson, m Penelope Hathorn; r St G. 10, Simon, m 
Jane R Harrington, Sept 21, '49; r Th. 11, Julia A, m Capt Gideon 
Young; r Th. 12, Cyrena, m Capt Leonard Henderson of St G. 13 and 

14, Jane and Whitney, twins, d young. 15, Paul G, r St G. 16, d 



Capt William, (2d)'sch. 1, Harriet, m Edward W Robinson; r Th. 

2, Joshua T, b ab 1832; r Th; a mariner. 3, Capt Edwin, b ab '35; m Al- 
mira G Curling; r Th. 4, William (3d), b March 4, '37; d Oct 24, '60; lost 
overboard on voyage to Europe. 5, Joseph Melvin, b March 24, '39; d 
April 19, '60, killed by a fall from aloft, five days out, on a passage from 
Liverpool to NY. 6, M Elizabeth, b April 9, '42. 7, Rose A. 

Joseph's ch. 1, Ann L, m Capt Adam Parsons of St Geo. 2, George 
W, d young. 3, Cyrena. 4, Lilias, d young. 5, Susanna. 6, Joseph 
(2d). 7, Samuel (5th). 8, Luke. 

Capt Samuel, (3d) 's ch. 1, Mary Jane. 2, Sarah. 3, Clarissa, fc 
June, 1844, d Feb 12, '47. 4, Adelaide, b April and d Sept 1, '46. 5, 


Clara, b July '47; d Sept 2, '48. 6, Emma, b ab '49. 7, James Harvey, 
b March and d Nov 27, '52. 8, Alice, b '54; d Oct 21, 1856. 

Capt Alfred's ch. 1, Edward Brown, b June 1, 1844. 2, Iada Maria, 
b Aug 3, '52. 3, Sarah Stone, b April 2, 1857. 

Capt John's ch. One son, only, name not ascertained. 

Capt Artemas W's, ch. By 1st wife. 1, Susan A, b Nov 17, 1837, 
d April 30, '53. 2, Bartholomew K, b ab '44. The mother d Sept 3, 1856. 

Henry H Y's ch. 1, Calvin N, b March 23, 1839; r Th. 2, Oscar, b April 
16, '41; a marner. 3, Lucy J, b ab '47. 4, Abby, b ab '48. 5. Orris, b 
ab '49. 6, Leander, b ab 1850. 

Capt James' ch. By 1st wife. 1, Charles W, b April, 1846; d in 
Weston, Ct, March 4, '55. 2, Mary G, b ab '44; r St Geo. 3, William J, 
b May and d Oct 26, '47. 4, Adelia C, b ab 1848. 

Capt William Henry's ch. 1, Elsie Jane, born June 5, 1845. 2, Ellen 
Augustas, b April 27, '47; d at N 0, Jan 6, 1850. 3, Mary, bNov 14, '59. 6, 
Alice, b Sept 6, 1862. 

Capt Charles D's ch. Everett, b ab 1851. The mother d March 1, 

Capt Robert G's ch. 1, Seth, b June 18, 1850. 2, Robert Alton, b ab 
'52. 3, Viram R, b ab '55. 4, John Bentley b ab '58. 

Simon's ch. Rosanna S, b July 20, 1850; d Oct 15, '59. Of the War- 
ren branch of this family, Samuel Watts, 5th, son of Samuel of W; m 

Eveline Farrington, Aug 27, 1829; 2d, Mary r Beechwoods and 

Cobbs Mills. Their ch. 1, Angeline, m David A Linnekin of Appleton, 
Aug 11, '56. 2, Emeline, m Dexter Burkett; r Th. 3, Mary, b ab '34. 4, 
William E, b ab '39; m Nancy Ellen Copeland of W; r Th. 5, Cordelia M, 
b ab 42; m Oliver A Vose; r Th. 6, Frances A, b ab '45. 

Betsey, dau of Maj Hanse, m Cornelius Hyler, Cushing. Her chil. 
Capt Haunce R, b in Cushing, March 27, 1790; m Mary Shibles of Th, 
March 15, 1818; rem Th; followed coasting, and d Aug 18, '32. Their ch. 
1, Capt Dodge, b Sept 14, '18; lost at sea, '46. 2, Eliza M, b Nov 17, '19; 
m Capt John M Brown and d June 14, '56. 3, Helen A,b April 9, '21; m 
1st, Capt Simon B Leeds of Warren, July 3, '42 (who was drowned at N 
O, Sept 17, '42); 2nd, Capt Rasmus Anderson, (who was also lost overboard 
in the Atlantic ocean); r Th. 4, Capt Alden B, b Oct 9, '22; m Susan 
H Reed of Newcastle, and d in Liverpool, Eng, March 14, '55. 5, 
Priscilla, b Aug 27, '24; m Capt John M Brown, Oct 3, 59; r Th. 6, Capt 
William M, b April 18, '26; r Th; a master mariner. 7, Capt J Burnham, 
b April 25, '28; m Susan A Fuller of S Th, March 16, '51; r Th and d of 
yellow fever, in Havana, Cuba, June 24, '58. 8, Margaret G, b Oct 7, '29; 
m Capt John Norebeck of Denmark, Eu, Sept 13, '55; who d July 18, '56, 
in Mobile, Ala. 9, Capt Ballard G, b July 30, '31; r Th; a master mariner. 

Capt Alden B's ch. Abbie, b ab 1848. 

Capt J Burnham's ch. 1, Emma B, b ab 1851. 2, Alvah, b ab '53. 3, 
Alida, b ab '55. 4, Burnham, b ab '57. 


Elizabeth, dau of Archibald: m Dea James Fisher, W. Fisher, Dea 
James, b in 1760; c from Scotland; m Elizabeth Robinson; r W and d Mar 
29, '37. Their chil. 1, Mary, m Rufus Russell; r W and d Sept 19, '19. 
2, Nancy. 3, Margaret; both d young of throat distemper. 4, Sarah, bap 
June 22, 1794, by Rev J Thaxter; d Dec 30, '13. 5, Lydia, r W. 6, Eliza, 
m Oliver Bowen of U and d Sept 30, '26. 7, John, b Nov 3, 1800; m 
Clymenia Shorey, Dec 25, '45; r W and d Oct 27, '69. 8, Archibald, m 1st, 
Lydia Thorndike of St Geo and 2d, Sybel Maxfield, in Rhode Island, where 
he r and d Sept 8, '72. 9, David V, m Nancy Shorey; r W and d Dec 12, 
'50; his widow marrying Jas Fitch of Wash, who d Dec 12, '64. 

John's chil. 1, Amanda, b Nov 4, '47; m Wm Humes of Careyville, 
Mass. 2, James, b Oct 12, '48; m Irene A Spear of W; rem Mass in May ( 
'75. 3, John E, b Dec 23, '49; m Lydia Ramsey of N H. 4, Oliver J, b 
'51; m Martha E. Griffin of Wash; r Careyville. 

Archibald's chil. By 2nd wife. 1, Annie. 2, Lillie; both in R I 

David's chil. 1, Lizzie A, m Augustine Newhall of Wash. 2, Nancy 
E, b '48; d Apr 6, '50. 3, David A, b Mar '50; m Agnes Starrett; r W. 

James' chil. 1, L Annie. 

Oliver J's chil. 1, Charles Oliver. 

David A's chil. 1, David Edelbert; in W. 


Nancy, dau of Moses (4th), m Nath'l Fales of Thomaston; her ch. 1, 
Jane R, b Sept 13, 1806; m Samuel Albee; studied medicine in Female 
Medical College, Boston, and prac med in Rock. 2, Alice R, b June 28, 
'08; m Seth Vose; r Th; on homestead. 3, Nath, (4th), b June 18, '10; 
m Mary P Morse, p June 21, '35; rem California. 4, Rufus S Esq, b Dec 
26, '12; m Julia A Thompson in Lowell, 1838: r Th and d June 25, '58. 5, 
Rebecca C, b Nov 2, '14; m Capt Wellman Spear; r Rock. 6, Burton, b 
July 10, '17; m 1st, Sarah Mosman, Dec '38; 2d, Maribah Ann Thurston, 
Dec 7, '41; who died June 19, '48; 3d, Rachel D Bisbee of War, Jan 9, '49; 
rem California. 7, Nancy, b Aug 25, '19; m Moses H Watts; r Th. 8, 
Sophia A, b April 26, '22; m William E Whitney. 9, Newell, b Feb 27, 
'25; d Dec 11, '47, at Charlestown, Mass. 

Jane, dau of Moses (4th), m 1st Haynes Whitney; 2d, Jeremiah Gil- 
man. Whitney Haynes, b Dec 1788; c from Woodstock, Vt, to Th; m 
Jane Robinson Jan 24, 1816; settled at Beechwoods and died suddenly 
from bilious colic, Sept 18, '25. Calvin, a brother, c later; m Eliza Ever- 
ton and d Oct 1832. 

Haynes's ch. 1, William, b Oct 29, 1816; m Eliza Brown, Sept 16, 
'39; 2d, Elizabeth Jordan, April 24, '62; r Th; a farmer, etc. 2, Maria R, 
b June 24, 18; m Joseph C Stafford, Oct 20, '44; r Boston and d at St 
Louis, Mo, 1845. 3, Charles R, b Jan 16, '20; m Mary Thurston, r Rock; 
a lime manufacturer. 4, Reuben K, b Nov 10, '23; d, lost overboard 
from bk Valhalla, Dec 1838. 5, Elizabeth H, b Nov 22, '25; m 1st, Charles 
A Green of Boston, Sept 1, '44; 2d, Stephen Styles of Cambridge, Mass. 


Calvin's cb. 1, Calvin F, b April 7, 1816; r Cam. 2, Henry, b April 
25, '18; d in the South. 3, William E, b Jan 23, '22; m Sophia A Fales, 
Dec 29, '42; r Th; a merchant, etc. 4, Joshua G, b Nov 10, '23; r Rock; 
soldier in 4th Me, etc. 5, John K, born June 19, '26; m and r Th; went to 
California. 6, Mary E, b July 31, '30; m Americus Long; r Th. 7, 
Joshua, b ab '33; r Rock. The mother, m 2d, Joseph Thompson; r R and 
d Feb 20, '61, a 61. 

William's ch. 1, Frances I, b Sept 12, 1842; d June 18, '48. 2, Eliza 
J, b ab '45. 3, Olena, b ab '47, 4, Charles G, b ab '52. 5, Andrew F, b 
ab '56. 

Charles R's ch. 1, Mary, b ab 1856. 2, Lizzie, b ab '57. 

William E's ch. 1, Lydstone, b Feb 1843; d July 21, '57. 2, Calvin 
H, b ab 45. 3, William J, b ab '47. 4, Rebecca Ann, b Jan 16; d Dec 8, 
'49. 5, Frances M, born and d Oct 13, '53. 6, Aroline, b ab 55. 7. Alice 
R, b ab '58. 

2d, Jeremiah Gilman, b in Gilmanton, N H, Oct 14, 1804; c to Th in 
1827; m Jane (Robinson) Whitney, June 1, 1828; r Beechwoods, Th; 
overseer of almshouse, etc. Their ch. 1, Jane A, b Aug 20, '29; d Sept 
3, '30. 2, Col Jeremiah H, b Nov 11, '31; grad West Point Military Acad- 
emy; m in Gardner, Kate Rogers of Bath, Nov 3, '57; officer in the army. 
3, Sophronia, b Nov 21 and d Dec 12, '33. 

Col Jeremiah H's ch. Howard K. 

Sarah, dau of Moses (4th), m Joseph Pottle, mother of J Gilman 
Pottle, Rockland. 

Sarah, dau of Moses (3d), m John Mathews, War, 3, Oct 10, 1825. 
John's chil. 1, William R, b ab '26; went, among the first, in '49 to 
California and d there in Oct '50. 2, Hon Moses R, b Oct 24, '27; m Eliza- 
beth W Mclntyre, Oct 13, '51; r W, built house and store near or on home- 
stead. 3, John W, b Oct 20, 1829; m Lucy H Vose of Th, June 6, '33: r 
and built on W home lot. 4, Joseph A, b Feb, '32; m Mary Fitzgerald, 
pub Feb 10, '55; r Wal. 5, Mary H, b Mar 3, '34; m Geo Sweet; r W 
homestead. 6, Lawrence C, b Jan 21, '37; m Abbie H Jordan of Portland, 
June 2, '64; r W village. 7, Ann Sarah, b Aug 3, '39; m 1st, Chas Griffin, 
(who d in '63) ; 2d, Wm G Follansbee, r W on homestead. 


Hon Moses R's chil. 1, Eva F, b Sept 23, '52; r W. 2, Lizzie H, b 
Sept 17, '55; d in Chelsea, Mass, Apr 30, '75. 

John W's chil. 1, Georgia A, b Aug 14, '54; r W. 2, William, b Apr 
3, '59; d Aug 23, '59. 3, Abbie J, b June 20, '63. 4, Carro E, b Feb 9, '65. 
5, Fred, b Apr 8, '67. 6, Thomas V, b Oct 7, '76; all in W. 

Lawrence C's chil. 1, Sadie L, b Mar 2, 1865. 2, Mamie L, b June 
25, '67; both r W village. 

Ann, dau of Capt James, m Capt B Webb. Chil. Barnabas of Bos- 
ton, b in 1729; m Mary Holmes, Sept 6, '59 and d in '95, a 66. Mary, his 
wife, b March 16, 1741, d at her son's in Warren, April 24, 1833, a 92. 


Their ch, 1, Mary, b Oct 23, 1761; d Sept 12, '62. 2, Dr Benjamin, b 
Feb 13, '63; c to War in 1784 or '5; m 1st, Catherine Gregg, 2d, Sarah 
Boggs in 1795; rem to Th and in 1813 to Ohio, near Zanesville, where he m 
3d, a widow lady and d Feb 26, 1834, a 71. 3, Rebecca, b April 23, '64, d 
Sept 7, '65. 4, Elizabeth, b July 14, '66; d Oct 12, '79. 5, Abigail, b Dec 

8, '67; m Capt David Fales, Jr; r Th and d Nov 27, 1858, 6, Sally, b April 
16, '69; m Ebenezer Jennison, Esq; r Th. 7, Nathan, b April 18, '71, d 
Oct 23, '95. 8, Dea William Holmes, b Oct 16, '73; c to Warren, ab '94, 
where he m Ann Seids ab 1802; 2d; Mrs Lucy Burton, Dec 20, 1826; r W. 

9, Thomos, b Oct 13, '75; d Nov 6, '77. 10, Harriet, b Feb 25, '77; m 
Willard Fales and r Th. 11, Lydia, b April 16, '79; r Th; long a store 
keeper at Mill River and d Oct 7, 1864. 12, Barnabas (2d) , b Oct 20, '80, d 
next day. 13, Barnabas (3d), b Nov 9, '81; d Nov 8, '82. 14, Mary, b 
Dec 4, '86; r and traded War; rem and r Th; a shop keeper. Of the above 
numerous family there were, April 16, 1864, five still living, aged, respect- 
ively, 95, 91, 87, 85 and 77 years. 

Dr Benjamin's ch. By 1st wife. 1, Polly, b April 13, 1788; m John 
Hussey in 1805; r Jefferson. 2, Capt Barnabas (4th), b June 19, '89; m 
Ann Robinson of Rock, Oct 11, 1815, r Th; a ship master, ship owner, etc, 
and d Aug 9, 1863. By 2d wife. 3, Benjamin (2d), b Aug, 1797; r and m 
in Ohio. 4, Nathan (2d), b July 17, '99; d Jan 6, 1802. 5, Nathan (3d), b 
Aug 26, 1802; m and r in Ohio. 

Sarah Ann, dau of John W; m Dea Joseph Catland, Chil, 1, John R, 
born Nov 13, 1834; m Lucy A Young, Oct 6, 1859; r Th; a joiner 2, 
Joseph E, b Aug 11, '36; m Ann Medora Moody, Oct 17, 1857; r Th; a 
joiner and soldier. 3, Nehemiah Boynton, b Jan 19, 1840; r Th; a joiner 
and soldier in 1st Me Cavalry; d June 12, 1863, 4, William L, b ab '45; r Th. 

John R's ch. Eunice, b ab 1860. 

Joseph E's ch. Osgood, b ab 1859. 

Mary Adalin", dau of John W; m Capt Eben Creighton. Ch. Eben 5, 
b 1840. 

Eliza, dau of Moses (3d), m Col J W Richmond, Warren. Col. John 
W; b 1799; c from Bridgewater, Mass, to W; m Eliza Robinson, Oct 6, 
1823; r W, at Meetinghouse corner and d Aug 19, '67. Their chil. 1, 
Sarah Elizabeth, m John L Allen of Waldoboro; r Wal. 2, Casandana C, 
r Boston. 3, John W Jr, b Feb 8, 1828; m Sophia L Hodgeman, June 1, 
1851; r and built house in W village; d May 18, '66. 4, Helen, m 1st, J 
Randall Groton of Wal, Dec 12, '49; 2d, John A Parks, proprietor of the 
Marlboro' house, Boston. 5, Rebecca R, m John T Bradley of Boston, 
Aug 20, '52; r Boston. 6, Mary Ann, m Albert Wilson; r Newbury- 
port, Mass, 7, Virgil A, m and r Boston. 8, Homer, m Clara A Huse of 
W, 1865; rem and r Fitchburg, Mass. 9, Susan C, m Stoddard Burgess; r 
W, on homestead. 10, D Mansfield, born Feb, 1844; d Jan 23, '47. 11, 
Porter F, b July 6, '47; served in Maine Reg; m Mary J Swan, Jan 1, '74; 


John W's chil. 1, George E, b April 18, 1853; d May 3, 1872. 2, 
Helen M, b July 26, '55; m Fred H Jones, June 21, '73; r W. 3, Samuel H, 
b July 21, 1861; r W. 

Homer's chil. 1, Eliza M, b Feb 26, 1866. 2, Johnnie, r Fitchburg. 
3, Harry, b and d in Fitchburg. 

Porter F's chil. 1 Virginia Ray, b Sept 7, 1875, in W. 

> (V? 

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