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The Reverend Alexander Miller 

of Virginia 

and Some of His Descendants 



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Eev. Alexander Miller 4 

John ^liller of Ireland aiiil \'a 

Dr. Alexander Miller (and family ) 8 

Hon. James Miller 12 

Dr. W. T. M. Miller 14 

Alexander ^liller (2nd ) of Vn. and liis children 15 

Hon. Samuel Miller 15 

Alexander ]\Iiller (;3rd ) 17 

Isaac Miller " IS 

The (ii'andchihlren of Isaac Miller 20 

Great-Grande! I i Id ren of Isaac ^lillcr 20 

Adjt.-(;cii. Elliott 8. :\Iiller 20 

James T. Midler 21 

C'ldldrcii (if .Iniiies T. :\lillei' 20 

The (;iaii(lcliildren of dames T. Miller 28 

William M i I lei- 31 

^largaret M iller Beard 31 

Jane Miller of Va 33 

John Wallace Miller of X-a 33 

The (Jreat-(iiiin<lcliildivii of dames T. :\liller 33 

'Conclusion, etc 35 

.Special Ordei' No. II of the (Jovernoi' of Xorth Dakota 36 

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Horn in BloomhiK-ion Township, McLean County. 
Illinois, January 21, 1880. 





Tke Reverend Alek^:(jcler Mille*- o{ Virgijiia and Some of His 



Hev. Alexander Miller was of Scotch descent and was born at 
Antrim, Ireland, about the year 1720. His wife's maiden name 
was Jane Evans and she was a native of the city of Glasgow, 
Scotland. Eev. Miller was a graduate of Edinburgh University, 
having the degree of M.A. He was a minister of the Presbyterian 
Church, and was first licensed to preach by the Presbytery of 
Eoute, and his licensure rejiorted to the General Synod of Ireland 
in 1745. He was ordained by the Presbytery of Letterkenny at 
the "Xew Erection" in the Parish of Ardstraw, (Clady Congrega- 
tion,) County Tyrone, Ireland, November 4, 1746. He was pastor 
of Clady Congregation until June 21, 1749. He was also at one 
time a member of the Synod of Pungannnn. He emigrated to 
America sometime between tlie last mentioned date and the 25th 
of May, 1753, at which time he appeared before the Synod of Phil- 
adelphia and asked to be permitted to preach as a member of that 
body. Owing to certain teclmicalities which had to be observed 
his request was not granted until May 26, 1756, when in answer 
to a repeated supplication from the congregations of Cooks Creek 
and Peaked Mountain, in that part of Augusta now called Rock- 
ingham County, Virginia, he was admitted to the Synod of Phil- 
adelphia, and Presbytery of Donegal, Pa., and was installed as the 
first regular pastor of Cooks Creek (near Dayton, A^a.) and Peaked 
Mountain, August 1, 1757. 

On the 17th of Xovembor. 1756, Pev. Miller purchased three 
hundred acres of laud of Saiuuel Semple for a consideration of 
ninety shillings. Tiic boundaries of this tract as described in the 
record of tlie deed at Staunton, Virginia, are as follows; "Be- 
ginning at two Pines and a Hickory on the South side of the 
Hunters Spring, draft thence North West one hundred and Sixty 
Poles crossing a Biaiicli and Meadow to two Pines and South 
thirty-five Degrees West one Iluudrcnl and eighty Poles to a Pine 
and Soiitb l^ast Eighty-four Po'es to two white (oaks?) and 
South two liuiulied aiul tliirly Poles to two Pines and South East 
Sixty Poles Crossing a Braneli io Ww^^o White oaks and North 
Seventeen Degrees East tbi'ee linndred and Eighty-five poles to 
the Beginning." Tliis tract is situated in Pockinghaui County, 
Virginia, al)out foiii' miles southwest of Harrisonburg. A peculiar 
clause relaliug to ilie property, proliablv required by the laws and 
customs of llie lime, was iusei'ied in lliis deed as follows: "And 

during the full term and time of one whole year from thence next 
ensuing, and full}" to be complete and indeed Yielding and Pay- 
ing therefor the Eent of one Pepper Corn on the feast of St. Mich- 
ael the Archanoel, if the same shall be lawfully demanded." 

Rev. Alexander Miller served the congregation of Peaked Moun- 
tain as their pastor imtil October 7, 1T62, and Cooks Creek until 
May 1, 1763. He was one of the ten members of the Hanover, 
(Va.,) Presbytery Avhen it was reorganized in 1758. He was ap- 
pointed to several missionary stations in southwestern Virginia 
and western Xortli Carolina in 1771, and the latest mention of 
him in the records of the Presbyterian Church in America is found 
in a report made to the Synod of Philadelphia by the Hanover 
Presbytery in 1774. He appears to have been a man of strong 
opinions and staunch convictions and was possessed of an extreme 
independence of the wills of other men. The last mention I find 
of him in any record is dated October 3, 1775. 

Settling in Virginia when that country was new and infested 
with many hostile bands of Indians, his experiences must have 
been trying to say the least. His remains, those of his wife and 
his son Alexander and wife lie buried in the old "Cooks Creek 
Cemetery," four miles southwest of Harrisonburg, Virginia, (near 
the town of Dayton.) In later years this old cemetery was aban- 
doned and a mill dam Avas built across the creek below the burying 
ground in such a way that the water of the dam backed up and 
completely covered all the old graves. The old church where 
Miller and several of his successors preached was torn down about 
the year 1780 and the stones of which it was constructed were 
used in building the mill-dam. A new church, (the second build- 
ing on the present site,) was built in 1834, at a place about four 
miles north of the site of the first one, and to it was given the 
name of "Xew Erection,"* probably in memory of the old "jSTew 
Erection"' in Ardstraw, County Tyrone, Ireland, where Miller first 
preached. The name was also probably bestowed by Eev. Miller's 
son, Alexander, who was the chief supporter of the enterprise and 
the donor of the land upon which the new church was built. The 
latter is referred to as the founder of this church. 

The exact date of Eev. Alexander ]\Iiller's emigration from 
Ireland to America is not yet known, Init it is probable that he 
settled in Virginia about the year 1750, as the first mention of 
him in the records of the Presbyterian church in America occurs 
under date of May 25, 1753, and it is said that he had preached 
as an assistant to the Eev. John Craig for several years prior to 
that date. Of his immediate family very little is now known, but 
he had (at least) two sons, whose names were John and Alex- 
ander. The son, John Miller, was born in County Tyrone, Ire- 
land, January 10, 1740. but the date of birth of the other son is 
not known to me. 


The writer's sources of information for tliis biographical sketch 
of Kev. Alexander ^liJIer, a]'<' (1) A bi'ief manuscript history of 
his ancestors, written by tlie hite Dr. Alexander Miller, of Rich- 
mond, Kentucky, in IS,')!), and which is now in possession of his 
granddaughter, ]\Iis. IJcHc MiHcr IJeynolds, of Kansas City, Mo. 
(This Dr. Alexander .Miller was a grandson of Rev. Alexander 
Miller ) ; ( "-^ ) A copy of the othcial records of the Presbyterian 
church in America from 1708 to 1788, j'udilishcd at Philadelphia 
in 1841, owned by Mr. George P. Davis, of Blooniington, 111.; 
(3) Certain extracts from the county records of Augusta and 
Rockingham counties, A'irginia, (kept at Staunton and Harrison- 
burg, Va.,) copied by ^liss Maude R. Snyder, of Harrisonhurg, 
Ya., and Miss Verdie C. Rhodes, of Dale Enterprise, Ya., (both 
of whom are descendants of Rev. Alexander Miller) ; (4) Wad- 
dell's History of Augusta county, Ya. ; ( 5 ) Webster's History of 
the Presbyterian Church; and (6) cci'tain extracts fiom the rec- 
ords of the Presbyterian church in Ireland, kindly furnished me 
by the Rev. William James Lowe, (clerk to the Presl)yterian Gen- 
eral Assembly of Irehmd), of Edenbank. Londonderry. Ireland. 

Joiix Mtllp:i! (of Ireland axd A^riKiixiA ). 

John Miller, son of Rev. Alexander Miller and Jane Evans, 
Avas l)orn in the Parisli of Ardstraw, County Tyrone, Ireland, 
January lo. 174!). He was brought to America by his parents 
about the year 1750. They settled on a fann in that j)art of Au- 
gusta county. Ya., now called Rockingham county. This John 
Miller married ]\largaret Hicklin, daughter of Captain John Hick- 
lin, of Angusta county, Ya., Xovend)er 37, 1778. She was born 
February 9, 1760. Her parents had emigrated to Yirginia from 
Duihaiii, England. This John Milh'i- was a soldier of the Revo- 
lution, liaving -served, three terms as an officer in the Virginia 
militia during that war. This John ]\riller and his family re- 
moved to Madison county, Kentucky, in the year 1811, settling 
near Richmond, where their son. Dr. Alexander Alillcr. had pre- 
viously located in the year 1800. 

John Miller and Margaret Hicklin wcie the parents of ten 
children as follows : 

(1) Samuel Millei'. horn November 27, 1779. died in Trigg 
county, Kentucky, in 1844, (?) leaving a son, John Miller, who 
was a merchant in Cadiz, Ky., and another son, James Q. Miller, 
also a merchant, ulio died at Evansville, 111., leaving a daughter, 
Miss Alice Miller, who is a missionary of the Christian church 
in Japan. 

(2) Mary ]\liller, born Januarv 11, 1781, died in 1783. 

(3) Dr. Alexander IMiller, born November 26, 1783, died at 
Richmond. Ky.. iti 1877. (See fiirlhei' biographi(•^d account.) 

W. T. M. MiLLEK 

Mks. W. T. M. Millkk 



^m ^^^^^^^RiL^-'^'lr^^^^^^^^^H 


Hon. James Miller 

Wife of Hon. James Miller 

Robekt Andkkw Millkk 

James Edwin 


(4) John Miller, an attorney, born May 6, 1786, died in Texas 
in 1852. 

(5) Jane Miller, born Angnst 30, 1788, died (unmarried) 
October 18, 1858, at Cadiz, Ky., where she owned a farm and a 
nimiber of negro slaves. 

(6) Isaac Miller (of Cadiz,. Ky.) born September 26, 1790, 

married Sarah , and died near Cadiz, Ivy., November 17, 

1864. His children were John Miller, James Miller, Alexander 
Miller, Eiifus Miller, Mrs. Margaret Hobson, (of Mayfield, Ky.,) 
Mrs. Melissa Scott (of Murray, Ky.), Mrs. Caroline "Pursley (of 
Cadiz, Ky.), and Mrs. Emily J. Piatt (see cut), who was born at 
Cadiz, Ky., March 28, 1832, and died at Kansas City, Mo., Janu- 
ary, 1865, leaving one son, Samuel J. Piatt, of Galveston, Texas, 
and one daughter, Mrs. Sarah E. Dedman, wife of Dr. Philip T. 
Dedman, of Kansas City, Mo. 

(7) Dr. William ]\Iiller, born June 26, 1792, married a sister 
of Gen. James White, and died at j\[adisonville, Ky., December 4, 
1863, leaving a son, Dr. William Miller, Jr., who resided at Cal- 
houn, Ky., also another son, Theodore Miller, an attorney, who 
died in California. 

(8) Hon. James Miller, born May 23, 1795, died at B'oom- 
ington. 111., September 25, 1872. (See further biographical ac- 
count. ) 

(9) Josiah H. Miller, an attorney, born June 17, 1797, also 
married a sister of General James White, and died at Cadiz, Ky., 
April 8, 1872, leaving one son, William Miller, an attorney, who 
died at Princeton, Ky. 

(10) Jesse Miller, born September 14, 1799, died in Christian 
county, Ky., in 1832 (?). 

Dr. Alexander ]\[iller. 

Dr. Alexander Miller, son of John Miller and Margaret Hick- 
lin, settled at Pichmond, Ky., in May, 1806. He married Eliza- 
beth Barnett, only daughter of Col. James Barnett and ]\Iary, his 
wife, October 13, 1807. Col. James Barnett, born in Amherst 
county, Virginia, January 16, 1750, was a colonel in the Virginia 
troops. Continental Line, durina- the Eevolution. His wife was 
born August 10, 1765, and died" July 13, 1847. The children of 
Dr. Alexander Miller and Elizabeth Barnett were as follows : 

(1) James Barnett Miller, born June 27, 1808. 

(2) John Harrison Miller, boiii October 28, 1809. 

(3) Cyrus Cincinnatus MiMci', born June 26, 1812. 

(4) Juliann Elizabeth ]\lillcr, born June 15. 1818. 

(5) Fayette Morrison Miller, born June 16, 1823. 
(See fui'tber biographical accounts.) 

Dr. Alexander Miller died at the liuine of his sou, James B. 
Miller, in Eichmond, Ky., in 1877. 

James Barnett Miller, son of Dr. Alexander Miller, married 
Jidiet M. Miller, May 18, 1843. She was born February 16, 1825. 
Their children were as follows : 

(1) Leslie Miller, born Ua\ 14, 1849. Besides at St. Louis, Mo. 

(2) Mary Belle Miller (Mrs. Chas. B. Ee^Tiolds), born March 
16, 1853. Resides at 324 Wabash Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

(3) Florence Miller, born September 26, 1856." (Dec.) 

(4) Dr. James B. Miller, Jr., born January 5, 1859. (Dec.) 

(5) Lela Miller, born December 25, 1867, died ]\Iarch 20, 1872. 
John Harrison Miller (a farmer), married Patsy Irene Fields. 

Anonst 12, 1834. She was born Jime 4, 1818. Their children 
were as follows : 

(1)) Elizabeth Miller, born July 4, 1835, (married Robert 
Miller, brother of William Green Miller). 

(2) :\rartha Fields Miller, born December 7, 1836. Married 
John R. Ileth. 

(3) James Barnett Miller (2nd), born October 20, 1838. 

(4) Henry Fields Miller, born July 20, 1841. Married Lucy 

(5) Amelia Clay Miller {^o. 1), born July 4. 1844, died 
September 11, 1851. 

(6) Julia ]\riller, born December 19, 1847. died October 24, 

(7) Mary Belle Miller, born March 14, 1850. 

(8) Amelia Clay Miller (No. 2), born September 16, 1853. 
Married Capt. Robert B. Terrill. 

(9) Lucy Miller, born September 30, 1856. Married William 
Woo ten . 

(10) :\[argaret Miller, born August 7, 1858. Married Frank 

John Harrison ]\riller. died in IMadison county, Ky., January 
15, 1862. 

Cyrus Cincinnatus ]\liller, son of Dr. Alexander Miller, mar- 
ried Sarah Holloway, March 15, 1853. Resided at Independence, 
Mo. Their children were as follows: 

(1) :\rary Betty :\riller. born March 26, 1854. 

(2) Julia ^liller, born September 15, 1855. Married Ira Mc- 

(3) William Green ]\riller (2nd), born June 8, 1857. 

(4) Margaret IMiller, born October 23, 1859. Married Phillip 


Cyrus C. Miller, died at Monmouth, 111., April 25, 1876. 
Juliann Elizabeth Miller, daughter of Dr. Alexander Miller, 
married William Green Miller (no relation). July 1, 1834. He 



was born August 20, 1808. She died at Chenoa, 111: Their chil- 
dren were as follows : 

(1) Alexander Miller, born :\Iav 21, 1836, lived at Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 

(8) Irene Elizabeth Miller, born ]\Iay 21, 1810, married 
Matthew Embrv and lives at Shelbyville, 111. 

(3) Dr. Cyrus C. Miller (2nd'), born August 19, 1812, and 
died at Chenoa, 111. 

(4) Sally Estel Miller, born August 15, 1814, married Ben- 
jamin Herr and lives at Lexington, Ivy. 

(5) John Harrison MiPer (2nd),' born June 20, 1852, and 
died at Kansas City, Mo. (A soldier in the Civil War, enlisted in a 
battery from St. Louis, Mo.) 

Dr. Fayette Morrison ]\Iiller (a graduate of Transylvania Col- 
lege, Lexington, Ky., and Bloekley Hospital School, Philadepliia, 
Pa.), son of Dr. Alexander ^liller, married Caroline Embrv ]\Iarch 
21, 1846. She was born December 26, 1826. Their children were 
as follows : 

(1) Elizabeth B. Miller (an elocutionist), born May 22, 1848, 
married Thos. H. Oton. October 3, lS(iT. now resides at Eich- 
mond. \;\. 

(2) Talton E. :\riller, born October 3, 1850. Resides at St. 
Louis, Mo. 

(3) Alexander Hood Miller, born February 24. 1854. Resides 
at -St. Louis, Mo. 

(4) Dr. Fayette M. Miller, Jr. (a dentist), born Xovember 
27, 1856, died at Higginsville, Mo. He was a member of the 
Ivnights Templars and a^so of the ^Fasonic fraternity. 

(5) Carrie Alma ^Miller, born September 2, 1858, married 
Eev. Dr. Eussell Cecil, a Presbyterian minister, and resides in 
Eichmond, Va. Fayette Morrison Miller, Sr., died April 29, 1862. 

The following extract from the manuscript auto-biography of 
Dr. Alexander ]\Iiller may be of some interest to the readers of 
this volume. It was written May 4, 1850: 

"1 was raised in Eockingham county, state of Virginia, one of 
the best portions of that state. The residents of the valley were 
mostly descendants of Irish and Scottish parents, attached to ed- 
ucation, industry and morality. * * '•' Eeligious instruction was 
given prin(i|)iilly by the Presbyterians and Methodists. * * * j 
studied medicine under the instruction of Dr. P. Harrison, in 
Harrisonburg, who was an eminent ]ihysician : a pious and very 
worthy man. J left home for Kentuckv on AjU'll 3, 180(i. I 
opened shop in Eichmond the 15th of l\Iay, 1806, rented a shop 
about the place where Owen Walker's store is located. I rented 
of John Burnam. I boarded with ^lessrs. Eobert Miller and fam- 
ily who. with all their connections, treated me in the kindest man- 
ner, indeed. My large patronage from the citizens of Madison and 


the surKJunding- counties was uiiprcccflented. 1 Iiad sonic opposi- 
tion wliich under the circumstances was advantageous in more ways 
than one, it Icept me more circumspect in my intercourse with all 
I had to do, and as I was very young it made me read and study 
books on medicine and general science, so as to he as well pre- 
pared in my profession as possil)le. * * * j ^^g named for 
my father's father, who was a Preshyterian cleigyman, and I was 
early informed that 1 was to till his shoes in the clerical line, hut 
(hii'iiig my ('(hicational progress I took to I he |Miisiiit of medi- 

cine. * * * 

Hon. James Miller. 

HoiKiiahlc -lames Miller, son of John Miller and Margaret 
Hicklin, and grandson of Rev. Alexander Miller and Jane Evans, 
was born in liockiugham county. A'irginia, ^lay '^l], ITO."). His 
parents mov(Ml to Madison county, Kentucky, in the year 1811. 
He mail led .Iiiliet McClelland about the year 1824. She died in 
1826, leaving a daughter. . Juliet M. Miller (who was born Febni- 
ary 16, 1820. and who married James B. Miller, son of Dr. Alex- 
ander Miller). Mr. Miller was married a second time on the 
18th of March, 1827, to Mis. IsabelljL Mcliaivey (nee ]\Ioore), 
widow of Alexander Mciilaivey, hv whom she had one son. '^riieir 
wedding ceremony was performed by Bishop Morris. She was a 
daughter of John and Jane ^looie of Lexington. Virginia, and 
was born January 2.-). li!)3. Tlie cliildieii of lion. James ^Miller 
and Isabella Mooi e-Mc(iai vev, were as follows: 

(1) liobeit Andrew Mi'lei. bom l-^'briiar\- 10. 1828, married 
Mary Ann Swain. June 2r), IS72, and died in Siilli\an. Til.. Feb- 
ruary 4, 1891. 

(2) Otwav W. Mil'er. born March 2:i. ls;!(). died in infancv. 
(.".) Dr. William T. J\I. Afiller, horn August IT, 1831. 

(I) James Ivhvin ^filler, boi n Septemlx'r o. 18;-).'). died, un- 
manie(|. in 188S. 

iioheit Andiew Miller was a |iiomiiien1 Mason and left a large 
estate with wliieh to found a Masonic Home at Su'li\aii. Illinois. 
where he li\cd. 

Hon. James Miller inoNcd to IMooiuin^lon. M(J.eaii countv, 
111., ill April. 1835. lie soon hecaiiie ideiililied with the liusiness 
interests of the (then) yoiiii^^' city of lUooniiiigtoii and |»urt'hase(| 
several large tiacts of land in M(d.eaii eoiintw Mr. Miller was a 
consistent .Methodist in leligioii and he was oiU' of the first trus- 
tees of the Illinois W'esleyan rniversity, along with Kev. Peter 
Cartwrigbt, Pev. John S. Haiger, and several other noted lights 
of ]n'oneer Methodism in ("enlral Illinois. lie donated the 
lot upon which llie l*'iist Metliodist ('hiiicli in IJlooiiiiugton was 
built. His fonii'T lesideiice at 801 S. Madison street. Blooming- 
ton. III., built h\- him in iSliC), is still standing. (See cut.) Mr. 

Jambs B. Miller 

Juliet M. Millek 

FoKMKR Rksidence of Hon. James Millek 

M Veil son 

(801 South i.«« Street B!oominj>-toii. Illinois). Erected 1836 


Miller was (jiiite prominent in |jolitieal matters in Illinois during- 
the '50's, and in 1856 he was elected State Treasurer on the Ee- 
publican ticket, having been nominated by the celebrated Bloom- 
ington, Jll., Eepublican Convention of 1856. He was re-elected 
at the expiration of his term of office in 1858. He died at his 
home in Bloomington, III., September 23, 1872, leaving an estate 
of over 2,500 acres of land. His remains and those of his wife 
are interred in the City Cemetery, Bloomington, 111. Mrs. Miller 
died December 29, 1885. Mr. ]\liller was a member of the ]\[a- 
sonic fraternity. The local quarterly conference of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church to wliieli Hon. James Miller belonged passed 
the following resolution of respect to his memory. October 14, 
1872, viz. : 

"Resolved, That our faith is an unfaltering one that the de- 
parted, who has so long been to us a brother, a counselor and a 
friend, is now among the redeemed where we hope to meet him 
when the journey of life is ended." * * * 

Several biographical sketches of Hon. James Miller have been 
published from time to time, notably the one contained in Duis 
"Good Old Times in McLean County," published at Bloomington, 
111., in 1874, an encyclopedia of Illinois and ^McLean county, pub- 
lished in Chicago in 1908, and the Bloomington Daihj Bulletin 
of December 24, 1905. 

Dr. W. T. ^r. ]\Iiner, son of Hon. James ^liller, AA'ho resides 
at 901 \\ . Wood street, Bloomington, 111, has two very fine old 
oil portraits of his father and mother which were painted in Ken- 
tucky in 1828. Miller Park in Bloomington, 111., was named for 
Hon. James Miller, who formerly riwiictl the land whore it is lo- 

Di;. \\. T. Al. AFiLT.ER. 

hi'. W . T. M. ^liller, son of Hon. James ^liller, was born at 
Hopkinsville. Kentuckv, August 17, 1831. He married Belle Lee 
McCart, April 16, 1856. She was born April 23, 1839. Their 
children are : 

( 1 ) \\\n. Lee S. Miller, born Februarv L 1857, died February 
22, 1857. 

(2) Miss Ida B. Miller. Bloomington, HI., horn Oct. 8, 1858. 

(3) Cleon H. :^li]ler. Bloomington, III., born March 12, 1861. 

(4) Mrs. Juliet II. ( Miller) Hopkins, Chicago, III., born Aug- 
ust 9, 1863. 

(5) Malcolm A. Miller, born Xovember 28, 1865, died Feb- 
ruary 25, 1874. 

(6) JeroiiM' I-:. Milh'i'. horn Jan. 25. iscs. ilicd Fch. 26. 1869. 

(7) Aurelius ^I. ]\Iiller (attorney), Bloomington. Til., born 
Aug. 18. 1870. 


(8) Wave Miller (attorney). Bloomington, 111., born Aucr. 26, 

(9) Estella Miller, Bloomington, 111., born Feb. 18, 18T5. 

(10) Homer J. Miller. Bloomington, 111., born Jan. 11, 1878. 

(11) Mrs. Maud (Miller) Folk, Waterloo, Iowa, born Dec. 
29, 1879. 

(12) Mrs. Lola (Miller) George, Bloomington, 111., bom Mav 
9, 1882. 

Dr. W. T. M. Miller is a graduate of McKendree College, at 
Lebanon. 111. He filled the office of Super^'isor of Bloomington 
township from 18T8 to 1884. He is at present engaged in over- 
seeing his farms and raising fine draft horses. 

Alexander Miller (2xd), of Virgixia. axd His Childrex 

Alexander Miller (2nd), son of Eev. Alexander Miller and 
Jane Evans, was, (it is supposed,) a native of County Tyrone, 
Ireland. His wife was Sarah Crawford, (?) also a native of 
Ireland, of Scotch descent. The dates of the deaths of this couple 
are not known, though it is known that they were both living at 
their home in Eockingham coimty, Virginia, as late as the year 
1821. Their remains were buried at Cooks Creek. The log house 
which they occupied was torn down in 1880, after having stood on 
the original site of its erection for over one hundred years. They 
were the parents of eight children, as follows : 

(1) Hon. Samuel Miller, born 178 — , died 18 — . 

(2) Alexander Miller (3rd), born April 12. 1787, died. 1843. 

(3) Isaac Miller, born Dec. 1. 1792, died Jan. 21. 1857. 

(4) James T. Miller, bom Aug. 3, 1795, died Xov. 2. 1874. 

(5) John Wallace Miller, born 179—, died 18—. 

(6) Margaret Miller (Beard), born 18—, died 18—. 

(7) Jane Miller, born 18 — , died (unmarried), 18 — . 

(8) William Miller, born 18—, died 1872. 

Hox^. Samuel Miller. 

Hon. Samuel ^liller, son of the second Alexander Miller, was 
born in Eockingham county, Virginia, where he lived and died. 
He was at one time Chief justice (?) of his native county. His 
wife was Margaret Loky-. They had no children of their own, but 
adopted two, viz. : Wilson Loky and Susan Catteral. Mr. Miller 
owned a large farm situated about five miles northwest of Cootes 
Store, and a number of negro slaves. 









Alexaxdkk ^Iii.r.KF; (3i;i)). 

Alexander ]\liller, 3rd, son of the 2nd Alexander Miller and 
Sarah Crawford (?), was born in Eoekingham county, Yirs:inia, 
April 12, 1T8T. He was a fanner and lived on a farm located 
about sixteen miles northwest of Harrisonburg, Va. He married 
Ann Matthews. June 25, 181<t. They were the parents of thirteen 
children, as follows : 

(1) St. Clair Miller, born Feb. 3, l^VUl^W^'F*^^ ^^^^^ ^'^*^^- 
erine Eitchie, (2nd) Susan Eoadcap. His^cTiihlirn were George 
^liller, James Miller, and Mrs. Xancv (Miller) Foley. 

(2) Isabella Miller, born April 8,* 1815, died in McLean Co., 
111., Dec. 20, 1870, (married Jacob Custer in 1838). Their chil- 
dren are: Mrs. Mary S. ]\Iiller, Samuel Custer (the writer's 
father), Mrs. Amanda McFee, Mrs. Xancy Steele, and Mrs. Xettie 
Scogin (deceased). 

(3) Mary Miller, born December 18, 1817, married Samuel 
Harper. Their children were : Addison Harper, Joseph Harper, 
William Harper, John Harper, and Alexander Harper. 

(4) Samuel Miller, born Sept. 22, 1818. married Margaret 
Xeff. Their children were: Robert ^Eiller, Mrs. Mary (]\Iiller) 
Clutures, ]\Irs. Ida (Miller) Fulk, and Mrs. Anna (Miller) Hoover. 

(5) John C. Miller, born March 1, 1821, married Deborah 
Shoemaker. Their children are : Hampton ]\Iiller and B. F. Miller. 

(6) ]\Iargaret Jane Miller, born January 1. 1822, married 
William Tibbetts. Their children are: :\Irs. :\Iary (Tibbetts) 
Harper and William Til)betts, Jr. 

(7) William Alexander ^liller, born November 18, 1825, mar- 
ried Sarah Shoemakei'. Their children were Jane MiPer, Emma 
^Miller. Angeline ]\Ii|]er. Eva ]\Iiller and Susan ^liller. 

(8) Elizabeth Ann :Miller, born Sept. 2. 1826, (is still living,) 
was never married. She resides in Pendleton countv. West Ya. ^ 

(9) Frances :\Iil]er, born , 1831, died Oct. 22, 1891. Mar- 
ried Isaac Spiggle. Tliey had one child. ^Fr?. .Tonnie (Spiggle) 

(10) Martha Miller, born . 1832, married Chris Shoe- 
maker. Their children w^ere : Archelus Shoemaker, Wesley Shoe- 
maker. Fannie Shoemaker. Eva Shoemaker, and Mrs. Amanda 
(Shoemaker) Custer. 

(11) James H. MiUer (twin of Sarah), born Aug. 20, 1833, 
married ^Fariiaret Shoemaker. Their children are: St. Clair 
^filler, John ■Miller. Samuel :\ril1er. :\Irs. Sarah (:\riller) Fulk. 
Mrs. Mary (Miller) Turner, Ann ^^liller, and Mrs. Dorothy (Mil- 
ler) Sutherland. (James H. Miller is still living and resides at 
Genoa, Va.) 

(12) Sarah :\riller (twin of James H. :\riller), born Aug. 20, 
1833, married George Harper. Their children are : Mrs. Fannie 


(Harper) Hoi^kins, Mrs. Xora 0. (Harper) Sites, Victoria Harper 
and George Harper, Jr. 

(13) Seba Miller, born , 1835 (?), married Dr. 

Xewliani. Tlioir children are: ]\rrs. Aria (Xewliam) Bronson, 
i jiarali i^iu' i'i luo ^ , tS.eba Xewliain, .Mrs. Sarah (Xewliani) Kexroad 
and Mrs. Jennie (Newham) Bowman. 

The remains of Alexander Miller (3d) and his wife lie buried 
in the cemetery at New Erection Church, about five miles north- 
west of Harrisonburg, A'irginia. 

Isaac Miller. 

Isaac Miller, son of the second Alexander Miller and Sarah 
Crawford ( ?) and grandson of Eev. Alexander Miller, was born 
in Eockingham county, Virginia, December 1, 179-i. He married 
Mary Anderson August 15, 1831. She was born Aug. 13, 1803. 
They moved to a farm near Crawfordsville, Ind., where they re- 
mained until the year 1838, when they removed to McLean county, 
Illinois, settling on a farm now known as the Conley farm, part 
of which (the W. >4 of the S.W. Yx Sec. 33, T. 33 N., K. 2 E. 
3 P.M.) Isaac Miller entered July 5, 1841. August 12, 1843, he 
purchased of Zachariah Simmons, a forty-acre tract adjoining for 
$100. This farm is located directly south of the McLean County 
Farm and about five miles south of the city of Bloomington, 111. 
This farm is one of the best in Central Illinois, and the land which 
lies almost perfectly level, is now worth upwards of $300 per acre. 
December 5, 1854, Isaac Miller sold this farm to Milton and Ma- 
son Miller for two thousand two hundred dollars and removed to 
a smaller farm nearer the city, where he died a few years later. 
He was one of the pioneer farmers of McLean county, TIL, and his 
experiences as such were common to all the early settlers. The 
children of Isaac Millrr and Mary (Anderson) Midler ^\el■o as 
follows : ^ 

(1) Sanford C. Miller, born Oct. 18, 1832, maiTied (1st) 4*4 
Melissa Hill ■( n i ' 6 D op ow ) , (who died April 10, 185l) December 
35, 1845: (3nd) IJachel White, Dec. 19, 1851, and died in Bloom- 
ington, 111., Dec. 13, 1863. 

(3) Samuel B. Miller, boi'ii .January 26, 1834, Jiunticd ]\Iar- 
tha Ashburn, Dec. 5, 1847, and died in Kansas Dec. 30, 1863. 

(3) Jacob Anderson Miller, born Sept. 6, 1826, mariied ]\lary 
A. Trhnl)l(' July 20, 1854, and died in Kansas City, Kansas, Sept. 
— , r.)()0. 

(4) William .1. Miller, lioni Xov. 17, 1828, died Aug. 22, 1840. 

(5) Angeline Millci'. born Se])t. 20, 1830, died Jan. 31. 1892. 

(6) Elizabeth Miller, born June 33, 1833, uuirried Silas C. 
Pringey, Dec. 30, 1855, and died in Bloomington township, Mc- 
Lean county, 111., Aug. 5, 1908. 




(?) Isaac \V. Miller, born Nov. 15, 1S3G, JiiaiTied Susan J. 
Wames, Jan. 1. 18G?, and died in Bloomington, III, Nov. 27, 1870. 

(8) Jlester J. Miller, born March 6, 1839, died Aug. 15, IS-tO. 

Isaac Miller died Jan. 21, 1857. His wife died Feb. 25, 1870. 
Their remains are buried in Scogin's Cemetery, four miles south- 
west of Bloomington, 111. The McLean Co. Historical Society has 
a "hank"" of flax fibre that was prepared for the spinning wheel by 
Mary Anderson Miller in the year 1843, also parts of two woolen 
"coverlets"" woven by her. 

Some of riii-: Gbandchildkkx of Isaac Miller and Mary 


Adjt.-Gen. Elliott S. Miller (dec.) and Mrs. Mary A. Bowman, 
(children of Sanford C. Miller and Melissa Dop » w Hill), Clara 
Miller (dec), Fremont ]\Iiller, ^Mrs. Hattie Bolin, and Mrs. Min- 
nie G. Street; (children of Sanford C. Miller and Kachel White), 
Alonzo Miller (son of Jacob Anderson Miller), Mrs. Elizabeth 

(nee Miller), William Miller, Miller, and Miller; 

(children of Samuel B. Miller). G. W. Pringev (son of Elizabeth 
(Miller) Pringey), Charles W. Miller, and Miss Alice M. Miller 
(children of Isaac W. Miller.) 

Some of the Great-Graxdciuldren of Isaac Miller and 

Mary Anderson. 

Mrs. Jesse M. Bolingei'. I-'rank Miller, Mrs. Mary Kneebone 
(children of Elliott S. Miller) ; lioy E. Bowman and Daisy Bow- 
man (childi'en of Mary A. Bowman) ; Fremont Street and James 
B. Street (chihlren of Minnie G. Street) ; Piussell M. Bolin, How- 
ard A. Bolin and Emery A. Bolin (children of Hattie Bolin) ; 
Helen Miller, Clara Miller, Lucy Miller and Neva Miller (chil- 
dren of Fremont ]\Iiller) ; Wallace A. Pringey, Maud E. Pringey, 
Murrel H. Pringey, Glenn B. Pringey, Homer H. Pringey, and 
Pussell D. Pringey (children of G. W. Pringey). 

Ad.m'tant-General Elliott S. ^Iiller. 

Elliott S. Miller, son of Sanford C. Miller, and Melissa -(-JJm* 
pow) Hill, was born in McLean countv, Illinois, Nov. 15, 1816. 
He enlisted in Company B, 39tli III. Vol. Inf. Aug. 12, 1861, and 
was discharged Dec. 6, 1865, baving been promoted to the rank 
of sergeant during his term of service. He married Almir% C. 
Hewitt, June 3, 1868. He was Chief of Police of Bloomington, 
111., in 1S78 and 1870. In 1880 he removed to North Dakota. 
In 1885 lie was appointed (juartermaster of the 1st North Dakota 
Regiment, and in ls:»:) he was appointed Adjt. Gen. of the State 


of Xorth Dakota b}' Governor Roger AH in. He was a member of 
the G.A.E. and the Masonic fraternity. He died at Bismarclv, 
Xorth Dakota, June 28, litd-"), leaving the following children: Mrs. 
Jessie M. Bolinger, of Jamestown, Xorth Dakota ; Frank Miller, 
of Missoula. ]\lont., and Mrs. May Kneebone, of San Diego, Cal. 

James T. Miller. 

James T. Miller, son of the second Alexander Miller, and Sa- 
rah Crawford ( ?) and grandson of Rev. Alexander Miller, was 
born in Rockingham county. Va., Aug. 3, 1795. Aug. 14, 1814, 
he enlisted in Captain Thomas Hopkins Co., Virginia militia, for 
service against the British during the War of 1812. He served in 
this war about three months, being discharged Dec. 8, 1814. For 
this service Mr. Miller, received a pension in later years, and a 
land warrant entitling him to IGO acres of government land. His 
widow also received a pension after his death. The land warrant 
he gave to his son, Martillous :\riller. On Jan. 28, 1821, at Or- 
ange Court House, Orange county, Ya.. James T. Miller was mar- 
ried to Sarah Loyd. Their wedding ceremony was performed by 
a Baptist minister named Canaday. After the wedding Mr. Miller 
took his bride on their wedding trip. They rode on horseback from 
the home of the bride's parents in Orange county, over the Blue 
Ridge Mountains, to the home of ^\r. Miller's parents in Rocking- 
ham county, a distance of over forty miles. It is said that Mrs. 
Miller often told her children that her husband's parents (who 
were of Scotch-Irish parentage), spoke such a "broad Irish brogue" 
that she could hardly understand them. Her own parents Avere of 
Welsh and English descent. About the year 1830, James T. ^liller 
and his family moved to Montgomery Co., Tennessee, and located 
at a place near the line of Christian county, Ky. They lived there 
only a few years when they again moved, this time to ]\IcLean 
county. 111., in the fall of the year 1834, traveling the whole dis- 
tance in a covered wagon, the oiily means of conveyance available 
at that time. Fifteen children were born to Mr. and Mrs. ]\Iiller, 
ten sons and five daughters. Of this large number their parents 
could say that they lived to see all of them married and with chil- 
dren of their own, except one son (John W.), who was married 
but had no children. (Three of these fifteen children are still liv- 
ing, viz. : Thomas 0. Miller, Alexander ^Filler, and Mrs. Mildred 
A. Peck.) When James T. Millei- first came to ]\rcLean county, 
111., in the fall of 1834, he rented a log cabin and forty acres of 
land of George Hinshaw, Sr. This cabin stood a few rods south 
of the old Xo. 7 or ''Hinshaw" school-house (now called Xo. 84), 
on the Springfield road, about 2y2 miles southwest of the city of 
Bloomington, 111., (Sec. 17, Bloomington township.) This cabin 
had but one room and no floor. It was very pooi- indeed, but 

Z IT. 

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« 33 




houses were so scarce in this part of the country in those early 
times that it was the best shelter Mr. Miller could obtain. Mr. 
Miller spent the winter of 1834 and '35 and the following summer 
at this place, farming the land he had rented of Hinshaw. In the 
fall of the 3'ear 1835 Mr. ^liller |)urehased two hundred and twenty 
acres of land of Lemuel Foster. The land was purchased by con- 
tract, Mr. Miller not receiving his deed for the land until Dec. 12, 
1853. This land is situated partly in section 17, Bloomington 
townshi]). and partly in Sec. 25. Dale township, McLean county, 
111. The deed conveying this land to James T. Miller, is recorded 
in Book Y, page 746, McLean Co. Deed Records. The amount of 
consideration named therein is two thousand dollars. (The same 
land is now worth about •$200 ]>er acre.) This farm is now owned 
by M]-. William Haines. It is said that Mrs. Miller, often told 
her fi lends that after she and lier husband moved into their new 
home they had but $10 in money left — and ten cliildi'en. Never- 
theless an untiring ])atience and persevering wills soon made them 
masters of their linancial ah'uirs and it was not many years until 
their farm was ])aid for and their older children grown too ma- 
in lity were able to jnovide for themselves. James T. Miller and 
his wife were both mendjers of the Methodist Episcopal Church 
and for many years their home was a regular preaching 23lace for 
the pioneer circuit riders who filled appointments on the old Sang- 
amon, Bloomington, and IJandolphs Grove circuits between the 
years 1835 and 1850. Cluiich buildings were very scarce in rural 
communities in those times and it was a common custom for the 
itinerant preacher to accept the use of the neighborhood school- 
house or the dwelling house of any incinher of his flock as a place 
for holding religious services. Among the early Methodist Circuit 
riders who preached at "Brother ^lillers"" were some of the well 
known lights of ])ioneer Methodism in Illinois, viz.: Peter Cart- 
wriglil, John S. l>ai'gei'. Wingate J. Newman. Joseph Newman, 
James C. Ifucker (a relative of Mrs. Millers), Samuel H. Martin, 
Williniii 1'. Howard, George Eutledge, James Shaw, and others. 
'V\\c caily Methodists were not lacking in wit, of which they fre- 
quently made use. It was a standing joke among the circuit-riders 
who weie wont to enjoy the hospitality of ^Ir. and ]\lrs. Miller 
that the latter's "'lloudans"" and "Shanghais" always fled whenever 
a ^lethodist ])i\'achci' lio\'e in sight, so well known was the preach- 
ers' gical Fondness for fried ehiekeii. Mi'. Miller's mime appears 
on the leeord of the first (piarterlv conference of the Rando'ph 
(irove Ciieiiit. held at Fnnks Grove, 111.. Dec. 29, 1849, at which 
time and |ilaee he was appointiMJ a memher of the missionary com- 
mittee. Mr. Miller eoiitiiiiied to leside upon his farm, raising live 
stock and grain nntil the year 1855, when he removed to a smaller 
fai-m in the lindier neaier the city of Bloomington which he had 
purchased some yeais ])revious!y of a Mr. Feeper. This laud is 


now a part of the farm owiunl by Mr. James Poindexter. and is lo- 
cated in the north part of Sec. 17, Bloomington township. The 
house at tliis jihice stood on the east side of the Sprinofield Eoad 
(as did also the one previously occupied by Mr. ]\liller) and about 
a half mile northeast of the old Xo. 7, "Hinshaw," or Dowthett 
School-house (now Xo. 84). In 1806 ]\rr. Miller sold his "prairie 
farm" (as it was called ) to John A. Alexander for $2.5 per acre. 
This was considered a good price for improved land in McLean 
county at that time. Mr. ]\Iiller was familiar with all the primi- 
tive modes and appliances used by the pioneer farmers of this coun- 
try during his residence on his '"prairie farm,"" and in his lifetime 
used nearly all the various primitive implements of husbandry 
that were invented for planting, cultivating, and harvesting grain. 
Among these were the cradle and flail, the single and double shovel 
cultivators, the "barshear" and wooden-mouldboard, breaking 
plows, the "traveling-machine" (a primitive thresher) and the 
chaff -piler (another jnimitive threshing-machine). During the 
first years of their residence in Illinois, Mrs. Miller spun and wove 
many a yard of cloth of which clothing was made for her family. 
James T. ]\Iiller died at his home on the farm he bought of Leeper, 
Xov. 3, 1874. His funeral sermon was ])reached by his o\l friend, 
the circuit rider, Rev. John S. Barger, and his lemains were laid 
to rest in the Scogin Cemetery at Lows Grove some two miles west 
of his former home. The Daihj Pnnfaqraph of Xov. 4, 1874, con- 
tains the following obituary of ^Ir. ]\Iiller: 'Olr. James T. ]\riller. 
an old citizen lesiding two miles southwest of this city on the 
Springfield road, died (last) ^londay at the advanced age of eighty 
years. The deceased was born in Virginia in 17}).5, and had 1)een 
a resident of this county for a great many years. He was a cousin 
of James Miller, the former State Treasurer. Funeral services 
will br licjd toilav at the Dowtliett Sc-hoo^-house at 10 o'clock 
A. M."" 

Mr. ^liller owned ninety-five acres of land at the time of his 
d(^ath. which was sold by the master-in-chancery (at that time 
Mr. E. ^I. Piiiice). and the ])i<)c('eds divided among the heirs. 
After her husband's death, ^Irs. ^filler lived with difFerent mem- 
bers of her large family of children until her own demise which 
occurred Dec. 13. ISS,"). at the home of her son, Thomas G. IMiUer, 
in Lincoln, 111. Her remains were biiiiiMl beside those of bci' liiis- 
band in Scogin"s Cemetery, and a neal wliite marble monument 
now marks their last earthly resting-])hicc. It was the wiiter"s 
privilege to have seen the face of his great giandiiiotbri- but once, 
and tliat was after her death, and wliib' her icmaius weic at the 
house of her son, Samuel vS. ^lillei-. near Sbirlcv. III., on tlip day 
of her l)urial. 


The Children of James T. and Sarah Loyd Miller. 

(1) Robert Miller, a fanner, born Nov. 29, 1821, married 
Elizabeth Lanier, June 23. 1845, died in Iowa eonntv, Iowa, Jan- 
nary IG, 1893. 

(2) James M. Miller, a farmer, born January 17, 1823, en- 
listed in Co. B, 4tli 111. Inf. (Mexican War), June 13, 184G, was 
discharged Dec. 3, 184G. ^Tarried Mary C. Parker, (a niece of 
the writer's maternal graiidfatlier,) July 4, 1850. Died in Iowa 
county, Iowa, March 20, 1!)04. 

(3) John W. Miller, a farmer, born Feb. 1, 1824, married 
(1st) Shurilla Mendinall. Sept. 27, 1855, (2nd) Caroline Miller, 
October 22, 1870. Died in Tutnani county. Mo., Oct. 8, 1885. 
(He was the only child of James T. Miller, who had no children.) 

(4) Elizabeth Jane ^Miller, (the writer's maternal grand- 
motlier, ) boin Oct. 10, 1825, mari'ied Oi-riu Parker, a farmer, 
Sept. 15, 1S4!». Died in Iowa county, Iowa, April 28, 1857. 

(5) William C. Miller, a farmer, (twin of Samuel S.), born 
Sept. 18, 1827, married (1st) Mary A. Barnett, Sept. 23, 1847, 
(2nd) Anna (Sauflev) Tlildreth, Sei)t. — , 1881. Died (in Bar- 
nett township, DeWitt county. 111.), ]\Iarch 19, 1904. 

(()) Samuel S. MiHer, a farmer, (twin of William C.,) born 
Sept. 18, 1827, married Priscilla Allison Aug. 20, 1848. Died 
(near Shirley, 111.), Aug. 14, 1899. 

(7) Bellefield Miller, a farmer, born Sept. 18, 1828, married 
(1st) .Mildred Wren, April 8, 1850, (2nd) Elizabeth Sumner 
Nov. G, 185G. Enlisted in Co. E, 94tli 111. A'ol. Inf. (Civil War), 
Aug. 7, 18G2, discharged x\ug. 17, 18G5. Died (in Greenwood 
Co.'^ Kansas), Aug. 2, 1887. 

(8) Sarah Ann Miller, boin May ;!(), lS3n, niai'ried H. Frank 
Barnett, a farmer, March 15, 185G. Died (at Kenney, 111.) June 
10, 1902. 

(9) :\Iary :\Iillcr. l)orn Nov. 28, 1831, married Thomas C. Lud- 
1am, a farmer, Dec. 15, 1858. Died (in Greenwood county, Kan.) 
July 1, 1903. 

"(10) Thomas G. Miller, bom Dec. 15, 1833, married Martha 
Povena French, Nov. 18, 185(), (resides in Lincoln, 111.) 

(11) ]\Iartillous Miller, born Sept. 27, 1835, married Mary S. 
Custer, (the writer's aunt,) Sept. 22, 1857. Died in Blooming- 
ton, 111., Mav 21, 1901. 

(12) Cvrus C. Millei', born June 30, 1837, married Eliza Eoyd. 
April 7, 1859. Enlisted in Co. I, 3rd III. Cavaliy (Civil War), 
Jan. 4, 1864. Died in E. Tennessee, April 3, 1865. 

(13) Margaret B. Miller, boin Feb. 7, 1839, married David E. 
Tlionipson, Oct. 4, 1859. Hied in Normal, 111., July 7, 1862. 

(11) Mildred A. .Miller, born Feb. 4, 1841, married Pliilo H. 
Peck, duly 8, 1858, (resides in Denver, Colo.) 





(15) Alexander Miller, born Feb. 3, 1843*married Laura F. 
Eaymond, April 12, 1867, (resides at Tola, Kansas.) 

James A. Miller, son of Robert ^Miller, and grandson of James 
T Miller, was a soldier of the Civil War, having served in Co. B, 
150th 111. Inf., from Feb. 1, 1865, to Jan. 16, 1866. 

The Grandohildrex of James T. Miller. 
(Sixty now living.) 

The names of the grandchildren of James T. and Sarah Loyd 
Miller who have lived to maturity are as follows, viz.: 

The children of Eobert Miller and Elizabeth Lanier are as fol- 
lows, viz. : 

(1) James A. Miller, North English, Iowa. 

(2) Levi J. Miller, Gotebo, Oklahoma. 

(3) Mrs. Julia Ford (dec.), North English, Iowa. 

(4) Mrs. Ellen Furman, Minong, Wis. 

(5) George A. Miller, Nira, Iowa. 

(6) Mrs. Alice Ogle, Williamsburg, Iowa. 

(7) Mrs. Celesta Harmon, Novinger, Mo. 

(8) Mrs. Laura Harmon, Novinger, Mo. 

(9) Lincoln ]\Iiller, Iowa City, Iowa. 

(10) Grant :\riller, Parnell, Iowa. 

(11) Isaac Miller, Davenport, Iowa. 

(12) Jewett Miller, Nira, Iowa. 

The children of James M. :\lin('i' and Mary C. Parker, as fol- 
lows, viz. : 

(1) ]\rrs. Eosannah Pinkerton, Greeley, Nebraska. 
(3) Mrs. Clora J. Cocbran, Hill City, Kansas. 

(3) Chauncey W. Miller, Hill City, Kansas. 

(4) ]\lrs. Ravena M. Henderson, Hill City, Kansas 

(5) Mrs. Florence Whetstine (dec). North English, Iowa. 

(6) Sylvester L. Miller, Well man, Iowa. 

(7) Joseph I) Miller, Wellman, Iowa. 

(8) John H. P. Miller. Topeka, Kansas. 
(it) ]\lrs. Dora L. Cha])man, ^laxwcll, Iowa. 

(10) Lemmon M. Millei', Topeka, Kansas. 

Tlic (hildren of Elizabeth Jnnc ^WW'v and Orrin Parker are 
as follows : 

(1) Mrs. Saiab J. Cowan, l^-ad. Neb. 

(2) Mrs. Cyntliia d. Groves, Eemington, Va. 

(3) Mrs. Loii Al. Ciistci-, (the writer's mother), Bloomington, 


The children of William C. :^Iiller and IMary A. Barnett are 

as follows, viz. : 

(1) Robert Miller, Maroa, 111. R.F.D. 

(2) "Mrs. Fannie Douegan (doc.) 

Roy Bowman 

Minnie G. (Mili^ek) Street 
Hattie (Millek) Bolin Mary A. (Miller) Bowman 

Fremont Miller Clara Miller 

Adjutant General Elliott S. Miller 


(3) Mrs. Ella 8toiiteiib()roii,i;li, .Maioa, HI. R.F.D. 

(4) Mrs. Hattie S.toutenboroiigli, Maroa, 111. 

(5) Charles Miller, Duncombe", Iowa, E.F.D. 

The children of Win. (". :\lillcr and Mrs. Anna (Saiifley) Hil- 
dreth, as follows : 

(G) Edna Miller, Clinton, III. E.F.D. 

(7) William Miller, Clinton, III. E.F.D. 

The childicn of Samuel S. Miller and I'riscilla Allison, as fol- 
lows, viz. : 

(1) Mrs. Ann Ale.\;inder, Bloomington, 111. 

(2) Mrs. Priscilla Wyman, Bloomington, 111. 

(3) Samuel Miller, Bloomington, 111. 

(4) Mrs. Almira Hill, Bloomington, III. 

(5) Mrs. Liiella Mitchell, Covel, 111. 

(6) Mrs. Eebecca Simmons, Bloomington, 111. 

(7) Thomas A. Miller, Marengo, Iowa. 

The children of BellofieVl ^lillei- and ^lildied Wren, were as 
follows : 

(1) Isaiah .Miller, Yates Center, Kansas. 

(2) Mrs. Sarah E. Miller, (dec.) 

(3) Mrs. Amanda Pollard, Toronto, Kansas. 

The children of Bellefield Miller and Elizabeth Sumner, as 
follows : 

(1) Mrs. Chestina Eitchie-Eeiter, Humboldt, Kansas. 

(2) Mrs. Hattie Anderson (dec.) 

(3) Elijah Miller, Colorado. 

(4) Mrs. Marv Cline (dec.) 

(5) Mrs. Mildred Stearns, TilTfin. Ohi... 

(6) Eli Miller, Salina, Kansas. 

(7) Bellefield Miller (dec.) 

The children of Sarah .V. stiller and B. F. Barnott are as fol- 
lows : 

(1 ) J. Wm. Barnott, Hallville, 111. 
(2) Jas. M. Barn(>tt. Hallville, 111. 
The children of ^lary Miller and Thomas Liidlam, as fo'lows: 

(1) J. J. Ludlam, Toronto. Kan. 

(2) Mrs. Sarah James. Owossa, Oklahoma. 

i'lie children of Tlioiuas fi. l\Tiller and AFartlia Eovena Frencb 
arc : 

(1) Leonard Miller, Lincoln, III. 

(2) Lee Miller, St. Louis, i\Io. 

The onlv surviving ihild of ^rartiUons ^Filler and ^Farv S. 
Custei' is : 

Mrs. Emma Kees, Bloomington. III. 

The children of Cyrus C. ^Filler and Eliza Lovd aie: 

(1) Thomas B. Miller, (dec.) North English. Iowa. 

(2) ^Frs. .Vdolia Chapman, North English, Iowa. E.F.D. 


(3) Mrs. Amelia Dowis, Keota, Iowa. 

The children of :\Iarg-aret B. :Miller and David E. Thompson 

(1) James Thompson, Muskogee, Okla. 

(3) Mrs. Elizabeth Jepson, Muskogee, Okla. 

The children of :\Iildred A. Miller and P. H. Peck were as 
follows : 

(1) Mrs. Jennie Snyder, (dec.) 

(2) Herbert A. Peck, Burlington, Kan. 

( 3 ) Dr. Frank Peck, Denver. C'olo. 

(4:) Mrs. Sarah Woodman, Cinnaminson, X. J. 

(5) Harry Peck (dec.) 

The children of Alexander ]\Iiller and Laura F. Eaymond are: 

(1) Alfred Miller, lola, Kan. 

(2) Guy Miller, Tola, Kan. 

(3) Thaddeus Miller, lola, Kan. 

(1) William McKinley Miller, lola, Kan. 

WiLLiAji ]^liLLi:i!. (sox OF THE 2x1). Alexander :\Iillkr). 

William .Mill'.'r, a farmer, son of the second Alexander ^Miller 
and grandson of Rev. Alexander Miller, was born in Rockingham 
county, A"a., about the year 1800. He married Anna Yeakel and 
came to McLean county. 111. in 1850, settling on a farm near Dan- 
vers, 111., where he died in 1872. He taught school a whi'e in 
Virginia, when he was a young man. His children Avere Peyton 
Miller, (who married Eliza Jane Hodge, Nov. 1, 1855,) Levi Alil- 
ler, Samuel Miller, James|J\Iillei^John Miller, Susan Jane :\liller, 
(who married John Mickens Feb. 21, 1857.) Margaret Miller, 
dec. (who married George W. Whisler. May 30, 1868,) and Mary 
Miller, (who married James Mickens.) Peyton ]\Iiller and Levi 
Miller settled in Coffey County. Kansas. 

Margaret (Miller) Beard. 

Margaret ]\Iiller, daughter of the second Alexander Miller, and 
grand-daughter of Rev. Alexander ]^liller. was born in Rocking- 
ham county, Virginia. She married William Beard, a farmer. 
Their children were: (1.) James H. Beard, who married Julia 
Ann Funk (a daughter of John and AFargaret Funk, and niece of 
Isaac Funk, the well known pioneer of ^Mclican county. 111.) Xov. 
18, 1852, and settled in Coffey county, Kansas. (2) Esther Ann 
Beard. (3) :\rartha Jane Beard and (4) Delila Beard. 

'^aJuXU JU (St. Vrl f f^ M?. "^(fi^ LJ.C^^^"^ W<m\Aaa^, 10, \Kl 

<iU<^^i^V*AyCJ2^ U^ 

Mary S. (Custek) Miller, 1860 
John C. Miller James H. Millek 


Sakah ( Miller) >'nuiij i ii>iiun 

Fkaxces (Miller) Spiggle 

Elizabeth Ann Miller 

William Miller James Jackso.v Miller Elliott S. Miller 

(Son of Wm. C. Miller) (Co. B. 3Pth 111. Vol. Inf.) 

Chas a. Hill Margaret (Miller) Whisler 

Ann Eliza (Millek) Rhodes 


Jane Miller (of Va.) 

Jane Miller, daughter of the second Alexander Miller, and 
grandaughter of Eev. Alexander Miller, like her cousin Jane Mil- 
ler, of Cadiz, K3^ was never married; she lived and died in Rock- 
ingham county, Ya. 

JoHX Wallace Miller (oe Virgixia.) 

John Wallace Miller, farmer, son of the second Alexander Mil- 
ler and grandson of Eev. Alexander Miller, was born, lived and 
died in Hockingham county, Virginia. He married Elizabeth 
Long. Their children were: 

(1) Mrs. Susan Ann (Miller) Eitchie, born March 15, 1838, 
married Peter Eitchie 1846, Died Aug. 28, 1888. 

(2) James Jackson Miller, born Dec. 5, 1829, married (2nd) 
Sarah Croushorn, Jan. 1, 185?; died Feb. 15, 1897. 

(3) Mrs. Eveline C. (Miller) Liskey, born Sept. 6, 1832, mar- 
ried George A. Liskey, Sept. 3, 1850; died May 15, 1875. 

 (4) George Harvey Miller, born 1835 ; married Cath- 
erine Dovel; died Jan. 1897. 

(5) Mrs. Ann Eliza (]\Iiller) Ehodes, born Mar. 25, 1839; 
married John Ehodes Jan. 24, 1867; died Feb. 20, 1910. 

(6) Mrs. Marv Elizabeth (]\Iiller) Coakley, born April 27, 
18-41: married Eobert Coakley ; died Jan. 19, 1907. 

The grandchildren of John Wallace Miller and Elizabeth Long 
are as follows : 

Mrs. Sarah Francis Deputy. Xewton Eitchie, Mrs. Eveline 
Gowl and Mrs. Sallie Prvmevers, (children of Sarah Ann Miller 
Eitchie:) J. Hensel Miller, James P. F. ("Fletcher") Miller and 
Xewton Miller, (children of James Jackson Miller;) Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Ann Snyder, Mrs. Mary Alice Steele, Eobert A. Liskey, 
Charles E. Liskey and Mrs. Maggie Belle Wright, (children of 
Eveline Ci Miller Liskey;) George E. Miller, Ada Virginia Miller, 
James Miller and Kenny Miller, children of George Harvey Mil- 
ler;) Etta Ehodes, Laura Ehodes, John L. Ehodes and Verdie 
Catharine Ehodes, (children of Ann Eliza ]\Iiller Ehodes;) Pres- 
ton Coakley, Elizabeth Coakley, Emma Coakley, Howard Coakley, 
Xewton Coakley nnd Lucy Coakley, (childron of Mary Elizabeth 
Miller Coakley.) 

The Great-grandchildrex of jAiiEs T. Miller axd 

Sarah Loyd. 

Grace Miller, (daughter of Levi J. Miller); Mrs. Frank 
Stoner, Daisy Furman, Luther Furman and Fred Furman (chil- 
dren of Ellen :\nilor Furman) ; . riiiiTli i r . ^^lilliT nml En,- ^^dilloi' 


^ ooni' nf (it 'll . .V , ^lillui') : Artluii' Ogle, Carl Ogle, Elsie Ogle and 
Ethel Ogle, (childieii of Aliee Miller Ogle) ; Eoss K. Harmon, 
Ora B. Harman, Celsus Harmon, Grace Harmon, Daisy Harmon 
and Glenn Harmon, (children of Oelestia Miller Harmon) ; 
Ernest Harmon, Blanch Harmon and Minnie Harmon, (children 
of Laura Miller Harmon) ; Charles Miller and lioy R. Miller 
(sons of George A. Miller) ; James W. Hoyt, William G. Hoyt, 
Elmer 0. Hoyt, and Mrs.* Clara Brown (children of Eosannah 
Miller Hoyt-Pinkerton) ; .Mrs. Ida I). Flynn, Dollie Cochran, 
Jacob Cochran, Mary Cochran, K. Y. Cochran, Frank Cochran, 
Delia Cochran, and Harrison Cochran (children of Clora J. Miller 
Cochran) ; Ehoda Whetstine and Mary Wlietstine (children of 
Florence Miller Whetstine): Zeffer F. 'Miller, Conrad L. Miller 
and Cleva B. Miller (children of Joseph D. Miller); David J. 
Miller and Wayne V. Miller (children of John H. P. Miller) ; T. 
0. Chapman, Harley Chapman, Carl Chapman, Paul D. Chapman 
and El-nest Chapman (children of Dora L. Miller Chapman) ; 
Viola M. Miller and Lawrence W. Miller (children of Lemmon 
M. Miller) ; Eichard Cowan, Mrs. Susan p]vonspacher, Mrs. Eosa 
Eoyce, William Cmvan, Orrin Coi^an.jMrs. Mary Ividwell, Mrs. 
Hattie Kidwell aim^Badie (Cowai^^^nTiifihen of Mrs. Sarah J. 
Parker Cowan) ; Mrs. Edna Duvall, Mrs. Emma Groves, Orrin 
Groves, Z. B. Groves, Otway Groves, Homer Groves and Gilbert 
Groves (children of Cvnthia J. Parker Groves) ; Milo Custer and 
Stella Custer (children of Lou M. Parker Custer) ; Orville Mil- 
ler, Fena May Miller, Glenn Miller, Maude M. :\ril!er, John Mil- 
ler and Emmett C. MiUei' (children of ^ 'lji''i^<J'^ ]\Iiller) ; Jay 
Donegan, E w nnio Donogiui ,. 'Myrtle (ponegan)T!hjsr Ella Emerick, 
Mrs. Mildred Foster and Charles Donegan (children of Fannie 
Miller Donegan) ; Dr. Wm. A. i^j<Hi1('Tib()]'ough, Earl Stouten- 
borough*'jji^^^'annie (Stoutenborough)^ncl\.'n Stoutenborough and 
Eobert Stoutenborough (children of Ella Miller Stoutenborough) ; 
Mrs. .Maude Allen, Mrs. Elva Conklin, Eay Stoutenborough and 
Marguei'ite Stoutenborough (children of Hattie IMiller Stouten- 
borough), Elmer E. Alexander and William F. Alexander (sons of 
Ann Miller Alexander) ; Mrs. Eose E. Kirby and Mrs. Lillie M. 
Harris (daughters of Priscilla Millci' Wyiiian) ; Leonard F. Mil- 
ler and Marguerite Miller (children of Samuel Miller) ; Mrs. 
Myrtle IMunther, Charles A. Jlill and Priscilla Hill (children of 
Almira Miller Hill) ; Eoy Sti])]) (son of Luella Mil'er Mitchell) ; 
Clarence Miller, N'ora Miller, James L. Miller and Samuel W. Mil- 
ler, (children of Thomas A. Millci') : :\lis. Anna Lenk, Mrs. 
DaivSy Laiighoff, Aithur Simmons and Eosa Simmons, (children 
of Eebecca Miller Simmons) ; Bessie liudlam. ^^lable Lud'am, 
Pearl Liidlam, James Ludlam, Fivd Liidlnm and George Ludlam 
(children of J. J. Ludlam) : Clara James; Mrs. May Butcher, Fred 
James, and Chai'lcs James (ihildicn of Sarah Ludlam James); 


11 IS. Mabk' JJoild. Artliui' Miller. Fivd Miller and llarrv Miller, 
(children of Isaiah ]\liller) ; Mrs. Yernice L. McFarland, Francis 
Miller, Eoscoe C. Miller and ]klrs. H. D. Williams (children of 
Sarah E. Miller-Miller) ; ^Lrs. Evolvne AndiTsoii. :\[rs. Hattie 
Kaufman, ]Mrs. Ida Preston,^lorenceCPollar(|J^i^Kr \\'alter Pollard 
(children of Amanda Miller Pollard) ; 5lrs. Daisy Olson 
(daughter of C'hestina ]\Iiller Eitchie) ; Clarence Anderson, Clif- 
ford Anderson. Howard Anderson and Pay Anderson (children of 

Hattie Miller Anderson) Mary Miller and Miller 

(children of Elijah Miller) : Marion Cline (son of ]\Iarv Miller 

Cline) ; Miller, (child of Eli Miller) : Dr." Arthur 

T. Barnett (son of James M. Barnett) ; Chester F. Barnett, (At- 
torney) ; Mrs. Allie AVood, Mrs. Lena Gray and Mamie Barnett, 
(children of J. Wni. Barnett) ; Winnie Kees and Jos. M. Kees 
(sons of Emma Miller Kees) ; Grace Miller (daughter of Thomas 
B. Miller) : Mrs. Pearl S. Darling, Jos. H. Chapman, Owen T. 
Chapman. ]\Irs. Bertha E. Conklin. Mrs. Lena A. Grinther, Mrs. 
Blanch L. Loyd. John B. Chapman. Glenn 0. Chapman, Cyrus K. 
Chapman and Eva J. Chapman, (children of Ardelia Miller Chap- 
man) ; Mrs. Myrtle Bower. Thomas Dowis, Lavina Dowis, Ben- 
jamin Dowis. Floyd Dowis. and John Dowis (children of Amelia 
Miller Dowis) ; Blanche Thompson, (daughter of James Thomp- 
son) ; Mrs. Efhe Smock, Edward Jepson, William Jepson, Her- 
bert Jepson, Bernice Jepson and Joseph Jepson (children of Eliza- 
beth Thompson Jepson) ; James 0. Snyder (son of Jennie Peck 
Snvder) : William P. Peck, Mrs. Euth Garrison, Jessie E. Peck, 
Grace E. Peck, Frank X. Peck and Xesbit F. Peck (children of 
Herbert A. Peck) ; Curtis Miller. Grace ]\niler, Lola M. Miller 
and Lourain ^liller (children of Alfred ^filler) : Laura E. Mil- 
ler, Frank Miller and Flovd Miller (children of Guv Miller) ; 
Adrian Miller, Elva Miller, 'Etta Miller and Thaddeus Miller, Jr., 
(children of Thaddeus Miller) : Total. ISO.. 


To those of my relatives who have assisted me in the publica- 
tion of this brief history, I offer the same without comment and 
wdthout apology, trusting that they and their descendants may rea- 
lize and appreciate the difficulties under which I have labored in 
its compilation. I extend my sincerest thanks to each and every 
one who furnished me with material for this record, and I trust 
that future years may produce another historian among our peo- 
ple who may be able to take up the work where I left off and en- 
large and improve u]3on the same. My correspondence upon this 
subject has been varied and extensive, I have carefully preserved, 
bound and indexed every letter of importance I have received per- 
taining to these matters and it is my intention to deposit them in 


some safe reijositorv, perhaps in the Lihrarv of the McLean County 
Historical Society at Bloomington, 111., where they may be ex- 
amined and read in tlie. future by such of my people as may wish 
to see them. 

MiLo Custer. 

Blooiuingtoit. Illinois, April o, 1!)10. 

Postscript: T have heard a tradition to tlie effect that Rev. 
Alexander Miller, was a son of "Sir John Miller, 'Duke' of An- 
trim." With reference thereto, 1 will say that I consider this 
traditi(ui an error, as Sir T^andal ^FacDonnell was Earl (not Duke) 
of Antrim from Dec. 10, 1G!H), to Oct. 19, 1721, when he died and 
was succeeded by his son. Sir Alexander MacDonnell, wdio died in 
the year 1755. The family of MacDonnell have held the Earldom 
of Antrim since l(i3(i, according- to Burkes Peerage, which is a 
standai'd autliority on this subject. M.C. 

Special Order Xo. 14. 

Adjutant General's" Office. ^ 
Bismarck, .July 1, 1905. ) 

Announcement is herel)y made of the death of Brigadier Geiiei'al El- 
liott S. Miller. Ad.iutant General, North Dakota National Guard, which 
occurred on June 28, 1905. 

General Miller was a faithful and respected member of the North 
Dakota National Guard for more tlian twenty years enlisting as a private 
in Compny H of tlie Goveinor's Guards wlien tlie guard was first organ- 
ized, was appointed and served in tlie several grades of non-commissioned 
officers, was commissioned and served as Second Lieutenant, ]<^irst Lieu- 
tenant, Lieutenant Colonel, was commissioned Colonel of the First In- 
fantry, North Dakota National Guard. April 1. 1891, and Adjutant Gen- 
eral with the rank of Brigadier General April 15, 1895. 

CJeneral Miller also served four and one-half years during the civil 
war in Company B, of the Thirty-ninth Illinois Volunteer Infantrv, taking 
his discharge as first sergeant. 

He was a brave and faithful soldier, trusted by his superior officer.^ 
and respected by the men whom he commanded. In his death the Na- 
tional Guard of North Dakota loses a valuable officer, who was devoted 
to the service and whose conscientious performance of duty endeared him 
to the officers and men of the entire guard of the state. 

His funeral and buiial occurred at Bismarck, North Dakota, July 1, 
1905. As a mark of respect to his memory, the officers of the North 

wear the usual liadge of mourning for thirty 
By command of 

Governor and Commander-in-Chief, 

Dakota National Guard will 
days from that date. 


M. crUCl':L. Adiuliiiit (! 

APR 3 1930