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Buried in 
Delaware Cou nty 

Paul Revere Chapter 

Cecil Beeson 

122 S. Cherry St. 

P. O. Box 1 

Hartford City, IN 47348 





Born: James Andrews may have been born in Bucks Coun- 
ty, Pennsylvania, since he was bound out for 
work there as a young boy. He was orphaned as 
a child. 

Pension: James Andrews applied for a Pension R-213, 
in Pennsylvania, but was rejected. 

Service Record: According to an affidavit filed in 
Delaware County, Indiana, by his son, Samuel 
D., in March 29, 1850, James Andrews enlisted 
in the army of the Revolutionary War. Not 
much is known of his service in the army. It 
may be correct to assume he served in Pennsyl- 
vania, since his pension was applied for in 
that state. It is also known he lived some 
years in Ohio, after the war, as sworn to by 
William Lee, a neighbor who knew the family 
several years. He died before the passage of 
the Pension Law by Congress. His service also 
was attested to by his eldest son, William P., 
then living in Jasper County, Illinois. 

Marriage: We know he was married, as he had heirs, 
>,^ but no information concerning his wife. Child- 
^ ren living in 1850 were: 


"v William P. , living in Jasper County, Illinois 

% Samuel D., living in Delaware County, Indiana 

'^ Rachel, who married John Crum, and lived in 

-^ Delaware County, Indiana 

Ji Mary, who married James Mansfield, also in 

^b Delaware County, Indiana 

lied: November 1816, in Delaware County, Indiana 

Reference: Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in 
Indiana" by Waters, 1954, p. 8 

Research by: Dorothy Riggin Johnson 


Born: 1757 

jK^ension Claim: R-520 Service in Maryland and Dela- 

l?L. ware. (General Services Administration, 

Archives and Records) 

Service Record: John Barnes appeared in Delaware 
County Circuit Court, with John Tomlinson, 
Probate Judge, on August 8, 1838, at age 81 
years old, and filed an affidavit attesting to 
his service in the Revolutionary War. 

He was drafted in 1776, six months before the 
battle of Brandywine in Cecil County, Maryland. 
He served under General Rumsie and Colonel 
Hollingsworth, and was in active battle with 
the British for seven months in New Castle 
County, state of Delaware under Lt. David 
Thomas and Captain Isaac Lewis. He was wound- 
ed and discharged verbally. 

Marriage: There is nothing known of his wife and 
family. Nothing was mentioned in the affida- 
vit concerning them. 

Died: Delaware County, Indiana 

Research by: Cecil Beeson 


Born: 1756-1757 in Tennessee 

Pension Claim: S-42088 Applied May 1, 1818, in his 
62nd year, in Muskigum County, Ohio. 

Service Record: He served as a private in Colonel 
Parker's Regiment, on the Virginia line. 

Married: Married Mary McCoy, who was born in Tennes- 
see. Seven years after the war they were liv- 
ing in Tennessee, Kentucky and Muskingum Coun- 
ty, Ohio. They came to Perry Township in Del- 
aware County, Indiana in 1820. William Blount 
entered land February 9, 1822, in Liberty Town- 
ship, Delaware County, Indiana. 

The children of this union are: Rachel, An- 
drew, Margaret, John, Hannah, William, Mary, 
Elizabeth, Amos, Richard ,1, Thomas , Joseph and 
Aaron . ""^ '^^^^ ,i'i</4*<-e- 

It was originally thought that "Blountsville" 
was named in his honor. However, more recent 
information has the village of "Bloiintsville" 
named for one of his sons who was a land owner 
there . 


Died: In Delaware County, approximately 1831, as his 
will was probated May 3, 1833. 

Buried: Corner of Ohio Avenue and Washington Street, 
under a sidewalk. This information supplied 
by old settlers who remembered. Reportedly on 
the south side of East Washington Street. 

Reference: History of Delaware County^ by 
G. W. H. Kemper 

Research by: Cecil Beeson 


Born: 1756 in Worcester County, Maryland 

Pension Claim: R - 2630 Maryland Campbell Dale 
was rejected a pension at first, but was grant- 
ed December 29, 1837. 

Service Record: Campbell Dale served in the Maryland 
Militia under Captain John Branard, Captain 
John Postly, Lieutenant Colonel William Permel 
and Brigidier General DeShield. 

Married: He was married, but his wife's name is not 
known. The children of this union were: Rhoda, 
who married Henry Lethers, John and Elihu, for 
which there were no marriage records, and Wil- 
liam who married Sarah Tabler. Campbell Dale 
came to Delaware County, Indiana before 1823. 
The town of "Daleville" was founded by him. 
Entered five sepeurate land tracts in Salem 
Township in 1823 to 1827. 

Died: circa 1841 

Buried: Little Dale's Cemetery in Salem Township, 
where his sons and other family members are 
buried. There is a government marker on his 
grave . 

Research by: Cecil Beeson, April 27, 1964 


Born: 1754 in Chester County, Pennsylvania 

Pension Claim: W - 4182 Pennsylvania In 1851 this 


pension was still being paid to his widow, 
Lydia, then living in Clinton County, Ohio. 

Service Record: While a resident of Westmoreland 
County, Pennsylvania, James Daugherty volun- 
teered in August 1777, and served three weeks 
as a private in the Pennsylvania troops under 
Colonel Thomas Gaddis, stationed at Fort Swear- 
ingen. He served one month later in that year 
in Captain Samuel Swindler's company guarding 
against the invasions of the Indians. He en- 
listed September 1, 1778 and served in Captain 
James Dougherty's and John Evans' regiment; 
joined General Mcintosh's expedition to Fort 
Pitt, where he assisted in building Fort Mcin- 
tosh. He also helped in building Fort Laurens, 
and was discharged at Fort Mcintosh, March 1, 
1779. He was afterwards called out on frequent 
alarms against the Indians. His service in all, 
amounting to nine months and three weeks. 

After the Revolution, he lived twelve years in 
Bourbon County, Kentucky, then moved to Clinton 
County, Ohio, where he lived thirteen years. 
He then moved to Delaware County, Indiana. 

The soldier, William Daugherty was allowed pen- 
sion on his application February 12, 1834, at 
which time he was a resident of Delaware County, 
Indiana, where he had lived for five years. 

Married: William Daugherty married in Pennsylvania, 
September 19, 1776, to Lydia Cox. After the 
death of William, the widow Lydia moved to 
Clinton County, Ohio, where she applied for a 
pension at 84 years of age. The pension was 
allowed. She died May 9, 1851. Their child- 
ren were: Bridget Bell of Highland County, 
Ohio; James Daugherty of Clinton County, Ohio; 
Hannah Reed of Clinton County, Ohio; William 
Daugherty of Delaware County, Indiana; and 
Lydia Somers of Henry County, Indiana. 

Died: August 31, 1841 in Delaware County, Indiana 

Buried: On land owned by David Campbell in Yorktown, 
Indiana, now the Yorktown Cemetery on the bank 
of White River. 

Reference : Taken from the War Record, pro- 
cured through the General Ser- 
vices Administration in Washing- 
ton D.C. 

Research by: Cecil Beeson 


Born: December 29, 1765 in Cavendish, Vermont 

Pension Claim: Number 3394, was applied for and re- 
ceived September 28, 1832, in Livingston 
County, New York. He was 67 years old on ap- 
plication for pension. 

Service Record: Enlisted as a private in New Hamp- 
shire in 1780, and served nine months at that 
time under Captain White, Captain Comstock and 
Captain Green. He enlisted a second time in 
1781 as a private from Cavendish, Vermont, and 
served nine more months. 

Married: In 1838 he resided in Ohio. (Department of 
Interior, Bureau of Pensions) There was no 
mention of a marriage, either in his War Record 
or the application for his pension. We know 
he removed from Ohio to Delaware County, as 
his pension was paid here in 1842. (Bureau of 

Died: November 7, 1843 in Delaware County, at the 
home of his half-brother, William Gilbert. 

Buried: He is buried in Beech Grove Cemetery on lot 
173. He has the distinction of having a for- 
mal military funeral at the Courthouse. 

Reference: Information taken from the War 

Record, and his pension appli- 

Research by: Cecil Beeson 


Born: In 1745, in Botetourt County, Virginia 

Pension Claim: DAR records show Certificate #58, paid 
for services as Patriot. 

Service Record: He was an ordinance officer taking 
care of provisions for the soldiers. Issued a 
certificate for beef impressed by the Commis- 
sioner of Provsions on November 10, 1781, un- 
der the act for procuring a supply of provi- 
sions and other necessaries for use of the 
army. May 1780. The said Joshua Howell is the 
ancestor who assisted in establishing American 


Independence while acting in capacity of Pa- 

Married: Mary, who was born in 1748. There were 
eight children born in this union. The child- 
ren were: Joshua Jr., born December 12, 1779; 
John, born December 10, 1783; Thomas, born 
1780-1782; James, born circa 1787. All of the 
above born in Virginia. The remaining children 
are: Daniel, born 1787-1789, Jeremiah, born 
17 93; Abigail, born circa 1770, and Nancy born 
November 7, 1777. Mary died September 11, 1835 
in Delaware County and is buried beside her 
husband in Collins Cemetery. 

Died: July 2, 1836 in Delaware County, Indiana 

Buried: In Collins Cemetery (corner of Godman and 
Harvey, in the West side of Muncie) 

Research by: Mrs. Willis K. Baker, Artois , 

Glenn County, California 95913 


Born: April 22, 1761, in Chester County, Pennsylvan- 
ia (from Bible records in Warren County, Ohio) 

Pension Claim: R - 6601 Made a pension application 
July 1, 1835, Delaware County, Indiana, in 
which he claimed seven months service, but 
could not prove he served more than six months. 

Service Record: In 1781, Alexander McCallister en- 
rolled as a Private in 8th Class, with Captain 
Andrew Swearingen's 4th Company in Washington 
County Militia. 

September 25, 1782, Alexander McCallister was 
a Private 8th Class, in Captain Bilderbeck ' s 
4th Company, in the Washington County Militia. 

Under the Mil-itia Loan of April 1, 1784, a 
certificate of public debt, #2722, was issued 
to Alexander McCallister for active duty in 
Lieutenant Archibald Leech's Company for peri- 
od of July 13 - August 13, 1782. 
(Authority: Militia Loans of 1784-1785 

Public Debt Records , Harrisburg, 
Service Record Authority : Pennsylvania His- 
torical and Museum Commission 

Bureau of Records and Research 

Married: Ruanna In 1790, census records in Washing- 
ton County, Pennsylvania, show McCallister 
married with one son under 16 years of age, 
three sons over 16 years of age, and eligible 
for military service, one daughter and a wife, 
Ruanna . 

Since the Revolution, Alexander McCallister 
lived in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; 
Fayette County, Kentucky; Warren County, Ohio; 
and then moved to Delaware County, Indiana. 

Deed Records of Delaware County, Indiana: 

Deed Book 4 of Del. Co. show Ruanna McCal- 
lister sold land to William McCallister, 
April 2, 1839. 

May 12, 1848, show Ruanna appointed Adminis- 
trix of the estate of Alexander McCallister, 

Died: 1848 in Delaware County, Indiana, at 80 years 
of age. 

Buried: Grave unknown. A United States Government 
Marker was dedicated November 8, 1964, and can 
be found on the site of his grandson's grave, 
a Civil War soldier, buried in Saunders Ceme- 
tery, Salem Township (two miles east of Dale- 

Research by: Cecil Beeson, September 6, 1964 


Born: 1763-1764, and was of Scotch Irish ancestry 

Pension Claim: No record of a pension 

Service Record: There is no record of the command 
and services in this case, but there is a well 
defined tradition that he was seven years a 
wagoner in the Continental Army. That at one 
time, when the train was taken by surprise, 
and was attacked by the British, by his heroic 
efforts only, he and his team escaped the ene- 
my and reached the Colonial Camp. In this es- 
cape he was shot and severely wounded. He 
served for seven years. 

Married: Barbara Bowman, who was born in 1775 and was 


of German descent. They lived first in 
Virginia and Tennessee, before removing to 
Scioto County, Ohio, and finally on to Dela- 
ware County, Indiana. 

In 1832, one son, William McConnell, came to 
Delaware County, Indiana, entered 80 acres of 
Sec. 20 Twp. 20 Ra. 10, and in 1833 moved here 
from Scioto County, Ohio. It is thought the 
parents of William, John McConnell, the Revo- 
lutionary War soldier, came at the same time. 
There were seven children born to Barbara and 
John McConnell. Our only record of them was 
the Deed Record Book 9, pages 378-381, of Dela- 
ware County, in the Recorder's office. They 
were: John McConnell, Jr., William McConnell, 
Mary McConnell Willson, of Scioto County, Ohio; 
Elizabeth McConnell Rupe of Polk County, Iowa; 
Nancy McConnell Fitzpatrick and Moses E. McCon- 
nell of Keokuk County, Iowa. The previous 
names were listed as heirs of John McConnell. 
The wife, Barbara, preceded John McConnell in 
death. She died in December, 1838 at age 63 
years, in Delaware County, Indiana, and was 
buried in ground known as Forest Park, but la- 
ter removed to Beech Grove Cemetery. 

Died: John McConnell died January 6, 1847, in Dela- 
ware County, Indiana. 

Buried: Lot 186, in Beech Grove Cemetery 

References : History of Delaware County, Ind- 
iana, by G. W. H. Kemper, M.D. 
Deed Book 9, Delaware County, 
Indiana, pages 80, 378-381 and 
page 347 

Research by: Mary Wimmer Young 


Born: February 22, 17 64, in Cumberland County, New 

Pension Claim: R - 21900, filed in New Jersey 

Service Record : The Washington Bureau of Archives and 
Records lists him as a "Privateer serving in 
New Jersey. " 

At age 71 years, Lemual Peterson appeared in 
Delaware Circuit Court, and filed an affidavit 
attesting to his service in the Revolutionary 
War. From the affidavit we learn, in March 


Iin f he volunteered for part of his service, 
and served on a vessel commanded by Captain 
Samuel Seers. In one confrontation with the 
British, the British ship and its occupants 
were taken prisoners of the Colonial fleet. 

He was drafted a second time, August 1, 1777, 
to serve on the same vessel until July 4, 1778, 
when he was discharged. 

Mcurried: The affidavit does not state, but his 18 
years in the state of Delaware would indicate 
marital status, for he was living with his 
sons in Delaware County, Indiana in 1835. 

We also learn from the affidavit, after his 
birth in 1764, in Cumberland County, New Jersey, 
he resided with his father and mother there 
until 1785, where he served in the Revolution- 
ary War. He then moved to Kent County, Dela- 
ware, where he lived for 18 years, until 1803. 
He removed to Ohio and lived there until 1809. 
After which, he came to Delaware County, Indi- 
ana to live with his sons. 

Died: Delaware County, Indiana 

Buried : Unknown 

References : General Services Administration 
Bureau of Records Service 
Washington , D. C. 
Delaware County Circuit Court 

Research by: Cecil Beeson, February 1973 


Born: October 14, 1762, in New Jersey 

Pension Claim: S - 32453 To begin March 4, 1834, 
at the rate of $25.33 per annum and arrears. 
(Clerks Records, Book E, Vol. 7, p. 124) 

Service Record: Enlisted from Virginia, September 
1779, when he was one month under 16 years of 
age. He was a private under Captain Sisler; 
was present at the siege of York town, and after 
the surrender of Cornwallis assisted in stak- 
ing arms of the British. He volunteered again 
in 1780; this time in a Militia Company, under 
Captain Michael Dedinger, and served one month. 


He proved seven months service in the Contin- 
ental Army. 

Two years after he came to Delaware County, 
Indiana, on November 14, 1832, William Polen 
appeared in the Circuit Court and filed an af- 
fidavit attesting to his service in the Revo-, 
lutionary War. From the affidavit, we learnedl 
he moved to Berkeley County, Virginia, with] 
his parents as a small child, and remainedj 
there until he went into the army. After the 
war, he moved to Allegheny County, Pennsylvan- 
ia, and from there to Ohio. He was 70 years 
old when he filed the affidavit in Delaware 
County Court. He received a written discharge 
from Captain Swear ingen, but he testified it 
was lost when his purse was stolen. 

Married: No mention of his marriage, but tradition 
has it, that he was married to Elizabeth. 

Died: February 19, 1837, at age of 75 years, in Del- 
aware County, Indiana. 

Buried: Rees Cemetery, East Burlington Drive, Dela- i 
ware County, Indiana. 

(Apparently, the name 'Polen' was changed in spelling, 
for in the 1850 Census Records of Delaware County, 
Indiana, it listed a James Poland, a Nancy Poland, 
and a Robert Poland.) 

References : General Services Administration 

National Archives Records Service 
Affidavit filed in Delaware Cir- 
cuit Court 
1850 Census Records of Delaware 
County, Indiana 

Research by: Cecil Beeson 


Born: November 25, 1749 or 1748 (hard to read affi- 
davit) in Scotland. 

Pension Claim: S - 38322 Pension granted from April 
7, 1820 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. 

Service Record: On December 18, 1820, in the Court at 
Pittsylvania County, Virginia, John Qu inn came 
to attest to his Revolutionary War Service. He 
stated that he enlisted as a private for the 


term of three years from Pittsylvania County, 
Virginia. He served in the company commanded 
by Captain James Foster, in the Regiment com- 
manded by Colonel Abraham Bluford. He contin- 
ued to serve in said corps until December 13, 
1779. He enlisted on December 7, 1776. He 
was discharged from the service at Petersburg, 
Virginia. He was in the battles of Brandywine 
and Monmouth. He testified that Major James 
Soyars was the only person who could swear and 
attest to his service. 

James Soyars came to the quarterly Court in 
Pittsylvania, Virginia, and swore to the ser- 
vice of John Quinn as a Revolutionary War sol- 

He came to Delaware County, Indiana, before 
1832, as he entered land here in Sec. 2 in 
Delaware Township on the 24th of November, 1832. 
He lived at or near Yorktown, Indiana. 

Married: Since he was born in Scotland, he was mar- 
ried to Sarah Tapper in that country, after 
which he emigrated to America. According to 
the Estate Records in the Courthouse on May 
1841, he had eight heirs mentioned. The child- 
ren were: Margaret, married to John Strader, 
and lived in Morgan County, Indiana; John T., 
William H. , Morrison, Jane Quinn Byers, Mary 
Quinn Cripe, Matilda, and Joseph C. Quinn. 

In a census taken by the Government in 1840, 
the year in which John Quinn died, his name 

Died: In Delaware County, May 1840, at age 81 years. 

Buried: Yorktown Cemetery, Yorktown, Indiana 

References : War Record - Information from the 
Historical biography - History of 
Delaware County^ Indiana, 
by G. W. H. Kemper, M.D. 
Courthouse Records 
1840 Government Census 

Research by: Cecil Beeson 



Born: June 24, 1757 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

Pension Claim: R - 10557, applied for June 19, 1834 
while residing in Hamilton County, Ohio. He 
was 77 years old at the time of application. 

Service Record: June 18, 1834, in Hamilton County, 
Ohio, Thomas Thompson came before the Court of 
Common Pleas, to attest to his service in the 
Revolutionary War. He entered service from 
Salem County, New Jersey, as a private in the 
New Jersey troops in 1776-1777. According to 
his testimony on the affidavit, he claims 13 
months service in the war. He served first 
under Captain John Noble Cummings and Colonel 
Shreve. He claimed he was in the battle of 
Springfield under Captain Williams and Colonel 
Cortner. He swore to several terms of service, 
and 13 months in all, only a verbal discharge. 
After his service, he moved to Lycoming County, 
Pennsylvania, and on to Hamilton County, Ohio 
for 22 years. He came to Delaware County, in 

Married: There is no record of his marriage, but we 
do know he had an heir, Jesse Thompson, so we 
have to assume he was married. 

Suit was filed by heir, Jesse Thompson, in Del- 
aware County Court in 1854, for any money com- 
ing from the estate of Thomas Thompson under 
the Pension Act, as shown by the courthouse 
records here. 

Died: No record, but know it was before 1854, in 
Delaware County, Indiana. 

Buried: No record of where he was buried 


Born: January 12, 1758 in Caswell County, North Car- 
olina. (Information taken from the family 
Bible, published 1820) 

Pension Claim: S - 32571 

Service Record: Benjamin Wallis appeared April 23, 
1834, in a court in Lee County, Virginia, where 
he was living at age 76 past to swear to his 


service in the Revolutionary War. He testi- 
fied that he volunteered as a private, from 
Caswell County, North Carolina. He served 
under Captain Adam Sanders, and was in the 4th 
Regiment of the North Carolina Militia, under 
Major Taylor in the year 1780. He served 6 
months and was verbally discharged. 

In 1781, he volunteered again under Captain 
William Wilson, commanded by Colonel William 
Moore, and General Morgan. He served three 
months this time, and was verbally discharged 
by Colonel Moore. He served 14 months in all, 
and claimed a pension for that time served. 

(From the Record's Book E, Vol. 1, page 135, 
Clerk's Office, he was paid $26.61 per annum.) 

Married: Near the close of the Revolution, he mar- 
ried Sarah (Sally) Sargent, who was born May 
17, 1772. The family lived in Tennessee most 
of their lives. Benjamin Wallis came to Dela- 
ware County, Indiana in 1836, and spent his 
latter days with his daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Newhouse, on what is known as the Conner Farm 
in Delaware County, Indiana, near the village 
of Bethel. (Information furnished by descen- 

The children born of the above union are: John, 
William, James, George, Elizabeth Newhouse, 
Ava Barker, Nancy Zion, Mary Burton, Milly R. 
Childs and Barthena Bailey. 

Died: August 24, 1838, at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth 
Newhouse, a daughter, living in Delaware County, 

Buried: Miller Cemetery, in Harrison Township, Dela- 
ware County, Indiana. 

References : Bible 


Bureau of National Archives and 
Records Servicer 
Washington D. C. 

Pension Records 

Delaware County Courthouse Re- 
cords, Clerks Office 

Research by: Cecil Beeson 



Born: 1754, in Maryland 

Pension Claim: Applied November 13/ 1832, at age 78 
years, as recorded in Probate Record Book 1, 
1831-1843, in Delaware County Records. 

Service Record: Enlisted in the Militia Company of 
Captain George Avery, Lieutenant Goven Gorden, 
Ensign Philip Anderson, in the Regiment of 
Colonel Thomas Branden. He served as a dis- 
patcher, carrying messages for the officers. 
At one time, he was taken prisoner of the 
Tories and was held captive for 4 weeks. He 
served one year and 8 months, from December 10, 
1780 to July 1, 1782. He was verbally dis- 
charged by Captain Avery. 

Married: Mary He testified that he lived with his 
father in union County, South Carolina, until 
August 1780, when he entered the service. From 
this information we have to assume he married 
after the Revolutionary War, as he testified 
he lived 20 years in South Carolina, 4 years 
in Kentucky, 1 year in Ohio, and then came to 
Delaware County, Indiana in 1832. 

Died: November 13, 1834, in Delaware County, Indiana! 

Buried: One-half mile south of the John Truitt home- 
stead on Muncie-Selma Pike, on the east side 
of the road. His wife is buried there also. 

References: Probate Record Book 1, 1831-1843 
Delaware County Courthouse 
Application for pension 

Research by: Mary Wimmer Young 


Born: August 27, 1760, in Hanover County, Virginia, 
near Richmond. 

Pension Claim: S - 3551 National DAR 3 503018 

Service Record: In 1774, at age of 14 years, William i 
Whicker volunteered with the Minute Men of 
Sumter and Marion. In 1777, he enlisted and 
served under General Taylor. In 1778, he 


served under General Richard Caswell. In 1779, 
he transferred to command of General Davidson. 
In 1781, he received citation for Meritorious 
Service, and appointed 1st Sargeant. He 
served in five battles, and received a pension 
for loss of a thumb. Five enlistments are re- 
corded at the War Department in Washington D. C. 

Married: Sarah Bingaman, at the close of the war, in 
1779. The children of this union are: Mathew 
Whicker, born 1789, married (2nd) Martha A. 
Smith; Asa Whicker, born 1790, married Charity; 
Luke Whicker, born 1792, who never married; 
Berry Whicker, married Lillian (Lillice) Camp- 
bell; Susan Whicker, born Oct. 20, 1782, mar- 
ried Jonathan Fisher; and Elizabeth Whicker, 
who married Stephen A. Covert. This family 
was listed in the 1840 Pension List of Delaware 
County , Indiana , 

Died: November 2, 1851, at 91 years of age, in Dela- 
ware County, Indiana. 

Buried: Strong Cemetery, Albany, Indiana 

References : Mississinewa Chapter , DAR , Port- 
landf Indiana 
National Number ^503018 
Mrs. Lowell (Whicker) Whiteman 
(Mrs. Kelro) 
R.R. 2, Portland, Indiana 

Research by: Adah Miller Finch 

(Given to Cecil Beeson) 


"""^"^ ^''* 1938243 

Pension Claim: 

Service Record: Major in Patriotic Service 

Married: Anne 

Died: June 8, 1808, in Delaware County, Indiana 

Buried: In Strong Cemetery, Albany, Indiana, Grave 1, 
Row 7, Lot 7, old part. 

Reference: Think the above information was 
taken from the tombstone, and from 


tradition he is considered a sol- 
dier of the Revolution. In June 
1966, SAR dedicated and photo- 
graphed his grave. 
Roster 15, page 87 

"Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in 
Indiana" by Waters, 1954, pg . 8 


Born: March 1762 in South Carolina. 

Pension Claim: S - 32595 Applied for a pension 
August 16, 1841, and was receiving a pension a 
short time before he died. 

Service Record: Enlisted as a private from Virginia, 
and served 19 months in companies commanded by 
Captain Boyd and Captain Madison, under the 
leadership of Colonel Benjamin Kilgore. 

Married: No record of his wife. We know he was mar- 
ried, however, as he had an heir, William Wil- 
liams, Jr., who resided in Liberty Township. 
He was a teacher, and Justice of the Peace 
there . 

Mr. William Williams, Sr. came to Delaware 
County, Indiana, before 1836, as he entered 
land in Sec. 27, in Liberty Township, on March 
3, 1836. His name was listed on the 1840 pen- 
sion list of Delaware County, Indiana. 

Died: About 1842, in Delaware County, Indiana. 

Buried: Liberty Township, 300 yards from the home- 
stead, on land owned then by Mr. Eckenberger. 
No marker 

References : Roster, Vol. 1, page 384 

DAR Patriots Index of Soldiers 
Buried in Indiana , page 138 

Research by: Mary Wimmer Young 

If errors are found in transcription, the hand written 
records available are, at best, hard to read. 

Compia;;te(f>t|r^ tllar]^ Frances Abel