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in 2009 with funding from 

Selwyn House School 

The Veritas Players Present 

^y Eugene lonesco 

St -.rd 

May r^-S"^" 2003 

7:30 pm 

Lucas Theatre 

Selwyn House School 

Is an average person unable to resist the compulsion to conform and 
be like eveiyone else? That is the central question posed by Eugene lonesco 
in his 1959 play Rhinoceros. lonesco was a major exponent of the Theatre of 
the Absurd, which grew out of Antonin Artaud's Hieatre of Cmelty, a 
reaction to a world engulfed by war. This was a time when existentialism 
dominated intellectual circles, particularly in France where lonesco lived. 
Many of his plays, notably The Chairs and The Bald Soprano, are 
touchstones of the Absurdist movement. The movement expressed its 
disaffection with humanity by deeming life an illogical predicament caused 
by social forces. 

When Rhinoceros was first produced in Paris in 1960, Jean Louis Barrault 
directed the play and took the role of Berenger. Several months later a 
London production directed by Orson Welles starred Laurence Olivier as 
Berenger. The following year the play was produced on Broadway starring 
Eli Wallach as Berenger and Zero Mostel as Jean. 


Scene 1 A square in a small French town. 

Scene 2 The office of a firm of law publications. The Next Day 

There will be one fifteen-minute intermission. 

Act 2 
Act 3 

Jean's room, that afternoon 
Berenger's room, a few days later 


Set, Props, and Costume Design: 

Lighting Desing: 

Lighting Board Operator: 

Painters and 

Lighting Support Staff: 

Alex Ivanovici 
Robert Leader 
James Richardson 
Mohsin Aziz 

National Theatre 
School of Canada 


Matt Litvack 
Adam Cieply 
Jessica Davis * 
Ben Wilner 

The Waitress: 

The Grocers Wife: 

The Housewife: 

The Grocer: 

The Old Gentleman: 

The Logician: 

The Cafe Proprietor: 

Emese Tokes * 
Stephanie Malouf 
Lisa Worsley * 
Nick Tsoukas 
Arun Khana 
Charles Vennat 
Miguel Bumier 

Mr. Botard: 
Mr. Papillon: 
Mrs. Boeuf: 

Charles Ayas 
Dylan Jones 
Emese Tokes* 
Miguel Bumier 

* appearing thanks to The Study school for Girls 

Thank You Very Much! 

Wendy Clubb, Annabel Soutar, National Theatre School of Canada, 
Prqjet Porte Parole, ALL THE PARENTS, Carol Manning, Rob 
Wearing, April Wong, Chris Churchill, Sara Bradeen, Danny Brochu, 
The Phys. Ed. Department, Fernando Kucher and all the After-school 
Staff, Jamie McMillan, Richard Wills, Mathilde Codina, Debbie 
Dragoon, The Cleaning Staff, The Security Staff, Theatre du Grand 
Jour, the Library Staff, Mohsin Aziz, The Prefects and most 
importantly, all the students involved in this production, without 
whom I surely could not resist conformity.