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Full text of "Rhode Island imprints; a list of books, pamphlets, newspapers and broadsides printed at Newport, Providence, Warren, Rhode Island between 1727 and 1800"

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1727 AND 1800 


Printed for the Society 




THIS is a list of Rhode Island eighteenth-century publi- 
cations. It shows what the printing press of the colony 
and state produced before the year 1801, and where 
these early imprints may be found by investigators. The list 
gives a brief title of every book, pamphlet, newspaper, fly- 
sheet and broadside printed in Rhode Island during that 
period which has been found in the public and private libraries 
that are known to contain material relating to this state. 
Other titles, of which the originals have not been found, have 
been copied from the "Bibliography of Newport" compiled 
by Charles E. Hammett, Jun., and published in 1887; from 
Charles Evans's "American Bibliography, 1639-1789;" from 
Joseph Sabin's "Dictionary of Books relating to America, 
A-Sm;" and from the catalogues of booksellers and auction 

The list was prepared by the John Carter Brown Library 
as part of an effort to learn what material is available for the 
study of the history of printing in America, and also for 
the purpose of securing data upon which to base an estimate of 
the number of eighteenth-century American imprints now in 

The following pages contain the titles of 1 565 separate pub- 
lications printed between 1727 and 1800. The regular issues 
of a newspaper, as well as the supplements and usually the 
extra issues, are counted as one in each year. Over two-thirds 
of the whole number, 1089, are in the library of the Rhode Is- 
land Historical Society. This is probably a larger proportion 
of the early typographic output of a single state than exists in 
any other collection. Of the titles not in the Society's library, 
143 are elsewhere in Providence. As there are 72 entries 
based on records, of which no original copy is known to be now 
in existence, these figures show that over eighty-two per cent 
of what remains of eighteenth-century Rhode Island printing 
is accessible in its original form in this city. 

Of the total number of titles, 1125 date from before the year 
1790, the period so far covered by Mr. Evans's invaluable 


" American Bibliography." Evans gives the titles of 808 Rhode 
Island imprints, or about seventy per cent of those in the 
present list. 

The concentration of this material in a single building is 
due largely to the generous co-operation of those who are in 
charge of the other libraries in Providence. For fifteen years 
it has been the recognized policy of the librarians of this city 
to work together in building up each of their collections in cer- 
tain clearly defined fields, and to avoid all possible duplication 
of material, with consequent waste of resources. With only 
two noticeable exceptions, where the wishes of donors pre- 
vented this policy from being carried out, the other libraries 
have systematically contributed to the Rhode Island Histori- 
cal Society everything that would help to make that institu- 
tion stronger in its special and appropriate field. 

In return, the Society has helped to provide every library in 
the state with a collection of books on Rhode Island history. 
It has contributed also from its accumulations in other subjects 
not so properly a part of its own collection, to the libraries of 
Brown University, the Providence Athenaeum and Public Li- 
brary, and the State Library. Quite recently it has arranged 
for the deposit of its large duplicate collection of Rhode Island 
newspapers with the American Antiquarian Society at Worces- 
ter, assuring for this state a prominent representation in the 
principal collection of American newspapers. To the Librarian 
of that Society, Clarence S. Brigham, the Historical Society 
is indebted more than to anyone else for the comprehensive 
character of its Rhode Island collection. 

So large a proportion of these titles belong to the Rhode Is- 
land Historical Society that no attempt has been made to lo- 
cate, in this printed list, other copies of those that are found 
in that collection. The nearest rival is the library gathered 
by Sidney S. Rider, which was given by Marsden J, Perry in 
1903 to Brown University, where it occupies a room in the John 
Hay Library building. The John Carter Brown Library, like- 
wise a part of Brown University, also possesses many of these 
titles. Many others, including some of the most important 
ones not found anywhere else, belong to Fred A. Arnold of 
Providence. This list is, indeed, largely an outgrowth of notes 
generously loaned by Mr. Arnold. Many of the Newport im- 


prints belong to the Newport Historical Society, and the Red- 
wood Library in that city has an important collection of early 
newspapers. Several important broadsides and tracts not 
found elsewhere are in the George Haile Free Library at 
Warren, the Westerly Public Library, and in the collections 
of Dr. Roderick Terry of Newport and Mr. Henry Russell 
Drowne of New York. 

The Rhode Island Historical Society and the John Carter 
Brown Library are under deep obligations to the custodians and 
owners of each of the collections mentioned above, and to those 
in charge of the other libraries and archives which are named in 
the list, for information and friendly co-operation without 
which it could not have approached its present comprehensive- 
ness. The data was brought together by Miss Rebecca P. 
Steere of the John Carter Brown Library, and to her its 
thoroughness is due. 

The short-title, printer's name, and the location of a copy 
or of the evidence upon which it is included, are all that this 
list aims to give. No attempt is made to show the size of 
each publication, whether a folio compilation of laws or a three- 
page political manifesto. An exception is made in the case of 
broadsides, which include everything printed on one side only 
of a single sheet. One reason for specifying these is that the 
John Carter Brown Library has a set approaching complete- 
ness of photostat prints of the Rhode Island broadsides, as 
well as of many of the separately printed Acts of Assembly 
and some other smaller publications. The same library also 
has negatives of nearly all the extant copies of the Newport 
Mercury, issued before the end of the year 1776. It is pre- 
pared to furnish copies of any of these at cost to students or 
to other libraries. 

No systematic effort has been made to discover titles of 
books or broadsides which were probably, or in some cases 
certainly, printed, but which have apparently entirely disap- 
peared. The list contains, nevertheless, a number of these titles 
of publications which have not been found in any library. 
Most of these are taken from the " Schedules " of proceedings 
of the General Assembly. The Schedules preserve the record 
of payments made for printing several proclamations and 
separate laws, of which no copies have been found. These 


have been included in the list, so far as they have been noted, 
when the reference seems to imply a separate publication and 
not merely the insertion of the document in the printer's news- 

Other titles are taken from the advertisements in the contem- 
porary newspapers of books "just published." Most of the 
books so advertised were those that were printed elsewhere 
and offered for sale at the local bookshop. The advertiser did 
not always distinguish clearly between the things printed on 
his own press and those which he imported from Boston or 
Philadelphia. Some of the titles in Evans's Bibliography, 
especially those ascribed by him to Bennett Wheeler's press, 
of which no copies have been found, were very likely not 
printed in Providence. 

The Rhode Island printers may sometimes have produced 
books which do not appear in this list because they were printed 
for booksellers elsewhere, with only the name of the publisher 
on the title page, and nothing to show where the actual print- 
ing was done. The number of these must be small, but there is 
at least one, a " F'ourth Edition " of the Letters of Lady Mary 
Montagu, with the imprint "New York: Printed Mdcclxvi." 
This book seems to be typographically identical with one which 
has the imprint : " Providence, in New-England : Printed and 
sold by Sarah Goddard, and Company. M,dcc,lxvi." It is 
thought that this was printed by Mrs. Goddard for the New 
York trade, and that she issued a few copies for local sale. 
Such a proceeding would probably not have been considered 
in any way improper at that time, however annoying it may 
prove to later bibliographers. 

Necessarily far from being absolutely complete, this list 
probably includes every sort of thing that came from the 
colonial printers, which was intended to be read. It does not 
include the things which were of primary importance to the 
printers themselves, because they went furthest toward finding 
a steady sale for ready money. The most profitable work 
done by the early presses, with the possible exception of the 
Almanacks, was the printing of legal and commercial blank- 
forms. It is obviously impossible to include these in such a 
list as this, for the number of different impressions of each form, 
such as those for deeds or mortgages, was countless, and few 


of them contain the printer's name or date. The earliest of 
these forms produced by James Franklin soon after he set up 
the first press at Newport, may be recognized with consider- 
able certainty, and some of them have typographic interest. 
Franklin's son produced a very good-looking portage bill for 
the signatures of mariners joining a voyage, of which he was 
apparently proud, for he put his name on it. Solomon South- 
wick also put his name on an issue of these important mari- 
time documents, as may be seen on the facsimile of one which 
is the frontispiece to the volume on Rhode Island Commerce 
published by the Massachusetts Historical Society. For the 
most part, however, all of these forms were printed and re- 
printed to meet the demands of trade, and the bulk of them 
are without interest of any sort, except as their total num- 
ber shows how the printers made a living. 

The advertisement at the end of the Rev. James Honeyman's 
" Faults on all Sides," printed at Newport in 1728, concludes 
with the statement that " Bonds, Bills, Powers of Attorney, 
Paper by the Ream, Snuff, Tea and Coffee by the Pound or 
Ounce, may be had at reasonable Rates." Every printer who 
established his press in a new community, busied himself to 
provide as soon as possible these and all other forms for which 
there was a demand. In the third issue of his "Providence 
Gazette," William Goddard announced "to be sold cheap for 
ready Money, At the Printing-Office near the Court-House 
(the old State House between North Main and Benefit Streets), 
A Variety of Books, Stationary, &c. &c. Among which are 

" Blanks, Policies of Insurance, Portage Bills, Bills of Lading 
and Sale, Letters of Attorney, Administration Bonds, com- 
mon Bonds, Deeds, Writs, and Executions, and all Kinds of 
Blanks used in this Colony, neatly printed, and sold as cheap 
as at any Printing-Ofiice in New-England, or elsewhere ; 
either Wholesale or Retail." 

Many different printings of these various forms have been 
noted during the collection of the data for this list. In addi- 
tion to those advertised by the printers for public sale, there 
were blank forms for apprenticeship, colony and town trea- 
surers' notes, and later bank notes, bills of exchange, clearance 
and other customs-house papers, deeds of sale, military com- 
missions, enlistment papers, regimental and company returns 


of men, arms and accoutrements, bills of sale for shares in 
privateers, tavern licenses, and tickets for the long succes- 
sion of lotteries. 

Under each year, beginning about the middle of the cen- 
tury, might have been added to the list at least one " Prox " 
or ballot for the general officers who were named at the May 
session of the Assembly. Most of these have at the top the 
sentiment or battle-cry of the partisans whose leaders are 
named on the ballot, and a few of them were dated. Much 
research will be necessary, however, before they can all be 
placed in order with certainty. Those which contain the names 
of the successful candidates can be assigned to the proper 
year without great difficulty. It is not often as easy to be 
certain of the year in which those were circulated that con- 
tain names which were not chosen. The Rhode Island Histori- 
cal Society possesses a large proportion, although probably not 
all, of these old election proxies, awaiting the attention of some 
investigator into the political byways of Colonial times. 

G. P. W. 



James Franklin 

Ann Franklin 

James Franklin . 

Samuel Hall 

William Goddard 

Sarah Goddard 

Sarah Goddard, and Company 

John Carter 
Ezekiel Russell 
John Waterman 
Solomon Southwick 

John Howe 

John Douglass McDougall 

Bennett Wheeler 

Henry Barber . 

Imprimerie de l'Escadre 

Peter Edes 

Nathaniel Phillips 

William Wilkinson 

Henry C. Southwick . 


Joseph Fry 

Havila Farnsworth . 

Oliver Farnsworth 

John Carter, junior 

Samuel J. Williams 

Newport, 1727-1735 
Newport, 1735-1763 
Newport, 1 748-1 762 
Newport, 1762-1768 
Providence, 1762-1765 
Providence, 1765-1768 
(Samuel Inslee) 

Providence, 1 766-1 767 

Providence, 1767-1814 

Providence, 1768 

Providence, 1 768-1 777 

Newport, 1768-1776, 1780-1787 

Rehoboth or Attleborough, 1 777-1779 

Providence, 1779 

Newport, 1 776-1 779 

Providence, 1776-1777 

Providence, 1776-1803 

Newport, 1779-1800 

Newport, 1780-1 781 

Newport, 1787-1791 

Warren, 1792-1800 

Providence, 1793-1799 

Newport, 1794 

Newport, 1794 

Providence, 1796 

Newport, 1798-1799 

Newport, 1798- 

Providence, 1 799-1801 

Providence, 1800- 







For the Year, 1728. 
Being Bifjexnle, or Leap-Tear. 

Carefully fitted, and exafl- 
calculated to the Meridian of 
NEWPORT on Rhode-ljland ; 
Whofe Latitude North is 41 gr. 
10 m. Longitude from Lon- 
don^ ~jl grs. 

Qiit may without fenfible Krror, ferve all Parts 

Being the firft ever publifhed for chat Meridian 

By Poor ROBIN. 

NEWPORT. Primed and Sold by J'Trunh 
lin^ at his Printing-Houfe on TiUnighail's 
Wharf, near the Union-Tlag Tavern 1718. 

I To my loving Countrymen in the Colony 
of Rhode-llland, ^c. 

I HAVING in my younger Years devoted fome 
Leifure Hours to the Study of the Matbema- 
ticks, more tfpecially that Part of it which 
Ifdnie to the Contemplation of the heavenly 
bodies; and being now importuned by fome Per- 
rons ot Nore in this Colony, I have here prefented 
you with an Almanaek for the enfuing Year, fitted 
(o the Meridian of Nenport ; which contains the 
Fulls, Change?, and Q/iarters of the Moon, with 
iier PafTage through, and Dominion over the Body 
of Man and geaft, with her Rifing and Sttcing, the 
rifing and fetting of the Sun, the Courts of this 
and tl.e neighbouring Colonys, Judgment of tht 
Weather, Spring Tide?, and the exaft Time of 
High Water in the Harbour of Neu^port. And foi 
the fake of fome who keep Days holy, and others 
who keep Holy-Days, . 1 have inferred the Saint's 
Days, and other Hely-Days of the Church of En 

Tho' 1 have not given you my proper Name, yet 
[ affure you 1 have had one the greateft part of 
half an hundred Years ; and I know of no Neceffity 
for parting with it at this Time, lirce I prefume 
my Almanack will anfwer all the Ends defign'd 
without that Expence. So, wifhing you a happy 
new Yeari bid you adieu. 

Poor ROBIN. 

Newport, Aug. 30. 1717. 

VENUS is Morning Star until the txth ofAu 
gufty then Evening Star to the Year's end. 

James Franklin, 1 727-1 735 


John Hammett's Vindication and Relation: Giving an account, Of his 

separating from the Baptists, and joining the Quakers. Arnold 

Mdccxxviii. The Rhode-Island Almanack For 1728. By Poor Robin. 

Facsimile reprint, 1912. Congress 


Adams, John. Jesus Christ an Example. A Sermon on his Ordination. 

Boston PL 

The Ardent Desire, and Sincere Cry, of a true Believer (verse) — for 

Reuben Packcom. Broadside. RIHS 

HoNEYMAN, James. Faults on all Sides. The Case of Religion Con- 

sider'd — sold by E. Nearegreas and J. Franklin. RIHS 

No copy has been found of the following title, perhaps a reply 

to Honeyman, which Hammett and Evans copy with improvements 

from Sabin, no. 23760: 
Falses on all Sides. Sundrey Errors, Maxims, and Corruptions 

of Men and Sects of this Present Age— Sold by James Franklin and 

E. Maregreas. 
Webb, John. The Believer's Redemption. A Sermon, December 31. 

1727. Boston PL 

White, Daniel. The True Reasons For Mr. Daniel White and Mr. 

Thomas Byles disposing of their Interest in the Meeting-House to 

the Presbyterians. Broadside. RIHS 

The Rhode-Island Almanack For 1729. (Copy sold in 1892) 

Barclay, Robert. An Apology for the Quakers : The Sixth Edition 
in English. RIHS 

Some copies have pp. 65-69 reset. 
Mdccxxx. The Rhode-Island Almanack. By Poor Robin. RIHS 

Bass, Benjamin. Parents and Children Advised. Part of a Sermon, 

September 28, 1729. Boston PL 

Rhode Island. The Charter [and] Acts and Laws. RIHS 

Supplementary session laws were printed to February, 1737 ; pp. 

211-283. Facsimile, 1892. JCB 

SissoN, George. An Answer to Richard Harden's Reply to John Earle's 

Letter. (Evans) 

The Virgin's Advice : Or the Oxfordshire Tragedy. RIHS 

Newport, 1731. An Almanack. By Samuel Maxwell. RIHS 



Fox, John. The Door of Heaven Opened and Shut. A Discourse con- 
cerning Eternity. NYPL 

Rhode Island. Laws; June and October Sessions. JCB 

Walton, John. Remarks on, Or, An Examination of Mr. Bulkly's 
Account of Baptism. Boston PL 

WiGHTMAN, Valentine. Some Brief Remarks on a Book call'd, An Im- 
partial Account, By John Bulkley. (Evans) 

Mdccxxxii. The Rhode-Island Almanack. By Poor Robin. RIHS 


The Rhode-Island Gazette. September 27 — December 21. 

Nos. 2-9, 11-13 in Mass HS. RIHS has No. 20 
Mdccxxxiil The Rhode-Island Almanack. By Poor Robin. RIHS 


Hale, Sir Matthew. Some Necessary and Important Considerations. 

Ninth Edition. (Hammett) 

A Lottery, Set forth by Bethiah Hedges. Newport, January 18. 1732,3. 

Broadside. Newport HS 

The Rhode-Island Gazette. January-May 24, 1733. 

Hammett had 4 issues. 
Wanton, William. A true Representation of the Conduct of Richard 

Ward, Newport, 3d. Jan. 1733. Broadside. RIHS 

Mdccxxxiv. The Rhode-Island Almanack. By Poor Robin. 

Graham, John. A Sermon at the Ordination of Edmund Ward, at 

Guilford. (Evans) 

The Copy of some Queries Put to Mr. Auchmuty, Newport, March 30, 

1734. (In reference to Quakers holding Office in the Province) 

(Auction Catalogue, 1898) 
Mdccxxxv. The Rhode-Island Almanack. By Poor Robin. RIHS 


Widow Anne Franklin, 1735-48 

A Brief Essay on the Number Seven : By a Well Wisher to Truth. 

— Printed for the Author. (Hammett) 


Beaven, Thomas. An Essay concerning the Restoration of Primitive 
Christianity. Third Edition, with additions. RIHS 

By the Governor, A Proclamation (for the apprehending of Nathanael 
Shelton.) (Schedules) 

Mdccxxxvii. The Rhode-Island Almanack. By Joseph Stafford. 




[K- 9 J 


Rhode-Iflafld Gazette. 

THURSDAY, NoreMBi* a?. 17? j. 

An AroLoor. 


AM feofible fbndry Cost- 
plaiots have beea mado 
agaioft mjr Paper, that 
it JJM hitherto been d«i/ 

Tafi term li^ for arhica 
I mD& coof«<* there ieMM 
to he foaw Caufe. Bui 
t*c Wortd ought to Tiew 
.^ ' a Writer, «t his fit* fet- 
tlng our, in the fame Light, tbit « Cbaipaoy 
of Dancers wou'd t Munciao who 4ud under- 
taken to play, for then apod' • 'D««» made In* 
Ihument, that cou'd not be prefeotlf pot in 
f<riie, trirtioiir th? dinger ot' being unftruog 
6y too fuddalij a Scret*. Tb^ wou'd prodoce 
?itieoce, and that MuKck. Bat there are J>e- 
$det inynf 'FbyGal Rearoot irvby my Piper 
tas t^iiB*d oat ho better: SdlMot wbkb, for 
the fatlsfa^ioq of 107 Kodets I (hall briefly 
cgentioit. ' . ' 

L As' Man Vtt orlgbillf fivni'd of the 
6r6mitl,-thetc -(cmA' to be •fomo- -Analogy be- 
tween ibe Fruits of the Earth and the Produfl 
ot hir Mind. Confine the Obfecvation to 
Orchards and Vjcfards, and you will find the 
firP'frntts gene^ly mean, withered and taltlefsj 
tb^ latrer faiKid, fuller of Juice, and of a 
^J&etter Relif^j So that norwithlfanding I have 
pick't op i/id prcTented my Readers with fome 
prematare Windfalls, there is no room to doubt, 
bat that in a little Time they will be regaled 
witb fuch IntelleQoal Fruit aS will be uuly 
■ deligbtftl to tlieir Minds. 

lU As the beft Veins of Oar are ever attend- 
ed with Heaps of Dirt and Rabhifti, which malt 
be firft removed, fo the intelle(bial Faculty, 
]n Its Rifcarch after fpeculative Knowledge, is 
oftentimes Intercepted with Oatkncfs and Obfcu- 
rlty.- Which wastny Cafe^ but I hope is pretty 
l»ell got thro* by the Helpof CLEVERKIN 
and fome other Friends. 

III. I hate been gricvoudy feized with the 
late extraordinary Qjld, which fo took away 
the Glofs of my Stile, as well as obRraQed 
my Thoughts, that 1 believe my Readers by 
this Piece perceive my Difotder, and that 1 
am not altogether nmt to yet. 

But Cto make a fmall DigreAon) poffiUy 
in the End it may he for Advancement of 
Knowledge that this Calamity has attended us ; 
For feveral notrf Fte-icisMt have promts^ to 
favour the publick wirh a mechanical Account 
of it, an4.> thercb;r it.ndet it as pl^ia and 

6milkT as tb« late mechanical Account given 
of Fevers. One in particular avers It to be f 
tery «afy Task .• ¥m, fays he. By Jhtwtitg h»a 
lb* fing Ptrndst cf Matter, aSivi m tht Body, 
'i'lf M* tmptrttftiblt tatHMr trt clctttd^ tht 
■JUiKld -ku^mt tunliHt^ tuii obflrM^ti iM ittCir- 
^*»&<w»,-*«/. rft. Liquid am Bervortim', ii^Jti 
thre^tiu tht Caimlt, vitiated, it mi ft h at e.tjy 
to teceuMi f»r tb* Dt/ordert produtcd, at tc demott^ 
Brat* tht Truth tf ^ ^rapofitteit i/t Euclid. But 
I (hall fiop here, and wait till this Matter 
be nttafizUtlfy handled by (ofpe of thofe 
learned Gentlcme/i within whofe Verge it falls. 
To return, 

IV. Self Intercft, which is at the Bottom 
of molt of the Anions of Life (ahho' gild- 
ed over with other Pretetiees) prompted me 
to CMced my Brother News-writers in every 
Point. To accoraplifh this cffeSuallr, I began 
at that Part of my Bufinefs molt natural, 
altho' not the lealt difficult j in which I have 
met with fo great Afliftance, that I hope I 
am not a whit .above the loweft of theift. 
What remains ( \o borrow a Thoueht from a 

^£able,Pc« ) is,^ Ta kave the hiimble Sbrubs, with 
which all are not delighted, and (bar a little 
higher i 10 wbtt ttf my GtnUtt, titi try if fy 
the Acutentji of " ' *"* petietratt fomt of toe 
Workt *ej Ktturt^fomt of tht t>evittt of Men ^ 
lay open the Malignity dud Fo.'/y of /evtrat 
PrtBlcet that are very Prtva/etit, and give fomt 
ReafoHtjtrTbingt, tbttt tievtr have betn yet 

V. The way and manner of Direfting tn 
Ufe among all my Corrafpbndents runs, To 
tht Author li the Rhode-lfland Gazette; wbich 
1 mud acknowledge has hitherto been of 
Service, by carrybig (bmething of Dulnefs with 
it in the Front of the Paper : But as it is 
a Stile us'd by alt my Brethren and their 
Correfpondents, mutatit mutandis, and belt 
fetves a Purpofe I have not at prefenf In 
View, Khali take my leave of It, abd alTume 
the obfolete Name of Tritmati, which I believe 
few or none will claim t nor am I' afraid 
that I (hall herein be attack'd for invading 
any Man's Property at this Time of Day. And 
1 hope all future Letters will be directed to 
ice accordingly by my CorrerpondentS. 

VL !f any of my Brother News writers think I 
have been too firee with them s in anfVver to tbar, 
1 by, they may take the fame Lihcrty with 
me, if they acknowledge at the fame Titts 
they have the like Qctapon \ but not elfe. 
fartvull- ► 

Tim. Truman." 
. ^~* - f O. 


Aplin, John. John Walton's Religion Proved not to be the Religion. 

Mass HS 
Fox, George. Instructions for Right Spelling. NYPL 

Rhode Island. Laws; 1732-February, 1736, 7. Facsimile. 

The end of the laws supplementary to the compilation of 1730. JCB 
The Rhode-Island Almanack for 1738. By Joseph Stafford. Congress 


Matthews, Mordecai. The Christians Daily Exercise (in verse). Rider 

Parkman, Ebenezer. Zebulun Advised. Counsels for them that go to 

Sea. Delivered, March 7th, 1735,6. Preface by Nath. Clap. RIHS 

Mdccxxxix. The Rhode-Island Almanack RIHS 

Hammett, John. A Printed Sheet of Paper. By Nathaniel Stone of 

Harwich. December, 1735, Replied to 

(Probably printed in Boston.) RIHS 

Promiscuous Singing, No Divine Institution. Rider 

Mdccxl. The Rhode-Island Almanack. By Poor Robin. Congress 


Clap, Nathaniel. The Duty of All Christians Urged. Congress 

Mather, Cotton. Family-Religion Excited and Assisted. The Third 

Impression. JCB 

Mdccxll The Rhode-Island Almanack. By Poor Robin RIHS 


Chandler, William. A Journal of the Survey of Narragansett Bay. 

Broadside Mass HS 

A Letter from Sundry Members under the Pastoral Care of Timothy 

Packcom. JCB 

MacSparran, James. A Sermon preached at Naraganset, March 15th. 


Bartlet, Moses. Whereas John Rogers yesterday at Deacon Snows 
read a printed Letter of mine (dated) June 8. RIHS 

Callender, John. The Advantages of Early Religion. A Sermon, 
Jan. 3d. RIHS 

By the Honourable Richard Ward. A Proclamation. Whereas 
Obadiah Mors, in South Kingstown, Guilty of engraving a Counter- 
feit, made his e.scape. 27 May. Broadside. RIHS 

NOTE. Nothing has been found printed in 1743. 



DODSLEY, Robert. The Chronicle of the Kings of England by Nathan 

Ben Saddi. Congress 

Rhode Island, The Charter (with Acts and Laws of 1745) RIHS 

Beach, John. A Sermon, shewing, that Eternal Life is God's Free 

Gift. RIHS 

Caner, Henry. The True Nature and Method of Christian Preaching, 

June Xllth. RIHS 

Rhode Island. Acts and Laws. RIHS 

Callender, John. A discourse, death of Nathaniel Clap. RIHS 

By the Honourable William Greene. A Proclamation. (For raising 
troops for the Reduction of Louisburg) Newport, 4th June. RIHS 

Campbell, Othniel. Ministers of the Gospel Workers, Sermon at 
Tiverton at his Instalment RIHS 

Fish, Joseph. Love to Christ, A Sermon, ordination of William Vinal 


MacSparran, James. A Sermon at the Convention of the Episcopal 

Clergy, June 17. RIHS 

General Assembly. October Session. RIHS 

There is a facsimile issue of each session to May, 1777 ; 1908-1913. 

James Franklin, 1 748-1 762 

Caner, Henry. A Discourse concerning The Liturgy of the Church of 

England. Newport HS 

General Assembly; February; May (2)-June; August; October. 

Facsimile. RIHS 

Penn, William. Some Fruits of Solitude. RIHS 

More Fruits. Being the Second Part of Reflections. RIHS 

General Assembly. January-February ; May (2)-June ; August ; Octo- 
ber. Facsimile. RIHS 
Poor Job, 1750 An Almanack by Job Shepherd. RIHS 

Frothingham, Ebenezer. The Articles of Faith and Practice Rider 
The Hand-in-Hand Fire-Club. (Rules) 30 December, 1749. Broadside. 

Newport HS 


The Case and Complaint of Rev. Samuel, Maxwell, in Rehoboth. 

Mass HS 
General Assembly. February; May (2)-June ; August-October; 

December. Facsimile. RIHS 
Mortgage Deeds laid by in the Office, without Bonds, of the Second 

Bank. RIHS 

(Note) The Assembly this year paid Franklin for printing 

"thirteen different Advertisements for the Colony's Service." 
Proclamation on the Death of the Prince of Wales. (Schedules) 

Poor Job, 1751. An Almanack. By Job Shepherd. RIHS 

An Act to regulate and restrain Paper Bills of Credit, After the 29th 

September, in His Majesty's (New-England) Colonies. RIHS 

Newport, June 19th. In Obedience to an Act, respecting the Paper 

Currency. RIHS 

General Assembly. March; April-May: June; August; October. 

Facsimile. RIHS 

By the Honourable William Greene, Whereas, the Death of the Prince 

of Wales (Form of Prayer.) Broadside. RIHS 

Williams, Solomon. The Sad Tendency of Divisions, Day of Fasting, 

Feb. 28, 1750. Congress 

Poor Job, 1752. An Almanack. By Job Shepherd. RIHS 

Barclay, Robert. A Catechism and Confession of Faith. RIHS 

Bates, Benjamin. Notice is hereby given, that at the house of Mrs. 
Abegal Smith in Providence, Electrical Fire, April 6. Broadside. 


KiNNERSLEY, Ebenezer. Newport, March 16. Notice is hereby given, 
A Course of Experiments, on Electrical Fire : Broadside. Rider 

MacSparran, James. The Sacred Dignity of the Christian Priesthood 

Boston PL 
Paine, Solomon. A Short View of the Difference between the Church 

Rhode Island. Acts and Laws. RIHS 

General Assembly. February ; May (2)-June; August; October. 

Facsimile RIHS 

• May. An Act to prevent the Small Pox being brought by 

Strangers. (Schedules) 

These Presents Witness, That We the Subscribers, (Fire Company) 26 

Sept. Broadside. RIHS 

To be Observed by a Friendly Society, called The Fellowship Club: 

Began at Newport, December 5. Broadside. Newport HS 

Poor Job, 1753 An Almanack By Job Shepherd RIHS 



Aplin, John. An Address to the People of New-England RIHS 

Beaven, Samuel, The Religious Liberties of the Christian Laity 

Asserted. RIHS 

Lay-Liberty Reasserted: In a Letter RIHS 

Richardson, William. The Liberties of the Laity not Infringed. RIHS 

General Assembly. February; May (2); June; August; October. 

Facsimile. RIHS 

An Act to prevent keeping Disorderly Houses, March 2. RIHS 

Poor Job, 1754. An Almanack. By Job Shepherd. RIHS 


G. G. The Divinity and Humanity of Our Lord. JCB 

The III Policy and Inhumanity of Imprisoning Insolvent Debtors. 

Boston PL 

De La Roche. A Letter from Quebeck to M. L'Maine, the Designs of 

the French. Congress 

The Nature, Certainty, of True Christianity — Samuel Hall RIHS 

By Susannah Anthony or Sarah Osborne. 

Probably printed after 1763, although the title is dated 1754. 

A Plain Scriptural Description of Jesus Christ. Arnold 

John Rogers A Servant of Jesus Christ, Third Edition. AAS 

General Assembly. February ; April-May ; June; August; October. 

Facsimile. RIHS 

October. An Act for assessing and levying a Tax of ^35,000. 


An Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors. RIHS 

Poor Job, 1755. An Almanack. By Job Shepherd. RIHS 


Burt, John. Earthquakes, the Effects of God's Wrath. A Sermon at 
Bristol, after a very terrible Earthquake; November 18. RIHS 

Ellis, Jonathan. The Justice of the Present War against the French. 


Fish, Joseph. Angels ministering to the People of God, at Westerly 
against Crown-Point ; AAS 

Hopkins, Stephen. A True Representation of the Plan formed at 
Albany, Providence, March 29. JCB 

A Short Reply to Mr. Stephen Hopkins Vindication — (Signed) Philo- 
lethes. Rhode-Island, April 10. JCB 

Johnson, Sir William. Camp on Lake George, Sept. 9. To the Gov- 
ernors of the several Colonies who raised the Troops. — Newport, 
Sept. 20. JCB 


Notice is hereby ^ien 

That at the C O U 1! T- H O U S I 
and c<>n(inucil f 

i!i iiifl c:ouiici!-Ch:in >i,-r, « .-.ow*) be'esliibiiclij 
D:i>' tfb Day, iui a Wctk i,: two^ ^, 

A CoLRSK of Em'Erimf.n-|s, on thcnewly-difijov'crdB''^'''' '^ 

Electrical iF I RE,^ ^ 

Containing, not only thcmoft rurlousofthor, th*!th,i\(. h . ti 
made and publilhoti in /■,'.'/;v;j?r, hut • 
i)\v Ones Litcly made \\X^}iU;d\ 
nied with methodical LECTU R t .) m,.. u,- i^.iuni.- ;uv! 
Properties of th.ic wonJciiulEioment. 


By Ebcnctc\r. KhmcrJIcy. 



Eiffftricity in CcRcrai, t'^'ng '<>'"= Ai 
_ ot the Diicovery of it. -^ i 

II. Tiuc Ihc K!«ltic K.r; is a nx\ Kl<m;nt, anil .Q pani'>s thro- a N'unTli 
ftom ihofc hcreiotorc kiiawn atul namfd, * 111. An b.irfl, 

VI. TSat 
of It to ret a llou(e on t 

VII. Tliat rltt.' It w.U I 
k\l has no feoriSli Heat. 


and ti:ttttt^ oui ot other Matter (not created} by the 

Frict on of Glih. (i.. 

III. rhit It IS an cxtreimly fubcile riuij. 

IV. That It doth nut take up any {Ktceptiblc Titne 
in paflingthro' large Portions of S[ja(.r. i--"'' "' 

V. That it ii iniitnalely mixed with the Subllance. [ _VI. 

^f .l^. ^^ «.t rh ii rm i i^ ii l ii i f i n i Cl^n .- __ 

all Tiinri contain «r.o;i|jli 5 Vil. Varioti I<f|iie.''ent.uion5 of Lijihli 

:. \ C-nc anil l-llectl i.l Winh aill be ejplaii.r.1 l.y a 

: inSanmiablc Matters, it- moie prol'ablc I Ir jioiht-fts than baa hithcrro er;>|i«arrd, 

-tut liillruciions Kiven, how to avtiid the 

VIII. That! 

each other. 

IX. That 

Illy attri 



nonMatler, HI (liisi . 1.7aiigrr ot it; 
biK niHtually rcticl \ fro-n iiri.i,^ .i i 

VIII lliel- .' 

laclri) b^ all other ( fiii '!•"' 'hi/ i Q 

, l\ Mri/ .lu-lici ; 

Jled by the Electric Irf' mai' a . '■ii'an.lih i 

Fire, loaitoaciliLe'aliyeOne. f X. killed b 

XI. A ShowerofSanJ, which nl'ei again ai Fallaa l XI. Air lil'uing 
it fjlli. (.•-•- 

XII. Th« common Matter in the lorm of Poinij ;' 
Ihil fire more ftrorgly tlan in any oilier 


■ Ho 

Sjiips, t^c. 

titifial Spidei 


k from a Pcrlbii's l-inger, 


XIII. A Uaf of the nioH weighty of Meials 
penned in the Air, as u faij of Muhomll's Tomb. 

I I'erfo V 


of his c 


MV, An ApKUUCC like fldO- il-lOUlli/lK in*' i-Xlll. I>>l V'apoii[.*i.,.,ic.. .. • i ».»' 
the Air. '^ '^.^Tlr- ilTiiinr on oT. told Appte^fe; f- 

. XV. Thaitbis Fire syill live in Water, a River nortf XIV. A .u. on. aaiffl.y meaiisJof I 

being ftiffi^icnt to quench the fmallell Sparkof i 

XVI. A Repreieiitation of the Senfitivc Plant. 

XVII. A Kcprelentaiion of tlie feve;. Plai 
fiKsvmg a probable Caufe of their keeping their 
DiftatKct from each other, and fioo the Sun it 



; repulfed by the t ad 

MM, O.V {.-.■> «1 nrrr m-„. in. 

'/ /Ar A o THOU a/ Naturtt i 

XVIII. The Sail 

slefy any P, 

XIX. Ei 
Phal of Wa"ter. 

XX. A Battery cfele«»Gti[H<;i/chirgedbv H-s i P/t<r Thitiy.Sliiilinga 
ifljiing o'Jt of a Perfgn'a Frnger. ' t'' '"'' "<' /""'.'".' "' 

ling from a Udiel Li*, fo fhe may ■. *»ii/«-7.»r«f«ri»{/4»«W>rjulrfu'(i>Mm.';iJ ^^^■.i'*'/• 
'erfon to falule her. L Linartl atyklUimrlirt/ H/^K-aU Eieuir„gi>ir.:il. 

;igkt muKcal BelU rung by .an eleciridedr . •Tfrtr/j i.lihadMlh lUfrJ itt mim ftllcn. 

» Mr. John' Tweedj'j 
,Cii,':ij IttAjKriti". 

Pollen, Thomas. A Sermon, May 29. Upon the Embarkation of the 

Colony's Troops. RIHS 

Stiles, Isaac. A Sermon, ordination of Ezra Stiles, October 22. RIHS 

ViNAL, William. A Sermon on the Accursed Thing, the Defeat of 

Braddock. RIHS 

General Assembly. January-February ; March ; May (2); June ; Aug- 
ust; September ; October ; December. Facsimile. RIHS 

November i. To the House of Magistrates. Resolved, That 

Seventy Thousand Pounds Old Tenor be raised by a Tax. RIHS 

An Act of Parliament, to regulate Paper Bills of Credit. RIHS 

Anne and James Franklin, 1756-1762 


General Assembly. February; May (2); June (2); August; Septem- 
ber; October (2)-November. Facsimile. JCB 

November. Whereas ;^40oo Rates are proportioned (&) An Act 

to regulate Judgments and Bills of Public Credit. RIHS 

Lawful Money, 27 February. 6 and 9 pence ; 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 25 shillings. 

By the Governor, A Proclamation. 20th May a Day of Fasting. Broad- 
side. RIHS 


Hopkins, Stephen. Providence, March 31. Having been honored with 

Office, parts of my Conduct have been Censured. RIHS 

Ward, Samuel. To the Hon. Stephen Hopkins. Newport, 12th April. 

General Assembly. January (2)-February ; March; May (2)-June ; 

August-September; October. Facsimile JCB 

February. An Act for taking the Value of Rateable Estates 


June. An Act for proportioning ^jTioOjOoo. RIHS 

August. Act for raising Militia, to proceed to Albany. 


September. An Act for supplying .^Ti 50,000. RIHS 

October. An Act for assessing ^4,000. RIHS 

October. An Act for the Payment of the late Expedition 

November. An Act designed to ascertain the Value of Bills of 

Public Credit. (Schedules) 

Proclamation for raising 450 Men. (Schedules) 

Poor Job's Country and Townsman's Almanack for 1758. By Job 

Shepherd. Phelps 



Bowler, Charles. Reflections on the Conduct of the Friends, Rhode- 
Island, May 5. Broadside. RIHS 

Reflections On the Conduct and Principles of the Quakers, Ports- 
mouth, September RIHS 

The Newport Mercury. No. i, June 19, in RIHS. Nos. 25 and 28 in 
Redwood. There is a facsimile of no. 27, December 19. 

Pollen, Thomas. The Principal Marks of True Patriotism. A Ser- 
mon, 5th March. RIHS 

The Duty of defending our Countrymen, 12 March. Prov. PL 

Ward, Samuel. To the Freemen of the Colony RIHS 

General Assembly. February-March; May (2); June; August; 

October; December. Facsimile. RIHS 

June, An Act for assessing ;^6,ooo. RIHS 

A Proclamation, encouraging enlistment; May. (Schedules) 

A Proclamation, commanding Deserters to resign themselves; August. 

Advertisement (with names of Deserters) (Schedules) 

Brown, Elisha. Reflections upon the present State of Affairs in this 
Colony, 20th September. RIHS 

Burt, John. The Mercy of God, Sermon at Bristol, October 25 ; Re- 
duction of Quebeck. RIHS 
The Newport Mercury. The Redwood Library has 15 issues. 
General Assembly. February ; May (2) ; June. Facsimile. RIHS 
The August and October sessions were printed in Boston. 

June. An Act apportioning the Tax lately ordered RIHS 

Nov. 2. An Act for vesting Intestate Estates RIHS 

By the Governor. A Proclamation, Thanksgiving, November 22. 

Whitefield's Almanack for 1760. By Nathaniel Whitefield. RIHS 


The Newport Mercury. Nos. 81, 89, 104. 

There is a facsimile of no. 91. 
Tweedy, John. A Catalogue of Drugs. Surgeon General's 

Office, Washington 
General Assembly. February ; May (2) ; June ; August ; October. 

Facsimile. RIHS 
June. AnAct, For a Rate of ^15,547 in Bills of Credit. (Schedules) 

By the Governor, A Proclamation. Relief of Sufferers by Boston Fire. 



■■^^^'-' -Weekly | 

^ K7»A lit frtlhe,1 M- j!' 

• - ■ — il 




vices foreign atiJ doi)h-flic. 

M O N D A Y, j w H I Jj). i7i«- 

MB Adv.ntj-c :iN,EW5 | 

Char«3irr', u P 

PAPRR 10 (h: PuWic.uio obvious liwt " 

had been count 

it rro'jiici ItnV ro be (i^l n> K<"wnn>*nd a 

for tlul Purporc, 

Thing of ihc KmJ. iina Hi il»c PuMicttion .^ 

' VU iHipdC^cfc* 

Colonjt, il,i> Miihod . 
Srlongino l« *ach tc- 

propti Pcfibn, rWidine . 

ofAP.i^ti iiiil)itCol«ny, hub«Tn Ung *nVd 
for, iH'l tic(]uciirly icijQr8e«1» 'u> piojwtlcrf , 
IB puUiHioiii »«klv, on c'cy Mo.ii)«>, 
«' thr re«diate Confid^ijiibn o^onc DjUjc j Ynr^ lb Ion;; 
SI rhe picUAt Sne of 'his P.»prr it coniioucrt (ar^LaKEul 
Mmc) ot <Wd Tcoot ti)ui»i!ci.<) is cicb .^^libci. • 

. ANQi tht PnWi'c may bt «iritM, ihit no P.rty DifprnS 
-ttjtt c»« liire t Pl«f? in 'iliii P^pcr : Sut in « 'L;f«nh' ot'- \ 
' IMcwi, wkich ia t!.i. 'ranotc Pair ol' llie Wt.rM m..y Cr,c.-,.! 
mntt rra&nfebly be txp^Qfd, whatever may he pfcfcrtcrf, I 
whtcif Kill piomote the InTcreft ef^thh Colony, ainl :f r 
mikc ■» a more virtaout, -a moit flcu'ilhin^, aQ-"" » 
happy Pcspic, wiUcbMifolly be inlviucL 

. AND lail^li: railicft .tiirh^ftr Ix- 

Jiker ttpfff, cinnot al alF Timet be ifUifcd jH rbu, v»- 
iitt be ralctii "> collaU them. «»y -a|.«« t*"!* 

AKD it muD a^af unnceefTary, to Tiy loy.Thinp^re- 
Jatinj; lo the Ad»iDta£e »h:eh wid aecri« to the iridiogl^/t 
•f tho Colony, IQ haiini; ihe B<)icfit cf h ^'iTilic P.pei to tn-. 
fcit AdfeilJfementt, n il>c Eximplc of oui reit'>l>'*u'inj[ Go-' 
verOfiteoa, ttberc Papeci aie puSlifhM, ita con>l|)eiD£ Pi'^of 
oJ iti (cocril Seiviec in iliat Refpe6, 

A N D lot th- wn,c ctpedli^ 
tkta Pij'OT to ibc fc-e jl To*n>Hn, 
■ ill betaken, to lend all i 
r;ieQiv« Tosn, with the Name of 
on, undff Coyrt, and^iieOtd to foi 

• h^reit »1H beattndtd with ibe Itifl'DiiScaliy t»^he lalia' 
biriott i*ictei>ifi; ibcm, •kich Ihff will be the brfl Judpea 
of; and a Papfi niII be fenl C'iria to c«eiy focli PcifiMi, fo* 
hit Tioiililc and Caic in deliftriog them. 

A N Djierf .y O'.jeaion would!iii;Iy bei<n")v-d, wh-cS 
may aiira .i h irl,.:a inibit Paper, in i:a iift PgUlicatioi, ; 
ihciefoie, if It fliou;d b. did, that the Mu II much ■nullcr than 
ihoCi at pifi'rn: ptiMiOlM in fnuirlfhA. Km Tnk. and £»/a», 
letit be cmfide.M, ihii the Piice ii alfo lef. in Piopoitio.), 
Md tint eirro ia ibofc lai,;r Plaeea, with Ptovioeci c\ cnfi/e 
sad populooi, ihe IVpen pubii'h'd amoniD ihcm, in ihiii li) 
fancy cno.ainM no miir i)iin wbat migbt bi co:npil7.M ilS 
half • Sheet ; but u the Number of 5iibUiib«ii and Ad/cr- 
iifementi iseieaiM, tbeli Pas«ii wete inlatjM is P.c.o.tiAo. 
And iHt (hould Aid. tJiaaWTiir ia crnialn-d in 
Ibti Pap:r. ii romaohit ftalc bafox publilh'd— It mult be 
atkno.ladi'd, tbjl .i b RcrjKa to ^a^^^rl •nd P.niJirtt, 
whobive ilie-A*»1otj»eo(s».-n taily Inialligence, it will- 
i)=-;ouS:edly btn-.;,*«rihii Oti^bl br conlidei'd, that 
ilie lahabitaoli who laiideata D.Uint- fiom tti^fe iwwTotna, 
caonot hate an Oi^naniiy to be fa iinmediaieli an.l pio- 
p«ljf ic^uallllcdjll.arr«iih. ' ' 

AND !])(!• AeN-un'.,et of S.Afoibe.., Ji'iKr C-mVftwp- 
mtnt .flhllPa^r, m failrtim heinR idcijuiue loihe ll.pcnrt 
•odTioablewhtrh mu^ comcqueml; be devmcd to >ha' v.- 
»ice; T« ''•!• "oi dmibtjd, but ib« ihe Inhabitai^ii of 
ihii Colon/ «iJI cheaifully promote ao Undtitakinj otilili 
iCicd. -- _ . ^ 

THRRE >a> Ron* to belifyo, that ihii Paper «o,iM,' 
uikiiTimc, hi/t b:jo iniiodue'd m ib: Public •»i:b aw 

lit of a new Piinting-OSce from LnJcw, 
ed for, by the Prmter hereof, piitieipally 
*btfb may diily b« trpedcd ; theiclotc 
I bedilpcn>'d anb till its Airiral. 

' ' <Itt Efl ci Ujrtjlir P«*rf, Ctfl. J/crr/. nlf tjrittj n 
if., i't'ltrem FalTTmitt, tftUfbt tltftUt^m^'l^i^ ^dv'mt 
;^FiomT .nee Perdinind'a Head Qoaiteit at Monfl-r, April f. 
T:~!-The ' jHIc oT Vechte hai furieixjered by Capiiulaiion «i:hin 
- ihele l'c» Diyt Ir wai be(icj;ed by a Captaii wFih a rkljch- 
~'-m«>rot' 15 > Men bom Bremen. The G>riif:n coofiftcd of 
.-J CiMr.paniet^; bu: »h»( will hardly be credited, ii, that up- 
.^tidt vl' loo'Piccca of Cionon and Mortaii Keia foand in the 

p.-:-T,ind!hoT(i«(7«r«j»7) MjicIi -2 The KinR of Pruilia, 

! ■^I'pirrivcd htieTbe.i>th,fetootibe ipih loiCriflau.whrro 

;f«jd (ViaitciJ oflua Army will be eftabliflicd To- 

Jinv;ck 'Cif)uUf Rttdl Fnpj, in l>e Ki-lJtn ef PaJcrJ) 
5t.«3S|M4iiip«D Advid^lhit a larfe B»dy of P/ufTuii Troojn," ' 
. •' i^iw^jyi he 7,rm rH Pair of lh« Girrilon_of<i'cnin, wii 
' IIUIIIIIUIH»*Wili?Kimi>J.tlK»d*r ici|;ivc ibem Sinle, 
Ie«et4l tJtrachmeofi ol the laAti that were Idi behind, re- 
cei«d Ofiferi to join the nain Body of their Arn-.v. Five or 
ix ThouUnd Ruffiant ha.e pafTcd the Viflula. ind obfcrre 
the Motion! of thiir Enemiei. It d'.ei not yet frem 10 be de- 
cided wheiher ihe wbele Array fhall crofi that Ri»cr 

Piaf;iie(Cj;i«/.^fl.l!»i»/j^ March 29. The Piuffiani piifH 
the JiCRe ot Schweidniii with the uimo(» Vrgoui, Mj.fhil 
Daun being upon the Marah ro rellcrc it ; and ai the King 
the Head of hij Aimy 10 meet MjrOial Djur, 
he Ncsaof aUloody 

Drfden. Mareh n.- "Tn Hill faid, that iht Motion' of 
Ma.flial Keith lend 10 make an lo^afion is Bohemia, in order 
to favcor the Piore^li »hicb the Kin|; of PniHia il going la 
caccutft ehhcr a^iuj} Bohemia cr Moravia. 

Afril 1. Thelafl Lrttell Ircrti DrcTdcn I'jy. that the Pmf- 

se etpcS altmofl ^vcty MosicaJUo h 
Battle. ■ ^ 


alraarly in K&k 
- .g.i.ft 

ce Ifcnrv .,f 
and Hr^ft >l 

[tcnipt to 

iiisp the 

i. raid 

on c'C.v bi.-e 
. iimv ol^ E.eeul 
Keith hal tilers the Coiwifrand of the An 
ifair.l) ihe '»f Jei and Rainani. 

Th: t'irnc'i havinp bet n difappoioitd i 
pet ihio' the liraighii of Cihraliir, b> ihc pirven 
jimfllon of Du Qoefne and Oe la Clua'i '<)nadion, 
the Bteli fleet, conHHiti; nl 16 fliipaof the line, afrer br.. .- 
inaniied wirh all the hindi from the piivatc%i», an.! iba rlefi- 
eiencv isade o'o with Ian.) mfS, ate dcteisimcd to coma TO: 
to f<ve Ope Breton ; and if ihey iweei Admiral Ha«Ve, 10 
attack him; and aiAdm. Ha«kc\ Heel i-nfill. ofnnlv ih-vit 
17 fail, reveal (hip- have been fcnl to j^in him f.ooi Spi;l.,ad 
and Plymoixlf. 10 enable him to (lop iheii aoyage 

AJmlraliyOSce. Apiil 11. 
Hxnaa of t Iciret from Adniral Oibomc to Mr. 
iVcictary of thesdmttaltr, d.ited on boaid hiir 
Piltce, u fea, Much m 175^ 
'• 0.1 lie iSih ol laR mon.h, between i^r Gitt and 
Ciiiliafcna. I fell ill with M. da tf*^". '" '•'^ I-'oud«y»iit 
of Jc, ibr Oipheui of i!4, the O.iHimme of ?', am* ihe 
Pkiide o/:4 turn. »hich wtieihe fcni ftlipi fciil liom Tox- 
Ir n in Ki.ifr.icc M.delathieaiCaith;-.-na. «l;nhtir f-. .. ; 
tn-i luuadroo, they imnediatrly, jli.l fireitd ritl!,.. 
cm cn.i.ff. •. onshich I det.ei.e.l PriM;fer cath .f •'. e: . 
whim wiihtlic miinhMy ol mv f.pia.^in I ^..od ell lie \.. 1 
of < a'llhtena, 10 » j'ch theltl'^'ii ii..n ihcir , an.! iboiv l-.en 
Iniheevtt^ini;, Capt. Stort, in the Rfvcn^e raf tj.i. 
by Opi. Iln;hn IB ili: !J«i»itk of 84, u.d l.a,t. 

Mirvfa-" : 




u l: ) I (; tZs0* 


no 'in.uiii.- or kxpcncc im rrv, in inak'ni? ;!)« btfl l.ifc 

in by D.>'- .#*-., V/^rr P.„,. .v„,i,' c-«.-, * -1 Mmd Pr.'.,.-. f.^rt. 

-ys.t, M.-, r^Li Da.-^, Mr il^rj,.mm iy,j!, Mr, 7s/^?A t^tt.,.--., .-.dVr 

0%.-.. >:.-Jsj,V .;i)T«,»,-, 

VVii-i.iAM Oi>: i) -.'.i 

• . 4».i r.:j I'jpni i.: 
^jnc AliOtJt... 

Thanksgiving, Reduction of Canada, November 20. (Schedules) 

Prohibiting Commerce with the French. (Schedules) 

Advertisement. (Names of Deserter.^) (Schedules) 


The Newport Mercury. Nos. 144, 149, and 168. 
General Assembly. December, 1760; February; March; May-June 
(2) ; September ; October (2). Facsimile. RIHS 

June. An Act for enquiring into the Value of Rateable Estates. 


October. An Act for apportioning the Tax. RIHS 

By the Governor, A Proclamation. Accession of King George the Third. 


Ann Franklin & Samuel Hall, 1762-1763 

A Dialogue between the Governor, and a Freeman. —Franklin RIHS 
Mr. Franklin, I Have lately been favor'd with, "A Dialogue," (signed) 

A Freeman. RIHS 

Remarks on a late performance, sign'd, A Freeman. Newport, March 22. 

Hopkins, Esek. To the Public. A Brief Reply to George Taylor, 

Providence, April 18. Broadside. RIHS 

Governor (Stephen) Hopkins Vindication of his Conduct, in Relation 

to the Sugars. Providence, April 6. RIHS 

Stiles, Ezra. A Discourse, Convention of Ministers at Bristol. 

— Franklin & Hall (Evans) 

Turner, Charles. General Directions, ordination of George Daman. 

— Franklin & Hall RIHS 
The Newport Mercury 

The Library of Congress has a file from no. 206, August 10, to 
March 21, 1768. 
General Assembly. February; March; May; June. Facsimile. 

— Mrs. Frankhn. RIHS 

August: September; October. Facsimile 

— Franklin & Hall RIHS 

June 18. An Act, in Addition to Act of May, 1756, in Case of Fire. 

RI Archives 

An Act for supplying /8000 (and) ^4000. RIHS 

(The) Following is a List, Mortgage Deeds in County of Kent. Broad- 
side. RIHS 
Note. There were other similar Lists of delinquents. 
By the Governor, A Proclamation. — Mrs. Franklin (Schedules) 



William Goddard, 1 762-1 765 

The first thing printed in Providence was a broadside announc- 
ing the fall of Morro Castle at Havana and the second a circular for 
a theatrical performance, according to a statement by Goddard to 
Isaiah Thomas, quoted by Staples. 

In Memory of Obadiah Brown, who Departed this Life, 17 June. Broad- 
side. RIHS 

The Providence Gazette. No. i, October 20. RIHS 

A fragment of the Prospectus is at the John Carter Brown 

By the Honorable Samuel Ward, A Proclamation. Thanksgiving, 18 

November. Broadside. RIHS 

Whitaker, Nathaniel. The Trial of the Spirits; A Sermon. RIHS 

An Almanack for 1763 By Benjamin West RIHS 


Samuel Hall, 1763-1768 

A Bundle of Myrrh. Or Rules for a Christian's Daily Meditation (Evans) 

The Newport Mercury. — Franklin & Hall. Congress 

General Assembly. February. — Franklin & Hall. RIHS 

May; June; August; October. —Hall RIHS 

An Act, Declaring what is, and shall be, lawful Money in this 


August. An Act for Assessing Twelve Thousand Pounds. RIHS 

A Table to bring Old Tenor into Lawful Money, Newport, June, 1763. 

Broadside. RIHS 

An Astronomical Diary for 1764 By Nathaniel Ames — Hall RIHS 

William Goddard, 1762-1765 

Aplin, John. Verses on Doctor Mayhew's Book of Observations. RIHS 

There are two editions. 
Backus, Isaac. Spiritual Ignorance RIHS 


BoLLES, Joseph. An Answer To a Book, entituled, The Present Way of 
the Country Conn HS 

Dickinson, Jonathan. A brief Illustration of Infant Baptism RIHS 

The Fall of Samuel the Squomicutite. 

Two versions, one " Made public at Tropwen, as a Memorial of 
the Deliverance of the Pumpkinites," and a longer one " Printed by 
Desire of the Pumpkinites." Broadside. RIHS 

To the Public. A Freeman. Cumberland, April i6. Broadside. RIHS 
Hopkins, Esek. To the Public. Providence, April 2. Broadside. RIHS 

Hopkins, Stephen. To the Freemen of the Colony. Providence, 
April 19. Broadside. RIHS 

By the Honorable Stephen Hopkins, A Proclamation. Public Thanks- 
giving 25th August. Broadside. RIHS 
Lord, Benjamin, Christ's Embassadors, ordination of Levi Hart. RIHS 

Great Preparations, funeral of Hezekiah Lord. RIHS 

Sober-mindedness, to the Youth (2 issues) RIHS 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

A Letter to the Common People of the Colony, Concerning Money- 
Jobbers. Signed T. R. Cooper. RIHS 
A Table of the Value of Lawful Money Bills, in Old Tenor. RIHS 
The New England Almanack for 1764. By Benjamin West. RIHS 


Samuel Hall, 1763-1768 

Hall, Joseph. The Christian: Laid forth in his whole Disposition 

The Newport Mercury. Congress 

Laws, &c. of the Redwood Library — (2d title) A Catalogue. RIHS 
To the Public, Newport, 10 April, (signed) S. Ward. Rider 

General Assembly. January; February; May; June; July; Septem- 
ber; October; November. Facsimile. RIHS 

February. An Act for the Establishment of a College. RIHS 

September. An Act assessing Twelve Thousand Pounds. RIHS 

Rhode Island College —This may certify, A Form of a Receipt for 

Cash received. RIHS 

An Astronomical Diary for 1765 By Nathaniel Ames (Hammett) 


William Godclard, 1 762-1 765 

Backus, Isaac. A Letter to the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Lord. RIHS 
Buy the Truth, and Sell it not. (verse) Broadside. RIHS 

GODDARD, William. Providence, September 25. Madam, I request you 

to make one ... at Mrs. Goddard's. Broadside. 
The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

The New^ England Almanack for 1765. By Benjamin West RIHS 


Samuel Hall, 1763-1768 

How^ARD, Martin, jun. A Letter from a Gentleman at Halifax. Rider 

A Defence of the Letter from a Gentleman at Halifax. JCB 

There are two issues. 
Johnson, J. The Advantages And Disadvantages of the Marriage 
State. 6th Ed. Arnold 

Modern Eloquence, or the Phase in Fashion. By Moses Turn-Spit 


The Newport Mercury. Congress 

Watkinson, Edward. An Essay upon Oiconomy. The Fourth 

Edition. Congress 

General Assembly. February; May; June; September; October. 

Facsimile. RIHS 
October. An Act for assessing a Tax of Twelve Thousand Four 

Hundred and Sixty-eight Pounds Fifteen Shillings. RIHS 

By the Honorable Samuel Ward — A Proclamation. Thanksgiving. 

Broadside. RIHS 

An Astronomical Diary ; for 1766. By Nathaniel Ames. RIHS 


William Goddard, 1762-1765 
Sarah and William Goddard, 1765 

Allen, Timothy. Answer to Pilate's Question. RIHS 

The Main Point, Arnold 

Davies, Thomas. A Sermon preached on Christmas Day, 1764. (Evans) 
Hopkins, Stephen. The Rights of Colonies Examined. RIHS 

Rider Collection has this without the line " Published by 
Authority " on the title. 


A Letter to the Author of the Halifax Letter. Printed for the Author. 
(Perhaps in Providence) Congress 

Manchester, Job. Advertisement. Stolen of Mr. Matthew Man- 
chester, a dark Bay Horse, Cranston, July 15. Broadside. JCB 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

No. 134, May 11, 1765 ; no. 135, August 9, 1766. 

The Providence Gazette Extraordinary, August 24. RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1766. By Benjamin West RIHS 



Samuel Hall, 1763- 1768 

Backus, Isaac. Family Prayer, a Discourse. February 6. RIHS 

Hymns and Spiritual Songs, on Baptism. 

— Sold by William Rogers and Clarke Brown. Harris 
Glorious News. Just received from Boston, (repeal of the Stamp-Act). 

Broadside. Newport HS 

Johnson, Stephen. Some Important Observations on the Publick Fast. 

The Newport Mercury Congress 

General Assembly. February; May; June; September; October; 

December. Facsimile RIHS 

December. An Act, Tax of Six Thousand Pounds. 

By the Honorable Samuel Ward, A Proclamation. Thanksgiving for 

Repeal of Stamp Duties. Broadside. RIHS 

An Astronomical Diary; for 1767. By Nathaniel Ames 


Sarah Goddard and Company, 1 765-1 766 

A Discourse, addressed to the Sons of Liberty, February 14. Rider 
Perhaps by John Aplin. 

Montagu, Lady Mary Pierrepont Wortley. Letters. Fourth Edition 
Mr. Arnold has a copy, otherwise identical, with a New York 

imprint. Rider 

The Providence Gazette. No. 135, August 9, is the first regular issue 

this year. RIHS 

The Providence Gazette Extraordinary, March 12, and Supplement 

of the same date. Mass HS 

Rowland, David Sherman. Divine Providence. Repeal of the Stamp 

Act, June 4. RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1767. By Benjamin West RIHS 



Samuel Hall, 1 763-1 768 

At a Town-Meeting, November 26, for encouraging our own Manufac- 
tures, Newport, December 9. Broadside. JCB 
The Newport Mercury Congress 
Ward, Samuel. Newport, April 7. To enable the Freemen to form a 
true Judgment of the Two Parties. Westerly PL 
Rhode Island. The Charter (and) Acts and Laws. RIHS 

By Stephen Hopkins, a Proclamation, the Digest to be in force 

after July 2. Broadside. Westerly PL 

General Assembly. February; May; June (2); August; October. 

Facsimile. RIHS 

June. An Act, Estimate of the Rateable Estates. RIHS 

An Astronomical Almanack for 1768 By Nathaniel Ames RIHS 


Sarah Goddard and John Carter, 1 767-1 768 

Fish, Elisha. Joy and Gladness : Thanksgiving Discourse, Repeal of 
the Stamp-Act RIHS 

Extract from the writings of William Penn. RIHS 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

Providence, December 2. Luxury and Extravagance, in the Use of 
British and Foreign Manufactures. Broadside. RIHS 

Rogers, John. A Looking-Glass for the Presbyterians at New-London. 

— Printed for the Author. RIHS 
Stiles, Abel. A Sermon, May 14, 1766: ordination of Ephraim Hyde 


I, Levi Whipple of Cranston, heard Elisha Brown the Deputy Governor, 

declare. Providence April 13th. Broadside. JCB 

The New-England Almanack for 1768. By Benjamin West. RIHS 



Solomon Southwick, 1768-1787 

Fothergill, Samuel. Two Discourses and a Prayer Arnold 

The Newport Mercury. Library of Congress set ends with no. 498, 

March 21. R. I. H. S. set begins with no. 502, April 18, and is fairly 

complete to no. 603, March 26, 1770. 
S., J. The Second Spira : Being a fearful Example of an Atheist. 



The Substance of Two Letters, concerning Communion. RIHS 

General Assembly. February; May; June ; September ; October ; 

Facsimile. RIHS 

Woodward, Josiah. A Kind Caution to Profane Swearers. RIHS 

A Summary of the Amount of (Estates, Real and Personal). Newport, 

May 6th. Broadside. RIHS 


Sarah Goddard and John Carter, 1 767-1 768 
John Waterman and Ezekiel Russell, 1768 
John Waterman, 1768-1775 

Dewsbury, William. A Sermon preached the 6th of the 3d Month, 
1688 — Waterman RIHS 

Downer, Silas. A Discourse, 25th July, dedication of the Tree of 
Liberty — Waterman RIHS 

Leonard, Abiel. The Memory of God's Great Goodness, Thanks- 
giving — Waterman & Russell RIHS 

The Prodigal Daughter. — Printed and Sold at the New Printing 
Office, at the Paper-Mill. RIHS 

Sinners invited, with an Hymn on Atonement. Broadside. 

— Paper-Mill Penna HS 

The Renowned History of Giles Gingerbread. —Waterman 

(Rider's Book Notes, 1894) 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

Saturday, May 28, To the Printers of the Providence Gazette. As 

the Taxing of this Colony Broadside. RIHS 

Catalogue of the Providence Library — Waterman & Russell RIHS 
Styles, Abel. Death God's Monitor, death of Elisha Lyon. 

— Goddard & Carter RIHS 

Songs, Composed For Use and Edification 

— Waterman & Russell Rider 
Taylor, John. Verbum Sempiternum. The Third Edition 

(2d title) The New Testament —Waterman (Book Notes, 1894) 
The New England Town and Country Almanack for 1769 By 

Abraham Weatherwise — Goddard & Carter RIHS 
Also, Second and Third Editions. 



Solomon Southwick, 1 768-1 787 

An Account of the Pirates, Executed at Newport, July 19th, 1723. 

Newport HS 


C, S. A New Book for Children. RIHS 
Dayton, Ebenezer. A Concise, Poetical Body of Divinity (Newport, 

June 23d) RIHS 
A Serious Poem for Children Rider 

Hammett lists a Second Edition. 

Fox, George. Instructions for Right Spelling RIHS 
Frothingham, Ebenezer. A Letter treating Baptism (Hammett) 

Fuller, Samuel. • Some Principles and Precepts, Quakers RIHS 

The Newport Mercury RIHS 
General Assembly. February; May; June; September; October. 

Facsimile. RIHS 

February. An Act, Tax of Six Thousand Pounds. RIHS 

May. An Act altering An Act for Assessing a Tax. RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Benevolentissimo Stephano Hopkins (Theses) 

Broadside. BU 
Newport, September 11. On Thursday the 7th Instant was 

celebrated at Warren, the first Commencement. Broadside. JCB 
Smith, Hezekiah. A Second Reply to Mr. Jonathan Parsons, on 

Baptism. JCB 

Wilson, Rachel. A Discourse, loth August, in Beekman's Precinct, 

Dutches County, New York. Terry 


John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
John Waterman, 1768-1775 

All, with one exception, printed by Carter. 

Backus, Isaac. Gospel Comfort, death of (Elizabeth Backus) RIHS 
Balch, Thomas. A Sermon, ordination of Benjamin Balch RIHS 
The Providence Gazette RIHS 
Rhode Island College. Whereas the Governor and Company (Sub- 
scription List) Rider 
Story, Thomas. Two Discourses, Quakers. RIHS 
Thompson, J. The Lost and Undone Son of Perdition. 

— Waterman RIHS 

West, Benjamin. An Account of the Observation of Venus, Third of 

June. RIHS 

There is an early nineteenth century reprint. RIHS 

The New England Almanack for 1770. By Benjamin West. RIHS 



B E N E V O L j: NT I S S I M O | 

Ac eximia virtute, doctnnaque tiDlillima pratdiio, Viro, ^ 


CoIWji fct(jul«, inn Colon* InTul* RHOBJENSIS Fino, CANCELLARIO, 5 

Admodum Reverendo seque ac Honorando J J C O B O MANNING, PrxfidJ, 1 

jC^Diubui Anibu liboibbiu Sckpiiifqut. a Pieatc Pncfi^i «Jut», cujus fub rtMor^raine feqooiiii pliilafophemju funl do&Adenda r rf 

Toufi Cursiunbitf et Sociii cnditif&mis, bujufcc Acadeaiix ObfcivintUTlmii t Jk 

OoaaTioio piritcnjut digniffimo D A f 1 D 1 U O E L L, <jufdcm Scminitii Totori ; J 

OBKuhus ididerio Sdmii* iffljtis, uhicuoqac in Terrarum orbe, um Ecclelunim Pjiloiibui, (jujm Rt^ublicibcni mtriiU, pnrcipu^iwflro CoIIcgio F«totaj«» T 

THESES U)i' (Hiwine faijlo) Jnrmi, SnAniku iaituti, J^a^iai, K 

! Jofephus Beltoa t 

j Jofephus Eaton j 

I N B NoiT-ini alphAcua difpofio in. ^ 

Gulielmus- Rogers 
Richardus Stites 
Carolus Thompfba 

^ Jacotnis Mitchel' Vamutn 
1 Gulieknus Williams 

I^TiAMSSATlCA. ♦B.Una quantilaj jaAruta, multaa qiiuiutuei i nfintr a i coowiexe ♦ 5. Omnis cauii fuum coocinft cITWWm. 
_& BAXtMAlICA ancmrcAeloaiaKlin^ po«A trpj, ^ 6. Idea rcl>uoni% in nstun, arclw'i)lnini msn habet. 
rj R4MM A "'-^;«'^,'^'^' «jq»»" * ^ lucr q»=t,dtaKi mfiruta, ad ,nfin,m.n danir cmf armo. ± 7. Pnncpaun ind..iauiioiu>. in co.po°l>». »d prrf 
■^*-»^+ ,. AlfSaUiKi aCBlicua oTOW foni .^ 10. .CylmJnTunt «t« fe, ut quajrai dumcuonim in alunjdi- 1 «,«w« M^n. 

:Mnlii-<4 ruafWi f'^nrimi nun DoIRinl. "* . , . **^ , i^ ... T _ 

funt ♦ i I. -Sunii vfffu), co)uf«* arcus dufUx m dimidium radu mjui- -*■ ^ 14 E V M A.T O L O G I jt. 

fimpljcrj noftji e;tptuni 

i- <^^^ ^?f;i:™ ^„^^ -.. . 

Ur.mici ■!■ C< t^^J^fvcrflli diamtUT cUipkos ad <onjufmim. fi. 
acoaratii, ir.ujia Wcnii ♦ <i'nJi. 'Xf^ diameitt.d.aiiKmj cU.pfc& ..-u^„ , 
J eft ad arram cU'pfc- • 

^ Ad obitncndi 

opm eft. ■ t^ ■ 

5. Co^uno prarcr ruwtw, efwipo/ioonen ej-is vcrtwrum^n- 
lljpenUrv, itviloim fvnd( " ' 

faiillimc acouinior Erco, I fc ell quadrato Cnm dimj.!i ejuJUcm arcui. ♦ i. TyiELIMATQlX)GlAo5 trailaro ubi rctba dcfjAilibot 

" _ t-_._~ .. ait rri-^fwr^iu flianvtrr eliiofccrt ad eonmntum. ftc area ^ r 

6. CiTca U06M 

7. ApitdCncco*, 

/elitiicr diti poadt, doccn, rnfi 

xqiulu A I. Ail exilUu fpirimi, nullii corponboa jundi, o pnreUdOfiC 

,.. ., V fijuTTi cocivjfci poicfl. 

in- * 13. Area: duajuui li) prrbolanim quibus idem c'! iranfverfuj, J j. Spinribui per C: confulemu nullum eft ubi 

J (unt ui coDjupjii. J 4. Argeli potcfUcem maimani mowendi aunir* noD UxA 

ill i 14. tquaJia jntfr fr fum o™"a paraJcloprammiM, eotiem dij- ^ j. Volunlan compct;t libenai. 

nyjdus anlccedeote anjrulo, pro ^ 
ribftimivo fipc yfurpatur. A „,,,-. . 

utura anntn ma innjjora ciiftore poffant. <• i. -pm SICA pi^-no 

r(lCTo„oruntvnbahebraicain:frcriiac<!nitnixq.X t maflici ft 

o. Lingua bebraica prcidiariicr qualiiatca dehnit. 

» typcrbobe 

4, In 
9. laoavoTcft; 

^ I. Attraflio 

Spintuj dc pinil 
"■ uri fui funt imnmrt, 
Matfria ccgttare i 




P H rs J CA. 

mioa naturt dcfcnb;:, arquc pcxfc^ 

opaiOief 111. ouXa! explotal. -^ fHEOLOGIA. 

-,b«Crmu»iyacuonondimii.idv.r. , J ,. rT-»HEOLOGlA, eoodcunque nonim Seii pottS & Da^ 

^ ,. llujdum per btrvJTimam rum (cnem panbui) ^ 1 aiqueejuavolumatrciganos, eipbcat. 

■f '""^' "'^"- . ,. •? J. I>i« elTc poKft- E.B»> 

♦ J. Aurora boreiV.i per cleancujem opamc cxpliianir. * ^ pj-]- 

Ji ^5 Vegetaoo. *i ArdiicKani, awgcwr, A *. -NihiL ut a Deo wnjat, prapnaliociem ai malum hofacff 

et digniuu'. ti compo- 1 6. patueula maieat fer maximum datu.i. fpanum ,ta ♦" ^^ 

mccSiicH. _ ■» d;ffunJOTr, w/eftaliwa guspinea comiottou,mmmui^ p^i^^j^^^i„j|j ,„p,,(„ ^„i^ jo„i.(uj,p5j;n„p^. 

:fofiafiL tj;gQ. 

6. PoO anlmi unionem cum corporeji-npu 

1. 15 HETORIC A eft an, monaJt paff«ita oaoul koauMjn^ 

1 V optimc ertpnmeodi 

t. iiuilivm proppetaos peifp' 

t Su.ijm.iperf.i.'lioaniJotaloricxexomiubuspiiriQnibuJro^ J Attamen, 

rrpimenJis mavirmpi-ndct. 

a aeira eaufau fuRI. 

7. Soklium natura 
t, A>» rhrrooca. 

att acqti 
if. per . 


trao, :?■ .8. Act •Judu* per igi 

hl.^c an«n, vaWt ncccllari- 

, Kcuruc doocri i 

n punfican powtL mtgniiudino fjlinn alkvairer. 

o. Corpora mAgninultrwrn iatqualium qurc m tncclio ranorc 
- in iltcro graviuju Ipccifice divcrfar pt>- 

tb. _ - - - . . 

7. Lux naturr homincm pravaium cflc arguit. 
■^ tf. RcpmcratK), Ol 0|>cra crcaiurx, nihil pendrt. TaffiO^ 
X 9. Ifi diirjiia imprcflioru: redpicoda. mtns eft aftiva. 
J 10. I'rclooitu Dn Jecrctu-n inipUcaL 

<f. II. Sjnaincatio cfl co-nmunKJtMj contmua graur • Spiritu 
Sjfiflo, 6t opera rcnjtorum pia ab hac Jcnvjniur. 

ChriOu, confimijii tiXTunL, 

L O G I C /I. 

I. ¥ OGICArftajit^nc r3iiociCJu-.di,caH3,*eritaicm>i 

I . guijj jJiifquL- fymmunicamti 

a. Coymriv (opJiifmatum, f.vlfui '" 

J. loidrarum fuccenkmc. nultwii _ 

ccpiain, « iJcam proximc rtf.ipKrJam, 

o- fna, in equilibno non nrmancbimt. -» jj. AnccU beats per dciiioBfTn ti 

^11, Corpori. per van. plaoi conjunfU dtfccndrmu !i jWpra ^ Animalm pro Amcxl.lovi 

X pJani puiCto, cadcm vcloous non rft, ui, ^idcTO dilicnjcn- <>■ J^ ^ 

X li rjn.lmJ pcrpenjjcul.vrm ali;:udincm. cIRt ^ E T H J 
^ n In Cttlo (cnrno Hrurro^-ainjpanicultsabundaiatT.cifuljJji v.. -,.,„r^. _- /•_ „>i.. 

J. lo Cab (cnrno h' 
H'C prav,r.r, ,1 

ujufcvinquc ii 

ipi poult 
quj.n corporca: clarar font 

4. Idrt iccorpor^e boo nunm quJ.n corponrx umi .« 

5. IJrai pofiti/ai, Ucjs ncgutvii an/etedcn: nccrlTe eft. 

6. Slim mulix vcfiiattt, qu:* dcmonftrari jicquu'"' 

7. Mo^i n fic^r* ^id bene mtiocinantlum, nun f 

I. Omftia wjpimmu »d pfim.-Kn egiiram rcduci pofTnt. Eje^, 
^. AVrar 6£>v« ncecffara pon f( 

jifus flint f 


^ ?o. Sol 

^.^ ^* ,K....u. .^ioc-^i fieri po/Tumui. J 

fynthetica (TiethQi.lf> probanJa funi. ^ 

C A. 

jndif-i aJ /rtldtvcio homlnci per 
vinuienj aJttocms. 
bLgaooPX Uii voluniaic folum pcndti, 

J ^, jm dc maJum, Xmx narurr nos dillingnrre doon. 

Suft-o >n/m)"i nanira "|;° 'J-']'**"- ■» fj^rno fine mciumcwo unquam apt. i:reQ, 

S^m^tr.Sn:t;.m'U p,u, q™n, d.r«. {. | ^— ;:;-S n"ara3;r^^^.. .icinT. 
""''*^ "^ rcwa d.pu.1* funt t 7- Nen^m.lont, ui malum. ,>«JL _ Erg<^ 

"jr ft rla:fint. ^* Ullufn, daxnaoonem fuam vclle jun«.itwzoppugrm. 

,. Tempu, nan,rr'Juy,u] eOQ»m equabier divdi. non | 9- Cu,cvn,ue, ju. '""'^ t^^^^ f" '^ " uoere. eun. fcae 

Afncaooi *n fcrviiuam pcrpctuam irJucertii 
ncqut huounu tongnjit. 

1 8. Si obiectonjm irrugirYCS 
■cclTc H 


ccripi'ica irvcJveni, quam fi m Ii- ^ '° 
or.4 Icmpu- rrovjlli, tcrrv prabrC % 

Uiiaqu-Tquc' plancu centrum fibj I'olum pruprium cjfcum- ■(► 

c juri divincv 



M AT H E B I S, ♦ " f-' 

ATHESIS in numerit wmp«',a"di> H quanutarc « 13- ^| 

rcyotutionc circa terram *ccclcrat 
icrram appropinquJt. 
24. Obliqiiitis Jjx»ex cclipiicx- cft/naacima. 

I* O L I T t A. 

1 puKlicaa pKxlrraalf^ wrfatur. 


panibui iliciuoti* dividi qyeat. 
3. Dato DUfTirro in du« partn jgnont d.ivif<\ dilTrTOiija quo- < 

-f'^.e.fL?:^"' " "'^i .5. ptc"S,oT-qri^r 

r6. 1-lini eclrplK!* planu« 

. - ■ „■ . . ., ~r n tcliyfci fob Jreqilcda-i 

que data, (uigulr p::net laallimc invenlaniur. T •/ r . ^ 

4. NuBuTnumergl lie dividi poIe^ ul uniui parw quad-aoim T ^__ 

.«i o altero injufl-^ «.■ «.,ude. t II. ... 4 ON70LOGJA. 

5. Quadraium neyalivum ... nrvni namraoie hot. I -^u T >-yKTOI OGLA <;mitalrm tjafque prapnetara f.mplicivei 

6. Onmibui antiuln mangul. .li/cel.i .Enwiv p">l>.n.u 'nt. ut ▼ 1 X \" '•^' ^^ cuni;mpUur. 
fumm. on,alu-n laurum ad fommam omniu.n angulofum. ^ _ \^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ £^_ 

fpicjma m Jibra, l'J"i;o. 

(1 linen.- xa^yaxofra* planum rc/tyi, 
cciJunt qujm luna: i fcil, cvliplcs 

lafu* aJ ant"''-'" "PP**(" 
7. Veic pr»JKjii»iia dc ali^yibu* h\;jni 

gcomeincii demonftra- ^ 3. Drua 

11 ilopfum trreair poutC 
rrt cmtom. 
n lybllratum omiumaterix 

rco, "♦■ ' riOLmA, in res puhl.caa (n 

■j di. a|«>|>ul»derivatuf. Ergo, 

<^ y Scnatui populii viiitjgjba impofwcdi, qui in djo Icnatu non 

;rTprafcoiaBair, )u» noo eft. 
4. SLttua liUrnaua e.viljs ad lludjum aruaioa ct Ajenuarum mac- 

» 5. Liieratura, ad fecietarem ftnnandoni & bcK axxlcTajiduiQa 
4 mulrum adjuvj, 

% Rei/itiiSuif odmimi^ranim Jllrrlni mate nivaut. 


J //» practdit ORATIO Salataloria, 

Ac«lmici. apod WaXKE*. intra CU. InMUwd. & Pro.. Plant. F».ef. d. 7* « W- S"r. a/. D. MDCCLXIX. 
Apwl Norui»-Po»Tu«>. e» T»»it Soiokonh So»tmwic<. 

Hablta in C 


Solomon Southwick, 1768-1787 

Crisp, Stephen. A Short History of a Long Travel. Written in 1691. 

Edwards, Morgan. A New -Year's -Gift JCB 

Hopkins, Stephen. A Copy of a Relation, claiming a share of Land on 

the Island of Nantucket AAS 

MacGowan, John. Priestcraft defended. Twelfth Edition Rider 

The Newport Mercury. RIHS set goes to no. 603, March 26. 

Redwood has 16 additional issues. 
General Assembly. February ; May ; June ; September ; October 

Facsimile. RIHS 

An Act for assessing Tax of Twelve Thousand Pounds RIHS 

At a Court held at Punch-Hall, Trial of Sir Richard Rum, Sixth 

Edition AAS 

Stiles, Ezra. A Discourse on Saving Knowledge: Instalment of 

Samuel Hopkins RIHS 

Thompson, J. The Lost and Undone Son of Perdition (Hammett) 

Wanton, Joseph. To the Freemen and Freeholders, Newport, April 9. 

Broadside. RIHS 

WiLCOCKS or Wilcox, Thomas. A Choice Drop of Honey. RIHS 


John Carter, 1 769-1 793 

Hopkins, Samuel. Rare Observations : or. Some Remarks RIHS 

Martin, Daniel. Some Meditations on the Plain Testimony of the 

Scriptures RIHS 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Providence, Monday February 5. The 

Inhabitants are desired to consider a Plan for establishing a College 

here. Broadside. RIHS 

ViroOrnatissimo,Stephano Hopkins, (Theses) Broadside. BU 

The New-England Almanack for 1771 By Benjamin West. RIHS 
West's Sheet Almanack for 177 1 is mentioned in the Gazette. 



Solomon Southwick, 1 768-1 787 

BissET, George. A Sermon, June 3; funeral of Mrs. Wanton. RIHS 

Hume, Sophia. A Caution to such as observe Days and Times, 

Fifth Edition. RIHS 


^ifci.-., -_/'v.)<««ijp»r: 


MONDAY. Maicm ly. i;;*. 


Containitig thtfrepjeji Advices^ 

[ iV U M B. 601 J 


both Foreign and Domejlic. 

Undaunted by TYRANT S, We'll D I E or be F R E E. 

Primed by SOLOMON SOUTHPf^ICK, in Qup.en-Strhet, 

BOSTON. Mirch IX. 

it>g .ikf »■•« Uito' >u.ig-bir.ct, j( t.V iwr- 

Iitar> let *bot*; i s juvcitai f*A. 0**» 
biBD.'l mi-t>t *\\'i be tr^.k il u;' .b the bc^ ut luog-UAC. 
•ttl thfojgh dtvcn oiiKi llrwu -.ud \ -ifij;*.. 

^t ttr%« o'ckck th: :chr a:i*»u n..t w > *fKr«ii.HaH, 
•Od 4ftrr(« IJ^^K*' t*^^* «-g «>*<^t*"*«». 

Rjitup>>ij tk.'LKu' tJo«'tin 

... . ' ' . K 

*"' The mtfup-- *^ Id itirife »wJ» : 

r'H AT it u ,^ ^'i'^^'u't^»='-o^'U*'*MhmgilHU 

' /# r^/*f^ .-«^;4*/7/t«#.-^ ex* ffrvaa JmrtbfT etaU 
W tf« ««/*. /•/ ibt ,wmJ.s t rtm^J9j\^ s>**f. ; -U 


Hi* ffonor") rrply. wV il. -^aj Uid befbrt cbr to*n 
thriiaJtodm'd-tOEtie Owi *>uiA MMOng-tlwuM., 

/A M !XTT,»ti, /myy f^ iU ^wha^fy J^firnm if- 

•*f* -/*«< /^ ^Mnxy. *«..' / wK^ »ftrt<df%).f/ 

»A« Lit^ *7 Aev* i/i *«'/*. y trf^ " «*Ta/ tm-jmUtd 

i« i^<-rrwa. fiy *«** '*•*' iist^tptm tbt (Jtrri^, *t 

^In-/. fetC^mmni i*w *-/.-' '^*# #W «-w« *t^ .>».•/» 
m-f iprifKi.Jntt^Oiili- Fr:' t^t f-' .ic^it^ .ut- 

C.< /icfr'i/ii^^hoii Ue.-fi:^i-:."i -potrt/i.-* nttft 

<M .* -■.-« igrroiki «' /'» Ca/i ».-v<. ** tsM/tJtJl^ /^4 O'l- 

f<n ^:.,a-^dtl^t^wi3>mit^£-J,Uilktrtmm!*S,M2U4 

dtrea— 'Hcqufllj'.-i w:.; i'ui, wi..-'.>rtiier«fM«Uu:ii- 
ffc'tvrv ''[viilrd lit iIk- i.iti:i>.. {va]j t il>l!f-uu>iitt} 

K;:..i-moeI.Aiin.^, .M:. V.J:;.ii Al.-lurtiiv. V.-Jiiam 
^*h.llf-.. Ef.1, i)f. Jyi.;.*n \.-..Ui, ;p:hiM l;-,.fu*w. 
r.^. ^iiH SiT.Jtl Prii.l r-.-. htr; U 1 tv ..miiue 16 
*»■•/.»! Ki. I''>n'*isi tl:< I' -.t. (xovnnt r, kOtl iniorai 
b r.i, t^*^> u the jnii.-jw,.,-, ci-nion «j| chta Hf^iif.jf, 

fi f. ■ Hoti-r :;i the rrtrniu ..'^S,. t>oi:tC4j>»Ut>tlVlo- 
ry ; %ni:h£[n't«l<^ng Idi wi'l iJii*l)»thaa ncM tr.4 

^•rnot i-rfrabl' f (ht- f.^^:. i..f ..:: ; '.■'id U: «r<ll» 

ku Honor. - 

Hi» Ilioor th' LicuT.CrtivcTnnrUid b^fotr iti< l«gu4 

tun- tHai he >ivwild bej;)o hU prrponttofti io th< oiora- 

ing. jjj thit tnere fhouUl be i>o aaactcEiry drUy bq- 
(il [h<? wijolc (4^ ibe two rcjuncon were remorni to the 

Ufx-n ihc^ aSowe rrport hfin;r trad, th# inhibitanfs 
t<wlJ (...I -vo..»i<*jjr<i;iogih£ bigii /*u'£»i:l*aD it Adurd- 
cd inrm. 

A^Trr armuTn wcrr tkken (or the &<arirv' of the 
town m iW oiifhi by a Jtrong military wj:ch, tiie lo'el- 

Ti.r ;.,■" tr-.:.vni have alr-aJy \J: ut. anJ the uth 
refill.* i( *jr loll. rtvii-th-rm, P> rh^ wee pettkrljwn 
w.Li IJCM U Jrji M ^1 r.vT tro-p*. The *ifJom arxi 
nuc f,ai.cyit t»ii \iyi:iK'» Cunn^ll and Col f)aI.'>:o. 
pUihcfinmarui'-r apprjr 10 tSi) m«-aAire. T-vo re- 
vuiteuu m iKl- uiolft cf :.Sit psptloui city ; and ide in- 
lubaauu jtiilljT i'.c nfcj ; T'lofc oCthe orlghfajoring 
lim-itf jtctu^lly mndrr urns upon ihf (irfl report cl'tlw 
iiuUUcre,and ih? lit;nAl nnW iraatinj; [•} b:<r:;in a &w 
boars (O the (;itM oi ibiv citv tn-my i(»>jf n^< "f our 
bfav,- bre-J-rta ia &.r -o^iRtrv*. dfcplv .^ffi-.h-l with our 
Jii.retP.s zui w a» n *- *re er-ailv i'bIi;rJ '»« 'bii 
OiCition— N » one ....y** -^h-r-t .:* *,rjli ha»<rJ. 
AnJ witar iiopwt.i: c'iiif;qa ncrj ei :» ti [hr wfiole 
Enu:h Etap^rc mi^lst Kave fo:i ■.*f1, swl.icK oarm'jJtra- 
kTid toy^'y upm 


^th in tbe conmand^r'i 

of Ibole who WTremiffi£rrd by lite feldirn, ihui wet* 
ever ti-gcilur en ihi. «.n;i/.en( on aoy occaftim. 

A inorr J.rjdf«t (r*i.^<fy bai been afted by the W- 
dicry m kini-Mrtvi, B'.Iicb, Nc»Kng|and, itan waa 
(unv-iime fuKc KjurKU-J io St. liotrp-'v hield, l>.Ddoo» 
iu OM hiigUitd, ^hicb auj krvc ladcul 0/ btacoos tor 

,\ii<.>n)|; filter mattrti irt ibe wirraot fr/r the aoavat 
t'j^n-mcvtmg th » (Ly» u tb*- fviloAiug ^livie, •!». 
'* WKethcr tbe l»wu will Likr ;uiy mcaluu that I pub- 
lic iifj^.umrut nijy be ercc'xTi 00 ibc ipoi where tbe laxe 
tf j^ coJ tceix wa^ 4^ed. ^ 4 toeiccato to po. ■ iiy, vf 
t.i.A l.OiriJ ni:jU^i,-, and the dcjru^^tvk coa>c«jtM-oce« 
of inittiJiy itLo^ tcibg tjuutcieu m a wcU rc^alMol 

We h^-rfmin \Lirb!eHe4d. ilutDMTiiDCthy Cvtii, 
t»\^ I lunddwl, h*ngi«g b/ toe sectt. in oae of tlkc 
r»-.'fn;v! hi) houl'e. 1 jic jury vl in<joeQ» *mlWl »-^ 
ji/murdif. H« had a nuBBrioui tauuly Of cJlildrea, 
iud V.M ■ ety puur i bjt wbat ir.JaLcd bun to coffimit 
tJu<.l*ot,l(iut; jnj uc natural a^t, u not ictxrwa. 

i.*iMrday l-jt a raun's great ctat »as takm oat c^ (he 
^^■atef otarone vl thr whantJ iii(.hari>-ft<'w« ; itapKin 
by li»me pup:t» *!i'ch were luuftd in thrpockt, that U 
Ulorged 10 oi-e John .jHiith, C-) I>e*|>ort, Rhtdt-Hl*i.i, 
wmu, tij a^rcbnided, u dro-AOcd- 


Lad TharCl»y, i;'r«faWf ic» a fmeral rrqaefi ftf rhr 
inVibiiann, and b)t the t'wifrtii .,r pirents »^ I l>ii-nJ., 
*f.-e ». 'iried vj -hfir -wrtir in»i, the V' bet of 
U-mI ,rH,, S^vl'M^.i...i, Jm^ C,''J^ttn, and 
C v;*' Aa^ii, -.Kf art:'r7 VK^iqij who tVlI in Lhe 
b.^jdymajfjcTcofto- M>>t !*vercnins pmeed-n^j ! 

On ihijce-3ir.>i»u»<.-6ortht-ll*optiutnwB *cre iVji, 
all i^belli »=re ordered to toll a Iblenm pr-.l. »• were 
otlothufein the nei,^bourir>^ rowiu. of ChirL-ilown, 
PMjbtir/,.SfC, TIit"pfO«6".cn b?;;iO V> iR^v- br[*e<rn 
i;.e kourior_i2cd ; ii-. the xTLrrnooo \ tM'>> ot :lie iin- 
r^nuoatc fui;:n:u vi/.. MciT. y^^^r CH—.Ji and C^/- 
,-x, J^>u.k: r..o w-re rtrio.-erj. ^>rt.e hom fe'-inicjU 
lUlU UTcnl-d K- a.iaD><^w. aainafpeft>»t5 of 41 
fkiiki i and ()ic.uih<-r t\vQ, vi?,. Mr. SAwta^ iir,tf. from 
th: hoofc of Mr. 3.r.iaai;n tira,, (hia brwhci' un the 
t>6nN-A*tc^ Etc'aanrr. an] Mr. Mt^Vfn,i, irm tbc 
ho»ft«f lu, dif»ifrnl"i>v-taer Mr». .l/^-r, if.:ww4. in 
UnwTi.<iri«. each toll ...-rd \rf ibeir Mlfx-siiie rela- 
,tijo*_ft(.dJni.niU : Tiu: :». ^'lai Jif arfc* • .-i**?..* ajjo;:- 
tioa inktn^-iiren. the ihc.:r: nf !'inl inju-n-n tia-*-- 
d/ ! ^>JC<;'l«.d ftam iw-n.e »!;r jugh the in4 a ;Uce(, 
kftgtncTed by an i.r.mTnft- M-ocoarfc "t' yre-^U, b oa- 

b.joj;ht up by a loni* trJn of canine* b^-lti^giB^to the 
print. P*; ..trfryofthc ti-vvn. Th- h"tUo ^ne Aprv 
liud ia< y^. iiz.i,\i in :hc m..* 'lo b:iiym|t-?r<^J!l*l ; 'i'hc 
•CT^i-vstcdcit^ymtbjKcx i-t iHrir dewtt.lU, JiUftftand 
forruw ri^bk in evsry countr^4nce,.'.'-i;.ih.-r With the 
fTculur iblrmfuiy wliS t\Sr<n tbc wbl^ (oimAl wa* 
t'.n*.la^d, fc.fUi; Jef-.-pr 

BdiTOH-OAOL, ^loBd<y, i:tbMarck, »770- 
M.^^t Etui i Gjll, 

/'./- all p-tr\f smdf**fatiui,bm^^K*iht^mtmu/HMm^*irf 
..'.J/rtidem /leftJor.i ati i/wstet fie trtulft IM dtjtmt •/ 
laj imjMTfJ iumt t-.f, .4 IU Ud« hsbrnffj e^Mr :k^ /yi^ 
ffufJ on MaUitm^bt i^I : J»d k* .mj>.rt tb<m^ t)M f 

* Titiirms.i^4ibgtJ,t^»^pU.dirmi htMii./tr^-*mtt 


uuti ' 

. Uto keel 

/ffSt a 




y hrf.Tr you »rf>ce.'fthe Hjwn of Bod. n. which 
I hjv^ jil nnwr"Hei.eil fmm tl.on.sul I rww a;"-, v'-ir 
a 1 * ■ r wVat |0u juJ^f ncu C*r,' tw be Om r upon ii." 

'I I' u onc'l tHcr«.up ocTpi-ff.-i *.h'-aiel*e« tobe«- 
M«"- - 7( of op;D<vn, " tiut it wj • Abt-*latrl)r i> cciti> 
rv t- r i» M -^elK-'! I>r*i«-. . tSr pOod or.:,T 1 1 i-.c town, 
ail! :'>• pe-u." 01 the \t >v\\.', tbn t'te tr-^op. i).ui«J 1 
I' • iiTrdiaidy r(lTtovf%] t>u( »f (!«r t jwo of Uu^Wn. ;ind 
•■''•rtii- n «d«l(eJ hi* H*^-* t<» <':-'i.v-nit«'e 'lil* wJ- 
VI'. f tk- OudLil I > Cf'I. T>alrn;.riei atrd •.optty ibat 
,'• «io«W ir<'«r il.r •f- -* .fiwri i-j C^filt.V.i.Uam." 
TVCwM H.. -l:Hpr'..iirtJAriOfcn. ih-i Col, D-l- 

,,->;, -••rrUv-'ifl-f. h'-VLir f.i OuLv.:. I.-J I. 

ti6vn.hi>u!r .n 1 fini .11, ia whicli nun, U thv m^ 
r^'pectable v:' iKai.ii vf the town ha**: ^rpf-r^J jiiKt 
f'.'inni .'n tb!.ti<r. aaduiglu .itier ui^ht h^rc ^ ca thrir 

\ (Vn-int >»oy of one Miniwari?^" 'h- ;iJ;-wait:r 
fr. ni 'ijviin t*aow in K^'^I. haong J' jr-U-J ;h,i him* 
l-'*i. by t'tr irJer :«i'-'"i «rirfur»w-nwnl ■■( |u* idpen'Wj 
h^J diWian.(-J a t.tu '.^ i;-«:i-l »n« f;om one .( il.e 
wu.lo«.;fti litfh-jiri'i K.'11'.-iii .i.hii^JbythtCom. 
mil .riKTi ani Cuiiort HouIl (.<ric-ri u do tUcir bttil- 
fkef; in ; fn->''e iSan 'ki- •.iKt ^-rion fwon vpnn oath. 
tS4uh-/apprt^»tn|-.l jc»cr4i.Jj;.Sar-t»c«iae from '.bat 


' fof the r 

>nof Mr. Oil 

p.fl; (he mcK 

hthti: t-j the i 

l^n w\Kh kiird r-un^ Siyder, ai 

frtne of Filla ny a^trj by a dilrry i 

a^hmilh rh- [.^/idM;. 

It i\ lut;".:';'. Ll-tr Ih'iir mift iiii 


To the King's mo{i excelleikt Ma}e»t 
The PI- JlTION'cfSu FiAno Bi 
Go-" cmar uf ibc iiru\uice oCi^^-A*//* 

Til A T )ou/ Mijeft)'** petitic*ief having reteiT'd 
n«t« Jiom tnc oih« of wc i.d">t.-ur .\Ujcfi>'a 
pnncip^ fecreianesut iUttr, duta rcmcnllrjiia; vf ihc 
Houico: Rcpr<.£cat«'.ivei ol the lad w.'vuite. cootAitt- 
iiij; divor> cFMU';;e» againil voar Majclly'j prtJiu>t»cr» haa 
Ucii ytcitoitdt^)-'- ■ Majfiiy b/t^e agrnt i-f the f«id 
Hogic, atid (inw Ji.»n^;i-r<jojr Ntjjcllj 10 vour pfivy 
cuuivcil, omii hmnl.:y iIn;:;■■rr^ i.Vii yiVj N:ajclly « ill 
be ^(jtiuufly f'Kjiwi njy«;itra.iic.'r;. Jj,- d-r il.c he^j- 
ifig Ilie cxati.Ui -lioii ./ icter J arct.-i nf'Ujiryv )j-ain* 
ywir prtilit'iier ; l..f illhcmjih ::.c la»,t I louic ^-J Ki jf e- 

of tftc ^io retiH^iidruive whrn it paJfcd il.a: houfe ft^tne 
time br(..rftt.f 1 s'th d-/ «f)u'>. an.! \ pcuti^ttcr 
4v«i M,- 4*;.- M f .'.-_•/»/•«■ rr/ij tbe i?ib tl^y o( ilut 
moAtA, tntl)! \ cc d3)tb(t<-r(- ) p<-titi"rirr cmbaikeJ 
ngtand, [h,-feU7 ev,.irnt7 irwnJirtg to pr^vmc 
Ir lu piJvuiu<i^ lu«b e\idcrcc .,( ih« 
^^ ai-ljc:j mi?Kr be u«i-fUry fi^r hi» 

julhr-Sp^^yet yr<i,r MjHity* huLible peiiii^'uei ha« 
■ ■ be (ball be «'. I jbk to r-»*i..fctl 10 y.«r 

Mjjctix'* lan»fi'"'it, t.> il.r Iidp o( fu^l. fij^i* ai tr« 
»owui-bij J- :i. Hi«r, a). J may be oLK-jr'd ircn ycui 
Majertjr'v fUtr* Irtrr. Uic faUuy iiul ioa!(*e of tbe 
charge* slkilged .ifiiiill biin. 

Aiw y-ttf pctitiortvr ai in doty U'ur.d (hall e«r 

p«»y, A<. FRA. f.tH.NAJlD. 

^We are . tihmh'd t* aAur' the psbh:. that • cpf 

. ofih- i^monlltattke'ieftr'd to m the abovr-oven- 

[•edti'iit, itivtK -u-At AnitJ n G^-.-'it*^ 

■/y !*<■ Hye •( *//r^.-/«f«ft*»^-^rh»t 

"jjtfifi rl,f «^«craIai!eBiWy W4$ prorrnufd. jind twt 

*HC ,bet ■'-. fie Gweiooffto: a m-HTa-r n. the ^Icrkof 

Wii**""- • f.dci>ringaco(iyof iKeicmu,-'' r-nro ; and 

\^^jaf'' *-»f K wat n.-dc c-ut and .ir :*«('4 totKe 

l^nticuito wii^bi tiKOuicrubX 4ir;tUd loieceiveit} 

The Newport Mercury. Newport Historical Society has most of the 

23 issues recorded. 
General Assembly. May ; June; August; October. Facsimile. RIHS 

August. An Act for assessing Tax of Twelve Thousand Pounds. 

TowNSEND, Solomon. A Sermon, Convention of Congregational Pastors. 

The Rhode-Island Almanack for 1772 By John Anderson. RIHS 
The New-England Almanack for 1772 By Benjamin West — Sold by 

Ebenezer Campbell RIHS 

John Carter, 1769-1793 

Backus, Isaac. The Doctrine of Sovereign Grace. RIHS 

The Act of Incorporation of the Benevolent Congregational 

Society. RIHS 

Scheme of a Lottery, Five Hundred and Sixty Pounds, for a Presbyterian 

Parsonage, Providence, November 5. Broadside. RIHS 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Viro Ornatissimo, Stephano Hopkins, 

(Theses). Broadside. BU 

This Evening, Tenth of December, the New Organ, at King's Church, 

will be play'd. Broadside. JCB 
Tyler, John. The Sanctity of. Trinity Church, in Pomf ret, April 12. JCB 
The New-England Almanack for 1772 By Benjamin West RIHS 
Also, a Sheet Almanack. 


Solomon Southwick, 176S-17S7 

The Advantages of Repentance: Fourth Edition RIHS 

Backus, Isaac. A Reply to a Piece wrote by Israel Holly. JCB 

Church, Benjamin. The Entertaining History of King Philip's War, 

FoTHERGiLL, Samuel. The Grace of Our Lord, Sermon, June, 1769. 

Hart, Levi. The Duty and Importance of ordination of John Smith in 

Dighton. RIHS 

Morton, Nathaniel. New-England's Memorial. RIHS 

The Newport Mercury. RIHS has from no. 711, April 20, to 797, 

December 13, 1773. RIHS 


Rhode Island. Acts and Laws. Facsimile edition, 1893. RIHS 

NYPL has a variant issue. 
General Assembly. May ; August ; October ; December. Facsimile. 


August. An Act for assessing Twelve Thousand Pounds. RIHS 

By the Honorable Joseph Wanton. A Proclamation. Whereas 

People boarded the Gaspee, Reward of ^100. Newport, 12 June. 

Broadside. RIHS 

By the King. A Proclamation. For discovering the Persons who 

plundered the Gaspee. Broadside. RIHS 

Wilson, Samuel. A Scripture Manual: Baptism. Fourth Edition. 

Anderson Improved : Almanack for 1773. RIHS 

John Carter, 1769-1793 

Market House Lottery, Providence, April 28, 1772 Broadside. 

Prov. Town Papers 

A New Song called the Gaspee. Broadside. RIHS 
The Providence Gazette. RIHS 
Rhode Island College. Viro Honoratissimo, Stephano Hopkins. 
(Theses) Broadside. BU 
Rowl.'VND, David Sherman. Catholicism: Discourse before the Congre- 
gational Ministers RIHS 
The New-England Almanack for 1773 By Benjamin West RIHS 


Solomon Southwick, 1768-1787 

BisSET, George. The Trial of a False Apostle. Sermon, October 24. 


Fothergill, Samuel. The Grace of Our Lord, Sermon, June, 1769. 


.The Prayer of Agur. RIHS 

A Sermon preached at Horsley-Down, London, 19th of nth 

month, 1769. Rider 

Gavin, Antonio. A Master-Key to Popery. Third Edition RIHS 

Revd. Mr. Thos. Hiscox of Westerly. (Portrait) by Feke. 

— Reak&Okey RIHS 

Hopkins, Samuel. An Inquiry into the True Holiness. RIHS 

Karigal, Haijm Isaac. A Sermon preached at the Synagogue. RIHS 



By ibe Ifom-oblf JOSEPH WANTON, Efquire, Governor , 
Captain General, and Commander in Chief, of and over (be Englifh 
Colony of Rhode-lfland, ar/t/ Providence Plantations, in New-England, 
in America. 


HEREAS on TtufJay, the ninth Inftant in the Night, a Num- 
ber of People, unknown, boarded His Majerty's armed Schooner 
the Gafpee, as (he lay aground on a Point ot L^nd, called 
Nanquit, a little to the iou&iWirAo^ Paivtuxet, in the Colony 
aforefaid, who dangeroufly wounded Lieutenant Wtliiam Dud' 
ing/lon the Commdnder, and by Force took him with all hij 
People, put them into Boats, and landed them near Pazv- 

tuxet \ and afterwards fet Fire to the faid Schooner, whereby (lie was entirely de- 

ftroycd : 

I HAVE, therefore, thought fit, by and with the Advice of fuch of His Ma- 
iefty's Council, as could be feafonably convened, to iflue this Proclamation, HrnH- 
ly charging and commanding all His Majefty's Officers within the faid Cofft- 
ny, both Civil and Military, to exert themfclves with the utmoft Vigdnncc, to dif- 
covet and apprehend the Perfons guilty of the aforelaid atrocious Cnme, thjt 
they may be brought to condign Punifhment. And 1 do hereby offer a Reward 
of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, Sterling Money of Great- 
Britain, to any Perfon or Perfons who fhall difcover the Perpetrators of ilie 
faid Villainy, to be paid immediately upon the Conviftion of any one or more 
of them. 

AND the feveral Sheriffs in the faid Colony are hereby required, forthwith, to 
caufc this Proclamation to be ported up in the moft public Places, in each of the 
Towns in their rcfpedivc Counties 

GIVEN under my Hand and Seal at Arms, at Newport, thii Twelfth Day of 
June, in the Twelfth Tear of the Reign of Hii Moji Sacred Majejly, George 
THE Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great-Bntain, and fo forth, 
/innoq; Dom. One Tboufand, Seven Hundred and Sevefity-two. 


By bis Honor's Command, 
Henry Ward, Sec'ry. 


A New Collection of Hymns Rider 

The Newport Mercury RIHS 

NiLES, Nathaniel. Two Discourses. RIHS 

General Assembly. January; May; August; October. Facsimile. 


August. An Act for assessing Four Thousand Pounds. RIHS 

Shipley, Jonathan. A Sermon preached before the Society for the 

Propagation of the Gospel, February 19. RIHS 

Stiles, Ezra, and Hopkins, Samuel. [Circular, advocating an African 

mission.] (Hammett) 
Watts, Isaac. Divine and Moral Songs for Children. Arnold 
Anderson Improved: Almanack for 1774. RIHS 
Also, a Second Edition. RIHS 

John Carter, 1 769-1 793 

Liberty Bridge (Notice & blank for signatures) Broadside. 

Prov. Town Papers 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

Rhode Island College Viro Honoratissimo; Stephano Hopkins, 

(Theses) Broadside. BU 

The New-England Almanack for 1774. By Benjamin West RIHS 



Solomon Southwick, 1768-1787 

Fuller, John. Funeral Sermon on Capt. Silas Hutchens, May 25, 1772. 


A Narrative of the Life of James Albert Ukuwsau Grouniosaw RIHS 
Hancock, John. An Oration, March 5. RIHS 

Join or Die. Broadside. (Thomas) 

The Newport Mercury. Redwood 

Act for Blocking Up the Harbour of Boston. RIHS 

At a Town-Meeting, 12th January. (Resolutions not to Import Tea). 


The Reverend James Honyman, S. Okey fecit 

— Printed by Reak & Okey, Nov. 2. School of Design 

Shipley, Jonathan. The Whole of the Celebrated Speech RIHS 

SOMERS, John. The Judgment of Whole Kingdoms. Twelfth Edition 


Swept, J. Infant Baptism, Considered in a Letter, 1773. RIHS 




L o r r E R r. 

Granted bjr the Honourable General AJfetnbly of the Colony of Rkode-IJiaady for raifing Two 
Tboujand Pounds Lawful Money, to enable the B A P T I S T Society, in the Town of Provi- 
dence., to defray the additional Expence of purchafing a Lot, and building a Houfe<hereon, fuf- 
ficiently large and commodious for holding public COMMENCEMENTS. 

H I S Lottery wiU be divided into fix CLASSES, as follow, viz. 




Tichcii, (I t\ DulUrttacfc, 

filn •/ ;bo 










Tkkeii. 3d CI. *'*' 

DcduAion, 99a 

tioo Tickcu, el ; DoUui tith, 






2 209 



Ticket), tl 3; Dallui »ch, 



Pnie of J 00 





8 (40 

4c to b« paid ia 
iKkeii. stkCl. *»SO 



2200 Ticktii, «| 4 Dallen (bcH, 

. S S 






I gio 

S to be pt!d i* 
Ticktt.. 6ikCl »50S 

Deduftioi, I4t, 

2 2oa Tickeii, ti 4} DolUri cich, 


I Fiiie of re»9 ii 


5 JO 

29 )e 

k DtduQion, 

1429 Tickcii, It ; DaOwt ttch, 

The Managers appoinitd by the Central .4j[<:mbfy are NUhelas Brtwn, John Jttulet, fViltiam RuJfeU, Btnjamin Thtrbir, Edward 
Tburktr, Nathaniel (yheatim, Daniel TiUinghaJl, ll^illiam Hi/lrqyd, James ArntU, and Nictctaj fewer, who hare given Bond for the 
faithful Performance of their rcfpe^ive Trulls. 

That thf above Scheme i$ calculated morcin Favour of the Adventuren than many heretofore publilhed, is very obvious, as there 
tre upwards ot' 400 Prizes more than Blanks throughout the Lottery, m&ny of them very valuable, and fubjeft to no Deduftion - 
the Managers therefore promife themftlves the chearful AlSftance and Encouragement of the Public, efpeciallv when it is conHdered 
that this is the firft Timt the Baptill Socieur have foUicited their AfCltance in this Way, which tbey can afltte them would not nov» 
have been the Cafe, had they not purchafe ■"-^fh more Land, and defigned a Houfe as much larger than the Society required for 
their own Ufe (purpofely to gccommodao .c Commencements) ai will amount to the full Sum propoCt to be railed by this Lot- 
tery.— TTte Tnne and Place of Drawing will Se duly notified in the Providence Gazette, and the Money-Prizfs paid off in thirty Days 
after the Drawing erf' each fucccflive Cfafs fltall be made public-, if not demanded within fix Monthc after Hich Time, they will be 
deemed generoudy given for the Purpofe aforefaid.— Prizes which according to the above Scheme are to be paid In Tickets, and noc 
demanded within jo Days after the Drawing is made public, will be forfeited. 

Tickets may be had (>f the Managers, at their refpedtive Dwellings. 

PreviJenet, Junt 25, 1774. 

PRO FIDENCE: Printed by Johm CAiiTtR, at Sbake/fear't Head. 

Wesley, John. A Dialogue between a Predestinarian and His Friend. 

Fifth Edition. Arnold 

General Assembly. May; June; August; October; December. 

Facsimile. RIHS 
December. Whereas, the Proceedings of Congress, are to be 

printed. RIHS 

The Following Extracts from the Votes of Congress JCB 

-Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the Continental 

Congress. RIHS 

The following is the Number of Inhabitants, taken between the 4th 

May and 14th June. Broadside. RIHS 

By the Honorable Joseph Wanton, A Proclamation. Public Fasting, 

thirtieth of June, NYPL 

Anderson Improved: Almanack for 1775. RIHS 

John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
John Waterman, 1768-1775 
All, with one exception, printed by Carter 

The tirst Book of American Chronicles, Chap. II. RIHS 

Care, Henry. English Liberties. Sixth Edition. RIHS 

H., E. An Attempt to Confute Error, An Answer to JirahSweft RIHS 
Harvey, Edward. The Manual Exercise, as ordered by His Majesty 
in 1764. RIHS 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

We, a Part of the Electors (hand-bill against voting for Tories.) Broad- 
side. RIHS 
Rhode Island College. Viro Honoratissimo, Stephano Hopkins. 
(Theses) Broadside. BU 
At A Court Held at Punch Hall, Trial of Sir Richard Rum. Ninth 
Edition. — Waterman (Evans) 
Scheme of a Lottery, to enable the Baptist Society, to build sufficiently 
large for holding Commencements. JCB 
Extracts from the Proceedings of Congress RIHS 
The New England Almanack for 1775. By Benjamin West RIHS 



Solomon Southwick, 1768-1787 

Mr. Samuel Adams. (Portrait) Saml. Okey fecit.— Reak & Okey 

CoOMBE, Thomas. A Sermon, Philadelphia, July 20, for a General Fast 



The Crisis. Numbers I-VI-(IX?). RIHS 

Lee, Charles. Strictures on "A Friendly Address." RIHS 

Maylem, John. The Conquest of Louisburg. A Poem. Rider 

The Newport Mercury. Newport HS 

An Occasional Paper, Newport Nov. 6, Newport HS 

Freshest Advices, Foreign and Domestic. Nov. 13, 20, 27. 

Newport HS 
These three, and the " Occasional Paper," replaced the regular 
issues of the Mercury during November. 
Lord Ca.mden's Speech on the New-England Fishery-Bill. Broad- 
side. Newport HS 
•The King's Speech to Parliament, 30th November, 1774. Broad- 


Rules and Regulations for the Rhode Island Army. RIHS 

An Address from the Delegates of the United Colonies To the People 

of England. RIHS 

A Declaration, setting forth the necessity of taking up Arms. JCB 

Wanton, Joseph. To the Freemen, Permit me, to return Thanks for 

Elections. Newport, April 12. Broadside. RIHS 

Warren, Joseph. An Oration ; delivered March 6. RIHS 

Major-General Joseph Warren. (Portrait) Stauffer lists this with the 

other portraits engraved by Samuel Okey at Newport. 
An Almanack, for 1776: By John Anderson RIHS 
Also, a Second Edition RIHS 


John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
John Waterman, 176S-1775 

All, with one exception, printed by Carter. 

Ellery, William. To the Freemen, In (reply to) a Hand-Bill, dated 

Providence, April 15, and signed Darius Sessions. Providence, 

April 17. Broadside. RIHS 

An Essay on Public Speaking RIHS 

Lines Sacred to the Memory of Major-General Joseph Warren. 

(Providence, July 27, 1775) Broadside Drowne 

The New-England Primer RIHS 

The New-England Primer —Waterman. RIHS 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

An Express Just arrived from General Washington, Oct. 24. BPL 

Providence Beacon. August 10. Instructions. Drowne 


Fresh Advices from London. Providence, March i6. Broadside. 

Am y\ntiq Soc 

Fresh Advices From the American Army. Cambridge.MayzS. Congress. 

The King's Speech, To declare Our Abhorrence of Resistance and 

Disobedience. Broadside. (Evans) 

The King's Speech, &c. Boston, Jan. 30. Broadside. RIHS 

Late Advices from England, Brought by a Vessel, New York, April 13 

Broadside. RIHS 

General Assembly. April; May; June (2); August; October. JCB 
Rhode Island College. Catalogus eorum qui in Collegio. Broadside 

Sessions, Darius. To the Freemen, (In defence of Gov. Wanton) 

Providence, April 15. Broadside. RIHS 

A Declaration by the United Colonies setting forth the necessity of 

their taking up Arms. Broadside. (Auction Sale, 1907) 

Extracts from the Proceedings of the American Continental Congress 

Lawful Money, May 3. —Carter RIHS 

June 16. — Carter RIHS 

November 6. —Carter RIHS 

Each issue included bills for 6 and 9 pence, i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 3c, 

and 40 shillings. 
The New-England Almanack for 1776 By Benjamin West RIHS 
West's Almanack., for 1776 Broadside. NYPL 



Solomon Southwick, 1768-1787 
John Howe, 1 776-1 779 

By his Excellency Henry Clinton, for the Supply of his Majesty's 
Forces, a free and open Market, Newport, Dec. 23. Broadside 

The Newport Mercury. The last issue found is no. 954, for Novem- 
ber 25. 
Paine, Thomas. Common Sense ; RIHS 

Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs : RIHS 

Large Additions to Common Sense JCB 

Smith, William. An Oration in Memory of General Montgomer)', who 
fell before Quebec RIHS 

Stiles, Ezra, and Hopkins, Samuel. Address to the Public. (Concern- 
ing the sending of black freemen to the coast of Africa.) Newport, 
April 10. (Hammett) 


Stiles, Ezra. A Dialogue concerning the Slavery of the Africans. 


In Congress, July 4, 1776. A Declaration, (Together with the official 

action of Rhode-Island at its July session) Broadside. RIHS 

In Congress, July 4, 1776. A Declaration June (for July) 13, Broadside. 

An Almanack for 1777 By John Anderson (Hammett) 


John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
J. Douglass McDougall, 1776 

All, with two exceptions, printed by Carter. 

By the Honorable Nicholas Cooke, A Proclamation, Day of Fasting, 

Seventeenth of May. Broadside. RIHS 
Proclamation, Twenty-eighth November a Day of Fasting. 

Broadside. RIHS 

Laycock, or Leacock, John. The Fall of British Tyranny — McDougall 

Paine, Thomas. Common Sense 6th Edition RIHS 

Common Sense loth Edition JCB 

Pope, Alexander. Essay on Man — McDougall RIHS 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Viro honoratissimo, Stephano Hopkins, 

(Theses) Broadside. Congress 

General Assembly. January ; February ; March ; May ; June; July; 

August; September; November; December ist. JCB 
The October session was printed by Southwick at Rehoboth. 
January. (Directing each inhabitant to be provided "with a good 

fire-arm, bayonet, and cartouch-box.") Broadside. RIHS 

March. An Act for purchasing Two Thousand Arms. Broadside. 


April 19, 1776. (500 men to be raised) 

May. An Act repealing An Act for the more effectual securing 

to His Majesty the Allegiance Broadside. RIHS 

June. An Act permitting Inoculation for the Small-Pox Broadside. 

At a Meeting, September 12. (Resolution for raising Men) 

Broadside. RIHS 
November. Be it Enacted (for raising a Regiment to serve for 

Three Months) Broadside. RIHS 
November. Voted, That each Captain notify his Company to 

appear. Broadside. RIHS 


— December. It is voted, That all male Persons subject by law to 
bear Arms, be draughted, in Three Divisions. Broadside. RIHS 

— December 2d. Whereas the Act permiting the Alarm List. 
Broadside. RIHS 

— nth December. Resolved, That all the troops be under the same 

rules as the Continental Army RIHS 

Paper Money, Jan. 15. 6 & 9 pence, i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 shillings. 

— Carter RIHS 

March. 9 pence, i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 shillings. — Carter 

July. 9 pence, i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 shillings. — Carter 

Sept. 5. j\, y%, ]4, l4.,i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 20, 30 dollars. 

— Carter RIHS 
The New-England Al.manack for 1777 By Benjamin West RIHS 


John Howe, 1776-1779 

The Newport Gazette. No. i, January 16. Pennsylvania Historical 
Society has most of the issues to October 6, 1779. 

A Gazette Extraordinary was issued December 15. Redwood 

By John Burgovne. (Proclamation against hostile Acts) Broadside. 



John Carter, 1769-1796 

The Providence Gazette RIHS 

Providence, January 5. Fresh Advices from the Westward Broadside. 

Important Intelligence. Providence, August 23. Broadside. RIHS 
Fresh Advices from the Northern Army. Providence, September 25, 

(from Stillwater) Broadside. RIHS 

Fresh Advices from the Northern Army. Providence, October 14. 

Broadside. RIHS 

General Assembly. February; March ist; April; May (2); July; 

August; December 2d Se.ssion. RIHS 

Southwick printed the second December, 1776, and second March 
Sessions at Rehoboth, and the June, September, October and De- 
cember Sessions at Attleborough. 

December 2d Session, 1 776. An Act to prevent Monopolies RIHS 

March, (for an Attack upon the Enemy at Rhode-Island) RIHS 


— March 26. An Act assessing Sixteen Thousand Pounds RIHS 

— March Second Session. Militia and Alarm Companies Broad- 
side. RIHS 

— In Council of War, April 8. A Bounty to each Officer and 
Soldier draughted. Broadside. RIHS 

— April 19. That Five Hundred effective Men be raised. RIHS 

— April 2 1 . An Act in Addition to "An Act for the relief of Persons 
of tender Consciences Broadside. RIHS 

— April 21. That the first division of the second draught of the 
militia be formed into companies Broadside. RIHS 

— May. (Further Time allowed for completing the Continental 
Battalions) Broadside. RIHS 

— May. This Assembly (Allowing Substitutes in the Continental 
Army) Broadside. RIHS 

— May 2d Session. An Act to prevent Monopoly RIHS 

— June. An Act establishing and regulating Fees. RIHS 

— In Council of War, July i. Whereas Blankets are wanted 
Broadside. RIHS 

— July 9. Resolved, That one of the divisions, be called upon duty. 
Broadside. RIHS 

— August. Voted, That the Continental Officers and Soldiers, be 

supplied with Rum (Clothing, etc) Broadside. RIHS 

— August 23d. An Act assessing Thirty-two Thousand Pounds. 

— October. (Town-Councils to appoint Persons to supply the 
Families of Officers and Soldiers.) Broadside. 

— December 4. An Act assessing Forty-eight Thousand Pounds 

United States. Articles of Confederation RIHS 
In Congress. November 22 (Vote to raise ^5,000,000 in 1778) 

Broadside. RIHS 

Paper Money. May 22. K, X, h Vs, h tV. tV. A. irV dollar. 
The New-England Almanack for 1778 By Benjamin West RIHS 


John Howe, 1777-1779 

Substance of General Burgoyne's Speeches Providence PL 

The Newport Gazette Pennsylvania HS 

Quarter-Master-General's-Office, Newport, 23d May. Advertisement. To 

settle charges for Carting, &c. Broadside. Rider 



John Carter, 1 769-1 793 

Southwick and Wheeler, 1778-1779 

The Providence Gazette. RIHS 

General Assembly. May ist ; December —Carter RIHS 

The facsimile reprint of the Schedules ends with this May session. 

October — Southwick & Wheeler RIHS 

Southwick printed the February, March, May ad, June, and 

September Sessions at Attleborough. 

Orders of the Council of War, between October and Decem- 
ber sessions. JCB 

February. (Resolutions regarding Quakers) (Evans) 

February 16. An Act for assessing Thirty-Two Thousand Pounds. 

Broadside. RIHS 

February. Whereas the Fines for non-attendance of Jurors. 

Broadside. RIHS 

March. An Act in addition to a Tax of Thirty-Two Thousand 

Pounds. Broadside. RIHS 

March. Whereas the (Resolution recommending the establish- 
ment of Continental Loan Offices.) Broadside. RIHS 

March. It is voted That the Colonels of the several Regiments 

receive Cartridges and Flints. Broadside. RIHS 

May. It is voted (addition to the Test Act.) Broadside. RIHS 

■ May 2d Sess. Resolved, That Eight Hundred and Thirty-nine 

effective Men be raised Broadside. RIHS 

May 2d Sess. Resolved that the Act permitting Inoculation 

be suspended. Broadside. RIHS 

— May 2d Sess. An Act for calling in and sinking all the outstand- 
ing Bills of Credit. Broadside. RIHS 

— May 2d Sess. Resolved, that it be recommended to Major-Gen- 
eral Sullivan, to take up all Persons unfriendly. Broadside. 


— June. An Act assessing Thirty-two Thousand Pounds. Broad- 
side. RIHS 

— In Council of War, June 4. Necessity of filling up the Brigade 
as soon as possible. Broadside. RIHS 

June 9. The Governor having called forth upon Duty One-Sixth 

of the Militia. Broadside. RIHS 

July 29. Whereas the Continental Congress empowered General 

Washington to call forth the Militia. Broadside. RIHS 

August 2. Voted, That the Colonels of Militia make Return of all 

Persons draughted. Broadside. RIHS 


— August 17. It having pleased God to order events that the French 
Fleet hath put to Sea. Broadside. RIHS 

— September. Whereas (Superior and Inferior Courts Revived) and 
(Town Meetings for the Choice of Deputies Revived.) Broadside. 


— September. (Town Councils to take possession of the Estates of 
Delinquents.) Broadside. 

— October. An Act establishing and regulating Fees 

— Carter RIHS 

There is another issue of this Act without printer's name. RIHS 

— October. Whereas (relief for the Inhabitants of the Island of 
Rhode-Island.) Broadside. RIHS 

— October. An Act for enquiring into the rateable Property. 
Broadside. RIHS 

— October. An Act assessing Thirty Thousand Pounds. 
December. Whereas great Difficulties (Officers and Soldiers to 

receive Money in Lieu of Articles.) Broadside. RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Catalogus eorum qui in Collegio BU 

United States. An Address of the Congress, May 9. Broadside. 


The New-England Almanack for 1779 By Benjamin West RIHS 



John Howe, 1777-1779 
Henry Barber, 1 779-1800 

The Gubernatorial Collection, A Farce AAS 

The Newport Gazette Pa Hist Soc 

The issue for October 6 is the last found. 


John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
Southwick & Wheeler, 1778-1779 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

Addison, Joseph. Cato, A Tragedy — Southwick & Wheeler (Evans) 
Backus, Isaac. The Substance of an Address in Bridgewater March 10 

— Carter RIHS 

A Choice Collection of Masons Songs — Carter RIHS 

FiSKE, Nathan. The Character, Funeral of Jedediah Foster 

— Wheeler RIHS 
RIHS also has a copy of this printed on large, thick paper. 


At a Meeting for Sufferings, An Epistle from Dublin is recommended to 
Friends —Carter RIHS 

Providence, July 3, (Report of Committee on Currency) Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 

•July 26, (Vote of the Town for preventing depreciation of the 

Currency) Broadside. RIHS 

The American Journal. No. i, March 17, is in BU. —Wheeler RIHS 
The Providence Gazette —Carter RIHS 

Important Intelligence. Providence, 4 o'clock. A Gentleman, eight days 

from Philadelphia, brings news that Prevost attacked Charlestown, 

S. C. 

AAS has a broadside probably reprinted from one with this 

heading issued in Providence. 

Rowland, David Sherman. Historical Remarks, Sermon, June 6. 

— Carter RIHS 

Stanhope, Philip Dormer. Lord Chesterfield's Letters 

— Waterman (Evans) 

Varnum, James M. An Oration, Masons, 28th December, 1778. 

— Carter RIHS 

Rhode Island. Continental Loan-Office. Broadside.— Carter RIHS 
By William Greene, A Proclamation. First Thursday in May a Day of 

Fasting. Broadside. —Southwick & Wheeler RIHS 
A Proclamation, Ninth December a Day of Thanksgiving. 

Broadside. —Carter RIHS 

Instructions to Private Ships of War. Broadside. RIHS 

General Assembly. January ; June; August; September; December, 

— Carter RIHS 

February — Southwick & Wheeler RIHS 

May; October —Wheeler RIHS 

Resolves and Orders of the Council of War, between January and 

February Sessions. —Carter JCB 

February. An Act assessing Sixty Thousand Pounds. Broadside. 


February. An Act for assessing Ninety Thousand Pounds. 

Broadside. —Carter RIHS 
In Council of War, March 8. Recruiting Instructions. 

Broadside. —Carter RIHS 

March 11. Resolved, Blankets for Soldiers. Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 

March 12. Whereas, Twelve Thousand Pounds be immediately 

struck off. Broadside. —Carter RIHS 
May. Whereas (regulating Millers' Toll.) Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 


— June. An Act assessing Sixty Thousand Pounds. Broadside. 

— South vv'ick & Wheeler RIHS 

— June. An Act assessing Two Hundred and Twenty-five Thousand 
Pounds. Broadside — Carter RIHS 

— June. An Act for the better forming, the Military Force of this 
State. —Carter RIHS 

— June. To the Inhabitants of the United States. The Present 
Situation of your Currency. In Congress, 26th May. 

— Carter RIHS 

— August. It is Voted (Inlistments be delivered to the Auditor.) 
Broadside. RIHS 

— September. An Act to Raise the Sum of One Hundred Thousand 
Pounds. Broadside. — Carter 

— October. An Act for the better forming, the military Force. 

— Carter RIHS 

— In Council OF War, October 2. Resolved, That 3000 pair of good 
yarn stockings be collected. Broadside. RIHS 

— December. An Act establishing Fees. RIHS 

December. An Act for assessing One Hundred and Twenty 

Thousand Pounds. Broadside. RIHS 

Anderson Revived ; The North-American Almanack for 1780 

— Wheeler RIHS 
The Second Edition 

The New-England Almanack for 1780 By Benjamin West 

— Carter RIHS 



L'Imprimerie Royale de I'Escadre, 1780-1781 
Henry Barber, 1779-1800 
Southwick & Barber, 1780-1786 

L'Amour Paternel qui a toujours animd le coeur du Roy pour les 
habitans du Canada, Sign^ La Fayette. Broadside. Presumably 
printed by the French Fleet press, and perhaps at Newport. 

Boston Athenseum 
Calendrier Frangais, Pour I'Annee Commune 1781. 

— De I'Imprimerie Royale RIHS 

Compendium Pharmaceuticum — Barber Surgeon General's Office 

The Newport Mercury. Hammett says publication was resumed 

January 5; the earliest issue found is no. 983, July 15, at Newport 

Historical Society — Southwick & Barber 

Almanack for 1781, by John Anderson 

— Southwick & Barber Newport HS 




F R A N (;: A I S , 

Pour VAnnt: Commune 1781. 

Le Calcul ordinaire du lever & du cou- 
cher du Soled , di la Lune & leur 

Vn ,Etat des OJJicters dc VEfccidre , 6* 
des principauxde I'Armce aux ordres 
d^ M. le Comic de RocHAMBEAU. 

Les Epoqnes les plus intercffantes de la 
Guerre prifente , avcc les Homes du 


A Newport, 

De l'Impri!r.<rie Ri>;..i« (ie I'Efcadre. prts le Paic 
de la Marine. 



John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

Addison, Joseph. Cato. A Tragedy —Wheeler (Evans) 

This, and other books ascribed by Evans to Wheeler, may have 
been sold, but not printed, by him. 
The Advantages of Repentance —Wheeler (Evans) 

The American Journal —Wheeler RIHS 

Friends, Society of. The Epistle from the Yearly-Meeting in London 


Gregory, John. A Fathers Legacy to his Daughters 

— Wheeler (Evans) 

Pope, Alexander. An Essay on Man. — Wheeler (Evans) 

The Providence Gazette RIHS 

Ross, Robert. The American Latin Grammar : Fifth Edition RIHS 
General Assembly. February; March; May; July (2); September. 

— Wheeler RIHS 
June; October; November. — Carter RIHS 
February. An Act for assessing One Hundred and Eighty Thou- 
sand Pounds. Broadside. RIHS 

February. Whereas (Town Clerks to transmit account of 

Bounties, etc.) Broadside. RIHS 

May. An Act for assessing One Hundred and Eighty Thousand 

Pounds. Broadside. — Carter 

There is another issue of the same Act, probably printed by 
Wheeler. Broadside. RIHS 

June. An Act for raising, Six Hundred and Ten Men. Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 
July. An Act to prevent certain Persons, who have joined the 

Enemy. Broadside. —Wheeler RIHS 
July 2d Sess. An Act for proportioning upon the several Towns 

the monthly Supplies. Broadside. — Carter RIHS 

July 2d Sess. Whereas (Deficiencies in 610 men.) Broadside. 


July 2d Sess. An Act for raising 630 able-bodied Men. Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 
July 2d Sess. An Act for assessing Four Hundred Thousand 

Pounds. Broadside. — Carter 
July 2d Sess. An Act for assessing Ten Thousand Pounds. Broad- 

side. — Wheeler 

— July 2d Sess. (Additional Act for filling up the Continental Bat- 
talions.) — Carter 


— July 7, 1780. (Additional Act for recruiting the Continental Bat- 
talions.) — Wheeler 

— November. An Act assessing One Million of Pounds, in Conti- 
nental Bills. Broadside. —Wheeler RIHS 

— November. An Act for filling up Quota of the Continental Army. 

— Carter RIHS 

November. An Act for granting Sixteen Thousand Pounds. 

Broadside. —Wheeler RIHS 

November. And Whereas there is a very large Sum of Money 

due for Wages, to the Militia Broadside. —Wheeler RIHS 

■ Two Hundred Silver Dollars Reward. Broke Gaol, George 

Howell, a Spy. Providence, Nov. 19. Broadside. —Carter Ridei 

Lawful Money. June. 6 & 9 pence, i, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 20, 30, 40 shillings. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

The issue of July 2 was printed at Philadelphia. 
United States. Observations on the American Revolution. (By 
Gouverneur Morris) —Wheeler RIHS 
Proceedings of a Board, respecting Major John Andrd, Septem- 
ber 29. RIHS 

We the Subscribers do hereby inlist, as Soldiers. Broadside. 


Bickerstaff's New-England Almanack for 1781 —Carter RIHS 

There were four impressions. 
The New-England Almanack for 1781 By B. West — Carter RIHS 

The North-American Calendar for 1781 By B. West 

— Wheeler RIHS 



rimprimerie Royale de I'Escadre, 1780-1781 
Southwick & Barber, 1780-1786 

Chastellux, F. J. Marquis de. Voyage de Newport a Philadelphie. 

— Imprimerie Royale Harvard 
Gazette Frangaise de Newport 

No copy of this newspaper has been found. 
The Newport Mercury. —Southwick & Barber Redwood 

There is a facsimile of no. 1048, October 27. 
Newport, October 25, 1781. Glorious Intelligence. Cornwallis. Broad- 
side. Mass HS 



John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

The American Journal. No. 1507, August 29, was the last issue. Semi- 
weekly after January 31. — Wheeler RIHS 
An Historical Narrative of Congregational Churches in Connecticut 

— Wheeler RIHS 

Foster, Theodore. Providence, November 24. Catalogue of Books 
(belonging to Town of Foster) —Wheeler Foster Town Records 

Friends, Society of. The Epistle from London — Carter Rider 

Representation to the President of Pennsylvania, Phila. 12th 

Month 6th RIHS 

By William Greene. A Proclamation. Thanksgiving, December 13. 
Broadside —Carter RIHS 

The Life and Adventures of James Albert Ukuwsau Grouniosaw. 

— Wheeler (Evans) 

The Life and Experience of Simon Johnson. —Wheeler (Evans) 

The Providence Gazette. —Carter RIHS 

Fresh Advices from Virginia. Providence, Feb. 26. Broadside. 


Official Intelligence from Virginia. Providence, November 8. (Sur- 
render of Cornwallis) Broadside. —Carter RIHS 

Rathbun, Valentine. An Account of the New Religion. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

Minutes of the Warren Association, at South Brimfield. 

— Carter JCB 
Watts, Isaac. Hymns and Spiritual Songs. —Wheeler RIHS 
The Psalms, By I. Watts —Wheeler RIHS 

Wharton, Charles Henry. A Poetical Epistle to George Washington. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

General Assembly. January ; February ; May (2); July. 

— Wheeler RIHS 
March ; August; October; December. 

— Carter RIHS 

January. An Act in Addition to, State's Quota. Broadside. 


January. An Act proportioning Fresh Beef. —Wheeler RIHS 

On the same sheet were printed An Act in Addition to the Quota ; 

Whereas Towns have neglected Silver Taxes; and, Resolved, that 

any Town shall be repaid depreciation in payments for reinlistments. 


February. An Act for incorporating 1200 Men. RIHS 


— February. Whereas 1200 Men are called, for supplying them 
with Bread. Broadside. RIHS 

— March. Whereas (Apportionment of Money and Beef). Broad- 
side. — Wheeler RIHS 

— March. Whereas by an Act, apportioning 308 Men, there is a 
great Deficiency. Broadside. RIHS 

— May. Whereas the Legislature apportioned the Quota of Troops. 
Broadside. — Carter RIHS 

— May 2d Sess. An Act for granting Six Thousand Pounds. Broad- 

— May 2d Sess. An Act for granting Twenty Thousand Pounds. 
Broadside. — Carter RIHS 

— May 2d Sess. An Act for incorporating Five Hundred Able- 

bodied effective men. Broadside. RIHS 

— In Council of War, June i6th. Whereas the Militia now doing 
Duty should be relieved. Broadside. RIHS 

— July. Whereas the Council, i6th June, for relieving the Militia, 
be approved. Broadside. — Wheeler RIHS 

— July. Whereas from the Neglect of the Collectors, Town Treas- 
urers committed to Gaol. Broadside. RIHS 

— July. An Act for proportioning Supplies of Beef. Broadside. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

— July. Whereas Five Hundred Men are ordered into Service. 
(Supply of Corn or Rye.) Broadside. RIHS 

— August. An Act for incorporating Five Hundred able-bodied 
Men. Broadside. RIHS 

— August. An Act for mitigating of Penalties on Delinquents. 
Broadside. — Carter RIHS 

— August. An Act for proportioning Beef. Broadside. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

— August. Whereas it is necessary that Militia, Bread for Subsis- 
tence. Broadside. Also, on the same sheet ; Resolved, Towns de- 
linquent in sending Corn and Rye ; and. Whereas, Delinquents have 
been Excused. RIHS 

— In Council of War, East-Greenwich, Sept. 29. Whereas Five 

Hundred Men (need) Bread. Broadside. RIHS 

— Sept. 29. Whereas it appears to this Council, that Militia be 
relieved. Broadside. — Carter RIHS 

December. An Act proportioning Sixty Thousand Pounds of 

Beef. Broadside. RIHS 
United States. Enlistment and oath of Allegiance Jan. 3. Broadside. 
(Circular.) Philadelphia, February 8. Two important Resolves 

of Congress (asking Power to levy Duties). Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 


Plan for establishing a National Bank, By Robert Morris, Esquire. 

— Wheeler (Evans) 

Rhode Island College. Catalogus eorum qui in Collegio. Broadside. 

The New-England Almanack for 1782 By Isaac Bickerstaff 

— Carter RIHS 

The North-American Calendar for 1782 By Benjamin West 

— Wheeler RIHS 
An edition of this was printed by Wheeler for Barber of New- 
port, which is probably the Newport edition listed by Hammett and 
others. RIHS 


Southwick & Barber, 1780-1786 

The Newport Mercury Redwood 

Verses Made on the sudden Death of 6 Young Women and one Boy, 

who were drowned July 13. Broadside. — Barber Arnold 

The George Haile Free Library, Warren, has a different issue 

of these Verses, without name of printer. 


John Carter, 1769-1793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

Backus, Isaac. The Doctrine of Universal Salvation. — Carter RIHS 

Benezet, Anthony. The Pennsylvania Spelling-Book. 

— Wheeler RIHS 
Friends, Society of. From the Meeting for Sufferings for New Eng- 
land. — Carter RIHS 

Gregory, John. A Father's Legacy. —Wheeler (Evans) 

The New England Primer Improved. —Carter RIHS 

The Providence Gazette. —Carter RIHS 

One Hundred Pounds Reward. Escaped Prisoner. Wm. Prentice, 
Sept. 7. Broadside. Prov. Town Papers 

Relly, James. Union : or, A Treatise. — Carter RIHS 

Thacher, Peter. Prayer The Breath of Rev. Habijah Weld (Evans) 
Truman, Thomas. An Oration, Masons, December 27, 1781. 

— Carter RIHS 

Minutes of the Warren Association at Providence —Carter RIHS 
The Psalms By I. Watts. —Wheeler (Evans) 

General Assembly. January ; May ; June ; August ; October ; Novem- 
ber. — Carter RIHS 
February. —Wheeler RIHS 


— January. An Act for granting Six Thousand Pounds. Broadside. 

— Carter Westerly PL 

— January. An Act for granting Twelve Thousand Pounds. Broad- 
side. — Carter RIHS 

— January. (Act for numbering the Families) 

— February. An Act for granting Tax of Six Thousand Pounds. 
Broadside.' —Wheeler Westerly PL 

— February. An Act for granting 3626 yards of Tow cloth. Broad- 
side. — Wheeler RIHS 

— February. Whereas Great Frauds have been committed, in 
recruiting. Broadside. RIHS 

March. An Act for raising Two Hundred and Fifty-nine Men. 

Broadside. —Carter RIHS 

June. An Act for granting;/^! 2000. Broadside. Westerly PL 

The New-England Almanack for 1783 By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter RIHS 

The North-American Calendar for 1783 By Benjamin West. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

An edition was printed by Wheeler for Barber of Newport. 



Henry Barber, 1779-1800 
Solomon Southwick, 1768-1787 

Burke, Aedanus. Considerations on the Cincinnati. —Southwick RIHS 

Hopkins, Samuel. An Inquiry, The future State. —Southwick RIHS 

The Newport Mercury. RIHS and Redwood each have 13 issues, of 

which only two are duplicates. Only two others have been found. 

— Southwick & Barber 

Newport. October 27. By the Brig — Capt. Cofifin (PreHminary 

Articles.) Broadside. —Barber RIHS 

Articles of the United Fire Club instituted February 6. Broadside. 


Washington, George. A Circular Letter, June i8th. 

— Southwick RIHS 

The North-American Calendar, for 1784: By Benjamin West 

— Southwick RIHS 

• Bennett Wheeler issued an edition of West's North American 

Calendar with a Newport imprint ; it was probably printed in Provi- 
dence. RIHS 



John Carter, 1769-1793 
Bennett Wheeler, 17 79- 1800 

Emmons, Nathaniel. A Discourse of Salvation. —Wheeler RIHS 
Providence, January i. The following is a most Particular Account 
of Murders at Weathersfield. Broadside. —Wheeler Drowne 

The Providen'ce Gazette. —Carter RIHS 

General Assembly. February ; May ; June : October & December. 

— Carter RIHS 

February. An Act laying duties of Excise. — Carter RIHS 

February. An Act to disqualify Persons convicted of illicit 

Trade. Broadside. RIHS 

- June. An Act laying an Impost of Two per Centum, ad valorem 

Broadside. —Carter RIHS 

■ June. An Act for granting Twenty Thousand Pounds. RIHS 

December. Whereas Congress (resolved to raise) $1,200,000 for 

the National Debt. Broadside. —Carter RIHS 

By the United States. A Proclamation, Cessation of Arms. Broad- 
side. — Carter RIHS 

Declaration of the American Ministers. Providence, April 7. 

Cessation of Arms. Broadside. — Carter RIHS 

Definitive Treaty of Peace. Providence, December i . Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 

-General Peace. Providence, March 31. Broadside.— Carter RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1784 By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter RIHS 

The North-American Calendar, for 1784 ; By Benjamin West. RIHS 

There are 3 issues, by Wheeler on the Parade ; Wheeler on the 

West-side the Bridge ; and, sold by Mr. Terence Reilly. RIHS 



Solomon Southwick, 176S-1787 
Southwick & Barber, 1780-1786 

The Instructive Fables of PiLPAY. —America (Newport) AAS 

Hamilton, Alexander. A Letter from Phocian. —Southwick RIHS 

Martin, Hugh. A Narrative of a Discovery of, the cure of cancers. 


The Newport Mercury. — Southwick & Barber Redwood 

Newport, May 31. An Act to incorporate the Town of Newport into a 

City. Broadside. RIHS 



John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779- 1800 

Backus, Isaac. A Church History of New-England, Vol. II. — Carter 

Note. The first and third volumes were printed in Boston in 
1777 and 1796. RIHS 

Penning, Daniel. The Universal Spelling Book, 17th Ed. 

— Carter RIHS 

FoBES, Peres. The Paradise of God. A Sermon, execution of John 

Dixson, for burglary, November II. — Wheeler RIHS 

By William Greene, Governor, A Proclamation. Definitive Articles 

of Peace. Broadside. — Carter RIHS 

Oliver, Thomas Fitch. A Discourse, Masons, First Day of January. 

— Carter AAS 
Providence. For paving the Streets, Sept. 1784. Broadside. 

Prov. Town Papers 

The Providence Gazette. — Carter RIHS 

General Assembly. February ; June. — Wheeler RIHS 

May ; August & October. —Carter RIHS 

February. An Act (Ordering the issue of six per cent certificates 

to meet war expenses). Broadside. (Evans) 

■ February. Whereas the General-Treasurer issued Loan Office 

Certificates. Broadside. — Carter RIHS 

February. An Act repealing the Test-Act. Broadside. 

— Wheeler RIHS 
June. Act for granting ^20,000. Broadside. RIHS 

The United States Chronicle. Wheeler RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1785: By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter RIHS 
The North-American Calendar: for 1785 By Benjamin West. 

— Wheeler RIHS 
The North-American Calendar: for 1785. By Copernicus Partridge. 

— Wheeler Warren 

Southwick & Barber, 1780-1786 

Laws of the Marine Society. Arnold 

The Newport Mercury Redwood 

Shipley, Jonathan. A Sermon, February 19, 1773. (Hammett) 

Articles of the Star Fire Society. Broadside. Newport HS 



John Carter, 1769- 1793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1 779-1800 

Articles of the Amicable Fire Society. Broadside. RIHS 
Bourne, Benjamin. An Account of the Settlement of the Town of 

Bristol. -Wheeler RIHS 

Cauogan, William. A Di.ssertation on the Gout. —Wheeler RIHS 

The Book of Discipline, of Friends —Carter RIHS 
Hitchcock, Enos. A Discourse on Education, November 16. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

Huntington, Joseph. A Sermon, Instalment of John Ellis. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

The New England Primer Improved. — Carter RIHS 
Prentiss, Thomas. A Sermon, ordination of Henry Wight, January 5. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

The Providence Gazette. —Carter RIHS 

General Assembly. February; June; August; October. 

— Carter RIHS 

May. —Wheeler RIHS 

August. An Act for Tax of Twenty Thousand Pounds. Broad- 

side. RIHS 
By William Greene, A Proclamation. Thanksgiving, ist Day of Decem- 
ber. Broadside. RIHS 
The United States Chronicle. —Wheeler RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1786 By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter RIHS 

The North-American Calendar: for 17S6: By Copernicus Partridge. 

—Wheeler RIHS 
There are two issues of this and also a Second Edition. RIHS 



Solomon Southwick, 1768-1787 
Southwick & Barber, 1 780-1 786 

Newport Mercury. —Southwick Redwood 

General Assembly. October. —Southwick RIHS 

Lawful Money, May. 6 & 9 pence, i, 2, 2 & 6 pence, 3, 5, 6, 10, 20, 30,40, 

60 shillings. — Southwick & Barber RIHS 

Newport, October 9. The Following Draught of an Act to stimulate 

Paper Bills. —Southwick & Barber RIHS 



John Carter, 1769-1793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1 779-1 800 

New Sentiments upon Universal Salvation, by Adelos. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

Backus, Isaac. The Testimony of the Two Witnesses. 

— Wheeler JCB 

BowEN, Jabez. To the Freemen (regarding payment of interest on 

State Notes). Broadside. RIHS 

Bowler, Metcalf. A Treatise on Agriculture. —Wheeler RIHS 

Emmons, Nathanael. Christ the Standard, Installation of Caleb Alex- 
ander, April 12. — Wheeler RIHS 

The Office, Installation of David Avery, May 25. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

Hart, Levi. The Resurrection, ordination of William Patten RIHS 
Followed by, Mr. Patten's Sermon. 

Hitchcock, Enos. A Discourse, Society of the Cincinnati, July 4. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

At a Meeting of the School Committee, i6th January, (Method of teach- 
ing Arithmetic). Broadside. JCB 
The Providence Gazette. — Carter RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Catalogus eorum qui in Collegio. Broadside. 

Honoratissimo Jabez Bowen, (Theses) Broadside. RIHS 

The Constitution of the United Fire Society. Broadside. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

United States Chronicle. — Wheeler RIHS 

Winchester, Elhanan. An Attempt to Collect the Scripture Passages. 

— Wheeler Rider 

General Assembly. February ; May ; June ; October, 2d Sess. 

— Carter RIHS 

March ; August. —Wheeler RIHS 

The October Session was printed at Newport by Southwick. 

March. An Act laying Duties of Excise. —Carter RIHS 

June. An Act for granting a Tax. Broadside. —Wheeler 

Newport, August 22. An Act, in addition to (Penal Act). Broad- 

sicie — Carter RIHS 

October. An Act to Stimulate Paper Bills. Broadside. 

— Wheeler RIHS 


December. An Act for transferring Real Estates. Broadside. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

December. An Act laying Duties of Excise. —Carter RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 17S7. By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter RIHS 

The North-American Calendar for 17S7 By Benjamin West. 

— Wheeler RIHS 
There are 3 issues. RIHS 

The Rhode-Island Sheet Almanack for 17S7 By Benjamin West. 
Broadside. —Wheeler RIHS 


Henry Barber, 1779-1800 
Peter Edes, 1787-1791 

The Advantages of Repentance. —Edes Newport HS 

Foster, Benjamin. A Dissertation on Daniel. —Edes Arnold 

Gesner, Salomon. The Death of Abel. —Edes Rider 

The Newport Herald. —Edes RIHS 

The Newport Mercury. —Barber Redwood 

A Poetical Sermon, Occasioned by a disappointment in love. 

— Edes (Evans) 

Raspe, Rudolf Erich. Gulliver revived: Fourth Edition. —Edes 

General Assembly. December, 1786; June, 1787. — Edes RIHS 

An Astronomical Diary, for 1788 : By Daniel Freebetter. 

— Edes RIHS 

An Almanack, for 1788 By Elisha Thornton. —Edes RIHS 


John Carter, 1769-1793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1 779-1800 

Belknap, Abraham. Stop Thief. Johnston May 25. Broadside. 

— Wheeler Prov. Town Papers 

Buckland, John, & Fielding, John. An Account of a Hermit of the 
Alleghany Mountains. —Wheeler Arnold 

Emmons, Nathanael. The Dignity of Man. A Discourse in Franklin 
(March i). —Wheeler RIHS 

Friends, Society of. An Address from the Yearly Meeting (Slave 
Trade). (Evans) 

Glas, John. Christian Songs ; Seventh Edition. —Wheeler RIHS 


Maxcy, Jonathan. Proposals For printing by Subscription, A Poem. 
Broadside. BU 

A Poem on the Prospects of America, at Rhode Island College. 

— Wheeler Rider 

The Providence Gazette. —Carter RIHS 

The United States Chronicle. —Wheeler RIHS 

Varnum, James Mitchell. The Case of Trevett against Weeden. 

— Carter RIHS 

General Assembly. March ; May ; October. —Wheeler RIHS 

August; September. — Carter RIHS 

March. An Act to prevent Bribery. Broadside. RIHS 

March. An Act for granting ^20,000. Broadside. RIHS 

To the General Assembly, Whereas the Subscribers were a Com- 
mittee on Debts, Newport, March ist. —Wheeler RIHS 

March. An Act for more equal Representation. Broadside. RIHS 

Printed on the same sheet as the preceding entry. 

September. An Act for collecting the First Year's Interest. 

Broadside. RIHS 

September. An Act for granting ^30,000. Broadside. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

October. An Act for punishing Persons Convicted of Larcenies 

Broadside. RIHS 

United States. Proceedings of The Foederal Convention. Sept. 17. 

— Carter RIHS 

We, the People, to form a more perfect Union (Constitution). 


The New-England Almanack for 1788 By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter RIHS 

The North-American Calendar: for 1788. —Wheeler RIHS 

Wheeler's North- American Calendar, for 1788. —Wheeler 

The Rhode-Island Sheet Almanack for 1788. —Wheeler 


Henry Barber, 1 779-1 800 
Peter Edes, 1787-1791 

Surges, Bartholomew. The Seaman's Journal. —Edes (Evans) 

A Letter to Philo-Africanus, upon Slavery. —Edes Arnold 

Cutler, Manasseh. An Explanation of the Map of Federal Lands. 

— Edes Newport HS 

The Life of Cassem, Translated. — Edes (Hammett) 


— Edes 


— Barbe 





— Edes 


— Edes 


— Edes 


— Edes 


The Newport Herald. 

The Newport Mercury. 

Articles of Agreement, Ohio Company. 

General Assembly. February; March. 

Varnum, James Mitchell. An Oration, July 4, at Marietta 

Wilkinson, Edward. Wisdom, A Poem. 

Poor Richard's Rhode-Island Almanack for 1789. 

An Almanack for 1789: By Elisha Thornton. 



John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

COMAN, William. Five Dollars Reward (for) Jacob John.ston. Provi- 
dence, June 4. Broadside. —Wheeler Prov. Town Papers 
Griffith, John. A Collection of the Newest Dances. (Evans) 
Hitchcock, Enos. An Oration: July 4. —Wheeler RIHS 
At A Meeting of the Directors of the Ohio Company, March 5. JCB 
Park, Thomas. An Oration: in the College Hall August 13, death of 
Nathan Merrick. —Wheeler RIHS 
The Providence Gazette. — Carter RIHS 

General Assembly. May; June; October; December. 

— Carter RIHS 

February. An Act submitting the Report for a Constitution. 

Broadside. —Wheeler RIHS 

The Petition of the People called Quakers, (Slave Trade). Broad- 
side. —Wheeler RIHS 

June. An Act for granting Thirty Thousand Pounds. Broadside 

—Wheeler RIHS 

October. Whereas His Excellency George Clinton (Proposed 

Constitutional Amendments). —Wheeler RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Honoratissimo Jabez Bowen. (Theses) 

Broadside. —Wheeler BU 

The United States Chronicle — Wheeler RIHS 

The New-England Almanack, for 1789 Isaac Bickerstaff. 

—Carter RIHS 

Wheeler's North-American Calendar, for 1789. — Wheeler RIHS 

The Rhode-Island Sheet Almanack, for 1789. —Wheeler (Evans) 



Henry Barber, 1779-1800 
Peter Edes, 1787-1791 

BouRS, John. An Appeal to the PubHc, misrepresentations by James 
Sayre. —Edes RIHS 

The Newport Herald. —Edes RIHS 

The Newport Mercury. — Barber Redwood 

Consolation from Homar, (and) A Soliloquy By Rev. William Smith 

— Barber Arnold 

General Assembly. May. — Edes RIHS 

An Address presented James Sayre, with his Answer. — Barber RIHS 

Webster, Noah, jun. An American Selection. Sixth Edition. 

— Edes NYPL 

An Almanack, for 1790 By Elisha Thornton. —Edes RIHS 


John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

Benezet, Anthony. The Pennsylvania Spelling-Book. 4th Edition. 

— Wheeler Arnold 

Doddridge, Philip. Three Sermons on the Evidences. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

Emmons, Nathanael. A Discourse, ordination of Walter Harris 

August 26. —Wheeler RIHS 

A Sermon, ordination of John Robinson, January 14. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

Fitch, Elijah. The Beauties of Religion RIHS 

" The Choice " is on pp. 125-129. 
Judson, Ephraim. Ambassadors appointed, ordination of Jonathan 
Strong January 28. —Wheeler RIHS 

The Charter of the Providence Association of Mechanics and Manu- 
facturers —Wheeler RIHS 
The Providence Gazette. —Carter RIHS 
Rhode Island College. Catalogus eorum qui in CoUegio. Broadside. 

—Wheeler BU 

Honoratissimo Jabez Bowen. (Theses) Broadside. 

—Wheeler BU 

Constitution of a Society for abolishing the Slave Trade. RIHS 

The United States Chronicle. RIHS 


Ward, Henry. Gentlemen, I have in Vain (tried) to procure the Prox 

for Secretary April ii. Broadside. Rider 

General Assembly. March; June; October (2) —Carter RIHS 

September. —Wheeler RIHS 

March. An Act for granting Twenty Thousand Pounds. Broad- 

gijjg — Carter RIHS 

September. An Act for levying Duties and Imposts. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

September. An Act relative to a Convention. Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 

The following is a Copy of a Bill suspending the Bills of Credit. 

Broadside. —Wheeler RIHS 

October. Congress (submits) Articles in Addition to the Constitu- 
tion. Broadside. —Wheeler RIHS 
■ October. An Act for repealing Bills of Credit. RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1790 By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter RIHS 

Wheeler's North-American Calendar for 1790. —Wheeler RIHS 

There are 2 issues. RIHS 



Henry Barber, 1 779-1800 
Peter Edes, 1787-1791 

All, with one exception, printed by Edes 

BucKNER, Samuel. The American Sailor. JCB 

Newport Herald. RIHS 
Newport Mercury. — Barber 

Ratification of the Constitution of the United States, May 29. RIHS 

The Bill of Rights, and Amendments, in Convention, March 6. RIHS 

The Columbian Almanack for 1791 By William Lilly Stover. RIHS 

The Rhode Island Almanack for 1791 By Elisha Thornton. RIHS 


John Carter, 1 768-1 793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1 779-1800 

Emmons, Nathaniel. A Discourse, November 3, Society for the Re- 
formation of Morals. —Wheeler RIHS 

By His Excellency Arthur Fenner. A Proclamation. Whereas the 
Constitution requires. Oath or Affirmation. Broadside. RIHS 




ProfefTor of Natural and Experimental Philofophy, 
in Rhode-Ifland College, propofes to exhibit 

Upon the Dodrine of Attradion, in which will be explained 
the firft Principles of Agriculture and Botany ; upon the Me- 
chanical Powers ; Hydroftatics and Hydraulics ; Pneumatics ; 
Optics ; Aftronomy ; Electricity ; Magnetifm, and a Sketch 
of Anatomy. The Whole illuftrated by a Variety of curious 
and entertaining Experiments. 

The Courfe will confift of Twelve Le£hires, two or three 
to be exhibited per Week, at the Philofophy-Room in College, 
The Price Twelve Shillings, for the whole Ct)urfe, or One 
Shilling and Three Pence for a iingle Le6:ure.-*-To com- 
mence on FRIDAY, the 25th Inftant, at 4 o'Clock, P. M. 

TICKETS may be had this Afternoon, by applying to Mr. 
George Benfon, Mr. Jofeph Jenckes, orto either of the Officers 
of College. 

Providence^ June 24, 1790. 

The Reverend Peres Fobes, proposes A Course of Lectures Providence, 
June 24. Broadside. JCB 

Hart, Levi. The War between Michael, ordination of John Wilder 
January 27. —Wheeler RIHS 

The Providence Gazette —Carter RIHS 

Providence, March 31. Gentlemen, No Prox having been recommended. 
Broadside. RIHS 

Rhode-Island united to the Great American Family May 31. Broad- 
side. — Carter RIHS 

General Assembly. January; May; June; September; October. 

— Carter RIHS 

January. An Act for calling a Convention. Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 

June. An Act, Mode of Electing Senators. Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 

June. An Act to incorporate Providence Society for the Aboli- 
tion of Slavery. RIHS 
September. It is voted, that a Representative be elected. Broad- 

side. — Carter RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Honoratissimo Jabez Bowen. (Theses). 

Broadside. —Wheeler RIHS 

Russell, Jonathan. A Tribute to the Memory of Nathan Hayward. 

— Wheeler PPL 

Smith, William. A Discourse, Convention of Clerical and Lay-Dele- 
gates, 18 Nov. RIHS 
Sterry, Consider & John. The American Youth, Mathematics, Vol. I. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

[ ] To be observed on the Arrival of the President, Providence, 

August 17. Broadside. RIHS 

United States Chronicle — Wheeler RIHS 

Wilder, John. The Blessedness, Interment of Ebenezer Lane, May 12. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

The New-England Almanack, for 1791 By Isaac Bickerstaff 

— Carter RIHS 

Wheeler's North- American Calendar for 1791. — Wheeler RIHS 



Henry Barber, 1 779-1 800 
Peter Edes, 1787-1791 

The Confession, etc., of Thomas Mount executed at Little Rest, 27th 
May. RIHS 


The Newport Herald 

The last issue found is dated September 3, at N. Y. Historical 
The Newport Mercury —Barber 

Peckham, Thomas. To the Members of the General Assembly, New- 
port, May 3d. Broadside. RIHS 

Smith, William. The Convict's Visitor. Lessons, Prayers, etc. 


Town Tax. Whereas the Freemen assessed ^2500, Newport, May 18. 
Broadside. Newport HS 

The Rhode Island Almanack for 1792. By E. Thornton. RIHS 


John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

Constitution of the Bank. Third October. Broadside. „„.^ 

— Carter RIHS 

Rules observed at the Bank in Providence. October 13. Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 

Emmons, Nathanael. A Sermon, ordination of Elias Dudley, April 13. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

Fobes, Peres. A Sermon, death of James Manning, July 31. 

— Carter RIHS 

Maxcy, Jonathan. The Last Enemy, funeral sermon, Manning, July 31. 

— Carter RIHS 

The Providence Gazette —Carter RIHS 

General Assembly. February; May; October. —Carter RIHS 

June. —Wheeler RIHS 

June An Act for granting Six Thousands Pounds. Broadside. 

— Carter RIHS 

October. Whereas the Bank, petitioned to incorporate. Broad- 
side. — Carter RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Illustrissimo Jabez Bowen. (Theses). 
Broadside. -Wheeler BU 

Smith, William. A Discourse, before Masons, 27th June. 

— Wheeler Newport HS 

Stillman, Samuel. A Sermon, May 31, death of Nicholas Brown. 

— Carter RIHS 
United States Inspector General's Office. Regulations for Troops. 

— Wheeler 
United States Chronicle —Wheeler RIHS 

Wheeler, Bennett. The Young Mason's Monitor. —Wheeler RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1792. By I. Bickerstaff. 

— Carter RIHS 
Wheeler's North-American Calendar, 1792. —Wheeler RIHS 




Henry Barber, 1779-1800 

The Charter of the Artillery Company. Rider 
Charter, Constitution, etc., of the Association of Mechanics and Manu- 
facturers. Rider 
The Newport Mercury 


John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

Allen, Paul, jun. An Oration, death of Roger Williams Howell, 

November 22. —Carter RIHS 

Doddridge, Philip. Christ formed, A Sermon. —Carter RIHS 

A Sermon, care of the Soul. —Carter RIHS 

Edwards, Jonathan. Injustice of the Slave Trade. —Carter RIHS 
Goldsmith, Oliver. The Vicar of Wakefield. —Wheeler Congress 
The Brethren of St. John's Lodge, to attend the Funeral of Moses 
Badger. Broadside. —Wheeler Rider 

Law, William, The Nature of Christianity. Ninth Editon. 

— Carter RIHS 
The Providence Gazette —Carter RIHS 

General Assembly. February; May; August; October. 

— Wheeler RIHS 
June. —Carter RIHS 

June. It is Voted, Two Representatives be elected. Broadside. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

August. It is Voted, Election of First and Second Representa- 
tives. Broadside. RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Honoratissimo Jabez Bowen (Theses). 
Broadside. — Wheeler BU 

Rules for the Providence Assembly. Broadside. RIHS 

United States Chronicle —Wheeler RIHS 

The New England Almanack, for 1793. By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter RIHS 
Wheeler's North American Calendar, for 1793. —Wheeler RIHS 


Nathaniel Phillips, 1792-1800 

Herald of the United States No. i, January 14. 

Massachusetts Historical Society has the first and a few later 


Lines on the Last and dying Words of Rev. Oliver Williams. Broad- 
side. — for Richard Lee AAS 
Smith, Eunice. Practical Language Interpreted. 

— for Richard Lee RIHS 

Some Arguments against Worldly-Mindedness. 

— for Richard Lee RIHS 
United States. First Congress, 2d Session. An Act for the Govern- 
ment of Seamen. RIHS 

Phillips's United States Diary, for 1793. RIHS 

The Rhode-Island Almanack for 1793. By Elisha Thornton. RIHS 



Henry Barber, 1779-1800 

The Newport Mercury Newport HS 


John Carter, 1 769-1 793 
Carter & Wilkinson, 1793-1799 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

Brown, Moses. Observations on Shepard's Letters on Baptism. 

— Carter RIHS 
Davies, Samuel. Method of Salvation —Carter RIHS 
A memorable Instance of Divine Guidance of James Dickinson and 

Jane Fearon —Wheeler RIHS 

Hitchcock, Enos. Oration, July 4th. —Carter RIHS 

Hopkins, Samuel. A Discourse upon the Slave-Trade. — Carter Rider 
Johonnot, Jackson. The Remarkable Adventures of Congress 

The Nature of true Christianity. —Carter RIHS 

By Sarah Osborne or Susannah Anthony. 
Patten, William. On the Inhumanity of the Slave-Trade. 

— Carter RIHS 

Prior, Thomas. An Authentic Narrative of Tar Water. 

— Carter RIHS 

The Providence Gazette —Carter RIHS 

General Assembly. February; June; October. — Wheeler RIHS 

May. —Carter RIHS 

An Act to organize the Militia —Wheeler RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Catalogue of Books. — Carter BU 

The Laws (and) Supplement to the Laws. —Carter BU 



Sanger, Zedekiah. A Sermon, ordination of Ebenezer Lazell. 

—Wheeler RIHS 
A Discourse, ordination of Nehemiah Thomas. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

A Discourse, ordination of James Wilson. , — Wheeler RIHS 

Scott, Job. The Baptism of Christ ' —Carter RIHS 

A Sketch of the Life of James Arminius —Wheeler Rider 

Smith, John. A Funeral Sermon, Mrs. Mary Bowers. —Wheeler RIHS 

Smith, William. A Discourse, ordination of John Usher. 

— Carter RIHS 

Stearns, Samuel. An Account of the Pestilential Infection, Phila- 
delphia. — Printed for William Child, in Johnston Rider 
United States Chronicle —Wheeler RIHS 

Wharfage and Storage of Goods, Providence, November 9. Broadside. 


The New-England Almanack, for 1794 By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
Wheeler's North- American Calendar for 1794. —Wheeler RIHS 


Nathaniel Phillips, 1792-1800 

Herald of the United States 

RIHS has nos. 52, 57, 70 and 100. No. 87 is at Wisconsin His- 
torical Society 
Phillips's United States Diary, for 1794. RIHS 

The Rhode-Island Al.\ianack for 1794 By Elisha Thornton. RIHS 



Henry Barber, 1779-1S00 
Southwick & Woodman, 1794 
Henry C. Southwick & Co., 1794-1795 

The Newport Mercury — Barber Congress 

An Address of the Democratic Society of New York City. 

— Southwick & Woodman 

Rhode Island Museum. No. i, July 7 ; last number, December 22. 

Newport HS 

Anderson revived : Being an Almanack, for 1795. By John Anderson 

— Southwick & Co. RIHS 



Carter & Wilkinson, 1793-1799 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

Baylies, William, jun. Funeral Oration, John Whiting Wells. 

— Carter & Wilkinson BU 

Berquin, Arnaud. The Looking-Glass for the Mind: A New Edition. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

BiCHENO, J. The Signs of the Times: First American Edition. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
Burr, Aaron. American Latin Grammar — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
Catalogue of Books for sale by Carter and Wilkinson. Broadside. 


Clarke, Abraham Lynsen. A Discourse, Masons. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Doddridge, Philip. Practical Discourses on Regeneration. First 
American Edition. — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

DoDSLEY, Robert. The Toy-Shop; Or Sentimental Preceptor. 

— Carter & Wilkinson Rider 

FoBES, Peres. Sermon addressed to Youth. — Wheeler RIHS 

A Friendly Address (l>y the Clergy of the Town) to the Inhabitants of 
Providence, December 19. Broadside. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Important Advices. We think it our Duty to communicate (French and 
English Fleets.) Providence, March i. Broadside. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

Confirmation of the Re-Capture of Toulon. Providence, March 11. 
Broadside. — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

The Love of Christ, death of John Thornton. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Maxcy, Jonathan. An Address, Rhode-Island College Commencement. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

Moore, John. Medical Sketches. First American Edition. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

The Providence Gazette — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Providence, April 2. By last evening's mail (war news). Broadside. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

General Assembly. February ; March. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
May. —Wheeler RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Viro Amplissimo, Jabez Bowen (Theses) 

— Carter & Wilkinson BU 
Order of the Exercises of Commencement, September 3. Broad- 
side. — Carter & Wilkinson BU 


The Narrative of Whiting Sweeting, executed at Albany. 

—Wheeler BU 
TiLLiNGHAST, George. An Oration, Fourth of July. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
United States Chronicle —Wheeler RIHS 
Watson, Richard. An Apology for Christianity. First American Edi- 
tion. — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Wilson, James. An Oration, Providence Association of Mechanics, 
April 14. -Wheeler RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1795 By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
The New-England Almanack for 1795 By Elisha Thornton. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
Thornton's Sheet Almanack for 1795. — Carter & Wilkinson 
Wheeler's North-American Calendar for 1795. —Wheeler RIHS 


Nathaniel Phillips, 1792-1800 

Herald of the United States 

General Assembly. June ; October. RIHS 

June. Resolve for choosing Representatives. Broadside. RIHS 

October. An Act for granting Six Thousand Pounds RIHS 

The Indictment& Trial of Sir Richard Rum. Twentieth Edition. Rider 
Scheme Of A Lottery, for finishing a House for Public Worship. Broad- 
side. Haile Library, Warren 
Wight, Henrv. A Sermon, October 9, 1793, Sickness in Philadelphia. 

Phillips's United States Diary; for 1795. RIHS 


Henry Barber, 1 779-1 See. 

Henry C. Southwick & Co., 1794-1795 

Hunter, William. An Oration, July 4. — Barber RIHS 

The Newport Mercury —Barber RIHS 

Anderson's Almanack for 1796. — Southwick & Co. 

Carter & Wilkinson, 1793-1799 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

Andros, Thomas. Light to the Upright. A Sermon, death of Capt. 
John Crane. — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Bicheno, J. A Friendly Address to the Jews. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 


BucHAN, William. A Letter concerning Fleecy Hosiery. Second Ameri- 
can Edition. — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

DoDSLEY, Robert. (Economy of Human Life, from an Indian Manu- 
script. Aldrich 

Harris, Caleb. A Map of the State. Saml. Hill Sculpt. Boston. 

— Engraved for Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Hitchcock, Enos. An Answer to the Question, why do you Observe 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
Maxcy, Jonathan. The Existence of God. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
An Oration, July 4th. —Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

An Oration, Providence Association of Mechanics. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

New Theatre, Providence. On Wednesday Evening, September i6th. 

Broadside. RIHS 

The Providence Gazette — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Charter and Bye-Laws of the Light-Infantry — Wheeler RIHS 

General Assembly. January. Table of Fees 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
Rhode Island College. Catalogus eorum qui in Collegio. Broad- 
side. — Carter & Wilkinson BU 

Commencement, September 2, (order of exercises). Broadside. 

— Carter & Wilkinson BU 
Viro Amplissimo, Jabez Bowen (Theses). Broadside. 

— Carter & Wilkinson BU 
The Act of Incorporation of St. John's Church. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
Salzmann, C. C. Elements of Morality. First American Edition. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
Simons, Benjamin B. A Funeral Oration, Thomas Edwards. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

By the President. A Proclamation, Thanksgiving, 19th February. 

Broadside. —Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

United States Chronicle — Wheeler RIHS 

Wilkinson, William. The Federal Calculator. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
The New-England Almanack for 1796 By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
The New-England Almanack for 1796: By Elisha Thornton. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
Thornton's Sheet Almanack for 1796. (Advertisement) 
Wheeler's North-American Calendar, for 1796. — Wheeler RIHS 


// ' > /, /■ •/■ 




V i; - () N II 

V o-. iV \ 1 V 



,.:::::[ \->. -m 

Nathaniel Phillips, 1 792-1 800 

Child, William. A Collection of Hymns. 

Ellis, James. A Narrative of Law-Suits in Rehoboth. 

Herald of the Unitp:d States 

Patten, William. Christianity the true Theology. 

General Assembly. January; May; June; October. 

June. An Act for taking an Estimate 

Phillips's United States Diary, for 1796. 





Henry Barber, 1 779-1 800 

The Newport Mercury RIHS 

Articles of the Star Fire Society Newport HS 

Washington, George. To the People (Farewell Address) AAS 


Joseph Fry, 1796 

Carter & Wilkinson, 1793-1799 

Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1800 

Allen, Paul, jun. An Oration, Fourth of July. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Surges, Tristam. The Cause of Man ; Commencement. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

BuRRiLL, George R. An Oration, Association of Mechanics. April 11. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

Doggett, Simeon, jun. Concerning the Way to Eternal Life. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Exhibitions, Comic and Experimental. November 18. Broadside. 


By His Excellency Arthur Fenner. Benjamin Bourn having (resigned) 
elect a Representative. Fourth of November. Broadside. RIHS 

Catalogue of Books in the Gloucester United Library. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Hitchcock, Enos. The Parent's Assistant. Third Edition 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 
HoLMAN, Nathan. A Funeral Oration, death of Mr. Alva Spalding. 

— Fry BU 


Providence, November (5) Brother, You are requested to attend the 
Funeral of John Francis. B. Wheeler, Sec. Broadside. Rider 

Maxcy, Jonathan. A Discourse, Doctrine of Atonement. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

A Funeral Sermon, James Manning. Second Edition. 

— Wheeler RIHS 
A Sermon preached September 14, Dedication of the Meeting- 

House in Cumberland. — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Pope, Alexander. An Essay on Man. —Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

The Providence Gazette — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

General Assembly. May. — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

June 18, dissent from the Estimate —Wheeler RIHS 

Circular. Providence, June 29th. Gentlemen, The Freemen of 

Providence dissent from the Estimate. Broadside. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

Providence, July 27. Gentlemen, eight Towns, of the new Estimate. 

Broadside. RIHS 
At a Convention of Delegates from Eight Towns, Fifteenth of 

August. RIHS 

October. An Act directing the Mode of choosing Representa- 

tives. Broadside. — Carter & Wilkinson 
Rhode Island College. Commencement September 7 (order of Ex- 
ercises). Broadside. — Carter & Wilkinson BU 
Viro Amplissimo, Jabez Bowen. (Theses). Broadside. 

— Carter & Wilkinson BU 

ROLLIN, Charles. The Life of Alexander the Great. —Wheeler RIHS 

Rules for House-Carpenters Work in Providence. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Sheridan, Thomas. A Course of Lectures on Elocution. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

State Gazette —Published by Joseph Fry RIHS 

No. I, January 4 ; No. 52, July 2. 
Twamley, J. Dairying Exemplified. First American Edition. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

United States Chronicle —Wheeler RIHS 

Washington, George. Address, Announcing his Resolution to Retire. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1797. By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1797 By Elisha Thornton & Eliab 
Wilkinson. — Carter & Wilkinson RIHS 

Wheeler's North-American Calendar, for 1797. —Wheeler RIHS 



Nathaniel Phillips, 1792-1800 

Ellery, Abraham Redwood. An Oration, July 4th. RIHS 

Herald of the United States 

General Assembly. February; June; October. RIHS 

June. An Act for granting Twenty Thousand Dollars. RIHS 

June. Be it enacted, that Two Representatives be elected. Broad- 
side. (Probably by Phillips.) 
Phillips's United States Diary, for 1797. RIHS 

1797 • 

Henry Barber, 1779-1800 

The Newport Mercury RIHS 

Marchant, William. An Oration, Fourth of July. RIHS 


Carter & Wilkinson, 1793-1799 
Bennett Wheeler, 1 779-1800 
All, with five exceptions, by Carter & Wilkinson 

Allen, Benjamin. An Oration, Commencement RIHS 

Allen, Paul. An Oration, Commencement RIHS 

Arnold, Josias Lyndon. Poems RIHS 

Bridgham, Samuel W. An Oration, Commencement RIHS 

BuRGES, Tristam. Solitude and Society, Philological Society. RIHS 

BuRRiLL, George R. An Oration. Fourth of July. RIHS 

Divine Oracles. In Letters to a Son. — Wheeler RIHS 

Dodge, Paul. A Poem, Commencement RIHS 
The Elephant, will just stay to give the Citizens an Opportunity to see 

him. Broadside. Rider 

This was also printed with a cut of the Elephant. RIHS 

The Evidence and Import of Christ's Resurrection — Wheeler RIHS 

Hitchcock, Enos. A New-Year's Sermon. RIHS 

The Providence Gazette RIHS 

The Providence Gazette Extraordinary. Saturday, May 20. RIHS 
Rhode Island. To the Freemen, Elisha R. Potter, having (resigned) 

elect a Representative, 24 July. Broadside. RIHS 
November 6. The following are the Allowances of the Militia. 

Broadside. RIHS 

General Assembly. October ; An Act for furnishing the Militia. 

Broadside. RIHS 


We the Subscribers do voluntarily inlist, October. Broadside. 

Rhode Island College. Commencement, September 6, (Order of Ex- 
ercises). Broadside. BU 

Illustrissimo Jabez Bowen. (Theses) Broadside. 

Thompson, Otis. A Poem, Rhode-Island College. December 27. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

Funeral Oration, Eliab Kingman. Arnold 

United States Chronicle — Wheeler RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1798 By Isaac Bickerstaff. 


The Rhode-Island Calendar for 1798 By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— for Joseph J. Todd RIHS 
Wheeler's North- American Calendar for 1798. — Wheeler RIHS 

Nathaniel Phillips, 1 792-1800 

Herald of the United States 

By His Excellency Arthur Fenner. A Proclamation. Thirtieth Novem- 
ber a Day of Thanksgiving. Broadside. RIHS 
General Assembly. February; May; June; October; December. 


October. An Act for granting Twenty Thousand Dollars. RIHS 

Thurber, Laban. The Young Ladies' & Gentlemen's Preceptor. RIHS 
Phillips's United States Diary: for 1798. RIHS 



Henry Barber, 1779-1800 

H. & O. Farnsworth, 1798-1799 

The Companion ; and Commercial Centinel 

No. I, May 2, is at AAS — Farnsworth 

The Newport Mercury —Barber RIHS 

Rhode Island. The Public Laws passed since January, 1798. 

— F arnswor th RIHS 

General Assembly. June. An Act for calling out the Militia. Broad- 
side. — Barber RIHS 

October. An Act for granting Twenty Thousand Dollars. Broad- 
side. — Farnsworth 

Shaw, Josiah C. An Oration, July 4th. —Farnsworth RIHS 

The Constitution of the United States — Farnsworth (Hammett) 



Carter & Wilkinson, 1793-1799 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779- iSoo 
All, except as noted, by Carter & Wilkinson 

Allen, Paul. An Oration, Federal Adelphi. — Wheeler RIHS 

Andros, Thomas. A reference occasioned by the death of his wife. 

—Wheeler RIHS 
Beneficent Congregational Church. A Short Catechism. 

—Wheeler RIHS 
Bridgham, Samuel W. An Oration, Fourth of July. RIHS 

To the Freemen, John Brown will accept. Providence, Aug. 20. Broad- 
side. RIHS 
Clarke, Abraham L. The Catechism of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church. RIHS 
Dexter, Andrew, jun. An Oration, Commencement RIHS 
By His Excellency Arthur Fenner, A Proclamation. Whereas, the 
printed laws shall be in full force. Broadside. RIHS 
Maxcy, Jonathan. An Address, Commencement, September 5. RIHS 

A Sermon, death of Welcome Arnold. RIHS 

The Charter of the Providence Association Of Mechanics and Manu- 
facturers. — Wheeler RIHS 
The Providence Gazette RIHS 
President's Speech. Saturday Evening, December 15. Broad- 
side. RIHS 
Rhode Island. The Public Laws. RIHS 
Instructions for principal Assessors, Providence, 5th November. Broad- 
Sir, Your being a member of the Gen. Assembly, the medical Art has 
been rising. Broadside. RIHS 
Dated in manuscript, Jan. 25th, 1798. 
General Assembly. June. — Wheeler RIHS 
Rhode Island College. Catalogus eorum qui in Collegio BU 

Commencement (Order of Exercises.) Broadside. BU 

Exhibition, in College Chapel, 22 August, by Part of Junior and 

Sophomore Classes. Broadside. BU 

Exhibition, 5 December, Senior Class. Broadside. 

—Wheeler BU 
Illustrissimo Jabez Bowen (Theses). Broadside. — Wheeler BU 

Thompson, Otis. An Oration, Commencement. RIHS 

United States. Circuit Court. Declaration. Rhode-Island District. 

Nathaniel Russel vs John Innis Clark. RIHS 

Perhaps printed in Philadelphia. 

United States Chronicle — Wheeler RIHS 


Webb, Conrade. Union Considered, An Oration, Commencement. 

— Wheeler BU 

Wilson, James. Apostolic Church Government. —Wheeler RIHS 
The New-England Almanack for 1799 By Isaac Bickerstaff. RIHS 

Nathaniel Phillips, 1 792-1800 

Herald of the United States 

General Assembly. January; May. RIHS 

Sanger, Zedekiah. A Sermon, ordination of Samuel Watson. RIHS 


Henry Barber, 1779-1800 
H. & O. Farnsworth, 1798-1799 
Oliver Farnsworth, 1799-1800 

Laws of the Marine Society. — Barber (Hammett) 

The Newport Mercury —Barber RIHS 

General Assembly. October, 1798. —H. & O. Farnsworth RIHS 
February: May; June; October. 

— O. Farnsworth RIHS 
Acts made and passed, February ; May ; June. 

— O. Farnsworth RIHS 

To the Hon. General Assembly, June. The memorial of the 

Providence Association of Mechanicks for the Support of free 
schools. — Farnsworth RIHS 

Weekly Companion — Farnsworth 

RIHS has the issue for June 15. 
Newport Almanac, for 1800. —Farnsworth RIHS 

The New-England Calendar for 1800. By Eliab Wilkinson. 

— Printed (at Warren) for Jacob Richardson RIHS 


Carter & Wilkinson, 1 793-1 799 
John Carter, jun., 1799-1801. 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1803 

Allen, Paul, jun. An Oration, Election of the Independent Companies. 

— Carter RIHS 

Burges, Tristam. The Art of Excelling, Federal Adelphi. 

— Carter RIHS 

War, Necessary, Just and Beneficial. —Wheeler RIHS 


Clarke, Abraham L. The Secrets of Masonry, September 3d. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

By His Excellency Arthur Fenner. A Proclamation. Thanksgiving, 
28th November. Broadside. —Carter RIHS 

Hitchcock, Enos. A Sermon, ordination of Elisha Fisk. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

HowLAND, John. A Lecture, Providence Association of Mechanics. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

The Masonic Burial-OfRce of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island. 

— Carter RIHS 

Maxcy, Jonathan. An Oration, Fourth of July. —Carter RIHS 

Messer, Asa. A Discourse, Sunday preceding Commencement. 

— Carter RIHS 

New Ohio Lands. And Title Indisputable. Providence, May 11. Broad- 
side. RIHS 
Providence, April 13, Sir, George Brown is a Candidate. Broadside. 

The Providence Gazette — Carter RIHS 

The Providence Journal No. i, January 2. — Carter RIHS 

Charter of the Providence Insurance Company. —Wheeler RIHS 
Charter, Laws, &c. of the Providence Marine Society. 

—Wheeler RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Commencement, September 4, (Programme) 

Broadside. — Carter Rider 

lUustrissimo Jabez Bowen (Theses) Broadside. — Carter BU 

Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Ebenezer Jenckes, and Freelove, his Wife. 
Broadside. RIHS 

Congress of the I/^ited States. Acts, Third Session. — Carter JCB 
United States Chronicle — Wheeler RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for 1800. By Isaac Bickerstaff 

— Carter RIHS 


Nathaniel Phillips, 1792-1S00 

Herald of the United States 

The Charter and By-Laws of the Warren Library Society. RIHS 

An Act to incorporate Washington Lodge No. 3 in Warren. 

Broadside. Haile Library, Warren 

The New-England Calendar for 1800. By Eliab Wilkinson. 

Haile Library, Warren 

An edition of this was also printed for Jacob Richardson of 

Newport. RIHS 



Henry Barber, 1779-1800 
Oliver Farns worth, 1799-1800 

Beckley, John James. Address to the People, with the Life of Thomas 
Jefferson. — Farnsworth Rider 

Briggs, John. An Oration Feb. nth, death of Washington. 

— Barber (Hammett) 

Burroughs, Peleg. An Oration Feb. 22d, death of Washington. 

— Barber (Hammett) 
Dehon, Theodore. Discourse, Death of Washington. —Barber JCB 
The Guardian of Liberty —Farnsworth RIHS 

No. I, October 3, is in the New York Public Library. 
Memory of Washington. — Farnsworth RIHS 

The New England Primer —Farnsworth (Hammett) 

The Newport Mercury — Barber Redwood 

Patten, William. A Discourse, interment of Dr. Isaac Senter. 

— Barber RIHS 

A Discourse, death of Washington —Barber RIHS 

The above were issued with a common foretitle ; Mr. Patten's 
Two Discourses, December 29, 1799. 

Proposals for printing two Sermons by Patten. Broadside. 

General Assembly. February ; May ; June ; October. 

— Farnsworth RIHS 

June. The following list of Officers was omitted in the Schedule. 

. JCB 
Acts made and passed, October, 1799-October, Ifeoo. 

— Farnsworth RIHS 

The Rhode Island Republican —Farnsworth 

The Weekly Companion —Farnsworth 

The Newport Almanack for 1801. —Farnsworth RIHS 

The Rhode-Island Almanac for 1801. — Farnsworth RIHS 

There were two issues. 

The New-England Calendar for 1801. —Farnsworth for Richardson 



John Carter, jun., 1799-1801 
Bennett Wheeler, 1779-1803 
Samuel J. Williams, 1800- 

Allen, Paul. An Oration before the Federal Adelphi. 

— Wheeler RIHS 


Atwell, Amos Maine. An address before Mt. Vernon Lodge. 

— Carter RIHS 

BuRGES, Tristam, The Spirit of Independence. —Wheeler RIHS 

BuRRiLL, George R. An Oration, death of Washington. 

— Carter RIHS 

Clarke, Abraham L. A Discourse, death of Washington. 

— Carter RIHS 

Catalogue of Henry Cushing's Circulating Library. —Wheeler RIHS 
Eddy, Zechariah. Philandrianism in Raynham. —Wheeler RIHS 

By His Excellency Arthur Fenner, A Proclamation. 27th November, 
Thanksgiving. Broadside. RIHS 

Friends, Society of. From our Meeting at Providence, 5th Month. 

Gano, Stephen. A Sermon, death of Washington. —Carter RIHS 

Undissembled Love, Discourse before the Masons. 

-Williams RIHS 

Hitchcock, Enos. A Discourse, Washington, February 22. 

— Carter RIHS 

A Funeral Sermon, Mrs. Sarah Bowen. —Carter RIHS 

Impartial Observer. No. i, August 4; No. 26, January 26, 1801. 

— Williams RIHS 

Maxcy, Jonathan. Reasons, decease of Mrs. Gano, December 14. 

— Carter RIHS 

Charter of North-Kingston Academy. RIHS 

Pope, John. Certificates of Cures in Cancerous Cases. 

— Wheeler Rider 

The Providence Gazette — Carter RIHS 

New-Year Verses, By the Carrier of the Gazette, William Gerrish, 

January i, 1800. Broadside. 
The Providence Journal —Carter RIHS 

The Constitution or Deed of Settlement, Providence Mutual Fire In- 
surance Company. — Carter Rider 
Schedule of the Expences of Town of Providence, September 6. Broad- 
side. — Carter RIHS 

Rhode Island College. Catalogue, October. Broadside. 

— Carter BU 

Commencement, September 3. (Order of Exercises) Broadside. 

— Carter BU 

Illustrissimo Jabez Bowen, (Theses). Broadside. — Carter BU 

Russell, Jonathan. Oration, July 4. —Wheeler RIHS 

Thompson, Otis. A Sermon, Funeral of Capt. Jonathan Bliss. 

— Wheeler Arnold 


United States Chronicle —Wheeler RIHS 

Charter of the Washington Insurance Company. — Wheeler RIHS 

Wilson, James. Substance of a Discourse on Washington. 

— Wheeler RIHS 

The New-England Almanack for i8oi. By Isaac Bickerstaff. 

— Carter RIHS 


Nathaniel Phillips, 1 792-1800 

Herald of the United States 

Charter and By-Laws of the Kentish Guards. RIHS 

Russell, Jonathan. Oration, July 4th. RIHS 

The Charter of the Warren Insurance Company G. L. Cooke 


An Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors. See 1754. 

The Charter of the Artillery Company of Newport. See 1792. Rider 
Lord Camden's Speech on the New-England Fishery-Bill. Broadside. 
See 1775. — Southwick Newport HS 

(3 cuts) Children in the Woods. Broadside poem. 1798 or 1799. 

— H. & O. Farnsworth Newport HS 

(3 cuts) The Happy Child. Broadside poem. 1798 or 1799 

— H. & O. Farnsworth Newport HS 
(3 cuts) Verses made on the sudden Death of Six Young Women. Broad- 
side. — H. & O. Farnsworth Newport HS 

Smaller than the two issues listed under 1782. 
A Confession of Faith, Set forth by Baptists who own Universal Re- 
demption. RIHS 
The Justly celebrated Mrs Sophie Hume's Advice. Broadside. 

— Southwick (Hammett) 

Imported from London & Bristol, and to be Sold Cheap by Jacob Rich- 
ardson & Company — Newport, in Brenton's Row. Broadside. 

Rdpublique Fran(jaise. Vice Consulat de Rhode-Island. Fait k New- 
Port, le present certificat. Broadside. Rider 
Republique Frangaise Vice-Consul de la Republique Francaise a New- 
port. Certifie que la Signature au bas de Tacte annexe. Broadside. 


Wisdom. A Poem. See 178S. 



( ) After which, Dancing on the Tight Rope, By Mons. Placide 

and Tronche. Broadside. RIHS 

By His Excellency the Governor. Instructions to the Commanders of 
Private Ships or Vessels of War, authorising them to make Captures 
of British Vessels and Cargoes. Broadside. RIHS 

These were issued in 1779. 

A Candid Address, To The Freemen of the State On The Subject Of 
The Approaching Election. Broadside. — John Carter, jun. Rider 

A List of the Names of Sons and Daughters, of the Family of John 
Carter. Broadside. C. A. Crawford 

Printed not long after November 9, 1785. 

In Memory of Capt. John Crawford, lost at Sea, 1746, (and) Abijah 
Crawford, 1774. Broadside. C. A. Crawford 

Carter & Wilkinson's Circulating Library, opposite the Market- 
House. Bookplate. RIHS 
Carter & Wilkinson's Catalogue of Books is entered under 1794. 

The Prodigal Daughter. See 1768. 

Songs. See 1768. —Waterman & Russell 

Sir, The Medical Art has been rising. See 1798. 

Waterhouse, Benjamin. Heads of a Course of Lectures, Natural 
History. Broadside. —Wheeler RIHS 

Professor Waterhouse taught at Rhode-Island College between 
17S4 and 1791. 


No. District and Port of Newport 

I Collector of Broadside. Haile Library, Warren 

An Act to incorporate Washington Lodge No. 3 in Warren. 

Haile Library, Warren 
Probably printed in 1799. 



Note. — The figures refer to the year under which the entry will be 
found. The letters N, P, and W show that the title in question was 
printed at Newport, Providence or Warren. Titles not dated are indi- 
cated by ND, and will be found on pages 74-75. 

Adams, John 
Ordination 1728 

Adams, Samuel, Portrait. . .N1775 

Addison, Joseph 

Cato P1779, P1780 

Address to People of N. E. 

Aplin 1753 

Beckley NlBOO 

Adelos on Salvation P1786 

Advantages of Marriage 
Johnson N1765 

Advantages of Repentance 

N1772, P1780, N1787 

Alexander, Caleb, Emmons on 


Alleghany Hermit.Buckland P1787 

Allen, Benjamin 
Commencement Oration. . .P1797 

Allen, Paul 

On Howell P1792 

July 4 Oration P1796 

Commencement Oration. . . P1797 
Federal Adelphi. . .P1798, PI8OO 
Militia Election P1799 

Allen, Timothy 
Sermons P1765 


Poor Robin.... 1727-29, 1731-34, 

Maxwell 1730 

Staflford 1736-37 

Shepherd 1749-54, 1757 

Whitefield 1759 

West P1762-67, 1769-84, 1786 

Ames N1763-67 

Weatherwise P1768 

Anderson.. N1771-76, 1780, 1794-5 

Calendrier N1780 

Bickerstaff P1780-1800 

Partridge P1784-85 

Freebetter N1787 

Thornton.. N1787-91, W1792-93, 

Wheeler 1787-97 

Poor Richard N1788 

Almanacs, {cotitinued) 

Stover N1790 

Phillips W1792-1797 

Farnsworth N1799-1800 

Wilkinson W1799 

Richardson NI8OO 

American Chronicles P1774 

Ames, Nathaniel 
Astronomical Diary. .N1763-1767 

L' Amour Paternel, Lafayette 


Anderson, John 
Almanack N1771-1775 

Andros, Thomas 

On Crane P1795 

On his Wife P1798 

Anthony, Susannah 

Nature of Christianity 1754, 


Aplin, John 

On Walton 1737 

y^ddress 1753 

Mayhew Verses P1763 


School Committee on P1786 

Sterry's Mathematics P1790 

Wilkinson's Calculator P1795 

Arminius, James, Sketch of .P1793 

Arnold, Josias Lyndon, Poems 


Arnold, Welcome ; Maxcy on 


Atwell, Amos M., at Mt. Vernon 
Lodge P1800 

Auchmuty, Queries put, etc... 1734 

Avery, David, Emmons on . . P1786 

Backus, Isaac 

Spritual Ignorance P1763 

Letter to Lord P1764 

Family Prayer N1766 

Gospel Comfort P1769 

Doctrine P1771 

Reply to Holly N1772 

Bridgewater Address P1779 


Backus, Isaac {continued) 

Universal Salvation P1782 

Church History P1784 

Testimony of Two P1786 

Badger, Moses 

Masonic Funeral P1792 

Balch, Thos. 

Ordination of Son P1769 

Bank, National 

Morris on P1781 

Providence P1791 

Baptist Confession ND 

Barclay, Robert 

Apology 1729 

Catechism 1752 

Bartlet, Moses, on Rogers 1742 

Bates, Benjamin 

Electrical Fire 1752 

Bass, Benjamin, Sermon 1730 

Baylies, Wm., on Wells P1794 

Beach, John 

Sermon 1745 

Beaven, Samuel 

Religious Liberties 1753 

Beaven, Thomas 

Essay 1736 

Beckley, J. J., on Jefferson . .N1800 
Belknap, Abraham 

Stop Thief P1787 

Benevolent Congregational Society 

Incorporation P1771 

Beneficent Church Catechism P1798 
Benezet, Anthony 

Spelling Book P1782, P1789 

Berquin, Arnaud 

Looking Glass P1794 

Bicheno, J. 

Signs P1794 

Address to Jews P1795 

Bilpay, Fables of N1784 

Bisset, George 
Funeral of Mrs. Wanton.. N1771 

False Apostle N1773 

Bliss, Capt. Jonathan 

Thompson on P1800 

Bolles, Joseph 

Answer P1763 


Fire 1760 

Port Bill N1774 

Bourne, Benjamin 

Bristol P1785 

Resignation P1796 

Bours, John, on Sayre N1789 

Bowen, Jabez, on Paying Interest 

Bowen, Sarah; Hitchcock on, P1800 
Bowers, Mary ; Smith on P1793 

Bowler, Chas. 

Conduct of Friends 1758 

Bowler, Metcalf, on Agriculture 

Bridgham, S. W. 
Commencement Oration. . . P1797 

July 4 Oration P1798 


Backus' Address P1779 

Briggs, John, on Washington N1800 

Earthquake 1755 

Stiles at Convention N1762 

Bourne's Account P1785 

Brown University — See College 
Brown, Clarke 

Bookseller N1766 

Brown, Elisha 

Reflections 1759 

Declaration P1767 

Brown, George 

Political Circular P1799 

Brown, John 

Nomination P1798 

Brown, Moses, on Shepard . .P1793 
Brown, Nicholas 

Stillman oil P1791 

Brown, Obadiah 

In memory of P1762 

Buchan, Wm. 

Fleecy Hosiery P1795 

Buckland, John, on Alleghany 

Hermit P1787 

Buckner, Samuel 

American Sailor N1790 

Burges, Bartholomew 

Seaman's Journal N1788 

Burges, Tristam 
Commencement Oration.. .P1796 

Philological Society P1797 

Federal Adelphi & War..Pl799 

Independence P1800 

Burgoyne, John 

Proclamation -N 1777 

Speeches N1778 

Burke, Aedanus 

On Cincinnati N1783 

Bulkly, John, Reply to 1731 

Bundle of Myrrh N1763 

Burrill, George R. 

July 4 Oration P1797 

Burrill, Geo. R. 

Mechanics Oration P1796 

On Washington P1800 

Burt, John 

Earthquake Sermon 1755 

Quebec Sermon 1759 


Burroughs, Peleg 

On Washington NI8OO 

Burr, Aaron 

Latin Grammar P1794 

Buy the Truth P1764 

Byles, Thomas 

True Reasons 1728 

C, S. 

Book for Children N1769 

Cadogan, Wm., on Gout P1785 

Callender, John 

Earlv ReHgion 1742 

On Clap 1746 

Campliell, Ebenezer 

Bookseller N1771 

Campbell, Othniel 

Installment 1747 

Caner, Henrj' 

S'ermon 1745 

On Liturgy 1748 

Care, Henry 

English Liberties P1774 

Carpenters, Rules for P1796 

Carter, John 

Sons and Daughters ND 

Cassem, Life of N1788 

Census P1782 

Charleston, Attack on P1779 

Chandler, Wm. 

Survey of Narragansett 1741 

Chastellux, Marquis de 

Voyage N1781 

Chesterfield, Lord 

Letters P1779 

Child, William, of Johnston .P1793 

Hymns W1795 

Children in the Woods, Poem. .ND 
Choice Drop of Honey 

Wilcox N1770 

Chronicle of Kings, Dodsley . .1744 
Church, Benjamin 

King PhiHp's War N1772 

Cincinnati, Order of the 

Burke on N1783 

Hitchcock's Discourse .... P1786 
Clap, Nathaniel 

With Parkman 1738 

Duty Urged 1740 

Callender on 1746 

Clarke, A. L. 

Masonic Discourse P1794 

Episcopal Catechism P1798 

Secrets of Masonry P1799 

On Washington PI8OO 

Clark, John Innis 

Against Russell P1798 

Clinton, Gov. Geo. 
Constitutional Amendments 


Clinton, Sir Henry N1776 

Coffin, Capt N1783 


Charter N1764 

First Commencement N1769 

Subscription Blank N1764 

Subscribers P1769 

Meeting P1770 

Commencement Programmes 


Commencement Theses.. .N1769 

P1770-1774, 1776, 1786, 

P1788-1792, 1794-1800 

Exhibition Programmes.. .P1798 

Catalogue P1775, 1778, 1781, 

P1786, 1789, 1795, 1798, 1800 

Laws P1793 

Lectures by Fobes P1790 

" " Waterhouse ND 

Library Catalogue P1793 

Covimencement Addresses 

Allen, B P1797 

Allen, P P1797 

Bridgham P1797 

Burges P1796, 1799 

Dexter P1798 

Maxcy P1794, 1798 

Messer P1799 

Thompson P1798, 1799 

Webb P1798 

Federal Adelphi Orations 

Allen P1798, 1800 

Burges P1799 

Funeral Discourses 

Park on Merrick P1788 

Russell on Hayward P1790 

Fobes and Maxcy on Manning 

Allen on Howell P1792 

Baylies on Wells P1794 

Simons on Edwards P1795 

Holman on Spalding P1796 

Maxcy on Manning P1796 

Thompson on Kingman.. .P1797 
Maxcy on Arnold P1798 


Maxcy P1787 

Dodge and Thompson P1797 


Coman, Wm., Reward for 

Johnston P1788 

Compendium Pharmaceuticum 


Confirmation of Toulon P1794 

Confederation, Articles of. . .P1777 
Constitution of U. S. .P1787, N1798 

Amendments P1788, N1790 

Ratification N1790 

Coombe, Thomas 

Sermon N1775 

Cooper, T. R P1763 

Cornwallis, Surrender of. N&P1781 

Council of War P1779-1781 

Court at Punch Hall 

N1770, P1774, W1794 
Crane, Capt. John ; Andros on 

Crawford, John, Inscription . . .ND 

The Crisis N1775 

Crisp, Stephen 

Short History N1770 

Crown Point, Sermon against. 1755 
Cumberland Meeting House 

Maxcy at P1796 

Cushing, Henry 

Library Catalogue PI8OO 

Cutler, Manasseh 

Ohio Map N1788 


Griffith ; Newest P1788 

Assembly Rules P1792 

Davies.Samuel; of Salvation P1793 
Davies, Thomas 

Christmas Sermon P1765 

Dayton, Ebenezer, Poems. . .N1769 
Declaration by United Colonies 

Declaration of Independence 

Dehon, Theodore 

On Washington NI8OO 

Defence of Halifax Letter 

Howard N1765 

Dewsbury, William, Sermon P1768 
Dexter, Andrew 

Commencement Oration. . .P1798 
Dialogue between Governor and 

Freeman N1762 

Dickinson, James P1793 

Dickinson, Jonathan 

Infant Baptism P1763 


Ordination of Smith N1772 

Divine Oracles P1797 

Dixson, John, execution of . .P1784 

Doddridge, Philip 

Three Sermons P1789 

Sermons P1792 

Regeneration P1794 

Dodge, Paul 
College Poem P1797 

Dodsley, Robert 

Chronicle 1744 

Toy Shop P1794 

Oeconomy P1795 

Doggett, Simeon 
Eternal Life P1796 

Downer, Silas 
Liberty Tree P1768 

Drowning, Verses on .N1782&N.D. 

Dudley, Elias, Emmons on..Pl791 

Earle, John, Reply to 1730 

Eddy, Zechariah, at Rajmham 


Edwards, Jonathan 

Slave Trade P1792 

Edwards, Morgan 
New-Year's-Gif t N1770 

Edwards, Thomas, Simons on 


Electrical Fire 1752 

Ellery, A. R. 
July 4 Oration W1796 

Ellery, Wm. 
To Freemen P1775 

Ellis, James 
Rehoboth Narrative W1795 

Ellis, John 
Installation P1785 

Ellis, Jonathan 
Against French 1755 

Emmons, Nathaniel 

Of Salvation P1783 

On Alexander & Avery.. P1786 

Franklin Discourse P1787 

On Harris & Robinson. . . .P1789 
Reformation of Morals.. .P1790 
On Dudley P1791 

Episcopal Church 

Smith's Convention Discourse 

Clarke's Catechism P1798 

Evidence of Resurrection . . .P1797 

Extracts, Proceedings of Congress 


Fall of British Tyranny 

Laycock P1776 

A Father's Legacy 

Gregory P1780, P1782 

Faults on All Sides 

Honeyman 1728 


Fearon, Jane. P1793 

Federal Adelphi 

Allen P1798. 1800 

Burges P1799 

Federal Convention P1787 

Federal Lands, Map 

Cutler N1788 

Fellowship Club 1752 

Penning, Daniel 

Spelling Book P1784 

Fielding. John 
On Alleghany Hermit. .. .P1787 

Fire Cluks and Societies 

Hand in Hand 1750 

United N1783, P1786 

Star N1785, N1796 

Amicable P1785 

Fish, Elisha 

On Stamp Act P1767 

Fish, Joseph 

On Vinal 1747 

On Crown Point 1755 

Fisk, EHsha ; Hitchcock on . . P1799 

Fiske, Nathan 

On Foster P1779 

Fitch, Elijah 
Poem P1789 

Fobes, Peres 

On Dixson P1784 

Lectures P1790 

On Manning P1791 

Youth P1794 

Foster, Benjamin 

On Daniel N1787 

Foster, Jedediah 
Fiske on P1779 

Foster, Theodore P1781 

Foster Library P1781 

Fothergill, Samuel 

Two Discourses N1768 

Sermon N1773 

Sermon N1773 

Fox, George 

Spelling 1737, N1769 

Fox, John 
Door of Heaven 1731 

Emmons' Discourse at P1787 

Francis, John 
Masonic Funeral P1796 

Freeman's Dialogue N1762 

French Passports ND 

Fresh Advices 

March 16, May 28 P1775 

Jan. 5, Sept. 25 P1777 

Feb. 26 P1781 

A Friendly Address 

By Lee N1775 

By Clergy P1794 

Friendly Address 

Friends, Society of 
Meetings for Sufferings. .P1779 
P1782, 1787, 1800 

Epistle from Dublin P1779 

Epistle from London Pl780 


Representation to Pennsylvania 


Book of Discipline P1785 

Slavery Petition P1788 

Frothingham, Ebenezer 

Articles of Faith 1749 

Baptism N1769 

Fuller, John 
On Hutchens N1774 

Fuller, Samuel 
On Quakers N1769 

G. G. Divinity 1754 

Gano, Stephen 

On Washington and Masons 

Gaspee Proclamations N1772 

Song P1772 

Gavin, Antonio 

On Popery N1773 

Gerrish, Wm. 

Verses P1800 

Gesner, Salomon 

On Abel N1787 

Glas, John 

Songs P1787 

Glorious Intelligence 

Cornwallis N1781 

Glorious News 

Stamp Act N1766 

Gloucester Library Catalogue 

Goldsmith, Oliver 

Vicar of Wakefield P1792 

Grace of Our Lord 

Fothergill N1773 

Graham, John 

On Ward 1734 

Greene, William 

Proclamations 1746, 1751 

Gregory, John 

Father's Legacy. . .P1780, P1782 
Griffith, John 

Dances P1788 

Grouniosaw, J. A. Ukuwsau 

Narrative N1774, P1781 


Gubernatorial Collection N1779 

Gulliver Revived, by Raspe..Nl787 

H.. E. 
Answer to S wef t P1774 

Hale, Sir Matthew 

Some Considerations 1733 

Hall, Joseph 

Christian Disposition N1764 

Hancock, John 

On March 5 N1774 

Harvey, Edward 
Manual Exercise P1774 

The Happy Child ND 

Hamilton, Alexander 

Phocian N1784 

Hammett, John 

Vindication 1727 

Reply to Stone 1739 

Hand-in-hand Fire Club 1750 

Harden, Richard 
Answer to 1730 

Harris, Caleb 
Map P1795 

Harris, Walter 

Emmons on P1789 

Hart, Levi 

Lord on P1763 

On Smith N1772 

On Patten P1786 

On Wilder P1790 

Hayward, Nathan 

Russell on P1790 

Hedges, Bethiah 
Lottery 1733 

Hill, Samuel 

Engraver of Harris Map..Pl795 

Hiscox, Thomas 

Portrait N1773 

Historical Narrative 

Connecticut Churches P1781 

Hitchcock, Enos 

On Education P1785 

On Cincinnati P1786 

Oration, July 4....P1788, P1793 

Answer to a Question P1795 

Parents' Assistant P179G 

New Year's Sermon P1797 

OnFisk P1799 

On Washington and Mrs. Bowen 
Holly, Israel 

Backus's Reply to N1772 

Holman, Nathan 

On Spalding P1796 


Consolation from N1789 

Honeyman, James 

Faults 1728 

Portrait N1774 

Hopkins, Esek 

Reply to Taylor N1762 

To the PubHc P1763 

Hopkins, Samuel 

Stiles on N1770 

Rare Observations P1770 

Inquiry and Stiles N1773 

Freemen and Slavery N1776 

On the Future N1783 

Slave Trade P1793 

Hopkins, Stephen 

Albany Plan 1755 

Censure 1757 

Vindication of Sugars N1762 

To Freemen P1763 

Rights of Colonies P1765 

Nantucket Land N1770 

Horsley-Down Sermon 
Fothergill N1773 

Howard, Martin, jun. 

Letter from Halifax N1765 

Howell, George, Spy P1780 

Howell, R. W. 
Allen on P1792 

Howland, John 
Mechanics' Lecture P1799 

Hume, Sophia 

Caution N1771 

Advice ND 

Huntincrton, Joseph 

On Ellis Pl'J'85 

Hunter, Wm. 
Oration N1795 

Hutchens, Capt. Silas 
Fuller on N1774 

Hyde, Ephraim 

Stiles on P1767 

111 Policy of Imprisoning Debtors 


Important Advices 

March 1 P1794 

Important Intelligence 

August 23 P1777 

Charleston, S. C P1779 

Infant Baptism 
Sweft N1774 

Insolvent Debtors 1754 

Insurance Companies 

Providence Charter P1799 

Mutual Constitution P1800 

Washington Charter P1800 

Warren Charter W1800 


Jefferson, Thomas 

Beckley on NI8OO 

Jenckes, Ebenezer 

Inscription P1799 

Johnson, J. 

Marriage N1765 

Johnson, Simon P1781 

Johnson, Stephen 

On Fast N1766 

Johnson, Sir Wm. 

Letter 1755 

Johnston, Jacob 

Coman's Reward for P1788 

Johonnot, Jackson 

Adventures of P1793 

Judgment of Whole Kingdoms 

Somers N1774 

Judson, Ephraim 

On Strong P1789 


Town of Foster P1781 

R. L College P1793 

Carter & Wilkinson P1794 

Gloucester P1796 

Cushing's PI8OO 

Little Rest 
Execution of Mount N1791 

Looking Glass 
Berquin P1794 

Lord, Hezekiah 
Funeral P1763 

Lord, Benjamin 

On Hart and Lord P1763 

Presbyterian Parsonage.. .P1771 

Market House P1772 

Baptist Meeting House 

P1774, W1794 

Luxurj' and Extravagance .P1767 

Lyon, Elisha 

Styles on P1768 

Karigal, Haijm Isaac 

At Synagogue N1773 

Kentish Guards 

Charter WI8OO 

King Philip's War 

Church on N1772 

King's Church 

Organ P1771 

The King's Speech N&P1775 

Kingman, Eliab 

Thompson on P1797 

Kinnersley, Ebenezer 

On Electricity 1752 


Address to Canada N1780 

Lane, Ebenezer 

Wilder on P1790 

Late Advices 

April 13 P1775 

Latin Grammar 

Burr P1794 

Ross P1780 

Laycock, John P1776 

Lazell, Ebenezer 

Sanger on P1793 

Leacock, John P1776 

De La Roche 

From Quebeck 1754 

Lee, Charles 

Strictures N1775 

L'Maine, M. 

Letter to 1754 

Leonard, Abiel 

On Thanksgiving P1768 

Letter from Quebec 

La Roche 1754 

Letter from Halifax 

Howard N1765 

Liberties of Laity 

Richardson 1753 

Liberty Bridge P1773 

Liberty Tree Discourse 

Downer P1768 

MacGowan, John 

Priestcraft Defended N1770 

MacSparran, James 

At Naragansett 1741 

Convention Sermon 1747 

Sermon 1752 

Manchester, Job and Matthew 

Advertisement P1765 

Manning, James 

Fobes and Maxcy on P1791 

Manual Exercise 

Harvey P1774 


Federal Lands, Cutler. .. .N1788 

Rhode Island, Harris P1795 

Marchant. Wm. 

July 4 Oration N1797 

Maregreas, see Nearegreas 
Marietta, Ohio 

Varnum's Oration N1788 

Marine Societies 

Newport Laws.. . .N1785, N1799 

Providence Charter P1799 

Martin, Daniel 

Meditations P1770 


Martin, Hugh 

On Cancer N1784 

Masonic Fraternity 

Masonic Songs P1779 

Varnum's Oration P1779 

Truman's Oration P1782 

Oliver's Discourse P1784 

Smith's Discourse P1791 

Wheeler's Monitor P1791 

Badger's Funeral P1792 

Clarke's Discourse P1794 

Francis's Funeral P1796 

Clarke's Discourse P1799 

Burial Office P1799 

Washington Lodge W1799 

Atwell's Address PI8OO 

Gano's Discourse PI8OO 

Mather, Cotton 

Family ReHgion 1740 

Matthews, Mordecai 

Christians' Exercise 1738 

Maxcy, Jonathan 

Poem on America P1787 

On Manning P1791, P1796 

Commencement Address. .P1794 

Orations P1795 

Sermons P1796 

Commencement and Death of 

Arnold P1798 

July 4 Oration P1799 

On Mrs. Gano PI8OO 

Maxwell, Samuel 

Almanack 1730 

Case of 1750 

Maylem, John 

Louisburg Poem N1775 

Mechanics and Manufacturers, 
Association of 

Providence Charter P1789, 


Newport Charter N1792 

Wilson's Oration P1794 

Maxcy's Oration P1795 

Memorial for Schools.. . .N1799 

Rowland's Lecture P1799 

Medical. See Small Pox 

Compendium N1780 

Martin on Cancers N1784 

Cadogan on Gout P1785 

Prior on Tar Water P1793 

Stearns on Fever P1793 

Moore's Sketches P1794 

Wight on Phila. Fever.. W1794 

Pope on Cancers PI8OO 

Petition P1798 

Merrick, Nathan 

Park on P1788 

Messer, Asa 

Commencement Discourse P1799 
Militia Companies 

Newport Artillery Charter 


Light Infantry Charter. . .P1795 

Kentish Guards WI8OO 

Army Rules N1775 

Montagu, Lady Mary 

Letters P1766 

Montgomery, Wm. 

Smith on N1776 

Moore, John 

Medical Sketches P1794 

Morris, Gouverneur 

Observations P1780 

Morris, Robert 

On National Bank P1781 

Mors, Obadiah 

Counterfeiting 1742 

Morton, Nathaniel 

Memorial N1772 

Mount, Thomas 

Confession of N1791 

Mutual Fire Insurance Co. .PI8OO 

Hopkins's Land N1770 

Nature of Christianity P1792 

Nature of True Christianity 

1754, P1793 

Nearegreas, Edward 
Bookseller 1728 

Negro. See Slavery 

New England Almanac. See West 

New England Primer 

P1775, P1782, P1785, NI8OO 


Estates N1763 

Manufactures N1767 

Incorporated N1784 

Mercury.... 1758-1776, 1780-1800 


R. I. Gazette N1732-33 

Newport Mercury 1758-1776 

Providence Gazette. ... 1762-1825 

Newport Gazette 1777-1779 

Gazette Francaise N1781 

U. S. Chronicle P1784-1800 

Newport Herald N1787-1791 

Herald of U. S W1792-1800 

State Gazette Pl'796 

Weekly Companion. .N1799-1800 

Providence Journal P1799 

Guardian of Liberty NI8OO 

R. L Republican NI8OO 


Niles, Nathaniel 

Discourses N1773 

North Kingstown Academy .P1800 

Observations on Revolution 

Morris P1780 

Oeconomy of Life 
Dodsley P1795 

Official Intelligence 

Cornwallis P1781 

Ohio Company 

Articles N1788 

Varnum's Oration N1788 

Director's Meeting P1788 

Land Titles P1799 

Okey, Samuel 

Portraits N1774-1775 

Oliver, T. F. 

Masonic Discourse P1784 


Consolation from N1789 

Osborne, Sarah 

Nature of Christianity 

1754, P1793 

Packcom, Reuben 

Ardent Desire 1728 

Packcom, Timothy 
Letter 1741 

Paine, Solomon, Short View.. 1752 

Paine, Thomas 

Common Sense N&P1776 

Thoughts on Affairs N1776 

Large Additions N1776 

Paper Money 

Act 1751 

Act of Parliament 1755 

February 27 1756 

May 3; June 16; November 6 


Jan. 15; March; July; Sept. 5 


May 22 P1777 

June; July 2 P1780 

May N1786 

Depreciation Table. .. .N&P1763 

Currency Report P1779 

July 3; July 26 P1779 

Address of Congress P1779 

Draught of Act N1786 

Act to Stimulate P1786 

Act Suspending P1789 

Park, Thomas 

On Merrick P1788 

Parkman, Ebenezer 1738 

Parsons, Jonathan 
Smith's Reply to N1769 

Peckham, Thomas 

Petition N1791 

Penn, William 

Fruits 1749 

Extracts P1767 

Patten, William 

Hart on P1786 

On Slave Trade P1793 

Christianity W1795 

On Washington and Senter 

Pharmaceuticum Compendium 


Hamilton's Letter N1784 

Pirates Executed N1769 

Philo-Africanus Letter N1788 


Reply to Hopkins 1755 

Pilpay, Fables of N17S4 

Placide on the Tight Rope..ND 
Political Sermon on Love..Nl787 
Pollen, Thomas 

On Embarkation 1755 

Sermons 1758 


Trinity Church ..P1771 

Poor Robin. See Franklin 

Almanack 1727-1740 

Poor Job. See Shepherd 

Almanack 1749-1757 

Pope, Alexander 

Essay P1776, P1780, P1796 

Pope, John 

On Cancers P1800 

Practical Language Interpreted 

Smith W1792 

Prayer of Agur 

Fothergill N1773 

Prentiss, Thomas 

On Wight P1785 

Prentice, Wm. 

Escape of P1782 

Prevost, General P1779 

Prior, Thomas 

On Tar Water P1793 

Privateers' Instructions ND 

Prodigal Daughter P1768 

Promiscuous Singing 1739 


Gazette P1762-1800 

Library Catalogue P1768 

Market Lottery P1772 

Beacon P1775 

Town Expenses P1800 

Quakers. See Friends 


R. T., Cooper P1763 

Raspe, Rudolf Erich N1787 

Rathbun, Valentine. Shakers 


Raynham, Eddy at PI8OO 

Redwood Library N1764 


Case of Maxwell 1750 

Ellis' Lawsuit W1795 

Relly, James P1782 

Renowned Giles Gingerbread 


Rhode Island 

Acts and Laws.. 1730, 1745, 1752 
N1767, N1772 

Session Laws 1731,1732 

1736, 1737 
Schedules 1747-1800 

Rhode Island College. See College 

Rhode Island Gazette.. . .1732-1733 

Richard, Poor. See Almanacs 


Richardson, Jacob 
Advertisement ND 

Richardson, Wm. 

Liberties of Laity 1753 

Rights of Colonies 
Hopkins P1765 

Robin. See Poor Robin 

Robinson, John 

Emmons on P1789 

Rogers, John 

Letter 1742 

Servant of Christ 1754 

Looking-glass P1767 

Rogers, Wm., Bookseller. . .N1766 

Rollin, Charles 
Life of Alexander P1796 

Ross, Robert 
Latin Grammar P1780 

Rowland, David Sherman 

Stamp Act P1766 

Catholicism P1772 

Historical Remarks P1779 

Rum, Sir Richard 

N1770, P1774, W1794 

Russell, Jonathan 

OnHayward P1790 

On Washington WI8OO 

July 4 Oration P&WI8OO 

Russell, Nathaniel 
Against Clark P1798 


Second Spira N1768 

Saddi, Nathan Ben. See Dodsley 


St. John's Church 

New Organ P1771 

Incorporation P1795 

St. John's Lodge 

Badger's Funeral P1792 

Salzmann, C. C P1795 

Sanger, Zedekiah 

On Lazell ; Thomas ; & Wilson 

On Watson W1798 

Sayre, James N1789 

Schools. See Arithmetic, etc. 

Committee Report P1786 

Mechanicks' Memorial N1799 

Scott, Job P1793 

Senter, Isaac 

Patten on NI8OO 

Sessions, Darius 

On Wanton P1775 

Shakers, Society of 

Rathbun P1781 

Shaw, Josiah C. 

Oration N1798 

Shelton, Nathanael 

Apprehension of 1736 


Brown on P1793 

Sheperd or Shepherd, Job 

Almanack 1749-1754, 1757 

Sheridan, Thomas 

On Elocution P1796 

Shipley, Jonathan 

S. P. G. Sermon.. N1773, N1785 

Speech N1774 

Short History of Long Travel 

Crisp N1770 

Simons, B. B. 

On Edwards P1795 

Sisson, George 

Answer 1730 

Slave Trade 

Friends' Address P1787 

Philo-Africanus N1788 

Quaker Petition P1788 

AboHtion Society.. P1789, P1790 

Edwards on P1792 

Hopkins on N1773, P1793 

Patten on P1793 

Small Pox 

Inoculation P1776, P1778 

Smith, Abegal 1752 

Smith, Eunice W1792 

Smith, Hezekiah 

Reply to Parsons N1769 

Smith, John 

Hart on N1772 

On Mrs. Bowers P1793 


Smith, William 

On Montgomery N1776 

Soliloquy N1789 

Convention Discourse P1790 

Convict's Visitor N1791 

Masonic Discourse P1791 

On Usher P1793 

Snow, Deacon 
Letter read at 1742 

Some Arguments 
Smith W1792 

Somers, John 
Judgment N1774 

Songs P1768 

Spalding, Alva 

Holman on P1796 

Spelling Books 

Fox 1737, N1769 

Benezet P1782, P1789 

Penning P1784 

Squomicutite P1763 

Stafford, Joseph 
Almanack 1736, 1737 

Stanhope, Lord Chesterfield .P1779 

Stearns, Samuel 
On Fever P1793 

Sterry, Consider and John 
Mathematics P1790 

Stiles, or Styles, Abel 

Ordination of Hyde P1767 

Death of Lyon P1768 

Stiles, Ezra 

Ordination 1755 

Bristol Convention N1762 

Hopkins N1776 

African Mission N1773 

Black Freemen N1776 

Stiles, Isaac 
Ordination of Son 1755 

Story, Thomas 
Quaker Discourses P1769 

Stone, Nathaniel 

Hammett's Reply to 1739 

Stillman, Samuel 
On Brown P1791 

Fresh Advices from P1777 

Strong, Jonathan 
Judson on P1789 

Sweeting, Whiting 
Execution of P1794 

Sweft, J. 

Infant Baptism and Answer to 

Tammany Democratic Society 

Taylor, Geo. 

Hopkins' Reply to N1762 

Taylor, John 

Verbum P1768 


Court at Punch Hall N1770 

P1774, W1794 
Theatre in Providence 

(Circular) P1762 

September 16 Pl795 

Exhibitions P1796 

Elephant Pl797 

Placide & Tronche ND 

Thacher, Peter 

On Weld P1782 

Thomas, Nehemiah 

Sanger on P1793 

Thompson, J. 

Lost and Undone. .P1769, N1770 
Thompson, Otis 

College Poem P1797 

On Kingman P1797 

Commencement Oration. .P1798 

On Bliss P1800 

Thornton, John 

Death of P1794 

Tillinghast, George 

Oration P1794 


Campbell's Sermon 1747 


Recapture of P1794 

Townsend, Solomon 

Congregational Convention 

Trevett, John, against Weeden 

Tronche on the Tight Rope. . .ND 
Truman, Thomas 

Masonic Oration P1782 

Turner, Charles 

On Daman N1762 

Turn-Spit, Moses 

Modern Eloquence N1765 

Twamley, J. 

Dairying P1796 

Tweedy, John 

Drugs 1760 

Two Discourses 

Fothergill N1768 

Tyler, John 

At Pomfret P1771 

Usher, John 
Smith on P1793 


Varnum, James Mitchell 

Masonic Oration P1779 

Trevett vs. Weeden P1787 

At Marietta N1788 

Vinal, Wm. 

Ordination 1747 

On Braddock 1755 

Virgin's Advice 1730 

Walton, John 

Remarks 1731 

Aplin on 1737 

Wanton, Joseph 

To Freemen N1770, N1775 

Gaspee Proclamation N1772 

Sessions' Defence N1775 

Wanton, Mrs., Bisset on N1771 

Wanton, William 

True Representation 1733 

Ward, Edmund, Ordination. . .1734 

Ward, Henry, Prox for P1789 

Ward, Richard 

Conduct of 1733 

Escaped Counterfeiter 1742 

Ward, Samuel 

To Hopkins 1757 

To the Freemen 1758 

The Squomicutite P1763 

To the Public N1764 

Stamp Act Proclamation— N 1766 

To Enable Freemen N1767 

Warren Association 

South Brimfield P1781 

Providence P1782 

Warren Insurance Co W1800 

Warren, Joseph 
Oration, Portrait and Poem 

Washington Insurance Co. . . P1800 

Express from P1775 

Wharton's Epistle P1781 

Circular Letter N1783 

Visit to Providence...... P1790 

Thanksgiving Proclamation 


Farewell Address N&P1796 

Funeral Orations .....N&P1800 
Waterhouse, Benjamin 

College Lectures ND 

Watkinson, Edward 

Oeconomy N1765 

Watson, Richard, Apology. .P1794 
Watts, Isaac 

Hymns P1781 

Psalms P1781, P1782 

Songs N1773 

Weathersfield, Murders at..Pl783 

Weatherwise, Abraham 

New England Almanac 1768 

Webb, Conrade 
Commencement Oration.. .P1798 

Webb, John, Sermon 1728 

Webster, Noah 

American Selection N1789 

Weeden, John 

Case of Trevett P1787 

Weld, Habijah 

Thacher on P1782 

Well Wisher to Truth 1735 

Wells, John Whiting 

Bayhes on P1794 

Wesley, John, Dialogue N1774 

West, Benjamin 

Almanack P1762-1786 

On Venus P1769 

Wharton, C. H. 

On Washington P1781 

Whipple, Levi, Deposition. .. P1767 
Wheeler, Bennett 

Mason's Monitor P1791 

Whitaker, Nathaniel 

Sermon P1762 

White, Daniel, True Reasons. 1728 
Whitefield, Nathaniel 

Almanack 1759 

Wight, Henry 

Ordination P1785 

Sickness in Philadelphia.. W1794 
Wightman, Valentine 

Remarks 1731 

Wilder, John 

On Lane, and Hart on....Pl790 
Wilkinson, Edward, Poem..Nl788 
Wilkinson, Wm., Calculator. P1795 
Williams, Solomon. Sermon.. 1751 
Wilcox, or Wilcocks, Thomas 

Choice Drop N1770 

Wilson, James 

Sanger on P1793 

Oration P1794 

Apostolic Government P1798 

On Washington P1800 

Williams, Oliver, Lines on. .W1793 
Wilson, Rachel. Discourse. .N 1769 
Wilson, Samuel 

Scripture Manual N1772 

Winchester, Elhanan P1786 

Wisdom, a Poem 

Wilkinson ..._ N1788 

Woodward, Josiah 

Caution to Swearers N1768 

Zebulun Advised 





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