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Full text of "The Richardson memorial, comprising a full history and genealogy of the posterity of the three brothers, Ezekiel, Samuel, and Thomas Richardson, who came from England, and united with others in the foundation of Woburn, Massachusetts, in the year 1641, of John Richardson, of Medfield, 1679, of Amos Richardson, of Boston, 1640, of Edward and William Richardson, of Newbury, 1643, with notices of Richardsons in England and elsewhere .."

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AftnsoNy or MXDriXLD, x^, or amos uckabidso:;, . or 

B0CT03K» 1640, or ED«AU> AND WIU.IAM lUCK- 

AUMOX, or :cxwsrKT, x643* wrru noticxs 



AgrinidM^ quihu ifta^ fr^cui diietrdihu armis^ 
Ftmdk kmmo faSim vktum jusHssima uiiuil^ 

^^ ray. Omt. 

«. 4S^ 



' por- 

Pknmo rot ths Scmcubcm vi Bxowy Tuckston it Ca 

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C. £^ a descendaot of ibe fiimily of that name in Gilmantoa, N, 
H. She died in Ohio. 

Children : 

4602. Joseph Smith (Badicer), bw 1S12; rasides is Mendoh, ^. T. 

400:}. Francis Co^well (Badger), b. 1:^14: resides near CLoaveland, O. 

4604. Mary Jane (Badger), m. Kussell Frizzle; resides in Ohio. 

4005. Sarah (Badger), m. (jreorge Lochrop; resides in Oliio. 


RoswELL Richabdsok' (Davidy* Zehadiahy^ JSbefiezer* StfpA- 
«n,* Stepherij^ Samuel^)^ brother of the precedliig^; bom in rly- 
moathf Jf. H.,^une 24, 1T97; married, first, —; second, 
Louisa. — 



He resides in Tulare County, Caiiibrnia, 1875. 

Children, by first wife : 

Georj^ana Ann,' b. Ang. 10, ISG2; ml James P. Flagg, Juno 30, 

1871. They had: 

B'/streJl P. (Flacg), b. April IS, 1872; d. Nov. 235, 1872. 
Benjamin Frankllh,^ b. Oct 30. 1854. 
Gustams Adolphos,^ b. Jan. 12, 1S56. 





Hexbt Rxchabdsok^ (Davuly^ Zebadiahy^ JEbtnazer^* SUphen,* 
StepAenj^ Samuel^)y brother of the precediu^p, and son of David'* 
and Pollv Richardson; born in Plymouth, N. H^ xVpril 30, 1799; 
married JBEjotxah Badgbb, of Compton, C. £., .*>Lster of Ebeuezer 
Badger, the husband of Henr}''s sister, Sarah Richardson. 

He was a farmer, and spent his h'fe in Compton. He died Jan. 
17, 1858. The wife died Aug. 21, 1858. 

Their children were : 

4600. Joseph Barclay,' b; Dec. 31, 1810; m. Eliza Grace, of Boston. 
1842. He died in Compton, 3Xay 30, 1852. Children : 
470a Hannah £.* 
4701. Zouleae.* 
4702. Eliza.' b. Sept. 10, 1821; m. JnUus B. Hill, starch 10, 1830. 

4703. Cynthia (Hill), b. June 20, 1841 ; m. Nathaniel B. Smithy of 


4704. PercivrxMHill), b. Sept 24, 1851; m. Cordelia CoUins, of 
Lewiston, Me. 

Henry K.,» b. March 6, 1824; m. Martha Rujcrjr. 

^VllUam A.,» b. Xov. 21, 1S25: unm.; d. March 30, 1850. 

X.ydia A.,*b. Xov. 22, 1S2U; m. Juremiali CUeiley; resides in 
Barringtou. X. H. They have a son: 
John (Cheslev), b. June, 1S«>S. 

Charlotte C* hi April 15, 18:51; m. Horace P. Robie, 1852; re- 
sides in Fitchbur^c, 3Xass., 1875. 

Parsons Simitii,' b. June Id, lSO;i; unm.; in California. 

Sarah J.,» b. Dec. 20, 1835; m. Calvin D. Tower, 1S58. They rs- 
side in Worcester, Mass. One child: 
4711. Grace Eliza (Tower;, b. September, 1858. 
4712. Victoria A.," b. Xov. 10, 1837; m. Robert Xclson. They reside 
inBrockvilie, C.W. Children: Stella, WUliamy Grace, Elizay 

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MmuLM Snow Richabdso^t^ (David^* 2kbad%ahf Ebe^ieur^^ 
Seephfstij* SUphen^ Samud^)^ sister of the precedin<r; born in 
Danville, Yc, May 19, 1S04; married Wilixxm Bre^ax, of Irish 

They removed to Gloucester, C. W^ where both died. 

Their children were : 


Eliza Ann (Brennan), ) trrins, bom ) m. John McTicar. 

Mary Ann (Brennan), \ May 11« IcfSO; ) m. John Gray. 

James Frederic (Brennan)/b. Jan. 2, lSd4; m. Mary Traror. 

Matilda (Brennan). b. Jan. 21^. 153S; m. James 2Cewton. 
47ie.» William David (Brennan), b. Dec. 29. 1S40: m. Laura C. Smith, 
of Malone, N. T. He graduated at Middlebuiy CoUese ; was 
a captain in the Union army in the war of the Rabellion; 
lost a foot in the sendee; was made major by breret. He is 
now a lawyer in Malone, X. T., 1375. She graduated at 
Tassar College. 


Zebadiah Ricrardsox^ (Zebadiah^* Zebadiah,^ JEbenexery^ 
Stephen^* Stepheny^ Samutl'^)^ eldest son of Zebadiah* and Phebe 
(Charies) Richardson ; bom in Chatham, N*. H., Sept. 1, 1794 ; 
married, first, about 181S, Betset Chuders, who died, 1850, 
after givinjo^ birth to eleven children. Second, Xart Smtder, a 
widow, who is now living, February*, 1S75. 

He enlisted in the regular army m 1812, at the age of eighteen, 
and remained therein seven years. He died April 27, 1858, aged 
68 years and nearly 8 months. 


His children, all by first wife, 

A son. 

Ai^;.( twins. 


EUxabe tfa,« b. August, 1340 ; d. August, 18S9. 
Two infftuts. 
Xo dates were given except in one instance. All are now deceased, 
Febraary, 1879. 


JoXAS RiCHiRDSOX^ (Ztbodiok,* Zebadiah* Ebenezo'^^ Steph- 
enf Stephen* Samuel^)^ brother of the preceding; bom in Chat- 
ham, N. H.» about 1798 ; married Pamela Childers, sister of his 
brother Zebadiah's wife. 

He removed to Mercer County, Ohio, and died there about 

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Children : 

4727. John.* married and left children : d. — — . 

472i. David,* married; bat a large farm in Mercer Coontj, Ohio; ia 

now living, Febmaiy, IbTS. 
472SI Simeon,^ unnu; deceaaed. 

4790. Elizabeth,* m. < 


JosHtTJL RicHABDSOsr^ (ZebacUahj* ZebadiaAy* JSbenfzer^* Stepf^ 
etif SUphtn^^ Samtiel^\ brother of the preceding; bom in Chat- 
ham, N. H^ about 1799 ; he has been married twice, but names 
anil dates were not reported. 

He went to Ohio with his father's family in 1806 ; in his child- 
hood, but while yet very young, went beyond their knowledge, 
perhaps enticed away, and his friends heard nothing from him for 
twenty-six or more years. It then appeared that he had obtained 
ti home in Little Rock, Arkansas. He died there about 1870. 

Some of his sons were in the rebel army. Names and dates 
and other particulars, are wanting. * It is snid that the noted rebel 
general. Bill Richardson [4781] was one of his sons. 


Rbt.Sxow RiCHAftDSosr^ (ZebadiiMhy* Zebadiah^* Ebenner^^ 
Stephen^ St^^n,^ Samud^)^ brother of the preceding, and fourth 
son of Zebadiah* and Phebe (.Charles) Richardson ; 5om in Chat- 
ham, N. H., June 28, 1800 ; married, June 1, 1824, Mary Mc- 
Caxs, bom in Mason County, Kentucky, Sept. 28, 1800. 

. He went to Ohio with his Other's family In 1806, and lived 
with them in Belmont^ Hamilton, and Shefby Counties. He re- 
sided in Shelby County until 1858, when he 'removed to Yellow 
Springs, where he lived till his death in February, 1861. 

He was engaged in agricultural pursuits till 1844, when he be- 

gm to preach, and united with the Miami Cliristian Conference, 
e continued to preach as long as his health permitted. 
"He possessed more than ordinary intellectual powers, and 
strong sympathies. He never seemed to tire under his arduous 
labors. *Ho was an earnest man, a self-sacrificing Christian, and a 
tme friend." 

His death was caused by an abdominal tumor, of large size, 
Feb. 1, 1861. 

ffis children were : 

478S. Maria,* b. Feb. e, 1825 ; m. ; has three children. 

4733. Thomas,* b. Oct. 2tt, 1820; m. first, Caroline A. Bowdle, March 
1853. She died. Ue and a second wife are both living, Feb- 
ruary, 1875, in London, Ohio, lie is a farmer. 

4734 Eliza," b. March 9, 1828; m. David Watson, M. D., of Belle 
Fontaine, Ohia 

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478S. Caleb^s b/FeK IX IS^^: m. Hannah ^rothiar, 1854. Ha is a car- 
penter; retidca at Pleasant Gap» Missouri. Ha has two chil- 
dren liTins; 
-HTSa. James M^^ b. April 8, 18^ ; m. Sarepta A. ^TaxwalL 
44787. D. William.' b. May 4. Ism; m. Mary P. Bowdle. 
4788. John,^ b. Jane d. 1830; d. in 1851, in consequence of being 
thrown from a horse. 


Ebi Richardson t {ZedadiaAy* ZebadiaV, Eben€zer^^ Stephen^^ 
SUphen^^ Sdmuel^)^ brother of the precedinor; bom in Fr^eburg, 
Me^ about 1806 ; married, first, Margery Stxtart, who diod two 
fears afterwards, leaving oo child. Second, Eva (Qbajxt) Bay- 
Lzzs, a widow. 

He removed from Ohio to Arkansas about 1860; but soon after 
on the breaking out of the Rebellion, found it necessary to leave, 
and removed to some place in Iowa. 

His children were : 

4739. Mary.' 

474a Marcus.' 

4741. Margery.* 

4742. Phebe.' 
4748. Thomas.^ 


Thomas Richardsost ' {Zebadiak,* Zebadiahf JSbeMser* SUph- 


€nf Stephenj* Samuel^\ brother of the preceding, and younse 
son of Zebadiah* and Phebe (Charles) Richardson ; born probably 
in Belmont County, Ohio, in 1808 ; married Phrbr Carter, about 

Both of them died in 1860, or near that time, within a ft v 
hours of each other. 


4744. Rachel.' 

4749. Jemima** d. young. 

4748. Clarissa.' 
4747. Newton.' 
474a David.« 

4749. Milton,' d. 1860. 


SirsA^nrA RiCRARDS02r ' ( Caieby* Zebadiah^^ Ebenezer^^ Sttphenf ' 
SUphen^ Samuel^)y daughter of Caleb* and Mehitable (Osgood) 
Richardson ; bom in Fryeburg, Me., March 16, 1811 ; married, in 
Warren County, Pa.^ Nov. 2, 1824, James Middlbtox, bom Jan. 

They celebrated their golden we^lding, Nov. 2, 1874. They re- 
side in Pennsylvania, probably in Warren County. 

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posTEnirr of sa^iuel richardsox. 477 


475a William (Middldm), deceated. 

475t. Caleb Richardson (Middletoii), living, February, 1S73. 

4752. Osgood (MiddletOB), deceased. 

475a. Cyrus (3Xiddletoii». deceased. 

4754. Mxar Jane ( Middkcon). liviiij;, February, 1S7S. 

4755. Melutabla EiueUae (Middleton), deceased. 
4756L Uanuah (Middleton), deceased. 

Of the above, only Caleb K. and Mary Jane are living, February, 1S75. 


JoHX Osgood Richjucdsox^ (CWeV ZebcuUah^^ Ebenezer^* 
StepheUy* iStepheriy* SSamvti^)^ brother of tho preceding, aud eldest 
son of Caleb* and 3Iehitabl6 (Osgood) lUchardson ; bT>ni iu Frye- 
borg. Me., Deo. 6, 1812; narriedr 1831, 3Lv&r RiciiardsoxJ l>om 
Oct. 29, 1808, his first cousin [3919], eldest datigiiter ot his uncle. 
Rev. Joshua Richardson, of Ii'ryeburg. 

He was a blacksmith. Not long atter marringe, he removed to 
Warren County, Pa., where he still lives, February, 187J. His 
wife Mary died in 1869. 

Their children, all bom in Warren County, Pa., have been : . 

4757. James B.,* b. 1S3S; as. Fanny Marble, 1850. He is a merchant. 
They now live at Sharon, Wisconsin, February, 12575. Chil- 

4758. Emmaf b. in tTarren Ca, Pa. 

4750. £tfa,»\VMsenCo., Pa. 

4700. A son, b. in ISnois. 
47dL Joshua £L,> b. IS^; m. Amanda Shay, 1858. He is a farmer, 
and lires in Wanen Ca, Pa. P. O. address, Tidioule, War* 
xenCo.,Pa. ChBdren: 

4788. JtuU? b. ISGl; d. 1871. 

47tt& XeaaiVb. ISiL 

4764. Bert,* b. ISeO. 

4765. >rary.* b. IS^TT; tn. Jefferson Burton, 186a Four children. 

4766. Lavilla,* b. 1880; m Markham Bingham, a farmer, IckKl. Four 

children^ • 

4767. John,« b. 1843; a asidier, slain at Gettysbonr. July 1 to 3, l;M3. 

4768. William,' b. 1^9; m. Emma Gregg, ls$71. They have one sou. 

P. O. address, Lectsville, Warren Ca, Pa. 
4760. George,* b. 185;!. 

4770. A son, d. in inf aacf. 


Datid Nn RxcHjLRDSQac^ {Caleb,'' Zebadiah,^ Ebentztry^ Step/^- 
€Hj* Stephen^* Samuel^% Wother of the preceding; bom in Frye- 
burg, lie., Jan. 5, 1815; married, 1834, Maroabkt Cocrsox, 
dauffbter of Anthony and £li£ai>eth Courson. 

fie went' to Iowa in 13SS, and died there, Nov. 21, 1853. 

Children : 

4771. Manila,* b. 1886; B. Hessenaii, 1851. One child. 

4772. Melutable,* b. IdS^; ffl. Wray, 1800. Five children. 

4778. Wttbor FUk,' b. 1841 ; d. 184;!. 

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4774. Caleb,* b. 1&42; cL at the siege of Yioksburs, 1863. 

477^. Helen,* b. 1S45. 

4;T«. Luther,* b. ISUJ. 

4771. Delia,*b. iWd. 

47Trf. David ^ye,* b. 1851. 


Cyrcs J0HK8ON RicHABDSOsr^ (CaUby^ ZebixdiaA,* EieMzer^^ 
Sop/itHy* Stephen^ Samuel ^)j brother of the precedinsr; bom in 
Vi-nnngo County, Pa^ Sept. 16, 1816 ; married, 1836, Jaxb Sig- 
GINS, <latiehter of George and Jaue Siggins. 

They live in Minnesota. Post*oiiice address, Washington, P 
O., Minn. 

Children : 

4770. George Siggins,* b. 1887; has a wife and two children; lires in 

4780. Caleb,* b. 18.39; d. 1859. 

4781. Phebe Jane,^ b. 1841; m. M. P. Hunter; has six children. 
47^2. Isaac Homer,* b. 1843; d. 1864, in the hands of the rebels, in 

their prison at AndersonTille. 

4783. Ottos Young.* b. 185a 
476L Alice,* b. 1856. 


WxLUAM MiDDL£Tox JiicuAEi>so:s' (CcUeb^* Zebadiohy* Ebui^ 
tzery^ SUphetij* Stephen^' Samu€l^)^ brother of the preceding; 
bom in Venango County,.Pan May 14, 1823; married, Sept. 17, 
1840, JuLU. Ball, dansrhter of Isaac and Sally Ball. 

He is a fiirmer. He lived many years in Venango Coanty, Pa.^ 
Imt hb P. O. address is noi«r, 1866-1876, Fredonia, N. Y. 

Children, all but the last bora in Venango County, Pa. : - 

4785. Harriet JulU,« b. Aug. 15, 1848. 

A'^ Era Alma."* b. Sept. ^, 1850; d. Xor. t5, 1856. 

4787. Xora Alva,* b. Xor. 11, 1852 ; d. Feb. 8, 1855. 

47S.'<. \riUiam Cyrus,* b. De& i.'O, !&'»; d. Jan. 1, 1857. 

47SD. Herbert Orlando.^ b. March 20. 1858. 

4700. Ernest Fremont,^* b. Jan. 2, 1862. 

47'Jt. Dana Clyde,' b. in Fredonia, X. T., Aug. 1.% 1866. 


Calsb Sxow RxcHABDSoar' (CaUb,^ Zebadiah* Ebenezer,^ 
St9-pheti^ Stepheti^ Samvel^), brother of the preceding; bom in 
\y:irren County, Pa., April 15, 1827 ; married, June 19, 1849, 
Klizaretu Proper, daugiiter of Samuel and Elizabeth Proper. 

He 1:1 a f'lrmer in Warren County, P;u P. O. address, Tidioute, 
Warren County, Pa. 

Children, born in Venango County, Px : 
471r2. Livonia Bridget,* b. Jan. 0, 1852. 

4,'j^ Lindamine Maria,* b. April 35, 1854; m. John Stuart Breiten- 

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postekut of samxjel richardson. 



JoKsr RzcBABDSOx^ (Joihua^^ ZebcuUahj* Ebeneaer* Stepheyi^ 
StqAeny* Samuel^\ son of Rev. Joshaa* and Mary (31clntire) 
Richardson ; bom in Frycbarg, 3Ie., Nov. 3, 1310 ; married^ firsts 
Mabt McGill, Oct. H 1884. She died 3Liy 25, 1851. Second, 
Mas. Ltddl B. Mallet, Feb. 15, 1872. He is a lamberman. 

Children, all by first irife : 




Arthur >!.,' b. Xov. 10, ld35; m. Henrietta 2L Negus, ^arch 
10,1861. ChUdren: 
470S. /oAr,* b. Not. :24. 1S62. 

Jfory L.f b. Nov: 30, 1S64; d. Oct 28, 1872. 
Cwrdella JI.,^ b. Sept. 30. 18(50. 
ElUabeth Ann,^ b. March 31, 1300. 
iMditra JlalvinOf* b. April 0, 1371. 
3Xarv J.f^ b. Oct. IV, 1337; m. Lucien F. ^lerritt a ciermnan. 
They have four chUdren. P. O. address, Plummer, Venan- 
go County, Pa. 
Elizabeth Ann,^ b. July 27, 1840: m. Robert \7. Cohell, Aug. 
23, 1358. They hare three children. P. O. address, Tidioutis, 
Warren County. Pa. 
4802. Annice Cordelia,* b. 1843; m. L. H. Sprogue, Sept 0, 1862. He 
is a shipwright P. O. address, Tidioute, warren County, 
Pa. warren Coun^ is not far from Lake Erie. 


Joseph Richardso^t^ (Jb^hua^* 2Ubadiah^ EbeH^ster^* Stephen,* 
J^ephen^* SaiJ\u€l^)y brother of the preceding; born June 10. 
1812; married, Jane 8, 18S7, Nancy Paesball, born Xov. 1.3, 

He is by occopation an engineer. P. O. address, Tidioute, 
Warren County, ^a. 


4808. Esther Ann,* b. May !i. 1838; m. January, 18.54, MUton SmiUi, 
an oil merchant They have four chddren. P. O. address^ 
Modoc, Butler County, Pa. 

480A Elizabeth,* b. Sept 5, lc<40; m. January, 1872, C. A. Dler, of 

4805. Sarah J.,> b. Sept 0, l^i; ± 1&^ 

4806. John P.,< b. Oct 13. 1846; d. 1S51. 

4807. Charles Snow,* b. Aug. 11, 1848; liviug at Tidioute, Warren 

County, Pa., 1375. 
480& Hannie Jane,* b. March 10, 1851 ; m. M. C. Camahan, July, 1S71. 


Bbxjamix Ricrardsox^ (Joshua^* Zibadiahf El^nezer,^ 
St€ph$nf Stephen^^ SamwU'^U twin brother of the precedinir; 
bom in ——, Me., June 29, 1812; marrie*! Lxj>ix Browx, Au?. 
8, 1889. 

He was a fiirmer in Warren County, Pa,, and died Jan. 2G, 


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Children : 

Samuel^' b. Jtme 10, 1S40; d. in die army, Janaarr, 1882. 

Luther,* b. May 23, 1342: d. April 21, ISil. 

Mary Jane/ b. 10. Ii44; d. March 20. 1S46. 

Harriet C.,' b. Xor. 1, lS4d: m. Thomas P. Campbell, Septem- 

ber. 180S. They have tiiree children. Besidence, Modoc, 

Butler Coonty, Pa. 
Bemember .Jo«hna.s b. Feb. 17, 1849; d. 1851. 
Eunice,* b. March 20. 1550; d. April. 1857. 
Qeoijre,* b. Feb. 12, 1852; liring at Modoc, Butler Coun^, Pa., 

Lafayette,* b. March 30, IS54; living at Lottfvfflo. Pa., 1875* 
Snow,* b. July 12, 1S5S; Uving at LottsviUe, Pa., 1875. 


LoBE:rzo DoTT RicHARO.^ox^ (Jbshuaj* Zeladiahf Ebtnemr^^ 
Si€pAe7iy* SCepheii^' Samficl^), brother of the preceding; born 
Jane 29, 1819; married, iu 1846, Maria Looxsa Bbottx, wbo 
was bom Seiit. 29, 1827* 

They reside in Tidionte, TTarren County, Pa., and all their 
children now living, 1875, are there. 

Children : 

4818. Mary.* b. April SO, 1848; m. Charles DeKooher, 1869. 

children. * 

4810. Charlotte,* b. Oct 3. 1850. 

4820. Rnfns Almond,vb. Oct 15. 1855. 

482L Maria Louisa.* b. May 17, i$5d. 

4822. Margaret Loretta,M \ # 

4823. Lorenzo Louis,* Muly 15, lS0O;)d. Sept 20,1800. 

4824. Eunice Aden,* b. Sept 23, 1804. 



PiiEBE Wymax {Miriam Iticfiardson* Joseph^* Amosj* Steph'- 
«!,• «J/5fe7>/i«n,* /SGrmi<lrf*), daughter of Joshna and Miriam (Rich- 
ardson) TTyman ; bom- in CJniisb, N. H., Oct. 31, 1796; married, 
Sept. 22, li<19, Dea. James Ripixt Wellmax, of Cornish, son 
of James Wellninn, wlio was a son of Rev. James Wellman, bom 
in Lynn, Mas:!., 1723; graduated, Harvard College, 1744; in- 
stalled first pastor of CornUh, Sept. 29, 1768 ; dismissed 1785 ; 
died Oct. 18, 1808, aized 85. 

Phcbe (Wyraan) \VeIlman had, in a large measure, the worthy 
traits of her excellent mother, and all her children have followed 
in ber steps. She was well iiit'ormed, and possessed ercat loveli- 
ness of character. She is still living, March, 1875, in her scventy- 
nintli year. 

Dea** James Ripley Wellnian, her husband, nnder the advice of 
his venerable grandtutlier, liegan to prepare for college with a 
view to becoming a minister of the TOS]»el ; but an impeiltment 
in his speech, which he supposed might impair his usefulness as a 
public speaker, induced the relinquishment of that pttq>ose. Tet 

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h« was always a stocUoas man, a great reader of books, and pos- 
sessed more knowledge than many college gradaates« He was a 
retiring, unobtrnsiye man, and a man of fine sense* He was also 
a model &rmer, and for many vears deacon of the Congregational 
Church in Cornish. Ho died' 57ov. 1^ 1S60. Both husband and 
wife enjoyed, in no common degree, the i-espect and love of all 
who knew them. 

His mother, Alethea Ripley, was a descendant, of the sixth 
generation, from William Bradford, governor of Plymouth Col- 

His children, by Phebe TVyman, were : 

+4S35. Anrilla Phebo (Wellman), b. July 13, 1820; m. Dr. Alfred 

Hitchcock, of Fitchbui^. 
+488A. Joshua Toyman (Welhnansb.Xov. 28, 1831; m. Ellen Maria 
4827. Mary Sophia ( WeUman), b. Dec. 20, 1S2S; d. Jan. 10, 1^2. 
4828w Fidelia (\Vcllman), b. Aug. 13, 1825; m. Homer O. Hitchcock, 

3X. D., of KaUimazoo. 3Iich. 
4829. Catharine Hamlet ( Wellmau), b. May 31, 1S27. 
+4830. James Ripley (Wellman). b. Julv it, 1820: m. I^uisa H. Wood 
4831. Albert Erasmus (WeUman), b. Feb. 21, 1S;{8. 


Rbt. Daxi£L Foxu> Ricn.vBDS02r^ (DavW Joseph^* Amos^^ 
Stephen^* StcpAetij* Samuel ^)^ eldest sou of David* and Sarah 
Goodwin (Ford) Richardson, of Cornish, N. H.; born there, 
Ansr. 16, 1807; unmarried. 

He joined the Baptist Church in Cornish in the spring of 1319. 
with his mother and eldest brother and sister, the sister being 
only a little more than seven yeai-s old, while his own age lacked 
some months of twelve. He was prepared for college at Kimball 
XTnion Academy, in ^leriden, in tiie town of PlainticUl, N. II. : 
graduated at Dartmouth College, 1831 ; studied divinity in the 
seminary at Andover, graduating 1834; was professor of L.itin 
and Greek at the Wake Forest College, Xorth Carolina, about 
fire years^ from 1834; was ordained as a Baptist minister there, 
April 8, 183S ; was pastor of the Baptist Cliurch in Cavendish, 
Vtn two years; was minister three years at ^lason Villoge, X. II., 
and five years at East Hanover; supplied the Bapti:$t Church at 
Meriden, 2f. H., about five years, and at West Plainfield, X. H , 
abont the same length of time. Some time previous to 1850 he 
took up his residence at Hanover, for in that year he was a dele* 
gate from Hanover in the coavention assembled to myUe the 
constitution of Xew Hampshire; in 1850 and 1851 he represented 
Hanover in the State Legislature ; he was postmaster at Hanover 
five years ; was several years treasurer of the Dartmouth Savings 
Bank, and a director of the Dartmouth Bank. 

His feeble health now— December, 1874— mostly confines him 
at home. 


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Ret. Hobjlcs Ricbaspsox^ (Davids* Joseph^* Ama$^^ Steph* 
m^' St^phen^^ Samuel ^\ brother of the preceding; born in Cor- 
nisb, 2«. H^ Dec. 2, 1314; married Sabaii H. Rastd, of Eeene, 
N. H^ Jan. 11, 1347. 

He ^dttated at Dartmonth College, 1841 ; pnrsned the stady 
of divinity at the Baptist Theological Seminar]^ At Newton, 
Matt., till 1S44; was oraained pnstor of the Baptist Chnrch in 
Eeene, N. H., in 1845 ; vas there several years; spent several 
years as pastor in West Acton, 3Ias9. ; was nesct a pastor in Iowa 
City, Iowa; then ten yeais at Amada Connty, Caliiomia; then at 
San Pablo, California. 

ILad three sons and three daughters, whose names have not 
been reported. 


Maktha Rhoda Richaudsox^ (Davidy* Joseph^^ Amosy^ 
SUphen^ StepAefiy' Sammel% daughter of David* and Sarah 
(Goodwin) Rtchardson ; bom in Cornish, N. H., Sept. 8, 1818 ; 
married Ret. Jo^athax SIMO^*DS Hjbbbick, a Baptist minister 
of Warner, ako of Runioer and Hanover, all of New Hampshire. 
He also was the husband of her cousin Sarah ^ [3966]. 

Martha was educated it the New Hampton Seminary, New 

Hampshire, and was a teaeber some years in North Carolina be* 

fore her marriage. She died at Rumney, N. H., March 17, 185:2, 

. aged 84 years. She left fiwr children. Her two sons graduated 

at Dartmouth College in 1878, and are now successful teachers. 

Her children are : 

48fX Maria £lmina(Henick),b. Dec. 10, 1840. 

4888. James Day (Herriek).b. June 4, 1S4H. 

4884. Martha Jane (Flenitk). b. Feb. 18, 1850. 

4885. Daniel Ford Bichsidson (Herrick), b. Jan. 10, 1852. 


in Cor- 
sister of Josiah Francis Stone, of Winchester, near Boston. 

He was prepared for coOege at the seniiuary at New Hampton, 
N. H., and was further educated at Dartmouth College, but was 
not able to graduate on weount of impertect health. He after* 
wards received from Wak« Forest College, North Carolina, the 
honorary degree of A. ^L He is a professor at ^lobile, Ala. IIu 
has had four children, ooiy one of whom is living, November, 

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Rowenta Willlucs Richabdsok t (Jahn^^ John^^ Johny^ WiU 
liam^* Stephen^* Samuei^), daughter of John* nnd Patty (Ever- 
ett) Richardson, of Attleboroagb, ^laas. ; bom there. May 20, 
1809; married A^sos Pejlslee Mor&ill, bom in Belgrade, 
County of Kennebec, Me^ June 10, 1808. He was one of fonr- 
teen children of Peaslee and Xancy (Macomber> Morrill, of that 
place. A younger brother of his is Hon. Lot M. Morrill, a dis- 
tinguished United States Senator from Maine. Their fiither re- 
moved from South Berwick, in the County of York, Me. 

Anson P. Morrill was brought up on a £imi ; was eariy en- 
gaged in trade, and more recently in the manufacture of woolen 
SQ^s in Readfield, Me., where he still lives. He removed to 
Madison, in Somerset County, Me., nnd represented that town in 
the legislatures of 1884 and 1844. He has held many municipal 
and State offices; was appointed State Land Agent by Groveraor 
Hubbard in 1850, holding that office tor four years. 

In 1858, 1854, and 185o, he headed the organization of the Re- 
publican narty in 3Liine, separating from the Democratic party, 
to which ne had previously belonged, on the double issue of op- 
position to the extension of slavery and to the licensing of the 
tale of intoxicating liquors. As the consequence, he was chosen 
governor of the State of Maine in 1855, continuing in office one 
year* In 1862, he was elected representative of the third Maine 
district in the Thirty-seventh Congress. 

The war being over, he was ap|M>inted by Groveraor Chamber- 
lain a member of the commission on the equalization of the 
municipal war debts of the State in 1867, but declined a re*ap- 
pointment in 1868. 

Notwithstanding his connectlim with the Universaliat denomi- 
nation, he so commanded the respect and confidence of the 
community that for many years he.has been a trustee of the lit- 
erary institution at Kent's Hill, Beadfield, founded and sustained 
by the Methodists. 

He and his wiie are both living in Readfield, February, 1876. 

Their children have been : 

-MSSe. EUen Frances (Morrill), b. ^Tov. 10, 1830; m. Richard M. Mills. 
-H887. Kowena Caroline (MorziUk b. April 24, 1839; m. Chariea W. 
Two children died in inf anoj. . 


Njlthan Hexrt R1CRARDS021' (TFymofw,* Wf/man^* Timothi/^* 
Timothy f* Stephen* Samuel^ son of Wyman • and Delivemncc 
(Bolles) Richardson; born in Swanzey, X. H^ May 31, 1823; 
marriea ^Iabtua Akn Bahber, May 31, 1840. She was a na- 
tive of ^larlborough, 3I:iss. Tliey live in Atliol, Mass. 


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4838. Mjra BoUes^t b. Hot 1,1350. 

4880. Maurice Howe.* b. t>ec. 31, 1851; teacher in the High School, 

Salem. "* 

4840. Chariee FratUdin,' b. Oct. 29. 1883. 
484L Mark Wyman/ b. Dec 27, 1887. 


WnxuiM RiCHABDSOX^ (O^iV Henri/f Stephen^^ WilHam* 
Stephen^* Samuel^)^ second son of Otis* and Jedidah (Tilton) 
Bicnardson ; born in Belgrade, 3Ie., Feb. 5, 1S08 ; married, first. 
Mast Wilsox, in Gatesville, X. C. She died, and he married a 
second and a third wife. 

He graduated at Waterville College ; went to North Carolina 
in 1831, and soon after married. From Gatesnlle he removed to 
Waynesborough, in TTestem Tennessee. He left his third wife, 
whose name is not reported, a widow, Ang. S, 1866. 

4SIS. Emma.* 
4848. Marr.* 

4844. Ida.» 

4845. WmiaoL' 

His children were. 
By first wife : 

By third wife : 


GxoBOB RicHiJtDSOsr^ (OfiV Henry f Stfphen^^ WxUiamy* 
Si^hefij^ Seanuel^)^ brother of the preceding and third son of 
Otis* and Jedidah (Tilton) Richardson; bom in fiercer, Somer- 
set County, 3Ie., Julv 17, 1807 ; married, first, Mesibah Tatlor, 
dai^hter of Samuel l^ayior, of Belsrrade, Jan. 18, 1881. She died 
April 29, 1872. Second, in New Sedford, Dec. 10, 1874, Sarah 
M. HowLAND, daughter of Geo. Mitchell, of Nantucket. He now 
lives in Portland. 

Children, all bom in Belgrade : 

4848. George Luther,* b. April 19, 1884; d. Oct 28, 1852. 

4847. P. £&abeth,< b. Sept 11, 1838 ; m. James Plummer in Fairfield, 

Dec. 18, 1S59. 

4848. Joseph Taylor,^ b. Jan. 21, 184.3 ; m. Mary EUner Farr, daughter 

of Isaac Farr. of West Gardiner, Me., Dec 3, 1888. Chiidrett: 

4849. Lmia yfabel.^ b. Xor. 17, l^^U. 

4850. Idair<ri6(iA,»buAug.9,ld^. 

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ISfgi^tt <SrCfictattQu. 


jEdward^* Jacob,* Jbhtiy- Samuel^)^ eldest soa of Barnabas ^ and 
Rachel (Perkins) Richardson; bom in Wobnm, May 2, 1816; 
married Harriet Leathe, of Reading, Nov. 2S« 1839. 
They lired in Readipg. 

Children : 

4851 Florence Weston,* b. Oct 7, 1840; m. Reaben Dexter Temple. 
489SL Oeom A..* b. Xor. 1% 18ii; m. Harriet C. Oanfortb, Dec. 22, 

4858. Everett Brooks,* b. Sept 18, 1848; m. Emma K. Richardson 
r4071i], daughter oC Stephen £endaU Richardson, Oct. 4, 

4854. SellU ^Je2la,» b. Sov. 0, 1874. 
4855. Arthur Stanley.* b. Aa^ 22, 1850; m. Caroline Eaton, Xot. 4, 
1872. They had: 

4858. £rM$t S^au/ey,^^ In Feb. a, 1874. 

4857. Chester Clinton.* b. Se^. 7, 18o2 ; d. Xug. 18, 1853. 

4858. Chester Clifton,* b. Oct 11, 1856. 


Cbablbs Rbitel RiCBABoeox* {ReudJ Abijah^* Barnabas^* 
JBdward^^ Jacobs* JbAn^* ^SczMue/^), son of lleuer and Betsey 
(Davis) Richardson; bom in Peterborough, N. IL, July 10, 1827 ; 
married Mart E. Fat, of Peterborough, Sept. 10, 1830. 

Children : 
4850. Alfretta* m. Josioh Xar. 
4800L Clara £.,*m. Jesse F.Swett 
486L Frederic.* 

4864. Mary Josephine.* 

4865. Fanny J.* 


Mabt Euza Richardsox* {Reud^ Abijah^^ Barnabau^^ Ed- 
Msardf Jacobs John^ Samu^^), sister of the preceding; bom in 
Peterborough, N. H., July 31, 1829; mamed Sotoitox 6.vr- 
FIELD, of Peterborough, Sepc 6, 1858. 


Children : 

4868. Martin P. (Garfield). 

4867. Frank (Gameld). 

4868. Archibald (Garfield). 
4880. Jane Pearl (Garlield). 

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LirsB Feltox RicHAXDSOx* (Jlalachi^^ Abijahj* Barnabas^* 
JEXtwardj* Jacobs* John^* Samuel ^)^ don of Malachi^ and Tamasin 
(Greenwood) Richardsoot of Dublin, X. H.; bora there, Sept. IS, 
1889; married Maet Rebecca Ejltox, Sept. 18, 1864. 

He is a fiinsen They lire in West Peterborougti, N. H. 

Children : 

4870. Wilson Bickford.*h. Sept 2. 1805. 

4871. Eagene Feiton.» b. March 28, ISTO; d. Dec. 9, 1872. 

4872. Cora Beil^^ b. Jan. ^ 1373; d. Jan. 8, 1874. 

48ia. Herbert Felton,» b. Ang. 23, 1874 ; d. Feb. 15, 1875. 



WiLLUM CooLiDGE RicsARDsosT* ( William 3^^ Joby^ Edioardf 
Edward^^ Jaccbf John^ SamuA Oi son of William Shepard Rich- 
ardson; born in Charlcstown, Mass., July 19, 188-4; married 
Si^RAB WsLLtN-GTON, Sept. 30, 1855. 

He died Dec. 30, 1866. 

Their children were : 

4874. Caroline Louisa.»b. Dec. 18,1858. 

. 4875. Xancy Symnies.* b. April 25. 1858. 

4876. waiiamClapp,»b.May31, 1861. 

4877. Anna Gertrude,' b. March 18, 1868. 
48TBw Walter Frank,' b. Oct. 2, 1866. 


HoBATio BiBD RiCHAROsox* {Reutl^ Gldtonf JoMxohf Jo9iah^^ 
Jo%ephf Jo%€ph^ Saviu€l^\ son of Reuel^ and Orra (Bird) Rich« 
ardson ; bom in Saxonville, 3Iass., Feb. 10, 1818 ; married Nastct 
Webb, of Bedford, Ind., May 18, 1842. 

Children : 

4870. Reuel,' b. May 19, IdM; d. Axig. 25, 1848. 
4880. Orra^'b. ld44L 


Mart Bird Ricrardsost* {Reuel^ Gideonf Jonah,^ JbsioAy* 
Joeeph^ JoHtph^ Samuel^ )^ sister of the preceding; bom Xov. 
22, 1814; married Da^'iel Lawrence, of Concord, Mass., April 
22, 1839. 


4881. Edward Richardson (Lawrence), b. March 4, 1840. 

4882. Charles Henry (Lawrence), b. April 2, 1812. 

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Elbbidgb Gebbt Rxchardsox* (J6$iah^ Qideotif Joaiah^ 
Josiah^* JoMph^^ Jbsephy* Samutl^)^ eldest son of Josiah^ and 
Xanojr (Brown) Richardson, of Sadburv, Mass. ; bom there, Sept. 
26» 1810; married Melutda Clabc, of'Saco, Me., Feb. 10, 1880. 

Children : 

4838. Charles A..* b. October, 1S30. 

4S$4. Elbridee Gerrj,* b. Janaarj, 1S33; d. October. 1833. 

4885. Belinda F.,* b. December. IS^; d. January, 1830. 

4886. WUliam B., b. Maxvh. 1S37. 

4887. George £.,* b. June, 1830. 


4888. Nancy B.* b. September, 1841. 
4880. Abby F.,» b. Apni, 1843. 


BvsjAimsf HsMEXWJLT RicHARDSOx' {Benjamin Hememtay^ 
Oideoii^ Jbsiahy^ Jbsiahy^ Joseph^* Joseph^ Samuel^) j eldest son 
of Benjamin H.^ and Emily (Cutter) Richardson, of Sudbury, 
Mass.; bom there, 3Iay 21, 1S21; married, first, April 18, 1843, 
HjlNNah Sophia Fat, of Southborough, 3Iass., who died April 
18, 1865. Second, E^niA A. Eluot, of Milford, N. H; Sept. 13, 

They reside in Soath Sadbary, Mass. 

Children, all bora in Sudbury, 

By first wife, Hannah : 

4800. Anna M.,* b. Joly 1, 1848: m. Georse T. Smith, o( Sndbnzy, 

3Iay2i.l888. She died Xot. 6, 1808. 

4801. Merrick L.,* b. May 11, 1850. 

4802. Clifford W.,» b, Oct. 19, 1S53. 

4803. ITaldo FUnt,» b. Nor. 24. 1855. 
480A. EmUy Cutter.* b.yov. 21, 185S. 
4805. Leonard F..» b. Jan. 11, 1800. 
4890. Ralph L.,* b. Jane 4, 1863. 

By second wife, Emma : 

4807. Nellie M.,«b. Oct 27, 1863. 


Jambs Tbompsox Richasosox * (Benjamin H^ Oideon,* Jo* 
stoA,* Joinah^^ Jonephf Jontph^ fkimuei^)^ brother of the preced- 
ing; bora in Sudbury, Feb. 19, 1S2G; married, first, Sept. 6, 1854, 
Electa Alice Buel, of Springtield, 3Iass. She died May 14, 
1861. Second, June 7, 1870, Scsax A. (Suesmax) Pa&mexteb, 
a widow. They reside in Springtield, Mass. 

Issue by first wife : 
480a Electa Alice,* b. in Springfield, March 31, 1861. 

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Mart Jxste Ricuardsox* (benjamin H^ GifJeofky^ Ji>sfahy* 
JoAiahj* Joseph^* Joseph^* Saimtel^)^ sister of the preceding; born 
in Siidburjr, Jan. 11, 18*28 ; married Fuxsk S. Alusst, of Sod* 
bunr, Dec. 12, 1854. 

For a time they resided in LoiiisrUIe, Ky. At that place the 
husband died, Feb. 15, 1874. The wido^ resides at present, Sep- 
tember, 1874, with her friends in South Sudbunr, 3Iass. 

Children : 

4800. Percy VT. (.Ulen), b. Jan. 1. lS5e. 
4iX)a Chules F. (Allen), b. 3Iarcb 23, 1S60. 
4001. John P. (AUen), b. Jan. 1^ 1803. 


TTiLUAM Allex Richardsos-' (WiUianfi^'^ Gideon j* Jbsiahj^ 
Jb$iahj^ Jbsephf* Jasejy/iy^ Samnei^)^ eldest son of TTilliam ' and 
Synia (Hijsrgins) Richardson, of Lexin^^on and Louisville, Ey.; 
bom at Xew Orleans, Feb. -20, 1819 ; married, Oct. 21, 1841, 
DIart Churchill Short, daughter 6t' Dr. Charles W. Sliort, a 
distinguished botanist, and for . many years Professor of 3Iateria 
Medicain the Medical Department of Transylvania University. 
The wife of Dr. Short was Jiary Churchill. 

Mr. Richardson is a merchant and m«anufactiirer. 

Their children were : 


Tnniam,* b. Nov. 20, 1842: m. December. 1863, SaUie Holloway, 
of Missouri. They have three children : 
4003. rrUUam AUenP b. Sept 13, 1804w 
40OA Xttcy ChurchiUy^'^ b. Jan. 10, 18C0. 
400S. Jame9 UoHowttn}'^ b. Jan. 22, 187o. 
4006. Charies Short.' b. June G, 1.S44; d. Deo. 9, 1848. 
Allen,* b. Sept. 0. 1S40; d. Fub. 4, 1S4U. 

Mary Churchill,* b. Sept 30. lS4d; m. John F. Henry, of Bur- 
ling^on, Iowa, Sept 30, l!>00. They have: 
VioM (Henry), b. Jan. lij. 1871. 
Annie Allen,* b. Kv^, 0, 1S54 
Emily,* b. Jan. IS. IdM. 




All the living reside in or near Louisrille, Ey. 


3Llbt Rxcr.\.rdsox * {William^ Gideon^* Joviah^^ Josiah,^ Jo- 
nephy* Joseph^' Samuel^U sister of the; bom in Lex- 
inj^on^ Ky., June 11, 1821 ; married, May 30, 1843, to William 
BcRKS Bblkxap, an iron merchant, of Louisville, Ey.* 

♦The Beuutaf Family. 

The Belknap fdmUy, it U beliere<l, wa» oriscinuUy Oemuin. Early in tlia 
history of our country, it Ui said, ttiere came t'ruia Liverpool, En:;., four broth- 
ers of tblH name, all of whom acttlefl in ^laH^ofliuHCtts ; one in Boston, one in 
SSalein, one in Harerliiil, and one dlefl soon after bin arrival. Some of their 
descendants xvere amou;; the early s«ctler!» of >r«s\r Hampshire. 

Jodepli Belknap some time after settled in Brimltehl, 3Iass., a to\TB incor- 

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He was a soa of Morris Barke Belknap, who was born in 
South Brinificld, now the town of TTales, in Hampclen Conntjr, 
3Ias9^ June 23, 1780. The date of tiie son's birth is not reported. 
The mother of Mr. William B. Belknap was Phebo Locke, dani;h* 
ter of Sylvanus Thompson and Mehitable Brewer, of BrimfieKl. 

He, AVlIliam, at the age of twenty-three, settleil in Louisville, 
Ky., as an iron merchant, and was subsequently a manufacturer 
of iron. 

The children of Wm. B. Belknap and Mar}" his wife have been : 

4911. Frances Smith (Belknap), b. April 2U. 1S44: d. Feb. S, 1840. 

4012. Caroline Richardson (Belknap), b. July 2, lS4«i: m. June 6, 
1^65, Charles James Fox Allen, a gi*acluate of Yale Collefcre of 
the class of lS5i>, but for some rears past an iron merchant 
in Louisville, £y. He has a beautiful home in the vicinity 
of Louisville, enjoys a high social position and srreat personal 
popnlarity. He was the son of Charles J. F. ^Ulen and Mary 
Willis, of Plttsfleld, Mass. The parents resided in South 
Boston in 1$57 and previouslv. Their children are: 
401S. WilUam BeU-nap (Allen), b*. Dec. 10, ISOT. 
49U. La/on (Allen), b. Ancust. 1S7L 
491S. Ethel (AUen), b. Jan. 12, 187;$. 

4010. William Richardson (Belknap), b. March 23, 1S40; graduated 
at the Sheffield Sciendlic School. Xew Haven, Ct. and inar> 
Tied, Dec. 2, 1874. Alice Trumbull Silliman. daug:Iiter of 
Professor Benjamin Silliman, the younger, and his wife, 
Susan Forbes, of Xew Haven. 

4017. Lucy (Belknap), b. May 0, 1854; unm. in 1870. 

401& Morris Burka (Belknap), b. June 7, ISoO; a student in Yale 
College, Febmaiy, 1S7B. 


Bbt. Richard HrGGnr.<$ Richabdsox* (William^* Gideon^* 
Jonah,* Jbsiah^* Joseph f Jos^y* &??/2i/e/^), brother of the pre- 
ceding, and son of WillLim* and Synia (Hi^ns) Eichanlson ; 
born in Lexington, Ky^ SepL 4,' 1823; raametl, Sept. 7, 1853, 
OcTxnx WooDBBiDGE, dauf^hter of Rev. Joim and Mary Ann 
(Seymour) Woodbridge, of JEIaiUey, ilass. 

He graduated at the College of Xew Jersey, Princeton, 1844, 
and entered Princeton Theological Seminary the same year; 
graduated 1847, and remained one year as resident graduate; 

S orated July 14, irJI, then called tbedl^trict of Holland. His wife was Miss 
[orris, aunt of Robert Morrw. His chiUlren xrere John, William, Daniel, 
Hannah, and Marr. 3Can7 of the ilescenUanu of this family settled in tbe 
State of ^*ew York. 

WUUaifi Belknap, the .second son, bad for his second wife Anna Bnrke. 
They hail sis dan«;lite» and one son, 3(orris Burke. 

3iorris Burke Belknap, the only mo, was tbtt father of Williain Burke Bel- 
knap iu the text. He was one of a colony who settled hi Marietta, Ohio; 
whence he retnme<l and settled in Wornenter, Mium.. in 1810 or IMil; thence he 
femoTed to Pitt:ibursh, Piu, 18ii»: thence he removed to TenneA.«ee, and erect- . 
ed lar;{fe iron furnaces ami uiUIh in Xashrille. He removed to 2^nlitbland, Ky,, 
at tbe mouth of CuiulMsrland Itiver, with the view of doing the same tliincr 
there, when he die<l, July jr», IS'ST. 

There wa.s a Jo:«eph Belknap in Boston, June, 1697, and a Nathaniel Bel- 
knap in KM, but whether of this family is not known. 


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thence to Chicago, HI^ where he foanded the 2I*orth Presbyteriaa 
Church, and was ordained and installed as pastor, Xov. 19, 1S48* 
He became pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Mahopac Falls, 
N. Y^ Januarj-, 1860; of the First Presbjrterian Clmrch in New- 
bnrjrport, 3Iass^ January, 1864, and of the Fourth Presbyterian 
Church in Trenton, N. J^ Nov. 1, 1868, which position he now 
occupies. He received the honorary degree of Doctor of Divini- 
ty from the College of JTew Jersey,' Princeton, December, 1867. 

He has taken a lively interest in this Memorial^ and has con- 
tribnte<l valuable aid. 

His children have been : 

4019. myvif b. Jan. 21. 1853 : d. July 20. ISSe. 

4020. Allan Seymour,* b. Feb. 3. 1S57; d. Aug. 20, 1864. 

4021. Thera,* b. July 16, 1S59; d. Aug. 0, 1864. 
40S2. Klyda,*b.Dec.4,lS05. 

402a. ElUott Verne,* b. March 4, 186& 


Db. Tobias Gibsox Richabdso:?' ( TFtfftam,^ Gideon^* JbsU 
akf Jbsiahj* Josephy^ Joseph^ Samuel *), brother of the preced- 
ing, and son of W illiam ^ and Synia (Hi^gins ) Richardson ; bom 
in Lexinsrton, Ky., Jan. 3, 1827 ; mamed, first, August, 1353, 
Sabah £. Shobt, daughter of Dr. Charles W. Short, a distin* 
gnished botanist, alreadv mentioned, and sister to his brother 
William's wife. She die'd on the ^lississippi River, Feb. 2, 1866. 
Second, November, 1868, Ida Slocitm, a daughter of Cuthbert 
Slocum, merchant of New Orleans, and Cora Harrison. 

He graduated at the lledical School of Louisville, Ey., and 
served that institution as demonstrator of anatomy serenu years. 
In 1855, he accepted the Professorship of Anatomy in the Medi- 
cal Department of the ITniversity of Pennsylvania, at Philadel- 
phia, and in 1858, the same chair'in the University of Louisiana, 
at New Orleans. He is now, 1876, Professor of Surgery and 
Dean of the Faculty in that school. He is author of a work on 
Anatomv and Surgery. 

In February, 18^66, a most terrible calamity overtook him. His 
professional engagements required his presence at New Orleans, 
and he was in that city awaiting the coming of hb family to join 
him. His wife and their three chiidren, being all who were then 
living, were descending the Mississinpi River in the steamer W. 
B. Carter, and were now near VickRourg, 3Iiss. It was the night 
of the second of February ; the night was dark, the weather cold, 
and bv some inexcusable carelessness the boiler of the steamer 
exploded, involving the destruction of near three hundred lives, 
including the entire family of Dr. Richardson. Such a sorrow 
can very seldom happen to any individual. 

The children of this deeply afflicted man were : 

40M. Luc7,*b. MayO, 1854; d. Feb. 2, 1860, in the manner already 

48S& Charies Short,* b. April 11, 1856; d. Feb. 2, 1866, hi same man- 

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4030. John aeves.* b. Jolr 11, ld5S; d. Feb. % 1S66» in same manner. 
4037. Infant ton. born and died .>rarch 30, 1801. 
4033. Lee Gibeon^^b. Match 0.1Sdd;d.XoT. 36, 1805. 


Laitsexce RiCHABDSOX* ( TTiffi'am,^ Gideon^* Jbstah^* Jbsiah^^ 
Joseph^* Jbs€pAj* Samitei^)^ brother of the preceding; bom in 
LexingtoOf K}\ Sept. 7^ 1S2S; married, Nov, 29, 1854, Auce 
WjLLKESt daughter of James Walker and Mary Norvell, of Nash- 
Tilie, Tennessee. 

He is by occnpation a mannfacturer, and resides at Louisrille, 

Children : 


Fanny,* b.Xor. 1. 1S»: d. Aug. 4, 1871. 

Walker,' b. July IS. 1S57; a student in Centre College, Kr. 

Alice XorTeU.*\). Aue. 3^. 1550. 

Lawrence DourIos,* b. Xor. 30. 1880; d. Aug. 10, 1864. 

Charles Cleres.' b. Feb. 3d, 1S4». 

Lucy Morgan.' b. June 8, lSd8. 

CaroUne.» b. Sepr. 35. 1S0O: d. Dee. 38, 1800. 

Francis Warren.* b. Xor. 32. 1872. 

An infant son, d. April, l$74b 


Habbist Atwood Hu^rr (Xucy Richardion^ Luther^* JoBiahf 
JMaAj^ Jb§ephy* Joseph^* Axmuel^)^ daughter of Lucy Richard- 
son^ by her husband, Gardner Hunt; bom in Sudbury, Mass., 
Feb. 20, 1816; married Chjleles Htr>-T, April 25, 1889. 

Their chfldren were : 

4088. Henry Gardner i Hnnt). b. April 6, 1840; d. Auir. 20, 1S42. 
4080. Leora Prentiss (Hunt), b. July 14, 1S42; m. William H. Toung, 

Dec. 10. 1S^)7. 
404a Harriet Elizabeth (Hnnt), b. Sor. 12, 1S44; m. Samuel S. Glesr 

son, April 7. 1^*^ 
404L lUiyon AmelL& (Hnnt), b. June 4, 1847. 


Escort Hijnt (Zucy JSichardsonj^ Luthtr^* Jo»iakf Josiah^^ 
Jbs^Aj* Jb$eph^* Samuel ^)9 brother of the preceding; bora in 
Sudbury, Jan. 19, 1818; married Alice H. Bbowx, bom June 2, 

Children : 

4042. Theodore Emory (Hunt), b. March 21. 1S4L 

4048. Lucetta Hinckley i Hunt), b. SepC 1. 1S42. 

4044. Franklin Howard ( Hunt;, b. Sept. 30, 1844. 

404JS. Frederic Allan • Hunc). b. July 2 K 1S4»); d. Aug. 27, 1847. 

4046. Henrietta Alice muntj. b. March 38, 1848. 

4047. George Washinsrron (Hunt), b. Aug. 13, 185a 

4048. Marie Louise ( Himc}. b. Xor. 7, l;so2. 
404a Edward Browne f Hunt), b. Feb. la 1855. 
4090. Hattie Howe (Hnnti. b. April 3:^ 1907. 
405L Jennie Prenciss ( Hunt;, b. April 23, 1850. 
4052. Isabelle Adams ( Hunt), b. Oct. 31, ISOL 

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Elizabeth Axx RicRABDSoy * (Zuther^^ Luthw^* Jbsiah^^ Jo- 
siahf^. Jbstp/ijf Jbs^Aj* Samuel ^)j eltlesi daughter of Lather^ and 
Xanoj (Stetson) Richanls<m ; bom in Waltham, 3Iass^ June 7, 
1824 (probably 13'J3) ; marrietl Wiluam Stearks, of Waltham. 

Ther lived in Waltham. She died April 10, 1864. 

Children^ born in TValtham : 

WOIiamE. (Steams), b. Auc. 9, 1841; m. June, 1863, Marietta 
L. Moulton. of Lynn. He was captain in the Fifteenth Xew 
Hampshire Regiment, and serred in the army all through the 
war of the Rebellion. 

AnnaR. (Steams), b. April 23, 1S46; m. LTmaa W. Colby, of 
Dunbarton, N. H^ May, ISTO. 


TjVCT Ascaxda Richarpsox' (Zuther^f Luther^* Josiahj^ Jo* 
#taA,^ Jbsephj* Joseph^* Siimuel^)^ sister of the preceding; bom 
in Lowell, Jiass., Feb. 14, 1825; married Dr. Isaac N. Swaset, 
of Bath, 3Ie., Dec. 2, 1844. 

As appears from the foUoiring record, they hare resided in sev- 
eral places. 

Children : 

4055. Frederic Garrison (Swasey), b. at Xewburrport Oet 22, 1840. 

405d. Charles Edwin (Swatey), b. at Fall River, July 13, 1848. 

4057. Sarah £Ua (Swasev), b at FaU River, October, 1330. 

4058. Mary Elizabeth (S'wosey), b. at FaU River, October, 1852. 
4050. Margaret Mills (Swasev), h. at Xantucket, February, 1853. 
406a Samuel Longfellow (Swasey), b. at Milford, Mass., Oct 3, 1857. 
4061. Lena Anderson (Swasey), b. at Sandwich, 3£ass., Jnly^ 18G1. 

. 4062. Luey Richardson Swasey), h. at Tonkers. X. T., May, 1366. 
4068. Xanoy Stetson (Swuey), b. at Tonkeis, N. Y., October, 1868. 


Charles Lowell Ricbardsox* {Luther^ Luth^^^ JbsiaA^^ 
«7b«iaA,^ Joseph^* Joseph^- A)>amuel^)y brother of the preceding; 
bora in Lowell, 3Iass., jlay 14, 1827 ; married, first, June 13, 1S53, 
Mart B. Wcfcu, daughter of Francis and Almira (Stetson) 
Winch, of Xa3hua,X.H. She dieil Feb. 21, 1871. Second, Mrs. 
Harriet B. Gillis, of Manchester, X. H., Oct. 21, 1874. 
, He resides in Manchester, X. H., 1874. 

Children by first wife : 

4954. Margaret LowelL^b. Sept. 30. 1S37. 

4965. Charles Lowell,* b. July 3, 1363 ; d. Aug. 27, 1366. 


Edwut PREsmss RiCHARDSOX* (ZutAer^^ ZutAer^* Jo$iahy^ 
J6$taAj^ Jbsephj* . Joseph,' Samuel^\ brother of the preceding; 
bom in Lowell, Mass., April 22, 1829; married. May 4, 1852, 

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Mtra B. Haradxx, daughter of Isaac and Lucy Haraden, of 
Amherst, N. H. 

He was Assistant Engineer in the United States 2savT in the 
war of the Rebellion. His home is 3Ianchester, N. H. 

Children, boro in Manchester: 

4008. Harriet Josephinc^b. Sept 3. 1S5&. 
4007. MTniPrentiss.»b. Jolrl, ISdO. 
49ea. Edwin Imther,» b. March 2S, lSd4. 


RxuBBsr RicHARDSOX • {Riuhen^ Reuben^^ Cahb^ Retiben^^ Jo- 
9ephf Jb^hy* Samuel^) J .son of Renben* and Miranda (^fat- 
thews) Richardson, of Stoneham; bom there. Jan. :*0, 1S31; 
married, Jane 28, 1860, 3Ijlrt Elizabeth Ricrardsox/ bom 
Feb. 12, 1837, daugliter of Oliver TVyman and Rutli Gould Rich- 
ardson;^ they were cousinst of Stoneham. [See 3211.] 

He built a large shop in Stoneham tor the manul^ictnre of shoe;;, 
and pursued that business six or eight yenrs. He abandoned that 
business, his health failing, and removed to Winchester, an ad- 
joining town. He died of consumption in Winchester, Jan. 22, 
1870, aged 30. 

After hisi death, his estate in Winchester was purchased by the 
compiler of this volume in June, 1870. 

His widow and children reside in Wobara. 


Kate Ruthine.* 
Maiy Elizabeth.* 

Children : 


Stxphest Kendall Ricrardsox* {SUphtn^' Sttphen^* Step/ien^i 
SUfhen^^ St€ph€n^* Jo$6phy^ Samuel^)^ son of Deacon Stephen* 
and Lucy (Kendall) Richardson ; born in Wobum, April 23, 1813 ; 
married Adelxa 3L Westox, of Woburn, 3Iay 14, 1889. 

They lived in Wobura. 

Children, bora in Wobura : 


John Kendall.' b. July 11, 1S43; was fitted for colle^ at the 
^obum Hi}^h School; graduated AmUerftC College. ld«)9; was 
three years an instrucror in Amber?r College; was two terms 
principal of the Amherst IIi<?h School: went to German v; 
tra?eled in Europe; is now teacher of Latin and Greek int&e 
Williston Seminary, Eastliampton, Mass.; married Louisa C. 
Shepard, Aug. 13, 1860. Xo children. 
40tli. Emma M.,> b. Id^; nu Ererect Brooks Bichardion [4d53t, Oct 
Probably there were others. 

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Chables Ttxo Rxchabdson* ( William F^ JEleazar T. F^ 
OidBon^^ Ebenex€rj^ Thamatj* Samu^l^* Samuel i)^ eldest son of 
WOlism Fox Richardson ;' bom in Boston, Jan. 6, 1840; marriod, 
Dec 25» 1867, Charlotts Axs Estabrooc, born Oct. 4» 1843, 
daaghter of Joseph E. and Marjr Ann (Porter), Estabrook, of 
Concord, N. H. 

His mother dying when he was very yonns:, ho lired till he was 
ten years of age wi^h his mother's mother, "the wife of William 
Messinger, in Wrentham, 3Iass. After this, till seventeen and a 
half years old, he lived with his crnindmother Colby in New Lon- 
don. This lady was the wife of "Hon. Anthony Colby, who was 
governor of Xew Hampshire one year.* She had been the widow 
of Eleazar T. F. Richardson, of Boston, the eminent bookseller, 
who died in 1S29 [see 2483]. At the age last mentioned, 1857, 
he entered the Freshman class in Dartmouth College, graduating 
in 1861. Ever since 1861, he has been in the iron business in 
Boston, the iirm being Joyce Ss Richardson, with the exception of 
one year, 1862-8, when he served in the war against the Rebellion, 
in North Carolina, as Commissary Sergeant, of .the Forty-fifth 
Regiment of Mass.achusetts Volunteers. 

His children are : 

49X1 Lava Estabrook,* b. Oct 18, 1S6& 
4078. Elizabeth Messinger,* b. Nov. 8, 1870. 


Charles Richjlrdsox' {David^ Dam<V -Daoid^* David^^ Da- 
vidf Samud^ Samud^\ son of David ^ and Susan (Libby) Rich- 
ardson, of Limington, Me.; bom there, July 24, 1825;. married, 
1847, OuvE T. Dons, bom Oct. 26, 1827, daughter of Charles 
Dorr, of Sntton, Mass. 

Their children have been : 


Alonao L.,* b. Aog. 10, 1848. 
Eugene A.,^ b. Aug. 24, 1850. 
Emma L.f b. Aug. 11, 1854. 
Ida M.,»b. June 15, 1856. 
Albert J.,* b. April 17, 185& 

*The mention of Governor Colbr recalls to tbe compiler's memory the vnrj 
pleayant acquaintance he enjoyed With tliat ^ntleuian and his fkther, when 
teaching a €UfttTict school in >e\v London in the winter of 1827-S. It also re- 
calls to mind a son and daup^hter of Mr. Colby who were under my care« of 
whom the daufi^hter i;ui*an .was some years preceptress of ti:e >*«w Haiitptou 
Litemrr lantitution, antl al)«>ut LV/J be<.'anie the wife of Janies B. Ooltrare. of 
>>w York City, now, 1S74, President of the New York Qold BoanL ''She is 
beloved bv everylKMly/' is the report which has come to tiie. Gov. Colby died 
July 20, 1873, 9^ 80. Mrs. Colby is stUl living, April, 1874. 

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Datid 31. RicHABDSox' (Dmid^ Dacidf David,* Dmid^^ 
Davidf* Samuel^* >Samiid^)i orodier of the preceding; bom in 
Liinington, 3Ie^ 3Iai-ch 4, 1S32; niftrried, Sept. 6, 1853, Scsior M. 
DcsTur, born Oct. 30, 1886, dnuchter of Rev. Caleb Dustin, of 
Derry, N. H^ a descendant of Thomas and Hannah Dostin, of 
Haverhill, Mass. Mrs. Dnstin was the woman who performed 
the daring exploit of killing and scalping ten Indians on an island 
in Merrimack River, at the mouth of Contoocook River, anil near 
the line which now separates Cooeord, X. H., from B/>scawen. 
This was a few days atlcr the attack on Haverliill, which took 
place March 15, 1697. A monnment has just been erected in 
commemorntion of this brave act. 

The children of David 3L and Susan Richardson are: 

4090. XormanT..*b.^arch37. ISM. 

4081. 6rovelaQdD.,*b.A£archl^l65d. 

40j^ Ci^ra U,^ U. May d» Ic^. 

403-3. Henrv H..» b. Sept 7, ld6L 

40SI. 3rftbel L. > b. March 2, 1S<». 

4065. Mary F.,» b. Aug. 25, IddS. 

4066. Harry£.,*b. March ^,1871. 


Ctbvs Havlix Wjllileb (JfaryJlichardsony^ Jo9€pfky* Joseph^* 
Davids* David,* Sttmuei,^ 5amtte/*K eldest son of Rev. Elkanah 
and yiatj (Richardson) Walker, missionaries among the Spokan 
Indians in Oregon ; bom at Wuiilitpu, Oreiicon Territory, Dec. 7, 
1888 ; married, at Forest Grove, (negon, Feb. 15, 18o9, Lucy 
Maria Taxxeb. 

He and his brothers, Marcus and John, enlisted as private sol- 
diers in the First Regiment of Oregon Volunteer Inf-mtry, Dec. 
1, 1864, during the .war of the RclKllion. Ho was promoted to 
be first lieutenant, Dec. 26, 1864, a»l "^ mustered iu "" with Co. B, 
of said regiment, the same day. Hie continued with the regiment 
till July 23, 1866, w hen he anil h» brother John and the retuuin- 
der of the companv were ** mustered out," or discharg(.*d. His 
brother Marcus had been mustered out in the January preceding. 


One child of his is reporte<l : 

ela (Walker), b. at Oauns 
ho Territory, Jan. 16, tt^ 

La<nr Adela (Walker), b. at Oraip Lander, near Old Fort Hall, 


Abigail Boutwell Walkeb <J/ary Bichardsoti^'' Josep/i,^ 
Jonepfi,* David,^ David,* Samnd^ Samuel^)^ sisiter of the pro- 
ceding; born at Tshimakain, Ore««M! Territory, May 24, 1840; 
married, at Forest Grove, Ore^oo/Sept. 13, 1863, James Axoer* 
soar Kabb. They reside at Hoquiam, Washington Territory. 

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Their children are : 

4068. Mary Olire (KarrK b. Au?. 23. 1S03. 

40S0. Beatrice (Earr). b. Feb. ±U 1S<57. 

lOOO.. Elkanah Walker (Karr), b. at Forest Grove, Oregon, Feb. 10, 

4001. Cyras James (Karr),' ) twins, bom \ 

4002. Henry Anderson (Karr), ) Oct 4, 1$70. ) 
400a. Phebe Ross (Karr), } twins, bom I 
4004. John Ross (Earr), ) Jan. 14. 1ST2. ) 
400i!k Charlotte Ruth (Earr), b. March 2$. 1874. 

AU except Elkanah bom at Uoquiam, Washington Territory. 


Marcus Whitmax TValker (Jlioy Hichardsonft Joseph,* Jb^ 
9€pK,^ David^* David? Samuely^ Samuel^), brother of the preced- 
ing: bom at Tshimaknin, Oregon Territory, March 16, 18-42; 
married Sarah Margaret Ju^'Ri>% at Peorin, Linn CoiintVy Ore- 
gon, July 8, 1868. . * 

He enlisted as a private soldier, with his brothers C}Tas and 
John, in the First Regiment of Oregon Infantry, in the service of 
the IJnited States', Dec. 1, 1864 ; was made a sergeant, and soon 
after was promoted to be Regimental Commissary Sergeant, and 
was ^mustered out^ as such in January, 1866. Ho lives in Ore- 


4006w Herman Edward (Walker), b. at Weston, Oregon, 1860. 

4007. Jeremiah(Walker).b. July S, 1870. 

400S. Anthony Junkin (Walker), b. June 20,-1873; d. Dec. W, 1S7S. 


Ret. Joseph Elsaxah Walrcq (J/cr>'y Richardson^ Joseph^* 
Joseph? David? David? S^imud? Samuel *), brother of the pre- 
ceding ; bom at Tshimakain, Oregon Territory, Feb. 10, 1844 ; 
marrieil, at Foochow, China»3Iay 21, 1873, £• Adx Claohorx, 
from Xorth Evans, N. Y. She had sailed from San Francisco, 
CaU Oct. 1, 1872, and arrived at Foochow, as a missionary, ^To- 
vember lltli. 

He graduated from Pacific TTuiversity, June, 1866; graduated 
from Bangor Theological Seminary in June, 1^^71 ; was ordained 
as a foreign miiisionary at Forest Grove, Oregon, the residence of 
his parent-s June 19, 1872; left home for his destination as a mis- 
sionary in China in August, 1872, and embarked at San Francisco 
in September, arriving at Foochow, Oct. 16, 1872. 


One child, bom at Foochow: 
Josephine Claghom (Walker), b. March 15, 1874. 

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^>r: ■:..•■■>;. 

t^;f j,L^ . 


^ .^^ -A**^ 

^. *::. 




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poaxEurrr of samcel iticHARDsoy. 



Hex. Ros\r£LL MiXARD RicHARosox * {Samuel^ Davidj* Zeb^ 
adiahy* Ebantzer^^ Sieph^n^ Stephen^^ Sanmel^)^ eMest son of 
SaiuueP and Meliitable (Shurtled;*) Richanls«)D ; bom in Comp- 
ton, Canada £a«t» April 7, 1S14; ni;\rrio<l, March 0, 184S, in Bo:»- 
ton, at the honse of jlr. Jatne« Paee, 58 Temple Street, by Rev. 
Cyrus A. Bartol, D. D^ to Axy Hctchixs Hapgood/ born in 
Petersham, M:iss^ Jan. 18, 1819. Siie was the daughter of 
Thomas* and Betsey (Hopkins) Hapgood, and granddaughter of 
Hutchins* and Elizabeth (Grout) Hapgoo*!.^ 

*Hoii. Hatehias Hapgood,* her j(mDilfatber, waa the son of Dttu Seth,** ^ho 
was son of Cape. Thomas,* who xras a son of Thomas.- and praotlson of Shad- 
bach Hatgood,^ the orisri&al emisrmnc of the nuiiie. who embarked at Graves- 
end, in the dpeoilxrell, May^SO, 1(U6, bound for Xeir Eoj^lHnd, nnd wax nlaiu 
by the Indians at Qiiaboag, novr Brookfleld, Aujp 2, 1U7^ [s>ee 3Io»e*s Hap- 
good Genealoffr, toI. iL] 

Hutchins Hapgood was bom April (I, I7(^{; married Elizabeth Gront* dattsh- 
tM'o^Hon. Jonathan Gronr,^ Oct. JO, 17^!), and died Sepc 4, 18;r7. His wife 
Elizabeth was born April 2H, ITdl, and dieil Jan. 11, He was a meruliaut 
in Petersham, Woa'ester Conntj. Ma<s., and was eminent as a citizen and a 
maiClstrate. He was actire in resistint; the lawless schemes of Daniel s^liays 
and Ids faction; was ac one time captured br theiu, and held as a prisoner un- 
til the ailrance of Gen. Lincoln's forces, combined uith his own address and 
boldness, eifecteil his release. He was a member of the legislature of MaHsa- 
chnsetts eight rears: was postmaster of Petersham many years, and was a 
member ot the conrentiouheld for revising the consticutiim of Massachusetts 
after the separation of Elaine in \»20. 

The wife of Mntchins Uapgood. and ^n^ndmother of Mrs. Bichardson in the 
text, was Elizabeth Grout. 6he was a daughter of Hon. Jonathan Grout,^ sou 
of John.* sou of Jonathan.^ son of Capt. John GicorT,^ who settled in W ater- 
town as early as liHl, harinsr in that year and previously a grant of eight lots 
of land. He died Jnly :iJ, 1UU7, leaving a handsome estate. At the time of 
his death he was of Sudbury. [Bond's Watertown Genealogies.] 

Jonathan Grout-* was born in Lunenburg, Mass., .fuly t23, 1737, and in 17G0 
married darah Page, a rvlative and probably aunt of Gov. Page, of 2^ew 
Hampshire. She died in Petersham, >Iass., March H, 1814, aged 71. CoL 
Grout, her hust>aud, died at Dover, X. H., Sept. S, ISU7, ag<Hl 70, while attend«> 
ing a suit in court. 

He was engage<l in the Old French war in 1760; the same year he married 
and settled in Petersham as a lawver. • He and Gen. Artemas Wani. of 
Shrewsbury, became the master spirin in the County of Worcester, moulding 
for successive generations the polirical character of that whole region, and re- 
ceiving frt>m the citizens nearly every ottce in their power to bestow. 

He was a colonel in the Uevolurionnrv war, commanding a regiment at the 
siese of Boston. Had he continued in rbe military service, he might hare vied 
with Sullivan, Stark, Putnam. Prescott, and other Hevulutionary heroes. HU 
services in civil life were perhaps not less honorable to lumself or useful to his 
country. His talents were of a hi:;h onJer, and he wrote with rare nhilirv. 
He was consideretl by some, and no doubt with truth, ambitious, but his pa- 
triotism none could doubt. He was a member of the Pniviocial Congress at 
Cambridge in February, 1773. He was. in 1761), with Fisher Ames, Culeb 
Strong. Elbrid'^e Gerry, and others, elected a uiember of the First Congress of 
the United Stares under the Federal Constitution, being the repr»s<*ntative 
from Worcester County. In this capa^dty he was a supp«irter of tho adminis- 
tration and policy of Washington. Afterwards, wlmn parties were mere com- 
pletely forme<l, he was a memlier of the DemtKratic party. Original lettem 
are still preserve*! in the family aildresse<l to Col. Gmut by John and Samuel 
Adams, John Hancock, FLsher Ames, and other statesmen of tliat day. 

He engage«l lar^ly in laml speculations, owuin*; at one time forty tltounand 
acres in Vermont anfl Xew Hampshire, including a township in vennont to 
which be secure«l the name of Lunenburg, in honor of his native place, :md 
where for rears he pass^^l much of his time. He accumulateii a large estate, 
bnt being involve<l m many la\rsttits, the usual couMf:iiuences fi>nowed, iu the 
abatement of his prosperity. [From Morse's 4i«nealo<;y of the Grout Fatuilv.) 

It shoold hare been mentioned that the mother of Mrs. lUchardson and wife 

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He left his home in December, 1829, at Sfteen years of age; 
went to Hatley Village, Canada East, as a clerk in' the store of 
William G. Cook, remaining there till April 1, 18S0. He then 
was a clerk in Canaan, Vt^ln the store or Josiah Parmelee, Esq., 
until 31ay 25, 1832, when he **vent to Northumberland, X. H., 
derk for Willson is Bellows, in their store. He remained with 
them till Jan. 1, 1836, when he purchased the interest of Mr. Bel- 
lows, and sacceeded him as the partner of Gen. John Willson, 
under the firm of Willson & Richardson, in the store at the end 
of the toll-bridge over Connecticut River, in Northumberland, 
until 1845. 

While in Xorthuml>erlamT,lie'was several times elected chair- 
man of the board 'of selectmen. In 1840, he was appointed 
United States Deputy 3LirshaI, and took the census of Coos 
County, N. H., the same year. He was appointed by Gov. Isaac 
Hill adjutant of the Forty-second Regiment, Eighth Brigade, of 
New Hampshire Militia- in 1388; lieutenant colonel, by Gov. 
John Pnge, June 23, 1840; colonel, by Gov. John H.' Steele, 
June 20,^1844, and brio^adier .general, by Grov. Anthony 0>lby, 
July 6, 1846, from which position he retired June 20, 1848, after 
removing to Vermont; was 'appointeti justice of the peace by 
Gov. Henry Hubbard, SepC 5, 1842, which position he held while 
a resident of the Slate. 

He commenced lumbering on Connecticut River in 1842. In 
1847, removed to Wells River, N^wbury^ Vt., and manutactured 
lumber at Dodge^s Falls, situated four miles above Wells River, 
on Connecticut River, contionin^ in tharbusiness till 1854; was 
elected chairman of board of selectmen- in Newbury, 1851*-cer- 
tainlf -^com^^imentary, as be had been a resident. only' three years ; 
appointed justice of the- peace in Vermont, Nov. 30, 1855. 

In 1854, he erected milk for the manufacture of lumber on 
Nulhegnn River, in Essex County, Vt., on the line of the Grand 
Trunk Railwa>,'and April l,18o*6, removed to Portland, Me. In 
1858, he sold an interest in his lumbering business to Hon. John 
Lynch and Mr. Peleg Barker, of Portland, which made the firm 
of R. M. Richardson & Co^ continuing until their mills were de- 
stroyed by fii-e ill 1870. 

Mr. Richardson was a partner in the firm of Shaw, Haskell <b 
lUohantson, wholesale grocers on Commercial Street, Portland, 

ot ThORiM Hap8o<Ml was Brtaet Hopioxs. a daujirhter of Cant Samuel* aiicl 
£Uzaliech ( Ka«riiifi^.<4) Hopkiu.^. cHumiel * was a smiq of Clones,* son of Sfimnel.* 

, .son of JoUa,^ whu eiiit;:rareil ixt,m £n;;luutl with two soda, flmt Mrrliiiir in 

BraintrM, wbere he \va» ailmirreil freetnatu May 10, K^-l. Bersey Hopkiufl 
bail a sl'«f«r Tlurza, who wa^ tlie vtfe of James Pa^e, of Boston. Heace the 
name of Jaine^ I'ase lUchanlson, in the family of Mayor Ricliardson. 

Jame* ami Tbirza Paxe had a mm Henry A. Pau'e, a suL*ce!i.4ful and now re- 
tired merchant of Oo.ston, who)4e vtfe'ft iiiaiilen uuiiie wa^ Kliza Walen Bige* 
low, her mother lieins; Abiuail Kicbanliton. a daughter of John Kichardjon, of 
Templeton, a denceudanc of Thosiju lUcuAitosox,^ one of the three brothers 
of W^bom, 16U. 

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from 1861 to 1S65, and then of the firm of Richardsion, Harris Js 
Con from 1867 to Jan. 1, 1S75« at No. 147 Commercial Street. 

In 1860, he was a member of the lower branch of the city 
coancil of Portland ; Democratic nominee for senator for Cum- 
berland Goanty, 1861, but failed of nu election through party di- 
nsions on war' issues; was elected 3Iayor of Portlancl, March 1, 
-i875, by a handsome majority over his opponent, Mr. Wentcott, 
who was the mayor the previous year. The vote stood 2,467 for 
Richardson, 2,000 for Tvestcott, SO scattering; majority for Rich- 
ardson 437. In March, 1876, this was i*eversed, on party grounds 
merely. The compiler believes him to be every way woithy the 
high position he has filled. Parties are unavoidable nnder a free 
constitution, and to a certain extent useful ; but when, as in the 
present instance, they lead to the displacement of an upright and 
faithfnl public servant, the evil is to be regretted. 

He is a large owner of timber lands, perhaps the largest, in 
Essex County, Vt. His name appears upon the records of the 
xtgistry of deeds for Coos County, X. H., and Essex County, Vt., 
one hundred and forty-one times as grantee and one hundred and 
twenty-eight times as' grantor. 

He has taken a deep interest in the history of the Richardson 
family, and the present writer is very largely* indebted to him for 
contributions to this volume, as well as for encouragement of an- 
other kind. 

* His children have been : 

500a James Page,* b. in yewbmy, Wells Itiver, Vt* Xov. 2a, 1S51 ; 
d. in Portland, Me., of tn>hoid brain fever. Sept 8, 1372.* 

* Javbs Paob RxCBAmo40X,* eUI*«c son of Gen. R. M. Blrhaxdaon,> was 
prepared for colle;7e in tha j^rattimar ami bi^h dchooU of PortlaniL He Trailii- 
ated irich honor at Karvar«l Coll«;$;«». June, iH7'2, ami (Ue«l »t iiU father's bouse 
in September foUo^rine. as above nseocvleil. Dnrini; iiin senior year he becatue 
mocb interesceil in iiU taniily hiscorr, ic bein^ ooe >>( the coll«$;;ce requlreuionu 
that ererr stutlenc furulsb for preMn-arion in tbe colle'^ the hiHtorr of hLs 
own familr as fullr a* possible. The subject was very artraurive to him. ami 
he pursued it in his iei-iure buurs as far as hin 0(>portitnitteM allowed. His re- 
searches included not only the RichaadmiK family, bur alli«iil families bearing 
the nmnes of SnraTLEFF, Sn'ow. De-uiborx. K.\>tixo4. and Hopiux.1. Ht!4 
last labors of this kind liad relation to the Shurtlctf f.-iuiily, just Ixsfore his 
final sickness. The following notice, prepared by his fri«nd and teacher, 31r. 
A. P. Stone, Principilof the Portlaml Uii^h :M:hool, appoaretl in one of the 
public papers soon after his decease: 

**The subtect of this nocioe seeriie«U by nature ami by e<lucation, to be eini- 
nenrly fitted for a career of usefulness, in which bis friemlH hail erery reason 
to beliere he would nrore himself a vahtable iiiemlter of the «.'t)iiimuuity. But 
at tlM rery threshold of his nianhoo«l Death ciaiiiie«l liiiii ais his own, .Mo.<«t. if 
not all, of his elemenrarv education h*> r»{f*eired iu die pul>!ic s<:hools of rliLs 
city. From the Park sitreet Grniutmr S.-h'H»l he eut»freil rhe HiirJi Suho*^! in 
18ft4, from which he :;rsiiUiacc-«l with iii«4r::icri3u iu \:^i<. His s. Ii. hi l maces and 
teachers bear unanimous restimony to tlie e;irae*riie*-« and rtdeliry with wUirU 
all Ills school durien were dUchanreil, and his kiml aud l»*f*roiuin4; (Ieuieam»r 
towanlsall. After leaviu;;; the hi.;U sch<iol be enteral Harrartl Collet, aud 
completed the fou." reiirs' course of scudr with iznat ens- 1 it. He theu profni^etl 
to sfiend a few weeks iu re*t and tT;ivel. and then to enter ui>i)u the miuiIv of 
a profession. But scarcely hml those few weeks pas»e«l. when a brief tii<»n<rh 
painfnl Illness intrtrrupte«C his plans, ami hi4 life work was uuile<l. HLs Hfe 
\rasoneofsini;ular purity, and of entire freed* lui froui habits which tarninh 
the reputation anil destroy the character of many young men in ^vtrj com- 
muuity.'* • 

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500L George MinaTd.*K at Wells Rirer, Yt^ Maj 10, ld54; d. in 
Portland, of drsenterv, Oct. 25. Id56u 
William Minard,* U. in Portland, Deo. 10, 1858; j;;radnated from 
the Portland High School, under D. D. Patten, the princi]>aU 
in June, 1ST5; entexed Harvard College* July, 1S75. 



Embuns Richardsox' {Samttd^ Damdf Zebadiahy* Ebene^ 
ter,* StepheHj* jStephefi^* Satnuel^), sister of the preceding, and 
diraghter of Samnel* and Aleiiitnble (Shurtleff) Richardson; 
bom in Compton, C. £., Feb. 8, 18*24; married, April 7, 1846, Ja- 
cob OfLsox, son of Rev. John Gilson, of Conii>ton. He was 
bom 3Iarch 22, 1817. 

He was a fiirmer, and died in Iowa, Oct. 28, 1865. She now, 
1876, resides in Washington, Iowa. 

Their children were : 

"5003. Preston Cariyle (Gilson), b. Feb. 18, 1847; d. Deo. 18, 1860. 

5004. Ella (Gilson), b. July 14. 1848; m. Soott Davidson in Iowa. 

5000. Ghixa (Gllson), b. Dee. 15. 1840; d. Sept 28, 185& 

5008. George (Gilson). b. Sept 5, 1^1. 

iSOOT. Lucia (Gilson), b. Feb. 8, 1853. 

5008. Charles Hector (Gilson), b. Februarj. 1858. 

50091 Nellie Amelia (Gilson), b. Oct 30, 1888; d. June, 1864. 


Cabolzne Amelia Richardsox* {Scmiud^ David,* Zehadiahy^ 

JEbenezer^^ SUph%9if SUphen^^ Samvtel'^)^ sister of the preceding; 

' bom in Compton, C. E., Dlay 10, 1827 ; mnrried, June 29, 1854, 

AifDBSW Simpson Macbeax, bom June 8, 1825, son of Willie T. 

Macbean, of Montreal. 

During sereral years be was Assistant Superintendent of the 
Quebec District of the Grand Trunk Railway in Canada. He is 
now a fruit-grower in Brieksbnrg, N. J. 

Cliildren : 

50ia Mary IsabeUa (Macbean), b. July 20. 1855. 

501L Geonce Andrew (Macbean), b. Marcn 2, 1857. 

5012. Charles Arthur (Macbean). b. May 10, 1859. 

5013. Ella Gertrude (Macbean). b. May 8, 1862. 

5014. Ida Caroline (Macbean), b. at Point Levi, near Quebec, March 



Chablss Frederic Ricbardsox* {Samuel^ David,* Zeba- 
diahf JSbenexer,* Stephen,* Stephen,* Samxtel^), brother of the 
preceding; born in Compton, C. £., March 30, 1831 ; married, in 
Sellevilie, C. W., May 31, 1864, Charlotte Catharcte Sataoe, 
bora in Mount Hope, Coanty of Durham, C. W., Jan. 19, 1843. 

He was formerly a trader in Compton, his native town. For 
some years past he has resided in Montreal, employed as express 
messenger between Montreal and Quebec. 

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Children : 

5015. Henrietta Maud,* b. in Comptou, Oct 5. 1860. 

sold; Annie Hapgood Constantinei* b. in Montreal, Sept % 1870. 


'HssKX R RiCHAKDsox^ {Senry; Davids* Zebadiahj* Eben-^ 
«wr/ SUphenf Stephetiy* Samuel^)^ son of Henrv* and Hannah 
(Badger) Richardson, of Coiupton, 0. £. ; born M:irch 6, 1824 ; 
married Martha. Rugg, of Coiupton, Sept 3, 1846. She died 
Nor. 4, 1866. 

He resides in Coaticook, Canada; is depaty bailiC 

Children : 


Helen M.,' b. .ug. 23, ISIO ; m. Arthur 0. 2^orton, of Coaticook, 
Sept 14, 1870. 
6018. Henr7Scott,»b. April 10, 1855. 


James M. Richardso^t* (^SnotCy^ ZebacUahj* Zebadiah^^ Ebeiu 
ter,* StepAeny* Stephen^ Samuel^\ son of Rev. Snow' and Mary 
(McCame) Richardson; bom April 3, 1832; mairried Sarbpta A. 
MAXnrSLL, 1855. 

His trade was that of a carpenter. He was in^the military ser- 
vice of his country all through the war for the Union ; was' ** an 
enlisted man," and a sergeant in Co. K, of the Second Regiment 
of Ohio Cavalry. He was in the army of Gren. Sheridan, and 
WHS present at Lee's surrender. He now resides at Shields, Bel- 
mont County, Ohio. 


Dr. D. WtixiAM RiCBAROSOX* {SnoiCy' Zebadia/ij^ Zebadia/i,^ 
^enmery^ Stephen^* Stephen^* Atrnttel \S brother of the preceding; 
bom May 4, 1886; married Mart F. Bowdle, Oct 20, 1863. 

He was in the army all throngh the war of tlie Rebellion ; at 
first as one of the '* tiiree months' men ; " then served eighteen 
months as a private in the Second Kentucky Regiment. He was 
in the severe battle of Shiloh or Pittsburg Landing. He went 
home sick and dischargeil, expecting to die. He recovered and 
enlisted in Co. F, One Hundred and Tenth Oiiio Volunteer In- 
fhntry; was second lieutenant 7 then Hrst lieutenant, which hist 
commission he held at the sorronder of Lee at Appamatox. 

Then he went home, studied mc<licine, and is now a practicing 
physichm at Logansvilie, Logan County, Ohio. He fought in 
twenty-three battles, ail in the army of the Potomac except one, 
that at Shiloh or Pittsburg Landing, April 7, 1802, and never re- 
ceived a wound which cause^l a tiow of hliHxl, or lost one day's 
duty, except the sickness already mentioned, during the whole 

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Children : 

5019. ^aud,*b. 1860. 
50:20. Wilmarth,* bt 1871. 
50SL Henry C* b. 1872. 


AuBiLLA Prebk Wbllmax {Phebe Wtjman^ Miriam BicA- 
arcfooV Josephj* Amo$^^ Stephen^^ SUphen^^ Saimtel^}^ Jaiyb^ 
of Den. James Riple3r Wellninn, and granddaughter of 3Iir^im . 
Richardson;* bom in Cornish, X. H., July 13, 1820; married, 
Jam 1, 1851, Bb. Alfred Hitchcock, who was born in West- 
minster, Vt., Oct. 17, 1818. 

They resided and he was a physician in Fitchbnrg, Mass. She 
died Nov. 28, 1862. 

Their children were : 

5022. Edward Wvnm (Hitchcock), b. Oct 27, 1858; d. Sept 10, 1864. 
5033. James Ripley IVellman (Hitchcock), b. July 3, 1857; now a 

member of Harvard College, 1876. 
5024. Henry WeUmas (Hitchcock), b. Sept 5, 1860; d. April 3, 1862. 


Ret. Joshita WracAy TTclluax (Phebe Wumany Miriam 
Xichardsony* Jbaephj* Amos,* Stephen^ Stephen^^ Samuel^), broth- 
er of the preceding; bom in Cornisii, N. H., Nor. 28, 1821 ; mar- 
ried, Oct. 24, 18o4, EujBX ^Iabia Holbrook, daughter of Caleb 
Strong and Prudence (Durfee) Holbrook, of Holbrook, Mass. 

He was prepared ibr college at Kimball Union Academy, 
Plainfield, N. M. ; gra«lttated at Dartmouth College, 1846, and at 
the Theological Seminary, Andover, 1830 ; was ordained and in- 
stalled pastor of the Fim Church, Derry, N. H., June 18, 1851, 
where be remained five years ; was installed pastor of the Eliot 
Church, in Newton, Abss., June 11, 1856, where ho remained sev- 
enteen rears; was then installed pastor of the First Congrega- 
tional Church, Alalden, llass., March 25, 18T4, and there still 

His children are, ^ . ^ 

Born in Holbrook : 

Arthur Holbrook (Wellman), b, Oct 30, 1855; now a member 
of Amherst College. 

Bora in Newton : 

Edward WvmaD (WcUman), b. March, 15, 1857. 
Ellen Holbrook (Wellman). b. Nov. 8, 1858. 
Annie Durfee (Wellman), b. July 5, 1862. 




Dr. James Riplet \7ellmax (P/iebe Wyman^ Miriam JUcA" 
ardaouj* Joseph^* Amos,* Stephen,* Stephen,^ Samuel^), brother of 

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the precedinsr; born in Cornish, N. H^ Jaly 27, 1829; married 
Lomu H. Wood, of Fitchban', 3I:iy % 1861. 

He ffraduated in the Medical Department of Dartmoath Col- 
lege, 1856 ; attended meiUcal lectures for a year in Edinburgh 
and Paris, and commenced the practice of his profession at Fitcb- 
bnrg, Mass. He was very successfid as a physician, and a bril- 
liant career seemed opening before him, when consamption, 
bronght on by ovenrork in his profession, brought all hta earthly 
prospects to a fiital termination, July 23, 1S61. 


£LLs:r Fbaxces Morrill (^Hoieena W. RicJuirdson^ Johnf 
Jbhfh* Jbhuj* William^ Stephen,* Samnel^)^ daughter of Anson 
Peaslee Morrill by his wife Kowena TTillinms Richardson ; ' bom 
Nor. 10, 1829 ; married Richard M. Mills. They live in Read- 
field, Me. 

Their children are : 

6029. Emily CaroUne (Willis), b. 1$40; m. Egbert C. Andrews, ^ D., 

June, 1S74. 
9080. Elizabeth (Mills), b. 1892. 
90aL Anson MorriU(MUU),b.2^ovember,lS97. 

One or more have died. 


JEtowKSx CASouarB Morrill (Hawma W. Richardson^ John^ 
Jbhnf John^* Williani* Stephen^* Samutl% sister of the preced- 
ing; bom in Madison, County of Somerset, Me^ April 24, 1839 ; 
mairied, Xov. 10, 1857, ChIbles Willia^c Goddard, then of 
Auburn, Me., and now of Portland. 

He flradnated at Bowdoin College, 1844; w.7S a member of the 
State Senate of 3Iaine, 1858 ; President of the Senate in 1859 ; 
Consul General of the ITuited States at Constantinople from 1861 
to 1864 ; Judge of tlie Superior Court of Cumberinnd County 
from 1868 to 1871 ; lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence in Bow- 
doin College, and since 1871, postmaster at Poitland. 

He belongs to the Trinitarian Congregational body, and is in 
every respect a man of high character. 




Hb children are : 

Anson MorriU (Ooddard), b. Sept 1, 1850. 
Henry (Goddard), b. July 13, L^iU 
Morrill (CkKldard), b. Occ. 7. ISO-i. 
Rowena (Goddard), b. Feb. 6, Is^iO. 
Eliza Payson (Goddard). b. June 14. 1ST2. 
EUen (Goddard), b. April 10, 1S74; d. in infancy. 

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iFfcst Crrnccation. 


Thomas Sicharosox ^ was the youngest of the three brothers 
of that Dame, Ezeeiel^ Samuel, and Tuokas, who uuite^l with 
Edward Coiivers, Edward Johnson, John Moiisail, WlUiain 
Learned, and other*, in the settlement of "Wobum, and the for- 
mation of a church there, in 1641. The se\'en men, whose names 
have jnst been written, were the commissioners chosen by the 
church in Chark*stown, Xov. 5, 1640, to commence the settlement; 
with this exception that TTiUiam Learned was substituted soon 
after for Thom:vs Graves, who had been chosen, but declined tak- 
inar part in the enteri>rise. 

Ezekiel Richardson, it is well known, came from En«;tand in the 
fleet with Winthrop in 1630, and mast have been in Chariestown 
by the sixth of Julv in that year, when fifteen ships of that fleet 
had already arrived. It is highly probable that he originated in 
STorfolk, England, where the name bad been settled as early as 
the sixteenth centur}*, and doubtless long before. It appears'that 
Winthrop, whose home was in Groton, in the adjoining county of 
Suflblk, had already invited Ezekiel Ricliardson to accompany 
him on the voyage, and that the latter had consented to go. Hub- 
bard, in his History, p. 133, says, **the greater number came from 
alK>ut London," which would include, at least, a part of Xortblk. 
The fiiraily of Richanlson, huwever, existed in Sussex, Surrey, 
and many* other counties. 

It IS believed that Samuel * and Thomas Richardson,* Avho were 
younger than Ezekiel, did not come from Englan<l, till at least five 
years after. The colonists suffered greatly from famine during the 
first year, and few came over till 1633 or later. A list of the in- 
habitants of Chariestown, dated Jan. 9, 1633-4, does not contain 
the name of Samuel or Thomas RLc)iaril:«on, The same deficiency 
exists in a similar, made one year atrer. The first notice we 
find of either of these brothers, is dated Feb. 21, 1635-6, when 
Mary, the wife of TiMimas Kiohard.<on united with the church in 
Chariestown. Samuel iind Thoiu.'i:* RicljaiHt^on joined said church 
the 18th of the 12th month [February], 16::57-S; in consequence 
whereof they were admitted freemen ot the colony, ilay 2, 1633. 
Their names are found on the records of Cbarlestown for the tirst 
time in 1637, when to each of them the town granted a house- 
plot, clearly indicating that they had recently become citizens of 

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the ulace. The same year, their names are for the fimt time foii&il 
on tne records as citizens of Cbarlestown. They doubtless came 
from England together. 

The tEree brothers ^rere all young. They probably did not 
marry until on the eve of embarking for Americsi ; Ezekfel in 1630 ; 
Samuel and Tiioraas in 1635. This^ is Lnferrecl from tiio dates of 
the births of their children. 

The three brothers hail lots assigned them, April 20, 1633, on 

' ^ Misticke Side and above the Pon«l.s'* that is, m Maiden. The 

share tliey had in the settlement of Woburu, and the org;mizntion 

of the church in that town, has been sutHciently rektud in the 

notices already given of Ezekiel and Samuel Kichnrdson. 

Thomas Richardson died in Wobum, Au«.'u>t ili, 1G51. There 
is no will of his on record. Below i:^ an inventory of his estate 
found in the Middlesex Registry of Probate, datetl Sept. 22, 1051, 
and signed bv Edward Johnson^ Edward Convers, John Mousall, 
and Samuel llichardson. 

Ad Inventory of the Goods of Thomas Richardson, late of 

4 Working Oxen 

5 Cows 
8 Steers 

2 Heifers 

3 Calves 
8 Swine 

Come in the Bame 
10 pieces of pewter 
3 pieces of Brass 
8 Iron pots 
5 pairs of Sheets 
1 table Cloth, 2 pillow beers 
Bedding and the Furniture belonging to it 
His wearing apparel 
Two inoskets and other arms 
Tubs and other wi->oden vessels 
1 Table, 1 Cupboard, 2 chairs and other lumber 
Iron tools 

Carte, plows, chaines, and other instruments of husbandry 
For his servant's time, tliat he hath yet to senre 

£138. 14. 4 
Further, the said Thomas Hicharrlson died possessed of one Dwelling 
House, Bam, and One Hundred acres of Land, simace in the Town of \Vo- 
burn, of which '25 acres are plowed land, and ten of meadow. Real Es- 
tate valued at £S(i. 0. 0. 
He is indebted the sum of ten pounds, ten shillings. 
The two steers former]}' forgotten, £-k lus. ild. 

Following the inventory, and, it would seem, a part of it, is this 
statement : 

** He hath left a wife, three sons, and four dau^'liters. Tlie eldest son is 
S years old; the second. years; ami the third, tliree-quarters (of a rear). 
The eldest dau{(hter is V6 years old; the second, 11 years; the third, 4 
years; the fourth, 2 years." 

lu the foregoing inventory, as in that of his brother Ezekiel, 
there is not an article of silver plate, or of china, crockery, or 









4. 10. 





























0. 10. 

0, 17. 





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gtoM ware. Nothing better than pewter, or bni8% was csed .it 
meaU. The same is likely to have beea true in the dweUiugs of 
the coloiiiits generally. 

The name of the wife of Thomas Richardson was 3Iabt. x\fter 
his death :»he became, Oct. 2(5, 1655, the second wife of 3Iichael 
Bacon, senior, who is said to have come trom Ireland, and was one 
of the original inhabitants of the town of Woburn, 1641. HeA^^as 
the ancestor of the distinguished Dr. Leonard Bacon, of ^Tew Ha« 
yen, Ct. Bacon's fii-st wife, also named 3Iary, died Aug. 26, 1655. 
The second wife died 3Iav 19, 1670 ; and then he took to wife a 
third ilary, ilary Noyes,'Nov. 23, 1670. He died July 4, 16S3. 
His only son married a daughter of Thomas and 3Iary Hichard- 

The children of Thomas and Mary Richardson were, 

Bom in Charlestown : 

' -^^ 5101. MarT,*bap. Xor. IT. 103S; m. May 15. 1635, John Baldwiu. of 
BiHerica. who mint have been a brother of Henry Baldwin, 
of Woburn. the husband of Ezekiel Kichardson's daufchter 
Phe1)e. Cbiidren, born in Billerica: 

5102. '^r^lrv (Baldtrin), d. Feb. 1, 1055-9. 

510S. Zlary (Baldwin), b. July 28, IdoO. 

5104. John (Bald\«-in/, b. Sept. ^5. 1605. 

5105. Jonathan (Bald^rin). b. Jan. 2$. 166T-$. 
5100. Hannah (Baldwin), b. May 6, 1070. 

SIOTT. Sarah,2 bap. Xov. rJ. 1 040 : m. 5larch 22, 1060, Michael Bacon, jr., 
the only son of 3Iichael Bacon, senior, already mentioned. 
Their children were: 

5108. Mary (Bacon), b. March 1, 1601. 

5100. Sm-di (Bacon) b. Auj;. 24. lOOS. 

5110. Ahiqail (Bacon), b. March .>, 1066-7. 

5111. .Viduitft (Bacon), mentioned in a deed given by his father, 
Oct 4, 1096, as then ''of Billerica, shoemaker.'* 

Bom in Wobnm : 

+5112. Isaac,* b. May U, 1643: m. Deborah Fuller 
4-5113. Thomas.'' b. Oct. 4, 1045: m. Arst, Mary Stimpson; second, 
Sarah Patten. 
6114. Ruthr b. April 14, 1(«7. 
5115. Phebe.2 b. Jan. 24. KU.^9. 

. +51ia Nathaniel,- b. Jan. 2. I0r>0-1; m. Mary . 

One of the duiv^iitcrs of Thomas Richardsion.^ probably Eutb, mar- 
ried Thomas Fuller,^ born April SM, 1044, son of Lieut Thomas FuUerp^ 
who came from England. lijy/<j and is the ancestor of the Fuller Family 
in iTew England. iSee Gencal. Keg., toL xtiL, p. 361. ^ , :^ .. .. 

&rcona CSrcnrratton. 


IsAXG KiCHARDSOK ' eldest son of Thomas ^ and Mary Rich- 
ardson ; bom in Woburn^ ilay 14, 1643, tlie second year of the 
corporate existence of that toVn.'^ He married, June 10, 1667, 

• Woburn was incorporated, according to Mr. Sew^all, Sept. 27, 1642, O. S. 

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DEBORA.H FcLLER,* HoTO in Wohnrii, May 12, 1650, dauqrhtcr of 
Lieut. Thomas^ ami Elizabeth (TiiKl) Fuller; then of tTobum, 
but who removed to MiiUlieton* which was then the itorth-west 
part of Salem, and wns called New Salem. Thomas Fuller, the 
ancestor of the Fullers of 'Sew England, carne from England, 
1638, and died in Middleton, June, 169d. His eldest son, 
Thomas, bom April 30, 1644, married a sister of Isaac Richard- 
son, and was one of the overseers and witnesses of his will. 

He lived on "Richardson's Row," in the easterly part of Wo- 
bnm, and abont half a mile, more or less, from the present village 
of TTinchester. His farm ndjoinetl that of the second Ezekiel 
Richardson » [20], son of Theo|»hilus.« His will, dated Feb. 28, 
1688-9, recorded Midd. Prob. Rec, vii. 11, a copy of which is 
before me, mentions wife Deborah, son Jonathan, then ander 
twentT-one years of age, sons Edward, Joseph, Benjamin, and 
David', all minors, and daughters ilary and Elizabeth. "Two 
eldest sisters " are mentioned, to whom iifonathan, the eldest son, 
was to pay ten pounds each when they came of age. Their 
names do not appear in thb connection, but they must nave been 
Mary and Phcbe. The testator disposes of other land, and a 
house then building, besides the homestead. He had a lot near 
"bare hilP — more correctly Bear Hill — in Charlestown,. after- 
wards included in Stoneham. Samuel Richardson [1556]; Steph- 
en Richardson [1557], and Thomas Falter, his brother-in-law, 
siirn as witnesses. 

Isaac Richardson died in Wobum, April 2, 1689, aged nearly 
46. His widow Deborah married — Shaw. 

The children of Isaao and Deborah Richardson were: 


. 5U8.. 

-1-51 la 






Jonathan,* b. Deo. 12, 1609; m. ^lary «— . 

Deborah,^ b. Jan. 22, 1671-2. 

Joseph,* ) twins, bom { 

Benjamin,' ) June 25, 1074; ) m. Lydia (Draper) TTbittemore. 

llary,* b. Oct. 27, 107d. She died May 13, 167S. In the town 

record of her death she is called Mercy, which was probably 

the true name. 
Darid,* b. Feb. 4. 1678-9: m. Rebecca — . 
Phebe,* b. Feb. 14, 16dO-l; m. Joseph Rice, of Reading, May 20, 

Mary,* b. July 14, 16S3; the Fuller Genealofly, as printed Oeneal. 

Refc., xiit. ^1, says she married a Mr. King. 
Elizabeth,' b. Nov. 8. 16S5. 
Edward,' b. Feb. 2, 1087-^ 


Thomas RicHARDSoy,* brother of tlie preceding, and second 
son of Thomas^ and Mary Richardson; bom in Woburn, Oct. 4, 
1645 ; married, first, in Cambridge, Jan. 5, 1609-70, Mart Stimp- 
soy. They were married by the eminent Daniel Goolcin, so often 
mentioned' in the early history of 3Iassachasetts.* In those days, 

• Daniel Gookia iraine from Kent, by way of Ireland, to Vin^inia, iu lfi2l. 
In May, lf^4, be came to Boston, iniJuce«l thereto by tbe intolerance of Gov. 
Berkeley, who would allow of no dlH:i«nr fnim the establidhe«l reliv'ion. In 
Massoehnsetts he wa5i a mainstrate. an assistant, ^^ovcmor of the Prayiiii; In- 
dians, and major general of the uiilUhi of the culoi^y. He lived iu Cambrid^\ 

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marriage, being regariled as a civil oniinance, was perfonned by 
the civil iiingistrate. The town records of Cambridge^ :\s copied, . 
call Thomas Richardson's wife 3Iary Stecensofi. She died June 
7, 1600, the mother of nine chihlrcn. Second, in Billcnc:i, Dec. 
29, 169i>, Sarah Pattex, ^wiilow of Thomas Patten, of Billerica, 
(who dictl Jan« 16, 16S9-90, aged about 54^ They were married 
oy Major Jeremiah Swain. '^"'^ 

* He removed from Wobiim to Billericn, previouslji' known as 
Shawshiw, about the year 1667, and settled, it is believed, on a 
laige tract of about nine hundred acres of kind, quite in the east- 
eriy part of the town, called the Cambridge School Farm, a littlo 
west of the Shawshin River, and north of the present Boston 
Road. He wns a soldier in the company of Capt. Samuel Gallup 
ia the land expedition to Canada, by way of Albany, in 1690, 
which utterly failed. He was a deputy from Billerica to the 
General Court of Massachusetts in 1703 and 1704. 
^ Sonie time after, he gave to his eldest son, Thomas, a farm 
'near Uie Boston Road, now Wnshington Street ; to Andrew, a 
fiirm north of Thomsis, and to Xatlianiel, a ^m north of Andrew. 
The deed to Andrew is dated Oct. 14, 1705, and there is a deed 
to his grandson Thomas, son of Thomas, dated Feb. *25, 1709-10. 

He died in Billerica, Feb. 25, 1720*1, in his seventy-sixth year. 
Hb widow Sarah died Nov. 20, 17J^L 

His will is dated April 10, 1719; proved March 24, 1720-1; 
recorded Midd. Prob. Rec, xvi. 241. He gives to wife Sarah 
twenty pounds, outright, to be paid within one year after his de- 
cease, and, provided she shall give to his executors a Quitclaim of 
his estate, twenty pounds more, within two years. He gives to 
his daughter Mary Farmer what she had not already received of 
her portiod. His ehlest son, Thomas, has deceased ; he, the tes- 
tator, gives to the children of Thomas, in addition to what 
Thomas had already received, enough to make a double portion. 
He gives to John Richardson, sou of Thomas, the eldest son, 
aforesaid, eighty-seven acres of upland on the south-east side of 
Shawshin River, and forty-five acres of meadow and upland at 
Lubber's Brooic [which must be an affluent of the Shawshin], 
and two acres of meadow at tlie lower end of my Content Mead- 
ow. He gives to hb son Jonathan the refusal, at two hundred 
and sixty pounds, of his homesteads with the meadow and upland, 
and several other parcels of land, the prices of all which are care- 
fhlly set, and Jonathan, if he takes them, is to pay the. overplus, 
more than his portion, to his mother and sisters. He gives to his 
son Nathaniel a certain lot and to his son Andrew a certain lot of 
land. ^ And my will is, that if any of my children do not sit 
down contented with what I have d'one, they shall have no more 
than twenty shilling^i, besides what they have already received.'' 
He intends that his sons and daughters shall each have an equal 
shaie, except that his eldest son's tUmily shall have a double por- 

He appoints his sons Andrew and Nathaniel to be executors. 
Witnesses, Abraham Chamberlain, Dorcas Whiting, 3Iary Whit- 

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tng. No objection wns ma^le to the proof of the \rii], vrhioh took 
place, as already stated, March 24, 17*20-1. 

An inventory of the estate of Thomas RichanlAon, late of Bil- 
lerica, was taken April 6, 17:21, as follows : 

Tlie homestead, about M acres, and about 17 acres of the 
Chnrch's Farm added to it. rirli the building thereou/ 
in alL two hundred and titty pounds 

About lSr2 acres of upland, swaiup, and meadow land. lying 
upon Lubber Bi'ook. and between that bn>ok and Shaw- 
shin River, with about two acres of meadow at Com tort 
[elsewhere Content] Brook, added to it, one hundred 
and eighty pounds 

About 71 acres oi land in Sauce 3Xeadow Woods 

32 aores of land upon Content Plain, called '* Hastings *' [so ) 
called because bought of John Hasttu^js] ) 

28 acres of land upon Content Plain, called "Hills" [so i 
called because bought of Xnthaniel Hill] ) 

3 aerss of Woodland, upon Rocky Hill 

5( acres of Meadow, at Content Bnk»k 

8 acres at Mill Swamp 

7 acres at Heath Swamp 

6 acres, *iO poles, at Great Swamp 

17 poles of land in the township, with a five acre right 

£250. 0.0 

130.. 0. 

2^ 0.0 

Ilk ao 

10. 0.0 

10. 0.0 

27. 10. 

14. a 

8. 0.0 

2. 0.0 

1. 0.0 

Something U lacking to make the total, which is £M2. 0. 
Personal estate, sundry articles enumerated in the record, i 

which is \ 150. 0. 

Signed by Ephraim Kidder, Thomas Ross, and George Brown. 
Becorded Midd. Frob. Rec, xvL ^K^. 

The children of Thomas Richardson,' ail by first wife, were: 

5127. Mary,* b. Feb. 8. Id7>>-1 : d. the same dar. 
Mary,' b. Jan. 81, 1671-2; d. the same day. 
Mary,* b. Feb. 17, lC72-^>: m. Edward Farmer, jr. . 
Thomas,* b. Dec. 30, 1»375; m. Abicrail — -. luI«:>-^^-4 





Andrew.* b. June 1(5. 1G7$; m. Hannah Jetlcs. 
XathanieL*b. Jan. 25. 1070-80; m. Mary Peacock. 
Jonatlian.* b. Feb. U, 10.<2-^; m. Hannah French. 
Ruth.-^ b. Dec. 4, 10>S: m. John French. 
Elnathan,* b. Feb. 7. i6:i;<Kr; d. the same day. 

There was a Thomas Richardson of BiUerica and wife Judith in 


Nathaniel Richa&dsox,- brother of the preceding and youny- 
est child of Thomas^ and itiry Richarrlson ; born "in Woburn, 
Jan. 2, 1650-1 ; nuirried 3Iaut ^ . /U73 

He passe^l his life in Wol>urn, and was in.ide a freeman in IGOO. 
In the great Indian War, known as " Philip's War," he was a 
soldier in Capt. Prentiss' troop of horse, and was wounded in the 
••Great Swamp Fight," Dec. 19, 1675. Seven other Wobiirn men, 
Eliah Tottingham, Caleb Siraonds* Zachariah Snow, Lieut. John 
Wyman, John Baker, Francis Wyman, jr, and Peter Batemnn 

•Caleb Siuoods, bom ia Wobnro, Aiie. IG, lfU9, married a Richardson; if I 
aiatafce not, she wan a sister of cbis Nathaniel Richardson. 

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were wounded in that tremendous encounter, and John Wvman,' 
jr^ a son of Lieut. Joliii Wynian, Francis Wytnan, jr., ami TPeter 
Bateman died a few weeks after, probably from wounds then re- 
ceived. Sis brave capt^iins fell lu the actionf and eighty men 
were killed or mortally wounded. Four hundred were ilisabled 
besides the wounded. But of the Indians seven hundred warriors 
out of four thousand tell that day, and three hundred more died 
of their wounds or perished from the cohl.* 

Nathaniel Richardson did intestate, Doc. 4, 1714, aged 64. 
His widow il:iry died Dec. 22, 1719. 

Their children, all born in Woburn, were : 

NatbanioU* b. Aocr. ^. lG7d; m. Abigail Heed. 

Jame:«.< b. Feb. ^ l07o-6; m. first, Rebecca Eaton; second, 

Elizabeth Arnold. : 

^nvv* b. March 10, 1070-60; m. first, Thomas Wyman; second, 

Joseph Win u. :'•..> ^ 

Jotfhua,* b. June 3. lOSi ; m. Hannah — . 
Martha.* b. lt>S:i. 

Joliii," b- Jan. -25. l6S4-s>: m. Abij^il — . 
Thoma^,^ b. April 15, ltk37; m. first, Elizabeth (xreen; second, 

Jane — . 
Hannah.* b. May d, IGSO; m. first, Timothy Baldwin; second, 

John Vinton. 

Samuel,^ b. Sept. 24. ICOl ; m. Sarah . 

Phinehns.^b. £eb. 1C0;>4; m. first, Mary Arnold; second, Re- 
becca Fo«rle. 
rbebe,*b. March 4. l«aV6; ra. David Wyman. 
Amos.^ b. Aug. 10. hS^ : m. Abigail . They lived in Woburn 

and had: Am'jK* \k Dec. 3, n2l. 
Benjamin,^ b. Aug. -^, 1700; (i Sept 5, 1700. 











Ci|fc1i Crcnrtfitfon* 


Jox.vTH.vx RicHAROsox* (IsaaCy* TTiomaa^), eldest son of 
Isaac * and Deborah (Fuller) RicharcUon; born in Woburn, Dec. 
12, 1669; married Marv - — 

Bis father died when he was under twenty yeaw of age, and he 
was probably left to his own resources. He seems, early in litb, to 

* The G«uend Court of >rfL<sachii.«ettSf in 172S an«l 1732, maile a sniiit of 
Mven townsliipA t*> rhis !«4n«li4»rs. or rlieir heirs, who Kail done GWfrvice in cl»e 
NarraKoniHiC canirmisn of ii»7.">, in •• I'hilip's war.*' TlM.'se townsiiipA, at lerwt 
9*mie of th*siii. were in xUn c«;titni« «ml westcnj parM of MaAMMchusetrs. W«<t- 
niin»ter, in \Vor;#«ir#:r County, n-a-* " Narni^rmset N'n. 'l.** TeTupleton, in ilm 
same countr, was •* Xarrawnj»ct No. li.*' The irranjH#-s of Narrajran^iec Xo. li 
iiail a ni^<iin;r. Anil in ir-l'iappoinriiila ooniiiiicttjo f*t ttvc i^crMons to 1q3' out 
lotH in Xeiiiplecii!!, of forty a^vrtt* *:Af;ii, for early ciilrivarion. One of Him 4m>iu- 
tiiittea vFug .fonhiia ItiirhanUon [.VJ3»). He (lrf»\v one of rli#*se lots, iw Nrtiiz a 
Sranilson of Xatlmnitti l!ic}iHnUoti- f.M Ut]. It wtu probably in thU way rbat 
Cape. John KichanLvm -* aii'l ocbeni of Um name were iudueeil t*> make tlieir 
lionies in Worcester Couuny. 

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have gooe to Sleiidon, then in the Connty of SufToIk, nnd made his 
home there^ 3Iendon then indmled JUIIford, Blackstonc, nnd 

Salts of BelUn^ham, and XJxbrid^e. Seventy acres of laud in 
tendon were laid out to him, Apnl 10, IGOO, and twenty acres 
more, March 25, 1702. He tras " of Providence" in 1709; but in 
1719, he was again in 3Iendon, selling land there, Jan. 1, 1718-19, 
to Samuel Thayer, of that place, as vce learn from Suffolk Dee<1s, 
xxxvii. 69. But another deed, dated Jan. 5, 1722-3, describes him 
as of Providence, as does another conveyance, Jan. 1, 1725-6. 

HLi children, so far as we have infonnation, bom in Mendoo, were : 

5140. LMac,^ b. Jan. 2S). 1701: he was of ^lendon. **a husbandman," 

in Januanr. 17:K) and ITOO; and of Smithllcld, R. L, ITUI. 
515a Jonathan,^ b. Sept 15. 1702. 
5151. Mhiam,« b. Oct ;», 1704. 


Joseph Rzchardsox* (iioac,* 27*oma«*), brother of the pre- 
ceding; born in Woburn, June j25, 1074. 

He united with his brother Jonrtthnn in a conveyance of land 
in Wobnm, probably in the present town of Wincliester, which 
they inherited from ^t heir fntlier Isaac Richardson, who died in 
April, 1689. At the date of this conveyance, which I have not 
n*>w at hnnil, both brothers h:id left, or Were soon to leave, Wo- 
bnm. He owned land in Stoneham,. probably near «*Ik*ar Hill,** 
for which he was taxed as a non-resident, in 1726-7. Further in- 
formation is lacking. 


Bsx/^scnr RicHAnosox* (iwrac,* Thomas ^)j twin brother of 
the preeedintr; bom in Woburn. June 25, 1674; mametl Lvdia. 
(Dsapeb) Whittemoue, of Ch.irle<towri, ilarcli 14, 1099-1700. 
Her niaiiien name was Draper, daughter of Xatlianiel Dnper; 
and she was, previous to this marriage, a widow Scott. They 
were married by Kev. Simon Brad.street, minister of the iir/t 
chnrch in Charlcstown.*- 

*5onie ioformatfoQ resp^rluK tlia coonectioa of Lydia with the Kicbard^in 
CbuhIIt may be (;<iiae<l from the collowm;^ aocice. 

A (locttmeat fonnil anions the iIe«MU oq rcconl ia tlie Oinnty of York. 3r«»., 
book 21, leaves 20 to ol !9 a '* Uivi'tioD Ueeil/' eoin'eyiuji; tu ./«»hii (iiirr, Joi^eph 
Roberts, Esther i:ul>erts. Satnnel Whitternore. Snmuet KiclianlAoti, TbouiM 
Richanbon. Beiijauiiit laohanhtnn, uml Isaac i:i«:li;inlH#in. :i rcrtiiin rmct of 
laud ia the Couat.r oC V<>ric. which theii. aiiil till I7<'*'i. inVhideil rhe xrliolw ter> 
ricory of 3[aic^. contaiuiujc nlK>ut ten tliousa***! a'Tc^. lyin^ on tli^ wt^At niile 
of Sheepsoit Uiver. et>.\, \\'hich wtnn f^nuerir part of tlit» eHrarn of Xuthnnifrl 
Draper, vrhiirh tract of laud Li coniinonlv- c*al!e<l rh«) C|iper TMwn^ljtp, whirh 
wan onthe ei-^httteatitdH/ of .SuptHtuliisr last divi'i<%d into ten pnrrn or lot:*, 

and by tbeiu respet.-tively drairn uiidin and hy rbixdivLHtoriHieeil thi) lors 

Xo.laiidXo.ll,are5f«totf to Csther t^»berts. ^^;ull^el Ui>*hanNoii/rhoii:Hi liiih- 
anlBon, Benjamin KiciiaDliou, and C^aac f:ichard.<uin, a.^ tiieir par: and por- 
tion thereof . Dated .fatuiaiy *A i7>M» au«^ Ai;;n«d by all tlie partial alM>ve 

It appears to me eTtdenc that thtt parties abora named weregrarulcldldren of 

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He lired in what b now the town of Stonehain, on tho bonier 
of Woburn. Stoneham was then a part of Charlestown^ antl known 
aft^Charlestown Enfl,** until its incorporation, Dec. 17, 1725» He 
removetl abonc ITIT, to the new town of Leicester, incorporated 
February, 1713* Leicester was then, and till 1731, in 3IiJdlesex 
County, 'which will account for the settlement of his estate iu that 
county. He died in 1728, and ji request for administration on his 
estate was presented by his widow Lydia, Jan. 6, 1728-9. [3Iidd. 
Prob. Rea« xviii. 414.] The widow Lydia married a Parker of 3Iid- 
dleton, and was a third time a widow, Dec. 1(5, 1744, when by 
deed of gift she gave all her property to her son Tsaac and daugh- 
ter Lydia Eenney. [Essex Deeds, Ixxxvii. 122.] 

• The children of Benjamin and Lydia Richardson were: 

4-5152. Benjamin/ b. April 8. 1703; m. Patience Earle. 
4-5153. Isaac* b. April 2, ITa'); in. £liza1)eth Kicharclson. 
+5154. Lydia,* b. Xov. 2S. 1710; m. Isaac Keuney, of Middleton. 

- All bom aad recorded in Stoueham. Wliether others were bom 

after the removal to Leicester, does not appear. 

. 6122. 

Datid Richardso:?' (Tsaac^* 77iomas^)^ brother of the pre- 
ceding, and son of Isaac* and Debonih (Fuller) Richardson ; bom 
in Wobnrn, Feb. 4, 1678-9 ; married Rebecca . 

He was a yeoman, and lived at Wills Hill, in what was then 
Danrens. His name occurs in a petition, with twenty-three others, 
dated Feb. 23, 1726-7, addressed to the parish, askinc: for an 
abatement of their Ux for the salary of Rev. Petor Clark, of 
Danvers, for the reason that they now had preaching in their own 
neighborhood, afterwards incorporated June 20, 1723, as part of 
Middleton. His wife, Rebecca Kichardson, was admitted to the 
charcb in Danver?, Dec. 3, 1725. 

His will is dated April 5, 1748 ; proved Aug. 15, 1748. He died 
in the inter\'al. 

Inventory, tbrty*five acres of land with the buildings thereon. 

His children were : 

•4-515S. Solomon.* m. first, Elizabetli Goodale; second, Abisail Buxton. 

5156. Hannah,* b. Oct. 28, 1T24 ; married Joseph Hutchiuson, June 12, 


5157. Bethiah,* b. ^Carch 0, 1T2S; Uvine, and unm. at date of father's 


^atlianiel Draper. Benjaiain RichanUon and litaac Riubanlson were brothers, 
and4'>ai of tStiujaiiiiu * an I L\'«li:i Kichanl^a. Saiutiel Ui>:haDl4f>ri and 
Thomas KichanlsDzi, \rere, I think, half -brothem. sons of Samuel Richnnlsoii' 
Q^oH]. ThesiecoDci wif*) of Saiun«l i:icU:inIsoQ<< [157J] \rw K.'^rher. perliapH, 
£stlM*r Roberts. Saiunf^l WUiitctiore wa?* a near relative of Ljdia, Iwin^ her 
surety on a bond a.4 adiuiiiiscratrix of her decoaoed hiiaband'^ estate, ir*.".'. 

By another '* tlivL«ion-«i«e<i," dared tiic j^unie day, the eitfhc parties tirsc 
nauied in tliU not^. with the anldition <if Chark*H Cortin, were th« proprietors 
of a travt of land iu the County of York, containiu^ about twenty rllou^anii 
acna, which hail by them lieen diriiieil into two townships, the 'Upper and 
the Lower. Tliese townships were in wlmc is now the County of Liucoin, 
and very near \Viscas.^t. 

Tiie four ItichanUons. Saninel, Bcrnjnniin, Thomas, and Isaac, all of Wobum, 
bouii^ht of John Lud;cate, land on Sheepscot Rirer and other places, Oct. ti, 
173IL York Deeds, ax. ISl. 

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TuoLiS RiCHAitDSOX * ( 77ioma#,* Tfiomas^)^ eldest son of 
Thomas* and Mary (Stimpson) Richardson; born in Billericay 
Mass^ Dec. SO, 1675*; married Abigail 

He was a fiirmcr, and spent bis life in Billerica* His father 
gnve him, while livings a largo farm, which was confiimed to his 
widow and children oj, agreement of the other heirs, in an instru- 
ment recorded Midd. Prob. Records, xvii. 1*26, 127, 128. The 
farm consisted of eij^bty-seren acres of upland on the south-east 
side of Shawshin River, fortr«five acres of meadow and upland 
on Lubber's Brook,- an affluent of the Shawshin, and two acres 
of meadow in Content 3Ieadow; besides rights in the homestead, 
and thirty pounds received in the fathers life-time. 

The son died before the tathcr, March 18, 1717-18, aged 42. 
Abis^il, hU widow, died June 4, 1733 ; and the property was then 
confirmed to the children. 

In 1756, the children, Martha, wife of Thomas Hosier, Ruth, 
wife of "William Tarbcl!, Sarah, wife of Francis Crosby, Susanna, 
unmarried, Abigail Hlil, widow, and Anna, wife of Saniuel Bailey. 
of Lancaster, united in a written encrasrement to support their 
mother, widow Abigail Richardson. [Midd. Prob. Records.] 

The children of Thomas aud Abigail Richanlson were : 

515S. Abigail,* b. Xov. 9, 1T'»; id. fiist. Nathaniel Duiiton, of Charles- 
town, May 25, 171.^; second, — H;!l; a widow in 1756. 
-f5159. Thomas** b. about ViOti uu Sarah Dicsou* 
+51fl0. John,* b. about 1T04. 
5161. Andrew * b> OcL 22. VXl; d. the tame day. 
5188L Martha,^ b. April 18, 1708; m. Thomas Hosley, of Billerioa. 
The data of birth m j;^ven in tlte town record is eviuontly 
• erroneous. They wtn both Mvim; in 175^ 
5168. Anna,* b. about 1710; lu. Samuel Bailey, of Lancaster. Both 

5161. ^ary.* b. 17il; unm. ; living as date of her father's will, 1718, 
but died before 173G. . 

5165. Ruth,* b. Feb. 0, 1712-13; m. William TarbeU; both liTing In 


5166. Susanna,* b. 1715; unm.; and livinjc in 1730. 

5167. Sarah,* b. Auff. 31, 1717; m. Francis Crosby; both living in 1756. 
The records of BiOerica an very defective. 


Andrbw Riciiabdsox' (Thomasy* Thofnai^)^ brother of the 
preceding; bom in Billerica» June 16, 1678; married, first, K.v^* 
XAH j£FT8, daughter of Henry Jcfts, Dec. 9, 1707. They wprc 
married by Joseph TTilliams, justice of the peace. She died Oct. 
81, 1740. Second, 1750, JuDrrii . 

They lived in Billerica. The brothers, Thomas, Andrew, and 
Jonathan Richardson, went i« a company of thirty-six soldiers, 
under Capt. Jolin Lane, to Dunstable and Groton, as a ^ relief 
Jttlr4, 1706. 

dis &ther gave him by will, dated Oct. 14, 1705, a fhrm in the 

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easterly part of Billerica, not far from Shawsliin River, adjoiniog 
that of his brother Thomas. 

His will is dated Dec. 10, 1750; proved Jan. 15; 1753. He 
died in Billerica, Dec. 28, 1752. 

His children, all by first wife, were : 

516S. Aiuirew,^ b. Jan. 18, 1700-10; m. Elizabeth VHnn, of Billerica, 
Dec. 25, 1T3$. Tbey had only: 
5188. Andrew,* b. "Sor. 11, 17^. Ho lived in Tewksbniy; was 
non compos mentis; a guardian appointed March 16, 1756. 
5170. Hannah,^ b. JiUy 7^ 1712; m. Benlamiu Kidder. 
. +5171. Josiali/ b. Sept 0, 1714; m. Judith --7^. 

5173. Phebe.^ b. March 4, 1716-17; m. W^arshaU, and had: Isaae, . 

' ^ '^ IrVm- 

Phebe, and SamueL She dicd7)et'oroJDecember,^43S0. 

5173. Elizabodi.^ b. Dec. 0, 1710; m. John Blanchard. 

5174. Mary,^ b. Mav 26, 1722: m. Joseph Danforth. 

5175. Abigail,* b. March 6, 1723-6. 

The last three, as not mentioned in their father*s will, may have 
died before 17J0. 


Nathaxisl Richardsox* (Thomasy^ Thomas^) j brother of 
the preceding, and thinl son of Thomas'^ and 3Liry (Stimpson) 
Richardson ; born in Blllerica, 3I;lss., Jan. 25, 1679-80; married 
Mart Peacock, May 7, 1703. They wore married by Rev. 
Samuel Whiting, minister of Billerica from 1663 to 1713, fifty 

His father gave him, not long aftf^r marriage, a farm in Billeri- 
ca, contiguous CO that of his brother Andrew. After his father's 
death, 1721, he receireil from the es(*^te thirty*two acres of ap- 
land, on Content Plain, and about eight acres in 3X111 Swamp, at 
a place called the Black Hole. 

He died, intestate, April 4, 1758, aged 73. Mary, his widow, 
died Oct. 18, 1756. 

Their chihlren, all bom in Billerica, were : 

5176. Mary,^ b. March 31, 1704; m. Jonathan Goss, of Townsend, 

Aug. 17, 1747. 
4-5177. Natlianiel,^ b. Jan. 6, 1706-7; m. first, Dorothy Fanner; second, 

Elizabeth Steveus. 
Samuel.^ b. Dec. ::{, 1703; m. Hanuah Walker. 
Sarah.* b. March 3, 1710-11: d- April 18, 1712. 
William,* b. May 0. 171:); m. Marv Uobart 
Hezekiah.* b. May >^, 1715; m. £lizal>eth Walker. 
Ebcnezer,* b. Sept. 24, 1717; d. voung. 
Rebecca,* b. ^tay 17. 172i); m. Beujanun Richardson* [SIO.^!]. 
JoAeph,* b. May 20, 1722; d. at Xorthlleld, in battle with the 

Indians, June 10, 1747.* 

* Such is the statement o« the Billerica to\rn reconl; it U not strictly cor- 
rect. The facU were rhese: A body of Imliaus came doxrn from Canaila and 
were liirklnte in the neighborhood of Fort Diimiiier, in what is now the town 
of Brattlelion>uirlit Vt., in May and June, 1747. A hiiuaiI of twelve men from 
Cane JcMiah Willanrs ccmpany, on their way to Furt Ditmmer, were way- 
laid by a xuiich lar;;er body of fntiian^ iu aiiibuHli, and were taken wholly by 
•iirprise. The Indians Qretl, Idlle*!, and scalpeil Joseph liichanhton and two 
uthttrs, aU of Billerica; took seven prisoners and made their escape to Canada. 
There was no batUe. [Hist, of ^'orthtleld, p. 2t>2.] 






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f 51S9. Eb«n6zer,*b. Oct 3« 1724; m. tint. Elizabeth Shed; second, 
Miuy Crosby: tliird. Lydia Danforch; foarth, CathAriue Wy- 
~— • jifth, Elizabeth Bacou. i.,C'.* * * ^ .a ^ -r? * •- - 





JoxATHAX RicHAKDSox' (7%o/«a«,* TAowflT^^), brother of the 
preceding, nud tb».irth ?on of Thomas- and 3Iary (Stimpsou) 
Kichanlson : bora in Billcrica, Feb. 14, 1632-3 ; married, 1713, 
Haxnajz French, ilauirhter of John Freucli, of Billerica. 

He passed his life iu BUIeriea. A» already mentioneiU he went 
to Dunstable and Groton, as a soldier, in July, 1700. His father, 
daring his life, gave him property to the amount of fifty poumls* 
He is mentioned io his fathers will, dated April 10, 1710, as then 
living. **^He died suddenly, Aug. 13, 1720," says the town rec- 
ord. In the agreement of tiic tuther's hein:, made Feb. 25, 1721, 
he is spoken of as deceased, and in the settlement of the estate 
the minor children of Jonathan are represented by William 
French, jr., who must have been their mother's brother, son of 
John, and gnuidson of William French, born in England, 1604, 
one of the founders of the town of Billerica. 

He left no will. Admini;»tration of his estate was ^rranted to 
the widow, Jan. 9, 1720-1. Samuel Dunton, of Reading, born 
1688, was the sarety of the bimd given by the administratrix. 
The widow Hannah became the wile of Benjamin Frost previoun 
to 1738. 

The children of Jonathn^ and Hannah Richardson were : 

5180. Haanah,^ b. April % 1714; m. John Abbott, of BQlerica, Dec 
4-5187. Jonathan,* b. Feb. 7, 1715-16; m. Abigail Farmer. 
--5188. Thomas/ b. Jane 5. 1713; m. Abigail Merrow. 
- -51Sa Abiel/ b. Nov. 12, 1720; m. Sarah Smith, of Lexington. 


NxTHA^nEt R1CHARDS027' (NcUhaniel,^ Thomas ^)j eldest son 
of Nathaniel * and ilary RichanUon, of Wobum, and grandson 
of the first -Thomas Richardson* of Woburn; born there, Aug. 
27,1673; mamed, Sept. 18, 1694, Abioail Reed, born Jan. 2, 
1678-9, daughter of Israel an*!- ilary (Kendall) Reed, of Wo- 
bum. Israel Reed was horn in England, and was the son of 
William and Mallei Reed, who came from England in 1635; lived 
in Wobura a while; returned to England, where William died in 
1656. His widow 3[abel, the :>umo year, came back with her 
eight children, one of whom wuii Israel. From Isniel the name 
has been transmitted among hli descendants in the liichardsou 
£imily down to Major Generil Israel B. Richardson, mortaily 
wounded at Antictam, Sept. 17, 1862. 

Nathaniel Richanlsou resided in Wobum, his native town, till 
after 1710. After this «late he removed to Riunncy Marsh, now 
Chelsea, then a precinct iu Boiton. About 171^<, he removed to 

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Leicester, a uew toim, iaeoq>onited Feb. 15, 1713.. Aboat that 
time, and soon aftar, many other families removed thither from 
TToburn, 3Ia2ilen, and other toirns in JlWtUeses County, of 
which county Leicester was a part till 1731. Of Leicester he was 
town clerk and selectman in 1722, moderator of town meetings, 
and in various ways employed in town business. He was active 
in the settlement of the Rev. Dnvid Parsons, the first minister,, in 
172L He was the first innhoKler in Leicester, in 1721 and 1722. 
He lived at the intersection of the •* Great Post Road,** 'passing 
through the centre of Leicester, with the Rutland Road. The 
house^he then occupied was consumed by fire, with all its contents, 
in January, 1767. He was one of thirty-seven pei-sons to whom a 
deed of the easterly half of Leicester was executed by the com- 
mittee of the proprietors, Jan. 11, 1724-5. Samuel Green was 
another. That part of the town was soonest settled. QWash- 
bum's Hist, of Leicester.] 

^ He died, intestate, not tar from the close of 1728. Aclministra- 
tion of his estate was given to the widow Abigail and son 
Nathaniel, Feb. 20, 1729. The widow Abigail died 1759. 

The children of Nathaniel and Abigail Richardson were. 
Bom in Wobnm: 









Abifi:aiL« b. Dec. 25. 1695; m. WflUam Goff. 

Elizabeth,* b. 1097: d. Oct. 10» 109S. 

Hebecca.* b. Aug. 14, 1699; m. John Whittemore; 

Nathaniel,* ) twins, bom } m. ^fartha Locke. 

Rachel.* < March 20, 1702: f d. Sept 19, 1702. 

Benjamin,* b. Feb. 29, 17aS-4; m. fixst, Judith Wyman; second, 

Rebecca Richardson [5183). 
Dorcas,* b. about 1706; m. first, James Smith; second, Samuel 

Deborah,* b. about 1708 ; m. Jonathan Sargent. 

Israe),* b. Aug. 16, 1710; m. . 

Mary,* [supposed] nuXathaniel Waite, 1735; d. soon after. 

Place of birth uncertain : 

+5200L Eleanor,* b. about 1714: m. Josiah Coutots. 

5201. RaclieU* bap. May 2*}, 1717; m. Daniel Holden. 

5202. Xathan,* bap. Nov. 1, 1719. 


Capt. James Richardsox* ( XatAKfmW* 2%oma« ^), brother of 
the preceding, and .second son of Xathaniel ' and Mary Richard- 
son, of Wofum ; born there. Feb. 26, 167S-6 ; married, first, 
1693, Rebecca Eatox, who die<l the followini^ year, 1699. Sec- 
ond, Elizaseth AnxoLD, of Reading, Dec. 22, 1699. 

He lived in Woburn, in what is now the town of Winchester. 
He was employed a^inst the Indians in Maine, and died in Wo* 
bum, March 23, 1721-2, aged 46. His widow Elizabeth died 
Not. 8, 1744. 

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The inventorj of his estate, presented to the probate court of 
Middlesex County, is as follows : 



A dwelllDc: house and Cow House, appraised at 

Bam, stable, and cofr-house. £50. Total building 

Itmn, Part of the homestead on the ea&t side of the highway, 
23 acres, S poles, bounded west br tlie highway leadiufr to 
Charlestowu. and on other sides by land ot* Daniel Rich- 
ardson, James Converse, heirs of Joslas Converse, etc, 
apprized at 

Item. dKH acres upland, whereon the house and other build- 
ings stand 

ilcm. an acres of meadow, bounded south by Buckmeadow 

lUm» 12 acres of land, near Turkey Swamp [this was in tlie \ i 
eastern part of what is now Winchester] bounded west by > 
land of Samuel Richardson ) 

Rem, 22 acres adjoining^ the homestead of the deceased, 
bounded east by Stoneham line, north by Daniel Rich« 
ardson, south by James Converse.* 

Rem. 12 acres. :)0 rods, reserved to nay debts with, bounded 
. by James Convers, the heirs of Capt Josiah Convei-s. re- 
served by direction of the Probate Court. This is omit- 
ted from the appraisement. .i— 
The remainder is appraised at £1214. 

20L 10. 

84. a 

79. 15. 


In the probate record, following tho inventory, is the assign- 
ment of the several parts of the estnte to the widow and heirs. 
The widow is to have the east end of the bouse, the east end of 
the bam, a small garden, the use of the well; thirtv-tive acres of 
land, etCn amount £404. 7. 4. To the eldest son, ^Villiam. are as- 
signed twenty-nine acres, amount £302. 12. To the second son, 
James, are assigned two-thirds of the dwelling-house, two-thirds 
of the bam, fortv-five acres of land, etc., amount £507. 6. 3. To- 
tal amount as \>efore, £1214. 6. 0. To this arrangement the 
names of Elizabeth, the widow, and of "William and "James, the 
sons, are signed ; also the name of John Richanlson [5141], of 
Medford, who seems to have been the uncle and guardian ot the 
minor children. All of the children, then living," appear in the 
settlement* but to none besides William and James is land as- 
signed. The reason may be that the estate was heavily encum- 
bered with debt. There was due on mortga^ and bonds £980. 
The personal estate amounted to £266. 9. 7., including six oxen, 

The children of Capt. James Richardson were. 
By first wife, Rebecca: 
4-520a. William,* b. 1699; m. Mary Wilder. 

* James Coorerse in tliis inrentorv was 8«>a of 3Iajor James Convers, re- 
nowned for his {r<^lanc clei«a!»e of Storer's ;:arri^a, io Wells. Me.. June 10, 

the miU on Aberjona Biver. 

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By secoQil wife, Elizabeth: 


5204. James,* b. Xov. 2S, 1700: d. in infancv. 
4-5205. James.* b. 3[arch 14. 1703-1 ; m. :5arah Fowle. 
4-5200. Josiah.* b. May 10. 1706: m. Dorotliy — . 
520T. Elizabetli.^ b. 170$: m. first, her cousin. Aaron Wyman, of VTo- 
buru, Dec. 27, 17ol. He was born in Wobum. Dec. 0, 1700, 
serenth son of Thomas'- and Mary (Ricliardson) Wyman^ 
who was himself tlie screnth son of FiLOk'Cis Wtmax.^ Sec- 
ond, Samuel Bucknnm, of Maiden, Sept 10, 1738. 
Rebecca,* b. July 14, 1710; m. Samuel Locke. 
Catliarine.* b. 1712: d. April 5, 1714. 

Catharine.* b. Feb. 6, 17l4-lo; m. Joshua Sawyer, Feb. 3, 1730-7. 
He was bom May 5. 171:>. son of Joshua and Mary Sawyer, 
of Wobarn. They lived in Wobum, and had : 

5211. J<une9 (Sawyer), b. Dec. 3, 1737. 

5212. CathaHne (Sawyer), b. June 22, 1740. 

5213. Nathaniel,* b. Feb. 0. 171G-17: m. Abigail . 

5214. 3IarT,* b. Jan. 28, 1710-20; Hving, September, 1728, at settie- 
ment of father's estate. 


JosHXTA Richardson' (Nathaniel^^ Thonias^)^ brother of the 
pre ceding, and third son of Xnthaniel ^ and JEary Richardson, of 
Wobum; born there, June 3, 16S1; married Ha^-ah . 

He lived in Wobiirn. His irill is dated Sept. 26, 1748, and 
roontioos the chiltlren whose names follow. His will was proved 
Xor. 28, 1748. He dieil in TToburn, Xov. 5, 1748, in his" sixty- 
eighth year fgravestone]. His widow Hannah died there, Dec. 
2f, 1768. Her will is dated Aug. 30, 1760, and mentions also the 
same children. 

• .: Children : 

5S15b Hannah,^ b. Jan. 8, 1706-7; m. Fanner. In tiie father's 

will, as copied, the husband's name is Vamnm, She was 
living in 17l{0, tlie date of her mothers will. 

+521d. ^ary.^ b. 3Iarch LS, 1710: m. Andrew Evans. 
5217. Martha.^ b. Alay id. 1714; unm.; li^in? in 1700; the date of her 
mother's will; had an illei:ntimate son. Thomas, by Eleazar 
Wyman, her cousin, who was bom April 18. 1712, son of 
Thomas and Mary (Richardson) Wyman [5138]. 

+5218. Joshua,^ b. Oct. 18, 1716; m. first, Eunice Jennison; second, 
Abigail Carter. 


JoHX RiCBABDSON,' EsQ. (2fathaniei* 77iomas^)j brother of 
the preceding, and fourth sou of Xathaniel * and 3Iary Richard- 
son, of Wobuni ; bom there, Jan. 25, 1G84-5; married Abigail 

. On the records of Woburn he appears as John Richardson 

the fourth. 

He was an eminent and successfbl merchant, first of 3Iedford, 
where he lived till 1733, after that in Boston till 1738, and finally 
in Roxbury. 

He bougiit a house and some land in ^ledford, of Stephen Hail, 
in 1715, which may be accepted as the time, or about the time, 

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of his going to Medfonl to reside. At this time be was in good 
business and in ^ood credit. In 1727 and previoaslv he was 
goardiao of the minor children of his deceased brother Jfames. 

The first meeting-house in Aledfonl proving too small to ac- 
commodate the increasing popalation, the town voted, in 1722, 
to build a new and larger honse of worship. The matter was de* 
layed some years before harmony in regard to its location conld 
be obtained. At length, in January, 1726-7, a committee was 
chosen to determine the size and shape of the house. The com* 
mittee consisted of eleven, of whom our John Richardson was 
one. Their report was accepted, and tlie same committee was 
enipowered to build the house.* 

He was chosen treasurer of the town of Medford in 1727, con- 
tinnine in office only one year. His name appears on the tax 
list of 3Iedford in 1730. His tax is not among the highest, 
though most paid a much smaller tax than he. 
.1729, April 21. John Foye, of Charlcstown, Esquire, and 
Margaret, his wife, tor one thousand pounds convey to John 
Richardson, of 3Iedford, merchant, a brick house in Boston, near 
the Mill Bridge. [Sufif. Deeds, xlv. 41.] 

The thousand pounds was in ^ Province Bills,'' then srreatly de- 
predated. The '*3Iill Bridge" lay over the mill creelc, a canal 
which termed the connection between the mill pond at the north 
end of Boston and the harbor. I passed it daily in my child- 
hood, going to and from school. More land being wanted in 
Boston, both the pond and the creek were filled up iu 1838, and 
the new land soon after covered witli buildings. Blackstone 
Street, opened about 1834, now fills the space once occupied by 
the creek. 

The honse conveyed bv the above deed was by John Richard- 
son sold to Lately Gee, distiller, for £1300, April 1, 1731. [Sn£ 
Deeds, xlv. 187.] 

1732« July 24. James Bowdoin, Esquire, merchant, of Boston, 
for £487, conveys to John Richardson, Esquire, of Medford, a 
certain estate in Boston. [Suffi Deeds, xlvi. 274.] 
^ In or about the year 173:;$ John Richardson removed to Bos- 
ton, as appears from the following: 

1784, April 17. Nathaniel Brewer, yeoman, of Roxbury, and 
Elizabeth, his wife, for £506 in Bills of 'Credit, sell to John Rich- 
ardson, Esquire, of Boston, six acres of land in Roxbury. [Suff. 
Deeds, xlviii. 213.] 

1734, Aug. 19. John Richardson, Esquire, of Boston, and 
Abigail, his wife, for £600, sell to Benjamin Bagnall, of Boston, a 
warehouse in Boston. [Sutf. Deeds, li. 158.] 

1737, March 9. John Richardson, E.s<iuirc, distiller, of Boston, 
and Abigail, his wife, for £1550, convoy to his son, Joshua Rich- 
ardson, of Boston, a still-house, land, c-tc. [Sutf. Deeds, Ivi. 163.] 

This shows that he had been a distiller. lie had brought up 


* Brooks Hbtory of Medfohl, p. 3U2. 

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three of bis sons, Caleb, Joshiin, and James, to that business. 
Tlie affair at that time was attended with no scandal. 

.The transfer just noticed was preparatory to his removal to 
Roxbury, as appears from the next deefl. 

1738, Oct. 17. John Richardson, Esqnire, of Boxbary, and 
Abigail, his wife, for one thousand pounds current money of New 
England,* sell to Andrew Newell, of Charlestown, mariner, a 
house and land on Back Street, at the north end of Boston, now 
in the possession of Caleb Richardson [son of the grantee]. 
[Snffl Deeds, Ivii. 31.] 

Back Street is now the southern half of Salem Street. 

1747, Sept. 21. Antliony Caverly, of Boston, distiller, and 
3Iar)% his wife, for £3100 olii tenor,* convey to Joiin Richardson, 
Esquire, of Roxbury, land in Boston, bounded west on Oi*ans^c 
Street, east by the sea or salt water, with a wharf and distill* 
house thereon. [SufT. Deeds, Ixxiv. 100.] 

Orange Street w:is a part of what is now Washington Street, 
extendiiig from Essex Street out to Roxburfr. 

1749, February. Jolm Richardson, Esquire, of Roxbury, and 
Abigail, his wife,* for three thousand pounds old tenor, sell to 
James Richardson [a son of the grantee], of Boston, distiller, the 

[>roperty bought in 1747 of Anthony Caverly. [Suff. Deeds, 
xxviii. 60.] ^ 

The will of John Richardson, of Roxburv, is dated Jan. 10, 
1752 ; proved Feb. S, 1752; of course he <fied in the interval. 
The will makes bequests to wife Abigail, to Caleb, Joshua, John, 
and James, bis sons, to his daughter Susanna Gore, and to his 
granddaughter Abigail HalL The inventory is dated November, 
1752, and amounts to only £1292 19., which, estimated on a cur* 
rency having now a specie- basis, was equivalent to 4310 silver 
Abifi^ail Richardson, his widow, made her will Aug. 5, 1770 ; 

Jroveil Oct. 5, 1770. She mentions sons Caleb, Joshua, John, 
ames, and dau2:hter Susanna GOre, as living ; also children of 
John, to wit, John, Joseph, Susanna; also firrandchildren, Abigail 
Gyles, Luke Hall, Edward Hall, Joshua Hall, and 3Iary Child. 
Abigail Gyles was the wife of Samuel Giles, of Medford ; mar- 
rie<l Jan.- 31, 1754. [See Giles Memorial, by the compiler, p. 38.1 
Luke Hall and his brothers were children of Edward and Abigail 
(Richardson) Hall, of Medford. 

The children of John and Abigail Richardson were : 

4-5219. Caleb/ b. Feb. 23, 1712-13; m. Elizabeth Watte. 
+5220. Jof»haa,* b. Sent 22, 1714; unmarried. 
5221. Abipil/b. Julv 2:^ ITlt): m. IT:;^, Edward Hall, a taUor, in 
Medf oixL Their children were : 

• Tlie "current money" of IT.'W awl " ohl tenor" of 1747 ami 1740 conaiMted 
of bilLi bvMieti hy rlio Province of Mamnclinsetr?!, previous to 1740, to meet the 
ezi^uuies of tiie want with tbe FnmeU and [n«Uan!i from Canada. It con- 
stantly depreviare«l, till In 174U and 1750 it was redeemed at the rate of forty- 
Are ttUiilinxa for a silver dollar. 


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0322. Ahiff^l (Han), b. Aug. 10, 17S3; m. Jan. 31^ 1734, Samuel 
Gilea,* b. in Medford^ June 30» 1726, son of John *■ and 
Susanna (Hall) Giles, of Medford. [See Giles Memorial 
pp. 37. 88.1 . 
3228. LuleiBnW)^ 
5224. £dioard(HaU). 
522^ /ofAua (Hall). 

522a. Jfccry(naU),m. Child. 

Susanna,* b. 3Iay 2. 171S: m. Ebenezer Gore, of Roxbnry. She 
was living Xov. 21^ ISOl, when she received a share in th» 
estates of her deceased brothers, Joshua and James. 
John,* b. May 20, 1721 ; m. Susanna — . 
James,* b. June 15, 172.5; m. Lydia Kneeland. 
Joseph,* b. Aug. Idy 1721); d..Sept 5, 1730 [gravestone]. 


Thomas Richardsox' (iVl?ManiW,* Thomas ^)^ brother of the 
preceding, and fifth son of Xathaniel * and 3Iary Richardson, of 
Wobom; bom there, April 15, 1687; married, tirst, in 1712, 
Elizabeth Gree^, bom April 4, 1693, eldest daughter of Capt. 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Upham) Green, of Maiden. For notices 
of this Green family, see the Vinton 3IemoriaI, p. 399, et seq^ by 
the compiler of this volume. She died after March 6, 1735-6, 
when she signed a quitclaim of interest in her fathei^s estate^ 
Second, Jaxe ^. 

After marriage they lived about five years ' in Maiden, or till 
1717, when Capt. Samuel Green, already mentioned as her ihther^ 
and several other Maiden people removed to Leicester, then a 
new town — incorporated Feb. 15, 171^— of which Capt. Green 
was one of the pnncipal founders.* That part of Leicester where 
Capt. Green ana bis relatives lived is called Greenville, in honor 
of nim. It is in the south part of. Leicester, about a mile north 
of South Leicester railroad depot. They erected there a saw- 
mill and a gnst-niill. Here was Tliomas Richardson's homo the 
remainder of his life. He lived near his father-iu-law, near where 
the Baptist meeting-house now is, in what has since become the 
Baptist parsonage, which, with the meeting-house, stands on a lot 

* Leicester Uy in tlM heart of what iraa known as the Xlpmack Coantrv, 
inhabite«l hy a tribe of lodiaQJi included under that nanie. A deed of eichc 
miles S4|nare of their territorr, embracing; the prefteut towos of Leicei«ter and 
Spencer— which were uoe town till 17£(— with ptirtionsi of Paxton and Ward 
or Aubarn, liad been obtained from the ludianst in January, IGSG, by Joshua 
Lamb, Snmr.el Itnsrgie!*, and seven others, beloosius: to Hozbury and other 
towns near ISo.4too; but the wars with the Indian?! and French prevented tlie 
occupation of this territory till about 171.1, when Leiceitrer wsis incorporated. 

Amon^ th's earliest inhabitants were Capt. >^aiiiiiel Green, his son Thomas, 
who became the fimc minister «/f the Baptist Sociucy in i736, his sun-ia-law, 
Thomas iUchanison, Ahlathar Mnton, another sou-in-law, ancestor of Hon. 
Samuel Fiiiley Vinton, ijtetrtb«r of Cou$n%.<«s twcnry-two years from Ohio, and 
other men, bearing; the name.s of Green, Keene, Lynde, Nichols, and several 
more from Maklen. eauh of whom has had a uumeroiM ami lioiiore«l posterity. 
Capt. Green, in 1727, was the owner of nine hnmlred and twenty-nine a«;res of 
land in that town; was captain of the tint military company there; at the 
earliest reconled meerinjc wa» choMu motlerator, Am seieciiuan, first assessor. 
sad s^aud Juror, and wa.s a Ittaiiiii^ man there as Ion); 8.s he lived. Ho died 
Jan^2, 173><^ aged 65. [£mory Washburn's Hist, of Leicester.] 

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THE richaudsox memorial. 

of land given to the Baptist Society bjr Dr. Thomas Green, son 
of CaptT Samuel Green, who gathered the Baptist Society in 
17S6, and was its first niinbterT Thomas Ricluirdson, in 1729, 
was assessed for three hundred acres of land in Leicester. I have 
found no record of his death* 

His children were, 

By first wife, born in Maiden : 

Esther,* b. Oct 3, 1713; m. Xot. IS, 1731, Zebadiah Johnson, b. 

in Marlborough, 1706, son of Daniel and Dorothy (Lamb) 
' Johnson. She died May 5. 1700, aged 32. He diea Sept d. 

1708. For their fifteen children, see Ward's History of 

Thomas,* b. «fuly 22. 1716; m. Hannah Smith, b. Jan. 21, 1716-17. 

He took part in the expedition to Louisburg. in 1745, as a 

Uentenant in Capt Caleb Johnson's company. 

Bom in Leicester: 

EUzabeth,^ b. 1713; m. first Jonathan Lamb, son of Jonathan 
Lamb, son of Jonathan Lamb, an early settler in Spencer, 
which was taken from Leicester in 1753. He died Apxil 9, 
1760, aged 40. Second, — ^ Xich(^ She died Juno 21, 
17S0, aged 02. 

Samuel.^ b. 1722. He was living in Leicester, 1776. 

James,^ b. 1720: m. Levinah Johnson. 

Philip,^ b. 1725; m. first, Catluuine Briggs; second, Esther 

Mary,* b. 1720. 

Rebecca,* b. 17S1 ; m. James Smith, of Leicester, 1751. 








By second wife, bom in Leicester: 

Lucy,* b. 174a 

Elizabeth,* b. 1741 ; m. ^fatfaan Lamb, of Spencer.* 




HAxyjLH RiCHABDSOx' {Nhthanid^^ Thoma$^)^ sister of the 
preceding, and danprliter of XathanieP and llary Richardson, of 
Wobum; bom in Wobura, May 6, 1689; married, first, in that 

Henry ^ and Phebe (Richard-son) Baldwin. The two Timothys, 
father and son, were leading men in Stoneham. Timothy, the 
husband of ELannah, died Dec. 3, 1750, aged 61, and was buried 
in Stoneham. Second^ about April, 1752, Johx Ytstos^ Es^^ of 
Dudley, but formerly of Stoneham. He was bora in 3Ial(Ien, 
about 1680, had ali*eady litien twice married, and died in 1760, 
aged 80. He was a man of great ability and energy, and was 
the influential per^n in every place where his lot was cast. By 
Ills two former wives he had nine children, who lived to mature 

* If the statement of Mr. James Draper, in his HUtory of Spencer, p. 218, he 
oonect, there were two Elizabeths, sisters, who married Laiuos, in this famil j. 

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i^w orriesft F. Lamb 



ML-dlson^ ^ iQOonsin Jkixe 8»193Q 

llev/bery Library 


I ^n liar.ding you under separate cover for the Lib- 
rary a "oc ok, "--.than L^nb of i»eicestcr, Jiassachusewts, Hit -i^ncea^j 
ors and Desoen ants** cocnilcd by myself* 

Pemit ne to call your attention -o ..the Bichardson 
Heaorlal, :?a3e 522, where the ..uthor, under Thonaa^ Richard- 
son, says: 

"3y his second wife born In Leicester * 
5?i39 Lucy^ born 1740 
5240 r.lisabeth* born 1741, mairied Hatha n L.^b" 

Th3 Author further eaye in a foot note: . .- v 

•if the statenent of Kr. Jaass J^raper in his 

'history ot Spcnceri-pace-^Sl'S, oe correctrrnere'r'ftere t>;o-*— : 

Elizabeths, sisters, vm? married Lanbs in this family* 

The Hicnardsoh Hemorial was published in 1876, 
--nd the ^^uthor did not h. ve the beneftc of the Leicester Vital 
Records imV.iighcd in 1903, or he nirht not hcve these state- 

Th*^ -eicsster Vital Records contain no record of the 
iaarria^e of any person born in Leicester 'ho married a Richardson, 

They -io contain the record of ii marriage of Thomas • 
RlchH.rdson, Jr., Jane DcvTning of 3'^rinb':'ieia, Int., lOay 20, • 

The c'lildren of i:"'ile marriage v;ere5 

Lucy, born :iiy 7, 1740 

Hiis^cetn, born Octol^er 9, 17'il» 

'■x'ii2 1-st :L:..i2..b'i-:ii narri'^d irathan I^^mb, Int», 
Ja'-iu^ry 23, IVfSd. sicji-^wi'^n is wherefore zhis: 

The !.iich:.r:l30u l.'enorial rives r.'ic:' /:'.orn 17^10 r.n'3 
Jilr.aleoii Ijorn 1741, vr> the j.iiidren of 'i'ho:.u,C'"^ Ricli^.rclscn 
'Yc an unnaincd rify. 

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Nev/Bcry Library—- — 2 

'x'hc Leicester Vital Records Give Lucy born May 7, 
1740 ani -Elizabeth l^orn October 9, 1741 ©p children of Tlioraas^ 
Rioiiardson horn victo'ber 9^ 1741 as cliildren of Thomas * Richardson 
■unrl Jane Doi^^nCi his wife • 


iJlizaboth Ricliardson riauchtcr of Thoruis Richardson 
uiarried Jonathan L..mb Jr., waa the riother of ten children, in- 
cluding ITathan Lanio .. She survived her Imnband, uarried second 
^Ifichols, and died June 21, 1780 ( Spencer Vital Records^. 

The logical con3e(;uence Ox t lie Richardson llomoriul 
is uhiit TTathan Li:nb r^arried iiis Liotner's sirtcr. An unlawful narriace* 

The JOEical consequence of the Tieicester Vital Records 
•^D that j'athan Lcimb narried his Mothers niece or his first cousin. 
A laviul marriage. 

The subject is nore fully set out in the-bcolc I 
am nandin^i you. 

Xr consistent v/ith your rules I \7ould appreciate 
an ajpopriate notation on pace 5Ii2 of t ho Richardson llemorial. 

V<M«^*a •,• v»t^.l 

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wars, and thejr have been followed bjr a namerous positerity. 
iTor further information, see the Vixtox"* ^[emorial. 

After Mr. Vinton'* death, his wiilow Hannah returned to 
Stoneham, and was living there in 1766. 

The children of Timothy and Hannah Baldwin were: 

5241. Balph (Baldwin), b. March 0, 17U; d. in Stoneham, May 1, 
. S242. Hannah (Baldwin), b. Sept 4. 1719: m. Feb. 19. IT^U, Joseph 
Vinton, b. in Stoneham, Juljr 24. 1714, third son of John 
Tinton, Esq., by his first wife. Abip:ail Kicbardson [lf>02], 
daughter of Stephen.^ and granddaughter of S-ucuej. Rzcu- 
▲BDS02f,^ 1041. He lived in Dudley; had ten children who 
entered the married siatc, and died in 179(). 

6248. Elizabeth (Baldwin), b. Xor. 9, 1717; d. Xov. 25. 1717. 

5244. Elizabeth (Baldwin), b. April 0, 172:i; m. Xot. 10. 1741, Joseph 

Mattliews. of Wobum, who was of Stoneham. 1T.>2. 

5245. Tunothy (Baldwin), b. June 23, 1727; d. Feb. 10, 1727-S. 

5246. Thnothy (Baldwin), b. May 19, 1729; d. April 1, 1742. 


S-^MUEL RiCHABDSON * (iVafAaniVZ,* nomas *), brother of the 
preceding; born in AVoburn, Sept. 24, 1691; married Sa&ah • 

They hved in TTobum, at least till 1719, when their third child 
was bom. We find him, however, in Exeter, from 1729 lo 1740, 
when a man bearing this name, and no doubt the same man, was 
taxed in that town. 

Cliildren, bom in TTobum : 

5247. Margaret* b. May 25, 1714. 
5243. Samuel,^ b. Julr 16, 1716. 
5249. Sarah,« b. June 1, 1719. 


LuEUT. PaixcHAS RiCHABDSOX* {Nathanid^* Thomas % broth- 
erof the preceding, and seventh son of Xathaniel* and ilary 
Richardson, of Wobura ; bora there, Febraary, 1608-4 ; marriecf, 
first, Oct. 30, 1716, 3Iast Ar>-oli>; second, 3Iay 9, 172S, Rchec- 
CA FowuE, bora Xov. 21, 1706, daught r of Capt. John and Eliz- 
abeth (Prescott) Fowle, of Woburn. 

Capt. John Fowle was town clerk of Woburn twenty«five 
vears. His brother, Capt. James Fowle, had been town 'clerk 
fourteen years. 

Plilnehas Richardson died April 11, 1738. The widow Rebec- 
ca was appointed administratrLx, June 5, 1733. iShe married, 
1740, for second husband, Ebenezer Richardson* [13041, bom 
March 31, 17 IS, eldest son of Timothy* and Abigail (Jolinson) 
Richardson, a man twelve years younger than hersell:) and had by 
him several children. That Ebenezer Richardson married, this 
woman is known by a lawsuit. [See court files, 1741.] Eben- 
ezer Richardson and wife Rebecca sued the estate of rhinehx«i 
Richardson for supporting and clothing William, Dorothy, and 


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PhinehnSf mioor children of Litnit. Ph' Richardson, aU 

thcngrh they were her own children. She ol^ about 1783. 

This Ebenezer Richardson was a worthless fellow, in common 
parlance, *^ a big rascalf-' ns appears from the facts stated in the 
notice of him on u. 242 et seq. of this volume, and which have 
foand a place in the history of the country. 

The children of Phinehas Richardson were, 

By first wife, Marj- : 

"^iMXf.^ b. March 7, 1717-lS; living in 173d, when the estate was 

Thomas.^ b. Oct 30, 1721; m. Mary Gould. 
James,* b. April 19, 1724; d. July 7, 1724. 

By second wife, Rebecca : 


5253. James,* b. April 30, 1720; m. Hannah 
^r^ • Oct 1, 1773. 



>. He lived in Wo- 

One cliild: 

Dec. 15, 17(51 ; m. John Wyman.^ b. Feb. 2G, 

- : died March 14, 1702, aged ;». He died Sept 

ztl, 1827. 

William,* b. Feb. 27, 1731-2. He lived in Keadin;, and was a 

soldier of the Revolution. He was living in April, 1783. 
Dorothv,* b. March 31, 1733: m. Jonathan Eames, 1754. She 
was livins: at the distribution of her brother Phinehas' estate, 
March, 1783. 
Phinehas,* b. Jan. 0, 1735-6; m. Hannah Richardson [5274]. 
Hannah,* living March, 1783. 


Phebe Richahdsox* {Xathaniel^ Thoma8^\ sister of the 
preceding, and daughter of Xathaniel' and Mary Richardson, of 
Wobnm ; born there, March 4, 1695-6 ; married, Oct. 31, 1716, 
Datid Wymax« [16961 bom April 14, 1693, third son of Jacob - 
and Elizabeth (Richardson) Wyman, and grandson of Lieut. 
JoHX TVTif.ix,i one of the founders of Wobum. 

They lived in Woburn. She died Nor. 24, 1750, a^d 54. 
His second wife married, 1752, was Anna Dana, of Cambridge. 

The children of David and Phebe Wyman were: 

David (TVyman), b. Aug. 17, 1717. 

John (Wvman), b. Au^. 27, 1722; d. April 3, 1742. 

Phebe (Wyman), b. July 29, 1724: m. Zachariah Bichai-dson 

James (Wyman), b. Sept 9, 1728. 
Jesse (Wyman), b. April 7, 1731; m. Kebecca Richardson 





8S0 (Wyman), b. April 7, 1731; 
(17051. He died Nov. 2, 1754. 
Lul ( W vman) , b. June :i4, 1705. 


Mary'(\Vyman)', b. March 7, 1737: m. ^Vllliam Buck. 
Elizabeth (Wx-man). b. 3Iarcb 6, 1740; m. Walter Russell, of 
Charlestown, Dec. 14, 175<5. 

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jFourti) (Sfcncratfon. 


Be^pjamix Uichardsox* {JBoiJamin,^ Tsaac^' Thomas^) j son 
of Benjamin ' And Lytlia (Draper) RichMnUon; born in Scone- 
ham, then a suburb of Charlestown, and known as **Charlestown 
End," April 8, 1708 ; married Patience Earle, about 1724, in 
Leicester, after a removal to that place. 

Patience Earle was a daughter of Ralph Earle, the ance:»tor of 
the families of that name in Leicester. He came from RIsode 
Island to Leicester in 1717, and was one of the thirty-seven men 
to whom a deed of the easterly half of the territory' of Leicester 
w&a ^ven by a committee of the proprietors, «late<l Jan. 11, 
1724-0. Nathaulel Richui-dson [51S6J was another. 

Benjamin Richardson removed with his fathers family to 
Leicester about 1717, with many families from Stoneham, 3[aUlen, 
and the vicinity. 

He and his mother Lydia were made administnitors of his 
fiither's estate, Jan. 6, 1723-9, by the probate c^urt of ilidilleseic 
County, to which Leicester then belonged. [Midd. Prob. Rec, 
xviiu 414.] 

He was by occupation a housewright. The time of his death 
b not known. He certainly lived in Leicester till April 4, 170), 
when a bond eiven by him as administrator on the estate of his 
brother Isaacltichardson was put in suit to compel him to render 
an account of his administration, which, it seems, he had neg- 
lected to do. 

Jan. 11, 1737. The town allowed him eleven shillings for kill- 
ing twenty-eight rattlesnakes. [Draper's Hist, of Spencer, p. 32.] 


' His children, born in Leicester, were : 

Abifinul,^ b. 1725; m. first «— - Moore; second. Zachariah Eager. 
Asa? b. about 1T24: livi-d in Lanca:»ter. and joined in a p«*ti- 
tlon, dated Dec 31, 174C, with sixty otIierA of Lanoasrcr* 
eighty-three of Xjinenberg, forty of Grutou, and cwcaty-four 
of Leominster, to thej^vcroor and council, to be protected 
by garrisons a^tn«t French and Indian hostility. 
Benjamin,* b. Feb. 22. 17S2: m. ti»t, Eunice bwan; second. 
Abigail Holman; third, Olive—-: fourth. CantLice Allen. 
5270. Elizabeth,* b. 17^4; m. Nathan Farle, b. in Leicester, May 12, 
172$, son of Puilph Earle. ber uncle, already mentioned. 
-Ha71. yathaniel,* b. 17;;T: m. Kuth Gilkcy. 

The birth of Asa is rendered extremely probable bv circumstances, 
in the absence of a written i-ecord. lie died early in life. 



Isaac Richaedsox^ (Benjfxmin^* Isaacy' 7%owia«*), brother 
of the preceding, and son of Benjamin ' and Lytlia Jiichanlson ; 
bom in what is now Stoncltam, then cailed ^ Charlestown Knd," 

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baton the bonier of TToburn, April 2, 1705;. married Julv 2, 
1728, Elizabeth Riciiakdsox* [1614], bom Feb. 18, 1702-3, 
second dnuffhter of Jacob* and Hannah (Con vers) Richardson, of 
Wobam. llcr mother was a daughter of 3Iajor James Con vers, 
distingnisheii for his vigorous antV snccessful defense of Storer's 

Sarrison, in Well?, Jane 11, 1692, with but thirty men against 
ve hundred. [Sewall's Hist, of Wobnm, pp. 170^182]. 

Isaac Richardson * gmduated at Harvard College in 1728. It 
does not appear that he studied or exercised any profession, save 
that of a teacher of youtlu in which employment he was eminent- 
ly snccessfiil. In those times the schools were kept only part of 
the year, nsually only three months, sometimes only half of that 
time in a year. Competent instructors were scarce, and such as 
they had were very poorly paid ; sometimes in pork, Indian com, 
rye, etc. ^^'^ -^iintry was burdened with taxes, the people were 
;' .: .,:■* - • ■)t pav a proper sum to a goo<l teacher. They 
u ': ... '«.jces In tlie province of the soil. For a school 

lenctier, in 1709, thirty poumls a year, and that in depreciated 
currency, was reckoned a fiiir cotnpensxition. In 1747, 3Ir. Isaac 
Richardson, who was highly considereil as a teachw^ -received only 
£47, 10., old tenor, for keeping school that year; and of this 
currency, forty shillinin were worth only one specie dollar! The 
schools 'were nearly all kept in private houses. 

3Ir. Richardson taught in Woburn three months in the winter 
of 1727-3; he taught in Reading, 1729, 17S0, 1731 ; nine months 
and one week in Wobum. 1735; eight months in 1746; three 
months in 1747. He also taught in other places. In the last three 
years, his pay was at the rate £100, old tenor, per annuroi or less 
than three hundred dollars. 

3Ir. Richardson prcache<i occasionally, bat was never ordained. 
In a receipt still in existence, dated Wobam, Jan. 4, 1740-1, he 
acknowleclges being paid forty shillings in part for preaching at 
North Town, incorporated, 1732, as Townsend, three Sabbaths. 
Doubtless paid in old tenor Province bills. * He also preached in 
Worcester, and other places. He was greatly respected. On 
Wobnm records, he is coa*tantly spoken of as **3Ir. Isaac Rich- 
anlson." In most other crises tiie *OIr.'' was omitted. 

It appears that he dealt somewhat in Eastern lands, then at- 
tractive to men who had money to invest. 

March 20, 173S-9. Isaac Richardson, of Woburn, gentleman, 
boutrht of Joseph Roberts, of Boston, calker, two parcels of laud 
at Shecpscot, in the County of York, ile., containing 471 acres, 
•♦on the west side of Sheepscot River, in the upper township, as it 
Is called.'* This wa» not far from Wiscassct and Alna. [York 
Deeds, lix. 259.] 

He sold this land to Isaac and Israel Kenney of 3Iiddleton, 
Massn March 23, 1738-9. 

Oct. 6, 1736. Isaac Richardson, of "VYobum, gentleman, in 
company with Bijnjamin Richardson £5195], also of Wobum, and 
SamuerRichanlson [1572] andThoma-j Uichwrdson [1580], bought 
land on Sheepscot Itiver, and elsewhere in Maine. [York De».Ml5, 
XX. 131, etc.] 

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He also owned a share iu Namicranset township, Xo. 2, aftcr- 
Trards incorporated as Westmuistcr,ln Worcester County, 3Iass. 
It had been granted to the heirs of tliose who served in the war 
of 1675, 

He died intestate, in 1748, aged 43. His wife Eli;sabeth died 
previous to 1750, the <late of her father's will. She is mentioned 
in said xinll as deceaseil. 

His brother, Benjamin Richardson, and Jacob Richardson, his 
wife's father, were appointed adniinistnitors of his estate, Jan. 9, 
1748-9. Bnt Benjamin Richardson, living in Leicester, neglected 
the trust, and was sued for this, A)>ril 4, 1760. The estate was 
not finally settled till February, l7Tu. 

The inventory of Isaac Richanlson's estate is dated Oct 11, 
1756, eight years after his death. The amount, including real and 
personal estate, was £10S0. 19. 6. One of the items was £200 ob* 
tained for the sale of Narraganset Township, Xo. ± 

The children of Isaac and £Iiz:iY>ctb Richanlson were : 

5272. Eli2a2>eth,* b. Jan. 20, 172S-0; m. Samuel Baker, jr., of Wobum, 

6373. Hannah,* b. Oct 21, 1731 : cL in infancy. 
6874. Hannah.' b. December. 17^; m. first, Phiueas Richardson 

[o237l ; second, bilas ItichartUou [1803]. 
5275. Lydia,*b. Jan. 2,1754-5. 
.5276. Isaac,* b. ^pc 2*J, 1730; living in 17G0, at 

at settlement of estate 
in part ' .' " 

-|-5fn. Addison,* b. July 3. 1730; m. first. ^lary Grcenleaf ; second, 
Anstiss Blancliard; tltird, Lucy llolden. 
5278. Nathaniel,* b Mav 21. 1741. 

B270. Josiah,* b. Xor. l'^. 1743: ni. Mary Richardson, April 20, 1760. 
He was a blacksmith, and lived in Wobum. / 

+9280. Olive,* b. Oct 15, 1740; m.i3enjamin FUnc 


Ltdia Richabdsox^ (Benjamin,* Imac? Thomas'^\ si»ter of 
the preceding ; bom Nov. 28, 1710; married Isaac Kexxey, of 
Middleton, Aug. 20, 1734. 

■ He was a man of note in iliddleton, a town in Essex County, 
incorporated June 20, 1728. lie w.-is by occupation a ** bloomer." 
He was repeatedly cho:«en mo4Terator at" town meeiings, selectman, 
representative, etc. He was intertstoil, with his brotlier-in-law, 
Isaac Richardson, and others, in Maine lands. 



. Their chiMren were : 

Jonathan (Kcnneyi. b. March IS, HCi. 
Jesse (Kenneyj, b^ Feb. 22. I7:i7. 
Asa (Keunevl, b. 3iarch 2sK 17:^ 

Lydia (Keutiey;, b. Dec. 1({. 1740; m. her cousin Joel Richard- 
son, March i:i, 170^ 
Simeon (Kenney), b. 6cpt 6« 174.3. 
Lucy (Kenucyi, b. 3(;ircii 21. 1747. 
Buth (Kenney), b. Oct t&, IV»2. 

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THE bichai:dso:«^ me^io. 


SoLOMO^r RicHARDSOX* (D((vid^* Isaacy'^ TTiomas^)^ son of 
David* and Rebecca Richardson; bom in ** Salem Village," after- 
wards incorporated as a part of tbe town of 3Iiddleton, the date 
of his birth not kno^Ti, but must have been about 1700 ; mar- 
ried, first, Elizabeth Goodale, of Salem, /. e^ ** Salem Villajre,** 
Feb.^ 1728 ; second, Abigail Bustox, of Salem^ lEay 7, 1741. 
She died 3Iay 15, 1805, at the nge of xiNETT-POfm. 

They lived' in Middleton, Mass. He was a yeoman. His will 
is dated 3Iay 2, 1761 ; proved July 6, 1761 ; recorded Essex Prob. 
Records, xxxviii. 129. This will eives to wife Abigail, " Dinah 
her maid,** in the inventory valued at £40 ; ^ also aU my house- 
hold furniture, and other things which she brought with her." It 
gives to son David the testator's house and bam, and about forty 
acres of land and meadow by Cromwell's brook and Hutchinson's 
meadow; also to be executor of the will, and ^'to sell ray negro 
man Frank," in the inventory appraised at £60, to pay debts, etc. 
To sons John Richardson and Jonathan Richardson, daughter 
Eliziibeth Sawyer, and daughter Sarah Richardson, legacies are to 
be paid by souDavid. Sons Amos, Stephen, and Solomon, are to 
have the other land after the decease of the widow. The testa- 
tor^s grandchildren to have their legacy '*iu five years after their 
grandmother Richardson's decease. 

The real estate, as sho>vn by the inventory, presented Sept. 14, 
1761, consisted of the homestead, containing about three hundred 
acres of land, with tlio buildings thereon ; salt marsh at Lynn, 
about three acres ; about twelve acres of meadow in Middleton, 
and about seven acres of woodland in Andover. 

The children of Solomon Richardson were, 

By first wife, Elizabeth : 

Elizabeth.* b. Aug. 20, 17G0; m. Francis Sawyer. 
Hannah.^ b. Dec. 20. 1T32; m. Archelaus Fuller. 
David,* b. April 9, 1735; in. Lucy 

By second wife, Abigail : 

Sarah,* b. Jan. 19, 1744; m. Ebenezer Hibbard, of ^ethuen, 

Oct 11, 1769. 
Amos,* b. March Id, 1749. 
Stephen,* b. Oct 21, 17o0; m. Hannah Upton. 
John,* b. Sept. 28, 1752: m. Rebecca Kenney, 
Solomon.* Ik June 7, 1755. 
Jonathan,* b. March 12, 1759; m. Mary Peters. 






Tbomas 'RicuxBDSo:<f * (TTiomaSj* Thomas^^ TAoma^*), son of 
Thomas* and Abigail Richanlson, of Billcrica; bom there about 
1702 ; married Sakau Ditsox. In neither case does the town 
record furnish the date. 

They passed their lives in Blllerica. Administration on his es- 
jtate was granted, Dec. 25, 178^, to John Abbott, his brother-in- 

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law. The will of Hn. Sanih (Ditson) Richardson is dated Xot. 
29, 1752. 

Their childreo, born in Billerica, were : 

+S297. Thomas,* b. Sept 30, 1724; m. &nt, Abigail Raed; second 


9129S. James,* b. Oct 19, 1728. 

5209. Amity,* b. Oct 8, 1729 ; m. Ezekiel TVaUcer. Living, 1750. 


JoHsr RiCHJLBDSOX * (TTlomotf/ TTiomnSy^ Thomas ^)j brother 
of the preceding; bom in BUIerica abont 1704. 

He was living at the date of his father's will, March 18, 1717- 
18, for he is mentioned in it So mach is certain. 

Z suppose be is identical with John Richardson who married 
Catharine Taylor^of Charlestown, Nov. 29, 1739. 

Their children were: 

5800. Catharine.* 
5301. John,* b. May, 1747. 
Farther information is wanting. 


JosiAB RiCHABDSOsr* (Andreic^* Tliomaa^^ Thoniaa^)^ second 
son of Andrew * and Hannah (Jeffts) Richardson, of Bilierica ; 
bom there, Sept 9, 1714; married Judith . 

They lived m Bilierica. He died there, Jan. 20, 1753. 

Their children were : 

5302. Hannah,* b. Xov. 12, 1740; m. Josiah Bowers, jr., of Bilierica, 
Jan. 6, 1774. 
+5808. Josiah,* I twins, bom ( m. Lydla Walker. 

5304. Judith,* ) June 19, 1751. J d. Jan. 13. 17S3. 

5305. Abigail,* b. Sept 5, 1753 ; d. July 27, 1772. 


Natraxiel Richardson*- (Nathamei^^ ThnmaSj* Thomas^, 
eldest son of X'athaniel* and Mary (Peacock) Richardson, of Bil- 
ierica; bom there, Jan. 8, 1706-7; marrieil, lirst, DoROTnr Far* 
MKB, November 14, 1733 ; second, Llizasetr Stevexs, Sept 15, 

He lived in Townsend, Middlesex County, Mass. He died 
there near the close of 1756, or early in 1757. Administration on 
hi» estate was decreed, Feb. 7, 1757. 


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From the proceedings in court, we learn ... his children were, 
and all by second wife, Elizabeth, who survived him : 

6306. Elizabeth,* b. 1739; 

5S07. yathaniel,«b. 1740. 

5808. Richard,* b. 1741. 

5a09. Thomas,* b. 1743. 

5810. Sarah,* b. 1744. 

m. Capt Gershom Dmry, of Temple, X. H. 

-I-58U* Joseph,* b. 1746; m. Hannah Druiy. 
5312. Hannah,* b. 1740. 
AH living in February, 1757. Thomas soon after deceased. 


Samctel RicaxRDSos * (yhthaniely* Thomas,* Thomas^), broth- 
er of the preceding ; bom in Biilerica, Dec. 23, 170S ; married 
Haxxah WALKEiCFeb. 1, 173G-7. They were married by Rev. 
Samuel Ruggies, minister of Biilerica from 1708 to 1749. 

They lived in Biilerica. He died there, Aug. 22, 1796, aged 38. 

His children were : 

+5313. Samuel* b. Sept 24, 1737; m. Martha . 

5314. Hann.^k.* b. Sept. 9, 1730. 
5815. Sarah,^ U. Jan. 3>}, 1741. 


Patt>\^ b. Xov. 16. 1743; m. Samuel Jaquith, of Wllmin^n, 

Dt:c. Zy 17C7; afterwards of Greenfield, X. H. 
Mcllr.^ b. April 11, 1740; m. Jacob Mai-slioll, of Billorica. Xov. 
21, i77L 
"^ 5818. Dolly,* b. Aug. 11, 1749; m. James Jaquith, of Wilmington, 

Feb. 2, 1760. 
-I-5319. Joseph,* b. Oct 21, 17.'i2: m. Martha Chapman. 
5820. Phebe,*b. Feb. 5,1757. 


William Richardsox"* (Nat/ianiei^^ Thomcu^* Thomas^)^ 
brother of the preceding; bom in Biilerica, May 5, 1713; married 
Mart Hobart, of Groton, Dec. 9, 1742. 

He lived in Townsend, Mass. His will is dated April 19, 1773. 
He died there, April 30, 1773. His wife Mary died Sept. 2, 1763, 
twelve days after the birth of her last child. 

Their children were : 

in the 
armv at Xew York, Aug. 20, 1770," is'tlie record furnished to 
me, "but the cause of death is not .seated. The battle oi Lon$c 
Island, between the troops of Wnsliinji^on and the enemy, 
took place Auc;. 27th, and the consofiuent reti'eat from Long 
Island took place in the nic^ht following the 2Utb. Isi*ael 
Richardson may have died or wounds received in the battle. 
A bleak northeasterly wind bceau ou the evening of the 27th, 
and continued three days, and a heavy fall of rain on the 
20th caused great suffenng among the soldiers. Israel may 
have died from exposure to the storm, especially if wounded. 

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4-ft3SS. Abel,« 1>. April 23, 1751 : m. Tabitha Bennet 
+58^ Josiah,^ b. Aug. 10, 1T.>3; xa. finstt AbigaU Dix; second, Susan- 
na WalUs. 
5S37. £ffinia.*b. Jan. 12, 175S: m. — Brooks; lived In Brookline. 

•HMSS. Andrew,* b. Ang. 25, 1700; m. Hannah Grant. 
5829. Bntb,* b. Aug. 21, 1703; uum. ; d. in Brookline, N. H. 


Hezesxah Richardson^ (JVaManie^* Thotnasj^ Thomas^ 
brother of the preceding, and tbnrth son of Nathaniel ' and Mary 
(Peacock) Richardson; born in Biilerica, May 8, 1715; marriccl, 
Sept. 30, 1740, Elizabeth Walker, born Feb.*iS, 1717, daughter 
of Jacob Walker, of Biilerica* They were married by Rev. Sam* 
nel Rugzles, minister of Biilerica from 170S to 1749. 

They lived in Townsend, Mass^ in the north pait of the town, 
near Barker^s HilL The house, built one hundrra snd thirty years 
ago, is still standing. Hezekiah Richardson died June 17, 1795, 
aged 80. His wife Elizabeth died July 12, 1792, aged 75. 

Their children, all bom in Townsend, were : 

4-5830. Hezekiah,* b. July 20, 1741 ; m. Elizabeth Howe. 
+5331- Jacob,* b^ Dec. 13. 1742: m. Sarah Drown. 
5882. Simeon,* b. May 10, 1744 ; d. May 27. 17G0. 
5888. Phebe,* b. Feb. 14. 174»5; unm.; d. May 13, ISIO. 
5834. Zaccheus,* b. April 10, 1743: m. Rachel Couant, of Pepperell, 
1707. He died Oct 17, 1769. 
+5385. Abijah* b. Feb. 22, 1749; m. first, —Livingston; second. 

Enmce Thompson. 
-i-5888. Ebenezer,* b. Xov. 25, 1751 ; m. first, Catharine (Tufts) Wyman ; 
second, Jerusha Dodge. 
5887. Joel,* b. June 22, 17^: was a Revolutionary soldier three years. 
4-533d. Joshua,* b. Dec. 20, 1759: m. ; a Revolutionary soldier. 

4-5839. Simeon,* b. May 4, 1703;. m. ; a Revolutionary soldier. 

Of the aboTe, Ebenezer, Joel, and Joshua, served their country three 
years as soldiers in the war of the Revolution. Ebenezer was at the 
surrender of CornwaUis in October, 1781. 

Thomas,* Thomas ^)y 

>n of XatlLiniel * and 


Ebexezer Ricbardsox^ (yaChaniei,^ 
brother of the preceding, and youncrest son 
Mary (Peacock) Richanison, of Biilerica; born there, Oct. 2, 
1724; married, first, Elizabeth Sued, of Biilerica, Dec. 30, 1746. 
They were married by Rev, Samuel Ruggles. She died llay 10, 
1768. Second, Mart Ccosby, of Biilerica, Oct. 4, 17G4, by Rev. 
Henry Cumminss. Third, Lvoia Daxforth, of Biilerica, Dec. 
«, 1770. Fourth, Catharine Wtmax, of Woburn; published 
Dec. 4, 1776. She died Jan. U», 17S3. Fifth, Elizabeth Bacox, 
of Bedfonl, 3Iay 21, 1783.,^.^^^,:^,^: ^ /5-0*; O^ S^, 

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Children, all but two by first wife, and all born in Billerioa: 

d. July 23, 1740. 







Elizabeth,* b. Dec S7, 1747; 
Rebecca,* b. Sept 20, 1740. 
Betty,* b, Feb. 12. 1750-1; m. TVUliam Currier, of BUIerica. 
' April 25, 1775. So the record; we presume her name was 

Ebenezer,* b. Dec. 20, 1752; <L young. 
Ebenezer.* b. Dec. 25, 1754; m. first, Rebecca Walker; second, 

Susanna Tufts. 
Rhodo,* b. Dec. 31, 1735; m. John Edes, of BiUerica, April 2, 

Nathaniel,* b. 3Iay 10, 1757. 
Lucy,* b. Jan. 12, 173S; d. young. 
Asa,* b. Feb. 14, 1700; m. Sarah Tufts. 
Isaac,* b. Oct 30, 1761. 
John,* b. exarch 16» 1763. 

By third wife, Lydia : 

Lney,* b. Aug. 3, 1771. 
Abigail,*b. Dec.3, 1772. 


Jo2r▲THJL^' RiCHABDsox* {JonathatXy^ Thonxaa^* Thomaa'^)^ son 
of Jonathan ' and Hannah (French) Richardson, of BUIerica ; bom 
there, Feb. 7, 1715-16; mnrried, Feb. 14, 1739-40, Abigail Fab- 
ICEB, bom Jan. 14, 1718-19, daughter of Oliver and Abigail 
(Johnson) Farmer. Married by Rev. Samuel Ruggles. ■ 

They passed their lives in Billerioa. The husbaoid died Ilarcli 
14, 1791, aged 75. The Tvife Abigail died Jan. 30, 1790, aged 71. 

Their children were : 

5358. Abigail,* b. April 14, 1741. 

5354. Jonathan,* h. June 3. 1743; d. July 2, 1743. 

5355. Jonathan.* b. Xov. 25. 1744 ; d. at Chelmsford, 1813, aged 63. 
+5353. Thomas,* b. Sept 3. 1747; m. Judith Kendall 

5857. OUver,* b. Feb. 13. 1749-50: m. Elizabeth Shed, of BUIerica, 
April S, 177S. He died Sept 23, 1S36, aged 86 years, 7 months. 
5853. Benjamin,* b. March 3, 1753; d. Feb. 23, 1773. 


Thouas RiCiLiBDS03r* {Janathan^^ Thomas,^ Thomaa% broth- 
er of the preceding; bom in BUIerica, June 5, 1718; married, 
1789, Abigail ilERROw,* born in Wobiim, 1713, daughter of 
Henry* and Abigail (Parker) Jlerrotv, of Wobum. Her lather 
was son of John - and grandson of Henry Merrow,^ who came 
from Scotland. Her parent.^ Henry* and Abigail Merrow, lived 
in Reading, on what is now Lowell Street, near the village. Our 
Thomas Richardson and wife Abigail occupied that place after 

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Their children were the following: 

AblgaiU* h. 3Iay 10, 1T40; d. >-ounff. 

Mary,^b. Feb. 3, 1743; unm. bhe lived in Salem. Her will, 
dated Au^. 11, 17^, prove<l April 10, 1791, makes bequests 
to her brother. Ebenezer Richardson, and to her three sts- 
terst Abigail, Heplizibah. and Beulab, and her brotlier's chil« 
dren, Saiah, Luct. Jonathan, and Ebenezer, likewise to 
William Safford, of Salem, and his daughter Elizabeth. 

Hephzibah,* b. ^y 3. 1743. 

AbicaU,* b. 1746; living 17S0. 
5363. Beulah,^ b. July 14, 1751; unm.; living 17S9. 
+5364. Ebenezer/ b. April 14, 1754 ; m. Sarah Parker, 1777. 


Abiel Ricrarbsox^ {JonathaiXj^ Thomaa^^ T7iomas^\ broth- 
er of the preceding, and youngest son of Jonathan ' and Hannah 
(French) Richardson, of Billerica; bom there, Xov. 12, 1720; 
married, Jan. 14, 1742, Sabah Smith, born in Lexington, Jnly 
28, 1728, daughter of Daniel Smith, of Lenngcou. 

The Wobum records call her Sarah Smith, and she was pub- 
lished in Wobum, April 5, 1741, as Sarah Smith, of Lexington ; 
but she was married at "Westford, July 9, 1741, according to the 
Westford records, as Sarah Boynton. ' Her first child, Siinih, was 
bom in Westford, according to Westford records, Jan. 19, 1741, 
which of course means 1741-2, which was only five days after 
marriage, as the dace is given in the Woburn records. * Again, 
the Middlesex Coanty records not only call her Sarah Boynton, 
bat say that she and her husband belon^d to Westford. The 
Pepperell records locate them in Pepperell, and say that he died 
there, July 19, 1753, "killed by a fall." Tlie probate records de- 
cide that he was of Pepperell at the time of las death, July, 1753. 

The inventory is dated Jan. 26, 1754 ; amount, X193I 15. 3. 
He left no will; his widow Sarah was administrutrix. Shu was 
married, Jan. 9, 1755, to William Parker, of Groton, having been 
dnly published in Pepperell, Nov. 29, 1754. 

The children of Abict and Sarah Richardson were, 

Bom in Westford : 

5365. Sarah,* b. Jan. 19, 1741-2. 

5360. Hannah,* b. Oct 28, 1743. 

5367. Edith,* b. Feb. 0, 174.^; m. Amaziali Fasset, of Westford, 3Iay 
17, 1703. Edt on the record. 

+5368. Abiel,* b. 174-; m. . 

+5860L Thomas,* b. Jan. 8, 1751 ; m. AbigaU 

Born in Pepperell : 

5870. Abigail,* b. Sept 7, 1753; posthumous. 

It is astonishing to observe how carelessly the town records were 
kept in "ye olden time" in respect to botii names and dates. 

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Rebecca Richardsox* {Xathaniel^* Nathanidj^ Thoma9^)^ 
daughter of Nathaniel ' ami Abii^ail (Reed) Richardsou ; bom in 
T7obarn, Aug. l\ 1699; marriett, Nov. 15, 1720, Joiix Whitte- 


He removed from Rumner 3Inrsh, since known as Chelsea, 
near Boston, to Leicester, about 1719, and was thus one of the 
founders of that town. Tiiis wns before his marriage. I{e is 
called ^deacon'' in 1735. His posterity were in Leicester sever- 
al generations. 

Children : 





John (Whittemorc), b. 1721; m. 1749, Elizabeth Earle, daughter 
of Bobert Earle, of Leicester. 

Nathan (^Thittemore), b. 1723; m. 17S3, Lois Earle, daughter of 
William Earle. 

Rebecca (WUittemore), b. 1725; m. Oliver Witt, 174*. 

Fhebe (Whittemore), b. 1727; m. Ralph Earle, of Shrewsbury, 
1740. He commanded a companv m the Revolutionary war. 
They were the parents of Ralph Earle, b. May 11, 1751, a dis- 
tinguished artist and historical painter. 

:^athaniel (Whittemore), b. 17^2. 

James (Whittemore), b. 17*^; m. Dorothy Green, 17G1. 


Kathjlxibl Richardson^ {Nathaniel^ Nathanidn^ 7%oma«^), 
brother of the preceiling, and eldest son of Nathaniel * and Abi* 
gail (Reed) Richardson, of Wobnni ; bom there, March 20, 1702 ; 
married, 1727, Martha Locke ; published Nov. 1, 1727. Her 
name does not occur in the elaborate **Book of the Lockes,'* nor 
in the WTobum records. 

He was a victualer in Boston, that is, he kept provisions for 
sale. He died April 26, 1730, asccd 28. His wiaow Martha mar- 
ried, in Boston, July 25, 1734, "f homas FlaD;g, bom in Wobura, 
Nov. 19, 1710, son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Carter) Flagg, 
and had Thomas, baptized Sept. 16, 1738. 

Nathaniel^ and Martha Richardson had only: 

9377. Nathaniel,* b. June 11, 1729; m. Abigail . They lived in 

Boston and had : 
6378. Josiah* bap. at Brattle Square Church, July 13, 1755. 
5379. BeUeyy* (probably) m. Nov. 26, 1801, Samuel Allen. 


BEXjA3ax RicHARDSox* {XuthxinM^^ Nathanidy^ Thomm^\ 
brother of the prccedin.g; bom in Wobum, Feb. 29, 1703-4; 
married, first, Judith Wtmax, bom June 16, 1702, daughter of 
Timothy and Hannah Wyman, of Wobum. Second, Rebecca 
RiCHAJtosox [5183], bom in Billerica, May 17, 1720, daughter of 
Nathaniel' and Mary (Peacock) Richardson. 

He lived in Wobum, but owned land in Stoneham, which is 
the reason why he is mentioned in several conveyances of land 

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in Stoneham, his land bordering on the parcels of land sold by 
John Vinton ri59*21, jast previons to the removal of the latter to 
Dudley in 17Sd. His land also bordere<1 on that of James Allen, 
1761, and of Jonathan Green, 176S. His land was near *^ Bear 
Hill,'' in the south-west part of Stoneham. 

Dee. 31, 1735. Benjamin Richardson, yeoman, and William 
Belknap, both of TVoburn, bought of Major John Fowle [1643], 
also of TTobum, one one hundred and twenty-third (jij) part of 
Ifarragansett Township, No. 1, on the east side of Saco River, 
granted to Joseph Rose; also a similar part (rj^?) in the same 
township, granted to Jonathan Moses, fifork Deeds, xxx. 806]. 

June 14, 1763. Benjamin Richardson and William Belknap 
sell to Joshua Wyman, jr., of Wobum, the two rights conveyed 
to them in the deed lust quoted. fYp'^'^ Deeds, xxxviii. 122]. 

Benjamin Richardson died in Wobum, intestate, Sept. 25, 
1782. His widow Rebecca was appointed administratrix. 

His chUdren were, by first wife : 

5S80. Joanna,* b. 1728; m. Samuel Swan, of Charlestown. 174G. 
+5831. Benjamin,* h. May 10. 1730; m. Rebecca (Uicbardson) Wjman. 

5882. Isaac,* b. April 18. 17o3; no record of marriap^o. Under date 
of April 9y 17S4. it is recorded chat he was at his death insol- 
vent, and the administration of his affairs was assi^ed by 
the probate court to his brother Benjamin. As Benjamin 
died in 1732, Isaac must have died previous to that time. 

53SS. Joel,* b. July li, 1740; m. first. Lydia Kenney [32$4], b. Dec. 16. 
1740, daughter of Isaac and Lydia (Richardson) Eenney, of 
Middleton. Second, Susanna Richardson. Oct 20, 1788. 
They Uved in Wobum. He died Juno d» 1708. Children, by 
second wife : 

6884. ihiae,* b. SXarch 19, 1772. 

6885. James,* b. July 28, 178a 
* Doubtless there were others. 

^ 6i9e. 

DoBCAS Richardson^ (yathaniel^* Xathaniel,* Thomas ^)f sis- 
ter of the preceding; bora in Wobum, about 1706; married, 
first, James S^qth, of Leicester, in 1727. Second, Samuel 
Ltxde, of Leicester, about 1747. He was a son of John Lynde, 
who came from Maiden, and settled in Leicester before 172L 

Both husbands lived in the west part of Leicester, adjoining 
Spencer, James Smith was a soldier in the expedition to Louis- 
bnrg in 1745 ; whether he ever returned we know not. Samnei 
Ljnde, the second husband, appears to have died in 1750. 

Children, by first husband : 

588e. James (Smith), b. 1728; removed to Spencer, an adiotninj; 

town; was a soldier in the war of 1750, and died in the ser* 

6387. Dorcas (Smith), b. 1730 or 1731. 
5388. Abigail (Smith), b. 1733; m. John Lamb. 
5380. Israel (Smith), b. 1735: d. before 1750. 
6300. Nathaniel (Smith), b. 17:^S. 
5301. Deborah (Smith), b. 1741; m. Elijali IIowc, 1750. 
58U2. Beulah (Smith), b. 1141^; m. Ebcnczer Collins, 1770. 

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By second hosband : 

5303. Samael (Lynde). 
53(U. LucT(Lyude). 
5305. Mar^CLyade). 


Deborah Richardson^ (jyiifhaniei,^ yathanieiy* Thamaa^), 
sbter of the preceding ; bom in TVobarn, about 1708 ; accompa- 
nied her father to Leicester, about 1718 ; married, 1726, Joxa- 
THA2r Sargent, bom in 3Ialden, 1701, and removed to Leicester 
between 1721 and 1726, 

He was an innkeeper on the great Post Road, passing through 
the centre of Leicester, running east and west, east of the meet- 
ing-house. Ho kept an inn there till his death. 

Their children were : 

5390. Jonathan (Sargent), b. 173S; m. Mary Earic, 1750, daughter of 
Robert Earle, of Leicester. He lived in Leicester, west of 
tlie meeting-house. He was a soldier of the BeTolution, and 
died in the army. 

5307. Xathaniel (Sargent) , b. 1730; m. Anne Garfield. 

5308. Lucretia (Snrgent). b. 1734; m. first. Dr. Plinj Lawton; second, 

ReT. Benjamin Conkliu.b. in Southold, 21. Y^ 1733; gradu- 
ated, New Jersey College. 1755; was pastor in Leicester from 
17e3 to 17W; d. Jan. ZH). 170S. 
5889. Deborah (Sai^nt). b. 1730: m. Capt. Thomas Xewhall, b. 1732, 
a man of note in Leicester, a leading, public-spirited man. 
He commanded the military company which marched from 
Leicester to Cambridge on the Lexington alarm, April, 1775. 

5400. Enth (Sargent), b. 1744; m. CoL Wm. Henshaw, 1762. She 

died 1760. 

5401. Phinehas (Sargent), b. 1746; m. first, ^ary Edson; second, 

Abigail Dunbar. 


IsBAEL RiCHAEDSON* (JTarAa/uV/,* Nathaniel^ Thomaa% 
brother of the preceding, and third son of Nathaniel ' and Abi- 
gail (Reed) Richardson ; born in Wobum, Aug. 16, 1710 ; he 
was married, but his wife's name is not known. rV ''? 

His father removed to Rumncy 3Iarsh, now Chelsea, not long 
after his birth, and to Leicester al)out 1718. The fiitber, as we 
bare seen, was an influential and leading man in Leicester till bis 
death, in 1728. 

Israel Richardson must have died in 1740, the inrentorr of bis 
estate being dated June 24, 1740. So far as now appears,' he had 
but one son, named for bimselt^ and the tra«lition in the family is, 
that this son was bom in Brookfield, in the County of Worcester, 
3Ias8. This is probably coiTCCt, as the probate records make it 
certain that the father died there. Leicester and Brookfield were 
conterminous towns till 1753, when the west precinct of Leices- 

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ter was made a town by the name of Spencer. It is probable 
that he lived and died in the western precinct of Brookiield, now 
the town of Spencer. 

The son of Israel Richardson, then, was : 
, +5402. Israel,* b. in Brookfieia, Jan. 24, 1736; m. Susanna Forbush. 


Elsaxob Richabdsox^ (Xathaniely* ITathaniel^- ITiomas^)^ 
sister of the preceding; bom in Wobum, about 1714; married, 
1732, in Leicester, Josu.s Goxyebs, son of John Convcrs, ox 
Wobum, She was his second wife. 

Josiah CoDVcrs was, about 1738, a leading man in Leicester, 
being in 3Iarch of that year chosen moderator, first selectman, 
town clerk, town treasurer, and first assessor. In May he was 
chosen representative to the General Couit or Province Legisla* 
ture. In the unhappy controversy of the town with their first, 
minister, the Rev. David Parsons,' he warmly espoused the side 
of Mr. Parsons. [Washburn's Hist, of Leicester.] 

The children of John and Eleanor Convcrs were : 
5403. Mary (ConTers), b. July 17, 1733. 

5404. Eleanor (ConTers), b^^Iarch 21, 1734-5. 

It is 

IS proper to observe that many of the facts concerning Leioester 
ienveo from that excellent volume, Emory Washburn's History of 


WiLLLUt RxcHABDSo:?^ (J&wiw,* jVaManw/,' Thomas ^)y son 
of Capt James Richardson,' ai^d the only son by the first wife, 
Rebecca Eaton ; born in Wobum, 1699; married, in Lancaster, 
Dec. 27, 1721, 3L\by Wildeb, of Lancaster. 

Though married in Lancaster, he and his wife spent several 
years in Wobum, and had children there. In 1733, he was in 
Lancaster; was representative of Lancaster in 1746, and con- 
tinned to live in Lancaster till his death in 1770. 

William Richardson, of Lancaster, in the County of Worces- 
ter, yeoman, sold, June 8, 1733, to James Dolbear, of Boston, 
brazier, one risrht in land originally granted to a soldier who 
served in the ^^arraganset war^[1675], which right the grantor 
purchased of Shubael Gorhanu Esq., of Barnstable. Recorded 
1760. [York Deeds, xxxiv. Sri.] 

He and wife 3Iarv sold to said Dolbear another similar right, 
Dec. 12, 1733, acknowledged 1T35. [York Deeds, 3Kxiv. 93.] 

An inventory of his estate is dated Nov. 19, 1770, presented by 
his son, William Richanlson, the administrator, and the adminis- 
trator's account was presented Dec. 11, 1772, the estate insolvent. 
[Worcester Prob. Rec, xii. 213.] 

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The children of William and 3Iary Richardson, bom in Wobum, 


5405^ William,* b. Feb. 2U 1723-4. He was liring in Decembert 1772, 
being then administrator of bis father's estate. Further in« 
formation is lackins:. 

MM. 2Xary,* b. Aug. 14, 1727; she was ncn eampo$ mentis. After the 
death of her father. James Kendall was appointed her suar- 
dian, Sept 10, 1771. An inventory of her estate is dated 
Probably there were others. . . 


^ u- 


Jam&s Richardson^ (Jamea^* Nathanid^^ Thoma9^\ half- 
brother of the preceding, and son of Capt. Jnraes Richardson ' by 
his second wife, Elizabeth Arnold ; bom in Wobum, March 14, 
1703-4; married, Sept. 24, 1728, Sarah Fowle * [1647], born in 
TVobnm, July 29, 1703, daughter of Capt. James' and Mary 
(Richardson) Fowle. See p. 194, for ftirther information respect- 
ing her parents. 

They lived in Wobuna some years, and three of their children 
were bom there. They removed to Leominster about 1735 ; it 
was the north-west part of Lancaster till its incorporation in 
1740. They lived in the north part of Leominster, at the inter- 
section of the Harvard and Lunenburg roads, a little beyond 
where the old 3£ethodist Church has since stood. It has been 
known as the Policy Place. 

James Richardson, then of Wobnm, yeoman, and wife Sarah 
sold to James Dolbear, brazier, of Boston, one ori.innal right of a 
soldier who served in the Jfarraganset war [1675], which the 
mntor booght of Shubael Grorham, Esq., of JBamstable. This 
deed was acknowledged by James and Sarah Richardson, Oct. 29, 
178S. [York Deeds, xxxiv. 93.] 

In Leominster he commenced a farm on a piece of new land, 
and cleared it up himself. He was surveyor of highways, 1745. 

According to the best information, he died in 1748. According 
to another account, he fell backwards down some cellar stall's, 
1761, and broke his necL 

His children were. 

Bora in Wobum : 

James,* b. Dec. 25, 1729; m. Hannah Reed. 
William,* b. May t>, 1731 ; m. Esther Joslin. 
Sarah,* b. Dee. 12, 1722; m. Philip Sweetser. 

Bom in Leominster : 
Luke,' b. Au^. 15, 17&4; m. Damans Carter. 



Abigail (Bellows) Hunt. 
Joseph,* b. 1744; d. joun^. 

Beaman; second, 

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6206. ^- /' /^' 

JosiAH RiCHARDsox^ (Jlimes^* yiitAanidj* Thomas^) brother 
of the preceding and son of Cant. James * and Elizabeth (Arnold) 
Richardson; bom in Wobum, jLiv 16, 1706; married Dorothy 
— . They lived in Lancaster. 

He died near the close of 1732, if we may judge from the in* 
Tcntory, which is dated Jan. 29, 1753. He died intestate, and the 
widow Dorothy was appointed administratrix. His brothers 
William and Xathaniel are mentioned in the inventory; and ^Ta- 
thaniel in the account of administration, Xov. 6, 1755, appears as 
a creditor of the estate. 

The children, as appears from the division of property, were as 
follows : 

5415. TiUey,* he was the eldest son ; was a soldier of the Revolution 
and died at Waterto^-n. Jefferson Co.» X. Y., Jon. 14, lSo2; in 
the notice of his death is styled *' captain." 
' IMQ. £phraim«^ was of Lancaster; the inventory of his estate is 
dated Dec. 14, 1775. 

5417. Elizabeth.^ 

5418. Susanna,^ in. — — Sawyer. 
.W19. Mary.* 

5420. Dorothv.* 

5421. Eunice.* 

5422. Lucy.* 

5423. Catharine.* 


Rebecca Richaedsost^ {Jamesj* Nathanid^ 7!^om<75 ^), sister 
of the preceding, and daughter of Capt« James ' and Elizabeth 
(Arnold) Richardson ; bom in Wobum, July 14, 1710 ; married, 
March 2, 1730, SAaiuEL Loose,* bom Aug. 24, 1702, son of Lieut. 
Ebenezer^ and Susanna OTalker) Locke, of Woburn. . Ebenezer- 
was a son of Deaco:? Williau Locke,^ who came, to Xew Ens- 
land in 1684, when only six years old, in tiie care of his uncle 
Nicholas Davies, and came to* live in Wobura about 1650, then 
aged 22. 

Ebenezer Locke * inherited and lived on the homestead of his 
father, as did his son Samuel,* husband of Rebecca Richardson, 
after him. It was in Wobum, on the road to Lexington, a mile 
and a half west of Wobum Centre. Samuel Locke sold this farm 
in December, 1741, to Samuel W\-man, and the following year re- 
moved to Lancaster, where, and in Westminster, also in Shutes- 
bury, he was a large landholder. He kept a tavern in Wobum 
and in Lancaster many years; was a man of eminent business 
talents, and was highly respected. He died April 13, 1773, in his 
seventy-thipd year. 

Bis widow Rebecca married Col. Joseph Wilder, Dec. 27, 1775. 
The parties were careful, before marriage, in a paper still extant, 
to dispose of the estates of each. She died September 10, 1789, 

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The children of Samoel and Rebecca Locke were, 

Bom in Wobarn: 





Samuel (Locke), b. :^ot, 23, 1731: m. Jan. 2, 1760, Mary Porter, 
daofxhter ot Rer. Samuel Porter, pastor at Sherbom, Mass. 
Mr. Locke graduated Harvard College, 1755; succeeded his 
father-in<4aw as pastor at Shcrborn, 1750: was inaugurated 
president of Harvard College, March 21, 1T70: untoward cir- 
oomstances induced his resis^nation of the presidency, Dec. 
1, 1T73. He returned to Sherbom, and died there. Jan. 15, 
1788, aged 47. The degree of S. T. D. was conferred by Har« 
▼ard College. 1773. 
Locretia (Locke), b. Xov. 5. 1733; m. April 8, 1755, Capt Eph- 
raim Wilder, b. July S, 1733. He was of that famous Wilder 
family in Lancaster; lived in Sterling, formerly the second 
precinct in Lancaster, and represented Sterlings in Massachu« 
setts Legislature several vears. He died Jan. 20, ldi)5, aged 
72: tlie widow Lucretia died Dec. 20, 1816, aged 83. 
5426. Josiah (Locke), b. Sept. 2S, 173G; m. Esther Kittredge, Feb. 20, 
1764. He resided in Lancaster; was deputy sherifC, 1767 and 
1768, and died May 16, 1701). a?ed 33. 
James (Locke), b. Sept. 13. 1730: m. first, Feb. 2, 1762, Rebecca 
Wilder, b. March IS, 1741, daughter of Col. Joseph Wilder, 
who has been mentioned as the second husband of Rebecca 
Richardson. She died March 0, 17C0. Second, Martha 
Wright He died early in 1772. 
John (Locke), b. April lU, 1742; m. first, March 8, 1765, Lucy 
Wilder, b. April :24. 1747-8, a daughter of CoL Joseph Wilder, 
already twice mentioned. She died Jan. 20, 1771. Second, 
Henrietta Harrington, Dea 23, 1772, dauchter of Rev. Timo- 
thy Harrington, of Lancaster. She diea Oct 4, 1777. Thhrd, 
Abigail Jones, of Templeton. He was an extensive trader 
in lAncaster and Templeton. and died in Templeton, June 
17, 1781, aged 30. 
William (Locke), b. Aug. 23, 1748; m. first, June 18, 1772, Mary 
Fowle. She died Nov. 17, 1706, aged 50. Second, widow 
Hannah Woolson, April 13, 1813. He succeeded his father as 
an innholder in Lancaster; removed to Rindge, X. H.. about 
1708, and to Xew Ipswich. X. H., about 1809. He died Jan. 16, 
1827, aged 73. By wife Mary, he was the father of Josiah 
Locke, b. in Lancaster, Oct. 1, 17S9; m. Susanna Patterson) 
Oct 12, 1806; remored to Bloomfleld, now Skowhegan, Me., 
and there became the father of: 
5480. yfary S. W. (Locke), b. Aug. 8, 1807; m. Rev. George W. 
Hathaway, March 20. 1835; b. at Freetown, now Fall 
lUver, Mass., Dec. 11, 1S07; graduated Williams College, 
1827 ; ordained, March 20, lS:i3. She died March 14, 1.S40. 
548L .Ana L. (Locke), b. Jan. 10, 1811; m. Rev. Geo. W. Hatha- 
way, 1S50 or 1»1. 
5432. Samuel W. (Locke), b. Jan. 17, 1813; drowned at Bloom- 
field, Jan. 2S, 1&20. 
5483. Jimu P. (Locke), b. July 25, 1818; d.:Oct 6, 1818. [Book 
of the Lockes.] 




Mart Richardsox^ (Joshua,* JTathaniely* Thomas ^)^ daugh- 
ter of Joshua* and Hannah Richardson, of Wobum; bom there, 
March 18, 1710; married Andrew £vjL:rs, Dec. 4, 1730. 

They lived in Wobum. He died Dec. 18, 1778. She died 
Aug. 81, 1780, aged 70. 

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Children, bom in Wobuni : 


U&4. Marj (Evans), b. June 25, 17:n. 

543o. Elizabeth (Evansn b. Jan. 0, 1732*3. 

5480. Nathaniel (Erans), b. Feb. 19, l7o4-5; m. Mary Tidd, April 13, 

&437. Andrew (Erans), b. Not. 20, 17S0; m. Sarah Centre, of Wo- 

bum, XoT. 25, 1700. 
5438. Samncl (Ernns), b. Oct. 13. 1742. 
5439^ Hannah (Evans), b. Aug. 4, 1744; m. Bill Centre, of Woburn, 

March 22, 1763. 


Joshua Richjjwsost ^ {Joshitay* Nathaniel^^ Thoma9% only 
son of Joshnn and Hann.nh Richardson ; bom in Woburn, Oct. 
18, 1716; married, first, July 11, 1739, EirxicE Jexnisox,* born 
1719, daughter of Peter* and Jane Jennison, of Sudbury. Peter ^ 
.was son of SaiuueP and grandson of RonEirr Jenxisox,^ who 
was a citizen of Watertown as early as 1636, and is the ancestor 
of the JennisoQS of Xew England. She was bom in Sudbury, 
but in the record of her marriage she is said to be of Weston, 
because at that time her mother was the wife of Joseph Brooks, 
of Weston. The date of her birth and lier parentage are errone- 
ously given in Bond's Watertown 6ene:dogtes, p. 308, No. 37, 
andm the Vinton Memorial, p. 393, and again in the Giles 3Ie- 
morial, p. 2-11, by the compiler of this volume. She died two 
weeks after the birth of her last child, April 13, 1748, aged 29. 

Joshua Richardson married, secondly, Abigail Cabteb, who 
outlived him and died in Salem, .ibout 1795. 

He lived in Wobum, and died March 13, 1774, in his fifty- 
eighth year. 

His children were, 

By first wife, Eunice : 

5440. Lucy,» b. July 21. 1740; d. Dec. 2, 1741. 

-i-5441. Nathaniel,* b. March 20, 1742; m. Eunice Putnam. 

5442. Lucy,* b. Xov. 13, 1743. 

+5443. Joshua.* b. Feb. 14. 1745-6; m. Anstice Chipman. 

5444. Israel,* b. March 2d, 174S ; d. April 20, 1748. 

By secoad '^•ife, Abigail : 

+5445. Josiah,* b. April 3, 1749; m. Rath Brooks. 

5445. Abigail,* b. April 19. 1751 ; m. 1771. John Brooks, brotlier of 

Ruth Brooks, just mcnrioned. They had a dau<;hter, who 
was wife of Isaac ?. Foster, of Salem. These were the par- 
ents of Major Samuel B. Foster, of Salem, whose wife was a 
daughter of the eminent Knv. Samuel Worcijster, D. D., of 
Salem. Major Samuel B. Fi>stcr died in Boston. Marcli 13. 
1872, aged 52. His sister Harriet man-icd. Aucr. 12. l$5*jl 
Rer. Luther Goodyear Bingham, jrraduated Middlebury Col- 
lege, 1821 ; home misiiionar>-. teacher, and a^ent in Ohio, and 
since 1851 residini; in Brooklyn, X. Y. 3rr. and Mrs. Brooks 
lived in Salem. i^Ue died May 1, 1S31, aged 80. 

5447. Israel *b. March 11, 17r>4; m. Abijrail . He died 1780; his 

widow Abigail was appointed administratrix, April 5, 17^. 

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-(-544& Asm b. July 10, 1757; m. Jane Wjnan. 

5449. JJford,' b. Dec. 14, 1760. 
+5450. Eunice,^ b. Sept. 6, 1760; m. Joshua Leavitt. 
5451. Karvy^b. July 21, 1705; m. Thoinafl Brooks, who was born in 
wobum, 17d7, and died in Salem, March 20, 1827, aged (H). 
Sha died in Salem. Axxg. 31, 1$^, aged 05. Thomas Brooks' 
sister Ruth married Josiah Kichardson; his brother, John 
Brooks, married Abigail, her sister. 


Caleb Richabdsox ^ («7bAn,' JVcr^^a/itW,' Thomas ^)j eldest son 
of John Richardson,* Esq., and his wifo Abi^scail ; bom in Wo- 
barn, Feb, 23, 171-2-13 ; married, about 1734, Elizabeth Watts, 
daughter of John W.itts, resident at Georgetown, on Arrowsick 
lalaod, in Kennebec Kiver, a short distance above the mingling 
of its waters with the Atlantic Ocenn. 

He was a distiller in Boston as eariy as 1734, as appears from a 
deed of which the following is an abstract : 

April 6, 1734. Caleb Richardson, of Boston, distiller, and wife 
Elizabeth, with Belcher Xoyej*, Oliver Noyes, and several others 
of Boston, sold to William' Vaui^han, resident at Dam'arisootty 
River, in the eastern part of JsTow England, gentleman, their 
right in a place calle<l Oyster River, in Damariscotty River, five 
hundred acres, minutely described. [York Deetis, xvi. 114.] 

July 16, 1737. The same parties make Benjamin Larrabee, 
Esquire, of Brunswick, their attorney, to sell their fands in 
Brunswick and Topsham to settlers. [York Deeds, xviii. 237.] 

The whole territory of Maine, so £ir as settled, was considered 
as belonging to the County of York until 1760. 

The title of Caleb Richardson to the lands mentioned in these 
two deeds was derived from his wife. William Vaughan was a 
son of George Vaughan, formerly lieutenant governor of New 
Hampshire. He was born at Portsmouth, in 1703, and graduated 
at Harvard College in 1722. He lived at Damariscotta Mills, in 
the present town of Damariscotta, Me. ; wa8 largely engaged in 
the fishing business ; owned several schooners ; bad' saw-mills at 
Damariscotta Falls, where lumber was in large quantities pre* 
pared for the Boston market; owned large tracts of land; is said 
to have planned the expedition to.Louisburg in 1745, and as 
lieutenant colonel contributeil largely to the success of the expe- 
dition. He was a man of great energy and influence. Another 
deed is worthy of notice : 

Feb. 3, 1736. Caleb Richardson, of Roxbury, in the County of 
Suffolk, ilass^ distiller, nn?l bis wifo Eliisaboth, daughter of John 
Watu, late of Grcorgetown, on AiTowsick Island, in the County 
of York, Esquire, decease^!, bought of Edward Hutchinson and 
Mary Wolcott one-ninth part of Arrow.sick Island ; also, all their 
right in two other tracts of land, particularly described, between 
the Sagadahock and Shecpscot lUvcrs. [York Deed.s, xx. 54.] 

Sag^ahock is the lov/er part of Kennebec River, atler its 
confluence with the Androscoggin* 

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Caleb Richardson and wtfo Elizabeth did not wish to keep the 
lands between the two rivers just mentioned. He was in more 
profitable business in Boston. They therefore sold those lauds to 
soTeral persons in 1737^ as appears by nine or ten deeds on records 

In 17d4y after his marriage, he w:is living in Boston ; in 1736, 
in Roxbury ; in 1738, he lived in Boston, on Back Street, which 
is now the southern part of Salem Street, and not far from where 
Blacicstone Street now is. [Sufil Deeds, Ivii. 5L] 

He was in possession of what for those days was a handsome 

Caleb Richardson ^ owned the covenant ^ in Roxbury Church, 
Feb. 5, 1787 • [Roxbury Church Records,] 

It was preparatory on his part to having his children baptized. 
About 1740 ne removed to Bolton, a town adjacent to Lancaster, 
and till 1738 a part of it. He died there, April 2, 1785, as:cd 7*2. 
His wife Elizabeth died Dec 21, 1783. Ue made no will ; his 
soa John was appointed administrator of his estate, April, 17S5. 



Their children were, 
Bom in Roxbury : 

John,* b. Feb. 11, 1737; m. first, Ruth Sawteil; second, Rebecca 

Bom in Bolton : 

Abigail.* b. Sept 4, 1741 ; m. Josiali 3Ioore. 
Mary,* o. Sept 21, 1744; m. Rev. Xeiiemiali Parker. 
Achsah,* b. Feb. 2iS. 1740; unm.; d. Sept 20, 17i^S. . 
Elizabeth,* b. 3Iarch 2S^ 17o3; m. William Burgess. 


JosHQTA. RiCHAKDSOX^ (JWrt,* -tV??^/4<in»W,* TAom(u^)^ brother 
of the preceding, and second son of John * and Abig;iil Riclianl- 
son, of Boston; bom in 3Ie.ltord, Sept. *2*i, 1714; was never mar- 

Ho lived in Boston, after his father's removal to that place, 
about 1738. Like his father and brothen^, Caleb and James, he 
▼as a distiller. His father conveyed to him, March 9, 1737, for 
the nominal sum of £1550; in a depreciated currency,, a distill- 
bouse, with land, etc. [Sutf. Deeds, Ivl. 163.] The son was 
then only in his twenty-third year. Uow long he pursued the 
business of distillinsr does not appear. 

His will is dated May 6, 1776, at which time he was still living 
in Boston. His will was proi'ed Aug. 6, 1793, at which date he 

•This was in conformity with m nsa^e sanctidQftil. if not uriirinated, b\- a 
sjood assembled at Bostua. in S»r)r«rub«r, 1(^12, \Therebv pentooi who Lail 
been baptlzefl in Infancy, *'ttn<ier«rantUii'X rho iloctrine of raich, ami puhlickU- 
pzotesinj( their assent thereto, not scandsiious in life, ami Moleintily owning 
Uie covenant before the church," uii'^'ht have their chiUlren baptize<l \vith<itit 
becoming themselves 'nemb«tr» in fail of any chtirch Thi^ ha» siace lieen 
known aa the *' half-way covenant." [Felt's £ccl. Hbc of Xew En^lana, vol. 
iL p. 291] 

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was liTing in Bolton. His residence in Bolton appears also from 
his tombstone, which makes him 81 at his death. In the will he 
leavea property to his brother James, to his sister Susanna Gore, 
and to the three children of his brother Caleb. His brother 
James is named as executor. He had property in Bolton, as ap- 
pears from the inventoryi dated Aog. 8, 1800, Worcester probate 


SnsAsncA RiCBABDsox^(i7bAn,* iV^^AamV,* Thomas ^\ sister 
of the preceding, and second danehter of John Richardson,* Esq., 
of Boston; bom in Medford, May 2,1718; married Ebe^tkzeb 
6oBB, of Roxbnry. 

She was living 1801, in which year she received a share in each 
of the estates of her brothers Joshua and James Richardson. She 
is mentioned in the will of her mother, dated Aug. 5, 1770. 

Her children, as fiir as is known, were: 

5457. Ebenezer (Gore). 

S453. John (Gore). 

U50. Joseph (Gore). 

5Ma Joshua (Gore), liTed m Weston. 

546L Mar7.(Gote). 


Joox RccHARDSOX^ {Jofmf NiUhanid^ Thomas ^), brother of 
the preceding, and thira son of John* and Abigail Richardson, of 
Boston ; born in Medford, May 29, 1721 ; marned Susanna Feb* 
BDT, April 23, 1745. 

Ho was an innholder in Boxbury. His will is dated Aug. 17, 
1768; proved April 7, 1769; he must hare died in the interval. 
In the will he mentions wife Susanna, and children John, Joseph, 
and Susanna. These children are also mentioned in the will of 
their grandmother, Mrs. Abigail Richardson, widow of John, 
dated Aug. 3, 1770. 

Susanna, widow of John Richardson, of Rozbury, died Jan. 24, 
1802, aged 79. 

Their children were : 

5462. John,«b.Feb.lS, n-ML 

Mddb Joseph,* b. Dec 12, 174d; probably m. Abif^aO Felton, Jan. 27 
17 1 4. Ho did not anive at old age, but left nous : 
Ue4. John.'^ 
5405. NathanUL* 
5400. Abigail,* b. Jan. 22. 1751 ; d. early. 

5407. Susanna,* b. May, 17;»; ul James Howe, of Rozbury, Dec. 28, 
1773. She was living April 1, ISOO, when she signed a re- 
ceipt for a legacy from her uncle James. 


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James Kxcbjlbdsox^ (John^ yathaniel^^ Thomas^)j brother 
of the precetUug, and fourth sou of John* and Abigail Bich* 
ardson, of Bostou ; bom in Medford, June 15, 1723 ; married 
Ltdxjl KsrsELAXD, of Cambridnre, sister, according to the will of 
James Richardson, of T7iIliaml£neoland, £sq^ ol Cambridge. 

Like his fiither and his brothers Caleb and Joshua, he \ras a dis- 
tiller in Boston, certainly from and after 1749 ; but how long he 
continued in that business is not known. 

February, 1749. His father, then of Roxbury, for three thou- 
sand pounds, old tenor, worth about forty-five shillings for a silver 
dollar, and redeemed that year at that rate, conveyed to James 
Richardson, distiller, land in Boston, bounded west on Orange 
Street, east by the sea or salt water, with a distill-house thereon, 
and a wharf adjacent. [Suffolk Deeds, Izsviii. 60.] 

The latter part of bis life was passed in Bolton, adjacent to 
Lancaster, of which till 1738 it formed a part. He was of Boston 
in 1755, as appears by a deed. He died m Bolton, where he pos- 
sessed property, Xovr21, 1799, aged 74. His will is dated Bolton, 
Jan. 3, 1797 ; proved Dec. 3, 1799. It is very long, disposing of 

Sroperty to nephews and nieces, especially to his nephew, Capt. 
ohn ^cliardson, of Templeton, who is appointed executor. 
[Worcester Prob. Records, xx. 265.1 

His wife Lydia died Dec. 17, if 96, aged 69. They had no 



James RicaxRDSoy^ (ThomaSj* Xathanieif* Thomas'), son of 
Thomas * and Elizabeth (Green) Richardson; bom in Leicester, 
1723 ; married, June 19, 1764, Lavxxah Johxsox, bom Dec. 11, 
1743, daughter of Daniel Johnson, of Shrewsbury. Notwith- 
standing tne disparity of age, the £ict just stated is established 
bv a discharge on record in the registry of probate in Worcester 
Cfonnty, signed by James Richardson and Lavinah, his wife, dated 
Sept. 3, 1764, a few weeks after their marriage, in which she is* 
represented as the daughter of Daniel Johnson, of Shrewsbury. 

Though bora in Leicester, it was doubtless in the west or second 
precinct, which was incorporated April & 1753, as the town of' 
Spencer, so named in honor of Spencer Phips, lieutenant gover- 
nor, a I at that time acting governor of Massachusetts in place of 
Governor Shirley, then absent in England. At the first organiza* 
tion of the town of Spencer, May 14, 1753, he was chosen sur- 
veyor of highways. He removed from Spencer to Leicester in 

He was a private in a company stationed at Fort Massachu- 

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•etts, in the present town of Adams, or rather between that town 
and Williamstown, in 1747-8. He was one of the ** eight months 
men," called oat after the affidr of Lexington, serving from the 
first of Ma^ to the end of the jear, 177o. He was also in Col. 
Wade's regiment of State troops, stationed on Rhode Island, one 
year from J annary, 1 1 4 8. 
We have no further dates, nor aeoonnt of any children. 


PflCLtp Rcck^BOSox^ (2%omaw,* 27atAanielj* Thomas ^)j broth- 
er of the preceding, and son of Thomas * and Elizabeth (Green) 
Richardson ; bom m the west precinct of Leicester, incorporated, 
1753, as the town of Spencer, in 1725 ; married, first, Catharine 
Bbzogs, daughter of Tnrfrey Briggs, She died before 3Iay 21, 
1766. Second, Esther Webster, bom March 19, 1726, daugh* 
ter of Capt. John Webster, master of a ship in the London trade 
firom Boston. 

In Angnst, 1756, he commanded a company of soldiers in the 
regiment of Colooel Timothy Raggles, of Hardwick, raised in the 
interior of Msissaohnsetts, and stationed at Fort William Henry 
on Lake (jeorge. Throngh the timidity and incapacity of the 
British general, Webb, that important place was taken by Mont- 
calm in Angnst, 1757, bnt the regiment of Ragles was not there, 
and shared not in the disgrace, nor in the havoo made after the 
•orrender. The regiment was on the march to relieve the place, 
bnt was stopped by Webb. 

Ruggtes was afterwards a brigadier general in the British ser- 
vice, and was remaricabie, even among the tories of the Revela- 
tion, for his attachment to the royal cause. 

We next hear of Philip Richardson as livine in Boston, and the 
owner of a rope-walk on Atkinson Street, which, it wonld api>ear, 
he sold to Jefirey Richardson in 1766.* 

^Jeifcer Bichardson was ei a dlffereot family from that with which this rol- 
ame is ciiieiir coDceraed. Iie%>*as bom in Yorlcsbire, £n^and, in tlie year 
16931 The tln»t meutioii of him in Boston is in 1730. He lived on Fond Lane, 
now Bedford Street, and di^ Sept. *J!), 1775. Jeffrey Bichardson, in the text, 
was his aoa, bom Feb. J2, 1739-4. It is on record that he " commenced business 
for himself in 17(36, as a rope*maker, near Mr. John Gray's rope-walk, on At- 
kinson sitreet." Jeffrey lUchanUon haii been an apprentice to 3(r. John Gray, 
since 1738; and there is no riom to doubt that ho hail there become acquuiuted 
with Philip iCicharUson, au«l bought Ids rope-walk in 17UG. Such, at least, is 
the compiler's belief. 

tthu*^ wricini; the forcs^^int. it has liecome a matter of doubt in the com- 

§ tier's mind wliether the om^r of this rope walk was John Gray or Kdwurd 
rray. It was here tliat the Asht occurreil that i-snued in the " Boston Massa- 
cre,*^ March 2. 1770. Banci'i^t refers to tiie 4iuarrel as occurrin}; at ** Gra>''s 
Bopewalk." Mr. Samuel O. Drake, in his elab«trate *' History of Boston,'* p. 
778, says it was at Mr. J**hti Gray's ropewalk. 3Ir. James Spear Lorin^, the 
editor of "The Hundred ikk^on Orators," who wrote nketciies of the twelve 
orators who addressed the people of Boston in the twelve years from 1771 to 
1783, on the successire anniTersaries of the "Massacre," has assured me and 

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I have before me an abstract of a deed on record in the York 
County Registry, vol. xsxviiL 2349 which fully establishes the 
fact of his being a rope-maker, and also his connection by mar- 
riage with the Sris<^ tamily. 

Oct. 6, 1763. Philip Richardson, of Boston, rope-maker, and 
Katharine, his wife, sell to 3IichaeI Dalton, Esquire, Tristram 
Dalton, merchant, John Sewall, merchant, Sarah Sewall, an in- 
lant, and Ann Sewall, an infant, all of Xewbury .... all of 
the said Philip and Katharine^s right, the s:ud Katharine being 
one of the daughters of Turfrey Brings, deceased, in one-eighth 
of a parcel of land lying on Saco River, the whole tract beiuff 
about four miles square, which eighth part John Brizgs, by deed 
bearing date June 23, 1729, conveyed, etc [York Deeds, xiil. 
109.] This deed was acknowledged by Philip Richardson, May 
21, 1766, but Katharine had deceased before this last date. 

Turfrey Briggs is sometimes called Trefry Briggs. 

Cathanne was the mother of Philip's children. Afterwards he 
married Esther \yebster, but the connection was terminated by 
his death in 1767. 

Philip Richardson, from his connection with the noted tory, 
Ruggles, is likely to have favored the royal cause, but as he died 
before the outbreak of the Revolution, had little or no opportuni- 
ty to exhibit this attachment, supposing it to have existed ; but 
tus widow Esther, whose father had long been engaged in the 
London trade, had no scruple in making known her views. 

When the British forces, eight thousand in number, were com- 

Jelled, in March, 1776, to leave Boston, Esther went with them. 
lore than eleven hundred refugees, many of them persons of 
wealth and great respectability, who had trusted in the power of 
England to coerce ^ the rebels," but now to their unspeakable 
grief and mortification were forced to witness her utter failure to 
protect her own friends, left Boston in the British fleet, crowded 
tor want of room, and leaving their property and their hopes for 
life behind them, and went to Halifax, wholly uncertain of the 
future. Of this unhappy company, so suddenly overtaken with 
horror and despair, and foregoing tor the remainder of life all joy 
and all hoi>e, Mrs. Esther Richanlson was one. As was the fact 
in many other cases, she was compelled to leave her three boys 
behind, and before long found herself reduced from a state of 
comfort, and perhaps amuence, to want and penury. 

Aiter the war, her step-son Joseph, hearing of her destitute 
condition, sent for her, took her to his home in Durham, N. H., 

the public that tho ovrner of the ropewalk xras Edward Gray. I think be 
voiilil be likely to know. See X. £. Hi«c. Geneal. Kei;., vol. vii. p. 163. As a 
matter iuvolvcHl in ihib Idstory of the country, it is of .simie importance. 

Philip Eicbanison must liave (lied in 17G7, since adiuiuidtratton on hiii estate 
WW f^ranted that vear. 

The irhole niitnber of rone- walks \nu sis; at least, there were six owners of 
rop«.walks to be partiuiiy indeninitled by the town for the destruction of their 
rope-walks by dre, July 30, 17UL Jtfltvy Kichani»on's rope-walk was one of 
chose bnrnecL 

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and kindlf sapported and nourished ber till her death, which 
took place March 17, 1810, at the age of 84. 

The children of Philip and Catharine Richardson were : 

-1-5468. Joseph,' b. 1750; m. Sarah Hanson. 
-1-5400. Benjamin.* 
-f547a Heniy.* 


Thomas Richardsost * (Phmehas^ yathaniel^^ Thomas *), son 
of Lieut. Phinehas ' and jiary (Arnold) Richardson ; bom in 
Wobum, Oct. 80, 1721; married Mart Goxtld, of Ipswich, 
March 18, 174S. 

He was a soldier in the old French war. He settled in Read- 
ing. He was living in 3Iarch and April, 1788, when a final set- 
tlement was made of the estate of his brother Phinehas, a portion 
of which came to him. 





His chQdren, all bom in Reading, were : 

Maz7»* b. April 20, 1747; m. Samuel Felch, May 7. 1772. 

Thomas,* b. June 23, 1749; m. Phebe Emerson. 1773. 

Sarah,' b. Dec. 25, 1751 ; m. Dea. Thomas Parker. Feb. 4, ITTS* 
He was bom 1751, son of Thomas and Sarah Paricer. They 
had no children. 

Herbert,' b. Oct. 15, 1757; m. first, ; second, Lydia Par- 

ker; third, Mary Upham. 

Edmund,' b. Oct :sd, 1750. 


pHDnBKAS RiCHAROsox^ (PAmeAatf,* Nathaniel^ Thomas^ 
half-brother of the precedin,tr, and son of Phinehas * and Rebecca 
(Fowle) Richardson ; bom in Wobum, Jan. 9, 173o«-6 ; married, 
Feb. 27, 1759, Ha2?>*ah Richardson [5274], bora December, 
1732, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Richardson. 

He was a soldier in the old French war, 1759. They lived, for 
a time at least, in Wobum. He died perhaps at the age of forty, 
the time is not known, but some time previously to July 10, 1777, 
when she took for a second her cousin, Silas Richard- 
S02r' [1853], son of Jacob ^ and Elizabeth (Wyman) Richardson. 
She was made a widow Richardson a second time in 1778. 

Hannah, the widow, used to say pleasantly that she had mar- 
ried two husbands, yet had never changed her original name. 
She IS still remembered by many in Salem as " Aunt Hannah.*^ 
She died in Wobum, her native town, Aus. 29, 1821, at the age 
of 89. See a further notice of her on p. 2o0. 

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TTHethor from lack of heirs, or some other canse, is ancertain, 
bnt it is on record that the estate of Phinehas Ricbardsoa was 
distribated, in March and April, 1783, to his brothers, Thomas, 
James, and William, and sister, Dorothy Enroes. A bond was 
given by his brother, Thomas Richardson, of Reading, as princi- 
pal, with Stephen Richardson [1926], gentleman, of tVobum, and 
Nathaniel Weston, of Stoneham, cordwainer, as sureties. 

The children of Phinehas and Hannah Richardson were : 

-f 5476L Hannah,* b. Feb. 8, 1700; m. Nathaniel Weston. 
5477. Phinehas,* b. April 23, 1762; unm. He was taxed for a poll in 
Exeter, 17S2 and 1733. He died before 3Iarch 12, 17S3, when 
his father's estate was distributed. 

iPCft^ Gtntvatlan. 


Abigail Richabosos'' (JBenJamin^* Benjamin^* Isaac^* 
TTlomos^), dan^hter of Benjamin^ and Patience (Earle) Rich- 

ardson, of Leicester; bom there, 1725; married, first, 

Moobe; second, April 12, 1760, Zachabuh Eaceb, of Shrews- 
bury, bom 1716. 

This fitmilv, with others, was set off to Lancaster in 1768. 
The husband died in Lancaster, probably in the part which is 
now Sterling, about the commencement of 1791. The widow, 
Abigail, survived till about 1821, when she died at the house ot 
her son, Jonathan Eager, in Newton, near Boston, wanting but 
four jears of the age of oxb BU^'DBSD. 

Her children who reached mature age were: 

5478* Louisa (Eajarer), b. Xov. 11, 1760; m. Ezra Penniman. 

5479. Benjamin (Eaj^er), b. Oct 7, 1702. 

548a Jonathan (£ager)» b. January, 17G5; lived in Xewton. 

5481. Betsey (Eager;, m. Joseph Reed, jr. 

5482. Lydia (Eager), m. Joseph Suow. 

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Benjamdt Richabdsox,* Esq. {Benjamin^* Benjamin^* Isaacs- 
Thomas ^)t brother of the preceding, and eldest son of Benjamin^ 
ftnd Patience (Earle) Richardson, of Leicester ; bom there, Feb. 
22, 1732;* married, first, 1758, Exjyicz Swax, bom 1741, daugh- 
ter of Dudley Wade and Beulah Swan, who removed from ^il* 
ton to Leicester in 1736. She died in Leicester, June, 1776, ag^ed 
85. Second, Mrs. Abtoail Holmax, a widow; her maiden 
name has not been preserved. She died in 1790, aged 43. Third, 
Olitb^— ; surname not known. Fouith, "Mrs. CA2n>ACX Al* 
xjor, of Princeton, a widow, married in 1817, when he was in his 
eightjofifth year. She survived him. 

At the age of fourteen, he was apprenticed to a carpenter in 
Worcester to leam the trade. His master was at times rather 
severe, and Benjamin did not always fare well ; one meal every 
day consisted of bean porridge. 

At the age of twenty-one, 1753, he returned to Leicester, and 
engaged in the business of makiuj? potash. His was the first 
manufactory of that article in the Uounty of Worcester. Being 
without capital, he became indebted to others for the purchase of 
kettles and other implements needed. In the prosecutioa of this 
buriness he was very successful, thus obtaining the means of fur- 
ther advance in life. 

In 1760, he had so pros]>ered that he felt able to purchase and 
occupy the farm of llr. Israel Parsons, son of Rev. David Par- 
sons, the first minister of Leicester, and which we presume was 
formerly owned and occupied by that minister.f u was half a 
mile north of the meeting-house. He sold this fiirm to John 
Lyon, in 1777, and removed to Sterling, then the west precinct 
of Laiicaster. [Washbum*s Hist, of Leicester, p. 391.] 

In Sterling he purchased, with the money which had come from 
the making of potash, the farm belonging to the brothers Timo- 
thy and Seth Heywood ; and xlIso a tract of land adjoining the 
same, in the south-ensterlv part of Princeton, of Sylvanus Oak. 
The deeds of transfer, still in existence, are dated April 7, 1777. 

Here he opened an inn, and the place was thenceforward known 
as ^ The Richardson Tavern.'' It was on the direct road from 
Boston to Albany, and was, therefoi-e, a convenient and frequent 
stopping-place for travelers. 

He was greatly respected as a citizen, and invested with many 
public offices. 

He was first lieutenant of the military company which marched 
from Leicester to Cambridge on the alarm sounded through the 
country on the advance of the British to Concord, on the mom- 

^Oeorge Watbington was bom the same daf. 

t Mr. Panoos was bom in Xorthamptoii, 1070; graduated, Harvard College, 
1705; ordained pastor at Maiden, llHO; dUminsed, Mar, ITU; installetl ac 
Leicester, Sept. 15, 1721; bitter dirticu I cie^ soon aro^e, which caused hu rei«ig- 
nadoQ, Mareh A, 1735, and he died in Leicester, in 1735; a man of abUity, but 
wanting in pradence. 

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iog of April 19) 1775. Of thi& company Thomas Newball, whoso 
wife was a daushter of the Richardson family, was captain. 
See under [5197 J. 

On the 4th day of April, 1776, our Benjamin Richardson was 
made ** captain of the First company of the First Regiment of 
militia in the county of Worcester, whereof Samuel Denny, Esq., 
is colonel,'' So the commission reads which is yet in existence. 
In Aueost of the same jrear, he was made captain of a company 
drafted from the militia in the res^imeut of wliich Nicholas Dike, 
Esq., was colonel. This commission, also, is in good preservation. 

Me was one of the Revolutionary Committee of Correspond- 
ence in Leicester in 1776 and 1777. 

He wasi chosen representative from Sterlinsf, !May, 1737. 

In March, 1788, he was commissioned by Governor John Han« 
cock aa justice of the peace for the County of Worcester for the 
term of seven years ; and from this time was known as Squire 
lUchardson. &e was one of the selectmen of Sterling in 1798. 
In 1816, he was again commissioned as justice of the^peace, by 
Governor Strong, for another term of seven years. Of course his 
politics coincided with those of that highly respected governor. 

By the inhabitants of the town he is'now familiarly called, 
^ the Old Squire." His will is dated April 7, 1821 ; proved July 
8, 1821. 

He died, full of years and honors, June 8, 1821, aged 89 years, 
8 months. 

His children were, by first wife Eunice, bom in Leicester: 

5488. Abijniilt* b. 1760: d. in SterUng, 1791, aced 3L . 

54di. Benjamin,* b. 1764; m. — ; settled m Vermont^ 

5485. Phineas."* b. 1767 ; living at the date of the father's will, 1S21. 

5486b ArtemaSt^b. 1768; m. Um Leonard, a widow. He lived in 
Princetont and died in 1827 or 1S2^. His will is dated Dec 
IS, 1827; proved Oct 7, li?2S. The will mentions wife Mary, 
and her only son, Georsre Leonard, buc no child of his own. 
[Worcester Prob. Keconis, Ixvi. :»7.1 
+5487. Alpheus,^ b. about 1700; m. Phebe Parkhurst 

5488. Asa,^ b. 1771 ; m. a lady from Sterling; ; settled in the 'State of 

Kew York; d. in ISOS, aged about ^. leaving four children. 

5489. Catharine,* b. 1773; unm. ; d. 17U2, aged 19. 





Bj second wife Abigail, .born in Sterling : 

William,* b. April 19, 1733; m. Prudence Burpee. 

Silas,* b. about 1735: m. . 

Cyrene,* m. John Moore, of Princeton. She died there, a wid- 
ow, about 1866. 

Gardner,* m ; he was a mechanic and fanner in Temple- 

ton, and died there. Ue bad a son Ira Bichanlson, who re- 
sided in North Chehnsford. 

Eunice,* m. previous to 1821, Whitney Whitaker, of Xewfane, 
yt She died previous to lS«)f5. 

Phebe,* m. Isaac Eind^, of Greenwich. Mass., was supposed 
to be living there, 1S74, in widowhood. 

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Xatba^^iel Richardson* {Benjamin,* Benjamin,^ Isaac,* 
JiftoiMM*), brother of the preceding, and son of Benjamin* and 
Patience Richardson, of Leicester; born there, 1737; married 
Ruth Gilset, daughter of Semple Gilkey, who removed from 
Plainficid, Ct^ to Leicester, Mass^ in April, 1778. 

He was a private in the military company commanded by Capt./ 
Thomas Xewhall, which marched from Leicester to Cambridge 
upon the Lexin^on alarm, April 19, 1775. Of this company Ms 
brother Benjamm was first lieutenant. 

He was also in Capt. Todd's company, part of the force besieg- 
inffBoston, 1776. 

He lived in the south-east port of Leicester. 

His children were : 

U90. Wmiiun,^ b. ITiU. 
5497. Semple •b. 1767. 


Caftadt Addisos* Richabdsox' (Isaac,* Benjamin^ Isaac,* 
Thomas^), son of Isaac ^ and Elizabeth Richardson, born in 
Wobum, July 8, 1789; married, first, Dec. 24, 1761, 3Lley 
Greenleaf, bom April 25, 1734, daughter of Stephen and 3£ary, of Medford. She died in February, 1799. Second, 
Jan. 1, 1800, Akstiss Blaxchard, of Salem. She died Dec. 8, 
1807, aged 52. Third, Leer Holdex^ daughter of Col. Benjamin 
and Catharine (Richards') Holden, of Pnnceton. She died in 
Princeton, 3Iass., Nov. 20, 1848, aged 89. 

After the death of his narents, he lived a few years in Cam- 
bridge. Addison Richarcl.«on, of Cambridge, then aged 19, was 
in the militarv service in the old French war, ei^ht months and 
four days. He was in the expedition to Canada in 1758, in Capt. 
William An eier's company, in Col. Joseph Williams' regiment, 
and was discharged Nov. 1, 1758. 

He must have been a citizen of Salem after his marriage, and 
certainly as early as 1765 ; for on the 28th of October, 1765, Ben« 
jamin Daland conveyed to him, then ^ of Salem," some real es- 
tate on School Street. At the outbreak of hostilities with the 
mother country, he was one of the first to take up arms in the 
patriot cause, receiving a commission as captain. Me was taken 
prisoner at Fort Washintrton, near Xew York, Xov. 16, 1776, and 
remained a prisoner, at Gravesend, Long Island, until exchanged 
May 9, 1778. 

He died in Salem, July 81, 1811. 

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His childreD, all by first wife, were : 

Addison,* b. Jane 10. 17i}4; m. Deborah M0U07. 

Isaact'' b. Feb. 4, 1707; lost at »ea, 1701. 

William,* b. April d. 17C0 ;.in. Elizabeth Townsend. 

Mary,* b. Jan. 19, 1772 ; m. Penn Tovmsend. 

Stephen,* b. Aug. 10, 1775: m. ; had a son Stephen,^ m. 

— — Xelson. The father died at sea, 1S14. The son went to 

Calif omia about 1S4S. 


OuTB RiCHABDSOX* (iiaac/ Benjamin^* IsaaCj* Thomas ^\ 
sister of the preceding, and daughter of Isaac * and Elizabeth 
Richardson; bom in tvobum, Oct. 15, 1746; married, Dec. 21, 
1768, BEyj.nnv Flixt, bom in North Reading, 1746, third son of 
Ebenezer * and Abigail (Sawyer) Flint, a descendant of Thomas 
Flint, of Danrers, tne emigrant ancestor of the Flints of Salem 
and Reading. 

They livc3 for some years in Middleton ; but after the death of 
his &ther, who was killed by an Indian in the old French war, 
they liyed in Xorth Reading in the old homestead of his father 
and grandfather. He was a man of great personal worth and of 
a thoroughly blameless life. He died in 1837, aged xi>'STr-o>ns. 

Olive, the wife of Benjamin Flint, was dismissed from the 
church in Middleton to the second church in Reading, Dec 6, 

On the day of the annual Fast in 1773, a contribution was 
taken up in ^liddleton in behalf of Benjamin Flint, of Reading, 
on account of the loss of his house by fire. The amount collected 
was £17 16. 3., old tenor. 

Mrs. Olive Flint died Feb. 1, 1837, aged xixstt. 

Their children were : 

5503. Benjamin (Flint), b. 1760; settled in Xorway« 3Ie. 

6504. Olive (FUnt), b. 1771. 

5506. Betsey (Flint), b. 177.3^ m. WiUiam Pratt, 1700. 

5506. Sarah (Flint), b. 177.5. 

5507. Thirza (Flint), b. 1773. 

5508. Ruth (FUnt), b. 17S0. 

5509. AddUon (FUnt), b. May 23, 17S2: m. first, June 10. 1S04. Sally 

Upton, b. Jan. 15, liSo, daa{;hter of Josiah and Sarah (Un- 
derwood) Upton, of Charlcmont Second, 1S33, Mrs. Maiy 
E. (Foster) burrill, a widow. He was a deacon of the church 
in North Reading 2S vears. and a remarkably ^ood man. Uo 
was one of the board of selectmen of Iteadiuj;, and ropre- 
sented the old town of Reading; in tlie Iciaslature. See a 
furtlier notice of him in the Unton Memorial, page 361. He 
died Dec. 21, 1871. in his ninencth year. 

5510. Isaac (Flint), b. 17S4; m. 1S07, Lvcfta Frost He settled in 

Greenwood. Me. ; was a justice of the peace, and representa- 
tive; died 1858. 

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EuzABETH RiCHJLRDSoy* jr5o/(wion,*2)arirf//Mac,* Thomas^) J 
daughter of Solomon ^ and Elizabeth (Goodole)' Richardson, of 
Middleton, Mass; bom there, Aug. '20, 17S0; married, March 22, 
1749, FRAKas Sawteb, who was bom in Xorth Reading, Feb. 
21, 1728, and died Dec. 31, 1S2T, wanting but abont seven weeks 
of being oxe hu^dked yeaes old. His wife Elizabeth died in 
1772, aged 42. 

They removed to Dracut in 1750, and afterwards to Canter- 
borr, IS. H., where he died. 

Mis second wife, Tamar Barker, of Methuen, was bom Sept. 
22, 1746; married 1773 (published July 19, 1773), and died April 
28, 1819, aged 72. 

Children of Francis and Elizabeth (Richardson) Sawyer were. 
Bom in Xorth Reading: 




Elizabeth (Sawyer), b. Oct S, 1750; nam.; d. March 17, 1816. 

Francis (Sawyer), b. Feb. 22, 1752; m. Susanna Cloug^h, of Dra* 
cat, June 11, 1772; terred his country in the war of the EeT« 
<^ation, and lost his life at Saratoga, October, 1777. 

Molly (Sawyer), b. Oct 9, 1753; unm.; d. 1343, aged xctett. 

Ebenezer (Sawyer), b. Dec. 25, 1755. 

Abigail (Sawyer), b. April 15, 175S; onnu ; d. Dec 5, 1855, aged 

Bom in Dracnt : 

David (Sawyer), b. March 17, 1760. 
Amos Bichardson (Sawyer), b. Jan. 25, 1785; : 
by, March 30, 170a 

Elizabeth Biz- 

5518. Aaron (Sawyer), b. Sept 11, 1766; d. Aug. 28, 1854, aged 88. 
6510. H annah (Sawyer), b. Jan. 18, 1700; d. Oct 2, 1860, aged o:rs 


5520. Moses (Sawyer), b. Dec 16, 1T72. 

Two other children died ininfancy. Mr. Sawyer had two children 
by his second wife, Tamar, between 1774 and 1730, making the whole 
number twem ' it . Several of his children, as well as himself, reached 
a very advanced age. 


ELufNAH Richardson' {Solomon^^ Davidj* Isaac^^ Thomas ^)f 
sister of the preceding, and daughter of Solomon * and Elizabeth 
(Goodale) Richardson ; bom in Jliddleton, 3Iass., Dec. 20, 1732 ; 
married, Ang. 16, 1752, Col. Abcuelaus Fuller,^ son of Benja- 
min ' and Mary (FuUcr) Faller. BcDJainin ' was a son of Benja^ 
min,' bom 1660, who was a son of Lieut. Thomas Fuxxeb,^ who 
oame from England in 1638, and settled in what is now Middle- 
ton, formerly a part of Salem. Isaac Richardson,* grandfather of 
Solomon,^ married his daughter Deborah, and he (Thomas) is re- 

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gnrded aa tlie progenitor of the Fallers of New England. He 
owned and settled upon a lar^ tract of land in jSliddleton, 
thooffh for some yearn previously^'he had dwelt in Wobum.* 

Col. Archelaus Fuller was an otiicer of the Rerolutionary 
army, and died at Bennington, Vt^ of small pox, about 1777. 

By his first wife, Hannah Richardson,* he had : 

5521. Elijah (Fuller), unmarried. 

5522. Sarah (Fuller), d. young. 

5523. Hannah (Fuller), m. Joseph Hutchinson, and had by him, ElU 

Jahj Jo$ephj Arch€lau9 and LetL 


Datid BiCHARDS02r* (/SWomon,* David^* IsaaCj^ Thamas^)^ 
brother of the preceding, and son of Solomon* and Elizabeth 
(Goodale) Richardson ; bom in ^iddleton, April 9, 1735 ; mar- 
ried LucT . 

He passed his life in 3Iiddleton ^ was a yeoman, and appears to 
haye had no chUdren, as none are mentioned in the settlement of 
his estate. 

Administration was granted. May 7, 1776, by request of his 
widow, Lncy Richardson, to his half-brother, Stephen Richard* 
son«. One of the sureties was another half-brother, John Rich- 
ardson. [Essex Prob. Rec, IL 292.] 

^ A brother of Col. Archelaus Fuller was Ber. Daniel Fuller,^ bom in ^d- 
dleton, Sept. 1, 1740; graduated Harvard Coll^ce. 1704; minister of the Sec- 
ond Church in Gloucester from Jao. 10, 1770 to Isiil, fifty jeacs. 

An imperfect genealogy of the Fcxxer Family appears in the 2Tetr England 
Historic and Genealogical Be«;ister, toI. ziiL pp. JJl-363. From thi^ docu- 
ment we gather the following notices: 

Benjamin Fuller,* the father of Cot Axchelaos Fuller ^ in the text, had an 
elder Brother. Jacob,* bom in Middleton, 170«>, wlio by wife Abigail Holton, of 
Danrere, had ten children, the sixxh of whom inud third son) was Rer. Timo- 
thy Fuller,^ bom May 18, 1730, who graduate*! Harvard College, 1700, and 
was ordained the iixet minister of Princeton, Ma^s., :fepL 9, 17f>7. He was lUs- 
miased 177S, and died at Merrimack, X. H., Julr 3, l^x% aged IjS. 

His fourth child ami eldest son \ras Hon. Timothr Fuller,* born at ChU- 
mark, Martha's Vineyard, July 11, 1778; graduated Han-ard College, 1801, 
haTini|[ the second rank in bis class; was an eminent lawyer in Boston, with 
his residence in Cambridge; was a member of the Massachusetts Senate from 
1813 to 1810; representative in Congress from 1817 to 1825; speaker of the 
Massachusetts House of Bepresentatires in 1^25, and died suddenly, of A.siadc 
cholera, at Groton, Oct. 1, la^S. 

The eldest child of Hon. Timothy Fuller,* by his wife Margaret Crane, of 
Canton, was Margaret Fuller,^ bom at Cambridge, May 23, 1810. For gunius, 
literary culture, and nobleness of aha, she has seMom been equa]le<C Her 
power of conversation, it is said, fully e<iuall6d that of Madame de StaeL 
with her husband, Giovanni [John] Angelo. MarritiiA Ossoli, an Italian noble- 
man, an exile from his countrv by the failure (>t the Boman republic, and 
their child, she perishe<l by shipwreck, July 19. 18:X>. 

She had several brothers who rose to eminence, one of whom was Rev. Ar- 
thur Buckminster Fuller* bom Aug: 10, l'f*J2: graduated Harvard College, 
1843; ordained pastor of the Unitarian S«M:iecy in Manchester, N. H., 3Urch 
29, 1S48; iostaUed over the Xew >'orrh Church in Boston, Jnnel. 1853. From 
seal In his country's cause, he served as chaplain in the war of the Bebelliun, 
and met his death by a shot from a rebel hand. 

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His inventory amounted to £801. 16. 4., and the real estate in- 
clnded *^ one end of a hoa^e," a bam, and land near by; ^aiso, 
another tract of land, about liily-one acres, in Lynn ; also, about 
four acres of woodland in AndoVer; a right in the back seat in 
the meeting-house, and a horse stable near the meeting-house." 
[Essex Prob. Rec^ lii. IT.j 


Stephen Richardsox * (Soiomony* David^* Isaac^* Thoma9^\ 
half-brother of the preceding, and son of Solomon^ and Abigail 
(Boxton) Richardson ; bom in Middleton, Oct. 21, 1750 ; mar- 
ried. Not. 14, 1780, Hannjlh XTftox, bom in North Reading, 
1758, daughter of Francis • and Edith (Herrick) Upton, of that 
place. She was one of ten sisters, without a brother. 

Her sister Jerasha's husband was Jacob Fuller,^ a younger 
brother of Rev. Timothy Fuller,* the first minister of Princeton, 
already mentioned, and cousin to Col. Archelaus Fuller,* the bus* 
band of his sister Hannah. 

Stephen Richardson was one of the wealthiest and most influ- 
ential citizens of ^iddleton. For many years he was town 
treasurer. He had a large fiurm. He was taxed m Andover, for 
land he owned there, in 1730 and 1731. 

He died July 20, 1329, aged 79. His wife Hannah died May 
2, 1809, aged o8 years and'o months. 






Their ohildren were : 

Darid.* b. Nov. 19. 1781; m. bis cousin, Sally Richardson [5580]. 
Edith,* b. Dec. 3. 1783 (on the town record £dah]. 
Elijah,* b. March 25, ITi^C; unm. ; d. Jan. 12, 1823, a^ 36. 
Abijah,* b. Aug. 3, 17Sd; m. his cousin, Xaomi Richardson 

I>aniel,<^b. Aug. 17, 1701: m. Olire B. Perkins. 
Jeremiah,* b. Feb. 19, 179A ; m. hU cousin, Hannah Richardson 



JoHsr RicHARDSOX* (-SWomon,* David^* Jbaac^ TAoma**), 
brother of the preceding; bom in Micldlcton, Sept. 23, 1752; 
married Rebecca Ke^ixet, Dec 10, 1788. 

They lived in Middleton. He died Feb. 21, 1826, aged 73. 
His wife Rebecca died Feb. 9, 1826, aged 64. 

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Their children were: 


953U)l Sollr.* b. March 2, 1750; m. her cousin, David Bichardjon 

" * Jan. 22. 1TD2T rt. Xo*. IS. IL,-, ^ 

cousin, Lucy Richardson 

5581. Polly.* b. Jan. 2S, 1702; d. Nov. 18^ 1801» in her tenth year. 
+5582. Jonathan,"* b. Sept. 80, 1700; nu his cor^'-* ^ — «r.i-^. 



Joss'ATH.ur RicHARDSOx' (Soiomon* Davids* Isaac,- Thomas^)^ 
broUier of the preceiling; bom in iliiUlleton, 3Iarch 12, 1757; 
married Mart Psters, of Andover, Oct. 14, 1770. 

They lived in Middleton. He was a fanner. Ho was taxed 
for land in Andover, 1730 and 1781. He died March 15, 1798, 
aged 41. 

Their children were : 

5588. Solomon,* b. Xov. S, ITSO. 

5584. Naomi,^ b. Nov. 18, 1782; m. her cousin, Abijah Richardson* 

+5585. Amos,* b. April 23. 1785 ; m. Naomi ^. 

5586. John,* b. Dec. 10. 1787. 
+5587. EU« b. July 13, 1790; m. OUve TThite. 
5538. Hannah,* b. Nov. 19, 1702; m. her cousin, Jeremiah Richard- 
, son (5520]. 

5589. Ezra,* b. March 20, 1795 ; m. Eliza Ann Wnidns. 

554a Lucy,* b. July 23, 1707; m. her cousin, Jonathan Richardson* 


TaovAS RiCHARDSO^r* (Thomas^^ Thomas^* ITiomas^* 
l^amaM^)^ son of Thomas* and Samh (Ditson) Richardson, of 
Billerica; bom there, Sept. 30, 1724; married, first, ; 

second, Abigail Reed, of Westford, April 13, 1769; third, 

His mother, in her will, Xov. 29, 1752, mentions him as then 
liTin^. He moat have been married previous to 1760, when he 
married Abigail Reed, because a son Silas is mentioned in hb 
own will, but the name and the date are both lost. 

His Willis dated Sept. 26, 1799; proved March 8, 1303. Of 
oonrse he died in the interval. His will mentions wife Polly, 
who at the date of the probate had become Polly Cuminiiigs. 


His children mentioned in the will were : 

Silas,*---the son, probably, of a former wife, 
imas.^ b. in Nvestfonl. March 9, 1770. 


AbigaU,* b. June 13. 1771 

WilUird,* b. 3Iarch 13. in4; m. Mary . They had: 

IThonuu,* b. in Wcstforrl, Feb. 3, 1803. 
5545. Hannah,* b. Jan. 23, 1770: m. Aaron Hood, of Xottinfi^ham 
West, now Hudson, X. H., ^larch S, 1702. 
The Westfoni records, as copied for me, (cive him another son: 
5540. Jesse,* b. Jan. 3, 1773, which is manifestly erroneous, though it 
may contain an element of truth. 

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JosiiAH RxcHARO$02r* (Ja$iaA,^ JjidrtWf* TAoma$j* TAoma**), 
only SOQ of Jodiah * and Judith Richardson^ of Billerica; bom 
there June 19, 1751 ; married Ltdia Wxlker, of Billerica, Oct. 
25, 1770; married by Rev. Henry Cummings. They lived in Bil- 

Administration on his estate was decreed to widow Lydia, 18 lo. 
Of course hu death was not long previons. 

Children : 

5M7. Jo«iah«b.Feb. ll.lTrird. 3Iarchl,lTrL 

554a. Josiah«< b. Sept 10, 1773; <L Aug. 22, 1775. 

55W. Abigail b. ^lay 17, 177d. 

5550. JudSth,* b. Feb. 3, 17&{. 


Joseph Richabosox* {Nathaniely^ NcUhanx€ly^ Thomas^^. 
T^omas^), son of XathanieP and Elizabeth (Stevens) Richard- 
son, of Townsend, 3Iass. ; bom there, 1746 ; married, about 1770, 
Haxx^b Dkcry, daughter of Capt. Zedekiah Drury, of Temple, 
N. Hn who, we suppose, was from Shrewsbury, Mass. 

Temple, N*. H., is in the County of Hillsborough ,with only 
one town. New Ipswich, between it and the Massachusetts line. 
It has the towns of Peterboronjzh, Francestown, Lyndeborough, 
Wilton, and Mason around it. The location is fovorable, and soon 
after the old French war, the attention of farmers and others in 
Middlesex County, Mass., was turned towards it. As early as 1760, 
fiimilies had settled there from Acton, Boxford, Carlisle, Shrews- 
bury, Townsend and other places in 2Iassachusetts. Zedekiah 
Dniry was there some time previous to 176S, and soon became 
one of the leading men in town. He was a captain in 1768, and 
the first town meeting, Sept. 26, 1768, was helu at his house. He 
started with his company on the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1773, 
but finding himself not neederl returned home. He commanded 
a company that marched to reintbrce the army of Gates, upon the 
advance of Burgoyne in June, 1777. His sons Gershom and Wil- 
liam, and his son-in-law, Joseph Richardson, the principal subject 
of this notice, were soldiers in that company, with thirty-five 
others from that newly settled town. Capt. Drury died in that 

Joseph Richardson, in early life, was an apprentice to Benjamin 
Cutter, of Temple, a carpenter and farmer, a native of Lexington, 
Mass., who was also a soldier in 1775 and 1776; selectman of 
Temple, 1783, and died in Temple, March 16, 18'21.t As Benja- 

*Capt. Gershom Dnirr, son of Zettekiah, had for his wife Elizabeth Richard- 
s on, born 730, the eides: lister of oar Joseph. 

tSee Cutter Genealogy, pp. 83, 8i. 

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min Catter was but a jear or t\ro older than our Joseph, it may 
have been his brother Nathan, a faouse-wright, of New Ipswich, 
an Adjoining town, to whom Joseph was apprenticed. 

We find oar Joseph Richardson a soldier m the Revolutionary 
army from Temple, m December, 1775; a service, perhaps, lasting 
eight months and closing with the year. His grandchildren have 
it that he was in the battle of Banker Hill, and they say he as- 
sured them that such was the fact. Indeed, it is affirmed in a 
History of Temple. He also marched, with his brothers-in-law, 
Zedekiah and William Dniry, in a company commanded by their 
brother, Capt. Gershom Dmry, from Temple to Saratoga, and there 
assisted in the defeat and capture of Burs^oyne's urmy. 

Not long afterwards he removed to Wflton, which joins Tem- 
ple on the east, and thence, about 1797, removed to Weston in 
the south part of the County of Windsor, Vt. 

He and his wife Hannah lived to a goo«l old ago, and died only 
about fifteen weeks apart. He died in Weston, August 18, 1343, 
aged ircnBTr*s£TE2r. She died there May 7, 1848, aged ninety*- 



Their children were : 

Hannah,* b. Oct. 19, 1772. 

Xathan/ b. May 15, 1775: m. Hannah Shattnok, 

Thomas,* b. May ^ 1777; m. — — . 

Zeilekiah.* b. Feb. 25. 1779; m. — Bamham. 

N'athanMU* b. Jan. 17, 1781; m. first, Mary ; second, 

Elizabeth,* b. Feb. 0, 1783. . ^ 
Joseph,* b. Feb. 23, 1TS5. 
Sarah,* b. June 23, 17S7.Jr 
Hebecca,* m. — Pierce. 
All the above are deceased, exoept Rebecca, who is a widow, resid* 
iag at Mantua, Ohio. 


SakuxIi RxcHABososr* (Samuel^* 2rathai\id^ Thomas^- 
7%omas^), eldest sou of Saniuol* and Hannah (Walker) Rich- 
ardsoui of Billerica; born there, Sept. 24, 1737 ; married Martha 
— -b They lived in Billerica. 

Their children were : 

Samuel,* b. May 3, 17GT; he was llvin<; in Clinton. Me., in 1315. 
Further evidence is wanting. 

John,* b. April 6. 17'W: m. Xabby — . 

PatQr* [Marthal, b. Lee. 0, 1772. 

Jano,* b. July S, 1774. 

William,'' b. March 7, 177ft. There is no record of wife or chil- 
dren. He lived in Biirlins^ton, wliich adjoins Billerica, Ids 
native town. He dic<l inteHtate in 1815, and what property 
he had was distributed to liis brothers Samuel and Timochv, 
and the four childnsn of his brother John. {Midd. Prob. 
Records. I 

Timothy,* b. Au2. 24. 177S; he was liviog in 1815, as he then 
shared in his bruther William's estate. 




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Joseph Ricrjlbdsoh* {Samud,^ Nia/uinid^* Thomcu^* Thorn* 
<u^)f brother of the preening; a younger son of Samuel* and 
Hannah Richardson; bom in Billerica, Oct. 21, 1752; married 

He was a farmer. He lived in Billertca, in a remote part of the 
town, and died Oct. 6, 1779, aged 27, leaving his wife pregnant. 

His children were : 

JOM. Xarth&,« b. July 17, 1775; <L Aug. 1, 1T73. 
+5567. Joseph.^ b. Feb. 1, 1778; m. Ann Bowers. 
5568. John Chapman,* b. Feb^ 13, 1730; posthumous. 


WiLLLiM RicRABDSOX* E»Q. ( William,^ Nathanid^* Thomas^^ 
Thom€i9^\ eldest son of William * and Mary (Hobart) Richard- 
son, of Townsend, Mass.; bom there, May 10, 1745; married 
Hannah (Stevens) Cbosbt, widow of Joel Crosby, of TTinslow. 

Near the close of the Revolutionary war he removed to what 
was then known as Hancock Plantation, in the District of Maine. 
It lay above Fort Halifax, in the angle formed by the Kennebec 
and Sebaslicook Rivers. It has since been divided into the towns 
of Winslow, Clinton, and Benton. Here he married a wife, and 
here was his home for the remainder of his long life. He died 
without issue in 1839, aged xixety-foob. 

Sept. 25, 178<). Wilfiam Richardson, of Winslow, yeoman [no 
wife mentioned^, soltl to Hezekiah Stratton, of Winslow, about 
fifty acres in Wiuslow, bounded northerly on Sebasticook ps^^**- 
[Lincoln Deeds, xvi. 218.] 

Aug. 8, 1791. TTilliam Richardson, of TVlnslow, gentl 
and his wife Hannah, she as executrix of her former husl .: ' . 
estate, sold some of the real estate of the former husbat '. 
Winslow, to Samuel and William Howard. [Lincoln I 
xxxiv. 114.] 

They sold another portion of said estate, June 18, 1792. [Lin- 
coin Deeds, XXX. 143. J 

In one deed Winslow is called No. 4. 
. In 1785, he owned 247 acres and 40 poles of land, situated be- 
tween Muscongus and Round Pont], in the east part of Bristol, 
Me., as shown on a plan pre«erved in the Lincoln County Regis- 
try of Deeds, xxix. 266. 

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Abbl RiCHARDSosr* (IPtffiaw,* Nathaniel^ Thomas^* Thorn-' 
a#*), brother of the preceding, and third son of Willmm* and 
Mary (Hobart) Richardson, of To\rnsend ; bom there, April 1^ 
1751 ; married, March 6, 1738, TABiTnjL Be^tnet, bom, 1756, in 
HoUis, TS.TSL. 

They lived in Ashby ever after their marriage, and died there. 
The husband died Dec. 7, 1843. The wife Tabitha died March 
14, 1889. 

Their ctuUiBip^were : 

65a9. MArr,* b. Jan. 28, 1784: d. April 6, 17M. 

+5570. Abel,* b. March 5, 1TS6;* m. Martha Lawrence. 

557L Ehoda,'' b. Jul? \ 17SS: m. Philip Piper. He died in Aahby, 
1853. 5be died in Winchester, Mass., Sept 14, 1374, aged 80. 

.-{-5572. William. « b. Jtme 27. 1701 ; ra. Rebecca Lawrence. 

-I-5578. IsoeU*^ b. Sept 14. 1708; m. Sarah Hajnes. 

5574. Mary/ b* Oct 7, 1707; nnm.; d. in Ashby. June 14, 1821. 

5575. i:mma,^b. Aug". 24, 1800; m. Jacob Wilkes, of Asbbomham, 

^[338. Eo cued XoT. 17, 1862, aged d4. She was liring in 



JosiAH RxcHARDSOX,* EsQ. ( WUKftm^^ Nathaniel^* Thoma$^* 
Thomm ^), brother of tiie precedinir ; born in Townsend, A'ag. 
10, 1753 ; married, first, Abigail Dix, of Townsend, Dec. 10, 
1781 ; second, Scsax^ta Wallis, of Townsend, Ang. 19, 1784. 

He spent hit life in his native town of Townsend, where he was 
a leading man, justice of the peace, selectman, and town clerk. 

His will, dated Sept. 24, 1822, mentions wife Susanna, and chil- 
dren William and Abigail, then unmarried. 

ESs chSdren v/ere : 


Josiah,^ b. 178- ; m. Betsey . lie was a physician in Pep- 

e^rell; but died intestate at his father's house in Townsend, 
arch 18, 1817, leaTing a widow Betsey. 
William,* m. Lucy — — ; he lived in Townsend, was a promi- 
nent man there; and died there in 1820, leaving a widow 
Lucy, and one child also named: 
5678. Licey.' 
5579L Abigail^ 



AxDBEW RicHABDSoy,* EsQ. ( WilHomx^^ NaUianiely^ Thomas^^ 
Thamas^)^ brother of the precedin.q, and youngest son of William- 
and Mary (Hobart) Richardson ; born in Townsend, Ma&i., Aug^ 
25, 1760; married, in 1781, Haxxah Gbajtt, of Marsh Bay, 
Frankfort, Me. 

He and his three older brothers, Israel, Abel, and Josiah, all 
left their pleasant home iu Townsend, on the Lexington alarm, 

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Aprils lT75y and joined the patriot army at Cambridge. Andrew 
was but fifteen years old. All four vera in the batue of Bunker 
nUly Jane 17, 1775. As heretofore noticed, Israel never returned. 
He was in the army of Washington on Lonff Island, and died Au- 
gust 29, 1776, either from vonuds received in the battle of the 
§7th, or from the effects of the severe rain-storm which immedi- 
ately followed. 

After two years of service in the army, Andrew went down 
into the District of Maine, and joined his eldest brother William 
in the Hancock Plantation. In that place, afterwards the town 
of Winslow, and the part finally the town of Clinton, he became 
a leading citizen. He was the hrst captain of militia in the town ; 
was elected selectman year after year; and represented the town 
in the Creneral Court at Boston in the years 1809 and 1810. 

June 80, 1786. Andrew Richardson, of Hancock Plantation, 
veoman, bought of Silas Barron, c/tlffHi Hfencock, a certain lot of 
land on the east side of Sebasticook Hiver, and at the west end of 
the north line of lot No. 4, above the town of WinsIow. [Lincoln 
Deeds, zx. 184.] 

Clinton, however, is mostly on the west side of Sebasticook. 

He died in Clinton, Me., Jan. 10, 1818, aged 58. Hannah, his 
wife, died in January, 1811 . 

Their children were : 

Wniiam,* b. Dec. 8, 1782; m. Hannah WHson, 1808. 

IsraeU«b. Feb. 11, 1734; m. Sarah P. Wells, 1817. 

£phraim,< b. ^arch 11. 1730; m. Nancy Grant, 1313. 

Andrew,« b. 17i53; d. 1702. 

Hannah,* b. Oct 3, 17dQ; m. her cousin, Andrew Grant, about 

1314. She had seven children; died 1844. Their daughter : 
0685. TMna Heald (Grant), m. Otis Crosby; both are linng in 
Boston, 1373. 
Hobart* b. April 22, 1792; m. first, Louisa Wood; second, Sarah 

N. Tobey; third. 3Iary I^T. Femald. 
Andrew,* b. April 0, 17M; m. Lois Beed, 1819. 
Samuel,* b. Oct. 25. 1700; unm. 
Mary Uobart,* b. Xacch 14, 1790; m. NatbanUl ^Tason, 1380. 

They live in China, 3Ie.. and hare three children. 



5500. Grant,* b. about 1$*>4; d. In childliood. 
AH of this family, except Mary, settled in Clinton or Benton. 


Hezkeiah RiCHASDSOx' {Baukiah^^ Nathaniel^* Thomasy^ 
Thom<u ^), eldest son of Hezckiah * and Elizabeth (Walker) 
Richardson, of Townseml, Marts. ; bom there, July 20, 1741 ; 
married, Sept. 11, 1766, Elizabetq Howb, born Aug. 30, 1742, 
daughter of David and 3Iary Howe, of Wobum; married by 
Rev. Josiab Sherman, of Woburn. 

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They lived on the old homestead of his fother in Townsend ; 
the old honse is still standing, one hundred and thirty years old. 

Their children were : 

Elizabeth,* b. Ans^. SI, 1707; unm. ; d. June 12, 1845, aged 78. 
Marj,« b. Dec 30, 176S; d. Jan. 24. 1709. 
3£ary,^ b. Dec. ^, 1769; unm. ; d. March 21, 1833, aged SS. 
Zaccbeus,* b. Jan. 21, 1771; m. Mary Ball. 
Hezekiali,* b. 177- ; m. Betsey (La\n«nce) FarwelL 

Achsah,* d. early. 

David.* He was of Fitohburg. 
■ Esther.* 

. 5503. 









Liscrr. Jacob Rzchjlbdsox* (JSezekiahj* Nathmiiel^ Thontaa.' 
Thomas *), brother of the precedinc: ; bom in Townsend, 3Iass., 
Dec. 18, 1742; married, 31ay 19, 1766, Sakar Brot^t, bom July 
28t 1742, daughter of Josiah Brown, of Billerica. The town 
record says, 1767, which is a manifest error. They were married 
by Rev. Menrr Cummings, of Billerica. 

He was a blacksmith and fiirmer. He lived in Billerica after 
marriage until 1S05 ; afterwards at Lyndeboroagh, N. H., till his 
death m 1817. 

The General Court of Massachusetts having passed a resoire, 
Sept, 22, 1777, to reinforce the northern army, a company of sol- 
diers marched from Billerica, having Edward Farmer as captain, 
and our Jacob Richardson as Lieutenant. Their service extended 
from Sept* 29, to Xov. 8, 1777, forty-one days. This company 
formed a part of the regiment of Col. Page, and assisted in the 
capture of Burgoyne. [Mass. Archives.] 

He died at Lyndeborough, N. H., Sept. 5, 1817, in his seventy- 
fifth year. His widow Sarah died March 1, 1825, aged eighty- 

His will is dated Aug. 23, 1817 ; proved Oct. 30, 1817 ; recorded 
EQllsborough Prob. Records, xxvi. 234. HLs eldest daugliter 
Sarah is to be supported during her natural life ; his eldest son 
Jacob is to be executor of the will; and five other children are 
m^itioned, to wit, Josiah B., Timothy, John, William, and Anna 


The children of Jacob and Sarah Richardson were : 

5802. Sarah,* b. Jan. 15, 1787,-* unm.; d. in Billerica. 
Jacob,* b^Auiif. 10, 17G9: m. ::>arah Lewis. 
Elizabeth,' b. Oct. 11, 1771; d. Feb. 29. 1770. 
Josiah Brown,* \ twins bom I m. ilary Wyman. 
Timothv* J Oct 1, 177C; f m. Juditli Reynolds. 

JoUn,'^ B. June 15, 1776 ; m. Lyclia Juhnson. 
William,*' b. Au^. &), 177.S: m. IMiebe Batchelder. 
Elizabeth.'* b. >"o7. 22. 17S0; unm. 
EUjah/' b. July 5, ITc^:); d. April 20, 1784. 
Julia,** b. Au^. 25, 175^7; una.; d. June 22, 1802. 
Anna,* b. Auc^. I'J, 178^5; m. Joseph Jones. 

*Town Kconl baa 17G8, which is wrong. 

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Abuah Ricrardsox,* Esq. (Hexekiahj^ Ndthanid^^ Thomas^* 
Thomas ^)^ brother of the preceding, nnd fifth son of Hezekiah^ 
and Elizabeth (Walker) Ricbanlson ; born in Townsend, Mastf^ 
Feb. 22, 1749,* marrried, first, about 1770, LnmrGSTOx; sec- 
ond, Emacc Thompsox, bom in Bmnswick, 3Ie., Oct. 16, 1747. 
After niiirriacre, he lived a while in TTestford, 3[ass. 

After the ttevolutionarr war, he, with bis family of eight chil- 
dren, removed to Litchfield, then in the County o^ Liucoln, now 
in the County of Kennebec, Maine. His three youngest brothers, 
Joel, Joshua, and Simeon, went to Maine about the same time. 
He lived near the village of Litchfield Comer until his death, 
neaiiy forty years after. He was a farmer and a working mason. 
He was a prominent man in the town ; was a justice of the peace, 
and represented the town in the Legislature of Massachusetts one 
or more terms. 

He became surety for two traders in the place, and thus lost 
much of his property. In 1S23, after his death, his estate was de« 
dared insolvent. ($ne of the largest creditors was his son Jesse 
Richardson. The estate was sold' in 1824, reserving sixteen acres 
for the widow's dower. [Lincoln Prob. Records, xsv. 148, 429, 
438, 470.] 

He died in Litchfield, 3Iarch Id, 1822, aged 78. His youngest 
son, Cornelius, was appointed administrator of his estate, Aug. 26 
1822. [Lincoln Prob. Records, xxi. 361.1 

His widow Eunice died in Litchfield, Nov. 12, 1841. 

His children were. 

By first wife : 

5613. Amos,*b. ITT-; nu Sarah «— >. He was a farmer. He llred 
some years in Litchfield: sold land in lSi)2 to James Ham, of 
Both. In 1S03, he bought of Abijah Richardson, Esq. [his 
father], one hundred acres in Litcliiield, bounded in part on 
land of said Abijah and Jesse Richardson [his brother]. 
[Lincoln Deeds, lii. 240.] Discoura^d by the cold and back- 
ward season of 1816, he removed to Ohio, as many others dicL 

9614i Jesse.* b. 177-. Xeithier his wife's name, nor the names of his 
children, have been reported to us. He lived in Litchfield, 
^e,; was a farmer, and a very smart, capable man: *' coold 
turn his hand to almost anything: was a Jack at all trades, 
andffoodatall;" wns captain of a militaiy company, and 
much respected. He acquired considerable property, and 
was one of the largest creditors of hu father's estate in lS2a. 
He Jiad a dauijhtcr who manied a Wilson, and their dau<;licer 
married Rev. Luther Ktchardson. who lived a wliUe in vVar- 
wick, and afterwards in Massachusetts. 

6616. Lois,* m. Levi Robinson, of Litcuiieid, Me. She was a school 
+6616. Abijah,* b. May 7, 17T5; m. Rebecca Malcolm. 

* Another secoont says, born Match IS, 1749. 

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By secoad wife, Eunice: 


8A17* Eiinicet* m* <^~ THiislow ; the was a school teacher ; d. in Bath» 

5018w Hannah Smith,* nnm.; was a teacher; and daring in the man- 
agement of a horse. 

6619* Phineas,* b. about 1780; m. and settled in Seiw Brunswick. 
When a 3roung man he had the measles badlr, and was broken 
out with it He took a sudden cold, ana fell asleep ; was 
asleep, it is said, three dajs and three nights. He was a ship 
carpenter; is not now livmg:, 1S74. 
+58S0. Comcdius Thompson,* b. Jan. a, 1792 ; m. Sarah BoUins Lovejoy. 


Eb£NEZ£R Richabosox* (Bezekiah,* yathaniel^* Thomas^^ 
Thomas ^\ brother of the preceding, and sixth son of Hezekiah 
and Elizaoeth Richardson ; bom in Townsend, Mass., Xov. 25, 
1751; married, first, Cjlthabixe (Tl'fxs) Wymax, Dec. 12, 1776. 
She died before 1780, or perhaps early in that year. Second, 
JsansajL Dodge, 1789, daughter of Zechariah Dodge, of Edge- 

In the ReTolntionary war he was in the military service of his 
eoantry three years. He was at the surrender of Comwallis, 
October, 1781. 

After the war, he went down to Maine, as did his brothers, 
Abijah, Joel, Joshua, and Simeon, and settled on what was 
known as ^ the million acre lot,'' which, we belioTe, was situated 
on both sides of the Kennebec River in 3Iaine. We find him in 
the plantation, afterwards town, of Canaan, near Norridgewock, 
in 1785, as witness the following: 

Sept. 21, 1785. Ebenezer Kichardson, of the plantation of 
Canaan, in the Connty of Lincoln, yeoman, sold to Seth Wyman, 
of said plantation, about two and one-half acres in Canaan, afore- 
said. [Lincoln Deeds, xxi. 63.1 

Lincoln Connty then inducted the whole of the counties of 
Eennebec and Somerset up to the Canada line. Canaan then in- 
clnded Skowhegan. Seth Wyman may have been his wife's 

March 21, 1789. Ebenezer Richardson conveys to Amasa 
Steward, of Canaan, about one hundred acres of land in Canaan. 
As no wife joins in the conveyance, the tmnster must have been 
made between the first and second marriage. [Lincoln Deeds, 
xzzvi. 88.] 

It ia tolerably clear that Ebenezer Richardson lived on the 
west side of the Kennebec River, in the present territory of 
Skowhegan. There are people now in tliat town of the names 
of Steward and Wyman. 

I have no accotmt of wife or children. 


Joel Ricrabdsox* {ITtzMahj^ Nathaniel* Thomas,* Thom^ 
CM^), brother of the preceding; born in Townsend, Mass., June 
22, 1758. 

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He was a soldier three years in the war of the Revolution. 
After the war, he settled in Litchfield, Me^ near his brother Abi- 
jah, and died there. He was a fanner. At one time he lived in 

Further information is lacking. 


Josaux RicHASOSOX* {Hezekiah^^ NcUhanid^ Thomas^* 
Z7loi9ia«^), brother of tlie preceding; born in Townsend, Mass., 
Dea 20, 1759. 

Like his brQthers, Ebenezer and Joel, he served three years in 
the armies of his country, during the war of onr Independence. 

After the war, he went to Maine, and settled in Litchfield, 
where his brothers Abijah and Joel also settled, and not far from 
the same time. After a residence there of thirty year^ moro or 
less, he removed to Ohio, as many did, after an exceedingly cold 
and unproductive season, that of 1816, when it was said there 
was frost every month in the year. 

Ho had two sons, grown to manhood, whom he left behind, to 
wit: / 

4-M2L Jcshaa»* b. ^arch, 1706; m. Deborah Fales. 
5022. Hezddah.'* He lived and died in Mexico, in the county of Ox- 
ford, Me. He has a son : 
5(l28b Itaae,' who lives in Chelsea, near Boston, May, 1874, and a 
daughter, the wife of — - Butler, in Chelsea. 


SiHEO^r IiiCHABDS03r* (S€Z€kiah^* Jfaihanielj^ ThomoMf^ 
ThomaB ^), brother of the preceding, and youngest son of Heze- 
kiah^and Elizabeth (Walker) Richardson; bom in Townsend, 
May 4, 1763. 

It is said that he was a Revolutionary soldier. To be more 
definite, it is stated be performed 'military service in the 
Rhode Island campaign, August, 1778. If so, it is remarkable, 
as he was then but little more than fifteen years old. This is 
considerably under the military age, and he could not then have 
been compelled to do militarv duty. 

About 1790, he wont to Slaine, as four of his brothers had 
done, and made his home in Solon, on the Kennebec River, a few 
miles above Norridgewock. He died there. The name of his 
wife has not been reported. 

His children wore : 



Simeon,* lived and died in Madison, an adjoining town. 

PoUy,* unmarried 
Lucy,* unmarried. 
Bhoda,* unmarried. 
Two other daughters, unmarried. 

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567.. — 

EBsarxzxB Richaedsost* {EUnexerf^ Nixthanid,* Thamas^^ 
TTbmcw^), son of Ebenezer^ and Elizabeth (Shed) Richardson, 
of Billerica; bora there, Feb. 25, 1754; married, first, Rebecca 
Walkbb, of Billerica, April 25, 1776. She died May 17, 17S2. 
Second, Susaxxa Titfts, of Medford, April 24, 1783. la both 
oases, married bj Rer. Henry Cammings, D. D^ minister a£ Bil* 
lerica from 1763 to 1S13, fifty ^ears.* 

They spent their lives in Billeriea. He died, intestate, 1818. 
Administration on his estate was decreed to the widow Susanna, 

Bis children were. 

By first wi&, Rebecca : 

8629. Joel,« b. Jan. 17, 1777. 
Sesa Bebecca,* b. Sept 18, 17»8. 
6681. Nathaniel/ b. April 27, 178L 

By second wife, Sosanna : 

6632. Isaac/b. July 18, 1736. 

5688. SosanQa,^ b. Slay 21, 1757. 

668^ Luc j,« b. March 28, 1730. 

6635. Martha.* b. Feb. 2, 1791. 

5636. Mar7,« b. March 2, 1792. 

5687* £leanor,* b. Sept 11, liM. 


Asa Richabdsox* {Ebenezer^^ Nathaniel^* Thomas^* Thomas ^), 
brother of the precedinsr, and son of Ebenczer and Elisabeth 
(Shed) lUchardson, of Bulcrict; bom there, Feb. 1^ 1760; mar- 
ried Sajellh Ttttts, of Medford, May 23, 1781. 

He spent his life in Billerica. He died there, June 28, 1813, 
or 1828, for the figures of the record are obscure. The widow 
Sarah died in Billerica, Oct 13, 1^35. 

Their children were : 

+5638. Asa,* b. March 5, 17S2: m. Elizabeth Bird. 
^ 5689. Sarah,* b. Dec. 22, 17S^ 
1/^+5640. Francis.*) twins^ bora \ m. Martha Richardson. ^i^ 

+5641. Josiah,* J Dec. 0, 17S7; ( m. Martha Cl^/X'uXcMnZli 

5642. William,* b. Feb. 24. 17»); m. Sarah :'R% Uved in BiUcri- 

oa; was a trader, inoJceeper, and proprietor of atafi^ coaches ; 

became inTOlyed in money matters, failed, and committed 

suicide in 1826. >-.» r:/ 

+5648. Darid,* b. Feb. 10, 1702; m. Eliza Kingsbury. > -* - 

+5644. Joseph,* b. "Sor. 8, 1704; m. Lucy Cumminj^. C--^-' "^\": i\. 

5645. Margaret Tufts,* b. June 28. 1705 ;-«iaa. ; d. Feb. 7, 1887^^ « >. . . ^ 

+5646. George,* b. June IS, I7v7; m. Asenatk Cummin^s. ^ '; '-• ^ '. j 

5647. Lucretia,* b. May 0, 1709; uom.; d. Jan. 20, 1688. ^ V : . . , 

5648. Samuel,* b. Deo. 5, lSCi2; d. Sept. 18, 1610. . ' - • 

* In the notice of his father, Efien«ser RichanLion,^ pajre 331, xr% hare j^iren 
him only lire wires, the fifth beiDs; Elizabeth Bai:on, of Betlford, married May 
21, 1783, when ha was in bis 9izty-ii»t year. The compiler is now ossured, ou 
good authority, and by a relntire, who mtut know, that he afterwanis mar- 
ried two mom wives from Bedford, making «eveii t a aU. Beat this who can. 


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Thoicas Rickjledsost* (Jonathan^* Jonathan^* Thomas^ 
Thomas ^), son of Jonathan * and Abicrail (Farmer) Richardsont 
of Billerica; bom there, Sept. 3, 174t[ ' "* * '" 

BALL, of Btllerica, Dec. 3, li72; marrie 
mines, minister of Btllerica. 

Ue was an innkeeper at Billerica Comer. 

married Juditb 
married by Rev. Henry 


Their children, all bom in Billerica, irere : 

6640. Judith.* b. April 12, 1774. 

5B5a Abigail b. April JS. irro. 

S651. Hannah,* b. Sept. '20. 1778. 

9652. Polly,* b. June 4, 17S1. 

56S8. Sarah,* b. Oct. 26. 1783. 

56M. Reaben CendaU,* b. July SO, 1737. 

5655. Lydia,* b. Dec. a, 173S. 

5656. Anna,* b. Feb. 3,1701. 

5657. Betsey,* b. Jan. 21. 170ft. 

-1-5658. Thomas,* b. Aug. 3U 1700; m. Olivia Alger, of Sooth Boston. 
Eight daughters and two sons. • 


Ebxxezea Ricbasdsox* (ThomaSf* Jonathan^* Thomas^* 
Thomas ^), son of Thomas ^ and Abigail (Merrow) Richardson, 
of Reading; bora there, April 14, 1754; married, tfan. 15, 1777, 
Sarah Parkkr, daugliter of Jonathan and Sarah Parker. 

He lived in Reading, I suppose, in Lowell Street, near the Til- 
lage, the previoas residence of his father, but about 1790 re- 
moved to xTew Ipswich, X. H., where he owned and cultivated a 

His wQl is dated July 7, 1823 ; proved April 17, 1827 ; record- 
ed Hillsborough Prob. Kec, xzxv. 385. By the will, wife Sarah 
Richardson was to hare the east half of' the house; daughter 
Lucy to have the use of the east .chamber, etc., until married; 
Thomas to have ail the estate, personal as well as reaL 

The children were : 



Sarah,* b. Nov. 3, 17^; m. Eliphalet Bailey. 
Lucy,* b. Aug. 10, 1782; unm. at the date of 

Jonathan,* b. July 28, 1784. 
Ebenezer,* b. Nov. 6, 1788. 

her father's will, 

Bom in New Ipswich : 
5663. Thomas.* 

Two grandchildren of the testator are mentioned in tiie will, both 
under twenty-one : 

5664. WmiamJ 

5665. HenryJ 

Thomas Richardson was one of the executors, but declined the 
tmst He was probably son of AbieL* 

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AsiEt RiCHABDSOjr* (Aditlj* Jonathan,* Thoma9,^ Thomaa^'), 
son of AbieP and Sarah (Smith) Richardson, of Pepperell, 
Mass.; bom in TVestford, 174- ; married, but his teitVs name to 
the compiler is unknown. 

We know little more about him tlian that he was the father of 
the children whose names follow. It is almost certain, however, 
that he lived in RoyaUton, Mass^ in the north-west angle of 
Worcester County. 

+5606. Abiel,* b. about 1770; m. Rebecca Chase. 

5667. Isaac,* b. 177-: m. «^~ Towne* 

9668. Lot* 

566«. Timothy.* 


Thoicas Richardso:?* {Ahidj^ Jonathan^ Thomas,^ Thcma$^)^ 
brother of the preceding; bom in Westford, Jan. S, 1751; mar* 
ried Abigail . 

They lived in Dunstable and in Temple, N. H. He died in 
Temple, 1786, aged So. His will is dated Temple, N. H.^ April 
6, 1786 ; proved'"3Iay 4, 1786 ; recorded Hillsborough Prob. Rec, 
L 479. The inventory was presented by the widow Abicail, who 
was the executrix, Oct. 2, 1786. It exhibited one hundred and 
fifty acres of land and buildings thereon, appraised at £250; per- 
sonal estate, £53. 7. 6. Oliver Taylor, husband of the elaest 
daughter, Abigail, was appointed, 'Jan. 18, 1796, guardian of 
Thomas and Abiel Richardson, minor sons of the deceased. 
[Hillsborough Prob. Rec, vi. 435.] 

The children of Thomas and Abigail Richardson were : 

567a AbigaU.'' b. June 14, 1775: tn. Oliver Taylor, of Dunstable, Dec. 
^, 17W. 

5671. Anna,* b. Auz. 22, 1777. 

5672. Sarah,* b. July 8, 1779.— - 

5673. Thomas,* b. May 4, 1731. 

5674. Abiel,* b. May jl, 1733; m. Bboda Parkhurst, of Dunstable, 

March 12. 1S05. He was then living at Dunstable. 

5675. Edith,* b. Jan. S, 1736; m. LeVi Daldn, of Dunstable, Dec 26, 



Bexja^ict Richabdsox* {Benjamin,^ Nathaniel^ ITathanid^ 
7%oma« ^), eldest son of Benjamin * and Judith (Wyman) Rich- 
ardson; bom in Wobum, May 10, 1730; married, Au^. 16, 1759, 
Rebecca (Richaedsox) Wtmax [1795], born in Wobum, in the 
part which is now Winchester, Sept. 29, 1729, daughter of Dan- 
iel Richardson [15961 and widow of Jesse Wyman, who died 
Nor. 2, 1754. ^ 

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He lived ia Wobiirn ; owned land in Stoneham, near Medford 
liney 1734. Hie father, Benjamin/ haying died 1782, nearly 
dghtjr years of a^ oar Benjamin* and his son Benjamin* were 
appointed to administer the estate of the deceased, 1782. . 

Me was drowned Sept 5, 1786. His widow Rebecca died 
April 20, 1812, aged 82. 

Their children, bom in Wobum, were : 

+5676. Benjamin,* b. March 4, 1760; m. Mary Cutter, Feb. 16, 17S3. 
5677. Judith,* b. Feb. 17, 1764; nnm. ; d. in V " 

I Wobum, June 4, 1S05. 


Capt. Isbaei. Richabosox* (^Isradj^ NcUhanidy^ NixthaniO^^ 
Thoma9% son of Israel Richardson,^ of Brookiieid, Mass.; bom 
theror Jan. 2-4, 1736; married, 1759, Susanna Foabush, bom in 
Hardwick, Aue. 1-4, 1735. 

Though his birth is recorded in Brookfield, it is next to certain 
that he was born in what is now Spencer, which was the second 
precinct of Brookfield till April 3, 1753, when it was incorporated 
as a town. The military returns desciibe him as of Spencer in 
1756^ when he served as a private in the campaign of that year. 
He was taxed in Templeton in 1763, but only for a poll. 

After maiTiage they lived in New Salem, a town near Hard* 
wick, till 1781. His grandson, Chauncey Richardson, assures me 
that he was a captain in the Continental army, which, I think, 
must mean that he commanded a company of militia called out 
to resist the invasion of Burgoyne in 1777, which appears to have 
been the fact. I am told, however, that he was in the battle of 
White Plains, Oct. 28, 1776, and in the battle of Monmouth, 
Jnne 28, 1778, when, as I understand, none but the enlisted Con- 
tinental troops were present 

In the snmmer of 1781,. having sold his property, in New 
Salem, he removed, with his wife and three sons, then constitut- 
ing his entire family, to Woodstock, Yt. He bought six hundred 
acres of land where that beautiful village now stands. He gave 
to the County of Windsor a plot of land snfScient to set the 
conrt house on and land for the common, and built two large 
houses for inns and places of refreshment for the courts and the 

His occupation, besides the care of a fiirm, was that of a black- 
smith and gunsmith. He was also the first trader in the villagei 
and was probably in his day the most wealthy man in Woodstock. 

He died May 8, 1800, aged 04. His wife died Sept 1, 1806, 

Their children, all bom in New Salem, were : 

-f-SeTS. IsrseL* b. ^ov. 14, 1759; m. Hannah Kellogg. 

-j-6670. Jason.* b. Feb. 21, 1761 ; m. ^lary Powers. 

-H080. LjRander,^ b. March ;)0, 11(^1; m. Lois Ransom. 

5C81. Seth,« b. Jan. ao, 1711;; d. Sept 9, 1777. 

6682. Xoah,« b. Dec, 11, 1700; d. Aug. 23, 1777. 

5083. Susanna,* b. Aug. 30, 170S; d. Aug. 9, 1770. 

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Major Ja^es Richardson* (Jam€8^^ Jamesj* Xathanitl^ 
Thanias^^^ eldest son of James ^ nml Sarah ^ (Fowle) Richardson; 
bom in Woburn, Dec 25, 1729; married, Feb. 12, 174&-50, HA^-. 
STAH R££D, bom Jan. 2S, 1728--9, daughter of Daniel and Mary 
(Couvers) Reed, of TTobura. 

Mary Convers,* her mother, bora Jan. 12, 1701-2, was a daugh- 
ter of Capt. Jostah * and Ruth (Marshall) Convers. Capt. Josiah * 
was a son of Dea. Josiah,- who was the eldest son of Dea. £i>- 
WASO CoxTERs,* one of the tbunders of Wobura, 1641. It was, 
therefore, a hishlv respectable, indeed eminent family. 

Daniel Reed, father of our Mrs. Richardson, bom* Oct. 1, 1700, 
was son of Daniel, who was sou of Ralph, born in England, but 
brought to this country in 163d, when five vears old, by his par- 
ents,'WilUam and Mabel Reed. [SewalFs Sist. of Wobura.] 

James Richardson, after marriage, spent three or four years in 
bis native Wobura, and then removed to Leominster, a new town, 
incorporated June 23d, equivalent to July 4, 1740. Uis father 
went there six years previously. He soon rose to distinction 
there. He commanded a military company, 1756, in the expedi- 
tion against Crown Point. He was selectman, 1763, 1764, 1766, 
and 1771; snr\-eyor of highways, 1764 and 176S; constable, 1765 ; 
assessor, 1766; and one of a committee chosen, 1767, to divide 
the town into three parts for the purpose of schooling. We find 
him called captain in 1768, and major, 1772. 

He was administrator of his lather's estate; sworn as such 
April 7, 1763. 

Me was a wealthy and public-spirited man. He was a man of 
business on a lai^e scale, for that region, and for those times. 
He was engaged in the mannfucture of potash, and made money 
by it. He kept a country store opposite to his house. H£s 
house was a most spacious and elegant mansion. It was built by 
a Mr. Leland ; it is the ^ Old Leland Place." It is still standing, 
and in good repair, though considerably over one hundred years 
old. It is well known as the ^ Old Abbey." There are two rows- 
of beautiful elm trees, one on each side of the road, set out by 
Major James Richardson. 

He bought a mill and mill-privilege, on the Nashua River, with 
the land adjacent, which, once belonged to Ebenezer Wilder, and 
afterwards to Jonathan Wilson. He rebuilt the mill with a new 
dam ; but failing in business, the property passed into the hands 
of some of his creditors in Boston, particularly one of the name 
of Hubbard. Since 1843, the mill has been an appendage of the 
paper-mill of Edward Crehore. ["Wllder's Hist, of Leominster.] 

Becoming insolvent, he returned to Wobum, and died there. 
[Midd. Prob. Records.] His wife Hannah survived him. 


EQs children were. 

Bom in Wobum : 

Hannah,^ b. March 3, 17iX>-l ; d. young. 
James,^ b. Nov. 23, 1753; d. young. 

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Born ia Leominster: 

James,* b. Jan. 13, 1735: m. Lucy Wvman. 

Hannah,* b. Sept 19. 1757; m. — • Reed; liring in ITSl. 

Joseok/b Aufi^. 1, 1730; m. L3rdia . His tax ^ras abated, 

17te. ffis wife Lydia died in Leominster, Ang. 14, 1S30» 

aged 00. 
Salmon/ b, Jan. 30, 1761 ; m. Lucy CendalL 
Catharine,* b. Jan. 14, 1763; m. David Wilder. 

£lUha (Wilder). 
Dorothy,* b. May 23. 1764; m. John Barker, of Stoddard, y. H. 
Esther,* b. Harch 9, 1767: living, 1784. but not then married. 
Rebecca,* b. April 2S, 1760; m. David Josselyn. 

They had a son: 


CoL. WttUAit RicaxRDSo^* (Jamesy* JameSy* Nitthanidy* 
ThomaB *), brother of the preceding, and second son of James * 
and Sarah (Fotrle) Richarason ; bom in Wobum, Hay 8, 1731 ; 
married, about 1754, Estuee Josldt, born March, 1729, daughter 
of John, TTbo was a son of Peter Joslio, bom 1665, one of ihe 
eorir settlers of Lancaster.* 

He went with his father's family from Woburn to Leominster 
abont 1734. He must have been bom in Woburn, though his 
birth is- recorded in Lancaster. Leominster was a part of Lancas- 
ter at that time, and was separated from it by an act of incorpora- 
tion, dated June 28, 1740. It was, about 1734, receiving frequent 
accessions of inhabitants from the towns near Boston. 

That he was a brother of 3Iajor James Richardson [5407], con- 
dnsively appears from the statement of hb nephew, Josiah,* son 
of Luke.* 

' He passed his life in Princeton, Mass., in that part which wa» 
taken from Lancaster. His children's births are recorded in Lan- 

Tlie greater part of JPrinceton was taken from Rutland. It had 
previously been known as Waehuset, because the moxmt Wachu- 
set is there. 

The Greneral Court of Massachusetts, in October, 17S9, passed 
<«an Act for erecting the East ^voig of Rutland, so called, m the 
County of Worcester, and sundry mrms contiguous thereto . . . 
into a separate District by the name of Princetown." 

Li the Act, which I have before me, the bounds and measure- 
ments are very particularly given. It is conterminous with Xar- 
raganset No. 2 fWestminster], the second precinct of Lancaster 
[Sterling], Holden, and Shrewsbury. Then is added the foUow- 

* On the 18th of Jaly. leOS, a party of Indians attacked the house of Peter 
Joslin in Lancaster, wmle he wa.'t ac trork in the field, and mttrdered his wife, 
three children, aod a wiilow Whitconib, who resided ini the famllv. He out- 
lived his fourth wife, and died ar the house of his .son John in Leominster, 
April S, 17»), asefl lU. He was the grandfather of Esther Joslin in the tezc. 

Cape John Joiiln, with a company of volunteers under Us command, was 
at the battle of Bennini^on, Au.{usc IG. 1777. His youngest brother, Thomas 
Joelin, was shot throut^h the heart at the first tire. Peter Joslin, another 
biother, was at the battle of Monmouth, Jnne 28, 1778. 

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<* And be it farther enacted, that William Richardson, Esquire, . 
be and hereby is empowered to issue his warrant to some princi- 
pal inhabitant of said District, requiring him to notify and warn 
the inhabitants of said District, qu:ilified by law to vote in town 
affairs, to meet at such time and place as shall be therein set forth 
to choose atl such officers as shall be necessary to manage the af* 
&irs of said District." 

The district thus incorporated, comprised nearly fifteen thou* 
sand acres, constituting the main part of what is now the town of 
Princeton ; was incorporated as a town April t!4, 1771. Besides 
^ the east wing of Rutland,'' it took in ^ sundry £!irms contiguous 
thereto," in Lancaster or rather in Sterling, one of which was the 
fiirm of William Richardson, who appears to have been a prime 
mover of the enterprise. It was called Princeton, to perpetuate 
the name and memory of Rev. Thomas Prince,* then colleague 
pastor of the Old South Church, Boston, and a large proprietor 
of this tract of land. His onlv surviving daughter and child 
afterwards became the wife of lion. Moses Gill, Lieut. Governor 
of Mass., under Governor -Sumner, 1797 to June, 1799, and after 
the death of Governor Sumner acting governor the remainder of 
the year. At the time of the incorporation, as a district, there 
were about thirty families in the place. [Hist, of Princeton.] 

William Richardson was a merchant and a tailor, as well as an 
agriculturist. He was a leadinsr nian and magistrate in Lancas- 
ter, as he afterwards was in Princeton. Of Lancas^tor he was 
representative ten years, between 1741 and 1761. He was sent 
to Boston to procure the incorporation of Princeton, which was 
eflfected mainly by his efforts. He was town derk of Princeton, 
1768 and 17 <4; selectman, 1774; assessor 1774; justice of the 
peace, colonel of the militia, etc. 

He was a creditor of his fiuher, at his father^s death, 1761. 

He died Dec. 30, 1814, age«l 83. His wife Esther died Oct. 18, 
1814. Both were buried in Princeton. 

His diildren were. 

Bom in Steriing, then the second precinct in Lancaster: 

SSM. Esther,* b. March 12, 1755; married, but the husband^e name is 
not known. They ** went out West;" but it is said she was 
buried in Princeton. Xo children. 

William/ b. Jan. 28, 1757; m. Allies. 

Abiffail,* b. Dec 2d, 1 758 : d. March 21, 1890, aged 72. She prob- 
ably married Jesse Harriuf^on. See below. 

Samuel,* b. June 27, 1760; m. Lucr Miriok. 

Peter,* b. July 2, 1762; d. at an advanced age. 

John,* b. April 14, 17<M; m. Hannah Lewis. 

Elizabeth,'^ b. Aug. ai. 1760. 

Josiah,* b. April jZ^ 1770; unm.; d. at the house of John Daris 
in Princeton. 




*Bfr. Prince was bom in Sandwieh, 1687; 
onUined OcL 1, 1718; died Oct. 22,1758, 

.uated, Harrard College, 1707; 

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Bom in Princeton, bat probably on the same spot: 

5702. LeTi,< b. June 11. 1772; d. at an advanced age. 
6703L Catluirine,* b. May 11, 1773; unm. ; a town pauper; d. April 27» 
Besides these children. William Richnidson, Esq., adopted as his 
son^ Jesse Harriutfton^ son of Jesse and Abigail Hanington, bom in 
Amhenti N. H^ ^or. 3, 1732. Probably son of his second damditer 


SjJtAB RxcHXKDSOX * (JameSj^ Jamesj* Nathaniel^* Thomas ^\ 
sister of the preceding, and daughter of James ^ and Sarah 
(Fowie) Richardson ; born in TVobum, Deo. 12, 1732; married 
Philip Swsstser, Aug. 14, ITod. 

They lived a while in Leominster, and removed to TTinchendon. 

Their children, all bora in Leominster, were: 
670ii Sarah (Sweetser), b. Feb. 16, 1750. Her daughter, Sarah 
Sweetser, b. in Leominster, Feb. 4, 17$3, married, at Athol, 
Xov. 20, 1S03. Hon. Solomon Strong, b. in Amheist, Mass., 
Much 2, 1780, fourth son of Hon. Simeon Strong, a laiiyer 
of great eminence in that town, 'an earnest Christian, and a 
man of uncommon worth. His son, Solomon Strong, gradu« 
ated Williams College, 1703; practiced law at Royalston, 
AthoU Westminster, and Leominster from ld25 to ISoO; was 
a senator in the State Legislature, 1812 and 1813; member of 
Congress. 1815 to 1319, and Judge of the Circuit Court of 
Common Pleas, 1813 to 1S42. He was a public-spirited man. 
He died at Leominster, Sept 16, 18.30, aged 70. She died 
ther«, Dec. 28, 1869. Their only child, Adelia, b. Feb. 28, 
1812, m. XoT. 6, 1832, at Leominster, Rev. William Matticks 
Rogers, b. in the island of Alderaev, in the English Channel, 
Sept. 10, 1806; graduated' Harvard College, 12(27; Andover 
Theological Seminary, 1830; pastor of the Central Church in 
Boston from 1841 until his death, in Dorchester, Aug. 11, 
Si05. Joseph (Sweetser), b. Aug. 25, 175T. 
• 5706. Philip (Sweetser), b. April 27, 176a 
5707. Samuel (Sweetser), b. Oct 16, 1765. 


LnoT. LirxE Richjlsdsox' (Jafnes^* James^' ITbuAanieiy* 
Thomas ^), brother of the preceding, and son of James * and 
Sarah Richardson; bora in Leominster, Aug. 15, 1734; married, 
1758, Daujlbis Carter,^ daughter of Jonathan and Damaris 
(Whitoomb) Carter, of Lancaster.! 

*The Castsb Familt. 

L Rev. Tbosias Cabter, bom in HertfonUhire, Ea^., IGIO; married ^larj 
Dalton; came to this conn cry, V'M; onlaineil Am miaUter of Wobura, Nov. 
2L lGi2\ riled Sepc 5, l*>^. His wife died March 28. 1687. 

IL Saxcel Caatcb, their !«oa, btirn Aus;. H, I'UO: srailaated Harvard Col- 
lese. 16iX»; uiarried Eunice Brooks. 1(>72; died at Groton, 1KU3. 

Til Sajtcel CASTCa, their son, bom Jan. 7, 1*176; married Dorothy Wilder, 
of Lancaster; died 1738. 

IV. SLucvEL Cahtek, their eon, bom 1703; married Jemima Houghton, Feb. 

V. JoxATBAK Caeter, their son, marrie<l Damaris Whitoomb, of Lancaster; 
Ured in Leominster; parents of Damaris Carter in the text. 

t The foUowin^f statement xras made by Josiali Richardson* [5717]. son of 
Lakeland Damaris Kicbanbon, about a year before his death, irhich took 

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HU life was spent in his native Leominster, and he was mach 
employed in public business. He was chosen deer*reove in 1764 ; 
constable, 17o6; surveyor of highway's, 1766, 1769, 1774; seiect- 
many 1774, 1775, 1776, 1777 ; one of the school committee, 1775. 
He and his brother John were on a committee to regulate prices 
—vain attempt !«->ln consequence of the depreciation of the old 
Continental currency, 1779, with other similar trusts. We first 
-find him called lieutenant in 1774. 

He died at Leominster, March 27, 1812, ased 77 years, 7 
months, and 12 days. His wife Damaris died atlLancaster, Sept. 
^8, 1812, aged 74 years, 8 months. 

Their children were : 

/*^4-570S. Damaris,* b. June 16. 1750; m. David Boutelle. 

- -5709. Sarah,* b. Nov. 10, 1T(»; m. John Buss. 

- -5710. Luke,'^ b. April 2, 1T6S; m. ReUef Fuller. 
+5711. Thomas,* b. Feb. 1, 17<Jd; m. Jane Brown. 

- 5712. Abiffail,^ b. ^ay 1.S, 17tfS; m. Thomas BuUard, of Lancaster, 

17$9. They had eleivn children. The eldest was : 
5718. Mary (Bullard), b. 1780, who m. — — Hawkes. She is now 
liring, MhtcIi, li^^ aged So. Her son. Col. Hawkes, of 
Tempieton, was an otticer in our late civil war, and re- 
turned in safety with an honorable record. Her daugh- 
5714. AbiaaU (Hawkes), m. ^— Lewis. She had eiffht or 
mne children. Four of her sons are in California, 
near together. The eldest is quite wealthy, the 
others prosperous. Mi^. Abigail BuUard died Aug. 
20, 1S4^ aged 75 years, 3 months. 


John,* b. Aug. 8, 1770: m. >ancy Low. 
Dorothy,* b. June 20, i7<5; 

m. Capt. Kufns Soughton, of Leo- 
minster. She had ten children, bhc died in childbed with 
her tenth child* Dec. 4, 1816, in Andovcr, formerly known as 
Wayne Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio. 

+5717. Josiah,* b. Feb. 18, 1777; m. Reliance Crosby. 

+5718. Sewall,* b. July Su, 1784; m. Abigail £endalL 

The members of this family hare been remarkable for longevity 
and for general worth of character. All are descended, on the moth- 
er's side, from the first minisfisr of Woburn. 

place Oct. 28, 1860. It xras addrewed to his nephew, William H. KichanUon, 
mercliant in Boston, and is now before ma, written in a clear, b<saati£til UoatL 
** When my father and mother coinmeucetl houfiekeeping, 1738, it was in the 
house with grandfather [James Ricliardson,^ one of tho early settlers of Leo- 
minster], where they contintieil to Ure The drst settlers in those ilays 

were compelled to endure sutferinss and banLsblps far beyond any tliat u-cre 
endured by the early settlers in the far We^r. They were snrrounded not 
only by the wild beasts of the wilderness l>ut by the stiU more ferofiloas sav- 
ages. At the approach of night, rliey took refuse in some gnrruton, if one 
were near; otherwise, tbev took into the house with them every deadly 
weapon, gims, aze;<, scythe-V, pirdifi^rks, clxihu. ererytidnir that couhl strike a 
morttl blow. While hoeing in the tiei^l, their bi^rdotc would souietiiues dy to the 
brow of the hill and bark loudly, wita liair bri.itle«l np. The dog undo!ib:«l- 
ly scented Indian-i in the swaiup, U*r their foot-tracks were discurered in the 
ooiu field after the corn was fit to ntssc; and in the winter, wlten our people 
went to the swamp to obtniti w<#t«i for fuel, they would find logs partly 
burned, where Indians had roasted upm. There wm a spot on the hill, us one 
goes to the swamp, where I have counted twenty or thlrry Indian corn-hills at 
a tifloe. Tonmhawks, scalpuig-kuinss, dint arrow-heaiU, stone hoes, stone 
chisels for cutting ice, and other nadve implements were found long witlun 

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Esther Ricraxdso:^ * (Jctmesy* JizmeB,* Nathanielj* Thomaa^)^ 
fister of the preceding, and daughter of James* and Sarah 
(Fowle) Richardson ; born in Leominster, about 1736 ; married, 
1762, Db. Thoicas Growixo, bom 1734* 

He came from Lynn to Leominster about 1760, and succeeded 
Dr. Jacob Peabody in medical practice in that town. He took a 
lively interest in education and in other praiseworthy objects. 
He represented the town in the legislature in 1796, 1797, and 
1798. After a careful and successful practice of about forty 
years, he died in 1800, aged 66. Mrs. Growing, his widow, died 
Feb. 7, 1812, aged 78. 

They had but one child : 

6719. Esther (Cowing), b. Sept 10, 1T7S; m. Coi teael IHchoUi, of 
Leominster. She died Jan. 1, 1S52, in her seventy-fourth year. 


brother of the preceding ; bom in Ileominster, July 18, 1741 ; 
married, Dec. 12, 1765, EtTNXCE Gbeex, bom Nov. 19, 1743, 
danp^hter of Peter and Abigail Green. 

They settled in Petersham after marriage, but removed back 
to Leominster before 1771, and passed the remainder of life there. 
He was a yeoman. He was a capable man, and like his brothers, 
mnch occupied with town affiiirs. He was surveyor of highways, 
1777 ; selectman every year irom 1778 to 1789 inclusive, except 
1780 and 1731, or ten years in the whole, and town clerk from 
. 1782 to 1791, both inclusive, ten years. 

He died at Leominster, Feb. 18, 1814, in his seventy-third year. 
His will is dated July 21, 1800; proved May 17, 1814. His wid- 
ow Eunice died in Leominster, ^arch 2, 1831, aged 87. 

mj remttmbranct. If tbose xrere not times that tried men's souls— and 
woman's aIso^I bava yet to learo what could be. 

"At that tlma tbere \ras but one school- houM in to'im; it stood neariy op* 
posite the old burring ground. Mr mother never trent to a man's school but 
one dar in her lite, and then she walked from Dea. Butters' farm to that 
•ehool-hoaae. orer roads in the wocls so bad as to make it three-fold worse 
than it would be now. When her children were old enough to attend school, 
there were four school-houses in town. 

•• In those dars, all that was thought needful for boys was to learn to read, 
jpell, write, and cypher as far as the :»iuirle rule of three, or perhaps a Uttle 
more. The j;irls must read and spelL and if tliey could write well enoui^h to 
sin their names to a deed it wait »urhcient for them. 

** Notwithstanding the expa^ure of the peonle to the effects of Indian feroci* 
tr, it b a fact that no person was ever killed in Leomiaster hj the Indians, 
"nie slileld of divine protection was thrown over the persons and property of 
the early settlers, and a blessing; rested on their Libors. They were a pious, 
pravins people. They trusted in Gi>d: they oommitte<l tlieiHselves to his care, 
ancfhe Kept them from hann. They i^uthered their families around the do- 
mestic altar morning and evening, and God kept them from serioos harm, and 
blessed them in their basket and in their store.^' 

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Their children were, 
Bom in Petersham : 

5720. Eunice,* b. Oct. 20, 1776; xn. Ephraim Lincoln, of Leominster. 

She died Jan. d, 1S12, a^ed 45. He aftercrards married her 

sUter ^axT. 
572L Alriffail.^ b. l£arch 24, 1768; m. Willard Parker, of Leominster. 

She died Aug. 5, 1S5S, aged xinett. Children : 

5722. EtellneJV^keT), m. Ilenry Perry, of Leominster. 

5723. Sarah (Parker), m. Joslin. of Jaffrey, X. H. 

5724. Abigail (Parker), m. Thomas Wilder, of Leominster. 

5725. Henry (Parker). 

5726. Francis,<< D. Jan. 26, 1770; d. Sept 6, 1S05, aged 35. 

Bom in Leooiinster: 







John,* b. Xor, 22. ITTl ; m, Sarah Tibbets, of Lisbon, Me. 
Green,* b. Sept. 27, 1TT3; U, June 9, 1775. 
Susannfu^ b. July 1*0, lTTi3; d. April 5,'lSOl, aged 25. 
Mary,* b. yo7. 2i» ITTT; ni. first, Joseph Darlin^p. of Leomin- 
ster; aecoQd, EphraiiD Lincoln, of Leominster, who had been 
the huaband of ber sister Ennice. He died Sept. 10, 1S4.0, 
aged SO. Children, aE bom in Leominster: 
5781. Cassius {DaTlingU b. 1^0; livinff in Xe\f York City, 1873. 
Joseph iumyier (Darling), b. 1;>02; living in Leominster, 

Charles Borjnton fDarlinff), b. 1805; living in Boston, 1873. 
William Au(ptitii4 (DnrlliDg), b. 1807; living in Paris, 
France, 1373. 
Martha,^ b. Nov. 29, 1779; unm. ; d. Xov. 4, 1819, aged 40. 
Betiey,^ b. April 4, 1732; nnm.; d. June 13. 1813, aged 3L 
Green,^b. Aug. 16, 17S4: m. Hannah Tibbets, of Lisbon, Mc 
sister of his brother John's wife. He followed his brother 
John to Maine when a young man and settled in Bath. Ho 
died without issue Mav 4, 1S41. 
William,' b. Oct. 26,' 17^; m. first, Harriet Leland; second, 
Haria (Ogden) Wand. 



Capt. Josijlh Richakdsox^ (Jamesj* James^* ITatAanie!^^ 
Thom(u^)f brother of the preceding; bora in Leominster, 1742; 
married, first, Rebecca Bex^a^, ol Leominster, Feb. 17, 1771 ; 
second, 1782, Abigail (Bellows) Hct^t, born Jan. 13, 1759, 
widow of Seth Hunt, a lawver of Northampton, and danehtor of 
Col. Benjamin Bellows, of \7alpole, N. H., from whom Bellows 
Falls derived its name. She was a woman of rare moral and in- 
tellectual endowments. Her mother was Mary (Hubbard) Jen- 
nison, widow of John Jennison, of Lanenburg, a brother of Ker. 
William Jennison, of Salem. 

He lived in Eeene, N. H., and was a man of influence. He- 
died there, leaving, it is believed, no children. 


Nathaniel Richardson* (Joshuay* Joshua^* Natkanul^^ 
7%omae^), eldest son of Joshua^ and Eunice (Jennison) Rich- 
ardson ; born in Wobnrn, March 20, 1742 ; married, in 3Iiddle- 

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ton, September, 1771, Ecxicx Putxa^t, bom in Danvers, March 
aj, 1751, danghter of David and Rebecca (Perley) Patnam, of 
Danven. Her father David was a brother of Gton. Israel Pat- 
nam, of Bevolationary fame. She named one of her sons for 

Nathaniel Richardson was a tanner and a merchant in Salem. 
He was indnstrious and prosperous [gravestone]. He was killed 
accidentally by a building he was assisting to remove, Jan. 25, 
1796, aged 54. His widow Eunice died at Salem, Nov. 26, 1346, 
aged 2nN£TT-siVE years, 7 months, 27 days. His remains repose 
in the Charter Street Burying Ground, Salem; those of his wid- 
ow in Harmon}** Grove Cemetery. 

Nathaniel Richardson havine died suddenly and intestate, his 
widow Eunice was appointed administratrix, with Nathaniel 
Richanlsoo for surety, giving a bond for twenty thousand dollars, 
Feb. 1, 1796. The inventorv amounted to $77,498.04. The real 
estate consbted of a dwellin^*house, tan-yard, vats and land 
thereto belonging, pew No. 25 m the East meetins-house (Dr. 
Bentley's), an undivided fourth part of a piece of land east of 
the dwelling-house of the deceased, .land south of it bought of 
the town, a large store on said land, a slaucrhter-house on said 
land, a currier's shop, etc., Inud in North f^ields, about twelve 
acres, a small house and two shops, a slaughter-house in Beverly 
and land, land in Danvers, one-half of 32 acres Great Pasture 
Rights, land on Kennebec River, 1243 acres, in common with 
Capt. William Orne. [Essex Prob. Rec, Ixv. 156.] 

Hts children were, 

Bom in Wobnm : 

-1-5730. Nathaniel,* b. Aug. 26, 1772; unm.;d. Jan. ^1818, aged 4S. 

Bom in Salem : 

-(•574a Joshua,* b. Sept 23» 1774; m. first, Eunice Lander; second, 

Ann (Hanford) Jones. 
+5741. Jesse,* b. Dec 2. 1776; m. Eunice Dodge. 
5742. £unice,«b. April 19, 1779; d. Sept. 14, 1802, a^ed 23 [grate- 
+5740. Israel,* b. Jan. 15, 17S2; unm. ;* d. in Portland, Slaich 26, U>67, 

+5744. William Putnam,* h. May 5, 17$5; m. Deborah Lang. 
5745. Betsey,* b; Dec. 24, 178S; d. Deo. 6, 17S9, aged 11 months, 13 

An unusually prosperous family. 


JosaxTA RicH.vRDSOX* (Joshua^^ Joshua^* NdthanUl^^ Thom- 
as ^), brother of the prccedins:, and second son of Joshua^ and 
Eunice Richardson ; bom in wobum, Feb. 14, 1745-6 ; married, 
July 23, 1772, Axstice CnipaiAX, baptized Xov. 17, 1754, daugh- 
ter of Capt. Samuel aud Anstice (Manning) Chipman, of Salem. 

He lived in Salem, .and died there, Feb. 22, 1774, aged 28. He 

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was a proTistoo dealer, that is, he kept beef and lamb for sale. 
His will is dateii Jan. IS, 177:1 ; proved jVIarch 7, 1774 ; recorded 
Essex Prob. Records, I. 73. la the will, he calls himself a 
^slaughterer.'* He gives to his wife Anstice one-third of all his 
personal estate, and ail the residue to his son Joshua Richardson ; 
Dnt if this son die betbre arriving at the age of twenty-one, it 
shall go to tlie eldest male heir of the testator's brother, Nathan- 
iel Richardson, who is made executor of the will. , 

The inventory of the estate, all personal, was presented to the 
Probate Court, Sept. 7, 1771, by the execntor, 2Tathaniel Rich- 
ardson, tanner. Amount, £370 1:2. 6^. 

The widow Anstice married Thomas Planning, of Salem, mari* 
ner, Oct. 23, 1777. This second husband died about 1730. 

Anstice Manning, twice a widow at the age of twenty-six, was 
many years a teacher in Salem.* 

It appears, from the will, that Joshua and Anstice had one son : 
5740. Joshna,* b. 1778; d. in infancy. 


JosiAH RiCHiJLDSosr ' (Joshua^* Jbtkitay* Niuhanid^ Thomas ^), 
hal^rother of the preceding, and son of Joshua^ and Abigail 
(Carter) Richardson; born in Wobora, April 8, 1749; married 
Ruth Bboocs, sister of John and Thomas Brooks, who were 
husbands of Josiah lUchardson's sisteis. Residence not reported. 

He died April 29, 1826, aged 77. 


5747. AUffail,«b. 1774; d. Aug. U, 18S0» aged 52. 

5748. Josaah,* m. Abi<^l Bray. 
5740. Huth/d. Sept 1^5,13-20. 
575a Seth,« b. October, nsa. 

5751. Lois,* living in Salem, 1375, maeh deranged. 
There were otheis, names not k&owm. 


Asa Rzcharosok* (Joshua,^ Joshua^* NiuAaniei^^ T'Aomas^), 
brother of the preceding; bom in Wubarn, July 19, 1757 ; mar- 
ried at West Cambridge, (now Arlio^on), Feb. 11, 1779, Jxsrs 
Wtmaw,» bom Oct. 10, 1759, eldest child of Paul Wyman,* who 
was the fifth son of David,' who was the third son of .Taco V '^ho 
was the youngest of ten children of LauT. JoH^r WTtmax,^ one of 
the original settlers of Wobura, 164L 

He was a teamster, and lived by hard work in Wobunu He 
remoyed to Charlestown after the birth of the second Jane; but 
returned to Wobura, and died there, Aug. 30, 1822, aged (57 
years. His wife Jane survived luro. 

^he had hj her second husband a son, Thomas Manning, who died April 1, 
17SS, aged 20, 

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Their children trere : 

+5752. Alford.* b. Oct 11, 1779; m. Sasan BarneTiUe. 

575a. Hannah.* 

5754. Fanny,** m. Robert Clark, of Andover. She died in 1804; she 
had one child, who lived but a few days. 

5735. Prudence,* m. in Charlestown. June 7. 1S07, John Bowers, of 
FeppereU. They had one cliild, 2{ary Jane (Bowers), who 
married Daniel C. Colesworthy, then of Portland, now of 
Chelsea. Mass., a bookseller on Comhill, Boston. 

5756L Jane,* d. at the ace of two years. 
+5757. Jane,* m. Asa CaldwelL ISIS. 

5753. Bhoda.* d. at the ace of two years. 

5759. Phebe,* nu Daniel JFoster, of Waltham. 

5760. Joshua,* d. yonn^. 

5761. Joshua.* 

The recorda of Charlestown are defectlTe. 


sbter of the preceding; bom Sept. 6, 1763; married, 1785, Josh- 
ITJL Lsxyrrx, bom in Hingham, 3Iass., Jan. 29, 1759, a son of 
Joshua and Deborah (Fearins:) Leavitt, of Hingiiain. 

They iired in Salem. He died there, Sept. 18, 1806. His wid- 
oir Eunice died there, Oct* 15, 1320, aged 57. 
» f . . 

• Their children were:. . 

5762. Joshua (Leayitt). b. July 7, 1786: d. Sept 15, 1757. 

5768.' MarshaU (Leavitt). b. Feb. 9, 17SS; d. Feb. 9, 1$07, aged 19. 

5764. . Charles (lieavitt), b. Feb. 7U791; d. Jan. 22, 1S81, aged 40. 

5765b Simon (UKivitt), b. 3(arch ^ 1702; d. Sept 15, 1798. 

5766L George (Leavitt), b. Aug. li, 1796; drowned at sea, April 12, 

1819, aged 22. 
5767. William (LeaTitt), b. April 15, ISOl; m. June 10, 1829, Maiy 

Gardner Lemon, daughter of William and ^Tary (Gardner) 

Lemon, of Salem. lU was a teacher in Salem- They had 

6768. Ifory QardMr (Leavitt), b. July 14, 1880: unmarried. 
5700. Henry (Leavitt), b. Aug. 31, 1808; lost at sea, Sept 1880, aged 27. 


Capt. Johk Richardso27 • ( (7a/« V John^* yathaniel^^ Tham- 
ae^), only son of Caleb ^ and Elizabeth (Watts) Richardson; 
bom in Roxbury, Feb. 11, 1737; married, first, 1757, before arriv- 
ing at the age of twenty-one, Rxxth Saivtell. She died Oct 1, 
17iU. Second, April 21, 1768^ Rebecca Moobe, daughter of 
Abraham and Silence Moore, of Bolton. 

On his Cither's removal from Roxbury to Bolton, which was 
not long previous to 1749, he doubtless removed \icith him* His 
£ither and his father's brothers bad an interest in a township of 
land which was known as Xarraganset Township, Xo. 6, within 
the present County of Worcester. It was one of the seven town- 
ebips granted by the legislature of Massachusetts, in 1728 and 
1732, to those soldiers, or their heirs, who had done service in 

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\- • — r^ -:, 



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the war against the Xarraganset Indiana in 1675 and 1676. As 
Nathaniel Richardson, the emndfather of these brothers, was one 
of these soldiers, the right devolved on the father and uncles of 
oar John Bichardson. Tlie land was laid out in 1785 in lots of 
iortj acres each. Joshua Bichardson, nude of John, drew one 
of these lots, but being unmarried did not go thera to settle. 
The matter lay along for many years, and nothing was done 
about settling there till about 1750, at\er the peace of Aix-la- 
chapelle. At length, after the marriage of our John Bichardson, 
it seemed best to make a decisive movement. At what precise 
time he went thither is not known ; it was probably about 1760. 
The township was incorporated as the town of Templetoo, Jlarch 
6, 1762. It then included portions of Phillipstou and Garduer. 
We find John Bichardson in 1763 taxed in Templeton. Though 
only twenty-seven years of age, he was chosen one of the select- 
men of Templeton in 1764, and his name heads the list of five. 
He was also a selectman in 1771, 1772, and 1787. He was town 
derk in 1764 and 1772. He represented the town in the Greneral 
• Court in 1776, 1777, and 1735. 

He was a man of strong mind and will, independent in judg- 
ment and action, an ardent patriot, ready to serve his country on 
every fit occasion. He had a part in the taking of Ticonderoga, 
and fought at Bunker Hill, as his descendants assure me^ 
^ The town of Templeton had a meetini;, Dec. 31, 1772, to con- 
uder the encroachments made by the British ministry on the 
rijghts and liberties of the American colonies. A committee of 
nine persons was chosen to report on the subject. Of this com- 
mittee Capt. John Bichardson was the chairman. The committee 
made a spirited report. He was also appointed, 3Iay 14, 1774, 
on a committee to report resolves respecting goods imported from 
Great Britain. Again, Oct. 10, 1779, he was chosen on a com- 
mittee to regulate prices as affected by tlie depreciation of the 
Continental currency. Thus it appears that for many years he 
was a leading man in Templeton. 

In 1785 he was administrator of the estate of his father, Caleb 
Bichardson, of Bolton. [Worcester Prob. Bee, xix. 496.] 

His uncles Joshua and James, both of Bolton, remembered him 
in the final disposition of their estates. He died Nov. 4, 1819, 
aged 82. His widow Bebecca died Dec. 30, 1332, aged 81. 

The old homestead of Capt. John Bichardson, at Templeton, 
is in excellent preservation, and is *' tenderly cherished and occu- 
pied every summer" by descendants of his daughter, 3Irs. Bebec- 
ca Brown, now residing at Springfield, 3Iass. There is a irood 
portrait of him in the possession of his granddaughter, 3[rs. Hen- 
ry A. Page, residing at Xo. 29 St. James Aveuuc, Boston. The 
&ce is strong, like the man. From this portrait the engraving 
which accompanies this notice is copied. 

The children of Capt. John Bichardson were, 

By first wife, Buth : 
-|*577a John,«b. Ma^ 17, 1753; m. Sarah Wilder. 

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By second wife, Rebecca : 

Sarah.* b. June 21. 1709; m. Aaron HalU 1788w 
Ruth,* b. Sept IS, 1770; d. An^. 30, 1774. 
Caleb,* b. Sept 21. 1772; m. Clarissa Knight, 179T. 
Joshua,* b. Aug. 17. 1774; m. Abigail Sparhawk. 
James,* b. Oct. 27, 1776: m. Adah Hinds. 
Rebecca.* b. Oct 11. 1778; m. Cirrus Brown. 
SUence,* b. Sept 2d. 1780; m. washinjirton Hotre. 
Betsey,* b. July o, 1782; m. Jonathan Shattuck. 
Achsah,* b. Aug. 9, 1784; m. JuIt 29, 1819, Dr. 
Campbell, of Putney, Vt He died December, 



died at the Oneida Community^ July 7, 1874. 
5780L Ann (Campbell), d. young. 
5781. JSmma A. (Campbell), m. William H. Woolwortfa, at Put- 

• ney, Vt She died at Oneida. If. T., in 1855. 

978SL Seien (Campbell), m. George W. Noyes, at Putney, Vt. 
+5788. Joel.* b. May 29, 1780; m. Mary Haild, of Templeton, Jan. 1, 
1815. He died at Templeton, May 20, 1800. She died March, 
+5734. Lydia,* b. Jan. 27, 1789; m. Leonard Stone. 
+5785. Jehu,* b. April 9, 1791; unnu 
+5788. Abigail,* b. Feb. 17, 1795; m. John Bigelow. 


Abigail Richabosox* (Calebs* John^ Nathaniel^ Thomai^\ 
sister of the preeedins, and daughter of Caleb * and Elizabeth 
(Watts) Richardson ; bom in Bolton, Mass., Sept. 4, 1741 ; mar* 
ried JosiAH 3IooB£, of Bolton, 3Iay 10, 1759. 

They lived in Bolton. He died Feb. -2S, 1812. She died Sept 

Their children were : 

+5737. Caleb (^Toore), b. August, 1788; m. Achsah Whitney. 

- -57S8. Henry (Moore), b. Aug. 28. 1772; m. Mary Cook. 

- -5780. Achsah (Moore), b. July 29, 1774; m. Stephen P. Gardner. 

+5790. James (Moore), b. Jan. 7, 1777: m. Hannah Fairbanks. 

5791. Elizabeth (Moore). 


Mabt Richabdsox* (CafeV JbA«,» Nathanxei^^ Thomaa^Y 
Mter of thejprecedinsr; born in Bolton, Sept. 21, 1744 ; married, 
Dec. 5, 176o, Ret. Xehemxah Pabsbb, of Hubbardston, in the 
County of Worcester, Mass. 

He was bom in Shrewsbury, 1742; graduated Harvard Col- 
lege, 1768; was ordained first pastor of Sie church in Hubbards- 
ton, June 13, 177u, and continued in the pastoral office there 
thirty-one years. He resigned his pastoral charge June 16, 1800, 
and died Aug. 20, ISOl, at the age of fifty-nine. He had respect- 
able talents, was prudent and circumspect in his deportment, and 
harmony prevaiTed during his ministry. A part of the interval 
between his marriage and his ordination was spent in Bolton ; in 
what capacity the compiler is not infonned, out probably as. a 
teacher. His widow Mary died July 4, 1829, aged 85. 

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Their children, bom in BoltSo, were : 

5702. Mary (Parker), b. July 4. 1700; m — — GroodapdecL 

5703. £lizabeth(Parker),b. March 1, 1T«;S. 

5794. Thomas Habbard (Parker), b. Mar 7, 1770. He receired hia 
name in honor of Thomas Habbard, of Boston, who was a 
large proprietor in the township of Hubbardston, and from 
whom the town was so named m 1707. 


Capt. Jossfb RiCHABDSOsr* (Philipj^ ITiomaSy* ITathanid^^ 
Thoma$ ^)9 son of Capt. Philip Hichardsou, of Boston, by his 
first wife, Catharine Bnggs ; born 1756 ; married, previoaslj to 
1784, Sabar Ha^sox, a daughter of Humphrey and Hannah 
Hanson, of Dover, N. H. 

The compiler has made very considerable effort to ascertain his 
parentage, the date and place of his birth, the residence of his 
early youth, and the facts of his life. 

lus son, John Adams Richardson, Esq., of Durham, N. H., 
whom the compiler visited for this purpose, was very positive 
that our Joseph Richardson was bom in December, 17o6, and 
was the son of Philip Richardson, of Boston, bv Esther TVebster, 
the second wife* That he was the son of l^hilip Richardson 
there can be no doubt ; but I think he was not bom in Boston, 
for in that case how could his father, in August, 1756, have com* 
nmnd of a military company raised in central Massachusetts, and 
be intimate with Timothy Kuggles, of Hard wick ? Moreover, if 
bom in December, 1756, he was hardly old enough to be a soU 
dier in May, 1775. He certainly could not be the son of Esther 
Webster, tor not she but Catharine Bri^ was the wife of Philip 
Richardson in 1756 and some years after. The story took its 
rise from the facts that his own mother died when he was quite 
young, and his second mother took good care of him, which he 
repaid by his kindness to her after the war. 

Another statement made to the com])iIer by the same authority, 
though very confidently made, is manifestly erroneous, because it 
is contradicted by our Joseph's sworn statement, now before me, 
as we shall soon see. 

These remarks are offered only to show how little reliance is 
due to fiuQDiily tradition, even when very confidently alleged, and 
not long after the date of the alleged facts, and made by persons 
of unblembhed character, without any motive or intention to de- 

Here is Joseph Richardson's own statement, made under the 
solemnity of an oath: 

"To the Justices of the Court' of Common Pleas. 
** And the said Joseph doth here depose an oath, that he served 
in the Revolutionary War as follows, viz. : 
**In the Spring of 1775, 1 enlisted in Capt. Benjamin Titcomb's 

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company/ u: the Second Xew Hampshire Re^ment, commanded 
by Colonel Poor, for the tenu of eight months, during which I 
was present at en atfhir ^vith the enemy on Charletstown Neck.t 
Immediately after tiie expiration of the term, I re-enlistcd in the 
same company and regiment, for the term of twelve months, dar- 
ing which I was present in the retreat of the American army tVom 
Canada, and was severely wounded in the arm by a party of In- 
dians. ... I was present at the capture of the Hessians at 
Trenton, in December, 1776. I was likewise present at the af- 
fair at Princeton, about th^ same time, in which my cartridge-box, 
containing my pittance of savings, was shot from ray side, and 
destroyed by a cannon bait. I afterwards enlisted in the same 
company and i-egiment, then commanded by Col. Hale, for the 
term of three years; was present at the retreat from Ticonderoga 
in 1777, and was in the engagement at Hubbardton, where I was 
wounded in the shoulder. I afterwards assisted at the capture of 
. Burgoyne in the autumn of the same year, and then marched into 
winter quarters at Valley Forge. In the year 1778, I was at 
Monmouth, and spent the season with the main army at the White 
Plains. I maTuhe<:l with M.ajor General Sullivan into the Indian 
country, and was present at the engagement with the Indians at 
Newtown. After the return of the army, I was, in the month of 
January, 1780, at Danbury, in Connecticut, honorably discharged, 
nyrterm of service having expired ; having spent nearly five years 
of the flower of my life, and having lost the service of my limits 
ui the cause of my country. Nor was it until the year 1809, that 
my duty to my family required me to apply for some remunera- 
tion for these sacrifices, when the pitifiil allowance of two dollars 
and fifty cents upon the pension-list was made me, which was re* 
garded, not ns a favor, but an inadequate compensation for a debt, 
earned with the greatest exertion and suffering. . . . Sworn 
and declared before the said court the sixth day of July, 1820. 
(Signed) Joseph Richasdson. 

Attest, A. PiEBCK, Clerk. 

Here is an addition.aI statement by Joseph Richardson : 
^ In 1776, 1 was wounded in Canada by the Indians, by having 
a ball shot through my left arm. In the retreat from Ticondero- 
ga, at the battle of Hubbardton, I received another ball through 
my left shoulder." . He then repeate what he says in the forego- 
ing statement about Winter Hill, Trenton, Monmouth, and the 

*This statemeot is utterly incon^lsteDt with the sutement made to me at 
Dnrham, viz.: that when Mrs. Esther Richanlsoa left her faiolly to accompany 
the British troops when they left Ba^rou in March, 1770, she placed her son 
Jneepb with a fanner in Oxford, Ma.4.H. If placeil at Oxford it must hare b#en 
acme Tears prerious to 1775. The first enlistmenta were for eight monthjt, 
from Mar 1, to Dee. 31, 1773. Enlistments Cor three years were not resorted 
to tm the beginnitttf of 1777. 

tHe means TTlnter Hill. The X. H. troops, nnder Stark and Beed, on the 
niffht after the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775, occupied Winter HiU, and 
were reinforceil by Poor's regiment, ^%'hich had not been engaged. They 
threw up strong intrenchnients, and threw shot from them into Boston. [Bar- 
ry's Hist, of Mass., ToL iU. 41.] 

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campaign in the Indian coantry; and adds: "I continued in the 
semco six years." 3Iore exactly, it was five years and eight 
months in the whole. Dnrinfi: the campaign against the Indians, 
1779, he was promoted by General Sulfivan to be captain of 
Another document is worthy of notice : 

•* War Department. 

" Revolutionary claim. 
*«I certify that in conformity with the Law of the United States 
of the 8th of 3Iarch, 1818, Joseph Richardson, of the county of 
Strafford, State of New Hampshire, late a private in the Army 
of the Revolution, is inscribed on the Pension*List, Roll of the 
ITew Hampshire Agency, at the Rate of Eight dollars per month, 
to commence on the second day of April, 1818. 

•* Given at the War Office of the United States, this 19th day 
of April, 1819. 

(Signed) J« C. CALHOxnr, 

Secretary of WarP 

Another statement made to me in the account furnished to me 
by the family at Durham, N. H., to wit, that Joseph Richardson 
was present at the surrender of Comwallis, in October, 1781, is 
proved to be without foundation by the foragoing interesting nar- 

After leaving the army in 1780, he settled in Dover, 23". H^ and 
married as already stated. Some time after, but previous to 1797, 
he removed to Durham, N. H., where he passed the remainder of 
hia life. Disabled for hard work, he was an innholder in Dur- 
haoL His wife had a brother Dominicus Hanson, of Dover, a 
brother Joseph Hanson, of Rochester, trader, and a sbter Eliza, 
wife of John Philips Gilraan, Esq., of Dover. These four united 
in the sale of certain parcels of land in Pepperelborousrh* now 
Saco, to Thomas Cutts, of Pepperelborough, April 16, ISoi 
[York Deeds, Ixvii. 234.] 

Understanding that hU stef)-mother, who from love to the royal 
cause, had deserted him in March, 1776, and gone off with the 
enemy, was in destitute circumstances he had her bron.<]^ht to his 
home, and carefullv nourished her during the remainder of her 
life. She died March 17, 1810, aged 83. 

He died in Durham, N. H^ Dec. 22, 1824, a^d 68, ha>ing 
borne the reputation of a true patriot, a good citizen, and a de- 
voted son. 

His children were : 

579S. Humphrey,^ b. ITS-; d. young. 

5790. Susan,* b. 17S-: m. Dr. John Greeley, of Dover. She d. in 1812. 
5797. Hannah,* m. Ebenezer Smith, of Durham, N. H. 
5708. Sanih,« b. 170- ; d. ISOtJ. 
+5790. John Adams,* b. Xov. IS, 1707; m. first, Garcia A. Rice ; second, 
Frances J. Murdock. 
5800. Fannv,* b. about IdOO; living July, 1874. 
+5801. Joseph.* h. ISO-; m. first, Caroline King; second, Caroline 

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BsxjAMnr Richabdsox* (Philipy* ThamaSy* ITathaniel^ 
Thomas ^), brother of the preceding, and son of Philip Richard- 
son/ Topeniaker, of Boston; bom, it is supposed^ in Boston, aboot 

Another statement is that his name was JoH2r, which I discredit ; 
that bis wife was Stltu. Hattees, of New Bedford; that they 
were both of New Bedford, which is likely to be true, as we know 
that Philip Richardson died when his children were young, and 
they were scattered in different places. The statement, moreover, 
is that he came to New Sharon, Xe., about 1812, which seems to 
correspond with a deed dated jlay 13, 1794, in which about one 
hundred acres of land on Sandy River were conveyed to Benja- 
min Richardson and Jonathan (JroweU, by three men in Halloweil. 
[lancoln Deeds, xxsviii. 143J 

Kew Sharon is on Sandy Kiver. The statement that his name 
was John comes from a crandson in Portland, who may have 
been in error. This grandson gives the children as follows : 

6802. John,* m. Lndnda Bonell, and lived in Abbott^ Mb, Children : 

6803. JacobJ 

680A. Simeon^' or CAarisf,^ he knows not which. 

6805. BeitfaminJ 

5808. EliphaUU 

6807. Syftia.^ 

6808. ^$anJ 
6800. XaryJ 

6610. Benlamin,* b. 1708; aL^IaiylloLsaghlin; lived in New Sharon. 
8811. HaniMonJ a bladEsmith on Federal Street, Portland, who 


gtvesthe infomation. 
6813. OUx^J 


Henxy Webster,* m. Margaret — ; lived in Xew Bedford; a 
sea faring man. 
6816. Sosan.* 
6818. Maiy.« 
8817. ThankfoL* 


Henbt Richabdsox* {PMip* Thomas f Nathanidy^ Thomas *), 
brother of the precedinsr, and son of Philip pichardson,* of Bos- 
ton; bom probably in Bostoo, about 1765. 

He is said to have been a ship*master, sailing out from New 
Bedford, and was lost at sea, with his only son. 


Lieut. Thomas Richa&dsoqc* ( Thomas^^ Phxnehasy^ Nathaniely^ 
Thomas'^) J son of Thomas* and llar>- (Gould) Richardson; bom 
in Reading, Mass., Jane 28, 1749 ; married, March 3, 1774, Phebe 
EacsRsosr, daughter of Joseph and Phebe (Upton) Emerson, of 

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He was a lientenaot ia the army of the Revolation. He lived 
in Reading, and seems to have died in 1794. 

His children, all bom in Reading, were : 

581& Phebe,* b. Jan. 16, 1775: m. Samuel Holt, Deo. 18, 1800. 

5819. Edmund,' b. Maj 18, 1778. 

582a John,* b. Maj IS, 1786; d. Sept. 4, 1810. aged 24. 

5821. James.' b. April 12, 1780; d. April IT, 178£ 

sSij^ b. Apnl »riT96r 


HxxBSST RiCHABDSOX* (Thomas^^ PMnehan^* NbLthanid^^ 
T^omo^^), brother of the preceding; bom in Reading, Oct. 15, 
1757; married, first, , who died May 13, 1780. Second, 

Oct. 11, 1785, Ltdia Pjlrseb, born 1763, dans^bter of Thomas 
Parker, of Reading. She died May 18, 1789. Third, Mast 
ITnAsc, Nov. 3, 1791. 

He was a soldier of the Revolution. He passed his life, when 
not in the army, in Readings and died Nov. 29, 1823. His wife 
Mary (or Polly, as one record has it) died in Lynnfield, May 28, 

His children were. 

By second wife, Lydia: 

Thomas,* b. July 18, 1786; d. Auff. 17. 1786. 
Thomas,* b. 2Iay 25, 1738; m. Doily Pearson. 

By third wife, Mary: 

Mary* (the record sajs PoHy), b. Aug. 7, 1702; unm.; d. Kov. 

7, I868»aged70. 
Herbert* b. Jan. 18. 1704; drowned in Andorer, 3£aroh 8, 1818, 

with his affianced bride, Charlotte Fanner, while attempt- 

*ing to cross Shawshin River, on their way to be married that 

evening, the river b«ag swollen by the meltineof snow.* . 
Hoses,* b. Oct 31, 1795; m. Ann Mansfield. They lived in 

Aaron,* b. Jan. 30, 1798; m. first, Lucy Peabody, b. Sept 27, 

1802. She died Auf. 27, 1828. Second, Sarah Brown. They 

lived in Lynnfield. Xo children. 
Susanna,* b. May 10, ISOO; m. Feh. 5, 1824, George Pearson, of 

Lynnfield, brother d Dolly Pearson, already mentioned. 
5880L Sophia,* bap. at Lynafield, Oct 14, 1S02; d. young. 





Haiotar Richasdsox* {PhxnehaSy^ PhihehaSj* yathanid^* 
Thoman ^), only daughter of Phinehas * and Hannah Richardson, 
of Wobum; bom there, Feb. 8, 1760; married Nathaxiel 
WzsTOsr, cordwainer, of Reading. 

They lived for a while in Stoncham ; removed thence to Salem, 
where some of their descendants stili reside. 

^The Boston Becorder of ^larch 17, 1818, in girini; an socounc of this sad 
affair, calls the lady Charlotte Pafacer, of Londonderry, and says that both 
w«n interred in one grare. 

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Their children were: 
5S31. William ( Wettoii)» cL jbaiur. 

Kathauiel (TVeston), m. Christina Waters. They IlTe in Salem. 
6S38. Phinehas Richardson (Weston), m. Emma Savory. He it lir* 

ing, January, lS74b 
58S4. Hannah ( Weston ). 
5S3& Bnch ( Weston), m. Henry Elver. 
5838. Lncinda (Weston), m. \vUlis Richards. • 
58S7. Sarah ( Weston ) , m. William Jefferson. 
583S. ^ary (Weston), m. ^— Tolman. 
5880. Louisa(Weston), d. yottn]B^. 
534a Eliza (Weston), m. Benjamin HilL 
5S4L Ruth, *2d (Weston) , m. ^Seth Rogers, of Plymouth. 

J&lVtft tStnttutton. 

5487. I 

Alpbbvs RiCHABDS02r* (Benjamin^* Benjamin j* Benjamin^ > 
Ikaac^^ 2%oiiMW^% son of Benjamin* and Eunice (Svan) Rich- 
ardson, of Sterling, Alass.; bom in Leicester about 1769; mar* 
ried Phkbe Pabkbcbst. 

He lived in Oroton, Mass., and appears to have been a book- 
binder. He died, intestate, about 1821. 

His children were : 

5842. Alnhens,^ lived in Groton ; tras appointed administrator on his 
father's estate in ld21 ; had- four children, names unknown. 

5848. Charles,^ d. before 1S21, while yet under age. Trustees were 
appointed, September, 1S22, to take care of property, $127.* 
84. left by him. 

5844. Maria,' UTin?, a minor, in 1822. 

5845. Frederic Augustus,* seems to have died, a minor, in 1823. 
51M8. Jackson.^ 

6&47. George.' 

5818. Carofine,' living, a minor, in 1821. 

. 5840. Phebe Ann,* living, a minor, in 1821. 

58.^0. Albert.' 

5S51. Benjamin Williams,' living, a minor, in 1823. 


WiLLLAJC RicQABDSoy* (Benjamtfij^ Benjamtn^^ Benjamitij^ 
Inaac^ Thomas^ )j half-brother of the preceding, and son of 
Benjamin' and Abigail Richardson; bom in Sterling, Mass., 

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April 19, 1788; married, Feb. 18, 1807, Prudexcx Buhpeb, bom 
1785, daagbter of Moses Burpee, of Sterling. 

He vrtu apprenticed to bis baltlbrother Alpbeoa, in Groton, to 
leam the trade of a book*binder. Afler serving out his time 
there, he returned to Sterling, and carried on the chair business 
on land belonging to his father. June 6, 1808, something over a 
year after his marriage, his father, in a deed of gift, presented him 
with the place on which he was residing. It was a small farm, 
just south of the home estate, consisting of eleven nnd a half 
acres with the buildings thereon. Here he resided, continuing to 
carry on the chair business, until January, 1818, when he pur- 
chased the home estate of his father and went there to live, the 
infirm health of the father making it necessary that the property 
should pass into more vigorous hands. Ho continued ns proprie- 
tor of the hotel known since 1777 as ^ The Richord^fon Tavern " 
until his death, July 20, 18*28, at the age of forty-five. The es- 
tate then passed into tlie hands of his eldest son, William B. 
Richardson, who purchased of the other heirs, by request of the 
&ther before he died. 

The widow Prudence continued to reside there until Xov. 17, 
1880, when she married Stephen Holman, of Royalston, Mnss., 
and removed thither. 3Ir. Holman died June 23, 1833, and his 
wi&y a second time a widow, retumeil to Sterling after his death, 
and still resides on the home estate with her son, William B. 
lUchardson, at the advanced age of xz^tett years. 

The farm was and always has been very lar<]re. It contained, 
probably, over three hundred acres. Much of the original estate 
nas been sold, and some new purchases have been nuTde, causing 
it to difibr considerably from what it once was. It is situated in 
West Sterling. The location is beautiful The house b unusu- 
ally spacious ; it contains a large arched hall, formerly used as a 
Free jIason*s Hall, which has Been partitioned off into chambers. 
A part of the house is the original structure, which wns pur- 
chased in 1777 by Squire Richardson, but has been enlarged and 
improved in various ways, and is now in excellent repair. About 
thirty years since the present owner set out a row of seventeen 
elms in front, on the opposite side of the street, which in summer 
afford a grateful and beautiful shade. 

Many remains of antiquity, formerly belonging to the ** Old 
Squire," are still in the possession of the present owner, his 
ffrandson. Amons^ them are some ancient ware, a mirror bought 
by him at the auction following the decease of Lieut. Gov. Moses 
Gill, in Princeton, two card tables, and part of a set of elegant 
china from the same sonrce, an old-fashioned mnbogany side- 
board, decanters, etc. The papers, also, of the old squire have 
been carefully preserve*!. 

In one of the cemeteries in Sterling, not iar from the Richard- 
son homestead, is the family vault, where rest the remains of old 
S<^uire Benjamin Richardson, three of his wives, and some of his 
children. The body of his first wife was removed thither from 
Leicester. Above this vanit is a square, brick monument, about 

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three feet in height, on the top of which is a slate-atone slab, 
bearing his name and the names of his wives and children. The 
Taolt contains, also, the mortal remains of those of the family 
who have since died. 

William Ricliardson, we have already said, died July 20, 182S, 
aged 45. 

His children were : 

William Bm-peeJ b. March 30, 1S03; m. Hebecca Buss. 

Charles,* b. April 4, ISIO; m. Lucretia Hudson. 

George.* b. Au^. 26, 1S12; m. Harriet Phipps. 
' 5d^ Lyiander,* b. April 2, 1315; d. Oct 12, ISlf. 
-f 5850. Sewall,' b. Feb. 23, ISIT ; m. Sally Buck. 
4-5S57. Elizabeth.' b. Sept 18, 1820; m. J. S. Buttrick. 
+5d5& Augustus,* b. Dec a, 1S23; m. Abbie H. Brigham. 


Silas Rickardsox* (JBenJamvi^* Benjamin^* Bemamin^* IsdaCy* 
Thomas ^), brother of the preceding, and son of ^ Old Squire 
Benjamin Richardson;'^* bom in Sterling, Mass., about 1785; bis 
wife's name is not reuorted. 

., He settled in Huboardston, Mass., where he was engaged in 
agricnltnrai pursuits until his decease* 


;Uas,^ b. 1814; he was a farmer in Wilminffton, Vt; d. in 1859. 
His wife died In 1S82. 

Joshua W.,* b. 1816; m. Xancy Chase. 

Beuben,^ b. 1818; had two wives, names not reported. 

Mary/ b. 1820; unm.; lives in Hubbardston, Mass*, 1874. 

Enerancia,' b. 1822; m. Joshua Coleman, a farmer, in Wilming- 
ton, y t Both are liTing, 1874. No children. 

NahnmJ b. 1826; m. somebody in Kinjnton, N. T.> in 1865. 
He works in stone quarries in Ulster County, N. Y., in>hich 
Kingston is situated on the Hudson Hirer. In drilling a roclc, 
he lost his eye-siffht for seven years. In one eye it is par* 
tlaUy restored, 1874. 




Addison Richardson* (^d<7t«on,* Isaae^^ Benjamin* Isaac j* 
Thomas% eldest son of Capt. Addison * and ^lary TGreenleaf) 
Richardson, of Salem; born June 16, 1764; married, Oct 17, 
1784, Dbbobah Mollot, l>oni in Salem, April 8, 1763, daughter 
ot Patrick and 3Iargarct ilolloy. She died June, 1823. 

He was administrator of the estate of John Whitford in Sep- 
tember, 1806. 

He died Nov. 24, 1848, aged 84, in extreme poverty, but pre- 
serving the riches of a meek and lowly spirit. Jlisfortune served 
to ripen his nature, and to promote in him a quiet, serene cheer- 
fulness of disposition and a childlike simplicity of manner, which 
presented a picture of rare and exceeding loveliness. He might 

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have adopted as his own the words of the Psalmist, ^Lord, my 
heart is uot haaghty, nor mine eyes lofty; . . . sorely I have 
behared and quieted myself as a . child that is weaned of his 
mother; my sooi is erea as a weaned child.** 

He had but one child : 

8865). AddisonJ h. in Salem, Jan. 16, 17SS. He was drowned at sea 
from th» ship America in 1806, at the age of twenty; a young 
man of great promise* 


Capt. T7iLtxiM RiCHABDSOx • {Addisofiy^ Tsaac^^ Benjamin^ 
I$aae^ Thomaa^^ brother of the preceding, and son of Capt. 
Addison' and Mar^ (Greenleaf) Richardson; bom in Salem, 
April 8, 1769 ; married, March 17, 17S8, Euzabetr Towxsexd, 
bom Jan. 23, 1771, daughter of Moses and Hannah (Lam)>ert) 

He lived in Salem; was an active and enterprising shipmaster; 
a worthy member of tho East India Marine Society of that town, 
and of the Old Marine Society. In an obituary notice which ap* 
peaied in the Salem Gazette of Dec. 11, 1807, he is reprcstented 
as a tender, affectionate parent, an active and obliging friend, an 
enterprising, industrious and honorable citizen; as **one of th«>se 
rare characters, whom the breath of slander and tho shafts of 
malioe could never reach. He lived greatly respected, and died 
much Limented.'* 

He died in Salem, Dec 8. 1807, aged 38, the same day that his . 
step-mother, Mrs. Anstiss (Blanchara) Richardson died. 

His children were : 

She died Dea 9^ 





Elizabeth,^ bora 1TS8; m. Thomas Ilumber. 

1853, without harin^; had offsprinj^. 
Mary \Vhite,' b. July 7, 17SU; d. Aug. 25, 1790. 
Mary Greenleaf,* h. Jan. i^y 1791; m. Stephen Youoff. She 

died Jan. 1, 18U. 
Hannah,* b. Feb. 20, ITaS; m. Benjamin Hawkes. Children: 
Otorge AufjttsUu (Hawkes). 
JTory Jficrray I Hawkes). 
Helen 2larion { Hawkes). 
Benjeunin (Hawkes). 
IfoMS (Hawkes). 
Abigail (Hawkes). 
Anna (Hawkes). 
Jeue (Hawkes). 
William,* b. Dec. 12. 1794; d. of yellow fever in Havana, Aufr* 
23, 1S29, while in command of the ship Admictmce, of 
Isaac,' b. Feb. 23, 1790; d. at Havre, France, July 2S, 1S:;4. His 
death was occasioned by a fall on tlte deck of tlic ship Sa- 
lem, of "Sew Orleans, of which he was tho flrst officer. He 

* Moses was a son of Penn and Hannah (Masters) Townsend, who irere 
married in 173L Hannah Lambert, his wife, was a daitj^hter of Capr. Joseph 
and Mary (WiUUuns) Lamberc Capt. Joseph Laiubert was a voll-known 
shipmaster, of Salem. 

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is described as a man '* endesred to an extensira circle of 
acquaintance. His manners irere moulded in that happj 
cast to create friendship* and disarm enmity: the character* 
btic frankness of his profession, and the refinement of the 
gentleman, were in him felicitonslj combined." 
6880. Lydia Lambert.* b. March 24, 170S; m. Joseph Cloutman, for 
mauT Tears the urbane and obligins city clerk, of Salem. 
5681. Joieph Pereival (Cloutman). 
5882. Etixabeth Millard (Cloutman). 
58S8. Lucy Richardson (Cloutman). 
5884w William Riehard$on (Cloutman). 
5885. Stephen.* b. Oct 7, ISOO; d. Sept 1. 1815. 
5880. Oliria,* b. Aug: 12, 1302; m. Daniel Proctor. 
•4-5SS7. Addison,^ b. June 6, 1S04; m. Eleanor Waters. 
-i-5888. Penn Tovnsend,' b. Jan. 2^^ 1S08 (posthumous); m. Elizabeth 
Catharine Ellison HimbalL 


Mast RxcRAitDSO^r* {AddUon^^ Isaacj* JBenjaminj* Iscuic^^ 
I%oma8 ^\ sister of the preceding, and only daughter of Capt. 
Addison^ and 3Iar}- (Greenleaf) iCichnrdson; bom m Salem, Jan. 
19, 1772; married, Dec. 1, 1798, Caft. Pexx TowNSE^•D, bom 
Sept. 15, 1772, son of 3Ioses and Hannah (Lambert) To\\rDsend» 
and, therefore, brother to her brother's wife. 

An obituary notice says : **' Sho possessed those traits of charac- 
ter which give to female excellence its most endearing dharms. 
Retiring in her manners, equable and conciliatory in her temper, 
strict in her observance of duty, yet not censorious on the failings 
of others, her fiiendship was shared with equal safety and pleas« 
•' a by tlie young as well as the old, for all found in her a com- 
: oion and friend. But it was in discharging the dnties of home 
that her virtues shone most conspicuously, for there she was 
always found ministering to the improvement and happiness of a 
fiimily to which she was devoted, and by which her death was 
most deeply lamented.'' Afler a long and distressing illness, she 
died in Salem, July 6, 1824, aged 52. 

Her husband was a shicMnaster, and a lieutenant in the United 
States revenue service, ue died January 31, 1846. 

Their children were : 

5880. Marr (Townsend), b. March 3, 1796; never married. She died 

May 17, 1871, aged 75. 
58001 Eliza Greenleaf (Townsend), b. Jan. 17, 1708; m. Joseph G. 



David RiCHAiu>so3r • (Stephen^* Solomon^* David,* Isaac,* 
Thomas ^), eldest son of Stephen * and Hannah Richardson, pf 
jVGddleton, 3Iass. ; bora there Nov. 19, 1781 ; married, 3Iay 22, 
1812, his cousin, Sallt Richaedsox [5530], born 3Iay 2, 1789, 
daughter of John and Rebecca ( Kenney) Richardson. 

Tney lived in Uiddleton, Mass. 


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Their children were : 


5901. Polly J b. Jan. 11, 1S13; d. Xot. 28, 1S23, aged 10 yean, 10 moe. 
5803. Angelinv b. April 4, 18U; m. Hcrmon Sheldon, June iiO, 1836. 
5808. Jason.' b. April 2, 1810; m. Apphia Estey^ April 25, 1880. 

- 58M. JojitfnA JtferHIt* b. May 15, 1S41. 

5805. Harlem Porge,' b. at Reading. Aue. 20, 1843. 

5808. muu Oilman^* b. at Beadinfi:, Deo. 17, 1847. 

5807. DaTid,-b. May25,1818. 

5808. Eunice Upton,' b. ^Iai*ch 26, 1S20. 
5800. Eiyah.- b. Xot. 25, 1S22. 

5000. Pdly OliTift,' b. Aug. 28, 1824; m. Jacob N. Parker, Oct 1, 1843. 


Abitah RiCHABDSoy* (Stqjhenf Solomon^* David^ Isnac^ 
7%o;na«^), brother of the precedinc:; born in 3Iiddleton, ^Iom., 
Ang. S, 1788 ; married, Xov. 12, 1812, his cousin, Naomi Ricr- 
▲BDSoy [5534], born i^'or. 13, 17S2, eldest daughter of Jonathan 
and Slary (Peters) Richardson. They lived in Middlcton. 

Children : 

5001. Hannah TJpton,^ b. Jan. 10, 1813. 

5002. Mary Peters,? b. Xot. 10, 1815. 



DA2nxL RiCHARDSO^r* {SUph€nf Sdomcn^^ Dwsidy* HaaCj^ 
71loma«^), brother of the preceding; l>om in Middleton^ Mass., 
Ang. 17, 1701 ; married, Feb. 19, 1828, Ouvs Bkbbt Peckixs, 
danshter of Oliver Perkins, of Middleton, who died in 1851, 
aged 80. Oliver Perkins f grandsire of Olive) came from Tops- 
field, when the son was young, and died Jan. 30, 1826, aged 82. 

Daniel Richardson paf^sed his life in IMiddleton ; was a man of 
eminent worth ; held many town offices, as selectman, etc. He 
was a member of the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention in 
1848* He died May 15, 1867, aged 75. 

His children were : 




Henry Jackson,* b. Jane 28, 1820; m. Mrs. Harriet A. (Col- 
bum) French. 
Daniel Warren,' b. 2Coy. 7, 1831 ; unm., 1874. 
Olive Maria,' b. Auf;. 28, 18.S4; m. Asa Howe, of Middleton, 
May 27, 1S57. Tlicir children are : 
6008. (Atrri9 3/aW<i (Hoire), b. Feb. 20, 18iS8. 
5007. Benry EnHne fHowe), b. April 16, 188a 
5008. Ann Jane,^ b. Feb. 24, 18:)7; m. Benjamin Howe, of Middleton,. 
Dec. 25, 18.J8. Their children : 
6000. Anne Jofnuon (Ho«re), b. April 18, 1858. 

5010. ytUie Colbtim (Howe), b. May 3, 18(M. 

5011. Galen Benjamin (Howe), b. Oct 18, 1868. 
6012. Harriet Xewell,' b. Nov. 24, 1^40. 

5018. Milton Arthnr,^ b. Oct. 28, 1848; d. Oct 0, 186a 


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JsBEHUR RicHJLSBSOsr* (StevAerij^ Sohmon,* J>avidj* Inaoc^^ 
7%om<w^), brother of the preceding; bom in Middleton, M.is3^ 
Feb. 19, 1794 ; married, Aug. 12, 1819, his cousin, HA2rsrAH Ricn- 
▲RDSOK * [55381, bom Xov. 19, 1792, daughter of Jonatlian* and 
Mary (Peters) Kichardson. They lived in Middleton. 

Children : 

5914 I<OTena.*b.Ang. 30, 1819. 

6015. Jasper," b. Mai*ch 7, 1S21. 

5910. Edith,' b. Jan. 23. 1333. [Edah in the town record.] 

5917. Benjamin Peters,' b. Jan. 2S, 1325; d. April H 1826. 

59ia Alethca K.," b. AujT. 27, 1S27. ^ 

5019. Benjamin Peters,' b. Oct. 7^ 1829. 

5920. Kebecca.' b. Dec. 8. 1832. 

5921« Jeremii^ Austin,^ b. May 17, 1835. 


Jo^ATHJLX RicHARDSOX* (Johfty^ Solomon^* Davids* Isaac^ 
7%(mia^^), son of John ^ and Rebecca (Kenney) Richardson, of 
Stiddleton, jrnss. ; bom there, Sept. 80, 1796 ; married, July 24, 
1817, his cousin, Lcct Richabdsox [5540], bora July 28, 1797, 
youngest daughter of his uncle Jonathan* and Mary (Peters) 
Richardson. I'bey lired in Middleton. 





Thirza,^ b. Xot. 

Hermon,^ b. Sept. 20, 1824. 

Samuel Peters,* b. Auf(. 24, 1S27. 
503L Thirza Jane,' ( t\rin8,born) 
5032. Amos,? ( Deo. 1, 1831. f 

Solomon,^ b. March 2, 1818; d« Not. 8, 1881, aged 13 years, 8 j 
months. "* 

5023. John,? b. Jan. 14, 1820; d. Dec 30, 1821, aged 1 year, 11 months. 
502i. Lucy,? b. July 10, 1822. 


Amos Ricrasdson* {Jonathan^* Solomon^* David^^ Isaae^* 
Thomas ^), son of Jonathan * and Mary (Peters) Richardson, of 
Middleton, Massachusetts; bom there, April 29i, 1785; married 
Naomi • 

They lived in Middleton. The wife died Dec 28, 1848, aged 
68. The husband is living, July, 1874. 

Their children have been : 

Nathaniel Gould,? b. Ancj^. 27. 1814; d. March 6, 1815. 

Salome Foster,* b. Dec 9, IS 15; m. Andrew Haynrard. Feb. 2, 

1334. They live in Xorth Reading, near the paper milL 
Amos,? b. Au?. S, 1819; d.younp:. 
"" 16, 18*i0: <L Xov. 10, 1822. 

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Eli Richardson* (Jbnathafiy* Soiomon^* Davids* I$aae^ 
ThomaB'^)y brother of the preceding; bom in Middletoiiy July 13^ 
1790; married Ouvb White, July 3, 1817* They lived in Mid- 

Their cbfldren were : 
5083. Bath LoaiMt,^ b. Deo. 12, 1S17; m. Alonzo D. Gushing, Sept 15, 

5834. Ezra,' b. ^larch 5, lS2a 

5985. Asenath Preston.* b. Jan. 31, 1822. 

5886. Harriet Amelia.' b. March 2. 1524. 

5887. Periey White,* b. Feb. 25, 1326; m. 

1849L She was fifteen yeacs old. 
588a OliTe S.,7 b. June 24, 1828. 
5889. £U MUton/ b. in Danrers. July 17, 1880. 
584a Solomon, • b. March 14, 18^4. 

5841. KendaU F^* b. April 24, 1806. 

5842. Hosea W.,^b. March 16, 1838. 


Ezra Richabdsox* {Jonatha^if Sclomonf Davidf I$aac^ 
J^onKw ^), brother of the preceding, and youngest son of Jona- 
than* and Mary Richardson; bom in ^liudluton, ^Ltss., March 
20, 1795; married Eliza Axn Wilehts, Dea 23, 1827. They 
lived in Middleton. 

Harriet A. Stiles, Oct 
Boch of Middleton. 

Their children were : 

5843. Ephxaim Wmdns,' b. July 4, 1828. 

5844. John,* b. April 19, 183a ' 

5845. ^rar&a Ann/ b. April 22, 1838. 

5846. Abt]ah Bericeley,' b. June 7, 1836. 
. 5847. MaryEUen,* I twins, bom) 

5848. JamMMuRay,M June5,18d8.( 


^▲THAsr RicHAEDSo^r* {Jo%eph^ Ndthanitlf Nathaniel,* 
ThomaSy* Thomcis^), eldest son of Joseph* and Hannnh (Drnryj 
Richardson ; bom in Temple, N. H., May 15, 1773 ; married, Dec. 
19, 1797, Hjl^txjlH Shjlttuck, born in' Temple, May 30, 1779, 
daughter of Xathaniel and Catharine (Andrews) Shattnck, of that 

*Mottof the sboTS is derired from that elaborate work (page 310). "The 
Shattuclc Memorial," by Lemuel Shattnck, a centleman ile^^ervedly held in 
hi|;h honor in the city of Boston, witli vhoiu I had the priTUege of a personal 

Of Catharioe Andreirs In the text, he says, pace SOS, " She was bom in 
Ipswich, Mas.4., F«b. 16. IToo. <lau};ht«r of Jereiuiah Andrews, and ilietl in 
Temple, 2C. H., Nor. 19, m4.>. a^ed ninety-two rears and nine nionch.s. At her 
deceaM she luu.1 two hundred and et,{ht dedceoaants, thirteen children, .neven- 
ty^eight tfrantlchildren, one hundred and liftevn j^Dat-tfrnndchildren, and two 
of the nfth ;;eueracion [lie means ixieiiidlns herself]. Of them one hnmired 
and ttfty were ch«;Q li\inj(, viz. : .seven children, tlfty-one grMnd<:hil<lren, ninety 
srreat Krandrldldren, and two of the tifch generation. The au^re^ate a^cen of 
the fifty-etsht cluldren and sn^ndchildxen was 'AUVS years, or about 'M years to 
each. ;ihe could say, ' Ariio, dau^hDsr, and go to thy daughter, for thy 
daughter's daughter bath a daughter/ " 

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They settled in Landgrove, ia the Coanty of Bennio^on, V t, 
where he died in 1842, aged 67. His widow Hannah died there, 
Dec 5, 1851, aged 72 years, 6 months. 

Their children were : 

9MflL Xathanie V b. Aug. 2S, 179S ; m. ■ He was engaced in busi- 

ness seTeral years in Boston ; removed to Phifiidelphia and 
was a merchant there; died about 1S63, aged d5. He liad 
nine children, whose names hare not been reported. He has 
two daughters now living, 1S75; but no sons. 

5050. B^OphJ b. lug. 19, ISOO; m. Abigail Child. Had nine children. 

Further information is lacking. 

5051. Diantha,^ b. Oct 0, 1$03; m. George Wheeler, of Danby, Tt 

She had five children. 

5058. Dorothy.* b. ^arch 25, ISOd; m. Moody Boby, of Pern, Tt 
They had eleven children. 

5058. Nathan,* b. May 5, ISOS; m. — — . He was a carpenter and 
manufacturer in Philadelphia and Trenton, N. J. He was 
living in l$T4 He had nve children, three of whom were 
sons. We know nothing mora 

6054. Catharine.7 b. Dec. 5, 1810; m. Seth Cook, of Granville, Tt 
Had eight children. 

5055. Boxana,^ b. Jan. 30. 1S12; m. Joseph Warren, of Pern, Tt She 
died April 1, l&^ 

5058. Cyrus,' b. July 1. ISU; d. Oot 8, 1814, aged 3 months. 

5057. 'iiOwis^T b. Oct 10, 1815; d. Jan. 1, 1823, aged seven years. 

5053b Franklin,^ b. Oct 8, 1817; m. ; d. early, and left no chil- 


5050L Mary Ann.rh. Jan. 14, 1820; m. Tufts, of Chester, Tt 


Tbo^ixm RiCBASDaosr * (Jb$a>hf* Nbthanid^^ Nathaniel^ 
Thomas^ nioma9^)j brother of the precedine, and second son of 
Joseph* and Hannah (Dmrr) Richardson; Dom in Temple, N. 
H., jlay 25, 17TT ; married Haxxah Spoffobo, of Temple, bom 
there, Sept. 6, 1779. 

He lived a few years in Weston, in the County of Windsor, 
Vt., to which town his father removed about 1797, and he 
(Thomas) probably abont the same time. But within four or five 
years subsequent, he removed to Mount Holly, which joins Wes- 
ton, though in the Connty of Rutland. 3Iount Holly, as we 
might suppose, is a town among, or very near, the Green Mount* 
ains. He died about 1822, aged 45. 

His children were, 

Bom in Weston, Vt. : 

Hannah J b. Aujr. 18, ISOO; m. Rev. Ezra Bumham, of Boston. 
She died in Adrian, Michigan, September. Ib74. 

Bom in Mount Holly, Vt.: 

Thomas,^ b. July 14, 1^02; m. Maria Holt 

Lucy,T b. July 1, 1604; d. Feb. 12, 1S07. 

Ljdia/ b. June 17, lS«)d; m. Ira Farrar, or Favor (the writing is 

obscure), of Weston, Vt 
Henry ,^ b. March 6, IsOS; never married; supposed to have been 

lost at sea. 




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Infant daoshter, b. Feb. 2S, ISIO; cL soon after. 

Lacy,' b. April 20. ISll ; m. Lewis Clayton. Tbey llTed ISTO, in 

the Tillage of Weeton, V t. and liafe a iar^e family. 
Mary^^b. June 24, 1S14; d. February, 1313. 
Artemas,* b. 3Iay 14, ISld; unm. ; dL Oct U 1S4S. 
6M0L David,* b. Jane 4, IdlS; unm.; d. in Weston about 1S60L 


ZsDEKLCH RiCHASDSox* {Jouphf Nathaniel^ Nathanitlf 
Thoma$^^ Thomas^\ brother of the precedin.e» •ind third son of 
Joseph * and Hanunh Richardson ; bom in Tempiey N. H., Feb. 
25, 1779 ; married Sajuh Bcbxha^c. 

He was b^ trade a blacksmith. He lived some years in Lymlo- 
borough, ]^. H. In 1804 he settled in Lempster, in the existing 
Conhtr of Sullivan, N. H. 

He left Lempster and went to parts unknown in Maine about 
the year 1818, and has not been beard from since. He was rather 
eecentric and somewhat addicted to strong drink, though not a 
dmnkard, and, havinff a large family and a feeble wife, became 
disconra^d and left nis family to take care of themselves, the 
eldest being only sixteen years of age. His wife Sarali died in 
Lempster at over 80 years of age. 

Their children were, 






Bom in Lyndeborongfa, N. H. : 
Abel,T b. laOS; m. Alaena Parker. 

Bora in Lempster, N. H. : 

Stephen Buraham,* b. 1306; m. Emma ^Vheeler. 

Hannah,' b. 1803; m. Geor^ Rice. She died in Walpole, y. H., 

Joseph/ b. 1800; m. Hannah Bowker. He is a stone-cutter, 

and now lives in Acworth, N. H., a town adjoining; Lempster 

and between it and Charlestown. His wife Hannah died in 

Quincy, Mass., about 1800. 
Trueman.* b. 1811 ; m. Emily Rice, bom in Walpole, N. XL He 

was a fanner in Brownin^n, Vt ; held some town otfices, 

and died in 1857. His widow is now livins in Brownin^ton. 
Jacob Butler,^ b. 1813: m. first, Lucinda Foster, who died 1600; 

seoond, Mrs. Ellen Xing. 


Nathastiel Richardson^ {JostpJif Nht/ianieiy* Nathaixiel^^ 
Thomas^ Thotna^^), brother of the preceding, and fourth son of 
Joseph * and Hannah (Dmry) Richardson ; born in Temple, or 

Serhaps Wilton, N. H., Jan.* 17, 1781; married, first, 1802, Mart 
*I7CK, bora July 12, 1776. She died Aug. 12, 1840, aged 64 

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yenn, 1 month. Second, Betsxt CbabuXj who died Nor. 2, 
1858, aged 65. 

He settled in "Weston, Vt^ to which he removed from Wilton, 
N. H., in 1797, when he wss sixteen years old. He spent the re- 
maining part of his life there, and there died, April 2, 1864, aged 
88 yearS) 2 months, and Id days. - 

His children, all by first wife, and all bom in Weston, were : 

-HWTOt. Solon,^b. Aug. 17, 1S03; m. fiist, Prudence Jewett; second, 

Mrs. Dorcas Dodae. 
606a HanreT,* b. July 22,''l$04: d the next day. 
0061. Ithiel S. J b. Aug. 36^ 1S06 ; m. first, Martha Townseud, of Med- 

ford, Mass.; second . He now Utcs and for many 

years has lived ia Chicago. By the first wife he had: 

Martha Jantf^ wk»died in Weston, Vt 


Another daughter, all deceased. 
0083. MindweU G.,? b. Ai«. 9, ISOO; m. Alfred Greeler. She died 

March 18, 1S.S2, soon after marriage, leaving an infant 

+S08S. Ivory W.,' b. Fob. ^ 1S12\ m. Greeley, of Andover. 

0064. Kathaniel,' b. ^[ay ^ ISIO; m. first, Eliza Hinds, of Chester, 

Vt. : second, — — ; third, — — . He is a lawyer on Dev- 

onsnire Street, Beslon. 


John Richabdsok* {Scm^ud^^ Samud^^ Nathaniel^ Thcmas^* 
Thoma8'^)y second son of Samuel* and Martha (Stevens) Rich- 
ardson, of Billerica; bom tkere, April 6, 1769; married, June 9, 
1798, Abigail Bacox, of Bedford, born Nov. 4, 1778. 

He lived in Billerica, and died Sept. 6, 1807, asred 38. Admin- 
istration on his estate was granted, 1807, to WUliam Gle.nson. 
His wite Abigail survived hmi nearly fortj years, dying April 24, 

His children were : 
+5885. Oliver B.,^ b. Aug. fl^^ITM: m. Abigail Munroe. 

5086. Abigail,' b. July 10, HOT; d. Oct 15. 1801. 
6087. John,^ b. Oct 2, 1T0>: d. Oct 5, 1800. 

+5088. John,' b. Aug. 81, 18^1 ; m. Abigail TarbelL 

+5080. Daniel/ b. Dec. 7, WA\ m. first, Barbara Goodwin; second, 

Louisa Gleason. 
+500a Albion,* b. Feb. 25, 1S06; m. Dolly B. Hoyt 


Rev. Joseph Richarmo:! * (Joseph^* Samtielj* Nathaniel^ 
Thomaa^^ Thomas^)^ son of Joseph* and Martha (Chapman) 
Richardson, of Billerica ; born there, Feb. 1, 1778 ; marriea, Hay 
28, 1807, A^x BowEBs, daaghter of Benjamin Bowers, Esq., of 

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His eaily advantages of education were very limited, being 
confined to a small countiy school, kept six or eight weeks in 
winter and about as long in saramer, which he attended when he 
coald be spared from the labors of the £inn. He continaed to 
work on the farm till nearly eighteen years of age, and then at« 
tended the Billerica Academy, at that time taught by an eminent 
teaoher, Ebenezer Pemberton. His preparation for college was 
completed nnder a prirate totor, Rev. Titus T. Barton^ minister 
of Tewksbury. 

In 1798, he entered Dartmonth College, where he graduated in 
1802. A respectable part at commencement was assigned to him, 
bnt being unable to pay his college bills, he. was compelled to de- 
cline the appointments Among his class-mates were Rev. Brown 
Emerson, D. D^ many years pastor of the Third Church in Sa- 
lem, and Dr. Amos TwitcheO, eminent in the profession of medi- 
cine. He studied theoloiry a few months with his pastor. Rev. 
Dr. Henry Cnmmings, of BOIerica, and was in 1803 licensed to 
preach by the Andover Association, of which Rev. Dr. Symmes, 
of North Andover, was the moderator. From 1804 to 3Iarch, 
1806, he was a teacher in the Grammar School in Charlestown, 
Mass., preaching occasionally, bnt reiusing to be a candidate for 
settlement In the summer' of 1805, he engaged to supply the 
pnlpit at Hingham, Mass., but continued in his school in Charles- 
town. Before many weeks the parish at Hingham gave him a 
call to settle as their minister. He returned a negative answer; 
bnt the invitation beinsri^p^sted, he relinquished his school, and 
on the second day of Julv, 1806, was ordained the minister of 
the First (Unitarian) PariA in Hingham, the sermon beinp^ 
preached by Rev. William Bentley, D. D., of Salem* The posi- 
tion then assigned him he retained through the remainder of a 
lonff life. 

He served his generation not only as a minister but in civil 
life. In 1821 and 1822, he repfesented the town of Hingham in 
the Legislature of M«assachu8etts. During the years 1823, 1824, 
and 1826 he was a member from Plymouth County in the senate 
of that State. In both bodies, House and Senate, he was chair- 
man of the Committee on Parishes and Religious Societies. In 
1820, he was a member from Hingham of the convention to re- 
vise the State Constitution after the separation from Elaine. He 
was a member, from the Plymouth District, of the Congress of 
the United States from 1827 to 1831, serving through two terms. 
He then declined a re-election, and was succeeded in that office 
by the Hon. John Quincy Adams. 

After retiring from Congress he resumed his ministerial duties 
at Hingham, wliich were continued till the close of the fitlicth 
year of his ministry. In 1855, Rev. Calvin Lincoln, a native of 
the town, was installed as associate pastor. 

On the twenty-eighth of June, 18o6, he preached a sermon at 
the close of the half-century, m-htch was soon after printed. Rev. 
Ebenezer Gay, D. D., minister of Hingham from 1718 till his 
death in 1787, at the age of ninety-one, preached from the same 

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text, Joshna xiv. 10, in the same pulpit, and at the same age, 
eighty-five. Dr. Gray*a sermon was entitled "The Old 3Xan's 
Calendar;** it became very celebrated, was reprinted in England, 
translated into the Dutch language, and went through several 
editions in this country. 

The house of worship in which Mr. Richardson preached was 
buUt in 1681, and caremi research has shown that it is the oldest 
house for public worship which now exists within the original 
limits of the United States, and which continues to be used for 
the purpose for which it was erected, and remains on the spot 
where it was built. There are ruius of older meeting-houses, 
and fragments and relics of older meeting-houses may exist, but 
the statements just made have ample evidence. The frame of 
the old meeting-house in Hingham was of oak, and it is there 
now. The original seats, also, were of oak ; they were removed 
in 1755, and pews placed in their stead. 

The original floor being placed too near the ground, it was 
fbnnd to bo £ir gone in a state of decay. It became necessary, 
therefore, to place a new floor nnder the whole house, to preserve 
it from destruction. This was done \n 1869. It renderea the re* 
moral of all the old pews, built in 1755, necessary, and the re- 
moval involved their destruction. Some other repairs were made, 
but in every essential point, the house remains as when built in. 
1681. The spire rises from the centre of the roof. 

It was supposed by some that there was a lack of distinctness 
and thoronghness in'3Ir. Richardson's preaching, and he was com- 
monly reputed a TJnitarmn. But there was. a blandness of man* 
ner and kindness of spirit in his intercourse with mankind, which 
gare him a stronc hold on his people. He was certainly a man 
of peace. He solemnized flve hundred and thirty-four marriages. 

He was the author of a school book, entitled ^The American 
Reader,** and another school book entitled ** The Young Ladies' 
Selection of Elegant Extracts." Twelve of his discoui*ses on 
special occasions were printed during his life-time, the last being 
a sermon on his eighty-sixth birthday, Feb. 1, 1863, rearl to the 
congregation by the junior pastor, Rev. Calvin Lincoln. The 
text was Joshua xiv. 10, the last clause, "Lo, I am this clay four- 
score and five years old." It must not 1>e confounded with the 
sermon ali-eady referred to, preached in 1856, at the close of the 
half-century, which was also printed. 

His ** Letters to Congress " attracted much attention. In the 
earl V part of his ministrv he published ** A Narrative of the Pro- 
ceedings in the North iPai-ish [Hingham], of 84 pages, with an 
Appendix" of 55 pages, Salem, 1807. Somebody else wrote ^ A 
Vindication of the Proceedings of the First Church and Parish 
of Hingham, in settling Rev. Joseph Richardson," of 80 pages, 
Boston, 1807. Of this a second e^lition was printed. 

He died in Ilinisrham, Sept. 25, 1871, aged 93 years, 7 months, 
24 days. His pastoral connection ended only with his life. His 
wife survived him. 

They had no children. 

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Abbl Richaedsox* {AM^ Wiiliam,^ ITathanid,* Thomas,* 
Thotnas^), eldest son of Abel* and Tubitha (Bennett) RicLird- 
SOD ; born in Ashby, Mass^ March 5, 1786; married, Dec. 7, 1809, 
Mabtha Lattbexce, born Aog. 5, 1792, daughter of Oliver Law- 
rence, of Asihby. He w.os a l^other of Jabez Lawrence, whose 
daai^hter Rebecca married William Richardson * [55721. 

They passed their married fives in Ashbv. The husband died 
there, July 13, 1827, aged 41. The widow Martha died m Boston, 
May» 1863, aged 71. 

Their ciiildren were : 

5091. Mary Ann,* b. March 10. 1311. 

5902. 3£anha Stone/ b. Oct a* 1812. 

500a. Zulima Patch,' b. Feb. ±3,1814. 

5004. Sarah Adams,' b. June 25, 1S16. 

5005. Eliza RandallJ b. Oct. 1. 181T. 
- 500H. Anna,' d. in infancy. 

6007. OUver Lawrence,' b. Sor. 32. 1S21: cL in Boston, 1S62. 

5006w Abel Lysander,* b. Joae 20, 1828; d. in Boston of small-pox 

about 1845. 
5000. Emma wakes,' b. Xov. 21, 1821. 
OOOOl Andrew,* b. Aug. 17, 1^6; d. youn^;. 
Except Mary Ann and EnuMk all were deceased, 1874. 


WiLLUJif RicHABDSox* (AM^^Wittxam,^ Nathaniel,^ Th(maB^ 
jTAomas^), brother of the preceding; bom in Ashby, June 27, 
1791 ; married, first, April 11, 1815, Rebecca Lawkence, bom 
Feb. 8, 1797, daughter of Jabes- Lawrence, of Ashby. See the 
notice of Abel Richardson [5570]. Second, about 1885, Polly 
Barbbtt WiQGi^r, a widow. 

In his earlier d2iys, he was a stone-cutter and farmer in Ashby. 
Later in life, he was employeti in the manufacture of chairs in a 
shop in Ashbumham. The fim wife died about tlie year 1830. 
The second wife died in Ashbnraham, February, 1857. ' Tho hus- 
band died Dec 3, 1872, aged 81. 

• Children by first wife : 

-h60Dl. Ivcrs Lawrence,^ b. An& 23, 1815 ; m. Elmina W. Gates. 
0002. Rebecca,' b. Oct. 20, 1:517. 
6003. Lucy,^ b. March 10, 1820; d. in her 14th year. 


Israel Richardsox* {Ahdf WxUiam,^ Ndthanidf Thomas,* 
Thomas *), brother of the preceding ; bom in Ashby, Mass., Sept. 
14, 1793; married Sarah IIatstss, of Gardner. 

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He died in Chelsea, Maas^ Nor. 18, 1878. 
bug about 1852. 

Their children were : 

She died in Fitch* j 

. Nanoy S. Cornell^ lS40i 
uSaUy Tyler. 1837.. 

<feO(M. GeoneW.H.Jb.Xor. lS,lS15;x 
4-aoas. Jo«ahCarterJb. April le^isn;: 
eOOd. Ediriii.7 b. Feb. 10, 1821. 

6007. Sarah,^ bw ^lareh 22, 1823; cmm. ; d. October, 184L 
eOOS. Lttcy Ana,^ b. June 20, 1825; m. Nathan Otis Proscott» of Xaak- 

na, Jan. 17, 1850. 
0000. Amanda ^elyina,^ b. July 5, 1833; m. A. J. FiiQer, of Hamson 


Wuxixu RzcHABDSON * (AndreiOy^ WVUamj^ Niuhanidf 
Thoma$,^ Thoma$ ^), eldest son of Andrew * and Hannah (Grant) 
lUchardson; bom at Hancock Plantation, now the town of Clin« 
ton, Me^ Dec. S, 1782 ; married, in 1808, Ha^stab Wilso^t, of 
Winslow, ^Uaine. 

He continued in his native Clinton, and died there, September, 


eOlO. Larinia,' b. April 17, 1804; never married ; she llTsd in Benton, 
3£e.,* tfllqmte recently; was liTinji^iKi Portland, 1873. 

SOU. Giant,^ b. January, 1806 ; ncTsr married ; was li^ns in Benton, 
ife., 1873, 

eOlS. Boaattna,7b. 1809; m. 1385, John P. Dodge. She died about 
ISes.^ They lived in Benton. 2Ie., and had four ehiidren. 

001& Elsanor,^ b. 1811; m. Dr. WiUiam Brown. He is deceased. 
She is Uvingf 1873, in Bumham, Me. She has two daughters. 

eOlA Howard,* b. Imc. 5, 1813. In 1830, in his seTcnteenth year, he 
engaged as one of the crew of a whaling ship at New Bed- 
ford. He was absent three years, and then Tisitod his fHends 
In Maine. He continued to be a sea-faring man during life. 
In 1868, he died at the Balize, the mouth of the Mississippi 
BiTer. He had been a pilot on the Gulf of Mexico, for yes* 
sels bound up the MississippL It appeared that he had been 
married several yean, and he left two children. 

6015. Julia,* b. 1814; d. at the age of 10 or 12. 

6016. Nancy,' b. about 1819; m. ^— Bowe. They live in Lisbon, 

Me., and have three danghtots. 


Israel Ricbabdson* (Andrew^* WxUiam^^ Niithanid^ Thomoi.* 
Thomas ^)y brother of the preceding; bom in what is now 
Clinton, Me^ Feb. 11, 1784; married, March, 1817, Sarab P. 
WxLLS, daughter of Gideon Wells, Esq., of Clinton. 

Thej lived in Clinton, Me. 

*Benton is the southern part of Old Clinton, formerly known as ClLatcn 

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Their children were : 

Imel^Hobert,T h. Dee. 11, 1S17. He and his brother Alton 
I6028J, who both live in Clinton, have since ISSO been engaged 
in the business of boring cattle, horses, sheep, sind other ani* 
male for the Porthmd and Boston cattle markets Thej hare 
dons an extensive and successful business. 

Gideon Wells,* b. 'Sor, 1, 1S19; unm; living in Clinton* 1S73. 

Albion,^ b. Sept 2i, 1S21 ; m. . He lives in Clinton, 1873; 

has a productive farm, and is a first-rate ajniculturist. He is 
also an active and earnest munber of the Methodist denomin* 

Sarah Ann J nu Foster Smilej. Thev live in California. 

MaiT Ann,7 m. Henry S. Herrick. They lii.'e in Benton, Me. 
They have three children livings ld*3; one is deceased. 

Lneretia Wells,^ d. soon after arriving at mature age. 

Alton,' b. June 5, 1S2S; m. ; assodased with his brother 

Isxael [6017]. 

Elizabeth J m. Arthur Woodcock; they live in St Albans, ^fe. 

Bichard Daniel,^ b. Xov. 12, 1S80; unm. During the war against 
tbm BebeUion he was a soldier in the Fifty-eight Illinois Beg- 
Iment; was taken pnsoner, and confined in a rebel prison* 
He now lives in Bath, He.; said to be unm. 1873. 

Sophronia,^ m. — — Emball. 


EpH&inc RiCHjJCDSOsr* (Andrew^ WUKcan* Nath<m%df 
Thamoi,* Thomas^), brother of the preceding; bom in the pree* 
ent town of Clinton^ Me., March 11, 17S6 ; married^ 1813, his 
oonsin, Na^'ct Gbastt, of Frankfort, Me. 

Thej Ured, perhaps stiii lrf% in Clinton, Me. 

Th^ children were: 

6Q2T. HannahJ m. first, — - Harriman; second, — * Shuts, of Proa* 
pect, Me. She is deceased. 

e023. Emeline Warren.^ m. first, — Tair; second, -^— Thomaa. 

eose. Andrew,^ m. Bath Mitchell; lived on Cape Elizabeth; went to 
sea, and died. 

6080L Orin L.,^ b. 1819 ; m. his brother Andrew's widow; now lives in 
Bath, Me., 1373; is a surveyor of lumber, and aUo keeps 
boarders. His brother Andrew's son, also named Andrew, 
is a clerk in some store or office, and boards with him ; as 
does also Augustus Bichardson, a dealer in fruit, and Ulmer 
J. Bichardson. Farther information is wanting. 

e031. WmiamJ lived till maturity, and then died. 
An infant, died in infancy. 


Rnr. HoBABT Richaboso^t* {Andrw^f WUKamj^ Naehanielj^ 
Thomas^* Thomas % brother of the preceding, and fifth son of 

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Andrew* and Hannah (Gh^nt) Richardson; bom in what is now 
Clinton, Me., April 22, 1792; married, first, in Clinton, Feb. 20, 
1831, LoinsA \v ooD, bom Sept. 24, ISOO, daughter of Capt. Na- 
hnm Wood, who came from Gardner, Mass., to Maine, and settled 
in Winslow, at the confluence of the Sebasticook and Kennebeo 
BiTers. She died Jan. 7, 1862. Second, Feb. 23, 1864, 3Iu. 
Saxah Nte (Ellis) Tobct, a widow, bora in Sandwich, Mass. 
She died in Watenrille, ile^ May 7, 1870. Third, April 17, 1878, 
Mas. Mabt A^nr (Bxrtlstt) Ferxald, of Portland. At the 
last marriage, the bridegroom was eighty-one years of age and 
the bride serent^-one. 

The second wife, Sarah Nye Ellis, was married to Mr. Stephen 
' Tobey in the eighteenth year of her a^. She was dien a 'pro* 
fessor of religion. She and her husband, Mr. Tobey, were among 
the early settlers of Fairfield, Me., on the Kennebeo River, above 
Waterville. Some time after their marriage 'Mr. Tobey joined 
the Methodist Church, and was for forty years an efieient class- 
leader in that body. He was a wealthy fiirmer. They raised a 
fiiniily of ei^ht children. 

Hobart Richardson and his yonnger brother Andrew were out 
as soldiers in the war of 1812, but saw no actual fighting. He 
was a selectman of Clinton, his native town, nine or ten years. 
In 1830, at the age of forty-two, he entered the ministry of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church. Of that church he has been a 
prominent divine. Durine several years previous to his death he 
resided in Portland, ^^housh versing towards eighty, his 
health was good and his mind clear. At len^h that event took 
place which must come to all, and he died m Portland, Feb» 6, ' 
1875, aged 82. 

He had but one child, and that by first wife, viz.: ' 

•f<M)62. Hobart Wood,^ h. Dee. 8, 1881; m. Helen Looisa Hunt 


Capt. And&ew Rzchabdsox* (AndreWj^ WWiam^^ Nathan- 
idf Thcmaa^ ThQma$% brother or the preceding, and sLtth son 
of Andrew* and Hannah Richardson; bom in Clinton, Me., 
April 9, 1794; married, 3Iarch, 1819, Lois Reed, of Clkitou. 

He lived in Clinton, and died in 1869. 

His children were : 

0088L £IizaReed,Tb. Dec 1, 1820; m. Oct. 9, 1887, Bobert Crosby 
Spalding, b. Sept 6, 1815, son of Andrew Spalding, ot East 
Benton. They had: 
eoaL Mary Jom (SpaliUng). b. Feb. 11, 1842. 
608S. Whiting Bobinson,^ b. 1622; now a lumberman in New Hamp* 
Joseph ClarV b. 1824; lives in Garland, He.; has an ezceUent 

Ca^oi Cners^ 
Lois,^ b. 1820; nam.; living in Benton, Me., 18T3. 
Andrew Hobart* b. 1823; was selectman, town clerk, and Jus- 
tice of the peace sereral jrears in his natire town. Now, 1873 
a zegnlarpracticing physician in Corinna, 3f e. 
Charlotte Hawes,^ ul Albert O. Cli£ford; living in Benton, 



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ZxccBXUS RrcRABDSON* (MttekioAj* Mexekiah^^ yiuhanid^* 
Thomasj* Thoma$ ^)y son of Hezekiab * and Elizabeth (Howe) 
Richardson; born in Townsend, Mass^ Jan. 21^ 1771; nLtrriedf in 
PepperelU Dec. 20, 1797, Mabt Ball, bom May 6, 1773, nintli 
child of Ebenezer and Rebecca (BiUteriieid) Bail, of Townsend.* 
Rebecca Batterfield, her mother, was from Westford, lUa^^ and 
born 1722. 

Ther lired in Toimsend, where he died, March 8, 1860, aged 
89. His wift Mary died March 6, 1858, aged 85. 

Their children were: 

-{-60ia Zacchens,^ b. April 12, 1800; dl Eliza Fisher. 

6041. Uzza,T b. Sept 5, ISOl ; cL Oct 1, 1812. 

6043. MarrJ h. Jan. 4, 1S04; unm. ; d. July 10, lS3d. 

+6043. Leri,* h. Dec. 11, 1805; m. Nancy P. Adams. 

+6044. Esther.* b. Xor. 9. 1807; m. Benjamin HeTwood. 

604S. DaTi(L7 b. Anir. 17, 1809: m. Oct 1, 1833, l^aria Smith, b. July 
16, 1806. They iired in Fltchbnre. Xo children. 

+6046. Rebecca,^ b. May 18, 181S; m. John Bryant 

6047. Uzza,^ b. Sept 18, 1814; d. June 15, 1844. 


Dba. Bxzxkum Ricrabdsox* {Sexekiahf MezekioA^* Nathan- 
uif Tkama$^* Thonuu^)^ brother of the preceding; bom in 
Townsend, Mau., about 1773; married Betsbt (Lawbbxcs) 
Fabwsll, bom in Aahby, April 80, 1781, daughter of Dea. John 
Lawrence, of Ashbf, and widow of AUer Farwell TAlIen ?]. 

He li^ed in Mason, N. H., and died between the date of his 
wilU which was June 9« 1888, and the probate thereof July 2, 
1889. That instniment mentions wife Betsey, son Edward, and 
daughter Nancy, wife of Samuel D. Blood. The executor of the 
will was Franklin Merriam, who presented the will for probate. 
[Hillsborottgh Prob. Rec, xUil 561.] 

Children of Hezekiah and Betsey Richardson : 

6048. Xanoy,* m. Samuel D. Blood. 
6040. Edward.^ 


Jacob RxcBUKDSO^r,* Esq. (Jacobs* JBizekiah,* Nathaniel^* 
Thomas^* TAomcM^), eldest son of Jacob* and Sarah (Brown) 
Richardson; bom in Billerica, Aui;. 10, 1769; married, at 3IiU 
ford^ N. H., July 23, 1793, Sabah Lewis, daughter of Benjamin 
and Sarah (Blanchard) Lewis, of Milford. 

He was a blacksmith and fiinner. ' After marriage he liyed at 
Milford from 179S till 179S, or something over four years ; then 

* The Baa Cunily oasM from WUtBhiie, England, to Concord, Mass. , In ISiO. 

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removed to Grreenfield, N. EU where be ami his wift parsed the 
remainder of life* He was a justice of the peace^ and represented 
Oreenfietd in the Lesislatore of New Hampshire in the years 
1815 and 1316 • 

He died, intestate, Not* 9, 1839, aged 70. His son, Jacob 
Bichardson, of Wobam, was appointed administrator of his es* 
tatep Dec i^ 1839* 

The children of Jacob and Sarah Richardson were, 

Bom in Milford, N. H. : 

-HMSa JncoW b. Jan. 17, 17M; m. Maiy Brotm. of Bolton. 
e061* Sarah,' b. Feb. 85. 1797; nnm.: d. at the old homestead in 
Orsenfleld, Jul/ 20. 1375, aged 7d. 

Bom in Greenfield, N. H.: 

0053. Benjamin Lewis,' b. Feb. 13, 1799; d. JqIt 28, 180a 
-1-0068. Lswis,' b. Aug: 3. ISOl; m. first, Phebe Hardy; second, Mrs. 

Elizabeth (wade) Nichols. 
40064 Albert Louis,* b. Oct 16, 1S03; m. LsTiaia Carter. 
6066. Jnlia Ann,^ b. Jnly 21. 1$O0; m. Dr. Francis W. Cragin, of Sori- 
nam. She died at Greenfield, 1840. 
•4-e066b Charles,^ b. July SO, 1S09; m. first, 2Cancj Spragne; second, 

3Irs. Clara Smith: third, Mrs. Mary Few. 
+6067. CTms,T b. Api^ 23, 1812; m. Celia Dresser. 
6068. Maij Davis,' b. April 21, 1817; m. Cyrus Whittemore. of Troy, 

N. H. Children: FrancU ^, Julia, EUxa, WaU^. Elht. 
eosa Elizabeth/ b. March 22, 1S19; m. Douglas R. Gould, of <?>r«!en- 
field, S. H. She died at Greenfield, June 10, 1S66. Chil- 
dzen: C^rteMo, PkOema, Mary Ann, CarrU Ella. 


Col. Josiah Bnomr Ricrabdsox * (Jacob* Hexekiah^^Xathar^ 
Uif ThomttSj* Thama9^)j brother of the preceding; bom in Bil- 

•Oceeofieldisa town ia the County of HUlsborough. K. EL, chlrtr-fiTe 
milee eonth-west from Concord, about twentr-fire miles from the Mas^achn* 
setts line, and four bnadrecl and lifty-fonr miles from Washington. Contoo- 
oook RiTer, which meets the Merximsc at Concord, makes a parr of its trestem 
boundarj. The surface is uneven, but the soil is fljenerailr fertile, the hills 
beinir adapted to crazing and the vallers to tillage. The scenery aronnd is 
0and and m»je«tic. The Grand Monailnoclc and Peterboron;^ .Moim rains on 
the south-west are in fnil view; on the north is the Crocched Mountain, while 
the Lrndeborouffh Mountain rises on the east and south-east, in the .'«pIeodor 
and i^andenr of the prospects thus aiTorded, the region ranks nest to the 
White Mountain range. Th«re are beautiful ponds aiteniating with the 
mountain scenery, making the region rerj attracdre in summer to people Ut- 
ing on tiie sea-coast. 

In former years mantifaersring of Tarions kinds has been in progreM here. 
There was a tannery, fulling mill, flour mill, two saw-mills, and several black* 
aroiths' shops. Carriage-making, in all its branches,, has been going on. in ex- 
tent nest to wliat is seen in ConronI, and in qnaliry equal thereto. There was 
a plough factarv. conducted by Charles and Cyrus Richardson [OkV*. 0057]. 
sons of JiMob Richanlson. The^e brothers hare manageil two stores, and 
much of the time, three. There are now, 1M73, in the town four stores, a .nteam 
grist-mill, blacksmith shop, hotel much resorted to in the summer sea.H«m, and 
achnitUit the lower story of which is occupied as a town haU. A large hotel 
is soon to be erected to accommodate summer boanlers. * 

The first settlement liere was made in 1771, by ^lajor Amos Whitrenore, 
Cant. Alexander Parker, and others. The town was incorporated June IS, 
im. Mi^ Whittemore gave the town its name. 

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posiEsirr or thomas BicHAXDsoy. 


lerica, Oct. 1, 1773 ; married in ]ffilIsboroagh, N. H^ Not. 27, 
1799, Mabt TTtslix * who was baptized Feb. 20, 1774, second 
daughter of Eliphnx TT^an,* of Barlington, Mass^ who was son 
of Samnel,* grandson ot Samaei,* and great-grandson of Fba^tcis 
Wtman.* one of the founders of Wobam. "See p. 189. 

They lived at ** Billerica Comer,*' one mile north of ** Billerica 
Centre.^ He was br occupation a blacksmith, as was his fiither; 
of respectable social position ; a selectman of Billerica several 
▼ears; a colonel in the Massachusetts militia; and died in the 
fiinulj of his 8on-in*law, Mr. Teel, in Medford. 

His children were : 

8000. Vary J d. Toang. 

6061. Elizabeth/ m. Derby, of Medford. 


Mary,' d. young. 

La^lnia,* m. — Teel, of Medford. 


Tdcotht RicHABDSON* {Jctcob^^ Heukiohf NcAhanidf 
Thomas f Thomas^)^ twin-brother of the preceding; bom in Bil- 
lerica, Oct. 1, 1778 ; married Jctdith Rjctstolds, of Greenfield, 

Heltredin Lyndeboroui;^h, N. H., conterminous with Green* 
field. He died, mtestate, about the close of 1855, as we infer from 
the fiict that his son John Kchardson, £sq^ was appointed admin- 
istrator of his estate, Feb. 6, 1856. [Hillsborough Prob. Records 
IXT. 16.] 

He left no widow. As hu two elder children, Harriet and 
Hooper, did not sign receipts as legatees, nor the wife either, we 
suppose they had deceased. 

Children : 

Hairiet, * deceased youngs 
Hooper J deceased. 

John, * Ured in Lyndeborouglu and was dignified idth the addi- 
tion to his name of '* EaKiuire." 
Ira,* ) 

TimothyJ > iifing and signed receipts Dea 10, 1856L 
>iachan,i ) 





Capt Jomr RichjlRDSo:^* (Jacoft,* JTezeki^zA,* Jfathanielj* 
Thomas^ Thomas^)^ brother of the preceding; bom in Billerica, 
June 15, 1776; married Ltdul Johnsox. 


OOrnx Sanh.7 

eCrTL Aud.' 

flf/H, Jo3iah Brown.' 

6r>7.3L John.' 

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Abujlh Ricbakdsox* {Abijah^* JBegeMah^* Nixthamdf 
Thoma»^ Thoma$^) soa of Abijah* and Eunice (Thoiupson) 
Richardson, of Litchfield, Me.; born in TTestford, Mass., 3Ia7 
9, 1775, before his fether's removal; married, March 17, 1799, 
RsBKccx Malcolm of Salem, who was bom Nor. 11, 1782, 
danghter of David Malcolm. 

]^r mother's first husband was a Becket. Thej bad a son, 
Joseph EL Becket, Esq., who was executor of his step-father's will 
in 1827. This makes a little confusion in the record. Rebecca. 
Malcolm had not only two husbands, but she had a son Joseph H. 
Becket, and also a son Joseph Becket Richardson ; both grown- 
up men in 1827. 

Abuah Richardson * was a ship carpenter. He IiTed in Gush- 
ing, 3Ie., a town convenient for his business, and not far firom 
Litchfield, his early home. He died, March 4, 1827, aged 52. 
Hb will is dated Sept. 22, 1826; proved June 6, 1827; recorded 
Lincoln Prob. Reconls, xxvii. 437. His step-son, Joseph H. Beck- 
et, £s(|., was esecutor, and presented the will for probate. By 
the will, the widow Rebecca was to have all the estate, both real 
and personal, by paying out to each of the children, who were ten 
in number, the sum of one dollar. 

The inventory included only a house and land immediately 
around the same, valued at three hundred dollars, and personal 
estate $167ii5; total 8467 JU. So that there was not much to 
divide among the heirs. 

The children of Abijah and Rebeeca were : 

Joseph Becket,^ b. in Salem, Feb. 1, 1800; m. Ann Hathomew 

EUza,^ b. Aug. 30, IdOl; unm.; d. May 14, 1817. 

SXary,' bw Jan. 23, 1804; onm. ; resides in Boston, 1874 

John,' b. Feb. 19, 1S06; m. Alary Jane Perkins. 

Hannah,' b. Dec. 13, It)^; m. Benjamin Becket, of Cushine, 

Me., a (craudson of her grandmother by her flxst husbania. 

The names are not more definiteiy reported. Thev reside 

in Cnshing. ** He is a shoemaker, bxiclanaker, and in the 

mill buniness." 
Jane,' b. April 10, 1810; m. Henry Stone, of Union, Me. They 

reside at Amesboiy Mills. He has employment in the mills; 

of what description my informant did not say. Children: 

6061. Henry '^ttSrtM^us (Stone). 

6062. CAorfes (Stone). 
6063. Abtjah,7 b. Jan. 8, 1812; d. Sept 8, 1827, caused by falling from 

a fence. 
William Tewksbursr,* b. July 22, 1814; m. — -s 
Pbilenda,^ b. Sept 12, LSIH; m. James Averill, of Bozbury, 
Mass. He is a machinist in Boston. Children: 
6086w Lixtl» (AverxU). 
6087. CharU9 ( ATeriil). 
60(j8. 0/iee (Averill). 
6080. WarTen,^ b. July 14, 1818; d. 1824. 

eooa Thomas.* b. Fen. 7, 1821; m. Sophronia Dunbar, of St George, 
Me. UeisashipHaiiaster,andresidesinSt Gkorge. Children: 

6001. G^rge Henry.* d. Tounff. 

6002. Elizah^aC* 






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00Mb StanwtV h. 1S28; d. Tonne. 

dOOS. Elizabeth,' Ik Ang. 3S, 1S25; m. William WUej, of St G«orge, 
a seaman. 
ThixtMii in all; of whom thno di«d before the father. 


CoBXELnrs Thosipso^Richardson'/ Esq^ (Abfjah^^ HezekiafLf 
Ifathanielj* Thomas^* Thomas^)^ brother of the precedinsTy and 
youngest child of Abijah^ and Eunice (Thompson) Richanison, 
of Litchfield, Me.; born Jan. 3, 1702; married, m Livermore, Me., 
March 25, 1813, Sabah Rollxsts LoTEjoT,*bom in Fayette, Me.. 
Oct. 8, 1792. 

He was designed for a physician ; but the losses sustained by 
his father by becoming surety for two traders [in Litchfield ?] de- 
feated the plan, and our Cornelius, at the age of fourteen, was 
bound apprentice to a blacksmith, with whom he continued till 
the age ot twenty-one. He afterwards learned the trade of stone- 

He was a man of decided talent, which his neighbors were not 
slow to perceive. Soon after arriving at the age of twenty-one, 
he was chosen captain of a military company, and was calleil 
into active service in the war of 1812-l81o. He removed from 
Litchfield to livermore in 1S17, and thence to Turner in 1819. 
He was appointed administrator of hia father's estate, in prefer- 
ence to his older brothers, Aug. 26, 1822. He was postmaster 
at North Turner twelve years ; was a justice of the peace many 
years; and perfi}nned for his neighbors, without any charge, 
all the lesser services of a stinreon and dentist. He was a very 
capable and energetic man* lie is now living, 1874, at the age of 
eighty-four, though very infirm* 

His children were, 
Bom in Litchfield : 

-f-dOM. Phiaeas,^ b. Feb. 21; 1814; m. Prudence G. Page. 
6097. Hester Ann Rogers,* b. Xov. 4, 1815 ; m. in Turner, Me., August, 
18i0, Ezeldel B. House. Children: 
600a Iai$ A. (House), b. Sept 13, 1812; m. Henry C. Drake. 
0099. Alice (House), b. Aug. 2, 1843; m. Charles Mines. 

Bom in Livermore, Me. : 

-hdioa Atmll,^ b. Oct 29, 1817; m. Lois Dillingham. 

-i-eiOL Cornelius Thompson,* b. Oct tt, 1819; m. Ruth Rollins. 

* • Bom kk.Tumer, Me. : 

-1-6102. Abijah J b. June 6, 1823; m. first, Caroline Williams; second, 

Fannie L. Bent 
William Heary,* b. Aui;. 13, 1826 ; m. first, Jan. 1, 1S$2, Amanda 

Friend, of bedjo^clc. Me. ; second, Lucy R. Harriman. He 

was a steamboat engineer. He died in Turner, April 6, 1841. 

He had no children. 
Sarah Rollins,* b. July 9, 1829; m. in Augusta, Me., Jan. 1, 

1862, Elisha Lovejoy, nephew of Hon. Israel Washburn. 

Their only child has been, up to 1874: 
610S. mUiam Henry (Lovejoy), b. April 10, 1862. 




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JosBCTA RicBkta>9o:!i^ {JoMAuafJETezekiaA,* 2fiuAaniel^*ThomaSy* 
Thomas ^)f son o( Joshua Richardson' of Litchfield, Me.> born 
there, March, 1796; married, 1819, Deborah FjlLEs, bom Nov. 
14, 1801, dauffhter of Nathaniel and Zilpah (Robbins) Fales, of 
Thomaston, Me. They were pubU:shed, jLay 15, 1819. 

Nathaniel Fales, her &ther,was bom in Norwich, Oct. 25, 175*2, 
and was a son of Capt. Nathaniel Foles, an early settler in Thom- 

Joshna Richardson came from Litchfield to Thomaston not long 
after 1816, when his fiither removed to Ohio. 

He died Oct. 1, 1851. Bader Fales, brother (I suppose) to the 
widow Deborah, was at her request appointed administrator Dec. 
S, 1853. She was then in feeble health. The estate was repre* 
sented insolvent, May 30, 1854. [Lincoln Prob. Records.] 




Their children were : 

Sarah/ b. ITarch i, 1822; d. Aug. U, 1823. 

William J.Jb. Sept 6, 1S27; m. Sarah Lewis, Jan. 23. 1893. 

His home was in Rockland, Me., but he went to Calif oroia 

and died there. 
Jane M.,^ b. Dec. 25*, 1332; m. Samuel Thomas, of Warren, Me., 

Not. 25, 1352. 

Edward,' [ twins, bom ) d. Jan. 3, 1837. 

Edwin,* ) June 2, 1S36 ; ) d. younff. 

Henrietta,* b. Sept. 18, 1840; m. Joshua Linnekin; resided in 




Asa Ricrasdsox* (Amo^* Menexer^^ JTcUhaniel,' TAavnaSy* 
Thomas ^), eldest son of Asa* and Sarah (Tuftsj Riohanlson, of 
BtUerica; bom there, March 5, 1782; married Euzabeth Bird, 
a native of Dorchester. 

He lived in Boston ; was a merchant; and died there by his 
own hand, Dec. 11, 1S33. His will, dated Dec 10, 1833, the day 
preceding the suicide, mentions wife Elizabeth, and children, Asa, 
Charles, "TVillLnm, Elizabeth, Sarah Tufts, and Horace; and ap- 
points Amos Cotting, executor. In 1834, his son, Charles Richard- 
son, was appointed administrator, Amos Cotting having either 
died or declined the trust Charles Richardson's account as ad- 
minutrator was allowed April 2-^, 1337 ; and Elizabeth Richard- 
son, widow of the deceased, is made guardian of Elizabeth, Sarah 
Tufts, and Horace, his minor cliildren. 

Elizabeth Richardson, the widow, died March 20, 1844. Her 
will, dated 3Iarch 14, 1838, proved April 1, 1844, mentions all 
the following save Asa, who, perhaps, had died in the meantime. 

Children of Asa and Elizabeth Richardson : 

811S. Asa.' 

6113. Charles.^ 

-1-611'^ William.' b. Dec. 2, 1813; also a suicide; m. Almira Eangsbary. 

6115. Elizabeth.? 

6116. Sarah Tufts.? 

6117. Horace.? 


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Fbaxcis TiicmjJU>so:x* (Asoy* jSbenszer,* Xathaniet,* Thomas,- 
T^omaj^), brother of the preceding; bom in Billericft, Dec. 6, 
17S7; married his coasin, ^Iartra Ricrakdso^ [5635], born 
Feb. 2, 1791, daaghter of Ebenezer and Susanna (Tufts) Rich- 

The hnsband died June, 1860. The wife died June 14, 1844. 

Their children were : 

(niS. Louisa,^ b. June 6, 1315; d. Oct 2S, 1315. 

6119. Francis.' ? twins, bom ? d. Nov. 26, 1316, 

612a ]Iartha.* ) Xor. 13, 1316; \ 

6121. Louisa,' b. Nov. 11, 1319; d. 3Iarch 25, 1S20. 

6123. Francis E^' b. July 20, 1322; m. Eliza Gorham, Dec 21, 1853. 

6123. Caroline.' b. Sept. 10, 1324; m. Theophilus B. Fellows, June 13, 

1343. They had fire children. 

6124. yiMrj L.,' b. Dec. 2, 1325; m. Frederic Dickinson, Feb. 17, 1S16. 

They had fire children. 
* 6135. Jociah,^ b. Sept. 5, 1323. 

6126. William.M twins, bom ) 

6127. Warrsn,' J Sept. 17, 1330; J d. June 3. 1S31. 

6123. Eveline,* b. Sept. 19, 1333; m. John F. Baldwin, ^Tot. 23, 1361. 


David Ricrjlbdsox* (Asa,* JEbenezer,* yathixntei,* Thomas* 
Thomas^\ brother of the preceding, and son of Asa* and Samh 
(Tufts) Richardson, of Billerica; bora there, Feb. 10, 1792; mar- 
ried, March 5, 1320, Eliza Eixgsburt, of Dedham, bora July 
15, 1800. 

They lived, I suppose, in Andover. He died Sept. 24, 1847. 

Children : 

6129. Frances Eliza,* b. Kot. 6, 1323; d. the same day. 

613a HenxT £d«rin.* b. Jan. 19, 1325 ; d. the same dav. 

613L Harriet Eliza.- b. March 21, 132G; m. Edmund Foster Eittredtre, 
who received the decree of M. D. from Harvard College, ld02, 
and died March 13, I8as. She die^l March 28, 1665. 

6132. Frances Sarah,' b. Oct. 10, 1327. 

6133. Caroline M. B.,* b. Jan. 1. 1329. 
6131 Mary Jane,* b. Sept 4, 1330. 

61.35. Henry David, • b. Feb. 29, 1S32 : d. Feb. 24, 1373. 

6136. Horace Augustus,* b. Sept. 6, 1333. 

6137. William Euj^eue.' b. Dec. 16, 1S37; d. June 10, 1362. 
6133. Charles Edward,' b. July 3«J, 1339; d. Aug. 29, 18:]9. 
6139. Geon;e Edwin,* ) twins, born i d. June 9, 1840. 
614a Charles Edward.' j May 23. 1340 ; j d. June 10, 1840. 

6141. Charles Edward,- b. Auj?. 23, 1S41 : d. Xov. 21, 1S02. 

6142. Julia Emma,- b. January, 1346 ; m. Joseph S. Sproque, Sept. 25, 
' • ' . 13»ja He died June Ji, 1^74. She died April 9, 1874. Chil- 

6143. Jiartha Amelia (Sprague), b. Feb. 5, 1369; d. June 28, 1371 
61-U. Xottisd Kingsfnury (Sprague), b. June 22, 1S73. 

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JosEPB RicHAEDSox* {Aso^^ Ebetiezer^^ Nathaniel^^ Thoma$* 
Thomas^)^ brother of the preceding, and son of Asa* and Surah 
Richardson, of BUlerica; bom there, Nov. 8, 1703; married 
LvcT CiTMMDi'GS, of Andover. 

He lived in Andover, and died there, in ^STovember, 1874, aged 
81, the last of a family of eleven children- His wife Lncy had a 
paralytic shock in the early antamn of 1872, lingered a year, and 
passed away in September, 1873. 

Their children ^^re : 

6143. Joseph/ unm. ; VMnf^, it is supposed, in Andover, 1874. 
6146b Geoipana/ m. Moses Bacon. Children: 

6147. ^liV'1 Bacon). 

6148. £du::.rd £. (Bacon). 

6149. NelUt (Bacon). 

6150. David Cuir ainp/ m. Henrietta G. Barnard. He is a master 
car bnilder: lives in South Lawrence, 3Ia&s. Children: 
616L WUliam CumnUngB,* b. 1854; linng, 1S74. 
6152. CharU%f deceased. 
6158. Arthur ^ deceased. 

6154. Henry, dece^-ed. 

6155. Luey Anna J X- Dec 22, 1S07; living, 1874. 

6156. Cathartne Ban^ird,^ b. March 31, 1870. This little ffirl at- 

tended church with her mother the Sabbach orenous to 
her death ; was taken wicU vomiting after uer return 
home, wU*<*** continued almost till death. It was the dis- 
ease calle he scarlet fever. She died March 25, 1373. 
Next Sabbadi was the day of her funeral. 
6157. Albert,^ lives, 1S74, on his father's place with his second wife. 


Geobgs Ricrardsox * (^Aaa^* Ebeneur^ Ndthanidf Thoma^^ 
7%omaj^), brother of the preceding ; bom in BUlerica, June IS, 
1797; married, March 4, 1823, Asexxth CinoccrGS, bom in An* 
dover, March 1, 1805. She was a sister of Lucy Cummings, his 
brother Jose]^h's wife. 

He was a former; lived some vears in Lowell, and allerwards 
in Chelmsford. He died in Cheimstford, Sept. 1, 1853. She died 
there, Dec. 13, 1852. 

Their children were. 

Bom in Lowell : 

+615a Asenath Louisa,^ b. Dec. 21, 1828; m. Bev. George Washington 

+6159. William George/ b. Nov. 7, 1825; m. flnt, Elizabeth Foster 

BcTnolds; second, Lavinia Prudence Reynolds. 

Bom in Chelmsford : 

+6160. Ellen Maria, b. Dec. 7, 1830; m. George Henry Byam. 

6161. Asa £d\iinj b. May 31, 1336; d. in Chehnsford. March 8, 1846L 
+6162. Warren,' b. June 11, 1812; m. Martha Jane Melvin. 

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Thomas Ricraboso^t* {Tkomaay* Jbnathany* Jonathan *^ 
ThcmaMy^ Thomas ^\ yoantiredt child of Thomas' and Judith 
(Kendall) Richardaou^ of Billerica; born there, Aug. 31, 1796; 
married, at what time is not reported, but after 1828, Outia Al- 
oes, eldest daughter of Cjrckt Alger, £sq^ extensively known as 
tJie proprietor of Alger's Iron Foundry in South Boston. 

In 1817, he went to Mobile, where he entered into partnership, 
in the commission business, with Thomas Blake. They were toU 
erably successful. He was an alderman of Mobile' when but 
twent7*five years old, lu rhe year 1821, and also in 1S22. lu 
1828, he returned to Boston, and there married as above. He 
afterwards had a share in the iron foundry of Mr. Aiger, his 
fiither4n-law. In South Boston he resided so*- ^ years, and took 
a lively interest m public afiairs. In 1335 auv. 1886, he was a 
representative in the State Legislature, an«l in 1837 and 1838 was 
an alderman of the city of Boston. In 1835^ ho purchased the 
real estate known as the Summer Street Wharf and the Bull 
Whar^ with the flats and dock between the two, all of which he 
owned at the time of his death, which 6ccu*^d Dec. 16, 1872, 
aged 76. He was noticed and honored cor industry, energy, and 
success. ,« . 

He has a son living : 

a68L Thomas F.,^ who has afforded liT'"^ encouragement for this 
volume. ^ '^ 


Abisl RiCBARDSO^r* {Atitlf Abislf Jonathan^ Tliomaa^ 
ThonuiM^)^ son of Abiel Richardson,' probably of Royalston, 
Mass. ; born about 1770 ; married Rebecca Chase, daughter of 
Philip Chase. 

He and his brothers, Isaac,* Lot,* and Timothy,* removed from 
Royalston, 3Iass., to Waterford and Concord, V t, on the upper 
waters of Connecticut River, about the year 1800 ; perhaps a 
year or two previous. Of the others we have no furtner infor* 
mation, but the children of Abiel* were as follows : 

6164. Jacob J b. 1706; m. Irene Hovey. Children: 

6165. Francis,^ ) These two are proprietors of the American 
WlUiam.^ ) House in Lancaster, N. H. 





V 6171, 










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BsxjAMix RiCHARD^ox* (JDiiHjnmmf Btnjaminy^ yiithanUt^^ 
Nhthanxtl^ Thomas'^)^ son of Benjamin* and Rebecca (Wynian) 
Richardson ; Iwrn in Woborn, 3[arch 4, \W) ; niarrieti, Feb, 16, 
1788, Mart Cctter, of West Cirabridge, now Arlington, bom 
May 7, 1760, claughter of Jonathan nnd^Anne Cutter. 

After a residence in Wohum till 17S8, or later, he removed to 
the adjoining ton-n of Stoneham, where he and his &ther and 
grand&ther of the !>ame name had owned land for fifty or sixty 
years. He died, intestate, in Stoneham, April 3, 1801, asred 41.^ 
His widow 3Iary was appointed administratrix. May 6, 1^01. 

No chiltlren of his appear on the Stoneham recorcb, but the 
Wobam records and the probate records give the following : 

6170. Mary,* b. 175- ; m. «-i- Ireland. 

6180. Jonathan Cutter,* b. Feb. 5. 17S6; Ured in Somerrllle. 

6181. Rebecca,' b. Mareh \X 17S8; m. — — Ireland. 
618S. Judith,' unm. in U12. 

6183. Daniel,' was of Charlestown. ^ 


IssAXL RiCHXROSOx^ (Israel^* Ztradj^ ITathanulf Nixthanid? 
T^omae^), eldest son of Capt. Israel' and Susanna (Forbush) 
Richardson; bom in New Saiem, in the present County of Prank- 
lin, Mass., Nov. 14, 1759; married HJL2r^'Aa Kellogo. 
- In his twentV'Second year, that is, in 1781, he removed with 
his fiither's family trom New Salem to, Woodstock, Vt., .then a 
new and growing State. 

He was a fimuer, and it would appear a thriving and snccessfid 
tiinuer, as he was al>le to ^nd a son to college. About 1813 or 
\H\^ be removed from TToo-^stock to Fairtax, where he had a 
tfne farm on the River Lamoille. 

He died at Fairfax, Vt^ 3Iav 14, 1840. His wife Hannah died 
April 14, 154C. * ' 

Their children were : 
Seth.» " 
Liravl Putnam,' b. Febi 6, 1735; m. his cousin, Susanna Rich* 

ardson (01US|. 
Benjamin.' b. 17:^; fra« in the United States snnr employed 
a^ulusc thtf Indians in 1511. undor Geu. William Henry Har- 
ri:iuu; wa» in thu liacilf; of Tli'i^ecauoCt Kov. 7, ISIL 
\* tras an otttccr in the war of l:$12; he wis a lawyer. 
EzekiclJ wa.<i a larmrr in Fairfax. Vt 

Stou^htuu,' was a lau7i:r v^mnwluirv in the 6tate of Xew Tork. 
Bet»«y,' m. a Mr. England, a fanner, in Fairfaac, Vt^ and ro* 

moved to Canada. 
Hannah,^ m. a Mr. HoCmes, a farmer, of Fairfax. 







Jasox RicHABDsosr^ (iimW,* Israei^* Ifmhaniel,^ Nathaniel^* 
Thatnas ^), brother of the preceding; born in New Salem, 3Iass., 


*The Cucr«r Gencaioi;/, p. 152, savs chat tlii« B«tijatnia Blehardson was 
•Iffowntd la Woburu, bepu a, 17c^ which Meius not to corxespond with Che 
pfobau rtconls. 

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Feb. 21, 1761 ; marriecU 1734^ Mabt Powers, daugtiter of Dr. 
Stephen Powers, of Woodstock, V t. 

Dr. Stephen Powers oame from Middleboronsrh, Mass., to 
Woodstook in 1774. He was the grandfather of Hiram Powers, 
the eminent sculptor, who was born in Woodstock, Vt^ July 5, 
1805. The sculptor now lives, or did lately live, in -Italy. 

Jason Richardson went with his father's family to Woodstock 
in 1781. He was by trade a bhicksmith. He had a large farm, 
and kept a hotel in the village of Woodstock. He died Oct. 19, 
1805, aged 44. His widow married Oliver Williams in 1308. 

The children of Jason and Mary Richardson were : 

6102. Susanna*^ b. Jmie 0, 1735; m. her cousin, Israel P. Richardson 

8198. Ljdia Drew,* b. Nov. 17, 17S6; m. Dr. Lymau Paddock, an em- 
inent physician of Bcm:^ Yt She died at Barr^, April 17, 
61W. Noah F.; b. Auff. 11, 1788. 
610& John Drew,? b. May 30, 1790; d. April 20, 1790. 
-HS19A. John Powers,* h. Aug. 28, 1792; never married. 
4-6197. Origen Drew.r b. July 2t), 1795; m. Samh P. HilL 1328. 
6196. Israel B.,' b. Oct 4, 1799; was a physician in Michigan; d. at 
Saginaw, Mich., May, 1S74. 


Db. LtsjlNDEB Richabdsox* {Israelj* Israel^* Nathaniel? ^a- 
tKanid? TAomas*), brother of the preceding; uom in Xe:^- 
Salem, Mass., March 30, 1763; married Lois I{I>'som, of Woo«l- 
stock, Vt., May 8, 1787. 

At the age of foarteen, in 1777, he went as a waiter on hi:^ 
father, who was captain of a military company: Both fiither and 
son were summoned to resist the mvasion of the British array 
ander Burgoyne in the antnxnn of 1777, but the fiither being sick, 
Lysander went without him. Though bnt a few months over 
fourteen, Lysander and another boy named Joseph French tied 
on their knapsacks, shouldereil their muskets, and marched, with 
no other companions, from New Salom to Stillwater, a distance, 
probably, of one hundred miles. Atter the surrender of Bur* 
govne, and not before, they returned home. 

in the year 1781, Lysander accompanied the family of his 
father, Capt. Israel Richardson, to their new home in Woodstock, 
Vt. Not very long after, it was concluded that Lysander should 
stady medicine. Accordingly, he went to study with Dr. Stephen 
Powers, already mentioned, the only physician in the town :it 
that time ; bnt the condition was previously exacted from him 
that after obtaining a license be should not practice within ten 
miles of that doctor's house. When, therefore, he had tinislied 
his coarse of study, he felt obliged to eo to Barnard, an adjoin- 
ing town, and set up his employment Uiere. This was probably 
al^nt the year 17S6. 

In 1787, soon after marriage, he returned to Woodstock, not, 
however, to practice medicine, and went to live on HartLand Hill, 
on a good tarm which the captain, his lather, bought of Josiah 

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Horibnrt. It overlooked Bearer 3Ieadow, and the town of Hart* 
land was near by on the east* In 1789, the father bought thirty* 
seven acres of Lnnd^ known in more recent times as the King 
&rm, at the end of Pleasant Street, and built on it a hou;»e for 
his son, which the latter soon after occupied. Dr. Richiu-Json 
remmned here till the spring;: of 1793* He then leased it to Jacob 
Wilder, and removed to Pittstbr<}, a town west of the Green 
Mountain range, and resumed the practice of his profession. In 
one year more, he returned to Woodstock, nnd settled ngain on 
his farm on Pleasant Street, relying on the paternal affection of 
his &ther, who would not allow his fnvorite son to suffer. But 
by and by he began to be vexed nnd harassed with lawsuits, and 
in 1798- was^ imprisoned in the countv jnil for faihire to meet the 
payment of a bond he had given to oblige a friend. His son 
Channcey, who gives these statements, now living in Woodstock, 
at the age of more tlian eighty years, vividly recalls his painful 
sensations when his father drew him, at the age of five, through 
the port-hole of the prison door into the cell where he was con- 

In May, 1800, after his inther's death, Dr. Richardson i-emoved 
to the fium near the south village in Woodstock, owned and 
occupied in after years by his son Cliauncey. Here he spent tiie 
remainder of his days. Here he died, April 3, 1813, at the a^e of 
50. In religious belief he was a ITDiversalist. His wife survived 
him till Oct. 18, 1847, when she died at Riga, N. Y., aged 82. 

Their children were: 

+6198. Fanny,^ b. July 1, 1T8S; m. Selah B. Upham. 

6200. Hannah J b. July 10, 1790; m. Jonathan Kinffsley. 
+6201. Chaancey,^ b. Feb. 20. 1796; m. Bebecca Carev. 
6208. Lois,^ b. April 25, 1797; m. Samuel Orares. Ther hare a son : 
aSOS. Bettfatnin Frcmklin (Graves), who lives at battle Creek, 
Mich., and has been a judge of the supreme court of 
that State many years. 
Ira,^ b. Aug. 0, 17(r7; m. Sylvia CaldwelL 
Mary,' b. reb. IS. IdOO; m. Alexander Eenyon. 
Susanna,* b. April 11, 1S02; m. fiist Capt. WiUiam Pahner, a 
fanner, of Risa, N. T., reputed the wealthiest man in tliat 
town; secouG, Joiin .T. Eelsej. 
Augustus,^ b. March 21, 1S04; m. OUvs Lamb, of Montgomery, 

An infant child, bom and died 1306. 
WML Eliza,' b. Dee. 14. 1310; m. Gridley, of Rochester, N. T. 




Jamrs RicbjlSDSOX* (JameSy* Jamesy^ Jamen^* ITathanieiy* 
17iom€U^)^ son of Major James ^ and Hannah (Reed) Richnrrlson, 
of Leominster; bom there, January 13, 1755; mnrrie^l in "\Test 
Cambridge, now Arlington, Dec. 26, 1781, Luct WnrAjr,* bom 
Nov. 25, 1783, daughter of Paul Wyman,* son of David,' son of 
Jiiooli,* son of LiEGT. JoR^r WT3r.or,^ one of the original settlers 
of Wobwra. See page 189, note. She was a younger sister of 
Jane Wyman,* wito of Asa Richardson • [5448].> 

He lired in Wobum, and died there previous to 1300, as is in- 

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femd from the following entry in Woburn town records: *^ James 
Riohardson's widow died December 11, 1800." 

Their children, as on Wobom records, were : 

e210. Jsmes,^ b. March 19. 1733. 

0211. BefaoboamJ b. Ainil 20. 1791. He Mred in 3f edford, and died 

in 1S15, intestate, and leafing no wife or ciiild, and no heir 

but his brotlier James. 


Salmos^ Ricba£DS0>'* {Jamea^^ James^^ Jamea^^ yizihanid^'^ 
Thamas^)^ brother of the preceding, and son of Major James 
Richardson, of Leominster; bom there, Jan. 30, 1761 ; married, 
May 23, 1781, Lttct Eestdall, daughter of Jonas Kendall, of 

The Kendalls, as well as the Richardsoos, of Leominster, re- 
moved thither from Wobom about 1740. 

He graduated at Dartmouth Collesre in 1778. He studied' no 
profession, at least entered on noproTession, but taught school in 
Leominster, Mass., S wanzer, N. H.., and Putne}*, yt.,1md at length 
removed to Durham, Canada East, where he died, at what time is 
not known. His widow Lucy died at Leominster, Nov. 23, 1799. 
An inventory of her estate is dated Aujbt. 27, 1800. Her brother, 
Abel Kendall, was the administrator. In the inventory she is de- 
scribed as late of Leominster. [Worcester Prob. Records, xx. 515.] 

There is but one child of theirs on record : 
+^212. Salmon/ b. in Leominster, Dec 13, 1781; m. Abigail Carter. 


Wtluax RicBxJtDsoy* (William,* Wiaiam,* James * yathan- 
iel,* Thamas^)^ eldest son of Col. William* and Esther (Joslin) 
Richardson, of Princeton, 3I»S8.; bom in that part of Lancaster 
which became first a part of the district, and afterwards of the 
town of Princeton, Mass., Jan. 28, 1757 ; married a lady of the 
name of 

He was a dry-goods merchant in Boston, dealing especuiUy in 
silks. At what time he commenceil business in Boston is not 
known ; but the fact is certain it was previous to 1797. See be- 
low. The Boston Directory for 1800, now before me, represents 
him as ^William Richardson, shopkeeper, No. 65 Cornhill." The 
name Comhill at that time W2is applied to that part of Washing- 
ton Street which extended from Milk Street northwanl. It a|). 
pears from other sources that our William Richardson imported 
dry goods of various kinds, and did a profitable busines-s. His 
brother Peter kept a tavern at the same time on ^ Exchange 
Lane.** The compiler's father liad a dry-goods store a few doors 
from the store of William Richardson, and nearly opposite to 
Water Street. 

William Richardson and Dudley Walker, both of Boston, mer- 
chants, took a mortgnge, May 12, 1797, from John Peck, of Bos- 
ton, of 4|480 acres of land in Township No. 1, adjoining to New 

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Pennyoook and Androscoisgiii Riy«r» io Ciunberiand Counijt Me. 
[Cnmb. Deeds, zxvL 178«] 

Dudley Walker, at that time, was a shopkeeper, at No. 24 
Comhill. William Richardson named one of his sons for him. 

This mortgage seems to indicate prosperity. He spent his lat- 
ter years in Dorchester. 

The children of William Richardson were : 

0213. Thomas,^ settled in Tiffin, Ohio, and died at the age of eighty. 
+6214. Nicholas,^ a merchant in HaytL 

6215. William J settled in Richmond, Vs., and died at abont seventy 
years of as:e. 

6216w Dudley,' died at the age of nineteen. 
. +6217. George.' b. 1704; onm. ; his sister Susan kept his house. 

6218. Susan J b. 170- ; unn. ; kept her brother George's house. 

6210. John,' b. 1700; nnnu; resides at the old homestead in Dorches- 
ter, now a part of Boston; distinguished for intelligenoe, 
enltare, and beneTolence. 


Saxuxl Rzghasdsox* ( Wittiamj^ WUlxam^^JameM^* NathanUU^ 
Thomaa'^)^ brother of the lyreceding, and second son of Col. Wil- 
liam* and Esther (Joslin) Richardson, of Princeton, Mass.; bom 
in what was then Lancaster, June 27, 1760 ; married, Sept. 30, 
1784, LvcT Mtsicc, bom March 10, 1766, daughter of John 
Myriclc, of "Weston. 

He was a respectable farmer. He lired in Princeton, formerly 
part of Lancaster, and died there July 26, 1814, asred 54. 

Hb widow Lucy was married Sept. 28, 1818, to William Everett, 
of Princeton, and died there Jan. 16, 1850, aged 84. This Mr. 
Everett was bora at Westminster, Mass., April 15, 1765 ; was 
selectman of Princeton, 1814-15, and died there, Dec. 7, 1857, 
aged 92. 

The children of Samnel and Lucy Richardson were ; 

Sally/ b. April S, 1785; m. Dea. Israel Howe. 

Samuel/ b. Dec. 2, 1787; m. Hannah Hoar. 

Polly/ b. Feb. 16, 1790; m. Azor MasrnarcL 

Catharine,' b. Hay 26. 1702; m. John Davis. 

William/ b. Oct. 4, 1794; m. Charlotte Billings. 

Peter/ b. Feb. 13, 179S; m. ^fehitable Prentiss. 

Susan,^ b. Xov. 1, 1801; m. Dr. James H. Braincrd, Not. % 182a 
They removed to China, Me. She died there Kov. 20, 188a 


622T. James (Braiuerd). 

6228. William S. (Brainerd). 

6229. 5usaa^nn (Brainenl). 
Abigail b. Jan. 6, 1800; m. Joseph H. Benson, of China* Me., 

Oct 29, 1827. She died in Dorchester, near Boston, at the 
house of her cousin, George Richardson, Dec 30, 1856. Chil- 

6231. Samuel (Benson). 

6232. 5«saii (Benson). 

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Jomr R1CHARD8OX • ( WiUiamf William,* Jcanes,* Nixthanidy* 
Thom<u^), brother of the preceding; bom in what was then 
LAncaster, Mass^ April 14» 1764; married Haxxah Lbtvis, of 
Barnstable, April 4, 1799. 

He entered Hanrnrd CoUeire in 1792, bat fh>ni ill health did not 
ffraduate. From the time of leaving college till a few jeam be- 
before his death, he was a teacher bv profession ; teaching in Ohio, 
New Jersey, and Massachusetts, tie opened the first sprammar 
school on Cape Cod. His residence was Centreville, in the town* 
ship of Barnstable, and there he found his wife. 

Me died in January, 1842, s^d 78. His widow Hannah died 
in June, 1861. 

Their children were : 



Edward Lewis/ b. Jane 80, 1800; d. July 20, 1800. 

John,' b. July 22, 1801; m. Eniellne Small. 

Ephraim J b. March 81, 1808 ; m. first, Mary C. HincUej; second, 

Jane Phinney. 
Asenath Lewis/ b. FeK 12, 1806; m. Albert Scudder. 
Josiahf* b. Sept. 2, 1806; m. first Abigail Scudder; second, 

Sophia Howe; third, Harriet £. Goodnow. 
Catharine.' b. June 18. 1811 ; m. Elijah Loring. 
WiUiam,' b. July 24, 15U; d. of fever at Stacan Island, Oct 1, 
+624a Hannah Lewis,? b. Aug. 24, 1816; hl James Worrell. 

The sons who came to matnri^ were ail sea faring men; three of 
tiiem ship masters. 


. Damabis Ca&t£b BiCHAfiDSOX ^ {Luke,^ Jam^ JionfrtSi^ Nor 
thanitl^ Thomas i), eldest child of Luke * and- Damaris (Carter) 
Richardson ; born in Leominster, June 16, 1^59 ; marrieil, March 
6, 1779, Dattd BotTTELix, bom in Leominster, Dec. 12, 1756, son 
of James Boutelle, w^ho came from Reading to Leominster. 

They lived in Leominster till iLijr, 1798, when they removed 
to the Old Cowdin farm in Fitehbui^, on which their son David 
now resides. Mr. David Boutelle, the father, died in Fitchburg, 
AniC. 3, 1816, aged 60. 

dis widow Damaris died Feb. 5, 1840, aged 81. 

Their diildren were. 
Bom in Leominster : 

r624LC Damaris (BoutsUe^ b. May 9, 1781; m. Sylvester P. Flints 
^ Children: •-. . • •:. ;*<: -^ :%- ^.tv-.,.,., oa\ ^.'.- 

6242. Charles P. (Flint), a shoe manufacturer in Lynn. 'Has no 


6243. Daoid BauUlU ( Flint K formerly in the lumber business, 
firm of Flint «Sc HalU Boston. Qe now lives in Watertown. 

6244. A daughter, m. — — Hills. She is now a widow, and her 

mother lives with her and her two daughters, at Burling- 
ton, Mass. 
Two otheiv, not now living. 

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BeCwT (BoQtell), K Dtc. 18, 1733; m. Xaduui Ordway. Thay 

had tmi children, six- of whom died young. Four are now 

VMng, March, 1$74. Their names are: 

Danid Boutelle (Ordway), a mason; lives at Fitchburg; has 

five children. 

0M7. AUMi B. (Ordway), is married, bnt has no children, 1874. 

He u in the floor and grain business. 
8S48. iknnoHs (Ordway ), m. C. F. Proctor ; thev have live children. 
9240. Gftortei (Ordwav), a prosperous merchant at XashviUe, 
Tenn. They have two children. 
Mn. Ordway, their mother, died at Fitchburg, Hatch 25, 1S57. 
Sophia (Boutelle). b. Jan. 25, 1739; m. Nathan Richardson. 
They had six children oC whom four were living in March, 
1874, vis.: 
8251. fleitry (Richardson), m. ; has no clilldren. He lives 

in rf ttsfield, Mass. He went as lieutenant of the Pitts- 
field Light Infantry, in the late civil war, and acquitted 
Jcna9 (Richardson), is somewhere "out west" 
A daughter married, in Palmyra, X. Y. 
A daui^ter married, in Windsor, ^tass. 
David (Boutelle). b. July 28, 1791; m. first, Ruth B. Hunting; 

second, Mary Tidd. 
Thomas Richardson (Boutelle), b. June 9, 1795: m. Sarah W. 
KQbum, of Wendell. 3Iass. So children. Me was a physi* 
oian in New Braiutree. Leominster, and Fitchburg about 
fifty years. He died at Fitchburg, July 13, 1389, agea 74. 

Bom in Fitchburg : 

8257. Loenaa (Boutelle), I twins, born ) never married. 
885a Louisa (Boutelle), ( Sept. 18. 1798: f see below. 

Loensa is unmarried, and is still living, March, 1874. in the 
Iimil7 of her brother David, in Fitchburg. 

Louisa married John Boynton, of Eltchburg. They re- 
moved first to Lubeo, Me., and afterwards to New Tork City, 
where he was in die commission businees about thirty years,* 
most of the time under the firm of Smith «k Bojmton, and a 
few years under the firm of John Boynton A Son. He died 
at Brooklyn, N. T., May 4, 1302, aged 00. The eldest son. 
5259. /oAa (Boynton), pursues the same business; Is married, 
and has five children, the eldest fitting for college, 
March. 1874. 
520a Georye Mi/to (Boynton) , graduated at Yato College in 1853; 

is a clergyman in Jersey City, N. J. 
fi26L ▲ daughter, m. Benjamin Walcott, president of the Hano- 
» Company, Xew York City. 


Sarah RxcHARDSOsr * (ZiiAV Jamss^* JameB^ Nathanxd^ 
ThomoM^)^ sister of the preceding, and second daughter of Lake' 
and Damaris (Carter) Richardson ; bom in Leominster, Nov. 16, 
1760 ; marrietl, 1783, John Buss, of Leominster. 

They lived in Leominster, and had twelve children, of whom 
three were livin? in that town in March, 1874. She died, a 
widow, June 27, 1852, in her NnrsTT-sscoxD year. 


Children, all born in Leominster: 

John (Buss), h. Mst 5, 1784; m. Betsey Brown, Feb. 11, 

They had six children. 
Sarah (Buss), b. March 17, 1735; d. Dec. 2d| ITOa 



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8261 Dorothy (Boss), h. 3Ureh 18, 1T8S; m. Thomas HfUs. No chU* 

Betiej (Boss), b. April 4, 1700; m. Charles mils. Thej had 
ten children. 

Sarah (Buss), h. Jan. 20, 1702; m. Ephraim Wilder. No chil- 

Luke (Bnss)r b. June 30, 1704; m. Prudence Carter, June 80, 
1818. Thej had teren children. He was liYing and taxed 
in Leominster, 1874. 

Susan (Buss), b. Feb. 25, 1708; m. Ex Bakh, March 7, 1810. 
They had ten children. 

Polly (Buss), b. Feb. 17, 1800; unm. ; d. June 3, 1880. aged 8a 

Ephraim (Buss), b. March 14, 1S02; m. "^'the widow Potter.'^ 
He had no children. He was Uring and taxed in Leomin* 
ster, 1874. 

Nancy (Buss), b. Nor. 5» 1808; m. Oliver Patch* She had no 
children; was Uving in 1374. 

Asaph Evans (Buss), b. April 25, IS06; m. first, Elizabeth Tay- 
lor, Oct. 24, 1888; second, Mary Williams. By first wife he 
had one child; by the second wii^ he had nine children^ 
He died ^*ov. 5, 157& 

Damaris Richardson (Buss), b. March 5, 1808: m. Sumner L. 
Carter. They had live children. She died July 7. 1873. 
Of the above twelve children, only Luke, Ephraim, and Xancy were 
living in March, 1874, if the compiler's information can be depended 





LvKs RiCHAB]>802r * {Luk€y* Jiifnesy* JamM} Nathaniel^ 
Thoma$'^\ son of Lake* and Damans ^Carter) Richardson; 
born in Leomin.ster, April 2, 1768; mamed Relief Fuller, 

He liTod in Leominster; was one of the school oommittee, 
1819. He died there, 2Iarch 3, 1842, aged 79 years, 11 months. 
His wife Relief died Sept 9, 1827. 

Their children were : 

8274. Belief/ b. May 81, 1789; deceased. 

+8273. Artemas,^ b. Feb. 28. 1790; m. Eliza Steams. 

8278. SaUyJ b. Nov. 7. 1708: Uving in 1874. 

8277. Lnlce,' h. May 29, 1791; num. ; deceased. 

8278. Betsey/ b. Jan. 1» 1798; unm.; deceased. 


Db. Thomas ^cr^b3>%o:x* {Luk^^^ James^^ Janus^^ irathan- 
id^ Thomas M, brother of the preceding, and son of Luko* and 
Damaris (Carter) Richardson; born in Leominster, Feb. 1, 1766; 
married, 1790, Ja^te Bnowx, bom Feb. 20, 1765, daughter of 
Rer. Joseph Brown, of Winchendon, Mass. Mr. Brown was 
minister there from 1769 to 1800. 

Thomas Richardson lived in Royalston, Mass., and was a phy- 
sician, practicing in Royalston and the adjacent town of Fitz- 
william, TS. H. He died in Fitzwiiliam, Ang. 8, 1S52, aged 86 
years and 6 months. His wife Jaoo died Oct. 17, 1828, aged 63 
years, 8 months. 

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Their chtldren^ all born in Royalston, were : 
+e279. Thomas,^ b. July 24, 1700; m. first, Sarah Knight; second, 

em Maxr/lK April 19, 1703; m. William Rider, of Dublin, X. H. 
. She died at Guilford, Vt, November, IdiO^ aged 77 years and 

eS81. Luke Brown,^ b. April 14. 1705; m. Mary Ann Dunn, daughter 
of Judge Dunn, of Cabot, Vt: d. in Cabot, Nov. 2ii, 1$80, 
afl^ 35 yean, d months. Children: Xia»,^Ji/aryaAiu^i>ana.^ 

6282. Eliza,? b. April 12, 1707; d. in Fitzwilliam, Jan. 12, 1830, af^ed 

0283. Lanra,' b. June 3, ISOO; m. Daniel Reed, of Fitrwilliam, Nov. 2, 

8284. Jane S.,vb. Nor. 21, 1802; m. John 'SmbaU, of Fitzwilliam. 
8285. JoAa ^icAorc/son (KimbaU). 
62S8. Charles Edward (EimbaU). 
8287. JM£e HiU (Kimball). 
' 6288. EWm Jhne (Kimball). 
62S0. Charles,' b. April 21, lSi)5; m. Rebecca N. Harden, of Fitztril- 
liam; d. at Macon, Ga.. July 13, 1S35, aged 30. 
+6200. George Carter,' h. April 27, 1S08; m. first, Susan Gore Moore; 

second, Ellen Gregory. 
* 6291. John,^ b. Jan. 29, 1810; d. at Forsyth, Ga., Oct. 1, 1829, aged 19 
years, 8 months. 

^1 5, 


John ajcbabdson* (X»<£e,* JamM^ Jamuf Sathanid^ 
Thoma^^^y brother of the preceding, and third son of Luke^ and 
Damaria (Carter) Richardson ; bom in Leominster, ^lass., Aug. 
8, 1770; married Naxct Lowe. 

On the records of Leominster be is desigpnated as John Rich- 
ardson, jr., to distinguish him from his uncle, John Richardson 
[5412], the son of jaraes and Sarah (Fowle) Richardson. 

He was a tailor; for many years the only <* man*tailor '^ in 
Leominster. He died in Leominster, Aug. S, 1832, amd 82, the 
same day his brother Thomas died in Fitzwilliam, N. H. 

His will is dated Feb. 20, 1850 ; proved Oct. 20, 1852. It 
mentions wife Nancy and all the children named below, except 
Joseph, as then living. 

6292. Harriet Byron,^ b. Sept 8, 1795; onm.; now liTing in Leomin- 
ster, 1874. 

Joseph Barker,^ b. July 28, 1797; d. before his father. 

OrnlieJ b. May 13, L^jO; m. June 29, 1826, at Westford. Polly 
Fletcher, b. June 1.^ I$<r2, daughter of Joseph and Frances 
(Grout) Fletcher, ol Yestford. Xow living m Wisconsin. 

Mary Ann,^ b. May 9, 1802; m. Kendall; d. July, 1S74. 

Jane,^ nnm. : now living in Leominster. 1874. 

William U.,* b. March 4, 1811 ; merchant at No. 23 India Street, 
Boston ; living at Sa>in HilL 
The daughters were m good repute as teachers. 




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JosiAB RiCBABOSON* (ZciXV Jbm^^ Jame$y* JShtAaniel^* 
2%om<u ^)» brother of the preceding) and foarth sou of Lake* 
and Damans Richardsont of Leominster; bom there, Feb. ld» 
1777; married Rbua^tcb Cbocslbb Cbosbt, of Athol, Worces- 
ter Coonty, Mass* 

He liyed in Leominster till near the age of forty, and appears 
to. haye parsaed the business of a teacher. He also lived in 
Keene, £f. H. He was town clerk of Leominster five years, from 
1811 to 1815, inclusive. He was one of the board of school 
committe, 1809, 1811, and 1812; selectman, 1811, 1812, and 1815; 
assessor, 1813 and 1814. He then applied himself to a mercan- 
tile life. He was a merchant some years in ;Wendell, Franklin 
County, Mass. He and his wife, while there, supposed themselves 
to become subjects of renewing grace, and united witli the Or- 
thodox Churoh. He was till death an active member in that de- 
nomination. He removed from Wendell to Albany, and was in 
trade in that city. From Albany he removed to Baltimore, Md., 
where he lived many years, and buried his only son, aged eighteen 

After passing his seventieth year, he gave up active employ- 
ments, and returned to his native Leominster to pass the rem- 
nant of his days. He died Oct. 28, 1863, aged 86 years. ' .iionths. 
His will is dated June 25, 1862. As the will mentions uo wife or 
children, probably they were all deceased. The will mentions 
his brother Sewall, but no other heir. 

We have information of no other ofispring of his^^esides : 

e208. WiIIiamCrosby/b.Marehl4,1817;d. JuneT, 1817. 

0:^99. Beliance.' 

680a WUliam Crcsbj,^ d. in Baltimore, aged la 


Db. Sewall Richarosox* {lAtke^* James^^ James^* yathani^l,* 
Thom€U^)f brother of the preceding, and youngest son of Luke 
and Damaris (Carter) Richardson, of Leominster; bom there, 
July 30,1784; married, first, April 9, 1^15, Abigail Kendall, 
bom June 4, 1788, daus^htcr of John Kendall, of Leominster, 
whos€i native place was Wobum. Her mother was Rebecca Hill^, 
of Leominster. She, Abigail, died Sept. 18, 1823, aged 35. Sec- 
ond, April 25, 1881, Maby Cottbb, bora Feb. 22, 1?<01, daughter 
of Jacob Cutter, of Wendell, Mass., a very estimable lady. She 
died May 10, 1842. Her sister was the wife of Rev. (WUliam?) 
Leach, a Baptist minister of Harvard, Mass. 

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Dr. Sewall Richardson lived in his native Leominster. He was 
very active in hb habits, genial in his nature, of a hopeful tem- 

Erament, never looking on the dark side, remarkably cheerthl iu 
I feelings. He enjoyed almost, if not qaite, perfect health, till 
the day previous to his death, which was caused by falling down 
stairs, rendering him unconscious for twenty-four boors. 
He died Jan. 20, 1867. 

His children, by first wife, Abigail: 

4-6801. Clarissa Kendall,^ b. Aug. 27, 1816; m. Charles H. Colburn. ' 
+6803. Abigail Rebecca,* b. July 2, 1820; m. first, Daniel Kundlett 
Haines; second, CoL Ivers Phillips. 


Jobs: Richjlsdsox,* Esq. (Jbhnf Jamw^^ James^* Nathanid^* 
Thomas ^), eldest son of John * and Eunice (Green) Richardson ; 
bom in Leominster, Nov. 22, 1771 ; married, in Topshsim, May, 
1798, SjlsjlH Tibbsts, of Lisbon, Me., daughter of Reuben and 
Hannah (^Carr) Tibbets. Hannah Carr, her mother, was bom Dec. 
9» 1754, daughter of Dr. Moses Carr, of Somemworth, N. H. 

He left Leominster when a young man, unmarried, and came 
first to Berwick in Maine, afterwanb to Topsham, and to Bath. 
He was a merchant in Topsham. 

Jan. 7, 1801. John Richardson, of Topsham, merchant, bought ' 
of Joseph West, of Bath, and wife Ann, land and buildings in 
Bath. [Lincoln Deeds, xlvi 148.] 

This probably indicates the date of his removal firom Topsham\ 
to Bath. 

1803. John Richardson, of Topsham, merchant, bougrht of 
William Howard, of Augusta, land in Bath. [Lincoln l>eeds, 
m. 48, 47.] \ 

March 2, 1818. John Richardson, of Bath, merchant, is ap» 
pointed administrator of estate of James Rowe, of Bath. [Lin*^ 
coin Prob. Records; xvL 89, 90.] '^ 

He died in Bath, Me., August 2, 1855, in his eighty-fourth year. 
Sarah his wife died March 28, 1858, aged 87. 

. His children were : 

6303* Eyelina,^ b. in Topsham, March 7, 1800; d. Aug. 5, ISOO. 
6^03. John Oreen,^ b. in Topsham, July 9, 1801. Assistant clerk in the 
House of Kepresentatives of Alaine. He died in Portland, 
F«b. 23, 1823. aged 21. 
6301. Orrille,' b. in Top»hRm, April 2, 1803; m. in Syracuse, N. T., 
August, 1834. Jane (r. Gould, of bt bimons island in Geor^ 
. gta. He died July 4, 1872. blie died aged 50. Both at St 
bimons Island, uaid one child: Jamen Onillef b. in Xew 
York, September, 1835 ; resides in Baltimore. 
WUUam Carr,) b. in Bath, March 19, 1805. He died in Tops- 
, Oct 9, l&JU. 

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postehity of thomas bichabosok. 


+6800. Charles,' b. Feb. 17, 1S07 ; in. Aufc. 25, 1S40, Uorj H. Wanes. 

6307. Augustas.' b. iu Bath, Dec. 10. l$OS, now residing there, unm. 

6808. Samht' b. in Bath, April 10. ISll ; m. first. Francis A. Tliomp* 
son, of Topsham, moj 15, 1334. Ho died July 14, 1S37, ou 
the coast of Samatra. Had one child: Franee$ Jane G&or- 

Slana (Thompson), b. June 14, 1S37. Second, Sept. 20, 1S47, 
amuel L Kooiuson, of Bath, who was the first husband of her 
sister, Betsey C.,' and the son of Samuel Robinson, of Port- 
land. Had one child: £Ua (Bobinson), b. July 20, 1S52: d. 
Sept 5, 1852. 
6800. Betsey C.,' b. in Bath, Sept. 14, 1S13; m. Samuel L Bobinson. 
of Bath, Xov. 4, 1S41. She died Aug. 20, 1S43. He died in 
Bath, Sept 7, 1065^ Had one child: OrvilU Augtutua (Bob- 
inson)^ b. in Bath, Ang. 8, 1343, now unm. 


Greex Richabdsox* {Johmf Jamea^ Jamtsf Nathanitl^ 
ThomaB^\ brother of the preceding, and son of John' and 
Eunice (Qceen) Richardson, of Leominster; bom thero, Aug. 16, 
1784; marrtv YLlSSxjbl Tibbbtts, of Lisbon, Me., daughter of 
Reuben Tibbetts, and sister of hb brother John^s wife. 

He follo\Fe<'1 his brother John to Maine, when a 'young man, 
and settled in Bath. He died there, in the spring of 1841, with- 
out issue. 

His will is dated April 13, 1841; proved June 7, 1841 ; record- 
ed Lincoln Prob. Rec, li. 46. He gives to his niece, Sarah £. 
Rowe, then unmarried, one thonsanri dollars; if she die unmar- 
ried, the testator's nieces, Sarah Richardson Thompson [6307] 
and Betsey Richardson [6809], dansiiters of the testator's broth- 
er John, were to have the legacy. [Sarah £. Rowc was a daugh- 
ter of James Rowe, of Bath. She married a Hodgkins.] The 
testator's sisters, Mary Lincoln and Abigail Parker, had bequests 
made to them. Bequests were also made to the widow of reter 
Osgoocl McLellan, to Mary C. Smith, to Jemima Welsh, and Mo- 
ses Tibbets, of Topsham. The testator's brother, John Richard- 
son, was to have the residue of the estate. There were no 
. Oershom Hyde and William M Rogers were the executors. 

The inventory included a dweiling-nouse^ on Front Street, in 
'Jath, in the account described as on Wasliington Street, valued 
at 82,000, and personal estate, 81^514.88; total, 88,514.83. 

In the executor's accounts, 1842 and 1847, Sanih E. IIo dgkins 
received the lescacy of one thousaod dollars, showing her identity 
with Sarah £. llowe in the will. She was, I suppose, the wife of 
Edward Hodgkins, of Boston. 


William RiCHAnosoy* {Johnf Jamt9^ James^^ Nathaniel^^ 
Thomas *), brother of the precedint^, and youngest son of John * 
and Eunice (Green) Richardson ; born in Lcointiister, Mass., Oct. 
26, 1786; married, first, March 13, 1314, Harriet Leland, 
daughter of Hon. Joseph Leland, of Saco^ Me. Her mother was 


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Dorcas Eaog, of Saco, sister of Rnfiis Eiog, senator of the 
TlDited States, and of Gen. William Ktng« the first governor of 
Maine, after the separation from Massachusetts. Her sister Sarah 
was the second wite of Hon. Edmnnd Parker, of Amherst, and 
of Nashaa, N. H., eminent as a legislator and a bnsicess man. 
Her sister 3Iar7 was the wife of Benjamin Frederic French, a 
lawyer, lesrislator, and agent of manuiactartng companies in 
Nashua ancl Lowell, the places of his residence. Her sister Bet- 
sey was wife of Rev. Nathan Lord, pastor twelve years in Am- 
herst, N. H., and president of Daxtmouth College tliirty-five 
years, from 1828 to 1863. Dr. Lord and wife had eight sons who 
went through the foil coarse of instmction at Dartmouth College. 
' Mr. Richardson married, second, 1888, Mss. Maiujl (Ogde:?) 
Wjlitd, bom in Newark, N. J., Oct. 9, 1798, daughter of Jona- 
than and Mary (Vance) Ogden, and widow of Mamiaduke 
Wand. 3tr. Wand fnot Ward) was a native of Houdon, in the 
East Riding of Yorkshire, England, and a merchant in New 
York City. He died in 1880. 

When a young man, Mr. William Richardson left his native 
Leominster and tbllowed bis elder brothers, John and Green, into 
Maine. After a short stay in Berwick and Topsham, be settled 
in Bath, Me. Li that thriving city be passed the remainder of 
his life. He was a merchant^ accomplished and saccessful, so 
that he early retired from the pursuits of commerce. He was not 
a member of any church, but ne regularly attended publit^- wor* 
ship, avowed a Cbiistian hope, and his pastors and friends had 
penect confidence in him as a Christian man. He enjoyed the 
confidence, indeed, of the whole community* 

He was remarkable for his very strict integrity and perfect up- 
rightness. He was a generous supporter of all good institutions 
and enterprises. He was noted foe systematio and judicious lib* 
erality; was highly respected by all of every name, and was one 
of the leading and' most honored citizens of Bath. 

He died in Bath, Dec. 22, 1846, aged 60. His second wife, 
Maria, died May 24, 1S74, aged 80 years and 7 months. 

His will is dated Xov. 5, 1846 ; proved Feb. 17, 1847 ; record- 
ed Lincoln Prob. Rec.., Ixiv. 3-9. It is very long, occupying six 
pages or more of the recorrl. Much of the estate was coiuinicted 
to five trustees, who were, bis brother-in-law, Edmund Parker, of 
Nashua, Benjamin Frederic French, another brother-in-law, of 
Lowell, and his sons, Frederic L., Henry L^ and John G. Rich- 
ardson. They give bonds for fitly thousand dollars. Mr. Par- 
ker, in May, 18ol, resigned the tnij»t. 

The inventory, dateil Feljruary, 1850, amounted to 8160,315. 
It is found in Lincoln Prob. Rcc, Ixxi. 255. 

An abstract of the will now follows. It is inserted as a curios- 
ity; it would be diiftcult to find a parallel. The wife Maria is to 
have the use of the dwelling-house, etc^ and an annuity of one 
thousand dollars. 

Ein^ht children of the testator are provided for, to wit : Har- 
riet £• Colby, Sarah B. Richardson, Mary Jane Richardson, Wil- 

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liam P. lUcbardsony Henry L. Richanlson, Frederic L. Richardson, 
John Green Richardion, George L. Richardson, the last named 
and Mary Jane being minors. 

To his brother John, whose wife was Sarah, he srave a bequest. 

To his sister, Abigail Parker, of Leominster, 3£ass^ he gave 
the sam of one thousand dollars, ami if she should die before re- 
ceivins: the same, that sum to be equally divided to her children. 
[Mrs. l^arker was then 78 years of age.'] 

To the Rev. Riy Palmer [whose wife was the testator's step- 
danghter], and to mv niece, Sarah R. Thompson, of Bath [6307] 

Eis brother John's ({aiighter], to my nephews, Joseph Darhnei of 
K>minster, and William A. Darling, of the city of Xew xork 
Esons of the testator's sister Mary], to Mrs. Betsey King Lord 
wife of President Lord, of Daitmouth College, his wife's sister], 
and Miss Dorcas Kinc Leland [sister of the last named], of Han- 
over, N. H., to each the sum of five hundred dollars. 

To Nathaniel Coffin, of Jacksonville, III., to Rufus Ean^ Por- 
ter, of Portland, to Professor William Smyth and Alpheus Spring 
Packard, of Brunswick, and John Shaw, of Bath, to each the 
sun of two hundred and fifty dollars. [3Iessrs. Smyth and Pack- 
ard were professors in Bowdoin College.] 

To Ann Maria Palmer, wife of Rev, Riy Palmer [his minister], 
the brick house on Middle Street, purchased of John Weeks ana 
at the date of the will occupied by them. [\Vlien Mr. and Mrs. 
Palmer left Bath, this house was sold for two thousand dollars.] 

To Marmaduke Waud, the son of my wife, the sum of one 
thousand dollars on his becoming twenty-one years of age. 

To Miss Martha Robb, of Canton, Mass.» the fiiithlul mstmctor 
of my diildren, thirty dollars annually during her life. 

To the widows of *Dr. Bowman, of Rev. Silas Steams [former- 
ly of Bath], Joel Mitchell, James Robinson, and other widows, 
certain specified sums. 

To the Maine Missionary Society, to the Seamen's Friend So- 
ciety, etc, bequests were made. 

His children, all bom in Bath, and all by first wife, were : 

esia Harriet £.,*m.Josiah Colby; now lives in Brooklyn. N. T.; 
took care of tiie family after the decease of her mother. 

6811. Sarah B.,* m. George Barnard Upham. adopted son of Thomas 
Cogswell Upham, professor of moral philosophy and meca- 
phj-sicsin Bowdoin Collec;e from ldi'4 to 1872. This sen 
graduated. Bowdoin CoUe^, 1346; M. D., 1650; lives in 
ronkers, X. T. 

6312. Henry Lincoln.' b. 1820; m. March 25, 135.S. Fanny Mitchell 
Lincoln, daughter of Henry Lincoln ; graduated, Bowdoin 
College, lb39; was a banker in Boston; was appointed. May 
5, 1551, trustee to fill the place of Hon. Edmund Parker, who 
had resigned the trust He lived in Brookline; d. suddenly 
in Xew York City, 1806, aged 46. 

6813. Frederic Lord,* office. 40 2*tace Street, Boston, treasurer of the 
Hill 3(anuf actuhng Company, Lewiston, Me., a son4n-Uw of 
Homer Bartlct, Boston. 

6314 John Green,' was postmaster in Bath, 1873; m. Maxy Lincoln ; 
one child: Jlarde.* 

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WilliAm P./ tras in bosineM in Boston; fell from a wharf and 
was drowned. 

George h^' nu Ann ^cLellan, of Bath ; was in bosiness in Bos« 
ton; in a fit of insanity killed one of his children; is now an 
inmate of the asylum for the insane at Somenrille, near Bos- 

3Xar7 Jane/ iras anmarried June, 1875, and living with one of 
her sisters. 


Nathaniel Richardson * (Nathanid^^ Jo9hua^^ Joskuaj^ Jlfii- 
thaniel/ 2%oma« ^), eldest son of NathatiieP and Eunice (Put- 
. nam) Richardson, of Salem ; bonr in Woburn, Aug. 26, 1772 ; 
never married. 

He removed from Salem, where he hod been brought up, to 
Portland, Me^ about 1793. He was a tanner, merchant, and 
trader 'on a larse scale. Many conveyances of land to him arc 
on record in tue Cumberland Registry of Deeds, beginning at 
the outset of his career. Some abstracts follow : 

July 8, 1793. Xathaniel Richardson, of Portland, tanner, 
leased of John Emmons, of Portkind, currier, his tanyard and 
the buildinss thereon, for four years, or two years, if said Rich- 
ardson thinks best. [Cnmb. Deeds, xx. 248.] 

July 4, 1794. Nathaniel Richardson, of Portland, tanner, 
leased of Stephen Hall his tanyard, with -currier's shop, etc, in 
Portland, for t^vo or six years. [Cumb. Deeds, xxi. 300.] 

Aug. 14» 1793. Natiianiel Richardson,- of Portland, tanner, 
bought of [Colonel] William Cobb, of Poitland, a parcel of land 
in Portland, on the south side of Fore Street, eastward of Love 
Lane, and some flats adjoining, extending to the channel of Fore 
River, to^pether with the wharf and, buildings thereon. [Cumb. 
Deeds, xxiii. 144.] 

April 29, 1796. Nathaniel Richardson, of Portland, tanner, 
bought of 3Ianr Hall, of Portland, land and flats on the south- 
easterly side of Fore Street, adjoining the land which said Rich- 
ardson purchased of Col. William Cobb. [Cumb. Deed% xxiv. 

June 6, 1796. Nathaniel Richardson, of Portland, trader, 
bought of John Emmons, of Portland, several parcels of land in 
Portland. [Cumb. Deedis xxiv. 558.] 

He made other purchases of land in Portland in 1797, 1798, 
and 1800. [Cumb. Deeds, xxvi., xxvii., and xxxiiL] 

He also bought a mill in Buxton and other property on Saco 
River, Auc. 27, 179?. fTork Deeds, Ixiii. 41.] 

On the flats purchased as above in Portland, and the wharf ad- 
joining, Richardson's wharf was built by him, and named for him, 
and a large amount of business was transacted. He had a stoi*e 
on that wharf. He advertised flour and other articles for sale, in 
the Portland Gazette, Au^ist 18, 1800. He was also in the East 
India trade. Meanwhile he carried on the tanning business in 
the old tanyard between Fore and Free Streets, where Cotton 

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Street nov is, and wiiere Deaoon TTilliam Cotton and his heirs 
had pursued the same business nearly ifftv years. 
To make these purchases and transact tlib biutiness^ he was in 

J»art dependent on his flither's resources, as we learn from another 
eed. Me removed to Baltimore previous to February, 1808. 
February, 1808. Nathaniel Richardson, late of Portland, buc 
now of Baltimore, merchant, to secure his bond,, i^ve a deed to 
Eunice Richardson, of Salem, 3Ias9^ widow (liis inother], of land 
and flats on Fore Street in Portland, being the same he boui^ht of 
William Cobb in 1795 and Mary Hall in 1796. [Cumb. Deeds, 
buncix. 262.] 

Eunice Richardson, the mother, sold her ricrht in the above to 
Joshua Richardson, another son, in 1823. [Cumb. Deeds, xciii. 

In July, 1805, he was residing in the city of Lisbon. How long 
he resided there, does not appear. He died in Slalaga, in Spain, 
Jan. 24, 1818, a^d 45. His large property, at his death, went to 
his brothers anu their children. 


Capt. Joshua Richabdsox* {2^ath(midy^ Jb$hua^^ Joshua* 
NiaJianid^ TAomas^), brother of the preceding, and second son 
of Nathaniel* and Eunice (Putnam) Richardson, of Salem ; born 
there, Sept. 23, 1774; married, first, 2fovember, 1802, Eunice 
LA2n>SB, born 1778, daughter of Capt. Peter and Rebecca (Brown) 
Lander, of Salem. She died 2Iarch 28, 1804, aged 26. ""She 
waa^ a lady of superior intellectual endowments, and enjoyed an 
habitual cheerfulness, which never forsook her during her twelve 
months sickness.'* fSalem Gazette, April 8, 1804.] Second, 
April 2, 1816, Asrs (Haio'ord) Joxes, daughter of Thomas Han- 
ford, Esq^ of St. John, New Brunswick. She died Oct. 19, 1850, 
aged 68. 

While yet a young man, he visited Europe twice. He spent 
some time in France in 1796-7, and again m 1800-1. The in- 
fluence of these visits on his manners was manifest durins: his 
whole subsequent life. While living in Salem, October, 179?, he 
subscribed five hundred dollars to the fund for building the frigate 
Essex at that port.^ 

*Th« Esaez was baUt by a subscriptioo o( Salem merchauts and otben, in 
1798. She was of 860 tons burthen, and carried rUirty-two (^tns. 8he \ra.H 
buUt in pursuance of an act of Con^re.^ passed June oO, 17J^. authorizing; the 
President (Adanu) to accept of twelro Teasels of \rar on the credit of th« 
united States, for the pcotDction of our coiumerce a;;ainst the depre«lations of 
British and French cnii.'iers. The money for building them wod raLsed by a 
Hubscription of prirate individuals, and loaned to the United States. The sub- 
itcription was filled with j^reat promptness and alacrity. The aiuounc thus 
raued in Salem was $74,700. WUliam Orav and Elian H. Derbv hea<led the 
^bscription. each with the sum of ten tliousaad dollars. Others foUotred 
with sums of from five thousand, down xo fifty, and eren twcnty-ftve dollars. 
The whole number of muues on the paper was one hundretl and one. The 
aames and respective amounts appear in the historical collections of the £.49es 
Institute, ToL z. part ill. The whole cost of tl^ ship Estsex, when armed, 
equipped, and ready fur sea, was dl39,3G3. 

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H« oama from Salem, his native place, to Portland, in Septem* 
ber, 1801, and in 1802, joineti his brother Nathaniel in the store 
then lately built on Richardson's wharf, where, and in its neigh- 
borhood, he continued to the close of a long life. Steadily, in- 
dostrionsly, and honorably, he conducted a prosperous and re- 
munerative business. He had s:raat energy of character, and was 
so prompt in the discharge of his own duties, and so ligid in his 
requirements of duty from others, that he seemed, to persons not 
familLor with him in'his social hours, to bo stem and severe. But 
he possessed keen sensibility, and in private and domestic life was 
affectionate, gentle and kind. 

He was many years in the West India trade. Afterwards was 
treasurer of the Portland Manufacturing Company, and presi- 
dent of the Manufacturers and Traders Bank. 

For twenty years he was very active in the municipal affiiirs of 
Portbnd, as fire warden, superintendent of streets, and selectman : 
and was a most efficient oflxcer. He conducted the affiiirs of the 
town with much ability and vieor. Two years, 1828 and 1824, 
he was a member of the State Legislature. Whatever he under- 
took he faithfully pertbrme<l. He was a true and honorable man 
in all his dealings, and expected a like return from others. 

Mav 23, 1856. Joshua Richardson, his brother Israel Richard- 
son, their brother William Putnam Richardson, Lydia D. Gtllis, 
Greofge D. Richardson, Eunice P. Richardson, Elizabeth D. Rich- 
ardson [these four being children of Jesse Richardson, deceased, 
a brother of Nathaniel and Joshuoji Susan C. Richardson, Ellen 
Octaria Low [grandchildren of Jesse], Edward Symmes Lang 
Richardson, and the children of Charies Frederic Richardson, by 
their guardian, purchased of the Richardson Wharf Company, by 
their president, 6. F. Shepley, the said wharf; and the land, etc, 
connected therewith, comer of Fore and Bank Streets. [Cumb. 
Deeds, cclxzii. 104.1 

Same day Israel liichardson, executor of the will of Mrs. Eu- 
nice (Dodse) Richardson, widow of Jesse, sold her interest in 
said whar^ etc. [Cumb. Deeds, cckxii. 107.] 

Joshua Richardson sold several parcels of Lind in Westbrook in 
184L He died in Portland, Xov. 4, 1862, aged 88. 


His children were, by first wife, Eunice : 
An infant, died young. 

By second wife, Ann, and bom in Portland : 

Jnliar^ b. Feb. 27, 1817; m. Edward C. Upham. 
Ann Hauford,- b. Jan. 3<), ISIO; d. Sept 21, 1S20. 
Thomas Hanford,' b. Dec. 3, 1S'20; m. Kannah J. Crockett. 
William,' b. Oct 10, 1S22; d. the next day, Oct 20, 1822. 
Xathaniel Putnam,' b. Sept 17, 1S23; d. Aug. 20, 1821 
yathaaiel Putnam.* b. Au:;. *^. 1825; m. 3Iarr Woods Smith. 
William Putnam,' b. April 5. 1:^29; m. SaraliF. Richards. 
Ann ilanford,' b. Feb. 3, 1S32; m. first, John de J. Manser; 
second, Henry W. Bishop. 

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POSTEJOrr OF thomas richabdsox. 


Jksss Rxchjlbdsox* {NathanxeU* Joshua^* Joshua^* Ifat/uuitei^* 
77iomas^)j brother of the preceding, nnd third son oif Nathaniel * 
and Eanico (Patnam) Richardson, of Salem ; bom in Salem^ Dec. 
2, 1776; married, Jan. 16, 1800, Eu^ncs Dodoe, daughter oi 
Joshua and Elizabeth (Croimizishield) Dodge, of Salem. 

They lived in Salem. He was a merchant in the East luilia 
trade, and acquired a handsome property; \ras kind and courteous 
to all. 

He died Feb. 11, 1814, a^d 37. His wife Eunice died Oct. 21, 
1812» aged 34. Their remains repose in the Howard Street Ceme- 

Their children were : 

+0827. Lydia Dodce,^ b. Dec 14, 1800; m. James Danlap Gillis. 

Nathaniel.^b. July 2, 1S<)2: when between nineteen and twenty 

yean of age, be was lost overboard, at sea. 
Jesse Putnam,* b. AprU 2, 1804; m. Susan Cabot 
Geor^ Dodge,* b. Jan. 18, 1806; m. Hairiet Bolina Wells. 
Eunice Putnam,^ b. March 8, 180S; unm. April, 1875; she owns 

and oeouptes tbe bouse built by her grandfather Nath'l, 32 

Forester bt, Salem. 
Elizabetb Dodge,' b. Xor. 22, ISOO; unm.; d. in Boston, Jan. 24, 

1861, aged 51 years, 2 months. 
Charies Story,^ b. Aug. 18, 1811; d. from having been scalded, 

Aug. 6, 1813. 




IssASL RiCHXBDSOsr* {NiUhani€lf JosAua^* Joahtuif Nixthan- 
id^ ThomcL9^)^ brother of the preceding ; bom in Salem, Jan. 15, 
1782; never married. 

He came from Salem to Portland about 1798; was at first a 
derk V> his elder brother Nathaniel, and nerer had but two 
boarding places, riz, the house of Daniel Cobb on Free Street, 
and that of the Misses Jones, comer of Congress and Park Streets. 

He was a merchant in the East India trade, and what is said of 
his brother Joshua in a preceding sketch is largely applicable to 
him. He acquired a large property by commerce, and was very 
charitable to the poor. 

The Cumberland Registr7 of Deeds contains many conveyances 
of hmd and buildings to and from him ; the earliest dated No- 
vember, 1803; the latest, 1366. 

He spent his life in Portland after 1793, and died there, March 
26, 1867, aged 83. 


Capt. Wiluam Pctxam Richardsox • (Nathaniel^* Jo^hua^^ 
JoMhuOi^ ifathanieiy^ Thomas *), brother of the preceding, and 
yonngest son of Nathaniel* and Eunice (Putnam) Richardson, of 
Salem; bom there, 3Iay 3, 1785; married, Aug. 6, 1807, DEnosAH 
Lastg, bom Sept. 23, 1783, daughter of Edward and Rachel 
(Ward) Lang. 


l-l- — 

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He was a shipmaster in the East India trade, and afterwards a 
merchant in Salem. He was, at the date of his death, president 
of the American Insurance Company in that town. 

Wlule following the seas, he vuited some of the islands in the 
Pacific Ocean, and performed an important service to the cause of 
philology, which is acknowledged in the following passag^e copied 
from the jonmal of the American Oriental Society, vol. L No. 1, 
p. 52, Boston, 1843 : 

^ Among the other islands, oar conntrymen first famished a 
▼alnable yocabnlary of the Fiji languase, which supplied an im- 

S>rtant deficiency in the known yocabularies of the Polynesian 
mily of langnages.** 

The ensiiine note then follows : . . . 

** This vocabulary was collected in the year 1811, by the late 
William P. Richardson, Esq^ of Salem, and is made the subject 
of a particular notice and acknowledgment of. the late eminent 
philologist. Baron William Yon Humboldt, to whom it wa^ com- 
municated about twenty years ago, in his great work entitled, 
TJeber die Eaui, Sprache* anf der hnael Java ; that is, On the 
Eaui, or Oriental language of the Island of Java, 3 vols^ -sto^ 
Berlin^ 1836-1839. See voL ii. p. 29." '; 

William Putnam Richardson died Sept; 5, 1826, aged 41.years^ 
and 4 months. His widow Deborah died March 4; lS4o, aged 59 
years and 5 months. Their remains were deposited in Harmony 
Grove Cemetery, Salem. : .. »<-i:* " 

Their children were : 


Ellen Octavio.^ b. April 25, 1S08 ; m. James W. Low. 

Sarah Lang/ b. May a. 1800; m. June 13, 1830, John Crownin- 

shield Dodffe, of Chicajiro, HL, son of John and Betsey (Waite) 
• Bodge, of Salem.' Removed to Chicago, where she died, Nov. 

0,1843. She had no children. 
Aucusta nsley,* b. Nov. 11, 1810; d. Feb. 7, 1811, aged 3 months. 
William Pumam,' b. Aug. 15, 1S15; unm.: • 
Edward Symmes Lasf,^l>. Feb. 28, 1816; m. Harriet Emellne 

Eliza Anne,^ b. March 4, 1317; m. Capt William James Chever. 
Charles Fre<leric.' b. April 11, 1813; m. Rath Chever Sbepacd. 
Caroline Louisa,* b. April 25, 1810; m. June 12, 1S50, Henry 

Bryant Osgood, b. at Baltimore, Md., May 10, 1318, son of 

Capt Henry and Lydia (Bryant) Osgood, of Salem. Cbil* 

. 634:2. De6oraA Lanj (Osgood), b. April 10, 1351; nnm.; April, 

6343. Caroiine Louisa (Osgood), b. Jane 11, 1854; d. Oct 12, 1858. 

6344. Henry Bryant, (Osgood), b. Jaiv 3, ISoO; d. Oct 20, 185d. 
6315. Nathaniel Putnam,* b. April 6, 1824 ; d. Nov. 20, 1825. 





Gexeral Alfoisd Richasdsox^* (Asa,^ Jbshnaj'^,Jo0hu€i^^J!fa- 

ihoiiiel? Tkomns% son of Aso*and Jane (Wyman) Richardson, 

of Wobum; bom there, Oct. 11, 1779; married, at North Yar- 

. moatli, Me., Jan. 8, 1806, Scsax Bahxeville, bom in Ameabury, 

Mass., March 22, 1783. Her fatlicr was Capt. Edward Bameville, 

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~ vl 

■^'^ '"^i^'-y^''' "' 

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of 2Torth Yarmouth, a native of England, who came to this coun- 
try at an earlr age. Her mother, Susan Davis, was bom in Glou- 
cester, Massachusetts. 

In earljr life, ho worked at the baker's trade in Charlestown. In 
an account written by himself, he saj's, he went, 'Sor. 19, 179S, 
toliveVnth Lane Jb Cutter,'* to receive from them clothes, board, 
and a dollar a week •*for speudin<r money.** He was orderly ser- 
geant of a military company in Boston, in September, 13U1. . Jn 
June, 1802, he went to North Yarmouth, Me. (now Yarmouth), 
and engaged as a clerk in a grocery store ; perhaps in consequence 
of his connection with Amnii Cutter, of Boston. Not long atler, 
he entered into partnership with a Capt. Bennett in that business ; 
this connection was dissolved July 15, 1805. He was married, 
as above, Jan. 8, 1806, and went to house-keeping. '^ April 21, 
1806. Moved into Capt. Levi Cutter's house; rent fifty dollars 
the year, and half the ta.xe»."t • 

About 1808, Alford Richardson took a leading part in forming 
a Light Infimtry Company in Yarmouth, of which he was chosen 
captain. He represented 'that town in the Legislature of Massa- 
chusetts, four ^*ears, from May, 1814 to May, 1818. In politics he 
was a Federalist. He was commissioned, June 18, 1814, major 

¥meral of the Twelfth Division of the Militia of Massachusetts, 
he original commission, signed by Caleb Strong, as governor, 
and Aloen Bradford ns secretary of the Commonwealth, is now 
before me. It being a time of war, when a long range of coast 
was continually threatened by the enemy, the office was no sine- 
cure. He was'honorably discharged, at his own request, Jan* 27, 

In February, 1819, he was elected cashier of the Bank of Port- 
land, and in Slaj following removed to that town with his iamily. 
He remained in the &ithftd and honorable discharge of the duties 
of that office sixteen years. In 1835, in consequence of ill health, 
he resigned that trust. Not long after he was elected to the 
Maine Legislature. 

His wife having died in 1889, he removed to Cambridge, Mass., 
in October, 1842, and took up his abode for the remainder of life 
with his eldest son Edward. 

At Yarmouth, Me., when Alfonl Richardson, then a youth of 

twenty-two, removed thither, in June, 1802, Rev. Sylvanns Board- 


'Levi Lone aad Amml Cutter. They trere merchants in Boston, as some 
say; bat Levi Laoe. at least, was a sail-maker. They wen partners in bosi- 
ness, and both Uved on Prince Street, in Boston. 

fTbis was Hon. Leri Cutter, bom in North Yamiontb, Me., Mar, 1774, son 
of Capt. William Cutter, f^mnilsun ot Dr. Ammi Kubamah Cutter, and {^reat- 
grandson of Ecv. Ammi Uiibanioh Cutrer, who was ordained, 2Cov. 1% 1700. 
the first minister of Xorth Yarmouth. Hon. Levi Cutter was a convert in the 
memorable revival under the labcjrs of Kev. Tristram Gilman, 171^1—*' Father 
GUman"— as the ^ood people of Xorth Vanuouth were acciisrouicd*to caU 
him lon^t since the compiler's remembrance. Levi Cutter, durin^ir iiistj-five 
years, maintained a con^Ldteut ChristiaA profession. He removed to Portland 
in ISIO, and was elected mavor of tiiat city in 1^4, which odice he sustained 
with great credit to hiiuself, and advantage to the citj, six jeais. lie died 
March % 1S9G, and the whole citjr did him reverence. 

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man, father of the excellent missiooaiy, George Dana Boardman, 
oceapted the pnlpit of the Baptist Church. Although previously 
inclined to UniversalLsm, and a hearer of Mr. 3Iurray in Boston, 
he now attended the services at the Baptist Church. In his case, 
at least, the labors of Mr. Boardman were not in vain. The word 
now preached came to the heart of the subject of this notice. 
Distressing conviction of sin was succeeded by peace and joy in 
believing on a crucified Saviour. The change was decisive and 
manifest. On the seventh day of April, 1811, Mr. Richardson 
was baptized by Mr. Boardman, and admitted a member of the 
Baptist Church in North Yarmouth. 

From this time his course was onward and upward. His hon- 
esty of purpose, his decision of character, his energy and prompt* 
ness in action, united with soundness of judgment, and Christian 
seal and earnestness, gained for him the respect and confidence, 
not only of the church, but of the whole community. He was 
chosen a deacon of that church, Aug. 17, 1815. He fiiithfiilly dis- 
charged the duties of that office till his removal to Portland, 3Iay, 
1819; after which he was chosen to the same office in the Baptist 
Church in Federal Street, to which he had transferred his relation. 
In both churches he filled that office sixteen years with credit to 
himself and advantase to others. Bodily ilhiess compelled him 
to relinquish it in 18§5. 

In 1885, his limbs began to be affected by paralysis, which grad- 
ually extended over his whole bodily frame, even to his tongue. 
In 1886, he was confined to the house, and was able to walk after- 
wards only by the help of crutches. With this exception his 
health was almost uninterrupted. He was patient, cheerful, and 
happy; keeping himself infonned of passing events, and laying 
up treasures in heaven. The Bible was his daily companion, and 
&om it he derived daily strength and support. 

His end was perfect peace. He was a man of sterling integri- 
ty, of strict truth, fiuthful to all trusts committed to him, hon- 
ored and beloved by all. 

His wife was for him a fit companion, indeed an invaluable 
blessing. Like her husband, once inclined to the doctrine of 
univer^ salvation, she, in a severe sickness after the birth of her 
second child, became convinced of her ruined state by nature, 
and, renouncing all other hope, yielded herself calmly to the 
mercy of Gbd through the atonement of his Son, the Lord Jesus 
Chris t. In the spring of 1810, she was baptized by that apostolic 
man^ the Rev. Sylvanus Boardman, and united with the JBaptist 
Church in Yarmonth. There, and at Portland, she was exempla- 
ry as a wife and a mother, and adorned the doctrine of her God 
and Saviour. She habitually lived under the influence of Chris- 
tian principle. She aided her husband to bear his burdens, often 
heavy and depressing. She suffered much from ill health, but 
was cheerful, patient, and submissive through the whole. She 
died in Portland, May 18, 18S9, aged 57. Gen. Richardson, her 
hnsband, died in Cambridge, Dec. 26, 1854, aged 75 years, 2 

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Their children were, 
Bom in North Yarmoath : 

Ancelia,^ b. Jan. 24, 1507 ; onmarried. During a long and pain- 
xcl illness the this sustained br the hopes and promises 'of 
the gospel, and died in Portland, June 13, 1838, aged 31 
Tsan, 4 months. 

ErurardJ b. March 4, 1800 : m. Mercy Owen. 

AUord,' b. Feb. 11, 1811; d. March 12, 1812. 

WUliam Phillips,' b. Feb. 14. 1813; uum. ; cashier of the Bank 
of Bangor; u. on *The Plains," on his way oTerland to the 
Pacific Ocean. 

Alford,^b. Aug. 31, 1815; onm.; was a stock broker in St 
Locds, Ma ; d. in St Louis, July 12, 1S43, aged 23. 

Joshua Wingate,' b. Jan. 18, 1818; m. Virginia W. Johnson. 

Bom in Portland: 

Augustas,^ b. May 17, 1820; m. Charlotte Maria Moore. 
Chariest* b. Feb. 26, 1823; m. Georgiana Dow. 


Pmnoxxcz RiCBABDSOsr* i-^sa,* Joshua^* Joshua^* Nathanid^ 
Thonuu^)^ sister of the preceding^ and daughter of Asa* and 
Jane (W^tnaa) Richardson ; bem in Wobam, April 16, 1785 ; 
mairiedf m CharlestoTrny Jnne 7, 1807, JoHsr Bottebs, of Pepper- 
ell, who was bom Sept. 5, 1780. 

They had bat one child : 


Mary Jane (Bowers), b. in Cambridge, Mass., Sept 25. 1813; m. 
Daniel C. Colesworthr, then of Portland* now of Chelsea; a 
bookseller in Comhiil, Boston. She died May 27, 1874, aged 
61 years. Their children were: 

685A* Banid C. (Colesworthy), b. Aug. 28, 1835; d. April 1, 1867, 
aged 31. 

6854.^ Jfory Jane (Colesworthy). b. July 12, 1887. 

6354.* CharUM J. (Colesworthy), b. Oct 10, 1330. 

6354.« Ellen JT. (Colcf worthy), b. Dec 2S, 1S41. 

6854w« Otarae B. (Coieswortliy)> h. April 3, 1844. 

6854.<^ HarrUt A. (Colesworthy), b. >ov. 0, 1846. 

6854^ Alice E. (Colesworthy), b. June 19, 1840. 

6354.^ WilUam O. (Colesworthy), b. March 10, 185L 


Janb Richabdsox* (-^Lm^* Jbahua^^ Joahttaf NathanUl^* 
Thoma9^)j sister of the precedinc, and daughter of Asa* and 
Jane (Truman) Richardson, of Woburn; born there, about 1790; 
married, in Charlestown, Mass., Feb. 8, 1819, Asa Caldwell, a 
tanner, of Londonderry, X. H. 

Children : 

6356. Joseph (Caldwell), m. Elizabeth Eliot, of Chariestown. 

6855.* Harriet (Caldwell), m. Samuel Rugg, of Chariestown. They 

removed to ChicagOb and had: SoUm^ AngeliOj fVedeHe, 

6356. Ancelia (Caldwell), m. Samuel Loring, of Duzbury. CHiildren : 

Luey, d. young; WalttTf d. young; Arthur^ d. aged 14; 

Jc^uo, m. Harriet Clark, of Chariestown. 

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Pbkbe Richabdsox* {AMa^* Joshua^* Joihua^ yiuhanielj^ 
Thoma$^), sister of the preeediag, and daaghter of Asa* and 
Jaoe Richardson, of Woborn ; born Dec 11, 1797; married, in 
Cambridge, Sept. 12, 1319, Djlsirl Foster, of Wtnohester, N. H. 
They lived in Cambridge, Concord, and Waltham, Mass. 

Their children wisre : 






Jane (Foster), b. JLng. 2S, 1820; m. 184S» Thoma» Miller, of 

Waltham. Children: Jane, Edward F., Phebe, 
Asa Wilson (Fosterl, b. in Brighton, July 20, 1822; m. first. 

Philenda Tilden Bond, Au^. U, 1845; second, Sarah Bond, 

her sister, April 11, 1S50. £She died March 17, 1850, aged 29. 
Prudence Richardson (Foster), b. in Watertown, Aag. 23, 1824; 

m. Benjamin D. Richardson, of Orange, in Brattieboro, Vt, 

May 13, 1840. Cbildien, bom in Fitchbarg: 
686a Xsonortl WlUofhf b. Jan. 20, 1850; killed on mtchbnig rail- 
road. May 14, 1872. 
6861. £^liMird Jbitss.' b. July 28. 1858; d. June 28, 1854. 
68112. WiOiam,^ b. June 28, 1857. 

Lucinda Harris (Foster), b. in Cambridce, Dec 18, 1820. 
Susan Augusta (Fostsr), b. in Concord, i>eo. 13, 1828; d. April 

Hannah Stetson (Foster), b. in Concord, Jan. 3, 1831; m. Wm. 

H. HalL No children. 
Sarah Emeline (Fostsr), b. in Concord, Not. 21, 1833. 
Mary Adeline (Foster^, b. in Concord, Dec 8, 1835; m. June 

3, 1868, Prof. William D. Gunning, of Bloomingbuxg, Ohio. 
Frances Angelia (Foster), b. in Concord, Oct 15, 1888. 
James Edward (Foster), b. in Waltham, Sept 30, 1841 ; d. Dec. 



JoBsr RiCHASDSON * {Jokmf Calebj* John^* Jfathaniel^* Tham- 
as^), son of Capt. John* and Rath (Sawtell) Richardson, of 
Templeton, Mass.; bom there, May 17, 1758; married Sarah 


Thev lived in Templeton. His will is dated Dec. 24, 182S ; 
proved Jan. 20, 1824. It prorides for wife Sarah, and for the 
children named below, with the exception of Sarah and Henry, 
who had previously deceased. It provides that each of the sons 
shall have a family Bible with a family record, to be transmitted 
to the males of the &mily to all sacceedinff generations. 

He died Dec. 23, 1828, aged 53. The widow married a second 
husband, and died Feb. 22, 1851. 

His children were : 

637a John,^ b. Aug. 22, 1TB8; m. Catharine McFarlane, Nov. 19, 1811. 

He died Feb. 10, I874w Children: 
6371. RuUif m. Lemuel B. Howe, of Templeton. 
___ 6 372. SonoA,' m. Charles Mirick, of Princeton. 
8373. Joehua,^ b. July 24, 1788; ul Lucinda Sawtell, Nov. 28, 1316 ; d. 

June, 1^42. 

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6874. James,' b. April 3. 1791 : cL April 7, 1845. 
6873. TbomatJ b. May 80, 1708; d. Au|r. 6, 1S74. 
6870. Sarab.* b. March 14, 17Dl5; cL September, 1S15. 

6877. CalebJ b. April 22, 17«; d. Sept. 0. 1S71. 

6878. Charlotte C.J b. Oct 21, ISOO; m. Charles C. Clay, who died at 

Rockton, nL 
6870. HeniT,* b. May 12, 1808: d. July 29, 1805. 

Charies,7b. Nor. 2$, 1^; m. first. Unity Partridge; second 
Miranda Cook. 


Sakah Richardsox* (Jbhn^* ' Caleb^^ Jo/in* Nathaniel^' 
Thomas ^), sister of the preceding, and eldest daughter of G.ipt. 
John Richardson,' of Tempteton; bom there, June 21, 1769; 
married Aarox Hall, Nov. ^ 1783. She died June 7, 1817. 

Their diildren were : 

Sarah (Hall), b. April 27, 1700; m. Rodney Smith, of South 
Deerfield. Mass., ZIm6, 1S18; d. Dec. 20, 1S66. Children: 
Sarah Hall (Smith), b. March d, 1815; m. Rer. Lester 

Janes, now of ()Qtncy, HI. 
Apphia (Smith), \k Aug. 31, 1317; d. March 10, IdlO. 
George Rodnsy (Smith), b. "Sor. 13, 1819; m« Elvira Hop* 
' Idns ; lires in .Sooth Deerfield, Mass. 
Jehu Btehardson (Smith), b. Oct 31. 1821; lives in Illinois. 
Irene Hall (Smith), b. March 20, 1S24; li\-es in lUiuois. 
Pltny (Smith), b. 6ept. 7, 1826; d. Xov. 23. 184a 
68SS. Apphia (Smith), bi July 18. 1320; lives in IlUnois. 
^ Richardson IKM\, b. Jan. 17, 1700; m. SybillaHale; d. March 
3^ ISOa He Liveil in Greenfield, Mass. Children : 
6800. Sarah ( HMl), m* Henry Hooker; lives in Wescfieid, Mass. 
John BichartUoii (Bail), lives in Boston. 
Charles IB^K d. ia Greenfield, Nov. 14, 1849. 
Aimira [ OaU), m. £dward Dewey; lives in Boston. 
William Hooker (Ball), li\'es in Boston. 
Edward (HaUl, m. Josephine Collins; lives in California. 
Isabella t Hall i. d. Feb. 16, 1853. 
JIary (HaU). m. Fxank Barnard: lives in Boston. 
Henry iB^xM), m. Betsey Judd; lives in Minnesota. 
6800. Betsey (Hail), b. Feb.18, li07; m. Asa Parsons, Dec. 11, 1317. 
Aaron Hall (Parsons), b. Sept 20, 1818; m. Harriet ^. King; 

d. Feb. 2S, lSo2. 
Benry (Parsons), b. Nov. 25, 1823; d. May 29, 1828. 
Henry Moore (Paaons), b. Sept 14, 1827; m. Susan M. 

ICingsley; resides in \Vesthainpton, Mass. 
Areihvisa (Parsons), b. July 13, ls29; m. WilUam J. Lyman; 
lives in Weschampton. Mass. 
6104. Rebecca (Hall), b. Oct 6, 1798; d. Dec. 17, 1793. 
0405. Irene (HaU), b. July Si, 1800; m. Rev. Samuel Matthews. Chil- 

6406. Martha Ely (Matthews), b. Aug. 20, 1836. 

6407. Sarah Biehardsan ^Matthews), b. June 13. ld3S; d. June 20, 

6408. Aiethusa (Hall), b. Oct 13, 1802; unmarried. She was many 
years the accomplished and successful principal of a yousfi^ 
ladies' school in Brooklvn, >'. T. Slio compilud a work 
some years ago on £u(;iish Literature, which was well rc- 
ceivea. She wrote the Life of Kev. Sylvester Judd, and 
doubtless other works. 







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6400. DnisUla (Hall), U. Jnlr SO, 1805; m. Alfred JohoiOD, of Had- 
ley. Childrtn: 
64ia M&tdJfvron (Jolmion), b. Feb. 2S, 1886; m. SVaaeas A. 

6411. Samuel Herbert ( Johnton), b. July 18, 1887 ; m. Nellie Hoyt. 

6412. Edmard (Johnson), b. Dec. 22, 1838. 

6413. /omet Bime^ (Johnson), b. Sept 17, 1840; d. March, 1S4U 
6414 JuUa Atethea (Johnson), b. AprU li, 1842; nu Dft?id A. 

Rice; d. Dec 20, 1874. 

6415. liberty HaU (Johnson), b. July 18, 1845; d. Not. 4, lS4a 

6416. Sarah Hall (Johnson), b. Aof?. 2(5, 1848. 

6U7. Samnel (HaU). b. May 7, 180S; d. Sept 2, 1860. Mrs. Irene 
(HaU) Matthews [6405], his sister, who compUed this sched- 
ule of the HaU family, and sent it to Miss Lydia R. Stone, of 
Medf ord, for insertion in this volume, says : ^ Of my broth- 
er Samuel, I would sa^ that he was a noted philanthropist 
and a zealous lender m the earUest anti-slavery movement 
He lectured on the subject during his coUece and theolop- 
oal course, and twice came near losing his Ute by a furious 
mob. After completing his studies, he was caUed to settle 
in a town in the eastern part of this State. The council 
came together and refused to ordain him on account of his 
seal in the anti-slavery cause, which he did not conceal 
Ever after, he followed teaching, saying he could never hold 
fellowship with time-serving brethren. What a change since 
tht time! Would he had Uved to witness it! ** 


Caleb Richabdsox* (John,* CaM,* John,* Nathania,^ 
7%ofn<M^), son of Capt. John* and Rebecca (3Ioore) Richardson, 
of Templeton,3Inss.; bom there, Sept 21» 1772; married Ciu.- 
BXSSA SbnoHTt of Eisthanipton, 3Liss.y Sept. 1, 1797. 

He was a pmctitiooor of medicine, at first in Charleston, ST. Y., 
aftertrards in Burlington, N. Y^ and died Jan. 20, 183S. His 
wift Clarissa died at Waterloo, N*. Y., Oct 26, 1845. 

Their children were. 
Bom in Charleston, 2T. Y.: 
John,? b. Oct 10, 1798; d. Oct 16, 1708. 

Bom in Burlington, N. Y.: 

BetseyJ b. July 16, 1799: d. July IS. 1799. 

John Watts,' b. March 22, ISOl : m. Mav 2G, 1322, LUUs hotter, 
of Edmeston, X. T. He died at Burlington, N. T., August, 
1869. Of his three chUdren none survived him. 

James Knight,' b^ April :), 1S«»; m. Mabel B. Knight, of Water- 
loo, y. T., June 3, 1S40. He was an able and conscientious 
lawyer in Waterloo, X. T.; much respected as a judge and 
ite of Seneca County. He died Oct 9, 1S73L His 




children were 

6422. Gt^^ran Darvtin,^ b. April S. 1S41. 

6423. Virginia Frances,* b. Oct 22. 1S4Z 

6424. Jame» Knifjht,* b. Feb. 22. li<44; d. AprU 8, 18^ 
642d. John EroMiwt,* b. Sept 10, 1$46. 

642a Charle* Ertkine,^ b. April S, liM9. 
6427. Mabel Augusta.* b. Aug. $, 1851. 
642a Erasmus Darwin,* b. Xov. ::($, 1810; m. first, Oct 21, 1834, Bet- 
sey W. Spofford, who died Aug. 30, ISU; second, Alma O. 
Spoiford. They live at Geneva, Wis. 


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JosHXTA RzcHABDSOv* {John^^ Colebj^ J&An,* JfatAanteij* 
Thomas ^)» brother of the preceding, and son of Capt John * and 
Bebecca (Moore) Ridiardsoii, of Templeton; bom there, Ang. 
17,1774; married, in 1800, Abigail Spa&baws« bom Dec. 26, 
1775, daughter of Rev. Ebenezer and Naomi (HiU) Sparhawk, of 
Templeton. Her mother, Naomi, was a second wife; the first 
wife was Abigail, daughter of Rev. David Steams, of Lunen- 
burg; the second wife was a daughter of Rev. Abraham Hill, of 
Shutesbury. Mr. Sparhawk, bv his first wife, was the tather of 
Rer. Samuel Sparhawk, bom 1802, minister successively of Pitts* 
field and West Randolph, Vt. 

Mr. Richardson was a fiirmer in Templeton. He died July 18, 
1849, aged 75. His wife Abigail died Sept. 18, 1855, aged 80. 
They Iiad no children. 


Jasixs Richjlsdson* (Jbhnj' CaUh^ Johif Naihanid^ 
Thomas ^), brother of the preceding, and son of Capt. John ^ and 
Rebecca Richardson, of Templeton, Mass.; bom there, Oct. ^6, 
1776 ; married, 1799, Adah IlDn>8. 

A little previous to the year 1800, he came to the wilds of 
central Vermont. In that new countrv he spent neiirly a year 
in felling the forest and making a rude home tor him^lf and his 
future wife. At his first house-raising he was assisted by all his 
fisUow townsmen, who numbered only setnn. He then returned 
to his native Templeton, was married, and brought bis bride, 
Adah' Hinds, to the home he had prepared for her in that remote 

Fancy a bridal trip in mid winter from Massachusetts to cen« 
tral Vermont, performed with a slow team of sober oxen nnd a 
fiirmer's sled fi>r conveyance, surrounded with feather beds, iron 
kettles, and various kitchen utensils. 

In the town where he first made his home, Warren, Washing- 
ton County, Vt., he continued to reside during the remainder of 
life. In tfiat town he became a prominent citizen. He kept a 
public house for some years, and was widely known in the sur- 
rounding country. He was one of tiie original members of the 
Congregational Church, and for years led the choir, which was 
often composed of his own &mily, and it was no feeble singins^ 
they had m those days. He was decided in his opinions, and 
willing to express them on all fit occasions, by which he some* 
times made enemies, but he did not swerve on that uccouuL He 
filled many important public ofiices with ability and credit. 

His wife died in July, 1855. He mourned for her deeply, and 
often said, on retiring to rest at night, that he hoped never again 
to awake on earth. "EHs wish was granted. On the evening be- 
fore Dec 25, 1855, he retired in his usual health, and was fonn<l 
dead in his bed the next moming. 

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His ehildren were : 

6430. Jmnas,^ b. 1300; d. ISOS, while bis parents irete making their 

flnt Tisit in Templeton a^ter their marriage. 
6480. Adah Hinds,' U April 14, 1S02; m. Hon. Densloir Uphanif 
Angost, 1S2A Both are now liring in Warren, Tt, ISTd. 
64SL Edward FUk (Cpham). b. Jan. 20, 1828: now. 1876, a phy- 
lieian, residing in West Randolph, vt He has a son 
who is a professor of mathematics in a school in Califor- 
6432. Sumai Hinds (Upham), b. June, 1833; m. John C. Gleason: 
resides in Warren, Vt ; has had six children, .'our of 
whom are liiing and are at home. 
6433. EmilT HemT,^ b. Feb. 4, 1804; m. Hnzzial Gleason, jdae 26^ 
IdsT. They live in Warren, Vt Children: 
6431 Jamu BichardMn (Gleason), m. Marj Matthews. Thej 
lixe in Waitsdelo, Vt; he has been postmaster there 
many years. They have four children. 
CarlUle Joslyn (Gleason), is a lawyer in 3Iontpclier, Vt 
Levft Potnenv (Gleason), m. ; has one soil 






EmiUe JIartha (Gleason), unm.; a teacher In Waitsfield. 
Vt; an accomplished lady; a successful teacher, and 
has furnished for this volume this sketch of her grand* 
father, James Richardson, and his descendants. 
AbigailSparhawk,' b. Oct 20, 1S07; m. Dr. Luther M. Kent, 
Janaanr» 1827. They lived in Lincoln manv years, after- 
wards m Bristol, adjoining towns, both in Addison County, 
Vt Dr. Kent died in Bristol, October, ISTO. Their children 
were bom in Lincoln. They had dve children, three of 
whom are living, 1ST&, viz. : 
Adah Rieharaitm (Sent), m. C. P. Bush, a merchant in 

Luey A. (Kent), m. J. S. Green; they are living in Lineoln, 

^ebcaska, and have three sons. 
ErawmtM JTorMe (Kent), is a physician and druggist in 
Bristol, Vt ; has a wife and one child. 
Achsah Watts,^ b. March 6, 1809; m. Horace Gleason. Oct 9, 
183L They lived in Warren, Vt, till their deatli. The hus- 
band died April, 1$5S; the wife died Oct 19, 1875. Children: 
644X JameM Riehardatm (Gleason), has lived in Boston several 
Ann Campbell (Gleason ), ) twins, both ) Ann has two chU- 
Emma Campbell (Glcnsou), ( married. ) dren. 
Emma has one child. 
LydUk Moore,' b. Feb. 24. ISll ; m. Horatio Gates Van Densen, 
of Warren, Vt Thev still reside in Warren. Children: 

6447. AujustH* Finnry (\ an Deusen), living in Colorado. 

6448. Lucy Ktnt (Van Deusen), m. Dayton Xichols; living in 

Roxbury, Vt 
644a Hatncr Gattt (Van Deusen), lives in Warren, Vt 
Two other children deceased. 
6459. James McDonou^h,' b. Oct 24, 1814; m. Salome Fletcher Red- 
field, of Montpeller, Vt, March, 1845, a sister of Hon. Isaac 
Fletcher Rediieid. cbicf justice of Vermont. The husband 
was for many veacs a merchant and successful business man 
in Waitsfield, Vt Shortly before his death bo removed to 
Montpelier, where he died, Feb. IG, 18(33. His only son, 
James, died LS71, and the widow died October, 1572. Chil- 
dren, bom in Waitstield: 

6451. Ellzabelk ^fCome.* 

6452. Jamu,* 'L 1&7L 

6453. mnnieJ 

Tlie daughters, Elizabeth and.^finnie, after their father's death 
resided in the family of their mother's brother, Judge Fcedfield, in 
Chariestown, ^ass. He has lately died, 187G. 



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Jotgfh Bockmixisttrt' b. Axtg- 23, 1817: m. Louisa Daaforth, of 
Weatbenfleldt Vt., January, 1S32. He liTed widi his parents 
until their death. Of all the numerous descendants at hin 
fatlier, he is the only one that notr bears the family uaiue. 
He and his wife now lire in Northfieid. Vt At his death, 
the name»in this branch of the family, becomes extinct His 
children are: 

6A5& KaU> 


RsBBCCA RicsjLSDSOX* (John^* Cdleb^^ John^* Nathanitlj^ 
ThomoB^)^ sister of the preceding, and daughter of Capt. John ^ 
and Rebecca Richardson, of Templeton, Mass. ; bom taere, Oct. 
11, 1778; married, 1814, Ones Bro^tx, of Templeton. 

They lived in Templeton. He died there, Dec. 19, 1846. She 
died in Springfield, Alass., Jan. 1, 1855. 

Their children were : 


Rebecca Bichardson (Brown), m. Dr. A. S. AlcClean, of Sprinsf- 
fleld, Mass. Their son : 
6458. Lr, George CJtesley (McClean), was b. Jan. 10, 1S5L 
6450. Sarah HaU (Brown). 
646a Alalia Jane (Brown). 



SxLXsrcB RzcHJLBDSON* (Jb?in^^ CaUb^ Johnf Naihaniid^ 
Thoma$^)^ sister of the preceding, and daughter of Capt. John 
Richardson,* of Templeton; born there, Sept. 28, 1780 ; marrieil 
Washdpqtox Hows, of Petersham, 1806. 

They lived in Petersham, Mass. He died Jane 6, 1855, aged 76. 

Their children were : 

SylTanus (Howe), b. Feb. 26, 1607; d. at Petersham, Jan. 26. 


George Washington (Howe)» b. Sept. 23, 1806; m. Sophia Rucg. 
of Lancaster, ^lass.. Xot. % lS3d. He lived at Detroit, ^ich., 
and died July 13, 1S70. 
6468;. Bebecca ^oore (Howe), b. Sept. 4, ISIO; m. Antrim White, of 
Bazr^, ^ass., April 2, 1345. 

6464. Stephen (Howe), b. Sept 13, 1S17; m. first, Betsey T. White. 

June 10, 1340. She died at Petersham, Nov. 21, 1S35. Sec- 
ond, Mrs. ^randa Barton, July 12, 1363. Stephen Howe 
died at BaldwinsviUe, Mass., Xov. 3. 1874. 

6465. John Richardson (Howe), b. Dec. 27, 1321; m. Lucy K. Wether- 

ell, of Petersham, Jan. 27, 1343. 


BsTSXT Rxcbjlbdsox* (fToA/i,* Caltbj* Jbhtij* Nathaniel^* 
3%oma«^), sister of the precediue, and third daughter of Capt. 
John • and Rebecca (iloore) Ricimrrlson, of Templeton, Mass. ; 
*>om there, Jalv 6, 1782 ; married, Feb. 22, 1803, Jox^thax JShat- 
TucK, bom in l*empletou, ilarch 11, 1779. 

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He xras a fiirmeri a son of Dr. Benjamin Shattack» who was an 
eminent physician in Templeton about twenty-five years. He 
was also a brother of Dr. George Cheyne Shattnck, who became 
an eminent and snccessfhi physician in Boston, dying March, 1354. 

Mr. Shattack at first settled in Warren, Vt., where his wife':» 
brother, James Richardson [3775], had already made a home ; but 
afterwards returned to the homestead of his &ther, where he was 
liyinflT in 1855. Mr. Shattack died Ans. 31, 1864, aged 95. His 
wifelBetsey died June 13, 1861, aged 79. 

The children of Jonathan and Betsey Shattack, all bom in 
Warren, Vt., were : 

6460. Lucy Barron (Shattuck). b. Nov. 2S, 1S03. 

«67. Rebecca ^oore (Shattuck), b. April Q, 1806. 

(MS, Betsey Richardson (Shuttuck) . b. July 12, 1S08; d. AprU 9, 1809. 

6460. Betsey Richardson (Shattuck). b. Feb. 2, 1610; d. Dec. 14, 1812. 

6470. Ljdia Richardson (Shattuck). b. Deo. 7, 1812. 

6471. ^lUrtha Washington ( Shattuck ^ b. Dec. 5, 1815 ; d. Jan. 31, 1821. 

6472. Elizabeth Cheever Davis (Shattuck), k Dec. 1, 1818. 

G473. Jonathan Benjamin (Shattuck), K Jan. 11, 1821; d. March 20, 
1831. [Shattuck Memorial.] 


Joel Ricbabdsost • (•7b/m,» Calebs* Jbhn^ IfatAaniel,* Thomaa *), 
brother of the precedins, and son of Capt. Joiin * and Rebecca 
(Moore) Ricbardson, of Templeton, Mass.; bom there, May 26, 
1785 ; married, 1813, Mast Haild, bom June 9, 1796. 

He «lied May 28, 1S60, aged 75. Hb wife died March 23, 1368, 
aged 67. 

Tbeir children, all bom in Templeton, Mass., were : 

6474. Hannah SendalU^ b. 'Sor, 10, 1815; m. Simeon B. Wri|^ht, Dec. 
25,1836. He was bom 1811 ; d. Oct 22, 1845. Theyhadtwo 

6475. Martha Jom (Wright), b. June 21, 1839; d. Dec. 5. 1872. 

6476. Oearg9 S. (Wright), b. Aug. 24, ISU. He enlisted as a 

private in the Thirty-sixth Resiment of Mass. Yoiun- 
teers,and served three years in vie late war. 
6477. Mary Haild,' b. May 8, 1817; m. June 23, 1S40, John L. Green- 
wood« b. Feb. 14, 1S14; d. Jan. 22, 1S71. Two children: 
6&7S. Edward E., (Greenwood), b. March 24. 1845. 
6479. John Abbot (Greenwood), b. Sept 5, 1^)5. 
6«S«X Elizabeth,^ d. in infancy; dates are wanting. 

6451. iibby Peirce,' b. Aug. 29. 1S26; m. Lorenzo L. Priest, June 21, 

im He died. Oct 11. 1560. 

6452. Joel,^ b. July 5. 1829; m. Mary Ann Thayer, who was bora in 

Deerfield, Mass., Sept 19. ISGG. She died Oct 13, 1859. He 
enlisted in the Fifqr-third Regiment of Massachusetts Vol- 
unteers, Co. G, and died in the Marine Hospital at Xetr 
Orleans, Mar 2. 1S03. They had only one child : 
6488. CharUs WeUinnion, who d. Oct 3, 1S99. 
6484. John A.^ b. Aug. 20, 1832; d. Sept 4, 1866. ^ 


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Ltdix RiCHjjtDsox* (Johfiy^ CaUb^ John^ NhuhanUl^^ 
T^omot^), sister of the preceilmg, and daughter of Capt. John 
and Rebecca (Moore) tiichardson, of Templeton, Mass.; bom 
there, Jan. 27, 1789; married, Oct 26, 1819, Leokabd Stostx, of 

They lived in Templeton. He died Jan. 20, 1857. Mrs. Lydia 
Stone died Oct. 22, 1854. 

Their children were : 


AbigaU Biffelow (Stone), b. Kot. 2S, 1620; m. Jane 30, 1847» Al- 
gernon Sidaer Lincoln. Children : 
54S0» Vnmmn Sydney { Lincoln), b. Ang. 29, 1353; d. Nor. 17, 1853. 
6487. Aqm$ Wyman (Lincoln), b. July IS, IdSd 
6488. Leoniud (Stone)^ b. Sept 11, 1S22; m. Oct 26. 1S48, ICaiffarct 


640o! Jfary WtUington (Stone), b. April 27, 1856. 
6401. Catharine Wyman (Stone), b. Jane 29, 1S24; d. Oct 18, 1827. 
6492. William (Stone), b. May 1, 1827; m. June 22, 1854, to Martha 
Pomeroy Paic^e. of Proridence, R. L Children: 

6493. Frederic Paige (Stone), b. in Worcester, Aug. 10, 1855. 

6494. XudiKPaif7e(Stone),b. March 27, 1S57. 

6495. WllUam Sydney (Stone), b. in Templeton, April 2. 1862. 
6486. Lydia Bichardson (Stone), b. Jan. U, IS:^; unm. This lady 

hat contributed to this Tolume the notices it contains of her 
grandfather, Capt John Richardson [5452J, of Templeton* 
and his descendants, and of his sisters. Without her aid 
this part of the volume woold have been incomplete. 
Ephraim Wyman (Scone), b. Dec 5, lS;iO; m. Sept U, 1855,. 
BetMy Buxdeii Sawyer* of Templeton. Ho was severely 
woonded during the civil war in the battle of Newbem. 

Abby O>ok (Stone), b. July 4, 1859. 

Beien Margaret (Stone), b. Sept 24, 1863. 

Oeorge Sawyer (Scone), b» Feb. 3, 1806. 

Eeerett Wyman (Stone;, b. Sept 22, 186a 

Lydla Rtehardem (Stone), b. Aug. 14, 1871; d. Ang. 19,1873. 



6506. Walter (Stone), b. Dec 4, 1832; d. July 20, 1836. 


Jebit RiCHABDS02r« (John^* UaUb^^Jbhn,* Ncuhaniely^Thomae ^), 
brother of the preceding, and voungest son of Capt. John and 
Rebecca (Hoore) Richardson, 'of Templeton ; bom there, April 
9, 1791 ; was never married. 

He possessed superior talents, and his life began with much 
promise; but died at the early age of thirty-five, having passed 
several years on his bed a sufiering invalid. He was a saddler by 
trade. Tfa his will, dated Feb. 2, 1825, proved Dea 5, 1826, he 
left a small property, about seven hundred dollars, which he gave 
to the town of Templeton, for the benefit of unmarried females 

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AbioaHi Richabdso^* {Johnf Caleb^^ Johnf 2fathaniel^' 
Thomas % sister of the preceding:, and yoiuiffest child of Capt. 
John Richardson/ of Templeton, llnss. ; bom tnere, Feb. 17, 1793 ; 
married, Sept. 4, 1S14, to Joax Bigelow, of Sterling, who died 
in Medfbrd, Slay 18, 1833, aged 70. Mrs. Abigail Bigelow^ di'^d 
in Boston, Aag. 4, 1868. 

Their children, bom in Templeton, were : 

Eliza Wales (Biselow), b. Ans. 23, 1815; m. in Worcester, Hen- 
ry A. Page, merchant, of Boston, Sept 1« 1S12.* [See foot 
note, p. 498.] They reside at 20 St James Avenue, Boston. 
Their children are: 

dSOS. HenritUa (Page), b. in Boston, Dea ^ 18M. 

C506u EUm (P|^)rD. in Medford, Sept 4. 1346. 

650T. Gordon Frinet (Page), b. in JXedford, Not. 7, 1849. 
6b Joshua Richardson (Bigelow),t b. Jan. 8, 1S17; m. Buth Hatha- 
tray, of Worcester, IMI. Resides in Boston; has been very 
successful in the manufacture of paper hangings for many 
years, firm of J. B. Bigelow «,% Co., with an office at 147 
Franklin Street, introducing machinery into it for the first 
time. Children: 

6500. Charles Edward (Bigeiow), b. July, 1817. 

6510. Lydia (Bigelow), b. 1S19; d. 1852. 
6511. Lydia (Bijgelow), b. March 2, 1822; m. in Lynn, Samuel Hatha- 
way, of Worcester, a brother of Buth, who married Joshua, 
ana died at that place, March 31, 1850. Children: 

6512. £Ztea Pogfe (Hathaway), b. in Lynn, June 10, 1845; m. in 
Medford. John Henry Thompson, of Xew York City, 
now of San Francisco, Cai 

6513. Samuel Herbert (Hathaway), b. in Worcester, March 12, 

John William (Bigelow),t b. April 27, 1824; m. Nor. 7, 184G, 
Anna Maria Barton, dau^ter of Hon. Ira M. Barton, of 
Worcester; was at fint a partner in a dry-goods commission 
house in Boston; since, and for many years, in New York. 
miUarn Blake (Bigelow), b. in Medford, Feb. 5, 1852. 
Annie (Bigelow), b. in Medford, Jan. 20, 1855; m. in New- 
port, R. L, Charles McEim, of New York City, October, 
Sanuiel Lee (Bigelow), bora and died in Paris, France. 
Jfarte (Bigelow), b. in Boston, June 20, 1802. 
Samuel Lee (Bigelow), b. June 2, 1826; m.' May 1, 1857, Lucy 
Barton, of Worcester, sister of John W. BigeloWs wife: was 
several years a successful physician in Paris, France, and re- 
turned to his native country in 1800; entered the armv of 
the Potomac, and was medical inspector in Gen. Frankun's 
corps at the time of his death, which took place in Hagers- 
town, Md., Nov. 1, 1862, aged 36. He had a son bora to him 
in Paris: 
632a Samuel Lee (Bigelow), b. July 28, 1858. 
6521. Henry Welliagtou (&i};elow),t b. April 12, 1828; m. Frances 
Porter, of Medford, Jaiu 2, 18.>4; was Joshua's \Q506] partner 
in business. The husband lives in Medford, 18 16. The wife 
died June, 187a Children : 

6522. Zfoioard Pori^r (Bigelow). 

6523. Edward Turner (Big«:iow;. 

6524, Edward Augustus ( Bii;eiow) , b. Nov. 26, 18S0 ; d. Feb. 21, 1833. 

*Heury A. Passe was in the inju commlHsion business of the Ann of Geo. 
H. Gray & Co. throutrh all its changes, for nearly forty years; is a man of 
sterling bitegrity of character, and benevolence in every relation in life. 

t Josaua Richardson ['nXXSj, John WUUam [(15141, and Henry Wellington 
[6921] were aU honorable, successful, and open handed men. 







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Caleb Moobe (Abigail Richardsony^ CcUeb^* Jbhn^* Nathan^ 
id^ Tkomaa^)^ %on of Josiah and Abigail (Richardson) Moore, 
of Bolton ; bom Aneost, 1763 ; married, Nov. 26, 1776 (an eri. 
dent mistaJce for 1706), Acrsab WHiTsrsT. 

He died Oct. 24, 1826* She died Jan. 15, 183U 

Their children were : 

652S. Joehua Sichardson (Moore), b. Aug. 3, 1790; d. Xot. U» 1819. 

dS2e. Alphens (3Ioore), b. Sept 2, 1S02. 

0827. James Bichardson (Moore), b. Feb. 25, 1605. 

0528. George (Moore), b. Aug. 31, ISOe. 

0520. Ljdia Richardson (Moore), b. Feb. 20. 1808; d. Jane la 1640. 

65Sa Cnxistopher Columbus (Moore), b. July 2, ISIO. 

6681. Charles (Moore), b. May 15, 1812. 

6582. Achsah (Moore) , b. March 5, 1816 ; d. Sept 30, 1833. 


HsNBT Moore (Abigail JSicAartlson,* CaUb^^ John^^ Ndthan- 
iel^ Thotnaa'^)y brother of the preceding, and son of Josiah and 
Abigail (Richardson) Moore; bom in Bolton; Aug. 23, 1772; 
married Mabt Cook. 

Their children were : 

6538. Josiah (Moore), b. 1800; graduated at Harvard CoIIeire, 1526; 
was installed minister of the church in Doxbury, Mass.. 1634. 

esZL Maiy (Moore), residing in Waltham, Mass. 

6535. Amorj (Moore), lived in Waltbam ; deceased. 

6586. Kelson (Moore), was of Waltham; deceased. 

6537. Hannah (Moore). 

6538. Horatio (Mooze). 

6530. Caleb R. (Moore), a ship-master; deceased. 

6540. Achsah £. (Moore ) . 

6541. Albert (Moore), died when a young man. 

6542. James G. (Moore), Uving in Pittsburgh, Pa. 

6543. Elizabeth Sawyer (Moore). 


AcBSAB MooBE (Abigail Richardscn^^ Caltb,^ John^^ Nathanitl;- 
Thomas ^), sister of the preceding ; bora in Bolton, July 24, 1774 ; 
married Ho2r. Stephen P. Guudxeb, of Bolton, Nov. 6, 1798. 

Their children were : 

6544. Abbie (Gardner), b. July 2, 1804; m. Bev. Nathaniel Gage, Aug. 

1, 1827. 
• 6545. Stephen (Gardner), b. Dec. 7, 1806; lives in Hastiogs. 3finn. 
6346. Sarah Elizabeth (Gardner), b. Dec. 31, 1807; m. Bev. Dumont 


6547. Theodore (Gardner), b. Dec. 20, ISOO; m. Lucy Ann Withiogcoo, 

of Boston ; lives in Hastings, Minn. 

6548. Delia Ann ((xardner), b. April 11, ISll ; m. Charles Holbrook. 
654a Mary Louisa (Gardner), b. July 20, 1812; m. John Buggies, of 


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H5Sa Laozinds (Qvdner), h. 1S18 (*); m. 6. B. Withington; de* 

«saL OctMTia Watts (Gardner), b. Oct 30, 1314; m. Dr. Horace Du- 

pee^ Boetou. 
(tt&t AognstiiM Vf. (Oaxdner), b. Maf 16» 1317; Uvea ia Hasting», 

(fSSX Aeheah (Gardner), m. Bev. Washington Gilbert, of EUrraxd, 

Kan. ; d. at Weet Newton, Ilass.^ July, 1874. 
6654b Ellen P. (Gardner), m. Hon. Stephen Minot, of Haveriiill; d. at 

Longwood, June* 137& - 


James Moobe {Abigail BicAardsov,^ Caleby* Johuy^ Nixthan- 
idy* Thomas ^)y brother of the preceding, and son of Josiah and 
Abij^ (Richardson) Aloore, ot Bolton ; bom there, Jan. 7, 1777 ; 
married Haxxah Faxbba^tss. They lired in Bolton. 

Their children were : 

(S935. Abigail (3Ioore), m. John Sawyer, deceased. She died in 1353. 
(B50. Caroline (Moore), b. 1303; m. Asa Whitcomb, deceased, of 

6557. EEannah (Mooce), b. 1S05; d. 1355. 
6553. James (Moore), b. 1300; d. 1311. 
6650. Julia (Moore), b. 1513; m. Nathaniel A. Newton, of Bolton. 


JoHX Adams RicrabdsoXy^ Es<). ( Jb«epV PhiUp^^ ThomiUy^ 
Ifaihanid^ Thoma9^)^9on of Joseph 'and Sarah (Hanson) Rich- 
ardson; bom in Durham, N..H., ^ov. 1S» 1797; married, first, at 
Eittery, 3Ie., July 5, 1329, Mabcta Ada^s Rice, daughter of 
Hon. Alexander Kice, of Kittery. She died in October, .1832, 
leaving two children. Second, at Concord, N. H., AIbs. Frances 
Jacobs (Fasbaxd) Mttrdock, daughter of Hon. Daniel Farrand, 
of Burlington, Vt., and relict of Rev. Thomas Jewett Murdock. 
ilr. Murdock was born in Norwich, Vt., Nov. 27, 1790 ; gradu- 
ated Dartmouth College, 1812; was pastor at Portland, Me., from 
1819 to 1821 ; pastor at Canterbury, Ct., from. 1822 till his death 
in that place, Dec. 15, 1826, aged 36. 

Our Jlr. Richardson prepared for college at Phillips Exeter 
Academy; entered Dartmouth College in 1816; graduated there, 
1819; tanght a high school in Haverhill, Mass., one year; in 1820 
entered the law office of the Hon. John Vamum, in Haverhill, 
continuing till 1823 ; was admitted to the bar in Newburyport in 
1823 ; then went into the practice of law at Durham, where he 
still resides; was clerk of the Senate of New Hampshire in 1846; 
was a trustee of the asylum for the insane about ten years ; con- 
tinued in the practice of law until 1871, when ill health and ad- 
vancing years compelled him to abandon it. 

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posTEBrrr of thomas richabdson. 


His childreo, by first wife, llarcia, have been : 

6560L Miireia Rice J b. aboat 1S80; anm. ; cL 1862. She and her nister 
were heixs to one-fifth part of the homestead farm ot their 
grandfather, Alexander Bice, of Sittery, Me.» one bundreil 
and fifty acree. In her will, dated 3Iarch 5, l^o2. proved 
Jane» 1S03, recorded York Prob. Rec.,lxxzTiiu .%2, she leaven 
her property to her aunts. Harriet Richardson. Fanny Rich- 
ardson, anci Sarah A. £. Rico nier mother's sister]^ ro her 
father, to her sister Frances, wife of George L. Treadwell, to 
her mece, Harcia Rice Treadwell, daughter of her sister 

aSSl. Frances P.,^ b. 1S33; m. George L. Treadwell, of Portsmouth, 


JosjBPH RiCHJi&Dsox* {Josephy* Philip^* ThomaSf* NathanUly- 
TTiamas ^)y brother of the preceding, and son of Joseph * and 
Sarah (Hanson) Richardson; bom in X)arham» N. H., about 180*2 ; 
married, first, Cabolixe KChG, daughter of Geduey King, well 
known as a mathematical instrument maker and importer in Bos- 
ton, having bis place of business in 1314| as the writer well re- 
members, m State Street, opposite Merchants Ro^', Boston. Sec- 
ond, Cabolutb Macslly, daughter of John and Fanny 3Iac.ka}% 
also of Boston* . 

He was a merchant in Boston. He died there, in 1869, leaving 
a widow and three duldren. One of them is named : 
69(12. Qedney,^ living in Boston. 


Thomas Richabdsox' {Herbert, Thomae^'^ PhineAcis* Nfi- 
thaniO^ ThonuxB^^n of Herbert* and Lydia (Parker) Rich- 
ardson, of Reading; bom there. May 125, 1783; married, 180S, 
DoBOTHT Pearsox, sometimes called Dolly, daughter of Samuel 
Pearson, of Lynnfiel*.!, by his first wife. 

He lived in Reading ; 'his children's births are all recorded there. 
DoUy, his wifi), died June 9, 1827. He died 1828. 

Their children were : 

dSeS. Lydia Parker^T b. July 22, 1808; m. Obed Simouds, March 23. 
-Haw. Thomas,T b. Jan. 16, 1610; m. Lydia Knif^ht. of Wakefield. 

6503. Kliza.T b. Fob. 3, 1312: m. Joseph P. Baker, April 11. 1S2:». 

6506. Sophia,' b. Nov. 2S, 1313; m. Darius Pratt. June 0, 18:53. 

6567. Harriet,' b. Oct. Id, lel5; m. John A. Robuuon. Oct rO, 1836. 
+0568. Georce Washin^^nJ b. Sept. 2d, ISIT; m. Amanda Parker. 

6569. Herbert,' b. June 22, 1819 ; d. :iay 14, 1641. 

057a Charlotte Dorothy,' b. Dec. 2, lSLl\ m. John A. Allen, April, 

6S7L Susanna,' b. An?. 21, 1S23; d. Jan. 2t, 1826. 

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Actinit^ iCrrncratCoff. 


Capt. WiLUAii BirsPEE RiCHAEDSpy ^ ( WillJamy* Benjaniin^^ 

Benjamifij* Benjamin^^ IsaaCy' Thomas ^)j eldest son of William'' 

f and Pnidence (Burpee) Richardson, of Sterling Mass.; bom 

tiieret March 30, 1808 ; married, June 10, 1830, JIebecca Bess, 

daafl;fater of Benjamin and Rebecca (Mason) Boss, of Sterlinsr. 

His father, William Richardson, Esq., died Jnly 28, lB28. 
Shortly before that event, this son of his, William Burpee Rich- 
ardson, purchased the paternal estate, and afterwards continued 
to carry on the hotel, which still retained its old name, ^ The 
Richardson Tarem,'* until the Boston and Worcester, now Bos- 
ton and Albany, Railroad went into operation, about 1844. This 
new and speedy route so drew off the travel from the public 
highway as to render the hotel much less Incrative than former- 
ly. The owner has since that time continued to cultivate his 
&rm, besides operating a saw mill, which is situated oh a stream 
passing through the estate. 

Mr. and 3Irs. Richardson still reside in the old homestead, in 
West Steriinff. They have had eight children, only four of whom 
attained to adult age. He was made captain in the militia about 
1S30. For the last twenty or more years, he has been deacon in 
the First Congregational (XTnitarian) Church in Sterling. 

Their children have been : 





Mary.* b. Oct 30. 1882; m. C. S. Houghton, Dec 22, 1858. 
now reside in Westborough, Mass. 

George H. ,^ b. July S, 1834 ; unm. He was a teacher, and located 
. at the West; was professor in the academy at Huncie, In- 
diana, and enlisted from that place as a recruit for the Xine- 
teentb Indiana regiment. Co. £, in August, 1802, and was 
killed in the battle of South Mountain, Sept 14. lSd2, aged 28. 

William,^ b. Dec. 19, 1S38: graduated at Dartmouth College with 
the oiass of 18d4; m. Aug. 14, ISCd, Mary £., daughter of G. 
W. McLaughlin, of St ^^iry's, Ohio. He has been superin- 
tendent of public schools in Piqua, Ohio, and is now, May, 
1874, president of the Ohio W. F. College, located at Dela* 
ware, Ohio. They have one son, b. Nov. 19, 1867. 

Augusta,^ b. Jan. 14, 1849; unm.; resides at her father's house, 
May, 1874. This lady has furnished all the information rela- 
tive to the branch of the family with which she is connected. 
She has given an uncommonly clear and satisfactory account 


CuABLsa RiCBABDSOX ^ ( WxUiamf Btnjaminf Benjamin,* 
Benjamin^* Itaac^^ Thomas^), brother of the preceding; bom in 
Sterling, Mass., April 4, 1810; married, 1832 or 1833, Lcceetia 
HcDsoN', of Princeton, Mass. 

They reside in Lowell. 

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Their children are : 
68T0L Martha,* h. 181^; m. «— - Eqimsoii; thay reaida in Pawtookat, 

6ST7: Albert»> h. IS—; aaah and blind maker; now in Californix 
aSTSb Maria,* m. Edward P. Swan, of Lowell; he it deeeased. 


Geoboe Richjlsdsok ^ ( WiUiam^ Benjamin,^ BenjamiHy^ J3en^ 
jamin^^ IscutCj^ TJiomaa^)^ brother of the preceding; bom in 
Sterling; Mass^ Ang. 26, 1812; married, Jane, 1886, Harbiet 
PlBiPPs, of South Framingbam, Mass. 

He resides in South Framingham, where he is largely engaged 
in the manuiacture and sale of straw hats and bonnets. The style 
of the firm at present is ^ Richardson Ss Son." 

He has had four children, only two of whom attained mature 

years, Tis.: 

asm Harriet Fhipps,* b. 1841; m. Dec. 7, 1S65, Abiel S. Lewis, of 
Framingham. She died in July, 1371. aged 30. 

65601 George A.,' b. 1846; m. November, ISTO, Louisa SoUiday, of 
Philadelphia. They liare two young children. They now, 
May, 1874, reside in New York City, and George A. it the 
junior member of the finn above mentioned. 
Two otnem died young. 


Sbwall Rzchabdsox^ ( William^* Benjamin^* Beryamin^* Bert- 
jaminf Isaacs* Thonuu ^)y brother of the preceding; bom in Ster* 
ling, Mass., Feb. 23, 1817 ; married Sallt Bccs* daughter of Silas 
Bndc, of Sterling. 

The^ reside in Princeton, Mass. He is a fhrmer, and a large 
dealer in cattle. 

They have had six children, viz. : 

656L Ward B.,^ b. January, 1346; m. ; resides in South Fram- 

eSdS. Sew2l,9 b. 184- ; at present, May, 1874, resides in Pittsfleld, Mass. 
66S3. Elizabeth,^ b. 1351; d. in 1869. just before her eighteenth birth- 
6684. William,* b. 185-: lives at hia father's. 
6586. Annas.,' at her father's. 
Another, died young. 


ExjzjlBETB Ricsabdso^^ (WiHiam^^ BenjaminJ^ Benjamin* 
Bmjaminy^ I$aac^* Thoma$^)^ sister of the preceding; bom in 
Sterling, Mass., Sept. 13, 1820 ; married in December, 1841, J. S. 
BcTTBicE, of Sterling. 

She resides, May, 1874, with her daughter in Clinton, Mass. 


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668e. Helen P. (Buttriek), m. March 28, 1869, Edward E Wilson, of 

SnlliTan, X. H. 
85S7. Anna E (Bottrick), m. Dea 2^ 1373, George RuMell, of Glintou, 

essd. Arthur S. (Bottrick). d. in 1861, aged 3. 
6B89. Clarence A. (Bnttrick). 


AiTGirsTirs Richjlrdsox^ (WiUiam^* Bmjamin^^ Beiyaniin^* 
B€r\jaminy* Isaac,^ Thomcu^)^ brother of the preceding, and 
yoan^st son of WillLom and Prudence (Burpee) Kichardson, of 
Sterling, 3Iass.; bom there, Dec. 8, 1823; married, in 1832,Abbxs 
H. Bbigham, of Brookfieldf Mass. 

During some years he was enraged with his elder brother 
George, m South Pramingham, in the manufhcture of straw eoods. 
In 1865, he built an extensive manu&ctory, and undertook the 
business alone. In 1873, he retired from that business, leasing his 
factory for a tenn of years, and devoted his time more exclusive- 
ly to the real estate business, and building houses on bis lands in 
South Framingham. 

Children : 



AdeUne a» 
Herbert A.< 
Catharine A.* 
Frederic \7.' 


JosBiTJL W. RiCHA^RDSox* (Silas,* Bemamifiy* B€7ijamin^* Ben- 
Jamin^^ Isaac,^ Thomas^), son of Silas Richardson,« of Hubbard- 
ston, Mass.; bom there, 1816; married, 1838, Naxct Chase, of 
Kingston, N. Y. She died, March 2, 1852, aged 32 years, 6 

He was by trade a tinsmith. He has followed this employment, 
both in Massachusetts, and in Florida, Orange County, N. Y. 
Has been a hard-working man ; is now retired from business, 1874. 

Children : 

Henry W^»b. in Waterboro, X T., July 14, 1840; m. April 1, 
1865, in NewbuTj^h, X. Y., on the North River, Sarah Malcolm. 
He is a machinUt; learned the trade in Troy, X. T. He has 
a small machine-shop and foondiy in Warwick, Orange Co., 
N, T.H where he resides. Children : 
6596, H^nt A.? b. in Meadville, Pa.. December, 1865. 
R^ert Jf.,» b. in Meadville, February. 1867. 
Bot-j'frd /.,» b. in Warwick, X. T., July, 1869. 
Idfi.' b- [n Warwick, May. 1871. 

Beub«n,' b. in Hubbardston, Mass., December, 1846; tinsmitli 
by trade ; served in the army of the Union a short time, 1863. 



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Caft. Addisox RtcuAXDSoy'' {WiUiam^^ AckK$onf Tsaae^ 
£^amin^^ Isaac^^ Thomas^), son of Capt. Wflliom* and Eliza- 
beth (ToTTDsend) Richardson, of Salem; bom there, Jane 6, 
18W; married, Oct. 13, 1838, Eleaxor Waters, bom 3Iay 1, 
1809, daughter of John and Eleanor Waters, of Salem. 

He commenced a sea-fiiring liie at the early age of eleven 

Sars, and being a thoroo^ and skillful seaman, rapidly rose in 
I profession. He was a most successful commander in the 
Union Line of packet ships from New York to Havre, in France, 
which had so hish a reputation before the introduction of steam. 
''He commanded and was part owner, during many years, of the 
ships Charlemame, Duchesse d'Orleans, GalUa, and F. A. Palmer/ 
-The Duchesse d'Orleans created considerable stir in the maritime 
world by the number of her rapid passages, one of which was 
made in the remarkable time of fourteen days from New York to 
Havre." • 

His children were : 

eOQS. WiIliamAddi8on,>b.May8, 1336; d. Sept. 12, 1852. 

S008L BdTTard Waters,* ) trrins, bom ) lining, 1371 

6001. A son, anomalous, f Aug. 29, ISaO ; ) this one died at birth. 

6605. Heniv Robinson,' b. June 30, 1$41 ; d. April 27, 1S45. 

6606. Ella Waters,* b. Febw 1, 1S43. 


Capt. Fssnx Towssesd (William Riehard$oi%^^ Addisany* 
AaaCj^ B€njamin^^ Isaae^* Thomas ^), youngest son of Capt. 
William * and Elizabeth (Townsend) Richardson, and own broth- 
er of Capt. Addison Richardson,^ in the preceding paragraph ; 
bora in Salem, Mass., Jan. 25, 1808 ; married, April 20, 1830, 
EuzABETH CATBABnrE EixisoN Kx3iBALL, bom Sept. S, 1808, 
dauffhter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Havncs) Elimball. 

ms name was originally Penh Townsend Richardson ; but at 
the age of twenty-one he dropped tliat surname, out of regard . 
for his uncle, Capt. Penn Townsend, his mother's brother, by 
whom he was brought up. 

He was himself a ship-ma#ter, and for many years a resident 
merdiant in China. He died March 17, 1855. He had no chil- 
dren of his own. 

He and his wife, while in China, adopted a young English lad, 
who, as William Hyle Townsend, did good service for the conn- 
try in the late civil war, and died at the Point of Rocks, Virginia, 
aged 22 years and 7 months. 

• Gommonicatad for this work by his ton Edward. 

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Elxza Obssxlsaf Tow78X2n> (Jfary Sichard$(m^^ Addi$on^* 
Jbaac^ Btn^aminf Imlqc^ 2%om{M^), coasin of Capt. Pemi 
Townsend in the preceding paragraph, and flnranddanffhter of 
Capt Penn and Mary (Bidiardson) Townsend TSoOl] ; oom in 
Saienit Jan. 17, 1798;. maniedt Dec. 8, 1825, Joseph 6ix3EST 
Wjltebs, bom Jaly 5, 1796, son of Capt. Joseph and Mary 
(Deane) Waters, of Salem. 

Mr. Waters graduated, Harvard College^ 1816 ; waa some time 
editor of the Salem Obsenrer; district judge at Port Gibson, 
Miss.;, member of the Senate of ^lassachnsetts, and now, 1873, 
and for many yean past, justice of the Salem Police Court. 






Joseph Linton (Watns), b. Oct 4, 1820; Uving, Feb. 10, 1874. 

Penn Townsend (Waters), b. March 28, 1829; lost at sea, 18S2. 

Edirard Stanley (Waters), b. March 22, 1881; m. Marietta Bar- 
ney, b. Oct 8, 1801, daugfhtsr of Hon. Lyman and Harriet 
(Kixiff ) Barney, of Cranston, R. L 

Henry Titz Gilbert (If aters),b. March 29. 1838. This gentle- 
man has largely sopplied materials for this family history. 

Charles Richardson (waters), b. Sept 17, 188a. ' 


Rbt. Hbxbt Jjlcxsox RicHABDSoar^ {panMLf Suiphmf Sol' 
cmon^^ J)avid^* Isaac,* TAmma» ^), eldest son of Daniel ^ and Olive 
(Peridns) Richardson* of Middleton, Mass.; bom there, Jane 28, 
1829; married, Jane 26, 1864, 3Ibs. Harrtet A^celu. (Colbusx) 
Frestce, bom Sept. 13, 1831, sixth daughter of Deo. William ana 
Nabby (Reed) Colbum, of lincoln, Mass., and widotir of Theo- 
dore IVench, jr., Esq., who was bom in Concord, N. H., Feb. 26, 
1881, son of Capt. Theodore and Lydia (Pollard) French, of that 

Mr. French, the former husband, graduated, Dartmouth Col- 
lege, 1852 ; read law with Hon. Lyman Dewey Stevens, an emi- 
nent lawyer of Concord, and at the Harvard Law School; went 
to Saint Paul, Minn., in December, 1854 ; practiced there as a 
lawyer with eminent ability and universal esteem, but died Feb. 
25, 1860, aged 29. 

Mr. Richardson, the seccnd husband, graduated, Amherst Col- 
lege, 1855 ; pursued theological stndies at the seminary in Ando- 
ver in the class which left there in 1839 ; was licensed by the 
Essex South Association; preached at Lincoln,* Mass., in the 
autumn of 1859; was ordahied pastor of the Orthodox Church in 
that town, Sept. 6, 1860, and has remained pastor there till the 
present time. May, 1876, discharging the duties of the office with 
eminent ability and success. He has no children. 

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RsT. Dakisi* WiJLKSsr Richjjldson^ (Daniel^* Stephen^^ SoU 
omofif* David^* Isaae^ Thcma$^)^ brother of the preceding; 
bom in Mddleton, Mass., Nov. 7, 1831 ; anmazried, September, 

- He was fitted for colleflre at Phillips Academy, Andorer; srad- 
nated at Union College, Schenectady, N. Y^ 1857 ; pursued the 
study of theolo|7 at the seminary in Andoycr, which he left in 
1861 ; was ordained pastor of the* Conc^gational Church in Day- 
Tille, Ct., Aug. 1-1, 1862 ; was pastor there about five years, re- 
signing his charge in 1866, on account of impaired health. He 
was acting pastor at Auburn, 3Iass., 1366-1869, and since then at 
Easton and South Braintree, in the same State. He is an earnest 
and successful preacher, and has always been beloved as a pastor. 


TB03CA8 Richardson^ (2%oma5,* JoBtphf 2Jathani€l^^ Xa- 
thanid,^ Thom€t$^^ Thoma$^)^ son of Thomas^ and Hannah 
(Spofford) Richardson; bom in ilount Holly, Yu July 1^, 1802; 
married Mabia Holt, daughter of Timothy and Hannah (Tyler) 
Holt, of Weston, Vt^ Aug. 31, 1826. She was bom in Weston, 
Vt., Sept. 27, 1809. 

He was many years a prosperous truckman in Boston ; returoeii 
to Weston, Yt^ his former abode ; lives on a farm, and has several 
sons and daughters. 

His children, bom in Boston, have been : 


William Holt," b. Oct 7, 1S30. 

itjuj Caroline,' b. Sept 8. 1S31 ; m. March 7, 1350, Frederic 
William Turner, son of Thomas and .Mary Ann (Webb) Tur- 
ner, b. in Boston, April 10, 1S27. Children: 
8614. CaroUnt J/aHa (Turner), b. in Boston, Feb. 20, 1S52. 
6615. Frederic Tri/ttam (Turner), h. in Boston, Aug. 22, 1S56. 
6616. Thomas Henry,^ b. in Weston, Vt. Juiy 13. 1634: d. in Boston, 
' Sept 27, 1347. He fell down stairs and broke his ueck. 


Abel Richaedso^t^ (ZeJekioA^* Joseph^* Nathaniely* Xathan- 
ielj* Thomas^* Thomas ^)^ eldest son of Zetlekiah* and Sarah 
(Bamham) Richardson; bom in Lyndeboroiigh, X. H., in 1J?02; 
married, 1S27, Almex-x Parkee, bom in Letnpster, X. H., 1804. 

His father^ becoming discouraged, left his family and irent to 
parts unknown, when the son wis bat sixteen years of age. The 
care of the family, consisting of six persons besides the mother, 
being thus thrown upon his hands, there was need of all the en- 
ergy which even an older person could exercise. His industry, 
perseverance, and indomitable- courage, by the blessing of God, 
kept the fhmily from want, and called forth the highest praUe 
from all who knew the circumstances. He bought one acre of 

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landf and with some little assistance from neighbors and friends 
built a small home for them, which was all their own. From this 
small beginninsTf at this early age, he labored on till he saw all 
his brothers ani^ sisters settled in homes of their own. 

In a few years he was enabled to purchase a farm, on which he 
bailt a good house, bam, and other out-buildings, and to this 
home he took his wife and mother. He was exceedingly fortu- 
nate in marr^'ing an energetic and talented wife, one who had 
been a school teacher, axul together they succeeded in gaining 
quite a handsome property for fanners, in those times. 

He was esteemed as a worthy citizen; was a selectman in 
Lempster, N. H., and was collector of taxes many years. 

In 1851, he sold his farm in Lempster, and removed to Alstead, 
a town in that ncinity, where the last twelve years of his life 
were passed in feeble health, and where his body now lies. 

He died at the Paper Hill Village, in Alstead, in 1864. I 
would'zive the full date if I had it. Mis widow Almena died in 
Walpole, N. H., at the residence of her son, Dr. Abel Parker 
Richardson, June 23, 1874, at the age of 70 years. 

For her genial nature and rare social qualities, her name will 
long, be warmly cherished. She and her husband had five chil- 
dren while living on the old &rm, three of whom lie in the cem- 
etery at Lempster. 

Their names are : 

+6617. Cordelia Almena,* h. 1S80; m. Lieut CoL Thomas Clark. 
661& Abel Parker • b. 1SS4; m. 1S6S, Sylvia F. Symonds, b. in Mar- 
low, 2r. H., 1344, daughter of C. D. Symonds» ox Boston. He 
was principal of the high school in Walpolo, K. H., four 
yeaTs; graduated, 1S61, at the Medical Colle^^e, Hanover, 
rf. H., and has been a practicing physician at Walpole, N. H. 
No children reported. 

' 6619. Sarah Antoinette,' b. 1S37; d. 1338. 

6620. Ellen Frances,^ b. 1339; d. 1350. 

6621. Louisa Antoinette,* b. 1846; d. 184& 

I a 

i ■' 



STETRE^r BcTRXHAM RicHAEDsox ^ {Zedckiofif Josephf yh' 
thanidj* 2Tathaniel* Thomas,* Thomas^), brother of the preced- 
ing, and second son of Zedekijxh'' and Sarah (Burnhaoi) Rich- 
ardson; bom in Lempster, N. H., 1806; married, about 1829, 
B xfxfy WnEELSB, who was born and died in Lempster. 

He passed his life in Lempster, and died there in 1863. 

His children were : 



OUve,' b. 1330; m. John Hart, who died in middle life, 

6623. Julia K (Hart), m. Charles Hunt, a farmer; five children. 

6624. Martha Jane (Hart), m. George Bond. One uhild. 
G625. Otaroe (Hart). 

6626. CbroOae (Hart). 

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(I8S7. Sazah Theresa,' b. 1$32; m. 1852, Dolphus S. Booth, born in 
Unity, X H., a former in Walpole, x. H. Children : 

M2& Smry Dolphu*, (Booth), b. 1850; d. 1874. 

6620. Emma (Boothh b. 1861. 

6680. JFVedcHe (Booth), b. 1563. 

668L ^Uce (Booth), b. 1S69. 
668S. Georse Tewktboiy,' b. Feb. 22, 18S4; m. Caroline Shennan, a 
na&ve of Boeton. He lives on Oliver Street, Boston, and is a 
a partner of the 3Gddleborouch Shovel Co. Children: 

6633. ZoUi€A.^ 

66S4. Georoe^ 
6685. Emilv Eluabeth,' b. 1840; d. ISCO; m. Albert Corej. ChOdren: 

6686. Lueiui (Corey). 

6637. CharUM JTorss (Corey). 
6688. Mary Jane,^ bw 1848; m. Charies Morse; deceased. 


Jacob Bvtlsb RiCHutDSOX^ (ZedehiaA^* Jbsephy^ NbthaniUy^ 
NcUhaniel^^ Thomas^ Thoma$^\ brother of the preceding; bom 
in Lempster, X. H., 1813; married, first, 1833t Lxsccstdx Fosteb, 
who died 1866. Second, ^Lbs. Ellsst B^utg. • 

He is a &rmer and merchant, and has held town offices, snch as 
selectman and representative. 

Children, by first wife : 

6680. Jacob Foston* b. 1S34; a merchant in Acworth, X. H.: m. first, 
Adeline Thompson; second, Antoinette Peck; third, Maria 
Mann. Child by first wife: 
66ia Armen,* b.lS64. 
6641. Edmnnd Butler,* b. 1835; m. Elizabeth Ward, of Croydon, X.. 
H. A merchant in Lempster, X. H. One son : 
6642. aeon,<» b. 186L 
6543. Olive Lncinda,' b. 1337; m. 1861, Georso F. Nichols. They re- 
side in Scene, y. H. One son: 
6644. FredeHcJSfcAardson (Nichols), b. 1864. 
6645. Trmnan Harvev,* b. 1839 ; m. first, Ann Growen ; seoond, Lorene 
Spraffue. Childby first wife: 

6646. ul3a,*b.l862. 


SoLo:r RichjlBDSOX ^ (Ifathaniely^ Jo^eph^^ Nathanitlj^ Nathon' 
i€^* Thomasj* TAofrKU^)^ eldest son of Nathaniel* and Mary 
(Tnck) Richardson, of Weston, Vt; bom there, Aug. 17, 1802; 
married, first, Sept. 11, 1823, Pbitdbxcs Jewett, l)om June 3, 
1802, died Oct. 12, 1S53, aged 51 years, 3 months. Second, Nov. 
18, 1858, Mas. Dobcas Dodge, bom March 2, 1812. She died 
Dea 7, 1873, aged 61 ^ears, 7 months. 

Solon Richaraaon died April 14, 1874, aged 71 years, 7 months. 

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y Google 

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His children, all by' first wife, were : 

6647. Sophia Maria,* b. March 11, 1S24; d. March 29, 1824. 

6543. Mary Ja&e,« h. Jene 2S, ld26; (L April 18, 1828. % 

664a Infant son,* b. Deo. 8, 1S27; d. same day. 

665a Mary Jane.< b. Fteb. 27, 1829: d. March 16, 1838. 

6631. Harvey Solon,* b. Jnne 3, 1831 ; d. May 31, 1840, aged 15 years. 

6652. Infant son.>b. Dec 2, 1833: d. Dec. 21, 1833. 

y6653. MindweU G.,* b. Sept. 13, 1830; m. Clark Rugg, July 14» 1860. 
He died Not. U, 1862, aged 32. 
^ 6654. Alfred H.,^ b. Jane 15, 1839; m. Eleanora Adams, I860. ChU- 
'^ dren: 

6655. J^dtoord,* b. March 17, 1870. 
6056u £rMttior,» b. June 27, 1871. 
6657. CoraJ^ b. March 17, 1872. 
6658. Martha A.,^ b. Sept. 11, 1844; m. Frank Bideoat, Dec. 30, 1872. 


IvoBT W. RiCHXBDSOx^ {IfothoniOi* JoMp?if ITathanid^^ No^ 
thaniely* Thomas^* 7Aamas^), brother of the precedbg, a&d son 
of Nathaniel Richardson,* of Weston, Yt.; bom there, Feb. 5, 
1812 ; married — — Greslxt* of Andover, Yt. 

He is a lawyer in Boston ; office 68 Comhill. 

Children : 

6659L Abbie,*m. Henry L Momu; resides in Chicago, 1875. 

6660. iTory N.,* in some sort oi business in Boston. 

6661. Flora L..' m. James A. Sleeper, wiio is doing business in Boston. 

6662. Julia Eliza,' m. Henry F. Gntterson. He lived only three years 

after marriage. She resides with her father in Boston. 
6668. Beta S.,^ onm. ; resides with her father in Boston. 

The father of these children, on being applied to for information 
respecting the descendants of his grandfather, excused himself Yry 
sajing that he feels a greater interest in the present than in the past 

generations who have t)ome the name of Richardson; but by with- 
oldbig all informadon respecting liis own immediate family, his own 
wife and children, and leaving the. compiler to gather it as he could 
from others, compels the inference that ev«i here his interest is not 
deep or strong. 


OuTEB B. RzcHAEi>s02f ^ {Johnf Somudy^ Samuelj^ Ifathcm- 
id^ ThomaSj^ Thomas ^)^ eldest son of John* and Abi^ll 
(Bacon) Richardson, of Billerica; bom there, Ang. 21, 1794; 
married Abigail Mukrob. He died September, 1863. 

Ss children were : 

6664. Abby.* 

6665. SaraL' 

6666b William H.,' operates the Stoneham Express. 

6667. Jonas M.,' b. 1S30; m. Oct 16, 1S50, Angie A. Bichards, b. 1837. 

They live in Maiden. 

6668. Cyras.* 
6660. Daniel H.* 

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John RiCHAKDSoif^ (Jbhn^* Samuelj^ Samudj^ ITatAani^* 
Thania9j* Thomas % brother of the preceding; bom in Billerica, 
^ag* 8U ISOl ; married Abigail Tabrktj- 


6670L Chariet Lewis.* 

6071. JoMph Warren.* 

6872. John Henry,* d. October* 1859. 

6078. Ilaxia.* 

667-L George.* 

6675. EUen* 

6676w MaxrAxm.* 

66n. Xathan.* 


DAyjEL RiCHABDSON^ {Johnf Sam%idf Samuel^* NathanieL,^ 
ThanutSj* Thomas^), brother of'the preceding, and son of John* 
and Abigail (Bacon) Richardsoo, of 3illerica; bom there, Dec 
7, 1803^; married, first, Bjlrbaba. Goodwct, Not. 25, 1826; sec- 
ond, Louisa Glsasox, May 15, 1844. 

He learned the trade of a blacksmith ; is not now dependent 
on hard work; lives now in Wobnm, a little north of the centre 
village, in easj circnmstances. 

Children, by first wife : 

6678. Barbara Anna,' b. July S, 1827; m. 2fathan W. Frye. May 17. 

1848* d. Dec 27 1S5S. 

6679. Malvina,* b. June 11, 1835; m. a Ward Holden, 2Xay 13, 1852. 


u^ry ^'-*oc^'\ 




Auiosr RicHABDSON^ {John^ Samudf Samitd^* Uiahanid^* 
Thomas^* Thomas^)^ brother of the preceding; bom Feb. 25, 
1806 ; married Dollt B. Horr, December, 1827. He died Nov. 
8, 1849. 


668a Elizabeth * b. Feb. 16, 1829; m» Charles Stimpson« March, 1817. 
6681. Joseph,* b. Feb. 11, 183L 
Sarah,* b. Nov. 16, 1888. 


IvEBS Lawrence Richaeosox^ {William,^ AbeLf JVittiam,^ 
Ifathaniel^* Thomasy^ Thomas ^)y son of William* and Rebecca 
(La\vTence) Richardson, of Ashbr; born there, Aug. 23, 1815; 
married, June 2, 1847, Elmixa Willlucs Gates, of Marlbor- 
ough, N. H, bom Oct. 31, 1822. 

He is at present a farmer; has lived in Marlborough, N. H., the- 
last thirty years; previously in Ashbumham, Mass. 

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Children, bom in Ashbamham : 

68S8. LtTi I?en,* b. July 10, l&i8. 

MSL Axm Janet.* b. yisach 5, 1350; d. Maich 14, Jd5a 

0689. Oren William.* b. Dec. 26, 1353. 

Oasa. Jennie Anna,* b. Not. 24, 1355. 

eeST. XellieKaxia,*b.Jal727,lSdO;(LOctdl, 1J864. 


Geobgs W. K Richabdsox^ (Israel^* Abel^* William,^ JVa- 
thmiiel^^ Thomas^^ Thomas^)^ son of Israel* and Sarah (Hajnea) 
Richardson, of Fitchbar^ and Chelsea; bom Kor. 18, 1815; 
married, April IS, 1840, ^axct S. Cobnell, who was bora Jan. 
16, 1819, and died March 28, 1869, aged 50. 

Their children were : 

6883. Amanda MalTina,*m.^-* Price; resides in South Boston, ^ass. 

0680. Wilson D.,* is established at Mankato, Minn. 

66ea Walter W.,* is at Hubbardston, Mass. 

660L Diana A.,* m. Midwood ; lires at Trenton, X. T. 


JosiAH CxBTEB RicHABDso^r^ (Isrady* Ahdf WiHiamj* iVh- 
thanUiy^ Thoma$y^ Thomas ^)i brother of the preceding; born 
AprillS, 1817; married, April 6, 1837, Sally Ttleb, of Leo- 
minster, 3Iass. 

His occnpation is now that of a photographer; formerly he 
was a oomb maker* 

His children were : 

eoes. Charles Franklin,* b. Sept 21, 1883; m. Margaret IsabeUa 
E , Dec. 21, 1859. Children: 

6608. fVedeWe £7{fvortA.* b. March 19, 1861. 

6694. E%OuT Francesy^ b. Jan. 31, 1S67. 

6685w Lueiva niUiam,^ b. Aag. 27. 1S70. 

6696. XottiM Gertrude* b. March 7, 1872; d. April 14, 1872. 

669T. Grace 3/*>icrm,» h. Feb. 11, 1S75. 
6608^ Lucius Augustus.* b. Oct 17, 1840; a photographer; m. Louisa 
£. Fitch, April 5, 1360. Children : 

6690. Lueiu9 X«s/ie,^ b. July 8. ISGI. 

6700. liman JWnet,* b. May 25, 1808. 

6701. Brigfis EterHt? b. Oct 14, 1S04. 

6702. Ctero Louim.* b. May 18, 1S07. 



photographer; m« Louisa 

Edward Pajson,^ b. June 22. 1840; a ph( 
Willard, April 17. 1872. No children. 
WiUiam Gray.' b. June 11. 18.^0; d. May 21, 1854. 
Waiiam Grav,* b. May 5. 1S57: d. Feb. 22, 1865. 
CaroUne Maria,* b. July 29, 1858. 
Herbert Carter,* b. July 10, ISGl ; d. April 16, 1862. 


HoBABT Wood Richjlrdsox' (Ilobarty* Andrew f WlUiam^^ 
NiithanUlf Thomnn^ T/iomas^), only child of Rev. IIob,irt«. 
and Lonisa (Wood) Richardson ; born in Clinton, Me., Dec. 3, 

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18S1; married, in Benton, 3Ie^ Dec. 26, 1857, Helen Locisa 
Hmnr, bom Jniy 6, 1882, daughter of Stewart and Elvira 
(Hinds) Hunt, of that place. 

He ^doated at Waterrille College in 1S5S ; was appointed 
tutor in that college, 135S; attcrwards was attached to the 
United States Coast Survey as magnetic and tidal observer; in 
1866 became editor of the Fortland Press ; since 1368 has been 
editor and publisher of the Portland Advertiser, which he con* 
ducts with great credit to himself and benefit to his readers. 
What is not common among editors, he writes a very plain and 
readable hand. 

His children are : 

6708. Eleanor Hunt,* b. Oct 0, 1S53. 
6709 Percy Hnnt,^ b. April 12, lS6a. 


Zjlcchsus Richabdsoxt {Zaccheusj* JETezektah^^ ESszekiah^^ 
Nathaniely* Thoma$;' Thomas'^)^ son of Zaccheus« and ilary 
(Ball) Richardson; bom in Townsend, Mass., April 12, ISOO; 
married. May 13, 1821, Euzjl Fisheb, of Bolton, Dom March 4, 

Their children were : 

6710. GeoT^ ^7.•' b. ^arch 10. 1S22; m. Sosan J. Sheldon, of Adams. 

6711. Jerome F.,^ b. June 1, IS^ ; m. ^ary Fowler. 

6712. Mary Ann,' b. Oct 31, IS^; m. Byam Spaulding, of Chelms- 


6718. Levi H^* b. Jan. 25, 1S27; m. Jane Green, of Lunenburg. 
8714^ James,* b. Sept 23, 1881; m. H. G. Wheeler, of New Ipswich, 

•! • £L 

6719. Albert,' b. Aug. 13, 183^: m. Julia Heywood. of Chelmsford, 

bis cousin, b. Dec. 7, 1834, d«ichter of his aunt Esther [GOUl. 

They settled in California, ana have two ehildi'en. 
«716w Amos,' b. April '2f?, 1SS6. 
8717. AlTah,« b. Jan. 25, 1S38. 



Leti Richjlkdsox^ {Zacchtus^* Hezekxahf Hezekiah^* yU- 
thanUlj* ThomaSj' T^o/zia^^), brother of the preceding; born in 
Townsend, Mass., Dec. 11, 1805; married, Feb. 2, 1882, Naxct 
P. Aba^cs, of Townsend, bom Aug. 14, 1809. 

Children : 

Elizabeth A,* b. Oct 12, 1S32; m. B. F. Kia^, of Leominster, 
Jan. 28, 1851. 

Mary B.,» b. Jan. 21, 1S37; d. of small-pox, ISW. 

Lucy P.,' b. Februanr, 1830. 

Edson A.' b. Feb. 22*, 1S41; he enlisted in company D, of the 
Fifty-tliird ll^^mcnc of 3Xassacliusects Volunteers, in the 
war for the Union, and died of chronic diarrhea, at Xew Or- 
leans, May 6, 1^^% a^ed 22. 

Ljdia Ann.' b. March 4. L.S4;j. 

NancT J.,» b. Sept 23, l^iO. 

Levi K.,^ b. Aug. S, l^sOl. 




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Esther Ricbardsost^ (^ZaeeAetiSj* JETezeliahy* JTezekiahj* Na^ 
thanid^ ThomaB^ Thomas% sister of the preceding; bom in 
Townsend, Mass., Nov. 9, 1S07; married, Feb. 28, 1834, Bexja- 
lasr Hettvood, of Chelmsford, bom April 80, 1798, son of Joseph 
and Stisanna (Ball) Hc}-vood, of Chelmsford. 

Their children were : 

6125l Julia (HeywoodK b. Dec. 7, 18a4; m. Albert Richardson [6715], 

her cousin, fton of her uncle Zaccheus [0040J. 

672& Benjamin (HeyTrood). b. Jan. 13, 18d6; d. Jan. 15, 1SS6. 

e«27. Rofus B. (Her^ood), b. Oct. 1, 1S30. 

e72S. AdeUa £. (Hevwood), b. Jan. 7, 1S44. 

6729. Emeline M. <Heyvood), b. Jan. 27. 1^43. 

678a Herman F. (Heywood), b. Sept 29, 1840. 


Rbbsccjl Richardson' (2accA«t<«,' Hezekiah^* Mszekiah^* Na* 
thanifslj* ThomaSj* TAcmas^)^ sister of the preceding; bom in 
Townsend, Mass., May 18, 1813; married, Dec. 29, 1885, John 
Bryaxt, of LynnfielcC bom May 3, 1810. 

. ChQdren: 

678L John W. (Bryant b. Oct 9, 18G6; m. Jane 5, 1861, Cynthia A. 

Nelson, b. at Monroe, X H., Aoff. 5, 1S86. 
6132. Albert Bicbardson (Bryant), b. Jane 25, 1S42; m. Jane 29, 

1865, Sarah £. Danforth, of Lynnfield, b. Oct 4, 1843. 


Jacob Richardson^ {Jacob,^ Jacob f Htzekiak,^ Nathaniel^* 
TKomai,^ Thomas ^), eldest son of Jacob ' and Sarah (Lewis) 
Ridiardson, of Greenfield, X. H. ; bom in 3[iIford, X. H., Jan. 
17, 1794 ; married Mart Bbown, of Bolton, Mass. 

Forty years or more of his life he was closely connected with 
the welUknown establishment, Barrett's dye-house. In the year 
1804y William Barrett, of Maiden, near Boston, commenced the 
business of dyeing for fiimilios in Boston and yicinity who wished 
to re-color faded garments, especially those made wholly or in 
part of silk. He had a partner named Mcshach Shattuck, a son 
of Simeon Shattuck, bora in 1732 in Fitchbur^, Mass., whose wife 
was Rebecca Mai*shall, to whom he was married in 1S04.* The 

•See SbattQCk Memorial, by Lemael Shattuck, Boston, 1S55, page 215. 

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finn was Barrett Js Sbattnckf and it soon became extensively 
known* The present writer well remembers visiting their office, 
for the receipt and delirerf of goods, situated at the comer of 
ITnion and Hanover Streets, ^in Boston. Mr. Shattuck was 
drowned near Charlestown bridge, Dec. 17, 1811, at the age of 
29, bnt was not found and interred till April 12, 1312, nearly foar 
months afterwards. Of coarse the £ict gave rise to much conver* 

The bosiness was skillfully conducted ; it proved profitable, and 
is continued in the Barrett family till this day. The firm is now, 
and for many years has been, Barrett & Brother ; the partners 
being Henry Barrett and Asaon Barrett. Their office is now at 
No. 296^ Washington Street, Boston, directly opposite to School 
Street, and a few rods north of that noted land-mark, the Old 
South Church. The number was changed, a year or two since, 
from 140 in consequence of the extension of Washington Street, 
to the north end of the city. 

Jacob Richardson, whose name occurs at the head of this para- 
graph, became connected with the office in Boston in 1322, as an 
assistant and accountant, and some years after, as a partner. Part 
of the time residing in Wobum,.and part of the time in. Boston.. 
He died in Boston, Nov. 3, 1864, in consequence of being run 
over by i^ horse car in front of the office already mentioned, 140 
Wasbdngton Street 

His children have been: 

6738. George Lewis,' h. in Boston ; m. — — Tamer. He is a civil en- 
gineer, Unng in Hyde Park, near Boston; is in good circum- 

6784. Mary Elizabeth,* m. — — Seith. He is the principal of the 

High School in Quincy. 

6785. Anne Adelaide,' b. in wobum ; unm. : pursued medical studies 

at the Institution at Ann Arbor, Michigan; and received the 
degree of M. D. ; at present practices medicine in Boston. 
6736. Helen Maria,* is well married; resides in Cleyeland, Ohio. 


CoL. Lewis Richxboson ^ (Jacob,* Jacobs Heztkioh^ Ncithan- 
idf Thomas,^ Thomdi^), brother of the preceding; bom in 
Greenfield^ 2T. H^ Aug. 3, 1801 ; married, first, 1831, Phebe Hardy, 
of Greenfield, who died at 3Ialden, Mass^ June 21, 1833, chikliess, 
and less than two years after marriage. Second, in Boston, May 
18, 1834, Mrs. Elizabeth (WADE)"X£CHor.s, bom July 11, 1804, 
daughter of Major John Wade, of Bedford, and widow of Nathan 
Nichols, jr., of ^lalden. 

In 1825 or 1826, while yet unmarried, he went to Maiden, and 
engaged in work in Barrett's dye«>house, mentioned in tlie preced- 
ing paper, as superintendent of out-of-door work. He hved in 

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Maiden till two years after mnrriage ; then in Boston one year; 
then in 3Ieclford five years; nnd finally returned to his native 
Greenfield, where we find him, April 19, 1340. 

Being an active, capable man, he was one of the board of se- 
lectmen, of Bedford two vears ; and representative of that town 
in the State Legislature in 1838, 1839, nnd till March, 1840. 

He was selectman of Greenfield, X. H., twelve years, between 
1841 and 1866; town clerk from 1844 to 1847,' inclusive, and 
again in 1871 ; town treasurer, 1852 and 1866 ; overseer of the 
poor twelve years ; moderator at twenty regular town meetings ; 
oesides being moderator at twenty-one extra town meetings ; the 
first bein^ in October, 1S42, the last in April, 1866. 

lit addition to the above, he was the representative of Green- 
field in the Legislature of New Hampshire, in 1848 and 1849; was 
county road commissioner three years, and justice of the peace 
fifteen years. He was also a major and lieutenant colonel in the 

He is a large, portly man of good appe;:rance. 

He has done a large business, not only in cultivating his own 
fiurm, which has been performed by hired labor, but by bujring 
what the farmers had to sell in the neighboring towns, as Green- 
field, Bennington, Antrim, Hillsborough, Wasnin^on, and Han- 
cock, visiting those towns, or some of them, every week, and 
conveying the protluce thus purchased to Lowell, and almost 
always finding there a ready sale. He began this business in 1844, 
and continued it through the warm season till 1871. He is still 
living in Greenfield, April, 1875. 

. His children, aU by second wife, have been. 

Bom in Medford, Mass. : 

6TS7. Sazah»9b. 3Iay 17, 1335; d. July 23, 1830. 

6T3S. Sarah M.,' b. April 16, 1S37; m. F. B. Pollard, of Greenfield, X.H. 

6739. Phebe A,« b. July 23, 1839; nnm. ; living at Greenfield, 1876. 

Bom in Greenfield, N. H.: 

6740. George Wsishington,* b. April 17, 1842; m. Catharine (Damon) 

Watkins, Sepc II, 1873; dau<jrhter of David Damon, of Ashby, 
Mass., and widow of ^— Watkins. He is connected with 
Barrett's dye-Uoose, as an accountant, and has lived in Bos- 
ton since April, 1862. 


Albebt Louis Richacdsox,^ Esq. {Jacob? Jacob? JBezekiah? 
Xathanid? Thomas? Tliomas ^), brother of the preceding, and 
fourth son of Jacob* andSarali (Lc^ns) Richardson, of Greenfield, 
N. H.; bom there, Oct. 16, 1808; married. May 19, 1839, Lavixia 
Carter, born in Wilmington, 3Iass., April 9, 1S07, daughter of 
Jonathan and Lydia (Gowing) Carter, of that phice. Jonathan 
Carter, bom August 1, 1757, was a descendant m the direct line 

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; l 




■ } 



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fipom Rev. Thomas Carter, the first minister of Wobam.* He 
died in Wilmington, Ang. 18, 182-2, aged 65. His widow Ljdia 
died at TTobam, Jan. 1, 1344, aged 82 rears, 1 month. 

The early occopation of Albert L. kichardson was that of a 
ciyii engineer. Me was at work in the oiBce of Barrett's dje- 
honse in 3Ialdon, already mentioned in connection with his elder 
brothers, Jacob and Lewis, i)rom 1823 to 1828, and again from 
September, 1864 to the present time at the ofilce in Boston ; the 
interral occupied with services as a civil enmoeer. He resides in 
East Wobnm, not far from the line of Stoneham. He is the post- 
master there, and holds the commission of justice of the peace. 
He goes to Boston daily, and is closely employed as an accoun- 
tant, on a liberal salary. He has taken a very lively interest in 
the preparation of this Memorial, and rendered valuable assist- 
ance, and without him it might not have been undertaken. 

ESs children are, bom in Wobum: 

e74L Julia Ann Cragin,' b. AprU 7, 1840; m. ^Xarch 5, 1871, ^tarcns 

Aurelius Hanson. 
6742. AlbertHettry,*b. Aug. 17, ISIS. 


Crablss Richasdson,^ Esq. (Jizeob^* Jacobf JStezekiah^* 27'a^ 
thanUi^ Thonnu^ Thoma8^\ brother of the preceding; bom in 
Greenfield, N. H^ July 30, 1809 ; married, first, Jul v, 1840, Naxct 
Spsagus, of Greenfield, N. H. She died February, 1845. Sec- 
ond, Mbs. Cuju. Siuth, of Greenfield, December, 1845. She 
died July 16, 1868. Third, Mns. AIabt Few, of Endish birth. 

He lived in his native Greenfield till 1858. He and his brother 
Cyrus Kichardson conducted a ploush factory in that town. They 
also managed two stores, and part of the time three. Of Green- 
field he was representative in the State Le^slature in 1850 and 
1851 ; town clerk, 1848 to 1851, both inclusive ; and town treas- 
urer, 1846, 1848, 1849. He was a member of the convention, from 

*Tlie CAXtn Famxlt o£ 'Wobun. - 

L Rev. Thocas Cartes, born in Englaiul, aboac 3610; educated at St. 
John's CoUeze, Cambridge, Eofcland; came to this countrr, while yet a stu- 
dent in diTlDitr, ia the ship Planter. Gape Xrarice, from Lomlon, at the sit:e of 
twentr-dTe; snent about six rears in Dedham and WAterrown; was ordaiuetl 
in Wobum, after a rear's probation, >'ov. 22, 1C42; died there, Sept. S, 1GS4. 
after a znlnistrr of fortr-tiro years. By bis wife, 3Iar\- Dal ton, wlio <lied 
Majch 2d, liy^r, Le had eij^fat children: Samuel, Judith, Theophilus, Mary, Ahi- 

gdl, Delxrrab, Timothy, Thomas. Tbeophilus nnd Deborah diwl youu?, be- 
re their father. Samuel sraduated, Uarrard College, lOIJO. The others were 
niarxied and had families. 

H. Tro^us C.vrTeb, the rounprest son of Hev. Thomas Carter, was bom 
Jones, 1<m5: married, lf>82, Marsery or Mar^raret Wliitmore, of Caiiil>ri«l(^. 
Their descendant!! are still numerous in Wilmin^on and iu the part of Bur- 
Unetpn adjacent, called " Carter Row." 

uL £c£>-EZEtt CiATEU, bom Sept. 24, 1005. Aras their fourth son; his wife 
was Lydia Butters, of Wobum, married, April U, 171!>. 

IV. ' JoyATUAX Caateb, bom in WUmlii^tou, Aug: 1, 1757, mentioned in 
the text, the writersupposes to be the grandson of the couple hist named. 

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Greenfield, for rerising the constitution of New Hampshire aboat 
1852. In 1S5S, having been chosen register of deeds, for the 
County of Hillsborough, he removed to Amherst, N. H., where he 
now resides, April, 1875* 



0748. Edward A.* K April S7, ia43; m. Hattie ITutt, of Amherst, :f . 
H. He now lives in San Francisco; is dividend cleric in the 
bank of California^ the largest banking house on the western 
coast of Americik 

Bj second wife : 

6744. Nanc7,< b. March, 1Si7; d. at Amherst, 2f. H^ September, 1857. 


CoL. CrBus RicHABBSOsr^ (Jacobs* Jacobs* ISszekiah^^ Nathan- 
ULf ThamaSf* TAofnas^\ brother of the preceding, and yonncest 
son of Jacob* and Sarah (Lewis) Richardson, of GreeiiHeld, 
N. H.; bom there, Aug. 2S, 1812; married, at Greenfield, July 
18, 1848, Ceua Dbssseb, it Chester, Yt. 

He lived in Greenfield, tbonsh he passed some time in Califor- 
nia. He and his brother Charles had a plough factory and two 
stores, sometimes three, in Greenfield. He was town clerk of 
Greenfield, 1857 and 1858 ; town treasurer, 1856, 1857, 1860, and 
lieutenant colonel of the Twenty-sixth Regiment of New Hamp- 
shire 3Iilitia. 

He died Feb. 10, 1861. His brother Charles, of Amherst, was 
appointed administrator on tos estate, March 1, 1861. 

His children were : 

C74S. Frances Maria,> b. Jane 30, 1S44; xn. George E. Hunt, of Peter- 
borough, X. H. Children : 
6740. Albwt £IU9 (Hunt), b. July 23, 1870; d. Sept. 29, 1871. 
6747. Alfred Edweurd (Hunt), b. June 30, 1874. 
6748. Edwin Cyrus," b. Apsril 6, 1840 ; m. Mary L. Whitman, of Stock- 
bridge, Mass., at5pringfield, Mass., Oct 12, 1371. He was 
in the grocery traiie at Holyoke, Mass., till July, 187o; then 
removed to Greentfeld, y. H. ; now in trade there. Cliildren : 
6749. Bobert Edwin,^ k Apnl 30, 1873. 
675a CharUs Drtnerf h. Xov. 3, 1874 ; d. Sept 29, 1875. 
6751. Ella Celia,' b. July 2, 1848; m. Charles Hopkins, of Greenfield, 
X. H, at JafErey, X H., June 1, 1369. He is a trader. Chil- 

6752. Edvrin, Cyrua (Hepkins), b. July 4, 1870. 

6753. Walter Leon (Hopkins), b. Nov. 29, 1872. 

6754, Charles Lewis,* b. Miqr 10. IbGO: m. Clara Emery, of Peterbor- 
ough, X. H, Dec. 10, 1S73. He is a blacksmith by trade, in 
Peterborough^ One child : 
6755. George Everett^^ U. Dec 20, 1874. 

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Elizabeth Richabbsoxy (Jaeo6,^ Jacobj* ITezekiahj^ ITathan^ 
Mj* Thoma$^ Thomcu ^), sister of the preceding^ and rouneest 
child of Jacob * and Sarah (Letris) Richardson, of Greentieltl, 
N. EL ; bom there, March t23^ 1S19; married Douglas R. 6ot7LD» 
a &rmer, at Greenfield, Not. 17, 1842. She died at Greenfield, 
Jane 10, 1856. 


<rru. Cyrinthia £. (Gonld), b. Feb. 13, 1844; m. John H. Reynolds, a 
fiirmer, of Greenfidd, June 5, 1S62. They have fonr children* 

6797. Fhilena S. (Gould), b. July 11. 184G; m. Henry Holt, trader, of 
Greenfield, Aug. 5, 1S68. They have no children. 

0758. Hary Ann (Gould), h. Aug. 1, 1848; m. George H. Putnam, of 
Greenfield, Aug. 18; 1S<». They lived at Wilton a few years, 
and then removed to Greenfield. Xo cliildren. 

87501 CaxTfe £. (Gould), b. Jane 8, 1851; unmarried. By the will of 
her aunt Sarah, she owns and occupies the homestead of her 
grandfather, which after her death p^oes to the Fisk Univer- 
sity, of NashyiUe, for the benefit of the colored population. 


JossFH Becest RicscABDsdsr^ (Abijahj^ Abijah^* Hezekiahy^ 
Nathanielf Thomas^* Tho9niis^)j eldest son of Abijah* and Re- 
becca rMfllcolm) Richardson; bom in Salem, Mass., Feb. 1, 1800 ; 
marriea Asnr Hatborxe, daaghter of James Hathome. 

Gyms Eaton's History of Thomaston informa ns that ^he came 
from Cashing, Me., to Thomaston,'* withoat spedfvinir, or givinpr 
farther information, except tiiat he ^ came to Old I'homaston," 
that is, before the dirision of that town, which was in 1S4S. Old 
Thomaston • was divided into the three towns of Thomaston, 
Rockland, and Soath Thomaston. Rockland was formerly known 
as East Thomaston. Cashing is a town on St. Greorge's River, 
Me., south of Waldoboroagh, which it adjoins, and nearly west 
of •* Old Thomaston." 

No information is afforded of Joseph Becket Richardson, ex- 
cept that he had the following children, recorded in Thomaston, 
bot some or all of them bom previously to the removaL 

8700. Warren,* b. March 1, 1826. 
6701. Halsey H..« b. Oct. 3, 1S20. 

6782. John A.,^ b. Jan. 1. 1S31 : m. Nancy E. Lane, of Bristol, Me., 
Sept 11, 1832. They- resided in Rockland. Their children 

6763. (^reae,' b. about 1S»4. 
6704. yoitey y.,^ b. about IS.^ 

6765. JbAn ui.,* b. about iS57. 

6766. WlUiam 7.,» b. about 1350. 

6767. Mercy A.,' b. Hay 80, U^ 

6768. James G.,' b. April 23, 1336. 

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Rev. Joax Ricrardsox^ (Ahijah^* Abijahj* JBkzekiah^^ No- 
thanidf ThomaSj* 27iowa**), brother of the preceding, and sec- 
ond son of Abijah* and Rebecca pialcolm) Richardson; bom 
Feb. 19, 1806; married 3Iabt Jane Pebkixs, bom Deo. 16, 1807, 
daughter of Abraham and Sasan (Gilman) Perkins. 

fie is a Baptist minister. He studied at New Hampton, N. H. ; 
possibly at N^ewton, Mass. ; was ordained a minister of the Bap- 
tist Choroh in Pittsfield, X. H., where he remained almost twelve 
years ; was pastor at South Berwick, Me^ from 1842 to 1859 ; at 
South Amesbury, Mass^ from 1859 to 1864; at Turner, Me^ from 
1864 to 1868. ^ince 1863, he has resided in Lewiston, Me.^ and 
frequently supplies pulpits in that city and vicinity. 

Bom in Pittsfield, N. H. : 

(rr09. Mary Jane,' b. Feb. 18, 1883; m. Henxy Clay Gilpatrick, b. in 

South Berwick. Dec. 23, 1S31. He is a dealer in hardware 

and manufacturer of tin ware. Children : 
6Tia Eenry Malcolm (Gllpatrick), b. Oct. 10, 1856. 
6771. Xottra G. (Gtlpatrick), b. July 16, 1858: d. young. 
6T72. WllUa R. G. (Gllpatrick), b. Sept. 2. lS6a 
6773. John B. (GUpatrick), b. Oct. 21, 1S02. 
6774b Jiarv Jane (GUpatrick), b. Not. 4, 1564. 
6773. John Malcolm,^ b. Sept 20, 1835: m. July 2, 1860, Miriam P. 

Hanson, b. in South Berwick. October, 1884, daughter of 

mcholas and Lnlia (Sargent) Hanson. He is a ship-master, 

and resides in Lewiston. Children: 
6776^ MbaUe.^ b. Sept. 7, 1862. 
6777. John WilU*? b. December, 1871. 
6T7Si Susan Perkins,* b. March 27, 1838; m. Albion King Ordway, b. 

in Newport, Me., son of Hiram and Dolly (Stuart) Ordim; 

He is a carriage trimmer, and resides in Lewiston, Me. His 

ohildxen are: 
6770. /esaa (Ordwav), d. young. 
6750. Mary SirwH (Ordway), D. Jan. 8, 1866L 
67dL Ertin (Ordway), b. Sept 2, 1S7L 
6782. Xeiots (Ordway) b. 1874. 

Bom in South Berwick, 3Ie.: 

6788. Thomas Baldwin.' b. June 19, 1845; d. 1857. 
6784. WUlis SeaTer.^ b. Feb. 10, 1S4S; unm. ; Utcs with his father in 
Lewiston, Me.; a machinist 


PmsnsAS RiCBAEDSOx' {Cameliua T^^ Abijahy^ Hezekiahy* Na- 
thanxel^ ThamaSy^ Thomas *), eldest son of Cornelius T. Rich- 
ardson ;« bom in LitcLfield, Me., Feb. 21, 1814; married, in 
Bangor, Me., Sept. 23, 1845, Pbude^tce 6. Page, of Freeport, 
Me.,l)om Not. 5, 1823. 

He was a sea-farins man from April 12, 1833, to Feb. 1, 1869, 
thirty-six years. He performed two whaling voyages. He sailed, 
April 13, 1838, for the South Atlantic and Indian Oceana, and re- 

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tnrned to New Bedjford^ March 12, 1S33, having been absent 
twenty-three months. Again, he sailed from Wareham, 3Iass., 
September, 1388, for the same oceans, and returned Jane, 1840, 
beinff absent twenty-one months. Since that time, he has been 
employed in steam 'navigation, latterly as an engineer. He resides 
in Tarner, Oxford County, Me., 18T4.' 


Bom in Tnmer: 



Hester Ann Rogers.' b. Jan. 17, 1S47: m. in livermore, Me., 

May 37^ ISll, O. H. Leantt, oi Tarner. 
Cornelius Thompson.^ b. Oct. 2i>. 1S4S; now, 1S74, liTing in 

Banselejy in Franklin County, Me. ; enj^ged in lumbering, 
Phineas»' b. Oct 15, 1S51; in Bangeley, lumbering. 

Bom in Bangor: 

. Sarah UJ b. June 23, 1854. 
Edward Page,* b. Jan. 10, 1858. 

Bom in Turner: 

670a Dora,' b. Feb. 12, 1S58. 

6701. Mary Page,^ b. April 1, IsseQ; d. Jan. 17r 

6792. Frederic S.,sb. May 14,1867. 


Atwell'Rzcbabdson' {Cornelius ?%• Abijahf Hexekiak^^ Na-^ 
thanielj* Nathanid^^ 2%oma# ^), brother of the preceding, and 
second son of Cornelius Thompson Richardson ; oora in Xirer- 
more, 3Ie., Oct. 29, 1817; married, at Turner, Me., Not. 25, 1871, 

Lois DlLLCrOHA3f. 

He is a blacksmith, and resides in Boston. In the war of the 
Rebellion, he served three vears, in company D, in the First 
Massachusetts Regiment of tToInnteers, under the command of 
Col. Robert Cowdin, of Boston. This regiment had been in 
existence long before the war; and is believed to be the first regi- 
ment of militia wliich volunteered, armed and equipped, to en- 
gage in the service of the United States for three years in that 
mat struggle. It formed in line on Boston Common,'one thousand 
forty-seven strong, June 1, 1861 ; and after waiting for wagons 
and other necessary equipments, started for the seat of war, June 
15. In the month 'of July, this regiment, with one from New 
York, and two from Michigan, was formed into a brigade under 
Colonel Israel Bush Richardson [6814J, of 3Iichigan, afterwards 
Major 'General, who fell at Antietara, Sept, 17, 18^2. This regi- 
ment took part in the great battle of Bull Run, Sunday, July 21, 

The children of Atwell Richardson were : 

6703. Walter • b. in Boston, Feb. 16, 1S45; d.» 1858. 
6794. Alaric/ b. in Turner, August, 1S47: d., 183^ 
679^ Isabel,' b. in Boston, April, IddO; d, 1S66. 

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Cosarsuus Thohpsox Ricrabdsox^ (Canieiiita ?%• Abijah,^ 
Hexikiaht^ 2fathanidf ITathanxel^^ Thomas^ brother of the pre- 
ceding; bom in liyermore, Me^ Oct* 6, 1819; married Ruth RoLJj 
Lnrs» October* 1838. 

He resides in HaUofrell, Me.; is by trade a shoemaker. He is 
fond of military mosic; was chief bugler in Capt* Samuel Walk- 
ex^s company of mounted rifles in the Mexican war; and re« 
ceives a pension for wounds suffered in that war. 

One child f 

6706. Com F..* b. October, 1855: is in the Classical School in Hallo- 
well; IS an accomplished musician and a good scholar. 


Abijah Rtchabdson^ {Cornelius T^^ JJbiJahf Mexekiah^^ Nd- 
thaniel^ Nathaniel^^ Thomas^)^ brother of the preceding; bom in 
Turner, 3Ie., June 6, 1823; married, first, in Roxbury, Mass., 
Cabols^ Wxlllams, Jan. 1, 1848. She die<l, April, 1853. Sec- 
ond, Faxxt L. Bent, 1So3. He was a lawyer; resided at 2fo. 
1188 in what was Washington Street, Roxbury, now included in 
Boston ; and died there, f'eb. 20, 1874. 

By first wife: 
6197. Geom C.,* b. Oct 18, 1352; graduated, Harrard College, June, 

By second wife : 


Edith,' b. July, IS67. 
William Bent,* bu July, 1869. 


WiLLUJC RicHAXDSox,' EsQ. (^«a,< Aaaf Ebentzer^^ Nathan* 
iel* Thomas,* Thomas^)^ son of Asa* and Elizabeth (Bird) 
Richardson, of Boston; bom there, Dec. 2, 1813; married, in 
Walpole, l[ass., June 30, 1336, Aousx Eixgsbcbt, daughter of 
Hon. Daniel Kingsbury. 

' He was fitted for College at the Boston Latin School, and oprad- 
uated at Harvard College with high honor in 1832. In 1833, he 
commenced the study of divinity in the Theological School at 
Cambridge, but relinquished it, and on the 20th day of March, 
1834, began the study of law in the oflice of the Hon. Jeremiah 
Mason, of Boston. He was admitted to the Suffolk Bar in 1837. 

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He attained a high rank in the profession, and enjoyed an csten* 
stve and lucratWe business. He was in affluent peouniaiy circura* 
stances ; happj in his domestic relations, and higlily esteemed hj 
his acqnaintancea and professional brethren. Ho was of an affii* 
ble ana social disposition, bat of a somewhat nervous tempera- 
ment. It is supposed that anxiety caused by the care of his larse 
business inducea temporary insanity. He committed suicide by 
drowning himself in Neponset River, Jane 6, 1856, at the age of 
forty-two. He had no children. 

Necrology of the Alumni of Harvard College, prepared by 
Joseph Palmer.] 


AssNATH LoiTiSA RicHABDSOST^ (Georff€j^ AsOj* JSbenezer^* 
Nathemid^ TAomaSy^ Thomas ^), eldest child of George* and Ase- 
nath (Cummincs) Richardson ; bom in Lowell, Dec. 21, 182S ; 
married, July 25, 1847, Rer. Geosob Washington Webster, 
bom at Hooksett-, N. H., June 12, 1823, son of Jonathan and Susan 
(Kimball) Webster, of that place. 

HejB;raduated at Dartmoutn ColIe<^, 1847 ; studied divinity at 
the Unitarian Divinity School at Meadville, Px; and was or> 
dained as a Unitarian minister at Wheeling, Va., officiating there 
some years, but found it necessary to leave that place at the break- 
ing out of the Rebellion ; after which he lived at Bedford, 3Ias8^, 
near Boston. He died in Canterbury, N. H^ Feb. 17, 1872. His 
wift died in Charlestown, Mass., Jan. 2, 1866. 

Their children were, 

Bom in Meadville, Px : 




Bufus Pblneas Stebbins (Webster), b. Nov. 1, 1848; m. October, 
1874b aiartha Isabel E^ans, of Charlestown, N. H. He is a 

George Bagiey Pinney (Webster), b. Jan. 20, 1850; m. llarch 11, 
1874, Almeoa Alethea Conan^ b. in SomervUle, Ilass., May 
7, 1850. He is a salesman. 

Bom in Wheeling, West Virginia : 
Frattces_Shippen (Webster), I trnns, b. ) Edgar is a sales- 

Edgar Hnidekoper ( Webster), ) April 1, 1854. ) man. 

man. * / 



WxLUASC Geobge Rtchaeosox^ (^Q^orgty^ Asa^ Ehenezer^^ 
Ifathanielj* Thomas^* Thomas ^)y brother of the prece«ling; bom 
in Lowell, Nov. 7, 1825; married, first, October 23, 1850, Eliza- 
beth Foster Reynolds, bora Feb. 11, 1829, daughter of John 
and Prudence Reynolds, of North Andover, 3Iass. She died Dec. 
22, 1855, leaving one son. Second, January, 1857, Lavts^ijl Pec- 
DENCS Reynolds, her sister. She was born in North Andover, 
Feb. 27, 1887. 

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He was killed, Jol^ 1, 1837, in Marietta, Ohio, by an accident 
on the railroad, on his return from Wiaconftin, where he had been 
to Tint a friend. 

EBs children were, 

By first wife, Elizabeth : 

$80L George Aia,* b. Aug. 0, 1S52; a salesman in Boston. 

By second wife, Layinia: 

e805. Elizabeth William * (posthumous), b. December, 1S57. She lived 
with her widowed mother over twelve yeaiS, and died in 
Dexry, X. H^ Feb. 1, 1S70. She was sometimes called Lizzie. 


Ell£X. Mjlbia Richasdsox^ {Qtorgt^* Jmo^ Ebmxtxer^ No- 
ihanid^ Thoma$^ Thoma$^)^ sister of the preceding; bom in 
Chelmsford, Dec. 7, 1880 ; married, Hay 4^ 1854, Georob Heybt 
Bta^ born in Chelmsford, Sept. 7, 1829. 

He is a book-keeper; lired in Lowell and Winchester a while, 
till abont 1870. Tney now live in Charlestown, Mass. 

Children : 

eSOe. Ellen Iioolsa (Bjam), b. in Charlestown, Ausr. 9, 1855. 

6807. Dexter Henry (Byam), b. in Lowell, Xov. 29, 1658. He is a 


Wjlbbex Ricbabosox^ {Otargtf Ataf EbeMurf NoAhanidf 
Thoma$^ 7%oma«^), brother of the preceding; bom in Chelms- 
ford, Jnne 11, 1842; married Mabtba Ja^te MsLVXsr, bom in 
Londonderry, N. H., May 22, 1841. 

He is a carpenter. In 186&-1867 be was in San Francisco; 
after that in Somerviile, Mass.; now in Natick, Mass. 


Bom in San Francisco : 


Benben Melvin,* b. April 4, ISas. 
Dexter Warren,' b. April % 1367. 

Bora in East Somerville, Mass.: 

68ia Charies Edward,' b. April 13, 1870. 

6811. Ernest Linwood,' b. Jao. 10, 1872; d. Aug. 7, 1872. 

6312. Mabel Florence,^ b. Oct 30, 1373. 


Hox. IsBiXL PtTTXAM RicoABOsoir T (^Isradf hr(u\} laratU^ 
Nathanidf Nb.thanid^^ Thomas^)^ eldest son of Israel* and 
Hannah (Kellogg) Richardson, of Woodstock, 7t.; bom there, 

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Feb^ 8, 1785 ; married, in Woodstock, Ansr. 16, 1818, his coiisin, 
' ScrsAXXA RicHAXDSON,^ born June 6, lt85, daughter of Jason 
and 3Iary (Powers) Richardson, of Woodstock, Vt. [5679]. She 
was also a first consin to Hiram Powers, the eminent sculptor. 

He graduated at Dartmouth College, 1804 ; read law with R. 
E* Newcomb, of Greenfield, Mass., with Tristram Burgess, of 
ProTidenee, R. I., and with Nathan Robinson,* of Bennington, 
Vt, all eminent lawyers; was admitted to the bar at Manchester, 
Vt.; began practice as- a lawyer at Fairfax, Vt., in 1807; was 
State's attorney for Grand Isle County, December, 1807; for 
Franklin County, Vt., in 1809, and again in 1819 and some 
following years ; was deputy collector seven years ; resided suc- 
cessively in Cambridge, JFairfiix, St. Albans, Swanton, and Bur- 
lington, all in north*westem Vermont ; attained high distinction 
as a lawyer; was State's attorney for Chittenden County, and 
afterwards judge of its court. 

Haying three daughters and a son-in-law at Pontiao, Mich., he 
and his wife went to visit them in 1854. Being then over seven- 
ty years of age, they were by their children invited to stay and 
make their home there. With this sus^estion they complied, 
and the fiither is there now, August, 187a, ninety years or age, 
and afflicted with almost total blindness. The mother died June 
14, 1871, at the age of eighty-six. Until two days before her 
death she was alert and vigorous, both in mind and body ; cooked 
an excellent dinner on Sunday, and read till one o'clock Monday 
mominff ! She was taken sick, and died on Wednesday morning, 
about t£e same hour. She had a vigorous mind, and kept in- 
formed of all passing events. 

Their daughter 2Xarcella takes care of her fiither in his old age. 

Their children have been : 

eSia. Mary Powers Williams,* b. in Cambridge, Vt, July 8, 1314; d. 
Sept 2. 1815. 
+6814. Israel Bash,sb. in Fairfkx, Vt, Dec 26, 1315; m. first, Rita 
Stevenson: second, Falmie Travor. 
6815. A daughter, b. in Fairfax, Jan. 6, 1818: d. Feb. 12, 1818. 
-1-6816. Susan Helen,* b. in Fairfax. Jan. 17, 1310; m. Joseph A. Pecic 

6817. HeniT Jerome,* b. in St Albans, Oct 11, 1824; d. Xot. 15, 1S25. 
-(-6818. Marcella,^ b. at Swanton, 3Iay 10, 1327; unm.; resides with her 

-|-681flL Marcia,' b. at St Albans, Apnl 27, 1820; unm. ; in the quarter- 
master general's oflScey Washington. 


Bexjamht Richabdson^ (iirarf/ Israel f Israel^* NiUhaniel^ 
Nathanidy^ Thomas^)^ brother of the preceding;; was in the 
United States army under Gen. Wm. Henry Harrison, employed 
against the North-west Indians, in the war of IS 11; was in the 

*Xatliaii Robinson tras bom in Bennington, March 4, 1772, and dicil there, 
Sept. 27, 1812. He ^railuateil, Dartmouih Cu]ie<;e. lTU:i; was the son of Moses 
Bobinson, an earir governor of Vomiont, and tras himself father of Joim 
Stanlford Robinsoii, governor of Vermont in 18J3 and VOL 

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battle of Tippecanoe, Xor. 7, 1311. He died at Watetviiet Arse- 
naly Troj, X. Y. He had a son^ Bmjaminf* who lires at Joliet, 

WiLUAM RxcBABD803r^ (61871, the next brother, was a lawyer, 
and an officer in the war oi liVL 

EzzszsL fbcHJLSDsox ^ [6188], the next brother, and fifth son 
of Israel • and Hannah Richardson^ was a £inner in Fair&x, Vt 
He died at Conneant, Pa. 

STOtTGHTOX RxcHASDSOX^ [6189], the next brother, and sixth 
son of Israel and Hannah, was a lawyer. He died in Chester- 
field, Essex Connty, N. Y. 

Betsbt RzcHUtDsox^ [6190], their sister, m. England, a 

fiumer in Fairfax, Yt^ ana removed to Canada.. 

Haxxah Ricrjlsdsox^ [6191], their sister, m. Henry P. 
Holmes, a farmer, of Fairfiix, Vt. She died lately, 1873. 

SsTH [6184], the eldest of the fimiily, died at Elgin, HL 

Th^ Mher died at Fairfax, Yt., May 14, 1840. The mother 
died April 14, 1846. 


Jciror PowEKS Richabdsox,' Esq. (Jiuofiy* Tsraelj* I^raet,^ 
ITaihanid,* yhthaniel^^ TkomoM^)^ son of Jason* and Mary 
(Powers) Richardson, of Woodstock, Vt.; bom there, Aag. 23, 
1792.; never married. 

His mother, Mary Powers, was a daughter of Dr. Stephen Pow- 
ers, of Woodstock, who was grandfather of the eminent Hiram 
Powers, the sculptor, who was bom in Woodstock, Jnly 5, 1805, 
and,, after having filled the world with his fame, now lives in 
Italy. Dr. Stephen Powers went from Middleborough, Mass., to 
Woodstock, in 1774. 

The principal subject of this notice gradaated at Dartmouth 
College in 1816 ; read law with Judge Asa Aldis, of St Albans, 
Vt., and Hon. Heman Allen, of Milton, Tt.; bemn the practice 
of law at Burlington, Vt. ; removed to Pontiac, Mich., in 1887; 
was deputy collector at Sault St. Marie from 1845 to 1848 ; pros- 
ecuting attorney and commissioner for Chippeway County, and 
master in chancery for Oakland County, all in iVIichigan ; left 
Pontiac for Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1854, and died there, Sept. 
8, 1866. 

' 6197. 

Roy. Origex Dre^v Richabbsox^ (Jcuanj* I$rae^* Israelj^ 
Nathaniel,* Nathanielj^ Thomas ^)^ brother of the precedinsr; 
bom in Woodstock, Vt., July 20, 1795; married, 1828, Sabah P. 
Hill, of Rhode Island. 

He was a volunteer in the ITnited States service in the war of 
1812, and took part in the battle of Plattsburgh, September, 
1814. He studiea law and was in practice in Woodstock until 

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he remored to Pontiac, "Mich., in 1S26, and oontinaed in practice 
more or less there till 1854. He was a member of the Michigan 
Legislature twice, between 1830 and 1840. In 1840, he was 
elected lieutenant governor of Michxcran, and re-elected in 1842. 
After^the territorid government for Nebraska was organized, he 
removed in the autumn of 1854 to Omaha in that territory, now 
State, where he now resides. In 1854, he was elected to the leg- 
islative council of Nebraska for two years. 

He has had six children, to wit : 

6S2Q. Lyman,* m. Tirginia H. Clark. Ho b one of the proprietors of 
the Omaha Daily Herald; it has also a weekly issue. He 
has a partner, George I^ Miller, and their finn is Miller de 
Bichardson* He has three children: 

e82L Jl/ary.» 

6823. Bertha^ 

esse. Baiph.^ 

aSSi. Saiah,^ m. Z. B. Hnight They have: 
6S2S. Frederic (Knight). 

6826. /tt/ia (Knight). 

6827. :^ary (Knight). 

68S8. Cornelia,^ m. George J. Gilbert. One child : 
6820. Geortfe (Gilbert). 
Two sons and one daughter deceased; Uieir names not reported. 


FxsnxT KzcBJLBDSox^ {Zysanehr,* Israel^* Tsraelf* Ifhthaniei* 
Jfathanidf* 7%anias^)f daughter of Dr. Lysander* and Lois 
(Ransom) Richardson, of Woodstock, Vt. ; bom there, July 1,. 
1783 ; married Sblab B. XTphasc, in Woodstock, in the autumn 
of 1810. 

He lived in Montsomenr, Yt^ in the northern part of that 
State. He was killec^ acddentally, in his saw-mill, the date not 

He left diree children, viz. : 

^30. James (^ham). 
6S3L Fanny (upham). 
6532. Susan (Upham). 

These ail had mmilies, and were livins in ^fontgomexy in 1874. .<e- 
lah B. Upham had a brother, Edward £• Upham, living in Portland^ 
Me., June, 1S74 


CiiAiJ2rc£T RiCButDSox,^ EsQ. {Lysatider,^ lerael,^ Israel^^ 
Nathaniel^* XTathanid^^ Thoma$ M, brother of the preceiling, and 
eldest son of Dr. Lysander « and Lois (liansom) i tichardsoo, of 
Woodstock, Vt. ; bom there, Feb. 20, 1703; married, March 11, 
1810, Rebecca Caret, bom Feb. 25, 1703, daughter of Lieut. 
Ephraim Carey, of Hartland, Vt Mr. Carey came from Bristol, 
R. L, and was'a lieutenant through the Revolutionary wan 

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Mr. mdhardflon reeeiyed his name from the respect his fiither 
entertained for the Rer. Charles Chaanoy, D. D^ minister of the 
First Chnrch in Boston from 1727 to 1787. He is the only mele 
descendant of Capt. Israel Richardson * [5402], now remaining in 
the Coanty of Windsor, Vt^ and for forty years past» He liaa 
lived in Woodstock nearly all his life. 

In hie early years he made spinning wheels of the Irish sort, 
fi>r spinning flu, two or three years. For more than rixtv years 
past his business has been the cnltivation of the soil. Ele owns 
and occupies a fine fiirm, in a pleasant location, two or three miles 
south of the Tillage of Woodstock, is free from debt, and well-to* 
do in the world« 

He is fond of music, and for fifteen years led his regiment with 
the fife at their parades and mustei*s. He is e3cpert also with the 
clarionet and violin. In 1830, he was commissioned as justice of 
the peace for the Counter of Windsor. He has lived on his farm 
seventy«five years. His wife Rebecca died March 81, 1855, 
1^ 62. 

They had but one child : 

Addline,* b. Xov. 28. 1810; m. Oct 17, 1888. Thomas Bitter 
Carieton, of Wooostock, a farmer and caixige-maker. He 
died Feb. 18» 1847, aged 38. Their children were: 
8884. Ouiver Skkardaon (Cadeton), b. June 8, 1848 ; d. Jane 10, 

. 18M. 
8685. AtLguMta S^btcea (Carieton), b. Dea 9, 1848; m. Francis 
AJmon BoQes, a graduate of Tufts College, 1870, a lawyer 


Saucoh RicHABDSOsr^ (Sdlmon^* James j* James^^ James^* iVo- 
ihanid^ Thomas ^), son of Salmon * and Lucy (Kendall) Rich* 
ardson; born in Leominster, Alass., Dec. 18, 1781; married, 1808, 
Abigail Cabtxb, a descendant of Rev. Thomas Carter, the first 
minister of Wobum. 

He passed his life in Leominster ; was one of the school com- 
mittee in 1813. 


His children were : 

Jonas KandalU' b. April 10, 1809; m. Jemsha Wyer. 
Edwin Carter,* b. Nov. 13, 1318; d. Feb. 13, 1810. 
Lucy Ann,* b. Jan. 1, 1316 ; m. Whiting Gates. * 
Susan,' b. Nov. 2, 1817; m. Andrew P. Conant She died Sept 
9,1352. They had: 
a84a EUxabeth 8. (Conant). b. March 5, 1850; m. Samuel Bar- 
nard, June 8, 1871. 
H-664L Luke Carter,* b. Nov. 14* 1821; m. Orissa A. Willard. They 
now live at Leominster, 1874. 


Nicholas Richakdson^ (TTiYKom,* WiUiamf William,* 
Jamssf NaJthanid^^ Thomas^ son of William Richardson,* a dry 

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goods merehant in Boston; nnnuirried. I have not the date of 
bit birth; it was orpbably not £ir from 1788 or 1790. 

He was a merchant some rears in Hayti, or St. Domingo. He 
had the char^ there, of the business of Greorge and William 
Richardson, his brother and eoosin (]6217, 6224], who traded in 
the productions of that island ; receiving the cargoes. sent by them, 
and sending back cargoes in return. He died there, and the state- 
ment is that his remains were entombed in a ^at earthquake at 
Oipe Hayti, when two thousand persons are said to have perished, 
but I cannot learn when it was. 


Gmbgs Richardson^ ( WtUiam* Wittiamf William * Jam^a^^ 
Ifathanielf* Thomas ^)^ brother of the preceding; bom 1794; 
unmarried; his sister Susan, also unmarried, kept bis house. 

He was in early life a superca^ in the employment of Ebenezer 
Francis, an eminent merchant, ol Boston, trading to the East In- 
dies. Later in life, and durin^ir many years, he was a merchant in 
partnership with his cousin, liVllliam Richardson [6224], son of 
Samuel, in the shipping and trading business. They occupie*! 
Bowels Wharf in Boston, and owned three brigs; one of which, 
the Red Rover, went out, and was never heard from. Her com- 
mander was Capt. Girdler. They carried on a profitable business 
many years, dealing in coffee, hides, etc., from St. Domingo and 
Rnsaa. mcholas Richardson [6214], brother of Gteorge, was 
their ftotor in that ishind. 

George I&chardson retired from active business in 1887, with a 
handsome property, and purchased the Everett homestead in Dor- 
chester, where he passed the rest of his life in el^nt leisure, be- 
ing a man of liberal culture, and having a taste for the fine artf, 
especially painting. His home was the welcome resort of all his 
..relatives, and a jov to all who passed the threshold. His maiden 
sbter Susan [6218] was at the head of his housekeeping till she 
died. He died in 1861, aj^ed 67. His brother John luso live 1 
with him, and succeeded him in his homestead, as well as in in- 
telligence, culture, and benevolence. 


Sally Richabdsoity (Samuelj^ WiUiam^^ WtUiam^* James^* 
Nathaniel^ Thoma$% daughter and eldest child of Samuel* an*l 
Lucy (IVGrick) Richardson, of PrincetoQ, Mass.; bom there, April 
8, 1785 ; married, May 1, 1806, Dsa. Isba£L Howe, je., of Prince- 
ton, bom April 16, 1778. 

He was a wealthy farmer; always lived in East Princeton, and 
died there. He and his wife were admitted to the church in 
Princeton, in 1810. He was chosen deacon in 1813. She died 
there, about 1860. 

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Their children were : 

6642. Dudley R. (Hofre), b. Jane 10, 1310; cL Julj 29, 1829. 

G&A3. Phebe Submit (Howe), b. ^£ay 20, 1312; (L in Princeton^ April 

If 1S33. 
6841 Daniel (Howe), b. Sept 21. 1814; m. flzst, Sarah ^ason, in 1380. 

She died Dec. 23, 1343. Second, 1846» Rebecca BnUaxd. 

Daniel Howe died Au^ 7, 1857; 
6345. Sophia (Howe), b. Oct 20, 1316; m. her coosin, Capt Josiah 

RiehardBon [6237]. 
6846. Sarah Caroline (Howe), b. Nov. 5, 1321; m. Noah Harlow, of 

LowelL She died April 14, 1374. 
6347. Nicholaa Richardson (Howe), b. Oct 21, 1S28; now retides in 

Fitchborg, AEass. 
6818b Dudlej Waldo (Howe), b. Jan. 15, 1330; reeidee in Fitcbborg, 



SAiOJEL Richardson T (Samuel,^ WUliamf Wiaiam^* James^* 
Nathaniel^* Thomas *) brother of the preceding, and eldest son of 
Samael * and Lucy (Mirick) Richardson ; bom in Princeton, Mass., 
Dec. 2, 1787; married, Feb. 23, 1818, Hannah Hoar, of West- 
minster, Mass. 

He was a merchant or trader in Princeton ; also a farmer; died 
in Princeton, snddenlr, Feb. 26, 1342, in his fifty-sixth year. His 
widow' still lives with Mrs. Rebecca Forsyth, her daaghter, in 


Bom in Princeton : 

6840. Elmira,* b. If ay 17. 1814; m. George Gnmey. He is not livlsg. 
She resides in Chelsea with her son George Gumej . Her 
children are: 
Georae (Gomey), liTes in Chelsea. 

itfetoe. or Antoinette (Gomey), m. — — Pronty, now Hving 
in Chelsea. 

e,'b. June 26, 1316; is married and has a familT, names 
sown. He has been a merchant in Manmee, Ohio ; now 
lives in Bnffalo. 
Bebeeoa,^ b. Sept. 24, 1818; m. George Forsyth; lives in Chelsea. 

6894. Harriet (Forsyth), m. Adams. 

68S6. Walter (FoEsyth). 
6396. /omes (Forsyth). 




PoLLT RiCBARDSox^ ( Samuel j* WiUiamy^ WiUiam* Jiwiesy* 
NathanUl^ Thomas ^\ sister of the preceding; bom Feb. 16, 
1790 ; married, April 3, 1811, Azon ^Iatxasd, from Northboroogh, 
Mass. He was a selectman of Princeton, 1816. 

She died in Princeton, Sept. 18, 1822. 

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Her children were : 



yancT (Haynard), unm. ; goTemess in the family of her conain 

Join Richardson 16210], in Dorciiester, 187-k 
William (Maynard), d. some years ago. 
Mary (Marnard), onm. ; lires in Boston. 
Lneinda (Maynard), m. ^—Kidder, of Cambridge. 
Fidelia (Majnard), m. ; deceased. 


CxiuAxnxB RiCHABDSOX^ {Samudy^ WiUiamf WiUiam^^ 
JasnM^ Nizthaniel^ Thomas'^\ sister of the preceding, and 
daughter of Samael* and Lacy (Mirick) Richardson; bom in 
Princeton, May 26, 1792; married, May 26, 1812, Joh^* Davis, 
bom in Rutland, Mass., Jan. 23, 1790. 

He was a son of Capt. Asa Davis, who built the Bigeiow Mills 
in North Rutland. He lived a while in Princeton; removed 
firom Princeton to West Boylston in 1S41 ; thence to Worcester 
in 1864. He died in Rutland, June 18. 1870. He was by occu- 
pation a farmer. He was a member of an Orthodox Con^ga- 
tionol Church in Princeton and West Boylston, and, if I mistake 
not, of a Methodist Church in Worcester. 

His widow Catharine, or, as she was commonly called, and even 
recorded, Katy or Cata^ though this of course could not have 
been her name, died in Somerville, near Boston, May 20, 1871*, 
aged 79. . 

Their children were : 

M2» Catharine (Davis), b. Jon. 6, 18US; m. first, Asa Rice, Jon. 2a, 
1888; second, Jonas Brooks, April 5, 13661 Asa Rice was a 
son of Luther Rice, of Marlborough, Mass. [See Rice Gene* 
alogy.] He was a fiumer, and an earnest promoter of the 
objects of the. Worcester County Agricultural Society. Of 
that society he was one of the trustees, and a member of its 
oommittee of arranicements more than thirty vears. Catha- 
rine was his second wife. His first wife was Harriet Read. 
m. April 4^ 1827 ; d. Aug. 5, 1S35, a^ 35. He lived in West 
Boyl^n, and died there, Feb. 27, l^vH. Catharine Davis 
manied, second, Oea. Jonas Brooks, of Princeton, b. June 4, 
1799, son of Jonas and Lydia (Temple) Brooks, of Princeton. 
^ was captain of the Lif^ht Infantry Company of Princeton, 
and was chosen nu^or, but declined* the honor, because, as 
he sold, it was too expensive. He was admitted to the 
church, 1820; chorister in Princeton twelve years; supehn- 
, tendent of the Sabbath-school ; was chosen deacon. I^ta ; se- 
lectman of Princeton, 1S39 to 1$41; assessor, 1^0. His 
father, whose name was also Jonas Brooks, was selectman of 
Princeton from 1S<)1 to 1S14; had ten children, and died Oct. 
28, 1819, aized 44 years. S months. Charles Brooks, prrand- 
tether of Dea. Jonas Brooks, lived in Princeton, and had 
thirteen children, eleven of whom had families. The father 
of Deo. Jonas lived to be xctexv-foub years of aj^. 

Asa and Catharine (Davis) Rice had four children, viz. : 
• 6863^ Horritt Read (Rice), b. Xov. 15, 18:^; m. Lorenzo Quimby 

Spalding, >^ov. 26. 1S57, b. in Cavendish, Vt, Feb. 2»$, 

1835; he was in the army one year during the war of the 


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mUm Anulia (Rice), b. Feb. 12, 1$42; m. Oct 26, 1S62, Jo- 
seph Edgar DioksoOt b. June 11, 1$41; graduated* Am- 
herst College, 1S03; was appointed on the academic 
staff United States Xaral Academy; in that capacity 
serred nine years, till October, 1S71 ; bc^j^n to reside in 
Worcester, Julr, 1871. Since that date has been general 
agent of the Khode Island Artificial Stone Company, 
chemist of the Massachusetts Oleo Margarine Company, 
and superintendent of the United States Creamoleine 
Company of Boston, still having his home in Worcester. 
Creamoleine is claimed to be a substitute for butter as 
used in shortening. 
Sarah Elizabeth (Rice), b. Dec. 20, 1S45; m. July 2. 186S, 
Charles Wairen Gray^ of Barnstable. He studied at 
Amherst College, but did not graduate. Dnringthe war 
was assistant surgeon at Portsmouth GroTe aospital, 
R. L ; also drill-master at White Plains Military Acade- 
my, N. T. ; now resides in Worcester, and is deacon of 
the Tabernacle Church in tiiat city. 
Clara Josephine (Rice), b. June 4, 1S50; d. Jan. 11, 1855. 
Lucy Mirick (Davis), b. March 10, 1817; m. June 26, 1888, 
Aionzo Davis. They live in Rutland, Mass. He is and long 
has been the leading man in Rutland. He is postmaster 
there; has been representative of that district in the State 
Legislature, and has been one of the selectmen or assessors 
about thirty years. 
Xbenezer Erskme (Davis), b. Xov. 17, 1818; m. Lovisa Ely. 

They now live in Somerville. 
Augusta M. (Davis), b. March 31, 1820; unm.; d. March 14, 

EUen R. (Davis), b. Dec. 11, 1821; m. Rev. BOram Houston. He 
has been pastor, since 1850, of the Congregational Church on 
Deer Isle, Me. 

Abigail R. (Davis), b. Dec 11, 1828; m. G. Green, of Rutland, 

MaiT A. (Davis), b. Nov. 5, 1825; m. Franklin Hathaway, now 

of Somerville, 1874. 
Harriet A. (Davis), b. Oct 7, 1827; d. April 13, 1843. 
John (Davis), b. Feb. 21, 1830; m. Jenme M. Jones. They live 

in Cumberland. 
Joseph (Davis), b. Sept 4, 1881; m. July 15, 1860^Lucy Ann 

Spaukiing, of Cavendish. Tt, b. Sept 11, 1838. 

, . , They live in 

RuUand,Mas4. Cliildrea: 

6876. Flora A. [Da^lsi, b. April 0* iSei, 

6877. Gtorgt Jf. [ Davis u b. An^. 23, 1$62. 

6878. John F. (Dani u b, March 20» IS6S, 

6879. Arthur W. ;Dam|, b, Feb. 10, IST4, 

6880. AhniraR. (DaxiaL h. Mnrth 31, 1333; m. April 8, 1851, Asa F. 
Rice, b. in West BoyUtoa, April 3, 1?30, son of Asa Rice, of 
that town, the fii^t huibaod of Catliarine Davis [68621. He 
is a former, and iiveti Id Oakd^e. They have seven children. 
Sarah (Davis), b. Au^. 3U 1S3S; d. June d, IB^ 
Samuel Richardson ( DarisU b. July ^0, IS37. He went to Texas 
about 185&; since tliAt date hja Meoda have known little or 
nothing respecting him. 



William RiCHAltDSON * (Samuel^* Wtlliamj^ WlUidm^^ Jamtiy* 
Ifathanielj* Thomas \>, brother of the preceding, and son of Saxn- 
ael* and Lucy (Mirick) Richardson; bom in rrinceton, Mass., 

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Oet. 4, 1T94; married, 1838, Chaslottb BaxcirGS, of Dorches- 
ter. She has a sister, Margaret Billing. . 

He was for many years a merchant m Boston, bat a citizen of 
Dorchester, the birth*place of his wife. His partner in business 
was his cousin, George Richardson [62171, a son of William 
Richardson; their place of business was Kowe's Wharf; they 
owned three brigs, and traded with the West India Islands and 
with Russia for coffee, hides, etc.; were worthy and respected 
merchants and men of the highest integrity. 

He was fonnd dead in his chamber, locked in, Nov. 7, 1874. 
On the eleyenth of that month the following paragraph appeared 
in the Boston Dail^ Advertiser : 

^Mr. William Richardson, who died at his residence on Sarin. 
Hill, on Saturday, in the eightieth year of his age, was for many 
years of the firm of Greorge & William Richardson, on Rowe's 
vHiarfl engaged in commerce with the West Indies and in the 
Russian trade. Retiring from active business in 1887, he passed 
the remainder of his days in the congenial pursuits of horticul* 
tnre, beloved and respected by his kindred and friends as a man 
of sterling integrity and life-long benevolence." 

He haa no children. 


Petxb RiCHABDSOsrT {Samud,^ JVittiam* WiUiam^^ James,^ 
Nathaniel^ Thomas^)^ brother of the preceding, and third son 
of Samuel* and Lucy (Mirick) Richardson; bom in Princeton, 
Mass., Feb. 18, 1798; married, Dea 19, 1819, jUzhstable Prbx- 
XI88, of Hubbardston, daughter of Henry Prentiss, of that place. 

He was formerly a trader in Boston, and at ** the west;" a 
man of activity, integrity, and enterprise. He was one of the 
pioneers in trade in the opening to commerce of the new States 
of Arkansas and Texas. He was employed by the Boston board 
of trade in the regulation and adjustment of the freights, etc., of 
the g[reat routes for trade between the east and the west, at the 
opening of the railroads between those portions of the Union. 
This, of course, required a man of eminent judgment and fore- 

Me and his wife are now, 1874, living in Hubbardston, Mass^ 
at the ages, respectively, of 76 and 73. 

Their children have been s 

6888. Hennr Prentiss,* b. 1S22 ; d. in California, in 1846, aged 24. 

6881. Charles A.,* d. in Boston, as^ 17. 

6680. Harriet B.,' m. Russell Hallett, of the firm of Hallett, Cunuton 
A Co., well and iavocably Jcnown as piano-forte makers, Bos« 
ton. The J live in Biookline, ^lass., and have two sons and 

one dauichter. 

6886. William £rerctt»* m. Testa Hodsdon, of Great Falls, X. H. 
They have two sons and reside in Boston. He is treasurer 
of the Central Wharf Corporation. His place of business is 
Na 50 Central Whait. 

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James M^* m. Anna Cartwiight, of Boston. The7 have two 
sons and one daoghcer. He is a merchant on Central Wbarl 

Thomas £.,' onm. ; xesides at ** the vest." 

Georce P.,' m. Julia Wright, of Hubbardston, ^lass. They r^ 
sicte in Boston : have one son and three daughters. He is in 
the employ oc the Fepperell and Laconia Manufacturing 

Spencer \r.»' m. ^lary CnmstoUt of Boston. TherhaTC two 
sons. He is a partner in the tiim of Richardson, mil & Co., 
bankers, Boston, and president of the Metropolitan Nation- 
al Bank, No. 57 Brattle Street; its capital is $SQOflOO. He 
resides at Milton. 

Edward B.,' unm. in 1S74; had a position in the Boston Custom 

All the aboTe sons^ then linng, serred their country through the 
war of the Bebellion, in the Massachusetts regiments. 




Caft. John Richjlbdsont (Johrij* William* William^* JameSj* 
Nathanid^ Thomas ^)^ son of John ^ and Hannah (Lewis) Itich- 
ardson, of Centreville, Cape Cod ; bom there, July 22, ISOl ; 
married^ May, 1827, £MELz^~K: Small, of Boston. 

He lived in Barnstable, Mass. ; was a ship master, and finally 
went on some foreign voyage from wrhich he did not return. 
What became of him his friends nerer knew. 

Cluldren : 

08O2* John Ouincy Adams,' b. March 4, 1S2S; nu November, 1858, 
Sarah S. Fuller, of Centrerille. During the late civil war he 
served in the army. When the xrar was over, he returned to 
bis home in Centrerille, and took up the business of house 
and ornamental painting. His children axe: 

6804. flam'e<,» b. ISaS. 
M». Edward,' b. 1SS2. He was a sailor, and died in ISeO. 


Capt. Eph&aim Richabdson^ (Jbhriy^ William^* William,^ 
Jamu^ Nathanitl^^ Thomas^)^ brother of the preceding; bom 
in Centreville, a locality in the town of Barnstable, March 31 
1803 ; married, first, Mabt C. HiycsLzr, of Centre^ille, Sept. 11, 
1826, She died June 23, 1838. Second, Ja^e PanniST, of Cen- 
treville, March 10, 1840. 

It seems probable that he lived in Centreville, and was a ship- 
master. He died Dec. 31, 1873. His widow Jane still resides m 
Barnstable, 1874. 

He had but one child, and this by the first wi&: 

0800. Alozina,* b. Jan. 30, 1S23; m. first, Capt Alran C. Burlingame, 
Dec. 12, 1S4S. He was lost at sea, Oct. 13, 1S51. Second, 
Oark Lincoln, December, 1S33. She died ^ay 27, lc01, 
leaving no children. 

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AsEXATB JjKvns RicHAXDSOsr^ {Johnf WiUiamf Wflliam^* 
Jiimesy* 2fathan%ely^ Thomas ^\ sister of the precetlinff; bora at 
Centreville, in Barnstable, Feb. 12, 1806; married, at Centrevillef 
Feb. 23, 1882, Albekt Scn>DBB. He was a seaman, and died 
snddenlj a fe\r years ago. She is now living in Barnstable, 137-1. 

Children : 

6807. Margaret (Sondder), b. Xor. 7, 1882; m. Benjamin F. Handy, 

Not. 20, 1S5L 

8808. TVllUam R. (Scudder). b. July 10, 1S35; d. Sept 28, 1880. 

8800. Ferdinand (Scuddcr). b. Dec. 23, 1SS6; m. Jane Armstrong. 

6000. Hannah R. (Scudderh b. Sept 22. 1SS9. 

aOOl. Mary J. (Scndder), b. Dea 25, 1S43. 

6002. Albert (Scadder), b. >'or. 21, 1$46. 

6008. Isaiah (Scodder), b. Sept 14, 1850; lost at sea, March 25, 1866. 


Capt. Josiab Richabdsox^ (c/bAn,* William^* WiUiam^^ 
James^ NiUhanid^ jTAomas^), brother of the preceding, and son 
of John' and Hannah (Lewis) Richardson; bom in Centreville, 
in the town of Barnstable, Sept 2, 1803 ; married, first, Abigail 
SciTDOEB, of Barnstable, October, 1331. She died Feb. 15, 1S34, 
no doubt in consequence of the birth and death of her only child 
a few days before. Second, Nor. 7, 1337, his cousin, Sophia 
Howe [6845], who was bom in Princeton, Mass., Oct. 20, 1816, 
daughter of Israel and Sally (Richardson) Howe. She died Oct. 
16, 1842. Third, Habbiet £. Gk>ODyow, Oct 25, 1843. 

He was, like his brothers, a ship-master, and also a merchant, 
and withal a man of refinement, culture, and' integrity. He was 
lost off Cape Sable, Nova Scotia, in the wreck of the ship Staf- 
fordshire, of which he was commander, Dec 30, 1853, one hun« 
dred and eighty others perishing at the same time.* 

His widow Harriet yet survives, 1874, and lives with his 
daughter by the second wife, ^rs. Abby Scudder Kimball, Xo. 
87 Banrard Street, Worcester, having also with her his and her 
own son, George Richardson. 


By first wife, Abigail : 

600A Wmiam,* b. Feb. 10. 1834; d. Feb. 12, 1834. 
his mother's death. 

His death caused 

*Tbe foUo^ng statement appeared in the Pbiladelnhia Ledser in the spring 
of 1854: "The total num>>er of persoiLi who perishea in the Potrhattan, in- 
cluiUng the odicers and crew, is at ieast two bundred and twenty; on board 
the Tayleur, wrecked in the Iriih ChannAi, three hundred and 9^v^nxr\ on 
board the StaffonUbire, %rrecked off Cape Sable, one hundred and eU;hrv, and 
on board the steam»liip San Francisco, one hundre^l and thirty, luaJrinqln 
these disasters alone a ;:rand total loss of nine hundred human lives. The 
lonjc delay of other vessels creates a strong fear that the above does not in- 
clude the whole number who have perished in the last few months." 

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By steond wife, Sophia: 

6809. Abbj Seaddu^^ U. 188S; m. Lloyd Bion iSmball, Dee. 23, 1S70. 

She Is now a widow. He was bom in Alexander, Me., Joly 

81, 1845, son of Jacob and Julia (Arnold) Eimbatl, and died 

in Aiken, S. C, May 8, 1871. His business was the manu« 

. factnre and sale of mowioff machines* 

0006. SophiaHowe,*b.Jan.5, 1841; d. July 11,184L 

By third wife, Harriet: 

6007. Josiah,' ) ^^^^^ bom ) d. 1848. 
600a Edward,* fDec 8, 1344;) d. May, 1845. 
60001 Aufnuta E.,« b. October, 1845; d. May, 1846. 
60ia George,* b. Jan. 17, 1850; unm.; lives with his mother in Wor- 
60U. Josiah,* b. April 0,1854 (posthumous); d. Jan. 14, 186L 


Cathascte Rxchabdsos* (JbAn,* WiUicmj* WUUaniy^ James f 
Nbahanid^^ Thamcu'^)^ sbter of the preceding; bom in Centre- 
▼ille,Cape Cod, Jane 18, 1811; married, Aprils 1838, Eluah 
LoBore, a fanner in Barnstable. 

Both are still living in Barnstable, 1874 


6012. Ephraim Richardson (Loring), b. March 10, 1880; lost at sea, 
September, 1866^ 
. 601& AbbyF.(Loring),b. Jan. 8^1841; aulfrederio Jones; has one 
son, iVtderic, b. 1868. 

6014. Elijah (Loring), b. April 22, 1848; m. Cora Howes. 

6015. Ruth L. (Lormf?), k May 31, 1845; m. William Dmmmond; had 

6016. John R. (Loring), \ twins, bom \ lost at sea, Angus^ 1868. 

6017. HannahR.(LoringKf Sept 7,1847;) 
601& Ellen (Loring), b. Aug. 0, 1851. 
6010. Julia A. (Loring), biDec. 24, 1853. 


Ha27njlh Leatis Richaxdson^ (John^* TFifftom/ WtHiamy* 
Jixmesy* JTathanielj* Thomas ^)j sister of the preceding, and 
youngest child of John * and Hannah (Lewis) Richardson, of 
Centreville^Mass.; bom there, Aug. 24, 1816; married Ja2£Zs 
WoBBELL, May 12, 1845. 

They lived in Barnstable. She liyes there nov, 1874. 

Children : 

6020. Wniism R. (Worrell), b. Aug 15, 1846 ; lost at sea, Jan. 6, 1866. 
6Q2L James D. (WoireU), b. Sept. 17, 1848; lost at sea, March 25, 

6022. Josiah Richardson (Worrell), b. Dec. 10, 1854; d. June 8, 186(X 

6023. £lishaB.(WorreU),b.Sept6,1858. 

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Datid Boxjtsllz (JDaniaris C. Richardaonj^ ZitkCy^ Jame^^ 
Jamuf Nathaniel^ ThomtM ^), son of David aud Damaris C. 
(Richardsoa) Boutelle, and grandson of Luke Richardson, of 
Leominster, Mass.; bom there, July 25, 1791 ; marriedf first, Dec. 
18, I8IS9 Ruth B. Hustthto, of Bozrah, Ct. She died in Boston, 
Dec* 18, 1823, aced 23. Second, Dec. 30, 1830, Mast Tido, of 
New Braintree, Mass. 

Though bom in Leominster, he spent most of his youth in 
Htchburg, Mass. He left that place in the spring of 1811, and 
was a clerk with Messrs. Boardmnn Ss Farwell, in Cambridge, 
four years; after which he was a partner some years with Dea. 
Levi Farwell in the sale of dry goods, crockery, and glass ware, 
in Cambridge, near Boston. In 1820, impaired health induced 
him to quit the store and betake himself to agriculture. After 

giasittff a year at Fitchbufg, on the fiirm which had been his 
thex^he concluded to try merchandize again. He went to 
Boston, and took a store for the sale of dry goods in what was 
then Market Street, now Corahill. He remained there about two 

Sirs. His wife having died, his own health not being ^ood, and 
mother needing his help, he returned to the farm m Fitch- 
burv, and for the last fifty years has been a farmer. 

His fiurm, the ^ Old Cowdin farm,'' beins situated near the rail- 
road depot in Fitchbnrg, became, after the constmction of the 
western railroad, extremely valuable, and has been mostly dis- 
posed of for dwelling and business purposes. 

He is now, 1874, eiehty-three years of age, and has furnished 
fbr this volume the information it contains respecting bis mother's 


By first wife: 

MM. Maxy Baldwin (BouMle), b. at Cambridge, Dec. 12. 1810; m. 
Benjamin Snow, o< Fitchburff, Nov. 13, 1338. Children: 
6088. Frank HwnHnqtm (Snow), m. Jano Aiken, of Andover. He 
sradnated, wiOiams CoUece, 1S62, and at Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1806. He is professor of mathematics 
aiui natural science in the University of ICansas, in Law- 
rence, Kansas. They have three children. 
eOM. . IfortAa (Snow), bl Geon^ Wallace, merchant, in Boston. 

They have twe children. 
0OS7. Bci^'otmin (Snow), had been in business in Lawrence, Kan* 
sas, two or tbne years at the time of his death, January, 
0088. Caroline Ruth (Boutelle), b. in Boston, June 18, 1823; m. 
Abram S. Dole, Sept 21, 1840. They hare two sons. 

By second wife: 

0029. Elizabeth Mixter (BovteUe), b. in Fitchburg, Hay 4, 1832; not 
married, 1874. 

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Abtsmas RtCBAXDSoy (Zuk&j* Luke,^ James^* JameSj* JVa- 
tAaniel,^ ThonuM^), soa of Luke « and Relief (Faller) Richardson, 
of Leominster; bom there, Feb. 26, 1790 ; married, June 21, 1818, 
EuzA Steajkxs, bom Feb. 13, 1800, daughter of Capt. Josiah and 
Ruth (Hunt) Steams, of Leominster. 

According to Dr. Bond, Waterto^vn Grenealogies, p. 481, near 
the top, he removed to Worcester, Vt. The present writer is in- 
formed that he has deceased, and that his widow and children re* 
aide in New.York City. 

IDs children, as reported, are : 

e080. Henry A.,s b. May 15, 1810; m., 1845. Harriet Bliss, of North- 
ampton, 3Iass. He is a partner in the firm of JBoynton Jt 
Richardson, Peaii St, New York City. Has: 
O030.« Henry? 
aOSO.^ Jo9ephine.^ 
d08L Eliza Ann,* b. June 3, 1323; m. Edwin Holmes, of West Boyls* 

ton, Mass. 
0082. Emily A.,' b. March 11, 18Sa 
6033. £Uen A.,^ b. Oct G, 1S35. 
603L Charies Torry,^ b. starch 25, 184a 
For the accuracy of the foregoing the compiler is not responsible. 


Thoills Richardsox? ( Thomaa^^ lAiktf James^^ Jamtnf Na^ 
thanidj^ Thomas ^)y eldest son of Dr. Thomas* and Jane (Brown) 
Richardson, of Fitzwilliam, N. H. ; bom in Royalston, 3Iass», 
Jnly 24, 1790 ; married, first, Sjlbab EI^aoBT, a native of Fitz- 
wiluam, who died, April, 1824. Second, Lx7ct Wright, Jan. 26,- 
1826. She was bom in TempletOD, Mass., March 6, 1802, danghter 
of Moses Wright, who was bora in Templeton, April 6, 1774, and 
died in Templeton, Oct S, 1826. The wife of Moses Wright and 
mother of his daughter Lacy, was Hannah Parker, who was bom 
in Andover, Mass., Jan. 10, 1777 ; married Moses Wright, 1799 ; 
and died in Templeton, Jane 2, 1851. 

Thomas Richardson * lived in Fitzwilliam, and died April 4, 
1828. Lncy, his widow, died suddenly at the residence of her 
only son, Closes W. Richardson, Xo. 20 Newbury Street, Boston, 
May 12, 1875, aged 73. 

The children of Thomas Richardson, all bora in Fitzwilliam^ were. 

By first wife Sarah : 
0035. Sarah Brown,' b.'A£arch, 1819; m. WiUiam Cowlbeck. of Eeese- 

▼ille, X. T. She died there, Auipisc, 1S52. 
803<l. Thomas Aus:ustiis,< b. Autnist, 1S20; m. Xancy Potter, of Keese- 

ville, y. Y. ; d. at St, Loms, June, 1<02. 
0087. Charles,* b. 1822; m. Sarah Wright, of mnchester, X. H. Both 

are now livins^ in Plattsbanr, X. T., Afarch, 1375. 
0087.« Jane,' b. March. 1S24; m. B. B. Boynton, of Keesevillc, X. T. 

They now reside in Chicago. 

By second wife, Lnoy: 
-HiOSa. Moses Wright,) b. Jan. 1, 1827; m. Eliza Wait Lane. 

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Hox. George Carter KrcRARDSOsr^ {Thomas^* LuJc^,^ Jame$^^ 
Jamt^f yathaniely^ Thomas^)^ brother of the preceding, and 
soa of Dr. Thomns* and Jnne (Brown) RicLnrdson; bom in Roy- 
alston, 3Ias8., ^£^^^ ^^« ^^^^ ^ married, first, SirsA^r Gore Moore, 
of Cambridge, Feb. 2, 1832. She was a daughter of Abel 3Ioore, 
of Boston, and eninddanghter of Jonathan Hunnewell, of Rox- 
bnry. She died Xov. 18, 1845, at the age of thirtv-fonr. Second, 
Nov. 5, 1850, Ellex Gregory, of Guilford, Vt^ daughter of 
Stephen Gregory. 

He commenced his mercantile life in his native town of Royal- 
ston at the age of fifteen, in the store of General Franklin Greg- 
ory, which snnplied a population within a circle of twenty or 
thirty miles raoins, with all kinds of merchandize usually found in 
a large country store, the popnlation being almost entirely engage 
ed in agricultural pursuits; the only exception being a woolen 
mill owned and operated by the late'Rufus Bullock, father of Ex- 
Governor Alexander H. Bullock. It was necessary trequently to 
visit Boston for the purchase of goods, and for the sale of such 
articles of country produce, taken m excliange, as had accumulated. 
Duties of this nature soon devolved upon him, even at the age 
of eighteen ; and these visits were the means of an extennve 
business acquaintance with the leading mercantile houses and 
banks. . At the age of twenty-two, or in 1880, he became a part- 
ner with 3Ir. Gresory, and this partnership continued five vears. 
In 1885, he estaolis'hed himself in Boston, in the general dry 
goods jobbing business in connection with Henry Earle, the firm 
Being tiicharason is Earle, which firm existed less than two years, 
being dissolved in 1887. The following vear he formed a con- 
nection with Geor^ D. Dutton, who hacl been associated during 
the five years previous with Daniel Denny, under the style of 
Daniel Denny <Sc Co. 

The firm now substituted under the name of Dutton & Richard- 
• son, afterwards Dutton, Richardson <fc Co., conducted a prosperous 
and increasing business for seventeen years, up to 1855, importing 
foreign goods from England, France, and Germany. Mr. Rich- 
hardson visited Europe for the purchase of merchandize for the 
first time in 1846. 

After a short business connection with the late James M. Beebe, 
under the firm name of James M. Beebe, Richardson & Co., in 
1855 and 1856, he succeeded on the first of January, 1857, the 
late Robert Waterston, the senior partner of the long established 
and well-known house of Waterston, Pray Js Co^ afterwards 
Waterston, Deane Ss Co., and associated himself with Charles 
Deane and E. Baker Welch, under the style of Richardson, Deane 

His connection with Mr. Deane continued about eight years, 
or until 1864, when the firm became George C. Richiu'dson & Co^ 
and from that time forward has continued under that name, pur- 
suing the dry goods commission business, and representing various 
cotton and woolen mills. 

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The most important change in his basiness life oecarred in 
1865, when, without any personal effort, or special effort on the 
uart of friends, nearlj the entire business of the firm of A. <b A. 
Lawrence* & Co^ amounting to nearly ten millions of dollars 
annually, was transferred to his house, making the house of George 
C* Richardson Ss Co., practically the successors of A. & A. Law- 
rence Ss Co^ as agents for the Lowell and other important mills. 

The firm is very widely known, and the confidence reposed in 
it throughout the country is unlimited. It is the selling agency, 
both in Boston and New York, having lam establishments m 
both places for the following eictensive manutaoturing companies: 

The Lowell Mann&cturing Company, making carpets and the 
like tissues. 

The Everett Mills, making tickings, denims, cottonades, flan- 
neb, etc 

The Boott Cotton Mills, making yarions kinds of cotton goods. 

The Lawrence 3Iahufiicturing Co^ making all sorts of brown 
and bleached cottons. ■ " " 

The York Manuflioturing Co., making cottonades, ticks, denims, 
dress goods, nankins. 

The Lewiston Mills, making cottonades, tickings, denims, shirt- 
inss, stripes, twines. 

The Suffolk Manufacturing Co:, making drillings, jeans, brown 
and bleached cottons.' 

The Tremont Mills, making Canton -flannels, sheetings and shirt- 
ings of all sorts. 

The Massachusetts Cotton Mills, making sheetings, flannels, 
drills* '••*,'*'. 

The Diamond Mills, makfng twilled flannels. ; . 

The Granite State Mills. 

Allen*s Print Works. 

Their business, therefore, is very estensive and lucrative. They 
export largely of our manufactures to most foreign countries. 

Soon after commencing his business in Boston, or in 1835, Mr. 
Richardson resided at Cambridge, where he remaine-^ till 1866, 
when he removed to Boston, his present residence. He was may- 

•Amos and Abbot Lawrencet of Boston, xefstrad to in tfa^ i»xt, were broth- 
^BL Their pedigree follows : 

L Joax Lawre>xb^ came from £nfl(land to this countrr, probablr in IG35. 
and settled in Watertown. By his wife £lizabeth he had twelve children, all 
bom in chat town. In the autumn of IGCQ he remoTsd to Groton. 

U, :s?ArsA2rcEU^ bom in Watertown, Oct. 15, IC^. He was a deacon in 
Gzoton* He was much In town business; died in Chariestown Famis, Lex- 
ington, April 14, 1724, aged K5. 

IlL JoBK,* bom in Grotun, July 29, IdfTl; died in Lezin(i;ton, ^larch 12, 
1740. He married Hannah Tarbell. in Groton, Nor. Si, lfW7; moved to Cam- 
bridge FarRLH, I^xinnrron, Irtir^. She died Dtw. 19, 17;;2, aged 63. He died 
March 12, 174G-7, a^l 79. Their youns:est child was: 

IV. Axod,^ bom Feb. 19, 171J-16. He lived in Gruton; was a lieutenant; 
martied Abisail Abbot, Ijom in Lexincftou, Jan. 2fs 171!1. She died Jan. 6, 
17S4. He died June 20, 1785. Their tlilrd son was: 

V. Saxcjex.,* born in Groton, April 21, 17^ He was father of Amos,* bom 
inGioton, April 22,1780, Abbot,* bom in Groton, Dec. 16, 1792. Amos died 
Dee. 31, 1332. / 

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''-■"■_■ ■^"-'"■^M- -";'■■"■ 

-^-^- " y. 

^-ym^i^.::^;^^': .- 

.^.^K'^r:^— •^- 

4r^4L ■ ^ -^i^^zs.*, ii'- . -I 



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or of Cambridge in 1868, an important period of the war, when 
great judgment and decision were required in the chief execntive 
officer of a dt}r. He has alwars been connected with many finan- 
cial and other institutions anc( public trusts, such, as president of 
the Board of Trade, director or the Union Bank since 1S50, and 
president since 1863, trustee in the Boston Provident Institution 
for Savinss, and the Mutual Lift Insurance Company of New 
Yoric, ana director in Tarious insurance offices and manufacturing 
Dj general consent he is ranked among our foremost business 

His children have been : 

George Elliot,* b. at RoTolston, March 17, ISSSS. He was a mein« 
ber of the finn of Tilton, Oresorr & Richardson. He died 
aXareh 26, 1S61, aged 28. 

Henry Ajosustas,* ou in Boston, 2^ot. 21, 1883 ; graduated, Har* 
raid Couege, 1853; graduated, Harrord Medical School, 1861; 
' was assistant superintendent of the United States Marine 
Hospital at Chelsea; was appointed, 1861, assistant surgeon 
en board the United States steamer Cambridge, being the 
flrs€ appointment of the kind in the war from ^ew Ezigland. 
This vessel was constantly employed in the blockade of^Beau* 
fort, S. C, and Wilmington. His exposure to a wet and cold 
atmosphere whUe in this senrice, induced conswnption of 
the lungs, of which he died at liis father's house in Cam- 
bridge, July 1, 1868, in his 28th year. 

Charles Howard,* b. in Cambridge, Feb. 3, 1839; was a partner 
in the firm of Geoige C. Richardson <fc Ca, and died Dec 10, 

Edward,* b. June 8, 1844; stUl liring, 1876. 

Arthur Gregoiy,^ b. Oea i, 1855; living, 1876. 





Clarissa Esstdjlll Kichardsox^ (Sewaii^* Luhtf Jamu^^ 
Jamuf Nathanid^ TSomcw*), daughter of Dr. SewalP and 
AbigaU (Kendall) Richardson, of Leominster ; bom there, Aug. 
27, 1816; married Cliarles IL Colbum, of Leominster, Nov. d, 

He lired in Leominster; was a merchant and postmaster. His 
wife Clarissa died July 20, 1841, aged 24 years, 10 months, 24 days. 

They had one child: 

6044. WiQlaoi Henry (Colbum), b. Aug. 3 
aged 5. 

1838; d. Not. 3, 1813, 


Abiqail Rebecca Ricbakosox^ {Sewatt^^ Zuke,* Janies^^ 
Jiunes^* JTathaniel^^ Thomai^)^ sister of the preceding ; bom in 
Leominster, July 2, 1820 ; married, first, March 7, 1849, Daxtsl 
RuxDLETT Hai^*£s, bom March, 1821, of Greenland, X. H., a 

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Siano-forte mana&cturer. He died Aug. 10, 1865, aged 44 yean, 
months. Second, Jan. 19, 1869, Col. Itxbs Phqxips, bom in 
Ashbarnluun, Mass., Jul^** ^, 1805. 

Mr. Haines was bom m Greenland, N. H. A &w years after 
his birth, his father removed to Great Falls, in the same State. At 
aa early age, Daniel commenced business as a cabinet-maker in 
Great Falls. He removed to Leominster, Mass., some time be- 
tween 1842 and 1844, and engaged in the raanu&cture of piano- 
fortes, in which employment he continued till the year previous 
to his death. He was conspicuous among the Freemasons and 
Odd Fellows; was active in the cause of temperance, and inter- 
ested in military concerns. He was a member of the Legislature 
of Massachusetts in the winter of 1864-5 ; and passed away from 
earth, Aug. 10, 1865, after three years of ill health, in his forty- 
fifth year. 

CoL Ivers Phillips, the second husband, is a descendant of the 
Phillips family, of Plymouth County. His great-ffnmdfather 
was Lot Phillips, who lived and died in Pembroke. . His erand- 
fiither was Seth Phillips, an officer in the army of the Revolntioo, 
whose wife was Betsey Hamlin, an aunt of Hannibal Hamlin,. 
tbrmerly Vice President of the United States. Seth Phillips, 
after the Revolutionary war, removed to Fitchbuig, Mass., where 
he died about 1827, aged seventy-five. Samuel Phillips, his son, 
was bom in Fitchburg, in 1788, settled iu Ashbumham in 1804, 
in Fitchbui^, 1811, and died, from falling down stairs at Worces- 
ter, 1842, aged 57. Iters Philufs, his son, was bom in Ash- 
bumham, July 28, 1805. In 1837, he removed to Worcester, 
where he now resides. 

He has been an active and prominent man in the County of 
Worcester, having held office in the militia, and in the public a^ 
fiiirs of the county, state, and nation, from the time when he 
reached twenty years of age to the present time ; and much of 
the time in all the departments at once. 

At the age of twenty he was elected to the office of ensign in 
the Independent Militia Company in Fitchburg, and rose through 
all the grades of office to that of colonel. At the outbreak of 
the Retellion, beinff too old to enter the army, he took command 
of tho ** state guard;'' a corps organized and chartered for home 
defense, and held this position during tlie war. 

In 18S3, while working on bis farm in summer and teaching 
school in winter, he was appointed a deputy sheriff of the County 
of Worcester, which office he held seventeen years; apart of the 
time performing the duties of sheri£ He has been a justice of the 
peace since 1842, and since 1870 also a justice of the quomm. In 
1853, he was a member of the Senate of Massachusetts. In 1860, 
he was city marshal of the city of Worcester. 

As early as 1842, he became connected with railroad construe- 
tion and mana^ment; at first on the line from Boston through 
Fitchburg to Vermont ;* at one time a director of said road, in 

*Xlia Vermont & MMuchoiects Jtailroad. 

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1849, he became connected with the management of the Fitch- 
barg & Worcester Railfoad, In 1850, he was elected president of 
that corporation, and held the office sixteen years. ' In 1852, he 
wan elected president of the Agrioultnral Branch Railroad, now 
the Boston, CUnton 6^ fitchburg Railroad, and remained in that 
position fourteen yerirSi 

In IdOd, he restgned the officQ of assessor of internal revenue 
for the United States^ which he had held since 1862, and which 
required aO his time. He wa.s then chosen president of the Bos- 
ton, Barr^ «& Gardner Itailroad, and commenced the construction 
of that road, which now excends from Worcester to Wlnchendon, 
Masn. He held that office till February, 1S73, when filing health 
compelled Its relinquish inent. 

In 1823, he was married to Rebecca Carter, of Leominster. 
She died at Worcester, Jnly :^ 1866. In January, 1868 (possibly 
1869), he married Mrs. Ablguti Richardson Haines. 

The children of this lady, by her first husband, were : 

d&J5* Willie Setrall Ricbardion (Haines), b. March 3, 1851; d. April 

OMQw Sewall Richardj<m (Eaines), b. June 22, 1855; d. Jan. 12, 18d2, 
aged S years 6 months. 


Caft. Csables Rtcii.vsi>so2r f (Jbhn^* Jbhn^^ Jamuf Jam€$^ 
Naihanid^^ TAornds *), son of John « and Sarah (Tibbets) Rich- 
ardson ; bom in Bath, Me, Feb. 17, 1807 ; married, in Portland, 
Me., Aag, 25, 1840, Ma*t H. Wachen-, daughter of Thomas 
Warren, of Portland. 

He followed the sec\ many years, and became a successful ship- 
master. After retirinr: from that occupation,, he became a partner 
in the well known Srni of Lyman & Kichardson, ship-chandlers. 
Several years before his death, ho retired from active business, 
devoting himself to his family. He was genial and kind in dis- 
position, beloved by all who knew him. CTn the third of February, 
1875, he had an attack of paralysis, and on the ninth of that 
month, he died, aged 63. He was conscious till near the close of 
Ufe, and passed away without suffering. His wife survives him. 

Tlieir children were : 


Charles Warren,* b. Sept 14, 1842; m. Sept 14, 1S64, Maria L. 
Drink crater, who ilicd Sept 0, 187:]. One child: 
fl&4S, e?mce L.,^ k Sent- 4^ 180U. 
0&4&, ifaiy Leontiaej^ b. May 17, 1S45; m. Ira Berry, jr., April 27, 

eK)5a GeoFglana,* b. Dec< S, 1S47; d. April 28, 1840. 
605U Frank OnriUe,^ b. Feh. S, 1841); d. Jan. S), 18;:iO. 
0^2. Geon^ Henry,* bp Fd>w 3, 1S51; xn. Emelino P. Shaw, Oct 0, 
187:*, Children: 

efi53, MiiT^j fF.,» i twiirt, b. \ d Aug. 13, 1874. 

mu. Maufl S.,» J July 26, 1874; J d Aug. 17,1874. 
0065. Cassius Dariiitg,' b. Sept 0, 1853. 


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JvujL RiCHABDSosr^ iJoshuQ^* Nhthanielf JoihuOj* Joshiiaj* 
Kathanid^ Thomaa^)^ daughter of Joshua* and Ann (Hanford) 
Richardson, of Portland ; hovn there, Feb. 27, 1S17; married, 
Dec 13, 1838, Edwasd EL IJphasi, bom in Montgomery, Vt., 
Sept. 27, 1808. 

He is of the firm of Upham Ss Gardiner, insurance and real 
estate agents, No. 7 Exchange Street, Portland. SOs wife Julia 
died Jan. 20, 1842, aged 23. 

They had one child, bom in Portland, viz.: 

0056b Edward Richardson (IJpham), b. Oct 29, 1S80; m. Georgiana 
Small, Feb. 19. 1S70. He was of the firm of Richardson «& 
Upham, New xork City; the senior partner was Nathaniel 
Putnam Richardson [6;^]. The children of Edward R. Up- 
0057. Paul Rtchardstm (IJpham), b. Deo. 22, 1S70; d. June 16, 

. 1S71. 
(105& /iUlaHtoAardson(irphamKb.Ma72,1813. 
• 0050. ^nni€ Hanford (Fpham), b. Jan. 20, 1S74. 


Thouas Ha^tfobd Richardson f {Jbshuay^ 2fathaniel^^ Josh^ 
tio,^ Joahuaf Nathaniel,^ Thomaa^)^ brother of the preceding; 
bom in Portland, Dec 8, 1820; married, in Norway, Oxford 
County, Me., March \±, 1849, H▲2r^*AB Jordan Crockett, bom 
in Norway, Ang. 7, 1831, daughter of Ephraim and Sarah (Bart- 
let) Crockett. 

^ He went to Norway, Me., in Ma^% 1848, where he has 
lived*. He is a £eunner, as are also his sons. 


His children, bom in Norway, are : 


Albert,* b. Pec. 16. 1S40; m. in Norway, Sept 21. lS7h Louisa 

A. Laldn, of Harrison, Me. They have no children, 1375. 
606L George Hanford.^ b. Jan. 2.3, 1S52: unm. in 1S75. 
6062. Thomas Putnam,^ b. Auff. 15, l$5d; ra. in Harrison, ^fe., Dec. 

10, 1S72, Catliariue :S. liobson, of Waterford, Me., b. Dec SO, 

1S53. They have : 
0068. J/erte VUUm,^ b. in Harrison, Sept 21. 1873. 
6061 Julia Ann,' b. July 2, 1$57: m. Chester W. Home, July G, 1S75. 

They live in Xorway Villase. 
6065. Edwina Maad,« b. Xov. 23, 1S64. 


Natba^oel Putxam Richakdsox^ (Joahuaf Nathanielj^ 
Joshua^* Joshuaj* Katkanitl^^ Thomas i), brother of the prcce<:l- 
ins^, and third son of Joshua * and Ann (Hanford) Richardson; 
bom in* Portland, Ang. 22, 1S25; married, at Gambler, Ohio, 
Jane 25, 1851, Mast Woods Smith, eldest daughter of Rev. 
Thomas Mather Smith, a professor in the (Episcopal) Theolo^cal 
Seminary in Gambler. Her mother was a daughter of tho Rev. 
Leonard Woods, D. D., Abbot Professor of Christian Tbeology 


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in the seminary at Andoven Mass. Dr. Smith has successively 
been a Congregational, Presbyterian, and Episcopal minister.. He 
was once settlM in Portland. 

Mr. Richardson was a dealer in stoves in Portland ; afterwards 
was of the firm of Richardson is Upham, 129 Broad Street, Xew 
Toric CSty. [See 6056.] In April, 1S75, was living in Geneva, 
Ontario County, N, Y. 

His children, all bom in Portland, have been : 

6068. Leonard Woods,* b. July 17, 1S53. 

6067. Joshua,* b. Jan. IS, 1S55; d. Sept 27, 1856. 

0068. Joshua,* b. Aug. 12, ISOO; d. Feb. 25» 1872. 

6060. Ann Hanf0Td,«%. June 24^ 1S62. 

6070. John Coctott,^ b. Feb. 10, 18(U ; d. July 3, 1864. 

6071. Stereos Perry,' b. Feb. 1, 1871. 


William Porx-ur Richabdsox^ {Jbshua^^ yaihanidj* Joshua^^ 
Joehua^^ Nathaniely^ 7%o»iatf *), brother of the preceding; born 
in Portland, April 5, 1829; married, Jan. lo, 1855, Saraq 
Fbaxcss Richards, of Chesterville, 3Ie. She was bom in Far- 
mington, Me^ Aug. 7, 1836, dauffhter of John Richards, bom in 
Monmouth, Me., Aug. 10, 1803, bv his wife, Martha Sturtevant, 
bom in Wayne, ile^ Sept. 17, 1801. 

Mr. Richardson died suddenly at Burlington, Iowa, May 14, 
1868. Ha left no child. 


Asnr Ha27fob]> Richabdsox* {Joahua^* Nathanidy^ Ja^hwA*' 
Joahuot^ JSiUhimid^ 77loiita« ^), sister of the preceding; bom in 
Portland, Feb. 8, 1832; married, first, in Portland, JoHir Ds Jer- 
sey Maxger, a merchant in Cuba, West Indies. He died sud« 
denly in Portland, March 4, 1853. Second, Henrt W. Bishop, 
jR^Aug. 8, 1861. He was a lawyer in Chicago, a master in 
chancery. He was son of a lawyer of the same name in western 

Her children were. 

By first husband : 
0972. John De Jersey (Clanger), b. Sept. d, 1857; d. Oct 20, 1858. 

By second husband : 
One son, name not reported. 


Ltbia Dodge Richardson^ (Jease^* Niithaniel^^ Jo^hwi^^ 
Jo9hu€if Nathanitlj^ Thom<xs^)^ elacst child of Jesse* and Eunice 
(,Dodi;e) Richardson, of Salem; bom there, Dec. 14, 1800; m.'ir« 
ried Capt. J.oi£S Duxlap Gillib, a .ship-ma:$ter, of that place. 

They lived in Salem. He dieil at sea, Dec. 10, 183o. TIj 
widow Lydia died at Salem, Jan. 15, 1875, aged 74. 


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Thttr childrea were : 

G0T3. James Andrew (GUIb), b. June 6. 1829; sradooted at Harnurd 

CoQege, 1$40; nmn. ; he was a lawyer m Salem, 1854. 
8074 George Putnam (GUIis), b. April Itf, 1831; d at Cambridge, 

April 12. 1853. 
8073. Elizabeth Richardeon (GillU), b. May 8, 1884; m. Feb. 20, 1806. 

Henry Gardner of Salem, who was at the time flf^-seTen 

years old. 


Jesse Pctxam Ricbaedso^t^ («7€Me,* Nathaniel,* Joshxtay* 
Jofhtta^ Nathaniely^ 2%onia#*), "brother of the preceding; bom 
in Salem, April 2, 1804; married, October, 1830, SirsAsr Cabot, 
of Boston, aanghter of Andrew and Lydia (Dodge) Cabot, of 

He died at Roxbary, MaT 28, 1S40, aged 86. His remains were 
deposited in the tomb of /esse Putnam, in the Mount Auburn 
Cemetery, near Boston. TIm widow Susan died at Somerville, 
Jan. 28, 1874. 

They had but one child : 
8078. Susan Cabot,* b. July 25, 1834; living, unmarried, 1874. 


Geoboe Dodge Richabdsox^ (Jessej* NiUhanielj* Jbshvd,* 
Joshxiaf Nathaniel^ TAoma#^), brother of the preceding; bom 
in Salom, Jan. 13, 1S06; married, at Oswego, Kendall County, 
III., Oct. 19, 1842, Habeiet Bolx^ta Wells, daughter of Solo- 
mon and Susan (Bowley) Weils, formerly of Albany, N. Y. 
She was bom at Lenor, Oneida County, N. x ., Aug. 8, 1822. 

In 1854, they were residing at Bristol, Kendall County, IlL In 
1855, they removed to Minneapolis, Minn. He died Sept. 16, 
1868, a^ed 62. Harriet, his widow, died of paralysis, at 3linne- 
apolis, March 28, 1875. 

Their children^ bora at Bristol, were : 

00T7. Eunice Putnam,' U Aug. 25, 1843 ; d. at Minneapolis, Dec. 16, 

6078. George Israel,* b. April 27. 1845. 

8070. James GiUis,^ b. Jan. 2, 1840. 

6080. Elizabeth Oodge,^ b. Oct 18, 1852; m. James W. Hill, at Minne- 
apolis, Nov. 28, IStL 


Ellen Octavu. Richaedsox^ (Wiiliam P.,* NatAanieij* 
JbshHaj* Joshua^ Nfxtfianid? T/iomaa^)^ oldest child of Capt. 
William Putnam Richardson; born in Salem, April 25, ISOS; 
married, 3Iay 4, 1841, Capt. James W. Low,* of Brooklyn, N. Y., 
his second wife. 

* For a biographical sketch of Cbpc Low, see Genealogical Befii^iter, roL 
xxz. pp. 102, io;«. 

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He iras born at Gloacester, Mass., Dec. 30, 1789, and died at 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1S63, aged 73. She died at Brooklyn, 
N. Y., April 27, 1876, aged «8. 

Their children, bom in Brooklyn, xrere : 

aoai. George Putnam (Low), b. June 14, 1S12; d. April 11, ISfSO, 

aged 18. 
(I0S2. Francis Edward (Low), b. Jan. 13, 1S46; d. Jan. 7, 1S52. aged 6. 
eOSSb Caroline Looisa (Low), b. Dec 32, 1813 ; Uving, April, 1S75, unm. 


TViixuLM Putxjlm RxcHAjtDSox^ (William P^« JTathaniel^^ 
Joshua;^ JoshuOj^ XatAaniel^^ T^owja**), brother of the preced- 
ing, and eldest son of Capt. TVilUaiii Putnam Richardson; bom 
in^Salem, Aug. 13, 1813 ; never married. 

Ho fitted for college in the Salem Latin Scliool ; graduated at 
Harvard College, 1834 ; studied medicine with Dr. Abel Law- 
renco Peirson (Harvard College, 1812; M. D., 1816; died 1853), 
an eminent medical practitioner in Salem ; received the degree of 
3L D. at Harvard, 1837 ; practiced medicine in Salem till 3Lny, 
1846; then removed to Kendall County, HI., where he died, 
March 27, 1837, aged 41 years, 7 months. 



Ex>wABD SnncES Lang Richardsost^ (William P^^ Nathan- 
idy^ Joshua^* Joshua f Nathaniel j* Thomas *), brother of the pre- 
ceding, and second son of Capt. William P. Richardson ; ' bom 
in Salem, Feb. 28, 1816; married, at Salem, Oct. 6, 1848, Hak- 
si£T E^tEUSE XoRRis, bom in Salem, daughter of Emery and 
Abigail Millet (JeSs) Norris, of Salem. 

His mother, Deborah Lang, born Sept. 23, 1783, was the young- 
est child of Edward Symmes Lang, by his wife RacherTTanl. 
Edward Symmes Lang,' bora at Salem, Sept. 3, 1742, was the son 
of JeflBreyLang, of Salem, by hla wife Hannah Symmes,* bora 
31ajr 12,' 1712, daughter of' Timothy Symmes,* of Scituate, a 
grandson of Rev. ZECQARiAn Sym^ies,* of Charlcstown. [See 
oymmes 3Iemorial, by the compiler, p. 34.] 

He removed to Kendall County, 111., in 1840; to Chicncro, 
April, 1837; to Oswego, KendallCounty, IlL, in April, 1S69, 
where he resided till April, 1875. He rem'oved from Oswego to 
Chicago early in 1876. He has no children. 

He nas furnished abundant material respecting the posterity of 
Joshua Richardson* [3218], and the other thmilies with which he 
is intimately conucctcd, especially those bearing the names of 
Symmes, Lang, W.u:d, Xoeris, Jeffs. More of it would have 
found a place in this book could the space have been afforded. 

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Eliza Axx Richjlbdsox^ ( William P^^ yiithaniely* Joshua y* 
Joshua^* yhthanielj^ Thomas ^), sister of the precediiis; bora in 
Snlem, Slarch 4, 1SI7; married, 3Iarch 15, 1S49, Capt. TThxia^ 
JjLMES Cheteb, bora March 16, 1818, son of Capt. James W. 
and Lydia (Dean) Chever, of Salem. 

He Vas formerly a ship-master ; noxr, 1875, a farmer in North 
Andover, Mass. They have no children. ' 


Chjlkl£S Fbederic Richardsox* ( William P^^ Nathaniel^^ 
Joshua^* Joshxtaf 2fathaniel^^ Thbinas^)^ brother of the preced- 
ing; bora in Salem, April 11, 1S18; married, at Sa^:nL» Dec. 22, 
1842, Ruth Ch£tsr.::)ii£Pard, bora in Salem, Feb. 6, 1820, a 
daughter of Jeremiah'and Rnth (Chever) Shepard, a twin with 
her brother, James Chever Shepard. 

He went a few voyages to sea; then removed to Yorkville, 
Kendall County, III. ;' then to La. Salle County, IIU in 1338 ; then 
to Chicago ; then retnrae*! to Naansay, Kendall County, HI., 
where he died, Mav- 24, 1853: T^e fiiraily removed to Aurora, 
111^ in 1857. ' ^ • . - 

^ r . . Childrenr^' ' 

6034. Sarah Lang/ b. Jim. 7, 1S44; nu }Xicliael Henry Montgomery, 

• . .' April IV, 1871, son'O^Jehi6l Halsey and Emily (BrigjKs) 

^ * .•« 3dontgoinery; xras borfi at Staikey;' Yates County, X. Y., 

- -.r ^ .' Aug. 28, 1$40. They live, in Decorah,: Iowa. They have a 

r.*' daughter, yifxtibla L6uie. b. April 2.' }S75. 
0035: Coiiisa Ahn,^ b. Jun^ 00» 1S49; m.- Edmund Joseph Phelps, of 
Aurora, IlL,Sei>t.iGi 1874. He was sou of Joseph Edmund 
/•• rand Ursula fU'right) Phelps. He was. bom in BrecksviUe, 
Objo. Jan. 17, 1>^. His father was born Jan. 6, 1S05. in 
Northampton, Mass. His mother, ITrsula Wright, was bora 
in Easthampton,' Mass., :i»ept. 22, ISOd. 
0066. MatUda Clarke,'' b; Oct 21, 1S52; unm., 1873. 


Edttabd Richabdsox ^ (Alfordy* Asaf Joshua^^ Joshua^ iVa- 
thanitl^ Thomas^)^ eldest son of Gen. Alford* and Susan 
(Bameville) Richardson; born in Yarmouth, 3Ie., 3Iarch 4, 1809; 
married, in Portland, Xov. 12, 1832, iMEUCY Owex, ^lauchter of 
John and llercy Owen, who was bora there, Feb. 25, LSl'J. 

After leaviu'; school, he served a part of Iiis time la a store 
and part with nis father, who was cashier of .the Bank of Port- 
land. "He was but twenty-two years of age when he was himself 
elected cashier of the Commercial Bank, of Bangor, on. its open- 
ing for business in July, 1S31. At the ac^e of twenty-six, Octo- 
ber, 1835, he was elected cashier of the Bank of Portland, made 

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vacant on accoont of the fiiiling health of his father, and removed 
to th:it city. Thero he remained till 1342, when he came to Cam- 
bridge, and went into business with his brother-in-law, John 
Owen, publisher and bookseller to the nnivei-sity. In 1S47, he 
became private secretary to Hon. Satauel Atkins 'Eliot, who was 
then treasurer of the college. In 1S53, 3Ir. Eliot resi<rned that 
position, and ^r. Richamson was elected cashier of the City 
bank, then recently chartered at Cambridgeport. Of this insti- 
tution he continued to be the cashier till the day of his death. 

TThile his father was an earnest, stifi^, close-communion Bju^tist, 
and deacon of a Baptist Churcli, he himself was a zealous Unita- 
rian ; but the mutual love of father and son suliered no interrup- 
tion. The father, for many of the last years of his life, was a 
paralytic, yet preserving bis' mental powers to the end; honored, 
loved, and cared for by his son, under whose roof he spent his 
latter davs, while the father manifested unbounded satisfaction in 
the dutiral behavior of his offspring. 

In all the relations of life in which he was placed he was found 
faithful and wise, and his memory will long be cherished by sur- 
vivors. His death, which was somewhat sudden, was accounted 
a public loss. Onl^ a few weeks was he confined to his house, 
and few knew of his illness till they were informed of his death. 
He died in Cambridge, Feb. 20, 1876, at the age of 67. Hb 
widow survives him. 

Their children were, 

Bom in Bangor: 

COST. SUzabetli EOen,* h. Xov. 11, 1838; unm. ; d. in Cambridge, Deo. 
0» 1854. 

Bom tn Portland: 

Charles Edward,' b. Nov. 4, IS-Oo; m. Oct 11.1360, Era Corinne 
Hovey, b. Jan. 10, 1S:>S, daughter of Charles M. Hovey. of 
Cambrid(;e. He has been cashitT of the Xationa] Kockiand 
Bank, of Roxbury, and is npir. May. 1ST4, cashier of the 
Lechmere National Bank, of East Cambridge. Children, 
bom in Cambridge: 
0989. Edward WinMaw,^ b. Aui;. 6, ISOl. 

CharleB Alford? b. Dec. 'J:X ISoa 

Ann yiaria} b. Sept 25. 1S71. 

Bertha Elizabeth.^ I twins, bom ) 


Robert Hovey, ^ i Aujr. 27, 18' 

6994. Frances Susau,^ b. July 6, 1839; d. in Porthind, Oct 11, 1S40. 

Bom in Cambridge : 

6995. George EUot," b. Dec 9, 1851. 


JosHiTA TViNGXTE RicnjLBDSox ' (Al/ordy^ Asa,* JoAhuOj^ 
Joshua^^ Nathaniely^ Thomas^)^ brother of the preceding, and 
son of Gen. Alford Richardson ; bom in Yarmouth, ^le., Jan. 13, 
1818 ; married YiZQVSix W. Joa>'50X, of Cambridge^ Feb. 4, 

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He is a railroad ticket agent, at No. 84 Washimxton Street, 
Boston, io connection with a railroad and steamboat fine to Now 

Cliildren, aO bom in Boston : • 

Emma,*) twins, bom ) 

Ella,* ) Aug. 15, ld4dw ) EUa married Dr. Theodore W. Fisher, 
of Boston, Dec IS, 1^73. 
eeoa Elizabeth.^ b. Sept IS, 1S3S. 




AuairsTTTS RiCHASDSoyT (Aiford,* Amo^ Jo^huaf Joihxtaf 
ITaihamdf 7%omas ^), brother of the preceding; born in Port* 
bnd, May 17, 1820 ; married, April 14, 1858, Chajllotts Mabzjl 
MooBE, oanghtcr of Charles W. Moore, of Boston. 

He lives in Roxbury,. now called Boston Highlands; is. a re* 
tired brewer, and is extensivelr known as tho maker of the cele- 
bmted Norfolk ale. Before Roxbury was annexed to Boston it 
was in the County of NorfolL Hence the name given to the ale. 

He has one cliild, bom in Roxbury: 
0099. Charlotte Maria.* 


Cbables Ricilvbdsox t {Alfordj^ A»af Joikuaf Joihva} Nd^ 
ihani^ 7%ont«»^), brother of tlie preceding; bom in Portland, 
Feb* 26, 1823; married, 3Iay 10, 1855, GsonaiAsrA Dow, daugh- 
ter of John Dow, of Portland. 

He lives in Philadelphia. He is a merchant, and president of 
the Fame Insurance Company in that city. 

Children, all bom in Philadelphia: 

7000. Georgiana Dow,* b. Jan. 20, 1S57. 

7001. Charles Brooks,* b. June 24, 1S59. 
7003. Alfred Sumner,' b. Dee. 10, ISOl. 


Tbomas Richardsox' {Thomaz^ IltThtrtf Thomazy^ Phint^ 
haz^ Kaihaniely^ 2%oniaa^), eldest son of Thomas* and Dorothy 
(Pearson) Richardson, of Reading, Mass. ; bom there, Jan. 16, 
1810; mamed, 1882, Ltdia K^igbt, of Wakefield. 

He lived in Old Reading; was a cabinet maker, and died April 
6, 1864, aged 54. 


7003. Thomas 0.,» b. XoT. 12, 1S05. ./. 

70OA. LycUa An«Tc]Ia« b. Ja& 11, V^A ; d. June 7. 1858, aged 22. 

7009. Sarah Elizabeth,* b. July 14, 1S3S ; m. John riam Dole, ^"ov. 13, 


700e. Henry Harrison,* b. Aug. 13, 1S40; d. Sept 13, 1842. 

7007. Laura Harrison,* b. Ajo^. 9, 1842; d. Oct. 27, 1845. 

7008. Eliza Ruhamah,' b. Dec 23, 1844; m. Edward D. Smith, Sept 

7, 18W. 
7000. William Stimpson,* K April 12, 1847; m. Ftances A. Burrill, 
June 10, 18T2. 

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George WASHnrGTOx Ricbasdsox^ (j7%oma»,« Herbert^^ 
Thomazy^ PhinAatf NathanUU^ Thomaz^), brother of the pre- 
ceding; born in ReaiUni;, Sept. 23, 1817; married AMA2n>A rAE- 
They reside in Wakefield. 

Their children are : 

7010. Clementine Amanda,' b. July Id, 1840; m. Charles M. Smith, 
July 16, 186& 

7011. Darius Pratt,* b. Sept. 3, 1S43 : m. Ella . They had: 

701S. C%ar(eti).,»b. March S,1S72. 


SCf^tl^ GfrnrratCon. 


Co&BELiA AL^oarjL Rxchasdso^* (Abel^'^ Zedekiah^^ JoBtphf 
Nathaniel^^ Xathanxdf Thomas^^ Thoma$'^)^ daughter of AbeP 
and Almena Richardson, of Lempster, N. H. ; bom 1830 ; married, 
1851, in Lempster, Thomas Claes, a native of AcTrorth, N. H. 

They lived in Pitehbw^ from 1851 to 1858, and then removed 
to Cleveland, Ohio. While living there the war broke out, and 
at the first call for men Mr. Clark enlisted as a private in the 
three months' service. Having been educated in a military 
school at Xorwich, Vt., he knew something of tactics, and was at 
the time appointed as major of the Twcnty*ninth Re^inKut of 
Ohio Infantry, and was afterwards promoted to be lieutenant 
colonel, which position he held until he came home. He was in 
the military service two years and three months. 

He was taken prisoner at the battle of Port Re|[>ublic, June 9, 
1862. He suffered the horrors of a rebel prison lite in Salisbury, 
N. C, about three months. He was at Libby Prison and Belle 
Isle tor a time and was exchanged in the fall. His health suffered 
greatly from exposure, fatigue, and hard fiire, and the bad conse* 
quences remain to this day. 

They never returned to Ohio, but after his release spent three 
or four years at Alstead, X. IL, where the wife's father was then 
living, and in 1866 they removed to Cambrldgeport, near Boston, 
^here they now reside. During most of the time he has been 
employed there {»s;clerk in an iron foundry. 

His wife is an accomplished lady, and does honor to .the name. 

Their children were : 

7013. Ellen Louisa (Clark), b. ISSo; d. 1857. 

7014. Walter Thomas (Clark), b. 1S61. 

7015. IdaAhnena(Clark), b. 1804. 

7016w Ernest Robert (Clark), b. 1307; d. 1800. 

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698 rHE RICH. . SON memokial. 


Major General Israel Bctsh Richardson* (Israel P^^ iim- 
«A* I^rad^* Israelj* Jiathaniely* 2iathanielj' Thomaa^)^ eldest son 
of Hon. Israel Putnam Richardson;* bom4n Fair£iz» Vt, Dec. * j 
26, 1815; married, first, when Major Richardson was at £1 Paso, ! 

New Mexico, Aug. 3, 1850, Rita Stevb^^sox, a daughter of a 
wealthy merchant of tiiat name in El Paso, of whom Kendall 
speaks in his narrative of the Santa Fe expedition. Second, May, 
1861, FA>nnB Tjlatob, at Detroit, Mich. Her parents died in i 

her diildhood. \ 

At four years of age he commenced his education at the acade* 
my in St. Alban's Vt., and continued at school in Georgia and ! 

Burlington, Vt., until in 1836 he received an appointment as a 
cadet in the military academy at TVest Point, through the influ- ' 

ence of Hon. Heman Allen, of Colchester, and Hon. Heman Al- J 

len, of Milton, Yt., both being old fnends of his fiither. On the 
30th of June, 1841, he graduated, the thirty-eighth in his class, 
and immediately received a commission in the army of the 
United States as second lieutenant in the Third Regiment of In« 
£intry. Le proceeded to Florida, where he remained until the • 

conclusion of the Seminole war. ' 

Upon the termination of that war, he was ordered to Jefferson 
Barrack-s. Missouri; then to Fort Jessup, Louisiana, where he re- 
mained imtil the troops were removed to Corpus Christi, and , 
remained there under Gren. Taylor until, at the outbreak of the 
Mexican war, the army was ordered to advance to the Rio 
Grande. Shortly before 'this, he was promoted to first lieutenant, 
to date from Sept. 21, 1846. He served during the Mexican war, j 
gaining a brevet as captain firom Aug. 20, 1847, for sallant and 
meritorious conduct at Churubusco and Contreras, and a further 
brevet of major from Sept. 13, 1847, for similar good conduct at 

Me was engaged in the first battle at Palo Alto, on the 8th of 
May, and in the battle of Rcsaca de la Palma, on the 9th of May. 
The Mexican army then retreated, and he was at the taking of 
Matamoras. The United States army then proceeded to the 
strongly fortified city of Monterey, where 'he remained until the 
surrender of the city. After that event, he went with the army 
to Vera Cruz, and took part in the capture of that city under 
Gren. Scott; then he proceeded to Cerro Gordo, and was one of 
the storming party in the capture of that stronghold. He was in 
the battles in the vicinity of the city of 3Icxico, as already inti- 
mated. At the close of the war he returned with the army to 
New Orleans, and thence proceeded to Pascagoula and San 'An- 
tonio de Bexar, in Texas. 

Four or five years were now occupied in repelling attacks from 
hostile Indians, in building forts, in constructing military roads, 
one of which in Xew 3Iexico and Texas was five hundred miles 
in lentil, and in constructing fortifications to defend the recent 
acquisitions of territory. On the 30th of September, 1855, he 

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