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-. V 

*"*'*•»*. MlSSISSUVt 



Volume 33 

Nor+hwes+ Mississippi Junior College 

Senatobia, Mississippi 38668 

The time of our lives 
Like the wind 
It's here, it's gone, 
We know not where. 












^- -^^ 














:. # 


Table of Contents 

Campus Life 








Adnninistration and Faculty 






Yesterday, today, tomorrow 


The time of our lives 

Is forever. 

i -' •^■^■^' ik</ '^^ '^i^'^ *' ^ 


1 * 

c !*?*■*- 

WH^^^ ^ - ^^ M J^^^^-^ 


The mystery of our lives 

Brought us here 

To share 

The trivial, the momentous. 










.-J*;; ^? 

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,jaiii.j»g|i..d|i. •»i"«"liPl 


#■■'''■ •■■'^' 

^ \\X^ 

Reflected by our dedication 
To enthusiasm or passiveness. 
We participate or watch, 
Caught in the whimsy of time. 

A mood is transient, 
A gentle breeze 
To blow away 
But conne again. 




Beguiled with reality, 
The joy of little things 
Is an interlude 
In the time of our lives 



Often impatient, 
Sometimes Aimless, 
We are propelled 
To grasp the future. 



,^- r^^iiHfi^ 








We struggle 

With fragments 

To blend them together 

Intact, complete, whole. 



Unruly our spirits. 
Persistently they waver 
Between lofty exhilaration 
And dreary depression. 




Meaningful or absurd, 
Symbols of the present. 
These are signs 
Of the time of our lives! 









..that special feel- 
WQ Jot that spec 
InJ snnp.nnp.. 





. ]'*f -tli- . . 


Hall of Fame 

The ROCKETEER salutes the eight outstanding sopho- 
mores named to the 1971-1972 college Hall of Fame by 
vote of the faculty and staff. They are recipients of the 
highest honor students can attain at Northwest. 

Factors determining the selection of members of the 
Hall of Fame are scholastic achievement, participation In 
campus and community activities, qualities of leadership 
and integrity, and contribution to the ideals and objectives 
of the college. All of them are also in the 1972 edition of 
Who's Who among Students in American Junior Colleges. 



Scotty McArthur, a science major, is a President's Schol- 
ar. A member of the Student Government Association Ex- 
ecutive Council, he is president of the Senate and was a 
member as a freshman. A member of Phi Theta Kappa as a 
freshman and sophomore, he is historian of that organiza- 
tion and was a representative to the National Honor Insti- 
tute as a freshman. He is also a member of the Science 
Club and of Baptist Student Union. 

An education major, Susan McCormick is president of 
Sigma Tau Sigma and reporter of Phi Theta Kappa. She has 
been a member of both organizations and of Wesley 
Foundation and Student Education Association as a fresh- 
man and sophomore. She is also a member of the Student 
Government Association Senate. A President's Scholar, she 
was selected the outstanding student in education for 
1971-1972 and a Sigma Tau Sigma Scholar. 


Hall of Fame 

Debbie Montgomery, an honor student, is majoring in 
education. She is secretary-treasurer of the Executive 
Council of the Student Government Association and is a 
member of Phi Theta Kappa, Student Education Associa- 
tion, and Christian Youth Association. She is the current 
Miss NWJC, having been elected by her fellow students. 
Among other honors awarded her by students are Fresh- 
man Class Favorite, Sophomore Class Favorite, Sophomore 
Homecoming Court Maid, and secretary-treasurer of the 
Freshman Class. A cheerleader both her years at North- 
west, she serves as captain this year. 

Harry Puryear, an engineering major, was named out- 
standing engineering student for the current year and is a 
President's Scholar. A charter member of the Northwest 
chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers 
as a freshman, he serves as president of the organization 
this year. He is vice president of the Student Government 
Association Senate. His club memberships also include Phi 
Theta Kappa, The Round Table, and Wesley Foundation. 


Hall of Fame 

Dan Young is a President's Scholar and is a liberal arts major. 
He has played football for his two years at Northwest with the 
Rangers varsity team and was the recipient of a plaque for being 
the best blocker. He has also been a member of Phi Theta 
Kappa as a freshman and sophomore. He is a member of the Bi- 
lingual Club and of Wesley Foundation, for which he serves as 
program chairman. 

Majoring in business, Jo Ann Hobbs is an honor student. She 
is secretary of Sigma Tau Sigma, vice president of Phi Beta 
Lambda, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. She has been a 
cheerleader for her two years at Northwest, was vice president 
of the Freshman Class organization, was selected most beautiful 
coed and third alternate Miss Northwest in her freshman year, 
and was a maid in the 1970 and 1971 Homecoming courts. 


Hall of Fame 

David Crawford, an agriculture major, is a Presi- 
dent's Scholar. He is president of Phi Theta Kappa, 
national honorary scholastic and leadership fraterni- 
ty; and a member of the Bilingual Club, Phi Beta 
Lambda, and Science Club. He was a representative 
in the student Senate in his freshman year. 

Daryl Walker is majoring in education and is active 
in sports. He has been an outstanding member of the 
Rangers football squad for his two years at Northwest 
and is permanent captain of the 1971-1972 team. His 
teammates voted him the leadership award for which 
he received a plaque. He also is on the varsity base- 
ball team. The athlete is president of Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes. His fellow students elected him 
Mr. NWJC 1971-1972 and a Sophomore Class Favor- 



I— I 



•"K^ww*- ''#,'. -i^m'f 

«««'<«'////.• #, • ff,)!im>' 





w- « 


Mr. and Miss NWJC 

Miss NWJC, Debbie Montgomery, an elementary education major from Collierville, is captain of the cheerleaders, a 
sophomore favorite, and Homecoming maid. She is secretary of the SGA Executive Council her sophomore year and a 
member of Phi Theta Kappa and Christian Youth Association both years. Last year Debbie w/as a cheerleader, freshman fa- 
vorite, secretary-treasurer of the freshman class and a campus senator. 

Mr. NW)C, Darryl Walker, is a general education major from Independence. He held the position of quarterback on the 
footl)all team both his freshman and sophomore years. He was a meml)cr of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is the 
( urrent president of that organization. Darryl was also selected as sophomore favorite this year. 




Sophomore favorites are (opposite page, top, and on this page) Mimi 
Vickery and Terry O'Connor; Daryl Walker and Debbie Montgomery (left 
and on opposite page). 





Wj' mM^ 



\..^- . . 


^ ■«* 


Freshman favorites are (opposite page) Jackie West and 
Randy Turner; (this page) Debra Meers and Boyd Cole. 


I > 


't it'^ft' 

Selected most beautiful roed at North- 
west by her tellow students is Marsha Sam- 
uels (opposilv page, left and above this 
page). The four other ROCKETEER beauties 
named arc (lop, I. to r.) Ann Wel)b, Kathy 
lordon, Caria Ferguson, and jan Oewbre. 


Miti k% ■' 

!^^> ^ 

^ ■ : ■ •'lit /^"^ "^^ ■ 



Northwest beauties are )an Dewbre (top lei: op- 
posite page: top right, this page); Caria Ferguson (top 
right, opposite page; l)ottom left, this page), Kalhy 
Jordan (bottom left, opposite page; lop left, this 
page); and Ann Webb (bottom right, both pages). 


Homecoming 1971 

Homecoming, November 6, 1971, was different! An 
uninvited and unwelcome guest was the cold driving 
rain. Quick shifts in plans permitted the various events to 
be held but not exactly according to schedule. The coro- 
nation ceremony, to be on the Administration Building 
steps, was in the lobby of the Student Personnel Division. 
The parade was Monday, two days late, and with one band 
instead of six. Muchly dampened visitors attended the 
open house in Radio Station WNJC-FM, and the Alumni 
Association Ijanquet and annual meeting. The rain went 
away before the ballgame, but it was cold! and Copiah- 
Lincoln, whom we were going to 'do-in', edged the Rang- 
ers 3-0. The dance climaxed the whole affair, and it was 
good. It was one of those days of our lives . . . 

(this page, top, I. to r.^ Mar- 
sha Samuels, freshman maid; 
Debbie Montgomery, sopho- 
more maid; Queen Mimi 
Vickery; Jo Ann Hobbs, soph- 
omore maid; and Candy Carv- 
er, freshman maid, (right) 
SCA President )lmmy Fischer 
crowns Mimi. (opposite 
page) Queen Mimi Vickery. 




Homecoming 1971 

Participating in the Homecoming ceremonies with the royal court were SCA President Jimmy Fischer and Stephanie Puckett, 1970 Homecoming Queen 
(left and second from left) and the escorts of the members of the court. The Court with their escorts include (I. to r.) Randy Turner, Marsha Samuels, Bob 
Johnson, Debbie Montgomery, MacBurrow, Queen Mimi Vickery, Milton Allen, Jo Ann Hobbs, Bruce Carter, and Candy Carver. 



In the Homecoming Parade were (this page, top to bottom) the Royal 
Float, spectators waiting for the parade to begin, the Agriculture Club 
entry, the P E M Club float; (opposite page) the Communications Depart- 
ment float, the Cosmetology Club float, and the Cheerleaders' car. 


Homecoming Parade 




Miss Northwest 

(above and opposite page) Lola Harris cap- 
tured the title of Miss Northwest 1971 and rep- 
resented the college in the Miss Mississippi 
Pageant, (right) Finalists in the Pageant were 
(I. to r.) JoAnn Hobbs, third runner-up; Lyndy 
Blocker, first runner-up; Lola Harris, Miss 
Northwest; Cina Robbins, second runner-up; 
and Ann McKee, fourth runner-up. 




This page, all I. to r. (first row) David Crawford, Deborah 
Dorroh, Joseph C. Fletcher, Kerry Foust, Daryl Walker; (sec- 
ond row) Jack House, Jo Ann Hobbs, Scotty McArthur, Gina 
Robbins; (third row) Van McClain, Lane Moten, Brad Van 
Winkle, Deborah Montgomery; (fourth row) Catherine 
Pope, and Harry Puryear, Jr. Opposite page, (first row) Char- 
lie Avant, Jeri Goodwin; (second row) Deborah Collins, 
Roger Carroum, Mimi Vickery, Gerry Speir; (third row) Ru- 
pert Howell, Susan McCormick, Robert Voyles, Rebecca 
Mauney; (fourth row) Sadelle Westbrook, Phil Walker, 
Carol Lammey, Billy Young, and Dan Young. 


Who's Who Among Students 
in American Junior Colleges 

The 1971-1972 edition of WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN 
AMERICAN JUNIOR COLLEGES will feature 30 Northwest sopho- 
mores, selected as being among the Nation's most outstanding cam- 
pus leaders. Their names and personal information are included in 
the publication for their academic achievements, service to the col- 
lege and community, leadership in extra-curricular activities, and po- 


Outstanding Students 

Outstanding students in 23 major fields of study were 
named for 1971-1972 by the faculties of each department 
at Northwest. 

The honored ones were chosen for their academic 
achievements and other activities in their specific areas to 
be spotlighted in the ROCKETEER. 

Top right. Kerry Foust, journalism; Above. Bobby Wayne Sexton, vocational education; Right. Kirk 
Barnes, theatre; Opposite page, top left. Brenda McMinn, cosmetology. Top right. Ricky Williams, 
broadcasting; Bottom left. Bill Ricks, technical; Bottom right. Deborah Dorroh, science. 




Top. Jeri Goodwin, English; Above. Tommy Williams, trade and indus- 
trial; Right. Deborah Collins, data processing; Opposite page, top left. 
Barbara Jo Smith, home economics; Top right. Bonnie Jean Arnold, lan- 
guage; Bottom left. Van McClain, music; Bottom right. Glenn Dye, agri- 


Outstanding Students 



Outstanding Students 

Opposite page, top left. Margaret Simmons, math; Top right. Richard 
Chambliss, art; Bottom right. )an Jackson, business education; Bottom 
left. Beverly Stewart, general education; This page, top left. Linda Owens, 
physical education; Top right. Mary Rushing, seretarial science; Left. Rob- 
ert Voyles, social studies. 


Outstanding Students 

Top left. Susan McCormick, education; Top right. Jo Logan, speech; 
Right. Harry Puryear, engineering. 


Union Entertainment Series 

Billy Joe Royal in a con- 
cert-dance opened the 
Fall semester Union Enter- 
tainment Series. The en- 
thusiastic large crowd 
claimed his performance 
among the best ever wit- 





(Top) The Buster Brown Band played for the Union Entertainment Series in 
March; (Above) The Union also sponsored a Spades tournament and (right) a 
karate exhibition; (Opposite page) Other series programs included X-Caliber in 
November (far right), Home-Grown Funk in January (top); and the Bar-Kays in 
April (bottom). 


Union Holds Concert-Dances, Tourneys, Karate 




Dances . . . informal, semi-formal, 
formal . . . started with a get-acquaint- 
ed affair after registration in September 
and continued through the year. There 
were those sponsored by the Union 
Program, the SGA, and various organi- 


T r 





All-Campus Musical "Li'l Abner" 

(upper right and above) Play in rehearsal 
(upper left and right) Opening night. 


Appearing in "Li'l Abner" were (opposite 
page) Beth Crisham as Daisy Mae (top 
left), James Harrison as Earthquake 
McCoon and Johnny McAlexander as Dr. 
Rasmussen T. Finsdale (top right); Lane 
Moten and Kirk Barnes as Mammy and 
Pappy Yokum (bottom left); and Mammy 
Yokum and the wives Jan Dewbre, Ann 
Webb, Leslee Harris, Yvonne Stone, and 
Brenda Cilliand (bottom right). On this 
page are McGoon and Mike Womack as 
Senator Phogbound (top left); Jimmy Fisch- 
er as Li'l Abner (top right); and Joe Nunnal- 
ly as Marryin' Sam with cast members in 
the background (left). 


Hairy Falsetto" 

"Hairy Falsetto" is a sham against the gov- 
ernment, modern court trials and the estab- 
lishment. The cast includes (from left to right) 
John Holder, Roy Childes, Gwen Hasting, Beth 
Grisham, and Bill Robinson. 


"Even the Hater" 

"Even the Hater" was presented in 
connection with Religious Emphasis 
Week. It is a modern treatment of the 
Cain and Abel theme from the Bible. 

The cast included Lane Moten, Joe 
Nunnally, and John Holder. 


Art Department Sponsors Exhibitions 

The Art Department brought back one of its 
own with the February exhibition of the worl< of 
Lane Tutor, outstanding student in art in 1969. Mr. 
Tutor is employed at the University of Mississippi. 
Mr. Tutor is shown with Jack Young, chairman of 
the Art Department. 


Activities A-Plenty 

t % »'« 

Among the groups featured in 1971-1972 events were (top) A Dozen 
plus Three in concert and (bottom) the Ranger marching band parading 
toward the Old Capitol Building in Jackson in the Governor's Inaugural 




Student Government Association 

The well-organized and active Student Government Association plans, directs, and correlates activities for all Northwest 
students to be involved in the college program. Heading the association is the Executive Council elected by the students. 
The Council assumes the responsibility for the execution of the SGA constitution and is the liaison with the administration 
of the college. Their projects are aimed to the betterment of student life. 

Elected by students to head the Student 
Government Association are (I. to r.) Jimmy 
Fischer, president of Executive Council; Gerry 
Speir, president of Sophomore Class; Robert 
Mills, wee president of Executive Council; 
Debbie Montgomery, secretary-treasurer of 
Executive Council; Terry Thomas, publicity 
ctiairman; Becl<y Mauney, president of Wom- 
en's judicial Council; Terry Lynn Faust, presi- 
dent of Men's judicial Council; and Scotty 
McArthur, president of Senate. Not shown are 
Deborah Dorroh, parliamentarian, and Randy 
Turner, president of Freshman Class. 




The Student Government Association Senate is the legislative branch of the S.G.A. The Senate is comprised of chartered 
campus organization officials (one per organization), class vice presidents, faculty club representatives (non-voting advi- 
sors), assistants to the president, and the president elected at large. 

The Senate is the first of four channels for student legislation. Student bills are introduced discussed, and vote taken. 
Upon passage, bills are sent to the S.G.A. Executive Council for further action. Resolutions, at the discretion of the Senate, 
may be forwarded to the Executive Council to be used for individual purposes. 

The Senate takes interest in student and community affairs. It often holds committee investigations concerning campus 
affairs. The Northwest Christmas Project was sponsored by the Senate. From this community project, food, clothing, and 
toys were distributed to deprived families. 

A unique factor of the Senate is that of maintaining an open policy to all students and faculty. Any person obtaining the 
floor from the president, may address the chamber to inform, inquire, or opinionize on any issue. By using the proper 
channels of the legislative processes through the Senate, student legislation receives the highest consideration from the 
administrative branches. 

Pictured above are (tront row, I. In r.) Bonnie- lean Arnold, Sherry lennings, Cindy Ashtord, Mimi Vickery, )udy Boren, Ed Baxter, Susan McCormick, 
David Crawford, Van McClain, S( otty Mr Arthur, pm.. Bill Sellers, Gerry Speir, Norma Williams, sec; (second row) Glenn Smith, Harry Puryear, vice pres., 
Terry Hulchins, Cris Fletcher, George Barton, Butch Vance; (sitting) Terry Thomas, SCA publicity chair., Beth Grisham, Carol Lammey, Debbie Montgom- 
ery, and Lin(Ja Kelley. 


Women's Council 

Composed of elected officers and residence 
hall presidents, the Women's Council deals 
with life in the women's dormitories especially 
and with problems that may arise concerning 
the conduct of women students. Members 
work with their dormitory supervisors and the 
dean of women to make student life at North- 
west good. 

The Women's Council is composed of (I. to r.) Jan Dew- 
bre, JoAnn Hobbs, treas.; Linda Owens, Janet Price, Carol 
Lammey, first v. pres.; Becky Mauney, pres.; Evylou Hopkins, 
pari., and Myra Baronowski, sec. Not pictured are Sadelle 
Westbrook, second v. pres., Jean Smith, and Glyndell Watts, 


Men's Council 

Representatives of the men's residence halls compose the Men's Council. The council meets weekly 
to discuss problems of male resident students. Men who violate regulations of the college are brought 
before the Men's Council for disciplinary action. The group may also recommend improvements for 
those living on campus. 


Pictured above are (I. to r.) Leon Smith, l^avid Sessums, Ken Hardin, Terry Lynn Faust, pres., Tim Mote, sec.-treas., and Bobby 
Shearer, second v. pres. Not pictured are Calvin Moore, Tommy Callahan, Robert Waldon, John Holden, and l^avid Hodge, first v. 


The Ranger Rocket 

The Northwest student newspaper is the only weekly junior 
college publication in Mississippi. Among its honors have been 
the Ail-American rating by the National Associated Collegiate 
Press and the top awards of the Mississippi Junior College Press 
Association. Student opinion, both for and against campus and 
current issues, is voiced in the newspaper. It publicizes campus 
activities and reviews events as they have happened. 

The Ranger Rocket staff includes, (first row, I. to r.) Roger (Zoom) Carroum, Terry Thomas, Denise Harris, Rupert Howell, Ronald Stone; (second row) 
Eddie Pruett, Pam Knight, Georgia Murphy, Kerry Foust, editor-in-chief; (third row) Bobby Dawson, Aaron Belk, John Whiting, David Putnam; (fourth 
row) Otis Sanford, Diane Morrow, and Cris Fletcher. 



The staff of the yearbook has tried to portray in pic- 
tures the school year as it has transpired. The students, 
events, faculty and staff, and mood of 1971-1972 are re- 
corded in the publication for remembrance of those in- 
volved with Northwest during the year, which will 
never be recalled or repeated. 

e T r 

Members of the Rocketeer staff are (left, I. to r.) (first 
row) Rebecca Conner, Cindy Ashford, Georgia Murphy; 
(second row) Charlene White, Mary |o Milliard, Earlene 
Ford, Mike Hardy, LaTracia Scott; (third row) Peggie Walker, 
Earnestine Allen, Catherine Pope, editor, and Carolyn Woo- 
len. Photographer Roger 'Zoom' Carroum is shown above. 
Not pictured is Ella Cook. 


Northwest Art Association 

One of the major projects of the Northwest Art Association 
was the outdoor sale of student work in the Spring. The aim of 
the club being to promote art and an interest in art on the cam- 
pus and in the surrounding area, members have assisted with 
the monthly exhibitions in the Art Gallery and have used their 
talents in the promotion and production of campus events. 

(center) Members are (I. to r.) Terry Barr, Jim 
Heaton, Bruce McKelroy, Roger Coolsby, Wes 
Barrett, Larry Shields, Janet Gregg, Penny 
Floate, Gina Robbins, pres.. Sherry Woolfolk, 
Debra Shelton, Tanya Sims, Beth James, Con- 
nie Crawford, Stacy Ingram, v. pres., Thurman 
Mangrum, Rickey Newell, Maple Dudley, sec- 
treas., and (kneeling) Richard Chambliss. 


Agriculture Club 

Added facilities on the Northwest Ranch have given impetus to the activities of the 
Agriculture Club. Members promote and participate in judging contests, rodeos, 
horse shows. The Livestock Judging Team was sweepstakes winner in state competi- 
tion ancJ earned the funds and right to compete in the national judging contest. The 
all-male group added female interest by the election of Leslee Harris club sweetheart. 

Memtiers of the Agriculture Club pirturod above are (seated, I. to r.) David Faulkenberry, sec, Anna Russoll, Kirby Bishop, Glenn Dye, pres., Larry Cox, 
C. A Bennett, W. H. Pierre, Michelle Sims; (stdnding) Carl Bryant, Gary Taylor, treds., A. M. Briscoe, ). A. Schoggen, Ken )ones, Travis Brooks, Clarence 
McCullar, lames Hannaford, Ray Griggs, rep., and Bonnie lean Arnold. 


Bilingual Club 

Of special interest to students in French and Spanish, 
the Bilingual Club is open to any student. Among the 
club's activities is having students from near-by institu- 
tions, particularly foreign students to participate in club 
parties, dinners, and other special events on campus. The 
membership attends operas, plays, and movies together, 
hears guest speakers of interest to language students. Tak- 
ing baskets of fruit and flowers to needy elderly people in 
the area is a Christmas project of the club. 

Members of the club pictured below are (I. to r.) Martha Ashe, Marilyn 
Harpole, Bonnie Jean Arnold, pres., Shirley Stanford, Donna McCachren, 
Joyce Draper, Laurie Brock, sec.-treas., George Edwards, prog, chair., 
Caria Roach, v. pres., David Crawford, John Whiting, Linda Devereaux, 
Mrs. Emily Ballew, sponsor, and Susan Nicholass. 


Alpha Phi Omega 

Approved by the National Council of Boy Scouts of 
America, members of the national fraternity have a desire 
to help others and render service to the campus, the com- 
munity, fellow members, and the Nation. Former Boy 
Scouts are particularly active in the group. Programs this 
year have featured prominent guest speakers. 

^■"^^ 1 

Members of Alpha Phi 
Omega are {iirsl row, I. to r.) 
Mack Burrow, Ronnie Hucka- 
by, v. pres., Danny Gaines, 
Roy Adams; (second row) 
Terry Mclver, sec, Steve 
Nichols, lames Means, Rod- 
ney Sleele; (third row) Ken 
Glen, Ernie Bennett, Gerry 
Speir, Pres. 


Home Economics Club 

The Home Economics Club was established to unify 
home economics students into a group which would be 
recognized on campus, and to advance the standards of 
teaching and leadership in the field of home economics. 
Membership is open to all students enrolled in a home ec- 
onomics course. 

The club's activities include candy-making for sale, 
working with arts and crafts, and fashion endeavors. 
Speakers talk with the members about the various major 
interest fields within the home economics area. 

Pictured above (on the floor, left to right) Josie Brunt, Beverly Smith (seated); Pam Scruggs, Jacl<ie West, Deborah Jo Billingsley, Pat Coopwood, Cheri 
Garrison, v. pres., Jeanette Gurley, Judy Goddard, Mrs. Betty Carroll, Susan Snell, Missy Anglln, treas., Caria Ferguson; (standing) Barbara Smith, pres., 
Paula Bradford. 



»^» . . .f 

National Society of Professional Engineers 

A student chapter of the National Society of Pro- 
fessional Engineers and of the Mississippi Society of 
Professional Engineers, the club promotes fellowship 
between engineering students and acquaints them 
with the job skills and requirements of engineering. 
The organization also tries to set up lines of commu- 
nication between the student and the college to 
which he plans to transfer. 

Through the club the members are able to meet 
with practicing engineers and discuss their jobs and 
the role of (engineers in industry. Members attended 
the national convention of the National Society of 
Professional Engineers in Memphis and have visited 
the engineering departments of several universities 
and a numl^er of industries in the area. 

Members pictured at)ove are (first row, I. to r.) Gene Barliour, secretary-re- 
porter; David Sleinman; )ames Dickerson, treasurer; (second row) Randy Di( k- 
erson; Stanley tones; Wade Towles, first vice-president; Harry Puryear, presi- 
dent; John Chimahusky, second vice-president Memliers not pictured are Terry 
Freeze; Bobby Massey; Gerry Speir. 


Campus Gold 

Chartered in the Fall 1971, Campus Gold proposes to provide 
students of NWJC a means of identifying with the Girl Scout 
movement and opportunities through fellowships and leadership 
from service within Girl Scouting and the college community. 

Membership in the Campus Cold includes (first row, I. to r.) 
Beth Brown, Evalina Bell, Yolinda Irby; (second row) Vernestine 
Brooks, Brenda Frazier, Joyce Draper, Judy Childers, v. pres. Ev- 
ylou Hopkins, Sandra Flake; (first row up) Louise Baker, Bolinda 
Adams, Sharon Stamps, Ruby Smith, Essie Kimble, Ceorgia Cal- 
licutt, Dollie Hudson, freas. Betty Jo McDaniels, Earnestine 
Allen, (second row up) Barbara Burton, Susan Talley, pres., 
Mary Jo Hilliard, Peggy Walker, Carolyn Wooten, and Earlene 


Society of Universal Love 

In its first full year as a chartered organization, SOUL has pronnotecl the 
rights of students on the Northwest campus; introduced Black entertain- 
ment, culture, and politics on campus; and cooperated with the Student 
Government Association in bettering relations among students. Member- 
ship in the organization has been open to all interested students. 

Members are (first row, I. to r.) fay Fleming, Evalina Bell, sec, )ohn )ones, pari., Virlene Riley, Bonnie Franks; (second row) 
Vernestine Brooks, Carolyn Burt, OIlie B. Brown, Dorothy Malonc, Earline Ford, Clinton Gipson, luanita Toliver, Larry Smith; 
(third row) Rachel Ballentine, Sanctra Harper, Ella Cook, Lucille Smith, Ruby Smith, Willa Love, Deloise Barry, Mary Cum- 
mings, Josie Brunt; (fourth row) Earnestine Allen, Betty |o McDaniel, Valerie Graham, Richard Freelon, Carolyn Wooten; 
(fifth row) Albert Cowans, Ruby lackson, Jimmy Wortham, v. pres.; (sixth row) James Hill, Mary Jo Hilliard, James Coving- 
ton, Laura Causey, Dwain Martin, Dollye Hudson, Rudolph Jenkins, Myrtis Henley, Wheatley Brown, and Willie Criss. 
Among those not pictured is Sammy Jones, pres. 


Sigma Tau Sigma 

The social science society, affiliated with the national organi- 
zation, honors students who have excelled in the field and con- 
fers awards on citizens who have made contributions to the so- 
cial sciences. The organization seeks to promote Scholarship, 
Truth, and Service. 

The club has heard a number of noted speakers during the 
year. Among them have been Paul Flowers, former writer of the 
Greenhouse column in The Commercial Appeal, and Dr. Au- 
brey K. Lucas, president of Delta State College. A significant 
program in the spring was a panel discussion by members. 

Pictured above are (first row, I. to r.) Jimmy Lambert, Gary Spears, Gus O'Neal, Marsha Samuels, Karen Robinson, Penny Williams, Charlene White, Shar- 
on Stamps, Jimmy Mitchell, Beverly Morrow, Bill Taylor, Lynn Still, James Downs; (second row) Sherry Rials, Cheryl Malone, Marcia Moore, Donna Neal, 
Martha Montieth, Susan McCormick, pres., Doris Harris, Evalina Bell, Mary Smith, Nora Rudd, Sandra Merrill, Mary Rushing; (third row) Scotty McArthur, 
Laura Ediin, Cynthia McCullough, Kathy Jackson, Kay Flemons, Rhonda Still, Deborah Winders, Kay Flemings; fourth row) Mike Reans, Carl Inman, Vic 
Nickels, junior Pollan, and Steve Williams. 


Student Education Association 

Affiliated with tht^ Student Mississippi Education 
Association, tfie Student Education Association is an 
organization for all students majoring in education. It 
helps to develop, guide, and inspire students who 
plan to become teachers by giving them a better un- 
derstanding of professions in education. Among a 
number of distinguished guests of the club this year 
were Charlie Johnson, executive secretary of the Mis- 
sissippi Education Association, and David Barham, a 
former Northwest student who works with student 
organizations for the Mississippi Education Associa- 

S.E.A. memtiprs are (first row, I. to r.) Rodney Steele, Anita Crawford, Milzi tones, sec, Cecilia Marascaico, treas., Wanda Chrestman, Mimi Vickery, Kelly 
Cooch, Kenneth Murphree; (second row) Johnny Cox, Yvonne Stone, Nancy Swanson, pres., Georgia Murphy, Cindy Ashlord, Miriam Jarrett, Rhonda Still, 
Tommy Norton; (third row) Cus O'Neal, Bill Wigley, Patsy Moore, Melanie Clover, Marilyn Leavell, Wendy Townsend, v. pres.. Martha Power, Earl 
McMinn, Danny Lamb, David Robertson; (fourth row) Richard Zook, Mike Hamblin, Laurie Causey, Bettye Boyd, Carol Crutchfield, Bobby Shearer, and R. 
E. Rutherford. 


V I P Club 

Membership in the V I P Club, by 
invitation, goes to a male student 
and a coed from each county in the 
Northwest District and representa- 
tives of out-of-district students. The 
service organization serves as stu- 
dent hosts for special events on cam- 
pus. Members promote good spirit 
and good will among students and 
boost the various activities of the 

■5::. -^ 

V I P members are (first row, I. to r.) Roy Adams, Carol Lammey, Jennifer Hurdle; (secor)d row) Sonny Holder, Deborah Thomas, Cathy Brewer, Jan Dew- 
bre. Jack House, pres., Vic Nickels, Terry Hutchins, Mike Reans, Martha Monteith, Judy Goddard, Kathy Beck, Mike Norwood, Trina Tomlinson, Bubba 


Cosmetology Club 

Cosmetology club is composed of 25 girls who have dedicated 
their careers to the understanding of beauty and make-up. The 
girls have exhibited their school spirit, not only in the dedication 
to their studies but also with their club projects. Their Homecom- 
ing float, "Bounty on Wolves" was judged as "Most Ingenius." The 
faculty Christmas party has become an annual affair, one that has 
netted the club a lot of well-earned attention. 

Pictured above are (front, I. to r.) Connie Acrce; Brenda Cul- 
ver; June Sexton; Linda Vinzant; Emeline Payne; Sandra Todd; 
Debbie Arnold, hist.; Anne McKee; Karen Waterbury, v.-pres.; 
Martha Putman; Phyllis Lambert; Caria Lipscomb, pari.; Brenda 
McMinn, treas.; Penny Massey, sec; (back row, I. to r.) Vickie 
Turner; Kay Milam; Stevie Gee; Pat Callicult, pres.; Debbie 
Stark, rep.; Diane Cox; Mary |o Griggs; Linda Smithson; Barbara 
Allen; Kathleen Bing. 


Phi Theta Kappa 

Theta Sigma Chapter of the national honorary 
scholastic and leadership fraternity won the only tro- 
phy awarded at the State convention in Jackson in 
the Fall. With fifteen members attending, the North- 
west chapter had the most members present from 
the greatest distance. A highlight of the year at 
Northwest is the annual Phi Theta Kappa talent 
show. Proceeds from the show, as well as from other 
fund.-raising projects, were used to send delegates to 
the annual National Convention in the Spring in 
Rochester, Minn. Other projects included a deposit 
area for glass to be recycled and an oral history of 

To be eligible for membership in the honor frater- 
nity, students must possess qualities of character and 
leadership and have a 3.5 grade average. New mem- 
bers are invited by the membership to join. 

"*'**',;»&^3t— ' 

Members are (above, I. to r.) Wade Towles, Robert Voyles, Harry Puryear, Bonnie Jean Arnold, JoAnn Hobbs, Linda Owens, Dan Young, Scotty McAr- 
thur, Beverly Jean Smith, Deborah Waller, Debbie Montgomery, Deborah Dorroh, v. pres., Linda Lewis, Kirby Brown, Ann Bennett, Dorman Robbins, 
Mary Rushing, Bill Taymon, Beverly Stewart, Linda Kelley, Marcia Frazier, Catherine Pope, sec.-treas., Teresa Conlee, Gail Walker, Susan McCormick, rep., 
Lynda Dancy, David Crawford, pres., and Rebecca Sanders. 


The Roundtable 

Chartered in the Fall, the organization is composed of students who enjoy and are interested in discussion and debate. 
Members have debated the national debate topic 'The Right of Privacy' among themselves and in competition with the de- 
bate teams of other colleges. Emphasizing the art of public communication, the group has been able to express their own 
ideas and opinions in discussion. 

The Roundtable includes (seated, I. to r.) Bill Rob- 
inson, pari., Charlie Avant, v. chair.. Lane Moten, 
chair., Elaine Baggett, sec.-freas.; (standing) Phyllis 
Wood, Peggy Watson, Debra Collins, Roy Childs, Re- 
becca Sanders, John Holder, Sadelle Westbrook, )o 
Logan, and Howard Tanner. 


Phi Beta Lambda 

The Northwest chapter of the national business 
fraternity has been outstanding in the State and Na- 
tion, winning honors at the conventions on both lev- 
els. Club projects have kept the members busy dur- 
ing the year. An outstanding project was the drive for 
funds to purchase a kidney machine. Others have in- 
cluded making and selling Christmas decorations, a 
fashion show with both male and female models, 
and building a float for the Senatobia Christmas pa- 
rade. Proceeds from projects other than the kidney 
machine effort pay the expenses of members to the 
National Convention. 

Members are (first row, I. to r.) Charles Baxter, first v. pres., Jan Jackson, Charlotte White, sec, Marsha Parker, treas., Billy Walker, 
coordinator of activities, Jo Ann Hobbs, second v. pres., Phil Walker, pres.; (second row) Geraldine Bonner, Bonnie Madlocke, 
Lonnie Webb, Addie Conard, Teresa Frazier, Kathy Tippit, Debra Barlow, Shirley Muse, Dorothy Malone, Sandra Harper; (third 
row) Patricia Valentine, Shirley Wilson, Clendell Watts, Patricia Kemper, Elizabeth Thompson, Sharon Baggett, Karen Moore; 
(fourth row) Jessie Little, Deborah Dunn, Ronna Welch, Johnny McAlexander, Marilyn Leavell, Patsy Scott, Nell Stevens; (fifth row) 
Sharon Hunt, Rebecca Bennett, Martha Hampton, Clendell Brummett, Susan Taylor, Doris Work, Larry Parker, Gwyn Miller, Marcia 
Frazier; (sixth row) Donna Griffin, Barbara Tubbs, Teresa Chamberlin, Don Bryant, Milton Allen, Kitt Bryant, Howard Perry; (sev- 
enth row) Jim Baronowski, Jay May, Dennis Fowler, Bubba Tippitt, Mickey Aldridge, Vic Nickels, Jack House, Mike Clark; (eighth 
row) Russell Reid, Ray Hollingsworth, Ricky Kennedy, Danny Gaines, David Crawford, Glenda Tedford, Kevin Voyles; (ninth row) 
Jimmy Mitchell, Gina McPherson, Mickey Riales, Clay Rodgers, Paul McCullar, Don Swanson, and Darrell Sowell. 


Northwest Players 

A major project of the Northwest Players is 
the production of dramas of all types. Among 
the presentations this year was the all-cam- 
pus musical, 'Li'l Abner', produced in No- 

The purpose of the organization is to give 
anyone interested in theatre, either as an 
amateur or as a professional actor, an oppor- 
tunity to develop his talents in all areas of 
dramatics. The club also attempts to create 
interest in the theatre among the students, 
faculty ancJ staff, and the public. 

Members of the Northwest Players are (above, I. to r.) (tint row) 
Jackie Townsend, pari., Elaine Raggett, hist., Rebecca Sanders, 
Carol Lammey, Oeborah Thomas, Connie Crawford, Gene Am- 
mons. Lane Moton, v. pros., and Bill Robinson; (second row) Cris 
Fletcher, Carol Crutchfield, joe Regcl, Mike Womack, Tom Shear- 
er, Janet Gregg, )oe Nunnally; (third row) Sadelle Westl)rook, pres., 
)o Logan, Leslee Harris, Kalhy )o Briggs, )an Oebre, Martha Ashe, 
jimmy Fischer, Kirk Barnes, Beth Grisham, and Fred Harrison; 
(fourth row) IJavid Hodge, John Holder, Roy Childs, and Wally 


Science Club 

Besides hearing during the year outstand- 
ing professors of science, especially those 
from the University of Mississippi and the 
University of Southern Mississippi, Science 
Club members have had a field trip to a 
scientifically based industry in the area. The 
programs have been directed toward fulfill- 
ing a major objective, to give members a bet- 
ter understanding and appreciation of 
science. Membership is open to all students 
currently enrolled in a science course. 

Science Club members are (first row, I. to r.) Linda Coker, Ginger Allen, Joanne Acuff, Ann Watkins, sec, LaTracia Scott, rep., Frank 
Carroum, Ronald Stone, Buzzy Handwerker, Glenn Dye; (second row) Nina Bryant, Mrs. Nell Tipton, Glenn Smith, pres., Carol Crutch- 
field, Deborah Dorroh, treas., Jim Luckett, v. pres., William Carpenter, David Crawford, Ted Camp, Mike Hamblin; (third row) Ricky Bris- 
coe, Mrs. Joe Adams, Ronald Pongettf, Pamela McCullough, R. L. King, Karen Young, Kay Mowdy, Scotty McArthur, Catherine Pope, Rob- 
ert LeMay, Wheatley Brown; (fourth row) C. C. Williams, Bruce Harding, Calvin Moore, Albert Stark, Marty Langston, and Jerry Perkins. 



A major project of the Physical Edu- 
cation Majors organization is the spon- 
sorship of the Cancer Drive on campus. 
The club attempts to have each student 
'Send a Mouse to College' for experi- 
mentation in cancer research. Intramu- 
ral competition is also included in the 
activities. Besides development of pro- 
fessional skills for physical education 
majors, an interest in physical fitness is 
an objective of the club. 

(top) Members of the PEM dub are (knoolinf;, I. to r.) Susan Talley, Kathy Babb, Debra Meers, 
social and program chair.; (standinf^) Norma Williams, pres., Brenda Fernandez, Becky Cartin, 
Eddie Hargett, Annie Davis, Linda Owens, Sherry White, Jane Bowdcn, Jerry lobe, Boyd Cole, 
William Dunn, Freddie Harrison, Martha Reans, Myra Baronowski, Cathy Brewer, and Benny Par- 


Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Northwest athletes have joined together to participate in religious activities. The nationally 
affiliated organization has tried to promote Christian ethics and attitudes among themselves 
and others with the desire to help young men develop spiritually as well as physically and men- 
tally in athletics. 

Members are (first row, I. to r.) George Boling, Daryl Walker, pres.; (second row) Randy Boren, Dan Young, v. pres., Jim Dickey, 
Jack House, Earl McMinn, Mickey Aldridge; (third row) Bob Burkes, Mike Grain, Ricky Suratt, Jerry Jobe, Kirby Bishop, Robert Dun- 
lap; (fourth row) Robert Lightsey, Dale Patterson, Mike Reans, sec.-treas., Tym Nelson, Mike Roberts, Mike Norwood, Bill Thomp- 
son, Jerry Roberts, Leon Whitaker, Gary Roberts, Greg Freeman, John Lamar, and Tim Farley. 




To the eight colorful and enthusiastic cheer- 
leaders may be attributed a large share of the spirit 
that has been evident to 'boost the Rangers' in in- 
tercollegiate contests. The hard-working squad 
has promoted winning seasons for the teams 
through their leadership at games and pep rallies, 
their attractive signs and posters preceding and at 
the games, and their general ballyhoo. Their pep 
not confined to the home games alone, the group 
has traveled long miles with the teams to give 
them support for away games. 

The 1971-1972 cheerleaders are (beginning bottom left, clockwise) Carol Lam- 
mey, JoAnn Hobbs, Debra Meers, )ane Bowclen, Dot)t)ie Monlgomery, capt., Cma 
Robl)ins, Mimi Vickery, and Oebra Person. 


Baptist Student Union 

A special continuing project of mennbership of 
Baptist Student Union, largest denominational or- 
ganization on campus, is the daily Noonday Devo- 
tional, a service for all students in McLendon Cen- 
ter. The Union provides inspiration, information, 
and fellowship for students through the devotion- 
al, the weekly Bible study, programs in the church- 
es of the area, and various recreational activities, 
such as picnics at Sardis Lake. 

BSU members pictured above are (first row, I. to r.) Paula Bradford, Caria Roach, Jean Smith, v. pres., Robert Voyles, social co- 
chair., Rande Jenkins, Roy Adams, athletic chair., MimI Vickery, Becky Flowers, Jim Baronowski; (second row) Bobby Shearer, 
noonday co-chair., Deborah Thomas, Bill Marshall, Jane Jernberg, Pam Knight, Glyndell Watts, Judy Childers, Leon Smith, publicity 
co-chair.; (third row) Linda Kelly, Martha Ashe, Deborah Jordan, Pat Valentine, Reba Lantrip, Susan Talley, sec, Larry McGehee, 
Myra Baronowski. social co-chair., Evylou Hopkins; (fourth row) Kenneth Murphree, Jackie West, Randy Turner, Brenda Russell, 
Carol Crutchfield, Phil Walker, Hal Hubbard, Mike Brown, Larry Hardy; (on rail) Johnny McAlexander, Terry Hutchins, pres., CarIa 
Ferguson, Debbie Mayfield, Shelley Clark, Cyndi Smith, Rebecca Conner, Mitzi Jones, Marsha Parker, Shirley Wilson, Vicky Mills, 
music co-chair., Wanda Chrestman, Scotty McArthur, Sherryl Langston, music co-chair., Ken Hardin, OIlie Beth Brown, Ella Cook, 
and Romania Jones. 


Wesley Foundation 

Wesley Foundation is the campus organization, sponsored by 
the Methodist Church, open to all students. A nnajor aim of 
Wesley is to provide spiritual guidance through group discus- 
sions and programs on varied topics which are of interest to the 
student. Wesley Foundation enables the student to have Chris- 
tian fellowship with others while at Northwest and provides an 
atmosphere in which the student's Christian faith can mature. 
Wesley Foundation at Northwest relates its work with the First 
United Methodist Church in Senatobia and with the Sardis Dis- 
trict of the North Mississippi Conference. 

Members pictured below are (first row, I. to r.) Earnestine Allen, Harry 
Puryear, Van McClain, pres., Lynda Dancy, sec, Dan Young, co-prog, chair., Gail 
Walker; (second row) Rosetta Peques, Donna Griffin, treas., Judy Goddard, Pat 
Coopwood, Susan McCormicl<; (third row) Bill Sellers, and Chris Fletcher, co- 
prog, chair. 


Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 

Chartered in 1963, Northwest's Lambda Rho Chapter is one of only two junior 
college chapters of the men's music fraternity in the Nation. It was the first one 
to be chartered. Purposes of Sinfonia are to advance an interest in music in 
America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to 
develop true fraternal spirit among members, and to encourage loyalty to the 
Alma Mater. 

Members of Sinfonia pictured below are (seated) Cris Fletcher, sec; (standing, I. to r.) Robert Voyles, hist., Stephen Burns, 
warden, David Hodge, freas.. Bill Sellers, v. pres.. Van McClain, pres., and Paul Carpenter, sponsor. 


Music Educators 
National Conference 

The Northwest student chapter of Music Educators Na- 
tional Conference provides an opportunity for profession- 
al development for students in music, especially in music 
education. Membership is also open to interested non- 
music majors. Among the fund-raising projects of the or- 
ganization was 'Rosita's Little Italy', a spaghetti supper 
complete with musical entertainment by MENC members. 
The club has also supported commissions, conventions, 
in-service training, and musical and sociological dialogue 
to promote an interest in music. 


Members are (first row, I. to r.) Romania Jones, Jimmy Fischer, Connie Crawford, Deborah Thomas, Bill Sellers, v. pres., Mike Womack, George Forrest, 
Willie Milligan; (second row) Connie Robinson, treas., Ann Webb, James Bryant, Sherryl Langston, cor. sec. Bill Marshall, Caria Roach, LaNell Dorroh, 
Susie Meredith, Vicky Mills, rec. sec, Debbie Mayfield, Marvin Black, Willie Forrest, and Van McClain, pres. 


i: r-v, *:■»-..?.- vm.--m, i 


Northwest Marching Band 
and Northwest Misses 

The Northwest Ranger Marching Band and the Northwest Misses were distinctly honored in November by being asked 
to be the only performers in a pre-game and halftime show at the first annual Mississippi Junior College All-Star Football 
Classic in Tupelo and were highly commended for their performances. The band with the two talented featurettes and 
Misses have been outstanding in the halftime shows at Northwest ball games and in parades in the District. Just as impor- 
tant has been the members' contributions to 'boosting the Rangers' during the games. 


(opposite page, top right) Featurettes are Deborah Thomas (left) and Sadelle Westbrook. (opposite page, bottom) Members of the band are (first row, 
I. to r.) Ernest Taylor, George Forest, Doris Anderson, Larry Buford, Willie Milligan, Bill Sellers, Willie Forrest, pres., Bernard Henderson; (second row) Ste- 
phen Burns, Marvin Black, Yvonia Adams, Carol Bell, Kathy Jo Briggs, sec.-freas., Dorothy Malone, Oliver Nelson, (third row) Cracie )ones, Floyd Brooks, 
Timothy Watlers, Minnie Jones, Chester Massey, Wayne Musgrove; (fourth row) Cris Fletcher, v. pres., David Sessu ~ ~ 

Schwalenberg, Otis Sanford; (fifth row) Van McClain, Dann 

George Zinn, Mike Womack, Johnn 

rison, Laura Parsons, Brc 

O'Bryani, Barbara Smith, 

V) Judy Boren, soph, co-copt , Betty Waller, capt., ancJ Marsha Samuels 

u.i6njv<r, iii^uiii. (vyvv/ v,ii3 ■■<ri<.inri, v. fji^D., uavnj jir33uiii3, Dan Harris, Jerry Vaughn, Davy 
ly Gaines, Carl Bryant, Lee Dixon, Ralph Hall, Curtis Peques, Dorothy Richardson; (sixth row) 

Peacock, Vicki 

inda Embry; (small 


jru, (i/iiM lu/wy vdii /vni_idiii, uawny vjdinfb, v-dri Diydiii, Lff ij\ii.u\\, ivdifjn ndii, v^uiui rfL|ueb, L/uioiiiy MCiidrusi 

ack, Johnny Towles, and Tommy Shearer. Members of the Northwest Misses are (top, large V, I. to r.) Sheila McDar 
nda Gentry, Teresa Tidwell, Carlene Maynor, Trina Tomlinson, Elaine Starnes, Jean Smith, Dale Catledge, Patti 
Janice Ash, Brenda Fernandez, Amy Jenkins, Ginger Allen, Det)orah Thomas, Jennifer Hurdle, Terri Morris, Wand. 
-capt , Betty Waller, capt., and Marsha Samuels, fresh, co-capt. 


A Dozen Plus Three 

The even dozen vocalists and three instrumental- 
ists of A Dozen plus Three have built an outstanding 
reputation for entertainment both within and 
beyond the confines of the Northwest District. The 
group has performed concerts for several off-campus 
groups meeting on the campus; for conventions, 
schools, and civic groups away from the campus; and 
had the annual concert in the Auditorium. The color- 
ful show company was selected by audition from stu- 
dents seeking membership. 

Members of A Dozen plus Three pictured above are (I. to r.) 
Kathy Jordan, Dan Ellis, Ann Webb, Billy Bowie, Rochelle Faulkner, 
James Bryant, Dennis Haslip, Rande Jenkins, Robert Voyles, LaNell 
Dorroh, Bill Marshall, Anita Trussell; (center) Willie Forrest, Vicky 
Mills, and Gene Barbour, 


The Northwest Singers 

Beginning the year's activities with a concert at a State 
Convention at Mississippi State University, the 40-member 
vocal group has entertained numerous audiences during 
the year. The Singers is open to any student who likes to 
sing. The organization aims to develop talent and a cultur- 
al knowledge of music in both the student who is a mem- 
ber, other students, and the public. 

Piclurod above arc (firsi row, I. to r.) Marc ia Moore, Anita Trussell, Caria Roach, LaNell Dorroh, Becky Flowers, Clyndcll Watts, Beverly Smith; (second 
row) Romania tones, Betty )o Kirkwood, Conchita Crawford, Sherryl Langston, trees., Vicky Mills, v. pres., Sadelle Westbrook, Rebecca Conner, Debbie 
Mayfield, jonie Ealwell, [Deborah Thomas, sec; (third row) Rande Jenkins, Janet Gregg, Cornelia Kuykendail, Beth Crisham, Robert Voyles, pres., jimmy 
f ischer, Willie Forrest, Marvin Black, Mike Wommack, Ann Webb, Pam Knight; (fourth row) Barbara Smith, Frances Davis, Connie Tillman, Cathy )ackson, 
Larry McCeehee, Billy Bowie, Van McClain, Ray Hollingsworth, Dan Ellis, Bill Marshall, Tom Shearer, George Forrest, lames Bryant, and Dennis Klaslip. 


Union Council 

One of the most active groups on campus 
working for the benefit of all students is the 
Union Council. The many committees of the 
Council work with the Union Director to 
provide entertainment, recreation, tourna- 
ments, exhibitions, and a good atmosphere 
for students. 

Members of the Union Coun- 
cil are (bottom, I. to r.) Mary Bee 
Tyler, Brad Van Winkle, student 
union director, Caria Ferguson, 
Frank Carroum, Sam McKnight, 
Sherman Mollis, David F^ill, and 
Mike Haynes. 






Do Their Thing 


\ ■ 












"^ '■> 

T ^ 



The Northwest Rangers 
Football Squad 

9, •? 9 '5-9 9 9 • 2 ?i9. t- 





Northwest football coaches are (ccnipr) Kon Bramlott, head 
coach, (I. lo r.) Tryto Barber, line coach; and lee Brdrnlcti, bat k 

The football team managers are (all I. to r.) Sam lones and Bill Thomp- 
son; |oe lovvery, trainer, Al Voss, equipment manager; ami Robert Burn- 
ham, also a manager. 


Boyd Cole, Quarterback 

Daryl Walker, Quarterback 

Earl McMinn, Quarterback 


(right) Boyd Cole passes for valuable yard- 
age against Holmes junior College, (opposite 
page) )ason Chrestman runs the ball for a first 
down against Itawamba junior College. 



Jim LDickey, Tailback 

Tym Nelson, Tailback 



)ason Chrestman, Tailback 






Tommy Hill, Fullback 



John Lamar, Fullback 



Cliff Portor, Fullback 




Gary Roberts, Fullback 


M^IHH / 

Mike Roberts, Defensive Back Thurman Mangrum, Defensive Back Sidney Montgomery, Defensive Back 




Robert Dunlap, Defensive Back 

(above) Robert Dunlap and Vic Nickels stop the progress of East Central's nnan. (opposite page) 
Billy Young jumps high for the ball while Jones' man hopes he misses it. 

,,, Vic Nickels, Defensive Back 

1 lo 

Billy Young, Wingback 




Mike Norwood, Wingback 

Mickey Aldridge, Wingback 








-> ClU.- 

Jack Darby, Split End 

Whit Emmons, Split End 

Larry Smith, Split End 



Curtis Jones, Tight End 


Larry Ccley, Tight End 

(left) Ken Blann and Bob Burkes make 
sure East Mississippi makes no gain on 
the play, (opposite page) )immy Brad- 
shaw stops the pass receiver. 




Terry O'Conner, Linebacker 





Don Alciridge, Linebacker 



Jack House, Linebacker 

Tony Ragon, I inebac ker 

Ken RLmn, I incbacker 

Greg Freeman, Linebacker 


f%> % 

Bubba Colston, Tackle 

: I 

James Cotton, Tackle 


i / 

Dale Patterson, Tackle 





Wayne Gregg, Tackle 




Jerry Roberts, Tackle 

(above) Thurman Mangrum, Robert Dunlap, Ken Blann, Kirby Bishop, Billy Young, and Bob Burkes 
in action. 







George Boling, Tackle 

Ricky Newell, Tackle 



I / 

Mike Reans, Center 





Leon Whitaker, Center 


Carl Inman, Center 

Dan Young, Guard 


Ricky Suratt, Halfback 


\ \ 


Tim Farley, Guard 

Jerry Jobe, Guard 

(above) Mike Reans, Jimmy Bradshaw, and Kirby Bishop go after a loose ball, (opposite page) 
Robert Lightsey punts the ball deep into opponent's territory. 


Robert Lightsey, Kicker 


Randy Borcn, Defensive tackle 

Kirby Bishop, Defensive tackle 

Mike Grain, Defensive tackle 


Bob Burks, Defensive end 



lininn Bradshaw, Defensive end 


The Record 

Northwest 52 

Northwest 21 

Northwest 7 


Northwest 74 

Northwest 14 

Northwest 15 

Northwest 75 


Northwest 53 

Total points 


Southwest 35 

Holmes 6 

Pearl River 23 

East Central 7 

Itawamba 18 

Miss. Delta 16 

Jones 31 

Northeast 21 

Copiah-Lincoln 3 

East Miss 38 


Facts and Figures Prove Rangers' Strength 

The Northwest Rangers came out more of a winner than the season's record of five wins and five losses shows. The 74-18 
victory over Itawamba and the 75-21 victory over Northeast helped to put Northwest at the top of the league in most 
points scored. Four of Northwest's players participated in the Mississippi North-South Junior College All-Star Game. The 
North won by a score of 20-6, with Tym Nelson of Senatobia receiving the best offensive back trophy. The Mississippi Jun- 
ior College Association chose four Rangers as All-State Players. Again proving the strength of the Northwest Rangers is the 
fact that Northwest was the only team in the State to place in the top twenty in the Nation. Nationwide, Northwest placed 
eighth in rushing, tenth in total offense, and Northwest's place-kicker Vic Nickels was tenth in kicking. 

The following awards were given to individ- 
uals: (right) Northwest Rangers in the All-Star 
Came included (I. to r.) Tym Nelson, Terry 
O'Conner, Billy Young, and Mike Reans with 
Coach Lee Bramlett (center). 

(opposite page, top) Northwest Rangers on 
the All-State Team were (I. to r.) Billy Young, 
Robert Lightsey, Terry O'Conner, and Mike 
Reans, with line coach Tryce Barber (center). 

(opposite page, bottom) Award-winning 
sophomore Rangers were (I. to r.) Mike Reans, 
mosf improved player; Tym Nelson, best back; 
Billy Young, most valuable player. In the cen- 
ferhead coach Ken Bramlett and Blake Wilker- 
son, who presented the awards on behalf of 
his company, Chromcraft, Inc. Terry O'Con- 
ner, besf defensive player, Dan Young, best 
blocker; Daryl Walker, leadership. 



Cagers Sweep Conference Title, Finish 25-5 

Northwest chalked up the best year in history in basketball in 1971-1972. 

The Rangers' most outstanding achievement was an undefeated record (16-0) in Mississippi Junior College Conference 
play, climaxed by the North Division title and the first league championship in the history of the school. Northwest then 
took the second championship in five days with a first-place finish in the first state of Mississippi tournament held at 
Northwest to determine the four teams for the National Junior College Athletic Association Region VII tournament at 

Carrying an 18-4 overall record into the North Division tournament at Holmes junior College in Goodman, the Rangers 
destroyed Holmes 84-66 and Itawamba 69-56 to win the event and earn the number one seed from the North in the overall 

Defending champion Hinds Junior College was an 84-78 victim on its home floor in the Rangers' first game of the state 
tournament, and Copiah-Lincoln was outclassed 103-82 in the championship game the following night. The four tourna- 
ment victories brought the team's overall record to 22-4, best in coach Henry B. Koon's seven years at the helm, and also 
left the Rangers as the only team in league history to complete its 16-game schedule undefeated. 

Enroute to the Region VII qualification tournament championship and the top-seeded position from Mississippi, the 
Rangers downed Mississippi Delta 113-79 and Utica 94-89 before claiming a forfeit victory in the finals over Coahoma, de- 
clared ineligible because of an ineligible player on the squad. The Rangers were eliminated in the regional event by Martin 
College, Pulaski, Tenn., 84-71. 

For the record. Northwest took three games each from Itawamba (72-60, 69-56, 79-66) and Holmes (58-39, 60-45, 84-66); 
and two each from Mississippi Delta (109-83, 95-74), Phillips County (Ark.) Community College (116-114 in two overtimes, 
113-90), East Mississippi (102-82, 2-0 in a forfeit). East Central (92-63, 120-74), Northeast (83-71, 84-72). The Rangers split 
two-game series with Dyersburg (Tenn.) State Community College (108-88, 73-74), the Ole Miss freshmen (65-77, 83-69), 
Jackson (Tenn.) State Community College (100-86, 77-119), and the Arkansas State University freshmen (86-77, 80-81). 

Personnel-wise, the club added a second coach in the person of Cecil Williams, a Mississippi College graduate who 
played at Northwest during the 1966-67 and 1967-68 seasons and earned All-State honors in his sophomore year. The team 
roster included only two sophomores, 6-2 forward Willie Brown and 6-1 guard Wilbert Beard, both of whom were All-State 
choices their freshman year. The remainder of the club was made up of 11 freshmen, including the other three starters: 6-8 
forward Hollis Miller, 6-71/2 center Eddie Thomas and 6-2 guard Mike Boone. 

Following the state championship tournament at Hinds, Miller was named to the All-State first team for 1971-1972. Beard 
made the second team, and Brown and Thomas rated honorable mention. 


(top) George V. Moody, Mis- 
sissippi Commissioner of Junior 
Colleges, presents the golden 
basketball State Junior College 
Association championship tro- 
phy to the Rangers, (left below) 
Gary Oakley on the shoulders of 
Jack Hurdle tears down the net at 
Hinds after the Rangers won the 
championship. (Below) The 
Rangers take the North Division 
championship and trophy at 




-.' J^K^K^SC^ 

P v\ 

BB^BBm^"^^^^- ^, IM 






[i ^^^ 







.91 i; rib' 

(Opposite page, top) Willie Brown executes his famous 
slam-bang shot in the championship game against Co-Lin. 
Wilbert Beard is ready in the background. (Bottom) After 
the game, pandemonium reigns in the NWJC crowd. (This 
page, top) Eddie Thomas rebounds against Hinds in the 
semi-finals of the State tournament. Howard Taylor coming 
in. (Bottom left) Hollis Miller, All-State, stuffs one; (Bottom 
right) Coaches Koon and Williams approve wholeheartedly. 



If s Victory All the Way for Northwest 



(Opposite page, top left) Rangers hold the 
golden trophy and (top right) Coach Koon 
aloft in victory (Bottom) WN)C-FM radio an- 
nouncers Jerry Stigler (left) and Bill Shelton in- 
terview team members after the title game. 
(This page) Squad members (top left), student 
boosters (bottom) and the cheerleaders (cen- 
ter right) enthusiastically give the victory sign 
after the Hinds clock (top right) shows the 
final score Northwest 103 — Co-Lin 82. 


*- '"■"■' ' 


tor " 

■fc- JMT^ 




> ;;| If '( f^ 






(Left) Wilbert Beard goes unassisted high in 
the air for a lay-up against Arkansas State 
Freshmen. (Opposite page) Willie Brown (left) 
walks a fine line in maneuvering to basket 
against East Central. (Lower left) Statistician 
for the Rangers is Sid Ayres (center) and man- 
agers are (I. to r.) Kenneth Johnson and Maple 
Dudley. (Lower right) Assistant coach Cecil 
Williams (left) and head coach Henry B. Koon. 


(Right) Mike Boone (42) drives against 
Delta. Also in the fray Wilbert Beard (33). (Op- 
posite page, lower right) Wilbert Beard (33) 
going after the ball possessed by the Arkansas 
State Freshman. 


Mollis Miller, Forward 

Willie Brown, Forward 

Alfred Dockery, Guard 


Derek Roberson, Guard 

Jack Hurdle, Forward 

Gary Oakley, Guard 


David Baldwyn, Guard 

Howard Taylor, Forward 

Wilbert Beard, Guard 



Roosevelt Lee, Forward 

(Opposite page, lower left) Willie Brown (12) adds to the Rangers' score 
on a jump shot above the Rebels Freshmen in the Ole Miss Coliseum. (Left) 
All-State freshman Mollis Miller goes up for two points to add to the Rangers' 
lead in the Phillips County game. 

Eddie Thomas, Forward 

Mike Boone, Guard 

Scott Gabbert, Guard 


(Top, center) Mike Boone is ready as Mollis 
Miller scrambles for a steal from Delta. (Right) 
Howard Taylor and Wilbert Beard press an Ar- 
kansas State Freshman. (Opposite page, top) 
Ranger Roosevelt Lee sets for a jump shot 
against East Central. (Bottom) Eddie Thomas 
executes his famous turn around jump shot 
against Ole Miss Frosh at University Coliseum. 



"V flV" 'mmp'-^^-mm 



^^^^^K '^^^flP^^^^H 




ij^^^^^H ^hH^^^^I 





(Opposite page, top) David Baldwyn drives 
down lane to basket with Derel< Roberson 
coming in; (bottom left) Gary Oakley goes 
high on a junnp shot; (bottom right) Mike 
Boone scrambles for a loose ball. (This page, 
left) Boone on a jump shot; (right) Mollis Mil- 
ler steals the ball. 




^ - ..^ 


Rangers Record 7-3 '71 Season; 
Prospects Good in '72 

The Rangers completed the 1971 baseball season with a 7-3 record, in a second place tie with Ita- 
wamba and one game behind East Mississippi. Action in '71 shows (opposite page, top left) Phil 
Oakley at bat; (top right and center) Jack Darby, also on the '72 squad, at bat and beating it out to 
first base; and (below) Benjie Carter scoring a run. 

The '72 squad had the good record to beat. In the block on the opposite page squad members 
Terry Hutchins, pitcher, (top left); Tym Nelson, outfielder (top right); Jack Darby, first baseman, 
(lower left); and William Dunn (lower right) get in early practice. 




Guns go unbeaten in flag football race. 

(Top) The Cainey Guns beat the Gainey Twigs 42-6 
in the intramural flag football channplonship game. 
Members of the Gun squad are (front row, I. to r.) 
Gary Chatman, Ronnie Easley, Tim Mote, Joe Lee 
Williams, Brad Van Winkle, Mike Clark (back row) 
Mike Edwards, Jerry Mclvor, Sherman Mollis, Tommy 
Swindle, Catfish Jones, Terry Faust, Terry Hutchins. 
The Guns were the only team in the tournament to 
go undefeated. 



BSU Women Vie 
in Basketball 

The Baptist Student Union Women's basl<etball team plays Mis- 
sissippi College. In white uniforms are (top, I. to r.) jo Ann Hobbs, 
Jane Smith, Shiela McDaniels, Deora Meers, and Nancy Tyler. 
(Right, I. to r.) Jo Ann Hobbs, Jane Smith and Nancy Tyler. 


Tate Twiget+es take 
Volleyball Crown 

(Below left) Members of the championship women's intramural volley- 
ball team, the Tate Twigettes, are (front row, I. to r.) Loretta McCee, Myr- 
tis Henley, Willa Love, Chris Carpenter, scorer Maggie Dean Williams, 
(second row) Linda Cox, Dollie Hudson, Evalina Bell, and Ruby Smith. 









The guidance of a dedicated Board of 
Trustees has been a deciding factor in the 
growth of Northwest from one of the 
smallest junior colleges in the state to one 
of the four largest in enrollment, physical 
facilities, and influence. The support of 
the Board has always been one in the in- 
terest of progress and development for the 
youth and adults of the District. 

Members of the Northwest Board of Trustees are (all I. to r.) (top) Don Bartlett, presi- 
dent, and Mrs. W. M. Young (seated); and (standing) C. B. Walker, secretary; Mrs. 
George Yarbrough; Walter S. Carter, jr.; and Wilson Ednnonson, vice president. 

Also included on the Board are (above) Mrs. T. P. Howard and F. O. Givens, Sr. (seat- 
ed); and (standing) Cecil O. Sharp, L. Stacy Davidson, Max Billingsley, Ben G. Wynne, 
G. A. Gulledge, and B. B. Williamson. Others are (right) Harvey Ashe and C. H. Caffey 
(seated); and (standing) W. J. Shackelford, Mrs. J. L. Campbell, William A. Gee, B. H. 
Papasan, and Sam Yarbrough. 

Not shown are David H. Bennett, W. L. Brewer, Stanley V. Mullikin, Bramlett Roberts, 
S. C. Shoemake, V. H. Spier, Mrs. W. S. Taylor, and H. M. Wallace. Also not shown are 
recently named members, John Burt, Billy Gibson, W. P. Sissell, and Henry Womble. 



R. D. McLendon 

Years of service and dedication have not 
lessened the enthusiasm for Northwest 
nor the interest in each student who at- 
tends by President R. D. McLendon. In his 
nineteenth year as administrator, he is 
planning for an ever greater development 
of the college "to serve the needs of the 
people of the area." Whether leading a 
cheer at a pep rally or working for funds 
for a multi-million dollar expansion of 
facilities, 'Mr. Mac' can be counted on for 
spirited leadership. Working with him and 
with loyalty to the college is 'Mrs. Mac,' 
who also attends to making the campus an 
attractive sight for all. 

a*', 1 

Reese D. McLendon (lop) has been chief 
administrator of Northwest since 195V Shown 
with President Mc London (I. and again r.) is 
his wife, Corinne H. McLendon, who serves 
not only in an official capacity as the presi- 
dent's spouse hut also as director of landscap- 



Administrative Committee 

The Administrative Committee works directly with President McLendon in 
concern for every facet of the student's college experience. Consideration is 
given for everything from permitting students to have refrigerators in their 
rooms to the construction of multi-million dollar buildings, all with the best 
welfare of students as the prime purpose. The committee represents the aca- 
demic, financial, personal, and public aspects of the college. 



The Administrative Committee includes (opposite page) lames P. McCormick, 
{Jean of the college; Mrs. Mildred S. Meac ham, director of pulilic relations; (this 
page) Dr. |une S. Gardner, dean of student personnel; A. C. Wek h, business man- 


Administrative Staff 

The business of the administrative staff is greater than ever be- 
fore, handling the admission and permanent records and the fi- 
nancial records of the largest number ever enrolled at Northwest. 
The college staff is also involved with a growing community ser- 
vices program, including the largest number of off-campus reg- 
istrants in adult education courses. 


On the Administrative Staff are (top right) Mrs. Sue 
Burks, assistant registrar; (center) Jack Butts, registrar; 
(bottom right) Kenneth N. Brigham, assistant business 
manager; (bottom left) Edgar Boggan, coordinator of 
community services. 

S+udent Personnel Division 

The personal accomplishment, comfort, and 
satisfaction of the individual student is the con- 
cern of the Student Personnel Division. Student 
experience in all forms comes either directly or 
indirectly under its jurisdiction. The Financial 
Aids program has this year accounted for about 
$300,000 in assistance to students needing and 
deserving financial aid in attending Northwest. 

Among the Student Per- 
sonnel staff are (top) Don- 
ald Eure, dean of men; 
(second row) Mrs. Linda 
lackson, dean of women; 
Henry B Koon, director of 
financial aids. 


Student Personnel 

The Student Personnel Division emcompasses the seri- 
ous and the fun side of student life. Complete guidance 
and counseling services are provided for those needing 
personal or academic advice. The union program, cen- 
tered in McLendon Center, provides outlets for the ener- 
gies and interests of students outside the classroom. 


The Student Personnel staff includes (I. to r.) (top row) Mrs. Cathryn 
Hyde, guidance; Price Darby, director of guidance; (second row) Walter 
G. Stigler, guidance; William E. Shelton, director of student union; (lower 
left) Cecil Williams, assistant to the director of financial aids. 

R. C. Pugh Library 

Near 17,000 volumes are housed in the R. C. Pugh Liljrary for both 
research and entertainment. One hundred and thirty-eight periodi- 
cals and a variety of newspapers are under subscription for current 
information. The dial access system is utilized increasingly by stu- 
dents on requirement of instructors and for pleasure listening. An at- 
mosphere conducive for study is created by the carpeted main 
rooms, the attractive lounge, and individual and group carrels. 

Thp Library staff includes (top) Mrs. losophino Cully; (second row) (I. to r.) Mrs. 
Pauline Perkins, and Mrs. Belly McCollough. 




The new Communications Department 
brings together the several areas of educational 
media, including instruction in radio, television, 
and journalism, educational audio and visual 
aids, such as closed circuit television, and the 
college's new Radio Station WNJC-FM. On the 
air since January 1971, the station has broadcast 
throughout the district a variety program of in- 
terest to the public as well as the college cit- 
izenship. It is also used as a laboratory for stu- 
dents majoring in broadcasting. The faculty is 
utilizing audio-visual means for supplementing 
classroom instruction. 

(opposite page) Miss Barbara Moore, 
instructor and Dudley Davis, instructor. 
(bottom) Robert Edward Oakley, sports 
information director, photography, ad- 
visor of RANGER ROCKET, journalism. 
(this page, top) Sanford Powell, coordi- 
nator of Education Media; Michael 
Davis, manager Radio Station WNJC- 
FM; (second row, left) Marlin Goode, 
program director WN)C-FM; and (third 
row) Roger Webb, radio announcer. 



Without depreciating courses and interests 
on the campus, the Agriculture Department 
has had a new emphasis this year on the col- 
lege ranch west of Senatobia. Added facili- 
ties there, including horse units for laborato- 
ry work and pleasure riding, feed mill, and 
poultry units, have enlarged the scope of the 
operation of the Department. The arena is 
expected to be popular for spectators at 
horse and other livestock shows for the area. 


Agriculture courses are taught by (all I. to r.) (top row) A. 
M. Briscoe, chairman; Allen H. Holliday, Hugh W. Pierce; 
(second row) Joel A. Schoggen, Clarence A. Bennett. 



Monthly art exhibitions in a variety of 
media hold the interest of the public as well 
as the students, faculty, and staff of the col- 
lege. The Department serves not only as an 
academic field for talented students but also 
as a cultural center for the area. 

.4 ^JX 

)ac Young, chairman; (lop) and Tom 
Speck are art Instructors. 


t- ■» 



Composing the Business Department faculty are on this page (all I. to r., top row) 
Jack Butts, chairman; Mrs. Leone King, Austin Trousdale; (second row) Mrs. Carmen In- 
gram, Bill Thornton, Mrs. Claudia Porter; (third row) Miss Bobbie Sue Benton, Miss 
Susan Simmons. Others in the Department are on the opposite page (top row) Mrs. 
Kathleen Wait, James Petrea, Joan Reid; (down page) Mrs. Marie Gray, Ronald Yancis, 
Bob Campbell. 



Business Department 

With more than 400 students majoring in th(> seven l:)usiness c urric- 
uld, the (business Department is the largest academic department in 
the (olk^ge. Within th(> (J(>partment arc offered one-year and two- 
year courses, the one-year ones preparing the students for immediate 
empl()ym(>nt, the two-y(>ar majors planning to transfer to s(>nior col- 
leges for further study. 


Fine Arts Department 

Instruction in the performing arts in the Fine Arts Department 
results in entertainment for the public and for Northwest stu- 
dents and staff. Those majoring in the fields of fine arts find op- 
portunities to express their talents in the several organized 
groups, which include the marching and concert bands, the 
Northwest Misses, the Northwest Singers, A Dozen plus Three, 
and the Northwest Players. The fame of the musical and theatri- 
cal productions is established in the Mid-South. 

Composing the Fine Arts Department faculty are (top 
right) James Keyser, chairman; (first row, all I. to r.) Miss 
Rosemary Simmons, Paul Carpenter; (second row) Miss 
Sarah Fleming, Miss Gail Waldrip; (third row) Mrs. Jeanette 
Keyser, and Samuel D. Christ. 




Hundreds of prospective teachers go out 
from the Northwest Education [department, one 
of the largest departments at the college. Basic 
education courses for those who will transfer to 
senior colleges are taught. The future of educa- 
tion for the Nation lies in the hands of the edu- 

Instructors m thi> Education l^ppart- 
ment are (top right) Howard Carpenter, 
chairman; (second row, all I. to r.) Mrs. 
Marguerite B. Fowlkes, Robert T, 
McKnight, Mrs, Elizabeth T. Lintz; (third 
row) Sanford Powell, R. E. Rutherford; 
(bottom) Miss Myra Quay Barber. 



Majors in mathematics and engineering, as well 
as those required to take mathematics courses for 
other fields, learn to appreciate the equations, for- 
mulas, and various complexities of the subject. 
Courses in the department are transferrable both 
for majors and non-majors. 

Instructors in the Mathematics De- 
partment are (I. to r., first row) Miss 
Zula Glenn, chairman; Mrs. Nell Tipton; 
(second row) Mrs. Anita Wilborn and 
Mrs. Sandra Beken. 

.^JLJ^^h-^- \ 




Science Department 

Test tubes, mic roscopes, ( h(Mnicals are the everyday tools ot those 
in the Science Departmcmt. Th(^ mysteries of the universe are re- 
viewed and unfolded for students, who will l)e charg(Ml \\ ith the task, 
through their study, discoveries and inventions, of making the worki, 
even l)eyond Earth, a IxMter place in which to live. 

Science instructors are (top left) Rob- 
ert L. King, chairman; (second left) Mrs. 
Roberta Watsl<v; (third row, I. to r.) Mel- 
vin B. Walsl<v; Mrs. )o Caldwell Adams, 
C. C. Williams; (bottom left) Ronald L. 



Home Economics Department 

One of the newer curricula at Northwest, Home Economics holds particular interest for coeds interested 
in the field as both homemakers and as career women; however, the male student is not excluded. Besides 
the usual classwork, the Department is noted for its teas and other gracious entertainment. 

Chairman of the Home Economics 
Department is Mrs. Betty Carroll. 


Liberal Arts Department 

The importance of the spoken and written word is emphasized by 
the Lilieral Arts Department. Communication is the keystone of to- 
day's world; thus the purpose of the instructors is to develop skills in 
language which will assist the student to progress toward the fulfill- 
ment of his ambitions. An esthetic sense is cultivated through the 
study of classic and modern writers of literature. 

The Liberal Arts Department includes (all I. to r.) (opposilo page) Carson Holloman, 
chairman; Mrs. Emily Mathis, and Mrs. )anice Pelton; (second row) This page includes 
(top row) George Kelly, Mrs. Mary Foret, )ohn Osier; (second row) Mrs. Emile Ramsey, 
Hunter Cole, Miss Frances Smith; (third row) Mrs. Emily Ballevv. 



Social Science 

An alertness to the world . . . where it has 
been, where it is, and where it is going . . . be- 
comes of increasing importance to the student. 
The social science department encourages an 
understanding of the past and an insight into 
the future in the study of such courses as histo- 
ry, geography, sociology, and political science. 
A new curriculum in Human Services was of- 
fered for the first time this year and found wide 




«ri^> s 

^^^^ wP^ 

, \ 

\ ^^ 


aiE^^ r^. 

Instructors in the Social Science De- 
partment are (opposite page) (all I. to r.) 
(first row) Miss Emmie Ellen Wade, 
chairman: Robert Seay; (second row) 
William N. Mines, Raymond H. Rogers; 
(third row) lerry McClown, R. E. Ruther- 
ford; (fourth row) Howard Carpenter, 
Arthur Ziedman, This page includes 
(first row) Miss Lula Mae Fowler, Glenn 
Randolph; (second row) William Shel- 
ton, Walter C. Stigler. 


% a 0i ^^ 

Included in the Technical and Voca- 
tional Department are (this page) (top) 
Thomas D. Coats, associate dean in 
charge of Vocational-Technical educa- 
tion; (second) Charles C. Ainsworth; (all 
I. to r.) (third row) Felix E. Robinson, 
Robert D. Carroll, Billie Bob Cray; 
(fourth row) Marcus C. Williams, C. E. 
Carter, (opposite page) (top) Mrs. Lois 
Horton; (second row) Larry G. Tims; 
(third row) Carl N. Majors, Sue Ellen 
Taylor, Richard S. Hamer; (fourth row) 
Malcolm H. Venable, Barbara A. Risey, 
Leroy H. Gallant. 



Technical and Vocational 
Education Department 

Committed to the philosophy that students will succeed if they are 
in areas not only fulfilling their capabilities but also their interests, 
the college has taught this year 13 two-year technical and trade and 
industrial courses and seven one-year vocational ones, along with the 
many academic courses. The Department offers training for opportu- 
nities in careers in the most rapidly increasing areas of employment 
in the nation today. 



A \>^ 






The Technical-Vocational Department faculty also includes (all I. to r.) (top row) 
John Kaplin and Norman G. Bailey; (second row) Wallace Buchanan and Bobby Joe 
Broadway; (third) William Borthwick; (bottom) Freddie H. Harmon. 


i^p /^^^ 


Physical Education Department 

The ever-expanding Physical Education Department emphasizes physical fit- 
ness for the individual but also encourages individual and team participation in 
intramural contests and a knowledge of sports for the spectator. A large number 
of stucients major in physical education to become teachers and coaches. 

(top to botlom) Miss Constance Earl, 
chairman; Miss Carolyn Palmer; Joseph 
0/ikielewki, and Mrs. Simms Rhea are 
physical education insirurlors. 



The full program of intercollegiate sports is the responsibil- 
ity of the coaching department. Football, basketball, baseball, 
track, and tennis are the outlets for physically and mentally 
talented students in sports, as well as for enthusiastic fans 
who like, if not demand, competitive teams to be fielded at 

! i 

Northwest coaches include Kenneth Bramlett, director of athletics 
and head football coach (top) Henry B. Koon, basketball coach 
(above) Cecil Williams, assistant basketball coach (left) Lee Bramlett, 
assistant football coach and track coach (right above) and Tryce Bar- 
ber, assistant football coach and baseball coach (bottom right). 



The ladies of the business office and secretarial staff are 
important cogs in the wheels required to be kept turning 
daily for the efficient operation of the college. Responsi- 
ble for many details, they serve students as well as the ad- 

The secretarial staff includes (all I. to r.) (top left) Mrs. Mary 
Claire Puryear, Mrs. Carolyn Ainsworth, and (seated) Mrs. Mary 
Dancy. Working in the Business Office are (top right) (seated) 
Mrs. Patsy Terry, Mrs. Bettye Appleton, and Mrs. Nina Deaton; 
(standing) Mrs. Clara Burford and Mrs. Crelta Smith. Other 
secretaries are (lower left) Mrs. Alexis Maynor, Mrs. Diane 
Sanders, and Mrs. Rena Downs, (lower rigtit) (seated) Mrs. 
Bobbie Darby and Miss Earline Cocke; (standing) Mrs. Flossy 
Patrick and Mrs. Charlotte Hawkins. 


Campus Services 

For comfortable living conditions and 
pleasure at their college home, students 
rely on their dormitory supervisors, those 
who provide their daily meals, and those 
who provide the places and means of re- 
laxation and recreation. Sometimes criti- 
cized but more often loved and respected, 
the groups do their best for the happiness 
of those in their care. 


Northwest dormitory hostesses are (all I. to r., top of 
page, front row) Mrs. Nellie Sealy, Mrs. Mary Lane, Mrs. 
Minnie Bailey, and Mrs. Lula Daniel; (second row) Mrs. 
Elizabeth Reeves, Mrs. Sarah Nail, Mrs. Eloise Toole, and 
Mrs. Annie Neal. 

The cafeteria staff includes Wayne McBee, manager, 
and Tommy Hawkins (seated); (standing) Mrs. Annie 
Neal, Mrs. )eanette Brents, Mrs. Mamie Wells, and Mrs. 
Iva Robinson. 

The McLendon Center employees are (lower right of 
page) (seated) Mrs. Shirley Young and Mrs. Pearl Covey; 
(standing) James Brents, Sr. and Mrs. Candace Embrey. 



Without the service groups, Northwest 
could not continue in operation. Services 
such as books and supplies, mail, security 
of the individuals and the campus, and 
maintenance of the physical plant and 
transportation are rendered by a large 
group of employees who are dedicated to 
see that students have the services neces- 
sary to their well-being. 

Our service groups include (top left) (all I. to r.) (front row) Mrs. Betty Gilbert and Mrs. 
Earline Copeland, bookstore; (back row) Mrs. Lillian Brown, post office; and Mrs. Irene 
Self, Administration Building snack bar. The security officers (above left) are (seated) 
Thomas Appleton, chief; (standing) William Taylor, John Fulgham, and Luther Brown. In 
the Maintenance Department are (right of page) (first row) Lavern Dhority and Hershel 
Hall; (second row) Roy Cook, superintendent; Newell McCuistion; and Wayne Newman. 
Not shown are Willis Barnett and |ohn Morris; (bottom of page) H. C. Self and L. L. Sowell 
are in charge of transportation maintenance. 





Their Lives 



I > 




of Knowledge, 






Sophomore Class 

Elected in the Spring of 1971 to 
lead the Sophomore Class were (I. to 
r.) Johnny Coleman, first vice presi- 
dent; Norma Williams, secretary- 
treasurer; Gerry Speir, president; and 
George Barton, second vice presi- 


Frank Acree, Olive Branch 
Gayle Adams, Sardis 
Sharon Alexander, Batesville 
Tony Alford, Vardaman 
James Allen, Bruce 

Gene Ammons, Southaven 
Jimmy Anderson, Sardis 
Bonnie Arnold, Sledge 
Gilbert Ashworth, Marks 
Charles Austin, Dundee 

Charlie Avant, Batesville 
Elaine Baggett, Memphis 
Martha Bailey, Calhoun City 
John Baker, Webb 
Louise Baker, Coffeeville 

Gene Barbour, Olive Branch 
Justin Barker, Bruce 
Debra Barlow, Oxford 
David Barmer, Coldwater 
Kirk Barnes, Southaven 

James Baronowski, Sardis 
Myra Baronowski, Sardis 
Deloise Barry, Etta 
George Barton, Cascilla 
Wilbert Board, Hollv Springs 

jerry Beaty, Horn Lake 
Kathleen Beck, Long Island, N. Y. 
Evalina Bell, Batesville 
Ann Bennett, Senatobia 
Deborah Jo Billingsley, Senatobia 

Carnette Bishop, Sardis 
Kirby Bishop, Oxford 
Ken Blann, Coldwater 
Bob Boggan, Hernando 
George Boling, Sonat(ybia 


Judy Boren, Southaven 
Randy Boren, Batesville 
Billy Bowie, Marks 
Bettye Boyd, Hernando 
Paula Bradford, Memphis 

Jimmy Bradshaw, Senatobia 
James Brassel, Batesville 
John Brassel, Lambert 
Kathy Briggs, Nesbit 
Ricky Broadway, Olive Branch 

James Brooks, Lake Cormorant 
Mike Brooks, Hernando 
Travis Brooks, Water Valley 
Kerby Brown, Como 
Mildred Brown, Coffeeville 

Wheatley Brown, Holly Springs 
Willie Brown, Bruce 
Glendell Brummett, Oxford 
Kitt Bryant, Calhoun City 
Nina Bryant, Bruce 

Gayle Buford, Southaven 
Sue Burk, Coldwater 
Bob Burkes, Batesville 
Stephen Burns, Olive Branch 
Mac Burrow, Byhalia 

Carolyn Burt, Oxford 
Rodney Burton, Tutwiler 
David Byrd, Senatobia 
Georgia Callicott, Como 
Wallace Campbell, Nesbit 

Jimmy Carpenter, Michigan City 
Michelle Carpenter, Moscow, Tenn. 
William Carpenter, Senatobia 
Frank Carroum, Millington, Tenn. 
Roger Carroum, Millington, Tenn. 


Connie Carter, Memphis 
David Carter, Olive Branch 
Dale Catledge, Panther Bum 
Laura Causey, Crenshaw 
Lynn Chambers, Slate Springs 

Richard Chambliss, Tunica 
Sherry Chapman, Batesville 
Gary Chatman, Water Valley 
Deborah Childers, Senatobia 
Judy Childers, Ashland 

Roy Childs, Hernando 
Joe Clara, Greenville 
Albert Clark, Memphis 
Mike Clark, Coldwater 
jack Clements, Holly Springs 

Carrie Colhoun, Holly Springs 
Penny Collier, Batesville 
Deborah Collins, Holcomb 
George Collins, Olive Branch 
Teresa Conlee, Senatobia 

Eddie Connor, Senatobia 
John Conrad, Holly Springs 

Bob Cooper, Bruce 

lames Cotton, Water Valley 

Ray Cobern, Water Valley 
James Covington, Charleston 

Lynn Cox, Ashland 


Andy Cox, Water Valley 
johnny Cox, Grenada 
Larry Cox, Ashland 
Linda Lou Cox, Sard is 
David Crawford, Senatobia 

Ronnie Crawford, Southaven 
Karen Crockett, Senatobia 
Janice Crow, Water Valley 
Carol Crutchfield, Bruce 
Mary Cummings, Coldwater 

Earnest Cunningham, Holly Springs 
Eddie Curley, Southaven 
Williann Dahl, Southaven 
Lynda Dancy, Senatobia 
David Darby, Batesville 

Jack Darby, Hernando 
Tommy Darnell, Coldwater 
Dennis Davis, Coldwater 
Eddie Delk, Batesville 
Bill Dennis, Water Valley 

lames Dickerson, Senatobia 
Randy Dickerson, Senatobia 
Morris Dickson, Calhoun City 
John Didomenico, Arkabutia 
Curtis Dillard, Southaven 

Peggy Dobbins, Nesbit 
Diana Donham, Lepanto, Ark. 
Deborah Dorroh, Eupora 
Joyce Draper, Batesville 
Maple Dudley, Coffeeville 

Darnell Dunlap, Coldwater 
Robert Dunlap, Coldwater 
Glen Dye, Crenshaw 
David Dyess, Vance 
Ronnie Easley, Vardaman 


George Edwards, Hickory Flat 
Juliene Edwards, Dundee 
Mike Edwards, Water Valley 
Linda Ellis, Sardis 
William Embrey, Bruce 

William Estes, Verona 
Charles Evans, Grenada 
Frank Evans, Water Valley 
Harry Fancher, Memphis 
David Faulkenbery, Grand junction, 

Terry Faust, Sledge 
Brenda Fernandez, Hernando 
Homer Finnie, Batesville 
Jimmy Fischer, Southaven 
Sandra Flake, Marks 

Fay Fleming, Cascilla 
Robert Flemons, Big Creek 
Chris Fletcher, Sardis 
Pehny Floate, Waterford 
Mike Flowers, Oakland 


Michael Foshee, Paris 
Kerry Foust, Memphis 
Betty Franks, Coldwater 
Bonnie Franks, Como 
Mary Franks, Olive Branch 

Brenda Frazier, Batesville 
Marcia Frazier, Marl<s 
Richard Freelon, Bruce 
Wayne Freeman, Coldwater 
Terry Freeze, Coldwater 

Kenny Gaines, Batesville 
George Gann, Senatobia 
Rick Gant, Sardis 
Becky Gartin, Sledge 
jack Gee, Batesville 


Brcnda Gentry, Ldmbcrt 

Cheryl Gilder, Vardaman 

Clinton Gipson, Holly Spring 

Judy Goddard, Grand junction, Tonn. 

Brenda Gooch, Hernando 

Kelly Gooch, Hernando 
Phillip Gooch, Herhando 
jeri Goodwin, Marks 
Valerie Graham, Sardis 
Connie Graves, Batesville 

Charlotte Greer, Olive Branch 
James Greer, Tunica 
)anet Gregg, Slate Springs 
Donna Griffin, Lambert 
Phil Griffin, Lagrange, Tenn. 

Walter Griggs, Senatobia 
Don Haire, Batesville 
Mary Haire, Batesville 
George Hale, Olive Branch 
Buzzy Handwerker, Sardis 

Ann Hannaford, Senatobia 
lames Hannaford, Calhoun City 
Harvey Haravvay, Olive Branch 
Becky Hardin, Calhoun City 
Ken HarcJin, Memphis 

Bruce Harding, Water Valley 
Bruce Hardison, Senatobia 
Larry Hardy, Oxford 
Michael HarcJy, Marks 
Eddie Hargett, Charleston 

David Harper, Grenada 
Don Hdrp()l(\ Sledge 
MariKn Harpole, Memphis 
Jimmy Harr(HI, Tunica 
Thomas Harrison, Tunica 


William Harwood, Olive Branch 
William Hawkins, Calhoun City 

Rodney Heigle, Rolling Fork 
David Hill, Sardis 

Deborah Hill, Water Valley 
Frank Hines, Saulsbury, Tenn. 

Jo Ann Hobbs, Hernando 
John Hobson, Lamar 
Jesse Hockingeimer, Batesville 
William Hodge, Southaven 
Sonny Holder, Vardaman 

Danny Holland, Sardis 
Ray Hollingsworth, Calhoun City 
Sherman Hollis, Memphis 
Ethel Hollins, Senatobia 
Scotty Holmes, Crowder 

Evylou Hopkins, Clarksdale 
Jack House, Horn Lake 
Betty Houston, Enid 
Iva Houston, Enid 
Lynda Howe, Oakland 

Benny Howell, Batesville 
Rupert Howell, Batesville 
Velma Howell, Holly Springs 
Ronnie Huckaby, Memphis 
Billy Hudspeth, Ashland 


^Jlf t 

Cris Hughes, Lambert 
Shelia Hurdle, Suuthaven 
Terry Hutchins, Calhoun City 
Yolinda Irby, Batesville 
Bernice Jackson, Cruwder 

Hank Jackson, Hernando 
)an Jackson, Coldwater 
Ruby Jackson, Senatobia 
Miriam Jarrett, Ashland 
Amy Jenkins, Sumner 

Buster Jamison, Independence 
Jerry Jobe, Olive Branch 
Charles Johnson, Hernando 
David Johnson, Walls 
Herbert Johnson, Sarah 

Kenneth Johnson, Batesville 
Lonnie Johnson, Batesville 
Walter Johnson, Hernando 
Richard Joiner, Sardis 
Betty Jones, Sardis 

Charles Jones, Crenshaw 
Curt Jones, Calhoun City 
David Jones, MemfDhis 
Kathy Jones, Southaxen 
Ken Jones, Raleigh, N. C 

Patti Jones, HolU Springs 
Robert Jones, Horn Lake 
Sam Jones, Hernando 
Wilson Jones, Hernando 
Kathy Jordan, Oli\e Branch 

Frank joslin, Batesville 
Mike Joyner, IVak'r \ alley 
Chris Kairet, Coma 
GlencJa K(\uney, Batesville 
David Keith, Clarksdale 


Lembel Kelley, Coldwater 
Linda Kelley, Memphis 
Charles Kelly, Bruce 
Dale Kelly, Hernando 
Ricky Kennedy, Lambert 

Essie Kimble, Water Valley 
Janet Kime, Marks 
Dennis Koen, Memphis 
David Kopf, Senatobia 
Stephen Kornegay, Coldwater 

John Lamar, Senatobia 
Jimmy Lambert, Sardis 
Carol Lammey, Senatobia 
Thomas Lancaster, Memphis 
Sherryl Langston, Calhoun City 

Debbie Lanier, Sardis 
Linda Laster, Marks 
Linda Lewis, Sledge 
Tom Lewis, Olive Branch 
Robert Lightsey, Batesville 

Julie Lockett, Grenada 
Jerry Logan, Bruce 

Jo Logan, Nesbit 
Henrine Love, Coldwater 

Willa Love, Holly Springs 
Joe Lowry, Memphis 


James Luc kett, Sarah 
Michael Luker, Abbeville 
Ruby Lum, Tunica 
David Lunceford, Senatobia 
Cheryl Malone, Senatobia 

Dorothy Malone, Holly Springs 
Thurman Mangrum, Tunica 
Bill Manscoe, Grenada 
William Marion, Waterford 
Dwain Martin, Taylor 

Bobby Massey, Crowder 
Chester Massey, Jr., Coldwaier 
Becky Mauney, Waynesboro 
Eleanor Maxcy, Lambert 
Jay May, Southaven 

Carlene Maynor, Water Valley 
Scotty McArthur, Marks 
Harry McArley, Grenada 
Van McClain, Hernando 
John McClendon, Holly Springs 

Susan McCormick, Senatobia 
Clarence McCullar, Lambert 

Ann McCurciy, Pope 
Betty McDaniel, Batesville 

Shiela McDaniel, Hollandale 
Willis Steen McChoo, Crenshaw 


Terry Mclver, Sarah 
Helen McKinney, Batesville 
Mike McKinnon, Coldwater 
Eddie McKnatt, Olive Branch 
Craig McMinn, Oxford 

James Means, Crenshaw 
Patricia Meek, Courtland 
Lottie Meredith, Hernando 
Sandra Merrill, Coldwater 
John Meyer, Memphis 

Robert Mills, Courtland 
Rozan Mills, Olive Branch 
Vicky Mills, Memphis 
James Mitchell, Lula 
Martha Monteith, Tunica 

Debbie Montgomery, Collierville, 

Gerald Moore, Sledge 
John Moore, Walls 
Marcia Moore, Arkabutia 
Tommy Moore, Oxford 

William Moore, Nesbit 
Lucy Moorhead, Holcomb 
Fred Moorman, Water Valley 
Murry Morgan, Independence 
Beverly Morrow, Holly Springs 

Ronnie Morrow, Batesville 
Timothy Mote, Hernando 
Lane Moten, Millington, Tenn. 
Charles Moy, Hernando 
Alice Murphree, Senatobia 

Joyce Murrah, Clarksdale 
Donald Nardozzi, Batesville 
Larry Nelson, Oxford 
Pete Nelson, Senatobia 
Tym Nelson, Senatobia 


Victor Netschi, Memphis 
Rickey Newell, Southaven 
Susan Nicholass, Oxford 
Gloria Nichols, Olive Branch 
Steve Nichols, Olive Branch 

Victor Nickels, Tunica 
Carolyn Norris, Senatobia 
Gary Nunn, Cermantown, Tenn. 
Terry O'Conner, Southaven 
Rebecca O'Neal, Sledge 

Geraldine Orange, Oxford 
Nanda Owen, Senatobia 
Linda Owens, Holly Springs 
Tedford Pang, Marks 
James Pannell, Holly Springs 

Jimmy Parker, Bruce 
John Parker, Bruce 
Larry Parker, Calhoun City 
Bruce Patterson, Oxford 
Doyle Pearson, Marks 

J 99 

Jerry Perkins, Batesville 
Sharon Perkins, Sardis 
Debra Person, Collierville, Tenn. 
Tommy Phillips, Hernando 
Lyda Pittman, Sledge 

Junior Pollan, Crenshaw 
Catherine Pope, Senatobia 
Eddie Pope, Senatobia 
Ben Powell, Charleston 
Martha Power, Holly Springs 

Bruce Prahl, Marks 
Janet Price, Memphis 
Clay Pruett, Calhoun City 
Harry Puryear, Senatobia 
Paul Putnam, Batesville 

Brendley Ray, Tillatoba 
Robert Rayburn, Oxford 
Mike Reans, Crenshaw 
Robert Reaves, Senatobia 
Jeanne B. Reed, Senatobia 

John W. Reed, Sardis 
Joe Regel, Marks 

Russell Reid, Marks 
Tommy Reid, Bruce 

Charlene Reno, Oxford 
Vicki Reynolds, Olive Branch 



<s \ 


Sherry Rialcs, Sardis 
Robert Richards, Suuthaven 
William Ricks, Scnatohia 
Monty Rikarc], Olive Branch 
Virlene Riley, Batesville 

Dorman L. Robbins, Olive Branch 
Cina Robbins, Southaven 
DavicJ Robertson, Somervllle, Tenn. 
Jean A. Robertson, Calhoun City 
Connie Robinson, Tillatoba 

William Robison, Hernando 
James Rorex, Memphis 
Christopher Ross, Senatobia 
Robert Ross, Memphis 
Ben Rowland, Charleston 

David Rushing, Oxford 
Mary Rushing, Como 
Anna Russell, Senatobia 
Dan Russell, Lake Cormorant 
Bobbie Jo Ryan, Senatobia 

Patrick Ryan, Charleston 
Sandra Samples, Ashland 
Bill Sanders, Sardis 
James Sanders, Sardis 
Rebecca Sanders, Southaven 

Thomas H. Sanders, Memphis 
Ira Sandridge, Coldwater 
Salvatore Sansone, Memphis 
Tom Sawyer, Sardis 

|anic(> Scott, Hernando 

I alrac ia Scott, Hernando 
lohn Scruggs, Coldwater 
Pam Scruggs, Hernando 
William Sellers, Memphis 
John Shaw, Holly Springs 


Mike Shaw, Holly Springs 
Tom Shearer, Water Valley 

Robert Shearer, Coldwater 
Billie Sheffield, Calhoun City 

Billy Shegog, Enid 
Debra Shelton, Nesbit 
Pam Shepherd, Tunica 
Elaine Shinstock, Senatobia 
Carl Shipley, Memphis 

Margaret Simmons, Southaven 
Robert Simmons, Olive Branch 
Edwin Simpson, Senatobia 
James Simpson, Oakland 
Richard Sims, Clarksdale 

Tanya Sims, Sardis 
Theresa Sinquefield, Senatobia 
Catherine Skelton, Hernando 
James Skelton, Holly Springs 
Barbara Smith, Vance 

Beverly Smith, Vance 
Betty Smith, Batesville 
Brian Smith, Sumner 
Larry Smith, Oxford 
Leon Smith, Charleston 

Lisa Smith, Batesville 
Lucille Smith, Coldwater 
Ruby Smith, Abbeville 
Terry Smith, Pope 
Tommy Smith, Banner 


Ray Sosebee, Tunica 
James Sparks, Potts Camp 

Hank Sparrenberger, Olive Branch 
Minnie Spearman, Senatobia 

Gary Spears, IHemando 
Gerry Speir, Case ilia 
Don Spraberry, Calhoun City 
Brenda Stallings, Mark 
Sharone Stamps, Batesville 

Albert Stark, Water Valley 
David Steinman, Senatobia 
Glen Steinman, Senatobia 
Nell Stevens, Coldwater 
Art Stewart, Coldwater 

Beverly Stewart, Como 
Chris Stewart, Southaven 
John Still, Senatobia 
Rhonda Still, Senatobia 
Steve Still, Batesville 

Ronald Stone, Potts Camp 
Tommy Swindoll, Tunica 
Howard Tanner, Memphis 
Cloteria Tate, Nesbit 
Robert Tate, Hernando 

Vernon Tate, Nesbit 
Gary Taylor, Grenada 
Kathy Taylor, Big Creek 
Waller Taylor, Senatobia 
William Taymon, Batesville 


Charles Terry, Holly Springs 
Kenneth Thompson, Senatobia 
Jerry Thweatt, Abbeville 

Linda Tierce, Coffeeville 
John Tippitt, Hernando 
Rita Todd, Grenada 

Wade Towles, Sardis 

Jackie Townsend, Southaven 

Anita Trusseil, Gore Springs 

Kathy Turner, Olive Branch 
Ruloff Turner, Tutwiler 
Tony Turner, Bruce 
Nancy Tyler, Water Valley 
Cynthia Vance, Batesville 

George Vance, Webb 
Brad VanWinkle, Water Valley 
Elizabeth Veazey, Sardis 
Jerry Veazey, Jr., Senatobia 
Mimi Vickery, Senatobia 

Robert Voyles, Olive Branch 
George Waldrop, Pontotoc 
Phil Waldrup, Courtland 
Billy Walker, Senatobia 
Daryl Walker, Independence 

Gail Walker, Senatobia 
Phil Walker, Independence 
Debra Waller, Marks 
Mike Walton, Grenada 
Isaac Ward, Sardis 



Rodger Warren, Batcsville 
Peggy Watson, Water Valley 
Timothy Watlers, Balesville 
Glyndell Watts, Baton Rouge, La. 
Lonnie Webb, Senatobia 

Roger We[)b, Lambert 
Glenn Wells, Paris 
Janet Wells, Memphis 
Jim Wells, Crowder 
Frank West, Pope 

Sadelle Westbrook, Horn Lake 
Rodney Whaley, Potts Camp 
Charlotte White, Oxford 
Johnny Whitt, Vardaman 
Bill Wigley, Batesville 

Daniel Wilburn, Moscow, Tenn. 
Terry Wilburn, Michigan City 
Guyton Wilkerson, Hickory Flat 
Ronald Wilkerson, Blue Mountain 
Warren Wilkerson, Charleston 

Fred Williams, Como 
Irma Williams, Courtland 
Joe Lee Williams, Hernando 
John Williams, Memphis 
Maggie Williams, Tunica 

Norma Williams, Memphis 
Patsy Williams, Lambert 
Penny Williams, Como 
Ricky Williams, Holly Springs 
Tommy Williams, Sardis 

James Williamson, Water Valley 
Beverly Willis, Memphis 
Carl Wilson, Sardis 
James Wilson, Marks 
Samuel Wilson, Potts Camp 


Thomas Wilson, Southaven 
Deborah Winders, Olive Branch 
Derwood Winders, Olive Branch 
Cenia Wingo, Oxford 
Rita Wolfe, Senatobia 

Ralph Wolfe, Cascilla 
Phyllis Wood, Water Valley 
Emma Woodard, Tunica 
Roger Woods, Holly Springs 
Ronnie Woody, Coldwater 

Dave Woolever, Calhoun City 
Sherry Woolfolk, Coldwater 
John C. Wooten, Nesbit 
Dorris Work, Potts Camp 
Jimmy Wortham, Oxford 

Rosie Wright, Batesville 
Billy Young, Byhalia 
Dan Young, Senatobia 
Janice Young, Houlka 
William Young, Michigan City 

William Yount, Coldwater 








Freshman elections were held in 
September. Those elected to fill posi- 
tions were (I. to r.) Darrel (Brillo) 
Brown, second vice president; Sam 
Armstrong, first vice president; Carla 
Ferguson, secretary-treasurer; and 
Randy Turner, president. 


Connie Acree, Hernando 
Joanne Acuff, Memphis 
Belinda Adams, Balesville 
Debby Adams, Clarksdale 
John Adams, Oxford 
Roy Adams, Clarksdale 

Sherryin Adams, Oxford 
Yvonia Adams, Batesville 
jamey Agostinelli, Clarksdale 
Patricia Aldison, Sledge 
Donald Aldridge, Sarah 
Mickey Aldridge, Batesville 

James Aldy, Coffeeville 
Charles Alexander, Calhoun City 
Barbara Allen, Sardis 
Earnestine Allen, Oakland 
Gerald Allen, Memphis 
Virginia Allen, Water Valley 

Doris Anderson, Batesville 
frank Anderson, Clarksdale 
Leroy Anderson, Coldwater 
Willie Anderson, Como 
Bobbie Andrews, Batesville 
Millicent Anglin, Bruce 

Cindi Anton, Walls 
Johnny Armstrong, Bruce 
Samuel Armstrong, Enid 
Stanley Armstrong, Enid 
Charles Arneson, Grenada 
Debbie Arnold, Batesville 

Janice Ash, Holly Springs 
Martha Ashe, Tunica 
Sammy Ashe, Senatobia 
Cynthia Ashford, Water Valley 
Bill Avent, Batesville 
Charles Avery, Cloves, Ohio 

Junior Avery, Courtland 
Brenda Ayres, Hickory Flat 
Sid Ayres, Hickory Flat 
Kathy Babb, Paris 
Sharon Baggett, Horn Lake 
Fern Bailey, Sardis 

Barry Bain, Hickory Flat 
Wanda Bain, Hickory Flat 
Annette Baker, Pittsboro 
Tom Baker, Oakland 
David Baldwin, Southaven 
Bennie Ball, Batesville 

Rachel Ballentine, Sardis 
Bonnie Ballo, Senatobia 
Danny Banlon, Memphis 
Geraki Barber, Oxford 
Edwm Barnelt, Memphis 
Anna Barnwell, New Madrid, Mo. 


Terry Barr, Hernando 
Wes Barrett, Memphis 
Joseph Bartos, Southaven 
Connie Batts, Holly Springs 
Charles Baxter, Memphis 
James Beal, Memphis 

Rosanne Beasley, Oxford 
Mark Beeler, Oxford 
Ronald Belk, Batesville 
Care Bell, Batesville 
Milton Bell, Holly Springs 
Earnest Bennett, Memphis 

Rebecca Bennett, Bruce 
Kathy Benson, Courtland 
Joe Best, Sumner 
Donna Bethany, Oxford 
Geneva Bickerstaff, Batesville 
Dorothy Bing, Waterford 

David Black, Lambert 
Marvin Black, Sardis 
Derrick Bland, Dundee 
Joyce Bolton, Coldwater 
Bruce Bolen, Senatobia 
Earnestine Bonner, Nesbit 

Geraldine Bonner, Senatobia 
Mike Boone, Holly Springs 
Mike Boren, Tunica 
Jane Bowden, Memphis 
Wade Bowie, Como 
Mike Bowman, Hernando 

Betty Bradshaw, Marks 
Lee Branan, Coldwater 
Keith Brandes, Memphis 
Steve Brandon, Byhalia 
Ann Brasher, Clarksdale 
Jane Bratton, Calhoun City 

Cathy Brewer, Sledge 
Lena Bright, Olive Branch 
Ronald Briscoe, Batesville 

Laurie Brock, Pleasant Grove 
Ella Brooks, Senatobia 
Raymond Brooks, Nesbit 

Marvin Bross, Coldwater 
Barbara Brown, University 
Bobby Brown, Nesbit 


Darrell Brown, Tula 
Don Brown, Sardis 
Judy Brown, Sardis 
Kenny Brown, Nesbit 
Michael Brown, Southaven 
OIlie Brown, Nesbit 

Roger Brown, Charleston 
Wilma Brown, Sardis 
Pam Bruce, Memphis 
Treva Brumley, Sumner 
Josie Brunt, Senatobia 
Carl Bryant, Calhoun City 

Dan Bryant, Bruce 
James Bryant, Darling 
Robert Bryant, Memphis 
David Buck, Senatobia 
Debbie Buckley, Memphis 
Larry Buford, Oxford 

Lynn Burford, Southaven 
Neely Buford, Southaven 
Tom Buford, Holly Springs 
Barbara Burkle, Oakland 
Rufus Burnham, Bruce 
David Burns, Sarah 

Leonard Burns, Pope 
Timothy Burress, Crenshavi- 
Debbie Burt, Houlka 
Wade Burt, Houlka 
Barbara Burton, Greenville 
Lewis Busby, Olive Branch 

Jerri Bynum, Tunica 
Tony Bynum, Water Valley 
William Byrd, Como 
Jerry Cain, Bruce 
Pamela Calhoun, Tunica 
Patricia Callicutt, Coldwater 

Tommy Callihan, Rolling Fork 
Ted Camp, Banner 
Melvin Campbell, Sardis 
John Cannon, Shelby 
Dennis Carlisle, Holly Springs 
Bobbie Carmichael, Charleston 

Leo Carroll, Hernando 
Rosalind Carroll, Hernando 
Bruce Carter, Grenada 
Eddie Carter, Southaven 
Alan Cartwright, Memphis 
Randy Carver, Grenada 

Teresa Chamberlin, Hernando 
Kay Chapman, Coffeeville 
George Childress, Holly Springs 
Brody Childers, Senatot^ia 
John Chimahusky, Hernando 
Jason Chrestman, Batesville 


Wanda Chrestman, Sarepta 
Jimmy Church, Hernando 
Carrol Clark, Holly Springs 
Chuck Clark, Clarksdale 
Michele Clark, Bruce 
Tony Clark, Batesville 

Ronald Clayton, Hernando 
Betty Cleveland, Senatobia 
Linda Coker, Bruce 
Pat Coker, Southaven 
Boyd Cole, Calhoun City 
Grady Cole, Memphis 

Wanda Cole, Hernando 
Anthony Coleman, Oxford 
John Coleman, Oxford 
Larry Coley, Byhalia 
Clyde Colston, Holly Springs 
Addie Conard, Senatobia 

Rebecca Conner, Coldwater 
Ella Cook, Oxford 
William Cooke, Memphis 
Dianne Cooper, Potts Camp 
Frank Cooper, Taylor 
James Cooper, Batesville 

Louis Cooper, Eupora 

Pattie Coopwood, Holly Springs 

Albert Cowans, Collierville, Tenn. 

Debra Corlew, Memphis 

Dianne Cox, Sardis 

Carey Craft, Senatobia 

James Crain, Memphis 
Michael Crain, Coldwater 
Anita Crawford, Senatobia 
Conchita Crawford, Southaven 
Gene Crawford, Hickory Flat 
Loretta Crawford, Water Valley 




Willie Criss, Tippo 

Joy Crow, Water Valley 

Beverly Crowe, Byhalia 

Stephen Crowley, Olive Branch 
Judith Cunningham, Marks 
Ronnie Dahl, Charleston 

Donna Dalton, Banner 
Jerry Dangelo, Cleveland 
Cleatrice Daniel, Bruce 

Kathy Daniels, Oxford 
Debra Darby, Memphis 
Rita Darby, Sardis 
John Daughdrill, Tunica 
Annie Davis, Horn Lake 
Delton Davis, Dundee 

Frances Davis, Senatobia 
Thomas Donald Davis, Batesville 
Thomas Davis, Oxford 
Wade Davis, Batesville 
Jimmy Dawkins, Sardis 
Robert Dawson, Atoka, Tenn. 

Bonnie Deaton, Enid 
Cora DeBerry, Senatobia 
Calvin DeLap, Coldwater 
Karen Demaree, Como 
James Derryberry, Memphis 
Linda Devereaux, Coldwater 

Jan Dewbre, Etta 
Janet Dickey, Water Valley 
Jim Dickey, Water Valley 
Mike Didlake, Clendora 
Lee Dixon, Sardis 
Gloria Dobbins, Nesbit 

Thelma Dobbins, Nesbit 
Alfred Dockery, Hernando 
Christine Dockery, Hernando 
Eddie Dollahite, Nesbit 
Joel Donaldson, Oakland 
Barry Doolittle, Grenada 

LaNell Dorroh, Calhoun City 
Roberta Dougherty, Coldwater 
James Downs, Senatobia 
Edward Duke, Batesville 
Lacey Dunlap, Olive Branch 
Deborah Dunn, Bruce 


Frankie Dunn, Oxford 
Thomas Dunn, Bruce 
William Dunn, Water Valley 
Randy Dye, Coldwater 
Bubba Eaton, Grenada 
Jonie Eatwell, Hernando 

Terry Echols, Coldwater 
Laura Ediin, Waterford 
Gloria Edwards, Coldwater 
Gwen Edwards, Southaven 
Nell Edwards, Water Valley 
Henry Egan, New Orleans, La. 

Larry Egbert, Batesville 
Dan Ellis, Memphis 
Wanda Embrey, Coldwater 
Bowdre Emerson, Hernando 
Douglas Enlow, Hernando 
Ruby Entrikin, Hernando 

Charlotte Eoff, Senatobia 
Janie Estridge, Enid 
Michele Evans, Water Valley 
Robert Evans, Memphis 
Tommy Evans, Oxford 
Connie Fancher, Sarah 

Timothy Farley, Byhalia 
Nolean Faulkner, Holly Springs 
Ramona Faulkner, Holly Springs 
Don Fears, Tunica 
Rocky Fedric, Clarksdale 
Caria Ferguson, Independence 

Jimmie Ferguson, Senatobia 
Terrell Ferguson, Coldwater 
Scott Fernandez, Hernando 
Edward Finerson, Olive Branch 
Joe Fisher, Pope 
Floyd Fiveash, Olive Branch 

Donald Fleener, Batesville 
Teresa Fleming, Byhalia 
Kay Flemons, Big Creek 
James Flippo, Coldwater 
Becky Flowers, Senatobia 
Herman Flowers, Batesville 

Linda Flowers, Horn Lake 
Mary Ann Flowers, Oakland 
Martha Floyd, Grenada 
Earline Ford, Sardis 
Sharon Fortner, Marks 
Freddie Foster, Oxford 

Mike Foster, Batesville 
Dennis Fowler, Nesbit 
Donnie Fowler, Batesville 
Larry Franklin, Como 
Sheila Franklin, Batesville 
Lawrence Frazier, Marks 

<ri ' 


I S I? f t 



f c 


David Frederick, Charleston 
Greg Freeman, Coldwater 
William Freeman, Coldwater 
Keith Freeze, Coldwater 
John Fulgham, Coldwater 
Hagan Fuller, Coldwater 

Michael Fuller, Memphis 
Scott Cabbert, Senatobia 
Larry Cadd, Olive Branch 
Danny Gaines, Courtland 
Dave Gallagher, Memphis 
Cherri Garrison, Memphis 

Tom Gatti, Memphis 
Pete Geary, Memphis 
Stevie Gee, Batesville 
Annie Gibbs, Olive Branch 
Stanley Gilbert, Senatobia 
Sheila Gill, Sardis 

Martha Gillespie, Tucson, Az. 
Brenda Gilliand, Memphis 
Marvin Gipson, Oxford 
Kenneth Glenn, Memphis 
Melanie Glover, Horn Lake 
Carol Good, Memphis 

Roger Goolsby, Potts Camp 
Robert Gordon, Nesbit 
Ken Gragg, Millington, Tenn. 
loan Grainger, Clarksdale 
Cindy Graves, Memphis 
Billy Cray, Sardis 

Irma Grayson, Como 
Barbara Greene, Senatobia 
Frank Greer, Holly Springs 
Wayne Gregg, Batesville 
Steve Gregory, Batesville 
Paul Griffin, Southaven 

Phil Griffin, Lagrange, Tenn. 
Mary )o Griggs, Tunica 
Lanny Grimes, Soufhaven 

Beth Grisham, Southaven 
Jeanne Grisham, Senatobia 
Marilyn Joyce Guest, Senatobia 

Shela Guffey, Poffs Camp 
Jeanette Gurley, Potts Camp 
Tim FHairc, Balcs\illc 


Peggy Hale, Holly Springs 
Scott Haley, Batesville 
William Haley, Coldwater 
Eddie Hall, Memphis 
Patron Hall, Coldwater 
Ralph Hall, Coldwater 

Theaudry Hall, Batesville 
Mike Hamblin, Bruce 
June Hamilton, Vardaman 
Paul Hamilton, BIythevllle, Ark. 
Martha Hampton, Holly Springs 
Charles Hancock, Grenada 

Beverly Harbour, Coffeeville 
Charlotte Hardin, Bruce 
Derry Hardin, Calhoun City 
Emma Hardrick, Lake Cormorant 
Mary Hardrick, Coldwater 
Nathan Hardrick, Lake Cormorant 

Mike Hardy, Marks 
Tony Hardy, Water Valley 
Charles Harlow, Olive Branch 
William Harmon, Batesville 
Sandra Harper, Coldwater 
Dan Harris, Memphis 

Denise Harris, Coldwater 
Larry Harris, Grenada 
Leslee Harris, Germantown, Tenn. 
Michael Harris, Memphis 
Wayne Harris, Hernando 
Virda Harris, Coldwater 


^..¥~^Mi ti 


^L^ ^ W ^:i ^ 

David Harrison, Derma 
lames Harrison, Ashland 
Larry Harrison, Batesvllle 
Mike Harrison, Ashland 
Stan Harrison, Batesvllle 
Howard Harville, Byhalia 

Cay Harwell, Oxford 
Dennis Haslip, Olive Branch 
Cwen Hasting, Bruce 
Paul Hastings, Lambert 
Hugh Hatchett, Memphis 
Doris Hawkins, Coldwater 

Michael Hawkins, Bruce 

William Hawkins, Bruce 

Bill Hayes, Shelby 

Michael Haynes, Millington, Tenn. 

Melinda Haywood, Senatobia 

Connie Headley, Memphis 

Charles Heard, Oxford 
Joyce Hearn, Byhalia 
lames Heaton, Memphis 
Tommy Hellen, Memphis 
Pat Hemme, Memphis 
Bernard Henderson, Batesvllle 

Margaret Henderson, Batesvllle 

Myrtis Henley, Holly Springs 

Cay Hentz, Courtland 

lerry Hentz, Pope 

Cwen Herring, Como 

Darryl Herrington, Olive Branch 

Marvin Herrington, Olive Branch 
Lynn Hewlett, Taylor 
David Higgins, Southaven 
Minnie Hill, Oxford 
Tommy Hill, Tillatoba 
Mary |o Hilliard, Hernando 

Randy Hobby, Oxford 
Deborah Hobson, Ashland 
Derwin Hodge, Calhoun City 
Sally Hodges, Oxford 
Sandra Hodges, Grenada 
Bill Hogue, Scoff 

Larry Holcoml), Clarksdale 
Hosea Holcombe, Okolona 
|ohn Holder, Horn Lake 
Stanley Holland, Drew 
Brian Hollonbeck, Courtland 
Bettye Hollingsworth, Southaven 

Royce Holmes, Cleveland 

Sammie Holman, Oxford 

Susan Honeycutt, Collierville. Tenn. 

Carl Hoover, O./Ve Branch 

Larry Hope, Sardis 

Kim Horan, Water Valley 


Linda Hoskins, Batesville 
Henry House, Marks 
Pam Howell, Senatobia 
Hal Hubbard, Clarksdale 
Howard Hubbard, Coldwater 
Ricky Hudson, Oxford 

Kitty Hudspeth, Ashland 
Lily Hughey, Coldwater 
Sharal Hunt, Olive Branch 
Sharon Hunt, Olive Branch 
Jack Hurdle, Southaven 
Jennifer Hurdle, Lamar 

Stacy Ingrann, Warner Robins, Ca. 
Ronaly Inman, Drew 
Joyce Irwin, Lambert 
Ruthie Ivy, Oxford 
Sandra Ivy, Water Valley 
Cathy Jackson, Coldwater 

Cwen Jackson, Hernando 
Willie Jackson, Sardis 
Beth James, Ashland 
Dennis James, Memphis 
Jack James, Gore Springs 
Yvonne James, Byhalia 

Linda Jenkins, Batesville 
Rande Jenkins, Marks 
Rudolph Jenkins, Oxford 
Sherry Jennings, Belzoni 
Sam Jepsen, Senatobia 
Jane Jernberg, Sumner 

Bobby Johnson, Bruce 
Gil Johnson, Senatobia 
Robert Johnson, Memphis 
Thomas Joiner, Batesville 
Christopher Jones, Southaven 
Oracle Jones, Batesville 

Grady Jones, Batesville 
Gus Jones, Batesville 
John Jones, Oxford 
Minnie Jones, Batesville 
Mitzi Jones, Webb 
Odis Jones, Coffeeville 

Robert Jones, Crenshaw 
Romania Jones, Batesville 
Sam Jones, Hernando 
Samuel Jones, Tillatoba 
Stanley Jones, Holly Springs 
Wayne Jones, Memphis 

Deborah Jordan, Clarksdale 
Danny Karr, Oxford 
Fern Karr, Water Valley 
Donald Keen, Leiand 
Calvin Keeton, Batesville 
William Kelley, Water Valley 


Helen Kennedy, Holly Springs 
Don Kilgore, Courlland 

Edward King, Marks 
Mary King, Lambert 

Brenda Kinne, Water Valley 
Dessie Kirk, Tillatoba 

Sandra Kirk, Polls Camp 
Bettie Kirkwood, Oxford 

Lilly Kisner, Paris 
Pannela Knight, Oxford 

Rena Knight, Coldwaler 
William Koger, Lambert 
Alan Krayer, Memphis 
Carnelia Kuykendall, Crowder 
Danny Lamb, Independence 
Sallie Lamb, Independence 

Phyllis Lambert, Sardis 
Dwight Lancaster, Grenada 
Ram Lance, Philipp 
Terral Lance, Holcomb 
Dennis Land, Batesville 
Sledge Lane, Olive Branch 

Marty Langston, Oakland 
Mike Langston, Calhoun City 
Reba Lantrip, Oxford 
)erry Larson, Memphis 
Carolyn Latham, Senatobia 
Debbie Latham, Senatobia 

Pencie Latham, Paris 
Charlotte Lavender, Charleston 
lanice Lawson, Horn Lake 
Beverly Leachman, Banner 
Marilyn Leavell, Coldwaler 
David Lee, Memphis 


Patti Lee, Southaven 
Roosevelt Lee, Coldwater 
Robert Lemay, Memphis 
Vivian Lenoard, Dundee 
McKenly Lester, Abbeville 
Maggie Lewis, Senatobia 

Roy Lewis, Oxford 
Cathy Linebarger, Ashland 
Elbert Lipford, Coldwater 
Richard Lipford, Coldwater 
Caria Lipscomb, Como 
Bobbie Little, Crowder 

Hamp Little, Charleston 
Jessie Little, Senatobia 
Teresa Little, Charleston 
Jani Locke, Oxford 
William Loftin, Red Banks 
Howard Love, Hernando 

Josephine Love, Coldwater 
Richard Lowry, Clarksdale 
Robert Lowry, Clarksdale 
Carol Luckett, Sarah 
Ronald Mabry, Senatobia 
Joe Mack, Olive Branch 

Bonnie Madlock, Sardis 
Mark Majovski, Hernando 

David Mallory, Calhoun City 
Christine Malone, Holly Springs 

Julie Manning, Hernando 
Robert Manning, Senatobia 

Don Maranise, Memphis 
Cecilia Marascaico, Grenada 

Wanda Marchbanks, Grenada 
Bill Marshall, Como 



Larry Marquis, Oxford 
Cheryl Martin, Oxford 
Gary Martin, Walls 
Gail Mason, Sardls 
David Massey, Hernando 
Melba Massey, Senatobia 

Nancy Mathes, Pleasant Grove 
Bettye Matthews, Coldwater 
Edward Matthews, Louisville 
Allyn Maxcy, Lambert 
Melvin Maxwell, Hernando 
Bill May, Hernando 

Ernest Mayer, Memphis 
Debbie Mayfield, Hernando 
Debbie Mayo, Crenshaw 
Cynthia McAdoo, Memphis 
Johnny McAlexander, Poffs Camp 
Brenda McAlister, Byhalia 

Gary McBride, Lake Cormorant 
Donna McCachren, Arlington 
Paul McCullar, Water Valley 
Becky McCullar, Courtland 
Cynthia McCullough, Charleston 
lames McCullough, Coldwater 

Pam McCullough, Charleston 
Fran McCurdy, Pope 
Jerry McDaniel, Southaven 
Glenn McDowell, Hernando 
Amy McElroy, Oxford 
Bruce McElroy, Memphis 

Marcelyn McElroy, Independence 
Loretta McGee, Oxford 
William McGehee, Sardis 
Ella McGhee, Como 
Hellen McGhee, Coldwater 
Jimmy McClawn, Oxford 

Elaine Mcintosh, Olive Branch 
Elmetria Mcjunkins, Oxford 
Peggie McKay, Coldwater 
Anne McKee, Clarksdale 
Dawn McKinney, Memphis 
Denny McKinney, Memphis 

Kenneth McKinnon, Senatobia 
Betty McMaster, Grenada 
John McMillan, Memphis 
Kathee McMillian, Water Valley 
Brenda McMinn, Courtland 
Earl McMinn, Wafer Valley 

Richard McNail, Senatobia 
Bobbie McNeil, Byhalia 
Bonita McNenar, Como 
Jena McPherson, Lake Cormorant 
Harry McRae, Southaven 
Debra Meers, Senatobia 


William Mercer, Memphis 
Rick Messick, Coldwater 
Cynthia Metts, Hernando 
Mary Michael, Senatobia 
Jack Michelletti, Water Valley 
Elizabeth Milam, Crenshaw 

Hattie Milam, Hernando 
Dewitt Miles, Batesville 
Gwynn Miller, Hernando 
Mollis Miller, Hernando 
Robert Miller, Memphis 
Susan Miller, Charleston 

Willie Miller, Batesville 
Willie Milligan, Hernando 
Bettie Mitchell, Taylor 
Gloria Mitchell, Scobey 
Lara Mitchell, Taylor 
Lilla Mitchell, Taylor 

Robbie Mitchell, Sardis 
Tommy Mitchell, Marks 
Larry Mize, Dundee 
Glenn Montgomery, Glendora 
Sidney Montgomery, Como 
Daniel Montz, Oxford 

Judy Moore, Holly Springs 
Karen Moore, Holly Springs 
Kerry Moore, Waterford 
Patsy Moore, Coldwater 
Robert Moore, Somerville, Tenn. 
Sherry Moore, Enid 

John Moorman, Scobey 
Bobby Morgan, Memphis 
Dorothy Morris, Charleston 
Isaac Morris, Batesville 
Terri Morris, Mascoutah, III. 
Mary Morrow, Courtland 

Richard Moseley, Memphis 
Freddie Mosley, Senatobia 
Kay Mowdy, Memphis 
Kenneth Murphree, Coldwater 
Georgia Murphy, Munford, Tenn. 
Dwayne Muse, Portageville, Mo. 

Shirley Muse, Byhalia 
Wayne Musgrove, Courtland 
Alfred Myers, Coldwater 
Aliza Myles, Nesbit 
Walter Nash, Batesville 
Donna Neal, Bruce 

Barry Nelms, Olive Branch 
Sharon Nelms, Potts Camp 
Oliver Nelms, Como 
Cathy Newberry, Oxford 
Carl Newsom, Coldwater 
Joe Nichols, Olive Branch 

Susie Meredith, Senatobia 



— i OtJ 

*^ ?"P w 

Louie Nichols, Olive Branch 
Rebecca Nichols, Memphis 
Chuck Nix, Batesville 

Tommy Norton, i-lernando 
Mike Norwood, Senatobia 
Lewis Nunally, Jr., i-iolly Springs 

Joe Nunnally, Southaven 
Vickey O'Briant, Webb 
JoAnn Odum, Coldwater 

Bobbie Ogle, Coldwater 
Brenda Oigesby, Coldwater 
Beverly Ohier, Southaven 

James Oliphant, Taylor 
Aron Oliver, Hernando 
Gus O'Neal, Jr., Senatobia 
Jimmy O'Neal, Sledge 
Patti O'Neal, Marks 
Jill Overton, Potts Camp 

Paula Pape, Jackson 
Benny Parker, Bruce 
Doqna Parker, Vardaman 
Edwin Parker, Calhoun City 
James Parker, PIttsboro 
Janice Parker, Bruce 

Marsha Parker, Houlka 
Laura Parson, Water Valley 
Georgia Pate, Lake Cormorant 
Dale Patterson, Bruce 
Emeline Payne, Potts Camp 
Patti Peacock, Water Valley 

Sharlyne Pearson, Falcon 
Mitizi Pegram, Senatobia 
Janet Pennington, Tutwiler 
Curtis Peques, Holly Springs 
Rosetta Peques, Oxford 
Larry Perkins, Olive Branch 

jimmy Pernell, Charleston 
Howard Perry, Batesville 
William Person, Collierville, 
Philip Peltil, Bruce 
Annette Phelps, Courlland 
Neal Pickel, Clarksdale 



Doyle Pickens, Olive Branch 
Randy Plunk, Southaven 
Ronald Pongetti, Shelby 
Sue Poppenheimer, Memphis 
Annie Mae Porter, Water Valley 
Clarence Porter, Sardis 

Clifford Porter, Sarah 
Chuck Pounders, Walls 
Jacqueline Pounders, Memphis 
Michael Powell, Crenshaw 
Terry Powell, Sarah 
Janice Powers, Hernando 

Howard Price, Como 
Ricky Price, Senatobia 
Vallie Price, Oxford 
Michael Proctor, Clendora 
Hugh Provost, W. Memphis, Ark. 
Eddie Pruett, Batesville 

Michael Pruett, Wafer Valley 
Linda Pruitt, Senatobia 
Phyllis Pruitt, Senatobia 
Jimmy Pryor, Grenada 
William Pullen, Water Valley 
Jim Puryear, Senatobia 

David Putnam, Batesville 
David Quarles, Oxford 
Helen Queenan, Water Valley 
Tony Ragon, Pope 
Martha Ramzy, Oxford 
Donna Rasberry, Calhoun City 

Martha Reans, Crenshaw 
Jimmy Reed, Charleston 

Joe Reed, Memphis 
Julious Reese, Bruce 

Catherine Reid, Marks 

Robert Reidenbaugh, Southaven 

Allen Reynolds, Greenville 
Diana Rhea, Sardis 


Jack Rhea, Southaven 

Peggy Rhodes, Coldwater 

Margaret Riales, Sardis 

Dorothy Richardson, Robinsonville 

Clenda Richmond, Byhalia 

Jane Rider, Coffeeville 

Hugh Riley, Water Valley 
Caria Roach, Hernando 
Rhonda Robards, Coldwater 
Derrick Robertson, Hernando 
Judy Roberson, Courtland 
Eva Roberts, Sardis 

Gary Roberts, Water Valley 
Jerry Roberts, Wafer Valley 
Michael Roberts, Coldwater 
William Robertson, Sardis 
Karen Robison, Hernando 
Vada Rockette, Taylor 

Clay Rodgers, Lexington 
Judy Rodgers, Bruce 
Ricky Rodgers, Marks 
Lois Roseborough, Como 
Robert Roseman, Senatobia 
Bobby Ross, Oakland 

Brenda Ross, Water Valley 
Stephen Ross, Senatobia 
Robert Rowe, Charleston 
Nora Rudd, Courtland 
Brenda Russell, Sardis 
Doris Russell, Hernando 

Mickie Ryals, Lambert 
Paul Sacco, Shelby 
Marsha Samuels, Memphis 
Charles Sanders, Como 
Virginia Sandridge, Coldwater 
Otis Sanford, Como 

John Sawyer, Sardis 
Sallye Sawyer, Sardis 
Ross Scallorn, Batesville 
Karen Schultz, Southaven 
Davy Schwalenberg, Vardaman 
Judy Scott, Sardis 

Patsy Scott, Hernando 
Sonjia Scott, Memphis 
Stevie Scott, Hernando 
Debbie Scruggs, Bruce 
Faron Scruggs, Sardis 
Gail Sealy, Senatobia 

David Sessums, Indianola 
Bobby Sexton, Bruce 
June Sexton, Bruce 
Helen Shaffer, Holly Springs 
Billy Shankle, Courtland 
Ben Shaw, Core Springs 


George Shaw, Pope 
Martha Shaw, Holly Springs 
Ruth Shelby, Ashland 
Sharon Shelton, Senatobia 
Larry Shields, Memphis 
Elizabeth Shinstock, Senatobia 

Cwen Shirley, Courtland 
Ken Shook, BIytheville, Ark. 
Charles Shuffield, Wafer Valley 
Steve Sigman, West Memphis', Ark. 
Johnny Simpson, Lambert 
Michelle Sims, Sardis 

David Sing, Holly Springs 
Sylvester Sipp, Coldwater 
Martha Slate, Water Valley 
Charles Smith, Shelby 
Cynthia Smith, Blue Mountain 
Donnie Smith, Lambert 

George Smith, Banner 
George Smith, Coldwater 
Glenn Smith, Coldwater 
Jane Smith, Southaven 
Jerry Smith, Waterford 
Judy Smith, Houston 

Julia Ann Smith, Coldwater 
Larry Smith, Nesbit 
Mary Smith, Oxford 
Randal Smith, Memphis 
Riley Smith, Jr., Oxford 
Robert Smith, Jr., Grenada 

Shelia Smith, Ashland 
Linda Smithson, Bruce 
Susan Snell, Coffeeville 
Rusty Sorrells, Sardis 
Darrell Sowell, Hernando 
Anita Spears, Hernando 

Frank Spina, Nesbit 

David Spivey, Calhoun City 

Peggie Spradling, Water Valley 

Sid Springer, Houston 

Connie Stacks, Michigan City 

Shirley Stanford, West Memphis, Ark. 

Debbie Stark, Batesville 
Elaine Starnes, Southaven 
Rodney Steele, Batesville 
Stefanie Stein, Water Valley 
Rosie Marie Steward, Batesville 
Charles Stribling, Bruce 

Lynn Still, Senatobia 
Yvonne Stone, Banner 
David Strickland, Memphis 
Rebecca Surratt, Olive Branch 
Ricky Suratt, Water Valley 
Dottye Sutherland, Water Valley 





George Ricky Swan, Hayti, Mo. 
Donald Swanson, Hernando 
Nancy Swanson, Hernando 
Larry Tackett, Coffeeville 
Susan Talley, Memphis 
Andrew Taylor, Crenshaw 

Bill Taylor, Senatobia 
Earnest Taylor, Coldwater 
Howard Taylor, Como 
Clenda Tedford, Lyon 
Felton Teems, Memphis 
William Terrell, Oxford 

William Terry, )r., Senatobia 
Steve Teuton, Memphis 
Debbie Thomas, Southaven 
Deborah Thomas, Sumner 
Eddie Thomas, Batesville 
Geneva Thomas, Senatobia 

Larry Thomas, Como 
Terry Thomas, Southaven 
Deborah Thompson, Hickory Flat 
Elizabeth Thompson, Caruthersville, Mo. 
Lee Thompson, Marks 
Mary Thompson, Abbeville 

Steven Thompson, Hickory Flat 
William Thompson, Hernando 
Mike Thornton, Tunica 
David Tidwell, Memphis 
Donna Tidwell, Batesville 
Robbie Tidwell, Batesville 

Teresa Tidwell, Oxford 
lames Tierce, Grenada 
Kathy Tippit, Pope 
Nat Tipton, Nesbit 
Sandra Todd, Oxford 
Sam Tolar, Clarksdale 


Gregory Toles, Taylor 
Lou Allie Toles, Taylor 
Juanita Toliver, Hernando 
Donna Kay Tomlin, Tutwiler 
Leslie Tomlinson, Holly Springs 
Stanley Tomlinson, Holly Springs 

Trina Tomlinson, Red Banks 
John Towles, Batesville 
Mike Towles, Memphis 
Wendy Townsend, Oxford 
William Tribble, Coffeeville 
Mickey Trussell, Core Springs 

Barbara Tubbs, Etta 
Mary Nell Turberville, Batesville 
James Turnage, Southaven 
Patricia Turner, Batesville 
Randy Turner, Independence 
Sarah Turner, Coffeeville 

Vicki Turner, Clarksdale 
Gary Tyler, Bruce 
Mary Tyler, Water Valley 
Johnny Tyus, Memphis 
Dean Umfress, Senatobia 
John Underwood, Hernando 

Tom Underwood, Hernando 

Myra Ursery, Ashland 

Pat Valentine, Holly Springs 

Gloria Vance, Webb 

Jerry Vaughn, Calhoun City 

Lowrey Veazey, Senatobia 

Linda Vinzant, Robinsonville 
Al Voss, Independence 
Kevin Voyles, Olive Branch 
Jerry Wad ley, Hernando 
Jimmy Walden, Hughes, Ark. 
Robert Waldon, Rolling Fork 

Carol Walker, Water Valley 
Danny Walker, Tillatoba 
George Walker, Brazil 
Peggie Walker, Batesville 
Susan Walker, Hernando 
Betty Waller, Dallas, Tex. 

Helen Walls, Oxford 
Jerry Walton, Tillatoba 
Juanita Ward, Oxford 
Linda Ward, Como 
Patty Warren, Senatobia 
Karen Waterbury, Pope 

Anne Watkins, Red Banks 
Janet Watkins, Cruger 
Richard Watkins, Red Banks 
James Watson, Senatobia 
Douglas Weathers, Hernando 
Larry Weathers, Hernando 


Ann Webb, Memphis 
David Webb, Marks 
Linda Webb, Memphis 
Thonnas Weeks, Culfport 
Mike Welch, Senalobia 
Ronna Welch, Memphis 

Terry Wells, IHoily Springs 
Jackie West, Coidwater 
Stanley Weydeneyer, Hernando 
Leon Whitaker, Batesville 
Charlene White, Senatobia 
Charles White, Memphis 

Charlotte White, Oxford 
Myra White, Batesville 
Roger White, Sardis 
Sherry White, Oxford 
John Whiting, Coma 
David Whitten, Hernando 

Billy Wilbourn, Water Valley 
Melvin Wilemon, Memphis 
Joyce Wilkie, Sardis 
Ben Wilkins, Horn Lake 
Becky Williams, Senatobia 
David Willianns, Potts Camp 

Dwight Williams, Tunica 
Evelyn Williams, Courlland 
Ivory Williams, Coidwater 
James Williams, Dundee 
Mickey Williams, Batesville 
Robert Williams, Memphis 

Sara Williams, Grand junction, Tenn. 

Steve Williams, Senatobia 

Roger Willis, Enid 

Barbara Wilson, Oxford 

John Wilson, Senatobia 

Melinda Wilson, Walls 

Pamela Wilson, Vance 
Shirley Wilson, Sardis 
Mike Womack, Hernando 

James Womble, Water Valley 
Rickey Womble, Lambert 
Teresa Wood, Southaven 

Tommy Woodard, Sardis 
Maxine Woods, Olive Branch 
Oscar Woods, Coma 


David Woolfolk, Senatobia 
Carolyn Wooten, Hernando 
Oscar Wooten, Coldwater 
Rod Work, Holly Springs 
Sue Work, Potts Camp 
Debbie Wright, Batesville 

Patricia Yates, Batesville 
Harry Young, Charleston 
Michael Young, Bruce 
Sheila Young, Waterford 
Debby Youngblood, Marks 
Sheila Yount, Askew 

Betty Zinn, Oxford 
George Zinn, Holly Springs 
Richard Zook, Walls 

Special Students 

Robert Barton, Grenada 
Nancy Carson, Hernando 
William Forester, Lambert 
Jeff Frisbie, Osceola, Ark. 
Cynthia Jones, Crenshaw 
Janis Jones, Olive Branch 

Patricia Kemper, Walls 
Larry McCehee, Sardis 
Linda Newton, Senatobia 
Camille Poag, Senatobia 
Martha Riales, Senatobia 
Sara Smith, Como 

Albert Thornton, Sardis 
James Tippett, Horn Lake 
Margaret Wright, Southaven 







c "^^"^m 



; M . 




" t^^^^^^^^H 


<i ^K^^^^l 




fi«BB llbft^^ 

Now Wasn't It 

a Time of Your Life? 


In Memory of Sandra Ivy 

After a day of cloud and wind and rain 
Sometimes the setting sun breaks out again. 

And, touching all the darksome woods with light. 
Smiles on the fields, until they laugh and sing. 
Then like a ruby from the horizon's ring. 

Drops down into the night. 

— Longfellow 


The 1972 ROCKETEER has been completed. The staff has been great. I would 
especially like to thank Mrs. Mildred Meacham, our advisor, and her secretary, 
Mrs. Diane Sanders, for their constant help and advice. 

In the pages of this book, I hope you can find some enjoyment, some reflec- 
tion, of the days of your life at Northwest. 

A yearbook stores memories. Years from now, the 1972 ROCKETEER should 
remind you of this school year. To you it might have been the year the dress 
code was changed, the first year you got to vote, the year the basketball team 
won the State championship, or the year we had a cold, rainy Homecoming. Or 
maybe it was the year that you fell in love with that special someone. Whatever 
the reason, I hope the ROCKETEER brings you fond memories! 




— A — 

Acree, Connie Wilkinson — 89, 

Acree, Frank Leonard — 187 
Acuff, Joanne — 94, 209 
Adams, Belinda Faye — 84, 209 
Adams, Debra Joyce — 209 
Adams, Gayle Lynn — 187 
Adams, John Ralph — 209 
Adams, Robert Roy — 81, 88, 98, 

Adams, Sherryin T. — 209 
Adams, Yvonia — . 102, 209 
Addington, Michael D. 
Agostinelli, Madalyn J. — 209 
Aldison, Patricia Ann — 209 
Aldridge, Donald Ray — 119, 209 
Aldridge, Mickey Randle — 92, 96, 

117, 209 
Aldy, James Edward — 209 
Alexander, Charles S. — 209 
Alexander, Sharon Ann — 187 
Alford, Anthony Merrill — 187 
Allen, Barbara Ann — 187 
Allen, Earnestine — 77, 84, 85, 99, 

Allen, Forest 

Allen, Gerald. Leon — 209 
Allen, James M. — 42, 92, 187 
Allen, Virginia Dell — 94, 103, 209 
Ammons, Geans Finley — 93, 187 
Anderson, Doris — 102, 209 
Anderson, Francis E. — 187 
Anderson, Frank Larry — 209 
Anderson, Leroy Jr. — 209 
Anderson, Willie Seal — 209 
Andrews, Bobbie Sue — 209 
Anglin, Millicent Irene — 82, 209 
Anthony, Sandra Kay 
Anton, Sylvia Luciene — 209 
Armstrong, Johnny Lee — 209 
Armstrong, Samuel T. — 208, 209 
Armstrong, Stanley J. — 209 
Arneson, Charles W. Jr. — 209 
Arnold, Bonnie Jean — 55, 73, 79, 

80, 187 
Arnold, Deborah Jean — 89, 209 
Aron, Alfred Farris 
Ash, Janice Yolinda — 103, 209 
Ashe, Martha Ann — 80, 93, 98, 209 
Ashe, Sammy B. — 209 
Ashford, Cynthia Ann — 73, 77, 87, 

Ashworth, Gilbert Lynn — 187 
Austin, Charles A. — 187 
Avant, Charlie — 51, 91, 187 
Avent, William Edward — 209 
Avery, Charles Thomas II — 209 
Avery, Claude H. — 209 
Ayres, Brenda Joyce — 209 
Ayres, Sidney N. — 132, 209 

— B — 

Babb, Kathy Ann — 95, 209 

Baggett, Margaret E. 

Baggett, Sharon Elaine — 91, 92, 93, 

Bailey, Martha Lynn — 187 
Bailey, Minnie Jones 
Bailey, Ruby Fern — 209 
Bain, Barry Lee — 209 
Bain, Wanda Kaye — 209 
Baker, John Barry — 187 
Baker, Louise — 84, 187 
Baker, Susan Annette — 209 
Baker, Thomas Garner 

Baldwin, David Lee — 136, 140 
Ball, Bennle Lois — 209 
Ballentine, Rachel — 85, 209 
Ballo, Bonnie Ann — 209 
Banton, Danny Leon — 209 
Barber, Roy Gerald — 209 
Barbour, Walter Eugene — 83, 104, 

Barker, Justin E. — 187 
Barlow, Debra Q. — 92, 187 
Barmer, David Randolph — 187 
Barnes, Vohn Kirk — 52, 64, 93, 187 
Barnett, Edwin Walter — 209 
Barnwell, Anna L. — 209 
Baronowski, James F. — 92, 98, 187 
Baronowski, Myra S. — 74, 95, 98, 

Barr, Terry O. — 78, 210 
Barrett, Charles Wesley — 78, 210 
Barry, Deloise — 85, 187 
Barton, George Moore — 73, 186, 

Barton, Robert D. — 230 
Bartos, Joseph C. — 210 
Batts, Connie Mae — 210 
Baxter, Charles E. — 73, 92, 210 
Baxter, Will Henry 
Beal, James William 
Beard, Wilbert — 129, 133, 135, 136, 

138, 187 
Beasley, Rosanne — 210 
Beaty, Jerry Wayne — 187 
Beck, Kathlenn Marie — 88, 187 
Beeler, Mark F. — 210 
Belk, Ronald Aaron — 76, 210 
Bell, Carol Ann — 102, 210 
Bell, Evalina Irby — 84, 85, 86, 147, 

Bell, Milton Wayne 
Bennett, Clarence Aaron — 79 
Bennett, Rebecca A. — 92, 210 
Bennett, Virginia Ann — 90, 187 
Bennett, William Ernest — 81, 210 
Benson, Kathy Jo — 210 
Best, Joe Paul — 210 
Bethany, Donna Kathryn — 210 
Bickerstaff, Geneva Inez — 210 
Billingsley, Deborah Jo — 82, 187 
Bing, Dorothy Kathleen — 89, 210 
Bishop, Garnette — 187 
Bishop, Gary Herman 
Bishop, Kirby Ellis — 79, 96, 122, 

123, 187 
Black, David Lamar — 210 
Black, Marvin Ed — 101, 102, 105, 

Bland, Derrick — 210 
Blann, George Kenneth — 119, 120, 

Bloodworth, Craig Melvin 
Boggan, Robert Wayne — 187 
Bolen, William Bruce — 210 
Boling, George B. Jr. — 96, 121, 187 
Bolton, Joyce Ann — 210 
Bonner, Earnestine — 92, 210 
Bonner, Geraidine — 210 
Boone, Michael Ray — 134, 137, 

138, 140, 141, 210 
Boren, Judy Carol — 73, 103, 188 
Boren, Michael Lynn — 210 
Boren, Randy L. — %, 123, 188 
Bowden, Jane — 95, 97, 210 
Bowie, Billy Wright — 104, 105, 188 
Bowie, Wade Hamption — 210 
Bowman, Michael William — 210 
Boyd, Bettye lean — 87, 188 
Bradford, Paula — 82, 98, 188 
Bradshaw, Betty Alyce — 210 
Bradshaw, Jimmy Lee — 118, 122, 

123, 188 
Branan, Dallas Lee — 210 
Brandes, Keith Edward — 210 
Brandon, Jerry S. — 210 
Brasher, Virginia Ann — 210 
Brassel, James E. — 188 
Brassel, John S. — 188 
Bratton, Martha Jane — 210 
Brewer, Cathy S. — 88, 95, 210 
Briggs, Kathy Jo — 93, 102, 188 
Bright, Lena Mae — 210 
Briscoe, Charles Wayne 
Briscoe, Ronald Glynn — 94, 210 
Broadway, Bobby Joe 
Broadway, Ricky M. — 188 
Brock, Laurie Elizabeth — 80, 210 
Brooks, Ella Louise — 210 
Brooks, James A. — 188 
Brooks, Michael B. — 188 
Brooks, Raymond F. Jr. — 102, 210 
Brooks, Travis Lann — 79, 188 
Brooks, Vernestine — 84, 85 
Bross, Marvin G. — 210 
Brown, Barbara Jean — 210 
Brown, Darrell Lee — 208, 211 
Brown, Donald Maxie Jr. — 211 
Brown, Judy Faye — 211 
Brown, Kenneth Howard — 211 
Brown, Kerby Guy — 90, 188 
Brown, Michael Alan — 98, 211 
Brown, Mildred Louise — 188 
Brown, OIlie Beth — 84, 85, 98, 211 
Brown, Robert Douglas — 210 
Brown, Roger Larry — 211 
Brown, Wheatley A. Jr. — 85, 94, 

Brown, Willie Ray — 128, 132, 188, 

134, 138 
Brown, Wilma Goodwin — 211 
Bruce, Pamela Louise — 211 
Brumley, Treva Nell — 211 
Brummett, Glendell M. — 92, 188 
Brunt, Josie Ann — 82, 85, 211 
Bryant, Carl Wesley — 79, 102, 211 
Bryant, James Newton — 101, 104, 

105, 211 
Bryant, Kitt III —92, 188 
Bryant, Nina S. — 94, 188 
Bryant, Robert D. — 211 
Bryant, William Dan — 92, 211 
Buck, David Paul — 83, 211 
Buckley, Deborah Anne — 211 
Buckley, Johnny Lee 
Buford, Barbara G. — 188 
Buford, Larry — 102, 211 
Buford, Neely L. — 211 
Buford, Thomas Howard Jr. — 211 
Bulimore, Mary Ruth 
Burford, Joe Lynn — 211 
Burk, Susan A. — 188 
Burkes, Robert L. — 96, 120, 123, 

Burkle, Barbara Sue — 211 
Burnham, Rufus R. Jr. — 113, 211 
Burns, David Joe — 211 
Burns, Leonard E. — 211 
Burns, Stephen Wade — 100, 102, 

Burress, Timothy Ransom — 211 
Burrow, David McCleary — 42, 81, 

Burt, Carolyn — 85, 188 
Burt, Debbie Jo — 211 
Burt, Wade M. — 211 
Burton, Barbara Lynn — 84, 211 
Burton, Rodney Dhane — 188 
Busby, Lewis Edward — 211 
Butler, Milton Jr. 
Bynum, Jerri E. — 211 

Bynum, Tony Lynn — 211 
Byrd, David Keith — 188 
Byrd, William Julius — 211 

— c — 

Cain, Jerry Fred — 211 
Calhoun, Pamela Marie — 211 
Callicutt, Georgia M. — 84, 188 
Callicutt, Patricia L. — 89, 211 
Callihan, Thomas F. — 211 
Camp, Ted Rex — 94, 211 
Campbell, Karl Wallace — 93, 188 
Campbell, Melvin — 211 
Campbell, Rosalyn E. 
Cannon, John Kenneth — 211 
Carlisle, Dennis C. Jr. — 211 
Carmichael, Bobbie R. — 211 
Carpenter, Christine O. — 147 
Carpenter, James H. Jr. — 188 
Carpenter, Michelle — 188 
Carpenter, Paul R. 
Carpenter, William C. Jr. — 94, 188 
Carroll, Charles Arthur — 211 
Carroll, Robert Douglas 
Carroll, Rosalind — 211 
Carroum, Frank Berry — 94, 106, 

Carroum, Roger J. — 51, 76, 77, 188 
Carson, Nancy May — 230 
Carter, Bruce Dale — 42, 211 
Carter, Connie Lee — 189 
Carter, David L. — 189 
Carter, Edward Jr. — 211 
Cartwright, Alan Cook — 211 
Carver, Candace L. — 40, 42 J 

Carver, Randy — 211 ■ 

Catledge, Rivers Dale — 103, 189 
Causey, Laura Etta — 85, 87, 189 
Chamberlin, Teresa Ann — 92, 211 
Chambers, Lynn Louise — 189 
Chambliss, Richard B. — 56, 78, 189 
Chapman, Sherry Ann — 189 
Chapman, Virginia Kay — 211 
Chatman, Gary Don — 145, 189 
Childers, Brody Lee — 211 
Childers, Deborah D. — 189 
Childers, Judy Paulette — 91, 93, 

189 J 

Childress, George — 211 | 

Chi Ids, Roy Edward — 66, 91, 93, 

Chimahusky, John Stanley — 83, 

Chrestman, L. Jason — 115, 211 
Chrestman, Wanda Sue — 87, 98, 

Church, Jimmy Wayne — 212 
Clara, Joe Frank — 189 
Clark, Albert Michael — 189 
Clark, Carrol San — 212 
Clark, Curtis Michael — 92, 145, 

Clark, Gary Chase — 212 
Clark, Susan Michele — 98, 212 
Clark, Tony Edith — 212 
Clayton, Ronald Joseph — 212 
Clements, Jackie — 189 
Cleveland, Betty Joyce — 212 
Cobern, Roy — 189 
Cocke, Earllne 
Cohran, Arthur Lee 
Coker, Linda Kay — 94, 212 
Coker, Patricia Anne — 212 
Cole, Boyd H. — 35, 95, 114, 212 
Cole, Grady Floyd — 212 
Cole, Wanda Renee — 212 
Coleman, Anthony Blake — 212 
Coleman, John Roland — 186, 212 


Coley, Clifford L. Jr. — 118, 212 
Colhoun, Carrie Catlett 
Collier, Penny J. — 189 
Collins, Candi Lynne 
Collins, Deborah Ann — 51, 54, 91, 

Collins, George Gayden — 189 
Colston, Clyde Eugene — 88, 120, 

Conrad, Addie Mae — 92, 212 
Con lee, Teresa Ann — 90, 189 
Conner, Eddie Lorange — 189 
Conner, Rebecca L. — 77, 98, 105, 

Conrad, John W. — 189 
Cook, Ella Ruth — 85, 98, 212 
Cooke, William David — 212 
Cooper, Brenda Dianne — 212 
Cooper, Hiram Frank — 212 
Cooper, James Richard — 212 
Cooper, Louis Henry — 212 
Cooper, Robert Sherman — 189 
Coopwood, Pattie E. — 82, 99, 212 
Corlew, Debra Lorraine — 212 
Gotten, James Fred — 120, 189 
Covington, James Henry — 85, 189 
Cowans, Albert — 85, 212 
Cox, Dianne — 89, 212 
Cox, John Rodgers — 87, 190 
Cox, Larry Leon — 79, 190 
Cox, Lawrence Andrew — 190 
Cox, Linda Lou — 147, 190 
Cox, Lynn Allen — 189 
Craft, Carey Alan — 212 
Grain, James Gary — 212 
Grain, Michael H. — 96, 123, 212 
Crawford, Anita — 87, 212 
Crawford, Gonchita E. — 78, 92, 

101, 105, 212 
Crawford, David Nelson — 29, 50, 

73, 80, 90, 92, 94, 190 
Crawford, Gene A. — 212 
Crawford, Loretta Jane — 212 
Crawford, Ronald Lee — 190 
Griss, Willie Roger — 85, 213 
Crockett, Jo Karen — 190 
Crow, Janice Leona — 190 
Grow, Joy — 213 
Crowe, Beverly E. — 213 
Crowley, Stephen Tipp — 213 
Grutchfield, Ruby Carol — 87, 93, 

94, 98, 190 
Culver, Brenda Aileen — 89 
Cummings, Mary Etta — 85, 190 

Cunningham, Ernest — 190 
Cunningham, Judith — 213 
Curley, George Edward — 190 

— D — 

Dahl, Calvin Ronald — 213 
Dahl, William H. — 190 
Dalton, Donna Ruth — 213 
Dancy, Lynda Carmen — 90, 99, 

Dancy, Mary B. 
Dangelo, Gerald Long — 213 
Daniel, Cicatrice — 213 
Daniels, Kathy Quay — 213 
Darby, David Martin — 190 
Darby, Debra Lynne — 213 
Darby, Jack L. Jr. — 118, 142, 190 
Darby, Rita Nell — 213 
Darnell, John Thomas — 190 
Daughdrill, John Philip — 213 
Davis, Annie Maud — 95, 213 
Davis, Delton — 213 
Davis, Dennis M. — 190 
Davis, Frances Elizabeth — 105, 

Davis, Leslie Wade 
Davis, Thomas Donald Jr. — 213 
Davis, Thomas W. — 213 
Dawkins, James Ward — 213 
Dawson, Robert Shelton — 76, 213 
Deaton, Bonita Loraine 
Deberry, Cora Lee — 213 
Delap, Calvin Douglas — 213 
Delk, Lewis Edwin — 190 
Demaree, Karen Dianne — 213 
Dennis, William H. — 190 
Derryberry, James W. — 213 
Devereaux, Linda G. — 80, 213 
Dewbre, Jan Marie — 37, 38, 39, 64, 

74, 88, 93, 213 
Dickerson, Breece Randal — 83, 

Dickerson, James Q. Ill — 83, 190 
Dickey, James A. — 96, 114, 213 
Dickey, Janet Lynn — 213 
Dickson, Don Morris — 190 
Didlake, Charles Mikell — 213 
Didomenico, John G. — 190 
Dillard, Curtis Martin — 190 
Dixon, Lee Williams — 102, 213 
Dobbins, Gloria Dean — 213 
Dobbins, Peggy Jean — 190 
Dobbins, Thelma Joyce — 213 

Dockery, Alfred Jr. — 132, 213 
Dockery, Christine B. — 213 
Dollahite, Robert Edward — 213 
Donaldson, Joel S. — 213 
Donham, Diana Elizabeth — 190 
Doolittle, Barry Thomas — 213 
Dorroh, Deborah — 50, 53, 72, 90, 

94, 190 
Dorroh, LaNell — 101, 104, 105, 213 
Dougherty, Margaret R. — 213 
Downs, James Marion — 86, 213 
Downs, Renee Denton 
Draper, Joyce Ann — 80, 84, 190 
Dudley, Maple H. — 78, 132, 190 
Duke, Edward Calvin — 213 
Dunlap, Edward Darnell — 190 
Dunlap, Lacey Allen — 213 
Dunlap, Robert G. — 96, 116, 120, 

Dunn, Deborah Dee — 92, 213 
Dunn, Frankie A. G. — 214 
Dunn, Thomas Lee — 214 
Dunn, William H. — 95, 142, 214 
Dye, Glenn Earl — 55, 79, 94, 190 
Dye, Randy — 214 
Dyess, David Ely — 190 

— E — 

Easley, Ronald Andrew — 145, 190 
Eaton, William Lynn — 214 
Eatwell, Jonie Lee — 105, 214 
Echols, Terry Wayne — 214 
Ediin, Laura Cox — 86, 214 
Edwards, George W. — 80, 191 
Edwards, Gloria Jean — 214 
Edwards, Gwen Aileen — 214 
Edwards, Kathy Juliene — 191 
Edwards, Michael William — 145, 

Edwards, Nell — 214 
Egan, Henry — 214 
Egbert, Larry T. — 214 
Elliff, Wanda 

Ellis, Dan Emmett — 104, 105, 214 
Ellis, Linda Faye — 191 
Embrey, Wanda Susan — 103, 214 
Embry, William Darrel — 191 
Emerson, Owen B. — 214 
Emmons, Whitman — 118 
Enlow, Douglas Hunter — 214 
Entrikin, Ruby Elainna — 214 
Eoff, Charlotte Anne — 214 
Estes, William Reedy — 191 
Estridge, Jeanie Marie — 214 
Evans, Charles D. — 191 
Evans, Frank Jr. — 191 
Evans, Michele Fay — 214 
Evans, Robert M. — 214 
Evans, Tommy Lee — 214 

— F — 

Fancher, Connie Yudale — 214 
Fancher, Harry Clifford — 191 
Fancher, Richard Taylor 
Farley, Timothy Joseph — %, 122, 

Faulkenbery, James David — 79, 

Faulkner, Nolean S. jr. — 214 
Faulkner, Ramona Rochelle — 104, 

Faust, Terry Lyn — 52, 72, 75, 145, 

Fears, William Donnie — 214 
Fedric, Dudley Dyer Jr. — 214 
Ferguson, Garia Cayle — 37, 38, 39, 

82, 98, 106, 208, 214 
Ferguson, James Austin Jr. — 214 
Ferguson, Terrell Gene — 214 
Fernandez, Brenda G. — 95, 103, 

Fernandez, Gary Scott — 214 
Finch, Zelma Smith 
Finerson, Edward Lee — 214 
Finnie, Homer Lee — 191 
Fischer, James Andrew — 40, 42, 

65, 72, 93, 101, 105, 191 
Fisher, Joe Raymond — 214 
Fiveash, Floyd Ellis — 214 
Flake, Sandra Lee — 84, 191 
Fleener, Donald Edward — 214 
Fleming, Hattie Fay — 85, 86, 191 
Fleming, Teresa J. — 214 
Flemons, Robert B. — 191 
Flemons, Sylvia Kay — 86, 214 
Fletcher, Joseph G. — 50, 73, 76, 93, 

99, 100, 102, 191 
Flippo, James Kirby — 214 
Floate, Penny Marjean — 78, 191 
Flowers, Herman Lee — 214 
Flowers, Linda Grace — 214 
Flowers, Mary Ann — 214 
Flowers, Mike Wayne — 191 
Flowers, Rebecca Jill — 98, 105 
Floyd, Martha Louise — 214 
Ford, Earline — 77, 84, 85, 214 
Forest, George Edwards — 101, 

102, 105 
Forester, William Lyman — 230 
Forrest, Willie J. Jr. — 101, 102, 104, 

Fortner, Sharon Lynn — 214 
Foshee, Michael Hodge — 192 
Foster, Freddie — 214 
Foster, Robert Michael — 214 
Foust, Kerry Dale — 50, 76, 192 
Fowler, Dennis G. — 92, 214 
Fowler, Donnie Bruce — 214 
Franklin, Larry — 214 
Franklin, Sheila D. — 214 
Franks, Betty Joyce — 192 
Franks, Bonnie Nell — 85, 192 
Franks, Mary Ann — 192 
Frazier, Brenda — 84, 192 
Frazier, George Cullene — 214 
Frazier, Lawrence W. Jr. — 214 
Frazier, Marcia Gayle — 90, 92, 192 
Frazier, Teresa Gayle — 92 
Frederick, David M. — 215 
Freelon, Richard Earl — 85, 192 
Freeman, Gregory Davis — %, 119, 

Freeman, Wayne — 192 
Freeman, William Clyde — 215 
Freeze, Robert Keith — 215 
Freeze, Terry Gwen — 192 
Frisbie, Jeffrey Lee — 230 
Fulgham, John Lloyd — 215 
Fuller, Michael Aaron — 215 
Fuller, Perry Hagan 

Gabbert, Scott Decelle — 137, 215 

Gadd, Larry C. — 215 

Gaines, Danny G. — 81, 92, 102, 

Gaines, Kenneth E. — 192 
Gallagher, James David — 215 
Gann, George D. — 192 
Cant, Rick — 192 
Garrison, Cheri L. — 82, 102, 215 
Gartin, Rebecca Ann — 95, 192 
Gatti, Thomas Alvin — 215 
Geary, Peter Daniel — 215 
Gee, Jack Wjllard Jr. — 192 
Gee, Stevie Cecelia — 89, 215 
Gentry, Brenda Gail — 103, 193 
Gibbs, Annie E. — 215 
Cibert, Stanley — 215 
Gilder, Dorothy Cheryl — 193 
Gill, Sheila Kay — 215 


Gillespie, Martha Ann — 215 
Gilliand, Brenda Lee — 64, 215 
Gipson, Clinton E. — 85, 193 
Gipson, Marvin Jean — 215 
Glenn, Kenneth Barry — 81, 215 
Glover, Melanie Anne — 87, 215 
Goddard, Judy Lynn — 82, 88, 99, 

Gooch, Brenda Kay — 193 
Gooch, Brion Kelly — 87, 193 
Gooch, Phillip Lee — 193 
Good, Carol McCarley — 215 
Goodwin, Jeri J. — 51, 54, 193 
Goolsby, Roger Dale — 78, 215 
Gordon, Robert Henry — 215 
Gragg, James Kenneth — 215 
Graham, Valerie Denise — 85, 193 
Grainger, Beverly Joan — 215 
Graves, Connie Nickle — 193 
Graves, Cynthia Luna — 215 
Gray, William Claude — 215 
Grayson, irma Jean — 215 
Greene, Barbara Jean — 215 
Greer, Charlotte — 193 
Greer, Franklin A. Jr. — 215 
Greer, James Albert — 193 
Gregg, H. Wayne — 120, 215 
Gregg, Janet Lee — 78, 93, 105, 193 
Gregory, Stephen H. — 215 
Greis, Kenneth Wayne 
Griffin, Donna Louise — 92, 99, 

Griffin, Paul Dean — 215 
Griffin, Phillip Ansel — 193 
Griggs, Mary Jo — 89, 215 
Griggs, Walter Ray — 79, 193 
Grimes, James Lanny — 215 
Grisham, Evelyn B. 64, 66, 73, 93, 

105, 215 
Grisham, Jeanne Ellen — 215 
Guest, Marilyn Joyce — 215 
^uffey, Shela Ann — 215 
CilfW, Mildred Jeanette — 82, 215 

— H — 

Haire, Donald E. — 193 
Haire, Mary — 193 
Haire, Timothy C. — 215 
Hale, Emmette F. Jr. 
Hale, George E. — 193 
Hale, Peggy Smith — 216 
Haley, Scott Allen — 216 
Haley, William Lowry — 216 
Hall, Edward Earl — 216 
Hall, Olan B. 
Hall, Patron — 216 
Hall, Ralph Edward — 102, 216 
Hall, Theaudry — 216 
Hamblin, Michael E. — 87, 94, 216 
Hamilton, Paul Earnest — 216 
Hamilton, Sara June — 216 
Hampton, Martha Ann — 92, 216 
Hancock, Charles Francis — 216 
Handwerder, Henry C. — 94, 193 
Hannaford, Cathy Ann — 193 
Hannaford, James C. — 79, 193 
Haraway, Harvey Lee — 193 
Harbour, Beverly K. — 216 
Hardin, Charlotte Ruth — 216 
Hardin, Clemmie Rebecca — 193 
Hardin, Derry Lynn — 216 
Hardin, Kenneth Lee — 75, 98, 193 
Harding, Roger Bruce — 193 
Hardison, Bryant Bruce — 94, 193 
Hardrick, Emma Jean — 216 
Hardrick, Natham Jr. — 216 
Hardwick, Mary Jo — 216 
Hardy, Larry Dean — 98, 193 
Hardy, Michael Eugene — 216 
Hardy, Michael — 77, 193 
Hardy, Tony Glenn — 216 

Hargett, Edward M. — 95, 193 
Harlow, Charles Edward — 216 
Harmon, William F. — 216 
Harper, David Lane — 193 
Harper, Sandra Denise — 85, 92, 

Harpole, Don Terry — 193 
Harpole, Marilyn Faye — 80, 193 
Harrell, James L. — 193 
Harris, Dan Edward — 102, 216 
Harris, Doris — 86 
Harris, Jefferson Larry — 216 
Harris, Leslee — 64, 93, 216 
Harris, Lola Mae — 48, 49 
Harris, Michael Eugene — 216 
Harris, Monica Denise — 76, 216 
Harris, Robert Wayne — 216 
Harris, Virda Mae — 216 
Harrison, David Earl — 217 
Harrison, James Fredrick — 64, 93, 

95, 217 
Harrison, James Michael 
Harrison, Larry W. — 217 
Harrison, Stanley B. — 217 
Harrison, Thomas Willis — 193 
Harrison, Mike — 217 
Hartley, Nancy Ruth 
Harville, Howard Nolan — 217 
Harwell, Brenda Gay — 217 
Harwood, William Michael — 194 
Haslip, Dennis A. — 104, 105, 217 
Hasting, Lanita Gwen — 66, 217 
Hastings, Paul David — 217 
Hatchett, Hugh-Edward — 217 
Hawkins, Doris — 217 
Hawkins, Michael Lee — 217 
Hawkins, William Franklin — 194 
Hawkins, William Gay — 217 
Hayes, George William — 217 
Haynes, Michael Keith — 106, 217 
Haywood, Melinda Carol — 217 
Headley, Connie Lynn — 217 
Heard, Charles R. Jr. — 217 
Hearn, Joyce Janiece — 217 
Heaton, James Carl — 78, 217 
Heigle, Ferrel Rodney — 194 
Hellen, Thomas Russell — 217 
Hemme, Patrick Stewart — 217 
Henderson, Bernard — 102, 217 
Henderson, Margaret L. — 217 
Henley, Myrtis Lee — 85, 147, 217 
Hentz, Gay Barnes — 217 

Hentz, Jerry L. — 217 

Herring, Gwendolyn J. — 217 

Herring, Pamela Faye 

Herrington, John Darryl — 217 

Herrington, Marvin F. — 217 

Hewlett, Chandler Lynn — 217 

Higgins, David Lee — 217 

Hill, Charles Henry 

Hill, Charles Thomas — 115, 217 

Hill, David Eugene — 106, 194 

Hill, Deborah Ann — 194 

Hill, James Steven — 85 

Hill, Minnie Louise — 217 

Hilliard, Mary Jo — 77, 84, 85, 217 

Hines, Frank — 194 

Hobbs, Jo Ann — 28, 40, 42, 49, 50, 

74, 90, 92, 97, 146, 194 
Hobby, Randy Lee — 217 
Hobson, Deborah Fay — 217 
Hobson, John L. — 194 
Hochingeimer, Jesse M. — 194 
Hodge, Derwin Douglas — 217 
Hodge, William David — 93, 100, 

Hodges, Sally T. — 217 
Hodges, Sandra Ann — 217 
Hogue, William Fades — 217 
Holcomb, Larry King — 217 
Holcombe, Melvin III — 217 
Holder, John William — 66, 67, 91, 

93, 217 
Holder, Lyndon Ray — 88, 194 
Holland, Danny R. — 194 
Holland, Stanley B. — 217 
Hollenbeck, Brian H. — 217 
Hollingsworth, Betty Jo — 217 
Hollingsworth, Howard R. — 92, 

105, 194 
Hollins, Ethel Mae — 194 
Hollis, Arthur Sherman — 106, 145, 

Holman, Sammie Kaye — 217 
Holmes, Royce Wain — 217 
Holmes, Scotty E. — 194 
Honeycutt, Mary Susan — 217 
Hoover, Carl Cleavy — 217 
Hope, Larry A. — 217 
Hopkins, Evylou Kay — 74, 84, 98, 

Horan, Donna Kim — 217 
Hoskins, Linda Faye — 218 
House, Henry H. Jr. — 218 

House, Willis J. Jr. — 50, 88, 92, 96, 

119, 194 
Houston, Betty Elizabeth — 194 
Houston, Iva Varnle — 194 
Howe, Lynda Ruth — 194 
Howell, David Benny — 194 
Howell, Douglas D. 
Howell, Pamela Jean — 218 
Howell, Rupert Kay — 51, 76, 194 
Howell, Velma Lee — 194 
Hubbard, Hal Gordon — 98, 218 
Hubbard, Howard — 218 
Huckaby, Ronald D. — 81, 194 
Hudson, Dollie Mae — 84, 85, 147 
Hudson, James Ricky — 218 
Hudson, Martha Marcelle 
Hudspeth, Kitty J. — 218 
Hudspeth, William Robert — 194 
Hughes, Cristella — 195 
Hughey, Lily Irene — 218 
Hunt, Sharal K. — 218 
Hunt, Sharon Gaye — 92, 218 
Hurdle, Jack Howard — 127, 135, 

Hurdle, Jennifer Gail — 88, 103, 

Hurdle, Shelia Ann — 195 
Hutchins, Terry Wayne — 73, 88, 

98, 142, 145, 195 

Ingram, Stacy P. — 78, 218 
Inman, Carl M. — 86, 121 
Inman, Ronaly Meek — 218 
Irby, Yolinda — 84, 195 
Irwin, Joyce M. — 218 
Ivy, Jesse Lucas Jr. 
Ivy, Ruthie Lee — 218 
Ivy, Sandra Ann — 218 

— J — 

Jackson, Bernice — 195 
Jackson, Cathy — 86, 105, 218 
Jackson, Gwendolyn — 218 
Jackson, Henry L. Jr. — 195 
Jackson, Jannifer — 56, 92, 195 
Jackson, Ruby Pearl — 85, 195 
Jackson, Willie Clyde — 218 
James, Dennis Ward — 218 
James, Jack Bradford — 218 


James, Linnie Beth — 78, 218 
James, Yvonne Arnette — 218 
Jamison, Buster Jr. — 195 
Janes, Betty Lane 
Jarrett, Miriam O. — 87, 195 
Jenkins, Amy Rinda — 103, 195 
Jenkins, Linda Gail — 218 
Jenkins, Newton Donald 
Jenkins, Rande Jean — 98, 104, 105, 

Jenkins, Rudolph — 85, 218 
Jenkins, Sandra Gail 
Jennings, Serry Gail — 73, 218 
Jepsen, Samuel Burl — 218 
Jernberg, Jane Lefrance — 98, 218 
Jobe, Jerry Lynn — 95, 96, 122, 195 
Johnson, Alex C III — 218 
Johnson, Bobby Nolan — 42, 218 
Johnson, Charles M. — 195 
Johnson, David T. — 195 
Johnson, Herbert V. — 195 
Johnson, Kenneth J. — 132, 195 
Johnson, Lonnie Lee — 195 
Johnson, Robert Farrell — 218 
Johnson, Walter Earl — 195 
Joiner, Richard Lee — 195 
Joiner, Thomas Jefferson — 218 
Jones, Betty Jean — 195 
Jones, Christopher C. — 218 
Jones, Curtis Dale — 118, 195 
Jones, Cynthia MCKinnon — 230 
Jones, David Lee — 195 
Jones, Gracie Lee — 102, 218 
Jones, Grady E. — 218 
Jones, Cus — 218 
Jones, Janis Cox — 230 
Jones, John Edward — 85, 218 
Jones, Kathy Ann — 195 
Jones, Milton Ken — 79, 195 
Jones, Minnie Pearl — 102, 218 
Jones, Mitzi Lynn — 87, 98, 218 
Jones, Odis Jean — 218 
Jones, Patricia Claire — 195 
Jones, Robert Charles - 195 
Jones, Robert Gene — 218 
Jones, Robert Lee — 195 
Jones, Romania Franceda — 98, 

101, 105, 218 
Jones, Sammy L. — 85, 195 
Jones, Samuel — 218 
Jones, Samuel B. — 218 
Jones, Stanley W. — 83, 218 
Jones, Wayne N. — 218 
Jones, Wilson W. — 195 
Jordan, Deborah Pauline — 98, 218 
Jordan, Kathy Y. — 37, 38, 39, 104, 

Joslin, Franklin A. — 195 
Joyner, Roy Michael — 195 

— K 


Kairit, Christine E. 
Karr, Fern D. — 218 
Karr, Shoffer Daniel III - 218 
Kearney, Glenda Kay — 195 
Keen, Donald Ricks — 218 
Keeton, John Calvin — 218 
Keith, David Glen — 195 
Kelley, Lemuel Welton — 196 
Kelley, Linda Kay — 73, 90, 98, 1% 
Kelley, William Rickey — 218 
Kelly, Charles O. — 196 
Kelly, Edith Dale — 196 
Kemper, Patricia D. — 92, 230 
Kennedy, Helen Elizabeth — 219 
Kennedy, Richard L. Jr. — 92, 1% 
Kilgore, Don Frank — 219 
Kimble, Essie Faye — 84, 1% 
Kime, Janet Lynn — 196 
King, Edward D. — 219 
King, Mary Estelle — 219 

Kinne, Brenda Susan — 219 

Kirk, Charles Dennis 

Kirk, Dessie Maire — 219 

Kirk, Sandra Jeanette — 219 

Kirkwood, Bettie Joe — 105, 219 

Kisner, Lilly Fay — 219 

Knight, Pamela Jane — 76, 98, 105, 

Knight, Rena Yvonne — 219 
Koen, Dennis Lynn — 196 
Koger, William L. — 219 
Kopf, David Roland — 196 
Kornegay, Stephen T. — 196 
Krayer, Alan Timothy — 219 
Kuykendall, Carnelia — 105, 219 

— L — 

Lamar, John Thomas Jr. — 96, 115, 

amb, Harvey Dale — 87, 219 
amb, Sallie Hooper — 219 
ambert, James H. — 86, 196 
ambert, Phyllis Ann — 89, 219 
ammey, Carol Ann — 73, 74, 88, 

93, 97, 196 
ancaster, James D. — 219 
ancaster, Thomas C. — 196 
ance, Pamela Geneva — 219 
ance, Terral Carl — 219 
and, Dennis Marshall — 219 
ane, Delois 
ane. Sledge Jr. — 219 
angston, Martin G. jr. — 94, 219 
angston, Mike A. — 219 
angston, Nancy Sherryl — 98, 101, 

105, 196 
anier, Deborah Jean — 196 
antrip, Reba L. — 98, 219 
arson, Jerry Richard — 219 
aster, Linda Joyce — 196 
atham, Carolyn A. — 219 
atham, Deborah Jean — 219 
atham, Pencie Hall — 219 
avender, Charlotte L. — 219 
awson, Janice Faye — 219 
eachman, Beverly P. — 219 
eavell, Marilyn Anne — 87, 92, 219 
ee, David Allen — 219 
ee, Patti Jo — 220 
ee, Roosevelt Jr. — 134, 139, 220 
emay, Robert Julian Jr. — 94, 220 
enoard, Vivian — 220 
ester, James Lee 
ester, McKenly Brown — 220 
ewis, Linda Suzanne — 90, 196 
ewis, Maggie T. — 220 
ewis, Roy Milton — 220 
ewis, Thomas James — 196 
iles, William Norwood 
ightsey, Robert Harold — 96, 122, 

123, 125, 1% 

inebarger, Cathy Ann — 220 
ipford, Elbert — 220 
ipford, Richard Levon — 220 
ipscomb, Caria Jane — 89, 220 
ittle, Bobbie Lynn — 220 
itti, Hamp Learion — 220 
ittle, Jessie Willie — 92, 220 
ittle, Teresa llene — 220 
ockett, Julia Elise — 1% 
ofton, William Person Jr. — 220 
ogan, Jerry Alvin — 196 
ogan, Jo Ellen — 58, 91, 93, 1% 
ove, Henrine — 1% 
ove, Howard A. — 220 
ove, Josephine — 220 
ove, Martha Mae 
ove, Willa Juaniece — 85, 147, 1% 
owery, Joseph V. — 113, 1% 
owry, Richard Alvin — 220 
owry, Robert Manning — 220 

Luckett, Donna Carol — 220 
Luckett, James Leo — 94, 197 
Luker, Michael W. — 197 
Lum, Ruby Mae — 197 
Lunceford, David Eugene — 197 

— M — 

Mabry, Ronald L. — 220 
Mack, Joe Edward Jr. — 220 
Madlock, Bonnie J. — 92, 220 
Magee, Mike H. 
Majovski, Mark S. — 220 
Mallory, David Mitchell — 220 
Malone, Cheryl Ann — 86, 197 
Malone, Christine — 220 
Malone, Dorothy Jean — 85, 92 

102, 197 
Mangrum, Thurman S. — 78 116 

120, 197 
Manning, Julia — 220 
Manning, Robert Oscar — 220 
Manscoe, William Paul — 197 
Maranise, Don — 220 
Marascaico, Cecilia Ann — 87, 220 
Marchbanks, Wanda Lisa — 220 
Marion, William Earl — 197 
Marquis, Larry Lanier — 221 
Marshall, William P. — 98 101 104 

105, 220 
Martin, Cheryl Dianne — 221 
Martin, Dwain Lennell — 85, 197 
Martin, Newman Gary — 221 
Mason, Gail Dannette — 221 
Massey, Bobby Joe — 197 
Massey, Chester Jr. — 102, 197 
Massey, David Chalmers — 221 
Massey, Melba Lenora — 89, 221 
Mathes, Nancy Carole — 221 
Matthews, Bettye Anne — 221 
Matthews, Edward L. — 221 
Mauney, Rebecca Jeanne — 72, 74 

51, 197 
Maxcy, Allyn S. 
Maxcy, Eleanor Ruth — 197 
Maxwell, Melvin — 221 
May, jay Melvin — 92, 197 
May, William Estes — 221 
Mayer, Ernest Wayne — 221 
Mayfield, Deborah Diane — 98 

101, 105, 221 
Maynor, Carlene Kay — 103, 197 
Mayo, Deborah Jones — 221 
McAdoo, Cynthia Kay — 221 
McAlexander, John P. — 64 92 98 
221 ' ' ' 

McAlexander, Larry Daniel 
McAlister, Brenda Sue — 221 
McArley, Harry Hart II — 197 
McArthur, Charles Scot — 26, 50, 

72, 73, 86, 90, 94, 98, 197 
McBride, Gary Lane — 221 
McCachren, Donna Sue — 80, 221 
McClain, Van Douglas — 50, 55 73 

99, 100, 101, 102. 105, 197 
McClendon, John — 197 
McCormick, Susan Carol — 26 51 

58, 73, 86, 90, 99, 197 
McCullar, Clarence W. — 79, 197 
McCullar, Paul Huron — 92, 221 
McCullar, Rebecca Jean — 221 
McCullough, Cynthia Lynn — 86 

McCullough, James Robert — 221 
McCullough, Pamela J. — 94, 221 
McCurdy, Ann Leah — 197 
McCurdy, Frances Lynn — 221 
McDaniel, Betty Jo — 84, 85, 197 
McDaniel, Jerry G. — 221 
McDaniel, Shiela Dianne — 101 

146, 197 
McDowell, Glenn Wade — 221 

McElroy, Ammy S. — 221 
McElroy, Bruce Edward — 78, 221 
McElroy, Marcelyn Gail — 221 
McElroy, Shirley 
McGee, Loretta — 147, 221 
McGehee, Larry Eugene — 98, 105, 

McGehee, William Douglas — 221 
McGhee, Ella Mae — 221 
McGhee, Hellen Louise — 221 
McGhee, Willis Steen — 197 
McGlawn, Jimmy H. — 221 
Mcintosh, Margaret Elaine — 221 
Mclver, Terry Byers — 81, 145, 198 
Mcjunkins, Elmetria D. — 221 
McKay, Peggie Jo — 221 
McKee, Mary Ann — 49, 89, 221 
McKinney, Helen Delorise — 198 
McKinney, Martha Dawn — 221 
McKinney, Rodger Dennis — 221 
McKinnon, Charles M. — 198 
McKinnon, Kenneth G. — 221 
McKnatt, Eddie Eugene — 198 
McKnight, Samuel Caldwell — 106 
McMaster, Betty Nell — 221 
McMillan, John Andrew — 221 
McMillian, Barbara K. — 221 
McMinn, Brenda Gail — 53, 89, 221 
McMinn, Clyde Earl — 87, 96, 114, 

McMinn, Ronald Craig — 198 
McNail, Richard Kent — 221 
McNeil, Bobbie Faye — 221 
McNemar, Bonita Gay — 221 
McPherson, Regina Ellon —92, 221 
McRae, Harry Woodson Jr. — 221 
Means, James Curtis — 81, 198 
Meek, Patricia — 198 
Meers, Debra Cooke — 35, 95, 97, 

146, 221 
Mercer, William Dowe — 222 
Meredith, Lottie Quay — 198 
Meredith, Sharon Sue — 101, 222 
Merrill, Sandra Kay — 86, 198 
Messick, George Rick Jr. — 222 
Metts, Cynthia Ann — 222 
Meyer, John D. Ill — 198 
Michael, Mary Jane — 222 

Michelletti, Jack — 222 
Milam, Elizabeth Kay — 89, 222 
Milam, Hattie Nell — 222 
Miles, Dewitt Clinton — 222 
Miller, Cwynn Lee — 92, 222 
Miller, Mollis Jr. — 129, 132, 135, 

137, 138, 141, 222 
Miller, Robert S. Jr. — 222 
Miller, Susan — 222 
Miller, Willie Lloyd — 222 
Milligan, Willie Charles — 101, 102, 

Mills, Robert Gene — 72, 198 
Mills, Rozan Claire — 198 
Mills, Vicky Lynn — 98, 101, 104, 

105, 198 
Mitchell, Bettie Ruth — 222 
Mitchell, Gloria Anita — 222 
Mitchell, James A. — 86, 92, 198 
Mitchell, Lara Jean — 222 
Mitchell, Lilla D. — 222 
Mitchell, Robbie Ann — 222 
Mitchell, Tommy Ray — 222 
Mize, Larry Gordon — 222 
Monteith, Martha Joe — 86, 88, 198 
Montgomery, Deborah Ann — 27, 

31 , 32, 33, 40, 42, 50, 72, 73, 90, 97, 

Montgomery, Glenn A. — 222 
Montgomery, Sidney E. — 116, 222 
Montz, Daniel Edward — 222 
Moore, Gerald Neal — 198 
Moore, John Eric — 198 
Moore, Judy Elaine — 222 
Moore, Karen Darlene — 92, 222 
Moore, Kerry Dean — 222 
Moore, Marcia May — 86, 105, 198 
Moore, Patsy Dianne — 87, 222 
Moore, Robert Calvin — 94, 222 
Moore, Sherry Ann — 222 
Moore, Tommy Joe — 198 
Moore, William Richard — 198 
Moorhead, Lucy Ann — 198 
Moorman, Fred Earl Jr. — 198 
Moorman, John Larry — 222 
Morgan, Bobby Joe — 222 
Morgan, William M. Jr. — 198 
Morris, Dorothy — 222 
Morris, Issac Jr. — 222 
Morris, Terri Ann — 103, 222 
Morrow, Beverly Ann — 86, 198 
Morrow, Mary Dianne — 76, 222 
Morrow, Ronnie A. — 198 
Moseley, Richard R. Jr. — 222 
Mosley, Freddie Lois — 222 
Mote, Timothy Allen — 75, 145, 

Moten, Lane H. — 50, 64, 67, 91, 93, 

Mowdy, Kay Roach — 94, 222 
Moy, Charles K. — 198 
Murphree, Alice Faye — 198 
Murphree, Kenneth D. — 87, 98, 

Murphy, Georgia Carol — 76, 77, 

87, 222 
Murrah, Lynda Joyce — 198 
Muse, Harold Dwayne — 222 
Muse, Shirley Kay — 92, 222 
Musgrove, Henry Wayne — 102, 

Myers, Alfred — 222 
Myles, Aliza L. — 222 

— N — 

Nabors, Thomas Richard 

Nail, Sarah K. 

Nardozzi, Donald Joseph — 198 

Nash, Walter Lee Jr. — 222 

Nash, Willie Lee 

Neal, Donna Kay — 86, 222 

Nelms, Barry Wayne — 222 
Nelms, Sharon Yvonne — 222 
Nelson, Oliver — 102, 222 
Nelson, Peter D. — 198 
Nelson, Richard Larry — 198 
Nelson, Tym M. — 96, 114, 124, 

142, 198 
Netschi, Victor — 199 
Newberry, Cathy S. — 222 
Newell, Rickey Dwight — 78, 121, 

Newsom, Carl — 222 
Newton, Linda B. — 230 
Nicholass, Susan P. — 80 
Nichols, Gloria Matheny — 199 
Nichols, Harold Stephen —81, 199 
Nichols, Joe Wayne — 222 
Nichols, Louie Samuel — 223 
Nichols, Rebecca Ann — 223 
Nickels, Victor Shaw — 86, 88, 92, 

116, 199 

Nix, Charles Ray Jr. — 223 
Norris, Carolyn Anne — 199 
Norton, William T. Ill —87 
Norwood, Michael Ray — 88, 96, 

117, 223 

Nunally, Lewis A. Jr. — 223 
Nunn, Gary Douglas — 199 
Nunnally, Joseph Lee — 65, 67, 93, 

— o — 

Oakley, Charlotte Lynn 

Oakley, Gary Smith — 127, 135, 

140, 142 
O'Briant, Vickey Gene — 103, 223 
O'Conner, Terry Wayne — 32, 33, 

119, 124, 125, 199 
Odum, Kendra Joann — 223 
Ogle, Bobbie J. — 223 
Oglesby, Brenda Gail — 223 
Ohier, Beverly Gail — 223 
Oliphant, James William — 223 
Oliphant, Lloyd Nolan 
Oliver, Aron Lee — 223 
O'Neal, Gus Jr. — 86, 87, 223 
O'Neal, Jimmy Hal — 223 
O'Neal, Patti Lynne — 223 
O'Neal, Rebecca Joan — 199 
Orange, Geraldine — 199 
Overton, Jill Ann — 223 
Owen, Nanda Marie — 199 
Owens, Linda Sue — 57, 74, 90, 95 

199 * 

— P — 

Pang, Tedford S. — 199 
Pannell, James Edward . — 199 
Pape, Paula Maria — 223 
Parker, Benny Joe — 94, 223 
Parker, Donna Virginia — 223 
Parker, Edwin — 223 
Parker, James Ray — 223 
Parker, Janice Nora — 223 
Parker, Jimmy Dale — 199 
Parker, John Robert — 199 
Parker, Larry Dale — 92, 199 
Parker, Marsha Gail — 92, 98, 223 
Parsons, Laura Leclair — 103, 223 
Pate, Georgia Mae — 223 
Patterson, Bruce Allen — 199 
Patterson, Robert Dale — 96, 120, 

Patton, Herman 

Payne, Emeline Coffeen — 89, 223 
Peacock, Patti Sue — 103, 223 
Pearson, Doyle Gene — 199 
Pearson, Sharlyne Marie — 223 
Pegram, Mitizi Gail — 223 
Pennington, Janet Lynell — 223 

Peques, Oswald Curtis — 102, 223 
Peques, Rosetta — 99, 223 
Perkins, Jerry Gale — 94, 200 
Perkins, Larry Dale — 223 
Perkins, Sharon Leigh — 200 
Pernell, James Kelvin — 223 
Perry, Howard — 92, 223 
Person, Debra Kay — 97, 200 
Person, William Bryant — 223 
Pettit, Philip W. — 223 
Petty, Laverne 
Peyton, Jerry Ruth 
Phelps, Stella Annette — 223 
Phillips, Tommy Lee — 200 
Pickel, Fayette C. — 223 
Pickens, Doyle Rickey — 224 
Pittman, Lyda Margaret — 200 
Plunk, Randy Edward — 224 
Paog, Camille Jenkins — 230 
Pollan, Pascal Junior — 86, 200 
Pongetti, Ronald Albert — 94, 224 
Pope, Catherine Jane — 50, 77, 90, 

94, 200 
Pope, Eddie Laverne — 200 
Poppenheimer, Sue Ann — 224 
Porter, Annie Mae — 224 
Porter, Clarence Leon — 224 
Porter, Clifford Wayne — 115, 224 
Pounders, Charles Alan — 224 
Pounders, Jacqeline — 224 
Powell, Benjamin Lee — 200 
Powell, Michael Lawrence — 224 
Powell, Terry M. — 224 
Power, Martha B. — 87, 200 
Powers, Janice Carole — 224 
Prahl, Bruce Edward — 200 
Price, Howard King, Jr. — 224 
Price, Janet Kay — 74, 200 
Price, John Richard III — 224 
Price, Vallie Vernell — 224 
Proctor, Michael Hodge — 224 
Provost, Hugh Edward — 224 
Pruett, Clarence Edward — 76, 224 
Pruett, Kenneth Clay — 200 
Pruett, Michael Bramlett — 224 
Pruitt, Linda Carol — 224 
Pruitt, Phyllis Jewell — 224 
Pryor, Jimmy Wesley — 224 
Pullen, William Curtis — 224 
Puryear, Harry Albin Jr. — 27, 50, 

58, 73, 83, 90, 93, 200 
Puryear, James Watts — 224 
Putman, Martha Nell — 89 
Putnam, Charles David — 76, 224 
Putnam, Paul Oliver — 200 


Quarles, David Ervin — 224 
Queenan, Helen — 224 

— R — 

Ragon, Claude Anthony — 119, 224 
Ramzy, Martha Lynn — 224 
Rasberry, Donna Kay — 224 
Ray, Brendley — 200 
Rayburn, Robert Kent — 200 
Reans, Henry Michael — 86, 88, %, 

121,122,124,125,200 '^^^^ 

Reans, Martha — 95, 224 
Reaves, Robert D. — 200 
Reed, Jeanne Belle — 200 
Reed, Jimmy Cardwell — 224 
Reed, Joe Barrett — 224 
Ree, John W. — 200 
Reese, Julious Raymond — 224 
Regel, Joseph C. — 93, 200 
Reid, Catherine Diane — 224 
Reid, Russell E. — 92, 200 
Reid, Tommy Wayne — 200 
Reidenbaugh, Robert O. — 224 

Reno, Charlene L. — 200 
Reynolds, Vicki Lnn — 200 
Reynolds, William Allen — 224 
Rhea, Diana — 224 
Rhea, John Whitfield II — 225 
Rhodes, Peggy June — 225 
Riales, Margaret S. — 225 
Riales, Martha — 230 
Riales, Sherry Lydia — 86, 201 
Richards, Robert W. — 201 
Richardson, Dorothy — 102, 225 
Richmond, Glenda Marie — 225 
Ricks, William Terry — 53, 201 
Rider, Rita Jane — 225 
Rikard, Monty — 201 
Riley, Hugh Michael — 225 
Riley, Virlene — 85, 201 
Roach, Carla Patricia — 98, 101 

105, 225 
Robards, Rhonda Gail — 80, 225 
Robbins, Dorman L. Jr. — 90, 201 
Robbins, Regina Carol — 49, 50, 78, 

97, 201 ' 

Roberson, Derrick — 135, 140, 225 
Roberson, Judy Karen — 225 
Roberts, Eva Mae — 225 
Roberts, Gary Gene — 96, 115, 225 
Roberts, Jerry Dean — 96, 120, 225 
Roberts, Michael Orr — 96, 116 

Robertson, Alma Jean — 201 
Robertson, David S. Jr. — 87, 201 
Robertson, William D. — 225 
Robinson, Connie Tillman — 101, 

Robinson, Felix Edward 
Robison, Karen Elizabeth — 86, 225 
Robison, William Edgar — 91, 93 

Rockette, Vada Lue — 225 
Rodgers, George Clayton — 92, 225 
Rodgers, Judy Clark — 225 
Rodgers, Richard Foster — 225 
Rorex, James A. — 201 
Roseborough, Lois Teen — 225 
Roseman, Robert James — 225 
Ross, Brenda Sue — 225 
Ross, Christopher T. — 201 
Ross, Robert Harold — 201 
Ross, Robert Scott — 225 
Ross, Stephen Small — 225 
Rowe, Robert Lewis, Jr. — 225 
Rowland, Benjamin Thomas — 201 
Rudd, Nora Ellen — 86, 225 
Rushing, David Lewis — 201 
Rushing, Mary T. — 86, 90, 57, 201 


Russell, Anna Sue — 79, 201 
Russell, Brenda )ean — 98, 225 
Russell, Danny R. — 201 
Russell, Doris Lane — 225 
Ryals, Mickie Sharron — 225 
Ryan, Bobbie Jo — 201 
Ryan, Walter P. — 201 

— s — 

Sacco, Paul John — 225 
Samples, Sandra Joyce — 201 
Samuels, Marsha Lynn — 36, 40, 42, 

86, 103, 225 
Sanders, Charles Robert — 225 
Sanders, James Elvin — 201 
Sanders, Rebecca Gayle — 90, 91, 

93, 201 
Sanders, Thomas Harry — 201 
Sanders, William Thomas — 201 
Sandridge, Ira L. — 201 
Sandridge, Virginia C. — 225 
Sanford, Otis Lamar — 76, 102, 225 
Sansone, Salvatore Kellt — 201 
Sawyer, John Edward — 225 
Sawyer, Sallye Lea — 225 
Sawyer, Thomas Edward — 201 
Scallorn, Ross T. — 225 
Schoggen, Joel Alferd — 79 
Schultz, Karen Lynn — 225 
Schwalenberg, Davy Lee — 102, 

Scott, Janice Kay — 201 
Scott, Judy Kaye — 225 
Scott, Latracia — 77, 94, 201 
Scott, Patricia C. — 92, 225 
Scott, Sonjia Ann — 225 
Scott, Stevie Lanier — 225 
Scruggs, Debbie Kay — 225 
Scruggs, Faron Earl — 225 
Scruggs, John William — 201 
Scruggs, Pamela Sue — 82, 201 
Sealy, Gail Marshall — 225 
Sellers, William A. — 73, 99, 100, 

101, 102, 201 
Sessums, David Otho — 75, 102, 

Sexton, Beverly June — 89, 225 
Sexton, Bobby Wayne — 52, 225 
Shaffer, R. Helen — 225 
Shankle, Billy Wayne — 225 
Shaw, George — 226 
Shaw, George Bernard — 225 
Shaw, John Wesley Jr. — 201 
Shaw, Marsha E. — 226 
Shaw, Michael Knowlton — 202 
Shearer, John Thomas — 93, 102, 

105, 202 
Shearer, Robert Alan — 75, 87, 98 

Sheffield, Billie Ruth — 202 
Shegog, Billy Frank — 202 
Shelby, Nellie Ruth — 226 
Shelton, Debra Kay — 78, 202 
Shelton, Sharon Lee — 226 
Shepherd, Pamela Smith — 202 
Shields, Larry Carlton — 78, 226 
Shinstock, Elaine G. — 202 
Shinslock, Elizabeth Ann — 226 
Shipley, Carl Edward — 202 
Shirley, Gwen Pitcock — 226 
Shook, Ronald Ken — 226 
Shuffield, Charles Allen — 226 
Sigman, Steven Dale — 226 
Simmons, Margaret Ann — 56, 202 
Simmons, Robert M. — 202 
Simpson, Edwin Winsley — 202 
Simpson, James Michael — 202 
Simpson, Johnny — 226 
Sims, Michelle Mary — 79, 226 
Sims, Richard H. Jr — 202 
Sims, Tanya Dale — 78. 202 

Sing, David Emory — 226 
Sinquefield, Theresa Ann — 202 
Sipp, Sylvester Jr. — 226 
Skelton, Catherine — 202 
Skelton, James Thomas — 202 
Slate, Martha Jean — 226 
Smith, Barbara Jo — 55, 82 103 

105, 202 
Smith, Beverly Jean — 82 90 98 

103, 105, 202 
Smith, Beverly Joyce 
Smith, Brian Talmage — 202 
Smith, Charles — 226 
Smith, Cynthia Ann — 98, 226 
Smith, Donnie Leiand — 226 
Smith, Elizabeth Susan — 202 
Smith, Emily Jane — 146, 226 
Smith, George H. — 226 
Smith, George Jerome — 226 
Smith, Glenn Norman — 73 94 
226 ' ' 

Smith, Jerry Boyd — 226 
Smith, Judy Ann — 226 
Smith, Julia Ann — 226 
Smith, Karen Elissa — 202 
Smith, Larry Darnell — 202 
Smith, Larry Donald — 85, 118, 226 
Smith, Leon — 75, 98, 202 
Smith, Lucille — 85, 202 
Smith, Mary jean — 86, 226 
Smith, Randal Lynn — 226 
Smith, Riley Albert, Jr. — 226 
Smith, Robert Lewis, Jr. — 226 
Smith, Ruby Dorth — 84 85 147 

Smith, Sarah L. — 230 
Smith, Shelia — 226 
Smith, Terry E. — 202 
Smith, Thomas Gale, Jr. — 202 
Smithson, Linda Carol — 89, 226 
Snell, Susan — 82, 226 
Sorrells, Russell Lynn — 226 
Sosebee, Ray Newton — 203 
Sowell, Darrell Alex — 92, 226 
Sparks, James Timothy — 203 
Sparrenberger, Henry W. — 203 
Spearman, Minnie Pearl — 203 
Spears, Anita Lowrey — 226 
Spears, Gary L. — 51, 72, 73, 86, 203 
Speir, George Arthur — 81, 186 

Spina, Dominic Francis — 226 
Spivey, David Joel — 226 
Spraberry, Donald Eugene — 203 
Spradling, Peggie Jean — 226 
Springer, Sidney Blake — 226 
Stacks, Connie Ray — 226 
Stallings, Brenda Lynn — 203 
Stamps, Sharone Ann — 84, 86, 203 
Stanford, Shirley Ann — 80, 226 
Stark, Albert Earl — 94, 203 
Stark, Debra Carol — 89, 226 
Starnes, Margaret Elaine — 103, 226 
Steele, Rodney Joe — 81, 87, 226 
Stein, Stefaine Tina — 226 
Steinman, David Lee — 83, 203 
Steinman, Glen Joseph — 203 
Stevens, Nell Marie — 92, 203 
Steward, Arthur Cliffird — 203 
Steward, Beverly Jean — 56, 90, 203 
Steward, Chris — 203 
Steward, Rosie Marie — 226 
Still, John Lee — 203 
Still, Rhonda Sowell — 86, 87, 203 
Still, Steven Earl — 203 
Still, Thomas Lynn — 86, 226 
Stone, Ann Yvonne — 64, 87, 226 
Stone, Ronald Frank — 76, 94, 203 
Stribling, Charles Robert — 226 
Strickland, David Lee — 226 
Suratt, Ricky Earl — %, 122, 226 
Surratt, Rebecca Ann — 226 

Sutherland, Dottye Marie — 226 
Swan, George Ricky — 227 
Swanson, Donald E. Jr. — 92, 227 
Swanson, Nancy D. — 87, 227 
Swindoll, Thomas Wayne — 145, 

— T — 

Tackett, Larry Robert — 227 
Talley, Susan Ann — 84, 95, 98, 227 
Tanner, Howard O. — 91, 203 
Tate, Cloteria — 203 
Tate, Robert Lee — 203 
Tate, Vernon Frank — 203 
Taylor, Amy Susan — 92 
Taylor, Andrew Lee — 227 
Taylor, Earnest — 102, 227 
Taylor, Gary Allen — 79, 203 
Taylor, Glendora 
Taylor, Howard — 129, 136, 138, 

Taylor, Lillian Kathryn — 203 
Taylor, Walter T. — 203 
Taylor, William Ottie, Jr. — 86, 227 
Taymon, William Eugene — 90, 203 
Tedford, Glenda Marie — 92, 227 
Teems, Felton Lewis, Jr. — 227 
Tenhet, David Arthur 
Terrell, William H. — 227 
Terry, Charles Elmer — 204 
Terry, William H., Jr. — 227 
Teuton, Steve Allen — 227 
Thomas, Deborah Ann — 93, 98, 

101, 102, 105, 227 
Thomas, Deborah Ellen — 88, 98, 

103, 227 
Thomas, Eddie Lee — 129, 137, 139, 

Thomas, Geneva — 227 
Thomas, Larry 227 
Thomas, Terry Gale — 72, 73, 76 

Thompson, Deborah Elaine — 227 
Thompson, Elizabeth Ann — 92, 

Thompson, Kenneth L. — 204 
Thompson, Lee Hubert — 227 

Thompson, Mary Joe — 227 
Thompson, Steven Allen — 227 
Thompson, William Carl Jr. — %, 

113, 227 
Thornton, Albert M. — 230 
Thornton, Michael H. — 227 
Thornton, Thomas Ray 
Thweatt, Jerry Lynn — 204 
Tidwell, David Kelly — 227 
Tidwell, Donna Kay — 227 
Tidwell, Robbie Louise — 227 
Tidwell, Teresa Ann — 103, 227 
Tierce, James Kenneth — 227 
Tierce, Linda Kathryn — 204 
Tippett, James A. — 230 
Tippit, Kathy Lynn — 92, 227 
Tippitt, John W. — 92, 204 
Tipton, Nat Debra — 227 
Todd, Rita — 204 
Todd, Sandra Kay — 89, 227 
Tolar, Sam Vardaman — 227 
Toles, Gregory Oneil — 228 
Toles, Lou Allie — 228 
Toliver, Juanita Luthel — 85, 228 
Tomlin, Donna Kay — 228 
Tomlinson, Katrina Deniser — 88, 

103, 228 
Tomlinson, Leslie L. — 228 
Tomlinson, Stanley W. — 228 
Towles, David M. — 228 
Towles, John Hillary Jr. — 102, 228 
Towles, Lester Wade — 83, 90, 204 
Townsend, Jacqueline Sue — 93, 

Townsend, Wendy Ruth — 87, 228 
Tribble, William Leonard — 228 
Trussell, Anita Dianne — 104, 105, 

Trussell, Jimmy Michael — 228 
Tubbs, Barbara Lee — 92, 228 
Tubbs, Jimmy David 
Turberville, Mary Nell — 228 
Turnage, James Jasper — 228 
Turner, Kathy Elizabeth — 204 
Turner, Patricia Bernice — 228 
Turner, Randy Warren — 34, 42, 72, 

98, 208, 228 
Turner, Ruloff P. Ill — 204 


Turner, Sarah Alice — 228 
Turner, Tony Lee — 204 
Turner, Vicki Lynn — 89, 228 
Tyler, Gary Michael — 228 
Tyler, Mary Brooks — 106, 146, 228 
Tyler, Nancy Brook^ — 204 
Tyus, Johnny M. — 228 

— u — 

Llmfress, Clastie Dean — 228 
Underwood, John R. Jr. — 228 
Underwood, Tom Whitley — 228 
Ursery, Myra May — 228 

— V — 

Valentine, Patricia B. — 92, 98, 228 
Vance, Cynthia Myers — 204 
Vance, George Ervin Jr. — 73, 204 
Vance, Gloria Jean — 228 
Vanwinkle, Braden Leon — 50, 106, 

145, 204 
Vaughn, Hubert Darryl 
Vaughn, Jerry Keith — 102, 228 
Veazey, Elizabeth Cooper — 204 
Veazey, Leon Lowrey — 228 
Veazey, Jerry Jr. — 204 
Vickery, Mildred Nora — 32, 33, 40, 

41, 42, 51, 73, 87, 97, 98, 204 
Vinzant, Linda Ann — 89, 228 
Voss, Alfred Arnold Jr. — 113, 228 
Voyles, Kevin N. — 92, 228 
Voyles, Robert N. — 51, 57, 90, 98, 

100, 104, 105, 204 

— W — 

Wadley, Jerry Dee — 228 
Walden, James Nelson — 228 
Waldon, Robert Leon — 228 
Waldrip, Linda Gail 
Waldrop, George Wayne — 204 
Waldrup, Phil R. — 204 
Walker, Danny Harris — 228 
Walker, Gail Norton — 90, 99, 204 
Walker, George W. Jr. — 228 
Walker, Martha Carol — 228 
Walker, Peggie Ann — 77, 84, 228 
Walker, Phil Smythe — 92, 98, 204 
Walker, Susan Virginia — 228 
Walker, W. Daryl — 29, 31, 32, 33, 

50, %, 114, 125, 204 
Walker, William Acey — 92, 204 

Waller, Betty Lee — 103, 228 
Waller, Debra Jeanne — 90, 204 
Walls, Helen Diane — 228 
Walton, Jerry Lee — 228 
Walton, Michael Joe — 204 
Ward, Isaac — 204 
Ward, Juanita — 228 
Ward, Linda — 228 
Warren, Patricia Ann — 228 
Warren, Rodger Dale — 205 
Waterbury, Karen Annette — 89, 

Watkins, Anne Conner — 94, 228 
Watkins, Janet Denise — 228 
Watkins, Richard Boyd — 228 
Watson, James Calvin — 228 
Watson, Peggy Gale — 91, 205 
Watters, Timothy Lee — 102, 205 
Watts, Glyndell Lee — 92, 98, 105 

Weathers, Larry Gene — 228 
Weathers, Thurman Douglas 

Webb, David Brown — 229 
Webb, Linda Keating — 229 
Webb, Lonnie Mae — 92, 205 
Webb, Roger Dale — 205 
Webb, Ruth Ann — 37, 38, 39, 64, 

101, 104, 105, 229 

Weeks, Thomas Michael — 229 
Welch, Michael Henry — 229 
Welch, Ronna Ann — 92, 229 
Wells, Glenn Edward — 205 
Wells, Janet Ford — 205 
Wells, Jimmy Ray — 205 
Wells, Terry Lee — 229 
West, Aubrey Franklin — 205 
West, Shirley Jacqueline — 34, 82, 

98, 229 
Westbrook, Sadelle — 51, 91, 93, 

102, 105, 205 
Weydeneyer, Stanley Jay — 229 
Whaley, Rodney Lynn — 205 
Whitaker, Vernon Leon — 96, 121, 

White, Charles William — 229 
White, Charlotte lleene — 92, 229 
White, Charlotte Jean — 205 
White, Dorothy Charlene — 77, 86, 

White, Myra Lynn — 229 
White, Roger Leon — 229 
White, Sherry Lynn — 95, 229 
Whiting, John Henry — 76, 80, 229 

Whitt, Johnny Earl — 205 
Whitten, David Milton — 229 
Wigley, William Edward — 87, 205 
Wilbourn, Billy Frank — 229 
Wilbourn, Mack Carr 
Wilburn, Daniel M. — 205 
Wilburn, Terry King — 205 
Wiiemon, Milvin Dwight — 229 
Wilkerson, Paul G. — 205 
Wilkerson, Ronald C. — 205 
Wilkerson, Warren N. — 205 
Wilkie, Joyce Marie — 229 
Wilkins, Jere Ben Jr. — 229 
Williams, Ethel C. — 205 
Williams, Evelyn — 229 
Williams, Fred Douglas — 205 
Williams, Irma Louise — 205 
Williams, Ivory Daniel — 229 
Williams, James Mark — 229 
Williams, Jimmy Dwight — 229 
Williams, Joe Lee — 145, 205 
Williams, John C. 
Williams, Maggie Dean — 147, 205 
Williams, Mickey Smith — 229 
Williams. Norma Jean — 73, 93, 

186, 205 
Williams, Patsy Jo — 205 
Williams, Rebecca Marie — 229 
Williams, Ricky Allen — 53, 205 
Williams, Robert H. Ill — 229 
Williams, Sara Lou — 229 
Williams, Stephen Hufft — 86, 229 
Williams, Tommy Wren — 54, 205 
Williams, Walter David — 229 
Williamson, James Lee — 205 
Willis, Beverly Jean — 205 
Willis, Roger W. — 229 
Wilson, Barbara Ann — 229 
Wilson, Carl A. — 205 
Wilson, James Brady Jr. — 205 
Wilson, John Vandover — 229 
Wilson, Melinda Lee — 229 
Wilson, Pamela Alba — 229 
Wilson, Samuel Glynn — 205 
Wilson, Shirley Faye — 92, 98, 229 
Wilson, Thomas Wayne — 206 
Winders, Deborah — 86, 206 
Winders, Derwood — 206 
Wingo, Lora Eugenia — 206 
Wolfe, Rita J. — 206 
Wolfe, Rolph Ray — 206 
Womack, Thomas Michael — 65, 

93, 101, 102, 105, 229 
Womble, James Clinton — 229 

Womble, Rickie Joe — 229 
Wood, Barbara Teresa — 229 
Wood, Phyllis Wanell — 91, 206 
Woodard, Emma Jean — 206 
Woodard, Thomas Jr. — 229 
Woods, Maxine — 229 
Woods, Oscar A. — 229 
Woods, Roger D. — 206 
Woody, Ronnie Kirk — 206 
Woolever, David Leroy — 206 
Woolfolk, Bill David — 230 
Woolfolk, Sherry Lou — 78, 206 
Wooten, Carolyn Jean — 77, 84, 85 
Wooten, John Calvin — 206 
Wooten, Oscar Jr. — 220 
Work, Dorris Jean — 92, 206 
Work, Janet Sue — 230 
Work, Rod Rhea — 230 
Wortham, Jimmy L. — 85, 206 
Wright, Debbie June — 230 
Wright, Margaret S. — 230 
Wright, Rosle Marie — 206 

— Y — 

Yates, Patricia Ann — 230 
Young, Billy Wayne — 51, 117, 120, 

124, 125, 206 
Young, Harry — 230 
Young, James D. — 28, 51, 90, 96, 

99, 122, 206 
Young, Janice Karen — 94, 206 
Young, Michael Bryant — 230 
Young, Sheila Jo — 230 
Young, William Reed — 206 
Youngblood, Debby Kay — 230 
Yount, Sheila D. — 230 
Yount, William D. — 206 

— Z — 

Zinn, Betty Lou — 230 
Zinn, George — 102, 230 
Zook, Richard E. — 87, 230 

Faculty and 

— A — 

Adams, Jo Caldwell — 167 
Ainsworth, Carolyn L. — 177 
AInsworth, Charles C. — 172 
Appleton, Betty — 177 
Appleton, Thomas A. — 179 

— B — 

Bailey, Minnie — 178 
Bailey, Norman G. — 174 
Ballew, Emily Mae — 169 
Barber, Tryce — 125, 176 
Barber, Myra Quay — 165 
Barmer, Buford 
Barnett, Willis O. — 179 
Beken, Sandra J. — 166 
Bennett, Clarence A. — 160 
Benton, Bobbie Sue — 162 
Boggan, Edgar W. — 154 
Borthwick, William — 174 
Bramlett, Kenneth J. — 125, 176 
Bramlett, Lee B. — 124, 176 
Brents, James C, Sr. — 178 
Brents, Jeanette — 178 
Brigham, Kenneth — 154 
Briscoe, A. M. — 160 
Broadway, Bobby J. — 174 
Brown, Lillian — 179 
Brown, Luther — 179 
Buchanan, Wallace N. — 174 


Burford, Clara B. — 177 
Burks, Sue C. — 154 
Butts, jack — 154, 162 

— c — 

Campbell, Robert M. — 162 
Carpenter, Howard — 165, 170 
Carpenter, Paul — 164 
Carroll, Betty — 168 
Carroll, Robert D. — 172 
Carter, C. E. — 172 
Christ, Samuel D., Sr. — 164 
Coats, Thomas D. — 172 
Cocke, Earline — 177 
Cole, Hunter M, — 169 
Cooke, Roy P. — 179 
Copeland, Earline — 179 
Covey, Pearl H. — 178 

— D — 

Dancy, Mary B. — 177 
Daniel, Lul? Belle — 178 
Darby, Bobbie — 177 
Darby, Price R. — 156 
Davis, Dudley R., )r. — 158 
Davis, Michael L. — 159 
Deaton, Nina Mae — 177 
Dhority, Newton L. — 179 
Downs, Renee D. — 177 
Dzikielewki, Joseph F. — 175 

— E — 

Earl, Constance B. — 175 
Embrey, Candace — 178 
Eure, Donald R. — 155 

— F — 

Fleming, Sarah E. — 164 
Foret, Mary P. — 169 
Fowler, Lula Mae — 171 
Fowlkes, Marguerite B. — 165 
Fulgham, )ohn L. — 179 

— K — 

Kaplin, )ohn W. — 174 
Kelly, George M. — 169 
Keyser, James E., )r. — 164 
Keyser, jeanette — 164 
King, Leone D. — 162 
King, Robert L. — 167 
Koon, Henry B. — 129, 131, 132, 
155, 176 

— L — 

Lane, Mary D. — 178 
Lintz, Elizabeth T. — 165 

— M — 

Majors, Carl N. — 173 
Mathis, Emily L. — 168 
Mayfield, lames F. 
Maynor, Alexis — 177 
McBee, Wayne — 178 
McCalla, Ronald L. — 167 
McCollough, Betty — 157 
McCormick, J. P. — 152 
McCuistion, Newell — 179 
McClown, lerry E. — 170 
McKnight, Robert T. — 165 
McLendon, Corrine H. — 151 
McLendon, R. D. — 151 
Meacham, Mildred — 152 
Moore, Barbara — 158 
Morris, John W. — 179 

— N — 

Nail, Sarah K. — 178 
Meal, Annie — 178 
Newman, Robert W. — 179 

— o — 

Oakley, Robert E. — 158 
Osier, John D. — 169 

— G — 

Gallant, Leroy H. — 173 
Gardner, June S. — 153 
Gilbert, Betty R. — 179 
Glenn, Zula N. — 169 
Goode, Marlin — 159 
Gray, Billie Bob — 172 
Gray, Marie S. — 163 
Gully, Josephine S. — 157 

— H — 

Hall, Hershal R. — 179 
Hamer, Richard S. — 173 
Harmon, Freddie H. — 174 
Hawkins, Charlotte — 177 
Hawkins, Tommy — 178 
Hines, William N. — 170 
Holliday, Allen H. — 160 
Holloman, Carson C, Jr. — 168 
Horton, Lois C. — 173 
Hyde, Cathryn M. — 156 

Ingram, Carmen C. — 162 

Jackson, Linda S. — 155 

— P — 

Palmer, Carolyn — 175 
Patrick, Flossy T. — 177 
Pelton, Janice — 168 
Perkins, Pauline M. — 156 
Petrea, James B., Jr. — 163 
Pierce, Hugh W. — 160 
Porter, Claudia W. — 162 
Powell, Sanford L. — 159, 165 
Puryear, Mary Claire — 177 

— R — 

Ransey, Emile S. — 169 
Randolph, Glenn — 171 
Reeves, Elizabeth — 178 
Reid, Joan — 163 
Rhea, Simms M. — 175 
Risey, Barbara A. — 173 
Robinson, Felix E. — 172 
Robinson, Iva C. — 178 
Rogers, Raymond H. — 170 
Rutherford, R. E. — 87, 165, 170 

— s — 

Sanders, Diane — 177 

Schoggen, Joel A, — 160 

Sealy, Nellie R. — 178 

Seay, Robert L. — 170 

Self, Irene — 179 

Shelton, William E. — 130, 156, 171 

Simmons, Rosemary — 164 

Simmons, Susan A. — 162 

Smith, Frances K. — 169 

Smith, Cretta — 177 

Sowell, L. L. — 179 

Speck, Tom — 161 

Stigler, Walter G. — 130, 156, 171 

— T — 

Taylor, Sue Ellen — 173 

Taylor, William W. — 179 
Terry, Patsy S. — 177 
Thornton, Bill — 162 
Tims, Larry — 173 
Tipton, Nell M. — 166 
Toole, Eloise B. — 178 
Trousdale, Austin W., Jr. — 162 

— V — 

Venable, Malcolm H. — 173 

— W — 

Wade, Emmie Ellen — 170 
Wait, Kathleen W. — 163 
Waldrip, Linda Gail — 164 
Watsky, Melvin B. — 167 
Watsky, Roberta M. — 167 
Webb, Roger — 159 
Welch, A. C. — 152 
Wells, Mamie K. — 178 
Wilborn, Anita S. — 166 
Williams, C. C. — 167 
Williams, Cecil R. — 129, 132, 156, 

Williams, Marcus D. — 172 

— Y — 

Yancis, Ronald A. — 163 
Young, Jac T. — 68, 161 
Young, Shirley W. — 178 

— Z — 
Ziedman, Arthur M. — 170 



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