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El k ••* / - 





Senatobia, Mississippi Volume 41 








",» -. m 

1980 — The Dawning of a Decade 

1970 — Short skirls, short pants 

1973 — Hip-huggers 

1971 —Flat heel shoes 
1972 — Mini-skirts and boots 

i'l N I [ I Ml I 


mJ nil I J II I 


1974 — Cuffed pants 


1975 — Everything was embroidered. 

A Look at the 70's 

V ., 

1978 — Long skirts made a comeback 

JJ979 — Sex equity 

■^1977 leans were popular 

•41976 — Wide lapels 


The Seventies Were Not Boring 

On January 1, we changed our calendars for another new year, and said goodbye to a decade known as the Seven- 
ties. Those past ten years were filled with changes that went by so fast, it's a wonder that they were ever noticed. 

The Seventies were not boring, although many historians said that they were. The media fed Americans daily doses 
of Watergate. The accused villains were convicted or pardoned, and now seem to be getting rich off the royalties from 
the countless books they have published on the subject. 

We witnessed for the first time the resignation of a president, Richard M. Nixon. This forced then Vice-President 
Gerald R. Ford to take over and restore order to the shamed presidential office. Later, in 1976, Ford ran against a former 
peanut farmer and Georgia governor, )immy Carter. In a very close decision, Carter won the election. The Democrats 
had finally put a candidate back into the top office. 

America reached her 200th birthday in 1976. The Bicentennial was celebrated throughout the year. On July 4, festi- 
vals, parades, fireworks, and other festivities were held to commemorate this triumphant period. 

Just last year, we became witnesses to a near nuclear disaster. The cause for atomic energy was severly injured due 
to the accident at Three Mile Island in Harrisburg, PA. With the threat of an exhaustion of oil supplies, many had pro- 
claimed that nuclear energy was the best solution. However, after the Three Mile Island incident, many minds were 

Fads exploded on the scene one day and went out the next. Can you recall how many bare fannies you saw streak 
by? Did your mood ring always tell you that you were in the right mood? Wonder how many mini skirts are still hang- 
ing in the back of some girls' closets? 

At the box office and on television, people were visited by an alien from the planet Ork and experienced a close 
encounter of the third kind. Movie goers traveled to galaxies far, far away, were almost eaten by sharks, and were 
bumped off by the Mafia. We saw a little girl throw up pea soup and twist her neck around. Yes, it was a fun decade at 
the movies. 

After watching the mass suicides at Guyana, Americans went to the discos to dance the night away. The world of 
entertainment lost such heavies as Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, and John Wayne. Many world leaders such as Democrat 
Hubert Humphrey and China's Mao Tse Tung died. 

The Seventies were filled with times of trouble and pleasure. At the close of last year and the beginning of this one, 
Americans were faced with a crisis when 60 Americans were held hostage in Iran. 

For many of us, the Seventies were a time of growing up. It was a period of adolescence, high school, and problems, 
although devastating then, seem very minor now. 

What will the Eighties hold for us? Most of us who are in school now will start new lives after we graduate. There 
will be jobs to find, marriages, and families to start. Let's all hope that the future will be bright. 

1980 — 
Then Snow 



■.■ ■ 

STUDENTS— Freshmen, sophomores, juniors??' 
STUDENTS — Male and female 
STUDENTS — Intelligent, talented and fun-loving. 
STUDENTS — Late sleepers, class-cutters, all night party-goers. 
STUDENTS — What NW is made of. 


Registration • 



Campus — a world in itself where lifetime remembrances 
and friendships were made. 





'i s'i^- u 








llll 1 





No more U-turns in Iron! ot Panola Hall. 

~4 ..»■•!© 












provided music for the first 
dance of the year. 



CLASSES — Something your faculty advisor tries to sign 
you up for at eight o'clock in the morning. 

CLASSES — Those group meetings that some people 
trudge to regardless of rain, sleet or snow, and some 
people cut when it's 65 degrees. 

CLASSES — Where grades come from! 


50's Day, Tug-o-war, 

everyone gets 

in the act 

during Ranger Week 




HOMECOMING — The Queen, her court, the half-time show, and 
the ballgame 

HOMECOMING — Dedication of the coliseum to Mrs. Willie 
Abbay Howard, long-time member of the Northwest Board of 

HOMECOMING — A parade down Main Street and the judging of 
Homecoming decorations. 

HOMECOMING — lames Morris, SGA President of 1962, 
recognized by the Alumni. 

HOMECOMING — A Phi Beta Lambda corsage. 

HOMECOMING — A dance in the Union Gym featuring 




NWJC Baseball 

NWJC Track 

SAGA Sponsors 
Country and Western 




CAFETERIA — Where you go to look for 
someone but find someone else. 

CAFETERIA — A cure for the munch ies. 

CAFETERIA — Where you go to eat a 
meal and "chew the fat." 

CAFETERIA — A gathering place. 


The Grill 

THE GRILL — The place for a 
quick snack. 

THE GRILL — Here students 
study for a test five minutes 
before class. 

THE GRILL — The place fora 
coke and cigarette between 

THE UNION — A place for 
commuters to wait for the 

THE UNION — A place to meet 
someone special. 

THE UNION — A place to study 
or relax. 

THE UNION — Gameroom 

THE UNION — The place for 
girl-watchers and boy- 


The McLendon Union 



WNJC-FM is the public broadcasting radio 
station located right on campus. The format is 
easy listening with a nightly rock show. 

Located on the first floor of the Lafayette 
Humanities Building, the 18,000 watt stereo sta- 
tion celebrated its ninth birthday in January. 

WN)C is on the air from 6:00 a.m. until 12:00 
midnight seven (Jays a week. The station pro- 
vides coverage of Northwest football, basket- 
ball, and baseball games. 


PP^IIIlM^ ^^f 

• "** V* 


l "\k.' 



•SI 1 p ' 







-tens * - i v ^ '* 


■v* ; 

*: ;; ; ; ::;:; -; ;; ;; :;f : : i^ 

; ; ■■, 



. v- 

Northwest Farm — 
Pride of Ag. Dept. 

The 400-acre Northwest Farm is the pride 
of the Agriculture Department. Located four 
miles west of the campus, the farm is equip- 
ped with the latest equipment. Ag students 
are exposed to all phases of farm work, 
including beef cattle management. 

Each of the 400 head of prime beef cattle 
receives individualized attention, and so 
does Robusto, the 6-foot Chianina bull. 



Construction of the $7.7 million 
Solar Energy Project began early in 
the school year. 

Total Energy Applications and 
Management (TEAM), Inc., of Spring- 
field, Va., is the firm that designed 
and will manage the project for the 

When completed, the Northwest 
system will be the largest solar test 
bed in the world and will be oper- 
ated by the college for the Depart- 
ment of Energy as a photovoltaic test 
installation while simultaneously 
providing all the electric and thermal 
energy needed by the campus. 



' " ' - 









am P^ y 

- HP? IP 

Allied Health Center — Oxford 



ROOMMATE — Someone with whom one shares a room, 
( lothes, telephone bill, ( ar, toothpaste, television, mid-night 

snacks, good times, and bad times. 

ROOMMATE — Some who keeps the light on studying while 

you are trying to sleep, listens to music while you are trying to 

watch tv, talks while you are trying to finish an English 

assignment, and invites friends in when you prefer to be 


ROOMMATE — Sometimes your best friend and sometimes 

your worst enemy. 

ROOMMATE — Someone you will never forget. 


mm «*m 









The Gameroom 




GAMEROOM — A place to show off your skill in ping-pong, 
foosball, or pool. 

GAMEROOM — Where you try to win that extra game on 
the pinball machine. 

GAMEROOM — A good place to settle down for a game of 
cards or checkers. 

GAMEROOM — Where you can hear the latest song on the 


Readers' Theater 

The NWJC Experimental Theater presented two plays on 
Tuesday, December 11 in "Readers' Theater" style. 

The two stories were "A Worn Path," by Eudora Welty, 
and "A Child's Christmas in Wales," by Dylan Thomas. 
Both Stories were adapted and directed by Mary Catherine 
Koeppel. The cast for the two plays included Thomas 
Carpenter, Andree lackson, Margie Kelly, and Mark 





Fine Arts Department 

The Player's Club presented 
two Christmas plays before the 
semester break. 

The cast for "The Gift of the 
Magi" included Jimmy Bishop, 
Teri Hayes, Nancy Brooks, Mary 
Ellett, Michael Reed, Joy Tate 
and Dawn Waldrip. "Christmas 
Magic" cast included Maureen 
Redmon, James Henry, Dude 
Penrod, Linda Penna and Bar- 
bara Price. 








'A , ' :>' 'k> -? 












■B T 

B ,79 

4^ ^H 

» f!5 ' Bt, 



Miller Williams, Poet 

Barry Hannah, Novelist 

Charles I). Tuthill, Artist 

Opera: Rumplestiltskin 

Opera: Madama Butterfly 


Opera: Rurnplt^st iltskin 

Dan Overly, Lecture 1 , Choc taw Basket 1 

- - 


Cheryl Prewitt, former Miss Mississipi from Ackerman, made a 
public appearance in Senatobia, Oct. 4. The trip was sponsored by 
Fred's Dollar Store and Gillette. 

Miss America spent the afternoon signing autographs at the 
Fred's store. From there she spent the evening at the Baddour 
Memorial Center. 

When asked what it is like being Miss America, she replied, 


t H * 

•I' ■ j - t 





- « . 


m ^^. 









WMC-TV presented a pictorial history of the Channel 5 
station in the art gallery during January. The exhibition was 
an educational tour of a professional television station 
behind the scenes. The exhibit used a collection of photo- 
graphs and news clippings to illustrate the station's life. 
Newsmen Dave Brown, Jack Eaton, Dick Hawley, and 
Mason Granger answered questions concerning the televi- 
sion media. 



m*m * 





^ Av ;*■••, 

<*. fc -v." V^X v \Vr i; «s i 







Not lust Another Year 

• • * •* *'-a 

.' :j.i 

k AA M . ^ 

fr* ' : ' V .V* ** 


p- *^ 



, r . 





• & -. 

\ ^ 

Linda Spina, Editor 


Tammy Gill (Above) 
Escort — Denny Jackson 

Charlotte Bates (Top Right) 
Escort — Edgar Johnson 

Scarlett Blankenship (Right) 
Escort — Mike Haven 

Queen — Robin Marr (Top) 
Escort — Brian Upton 

Lillie Hassell 

Escort — Joe Wayne Carter 

Barbie Hamilton (Top) 
Escort — Billy Bland 

Micki Wage 

Escort — Bill Thompson 


Tammy Gill (above) 
Escort — Denny Jackson 

Charlotte Bates (top right) 
Escort — Edgar Johnson 

Scarlett Blankenship (right) 
Escort — Mike Haven 


' \'<r? 

~1 -'/'" 

I ij 





Barbie Hamilton (top left) 
Escort — Billy Bland 

Lillie Hassell (above) 
Escort — Joe Wayne Carter 

Micki Wage (left) 
Escort — Bill Thompson 











Miss NWJC 

Velma Orange 


Ronnie McDaniel 


Bonita Colston 

Belinda Shirley 


U A 



Campus Beauties 

Most Beautiful 
Barbie Hamilton 


Bonita Colston 

Stephanie Maxwell 

Pam Graves 

Belinda Shirley 

Barbie Hamilton 


Miss Mid-South Fair 
Melinda Aldison 

Pam Dees 

Whirly Bird Ambassador 

Mid-South Fair 



Miss Northwest 
Brenda Windham 





Spring '79 





Sophomore Favorite 


Lori Fouche 
Sophomore Favorite 



■-w* 1^1 B 

fv w 

V % 




Michael Reed 
Sophomore Favorite 


Ronnie McDaniel 
Sophomore Favorite 


Charlotte Bates 
Freshman Favorite 


Ten' Hayes 
Freshman Favorite 



Steve Arnold 
Freshman Favorite 

Lewis Davis 
Freshman Favorite 



• ■ - ■ 






Linda Spina, Editor 

Elizabeth Adams 

Pre-physical therapy major 

Science Club President 
Cafeteria Committee Member 
Who's Who in American Junior 
College Students 

Bonita Colston 

Pre-physical therapy major 

Science Club 
Band Majorette 
Freshman Maid 


Roxanne Dukes 

Pre-nursing major 


Faculty and Staff Editor — 


President's List 

Finalist, Miss Northwest 


Who's Who in American Junior 

College Students 

Wayne Ferguson 

Pre-engineering and/or 
Chemistry Major 


Outstanding Mathematics 


Who's Who in American Junior 

College Students 


Ronald Hinton 

Civil Technology major 


Northwest Technical Society 


Who's Who in American Junior 

College Students 

President's List 

Dean's List 

David Linder 

Accounting major 

Freshman Class President 

BSU Member 

PHI BETA LAMBDA Vice-president 

SGA President 


President's List 

Presidential Scholarship 


Who's Who in American Junior 

College Students 


Ronnie McDaniel 

Pre-Veterinary major 

Sophomore Class Favorite 


Who's Who in American 

Junior College Students 

Football letterman 


Rodeo Club 

Dean's List 


Dortheia Reese 

Accounting major 

Member of Student Government 
President of judicial Council 
Who's Who in American junior 
College Students 




Harold Newcomb 

Pre-Veterinary major 

Pre-Vet Club president 

Pre-Vet Club Senate representative 

Marie Isabel Pagnini 

Engineering major 



Jennifer Jaye Mize 

Nursing major 

Dean's List 

Rocketeer Sports 


Co-editor, Ranger Rocket 

Hall of Fame is the highest honor a student can achieve, and is only 
bestowed upon sophomores. Faculty members nominate students 
they feel worthy of this honor, and then select them by popular vote. 
To be considered for Hall of Fame, sophomores must have a 3.0 grade 
point average. 



I efl (lop to bottom) — Beth Adams, Allene Bone 
Right (top to bottom) — Kenneth Adams, Pamela 
Brovvnlee, Dennis Bugg 


J3* ^^fes 

arafcs ^9NP 

rf \ 

Left (top to bottom) — Karen Camp, Bonita Colston, 

Michael Dorr 

Right (top to bottom) — Thomas Carpenter, Cheryl 


in American Junior Colleges 

Left (top to bottom) — Billie Sue Earney, Wayne Fer- 

Right (top to bottom) — Eva Ellis, Jill Graves, Michael 


S\j I 


t » 



Left (top to bottom) — Sara Hadley, Andree Jackson, 
Mary McDonald 

Right (top to bottom) — Roxanne Dukes, David Un- 

in American Junior Colleges 


1 ^^ f \ 

Left (top to bottom) — Dennis Mosby, Maria Pagnini 
Right (top to bottom) — Harold Newcomb, Michael 
Reeci, Dortheia Reese 

1 36 

A ,'fl *** 4 


Left (top to bottom) — Belinda Shirley, |oy Tate, Mar- 
tin Williams 

Right (top to bottom) — Terri Solden, Sherry Tray- 

in American Junior Colleges 





jM |& 




I . *. 



Left (lop to bottom) — Patty Young, Rhonda Keith 
Right (top to bottom) — Ronnie Hinton, Sandy Rit- 
(enhouse, Sharon Warren 
Not Pictured — Wendy Merntt, Ronny Mc Daniel 



in American Junior Colleges 



<r*-. tjft^ 


Outstanding Students 

Both Adams 
Allied Health 

Buddy Adams 

Kenneth Houston 


Outstanding Students 

Melinda Aldison 
Home Economics 

Al Bright 

Civil Technology 

Michael Clark 

Susan Coleman 
Drafting and Design 

Dale Davis 



Chris Crier 
[Data processing 


Outstanding Students 

Wayne Ferguson 
Mathematk s 

Deborah Johns 

Michael Reed 
Commercial Art 

Outstanding Students 

Terri Hayes 
Theatre and Speech 

Evelyn Jones 
Child Care 

Cindy Lancaster 

■■'•••'' 1 ■ • 
"$L* £■ 91 ' 






Outstanding Students 

Connie McKelroy 
Secretarial Science 

Wendy Merritt 

Beth Oakes 

Marvin Powers 

Air-conditioning and refrigeration 

Outstanding Students 

Wilford Lamar — Carter Brandon 
Body and Fender Repair 

33 .;. ..^:.-. "*g! ^"'^■■{''V 



f ':-V.: : --'> : . 

.y.i^'-'yj' ;.- : , 



Sandy Rittenhouse 



Shawnee Sharpe 

S( irn< e 

Shirlry Smith 
Offset Printing 


p^" ^^^^B 



SL ■ - 

^BmEsSJK' "-■' 

bB^HSHSs^^ h • si 

lR/>'^^^afflB^8^^^^%^^Sv'" fig jsSj 

*B " ■ IB 

Tommy Suggs 



Outstanding Students 


Outstanding Students 

Linda Taylor 

Pam Taylor 
Business Education 


Marty Williams 
Law Enforcement 

Not pictured 



- V 






rfi ■ 







The 84-member Ranger Band, under the direc- 
tion of Glenn Triplett, provided sports fans with 
outstanding half-time performances during foot- 
ball season, and they were on hand to boost the 
Rangers on to victory at various other events 
throughout the year. 



". 'vsp**. - an 

p** ■ — ■ 

/..!r*w&i Safe.. •><• \ ■ \:C?'j:--.^-1c.. ■ V>\ -4c** t 

Band and Rangerettes 



1979 Football Schedule 


20 *Holmes 

29 v*Delta 

4 *Coahoma 
13 Hinds (HC) 

18 *ltawamba 


-off 7:30 p.m. 

Over-all Record 
















Conference Record 

*North Division Games 


Defense Was the Name of the Game 

Defense was the name of the game this season with the defensive unit scoring four touchdowns, intercepting 14 
passes, blocking three punts, and throwing their opponents for losses totaling 363 yards. 

Jimmy Franklin sparked the defense with 46 unassisted tackles and 96 assisted. Jimmy Welch had 25 initial licks 
and 66 assists. Eugene Cole was in on 66 assists and 34 unassisted tackles. Les Monroe tackled single-handedly 32 
times and aided in tackles 51 times. Charles Pollard intercepted four passes and returned them 35 yards total while 
Randall Smith had three pass interceptions for 20 yards. 

The Rangers totaled 141 points, 16 more than were scored against them. But in first downs, their opponents beat 
them by 10. Freshman kicker, Bobby Ferguson, led the team in scoring, splitting the uprights for 33 points — nine 
PATs and eight field goals. Ferguson averaged 37.5 yards on 69 punts and 51 .1 yards on 37 kick-offs. 

As a team, the Rangers gained 1,628 yards rushing with Dennis Mosby tallying 678 for the year. Second in scoring 
with four TDs, The sophomore running-back caught three passes for 34 yards and returned eight kick-offs for 126 
yards to total 838. Jeff Walker toted the ball 48 times for 189 yards, scoring two touchdowns. Emitt Jones carried it 61 
times for 183 yards and one TD. 

Of the 56 passes that were completed, Donnell Townsend caught 25 for 407 yards and two six-pointers. Terry 
Butler nabbed 11 for 157 yards, and Ronnie McDaniel snatched up six for 89. 

Quarterback Grover Barron completed 52 of 135 pass attempts for 758 yards, two of the passes going for touch- 
downs. Barron was also fourth in rushing with 148 yards and two touchdowns. Mark Johnson was on target for four 
of eight passes, one for six points. 

The home squad lost 18 fumbles but pocketed 25 from their opponents. On 74 occasions the Rangers were penal- 
ized which added up to 723 yards. 



Co-Lin 6 at Northwest 

It was the beginning of a whole new era in Ranger 
football. The season opener marked the first game 
played under the direction of newly appointed Head 
Coach Ray Poole, Sr., the first game played on the new 
football field, and the first game for 47 freshmen. The 
Rangers put all 12 points on the board during the first 
half, while Co-Lin scored in the second half. Defensive 
linebacker Alvin Sessons intercepted a Wolf pass in the 
first quarter and returned it 25 yards for the first big six 
of the season. Jeff Walker, running back, toted in the 
second tally from the 4-yard line with less than a min- 
ute left in the second quarter. 

Northwest 17 at East 
Miss. 7 

Two glaring errors, both pass interceptions, had the 
Rangers at a 7-0 disadvantage against the East Missis- 
sippi team at the halfway break, but in the second 
round of play, it was all Northwest. Bobby Ferguson 
marked the turning point of the game with a 26-yard 
field goal that put the Rangers in the lead. Then, with 
less than a minute left on the clock Les Monroe 
clinched the win with a 35-yard pass interception for 

1 65 


Northwest 10 at Jones 


A perfect combination defense and offense put the 
Rangers on top of Jones County, winners of the state 
crown for the last two seasons. Northwest racked up 
with 13 tackles in the Bobcat backfield and eight 
quarterback sacks. 

In the final period, the Rangers put a halt on Jones's 
ability to move the ball, stopping them seven out of 
nine tries. Ronnie McDaniel claimed 63 yards on pass 
receptions, setting up the only TD of the game on his 
final catch, but he also injured his ankle which left 
him sidelined for the rest of the season. 

Randy Frazier snapped up QB Barron's toss from 
the six for the TD. Bobby Ferguson was on target for 
the PAT, and then he put the icing on the cake with 
less than three minutes left in the game when his 37- 
yard field goal sliced the posts for three points. 

Holmes at 
Northwest 10 

"It would have been different on a dry night," 
remarked Head Coach Ray Poole, Sr., after his Rang- 
ers defeated Holmes for their fourth win. Jim Welch, 
defensive lineman, opened up the scoring by pounc- 
ing on a fumble in the Northwest endzone. Bobby 
Ferguson booted the extra point and split the 
uprights with a 26-yard field goal. 

During the downpour, Northwest butterfingered 
the pigskin seven times, losing it only once, while 
Holmes dropped it five times and regained posses- 
sion twice. 


Northwest 15 
at Delta 8 

Again the Rangers had to come 
from behind to keep their record 
unblemished. Trailing Delta 8-7 
going into the second half, the offen- 
sive unit picked up steam and added 
another six. The defense held the 
Trojans to a scoreless second half and 
handed them a disappointment for 
their Homecoming game. 


Northwest 42 at 
Coahoma 10 

Northwest increased the figures on the score- 
board throughout the game against Coahoma, 
but it was the defense who got the ball to roll- 

Charles Pollard intercepted a pass to set up 
the first TD for the Rangers. A fumble recovery 
in the Ranger endzone produced the second 
Ranger six and another pass interception set up 
touchdown number four. 


Hinds 15 at 
Northwest 19 

Homec oming 79 wasn't as close as the scores 
indicate, at least not until the end. Leading 19-0 
late in the first half, the Rangers allowed the 
Hinds Eagles to sneak a six-pointer in from the 
one-yard line. Hinds came back in the third 
quarter, scoring again from the one, narrowing 
the margin to six. 

With less than three minutes left in game 
time, the Eagles drove within 13 yards of the 
goal line where they fumbled and the Rangers 
recovered. Rather than risk a second mistake on 
a kick, Bobby Ferguson ran into the Ranger end 
zone on the fourth down, giving Hinds a safety, 
but keeping possession of the ball. 

Itawamba 8 at 
Northwest 7 

A controversial call over a fumble during the 
fourth quarter against Itawamba could have 
been the deciding factor in the battle for the 
top position in the North Division. 

Late in the third quarter, the Rangers were in 
possession when the ball got lost in the shuffle. 
Lineman Bob Algee pounced on the ball, 
according to Coach Poole, and the game film 
shows Algee going down on the fumble. The 
film, however, doesn't show the lineman com- 
ing up with it, and for this reason the game was 
not contested. Game officials handed the ball 
over to Itawamba, who scored on the next play, 
and then took the lead with a two-point conver- 





Northwest 6 at East Central 


Following their first loss of the season, the Rangers continued their 
down-hill roll as they dropped their second game to East Central. 

The Warriors came into the match with a 5-3 record, but were 
stronger than the slate indicated, having won their last three of 
four contests. Northwest added to their strength by fumbling the 
ball twice, and losing possession both times, less than 20 yards 
from scoring territory. 



^7 *<fl 



Northeast 41 at Northwest 3 

The loss to Northeast, who shared second place in the confer- 
ence with Northwest, cost with Rangers their entrance into the 
State playoffs. Northwest was discouraged in the opening minutes 
of the game when a 67-yard punt return was called back on a clip- 
ping charge; however, the Rangers led in the first quarter, when 
Bobby Ferguson put a field goal through from the two-yard line. 


Donnell Townsend 
7 — WB 

Floyd Garrett 
8 — SE 

Mark Johnson 
10 — QB 

Bobby Ferguson 
12 — QB — All-State Outstanding Punter 

Grover Barron 
14 — QB 

Kenny Toles 
15 — RB 





Dennis Mosby 

16 — RB — All-State Outstanding Offensive 


Delmar Hollins 
17— DB 

Mike Belew 
18 — QB 

Latano Hal 
20— DB 

Charles Pollard 
21 — DB 

Ronnie Gray 
22 — DB 

I 74 

Anthony Johnson 
23— RB 

Rickey Rush 
24— DB 

Dennis Draper 

25— RB 

■if*iiiihi t 


^ E_ i 

Jeff Walker 
32 — RB 





— RB 

TiSfi' Bl 


^JF 5 


JKr I 

Robert Woodson 

35— RB 

1 m ^N^tfil 

::':'•''•■ W'-« 


Les Monroe 
36— LB 

Horace Edward 
37 — WB 

Steve Still 
38 — TE 






k i 



k ' 



Charles Medlock 

39— FB 



-^t ^**'^B 






k ap 

Cal Cray 
41 — LB 

Willie Sullivan 
42— LB 


|immy Armstrong 
4} — RB 

Emmilt Jones 
44 — FB 

Randall Smith 
45— DB 

Clay Sistrunk 
47— DB — All-State 

Chris Niblett 
50 — C 

Harvey Lee 

54 — T 



Dan Countiss 
55 — DB 

W. T. Wilborn 
56— LB 

|on Wilson 
57 — C 

Flihue Burt 
58 — DL 

Henry McClatchey 
59 — LB 

|efi Rhodes 
60 — OL 




- .."».',-■ 

j m . 

' r WL it,** a. * •£ 

• ^) ^ 

■ ■ - - --- -^fc-- --- 

. . - - * 

Bf fl 

r^ f 

■k^^ "^-L. * * 

1 < X 

KjjT"" "*^hh-- .. ■■*■ — f J 

|9fek ^tHHl few ^Hl 



|im Warner 
62 LB 

Greg Pulliam 


Bob Algee 
63 — OL 



1 1 

■ -^ 


1 1 f^ 

Gary Hood 
65 — OL 

Aundra Banks 
66 — OL 

Farron Newsom 
67- DL 

Alvin Sessoms 
68— LB 



limmy Franklin 
69 — OL — All-State 

Bobby Woodiel 
70— DL 

Phil Armstrong 

71 — DL 



• * 


i ^J 



V ^ 

Mac Spearman 
72 — DL 

t^avicJ Murphree 
7\ — DL 

Cleveland Sims 
74 — OL 


Bill Rose 
75 — OL 

Richie Lafayette 
76— DL 

|im Welch 
77 — DL 

Kenneth Houston 
78— OL 

Mike Yates 
79 — OL 

Ronnie McDaniel 
80— SE 

Eugene Cole 
81 — DL 

Randy Erayser 
82 — OL 

Kenneth Wilkins 
83 -DL 





Curtis Chapman 
84 — OL 

Joe Bell 
85— DL 

Terry Butler 
88 — WB 




Coaching Staff 

Front Row — Edward Slampley, Bobby Ray Franklin, Ray Poole. Sr., lames Shows. 
Ba< k Row — Mikie Rowan, Ken Gipson, Charles Barton, Les Young, Ray Poole, |r. 





Head Coach 
Ray Poole, Sr. 

Front Row — Mike Cant, Lee Easterwood. 

Back Row— Jessie Johnson, Ray Dennison, Tim Wilson. 


The Name of the Game Is 











Lady Rangers 

Lady Rangers are (left to right) Patricia Oliver, Berta Roberson, Helen Phillips, Barbara McNeil, Debbie Core, )udy Edington, Myra Boling, Carla Hale. 
Second Row — Darlene Drewrey, Linda Miller, Sandra Newborn, Karen "Tan" Mason, Cindy Mills, Sara Sally, Rochelle Thompson and Donna Dandridge. 

No. 1 Team in the Nation 


Head Coach Harry Adair 


Assistant Coach Brenda 



"It's tougher when you are undefeated. Teams have 
nothing to lose and everything to gain by beating us." 
Head Coach Harry Adair. 



Judy Edington — All Region VII Team, 1979 



"We finished regular season play Number One in the 
nation. That is a tremendous accomplishment." NW 
President Henry B. Koon. 


1980 Lady Rangers 

The Lady Rangers recorded the most successful season at Northwest since women's basketball was organized five years 
ago. They were the only undefeated squad during regular season play among the top 18 junior college teams in the nation. 

The Lady Rangers captured the North Division championship title, the State championship title, and the Region VII title. 
In national competition, the outstanding team brought home the third place trophy. 

The Lady Rangers closed their season with a 33-1 record. Truett-McConnell of Georgia gave them their only loss of the 
year in the semi-final bout at the National Tournament in Kansas. Truett-McConnel advanced to the finals and won the 







Olfc-, ^* I n miiwi 'ililH 

HHH^ ^wwR l«iiW"» «■■»■■»"*■■■ 


Ranger Basketball 





I )ead eye shooting by the Rangers put the game away. 



"I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present than the 70-76 
win over Northeast." Coat h Robbins 

& A 


i MS 3W 


! l 


, i .' i i . 

■11'™™ IIL/^^^ 




HP I w 





"The man he was guarding finally quit trying to shoot because every time he put it up, Overall slap- 
ped it back down in his face." A Ranger fan. 



?. 7sr< 


"The most talent I've had since I've been here." Coach Robbins. 



'Games like Holmes and Delta keep you working." Coach Robblns. 


Baseball '79 



Rangers try for North Division Title 

Several consecutive errors made by the Rangers were 
deemed the deciding factor in the North Half State Tour- 
nament. Northwest was up against East Mississippi in the 
final game, having divided the first two, 13-1 (East Miss.) 
and 10-4 (Northwest). 

The Rangers pulled ahead 3-0 going into the fourth 
inning but fumbled the ball on five occasions, allowing 
their opponents to score five runs. The final score showed 
East Mississippi taking the north half in an 8-7 contest. 

Northwest finished the season with an 18-12 overall 
record and an 8-2 conference slate. 

"Overall I thought we had a pretty good year," stated 
Ranger Baseball Coach )im Miles. "We lost some games 
that we should have won, but we also won a couple that 
we should have lost." 

The Rangers dropped the first two games of the season 
to Gulf Coast 11-2 and 5-3. Learning from their mistakes 
they hit a nine game winning streak, taking games from 

Northeast, 6-3 and 8-1, Mississippi Delta, 10-8 and 9-2, 
Lewis and Clark, 6-5 and 4-2, and Meridian, 4-3, 12-11, and 
2-1. The Rangers gave up the final game 10-6 in a back-to- 
back double header series with Meridian. 

Northwest picked up two more wins from Coahoma, 14- 
and 12-5, and won over Waubonsee in the first of a two 
game series 4-3 but settled for an 8-8 tie in the second. 

After romping Northeast 9-0 in five innings, the Rangers 
slacked off and wound up 9-5. Itawamba cost Northwest 
two more games, when the Rangers lost their third in a 
row, 3-0 and 10-2. Back on their feet, the Rangers retaliated 
with two wins over IJC, 6-5 and 3-0. 

Hinds proved a tough test and whipped the Rangers in 
three of four games, 5-1 in the first and 7-0 and 7-5 in the 
third and fourth. Northwest came out on top 7-1 in the sec- 
ond game. The North Half Tourney wound up season 


Spring '79 

Catt hors: This Page (top, I to r) — Mike Taylor, Gary 
Casio, Chris Niblott, Dan Countiss, David Wright 
I'iIi hers I his Page (bottom, standing, I to r) — Daryl 
Moore, Alexis Simmons, Lloyd Wineland. (kneeling, I 
to r) — Dan Countiss, Keith Downs, Frank Wade. 
Outfielders Opposite Page: (top, stanciing, I to r) — 
Pat Johnson, Mike Schwartz, Ricky Johnson, (kneel- 
ing, I to r) — Benji Howard, Kevin Jenkins, David 

Inlielders Opposite Page: (bottom, standing, I to r) 
— Randy Blayloc k, Pete Peters, Mike Moore, Ronnie 
Rhoda, Ronnie Nichols, (kneeling, I to r) — |oel 
\/Uii|e, Mike Rue ker, Monte Moore, Clay Pritc hell. 










Jim Miles, Head Coach 

Don Castle, Asst. Coach 



Tennis '79 

The Ranger Tennis Team finished the season with three 
wins and three ties. District Champions, the Northwest 
netters have been undefeated in regular season play for 
the last two years. 

Tennis Team members are: Cindy Martin, Karen McMillan, Brenda Baker, 
loanna Cunningham, Debra Veazy, Vanna Langdom, Michael Onassis, 
David Farris, Tim Smith, Mark Cilbreath, Mark Bailey, and Coach joe 



Gilbreath Is No. 2 in 

Mark Gilbreath of Hernando captured the men's No. .2 
Singles Championship at the Mississippi Junior College 
State Tournament. Gilbreath defeated Hind's Martin 
Ducote 6-2, 6-1 in the opening match. Advancing to the 
semi-finals, he over-powered Meridian's champion 6-3, 6- 
2. The final round saw Gilbreath struggling through three 
sets before he won the championship over Gulf Coast's 
Steve Funchess, 6-2, 3-6, 6-2. Tennis coach Joe Elliot com- 
mented, "He's one of the most dedicated athletes we've 





Charles Barton 

Edward Stampley 











P-Funk Claims Intramural Title 

After edging the Northwest Allstars out by a score of 
12-8, P-Funk came from behind in the final game of the 
season and clinched the intramural football champion- 
ship with a 30-28 victory over the second place team, Bad 

P-Funk finished the season with a 9-3 record, the best 
in the league. Bad Company, Bud Men, and the Allstars 

rounded out the season in that respective order. 

P-Funk team members include: (front row, I. to r.) Ger- 
one Walker, Coach Billy )oe, Gregory Millon, Vincent 
Clark; (back row, I. to r.) Jerry Morris, Jerome Blake, Lloyd 
Garner, and Danny Williams. 



Roxanne Dukes, Editor 






Thomas E Smith, Chairman, Tate 

lames Aldridge, Quitman 

Albert Broadway, DeSoto 

H. luck Wing, Vice-chairman, Quilman 

Douglas Autry, Benton 

Winston Bruce, Latayette 

David Bennett, Benlon 

lohn G. Burt, Calhoun 

Donald M. Clanlon. Secretary, Tate 

W L Brewer, Tallahatchie 

Oudley R Dayis. Calhoun 

lames D f idl, Quitman 

limmy f uuanks, Tunica 

William D Coot h, Quilman 

loe B Hartley, Panola 


Not pictured: 
Sam Allison, 

Paul Hastings, 


John McCracken, DeSoto 

Stanley Mulliken, Marshall 

B. H. Papasan, Tunica 

Mrs. Robert Meacham 


flj : ; . 


W*^ i: 

Dr. Michael Shaheen, Panola 




Henry Womble, Yalobusha 

Ben C.Wynne, Tate 

Mrs. George Yarbrough, Marshall 

William R. Young, Lafayette 


Henry B. Koon completed his undergraduate 
education at the University of Mississippi in 
1958 and was awarded a Master's degree from 
the University of Mississippi in 1961. While 
completing his Master's, he was admitted to Phi 
Delta Kappa. 

Prior to assuming the presidency of North- 
west Mississippi junior College in July, 1974, he 
served the institution as Director of Financial 
Aids and Federal Programs. In addition, he 
served as basketball coach, providing Northwest 
in 1972 with its only state championship in bas- 

During his tenure as president, enrollment at 
Northwest has more than doubled. Access to 
higher education has been augmented through 
the establishing of Desoto Center, a campus 
located in Southaven, and one in Oxford. 
Another center for Marshall and Benton coun- 
ties is scheduled to open in the fall of 1980. 

The Northwest Farm has been developed into 
an exemplary laboratory for agriculture and cat- 
tle programs. 

Other accomplishments include the expan- 
sion of federal programs for the college, the 
foremost being the Northwest Solar Energy pro- 
gram which was approved by the Department 
of Energy in December, 1978. Through Mr. 
Koon's far-sighted efforts, the Northwest system 
will be the largest solar test bed in the world 
and will be operated by the college for DOE as a 
photovoltaic test installation, while providing 
all electrical and thermal energy needed by the 
Senatobia campus. 

Curriculum expansion has not only included a 
number of new programs in both academic and 
vocational-technical areas, but also excellence 
in quality of instruction. 

t* \C M -r r* 

Henry B. Koon 


Dr. June S. 
Vice President 

Dr. June Gardner received her 
Bachelor of Science degree at the 
University of Mississippi in 1951. In 
1965 she was awarded her Master's 
degree, and in 1968 she attained a 
Doctorate of Education. 

She became a member of the 
Northwest faculty in 1963 following 
three years of teaching experience in 
high school classrooms. 

Her efficiency and ability to 
communicate with students did not 
go unnoticed, and she was soon 
promoted to Director of Guidance in 
1964, Dean of Women in 1965, and 
Dean of Student Personnel in 1966. 

In 1974, Dr. Gardner received the 
title of Executive Assistant, second 
only to President Koon. Today Dr. 
Gardner serves Northwest 
Mississippi Junior College as Vice 



Carolyn Ainsworth, [Director of 

George Ayers, Director of Evening 


Jerry Boutwell, Director of Purchasing 
John Caldwell, Director of Guidance 

and. Testing 
Jim Darby, Dean of Academic 


Price Darby, Dean of Vocational- 
Technical Education 
Ken Lindsey, Administrative Assistant 
James Mercer, Administrative Assistant 

Janie Norwood, Director of Fiscal 

Marvin Reid, Director of Desoto Center 
James Shows, Director of Student 


Bruce Weigle, Director of Research and 

Ann Whitten, Director of Public 








v ~;' 



Professional Staff 

Paul Baker, Chief of Campus Security 
Suzann Belk, Assistant, Research and 

Max Billingsley, Director of 


Ed Boggan, Assistant for Evening School, 

Desoto Center 
Joe Broadway, Vocational-Technical 

Administrator, Desoto Center 
Sandra Dandridge, Assistant, Research 

and Development 

Richard Darby, Assistant Director of 

Research and Development 
Bob Darnell, Asst. to the Financial Aid 

Charles Davidson, Vocational-Technical 


Lydia Davis, Asst., Research and 

Nina Deaton, Business Office Manager 
Terry Douglas, Assistant Purchasing 


Joe Fondren, Vocational-Technical 

Polly Cordon, Asst. Vocational- 
Technical Dean 


Professional Staff 

David Haraway, Assistant Director of Desoto 

Sherman Hardin, Director of Bookstore 
William Hardin, Director of Manpower 

George Hertl, Director of Title I 
Louise B. Honey, Vocational-Technical 

Counselor, Desoto Center 
Billy Jackson, Assistant Director of Manpower 

lames lackson, Assistant Purchasing Agent 
Linda lackson, Assistant Director of Student 

lean /arjoura, Engineer 

Ann Lindsey, Assistant in Research and 

lames McCormick, Director of Instruction, 

Desoto Center 
lames Mote, Coliseum Director 

W. C. Oakley, Assistant Academic Dean 
Teresa Pettil, Assistant, Researc h and 

Camille Poag, Assistant in Research and 



Professional Staff 

Derrick Roberson, Director of 

Evening School, Desote 

Betty Shemwell, Administrative 

Ed Simpson, Director of Adult 

Basic Education 
lames Simpson, Coordinator for 

Public-Service Employees 

Debbie Smith, Assistant, 
Financial Aid 

Rosie Smith, Counselor 

Gary Spears, Registrar 
Marilyn Spears, Asst., Research 

Charles Tarver, Counselor for 

Title I 
Les Young, Recruiter 


Academic Faculty 

jo Adams, Science 
Cwen Aldridge, Science 
Sally Askew, Liberal Arts, DeSoto 

Caylon Baird, Physical Education 

Jane Baker, Foundations 

Charles Barton, Physical Education 

Lolly Beaird, Nursing 

Sandra Beken, Science 

Willie Brown, Physical Education 

Mary Ann Burkhead, Physical 

Ron Cable, Science 
Bob Cambell, Business 

Howard Carpenter, Education 


Academic Faculty 

juanita Cheek, Science 
Frank Childrey, Liberal Arts 
Samuel Christ, Fine Arts 

Peggy Clark, Nursing 
Stephen Cobb, Fine Arts 
Earline Cocke, Business 

Hunter Cole, Liberal Arts 

Jacueline Collingsworth, Liberal Arts 

Marilyn Comer, Education 

Dennis Carvens, Science 
Margaret Darby, Science 
//'// Ferguson, Science 

John Flowers, Liberal Arts 
Kathy Foresman, Education 


Academic Faculty 

Bobby Franklin, Physical Education 
Constance Gallant, L ibc^ral Arts 
Petrecia Gates, Foundation Studies 

Zula Glenn, Science 
Keith Godbold, Business 
Karen Gray, Physical Education 

Marie Gray, Business 

Lillian Hill, Liberal Arts, Desoto 

ferry Hollis, Science 

Carson Holloman, Liberal Arts 
Michael Howell, Liberal Arts 
Charles Ingram, Liberal Arts, Desoto 

Patri(a Irby, Learning Resources 

Denton Jackson, Business 

Ruth lackson, Foundation Studies 


Academic Faculty 

Brenda James, Business 

Fay Johnson, Liberal Arts, Desoto 

Deborah Kent, Fine Arts 

Kim Koeneman, Business, Desoto 

Fredric Koeppel, Liberal Arts 
Mary C. Koeppel, Fine Arts 

Forrest Lax, Liberal Arts 
John Loftin, Science ■ 
fo Loggan, Fine Arts 

Russell Lott, Business 
Betty McCollough, Learning 

Merle McDonnough, Fine Arts, 

Desoto Center 

Charles Meadows, Science 
Kim Medley, Nursing 
Sarah Middleton, Science 


Academic Faculty 

Arlctha Neal, Nursing 

John Orrell, Physical Education 

John Osier, Liberal Arts 

Janice Pelton, Liberal Arts 

William Polk, Business 

lenny Poole, Physical Education 

Ray Poole, jr., Physical Education 
Gail Price, Fine Arts 
Claire Puryear, Librarian 

loan Reid, Business 

Sonia Robbins, Foundation 

Margaret Rogers, Librarian 


Academic Faculty 

Raymond Rogers, Liberal Arts 
H. B. Ross, Business 
/. D. Ross, Science 

D'Layne Russell, Fine Arts 
Debbie Rut ledge, Business 
Robert Seay, Liberal Arts 

Rosemary Simmons, Fine Arts 
W. P. Sissell, Science 
Francis Smith, Liberal Arts 

Edward Stampley, Physical Education 
Scottye Stewart, LPN 
Rhonda Still, Education 

Lidie Stone, Fine Arts 
Myra Tidwell, Nursing 


Academic Faculty 

Edgar Thompson, Liberal Arts 
Glenn Tripled, Fine Arts 
Rebecca Triplett, Fine Arts 

Lane Tutor, Fine Arts 

jo Anne Van Every, Nursing 

Mary Vines, Nursing 

Kathleen Wait, Business 

Broadus Weatherall, Science, Desoto 

John Weatherly, Science 

Anita Wilborn, Science 
Chad Williams, Science 
Lori Williamson, Business 

Jan Womble, Foundation 
Deborah Wright, Business 
/a< Young, Fine Arts 


Vocational-Technical Faculty 

Charles Ainsworth, Machine Shop 
Margie Beck, Cosmetology 
Elizabeth Bobo, Computer 

lackie Brown, Body and Fender 
Wallace Buchanan, Horology 
Jimmy Carr, Civil Technology 

Betty Carroll, Childcare 
Robert Carroll, Electronics 
jep Clemens, Paralegal 

Ann Clisby, LPN 

Sandra Cobb, LPN 

Robert Cox, Law Enforcement 

Genevieve Denton, ABE Instructor 
Richard Demuth, Agriculture 
Frances Evans, Science 


Vocational-Technical Faculty 

Camille Fly, Commercial Art 
Dennis Fondren, Director of 

Leroy Gallant, Auto Mechanics 

Andrew Crass, Carpentry 
Billie Cray, Math and Technical 

Bob Gray, jr., Remedial Math 

fames Hannaford, Diesel Mechanics 
Freddie Harmon, Auto Mechanics 
Allen Holliday, Farm Manager 

Mary Long, Cosmetology 
Robert Long, Drafting and Design 
Wayne Newman, A.C. and 

Jimmy Reed, Radio and T.V. Repair 
/. B. Petrea, Data Processing 
George Pollard, Hotel /Motel 
Management, Desoto Center 


Vocational-Technical Faculty 

Felix Robinson, Drafting 
Diane Sanders, Off-set Printing 
Robert Sanders, Welding 

Rochelle Smart, LPN 

George Smith, A/C and Refrigeration 

Milton Thornton, Agriculture 

M. H. Venable, Toole and Die 
Marilyn Walker, Business 

Ann Womble, Technical English 
Bud Young, Agriculture 



Sarah Adair, Business Office 
Debbie Billingslev, Purt hasinj 


lean ftus/n, Credit Union 
Paul Copeland, WN|C Radio 

Rose Baenke, Fine Arts 

Mary Bolmg, Tunu a Building 
/. T. Busby, Physical Plant 
lorean Corkern, Nurse 
lula Daniel, Dormitory Hostess 

Pegg\ Baker, Business Office 
lames C Brents, Sr., Union 
Charlotte Cook, Registrar's 

Brenda Cravens, Business Office 
Bol)bie Darby, Financial Aid 


Lavonia Bell, Desoto Center 
Lillian Brown, Bookstore 
Sfeve Cook, Physical Plant 
Ann Crockett, Business Office 
Lela Delaney, Manpower, DC 



loAnne Dukes, Vice-president's 

Nancy Gilbert, WNJC Radio 

Linda Howe, Lafayette Center 
Marjorie Maddox, Manpower 
Bob Miller, Cafeteria Director 

Charlotte Ferguson, Vo-Tech 

Dean's Office 
Macelle Holliday, Fine Arts 

Tommy Leach, BSU Director 
Shirley Maples, Personnel Office 
Bud Miller, Physical Plant 

Doris Franks, Dormitory Hostess 
Romania tones, WN)C Radio 

Cookie Leavell, Vo-Tech 

Robin Mara, Public Relations 

Barbara Mumea, Campus 


Ken Gibson, Football Assistant 
Dodie Hollowell, Nursing 

Anne McCullough, DeSoto 

Center, Library 
Marjean Mercer, Business Office 
Annie Neal, Dormitory Hostess 


Joe Neal, WNJC Radio Station 

Kattie Nolan, Post Office 

Linda Ogg, Business Department 

Ann Pannell, Business Office 

Judy Payne, Academic Dean's Office 

Polly Perkins, Veteran's Office 

Phyllis Puritt, Dormitory Hostess 
Bonnie Russell, WNJC Radio Station 
Debbie Scott, Registrar's Office 



Herbert Scruggs, Manpower, Batesville 
Irene Self, Post Office 
Morris Smith, Campus Police 

*f ^$/ J 

Louis Stevens, Union 

Lavonia Treloar, Dormitory Hostess 

Tammy Whalen, Switchboard 

Myrene Womack, Bookstore 
Dorothy Woolfolk, Dormitory Hostess 



Dawn Waldrip, Editor 


Adair, Cliff, Senatobia 

Adair, Jeff, Senatobia 

Adams, Elizabeth, Sardis 

Adams, John D., Tillatoba 

Adams, Kenneth, Southaven 

Adams, Steven, Lambert 

Adams, Terri, Memphis 

Adkins, Donna, Walls 

Allen, Carol, Hernando 

Amos, Brian, Springfield, VA 

Anderson, Agnis, Clendora 

Anderson, Dorothy B., Memphis 

Anderson, Louise, Batesville 

Anton, Billy, Coldwater 

Archie, Willie, Oxford 

Armistead, Cindy, Olive Branch 

Armstrong, Mike, Memphis 

Armstrong, Sam, Charleston 

Amrstrong, Timothy, Hernando 

Autry, Cynthia Jo, Ashland 

Avant, Dorothy, Senatobia 

Bailey, Bobby, Hernando 

Baker, Darlene, Water Valley 

Baker, Leon, Batesville 

Baker, Sam, Memphis 

Ballard, Joe, Batesville 

Banks, Belvin Ann, Phillipp 

Barton, James, Calhoun City 



Beard, Lisa, Hernando 
Belk, Rhonda, Olive Branch 
Bell, Phillis, Oxford 
Bennett, Tommy, Southaven 

Berry, Ricky, Sarah 
Bishop, Jean, Water Valley 
Blackburn, Phylisteen, Enid 
Blackmon, Alford, Holly Springs 

Blair, Mitzi, Independence 
Boga, Jr., Calvin, Holly Springs 
Bolden, Edna, Holly Springs 
Bone, Allene, Memphis 

Bonner, Henry, Marks 
Bonner, Ruth, Cascilla 
Bonoist, Bill, Coffeeville 
Booker, Toya, Memphis 

Boyd, Brenda, Holly Springs 
Boyle, Gary, Duck Hill 
Bradford, Charity, Cascilla 
Bradford, Melvin, Batesville 

Bradley, Emmer, Sardis 
Brandon, Ricky, Independence 
Brandon, Susan, Independence 
Breedlove, Debbie, Moscow, Tenn. 

Brents, Sue, Byhailia 
Bright, Alvin, Batesville 
Bright, Kenneth, Batesville 
Bright, Walca, Batesville 



Briggs, Jean, Crenshaw 

Britt, Christine, Charleston 

Brock, Pam, West Union 

Brock, Penny, Batesville 

Brooks, Nancy, Nesbit 

Brown, Artenece, Bruce 

Brownlee, Dexter, Hernando 

Brownlee, Pamela, Hernando 

Brownlee, Timothy, Hernando 

Bryson, Tinny, Michigan City 

Bugg, Dennis, Southaven 

Burkholder, Gary, Holly Springs 

Burnett, Lynn, Batesville 

Busby, Daniel, Tunica 

Cain, Linda, Memphis 

Caldwell, Janet, Hernando 

Camp, Karen, Olive Branch 

Canada, Greg, Southaven 

Card, Debra, Sumner 

Cargile, Danny, Senatobia 

Cargile, Ruth, Senatobia 

Carlton, Wanda, Bartlett, Tn. 

Carpenter, Thomas, Coldwater 

Cathey, Doris, Senatobia 

Chamberlin, Mike, Hernando 

Chandler, Michael, Calhoun City 

Chatman, Marvin, Memphis 

Clark, Laurie, Hernandp 



Clark, Michael, Nesbit 
Clements, Zepha, Holly Springs 
Clerget, Julie, Memphis 
Cochran, Tammy, Senatobia 

Coke, Dianne, Senatobia 
Cole, Barbara, Hernando 
Cole, Eleanor, Nesbit 
Cole, Eugene, Batesville 

Coleman, Pearl, Crenshaw 
Coleman, Duane, Olive Branch 
Coleman, Susan, Coffeeville 
Colston, Bonita, Holly Springs 

Cooper, Paula, Senatobia 
Cordel, Cheryl, Darling 
Corr, Carol, Askew 
Countiss, Dan, Bruce 

Cowan, Albert, Collierville, Tn. 
Cox, Chris, Senatobia 
Cox, Dudley, Hickory Flat 
Craig, Robert, Greenwood 

Craven, Scott, Sout haven 
Crawford, Willie, Nesbit 
Criss, William, Coffeeville 
Curbow, Wanda, Southaven 

Daniel, Susan, Ashland 
Davis, Alneda, Charleston 
Davis, Charlesetta, Memphis 
Davis, Dale, Batesville 



Davis, John, Bruce 

Davis, Suzanne, Water Valley 

Dawkins, Leora, Holly Springs 

Deen, Carlton, Southaven 

Deen, Dennis, Senatobia 

Dees, Pam, Enid 

DeLoach, Pam, Batesville 

Dennis, Annie, Hernando 

Dettor, Judy, Batesville 

Dillard, Steven, Potts Camp 

Dominguez, Luis, Venezuela 

Doolittle, Anne, Core Springs 

Door, Michael, Sardis 

Douglas, David, Senatobia 

Dowdy, James, Byhalia 

Dukes, Roxanne, Independence 

Dunavent, Misty, Southaven 

Dunlap, Joe, Holly Springs 

Dunlap, Mike, Ashland 

Durrett, Edith, Horn Lake 

Dye, Harold, New Albany 

Earney, Billie Sue, Coldwater 

Echols, Esther, Coldwater 

Edington, Judy, Vardaman 

Edwards, Dorothy, Case ilia 

Edwards, Mike, Calhoun City 

Elkins, Allan, Macon 

Ellis, Eva, Pope 



Ellis, Margaret, Enid 
Entrikin, Mary, Hernando 
Evans, Darlene, Charleston 
Farris, James, Holly Springs 

Faulkner, Brenda, Senatobia 
Feathers, Nancy, Holly Springs 
Ferguson, Wayne, Senatobia 
Flinn, John, Hernando 

Floate, Allen, Senatobia 
Flowers, Lois, Independence 
Fly, Karen, Coffeeville 
Fondren, Norma, Batesville 

Foster, Chris, Olive Branch 
Fouche, Brad, Calhoun City 
Fouche, Lisa, Calhoun City 
Fouche, Lori, Calhoun City 

Fox, Harlin, Charleston 
France, Eddie, Lake Cormorant 
Franklin, Jimmy, Marks 
Fudge, Jeff, Oxford 

Garcia, Yolanda, Hernando 
Garner, Lloyd, Coffeeville 
Garrett, Jerry, Horn Lake 
Gates, James, Batesville 

Gates, Jennara, Houlka 
Gatewood, Loretta, Byhalia 
Gee, Suzie, Batesville 
German, Michael, Glendora 



Gerrard, Louie, Marks 

Gibson, Jody, Vardaman 

Gilliam, Jenne, Oxford 

Gipson, Charita, Holly Springs 

Gipson, Jimmie, Sardis 

Gipson, Johnie, Vance 

Goforth, Ronnie, Batesville 

Goodwin, Johnny, Senatobia 

Gordon, Debra, Oxford 

Grant, Melvin, Charleston 

Graves, Jill, Memphis 

Gray, Carl, Southaven 

Gray, Ronnie, Mt. Pleasant 

Green, Lula Pearl, Sledge 

Green, Mary, Southaven 

Greer, Sandra, Hernando 

Grier, Chris, Holly Springs 

Griffis, Mark, Hernando 

Grimes, Michael, Holly Springs 

Grimes, Mike, Southaven 

Gross, Odell, Charleston 

Grover, Jr., Cleveland, Batesville 

Guedez, Miguel, Venezuela 

Guzman, Eleana, Venezuela 

Hadley, Sara, Kilmichael 

Hale, David, Sledge 

Hall, Jeane, Senatobia 

Hall, Joanne, Sledge 



Hall, Latano, Tunica 
Hall, Tony Eric, Water Valley 
Hamilton, Barbie, Horn Lake 
Hammond, Sandra, Senatobia 

Hancock, David, Potts Camp 
Harbor, Joy, Olive Branch 
Hardaway, Phillis, Byhalia 
Hardin, Carole, Senatobia 

Hardin, Kenneth, Calhoun City 
Harrell, Richard, Southaven 
Harris, Mark, Hernando 
Harris, Mary Anne, Marks 

Harris, Mattie, Sardis 
Hart, Jackie, Holly Springs 
Hart, Lee, McCee 
Hassell, Lillie, Coldwater 

Hasting, Willie, Bruce 
Havens, Brenda, Enid 
Havens, Phil, Grenada 
Hawkins, Rose, Tunica 

Hawkins, Tyrone, Tunica 
Hayes, Elsie, Memphis 
Hearn, Harriet, Holly Springs 
Henderson, Lawrence, Batesville 

Hendrix, Mike, Calhoun City 
Hensely, Paula, Horn Lake 
Herod, Vickie, Oxford 
Hester, Donna, Hernando 



Hickinbottom, Kelly, Oxford 

Hill, Gladys, Marks 

Hill, Jowanda, Pope 

Hindman, Ronnie, Sardis 

Hinton, Ronnie, Batesville 

Hitt, Bob, Calhoun City 

Holcomb, Tammy, Coldwater 

Holland, Lynn, Hickory Flat 

Hollis, Bernice, Charleston 

Holloway, Anita, Oxford 

Holmes, Harvey, Marks 

Holt, Keith, Hernando 

Hood, Gary, Vardaman 

Hope, Terry, Southaven 

Horton, Doris, Memphis 

Hoskins, Carolyn, Coldwater 

Hoskins, Lillie, Batesville 

Howard, Benjy, Grenada 

Howard, LeRoy, Rosa Fort 

Huddleston, Stanley, Ashland 

Hudson, Natalie, Lambert 

Huels, Robert, Hernando 

Huey, Larry, Hernando 

Hughes, Martha, Sardis 

Hyde, Robert, Senatobia 

Irby, Faye, Tunica 

Irby, Kathryn, Senatobia 

lackson, Bernadine, Independence 




Jackson, Claude, Senatobia 
Jackson, Delores, Holly Springs 
Jackson, Janice, Senatobia 
Jackson, Rita Jean, Memphis 

James, Betty, Marks 
James, Melinda, Enid 
James, Rebecca, Independence 
Jarjoura, Jody, Senatobia 

Jefferson, Danella, Tunica 
Jeffries, Rosie, Holly Springs 
Jennings, Jerry, Marks 
Johns, Deborah, Olive Branch 

Johnson, Bonnie, Charleston 
Johnson, Charles, Nesbit 
Johnson, David, Bruce 
Johnson, Edgar, Batesville 

Johnson, Evelyn, Coldwater 
Johnson, Mary Ann, Oakland 
Johnson, Meg, Clarksdale 
Johnson, Michael, Oxford 

Johnson, Mike, Batesville 
Johnson, Ricky, Memphis 
Jones, Carolyn, Coldwater 
Jones, Dorothy, Vardaman 

Jones, Emmit, Holly Springs 
Jones, Evelyn, Olive Branch 
Jones, James, Hernando 
Jones, Judith, Crenshaw 



Jones, Lynette, Holly Springs 

Jones, Mary, Holly Springs 

Jordan, Martha, Sandflat 

Joy, Billy, Oxford 

Kairit, Susan, Como 

Kaveparsit, Vichuda, Bangkok, Thailand 

Keith, Rhonda, Hernando 

Kendall, Shelia, Cascilla 

Ketchum, Roy, Hernando 

Kidwell, Kathryn, Memphis 

King, Hattie, Bruce 

Kizzar, Kenneth, Hernando 

Krzyzkouski, Raymond, Hernando 

Kwasinski, Paul, New Albany 

Lamb, Walter, Olive Branch 

Langton, Vanna, Lakeland, Fla. 

Langford, Shelly, Calhoun City 

Latham, Lori, Sumner 

Laughlin, Jim, Batesville 

Lawerence, Andrew, Senatobia 

Lawrence, Sammy, Senatobia 

Leadbetter, Jamie, Batesville 

Leland, Edward, Batesville 

Lester, Darlene, Batesville 

Lewis, Dwight, Oxford 

Lewis, George, Charleston 

Lewis, Maurice, Marks 

Liggins, Karen, Byhalja 




Under, David, Batesville 
Lipford, Marilyn, Coldwater 
Little, Linda, Walls 
Logan, Robert, Bruce 

Logwood, Vincent, Batesville 
Love, Dorothy, Marks 
Luther, Garland, Holly Springs 
Lyons, Gloria, Como 

Mackey, Rufus, Batesville 
Mackey, William, Como 
Madison, Alvin, Batesville 
Mamon, Billy Joe, Batesville 

Manning, Cynthia, Byhalia 
Manning, Willie, Oxford 
Martindale, Randall, Courtland 
Massey, Angie, Bruce 

Massey, Paula, Southaven 
Mathews, Louise, Memphis 
Maxwell, Gloria, Hernando 
Maxwell, Stephanie, Clarksdale 

Mayer, Gary, Lambert 
Mays, Pattie, Independence 
McCool, Deborah, Oxford 
McCord, Brenda, Charleston 

McCormick, Lesa, Bruce 
McCoy, Michael, Grenada 
McCrary, Marie, Senatobia 
McDaniel, Gracie, Coldwater 



McDaniel, Kay, BatesviUe 

McDaniel, Ronnie, Olive Branch 

McDonald, Mary, BatesviUe 

McElhaney, David, Colcivvater 

McGehee, David, Coldwater 

McKelroy, Connie, Coldwater 

McKinney, Deborah, BatesviUe 

McMillan, Karen, Water Valley 

McNail, Ronnie, Senatobia 

McPhail, Darrell, Calhoun City 

Medlin, Kelly, Senatobia 

Melton, Wayne, BatesviUe 

Merrit, Wendy, Southaven 

Milan, Earnestine, Senatobia 

Miller, Linda, Tunica 

Miller, Vivian, Hernando 

Millon, Gregory, Hernando 

Mills, Jane, Potts Camp 

Miner, Cynthia, Hazlehurst 

Mister, Berta, Gore Springs 

Mize, Jennifer, Coldwater 

Monteith, Kathy, Lambert 

Monteith, Laurie, BatesviUe 

Moore, Jean, Como 

Moore, Kevin, Hernando 

Moore, Lillie, Coldwater 

Moore, Michael, Calhoun City 

Moore, Robert, Hernando 



rt >«d£i 



Moore, Tina, Senatobia 
Morgan, Carmen, Grenada 
Morris, Jerry, Batesville 
Morris, Tommy, Water Valley 

Morrow, Kenneth, Batesville 
Murphey, Debbie, Tippo 
Murphree, Jerry, Vardaman 
Murry, Ervin, Glendora 

Muse, Jr., Larry, Webb 
Nail, Becky, Sardis 
Nelson, Wesley D., Southaven 
Newcomb, Harold, Batesville 

Newsom, Cora, Byhalia 
Niblett, Chris, Olive Branch 
Nicholas, Tonja, Byhalia 
Nix, Rebecca, Batesville 

Noffsinger, Kathern, Bartlett 
Nunally, Manassa, Holly Springs 
Orange, Velma, Oxford 
Orange, Wilma, Oxford 

Osborne, Cliff, Grenada 
Overall, Adrian, Sardis 
Owen, June, Senatobia 
Pace, Charles, Memphis 

Pagninio, Maria, Venezuela 
Patrick, Clista, Jackson, Tn. 
Patterson, Marie Ann, Batesvil 
Penna, Linda, Southaven 



Penrod, Dude, Senatobia 

Perkins, James, Coffeeville 

Perry, Annie, Como 

Perry, Jean, Charleston 

Perry, Margiree, Balcsv illc 

Peterson, Leigh, New Albany 

Phillips, Beverly, Waterford 

Phillips, Helen, Calhoun City 

Pickett, John, Pope 

Pittman, Sharon, Grenada 

Poag, Gina, Senatobia 

Pohl, Ralph, Holly Springs 

Pollard, Charles, Coldwater 

Porter, Cindy, Coffeeville 

Porter, Patricia, Coldwater 

Powers, Annette, Hernando 

Pullen, David, Calhoun City 

Quattlebaum, Wendall, Memphis 

Radebaugh, Belinda, Independence 

Ramey, Bonnie, Coldwater 

Rankins, Winfred, Holly Springs 

Read, Linda, Horn Lake 

Reed, Marvis, Batesville 

Reed, Michael, Hickory Flat 

Reed, Woodrow, Senatobia 

Reese, Dortheia, Water Valley 

Respess, Franis, Horn Lake 

Rice, Curtis, Courtland 



Riddick, Louie, Coffeeville 
Rittenhouse, Sandy, Hernando 
Roberson, Kathy, Senatobia 
Rogers, Bill, Enid 

Rogers, Charles, Oxford 
Roland, Michael, Bruce 
Roseborough, Eleanor, Como 
Rose, Bill, Parkin, Ark. 

Rose, Janet, Memphis 
Rose, Thomas, Hernando 
Ross, Andrew, Dundee 
Rowan, Pam, Senatobia 

Rowland, Melinda, Charleston 
Roy, Deborah, Marks 
Rucker, Van, Clarksdale 
Rudd, Marietta, Batesville 

Russell, Billie, Tunica 
Rutherford, Susan, Water Valley 
Sally, Sara, Oakland 
Samuels, Billy, Water Valley 

Sanchez, Marcos, Venezuela 
Sanders, Carl, Lamar 
Sanders, Curtis, Sardis 
Sandridge, Cheryl, Wyatte 

Schenzel, Don, Southaven 
Schwartz, Michael, Blytheville, 
Scott, Mavis, Hernando 
Sealy, Bettye, Oxford 




Seay, Laverne, Holly Springs 

Shaw, Vicki, Batcsville 

Shegog, Betty, Enid 

Shelton, Keith, Independence 

Shelton, Roberta, Charleston 

Shipp, Lucinda, Oxford 

Shirley, Belinda, Southhaven 

Simmons, Patricia, Grenada 

Sims, Marvin, Holly Springs 

Skelton, Elizabeth, Hernando 

Skelton, Ouida, Ashland 

Slack, Zavatta, Oxford 

Smith, Anita, Sledge 

Smith, Barbara, Nesbit 

Smith, Dawn Renea, Batesville 

Smith, Florene, Batesville 

Smith, James A., Water Valley 

Smith, Michael, Hernando 

Smith, Randall, Senatobia 

Smith, Tim, Senatobia 

Smith, Tim, Hi( kory Flat 

Snider, Kathy, Batesville 

Snipes, Sarah, Olive Branch 

Soldan,Teri, Sarah 

Spears, Mary, Calhoun City 

Spina, Linda, Nesbit 

Spratlin, Ricky, Vardaman 

Spurgeon, Petty, Oxford 




Steele, Robert, Ashland 
Stephenson, Janet, Olive Branch 
Stevens, Rhonda, Coldwater 
Stocks, Sandra, Batesville 

Strange, III, Ralph T., Batesville 
Strickland, Dinah, Independence 
Strong, Mike, Courtland 
Stroupe, Julie, Senatobia 

Stroupe, Lisa, Senatobia 
Suhany, Barbara, Memphis 
Sullivan, Jr., George, Batesville 
Sulton, Linda, Memphis 

Swanson, Natalie, Bruce 
Tapp, Brenda, Hernando 
Tate, Dana, Olive Branch 
Tate, Joycelyn, Memphis 

Taylor, Don, Batesville 
Taylor, Fannie, Charleston 
Taylor, Laura, Robinsonville 
Taylor, Linda, Coldwater 

Taylor, Mike, Grenada 
Taylor, Pamela, Coldwater 
Tennial, Betty, Byhalia 
Thomas, Marion, Southaven 

Thomas, Tim, Hernando 
Threadgill, Terry, Oxford 
Todd, Annette, Southaven 



Todd, John, Collierville, Tn. 

Toolami-Vaghei, Assdollan, Iran 

Townsend, Donnell, Batesville 

Tracy, Nat, Water Valley 

Traywick, Sherry, Tillatoba 

Treloar, Jack, Senatobia 

Tubb, Sharon, Charleston 

Turner, Alex, Oakland 

Tutor, Thomas, Batesville 

Tyson, Vermacy, Taylor 

Umphers, Robert, Memphis 

Vance, Cheryl, Batesville 

Vaughn, Mary, Oxford 

Vaughn, Tommie, Hernando 

Wage, Micki, Memphis 

Wages, Lynn, Oxford 

Walker, Cathy, Grenada 

Walker, Jeffery, Memphis 

Walker, Ruby, Water Valley 

Walker, Tommy Seal, Holly Springs 

Walton, Lisa, Coldwater 

Warren, Sharon, Senatobia 

Warren, Yvonna, Memphis 

Watson, Virginia, Crenshaw 

Webb, Percy,Olive Branc h 

Webb, Sammy, Calhoun City 

Webb, Tommie, Tunica 

Weeks, Kenneth, Charleston 



Whitaker, Keith, Germantown, Tn. 
Whitaker, William, Batesville 
White, Bertha, Charleston 
White, Marvin, Senatobia 

White, Pam, Marks 
Whitten, David, Cascilla 
Wiggins, Donnell, Tutwiler 
Wigginton, Barbara, Hernando 

Wilbourn, William, Sardis 
Willard, Jackie, Crenshaw 
Williams, Barry, Glendora 
Williams, Danny, Ashland 

Williams, Leatha, Marks 
Williams, Marty, Como 
Williams, W. C, Crenshaw 
Williamson, Scott, Water Valley 

Wilson, Leeann, Batesville 
Windham, Brenda, Southaven 
Wineland, Lloyd, Blytheville, Ark. 
Wiseman, David, Hernando 

Wolfe, Clara, Sardis 
Wolfe, Rita, Senatobia 
Womack, Jonelle, Hernando 
Woodard, Michael, Coldwater 

Woodard, Ruthie, Calhoun City 
Woodson, Robert, Holly Springs 
Woolfolk, Deborah, Senatobia 
Wottowa, Jeanine, Water Valley 



Wright, David, Memphis 

Wright, Edna, Sardis 

Wright, Julia, Batesville 

Wright, Sandra, Memphis 

Yates, Michael, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Young, Karen, Water Valley 

Young, Patti, Batesville 

Yount, Teresa, Hernando 




Able, Teresa, Bruce 
Abernathy, Roger, Senatobia 
Abram, Barbara, Southaven 
Adams, Bobbie, Marks 
Adams, Judy, Bruce 

Adams, Mary, Sledge 
Ahrens, Amy, Charleston 
Akins, Johnna, Bruce 
Aldison, Melinda, Sledge 
Aldridge, Tommy, Sarha 

Alexander, Jennifer, Batesville 
Algee, Bob, Coldwater 
Allen, Tim, Oxford 
Allison, Melanie, Olive Branch 
Anderson, Darnell, Memphis 

Anderson, Sharon, Holly Springs 
Andrews, Mattie, Cascilla 
Anglin, llean, Bruce 
Arbuckle, Jeri, Oxford 
Archie, Tracy, Oxford 

Armstead, Shirley, Olive Branch 
Armstrong, Jimmy, Bruce 
Armstrong, Joy, Bruce 
Armstrong, Phillip, Church Hill, Tenn. 
Armstrong, Juanita, Pittsboro 

Arnett, Bobbie, Southaven 
Arnold, Steven, Batesville 
Askew, Randy, Memphis 
Atkins, Tim, Coldwater 
Austin, Shelley, Tunica 

Avant, Carolyn, Senatobia 
Aven, Rodger, Batesville 
Avendano, Alejandro, Venezuela 
Baggett, Benny, Horn Lake 
Bailey, Roy, Como 



Baker, Christine, Batesville 

Baker, Connie, Bru< e 

Baker, Danny, Banner 

Baker, David, Batesville 

Baker, Randy, Bruce 

Baker, Sherry, Batesville 

Baldwin, Sita, Hernando 

Ballentine, Patricia, Batesville 

Bank, Ferruccio, Oxford 

Banks, Kay, Oxford 

Barber, Aaron, Sard is 

Barham, Ellison, Independence 

Barksdale, Wanda, Holly Springs 

Barrios, Lester, Oxford 

Barron, Grover, Miami, Fla. 

Baskin, Joe, Abbeville 

Bates, Charlotte, Horn Lake 

Batts, Sallie, Holly Springs 

Beamon, Spence, Memphis 

Bean, Linda, Courtland 

Beard, Ricky, Batesville 

Beardian, Chris, Batesville 

Beasley, Judith, Memphis 

Beckett, Kay, Pittsboro 

Belew, Mike, Horn Lake 

Bell, Ferlandus, Coldwater 

Bell, Jeff, Senatobia 

Bell, Joe, Nesbit 

Bell, Linda, Senatobia 

Bell, Lisa, Pope 

Belk, Tish, Holly Springs 

Benton, Andrew, Memphis 

Berry, Alan, Water Valley 

Bicknell, John, Southaven 

Bingham, Louise, Batesville 



Bishop, James, Houlka 
Black, Barbara, Como 
Black, Neisha, Southaven 
Black, Ronald, Como 
Blackburn, Lisa, Nesbit 

Blake, Jerome, Greenwood 
Bland, James, Sledge 
Bland, William, Batesville 
Blankenship, Scarlett, Senatobia 
Blann, Judy, Horn Lake 

Bloom, Charles, Jr., Southaven 
Blount, Sherry, Bruce 
Robo, R.V., Jr., Derma 
Bolden, Luvenia, Memphis 
Boling, Myra, Sarah 

Boling, Renee, Como 
Bolton, Jeanette, Coldwater 
Bone, Leslie, Memphis 
Booker, Pam, Coldwater 
Booker, Shelia, Oxford 

Boone, Billy, Southaven 
Boothe, Pamela, Sardis 
Booze, Shermin, Sardis 
Borthwick, Rebecca, Senatobia 
Boston, Margaret, Oxford 

Bouey, Winnie, Hernando 
Boutwell, Dean, Senatobia 
Bowen, Patricia, Holly Springs 
Bowes, Rich, Batesville 
Boyd, Johnny, Tunica 

Boyd, Van, Batesville 
Bradley, Imogene, Senatobia 
Brandon, Allen, Coffeeville 
Brannon, Brenda, Abbeville 
Brassel, Mary, Coffeeville 



Brewer, Louis, Senatobia 

Brewer, Michael, Sarah 

Brewer, Steve, Southaven 

Bridgeforth, Peggy, Holly Springs 

Briscoe, Ellen, Holly Springs 

Britt, Michael, Como 

Brock, Dan, Batesville 

Brock, Sharon, Southaven 

Broome, Danielle, Batesville 

Brown, Alton, Marks 

Brown, Betty, Vardaman 

Brown, Brenda, Batesville 

Brown, Francine, Bruce 

Brown, Lemark, Bruce 

Brown, Mark, Nesbit 

Brown, Natalie, Pope 

Brown, Paul, Sarah 

Brown, Shirley, Batesville 

Brown, Tony, Memphis 

Bryan, Jan, Oxford 

Bryant, Michael, Hernando 

Buck, Kathleen, Senatobia 

Buck, Katherine, Senatobia 

Buckley, Bill, Starkville 

Buford, Don, Holly Springs 

Bullard, Pamela, Pope 

Bullock, Janice, Dundee 

Burbeck, William, Olive Branch 

Burford, Bob, Senatobia 

Burford, Denise, Abbeville 

Burnett, Deborah, Coffeeville 
Burnette, Karen, Abilene, Tex. 

Burnham, Jean, Coffeeville 
Burns, David, Sardis 

Burns, Eloise, Holly Springs 





Burns, Teresa, Oxford 
Burt, Elihue, Oxford 
Burt, Jean,Oxford 
Burt, Rosetta, Oxford 
Burton, Larry, Hernando 

Butler, Jay, Sarah 
Butler, Print, Memphis 
Byars, Cheryl, Pittsboro 
Byrd, Kay, Charleston 

Cable, Phillip,Southaven 

Caffey, Connie, Sarah 
Cain, Marcia, Southaven 
Calcote, Deborah, Senatobia 
Caldwell, Sammie, Sardis 
Calvert, Robert, Southaven 

Campbell, Charlotte, Senatobia 
Campbell, Elizabeth, Nesbit 
Carothers, Annie, Oxford 
Carothers, Cordis, Taylor 
Carr, Deneise, Charleston 

Carr, Rena, Charleston 
Carter, Joe, Sardis 
Carter, Suzanne, Sardis 
Cathey, Feleicia, Coldwater 
Cauthern, Joy Ann, Oakland 

Chambers, Janet, Crenshaw 
Chandler, Carla, Bruce 
Chandler, Linda, Bruce 
Chandler, Tesa, Calhoun City 
Chandler, Tony, Sumner 

Chapman, Curtis, Batesville 
Childers, Marsha, Ashland 
Chinault, Jimmy, Water Valley 
Chism, Jan, Hernando 
Christon, Janet, Batesville 



Churchill, Larry, Potts Camp 

Ciafre, llsend, Venezuela 

Clanton, Donna, Independenc e 

Clark, Barry, Batesville 

Clark, Beverly, Nesbit 

Clark, John, Charleston 

Clark, Kenneth, Enid 

Clark, Vince, Olive Branch 

Clarke, Bobo, Greenwood 

Clay, Kenneth, Marks 

Clay, Robert, Coffeeville 

Cobb, Lee, Oxford 

Coleman, Lisa, Byhalia 

Coleman, Mark Steven, Senatobia 

Collins, Alesia, Bruce 

Collins, Carlton, Bruce 

Collins, Marvin, Lambert 

Collins, Susan, Hernando 

Collins, Verlene, Como 

Conley, Vera, Gore Springs 

Conner, Frances, Senatobia 

Cook, Donna, Southaven 

Cook, Kathleen, Memphis 

Cook, Lynn, Coldwater 

Cook, Robert, Batesville 

Cooper, Perry, Southaven 

Copeland, Robin, Hernando 

Corbitt, Lynn, Calhoun City 

Corbitt, Marline, Calhoun City 

Correro, Carolyn, Senatobia 

Correro, Connie, Senatobia 

Cosby, Randy, Enid 

Coston, Betty, Crenshaw 

Couch, Steven, Grenada 

Cox, Teresa, Sardis 

Craft, Odissia, Olive Branch 



Crawford, Chris, Lambert 
Crawford, Sharon Rena, Tunica 
Crawford, Wardell, Nesbit 
Crenshaw, Kim, Batesville 
Crenshaw, William, Hernando 

Crews, June, Oxford 
Crittenden, Bruce, Vardaman 
Crocker, Edwina, Calhoun City 
Crossford, Anthony, Memphis 
Crump, Bernice, Charleston 

Culbreath, Jeanna, Coldwater 
Culley, Eddie, Webb 
Cummings, Ella, Coldwater 
Cunningham, Daniel, Red Banks 
Curry, Eddie, Holly Springs 

Curry, Willie, Holly Springs 
Curtis, Monnie, Southaven 
Dahl, Pam, Enid 
Dander, Larry, Elkhart, Ind. 
Dancy, Kathy, Coldwater 

Dandridge, Donna, Coldwater 
Dandridge, Hazel, Coldwater 
Daniel, Marcus, Ashland 
Daniel, Sharon, Bruce 
Daniels, Donna, Oxford 

Daniels, Patricia, Water Valley 
Darby, Al, Batesville 
Daugherty, Beasel, Lamar 
Davis, Brenda, Como 
Davis, Jimmy, Tippo 

Davis, Jerry, Como 
Davis, Juanita, Senatobia 
Davis, Mark, Tutwiler 
Davis, Nicki, Vance 
Davis, Rene, Charleston 



Davis, William, Como 

Davis, Willie, Independence 

Dawkin, Wanda, Holly Springs 

Dean, Benitha, Coldwater 

Dean, Lamar, Marks 

Dean, Tina, Coldwater 

Dear, LeRoy, Sledge 

Defer, Stephanie, Coffeeville 

Deller, Suzanne, Cermantown 

Denison, Ray, Horn Lake 

Deshay, Derita, Senatobia 

Dewitt, David, Water Valley 

Dixon, Cynthia, Coldwater 

Dockery, Carl, Oxford 

Dockery, Sherona, Byhalia 

Dodd, Doug, Webb 

Dorsey, Jean, Tunica 

Douglas, Gene, Sardis 

Douglas, Kelvin, Memphis 

Doyle, Doris, Batesville 

Draper, Dennis, Batesville 

Drewrey, Darlene, Oxford 

Driver, Judis, Oxford 

Drummond, Lillian, Tunica 

Dunlap, Rose, Southaven 

Dye, Katrina, Horn Lake 

Dye, Margie, Hernando 

Dye, Pamela, Coldwater 

Easterwood, Lee, Eudora 

Echols, Linda, Holly Springs 

Echols, Willie, Memphis 

Edmondson, Paul, Vardaman 

Edwards, Ann, Sarepta 

Edwards, Darrell, Olive Branch 

Edwards, Horace, Big Creek 



Edwards, Kathi, Hickory Flat 
Edwards, Sandra, Sardis 
Edwards, Shannon, Tunica 
Egbert, John, Batesville 
Elion, Carolyn, Coldwater 

Ellett, Mary, Coffeeville 
Elliott, Debra, Ashland 
Elliott, Johnny, Hickory Flat 
Ellis, Bruce, Sumner 
Ellis, Charles, Coldwater 

Ellis, George, Como 
Ellis, John, Batesville 
Ellis, Scott, Hernando 
Emison, Mike, Marks 
Enlow, Tammie, Hernando 

Ester, Glenda, Coldwater 
Estridge, Tori, Enid 
Farris, Joe, Southaven 
Farrow, Jennie, Independence 
Faulkner, Rosie Lee, Memphis 

Feathers, Leroy, Victoria 
Ferguson, Bobby, Independence 
Ferguson, Linda, Hernando 
Ferguson, Mae, Independence 
Ferguson, Sandra, Bruce 

Fielder, Dawn, Water Valley 
Fiew, Scott, Water Valley 
Fillyaw, Marilyn, Charleston 
Finley, Albert, Hernando 
Finney, Lynn, Memphis 

Floyd, Bill, Calhoun City 
Folks, Theresa, Southaven 
Fondren, Aaron, Oxford 
Fondren, Barbara, Batesville 
Fondren, Vickie, Taylor 



Fortner, Gloria, Ashland 
Foshee, Robert, Sard is 

Foster, Susan, Batesville 

Fox, Willie Mae, Batesville 

Franklin, Rickey, Senatobia 

Franklin, Jr., William, Pittsboro 

Frayser, Randy, Senatobia 

Frevvin, Dan, Horn Lake 

Funderburg, Sherri, Calhoun City 

Gadd, Steve, Potts Camp 

Gaines, Jimmy, Batesville 

Gallagher, Christy, Red Banks 

Gant, Bettye, Batesville 

Gardner, Linda, Olive Branch 

Gardner, Suzette, Oxford 

Garrett, Floyd, Southaven 

Garrison, Carl Anthony, Collierville, Tenn. 

Garrison, Curtis, Cleveland 

Garrison, Mitchell, Collierville 

Garner, Reginald, Memphis 

Garvin, Ricky, Charleston 

Gatlin, Marcia, Hernando 

Gee, Leean, Pleasant Grove 

Gentry, Rhonda, Coldwater 

Gibson, Gina, Oxford 

Gilbreath, Angie, Hernando 

Gill, Tammy, Hernando 

Glidewell, Kevin, Senatobia 

Glover, Bettye, Como 

Goad, Rhonda, Crowder 

Godsey, Abbie, Batesville 
Goode, Anita, Potts Camp 

Goodman, David, Batesville 
Goodson, Charlotte, Bruce 

Goodwin, Kenny, Batesville 



Gordon, Richard, Abbeville 
Gore, Deborah, Coffeeville 
Gore, William, Coffeeville 
Gosa, Robert, Calhoun City 
Gossett, Bobbie, Tunica 

Grady, Steve, Lake Cormorant 
Grant, Dorothy, Batesville 
Grant, Mike, Batesville 
Gray, Carla, Coffeeville 
Gray, Cal, Slayden 

Gray, Eddie, Ashland 
Gray, Melanie, Moscow, Tenn. 
Greene, Ben, Pope 
Greenwall, John, Coldwater 
Greer, Jurl, Collierville, Tenn. 

Gregg, Vernon, Batesville 
Griffin, Donnie, Memphis 
Griffin, Gail, Memphis 
Grisham, Bob, Senatobia 
Grisham, David, Senatobia 

Gullett, Debbie, Memphis 
Gunn, Keith, Memphis 
Gunn, Spencer, Bruce 
Gwinn, Terry, Southaven 
Haas, Suzanne, Arkabutla 

Hale, Clara Ann, Collierville, Tenn. 
Hale, Donald, Southaven 
Hale, John Timothy, Senatobia 
Hale, Kerry, Potts Camp 
Hale, Ronald, Southaven 

Haley, Rebecca, Charleston 
Hall, Margaret, Lambert 
Hall, Michele, Senatobia 
Hall, Wanda, Senatobia 
Homer, Theresa, Ashland 



Hames, Tommy, Grenada 

Hampton, Ronnie, Memphis 

Hancock, Mark, Coldwater 

Hancock, Nancy, Myrtle 

Hancock, Randa, Bentonia 

Hankins, Alicia, Hernando 

Hankins, Janet, Byhalia 

Hanks, Mark, Senatobia 

Harbin, Diane, Grenada 

Hardin, Karen Ann, Pittsboro 

Hardrick, Joann, Batesville 

Hardy, Dovie, Batesville 

Hardy, Eva Mae, Courtland 

Hardy, Michael, Tippo 

Hardy, Robert, Sard is 

Hardy, Walter, Water Valley 

Hargrow, Doveathia, Robinsonville 

Harrell, Jearldine, Crenshaw 

Harris, Jr., Harlen, Sardis 

Harris, Lynda, Hernando 

Harris, Marilyn, Coldwater 

Harris, Wendy, Marks 

Harrison, Dwayne, Southaven 

Havens, Mike R., Batesville 

Hawkins, Keith, Hernando 

Hawkins, Leonard, Savage 

Hawkins, Shelda, Batesville 

Hawkins, Stella, Savage 

Haynes, Dalton, Memphis 

Hayes, Dennis, Tunica 

Hayes, Marie, Charleston 
Hayes, Sandra, Tutwiler 
Hayes, Terri, Coldwater 

Haynes, Kelley, Batesville 
Haynes, Vivian, Lambert 



Heard, Marvin, Coldwater 
Hemingway, Gabe, Sardis 
Anderson, jeanette, Coldwater 
Henderson, Nancy, Southaven 
Henderson, Pearlie Mae, Batesville 

Henderson, Verlin, Crowder 
Hendrix, Sandra, Big Creek 
Henley, Viola, Tunica 
Henley, William, Holly Springs 
Henry, James, Memphis 

Herod, Bobbie, Oxford 
Herring, Glenn, Horn Lake 
Herrington, Alicia Ann, Memphis 
Herron, Edna, Oxford 
Herron, Perry, Enid 

Hester, James, Hernando 
Hibler, Dorthy, Senatobia 
Hicks, Paula, Senatobia 
Higginbotham, Tim, Batesvil 
Hill, Florine, Como 

Hill, Gwen, Oxford 
Hill, Jeannette, Sledge 
Hill, Kimberly, Grenada 
Hill, Tammy Jo, Olive Branch 
Hinton, Larry, Batesville 

Hines, Jackie,Memphis 
Hilliard, Dennis, Oxford 
Hobby, Connie, Oxford 
Hodd, Phyllis, Sledge 
Hoing, Mark, Hernando 

Hollins, Delmar, Coldwater 
Holland, Sherwood, Enid 
Holcomb, Jean, Sarah 
Hollman, Sammie, Oxford 
Honsa, Lee, Memphis 



Hood, Brenda, Coldwater 

Hood, Leon, Eupora 

Hope, Sherry, Southaven 

Hoskin, Steven, Oxford 

Houston, Jeff, Oxford 

Houston, Kenneth, Oxford 

Houston, Rochelle, Memphis 

Howard, Sharon, Greenwood 

Howell, Charles, Independence 

Hubbard, Jackie Lee, Pope 

Huddleston, Bobby, Ashland 

Hudson, Bettina, Coldwater 

Hudson, Bobby, Marks 

Hudson, Gloria Stine, tutwiler 

Hudson, Randy, Batesville 

Huestis, James, Coldwater 
Hughes, Chuck, Horn Lake 
Hull, Richard, Greenwood 
Humphrey, Carol, Marks 
Humphreys, Joyce, Byhalia 

Hunsucker, Wanda, Michigan City 

Hunt, Richard, Water Valley 

Hyland, Twana, Batesville 

Ingram, Robert, Senatobia 

Inman, Lynn, Bruce 

Irby, Varnill, Coldwater 

Ivy, Debra Ann, Oxford 

Ivy, Keith, Sarah 

Jackson, Denton, Coldwater 

Jackson, Lovell, Senatobia 

Jackson, Sheila, Senatobia 

Jean, Almonzo, Hernando 

Jefferies, Dennis, Sarah 

Jeffries, Elnora, Holly Springs 

Jenkins, Connie, Sardis 


£ - ' " 



Jenkins, Jamie, Como 
Jenkins, Richard, Water Valley 
Jennings, Julia, Como 
Johns, David, Hernando 
Johnson, Alan, Walls 

Johnson, Alfred, Batesville 
Johnson, Andrew, Coldwater 
Johnson, Anthony, Sardis 
Johnson, Berlinda, Oxford 
Johnson, Charles, Batesville 

Johnson, Delphine, Phillipp 
Johnson, Dorothy, Como 
Johnson, Jessie, Tutwiller 
Johnson, Bruce, Mantee 
Johnson, Mark, Church Hill, TN 

Johnson, Mitchell, Vardaman 
Johnson, Rickey, Nesbit 
Johnson, Sidney, Oxford 
Johnson, Teresa, Oxford 
Jones, Alice, Abbeville 

Jones, Amy, Olive Branch 
Jones, Beverly, Batesville 
Jones, Bobby, Sardis 
Jones, Carolyn, Batesville 
Jones, Eric, Coldwater 

Jones, Gloria, Memphis 
Jones, Gwendolyn, Hernando 
Jones, Lou Verne, Batesville 
Jones, Nita, Water Valley 
Jones, Sherra, Oxford 

Jordon, Mary, Lamar 
Jordan, Scottie, Nesbit 
Joy, Calvin, Oxford 
Kahlor, Jeanette, Senatobia 



Keel, David, Nesbit 

Kelly, Katherine, Senatobia 

Kelly, Margie, Marks 

Kelly, Tina, Bruce 

Kelsay, Tommy, Batesville 

Key, Paula, Coldwater 
Keys, Debra, Tunica 
Kiihnl, Anita, Sardis 

Kimble, Gwen, Tunica 
King, Dixie, Vance 

King, Jannis, Coldwater 

King, Joel, Water Valley 

Koph, Regina, Coldwater 

Kroll, George, Horn Lake 

Kroush, Patricia, Hernando 

Kuvers, Valter, Batesville 

Lafayette, Richie, Calhoun City 

Lafayette, Trunda, Bruce 

Lambert, Phyllis, Batesville 

Lamar, Janet, Oxford 

Lamar, Wini, Sardis 

Lance, James, Senatobia 

Lane, David, Memphis 

Langston, LeAnne, Hernando 

Lanier, Linda, Sardis 

Lauderdale, Lisa, Senatobia 

Lawrence, Darnell, Marks 

Lawson, Dwayne, Byhalia 

Lee, Gloria, Courtland 

Lee, Harvey, Hernando 

Legge, Jr., Jim, Senatobia 

Lester, Ervia, Courtland 

Lester, Mae, Oxford 

Lester, Shelia, Detroit, Mich. 

Lewis, Annie Pearl, Sardis 



Lewis, Deborah, Senatobia 
Lewis, Edith, Como 
Lewis, Eric, Senatobia 
Lewis, James, Charleston 
Liles, Chrystal, Sardis 

Liles, James,Holly Springs 
Lincoln, Rodney, Olive Branch 
Lipford, Paula, Senatobia 
Liston, Bob, Crowder 
Little, Bobby, Grenada 

Little, John, Grenada 
Little, Michael, Grenada 
Little, Stan, Webb 
Littlejohn, Kent, Oxford 
Littlejohn, V. J., Batesville 

Livingston, Alice, Sardis 
Loftis, James, Southaven 
Logan, Betty, Hernando 
Logan, Gina, Hernando 
Logan, Julius, Abbeville 

Logue, Donna, Batesville 
Long, Lori, Sardis 
Lott, Laci, Batesville 
Lott, Mary, Lambert 
Lowry, Laura, Holly Springs 

Luster, Annette, Oxford 
Mabry, Linda, Senatobia 
Mabry, Miranda, Senatobia 
Mabus, Sherry, Enid 
Mack, Elnora, Senatobia 

Maclin, Bradley, Ashland 
Madison, Joyce, Batesville 
Madlock, Calvin, Sardis 
MaGee, Jeff, Batesville 
Magness, Jerry, Macon, Tenn. 



Mammas, Kathy, Water Valley 

Mangrum, Kelly, Senatobia 

Mann, Rhonda, Starkvi lie 

Marion, Oscar, Holly Springs 

Maroney, Carolyn, Memphis 

Marrouche, |alil, Venezuela 

Marshall, Mark Alan, Vardaman 

Martin, Sherri, Bruce 

Martinez, Ivette, Puerto Rico 

Mask, Mary, Crowder 

Mask, Mary, Batesville 
Mask, Peggy, Senatobia 

Massey, Anita, Holly Springs 
Massey, Gay, Memphis 

Massey, Michael, Coldwater 

Matthews, Monica, Senatobia 

Maxey, Sandra, Hernando 

Maxwell, Charles, Nesbit 

Maxwell, Darlene, Olive Branch 

Mayes, Sylvester, Abbeville 

Mays, Annie, Calhoun City 

McBrayer, Terry, Charleston 

McCain, Christina, Ashland 

McClatchy, Henry, Wyatte 

McClatchey, Ollie Mae, Senatobia 

McCluskey, Susan, Tippo 

McCombs, Mary, Calhoun City 

McCracken, Tommy, Horn Lake 

McCullar, Linda, Senatobia 

McDaniel, David, Memphis 

McDaniel, Mary, Hernando 

McElroy, Gwendolyn, Hernando 

McFall, Sonya, Lamar 

McGhee, Dianne, Coldwater 

McGhee, Gregory, Crenshaw 

*<^k' A /A 



McGill, Robert, Senatobia 
McGlothian, Carolyn, Crenshaw 
McKee, Mary, Coahoma 
McKenzie, Bill, Ashland 
McKenzie, Julie, Holly Springs 

McKibben, Denise Ann, Water Valley 
McKinney, Ida, Holly Springs 
McKinney, Sandra, Tunica 
McLain, Cynthia, Memphis 
McMillian, Janet, Tillatoba 

McMinn, Mike, Batesville 
McNair, Antony, Vardaman 
McNeal, Albert, Tunica 
McNeil, Annice, Memphis 
McNeil, Barbara, Byhalia 

McPhail, Lisa, Senatobia 
McReynolds, Vicci, Senatobia 
Medlock, Charles Jr., Independence 
Melton, Alice, Horn Lake 
Melton, Dillard, Tutwiler 

Menley, Larry, Pope 
Milam, Elizabeth, Hernando 
Miller, Betty, Marks 
Miller, Gary, Marks 
Miller, Helen, Pittsboro 

Miller, Lorean, Sumner 

Miller, Mitchell, Oxford 

Mingo, Charles Henry, Arron Summit, Ohio 

Mitchell, Birdia, Holly Springs 

Mitchell, Elaine, Oxford 

Mixon, Renee, Coldwater 
Mock, Renee, Senatobia 
Mohon, Glen, Southaven 
Monroe, Les, Church Hill, Tenn. 
Montgomery, Yvonne, Memphis 



Moore, Barry, Batesville 

Moore, Denise, Pope 

Moore, Joe, Tupelo 

Moore, Ronnie, Batesville 

Moorman, Brenda, Oxford 

Moorman, Jeff, Batesville 

Mora, Olga, Venezuela 

Morgan, James, Lake Cormorant 

Morgan, Terry, Pope 

Morrow, Brad, Memphis 

Morrow, Margaret, Batesville 

Morton, Anita Fay, Nesbit 

Mosby, Dennis, Olive Branch 

Moses, Sallie, Marks 

Mosley, Randy E., Senatobia 

Moss, Brenda F., Sledge 

Mothershead, Valera, Pleasant Grove 

Mullins, Curtis, Independence 

Murchison, Tina, Oxford 

Murphree, Donna, Oxford 

Murphy, Jennifer, Sarah 

Murphy, Linda C, Abbeville 

Murphy, Lisa Carol, Byhalia 

Murray, Rick, )ackson 

Myers, Terry, Walls 

Nabors, Linda, Batesville 

Neal, Judy, Senatobia 

Neeley, Richard, Horn Lake 

Neil, Jeri, Glen Allan 

Nelson, Eric, Memphis 

Nelson, Malinda Fay, Olive Branch 

Nelson, MaryLee, Olive Branch 

Nesbitt, Brenda Kay, Byhalia 

Newborn, Sandra, Olive Branch 

Newman, Steve, Senatobia 



Newsom, Denise, Independence 
Newsom, Farron, Independence 
Newsom, Sandra Kay, Senatobia 
Newton, Mark, Charleston 
Nichols, John, Water Valley 

Nichols, Karen Ann, Conehatta 
Nichols, Michele, Memphis 
Nichols, Patricia, Byhalia 
Nicks, Brenda, Abbeville 
Norman, Jacqueline, Hernando 

Norman, Verna, Hernando 
Olita, Cathy, Olive Branch 
OMie, Ethel, Memphis 
O'Neal, Cynthia, Sarah 
Orange, Diane, Senatobia 

Orange, Sandra, Memphis 
Orman, Jane, Hickory Flat 
Osborn, Bob, Southaven 
Overall, David, Hernando 
Owen, William Joe, Hickory Flat 

Parker, Mark, Calhoun City 
Parker, Sammie, Holly Springs 
Patrick, Jr., Houston, Horn Lake 
Patton, Nancy, Bruce 
Pegues, Cassandra, Holly Springs 

Pegues, Kenneth, Holly Springs 
Penn, Knox, Grenada 
Pennington, Banks, Marks 
Perkins, Georgia, Oxford 
Perkins, William, Hickory Flat 

Perry, Susie, Batesville 
Perryman, Katherine, Coldwater 
Petrea, James, Strayhorn 
Pettis, Martha, Oxford 
Pew, Delois, Robinsonville 



Phillips, Carrie, Oxford 
Phillips, Carrie L, Memphis 

Phillips, Joseph A., Byhalia 
Phillips, Mary, Olive Branc h 

Pighee, Sandra, Hernando 

Pilch, Pamela, Water Valley 
Pinson, Sandra, Holly Springs 
Pittman, Patricia, Coffeeville 

Plunk, Marnelle, Batesville 
Polk, Jerry, Lambert 

Pollard, James, Batesville 

Pollard, Sylvester, Courtland 

Porter, Sandra, Senatobia 

Porter, Tyrone, Memphis 

Pounders, Gary, Lake Cormorant 

Powers, Kevin, Hernando 

Powers, Marvin, Holly Springs 

Powers, Paula, Coldwater 

Presley, Fannie Lee, Sledge 

Price, Barbara, Coldwater 

Prince, Lewis, Charleston 

Province, Sandra, Belen 

Pryor, Daisy, Lambert 

Pugh, Brett, Batesville 

Purdy, Ken, Coffeeville 

Quillen, Rita, Bruce 

Quinn, Larry Jerome, Darling 

Radebaugh, Teresa, Independence 

Ragsdale, Dutch, Coldwater 

Ramseur, George, Independence 

Ramsey, Patsy, Oxford 

Ramsey, Rene, Oxford 

Ramsey, Sherry, Coldwater 

Rath, Pamela Lynn, Batesville 

Ray, Johnny, Independence 



Ray, Stacey, Hernando 
Reaves, Eland, Michigan City 
Red, Jeffery, Sarah 
Red, Ralph Allen, Sarah 
Redmon, Maureen, Coldwater 

Reed, Billy, Senatobia 
Reed, Effie, Batesville 
Reeves, Craig, Water Valley 
Reynolds, Debbie, Hernando 
Rhodes, Jeff, Strayhorn 

Rich, Sylivia, Southaven 
Richard, Regina, Courtland 
Richardson, Kay, Courtland 
Richardson, Richie, Murray, Ky. 
Richmond, Andrea, Memphis 

Rikard, Wayne, Pope 
Riley, Annette, Senatobia 
Rines, Mark, Coldwater 
Roberts, Alyce, Senatobia 
Roberts, Marlene, Grenada 

Roberts, Randy Wade, Hernando 
Roberts, William, Holly Springs 
Robertson, Berta, Hernando 
Robertson, Pearl, Hernando 
Robinson, Annette, Hernando 

Robuck, Molly Maude, Bruce 
Rodgers, Phyllis, Byhalia 
Rogers, Sheridan, Oxford 
Rogers, Tammy, Oxford 
Rollins, Tim, Olive Branch 

Ross, Rich, Oakland 
Ross, Rob, Olive Branch 
Rotenberry, Jesse A., Lambert 
Rowe, Stella, Sarah 
Rovvell, Delois, Tunica 




Rutland, Tim, Lula 

Rutherford, Hazel, Ashland 

Russell, Wayne, Calhoun City 

Russell, Ken, Batesville 

Rush, Ricky, Memphis 

Roy, Karen, Marks 

Rowland, Kenneth, Oakland 

Rowell, Vergie, Tunica 

Sallim, Wilier, Nesbit 

Samples, Cathy, Ashland 

Samples, Debbie, Horn Lake 

Sanders, Mary, Oxford 

Sanders, Jimmie, Senatobia 

Sanders, John, Charleston 

Sanders, Terri, Senatobia 

Sanders, Tim, Senatobia 

Sanford, Nancy, Courtland 

Sandford, Pat, Southaven 

Saucier, Susan, Oxford 

Schiele, Lisa, Lambert 

Schingle, Lisa, Byhalia 

Scruggs, Connie, Batesville 

Scruggs, Dee, Hernando 

Scruggs, Douglas, Sard is 

Schuckley, Danny, Calhoun City 

Sealy, Jim, Senatobia 
Sessom, Alvin, Byhalia 

Sessum, Roy, Olive Branch 
Sevvell, Barbara, Marks 

Shack, Brenda, Coldwater 

Shackleford, Amy, Baldwyn 
Shannon, Gwendolyn, Enid 

Shannon, Herbert, Hernando 
Shaw, Cathy, Waterford 

Shaw, Debbie, Holly Springs 



Shaw, Tammy, Holly Springs 
Shegog, Linda, Enid 
Shelton, Susie, Senatobia 
Shipp, Edward, Southaven 
Shipp, Melvin, Dundee 

Shivers, Vickie, Hernando 
Shoemaker, Cathy, Southaven 
Short, Stephanie, Oxford 
Simmons, Bobby, Grenada 
Simmons, Ira, Coldwater 

Simmons, Randy, Water Valley 
Simmson, Vickie, Tunica 
Simpson, Pam, Hernando 
Simpson, Timothy, Senatobia 
Sims, Angie, Bruce 

Sims, Cleveland, Sardis 
Sinquefield, Hugh, Southaven 
Sisk, Earnestine, Oxford 
Sistrunk, Clay, Franklin 
Sitzler, Charles, Water Valley 

Skeene, Marilyn, Coldwater 
Skelton, Glenn, Lamar 
Smalley, Brenda, Courtland 
Smalley, David Lee, Enid 
Smith, Calvin Lee, Batesville 

Smith, Debbie, Coldwater 
Smith, Deborah, Sardis 
Smith, Eddie, Chickasaw 
Smith, Joyce, Chickasaw 
Smith, Judy, Marks 

Smith, Marvin, Robinsonvil 
Smith, Patricia, Coldwater 
Smith, Sammy, Marion 
Smith, Shelia, Southaven 
Smith, Shirley, Lambert 



Smith, Tamala, Marks 

Smith, Troy, Enid 

Southerland, Ernest, Batesville 

Sovvell, Larry, Tunica 

Sowell, Mark, Hernando 

Sparrenberger, Billy, Olive Branch 

Spearman, Mack, Glendora 

Spearman, Patsy, Glendora 

Spencer, Gayle, Batesville 

Spencer, Thomas, Sarah 

Spradling, Charlie, Bruce 

Standridge, Terri, Cascilla 

Stanford, Lynn, Oxford 

Stanford, Rhonda, Nesbit 

Stanton, Jonna, Holly Springs 

Stark, Cindi, Hernando 

Stasiulis, Elizabeth, Southaven 

Steinman, Carol, Senatobia 

Stephenson, Gayle, Olive Branch 

Stevens, Amy, Batesville 

Stevenson, Butler, Holly Springs 

Stewart, Bobby, Hernando 

Stewart, Lynn, Bruce 

Still, William, Sardis 

Stitt, Delia, Sardis 

Stittiams, Eric, Memphis 

Stokes, James, Marks 

Stovall, Velvet, Calhoun City 

Strickland, Deborah, Southaven 

Strickland, Michael, Sardis 

Strickland, Michael, Ashland 

Strong, Charles, Courtland 

Stroup, Dianne, Ponotoc 

Stroup, Sandra, Crowder 

Suggs, Melanie, Grenada 



Suggs, Steve, Tunica 
Sulbaran, Jose, Venezuela 
Sullivan, Benny, Batesville 
Sutton, Jan, Corinth 
Swearengen, Thomas, Water Valley 

Swinney, James, Colclwater 
Sykes, Janet, Byhalia 
Tabor, Teresa, Southaven 
Tally, Florene, Holly Springs 
Tate, Victor, Memphis 

Taylor, Benatha, Charleston 
Taylor, Robert, Cleveland 
Taylor, Susan, Coldwater 
Tedford, Bobbie, Bruce 
Tenner, Ginger, Charleston 

Teran, Carlos, Venezuela 
Thomas, Kate, Tunica 
Thomas, Pam, Batesville 
Thomas, Sandra, Coldwater 
Thompson, Annette, Hernando 

Thompson, Jamie, Nesbit 
Thompson, Joyce, Thaxton 
Thompson, Kathy, Hickory Flat 
Thompson, Keith, Ashland 
Thompson, Nick, Hickory Flat 

Thompson, Peggy, Memphis 
Thompson, Rochelle, Oxford 
Thompson, Sharon, Memphis 
Thompson, Tim, Oxford 
Tornton, Ann, Senatobia 

Tidwell, Denise, Water Valley 
Tidwell, Erma, Water Valley 
Tidwell, Marilyn, Oxford 
Tidwell, Patricia, Oxford 
Tillman, Henry, Marks 

-mVv ' 



Tipler, Rutha, Ashland 

Toles, Kenneth, Taylor 

Totten, Martha, Holly Springs 

Townsend, Brenda, Sardis 

Townsend, Vivian, Memphis 

Trimm, Debra, Southaven 

Trotter, Galmer, Grenada 

Troutt, Louise, Oakland 

Troutt, Tom, Senatobia 

Turnage, Jeffery, Marks 

Turman, Beverly, Crenshaw 

Turner, Aneeda, Bruce 

Turner, Euvon, Memphis 

Turner, Sheryl, Southaven 

Tyson, Lettie, Taylor 

Underwood, Ann, Holly Springs 

Upchurch, Robert, Coffeeville 

Vance, Kenneth, Tippo 

Vannada, Mollie, Tunica 

Vaughn, Charles, Nesbit 

Vaughn, Traci, Walls 

Venezia, Vince, Memphis 

Vick, Melinda, Senatobia 

Wade, Dee, Oxford 

Wade, Guy Ray, Memphis 

Waldrip, Dawn, Arkabutla 

Walker, Doris, Bruce 

Walker, Patricia, Hernando 

Walker, Reginald, Memphis 

Walker, Sylvester, Glendora 

Walker, Wayne, Hernando 

Wall, Jim, Hickory Flat 

Wallace, James, Phillipp 

Wallace, Lorene, Sledge 

Wallace, Mark, Southaven 




Wallace, Robert, Webb 
Walls, Deanne, Sardis 
Walls, Lynda, Coldwater 
Walton, Charles, Batesvil 
Walton, Dorothy, Sardis 

Warner, James, Big Creek 
Warren, Janet, Senatobia 
Washington, Dynitha, Darling 
Washington, Grace, Memphis 
Washington, James, Dundee 

Watkins, Stacy, Abbeville 
Watkins, Kim Michael, Olive Branch 
Watts, William, Coffeeville 
Webb, Teresa, Senatobia 
Webb, Joe, Bruce 

Weeden, Peggy, Horn Lake 
Welch, Barry, Sarah 
Welch, Jimmy, Horn Lake 
Wells, Paula, Olive Branch 
West, Jerrie, Potts Camp 

Whalen, Marty, Senatobia 
Whaley, David, Potts Camp 
Wheeler, Helen, Oxford 
Wheeler, Mike, Charleston 
Whisenant, Richard, Holly Springs 

White, Addie, Oakland 
White, Benny, Coldwater 
White, Joyce, Scobey 
White, Sammie, Hernando 
White, Scott, Batesville 

White, Shelia, Water Valley 
Whitehorn, Marcie, Memphis 
Whithy, Randall, Greneda 
Whitten, Johnny F., Cascilla 
Whitten, Johnny M., Cascilla 



Whitten, Suzanne, Senatobia 

Whitworth, Marty, Coldwater 

Wiggins, Milton Ford, Tutwiler 

Wilborn, Earline, Byhalia 

Wilbourn, Ethel, Como 

Wilkins, Kenneth, Oxford 

Wilkins, Michael, Holly Springs 

Wilkins, Percell, Holly Springs 

Wilkinson, Mark, Hernando 

Wilkinson, Richard, Memphis 

Williams, Alvin, Coldwater 

Williams, Alvin, Oxford 

Williams, Claude, Senatobia 

Williams, David, Oxford 

Williams, Debbie, Batesville 

Williams, Freddy, Senatobia 

Williams, Pamela, Batesville 

Williams, Rosita, Senatobia 

Williamson, Donna, Coldwater 

Williamson, Ercel, Oxford 

Williamson, Linda, Michigan City 

Williamson, Tracy, Water Valley 

Wills, Cindy, Hernando 

Wilson, Bill, Southaven 

Wilson, Jon, Senatobia 

Wilson, Susan, Memphis 

Wilson, Tim, Southaven 

Wood, Jackie, Crenshaw 

Woodall, James, Taylor 

Woodiel, Bobby, Southaven 

Woods, Beverly, Holly Springs 

Woods, Brad, West Memphis, Ark. 

Woods, Gloria, Olive Branch 

Wooley, Jeff, Southaven 

Woolfolk, Mike, Senatobia 


Youngblood, Cheryl, Coldwater 
Zinn, Shirlette, Bruce 


Wooten, Beverly, Senatobia 
Wooten, Cleo, Byhalia 
Wooten, Janice, Hernando 
Wootten, Betty, Sardis 
Wortham, Tony, Oxford 

Wright, Judy, Olive Branch 
Wren, Jennifer, Sledge 
Wrenn, David, Charleston 
Wrenn, Stacey, Charleston 
Wyley, Carolyn, Olive Branch 

Wyman, Allen, Potts Camp 
Yancey, Terri, Batesville 
Yarbrough, Cindy, Coll iervi Me, Tenn. 
Yarbrough, Maxine, Sout haven 
Yarbrough, Scott, Bruce 

Yates, Gail, Batesville 
Yeager, Mary, Hernando 
Young, James, Oxford 
Young, Laverne, Memphis 
Young, Lesliane, Nesbit 



LuAnne Mize, Editor 

Hall Council 


Margaret White 


Glen Ray Mohon 

Evelyn )ones 

Sherry Traywick 

Ronald Wayne Hale 

Diann McGhee 

Christy Gallagher 

David Eugene Whaley 

Dawn Waldrip 

Paul Kwasinski 


Belinda Radebaugh 

Scott Fiew 

Alex Smith 

Patti Young 

Lee Roy Feathers 

Scott Williamson 
Lynn Holland 

Lori Latham 


Ken Purdy 


Debbie Metcalfe 

)oe Owens 

Vanna Langdon 

Wanda Carlton 

Don Smith 

Joyce Madison 

Pam Rath 

Sharon Tubb 

Esther Echols 


Barbara Fondren 

Martha Totten 

Ricky Rush 

Kaye Mays 

Wendell Quattlebum 

Mneda Davis 


Dan Countiss 

Becki Borthwick 

Sharon Bolton 

Lloyd Garner 

Alyse Roberts 

Rickey Berry 

Elizabeth (Beth) White 

Randy Cosby 

Myra Boling 

lames Dowdy 


Thomas Carpenter, President 
Pam Graves, Vice President 
Belinda Shirley, Secretary 

Senate members include a 
representative from all 
clubs, organizations, 
and dormitories on 


Les Fauves 

Mary Brassel, Reporter 

Barry Clark 

Tom Ellis 

Jane Flowers, Vice President 

David Hancock 

Garland Hoffman 

Kathy Irby 

Cindy Lancaster 

Winfred Rankins, President 

Maureen Redmon 

Mildred Wasserman, Sec. -Treasurer 

Jac Young 
Lane Tutor 


David Linder 
SGA President 

Thomas Carpenter 
Senate President 

Dorthea Reese 

Judicial Council President 

Mary McDonald 
SGA Vice-President 



Student Government Association 


Belinda Shirley 

Mary Green 

Lynn Holland 

Sophomore Class President 


Steve Arnold 

Freshman Class President 


Commercial Art 

Carol Allen 

Mike Reed 

Ricky Berry 

Mavis Scott 

Scott Craven 

Linda Spina 

Cordis Carothers 

Annette Thompson 

Mark Foshee 

Tim Thompson 

Christy Gallagher 

John Todd 

Mary Green 

Sherry Traywick 

Vicki Huddleston 

Cindy Turner 

Stephanie Maxwell 

Sponsor: Camille Fly 


Bonita Colston 
Wayne Ferguson 
Barbara Fondren 
Linda Little 
Mary MacDonald 
Debbie Metcalf 
Margiree Perry 
Patti Young 
Ron Cables, Sponsor 

■!>:,!■■ ';': ',.".;■.!/";''...: 

Science Club 

Engineers' Club 

Robert Edward Clay 

Maria Isabel Pagnini 

Connie Correro 

Houston Price Patrick, Jr. 

Marcus Earl Daniel 

Carole Jean Renfro 

John B. Goodwin 

Robert B. Ross 

Miguel E. Guedez 

Marcus Sanchez 

Ronald W. Hale 

Lisa Louise Schingle 

Timothy Hale 

Raymond Scott Trantham 

Glenn Edward Herring 

Melinda Vick 

David Johns 

Robert Allen Wallace 

Robert Lee Logan, Jr. 

Russell Wright 

Denise Joy Moore 

Felix E. Robinson, Sponsor 

Clarence Richard Neeley 


Nurses Association 

Terri L. Adams 
Donna C Adkins 
Amy Ahrens 
Warrett Alexander 
Alice M. Amos 
Dorothy | Anderson 
Cindy Armstead 
Ian Barbour 
ludy Beasly 
Pamela Berry 
Luvenia A. Bolden 
Toya P. Booker 
Robin Bruckner 
Karen Burnelle 
Cheryl Byars 
lanet Caldwell 
Barbara Campbell 
Charlott A. Campbell 
lanet Chambers 
Rose Curry 
Kathy Cook 
Beth M. Cosby 
Dianne Carver 
Charlesetta Davis 
loey Davis 
Nellie Delorme 
David Dewitt 
Rose Dunlap 
Katherine Duggar 

Kathenne Edwards 
Tina Ehemann 
Tammie Enlow 
Susan Eyans 
Martha Event! 
Rosie Eaulkner 
Nancy Feathers 
Cindy Ferguson 
Francine Fly 
Mary Fuller 
Mary Harris 
Willie Hasting 
Elsie Hayes 
Paula Hefner 
Brenda Hood 
Marnie Holden 
Sarnmie K. Holloman 
Elaine Howard 
Teresa Hunter 
Rita lackson 
Rebecca lames 
Connie L. lenkins 
Mary k. lohnson 
Sharon lohnson 
Margaret A. lohnson 
Gloria L lones 
Susan Kairit 
Geraline Leatherwood 
Martha Lee 

Pamela Little 
Mary L. Mask 
Peggy Mask 
Monica Matthews 
Bonnie McEwen 
Sharon Mclnvale 
Nola McNeil 
Linda McCullar 
Cynthia McLain 
Alice Melton 
Margaret Mills 
Laurie Monteith 
Tammie Morris 
Carmen Morgan 
Mary K Moody 
Margaret Nickle 
Kathy Noffsinger 
Sandra Orange 
Carol Payne 
Darla Payne 
Pamela Pitch 
Cathy Pleasants 
Shirley Polk 
Gary Pounders 
Bernice Ray 
Linda Read 
Melinda Rowland 
Annie Sallis 
Barbara Sowell 

Patricia Simmons 
Annie Sledge 
Barbara Smith 
Yvonne Smith 
Tern Standridge 
Rhonda Steyens 
Dianne Stroup 
lane Sullivan 
Linda Sulton 
Annabeth Taylor 
Ann Taylor 
Patricia Taylor 
Vernita Thomas 
Peggy Thompson 
Sharon Thompson 
Regina Vaighters 
Barbara Wages 
Susan Wilson 
Cathy White 
lackie Wood 
Beverly Woods 
Tamar D. Wofford 
Rita Wolfe 
Sandara K.Wright 
Maxine Yarbrough 
Lavern Young 
Cheryl Youngblood 


The Entertainers 



Scarlett Blankenship 

Spence Beamon — sax, guitar 

Bonita Colston 

Don Smith — drums 

Ruthie Curbow 

Larry Huey — trumpet 

Lewis Davis 

Wendell Ouattlebaum — Bass 

Tammy Gill 

Alan Berry — Baritone 

Sara Hadely 

Marilyn Harris 


Glenn Herring 

Micheal Woodard 

Chuck Hughes — Horn Lake 

Karen Young 

Ray Denison 


Northwest Technical Society 

Sam Armstrong 

Mike Gosa 

Micheal Little 

James Barton 

Melvin Grant 

Randy Martindale 

L. Allene Bone 

Odell Gross 

David McElhaney 

Leslie Bone 

Donny Hale 

Mike McMinn 

Mark Brown 

Kerry Hale 

Joe Owen 

Al Bright 

Walt Hardy 

David Pullen 

Joseph Brown 


Eland Reaves 

Danny Cargile 

Jeff Houston 

Jeff Red 

Susan Coleman 

Andrey Kuvers 

Ralph Red 

Larry Cook 

Johny Lawrence 

Don Schenzel 

Steve Couch 

Jamie Ledbetter 

Bobby Simmons 

Mike Edwards 

Rodney Lincoln 

Bob Long, Sponsor 

William Gore 

Bobby Little 

Jim Carr, Sponsor 



Katie Cook 

Connie McKelroy 

Ruthie Curbow 

Wendy Merritt 

Jill Graves 

Ian Mills 

Marilyn Harris 

Belinda Radebaugh 

Teri Hayes 

Dawn Waldrip 

towanda Hill 


Alan Berry 

Jimmy Bishop 

Chuck Hughes 

Lewis Davis 

Henry James 

James Farris 

Andrew Johnson 

Mike Crimes 

Wendell Quadlebaum 

Larry Huey 

Michael Woodard 


Pre- Vet Club 

Robert Huel 
Robert Hyde 
Martinez Ivette 
David Keel 
Karen McMillan 
Rick Murray 
Becky Nail 
Harold Newcomb 
Sheila G. Smith 
William Sissell, Sponsor 


Randy Baker 
Bill Benoist 
Daniel Bolden 
Gary Boyle 
Bill Boyd 
Van Boyd 
Brad Carpenter 
Mike Clark 
William Crenshaw 
Jimmy Davis 
Allen Elkins 
Randa Hancock 
Albert Kennedy 
Tom Leishman 
Mark Mackey 
)erry Magness 
Aaron Mallory 

Terry Morgan 
Ronnie McDaniel 
Kenny Morrow 
Ric Mabry 
Aurelia Pannell 
Dude Penrod 
Mark Pickett 
Kenneth Rowland 
Eddie Smith 
Robert Steele 
Mike Stroup 
Bart Tomlinson 
Timmy Thomas 
Nick Thompson 
David Wiseman 
Terri Yancey 

Agriculture Club 


Baptist Student Union 

Hattie Askew 

Mary Green 

Margiree Perry 

Tim Atkins 

Mike Grimes 

Winfred Rankin 

Alan Berry 

Debbie Gullett 

Phyllis Rogers 

jimmy Bishop 

Sara Hadley 

Belinda Shirley 

Phylisteen Blackburn 

Brenda Havens 

Sarah Snipes 

Debbie Breedlove 

Mike Hendrix 

Julie Stroupe 

Nancy Brooks 

Alicia Herrington 

Lisa Walker 

Marcia Cain 

Angie Hopkins 

Lisa Walton 

)ulie Clerget 

Deborah )ohns 

lanet Warren 

Katie Cook 

Janice Johnson 

Sharon Warren 

Clark Curbow 

)im Laughlin 

Stacy Watkins 

Alneda Davis 

Edward Leland 

Percy Webb 

Dale Davis 

David Linder 

Natdebra Williams 

Scott Fiew 

Gloria Lyons 

Robert Woodson 

Norma Fondren 

|eri Neil 

Dr. Tommy Leach, 

)ody Gibson 

Brenda Nesbit 
Annie Perry 



Jimmy Bishop 

Nancy Brooks 

Sandra Greer 

Terri Hayes 

Linda Penna 

Mike Reed 

Joyce Tate 

Dawn Waldrop 

Samuel Christ Sr., Sponsor 


Student Educators National 


Lewis Davis — 

William Franklin 


Mike Grimes 

Alan Berry — Vice 

Sara Hadley 


Larry Muse 

Wendy Merritt — 

Wendy Quattlebaum 


Van Rucker 

Dawn Waldrip — 

Rhonda Walker 


Anita Williams 

Spencer Beaman 

Joe Burgess 

Katie Cook 

lames Farris 


Stephen Di Hard 

Wilber Parker 

Harold Dye 

Linda Penna 

Carl Garrison 

Ann Rogers 

Eddie Grey 

Maritta Rudd 

Sidney Johnson 

Joy Tate 

Mark Lewis 

Clarence Waldon 

Student Broadcasters 


Rodeo Team 


Livestock Judging Team 



■" :- i--' ■ 



Rodeo Team 

Pam Bell 

Mike Clark 

Randa Hancock 

Dude Penrod 

John Mark Pickett 

Mike Stroup 

Bart romlinbon 

David Wiseman 

Terri Yancey 

Lawerence "Bud" Young, 


Judging Team 

Mike Clark 

Dude Penrod 

John Mark Pickett 

Bart Tombinson 

David Wiseman 

Terri Yancy 

Dick Demuth, Sponsor 



Sandra Greer 
juanita Jones 
Renee Mixon 
Tina Murchison 
Jennifer Murphy 
Melinda Vick 
Mary Chandler 
Lisa Collins 
Edwina Crocker 
Karen McMillan 
Tina Moore 
Beth Skelton 

Becky Borthwick 
Nancy Brooks 
James Farris 
Sandra Hammond 
James Henry 
Teresa Radebaugh 
Marcie Whitehorn 
Gail Yates 
Julie Clerget 
Jan Chism 
Deeann Ferguson 
Alicia Herrington 
Scott Kincheloe 
Annice McNeil 
Lisa Stroupe 
Donna Williamson 
Esther Echols 
Evelyn Johnson 
Spence Beamon 
Peggy Bridgeforth 
Wanda Carlton 
Scott Fiew 
William Franklin 
Paul Kwasinski 
Randy Mosley 
Wendell Quattlebaum 
Mark Rines 
Gregg Schmitt 
James Washington 
Donald Wrenn 
Rhonda Walker 
David Pace 
Ethel Reed 
Janet Rose 
Jeff Be 

Robert Burford 
Joe Willie Burgess 
Cassandra Carter 
Mike Grimes 
Larry Huey 
Edward Leland 
Mark Lewis 

Edward Herring 
Willie Floyd McGill 
Steve Newman 
Gary Pounders 
Sandra Thomas 
Michael Woolfolk 
Charles Watkins 
David Wrenn 
Gene Barnett 
Tony Brown 
Michael Johnson 
Thomas Rose 
Vivian Townsend 
Allan Berry 
Richard Gordon 
Debra Ann Gullett 
James Laughlin 
David Morris 
Harlan Harris 
David Johns 
Clifford Morrow 

Larry Muse 
Clarence Neeley 
Victor Tate 
Leslie Bone 
Mike Chandler 
Lewis Davis 
Harold Finney 
Stephanie Garner 
Jerry Garrett 
Eddie Gray 
Carol Hardin 
Charles Hughes 
Charles Maxwell 
Linda Penna 
Van Rucker 
Don Smith 
Bobby Stewart 
Velvet Stoval I 
Thomas Tutor 
Joe Webb 
David Williams 
Willie Lewis Davis 

Marching Band 





41ft » 55 


Bobbie Sue Arnett 
Teresa Tabor 
Brenda Windham 
Kathy Walker 


Tammy Cochran 
Verline Collins 
Bonita Colston 
Mary Ann Doolittle 
Misty Dunavant 
Edith Durrett 
Sara Hadley 
Barbi Hamilton 
Marilyn Harris 
June Owen 
Ouida Skelton 
Cynthia Stark 



Effie Abram 

Dorothy Grant 

Hattie Askew 

Shirley Griffin 

Flora Lee Malone 

Carolyn Avant 

Jean Holcomb 

Marva McCain 

Sallie Batts 

Natalie Hudson 

Tommy McCracken 

Connie Blann 

Teresa Huffman 

Rebecca Newson 

Christine Britt 

Elsie Marcia Hunt 

Ruby Jean Oliva 

Connie Caffey 

Lovell Jackson 

Robbie Pool 

Leslie Campbell 

Margaret Jeter 

Pasty Ramsey 

loan Conley 

Nora Lee John 

Stella Rowe 

Verline Collins 

Cassandra Jones 

Wanda Scott 

Pamela Dahl 

Lou Verne 

Dee Scruggs 

lames Davis 

Jeanette Kahlor 

Annette Todd 

Derita Deshay 

Mae Willie Lester 

Debra Williams 

Lee Roy Feathers 

Patrica Lewis 

Margie Beck, Sponsor 

Susan Foster 

Sherry Mabus 

Mary Long, Sponsor 

Cosmetology Club 

Alisa Ammons 
James Bishop 
lean Burnham 
David Burns 
Debbie Enlow 
Dawn Fielder 
Pamela Graves 
Barbara Hamilton 
Bettye lames 

Deborah )ohns 
Dorothy King 
Joyce Madison 
Gwendolyn McElroy 
Daren Roy 
Oudia Skelton 
Shelia Smith 
Sandra Stocks 
Jep Clemens, Sponsor 

Paralegal Club 



Top (I tor) 
Catrina Dye 
Terri Solden 
Lisa Beard 
Bottom (I to r) 
Suzanne Whitten 
Jan Wooten 
Rosita Williams 
Jill Graves 
Micki Wage 
Michelle Nichols 


Physical Education Majors Club 

Bobby Bailey 

Judy Edington, President 

Eric Nelson 

Allen Barrios 

Bobby Ferguson 

Sandra Newborn 

Joe Bell 

Teresa Folks 

David Overall 

Melinda Bingham 

Gloria Lee 

Helen Phillips 

Ronald Black 

Greg Logan 

Regina Richardson 

Calvin Boga 

Donna Logue 

Rickey Rush 

Terry Bulter 

Calvin Madlock 

Ricky Sims 

Wade Carpenter 

Karen Mason 

Euvon Turner 

Lee Cobb 

Annice McNeil, Secretary 

Guy Wade 

Eddie Culley, Vice- 

Gregg Millon 

Bobby Woodiel 


Mike Moore 

Margett White 


Juanita Davis 

Ronnie Moore 

Mary Yeager 

Keith Downs 

Dennis Mosby 

Karen Gray, Sponsor 

Gary Drewery 


Kenneth Ray Adams 

Cindy Armstead 

Vanna E. Langdon 

Allene Bone 

David Linder 

Ruth Bonner 

Linda Little 

Joan Bright 

Garland Luther 

Kenneth Bright 

Deborah L. Metcalfe 

Thomas Carpenter 

Laurie Monteith 

Bonita Jo Colston 

Harold Newcomb 

Chris Cox 

Maria Isbel Pagnmi 

Philip Dale Davis 

Ralph Pohl 

Michael Door 

Michael Reed 

Roxanne Dukes 

Sandy Rittenhouse 

Billie Sue Earney 

Mary Roberson 

Jody Gibson 

Kathy Snider 

Pamela Jo Graves 

Julianna Irene Stroupe 

Brenda J. Havens 

Natalie Swanson 

Ronald G. Hinton 

Brenda Tapp 

Lynn Holland 

Linda Kay Taylor 

Janice Jackson 

Sherry Traywick 

Deborah Faye Johns 

Patti Lynn Young 

Rhonda Faye Keith 

Teresa Lynn Yount 

Phi Theta Kappa 

■■'' Si Mi 

'■■"/':•'■' ''■'■. ■':■. 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Clara Beckett 
Sherry Blount 
Thomas Carpenter 
Laurie Clark 
Robert Craig 
Pam Dees 
johnny Elliot 
Gina Gibson 
Pam Graves 
Gail Griffin 
Barbie Hamilton 
Nancy Hancock 
Lynn Holland 
Janice Jackson 
Edgar Johnson 
Micheal Johnson 
Mike Johnson 
Rhonda Keith 

David Linder 

Mary McDonald 

Connie McKelroy 

Nan McWhirter 

Berta Mister 

Leigh Peterson 

Rita Quillen 

Sandy Rittenhouse 

Belinda Shirley 

Lisa Stroupe 

Pam Taylor 

Dawn Waldrip 

Jim Wall 

Paula Wells 

Scott Williamson 

Lee Ann Wilson 

Scott Yarborough 

Bob Campbell, Sponsor 



Kenny Adams 

Jerry Morris 

Willie Archie 

Clifford Morrow 

Linda Barnett 

Leslie O'Connel 

Bettye Barr 

David Pace 

Alford Blackmon 

Annette Powers 

Sue Brents 

Wayne Rikard 

Tony Brown 

Tim Rutland 

Dexter Brownlee 

Eric Stittiams 

Earl Bryant 

Charles Strong 

Don Buford 

Jeffery Walker 

Brenda Davis 

Stacy Watkins 

Bettye Glover 

Sammy Webb 

Darrell Granberry 

Beth White 

Rusty Houston 

Marty Williams 

Carolyn Hulette 

Donna Kay Williamson 

Dorothy Johnson 

Ann Wright 

Lyon Kerby 

James Young 


Law Enforcement 

Soul Club 

Elizabeth Banks 

Lillie Hassell 

Denise Newson 

Charlotte Bates 

Keith Hawkins 

Margiree Perry 

Sharon Bolton 

Andree Jackson 

Carrie Phyllips 

Alton Brown 

Bernatine Jackson 

Patricia Pittman 

Pamela Brownlee 

Alfred Johnson 

Windell Quatlebaum 

Carla Chandler 

Edgar Johnson 

Dorthia Reese 

Elenor Cole 

Beverly Jones 

Debbie Reynolds 

Eugene Cole 

Carolyn Jones 

Sara Sally 

Vera Conley 

Edward Leland 

Roy Sessom 

Randy Cosby 

Dwight Lewis 

Brenda Shack 

Donna Dandridge 

Eric Lewis 

Barbara Smith 

Gene Dennis 

Marilyn Lipford 

Joy Tate 

James Dowdy 

Greg Logan 

Cheryl Vance 

Albert Finley 

Rufus Mackey 

Margaret White 

Norma Fondra 

Annie K. Mays 

Gloria Woods 

Lynda Harris 

Dianne McGhee 

The Ranger Rocket 

Jaye Mize — Co-Editor 

Belinda Shirley — Co-Editor 

Dale Davis — Managing Editor 

Mike Reed — Photography Editor 

Staff: Steve Arnold, Jimmy Bishop, Janet McMillian, 

LuAnn Mize, Tony Scott, Linda Spina, Pat Zellers — 

Desoto Center Editor 

Diane Sanders — Advisor 


Thomas Carpenter — Editor in Chief 


Campus Life — Thomas Carpenter 
Features — Linda Spina 
Honors — Linda Spina 
Sports — Jaye Mize 
Faculty — Roxanne Dukes 
Classes — Dawn Waldrop 
Organizations — LuAnn Mize 
Desoto Center — Pat Zellers 


Michael Reed — Chief 
David Johnson 
Linda Spina 


Maureen Redman 
Janet McMillian 
Mark Foshee 


Diane Sanders 




££»»-"■■ JONIOf SOLi 


1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 nun 11 ii ir i 
1 1 1 1 p 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 

Desoto Center — Southaven, 


» ;! *£• 

Students and 

Faculty Enjoy 




Y *V' 



< '"*> 





f " M^ismJam 






Keep Students 




Mr. Legs 

Mike Terrell, 




Hall of Fame 
Terri Stone 

Mike Terrell 








Pam Neeley 

:? i u. % -a. 





Mr. and Miss Desoto Center 

Sharon Hensley 
Brian Upton 



m "* 


' m l^asi 


Terri Stone, Most Beautiful 
Teddy Mayhall, Most Handsome 



Robin Marr, Homecoming Queen 


Sophomore Favorites 

Kim Sparks 
Bubba Smith 





Freshman Favorites 

Dana Thorpe 
Rodney Neal 





Pat Zellers, Editor 
Kim Hylander, Editor 
lennine lennings 
Judy Killebrew 
Susan McDavid 
Mark Mullish 
Terri Stone 
Louise Honey, Sponsor 

The Ranger Rocket 










Blackwell, Traci, Nesbit 

Bostick, Arthur, Walls 

Brasher, Frances, Southaven 

Brown, Sylvester, Grenada 

Caldwell, Barry, Olive Branch 

Cathey, Micheal, Senatobia 

Catlett, Sherri, Southaven 

Clarke, Renita, Nesbit 

Cooper, Joyce, Southaven 

Crawford, Karol, Germantown 

Estes, Susan, Olive Branch 

Ford, Joseph, Memphis 

Gunn, Bessie, Memphis 

Heath, Dawn, Southaven 

Houston, Sue, Southaven 

Killebrew, Judith, Horn Lake 

Ladd, Corole, Como 

Lemay, Marvin, Byhalia 

Marr, Robin, Olive Branch 

McDowell, Derek, Hernando 



Meekins, George, Memphis 
Miles, Walter, Memphis 
Pace, Judy, Memphis 
Parsons, Gregory, Horn Lake 

Pettersen, Kwi, Southaven 
Phifer, Nancy, Horn Lake 
Prestage, Charlene, Lambert 
Rouse, Deborah, Bay, Ark. 

Smith, Herbert, Southaven 
Smith, Sally, Hernando 
Sparks, Melodie,Walls 
Stone, Terri, Southaven 

Strickland, David, Senatobia 
Taylor, Leroy, Bassett, Ark. 
Thomas, Madalyn, Southaven 
Turner, Robert, Southaven 

Upton, Brian, Memphis 
Wilbanks, Caren, Olive Branch 
Williams, Christy, Hernando 
Woods, Kathy, Memphis 




Alexander, Denise, Southaven 

Arnold, Patricia, Memphis 

Bain, Alicia, Southaven 

Barlow, Laura, Southaven 

Berry, Barbara, Memphis 

Berry, Bill, Memphis 

Bradford, Joe, Forest 

Brasel, Cynthia, Batesville 

Britt, Keena, Collierville 

Brooks, Marcia, Memphis 

Brown, Bridget, Southaven 

Brown, Leigh, Memphis 

Bryant, Sonya, Nesbit 

Bullard, Jo, Memphis 

Butler, Tina, Hernando 

Case, Randall, Southaven 

Castle, Donna, Walls 

Chrestman, Debra, Southaven 

Conway, Gina, Southaven 

Cordell, Jennifer, Cordova 

Dennis, Catherine, Hernando 



Everitt, Rick, Memphis 
Folk, Denisa, Southaven 
Foy, Thomas, Southaven 
Freeman, Everlean, Olive Branch 

Freeman, Marty, Memphis 
Golden, Natalie, Memphis 
Golden, Tonvia, Southaven 
Green, Linda, Southaven 

Grilli, Leanne, Southaven 
Hall, Tim, Southaven 
Harwell, Tony, Southaven 
Hayles, Judy, Horn Lake 

Hill, Michael, Memphis 
Huffstatler, Carol, Olive Branch 
Hyland, Twana, Batesville 
Johnson, Sharon, Walls 

Johnston, Marion, Memphis 
Jones, Foresteen, Nesbit 
Kelly, Jamie, Southaven 
Kingsley, Leigh, Memphis 



Leek, Chris, Southaven 

Little, Pam, Horn Lake 

Marshall, Judy, Southaven 

Martin, Glen, Memphis 

Mathis, Ginger, Memphis 

Matlock, Peggy, Southaven 

McCain, Everett, Southaven 

McCrary, Ann, Memphis 

McGowan, Carolyn, Nesbit 

McGowan, Mack, Somerville 

Meador, Malinda, Southaven 

Miles, Betty, Southaven 

Miller, Linda, Lake Cormorant 

Moore, John, Southaven 

Morgan, Carla, Southaven 

Morris, Mary, Southaven 

Nagle, Susan, Southaven 

Neeley, Pamela, Memphis 

Pace, Daisy, Hernando 

Parsons, Donna, Southaven 

Poague, Melissa, Southaven 

Pugh, Holly, Southaven 

Ratliff, Barbara, Walls 

Robbins, Donna, Memphis 



Robinson, Rickey, Olive Branch 
Rodgers, Wendy, Southaven 
Ronchester, David, Walls 
Rush, Laura, Horn Lake 

Sledge, Annie, Memphis 
Smith, Tina, Southaven 
Sorrell, Edwin, Horn Lake 
Steadham, Anita, Nesbit 

Steward, Sandra, Memphis 
Strickland, Tracy, Southaven 
Sykes, Brenda, Memphis 
Taylor, Delphine, Memphis 

Thomas, Anita, Memphis 
Thompson, Tammy, Byhalia 
Thompson, Vikki, Southaven 
Turner, Karen, Olive Branch 

Walker, Mattie, Memphis 
West, Gloria, Memphis 
White, Douglas, Memphis 
Wickline, Charlotte, Senatobia 

Whitten, Johnny, Southaven 
Williams, Jackline, Memphis 
Williamson, Teresa, Southaven 
Wilson, Sonia, Walls 



Main Campus 

— A — 

Abel, Teresa Cay 
Abernathy, Roger C. 
Abram, Barbara Ann 
Abram, Effie Dean 
Adair, Clifford 
Adair, Jeffrey Hayden 
Adams, Bobbie A. 
Adams, Elizabeth Mari 
Adams, James Derek 
Adams, John Oscar 
Adams, Judy Ann 
AcJams, Kenneth Ray 
Adams, Mary Louise 
Adams, Steven Dudley 
Adams, Terri Tucker 
Adkins, Donna C. 
Ahrans, Tracy Lee 
Ahrens, Amy Nell 
Akins, James Cordon 
Akins, Johnna Renee 
Aldison, Melinda J. 
Aldndge, Mark Wyane 
Aldridge, Tommy Darel 
Alexander, Levell 
Alexander, Micheal 
Algee, Robert Daniel 
Allen, Carol Jo 
Allen, Timothy Brian 
Allen, Jim 

Allison, Melaine Love 
Amos, Alice Marie 
Amos, Brian David 
Anderson, Agnis Jean 
Anderson, Bettie J. 
Anderson, Bruce 
Anderson, Cheryl Joan 
Anderson, Dorothy 
Anderson, Erick 
Anderson, Janice 
Anderson, Keith 
Anderson, Sharon 
Andrew, Mattie Louis 
Anglin, Mean 
Anton, Patricia 
Anton, William Ray 
Appleberry, Lori Ann 
Arbuckle, Jeri Lynn 
Archie, Tracy Ann 
Archie, Willie F. 
Armistead, Cynthia N. 
Armstead, Larry Lee 
Armstead, Shirley Ann 
Armstrong, Jimmy Earl 
Armstrong, Joy 
Armstrong, Juanita 
Armstrong, Micheal 
Armstrong, Phillip 
Armstrong, Samuel 
Armstrong, Timothy W 
Arnett, Bobbie Sue 
Arnold, Annie Jean 
Arnold, Steven Cordon 
Ashmore, Kenneth 
Askew, Hattie Mae 
Askew, Randy Edward 
Atkins, Timothy 
Austin, Shelly 

Aulry, Cindy )o 
Avant, Carolyn Maria 
Avant, Dorothy Irene 
Aven, Rodger Dale 
Avendano, Alejandro 
Avriett, Cecilia Lee 
Ayers, Gregory 
Azuajc, Joel Alberto 

— B — 

Baggett, Benny Jo 
Bailey, Bobby Lesley 
Bailey, Memmanuel 
Bailey, Mattie Bell 
Bailey, Roy Ellis 
Baird, Danny 
Baker, Christine 
Baker, Danny Nolan 
Baker, Darlene 
Baker, Donna Joe 
Baker, David Lee 
Baker, Kurt Veazey 
Baker, Leon 
Baker, Patty Joyce 
Baker, Randy Lyn 
Baker, Sam Allison 
Baker, Sherry Kay 
Baldwin, Sita Delagdo 
Ballard, Joe Willie 
Ballentine, Julia 
Ballentine, Patricia 
Baltitas, Robert Lyle 
Banks, Belvin Ann 
Banks, Elizabeth Kay 
Banks, Ferruccio Aund 
Baptist, Willete 
Barber, Aaron Dale 
Barbour, Janice Lane 
Barham, Ellison 
Barksdale, Wanda D. 
Barnes, Elizabeth 
Barnett, Albert Gene 
Barnett, Linda Fay 
Barr, Bettye 
Barrios, Lester Allen 
Barron, Grover 
Barton, James Boyce 
Baskin, Joe Nathan 
Bates, Charlotte Rena 
Battle, Gloria 
Batts, Sallie Ann 
Beamon, Spence Larell 
Bean, Linda Fay 
Beard, Ramona Lisa 
Beard, Ricky Thomas 
Beardain, Chris 
Beasley, Judith Rush 
Beckett, Pamela Kay 
Belew, Clarence 
Belfour, John Russell 
Belk, Rhonda K. 
Belk, Linda 
Belk, Suzann Mary 
Bell, B.Joe 
Bell, Cindy Kay 
Bell, Jeffrey David 
Bell, Kelvin 
Bell, Linda Kaye 
Bell, Lisa Ann 

Bell, Pamela A. 
Bell, Phyllis) 
Benefield, Greg Lynn 
Bennett, Edell Maudie 
Bennett, Thomas Evan 
Benton, Andrew Lee 
Benoist, William Dean 
Benson, Willie B. 
Berry, Alan Curtis 
Berry, Pamela J. 
Berry, Richard Lee 
Bicknell, John Allen 
Biggers, Arthur 
Bingham, Melinda 
Bishop, James 
Bishop, Maggie Jean 
Black, Barbara 
Black, Nelshia Renee 
Black, Ronald 
Blackburn, Lisa Anne 
Blackburn, Phylisteen 
Blackmon, Alford 
Blair, Carole Moore 
Blair, Mitzi Joy 
Blake, Jermone Thomas 
Bland, James, Jr. 
Bland, Grace Helen 
Bland, Rodney Lee 
Bland, William 
Blankenship, Scarlett 
Blann, Judy 
Bloom, Charles 
Blount, Sherry Ann 
Blue, Georgia 
Bobo, R.V., Jr. 
Boga, Calvin Louis 
Bolden, Edna Louise 
Bolden, Lonnie Daniel 
Bolden, Luvenia 
Boling, Mechell Renee 
Boling, Myra 
Bolton, Sharon Jeanette 
Bolton, Wesley 
Bonds, Jeannie 
Bone, Leslie Allen 
Bone, Linda Allene 
Bonner, Henry Lee 
Bonner, Ruth 
Booker, Pamela Jo 
Booker, Scott, III 
Booker, Shelia Ann 
Booker, Toya Pinkston 
Boone, Billy 
Boothe, Pamela Denice 
Booze, Sherman 
Borthwick, Rebecca 
Boston, Margaret 
Bouey, Winnie Mae 
Bouey, Jerry Dean 
Bowen, Ellen Morris 
Bowen, Patricia Ann 
Bowes, Richard Clyde 
Bowie, Billy Wright 
Boyd, John Milton 
Boyd, Van Lester 
Boyd, Brenda Sue 
Boyle, Gray Wayne 
Bradford, Charity Mae 
Bradford, Lynda R. 
Bradford, Melvin J. 

Bradley, Emmer Jean 
Bradley, Imogene 
Brandon, Carter Allen 
Brandon, Robert L. 
Brandon, Raiford Orr 
Brandon, Susan Labell 
Brannon, Brenda Anne 
Brasher, Jessie Davis 
Brassel, Mary 
Bratcher, Shirley Ann 
Bratton, Randy 
Brauer, Timothy 
Breedlove, Debbie 
Brents, Sue Ann 
Brewer, Curtis Louis 
Brewer, Robert L. 
Brewer, Michael Glenn 
Brewer, Steven Earl 
Bright, Alvin Ray 
Bright, Kenneth Moore 
Bright, Walca Minnett 
Bridgeforth, Paulette 
Bridgeforth, Peggy 
Briggs, Jean Barlow 
Briscoe, Ellen Renee 
Brister, Jeffrey Cole 
Britt, Christine 
Britt, Michael Reesee 
Brock, Dan Edwin 
Brock, Pamela Sue 
Brock, Penny Ann 
Brock, Sharon Elaine 
Brooks, Betty Mae 
Brooks, Carolyn Faye 
Brooks, Nancy Sue 
Broome, Danielle 
Brower, Rodger 
Brown, Alton Carwin 
Brown, Artenece 
Brown, Betty Joan 
Brown, Brenda Pittman 
Brown, Charlie 
Brown, Debbie Joanne 
Brown, Francine 
Brown, James 
Brown, Joseph Mark 
Brown, Lemark 
Brown, Margaret 
Brown, Natalie Lynn 
Brown, Ricky Lee 
Brown, Ronald Paul 
Brown, Shirley Ann 
Brown, Tony Dwayne 
Brownlee, Dexter 
Brownlee, Pamela V. 
Brownlee, Timothy 
Bruckner, Robin Gay 
Brutton, Diane Mae 
Bryan, Jan Tramel 
Bryant, Earl 

Bryant, Michael Aaron 
Bryson, Tinny Ann 
Buck, Katerine Ann 
Buck, Kathleen Anita 
Buckley, Terry D 
Buckley, William Dona 
Buford, Debra 
Buford, Don Eugene 
Buford, Sharron Denis 
Bugg, Dennis Hershel 


Bullard, Pamela Rena 
Bullock, Janice Marie 
Burbeck, Williams 
Burford, Brenda 
Burford, Robert Leon 
Burgess, )oe Willie 
Burgess, Morris 
Burkholder, Gary 
Burnett, Deborah 
Burnett, Norma Lynn 
Burnett, Karen 
Burnham, jean Denton 
Burns, David Alan 
Burns, Eloise 
Burns, Teresa Ann 
Burt, Elihue 
Burt, )ohn, )r. 
Burt, Emma lean 
Burt, Rosetta 
Burton, Alice Walton 
Burton, Larry C. 
Burton, Edwin Curtis 
Busby, Daniel Karl 
Busby, )ean Rodgers 
Bulter, JayC, Jr. 
Bulter, Print Powell 
Butts, Laura Lusk 
Byars, Cheryl Kay 
Bynum, Daniel 
Byford, Ravonda 
Byrd, Kay Albert 

— C 

Cable, Phillip 
Caffey, Connie 
Caffey, Kandy Regina 
Cage, Golden Alexander 
Cain, Linda Diane 
Cain, Marcia Ellen 
Caldwell, James 
Caldwell, Janet Lee 
Caldwell, Perrin 
Caldwell, Sammie 
Calfee, Landy 
Calvert, Ellen Marie 
Calvery, Robert 
Camp, Karen Darlene 
Campbell, Charlotte 
Campbell, Elizabeth 
Campbell, Jerold 
Campbell, Tina Ann 
Campbell, James Leslie 
Campbell, Tommy Perry 
Canada, Gregory 
Cannon, Michael Joe 
Cannon, Gregory 
Card, Debra Jean 
Cargile, Danny Joe 
Cargile, Ruth Weaver 
Carlton, Wanda 
Carothers, Annie Ruth 
Carothers, Cordis, Jr. 
Carpenter, Bradley 
Carpenter, Thomas 
Carpenter, Wilson Wade 
Carr, Alfreda Deneise 
Carr, Janice Rena 
Carrol, Cecilia 
Carrol, Robert 
Carter, Belinda Carol 
Carter, Armanda Faye 
Carter, Cassandra 
Cater, Earnestine 

Cater, Joe Wayne 
Cater, Suzanne 
Casto, Gary Curtis 
Cathey, Doris J. 
Cathey, Feleicia Ann 
Cathey, Micheal 
Cauthern, Joy Ann 
Cecerre, Leta B. 
Chamberlin, Olin 
Chambers, Janet Marie 
Chamberlin, Wanda 
Chandler, Carla 
Chandler, Claude 
Chandler, Linda Lee 
Chandler, Mary 
Chandler, Michael L. 
Chapman, Curtis 
Chatman, Marvin 
Chew, Toni Lee 
Childers, Marsha Ann 
Chisolm, James 
Chinault, Jimmy Lynn 
Christman, Gerald 
Chism, Jan Stewart 
Chrestman, Albert D. 
Christon, Janet Marie 
Chriswell, Charles 
Churchill, Larry 
Churchill, Tammy 
Ciafre, llsend Carmen 
Clanton, Donna Kaye 
Clark, Anthony 
Clark, Barry 
Clark, Beverly Kay 
Clark, John Eddie 
Clark, Kenneth 
Clark, Laurie Nell 
Clark, Michael Lynn 
Clarke, James Felton 
Clark, Vincent Lane 
Clay, Kenneth Earl 
Clay, Robert Edward 
Clayton, Cosletta 
Clements, Zepha Carol 
demons, Jimmy Wade 
Clerget, Janet LeeRose 
Clerget, Julie Lynne 
Clinton, Larry 
Coaten, Patricia Lynn 
Cobb, Travis Lee 
Cochran, Connie 
Cochran, Tammy Renee 
Coke, Sara D. 
Cole, Kelly Anita 
Cole, Barbara 
Cole, Clyde 
Cole, Eleanor Gail 
Cole, Eugene 
Cole, Ronald Bentley 
Coleman, Ester Mae 
Coleman, Lisa Gail 
Coleman, Polly 
Coleman, Mark Steven 
Coleman, Pearl Lean 
Coleman, Philip Duane 
Coleman, Susan Rena 
Collins, Alesia Jane 
Collins, Brenda Ann 
Collins, Linda 
Collins, Carlton 
Collins, Marvin Ray 
Collins, Susan 
Collins, Verlene 
Collums, Bettye 

Colston, Bonita Jo 
Cone, Joe 

Conley, loan Decker 
Cone, John Sidney 
Conley, Vera Lee 
Conner, Frances 
Cook, Donna Kathleen 
Cook, Kathleen Anne 
Cook, Larry Douglas 
Cook, Lynn Charles 
Cook, Robert Calvin 
Cooke, Charlotte 
Coons, Nisha Darelle 
Cooper, Paula Rose 
Cooper, Perry 
Copeland, Robin Lee 
Corbitt, Lynn 
Corbitt, Marline 
Cordel, Cheryl Lynn 
Corr, Carol Sue 
Correro, Carolyn Ruth 
Correro, Conni 
Cosby, Elizabeth Mari 
Cosby, Randy Lee 
Cosby, Robert Alan 
Coston, Betty Jean 
Cotton, Argentra 
Couch, Steven Wood 
Countiss, Daniel Dee 
Covington, David Lee 
Cowan, Albert 
Cowan, Micheal Lee 
Cox, Christopher 
Cox, Dudley 
Cox, Teresa 
Craft, Odissia 
Craig, Robert Scott 
Craigen, Clide 
Crane, Sheli 
Crane, Shelia 
Craven, Carroll Scott 
Craven, Dianna Carol 
Crawford, Wardell 
Craven, Brenda Burne 
Crawford, Sharon Rena 
Crawford, Willie Ann 
Crenshaw, Kimberely 
Crenshaw, William 
Crews, June Lowrey 
Criss, William Tyler 
Crittenden, Bruce W. 
Crocker, Edwina 
Crockett, Anne B. 
Crockett, Teresa Ann 
Crossford, Anthony 
Crump, Bernic McKay 
Culbreath, Jeanna 
Culley, Eddie Ray 
Cummings, Ella Ray 
Cummings, Ella 
Cummings, Kathleen 
Cunningham, Daniel 
Curbow, Clark 
Curbow, Wanda Ruth 
Curl, Valeria 
Curry, Eddie Lee 
Curry, Rosie Flagg 
Curry, Willie Lee 
Curtis, Monnie 

— D — 

Dahl, Pamela Jane 

Dander, Larry Lee 
Dancy, Kathryn Lynn 
Dandridge, Donna 
Dandridge, Hazel 
Dandrige, Ronna 
Daniel, David Thomas 
Daniel, Marcus Earl 
Daniel, Sharon Ann 
Daniel, Susan Marie 
Daniels, Donna Lequay 
Daniels, Eva Marie 
Daniels, Patricia 
Darby, Allen 
Daugh, Drill Alma Jean 
Darby, Angelia Joy 
Darnell, Sharon Renee 
Daugherty, Beasel, Jr. 
Davidson, Carole Bish 
Davidson, James Lee 
Davidson, Joe L. 
Davis, Al Chester 
Davis, Alneda 
Davis, Barbara Ann 
Davis, Brenda 
Davis, Charlesetta 
Davis, Daniel Franklin 
Davis, Jimmy Dale 
Davis, Frederick 
Davis, Joey 
Davis, James 

Davis, John Steele 

Davis, Joey Lynne 

Davis, Juanita Lynn 

Davis, Mark D 

Davis, Monique Irene 

Davis, Orlando 

Davis, Phillip Dale 

Davis, Rosalind R. 

Davis, Suzanne 

Davis, William N. 

Davis, Willie Lewis 

Dawkins, Leora 

Dawkins, Wanda 

Day, Lamar 

Dean, Benitha Joy 

Dean, Cecylia Tina 

Dean, Wirt 

Dear, Edgar 

Deen, Carlton 

Deen, Dennis 

Dees, Pamela Lee 

Deller, Suzanne E. 

Deloach, Pamela J. 

Delorme, Nellie P. 

Deshay, Deritha 

Denison, Ray 

Dennis, Annie 

Deshay, Derita D. 

Dettor, Judy Ann 

Dewitt, Davis D. 

Dhority, Patricia 

Dickerson, Gary 

Dillard, Steven 

Dixon, Cynitha 

Dockery, Carl 

Dockery, Mary J. 

Dockery, Sheroana L. 

Dodds, Doug 

Dodds, Steven 

Dodson, John 

Dominguez, Luis J. 

Doolittle, Mary A. 

Dorr, Michael I. 

Dorsey, Emma J. 


Dortch, Gregory T. 
Douglas, David L. 
Douglas, Kelvin A. 
Douglas, Terry M. 
Dowdy, James L. 
Downs, Edward K. 
Doyle, Doris L. 
Draper, Dennis R. 
Drew, Elijah 
Drewrey, Gary L. 
Drewrey, )udy L. 
Drewrey, Shirley D. 
Driver, ludis A. 
Drummond, Lillian D. 
Duggar, Katherine B. 
Dukes, Roxanne 
Dunavent, Misty 
Dunaway, Rebecca 
Dunlap, )oe 
Dunlap, Ottis 
Dunlap, Rosa 
Dunningan, Samuel 
Durrett, Edith 
Dye, Harold 
Dye, Katrian 
Dye, Margie 
Dye, Pamela F 
Dye, Robert F. 

Evans, Darlene T. 
Evans, Susan W. 
Everitt, Martha W, 

— G — 

— F — 

— E — 

Earney, Billie S. 
Easterwood, Edward L. 
Echols, Esther M. 
Echols, Linda K. 
Echols, Willie |. 
Edgell, Tracine 
Edington, )udy B. 
Edmondson, Paul N. 
Edwards, Beverly |. 
Edwards, Camellia N. 
Edwards, Darrell W. 
Edwards, Dorothy A. 
Edwards, Horace, )r. 
Edwards, Katherine 
Edwards, Michael 
Edwards, Sandra 
Edwards, Sharon 
Egbert, )ohn C. 
Ehemann, Tina 
Elion, Carolyn 
Elion, Terrell 
Elkins, Allan L 
Ellett, Mary M. 
Ellington, David |. 
Elliott, Debra). 
Elliott, Johnny H. 
Ellis, Amy C. 
Ellis, Bruce E. 
Ellis, Charles R. 
Ellis, DavidS. 
Ellis, Eva L. 
Ellis, George W. 
Flhs, John A. 
Ellis, Margaret I 
flhs, Thomas J. 
Ellis, Willie L. 
Emison, Mike B. 
Enlow, Debbie S. 
Enlow, Tammie S. 
Entrikin, Mary ). 
Ervin, Edna E. 
Ester, Glenda Sue 
Estridge, Tori G. 

Farais, Robert F. 
Farris, James C. 
Farris, Joe L. 
Farrow, Jennie L. 
Faulkner, Arthur 
Faulkner, Brenda 
Faulkner, Roise 
Feaster, Doris E. 
Feathers, Leroy L. 
Feathers, Nancy C. 
Ferguson, Beverly 
Ferguson, Bobby T. 
Ferguson, Cindy W. 
Ferguson, Gayle D. 
Ferguson, Linda L. 
Ferguson, Mae C. 
Ferguson, Rubye G. 
Ferguson, Sandra 
Ferguson, Wayne 
Fielder, Dawn A. 
Fielder, Robert W. 
Fiew, Hershel 
Fillyaw, Marilyn G. 
Finley, Albert S. 
Finney, Harold L. 
Fitch, Robert G. 
Fletcher, Ellis B. 
Flinn, John S. 
Floate, Dewain A. 
Flower, Lois J. 
Flower, Harvey L. 
Floyd, Bill G 
Floyd, Robbie J. 
Fly, Francine 
Fly, Karen R. 
Folks, Theresa L. 
Fondren, Aaron Leon 
Fondren, Barbara E. 
Fondren, Norma J. 
Fondren, Vickie D. 
Ford, Margaret 
Ford, Betty J. 
Ford, Thomas R. 
Fore, William T. 
Fortner, Gloria 
Foshee, Mark 
Foshee, Robert K. 
Foster, Charle W. 
Foster, Chris 
Foster, Susan A. 
Fouche, Lori C. 
Fouche, Bradford G. 
Fouche, Lisa C. 
Fox, Edgar H 
Fox, Susan Marie 
Fox, Willie M. 
France, Eddie E. 
Frankin, Joyce 
Franklin, Jimmy L. 
Franklin, Rickey 
Franklin, William 
Frayser, Max 
Freeman, Laray 
Frewin, Daniel 
French, Shelia 
Fudge, Jeff D. 
Fuller, Mary W. 
Funderburg, Sherri 

Gadd, Steve B. 

Gaines, Jimmy 

Galindez, Jorge 

Gallagher, Aletha 

Galvan, Richard 

Gant, Bettye 

Gant, Mike 

Garcia, Yolanda 

Gardner, Karen 

Garner, Linda 

Garner, Lloyd 

Garner, Reginald 

Garner, Stephants 

Garrett, Floyd 

Garrett, Jerry 

Garrison, Carl 

Garrison, Curtis 

Garrison, Mitchell 

Garvin, Ricky 

Gates, James 

Gates, Jennara 

Gatewood, Loretta 

Gatlin, Marcia 

Gayden, Robbie 

Gee, Leean 

Gee, Suzie 

Gentry, Rhonda 

Gerhardt, Richard 
German, Michel 
Gerraro, Louie 
Gibson, Celie 
Gibson, Joby 
Gibson, Richard 
Gilbreath, Angela 
Gilbreath, Mark 
Giles, Dorothy 
Gill, Tammy 
Gilespie, Jeffrey 
Gilliom, Jennett 
Gipson, Jimmie 
Gipson, Johnie 
Glidewell, Kevin 
Glover, Bettye 
Gonzalez, Jamie 
Goad, Rhonda 
Godsey, Abbie 
Goforth, Ronald 
Golden, Michael 
Goode, Anita 
Goodman, David 
Goodson, Charolette 
Goodwin, William 
Gordon, Debra 
Gordon, Richard 
Gore, Deborah 
Gore, Richmond 
Gore, William 
Gosa, Robert 
Gossett, Bobbie 
Grady, Steve 
Graham, Dorie 
Grainger, Benny 
Grant, Dorothy 
Grant, Melvin 
Graves, Jill 
Graves, Joseph 
Graves, Pamela 
Gray, Carl 
Gray, Jerry 
Gray, Melanie 

Gray, Nathan 
Gray, William 
Green, Lula 
Green, Micheal 
Greene, Ben 
Greenwall, John 
Greer, Jurl 
Greer, Sandra L. 
Gregg, Vernon 



er, Christopher 
ffin, Bobbi 
ffin, Donnie 
ffin, Kathrine 
ffin, Shirley 
ffin, Mark 
ffith, Cynitha 
ggs, Kelly 
mes, Lorenzo 
mes, Michael 
sham, Dave 
sham, Bob 
Gross, Maxcine 
Gross, Odell 
Grover, Cleveland 
Guedez, Miguel 
Guess, Davie 
Gullett, Debra 
Gunn, Keith 
Gunn, Spencer 
Guzman, Eleana 
Gwinn, Terry 

— H — 

Haas, Emily Suzanne 
Hadley, Sara 
Hadora, Robert 
Hale, Clara 
Hale, David Keith 
Hale, Donald 
Hale, John 
Hale, Kerry 
Hale, Ronald 
Haley, Rebecca 
Hall, Jeane 
Hall, Margaret 
Hall, Maria Joanne 
Hall, Paula Michele 
Hamberlin, Al Marion 
Hall, Tony Eric 
Hall, Wanda Fay 
Hamer, Theresa Lynn 
Hames, Tommy 
Hamilton, Barbara 
Hamilton, Leandrew 
Hamm, Mary Jeanette 
Hammond, Bertha 
Hammond, Sandra 
Hampton, Jessie Mae 
Hampton, Ronnie Lee 
Hancock, David Murry 
Hancock, Mark 
Hancock, Nancy 
Hancock, Randa Ellen 
Hankins, Alicia Kay 
Hankins, Janet 
Hankins, Vanessa 
Hanks, Marks 
Hanna, Wanda 
Harbin, Katherine 
Harbor, Joy 
Harbour, Anthony 
Hardaway, Phyllis 
Hardin, Carole Claude 


Hardin, Karan Ann 
Hardin, Kenneth, |r. 
Hardrick, )oann 
Hardy, Danette 
Hardy, Dovie 
Hardy, Eva Mae 
Hardy, )ohn Michael 
Hardy, Robert Keith 
Hardy, Walter 
Hargrow, Doreathia 
Harrell, )earldine 
Harrell, Richard 
Harris, David Mark 
Harris, Harlen, )r. 
Harris, )ack Colin 
Harris, Lynda Kaye 
Harris, Marilyn )ean 
Harris, Mary Anne 
Harris, Mattie 
Harris, Wendy Gale 
Harrison, Amos Dwayne 
Hart, Jackie Ruth 
Hassell, Lillie Loran 
Hasting, Willie 
Hatcher, Nancy 
Havens, Brenda )oyce 
Havens, Edward Harold 
Havens, Micheal 
Havens, Phillips Lee 
Hawkins, Keith Rayber 
Hawkins, Leonard 
Hawkins, Rose Mary 
Hawkins, Shelia Lynn 
Hawkins, Stella 
Hawkins, Tyrone Lee 
Hayes, Alma Marie 
Hayes, Elsie Marie 
Hayes, )ames A. 
Hayes, Lewis Dennis 
Hayes, Sandra Elaine 
Hayes, Terri Lynn 
Haynes, Dalton Edward 
Haynes, Kelley Ruth 
Haynes, L. C. 
Haynes, Vivian Elaine 
Heafner, Paula C. 
Heard, Marvin 
Hearn, Harriet 
Heine, Anthony Allan 
Heliums, Michael 
Hemingway, Gabe B. 
Henderson, Jeanette 
Henderson, Lawrence R. 
Henderson, Nancy 
Henderson, Pearlie 
Henderson, Verlin, Jr. 
Hendricks, David 
Hendrix, Michael 
Hendrix, Sandra |o 
Hendrix, Timmy Rnadal 
Henley, Viola 
Henley, William 
Henry, James 
Hensley, Cindy Jo 
Hensley, Russell 
Hensley, Timothy 
Herod, Bobbie Joeann 
Herod, Vickie A. 
Herrin, Woodro Carr 
Herring, Glenn Edward 
Herrington, Alicia 
Herron, Bret Carl 
Herron, Edna llene 
Herron, Joseph Leon 

Herron, Perry Lee 
Hervey, Garry 
Hester, Donna Leigh 
Hester, James Russell 
Hester, Larry 
Hewlett, Raymond Earl 
Hibler, Dorothy Kaye 
Hicks, Paula Rene 
Higginbotham, Timothy 
High, Joe Hilton 
Hill, Florine Johnson 
Hill, Gladys Ann 
Hill, Gwen Denise 
Hill, Jeannette 
Hill, Jowanda Kay 
Hill, Kimberly Ann 
Hall, Latano 
Hill, Marie La Vonzel 
Hill, Robert 
Hill, Tammy Jo 
Hilliard, Dennie 
Hindman, William 
Hindman, Ronnie 
Hines, Jacqueline 
Hinton, Larry Hugh 
Hinton, Ronnie 
Hitt, Robert Goar, Jr. 
Hobby, Connie Dianne 
Hodo, Phyllis Marie 
Hoffman, William 
Hoing, Mark Haney 
Holcomb, Tammy Nadine 
Holed, Maureen 
Holcombe, Bessie 
Holland, Lynn Morris 
Holland, Sherwood 
Hollins, Delmar 
Hollis, Bernice 
Holloway, Anita Sykes 
Hollowell, Doris 
Holmes, Harvey D. 
Holmes, James Robert 
Holmon, Sammie Kaye 
Holt, Donald Keith 
Honsa, Lee Mattox 
Hood, Brenda J. 
Hood, Gray Boyd 
Hood, Richard Leon 
Hope, Cheryl Kaye 
Hope, Terrell Lynn 
Hopkins, Angela 
Hopkins, Waldo 
Horton, Willie Doris 
Horn, Ray Edgar 
Hoskins, Steven Kent 
Horn, Stacy Edward 
Hoskins, Carolyn 
Hoskins, Denise 
Hoskins, Lillie 
House, Verlie Fisher 
Houston, Jeff L. 
Houston, Kenneth 
Houston, Rochelle 
Houston, Russell Gray 
Howard, Benjy Stewart 
Howard, Joyce B. 
Howard, Dorothy E. 
Howard, Leroy 
Howard, Sharon Denise 
Howell, Charles E. 
Howell, Demetrius 
Hubbard, Jackie Lee 
Hubbard, Terry Brown 
Huddleston, Robert 

Huddleston, Stanley 
Huddleston, Victoria 
Hudson, Bettina 
Hudson, Brenda Ann 
Hudson, Bobby B. 
Hudson, Margaret ). 
Hudson, Gloria 
Hudson, Harry James 
Hudson, Jan Berlin 
Hudson, Natalie Carol 
Hudson, Randall 
Hudson, Shelia Diane 
Hudson, Wanda Sue 
Huels, Robert Richard 
Huestis, James Albert 
Huey, Larry Kevin 
Huffman, Teresa D. 
Hughes, Harold Randson 
Hughes, Charles 
Hughes, Martha Mae 
Hull, Richard Frazier 
Hullette, Carolyn 
Humphreys, Carol 
Humphreys, Joyce 
Humphreys, Randy Lynn 
Hunsucker, Wanda M. 
Hunt, Richard Clay 
Hunt, William Keith 
Hunter, Harry Jean 
Hunter, Teresa Lynn 
Hunter, William 
Hurdle, Shanley Steve 
Hunter, Tyrus Deliame 
Hyde, Robert Carl 
Hyland, Twana S. 

— I — 

Ingram, Robert Caroll 
Inman, Jeffery Lynn 
Irby, Kathryn M. 
Irby, Martha Faye 
Irby, Patricia P. 
Irby, Varnill 
Iverson, Karen Valeri 
Ivy, Darsie Gadd 
Ivy, Debra Ann 
Ivy, Keith Melvin 

— J — 

Jackson, Andree 
Jackson, Bernadine 
Jackson, Claude 
Jackson, Delores 
Jackson, Denton 
Jackson, Evelyn 
Jackson, Eddie, Jr. 
Jackson, Janice 
Jackson, Keith Dwyane 
Jackson, Lisa Dawn 
Jackson, Lovell 
Jackson, Rita Jean 
Jackson, Shelia 
James, Bettye Mae 
James, Melinda Olivia 
James, Patricia 
James, Rebecca Stacks 
James, Sharon Ann 
Jarjoura, Jody 
Jasper, Christine 
Jefferson, Danella 
Jeffries, Dennis 

Jeffries, Elnora 
Jefferson, Danella 
Jeffries, Carolyn Ann 
Jeffries, Rosie M. 
Jenkins, Connie Lynn 
Jenkins, Jamie Lynne 
Jenkins, Richard 
Jennings, Jerry Thomas 
Jennings, Julia Ann 
Jeter, Margaret F. 
Johns, David D. 
Johns, Deborah Faye 
Johnson, Alfred Lee 
Johnson, Andrew, Jr. 
Johnson, Anthony 
Johnson, Audrey 
Johnson, Berlinda 
Johnson, Bonnie Jones 
Johnson, Bruce David 
Johnson, Charles E. 
Johnson, Charles 
Johnson, Clarence 
Johnson, David 
Johnson, David Van 
Johnson, Delphine 
Johnson, Dorothy Ann 
Johnson, Edgar Byron 
Johnson, Evelyn Irene 
Johnson, Garry Lynn 
Johnson, Janice Marie 
Johnson, Hazel C. 
Johnson, Jesse Earl 
Johnson, Katrina R. 
Johnson, Margaret Ame 
Johnson, Mark 
Johnson, Martha Jean 
Johnson, Mary Ann 
Johnson, Mary K. 
Johnson, Michael 
Johnson, Michael Lynn 
Johnson, Nora Lee 
Johnson, Richard G. 
Johnson, Sharon M. 
Johnson, Ricky 
Johnson, Sidney F. 
Johnson, Teressa J. 
Johnson, Virgina 
Jones, Alice Faye 
Jones, Alvin Lee 
Jones, Amy Lou 
Jones, Beverly Kaye 
Jones, Bobby Earl 
Jones, Carolyn L. 
Jones, Carolyn 
Jones, Cassandra L. 
Jones, Dorothy Jean 
Jones, Elizabeth Ann 
Jones, Emmit 
Jones, Ervin Lamar 
Jones, Evelyn 
Jones, Gloria L. Jacks 
Jones, Helen Jean 
Jones, Gwendolyn Veni 
Jones, Ivory Burnett 
Jones, James Gordon 
Jones, James Dewain 
Jones, Juanita Gayle 
Jones, Judith Marie 
Jones, Lisa Anne 
Jones, Lou Verne 
Jones, Lynette 
Jones, Margaret J. 
Jones, Mary Lois 
Jones, Michael Foy 


Jones, Michael Wayne 
Jones, Romania France 
Jones, Pamela Gail 
Jones, Sherra Delois 
Jopp, Bradbury 
Jordan, Scottie Carol 
Jordon, Martha Jean 
Joy, Annie 
Jordon, Mary Jean 
Joy, Billy Ray 
Joy, Calvin Clay 

— K — 

Kahlor, Linda Jeanett 
Kairil, Susan Eleanor 
Kaveparsit, Vichuda 
Kee, James Madison 
Keel, David Marlon 
Keel, Patricia Ann 
Keith, Rhonda Faye 
Keen, William Jr. 
Kelly, Katherine 
Kelly, Margie Ann 
Kemp, Rebecca Eileen 
Kelsay, Elijah Thomas 
Kerby, Lyon Cailoway 
Kendall, Shelia Areen 
Kennedy, Albert Walto 
Ketchum, Roy Charles 
Key, Paula Gail 
Keys, Debora 
Kidwell, Kathryn A. 
Kiihnl, Anita Lynne 
Kimble, Gwendoyln 
Kincheloe, Scott Will 
King, Dixie Lisa 
King, Dorothy Sue 
King, Hattie May 
King, Iannis Pearl 
King, |oel Dean 
Kirkwood, Mammie Lee 
Kizzar, Kenneth Eugen 
Knight, Malcolm M. 
Koeppel, Fredric 
Knox, Shelia McGregor 
Koeppel, Mary Catheri 
Kopf, Regina Faye 
Krell, George Kazuo 
Kroush, Patricia S. 
Krzyzkouski, Raymond 
Kuvers, Valters Andre 
Kuykendall, Lawrence 
Kwasinski, Paula lames 

— L — 

Lafayette, Richie L. 
Lafayette, Trunda 
Lamar, Bridget 
Lamar, |anet Henderson 
Lamar, Winifred 
Lamb, Issac Walter 
Lambert, Cynthia Lyn 
Lambert, Gary Lee 
Lambert, Phyllis Ann 
Lancaster, Cynthia Ann 
Laney, Ricky F. 
Lance, lames Burnett 
Lang, Mary Ann 
lane, David Carl 
Langdon, Vanna Elizabeth 
Langford, Shelly Kay 

Langston, Leanne 
Lanier, Linda Kay 
Latham, Lori Lissa 
Lauderdale, Lisa A. 
laughlin, )erry Ann 
Laughlin, Jimmy Dean 
Lavine, Tony Oliver 
Lawerence, Johnny 
King, Joel Dean 
Lawerence, Larry 
Lawerence, Sammy Ridel 
Lawson, Dwayne 
Leatherwood, Geraldine 
Leavell, Mary Cook 
Ledbetter, |amie Ray 
Lee, Gloria lean 
Lee, Harvey Wayne 
Lee, Martha S. 
Legge, Jim 
Leininger, Linda H 
Leishman, Thomas A. 
Leland, Edward 
Lemus, Louis Micheal 
Lester, Darlene Rena 
Lester, Ervia Lorrain 
Lester, Mae Willie 
Lester, Sheila Laverne 
Levy, Betty Ann 
Lewis, Annie Pearl 
Lewis, Deborah 
Lewis, Dwight A. 
Lewis, Edith Lathell 
Lewis, Eric 
Lewis, George 
Lewis, lames R. 
Lewis, )oe Willie 
Lewis, Maurice 
Lewis, Treesa Ann 
Liggins, Karen A. 
Liles, Crystal Lane 
Liles, lames Micheal 
Lincoln, Rodney L. 
Linder, David Hugh 
Lipford, Marilyn ). 
Lipford, Paula R. 
Liston, Bob L. 
Little, Bobby 
Little, George Stanford 
Little, John Paul 
Little, Linda Carol 
Little, Micheal Gray 
Little, John Kent 
Little, John W.J. 
Livingston, Alice 
Loftis, lames K. Ill 
Logan, Betty Mae 
Logan, Bobby Glenn 
Logan, Geraldine 
Logan, Gregory lerome 
Logan, lulius Byron 
Logan, Regina Gaye 
Logan, Robert Lee 
Logue, Donna Joyce 
Logwood, Vincent 
Long, Cory Dry 
Lott, Laci Carol 
Lott, Mary Ellen 
Love, Dorthy Mae 
Lowe, Reace Albert 
Lowry, Laura Leigh 
Luster, Annette 
Lutsher, Garland Lee 
Lyons, Gloria Ann 

— M — 

Mabry, Linda J. 
Mabry, Miranda Sue 
Mabry, Robert Lee 
Mabus, Sharon Ann 
Mack, Elnora 
Mackey, Rufus 
Mackey, William Mark 
Maclin, David Bradley 
Madison, Alvin Bernard 
Madison, (oyce Irene 
Madlock, Calvin Bernard 
Magee, Micheal Jeff 
Magness, Jerry Wayne 
Mallory, Aaron Otis 
Malone, Carl 
Malone, Linda Gayle 
Mammas, Kathryn Maria 
Mamon, Billy )oe 
Mangrum, Kelly Renee 
Mann, Rhonda Ann 
Manning, Cynthia Kay 
Manning, Willie J. 
Maples, Shirley). 
Marion, Oscar Antione 
Maroney, Carolyn Leigh 
Marrouche, Jalil Jose 
Marshall, Dwayne 
Marshall, Mark Alan 
Marshall, Mark William 
Martin, Sherri Russel 
Martindale, Randall L. 
Martinez, Munoz Ivett 
Mask, Mary Lois 
Mask, Mary Sanders 
Mask, Peggy Fern 
Mason, Annie Ruth 
Mason, Karen T. 
Mason, Walter 
Massey, Angie Ree 
Massey, Anita Gay 
Massey, Anita Kay 
Massey, Brenda R 
Massey, Micheal Clift 
Massey, Paula layne 
Mathews, Cremolia Lou 
Matthews, Monica L. 
Maxey, Sandra lean 
Maxwell, Charles 
Maxwell, Darlene 
Maxwell, Gloria M. 
Maxwell, Stephanie Y. 
Mayer, Micheal Gary 
Mayes, Sylvester 
Mayes, Annie Kay 
Mays, Diana 
Mays, Pattie Vernail 
McAdams, Peggy Lee 
McBrayer, |erry S. 
McBrayer, Terry T 
McCain, Christiana M. 
McCammon, Carla Irene 
McClatchey, Ollie Mae 
McClatchey, Henry Earl 
McClellan, Stephanie 
McCluskey, Susan Deni 
McCombs, Mary Faye 
McCool, Deborah Kaye 
McCool, Timothy Mark 
McCord, Brenda Faye 
McCormick, Lesa A. 
McCoy, Richard 

McCracken, Tommy B. 
McCrary, Laura Marie 
McCullar, Linda Ann 
McRay, Billy |oe 
McDaniel, Carolyn Kay 
McDaniel, David Glenn 
McDaniel, Gracie 
McDaniel, Mary Elizabeth 
McDaniel, Ronald 
McDonald, Mary Beth 
McElhaney, Betty Ann 
McElhaney, David Wayne 
McElroy, Gwendolyn 
McEwen, Bonnie Sidle 
McFall, Sonya Gay 
McGee, Alice Mask 
McGehee, David Powell 
McGhee, Gregory 
McGhee, Laura Dianne 
McGill, Robert Thomas 
McGill, Willie Floyd 
McGlothian, Carolyn 
McGlothian, Josephine 
Mclnvale, Sharon A. 
McKee, Mary Myrtes 
McKelroy, Connie Rae 
McKenzie, Julie L. 
McKenzie, William Ham 
McKibben, Denise Ann 
McKinney, Deborah Kay 
McKinney, Lyla Mae 
McKinney, Ida Mae 
McKinney, Sandra Gale 
McKinney, Valerie Kay 
McLain, Cynthia Holme 
McMillan, Karen Ann 
McMillian, (anet L. 
McMinn, Micheal Glenn 
McMinn, Rufus Dan 
McNail, Mark Anthony 
McNail, Ronald Wayne 
McNair, Anthony Dale 
McNeal, Albert 
McNeil, Annice 
McNeil, Barbara Ann 
McPhail, Darrell 
McPhail, Lisa Inez 
McPherson, Enois 
McReynolds, Sarah Vic 
McReynolds, Kyle E. 
McWhirter, Nancy Gail 
Medlin, Kelly Simpson 
Medlock, Charlie Jr. 
Melton, Alice Eliz 
Melton, Dillard L 
Melton, Wayne 
Menley, Larry Wayne 
Merritt, Marilyn Mara 
Merrit, Wendy Sue 
Metcalfe, Deborah Lyn 
Milam, Lei ia Elizabeth 
Miller, Betty Faye 
Miller, Helen Marie 
Miller, James Gary 
Miller, Linda Lue 
Miller, Lorean 
Miller, Micheal Ray 
Miller, Nancy Ann 
Miller, Nathan Maurice 
Miller, Vivan Carol 
Millon, Gregory L. 
Mills, Margaret E. 
Mills, Mary J. 
Milton, Dorthy lean 


Miner, Cynthia Dianne 
Mingo, Charles Henry 
Mister, Berta Mae 
Mitchell, Birdia )ewe 
Mitchell, Doyal Elaine 
Mixon, Susan Renee 
Mize, Jennifer Jaye 
Mize, Luann 
Mock, Robbie Renee 
Mohon, Glen Ray 
Moak, Andrew David 
Mollere, Emily Edwige 
Monroe, Les Dorain 
Moffatt, Grace Dawn 
Monteith, Kathryn L. 
Monteith, Laurie Smith 
Montgomery, Kerby 
Montgomery, Yvonne 
Moody, Mary Kathryn 
Moore, Barry E. 
Moore, Beverly 
Moore, Denise )oy 
Moore, lean York 
Moore, )oe Anderson 
Moore, Kevin Phelps 
Moore, Lillie Wright 
Moore, Micheal H. 
Moore, Robert Lance 
Moore, Ronnie Glenn 
Moore, Tina R. 
Moorman, Brenda Lee 
Moorman, Jeffery 
Mora, Josefina G. Olga 
Morgan, Carmen Beatrice 
Morgan, lames Edward 
Morgan, Rebecca Ann 
Morgan, Terry Wayne 
Morris, David Eric 
Morris, )erry Dale 
Morris, Tammy Bagwell 
Morrow, Clifford Bern 
Morrow, Kenneth Michael 
Morrow, Margaret D. 
Morton, |oann 
Mosby, Dennis 
Moses, Sallie Mae 
Mosley, Randy E. 
Moss, Brenda Faytrica 
Mothershed, Valera A. 
Mullen, Paul Ruth 
Mullins, Curtis Lee 
Muluihill, Patrick 
Mumea, Barbara Daniel 
Mumea, Lewis Alfred 
Munson, Alice 
Murchison, Tina Irene 
Murphey, Deborah 
Murphree, Alan David 
Murphree, Donna Irene 
Murphree, Jerry Neal 
Murphy, lames Clyde 
Murphy, Jennifer Lynn 
Murphy, Linda C. 
Murphy, Lisa Carol 
Murray, Richard Walsh 
Murry, Erwin 
Muse, Larry Wade Jr. 
Myers, Sara Helence 
Myers, Terry Lynn 

— N — 

Nabors, Linda 
Nail, Becky L. 

Nash, Melonie Lamenda 
Neal, Joseph Lee 
Neal, Judy 
Neeley, Clarence 
Neil, Jeri Elizabeth 
Nelson, Eric Jerome 
Nelson, Louise David 
Nelson, Malinda Fay 
Nelson, Mary Lee 
Nelson, Wesley Daniel 
Nesbitt, Brenda Kay 
Newborn, Sandra Ruth 
Newcome, Harold 
Newman, Alfred Steven 
Newsom, Denise Dorise 
Newson, Cora Lee 
Newsom, Farron Young 
Newsom, Sandra Kay 
Newsom, Rebecca 
Newton, Mark Andrew 
Niblett, Christopher 
Nicholas, Tonja J. 
Nichols, Denise 
Nichols, John Kieth 
Nichols, Karen Ann 
Nichols, Patrica Lyn 
Nicholson, John 
Nickle, Margaret K. 
Nix, Brenda A. 
Nix, Glenn Franklin 
Nix, Rebecca Irene 
Noffsinger, Cora A. 
Norman, Jacqueline 
Norman, Verna Dean 
Nolen, Kattie Mae 
Norvell, Judith 
Norwood, Regina 
Nunnally, Manassa 

— O — 

Oakes, Hannah Elizabeth 
Odum, Johnathan 
Ogg, Linda C. 
Olita, Cathy Ann 
Oliver, Wesley Brown 
Oliver, Ruby Jean 
Ollie, Ethel L. 
O'Neal, Cynthia Marie 
Orange, Diane 
Ott, Patsy Pinnston 
Orange, Sondra 
Orange, Velma Lorean 
Orange, Wilma Jean 
Orman, Jane Annette 
Osborn, Robert 
Osborne, Ronald Clift 
Overall, Adrian Dale 
Overall, David Paul 
Overall, Rudy Mae 
Owen, June Lynn 
Owen, William Joe 

— P — 

Pace, Charles David 
Pagnini, Maria Isabel 
Pannell, Aurelia Ann 
Parker, Gary Lee 
Parker, Robert Martin 
Parker, Sammie 
Parker, Wilbur Lee 
Parks, Benjamin 

Pass, Dora Ann 
Patrick, Clista 
Patrick, Houston 
Patterson, James E. 
Patterson, Marie A. 
Patton, Nancy P. 
Payne, Carol 
Pegues, Cassandra 
Pegues, Kenneth Jerome 
Pegues, Lee A. 
Penn, Robert Knox 
Penna, Linda D. 
Pennington, Bank 
Penrod, Dude M. 
Perkings, Georgia Lynn 
Perkins, James 
Perkins, William 
Perry, Annie L. 
Perry, Margiree 
Perry, Martha 
Perry, Susie 
Perryman, Katherine 
Peterman, William 
Peterson, Emily 
Petrea, James B. Ill 
Petrea, James 
Pettis, Martha J. 
Petty, Spurgeon 
Pew, Delois 
Phillips, Beverly 
Phillips, Carrie 
Phillips, Carrie Mae 
Phillips, Debra 
Phillips, Helen 
Phillips, Joseph A. 
Phillips, Mary M. 
Phillips, Robert D. 
Pickett, John M. 
Pickett, Mildred 
Pighee, Sandra 
Pilch, Pamela 
Pinson, Sandra 
Pittman, Jeanette 
Pittman, Patricia 
Pittman, Sharon 
Plunk, Marnelle 
Poag, Virginia 
Pohl, Ralph). 
Polk, Jerry 
Polk, Shirley 
Pollard, Albert 
Pollard, Charles 
Pollard, James 
Pollard, Sylvester 
Porter, Cynthia 
Porter, Patricia 
Porter, Sandra 
Porter, Tyrone 
Porter, Vonda 
Poston, Margaret 
Pounders, Gary 
Powers, Annette 
Powers, Kevin 
Powers, Marvin 
Powers, Paula 
Presley, Fannie 
Price, Barbara 
Price, Jerry 
Province, Sandra 
Pryor, Daisy 
Pugh, Thomas 
Pullen, David 
Pulliam, Gregory 
Purdy, Ken 

Putmand, Martha 


Quattlebaum, Wendell 
Quillen, Rita 
Quinn, Larry 

— R — 

Radebaugh, Belinda 
Radebaugh, Teresa 
Ragsdale, Dutch 
Ramseur, George 
Ramsey, Bonnie 
Ramsey, Pasty 
Ramsey, Petsey 
Ramsey, Rene 
Ramsey, Sherry 
Rankins, Winfred 
Rath, Pamela 
Ray, Bernice 
Ray, Johnny A. 
Ray, Stacey 
Read, Linda 
Reaves, Eland 
Reaves, Perlene 
Red, Jeffery 
Red, Ralph 
Redmon, Maureen 
Reed, Billy 
Reed, Effie 
Reed, Ethel 
Reed, Marvis L. 
Reed, Michael 
Reed, Woodrow 
Reese, Andrew J. 
Reese, Dortheia 
Reese, Vikki 
Reeves, Craig 
Reid, Edward 
Renfro, Carole 
Respess, Francis 
Reynolds, Debbie 
Rhoda, Ronald 
Rhodes, Jeffery 
Rice, Curtis 
Rich, Sylvia 
Richard, Charle 
Richardson, Phyllis 
Richardson, Regina 
Richardson, Richie 
Richardson, Tyler 
Richmond, Andrea 
Richmond, Frederica 
Riddick, Louis 
Riddle, Brenda 
Riley, Annette 
Riley, Earl 
Riley, James 
Riley, William 
Rines, Mark E. 
Rittenhouse, Sandy 
Rivers, Robert 
Roberson, Jimmy 
Roberson, Mary K. 
Roberts, Alyce 
Roverts, Janice 
Roberts, Randy 
Roberts, William 
Robertson, Berta 
Robertson, Pearl 


Robinson, Annette 
Robu< k, Molly 
Rodgers, Phillis 
Rogers, Charles 
Rogers, Sherdian 
Rogers, Tammy S. 
Rogers, William 
Roland, Michel 
Rollins, Timothy 
Rose, Thomas 
Rose, William 
Roweborough, Eleanor 
Ross, Andrew 
Ross, Christopher 
Ross, Debra 
Ross, Richard 
Ross, Robert 
Rotenberry, )esse 
Rowan, Pamela 
Rowe, Stella C. 
Rowell, Delores 
Rowell, Vergie 
Rowland, Kenteth 
Rowland, Melinda 
Roy, Deborah G. 
Roy, Karen 
Rucker, Van 
Rudd, Mary 
Rush, Richard 
Russell, Alfred 
Russell, Bill ie 
Russell, Ken 
Russell, Robert 
Rutherford, Hazel L. 
Rutherford, Susan 
Ruthland, Timothy 

— s— 

Sally, Sara 
Salter, Ronald 
Samples, Cathy 
Samples, Debbie 
Samuels, Billy 
Sanchez, Urguiola 
Sanders, Carl 
Sanders, Curtis 
Sanders, jimmie 
Sanders, |ohn 
Sanders, Mary C. 
Sanders, Robert 
Sanders, Terry 
Sandridge, Cheryl 
Sandridge, Christine 
Sanford, Nancy 
Snanford, Patrick 
Sarup, Lai ita 
Saucier, Susn I 
Schiele, AlisaC. 
Schingle, Lisa 
Schenzel, Donald 
Schwartz, Michael 
Scott, Debbie L. 
Scott, Mavis 
Scruggs, Carolyn D. 
Scruggs, Douglas 
Sealy, Bettye 
Seay, Laverne 
Serros, David 
Sessom, Alvin 

Sessom, Dennis 
Sessum, Roy 
Sewell, Barbara 
Shack, Brenda 
Shackleford, Omy 
Shannon, Gwendolyn 
Shannon, Herbert 
Sharpe, Shawnee 
Shaw, Cathy A. 
Shaw, Debbie 
Shaw, Letitia 
Shaw, Tamara 
Shaw, Vicki 
Shegog, Betty 
Shegog, Linda 
Shelton, Beverly 
Shelton, Keith 
Shelton, Roberta 
Shelton, Susan 
Shepherd, Beth 
Shipp, Edward 
Shipp, Melvin 
Shirley, Belinda 
Shivers, Vickie 
Shockley, Daniel 
Shoemaker, Catherine 
Short, Stephaine 
Short, Stephaine 
Simmons, Bobby 
Simmons, Debra 
Simmons, Ira D. 
Simmons, Patricia 
Simmons, Randy 
Simmons, Vickie 
Simpson, Pamela 
Simpson, Timothy 
Sims, Angielene 
Sims, Cleveland 
Sima, lames 
Sims, Marvin 
Sinquefield, Hegh 
Sisk, Earnesitne 
Sistrunk, Clay 
Sitzlar, Charles 
Skeen, Deborah 
Skeen, Marilyn 
Skelton, Elizabeth 
Skelton, Glenn Calvin 
Skelton, Ouida 
Skacj, Zavatta 
Smalley, Berenda 
Smalley, David 
Smart, Wanda 
Smith, Albert 
Smith, Anita 
Smith, Barbara 
Smith, Betty 
Smith, Calvin 
Smith, Connie 
Smith, Dawn 
Smith, Debbie 
Smith, Deborah P. 
Smith, Donald 
Smith, Florene 
Smith, James 
Smith, lames L. 
Smith, lames T. 
Smith, |udy 
Smith, Kenneth 
Smidth, Laretha 

Smith, Marvin 

Smith, Michael 

Smith, Patricia 

Smith, Rex 

Smith, Sammy 

Smith, Sheila 

Smith, Shirley F. 

Smith, Tamala 

Smith, Timoty 

Smith, Troy 

Smith, Valmo 

Snellgrove, Kimberly 

Snider, Kathy 

Snipes, Sarah 

Snyder, Richard 

Soldan, Teri 

Southerland, Ernest 

Sowell, Larry 

Sowell, Mark 

Sparks, Bonnie 

Sparrenberger, Willia 

Spearnam, Mack 

Spearman, Patsy |. 

Spears, Mary 

Spencer, Gayle R. 

Spencer, Thomas 

Spina, Linda 

Spradling, Charles 

Spratlin, Ricky 

Standard, luanita 

Standridge, Terri 

Stanford, Carla 

Stanford, Connie L. 
Stanford, Rhonda C. 
Stanford, Susan 
Stanton, Virginis 
Stark, Cynthia 
Stasiulis, Elizabeth 
Steele, Robert 
Steiman, Carol 
Stephenson, Brenda 
Stephenson, lanet 
Stephenson, Lynn 
Stevens, Amy 
Stevens, Rhonda 
Stevenson, Butler 
Stewart, |immy 
Stewart, Laverne 
Stewart, Robert 
Stewart, Vivian 
Still, loseph 
Still, William 
Stinson, Wayne 
Stitt, Delia 
Stittiams, Eric 
Stocks, Sandra 
Stokes, lames 
Stokes, Luvenia 
Stone, Carlon 
Stovall, Velvet 
Strange, Ralph 
Strickland, Debora 
Strickland, Dinah 
Strickland, Michael 
Strickland Michael 
Strong, Charles 
Strong, Mike 
Stroup, Sandra 
Stroup, Sherry 
Stroupe, Lisa 

Stroup, Michael 
Stroupe, Julianna 
Suggs, Melanie 
Suggs, Steve 
Suggs, Thomas 
Suhany, Barbara 
Sulbaran, lose 
Sullivan, Benny 
Sullivan, George 
Sullivan, )ane 
Sullivan, Willie 
Sulton, Linda 
Sutton, Jon 
Swanson, Natalie 
Swearengen, Steve 
Swinney, lames 
Sykes, Janet 

— T — 

Tabor, Theresa 
Talley, Florene 
Tallie, lames 
Tapp, Brenda 
Tate, Dana 
Tate, (oycelyn 
Tate, Thelma 
Tate, Victor 
Taylor, Anna 
Taylor, Benatha 
Taylor, Donald 
Taylor, Fannie 
Taylor, George 
Taylor, Gloria 
Taylor, lames 
Taylor, Laura 
Taylor, Linda 
Taylor, Pamela 
Taylor, Patricia 
Taulor, Ricky 
Taylor, Robert 
Taylor, Robert 
Taylor, Sisan 
Tedford, Bobbie 
Tidwell, Patricia 
Tillmon, Henry 
Tipler, Rutha 
Todd, Annette 
Todd, |ohn 
Tolbert, Rubystine 
Toles, Kenneth 
Tomlinson, Bart 
Toolami, Vagnei 
Totten, Martha 
Townsend, Brenda 
Townsend, Vivian 
Townsend, Wille 
Tracy, Nathalyn 
Trantham, Raymond 
Traywick, Sherry 
Treloar, lack 
Treloar, Lavonia 
Trimm, Debra 
Trotter, Galmer 
Troutt, Katheryn 
Troutt, Thomas 
Truddle, Virginia 
Tubb, Sharon 
Turman, Beverly 
Turnage, leffery 


Turner, Alex 
Turner, Aneeda 
Turner, Cynthia 
Turner, Edna 
Turner, Euvon 
Tenner, Ginger 
Tennial, Betty 
Teran, Carlos 
Terry, Shirlet 
Thomas, Beverly 
Thomas, Marion 
Thomas, Pam 
Thomas, Sandra 
Thomas, Timothy 
Thomas, Vernita 
Thompson, Anette 
Thompson, Don 
Thompson, lames 
Thompson, lames K. 
Thompson, )oyce 
Thompson, Kathy 
Thompson, Linda 
Thompson, Marion 
Thompson, Maxcine 
Thompson, Michael 
Thompson, Peggy 
Thompson, Sammy 
Thompson, Sharon 
Thompson, Timothy 
Thompson, Tina 
Thornton, Anne 
Threatt, Carla 
Thread, Albert 
Ticer, Eric 
Tidwell, Erma 
Tidwell, Gena 
Tideell, Marilyn 
Turner, Frances 
Turner, Ingrid 
Turner, |ohn 
Turner, Nolan 
Turner, Sheryl 
Tutor, Lane 
Tutor, Thomas 
Tyson, Lettie 
Tyson, Vermacy 

— u — 

Umphers, Robert 
Underwood, Margaret 
Upchurch, Robert 

— V — 

Vance, Cheryl 
Vance, Kenneth 
Vannada, Mollie 
Vaughn, Charles 
Vaughn, Traci 
Vaughn, Mary 
Vaugh, Tommie 
Vaxter, Eurlene 
Venexia, Raymond 
Vick, Milinda 

— W — 

Wade, Guy 

Wade, Hiram 
Wage, Micki 
Wages, Barbara 
Waits, Roy 
Waldon, Lucius 
Waldrip, Lucrettia 
Walker, Cathey 
Walker, Diana 
Walker, Doris 
Walker, Gerone 
Walker, Jeffrey 
Walker, Lisa 
Walker, Minnie 
Walker, Patricia 
Walker, Reginald 
Walker, Rhonda 
Walker, Ruby 
Walker, Stamley 
Walker, Tommy 
Walker, Sylvester 
Walker, Wayne 
Wall, lames 
Wallace, lames 
Wallace, Lorene 
Wallace, Martin 
Walker, Robert 
Walls, Daniel 
Walls, Dianne 
Walls, Linda 
Walton, Dorothy 
Walton, Lisa 
Walton, Milvin 
Walton, Peggy 
Warner, lames 
Warren, lanet 
Warren, Sharon 
Warren, Yvonna 
Washington, Dynita 
Washington, Grac 
Washington, James 
Wasserman, Mildred 
Watkins, Kim 
Watkins, Stacy 
Watson, Virginia 
Watts, William 
Webb, )oseph 
Webb, Lonzell 
Webb, Percy 
Webb, Rickie 
Webb, Sammy 
Webb, Teresa 
Webb, Tommie 
Weeden, Peggy 
Weeks, Kenny 
Welch, Barry 
Welch, Jimmy 
Welch, Noel 
Wells, lames 
Wells, Paula 
West, Geraldine 
Whalen, Marty 
Whaley, David 
Wheeler, Helen 
Wheeler, Michael 
Whisenant, Rickard 
Whitaker, Keith 
Whitaker, William 
White, Addie 
White, Benny 
White, Bertha 

White, Beth 
White, Cathy 
White, Charles 
White, Dana 
White, Joyce 
White, Margaret 
White, Margaret 
White, Marvin 
White, Pamela 
White, Sammie 
White, Shelia 
Whitehead, Carolyn 
Whitehead, Linda 
Whitehorn, Marcie 
Whithy, Jeffrey 
Whiting, Gregory 
Whitten, David 
Whitten, johnny 
Whitten, Johnny M. 
Whitten, Suzanne 
Whitworth, Maryt 
Whitworth, Nancy 
Wiggins, Donnell 
Wiggins, Milton 
Wigginton, Barbara 
Wilborn, Earline 
Wilbourn, Ethel 
Wilbourn,W. T. 
Wilbourn, William 
Wilkins, Kenneth 
Wilkins, Michael 
Wilkins, Percell 
Wilkinson, Mark 
Wilkinson, Richard 
Willard, Jackie 
Williams, Alvin 
Williams, Alvin G. 
Williams, Anita P. 
Williams, Ann H. 
Williams, Barry 
Williams, Charlene 
Williams, Claude 
Williams, Deborha 
Williams, Danny 
Williams, David 
Williams, Freddy 
Williams, Joshua 
Williams, Leatha 
Williams, Martin 
Williams, Mary 
Williams, Natdebra 
Williams, Pamela 
Williams, Rosita 
Williams, Terry 
Williams, Tommy 
Williams, W. C. 
Williamson, Konna 
Williamson, Ercel 
Williamson, John 
Williamson, Linda 
Williamson, Tracey 
Willhigham, Rosie 
Wills, Cynthia 
Wilson, James 
Wilson, Jon 
Wilson, Larry 
Wilson, Lee 
Wilson, Margaret 
Wilson, Susan 
Wilson, Timothy 
Wilson, Vanessa 

Wilson, William 
Wiltsie, Lauralee 
Windless, Ruthie 
Windham, Brenda 
Wineland, Lloyd 
Winters, Ceoric 
Wiseman, David 
Wolfe, Clara 
Wolfe, Rita 
Womack, Jonelle 
Womack, Myrene 
Wood, Thomas 
Woodall, James 
Woodard, Michael 
Woodard, Ruthie 
Woodiel, Bobby 
Wood, Jackie 
Woods, Beverly 
Wood, Beverly J. 
Woods, Bradley 
Woods, Gloria 
Woodson, Robert 
Wooley, Jeffrey 

Woolfolk, Deborah 
Woolfolk, Michael 
Wooten, Beverly 
Wooten, Cleo 
Wooten, Janice 
Wooten, Shirley 
Wootten, Betty 
Wortham, Tony 
Wottowa, Jeanine 
Wren, Jennie 
Wrenn, David 
Wrenn, Donald 
Wright, David 
Wright, Edna 
Wright, Harry 
Wright, low 
Wright, Judy 
Wright, Julia 
Wright, Russell 
Wright, Sandra 
Wyley, Carolyn 
Wyman, Howard 

— Y — 

Yale, Sharon 
Yancey, Terri 
Yance, Elaine 
Yarbrough, Cynthia 
Yarbrough, Maxine 
Yarbrough, Robert 
Yates, Gail 
Yates, Michael 
Yeager, Mary 
Young, James 
Young, Dolores 
Young, Laverne 
Young, Lesliane 
Young, Patti 
Youngblood, Cheryl 
Yount, Teresa L. 

— Z — 

Zinn, Shirlette 


DeSoto Center 

— A — 

Adams, Kimberly 
Aibonetti, Kathryn 
Aldndge, June 
Alexander, Denise 
Allen, Linda 
Andrews, Barbara 
Armstrong, Susanne 
Arnold, Patricia 

— B — 

Bain, Alicia 
Baker, Bettye 
Barlow, Laura 
Barner, Dorene 
Barnett, Lori 
Beard, Cynthia 
Bell, Lavonia 
Bennett, Edell 
Berry, Barbara 
Berry, William 
Bly, Margaret 
Bostick, Arthur 
Boyles, Debra 
Bradford, Joe 
Brasel, Cynthia 
Brasher, Frances 
Brents, lean 
Brewer, Lynn 
Briggs, Tommy 
Britt, Keena 
Brooks, Marcia 
Brooks, Peggy 
Brown, Bridget 
Brown, Leigh 
Brown, Sandra 
Brown, Sylvester 
Browing, Becky 
Bryant, Sonya 
Bullard, Joanne 
Burnett, Norma 
Burns, Lynn 
Burrow, William 
Burrus, Karen 
Bulter, Candy 
Butler, Tina 
Bynum, Donnie 

— C — 

Caldwell, Barry 
Cantrell, Wanda 
Carver, Elizabeth 
Case, Tommy 
Castle, Donna 
Castle, Pamela 
Cathey, Michael 
Catlett, Sherri 
Cecerre, Leta 
Chamberlin, Lawrence 
Chaney, Polly 
Cheshier, Kimberly 
Chew, Toni 
Chrestman, Debbie 
Clarke, Renita 
Clemmer, Ricky 

Cole, Keven 
Conway, Cina 
Cooper, Joyce 
Cooper, Perry 
Cordell, Jennifer 
Cortese, Theresa 
Cortez, Janet 
Coulston, Kathy 
Crawford, Karol 
Curbo, Pamela 

Cuidoz, Colleen 
Cunn, Bessie 

— D — 

Dandridge, Gail 
Darnell, James 
Davis, Karen 
Delorme, Nellie 
Dennis, Catherine 
Dias, Debra 
Dickerson, Lula 
Doss, Cynthia 
Doty, David 
Douglas, Bobby 
Doxey, Pamela 

— E — 

Elliott, Andrea 
Epps, Kenneth 
Estes, Donna 
Estes, Susan 
Everitt, Richard 

— F — 

Faltus, Mary 
Farris, David 
Fisher, Pamela 
Floied, Linda 
Folkerts, Mary 
Folks, Denise 
Ford, Joseph 
Forrest, Rufus 
Foy, Thomas 
Freeman, Brenda 
Freeman, Everlean 
Freeman, Marty 
Fudge, Kyle 

— G — 

Gallagher, Richard 
Gayden, Robbie 
Gertenbach, Susan 
Giaccaglini, Nori 
Gifford, Madge 
Gillard, Rickey 
Girdley, Melinda 
Glenn, William 
Golden, Natalie 
Golden, Tonvia 
Goodwin, Stonna 
Green, Linda 
Greer, Pamela 
Greer, Sandra 
Griffith, Anna 
Gnlli, Leanne 
Grubbs, Virginia 

— H — 

Hale, Cynthia 
Hall, Paula 
Hall, Timothy 
Hamilton, Constance 
Hamilton, Dennis 
Hamm, Mary 
Hardin, Shelia 
Harrison, Ron 
Harwell, Thomas 
Hayes, Cheryl 
Hayes, Vanessa 
Hayles, Judy 
Heath, Dawn 
Hensley, Sharon 
Hicks, Sherri 
Hill, Michael 
Hodges, Mary 
Houston, Sue 
Howard, Debbie 
Huffaker, Alice 
Huffstatler, Carol 
Hughey, Karen 
Hyland, Twana 
Hylander, Michelle 

— J — 

Jabal, Bonnie 
Jackson, James 
Jackson, Patrice 
James, Brenda 
Johnson, Johnny 
Johnson, Marion 
Johnson, Mary 
Johnson, Sharon 
Jones, Belinda 
Jones, Eric 
Jones, Foresteen 
Jones, James 
Jones, Loretta 
Jones, Penny 

— K — 

Kelly, Jamie 
Kiefner, Rosemary 
Kight, Kathleen 
Killebrew, Judith 
Kilpatrick, Cheryl 
King, Donna 
Kingsely, Leigh 
Kinsella, Gary 
Kinser, Belinda 
Knox, Lou 
Konopka, Victoria 
Krell, George 
Kroon, Vicki 

— L — 

Ladd, Carole 
Leek, John 
Lemay, Marvin 

Lenagar, Kevin 
Lewis, Joyce 
Lewis, Linda 
Lightner, Leona 
Lilly, Mildred 
Lindsey, Shirley 
Little, Pamela 
Logan, Regina 

— M — 

Marr, Robin 
Marshall, Judy 
Martin, Glen 
Massey, Bob 
Mathis, Ginger 
Matlock, Peggy 
Mauney, Larry 
May, Ben 

Mayhall, Theodore 
McCain, Everett 
McCallum, Brenda 
McCool, Sandra 
McCoy, Margaret 
McCrary, Ann 
McDavid, Susan 
McDonnell, Geraldine 
McDowell, Derek 
McElhaney, William 
McGowan, Carolyn 
McGowan, Mack 
McKnight, John 
McNamara, Teresa 
McNeil, Richard 
Meador, Malmda 
Meekins, George 
Miles, Betty 
Miles, John 
Miles, Walter 
Miller, Barbara 
Miller, Linda 
Miller, Nancy 
Miner, Cynthia 
Moffatt, Grace 
Mooneyham, Virginia 
Moore, Claryce 
Moore, Janice 
Moore, John 
Morgan, Carla 
Morgan, Monte 
Morris, Mary 
Morton, Anita 
Mullins, Hal 
Mullish, Mark 

— N — 

Nagle, Susan 
Napatalung, Sadittha 
Neal, Rodney 
Neeley, Pamela 
Neely, Robert 
Nickleberry, Wanda 
Norvell, Judith 

— O — 

Oliver, Minnie 


— p— 

Pace, Daisey 
Pace, Judy 
Parker, Teresa 
Parkerson, Carol 
Parsons, Donna 
Parsons, Gregory 
Payton, Alicia 
Payton, Dawn 
Penn, Susan 
Pennington, Eugene 
Pennington, Jerri 
Perkins, Georgia 
Perkins, Leonard 
Perry, Carol 
Pettengill, Bruce 
Pettersen, Kwihae 
Phifer, Nancy 
Phillips, )ohn 
Phillips, Sandra 
Pleasants, Catherine 
Poague, Melisasa 
Polston, Zina 
Pope, Brenda 
Prestage, Oneita 
Pugh, Holly 
Pyies, Kimberly 

— R — 

Rainey, Johnanna 
Ratliff, Barbara 
Rhodes, Carrol 
Richardson, Kay 
Richardson, Randal 
Robbins, Donna 

Robbins, Donna L. 
Robertson, Michael 
Robinson, Rickey 
Rochester, David 
Rodgers, Wendy 
Roseberry, William 
Rounsaville, Sue 
Rouse, Deborah 
Rush, Laura 

Swindle, Wilma 
Sykes, Brenda 

— W — 

— s— 

Samples, )anet 
Sanford, Patrick 
Sessom, Dennis 
Shonts, Ann 
Sills, William 
Simmons, Kimberly 
Sledge, Annie 
Smith, Bettina 
Smith, Herbert 
Smith, Mary 
Smith, Mary M. 
Smith, Patricia 
Smith, Sally 
Smith, Tamala 
Sorrell, Edwin 
Sparks, Melodie 
Sparks, Monrow 
Steadham, Anita 
Stewart, Nora 
Stewart, Sandra 
Stone, Teresa 
Strickland, David 
Strickland, Tracy 
Stringer, Dollie 
Sutton, Cheryl 
Sutton, Jon 

— T — 

Tate, Sharon 
Taylor, Benny 
Taylor, Delphine 
Taylor, Leroy 
Taylor, Susan 
Tennison, Billy 
Terrell, Michael 
Thomas, Anita 
Thomas, Madalyn 
Thomas, Vernita 
Thompson, Tammy 
Thompson, Vikki 
Thorpe, Dana 
Tomlinson, Valerie 
Trousdale, David 
Troxler, Antoinette 
Trull, Robert 
Tubberville, Billy 
Turner, Karen 
Turner, Robert 
Tyree, Jackie 
Tyson, Margaret 

— U — 

Upton, Brian 
Ussery, Jacqueline 

— V — 

Vogler, Stephen 

Oxford Center 

Walker, Mattie 
Wallace, Melissa 
Ward, Belva 
Wayne, Michelle 
Wesson, Bryan 
West, Gloria 
White, Bertha 
White, Douglas 
Wickline, Charlotte 
Wilbanks, Caren 
Wilkinson, William 
Williams, Alma 
Williams, Christy 
Williams, Jacquline 
Williamson, Ernest 
Williamson, Teresa 
Wilson, Micheal 
Wilson, Sonja 
Wilson, Thomas 
Wims, Wanda 
Windly, Jon 
Wiseman, Warlease 
Wiygul, Patsy 
Womble, Brenda 
Wommack, Pamela 
Wood, Thomas 
Wood, Kathy 
Wright, Karen 

— Y — 

Yates, Brenday 
Young, Sonia 

— Z — 

Zellers, Patricia 

— A — 

Anglin, Mean 
Armstrong, Peggy 

— B — 

Boston, Margaret 
Brock, Pamela 
Brown, Aina 
Burrows, Margaret 
Burrows, Marigrace 

— C — 

Camp, Donna 
Cherry, Betty 

Cook, Carol 
Crews, June 

— G 

Gee, Suzie 

— H 

Harwell, Mary 
Herron, Edna 
Hill, Robert 

— L 

Lasota, Lind 
Lawson, Audrey 
Luster, Annette 

— M — 

McKinney, Ethel 

— P — 


Patton, Nancy 
Phillips, Carrie 
Poynor, Sharon 

— R — 

Joslin, Katie 

Rooker, Lois 

— S — 

Sims, Angielene 
Sisk, Earn^stine 

— T — 

Tidwell, Marilyn 

— W — 

Walker, Doris 
Waynmire, Linda 
Wheeler, Helen 
Whitley, Toni 
Wottowa, Jeanine 


^ s 

* Z 


\ * IT'< a * Pa G* 4o „ 


' 'I' 1 ': ' Will! ' ' ■ , i\ i liJill '1 

■ . ■ : ! " ■ - i ; : : ■ " » ' , "i " e ." : ; * . i ■ [ . " ■ -.,'!/•-.'•■ i ■ : i - i ' » 
JhIjI » II tMlMlfmHlr 1 !»//( ''' i 1 /l ((illUr '^ ' ' ' ! (0 





,[''1,1 ' ; ; i 





!' !il