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I 99 7 


Student Life 















e s 



Northwest Mississippi Community College 

Senatobia, Mississippi 38668 

r *Jk$k 








milestones, (mil'stonz) A stone or pillar 
set up to show the distance in miles to or 
from a specified place. OR an important event 
or turning point in one's history or career. 

milestones. We all have them. If you delve 
into the deepest corners of your memory, you will 
unearth many milestones that you may have for- 
gotten; perhaps you will discover some you have 
never considered before. 

milestones. Look around you; did you realize 
that you are surrounded by milestones — tangible 
markers, actual structures — that signify the distance 
you have journeyed in life thus far? Consider your 
Northwest Mississippi Community College cam- 
pus. There, for all the world to see, stands a sym- 
bol of your education: past, present, and the suc- 
cesses to come. 

In fact, NWCC has reached a milestone of its 
own. Nineteen hundred and ninety-six marks our alma maters 70th anni- 
versary. In 1926, Northwest, then called Tate County Agricultural High 
School, began offering only a few college-level classes. Today, Northwest 
offers more than 100 college-level courses of study in academic, vocational, 
and technical divisions at five different campus locations: Senatobia, Benton- 
Marshall Center, Lafayette- Yalobusha Technical Center, Olive Branch, and 
Desoto Center. 

milestones. As you decided to attend NWCC, you reached yet another 
milestone — a point at which your course of life changed direction. Maybe 
you came here straight from high school to a whole new environment, from 
a career to the classroom, or from being a full-time parent to being a full- 
time student. Whatever your situation, a significant change occurred when 
you stepped onto your NWCC campus; you reached a milestone that sym- 
bolizes your endeavor to better yourself and your world by furthering your 

In your hands lie a history of NWCC and the people who have made 
history here. Perhaps in this book you will discover not only the milestones 
you have reached as an individual but also the milestones we share as a 
school. Years from now, I hope you will regard your days and accomplish- 
ments here as your fondest of memories. 

milestones. Reach them. Recall them. Cherish them. 

- Marie Garrard, Editor 

Milestones • 3 


Student Life 






Special Activities 


Academic Education 




Vo-Tech Education 


Second Chance 




Very Special Arts 




International Tours 






Student Life • 5 


Deandre House 
gives Angela 
Benson a few 
pointers in the 
game room, (above, 

Under the watchful 
eye of Judy 
Fletcher (center), 
and Lee Warrington, 
Chris Mitchell and 
Pansy Watts feed 
each other ice 
cream at Ranger 
Games held during 
Spring Fling week, 
(above, right) 

Jeff Strawn plays 
video games in his 
dorm room in 
Tallahatchie Hall, 



When class is over for the 
day and everyone's 
homework is finished (yeah, right) 
NW students start chilling! You'll 
find students in the grill or 
cafeteria chowing down, while 
others make a run for the border. 

Those with less of an appetite 
can be found studying in the on- 
campus library. Then there are 
those students who simply relax in 
their dorms. 

Now we're getting to those 
athletically inclined individuals 
who can be found practicing on 
the football field, the gym, 
baseball diamond and rodeo arena 
or sharpening their hacky-sack 
skills. Even some students that 
were thought to be athletically- 
deficient proved their skills and 
coordination at the Spring Fling in 
April of '96. 

Then there are the commuters. 
Those are the folks that hang out 
in the game room or pretend to 
study between classes. 

Last but not least are the 
students that go home on the 
weekends. Then they come back 
on Monday feeling totally re- 
freshed, knowing that they get to 
hill out again all week long. 

-Michelle Honse 

Richard Honeycutt and Bobbie Welch 
play Twister during Spring Fling (above 

Students duke it out at Spring Fling 
games held on the Ag Field last April. 

Chill Out • 7 

1996 Registration 

Mary Lee Sturgeon gives a student his forms. This 
is the first step in the long registration process, 

Some students have to redesign their schedules 
after the announcement of class closings, (right) 

Earnest's registration is a milestone 
at our College in that we have never 
before had this many students, " said 
Dr. Haraway. 

Commercial Art Technology instructor 
Cheryl Rice advises Eileen Van Hook of 
Grenada, (top) 

Campus police officer Bubba King gives 
out one of thousands of auto decals. 


Enrollment tops last fall's all-time high 

Topping last falls record break- 
ing enrollment, Northwest is cel- 
ebrating its largest enrollment in 
the schools 69-year history. The 
all-time high totalled 4,491 full- 
and part-time students on all cam- 
puses when final tabulations were 
completed Aug. 26. 

In 1995 enrollment reached 
4,347 for a seven percent increase 
over the previous year. This year's 
addition of 144 students translates 
to a 3.3 percent increase. 

"The enrollment at Northwest 
continues to increase, almost on an 
annual basis" said Northwest Presi- 
dent David M. Haraway. "This in- 
dicates that not only are we serv- 
ing a continually growing popula- 
tion in our 1 1 -county district, but 
also that the confidence of the 
people of our district in the pro- 
grams and services offered by our 
school continues to grow as well!' 

With this falls growth, enroll- 
ment at Northwest has grown al- 
most 53 percent since fall of 1985, 
according to Dr. Haraway. "Such 
growth, though highly desirable 
and welcomed and aggressively 
sought and encouraged by us, has 
caused some 'good-to-have' prob- 
lems in terms of providing physi- 
cal space and staff to properly serve 
and accommodate this increasing 
population" he said. 

Data show an increase of 142 
in the number of full-time students. 
"With the continued help from our 
legislature and the 1 1 counties we 
serve, we have been able to posi- 
tively respond to such growing 
pain problems over the years" said 
Dr. Haraway. 

Day and evening school enroll- 
ment increased at both the Senato- 
bia and the DeSoto Center cam- 
puses. On the Senatobia campus 
2,420 students registered, topping 

last years figure of 2,240. Day 
enrollment on the main campus was 
up by 157, and evening classes in- 
creased by 23 students. 

DeSoto Center, having experi- 
enced a 23 percent jump last year 
with the opening of the new facil- 
ity on WE. Ross Parkway in 
Southaven, added 36 day students 
and 1 9 evening students for a total 
of 1,405. 

"We feel very fortunate to be lo- 
cated in this growing area of our 

state, and we will strive to continue 
to meet the higher education de- 
mands and expectations of the 
people of our 11 -county district" 
said Dr. Haraway. 

Lafayette- Yalobusha Technical 
Center decreased this fall from 688 
in 1995 to 603. Day enrollment 
tallied 349, while the night pro- 
gram enrolled 254. 

Benton-Marshall Center lost six 
college students from last falls 69. 

Northwest President David Haraway (I) congratulates Earnest L. Curtis of Batesville for his being the 
4, 400th student to register. Curtis is accompanied by Ranger Basketball Coach Marc Dukes. 

The next-to-the-last stop for students is the computer line where 
schedules are checked for class closings, (opposite page) 

Business is booming in the Ranger Bookstore the first week of class 
when students begin purchasing needed textbooks, supplies, and 
Ranger clothing, (above) 

The final stop for students is the making of I.D.'s and yearbook 
photographs, (left) 

Registration • 9 

of Dracula 

• •Vi*» ♦■»•* 

L *J 

* .'J 

Dracula (Greg Edmondson) 

his curse on Miss Murray (Edith Parks).(right) 

A stake in the heart puts Count Dracula to 
rest, (inset) 

rest, (inset) 

'Passion of Dracula' puts chill on Fine Arts Auditorium 

On the crisp autumn evening of Octo- 
ber 10, 1 entered the Fine Arts Auditorium 
to view the colleges production of "The Pas- 
sion of Dracula!' As the lights dimmed, and 
the audience silenced, the atmosphere trans- 
formed into England in the mid 20s. The 
cast, the set, costumes, and special effects 
blended nicely together to make a spectacu- 
lar show. As an audience member, it was 


easy to notice the chemistry be- 
tween the cast members. 

Equally noted were the indi- 
vidual performances. Dracula, 
portrayed by Greg Edmondson, 
was phenomenal. Edmondson 
captured all the elements associ- 
ated with Dracula-romance, in- 
trigue, and evil. Anna Estep, who 

played Jameson the maid, had a 
delightful Cockney accent. How- 
ever, the cast member that stole 
the show was Patrick Mullin as 
Renfield. Mullin added the right 
amount of humor to the some- 
what melodramatic play. Other 
members of the cast that made the 
show come to lire included 

Stephen Wiernasz as Jonathan 
Harker, Marshall Allen of Oak- 
land as Lord Godalming, Terry 
Douglas of Hernando as Profes- 
sor Van Helsing, and Phillip 
McElyea as Dr. Cedric Seward. 
Onis McHenry, technical director, 
helped add a professional 
(story continued next page) 

When I was a boy in 
Transylvania, I hungered for 


serves praise f< 
elegant apparel. Wilhelmina Murray's (Edith 
Parks) costume showed how her character was 
very young and attractive. My favorite cos- 
tume was that of Dr. Van Zandt (Sara Plan to), 
a's hair was unbelievable. Hairdressing for 
play was done by the Northwest Cosme- 
jgy students. The best part of the costum- 
; came after Dr. Van Zandt turned into a 
vampire. All in all, Director Mary Catherine 
McHenry should be praised for the North- 
west production of "The Passion of Dracula" 

— Erin Dees 

meson (Anna Estep) guar 
Ihelmina from the evils of 
acula. (top) 

Renfield (Patrick Mullin), left, is 
counseled by Dr. Van Helsing 
(Terry Douglas), (top right) 

Lord Godalming (Marshall Allen), 
left, and Cedric Seward (Phillip 
McElyea) discuss the recent 
murders in the area, (left) 

Dr. Van Zandt (Sara Plante) tries 
to seduce Godalming after she 
returns as one of the undead. 
(far left). 

"As the lights 

dimmed, and the 


the atmosphere 

transformed into 

England in the mid 

Passion of Dracula • 1 1 



^ 3P 

The Nursing Department's 

creativity earned a second 

place in the Office 

Decoration Contest. This 

was the first year for this 

competition, (left) 

Dustin Dettor demonstates a 

slightly different theme for 

Tallahatchie Dorm. "RopirV 

the Gold" was the theme for 

this men's residence hall. 



4. - 


.._. "'— - 

•- .." '"-.'■■: - : "~" 

•.—-.""• • - 

Dormitory Supervisor Penny Massey (center) and residents of 
Panola stand before their version of the Olympic torch, (above) 

Homecoming competitions • 1 3 






How do you show your Ranger spirit? During 
Homecoming week, Northwest students deco- 
rated dorms, hung banners, and spread Ranger cheer through- 
out the campus. The mood was contagious. Even the centers 
got into the act. Ranger Spirit Day was observed on Monday, 
Oct. 21, at DeSoto Center and on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 
Lafayette- Yalobusha Technical Center. 

When the dorm decorations went up on the Senatobia cam- 
pus., Quitman captured first place, while Taylor followed with 
second, and Bobo Hall took third. 

All that spirit paid off. The Rangers were the winners in 
the Homecoming battle with Mississippi Delta — winning 17- 
1 4 . — Michelle Home 

Cheerleader Vincent Bobo prepares to fill his tummy at the pre- 
game cookout on the ag field, (left) 

Reginald Harris carries the world on his shoulders during the Dorm 
Decoration judging, (right) 

Donna Medlin (left) and Sandra Davis (right) anchor dozens of 
balloons used in Bobo Hall's decorations, (below, right) 

Taylor Hall shows its spirit with this original Ranger chant. Matching 
T-shirts were ordered for the event, (below) 

Homecoming Activities • 1 5 


ACE gives students 
voice in choosing 
campus activities 

A new organization has been 
established to give students on 
all Northwest campuses more 
voice in selecting Student Activi- 
ties events, announced Dan 
Smith, dean of Students. The 
All Campus Events Committee 
(ACE) has been formed by Di- 
rector of Student Activities Pam 

Wooten "to assist in the planning 
and implementation of activities 
for students." 

Composed of a diverse group 
of eight to 10 students, the 
group meets every other week. 

"Members help to select 
events and receive valuable ex- 
perience in organizing activities" 
said Smith. Any student who is 
interested in joining the commit- 
tee should contact Pam Wooten" 
he said. 

Since the beginning of the fall 
semester, the activities calendar 
has included dances, Virtual 
Reality, Hot Shots, Karaoke, 
cartoonist Steve Gipson at three 
locations, cookouts, pep rallys, 
Creative Dating seminar, Bogie 
Man Golf and Games Night; 

A masquerade ball, Star 
Struck Studios, The Omega, 
The Beauty Review, the Christ- 
mas Dance, and Christmas 
Dorm Decoration Contest. 

Besides the activities on the 
calendar, students find time for 
intramural activities, card play- 
ing in the grill, recreation in the 
game room that is filled with 
pool tables and video games, and 
membership in over 40 clubs 
and organizations. 

New outdoor seating on the 
Senatobia campus provides a 
place for students to visit with 
friends, study for a test, read a 
book or just relax. 

"Members help 
to select events and 
receive valuable ex- 
perience in organiz- 
ing activities, " said 
Dan Smith, dean of 

Band members (I to r) Rob Smith of Olive 
Branch and Barry Burkley of Horn Lake 
get in some practice in their spare time, 

Many students enjoy taking advantage 
of the college's recreational facilities. 
Freshman Norman House of Coffeeville 
plays on one of the pool tables located 
in the game room, (below left) 

Things To Do • 17 

After Hours 

In the afternoons, many dorm residents enjoy relaxing 
outdoors after classes. Some, like these students, watch 
or play sports like flag football, frisbee, or hacky sack, 

Special Occasions 

Not only did the men of Tallahatchie decorate their buildings 
for the Homecoming dorm decorating contest, but they also 
adorned their shrubbery, trees, lawn, and vehicles with 
flowing, white "streamers" (above, left) 

In-Between Times 

Ranger football players Connie Moore of Miami, Fla., and 
Tevas Stanford of Courtland chill out before their afternoon 
classes, (above) 


Quiet Time 

Bobo suite mates Ashley 
Gray of Oxford and 
Brooke Tatum of 
Abbeville study together 
before mid-term exams, 


Quitman Dorm residents 
spend their afternoon in 
stiff competition for high 
scores by playing Sega 
games, (left) 


Dorm Life* 19 

Academic Education 

With more than 50 academic courses of study on two 
campuses — Senatobia and DeSoto Center — Northwest 
offers quality instruction with up-to-date equipment. 

Besides attending lectures in academic classes, students 
attend labs ranging from chemistry and biology to radio/ 
television and newspaper production to soils to French and 
Spanish to nursing. 

New science labs at DeSoto Center have called for the 
addition of courses in general zoology and organic chem- 

Regardless of the area of instruction or the location of 
the campus, a dedicated, capable Northwest faculty is com- 
mitted to helping students achieve their educational goals. 
The quality of instruction is truly top-of-the-line from 
English comp to international studies. 

DeSoto Center instructor Harold Simmons enjoys a light moment 
with his chemistry class, (right) 

Biology Department Chairman Jerry Hollis takes time 
between classes to explain a problem to Michelle Honse 
of Senatobia. 


Rebecca Davis of Montgomery, III., rehearses in one of the Fine Arts Building's newly remodeled piano practice rooms, (top, right) 

Or. Greta Coger keeps students busy in her English Literature class, (above) 

Academics * 21 


Commencement exercises for 430 Northwest graduates took place 
Friday, May 17, at 3 p.m. in Howard Coliseum on the Senatobia 
campus. Speaker for Northwests 80th commencement was Dr. David 
Haraway, who completed his 10th year as president of the college. 

M. Clarence Sparks, Jr., ofWalls, member of the Northwest Board 
of Trustees and Church of Christ minister, gave the invocation. Chair- 
man of the Board of Trustees Bill Dawson of Byhalia made brief re- 

As Dr. Gary Spears, registrar, called each graduate's name, diplo- 
mas and certificates were presented by James M. Darby, vice presi- 
dent for Educational Affairs; and Joe Broadway, dean of Vocational- 
Technical Education. 

Under the direction of Ferrell Lunceford, the Northwest concert 
band played for the processional and recessional and the Alma Mater. 

The Northwest Singers, conducted by Susanne VanDyke, performed 
"Song of Spring", and "Old Time Religion". 

— By Jennifer Murchison 

McGee served as a math tutor, was a member of Phi Theta Kapp 
and was chosen Outstanding Student in Math, (top) 

Joseph Glasper, Jr., of Sledge receives his vocational certificate fro 
Dean Joe Broadway, (above) 

Mike Bondora of Senatobia, a computer information systems major, 
and Carol Blend, also of Senatobia, an office administration major, 
stand while other classmates receive their diplomas, (right) 


Shiela Bates of Horn Lake, a Lady Ranger forward, holds her new 

associate degree diploma, (left) 

Students find their places in the lineup outside Howard Coliseum. 


"We are celebrating our 
successes today, and our 
successes are sitting before 
us* said President David 
Haraway. "This is the 
culmination of much hard 
work, sacr'fice and self- 
discipline on your part*. 

According to Haraway, 
there are six elements to a 
successful life: 

• get a good educational 

• work hard 

• be responsible 

• have a positive 

• love one another 

• have a strong faith in 



While the Western sun is falling 

on our Grey and Blue 

Proudly stands our Alma Mater, 

Glorious to View 


Years of Honor, years of glory 

Hail, all Hail to thee; 

To Northwest our Alma Mater 

We will ever faithful be. 


Here we gathered hope and 


With our friends so dear, 

In our hearts well always cherish 

Every mem'ry here. 

Carl Johnson, Lyrics 
Class of 1956 

Glenn Triplett, Music 
Class of 1957 

Graduation • 23 


More than 50 options are available for students who 
want to prepare for a career that doesn't require a four- 
year degree. While some programs, which may range in 
length from eight weeks to four semesters, are offered at 
several campuses, others are exclusive to one of Northwest's 
five locations. 

Students choose careers in cosmetology, civil engineer- 
ing, funeral service, aviation maintenance, livestock man- 
agement, commercial art, child care, respiratory care, com- 
puter technology and much more. 

At Northwest equipment is upgraded annually to stay 
current with the needs of business and industry. Students 
learn in an environment that prepares them for work in 
their chosen field. 

W^^ ^ ^> ^^w 



JC ^k 


i \ 

■ Jiijtf^^ 

^ m - v ,1 

Ym &t 

9A 1 


Jeanette Heard (left) gets a blood pressure check from fellow prac- 
tical nursing student Jennifer Cooper, (top) 

Students practice CPR techniques in the respiratory 
care lab at DeSoto Center, (above) 


Students in restorative art class, taught on the Southaven cam- 
pus, watch instructor John Mitchell as he points out characteris- 
tics of facial anatomy, (above) 

Tasha Ramsey and Christy Moore, both of Coldwater, give a pa- 
tron a maincure at the Health Fair held at the Senatobia Church of 
Christ in October, (left) 

Civil Technology student Donny Oxner of Olive Branch (center) gets some hands-on experience using a global positioning system 
(GPA) unit during a seminar on "Fundamentals of GPS for GIS" held last fall, (above) 

Vocational-Technical • 25 

Adults get 






Students 2 1 years 
of age or older with 
two years of work 
experience are getting 
a 'second chance' at 
education at North- 
west. For the second 
academic year, 
Northwest is offering 
eight complete degree 
programs — five 
academic transfer and 
three technical — at night and week 
ends on the Senatobia campus. 

Classes are taught four nights a 
week, Monday through Thursday, 
from 6:30 to 9:15 p.m. and on 

The Career Education Center on 
the Senatobia campus is open to all 
students regardless of major or 
classification one evening per week 
throughout the semester. 

According to College Board 
statistics, 45 percent of all college 

Instructors (seated, I to r) Robin Robison, Earline Cocke, and Jackie Collingsworth meet with 
Registrar Gary Spears prior to Second Chance registration. 

• I 

students are 2 5 years of age or 
older, and the agency predicts that 

percent of all students are 22 years of 
age or older. More than 400 of these 

by the year 2000 there will be more are over 40. This year there are 226 
students over 2 5 on college cam- adult students enrolled in the Second 

puses. Chance program. 

Adult students should feel at 
home at Northwest, where 45.1 


Oeconcl l^Jkfl 

Mice JrVogrvainias 

Associate of Arts Programs 

• Criminal Justice 

• Computer Information Systems 

• Fire Protection Technology 

• Elementary Education 

Associate of Applied Science Programs 

• Paralegal Technology 

• Heating and Air Conditioning Technology 

• Medical Office Technology 

"Getting hired or getting fired, getting married or getting divorced, getting sick or moving to a new city 
are the kinds of events that tell adults it is time to learn something neu)', reports the College Boards Office of 
Adult Learning Services. 

""'''■ •■•'■'•. h S£j2jjt0 

Business instructors Pam 
Darnell and Earline Cocke 
(seated) advise students at 
the Second Chance orien- 
tation meeting in August. 
Angie King (standing) of 
Coldwater is a computer in- 
formation systems major, 
and Teresa Wright (right) of 
Senatobia is a business ad- 
ministration major, (above) 

Business instructor Bill 
Sumrall meets with Bonnie 
Bryant of Senatobia. (left) 

Jep Clemens, an instructor in 
the Paralegal Technology 
program, was included this 
year in Who's Who Among 
American Teachers, (above) 

Second Chance • 27 

on Southaven campus 

ASAP geared for adults 

Accounting instructor Patricia Palmer (left) assists Teri Graham in her accelerated accounting class. An ASAP student, Graham is the bookkeeper for 
the city of Olive Branch. 

DeSoto Center is offering for the second year an accelerated pro- 
gram for students who are 2 1 years of age or older with a minimum 
of two years' full-time work experience. Two degree options — el- 
ementary education and business administration — are available 
through the Adult Structured Accelerated Program (ASAP). 

"We understand the needs of the adult student and offer programs 
specifically designed to meet those needs" said Larry Sylvester, direc- 
tor of the Evening School on the Southaven campus. "Unnecessary 
barriers that could block an adult learners success are eliminated by 
offering classes at times that are convenient for working students and 
decreasing the time required to complete a degree!' 

ASAPs academic year is divided into five eight-week terms. Stu- 
dents have the opportunity to enroll in two classes each term and earn 
a possible 32 semester hours of college credit each year. Utilizing an 
"active learner" class format which requires each student to complete 
a substantial amount of out-of-class work, the program reduces ac 


tual class time to two nights per week. 

"The evening program was designed with the working adult in 
mind; however, regular evening classes are open to all qualified stu- 
dents, regardless of age" said Sylvester. 

"Evening students who have been out of school for a while may 
wish to use the services of our related studies instructor to refamiliarize 
themselves with basic English and mathematics" Sylvester said. 

In addition to faculty advisers, academic counselors are available 
for students during evening hours. The Associate of Arts degree for 
most Northwest majors is available through the Evening School. Some 
students, however, are not interested in pursuing a degree, but want 
to take classes for personal satisfaction or self-improvement. 

DeSoto Centers continuing education classes, offered in conjunc- 
tion with The University of Mississippi, are designed to enrich the 
lives of all DeSoto County residents. 

Todd Matney 

Patrolman, Southaven Police Department 

'ASAP has been a great benefit to me. I not only enjoy the adult 
atmosphere, but also appreciate the fact that it does not interfere 
with my professional career 

Lynn Reese 

Library Assistant, Southern Baptist Educational Center 

"I have found the instructors supportive and understanding of 
the pressures that an adult student faces. Though challenging, 
the ASAP program has provided me the opportunity to achieve 
a college education at an accelerated pace that will help broaden 
my future career choices" 

ASAP • 29 

Volunteer Cliff Dye of 
Hernando helps a roping 
wannabe at the Rodeo 
Team display outside 
Howard Coliseum. Plastic 
steer heads mounted on 
hay bales provided targets 
for the hundreds of kids 
who tried their hands at 
roping, (right) 

Northwest art instructor 
Lane Tutor gives this 
festival goer a custom 
tatoo at the Art 
Department artstop. 

Hernando High 
Schools Sand 
Castle Building 
artstop, located 
outside the South 
entrance, was a 
favorite stop for 
young participants. 
They were pro- 
vided spades and 
buckets to create 
their own special 
designs, (right) 


Very Special Arts 1^6 

Howard Coliseum was transformed into a tropical paradise when 
Northwest hosted Very Special Arts 1996 on April 26. 
The purpose of the one-day festival is to enrich the lives 
of people with disabilities through art and unforget- 
table memories. 

The tropical theme came to life with authentic 
Polynesian dancers and Jamaican stiltwalker "Queen 

A sailboat, kayak, pontoon and bass boats in addi- 
tion to palm trees on the stage added to the atmosphere. 
Festival goers received straw hats and authentic tropi- 
cal leis. 

The festival featured artstops where children could 
make something to take home. Other activities in- 
cluded bubble making, rubber stamping, stenciling, 
flowerpot making, fingerpainting, jewelry making, 
paper making, and clay sculpting. 

These activities were manned by Northwest student 
groups from nursing, child care, cosmetology, art, and the rodeo team 
Other Northwest students served as volunteers for the 1,200 students 
who attended. 

Participants saw the antique car show, a vehicle dis 
play, the talking police car, McGruff the Crime 
Dog, and met "Mike" the Senatobia Police dog. 
They held onto their hats as the helicopters from 
the DeSoto County Sheriffs Department landed 

Over 500 volunteers from neighboring com- 
munities, high schools, and the college made this 
event happen. 

"The Very Special Arts Festival is a wonderful op- 
portunity for children with disabilities to learn through 
the arts, create special memories, and build confidence in 
their lives" said Patricia Davis, festival co-coordinator. "It 
is truly a worthwhile and meaningful event" 


8 * ; :(™» s 

Christy Staggs 
of Eupora was 
the official 
greeter for Very 
Special Arts 
1996. Staggs, 
who is now at- 
tending Missis- 
sippi State Uni- 
versity, was last 
year's Home- 
coming Queen. 

Ladonna Woulard of 
St. Thomas, Virgin 
Islands, as "Queen 
Mockojumbies; thrilled 
young and old as she 
paraded through 
groups, delivering 
candy, cracking her 
whip, and blowing her 
whistle. Perched atop 
stilts that made her 
over eight feet tall, 
Woulard took time to 
shake hands with 
participants. Woulard 
chose to use the eight- 
foot stilts rather than 
the taller ones in order 
to be able to reach 
down and touch the 
kids, (above) 

Northwest art 
students served 
as volunteers at 
several booths. 
They drew 
caricatures for 
created clay 
assisted with 
and painted a 
fish mural. 

Very Special Arts • 3 1 

At a special reception held on 
Oct. 24, Northwest alumnus 
Robert Q. Whitwell of Oxford was 
introduced as 1 996 Sports Hall of 
Fame Inductee. Quarterback and 
captain of the Ranger squad in 
1965, Whitwell led Northwest to 
its first-ever state championship 
and bowl appearance. The 
Rangers lost the contest 21-20 to 
Kilgore, Texas, but Whitwell 
completed four of seven passes 
for 68 yards and one touchdown. 

The recovering Tim Armstrong 
proudly bears the Northwest 
flame during the Homecoming 
pregame festivities. A freshman 
defensive back from Bruce, 
Armstrong fractured the fifth 
vertebra in his neck during a 
Ranger scrimmage on Aug. 24. 
"I just want to wish the Rangers 
the best of luck this year. I may 
be on the sidelines this season, 
but I hope we will win it all" he 

Dr. Robert Smith of Hernando 
expresses his gratitude after 
being honored as 1996 Alumnus 
of the Year during the Sports Hall 
of Fame/alumni reception. Smith 
received his Associate of Arts in 
pre-medicine from Northwest in 
1973, then earned his B.S. 
degree from Memphis State 
University, his D.D.S. from the 
University of Tennessee, and a 
fellowship in the Academy of 
General Dentistry. 


Go For the 

Northwest students, faculty, staff, and alumni got into the Home- 
coming spirit the week of Oct. 21-24 when Ranger Week activities 
were in full swing. Special visits to DeSoto Center and Lafayette- 
Yalobusha Technical Center helped spread the spirit to the other cam- 
puses. Heavy rain on Tuesday, Oct. 22, forced the cancellation of Ranger 
Games on the Senatobia campus. Activities continued on Wednesday, 
Oct. 23, with a Pep Rally in the Union Courtyard and a dance, featur- 
ing the band "The Dealers" in the Union Gym. 

On Homecoming day students, staff, and faculty observed Ranger 
Spirit Day by wearing red and blue. A cookout for students, staff, 
faculty, and alumni was held under the big tent on the Ag Field. 

Guests moved to the Union Commons for the Alumni/Sports Hall 
of Fame Induction/Homecoming Court Reception. Robert Q. 
Whitwell of Oxford was inducted into the college's Sports Hall of 
Fame, and former inductee J. Carroll Johnson of Winona received 
special recognition for holding the most varsity letters in the college's 
intercollegiate athletic history. 

During pregame activities alumni groups and Alumnus of the Year 
Dr. Robert Smith of Hernando were recognized. Winners of the dorm, 
office, and banner decoration contests were announced. 

With the emphasis on athletic excellence, the highlight of pregame 
ceremonies was the parade of athletes including mens and women's 
basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and rodeo. These team mem- 
bers carried banners onto the field while the crowd was told of special 
accomplishments and competitions concerning these groups. 

Recovering Ranger football player Tim Armstrong of Bruce brought 
the "Olympic-style" torch onto the field. Representatives from each 
team ran with the torchbearer up the stands of the home side of the 
stadium where the flame was lit by J. Carroll Johnson. The Northwest 
Singers, under the direction of Susanne VanDyke, performed the na- 
tional anthem. 



In connection with 
the Olympic theme, 
"Go for the Gold," 
Northwest athletes 
participated in our 
"Parade of Athletes',' 
similar to the Parade 
of Nations that takes 
place at Olympic 
games. Above, 
members of the Ran- 
ger golf team proudly 
carry their banner 
before a loyal home 

J. Carroll Johnson of 
Winona lights the 
flame at NWCC's 
Homecoming festiv- 
ities Oct. 24 under 
the watchful eye of 
Peter Jarjoura who 
designed the torch 
for the event. Earlier 
in the day Johnson 
received special 
recognition at the 
Sports Hall of Fame 
induction ceremony 
where Northwest 
President David M. 
Haraway presented 
him a plaque for 
earning 10 letters in 
varsity sports while 
attending Northwest 
from 1929-1 932. (left) 

Tennis team member 
Matt Butts of 
Pontotoc carries the 
torch to the top of the 
home side stands 
where the "Olympic 
flame" will be lit. 
(opposite page, 

Homecoming • 32 A 

Freshman maids and escorts 
are: Kelly Car of Ripley, 
representing Benton-Marshall 
Center, and Joey Carpenter of 
Lamar; Candace Cain of Oxford, 
representing Lafayette- 

Yalobusha Technical Center, and 
Chad Collier of Oxford; 
Senatobia representatives Kristi 
Anderson and Drew Oakley of 
Senatobia, Serena Pegues of 
Batesville and Darry Farmer of 
Courtland; and DeSoto Center 
representatives Lisa Baker and 
Nathan McCallum of Hernando, 
and Angela Abbott of Olive 
Branch and Brett Ashley Hudson 
of Southaven. 

1996 Homecoming Court 

Sophomore Court 

Sophomore maids and escorts 
are: Christy Collins of Southaven, 
representing DeSoto Center, and 
Brian Jackson of Southaven; 
Alicia Humphries of Vardaman, 
representing the Senatobia 
campus, and Robert Jackson of 
St. Louis; Queen Kim Estes of 
Horn Lake, representing DeSoto 
Center, and Josh Metzger of 
Menomonee Falls, Wis.; Anika 
Westerfield of Oxford, 
representing the Senatobia 
campus, and John Anthony 
Moore of Coldwater; and 
Senatobia maid Tameka Johnson 
of Abbeville and Steven Dockery 
of Byhalia. 


Northwest crowns Estes 1996 Homecoming Queen 

A day that started all wrong for Northwest Mis- 
sissippi Community College sophomore Kim Estes 
af Horn Lake ended with her being crowned 
Homecoming Queen 1996. 

"Something was wrong with the dress I was 
supposed to wear" said Estes. "I had to pick out 
mother at the last minute, and it was too big, but 
sve pinned it up and it looked okay]' 

The problem was that when the time came to 
get dressed and get to the game, the second dress 
lad gone to the beauty shop in the trunk of her 

mothers car. "I had to go get it, dressed in my 
housecoat, and I was late getting to Senatobia." 

The daughter of William and Patricia Estes, 
the petite blonde was crowned 1 996 Homecom- 
ing Queen by Northwest President David Haraway 
and presented with a silver tray by Bill Nelms, 
representing the Tate County Economic Develop- 
ment Council. "I was surprised and very happy, 
but I wish that every maid on the court could be 
given the crown so they could share the excite- 
ment I had" she said. 

Estes attends the DeSoto Center in Southaven 
where she is a pre-dental major. A parliamentar- 
ian of the Student Government Association, she 
has been elected 1996 Miss DeSoto Center. 

A 1993 graduate of Horn Lake High School, 
she was named "Most Beautiful" for the yearbook 
and a maid on her senior homecoming court. She 
was also nominated for Who's Who Among 
American High School Students her junior and 
senior years. 

— Nancy Patterson and Amy Brown 

Homecoming • 32C 


on tour 

Northwest students not only have a chance to learn about other people 
and cultures from a textbook, but also through first-hand experiences. 
The International Study Program provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences 
as well as six hours of credit in humanities and cultural arts. 

"International Studies is a way for students to see first-hand other people 
and cultures" said social science instructor and program sponsor Sandy 
Grisham. "It is a way for students to view the world from a new perspec- 
tive — a perspective which most people can only read about" According 
to Grisham, students can see the diversity of other cultures while gaining 
an understanding of their own. "We have to know what the world is like, 
because we are a part of it" said Grisham. 

• The two courses, International Study and The Arts and Culture, are 
taught before and during the international trip. Humanities teaches the 
history of the particular country. The Arts and Culture is a study based 
on the culture of the area students are going to visit. Topics range from 
the country's art and architecture to its music. 

Before students go abroad, they must attend an eight-hour class. The 
class gives the group background information and depicts the culture and 
people of the country they are going to see. 

During the class students watch videos, complete assignments from 
workbooks, and listen to discussion. 

While students are touring a country, they are required to keep a daily 
journal of their trip; then after they return they submit a paper discussing 
the journey. 

-Kelley Creecy 

One of the highl ^h^lff I^J^M 06 tour wa 
stop at the Library of Ephesus in Turkey, 

On day seven of the Great Britain tour, 
students traveled to the Ring of Kerry, where 
they were able to view breathtaking Irish 

Members of th s Great Britaiattur visit the 
Ring of Kerry in reland. The group includes 
Kathy Foresmaj-ySf rj4y|<flpj^m, Terri Hogan, 

ail Price, 

pbell, O'Dell 
an, Stacy 
raham, and 

Sheri Hicks, C 
Sarah Wooten 
Coleman, Briai 
Thorn, Jill Jon 
McMahon, Rut 
Kim Cozart. (o 


he group on the Greece tour take a break at Knoss Palace on the Island of Crete. They are (I to r) Sandy Grisham, 
'aughn Grisham, Forrest Lax, Lisa Corley, Kristie Thomas, Margaret Partridge, Susannah Lax, Jennifer Lax, Emily 
mathers, Jean Blackston, Billy Beaty, Jeanette Manning and Garnet Linderman. (above) 

Tours • 33 

he Northwest tour of 
- Greece this past 
summer gave participants a 
chance to experience Greek 
culture first-hand. Traveling in 
the Greek islands, students saw 
places that are centuries old. 

The "tour" bus was in fact a 
cruise ship. Participants were 
able to tour islands, while 
bathing in sunlight, breathing 
refreshing sea breezes, and 
viewing the breathtaking sights. 

Included on the tour were the 
Islands of Mykonos and 
Patmos. Mykonos was unique 
in its brightness. "The whole 
island was white" said Kriste 
Thomas, a Northwest student. 
The buildings were all white — 
giving the island a bright 
contrast to the water surround- 
ing it. 

The Island of Patmos is 
believed to be the location 
where the Biblical book of 
Revelations was written by 
John. Visitors saw the cave 
where John was supposed to 
have spent his time, according 
to Sandy Grisham, social science 
instructor and sponsor of the 

While in Greece, the group 
toured Delphi, the religious 
center for Greeks during and 
before the time of Christ. 
"These sights helped me under- 
stand the human connections" 
said Grisham. 

While in Athens, the group 
realized "what a small world we 
live in" when they met a resi- 
dent who had formerly lived in 

The group stands before the 
Parthenon at Acropolis in Ath- 
ens. They are (from I to r) 
Forrest Lax, Jo Cross, Sandy 
Grisham, Emily Smathers, 
Kriste Thomas, and Lisa 
Corley. (top) 

This breathtaking mountain 
scenery was observed on the 
way to Delphi, (center) 

Naupleon, a castle in Greece, 
stands in seclusion in the Gulf 
of Argos. (bottom) 


.- td 






This castle in Ireland was one of the featured stops on the Irish Tour, (above) 

The Northwest group visited Anne Hathaways cottage at Stratford -Upon- Avon, (top) 

ten-day excursion to 
k- Great Britain provided 
Northwest students with 
exposure to British culture and 
history. The tourists left North- 
west June 20, and arrived back 
in the United States June 30, 

"The group had many 
wonderful experiences" said 
Kathy Foresman, psychology 
instructor and program sponsor. 
Included in their stops were a 
walking tour in Bath and 
Chester, visits to Hampton 
Court Gardens, Salisbury, 
Waterford, Cork, Blarney, 
Tralee, Killarney, and 
Shakespeare's Stratford-Upon- 

Scenic highlights were 
Stonehenge and Salisbury Plain, 
Ring of Kerry, Snowdonia, and 
Horseshoe Pass. 

"Touring the Warwick Castle 
was a little like seeing the days 
of King Arthur come to life" 
said Foresman. Students were 
able to enjoy a medieval feast at 
Warwick. While they dined, a 
bard put the history of Great 
Britain to music. 

A favorite stop on the tour 
was the local pub where the 
group enjoyed singing by the 
fireside. "This was simple 
enjoyment, but the most enjoy- 
able" said Foresman. 

The trip to Great Britain 
enabled students to learn about 
that culture. "Hopefully 
students will have a better idea 
where they would like to go if 
they went back" said Foresman. 


The clothes and music may have changed, but dances for Northwest stu- 
dents still provide an opportunity to meet friends, listen to some great tunes, 
and share moments with someone special. 

This year, Northwest students had plenty of chances to kick up their heels. 
The dance schedule, organized by the Office of Student Affairs, got off to a 
start with the Welcome Back Dance held Aug. 19 in the Union Gym. 

"Most of our dances were held in the Union this year since there was reno- 
vation going on in the coliseum" said Pam Wooten, director of Student Ac- 

More dances, with music provided by disc jockeys, continued with the Sept. 
3 event followed by the Masquerade Ball on Oct. 3 1 . 

A live band, The Dealers, was featured at the Homecoming Dance on Oct. 

"I try to get versatile bands that everyone will enjoy," said Wooten. Other 
holiday themes were carried out with the Christmas Dance in December and 
the Sweetheart Dance for Valentine's Day. 

Students receiving special awards, honors, and recognition were honored 
with the Leadership Ball in May. 

Shelly Harville and Chris Ryan share a tender moment at the Welcome Back Dance 
last August, (above) 

Kevin Turner gets close to girlfriend Lawanda Mills during a slow dance at the 
Sweetheart Dance in celebration of Valentine's Day last February, (left) 


Barbara Kirk, Cassandra Miller, Sharon Brown, and Rico 
Fifer move to the beat of a funky line dance tune, (above) 

Freshmen Vince Oswalt and Suzanne King are glad to 
be valentines at the Sweetheart Dance, (left) 

Dances • 37 



Jazz Band 








Spring Beauty Review 


Fall Beauty Review 


Mr. and Miss NWCC 





\ } 

ft • \ . - 

- . ■ ... ' 










Features • 39 


High-energy show 
focuses on 50s, 60s 

During the fall and spring semesters, the Entertainers had 
the opportunity to perform their show in front of many audi- 
ences. They started off the semester dancing and singing to 
melodies from the Broadway musical "Grease" at the Fall 
Beauty Review held Nov. 2 1 . In the fall the group appeared 
at the Cotton Picking Festival in Como and at Baddour Me- 
morial Center in Senatobia before hosting their third annual 
fall concert Nov. 5. Featured were the rock 'n' roll hits "Get 
Ready", "Proud Mary" and "My Boyfriends Back" and solos 
"Music of the Night", "Lullaby", and "I Dreamed A Dream" 
in addition to selections from "Grease". "The group this year 
is one of the most dedicated Fve worked with" said Entertain- 
ers' Director Susanne VanDyke. "We put in an additional 40 
hours in preparation for our fall campus concert!' 

In the spring, the group 
travelled with the Northwest 
Singers to perform at the 
State Choral Festival at 
Hinds Community College, 
went on a mini-tour of local 
schools and appeared at 
DeSoto Center, sang at the 
district Extension Service 
meeting in Senatobia, and 
entertained at the Very Spe- 
cial Arts Festival held on the 
Senatobia campus. 

— Kelley Creecy 

Drummer Randy Dale of 
Olive Branch (back- 
ground), and keyboardist 
Irina Likh of Kazakhstan 
accompany (I to r) Leigh 
Watson of Tunica, Lisa 

Burch of Oxford, and Brooks Anne Cole of Batesville during a practice 
session, (above center) 





Lisa Burch 

Eva Lundahl 

Heather Jenkins 

Jarod Lee 

Jennifer Millican 

Serena Pegues 

Brooks Anne Cole 

Leigh Watson 

Chad Baldwin 

Kim Hutcheson 

Sandra Koenig 

Ashley Henson 

Randy Dale, drums 

irina llkh, keyboard 

Jason Little, bass 

Kevin Stroud, guitar 

Freshman Sandra Koenig of Amory 
(left) and sophomore Kim 
Hutcheson of Walls sing out "We Go 
Together" (opposite page, below 

Bassist Jason Little of Horn Lake 
(left) and lead guitarist Kevin Stroud 
of Collierville get funky to the beat 
of 50's rock 'n' roll, (opposite page, 
below right) 

Jarod Lee of Indianola and Leigh 
Watson of Tunica entertain a full 
house at the 1996 Fall Beauty 
Review Nov. 21. The Entertainers 
sang a collection of hits from the 60s 
and a medley from the Broadway 
musical "Grease" (right) 

Choreography is a big part of the 

Entertainers' stage show. The 

quartet of (I to r) Jennifer Millican of 

Southaven, Serena Pegues of Batesville, and Eva Lundahl and Lisa Burch, both of Oxford, keep in perfect time as they perform 

"My Boyfriend's Back" at the Beauty Review. The group's choreographer is Laura Legge of Senatobia. (right) 

Entertainers • 41 

Freshman Jason Little, Coldwater, reherses his bass solo in 
the number "Dancing Men" (right) 

Director John Ungurait performs a vibraphone solo during his 
percussion recital which was held in the Fine Arts Auditorium 
last Spring, (below) 

jazz band 

Kevin Stroud, Bolton, and Will Odom, Batesville, sight- 
read a new tune, "Gospel John" while keeping an eye 
on Ungurait. 


Musical horizons 
members master 

WANTED: Horn-blowin', drum-beatin', dedicated, motivated, rhythm- 
havin', music lovin' students interested in broadening their musical horizons 
and performing with a small but sensational ensemble of musicians. 

That's not all that is desired of NWCC Jazz Band members. Besides audi- 
tioning for a place in the select group, members must possess the strength and 
stamina to crawl out of bed and meet for rehearsal at 8 a.m. every Tuesday and 
Thursday. Members soon discover that resisting the temptation to slam an- 
noying alarm clocks against dorm room walls proves to be if not more challeng- 
ing than journeying farther into brave, new musical worlds. "You have to be 
motivated", said trumpet player Michael Chandler of Water Valley. 

Not only is the group smaller in size than the concert band, but also the 
group's instrumentation gives it a brassier, jazzier sound. Under the direction 
of John Ungurait, Assistant Director of Bands, musicians in the ensemble must 

expand as group 
new techniques 

play either trumpet, trombone, saxophone, bass, drums, or piano. 

"Being that we only meet two times a week and that we play a different kind 
of music than in concert band, we've really come together', said trombonist 
Dan Etua of Starkville. 

"We play more up-to-date music", agreed Chandler. 

Etua added, "It's alot hipper. It's stuff everybody's heard before". 

Some of the tunes performed by the ensemble during the fall and spring 
semesters are "Conga", "Gospel John", My Funny Valentine", "Killer Joe", and 
"Get It On". 

During the fall semester, the Jazz Band was invited along with the entertain- 
ers to be guest entertainment at the Cotton Pickin' Festival in Como. For the 
Spring semester, the group plans to make its annual recruiting tour of the area 
high schools and to perform the yearly Front Lawn and Spring Concerts. 

-Marie Garrard 

Members of the 1996-1997 Jazz Band are as follows: (first row) John Gabbert, Kevin Stroud, Will Odom, Chad Baldwin; (second row) Rob Smith, 
Barry Burkley, Josh Cothern; (third row) Michael Chandler, Chip Denman, and Jessica Thompson. Not Pictured: Dan Etua, Jim Mayo, Ann Caples, 
Jason Little, Christian Williams, and Jamie Smith. 

Jazz Band • 43 

The Northwest Singers, directed 
by Susanne VanDyke, had a 
season bustling with activity. They 
opened the fall semester by singing 
the national anthem at Homecom- 
ing, a highlight for the Singers, ac- 
cording to VanDyke. Other fall per- 
formances included the Como Cot- 
ton Picking Festival and an appear- 
ance at Baddour Memorial Center. 

In December, they started spread- 
ing the Yuletide spirit with the 
Christmas Concert on Dec. 5 fol- 
lowed by a command performance 
for the Faculty Christmas Luncheon. 

During the spring semester, the 
Singers had the opportunity to sing 
at the State Choral Festival held in 
February at Hinds Community Col- 

"The State Choral Festival is a 
very important part of the North- 
west Singers" said VanDyke. "They 
have an opportunity to perform for 
all of the community college choirs 
in the state. We get to see what other 
schools do and also sing with 800 
other voices. Its a musical highlight 
for all of us" she said. 

The group presented the annual 
Spring Concert on campus April 1 7 . 
They were also featured at Com- 
mencement Exercises in May. 

The Singers meet Monday 
through Thursday from 2 to 3 p.m. 
Membership to the Northwest Sing- 
ers is obtained through audition. 
"This years group is the most musi- 
cal group I have ever had" said 
VanDyke. — Kelley Creecy 



The 1995-96 Singers Women's 
Chorus perform "Song of Spring" 
at Commencement Exercises 
last May 17. Graduating Singers 
took their places with the rest of 
the choral ensemble for their final 
performance with the group, 

Freshmen Randy Dale of Olive 
Branch (back), Jarod Lee of 
Indianola, and Chadd Bryant of 
Batesville (right) sing "The Star- 
Spangled Banner" at Home- 
coming pre-game festivities Oct. 
24 at Ranger Stadium. The 
performance was the group's 
first public appearance of the 
1996-97 season, (right) 

s s s s 

" Tfcs yeo/is g/ioop is 
tde. most wiusicad g/ioup 
roe elM. Rod." 
— Susans Q/aw.'Dyfee. 



JfoxtKivest SingeJts ate, 

Chad Baldwin 

Andre Bernard 

Chadd Bryant 

Lisa Burch 

Jennifer Coburn 

Brooks Anne Cole 

Kelley Creecy 

Neal Creecy 

Randy Dale 

Betsy Flippo 

Ashley Henson 

Kim Hutcheson 

Heather Jenkins 

Ernie Kelley 

Sandra Koenig 

Jarod Lee 

Irina Likh 

Jason Little 

Eva Lundahl 

Phillip McElyea 

Michelle Medlin 

Ashley Miguez 

Jennifer Millican 

Tonya Owens 

Serena Pegues 

Rebecca Shamley 

Leigh Watson 

Jeff West 

Angela Williams 

Nadean Williams 


Singers Director Susanne 
VanDyke leads the group 
through practices and per- 
formances and often accom- 
panies the Singers on piano. She 
assists students in developing 
their vocal talents and makes 
music selections for the group's 
concerts and performances, 

Jeff West of Walls (left), Ashley 
Miguez of Coldwater, and Neal 
Creecy of Senatobia work on a 
folk tune during one of the 
Singers' many afternoon 
practice sessions. Members are 
chosen by audition and 
scholarships are available for 
full-time students, (below) 

Singers • 45 

The Rangerettes are a group of talented young 
women who drill and dance along with the North- 
west Band. The squad is selected after tryouts are 
held in the spring and fall. 

It takes hard work to get the right moves all 
together. The routines they learn are rearranged 
and set with the music of the band. Rangerettes 
attend camp in the summer and practice from 3 
to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday during the 
fall semester. 

The squad performs at home and away foot- 
ball games and in the Senatobia Christmas Pa- 
rade. The team is under the direction of Candy 

— Amy Riley 

The 1996-97 Rangerettes are (first row, I to r) 
Karla Haines, Shana Hall, Kimetria Marion, Crystal 
Stephenson, Dawn Rowell, Angela Shoffner, 
Barbara Kirk; (second row, I to r) Carmeeka 
Luellen, Candace Smith, Lara Smith, Lorrie 
Whittemore, Rosalyn Campbell, (above) 

Karla Haines gives it her all in the first Rangerette 
performance of the year at a cookout before the 
first home game, (right) 


Crystal Stephenson and Dawn 
Rowell take a break from 
practice, (top, left) 

Hard work and practice pays off 
for Angela Shoffner and the 
squad as they perform on Ranger 
Field, (top, right) 

Besides their on-field duties, the 
Rangerettes add to the spirit of 
the game as they cheer from their 
section in the stands, (above) 

The Rangerettes' numbers for 
the 1996 football season 
included "Last Night'; "Hush'; and 
"All Day and All of the Night", 

Rangerettes • 47 


They shouted! They jumped! They stunted! The 1996 
cheerleading squad at NWCC kept fans alive with their 
on-field energy. They performed acrobatic stunts, built 
human pyramids and did chants. The men and women 
of the squad made every flip, chant and stunt perfect for 
the fans with hard work and dedication. That hard work 
paid off at cheerleading camp in 1996 in South Padre 
Island, Texas. The cheerleaders not only won the fight 
song competition and individual awards, but also a place 
at the nationals at Daytona Beach, Fla., in April, 1997. 

— Amy Riley 

Captain Kerry Anderson leads the squad at a Ranger cookout 
and pep rally, (right) 

The cheerleaders take the field in the salute to athletes during 
Homecoming pregame activities, (below) 


Nathan McCollum holds the flag high while 
stunting with Terrence Thomas, Jack Fullwood, 
and Isaac "Kit Kat" Lias, (left) 

April Joyner, Marvel Jones, and Nathan 
McCollum show their Ranger spirit, (top) 

Mandy Holcomb struts her stuff in a pep rally 
dance, (above) 


Cheerleaders • 49 

c nio^ c ^ eaaUfusl 1996 

s4mf c &l ifton' 


1996 c fheauUesy 



( ^aUna^^oun^/ 

1996 Spring Beauties • 5 1 

c ¥5eau£if/ 


Kerry Lynn Anderson 
Shonda Anne Avant 
Bernadette Danitria Balthazar 
Dusti Lynne Blaylock 
Denise Elaine Bright 
Rebecca Ann Brown 
Amy Louisa Clifton 
Angela Kay Cook 
Rachel Ann Crawford 
Carmen Palmer Crocco 
Diana Lynn Domingue 
Kimberly Michelle Downs 
Christy Renee Dykes 
Deanna Kay Edwards 
Stacy Michelle Eisenhart 
Lacy Lee Eldred 
Jessica Ann Ellington 
Sheila Moceal Harrison 
Urshala Lashun Joseph 
Sallie Walton Klyce 
Susan Gayle Lee 
Kia D. Littles 
Jennifer Leigh McDowell 
Melissa Ann Payne 
Leslie Phillips 
Emily Ruth Smathers 
Jessica Lee Smith 
Lara Leigh Smith 
Jennifer O'Neil Stephenson 
Anika Chimel Westerfield 
Stormy Diane York 
Latina Michelle Young 

Cheri Scott of Olive Branch, Most 
Beautiful 1995, congratulates 
third alternate Anika Westerfield 
of Oxford, (right) 

Melissa Payne of Hernando takes 
her turn in the spotlight, (below) 


Northwests 1996 Beauties and 
Most Beautiful are: Kia Littles, 
first alternate; Christy Dykes, 
second alternate; Amy Clifton, 
Most Beautiful 1996; Anika 
Westerfield, third alternate; and 
Latina Young, fourth alternate, 

Participating in the group judging 
are (first row) Littles; Jennifer 
McDowell, Senatobia; Payne; 
(second row) Emily Smathers, 
Oxford; Jessica Smith, 
Coldwater; Lara Smith, Water 
Valley; (third row) Jennifer 
Stephenson, Walls; Westerfield; 
Stormy York, Horn Lake; and 
Young, (right) 

32 beauties compete 

Clifton named Most Beautiful in spring pageant 

Thirty-two of Northwest's 
loveliest ladies charmed a standing- 
room-only crowd in the Fine Arts 
Auditorium during the 1 996 Beauty 
Review held March 26. After three 
group judgings and the top ten 
selection, Amy Louisa Clifton of 
Oxford captured the title of Most 
Beautiful. Also selected as Beauties 
were Kia D. Littles, Hazlehurst, first 
alternate; Christy Renee Dykes, 
Amory, second alternate; Anika 
Chimel Westerfield, Oxford, third 
alternate; and Latina Michelle Young, 
Holly Springs, fourth alternate. 

Clifton, the daughter of Harry 
and Vicki Sneed, attends the 
Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical 
Center as a freshman pre-nursing 
major. The 19-year-old, brunette 
beauty with hazel eyes graduated 
from Oxford High School. An honor 
thespian, she participated in works 
including "Guys and Dolls", "Talk 
Radio Jerk", and "The Purpose of the 
Moon". According to Clifton, her 
future ambition is "to provide quality 
service in the health care industry 
through education and human 

Sophomore Littles studies Funeral 
Service Technology at the DeSoto 
Center. The 20-year-old daughter of 
Arthur and Diane Littles, she has 
black hair and brown eyes. A 
graduate of Hazlehurst High, she 
enjoys modeling, singing and 

A Northwest Senate member, 
Dykes is a sophomore majoring in 
elementary education on the 
Senatobia campus. At Amory High 
School, she participated in the guard 
line, SADD, and Honor Society, and 
she served as secretary for the FCA 
and the annual staff. A 20-year-old 
brown-eyed blonde, she is the 
daughter of Robert and Annette 

A brown-eyed beauty with black 
hair, Westerfield is a freshman 

Clifton, a freshman attending the Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical 
Center, reacts with surprise as she hears her own name being 
announced as Northwests Most Beautiful for 1996. (above) 

elementary education major on the 
Senatobia campus. The daughter of 
Louis and Gelounder Westerfield, she 
graduated from Oxford High School 
where she received awards in civics, 
American history, English, and 
theology. Her hobbies include 
swimming, dancing, fishing and 

Young is a sophomore pre-law 
major on the Senatobia campus. The 
daughter of Wallace and Dorothy 
Young, she has brown hair and green 
eyes. A member of the Pre-Law 
Society, Rangerettes, and SOUL Club 

at Northwest, she graduated from 
Bishop Byrne where she was 
yearbook editor and captain of the 
varsity dance team. 

Special entertainment for the 
evening was provided by the 
Northwest Entertainers and soloists 
Reginald Harris of Walls, Amy 
Minga of Olive Branch, and Jennifer 
Patrick of Hernando. Miss Northwest 
1996 Amy Riley of Memphis, who 
served as emcee for the event, 
performed an original oratorical 

— Marie Garrard 

Denise Bright of Olive Branch 
gives the judges a confident 
smile during the competition, 

Freshman Sheila Harrison of 
Courtland takes a look into the 
crowd as she walks across the 
stage, (bottom) 

1 996 Spring Beauties "53 

Irina Likh of 
smiles with sur- 
prise after hear- 
ing the judges 





( ^VLitina/ ( ^ 

1 996 ^all c ffieautie& 



Fall 1996 Beauties • 55 

Kazakh freshman charms 
5 judges, capacity crowd 
to win Fall Most Beautiful 


Irina Likh, an 18-year-old brunette 
from Kazakhstan, charmed a capacity 
crowd and captivated the judges for the 
title of Most Beautiful at Northwest's 
Fall Beauty Review on the Senatobia 
campus Nov. 2 1 . 

The 5-6, 1 1 5-pound freshman, who 
attends Northwest on a music scholar- 
ship for chorus and 
Entertainers, is major- 
ing in pre-law. She re- 
linquished performing 
with the Entertainers 
at the review to com- 
pete with 36 contes- 
tants. An honor 
graduate of Senatobia 
High School where 
she was on the Scholar's List, Likh en- 
joys playing the piano, dancing, swim- 
ming, playing table tennis and knitting. 

"I want to study law and languages 
in order to understand the world better 
and try to make needed changes" she 
wrote on her Beauty Review form. She 
is studying Spanish this semester. Her 
guardians are Mr. and Mrs. Tom 
Leishman of Senatobia. 

Amy Renee Riley of Memphis, Miss 

"I want to study law and 

languages in order to 

understand the world better 

and try to make needed 


—Irina Likh _ _ 

Northwest 1996, was first runner-up. 
Riley, a 19-year-old sophomore broad- 
casting major, is a member of the cam- 
pus Senate, the yearbook staff, and the 
All-Campus Events committee. The 5- 
7 1/2, brown-haired beauty represented 
the college at the Miss Mississippi Pag- 
eant last summer. 

Second runner-up Candace Bianca 

Smith of Hernando is 

a freshman pre-nurs- 
ing major. The 18- 
year-old Hernando 
High School graduate 
was named Most At- 
tractive and Best 
Dressed, won first 
place in the FHA tal- 
ent show, and served 
as FHA district song leader. She plays 
the flute and trombone and has won a 
number of cheerleading awards. 

Jeri Alison Isham of Southaven cap- 
tured the third runner-up title. A 19- 
year-old sophomore elementary educa- 
tion major, Isham is a member of the 
Northwest Singers and The Entertain- 
ers and serves on the student activity 
board. The 5-3, 100-pound Southaven 

Freshman Irina Likh of Kazakhstan and Senatobia presents herself to the 
judges during individual judging of the top ten contestants. Likh, who 
attends Northwest on a music scholarship, is a member of the chorus and 
the Entertainers. She is majoring in pre-law. 

High School graduate was named to 
Who's Who Among American High 
School Students. 

Marina Luybimova of Russia was 
chosen fourth runner-up. The 5-7, ha- 
zel-eyed sophomore pre-law major is 
president of the Pre-Law Society and is 
a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the Span- 

ish Club, and the Math and Science Club. 
Eighteen-year-old Luybimova, who 
was voted Northwest's Outstanding Stu- 
dent, represented the college at the state- 
wide Higher Education Appreciation 
Day in February. Her guardians are Mr. 
and Mrs. Johnny Burkhart of Senato-j 

Irina Likh (center) of Kazakhstan and Senatobia was selected Most Beautiful at Northwest's Fall Beauty Review 
held Nov. 21 on the Senatobia campus. Other beauties include (I to r) Jeri Alison Isham of Southaven, third 
runner-up; Amy Renee Riley of Southaven, first runner-up; Candace Bianca Smith of Hernando, second runner- 
up; and Marina Luybimova of Russia and Senatobia, fourth runner-up. 


Lucy Grantham of Clarksdale takes 
her turn under the lights and the 
scrutiny of the judges. A freshman 
majoring in physical therapy, 
Grantham is a Ranger cheerleader. 

Jarod Lee of Indianola leads the 
Entertainers in singing a medley of 
songs from the Broadway musical 
Grease'.' The group entertained the 
audience during intermissions 
between each group judging, 

1996 Spring Most Beautiful Amy 
Clifton of Oxford (left) presents 
roses to Candace Bianca Smith of 
Hernando, who placed second in the 
pageant. An 18-year-old freshman 
pre-nursing major who comes from 
a musically talented family, Smith 
enjoys modeling, singing, dancing, 
and playing the flute and trombone, 

Participating in the final group judging are (I to r) Tonia Turner of Water 
Valley, Sharon Taylor of Oxford, Lakisha Tate of Memphis, Bahasha Stigall 
of Byhalia, Crystal Stephenson of Walls, and Lara Smith of Water Valley. 

Tameka Johnson of Abbeville gives 
the judges a glance and a smile 
during individual judging of group B. 
A member of the SOUL Club, 
Johnson was a Homecoming maid 
during both her freshman and 
sophomore years at Northwest. 


< xix)snle&tard& 

Angela Rachelle Abbott 
Kristi Nicole Anderson 
Heather M. Arnold 
Lisa Chambers 
Shelena Kaye Conlee 
Jennifer Lauren Dixon 
Melissa Diane Ferguson 
Betsy Flippo 
Lucy Grantham 
Janet Rana Greer 
Julia Lynn Hanks 
Tina Marie Hopper 
Jeri Alison Isham 
Kylie James 
Michelle James 
Cyprienne Johnson 
Tameka Taniel Johnson 
Sandra Lynn Koenig 
Margaret Elizabeth Krayer 
Irina Likh 
Marina Luybimova 
Allison Claire Mazerac 
Melanie Beth McCorkle 
Amanda Leigh Miller 
Acquanetta Pegues 
Leslie Michelle Phillips 
Susan Rebecca Ray 
Amy Renee Riley 
Amy Jo Ross 
Candace Bianca Smith 
Lara Leigh Smith 
Crystal Renee Stephenson 
Bahasha Yvonnetate Stigall 
Lakisha Dionne Tate 
Sharon Marie Taylor 
Tonia Lavette Turner 

1996 Fall Beauties • 57 

JKr. cG jliiss 

* V *" 










- " * 

DCeuin Cooper <& "Jllicia Jfumphries 

58 • Fl-ATURliS 

: j ia 

Miss NWCC for 1996 is survivor Alicia Humphries. Nominated by the Disabled Students 
Council, she is a social work major from Vardaman with a story to tell! On a normal day Alicia can 
be found studying in her room or giving advice to a friend on the phone. Her room is filled with 
spiritual phrases and reminders that God spared her life. Her scars are replaced with a smiling 
face of joy and kindness for those around her. 

She played basketball for Northwest in 1991, but she was forced to leave school because of a car 
accident. Alicia was hit by a big truck and left for dead. "The truck driver did not call anyone for 
help. He got in his truck and drove away" said Alicia. There are still no clues as to who the man 
was or for whom he was driving. 

Her brother arrived at the scene and called for help. Alicia was taken to Calhoun City Hospital 
where she was pronounced dead. Alicia s grief-stricken stepmother insisted that she be taken to the 
-* Tupelo hospital. 
^^« Altogether, she was pronounced dead seven times. Alicia suffered massive brain damage along 

~ with many other severe injuries and lapsed into a deep coma for several months. 

She was transferred to a Louisiana hospital for rehabilitation. Alicia could not talk or walk. 
Perhaps worst of all, she lost her memory. The only person she remembered was her infant son. At 
the same time my son was learning to crawl, I was on the floor with him learning too" she said. 

She did not remember playing basketball at Northwest. She only knew what her family told 
her. This gave her a goal to reach for. She wanted to play basketball for Northwest again. "Coach 
Edwards called me every day giving me the encouragement I needed to overcome my tragedy" she said. 

She did just that! She returned to Northwest in 1994 and serves as a manager for the Lady Rangers. Alicia admits that she still has problems 
remembering everyday things. She keeps a journal of her daily activities to help her remember. She also admits that God saved her life so she could 
help others. "I want to help others overcome the things I have" she said. 

Alicia was the 199 1 Vardaman Homecoming Queen and this year was a sophomore maid on Northwests court. She is a member of the Disabled 
Students Council and SADD. A member of Christian Fellowship Church in Houston, Alicia is a member of the choir. 

Many people would have given up after such a tragedy, but not Alicia. "Because I have a son, I need to make a better way of living for him" she 
said. After everything I have been through, I feel honored to be Miss NWCC" she said. — by Stacey Holloivell 

o in 


The National Junior College Athletic Association chose him as a pre-season honorable men- ^ '"^ 
tion All-American. He dreams of being recruited by major universities like Ohio State, Florida 
State, Syracuse, and Ole Miss. He lists Mississippian Jerry Rice as his favorite pro-athlete. 

Who is he? He is Mr. NWCXi 1 996, Kevin "Hollywood" Cooper. A sophomore from Batesville, 
lie is majoring in general college on the Senatobia campus. 

In high school at South Panola, Cooper played for the Tigers under Coach Ed Stanley and led 
them to a 9-3 finish in I 994. He participated in the Mississippi-Alabama All-State Game and 
was a member of The Clarion Ledgers Dandy Dozen. J. 

In his first year as a Ranger for Coach Bobby Franklin, Cooper was selected All-State for 
finishing second on the squad with 45 catches for 848 yards and seven touchdowns. Cooper 
recorded one of his best games with a 204-yard effort against Itawamba last season. 

The 6-1, 200-pound Cooper enjoys basketball and swimming in his spare time. The grand- 
son of Susie Chandler, Cooper is a member of New Bethlehem Baptist Church in Batesville. 

At 20, Cooper is currently in rehabilitation for a football injury this season. "Rehab is going \ 

well, and I'm looking forward to playing some good football next year" he said. 



Mr. & Miss NWCC 'W 



JKr. (& JKiss 
J)e<d>o/o Genie. 

L/jre// Jiuds 


Jtim Cjs/es 

JKr. S JKiss 
Jjenton* JKarsnall 

<uammu <L)neuey 
Kjnerul JvooAer 

National Vocational Education. Week 

yy 10-14, 1997 



£ fflss OC(q)PG 



JKr. & JKiss 
iDafauetfe ~ yaloousn a 

Jleatn ^Houston 




Cjanoice Qjain 

Mr. and Miss NWCC • 61 

Ranger Band steps off 
for swinging season 

Following director Ferrell 
Luncefords instructions — "Blow and 
go, band! Blow and go! You've got 
to go on that field like gang bust- 
ers!" — Northwest's 87-member 
marching band invaded Ranger Sta- 
dium and kicked off its 1996 season 
with the Buddy Rich tune "Ya Gotta 
Try ", and try they did. This season 
they performed at five home games 
and three away games. "The band 
showed a great deal of enthusiasm 
and progressed through the season" 
Lunceford said. 

Musical selections for the season 
included the opener along with the 
drum break "Pursuit"; the Rangerette 
dance tunes "Last Night" "Hush" 'All 
Day and All of the Night"; and the 
closer, A John Williams Medley", 
which featured the theme songs from 
"Superman", "Star Wars", and "E.T'. 

Freshman Josh Cothern of Horn 
Lake assumed command of the field 

as drum major. "He has proven to 
be a very capable and dependable 
leader," said Lunceford. "He has 
taken on a very mature role!' 

High-energy Rangerette dance 
routines and skillful Color Guard 
choreography added to the excite- 
ment of the show. Lunceford re- 
marked, "The increased number of 
guard personnel has added a very sig- 
nificant dimension to the halftime 

— Marie Garrard 

Besides performing at halftime, 
the Ranger Band also energizes 
the crowd and raises spirits by 
playing during timeouts, between 
quarters, and after every 
touchdown. Along with the 
familiar "Ranger Fight Song", 
their crowd-pleasers include 
"The Hey Song," "Land of a 
Thousand Dances,' and the tune 
dedicated to defeated Ranger 
opponents, "Happy Trails'.' (right) 


Drum major Josh Cothern of Horn Lake (left) directs 
the band's performance during halftime of the Coahoma 
game. On being chosen as this year's Field Commander, 
he says, "It's a privilege and an honor to be a leader 
and to be in a position where you can step up and be a 
role model for everyone else:' 


Rosalyn Campbell, Karla Haines, Shana Hall, Bar- 
bara Kirk, Carmeeka Luellen, Kimetria Marion, An- 
gela Shoffner, Candace Smith, Lara Smith, Crystal 
Stephenson, Dawn Rowell and Lorrie Whittemore 
Color Guard 
Sherry Bethay, Steffanie Borden, Theresia Carter, 
Betsy Flippo, Wontasha Forrest (Co-Captain), Cindy 
Freeman, Julie Lynn Hanks, Wendy Hicks, Deana 
Holly, Sherrie Lowe (Captain), Stephanie Means, 
Amy Norn's, Tonya Owens, Serena Pegues, Katie 
Roehm, Jessica Scott, and Eileen VanHook 
Horns, Woodwinds, and Percussion 
Chad Baldwin, James Baltimore, Angela Benson, 
Andre Bernard, Tabetha Bowles, Mandy Brooks, 
Meg Brooks, Ollie Brown III, Chadd L Bryant, Jeff 
Bryson, Barry Burkley Ivan Burrell, Michael Chan- 
dler, Amanda Childs, Christy Coker, Joshua Cothern, 
Neal Creecy, Randall Dale, Rebecca Davis, Christo- 
pher Denman, Danny Edwards, Dan Etua, Dale 
Fachman, John Gabbert, Marie Garrard, Melissa 
Harber, Jason Huey Jeremy Hunter, Michelle James, 
Shannon King, Andy Liles, Jason Little, Kelly 
Maughan, James Mayo, Omar McCaskill, Michael 
McGehee, Michelle Medlin, Terry Murphy, Will 
Odom, Philana Pack, Anthoney Reed, Marcus 
Russell, Rebecca Shamley, Jamie Smith, Jimmy 
Smith, Robert Smith, Jeff Strawn, Kevin Stroud, 
David Swift, Jessica Thompson, Joe Walker, Rickey 
Weaver, Jeff West, Christian Williams, and David 

Ferrell Lunceford, Director of Bands 
John Ungurait, Assistant Director of Bands 

Sophomore guard members Sherrie Lowe of Como, captain, and 
Steffanie Borden of Senatobia (foreground) add color and style 
to the drum break "Pursuit!' 

Band • 63 
















Mens Basketball 


Womens Basketball 




Ranger Milestones 


CI (ty< 

/ •> 







/ 4 

64 • SPORTS 


Sports • 64a 

Ranger Sports 

Sean Ringfield carries the ball to score against Coahoma, (above) 
Marquis Orange prepares to sink one in a game against Shelby State, (top left, opposite page) 

Lady Ranger Sheba Jones is at bat. (lower left, opposite page) 

Kevin Vincent sends one to the green, (top right, opposite page) 

Glenn Downs takes the mound for the Rangers, (lower right, opposite page) 




64b • SPORTS 

Going the Extra Mile 

Sports • 64c 

Going the Extra Mile 

Marcus Hicks looks for the basket in a game against Shelby 
State, (left) 

Matt Butts sends one back across the net during tennis practice, 

Sheba Jones tries to get through the Lady Eagles' defense in 
the Hinds contest, (opposite page) 

64d • SPORTS 

1 996 Rangers 

take second in the 

Led by an outstanding group of sopho- 
mores, the Rangers were on fire in 1996. Their 
impressive record of 29-20 — 14-6 in the 
North Division — was capped by a Region 23 
Division II Championship, an Eastern Dis- 
trict Championship, a second place finish at 
the MACJC State Tournament, and a run- 
ner-up trophy at the NJCAA Division II 
World Series. 

Under the direction of Coaches Jim Miles 
and Donny Castle, the Rangers got the spring 
off to a slow start by posting a 9- 1 4 mark 
just a month into the season. But in April, 
Northwest got rolling and won 1 of the last 
1 1 contests to finish the regular season slate 
with a record of 1 9- 1 5 . 

The Rangers then advanced to the state 
tourney at Moorhead where they beat Gulf 
Coast 1-0 in the opening round, but lost to 
Mississippi Delta in round two. The Rangers 
fought their way back for a rematch with 
Delta in the finals. Northwest won the first 
game 16-3, but dropped the second 6-2. 

Northwest went on to the Region 23 Di- 
vision II series where they took two-of-three 
from the Hinds Eagles in Raymond. Head 
Coach Miles brought home Region Coach of 
the Year honors. 

For the right to play in the world series, 
the Rangers swept a pair from Chattahoochee 
Valley, Ala., 5-2 and 6-5 for the Eastern Dis- 
trict championship. 

In the world series at Millington, Tenn., 
Northwest left its mark by tying or breaking 
four different tournament records. Four play- 
ers were named to the All-Tournament team, 
while six were selected Ail-American. 



■ ^ 


vL "MH 





66 • SPORTS 



Jim Miles, a former profes- 
sional player with the Wash- 
ington Senators and Texas 
Rangers, finished his 2 1st year 
as head baseball coach and 
eighth as athletic director after 
the 1996 season. Under Miles' 
direction, the '96 Rangers cap- 
tured the Region 23 District II 
Championship, the Eastern 
District Championship, were state runners-up, and went to the 
NJCAA District II World Series in Millington, Tenn. There 
they finished second to Grand Rapids, Mich. Miles was named 
Region 23 Coach of the Year and Coach of the Tournament at 
the World Series. 

Winning is nothing new to Miles, who has helped North- 
west claim 22 championships. He has been named Mississippi 
Junior College Athletic Association Coach of the Year six times. 
The Mississippi Association of Coaches also honored Miles as 
Junior College Coach of the Year on three occasions. 

A Northwest alumnus, Miles was inducted into the North- 
west Sports Hall of Fame in the fall of 1994. On March 25, 
1995, Miles became a member of the Sports Hall of Fame at 
Delta State University, where he played basketball and base- 
ball from 1963 to 1965. 


Former professional base- 
ball standout Donny Castle 
finished up his 18th season at 
Northwest in 1996. A 10-year 
veteran of pro baseball, Castle 
played fot the Washington 
Senators, the Texas Rangers, 
and the New York Yankees. 

Since Casde joined Miles as 
an assistant in 1978, the two 
have compiled a record of 483-255 and have claimed five divi- 
sion, four state, and two region championships. He starred 
with Bill Spero's American Legion Team in Memphis, where 
he played in the National American Legion Tournament three 
times and was MVP in the Regional Tournament. He was 
named National American Legion Player of the Year in 1968 
when the team won the American Legion World Series. Castle 
was drafted in the first round of the 1968 pro draft and signed 
with the Senators in 1969. 











Baseball • 67 

Robbie Rhea swings for a 


(opposite page) 

Jeremy Gross is safe at third 
after a triple hit against Holmes, 






68 • SPORTS 





Jackson State (Tenn.) 



Lakeland (111.) 






Lakeland (111.) 



Kishwaukee (III.) 



East Mississippi 



Seminole (Okla.) 






East Central 






Mississippi Delta 






Jackson State (Tenn.) 



East Mississippi 









Mississippi Delta 






Note: games with two scores are 


MACJC State Tournament 

Gulf Coast 



Mississippi Delta 



Gulf Coast 



Mississippi Delta 



Region 23 Division II Tournament 







Eastern District Tournament 

Chattahoochee Valley (Ala.) 



Chattahoochee Valley (Ala.) 



NJCAA Division II World Series 

Lewis and Clark (111.) 



Dundalk (Md.) 



Grand Rapids (Mich.) 



Lewis and Clark (111.) 



Grand Rapids (Mich.) 








Baseball • 69 








6 18 




42 64 




47 64 




20 20 




33 56 




33 55 




17 15 




6 14 




10 35 




3 9 




13 34 




25 46 



1 2 




10 10 



1 2 



1 1 















































70 • SPORTS 

1996 NJCAA 

Six Northwest baseball players were named Ail- 
American by the NJCAA following their spring sched- 
ule. Robbie Rhea of Southaven was chosen first team 
Ail-American for leading the Rangers in hitting with 
a .386. He also scored 52 runs, collected 42 RBI, 
stole 20 bases, and hit 1 1 homeruns. Rhea was an 
All-State and All- Region pick and now attends South- 
eastern Louisiana University. 

Catcher/right fielder Jeremy Gross of Southaven 
abused opposing pitchers by hitting for a .376 aver- 
age, and led the team with 14 homeruns. Gross was 
also the team leader with 47 RBI, and was chosen 
second team All-American. An All-State and All- 
Region selection, Gross is now playing at Southeast- 
ern Louisiana University. 

A third team All-American selection was second 
baseman Chris Mitchell of Memphis. Mitchell hit 
.339 in 46 games with the Rangers including nine 
home runs, scored 41 runs and collected 33 RBI and 
1 1 stolen bases. A steady performer in the field as 
well as at plate, Mitchell was selected All-State and 
All-Region. He signed to play at Delta State Univer- 

Three Rangers were named Academic All-Ameri- 
can for their excellence in the classroom. Third 
baseman Wash Respess of Lambert injured his knee 
at the beginning of the year and had to miss a large 
portion of the baseball season after being selected third 
team All-American for his freshman campaign. A 
chemistry major, Respess was inducted into 
Northwests Hall of Fame last spring and earned a 
GPA of 3.94. Respess now attends Mississippi State 

Outfielder Timothy Walker of Coldwater was in- 
ducted into the schools Hall of Fame as well for earn- 
ing a 3.82 GPA in general science. He appeared in 
16 games for the Rangers and collected 10 hits in 52 
at-bats, including a home run and 10 RBI. 

An accounting major, Mike Hanson of Senatobia 
grossed a GPA of 3-66. A member of the All-State 
and All-Region teams, Hanson played in 45 games 
and batted .337 with six homers, 33 RBI, and 32 
scored runs. Hanson transferred to the University of 

Shane Hargett throws hard for a strike, 
(opposite page) 

Mike Hanson, accompanied by the catcher, 
watches as his ball flies over the fence, 

Neil Haraway is ready to steal third base, 
(above left) 

Timothy Walker throws to first, 
(above right) 




Baseball • 7 1 

Shea Brasher 

Matt Butts 

Rob Cruce 

72 • SPORTS 

Craig Respess 
Jason Reaves 
(not pictured) 

Coach Brett Brown and Meridian Coach Robert March go over team 
rosters. Brown is completing his third season as coach of the 
Ranger team, (above) 

Russ Kicker of Hernando returns a shot against Northeast, (below) 


' i 

Craig Respess of 
Nesbit delivers a 
backhand in the 
Northeast match, 

r\i {* 

Rob Cruce sends one back in the Northeast match April 11. 

Matt Butts gives Meridian a run for their money, (above) 

1 he Northwest Ranger Tennis team, un- 
der the direction of Coach Brett Brown, fin- 
ished the 1995-96 season with a record of 6- 
3 by defeating Meridian once, and Holmes 
and Itawamba twice. 

The Rangers finished second in the North 
Division and went on to Jackson where they 
placed sixth in the state and region tourna- 
ment held April 26-28. 

Kicker (Hernando), Respess (Nesbit), 
Brasher (Charleston), Cruce (Senatobia) and 
Butts (Pontotoc) advanced to the 
quarterfinals, while Kicker continued on to 
the semifinals. *We are five slots above where 
we were last year in the tournament, so obvi- 
ously, I'm pleased* said Brown. 

Leader of the squad for three years, Brown 
also serves as an assistant for Sports Informa- 
tion. He provides color commentary for 
Ranger football broadcasts and is the public 
address announcer for basketball and base- 

The court was not the only area where 
tennis excelled. Shea Brasher earned Aca- 
demic All-American by maintaining a 3.96 
GPA. The two-year letterman for the Rang- 
ers won 40 percent of his matches in singles 
action and 70 percent in doubles. A pre-physi- 
cal therapy major, Brasher is now attending 
the University of Mississippi. 

-By Michelle Honse 

Tennis • 73 

Coach Jeff Caldwell watches as his 
team performs in a fall tournament at 
Grand Oaks Country Club in Oxford, 

Freshman Robert Smith of Memphis, a 
member of the 1 996-97 squad, drives 
in a long one at a fall tournament last 
September, (left) 

Stefaan Van Den Heever accepts his 
first team All-American award from 
tournament officials after placing fourth 
in the NJCAA National Championship 
Tournament June 10-14 at Pinehurst, 
N.C. (right) 



Two linksters named Ail-American 

for national tourney performances 

Solid performances by sophomores Stefaan Van Den Heever of De 
Aar, South Africa, and Clayton Vervoorn of Hamilton, Canada, carried 
the Northwest Ranger golf team through much of the 1996 season. The 
duo capped off the spring by earning berths in the NJCAA National 
Championship Tournament in Pinehurst, N.C. There, they both cap- 
tured All- American honors by placing in the top 1 5 in the final stand- 

Van Den Heever was named Region 23 Player of the Year for his two 
years of stellar performances. Van Den Heever posted top five finishes in 
seven consecutive tournaments and won medallist honors in four of them. 

Northwest played in events at Hinds, Meridian, Itawamba, and Gulf 
Coast, and hosted the Ranger Shootout at Kirkwood National in Holly 

Members of the 1996 golf team were Van Den Heever, Vervoorn, 
Mark Malin of Southaven, Sean Duffy of Rogers, Ark., Kevin Vincent 
of Memphis, and Jonathan Wilson of Potts Camp. 

Kevin Vincent goes for 
the green on this 
approach shot, (right) 

Jason Harding of 
Ontario, Canada, 
attempts to sink an 
easy putt. Harding, a 
freshman, is a member 
of the 1996-97 team, 

Golf* 75 

LaShonda Anderson 

Lady Ranger softball ends season on the upswing 

After getting off to a slow start, women's softball 
ended its season on a positive note with victories over 
Itawamba and Mississippi Delta. The ladies collected 
their first wins of the season when they swept a 
doubleheader from Mississippi Delta April 8 in Sena- 
tobia. The Lady Rangers won by scores of 19-14 
and 22-8. 

They wereri t so fortunate the next day when Mis- 
sissippi Delta returned the favor by sweeping the Lady 
Rangers 5-0 and 6-4. With its season winding down, 
the Northwest team split a doubleheader with North- 

east April 1 5 in Booneville. Northwest lost the first 
game 7-1, but won the nightcap 11-5. 

The softball season came to a close April 18 with 
the ladies splitting a doubleheader with Itawamba. 
Northwest won the first game 1 2- 1 1 in extra innings, 
but lost the second 14-8. 

"We're putting the mistakes of this season behind 
us and looking forward to next season" said Coach 
Brenda Gray. "We are expecting five returning sopho- 
mores for the spring of '97" she said. 

Rachel Buchanan 

Ashley Franklin 

Christy Hawkins 

Natalie Peacock of Water Valley slams one for the 
Lady Rangers, (above) 

Sophomore Tara Oltrogge of Nesbit, an infielder/ 
outfielder, throws one back to home plate, (above) 

Sheba Jones, a freshman from Senatobia, gets into 
the action at home plate, (right) 

Dawn Sowell of Senatobia waits for the ball, (opposite 
page, right) 

Brandy Yount of Senatobia throws the ball home. 
Yount was also a member of the Lady Ranger 
basketball team, (opposite page, below) 

" " 

"We're putting the mistakes of this season 

behind us and looking forward to next season, " 
said Coach Brenda Gray. 


Tabatha Huebner 

Sheba Jones 

Tamela Martin 

Tara Oltrogge 

Dawn Sowell 

Brandy Yount 

76 • SPORTS 

Coach Brenda Gray 

A member of the Northwest fam- 
ily since 1978, Gray has served as 
financial aid officer for the past eight 
years. She was an assistant basket- 
ball coach for the Lady Rangers from 
1978 to 1981. She has also served 
as physical education instructor and 
worked in the housing department. 

A graduate of Northwest, Gray 
earned her B.S. degree from Blue 

Mountain College and helped the 
basketball team win a state champi- 
onship in 1978. 

Her prep career began at South 
Panola High School where she was 
named All-State. Gray completed 
additional study at the University of 
Mississippi before teaching stints at 
Marshall Academy and Hickory Flat 
High School. 

Softball • 77 

Since 1973, the Northwest rodeo 
team has had the Rodeo Attitude. 
Team members have the opportunity 
to compete in the college rodeo cir- 
cuit, on local, regional, and national 

To be eligible to compete in the 
National Intercollegiate Rodeo Asso- 
ciation (NIRA), students must be 
enrolled in at least 1 2 semester hours 
and maintain a minimum of a 2.00 

Students practice for competition 
two nights a week at the Northwest 
Farm. The guys stay busy sharpen- 
ing their bareback riding, bronc 
riding, bull riding, bulldogging and 
calf roping skills, while women busy 
themselves with barrel racing, 

breakaway roping and goat tying. 

Other conditioning comes in the 
form of running, weight lifting, re- 
viewing video tapes, and spending 
hours on the college's mechanical 

"The battle in rodeo is not with the 
animal, it is with the weakness in your- 
self. " — Larry Mahan 

At the end of the 10-rodeo sea- 
son, points are tabulated, and the re- 
gional winner in each category is 
determined. Northwest has tradi- 
tionally sent competitors to the Col- 
lege National Finals Rodeo to be 


When they're ready for competi- 
tion they pack their riggiri bags and 
load their horses and head for com- 
petitions in Mississippi, Arkansas, 
Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Ten- 
nessee, Michigan, and Northeast 

held this June in Rapid City, S.D. 

The last participant at that event 
was bullrider Virgil Alsup, who rep- 
resented the college in 1995. 

Rodeo Coach Lawrence "Bud" 
Young has been a faculty member for 

78 • SPORTS 

23 years. He now teaches Agricu 
tural Business Management Techno 
ogy-Animal Husbandry. This ye 
he begins his 15 th as region direct! 
for the Ozark Region of NIRA 
sports a big gold and silver buck 
that attests to his two years as nadon 
faculty president or NIRA. 

Young's special area of interest 
in bullriding, since he began th; 
sport at age 12 and continues it ti 

A framed sign in Young's offn 
sums up the Rodeo Attitude. "Tl 
battle in rodeo is not with the an 
mal, it is with the weakness in you 
self. — Larry Mahan. " 

— Michelle Hons 

Bubba Rhodes of Senatobia brings 
the bulls back to the pen during 
practice at the Northwest Farm. 
Rhodes, a freshman, competes in 
team and calf roping. 

Rodeo • 79 

Robert Mathis of Collierville gives 
the Northwest bullfighters a run for 
their money. Looking out for the 
safety of the cowboys are Bubba 
Freely (front) of Vardaman and 
Randy Mayer of Potts Camp. 
Besides working with the rodeo 
team, both Freely and Mayer have 
worked professional rodeos in the 
area, (above) 

Johnny Raines of Pontotoc stays 
with his bull during practice at the 
farm arena, (right) 

80 • SPORTS 


Barrel Racing 
Goat Tying 
Team Roping 



1996-97 Women's team members are (I to r) Neely Winters, Olive Branch; Ashley Shaw, Holly Springs; 
Tanya Forrest, West Memphis, Ark.; Jamie Vetzel, Courtland; Amanda Williams, Independence; and 
Coach Bud Young. 


Bareback Riding 
Saddle Bronc Riding 
Bull Riding 
Steer Wrestling 
Calf Roping 
Team Roping 

Comprising the 1996-97 men's team are (front row, I to r) Pat James, Houlka; Brian Williams, Senatobia; 
Sammy McGregor, Vardaman; Robert Mathis, Collierville; Jason Powell, Liberty; Brandon Pulley, Houlka; 
David Tutor, Oxford; Bud Young, coach; (on fence) Buddy Sheets, Olive Branch; Wes Lindsey, Florence; 
Charles Adams, Smithdale; Bubba Rhodes, Senatobia; and Johnny Raines, Pontotoc. Not pictured is 
Justin Crockett of Senatobia. 

Rodeo • 81 


The 1996 Rangers are: (in alphabetical order) 56, Nathan Allen; 72, Patrick Allen; 95, Duane Alvin; 18, Tim Armstrong; 94, Jeffrey Bohanna; 26, Kint 
Brannon; 44, Chris Brooks; 9, Telly Cobbs; 6, Kevin Cooper; 24, O.J. Cooper; 30, Tavares Farrow; 62, Jason Francis; 7, Willie Gardner; 19, Scott Hale) 
78, Travis Hardin; 48, Shane Hargett; 20, Torri Harmon; 75, Dean Harris; 76, Lee Hasseltine; 34, Lecedric Houston; 68, Courtney Ivy; 23, Kelvin Jarrett; 81 
Roy Johnson; 40, Shawn Johnson; 42, Chris Jones; 91, Jametric Judson; 90, Emarlos Leroy; 93, Brian McCartherenes; 50, Eddie McGill; 2, Conni 
Moore; 43, Reggie Morris; 52, Carter Norris; 64, Sean Norwood; 3, Deon Porter; 36, Ricky Pulley; 46, Robert Rayborn; 5, Rory Redmond; 22, Sea 
Ringfield; 58, Marcus Robinson; 54, Marvin Robinson; 89, Anthony Rockette; 77, Steve Roseboro; 8, Chris Ryan; 1, Tevas Sanford; 38, Clint Smith; 3' 
Mario Spivey; 15, Jerome Tucker; 10, Keith Turner; 32, Kareem Vance; 92, Mario Weekly; 79, Travis White; 35, Malcolm Williams; 4, Nason Williams; 
Rodney Woodall. 

Northwest chalks up 7-3 record for second yeai 

With a roster full of new faces on 
the field and a couple of new ones on 
the sidelines, the Northwest Rangers 
finished the 1996 season with their sec- 
ond consecutive 7-3 campaign. 

Northwest entered the season with 
35 freshmen on a 5 5 -man roster, but 
the biggest news was the return of Scott 
Maxfield CO the Ranger program as 
Offensive Coordinator. Maxfield pre- 
viously worked at Northwest from 
1986 through 1990. Another new face 
was Dob Bastian, restricted earnings 
coach, who took charge of the Ranger 
receiving corps. 

One person that Northwest will the 
82 • SPORTS 

never forget is defensive back Tim 
Armstrong of Bruce who broke the 
fifth vertebra in his neck in a scrim- 
mage one week before the season 
opener. Armstrong had to be airlifted 
off the Rangers' practice field to the 
Med in Memphis where he had sur- 
gery and began his rehabilitation. He 
returned to the Northwest campus 
when the Rangers hosted Mississippi 
Delta at Homecoming. With an 
Olympic theme for homecoming fes- 
tivities, Armstrong was asked to carry 
the torch to begin the ceremony. No 
one will ever forget his bravery and his 
inspiration that helped the Rangers win 

contest over the Trojans 17-14. 

Northwest began the year at Hinds, 
who had been runner-up for the national 
title the previous year. The Rangers 
came up with their best passing game of 
the season with 365 yards. Quarterbacks 
Chris Ryan and Willie Gardner com- 
bined to complete 31 of 56 passes in 
Northwests 34-20 loss. Two weeks later. 
Hinds was forced to forfeit the win over 
the Rangers due to the use of an ineli- 
gible player. 

A trip to Poplarville to battle Pearl 
River was next for Northwest as it 
squeaked out a 16-13 win. The Rang- 
ers trailed 7-3 at halftime, but rallied 

behind a seven-yard pass from Gar< 
to Rory Redmond, and a Gardner 2 
yard run. 

In their home opener, the Ran 
dropped a 20- 1 5 decision to the surp 
of the year in Mississippi junior collei 
football, East Central. The Warrior 
trailed the Rangers 6-0 at intermissioi 
before collecting 1 4 points in the fourtl 
quarter. Northwest led the game 15-1^ 
with 8:06 left thanks to a 28-yard fielc 
goal by kicker Nason Williams, but Eas 
Central scored the game-winning touch 
down with 1 :4 1 left in the game. 

The Rangers then put together a five 
(continued on next page) 

Bobby Franklin 

Year in and year out, Northwest is known to have one of the 
most successful and respected football programs in the nation. The 
reason for this can be directly attributed to Head Coach Bobby 
Franklin, who is completing his 16th season at the helm of the 
Rangers. In those 16 years, he has had 16 winning seasons. 

His coaching ranks him in the top five nationally among active 
community college coaches. Since moving up from offensive coor- 
dinator in 1981, Franklin has produced the 1982 and 1992 na- 
tional crowns, six region championships, five state titles, and nine 
division championships. 

In March 1994, Franklin was honored in pre-game festivities 
of the annual Red-Blue Spring Game at Ole Miss when he re- 
ceived the Distinguished American Award from the Ole Miss Chap- 
ter of the National Football Foundation Hall of Fame. He was 
inducted into the University of Mississippi Athletic Hall of Fame 
in 1988. 

A former All-Southeastern Conference quarterback for the Ole 
Miss Rebels, Franklin was MVP in the 1958 Gator Bowl and 1960 
Sugar Bowl. He called the signals for the Ole Miss Team of the 
Decade in 1959. 

He also played in the College All-Star Game at Soldier Field in 
Chicago before joining the pro ranks with the Cleveland Browns. 
He was a standout defensive back for the Browns for seven years, 
and then went to Georgia Tech as an assistant. The following year 
he returned to the pro ranks as defensive backfield coach with the 
Dallas Cowboys. 

After leaving the Cowboys in 1972, he joined the Baltimore 
Colts' staff under Howard Schnellingberger. 

Franklin 's record as a coach speaks for itself. Since he became 
head coach of the Rangers, he has sent 1 3 players to the NFL or 
Canadian leagues. 

Season at a Glance continued 

game win streak that started with a 5 1-36 
slugfest with East Mississippi in Scooba. 
Northwest traded score after score with the 
Lions until the fourth period when the 
Rangers exploded for 27 points and put 
the contest out of reach. Tailback OJ. 
Cooper rushed 14 times for 1 63 yards and 
three touchdowns. 

North division wins over Coahoma and 
Northeast followed for the Rangers. 
Northwest struggled at times against 
Coahoma, but scored 20 points in the fi- 
nal stanza to put the game away. Tailback 
Sean Ringfield was the hero with 20 car- 
ries for 22 1 yards. Against Northeast, the 
Ranger defense was the story by limiting 
the Tigers to 45 yards of total offense. 

Northwest did jump to a 7-0 lead, but the 
Rangers again rallied in the fourth period 
with 10 points. 

A 31-17 win over Southwest coupled 
with the Homecoming win over Mississippi 
Delta put the Rangers in control of their 
own destiny to finish the year. A victory in 
one of the last two ballgames would put 
them in the state championship game 
against Hinds, but Holmes rallied with 3 1 
points in the second half. 

Northwest rounded out the schedule 
with a 6-0 loss to Itawamba on a sloppy 
rain-soaked Ranger Field in Senatobia. 
Itawamba's lone score came in the first quar- 
ter when Indian Scott Haynes blocked and 
recovered a punt in the Ranger end zone. 

Punter Shane Hargett of Charleston delivers a kick. Hargett was chosen as 
an All-Region 23 player in football and received that same honor last spring 
as pitcher for the Ranger baseball team. 

Football • 83 

Ranger Offense 

Tailback O.J. Cooper 
(24) tries to get outside 
against the Pearl River 
defense. Cooper rush- 
ed for 65 yards on 16 
carries, (above) 

Freshman Connie 
Moore returns a kickoff 
in the season opener at 
Hinds, (right) 

Restricted earnings 
coach Bob Bastian 
gives words of advice 
to the Rangers during 
pre-game warm-ups. 
(far right) 

84 • SPORTS 

Scott Maxf ield 

The 1 996 season marked the return of Scott Maxfield to the 
Northwest coaching staff. Formerly the offensive line coach at 
Northwest from 1986 through 1990, Maxfield has spent the last 
five years as defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at North- 
western State in Louisiana. 

In his five seasons with the Rangers in the late 1980s and in 
1990, Northwest was ranked nationally at the end of three sea- 
sons and received three bowl berths including the Texas Shrine 
Bowl in 1989, the Jayhawk Bowl in 1987, and the Ranger Bowl 
in 1986. 

Maxfield returns as offensive coordinator, (above) 

Alan Arlington 

Alan Arrington ends his third season as a coach with the North- 
west football program. Arrington joined the Rangers in 1994 to 
head up the offensive line. A student assistant at Northwest in 
1989 and 1990, Arrington helped with wide receivers and as- 
sisted in supervising the athletic dormitory. 

Other coaching experience was at the University of Mississippi 
from 1991 to 1994 when he served as a graduate assistant with 
the Rebels. His other duties included assisting the offensive line 
coach, helping with scout teams, coaching long snappers for punt- 
ing and kicking drills, and working in recruiting. 

Kevin Cooper receives last-minute instructions from 
Arrington. (above) 

Freshman Sean Ringfield (#22) battles his way through the Northeast 
defense as Marvin Robinson (#54) provides blocking, (top) 

Quarterback Chris Ryan passes the ball despite pressure from the 
Mississippi Delta defense. Ryan passed for 1 50 yards in the Rangers' 
17-14 Homecoming win. (above) 

Football • 85 

Ranger Defense 

86 • SPORTS 

Robert McGraw 

A nine-year member of the Northwest football program, Robert 
McGraw became defensive coordinator in 1988 and has since 
earned the Rangers a reputation for having one of the best de- 
fenses in the region. 

A former offensive coordinator at the University of Mississippi 
and Louisiana Tech, McGraw served at Delta State University 
from 1974 through 1978 as head coach and became one of that 
schools winningest coaches of all time. McGraw worked as an 
assistant at East Mississippi Community College before joining 
the staff at Northwest. 

McGraw sends in a formation against East Central. The 
Ranger defense ranked among the national leaders in 1 996 
in rushing yards allowed with 103 per game. 

Linebacker Lecedric Houston takes down a Coahoma running back in the Rangers' 
41-26 win Oct. 3. (above) 

Defensive end Nathan Allen and Ail-American strong safety Deon Porter (#3) 
terrorize the East Central quarterback, (below) 

Ranger Milestones 

Armstrong injured in pre-season practice) 

■ Battle for recovery 
inspires fellow players 

It was practice as usual in the sum- 
mer heat of Aug. 24 for the Ranger 
football team until freshman Tim 
Armstrong of Bruce broke his neck 
in the scrimmage. 

When the coaches realized that he 
couldn't move or feel anything ex- 
cept numbness, an ambulance was 
called to the scene. Medics had him 
airlifted to the Regional Medical Cen- 
ter in Memphis, where neurosurgeons 
worked for nearly seven hours to sta- 
bilize the vertebra with bone taken 
from Armstrong's hip. A steel plate 
was inserted over his spinal column 
for support. 

"At first I couldn't even talk" said 
Armstrong. "My parents came up 
from Bruce and were worried sick, 
until they heard me say that I was 
hungry" Armstrong said smiling. 
"He's in great spirits" said President 


"I may be on the 
sidelines this sea- 
son, but I hope 
we win it all" 

Tim Armstrong 

Director of Wellness and 

Fitness Bert Foster helps 

Tim Armstrong prepare for 

the pre-game ceremonies 

Oct. 24 on Ranger Field. 


88 • SPORTS 

David Haraway at the September 
meeting of the college's Board of 
Trustees. "He's one of the most op- 
timistic young men I've ever met'.' 

"We are prayerfully hopeful that 
he will recover fully*,' he said. 

"His attitude is incredible, and he's 
remained in great spirits" said Ranger 
Head Coach Bobby Franklin. 

Tim Armstrong 

Franklin, who checked on 
Armstrong's progress frequently af- 
ter the accident, said he had never 
seen one of his players so seriously 
injured in 18 years of coaching at 
Northwest. Armstrong was slated to 
play cornerback in the Sept. 5 game 
at Hinds. 

"If I had been there, the score 
would have been closer," said 
Armstrong of the game, which the 
Rangers lost 34-20. Armstrong was 
the star of Head Coach Dennis 
Roger's team at Bruce High School. 
The team record for his senior year 
was 11-3. 

For now Armstrong has other 
battles to fight. After spending weeks 
in the Health South Rehabilitation 
Center in Memphis, he returned 
home in October. 

Armstrong was selected by the 
1996 Homecoming Committee to 

carry the torch in pre-game ceremo 
nies on Oct. 24. 

Assisted by Quitman Dorm Su 
pervisor Tyrone Catchings 
Armstrong took a ride in the college' 
golf cart around Ranger Field anc 
then lit the torch that was relayed bj 
fellow athletes from other teams un- 
til the flame at the top of the stadiurr 
was ablaze. 

Armstrong's doctors know that h< 
is a fighter, and they have pushed hirr 
as hard as his coaches always have 
He has a football covered in signa-i 
tures and well-wishes from one of hl«i 
favorite teams, the Miami Hurri- 

"I just want to wish the Range 
the best of luck this year" he said frorr 
his rehabilitation room in September.! 
"I may be on the sidelines this sea-i 
son, but I hope we win it all!' 

— Marshall A. Jones. Jr. 


/4ii s4*Pte*ic**i& 

Shane Hargett 

Emarlos Leroy 

Deon Porter 

Three football standouts named All-Region 23 

Three members of the Northwest 
football team have been named All- 
Region 23 for their play during the 
1996 season. The Rangers finished the 
year with their second consecutive record 
of 7-3. 

Northwest was one of three teams to 
place two players on the All- Region de- 
fense — Emarlos Leroy of Albany, Ga., 
and Deon Porter of Waycross, Ga. The 
other teams were south division foes East 
Central and Copiah-Lincoln. Punter 
Shane Hargett of Charleston was the 
other All-Region selection from the 
Ranger squad. 

Defensive tackle Leroy led Northwest 
and finished second in the region in 
quarterback sacks with 10. He was 

third on the team with 70 tackles and 
also caused five fumbles. Porter, a 
strong safety who transferred from Cen- 
tral Florida, recorded 87 tackles during 
the year that included four sacks, six 
caused fumbles, and 1 5 pass break-ups. 
Punter Hargett led the region all sea- 
son long and finished at the top in the 
final statistics with a 42.8 yard average 
on 5 1 kicks. Hargett was also an All- 
Region 23 selection last spring as a 
pitcher on the Ranger baseball team. 

"All three of these players have some- 
thing to be proud of," said Head Coach 
Bobby Franklin. "They were leaders on 
our team this year and deserve the at- 
tention they're getting. " 

22 Rangers selected as All-State players 

A month after the season ended, 22 
members of the Northwest football 
team were selected All-State, according 
to the Mississippi Association of Com- 
munity and Junior Colleges. Nine 
Northwest players were placed on ei- 
ther the first or second team, while 13 
were named honorable mention. 

Sophomore defensive tackle Emarlos 
Leroy of Albany, Ga., heads up the list. 
Joining Leroy on the first team was 
sophomore punter Shane Hargett of 
Charleston. Two other Ranger defen- 
sive stars were also selected first team 
including freshman linebacker Shawn 
Johnson of Brewton, Ala., and sopho- 
more safety Deon Porter of Waycross, 

The second team offense was headed 
up by three Rangers — sophomore tight 
end Anthony Rockette of Water Valley, 
sophomore offensive guard Patrick 
Allen of Batesville, and freshman wide 
receiver Connie Moore of Miami, Fla. 

The second team defense included 
sophomore defensive tackle Duane 

Alvin of Riviera Beach, Fla., and 
cornerback Tevas Sanford of Batesville. 
Honorable mention selections for 
Northwest were: sophomore defensive 
end Nathan Allen of Water Valley, 
sophomore receiver Kevin Cooper of 
Batesville, sophomore tailback O.J. Coo- 
per of Batesville, freshman quarterback 
Willie Gardner of Live Oak, Fla., 
sophomore offensive tackle Travis 
Hardin of Independence, sophomore of- 
fensive tackle Lee Hasseltine of 

Freshman linebacker Lecedric Hous- 
ton of Holly Springs, freshman defen- 
sive tackle Roy Johnson of Coldwater, 
sophomore offensive lineman Carter 
Norris of Senatobia, freshman offensive 
lineman Steve Roseboro of High Point, 

Sophomore quarterback Chris Ryan 
of Tampa, Fla., freshman defensive back 
Kareem Vance of Charleston, and 
sophomore placekicker Nason Williams 

of Oxford. 

Football • 89 




4 Tramiel Armstrong 

5 Detric Golden 

10 BenPeete 

1 1 Rico Edwards 

20 Lunda Wilborn 

2 1 Lataryl Williams 

22 Kevin Turner 

23 Reggie Nelson 

24 Rodney Driver 
30 Marquis Orange 

32 Todd Richardson 

33 Devon Whiteside 

34 Travis Hardin 
40 Marcus Hicks 









































Calhoun City 











Jackson, TN 


Jackson, TN 


90 • SPORTS 

Ranger basketball 
reloads for '96- "97 

Under the reign of Head Coach Marc Dukes, the Northwest 
Ranger program has leapt to the upper echelon of junior college 
basketball. Coming off a breakthrough year for the program in 
which the Rangers captured division, state, and region titles as 
well as a sixth-place finish in the year-end national tournament 
held in Hutchinson, Kansas, Northwest returned just one starter 
from that '95-'96 team. But instead of rebuilding, the Rangers 
simply reloaded by posting a 28-4 season and claiming their sec- 
ond consecutive north division and state championships. 

In the north division tournament held at Goodman, North- 
west swarmed on Itawamba by winning 97-71 and set up their 
third contest of the year with Coahoma for the north title. The 
Rangers overcame a rough first half to gain a 70-50 victory. 

At the state tournament, the Rangers put their championship 
on the line at Poplarville. After disposing of Copiah-Lincoln 78- 
57, Northwest won a thrilling 1 16-1 13 double-overtime contest 
with the host team Pearl River. Point guard Detric Golden wowed 
the crowd and left many fans with their heads shaking as he hit for 
52 points that included a 3 5 -foot shot that sent the game into its 
first overtime. 

The Rangers' season ended at the Region 23 tournament in 
Clinton in a rematch of the previous season's final with Bossier 
Parish, La. Northwest struggled through a turbulent first half and 
couldn't overtake a tough Cavalier team in the second period, tak- 
ing an 80-61 defeat. 

The only returning starter, Golden, was more than adequate at 
leading the Rangers back to the national spotlight. The 5-9 sopho- 
more pre-season Ail-American became one of the most sought 
after players in the junior college ranks, and Golden took in stride 
all the pressure and media attention that was thrown upon him. 

Golden led the Rangers by averaging 2 1 points and nine assists 
a game to go along with his four steals and three rebounds per 
contest. The point guard also shot 73 percent from the free throw 
line and connected at a 42 percent clip from behind the arc. 

Two of the Rangers' four losses of the season have come at the 
hands of Copiah-Lincoln. Northwest suffered their first defeat 
79-75 at Co-Lin on Nov. 1 1 and then dropped a nine-point con- 
test in Senatobia to the visiting Wolves 10 days later. 

Northwest opened the season with wins over Southwest Mis- 
souri State and State Fair Missouri in the West Plains Tourney and 
then returned to Senatobia to capture their first home win over 
Shorter, Ark. 

The undefeated Rangers then traveled to Copiah-Lincoln be- 
fore going on a little three-game win streak that featured wins 
over Shelby State, Tenn., Shorter, Ark., and Hinds. 

Next came the Rangers' second loss to Co-Lin on Nov. 2 1 , and 
since then, Northwest has reeled off 1 4 straight wins highlighted 
by victories over Northeast and Shelby State, Tenn., which has 
resulted in the Rangers' emergence into the national rankings. 

— Gary Parrish 

Sophomore Reggie Nelson was a great addition to the 
Ranger squad. Here, he scores against two players from 
Coahoma, (right) 

Head Coach Marc Dukes signals in a play to his team against 
Coahoma, (opposite page, right) 

Men's Basketball • 91 

92 • SPORTS 







Southwest MO State 

W 92-74 

West Plains, MO 


State Fair, MO 

W 86-79 

West Plains, MO 


Walker, AL 

W 82-69 




L 75-79 



Shelby State, TN 

W 98-91 



Shorter, AR 

W 100-84 




W 87-64 




L 45-54 



Bishop St., AL 

W 91-74 



Gulf Coast 

W 93-76 




W 98-67 



* Northeast 

W 105-95 



Walker, AL 

W 106-84 

Jasper, AL 


*Mississippi Delta 

W 106-36 



*East Mississippi 

W 91-62 




W 83-60 



Shelby State, TN 

W 83-76 




W 88-75 




W 99-85 



♦Mississippi Delta 

W 104-66 



*East Mississippi 

W 74-38 




W 99-63 



Shorter, AR 

L 72-83 

Little Rock, AR 



W 100-79 


*North Division Game 

Searching for an open teammate, Kevin Turner 
controls the ball versus Coahoma, (right) 

Freshman Lataryl Williams pushes the ball 
up the court en route to a lay in against 
Coahoma, (below) 

94 • SPORTS 

Marcus Hicks goes up for two points between 
three Holmes Bulldogs, (left) 

Marquis Orange applies pressure to a player 
from Coahoma, (right) 

Lady Rangers keep winning tradition alive 

An early exit in the Region 23 
tournament put an end to the sea- 
son for the Lady Rangers as they 
dropped a 63-57 decision to 
Itawamba March 4 at Mississippi 
College in Clinton. Northwest fin- 
ished the season with a record of 

"We tried to hang around long 
enough to win it at the end, but we 
just fell short" said Head Coach 
Don Edwards. "The opportunities 
were there for us, but we just could- 

n ' t capitalize!" 

The Northwest Lady Ranger bas- 
ketball program has won on a con- 
sistent basis under Coach Don 
Edwards, now in his 10th season. 
Edwards enjoyed his finest season 
last year as he led his '95-96 squad 
to division, state, and region titles 
as well as a sixth place finish in the 
year-end national tournament. 

Seven Northwest sophomores 
will go down as one of the most suc- 
cessful classes in school history 

proven by their two-year mark of 47- 
1 2 . They include Chatica Hathaway 
of Nashville, LaShonda Anderson of 
Oxford, G.K. Tables of Potts Camp, 
Sheba Jones of Senatobia, Vanessa 
Pimpton of Webb, Tamela Martin of 
Waterford, and Tarshia Akins of Pal- 
estine, Ark. 

The Lady Rangers opened the sea- 
son with two wins in the Northwest 
Classic before dropping a one-point 
loss to Co-Lin. They avenged the loss 
1 days later with a 7 5-6 1 victory over 

Co-Lin in Senatobia. Since then, 
Northwest has reeled off 11 
straight wins including a nail-bit- 
ing 64-60 overtime victory over | 
Northeast Dec. 5 in Senatobia. 
After taking a loss at Itawamba, 
the women won their last two regu- 
lar season games before bowing out 
of the north division tourney with 
a double-overtime loss to archrival 
Northeast in the semifinals. 

— Gary Parrisb and Brett Brown 

Lady Ranger Head Coach Don Edwards 
watches as his team performs at Holmes, 

Center Chatica Hathaway of Nashville made 
history at the region tournament when she 
became only the second female in school 
history and the sixth player overall to score 
1,000 points in a career. Hathaway needed 
22 points entering the contest and scored 
exactly that to go along with her 1 6 rebounds 
against Itawamba March 4. Here she posts 
up against two Holmes Lady Bulldogs, (right) 

96 • SPORTS 







Leijuana Banks 





LaShonda Anderson 





Vanessa Coffey 



Calhoun City 


G.K. Tables 



Hickory Flat 


Sheba Jones 





Vanessa Pimpton 





Tamekia Shaw 





Summer Pannell 



Holly Springs 


Telitha Ball 





Tamela Martin 



Potts Camp 


Tarshia Akins 



Palestine, AR 


Keshia Grover 





Maria Fairbee 





Chatica Hathaway 



Nashville, TN 

HEAD COACH: Don Edwards 

Women 's Basketball • 97 

98 • SPORTS 

Women's Basketball • 99 

Chatica Hathaway shoots over some Coahoma 
players for two of her 30 points Jan. 21. 

Freshman Vanessa Coffey surveys the court 
for an open teammate in the contest with 
Holmes, (above) 

Arguably the best point guard in Region 23, 
G.K. Tables sets up a play at Holmes, (right) 



11-1 Jackson State 62-49 

11-2 Dyersburg State, TN 74-28 

11-11 Copiah-Lincoln 69-70 

11-14 Shelby State, TN 71-68 

11-16 Shorter, AR 112-63 

11-18 Hinds 86-64 

11-21 Copiah-Lincoln 75-61 

12-3 Holmes 73-69 

12-5 Northeast 64-60 

1-7 Mississippi Delta 81-49 

1-9 East Mississippi 83-51 

1-13 Itawamba 86-61 

1-16 Shelby State, TN 74-44 

1-21 Coahoma 100-74 

1-23 Holmes 65-56 

1-27 Northeast 93-96 

1-30 Mississippi Delta 91-67 

2-3 East Mississippi 97-53 

2-6 Itawamba 67-81 

2-10 Shorter, AR 86-57 

2-13 Coahoma 69-67 

2-17 East Mississippi 93-68 
* Northwest scores are listed first 





100 • SPORTS 

Assistant Coach Jeff Caldwell 
watches anxiously as the Lady 
Rangers perform, (above) 

Freshman Telitha Ball drives to the 
basket while trying to get around a 
Hinds player, (below) 

Women 's Basketball • 1 1 

:.. .! 

> tudent athletes found a way 
to sharpen their skills and have 
fun doing so this year by par- 
ticipating in the college's intra- 
mural program. 

The year got off to a start 
with "Welcome Back Volley- 
ball", in which eight teams par- 

"This has been a great sea- 
son for all the teams, especially 
where sportsmanship is con- 
cerned" said Director of Recre- 
ation and Wellness Bert Foster. 

October brought the flag 
football contest — the largest 
intramural activity — with 120 
students participating. The 
team HOW DO YOU 
WANT IT was undefeated and 
went on to play Delta State's 
flag football champion THE 
UNDERDOGS. Northwest 
lost by a score of 27-25. 

The flag football banquet 
was held Nov. 12 to honor 
players. Awards went to: 
Kentrell Titus of Senatobia, 
MVP; Deon Hoggs of Red 
Banks, Best Defensive Player; 
Anthony Spencer of Bruce, Best 
Offensive Player; Patrick 
Woods of Byhalia, Best Special 
Teams Player; Chris Milam of 
Byhalia, 8th Man Award; An- 
thony Pigues of Olive Branch, 
Coach of the Year; Shane 
Hughes of Byhalia, Mr. Hustle 
Award; Michael Green of Potts 
Camp, Referee of the Year; 
Larry Logan, Almyra, Ark., 
Quarterback of the Year; and 
BSU, Sportsmanship Award. 

Students have also been able 
to take advantage of the new 
wellness and fitness center lo- 
cated in the Union. "We hope 
we will have more equipment 
in time" said Foster. 

— Beth Moberly 

Director of Campus Life Bill Thallemer (right) congratulates Larry Logan of Almyra, Ark., as he accepts 
the Quarterback of the Year award during the Flag Football Banquet held Nov. 12. Logan, a freshmar 
who played for the Mafia during the intramural football season, was one of nine students honored with 
certificates at the banquet. 

02 • SPORTS 




• 5 ok 5 

BSU members celebrate their Team 
Sportsmanship Award, (above) 

Terrence Thomas blocks a shot in the ASP 
vs. Warriors 5 on 5 basketball game Feb. 6 
in the Union Gym. His team, the Warrioi 
won by a score of 54-41. (right) 

cpspsj || 

_i — i — 

Intramurals • 103 

C "^ ince 1927 Northwest has not only provided students with 
^""" J educational opportunities, but also with the chance to com- 
pete in a variety of intercollegiate sports. 
Northwest teams have 
earned local, state, 
regional, and 
national recogni- 
tion. Over the years, 
athletes have reached 
their own personal 
"milestones" in sports 
including football, 
baseball, men's and 
women's basketball, 
rodeo, golf, tennis, soft- 
ball, and track. 

104 • SPORTS 


Sports Milestones • 105 


DeSoto Center 108-113 

Olive Branch Campus 114-115 
Lafayette- Yalobusha 

Technical Center 116-119 

Center 120-121 

106 • CENTERS 


Centers • 107 

The Commons area at DeSoto Center is a place 
where students can snack, study, or just relax 
between classes, (above) 

Phi Beta Lambda Vice President Ralph Shields 
of Horn Lake (right) checks with PBL members 
Karen Williams of Southaven (left) and Terry 
Van Story of Hernando on the progress of the 
club's "Solve the Mystery" fundraiser held 
during Homecoming queen elections Oct. 21. 
The contest raised $140 for the organization, 
who donated the proceeds to the DeSoto 
County March of Dimes, (right) 

108 • CENTERS 


ne year after moving into the new facility on Church 
Road, faculty, staff, and students at DeSoto Center 
are still getting used to their new surroundings. "Ev- 
erything is new around here" said DC Vocational- 
Technical Director Richie Lawson. "The desks are new, 
the chairs are new, the labs and classrooms are new — its a great feeling 
for all of us to have a brand new facility to work and learn in!' 

Aside from the surroundings, there a few other changes at the cen- 
ter as well. Pre-law and science were added to the list of academic 
courses of study offered for those seeking an Associate of Arts degree; 
technical majors may now choose Medical Office Technology or Mi- 
crocomputer Technology in addition to seven other curriculums. Be- 
ginning in the 1997 spring semester, Friday night classes were added 
to the course schedule in order to meet the needs of the wide variety of 
students who attend the center. 

The addition of a new special populations coordinator and a full- 
time Accounting Technology instructor was evidence of the rise in en- 
rollment DeSoto Center experienced in 1996. The opening of the new 
center last fall saw a 23 percent rise in enrollment over 1994, and 
1996 added 36 day and 19 evening students to last years 1,350 for an 
increase of 4.07 percent. Thirty-one percent of all Northwest students 
attend the Southaven campus. 

Two faculty members from DeSoto Center were" chosen to repre- 
sent the college at the seventh annual Lamplighter Conference last 
September. Dr. Harold Simmons, biology and chemistry instructor, 
and Charles Ingram, history, speech, American government, and phi- 
losophy instructor, attended the event held at Copiah-Lincoln Com- 
munity College ' s Natchez campus. "The exchange of ideas and re- 
freshing contacts with other educators are just two of the reasons for 
attending the conference" said Simmons. Delegates from the state's 1 5 
community and junior colleges attended the event. 

The Southaven campus offers much more than just academic and 
vo-tech courses for students. The Adult Structured Accelerated Pro- 
gram (ASAP) for adult learners continues to grow with the addition of 
a major in elementary education, and Adult Basic Education classes 
for persons who need basic skills to take the GED are offered on an 
ongoing basis. The Small Business Development Center helps area 
businesses thrive and grow, and continuing education classes for self- 
improvement are offered in conjunction with The University of 
Mississippi^ Office of Continuing Studies. 

Freshman Tabitha Arwood of Lake Cormorant takes down a few notes 
during fundamentals of nursing class. Practical Nursing majors must 
take courses in basic nutrition, growth and development, and psychiatric 
concepts in addition to labs and clinicals in medical/surgical nursing, 
(above left) 

Dr. Harold Simmons explains a complicated formula to students in his 
chemistry class. Simmons, who also teaches biology, was selected to 
attend the Seventh Annual Lampliqhter Conference at Copiah-Lincoln 

Community College last September. Participants representing the state's 
15 community and junior colleges gathered to exchange ideas and 
teaching philosophies with their peers, heard keynote speakers, and 

toured the Natchez campus. 

DeSoto Center* 109 

1 10 • CENTERS 

Students in Lillian Harris' American history class work hard on 
in exam, (opposite page, top) 

danger cheerleader Kristi Anderson of Senatobia shows off a 
Go for the Gold" T-shirt sold during Ranger Spirit Day held at 
JeSoto Center Oct. 21. (opposite page, below left) 

Jniversity of Mississippi Chancellor Robert Khayat (left) speaks 
o Patricia Palmer's accounting class during Meet the 
Chancellor Day Oct. 21. Dr. Khayat was introduced to several 
lasses by Bonnie Buntin, director of the Ole Miss program at 
DeSoto Center, (opposite page, below right) 

Jnder a misty rain, Northwest President David M. Haraway 
center) makes conversation with Mr. and Mrs. W.E. "Roe" Ross 
after ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the opening of the new I- 
55 interchange at Church Road Oct. 2. The Ross family donated 
he 36-acre site for the relocation of DeSoto Center, (left) 

Cartoonist Steve Gipson (right) sketches out a caricature of 
\nita Ray of Walls and Jon Maples of Southaven as others 
wait their turns. Gipson, who makes regular appearances at 
Northwest during the year, made a stop at DeSoto Center last 
September, (below) 

DeSoto Center • 1 1 1 

Instructors (from left) Harold Simmons and Larry 
Anderson and receptionist Linda Ogg help themselves 
to a free lunch sponsored by the Student Affairs Office 
Oct. 21. The lunch, held in conjunction with Ranger Spirit 
Day, was furnished to students and faculty at both the 
Southaven and Olive Branch campuses, (above) 

The center was host to 1 9 delegates and two interpreters 
from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan Oct. 18. During the four 
hours the delegation visited the campus, the DeSoto 
Economic Council gave a reception in their honor and 
speakers were featured. The group ended their tour of 
the area with a visit to the Civil Rights Museum and Beale 
Street, (right) 

Phi Beta Lambda members (I to r) Pat Cash of Senatobia 
and Stacy Redd of Sarah man the pizza table Sept. 10 
as the organization raises money for group and 
community projects. Pizza was sold by the slice to 
faculty, staff, and students, (opposite page, above right) 

DeSoto Center was the site of a press conference held 
for local television and print media Oct. 3. Members of 
the DeSoto Council, city and county officials, and 
community representatives attended the event to 
announce plans for the new DeSoto County Civic Center, 
(opposite page, below) 

112 • CENTERS 

Social science instructor Charles Ingram is not only an outstanding 
educator and sponsor of the Creative Writing Club, he is also a 
noted playwright. Ingram's radio drama, "The Kindness of 
Strangers" aired April 1, 1992, on WKNO-FM. He has also written 
numerous short stories, plays, essays, and a novel, and last year 
was selected to participate in the Lamplighter Conference for 
exceptional faculty held last September, (left) 

DeSoto Center • 1 1 3 

Rodney Laird of Waterford practices disassembling 
aircraft engine parts in the aircraft maintenance 
workshop, (right) 

Commercial truck driving major David Wiley checks out 
the new set of double trailers and converter dolly 
purchased at a cost of $15,500 by the center's vo-tech 
division with state monies last fall. The trailers, which 
will be lettered according to state auditor's requirements, 
will be used to train students to drive and back trucks 
using this equipment, (below) 

As part of their aviation 
electricity course, Kel Ibrahim 
of Lambert (left) and Dan 
Durley of Coldwater learn to 
build electric aircraft motors, 
(below right) 

' Ml \ 



$ ' 





I~" he DeSoto Center campus at Olive Branch offers stu- 
dents two programs of study — aviation maintenance 
technology and commercial truck driving. Officially 
opened in the fall of 1985 to meet the training needs 

of DeSoto County and surrounding areas, the center is 

located in the Olive Branch Metro Industrial Park. 

The aviation maintenance technology program offers a curriculum 
certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and designed to pre- 
pare students for a career in aircraft mechanics. The program is di- 
vided into three sections: general aviation studies, airframe mechanics, 
and powerplant mechanics. Graduates receive the Associate of Ap- 
plied Science degree and are qualified to take the FAA certification 

This year, aviation maintenance technology student Anthony Harvill 
of Hernando was chosen by faculty and staff to represent the Olive 
Branch campus in the college's Hall of Fame, the highest honor one 
can achieve at Northwest. While attending school in the evenings and 
working full-time for Federal Express, Harvill has maintained a 3.76 
grade point average and has appeared on the Dean's List. He was also 
selected as Outstanding Student in his field of study. 

The commercial truck driving program prepares students for occu- 
pations in the trucking industry. An eight-week course meeting five 
days per week, the curriculum includes classroom instruction on DOT 
regulations, freight handling, insurance, and other subjects; field work 
in basic driving skills, handling of equipment, and yard tests; day and 
night highway driving; and city driving. Upon completion of the 240 
required hours, the student is awarded a Vocational Certificate. 

John Graham of Olive Branch (left) and Brian Marshall of Horn Lake tear 
down a reciprocal engine in Reciprocating Engine Overhaul and 
Inspection class, (top) 

James Minyard of Holly Springs (right) watches as Neal Rousseau of 
Memphis uses a lathe to tool a part to specifications, (left) 

DeSoto Center-Olive Branch • 1 1 5 

Special Populations Coordinator Brenda Holmes (left) 
and Basic Related Studies instructor Michael Butts take 
a magic carpet ride past the Taj Mahal during Hot Shots, 
held Aug. 27 on the Oxford campus. Participants of this 
fun event, sponsored by the Office of Student Activities, 
can have a picture taken of themselves as a famous 
movie star, doing an unusual activity, or on the cover of 
their favorite magazine, (right) 

Students use the center's library to do research on 
various assigned projects and reports. Available to 
Northwest students are newspaper and magazine 
articles on microfilm, desktop computers, a copier, and 
thousands of literary volumes. Faculty may check out 
videocassettes to show to their classes, (below) 

1 16 • CENTERS 





pened in the fall of 1983, Lafayette- Yalobusha Tech- 
nical Center in Oxford offers programs designed to train 
students for direct entry into the job market. Office 
Systems Technology and Medical Office Technology 
are two-year degree programs leading to the Associate 
of Applied Science. Office Assistant is a two-semester program. Cos- 
metology, Nursing Assistant, and Practical Nursing are vocational cer- 
tificate programs. 

Although enrollment for the fall of 1996 fell by 85 students at the 
Oxford center, spring 1997 enrollment saw 335 day and 235 evening 
students registered for a total of 570. The medical office, nursing as- 
sistant, and practical nursing curriculums continue to draw capacity 
enrollments, partly due to job opportunities at nearby Baptist Memo- 
rial Hospital-North Mississippi. 

Future plans for the center include facility expansion, and begin- 
ning next year the Nursing Assistant program will have a new name — 
Health Care Assistant. 

Freshman Anna Marie Lewis of Oxford works on an assignment during 
Joyce Anthony's computer accounting class. The computer lab features 
the latest in computer technology, including CPUs, large monitors, and 
printers, (above left) 

Center Director Jack Butts (seated) assists Office Systems Technology 
instructor Brenda Baird with some paperwork at the front desk. Baird 
was chosen 1993 Outstanding Educator and represented the college at 
the HEADWAE conference, (left) 

hafayette-Y alobusha Technical Center • 1 17 

Freshmen (I to r) Lashunda White of Oxford 
and Brenda Butler of Batesville make sure the 
combs are sterile in the cosmetology lab. 

The center's break area is a place where 
students can come before or between classes 
to grab a quick snack and talk. Some students 
form small groups to get in some study time 
before a big test, (below) 


Senior practical nursing students (I to r) Angela Taylor of Sardis, 
Kim Webster of Batesville, and Peggy Snider of Batesville take fast 
and furious notes while listening to a lecture in Patti Williams' and 
Mary Caldwell's team-taught class, (top) 

Office Systems Technology instructor Faye Massey pauses for a 
smile while doing some typing in her office. Massey, who teaches 
records management, applied business math, professional 
development, and other business courses, was chosen Outstanding 
Educator for the college in 1991. (left) 

Librarian Jeanette Stone (left) assists Anna Marie Lewis of Oxford 
on the library's copy machine, (above right) 

Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center • 1 19 

Center Director Martha Mitchell makes 
copies as part of her busy daily schedule, 

Secretary Jennifer Thompson types a letter 
on her computer, (below) 

Cosmetology students (first row, I to r) 
Nicole VanStory, Cynthia Rooks, Amy 
Hayes, (second row) Gretchen Ellison, 
Tywana Hunt, and Elizabeth Price take a 
break from lab to talk and relax, (bottom) 

Cosmetology instructor Pat McGill 
(right) assists freshman Kelly Carr of 
Ripley with a project using the new 
computer the department purchased 
this year, (opposite page, top) 

Special Populations Coordinator Amy 
Shaw works on a bulletin board 
featuring the programs and services 
provided by the center. The display is 
in celebration of National Vocational 
Education Week, Feb. 9-14. (opposite 
page, below left) 

Faculty members walk beside the 
center's Christmas float during the 
Benton County Christmas Parade Dec. 
7. The float, completed by students and 
faculty, took first place in the float 
competition for the second year, 
(opposite page, below right) 




— ] ocated in Ashland, Benton-Marshall Center provides 
training and services to meet the needs of citizens in 
the Benton and Marshall County area. The 6.4-acre 
campus was built in response to a study completed by 
the Research and Development Department of the 
college which indicated a need for vocational training in the area. 
Benton-Marshall Center was established in 1979. The facility was 
completed in November 1980 and officially opened for the spring 
semester 1981. 

"The center focuses on giving students individual attention in pro- 
grams designed for direct entry to work using up-to-date equipment" 
said Martha Mitchell, center director. 

Four post-secondary programs of study are offered: Office Systems 
Technology leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree, Office 
Assistant is a two-semester program, and Cosmetology and Practical 
Nursing are vocational certificate programs which qualify students to 
take their respective state licensure examinations. 

Last fall, enrollment at the center decreased slightly by six students 
from 69 in 1995. Spring 1997 enrollment also saw a slight decline, 
down five since last spring. Ninety-six secondary school students also 
attend the center in one of four programs — Metal Trades, Allied 
Health, Intensive Business Training, and Agricultural Science. 

Benton-Marshall Center • 121 


ACE-Disabled 124-127 

Students Council 
Entertainers- 128-131 

Rodeo Club-HOSA 132-135 
Phi Beta Lambda- 136-139 





Clubs & Organizations • 123 

Members are (front 

row, I to r) Terrence 

Thomas, Lucy 

Grantham, Vincent 

Bobo, (back row, I to r) 

Amanda Miller, 

Cassandra Miller, 

Kerry Anderson, 

Tomiko Thompson, 

Marvell Jones, (not 

pictured) Andrick 

Humphreys, Amy 

Riley, Carter Norris, 

Dean Harris. 

ACE- All Campus Events 



Members are Paul 

Chrestman, Sharon Taylor, 

Terrence Thomas, Kristi 

Anderson, Kerry Anderson, 

Jeremy Stinson, Will Odom, 

Cassandra Miller, 

Lassandra Miller, Alicia 

Humphries, Scotty 

Henderson, Darrell Mays, 

Irina Likh, Vincent Bobo, 

Crystal Stephenson, 

D'Shanta Sanford, Felisha 

Sanford, Anita Lloyd, Kylie 

James, Yvonne Burgess, 

Anika Westerfield, Tamiko 

Wilcher, Michael Scott, 

Jason Greer, Carlton 

Rowland, Janet Greer, Tara 

White, Amanda Holcomb, 

Nathan McCallum, Amy 

Ross, Rosalyn Campbell, 

Rashida Newson, Tomika 

Thompson, and Meisha 






Members are (front row, 
I to r) Jamie Vetzel, 
Neely Winters, Brian 
Williams, Pat James, 
Kevin Shideler, Advisor 
Bud Young; (second 
row) Advisor Jimmy 
Presley, Jamie Martin, 
William Freeman, 
Charles Adams, Chris 
Patton, Dusty Dettor, 
Jason Jackson; (third 
row) Dale Bryant, Trey 
Kerr, Randy Mayer, 
Brandon Pulley, John 
Gabbert, David 
Williams, and Bubba 

Members are (front row, 
I to r) Kristi Anderson, 
Amanda Miller, Beth 
McCorkle, Melissa 
Ferguson, Lucy 
Grantham, Shelly 
Harville, Kerry 
Anderson (captain), 
Mandy Holcomb (co- 
captain), (back row) 
Josh Metzger, Vincent 
Bobo, Terrence 
Thomas, Nathan 

ACE - Cheerleaders • 125 

Members are Kim 

Nix, Debbie Peters, 

Dennis Chapman, 

Michelle Campbell, 

Corey Campbell, 

Daniel Vogt, Advisor 

Cheryl Rice, and Ross 

Woodard, Jr. 



CPU- Computer Professionals United 

Members are 

Savanah Kirkwood, 

Dean Bobo, Advisor 

Patricia Meek, 

Louvirdia Clark, 

Vanessa Spearman, 

Rosie Johnson, 

Advisor Signy Givens, 

Marvin Reed, Tim 

Johnson, Wesley 

Devereaux, and 

Ernest Taylor. 




Members are: April Allen, 
Suzanne Bailey, Connie 
Cauthen, Pamela Chapman, 
Adrell Evans, Jennifer Frazier, 
Pamela Gaston, Nita Goodwin, 
Donna Gordon, Tamara Gordon, 
April Groner, Julie Harris, Alma 
Harrison, Jeanette Horton, 
Denise Howe, Challa Hubbard, 
Linda Hudspeth, Lenon James, 
Cathleen Jeffries, Amanda 
Jennings, Pheniqueski Jones, 
Sherry Lowe, Stephanie Means, 
Christy Moore, Kristy Nicholson, 
Linda Oliver, Katrina Owens, 
Amelia Parker, Stephanie 
Phillips, Angel Price, Tarsha 
Ramsey, Louise Richardson, 
Tamika Saulsberry, Susan 
Smith, Carolyn Stokes, Lester 
Street, Jaquoya Taylor, Jeanette 
Taylor, Melissa Taylor, Wanda 
Thomas, Natoshia Thompson, 
Brenda Turner, Jennifer Webb, 
Michelle Westmoreland, 
Margaret Wilson, and Missy 
Woods, Advisors are Mary 
Long and Vicki O'Dell. 


I m i M m 

|*^J Members are (I to 


) Neal Creecy, 
Ernie Kelly, Alicia 
Jennifer Coburn, 
Jennifer White, 
and Advisor Mike 
Dottorey. Not 
pictured are Greg 
Hill, Kerry Clanton, 
Dana Johnson. 

Commercial Art - Disabled Students Council • 127 

Members are (front 

row, I to r) Ashley 

Henson, Kevin Stroud, 

Heather Jenkins, Eva 

Lundahl, Chad 

Baldwin, Jarod Lee, 

(back row, I to r) Jason 

Little, Serena Pegues, 

Sandra Koenig, Kim 

Hutcheson, Leigh 

Watson, Irina Likh, 

Lisa Burkes, Jennifer 

Millican, Brooks Anne 

Cole and Randy Dale. 

Director is Susanne 






Members are Kim 

Lambert, Tony Max, 

Brooks Anne Cole, 

Debra Peters, Victoria 

Earl, Sara Plante, Mary 

Bailey, Stephen Tate, 

and Shane McDermott. 

Advisors are Terry 

Pegram and Lane Tutor. 




Members are (front row) 
Neely Winters, Brian 
Williams, Pat James, 
(second row) Jamie 
Vetzel, Charles Adams, 
William Freeman, Advisor 
Bud Young, (third row) 
Trey Kerr, Robert Mathis, 
Brandon Pulley, Randy 
Mayer, and Bubba 


Members are (front row) 
President Tina Hopper, 
Vice President Shannon 
Moore, JeLea Henson, 
Jocelyn Renfroe, 
DeAndre Sanders, Ginger 
Kilpatrick, Tiffany Sharp, 
(back row) Chris Clark, 
Mark Moorman, Chris 
Whitten, Miles Allison, 
Ashley Peeples, Will 
Odom, Rachel Gillon, and 
Chris Mullen. Not pictured 
are Senate 
Representative Tara 
White and Secretary 
Bobbie Welch. 

Entertainers - Math & Science • 129 

Members are (front row, I to r) 

Stephanie Means, Dara Owens, 

Denise McGee, Lequita Freelon, 

(second row) Sally Lowe, Catherine 

Hubbard, Margaret Miles, Pamela 

Smith, Kylie James, Lamonica Buford, 

(back row) Advisor Judy Barham, 

Sybil Herron, Connie Hoye, Mary 

Reffell, Louise Conley, Sheila Box, 

Duwanna Ballentine, Anita Lloyd, 

Ursula Martin, Jessica McCollins, 

Latonia Conley, Lavon Grant. Not 

pictured is Advisor Marilyn Spears. 


Staff members are Marshall Jones Jr., editor; Gary 
Parrish, sports editor; Terrence Jones, distribution 
manager; Andrea Reese, advertising manager; Amy 
Brown, Rebecca Brown, Kelley Creecy, Erin Dees, Rico 
Fifer, Stacey Hollowell, Melissa Lammey, Robert Smith, 
and Stephanie Tutor, reporters; Tony Max, cartoonist; and 
James Williamson, layout technician. Advisors are Dr. Ann 
Whitten and Nancy Patterson. Assistant advisor is Julie 



Members are (front row, I to r) President Will Odom, Vice 
President Tina Hopper, Secretary Lisa Chambers, 
Reporter Shannon Moore, Reporter Neil Haraway, 
Advisor Kristie Duncan, Advisor Elizabeth Harvey, 
(second row) Marina Luybimova, Michele Katterjohn, 
Phillip Lewallen, Rebekah Morris, Natalie Young, Janet 
Sedano, Valessa Swanson, (third row) Christy Hawkins, 
Tabatha Huebner, Todd Rowland, Steffanie Borden, 
Sharon Taylor, Kelley Creecy, David Davis, Edith Parks, 
(fourth row) Bobbie Welch, Kerry Anderson, Neal Creecy, 
Marie Garrard, Jennifer Brown, Amy Norris, Kriste 
Thomas, Randy Goodwin, (fifth row) Steven Smith, 
Trisha Gadd, Heather Arnold, and Jeremy Stinson. 



Staff members are (I to r) Beth 
Moberly; Will Odom, 
photographer; Marie Garrard, 
editor; and Kelley Creecy. Not 
pictured are Michael Honse, 
Michelle Honse, Amy Riley, Erin 
Dees, and Gary Parrish, 
sportswriter. Advisors are Dr. 
Ann Whitten and Nancy 
Patterson. Assistant advisor is 
Julie Respess. 

P.A.S.T.E.- Rocketeer • 131 


Members are (front row, I to r) 

Neely Winters, Brian Williams, 

Rebecca Davis, Amanda 

Williams, Sammy McGreggor, 

Bubba Freely, Pat James, 

Charles Adams, (second row) 

Advisor Bud Young, Wes 

Lindsey, Ashley Shaw, Jason 

Powell, Chris Patton, Brandon 

Pulley, Dale Faushner, John 

Gabbert, (third) Johnny Raines, 

Robert Mathis, Bubba Rhodes, 

Buddy Sheets, Kenny Shankle, 

David Tutor, Kevin Shideler, and 

Dale Bryant. 

Officers are: President Mary 

Bonds-Dickson, Vice President 

Janet Jackson, Secretary-Treasurer 

Lori McNeil, Reporter Grace 

Lockwood, Program Chairman 

Karen Bell, Activities Chairman 

Valerie Varner, Community Services 

Chairman Angela French, Senate 

Representative Amy Goff, Advisor 

Claudia Burkes. Members are: 

Amy McMinn, Propst Pittman, I 

Michelle Aldison, Emily Brummett, 

Lisa Leatherwood, Kimberly Buie, 

Ara Heard, Janice Poole, Jodi 

Willis, Kerri McKnotts, Renee 

Wade, Stacy Eisenhart, Robyn 

Ross, Rhonda Thomas, Mandy 

Carlisle, Mary Wiggs, Kenya 

Powers, Amy Lewers, Kimberly 

Billingsley, Cary Hunter, Jennifer 

Mangrum, Becky Jolly, Kristi 

Brewer, James Magness, and Katie 



SADD - Students Against 
Drunk Driving 

Members are (seated, I to r), 
Rashida Newsom, Tabitha 
McJunkind, (second row) Bahasha 
Stigall, Laura Allen, Tomiko 
Thompson, Lashundra King, 
Advisor Chuck Strong, (back row) 
Lucas Yates and Marvin Reed. 


Members are (front row, I to r) Eva 
Lundahl, Lisa Burch, Tonya Owens, 
Betsy Flippo, Brooks Anne Cole, 
Jennifer Coburn, Angela Williams, 
Michelle Medlin, Rebecca Shamley, 
(second row) Serena Pegues, 
Heather Jenkins, Sandra Koenig, 
Kim Hutcheson, Leigh Watson, 
Kelley Creecy, Irina Likh, Ernie Kelly, 
(third row) Jarod Lee, Ashley 
Henson, Phillip McElyea, Jason 
Little, Randy Dale, Jeff West, Ashley 
Miguez, Neal Creecy, and Chad Baldwin. Not pictured 
are Jennifer Millican, Nadean Williams, Andre 
Bernard, James Baltimore, Meg Brooks, Ivan Burrell, 
Rebecca Davis, Marti Fuqua, Jennifer Murchison, 
Tony Russell, Marcus Smith, Reginald Harris, Maria 
Luther, Chadd Bryant, Kevin Stroud, and Sharon 
Taylor. The director is Susanne VanDyke. 


Members are (front row, I to r) LaTisha Flowers, 
Kimberly Cosby, Sherria Cosby (back row) 
Steve Dockery, Andrea Wright, Candace B. 
Smith. Advisors are Tyrone Catchings and Mike 
Dottorey (not pictured). 

Rodeo - SOUL Club • 133 


Members are (front row, I to r) Kelsey 

Roberts, Pertice Lee, Anne Graham, 

Kimberley McKinney, (second row) Dr. 

Mary Queyja, Aarti Patel, Mary Alyce 

Mitchell, Ernie Kelly, Tom Rowland, Irina 

Likh, Rashida Newson, and Mary 



Members are (front row, I to r) Marcia 

Pirtle, Vice President Kysha Rice, 

Secretary Jennifer Dixon, Lisa Redding, 

President Tracy Tarpley, Reporter Katie 

Britt, (second row) Greg Drumwright, 

Parliamentarian Greg Hurtt, Roy Dye, 

Brian Harris, Advisor Dennis Fondren. 



Members are (front row, I to r) Neely Winters, Kristi 
Anderson, Kenya Powers, Beth Moberly, Macie 
Heuerman, Cindy Freeman, Melissa Ferguson, (second 
row) Trisha Gadd, Bobbie Welch, Anna Bland, Michelle 
Farrow, Lora Johnston, Amanda Carpenter, Kerry 
Anderson, (third row) Laura Allen, Anika Westerfield, 
Shon Richardson, Kim Alexander, Mary Anne Jones, Ann 
Claydon Comer, Telitha Ball, Cyprienne Johnson, (fourth 
row) Kevin Grehan, Jimmy Smith, and Justin Jones. Not 
pictured are Tara White, Heather Arnold, Ronnie Golden 
and Stacey Hollowell. 


Members are April Allen, Brian Allen, Michael Austin, Suzanne Bailey, 
Lisa Barnhart, Melinda Blaine, Steffanie Borden, Shane Bramlett, Brian 
Burris, Michelle Campbell, Roxanna Carson, Connie Cauthen, Dennis 
Chapman, Pamela Chapman, Adrell Evan, Jennifer Frazier, Pam 
Gaston, Nita Goodwin, Donna Gordon, Tamara Gordon, April Groner, 

Julie Harris, Alma Harrison, Jeanette Horton, Denise Howe, Todd 
Hubbard, Linda Hudspeth, Jon Isbell, Lenon James, Pheniqueski Jones, 
Dan Lauzon, Steven Lauzon, Sherry Lowe, Allison Mazerac, Beth 
McCorkle, Curtis McLarity, Stephanie Means, Shelly Melton, Paulette 

Michelletti, Christy Moore, Kristy Nicholson, Linda Oliver, Katrina 
Owens, Amelia Parker, Richey Pope, Angel Price, Tarsha Ramsey, 
Louise Richardson, Jason Runnels, Tamika Saulsberry, Susan Smith, 
Lester Street, Carolyn Stokes, Clay Taylor, Melissa Taylor, Jeanette 
Taylor, Jaquoya Taylor, Wanda Thomas, Natoshia Thompson, Willie 
Thompson, Brenda Turner, Elizabeth Vanderford, Daniel Vogh, Kimra 
Walls, Ray Walker, Andrea Walters, Jennifer Webb, Michelle 
Westmoreland, Margaret Wilson, Missy Woods; Professional 
Members Jimmy Carr, Allen McGraw, Joel D. Meredith, Mary Long, 
Vicki O'Dell, Cheryl Rice, and Pattie Warren. 


Practical Nursing Club 

Members are (front row, I to r) 
Marilyn Williams, Stephanie 
Sanders, Donna Merritt, Regina 
Gold, (second row) Joann 
McGhee, Katrina Hannah, Tonya 
Neal, Sondra Moore, and Advisor 
Doris Oswalt. Not pictured is 
Peggy Davis. 

Spanish Club - HOSA-DC • 135 


Members are (front row, I to r) Advisor Debby 

Rutledge, Historian Amelia Simmons, Karen 

Williams, Rose Marye Patton, Advisor 

Scottye Stewart, (second row) 

Parliamentarian Angela Darby, Lisa Redding, 

President John Barnum, Vice President Ralph 

Shields, Reporter Ken Cross, and Treasurer 

Terry Van Story. Not pictured are Advisor 

Patricia Palmer, Carrie Crow, Secretary Linda 

Reeves, and Angel McCuller. 


Members are (I to r) Tara Ross, Wendy McWhirter 
Wendy Smith, Misty Woolfolk, Teresa Wilson, 
Jennifer White, Melanie Perkins, Whitney Smith, 
Amy Gitter, Stephanie Mitchell, Brenda Summers, 
Brenda Cryderman, Robert Beck, Marsha Stewart 
Denise Miller, Becky Gibbs, Leslie Delaney, Mildred 
Gordon, Julie Sowell, Lisa White, Les Williams, 
LaTiffany Westmoreland, Bryan Jones, Keith 
Wilder, Madeline Glass, Lisa Dean, Clay Johnson, 
Chris Johnson, Michael Stevenson. 


Members are (front row, I to r) Chris Gillespie, 

Andrea James, Tammy Burney, Janet Walker, 

Tomiko Thompson, Tiffanye Wever, Jennifer 

Mitchell, Gary Taylor, (second row) Charles 

Hardy, Jr., Victor Byas, II, Jessica Brown, Amy 

Miller, Teresa Moorman, Tiffany Leath, Joey 

Wilder, Alan Douglas, (third row) Joyce Wiseman, 

La Donna Watkins, Willie Liddell, Latara 

Thomas, Louis Narowetz, Walter Warren, Corey 

Hague, Terrell Davis, Chris Balash, (fourth row) 

Rodney Williams, Glenn Grant, Sr., Johnny 

Williams, Keith Reed, Jeff Mock, and Advisor 

Larry Anderson. 



Student Government 

DeSoto Center 

Members are Advisor David Bourne, Secretary 

Catherine Newman, Freshman Representative Amy 

Brown, Treasurer Jennifer Jones, President Christy 

Collins, Vice President Karen Williams, 

Parliamentarian Kim Estes, Sophomore 

Representative Cheryl Robertson, Advisor Sturgis 

Monteith, and not pictured, Brian Jackson. 


Members are (front row, I to r) Advisor 
Broadus Weatherall, (second row) Terry Van 
Story, Kristi Estes, Alicia Warden, Christy 
Collins, Tena Foster, (third row) Carroll 
Morrow, Jamey Barham, Ralph Shields, Doug 
Young, and Robert Parrish. 


Members are (left to right) 
Lisa Baker, Andrea Cooper, 
Kysha Rice, and Angela 
Bramlett. Not pictured are 
Rachel Meter and Advisor 
Elizabeth Burns. 


Phi Beta Lambda - Student Recruiters • 137 


Members are (sitting, I to r) Treasurer Bobbie 

Thompson, Dessie Fox, Lashunda White, 

Lisa Tatus, (standing) Brenda Butler, Sandra 

Anthony, Class Representative Phyllis Draper, 

Avis Corbitt, Beverly Tenner, President 

Teresa Cates (back row) Instructor Margie 

Terry, Secretary Carolyn Perkins, and Sandra 


1 1 

p^ff "' i 

' ' ' HI - 


;: 1B tPP* 

Officers are (above) President Stella Warren, Vice 
President Julie Bryan, Secretary Earnestine James 

and Treasurer Tiffany Talley. 

Members are (at right) Stella Warren, Lurene 
Suggs, Angela Taylor, Christy Bishop, Windy 

Peavy, Kim Webster. 





Members are (front, I to r) Stella Warren, Phyllis 

Draper, Ketrina Chapman, Gina Davis, (back 

row) Advisors Faye Massey, Michael Butts, and 

Brenda Holmes. 



Members are (front row, I to r) Samantha 
Taylor, Sam Renick, Michelle Miller, (back 
row) Advisor Lockie York, Lavoskia Conner, 
Webster Collins, Cassie Shaw, Lena Harris, 
Pam Washington, and Kim Nunnally. 


ilk " M. SB HBr +xJL *^lfc An ^ , #^tRc2b J|Vj| ^^^k 


Members are Tywana Hunt, Gretchen Ellison, Nicole 

Washington, (second row) Divonne Hicks, Tonya 

Perry, Cynthia Rooks, Shundra Wooten, Stephanie 

Murdock, (back row) Amy Hayes, Thaddeus Scales, 

Kelly Carr, and Instructor Pat McGill. 


Members are (first row, I to r) Sammy Shelley, 
Rochelle Boggs, Tara Hamer, Julie Feathers, 
Donna Jones, Butch Cunningham, (second 
row ) Debra Pomeroy, Rhonda Gadd, April 
Grist, Brigette Ralph, Tanya Childers, (back 
row) Instructor Ann Akins, Tina Robbins, Carol 
Kitchen, Priscilla Pye, Alice Echols, Jennifer 
Washington, Cheryl Rooker, Sadie Campbell, 
Betty Hopkins, and Instructor Judie Harris. 

Cosmetology-LYTC - HOSA-BMC • 139 


Hall of Fame 142-143 

HEADWAE 144-145 

Who's Who 146-149 

Outstanding Students 150-165 

140 • HONORS 


Honors • 141 

Had of Tame. 

Seven students were inducted 
into Northwest Mississippi Com- 
munity College's Hall of Fame 
Jan. 22 when the college hosted 
the annual reception on the Sena- 
tobia campus. Induction into the 
Hall of Fame is the college's high- 
est academic honor. 

From the Senatobia campus 
were Neil Haraway and Marina 
Luybimova, both of Senatobia; 
Edith Parks of Indianola; and 
Amy Riley of Memphis. Repre- 
senting DeSoto Center-Southaven 
were Harold "Ralph" Shields of 
Horn Lake and Terry VanStory of 
Hernando. Anthony Harvill of 
Hernando is the nominee from 
DeSoto Center-Olive Branch, and 
Susan Foust of Oxford was cho- 
sen from Lafayette- Yalobusha 
Technical Center. 

Haraway, a biology major with 
a 3-95 GPA, is a member of Phi 
Theta Kappa, the Math and Sci- 
ence Club, and is a student re- 
cruiter. A member of the Ranger 
baseball team, Haraway serves as 
a student representative on the 
Athletic Committee. 

He is listed in Who's Who 
Among American Biological Stu- 
dents and the Northwest 
President's List and was a Rotary 
Club Student of the Month. 

Luybimova, an exchange stu- 
dent from Russia, is the college's 
Outstanding Student for 
HEADWAE. She is a member 
of Phi Theta Kappa, the Pre-Law 

Hall of Fame inductees for 1996-97 are (front row, I to r) Edith Parks, Marina Luybimova, Amy Riley. 
Susan Foust, (back row, I to r) Anthony Harvill, Neil Haraway, Harold "Ralph " Shields, and Terry VanStory. 

Society, Spanish Club, Math and 
Science Club, and a Senate repre- 

A pre-law major with a 4.0 
GPA, Luybimova is a President's 
List student and is the outstand- 
ing pre-law student for 1996-97. 

Parks is a member of the 
Player's Club, Phi Theta Kappa, 
and Writer's Club. She had a lead 
role in the 1996 theatre produc- 
tion, "The Passion of Dracula". 

The sophomore is a biology 
major and maintains a 3.68 GPA. 

Riley, Miss Northwest 1996, 
is a member of BSU, SADD, the 
Rocketeer staff, tutoring staff, 
ACE committee, and is a Senate 

A broadcasting student with a 
3.02 GPA, Riley was first alter- 
nate in the Fall '96 Beauty Re- 


VanStory, an office systems 
technology major at DeSoto Cen- 
ter, holds a 3.75 GPA. She is a 
member of Phi Theta Kappa, Phi 
Beta Lambda and has been in- 
cluded on the Dean's and 
President's lists. 

She has also served as a March 
of Dimes volunteer with Walk- 
A-Thon and School Mystery. 

Shields is vice president of Phi 
Beta Lambda and a member of 
Phi Theta Kappa. An account- 
ing major with a 4.0, Shields was 
named outstanding accounting 
student at DeSoto Center for 

A participant in civic activities, 
Shields served as team captain for 
Walk America in Olive Branch, 
and coordinated a March of 

Dimes fundraiser on th 
Southaven campus. 

Foust is a medical office tech 
nology major attending Lafayetti 
Yalobusha Technical Center. He 
4.0 GPA has earned her a plao 
on the President's List every se 
mester she has attended North- 

On the Oxford campus she in 
the Outstanding Student fo? 
medical office technology fot 

Harvill is an aviation mainte 
nance technology major on tho 
Olive Branch campus. While at 
tending school in the evenings anc 
working full-time, Harvill ha 
maintained a 3.76 GPA and i 
outstanding student in his field 
study. His grades have earnec 
him a place on the Dean's List fo 
the fall semester. 

142 • HONORS 

Susan Foust 

Technical Center 

Anthony Harvdt 

DeSoto Center- 
Olive Branch 

Edith Parks 


Harold Shields 

DeSoto Center- 

NeiC Haraway 



Senaiobia campus 

Amy Riley 



Terry VanSiory 

DeSoto Center- 

Hall of Fame* 143 

Newman, Luybimova selected 
'97 HEADWAE representatives 

144 • HONORS 

Marina Luybimova and Robert Wayne Newman 
have been selected as 1997 HEADWAE student and 
teacher honorees representing Northwest. 

Luybimova, sophomore pre-law major attending the 
Senatobia campus, has maintained a 4.0 GPA, is a 
member of Phi Theta Kappa, and was nominated to the 
All-American Community and Junior College Academic 

Her name has appeared on the President's List every 
semester at Northwest, and she was included in Who's 
Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. In 
January, she was inducted into the college's Hall of 

In addition, Luybimova serves as president and senate 
representative of the Pre-Law Society, is a member of the 
Spanish and Math and Science clubs, and currently is a 
work-study student for the Science Department. 

Luybimova recently was chosen fourth alternate in 
the Fall Beauty Review. 

She has experienced not only academic success at 
Northwest, but also a new way of life as she is an 
exchange student from Murmansk, Russia. "The smaw 
atmosphere of Northwest gave me a good chance to 
adjust to cultural differences" said Luybimova, who 
currently resides with the family of Johnny Burkhart, I 
pastor of the Looxahoma Church of Christ. Her 
parents, who are still in Russia, are Igor Luybimov an<, 
Svetlana Luybimova. 

Following graduation from Northwest, Luybimova 
plans to continue her studies at the University of 
Mississippi where she will major in sociology and mini 
in international studies. She would like to pursue a 
career in international law. 

Wayne Newman of Senatobia has been an instru< 

Marina Luybimova 

tor in the heating and air conditioning technology program for 
27 years. 

After receiving an Associate of Applied Science degree in air 
conditioning and refrigeration from Northwest, Newman continued 
his studies at Mississippi State University and at the University of 
Southern Mississippi. 

Newman is a member and associate sponsor of the Vocational 
and Industrial Club of America (VICA), local sponsor of the Energy 
Conservation Club, and is a member of the Mississippi Association 
of Vocational Educators. He was also included in Who ' s Who in 
International Education. 

Enrollment in Newman's program has doubled, thanks to its 
nclusion in Second Chance, a complete-degree program for adult 
students that is offered on the Senatobia campus. 

"I consider it a privilege and an opportunity to work with an 
outstanding teacher who is a product of Northwest and the pro- 
gram in which he teaches" said Jerry Nichols, director of Vocational- 
Technical Education on the Senatobia campus. 

"Mr. Newman has worked hard to stay abreast of changing 
technology in his area. He is truly dedicated to Northwest and to 

his students!' 

In his personal time, Newman teaches hunter education classes 
for youth and is a member of the organizing team of the Tate 
County District I Volunteer Fire Department. He also teaches 
youth programs at the Senatobia Church of Christ and is a former 
deacon of the Crockett Church of Christ. 

Newman is married to the former Barbara Hensley, a North- 
west alumna, and they have two daughters, Amy — an elementary 
education school teacher — and Joanne — a senior at Ole Miss. Both 
iare Northwest alumnae. 

Newman and Luybimova joined students and instructors from 
(other colleges and universities in Jackson in February when they 
iwere honored by the Mississippi Legislature. 

Higher Education Appreciation Day, Working for Academic 
Excellence was established by the legislature in 1988 to honor 
academically talented students and faculty members who have 
made outstanding contributions in promoting academic excellence. 

— Melissa Lammey 

Wayne Newman 





Among Students 

in American 

Junior Colleges 





146 -HONORS 






Who's Who* 147 







148 • HONORS 






Students/ a/ve/ nominated pj^wk&s/vvho/ 
s4mona/ Students In s4meucan Junuyi/ 
yoatleqe&s (m&ed an tkevv academic/ 
axJiieuement/, senuice/ to/ the/ communitu/, 
leadex&mp' uo/ eddmcuwicn^ 
patentlat jok continued success/. 

whew fxxin an eiUe/ omu^i< op students/ 
puowi/ matey man 1 ,800 LnstUutions/ op 
hhahw teawunty in all 50 states/, the/ 
^Lstxici Of CI €x)AAAmw^ 

Who's Who* 149 



Outstanding Students 
are chosen for each ma- 
jor within a department. 
The choice is made by 
faculty within the division. 

Heather Arnold 

Computer Information Systems 

Jeremy Avent 


Child Development Technology 

Bevan Bell 

Brenda L. Blackmon 
Sertrica T. Davis 
Tiffany Miller 

Mary Bonds-Dickson 







Broadcast Communications 

Outstanding Students • 1 5 1 



Michelle Campbell 

Graphic Design/Commercial Art 

Lisa Chambers 

Pre-Nunsing (BSN) 

Lori Candler 

Paralegal Studies 

Jodi Flynn 

Computer Programming Technology 

Melanie Freeman 

Pre-Occupational Therapy 

Marie Garrard 

Trisha Gadd 

Pre-Physical Therapy 

Brad Gates 







Outstanding Students • 1 5 3 


Neil Haraway 





Christy Hawkins 

Business Education 

Jeanette Harris 

Computer Operations Technology 

Brad Jackson 

Business Administration 

Tonya Nolen Jenkins 

Agriculture Business and 
Management Technology 

Michele Katterjohn 


Marshall Jones 


Dan Lauzon 

Drafting & Design Technology 



On tst.nidinx Students • 1 



Marina Luybimova 


Shannon Moore 


Phillip McElyea 


3 1 


Cleatus Oliver 

Criminal Justice 

Sarah Perkins 


Shon Richardson 



Sara Plante 

1 1 

i 1 

Marvin Robinson 




• ' k "" < 



On tit anting Students ' 

Steven Smith 




Computer Information Systems 

Lesly Thompson 

Pre-Dental Hygiene 

Nikki Sullivan 


Dianna Vaughn 

Pre-Radiologic Technology 

Kimbra Walls 

Architectural Drafting Technology 

Mary Wilson 

Social Work 

Jason Walters 


Sandra Worthy 






Office Systems Technology 


• 159 




Bettie Austin 
Sandra Harmon 
Carolyn Perkins 

Shirley Chance Yarbro 



Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center 

Tracy Yow 


Jessica Barlow 

Practical Nursing 

Lafayette- Yalobusha Technical Center 

Susan Foust 

Medical Office Technology 

Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center 

Sheila Dickson 

Practical Nursing 

Lafayette- Yalobusha Technical Center 

Lisa Notestone 

Office Systems Technology 

Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center 


• >-— ! 



0/itiijndwg Students 






Katie Shaw 

Nurse Assistant 

Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center 

Tanya Childers 

Practical Nursing 

Benton-Marshall Center 

Shirley Wall 

Office Assistant 

Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center 

Pam Washington 

Office Systems Technology 

Benton-Marshall Center 

Lisa Baker 

Hotel & Restaurant Management 

DeSoto Center 

Lisa Dean 

Respiratory Care 

DeSoto Center 

Jaime Burleson 

Criminal Justice 

DeSoto Center 

June Fine 






Elementary Education 

DeSoto Center 

Outstanding Students ' 




Bill Haley 

Anthony Harvill 

Marketing Management Technology 

DeSoto Center 

Aviation Maintenance 

Desoto Center-Olive Branch 

T.A. Hawks 


De&oto Center 

Terry VanStory 

Office Systems Technology 

DeSoto Center 

Alicia Warden 

Business Administration 

De&oto Center 

Not Pictured 

Benton-Marshall Center 

Kathy Moore Practical Nursim 

De&oto Center 

Lisa Baddour English 
Bonnie Crabtree General Ccfee 


Jon David Lehman Wildlife Management 

Outstanding Students • 


Board of Trustees 












General Staff 






166 • PEOPLE 



People • 167 

Truman Albritton 

Tate County 

Bill Dawson 

Marshall County 

Sam Allison 

Tate County 

Jimmy Eubanks 

Vice Chairman 
Tunica County 

Donnal Ash 

Marshall County 

Jerry Gentry 

Tunica County 

M. Clarence Sparks 

Dewitt Spencer 

Edwin P. Thomas 

DeSoto County 

Calhoun County 

Tallahatchie County 

168 • PEOPLE 

David Hargett 

Tallahatchie County 

RJ^^V t^^\/ 



' ^Ik '' 

I f* 

James Treloar,Jr. 

Lafayette County 

board of trustees 

Johnny Bland 

Quitman County 

C.E. Henry 

Lafayette County 

Guy Walker, Jr. 

Panola County 

Aaron Burney 

Yalobusha County 

Troy W. Hobson 

Benton County 

Ronny Wilkerson 

Benton County 

John G. Burt 

Calhoun County 

Leroy Matthews 

Quitman County 

Nat Troutt 

Board Attorney 
Tate County 

John Caldwell 

Panola County 

Miss Mary Alice Moorman 

Yalobusha County 

Board of Trustees • 1 69 

Honored as 1996 Distin- 
guished Education Alumnus 
at The University of Missis- 
sippi, Dr. Haraway receives 
congratulations from Dr. Jim 
Chambless (right), acting 
dean of the School of Edu- 
cation, and Dr. Robert 
Khayat, Ole Miss chancel- 
lor. Dr. Haraway was pre- 
sented with a plaque in- 
scribed "For his outstand- 
ing contributions to higher 
educaton and The Univer- 
sity of Mississippi!' He re- 
ceived the award at cer- 
emonies in the Grove prior 
to the Ole Miss-Auburn foot- 
ball game Sept. 14. (right) 

Dr. Haraway welcomes jus- 
tice court officials to the 
Senatobia campus for a 
statewide symposium on 
justice court operations 
conducted over the Com- 
munity College Network last 
July, (below) 




j0$09faf ipHN^ 

The president greets the crowd at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for 
the I-55 exit at Church Road Oct. 2. In drizzling rain, Haraway and 
representatives from Gov. Fordice's office, the Mississippi Senate, 
and the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors joined the mayors of 
Southaven and Horn Lake and Highway Commissioner Zach Stewart 
in opening the new interchange, (right) 

Highlighting Homecoming festivities was torchbearer Tim Armstrong 
of Bruce. Dr. Haraway visits with Armstrong after his appearance 
on the field during pre-game ceremonies, (opposite page, below) 

170 • PEOPLE 


When Dr. David McWilliams Haraway assumed the presidency 
of Northwest Mississippi Community College 1 1 years ago, he brought 
to the position a legacy that contained a commitment to education, a 
love for athletics, and a fondness for music. The son of two classroom 
teachers, Dr. Haraway is a born educator. 

He is the second of five sons born to Jane McWilliams Haraway, a music teacher, 
and Maury Haraway, an English teacher and baseball coach. Dr. Haraway was outfielder 
and first baseman on his dad's Olive Branch High School baseball team and played 
defensive halfback in football. His musical talent found its expression on the bass, 
while his brothers all played guitar. They still enjoy playing and singing together at 
family gatherings. 

Both his parents are deceased, but their influence is continual. More than once in his 
commencement remarks Dr. Haraway has quoted one of his father's favorite poems, 
"Abou Ben Adham" by Leigh Hunt. Graduates get the message concerning love of 
one's fellow man. 

After graduating with honors from Olive Branch High School, Haraway attended 
the University of Mississippi where he earned three degrees — the Bachelor of Business 
Administration, the Master of Education, and the Doctor of Philosophy in educational 
administration and supervision. 

This sequence of higher education was interrupted by a tour of duty in the United 
States Army and later his first teaching assignment at Olive Branch Junior High School. 
While working on his doctorate, he was a research associate for the University of 
Mississippi School Planning Laboratory and taught graduate level courses. 

The Southaven campus became his training ground for the president's job. He 
worked as an assistant director of the center, director of Research and Development, 
and director of Fiscal Affairs. Until he became president he taught 10 different graduate 
courses for Ole Miss at DeSoto Center. On the Senatobia campus he was director of the 
Computer Operations Center and executive assistant to the vice president of Operations 
before being named president on Sept. 26, 1985. 

This wealth of experience, heritage of education, and record of achievement brought 
to the presidency a man well prepared for the task. From Dr. Haraway's commitment 
to insure quality educational opportunities for students have come increased enrollment, 
expanded programs and services, renovated facilities, a revitalized Senatobia campus, 
a new campus for DeSoto Center, and national recognition for the athletic program. 

Dr. Haraway was honored Sept. 1 4 as the recipient of the 1 996 Distinguished 
Education Alumnus Award, the highest honor conferred by the Education Alumni 
Association of the University of Mississippi. During ceremonies in the Grove, 
School of Education Acting Dean Jim Chambless said, "David Haraway has a 
strong commitment to improve the lives of his fellow Mississippians. As president 
of Northwest he translated this commitment to action by providing outstanding 
educational opportunities... to his constituents. " 

Last fall the college reached a record enrollment when more than 4,400 
students registered for classes at four centers. With students from the 1 1 counties 
Northwest serves, as well as 3.7 percent from other Mississippi counties and 4.3 
from out-of-state and one foreign country, fall enrollment has increased almost 
53 percent since 1985 when Dr. Haraway became president. 

"The enrollment at Northwest continues to increase, almost on an annual 
basis" Dr. Haraway said. "This indicates that not only are we serving a continually 
growing population in our 1 1 -county district, but also that the confidence of 
the people of our district in the programs and services offered by our school 
continues to grow as well." 

During 1996-97, an institutional self-study was completed in anticipation 
of the visiting committee's review for reaccreditation by the Southern 
Association of Colleges and Schools. The committee evaluated the college 
last March. New curriculums for 1996-97 include Fire Protection Technology, 
Industrial Training, and Paramedic. "Our vision for Northwest is to be a 
comprehensive, customer-driven college that is responsive to the changing 
education and training needs of our area' 1 said Dr. Haraway. 

Renovation projects abound on the main campus. Bobo Hall has been 
completely redone, outdoor lighting has been added, exterior renovation of 
the Art Building has been completed and interior work continues, the 
heating/air conditioning project for the Coliseum has been completed, 
landscaping is in progress. The commuter parking lot and band practice 
field should be ready by November 1997, and extensive renovation will 
begin on Yalobusha Hall. Expansion of Lafayette- Yalobusha Technical 
Center is being planned to accommodate the center's growing enrollment. 

As important as his Northwest family is to him, Dr. Haraway finds 
quality time for his own family. He is married to the former Ellen Allen 
of Olive Branch, a cardiopulmonary perfusionist at Baptist Memorial 
Hospital in Memphis. They have two children — Neil, a sophomore 
infielder on the Ranger baseball team, and Lucia, a senior at Senatobia 
High School. His daughter Claudia, a graduate of Northwest and Delta 
State University, teaches at Greenbrook Elementary in Southaven. — Dr. Ann Whit ten 

David M. Haraway 


^B ^F^^^® 

President • 171 


James M. Darby, Jr. 

Vice President 
for Educational Affairs 

Steven J. McClellan 

Vice President 
for Fiscal Affairs 

Dan Smith 

Vice President 
for Student Affairs 


Dr. Marilyn S. Bateman 

Dean of Academic Education 

Joyce Brasell 

Director of Skill/Tech 
One-Stop Career Center 

Joe Broadway 

Dean of Vocational-Technical 

172 • PEOPLE 


Dr. Jack Butts 

Director, Lafayette- 
Yalobusha Technical Center 

Ron Hastings 

Director of Technology 

James C Miles, Jr. 

Athletic Director/ 
Head Baseball Coach 

Mike Robison 

Director of Physical Plant 

Sybil Canon 

Director of Development 

Dr. Barbara H. Jones 

Director of Institutional Research 
and Planning/Test Coordinator 

Martha Mitchell 

Director of Benton-Marshall 

Virginia Sowell 

Director of Student Support 

Deanna Ferguson 

Director of Recruiting 

Richie E. Lawson 

Director of Vocational-Technical 
Education, DeSoto Center 

Gary Mo s ley 

Director of Accounting 

Dr. Gary Lee Spears 


Keith Godbold 

Dean of DeSoto Center 

Marcella Lewis 

Director of 
Continuing Education 


Gerald J. Nichols 

Vocational-Technical Center 
Director, Senatobia campus 

Dr. Ann Y. Whit ten 

Director of Public Relations 

Administrators • 173 


Ann Akin 

Practical Nursing, BMC 

Lorena Adams 

Nursing Assistant, BMC 

Gwen Aldridge 


Charlotte Alexander 


Larry Anderson 

Funeral Services Technology, DC 

Joyce Anthony 

Office Assistant, LYTC 

Leah Arrington 

Accounting Technology, DC 

Sally Askew 

English, DC 

Jane Autry 

Intensive Business, BMC 

Brenda Baird 

Medical Office Technology, LYTC 

Jane Baker 

Developmental Studies, Tutor Coordinator, 

Student Support Services 

Don Balazs 

Respiratory Care Technology, DC 

Dr. Sandra Banham 


Judy Barham 

Child Development Technology 

Dr. Darrell Barnes 

Biology, DC 

Charlie Barnett 


Bill Beck 

Electronic Technology 

Walter Beggerly 

Aviation Maintenance Technology, DC-OB 

Dale Boatright 

Office Systems Technology, LYTC 

Dave Bourne 

Economics, DC 

Dr. Lucie Bridgforth 

Jackie Brown 

Automotive Body Repair 

Caroline L. Brownlee 

Director of Learning Resources 

Barbara Bugg 

Biology, Microbiology 

Dr. Robert Bunce 


174 • PEOPLE 

Claudia Burkes 

Nursing Lab Coordinator 
Mary Ann Burkhead 
Physical Education 
Denise Bynum 
Mary Caldwell 
Practical Nursing, LYTC 
Jimmy Carr 
Civil Technology 

Donny Castle 

Developmental Studies/ 

Assistant Baseball Coach 

Pamela Cates 


Juanita Cheek 

Science, DC 

Shirley Clanton 


Regina Clark 

Respiratory Care Technology, DC 

Dr. Jeptha Clemens 

Paralegal Technology 

Earline Cocke 


Dr. Greta Coger 


Jackie Collingsworth 

Social Science 

Robert Cox 

Criminal Justice 

James Creecy 


Jo Adams Cross 


Sheila Dandridge 

Office Systems Technology 

Pam Darnell 


Dale Davis 


Kristie Duncan 


Janice Dunn 

English, DC 

Jill Ferguson 


Wayne Ferguson 


Dennis Fondren 

Marketing Management Technology, DC 

Kathy Foresman 

Constance Gallant 

History and Foreign Language 

Jim Gilliam 

Tool and Die Technology 

Signy Givens 

Computer Programming Technology 

Karen Gray 

Director, Division of Education 

Instructors • 175 

Jane Greever 

Physical Science 

Sandy Grisham 

Social Science 

Victoria Hale 

Director, Division of Nursing 

Jane Hancock 

Practical Nursing 

Judie Harris 

Practical Nursing, BMC 

Lillian Harris 

Social Science, DC 

Elizabeth Harvey 


George Hertl 

Education and Psychology, DC 

Barry Hobson 

Metal Trades, BMC 

Linda Hogan 

Chairman, Department of Computer Studies 

Dr. Jerry Hollis 

Chairman, Department of Biology 

Brenda Holmes 

Special Populations Coordinator, LYTC 

Brenda Hood 


Adeline Houston 

English, LYTC 

David Howell 

Commercial Truck Driving, DC-OB 

Dr. William Hudspeth 


Charles Ingram 

Social Science, DC 

Dennis Ison 

Practical Nursing, DC 

Denton Jackson 


Fay Johnson 

English, DC 

Charlotte Johnston 


Katherine King 

Mathematics, LYTC 

Robert King 

Director, Division of Science 

Larraine Kitchens 

Practical Nursing, LYTC 

Paul Lawrence 


Forrest Lax 

Director, Division of Social Science 

Marcella Lewis 

Social Science/ 

Director of Continuing Education 

Mary Lipscomb 


Dr. John Loftin 


Jo Logan 


176* PEOPLE 

Ellen Lomenick 


Mary Sue Long 


Russell Lott 


Ferrell Lunceford 

Director of Bands 

Sherry Lusk 

Chair, Developmental English 

Barbara Manning 


Faye Massey 

Office Systems Technology, LYTC 

Kathy Mayhew 


Betty McCollough 

Librarian, DC 

Marvelene McCullar 


Lynette McDowell 


Patsy McGill 

Cosmetology, LYTC 

Allen McGraw 

Drafting and Design Technology 

Mary Catherine McHenry 

Speech and Theatre 

Onis McHenry 

Speech and Theatre 

Betty McKibben 


Patricia Meek 

Office Systems Technology 

Jim Mercer 


Don Meredith 

Electronic Technology 

Patricia Miller 


Floyd Minatrea 

Aviation Maintenance Technology, DC-OB 

Bobby Mitchell 

Related Studies, BMC 

John Mitchell 

Funeral Services Technology, DC 

Sturgis Monteith 

English, DC 

Deborah Moore 


Charisse Moore 


W. Jean Moore 

Chairman, Division of Languages and 


Vicki O'Dell 


John Osier 

Chairman, Department of Writing 

Doris Oswalt 

Practical Nursing, DC 

Instructors • 177 

Linda Owen 

Mathematics, DC 

Patricia Palmer 

Accounting, DC 

Risa Parker 

Respiratory Care Technology, DC 

Tom Parrott 

Automotive Technology 

Terry Pegram 


James Petrea 

Computer Programming Technology 

Joan Prahl 

Computer Science, DC 

Jimmy Presley 

Agricultural Mechanics Technology 

Larry Purviance 

Aviation Maintenance Technology, DC-OB 

Larry Quenichet 

Graphics and Print Communications 

Dr. Mary Queyja 

Foreign Language 

Joan Reid 

Director, Division of Business 

Cheryl Rice 

Commercial Art Technology 

Jayne River 

Nursing Assistant, LYTC 

Robin Robison 


Raymond Rogers 


Joan Rose 


Debby Rutledge 

Office Systems Technology, DC 

Donna Sachse 


Robert Sanders 


Dianne Scott 

Robert Seay 


Amy Shaw 

Special Populations Coordinator, BMC 

Michael Sheidy 

Hotel and Restaurant Management Tech., DC 

Rosemary Simmons 

Director, Division of Fine Arts 

Beverly Skipper 

D'Layne Smith 


George Smith 

Heating and Air Conditioning Technology 

Marilyn Spears 

Child Development Technology 

Rita Springer 


178 • PEOPLE 

Stephanie Stevens 


Scottye Stewart 

Office Systems Technology, DC 

Jeanette Stone 

Librarian, LYTC 

William H. Sumrall III 


Douglas Taylor 


Margie Terry 

Cosmetology, LYTC 

Norwood Tisdale 

Coordinator of Industrial Trainer Program 

Rebecca Triplett 


Lane Tutor 


John Ungurait 

Music, Associate Director of Bands 

Susanne VanDyke 


Lisa Vincent 


Marilyn Walker 

Office Systems Technology 
Catherine Warren 
Pattie Warren 

Drafting and Design Technology 

Broadus Weatherall 
Mathematics, Science, DC 
Dr. Ann Whitten 
Deborah Wilbourn 

Linda Williams 
Practical Nursing, LYTC 
Patti Williams 
Practical Nursing, LYTC 

Jane Williamson 

Office Systems Technology 

Ann Womble 

Related Studies, VIDS Lab 

Jan Womble 

Special Populations Coordinator 

DeeDee Wyatt 


Lockie York 

Office Systems Technology, BMC 

Lawrence W. Young 

Agricultural Business and Management 
David Yount 
Automotive Technology 

Instructors • 179 

man agers 

Charlie Aaron 

Academic Counselor, DC 

Karen Adair 

Computer Operator/Programmer 

Alan Arrington 

Offensive Line Coach, Football 

Joe Boyles 

Director of Financial Aid 

David Brummett 

Director of Union Services 

Elizabeth Burns 

Director of Counseling Services, DC 

Jeff Caldwell 

Golf Coach & Assistant 

Basketball Coach 

David Campbell 

Vocational-Technical Counselor 

Charlotte Cooke 

Director of Housing 

Ruby Dandridge 

Personal Development Specialist, Skill/Tech 

Patricia Davis 

Coordinator of Community Services 

William L. Dees 

Director of Adult Basic Education Program 

Lloyd A. Dodson 

Lieutenant, Campus Police 

Matthew Domas 

Instructor/Coordinator, Adult Basic Education 

Michael Dottorey 

Counselor/Recruiter & Disability Support 

Services Officer 

Diana Dukes 

Transition Specialist, Student Support Services 

Marc Dukes 

Head Men's Basketball Coach 

Jody Dunning 

Director of Small Business 

Development Center, DC 

Don Edwards 

Head Womens Basketball Coach 

Joe Elliott 

Vocational-Technical Counselor, LYTC 

Robert Foster 

Director of Recreation and Wellness 

Bobby Franklin 

Head Football Coach 

Jere Herrington 

Assistant Director of Recruiting 

Paul Jarjoura 

Food Service Manager 

Amy Latham 

Director of Computer Services 

180* PEOPLE 

Ron Leatherwood 

Landscape Supervisor 

Scott Maxfield 

Offensive Coordinator, Football 

Robert McGraw 

Defensive Coordinator, Football 

Dennis McNelis 

Vocational Counselor, DC 

Edie Mock 

Work-Based Learning Coordinator 

William L. Moore 

Director of Campus Police 

Nancy Patterson 

Assistant Director of Public Relations 

William Guy Purdy 

Workforce Specialist, Mississippi Skills 

Enhancement Training Program 

Larry Simpson 

Director of Academic Counseling 

Maurice Snow 

Supervisor of Janitorial Services 

Beverly Stark 

Vocational-Technical Counselor 

Charles W. Strong 

Drug and Alcohol Counselor 

Mary Lee Sturgeon 

Student Support Services Counselor 

Larry Sylvester 

Evening School Director, DC 

Bill Thallemer 

Director of Campus Life 

Bruce Vest 

Building Repairs and Renovation Supervisor 
Petrecia Williams 
Tech Prep Coordinator 
Pam Wooten 

Director of Student Activities 

gen eral staff 

Peggy Baker 

Assistant Financial Director, DC 

Bob Bastian 

Restricted Earnings Coach, Football 

Debbie Billingsley 

Switchboard Operator 

Wanda Blair 

Counseling Center Secretary & Early Alert 


Carol Blend 

Registrars Office Clerk 

Managers/General Staff • 1 8 1 

Mary Boling 

Instructional Materials Specialist 

Florrey Brewer 

Business Office Secretary & Credit Union 


Ruby Brooks 

Cafeteria Staff 

Brett Brown 

Assistant for Sports Information & Tennis Coach 

Peggy Butler 
Secretary, LYTC 

Harold Carpenter 

Campus Police Officer 

Al Carrington 

Maintenance Technician 

Ruthie Castle 

Associate Accountant 

Tyrone Catchings 

Dormitory Supervisor 

Juanita Clay 

Cafeteria Staff 

Herman Collins 

Housekeeping Staff, DC 

Willie Connard 

Cafeteria Staff 

Marshall Creecy 

Evening Receptionist, DC 

Tina Crigger 

Registrars Office Clerk 

Anne Crockett 


Jim Crockett 

Campus Police Officer & Bookstore Clerk, DC 

Sheila Crockett 


Keith Dennis 

Maintenance Technician, DC 

Betsy Farrow 

Secretary to the President 

Jeff Farrow 

Maintenance Technician, DC 

Charlotte Ferguson 

Vocational-Technical Education 

Equipment Specialist 

JoAn Franklin 

Office Manager & Purchasing Agent 

Robert Garrett 

Housekeeping Staff 

Valerie Garrett 

Cafeteria Staff 

Helen Gean 

Cafeteria Staff 

David Goddard 

Heating and Air Conditioning Technician 

Brenda Gray 

Financial Aid Counselor & Softball Coach 

Jean Hadskey 

Administrative Secretary, DC 

Ruby Hassell 

Cafeteria Staff 

Lilla Hill 

Dormitory Supervisor 

182 'PEOPLE 

Glen Hobbs 

Campus Police Officer, DC 
Sharnee Howell 
Registrars Office Clerk 
Etherine Hughey 
Housekeeping Staff 
Evornia Jackson 
Housekeeping Staff 
Peter Jarjoura 

Delores Jennings 

Vocational-Technical Education Secretary 

David Jones 


Minnie Jones 

Housekeeping Staff, BMC 

Edward D. King 

Campus Police Officer 

Penny Massey 

Dorm Supervisor 

Louise May 

Data Entry Clerk, Financial Aid 

Ruthie McNeal 

Cafeteria Staff 

Marjean Mercer 

Payroll Clerk 

Cedric Milburn 

Campus Police Officer 

Betty Miller 

Cafeteria Staff 

Edna Mitchell 

Cafeteria Staff 
Vicki Moore 
Bookstore Clerk 
Georgia Mormon 

Housekeeping Staff 
Martha Mosley 
Cafeteria Staff 
Martha Mote 

Office Manager, Skill/Tech One-Stop Career 

Pat Norton 

Inventory Clerk & Insurance Officer 

Linda Ogg 

Receptionist, DC 

Shirley Outland 

Cafeteria Staff 

Glenda Patterson 

Accounts Payable Clerk 

Jane Pegram 

Library Secretary 

Sam Perry 


Penny Potts 

Child Development Technology Lab Assistant 

Doris Ann Reed 

Housekeeping Staff 

Julie Respess 

Public Relations Assistant 

Leonard Riley 

Cafeteria Staff 

General Staff • 183 

William Rines 

Campus Police Officer 

Tony Roberson 


Becky Samuels 

Financial Aid Counselor 

Jimmie Sanders 

Cafeteria Office Manager 

Sandra Sanders 

Student Affairs Secretary 

Teri Sellers 

Physical Plant Secretary 

Kim Shaheen 

Student Support Services Secretary 

Judy Shearer 

Post Office Clerk 

Erline Shelton 

Campus Police Secretary 

Sandra Slocum 

Academic Deans Office Secretary 

John Smathers 

PC Technician 

Cherry Smith 

Bookstore Assistant 

James Smith 

Heating and Air Conditioning Technician 

Elaine Stout 

Learning Resources Assistant 

Dorothy Sykes 

Small Business Development Center 

Secretary, DC 

Jennifer Thompson 

Secretary, BMC 

Jackie Thulin 

Dormitory Supervisor 

Ken Thulin 

Campus Police Officer 

Janetta Walters 

Business Office Cashier 

Minnie Williams 

Dormitory Supervisor 

Ona Mae Williams 

Dormitory Supervisor 

Martha Wilson 

Cafeteria Staff 

James G. Woolfolk 

Campus Police Officer 

Dolores Wooten 

Foundation Secretary 

Peggy Wright 

Cafeteria Staff 

Kevin Wulff 

Plumbers Helper 

184 • PEOPLE 

JTPA personnel 

Barbara Allen 


Sue Beck 


Jean Branan 


Lela Delaney 

Medical Clerical Instructor 

Darlene Greenlee 


Larkin Hopkins 

Diesel Mechanics Instructor 

Karen Hoseney 

Employment Preparation for Youth 

Christia Jernigan 

Basic Related Studies Instructor 

Sandra Meurrier 

Medical Records Instructor 

Cathy Moore 


Margaret Scott 

JTPA Director 

Lisa Shingler 

Employment Preparation for Youth 

Mitch Stone 

Supportive Staff Aide 

Thomas Vickers 

Commercial Truck Driving Instructor 

Judy Weeks 

Office Clerk/Aide 

General Staff/JTP A Personnel* 185 

Abbott, Angela, Olive Branch, DC 

Abbott, James, Independence 

Abernathy, Brandon, Southaven, DC 

Abram, Donell, Southaven 

Abram, Ronell, Southaven 

Adair, Andy, Senatobia 

Adams, Crystal, Horn Lake, DC 

Ajax, Roni, Hernando 

Akins, Jodie, Horn Lake 

Akins, Sherry, Ripley, DC 

Alberson, Andy, Southaven, DC 

Aldinger, Patrick, Olive Branch 

Aldrich, Stacie, Oxford, LYTC 

Aldridge, Kimery, Olive Branch, DC 

Alexander, Patrick, Southaven, DC 

Alexander, Kimberly, Oxford 

Alford, Michelle, Oxford, LYTC 

Allen, Evelyn, Tunica 

Allen, Jeannie, Batesville, LYTC 

Allen, Joey, Batesville, LYTC 

Allen, John, Coffeeville 

Allen, Kimberly, Potts Camp 

Allen, Laura, Byhalia 

Allen, Loretta, Water Valley, LYTC 

Allen, Marshall, Oakland 

Allred, Steven, Hernando 

Almodovar, Amaury, Guaynabo, PR. 

Amos, Yvonne, Falcon 

Anderson, Christopher, Hernando 

Anderson, James, Holly Springs 

186 • PEOPLE 



Anderson, Kristi, Senatobia 
Anderson, Melissa, Batesville 
Anderson, Reginald, Holly Springs 
Andrews, Beth, Olive Branch 
Anglin, Angie, Arkabutla 

Anglin, Elizabeth, Olive Branch, DC 
Anthony, Sandra, Batesville, LYTC 
Armstead, Delilah, Batesville 
Armstrong, Carlos, Bruce 
Armstrong, Cheryl, Oxford, LYTC 

Armstrong, Jackie, Hernando 
Armstrong, Kelvin, Coffeeville 
Armstrong, Monsanto, Calhoun City 
Arnold, Amy, Horn Lake, DC 
Arnold, Ruthie, Batesville 

Arrington, Sabrina, Southaven, DC 
Ashby, Brent, Southaven 
Askew, Undra, Crenshaw 
Austin, Jujuan, Byhalia 
Austin, Michael, Courtland 

Austin, Ryan, Courtland 
Austin, Thomas, Batesville 
Autman, Monica, Marks 
Avant, Marilyn, Senatobia 
Aven, Christy, Courtland 

Avery, Tammy, Hernando 
Ayers, Alisha, Holly Springs 
Bachus, Keyshon, Memphis, DC 
Bailey, Amy, Southaven, DC 
Bailey, Mary, Sardis 

Baker, Lisa, Hernando, DC 

Baker, Tony, Pope 

Balash, Christopher, Cordova, TN, DC 

Ball, Telitha, Oxford 

Baltimore, James, Dyersburg, TN 

Fresh?nen • 187 

Banks, Donna, Southaven 

Banks, Leijuana, Oxford 

Bargery, Angela, Hernando, DC 

Barker, Elizabeth, Sioux City, IA, DC 

Barker, Todd, Southaven, DC 

Barnes, Bobby, Grenada, DC 

Barnes, Jesse, Nesbit 

Barnes, Randall, Batesville 

Baskin, Carla, Oxford, LYTC 

Batemon, Maurice, Senatobia 

Bavier, Garst Vernon, Hernando 

Baxter, Chad, Millington, TN 

Beale, John, Olive Branch, DC 

Beckett, Courtney, Southaven, DC 

Beeler, Joe, Olive Branch, DC 

Beeler, Sandy, Olive Branch, DC 

Bell, Angela, Sarah 

Bell, Anthony, Winstonville 

Bell, Carlos, Senatobia 

Bell, Jacob, Southaven, DC 

Bell, James Allen, Oxford 

Bell, Russell, Water Valley 

Bennett, Nicole, Bruce, LYTC 

Bennett, Rosie, Horn Lake, DC 

Benson, Angela, Southaven 

Benson, Robin, Courtland 

Benton, Pamela, Nesbit 

Bernard, Andre, Dyersburg, TN 

Berry, Tina, Dundee 

Berryhill, Jessica, Horn Lake 

Berryman, Betty, Byhalia, DC 

Bethay, Sherry, Hernando 

Bevier, Jaime, Hernando, DC 

Bierbrodt, Justin, Southaven, DC 

Billingsley, Kimberly, Senatobia 

188 • PEOPLE 

Birge, Jamie, Como 
Bishop, Christy, Oxford, LYTC 
Black, Angela, Oxford, LYTC 
Black, Jason, Olive Branch 
Black, Samantha, Como 

Blakely, John, Senatobia, DC 
Blakely, Patrick, Oxford, LYTC 
Bland, Anna, Senatobia 
Blann, Kevin, Southaven, DC 
Blansett, Jennifer, Charleston 

Blount, Amanda, Olive Branch, DC 
Blount, Eric, Calhoun City 
Blount, Michelle, Calhoun City, LYTC 
Boggs, Rochell, Falkner, BMC 
Boggs, Shaun, Arkabutla 

Boland, Latasha, Lake Cormorant 
Bolen, Wayne, Clarksdale 
Boler, James, Nesbit 
Boler, John, Nesbit 
Bolton, Kimberly, Senatobia 

Bolton, Pam, Batesville, LYTC 
Bolton, William, Southaven, DC 
Bomar, Ben, Hernando, DC 
Bonds, Rick, Olive Branch, DC 
Bonner, Dwain, Lambert 

Booker, Missy, Southaven, DC 
Booker, Patricia, Southaven, DC 
Boothe, Brandon, Sardis 
Borchert, Michelle, Horn Lake 
Bounds, Ashley, Oxford, LYTC 

Bowen, Derek, Water Valley 
Bowles, Kristy, Sledge 
Bownes, Felicia, Batesville 
Box, Shelia, Hernando 
Boxley, Donna, Holly Springs, BMC 

Fresh r, 


Boyd, Tyrus Kordel, Hernando 

Braddock, Melissa, Falkner, DC 

Bradford, Tyrus, Batesville 

Brannon, Kinte, Oxford 

Brassell, Scotty, Batesville 

Braswell, Larry, Tunica 

Brewer, Jessie, III, Charleston 

Brewer, Leslie, Senatobia 

Bridewater, Bret, Cordova, TN, DC 

Bridgewater, Craig, Southaven, DC 

Bright, Shane, Batesville 

Brooks, Dwight, Hernando 

Brooks, John, Southaven 

Brooks, Margaret, Southaven 

Brown, Amy, Lake Cormorant, DC 

Brown, Boyd, Olive Branch 

Brown, Brian, Senatobia 

Brown, Colethia, Horn Lake, DC 

Brown, Dominica, Lambert 

Brown, Heather, Olive Branch, DC 

Brown, Johnathan, Memphis 

Brown, Justin, Southaven, DC 

Brown, Kennard, Dundee 

Brown, Matthew, Falkner 

Brown, Ollie, Dyersburg, TN 

Brown, Sharon Montrel, Charleston 

Brown, Sharon, Nesbit, DC 

Brown, Sherry, Oxford 

Brown, Stephen, Senatobia 

Brown, Vincena, Darling 

Browning, Jessica, Horn Lake, DC 

Browning, Kelly, Bruce 

Brownlee, Gayla, Hernando, DC 

Broyles, John, Ripley, DC 

Buckman, Misti, Southaven, DC 

190 • PEOPLE 

Brummett, Emily, Abbeville 
Bryan, Julie, Oxford, LYTC 
Bryant, Chadd, Batesville 
Bryant, Patricia, Batesville, LYTC 
Bryson, Jeff, Southaven 

Buck, Anitrice, Sledge 
Buffington, Antonio, Holly Springs 
Buford, Robert, Oxford 
Buggs, Valerie, Lambert 
Buie, Kimberly, Walls, DC 

Bullock, David, Coldwater 
Bunker, Michael, Southaven, DC 
Burch, Lisa, Oxford 
Burdette, Marvin, Batesville 
Burgess, Tammie, Batesville, LYTC 

Burgess, Yvonne, Sardis 
Burk, Jonathan, Nesbit, DC 
Burke, Lacey, Enid 
Burleson, Jamie, Southaven, DC 
Burns, Brandon, Batesville 

Burns, Sheila, Lake Cormorant 
Burnside, April, Coldwater 
Burrell, Ivan, Dyersburg, TN 
Burrowes, Martha, Courtland 
Burrus, James, Sarah 

Burrus, Johnny, Southaven, DC 
Bursi, Rikki, Hernando 
Burson, Lisa, Walls, DC 
Burton, Candace, Olive Branch 
Burton, Elizabeth, Michigan City 

Burton, Samantha, Coldwater 
Busby, Dennis, Grenada 
Butler, Stanley, Senatobia 
Butts, Matthew, Pontotoc 
Byard, Hudd, Southaven, DC 

Freshmen • 191 

Bynum, Gregory, Oxford 

Byrd, Ann, Batesville 

Byrd, Katherine, Horn Lake, DC 

Byrd, Yolanda, Vance 

Cade, Sandi, Oxford, LYTC 

Cain, Candice, Oxford, LYTC 

Caine, Kimberly, Batesville 

Callicott, Benjamin, Marks 

Camp, Jason, Bruce, LYTC 

Campbell, Brittany, Batesville 

Campbell, Cautina, Water Valley, 


Campbell, Corey, Sardis 

Campbell, Dan, Bruce 

Campbell, Rosalyn, Collierville, TN 

Campbell, Sadie, Holly Springs, BMC 

Canon, Robert, Tunica 

Cantrell, Christopher, Nesbit 

Capps, Jason, Southaven, DC 

Capps, Josh, Calhoun City 

Card, Bobby, Byhalia, DC 

Carey, Zachary, Horn Lake, DC 

Carlisle, Amanda, Nesbit 

Carothers, Mary, Batesville, LYTC 

Carpenter, Amanda, Olive Branch 

Carpenter, Joey, Lamar 

Carpenter, Clark, Indianola 

Carper, Renee, Walls 

Carr, Kelly, Ripley, BMC 

Carr, Laura, Water Valley 

Carr, Michael, Water Valley 

Carr, Robin, Horn Lake 

Carson, Steven, Byhalia, DC 

Carson, Zachary, Southaven, DC 

Carter, Anita, Batesville, LYTC 

Carter, Charles, Olive Branch, DC 

192 • PEOPLE 

Carter, James, Senatobia 
Carter, Jennifer, Hernando, DC 
Carter, Jenny, Water Valley 
Carter, Latarsua, Senatobia, DC 
Carter, Mary, Clarksdale 

Carter, Robert, Hernando 
Carter, Theresia, Hernando 
Carter, Wendy, Sledge 
Carver, Amy, Pope 
Casey, Christa, Senatobia 

Castillo, Franklin, Oxford 
Cates, Teresa, Oxford, LYTC 
Caulder, Millard, Tillatoba 
Chambers, Amy, Southaven, DC 
Chambers, Vanessa, Southaven, DC 

Chandler, Michael, Water Valley 
Chapman, Dennis, Nesbit 
Chapman, Pamela, Sardis 
Childers, Richard, Potts Camp 
Childress, Tanya, New Albany, BMC 

Childress, Kim, Senatobia 
Chism, Steve, Nesbit, DC 
Chrestman, Christiana, Sardis 
Chrestman, Paul, Hernando 
Christian, Deanna, Nesbit, DC 

Christian, Jeffery, Charleston 
Christopher, Philana, Horn Lake, DC 
Cigalina, Jennifer, Walls, DC 
Clanton, Kerry, Coldwater 
Clark, Amy, Olive Branch, DC 

Clark, Ben, Walls, DC 
Clark, Chris, Courtland 
Clark, Starre, Batesville, LYTC 
Clark, Dilzoria, Olive Branch, DC 
Clark, Jeffery, Byhalia, DC 

Freshmen • 193 

Clark, Louvirdia, Batesville 

Clark, Nettie, Crowder 

Clark, Richie, Duck Hill 

Clemens, William, Southaven 

Clements, Courtnie, Southaven, DC 

Clifton, Tiffany, Potts Camp 

Clinton, Jason, Southaven, DC 

Clower, Kimberly, Walls, DC 

Coalburn, Tammy, Senatobia, LYTC 

Cobern, William, Water Valley 

Cofer, Suzanne, Water Valley, LYTC 

Coffey', Vanessa, Calhoun City 

Coker, Debra, Southaven 

Cole, Brooks Anne, Batesville 

Cole, Charles, Southaven, DC 

Cole, Chuck, Courtland 

Cole, Heather, Courtland 

Coleman, Charlie Aaron, Coldwater 

Coleman, Johnny, Southaven, DC 

Coleman, Tiffany, Batesville 

Colley, Justin, Memphis 

Collins, Barry, Tunica 

Collins, Heather, Memphis, DC 

Collins, Quondolyn, Tunica 

Collins, Webster, Potts Camp, BMC 

Compton, Ernest, Southaven, DC 

Conlee, Shelena, Potts Camp 

Conley, Gemekia, Lambert 

Conley, Louise, Senatobia 

Connell, Paul, Southaven, DC 

Conner, Stephanie, Southaven 

Cook, Bennie, Batesville, LYTC 

Cook, Courtney, Holly Springs 

Cook, Kenneth, Olive Branch 

Cooper, Andrea, Olive Branch, DC 

194 • PEOPLE 

Cooper, Jason, Batesville 
Cooper, Malena, Crowder 
Copous, Patricia, Walls, DC 
Corbitt, Avis, Taylor, LYTC 
Corley, Terri, Vaiden 

Corner, Andrea, Horn Lake, DC 
Cosby, Bridgett, Pope 
Cosby, Kimberly, Batesville 
Cosby, Margie, Courtland 
Cosby, Sherria, Batesville 

Cothern, Brant, Holly Springs 
Cothern, Joshua, Walls 
Cotten, Karla, Hattiesburg, DC 
Covington, Patrick, Pittsboro 
Cox, Eddie, Horn Lake, DC 

Cox, Sandra, Calhoun City, LYTC 
Cox, Tonya, Potts Camp 
Craig, Charles, Senatobia 
Craigen, Corey, Hernando 
Craven, Stephen, Senatobia 

Creecy, Kelley, Senatobia 
Creecy, Neal, Senatobia 
Creekmore, Bryce, Horn Lake 
Crigler, Gregory, Sledge 
Criswell, Heather, Charleston 

Criswell, Kelli, Charleston 
Crockett, Justin, Senatobia 
Crockett, Latoya, Clarksdale 
Crockett, Wesley, Hernando 
Crowell, Melody, Batesville 

Crutcher, Cottrill, Memphis 
Crutcher, Loretta, Lamar, BMC 
Crutchfield, Jason, Calhoun City 
Cummings, Colisha, Coldwater 
Cuneo, Daniel, Southaven, DC 

Freshmen • 195 

Cunningham, Roger, Ripley, BMC 

Curry, Latonya, Waterford 

Daggett, Justin, Senatobia 

Dale, Randall, Olive Branch 

Daniels, Marsha, Hernando 

Darby, Angela, Horn Lake, DC 

Darby, Gloria, Courtland, LYTC 

Darby, Nathan, Batesville 

Darby, Tracy, Batesville 

Davidson, Chambliss, Jackson, DC 

Davis, Gina, Oxford, LYTC 

Davis, Justin, Potts Camp 

Davis, Kerry, Coldwater 

Davis, Mandi, Olive Branch, DC 

Davis, Philip, Germantown, TN 

Davis, Rebecca, Montgomery, IL 

Davis, Sandra, Senatobia 

Davis, Sheneathia, Byhalia, DC 

Davis, Tara, Coldwater 

Davis, Veronica, Coldwater 

Davis, Zabron Alfred, Como 

Davis, Zachary, Olive Branch, DC 

Davis, Zandra, Senatobia 

Davison, Tiphonie, Sardis 

Debona, Jeanne, Senatobia 

Dedwylder, Wilkins, Senatobia 

Dees, Erin, Hernando 

Delony, Joy, Olive Branch 

Denman, Christopher, Olive Branch 

Dennie, Jami, Horn Lake, DC 

Destefanis, Erin, Horn Lake, DC 

Desutter, Amanda, Olive Branch, DC 

Desutter, Angela, Olive Branch, DC 

Dew, Jeremy, Hernando 

Dickerson, Merediith, Olive Branch, DC 

196 • PEOPLE 

Dickerson, Michael, Senatobia 
Dickey, Lacey, Water Valley 
Dilatush, Peter, Coldwater 
Dillavou, Elizabeth, Olive Branch, DC 
Diltz, Maruio, Charleston 

Dinolfo, Teri, Horn Lake, DC 
Dinwiddie, Marty, Hickman, KY 
Dodd, Angela, Southaven 
Doming, Erin, Southaven, DC 
Doss, Shirley, Calhoun City, LYTC 

Dotson, Derrick, Memphis 
Douell, Will, Coldwater 
Douglas, Alan, Ripley, TN, DC 
Douglas, Aundra, Sledge 
Douglas, Guy, Memphis, DC 

Douglas, James, Vardaman, LYTC 
Downs, Debra, Batesville 
Downs, Michael, Batesville 
Doyle, Kelly, Southaven, DC 
Draper, Phyllis, Batesville, LYTC 

Driver, Rodney, Etta 
Duffy, Jay, Southaven, DC 
Duggan, Kristen, Horn Lake, DC 
Duncan, Lula, Holly Springs, BMC 
Dunigan, Kevin, Senatobia, DC 

Dunlap, Lori, Memphis, DC 
Dunnagan, Matthew, Senatobia 
Dunnigan, Nicholas, Sardis 
Dykes, Nicholas, Clarksdale, DC 
Easterling, Teresa, Hernando 

Ebner, Jeremy, Jacksonville, FL 
Eddlemon, Nick, Nesbit, DC 
Edwards, Chris, Hernando 
Edwards, Jackie, Sardis 
Edwards, Rico, Sardis 



Edwards, Timothy, Red Banks 

Elder, Mary, Southaven, DC 

Eldridge, Charles, Olive Branch 

Ellis, Willie, Batesville 

Emary, Nillie, Coldwater 

Enlow, Connie, Oxford, LYTC 

Ennis, Alicia, Senatobia 

Erby, Racheal, Southaven, DC 

Ervin, Brian, Nesbit 

Eskridge, Amy, Memphis 

Etua, Daniel, Starkville 

Evans, Leslie, Webb 

Evans, Nikki, Pittsboro, LYTC 

Fachman, Dale, Water Valley 

Fairbee, Marie, Courtland 

Farish, Crystal, Clarksdale 

Farmer, Darry, Courtland 

Farmer, Kirby, Senatobia 

Farrow, April, Coldwater 

Farrow, Michelle, Coldwater 

Farrow, Tavares, Waterford 

Faulkner, Arlinda, Oxford 

Faulkner, Darryl, Como 

Faulkner, William, Batesville 

Feathers, Corey, Horn Lake, DC 

Feathers, Julie, Holly Springs, BMC 

Felts, Tara Jeanne, Hernando 

Ferguson, Melissa, Coldwater 

Ferguson, Stephanie, Southaven 

Ferrell, Mary Louise, Batesville 

Fields, Geneva, Detroit, Ml 

File, Danielle, Pope 

Finnie, Barrett, Courtland 

Finnie, William, Courtland 

Fiveash, Steven, Hernando 

198 • PEOPLE 

Flax, Rachael, Marks 
Fleming, Giles, Marks 
Flemons, Herman, Taylor 
Fletcher, Christy, Lamar 
Flippo, Betsy, Walls 

Flowers, Adrian, Charleston 
Flowers, Continia, Courtland 
Flowers, Larhesa, Como 
Flowers, Shanell, Batesville 
Fogle, Melissa, Batesville 

Fondren, Gwendylin, Sardis 
Ford, Sharon, Hernando 
Forrest, Tanya, West Memphis, AR 
Forrest, Wontasha, Winona 
Fortner, Jeremy, Southaven, DC 

Foster, Latunya, Marks 

Fowler, Christina, Horn Lake, DC 

Fowler, Jessica, Sardis 

Fox, Rachel, Coldwater 

Foxx, Bridgette, Water Valley, LYTC 

Frain, Thomas, Hernando 
Frazier, Jennifer, Southaven 
Frazier, Kimberly, Coldwater 
Frazier, Leslie, Southaven, DC 
Freelon, Lequita, Big Creek 

Freeman, Tammy, Holly Springs 
Frost, Tameka, Sardis 
Fuller, Christopher, Hernando 
Fullwood, Jack, Memphis 
Fulp, James, Horn Lake, DC 

Furniss, Melanie, Water Valley, LYTC 
Gabbert, John, Water Valley 
Gabriel, Diana Joy, Olive Branch, DC 
Gadd, Rhonda, Hickory Flat, BMC 
Galloway, Sarah, Bruce, LYTC 

Freshmen • 199 

Galyean, Noah, Southaven 

Gant, William, Batesville 

Garms, Ora, Olive Branch, DC 

Garner, Jeremy, Southaven 

Garner, Malinda, Southaven, DC 

Garrett, Corrie, Marion, AR 

Garrett, Roger, Oxford, LYTC 

Gaston, Pamela, Pittsboro 

Gavrock, James, Olive Branch, DC 

Gazaway, Lisa, Batesville, LYTC 

. Gillon, Rachel, Winona 

Gilmer, Kacey, Silver City 

Gilpin, Michael, Memphis, DC 

Gipson, Ardie, Sardis 

Gipson, Mark, Abbeville 

Glasper, Shelonda, Sledge 

Glass, Valerie, Oxford 

Goforth, Charles, Coldwater 

Gooch, Angela, Water Valley, LYTC 

Gordon, Donna, Senatobia 

Graham, Anne, Batesville 

Gramling, Micheal, Horn Lake, DC 

Grant, Edd, Memphis 

Grant, Jason, Southaven, DC 

Grantham, Lucy, Clarksdale 

Graves, Jessica, Southaven, DC 

Graves, Wesley, Coldwater 

Gray, Alison, Memphis 

Gray, Angela, Hernando, DC 

Gray, Barry, Olive Branch, DC 

Gray, Carolyn, Batesville, LYTC 

Gray, Nathan, Olive Branch, DC 

Green, Jason, Southaven 

Greenwood, Dana, Coldwater 

Grehan, Kevin, Horn Lake 

200 • PEOPLE 

Griffin, Gary, Houston, LYTC 
Griffin, Genevieve, Water Valley 
Griffin, Natalie, Southaven, DC 
Griffin, Stephanie, Olive Branch, DC 
Griggs, Leann, Cordova, TN, DC 

Grist, April, Hickory Flat, BMC 
Groner, April, Sardis 
Gross, Annie, Pope 
Grover, Keshia, Batesville 
Gunn, Jasper, Holly Springs 

Gurley, Charan, Batesville 
Hague, Corey, Horn Lake, DC 
Haines, Karla, Olive Branch 
Haley, Steven, Batesville 
Haley, Scott, Holly Springs 

Hall, Bryan, Sledge 

Hall, Dorothy, Holly Springs, BMC 

Hall, James, Senatobia 

Hall, Marquee, Nesbit, DC 

Hall, Nakeisha, Holly Springs 

Hall, Sally Ann, Olive Branch, DC 
Hall, Shana, Hernando 
Hall, Steven, Southaven, DC 
Hall, Tabitha, Horn Lake, DC 
Hall, Tedral, Olive Branch 

Hallmon, Jillian, Greenwood 
Hamblin, Tanya, Batesville 
Hamer, Tara, Michigan City, BMC 
Hamilton, James, Taylor 
Hampton, Taminka, Holly Springs 

Hanks, Julia, Oxford 
Hanna, Bryan, Olive Branch 
Harber, Melissa, Southaven 
Harbor, Christina, Olive Branch, DC 
Hardin, Cindy, Taylor, LYTC 

Freshmen • 201 

Hardin, James, Sardis 

Hardin, Torrery, Byhalia 

Harding, Jason, Kitchener, Ontario 

Hardison, Elaine, Senatobia 

Harmon, Russell, Batesville 

Harper, Christy, Batesville 

Harper, Melissa, Southaven, DC 

Harris, Barbara, Robinsonville, DC 

Harris, Buffy, Sardis 

Harris, Gloria, Tunica 

Harris, Grandville, Walls 

Harris, Jennifer, Horn Lake, DC 

Harris, Julie, Coldwater 

Harris, Lakesha, Holly Springs 

Harris, Lena, Ashland, BMC 

Harris, Lisa, Southaven, DC 

Harrison, Alma, Courtland 

Harrison, Judy, Horn Lake, DC 

Hartley, Houston, Tillatoba 

Hartung, April, Walls, DC 

Harvey, Jamie, Senatobia 

Harville, Chad, Olive Branch 

Hatton, Kevin, Senatobia 

Havens, Charlotte, Tillatoba 

Hawkins, Stephanie, Senatobia 

Hayes, Deon, Coffeeville 

Hayes, Glenn, Coldwater 

Haywood, Teresa, Clarksdale 

Helm, Michael, Oxford 

Helms, Donald, Batesville 

Henderson, Alvin, Sardis 

Henderson, Janice, Sardis 

Henderson, Scottie, Batesville 

Henley, Lisa, Southaven, DC 

Henning, Daniel, Batesville 

202 • PEOPLE 

Henningsen, Laura, Memphis 
Henry, Chrissy, Coldwater 
Henry, Ryan, Olive Branch, DC 
Hensley, Victoria, Horn Lake, DC 
Henson, David, Lambert 

Hernandez, Amy, Water Valley, LYTC 
Herron, Shane, Sarah 
Herron, Matthew, Batesville 
Herron, Pam, Coldwater 
Heuerman, Macie, Horn Lake 

Hibler, Anthony, Sledge 
Hickey, Clayton, Olive Branch, DC 
Hicks, Marcus, Jackson, TN 
Hicks, Wendy, Hernando 
High, Kevin, Southaven, DC 

Hill, Crystal, Coldwater 
Hill, Luradean, Glendora 
Hill, Richard, Southaven 
Hill, Sandra, Sledge 
Hinman, Krista, Southaven, DC 

Hinton, Michelle, Batesville 
Hipps, Sandra, Oxford, LYTC 
Hodges, Standrick, Batesville 
Hogan, Benjamin, Southaven 
Hogan, Michael, Holly Springs 

Holcomb, Amanda, Southaven 
Holland, Marcus, Alligator 
Holland, Tracy, Batesville, LYTC 
Holley, Brent, Como 
Holliday, Stephen, Coldwater 

Holliman, Rhonda, Senatobia 
Hollingsworth, Stacey, Nesbit, DC 
Hollis, Thomas, Vardaman 
Hollowell, Karen, Senatobia 
Hollowell, Stacey, Water Valley 

Freshmen • 203 

Holley, Deana, Southaven 

Holman, Mandy, Hernando 

Honse, Michelle, Senatobia 

Hood, Shawn, Oxford, LYTC 

Hooper, Demetria, Coffeeville 

Hoover, Jonathan, Greenwood 

Hopkins, Alicia, Olive Branch, DC 

Hopkins, Betty, Ripley 

Home, Crysti, Hernando 

Horton, Darcus, Water Valley, LYTC 

Horton, Roberta, Olive Branch, DC 

Hoskin, Dean, Southaven, DC 

Hoskins, Cassandra, Sumner 

Hoskins, Linda, Batesville, LYTC 

House, Norman, Coffeeville 

Houston, Jennifer, Cascilla 
Howe, Donald, Oakland 

Howell, Natalie, Senatobia 

Hubred, Patricia, Horn Lake, DC 

Hudspeth, Linda, Sarah 

Hughes, Shane, Byhalia 
Hunt, Creshia, Batesville 
Hunt, Kendria, Batesville 
Hunt, Korey, Batesville 
Hunt, Margie, Senatobia 

Hunt, Robert, Olive Branch, DC 

Hunt, Tywana, Holly Springs, BMC 

Hunter, Jeremy Shane, Senatobia 

Hunter, Kristi, Sarah 

Hunter, Robin, Senatobia 

Hutchings, Melissa, Batesville 

Hutchinson, Jeff, Abbeville 

Hyder, Jacqueline, Nesbit 

Hylander, Joseph, Southaven, DC 

Ingle, Teresa, Collierville, TN, BMC 

204 • PEOPLE 

Ingram, Samantha, Lake Cormorant, 


Inmon, Donald, Marks 

Isbell, Brandon, Waterford 

Israel, Jennifer, Bartlett, TN 

Ivy, Courtney, Oxford 

Ivy, Katrice, Holly Springs, LYTC 
Jackson, Clifton, Nesbit 
Jackson, Latoya, Senataobia 
Jackson, Letitia, Charleston 
Jackson, Tiffany, Oxford, LYTC 

Jacobs, Jimmy, Enid 

Jacobs, Johnny, Enid 

James, Andrea, Grenada, DC 

James, Earnestine, Calhoun City, 


James, Kylie, Batesville 

James, Lenon, Webb 
Jamison, Cori, Olive Branch, DC 
Jamison, Willie, Byhalia, DC 
Janssen, Kimberley, Holly Springs 
Jarrett, Rhonda, Pope 

Jeffries, Christopher, Holly Springs 
Jenkins, Emily, Batesville 
Jenkins, Heather, Marks 
Jenkins, Jason, Water Valley 
Jenkins, Michael, Pleasant Grove 

Jenkins, Mike, Batesville 
Jennings, Lisa, Nesbit, DC 
Jennings, Shantunia, Coffeeville 
Jespersen, Amanda, Olive Branch 
Johnson, Andrea, Olive Branch, DC 


Johnson, Barry, Olive Branch, DC 
Johnson, Christopher, Coldwater 
Johnson, Darwin, Water Valley 
Johnson, Jerline, Enid 
Johnson, Jessica, Horn Lake 

Freshmen • 205 

Johnson, Jody, Nesbit, DC 

Johnson, Johnathan, Marion, AR 

Johnson, Laquita Latoya, Batesville 

Johnson, Reginald, Memphis 

Johnson, Ron, Senatobia 

Johnson, Ronnie, Sardis 

Johnson, Schalonda, Tunica 

Johnson, Tenia, Batesville 

Johnson, Charlotte, Coldwater 

Jones, Bilbare, Holly Springs 

Jones, Chandra, Greenwood 

Jones, Clifton, Memphis 

Jones, Deborah, Batesville 

Jones, Donna, Collierville, BMC 

Jones, Emily, Batesville 

Jones, Hana, Memphis 

Jones, Heather, Senatobia 

Jones, Jamie, Holly Springs 

Jones, Justin, Horn Lake 

Jones, Leah, Crowder, LYTC 

Jones, Marvell, Olive Branch 

Jones, Mary Anne, Senatobia 

Jones, Nathan, Nesbit 


Jones, Bob, Coldwater 

M» "f* 

Jones, Roosevelt, Sardis 


Jones, Ryan, Hernando 

Jones, Sharron, Oxford, LYTC 

Jones, Sherry, Oxford, LYTC 

Jones, Tawanda, Hernando 

Jones, Terrence, Holly Springs 

Jordan, Andrew, Potts Camp 

Jordan, Courtney, Horn Lake, DC 

Jordan, Kim, Tunica 

Jordan, Luanda, Coldwater 

Joshlin, Crystal, Senatobia 

206 • PEOPLE 

Joyner, April, Southaven 
Judson, Jametric, Water Valley 
Kearns, Tamera, Walls, DC 
Kee, Kevin, Coffeeville 
Keefer, Antione, Memphis 

Keeling, Jason, Collierville, TN 
Kelley, Michael, Lake Cormorant, DC 
Kelly, Angela, Water Valley 
Kelly, Ernestine, Como 
Kelly, Rebekah, Olive Branch 

Kelso, Jonathan, Senatobia 
Kemp, David, Southaven, DC 
Kearns, Michael, Walls, DC 
Key, Gary, Hernando 
Key, Jane, Olive Branch, DC 

Killabrew, Marcus, Horn Lake, DC 
Kilpatrick, Ginger, Senatobia 
Kimble, Adrian, Tunica 
Kimble, Wilma, Coffeeville 
Kincaide, Teresa, Coffeeville 

King, Jean,Coldwater 
King, Kynta, Senatobia 
King, Suzanne, Senatobia 
King, Ruth, Abbeville 
King, Shannon, Como 

King, Timothy, Holcomb 
King, Tyrone, Batesville 
Kirby, Latasha, Memphis, DC 
Kirkpatrick, Kendra, Memphis, DC 
Kitchen, Carol, Ripley, BMC 

Kizer, Chanette, Olive Branch 
Kizer, Rachel, Batesville, LYTC 
Knight, Tracy, Southaven, DC 
Knowlton, Jerry, Memphis 
Koenig, Sandra, Amory 

Freshmen • 207 

Krayer, Margaret, Senatobia 
Kuykendall, Ryan, Horn Lake, DC 

Laird, Randy, Waterford, DC 

Lamar, Lesia, Batesville 

Lambert, Clinton, Southaven, DC 

Lambert, Kimberly, Walls 

Lambert, Chad, Horn Lake 

Lancaster, Anthony, Southaven, DC 

Land, Justin, Batesville 

Landers, Adam, Nesbit 

Langford, Angela, Senatobia 

Lanier, Paul, Sarah 

Latham, Hillary, Hernando 

Latham, Steve, Senatobia 

Lathan, Kizzy, Charleston 

Lauzon, Stephen, Bessemer, Ml 

Lawton, Heath, Hickory Flat 

Leake, Kimberly, Olive Branch, DC 

Leakes, Kenneth, Olive Branch 

Leath, Tiffany, Olive Branch, DC 

Ledbetter, Brandi, Bruce, LYTC 

Lee, Bruce, Southaven, DC 

Lee, Jarod, Indianola 

Lee, Jason, Lambert 

Lee, Pertrice, Sumner 

Lee, Sharon, New Albany, LYTC 

Lee, Sheila, Sardis 

Leland, April, Courtland 

Lenis, Nada, Walls, 

Leviton, Fred, Nesbit, DC 

Lewers, Eric, Como 

Lewis, Anna, Oxford, LYTC 

Lewis, Melissa, Southaven, DC 

Lewis, Pamela, Sledge 

Lias, Isaac, Memphis 

208 • PEOPLE 

Liberto, Zach, Walls, DC 
Liddell, Willie, Grenada, DC 
Liggins, Nathan, Pittsboro 
Likh, Irina, Senatobia 
Liles, Rhonda, Walls, DC 

Lillo, Joseph, Oxford 
Lindsey, Wes, Florence 
Lindsey, Holly, Coldwater, DC 
Lipford, Jamea, Hernando, DC 
Little, Jason, Coldwater 

Little, Justin, Walls 
Lloyd, Anita, Pope 
Lofton, Cameron, Batesville 
Logan, Bradley, Bruce 
Logan, Martha, Sardis 

Long, Isabell, Memphis, DC 
Long, Jaime, Batesville 
Long, Keren, Nesbit, DC 
Love, Andrea, University, LYTC 
Lovejoy, William, Germantown, DC 

Lowery, Jennifer, Hickory Flat, BMC 
Lucius, Cory, Senatobia 
Luellen, Carmeeka, Holly Springs 
Lundahl, Eva, Oxford 
Luther, Maria, Hickory Flat 

Lyons, Zernell, Como 
Magee, Angela, Pope, LYTC 
Mallory, Ramon, Memphis 
Malone, Dimitrion, Coldwater 
Malone, Kianta, Byhalia 

Malone, Tracy, Olive Branch 
Mangrum, Jennifer, Batesville 
Mann, Steven, Walls, DC 
Manning, Love, Senatobia 
Manuel, Ashley, Southaven, DC 



Manuel, Joseph, Como 

Maples, Jon, Southaven, DC 

Marion, Kimetria, Holly Springs 

Marshall, Stephanie, Water Valley, 

Martin, Amanda, Horn Lake, DC 

Martin, James, Crowder 

Martin, Michael, Coffeeville 

Martin, Rodney, Senatobia 

Martin, Tina, Pope 

Martin, Ursula, Hernando 

Mason, Lawanda, Ashland, BMC 

Massengil, Kimberly, Senatobia 

Massey, Amy Beth, Oxford, DC 

Massey, Kimberly, Crenshaw 

Massey, Wendy, Coldwater 

Mathis, Kimberly, Coldwater 

Mathis, Robert, Collierville, TN 

Maughan, Kelly, Senatobia 

Max, Anthony, Horn Lake 

Maxwell, Ricarlos, Hernando, DC 

May, Ashley, Southaven, DC 

May, James, Southaven 

May, Matthew, Southaven, DC 

May, Nathan, Oxford 

Mayer, Randy, Potts Camp 

Mayes, Chris, Abbeville 

McNally, Lori, Nesbit, DC 

McBride, Joseph, Horn Lake, DC 

McBride, Kelly, Southaven, DC 

McCain, Chez, Greenwood 

McCain, Laura, Batesville 

McCain, Melissa, Batesville 

McCallum, Nathan, Nesbit 

McCartherenes, Brian, Albany, GA 

McCartney, Robin, Lake Cormorant, 


210 • PEOPLE 

McCarver, Steven, Senatobia 
McCaskill, Omar, Charleston 
McClure, Donna, Bruce, LYTC 
McClure, Kimberly, Southaven, DC 
McCollins, Jessica, Tillatoba 

McCorkle, Melanie, Winona 

McCormick, Brad, Nesbit, DC 

McCrory, Benjamin, Southaven, DC 

McDonald, Lashonda, Holly Springs, 


McEwen, Robert, Chicago, IL 

McFall, Josh, Olive Branch, DC 
McGee, Michael, Eupora 
McGehee, Michael, Walls 
McGowan, Ami, Senatobia 
McGregor, Sammy, Vardaman 

McGregory, Delisa, Batesville 
McGrone, Antuan, Memphis, DC 
Mcintosh, Allen, Oxford, LYTC 
McJunkins, Tabitha, Oxford 
McKee, Joseph, Falcon 

McKelroy, Mark, Olive Branch, DC 
McKenzie, Theresa, Oxford, LYTC 
McKinley, Shane, Southaven, DC 
McKinney, Lance, Sardis 
McKinnie, Marion, Michigan City, BMC 

McKinnon, Cody, Walls 
McKnatt, Christy, Olive Branch, DC 
McKnatt, Kerri, Batesville, LYTC 
McLarty, Deanna, Oxford, LYTC 
McLarty, William, Byhalia 

McMinn, Amy, Water Valley 
McMullen, Dana, Myrtle, BMC 
McNail, Heather, Senatobia 
McPhail, Melissa, Pope 
McQueen, Jesse, Tippo 



McWhirter, Wendy, Southaven, DC 

Means, Stephanie, Senatobia 

Medlin, Michelle, Walls 

Medlin, Kevin, Olive Branch, DC 

Meeks, Timothy, Charleston 

Melton, Bobbi, Coffeeville 

Melton, Hope, Water Valley 

Meredith, Clinton, Cold water 

Merrill, Shawn, Horn Lake, DC 

Merritt, Donna, Memphis, DC 

Mersereau, Michelle, Horn Lake 

Meter, Rachel, Horn Lake, DC 

Metts, Steven, Hernando 

Metzger, Josh, Olive Branch, DC 

Miller, Amanda, Hernando 

Miller, Amy, Clinton, DC 

Miller, Brian, Nesbit 

Miller, Bryan, Lamar 

Miller, Carrie, Horn Lake, DC 

Miller, Cassandra, Weir 

Miller, Lassandra, Weir 

Miller, Michelle, Ashland, BMC 

Miller, Monica, Senatobia 

Miller, Shalanda, Sardis 

Miller, Takila, Coldwater 

Miller, Tanesha, Oxford 

Miller, Terra, Hernando 

Miller, Vanessa, Batesville 

Millican, Jennifer, Nesbit 

Milliner, Ken, Oxford 

Millner, Noah, Walls, DC 
Mills, Tisha, Batesville 

Milton, Angela, Batesville 
Mims, Clark, Memphis 

Mims, Peggy, Greenwood 

212 • PEOPLE 

Mims, Sherman, Hernando 
Minott, Clayton, Olive Branch, DC 
Mitchell, Cenara, Waterford 
Mitchell, Chris, Marshall 
Mitchell, Devaceo, Holly Springs 

Mitchell, Jennifer, Parsons, TN 
Mitchell, Mari, Marks 
Moberly, Beth, Hernando 
Molck, Jennifer, Southaven, DC 
Moncrief, Susan, Horn Lake, DC 

Montgomery, Erica, Coldwater 
Moore, Amanda, Oxford, LYTC 
Moore, Charles, Poplar Bluff, MO 
Moore, Christy, Coldwater 
Moore, Connie, Miami, FL 

Moore, Elizabeth, Abbeville, LYTC 
Moore, Jeff, Batesville 
Moore, John, Memphis, DC 
Moore, Kathy, Falkner, BMC 
Moore, Keenal, Hernando 

Moore, Kesie, Senatobia 
Moore, Lashelia, Nesbit, DC 
Moore, Meisha, Senatobia 
Moore, Monica, Hernando, DC 
Moore, Nesie, Oxford, LYTC 

Moore, Veo, Senatobia 
Moorman, Teresa, Lexa, AR, DC 
Morgan, Markeeva, Senatobia 
Morgan, Monika, Oxford, LYTC 
Morgan, Ytalia, Courtland 

Morris, Reginald, Batesville 
Mosby, Shajuana, Memphis, TN, 
Mullin, Brenda, Oxford 
Mullen, Chris, Grenada 
Munoz, Crystal, Kosciusko, DC 


Freshmen • 2 1 3 

Murchison, Chad, Oxford 
Murdock, Stephanie, Grand Junction, 


Murff, James, Southaven, DC 

Myers, Terry, Cold water 

Nabors, Christopher, Walls, DC 

Neal, Michael, Dundee, DC 

Neilson, Kedrick, Oxford 

Nelson, Ashley, Olive Branch, DC 

Nelson, Coteluis, Cold water 

Nelson, Kelleen, Nesbit, DC 

Nelson, Selena, Tillatoba 

Nelson, William, Yazoo City 

Newman, Mark, Waterford 

Newson, Catina, Coldwater 

Newson, Marcus, Coldwater 

Newson, Rashida, Holly Springs 

Newton, Diana, Pope 

Nichols, Chad, Waterford 

Nicholson, Keron, Holly Springs 

Nicks, Bryant, Abbeville 

Nix, Holly, Southaven, DC 

Noble, Steven, Jr., Greenwood 

Nolen, Tonia, Coldwater 

Nong, Sophea, Southaven, DC 

Norman, Ellen, Southaven, DC 

Norton, Jacob, Ripley 

Norwood, Charles, Ashland 

Norwood, Mary, Lyon 

Norwood, Patricia, Water Valley, 


Nunnally, Kimberly, Lamar, BMC 

Nunnally, Sharon, Holly Springs, BMC 

Nunnally, Yolanda, Lamar 

Oakley, Drew, Senatobia 

Oates, Sabrina, Batesville 

O'Bannon, Adam, Oakland, LYTC 

214 • PEOPLE 

O'Briant, Kirk, Southaven, DC 
O'Brien, Robert, Cordova, TN 
Oglesby, Amanda, Senatobia 
Olds, Charles, Southaven, DC 
Oliver, Becky, Hernando 

Oliver, Linda, Courtland 
Oliver, Priscilla, Sarah 
Oliver, Zita, Oxford 
O'Neal, Robyn, Nesbit, DC 
O'Neal, Stacy, Sarah 

Orange, Marquis, Senatobia 
Osteen, Jeannette, Holly Springs 
Oswalt, Vince, Southaven 
Ourbabah, Alexandre, Southaven 
Owens, Jonathan, Holly Springs 

Owens, Katrina, Nesbit 
Owens, Tonya, Olive Branch 
Pack, Philana, Humboldt, TN, DC 
Pannell, Summer, Holly Springs 
Parker, Amelia, Marks 

Parker, Annette, Batesville 
Parker, Mandy, Oxford 
Parker, Matin, Vardaman 
Parker, Sheila, Holly Springs 
Parker, Lynn, Horn Lake 

Partee, Shelton, Sardis 
Pascul, Sheila, Water Valley, LYTC 
Patel, Aarti, Senatobia 
Patterson, Peter, Oxford 
Patton, Dexter, Red Banks 

Patton, Michael, Germantown, DC 
Patton, Rose, Nesbit, DC 
Payne, Douglas, Olive Branch 
Payne, Shannon, Southaven, DC 
Peavy, Windy, Batesville, LYTC 



Peeples, Ashley, Winona 

Peeples, Tamaria, Eupora 

Peete, Ben, Jr., Nesbit 

Pegues, Serena, Batesville 

Pennington, Alan, Batesville 

Pennington, Tonya, Coldwater 

Perkins, Berry, Como 

Perkins, James, Southaven, DC 

Perkins, Melanie, Cordova, DC 

Perkins, Bradley, Batesville 

Pettit, Jason, Horn Lake, DC 

Phelps, Shane, Batesville 

Phelpes, Mitchell, Walls, DC 

Phillips, Adrianne, Batesville 

Phillips, Bethany, Olive Branch, DC 

Phillips, Carl, Byhalia 

Phillips, Carol, Oxford, LYTC 

Phillips, Timothy, Waterford 

Pickens, Angela, Myrtle 

Pierce, Christopher, Senatobia 

Pierce, Andrew, Batesville 

Pipkin, Ricky, Hickory Flat 

Pirtle, Marcia, Olive Branch, DC 

Pitcock, David, Batesville 

Pittman, Sherman, Calhoun City 

Pitts, Donald, Coldwater 

Pitts, Tanya, Oxford, LYTC 

Polk, Sandra, Tunica 

Pollan, Lee, Horn Lake 

Poole, Gary, Jr., Potts Camp 

Pope, Deborah, Pope 

Potts, Don, Mt. Pleasant 

Pounders, Michelle, Coldwater 

Powers, Dewanda, Hernando 

Powers, Kenya, Hernando 

216 • PEOPLE 

Powers, Marvin, Jr., Holly Springs 
Prewett, William, Southaven, DC 
Price, Angel, Como 
Price, Ashley, Senatobia 
Price, Catherine, Independence 

Price, Kimberly, Jackson 
Price, Lona, Sardis 
Pritchard, Myrna, Batesville, LYTC 
Proctor, Lana, Walls, DC 
Pugh, Alan, Hernando 

Pulley, Brandon, Houlka 
Pumphrey, Amber, Holly Springs 
Purdon, Ashley, Sledge 
Purdy, Misty, Batesville 
Putman, Michelle, Courtland, LYTC 

Putt, Katherine, Coldwater 
Pye, Priscilla, Lamar, BMC 
Quarles, Kenneth, Abbeville 
Quinn, Lazeal, Lambert 
Rae, Regina, Walls 

Raines, David, Nesbit, DC 
Raines, Johnny, Pontotoc 
Rainey, Lesley, Coahoma 
Ralph, Bridgette, Potts Camp, BMC 
Ralph, Rachel, Potts Camp, BMC 

Ramsey, Corvette, Greenwood 
Ramsey, Tasha, Coldwater 
Randle, Barbara, Greenwood, LYTC 
Randle, Ricky, Batesville 
Randolph, Heather, Olive Branch, DC 

Rankin, Antonio, Coldwater 
Ratliff, Molly, Southaven, DC 
Ray, Anita, Southaven, DC 
Ray, Edquader, Batesville 
Ray, Susan, Southaven 

Freshmen •217 

Rayborn, Robert, Nesbit 

Raymond, Christina, Lambert 

Redd, Stacy, Sarah, DC 

Redding, Lisa, Nesbit, DC 

Redmond, Cynthia, Indianola, DC 

Redmond, Rory, Oxford 

Redwine, Chris, Bruce, LYTC 

Redwine, Shannon, Tunica 

Redwine, Shaun, Tunica 

Reed, Anthoney, Charleston 

Reed, Dotsie, Sardis 

Reed, Jennifer, Coffeeville 

Reed, Keith, Batesville, DC 

Reed, Mark, Batesville 

Reed, Robert, Sardis 

Reed, Shontina, Tunica 

Reese, Andrea, Southaven 

Reliford, Kerry, Holly Springs 

Renick, Samantha, Hickory Flat, 


Renix, Christine, Coldwater 

Repine, Arlene, Oxford, LYTC 

Rhea, Kenneth, Olive Branch 

Rhea, Michael, Byhalia 

Rhodes, Gary, Senatobia 

Rice, Lakicha, Walls, DC 

Richardson, Fannie, Water Valley 

Richardson, Mary Louise, Batesville 

Richardson, Myquita, Nesbit, DC 

Richardson, Todd, Coldwater 

Richmond, Carla, Byhalia, DC 

Ricks, Beverly, Coldwater 

Rico, William, Batesville 

Riddick, William, Batesville 

Rier, Crystal, Olive Branch, DC 

Riley, Daniel, Horn Lake 

218* PEOPLE 

Riley, Joseph, Horn Lake, DC 
Riley, Odessa, Batesville 
Riley, Tracie, Southaven 
Ringfield, Sean, East Point, GA 
Ritter, William, Holly Springs 

Roach, Adam, Shaw 
Roach, Yakima, Clarksdale 
Robbins, Tina, Blue Mountain, BMC 
Roberson, Amanda, Ashland 
Roberson, Chris, Sardis 

Roberson, Cynthia, Coldwater 
Roberson, Trevis, Memphis, DC 
Roberts, James, Clarksdale 
Roberts, Leslie Ann, Coldwater 
Roberts, Nicholas, Memphis, DC 

Roberts, Scott, Oxford 
Robertson, Amanda, Oxford, LYTC 
Robertson, Jason, Hernando 
Robinson, Alexis, Southaven, DC 
Robinson, Clay, Southaven, DC 

Robinson, Marcus, Oxford 
Robinson, Penne, Waterford 
Robinson, Tameka, Holly Springs 
Robinson, Valerie, Coldwater 
Roby, Reginald, Nesbit, DC 

Rodgers, Walter, Coldwater 
Rogers, Bronwyn, Hickory Flat, BMC 
Rogers, Crystal, Hernando, DC 
Rogers, Mary, Coldwater 
Rogers, Tina, Byhalia, DC 

Rogers, William, Cleveland 
Rooker, Cheryl, Hickory Flat, BMC 
Roseboro, Steven, High Point, NC 
Ross, Amy, Olive Branch 
Ross, Brenton, Holcomb 

Freshmen • 2 1 9 

Rowan, Jessica, Southaven, DC 

Rowan, Kristy, Hernando, DC 

Rowell, Dawn, Nesbit 

Rowland, Geraldine, Crenshaw 

Rowland, Jared, Olive Branch, DC 

Rudd, Latisha, Batesville 

Rudd, Ledia, Pope 

Ruffin, Cassandra, Memphis 

Runnels, Candace, Jackson 

Runnels, Jason, Lake Cormorant 

Rush, William, Hernando, DC 

Rushing, Shirley, Crenshaw 

Russell, Christopher, Olive Branch 

Russell, David, Batesville 

Russell, Justin Lee, Nesbit, DC 

Russell, Lindsay, Southaven 

Russell, Antonio, Dyersburg, TN 

Ryan, Christopher, Tampa, FL 

Salmon, Leslie, Charleston 

San Miguel, Jose, San Juan, PR 

Sanders, Angela, Como 

Sanders, Deandre, Southaven 

Sanders, Gregory, Walls 

Sanderson, Teresa, Potts Camp, 

Sanford, Carolyn, Courtland 

Sanford, Tevas, Courtland 

Sanford, Marcus, Batesville 

Sanford, Stephanie, Courtland 

Sansom, John B., Water Valley 

Sansone, Leah, Walls, DC 

Sartin, Robbie, Batesville 

Saylors, Larry, Hernando 

Scales, Thaddeus, Holly Springs, 


Scarberry, Brian, Horn Lake, DC 

Scott, Benjamin, Yazoo City 

220 • PEOPLE 

Scott, Edward, Batesville 
Scott, Felicia, Memphis 
Scott, Felicsha, Courtland 
Scott, Jessica, Nesbit 
Scott, Shelly Betrice, Senatobia 

Scott, Vakisha, Hernando, DC 
Scott, Vanessa, Memphis, DC 
Scruggs, Bart, Sardis 
Scruggs, Chrissie, Hernando 
Sealy, Richard, Sarah 

Seat, Heather, Southaven 
Sedano, Janet, Batesville 
Self, Michael, Crowder 
Sensabaugh, Pamela, Sardis 
Sexton, Michael, Sarah 

Shackleford, Brad, Senatobia 
Shackleford, Jill, Coldwater 
Shackleford, Steven, Olive Branch 
Shamley, Rebecca, Olive Branch 
Shankle, Kenneth, Como 

Sharp, Alicia, Coldwater 
Sharp, Jonathan, Water Valley 
Sharp, Michelle, Paris, LYTC 
Sharpe, Michael, Calhoun City, LYTC 
Shaw, Ashley, Holly Springs 

Shaw, Cassandra, Ashland, BMC 
Shaw, Katie, Coffeeville, LYTC 
Shaw, Tamekia, Taylor 
Shearer, Melanie, Coldwater 
Sheets, William Louis, Olive Branch 

Shegog, Stephanie, Enid, LYTC 
Shelby, Jamie, Walls, DC 
Shideler, Kevin, Sardis 
Shields, Amanda, Olive Branch, DC 
Shipp, Robert, Batesville 

Freshmen • 221 

Shipp, Tanaka, Holly Springs 

Shipp, Termeka, Byhalia 

Shockley, Brian, Walls 

Shoffner, Angela, Horn Lake, DC 

Short, David, Olive Branch, DC 

Shultice, Wesley, Water Valley 

Shumway, Arthur, Olive Branch, DC 

Sigler, Kelly, Senatobia 

Simmons, Amelia, Southaven, DC 

Simmons, Pamela, Coldwater 

Simpson, Trenae, Batesville 

Sims, Cory, Senatobia 

Sinquefield, Jason, Southaven 

Sitton, Sandra, Hernando, DC 

Sluder, David, Olive Branch, DC 

Smallwood, Jason, Bruce, LYTC 

Smiley, Malcolm, Batesville 

Smith, Angela, Southaven, DC 

Smith, Candace, Hernando 

Smith, Cara, Nesbit, DC 

Smith, Chad, Waterford 

Smith, Christina, Senatobia 

Smith, Devin, Horn Lake 

Smith, Evelyn, Walls 

Smith, Jamie, Lake Cormorant 

Smith, Javian, Potts Camp 

Smith, Jody, Southaven 

Smith, Joey, Olive Branch, DC 

Smith, Kimitria, Coffeeville 

Smith, Mae Helen, Courtland, LYTC 

Smith, Marcus, Dyersburg, TN 

Smith, Pamela, Charleston 

Smith, Robert Glenn, Memphis 

Smith, Robert Kittrell, Olive Branch 

Smith, Shani, Batesville 

222 • PEOPLE 

Smith, Sharon, Batesville 
Smith, Shawnda, Rena Lara 
Smith, Susan, Sardis 
Smith, Wendy, Memphis, DC 
Smith, William, Nesbit 

Smyrl, Josh, Oxford, LYTC 
Snider, Peggy, Batesville, LYTC 
Snyder, Jennifer, Southaven, DC 
Sossaman, Jeanna, Coffeeville 
South, Billy Joe, Byhalia 

Sowell, Brad, Southaven, DC 
Spencer, Anthony, Bruce 
Spencer, Christie, Southaven 
Spencer, Jennifer, Tunica 
Spivey, Mario, Horn Lake 

Spratlin, James, Bruce 
Stanovic, David, Memphis, DC 
Stanton, April, Hickory Flat 
Stegall, Wade, III, Pontotoc 
Stephenson, Michael, Martin, TN, DC 

Stevens, Linzie, Hernando, DC 
Stevens, Susan, Sardis, LYTC 
Stevenson, Ahada, Memphis, DC 
Stewart, Eric, Hernando, DC 
Stewart, Kailonni, Batesville 

Stewart, Staci, Batesville 
Stigall, Bahasha, Byhalia 
Still, Amelia, Sardis 
Stinson, Sylvester, Holly Springs 
Stone, Brandy, Southaven, DC 

Stone, James, Horn Lake 
Stone, Jason, Southaven, DC 
Story, Mary Jean, Water Valley, LYTC 
Stracener, Lindsey, Horn Lake, DC 
Street, Lester, Sardis 

Freshmen • 223 

Strickland, Rodney, Byhalia, DC 

Stringfellow, Cherie, Southaven, DC 

Stroud, Kevin, Arlington, TN 

Stutler, Sherry, Olive Branch, DC 

Suggs, Lurene, Oakland, LYTC 

Suggs, Sandra, Oakland 

Sullivan, Jackie, Sardis 

Sullivan, Sandra, Batesville, LYTC 

Summers, Brenda, Byhalia, DC 

Sutherland, Kenya, Greenwood 

• Sutton, Melisa, Courtland 

Swanson, Brandon, Sarah 

Swift, David, Dyersburg, TN 

Swindell, Owen, Potts Camp 

Sykes, Kimberly, Batesville 

Talley, Amanda, Lake Cormorant, DC 

Talley, Tiffany, Holly Springs, LYTC 

Tanner, Lawanda, Blue Mountain, 


Tarpley, Tracy, Nesbit, DC 

Tate, Lakisha, Memphis 

Tatum, Anita, Oxford, LYTC 

Taylor, Angela, Sardis, LYTC 

Taylor, Becky, Charleston 

Taylor, Benjamin, Memphis, DC 

Taylor, Clay, Senatobia 

Taylor, Gary, Bartlett, DC 

Taylor, Greg, Southaven 

Taylor, Matthew, Walls, DC 

Taylor, Michael, Atlantic Beach, FL 

Taylor, Wendy, Olive Branch 

Taylor, Yulonda, Horn Lake, DC 

Tellis, Sammie, Charleston 

Tello, Fernando J., Southaven, DC 

Tello, Phillip, Southaven, DC 

Terry, James, Coldwater 

224 • PEOPLE 

Terry, Kimberly, Tunica 
Theobald, Patrick, Pope 
Thomas, Alwanya, Sardis 
Thomas, Karla, Senatobia 
Thomas, Priscilla, Coldwater 

Thomas, Stacy, Hernando 
Thompson, Charles, Byhalia 
Thompson, Farrah, Courtland 
Thompson, Heather, Horn Lake, DC 
Thompson, Jennifer, Horn Lake, DC 

Thompson, Jessica, Walls 
Thompson, Justin, Hickory Flat 
Thompson, Lorie, Coldwater 
Thompson, Matthew, Horn Lake, DC 
Thompson, Natoshia, Charleston 

Thompson, Tomiko, Holly Springs 
Thompson, William, Batesville 
Thornton, Leigh, Senatobia 
Thornton, Donna, Sardis 
Thornton, Laura, Bruce, LYTC 

Thornton, Thomas, Como 
Thrasher, Kimberly, Ripley, BMC 
Tillie, Stephanie, Batesville 
Tillman, Keith, Bruce 
Tipler, Samantha, Ashland, BMC 

Tippit, Gary, Oakland 
Tipton, Jason, Hernando, DC 
Toles, Shirley, Water Valley, LYTC 
Towles, Marni, Batesville 
Townsend, Khryl, Duck Hill 

Townsend, Rebecca, Como 
Trammell, Dewayne, Sardis 
Trammell, Dorian, University, IL 
Treadway, Wesley, Olive Branch 
Trotter, Jamie, Marion, AR 

Freshmen • 225 

Tucker, Jerome, Calhoun City 

Tuggles, Jamita, Holly Springs 

Tunstall, Deonco, Holly Springs 

Tunstall, Tony, Byhalia 

Turner, Deanna, Holly Springs, DC 

Turner, Dynelda, Sardis 

Turner, Nicholas, Southaven 

Tutor, Belinda, Toccopola, LYTC 

Tutor, Betty, Courtland, LYTC 

Tutor, Steven, Batesville 

Tyler, Keith, Clarksdale 
Van Straten, Carleen, Olive Branch, 


Vance, Ashley, Oxford, LYTC 

Vance, Kareem, Charleston 

Vanderberg, Lisa, Olive Branch, DC 

Vanstory, Mary, Ashland, BMC 

Varner, Valerie, Coffeeville 

Vardaman, Sarah, Dundee 

Vaughn, Christy, Oxford 

Vaughn, Martha, Oxford, LYTC 

Veazey, Chasity, Mobile, AL 

Vernon, Dave, Horn Lake 

Vetzel, Jamie, Courtland 

Viglietti, Nicholas, Memphis, DC 

Vincent, James Colin, Southaven, DC 

Vinson, Kimberly, Senatobia 

Vinson, Robert, Senatobia 

Vogt, Daniel, Southaven 

Vogt, Gary, Southaven 

Waddell, Alison, Horn Lake, DC 

Walden, Clinton, Lambert 

Waldheim, Leigh, Southaven, DC 

Walker, Janet, Clinton, DC 

Walker, Leslie, Senatobia 

Walker, Ray, Nesbit 

226 • PEOPLE 

Walker, Suzi, Senatobia 

Wall, Shirley, Charleston, LYTC 

Walls, George, Water Valley 

Walters, Sallie, Nesbit 

Walton, Joanette, Batesville, LYTC 

Walton, Kimberly, Sardis 
Walton, Latasha, Holly Springs 
Walton, Marquette, Holly Springs 
Wampler, Corey, Nesbit, DC 
Ward, Quintonia, Coldwater 

Wardlaw, Chad, Southaven, DC 

Warfield, Retaina, Rolling Fork, DC 

Warren, Jeremy Keith, Batesville 

Washington, Jennifer, Holly Springs, 


Washington, Kenneth, Holly Springs 

Washington, Nicole, Michigan City, 


Washington, Pamela, Holly Springs, 


Washington, Patricia, Tunica 

Watson, Lenora, Tunica 

Watson, Rebekah, Crenshaw 

Watson, Vickie, Horn Lake, DC 
Watterson, Kathy, Olive Branch 
Watts, Jess, Mendenhall 
Wax, Cynthia, Oxford, LYTC 
Weaver, Gina, Bruce, LYTC 

Weaver, Rickey, Water Valley 
Webb, Clint, Nesbit, DC 
Webb, James Blair, Oxford 
Webb, Jovitta, Como 
Webb, Yolandria, Senatobia 

Webster, Christy, Nesbit 
Webster, Kimberly, Batesville, LYTC 
Weeden, Alicia, Southaven, DC 
Weekley, Mario, Water Valley 
Weimer, Erica, Horn Lake, DC 

Freshmen • 227 

Welch, Andrew, Coldwater 

Wesson, Mary, Oxford, LYTC 

West, Daniel, Calhoun City 

West, William, Walls 

Westmoreland, Latifany, Grenada, DC 

Westmoreland, Michelle, Sardis 

Wheeler, Terron, Horn Lake 

White, Melissa, Olive Branch 

White, Patricia, Horn Lake, DC 

White, Tara, Olive Branch 

White, Valarie, Batesville, LYTC 

Whiteside, Devon, Jackson, TN 

Whittemore, Lorrie, Horn Lake 

Whitten, Anna, Southaven, DC 

Whitten, Chris, Scobey 

Whitworth, Casey, Clarksdale 

Wiernasz, Stephen, Horn Lake 

Wigley, William, Batesville 

Wilborn, Lunda, Oxford 

Wilbourn, Ulysses, Sardis 

Wilburn, Andee, Southaven, DC 

Wilder, Joey, Myrtle, DC 

Wilkerson, Jeffrey, Olive Branch, DC 

Wilkerson, Stephanie, Olive Branch, 

Wilkerson, Tessa, Hernando, DC 

Wilkes, Ginger, Hernando 

Wilkes, Jeremy, Southaven, DC 

Wilkins, Timothy, Holly Springs 

Willard, Cory, Holly Springs 

Willey, Senita, Sardis 

Willey, Shaddrach, Batesville 

Williams, Angela, Batesville, LYTC 

Williams, Angela Denise, Southaven 

Williams, Cynthia, Walls, DC 

Williams, David, Walls 

228 • PEOPLE 

Williams, Janet, Hernando 
Williams, Joyce, Batesville 
Williams, Justin, Water Valley 
Williams, Kelly, Batesville 
Williams, Lataryl, Oxford 

Williams, Latasha, Batesville 
Williams, Malcolm, Big Creek 
Williams, Rodney, Memphis, DC 
Williams, Tanya, Hernando 
Williams, Zola, Como 

Williamson, James, University 

Williamson, Latarsha, Holly Springs, 


Williamson, Zachary, Olive Branch, 


Willis, Heather, Batesville 

Willis, Sonny, Pope 

Wilson, Burt, Memphis, DC 
Wilson, Carla, Potts Camp 
Wilson, Dawanna, Oxford, LYTC 
Wilson, Jacqueline, Holly Springs 
Wilson, Jeremy, Nesbit, DC 

Wilson, Jerry, Como 
Wilson, John, Batesville 
Wilson, Jonathan, Nesbit, DC 
Wilson, Mario, Waterford 
Windscheffel, Leeann, Southaven, DC 

Wirt, Marcus, Memphis 
Wiseman, Joyce, Memphis, DC 
Wood, Charlotte, Batesville 
Woodall, John, Olive Branch 
Woodard, Jennifer, Batesville, LYTC 

Woods, Brandy, Southaven, DC 
Woods, Kelly, Coldwater 
Woods, Latasha, Tunica 
Woods, Patrick, Byhalia 
Woodson, Turkesha, Holly Springs 

Freshmen • 229 

Worley, Dustin, Nesbit, DC 

Wray, Jeremy, Olive Branch 

Wren, Veronica, Batesville 

Wrenn, David, Southaven 

Wright, Kewan, Byhalia 

Wright, Michael, Batesville 
Wright, Rosalyn, Hernando, DC 
Wyatt, Amanda, Batesville 
Yarbro, Shirley, Coldwater 
Yates, Alandria, Coldwater 

Yelverton, Jodi, Southaven, DC 
Yi, Sun Min, Memphis 
Young, Douglas, Hernando, DC 
Young, Lesley, Rhea, Hernando 
Young, Michael, Southaven, DC 

Young, Monik, Oxford, LYTC 

Youngman, Carrie, Senatobia 

Yount, Amy, Southaven 

Zachar, Stephen, Southaven, DC 

Editor's Note 

On Feb. 14, 1997, the final shipment of the Rocketeer went in the Fed 
Ex box on its way to Taylor Publishing Co. in Dallas. Anything that happens 
after February goes in the next years book. All color pages have to be in the 
plant by December. Thats why baseball, golf, tennis, and this year, the Miss 
Northwest Pageant, will appear in the 1998 Rocketeer. 

"Because the Miss Northwest Pageant was held in January this year, we 
were unable to get those pages printed in color',' said Dr. Ann Whitten, advisor. 
"Since the pageant pages have traditionally been in color, we are holding them 
until next year!' The difference in pageant dates also explains why there are two 
beauty reviews in this book. 

Producing the 256-page yearbook is quite a chore, and work on next 
years book (1998) is already underway. It takes staff members with abilities in 
layout and design, writing, photography, and computer skills to make a yearbook. 
All students, academic or vo-tech, have the opportunity to have a voice in their 

Each year an editor is selected by the Student Publications Committee. 
Editors in past years have had majors that ranged from journalism to commercial 
art and from psychology to political science. Student Publications Scholarships 
are available for the editor of the yearbook and of the student newspaper. 

Erin Dees of Hernando sorts through hundreds of photographs 
in order to compile the staff, administration, and faculty section 
of the yearbook. 

230 • PEOPLE 


Freshmen • 231 



Abston, James, Southaven 

h ^ "*■ 

Adams, Charles, Smithdale 

Adams, Rosaland, Coldwater 

f^- ^^ 

Akins, Tarshia, Palestine, AR 

Alexander, Jennifer, Southaven 


Algee, Wesley, Southaven, DC 

Allen, Brian, Oxford 

Allen, Nathan, Water Valley 

Allen, Patrick, Batesville 

Allen, Shane, Lamar 

Allison, Larry, Olive Branch 

Allison, Miles, Sarah 

Allison, Vicki, Southaven 

Alvin, Duane, Riviera Beach, FL 

Anderson, Johnny, Holly Springs, DC 

Anderson, Kerry, Senatobia 

Anderson, Kevin, Senatobia 

Anderson, Lisa, Senatobia 

Armstead, Valenti, Batesville 

Armstead, Yashica, Oakland 

Armstrong, Tramiel, Calhoun City 

Arnold, Brandy, Pope 

Arnold, Heather, Byhalia 

Austin, Bettie, Batesville, LYTC 

Austin, Heather, Nesbit 

Austin, Karen, Batesville 

Avent, Jeremy, Horn Lake 

Bailey, Suzanne, Coldwater 

Baldwin, Chad, Coldwater 

Barbee, Jeremy, Batesville 

232 • PEOPLE 

Barefoot, James, Charleston 
Barlow, Christopher, Senatobia 
Barlow, Jessica, Crenshaw, LYTC 
Bamhart, Lisa, Horn Lake 
Barnum, John, Southaven, DC 

Barr, Kendrick, Batesville 
Barrett, John, Lula 
Barton, Tonya, Southaven, DC 
Beck, Robert, Marion, AR, DC 
Beeler, George, Sumner 

Bell, Bevan, Nesbit 
Bell, Karen, Southaven 
Bell, Velvetta, Memphis 
Bensch, Alecia, Abbeville, LYTC 
Berry, Jacqueline, Dundee 

Berry, James, Hernando 
Berry, Jason, Sarah 
Billingsley, James, Byhalia 
Bishop, Lisa, Oxford 
Blackmon, Brenda, Holly Springs 

Blackmon, Chenelle, Holly Springs 
Blaine, Melinda, Clarksdale 
Blaine, Richard, Clarksdale 
Blair, Dan, Batesville 
Blakely, Scott, Southaven 

Blend, Dan, Senatobia 

Blount, Kimberly, Southaven, DC 

Blount, Sheena, Water Valley, LYTC 

Bobo, Annie, Batesville 

Bobo, Tracie, Como 

Bobo, Vincent, Bruce 
Bogue, Scottie, Oxford 
Bohanna, Jeffrey, Coldwater 
Boler, Jennifer, Nesbit 
Boling, Angel, Senatobia 

Sophomores • 233 

Bonds, Brian, Byhalia 

Bonds, Mary, Horn Lake 

Boone, Joey, Holly Springs 

Borden, Steffanie, Senatobia 

Boucher, Jennifer, Batesville 

Bowdry, Lawanda, Senatobia 

Bowen, Anita, Southaven 

Bowles, Tabetha, Batesville 

Box, Stephen, Calhoun City 

Boyles, Joel, Batesville 

Boyles, Kim, Batesville 

Brack, Denise, Batesville 

Bradley, Tammy, Senatobia 

Bramlett, Larry, Holly Springs 

Branan, Cory, Southaven, DC 

Brannon, David, Southaven, DC 

Brassell, Melissa, Courtland 

Breedlove, Tammy, Lamar, BMC 

Brees, Charity, Senatobia 

Brewer, Richie, Senatobia 

Brigman, Tana, Walls 

Brooks, Amanda, Southaven 

Brooks, Richard, Lamar 

Brown, Jennifer, Senatobia 

Brown, Karen, Senatobia 

Brown, Patrick, Byhalia 

Brown, Rebecca, Lake Cormorant 

Brown, Susan, Olive Branch, DC 

Brown, Terry, Hernando 

Browning, James, Bruce 

Bruton, Michelle, Olive Branch, DC 

Bryan, Nicole, Holly Springs 

Bryan, Tina, Oxford 

Bryant, Dale, Como 

Buchanan, Rachel, Senatobia 

234 • PEOPLE 

Buford, Eric, Abbeville 
Buford, Tracy, Batesville 
Bullion, Tom, Oxford, LYTC 
Bumpous, Shelbie, Horn Lake, DC 
Bunn, Karri, Horn Lake 

Burford, Susan, Southaven 
Burk, Kimberly, Nesbit, DC 
Burkley, Barry, Horn Lake 
Burnett, Brandon, Batesville 
Busby, Jason, Oxford, LYTC 

Byford, Christine, Batesville 
Caffey, Brandy, Senatobia 
Camadeca, Jaime, Southaven, DC 
Campbell, Desiree, Hernando 
Campbell, Samola, Sardis 

Carothers, Jason, Taylor 
Carpenter, William, Coldwater 
Carpenter, Yolanda, Hernando 
Carson, Roxanna, Batesville 
Carter, Christopher, Holly Springs 

Cathey, Reginald, Batesville 
Chambers, Lisa, Coldwater 
Chapman, Ketrina, Batesville, LYTC 
Chapman, Michael, Horn Lake 
Chestnut, Teresa, Webb 

Childers, Chris, Southaven 
Childress, Chris, Vardaman 
Childress, Katrina, Horn Lake 
Chism, Lawanda, New Albany, LYTC 
Clark, Faye, Sardis 

Clark, Rhonda, Senatobia 
Clements, Alissa, Clarksdale 
Clolinger, Ericka, Charleston 
Cobbs, Telly, Robinsonville 
Coggins, Sharon, Marks 

Sophomores • 235 

Coker, Christy, Southaven 

Cole, Earnice, Hernando 

Cole, Lakeitha, Sardis 

Cole, Larry, Cascilla 

Colley, Darcy, Pope 

Collins, Courtney, Como 

Collins, Evelyn, Southaven, DC 

Collins, Ginger, Oxford, LYTC 

Collins, Lisa, Senatobia 

Conley, Gary, Grenada 

Conley, Kamescia, Sledge 

Conley, Latonia, Coldwater 

Cook, Derrick, Pittsboro 

Cook, James, Crenshaw 

Cooper, Amanda, Southaven, DC 

Cooper, Charles, Southaven 

Cooper, James, Batesville 

Copous, Karen, Walls 

Copous, Sharon, Walls 

Cox, Christina, Hickory Flat 

Cox, Gregory, Como 

Cox, Lori, Hernando 

Cozart, Kimberly, Red Banks 

Craigen, Lutalo, Nesbit 

Craven, Cherry, Batesville, LYTC 

Crawford, Manda, Oxford, LYTC 
Crockett, Valerie, Senatobia 

Cross, Kenneth, Southaven, DC 

Cruce, Rob, Senatobia 

Crum, Brandon, Byhalia, DC 

Culver, Dallas, Hernando 

Cummings, Jennifer, Southaven 

Curley, Mackenzie, Hernando, DC 

Curry, Twanda, Oxford 

Curtis, Deborah, Charleston 

236 • PEOPLE 

Danford, Heather, Oxford, LYTC 
Daniels, Aleita, Sardis 
Daniels, Kim, Nesbit, DC 
Darby, Phillip, Courtland 
Darby, William, Courtland 

Darling, Dina, Southaven, DC 
Daugherty, Bobby, Courtland 
Daugherty, Shatosha, Holly Springs 
Davis, Carl, Senatobia 
Davis, Charles, Southaven, DC 

Davis, David, Walls 

Davis, Juanita, Batesville, LYTC 

Davis, Lauren, Oxford, LYTC 

Davis, Keith, Oxford 

Davis, Sandra, Charleston, LYTC 

Davis, Sertrica, Coldwater 
Davis, Terrell, Senatobia, DC 
Dawson, Melissa, Byhalia 
Day, William, Southaven, DC 
Deese, Terry, Hernando 

Delaney, Jaime, Nesbit 
Demastus, Rebecca, Southaven, DC 
Depriest, Jeremy, Abbeville 
Dettor, Dustin, Sardis 
Devereaux, Wesley, Senatobia 

Dickson, Sheila, Batesville, LYTC 
Dirga, Chas, Hernando 
Dockery, Steven, Byhalia 
Dodson, Stephanie, Olive Branch 
Donnell, Terrence, Waterford 

Douglas, Chris, Independence 
Douglas, Nancy, Independence 
Dover, Chasity, Crenshaw 
Downer, Tessa, Olive Branch 
Dowty, Shawn, Tunica 

Sophomores • 237 

Dozier, Amy, Hernando, DC 
Draper, Nicholas, Batesville 
Driver, Esperanza, Holly Springs, LYTC 
Dulin, Mercedes, Coldwater 
Dunlap, Josh, Olive Branch 

Dunn, Chris, Southaven 

Durham, Brian, Enid 

Durley, Daniel, Coldwater, DC 

Dye, Amy, Coldwater 

Earl, Vickie, Hernando 

Edmondson, Greg, Senatobia 

Edwards, Danny, Hernando 

Eldred, Kenneth, Nesbit 

Eldred, Lacy, Olive Branch, DC 

Ellis, Harriet, Batesville 

Ellis, Mark, Southaven, DC 

Estes, Kimberly, Horn Lake, DC 

Evans, Jennifer, Southaven 

Evans, Melissa, Nesbit 

Fabiszak, Anthony, Southaven 

Fair, Eva, Senatobia 

Farrow, Brad, Independence 

Fears, Keith, Senatobia 

Felts, Timothy, Horn Lake, DC 

File, Brandi, Walls, DC 

Fine, June, Olive Branch, DC 

Flanagan, Brent, Southaven 

Flemons, Connie, Abbeville 

Fletcher, James, Hernando 

Ford, Emily, Hernando 

Foster, Tena, Byhalia, DC 

Francis, Jason, Ingrams Mill 

Franklin, Amy, Oxford 

Franks, Monica, Holly Springs 

Frawner, Lindsey, Southaven, DC 

238 • PEOPLE 

Frazier, Robert, Southaven 
Frazier, Sondra, Tunica 
Freeman, Cynthia, Senatobia 
Freeman, Melanie, Coldwater 
Freeman, William, Coldwater 

French, Angela, Walls 
Fritze, Katherine, Como 
Gadd, Trisha, Byhalia 
Gales, Tonya, Hernando 
Gann, James, Pine Bluff, AR 

Gardner, Jerry, Oxford 
Garrard, Marie, Olive Branch 
Garrett, Kimberley, Senatobia 
Garrison, Kristi, Southaven 
Gibson, Joy, Walls 

Gitter, Amanda, Coldwater, DC 

Glass, Bobby, Pittsboro 

Glass, Madelene, Arlington, TN, DC 

Goff, Amy, Tunica 

Golden, Detric, Memphis 

Golden, Joseph, Southaven 
Golden, Ronnie, Senatobia 
Goodwin, Nita, Courtland 
Goodwin, Randal, Water Valley 
Gordon, Tamara, Tunica 

Gorman, Greg, Sledge 
Gossett, Autumn, Southaven, DC 
Gossett, Jennifer, Water Valley, LYTC 
Graham, David, Coldwater 
Graham, Julie, Hernando, DC 

Graham, Robert, Holly Springs 
Green, Michael, Potts Camp 
Greer, Janet, Hickory Flat 
Greer, Jason, Hickory Flat 
Griffin, Mary, Batesville 

Sophomores • 239 



Gross, Jamie, Byhalia 

tw~ " ■ 

Gurley, Georgia, Potts Camp 


Hailey, Jennifer, Horn Lake 

ki ~~ Jl 

r-> wk m. - 

Haire, Mills, Batesville 

Hall, Kelvin, Olive Branch 


Hall, Nola, Red Banks, BMC 

Hamer, Danny, Michigan City 

Hamilton, Eric, Coldwater 

Hampton, Latrae, Tunica 

Hancock, Donna, Independence 

Hankins, Angie, Clarksdale 

Hannaford, Chris, Batesville 

Hardin, Travis, Independence 

Hardrick, Joann, Batesville 

Hargett, Shane, Charleston 

Harmon, Dacia, Paris, LYTC 

Harmon, Sandra, Batesville, LYTC 

Harris, Angie, Southaven, DC 

Harris, Anita, Batesville, LYTC 

Harris, Bryan, Southaven, DC 

Harris, Chawanna, Holly Springs 

Harris, Jeanette, Sardis 

Harris, Robert, Lake Cormorant 

Harris, Terrico, Tunica 

Harrison, John II, Horn Lake, DC 

Harrison, John III, Horn Lake, DC 

Harrison, Sheila, Courtland 

Harrison, Wiley, Lambert 

Hart, Heather, Walls 

Hartzell, Kimberly, Sledge 

Harville, Shelley, Walls 

Hasseltine, Lee, Batesville 

Hataway, Jenny, Holly Springs 

Hathaway, Chatica, Nashville, TN 

Havlik, Melissa, Horn Lake, DC 

240 • PEOPLE 

Hawkins, Christina, Senatobia 
Hayes, Kendrick, Coldwater 
Haynes, David, Coldwater 
Heard, Ara, Sardis 
Heard, Caroline, Sumner 

Heffner, Cliff, Marks 
Henning, Richard, Hernando 
Henry, Brenda, Batesville, LYTC 
Henson, Eddie, Hernando, DC 
Henson, Nina, Walls 

Henson, Steven, Batesville 
Herdt, Chad, Senatobia 
Herron, Lasonda, Charleston 
Heskett, Vickie, Horn Lake 
Hicks, Sheri, Senatobia 

Higgenbottom, Jerrilyn, Senatobia 
Hightower, Kathy, Hernando 
Hill, Charles, Calhoun City 
Hill, Jonathan, Oxford 
Hill, Richard, Calhoun City 

Hill, Spencer, Vardaman 
Hilliard, Kevin, Memphis 
Hitchcock, Alan, Oxford 
Hobson, Donna, Water Valley, LYTC 
Hodge, Jo, Oxford, LYTC 

Hogan, Terri, Nesbit 
Hoggs, Deon, Red Banks 
Holden, Mandy, Southaven 
Holliman, Jason, Hernando 
Holloman, Glenda, Sardis, LYTC 

Holmes, Floyd, Sarah, DC 
Honeycutt, Richard, Hernando 
Honor, Belinda, Potts Camp, BMC 
Honse, Michael, Senatobia 
Hooper, Rena, Glendora 


• 241 

Hope, Brian, Senatobia 

Hope, John, Cascilla 

Hopper, Tina, Pope 

House, Jo Anne, Sardis 

House, Robert, Sardis 

Houston, Lecedric, Holly Springs 

Howard, Tammy, Water Valley 

Howell, Sheryl, Batesville, LYTC 

Howell, Torrie, Nesbit, DC 

Hubbard, Catherine, Batesville 

Hubbard, Challa, Holly Springs 

Hubbard, Sheila, Holly Springs, LYTC 

Hubbard, William, Batesville 

Hudson, Brett, Olive Branch, DC 

Hudson, Ben, Coldwater 

Hudson, Holly Hays, Batesville 

Huebner, Tabatha, Greenwood 

Huey, Jason, Holly Springs 

Hughes, Antonio, Holly Springs 

Hughes, Melody, Bruce, LYTC 

Huie, Jason, Holly Springs 
Humphreys, Andrick, Byhalia 
Humphries, Alicia, Vardaman 

Hunley, Angela, Crenshaw 
Hunter, Cary, Senatobia 

Hunter, Rose, Tunica 

Hutcheson, Kim, Walls 

Hyatt, Dena, Holly Springs 

Ibrahim, Kel, Lambert 

Inmon, Christy, Byhalia 

Irons, Atasha, Tunica 

Isbell, Jonathan, Senatobia 

Isham, Jeri, Olive Branch 

Jackson, Brad, Hernando 

Jackson, Brian, Southaven, DC 

242 • PEOPLE 

Jackson, Henry, Tillatoba 
Jackson, Janet, Horn Lake 
Jackson, Julie, Southaven 
Jackson, Lavate, Robinsonville, DC 
Jackson, Phillip, Bruce 

Jackson, Robert, Senatobia 
James, Carrie, Southaven, DC 
Jamison, Chris, Hernando 
Jamison, Paula, Coldwater 
Jeffries, Ardella, Holly Springs, LYTC 

Jeffries, Cathleen, Holly Springs 
Jennings, Amanda, Como 
Jensen, David, Southaven 
Johnson, Amy, Southaven, DC 
Johnson, Cyprienne, Senatobia 

Johnson, Dana, Sardis 
Johnson, Jennifer, Oxford 
Johnson, Jeremy, Oakland 
Johnson, Katrina, Memphis 
Johnson, Marco, Tunica 

Johnson, Rosie, Senatobia 
Johnson, Roy, Coldwater 
Johnson, Shanita, Charleston 
Johnson, Tameka, Abbeville 
Johnson, Timmy, Grenada 

Johnson, Tracey, Batesville 
Johnson, Victor, Belen 
Joiner, Marjorie, Pope 
Jolley, Rebecca, Batesville 
Jones, Ifanee, Holly Springs 

Jones, Jennifer, Hernando, DC 
Jones, Jill, Holly Springs 
Jones, Jo, Holly Springs 
Jones, Justin, Marks 
Jones, Kelly, Olive Branch 

SophoT/iores • 243 

Jones, Marshall, Southaven 

Jones, Sandy, Marks 

Jones, Serena, Tutwiler 

Joslin, Glynn, Batesville, LYTC 

Joyner, Shannon, Senatobia 

Justice, Brandy, Coldwater 

Katterjohn, Michelle S., Sarah 

Keel, Denise, Holly Springs 

Kelley, Betty, Walls, DC 

Kendall, Beverly, Enid 

Kerr, Trey, Senatobia 

Kicker, Russ, Hernando 

Kilburn, Bethany, Waterford 

Killough, Christy, Hernando 

King, Annette, Oxford, LYTC 

King, Melissa, Holcomb 

King, Tisha, Lambert 

Kirk, Barbara, Courtland 

Kirkpatrick, Hatch, Southaven, DC 

Koon, Caroline, Hernando 

Ladd, Jacqueline, Courtland 

Lafayette, Eric, Calhoun City 

Lammey, Melissa, Southaven 

Lang, Brenda, Charleston 

Lauzon, Daniel, Hernando 

Lawrence, Ora, Oakland, LYTC 

Lee, Christy, Como 

Lee, Ester, Oxford, LYTC 

Lee, Tavares, Courtland 

Leroy, Emarlos, Albany, GA 

Lester, Marisa, Sardis 

Lesure, Tammy, Batesville 

Lewallen, Phillip, Sarah 

Lewis, Shelia, Sardis 

Liggins, Tijuana, Oxford, LYTC 

244 • PEOPLE 

Liles, Andrew, Bruce 
Little, Patricia, Olive Branch, DC 
Littlefield, Michelle, Oxford 
Lloyd, Barbara, Pope 
Lockwood, Grace, Senatobia 

Lofton, Tami, Hernando 
Logan, Rose, Hernando 
Logan, Talon, Abbeville 
Love, Kenyon, Charleston 
Lovorn, Kathryn, Tunica 

Lowe, Sherrie, Como 
Lubbers, Jennifer, Southaven 
Luther, Deborah, Senatobia 
Luybimova, Marina, Senatobia 
Lynch, Josh, Hernando 

Lyons, Ruby, Como 
Lyons, Tasha, Como 
Mackey, Denise, Webb 
Magness, James, Senatobia 
Mahan, Carol, Walls 

Mahan, Ricky, Walls 
Malin, Mark, Southaven 
Mansel, Alicia, Potts Camp 
Mansell, Christy, Nesbit 
Maples, Justin, Pope 

Marks, Deverall, Bruce 
Marshall, Brian, Horn Lake, DC 
Martin, Tamela, Waterford 
Mason, Danny, Hernando 
Mason, Shirley, Oxford, LYTC 

Mastin, Thomas, Walls 
Matthews, James, Batesville 
Matthews, Melissa, Sardis, LYTC 
Mattox, Christopher, Sardis 
Mayo, James, Olive Branch 


• 245 

Mays, Darrell, Coldwater 

Mazerac, Allison, Horn Lake 

McAbee, Jason, Senatobia 

McBride, Jessica, Horn Lake 

McCachren, Jay, Enid 

McCain, Carla, Sardis 

McCain, Cynthia, Batesville 

McCain, Richard, Hernando, DC 

McCarver, Michael, Crenshaw 

McCoy, Irene, Batesville, LYTC 

McCullar, Angel, Southaven, DC 

McCullough, Lisa, Arkabutla 

McDaniel, January, Coldwater 

McDermott, Shane, Hernando 

McElyea, Phillip, Hernando 

McGee, Dolphes, Grenada 

McGhee, Denise, Batesville 

McGill, Eddie, Cleveland 

McKay, Pres, Senatobia 

McMinn, Heather, Southaven 

McMorrough, Penne, Southaven 

McNeil, Lori, Southaven 

McThunel, Gilbert, Batesville 

Meek, Charles, Senatobia 

Miguez, Paul, Coldwater 

Milam, Chris, Byhalia 

Miller, Greg, Memphis, DC 

Miller, John, Holly Springs 

Mills, Allen, Batesville 

Mills, Rachel, Batesville 

Milzarek, Ryan, Coldwater, DC 

Minyard, James, Holly Springs, DC 

Mitchell, Stephanie, Batesville, DC 

Mize, James, Senatobia 

Mohamed, Regina, Horn Lake, DC 

246 • PEOPLE 

Montgomery, Cherry, Coldwater 
Moore, Donna, Enid, LYTC 
Moore, Eddie, University, LYTC 
Moore, John, Coldwater 
Moore, Lillie, Coldwater 

Moore, Jay, Coldwater 
Moore, Shannon, Batesville 
Moorman, John, Grenada 
Morgan, Cassandra, Courtland 
Morgan, Curtis, Michigan City 

Morris, Rebekah, Coldwater 
Morrison, Billie, Southaven, DC 
Morrow, Carroll, Horn Lake, DC 
Morrow, Charlotte, Batesville, LYTC 
Moseley, Jamie, Ashland, LYTC 

Mosley, Carla, Coldwater 
Mosley, Misty, Banner 
Murphy, Terry, Oxford 
Mussa, Lori, Senatobia 
Nelson, Amy, Pope 

Newman, Catherine, Olive Branch, DC 
Newman, Jennifer, Enid 
Newsom, Jeffrey, Charleston 
Newson, Frederick, Senatobia 
Newson, Lutera, Coldwater 

Newson, Michael, Senatobia 
Newton, Farrah, Webb 
Nickels, Thomas, Senatobia 
Nolen, Tonya, Coldwater 
Norris, Amy, Olive Branch 

Norris, Sherry, Southaven 

B^"* ■<•* ■ 

Norwood, Sean, Batesville 

tt ^ - * 

Nunn, Maricia, Walls, DC 

Odom, Will, Batesville 

Oldaker, Carrie, Hernando 

Sam (i*7 

Sophomores • 247 

Oliver, Chevella, Batesville 

Oliver, Chuteah, Batesville 

Oliver, Marlisa, Water Valley 

O'Neal, Regan, Senatobia 

Oswalt, Greg, Walls, DC 

Otts, Patsy, Ripley, BMC 

Overall, Margaret, Como 

Overbey, Jamie, Water Valley, LYTC 

Ozment, Rena, Sarah 

Parette, Jason, Southaven 

Parker, Amy, Sarah 

Parker, Craig, Holly Springs 

Parks, Edith, Indianola 

Parrish, Gary, Horn Lake, DC 

Parrish, Robert, Horn Lake, DC 

Partee, Kesean, Southaven, DC 

Pastori, Tony, Horn Lake, DC 

Patrick, Angela, Southaven 

Patrick, Elizabeth, Sardis 

Patterson, Liane, Horn Lake, DC 

Patterson, Paige, Senatobia 

Patton, Christopher, Water Valley 

Pelkey, Valerie, Sardis 

Pennacchio, Pat, Nesbit 

Pennington, Dave, Southaven, DC 

Perkins, Carolyn, Batesville, LYTC 

Perkins, Danielle, Batesville 

Perkins, Gloria, Coldwater 

Perkins, Sarah, Como 

Perkins, Trista, Walls, DC 

Perry, leshauwha, Oxford, LYTC 

Person, Angie, Water Valley, LYTC 

Person, Kimberly, Coldwater 

Pettis, Tamala, Oxford, LYTC 

Phillips, Keshia, Oxford 

248 • PEOPLE 

Phillips, Leslie, Oxford 
Phillips, Stephanie, Coldwater 
Phillips, Vivian, Lake Cormorant, DC 
Pierce, Stacy, Horn Lake, DC 
Pietrowski, Shawn, Senatobia 

Pigues, Andre, Coldwater 
Pigues, Joel, Coldwater 
Pilgrim, Esther, Southaven 
Pimpton, Vanessa, Webb 
Pinkston, Nancy, Courtland, LYTC 

Pittman, Propst, Pleasant Grove 
Pitts, Cliff, Vardaman 
Plante, Sara, Hernando 
Pleasants, Michelle, Southaven, DC 
Polk, Arthur, Southaven, DC 

Polk, Derrick, Southaven, DC 
Poole, Vicky, Potts Camp 
Pope, Sarah, Hernando 
Poplar, Taucia, Grand Junction, TN 
Porter, Deon, Waycross, GA 

Porter, Lena, Oxford, LYTC 
Powell, Christy, Oxford 
Powell, Jason, Liberty 
Power, Holly, Holly Springs 
Price, Elizabeth, Lamar, BMC 

Price, Selena, Southaven, DC 
Pride, Mary, Batesville, LYTC 
Pryor, Rodney, Hernando, DC 
Pugh, Jeanne, Coldwater 
Pullen, Kim, Water Valley 

Pulley, Ricky, Water Valley 
Ramsey, Everlean, Abbeville, LYTC 
Rayford, Nikkie, Batesville 
Redd, Justin, Senatobia 
Redwine, Anthony, Coffeeville 



Reed, Brady, Batesville 
Reed, Marvin, Senatobia 
Reeder, Justin, Pontotoc 
Reid, Jeremy, Coldwater 

Respess, Craig, Nesbit 

Reviere, Ryan, Southaven 

Rice, Chris, Nesbit 

Rich, Luanne, Coldwater 

Richards, Bryan, Oxford, LYTC 

Richardson, Shon, Nesbit 

Rickels, Peggy, Batesville, LYTC 

Ries, Joey, Hernando 

Riley, Amy, Memphis 

Roach, Irazine, Holly Springs 

Robbins, Kimberly, Southaven, DC 

Roberts, Angelia, Lamar, BMC 

Roberts, Charles, Horn Lake 

Roberts, Kelsey, Senatobia 

Roberts, Spencer, Memphis, DC 

Robertson, Cheryl, Olive Branch, DC 

Robinson, Marc, Olive Branch, DC 

Robinson, Marvin, Batesville 

Robison, Emily, Hernando 

Rockette, Edna, Taylor, LYTC 

Rockwood, Vickie, Crowder, LYTC 

Roden, Stephanie, Pope 

Roehm, Amanda, Hernando 

Rogers, Rae, Southaven, DC 

Rooks, Cynthia, Holly Springs, BMC 

Ross, Robynn, Senatobia 

Ross, Tara, Sarah, DC 

Rousseau, Brian, Memphis, DC 

Rousseau, Neal, Memphis, DC 

Rowland, Carleton, Waterford 

Rowland, Jay, Potts Camp 

250 • PEOPLE 

Rowland, Jon, Potts Camp 
Rowland, Todd, Hernando 
Rudd, Anthony, Pope 
Russell, James, Olive Branch, DC 
Russell, Timothy, Water Valley 

Russell, Will, Sardis 
Sage, Pam, Oxford 
Salter, Lerone, Sardis 
Sanders, Thomas, Rossville, TN 
Sandidge, Kevin, Lake Cormorant, DC 

Sanford, Dena, Sardis 
Sanford, Felisha, Courtland 
Sansom, Kathy, Oxford, LYTC 
Sartain, Jeremy, Lake Cormorant 
Sartin, Chad, Batesville 

Savage, Joshua, Horn Lake 
Schmitz, Sterling, Water Valley 
Scott, Michael, Senatobia 
Scruggs, Kristina, Coldwater 
Shaffer, Angela, Batesville 

Shaw, Cameron, Olive Branch 
Shaw, Mike, Waterford, DC 
Shearer, John, Coldwater 
Shields, Harold, Horn Lake, DC 
Shields, Laura, Lambert 

Shook, Christopher, Water Valley 
Shultice, Wade, Water Valley 
Silva, Sebastiao, Oxford 
Simmerman, Melissa, Sardis 
Simmons, Derrick, Pope 

Sinquefield, Chad, Senatobia 
Sipp, Anthony, Coldwater 
Sipp, Fredrick, Coldwater, DC 
Skiles, Ladina, Walls, DC 
Slayton, Jennifer, Batesville 

Sophomores • 2 5 1 

Smith, Brandon, Sardis 
Smith, Christopher, Olive Branch, DC 
Smith, Clint, Southaven 
Smith, Elizabeth, Walls 
Smith, Fred, Hernando 

Smith, Glenna, Horn Lake, DC 

Smith, Jason, Potts Camp 

Smith, Jimmy, Oakland 

Smith, Melissa, Holly Springs 

Smith, Ronald, Sarah 

Smith, Shelbi, Lake Cormorant, DC 

Smith, Steven, Senatobia 

Smith, Terry, Holly Springs 

Smith, Victoria, Hernando, DC 

Smith, Wendy, Nesbit 

Smith, Whitney, Crowder, DC 

Sobanski, Richard, Memphis 

Soderberg, Amber, Senatobia 

Sons, Cheryl, Nesbit, DC 

Sorrell, Leigh, Oxford, LYTC 

Sowell, Butch, Senatobia 

Sowell, Christopher, Coldwater 

Sowell, Dawn, Senatobia 

Sowell, Jeffrey, Coldwater 

Sowell, Julie, Coldwater, DC 

Sparks, Farrah, Olive Branch 

Spearman, Vanessa, Senatobia 

Sprinkle, Debbie, Southaven, DC 

Stacks, Rebecca, Coldwater 

Stacy, Leslie, Pittsboro 

Stallings, Phyllis, Southaven 

Stanford, David, Southaven, DC 

Stanphill, Daniel, Southaven 

Stanton, Clint, Potts Camp 

Stanton, Whitney, Potts Camp 

252 • PEOPLE 

Stephenson, Angela, Olive Branch, DC 
Stephenson, Crystal, Walls 
Stewart, LaJoyce, Marks 
Stewart, Nicole, Holly Springs 
Stinson, Jeremy, Coldwater 

St. John, Clayton, Byhalia 
Stokes, Carolyn, Sardis 
Stokes, Samantha, Oxford 
Stone, Clay, Senatobia 
Stone, Glenda, Southaven, DC 

Stone, Rob, Clarksdale 
Stull, Amy, Senatobia 
Sullivan, Nikki, Batesville 
Sutherland, Wayne, Southaven, DC 
Swanson, Robert, Senatobia 

Tables, G.K., Potts Camp 
Talley, William, Olive Branch 
Taylor, Brady, Charleston 
Taylor, Donna, Coldwater 
Taylor, Elladon, Charleston 

Taylor, Ernest, Tunica 
Taylor, Jaquoya, Senatobia 
Taylor, Kelly, Holly Springs 
Taylor, Michael, Horn Lake, DC 
Taylor, Sharon, Oxford 

Thomas, Christina, Southaven 
Thomas, Jeff, Southaven, DC 
Thomas, Latara, Como, DC 
Thompson, Bobbie, Waterford, LYTC 
Thompson, Kenneth, Hernando 

Thompson, Lesly, Byhalia 
Thornburg, Patrick, Olive Branch 
Thornton, Derek, Holly Springs 
Thornton, Jason, Sardis 
Thornton, Robin, Batesville 

Sophomores • 2 5 3 

Threatt, De Morris, Hernando 

Tidwell, Joyce, Oxford, LYTC 

Tigner, Tracy, Batesville 

Tiller, Jennifer, Sardis, DC 

Timberlake, Tiffany, Waterford 

Townsend, James, Oxford, LYTC 

Tremor, Justin, Coldwater 

Tribbett, Tyrone, Webb 

Turner, Lillie, Marks 

Underwood, Jeff, Hernando 

Upchurch, Brian, Horn Lake 

Usher, Jerry, Bruce 

Vance, Ann, Batesville 

Vanderford, Elizabeth, Senatobia 

Van Dyke, April, Lake Cormorant, DC 

Wade, Deborahlee, Senatobia 

Wadley, Tammy, Abbeville, LYTC 

Waldo, Tara, Tutwiler 

Walker, Joe, Southaven 

Walker, Lashea, Farrell 

Walker, Pam, Lambert, LYTC 

Walls, Kimbra, Walls 

Walls, Linda, Coldwater 

Walters, Andrew, Southaven 

Walters, Jason, Batesville 

Walton, Kelly, Hernando, DC 

Ware, Kevin, Sardis 

Warfield, Chadwick, Southaven, DC 

Warren, Jamie, Batesville, DC 

Warren, Stella, Pontotoc, LYTC 

Washington, Katy, Crowder 

Watson, Jennifer, Hernando 

Watson, Sam, Horn Lake 

Weaver, Amy, Olive Branch 

Webb, Craig, Batesville 

254 • PEOPLE 

Webb, Jennifer, Olive Branch 
Webb, Lessie, Batesville 
Weichand, Blake, Southaven, DC 
Welch, Bobbie, Senatobia 
Weldon, Wendi, Olive Branch, DC 

Wells, Karla, Horn Lake 
Welshans, Tom, Senatobia 
Westerfield, Anika, University 
Westmoreland, Tammy, Potts Camp 
Whaley, Darryl, Horn Lake, DC 

White, Jennifer, Hernando, DC 
White, Judy, Batesville, LYTC 
White, Shane, Senatobia 
White, Sheila, Abbeville, LYTC 
Wiggs, Mary, Batesville 

Wilbanks, William, Senatobia 
Wilboum, Camita, Pope 
Wilkinson, Tammy, Holly Springs 
Willhite, Rodney, Coldwater 
Williams, Amanda, Independence 

Williams, Angela, Oxford, LYTC 
Williams, Brian, Senatobia 
Williams, Carol, Oxford, LYTC 
Williams, Christian, Walls 
Williams, Danielle, Ashland 

Williams, Heather, Southaven, DC 
Williams, Karen, Southaven, DC 
Williams, Leslie, Byhalia, DC 
Williams, Mary, Sledge 
Williams, Nason, Oxford 

Williams, Ralph, Coldwater 
Williamson, Jennifer, Scobey 
Wilson, Jason, Red Banks 
Wilson, Jonathan, Potts Camp 
Wilson, Mary, Batesville 

Sophomores • 255 

Wingo, Jason, Senatobia 

Winters, Neely, Olive Branch 

Wolfe, Geshlia, Senatobia 

Wolfe, Hubert, Cascilla 

Wood, Cory, Batesville 

Woods, Joy, Marks 

Woolfolk, Misty, Senatobia, DC 

Worden, Ashley, Southaven, DC 

Worthy, Sandra, Hernando 

Wright, Andrea, Coldwater 

Wright, Karen, Holly Springs 

Wright, Keiven, Holly Springs, DC 

Wright, Matt, Southaven 

Wright, Michael, Batesville 

Wright, Shane, Southaven 

Yarbro, Patty, Hernando 

Young, Cara, Sarah 

Young, Natalie, Senatobia 

Young, Renee, Hernando, DC 

Marie Garrard 

Rocketeer Editor 

The Northwest experience — who can forget it? I'll admit, when I came to Northwest my freshman year, I 
was not impressed at first. But something happened as the year progressed... at some point, during the craziness 
and chaos of registration, the excitement of Homecoming week, the adventures of dorm life, the stress of mid- 
terms and finals... as the year progressed, I discovered I had evolved into a true-blue-and-grey fan of Northwest 
and all that it represents. I'll never forget attending my first Ranger football game. I couldri t imagine cheering 
for any other team besides my old high school (Go Quistors!), but as soon as I saw one of our players racing 
toward the goal line for the first Ranger touchdown, I found myself screaming along with all the other avid 

I hope your experience here has been as wonderful as mine, and I hope that this yearbook will help you 
recall the milestones you've reached this year. Please treasure every memory and all the knowledge you've at- 
tained here, for these are what make you a better person and the world a better place. 

As you look forward to your future and the milestones yet to be reached, take to heart these words from Tennyson's poem Ulysses and determine to be 

"strong in will, To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. " 

And, in every thing you do, "Trust in the Lord with thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He 
shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6. Carpe diem and God bless. — Marie Garrard 


256 • PEOPLE 


The 1997 Rocketeer is published by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas. Specifications of 
the book include 256 pages measuring 9x12, printed on 80 lb. enamel paper. Ben Allen serves as 
liaison between Taylor Publishing Company and the College. 

The cover was designed by the Rocketeer staff and April Enos of Taylor Publishing Company. The 
cover is Matte Lithocote with four-color and duotone photographs. An antique gold foil stamp has been 
applied to the cover. The endsheets are printed on tan parchment paper in black ink. 

Body copy was typeset in Gourmand Roman 10 pt. type. All captions are set in Bern Bold 9 pt. 
Headings and subheadings are in various font styles. 

The yearbook is comprised of 16 signatures containing 16 pages each, including eight pages con- 
taining elements and photographs printed in four-color, an additional eight pages of four-color as "tip- 
ins", and eight pages containing elements printed in spot color. Spot colors used in this volume of the 
Rocketeer are Wedgewood Blue No. 7 and Gold No. 80. 

Pages in the yearbook were designed using Adobe PageMaker 6.0, while some were drawn on 
traditional quad-paks furnished by Taylor Publishing. All photos were taken by contributing photog- 
raphers with the exception of Most Beautiful and Beauties portrait photos, which were made by E.E. 
Thompson Photography of Senatobia. Faculty, staff, administration and class photographs were made 
by Stroud Photography of Southaven. 

Advisors for the Rocketeer staff are Dr. Ann Y. Whitten and Nancy Patterson. Assistant advisor is 
Julie Respess. 

The institution's Statement of Responsibility concerning student publications follows: 
Northwest Mississippi Community College supports and encourages an atmosphere of responsible 
discussion through student publications. Funding for publications is provided by the General Fee that 
students pay each semester and by monies budgeted by the College for their support. Designated by 
the administrators, advisors — college employees who are competent in their fields — provide an envi- 
ronment in which student editors and staff members have opportunities to develop journalistic and 
literary skills. Insuring the integrity, quality, and fiscal responsibility of publications, advisors offer 
guidance and supervision, while providing First Amendment guarantees to publications staffs. The 
College administration supports the efforts of participants to be creative, unbiased, accurate, fair, intel- 
ligent, and responsible in being representative of and speaking for the student body and the College