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National Library of Scotland 
l B000476858* 

Powis Parish Church. 


Roll of Honour, 

War of Nations, August 4/1914— November 11/1918. 




.^ y O. 

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 

Dedicated at Divine Service in the Church, on Sunday, June 1st, 1919. 

Uo the JJemorg of the § ratoe. 


Castle. William A.. 

Paterson. Alexander, 

Anderson, Alexander, 

Lumsden, Forbes P. 


Gunner on board H.M.S. Natal which was blown up in harbour 
on December 30/1915. 

Private, 1st Marine Battalion Royal Naval Division, killed in action 
during the battle of Arras, April 28/1917. 


. Engineer on board S.S. Hogarth which was lost at sea "through 

enemy action," June 8/1918. 
, Engineer on board S.S. lsleworth which was lost at sea "through 

enemy action." April 30/1918. 


Alcorn, Alfred, . . . was at one time in the Boys' Home, Corporal and Bugler of the 40th 

Aberdeen Coy. B.B., private 5/Black Watch, and killed in 
action, May 9/1915. 

Arthur. Alexander. . was an Officer of the 40th Aberdeen Coy. B.B. at the time of 

enlistment in the 4/Gordon Highrs., in which regiment he was 
promoted Corporal ; killed in action in the battle of Arras. 
April 19/1917. 

Bean, Lewis, . . . was a private in the Cameron Highrs., Canadian Expeditionary 

Force; killed in action during a counter-attack by Canadians 
in the neighbourhood of Ypres, Flanders, April 23/1915. 

Bell, Eric was Corporal in the 40th Aberdeen Coy. B.B., originally in the 

255/Brig. R.F. A., and later in the 29/D.A.C. : killed by shell fire, 
October 15/1918. 

Booth, Thomas, . . . was a private in the 4/Gordon Highrs. : killed in action at Hill HO. 

Flanders, on April 29/1915. 

Christie, John, . . . was a private in the 7/Gordon Highrs., att. 5/Gordon Highrs. ; killed 

in action in the battle of Arras, April 23/1917. 

Coull, Frederick J., Lieutenant, was Sergeant in the Regular Army at the outbreak of 

war, became Battalion Sergeant-Major 4/Gordon Highrs. (T.F.), 
received his Commission after Service at the front and was 
attached to 23/Royal Fusiliers, being Acting-Captain at the time 
of his death ; killed in action leading his Coy, into battle, 
September 301918. 

Forbes, Gordon, . . 

Fraser, Edward. . . 

Lovie, David, . 
MacMillan Alexander. 

Mitchell. Robert. 
Paterson, William, . 

Paterson. Christie, . 
Riddell, William, 

was Staff-Sergeant of the 40th Aberdeen Coy. B.B., Sunday School 
Teacher and Member of the Church Choir ; was wireless 
operator, att. to 483/Siege Batty. R.G.A. ; died in hospital in 
France from wounds received in action, September 27/1918. 

was an Officer in the 40th Aberdeen Coy. B.B., and in the 4/Gordon 
Highrs. when war broke out: he was promoted Corporal, was 
wounded and returned to the front ; killed in action at Hooge, 
Flanders, during the battle of Loos, September 25/1915. 

died of heart failure while on training in Camp near Birmingham. 
His Unit was 388/Squad Pioneers, R.E. 

was at one time in the Boys' Home, Sergeant in the 40th Aberdeen 
Coy. B. B., and enlisted in the 2/Gordon Highrs. previous to the 
outbreak of war: killed in action in the battle of Le Cateau, 
October 12/1914. 

was a private in the 4/Gordon Highrs., was wounded in action and 
later killed during the Allied advance, on August 24/1918. 

came from Canada in the Expeditionary Force, was attached to 
38/Battalion M.G.S., took part in various big engagements: was 
awarded the Military Medal and finally died of wounds received 
in action on Vimy Ridge. April 1671917. 

was a member of the 40th Aberdeen Coy. B.B., and enrolled as a 
private in the 7/Gordon Highrs. ; killed in action at Cambrai, 
November 20/1917. 

was enrolled in the Motor Transport,- Home Service, and died in 
hospital in England, November 5/1918. 

Ritchie, George, 

Ritchie, Charles, . . 
Robertson. William W. 

Sim, Charles. 

Stewart, William, 

Watt, John B. L. B. 

came from Canada with the Expeditionary Force, was attached to 
1/Canadian Engineers ; died of wounds received in action, 
September, 19/1916. 

was enrolled in the 4/Gordon Highrs., and went to France to join 
his regiment ; killed in action on January 26/1916. 

was for six years a member of the 40th Aberdeen Coy. B. B. , trained in 

3/Gordon Highrs. (R). and in France, attached 1/6 Black Watch ; 

died of wounds received in action, August 20/1918. 
was Colour-Sergeant in the 40th Aberdeen Coy. B.B , private in 

5/Gordon Highrs. ; killed in action in the battle of Arras, April 


was in the Boys' Home and Church Choir, private in the 7/Gordon 
Highrs., and later attached 4/Gordon Highrs.; killed inaction 
at Beaumont Hamel, November 13/1916. 

was Staff-Sergeant in the 40th Aberdeen Coy. B.B., and a Sunday 
School Teacher; enlisted in4/Gordon Highrs. November/1914; 
died of wounds received in action, in a trench within German 
lines at Hooge. Flanders, during the battle of Loos, September 

They died to make us free, giving themselves a Sacrifice in defence 
of us and our Homes. 
"Whether they live or die, 
They chose the Ijest, 
They sprang to Duty's call. 
They stood the test." 

John Oxenham. 

"For King and Country and Home. 

Castle, William S., 
Cruickshank, David, 
Duncan, James, 
Duncan, Thomas, 
Grant, Lewis, 
Harvey, John V., 

Hollifield, John, 
Ritchie, Alexander, 
Will, James, 


A.B., H.M.S. Bellona. 

L.S., H.M.S. Agamemnon, later H.M.S. Boadicaea. 

R.N.D. Nelson Battalion. 

R.N.V.R., Home Service. 

R.N.R., H.M.T. Strathelliot. later (T). John Casewell. 

R. N., H.M.T. Monarch III, later H. M. D. Sheet 

R.N. Hospital, Haslar. 
Stoker, H.M.S. Princess Royal, 
Fireman, H.M.S. Arlanza. 


" The absolute mastery of the Seas establisheu by Great Britain constitutes the most decisive factor 
in the whole war."— The New York Tribune. 

"Ko^al Brtillere 

Adam, William, . 

Balneaves, James, 
Bell, Edwin, 

Bell, Fergus, 

Burnett, Donald, . 
Catto, William, . 
Charles, George, 
Clark, Alexander, 
Forbes, George, 
Geals, Adam, 
Greig, William, . 
Leslie, John, 


8/Brig. R.F.A., I.E.F., Mesopotamia, later 372/Batty. 
E.E.F., Palestine. 

157/Brig. R.F.A., France. 

114/Brig. R. F. A., later Observation Section H.Q., 
Salonika Forces. 

255/Brig. R.F.A., later Maps G.H.Q., France, awarded 
the Military Medal. 

402/Batty. R.F.A. 5/Brig. R.H.A., France. 

277/Siege Batty. R.G.A., France. 

R.F.A., France. 

Anti-Aircraft Depot, later Casualties/R.G.A., India. 

2/Lt., 168/Siege Batty. R.G.A., France. 

78/Brig. R.F.A., France. 

157/Brig. R.F.A., France. 

Sgt, 255/Brig. R.F.A., France. Awarded the D.C.M. 

Lonie, George, 
Mackie, James, . 
Milne, John, 
Milne, Adam, 
Minty, Charles, . 
Mitchell, James, . 
Morrice, William, 
Morrice. Charles, 
Nicol, Duncan, 

Paterson, James, 
Pratt, Sydney, 
Rayne, Alexander, 
Robb, Alexander, 
Simpson, John, . 

84/S.A.A.C, Salonika Forces 

R.H. <32 R.F.A., Base Depot, France. 

B.Q.M.S. 244/Siege Batty. R.G.A. France. 

35/D.A.C, France. 

S/Sgt., 44/Reserve Batty. R.F.A., Home Service. 

1/H.F.A. , France. 

1/H.F.A., France. 

1/Sec. 35/D.A.C, France. 

327/Howitzer Batty., Mesopotamia, later 60/Batty. R.F.A. 

157/Brig. R.F.A., France. 
157/Brig. R.F.A., France. 
373/Batty. R.F.A., Mesopotamia. 
255/Brig. R.F.A., France. 
255/Brig. R.F.A., France. 

Turner, William, 
Turner, Victor, 
Urquhart, Alexander, 


Allan, Norman, . 
Allan, John P., . 
Anderson, Arthur, 
Beanj Alexander, 
Beattie, George, 
Christie, James L., 
Christie, James, 

Christie, William, 
Clark, David, 
Cooper, Alexander, 

9/British Mountain Artillery Brig. R.G.A., Palestine. 
61/Reserve Batty. R.F.A. 
14/R.G.A., R.E., France. 

4/Gordon Highrs. , France. 
4/Gordon Highrs., France. 
7/Gordon Highrs., France. 
4/Gordon Highrs., France. 
4/Gordon Highrs. Transport, France. 
4/Seaforth Highrs., Glencorse. 

53/Battalion Gordon Highrs., now Army of Occupation 


Sgt. 4/Gordon Highrs., Ripon. 

4/Gordon Highrs., France. 

Gordon Highrs. Reserve, Home Service. 


Crawford, James, 
Dalgarno. James, 
Davidson, George, 
Degun, Charles, 
Deuguno, Lewis, . 
Duguid, Alexander, 
Duncan, David, . 
Edmond, John, 
Esson, Charles, . 
Fraser, James, 
Fraser, George, . 
Forbes, James, 
Gerrie, George, . 
Gloag, William, , 

Cpl., 5/Gordon Highrs., France, later 1/London Scottish. 

1/Gordon Highrs., France, later att/76 Inf. Brig. H.Q. 

Cpl., 120/P.W. Coy., France. 

16/Corps Cyclist Batt., Balkans, Salonika Forces. 

1/Gordon Highrs., France. 

5/Gordon Highrs., France. 

4/Gordon Highrs., Ripon. 

4/Gordon Highrs., France. 

7/Gordon Highrs., France. 

Royal Scots, France. 

4/Gordon Highrs., France. 

8/10 Gordon Highrs., France. 

4/Res. Seaforth Highrs., now Army of Occupation (Rhine). 

L/Sgt., 4/Gordon Highrs., France, later Cadet 9/Batt. 
O.S.B. Gailes. 


Gloag, James, 
Hale, Vincent E., 
Jolly, Robert, 

Knight, Disney, . 
Knight, William . 
Macdonald Hector, 
Malcolm. Peter, . 

Marshall, James, 
Martin, A. Vincent, 
Matthews, William G 
Melvin, William, 

Mitchell, James C, 
Mitchell, Alfred, 

8/10 Gordon Highrs., France. 

Sgt, R.D.C., Grangemouth. 

4/Gordon Highrs., France, later in training as Cadet 
O.S.B., Gailes. 

3/Gordon Highrs. Reserve. 

3/Gordon Highrs. Reserve. 

51/Batt. Gordon Highrs., now Army of Occupation (Rhine). 

51/Batt. Gordon Highrs., re-enlisted in Army of 

7/Gordon Highrs., France. 

4/Gordon Highrs., France. 

2/Black Watch, India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Palestine. 

7/Gordon Highrs., France, now Army of Occupation 

4/Gordon Highrs., France. 

4/A. <3? S. Highrs., India, later 2/Black Watch, 
Mesopotamia, Egypt. 


Morrison, Hugh, . 

Murdoch, George, 
Patterson, William. 
Robertson, John R. B 
Robb, William A., 
Skene, James, 
Sutherland, Robert, 
Tastard, James, 
Thorn, Alexander, 
Thomson, Duncan, 
Watt, William B. F., 

Whyte, George, 
Wilson, John, 

52/Batt. Gordon Highrs., now Army of Occupation 

4/Gordon Highrs., France. 

Q.M.S., Castlehill, Aberdeen. 

B.E. F., German East Africa. 

Cpl., 4/A. & S. Highrs., Dispersal Centre, Kinross. 

4/Gordon Highrs., France. 

6/Labour Coy., Black Watch, France. 

1/A. <3? S. Highrs., Salonika Forces. 

53/Y.S. B. Gordon Highrs., and later in France. 

Sgt., Castlehill, Aberdeen. 

Lt., 4/Gordon Highrs., later 7 Gordon Highrs., France, 

H. L. I. (Reserve). 

Cpl., 4/Gordon Highrs., France. 



Bisset, John, 
Lonie, John, . 

TRogal JEngfneers. 

Bell, Alfred, 
Bisset, Gordon, . 
Buchan, James, . 
Kemp, George A., 
Lonie, Arthur G., 
McLeod, William, 
Thomson, Nichol, 
Wilson, Harry, 

•ftoieal Sir fforce. 

Burnett, Charles, 

4/Dragoons, later M. G. C. (Cavalry), France. 
L. S. H., Canadian Forces. 

Sound-ranging Sec, France. 
552/Aberdeen A. T. Coy., France. 
R. O. D. Coy., France. 
401/Field Coy., 51/Div., France, 
154/Brig., Signalling Sec, France. 
60/Artisan Coy., France. 
1/2 H. F. Coy., France. 
102/Field Coy., France and Italy. 

2/Lt,, Turnberry, Ayrshire. 


Kidd, Alexander, 
Greig, Alexander, 
McGregor, Leslie, 
Sim, Alexander, 

acme Service Corps. 

Allan, Charles, . 
Lorimer, James, . 
Mackenzie, James, 
Moir, W. S., 
Paterson, George, 

arms pap Corps. 

Esson, Lewis, 

A. M., 2/Engineer, R.N. Airship Station, Kent 

3/ A. M., Wireless Sec, Mesopotamia. 

A. M. 102/Squad, France. 

2/ A. M., 20/Squad, Armour Cars, Berkshire. 

Supply Depot, Deal, later 10/Liverpool Scottish. 

907/M. T. Coy., Egypt. 

M. T. Coy., Canadian Forces, later Officer C. E.F. 

M. T., Kempton Park, Middlesex. 

35/A. S. C, Norfolk, Later London Scottish. 



1R0}?al armg iTBc&ical Corps. 

Boyd, John, 
Buchan, Thomas R., 

Kemp, Douglas, . 
Leiper, William, 
Munro, Alexander, 
Warden, Alexander, 
Watt, Rev. T. D., 
Watt, Thomas D., M.B. 

Wiseman, Alexander, 

Provisional Coy., Aldershot, later India 

2/1 H.F.A., later 72/Gen. Hosp., France, now in the 

2/1 H.F.A., France. 

3/1 H.F.A.. France. 

107/Sanitary Section, Egypt and Palestine. 

1/2 H.F.A., France, awarded the Military Medal. 

Red Cross Searcher for Missing Men. 

Capt, 40/General Hosp., later C.O./Ambulance Train, 
Mesopotamia. Star and Ribbon. 

4/Gordon Highrs., Water Duty, later Orderly 4/Gen. 
Hosp., Dreghorn. 

Dospital IRursing Staffs. 

Calder, Sister A. H. . . 3/Stationery Hosp., France. 


Robertson, Sister Jessie M., Q. A. I. M. N. S. R., 29/General Hosp., Salonika Forces. 
Lamb, Asst. Nurse Margaret, 1/Southern Gen. Hosp., Birmingham. 
Gordon, Nurse Dorothy, . V. A. D., Craigleith Hosp., Edinburgh. 

"Those who lived, and those who died, 
They were one in noble pride 
Of desperate endeavour and of duty nobly done ; 
For their lives they risked and they gave 
Very Soul of Life to Save, 
And by their own great valour, and the Grace of God, they won." 

John Oxeuharn. 



Bean, Miss Rose, 
Bell, Miss Elizabeth, 
Bell, Miss Nellie, 
Bisset, Miss Bella, 
Booth, Miss Jeannie, 
Cruden, Miss Elsie, 
Deedman, Miss Bessie A., 
Duguid, Miss Bella, 
Masson, Miss Bella, 
MacRae, Miss Fanny, 
Smith, Miss Nan, 
Watt, Mrs. T. D., 
Watt, Miss Betty, 
Watt, Miss Jean, 
Wilson, Miss Georgina, 


Q. M. A. A. C. 

Q. M. A. A. C. 

W. R. A. F. 

W. R. N. S. 


Q. M. A. A. C. 

Q. M. A. A. C— Pals. 




Railway Station Red Cross Rest Room. 

Munitions, later Chemist's Analyst. 

W. L. A. 


'• Ever memorable is the achievement of womanhood both in action and in suffering. 
The British Nation, proud of its womanhood, has called women to new responsibilities 
and new powers."