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Full text of "A Romanized Hindústánî and English dictionary, designed for the use of schools and for vernacular students of the language"

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Since the time when the practicability of applying tl 
Koman Character to the languages of India, and particular 
to the Urdu, or Hindustani, was brought to the test by IM 
Trevelyan and his coadjutors, a considerable number of Boo^ 
has been published in Romanized Hindustani, and introduc 
into Schools, particularly in Upper India ; but with the exce 
tion of the English and Romanized Hindustani and Bang^ 
Dictionary, published some twelve years ago by Mr. P. 
D'Rozario, nothing has been done to provide those engaged 
learning or teaching the language through the medium of Rom 
I nizcd books, with a Dictionary in that character, or at loj 
prepared on the same system of orthography. At an oar 
jH riod the want of such a Dictionary was strongly felt, o] 
» very year has added now proofs of the uooossity that o 
should bo provided. It was with a view to supply this desid 
ratirni, and furnish schools and the public with a Dictiona 
small in dimension, but comprehensivo in matter and cheap 
.price, that this work was undertaken. 

It has been the author's endeavour to render the Dirtioiiu 
M complete as possible, he has therefore not 8cruj)lrd to intr 
duco many words of Hindi or Sanskrit origin which he fouj 
current either in books or the spoken language. 

f 656 


The author commends the little work to the favourable re- 
gard of the public generally, and particularly to the long-tried 
friends and advocates of the Eoman character, as applicable to 
the Hindustani language, of the immense advantage of which 
this little Dictionary is no mean evidence. In the compass of 
346 duodecimo pages, the author has been able to introduce 
upwards of 20,000 Hindustani words with their renderings in 
English, which in the native character would in all probability 
have filled four times that number of pages. 




Thf. first edition of my Romanized Hindustani and English 
Dictionary having been appreciated by the public in India, and 
copies of it being no longer procurable, I have availed myself 
of my visit to England to republish it in a more compact and 
portable form ; and whilst the number of pages are but few in 
excess of the former edition, by economizing space, several more 
current and useful words have been added, with the view of 
making it more useful. 

The object I had in view in the compilation was to furnish a 
Dictionary of only the words in most general use ; and it is 
lH;li( v( (I that there is scarcely a word in it but is most nsefal in 
tlic acquisition of the vernacular language. 

Great attention has been given to have this edition ortho- 
graphically correct ; yet there are some mistakes which in the 
oorroction of proofs escaped detection. These are noted in a 
list of ^' corrections," and by it any one might, in a few minutes, 
with a pen and by erasures, make the neoessary correotions. 
This stop will prevent any one being aften^ards misled by an 
itirorrcct orthography; and it is of importance, as a ooneet 
liography in accordance with the system used, is a sore guide 


to correct pronunciation, as eacli letter is a representative of " 
only one sound. 

It is probable that all copies have not some of tlie ortbor 
graphical errors in the list of " Corrections," as in the process 
of printing diacritical marks occasionally break off. In cases 
where the letter i has no dot it is most probable that it is 
properly i, 





A'' a 

pro- j 
nounced>a in woman, 
as 1 



„P^^".lrt in the French 
nounced ^^rds sans. bon. 

K a 

a in art. 

, , in no. 

Al ai 

, , 

ai in aisle. 



, , p in pun. 


, , 

ou in our. 



, , somewhat like q in 

B b 

, , 

h in but 

mioit, and uttered 
by pressing buck 


, , 

ch in c^urcb. 

D d 

' » 

witb the point of 
tbe tongue pressed 
on the upper fore 

the root of the 
tongue on tbe 

teeth, similar to d 



, , r in ran. 

in " dew." 



, , similar to r in eter- 

I) d 

' * 

with the point of 
the tongue struck 
back on tbe pa- 
late, similar to d 

nal, and uttered 
by striking the 
point of the tongue 
on the palate. 

in had. 



, , « in sin. 

J-: e 

, , 

e in there. 

SH sb 

, , «/» in »/iine. 

¥ f 

, , 

/ in find. 



, , with tbe point of the 

C^ R 

, , 

g in go. 

tongue pressed on 



somewhat like g in 
gargle. It repre- 
sents the Arabic 

tbe upper for© 
teeth, and nearly 
as t in <uko. 

letter gbain, and 



,, witb tbe point of 

has a peculiar gut- 

tbe tongue struck 

tural sound. 

buck on tbe palate. 

H h 
I i 


h in /touso. 
f in pai. 

and nctu-ly us < in 

Y 1 

, , 

i in poh'co, 
; in^UHt. 



tt in bull. 

J J 

, , 



, , u in rule. 


1 1 

some w but similar to 



, , V in vino. 

the Scotch oh in 



, , somewhat like to in 

locA. It represents 

toas, and having 

the Persian letter 

a power betwoen 

Ifhe, and has a 

tlio English v 

peculiar guttural 

and w. 




'_i in yt»ur. 

1; 1 

, , 

I in 2ano. 



in real. 


, , 

m in tnan. 

ZU zb 

zhm atAurew 

N n 

, , 

n in noon. 

\r>/c 1.- 

-The vowels, whetlirr lonir or abort, witb the point under thn^^ 

•s 4. i. t. V. C«, 

n^prcsent tlio btU«r nin, ui 

)d Imvo a peculiar guttural aoond. 


-lMi,dib,(lb,(][b. gb,jb. kb, pb, r 

1. tb 

tb. arereBpectiyelytheaspi- 

rutod of b, ch, 

d, «.!, g,j.k, p, r, t.ani 



( ^ii ) 

The following are the initial letters or abbreviations for the parts 
of speech, grammatical terms and other purposes : — • 

s, or suhst. for substantive. 

V. for verb. 

adj. for adjective. 

conj. for conjunction. 

adv. for adverb. 

part, for participle. 

pron. for pronoun. 

prep, for preposition. 

postpos. for postposition. 

interj. for interjection. 

m. or mas. for masculine. 

/. for feminine. 

a. for active. 

n. for neuter. 

poss. or posses, for possessive. 

sm^. for singular. 

pi. or pZwr. for plural. 

compar. for comparative. 

superl. for superlative. 

corrupt, for corruption. 

compos, for composition. 
contract, for contraction. 
inflect, for inflection, 
me^. for metonymically. 
j^^. for figuratively, 
j^rop. for properly. 
improp. for improperly. 
i?t*l^. for vulgarly. 
reZ. for relative. 
correl. for correlative. 
c?em. for demonstrative. 
indef. for indefinite. 
interrog. for interrogative. 
imper. for imperative, 
we^. for negative. 
j9ass. for passive. 
object, for objective. 
gen. for gender, 
pers. for person. 
Eng. for English, 







15, for Ab-i-gliost, read Ab i gosht. 



































































































Be ebimr 

Be shuiir. 




Be t^hm 

Bo tah'm. 




Be tawaqqii 

Bo tawaqqu. 




Be wastil 

Ik) wasta. 

















































Dhii a 





1 )uiuba 





























































25, /o 


read Haifa. 



































































Lfe ' 


































































































































all together. 









5 A, a short vowel, pronounced as u 
i in up. In composition it gives 
■4 the word it precedes a privative, 
I negative or diminutive meaning : 
I an is substituted for it wlien it 
I precedes a vowel. lu Hindi words 
i at the end, it may be usud to form 
f- tho diminutive of a noun, or ad- 
{s jectives from substantives. 
I* A, a long vow(*l, pronounced as a 
V in father : (imper. sing, of dna), 
■' come. 

ij Ab, adi\ now, presently, just now. 
Ab, 8. m. water ; splendour, dignity, 
honour ; lustro or water, (in 
gems;) temper, (of steol, &c.) 
and edge or sharpness, (of a 

i Abii, 8. (plur. of ab"), fathers. 
Abiibi'l, «. in. a swallow. 
AlMid, H. m. ett'rnity, without end. 
Aluid, (tdj. populous, civili/.rd, cul- 
tivatiMl, inhid)ited ; i)ruspcroua : 
I rumpoH. a city. 
M, ti. populiition. 
Alnuli', adj. ctcnjal, without oud. 
Ab:id kunui, r. a. to buiUl, to culti- 
vate, to civilize, to make a place 
J^\xi», adj. vain, absurd, prolitlesa : 
adv. in vain, idly. 
\ JS^\, 8. m. a servant (of God), a 


Abdiina, s. m. drink and food. 
Abdiir, 8. m. tiie person entrusted 

with the charge of water for 

drinking : adj. well-tempered, (as 

Abdiin', 8. /. brilliancy, (of gems ;) 

temjier or polish, (of steel.) 
Abddrkhuna, s. m. a room whore 

water for drinking is kept. 
Abdast, 8. m. tlie ablution or wash- 
ing after easing nature. 
Abdida, (idj. in tears. 
Ab(\ iuterj. hollo, you Allow, you 

rascal I 
Aber, 8.f. delay, latent 
Abe tabu karnti, to tbic mm uiou a 

Abbiig, ti. in. misfortune. 
Abluigii, ) adj. unfortunate, desti- 
Abluigi', f tuto. 
Ab-hi, udr. just now, exactly now, 

Abhidiiu, «. in. a dictionary. 
Abhiltik, 8. in. wisb, desire. 
Abbimjin, 8. in. pride haughtinc«». 

Abliiiutiui, adj. proud, haughty. 
Al)liipraya, «. in. meaning, iiitcuiii»:., 

Abbishek, 8. m. installation to of- 

llct», usiially by anointing. 
Abbisiiikt, adj.' anointed to office, 



[ 2 ] 


Abhiikhan, s. m. jewels, ornaments. 

Abliyas, s. m. study, practice, ex- 

Abliyasf, adj. studious. 

Abf, adj. aquatic, watery. 

Abibek, 6:. m. want of discrimina- 
tion, indiscretion. 

Abibeki', adj. indiscreet, incon- 

Abichar, s. m. want of consideration, 

Abicliari, adj. inconsiderate, unjust. 

Abid, s. m. an adorer, a votary, a 

Ab-i-gliOftt, s. m. gravy, brotb. 

Ab-i-hayat, s. water of life. 

Abila, s. m. a blister. 

Abinasf, adj. incorruptible, imper- 
isliable, eternal. 

Abir, s. m. a red powder, thrown 
about in the Holi. 

Abiswas, s. m. want of confidence, 

Abiswasi, m. j adj. without con- 

Abiswasin, /. > fidence, distrust- 

Abiswasini, /. ) ful. 

Abka, abke, abki, adj. of the present 
time, now. 

Abkar, s. m. a seller or distiller of 
wine ; a water-carrier. 

Abkan', s. f. the business of a dis- 
tiller, or water-carrier; duty le- 
vied on distilleries, 

Abklmra, s. m. a narrow-mouthed 
vessel for drinking out of. 

Ablah, adj. foolish, silly. 

Ablalii, s. /. folly, silliness. 

Ablaq, adj. pyebald, black and white. 

Abluqa, s. m. a bird of the maiua 
kind, a starling. 

Abniis, s. m. ebony. 

Abnusf, adj. made of ebony. 

Ab-o-dana, s. m. drink and food. 

Ab-o-hawa, s. /. air, atmosphere, cli- 

Abr, s. m. a cloud. 

Abra, s. m. the outer fold of a dou- 
ble garment. 

Abrak, s. m. talc, mica. • 

Abrf, adj. clouded, variegated. i 

Abru, s. /. eyebrow. 

Abru,s./. honour, character, renown. 

Abrii barbad denf, v. a. to lose 
one's own character, to destroy 
one's character. 

Abrii denf, v. a. to impart honour or 
reputation to any one. 

Abru leni, v. a. to take away cha- 
racter or reputation. 

Abru utarni, v. a. to dishonour, to 

Ab se, adj. hence, from tliis time. 

Abshora, s. water cooled with salt- 

Abtab, s. /. splendour. 

Ab tab, adv. presently. 

Ab tab bona, to be at the point of 

Ab tal?' ! ^^^' ^^^^ ^^^^'' hitherto, 
Abtala'k, ) >^^*' 
Abtar, adj. ruined, spoiled, worth- 
less, dissolute. 
Abtari, s. f. worthlessness, &c. 
Ab ten, adv. from tliis time, hence- 

Ab torf, adv. till now, hitherto, yet. 
Achakke men, all at once, suddenly. 
Achal, adj. immoveable, incapable 

of motion. 
Achaman, s. m. sipping water before 

religious ceremonies, meals, &c. 

from the palm of tlie hand and 

spitting it out again. 
Achambha, s. m. wonderful things, 

Achana, v. a. to rinse the mouth 

after eating, 
Achanak, \^adv. suddenly, una- 
Aclianchak, j wares, unexpectedly, 
Achar, 1 - ^^ „ 

Achar! / '• ^- P^^^'^'^'- 
Acharaj, s. m. a Hindu doctor, a 

learned pandit. 
Achar, banana, v. a. to pickle. 
Achchha, \ adj. good, excellent, 
Achchha, / healthy, well, sound. 


[ 3 ] 


Acholiha hona, v. n. to recover. 
Achcliha karna, v. a. to cure. 
Achchlja Ingna, to become, to be- 
seem, to be pleasing. 
Aclichhar, s. m. a letter of the al- 

Acholihat, 8. m. wliole rice used in 

religious ceremonies. 
Achchlie, se achcljha, adj. superl. 

best, best of all. 
Aeliclihi', tarah, well, right, properly. 
A;'hhen, 'ulj. ylur. good. 
A(;}i(!t, adj. out of mind or senses, 
Mselesss, stupiiied. 
Iirauti', 8. f. orthography. 
.\' hhtiina pachhtana, v. n. to repent, 

to grieve, to be soriy. 
Achliwiini', s. f. caudl*.'. 
Acliraj, 8. m. wonder, admiration. 
Aflitana paclitami, v. n. to repent, 
lo lament some neglect, to grieve. 
A( liiik, adj. unerring, undeviuting. 
^ ' in compos, half. 

, K. m. a perch for pigeons, tlie 
reh in a bird cage, an iron perch 
which parrots are chained ; a 
lice station in the country; a 
■d i)lace for unemployed palki 
irers and qiilis. 

8. m. ginger in the undried 

. X. /. performance, payment 
.\(i.l), 8. m. politenes**, civility, 

ef>«irt('Hy, urbanity, rule. 
AMal), 8. m. {plur. of udiib), cero- 
>iii(;s, politeness, civilities, in- 
. iiit-cH, rules. 
A(i;\l) bajahinii, to pay one's respects, 

to bi'liavc courU'ou.sly. 
Adal) karuti, tu respect, to behave 

A.(lad. 8. m. number. 
Ada hoiui, to bo p(»rformod, to be 

<lischarged, (a debt, &c.) 
Adiii, 8./, performance, payment. 
, Ada karmi, to perform, to disehurge 
I (a <lobt), to i>i\y. 
t ^(lalat, 9. f. ft court of justice, 
juaticc, law, equity. 

Adam, n. prop, Adam, the first man ; 

Adamkhor, adj. a cannibal. 
Adamzad, s. m. f. man, mankind. 
Adan, 8. /. Eden, paradise. 
Adar, s. m. respect, veaeration, 

Adarman, 8. m. respect and honour. 
Adarsa, 8. m. n sweetmeat. 
Adat, 8. /. hal>it, custom, usage. 
Adat kanui, to adopt a habit, to in- 
I troduce a custom, to accu>tom. 
Adawat, 8. /. enmity, hatred, strife, 


Adh, \ . 1 ^c 

*/. 1, ' > in compos, half. 

Addhi', 8.f. hidf a damri". 
Adhii, adj. half: in compos, it be- 
comes lidh, or adh, or ad. 
Adham, adj. inferior, low, vile, 

Adlmn, s. m. boiling water. 
Adhangi', adj. palsied, paralytic. 
Adhiir, 8. m. foo<l, aliment, victual- 
Adhar, 8. m. the lower lip; tl 

spaci^ between heaven and earti 
Adharm, s. m. injustice, irreligio 

impiety, sin. 
Ailharmi, adj. unjust, sinfid, cri 

minal, immoral. 
Adharmpanti, 8. m. injustice, crimo. 
Adharuil, 8. m. name uf a bort of 

AdbasiHi', »./. i>ftin aflW-ting tlio half 

of the luMvu, homicninia. 
Adhauri', 8. /. Imlf of a hide (of a 

thick strong kind.) 
Adhela, 8. m. half a {miiui. 
Adheli, s. /. half a rujK'e. 
Aii-her, adj. midtlle-agtd, just jxv-t 

the priujo of life. 
Adliik, adj. exce«>tUng, gRtitor, moi. 

ad«iitioual, (<xtra. 
Adhikai, 8. f. incream\ nugmcnta 

lion, abundance, cxee»s. 
Adliikiir, «. m. pottsessiun, right, do- 
Adhikun, adj. potisicsaor of a right, 

title or privilege. 


[ 4 ] 


Adlim, ) adj. obedient, dependent, 

Adhm, j submissive, humble, do- 
cile, subject. 

Adhmata, ) s, f. submission, obedi- 

Adliinata, / ence, servility, hu- 

Adhmi, s. /. submission, humble- 

Adiiiraj, 8. m. confusedness, un- 
steadiness : adj. unsteady, impa- 

Adhirat, s. /. midnight. 

Adhkachcha, adj. half-ripe, half- 

Adhkaha, adj. half-spoken, half- 

Adhkapalf, \s. f. a pain aifecting 

Adhkapan', / half the head, he- 

Adhmiia, adj. half- dead. 

Adhotar, s. /. a thin kind of cloth. 

Adhpakka, adj. half-ripe, half- 

Adlmra, adj. unfinished, half-ready. 

Adhwar, s. /. a half (generally ap- 
plied to pieces of cloth.) 

Adhyana, v. a. to halve, to divide. 

Adi, adj. first, prior: in compos. 
other, etcetera. 

Adib, s. m. a teacher of polite man- 
ners, urbanity, &c. 

Adil, adj. just, equitable, righteous. 

Adhkhila, adj. half-blo^rn, (a flower, 

Adkhula, adj. half-open. 

Adl, s. m. justice, equity. 

Ad la badla, s. m. exchange, altera- 

Adla badla kama, | to exchange, to 

Adla badli kama, / swop or barter. 

Adl badl, 8. m. exchange, alteration. 

Adli badli karni", v. to exchange, to 
swop or barter. 

Admara, adj. half-dead. 

Admi, s. m. f. a human being (man 
or woman), an individual. 

Admiyat, s. f. humanity, civility, 
good breeding. 

Admfyat men land, to civilize, 

Admiyat pakarni, to become civi- 

Admiyat sikhlani', to civilize. 

Admua, adj. half-dead. 

Adna, adj. inferior, lowest ; a per- 
son of no consequence. 

Adrak, s. f. ginger in an undried 

Adraki, s. f. a kind of sweetmeat. 

Adrishya, adj. invisible. 

Adwait, adj. unique, alone.' 

Adwan, "I s. f. braces for tigliten- 

Adwayan, / ing the cords of a 

Afat, s. f. calamity, misfortune. 

Afghan, n. prop, a people, called 
also Pat bans. 

Afim, s. f. opium. 

Afiman, f. \ t - , 

Afimchi, m. f ^- ^^ 0Pi^«i-^^ter ; 

A r.' - 1 fiq. a sot. 

Aiimi, m. ] "^ '^ 

Aflak, 8. (plur. of falak), the heavens, 
heavenly bodies. 

Aflatiin, n. prop. Plato. 

Afrm, s. f. praise : interj. bravo ! 
well done ! 

Afnhish, s. f. creation. 

Afrin karna, v. a. to praise, to ap- 

Afsana, s. m. a fable, a stoiy. 

Afslian, in compos, scattering, strew- 
ing, shedding, &c. 

Afshani kaghaz, sprinkled (with 
gold, &c.) paper. 

Afsos, s. m. sorrow, concern, vexa- 
tion, a pity : interj. ah ! alas ! 

Afsiin, s. m. incantation, a spell. 

Aftab, s. m. the sun. 

Aftaba, s. m. a kind of ewer. 

Aftabparast, s. a worshipper of tho 

Aftiibparastf, s. /. worship of the sun. 

Afii, s. m. absolution, forgiveness, 

Afwah, s. f. doubtful news ; fame, 

Afza, in compos, increasing. 

Afzaish, s. f. increase. 


[ 5 ] 


Af/al, adj. compar. more or most 

Afzud, adj. increasing, more. 
Xf*;, 8. f. fire, passion. 
Aga, 8. m. the front, the forepart. 
Agddh, adj. unfathomable, deep. 
Agah, adj. informed of, acquainted 

with, aware. 
Agiilii, 8. f. information, intelli- 
gence, vigilance. 
Agal, adv. before. 
'Agalimgal rakhna, to put one side. 
Ai^al jiina, to go out of the way. 
'v ;uii, adj. impassable, unfathoma- 
If, bottomless, 
mi, 8. m. futurity, 
iiubidya, 8./. the art or science 
I" foretelling or divining, 
iingnyani', 8. m. a prognosticator. 
Diit, ndj. innumerable. 
1 pichha kama, v. n. to hesitate, 
' waver. 

r, 8. m. wood of aloes. 
ir, conj. if. 

itiinu, V. n. to be conceited, to 
-ive (mo's self airs. 
A,(;ir bagar, K. w. trifling employ- 
ment or talk, trunjpery, tnush 
rchi, nnij. although, though, 
ri', rtr/r. before, in front, further 

I : «. /. the ropes with which a 
'•rs(;*H I'ori'fcct are tied. 

1 r i»iehhuri lagiinii, to confine a 

II wjilii, n. m. a cftst of mcrchnnts 
of tho Vai.sya tribe. 

Agiiu jiinii, to go to meet a per«on. 

A"-:tnni, 8. f. ilw going or sending 
I ward to meet and reccivo a 
^ i->itiint with honour. 

Ag barnsnd, v. n. to rain Are (ap- 
plied in tiio oxtremo heat of the 
sun, &c.^ 

Ag d(ii!i, i urn a Hindii 


Ago, adv. Ik furr, in front, beyond, 
formerly, onwards, hence, for- 
wards, iu future. 

Age, interj. voc. O ! used to a fe- 

Kge dhar lena, to get before, to out- 
strip, to surpass. 

K'^G jana, to go before. 

Kf^e lana, to bring forward. 

Aggya, "1 8. /. command, order, per- 

Aggya, / mission. 

Aggyakari', adj. obedient. 

Aghii, s. m. lord, chief, master. 

Aghan, s. m. the eighth Hindii 

Aghiina, v. n. to be satiated. 

Agluiri', adj. greedy. 

Aghaz, 8. m. beginning, commence- 

Aghlab, adv. most likely, probably. 

K'*, homi, 8. to get into a passion. 

Aghori", 8. m. See Aghorjmnthi'. 

Aghorpanth, s. m. a particular reli- 
gious order among Hindu's. 

Aghorpanthi', s. m. a faqir who cats 
everything however tilthy, even 
human carcases. 

Agin, 8. m. name of a bird, a kind of 

Aginbot, 8. a steamer. 

Agia, adj. prior, first, former; an- 
cestor ; other, next. 

X*;^ lagtimi, v. a. to set on fire, to i; 
flame ; to onitige. 

Ag lagnii, V, u. to bo enraged, to 1 

X*^ meu prtni dillmi, to extinguihli v 
lire ; to appt ase a tumult. 

Agm', g.f. fire. 

Agoriyii, 8. m. a watchman. 

Agornii, r. a. to wati'h. 

Agnim Iwgnuu, «. m. odiis and ends, 

Ag Hulgjinii, r. <i, to blow up a finv 

Agii, adj. forward ; adv. U»fe! 

Agiiii. <. m. a gtiide, ono who i\ 
ju.stH a nmrriagt*. 

Agihl janii, to go to nuvt a jxyrson. 

Ag u^hunti, r. a. to enmgi«. 

Agwii, 8. in. a guide, a foroninnr- 


[ 6 ] 


Agwalif, s. /. conflagration, 

Agwaf, s. /. guidanre. 

Agwara, s. m. the front, the fore- 
part, the space in the front of a 

Agyan, ) adj. witless, ignorant ; a 

Agyani, / simpleton. 

Agyanpan, s. m. ignorance, foolish- 
ness, stupidity. 

Agyiirf, s. f. kindling the fire by 
Hindus at the time of worshiji- 

Ah, s. f. a sigh : interj. alas ! 

Ahaliaha, interj. expressive of sur- 
prize, pain, pleasure, &c. Ah ! 
alia ! 

Ahan, s. m. a mixture of straw and 
earth for building walls. 

Ahani, adj. of iron, made of iron. 

Ahankar, s. m. pride, haughtiness, 

Ahankari, adj. haughty, arrogant, 
proud, an egotist. 

Ahar, s. m. aliment, food, victuals ; 

Ahat, s. m. sound, noise. 

Ah bharna, v. n. to sigh, to sob. 

Alid, s. m. f. contract, compact, 
promise, treaty; time. 

Alidnama, s. m. contract, an agree- 
ment in writing. 

Abe, interj. voc. O ! holla. 

Aher, s. f. prey, game, the chase, 

Aheri, 1 s. m. a sportsman, a 

Aheriya, / hunter. 

Ahir, s. m. a coAvherd, a caste whose 
business it is to attend on cows. 

Aliiri, s. /. a female of the Ahir 

Ahista, adv. gently, slowly, softly, 

Ahistagf, s. /. gentleness, softness, 

Ahil'-ahiste, }-'-g-«y.«>fay- 
Ahkam, s. (plur. of hukm), orders, 
commands, decrees. 

Ahl, s. m. people : adj. fit, capable, 
worthy : in compos, possessed of, 
endowed with. 

Ahl i aql, wise. 

Ahl i ilm, scientific. 

Ahl i kar, a workman, a clerk. 

Ahl i kitab, a learned man, a person 
of any religion revealed and con- 
tained in books. 

Ahl i shara, a legislator, a lawyer, 
one who observes the law of Mu- 

Ahmaq, adj. very or most foolish, 
fool, blackhead. 

Ahmaqana, adv. foolishly, stupidly. 

Ahmaqpan, s. m. j ^' ^"^ ^* 

Ah marna, v. n. to groan, to sigh. 

Aho, m. interj. voc. O ! holla ! 

Ahra, s. m. a reservoir for collecting 
rain water to water the fields. 

Almt, s. m. incense used in burnt- 
otfe rings. 

Ahwal, s. m. condition, circum- 
stances, events, state. 

Ahwal batlana, to state one's condi- 

Ahwal puchhna, to inquire after 
health, &c. 

Ai, interj. O ! used in calling to or 

Aib, s. m. fault, defect, a vice, ble- 

Aibgiri", s. /. finding fault. 

Aibi, adj. faulty. 

Aib lagiina, to defame, to slander. 

Aigun, s. m. defect, blemish, vice. 

Ain,a<i/. the very, exact, intrinsic, real. 

Ain, s. m. regulation, institute, 
common law. 

Auia, s. m. a mirror, a looking- 

Aiuak, s. f. spectacles, glasses to 
assist the sight. 

Ainchna, v. a. to draw, to attract. 

Aini baini karna, to do eye-service. 

Aintb, s. f. twisting, tightening, 
twist, coil. 


[ 7 ] 


Aintbna, v. a. to tighten : v. n. to 
writiie, to cramp, to twist ; to 
Ain waqat, the exact time. 
Aisa, acJj. such, this -like, so; re- 
sembling, lil^e. 
Aisa waisa, adj. of little moment, 

Aise, adv. thus. 
Aise men, in the mean time. 
Aish, 8. m. pleasui'e, delight, 
^islj o a.-hrat, 8. f. pleasure, luxury, 

j;ds, 8. profligacy, voluptuous- 

M, adv. this year. 
» ;irj, 8. m. glory, splendour. 
Ml, 8.7n. season, weather. 
r, adj. cunning, sly. 
sli, adj. luxurious, 
dii', «. /. luxury, profligacy. 
'kIv. to-day. 

.-. m. a paternal grandfiither. 
I >, \ adj. rare, wonderful, 

• tarah, / stmnge. 
li, 'is. (plur. of ajib), wonders, 
l»it, / curiosities. 
i I o ghaniib, wonders, curiosities, 
r:ingu things. 
, K. f. a natural death. 

I, adj. ignorant, simple. 

II, r. n. to come suddenly, to be- 
ll, tx) happen, to come unawaivs. 

, adj. inluiuous, disreputable. 
. adj. expelletl from his caste 

I, «. {plur. of jadd), nnocstors. 
r, ». m. a largo serpent, tliu boa 

III, adj. extraordiuar)', surpris- 

Aj-hu, adv. yot, irametlintoly. 
Aj-hUo, iidv. yet, hitherto, this very 

Aji, an interjection to call or bespeak 

Aji'b, adj. wouderful, nstouialiiug. 

Aji'ran, s. m. indigestion. 

Ajit, adj. invincible. 

Aji'z, adj. impotent, weak, exhausted, 

Ajizi', 8. f. weakness, humility, hope- 

Aj ke din, I ^ 

A] ke roz, j -^ 

Ajkal, adv. now-a-days, in a few 

aSS} to P-ra.ti„ato. 

Aj ki nit, to-night. 

Ajnabf, adj. foreign, strange, un- 
known person.; 

Ajniis, 8. (plur. of jins), kinds, sorts^ 

Ajogya, adj. improper, imbecoming. 

Ajor, adj. without joining. 

Ajr, 8. m. retribution, hiiv, fare. 

Ajiira, 8. ?/t. hire, rent, wnges, fare. 

Ajiimdar, 8. m. a labourer for hire. 

Ajwiiyan, 8. f. the seed of a plant of 
the dill kind. 

Ajz, 8. m. weakness, wretchotlness. 

Vk^l' 1 ^' ^' ^*^"^^"^» scarcity, pine! 
Akiir, 8. m. form, shape. 
Akar, 8. /. erooktHlness ; strut. 
Akarath, adj. proiitlesy, in vain. 
Akfiratb, or Ak»irthe mama, 

die by accident. 
Akarbai, h. /. the cramp. 
Aliurlmz, »'.m. an uflbcted i)er» : 

a fop. 
Akarbjizi*. »./. Hwajjpering. stnitting. 
Akami, «. m. Uid action, sin, viw, 

Akarnmk, adj. intmnsitive, (a verl 
Akarmi, adj. wntch, unpriucipliHl. 
Aktirnti, V. n. t4> writhe, to ache, ti» 

be cramiHMl, to ^lrut. 
Aku.M, i K. VI. the sky, the attnor 
Aku.H, / Kplure, the licaveiw, llr- 

luanient, .H|>ace. 
Akiislnini, 8./. a voice fmm hcaveiu 
Akiijidiya, «. tii. a lamp hunihI in the 

uir by tho Hindus in iho muuUi 
I of Kiirtik. 


[ 8 ] 


Akasmat, adv. immediately, sud- 

Akbar, adj. greater, very great, 

Akela, adj. alone, single, solitary. 

Aklia, s. m. a bag in which grain is 
carried on bullocks. 

Akhara, s. m. a place for wrestling. 

Akhbar, s. (plur. of khabar), news, 
a newspaper. 

Akhir, s. m. the end, completion. 

Akhir, adj. last, latter: s. m. end, 
issue : adv. at last, finally. 

Akhirash, adv. at the end of it, 
finally, after all. 

Akhirat, s. f. futurity, a future state. 

Akhiri", adj. last, final. 

Akhlaq, s. (plur. of khulq), virtues. 

Akhor, s. f. refuse, otfal, filth. 

Aklirot, s. m. a walnut. 

Akhta'.} «''i- a gelding. 

Akhta murgh, s. m. a capon. 

Aks, s. m. the contrary, opposite; 
spite, opposition. 

Aksar, adv. generally, for the most 
part, usually, often. 

Aksar auqat, at most times, gene- 
rally, frequently. 

Akulana, v. n. to be agitated, to be 
confused, to be distracted. 

Akwand, s. m. the swallow wort. 

Akwar, s. f. embrace. 

Akwar bhet, s.f. meeting and em- 

Al, prop. Yal, s. f. a horse's mane ; 
the name of a tree from which a 
red colour is extracted. 

Ala, adv. above, on, upon. 

Alag, adj. separate, apart, distinct. 

Alag alag, adv. separately. 

Alag karna, to separate. 

Alahida, adj. or adv. separate, apart, 

Alaihi, on him. 

Alaihira, on them. 

Alaihis salam, blessing on him. 

Alaish, s. f. pollution, contamination, 

Alakh, adj. invisible, unseen. 
Alam, s. m. the world, universe, con- 
Alam, s. m. colours, standard. 
Alambardar, s. m. standard-bearer. 
Alaman, s. m. a German. 
Alamat, s. /. a mark, a sign 

Alan, s. straw, &c. mixed in eartl 

for building. 
Alan, s. m. the brushwood used foi 

creepers to run on. 
Alang, s. f. side, way, quarter. 
Alao, s. m. a bonfire. 
Alapna, v. a. to pitch the voice, t( 

Alas, s. m. laziness, slowth, drow' 

Alasyf, adj. drowsy, slothful. 
Alawa, adv. besides, in addition. 
Alaya, s. m. an affix signifying th( 

abode of; as, Himalaya, the abod( 

of snow. 
Albatta, adv. certainly, indeed 

Albela, adj. a simpleton. 
Altelpana, s. m. a piece of folly 

Alfaz, s. m. (plur. of lafz), words 

articulate sounds, terms. 
Alfin, s. m. a pin. 
Algaf, s. f. separation. 
Algana, v. a. to separate, to put oi 

one side. 
Algani", 8. f. a line for hanging. 

clothes on. 
Algharaz, adv. in short, upon the 

whole, in a word. 
Algoja,, whistle, pipe, flageolet 
Alhamdu lillahi, God be praised. 
Alhar, adj. young, untaught, un 

All', a proper name, Muhammad's 

Alif be, s. f. the alphabet. 
Ah'l, adj. indisposed, weak, sick. 
Alim, adj. learned, knowing. 
Allah, s. m. God. 


[ 9 ] 


AUiih allah ! an interjection expres- 
sive of surprise and approbation. 

Allulm akbar, God is great. 

Allah re, God! ray God ! 

A 11am ghallam, s. m. random, &c. 

Almas, s. m. a diamond. 

Almasf, adj. cut into facets (like a 

Almasf ranpc, s. m. a bright clear 
white colour. 

Al o atftil, 8. /. family. 

Alol kalol, 8. f. gambols, playsome- 
iicss, wantonness. 

I, adj. not salt, fresh, insipid. 

.. < houa, V. n. to disappear, to 

Alpin, 8. m. a pin. 

A 1 i!<sa, adv. in short, in a word. 
ill, v. n. to be drowsy, to be 


, s. /. linseed. 
8. m. an esculent root, a 
Alii, Hukhiira, 8. m. a kind of plum. 
Alii hi, (ulj. defiled, foul, smeared; 
>i. m. the mango fruit ; the 
iiigo tree. 

I I. H./. arrival, income, coming. 
I () raft, \ 8.f. coming and go- 
1 o shud, I ing, access and 
I raft, I egress, inter- 
1 shnd, j course. 
I. 8. in. intr^xicatio!!. 
I, 8. m. action, work, practice, 

la, "I tho native ofHccre in 
A ma hi fiiil, f civil couHh. 
Amahhir, H. m.n native »u))altcm, an 

olliccr in the army. 
jjLinaldain', f. f. tlio bu8ine88 of an 

Anmli, adj. artificial, pmcticnl. 
Anuin, «. /. safety, Boinirity, protec- 
tion, quarter. 
Amana, v. n. to bo containctl, to go 

'^ itiat, 8. f. deposit, any thing 
von in trust. 

Amanatdar, s. m. a trustee. 
Amanatdari, 8. f. guardianship, 

agency, trust. 
Amanya, adj. undeserving of credit. 
Amar, adj: immortal, deathless, ever- 
Amarpad, «. m. the state of an im- 
mortal, immortality. 
Amawas, s.f. the day of the new 

Amawat, s, m. the inspissated juice 

of the mango. 
Amber, 8. m. ambergris. 
Ambari, adj. odour of ambergris. 
Ambari', 8. f. a covered litter for an 

Ambiya, s./. a small unripe mango : 

8. (plur. of nabi), prophets. 
Amlx>h, 8. m. a crowd, multitude, 

mob, concourse. 
Amchur, 8. m. parings of the mango 

dried in the sun. 
Amdan, adv. purposely, designedly, 
i^mdam', «. /. imjx)rt, income, reve- 
Amez, in compo8. mixed, mixing. 
Amezish, 8. /. mixture, intercourse. 
Amin, adj. ameti, so bo it. 
Ami'n, 8. m. a commissioner, a tru- 
tree, an oversei^r and invtstigat<.»r, 
a superintendent. 
Ammi', 8. f. the ottico of a commis- 

sioniT, ovcrsrcr, &c. 
Amnj, adj. deep, profound. 
Amir 8. in. a nobleman, u gran»lt < . 

a |K>rson of eminence. 
Aminina, ndj. primvly, lonlly. 
Amiri', 8. f. nobility, groatnes.««, swu} 

Amirziida, nobly lK>rn. 
Amif, adj. indelible. 
And ka/nti, to net, to npemtc. 
AmniA, 8. /. mother. 
Amn, 8. in. security, safety. 
Ammi stinma, 9. mi. confronting. 
Amne stimne, adv. op)K)Hito, faoo to 

Amr. 8. m. tlio im]vnitivo mood in 
grammar ; an afi'iur. a trunsactioQ. 


[ 10 ] 


Amra, s. m. the liog-plum. 

Am lit, s. m. nectar. 

Amrud, s. m. a guava. 

An, a prefix of negation, privation, or 

An, adj. other, another. 

Ana, V. n. to come : s. m. the six- 
teenth part of a rupee, or gene- 
rally a sixteenth part. 

Anadar, s. m. dibrespect, affront. 

Anadi, adj. without beginning, 

Anaj, s. m. grain, corn. 

Anakani, s. /. turning a deaf ear. 

Anakani karna, to overlook, to turn 
a deaf ear, to connive at. 

Anand, s. m. f. happiness, joy, 

Anandit, adj. joyful, glad. 

Anannas, s. m. a pine-aiDple. 

Anannasi, adj. made like a pine- 

Anant, adj. boundless, endless: s. 
m. a cord with fourteen- knots 
which the Hindus tie on the 
arm on the fourteenth day of 

Anar. s. m. a pomegranate ; a kind 
of fire-works. 

Anari, \ adj. unskilful, clumsy, in- 

Anari, j expert. 

Anarpan, s. m. unskilfulness, clum- 
siness, ignorance. 

Anarth, adj. absurd, improper. 

Anath, adj. husbandless, destitute, 
forlorn, orphan. 

Anbiyaha, adj. unmarried. 

Anch, s.f. heat, flame of a fire (not 
of a candle.) 

Ancha], ) s. m. the end 6r border of 

Anclial, / a cloth, veil, shawl, &c. 

Anchit, adv. unawares, suddenly. 

Anchla, s. m. see Anchal. 

Anda, s. m. an egg. 

Anda dena, to lay an Qg^. 

Andaj, adj. oviparous. 

Andar, prep, within, in the inside. 

Andarsa, s. m. a kind of fried sweet- 

Anda, sewna, to incubate. 

Andaz, s. m. measure, weighing, 
conjecture, guess. In compo&. 

Andaza, s. m. measure, valuation, 

Andekha, adj. unseen, invisible. 

Andel, adj. oviparous ; with egg (a 

Andesha, s. m. thought, concern, 

Andesha karna, to reflect, to hesi- 
tate, to fear. 

Andha, adj. blind, dark. 

Andlia dhund lutana, to squander, 
to spend extravagantly. 

Andha kiia, s. m. a dry well. 

Andhan, s. m. wealth in both grain 
and specie. 

Andher, s. m. injustice, violence. 

Andhera, adj. dark : s. m. dark- 

Andlif, s. f. storm, gale, tempest. 

Andhkar, s. m. darkness. 

Andhla, adj. blind. 

Andhlapan, s. m. blindness ; intel- 
lectual blindness. 

Andhoa, adj. unwashed, unclean. 

Andhyani, adj. dark, blind : s. m. 

Anek, adj. many, much, abundant. 

Ang, s. m. the body, a limb, a 

Anga, s. m. a coat, a kind of spen- 

Angan, s. m, a court-yard. 

Angara, s. m. embers, a firebrand. 

Angarha, adj. unformed, unwrougl it. 

Angarkha, s. m a kind of jacket. 

Angethf, s.f. a chafing-dish. 

Angez, in compos, exciting. 

Angfkar, s. m. an agreement, n 
promise, acceptance of a pro- 

Angina, I ,. nup^^erless, innu- 

f^^^^^^l merable. 

Angmti, j 

Angiya, s. f. bodice, stays. 


[ lA ] 


^^'•^^'^^«-^;\ a court-yard. 

lii^oclilia, s. m. a cloth with which 
Hindus wipe themselves after 
batldng ; a towel. 
\ngrai', s.f. stretching the limbs, a 

fVngrana, v. n. to stretch the limbs, 

to yawn. 
\ngrezi, adj. English, the English 

1 1 , «. m. a finger's breadth. 
ill', 8./. a finger or toe. 
1 r, 8. m. a grape ; granulations 
u healing sore. 
i\iii^Miri', adj. of or relating to the 

iiigushtnuma, one who is pointed 

ingushtiina, «. m. a thimble, a ring. 
•Vngiitha, «. m. tlie thumb, 
^n^aithr, «. /. a ring worn on the 

\nli(>na, adj. impossible, not to be. 
VnliwiiTui, V. a. to cause to be 

\nr, H./. the point or edge of any 

Ihing sharp, 
A.niti, ». /. unmanncrlinc'HS, rudc- 

n' sH, injustice, impropriety. 
.\njali, H. /. the cavity formed by 

pulling the two hands together. 
(Vnjiini, a. m. end, termination. 
Anjan, 8. m. a collyrium or applica- 
tion to the eyelids when iuilumud, 

or to improve ihem. 
\nian, adj. uawilting, itnintonUon- 

1 : a. a stranger. 
.\niana, adj. unknown, ignorant 
.Vnjiuu', a. I (u/r. ignorantly, im- 
Anjiln be, / wittingly. 
Anjir,8. 7*1. a llg. 

jAiik, \ «. m. llguro, number, mark 
i/Vnk, / on cloth to show tlic price. 
A'nkli, ». f. the eye. 
Aukli linj', to 1)0 blour-oyod, to have 

an inllammatiou in the oyca. 

Ankh bachaua, to steal away pri- 
vately and unseen. 

Ankh badalna, to withdraw one's 
favour or affection from any one. 

Ankh band kar leni', to turn from 
another; to die. 

Ankh bharke dekhna, to look till 
one's curiosity is fully satisfied. 

Ankh bhar land, to be ready to 

Ankh chi'r chir dekhna, "I to look 

Ankh chirke dekhna, j with 
great attention and deep meditti- 
tion, or with anger. 

Ankh churani, to avert tho eyes 
through shame, to avoid the sight 
of any one. 

Ankh dab(labana, to be in tears. 

Ankh dikhlani, to frighten, to brow- 

Atrivh ghurakna, to look at with 

Ankh lagiini, to fall in love, to con- 
tract friendship for any one. 

Ankh nnirni, to wink. 

Ankh michauli, s. f. | blindmans 

Ankh michauwal, 8. m. I butt*. 

Ankhou nu'O charbf chhiina, to be 
wilfully blind, to pretend from 
pride not to know one's old uo- 

Ankhou nieu ^h^k dldlni', to com- 
mend or part' wares of an inferi(»r 
quality; to pilfer ami .snatch 
away anything ipiickly auil pri- 

Ankhoo inco khapikn^ to bo Kct tt 
with envy and dislike. 

Ankh piuHarnii, to oih^u one's eye ^ 
to htjii-e. 

Aukh phor lenii, to turn away th 
eves (^as from grief, ilitiplea£>uri 

j\nkh phofti. 8. m. u midgo said to 
lly in the eyes. 

Ankh phorni, to muko blind. 

Anknu, r. n. to bo viUucil, • 
prized, to bo marked. 


[ 32 ] 


Ankna, v. a. to value, to prize, to 

mark (the price on cloth.) 
Anksf, s. f. a hook, tenter. 
Ankur, \ . 

Ankus, s. m. the hook or iron with 
which elephants are driven. 

Ankwar, s. /. embrace. 

Anmel, adj. discordant, heteroge- 

Anmol, adj. invaluable, beyond 

Ann, s. m. food, victuals, grain. 

Anna, v. a. to bring. 

Annf, s. f. a nurse for a child. 

Annjal, | s. m. victuals and 

Annpanf, / drink. 

Anokha, adj. rare, uncommon, won- 

Anparha, adj. illiterate, uninformed. 

An parna, v. n. to happen, to come 

Anqabiit, s. / a spider. 

Anqarib, adv. near, soon, shortly, 
• nearly. 

Anrit, s. f. unmannerliness, ill be- 

Ans, s. m. part, division, share. 

Ansamjha, adj. not imderstood, not 

Ansamjh karna, to pretend not to 

Ansdhari, adj. becoming incarnate. 

Ansu, s. m. a tear. 

Ansuna, adj. unheard. 

Ansuni karna, to pretend not to hear. 

Ant, s. m. end, completion: adv. 
after all, at last. 

Ant, s. f. entrails, gut, tripe. 

Auta, 8. m. a ball, a marble. 

Antachit bona, to trip up, to fall 

Antaghar, s. m. a billiard-room. 

Antakaran, s. m. the understanding. 

Antarberl, n. prop, name of the 
country between the Ganga and 
Jamuna rivers. 

Antardhyan, out of sight, vanished, 

Antanchh, s. m. vanishing. 

Antarichh ho jana, to vanish. 

Antarjamf, adj. knowing the heart. 

Anthi, s. f. stone of fruit. 

Antf, s. f. a skein of thread, a 
bundle of grass, &c., a small 

Antkal, s. m. dying moment, hour of 

Antna, v. n. to be contained. 

Antri, s. f. entrails, intestine, 
bowels, gut. 

Antriyan jalna, ) to be very 

Antriyon men ag lagna,/ hungry. 

Antwana, v. a. to make contain. 

Anuchit, adj. improper. 

Anugrah, s. m. favour, grace, kind- 

Aniip, adj. incomparable. 

Aniitha, adj. rare, wonderful, un- 

Anw, s. m. the glutinous whitish 
matter or mucus voided by people 
afflicted witii a tenesmus. 

Anw girna, v. n. to void white glu- 
tinous stools. 

Anyae, | s. m. injustice, oppres- 

Anyaya, / sion. 

Anyayi, adj. unjust, oppressive. 

Ap, pron. self, selves, yourself, you 
sir, used respectfully and po- 
litely instead of the second per- 
sonal pronoun. 

Apahaj, adj. cripple. 

Apajas, s. m. ignominy, dishonour. 

Apajasi, adj. ignominious. 

Apaman, s. m. contempt, disrespect. 

Apan, pron. reclp. self. 

Apar, adj. boundless, excessive. 

Aparadh, s. m. transgression, crime. 

Aparadhf, s. m. ) a criminal, sinner, 

Aparadhin, s. f. j offender. 

Aparampar, adj. boundless, infinite. 

Apas, pron. recip. themselves, one 

Apas men, mutually, among our- 
selves, themselves, &c. 

Apavitr, adj. unclean, defiled, im- 


C 13 ] 


ipavitrata, s. f. uucleanness, defile- 
ment, impurity. 
Vphania, v. n. to gormandize. 

^'\ '!'^^ \ adv. spontaneously. 

\phiin, 8. f. opium. 

Yplal j, \ adj. attending to one's own 

^pkajr, / business, engaged in 

one's o^vn affairs. 
\pna, pron. pass, of or belonging to 

self, own. 
ipniina, v. a. to make a thing one's 

own, to convert to one's own 

A-pnayat, s. f. family relations, 

Apranuin, adj. without proof, untrue. 
A])nip, 8. m. and adj. self, self- 

Ibrmed, the Deity, 

J^ ^^' , \ adv. spontaneously. 

/C|).swartli, 8. m. selfisliness. 
Alp.swurthr, adj. selfish, seeking the 

Ai|:i, H. 711. master, owner. 
A'|:il», adv. behind, after : s.m. the 

jA<]«l, 8. m. a knot; a marriagc-com- 

piict, a^^^recment. 
/<[il»nl, 8. f. tiie end, future state. 
^<libatiin(leMh, adj, prudent, looking 

into futurity. 
.5<iil, adj. wise, Bcnsibio : «. w. a 

Aql, 8. /. reason, inf ■" ■■♦ "'-nsc, 

A(|lan, adii. reasonably. 
A<|l (iaurtinti, to Hpeculiito, to think. 
wA.(ili, (tilj. rt'UHonable, of or relating 

to inttlleet. 
iViihniind, adj. sensible, intclloctual, 


Acilnumdr, 8./. sense, iutclligonca 
Acjsiiin, ».%/. (plur. of qijiia;, sorU, 

A'r. 8. /. a »kro(Mi,8holtor, protection, 

htup, liindmnce. 
Ar, 8. m. shame, modosty. 

Ar, 8./. eontention, contrariety, ob- 
Ara, adj. oblique, crooked, across. 
Aia, 8. in. a saw ; the name of a dis- 
Ai'cxh, 8. m. Arabia ; an Arabian 

Arabf, adj. Arabian, Arabic ; the 

Arabic (language), an Arab 

Aradhmi, v. a. to celebrate the 

praises of God. 
Araish, 8. f. embellishment. 
Arajna, v. a. to earn, to acquire. 
Arakash, s. m. a sawyer. 
Aram, 8. m. ease, rest, relief, repose, 

Arambh, 8. m, beginning, prologue. 
Aramgcih, s. /. a resting-place; a 

Arami', adj. a lover of ease ; idle, 

Ariim karnii, v. n. to rest, to reix>se. 
Anim piina, v. n. to recover. 
Apmg, 8. /. a deiMjt. 
Araq, «. m. juice, essence, spirit, 

sap, sweat. 
Apiru, 8. m. high steep banks of a 
• river. 
Arasta, adj. prenanxl, dresse<l. 

adorned, embellished, decked oui 
Artistugi, 8. /. prepunilion, deeoru 

tioii, arrangement. 
Arbal, 8. /. ago. 

Arb.if, 8. ;/i. unmeaning words, «fco. : 
I ruu'ged, uneven. 
I Afbar Udvuii, V. (I, to talk uoilsimi 
I Hically, U) ravo. 
Ardali, from orderly, «. /. tlio pei 

Kon.s who run l>eforu tho palk 

&,{\ of a rich man. 
Ardawji, 8. m. coarsely ground me«i 

made of parched barley oud 

other grain. 
Anlluinir. 8. m, half tho body ; 

Anihiingi, adj. ono ofUictcd witli 



[ 14 ] 


Are, m. interjection used in calling 

to or addressing;, commonly in a 

disrespectful way, Holla ! ho ! O ! 

hear you ! 
Argani", s. f. a line for hanging 

clothes on to dry. 
Argha, s. m. a vessel used by the 

Hindus for performing libations 

in their devotions. 
Argh dena, to pour out water to the 

Arhaf, two and half ; or when used 

with a noun of number, twice and 

half tlio aggregate number, 
Arhaiya, s. m. a weight of two and 

a half sers, a measure containing 

two and a half sers. 
Arhar, s. f. a species of pulse. 
Afhat, 8. /. sale by commission, 

Arhatiya, s. m. a broker, one who 

sells on commission. 
An', s. f. a small saw, a hand-saw. 
Ari, interj. f. see Are, 
Ariyat, s. f. a loan, anything bor- 
^ rowed. 

Ariyutf, adj. borrowed, assumed. 
Arjan, s. m. gain, earning. 
Arkatf, s. m. a pilot. 
Arman, n. "prop. Armenia. 
Armani', adj. Armenian. 
Arna, v. n. to stop, to be restive or 

halt (as a horse.) 
Arna, s. m. a wild buffalo. 
Ami', s. f. a female wild buffalo. 
Aros pares, s. m. neighbourhood. 
Arosi parosf, s. neiglibour. 
Arpan, s. m. an otieiing. 
Arsa, s. m. a space of time, period, 

Arsatl), adj. sixty-eight. 
Arsh, s, in. a throne ; the ninth 

Arsi, s. f. a mirror (particularly one 

woi-n on the thumb.) 
Arta, s. m. a ceremony attending 

Arspars, s. m. touching. 

Artala, s. m. screen, shelter, a 

Artalis, adj. forty-eight. 

Arth, s. m. intention, object, mean- 

Arthat, adv. namely, that is to say, 

Artf, s. /. a ceremony performed 
with a lamp in adoration of the 

Artis, adj. thirty-eight. 

Aru, covj. and ; more, again. 

Arils, s. f. bride. 

Arwah, s. (plur. of ruh), spirits, 

Arwf, s. f. a vegetable, the root oi 
which is used in food. 

Arz, s. f. a petition, request, re- 
presentation ; breadth, latitude. 

Arzan, adj. cheap. 

Aizani, s. f. cheapness, abundance 
of provisions, 

Arzdar, adj. broad ; a petitioner. 

Arzi, s. f. a representation, memo- 
rial, a written petition. 

Arz karna, to represent, to offer, to 

Arzii, s. f. wish, desire. 

Arzumand, adj. desirous, eager, 

As, '\ s. f. hope, desire, trust, re- 
Asa, / liance, 

Asa, s. m. a statf, mace. 

Asabardar, s. a mace-bearer. 

Asad, s. m. the lion, Leo (the sign 
of the zodiac.) 

Asal, s. f. see Asl. 

Asalatan liazir bona, to be present 
in person. 

Asami", s. m. or /. a defendant (in 
a lawsuit), a tenant, renter, 

Asan, s. m. a stool, a seat, a carpet 
to sit on ; attitude, posrture, espe- 
cially those adopted by jogis in 
their devotional exercises ; the 
name of a tree on which the ta- 
sar silkworm feeds. 


[ 15 ] 


PLn-cin, adj. e£tsy, convenient, com- 
r, s.f. a small carpet on wliicli 
iiiidiis sit at worship. 

' .' ' . \ s.f. facility, easiness. 

! , 8. m. an impression, effect. 
A.surli, 8. m. the name of the third 

Hindu month. 
Asas ul bait, household furniture. 
Asiit, adj. untrue, false., s. m. goods and chattels, 
irniture, apparatus, bnggage. 

Ill', 8. /. a line for hanging 
.u'.ncs on. 
Ashurfi', 8. /. see Aslimfi'. 
Ashcharj, 8. m. amazement, asto- 
nishment, surprise. 
A^!l i jau, barky- water, water- 

^shiq, 8. a lover. 

^,shi(pina, adj. amorous, lover-like. 
^.shi«ii', 8./. making love, love. 
Ashk, 8. in. a t( ar, tears. 

l.:ir, 1 ar/J. apparent, clear, rc- 
I iru, / vculcd, known, public. 
ok, 8. 7n. vcrsci, distich. 
AMhiui, 8. m. f. an acquaintance, 

lover, friend. 
Ashiiiir, 8. /. acquaintance, friond- 

A.shnai karnd, v. a. to associate, to 

Am 1 1 mil' lagnd, v. n. to become in- 
Ashniin, h. m. bathing. 
A.^hmiyiitja, (idr. in u friendly way, 

til rough friendship. 
Ashruf, 8. (ftlnr. of bhftrif)i nobles, 

.'entry, gentlemen. 
Ashrafi, 8. /. a gold coin so called: 

improperly calle*! usharfi. 
Ashrat, (properly Jshrat). 8. /. so- 

eioty ; plcusmv, delii^ht, enjoy- 

nuMit, mirtli. 
A>h(, adj. eight. 
A.sii(an>, 8. m. the eighth iluy of the 

iiiorcaso or dccrcuwo of the moon ; 


Ashufta, adj. distressed. 

Asf, adj. disobedient, rebellious : 

8. in. and /. a rebel, a sinner. 
Asikii, 8. m. blessing, benediction. 
Asil, adj. well-bom, noble, genuine : 

8. f. a kind of lady's maid. 
Asin, 8. m. the sixth Hindu month. 
Asir, 8. m. a prisoner, a captive. 
AsirWid, \ s. m. a benediction, a 
Asirbad, / salutation, blessing. 
Asiri, 8. /. imprisonment, captivity. 

j^\^' \ s. f. blessing, benediction. 

Askat, 8. /. laziness, tardiness. 
Askatiinii, v. n. to be lazy. 
Abkati, adj. lazy, remiss. 
Asl, 8. /. root, origin, lineage ; ca- 
pital, stock in traile. 
Asian, adv. by no nuans, never. 
Ash', m/j. original, radical, essentiaV 

genuine, fundamental. 
Asniiin, s.m. the sky, the firmament. 

Asmani', adj. heaveidy, colestial, 

azure, sky-coloured. 
Asmuni rang, a(}j. sky-blue. 
Asniin, 8. m. bathing. 
AwoQ, lulv. this year. 
Aspiis, 8. m. vicinity, circumference 

adj. uround, on all sides., 8. in. time, age; tiio time of 

prayer before suns<»t. 
Asni, 8. in. trust, reliance, hop< 

usyluin, retreat^ hiding-plttco. 
Asrait, adj. an expectaut. 
Aksi', adj. eighty. 
Ant. 8. m. st»tting of the sun. 
Astidiai, 8 m. a stable. 
Astaglitir ullah, I ontrt^ai for^venen 

of Ciutl, (an expression signifying 

a negation.) 

A^Uilla, } *• '"• * thrcsliolil 
Astar, 8. m. lining. 
Aste, adj. gently, softly. 
As^h, (i<^'. eight. 
A$(iham, adj. the oightli. 
Ashtami, 8. /. the eighth day of 
the iuuar fortnight. 


[ 16 ] 


Astlian, s. m. place, abode, resi- 
Astliir, adj. properly restless, un- 
steady, but generally used in the 
sense of at rest, at peace. 
Ast bona, to set (the sun.) 
Astin, s. /. a sleeve. 
Astut, s. /. praise, a song of praise. 
Asiida, adj. at rest, quiet, tranquil, 

satisfied, contented. 
Asudadil, adv. quiet or easy in mind, 

Asudagr, s. /. quiet, peace, content. 
Asiidahal, full, at ease, contented. 
Asudh, adj. unholy, incorrect. 
Asudhta, s. /. impurity, an error, a 

Asugan, s. m. bad omen. 
Asur, s. m. a sort of evil spirit. 
Aswar, s. m. cavalry, a horseman ; 
riding on any thing fas a ship, 
Aswari, s. f. a cavalcade, horseman- 
ship, riding. 
Ata, s. m. a kind of custard apple. 
Ata, s. f. a gift, present, favour. 
Ata, s. m. flour, meal. 
Atak, s. f. prevention, stop, obstruc- 
tion, obstacle. 
Atakna, v. n. to be stopped, to be 

prevented, to stick, to stop. 
Atal, adj. immoveable, steadfast. 
Atal, s. f. a stack, a rick (of grass, 
corn, &c.), a heap of baggage, 
■ Atala, s. m. a heap ; furniture. 
Atari, s. /. a thatched upper room. 
Atash, s. f. fire ; anger. 
Atashak, s. /. the venereal disease. 
Atashbaz, s. m. a player or maker 

of fireworks. 
Atashbaz f, s. f. exhibition of fii'C- 

Atashdan, s. m. a chafing-dish, any 

receptacle for fire. 
Atashmizaj, adj. fiery-tempered. 
Atashparast, s. m. a worshipper of 

Atashparastf, s. f. the worship ol 

Atfal, s. (plur. of tifl), children. 
Ath, adj. eight. 
Athah, adj. bottomless, unfordable, 

Atliais, adj. twenty-eight. 
Athanavwe, adj. ninety-eight. 
Atharah, adj. eighteen. 
Athasi, axlj. eighty-eight. 
Athava, conj. or. 
Athawan, adj. fifty-eight. 
Athhattar, adj. seventy- eight. 
Athon pahar, ^ day and night, con^ 
Athpahar, j stantly. 
Athsath, adj. sixty-eight ; more 

commonly arsatli. 
Athtalis, adj. forty-eight. 
Athtfs, adj. thirty-eight. 
Ath wan, adj. eighth. 
Athwara, s. m. the eighth day afte: 

any other ; a week. 
Athwati khatvvati, s. f. the state o 

being confined to bed througl 

sickness, &c. 
Ati, j jprep. exceeding, surpassing 
Atf, j very. 

Atisar, s. m. dysentery, diarrhoea. 
Ati't, s. m. a wanderer, pilgrim, s 

Hindii faqir. 
Atka, s. m. name of the pot in whicl 

victuals are dressed at Jagannatli 
Atkal, s. f. conjecture, opinion 

Atkalbaz, adj. adroit at guessing 

an apj^raiser. 
Atkalna, v. a. to guess, to conjee 

ture, to judge, to think. 
Atkal pachcliu, s. m. one wb 

guesses at a venture or withou 

ground on which to judge : cwZi 

at random. 
Atkami, v. a. to stop, to prevent, t 

liinder, to restrain, to detain. 
Atkiio, ) s. m. stop, preventior 
Atkaona, j hindrance. 
Atlas, s. m. satin. 
Atma, s.f. the soul, the spirit, tli 



[ 17 ] 


Atmik, adj. spiritual. 

Attia, V. n. to be contained, to be 

Atpattingi, adj. inconsiderate, irre- 
Atpati bat, nonsense, prevarication. 
Atr (prop, itr), s. m. perfume, fra- 
grance, essence, ottar (of roses, 
Atraf, 8. /. (plur. of taraf ), sides, 

enviruns, skirts, districts. 
Atrdiin, s. m. a perfume box, or 
T' ceptacle for perfume. 
\v, 8. m. a perlumer, a druggist. 
•li", 8. /. the business of a per- 
liniier or druggist. 
Atur, adj. annoyed, distracted, per- 

pl( xcd. 
Aiw'ilt klia^wat, s. f. the state of a 
jxrson who in great affliction 
r( mains bed-rid. 
Atyant, adj. very much, excessive, 

An, rorij. and. 

Aiibash, 8. m. a rake, a de])aucbee. 
Aiibat, adj. unfrequented (road.) 
Auhhngat, 8. /. civil reception or 

Aticliat-, adj. suddenly, unawares. 
Atidhiit, H. m. a class of faqi'rs. 
Aiigliat', adj. unfnqnentod. 
An'j:un, H. rn. defect, blcini&h, vice. 
A iikiiH, 8(e AvnktiH. 
Aukhnd, 8./. remedy, me<licine. 
Aula, adj. better. 
Aiilnd, 8. /. children, oflVpring, 

Aulatar, adj. l>ctter, l)e«t. 
Aulivn, 8. {})hir. of wuli), the wiint«, 

tlu'' holy. 
Aundhii, adj. iipMido down, over- 
turned, inverted. 
Aundlmml, r. a. to turn upsido down, 

to reverse, to overturn. 
Aunehiir, adj. futim\ 
Aune panne, adr. more or less. 
Anutua, r. >i. to bnil ms luilk^, to 
evuporuto over a tii 

Auqat, s. f. fplur. of waqt), times, 

Auqatbasarf, s. f. pastime, amuse- 
ment, employment. 
Aur, conj. and, also : adj. more, 

Auras chauras, «. m. level. 
Aurat, 8. f. a woman, a wife. 
Aur hf, quite different. 
Aur koi, any one else, other. 
Aur kya, adv. certainly, what else. 
Aur nahi'n, adv. only, no more. 
Aur nahi'n to, and otherwise. 
Austin, 8. m. courage, presence of 

Ausar, s. in. occasion, opportunity, 

Autiina, v. a. to cause to boil, to 

make hot. 
Autiir, 8. 7w. birth, descent incarna- 
tion of the Deity. 
Autna, V. a. see Auotna. 
Auwal, adj. first, best, prime : 8. w. 
beginning : adv. at first, in tlio 
first place. 
Auwaliyat, 8. /. priority, pre-emi- 
nence, excellence. 
Auziir, 8. plur. arms, tools, appara- 
tus ; sicknes.s disease. 
Avakiis, alias Aukiis, >• ■" ' '-vre. 

oi)port unity. 
Avarthi, $. /. ago. 
Aviwliya, adv. tvrtainly, necvikjarily, 

positivt ly. 
Avnstiui, 8. /. stato, condition, star^ 

of life. 
Avatiir, 8. m. hoc Autiir. 
Awii, 8. m. ti ))otter'8 kiln. 
Awndh, $. f. ngn'tmont, cngT\ 

Awajju, 1 8. /. coming and 
Awtignman, / g*nng. 
Awiigiiwan, 8. m. tmi).*<nngration. 
Awtiinin, 8. lilur. Uio vulgar, tho 

A war. in rrmipo«. bringinjjf, be: 

Xwuro, adj. vagabond, wanderer. 


[ 18 ] 


Awaz, s. f. voice, 'sound, report, 
fame, echo. 

Awaz utliana, to raise the voice. 

Aya, s. f. a lady's maid, a nurse. 

Ayal, s. /. a horse's mane. 

Ayan, adj. manifest. 

Ayanda, coming, future : adv. in 

Ayat, s. /. a sign ; a sentence ; verse 
or paragraph of the Quran. 

Az, prep, from, of, by, with. 

Azab, s. m. pain, torment, punish- 

Azad, adj. free, liberated: s. m. a 
kind of faqir who shaves his beard, 
&c. &c. 

Azadagi", \ s. f. freedom, independ- 

Azadi, / ence, release; conduct 
of an Azcid. 

Azal, s. f. eternity, without begin- 

Azalf, adj. eternal, from all eternity. 

Azamat, s. f. greatness, magnificence, 

Azan, s. f. summons to prayers. 

Azar, s. m. sickness, disorder, dis- 
ease, affliction. 

Azari, adj. sick, a sick person. 

Az baski, whereas. 

Azhdaha, s. m. a large snake, a dra- 

Azhdhat, .<?. name of a mixed metal, 

Azim, adj. great, high in dignity. 

Azfyat, s. f. distress, harm, affliction, 

Aziz, adj. dear, darling, beloved, 
precious friend. 

Azmaish, s. /. trial, proof, examina- 

Azmana, v. a. to try, to prove, to 
examine, to touch gold, &c., on the 

Azmuda, adj. tried, proved, examined. 

Azmudakar, experienced in business. 

Azii bazii, adv. on all sides, all about 
or around. 

Azurda, adj. afflicted, sad, dispirited, 
sorrowful, vexed. 

Azurdadil,vexed, offended, disgusted. 

Azurdagi, s. f. affliction, displeasure, 

Azurdakhatir, vexed, offended, dis- 


Ba, prep, with, by, in, &c. 

Ba, prep. with. 

Bab, s. m. a chajDter ; subject, head, 

Baba, s. m. father, sire, sir! child. 
Faqirs are so addressed. 

Babar, s. m. a tiger. 

Babarchi', s. a cook. 

Babarchi-khana, s. m. a cook- room. 

Babat, s. f. account, matter; on 
account (of.) 

Babesf, s. /. the piles. 

Babri", s. f. having cropped hair. 

Babii, s. m. a child ; a prince ; 
master, a title given by Hindus 
equivalent to Mr. or Esquire. 

Babiil, I jf ,-> i? J. r 

Babur > ^' ^' name of a tree of 

Baburr, ) *^^^ ^^^^^ k^^^- 

Bach, s. /, orris root. 

Bacha, s. m. a child, the young of 

any animal. 
Bacha, s. /. promise. 
Bachan, s. m. speech, talk, word; 

promise, agreement, 
Bachana, v. a. to save, to preserve, 

to spare, to guard. 
Bachan band karna, to bind by pro- 
Bachan dena, to promise. 
Bachan harna, to promise, to give 

one's word. 
Baclian lena, to receive a promise. 
Bachan manna, to obey. 
Bachan nibliana, \ to abide by a 
Bachan palna, / promise. 
Bachao, s. m. protection, defence. 
Bachcha, s. w. an infant, a child, 

the young of any creature. 
Baehchagana, adj. fit for children, 

Bachch]', s. /. see Bachcha, 
Bachha, s. w. a calf. 


[ 19 ] 


Bachbera, 8. m. a colt. 

]5achl)eri', «. /. a filly. 

]iachliiya, s. f. j 

Bachhia, s. m. > a calf. 

Bachhrii, s. m. ] 

Baehkansi, adj. small (generally ap- 
plied to shoes and clothe?'.) 

Buchnti, V. n. to be saved, to escape, 
to remain unexpended, to recover. 

Bachpan, s. m. childhood, infancy. 

Bad, s. /. wind, air, breeze, pjale : 
s. m. rheumatism ; a deduction. 

B;i«l, post, after, afterwards, subse- 

Bud, adj. evil, bad. 

Bada, adj. predestined. 

BmiUi, adj. great. 

r Id, 8. m. a cloud. 

'■'■ l;d, 8. m. exchange, substitution. 

i 111 lend, V. a. to exchange, to 
ke ill exchange. 

1 ! ilmi, r. n. to ciiange, to alter. 

I lam, 8. TO. an almond. 

i i:imi', culj. almond-coloured, al- 

Biidan, H. 111. the body. 

Bud andeah, adj. evil-minded, ini- 

B.ular, 8. m. a cloud. 

Biuiastiir, as usual, according to 

l?ii(l niwiir, adj. ill-mannered. 

!l5iuiuulat, l>y the auspices, by the 
Itoimty, by the mcauH. ' 

]iad bujcht, adj. unlucky, unfortu- 

Rid l)i{, adj. fetid : »./. an offensive 


r>ud oluiir, 8. f. bad conduct, niis- 

Bad dastur, s. in. an evil custom or 

Buldht', 8./. a kind of sash. 
Hid duji, 8./. u curse, imnreontlon. 
liiid tial. H, m. ovil deeds: «</, of 

bad lmbit«. linb, 8. f. evil deeds. 
Bid go, ailj, evil spooking, slun- 


Bad gof, s. f. slander, evil sj^eak- 


Bad gumiin adj. suspicious. 

Bad gumiinf, s. f. suspicion. 

Badh, 8. m. killing, slaying, slaugh- 

Bad hal, ad}, ill-conditioned. 

Bad hazmi, g. /. indigestion. 

Badhawa, 8. to. a song in congratu- 

Bad hawass, adj. senseless. 

Badhiya, s.f. any castrated animal. 

Badima, t7. a. to kill, to smite : s. m. 
a kind of pot with a sj)out to it. 

Badi', adj. flatulent, windy. 

Badi, 8. /. badness, wickcxlness : the 
wane of the moon. 

Bad kiir, adj. evil-doer, sinful. 

Bad kiin', 8. /. wickedness, evil 

Bad karnii, v. a. to argue; to de- 
duct, to subtract. 

Bad khatt, adj. writing ill. 

Bad kiiiyal, 8. m. evil machination. 

Bad kho, adj. of bad habits, ill-<K 

liad ^vhwiih, adj. wishing evil. 

liadkhwiilu', 8./. ill-will, enmity. 

Badlii, 8. in. exchange, steml, recoin- 
pen8(\ revenge, compen.sation. 

Biidhi, 8. in. gold or silver thread. 

Badlai', «. /. price of exehnuge. 

Badlii lenn, t^. a. to alter; to take 

Badltinti, r. a. to cause to alter, ' 

Badle, ill exchange, in retuni for. 
Btulh, 8./. exchange, huWtitiite. n 

lief (of watches) ; cloudineKs. 
Bad niu^h, ih{j. u mkisli ])n>tligaio 

Bad mazii, adj. Uul-flavoured, out of 

Bad mizjij, adj. ilI-t<iU|H)nMl. 
Bad nnHimala, (i<(;. unfair in dealing, 
iiad nni^muli', $. /. uufuirno^s in 

Badnti, r. a. to wager, to bet, : 



[ 20 ] 


Bad nam, adj. infamous, ignomi- 

Bad nami', s. /. infamy, ignominy, 

Bad nam kama, to asperse, to tra- 

Bad iiasib, adj. unfortunate. 

Bad nuina, adj. ill-looking. 

Bad parliez, adj. not controlling 
one's inclinations. 

Bad rah, adj. wicked, sinful. 

Bad saat, s. f. an unlucky moment. 

Badshah, s. m. a king, a sovereign. 

Badshaliana, adj. imperial : adv. 
royally, princely. 

Badslialiat, s. f. kingdom, govern- 

Badshahf, adj. royal : s. f. royalty, 
reign, sovereignty. 

Bad sbakl, adj. ill-shaped, ugly. 

Bad sidiik, adj. behaving ill. 

Bad sulilki, s. f. bad behaviour. 

Bad siirat, adj. ugly, ill-conditioned. 

Bad tinat, adj. malevolent. 

Badur, s. m. a large kind of bat. 

Bad zaban, adj. abusive. 

Bad zabani, s. f. indecent language, 

Bad zat, adj. low-born, of bad breed, 
wicked, vicious. 

Bad zati, s. f. baseness, wickedness, 

Bad zeb. adj. ungraceful. 

Bae, s. f. wind, flatulency, rheu- 

Bag, s. f. the rein of a bridle. 

Baga, s. m. a dress for a bridegroom, 

Bagadna, v. n. to be spoiled. 

Bagdana, v. a. to spoil. 

Bagdor, s. /. a long leading rein. 

Bagh, s. m. a garden, orchard, 

-D ' 1 '' > s. m. a tiger. 
Bagh a, j ^ 

Bagliair, part, without, except, be- 
sides : improp. Bigar. 
Baghal, s. /. the armpit, embrace. 

Baghal hojana or jana, v. n. to go 
out of the way. 

Baghal men dabana, I *" ,*=°™"'^1 
Ba|l,al men marna, ™derones 

® - ) arms. 

Baghan, s. f. a t'gress. 
Bagiiar, s. m. seasoning. 
Baghaina, v. a. to season. 
Baghban, s. m. a gardener. 
Baglibani", s. f. gardening. 
Baghicha, s. m. a garden. 
Baghni, s. f. a tigress. 
Bagf, s. /. a gig with a hood, a 

Bagla, s. m. name of a bird, a species 

of heron. 
Bngla bhagat, a hypocrite. 
Bag morna, v. a. to turn the reins. 
Baha balia phima, v. n. to w^auder, 

to be in a distressed condition. 
Baha dena, v. a. to destroy, to ruin. 
Bahadur, adj. brave : s. m. a her^, a 

Baliaduri, s. f. bravery, valour. 
Bahai^na, v. n. to be deceived, to 

Bahal, s. f. a two-wheeled vehicle 

for riding on. 
Bahal hona, to be reinstated. 
Bahal karna, to reinstate. 
Balialna, v. n. to be diverted, to bo 

Baham, 1 adv. together, one with 
Baliam, / another. 
Baham iina or pahunchna, v. a. to 

gei, to acquire. 
Bahan, s. f. a sister. 
Bahan, s. m. a vehicle, any animal 

or conveyance on which a person 

Bahana, s. m. pretence, evasion, 

Ball ana, v. a. to make flow, to 

launch ; to pour forth. 
Baliangf, s. /. a stick with ropes 

hanging from each end for sling- 
ing baggage to, which is carried 

on the shoulder. 


[ 21 ] 


Balia phirna, v. n. to wander, to be 

ill a distressed condition. 
Buhar, s. f. a fleet of boats. 
Bahiir, s. /. spring, prime, bloom, 

beauty, enjoyment. 
Bahar, adv. without, abroad. 
Baharhal, adv. by every means, 

somehow or other. 
Bahari, adj. vernal, of the spring. 
Baliasna, v. a. to argue, to dispute. 
Bahattar, adj. seventy-two. 
Baheliya, s. m. a fowler. 
Bahf, 8. /. a book stitched at the 

ends f(jr keeping accounts, au ac- 
count book. 
Biihi jana, v. n. see Bahjana. 
]5ahila, adj. f. barren. 
]iuhin, 8./. hister. 
Biiliir, adv. witliout, abroad. 
Biihi'r, I s. f. the baggage, &c., of an 
lialii'f, ( army. 
]{ahira, adj. deaf. 
BSliin', adj. outward, foreign. 
]3iilij;ina, v. n. to flow, to go or 

Hwim witii the stream ; to bo 

Balikanti. v. a. to balk, to disappoint, 

to mislead, to deceive. 
JJaliliina, v. a. to divert, to amuse. 
Biliinan. n. m. a brtihman. 
Iiiliamam'. «. /. tlie wife of a brdh- 

Bahnd, v. a. to flow, to glide ; to 

llout : to blow. 
]>uitnor, «. m. a sister's husband, a 

B ihr, H. in. a sea ; a fleet. 
' ii:i, <ulj. deaf. 

II, adj. maritime, 1)eIonging to 

• sea : s. f. a falcon. 

s I 8. /. <li8eu8Hion, nltor- 

' isubuhHi', I cation, con titiverHV. 

ii.ihta, jKirt. art, running (waU'r), 

Bului. ft. f. a daughter in-law, a 

son's wife. 
Ikliu, adj. much, many. 
Buhubachan, adj. plural. 

Bahurana, v. a. to bring back, to 

cause to return. 
Baliurangi, adj. various or variable 

(in colour) ; changeable. 
Bahuriya, s. f. a daugliter-in-law. 
Bahurna, v. n. to return, to come 

Baliurupiya, s. m. an actor, a mi- 

Bahutat, ^ s. f. excess, plenty, 
Bahutsiyat, S abundance. 
Bahutera, adj. many, very much. 
Bai, 8.f. a dancing girl ; rlieumatism. 
Baidna, s. m. earnest money. 
Baid, 8. m. a physician. 
Baid, adj. far, distant, remote. 
Baidai, s. f. practice of physic. 
Baigan, s. m. the egg-plant. 
Baj kartui, v. a. to sell. 
Baikuntli, s. m. paradise, elysium. 
Bail, 8. m. a bull, an ox ; {vietuph.) 

a blockhead. 
Bajmima, «. m. bill or deed of 

Baingan, s. m. the egg-plant. 
Baipar, «. m. traflic, trade. 
Baipari, «. m. a merchant. 
Bair, 8. m. enmity, n^veiige. 
liainig, 8. m. a kind of austorltv. 
Bainigan, s. f. a tVmalo bairdgi. 
Bairdgi', 8. ;/). one who has profess- 
edly no KuiKsual pa^»iun8. 
Bttiran, 8. /. a fenmU* enemy. 
B;dri', 8. m. an enemy. 
BiiiH, adj. twenty-two. 
Bu|.H, 8. m. reason, cause. 
Klin, 8. in. the third of the four 

Hindu castes ; age. 
Bjii.Hi'tkh. 8. m. the tirst solar month 

of the Hindus. 
Baiwuii', 8./. the female of the B;ua 

Bainhnav, adj. a worship 

Bait, 8. /. a couplet, a in 

Bititdl, 8. m. name of a dt mon. 
Baituri, «./. dry giugi i 


[ 22 ] 


Baithak, s. f. a kind of saloon, a 
place where people meet to sit 
and converse, a bench, a room 
where natives receive their visi- 

Baithalna, 1 v. a. to cause to sit 

Baithana, > down, to seat, to 

Baitharna, ) place. 

Baithka, s. m. a bench, &c. See 

Baithna, v. a. to sit, to be unemployed 
or idle. 

Bait ul mal, s. m. an escheat. 

Baiza, s. in. an egg. 

Baj, s. m. a tax, duty, toll, tribute. 

Baja, s. m. a musical instrument. 

Baja, adj. in place; fit, accurate, 

Baja lana, v. n. to perform, to ac- 
complish, obey. 

Bajan, s. m. musical instruments. 

Bajana, v. a. to sound, to play upon 
an instrument of music, to per- 
form (music.) 

Baj baj ana, v. n. to effervesce with 
noise in putrefying. 

Bajdar, s. m. a tax-gatherer, a col- 
lector of revenue or tribute. 

Baj h ana, v. n. to entangle, to en- 
snare, to entrap (as game). 

Bajhna, v. n. to be ensnared, to be 
caught (as game.) • 

Bajidd bona, to be importunate. 

Bajins, by kind, in detail, particu- 

Bajna, ) v. n. to be sounded, to 

Bajna, / sound. 

Bajr, s. m. a thunderbolt. 

Bajra, s. m. a kind of grain, millet. 

Bajra, s.m. a kind of pleasure boat. 

Bajr pare us par, may lightning 
fall on him, (an expression used 
in cursing any one.) 

Bajuz, prep, with the exception, 

Bajwana, v. a. to cause to play on 
an instrument of music. 

Bak, s. f. prattle, cliat, foolish talk. 

Bakal, s. the outside cut of a piece : 
of timber. 

Bakayan, s. f. name of a tree. 

Bakbak, s. f. see Bak. 

Bakbakana, "1 v. 7i. to prattle, 

Bakbak karna, / to chatter. 

Bakhan, s. m. explanation, praise, 

Bakhanna, v. a. to praise, to com- 
mend ; to explain, to define. 

Bakhar, s. m. ] 

Bakhan, s./.}^g>''^""y- 

Bakhera, s. m. wrangling, a tumult, 
contention, dispute. 

Bakheriya, adj. quarrelsome, a 

Bakherna, v. a. to scatter. 

Baklii, s. f. the side under the arm- 

Bakhil, adj. miser, niggard. 

Bakhilf, s. /. stinginess, niggardli- 

•p 1 -I • ] s. m. kind of stitch, 

Bakhlyd,! ^trong quilting stitch- 

Bakhiyana, v. a. to stitch, to quilt. 

Bakhra, s. m. share, portion. 

Bakhrait, adj. sharer. 

Bakhsh, in compos, imparting, be- 
stowhig, forgiving. 

Bakhshana, v. a. to cause to give, to 
procure pardon for another. 

Bakhsh dena, v. a. to give, to bestow, 
to forgive. 

Bakhshf, improp. Baksi, s. m. a pay- 

Bakhshi khana, s. m. pay office. ' 

Bakhshinda, part. ad. giving, giver, 
bestower, pardoner. 

Bakhshi sahib, s. m. paymaster. 

Bakhshish, s. f. gift, grant, forgive- 

Bakhshish dena, v. a. to give a pre- 
sent, to reward. 

Bakhshna, v. a. to give, to forgive. 

Bakht, s. m. fortune; luck, pros- 

Bakhtawar, adj. fortunate. 


[ 23 ] 


Bakht azmaf, «. /. the trying one's 

Biikhiibr, well, in a good manner. 
3>:ikliu(l, ill self, by self, of self. 
Baidiiidana, v. n. to come to (one's) 

Bttkla, 8. m. rind (of fruit, &c.) 
Mikna, v. n. to prate, to chatter. 
: ; ;'»t,iia, V. a. to scratch (with nails.) 

1 a, 8. m. a he-goat. 

1 1', 8./. a she-goat. 

^liti, 8. m. a buckle. 
I' la, 8. m. a speaker in general: 

cidj. loquacious, elof[uent. 
Baktar, «. m, a coat of mail. 
T^ ' wad, 8. f. foolish talk. 

'1 '' ( o,clj. a chatterer, an idle 

;;;u:n t'''^-- 

\ as, 8. /. prattle. 

8. in. a coil, twist ; power, 
length ; an offering, a sacrifice. 

I ' ', s'. m. hair : 8. /. an ear of coru ; 
a crack in a cup or glass. 

Bahi, «. /. a calamity, misfortune. 

Biilti, prttp. above, up : adj. high. 

Biilabar, «. in. tiie })art of a dress 
that lai)s over the thighs. 

l{:tlii(!0 Icnii, to draw the hands 
over tilt! head of another in tok(;n 
• >f tdcing all his misfortunes upon 

I5al;ik, h. m. a young child, an in- 

Biil)iki)an, ) i m n i 

Bulakimna, / '• "»' cl»W1^00<l. 

Bahikluina, 8. m. an upper room, a 
'» ih-ony. 
Miishin, occupying tho chief 
at, a president. 

liiiliipan, 8. in. childhoiMl, infancy. 

JiiihijMtsli, H. in. n coverlet, a «|uilt. 

IWlbaehehe, h. ]>htr. ciiildren, hmta. 

Bullml, (olr. hair by hair, every 
Iniir. every whit. 

IVildt&r, adj. crooked, twisted, 

V ^ denii, r. a. to sacrifice. 

Balgham, s. m, phlegm, a running 

at the nose from cold. 
Balghamf, adj. phlegmatic. 
Ball', adj. strong, powerful. 
Balidan, s. m. an offering. 
Baligh, 8. a youth just arrived at 

the age of maturity ; an adult 
Balisht, 8. f. a span. 
Balki, adv. moreover, but, nu}'. 
Ballii, 8. m.\ , 

BallU./. I a prop, a pole. 

Ballam, «. m. a spear. 

Ballambardar, s. m. a spearman. 

Balmi, v. n. to burn. 

Balna, v. a. to kindle. 

Baltor, \ • 1 1 -1 

Biiltor, / *• *"*• ^ P""P^^' ^ ^^^• 

Biilii, 8. f. sand. 

Baliiti, adj. sandy. 

Balwiila, I 

lialwan, > adj. powiriui, siiong. 

Balwant, ) 

Bam, 8. f. a fountain ; a fathom ; a 
measuring rod ; shaft (of a car- 
riage, &c.\ an interjection ad- 
dressed to Shiva. 

Bam, 8.f. an eel. 

Baman, 8. m. vomit, emetic. 

Baman kaniii, v. a. to vomit. 

Bamlini', 8. f. a stye on the eye- 
lids ; a lizard ; tlie wife ut' a 

Ilainiijib, by reason. 

Ban, 8. m, an arn>w ; a rrniket used 
in hittle : 8. /. habit ; ^wmA as 
an altix in annpoti. only), keep* 

Bjtn, *. /. a forest, a wtxf*]. 

Btiiul, 8. in. dresit, fasliion ; the woof 
in weaving: a kinil of wca|Kjn : 
r. rt. to oixMi. 

Banii, iotW. of b:inn<(, made, pre|iartMl. 

IJjinii iMiiuiyti. reatly made. 

Btioiiu. <!<(/. left i^haU'l. S« e lUiyiiQ. 

Bananii, r. a. to mak»', to pn pare, 
to build, to invent, to fabricate, 
to adjust, to drciis (victuals), to 


[ 24 3 


Ban ana, v. n. to prosper, to suc- 

Banao, s. m. preparation, make, in- 

Banaona, v. a. to make, to prepare. 
See Banana. 

Bana rahna, to remain waiting. 

Banawat, s. f. make, invention, con- 
trivance. See Banao. 

Banaya jana, v. n. to be making, to 
be in hand. 

Banat, ) s. f. broad cloth, woollen 

Banat, / cloth. 

Banati, | adj. woollen, made of 

Banati', J broad cloth. 

Banbas, s. m. living in tlie forest. 

Banbasi", adj. inhabiting the forest. 

Banbilao, s. m, a wild cat. 

Banchna, v, n. to be read or pe- 

Banchna, v. a. to read. 

Band, s. m. /. a fastening, imprison- 
ment, belt, joint, knuckle, a tie. 
See Bandh. 

-D -,/ !• s. m. a slave, a servant. 

Bandagi, s. /. slavery, service, de- 
votion, respects ; a mode of salu- 

Bandanawaz, s. a patron. Sir, Your 

Bandar, s. m. a rocket-thrower. 

Bandar, s. m. a monkey. 

Bandariya, s. /. a female monkey. 

Banderi, s. f. a ridge-pole. 

Bandh, s. n. an embankment, a 
mound raised round land to re- 
tain water for transplanting rice, 

Bandh, s. m. f. binding, bandage, 

Bandhai, s. /. price paid for tying. 

Bandhak, s. m. a pledge, a pawn. 

Bandhau, s. m. fastening, bandage, 

Bandhan, s. m. a fixed allowance 
made to any one. 

Bandhani, s. m. one who carries 
stone, timber, &c., by slinging it 
on the shoukier. 

Bandhna, v. n. to be tied, to be 
fastened, to be bound, to be en- 

Batidhna, v. a. to bind, to tie, to 
fasten, to shut, to embank, to 

Bandhu, 1 s. m. a friend; a pri- 

Bandhua, / soner, one bound. 

Bandi, s. /. a female slave. 

Bandf, s. f. slave, servant. 

Bandikhana, s. m. a prison. 

Band karna, v. a. to fasten, bind, 
close, shut, stop, to obstruct. 

Bandisli,s. /. contrivance. 

Bandisli bandhna, v. a. to contrive a 

Bandobast, s. w. settlement, regula- 
tion, arrangement, economy, ma- 
nagement, government. 

Bandobasti, s. /. arrangement, eco- 

Bandri, s. /. a female monkey. 

Bandila, s. m. a prisoner, a captive. 

Bandiiq, s. f. a musket, a gun. 

Banduc[chi, s. f. a small musket : 
s. m. a musketeer. 

Banela, ad,j. wild. 

Bang, s. f. hemp ; an intoxicating 
potion made from the leaves of 

Bang, s. f. voice, crying out ; the 
voice of the muazzin calling Mu- 
hammadans to prayer ; the crow- 
ing of a cock. 

Banga, s. m. the cotton plant. 

Bangala, n. pro2>. name of Bengal. 
I Bang dena, v. a. to call Muiiam- 
madans to prayer, to crow (a 

Bangf, s. m. one who intoxicates 
himself with bang. 

Bangi, s. f. a pattern, a muster. 

Bangla, s. m. a kind of thatched or 
tiled house. 

Bang marna, v. n. to cry out, to 


[ 25 ] 


3anli, 8. f. the arm. 
iiiiili pakarna, v. a. to protect. 
iuiii', s. f. speech, laiigiiiige. 
>uin', s. m. (plur. of ibn), sons. 
Jiini Adam, sons of Adam ; men. 
iuni Israil, children of Israel, 

l^iini'kar, s. m. an arcliitcct. 
[ianjara, s. m. a grain-merchant, a 

carrier of grain. 
f3anjli, adj. barren. 
[Jan jharna, to beat the forests. 
Blink, «. m. a bending; a reach or 

turning of a river ; an ornament 

worn (lialf circle) on the arms; a 

kind of dagger. 
Bankti, «. m. a fop, a coxcomb : mlj. 

cnx)ked, foppish., 
I'- 'leaf, s.f. bending, curvature. 
! ■ Iv pan, H. m. foppishness. 
I iiiinukh, ) 8. m. a wild man, 

ii:inn.s, / an orang-outang. 
1- I mi, V. n. to be n)ade, to be 

mended ; to answer, to succeed. 
Baima thanna, adorned, decked out. 
'Jun parmi, r. n. to succeed, to an- 
swer, to snit. 
Buns, 8. in. lineage, race, offspring. 
Biins, 8. m. a bamboo ; a meuauro of 

ul)()Ut ten fe(!t. 
Biuisiiwali, H. /. a genealogy. 
Bunsi, H. /. 11 Ihite; a fishing-hook. 
Bnij-ili', "./. a llut(>, ite. 
Baysphor, 8. in. name of a custo who 

work on bamb(X)H. 
Biiijsn', 8. f. ii lluU', life, pipo. 
B lilt, s. m. shap', (Hstribulion. 
JJiniami, V. a. to sliare, to divide. 
Jianj, chon(, «. m. share, distribu* 

Baiif.nti, v. a, to share, to distribute, 

to <Uvide. 
Banj-wami, r. a. to diatributo, to 

('aus»< to b(» nhareil. 
r»atnvui, s. /. prico paid for making 

Binwaiya, 8,m. a muk. i 
IJanwiina, r, a. to cause to moko or 

to preiHire or to build, &c. 

Banya, 8. in. "j 

Banyain, s. /. I a retailer of 

BanyiiQ, s, m. j corn, &c. 

Banya baqqal, s. m. ] 

Baogola, s. m. the colic. 

Baojliak, adv. a trifling foolish 

Baola, adj. mad, insane, crazy, 
Biioir, 8. /. a large (pakka) well 

into which people descend to get 

Baona, adj. dwarfish. 
Baora, adj. mad, insane. 
Bap, 8. m. father. 
Bapliaia, 8. m. vapour, vapour or 

steam bath. 
Bajire, ^ inter j. expressive of 
Biijirebap, j grief, surprise, &c. 
Baqa, 8. /. duration, penuanenc 

Baqar-jd, 8. m. a Muhammadan 

festival in commemoration of 

Abraham's offering his son Is- 
mail, Tas they say.) 
Bdqf, adj. remaining, permanent. 

eternal: 8. f. remnant, remaindi i 

Btiqi ndnui, to remain, to be loft, l- 

be saved. 
Baqi'ya, «. m. remainder, balance. 
Ba(ihi, 8. a pot-hoib. 
Bar, 8. 7/1. a blessing, a bridegroom. 
B.if, 8. m. the banyan trot\ 
Bar, 8. /. time: 8. m. a day of the 

Biif, 8. /. edge; a fence, a hetlgi' 

name of a phico near Mongir ; 

Banv 8. m. a Inmb. a kid. 
Jiapi, (ulj. large, tfreat. 
Barubar, adj. ubnatit, oven, mv 

form, smooth, like, equal, oxn« 

stmight : vulv. btruight on, up t«' 
Baralmn*, *. /. equality, comjH*ti 

Bar^lmr karml, r. a. to sinootho, to 

Banid, 8. m. a bull. 
BohLe, adv. for the sake of. 


[ 26 ] 


Barah, s. m. a hog. 

Barah, adj. twelve. 

Barahsinga, s. m. a stag. 

Barahwan, adj. twelfth. 

Baraf, s. f. greatness, excellence ; 

Barai dena, v. a, to honour. 

Barai karna, v. a. to extol, to boast. 

Barajna, v. a. to forbid, to prohibit. 

Bara karna, v. a, to enlarge, to ex- 
alt, to promote. 

Barakat, s. /. blessing, abundance, 

Barakat dena, to bless, to prosper. 

Barakhna, v. n. to rain. 

Baramad, s. f. accusation, calumny. 

Baramada, s. m, a verandah, balcony, 

Baran, s. m. one of the four tribes 
among the Hindus. 

Baran, s. m. rain. 

Barana, v. n. to be successful. 

Baranga, s. m. a small rafter. 

Barani, s. f. a great-coat or cloak 
for keeping off the rain : vulg. 

Barani", s. f. an eyelash ; a broom. 

Baras, s. m. rain ; a year. 

Barasna, v. n. to rain. 

Baraswan, adj. annual. 

Barat, s. m. a fast, a religious rite. 

Barat, s. f. marriage company. 

Barati, s. m. f. an attendant at a 
marriage feast. 

Baratna, v. a. to use. 

Barbad, adj. given (to the winds) ; 
thrown away, destroyed, ruined. 

Barbar, adv. repeatedly, often. 

Barbar, s. /. muttering, senseless 

Barbarana, v. a. to mutter, to chat- 
ter nonsense. 

Barbariya, s. m. a mutterer, a chat- 

Barbat, s. /. a kind of harp or lute. 
Barchha, s. m. a spear, ajavelin. 
Barchha-bardar, s. m. a spearman. 
Barchhi, s. f. a spear, a javelin. 

Barchhi-bardar, s. m. a spearman. 
Bardar, in compos, taker up, carrier, 

Bardari, s. f. in compos, the act oi 

bearing, carrying, &c. 
Bardasht, s. f. endurance, patience. 
Bar dena, to sharpen by grinding. 
Bare, adv. at last, at length. 
Bare-miyan, an old man. Sh, (ap- 
plied to an elderly man.) 
Barera, s. m.) • ^ ^ 

Barer.', s./. jandgepole. 
Barf, s. f. m. ice, snow. 
Barfi, s. f. a kind of sweetmeat 

adj. icy, snowy. 
Barg, s. m. a class of letters pro- 
nounced on the same part of tlu 

Bargashta, adj. apostatized, 
Barguzida, adj. chosen, selected. 
Barh, s. f. a flood; promotion, in 

Barha, adv. often, repeatedly .| 
Barhai, s. m. a carpenter. 
Barhal, s. m. the name of a smal 

round fruit. 
Barha lana, v. a. to bring forward 

to lead on (an army.) 
Barham, adj. confused, angry. 
Barham darham, adj. confused 

Barhan, s. /. a carpenter's wife. 
Barliana, v. a. to increase, to length 

en, to cause to advance, to pro 

mote ; to shut up (a shop) ; t( 

remove the table-cloth. 
Barhaqq, in truth, true, just. 
Barhawa, s. m. flattery. 
Barhiya, adj. high priced, dear, o 

good quality. 
Barhna, v. n. to increase, to proceed 

to advance, to grow, to be pro 

Barhnf, 8. f. a broom. 
Barlita, s. m. \ increase, overplus 
Barhtf, s. f. ] more, promotion. 
Bari, s. f. quicklime ; a dish mad( 

of pulse. 


[ 27 ] 


Jan', 8. f. time, tour, turn ; a garden, 
mi orchard: s. m. the Deity, the 
't ]s', (u.lj. fine, slender, minute, 

Iki, 8. f. subtilty, minuteness, 
iarish, 8. f. rain, 
irin'-taahi, s. m. the most high God. 
'. ' I I, adj. great. 

iiast, 8./. rising up. 
iiilaf, adj. contrary, opposed to, 
• ', untrue, 
iiilafi, 8. f. opposition, contra- 

1, 8. w. a bore worked with a 

liiiii, V. a. to bore with the 

■ una. 
iJaiJiiha, n. proi). the name of a 

country, Bnruiah; the people are 

called Bannhii. 
3(1 nia, V. n. to burn. 
3ania, v. a. to light, to kindle; to 

Sun laii, 8. m. description, explana- 
3aman kania, v. a. to explain, to 

icscribc, to praise. 
3ai iigii, 8. m. a small rafter. 
3ai|)a honii, v. n. to bo raised, 

jiilcliod or established. 
3ai p:i Uanui, v. a. to raise, to pitch, 

to ( .sUiblJHh. 
3ani, 8. /*. lightning. 
3an|an(luz, 8. m. an nrnied iM)lif(>- 

3ai(|a!ar. ^teadfastue.sH, 

Biir lakliiia, r. a. to shariKJU !)y 

Uanuuti, v. a. to- talk in one's 


hai.sjina, v. a. to cause to rain. 
IJaisjit, 8. /. Uio ruiny seiwon, the 

narsjUr, 8. /. j)r<Hluced in the rninfl ; 

IV di.Hcasc m hursus and eowd in 

the ruins. • 

Barsf, 8. m. annual ceremony in 
commemoration of deceased rela- 

Bartaman, axJj. present ; the present 

Bartan, s. m. a dish, a plate, a 
vessel, &c. 

Bartana, 8. m. old clothes used for 
wadding in turbans. 

Bartaraf bona, v. n. to be dismissed, 
discharged or turned off. 

Bartarafi, 8. /. dismission, discharge. 

Bartaraf karna, v, a. to dismiss, dis- 
charge, turn oft'. 

Barii, 8. /. sand. 

Barud, s. /. gunpowder. 

Barudkhana, «. m. a magazine for 
gunix)wder, a powder manufac- 

Bar urana, v. a. to fire a volley. 

Bariit, s. /. gunpowder. 

Bas, 8. /. smell, scent, odour : 8, m. 

abode, residence. 
Bas, adj. enough, plenty: «. m. 

power, subjection, control, autho- 
Basil, 8. m. a dwelling, residence. 
Basabab, by reason, on account. 
Basan, «. m. a plate, dish, a \cb- 

bol. &o. 
]3asanti, v. a. to i>oonli», to colonize. 
Bas unti, v. u. to \ki obtaiiunl, to 

come into one's |H)Wer. 
Bu.Hant, 8. /. the spring, from' th< 

middle of March to the luiildle « t 

Basan t», adj. n light-yellow colour. 
H;isar linti, r. n. to ctmiu to an cud, 

to Im) accontplishod. 
Bosar honu, r. x. to bo eodcd, to be 

BiiMir kunui, r. n. to bring to an 

enil. to HiHMuU to |mss. 
Biisath, adj. sixty-two. 
lias(*ni, «. m. a night's loilging ; a 

bird's roost. 


[ 28 ] 


Basera karna, v. n. to roost. 

Basgit, 8- f. residence. 

Bashar, s. m. man, mankind, a hu- 
man being. 

Basharat, 8. /. news, intelligence. 

Basharteki, on condition that, pro- 
vided that. 

Bashiddat, with violence, exces- 
sively, violently. 

Bashinda, s. inhabitant: adj. residing. 

Bashn', adj. human, relating to man. 

Basi", adj. stale, fusty ; perfumed : s. 
an inhabitant. 

Basi karna, v. a. to make stale. 

Bas karna, v. n. to overpower, to 
bring to submission; to stop, to 
have done. 

Basna, v. n. to dwell, to abide, to be 

Bast, s. f. chattels, things, baggage. 

Basta, \ s. m. the cloth in which a 

Basta, / bundle is tied up, a 

Bastar, s. m. cloth, raiment. 

Basti. s. /. a small town, a village. 

Basilla, s. m. a kind of axe used by 
carpentei-s, an adze. 

Basiiir, s. f. an instrument for cut- 
ting bricks. 

Bat, 8. /. speech, word ; account, 
subject, thing, aifair, matter. 

Bat, s. f. a road, a highway : s. m. 
a weight. 

Bat, s. m. the banyan tree. 

Bata, s. m. a latJi made of the large 
kind of bamboo. 

Batai, s. f. hire paid for twisting 
ropes, &c, 

Batak, s. f. a goose, a duck. 

Batana, v. a. to point out, to ex- 
plain, to teach. 

Batang hona, to be distressed. 

Batar, adj. very bad, worse. 

Bataraf, aside, apart. 

Batarana, v. n. to talk, to converse. 

Batariq, by tlie way. 

Batas, s. f. wind, air. 

Batasa, s. m. a kind of sweetmeat. 

Bataur, by the way, in tlie manner. 

Bat banana, to make excuses. 

Bat barhana, prolong a con- 

Bat bigarna, to spoil, to mar a plot. 

Bat chalana, to start a subject. 

Batchit, s. f. conversation, chitchat. 

Baten sun ana, to abuse. 

Bater, s. f. a kind of quail, a par- 

Bathua, s. m. a kind of potherb. 

Bati, 8. f. tlie wick of a lamp; a 
tent or bougie put into a wound 
to keep it o])en. 

Bati, 8. /. a lath made of the small 
kind of bamboo. See also Bata. 

Batika, s. m. a garden. 

Batil, adj. false, vain, useless. 

mtim; } «^^' ^^*^"^^i- 

Batin men, adv. internally. 

Batis, adj. thirty-two. 

Batiyana, v. a. to speak, to talk, to 

Bat ka batakkar karna, to talk 
much on little. 

Batkaha, adj. conversable. 

Bat karna, to converse, to talk. 

Bat katna, v. a. to interrupt, to con- 

Batkhara, s. m. a weight. 

Bat ki bat men, in an instant. 

Bat Lagana, to calumniate. 

Batlana, v. a. to shew, to explain, to 
teach, to inform. 

Batlohi, s. /. a brass vessel in which 
Hindus cook. 

Batniar, s. m. a highwayman. 

Batna, v. a. to twist (as ropes, &c.) : 
V. n. to be divided ; to be twisted. 

Biitohi', 8. m. a traveller. 

Bator, 8. m. a gathering, a crowd. 

Batorna, v. a. to gather up, to col- 
lect, to purse. 

Bat pherna, to equivocate. 

Bat raima, to succeed, to get th,e 
better in an argument. 

Bat rakhna, to comply. 


[ 29 ] 


Jaffa, 8. m. deficiency ; discount ; de- 

icet, injury. 
iid talnii, V. to put off, to excuse 

me's self, 
^attelxiz, a juj^gler, a cheat. 
Jattclmzi', «. /. jugglery, deception, 

sleight of hand. 
^itti', 8. f. a candle, a wick. 
Jatti's, adj. thirty-two. 
liat'iia, 8. m. a purse, a small bag 
used for betel-nut, &c. ; a Hindu 
} trass vessel. 
Batu'iii", adj. talkative. 
Biitwiina, v. a. to cause, to twist. 
Bat wiira, 8. m. a share. 
Bauchhar, 8. f. driving rain, wind 

uiil rain. 
Baiil, 8. m. urine. 
Baiihi, adj. mad, insane. 
Banna, 8. m. a dwarf. 
iJauiii', a female dwarf. 
Banniiyana, v. n. to run irregularly, 

to stagger ns a drunken man. 
Baiini, (ulj. mad, insane. 
Biiuiar, 8. f. madness, insanity. 
Ban ulna, v. n. to bo mail, to madden. 
Baurapan, «. m. madness. 
Bawiihii, adj. attccted with the vcnc- 

rciil diseas'.\ 
Bawan, adj. lifty-two. 
fBawandar, 8. in. a whirlwind. 
Bawar, «. m. belief, cnidit. 
Bawarclu', H. in. a ('<M)k. 
Bawaicliikluina, h. m. a kitchen, a 

Ba yiiban, «. in. n desert, a wilderno8.«i. 
Bavabani, mlj. of tho desert, &c., 

Bayiin, h. m. explanation, n^lation. 
Bjiydn karml, v. a. to cxpl''" <" 

Biyjir, H. f. wind, air. 
Bayiiz, h. /. a roinmon-pluce 1» x>k. 
Bii/, 8. in. a hawk, a female falcon, 
iiaz jimi, to decline, ia leave olV, to 

desist from. 
Ba/iir, 8. m. public streets coutttiiiing 


Bazan', adj. common, wares made 

for sale ; a market person. 
Bazi, s.f. play, sport, a tumble over 

(as pigeons do.) 
Bazi'gar, s. m. 1 a tumbler, one who 
Biizigarni, s. /. / exhibits feats of 

Bazi harmi, 1 x i / i, x \ 
Bazikhona, | ^ lose (a3 a bet.) 

Bazi' lagana, to bet. 
Bazi lejana, to win. 
Bazkhwtist, s. f. investigation. 
Biiz rakhnii, to hold back, to pre- 
Bazii, 8. m. the arm ; door-jambs ; 

the side of a bedstead. 
Bazztiz, 8. m. a doth-merchant, a 

Be, a priv. parficle or prepos. witl 

out. When prefixed to wonls i 

is equivalent to the English in, 

un, im, ir, less, &c. 
Be abrii, adj. ili.sgraeed, dishononretl 
Be adal), adj. rudf, ill-mannered. 
Bo adabi', «. /. ruilcness, ill-maniui 
Bo (idad, adj. not counted or ouleu- 

I^ adl, adj. unjust. 
Be ahwiil. adj. wretched. 
Be ail), «///. faultleiis, without blom- 

Bo ajal, adj. untimely (deatli. ■ 
Be ftliiqa, mlj. uucounoctoil with, not 

relatitl to. 
Ik'ulis, a(//. forty-two. 
Bo andiiz, adj. imnuxlemto. 
Bo ^t]!. adj. i^iomnt, stupi«l 

Be wpif, prop. Bo wuqUf, which 

I >o aqiifr, prop. Bo wuqiifi', which 

I Bo tinim, d({i. roetloss, uneasy. 
[ \k> tinim I, *. /. rcHtU'ssnejw. 
Ik) iiaar, adj. without improssioD or 

elVeet, inetViH'tuul. 
Be nulud. adj. without oftspring. 
Bo nultidi, J. /. childlcssucas. 


[ 30 ] 


Be ayami, being out of time or 

Be bak, adj. fearless. 

Be bandobast, adj. unsettled, with- 
out order. 

Be baq, adj. completely paid off or 

Be barakat, adj. without a blessing. 

Be bas, adj. without power, help- 

Be chain, adj. uneasy. 

Be chain f, s. f. uneasiness. 

Be chal, adj. unprincipled. 

Be chara, adj. without remedy, help- 
less, poor. 

Be charagh, adj. desolate, childless, 
(from bereave«nent.) 

Bechna, v. a. to sell. 

Be choba, s. m. a kind of tent, 
pitched without a pole. 

Bed, 8. m. the name of the four 
Hindu Scriptures. 

Be dagh, adj. spotless, sound (as a 

Be dahshat, adj. fearless, 

Be daklil karna, v. a. to dispossess. 

Be dam, adj. breathless. 

Be dami, s. f. breathlessness. 

Bedana, s. f. pain, ache, pains of 

Bedant, s. m. the name of a Hindu 
philosophical system. 

Bedant r, s. m. one who is conversant 
ill the Bedant system. 

Bedar, adj. watchful, wakeful, on 
the alert. 

Be dard, adj. unfeeling. 

Be dardi, s. f. unfeelingness. 

Be dastkhatt, adj. without signature, 

Be dast o pa, adj. helpless, without 

Be dastiir, adj. not customary, un- 

Be daul, adj. shapeless, ill-bred. 

Be daulat, adj. unfortunate. 

Be dawa, adj. incurable. 

Bedh, .s. m. a hole bored. 

Be dhab, adj. ill-shaped, awkward. .! 

Bedharak, adj. without fear oi 
doubt, fearless. 

Bedhna, v. a. to pierce, to perforate; 

Bedi, s. /. an altar. 

Be dil, adj. heartless. 

Be dill, s. f. heartlessness. 

Be din, adj. irreligious. 

Be diyanat, adj. unfaithful, un- 
worthy of trust. 

Be faida, adj. profitless, useless, 

Be fikr, adj. thoughtless, uncon- 
cerned; in independent circum- 

Be fikr/, s. f. thoughtlessness. 

Beg, s. m. a moglial title correspond- 
ing with the JEnglish, Lord : adv. 
soon, quickly. 

Begam, s. /. a lady, a queen, 

Begana, adj. not related, a stranger. 

Beganagf, s. f. the not being related 
or acquainted. 

Begiir, s. m. a person forced to work 
with or without pay. 

Beg'ciri, s. /. the act of pressing or 
forcing to work. 

Begari pakarna, v. a. to take forcibly 
or press, with or witliout pay. 

Be ghairat, adj. shameless, impu- 
dent, rude. 

Be gham, adj. without anxiety. 

Be gliaraz, adj. disinterested, inde- 

Be ghaur, adj. without considera- 

Be gunah, adj. innocent, guiltless. 

Be gunahi, s. f. innocence. 

Be hadd, adj. boundless, infinite. 

Be hal, adj. ill-circumstanced, in- 

Behar, adj. uneven, rugged. 

Beharf, s. f. a subscription. 

Be hasil, adj. unproductive, unsuc- 

Be hawass, adj. senseless from in- 
toxication or any other cause. 

Be haya, adj. shameless, impudent. 


[ 31 ] 


5c Lijiib, adj. immodest, shameless. 
jg liimmat, ailj. without spirit, 

k Ijosh, adj. senseless, stupid, in- 
>c hoshi', s.f. senselessness, stupidity, 

>('huda, adj. absurd, vain, fruitless, 

pliiidagi', s.f. absurdity, nonsense, 
I foolery. 

Jc hukm, adj. contrary to or with- 
J out orders. 

pc liunar, adj. unskilful, unskilled. 
"nirinat, adj. disgraced, 
innatr, s.f. disgrace. 
tibiir, adj. of no credit or esti- 
■ ilion. 

ie iat ih;tn', 8. f faithlessness. 
ic i.itiqad, adj. incredulous, dis- 

3e iatiqadf, s. f. incredulity, un- 

Jc ikhtiyar, adj. without choice, 
' clpiesM. 

iuiin, adj. faithless, dishonest, 
lilni', s.f. dishonesty, shuflling, 
3<' iiuliyiiz, a/lj. rude, imjiertinent, 

3«; inssif, adj. unjust, not cquitablo. 
J«' insiifi', s.f. injustice 
]i- istiftmiil, adj. not accust^^imed tii. 
ii- intihii, adj. boundless. inUnit**. 
ic j/./at, ailj. without honour, iUs- 

^5 j//ati, «. f. dinhonour, dJHgmoo. 
Jc J:i, adj. lU-plnced, ill-timed, im- 
projicr: ado. inopiH)rtunely, im- 
^' jiin. (/(/j. faint, lifeless; intrepid, 

It" Uuj, (/^//.useless. 
{»• kal, adj. n'stleiw, uncttsy. 
ic l<:di. H. f. r(\sth\s.sne8s. 
>«' i<am, adj. uncmploytKl. 
^' Ivir, <ulj. unemployixl. 
it kin, s.f. want of einploymont. 

Be kns, adj. friendless. 

Bekh, s. m. habit, dress, appearance. 

Be khabar, (ulj. incautious, careless, 

Be khalxiri', s. f. imprudence, care- 
lessness, heedlessness. 

Be khami'r, adj. unleavened (as bread 
or tobacco.) 

Be kharch, not yet brought into use. 

Be kharcha, adj. without money for 

Be khatar, \ adj, free from danger. 

Be kliatra, / safe, out of danger, 
(a sick person.) 

Be khiiwind, a widow. 

Be kliud, adj. beside one's self, out 
of one's mind, enraptured, sense- 

Bel, s. m. the name of a fruit : s. f. a 
creeiKT, a climber, tendril (of a 

Belli, s. f. name of a shrub ; a fiil- 
dle ; a while, a time. 

]k) lagiio, (((//. unconnected. 

lie hij, adj. yhanu'less. 

Belan, s. in. rolling-pin. 

lielcha, s. m. a kintl of hoc. 

Btddjir, s. m. a pioncxT, a digg«T. 

Be liluiz, adj. ill-bre<l, unnianmrly. 

Bel mi, *•. m. u rolling-pin : r. «. to 
spread out. 

lit? madad, adj. without nssistnnce. 

Ii<^ mahsiil, atlj. fnn) from pottttigoor 
cu>t<un dutitw. 

lii! maluiu, adj. unknown. 

Bt> ma<idur, adj. witliout authorit}*, 
|KH)r, miM'mblo. 

Bo manuumat^ atlj. not mcndiHl, un- 
reiMiired, out of repair. 

Bo nuui«i(]i adj. unse.i8onul)le, out oi 

Bo mauaim, adj. out of 8e;i8un (as 

lii' mazji, ttdj. t»i8telc««. inHipi(^ 

Bo miad, adj. not contiuiHl to a sti- 
pulated time. 

Bo nnijil), adj. aiusolcsji, witliout 


[ 32 ] 


Be mimaffa, adj. unprofitable. 

Be inunasib, adj. improper, unfit. 

Be muqabala, not confronted. 

Be murilwat, adj. uncourteous. 

Ben, s. f. a pipe, a flute. 

Bena, s. m. a fan. 

Be namak, adj. saltless, insipid; 


Be nam o nisLan, adj. an unknown 

Be nasib, adj. unfortunate. 
Be nazir, adj. incomparable. 
Benchna, v. a. to sell. 
Benda, adj. crooked. 
Beng, s. m. a frog, toad. 
Beni, s. m. the hair twisted behind. 
Be nihayat, adj. without bound. 
Bent, s. m. a handle. 
Be parda, adj. unveiled, immodest, 

Be parwii, adj. fearless, indepen- 
Be parwai, s. f. fearlessness, inde- 
Be pasand, adj. disapproved of. 
Be qaida, adj. ungi-ammatical. 
Be qanun, adj. without rule or law. 
Be qarar, adj. unsettled, restless, 

Be qaul, adj. faithless, perfidious. 
Be qiyas, adj. inconceivable, in- 
Be qusiir, adj. faultless, innocent. 
Be qiiwat, adj. destitute of power 

or strength, weak. 
Ber, s. m. the name of a fruit and 

tree ; time, turn, while. 
Bera, s. m. a raft, a float, the raft 
which is floated by Muhammad- 
ans in honour of Khwaja Khizr. 
Be rabt, adj. contrary to rule. 
Be rah, adj. ening, dissolute, un- 
Be rahm, adj. merciless, cruel. 
Be rahmf, s. f. cruelty. 
Be razi, adj. dissatisfied, disap- 
Berber, adv. often, fi'cquently, re- 

Be resha, adj. without fibres (as' 
mangoes.) , 

Berha, adj. crooked. 
Berhna, v. n. to distrain, to drive 

away cattle. 
Berf, s. f. irons fastened to the legs, 
(of criminals, elephants, &c.) ;: 
Be rozgar, adj. without employ. 
Be sabab, adj. without reason, cause- 
Be sabar, adj. impatient, restless. 
Be sabari, s. /. impatience. 
Be salah, adj. without counsel (;r 

Be saliqa, adj. without method, 

Besan, s. m. the flour of pulso 
(particularly of chana). The 
natives use it to wash them< 
selves instead of soap. 
Besani, adj. made of or mixed'witl 

Besar, s. /. a small ring worn in th( 

Be sar o pa, adj. destitute, vei"} 

Be sarposh, adj. without a cover. 
Be sawal, adj. unasked. 
Besh, adj. more ; good, proper, well 
excellent. : 

Be shakk, ) adj. doubtles^ 

Be shakk o shubh, j indubitable| 
certain. j 

Be sharm, adj. shameless, impu^ 
dent. j 

Be sharmf, s. f. shamelessness. 
Beshi, s. f. excess, surplus. 
Besh o kam, adj. not so much, a 
moderate quantity, more or less. .. 
Besh qfmat, adj. of great price oi 

Beshtar, adj. exceeding, more, fre- 
quently . 
Be shubh, see Be shakk o shubh. 
Bo shumar, adj. countless, num- 
berless, much. 
Be ehuiir, adj. not clever, not in 


[ 33 ] 


\e sifarish, adj. without a recom- 
Je Slid, ado. without interest. 



I 8. /. a prostitute. 

jJ(;t, s. f. a cane, a ratan, 

5(jta, s. m. a son, a child. 

ki tur-illuq, adj. without connexion. 

io tiiamniul, adj. inconsiderate, rash. 

h tab, adj. faint, restless. 

Je tadbir, adj. irremediable, with- 
out deliberation. 

le tiijwiz, adj. without examination 
or scrutiny. 

\e tiikalluf, without ceremony. 

ii; iaJ, adj. out of time (in music.) 
; talini, adj. uninstioicted, un- 

Je tania, adj. free from covetous- 


tiimiz, adj. indiscreet. 

ki tujat, adj. weak. 

Jc l;i({si'r, adj. innocent. 

,jJe tarali, adj. ill-mannered, un- 
iiiaiuierly, uncivil, rude, awk- 

la tarbiyat, adj. uneducated, un- 

it! i.isir, ttdj. ineffectual. 

la laur, adj. sec Bv tarah. 

5e ta\vu4<iu, adj. hoiulcBS. 

Jethan. «. in. pack-cloth, wrapper. 

J<5 j-liaur, ) adj. uncertain, run- 

^^ ilukiina. ) doni. 

Jtti. ti.f. a daughter. 

ii' tijiirat, without trado or com- 

h ulfat, adj. void of friendsliip or 

Jew a, I - . , 

3e wafji, adj. faithlc.'<s. 
Jo wnjh, adj. without cause or rea- 

}3e wjiir, a'lj. witliout a protector. 
[3o wjiqif, adj. ignorant. 
|3o watjt. adj. t>ut of 8(?nson, at an 
I unm>ual hour, premature. 

Be waris, adj. destitute of a master 
not claimable by an heir. 

Be wasta, adv. without cause or 

Be watan, cwT/. of another country'. 

Be wazau, adj. un weighed, unmea- 

Be wuqiif, adj. ignorant, inexperl, 

Be wuqufr, 8. f. ignorance, stupidity. 

Be zar, adj. without money. 

Bezar, adj. displeased, angry, out of 

Bezari, s. /. anger, bad humour, 

Be zin, adj. unsaddled. 

Be zor, adj. weak, impotent. 

Bliabakna, v. n. to rage as fire.) 

Bhabhar, s. m. a sudden fright, a 

Bhabharana, v. n. to swell (parti- 
cularly the face.) 

Bhabhukii, adj. red (as a coal.) 

Bhabhiit, s. /. ashes of cow-dun u^ 
which fakii-srub ovt r tlieir IhkIIo. 

Bhabkti, 8. m. a tHstilling maeliiue. 

Bhabki, ».f. a threat. 

Bhachakna, r. n. to be astonished or 

Bhachh, s. in. fixxl. 

"{'«;}•."•/• j Uio noise of tl 

t'l' „ falling of frui 

IShadaku, tt. m. I « ** 

IMuul bhutl. 8. j ***• 

Bhuddii, adj. stupid. seuRcIcss; dull. 

Bliudou «. m. the lliudii litUi solar 

Bliiulni, 8. f. an unlucky moment, 

hour. day. ^:c. 
Bhudr hoim, r. n. to be sIuivihI. 
lMia«, M. m. hlmiv, portion; cJianct 

fortune, dejstiny. 
Bhagul, $. m. deception, impr 

Bhiigalptin', «. m. a kind of clotii 

fnun Bhagulpiir. 
Bluigandnr. <<. m. a fintida. 
BhuggU, Qulj. a runaway. 


[ 34 ] 


Bliagana, v. a. to cause to flee, or 
run away. 

Bhagat, s. m. a devotee, an adorer. 

Bhagawat, s. m. God, the Deity, the 
Supreme Being. 

Bhagi, s. m. a partner, a sharer, an 
accomplice : adj. fortunate. 

Bhagini, s. /. a niece, a sister's 

Bhag jana, v. n. to run away, to 

Bhagman, adj. fortunate, rich. 

Bliagmani, s. f. good fortune, pros- 

Bhagna, v. n. to flee, to run away. 

Bliagora, s. m. a runaway, a de- 

Bhagtai, s. f. piety, devotion, re- 

Bhagwan, s. m. God, the Supreme 

Bhagwan, adj. fortunate, rich. 

Bhai, s. m. fear. 

Bhai, s. m. a brother. 

Bhaiband, s. m. brothers, relations, 
people of the same caste. 

Bhaichara, s. m. brotherhood, fra- 

Bbai khana, v. n. to be frightened 
or afraid. 

Bhaiman, adj. terrified, afraid. 

Bhains, s. f. a female buffalo. 

Bhainsa, s. m. a male buffalo. 

Bliaiya, s. m. brother. 

Bhajan, s. m. adoration, worship ; a 

Bhajan karna, v. a. to sing, to 
worship, &c. 

Bhajf, s. f. greens. 

Bhajna, v. n. to flee, to run away : 
V. a. to fry. 

Bhajna, v. a. to worship, to count 
one's beads, to adore : v. n. to flee, 
to run away. 

Bhajnik, s. m. a singer. 

Bhak, s. m. flash in the pan, or ex- 
plosion (of a gun, &c.) 

Bhaklia, s. /. speech, language, 

Bhakosna, v. a. to devour, to stuff. 

Bhaksi, s. f. a dun,o-eon. 

Bhakt, 8. m. an adorer, a devotee, 

Bhakti, s. f. religion, faith, devoted- 

Bliakua, adj. foolish. 
Bhakuaua, v. n. to be stupified. 
Blia], adj. good, well : s. m. side 

Bbal, s. /. the point of an arrow : 

s. m. a bear. 1 

Bhala, s. m. a spear. *! 

Bhala, adj. good, healthy, virtuous,] 

sound (as a horse, &c.) 1 

Bhala admi, s. m. a gentleman ; 

(ironically) a silly fellow. 
Bhala changa, adj. in good order, in 

heal til. 
Bhalaf, s. /. goodness, welfare. 
Bhalait, s. m. a spearman. 
Bhala manna, to take well. 
Bhala manus, adj. courteous, polite. 
Bhalmansi, I '- / good-nature, i 
Bhalmansat, good manners, ci- 

) vility. 
Blialmanus, adj. courteous, polite. 
Bhalna, v. a. to see, to perceive. 
Blialii, ) 1 

Bhaluir, r- ^- ^ ^^^^- 
Bhambheri, s. f. a red butterfly. 
Bhambhorna, v. a. to bite and 

mumble fas a dog), to worry. 
Bhana, v. n. to like, to be approved of. 
Bbanak, s. f. a distant sound. 
Bhanbhanana, v. n. to hum (as a 

bee), to buzz (as a fly, &c.) 
Bliand, s. m. a mimic, an actor. 
Bhanda phiitna, to be disclosed (a 

Bhandar, 8. m. a store, a storehouse. 
Bhandari, s. m. a house steward, a 

Bhandela, s. m. an actor. 
Bhandelan,"! - 
Bhandin, /^••^• 
Bhandna, v. a. to abuse. 
Bhang, s. f. the leaf and liquor of 

the hemp plant. 

. an actress. 


[ 35 ] 


I'ang, s. f. tliG hemp plant and the 

liquor extracted from its leaves, 
linngan, 8. /. the wife of a sweeper 

flialalkhor); a female drinker of 

; ani^'eni, 8. m. a vender of bhang 

or bhang, 
iliaiigeran, s. f. a female seller of 

Hiaiigf, 8. m. a cast of sweepers or 

lialalkhors ; a drinker of bhang. 
{liaiijii, 8. m. a sister's son, ne- 


»h:iiijaud, V. a. to change money. 
►Iiiinjr, 8. f. a sister's daugliter ; 
iiicoe ; interruption, hindrance, 
Ilicinji' deiui or marnsi, v. a. to inter- 
rupt, to jnit a stop to. 
iHiijiklior, 8. m. an interrupter, a 
til It -bearer. 

uliijiia, V. a. to put into circular 
motion, to lathe. 
Miaiijwand, v. a. to cause to change 

iiiatr, «. /. a female juggler. 
mi, V. n. to float. 
.1, 8. f. manner, kind, sort. 
Jliaiil binint, adj. various. 
iiiiiiwar, 8. /. revolution, circula- 
H 11 II war, «. m. a whirlpool, an eddy ; 

largo black bee. 
ill iiiwarkuli', «./. a collar (for a dog, 


Jlaiiwni, 8. in. ft largo black beo. 
Jliiiiwri phirnti, v. a. to make a cir- 

11 i I, to go roimd. 
Mi;iM, s. m. mte; friendship. 
Jliao lutaiui, r. a. to gehtieulftto in 

lluiph, s.f. stoam, vaixnn. 
Jliapiuiru, 8. m. Htoain, vapour. 
lliar, ^^ m. a limd or burden, weight ; 

lliar, H. m. a furnaoc, kiln (i>arti- 

<iiiiirly for |>«ri'hing grain); price 

of lorn ioat ion. 

Bhar, adj. full, as much as, whole. 
Bliar, s. m. a large boat, a lighter. 
Bhara, s. m. hire, the rent of any 

Bliara, adj. full. 

Bharabhar, adj. completely full. 
Bharaiti", 8. m. a tenant. 
Bharak, s. /. splendour, show ; start- 
ing, shyness (in animals.) 
Bharakna, v. n. to start, to shrink, 

to be alarmed; to blaze fortli 

Bharam, s. m. error, mistake, doubt ; 

credit, reputation. 
Bharam gafiwana, v. a. to lose cha- 

Bhariina, v. a. to fill, to cause to fill ; 

to cover (a mare.) 
Bharariya, 8. m. a fortune-toller. 
Blianiwat, 8. f. filling, stuffing. 
Biiarbharana. v. n. to swell and be 

gloHsy (particularly the face.) 
Bliarbliariya, a^lj. open-hearted. 
Bhafbhunja, s. m. a man who parches 

Bharbhiinjan, 8. f. a woman who 

j)arehes grain. 
Bhar denii, v. a. to fill, to pay, to ; to ilarn. 
Bhan', adj. heavy, weighty; impor- 
tant, big, fat, stnuig, loud, our- 

densome, sjid, serious. 
Bhan', 8. /. tho weight of a ruj)CO. 
Bharjanii, r. a. to b<» filled, to bo 

fatiguetl ; to bo coveretl . u mare, 

Bharkii, «. m. slaked lime. 
Hharkaml, r. a. to Hlake (limo.) 
Bharkiina, v. a. to frighten ; to 

blow up into a llaiuu, to kiudlo 

(a firo.) 
Bharkel, a<y. shy, coy, wild, un- 
tamed I. 
Bhtir kluinti, v. a. to live on the 

wages and uiGnnn of proHtitutioD. 
Bhurki. 8./. Hlukod limo. 
Bhar^ibi, (i(//. Hplendid, glittcriDg. 
Bhar kos, a full kod. 


[ 36 ] 


Bharmana, v. a. to deceive. 

Bhar maqdiir, to the best of one's 

Bharna, v. a. to fill, to satisfy ; to 
pay, to liquidate or discbaroje a 
debt, fine, &c. : v. n. to be filled. 

Bhami', s. f. weft, woof. 

Bharosa, s. m. hope, dependence, 

Bharosa karna, v. a. to confide, to 
hope, to rely (on.) 

Bhar pana, v, a. to be paid, to re- 
ceive the full amount. 

Bhart, s. m. a mixed metal. 
Bharta, s. m. boiled or fried vege- 
Bharti, s. f. loading, filling ; comple- 
tion ; recruiting. 
Bharti bona, v. n. to enlist. 
Bharti karna, v. a. to recruit, to 

employ (a servant.) 
Bhariia, s. m. a pimp, one who lives 

on what a prostitute earns. 
Bharuaf. s. f. pimping, the wages of 

Bharwana, v. a. to cause to fill. 
Bhasam, s /. ashes. 
Bhasam karna, v. a. to consume, to 

reduce to ashes. 
Bhasiina, v. a. to launch, to set 

Bhasbhasa, adj. weak (as a man, 

house, &c.) 
Bhasna, v. m. io float. 
Bhat, s. m. boiled rice. 
Bhat, s. m. a bard ; name of a 

Bhatakna, xi. n. to go astray, to 

w^arider, to miss the right puth, to 

lose (the way.) 
Bhatar, s. m. a husband. 
Bhatha, s. m. a cmTent or stream, 

the ebb-tide. 
Bhathi, s. f. bellows. 
Bhathf, 8. f. down the river, with 

the stream. 

Bhathf, s. f. a furnace for distilling. 
Bhathiyal, adj. with the current,! 
i.e., down the river and not with . 
tlie flood tide (as boats, &c.) 
Bhathiyana, v. n. to go down the 

river ; to ebb (the tide.) 
Bhatliiyara, s. m. an inn -keeper, 
one w^ho prepares victuals for 
travellers in a sara. 
Bhathiyarin, s. /. a hostess, the wife 

of a bhathiyara. 
Bhatliiyarkliana, s. m. an inn, a 

Bhathiyarpan, s. m. inn-keeping. . 
Bhatija, s. m. nephew, brother's son.j 
Bbatiji, s. f, a niece, brother's 

Bhatka, adj. astray, lost. 
Bhatkana, v. a. to mislead, to de- 
ceive, to cause to wander. 
Bhiitkataf, | s. /. the name of a 
Bhatkataiya, j prickly plant. 
Bhatta, s. m. an extra allowance to 

troops on service. 
Bliattha, s. f. furnace, brick-kiln. 
Bhaujai, \ s. f. a brother's wife, 
Bhauji", ) sister-in-law. 
Bhaun, s. /. the eye-brow. 
Bhaunkna, v. n. to bark, to talk 

Bhaunra, s. m. a large black bee. 
BJiauijri, s. f. name of a defect in 

horses ; a large black bee. 
Bhaunriyana, v. a. to whirl, to turn.' 
Bhaunrkalf, s. f. a kind of halter 

for horses or dogs. 
Bhaiisagar, the ocean of the world 

or existence. 
Bhawaj, s. /. a brother's wife. 
Bhawan, s. m. a house. 
Bhawani', s. /. name of a Hindu 

Bhaya, w^as, became, become. 
Bhayanak, adj. terrifying, frightful, 

formidable, dreadful. 
Bliayaukar, adj. terrific, terrible. 
Bhed, s. m. separation, difiterencc, 
secrecy, mystery. 


[ 37 ] 


liedi', "I «. w. a sc 
liediya, / keeper. 

scout, a secret- i 


Bhed lena, v, a. to spy, to pry 


^liedii, 8. a confidant, a spy. 
IJ.ioja, 8. m. the brain, 
lilicjna, V. a. to send, to transmit. 
Jilu'kh, 8. m. disguise, assumed 

n[)pearunce, dress, &c. 
B. <Ia, 8. m. a nut used for marking 

Bli 'li, 8. f. a large lump of coarse 

;ar (or guy.) 
Blieiia, 8./. sifeter. 
Bliciit, 8. /. interview, visit ; a 

resent at meeting. 
Bii( ntna, v. a. to meet with, to 


Blur, 8. f. sheep, ewe. 
]ili«ra, 8. in. a ram. 
Blicrf, 8. f. a ewe. 
BIkti kii gosht, mutton. 
lilicriyii, 8. m. a wolf. 
Biitfiyd dhasan, «. m. tlie act of 

following the example of another. 
Bill'!- kti gosht, mutt*)!!. 
Bhrrna, r. a. to Hhut, to close. 
JJlit s, 8. m. assumed likeness, coun- 
ter feit dress. 
Blu't^, 8. f. moating, interview; a 

picmjnt to a BUiwrior. 
Bin ti, 8. in. a present sent to a 

person, &c. 
I'.lielmi, V. a. to join, to mot't ; to 

njuko a pre.sent to a suiKjrior. 
Jill I, coiij. also, t<x), oven. 
Bhiclicldiuk, 8. in. a iH'ggjir. 
liliigrmil, V. a. to wot, to moisten, 

to Ht(('p. 

lUiigna, V. 11. to bo wet. 
llliigonii, V. a. to wt-t, to si*-- i' 
IMiijiinu, V. a. to wet, to moisten; 

to muse to stMid. 
r-lnjiui, »'. h. to bo wet. 
Bhijwiinti, V, a. to cause to send a 

r.iikli, H.f. bogging, oluuity, alms. 
Bliilvliiin, 8. m. a beggar. 

Bhikh mangna, v. a. to beg, to ask 

Bhil, 8. m. name of a race of moun- 

Bhilawan, s. m. a nut used for 
marking clothes, &c. 

Bhimbhinana, v. n. to buzz (as a 


Bhimseni', s. f. a kind of cam- 

Bhinakna, v. n. to be covered with 

Bhingna, v. n. to be wet. 
Bliinn, adj. separate, different. 
Bhiimanti, r. n. to have a singing in 

the ears from a blow. 
Bhinsar, 8. m. dawn of day. 
Bhinsare, culv. in the morning, at 

Bhi'r, 8. /. multitude, crowd, mob 
a press of work, trouble, dilV 
Bhifana, r. a. to join, to place c\v> 

to, to close ; to aiuso to fight. 
Bhifbhar, 8, /. ) a crowd, a 

Bln'rblmrakka, 8. m. ] multitude, 

Bhifna, v. n. to cloeo fas two ar- 
mies), to oomo together, to bi 
joiuetl, to join. 
Bhit, 8./. a wall, or breadth of 

Bin tar, adv. witliin. 
Bhitariyu, «. m. a domc8tic prlt 

a c<M)k. 
Bliithtl, B. m. a house in ruins. 
Hhiini', 8. f. a nipple. 
Bhitn, lulj. inward, inside, internal 
Hhog, 8. m. enjoyment, snO*. rin" • 

Hhogi, (ulj. jovial, jolly. 
Bhog karnii, W. «. to enj"} . 
Bliogiui, j for. 
Blioi, 8. m. a piilki- bearer. 
Bhoj. 8. m. a feast after the dentil 

of a relation. 
Dhojan, 8. m. the net of eating a 
meal, food. 



Bhojan karna, v. a. to eat. 

Bhokhna, v. a. to bark. 

Bhola, adj. simple, artless, inno- 

Bhokinath, s. m. a name of Maha- 

Bkolf, adj. f. artless, innocent. 

Blioli baten, innocent prattle. 

Bhondii, adj. silly, artless, simple. 

Bhonkna, v. a. to thrust at, to 

Bhor, s. f. dawn of day : adv. early. 

Bhore, adv. in the morning, at 

Bhota, adj. blunt. 

Bhraslit, adj. out of caste, de- 
praved, seduced. 

Bhrasht hona, v. n. to be ruined, to 
be polluted, to be seduced. 

Bhrasht karnu, v. a. to pollute, to 

Bhiia, s. /. a woim with bristly 

Bhubhal, s. m. hot ashes, embers. 

Bhuch, adj. ignorant, a person un- 
acquainted with the language. 

Bhugatna, v. a. to enjoy, to receive 
the punishment of a crime. 

Bhugtan, s. m. settlement of ac- 

Bhugtana, 1 v. a. to settle ac- 

Bhugtan karna, / counts. 

Bhum, s. f. the earth, ground. 

Bhiimdol, s. m. an earthquake. 

Bhuj, ^ s. f. the arm (above the 

Bhuja, j elbow.) 

Bhukamp, s. m. an earthquake. 

Bhiikh, s. f. hunger. 

Bhukha, adj. hungry. 

Bhiikhon mania, v. n. to die with 

Bhul, s. /. forgetfulness, an error, 

Bhulabhatka, adj. missing the road. 

Bhul ana, v. a. to cause to forget, to 
mislead, to fascinate, to coax. 

Bhulasna, v. n. to be singed or 

8 ] BIB 

Bhulawa, s. m. deception, imposture 
Bhulawa dena, v. ji. to deceive, t( 

play a trick. 
Bhulna, v. n. to forget, to err, t( 

miss, to omit, to stray. 
Bhum, \ s. f. land, earth, ground 
Bhiimi, j the earth. 
Bhuna, adj. fried, parched. 
Bhunchal, s. m. an earthquake. 
Bbunna, v. n. to be parched, grilled 

fried, broiled. 
Bhiinna, v. a. to parch, to grill, tc 

broil, to toast, to fry. 
Bhilra, adj. fair, auburn or brown^ 

ish (as hair) : s. m. a kind o: 

coarse sugar. 
Bhurana, v. a. to wheedle. 
Bhurbhura, adj. dry and in the stat( 

of powder. 
Bhurbhurana, v. a. to throw oi 

sprinkle sugar or salt upon meat. 
Bhus, s. m. bran, husk, chaif. 
Bhusaunra, s. m. a receptacle foi 

Bhusi, s. /. bran, husk, chaff. 
Bhiit, s. m. the past preterite tense 

an impure spirit. 
BImtaha, adj. haunted, devilish. 
Bhutiyana, v. n. to be furious. 
Bhutkal, s. m. the past tense. 
Bhutna. s. m. a small devil, an 


Bhutni,-/ the female kind.' 
Bhutta, s. m. Indian corn. 
Bi'ar, s. m. a hole (of a rat, &c.) 
Biar, s. /. seed-bed, seed-plot. 
Bibad, s. m. quarrel, altercation. 
Bibadi, s. m. a disputant. 
Bibah, s. m. a wedding, marriage. 
Bibek, s. m. discrimination ; com- 
Bibeki, adj. discreet ; compassion- 
Bibhau, s. m. power, grandeur. ' 
Bibi", s. f. a lady, a wife, a dame. 
Bibiana, adj. belonging to or fit for 

a lady. 

11, I s. f. an impure spirit oJ 


[ 39 ] 


Jicb, adv. in, among, between : «. 

m. middle, centre, difference, 
^icliabicli, middlemoat, in the very- 
middle, central. 
Jichali', 8. f. straw, rice-straw. 
^ '• halnii, v. n. to slip; to break 
ii'« promise, 
ur, 8. m. consideration, reflec- 

"^ \ adj. helpless. 

iniii, V. a. to consider, to reflect, 


I "lihii, 8. m. a scorpion ; name of 

li rework. 

lui dena, v. a. to spread; to 

M)ck down. 

liulnti, V. n. to be separated, to 

|), to slip out of place, 
and, V. a. to sprejid. 
una, 8. TO. bedding, bed, car- 

hnd, V. n. to be spread. 

lioiiii, H. m. sec Bichliaund. 

luiii, 8. m. a scorpion ; a sort of 

j:ger ; au oruamont worn on the 


liwana, v. a. to cause to spread. 

bicli, 8. in. tho very middle, 

very midst. 

jMirnii, V. n. to differ, 
wiiiu, a.m. a nuHliator, an ar- 
I lator. 

, 8. /. taking lonve, farowelL 
limi. V. a. to plough nfUar sow- 
', to cover tho mud, or after tho 
d is sprung up; to clcun (^u 


Bidii 1mimi:i. r. </. to bid furcwoll, to 

Bidat, g. /. violonct\ oppnvsion. 
Bidjjtr, (tilj., a tyrant, an opprensor. 
BidoH, 8. m. a fonigu t»r (listnut 

country, a distant part of tho 

same country. 
Bi<lo8i, adj. foreign, stnuigo : <. a 

Bidh, B. /, manner, motle. 

Bidoma, v. a. to laugh at. 
Bidiin, prep, w ithout, befcides. 
Bidyii, «./. knowledge, science, phi- 
Bidyartlii", 8. m. a student. 
Bidyawan, adj. scientific, learned. 

Bigar, prop. Baghair, without, c>: 

cept, besides. 
Bigar, 8. m. a misunderstandinjj, 

falling out. 
Bigarna, v. n. to fall out with. 
Bigiirna, v. a. to spoil, to damage ; to 

cause misunderstanding between 

friends, to break Ca custom.) 
Bi'gliu, 8. m. a measure of laud vary- 
ing in difterent parts. 
Bfgna, V. a. to throw away. 
Bigf i', 8. f. a quarrel. 
Bilian, «. m. seed. 
Bihdn, 8. m. to-morrow morning. 
Bihane, adv. early in the morning. 
Bihar, n. jyrop. name of a provinc< 

8. m. diversion, amusement. I^^ 

Bihasn^, v. n. to smile, to laugh ; t 

cnick of itsolf (as an earthm 

Biliar, adj. uneven, rugged. 
Bilif, «./. a quince. 
Bill in, 8. in. sixhI. Soc Bihnn. 
Bilmhai, ». m. Thursday. 8co B 

Bilin, ». /. a subscription, contrihi; 

Bihisht, «./. Paradiso. 
Bihishtf, ». m. a Mu)\anuii ! 

Bihtur. adj. C(nn})ar. bi>tt«'r. 

very giKnl, preferable. 
Bihtnn, *./. welfare, advnntav: 
Bij, n. w. mmhI, stone of fruit. 
Bijnk, «. m. mark on elotli. 

show tiio price. 
Bijlikrlmi, r. a. to frighten. 
Bijlt, $. /. lightning, u Umndoi 



[ 40 ] 


Bijog, 8. m. separation, misfortune. 

Bikal, adj, restless, uneasy. 

Bikana,-?;. a. to sell. 

Bikar, s. m. deterioration, sickness. 

Bikau, adj. saleable, for sale. 

Bikh, s. m. venom, poison. 

Bikhai, s. m. an object of sense ; 
affair, matter. 

Bikhai, adj. sensual. 

Bikna, v. n. to be sold, to sell. 

Bikral, \ j- > -n ^ 

Bikrar, ( ''^^' *^'''^^' "^^y* 

Bikri, s. f. sale, a sale. 

Bikwana, v. a. to cause to be sold. 

Bil, s. m. a hole, burrow. 

Bila, prep, without. 

Bilaband, s. m. settlement, regula- 

Bllahra, s. m. a basket for holding 

Bilaf, s. f. a she-cat. 

Bilakna, v. n. to sob (as a child.) 

Bilalla, adj. foolish, silly. 

Bilamb, "I -, , 

Bilambh, I '' '^' ^^^^y- 

Bilambna, v, n. to stay, to tarry. 

Bilana, v. n. to disappear, to be 
lost, to be extinguished. 

Bilao, s. m. a tom-cat. 

Bilap, 8. m. lamentation, a loud 

Bilas, 8. m. pleasure, delight. 

Bilasht, s. f. a span. 

Bilas f, adj. voluptuous, addicted to 

Bilatna, v. n. to become bad. 

Bilayat, s. /. prop. Wilayat ; a coun- 
try ; it is often applied to Europe, 
and sometimes only to England. 

Bilayati, ad. belonging to a country, 
European, English. 

Bilbilana, v. n. to lament, to be 
restless from pain : to weep. 

Bildar, s. m. prop. Beldar, a pioneer, 
a digger. 

Bil-fial, adv. now. 

Bilisht, 8. /. a span. 

BilkuU, adv. enthely, wholly. 

Billti, s. m. a tom-cat ; a large bolt 
for a door. 

Billar, s. m. a tom-cat. 

Billaur, s. m. a kind of stone,' 

Billauri, adj. made of crystal or 

Billf, 8. f. a she-cat ; the bolt of a 

Bilmana, v. a. to delay. 

Bilni. 8. f. a sty or stithe. 

Bilona, v. a. to churn. 

Bima, s. m. insurance. 

Bi'mar, adj. sick, indisposed. 

Bimari, s. f. sickness. 

Bi'markhana, s. m. a hospital. 

Bimukh, adj. unfavourable to an 
object, having the face turned 
from an object, averse. 

Bin, s.f. a lute, a kind of fiddle ; in 
compos, seeing, looking. 

Bin, I adv. without, except, un- 

Bina, j less. 

Bma, adj. clear-sighted, intelligent. 

Binai, 8. f. sight. 

Binds, 8. m. destruction, 

Binaula, s. m. the seed of the cotton 

Binauir, s. f. hail. 

Binawat, 8. f. weaving, texture. 

Binda, s. /. see Bintha. 

Bindhna, v. n. to sting, to bite. 

Binna, v. a. to knit, to weave. 

Bintha, 8. m. a roll of cloth or 
straw put on tlie head by those 
who cany burdens, a roll of 
straw upon which pots are set to 
keep them steady. 

Bintf, 8. f. an apology, solicitation, 

Binwai', s. /. price paid for weaving. 

Bipat, 8. f. adversity, calamity, mis- 

Bipliai, 8. m. Thursday. 

Bipharna, v. w. to be excited. 

Bir, 8. m. a champion, a hero, a va- 
liant man. 

Bira, 8. /. seed-bed, seed-plot : s. m. 


[ 41 ] 


a betel-leaf made up with spice, 

r>i radar, 8. m. a brother. 
Biridurana, adj. brotherly. 
Biradan', s. f. brotherhood, rela- 

Binih, 8. m. absence (especially of 

lovers) ; distance, loneliness. 
Birajna, v. n. to be conspicuous; to 

reside ; to live in health, ease, 

(;r)ntent and indopendence. 
Biiana, adj. stranp;e, foreign, belong- 
ing to another : v. a. to mock. 
Biniriawe, adj. ninety-two. 
JJiriisf, adj. eighty-two. 
Bnii utliana, v. a. to undertake a 

Bnbahutr, «. /. a scarlet insect. 
Birinj, «. m. rice. 
Birinjr, adj. brazf?n, of brass. 
Biriyao, «. /. a time. 
Birhi, adj. scarce, rare, uncommon. 
Biriu, 8. f. a wasp. 
Birodli, 8. m. opposition, contra- 

Biiodhi', adj. opposed to. 
Birmi, 8. f. see Bi'otl'ii- 
Biruddh, adj. contrary to, hostile to, 

Binip, adj. disfigured, deformed, 

B rvan, adj. fried, roast^Ml, grilled. 
Bi.s. 8. m. poison, veuom of rep- 

lih'H, &e. 
V- . ndj. twenty. 

iiid. 8. f. iV(idne8.s, stink, 
hindii, adj. fetid, htinking. 
linii, V. a. to buy, to piirchnsu. 
rnri, r. a. to forget. 
I>is irnii.r. n. to torgt^t. 
Hiwit, 8. f. means, ability, diflbronoe, 

liisutt', 8. m. a |XMllar. one who sells 

every kind of things, 
l^ishisunji, r. n. U)h[\vu (as a wound.) 
r>iM'Uh. adr. paitienlnrly, .>.jH'eiully. 
r>i.slui, adj. venomous (as reptilud.j 
Bisluif, adj. senaual, worldly. 

Bishan, n.prop. the Deity in the cha- 
racter of Preserver. 
Bishtha, 8. f. ordure, 
Bi'si, 8. /. a score. 
Bisniillah, in the name of God. 
Bismillah karna, v. a. to begin, to 

Bism', 8. m. a rake, a debauchf e. 
Bisnini, s. in. refreshment, ease? rest 

after fatigue. 
Bisram lena, v. n. to rest, to pass 

tlie night. 
Bisrana, v. a. to cause, to forget, to 

mislead. * 

Bistar, 8. m. bedding, carpetting, a 

bed, &c. 
Bistara, «. m. a bed, &c., peculiar to 

faqirs ; the abode of a laqfr. 
Bistarf, adj. extensive, ditVnse. 
Bisti", improper: see Bihishti. 

Biswd' I ** ''*• *^*® twentieth part. 

Biswas, 8. m. trust, confidence, faith, 

Biswasi', mfj. confidential, trust- 

Bit, 8. f. dung of any animal. 

Bi^and, v. n. to pass. 

Bi^awd, «. in. a little son. 

Biihanii, r. a. to ctiusc to sit down, 
to sit, t^) seat. 

Bithanui, v. n. to bo scattered or 

Bithiirnii, v. a. to causo to sontter > 

Bijldunii, V. a. tns<^t, to cause to sit. 

Biilimnu, v. a. to siiitt. r d snria- 

Bitiytl, s./. a daughter. 

B tins. 1 «'• '♦• ^ ^"^ 

Bitonti, I*, in, a son. 

Bittti, 8. m. a span. 
I Biwji'. 8./. a blister or chop on t; 
j foot. 
I Biyii, 8. in. tun^l. 

Biytilma, v. n. se<' llj. ;........ 

Bo, $. /. corrup. of bd, joucll. <hI, i 


[ 42 ] 


Boai, s. /. sowing, seed time. 

Boana, v. a. to cause to sow : v. n. 
to stink. 

Boch, s. m. an alligator. 

Bocha, s. m. a kind of sedan. 

Boda, adj. weak, low-spirited. 

Bodar, adj. scented. 

Bodli, s. m, understanding, com- 

Bodli", adj.f. a simple woman. 

Bohni, s. /. the first sale in the 
morning for ready money. 

Bojh, s. m. a load, a burden. 

Bojhai, s. /. a cargo, a load, the 
loading of a boat or ship. 

Bojhel, adj. loaded. 

Bojhna, v. a. to load. 

Bol, s. m. word, speech, talk, conver- 

Bolbala bona, to prosper. 

Bolachali, ) - i- + n 

Boloh'l I ^« /• conversation, talk. 

Bolf, s.f. a language, a dialect, con- 

Boll tholi mama, to jeer. 

Bolna, V. n. to speak, to tell, to 

Bolna chalna, v. n. to converse. 

Bolta, s. m. the faculty of speech ; 
the rational soul. 

Bona, V. a. to sow. 

Boni, s. f. the season of sowing. 

Boqla, s. m. a pot-herb. 

Bora, s. m. a canvas bag for carry- 
ing grain, &c., a kind of bean. 

Boriya, s. m. a mat. 

Borna, v. a. to dip, to dye. 

Boro, s. m. the rainbow ; name of a 
kind of rice. 

Bosa, s. m. a kiss. 

Bostan, s. m. a flower-garden ; name 
of a Persian book. 

Bot, s. /. Eng. a boat. 

Botam, s. m. a button. 

Boti, s. /. a small lump of meat. 

Botu, s. m. a lie-goat (not castrated.) 

Brahm, s. qu. God. 

Brahma, s. m. the Deity in the cha- 
racter of Creator. 

Brahman, s. m. a Hindu priest, a 

Brahmani, s. /. a brahmaness. 

Braj, s. m. the name of a district, 

Braj bhakha, s. f. the language of 

Brandi, prop. Barani, which see. 

Bratr, s. m. one who fasts. 

Brichchh, s. m. a tree, a plant. 

Briddh, adj. old. 

Brihaspati, n. prop, the planet Ju- 
piter ; Thursday. 

Britha, adj. vain, in vain. 

Brittant, s. m. history, narration. 

Bii, s. m. smell, odour. 

Bua, s. f. a sister. 

Bucha, m. ) 7. , 

Biichi,/. I «^^. ear-cropt. 

Budbash, s.f. residence, abode. 

Buddhi,s. /. cleverness, quickness of 
apprehension, understanding. 

Buddhiman, 1 adj. intelligent, saga- 

Buddhiwan, j cious. 

Budh, s. m. Wednesday ; the planet 

Budha, adj. old man. 

Budhi, adj. old woman. 

Bud o bash, s. /. residence, abode. 

Bughara, vulg. Bugara, s. m. a pit^ 
a deep wound. 

Bughda, s. m. a cleaver. 

Bughz, s. m. malice, hatred. 

Buharan, s. f. sweepings. 

Buharf, s. f. a broom. 

Buharna, v. a. to sweep. 

Buharni, s. /. a broom. 

Buharii, s. m. a sweeper, 

Buhnf, s. f. handsel, first sale in the 
morning for ready money. 

Buhri, s. f. fried or parched barley. 

Bilf, s. /. a word used to frighten 
children, a goblin. 

Biijh, s. f. understanding, compre- 

Bujhail, adj. laden; beasts, &c. of 

Bujhana, v. a. to explain, to make 
comprehend, to demonstrate, to 
persuade ; to extinguish to put out. 


[ 43 ] 


5njlina, v. n. to be extinguisheJ, put 

out; quenched (thirst.) 
Ju'jlma, V. a. to understand, to com- 

preliend, to think. 
'>iik-, 8. m. a blow with the fist, 
iiikhar, 8. m. fever, 
jiikhar nikalna, to break out (as an 

irruption on the skin.) 
Bakka, «. m. a hfendful. 
[3ukkat, 8. m. a claw. 
Bukkf, 8. f. a cloth brought over 
l| tlio shoulders under the armpits 
<1 tied behind; a handful. 
i;i, V. a. to reduce to powder, to 

I verize. 

I I r, 8. /. powder, 
bhcjna, v. a. to send for. 

hat, 8./. calling, a summons. 

liina, V. a. to summons. 

I III, to call, to invite, to bid. 

I id, adj. high, exalted, sublime, 

ndr, 8. /. height, elevation, ex- 

id, 8. /. a species of l)ird 

oneously called the nightin- 


8. m. a bubble. 

iiiiiwiiini, V. a. to cuude to call or to 

srnd f,,r. 
Uiiiid. (kIJ. hi^h, soaring, (j?:oncnilly 

applied to kites) : «./. a drop. 
"niiiulii, H. m. u dot. 
'' h!iI, 8. m. a largo drop. 
li, 8./. droj)H of rain. 
liyu, 8./. a kind of sweetmeat 
ko dropH.) 

I, 8. m. a kind of pulse, gram. 
nuiiytid, 8. /. fonndatiou, Uusin, 

origin, groninhvork. 
Hmjcha, 8. m. a wrapper. 
Bilni, 8. in. coarse kind of sugar, 

l^irii, (nlj. bad, worse, alxmiinable. 
Jhinidrt, 8. m. lilin^s. 
IhinU', 8. /■. .■■; i; •• ,-v'. wirluHi- 

Burafpar kamar bandhna, ) to re- 
Burai par uthna, / solve 

on mischief. 
Bura lagna, v. n. to be unpleasant. 
Bura manna, v. a. to take amij-s, to 

be displeased. 
Buranii, v. a. to cause to sink. 
Biirha, adj. old, an old man. 
Burhapa, s. m. old age. 
Burhbhas, adj. aftecting in old age 

the manners of youth. 

T>"^'^' ' M- /• an old woman. 
Burhiya, j •' 

Burj, 8. m. a bastion, a tower ; a sign 
of the zodiac ; a large track-rt>pt\ 

Burjf, 8./. a small tower, a turret. 

Buf mama, v. n. to be drowned, to 

Bilinjl., V. n. to drown. 

Burqa, 8. m. a dress or kind of veil 
with eye holes to it. 

Burqaposh, one who wears a burqa. 

But, 8. m. an iilol, an image. 

But, 8. '^>'- ft l^i'»^l <^>f puKso \^for cat- 
tic, &c.) gram. See Biint-. 

Biitii, «, VI, strength, power, abi- 

Biitti, 8. m. flowers wrought in 

Butuona, r. a. to oxtingni ' 

Butat, 8. m. Iionsehold • 

Biitodar, adj. flowered • 

Biiti, 8. /. nioiiieinal nntta ; ilowcrs 
or sprigs wnmgliton iiuusliii. 

But^htina, 8. m. an idoUtomple. 

Hutpuni.Ht, 8. ail idolat<>r. 

Butparasti, ». /. idolatry. 

Buttu denu, t'. a. to t^iko a pennon 

ButtanUh, 8. m. an idol srtilptor. 

Huttiinishr. 8./. iilol K'ulpturi'. 

Buzurg, luij. groat : $. au amvator, a 
senior, a stunt. 

Buzurgi, 8. /. gn atitcss, cniinonco. 

Btizurgwiir, a€{j, older; great (^a 

Byiidli, 8. m. dismsp, sicknoss. 

Byuilhu, «. m. a fowler. 


[ 44 ] 


Byadhi, adj. ill, sick. 

Byah, s. m. marriage. 

Byaha, adj. married. 

Byahanjog, adj. marriageable. 

Byah lana, v. a. to bring home a 

Byahna, v. n. to be delivered of 
yomig (an animal) : v. a. to give 
or take in marriage. 

Byah rachana, v. a. to celebrate a 

Byahta, adj. married. 

Byaj, s. m. interest on money. 

Byajkhor, s. m. one who takes in- 
terest, a usurer. 

Byajii, s. m. the principal sum put 
out to interest. 

Byakaran, s. m. grammar. 

Byakarni, s. m. a grammarian. 

Byakul, adj. perplexed, disturbed, 
restless, agitated (in mind), un- 

Byan, s. m. tlie giving of young. 

Byana, v. n. to be delivered of 
young (animals.) 

Byapna, v. a. to pervade, to occupy 
space, to penetrate. 

Byarf, s. /. supper. 

Byarth, adj. vain. 

Byasf, adj. eighty-two. 

Byoliar, s. m. trade, calling, profes- 

Byontna, v. a. to cut or shape 


Cha, a particle fixed to Persian 
nouns to form diminutives, as 
Baghfcha, a little garden. 

Cha, 8. /. tea. 

Chabana, v. a. to chew, to masticate, 
to bite (the lip.) 

Ohabf, s. /. a key. 

Chablana, v. a. to chew slowly. 

Chabna, v. a. to chew, to masticate, 

to gnaw. 
Chabuk, s. m. a horse-whip, a whip, 

a scourge. 

Chabuk marna, v. a. to whip, to 

Chabuk phatkarna, v. a. to crack a 

Cliabuksawar, s. m. a horse-break v_r, 

a jockey, a good rider. 
Chabuksawari, s. f. jockeyship. 
Chabutara, s. m. a terrace, &c. to 

sit and converse on, a police 

Chabvvana, v. a. to cause to chew^^ 

Chaclia, I s. m. an uncle, a father' 
Chacha, / brother. \ 

Chachera, adj. descended from ori 

related to a paternal uncle. 
Chachera bhaf, cousin, son of a pa- 
ternal uncle, 
Cliacheri bahin, daughter of a pa- 
ternal uncle. 
Chaciif, Is./, a father's brother's 
Chachi", / wife, an aunt. 
Chachorna, v. a. to scratch. 
Chadan, s. m. a tea-bax. 
Cnadar, s. /. a sheet, a covering or 

Chadar bichhana, to lay the cloth. 
Chaddar, s. f. a sheet, a table-cloth, 

a cloth of more than one breadth. 
Chaddar bichhana, to lay the cloth. 
Cliaddha, s. m. the groin ; a bubo. 
Chah, 8. f. desire, wish, want, 

love, affection, choice : s. m. a 

Chahakna, v. n. to whistle or chhp 

(as birds.) 
Chahar, s. the large kind of bamboo. 
Chahar. adj. four. 
Chaharum, adj. the fourth. 
Chahbachcha, s. m. a vat, a cistern. 
Chahchaha, s. m. th(i song (^f a bird. 
Chahchahahat, 8. f. the singing, &c. 

of birds. 
Chahchahana, v. n. to sing (as a 

nightingale), to whistle (as birds.) 
Chahchahe marna, v. n. to sing (as 

Chahe, conj. either, or. 
Chahita, s. m. a sweetheart. 


[ 45 ] 


blii'iln'tf, 8. f. a mistress, a sweet- 

! l:oart. 

Oh ihkarnu, v. n. to whistle or chirp 

IS birds.) 

ihria, v. a. to love, to desire, to 

hoose, to lo<jk for, to require. 
[^Jiiahla, 8. m. mud, ooze, shme. 
Jhaho, Ciiahoij, conj, either, or. 
jhaila, «. m. a small billet of wood 

cut for burning. I 

Ohaili", 8. f. chips. ' 

Ciiain, 8. m. ease, relief, repose, ti'an- j 

juillity. 1 

Chaio, 8. m. name of a low caste of i 
Hindus ; seed of the tamarind; a ! 
Chait, 8.m. name of a Hindu month, 
(Containing a part of March and 
Ch;iitanya, «. m. a sentient being. 
Cliak, 8. 7/1. a potter's wheel, a 
narrow o[)ening intentionally left ^ 
in ciotlies; a rent; a lissure : adj. 
Cliak, «. w. landed property, a farm. 
Cliakai', 8. /. tlio name of a play- 
thing, a whirligig; the name of a 

Cliakar, 8. m. a servant. 
Cliakarbii, «. m. noise, a squabble. 
Chaixarba niachaiid, to luuku a noiso 

ir nproar. 
Cliakan, «. /. service. 
(llakariyii, s. in. a aervant. 
01 akar nmkur, «. m. evasion, trick, 

hubtirfiige, Hhullie. 
Ciiikchaki, 8. /. a kind of musical 

in.sirunKMit made of wtxxl. 
Chakh, 8./. «inarrel, sirifr, oont<'f*t. 
Oh; kiniciiakhi, 8. /. disconl ; a brilx*. 
('hakharhaundh, 8. /. tlio htuto of 

being dazzh'd. 
( 'iiakluina, v. a. to cnuso to taHto. 
(Mnklic, begone, away, avaunt. 
Ohuknnu, r. a. to enjoy, to n^lish, to 

C'hakkti, 8. m. coagulated milk, ounl : 

u carring»'-whecl, a wheel : adj. 

thick (u8 dahi.) 

Chakkar, s. m. a whirlwind, a whirl- 
pool ; a wheel ; a revolution, ;i 
circular course; a sliarp circular 
missile weapon. 
Chakkar dena, to make a horse run 

round in a circle. 
Chakkar marnii, to wheel round, to 

wheel ; to lounge a horse. 
Chak karna, v. a. to rend, to tea . 

to split, to rip. 
Chakki, 8. m. a mill, a hand-mill , 

the kneepan. 
Chakkil, 8. m. a clasp-knife, a pen- 
Chaklii, 8. m. a brothel ; a district, a 
provmee, a number of village 
adj. wide, broad. 
Chakh diir, 8. m. the governor of 

Chaknuik, "1 8. f. the st^el for stri 
Chakniak, j ing a light. 
Chakniakpathn, 8./. a Hint. 
Ciiakmichur, 8. m. scmps, small 

pieces, atoms. 
Chakotra, «. m. a fruit of the limo 

Ciiakriya, «. m. servitude. 
Chakti, 8. /. ring of leather t : 
putting on the axle of wheels; a 
patch : a round plate of metal, 

Cluil, 8./. conduct, Ix^havioiir, walk, 
pace, piit, cust(»in, prnctiee. 

Chnhuhal, \ if. J. the bu»tlo of Rct- 

ChahU'lmli, j ting out on n jour- 
ncy, iVc. ; Betting about any 

Chalii jiinii, to go along, to go away, 
to be itir, to do|Nirt. 

Cluilak, adj. expert, active, doxt. 
oUH, nimble. 

Chalaki, 8. /. activity, dexterity, 

Clialan, ». m. hnbit, bchavioor, de- 
portment, currency. 

Cl»il»in. 8. /. cleamnco (of a ahip), 
dcppatdiing of goods, an invoico 


[ 46 ] 


for goods, bringing "before the 
magistrate, &e. 

Clialana, v. a. to impel, to make to 
go or 2^ass, to drive, to set a 
machine a going, to fire oft' a gun, 
&c. ; to brandish (a sword, &c. ) ; 
to throw stone, &c. 

Chalansar, adj. current, customary. 

Chalauna, s. m. a small stick by 
whicli a spinning or potter's 
wheel is turned, or by which 
liquids are sthred, 

Clialawa, s. m. habit, custom. 

Chalbichal, s. m. alteration ; pur- 

Chalchalao, s. m. preparation for 
journey or departure. 

Chal clialna, to behave. 

Chal dena, v. a. to retreat (as an 
army), to flee, to run away. 

Chale chain a, to go along. 

Chali, s. f. the bamboo work on the 
floor of a boat. 

Chalfs, adj. forty. 

Ch all's wan, adj. fortieth; the for- 
tieth day after childbirth, &c. 

Chal karna, to call to or after. 

Chalna, v. n. to move, to go, to pro- 
ceed, to go off", to pass (as coin), 
to blow, to sail ; to discharge as a 
gun, &c. 

Clialna, v. a. to sift. 

Chalnf, s. f. a sieve. 

dial iiikalna, to exceed bounds. 

Clialo, interj. away ! begone ! 

Chal pakarna, to imitate. 

Clialti chiz, s. /. saleable goods, 
passable (coin, &c.) 

Chalwa, s. /. a kind of fish. 

Cham, s. m. hide, skm, leather. 

Chamach, s. m. prop. Chamcha, a 

Chamak, s. /. glitter, splendour. 

Chamakna, v. n. to glitter, to shine, 
to startle, to be angry. 

Cham an, s. m. a bed in a garden. 

Charaiir, s. m. a worker in leather, a 
shoemaker, tanner, cui'rier. 

Cliamaiii}, s. f. a kind of patten. 
Chamba, s. m. a tribe of beggars 

who scarify their skin. 
Cliambeli, s. f. the name of a flower. 
Chamcha, s. m. a spoon. 
Chamchabhar, adj. a spoonful. 
Chameta, s. m. a slap, a box. 
Chamgadar, s. m. I 
Chamgfdar, s. m. [a bat. 
Chamgiidri, s. f. ) 
Chamkahat, s. f. glitter, splendour, 

Chamkana, v. a. to cause to glitter, 

to brighten, to brandish. 
Chamla, s. m. j 
Chamli, s.f. la beggar's cup. 
Chammal, s. m. \ 
Chamota, s. m. \ , 

Chamoti,^./. I a razor-strop. 

Champ, s. /. the lock of a gun ; the 

name of a tree. 
Cliampa, s. m. the name of a flower 

tree ; a kind of oar. 
Champakali, s. f. an ornament for 

the neck. 
Champakelp,, a kind of plantain. 
Champat hojana or bona, v. n. to 

vanish, to scamper away. 
Cliampna, v. a. to press, to shampoo. 
Chamra, s. m. leather, a hide, a 

Chamra chhurana, v. a. to flay, to 

Cliamrakh, s. /. the apparatus of a 

spinning wheel. 

Chamra khainchna, ) . r, 

/-,, ■ ' 1 '1 - \ V. a. to flay, 

Chamra nikalna, \ t k' 

Chamra udherna, ) 

Chana, s. m. a kind of pulse, a sort 
of vetch, gram. 

Chanak, s. f. crack in a vessel, &c. ; 
the bursting of the husk of a seed 
by exposure to the sun. 

Chanakna, v. n. to crack (as an 
earthen vessel) ; to burst and fall 
out ^as a seed from the husk.) 

Chanchal, adj. fickle, restless, in- 
constant, transitory. 


[ 47 ] 



lanchanana, v. n. to make a noise 
(as in parching of grain, &c.) 

land, adj. some, a few ; (in com- 

pos.) quantity, as much, many. 

liiud, 8. m. the moon ; name of an 

ornament; a target (to shoot at); 

a white spot in the forehead (of 

an animah) 
liiinda, s. m. contribution, sub- 

baTidal, s. m. a wicked man, a 

wretch, a miser. 
haiHliiliii, 8. /. the wife of a chau- 


haiidan, s. in. sandal-wood, 
haiidarma, 8. m. the moon. 
hando, adj. some, a few, a little, 

sometime, a while, 
ihiiiidi', s. /. silver (pure), plate; 

tlic crown of the head. 

liya, «. /. the crown of the 

■ I. 

linari', 8. /. a place of target 

Haiiid mama, v. a. to fire at a mark 

01- tiirgct. 
3miidiu, 8. /. an awning, a cloth 

ceiling, a cloth spread on a car- 

jrtt; th(! moonbeams. 
)li:in(lni' nit, a moonlight night. 
;h;iii(linnkh, k. m. a face bright and 

Ih autilhl as the moon. 
)h;in<liuulvhi', adj. having a coun- 

t( nance splendid as the moon. 
)h;in(l()l, 8. ?u. u M»rt of stnlan. 

;|"""| '""'• \ adj. of a few days. 

Jlumdwa, 8. m. a smull »inopy, au 

Miang, 8. /. a kind of pai)cr kite 

witli a tail. 
'liiingii, (/(//. healthy, recovered 

tn»ni a diseam^), sound. 
'liangii banana, r. rt, to correct, to 

puiusli, to chastise. 
'Iiangii kiirnji, r. «. to euro. 
jliangcr, «. / a Uower-pot. 

Changera, «. m. j a large basket, a 
Changen', s. /. / tray or trough. 
Changul, 8. m. talons, claws, hand, 

clutch, grasp. 
Chant, 8. m. a miser. 
Chanwal, s. m. rice. 
Chan war, 8. /. an instrument for driv- 
ing away flies, a fly-flapper. 
Chapaf chapar, an imitative sound 

of the mouth in eating. 
Chapayna, v. a. to varnish, to anoint, 

to besmear. 
Chapatf, 8. /. a thin cake of imlea- 

vened bread. 
Chapatna, r. n. to be flattened. 
Chapet, 8. /. a slap, a flat palm ; 

a sudden misfortune. 
Chapetti, 8. m. a slap, a blow. 
Chapkan, s. /. a kind of vest, a sort 

of coat. 
Chapkana, v. a. to make adliere, to 

stick on. 
Chapliis, 8. m. a flatterer, a wheed- 

Chaplusi, 8. /. flattery, wheedling. 
Chapochi, 8./. a tea-pot. 
Chapmi, v. n. to bo abaslicd, to 

blush : 8. m. a lid or cover. 
Chai)ni', 8. /. a lid or cover (small.) 
Chappan, «. in. a lid or cover 

Chappi, 8./. kneading the limbs. 
Cha{Miualijih, «./. crowding, want of 

Chappi, 8. m. a kind of Inc. 
Cluipfiiiui, r. CI. to H(»al. 
Clmpni^, H. /. a buckle, a brcast- 

platts a l)adgi>. 
Clinpnisr. 8. m. a servant wearing a 

cliapruM, a jKJon. 
Cliapta ktkTui, \ ., . a^ fl„»*„« 

Chu(i^u. 8. in, a olasp-knifo, a pen- 
kin fe. 

Chiir, adj. four. 

Ciiar, 8. m. a shoal, an islniul. 

Char. 8. VI. sound made by breaking 
a brunch. 


[ 48 ] 


Chara, 1 s. m. remedy, cure, help, 

Chara, j aid. 

Chara, s. 7n. forage, fodder, food for 
cattle; bait for fish; a seedling, 
a plant. 

Cliara dalna, v. a. to bait. 

Cliaraf, s. f. the price paid for 
pasturage; grazing, feeding. 

Charak, s. m. wiiite leprous spots. 

Cluiran, s. m. the foot, a poetical 

Charana, v. a. to graze, to pasture. 

Charand, 1 s. m. a beast, au ani- 

Charan-da, / nial that grazes. 

Charas, s. m. a kind of intoxicating 

Charbi, .s. /. fat, suet, grease. 

Charbidar, adj. fat, not lean. 

Charbi ki jhilli", s. /. caul. 

Charcha, s. m. f. talking over past 
events, mention, mentioning. 

Charchar, s. m. prating, cliatter- 

Charcharana, | v. n. to crack, to 

Charcharana, / sputter (as wood 
in the fire.) 

Chard ivvari, s. f. the wall by which 
a court-yard is enclosed. 

Charguna, adj. four-fold. 

Charhai, s. /. ascent, acclivity, 
embarkation, attack ; price paid 
for ascen(iing, riding, embark- 
ing, &c. 

CharJiana, v. a. to make ascend, em- 
bark, &c. ; to offer up oblations ; 
to string a bow ; to brace a drum. 

Charhandar, s. m. a passenger, a 

Charhao, s. m. ascent, acclivity, 

Charhna, v. n. to ascend, mount, ad- 
vance, embark, climb, soar, ride. 

Charhta, s. m. increase of price. 

Charliti, s. /. advantage, gain. 

Charhwaiya, s. m. one wlio ascends, 
mounts, &c., a rider. 

Charhwan, adj. riising up (a shoe 
over the heel of the wearer.) 

Charhwana, v. a. to cause others to: 
raise or to make ascend or to pull 
on, &c. \ 

Charitr I ^' ''^' ^o^^^^*' custom. 

Ciiarjama, s. m. a kind of saddle. 

Charka, adj. white spotted (as from 
a leprosy) : s. m. a small wound, 

Charkata, s. m. the person who cuts 
forage for elephants. ;' 

Charkh, s. m. a wheel, circular 
motion. ' 

Charkha, s. m. a spinning wheel, a 

Charkhana, s. m. cloth ornamented 
with squares, check muslin. 

Charkhi, s. f. a spinning-wlieel, a 
cotton machine, a kind of fire- 

Charkh marna, v. n. to turn round, 
to wheel. 

Charkhpuja, s. f. the religious ce- 
remony of swinging with iron 
hooks passed through the mus- 
cles of the back. 

Charna, v. n. to graze, to feed ; 
s. m. half trowsers. 

Charpai, s. f. a bedstead. 

Charpara, adj. acrid, hot Tas pep- 
per) ; smart (in conversation.) 

Charparana, v. n. to smart. 

Cliarpariya, adj. active, ingenious. 

Cliarpaya, s. m. a quadruped. 

Charrana, v. n. to burst, to ache, tc 

Charsa, s. m. a hide, a skin. 

Charti, s. m. one who does no! 

Charua, s. m. a large earthen pot. 

Charungal, s. m. the breadth oi 
four fingers. 

Charwa, s. m. a horse. 
Cliarwaha, s. m. a grazier, a shep- 
Charwai, s. f. price paid for pastur- 
age, keeping or feeding cattle. 
Charwana, v. a. to graze, to pasture. 


[ 49 ] 


rirziinii, a mode of sitting, as 
luilors sit at work, 
is, .s./. ploughin•,^ 

sa, 8. m. a ploughman, a hus- 


Awn, s. m.f. the eye. 
i>linia, 8. ra. spectacles ; a foun- 
ain. ^ 

ishni, 8. /. a specimen ; syrup, 
an karna, 

. > -y. a. to pl( 



Iv. quickly, instantly : 8. /. 
xcoriation, a sore. 
'^•. /. relish, taste for. 
. H. /. a mat. 
. s'. /. ghtter, splendour. 

8. /. a crash, ati explosion. 
iiii, V. n. to crackle, to crack 
whip, to splinter, to split. 
lat'i'i, ><•/• block of stone, rock. 
i»|;iiiu, V. a. to make lick or lap 


b|iva, 8. m. a pupil or scholar. 
lifttkii, 8. m. a liabit. 
itkimif, 8. m. a sLip, a box, a 

:iind, V. a. to crack (as a whip) ; 
ij) the fingers (in rejoicing) ; 


lui, V. a. to urge cattle by 
licking noise nuido by draw- 
I' tongue fn)rn the palate. 
1, (ulj. Hphindid, guu<ly. 
i:i, V. <t. to lick up, to lap. 
'•. (I. lo lick u]); (tdj. vora- 

. / I kind of acid or 
lit sjiucc: adj. f. voracious 


I, 8. m. an epicure. 

', adv. hastily, in a hurry, 


' limj, 8. /. agitation, flurry, 

I. pulpitution. 
, iiiua, r. ;j. to bo agitated, to 
lluttcr, to wince. 

lintpiiti', 8./. huate, hurry, quick- 
ness, agility. 

Chatpatiya, adj. active, quick, alert. 
Chattan, 8. /. block of stone, rock. 
Cliatur, I adj. intelligent, cunning, 
Cliatura, / clever, shrewd. 
Chaturai", 1 s.f. slyness, cleverness, 
Chuturta, / ingenuity. 
Chatwana, v. a. to cause to lick or 

lap up. 
Chau, 8. m. a back tooth ; (in coin- 

po8.) four. 
Chaube, 8. m. a kind of brahman. 
Chaubi's, a^j. twenty-four. 
Chaudah, mij. fourteen. 
Chaudawan, adj. fourteenth. 
Chaudawin rat, fourteenth night 

of the moon. 
Chaudani', 8. / j an ornament 
Chaudaniya, 8. m. / worn in the 

Chaudas, s.f. the fourteenth day of 

the moon. 
Chaudharai', 8. /. the business of a 

Chaudliari, «. m. the head man of a 

Chaugan, 8. m. a plain ; name of a 

Chaugana, a adj. quadruple, four- 
Cljaughard, «. m. a small l)ox of gold 

or silver, with four partitions for 

holding |M?rfumoH. 
Cliuugird, (i</r. on all aides. • 
Chauguiui, adj. fourloKI. 
Chauhtin, m. in. a ea^to of Hajputs. 
Chauhattn* <*' ^' ^ place whcru four 

strt'ots moot. 
Cliauhuttar, adj. seventy-four. 
Chauk, 8. m. u market, a stjuaro, a 

Oliauka, n. m. a stiunre plot of 

frotnid markml out, in w-liich a 
liiuhi drr.sHcs his fixxl ; a siiuuit) 
slat*^ of njurblo. I'ce. 
Chaukari. «./. a bound, a spring, 

a bounce. 
Chaukarii' bbaru^ to leap, bound, 


[ 50 ] 


Cliaukas, adj. circumspect, attentive, 

vigilant, clever ; full weight. 
Cliaukasi, s. f. circumspection, atten- 
tion, vigilance, watchfulness. 
Chaukat, j s. m. a door-frame, the 
Chaukhut, / lower piece of a frame 

of a door. 
Chaukliiinta, adj. four-cornered, 

Chauki, s. f. a chair, a bench, a 

stool ; guard, watch ; the post 

where a guard is stationed. 
Chaukidar, s. m. a watchman, a 

Chaukidari, s. /. a tax levied for 

supporting watches, the pay or 

office of a watchman. 
Chaulvi dena, v. a. to mount guard, 

to watch. 
Chaulvi marna, v. a. to smuggle. 
Chaukona, 1 adj. four-cornered, 
Chaukor, / square. 
Chaulai, s. f. a kind of vegetable. 
Chaulara, s. m. "^ a necklace of four 
Chaulari, s. f. j strings. 
Chaumasa, s. m. the rainy season. 
Chaumukh, s. m. a lamp-stand with 

Chaumukha, adj. having four bur- 
ners, &c. (a lamp.) 
Chaundhiyana, v. n. to be confused, 

to be out of one's senses. 
ChaTindol, s. m. a kind of sedan 

with two poles. 
Chaundii, s. m. a blockhead. 
Chaungi, s. /, wheedling. 
Chaungibaz, s. m. a wheedler. 
Chaunk, s.f. the act of starting. 
Chauukel, adj. shy, timid (as an 

Chaunkna, v. n. to start, to start up 

from slee2:>, to start up at. 
Chaunk parna, v. n. to bounce, to 

start up. 
Chaunk utlma, v. n. to stai-t, to 

Cbaunri, g. /. an instrument for 

driving away flies, a fly-flapper. 

Chaunsar, s. m. the name of a gam 
Chaunsath, adj. sixty-four. 
Chauntara, s. m. a terrace, &c. S( 

Chauntis, adj. thirty-four. 
Chauwa, s. m. a hand-breadth. 
Chauwan, adj. fifty-four. 
Chawal, s. m. rice s^arated fro: 

the husk but not cooked. 

Chawanr, s. /. see chaunri. 
Chechak, s. f. the small -pox. , 

Chela, s. m. a pupil, a disciple,: 

slave brought up in the house. 
Cheli, s. /. a slave-girl. 
Chenchen karna, v. n. to chatter, 1 

Chera, s. m. a slave-boy. 
Cheri, s. /. slave-girl. 
Chet, s. m. memory, remembranc 

Chetan, s. m. a sentient or ration 

Chetna, v. a. to remember,* to thir 

of, to reflect, to recover tl 

senses, to be roused. 
Chha, adj. six. 
Chhab, s. /. beauty, splendoii 

shape, form. ' 

Chliabbis, adj. twenty-six. j 

Chhabila, adj. handsome, comely. 
Chhabis, adj. twenty-six. 
Chhachh, s.f. buttermilk. 
Chhadam, s. m. the fourth part of 

Chhajja, s. m. gallery. 

Chhafro^' } '' ^- consumption. 
Cliha jana, v. n. to be spread ; to 1 

thatched; to be overcast (tl 

Chhakana, v. a. to pamper, to clo 

to satiate. 
Chhakkapanja karna, to deceive, 

play tricks. 

s. m. fop, bea 
a coxcomb. ; 


[ 51 ] 



/. a slap, 
a cart, a wheel car- 



lakr^, 8. m. 

lial, «. m. fraud, a stratagem, 
►rotence, artifice, a trick, a 

iial, 8. /. peel, skin, rind, bark, 
"lalii, 8. m. a blister, skin, 
haiiik, 8. /. running over, 
halakna, v. w. to be spilt, to over- 
,1 bal, «. m. force and fraud, 
ratagcra, trick. 
Iclilialana, v. n. to undulate, 
dena, v. a. to deceive, to 

karna, to practice deceit, 
lend, V. a. to cloud, to ovcr- 
lad, to darken ; to tliatcli 
,1, \ adj. deceitful, fraudu- 
Jiya, / lent, treacherous, art- 
^!, false, perfidious. 
hiiliyii, K. /. a kind of betel-nut. 
Iuilk:uui, V. a. to spill. 
;liiillii, H, m. a ring worn on the toe 
^r linger. 

lialiii, «./. a sieve. 
lial.ti-r, H.f. a whitlow ; felon. 
ha I iitiirnu, v. a. to i)€el, to docor- 


liaiiirlihumitnd, r. n. to shine, to 

rliitrr ; to wmnd. 

nan, X. m, a sound inmle by the 

lulling of a droj) of water u|Km a 

waiiii plate ; u moment or iu- 


ban, H. /. u roof, a fnuno of bam- 

l>«»«> lor tlmlciiiiig. 

laiMii, v, a. to timtch, to tile, to 

r'M»f. to shadi', to cover, to spread. 

ilianak, H. tii«> sound (hissing) of 

u <lr(.|) of wulrr fulling on a hot 

pljiti' ; tlie sound of the breaking 

oft artluMiware. 

iclihuniina, r. n. to smart, to 
]>ani. to sinnuer, to cmeklo (ua in 

Clihand, s. f. a tether, a trammel, a 

Chhtinda, ) i, _x 

Ci.handa, | «•«»• a share, part. 

Chhandna, v. n. to tether, to fasten, 

to tie, to bind. 
Chhanh, s. f. shade, shadow; the 

reflection of any object in a mirror. 
Chlian lenii, v. a. to choose, to select. 
Chhiin miima, v. a. to search, to 

Chhanna, -y. n. to be strainetl is. m. 

a sieve, a cloth through which any- 
thing is strained or sifted. 
Chhanna, v. a. to strain, to sift, to 

ChhtinoQ, 8. f. shade, shadow. See 

Chhiint, 8. /. refuse. 
Chhiint karnii, v. a. to vomit, to dis- 
Chilling; lend, to elect, to choose. 
Chhanlua, v. n. to be extnu'teil, or 

8ei)aratotl (by |x)unding.) 
Chhandna, r. a. to husk rice, to wash 

(clothes) by beating ; to j)are, to 

prune, to lop, to crop, to trim, to 

select ; to vomit. 
Chhan^wana, r. a. to cause to hiwk 

rice or wash clothes ; tt) cause to 

jmre, crop, trini, &c. 
Chluiuw, 8./. shade, shadow. ^*» 

Chhanwanii, r. a. to cause t< • 
Cliliunvo, adj. iunoty-»ix. 
Clihdonu, r. a. to thatch, tile, &c. 

S(n) Chlmnii. 
Cliluioni, II. /, auitonmentM, bor- 

racks or huts for soldiers; 

UiRtching, tiling. &c. 
Cidiiin, «. /. Htamp. print, ct>py, a 

seal, impnssion. 
Chiiapti, ^t. m. tnlition, print, M}al : 

adj. print4il. 
Cbliaimi. f. /. edition, the prico of 

lapukji. n. m. tlic s«>uml pro- 
ducxxl by striking watc 

sound lire 


[ 52 ] 


Chhapana, v. a. to cause to print ; to 
conceal, to hide. 

Chhapekhana, s. m. a printing office. 

Chhapewala, s, m. a printer, a press- 

Chhapria, v. a. to print, to impress a 
figure, to stamp. 

Chhapna, v. n. to be printed, to 
be concealed, to lie hid, to dis- 

Chhappan, adj. fifty-six. 

Chliappar, s. m. a thatched roof. 

Chhapparband, s. m. a thatcher. 

Chliapparbandf, s. f. thatching. 

Clihapparkhat, \ s. m. &. bed with 

Chliapparkhat, / curtains. 

Ghhapwana, v. a. to cause to print. 

Chliar, s. f. the pole of a spear. 

Chhara, ) -,.1 

Chharachatank, | ^^> ^^^^^^ 

Chharchobi, s. f. a privy, a neces- 

Chhari, s. /. a switch, a twig, a thin 

Chharra, s. m. small shot. 

Cliha sat, trick, cheat, juggle. 

Chhat, s. f, a roof, a cloth ceiling, 

Chhat, s. f. the roof of a house. 

Chhata, s. m. an umbrella. 

Chhataba, adj. waspish, peevish. 

Chhatauk, s. /. the sixteenth part of 

ter, two ounces, 
t banana, v. a. to ceil, to cover 
the inner roof a building. 

Chliatli, name of a fast. 

Chliatha, adj. sixth. 

Chhathi, adj. f. sixth : s. /. a reli- 
gious ceremony performed on the 
sixth day after childbirth. 

Chhati, s. f. the breast, the bosom. 

Chhati bhar, adj. breast-high. 

Chliati jalna, to have the heartburn. 

Chhati lagana, v. n. to clasp to the 
breast, to fondle. 

Chliati kholke milna, to meet 

Chhati nikalke chalna, to stalk, to 

Chhati par patthar rakhna, to hav 

Chhati phatni, to break the hear 

with grief or sorrow. 
Chhati pitna, to beat the brea^ 

from sorrow. 
Chhati se lagana, to fondle. 
Chhatr tharidi bona, to be pleased c 

Chliat lagana, \ v. a. to ceil, to cove 
Chhat patna, / the inner part ( 

a building. 
Chhatpatana, v. n. to toss, to tun 

ble about, to flounder. 
Chhatrf, s. f. a small umbrella ; i 

awning ; a frame made of bain i 

for pigeons to settle upon: s. ,, 

a man of the second or Milita] 

tribe of Hindus. 
Chhatridar, adj. having a hood < 

covering (as a carriage, &c.) I 
Clihatta, s. m. a honeycomb. ' 

Chhattar, s. m. an umbrella, a plfic 

of pilgrimage. 
Chhattis, adj. thirty-six, 
Chhattrsi, adj. /. prude, prudish, 
Chliatwan, adj. sixth. 
Chhauna, s. m. young (of any an 

Chhaunf, s. f. barracks, canto} 

Chhaunkna, v. a. to season. 
Chhawaiya, s. m. a thatcher. 
ChheJ, s. m. a hole, an orifice. 
Chhedna, v. a. to pierce, to bore. 
Clihekiia, v. a. to detain, to stop, & 

iSee Chhenkna. 
Chhem, 1 „ r ^r^if««^ 

Chhenk lena, v, a. to distrain (f 

rent, &c.), to confiscate. 
Chheni, s. /. a chisel for cutting ii' 

or stone. 
Chhenkna, v. a. to prevent, to sti ' 

to retain, to restrain, to distra 

(for rent, &c.) 
Chhenkwaiya, s. w. a preventer, 



[ 53 ] 


heo, 8. /. a mark, a cut, a piece of 
'ood cut off. 

heo mama, v. a. to line out, to 

heond, v. a. to pierce or to bleed 
1 tar, to extract tayi ; to mark. 
licr, 8. f. the act of irritating, 
vexing, &c. 
'ilicri', s.f. a goat, 
heriia, v. a. to irritate, to exas- 
'pcTiite, to annoy, to trouble. 
'ili< tr, 8. m. a pure or sacred spot, 
ja ])liice of pilgrimage. 

ih'i'ohhr,} *'"^^'^'- ^y® ' ^^^ ^^^^^ ^ 

ili!<lihora, adj. trifling, puerile, 

ihiclihrd, «. m. the skinny and re- 
ject cd part of meat, a piece of flesh, 
ihidiina, v. a. to cause to pierce, 
to jxrforate. 
biii<ina, V. n. to be pierced or 


liliiliMttar, culj. seventy-six. 

hliikii, 8. m. a sling for carrying 
b;i>k»'ts. See Chhi'nka. 

hliikiinf, 8. /. a wand, stick. 

hill Ian, 8./. parings. 

lilul (dihdl karnd, v. a. to jmre, to 

hhilka, 8. m. crust, husk, shell, 
p' . 1, Hcale, rind, burk, skin. 

hliilkii utiirmi, I v. a. to pt»ol, to 

liliihiii, / skin, to pare. ^ 

hhihui, r. n. to bo cxcoriaUMl. 

hhilwiina, r. a. to oauso to skin or 
ccoriate, &c, 

Jliliima, 8./. jiardon, forgivonoM. 

/hhiimi kanui, a. to pardon, to for- 
lilnnii', 8. /. a i>o<I, legume. 

■Iil'iin' r "• "*• "^o"^t}"^ "•* i»»t*^'»t« 
'iilnniichhdnf karni, v. a. to scruin- 

yliliiniil. 8. /.a harlot, a strumpet, 

an adulten^sH. 
^lihinuld, 8, in. a fornicator. 

Chhinala, s. m. fornication, whore- 
Chhinala kama, v. a. to play the 

Chhinalpan, ^l s. m. harlotry, pros- 
Chhinalpana, / titution. 
Chhinana, v. a. to cause to seize, 

snatch, pluck, &c. 
Chhin bhar men, in a moment. 
Chhinguli', 8. f. a little finger (the 

Chhi'nk, «./. sneezing, sneeze. 
Chhinka, 8. m. a network of cords to 

hang any thing on, the cords of a 

Chhmkna, v. n. to sneeze. 
Chliin lena, v. a. to snatch away, to 

forcibly take away, to seize. 
Chhi'nna, v. a. to pull away, to tear 

away, to take or snatch away. 
Chhi'nt, 8. /. chintz. 
Ciihinta, 8. m. spot, splash. 
Chhink mdrna, v. a. to sprinkle, to 

Cliljihtnd, V. a. to sprinkle, to sow. 

Chhinwanii, v. a. to cause to snatch. 

Chhip, 8. /. a fishing-roil. 

Chhipa, (uij. closes hidden, con- 

Chhii)acliliipr, adj, underhand, se- 

Chljipanii, r. a, to conceal, to lude. 

Chhipa mhnti, to nb.scond. 

('hhij)i, 8. m. rloth-printrr. 

Chiiip jiimi, r. w, ti) rotin\ to witli- 

Ghhipknir, «./. a lizard. 

Oldnpnd, r. »j. to bo conceal, il, lo U« 
ab."*.!)!^ to disapinnir, to itirk. 

Chhirakkar boohnd, r. a. !•> infl* <'.T 

Chliirnknil, r. o, to sprink 

Chhinikwttnu, W. «i. t i:ut 

Cbldrkjiiui. / 1- 

Clihirkao, H.m. sprinu ring. 

Cldiit;, n./. 8|x>t, »[H!ivk ; ciinil^. 

Chhi(aknii, r. n. to bo scuttcrvd or 
dissipatod, to sproad. 


[ 54 ] 


Chhitkana, v. a. to disperse, to scat- 
ter, to sprinkle. 

Chliitkani, s. f. a bolt. 

Chhitki, s.f, speck, spitting or dash- 
ing of rains. 

Chhitna, v. a. to scatter, to sprinkle. 

Ciihitrami, v. a. to scatter, to spread. 

Chhiyalfs, adj. forty-six. 

Chhiyanauwe, adj. ninety-six. 

Chhiyasath, adj. sixty-six. 

Chhiyasi, adj. eighty-six. 

Chhoa, s. m. treacle. 

Chhokra, s. m. a boy. 

Chhokri', s. /. a girl. 

Chholna, v. a. to pare, to scrape. 

Chholnf, s. /. a scraper. 

Chhop, s. m. a coat of paint, plaster 
&c., a colour. 

Clihop chhap karna, \v. plas- 

Chhopua, / ter or re- 

pair a wall. 

Chhora, s. m. a boy. 

Chhora, ) s. m. release, omission, 

Chhorao, > deliverance, letting 

Chhorawa, ) go. 

Chhorna, v. a. to let go, to forsake, 
desert, pardon, release ; shoot. 

Chhota, adj. little, small, younger, 
mean, low. 

Chhota bar a, adj. varied, variegated, 
great and small. 

Chhotai, s. /. smallness. 

Chhotpana, s. m. minority, child- 

Chhiiana, v. a. to cause to touch. 

Chhuchha, adj. empty, hollow : 8. m. 

Chhiichhi, adj. empty, mean. 

Chhuchhundar, s. /. a musk rat. 

Chhuchhundari, s. f. a squib. 

Chhuchkarna, v. n. to whistle. 

Chhudr, adj. mean, low. 

Chhuhara, s. m. a dry date. 

Ghhulakna, v. n. to make water 
slowly (as mares, &c., in heat.) 

Chhulana, v. a. to cause to touch. 

Chhulchhulana, v. n. see Clihulakna. 

Chhuna, v. a. to touch, to meddle 
with, to feel. 

Chhura, s, m. a large knife. 

Chhurana, v. a. to set free, to de- 
liver, to dismiss, to separate, to 

Chhurawa, s. m. a deliverer, setter 

Chhuri, s. f. a knife. 

Chhuri tale dam lena, to be patient 
in difficulties. 

Chhurwana, v. a. to- cause to let go ; 
or set free. 

Chhiit, s.f. defilement, contamina- 
tion, touch. 

Chhutahra, adj. defiled by touching, 
polluted (as persons or vessels.) 

Chhutka, adj. see Chhota. 

Chhutkara, s. m. deliverance, sal- 
vation, exemption, liberty. 

Chhutna, \ v. n. to be adrift, to be 

Chhutna, / discharged, to escape, 
to be liberated, to be loose, to 
cease, to leave, to remain, to slip 
away, to spout. 

Chhutpana, s. m. childhood, infancy. 

Chhutti, s.f. discharge, leave, leisure, 
disengagement, permission, free- 

Chichinda, 8. m. the name of a vege- 

Chichiyana, v. n. to squeak, to sliriek, 
to bleat. 

Ghihra, s. m. face, visage, counte- 
nance, description roll. 

Chihra likhana, v. a. to enlist ; to - 
take service and horses. 

Chihra likhna, v. a. to write a de- 
scription roll (soldier's.) 

Chik, s. m. a butcher who kills only 
goats, sheep, kids, and lambs. 

Cliikan, s. m. /. embroidery on mus- 
lin or cloth. 

Chikandoz, s. m. an embroiderer. 

Chikarna, v. n. to squeak. 

Chikat, 8. /. a mixture of oil and 
dust, greasy or dusty (as clothes. ) 

Chikh, s.f, a scream, a screech, a 


[ 55 ] 


Chikh mdma, v. n. to scream, to 
screech, to roar, to cry. 

Chikhna, v. a. to taste. 

Ciiikkat, adj. filtliy, covered with 
grease and dirt. 

Chikkf, 8./ a rotten betel-nut. 

Chikna, adj. beautiful ; greasy, oily : 
8. m. oil, lard. 

Chiknahat, s. f. cleanness, smooth- 
ness, f)olish ; greasiness ; beauty. 

Chiknai', 8. /. fat of meat; gloss, 

Chikniina, v. a. to clean, to polish, 

Cliikni mtitr, \ s. f. clay, potter's 

Chikni mitti, / clay. 

(Jhikni supari, 8. /. a kind of betel- 
nut prepared by boiling. 

(aiiktlui, wlj. filthy, greasy. 

(Jliil, 8./. a kite. 

Chilam, 8./. tlio part of a huqqa 
whicli contains the tobacco and 

Cliilamchi', 8. /. a metal washing- 

(Jhilchilana, v. n. to shreik, to scream, 
to screc;ch. 

( 'liilghoza, 8. m. a kind of nut. 

( -hi'liiar, 8. /. a louse. 

(Iiilliwaos, «. m. screaming like a 

( 'hil jliapaf^a mamii, to snatch away 
{[\H kites.) 

('liillii, 8. m. quarantine ; the string 
of a bow. 

('Iiillil charhanil, r. a. to bond a 


( liilhiliat, ^- .f' ^'ry, outcry, screnm. 
niiliil khaiticlimi, v. a. to bond a 

l)0\v ; to preparo for battle ; to 

keep (pianintino. 
Chillunii, r. n. to scream, to shriek. 
Chilhir, 8./. a loUHO. 
Cluiniha, adj. lousy. 
( 'liiltii, 8. /. a coat of mail. 
Chihvun, «. /. a screen tor kiM^ping 

out tlio glare, a Venetian blind, u 


Oliiraarna, v. n. to be tough, to 

grow tough. 
Chimatna, v. n. to adhere, t) 

Chimra, adj. tough, flexible. 
Chimrana, v. n. to toughen, to grow 

Chimri, adj. infrangible (as a quill^\ 

Chimta, «. m. tongs, forceps or 

pincers, a pair of nippers. 
Chimtana, v. n. to adhere, to cling 

to. ' 
Chimtha, adj. elastic, tough. 
Chimti katnii, v. a. to pinch. 
Chin, 8. m. China. 
Chindi', 8. piece, fragment, &c. 
Chindi chindi karna, to break or 

tear to pieces. 
Chingan', 8. /. a spark or coal (of 

Chingliar, 8. /. scream, screech, 

Chinghareo mdma, to scream, to 

Chinghdrnd, r. n. to scream, to 

screech Tappliod properly to the 

Chingi', 8. /. sjiark (of fire.) 
Chingi jharmi. \ ^ „ ^^ j^i, 
Chmgi nikalna, j * 

Chingni, 8. /. a chicken. 
Chini^ru, 8. in. a i)rawn, a shrimp. 
Chinn, 1 «. m. a Hcar, a mark, sign, 
Chinh, / syndK)!, token by whicli 

anything is known ; signature. 

Chinhar. ) 

Chinlmn', 8. /. acquiiintnnce. 

Cluiihna, r. <i. to know, to recog- 

Chun, 8./. sugar ; Chinese ; cartlien- 

Chintti, 9. /. thonghtfulnci», caro, 
anxiety, a ihouglit, risk, peril, 

Clnn*' - /* " small ant. 


[ 56 ] 


ChipatX' } "• ""' ^"^ '*'''^' ^ ^^^^'*^- 

Chipchipana, v. n. to adhere, to 

Chipiia, V. n. to be concealed. 

Chipna, V. a. to squeeze, to express 
the juice from a fruit, to press 

Chippi, s. f. a patch on paper. 

Chiprf, s. f. cakes of cow-dung. 

Chiptana, v. a. to stick to, to apply 

Chiq, s. /. a kind of lattice used as 
a blind to windows or doors. 

Chir, s. m. rent, split, strip, crack. 

Chir, s. f. vexation, irritation ; aver- 
sion, antipathy. 

Chira, s. m. a turban. 

Cliiragh, s. m. a lamp, a light. 

Chiragh barhana, v. a. to put out, 
to extinguish Ta lamp.) 

Chiraghdan, s. m. a stand for a 

Chiraghf, s. /. a present made to 
the Mulla for offering oblations 
at tlie tomb of a saint, &c. 

Chiraghpa, adj. rearing (a liorse.) 

Chirakna, v. n. to have a scanty 

Chirana, v. a. to cause to tear or be 
torn, to cause to split. 

Chirana, v. a. to vex, irritate, pro- 
voke, offend, mock, gibe, jeer. 

Chiranjf, adj. long-lived. 

Chirh, s.f. abhorrence, abomination, 
dislike, vexation. 

Chirimar, s. m. a bird-catcher, a 

Chiriya, s. f. a bird, a kind of sew- 
ing, a hen sparrow. 

Chiriyakhana, s. m. an aviary. 

Chirk, s. m. dirt, filth, ordure, mat- 
ter from a wound, pus. 

Chirkut, s. m. a rag, a piece. 

Chirkutiya, adj. tattered, ragged. 

Chirna, v. n. to be rent or split. 

Chirna, v. a. to rend, to split, to 
cleave, to saw, to plough the 
water (as a ship.) 

Chir nikalna, v. a. to break through 

Chironjf, s. / a kind of nut. 

Chirwana, v. a. see Chirana. 

Chit, s. m. the mind, the attention, 
memory : adj. lying flat on the 

Chit, 8. /. rag, scrap. 

Chita, s. /. a funeral pile. 

Chita, s. m. a leopard or panther ; 
a kind of snake : adj. spotted, . 

Chitana, j v. a. to caution, warn, 

Chitaona, / admonish. 

Chitaonf, s. f. a token, admonition, 

Chit dena, v. a. to pay attention. 

Chithariya, adj. tattered, ragged, 
clothed in rags. 

Chithi, s /. a letter, a note, an as- 

Chitiira, \ 


Chitkabra, adj. piebald, speckled. 

Chitna, V. a. to draw, to paint. 

Chitrbichitr, adj. of various coloui's, 

Chitta, adj. white : s. a rupee. 

Chittha, s. m. a memorandum of 
money paid. 

Cliitthi, 8. f. a note, a letter. 

Chittf, s. /. the hen of the little 
birds called Amaduvades. 

Ciiittf, 8. f. a spot, a freckle. 

Chitti'dar, adj. speckled, spotted. 

Chit ukharna, v. n. to splinter, or 
have small pieces knocked off 

Chiz, s. /. thing, commodity, any 

Chizbast, 8. f. chattels, baggage, 

Choa, 8. m. the name of a per- 

Choana, v. a. to cause to drip, to 
distil, to filter. 

Chob, 8. f. a diumstick. 

Chobchini, s. f. the name of a me- 
dicine, China-root. 


[ 57 ] 


Cliobdar, «. m. a servant whose 
m business it is to announce the 

■ arrival of visitors, a mace-bearer. 

■ Chobha, s. m. a kind of victuals 
I given upon special occasions, 
i marriages, &c. 

I Chobkari, s. f. a kind of embroidery. 
f Chochla, 8. m. playfulness, coquetry, 

Chokar, «. m. bran. 
Chokha, a/lj. pure, unadulterated, 

genuine, good, fine, sharp. 
Oiola, 8. m. the body. 
\ Choli. s. /. a sort of bodice worn by 
" females. 

Choneh, ». f. a beak, bill. 
Chonc'lila, s. m. see Cliochlu. 
Chonda, «. m. liair braided on the 

top of the heud. 
Chondida, adj. dim, purblind, dim- 

Chondhluna, v. n. to be purblind, to 

see dimly. 
1 Choiigla, 8. m. a joint of bamboos 
' used to send letters in. 

Chonthnti, v. a. to scratch, to 

Chon^i', 8. /. piimnclc, top, summit, 

th(! hair braided b(;liind. 
Choriina, v. a. U) steal, to rob. 
Chor, \ 8. m. a tliicf, a rob- 

Cliorcluiktir, j bor. 
Chori', 8. /. tiicft, robl)ery, thievery. 
Chori chon', adv. by stealth, clun- 

Cliorkliiina, 8. m. a aecret drawer. 
(Jhof,, 8. /. a blow, a contuaion, a 

Oho|,i, H. /. tiu^ plait or tie of liuir 

behind, a Humiuit of n lull. 
ChoV khiiiut, V. n. to 1k> liurt, to 

ruct^ive a blow, to sufter loss. 
Cho^ par choj, ono niisfortuuo ful- 

low.s anotlier. 
Choffii, 8. m. a thief, a mblHT. 
Chiibh, 8. m. prick, puncture. 
Chubhanti, v. a. to stick into, to 

piertv, to goad, to stab, to prick. 

Chubhna, ) v. n. to be stuck into, 

Chubhna, / to be pierced, goaded, 
stabbed, to penetntte. 

Cliubhona, v. a. see Chubhana. 

Chubkf, 8. /. a plunge in water, dip. 

Chiichi, s. /. breast. 

Chuchkama, v. n. to fondle, to chirp 

Chuchuhana, v. n. to sing, whistle, 
warble (as birds) ; to glow as a 
colour, to dye a deep colour. 

Chugana, v. a. to cause to peck (as 
a hen her chickens.) 

Ciiughli, 8. /. tale-bearing, back- 

Chughli khana, v. n. to backbite, to 
tell tales, to inform. 

Chughul, j 8. m. a tell-tale, tale- 

Cliughulkhor, / bearer, backbiter, 

Chughulkhori, s. /. the act of back- 

Chug lena, v. a. to select, to choose. 

Chugna, v. n. to peck, to pick up 
food with the beak. 

Chuiia, 8. in. a rat, a mouse. 

Chuhal, 8. /. cheer, jollity, mirth, 

Chuhal kamii, v. n. to make merr}-, 

Chuhedan, 8. m. a mouso «t 

Cliiihemdr, 8. m. a mt-cateher. 

Chi{hi,8. /. a mouse. 

Chuhiy^, $. a little mouse. 

Ciiiihrtt. «. ni.\ X !>,, , 

Chuhri. 8./ 1 ^ 8^<»I»'' hahlUchor. 

C'liiik, 8. /. nn error, fault, a blun- 
der, an ovorsiu'ht, u mistake : luunu 
of a nunlieiiie f«»r imligestion. 

Cliukttua, r. o, to fiuLsh, to com- 
plete, to settle, to ui^UHt, to fix 
the pri(\^ of. 

Chukuuiii. 8. m. a task, agreemont, 

Ghukki, ^ t. m. an c<irthon iwt (or 

Chukkar. / driuking i^pirituouA li- 
quors out of. 


[ 58 ] 


Chukkf, s. f. deceit, fraud. 

Chukki dena, v. a. to deceive, to 
play tricks. 

Chukna, v. n. to be finished, to be 
completed; to be agreed upon 
(as price, &c.) 

Chukna, v. n. to blunder, to mistake, 
to depart from, to err. 

Chukti, s. f. settlement. 

Chiil, s. /. the part of a joiner's 
woik which fits into another (as 
dovetail) ; a pivot upon which a 
door turns. 

Chulana, v. a. to distil, to cause to 
drip, &c. 

Chulbula, adj. restless, fickle, un- 

Chulbuiana, v. n. to be restless or 

Chulchul, s. m. wantonness, incon- 

Chulchulana, v. n. to itch, to titil- 

Chulchuli, 8. f. see Chulchul. 

Chiilha, s. mA a fire-place, a por- 

Chiilhi, s. f. ) table hearth. 

Chullu, s. m. a handful, the palm of 
the hand contracted so as to hold 

Chuma, ) , . 

Chuma; I ^- ^- ^ ^'''' 

Chiimacliati', s. /. dalliance. 

Chiimakpatthar, s. m. a magnet, a 

Chumana, v. a. to cause to kiss. 

Chumbak, s. m. a magnet. 

Chumkar, s. /. a sound with the 
lips by which dogs and horses are 

Chumkama, v. a. to coax, to speak 
kindly to, to soothe. 

Chumma, s. m. a kiss. 

Chummak, s. m. a loadstone. 

Chiimna, v. a. to kiss. 

Chuna, v. n. to leak, to be filtered ; 
to drop from the tree when ripe : 
s. m. lime. 

Chuna lend, v. a. to plait (cloth.) 

Chunan, s. m. rumple, crease. 

Chuniina, v. a. to cause to pick, 

choose, &c. 
Chunanchi, adv. so that, such, such 

as that. 
Chunan chunfn, adv. in tliis and 

that manner ; (met.^ evasion, sub- 
Chun at, 8. f. plaiting (cloths), 

Chunauta, s. m.l a box for holding 
Cliunauti, 8. f. ] the lime used to 

chew with betel. 
Chunawat, s. /. a plait. 
Chunchf, 8. f. breast. 
Chunchunana, v. n. to throb (as the 

body from heat.) 
Chundha,^ adj. dim, pm-blind, dim- 
Chiindha,/ sighted. 
Chundhlana, v. n. to be purblind, 

to see dimly. 
Chungi 8. f. tax, toll, duty, a tax 

gathered from grain merchants 

by faqirs, being as much grain as 

a man can grasp in his hand. 
Chungna, v. a. to pick up food as 

Chiini, 8. f. pulse split or ground 

very coarsely; a small ruby or 

other gem. 
Chunna, v. a. to gather, to pick, to 

choose, to pick up food as birds ; 

to place in order ; to plait : s. m. 

Chunnf, s. /. a small ruby. 
Chunta, s. m. a large ant. 
Chunti, 8. f. a small ant ; a pinch, 
Chuntna, v. a. to pinch, to claw. 
Chunwana, v. a. to cause to pick, 

select, put in order, &c. 
Chup, adj. silent, quiet : interj. 

silence ! be quiet ! 
Chiipar, s. m. grease. 
Chiipchap, adj. silent : adv. silently, 

Clmpchupate, adv. silently, secretly. 

Sl:u{;kf:} «*■-"-'• 

Chuppf, 8. f. silence. 

Chupra, aiij. plausible though false. 


[ 59 ] 


Chup rah, silence, be still, be quiet. 

Cliupri', adj. f. oiled, greasy; 
smooth, plausible. 

Chupri bat, flattery, soft words. 

Chupri rotf, cakes rich with clari- 
fied butter. 

Chuqundur, s: m. beet, beet-root. 

Chur, 8. m. powder, filings, atoms : 
adj. bruised. 

Chura, 8. m. filings, saw-dust. 

Chiira, 8. m. flattened rice ; a kind 
of bracelet. 

Churail, 8. f. the ghost of a woman 
who died when pregnant ; a hag, a 
fury ; a dirty woman, a slut. 

Chilrun, 8. m. compounded powder 
for promoting digestion. 

Cliurana, v. a. to filch, to steal, to 

Churchar, "1 adj. broken to atoms : 

Churchur, / 8. m. pieces and frag- 

Chur hona, v. n. to bo broken into 
small pieces. 

Clmri' \ ^'f-^ 'kixiiX of bracelet. 

Chiir karna, v. a. to reduce to very 
small pieces or to atoms. 

Cliuikr, 8. f. lock of hair. 

Chiirna, v. a. to reduce to very small 
])ie('eH or to atoms. 

Churiia, «. m. a dish prepared from 
parched rice. 

Cljurugnd, v. n. to gabble, to prat- 

(/liusnil, V. a. to suck. 

CljuHni, «. /. a coml or other play- 
thing for litde children to suck. 

(^liutuinii, r. a. U> wound. 

Chiilar, H. m. the buttockn, the back- 
side, brtsech. 

( 'Initila, (ulj. wounded, bniisod. 

(!liujiyanjl, v. a. to wound. 

C'lnitki, 8. /. a pinch; snapping of 
ti>o fingers. 

Cluitki kutnti, v. a. to pinch. 

Chuikiya, s. f. a lock of huir lofl 

^ on the head when tho rest is 

Chutkiyon men urana, to turn into 

Chuza, 8. m. a chicken. 
Chiizabaz, s. f. an old woman fond 

of striplings. 
Chyunta, «. m. a black ant. 
Chyunti, g. m. a small ant. 


Dab, 8. m. a small leathern vessel for 

holding oil. 
Dab, 8. m. a sword-belt; unripe 

Dabak bai^ihna, 1 v. n. to crouch, to 
Dabakna, / lie in ambush. 

Daba lend, to encroach upon. 
Daba mama, to overcome, to crush 

to death. 
Daband, v. a. to press down; to 

chide, to keep wider. 
Dabang, 1 adj. ill-bred, brutish, 
Dabanga, j clownish. 
Dabiio, 8. m. submissivencss ; over- 
Dabbil, 8. m. a leathern vessel for 

holding oil. 
Dabbii, «. m, a largo iron spi^on. 
Dalxlabiina, v. a. to fill with tears. 
Dabel, 8. m. subject, ik-Ts-oii under 

Dabe pao^, adj. with silent steps, 

softly, gently, 
pabgiir, 8. m. the person who mokes 

tho (Jab or (.labbti. 
Dabjiiiul, to bo murtifiod, to bo stip- 

Dabkiind, r. a. to conooal, to hide. 
\)abku. 8. m. fresh wati»r dmwn from 

a Well. 
Datiki maniti, to lie in ambu.sli. 
Dab nmrnd, to U» cru-shcd to death. 
Dubnti, r. n, to be HnublHil, to 

croucli, \A^ Ik! pn\Hi«Hl <lown, to bo 

awe<l, to 1« ei^ncealiHl. 
Ddbnii, r. a. to nrosa down, to sup- 
press : to suImuu tho potions ; to 

Pabrd, $, m. marshy laud, a puddle. 


[ 60 ] 


Dab rakhna, v. a. to conceal, to steal 
and conceal, to press (particularly 
with the thighs), to retain by 

Dachhina, s. f. a fee given to a 

Dad, s. f. gift ; justice ; complaint ; 
in compos, given. 

Dad, s. m. the ringworm, herpes. 

Dada, s. f. a nurse. 

Dada, s. m. paternal grandfather. 

Dad dihish, s. /. liberality, benefi- 

Dadf, s. /. paternal grandmother. 

Dad faryad, s. f. complaint. 

Dadi faryadi", s. a plaintiif, a com- 

Dad kliwah, s. a plaintiff, a peti- 
tioner for justice. 

Dad ko pahunchna, to obtain jus- 

Dad leni, v. to take revenge. 

Dad milni, v. n. to obtain redress. 

Dadni, s. f. advances (of money), for 
work or goods. 

Dad o bedar, crying out for help or 

Dadora, s. m. a bump (occasioned by 
the bite of an insect.) 

Dadra, s. m. a kind of song. 

Dadur, 1 ^ 

Dadurwa, | «■'»•'* frog- 

Daeja, s. m. dowry, dower. 

Daen, s. /. a witch. 

Daen baen, on the right and left. 

Daf, s. m, a small tambourin. 

Dafa, s. m. repulsion, averting, ward- 
ing off: 8. f. a time, a turn. 

Dafa ba dafa, adv. from time to 
time, repeatedly. 

Dafadar, s. m. an officer placed over 
an affair. 

Dafa karna, v. a. to repel, to ward 
off, to remove. 

Dafair, s. m. a player on the tam- 
bourin or daf. 

Dafla, s. m. a tambourin. 

Daf nana, v. a. to bury, to inter. 

Dafn bona, v. n. to be buried. 

Dafn karna, v. a. to buiy, to inter. 

Daftar, s. m. record, register, a par- 
cel of account books or papers. 

Daftarf, s. m. one who in an oflBce 
makes and mends the office books 
and pens, and rules lines, &c. 

Daftarkhana, s. m. a record-office, a 

Daftm, 8. /. the boards of the bind- 
ing of a book, pasteboard. 

Dagar, s. /. a road, a higliway. 

Dagdagana, v. n. to shake, to burn 
brightly, to burn clear (charcoal.) 

Dagga, 8. m. a thin long-legged per- 
son or animal. 

Dagh, 8. m. mark, scar, spot, stain, 
a mark made by burning with a 
hot iron, a brand. 

Dagha, s. f. deceit, imposture, 
treachery, fraud. 

Daghabaz, s. a cheat, a traitor, an im- 

Daghabazi, s. /. fraud, deceit, vil- 

Dagha deni, to cheat, to impose 

Dagha khani, to be deceived, &c. 

Daghal fasal, treachery, deceit, de- 

Daghana, v. a. to cause to fire a 
gun; to cause any tiling to be 

Daghdagha, "I s. m. alarm, fear, 

Daghdagha, J dread, awe. 

Diglidiir, adj. spotted, stained, cau- 
terized, marked 

Dagh dena, v. a. to mark by burn- 
ing with a hot iron, to brand, to 

Daghf, adj. spotted, stained, marked, 

Daghi karna, v. a. to stain, to blem- 

Daghila, adj. stained, spotted. 

Dagh lagana, v. a. to vilify. 

Dtigli lagna, v. n. to bo damaged ; 
to get a bad name. 


[ 61 ] 


Daglma, v. a. to cauterize, to mark 

by burning with a hot iron; to 

fire (a gun, &c.) 
Daghna, v. n. to be marked ; to be 

fired off (as a gun, &c.) 
Daghrezf, s. f. the repairing of 

cracks, &(•., in the terrace, roofs, 

&c., of buildings. 
Dagla, s. m. a kind of quilted coat. 
Dagmagana, \ v. n. to tremble, to 
Dagmagana, / totter, to stagger, 

to shake (the hand.) 
Dagra s. m. a kind of tray made of 

Dah, 8. w. malice, spite, envy. 
Daha, 8. m. the first ten days of the 

Dahakna, v. n. to burn, to be burnt. 
Uahalna, o. n. to shake, to tremble, 

to i'ear. 
Dahtina, «. m. the mouth, mouth of 

a water-bag. 
Diili demi, to light the funeral pile. 
Daliez, 8. m. a dowry, a portion, 

evorytliing a wife carries with 

her to iier husband. 
Dahi", 8. m. curdled sour milk. 
Utilii, adj. Hpit(!ful, malicious. 
Dahinil, (u/y*. right (the opposite to 

Dahiwahi, «. 7n. ) i, e i \ - 

Dah.wal.'.«./. jascllerofdahi. 

Diildcami, v. a. to bum to kindle. 

Daliz, 8./ a p(irticx). 

Dalnui, adj. right (tlio opposite of 
Diilinji, V. a. to burn : adj. soo 

Dahsi rii, 8. m. a mensuro of ton bcj*. 
I.)ahrii, 8. in. the Ixittoni of a boat 

whi'r«« the water accunuilutOB. 
l)uh.shat, 8. /. fi'rtr, terror, dread» 

Dahshat doni, to frighten, terrify, 

IVii', 8. ^A a milk nurse, a midwife: 

8. m. in compin*. giver, giving. 
Daijaniii, ». /'. a midwife. 

Dai'garf, «. /. midwifery. 

Daikiiilai, s. f. a dry-nurse. 

Dai ko sompna, to put out to 

Dtiin, 8. /. a witch. 

Daina, s. m. a wing. 

Dainpana, 8. m. witchcraft. 

Diiipilai, 8./. a wet-nurse. 

Daira, 8. m. a circle, circumference, 

Dair o sair, going the circuit (judges, 
&c.) ; absolute, invested with 

Ddiya, 8. m. petition, plaint 

Daiyti, 8. /. a mother, a nurse. 

Dak, 8. /. a post (for tlie convey- 
ance of letters and parcels ; also 
a relay of horses or of palki- 

Daka, 8. m. an attack by robbers. 

Dakii dena, v. a. to rob, to plunder. 

Dnkait, 8. m. a robber, a pirate. 

Dakaitr, 8./. robbery, piracy. 

Dakar, 8. / a belch. 

Dakar baithna. | ^ „. to en^bezzle. 

Dakar jana, j 

i)akama, v. n. to belch ; to bellow, 

to low. 
Diika parna, v. n. to be robbed. 
f)ak bahangi',«./. a post couvoyanco 

of pai*cel». 
piik ehauki, s.f. a plaoo where tho 

post is changed. 
Djik gliar, 8. m. u poet-oftleo. 
Daikhun, 8. m. south, thu soulhi... 

jMirt of Iiulift. 
Dakhaiii, mlj. nouthem ^generally 

things or iK^rsons from tno south.) 
Dd\{diil, *. m. the ilelivoring of 

gocMl», the payment of money ; 

ent4>ring, arriving : ai^*. entered, 

DtiHliila, «. m. a rooeipt for money, 

D^l^iil honii, V. ft. to enter, to bo 

DaVhil. karnti, v. a. to hand in (as 

money into Uie IroaBury), to enter 


[ 62 ] 


(as accounts), to insert, to cause 
to enter or arrive. 

Dakliil, s. m. entrance; interfer- 
ence, the meddling with an af- 
fair; possession, income. 

Dakhl karna, v. a. to meddle, to 
interfere, to concern one's self, to 
take possession, to enter. 

Dakhl pana, v. a. to have access. 

Dakhna, adj. southern : s. /. south- 
erly wind. 

Dakkhan, | s. m. south, the south- 

Dakkhin, j em part of India. 

Dakkhina, adj. southern : s.f. south- 
erly wind. 

Dak mahsul, s. m. the postage of a 
letter or parcel. 

Dak piyada, s. m. a postman, a 

Dciku, s. m. a robber, a pirate. 

Dakwala, s. m. a postman, a let- 

Dal, s. m. thickness. 

Dal, s. f. a branch, a bough. 

Dal, s. f. pulse or vetches, or peas 

Dala, s. m. a large basket, a tray of 

Dala, s. m. a large lump, a clod. 

Dal ail, s. (plur. of Dalil), proofs, 

Dalan, s. m. a hall. 

Dalbadal, s. m. a mass of clouds ; a 
large army ; a large tent. 

Dalchmf, s. f. cinnamon. 

Daldal, s. f. a quagmire, a bog. 

Daldala, adj. swampy, quaggy, 

Daldalahat, s. f. tremor. 

Daldalana, v. n. to shake. 

Daldali', adj. see Daldala. 
. Daldar, adj. thick. 
, Dal dena, v. a. to throw away. 

Dalhara, s. m. j 

Dalharan, s. f. > one who sells dal. 
: Dalhari, s. f. \ 

i Pair, s. /. a lump (of sugar, meat, 
• &c.) 

Dalf, s. / a basket full of any ar- 
ticles, or of fruits, &c., for a pre- 
sent ; a branch, a bough. 

Dalidr, j s. m. wretchedness, po- 

Dalidr, / verty, indigency. 

Dalidri, j adj. poor, wretched, in- 

Dalidri, / digent, unfortunate. 

Dalil, s. f. argument, proof, de- 

Dalili, adj. argumentative : s. m. a 
good arguer. 

Daliya, s. m. a basket (without a 
cover, like a tray.) 

Dallal, s. m. a broker, an appraiser. 

Dallali, s. /. brokerage, the business 
of a broker. 

Dal masal karna, v. a. to thrash, to 
crumple, to rumple, to ruffle. 

Dalna, v. a. to grind coarsely, to 
split pulse. 

Dalna, v. a. to throw down, to fling, 
to cast, to pour, to thrust, to 
throw away. 

Palwa, s. m. a large basket (with- 
out a lid.) 

Dalwaiya, s. m. one who grinds. 

Dalwana, v. a. to cause to be 
coarsely ground. 

Dam, s. m. a net, a snare; the 
twenty-fourth part of a paisa ; 
the price of a thing, value. 

Dam, s. m. breath, life ; boasting ; 
a moment ; deceit. 

Dama, s. m. asthma. 

Damad, s. m. a son-in-law. 

Damadf, s. f. state, quality or right 
of a son-in-law. 

Damak, s. f. ghtter. 

Damakna, v. n. to shine. 

Damama, | ^^ .^ kettle-drum. 

Damama, j 

Daman, s. m. the skirt of a gar- 
ment ; ^^. protection; the foot of . 
a mountain. 

Damangir, adj. attached to, an ad- 
herent, a dependent. 

Damangiri, s. f. dependence. 

Daman pakarua, v. a. to take pro- 


[ C3 ] 


Diimar, «. m. resin. 

Diimaru, 8. ra. a sort of drum beat- 
en with the fingers. 

Dcini ba dam, adj. every moment, 

Dambaz, s. m. a wheedler, a de- 
ceiver. biizi', «. /. wheedling, deceiv- 
^ Dam bharna, to boast. 
' Dam charhna, v. a. to pant, to 

l>5im chhorna, v. a. to expire. 

Dam deua, v. a. to coax, to deceive, 
to keep warm (as meat after 
having been cooked.) 

Damdilasa, «. m. encouragement, 
comfort, soothing, coaxing. 

Dam bona, v. n. to be left on the 
tire after cooling (us a puliio.) 

Damini', 8. f. lightning. 

Diimini damakmi, y. n. to lighten. 

D.imkalii, s. m. a screw-jack used to 
raise weights ; a fire-engine. 

Dam karnii, to IjIow (as a conjuror 
when juggling or exorcising.) 

Dam kha jtiua, j to remain silent, 

Dam kluina, / to bear insults 
patiently and without retidiating. 

Dam Una, v. n. to take breath, to 

Dam manui, v. n. to waste one's 
breath in Hpi'uking ; to lx> 

] )am njik mcu »inii, to Im) fatigued to 
death, to ganp for life. 

Dam nikalnii, v. n. to die. 

Dam phiilnii, v. n. to lirtatho short 

Damru 8. /. tlio oightli |>art of u 

Dami'i ko tin tin homi, to be ruino<l. 

Dam Hiidhnn, v. n. to stop uuu's 

breath wlH>n feigning death. 
1 >am tuimi, to dit*. 
Din, H. m. a donation, a gift, a 
prcMMit, alms ; an atllx <Ienoting 
tlie n'(Mpla«'le, i)huN» or stand. 

D:iiiii, <i<IJ. wisi", piiulent. 

Dana, x. in. i\ gram, Bcod, com, 
sj>ook, pimplo. 

Dana badalna, v. a. to caress as 

birds do by joining bills, to bill. 
Dana badlauwal, billing, caresaing 

as birds do by joining bills. 
Diinadar, having the appearance of 

being granulated. 
Danaf, 8./. wisdom. 
Dana pani', s. m. food, victuals, mciit 

and drink. 

J., 'l' > 8. m. fine, punishment. 

Dand, «. m. the arm above the el- 
bow ; a kind of bodily exercise. 

Diind, 8. m. retaliation, punish- 
ment, genalty ; an oar ; the back- 

Danda, 8. to. landmarks. 

l)anda, 8. m. a staft', an ensign stafl^ 
the j)Osts of a Ix'dstead. 

Dandamina, v. n. t«.) enjoy one's self, 
to live at one's ease. 

Dandawat, 8. /. Hindii salutation, 
bow, obeisance. 

Diind bharml, v. a. to pay a fine. 

Diindi, 8. in. a rower, a boatman. 

Dandr, «./. a handle; the beam 
a pair of scales. 

Dandidiir, 8. in. a weigher. 

Dandiyii, 8. in. a collector of market 

Dtind lenti, to take a fine, to fine. 

^)and|K'l, adj. one who (xoroisofi 
himself at the (.land. 

Dundni. «. m. lanihnarks. 

DatigH, in. m. wmngling, mu- 

Dangd fosdd, | tiny, seilition, a 

tllHturUmeo, an U|)mar. 
Di\ngal, 8./. a crowd, 
ptingtir, ailj. thin, lean : t. m, n Ioa:i 

l>ca.Mt, a Ht4irveling. 
Dangi»baz, tulj. mutinous, turhul. 
Dtini, «<(/. choritable. lilH»nd, Ixnin- 

tifid : 8. /. in r«>m/>o8. ilnnin. of 

diin, receptiiele, stauvi, placi-, i^c 
Daniel, $. /. wiadom, knowlodgo. 


[ 64 ] 


Danislimand, adj. wise, sensible. 

Danishmandi, s. /. learning, wis- 

Danist, s. f. knowledge, opinion. 

Dank, s. m. the sting of a reptile, 
particularly of a scorpion. 

Danka, s. m. a double kettledrum. 

Daukini, s. f. a witch. 

Dank mama, v. a. to sting, (as a 

Danpattar, s. m. a deed of gift. 

Danpun, s. m. charity, alms. 

Danr, s. m. an oar. 

Danri, s. m. a rower, a boatman. 

Dans, 1 s. m. the sting of ^ reptile ; 

Dans, / a large musquito. 

Dant, s. m. a tooth. 

Dantakilkil, s.J. a quarrel. 

Danthi, s. f. a straw, stubble, stalk. 

Danti, s. /. the tooth of a saw or 
other instrument. 

Danti lagna, to have a locked jaw. 

Dant kachkachana, 1 v. n. to grind 

Dant katkatana, / the teeth. 

Dant lagna, to have a locked jaw. 

Dantna, v. a. to snub, to rebuke, to 
threaten, to browbeat. 

Dant nikalna, v. n. to laugh, to grin. 

Dant nikalna v. n. to teeth. 

Dantpir, s. /. the tooth-ache. 

Dant pisna, to gnash the teeth. 

Danw, s. m. ambuscade, ambush ; 
opportunity ; a stake, a wager. 

Danwandol, s. m. wandering with- 
out house or home. 

Danw chalana, v. a. to take advan- 
tage of. 

Danw chalna, to have the advan- 

Danwrii, s. m. a tiger's cub or 

Dao, s. m. a bill-hook, a sickle. 

Daona, v. a. to thi-ash. 

Dapat, s. f. course, gallop. 

Dapatna, v. n. to gallop, to rush ; to 
rebuke, to reprimand. 

Daptana, v. a. to gallop. 

Dar, s. m. a dwelling, a mansion, an 
abode ; a gibbet, a gallows : s. f. 
pulse, vetches ; in compos, having, 
possessing, master, keeper, lord. 

Dar, s. f. branch, bough. 

Dar, s. m. a door ; price, rate : prep. » 
in, at, on, into. 

Dar, s. m. fear, dread, awe. 

Daraj, s. m. Eng. drawers. 

Darakna, v. n. to split, to rend, to be 
torn, to crack. 

Darakht, s. m. a tree. 

Dar ana, v. n. to come in, to engage 
(in), to arrive, to penetrate. 

Parana, v. a. to frighten, to scare, to 
alarm, to deter : adj. frightful, 

Daranti, s. /. a sickle. 

Darar, s. m. a crack, a fissure, rent. 

Darawna, v. a. to frighten : adj. 
frightful, terrifying. 

Daraz, adj. long. 

Darazi, s. f. length, extension. 

Darb, s. m. wealth, property ; metal. 

Dar ba dar, from door to door. 

Darban, s. m. a door-keeper, a por- 

Darbani, s. f. the office of a door- 

Darbar, s. m. a court, a hall of audi- 
ence, house ; the holding of a 

Darbar bandna, to bribe, to give 

Darbari, s. m. a courtier : adj. attend- 
ing court. 

Darciiini, s. /. cinnamon. 

Dard, s. m. pain, affliction ; pit3% 
sympathy, compassion. 

Dardalan, s. m. an outer hall. 

Dard ana v. n. to be affected with 

Dardara, adj. half-pounded, coarsely 

Dard i sar, s. m. the head-ache. 

Dard i shikham, s. m. colic. 

Dard khaua, v. a. to feel compas- 


[ 65 ] 


8ion or pity, to feel the pains of 

Durd lap:na, v. n. to feel the pains of 

Danlrnand, adj. compassionate, sym- 
^ Dardjnandi', s. f. compassion, feel- 

Daregh, «. w. a sigh, sorrow, re- 
• pugnance. 

Dargah, s. /. a palace, court, thresh- 
old, door ; a mosque ; presence. 

Daiguzar karna, v. a. to pass over, 
to neglect, to excuse. 

Durguzariia, v. n. to decline, to leave 
otti to refrain from, to pass by. 

Dafh, s. f. a jaw-tooth or grinder. 


Dafhi banana, 1 . ■, 

D'lu.', '. ;j ' t ^'- «• to shave, 
aflii mundiui, j 

Darliiyal, ailj. having a long beard. 

paflimuiidii, (ulj. beard-shaven. 

Dan', «. /. a small carixjt. 

Dari', «. /. in compos, the having, 

holding, jxjssessing. 
Dan'clia, s. m. a window. 
Djiridr, )8. m, wretclieduess, poverty, 
Daridr, / indigency. 
Daridn', | mJj. poor, wretched, in- 
Daridri, / digcnt. 
Darind, | adj. rapacious, fierce, 
Darinda, / ravenous : «. ravenous 

Darj, «. m. prop. Durz, a crack, cleft. 

Haw (in woixi) 
l>.irja, «. in. step, etair, degroo, 

rank ; a d<'^ree of a circle. 
Darja ba darja, adv» stop by step, 

Darjawiib, ». in. a rejdy, a rejoiiuh'r. 
Darkur, wij. necessary, wauling, 

Darl^hwiiat, «. /. rt^juest, j)otition, 

a|)poal or petition of appeal ; 

wish, desire. 
Darnuihii, ». m. monthly wages, 


Darraahadar, «. one who receives 

monthly wages. 
Darmandagi', 8. /. misery, distress, 

penury, misfortune. 
Darmiyan, s. m. interval, middle: 

adv. postpos. or p/repos. in the 

midst, between. 
Darmiyan dena, to employ as a 

Darmiyani, s. m. a mediator. 
Darna, v. n. to fear, to he frighten' ' 
Darobast, adj. whole, all, eutii'e. 
Darodgar, s. m. a Ciirpenter. 
Darogh, s. m. a lie, falsehood : adj. 

Diirogha, \ s. m. a peace officer, the 
Durogha, j name of an othcer in 

cliarge of the police, a superin- 
Darogh go, s. m. a liar. 
Daroghgoi, s. /. lying, false sjx^ak- 

Darpai, in the footstep, in pursuit, 
intent on, following. 

Darpai liomi, to follow, to be in pur- 
suit or in search. 

Darpan, «. m. a mirror. 

Darparda, adj. concealed, secrtil\. 

Darpesh, in front, before, iu tlie 

Darpesh homi, r. n. to be in front, 
bo necessary, to be in hand. Itiim, to adduce. 

parpoknii, adj. a cowanl. 

Darranii. adj. going etruight and 

Darsan. », in. interview, a viait 

Darsan 1 huncli'. «. /. a bill of 
ehaiigo {Miyablo nt sight. 

Darsiimt, adv. u cuut woid, iu uuks 

Duni, «. /. spirituous liquors ; medi- 

Diirii dnrman. applimition of medi- 
cine, njotUcino. 

Dariid bhejnii, to blr^^ 


I) AS 

[ 66 ] 


the I 

empire, the royal residence, 

Darwaii, s. m. a door-keeper, a 

Darwaiif, s. f. the office of a door- 

Darws'za, s. m. a door, a gate. 

Darwaza chunna, to close a door 
with bricks. 

Darwaza mamur karna, to close or 
shut a door. 

Darwaza thokna, v. a. to knock at 
the door, or gate. 

Darwesh, s. m. a dervis, a Muham- 
madan devotee. 

Darya, s. m. the sea, a river. 

Daryai, adj. of the sea or river, 

Daryaft, s. /. conceiving, under- 
standing, discovery. 

Daryaft hona, v. n. to be disco- 

Daryaft karna, v. a. to conceive, to 
understand, to discover. 

Darz, 8. m. see Darj. 

Dai-zi, s. TO. a tailor. 

Das, adj. ten. 

Das, s. m. a male slave, or servant. 

Dasa, s. m. a small rafter. 

Dasa, 8. f. condition, state, circum- 

Dasahra, s. m. name of a Hindu 

Dasami, s. f. the tenth day of the 
lunar fortnight. 

Dasaratli, n. prop, name of an an- 
cient Raja, father of Rama. 

Dasi", s. f. a maidservant. 

Daskhatt, s. m. signature. 

Dasna, v. a. to bite or sting (as a 
venomous animal.) 

Dason disa, the ten regions, sides or 

Dast, s. m. the hand; stool, purge, 

Dasta, s. m. a handle ; a pestle ; a 
quire of paper. 

Dastak, s. f. a pass for goods, a pass- 
port, a writ. 

Dastan, s. f. a story, fable, tale. 
Dastana, s. m. a glove. 
D.istar, s. f. a turban. 
Dastarband, s. m. a person whose 

business it is to make up the 

Dastarkhwan, s. to. a table-eloth. 
Dastawez, s. f. a note of hand, bond, 

title-deed, certificate, &c. 
Dastkhatt, s. m. a signature ; a 

Dastkhatt karna, v. a. to sign. 
Dastmal, s. m. a handkerchief 
Dastpanah, s. m. tongs. 
Dastiir, s. to, custom, fashion, usage, 

manner, regulation. 
Dastiiri, s. f. custom, perquisites 

paid to servants by one who sells 

to their masters. 
Daswan, adj. tenth. 
Data, s. TO. a giver, a liberal or 

bountiful person. 
Datha, s. m. a stalk. 
Datna, v. n. to stand still. 
Datna, v. a. to snub, to check, to 

threaten, to browbeat. 
Datwan, s. to. a tooth-brush made 

from the branch of a tree. 
Daud, n. ijrop. name of the pro- 
phet David. 
Daiidf, s. /. a shrub that bears a 

flower like camomiles, a kind of 

Daul, s. TO. manner, method, mode. 

Daulat, s. f. wealth, treasure, 

Daulatkhana, s. to. a mansion, a 

palace, a house. 
Daulatmand, j adj. rich, wealthy, 
Daulatwala, / opulent. 
Dauna, s. to. a leaf folded up to hold 

a parcel of betel, fiowers, food, 

Daur, 8. f. a race, a career, a run- 
ning, endeavour, attack, assault. 
Daur, s. m. time, age, revolution 

(of time or any body), circular 



[ 67 ]: 


Daiini, s. m. a lar«:e basket (without 
cover) ; going the circuit (judges.) 

Dauradaurf, s, /. exertion in run- 
ning, hurry. 

Dauraha, 8, m. a messenger, a 
courier, a guide. 

Daunina, v. a. to cause to run, to 
drive, to expedite. 

Daurdhiip, 8. /. labour and fatigue. 

Daurdhup kunia, v. a. to use great 
labour and exertion for the ac- 
complishment of any thing. 

Daurhii, m. \ adj. half as much 

Dauyhf, /. / again. 

Daun', 8. /. a basket (without a lid), 
a rope wherewith a string of 
cattle are bound togetlu r. 

Daufna, v. n. to run, to gallop, to 

Daurna dhupnd, v. n. to run vio- 
lently, to use great exertion, to 

Duwii, 8. m. a large wooden spoon. 

i)awa, 8. /. vdg. Dawiii", medicine, a 

Dawii, 8. m. a lawsuit, claim, pre- 
tension, plaint. 

Diwiii', 8. /. 8t!o Dawji. 

D;iwa karna, v. a. to administer 

Dawakluina, «. w. a room for me- 
dicines, an ai)othecury'8 shop, 

nawau(.loI, adj. see Diiowdocjiol. 

1 )uwat, 8. /. an inksUmd. 

Dawat, 8. /. invitation. 

Dawat karni', to invite. 

I)aw:(lar,8. m. aplaintilT.a clainuuit. 

l>ayii, 8./. i)ity, compassion, kimi- 
ncHs, tenuern(5SH. 

1 >iiyak, 8. m. in compos, giver, donor, 

Dayiil, adj. jutifiil, gracious, com- 

Pjivan, 8. /. a witch. 

Day a want, «((/. charitable, merci- 
i'ld, kind. 

Debi, 8./. a Iliudii goddcas. 

Deg, s. /. a kettle, pot, caldron. 

Peg, s. m. step, pace. 

Degcha, s. m. a pot, a small 

Deh, 8. f. the body. 
Dekhadftkhf, adv. witliin siglit : 

8. f. the imitation of another 

person ; competition. 
Dekhlana, v. a. to show, to exhi- 
bit, to point out. 
Dekhna, v. a. to see, to look at, to 

observe, to inspect, to behold, to 

Dekhna bhalna, v. a. to see, to 

look at. 
Dekhwaiya, s. m. a spectator, an 

Dela, 8. m. see Dhela. 
De mama, v. a. to dash on the 

ground, to tlirow, to stamp. 
Dend, V. a. to give, to grant, to 

yield; to lay (eggs.) 
Denapdmi, 8. in. traffic, profit and 

Dengi', 8. /. a small Ixmt, a whm v. 
pengiwiila, s. m. a boatman 
Denlen, 8. in. debts and 

tmffic, barter. 
Der, 8. /. tlehiy, tanliness, a long 

time : (ulj. h\U\ slow. 
Deni, «. in. a dwelling, a tent 
Pent, It. in. a ilwelling, a tent 

adj. R|uint-cye<l. 
Pefh, adj. one and a half, 
pcrb i>sio, 8. in. tliroo-iMghtha, J. 
Prrh iMUiwil, 8. in. a weight tlireo- 

eighths of a ser. 
Den', 8. /. lateness, delay, slownoas. 
Den lionii ttr lagmi, r. w. to Ihj Into, 

slow, &c. 
Deri kanni, v. a. to delay, to dally, 
l^r tnk, j for a long' lime. ti'U 
Der talnk, J late. 
Dc». 8. in. countr}*, tcrrit 

Diwilwnr, 8. in. a foreign country. 
Di^i, adj. lielonging to a country, 

indigenous, homo-made. 


[ 68 ] 


Desnikala, an exile. 

Devf, s. f. a Hindu goddess. 

Dew, \ s. m. a god, a demon, a 

Dewa, j heathen god. 

Dewala, s. m. bankruptcy. 

Dewali", s. /. a Hindu festival. 

Dewaliya, adj. bankrupt. 

Dewar, s. m. husband's younger 

Dewasthan, s. /. a place of idols, 

a temple. 
Dewhra, s. m. a temple where idols 

are worshipped. 
Dewli', s. f. the scab of small-pox. 
Dewruni, s. /. husband's younger 

brother's wife. 
Dewrha, s. m. half as much again, 

a mode of reckoning. 
Dewrhana, v. a. to take once and a 
' half. 

Dewrhi, s. /. a threshold, a door. 
i)ewrhidar, j s. m. a door-keeper, a 
Dewriwan, j porter. 
Dewta, s.f. a heathen god, a divi- 
Dewthan, s. /. a place of idols, a 

phab, s. m. shape, manners, be- 
haviour, method, fashion, posi- 
phaba, s. m. a net, the eaves of a 
house, extending three or foui" cu- 
bits beyond the wall, 
piiabbiis, adj. fat, corpulent, awk- 
ward, uncouth, 
phabiia, s. m. a copper coin equal 

to a paisa. 
Dhadhakna, v. n. to blaze. 
Dhaen dhaen, s.f. the report of a 

cannon heard at a distance. 
Dhaga, s. m. thread. 

Dhalf?' } ^- ^- ^ paramour. 

phaf, adj. two and a half. 

phai dena, v. a. to forc^ an invita- 
tion, by lixing one's self in a 
house till dinner comes on table. 

phaiya, s. m.. a measiu-e or weight of 
two and a half ser. 

Dhaj, s. m. shape, attitude, figure, ap- 
Dhaja, s. f. a slip of cloth, a stand- 
ard, a flag. 
Dhajji, s. f. a slip of cloth or paper. 
Dhaiii karna, ] . . . - 
Dha.ijiyankamai*° *<''''■ '"P"^- 
phak, s. m. name of a tree. 
i)hakar, s. m. a clown who is tall 

and stout. 
Dhakar, s. f. a belch, 
phakar lena, v. n. to belch. 
Dhakdhakana, v. n. to palpitate. 
Dhakel,) s. m. a shove, a push, a 
phakel,/ thrust. 
i)hakel or phakel dena, v. a. to 

push, to precipitate. 
Dhakelna,) v. a. to shove, to push, 
phakelna,/ to jostle. 
Dhakka, s. m. a shove, jolt, push. 
Dhakka dena, v. a. to shove, to 

Dhakkamdhakka, s. m. shoving and 

phakna, v. a. to cover, to conceal : 

s. m. a lid, a cover, a pot-lid. 
Dhaknf, s. /. a lid, cover (of a pot.) 
Dhakiyana, v. a. to shove, to thrust 

phal, s. m. declivity, slope : s. /. 

shield, target, 
phalait, s. m. a person armed with 

sword and buckler, 
phalakna, v. n. to roll, 
phalana, -y. a. to cause to cast 

(metal), to cause to pour, 
phalkana, v. a. to tilt, to overturn, 

to spill, to pour, to roll, 
phalmalana, v. n. to move from side 

to side, to stagger, to totter. ' 
phalna, v. 7i. to be cast (as metal), to 
be poured out, to spill, to de- 
cline (the day.) 
phalna, v. a. to cast (metal in fu- 
sion) ; to pour out, to spill, 
phalli, adj. slant, sloping: s. m. 

one who casts metals, 
piialwac, o,dj. sloping, declivity ; 
(cast metal.J 


[ 69 ] 


Dham, s. m. a dwelling, a house, a 

Dhamachaukri', s. f. noise, tumult, 
phamadham, s. m. the sound of 

stamping, thumping. 
Dhamdhiisar, aJj. corpulent. 
Dhamak, 8. /. noiise of footsteps over- 
head, thumping, &c. 
Dhamaka, 8. m. a kind of cannon 

carried on an elephant. 
Dhamakna, v. n. to throb, to shoot 

( as the pain of a headache^ ; to 

thump ; to palpitate. 
Dhamdhamana, v. a. to make a 

noise (as over-head with the feet) ; 

to be feverish. 
Dhamin, s. m. a harmless kind of 

Dliamkiina, v. a. to threaten, to 

chide, to snub. 
Dhamki, «. /. threat, menace, 
phamltina, v. n. to roll. 
Dhammiil, s. n. running through fire 

on religious occasion (amoug 3Ius- 

almiin faqirs.) 
pliauipnii, V. a. to cover, to con- 
nimn, 8. m. wealth, property, 

richos ; an expression of praise, 

Dhajj, H. in. tlio rice plant, or rice in 

Dlijiii, V. n. to run, to make haste. 
Ohanii, v. n. to Ix) demolittliod, 

ra/cd, dc8troye<l. 
piiiina, ?'. a. to bronk, to knock 

down or mze (u building, &c,) ; 

to demolish. 
Dliaiiak, k. /. end)r(»idery. 
Dliiinnltar, adj. opidcnt, powerful. 
I )hui)«'hii, H. in. a iniine, a phiu. 
Dhanihi, ) ». in. business cnipioy- 
Dhandhtl, / nieut, occupation. .. f. I ":''■'«• *■'«""■ 

Uhamll.ali.,u;u. ,. m. | j;,';-, <••'"••»■ 

Dhjindhir, h. in. a chwit. 
pliandhoni, 8. in. publication orpro- 
cluiuation by beat of drimi. 

piiandhoriya, k. m. a crier, a pro- 

claimer by beat of drum, 
phang, 8. m. behaviour, mannc 

mode, manner. 
Dhiingar, s. m. sl caste whose busi- 
ness is to dig the earth, and to do 

other laborious work. 
Dhanhii, adj. (of land) in which rice 

is cultivated. 
Dhani, «. /. a kind of rice in the 

husk ; a liglit green coloiu*. 
Dhani, adj. rich, wealthy, fortuna; 

s. m. owner, proprietor. 
Dhaniya, «. m. coriander seed. 
Dliankatr, 8. /. the season for cutting 

Dhiin kiitna, ^. a. to reap or cut ri 
Dhankmi, o. a. to cover, to shut. 
Diiankuttt, tiie place where the rice 

is separated from the 
Dhannuin, adj. atiluent, ri<li. 
Dhan nuinna, r. a. to thank. 
Dhaunaseth, adj. succcs^|■ul. 
Dhanpatr,8. in. an inventt)ry of ] 

rHmusmi, v. n. to sink, to enter. 
Dhausna, t\ n. to cough. 
Dhanuk, «. /. a bow. 
Dhiinuk, «. in. ntuiio of a cnst* 

hill i)eople. 
DlianuKJ, *«./'. the l)ow witli wluch 

cotton '8 deanctl. 
Dhnnwiin, \ adj. wctilthy, aOlue'^r 
Dhanwant, f ricli. 
Dhap, u. \om\ »)und, noi8<\cmrl 
phupnti, V. II. tu bo ouvored : 8. i 

cover, cov«Ting. 
phni)(Jhu|mmi, r. a. to Uiump «» 

(hinn (^as children «lo.) 
Dhiippii, *«. in. fuln^ netnwitlon. 

(tlunder ; a stain : n blow. 
Dhtir, »./. u lint', limnunent, 8tn 

current; tHlgeofa swoi.l ' 

Dlmf, 9. in. Uio body. 
Dhiini, «. /. » water-course, a ^Iri 

a current. 


[ 70 ] 


Dliara bandhna, / a standard to 
weigh by, with bricks, &c. 

Dharak, s. /. palpitation, fear. 

Dharaka, s. m. a crash, report of a 
gun, explosion. 

Dharam, s. m. see Dharm. 

Dharan, s. f. a beam. 

Dharana, v. a. to owe. 

pharas, s. m. f. firmness of mind, 
confidence, animation, encourage- 
ment, comfort. 

pharas bandhna, v. a. to encourage, 
to comfort, to keep in spirits. 

pharas dena, v. a. to animate. 

Dhardhar jalna, v. n. to burn with 
great fury. 

Dhari, s. /a Hne, the black lines 
made on the lips with missi ; the 
quantity weighed at'once. 

piiari, s. m. a kind of musician, a 

Dhari, s. /. a line, a lineament ; in 
compos, bearing, holding, having, 

pharin, s. f. female of a phari". 

jbharka, s. m. fear. 

Dharm, s. m. religious merit, virtue, 
duty, righteousness. 

Dharmatma, adj. virtuous, holy, 
pious, just. 

Dharmautar, ) s. m. an incarnation 

Dharmavatarj of justice or vir- 
tue : this word is often used as a 
term of flattery by Hindus. 

Dharm bap, s. m. an adopted father, 
a god-father. 

Dharm beta, s. m. an adopted son. 

Dharmi, adj. virtuous, righteous, 
just, honest. 

Dharmraj karna, to govern justly. 

Dharmsala, s. m. a place where 
beggars are allowed to lodge and 
are fed. 

Dharmshastar, s. m. the great body 
of Hindu law. 

Dharna, v. a. to place, to put down, 
to assume, to put on, to give in 
charge ; to seize, to hold ; to owe. 

Dharohar, s, f. a trust, a charge, any 
thing given in charge. 

Dharti, s. f. the earth. 

Dharwana, v. a. to cause to place, 

Dhasakna, v. n. to give way, to sink 
(as a quagmire or slough.) 

Dhasan, s. f. a quagmire. 

Dhasan, s. m. a slough, bog, quagmhe, ' 
a swamp. 

Dhasana, v. a. to cause to be thrust 
into, to sink. 

Dhasao, s. m. see Dhasan. 

Dhasna, v. n. to be stuck into, to 
sink, to enter. 

Dhat, s. m. a word used to en- 
courage elephants. 

Dhat, s. m. ore, mineral ; the San- 
scrit root. 

phata, s. m. a handkerchief tied 
over the turban and ears. 

phathi, s. f. a noose fastened on the 
nose of an animal. 

Dhatmgar, adj. clownish : s.f. a 
clown, tall and stout. 

Dhatkarna, v. a. to reprove, to re- 

Dbatiira, s. m. name of a poisonous 

Dhaul, s. f. a thump, a rap, a slap. 

Dhaula, adj. white. 

Dhauldhappa, s. m. thumping and 

Dhaulagir, s. m. name of a mountain. 

Dhauliyana, j ^, ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ 

Dhau jarna, box, to slap. 

Dhaul lagana,-] ^ 

Dhaul lagna, v. n. to suffer loss. 

Dhaul marna, v. a. to thump. 

Dliaunj, 8. /. thought, consideration, 

Dhaunkna, v: a. to blow with bel- 
lows, &c. 

Dhaunkni, s. f. bellows. 

Dhaura, oaJj. white. 

Dhauntal, adj. strong, stout; vi- 
cious, mischievous. 

Dhauntali. s. f. viciousness, mis- 


[ 71 ] 


Dhawa, s. m. running, overrunning 
an ^emy's country. 

Dhawa miima, v. a. to go expedi- 
tiously from a different country, to 
run on or about. 

piiawana, v. a. to cause to raze or 
pull down. 

Dhelti, 8. m. half a paisa (a small 

piiela, 8. m. a clod of earth, a lump 
of clay, chalk, &c. 

piiela murmi, v. a. to pelt. 

JJhengamuslitr, 8. /. fisticuffs. 

piieukf, 8./. a machine for pound- 
ing with. 

piionkul, 8. m. a machine for draw- 
ing water. 

phcn]-]', 8. /. a pod, poppy-head. 

piicr, 8. in. a heap: adj. much, 
abundant, enougli. 

phera, adj. squinting, squint-eyed. 

pherf, 8. /. a heap. 

piieii, 8. m. a wave. 

Dhf, 8./. a daughter. 

phi'ha, 8. 7rt. a rising ground. 

Dhikkiir, 8. w. curte, anathema, re- 

PJiikkiin', adj. cursed, condemned, 

Dhikkiirna, v. a. to curse, to re- 

piiil, 8. /. looseness ; remissness ; 
laziiu'sH, inattention. 

pin'hi, (idj. loose, not tight; remiss; 
lazy, iuuttentivo. 

Philiif, 8. /. l(H)8ene8« ; remissncsa. 

l)himii, adj. slow, huy; gentle, 
mild, dispassionate. 

phimt.lhinu, s. /. a kind of tum- 

Dhime dhi'mo, adj. gently, softly. 

DluQwar, 8. in. u lishermaii, ntunu of 
a caato of llshonuen. 

Dhir, adj. gentle, patient, tranquil, 
serene: ». m. juitienco, forbear- 

Dhn-d, adj. gentle, imtieut, delibo- 
mtc, stxltttc, grave. 

Dhiraj, s. m. a potentate, a monarch. 

Dhfraj, 8. m. patience, forbearance. 

Dhirajwiin, adj. patient, mild, gentle. 

Dhirana, v. a. to threaten, to bully. 

Dhirata, 8. f. patience, sedateness. 

Dhirkar, s. m. curse, reproach. 

phith, 1 adj. forward, impudent, 

phi'tha, / presumptuous. 

Dill war, 8. m. see Dhinwar. 

Dhiya, s. f. a daugliter. 

phitliai, 8. /. forwardness, impu- 
dence, petulance. 

Dliob, 8. m. a washing. 

Dhobf, 8. m. a washennan. 

Dhobin, s. f. a washerwoman. 

Dhoendhi dakar, 8. f. a sour belch. 

Dhoklia, 8. m. deceit, deception, 
doubt, hesitation ; anything ima- 
ginary, not real ; a vapour re- 
sembling water at a distance. 

Diiokhii dena, v. a. to deceive. 

Dhokhii kluiiui, v. n. to be dei'eivt«i. 

pliokmi, V. a. to drink, to tope. 

piiol, 8. VI. a large driun. 

Dholiii', .v./. see Dliuhii. 

piK)lak, 8. /. a small drum. 

pholi', 8. /. a bundle of two hundred 

pholki, 8./. a small dnun. 

pholkiyii, 8. m. a person who plnvs 
on the pholak. 

phomi, r. a. to carry. 

Dhonji, r. <i. to, to rinse. 

Dhondhii, 8. m. a Uill of earth ni: 
for Imilding walls. 

Dhoti, 8. /. a eK>th worn round the 
waist, jMiMiiing U'tween the lop* 
and fastening behind. 

phiiii, 8. m. a l>ank, a mom. 

Dhublti, 8. m. a {H'ttieotit < . <.,,j. 
l(K>Hu ganneut for covering the logj*. 

phukiinti, v. a. to causi« to enter or 
go in. 

Dhukdhuki', b. f. pcrturbati 
anxiety, apprehen-sion ; an or 
meat worn on the breast. 

Dhukari', *•./*• ** beggiirs bag. 

Dhukki laguiui, r. d. to take aim. 


[ 72 ] 


pliulcna, ^v. n. to go into, to enter, 
phukna, j to take aim. 
Dhukur pukur, s. palpitation, agita- 
Dhiil, s. /. dnst. 
Bhulai, s. f. washing; price of 

phulaf, s. f. act of carrying; price 

paid for carrying, 
phulana, v. a. to cause to be carried. 
Dhulana, ) , , , 

Dhiilana, / ^. «• to cause to wash. 

Dhulendi, s. /. the second day of the 

phiili', s. f. a bundle of one hundred 

Dhulf, s. /. dust. 

Dhillkheir, see Dhulendi. 

Dhulwana, v. a. to cause others to 

phulwana, v. a. to cause to be car- 

Dhum, s. f. tumult, bustle, noise, 

Dhiimdham, s. f. pomp, parade, tu- 
mult, bustle, noii^e. 

Dhun, s. f. sound, musical sound. 

Dhiina, s. m. rosin. 

Dhunakna, v. a. to card or comb 

Dhunan, 8. m. smoke. 

Bhund, s. thought. 

Dhuiidh, s. m. dim-sightedness ; 

Dhundh dhand, s. m. search. 

Dhiindhiinkal, | s. m. strong tem- 

Dhundhiinkar, / pestuous wind. 

Dhundhla, adj. foggy, misty, dull. 

Dhiindhna, ) v. a to seek, to search 

phunrihna, / for. 

phundhna dliandhna, v. a. to seek 
for, to search. 

Dhiindhra, adj. foggy, dull, gloomy. 

Dhundhrana, v. n. to be dull, misty. 

phundhwana, v. a. to cause to seek 
or search. 

Dhungiir, s. m. seasoning. 

Dbunf, .<?. f. a fire over which a 
Hindu faqir sits. 

Dhuniya, s. m. a carder of cotton, a 
comber. * • 

Dhunna, v. a. to comb, to card (cot- 
ton) ; to beat (the head.) 

phunrdhanr, s. m. search. 

phunrlina, v. a. to seek for, to 

Dhiip, s. f. sunshine, the solar rays, 
the solar lieat; incense, a perfume 
burnt by Hindus. 

Dhupdanf, s. /. a pot for keeping 

Dhupkala, s. m. the hot weather. 

Dhiipna, v. a. to perfume with in- 

Dhur, s. f. dust. 


Dhuriyana, v. a. to throw dust in 
order to deceive. 

Dhiirsanjlia, s. m. evening. 

Dhussa, s. m. a kind of coarse stuff 
made of shawl- wool. 

Dhwaja, s. f. a standard, a ship's 
pendant, a flag. 

Dhyan, s. m. meditation, contempla- 
tion, reflection, thought. 

r\T - ^ " (to think, consider, 

Dhyan karna, I n . - 

T-,-, -^ . 1 . ' < reflect, contem- 

Dhyan lagana, pi^te, 'meditate. 

Dhyan men bona, to be in medita- 

Di'baja, s. m. preface, introduction, 

pibba, s. m. a round box. 

pibb'', s. f. a very small round box. 

Dibiya, s. f. a small round box. 

D.'da, s. m. the eye, sight. 

Didar, s. m. sight, interview. 

D.darezi', s. f. fatiguing to the eye 
(as minute objects, &c.) 

Digar, adj. another, otlu r. 

Dighi', s. f. a pond or lake. 

pij^rn", s. Eng. decree; a judicial 

Dih, s. m. a village. 

|k Y'. > s. m. a baid;:, a mound. 
Diliat, 8. m. the country. 


[ 73 ] 


Dihatr, 8. m. a countryman 

Diliqan, 8. m. a villager, a husband- 

Dihqanf, 8. m. f. a villaj^er, a hus- 
l)andman ; ap:riculture, bubbandiy. 

Dihlf, 8. f. a threshold : s. m. name 
of a city.- See Dilli. 

Dihinda, part. act. giving, giver. 

Dihura, 8. m. an idol temple. 

Dikhai dena, v. n, to appear. 

Dikhanii, v. a. to show, to exhibit. 

Dikhlai dena, v. n. to appear, to be 
apparent, to seem. 

Dikhlana, v. a. to show, to exl libit. 

pn, 8. m. stature, body, l)ulk, size. 

Dil, 8. m. heart, mind, soul. 

Dilana, v. a. to cause to give, to occa- 
sion, to cause to give up. 

Dilasa, 8. m. comfort, encourage- 
ment, consolation. 

Dilawar, a<Jlj. brave, intrepid. 

Dilawari, «. /. bravery, intrepidity, 

•Dil bahalna v. n. to be amused, 

Dil bahlana, v. amuso, to di- 

Dilcr, adj. brave, intrepid, bold, 

Dilcrina, adv. boldly, intrepidly, 

Dilcn', 8. m. intrepidity, boldness, 

DiigiV, atlj. melancholic, sad, dis- 

Dilgfri', 8. /. melancholy, Hjidncas, 
sornnv, eonecrn. 

Dil ha( janti, v. «. to l)0 nverso. 

Dill, adj. liearty, eortliul, of the 
• heart. 

Diljaina, coIUtIihI in miml, cIuht- 

Diljamjji', 8./. ease of miml, confi- 
dence, content. 

Dil kii pluipliola phoniii, v. a. to rip 
up old H«)i(«rt, to renew a half-for- 
gotten grief. 

Dil lagiimi, to npply the nnnd. 

Dillagi, s. f. application of mind, 

attention, diversion, amusement. 
Dil lagna, v. n. to apply, to be at- 
Dillf, 8. f. name of a city, called also 

Dil o jan 8. heart and soul. 
Dil o jan se, adv. with heart and 

soul, heartily. 
Dil piina, v. a. to find out what 

pleasing to any one. 
Dilwaiya, 8. m. one who causes 

give or pay. 
Dilwana, v. a. to cause to give or pay. 
Dimagli, 8. m. the brain ; pride, con- 
ceit, egotism. 
Dimiiglidur, adj. proud, haughty. 
Ditnagh bona, to be vain, haugli 

Dimagh karna, to act proudly, kv. 
Dimak, 8.f. white ant. 
Din, 8. m. day. 
Din, 8. w. faith, religioii . ..-»/. ^ ■ r 

needy, indigent, Innnble. 
Diniii', 8. m. a tetter, a ringwonn. 
Din ba din, adv. day by day, dail} 
Din cliaj-hana, v. to conuneneo :; 

business late hi the day. 
Din chaylnia, to bo fur odvanr 

(the day.) 
Dindiir, mlj. virtuou.s, religious*. 
Dnuhin', 8. f. Httt'Utiou to nligion. 
DiTuhiyal, adf. protector of tlio \wot. 
Din din. adv. daily. 
Din dlmluii, v. n. to j^row late, to d* - 

cline tile sun.) 
Din gauwiinu, v. ck to spond tii' 

pingi', *. / n 8mall boat. 
Pingiwiilii, 8. m. a l)oatnmn. 
Ping nitirnu, v. a. to IxMist. 
1)11X1, adj. Hgisl, old (^gi'iiemlly np 

pli(Hl to niiinmU. » 
Din kiitna, r. to {ui8stiino vrith d!: 

Dill ko din nit ko nit nn junniS, or 

stinmjhna. to bo totally abnorbcd 

in thought or business. 


[ 74 ] 


troublesome, vexa- 

s. f. trouble, vexation, 

to be irritated, &c. 
V. a. to perplex, to 
tease, to incommode, 

Din phirna, v. to begin to prosper 
(after adversity.) 

^' ■^, \ / _ 

Dmtai, j humility. 

Dmyak, s. /. white ant. 

Diorhi, s. /. threshold, entrance, door. 

Diorhidar, s. m. a door-keeper. 

Dip, s. m. an island, a continent, a 

Di'pak, s. m. a light ; a kind of fire- 

Diqq, s. m. vexation, trouble, a 
hectic fever. 

Diqqat, s. f. uneasiness, trouble, 

Diqqdar, adj. 


Diqq hona, v. 

Diqq karna, 
plague, to 
to irritate. 

Diram, s. m. money. 

Dirangi, s. /. lateness, tardiness. 

Disa, s. f. a quarter of the heavens. 

Disawar, s. m. country (foreign.) 

Disawari, adj. foreign : s. m. a kind 
of betel-leaf. 

Dista, s. m. a qiiire of paper. 

Diwal, s. f. a wall. 

Diwala, s. m. bankruptcy. 

Diwalgi'r, s. f. a bracket fixed on the 
wall for a shade. 

Diwalf, s. f. a Hindu festival ; a lea- 
thern strap, a belt. 

Diwaliya, adj. bankrupt. 

Diwan, s. m. a steward, a minister 
or secretary. 

Diwana j 

Diwana, \ adj. mad, insane. 

Diwana, ) 

Diwanapan, ) s. m. madness, in- 

Diwanapan, / sanity. 

Diwanf, s. f. office of a Diwan : 
adj. civil (in opposition to crimi- 
nal suit.) 

Dfwani ^dalat, s. /. a civil court. 

Diwankhana, s. m. the office where 
a steward keeps his accounts and 
transacts business, a hall of au- 

Diwar, s. f. a wall. 

Diwargir, s. /, see Diwalgir. 

Diwat, s. /. a lamp-stand. 

Diya, s. m. a lamp. 

Diyanat, s. /. conscience, honesty, 
integrity, piety, virtue. 

Diyanatdar, adj. honest, just, con- 

Diyara, s. m. the land by the river- 
side overflowed in the rains, but 
which is cultivated after the river 

Diyasalai, s. f. a match. 

Do, adj. two. 

Dob, s. m. a dip (in dye or colour.) 

Do ba do, face to face, tete-a-tete. 

Dobar, adj. double. 

Dobar, adj. twice, 

Dobara, adj. twice double, again. 

Dobaz, s. m. a piebald pigeon, a 
child's kite. 

Dob deiia, v. a. to dip in dye or 

Dobe, s. m. a title of brahmans. 

Dobhashiya, s. m. an interpreter. 

Dochoba, adj. two-poled (tent.) 

Dodhara, adj. two-edged (sword.) 

Dodila, adj. wavering, doubtful, in 

Dodna, v. a. to deny. 

Doghla, adj. mongrel. 

Doha, s. m. a couplet, a particular 
kind of verse. 

Dohaf, s. /. crying out for justice. 

Dollar, 8. m. a double sheet. 

Dohatthar, s. f. a slap or pat with 
both hands. 

Dohna, v. a. to milk. 

Dohra, s. m. a distich : adj. double. 

Dohrana, v. a. to repeat. 

Doi, s. f. a wooden spoon. 

Dojiya, adj. pregnant. 

Dokasi, adj. fit for two persons (as 


[ 75 ] 


Df)kh, §. m. a crime, fault, blame, 

Dokhua, v. a. to accuse, to calumni- 
ate, to blame. 
Dol, 8. m. a bucket for drawing < 

water. | 

Dola, 8. m. a kind of sedan, a i 

swing. i 

Dolara, s. m. a necklace of two 

strings. ' 
Dolchi, s. /. a small bucket for 

drawing water. 
Doll, 8. /. a kind of sedan (for 

women; ; a meat-safe, &e. 
Dolna, V. n. to move, to shake, to 

pom, 8. m. a low caste of Hindus 

who remove carcases, 
pomanpanti, 8. m. the art or prac- 
tice of a male or fjjmale of tlie 

Dom caste. 
Pomni, 8. /. a female of the Dom 

caste; a woman who sings at 

weddings, &c. 
Dona, 8. m. see Dauna. 
Dontili', adj. double-barrelled (a 

Ponga, 8. m \ ^ , 
pong I, 8. /. J ° 

i\ ' \ (idJ' lx>th. 
Donoo, / '' 

Donoo wa(it mihie, cxpreHs(^H i\w 

evening twiliglit, when day ami 

night motit. 
Dour, ) H. VI. name of a spocios of 
pour, / Himkc. 
Douni, 8. m. a pur«<\ 
Dopahar, h, /. midiluy, n'>«" 
Dupastii, adj. pregnant. 
Dopatl^i, 8. in. a pitH-c oi nmn oi 

two brcuildis, thrown loosi^ly ovor i 

ilie sliouldcrs or litiul. 
1 >opiyazu, ^ 8. w. a kind of dish 
Dopiyu/u, / without gravy, meat 

(Iivssrd dry with onions. 
Dnr. s. /• 
D.-ni. .•^. 
I)..n, .V. 

string, wrd, UirCxid, 
line, rope. 

Doriya, s. m. striped muslin ; a dog- 

Dos, 8. m. see Dokh. 

Dosad, s. m. a low caste of Hindus. 

Dosala, adj. of two years, two vears 

Dos dena, v. a. see Dokhna. 

Dosh, 8. m. see Dokh. 

Doshala, s. m. a pair of shawls. 

Dosi ^' I ^^^' ^'^^^' criminal. 
Dosna, v. a. to accuse, to blame. 
Dost, 8. m. a friend, a lover, a swc * 

Dostdiir, s. m. a friend. 

Do t ' r ** •^' friendship, love. 

Dosti kariui, v. a. to form acquaint- 

Dost mohim, 8. m. 'a friend, an ac- 

Dost rakhna, to like, to hold dear. 

Dotahi", 8. /. cloths that are lined. 

Dotuk, adj. clear, plain. 

Doyam, adj. second ; inferior, se- 
cond sort or (piality. 

Doz, part. art. in compos, sewing, 
ono wiio sews, 

Dozalch, 8. m. liell, (mot) belly. 

Doza^h bharnii, v. n. to bo ouough 
for support. 

Do/jiVhi, adj. hellish, damned; a 

l)ozu\j[h, nuiniid, to bo satisfiixl wi; 

Dozunii liaithuti, r.n. to kneel an i 
hit on the two fivt behind. 

Drirl), atlj. Hrm, stnuig. 

Drislit, «. /. sight, view. 

Drishtaint, t. m. itaruble, sim 

Du^ *. /. benediction, blos-^i 

Du^ donii, to give a blessing, to bh«3 
or pray for. 

I)u<igo. one who ble.HSi's or pn»)*s. 

Du^ karnti, to pray. 

DUali. >; t' II It iithifii str.m. or 


[ 76 ] 


Dub, s. f. name of a grass. 

Duba dena, I v. a. to cause to sink, 

Dubana, > to immerse, to drown ; 

Diibana, #) to ruin, to destroy. 

Dii ba du, face to face. 

Dubao, adj. out of man's depth, 
deep (enough to drown in.) 

Dubar, adj. weak, lean. 

Dubara, adj. twice. 

Dubdlia, 8. f. doubt, suspense, un- 

Dubki, s. f. a dip, a dive, a plunge. 

Dubki dena, v. a. to dip, to im- 

Dubla, adj. thin, lean, poor, barren, 

Dublapa, | s. m. thinness, lean- 

Dublapana, / ness. 

Dubna, ^ v. n. to drive, to be drown - 

Diibna, / ed, to be immerged or 
deluged; to set, to sink; to be 
absorbed in business or study. 

Dubo dena, v. a. to exhaust, to ruin, 
to demolish ; to drown. 

Dubrii ghusrii, adj. under obliga- 
tion, dependent. 

Dubwana, v. a. to cause to drown, &;c. 

Duchit, ^ adj. of two minds, wa- 

Duchita, / vering. 

Diidh, s. m. milk, tne juice (or milk) 
of certain trees and bushes. 

Diidh barhana, v. a. to wean. 


Dudhar, \ adj. milch, giving milk. 

Diidhar, ) 

Diidhbhai, s. m. a foster-brother. 

Dudhhandi, s. f. a milk-pan, a milk- 

Dudhi, ) adj. milky, containing 

Dudhiya,/ milky juice. 

Dudhiya patthar, a. kind of white 

Diidh kichiknai, cream. 

Dudhpilai, s. f. a wet-nurse. 

Diidh pilana, v. a. to suckle. 

Diidh pina, v. n. to suck. 

Dugana, s. m. two prostrations at 

Dugdugf, s. f. pit or hole at the 
bottom of the throat. 

x\^^ '^ \ adj. double, two-fold. 
Duguna, j -^ ' 

Duhai tihai kania, to make reite- 
rated complaints. 

Duhana, v. a. to cause to milk. 

Duhna, v. n. to be milked. 

Duliia, adj. double. 

Duhrana, v. a. to fold, to double, to 

Duk, s. m. a blow with the fist. 

Dukan, I /. i 

Diikaiidar, s. m. a shopkeeper. 

Diikandarf, s.f. shopkeeping. 

Diikani, adj. what is sold in shops. 

Dukh, s. m. affliction, distress, 
trouble, annoyance, suffering, la- 
bour, fatigue. 

Dukliana, v. a. to inflict pain, to 
torment, to grieve. 

Dukh dena, v. a. to afflict, to cause 


Dukhiva ^^^*- ^fflic^ed, dis- 

Dukhiyak, tressed wretehed, 

Dukhiyari. / miserable. 
Dukh kamara, / 
Dukiina, v. n. to ache, to pain, to 

Dukh pan a, to be afflicted. 
Dukhra, s. m. labour ; misfortune. 
Dukh tar, s.f. a daughter. 
Dukra, s. m. the fourth part of a 

Dulana, v. a. to move, to shake, to 

Dular, s. m. love, affection. 
Dulara, adj. beloved. 
Dnliim, s. m.y a necklace of two 
Dulari, s. f. j rows or strings. 
Dulha, "1 , . 1 

D Iha \ ^- '^' ^ bridegroom. 

Dulhin,' }«-/-abride. 
Dulki, s. f. trot. 


C T7 ] 


•Tk 11 ' - ' '>tj. n. to trot. 
Dulki jana, / 

Duni, s. f. a tail. 

Dumba, s. m. a species of sheep with 
a thick tail. 

Durnbal, 8. m. a bile, a boil, a bubo. 

Dumchi, 8. f. a crupi^er ; a small 

Dam dabajana, v. n. to ran away. 
[r Dum dabana, v. n. to run away, to 
; put the tail between the legs. 
I Dummal. «. m. a bile, a boil, a swel- 
ling ; a felon. 

Dumuijlia, adj. having two mouths : 
8. ia. name of a snake which has 
two mouths. 

Diina, w.lj. double, two-fold. 

Dunya, s. J\ the world, the uni- 

Dunyadsir, adj. worldly, engaged in 

Dunyadiiri', «. /. worldlinoss, atten- 
tion to the eoncems of the world. 

Dunyawi',) (uij. worldly, belonging 

Dunyawi,/ to this world. 

Dupaliriyii, «. m. a kind of flower ; 
mid- day, nocm. 

Dupattti, ) «. m. a piece of linen of 

Dim^a, / two breadths worn 
thrown over the shoulders or 

Dur. prep, bad, evil, ill, with difli- 
eully : interj. avauiit I 

Dur, «. /. dislanco : adj. far, distant, 

Dunichur, h. m. a iMirklutcr. 

Dunieiuin'. h. f. buokbitini:. 

Diirandcsh, adj. provitlmt, forcwM*- 
ing, su^^aciims, wi.s«', prudiMit. 

Diirandeslii', /». /. foresighl, lin iim- 
spection, sagacitv. 

Durbachan, «. m. abuse. 

Durbal, adj. weak, infirnj, taint, 

Diir biuignil, to abstain from, to 
ublior, to avoid. 

Diirbm, «. m. a spy-glnsu, a tclo- 

Diirdiiruz, adj. far, di:itaut, long. 

Durga, 8.f. a Hindii goddess, one of 

the names of Bhawani". 
Durgandh, s. f. stink, stench. 
Diir ho, begone, avaunt/ii)e off! 
Dur bona, ?;. n. to be removed. 
Dui'iya leua, | v. a. to lead about (as 
Duriyana, / a horse), to lead in 

the hand. 
Diir kariia, v. a. to remove, to dispel, 

to reject, to keep at a distance. 
Durmus, s. m. an instrument for 

beating floors, &c., a rammer. 
Durr, 8. m. a pearl. 
Duru?)t, aJj. riglit, proper, true, ac- 
curate, sound. 
Durusti', 8. /. rectitude, propriety, 

Durust karna, v. a. to armnge, to 

adjust, to put in order, to rectify, 

to mend. 
Dushiila, 8. in. two shawls (worn 

together by natives.) 
Dushman, 8. m. /'. an enemy. 
Dushmanagi', s.f. enmity, hntriHl. 
Dushmani, 8. /. hatred, hostility, en- 
Dushman i jiim', «. a deadly foo. 
Dtishiuutnjiinr, 8./. deadly enmity. 
Diisht, ttdj. bad, wicked. 
Dushj, baehan, bad woixl, s|XXX3b, or 

Dushwar, adj. dilllcult, arduous. 
Dushwiin', ». f. »litlleulty, trouble. 
Diisni, adj. setxMul, <»tlier. 
Du>uti, 8./. a ci»ur«u cJotli made of 

tloubio tliiTmls. 
Dut inltrj. away, begone, aviiunt ! 
Dut, 8. m. a mrs.H«ngi»r, un amkis- 

Hndor, un angt>l. 
Dutkiir, 8. m. i |. 

l>ulk«nul, V. a. to reprove. 
Du/.d, «. If), a thief, a mblMT. 
Duzdi', 8./. theft, n>bb<»ry. 
Dwiipar, 8. m. the third ugi> u.'.nr I- 

ing ti> tho Hindus. 
Dwilr. 8. m, a door, u frntt^wa} . 
Dwiiru, 8, III, rt door : a4{;. by, thruui^ 

by moaud uf. 


[ 78 ] 


Dwarika, s. /. the name of a city re- 
nowned to have been the residence 
of Krishna. 

Dwarikanath, s. m. a name of Krish- 

Dwarpal, s. m. a doorkeeper. 


E, a vowel ; pronounced invariably 
as a in name ; one. 

Egana, s. m. relation, kindred. 

Eganiyat, s. /. relationship. 

Ego, one person or piece. 

Ek, adj. a, an, one, only, single ; 
when used after a numeral it 
signifies about, as, bis ek, about 

Ekad, adj. some, some few. 

Ekaek, ) adv. all at once, sudden- 

Ekaeki, / ly. 

Ekais, adj. twenty-one. 

Ekant, 1 adv. aside, apart, a- 

Ekant men, / lone. 

Ekanwe, adj. ninety-one. 

Ekasi, adj. eighty-one. 

Ekattha karna, to gather, to collect. 

Ek aur, adj. another, one more. 

Ekawan, ailj. fifty-one. 

Ekbachan, adj. singular ^number). 

Ekbaghal, adv. on one side. 

Ekbar, 1 

Ekbargf, > adv. once, all at once. 

Ekber, ) 

Ek bis, adj. twenty, a score. 

Ekchoba, one-poled (a tent.) 

Ekdafa, adv. once, all at once. 

Ekdal, adj. of one piece, without 

Ekdam, one moment, one breath. 

Ekdaul, adj. uniform, of one make. 

Ekdesi, adj. belonging to the same 
place or country. 

Ekdi], adj. unanimous, of one mind. 

Ek ek, adv. severally, one by one. 

Ekela, adj. alone, single, unmarried. 

Ekela dukela, adv. one or two to- 

Ek'hara, adj. single, one. 

Ekhatta, in one place, together. 

Ekhattar, adj. seventy-one. 

Ekhi, adj. alike,j similar, the same, 
the self-same. 

Ekin, prop. Yaqin, confidence, as- 

Ekindar, adj. prop. Yaqmdar, true, 
honest, trusty. 

Ekis, adj. twenty-one. 

Ekja, in one place, together. 

Ekjan, one soul, a true friend. 

Ekjor, adj. of two pieces (a table, 

Ekka, s. m. a one-horse vehicle. 

Ek kori, a score, a corge. 

Ekla, adj. alone, single, solitary. 

Eklai, s. f. veil, cloak, sheet or 

Eklakht, adj. of one piece, without 

Eklauta, adj. only, single (child.) 

Eklohiya, made of one piece (of 

Ekmana, s. m. a bag holding a 
maund ; of a maund weight. 

Ekmat, adj. unanimous, of one ac- 

Ekmusht, ) all at once, prompt pay- 

Ekmuth, j ment. 

Ekmuwafiq, adj. alike, similar. 

Ek na ek, one or other. 

Ek pal men, in a twinkling. 

Ekpecha, j adj. opening at one 

Ekpencha, / turning (applied to a 

Ekpet, adj. unanimous, of one mind. 

Ekqalam, one hand -writing (a 
letter or book); all, entirely, 

Ekrang, adj. of one colour ; sincere. 

Ekrup, adj. like, similar, resem- 

Eksaman, adj. uniform, even, 

Eksan, adj. alike, similar, level. 

IS } too-''^- 

Eksath, adj. sixty-one. 


[ 79 ] 


Ekta, adj. unrivalled, unparalleled. 
Ektala, adj. having only one floor 

or story. 
Ektalis, adj. forty-one. 
Ektaraf, adj. on the same side, 

Ek^ha, adj. together, collected : s. m. 

a small bout made of a tree 

scooped out. 
Ektliam, together. 
Ektha karua, v. to gather, to collect. 
Ektliae, one, one place, together. 
Kkthan, in one piece. 
Ektis, adj. tliirty-one. 
Ekwaqt, adj. simultaneous, coeval, 

at one time. 
Ekzaban, of one voice or tongue, 
l^lachi', 8. f. cardamum. 
Elachidiina, 8. m. a kind of com- 
Elaj, 8. m. /. i^fop, Jlaj, medicine, 

Elchi', 8. m. an ambassador, envoy. 
Eman, s. m. pro}). Iman, faith, belief, 

Emandiir, adj. trusty, honest, con- 
Em ki sal, 2>rop. Irasdl, this year. 
Enfjibendr, «. /. trick, subterfuge, 

Endilxindi kama, to do eye service. 
Ef, 8. f. striking with tho heel, 

spurring, spur. r 

Enipher, s. m. \ exchange, int<'r- 
Eniphcn', 8. /. j cliange, dimcing 

Erf, interj. a vocative iMiriiclo for 

En, «./. the heel. 
Er murnii, to Hpur. 
Etd, adj. M) much, so many, 80. 
Et-hdio, adv. here. 
Ethf, what do you call it (used 

when the name of u thing is not 

EIiIht, so liiti>, yet, now. 
Etnii, adj. so much, so many, so. 
Etwur, «. m. Puuday. 

Ewaj, 8. m. prop. Iwaz, a substitute 

a change, exchange. 
Ewajf, prop. Iwazi, adv. instead of, 

in lieu : 8. m. a substitute. 

Fagiia, see Phagiia. 

Fiigun, 8. m. see Phagun. 

Faham, prop. Falim, s. m. under- 
standing, intellect, comprehension. 

Faida, s. m. profit, gain, advantage, 

Ftiida liona,,to reap benefit. 

Fiiida karna, to benefit, to profit. 

Faidamand, adj. profitable, useful. 

Faidamandi, 8. f. profit, advantage. 

Fiiida u^ihana, to reap benriit. 

Failanii, v. a. prop. Phailana, to 
spread, expand, widen, public! > 
branch out. 

Failna, v. n. prop. Phailna, to 1 
spread, &c. 

Fuiisuf, 8. m. a philosopher : adj. 
cunning, artful, cmfty. 

Failsiifr, 8. /. cunning, artfulness. 

Faisala homi, to be decided or sottli 
Faisida karnii, to settle, to deci.; 

1^'njr, **. /. moniing, dawn of iL. 

Ftik, 8. m. seo Phdk. 
FaVlir, 8. in. boosting, pridf, . 

ten tat ion. 
Fu^htai', 8. /. tlovtM*oIour. 
Fu^hta urjuuii, to lx> (H)nfoundt'd. 
Fa I, 8. Ml. prop. Plml, fruit. 
Fiil, »./. an omen, prvsjigo; enchoiit- 

Faliik, 8. in. tho heavens, (he .'^hy 

the firnmnient. 
Fulaki', adj. heavenly, cclr;^ti;il. 
Fahina, seo Fuhina. 
Faliitiiu, N. prop. Plat<\ 
Falitii, ». m. match, tor* ii, » i. k. 
Falnti, s. vu prop, Phaluu, to be 



[ 80 ] 


Faltii, s. m. spare, surplus, extra. 

Faluda, s. m. a kind of flummery. 

Fana, .9. /. mortality, frailty, death. 

Fana hojana, to perish, to die. 

Fanda, s. m. prop. Phanda, per- 
plexity, difficulty. 

Fani, adj. frail, transitory, perish- 

Fank, s. f. see Phank. 

Fanka, s. m. prop. Phanka, which 

Fanka marna, prop. Phanka marna, 
which see. 

Fankna, v. n. prop. Phankna, which 

Fann, s. m. science, art, skill, sa- 

Fannfareb, s. m. art and cunning. 

Fannfarebi, adj. artful, cunning. 

Fansi, prop. Phansi, a noose, stran- 

Fansi dena, v. a. prop. Phansi dena, 
to hang. 

Ftinsi parna, v. n. prop, Phansi par- 
na, to be hanged. 

Fansna, v. n. prop. Phansna, to be 
entangled, to stick. 

Fansvvana, v. a. prop. Phanswana, to 
cause to strangle, to cause to be 
ensnared or entrapped, &c. 

Fanus, s. /. a table-shade, a kind of 

Faqa, s. m. poverty, necessity, want, 
fasting (from want.) 

Faqa karna, to fast from necessity 
or ill-health. 

Faqakash, adj. one who fasts, 

Faqakashi, s. /. fasting, endurance 
of hunger. 

Faqa khainchna, v. n. to starve. 

Faqamast, one who is starving. 

Paqat, adj. merely, simply, only, 
. solely. 

Faqir, s. m. a beggar, a dervis : adj. 
poor, indigent. 

Faqirana, adv. poorly, beggarly. 

Faqirdost, friendly to the poor. 

Faqir fuqara, s. plur. beggars, der- 
vises, &c. 

Faqiri, s. f. poverty, indigence, life 
of a dervis or beggar. 

Faqirni, s. /. a female beggar. 

Faqon mania, v. n. to die with 

Faqr faqa, s. m. poverty. 

Faraghat, s. f. leisure, disengage- 
ment, abundance, affluence, free- 
dom from care, repose. 

Faraghat karna, to finish and cease 

Faramosh, adj. forgotten, forgetful. 

Faramoshi, s. f. forgetf ulness. 

Farang, s. m. Europe. 

Farangf, s. m. a Frank, a European. 

Farangistan, s. m. Europe. 

Faraq. See Farq. 

Faraq karna, to make distinction or 
difierence, to separate. 

Faras, s. m. Persia. 

Farasis, adj. French. 

Farbih, ^ j- e 1. i i. 

Farbihdur, / «''> f'^*' <:°>P"lent. 

Fard, s. /. a sheet (of paper) : adj. 
one, single, odd. 

Fareb, s. m. deceit, fraud, deception, 

Fareb dena, to deceive, to delude, 
to allure, to cheat, to beguile. 

Farebi, s. m. a cheat, an impostor, 
an artful person. 

Fareb khana, to be deceived or de- 

Farghul, s.f. a great-coat, a cloak. 

Farliang, s. f. a dictionaiy, a voca- 

Fiirigh, adj. free, disengaged, at 
leisure, absolved, discharged. 

Farigh bona, to be at leisure. 

Farighkhatti, s.f. a deed of release 
or discharge. 

Farmaish, s. /. an order (particu- 
larly for goods, &c.), commission. 

Farmaislii, adj. particularly ordered 
(any thing excelleutj, made to 


[ 81 ] 


Farma, 8. Eng. a mould, a form. 

Farman, s. m. a mandate, command, 

Farmana, v. n. to order, to com- 
mand (speaking with great re- 
spect), to say. 

Farmanbardar, adj. subject to or- 
ders, obedient, a servant. 

Farmanbardari, s. /. obedience, sub- 
jection, allegiance. 

Fayna, v. a. prop. Pharna, which see. 

Farokht, s. f. sale, selling 

Faroklit karna, v. a. to sell. 

Farosh, in compos, selling, a seller. 

Faroshi, in compos, s. f. selling. 

Farotan, adj. humble. 

Farotani', h. f. humility. 

Farq, s. m. difference, distance, dis- 
persion : arf/. distant, separate, 
distinct : interj. away ! aside ! 

Farrdsh, s. m. a servant who cleans 
the shades, spreads the carpets, 
&c. , 

Farrashi', «. /. the business of a 

Famishkhana, «. w. the room where 
carpetH, sliadcs, &c., are kept. 

Farratu, h. m. tlic? soimd of anytliing 
rushing or Ihittering in the air; a 
piece of baiiil)r)0. 

Fars, «. m. Persia. 

Farsh, s. m. a wirpet, a flooroloth. 

FurHhi', /». /. a kindof huqqa. kunui, to Hf)ria<l. 

Fiirsi', i*. f. i\w IVrsian longnngo: 
adj. PtTHian. 

Farytid, s. /. complaint, lamentation, 
cry for help. 

Faryadi, «. w. a complainant, plain- 

Faryjul karnu, to complain, to cry 
out for awsistance. 

Fur/, «. m. a <iivino command, a po- 
sitive duty. 

Far/and, g. m. /. a child, son or 

Furzandi', *. /. the state or condition 
of a child. 

Farzandi men lana, to adopt. 

Farz bona, to be incumbent. 

Farz karna, v. a. to consider as a 

positive duty, to grant, to admit. 
Fasad, 8. m. depravity, sedition, re- 
Fasadi, adj. quarrelsome, vicious, 

Fasal, see Fasl. 
Fasana, v. a. see Phasana. 
Fasd, s.f. opening a vein, bleeding. 
Fasd kholna, v. a. to bleed. 
Fiish, adj. apparent, manifest, 

Fash karna, to di\^ge, to reveal, l > 

Fasii), adj. eloquent, sweet-tongued. 
Fasila, «. ?>i, space, distance. 
Ftial, 8. /. season, crops, harvest. 
Fasna, v. n. see Phasnti. 
Fatah, prop. Fath, «. /. victory, cc.; 

Futah bona, to be conquered. 
Fatidi karmi, to conquer. 
Fut-;dnnand, adj. victorious. 
Fatahmandi, s. /. victory, conquest. 
Fatuhnishiin, «. in. a victorious 

Fahdqx'ch, a mo<le of tying tl 

turban, a kind of hu(|()a tinakc. 
Fjit^ik, ». m. KX5 Phiijak. 
Fiii)ikhii« A. m. hcc Phatakh:i. 
Fiitiha, s. f. oblations made to dt:. ' 

Fatila, *. m. a match, a wick. 
Fati'laiioz, 8. m. a |)oculiar kind 

Fa|na, r. «. sec Pha^nii. 
Fatuhi', ». /. a kind of jacket wit 

out sloeveB. 
Fkitwi, ff. m. a judicial decree, ju*! 

ment, sentence. 
Fatwd den^ to give jodgmcnt, ; 

Fauj, «./. an «miv, n multitude. 
Fttujdarf, adj. Ix ionirinjf to the po- I 

lice, criminal, opiKitHxl to D(weqi i 

^civil.) I 



L 82 ] 


Faura, s. m. prop. Pliauya, a mat- 
tock, a hoe. 

Fauran, adv. quickly, suddenly, 

Faut, s. f. death. 

Faut liona, v. n. to die. 

Fauwara, s. m. a fountain- a jet, a 

Fauwara chhutna, v. n. to burst 
forth a jet d'eau. 

Fazal, see Fazl. 

Fazihat, s. /. disgrace, ignominy, 

Fazihat liona, to be disgraced, to 
become infamous. 

Fazihati, acZj . disgraceful, infamous. 

Fazihat karna, to disgrace, to de- 

Fazil, adj. learned. 

Fazl, s. m. gift, favour, grace. 

Fazul, adj. redundant. 

Fazulkharch, extravagant, profuse. 

Fen, s. m. see Phen. 

Fenk dena, v. a. prop. Phenk dena, 

Fenkna, v. a. prop. Phenkna, which 

Fer, s. m. prop. Pher, which see. 

Ferdena, prop. Pher dena, which 

Feri, s. f. see Pheri. 

Feriwala, s. m. prop. Phej-lwala, a 

Fcr khana, prop. Pher khana, which 

Ferna, v. a. prop. Pherna, which 

Fi, each (or for each), per. 

Fial, s. m. action, work, operation ; 

Fial, plur. of fial, actions, deeds, 

Fial i lazimi, a verb neuter. 

Fial i mutaaddi, a verb active, tran- 
sitive or casual. 

Fida, s. /. sacrifice, redemption, ran- 

Fida karna, to devote, to sacrifice. 

Fidwi, adj. devoted (your devoted 

Fihrist, s.f. an inventory, list, in- 

Fika, adj. prop. Phika, which see. 

Fiki", s. f. m. thought, consideration, 
solicitude, anxiety. 

Fiki- karna, to consider, to reflect, to 
be thoughtful or anxious, to care. 

Fikrmand, adj. thoughtful, anxious. 

Fil, s. m. an elephant. 

Filban, s. m. an elephant-diiver. 

Fildandan, s. m. ivory. 

Filfaur, adv. now, immediately. 

Filhal, instantly. 

Filhaqiqat, adv. really, truly, in ef- 
fect, in fact. 

Filkliana, s. m. elephant-house. 

Filmasal, adv. allegorically. 

Filmurgh, s. m. a turkey. 

Filnishm, one who rides on an ele- 

Filpa, adj. having a swelling in the 
leg (the elephantiasis.) 

Filpai, s. /. elephantiasis. 

Filpaya, s. m. a pillar. 

Filwaqi, adv. in fact. 

Fi man, per maund. 

Finkna, v. n. prop, Phinkna, to be 

Finkwana, v. a. prop. Phinkwana, 
to cause to fling or throw. 

Fiqra, s. m. a line, a sentence. 

Fiqrabandi, s.f. arrangement, elo- 

Fir, adv, again, then ; prop. Phir. 

Firana, v. a. prop. Phirana, which 

Firaun, n. prop. Pharaoh. 

Firishta, s. m. an angel. 

Fir jana, v. n. see Phir jana. 

Firna, v. n. prop. Phirna, which see. 

Firni, s. f. a dish resembling hasty- 
pudding, ground rice and milk. * 

Firoza, s. m. a peculiar kind of 
stone, a turkois. 

Firga, s. 7n. a sect, tribe, troop, 
conqja ly. 


[ 83 3 


Fiita, rahmi, V. n. prop. Phirta rah- 
na, which see. 

Firti, 8. f. prop. Phirti, return, home- 
ward bouncf. 

Firti ka bhara, the hire of a return 
lx)at, carriage, &c. 

Firwana, v. a. see Phirwana. 

FisLaii, 1 in compos, scattering, 

Fishdni, / sliedding, strewing. 

Fi'ta, 8. m. ribbon, tajxj. 

Fi^kiri, 8. f. j/rop. Phitkiri, alum. 

Fitna, s. m. sedition, mutiny, mis- 

Fitnaangez, a fomenter of disturb- 
ances, a mischief-maker. 

Fitrati', adj. Siigacious, cunning. 

Fonk, adj. see Phoiik. 

Fill, 8. in. prop. Phiil, a flower, a 
blossom, a swelling. 

Fultid, 8. f. steel. 

Fiiladr, adj. made of steel. 

Fuliinu, or ruhj. Fuliina, «. m. such 
u one or thing, such a, a ceiiain ; 
a term used when referring to a 
])erson or speaking of one of 
whoso name we are ignorant. 

FuUiTui, t'. a. sec! Phulaiui. 

Fiiljha]-r, 8.f. prop. Phiiljlmri', a kind 
of iirework like a fountain. 

Fiilkobi', «. /. itrop. Pluilkobi', a 

Fiilnii, r. n, prop. Phulnii, tt) blos- 
som, to blow. 

Fiilwari, 8. /. prop. Phulwari', a 

Fungi', 8. f. set! Phnngi'. 

Fu'nknii, v. a. set* Phunkntt 

Fiink dfuii, prop. Phiink dcn^, to 
set on lire. 

Funknti, v. u. n(»e Phunknii. 

l''unkwunji, r. a. see Phunkwiinji. 

I'^insi', 8. /. for Plninsi'. a pininle. 

I'^unit, u. jtrop. the river Kuphniteg. 

Fnnijin, h. in. (^unin. 

Fnrsjit, H. /. hMsui-o, opiK)rtuiiity, 
time, convenience. 
f Furti. 8./. prop. Phurtf, activity, 

I Furtila, adj. prop. Phurtila, quick, 
I nimble, active, ^. 
I Fuslana, v. a. prop. Phuslana, to 
! coax, to wheedle, &c. 

Flit, adj. prop. Phiit, odd, unpaired. 

Futti, adj. see Phiita. 

Futna, V. n. see Phiitna. 

Fuzala, «. plur. of fiizil ; the excel- 
lent, the learned. 


Gdb, «. m. name of a tree, the juice 
of the fruit of which is used to 
smear the lK)ttom of boats. 

Gabbar, adj. proud, haughty. 

(Jiibh, 8. in. pregnancy. 

Giibhin, adj. pregnant. 

Gahlirii,| «. in. a tine and handsnn.i 

Gabru, / young man. 

Gach, 8. ni. mortar, cement, old 
mortar knot'ktd oft* walls, &c., a 
floor made of mortar. 

Gachh, 8. m. a tree. 

Gachhmirch, «. /. cayenne pepi>er. 

Gaehnach, adj. crowded, stutfetl t 
gether, close, thick. 

Gad. 8./. leis, dregs, sediment. 

GmUi, 8. in. a U»ggar: adj. jMjor, i"- 

Gadiii, 8. /. begging, meiulicii , 

(uului kurnti, to beg. 

(iudariyti. ». rii. a dliephcrd. 

Giulbm), 8. /. higgloily-piggledy.o': 

(iuddur, a(^. turbid, muddy, <iirty 

Gudd)'. B.J. a ciLsiiion, a pa«l, ui 
tiling HtufttMl, a seat, a thromv 

(Jn<h.lj, «./ a bundle of paper con- 
taining ten quir<<s. 

Gadelti, «. ti». a thick beiiding; an 
elephant's tkuldlo. 

Gad ha m. m. an nat. 

(•uiihnpidhi', ». /. a sport among 

GacUii, «. /. a slie^asa. 

Gadk^, $, in. a foil for fencing with. 

Gadlai, o<(/. turbid, muddy, dull 


[ 84 ] 


dirty : s. m. a kind of warm gar- 
ment. • 

Gadlai, s. f. muddiness, dulness. 

Gadra, adj. half ripe (fruit.) 

Gae, s. f. a cow. 

Gaedum, adj. see Gawdum. 

Gaegosht, \ „ ^ v^^i? 

Ga^kagUt, |«-^-^eef. 

Gafil, adj. 'prop. Ghafil, which see. 

Gaflat, s. f. prop. Ghaflat, careless- 
ness, negligence, neglect. 

Gagari, s. f. a water-pot. 

Gagra, s. m. a brass water-pot. 

Gah, s. /. time ; in compos, place. 

Gahak, s. m. a chapman, a pur- 

Gahan, s. m. an eclipse. 

Gahbegah, adv. in season and out of 

Gahe, adv. one time, at any time, 

Gahegahe, adv. at times, sometimes, 
now and then. 

Gahenr, s. /. a flock or herd, a 

Gahenr ka gahenr, crowd upon 

Gahgah, adv. now and then, some- 

Gahgahe, adv. sometime or other, at 

Gahi, 8. /. an aggregate made up of 
five parts, five. 

Gahki, s. f. a purchaser. 

(ifahna, v. a. to calk. 

Gahna, s. m. jewels, ornaments : v. 
a. to lay hold of, to seize, to catch, 
to take. 

Gahni, s. /. oakum, act of calking. 

Gahni kama, to calk (a boat, &c.) 

Gahra, adj. deep. 

Gahra rang, deep colour. 

Gaib, adj. prop. Ghaib, absent, con- 
cealed, invisible. 

Gain, s. a singer. 

Gaina, s. m. a small kind of bullock. 
Gainda, s. m. a rhinoceros. 
Gaini", s. f. a small kind of cow. 

Gairi, s. f. demurrage. 
Gaint, ) /. • i 

Gaj, s. m. prop. Gaz, a yard, a ram- 
rod, a carpenter's rule ; the perpen- 
dicular bars of a gate, &c. ; a pale. 

Gaja, s. m. the sound or clangour 
of various musical instruments. 

Gajab, s. m. prop. Ghazab, which see. 

Gajar, s. m. the chimes rung at the 
expiration of a watch or paJiar of 
the day or night. 

Gajar, s. f. a carrot. 

Gaji, s. f. prop. Gazi, a kind of 
coarse cloth. 

Gajra, s. w. a carrot. * 

Gajrahar, s. m. a wreath, or neck- 
lace, or bracelet of flowers. 

Gal, s. m. the cheek. 

Gala, s. m. a ball of carded cotton. 

Gala, s. m. the throat, neck, the 
neck of a pitcher or jar : adj. rot- 
ten, melted. 

Gala baithna, to be hoarse. 

Galaband, s. m. neckcloth, a cravat, 
a stock. 

Gala bandhana, v. a. to ensnare one's 
self, especially in love. 

Gala dabana, v. a. to strangle. 

Gala dena, v. a. to waste. 

Gala ghontiia,j v. a. to throttle, to 

Gala ghotna, / choke, to hold by 
the throat. 

Galahi, s. /. the forecastle (of a 
boat, &c.), prow. 

Gala katna, v. a. to cut the throat. 

Galana, v. a. to melt, to dissolve, to 

Galat, adj. prop. Ghalat, wrong, 
erroneous : s. m. error, mistake. 

Galati, s. m. prop. Ghalati, a mis- 
take, an error. 

Gala tipna, v. a. to throttle. 

Gala uthana, v. n. to raise the voice 
(in singing.) 

Galawat, s. f. solution, dissolving. 

Gal dena, v. a. to throttle, to choke, 
to hang (a man.) 


[ 85 ] 


Gale lagana, v. a. to embrace. 

Gale lagna, v. n. to embrace. 

Gale mandhna, to insist upon one's 
buying (a thing.) 

Gale parna, to seek the friendship of 
one wlio is averse from it. 

Galgalahat, 8. /. softness. 

Galgalana, v. a. to soften, to mol- 

Gralhaiya, s. m. forecastle-man, boat- 

Gall, 8. /. abuse. 

Gall, 8. /. a lane, a street. 

Galib, adj. prop. Ghalib, which see. 

Gall ba galf, from street to street. 

Galib bona, v. n. prop. Ghalib bond, 
to overcome or defeat. 

Galicha, \ s. m. prop. Ghalicha, a 

Galicha, / particular sort of car- 

(MM deni, to abuse, to revile, to call 

Gtiligalauj, 8. /. reciprocal abuse. 

Galikiicha, 8. m. a narrow lane. 

Galiyao, s. f. phir. indecent songs 
sung at marria;j^('8. 

Galiytiiui, v. a. to abuse. 

Galiyiira, «. m. a narrow street or 

Gah'z, jrrop. Ghaliz,rt^J. dirty, filthy : 
8. m. niu<l, filth ; Iiuman dung. 

Gal Juna, we (ialnfi. 

(«alla, H. 7u. a Ihn'k, a herd; corrttpt. 
of (;lmlUv, grain or com (in 

(lalhilMin, 8. in. pastor, shrphord. 

(iiillabum', 8. /. Keeping of u Hook. 

(liilliifuroMli, 8. m. prop, (.thalbifn- 
r«»Hh, a grain- merchant, a coni- 

(Juhnoohlui, \ 

(iiihuuchha, / "•"*• 

(Jidnii, r. //. to mrlt, to !■ 
cil, to Ih» wu.s(«mI away. 

(Jalpliaru, 8. m. tlie jaw^<. i' 
of th(^ niontli. 

(^alj)hat.aki karnii, to scold, to lie. 

Galpliula, «((/. chubby. 

, whislv 

Galtakiya, 8. m. a small round 
pillow for the neck or cheek. 

Galti, 8. /. prop. Ghalti, a mistake, 
an error. 

Gam, 8. m. a village. 

Gam, 8. m. prop. Gham, grief, sor- 
row, concern. 

Gamak, 8. /. smell, fragrance. 

Gamakna, v. n. to smell, to stink. 

Gaman, | 8. m. going, the act of 

Gamana, / going. 

Gambhir, \ adj. deep fas water , 

Gximbhi'ra, / serious, thoughtful, 
sedate, grave. 

Gamchha, 8. m. a towel. 

Gamgi'n, adj. prop. Ghamgin, sor- 
rowful, dispirited. 

Gami, prop. Gharaf, adj. sorrowful, 
grieved : 8. /. grief, sorrow. 

Gam khiina, prop. Gham kluinu, 
grieve, to mourn, to have pa- 

Gamkila, a^j. spicy, fragrant, odo- 

Gamla, 8. m. a pot in which flowt i 
&c., are planted. 

Gan, 8. m. a triK)p, tribe, flock, cla 

Gan^ V. a. to sing, to chant. 

Gand, 8. /. stink, tilth, onluro, snu 

(iiind, 8. /. tlie anus. 

(landa,' \ adj. stinking, filtliy, r< 

(iandii, / ten (an egg.) 

Gandn, s. m. a knottid string tied 
nmnd tiio mvk of a chiKI, &o., a> 
a chtirm: it denotes aW t! 
numlxT four. 

Gnndid)iro7ji, 8. in. boo GnnV *" 

(tandailahan, adj. stinking ) 

(tandutiro/n. ». in. the nai 
drug, a kind of remn. 

(landak, 8 /. briniHtone. 

(lanihri, 8./. u cut or {lortion of the 

(Jundghalat, adj. dead, stupid. 

(lundli, 8. / |K>riunie, otiour, scont. 

Gandiiak, 8./. brimstone. 

Gaudhak kii (jitr, sulphuric acid. 


[ 86 ] 


Gandhi, s. m. a bug, a flying bug ; 

a druggist, a perfumer. 
Gandliila, adj. stinking. 
Gandii, s. m. a catamite. 
Gandum, s. m. wheat. 
Gandum rang, adj. swarthy, brown, 

Gaiies, s. m. the Hindu god of 

Gang, s. /. a river, a stream. Do- 
:, g'^-ng. ill two streams (a river.) 

!| Ganga, s, f. the sacred river of the 
! Hindus, the Ganges. 

[ Gangabasi", adj. residing near the 
^i Ganges. 

Ganga jal, s. m. the water of the 

Gangajalf, s. f. swearing by the 
water of the Ganges. 

Gangajali uthana, Uo swear by the 

Gangajal uthana, / water of the 

Gangajamni, s. /. a kind of orna- 
mental work. 

Gangakinara, 1 s. m. the shore or 

Gangakinare, / bank of the Ganges. 

Gangapar, s. m. the opposite side of 
the Ganges. 

Gangasagar, s. m. the place where 
the Ganges disembogues itself 
into the ocean. 

Gangasnan, s. m. ablution in the 

Gangatir, s. m. the shore or bank of 
the Ganges. 

Gani, adj. prop. Ghani, rich, weal- 
thy, independent. 

Ganj, s. m. a granary, heap, trea- 
sure, market, mart. 

Ganja, adj. scald-headed, bald. 

Ganja, s. m. the hemp plant. 

Ganjawala, s. m. a seller of hemp. 

Ganj ha, s. m. the hemp plant. 

Ganjhail, adj. addicted to the use of 
i ganj ha. 

I Ganjifa, ]^ 8. w. a pack of cards ; 
;! Ganjifa, / a game at cards. 

Ganjifa khelna, to play cards. 

Ganjina, s. m. a treasure, a maga- 

Ganjiya, s. f. the bag in an Ekka 
in which the driver carries things. 

Ganna. s. m. sugar-cane : -y. a. to 
count, to reckon, to number. 

Ganr, s. /. the anus. 

Ganru, s. m. a catamite. 

Gansa, s. m. the space at the root 
where the finger and toes sepa- 

Gdntii, } «-/aknot,ajoint. 
Ganthdar, adj. knotty. 
Ganthi, s. f. a knot. 
Gantiijora, knot-joining. 
Ganthjora bandhna, to tie together 

the skirts of the mantles of the 

bride and bridegroom. 
Ganth ka piira, rich, wealthy. 
Ganthkata, s. m. a cut-purse. 
Ganthna, v. a. to lay bricks in 

mortar ; to string. 
Ganw, s. m. a village, a town. 
Ganwana, "1 v. a. to lose, to throw 
Gan wanna, j away, to get rid of, 

to squander, to pass, to trifle. 
Ganwar, s. m. a countryman, a 

clown, a stupid person : adj. 

ignorant, clownish. 
Ganwari", adj. countiy (language.) 
Ganwaii, adj. squanderer. 
Ganwm, "1 .n 

Gamvinganw, | «• »• a viUage. 
Gaoghap, ,<?. m. f. deceit, artifice. 
Gap, s. f. prattle, tattle, a story, an 

idle report. 
Gapakna, v. to swallow, to gulp. 
Gap marna, v. a. to prattle, to 

Gappi, s. a tattler, an idle talker. 
Gapshap, s. f. prattle, chit-chat. 
Gar, in compos, a maker or work- 
man: conj.if; corrupt, of Gliair, 

which see. [agent. 

Gar, s. /. abuse : in compos, doer, 
Gara, s. m. mud prepared and used 

as mortar. 


[ 87 ] 


Ganibli, s. m. pregnancy. j 

Graraj, 8, /. yrop. Gharaz, which see. 
Garajf, adj. prop. Gharzi, interested, 

selfish, designing. 
Grarajna v. n. to thunder, to roar, to 

Gafaku, «. m. a kind of prepared 

Garam, adj. prop. Garm, which see. 
Gayana, v. a. to cause to pene- 
Garariya, s. f. a shepherd or goat- 
Garat, g. /. prop. Gharat, which see. 
Garat karna, v. a. prop. Gharat 

karna, to plunder, to ravage, to 

Gaybar, 8. m. confusion, disorder, a 

tumult, hubbub. 
GaTbarana, v. n. to rumble (the 

Garbar bona, to be confused or 

Garbari', 8. /. confusion, alarm, 

Garhh, «. m. pregnancy. 
Garbhwanti', adj. pregnant. 
(»arclii, conj. ulthough. 
(iard, «. f. dust. 

Gardaliid, \ adj. defiled with dust, 
(iurdaliida, / dusty. 
Gardiin, h. f. conjugation, declension 

(in grannnar.) 
Gardan, g. /. the nock. 
(iardanii, h. in. the neck of an ani- 
(lardanT, /»./. a Iiorsc-cloth ; a blow 

on the neck, 
(^lardani' dciui, v. n. to drive a man 

by the neck, to turn one out of 

(Jardankash, adj. proud, hanghty, 

insolent, refractory. 
Gardankasln', h. /. innolenco, haugh- 

tincHM, rclM'lIiousness. 
(Jnrdankashi kanui, r. to nAxA. 
Cardan kjitiui, v. a. to decapitate, to 


Gardan mama, v. a. to behead, to 

put to death. 
Gardanna, v. a. to conjugate, to 

turn, to inflect. 
Gardish, 8. f. revolution, vicissitude. 
Gayeri, 8. m. a shepherd. 
Gaygarana, v. n. to thunder, to make 

a noise (as the huqqa.) 
Garganina, v. n. to gargle, to thun- 
der, to roar (as a tiger), to rumble. 
Gargiidaf, s. m. old clothes of all 

Garh, s. m. a castle, a fort. 
Garh, 8. /. difficulty. 
Gafha, 8. m. a cavity, a hole, a pit, 

an abyss. 
Gayha adj. thick, close, strong 

Gayhaiyii, 8. /. a small pond. 
Garluijir, adj. prop. Qhairluizir, ab- 
Garhajiri, 8. /. prop. Qhairhaziri, ab- 
Garhami, v. a. to cause to form ' 

hammering, to cause to make. 
Garhant, ) . ^ ^^^^^ fashion, 
(iafliat, / •' 
Gafhi, 8. /. a small fort or castle ; a 

small pit. 
(iarhiui, r. a. to malleato, to form by 

hammering, to make, to fashion : 

r. «. to Ih3 made, fonned or 

Gan', «. /. tlio koniel of a ct>ooa- 

nut: in comjios. acting, making, 

Gin', $. f. abuse : in amjHit. dniDg, 

(Jaifi'. *./. a cart, a cnrriagi', iklmckcry. 
Ciarib, mij. prop. (.Jhurili, pt»or, 

neinly, mild, iuunblo, meek; free 

from vice (a horse). 
Oarnnina, adj. pn^p. Qlmrilnina, fit 

for tbo iHM>r. 
Garibi. 8. /. pnyp. Qharibi, poverty, 

humility, mildness. 
Garn)mJir, ». /. prop, Qliartbmir, 

which see. 


[ 88 ] 


Garibnawaj adj. see Gliaribnawaz, 

Garibnawaji, s. f. prop. Ghanbna- 
wazi, hospitality. 

Garibparwar, adj. prop. Gharibpar- 
war, cherishing the poor, chari- 

Gariwan, s. m. a carter, a coachman. 

Garjan, s. m. a kind of tree which 
produces oil. 

Garm, adj. hot, warm, fervent ; pas- 
sionate, fiery, ardent; thronged 
or crowded fas a market.) 

Garmagarm, adj. hot and hot. 

Garmana, v. n. to be angry ; to be- 
come enlivened ; to become warm. 

Garmbazar, s. m. ) throng or much 

Garmbazari, s. f. ) business in a 

Garm bolna, to speak roughly and 

Garm hona, v. n. to be angry ; to 
become hot ; to be thronged (a 

Garmi, s.f. the hot season ; warmth, 
ardour, heat; the venereal dis- 

Garmjoshi, s. /. warmth, affection, 

Garm karna, to warm, to make hot. 

Garmmizaj, adj. passionate, hot- 

Garmumkin, prop. Ghairmumkin, 
adj. impossible. 

Garna, v. n. to penetrate, to be 
driven into the earth (as a stake), 
to be buried. 

Garna v. a to bury, to set, to drive 
down, to fix. 

Garna, v. a. to strain, to squeeze, to 

Garoh, see Guroh. 

Garona, v. a. to pierce, to perforate, 
to bore, to stick into. 

Garthop, s.f. burying, burial. 

Gariir, s. m. a large kind of heron, 
gigantic crane or adjutant bird. 

Garwajibi, adj. prop. Ghairwajibi', 
wrong, improper, unjust. 

Garwana, v. a. to cause to be buried 
or driven into the earth. 

Gas, s. m. prop. Ghash, stupor, faint- 

Gas ana, v. n. prop. Ghash ana, to 

Gasht, s. m. walking, going round 
(especially of guards.) 

Gashti, \ s. m. watch, sentinel, 

Gashtiya, / pati'ol. 

Gas parna, prop. Ghash parna, to 
faint, to swoon. 

Gast, s. m. prop. Gasht. 

Gastangar, adj. clownish, ignorant, 

Gat, s. f. state, condition ; salvation. 

Gata, s. m. pasteboard. 

Gatarmal, s. m. a nickname for a 

Gathar, s. m. a large bundle, a bale, 
a pack. 

Gathbandhan, s. m. tying the knot, 
a Hindu ceremony attending mar- 
riage in which the mantles of the 
bride and bridegroom are fastened 

Gathi, s. f. a bale, pack. 

Gathila, adj. knotty, robust. 

Gathiya, s. f. pains in the joints ; a 
bag, sack. 

Gathiyabao s. f. rheumatism. 

Gathjora, s. m. see Gathbandhan. 

Gathri, s.f. a bundle, packet, parcel. 

Gathri bandhna, v. a. to pack up. 

Gathri karna, v. a. to add ( figm-es). 

Gathua, s. m. knots in cloths. 

Gati, s.f. state, condition ; salvation. 

Gatiya, s. f. a small bundle. 

Gatpat, s. f. higgledy-piggledy, con- 

Gatta, s. m. the part of the pipe 
which fixes into the top of the 
metal part of a huqqa. 

Qattha, 8. m. a bundle, package, 
pack^; root of onion, &c. 

Gau, s. f. a cow. 


[ 89 3 


Gauchi", «. /. a hole or pit. 
Gaudaii, 8. in. gilt of a cow. 
Gaugii, 8. m. prop. Ghauglia, noise, 

disturbance, uproar, clamour. 
Gaubar, 8. m. essence, substance ; a 

pearl, a jewel, a gem. 
Gaukh, 8. m. a portico. 
GauQ, 8. /. opportunity, advantage. 
Gauua, «. m. bringing home a wife. 
Gauoghat, s. f. power, opportunity. 
Gaur, 8. in. an ancient city, for- 
merly the capital of Bengal. 
Gaur, 8. f. prop. Ghaur, which see. 
Gaura, s. /. a name of tlie goddess 

Parwati : «. m. a cock-sparrow. 
Gauraiya, 8. f. a hen-sparrow; a 

huqqa made of earth. 
Gauri, 8. f. a name of the goddess 

Gaur karnti, v. a. prop. Ghaur kamd, 

to reflect, consider, meditate. 
Gausdla, s. f. a cow-house. 
Gaut, 8. fodder. 
Gaw, 8. f. a cow. 

Gtiwii glii.s. m. cow's clarified butter. 
Gawiih, 8. in. a witness, an evidence. 
Gttwahi, 8. f. evidence, testimony, 

Gawiih i denti, to witness, to testify. 
Gawaiyti, ». in. a singer. 
Gawiiim, v. a. to cause to sing. 
(Tlawara, I adj. palatable, agreeable, 
(lawiirii, I i)leiiHunt. 
Gawiini knriia, to i'hooHc, to like, 

to take upoiKHic'swlf truublf, &<\ 
(lawdi, lulj. a siinplotoi), bloi'khead. 
(i^wdida, 8. in. a kintl of broad, 
(idwdum, adj. tlnck at tlie one end 

and thin ut tlio other, tii|H<r : ». /. 

a cone, 
(lawgosht, 8. m. beef, 
(itiwtiikya, s, m, a largo pillow or 

Giiwzabdn, «. f. a kind of breiwl. 
Gayji, ». f. tno name of a city in 

Bihiir; past, jnirt. (^of juiui) gone, 

Gtiyak, «. m.\ 
Oayau, ,./.)» »'"»"• 

Gayatri, 8. f. a prayer repeated by 
brahmans with a rosary. 

Gayawal, s. m. a class of Gaya 
brahmans, who officiate in certain 
religious ceremonies performed 
by pilgrims at that place. 

Gaz, 8. m. a yard, a wand to mea- 
sure cloth, a ramrod, a carpenter's 
rule, the perpendicular bars of a 
gate, &c. 

G^zak, 8. f. a relish (eaten with 
wine, &c.) 

Gazi, 8. f. a coarse kind of cloth Cof 

Gedii, 8. m. a young unfledged bird, 
a nestling : adj. stupid, ignorant. 

Gedlti, adj. stupid, ignorant, silly. 

Gegli, 8.f. a trollop. 

Gehuao, s. in. the colour of wheat : 
adj. of the colour of wheat. 

GehuQ, 8. in. wheat. 

Gend, «. /. a ball (to play with.) 

Gendi, «. m. marigold. 

Geora, 8. in. a rhinoceros, 

(lerii, 8. in. a kind of reti earth or 

Geriia, adj. covered with or coloured 
like Gerii. 

(ieriii, aiij. of the colour of Genf. 

(ietam, 8. in. a kind of cloth usoil as 
ticking or horse clotli. 

Ghiibru, adj. confused, ooufouuded, 

((iiabnihi4, «. / confusion, per^ 
plexity, ugiUition, alarm. 

(ihabmnu, r. n. to U) confused, per- 
il lexml, agitaUxl, oinburraiitied ; to 

(thachugA(*l), m//. tliiok. 

(.ihaj'hi, 8. /. a liolo mado in tho 
ground by boys for playing at 
tiiHtd. '[tii>c«t. 

Qhachipdra, f. m. name of a guuie» 

GhiU*, «. m. a wound, a wirt*. 

(jiiiaffiir, adj. forgiving (tho deity.^ 

(jihafll, adj. negiigi«nt, indolent, re* 
miss,«.s tlioughtle.HS. 

(jrhulil houa, v. n. to bo uegligenti 
indolent, sensulcbs. 


[ 90 ] 


Ghafili, "Is. /. carelessness, negli- 

Ghaflat, / gence, neglect. 

Qhafs, adj. tliick, close (as cloth), 

compact, substantial. 
Ghafiir, adj. clement, merciful, for- 
* giving. 

Ghagas, s. m. a large kind of fowl. 
Ghagb, adj. old, aged, sly, wily, 


GMghS;}^- ^- ^ petticoat. 

Glial, s. f. number five (in reckon- 
ing), tbe interval between the 
fingers or toes. 

Ghaib, adj. absent, concealed, in- 
visible ; (substantively) the third 
person in grammar. 

Q-haib. adj. latent, concealed, absent, 
invisible, mysterious. 

Ghaibdan, adj. skilled in discover- 
ing mysteries ; omniscient. 

Ghaibdani, s. /. knowledge of mys- 

Ghaibghulla bona, "prop. Ghaibghu- 
lela bona, to be lost or absent. 

Ghaib bona, to vanish, to disappear. 

Ghaibi, adj. absent, invisible. 

Ghail, adj. wounded. 

Ghair, adj. improp. Gar, other, dif- 
ferent, foreign: adv. besides, 
without, except. 

Ghairat, s. f. modesty. 

Ghairatmand, adj. modest, bashful. 

Ghairhazir, adj. absent, away. 

Ghairhaziri, s. f. absence, non-ap- 
pearance, non-attendance. 

Gbairmumkin, adj. impossible. 

Ghairmunasib, adj. unfit, improper. 

Ghairwajib, adj. wrong, unjust, un- 

Ghau'wajibf, s. /. injustice, unrea- 

Ghalaba, s. m. superiority, pre-emi- 
nence, conquest. [conquer. 

Ghalaba, karna, to overcome, to 

Gbalat, adj. wrong, erroneous : s. m. 
error, mistake. 

Ghalatfahami, s. f. mistake, mis- 

Ghalatf, s. f. a mistake, an error. 

Ghalib, adj overcoming, victorious, 

Ghalib bona, to overcome, to con- 
quer, to excel. 

Ghaliclia,! s. m. a particular kind 

Ghalicha,) of carpet. 

Ghaliz, adj. dirty, filthy : s. m. filth, 
mud, dirt, human excrement. 

Ghalla, s. m. grain or corn (in ge- 

Ghallafarosb, s. m. a grain-merchant . 

Ghalmel, adj. jumbled. 

Ghalna, v. a. to make water, &c., 
muddy by stimng it. 

Ghalti, 8. /. a mistake, an error. 

Gham, s. f. sunbeams, sunshine. 

Gham, s. f. grief, sorrow, concern. 

Ghamaliida, adj. grieved. 

Ghamana, v. n. to sun, to bask in 
the sun. 

Ghamand, s. m. pride, haughtiness. 

Ghamandi, adj. haughty, proud. 

Gliamar, adj. simple, artless ; a 
blockhead. [afflicted. 

Ghamdida, adj. accustomed to grief, 

Ghamgin, adj. sorrowful, dispirited. 

Ghamgusar, an alleviator of grief, 
an intimate friend. 

Ghamgusarf, s. /. alleviation of 
grief, friendship. 

Ghami, adj. sorrowful, grieved : s. /. 
grief, sorrow. 

Ghamir, "i adj. patient, enduring ; 

Ghamira, / deep (as water.) 

Gham karna, to lament, to grieve. 

Gham khana, to grieve, to mourn, 
to have patience. 

Ghamkhwar, adj. condoling, pity- 
ing, a comforter; afflicted, sad; 
an intimate friend. ■ 

Ghamkhwari, s. f. affliction, com- 

Ghamnak, adj. sorrowful, sad. 

Ghamnaki.s./.sorrowfulness, sadness. 

Ghamori, s. /. tbe prickly heat. 

Ghamrasida, adj. afflicted. 

Ghamsan, s. m. battle engagement. 

Gham ut liana, to suffer grief. 


[ 91 ] 


Ghamzada, adj. grieved, afflicted. 

Gban, s. f. as much as is thrown 
in at one time into a mill or 
mortar, &c. 

Ghan, 8. m. a sledge-hammer. 

Ghana, adj. thick, close, confused, 
numerous, many. 

Ghanera, adj. much, many. 

Ghangliolnti, v. a. to rinse ; to mix 
any liquid by stirring it about. 

Ghani, 8. /. see Ghan. 

Ghani, aclj. rich, wealthy, indepen- 

Qhanim, s. m. an enemy, an adver- 

Qhanimat, s. /. plunder, gain, good 
fortune, a blessing. 

Qhanirnat jiinna, v. a. to regard as 
prey, or as what cost nothing. 

Gliags, 8. m. grass, straw, hay, 

Ghantii, «. m. a IjcU, clock, hour. 

Ghantaii,"! - n i n 

Ghanti, |«-/-aBmallbell. 

Gliiio, 8. m. wound, sore. 

Gliaj), 8. m. brag, boast. 

GhMpi', lioastor, bragger. 

C^liap mama, to brag, to boast, to 

Qhar, «. m. house, apartment, par- 
tition (in a box, &c.), drawer, 

Ghiir, 8. m. a cavern, a cave, a grotto, 

a ])it. 
Ghapi, 8. m. a water-pot, an 

oartlion-pot, a pitcher. 
GImninif, 8. m. a thatclier, a hut- 

(ihaniiui, 8. m. family, household. 
Ghani ra, 8. m. a large sjick. 
(.iharat, 8, /. rapiuc, plundtT, doviw- 

tation, ruin, (U struct ion. 
Qharatgar, 8. ?/i. a plundoror, an 

Qhamt karnd, v. a. to plunder, to 

ravngc, to 8i>oil. 
Ghnraniulii, ». m. a small house 

which childi-ou make to play in. 

Gharaz, «./. wish, view, design, oc-* 
casion, interestedness ; adv. in 
short, in fine. 

Gharaz nikalna, to be successful in 
a design. 

Gharaz nikalna, to make a design, 

Gharaziimez, ) adj. designing, sel- 

Gharazashna, / lish, interested. 

Gharb, s. m. the setting of the sun ; 
the west. 

Ghar ba ghar, adj. from house to 

Ghar baithna, to be tumbled down 
(as a house); to be out of em- 

Gharbar, 8. m. family. 

Gharbiir basiinii, v. a. to consum- 
mate a marriage, to establish a 

Gharbar bona, v. r?. to undergo the 
consummation of a marriage. 

Gharbari, s. f. house wil'ory, domes- 
tic concerns. 

Ghar bastinji, to estiiblish a family. 

Gharbi, adj. western, occidental. 

Ghar diibnii, to be ruinetl. 

Ghar dubona, v. a. to ruin one's self 
and children. 

Gharela, (idj. domestic, tame. 

Giuirghalii, adj. ruining. 

Ghar ghar, adv. from house to house. 

Ghari", 8. /. a clock, a watch, an 
hour, the space of twenty-four 

(ihanb, adj. ix>or, needy, mild, 
meek, hunibl<», ipiiet, fn^e from 
vice (a horse) ; 8. in. a ytninger. 

Ghari'lmna. «(//. for the [hmjt. 

Gharib ghumba, the |>oor. 

(^hanbi', 8. /. liuinility, mildnosSt 
nuH-knt'ss, j)«)verty. 

(.Iharibmar, 8. /. oppn'8sion, tyranny, 
oppression of Ujo iH>or. 

Qharibnawtiz, adj. courteous to 
strangers, kind to tlie {>oor, ho»> 

Qharibuawazi', «./. ho,si»it:ilitv 


[ 92 ] 


Gharibparwar, adj. cherislier of the 

poor, charitable. 
Gharibparwari, s.f. cherishing the 


Ghariwak,/ «• ^. a watch-maker. 

Ghariya, s. f. a crucible. 

Ghariyal, s. m. a crocodile. 

Ghariyali, s. m. the person who 
attends the Ghari and strikes the 

Ghar karna, to fix, to settle, to 
establish a family. 

Ghar ki log, a wife, family, house- 

Gharna, v. a. to make, to form, to 
forge, to work (metals.) 

Gharnai, s. /. a raft made of pots, 
a float (of pots.) 

Gharoncha, s. m.| a stand for water- 

Gharonchi, s. /. / pots, &c. 

Ghar par jana,! to become pits or 

Ghar parna, / caverns (spoken of 
wounds that become great.) 

Gharq, adj. drowned. 

Gharqab, s. m. deep water. 

Gharq bona, to be drowned. 

Gharqi, s. f. flooding lands, inunda- 

Gharra, s. m. a rattling noise in the 
throat which dying people are 
afflicted with, pain, agony, pang. 

Gharra, s. m, pride. 

Ghariir, s. m. pride, vain-glory. 

Gharur men ana, to become proud. 

Gharwala, s. m. a housekeeper, a 
master of a house. 

Gharzi, adj. interested, selfish, de- 

' signing. 

Ghas, s. /. grass, straw, hay, fodder. 

Ghasab, s. m. violence, oppression, 

Ghash, 8. m, stupor, fainting. 

Ghash ana, \ v. n. to faint, to 

Ghash parna,/ swoon. 

Ghasitna, v. n. to be dragged, to be 

Ghasitna, v. a. to pull, to drag, to 

Ghasiyara, s. m. a grass-cutter. 

Ghasiyarin, s. f. a female grass- 

Ghasna, v. n. to be rubbed : v. a. to 

Ghaspat, s. m. sweepings. 

Ghassal, s. m. one whose business 
it is to wash the bodies of the 

Ghat, s.f. aim, design, snare, am- 
buscade; killing, slaughter. 

Ghat, adj. deficient (as in weight), 
dear (rate), low (price) : s. m. a 
landing-place, ferry, a quay, a 
bathing-place on a river-side. 

Ghat. s. f. mind, heart, soul, 
thought: adj. dear (rate), low 

Ghata, s. f. cloudiness, clouds. 

Ghata, s. m. deficiency, abatement, 

Ghatana, v. a. to decrease, to dimi- 
nish, to allay, to lessen. 

Ghatao, s. m. reduction, falling (as 
of a river or of the price of any 

Ghatarghiin, s. cooing (^as of doves.) 

Ghatarghun karna, to coo, to bill. 

Ghatatop, s. m. a covering of a palki 
or carriage. 

Ghatawna, v. a, to reduce, to cause 
to subside or fall. 

Ghat barh, adv. more or less. 

Gliati, s. /. a strait, a pass (in a 
mountain, &c.) 

Ghati. s. f. diminution, decrease, 
abatement, loss (in trade.) 

Ghatiya, adj. low-priced. 

Ghatiya, s. m. a brahman who sits 
in a Ghat to keep the clothes, &c. 
of those wlio resort to make ablu- 

Ghat karna, v. a. to kill, to waylay, 
to lie in ambush. 

Ghatmar, s. m. a snuiggler. 

Ghatna, v. n. to abate, to decrease, 
to lessen, to be depressed. 

Ghai]>at, s. m. congression, shock, 


[ 93 ] 


Ghatta, 8. m. a corn (on the foot.) 
Ghattr, 8. f. decrease, alleviation, 

abatement, loss (in trade, &c.) 
Ghatii, (idj. deceitful, treacherous. 
Gliatwal, \ 8.m. wharfinger, a ferry- 
Ghat war, / man. 
Ghaud, 8. f. a bunch or cluster of 

grapes, dates or plantains. 
Ghaugha, 8. m. noise, disturbance, 

uproar, clamour, alarm. 
Ghaughiii, adj. noisy, clamorous : 

s. m. a disturber ; name of a bird. 
Ghaughap, adj. deceitful, knavish. 
Ghaur, s. f. refiection, consideration, 

deliberation, meditation. 
Ghaur karna, v. a. to reflect, con- 
sider, meditate. 
Ghaurpardukht, «. /. attention to, 

attention on. 
Ghaw, 8. m. a wound, a sore. 
(Thiiyal, adj. wounded. 
Ghazab, 8. m. violence, oppression, 

vengeance, anger, curse, cala- 
Gliazab karnii, v. a. to oppress, to 

tyrannise (over) ; to offer a low 

pricci for any thing. 
Gliazjil, 8. f. an ode, an amatory 

Qiiiizi, 8. m. a cx»nqueror, a hero; 

one wlio tights against infidels. 
Qhazunard, «. m. a lioro, a liorso. 
Giicga, \8.m. a swollen or Derby- 
(ilicgha, / shire neck. 
Giienchna, v. a. to pull, to draw, to 

tighten, to paint. 
Ghepnd, v. a. to mix, to minpflo, to 

unite into a paste (as flour and 

Ghor, adj. round, surrounding, loose 

(as a rolH)), winding : s. in, circuit, 

Glieni, adj. round, aurroundod : ii.m. 

a circle, a fence, a siege : a hoop. 
Gheni djilnu, v, «. to 8urn)uud, to 

lay a siege 
Ghordiir, mlj. full, loose (as a robe), 

circular, ©xteusive. 

Ghere mea parna, to be sur- 
Gher ghar kama, v. a. to surround, 

to stop or hinder. 
Gherna, v. a. to surround, to encircle, 

to fence, to enclose, to blockade. 
Gherni, 8. f. a handle for turning a 

Ghetla, 8. m. a kind of shoe. 
Ghewar, 8. f. a kind of sweetmeat. 
Gliibat, 8. /. speaking ill of any one 

behind his back, backbiting, 

Ghibat kama, to slander, to traduce. 
Ghiclipich, adj. ^ick, confused, 

Ghigana, v. n. see Ghighiyana. 
Ghighi bandli jana, v. n. to fiilter, t<^ 

be unable to speak (from shame 

or fear, &c. j 
Ghighiyana, v. n. to falter ; to appear 

very humble ; to coax, to wheedle ; 

to implore. 
Ghikuwiir, «. m. name of a medicinal 

Ghilaf, 8. m. a case, a cover, a sheatli, 

an outer garment. 
Ghin, «. /. disgust, shame, Ixishful- 

Ghintinil, v. n. to bo disgustetL 
Ghinauna, adj. disgusting, uboi 

nable, fultM)me. 
Ghinchnti, v. a. to pull, to draw. 

(ihin khiiiui, r. n. to bo disgusted , i" 

have the stomach turned. 
Ghirtinii, v. a, to cause to surrouuil 

or enclose. 
(fhiriKi, r. »i. to bo sum^undcd 

ondoMod ; to gatluT (as Uio oloud.«. 
Qlurni. «. /. a pulley, on iiuinimeDt 

for twisting n>|H'H. 
Ghirni khami, to go round. 
CJhisiinji, r. ». to ctiusc to rub, to 

Ghistio, «. m» \ attrition, rubbing, 
Ghisiiwa^,*./. / friotiou. 
Ghisiyauu, v. a. to trail, to drag. 


[ 94 ] 


Gliisna, v. n. to be rubbed, to be 

abraded : v. a. to rub, to whet, to 

Gliiya, s. m. name of a vegetable, a 

Gliiza, s. /. aliment, diet, provision, 

Ghol, s. m. butter-milk. 
Ghol, s. m. a crowd, a gang. 
Ghola, s. m. an intoxicating potion 

made of bhang or opium. 
Ghol ka ghol, crowd upon crowd. 
Gholmel, s. m. mixture, mixing. 
Gholua, V. a. to mix with a liquid, to 

Ghompna, v. a. to thrust, to stab. 
Ghouga, s. m. a cockle, a cockle- 
^ shell, a snail, 
^honsla, s. m. a bird's-nest. 
Ghonti, s. /. a decoction for infants. 
Ghontnii, v. a. to polish by rubbing ; 

to investigate ; to strangle. 
Ghor, adj. gloomy, dark, horrible, 

Ghora, s. m, a horse ; the cock (of a 

gun), the knight (at chess.) 
Ghora charhana, to cock a gun. 
Ghore ko sarpat phenkna, to force a 

horse to his utmost speed. 
Ghoresawar, s. m. a horseman. 
Ghori, s. f. a mare. 
Ghos, s. m. name of a caste, a cow- 
Ghosi", s. m. a Muhammadan milk- 
man, a cowherd. 
Gliot, s. /. polish. 
Ghota, s. m. dipping, diving ; a dip, 

a dive. 
Gliotabaz, s. m. a diver. 
Ghota dena, v. a. to dip, to plunge 

under water, to baptize. 
Ghota khana, v. n. to be dipt, to 

dive, to dip. 
Ghotakhor, s. m. a diver. 
Ghotakhori, s. f. dipping, being dipt. 
Ghota marna, see Ghota khana. 
Gliotam ghata, s. m. a game in 

which swimmers dip one another 

under water. 

Ghot marna, to disappear. 

Ghot men ana. 

*to faint. 

Ghot men jana, 

Ghotna, u. a. to polish, to shave. 

Ghotni, s. f. a rubber. 

Ghubar, s. m. dust, clouds of dust. 

Ghubara, s. m. a kind of firework. 

Ghubaraliid, ) covered or polluted 

Ghubaraliida, / with dust. 

Ghughii, s. m. an owl ; a blockhead. 

Ghul, s. m. f. noise, din, outcry, tu- 

Ghulam, s. m. a slave, servant. 

Ghulam iiona, to be a slave. 

Ghulami, s. /. service, slavery. 

Ghulana, I u a. to allure, to deceive, 

Ghulana, j to dissolve, to melt. 

Ghulel, s. /. a pellet-bow. 

Ghulela, ) ha 

Ghulela, r-'"-^P«"'^*-' 

Ghulelbaz, s. m. a pelleter (with a 

Ghulelbazi, s. /. pelleting. 

Ghulghapara, s. m. clamour, dis- 

Ghul raachana, to make a noise, 
outcry or tumult ; to hoot. 

Ghulna, v. n. to melt, to be dissolved ; 
to rot (as fruit) ; to become lean, 
to waste. 

Ghulwana, v. a. to cause to mix 
with a liquid, to cause to dissolve. 

Ghiim, back, round, about. 

Glmmana, v. a. to turn round, to 
whiii round, to circulate, to encir- 
cle ; to delude. 

Ghumana phirana, to prevaricate. 

Ghumghumala, adj. loose (as a 
robe); full. 

Ghiimna, v. n. to go round, to re- 
volve, to turn, to roll, to wheel, to 

Ghumri, s. f. the vertigo, swimming 
of the head. 

Ghun, s. m. name of an insect de- 
structive to wood, grain, &c., a 

Ghuna, adj. wood, grain, &c. de- 
stroyed by the Ghun ; weevil-eaten. 


[ 95 ] 


Oiiuncha, 8. m. a bud, blossom. 

(iliuiichadahan, 8. m. with a mouth 
like a rosebud. 

Gliunda, 8. m. a fop. 

(ihundi 8.f. a button. 

Gliiingar, s. w. a curl. 

Gliiingarwala bal, curled hair. 

Gliungch/, 8. /. a small red and 
black seed. 

Ghiinghat, 8. /. a veil. 

Ghiinghat ktlrhna, to draw a veil 
over the face. 

Ghunghut kama, to veil. 

Gliuiighciir, 8. /. a small red and 
black seed. 

Ghunghunanii, v. n. to hum, to buzz. 

Ghiingiii', 8. /. a sort of stir-about, or 
grain of any kind (pulse or wheat, 
(fee.) boiled whole with sugar. 

Ghiingru, 8, m. name of an orna- 
ment worn round the ankles, with 
)>clls fastened to it ; a small l^ell. 

Ghunnii, v. n. to become worm or 
weevil eaten (as wood, grain, 
&c.) : culj. reserve (as a person.) 

Qhunna, 8. m. a sound through ilio 
nose, the buzzing of flies: adj. 
quiescent, nasid (the letter oO 

Ghiius, 8. m. a baudicote rat; a 

GliiiQHii, 8. VI. the clinched fist. 

(ihiios demi, to give bribes. 

(iiiuuHo liinui, to ligiit with the 
lists, t(» box. 

GhiiOskkanu. |totakobrilH38. 

(liiiiiit, 8. m. u gulp, a draught, pull. 

Ghiinii, g.f. a decoction for infnntjt. 

(Jhuniua, v. a. to gulp, to drink, to 
H will low. 

(ilmp, (ulj. dark. 

(iliupchup, adj. silent, mule. 

(iliuj-, 8. in. conimrt. of Ghopi, a 
horsf, UHtul in e()ini)o.sition. 

(ihuni, «. m. a dunghill, a heap of 

Qhunilu. 8. pi. (of ghariV, stran- 
gers, the poor. 

Ghurakna, v. a. to browbeat, to 
reprimand, to frown at. 

Ghurbahal, s. /. a four-wheeled car- 
riage drawn by horses. 

Ghufcharha, s. in. | a rider, one on 

Ghurcharhi, 8./. | horseback. 

Ghurdauf , 8. /. a race-course. 

Ghurghura, s. m. the mole-cricket. 

Ghurki, 8. /. rebuff, browbeating, 
rebuke, frowning at. 

GhurmuQliii, adj. horse-faced. 

Ghiirnii, v. a. to stare at, to fix the 
eyes on, to look at angrily. 

Ghurra, 8. m. the first day tlio new 
moon is seen: adj. vacant, void, 

Ghurnimi, v. n. to frown. 

Ghurriiz, adj. frowning, haughty. 

Ghufsiil, I „ ^ „ 
Ghurs^ila, /'-^-^ 


Ghuriib, 8. m. setting (of the sun, 

&c.) ; the west. 
Ghuriib honii, v. n. to bo set (tho 

sun, moon, &c.) 

(xhiis, 8. m. a baudicote rat; a 

(Jhusii, 8. m. tho clinchetl 
(fhusal, 8. )/), see Qhusl. 
(ihus:unghusii, 8. vk ihuiiiping and 

pulling, lM>xing. 
Ghustinu, v. a. to thrust in, to stuff 

in, to cram, to force in. 
Ghuscfnti, v. u, to cnuu, to Uirust, 

to stutV, to foreo. 
Ghusipni, v, n. to be thrust or 

Htufted in. 
(, 8. m. Inthing, ablution. 
Oluisl kanui, to Imthe. 
(.thusl^^uiuu, 8, m. a bath, a buthi 

Ghusnii, v. iu to bo Uirust in, to 

enter, to itcnotrnte, to muddle. 
Ghusiwi^h, 8./. ncc€«8. 
(^hussti, 8. m. anger, passio; 
^hus^a liomi, to bu iu a p. 

bo ougry. 


[ 96 3 


Ghussa karna, to rage. 

Gliussanak, | adj. passionate, hot- 

Ghussawar, j headed. 

Gliusse, adj. angry. 

Ghusse se, angrily, 

Ghusse se bhiit hojana, to rage like 

a fiend. 
Ghiit, s. m. gulp, draught. 
Ghutai, 8. /. polish. 
Ghutana, v. a. to shave clean, to 

Ghuti, 8. /. the ankle. 
Ghutna, v. a. to gulp, to drink, to 

Ghutna, s. m. the knee : v. n. to be 

Ghutni chalna, | v. n. to walk 
Ghutnon chalna, / on the knees, 

to crawl about on the knees (as a 

Ghutti, 8. /. the ankle. 
Ghuwa, 8. m. a coarse kind of 

Gidar, s. m. a jackal. 
Gidarbhabki, 8. /. bullying, bluster, 

Giddb, 8. m. a vulture. 
Gila, j 8. m. complaint, lamentation, 
Gila, / reproach, blame. 
Gila, adj. moist, damp, wet. 
Gilahri, s. /. a squirrel. ^ 
Gilauri, s. f. betel-leaf prepared and 

folded up. 
Gill, adj. of earth or clay, earthen. 
Gillawa, 8. m. prepared mud for 

Gilti, adj. gilded. 
Gimti, 8. /. a kind of cloth. 
Gfn, a particle which added to 

nouns, denotes possessed of, full 

of, affected with. 
Ginana, v. a. to cause to count, 

Gmjua, V. n. to crumble, to rub 

with the hands. 
Ginna, v. a. to count, to reckon, to 

number, to calculate, to com- 

Ginti", 8. /. number, reckoning, ac- ■ 
count, muster; the first day ofi 
the month. 

Ginti karna, to muster, to count. 

Ginti lena, to have anything count- 
ed, to have muster taken. 

Ginwana, v. a. to cause to count. 

Gir, in compos, taking, seizing, hold- 
ing, holder, catcher, conqueror. 

Gira dena, see Girana. 

Girah, s. /. see Girih. 

Girahbaz, s. m. a kind of pigeon. 

Girah parna, dissension arising be- 
tween two people. 

Giran, adj. heavy, important, 
precious, dear. 

Girana, v. a. to cause to fall, to let 
down, to throw down, to spill. 

Girani, s. f. scarcity, dearth ; weight, 

Girau, s. m. improp. Giro, a pledge, 
a pawn. 

Gird, 8. m. round, circuit, circum- 
ference, environs. 

Girda, s. m. a circle, a circular 
form, a ring, a hoop; a round 
cake of bread, a wafer : adj. 

Girdagird, j s. m. all roundj 

Girdbagird, / round about, a- 
round, about. 

Girdnawah, s. /. environs. 

Gireban, s. m. a collar (of a gar- 
ment), cape. 

Gireban men munh dalna, to 
confess and be ashamed of one's 

Girewan, s. m. see Gireban. 

Girgirana, v. a. to beseech, to im- 
plore earnestly and humbly. 

Girgit, 8. m. a large kind of lizard. 

Girhast. s. m. a householder, a 
peasant, a husbandman. 

Girhasti", s. /. husbandry, house- 

Girhist, s. m. see Girhast. 

Girhistf, s. /. see Girhasti. 

Giri, 8. /. in compos, taking, seizing. 


[ 97 ] 


(;-iiift, a. f. taking, capture, seizui'e ; 
an objection, criticism. 

Giriftiir, adj. vulg. Giripdar, ar- 
rested, seized, Ciiptive, prisoner, 
involved (in trouble, &c.) 

Giriftiir bona, to become a prisoner. 

Giriftan', s. f. seizure, imprisonment, 

Giriftar karna, to arrest, to seize, 
to capture, to captivate. 

Giriftar pakarna, to catch a run- 
away prisoner. 

Girih, «. /. a knot, knuckle, joint; 
a division of a gaz or yard. 

Giripdar, adj. see Giriftiir. 

Giripdar karnii, see Giriftar karna. 

Giriya, «. m. crying, weeping, la- 
mentation, plaint. 

Giriya karna, to weep, to cry, to 

Giriya o zdri, 8. f. bewailing. 

Girja, «. m. a Gliristian place of 
worship, divine service, preach- 
ing, prayer. 

Girmi, v. n. to fall, to drop, to sink, 
to tmnble down. 

Giro, s. m. see (xirau. 

(iir i)arna, v. n. to fall or tumble 

Girto parte, with difficulty, witli 
much ado. 

(iirwanu, v. a. to cause to tlirow 
tlown, ifcv. 

(lirw'u. } '''^. Pl^^lK«<K Pftwnod 
Git, «. m. song, an (hIc, a hymn, 

Gitji, H. tlio name of a iK)oin hold iu 

high ostimation by the Hiudiis. 
( « it gunii, to sing, 
(aitlitinii, «. m. a slu^l, a hIuvIIow. 
(Jifkuri, s. /. a particular vcK'nl 

sound iu jiinging; tjuavcriug, 

G hiH, Kng. days of grftco on billa of 

t'xchungo, &c. 
(lo, in rom/xx». 8|)caking, 8)H*akor : 

^- in i.i.r.. or ,,..r^U; 8./. aOOW. 

Goahr, s. f. 2^rop. Gawahi', evidence, 
testimony, witness. 

Gobar, 8. m. fresh cow-dung. 

Gobarganes, adj. fat and lazy, one 
who is not able to endure hard- 
ship; bad-flavoured (meat.) 

Gobar khana, to do penance (by 
eating cow-dung.) 

Gobind, «. m. a name of Krishna. 

Gobrf, 8. f. plaster made of cow- 

God, 8. /. the lap, bosom, embrace. 

Godtim, 8. m. a warehouse, a maga- 
zine, a storehouse, the back part 
of a boat. 

Godr, 8. f. the lap, bosom, em- 

God lend, to adopt (a child.) 

Godmi, V. a. to prick, to tattoo : 
8. m. marks of tatt<x)ing. 

God pasarati, to ask, t*) bt*g. 

(ioethii, 8. m. dried cow-dung. 

(ioh, 8. m. tlie name of an animal. 

Gohiim, 8. 7/1. wheat. 

Gof, «. /. in compos, speaking. 

Goinda, s. m. a scout, a spy. 

Goir, «./. a stick, a walking-utiek 

Gokhrii, «. m. nanu« of u plant. 

Goki, couj. although. 

Gokul, ;j. }trop. the place wliore 
Krishna wa.s bnniglit up. 

Gol, adj. rountl, circular : ». m. a 

Goln, *. m. a cannon-ball. 

Gobi, H. m. a gnmnry: a canuon- 
Udl : a kiiul »»f iiigcon ; a largo 
Ixum of woul; the kernel «»f ^^ 

Golddtir, a.m. a grain-merchau ^ 
corn-<MiandI« r. 

(JoUdari, It. /. mcn^liandizo in gr 

. •«. ut a gunner. 
' . ». f. gunutry. 

Goli, >. /. a bullet, a lull, a pill, a 

marble (for playing with.) 
GoU4<^4>^ *• ***• namu of a game. 





Goli mama, to shoot a ball (at.) 
Golniirch, s. f. black pepper. 
Golsa, adj. roundish. 
Gomiifr, s. m. the urine of a cow. 
Gon, s. f. a sack, bag (of coarse 

canvas), the sacks in wliich 

bullocks carry grain. 
Goncl, s. /. gum. 
Gonddanf, s. f. a vessel for holding 

Gontlia, s. m. dried cow-dung, 
Gop, s. m. a cowlierd, a dairyman: 

s. f. a gold necklace. 
Gopal, s. m. a cowherd, one of the 

names of Krishna. 
Goplian, 8. f. a sling (for throwing 

Gopf, s. f. the female of Gop. 
Gor, s. /. a tomb or grave. 
Gor, s. m. the leg, foot. 
Gora, adj. white, fair (complex- 

ioned; : s. m. a European soldier. 
Gora it, s. m. a watchman. 
Goras, s. m. milk, butter-milk, 

curdled milk. 
Gorh, s. m. the leg, foot. 
Gori', s. f. taking away. 
Gor-i-ghariban, a burying-ground 

for strangers. 
Gori karna, to take away, to steal, 

to walk off wit] 1. 
Goristan, s. m. a burying-ground. 
Gorkan, s. m. a grave-digger. 
Gorki lar, s. m. a wild ass. 
Gorii, s. m. /. an ox, a cow. 
Goriiadhukan, s. m.evening twilight. 
Gosa, adj. prop. Ghussa, which see. 
Gosafn, s. m. the Deity, a saint, a 

holy person. 
Gosainya, s. m. the Deity. 
Gosfand, s. f. a goat. 
Gosh, 8. m. the ear; corrup. of 

Gosht, meat, flesh. 
Gosha, 8. m. a corner, closet, cell, 

retirement, an angle. 
Gosliagir, s. m. a hermit. 
Goshaiiishin, retired, a hermit, so- 

Goshanishi'ni, s. f. life of a hermit. 
Gosli guzar bona, to be heard. 
Goshguzar karna, to make pass into 

the ear, to hear, or to make to 

Goshmali, s. f. rebuke, chastisement 

by pulling the ears. 
Gosht, 8. m. meat, flesh. 
Gosliwai-, adj. prop. Ghussawar, 

passionate, hot-headed. 
Goshwara, s. m. an e ar-ring ; boring 

the ears (of female children) ; an 

abstract of an account. 
Gospand, s. /. a goat. 
Got, 8. f. the hem of a garment ; a 

counter piece or man at back- 
gammon, cliess, &c. 
Got, 8. m. parentage, lineage, pedi- 
Gota, 8. m. prop. Ghota, dipping, 

diving, a dip, a dive. 
Gota, 8. m. gold or silver lace or 

edging; person. 
Gota khana, see Ghota khana or 

Gotakhor, 8. m. prop. Ghotaklior, a 

Gota mama, see Ghota khana. 
Goti, 8. f. the small-pox, a pock. 
Gotiya, s. m. a relation, a kinsman. 
Goya, part. act. speaker: adv. as 

you would say, as if, one would 

say, thus. 
Goyai, 8. f. conversation, eloquence. 
Goz, 8. m. a fart. 
Grah, s. m. a planet. 
Grahan, s. m. an eclipse ; seizing, 

taking, accepting. 
Grahan karna, v. a. to accept, "to 

consent to. 
Granth, s. / a book, particularly the 

book of the Sikh religion. 
Gii, 8. f. human excrement, dung, 

Gubliana,! v. a. to thrust, to stick 
Gubhona,/ into. 
Guchchha, s. m. a cluster (of fruit), 

a bunch (of keys.) 


[ 99 ] 


Giida, 8. m. brain, man-ow, kernel, 

pith, crumb. 
Gudakra, s. m. lap, bosom, embrace. 
Gudal, 8. f. a tumult, a noise, 

Gudiim, 8. m. a warehouse, a go- 
down, a magazine, a storehouse. 
Gudaf, 8. m. a quilt, a bundle of 

old clothes, old tattered clothes; 

a kind of silk stuff. 
Gudara, «. m. prop. Guzara, a ferr}-, 

a ferry-boat. 
Gudardtis, see Gudayiya. 
Gudiire ka ghat, landing-place of a 

Gudiir(! ki niio, a ferry-boat, 
(iudariya, adj. clothed in patched 

garments or in rags. 
Gudaf sina, v. a. to make patchwork. 
Gudast, 8. m. prop. Guziisht, the past. 
(iuddf, 8. f. a chil<l's kite. 
Guddi', 8./. see (huh. 
(jiudguda, adj. soft, plump. 

(lUdgudai, j •' 

(iudgudanii. v. a. to tickle, to titil- 

fiiidgudf, 8./. titillation. 

(ludi, 8./. nape of tlie nock; the 
k(!rm'l or pith of a nut or grain; 
a dock, a place usually nuulo by 
tlie river Hide for the purpose of 
reparinj^ and C4iulkinix ho«»ts. 

(iuilikarmi, r. a. to dock [n Ixiat.) 

(•lidnti, V. a. to prick» to puncluro. 
See Godmi. 

(Judri', 8. f. a quilt, a poor man's 
hi'ddiiij::, a patclie<l ipiilt worn by 
a kind of faqir ((•udapRis : cor- 
rupt, of (iuzri, a daily market 
iiltji, 8|H)ken, told. 


fiuti o shani'd, 

uti o shaniid, 

u'gal, 8. m. name of u gum, 

/. conversation, 
discourse, chit- 

Giih, 8./. human excrement, dung, 

Guhiir, 8. /. a fight with clubs or 

Guhafiya, 8. m. dung-hill, a place 

where excrement is thrown. 
Giiiyan, 8. m. a partner (at a game.) 
Giijar, 8. m. a name of a low caste 

among Hindus. 
Gujiira, 8. m. prop. Guzara, sub- 
sistence, livelihood. 
Gujarat, 8. name of a district of 

India, Guzarat. 
Giijari, 8. f. the female of Giijar: 

name of an ornament. 
Gujran, 8. f. prop. Guznin, subsisi- 

ence, livelihood. 
Gul, 8. m. rose, a flower; the snuff 

of a candle ; balls of charcoal 

used for burning the tol)acco in u 

huqqa; a mark made by burning, 

brand; prop, (ihul, noiM\ din. 

outcry, tumult. 
Gulab, 8. in. a rose ; rosewati i . 
Gul ablms, «. m. the name of a phmt 

and flower. 
Guliibi, adj. pink, rosy, 
(iulabjjara, «. in. tlie spring sensoM 
Guhibj.iman, 8. /. tlio ros?o-applo : 

kind of swtetmrat. 
(Juhibpiish, 8./. a bottle for sprin 

ling rostnvater. 
(Juhil, 8. HI. u nnl jx>\vder whicU 

IIin<h)s throw on each othtT in 

tho lluir. 
Gultlli', at^j. of tho colour 

(Juhil, or shiincd with it. 
(tuhim. 8. in. prop, (^hulutu, n sluv 

a (XTVunt. 
(»ulanu', 8./. slavery, service, 
(iulundtiz, 8. m. a guntur. 
(iulandazi'. 8./. guniury. 
(fiilar. 8./. a sjtrt ot' li^. 
(iulbadan, 8. in. a kind of gilk-cloi 

adj. with a body liko the n< 

Gul chhurrc ur<{nt(. to bo addicted 

to pleasure, to live expciLiively. 


[ 100 ] 


Guldar, adj. spotted. 
Guldasta, s. m. a nosegay. 
Gul dena, v. a. to scar, to brand. 
Guldum, s. m. name of a bird. 
Gulel, s. m. prop. Ghulel, a pellet- 
Gulgasht, s. m. walking in the gar- 
Gulgiila, s. m. sweet cakes fried in 

butter, gill, &c. 
Gulhatti, s. f. rice-gruel, or rice and 
water boiled together and sea- 
soned with salt. 

Gul hona, v. n. to be extinguished 
(a candle.) 

Gul i abbas, s. m. the name of a 
plant and flower. 

Gul i anar, s. m. the flower of the 

Gul i kliairu, s. m. a hollyhock. 

Gulistan, s. m. a rose garden; the 
name of a celebrated work. 

Gulkari, s. /. flowering, painting of 

Gul karna, v. a. to extinguish (a 
candle or lamp) ; prop, Gliul 
karna, to make a noise or outcry. 

Gul katna, v. a. to snuft* a candle. 

Gul kiiana, to be cauterized or 

Gulla, s. m. a pellet-shot from a 

Gul lena, to snuff a candle. 

Gul machana, prop. Ghul machana, 
to make a noise, outcry or tumult, 
to hoot. 

Gulmekh, s. /. a tack, a nail. 

Gulmihndf, s. /. name of a flower. 

Gulnar, s. m. the flower of the pome- 
granate, scarlet (colour.) 

Gulnari rang, s. m. the colour of the 
Gulnar, carnation colour. 

Gulqand, s. m. conserve of roses. 

Gulrez, s. a sort of fii'ework. 

Gulrii, J 

Gulrukh, ) adj. rosy-cheeked. 

Gulrukhsar, ) 

Gulshakari, s. /. conserve of roses. 

Gultarash, s. m. snuffers. 
Guluband, ' s. m. a neckclotli, a 

cravat ; a horse's collar. 
Gum, adj. lost, wanting, missing, 

silent, sultry, close (no wind.) 
Giima, s. m. name of a plant. 
Guman, s. m. doubt, suspicion, sup- 
position, conjecture, conceit, pride. 
Guman karna, to imagine, to fancy. 
Gumashta, s. m. an agent, a factor. 
Gumasna, v. n. to become mudty or 

Gumasta, s. m. see Gumashta. 
Gumbaz, s. m. cupola, dome. 
Gumbazdar, adj. vaulted, arched. 
Gumbazi, s. f. a small cupola or 

Gum karna, to lose. 
Gumnam, adj. obscure (a person.) 
Gumra, s. m. a protuberance, a hump, 

a swelling. 
Gumrah, adj. erring, wandering, de- 
praved, abandoned. 
Gumrah bona, to be lost or wander- 
ing ; to apostatize. 
Gumrahi, s. /. error, depravity. 
Gumrah karna, to turn aside, to 

make to err. 
Gumsa, adj. musty. 
Gun, in compos, implies colour, like 

in colour. 

Gun, s. m. a quality, a property, an 

attribute, virtue, power, effect, 

an advantage ; a small track-rope. 

Guna, 1 in compos, when preceded 

Guna, / by a numeral it signifies 

as many times, fold, &c. 
Giinagiin, adj. of different colour or 
kinds,' various, variegated. 

Gunah, ) c m. • 

p .'V, f *• *^- ^ f^ult, crime, sm. 

Gunahgar, \ s. m. sinner, a culprit, 

Gunahgar, / a criminal. 

Gunahgarf, s. f. criminality, sinful- 
ness ; a fine, a penalty. , i 

Gunah karna, v. to sin, to commit, 

Gundhawat, s. f. plaiting, braiding. ^ 


[ 101 ] 


Gundhna, v. n. to be kneaded, 

plaited, &c. 
Gundlina, v. a. to knead, to braid, 

to plait. 

^""^^ I adj. dumb. 
Gunga, / -^ 

Gun gana, to praise, to acknowledge 
a favour. 

Gungnn kama, to prattle (as in- 

Gungunii, adj. snuffling, muttering. 

GungUTiami, v. n. to mutter, to grum- 
ble, to snuffle, to sing slowly or 
with a low voice. 

Gum', odj. possessed of any quality 
or art : 8. to. a snake-catcher, a 
sorcerer, a conjuror. 

Guiij, 8. f. echo, resounding, hollow 

Gunjaish, «. /. capacity, room ; con- 
taining, holding ; livelihood. 

Gunjtin, adj. thiek, close. 

(iunjani', «. /. thickness, closeness. 

Giinjiiii, r. n. to resound, to echo. 

(iun kariui, to benefit. 

(inn miinnii, to acknowledge a favour. 

(iiinthna, v. a. to string, to make a 

(iunlliwiuui, V. a. to cause to string, 

Gunwiin, "j 

(Junwaiit, \adj. skilful, clever, in- 

(Jmnvanlii, j genious. 

(lUnwanti', j 

(Jupiilmur, H. kicking and cufflng. 

(inpehup, adj. Hilent, nmto : «. u 

kin<l of sugar-plums. 
(lu|)lipa, 8. /. a cavo, a grotto, onpo- 

la, a dome. 
( Jiipt, adj. hidden. 
(«upti, 8./. a swonl-stick. 
(<ur, «i. VI. molasses, coarso raw 

(iiiiakhii, ». m. a mast 
(Junimlm, «. m. mangoes boiled with 

meat and sugar, 
(iumukiwi, H. m. a mast. 
Ciurdii, j». m. a kidney ; coumgo. 

Gurga, 8. m. a servant boy. 
Gurgabi, 8. f. a kind of slipper. 
Gufgurana, v. n. to rumble (the 

bowels, a huqqa, &c.) 
Gurguri, 8. /. a small huqqa, a kind 

of pipe for smoking. 
Gurha, s. m. a beam of a ship, the 

cross timbers of a boat. 
Guriya, «. m. a doll. 
Gurmukh bona, v. n. to become a 

disciple or scholar. 
Guroh, 8. m.f. a band, a troop, com 

pany, crew, gang, group. 
Giu-ii, U. m. a spiritual guide, tut^>r, 
Giiru,/ teacher, sch(xjlmaster. 
Gurumid^h honti, v. n. to become a 

scholar or disciple. 
Gusal, 8. m. prop. Qhusal, bathing, 

Gusal karna, prop. Ghusal kamd, to 

GusaHchana, a. m. prop. QhusaHdiana, 

a bath, a batliing-room. 
Gussa, 8. m. prop. Qhussa, anger, 

passion, rage. 
Gusse, adj. prop. Ghusso, angry. 
Gustiiyi, adj. presumptuous, rude, 

insolent, saucy, uncivil. 
Gustiikhi, 8. /. presumption, inso- 
lence, saucine^s, rudeness. 
Gustti\|[hi karnii, to proouuio, to be 

arrogjint, rude, &c 
Gutakmi, r. ». to swallow ; to coo. 
(iuthlii, adj. being set on uii tnlgi^ 

(the Uvtii) : «. m. ttwdliug (from 

a blow.) 
Guthli*. »./. Uio stone of a fniit. n 

ball or jKilh't of anything. 
Giithmi, r. a. to string pearls, \ 

to spit or put on a spit. 
Gutluui, r. N. to Ih) strung. 
Gutkii, 8. in. a pill. 
(tUAar, 8. m. admission, appn^eb. 
(fU/4ir, in rominm. (KTforming, exe- 
cuting, paying. 
Guziim, 8. TM. ru/</. Gutlum, a ferry, 

a pnswigo ; Bub^i.stonr*^ Hvelih<ioil. 
Guzaruuuo, v. a. to present, to offer. 


[ 102 ] 


Giizarish, s. f. representation. 

Guziirisli kania, to state politely. 

Guzar jana, to pass away, to elapse ; 
to die. 

Giizarna, v. n. to pass, to go, to pass 
by or over ; to die. 

Guzaslit, I jpart. patis. past. s. m. 

Guzashta, / the past. 

Guzran, s. /. subsistence, livelihood. 

Guzran karna, to pass or spend life 
or time, to live, to subsist. 

Guzrana, to present, to otter. 

Guzrf, s. /. vulg. Gudrf, a daily 

Gwala, s. m. a covv^herd, name of a 
caste. [caste. 

Gwalin, s. f. a female of the G wala 

Gyan, s. m. knowledge, wisdom, in- 
tellect understanding. 

Gyan daurana, to meditate deeply. 

Gyani', aclj, wise, intelligent, judi- 

Gyanman, j adj. a wise and intelli- 

Gyanwan, / gent man. 

Gyarah, adj. eleven. 

Gyarahwan, adj. eleventh. 


Habash, n. prop, the people or race 
of Abyssinians. 

Habib, s. a lover, a sweetheart, a 
favourite, a friend. 

Habsh, s. m. Abyssinia. 

Habshanf, s. f. a female Ethiopian. 

Habshi, adj. an Ethiopian, a Caffre, 
a negro. 

Habuana, v. n. to itch. 

Hachar machar, s. m. dispute, cavil, 

Hachkola, s. m. a jolt. 

Hadas, s. m. fear, terror ; fart. 

Hadasana, v. a. to frighten. 

Hadas bona, to break wind. 

Hadasna, v. n. to fear. 

Hadd, s. f. boundary, limit, extre- 
mity, bounds. 

Hadda, .s. m. a kind of wasp; a 
large bone. 

Hadd bandhna, to bound, to termi- 

Hadd bharna, to do one's best. 

Haddf, s. f. a bone. 

Hadrii haddi bona, to pine away, to 
become lean. 

Haddila, adj. bony. 

Hadd maqdur, adv. to the extent of 

Hadd se bahar, | beyond bounds, 

Hadd se ziyada,/ extremely. 

Hadf, 8. m. a director, leader, guide. 

Hadis, 8. m. f. a tradition, the tra- 
ditional sayings of Muhammad. 

Hadisa, 8. m. a calamity, misfortune. 

Hadi'ya, s. m. the price of a Quran. 

Hadiyaha, adj. timid, timorous. 

Hadiya karna, to sell. 

Hadiyana, v. n. to be alarmed, to 
shrink, to be disturbed, to be im- 

Hde'hae, } ''^^'^«^'- ^^^' • s./. a sigh. 
Hae marna, to sigh. 
Hafiz, s. m. a guardian, having a 
good memory ; one who has the 
whole Quran by heart. 
Hafiza, s. m. a retentive memory. 
Halta, s. m. a week. 
Hafte ka din, the last day of the 

Hiigana, v. a. to cause to go to 

stool {vulg.) 
Ha gas, s. f. inclination to go to 
stool (vulg.) [{vulg.) 

Hagna, v. n. to go to stool, to dung 
Hagneti, s. f. the podex. 
Haha, s. m. laughing at, ha, ha ! 
interjection of surprise, or grief, 
or pain. 
Haha hihi", s. f. laughing. 
Hiiha hilii karna, ) to laugh, to 
Haiia karna, / joke. 

Hai, interj. alas ! strange ! wonder- 
ful ! 
Hai'at, s. f. appearance or outward 

Haibat, s.f. fright, panic, dread, awe. 


[ 103 ] 


Jlaibatzada, aghast, appalled, 
ilaidar, adj. brave, courageous: 

.s. m. a name of All, son-iu-law of 

Haidan', s./. bravery, courage. 
Half, inlerj. ah ! alas ! 
Ilaiga, is, must, may, shall or will 

be : an expression of consent, 

probably, suppose so, doubtless. 
Ilai hai, interj. alas! a-lack-a-day ! 

liaija, 8. m. prop. Haiza, which see. 
Iluikal, 8. f. an ornament worn 

round the neck; the temple of 

HaiQge, are, may be, must be, will 

be, &c. 
Hairan, adj. astonished, confounded, 

disturbed, perplexed, fatigued. 
Ilairiin bona, to be astonished, to be 

Ilainini, s. /. astonishment, portur- 

bation, di.stre.-s. 
llairiin kanui, to annoy, to perplex. 
Jfairtin pansluiii, distressed. 
Ilairat, 8. /. stupor and i)erturba- 

tion of mind, astonisliment. 
Ilairatziwla, adj. struck with asto- 

Huisiyat, «. /. capacity, ability, 
llaiwai), 8. m. an animul, a beast, a 

llaiwaniit, «. pZur, of Ilaiwan, ani- 
mals, brutcH. 
Haiza, s'. m. the cholera, a flux and 

I Injam, s. m. prop. Hazm, digostion. 
llajuuiat, 8. /. HJiaving. 
Ilajanmt banaiui, \ . . karnu. J ^» «J^»^^- 
i la jam liomi, jtrop. Ilaziu bond, to 

ho digested, 
liajiir, «<(/. prop, lla/iir, a thousand. 
Ilajarha, prop. liazurlui, thousaudj», 

by tliousjiniU. 
llajjiri biijun, ;>rop. Hazjiri bdairi, 

which see, 
Uiijut, 8. f. need, want, noccsaity. 

Hajatmand, adj. necessitous, indi- 
Hajat rafa karna, to go to the neces- 
Hajr, 8. m. a pilgrim to Mecca. 
Hajir, adj. prop. Huzir, which see. 
Hiijir houii, prop, llazir bona, which 

Hiijiri, 8. f. prop. Hazirf, which see. 
Hajiri khami, prop. Haziri khana, 

to breakfast. 
Hajir jawab, adj. prop. Hazir jawdb, 

pert, answering wittingly. 
Hajir o najir, prop. Hiizir o nazir, 

present and st eing. 
Hajir rahnii, prop. Hazir rahn.'. 

attend, to wait on. 
Hajir jamin, «. w. prop. Hazir 7.amiii. 

which see. 
Hajir jamini', «./. prop. Hazir ziimi- 

which see. 
Hajj, s. m. pilgrimage to Mecca. 
Haj[iara, «. m. a barber, a shaver. 
Hajjumin, «, /. a barbers witt . 

female of the barber ciK->te. 
Hajm, 8. 7/1. prop. Hazm, digostion. 
Huim karna, prop. Hazm karnii, to 

digest, to embezzle. 
Ha jo, 8.f. satire. 
Hajo karnsi, to siitirize. 
Hajrat. prop. Hazrat, whioli see. 
llujmt fsii, prop. Hazrut fsii, Jt. . 
Hajrat sahimat, pn>p, Hazrat saM< 

mat, whioli hce, 
Hak, prop. Ha<n|, which soo. 
Hak adu karnu, prop. Haqq, vV^ , 

Wllich 8(H\ 

HnkUikana, r. «, to bo confu^rd. to 

\iO aghaut. 
Hakdiir, prwp. Hoqqdiir, 

right or chum to. 
Hakikat, 9. f, prop, Hiiquiat, wl 


Hakiknt mcu, prop. Haqi'qnt ux >. 

in rt»ulity. 
Hakim. ». m. a ruler, a governor, a 



[ 104 ] 


Hakim, s. m. a doctor, a physician. 

Hakim bona, to become a ruler. 

Hakimi', s.f. the practice of medicine. 

Hakimf, s.f. rule, government, do- 

Hakim waqt, the present ruler or 

Hakkabakka, adj. confused (when 
any tiling is to be done.) 

Hakkak, s. m. a cutter and polisher 
of precious stones, Sec. 

Haklaha, s. m. a stammerer. 

Haklana, v. n. to stutter, to stammer, 
to falter. 

Hak marna, prop. Haqq, &c., to de- 
prive one of his rights. 

Hak men, prop. Haqq men, with 
respect to, in behalf. 

Hak na hak, prop. Haqq, &c., adv. 
rig] it or wrong, for nothing. 

Hal, s. m. a plough. 

Hal, s. m. state, condition, the pre- 
sent time ; ecstacy ; tire (of a 
wheel) : adv. now, soon. 

Hala, s. m. a halo, or circle round 
the moon. 

Halabi, adj. from or jDelonging to 

Halabi aina, s. m. a kind of looking- 
glass of very thick glass. 

Haldhal, s. m. poison. 

Hala hall chalna, to go or walk in 
haste or quickly. 

Halak, adj. lost, destroyed : s. m. 
perdition, ruin, destruction, death. 

Halakat, s.f. ruin, destruction, death. 

Halak hona, v. n. to be killed, to 
perish, to be fatigued. 

Halaki, s. f. perdition, ruin, destruc- 

Halak karna, v. a. to destroy, to 
distress, to kill. 

Halal, adj. legal, lawful, allowable, 
(to eat, &c.) 

Halal karna, v. a. to slay according 
to the forms prescribed by the 
Muhammadan religion, to slaugh- 
ter ; to marry. 

Halalkhor, s. m. a Muhammadan 
sweeper ; a person of the lowetit 
caste who cleans the privy, &c. 

Halalkliorin, s. f a Muhammadan 
female sweeper. 

Hal ana, to be thrown into ecstacies. 

Halanki, adv. whereas, though, al- 
thougli, notwithstanding. 

Halapna, v. n. to toss and tumble 
about, to shudder in a fever. 

Halaq, s. m. the windpipe. i 

Halat, s. f. state, condition, posture 
of one's affairs or case. 

Halat, s. (plur. of Halat), states, &c. 

Halawat, s. f. sweetness, freshness'; 
condition, strength. 

Halbalabat, s. /. hurry, confusion. < 

Halbalana, v. n. to hurry, to be con- 

Hal be hal hona, to be out of condi- 
tion, to be in bad circum,stances. 

Hal charhana, to tire (a wheel.) 

Haldi, s. /. turmeric. 

Half, s. an oath. 

Haifa, s. m. a billow, a wave, a surge, 

Haifa marna, to billow, to wave. 

Half uthana, to swear (bj the 

Halbalana, v. n. to shake or tremble 
from -the effect of an ague, &c. 

Hal hall, s. f. an ague. 

Half, adj. modern, new : adv. now, 

Hall hall chalna, to go or walk in 
haste or quickly. 

Hall hall karna, to make haste, to 
work expeditiously. 

Halim, s. m. cress, cresses. 

Halim, adj. mild, meek, gentle : 
s. m. a kind of food. 

Haljota, s. m. a tiller, a ploughman. 

Hal jotna, v. a. to plough. 

Halka, s. m. prop. Halqa, which see. 

Halka, adj. light (in weight or 
character); mean, lively, silly, 
easy, cheap, 

Halkaf, s. /. lightness, levity. 

Halka janna, to disdain to disesteem. 


[ 105 ] 


Halka karna, to lighten, to ease, to 

debase, to abase, to aftront. 
Halkan, adj. confounded, confused, 

tired, wearied. 
Ilalkapan, s. m. despicableness, 

Halkhor, s. m. prop. Halalkhor, 

which see. 
Halkorna, v. a. to gather, to collect. 
Halla, ) 8. m. uproar, tumult, assault, 
► Halla, / attack. 
Hallakalla, «. m. loquacity, foolisli 

HalM karnd, to make an uproar, to 

assault, to attack. 
Hall kania, to dissolve, to pulverize, 

to discuss, to solve (a question or 

Hal o qiU ana, to be thrown into 

Halora, g. m. wave, billow, surge. 
Halorna, v. a. to collect, to gatlier. 
Halpha, s. m. a billow, a wave. 
Halq, 8. m. the windpipe. 
Halqa, «. m. a hooj) ; a horse''8 

collar ; a string of cattle. 
Halq par clihuri cliahina, to annoy 

(for payment), to dun. 
HtU sal, this year. 
Hiil se behiil hond, to K; uiiL uf 

condition, to bo in bad circum- 


Iliil shikasta, adj. ruined, distressed, 

Haluk, (ulj. 800 Hnlk'd. 
Huluk jiinna, nee Ilulkti jiiniui. 
Hnlukpan, see llalkii[)an. 
Ilalwil, (t. in. a kind of Hwootmcat 

mnde of tiour, ghi, an<l sugar, 
llalwahit, g. in. a ploughiuaii. 
llalwahi', H. /. tillage, ploughing, 
llidwai, H. in. a conteetioner. 
] [alwiin, H. in. a kid, a lamb, 
llalwil nikiilnii, to beat 8ev«*rely. 
Hahviin kii gosht, thellesh of kid or 

Hahviisohan. s. m. a kind of swcot- 


Halwayan, s. /. a confectioners 
wife, a female of the confectioner 

Ham, n. prop. Ham, son of Noah. 

Ham, pron. plur. we; in compos. 
together with, mutual, similar, 
same, equal. 

Hamail, s. f. a small Quran sus- 
pended to the neck as an amulet. 

Hamal, s. m. Aries. 

Humara, 1 pron. possess. 

Hamarau (in Braj), j plur. our. 

Ilamawaz, s. f. of the same tone or 
voice, consonant. 

Hambistar, lying on the same bed. 

Hambistar bona, to cohabit 

Hamd, s. f. praise. 

Hamdani, s. in. f. an intimate, a 
friend, a companion, a bosom 

Hamdard, a partner in adversity, 

Hamdil, of the same mind ; a friend. 

Hamd karna, to praise or bless 

Hamcc, pron. plur. in the objective 
case, us, tt) us. 

Hanies, \ adv. always, over, con- 

Hameslia, / tinually, iHTiH-timlly. 

Hamesliagi, s. /. otorni" •■ - 

Hamoslia kti, eternal. 

Haiiii, s. in. a protector, a deUuvUr. 

Hinni bharnii, to become ri'sjwn- 
siblc, t«> t«ko one's yMti, 

jiuini lionti, to l>ocomo a friend and 

Hiinnln, adj. f. pregnant. 

Hiimila hoiui, to c<.>neeiTo, to bo 

Htimil so, })n«gnant. 

Hdnul 80 homi, to W pregnant, 

Hanii'o. we ourselves. 

Hamjawiir, a townsman, a neigh- 

Hamjins, of the same kind or spe- 
cies ; homogem^nis, fillow-orea- 


I 106 ] 


Hamjolf, equal, peor, coeval. 

Hamkalam, conversing together. 

Hamkinar, embracing. 

Hamkhwabf, a bed-fellow, spouse. 

Haml, 8. m. pregnancy. 

Hamla, s. m. an attack, an assault. 

Hanila karna, to attack, to assault, 
to assail. 

Hammaktab, a schoolfellow. 

Hammam, s. m. a bath, a hot bath. 

Hamniashwarat, adj. of the same 
counsel, confederate. 

Hammaslahat, confederated, 

Hammazhab, of tlie same religion. 

Hamnam, a namesake, of the same 

Hamnasl, of the same breed. 

Hamnawiila, a mi^ssmate. 

Hamiiishin, one who sits with ano- 
ther, a companion. 

Hamnishmf, s. f. companionship. 

Hanipesha, of the same trade. 

Hamphail, adj. short-winded. 

Hamplma, 1 v. n. to be out of breath, 

Hamphna, / to pant. 

Hampiyala, a pot companion, 

Hampna, v. n. to be out of breath, 
to pant. 

Hamqadd, of equal stature. 

Hamqaum, of the same tiibe. 

Hamrah, s. m. a fellow-traveller : 
adv. with, together with, along 

Hamrahi', s. /. company, society in 

Hamrang, adj. of the same colour 
or disposition. 

Hanmlz, acquainted with one ano- 
ther's secrets, agreed. 

Hamrikab, fellow-rider, attendant. 

HaiMsabaq, a class-fellow. 

Hamsafai', a fellow-traveller. 

Hamsar, an equal, a peer, 

Hamsaya,a neighbour, neighbouring. 

Hamsayagf, s. f. neighl;ourhood. 

Hamshahn', a fellow-citizen. 

Hamshakl, of the same appearance, 

a sister. 

Hamshir, \ 
Hamshira, j 
Hamsinn, of equal age. 
Hamsuhbat, of the same society. 
Hamumr, of the same age, coeval. 
Hamwar, adj. even, level, smooth. 
Hamwara, adv. always. 
Hamwar karna, to level, to smooth. 
Hamwatan, a fellow-countryman. 
Hamwatanf, the being of the same 

Hamwazn, of the same weight. 
Hamyani, s. f. a purse. 
Hamzaban, of the same language. 
Hamzat, of the same caste. 
Hamzulf, a wife's sister's husband. 
Hirin, adv. yes, ay, indeed. 
Handa, s. m. a cauldron. 
Handasa, s. m. geometry, arithmetic. 
Handi, "1 s. f. an earthen pot, a 
Handi, / small cauldron; a kind 

of a hanging lamp. 
Hangama, s. m. a crowd, tumult, 

uproar, riot, diriturbance, assault. 
Hangama karna, to raise a tumult, 

to riot. 
Hank, s. f. cry, bawling, calling to, 

Hankahank, s. m. driving. 
Han kahna, to agree. 
Hankana, v. a. to drive away. 
Hankarf, adj. proud, self-conceited. 
Hankarna, v. a. to drive away, to 

expel, to bawl, to call; to hui«t 

sails, &c. 
Hank lana, to fetch (a flock or 

Hanklana, v. n. to stammer, to 

stutter, to speak with difliculty. 
Hank marna, to bawl after, to call 

Hankna, to drive ; to bawl to. 
Hank parna, to call after. 
Hankpukar, s. /. calling ont, call- 
ing for. 
Hanoz, adv. yet, hitherto, still. 
Hanri, | s. f. an earthen pot, 
Hanriya, / small cauldron. 


[ 107 ] 


i 1 r?"^' } «. »w- a swan, a goose. 

lIuriBa'', 8./. ridicule. 

Hansaiia, v. a. to turn into ridicule, 

to cause to laujj^li, to please, 
lliiosf, j s. /. lau<2:liter, 

HaQsi', > laui^hin^-, joke, 

HaQSi thattha, ) fun, spurt, de- 
rision, jesting, ridicule, scorn. 
HaQSi tliattlia karna, to make fun 

or sport of, to make ligut of, to 

Haosiya, «. m. a sickle. 
Ha;isli, 8. f. the collar-bcme, a col- 
lar of gold or silver, &c,, worn 

round the neck. 
Haosmukli, adj. elieerful, merry, 

facetious, jovial, blithe, 
lliinsna, v. n. to laugli, to deride. 
Hausof, adj. see Ilausmukh. 
Ilaosofpan, «. m. fucetiousness, 

Ilanumiin, «. m. the deified monkey 

who was the ally of Rum; a 

species of monkey. 
Ila])hlmpliansi, v. n. to pant, to bo 

out of 1)11 ath. 
Ihupqat, H. f. account, narration, 

state, condition, ability; truth, 

nidity, fact. 
Iliui (latan, a(li\ really, truly. 
1 lacjujat mcQ, in n ality. 
Ilaiptp', (ulj. rud, true; own. 
lIiKpqi l)lmi, a full lirofluT. 
Ihupr, ailj. mrun, coMtcmptiblf. 
Jliupr jaumi, to conU'nuj, to dc- 

llutiii, adj. just. Right, true: «. m. 

tin- Deity: the truth; juhtiee, roc- 

titu(h', riglit, tluc, clu.m. 
lia<i(i '^^^'^ knrnii, to render every 

one his due; to perform Hociul 

or domestic duties. 
lliKjtjdar. having right or claim to. 
Jluiin guziir, <k(/. ono who docs 

what is just and right. 
JIu(](| luupi kiirmi, to bo veiy 


Haqq mama, v. a. to deprive ono 
of his rights. 

Haqq men, with respect to, for, in 

Haqq na haqq, adv. right or wrong ; 
for nothing. 

Haqq shinas, adj. knowing one's duty. 

Ha(\ii t:idla. Almighty Ciod. 

Hai-, adj. evciy, any : s. m. a plough. 

Hiir, in compos, means the perlbrmer 
of any act: s. m. a necklace of 
pearls, &c. : s. /. loss, forftiture, 

Hiif, 8. m. a bone. 

HiUii, adj. gieen, fresh, verdant. 

Hani, iu comj/os. denotes the per- 
former of any act, dealer in any 

Harai', s. f. greenness, freshnesji, 

Hariikat, 8. /. motion, procedure, 
action, (usually imi)roper); pre- 
vention ; hindmnce ; u sh'it 

Harakat, s. (plur. of Harak i 
Vowel points, &c. 

Hjirakati, 8. m. an interrupter. 

Harakat karmi, to interrupt, .*• 
hinder, to do or commit uu im- 
proper action. 

Haram, 8. f. concubino ; semglio. 

Haniuj, «<][/. unlawful (to «u), j 
hibited. HaciiHl, ilhgitimate. 

Ilanim', 8. r/i. a ba.'itaid : a rascal. 

llarami pillii, 8. m. a baMnnl. 

llanimkar, 8. m. a foniinitor. 

llar.Mnkari.^ 8./. fornication, ad 

Ilunimkuri./ tery. 

llaram kluina, to receive or 
the wngeB of iniquity. 

Hunini^iior, «. m. one who livens 
the wagcM of ini()uity. 

Haninuuiisj;)!/, .^piual marrow. 

Ilaraniwal, adj. illegitimate. 

liaiam/aula, adj. unlawfully be- 
gotten, bo^tainl; viciou.s (,a horse); 
luiatddevous : t. im. a wicked 
niguo, raacal. 


[ 108 ] 


Haramzadagf, s. f. rascality, base- 
ness, villany. 

Haramzadagi karna, to behave ill, 
to behave in a rascally manner. 

Haran, s. m. a deer, an antelope, a 

Harana, v. a. to win, to overcome, 
to beat (at a game), to weary, to 

Hararat, s. /. heat, warmth, burning 

Harautr, s. /. a cane, a staff; a kind 
of bamboo. 

Harba, s. m. arms, warlike appa- 

Har bab, every chapter, every cir- 

Harbabi, master of knowledge of 
every kind ; a factotum. 

Harba karna, to attack, to thrust at. 

Har bar, every time. 

Harbarana, v, n. to be confused, to 

Harbari, s. /. hurry, confusion, hasti- 

Harbariya, adj. easily agitated, irri- 

Harchand, adv. howmuchsoever, 
howsoever, although. 

Harchandki, adv. notwithstanding, 

Har dam, every moment. 

Hard war, s. prop, a famous place of 

Har ek, every one, each. 

Harera, adj. green. 

Harf, s. m. a letter of the alphabet ; 
a particle (in grammar ^ ; blame, 
censure, infamy. 

Harfaleuri, see Harpharauri. 

Harf ana, to be incurred (infamy, &c.) 

Harf ashna, being just able to read, 
knowing the letters. 

Harf baithalna, \ to compose for 

Harfjaraana, j printing. 

Harf lana, to asperse, to defixme. 

Harf pakarna, to censiu'e, to criti- 

Har gah, axJw. whenever, wherever, 

Har ghari, adv. at every hour, often. 
Hargiz, adv. ever. 
Hargiz nahin, never. 
Harguni', adj. skilful, clever. 
Harharahat, s. f. a crack, crash, 

Harbarana, v. n. to shudder, to 

shiver, to crack, to rattle. 

Har'' I ^" P^^P' ^ Tiame of Vishnu. 
Haribhajan, s. m. adoration of 

Vishnu.] [Vishnu. 

Haribhakt, s. m. a worshipper ci" 
Haridas, s. m. a servant of Vishnu. 
Haridwar, n. prop, a famous place of 

Harif, adj. clever, cunning : s. m. a 

rival, an enemy, an adversary. 
Harila, adj. verdant, green, grassy. 
Harir, s. m. silk-cloth. 
Harira, s. m. a kind of pap, a caudle 

given to lying-in women. 
Haris, adj. covetous, greedy, glut- 
Hariyala, adj. verdant, green, grassy. 
Hariyana, v. n. to become green, to 

wax green. 
Harj, s. m. hindrance, interruption. 
Harjai", adj. vagabond, stroller; a 

Harjit, s. m. gambling, hazard. 
Harj it karna, to gamble. 
Harj marj, s. m. trouble, affliction. 
Harjora,! s. m. name of a medicinal 
Harjora,/ plant. 
Harjota, s. m. a ploughman. 
Har kahm, everywhere. 
Harkana, v. a. to frighten awft^ 
Harkara, s. m. a running footman, 

a courier, a messenger. j 

Har koi, every one, whoever. 
Har lahza, adv. momentarily, eve] y i 

moment. ^ 

Har man lena,Uo give up a dispute, 
Har manna, / or in despair to 

acknowledge all lost. 


[ 109 ] 


Harmuslita, adj. stout, robust, strong, j 
Hiirinushti', s.f. robustness, strength. 
Hania, v. n. to be overcome, to be 

unsuccessful ; to lose, (in play) ; 

to be tired out : v. a. to lose. 
Hama, 8. m. a stag, a buck, a male 

antelope ; a pommel of a saddle. 
Harnauta, 8. m. a fawn. 
Harni, 8. f. a doe, a hind. 

Harraf, adj. ingenious, clever; 

wicked ; abandoned. 
Har roz, adv. every day, daily. 
Har sal, adv. yearly, every year, 

Harsingar, ) «. m. name of a tree 
Harsingar, j which bears a flower 

the stem of which is used in dye- 
Hartal, «. /. orpiment. 
Har taraf, adv. every side. 
Harii, 8. m. a loser. 
Hariiu, n.prop. Aaron, the brother of 

Harwaha, 8. m. a ploughman. 
Har waqt, adv. always, at all times. 
Hafwar, A. m. a fanuly burial-placo. 
Jluryii, adj. green. 
Har yak, ev<;ry one, each, apiece. 
Ilaryii kaddii, greeu pumpkiu or 

l><)ttle gourd. 
Has, K. in. a consonant 
JIasab o nnsab, a. m. pedigree, 

Ilasad, «./. onvy, malice, emulation, 

Hhsui, 8./. sec HuDsdu 
U^^i'ii. »' in. a pro])er namo, a son of 

IltiHtind, V. a, to mako or oauao to 

lluwh, adv. agreeably, ncconling to, 

in conformity with. 
Hash i diH^hwttii, agreeably to ouo's 

Hash i hiil, agreeably to oircum- 

stuucos, as exigoucy may require. 

Hash ul amr, 1 agreeably to ^" - 

Hash ul hukm, I ders. 

Hash ul imkan, as far as possible . 

Hash ul irshad, agreeably to orders. 

Hash ul mamiil, agreeably to cus- 

Hasha lillah, interj. God forbid ! by 
no means. 

Hasharat, s. f. the buzzing noise of 
a crowd. 

Hasharat ul arz, reptiles, insects, 

Hashiya, 8. in. a margin, hem, bor- 

Hashmat, 8. f. state, dignity, equi- 
page, retinue. 

Habhr, *«■. / tlie resurrection. 

Hashshiish bashshash, adj. joyful. 

Htisid, 8, m. an enemy. 

Hasil, 8. m. produce, profit; result, 
inference, acquiring ; revenue. 

Hasil, honti, v. n. to be acquiretl, to 

Hiisil i kalam, \ . , * i • « 

H>i8ilkul«m '}"• short. bru.ny. 

Htisil karmi, to acquire, to gain 
protluce, to coll* ct, to loaiu. 

Hnsi'n, adj. btautifiil. 

Hasiyii, 8. in. a uaping-houk. 

Hush, a. in. the collar-Unn' ; an or- 
nament worn nmiut the neck. 

IlaMui, I'. II. to laugh, to deride. 

Hiisrat, a./, regn-l, grief. 

Iliwt, a. f. heing, <>xi>tent. 

Hat, f ii/*t/. Im' gonu ! fye! 

HuK a. /. insiiitiiig upou, obstinacy, 

Hat, a. m. the hand. 

HiUi 8. /. a market, a moToablo 
market or fair. 

Uiita, a. /. prop. Iluitn, a sur- 
rounding, an oaclosun>, a fence, a 

IlAt^ik. n. m. uiftoni, d\t^Tvs\K^i. 

HatakaUi, (u{j. stout aud ucl..., 

Hat^ni. V. o. to repoU to drivo back- 
wards, to bock, to wont. 


[ 110 ] 


Hatberi', s. f. Imndciiffs!, manacles. 
Hath, contraction of Hath. 
Hath, s. m. tlie hand; a cubit; 
possession, power. 

Hath, s. w. /. see Hat. 

Hath, s. f. see Hat. 

Hatha, banhi karna, to scuffle or 
strup:ij:le together. 

Hatli ana, to come into one's pos- 
session or power, to be obtMined. 

Hathaura, s. m. a sledge hammer. 

Hatliaun, s. /. a small liammcr. 

Hathauti, s. f. dexterity, art, skill. 

Hath baitlmti, to acquire perfection 
in any art Iw practice. 

Hath band bona, to be much en- 
gaged in business, to have no 

Hath band) ma, to supplicate, to 
entreat earnestly. 

Hath barhana, to endeavour to get 
anything, to gain possession of 
the property of others. 

Hath bazar, s. m. see Hat. 

Hatli bazar karna, to market. 

Hath liajhna, to have the hands full 
of work. 

Hath bhar, a full cubit. 

Hath chalaki, s. /. expertness. 

Hath chatna, to relish food much. 

Hathchliiit, s. m. a beater, a striker. 

Hath dalna, to meddle, to interfere 

Hath dena, to concern one's self in 
or about. 

Hath dho baithna, to give up in 

Hath dhona, to be disappointed, to 
be hopeless, to relinquish. 

Hathelf, s. f. the palm of the hand. 

Hathf, s. /. a hair glove for rubbing 
down horses, a rubber. 

Hathi adj. peevish, obstinate, per- 

Hathi, s. m. an elephant. 

Hathidant, s. m. ivory. 

Hathi hath karna, to act in con- 
cord, to pull together. 

Hathi la, adj. perverse, obstinate, 

Hathiwan, s. m. an elephant-driver. 
Hathiya, s. m. the thirteenth man- 
sion of the moon. 
Hathiyana, v. a. to seize. 
Hathiyar, s. f. see Hatiiyar. 
Hath jhiitl a bona, to have the hands 
defiled, to miss (as with a sword.) 
Hath j.>rna, to supplicate, to en- 
treat (.ariKstly. 
Hath kamar par rakhna, to be very 

Hath kanon par rakhna, to be as- 
tonished, to deny vehemently. 
Hatlikara, s. m. \ a handcuff, fetter, 
Hathkari, s. m. j manacle. 
Hath karna, to subdue. 
Hath karna, see Hat kirna. 
Hath kliainchna, to refrain, to de- 
sist, to abstain. 
Hathkhanda, s. m. dexterity, art, 

knack, style. 
Hath lagana, to be employed in any 

Hath'lagna, to be employed, to be 

got, o])tained, acquired. 
Hath lapak, s. m. a thief, a pilferer. 
Hath malna, v. n. to regret, to 

repent, to lament. 
Hath marna, to plunder, to wound. 
Hath men ana, see Hath ana. 
Hath men rakhna, to possess, to 

hold in subjection. 
Hath milana, to claim equality, to 

prepare to wrestle, 
liathnf, s. /. a frmale elephant. 
Hatlion hath, quickly, expeditious, 

out of hand. 
Hathon hath lejana, to carry away 

Hath pahunchna, see Hath ana. 
Hath pakre lejana, to hand or lead 

a person. 
Hathpana, s. m. obstinacy, per- 

Hath panw phailana, to extend one's 

business or schemes. 


[ ni ] 


Ilath parna, to come into one's pos- 

I hitli pasarna, to ask, to beg. 

I lath patthar tale dabiia, to be help- 
less, to be unable to aet. 

I latli phenkna,to fence, to be restless. 
Hatlipber, borrowing. 

Hatiipher lena, to borrow. 

Hath pherna, to stroke, to caress, 
to coax. 

Htithpliul, a kind of firework. 

Hath roknii, to prevent. 

Hath saf karna, to learn, practise, or 
exercise any art; to slay. 

Hath sametna, to refrain from giv- 
ing, (fee. 

Hath ut-hand, to leave off, to refrain 
from; to salute by raising the 
hand to the head ; to beat. 

Hathyar, 8. m. a tool, arms, im- 

Hatiiyurl/and, armed. 

Hathyar batidhnii, to arm. 

Hiitr, «. m. an elephant. 

Hatidiint, s. m. ivory. [tiful. 

lliltim, adj. liberal, generous, bouii- 

llatiyu, «. /. a market. 

ilat jiinii, v. n. see Ha{;na. 

Hat Uarnii, to resist or disolx-y ob- 
stinately, to insist upon, to be per- 
vers(5 or pievi>h. 

Uatnii, V. a. to kill. 

Ilat.iui, V. n. to go h.u ... . - i.. *...., .. 
I)aek, to ri'tirc; to budge, to 
flinch, to be defoatttl. 

ilatm, H. f. a fi'iualc elrphant. 

Ilalt4il miupliir,^ adr. to the l)08t of 

llattal wu>a, / ohc'h ability, to 
omi's utmost. 

I I attlui, «. in. a shovol, a liakor's |)ocl. 
Matyji, «. /. nnutler, HlnughUT. 

II atyura, «. m. a munlerer, n»«is«in, ! 
villain. i 

I latyiin', h. /. a fomah? murdenr. ' 

II ityjir|)ansi, g. m. wickednosH. - 
II inda. \ ». m. u litter carritHl by | 
lliiudnj, / elepimnts or camels, 
llanj, jtrttp. Hauz, which boo. 

Hauka. ) s. m. greediness, covet- 
Haukha, / ousness. 
Haul, s. m. terror, horror. 
Haulii, adj. see Halka. 
Hauldil, terrified; hypochondriac, 
affection, mulanclioly. 

Haule'hanle,} «*'• K^""?' ^f^'y- 
Haul hojana, to become flurried. 
Haulnak, adj. frightful, terrible, 

dreadful, dismal, dreary. 
Haulzada, terrified, aghast. 
Hautditir, adj. see Honhiir. 
llaunkna, v. a. to blow or fan (tho 

fire, (fee.) 
HanQs, 8. /.desire, wish, ambition, 

HauQs karna, to desire. 
Haurahauri', ». f. striving to tho b 

of one's j>ower. 
Hausila, s. in. the stomach, maw ; 

capacity, ambition, resolution. 
Hausilamand, a</;. ambitious, aspir- 
Hauwa, /». m. a bugbear, a hobgoblin. 
Hatiwana, t*. n. to itch. 
Hauz, 8. m. a reservoir, n pom!, 

cistern, a vat. 
Huvildiir, SCO Hawaldtir. 
Hawtt, H. /. wind, air, atmosphcrw 
Hawii batanti, to di.M)p|M)int 
HaWii chhoriui, ti) l»ii»!ik wind. 
Hawiidur, adj. airy : «. n lover. 
Uawii d(*n«i, to air. 
Hawiihini, cuvetousncss, grocilinc^, 

IlRwd hojdnii, to scnropor ofl. 

vanish, to|var. 
Hnwiii, u. /. a sky-ri>ckot. 
Ihiwii kar'nti, to fan. 
Huwii khanti, to tnko Uio air. 

walk aljfmt idly. 
Huwala, f. m. cusUxly, charge, car , 


Huwula karmi, to deliver in rhnr:: 
Hawaldilr, n.m. a military ufllcii 

inferior rnuk, havddar. 
Httwile, adf). in tho cluirgc, care, \c. 


[ 112 ] 


Hawale kama, to give in charge or 
possession, to intrust, to deliver. 

Hawan, s. m. a mortar for pound- 
ing in. 

Hawan dasta, mortar and pestle. 

Hawa o hawas, lust, concupiscence, 
sensuality, vanity. 

Hawari, s. m. a disciple or apostle of 
Jesus Christ. 

Hawas, s. /. desire, lust, ambition ; 
inordinate desire. 

Huwasdar, adj. desirous. 

Hawa se bat karna, to rival the wind 
in speed. 

Hawasnak, adj. full of desire. 

Hawass, s. m. plur. the senses. 

Hawass baklita, adj. out of one's 
senses, crazy. 

Hawass i khamsa, the five senses. 

Hawazadagi, s. f. the cholera. 

Haweli, .s\ /. house, dwelling, habita- 
tion, mansion. 

Hawwii, 71. prop. Eve, the mother of 

Haya, s. f. modesty, shame. 

Hayadar, adj. modest. 

Hayat, s. f. life. 

Hazam, s. m. see Hazm. 

Hazar, adj. tliousand. 

Hazara, 1 s, m. a kind of double 

Hazara, / flower. 

Hazar dastan, a kind of nightingale. 

Hazarha, thousands, by thousands. 

Hazari bazari, high and low, people 
of sorts. 

Hazarpae, s. m. a centipede. 

Hazima, s. m. the digestive powers. 

Hazm, adj. sorrowful. 

Hazir, adj. present, ready, at hand ; 
willing, content; the second per- 
son in grammar. 
Hazirat, s. m. commanding or im- 
prisoning demons, &c. ; raising the 
Hazirbash, adj. attendant. 
Hazubashi, s. f. constant attendance. 
Hazir bona, to be at hand, to be 
ready, to consent. 

Haziri, s. f. breakfast, dessert ; pre- 
sence, attendance ; muster-roil ; 
an ottering made to a saint. 
Haziri khana, to breakfast. 
Hazujawab, adj. pert, answering 

Hazirjawabi, s. f. repartee. 
Hazir o nazir, adj. present and seeing. 
Hazir rahna, to attend, to wait on. 
Hazir zamin, s. m. bail, security for 

the appearance of another ; a 

Hazir zamini, s. f. the act of giving 

bail for another, a bail-bond, 
Hazl, s. m. a jest, a joke. 
Hazlgo, an idle talker. 
Hazliyat, jests, jokes, nonsensical 

Hazm, s. m. digestion. 
Hazm bona, to be digested. 
Hazm karna, to digest, to embezzle. 
Hazrat, majesty, highness, &c. (a 

title addressed to superiors,) 
Hazrat Isa, Jesus Clirist. 
Hazrat salamat, sir; a respectful 

mode of salutation. 
Hazz, s. m. enjoyment. 
He, a vocative particle, O ! 
Hech. adj. nothing ; worthless, good 

for not! ling, 
Hekar, adj. incapable, simpleton. 
Hela marna, v. n. to launch, to dash 

through water. 
Helna, v. n. to swim. 
Henbena, adj. spoiled, ruined ; dis- 
Heta, 1 adj. insolent, pusillani- 
Hetha, j mous, inferior. 
Hi', s. m. heart, mind, soul : empha- 
tic affix or adv. very, exactly, even, 

indeed, truly. 
Hiba, s. m. a gift, a bequest. 
Hiba karna, to bequeath or devise. 
Hibanama, s. m. a deed of gift. 
Hichakna, v. n. to draw back from, to 

decline, to waver. 
Hichar michar, s. m. dispute, cavil, 



[ 113 ] 


Hichkana, r. n. to jolt. 

Hicliki, 8./. the hiccough. 

Hichkichana, v. n. to doubt, to hesi- 
tate, to be in suspense. 

llidayjit, 8. /. guidance, direction in 
the right way, especially to salva- 

Hifazat, s. /. cu.stody, care, guardian- 
ship, protection. 

Hifazat karaa, to preserve, to defend, 
to take care of. 

Hifz, 8. m. memory. 

llifz karna, to repeat from memory, 
to keep in memory. 

Hijab, 8. m. modesty, bnshfulness, 
shame ; a veil, a cui*tajn. 

Hijab karnti, to cover, to hide, to 
conceal ; to shame. 

Hijab khana, to blush. 

Hijtib uthna, to be lost (the sense of 

llije, 8. m. spelling. 

Hijiii, \ 8. m. an hermaphrodite, a 

llijfa, / eunuch, (met.) pusillani- 
mous, unmanly. 

Ilijn', adj. of the Muhamnuulan em. 

Hik, 8. in. uicknesH at the stomach, 

Hik lina, to feel sick ; to be disgusted. 

llikdyat, 8. /. a hi&tory, story, Uile, 

] I ikhilni, h. in. n uttimmerer. 

ilikhlnti, V. 11. to stummer, to stutter, 
to falter. 

llikmut, 8. /. wisdom, skill, clovcr- 
lu'ss, knack, c(»ntrivanuo, device ; 
a treatise on nu'dicine. 

llikmati, lulj. clover, ingonioua akil- 

1 1 ihi, adj. domostirntiHl, tamo. 

Hila, 8. in. stratagem, doooit, pro- 

tcncn, trick, mmns. 
H ilabiiz, adj. artful, insidious, wily, 

llilubazi. 8. /. artfulness, stmtagem, 
trick, wiliness. 

Hilagar, <i^*. see Hilalwiz. 
I llilagan, 8./. sec Uilabuzf. 

Hil^ mila, adj. amicable, attached. 
Hilana, v. a. to move ; to tame ; to 

cause to swim. 
Hflasaz, adj. see Hilabaz. 
Hi!asazi', s. f. see Hilabazi'. 
Hilkora, «. m. a wave, a billow, a 

Hilmil jana, v. n. to be intimate. 
Hilna, v. n. to shake, to be moved, to 

be tamed. 
Hilora, 8. m. a wave, billow, surge. 
Hilori marnii, to heave, to rise (^as 

tlie sea.) 
Hilornu, v. n. to billow, to wave. 
Hilsa, 8. /. name of a tish, the timia- 

rind fish. 
Himandista, 8. a mortar and jiestle. 
Himalaya, 8. the name of a mnge of 

snowy mountains which sepiirate 

India from Chinese Tartary. 
Hima(jat, 8./. folly, stupidity, l>oast- 

ing, l)ragging. 
Himiiyat, s. f. countenance, jMitn^n- 

Himtiyati', a. in. f. defender, patron. 
Hinuiyat karna, to defend, tojitUrr'n- 

ize, to countenance. 
Himmat, 8. /. spirit, resolution, 

bravery, courage, liberality, mag- 
Himmat i'. adj. bold, dfiring. 
llimmatwahi, adj. high-mind 

liUind, brave. 
Himyoni, «. /. |>rop. Hamyiui', a 

Hio, an emplmtio partielf% venr 

exactly. Set' Hi'. 
H>n, TtM//. delleirnt, little. nUitctl. 
Hiiia, / h'ft. nuitt«Hl, voiti of. 
Hin<i, »./. }trop. Ihnna. which s*-*. 
Hinchnn, r. ti. to puU. 
Himl, 8. m. India, an Indian. 
Hinduwi, 8. m. gixmu'try, ligun-is 

HindaNtdiin, geometrician, uriili- 

HinduM. adj. gcometri< 
Hindi, Indian, relating lo inuio. 


[ 114 ] 


Hindini, s. f. an Indian woman. 
See Hindui. 

Hindola, s. m. a swing, a cradle. 

Hindu, s. m. an Indian, a Gentoo, a 

Hindui, s.f. the name of the language 
spoken by the Hindus of upper 

Hindustan, ) t j- 

Hin,Wsthan, | «• 'f- 1°<^"*- 

Hindiisthanf, adj. belonging to 
Hindiistljan ; the language spo- 
ken by the Muhammadans of 
Hindiisthan ; an inhabitant of 
upper Hindiisthan. 

TT - ' \ s. m. assafcetida. 

Hmg hagna, to void by stool in- 
voluntarily, {met) to pine. 

Hinhinana, v. n. to neigh. 

Hin i hayat, s. /. lifetime. 

Hinna, s. /. the tree with which 
the Indians stain their hands and 

Hinnai, adj. of the colour of Hinna, 
stained with Hinna. 

Hinsa, s. m. geometry, arithmetic ; 

Hinsa karna, to destroy animal life, 
especially of a cow. 

Hiqarat, s. f. contempt, scorn, af- 
front, vileness. 

Hir, s. m. essence, pith, energy, 
vigour ; heart (of a tree.) 

Hfra, s. m. a diamond. 

Hiraman, s. m. a kind of paroquet. 

Hmm, s. m. a deer, an antelope, 
a hart. 

Hirasan, adj. frightened, frighten- 

Hirasat, s. /. care, watching, guard- 

Hirasat karna, to take care of, to 

Hirase hojana, to be frightened. 

Hirda, \s.ifn. heart, breast, mind, 

Hirdaya, j soul. 

Hirni, s. /. a doe, hind. 

Hirs, s, /. greediness, avidity, am- 
bition, avarice. 

Hirsaha, \ adj. covetous, greedy, 

Hirsf, / gluttonous, ambitious. 

Hirs karna, to covet. 

Hisab, s.m. computation, calculation, 
reckoning, accounts. 

Hisdbdan, s. m. an arithmetician. 

Hisab dena, to give an account. 

Hisabi, adj. accurate, correct (in 

Hisab jorna, | to calculate, to make 

Hisab karna, / up accounts. 

Hisabkitab, s. m. accounts. 

Hisabkitab karna, to keep accounts. 

Hisab lena, to take an account. 

Hisabnawfz, s. m. an accountant. 

Hisab pak karna, ) to clear or set- 

Hisab rafa karna, j tie accounts. 

Hisab raklma, to keep account of, 
to register. 

Hiska, s. m. imitation, copying, con- 
tention, rivalry, emulation. 

Hiska hiskf, s. m. mutual emulation. 

Hiska karna, to copy, to imitate, to 
ape, to vie (with.) 

Hissa, s. m. share, lot, portion, 

Hissadar, s. m. a sharer, a partner. 

Hissa karna, to share, to apportion, 
to divide. 

Hissarasad, an equal share, a pro- 
portional part. 

Hit, s. m. love, friendship, affection. 

Hitil, s. m. /. a friend. 

Hiwao, s. m. courage, bravery. 

H;^^' > s. m, heart, mind, soul, 
lya, j 

Hiyao, s, m. courage, bravery. 

Ho ana, v. n. to have gone to and 

Ho chukna, v. n. to be finished. 
Ho jiina, v. n. to have happened, to 

Hoke, adv. through, by. 
Hola, s. m. the chickpea ; a kind of 

boat. [follow. 

Ho lena. v. n. to be completed, to 


[ 115 ] 


Hoir, 8. f. a Hindu festival ; the 
song which is sung in the Hoh'. 

Horn, \ 8. m. an oblation, a 

Homkd, / bumt-oflfering. 

Hoinna, v. a. to perform the sa- 
crifice of the Horn. 

Hona, V. n. to be, to exist, to become, 
to bi long, to have, to do, to stand ; 
to die. 

Honehara, | adj. expected, about 

Honewalii, J to be. 

Honhar, adj. possible, what is to 

1 Ions, 8. m. 'prop. Hosh, which see. 

Honth, }'•'"■*''«"?• 

Hon till', 8. m. the bit of a bridle. 

Ho ralinii, v. n. to be, to become. 

Hon', 8. f. see IIoli'. 

IIos, 8. m. jirop. Hosh, which see. 

Ho sakna, it. n. to be possible. 

Hosh, 8. m. understanding, sense, 

intelU;ct, mind, soul. 
Hoshdiir, \ adj. intelligent, i)ru-, / dent, wise. 
Hoshmaniir, ». /. intelligence, un- 
Hosh nuiu unii, to come to one's self, 

to recover one's senses. 
Hosh pnkarna, to recollect. 
Hoshyiir, adj. intelligent, cautious, 

alert, watciiful, pruilent, clever, 

Hosiiyiln', «. /. sobriety, ouution, 

carefulncHS, Uiking nm% prudeiux). 
Hosliyiir karnii, to make aci|Uuint«Hl, 

to caution, to put one on \\\a guard. 
Ho(, 8, m. the lip. 
llottl jiihi, coining and going. 
Hoto, iuh\ in the being, during, in 

tljo pre8(!nee. 
lloto bote, adv. gradually. 
llo(l), 8. in. the lip. 
IIo na ho, it must Ik). 
llo t<) ho. it may 1h\ 
llulnib. 8. in. a i»uhhle. 
Uubiib uMnui, to bubble. 
Hubdbr, tt(^'. bubble-like (weak.) 

Hu ba hu, adv. quite, perfectly, 

Hub bul watan, love of one's coun- 
try, patriotism. 
Hud(la, ) 8. m. business, office, a} 
Hudda, / jDointment ; j^op. Uhda. 
Huddadar, adj. holding an office, a 

native officer of the anny. 
Hudhud, «. m. name of a bird. 
Huyat, 8. f. an argument, proof, 

altercation, disputation. 
Hujjatr, adj. di.sputatious, obstinat . 

8. m. a sophist, a wrangler, u.i 

obstinate person. 
Hujra, 8. m. a cell, a closet, u 

Hujiim, «. m. a crowd, a mob, a 

throng, an assault, attack. 
Hujum kanui, to rush (upon.) 
Hiik, 8.f. pain. 
Hukam, «. m. prop. Hukm, which 

Hukamii, x. (plur. of Hakfm), phi- 

losopliers, sages, physicians. 
Hiik luik kar ronii, to weep with 

sobbing or from much pain. 
Hukkti, 8. m. prop. Ihuiqa, which 


Hukkiibardar, a. m. prop. Unqqa 
Imrdiir, which 8ch>. 

Hukm, 8. m. a command, an onlor, 
a th'crce, sentence, award, au- 
thority, prtivpt, permission. 

HukinlMinlur. adj. obedient. obcyiuK 
an order. 

HttkmlMirdari, 8./. olKnlience. 

Ilukm kurnti. to commaud, to onl 

}iukm miinnu, to obey. 

Hukmnuma, 8. m. written orders. 

Hnkmnini, 8./. sway, authority. 

Huktimat. 8. /. dominion, sovc- 
wignty. govermnent, jurisiliotiou. 

Hukiliuat kariiii, to govern, to rule. 

liiil, 8. f. a thrust, stab ; sicknciis 
at the stomueli, qualm. 

HiXl linu, to fwl ^iek, 

Hiilar. 8. m. tunmlt, uproar, db- 
turlxiuce, confusion, bustle. 


[ 116 ] 


Hulasna, v. n. to be pleased, de- 

Hulkarna, -y. a. to set on (as a dog 
or bull), to instigate, to halloo on. 

HuUar, s. m. «ee Hiilar. 

Hiilna, v. a. to goad, to push. 

Hulsana, v. a. to cheer, to deliglit. 

Humakna, v. n. to stretch forward. 

Humma, s. m. high tide. 

Hiin, adv. too, also, yes ; (I) am. 

Huuar, s. m. art, excellence in any 
art, skill, ingenuity, cleverness. 

Hunarmand, adj. clever, skilful, in- 

Hunarmandr, s. /. cleverness. 

Hunarwar, adj. skilful, clever, in- 

Hunda bhara, s. m. contract for 
transportation of goods, includ- 
ing the payment of duties ; settle- 
ment for j)rice or hire. 

Hundar, ^s.m. a wolf. See Hun- 

Hilndar, / rar. 

Hundiiwan, s. m.. exchange, or price 
paid for a bill of exchange. 

Hundr'' }«•/• a Wll of exchange. 
Hundiwal, an excliange merchant. 
Hundiyawan, s. m. see Hundawan. 
Hunkar, | s. m. cry, outcry, alarm, 
Hunkara, / uttering the sound 

liun, to terrify, &c. 
Hiin karna, to assent, to consent. 
Hunrar, s. m. a wolf. 
Hunud, s. plur. the Hindus. 
Huqqa, s. m. an apparatus for 

Huqqabartlar, s. m. the servant who 

prepares to Huqqa. 
Huqqabaz, a great smoker of the 

Hiir, s. /. a virgin of paradise, a 

black-eyed nymph. 
Hurdanga, mlj. turbulent. 
Hurdangi', s, /. turbulence. 
Hiirf, S.J. see Hur. 
Huika, s. m. a bar for a door or 

gate, a bolt. 

Hurmat. s. /. dignity, character, 
honour, chastity, reputation, re- 
verence, esteem. 

Hurmatdar, adj. respectable, ho- 

Huimat ^dena, to bestow honour, to 
exalt; to incur disgrace, to lose 
one's character. 

Hurmat karna, to treat honourably 
and respectfully. 

Hurmat lena, to violate, to ravish, 
to disgrace. 

Hurmat torna, to disgrace. 

Hurmatwaia, adj. possessing dignity 
or reputation. 

Hiirna, v. a. to beat down (as 
paviers), to strike (a blow.) 

Huruf, s. {plur. of Harf}, letters. 

Huruf tahajji, the letters of the al- 

Hurukna, v. n. to pine away. 

Husain, a proper name, a son of All. 

Husaini kabab, a kind of roast 

Hushyar, adj. see Hoshyar. 

Hushyari, s. /. see Hoshyari. 

Hushyar karna, see Hoshyar karna, 
to rouse. 

Husn, s. m. beauty, elegance, good- 

Husul, s. m. profit, advantage, gain. 

Hut, s. f. the sign Pisces. 

Huzilr, s. m. presence ; used also 
respectfully for the second per- 
sonal pronoun. 

Huzuri, s. /. presence. 

I, a short vowel, pronounced in- 
variably as I in pin. 

r, a long vowel, pronounced inva- 
riably as ee in reed. 

ladat, s. f. visiting the sick. 

laraf, s. m. purgatory. 

iatibar, s. m. confidence, faith, be- 
lief, reliance. 


[ 117 ] 


latibari, adj. of credit, trustworthy. 

latibur kama, "I to ^ive credit, to 

latibar raklma, / trust, to believe. 

latikaf, 8. m. continuing in the 
temple or mosque at the end of 

latimad, 8. m. reliance, trust, con- 

I^timsid karna, ) to rely, to de- 

latimad rakhiui, / pend (on), to 
believe, to trust. 

latiqiid, 8. m. dependence, belief, 
c/)niidenre, trust. 

latiqad rakhna, to rely, to depend 
(on), to trust. 

latiraz, «. /. objection, opposition, 
discussion, criticism. 

latiraz karnii, to object, to discuss, 
to criticise. 

Ibadat, 8. f. divine worship, adora- 

Ibiidatj:^ah, «./. a place of worship. 

jbadjiti, 8. rn. a devotee, a religious 

Ibiirat, 8 /. style, idiom. 

Fbli's, 8. m. Satan, the <l<'vil. 

Ibrahim, ?». ;/n>/>. Abraham. 

fbrani, adj. Hebrew. 

{brat, 8. /. wiiniiji^. 

ibtida, 8. /. Ixjginning, commoncc- 


IWtidti karmi, to begin, to oom- 

lohchhti, 8. /. wish, dcHim. 

W, 8. /. fcHtivul, holy-<hiy. Eantcr. 

Idhar, | iuU\ here*, liither, on this 

Idhar, j «ide. 

Idhnr udhar. alxiut. around, up and 
down, here and tlw'rt\ 

Tdhir, ndj. see Idhar. 

I'd', (f(//. a (Mistomnr)' prownt on 
tho day of |*d, or on Honio holi- 

Idris, n. vrtvp. tho patriarch Knooli. 

FfiL «. r. performing (a promise, 
c^c.\ 'fuitilling. 

Ifiiqa, 8. m. eonvalesc* nee, recovery. 

Ifuqu honu, to bo convnlosoent 

Mas, \s.f. poverty, penury, indi 

Iflasf, / gence. 

Ifrat, 8. m. f. excess, superfluity 

Iftiir, 8. m. breaking a fast. 
Iftar karna, to break one's fast ii 

the evening after fasting all day. 
Igarah, adj. eleven. 
Igarahao, \ ,. pig^^nth 
Igarahwan, / '*^-^- eleventn. 
Ihata, vuUj. Hiita, 8./. a surround 

ing, an inclosure, a fence, a com 

Ihio, this very (place.) 
Ihsiin, 8. m. favour, courtesy, kitir! 

ness; the conferring of an obli 

Ihsan kamn, to confer a favour o: 

benotit, to oblige. 
Ihsanmand, adj. obliged, bound fb^ 

Ihtilam, 8. m. nocturnal polluti<' 
Ihtimiil, 8. m. doubt, umvrtain^y 

prol nihility . 
Ihtimtd honii, to bo d<iubtful, to b 

Ihtimiil karna, to doubt. 
Fhtimiim, ». f. m. care. d»lip»nco. 
Ilniyjij. 8. /. necessity, want* ooca 

sioii, uetHl. 
Ilitiyjit, 8. /. caution, care. 
Ilitiyiit kanui, to take rare, 
fjji, 8. /. im>p. fzii, wliich »ce. 
fjail, 8. m. invontiini, ountrivancc 

«(//. inventeti. 
Pjii (feu 

fjii (lemi. itrop. Paul dentl. wliidi 860 

Pjad houii. to U' invcntod. 

Pjtid kurntt, to invent, to oontriv* 

Ijarn, 8. m. hire, rent, a !«»«». 
[juradiir, 8. rn. a farmer of land. 

of revenue. 
Ijiizat, $. f. |X'nni.'i«inn. leave, huic 

tion eommamls. 
I,ia7i\t demi, to y * ' Mow. 
IjMuir, ]m>p. 1/ <x\ 

Ijjat, 8./. \mw. 1 :i see, 

l||atdur, see {xzutdar. 


[ 118 ] 


Ijjat karna, see Jzzat karna. 

Ijlas, s. f. act of sitting, especially of 

a court of justice, like the word 


T- ^' } s. m. circulation. 
Ijrae, j 

Ijnie karna, to perform. 

Ik, a prefix signifying one. 

Ikanavwe, adj. ninety-one. 

Ikasf, adj. eighty-one. 

Ikatha, | adj. collected together, 

Ikattha, / in one place. 

Ikawan, adj. fifty-one. 

Ikbal, s. m. prop. Iqbal, which see. 

Ikbalmand, adj. see Iqbalmand. 

Ikbar, for Ekbar, one time, once. 

Ikchit, adj. of one mind. 

I'kh, s. /. a sugar-cane. 

Ikhattar, adj. seventy-one. 

Ikhlas, 8. m. affection, friendship. 

Ikhlas karna, to esteem, to act 
friendly and atfectionately. 

Ikhlasmand, adj. sincere, friendly. 

livhlas raklma, see Ikhlas karna. 

Ikhtilaf, s. m. difference (of opinion), 
disagreement, contradiction, mis- 
understanding between friends. 

Ikhtilat, s. m. intercourse, friendship, 

Ikhtiyar, s. m. choice, will ; election, 
authority, power. 

Ikhtiyari, adj. in one's power, at 
one's disposal. 

Ikhtiyar karna, to approve of, to 
adopt, to choose. 

Ikhtiyar men bona, to be in power 
of, or dependent on. 

Ikka, s. m. a kind of one horse ve- 

Ikkis, adj. twenty-one. 

Ikla, adj. alone, only. 

Iklai, s. f. an article of dress consist- 
ing of one breadth. 

Iklaunta, 1 7. „i , 

Iklauta, I "^^' °°'y- 

Ikrar, s. m. prop. Iqrar, which see. 

Ikrarnama, see Iqrarnama. 

Iksath, adj. sixty-one. 

Iksir or aksfr, s. /. a powder pre- 
tended to be capable of converting 
other metals to gold ; the philoso- 
pher's stone. 

Iktak, s. a fixed look at anything 
without closing the eyes. 

Iktalis, adj. forty -one. 

Iktis, adj. thirty-one. 

Ikwal, prop. Iqbal, which see. 

mechV, }«./.cardamums. 
Ilaechidana, s. m. comfits in whicli 

are cardamums. 
Ilalii, adj. divine. 

Ilaliiyat, s. f. the divinity, godhead. 
Ilaj, s. m.f. a remedy, medicine, cure. 
Ilaj karna, to cure, to remedy, to 

apply a remedy. 
Ilaqa, s. m.prop. Alaqa, dependence, 

relation, connexion^ interest. 
Tlaqaband, a gold-lace worker. 
Ilaqamand, adj. related, connected. 
Ilaqa raklina, to concern, to be 

connected, to belong, to regard, to 

relate (to.) 
Ilham, s. m. inspiration, revelation. 
Illian, s. m. note, modulation, tune, 

an air (in music.) 
Ilia, s. w. a wart. [habit. 

lUat, s. f. cause ; filth, dirt ; a bad 
jliati, adj. filthy. 
Ilm, s. m. science, knowledge. 
Ilmdar, adj. learned. 
Ilm i musiqi, music. 
Ilm i riyazi, the mathematical 

Ilmwala, adj. learned. 
Iltifat, s. /. friendship, kindness, 

courtesy, respect. 
Iltifat karna, to attend to, to havo 

regard or respect. 
Iltija, s. /. entreaty, request. 
Iltimas, s. m. f. supplication, prayer, 

Iltimas karna, to beseech, to request, 

to supplicate. 


[ 119 ] 


Ilzam, 8. m. prop, conviction; but 
commonly accusation, impeach- 

Ilziim dena, to accuse, to impeacli. 

Ilzam bona, to be convinced, con- 
futed, &c. 

Imam, «. m. a leader in prayer. 

Imamat, s.f. leading in prayers, 

Inmmbara, s. mA the place where 

Imam])arr, .s. /. / Muhanmiadans 
deposit the tdziya and where 
oiferings are made to the dead, 

Imamdasta, prop. Hawandasta, mor- 
tar and pestle. 

Imamiya, acJj. name of a Muham- 
madan sect, who make All the 
riglitful Imam immediately after 

I'man, a. m. faith, belief, religion, 

Pmdndar, mlj. faithful, honest, trust- 

Pmandtin', «. /. faithfulness, con- 
scientiousness, honesty, lidelity. 

I'man liinii, to believe. 

Imdrat, «./. a large edifice or build- 
ing, [rectly. 

I in la, «. m. orthography, writing cor- 

hnh', «. m. tamarind I'ruit. 

Imroz, (uh. to-day. 

Imroz fardii, to-day or to-morrow, 
i.e. soon. 

Im siil, mlv. this year. 

Ini sliab, to-night. 

Iintilutn, ». in. proof, tniil. exanunu- 
tion, t»Mn|»t4iti«m. 

Imtilmn ktirnii, to try, to test, to 

Imtih^n loniS, to cxnmine, to test. 

Itiitiydz, «. m. di.srrimination, gixxl 
breeding, pulitrnrss. 

hntiyiizi, mlj. having the quality of 
diaoriminating ; a person of dis- 

Tiniiyiiz karnu, to discriminate, to 
treat witli distinction. 

In, inroii, plur. in the oblique case, 
those, tliem. 

Indm, 8. m. a present, a gift, a reward. 
Indm bakhshish, 8./. a gift, a present 
In am dena, to bestow a gift. 
In^m i ikram, an lionourable gift. 
Inayat, 8.f. favour, kindness, bounty 
Inayat, 8. f. plur. of Inayat» 
Inayut kama, to give, to grant. 
Tnchna, v. a. to draw, to attract, u 

Indara, 8. m. a largo well of masonrv. 

In dinoD, now-a-day. 

Indiyn, 8. m. opinion, one's own 

Indra, 8. m. the regent of the visible 

heavens, and of tlie inferior divini- 
Indrani', «. /. the wife of Indra. 
Indniyan, s.f. colooynth, wild goui .. 
Indn', 8./. an organ of sense, the 

senses, (internal and external.) 
Indn' jull:ib, a dinntie metlicine. 
Induii, 8. 7U. a round told or roll uso<l 

in carrying a bnrtlien on the brad. 
Intisiil. 8. m. decision (of a cause.) 
Inli.sjil karmi, to decide, to si ttle '.i 

Pngur, B. m. re<l-leftd. 
Injri, t. m. the New Testanu in. i. . 


, "^^ > 8. m. light. 

I i\ ji 8. m. moonlig" 

li.liur, 8. m. denial, nrirnii'n. «i 

Inkur kitrnii, to deny, to disallow, 
lor^ «• m> see IndUiL 
InmSf, 9. m. d(H;ision (of a oauso or 

question'*, eijuity. justice. 
Insttf karnti, to deeiile (a oanao) 

Instill. 8. m. a nmn, a huninn W\n^, 
Insiini', adj. human. Relating t«) man. 
Inttiniyat, 8. f. liumanity, good- 

bretMling, poiifenrs}*. 
lu shii allahu tu^Iii, God willing, if 

Qod please. 


[ 120 ] 


Tntawala, s. m. a brick-maker, 

I'litgarf, s.f. brick- work. 

Intifa, s. m. profit, advantage. 

Intiha, s.f. termination, end, extrem- 
ity, utmost verge, summit. 

Intikliab, s. m. selection, making ex- 
tracts from books. 

Intikhab karna, to select, to make 
extracts (from books.) 

Intiqal, s. m. decease, dying. 

Intiqal hona I J. 

Intiqal karna,/ 

Intizam, s. m. arrangement, order, 
regularity, management, admi- 

Intizar, s. m. 1 expectation, looking 

Intizari, s. /, / out for. 

Intizari karna, ^ to expect, to look 

Intizar karna, / out for. 

Tntwala, s. m. a brick-maker. 

Iqbal, s. m. prosperity, good fortune, 

Iqbalmand, adj. prosperous, fortu- 

Iqrar, s. m. confession, acknovir- 
ledgments, avowal, promise, agree- 

Iqrar karna, to confess, to acknow- 
ledge, aver, declare ; to promise. 

Iqrarnama, s. m. written agreement, 
bond, contract, &c. 

Iqtidar, s. m. power, authority. 

Irada, s. m. desire, inclination, pur- 
pose, design, plan, intention. 

Irada karna, to form a design, to 
make an attempt, to intend or 

Iran, n. prop. Persia. 

Irani, adj. Persian. 

Prkha, s. /. envy, spite, emulation. 

Irshad, s. m. direction, command, 

Irshad karna, to direct, to command. 

Is, pron. dem. sing, inflec. tliis. 

I's, 8. m. Lord, a name of Shiva. 

Isa, n. prop. Jesus. 

Tsai, adj. Chrislian. 

Is alang, on this side. 

I'sawi, adj. belonging to Jesus, of 
Jesus, Christian. 

Is dam, adv. this moment, directly. 

Islia, s. m. the first watch of ti e 
night, the prayers suid when 
going to rest. 

Is'hal, s. m. purging, flux, diarrhoea. 

Ishaq, n. prop. Isaac. 

Ishara, s. m. sign, wink, mark, 
signal, hint. 

Ishara karna, to beckon, to make a 
sign or signal, to hint. 

Ishq, s. m. love. 

Ishqbaz, s. m. a gallant, a rake. 

Isliqbazi', s.f. gallantry, &c. 

Ishraq, s. m. sun-rismg. 

Ishrat, s. f. vulg. Aslirat, pleasure, 
delight, enjoyment, mirth. 

Isht, s. m. a god, a deity. 

Isht dew, s. m. a god, a deity. 

Ishti^l, s. m. f. lighting a fire or 
candle, fomenting or instigating a 

Ishtial dena, v. a. to foment (quar- 
rels), to make a light burn 

Ishtiha, s. f. appetite, desire, hunger. 

Ishtihar, s. m. proclamation, publi- 
cation, advertisement, fame, re- 

Ishtihar karna, to publish, to make 
a proclamation, to advertise. 

Ishtihamama, s. m. a written pro- 

Ishtiyaq, s. m. wish, desire, strong 

Ishwar, s. m. God. 

Iskandar, n. prop. Alexander. 

Islah, s.f. correction, amendment. 

Islah dena | ^^ ^^^.^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^,^^ 

Islah karna, j 

Islam, s. m. the Muhammadan re- 

Islami, s. m. f. a Muhammadan. 

Is liye, for this reason, hence, be- 


[ 121 ] 


Ism, 8. m. name, a noun. 

Ismail, n. prop. Islimael, son of Abra- 

Ism ba musamma, a name fitly de- 
noting the qualities of the named. 

Is mcQ, in the mean time. 

Ispaghol, s. m. seed of fleawort or 

Is par, for this reason, hence, on 

Is par bhf, moreover, nevertheless, 

Ispat, «. m. steel. 

Is qadar, adv. thus much, to this 
degree, so mucli, thus. 

Israfil, 8. m. the name of the angel 
who, it is said, will sound the last 
trumpet at tlui resurrection. 

Istabal, vuUj. Astubal, «. m. stable. 

Is talak, to this degree. 

Ist<am, Eiuj. «. m. a stamp (paptT.) 

Istambol, n. prop. Constantinople. 

Is tarah, j 

Is tarah se, I adv. in this manner, 

Is taur, j thus. 

Is taur so, J 

Isthir, adj. settled, steady, firm, 

Isti^diid, H. f. readiness, ability, 

Ifltiqinml, «. to. cuiitom, daily prac- 
tice, exorcists use. 

Istiaiuiili', adj. uijcd, usual : n. m. 
line ric«i. 

Istiamiil kariui, to use. 

IstilNlgh, ». in. dip|)ing. baptinm. 

lutifa, ft. m. resignation, rufligiiing 
one's ofUce. 

Istffii donit, to reeigu office or ser- 
Istifsdr, ». m. inquiry, interrogation. 

Istifsdr karnu, v. a. to in<piiro, to in- 

Istigltfdr, «. m. bogging mcroy, cra- 
ving grace. 

Istighlar karmi, to crave mercy. 

Istilah. 8. /. a phruse, idiom, toch- 
uical term. 

Istilahi, adj. idiomatical, pliraseo- 

logical, technical. 
Istilahi mani, idiomatical meaning 

or acceptance. 
Istinja, 8. m. pmification after making 

Istiqbal, 8. m. going to meet a visitor. 
Istin',^ s. /. a woman: «. m. a 
Istii, / smoothing iron. 
Istri karnti, v. a. to marry ; to iron, 

to smooth witli an iron. 
Is waqt, this time, now. 
Pswar, 8. m. Gotl. 
I'swartii, s. /. divinity, godhead. 
Is waste, fur this reason, because. 
Itti, adj. this nmch, as much as tiiis. 
Itiiat, 8. f. subjection, submission, 

obedience, loyalty, worshipping. 
Itiiat karmi, to obey. 
Itiib, 8. m. reproof, reprimaml, re- 
buke, anger, displeasure. 
Itek, adj. so much, thus mnch. 
Itek meo, in the mean time. 
I^ldami, v. a. to walk affectedly or 

Itr, et cetem. 

Itibar, 8.m. prop. I^tibar, winch sec. 
Itilnln', prop. latilxiri, which 8t>o. 
Itiluis, 8. m. history, story, fable. 
Itminiin, ». j. tmniiuillity, p*^*. r<^- 

l>08e, quiet, oontiiit. 
Itmiuan liona, to Ih> tnuxiuil 
Itintniin i Vluitir, {huu'i' ot ntind. 
Itnti, adj. ns much as this, tl 

mucli, so nmch, so manv. 
It no meu, in Uio mcnn time, moan- 

|tr, riUg. J^ir, jHrftmic, fragrance, 

cBsunoo, ottar (of nv**«.) 
Itninii, v. a. to give one's self airs, 

to iuisumo airs, 
{tnliin, u. m. a |HTfumo-lH)X. 
Ittii, adj. see Una. 
Ittifiii], 8. m. Agreement, concord, 

friendship, chance, accident, in- 
cident, opportunity. 
Ittifaqan, adv. a^vitleutallv, bv 



[ 122 ] 


Ittifaq bona, to happen, to be agreed. 

Ittifaq kania, to accord, or agree 
toofether, to concur, to unite. 

Ittihad, s. m. amity, friendship. 

Ittilaa, s. /. notice, notification, infor- 
mation, knowledge. 

Ittilaa karna, to acquaint, to inform, 
to apprize. 

Itwar, s. m. Sunday. 

Iwaj, s. m. prop. Iwaz, which see. 

Iwaji, see Iwazi. 

Iwaz, s. m. reward, return, recom- 
pense : prep, instead, for. 

Iwazi, adv. instead, for : s.m. proxy, 

Iwazi dena, to supply a substitute 
(as a servant.) 

Iwazi rakbna, to take a substitute. 

lyadat, s. f. visiting of the sick. 

lyal, 2^'i'op. Ayal, s- f. horse's mane. 

lyal, s. m. family, children,doiueatics. 

lyaldar, having a family. 

lyal o atfal, see lyal. 

Iza, 8. f. pain, distress, trouble, 

Tza dena, to pain, to trouble, to vex, 
to distress. 

Izafa, s. m. addition, annexation, aug- 

Izafat, s. f. the i. between two Per- 
sian nouns, corresponding to the 
English genitive, of. 

Izar, s.f. drawers, trowsers. 

Izarband, s. m. the string with which 
drawers are tied. 

Iz'har, s. m. declaration in a court of 
justice or before police officers. 

Iz'har karna, to disclose, reveal, 

Izrail, n. prop, the angel of de ith. 

Iztirab, s. m. agitation, perturbation, 

Iztirabi, s. f. agitation, impatience. 

Izzat, s. f. grandeur, power, honour, 
respect, glory. 

Izzatdar, adj. honourable, respect- 

Izzat karna, to honour, to dignify. 

Ja, s. /. a place ; (in Braj.) pron. 

rel. inflect, sing, whom, that, 

which, any one. 
Jab, s. m. muzzle for large cattle. 
Jab, adv. when, at the time when, 

as soon as. ' [slaughter. 

Jabah, s. /. prop. Zabh, sacrifice, 
Jabah bona, see Zabh bona. 
Jahah karna, see Zabh karna. 
Jcibaja, adv. everywhere, here and 

Jalmn, s. f. prop. Zaban, which see. 
Jal)an dena, | prop. Zaban, &c., to 
Jaban harna, / promise. 
Jabar, adj. prop. Zabar, which see. 
Jabardast, adj. see Zabardast. 
Jabardastr, s. /. see Zabardasti. 
Jabardasti karna, see Zabardasti 

Jabardasti se, see Zabardasti se. 
Jabar bona, see Zabar liona. 
Jabat, s. m. prop. Zabt, which see. 
Jabat bona, see Zabt bona. 
Ja!)at karna, see Zabt karna. 
Jabhi, adv. at the very time. 
Jabhra, s. m. the jaw. 
Jabf, s. f. muzzle for small cattle. 
Jiib jab, j 

Jab kabhf, > adv. whenever. 
Jab kabhu, j 
Jab kti tab, adv. at the time when, 

at til e proper moment. 
Jab ki, adv. at the time when, 

when. [}or\g a^. 

Jab lag, adv. till when, whilst, as 
Jab na tab, adv. perpetually, now 

and then. 
Jabr, s. m. oppression, violence, 

force, power. 
Jabra, s. m. the jaw. 
Jabi'ail, 1 
Jabrail, J 
Jabran, adv. by violence, forcibly. 
Jabril, the archangel Gabriel. 
Jabr 80, adv. see Jabran. 
Jab se, since. 

the archangel Gabriel. 


[ 123 ] 


Jab tab, adv. now and then. 

T \ 4.^1 'i <^d^- till when, whilst, as 
.Jab talak, > , 

Jttbtori, I '""S^^' 

Jabiin, adj. prop. Zabiin, which see. 

Jabiini", 8. f. see Zabilni. 

Jaclia, j 8. /. a woman in child- 

Jachcha,/ birtli and for forty days 
after, a lying-in woman. 

Jad, adv. as, while, wliilst, when, as 
soon as, so soon, at the time when. 

Jiidad, 8. /. lionsehold and landed 

Jadapi, covj. thou^rh, although. 

Jadd, 8. m. a grandlatlier, ancestor. 

Jaddf, adj. ancestral, belonging to 

Jad lag, adv. see Jad tak. 

Jad na tad, adv. constantly. 

Jad tak, \ adv. till, until, yet, 

Jad talak, / whilst, as long as, 

Jiidu, 8. in. magic, enchantment, in- 
cantation, juggling. 

Jiidii chahinii. to practice incanUi- 
tion, to conjure, to enchant. 

Jiidilgar, 8. m. an enchanter, magi- 
cian, sorcerer, 

Judiigun', 8.f. the art of sorcery, ne- 

Jiidu'garni', 8. f. a Horcercss. 

Jiidii karmi, wh* Jadii chahiuji. 

Jjulwal, 8. f. lines drawn in a book 
(as ruling, or to Hcjiaratr the 
nmrgin.) |lHX)k.) 

Jndwali, adj. marked witii Vuhh (u 

.Tndyapi, conj. though, although. 

■'' < f. u place. 

d,"! 8./. hou.'vhokl and landed 

•■ -it, / juoperty. 

JatMuunii/, 8. f. a cnr|H't, mat, or 
cl<»th on which pi-aycrs an" said. 

Jiiephal, $. m. u nutmeg. 

Jae/4iriir, <». /. the uiHx^snry. 

Jjifan'. 8.f. a bort of screen, lattice- 

Jag, 8. m. the world, universe ; sacri- 

Jagadis, 8. m. lord of the world. 

Jagah,) 8. f. place, station, room. 

Jagah,/ vacancy, stead. 

Jagah chhorna, v. a. to leave a 

Jagah sir kharachna, to expend to 

Jagana, v. a. to awake, to wake, to 
rouse from sleep. 

Jagaran, 8. m. waking, watchful- 

Jagat, 8. m. the world, the universe. 

Jjigatujagar, enlightening the world 

Jagir, 8. f. land given by govern 
ment as a reward of service, < i 
as a fee ; pension in land. 

Jiigi'rdar, 8. m. the holder of a jagi'r. 

Jii girna, v. n. to full. 

Jagjngii, 8. m. brass-tinsel, veiy 
thin plates of brass used iu deco- 

Jagjagiihat, «# /. splendour, much 
light, glitter. 

Jagmagii, adj. glittering, splendid. 

.Jagmagiilmt, 8. / fiee Jagjagiihat. 

Jagmagiina, v. n. to glitter, to shiiu\ 

Jngna,| v. n. to awake, to be awakr. 

Jiigna,/ to wake, to watch. 

ihig jMirnji, V. u. to awake. 

.higri, 8. / trench', n>fuso of su^if. 

Jagtijot, adj. poHM«8stHl of or cxert- 
ing miraculous |H)Won«. 

Jiig uthna. v. n. to uwnko. 

.lahaj. jtntp Juhtiz, which ace, 

•hdiaji. prop, .lahii/.i, which m'O. 

JuiiaWt, 8. / ignonuuH\ hruUdity. 

tlahiui, 9. in. i\w world. 

Jahtiu. (ulr. whoa% in which place, 
which place. 

Jahtindulti. one who hoa 8oon tho 
w«»rUl. a gnat tmvellcr. 

.Tahtin iahan. \ i t 

.I..lmu^«l,>U. }"•''•• *'«•'"*•'■'• 

Jahiio kii tnhuo. odr. evcrywhera, 
in the same place ns before. 

Jahannam. 8. m. hell. 

Jahannanu, adj. hellish, belonging 


[ 124 ] 


Jahan panah, refuge of tlie world ; 

his majesty, your majesty. 
Jahan se, adv. whence, from which 

place, where. 
Jahan tahan, adv. here and there, 

Jahan tahan phirnti, to straggle, to 

Jahan tak, adv. as far as. 
Jahar, s. m. prop. Zahr, poison. 
Jaharmnhra, s. m. prop. Zahar- 

muhra, a bezoar. 
Jahaz, 8. m. a ship. 
Jahazi, s. m. a sailor : adj. naval, 

Jahaz par, adv. aboard a ship. 
Jahez, s. m. a bride's portion, dower. 
Jahil, adj. ignorant, illiterate. 
Jahil hona, to be ignorant. 
Jahm, adv. wherever. 
Jiihir, adj. prop. Zahir, apparent, 

evident, open. 
Jahir hona, see Zaliir hcna. 
Jab in", adj. see Zahirf. 
Jahir karna, see Ztihir karna. 
Jahir men, see Zahir men. 
Ja"i, s. f. oats. 
Jai, s. f triumph, victory, bravo ! 

adj. as many as. 
Jai", s. f. a daughter. 
Jaiber. adj. as many times, as often 

Jaif, adj. prop. Zaif, which see. 
Jaijaikar, s. m. rejoicings, exulta- 
tions, triumph. 
Jaiman, adj. victorious. 
Jaisa, adj. in the manner which, as, 

what like, such as, according as. 
Jaisa chahiye, as may be desired, as 

it ought. 
Jaisa ka taisa, adv. precisely the 

same as before. 
Jaisa ki, as, though, as if. 
Jaisa taisa, as well as, so so. 
Jaise ka taisa, ^ such as before, tlie 
Jaiise ka waisa, j 

Jait, 8. m. name of a plant. 

self same, unal- 

Jaiz, adj. lawful, permitted, right, 
proper, allowable. 

Jajak, 8. m. an officiating priest. 

Jajam, s. f. a cloth thrown over the 
carpet to sit on, a floor-cloth. 

Jajat, prop. Jadad, which see. 

Jajman, s. m. a customer, a person 
to whose custom brahmans, bor- 
bers, and some other persons, have 
a legal claim. 

Jajmanf, s. f. the stipend paid by a 
Jajman; wife of a Jajman. 

Jakam, s. m. f. prop. Zakhm, wliicb 

Jakami, adj. see Zakhml. 

Jakam khana, see Zakhm khana. 

Jakar, s. m. goods taken away ]\v 
pedlars for sale, but returned if 
not sold. 

Jakarband, adj. tight. 

Jakar bechna, to sell on commis- 

Jakar lejana, to take away goods to 
sell on commission. 

Jakarna, v. a. to tighten, to draw 
tight, to bind, to pinion. 

Jakat, 8. f. prop, Zakat, alms. 

Jai, adj. forged, counterfeit : s. /. 

Jai, s. m. a net, a snare ; a cobweb ; 
a sash. 

Jai, 8. m. water. 

Jala, s. m. a cobweb ; a jar ; a speck 
on the eye. 

Jala, 8. m. a lake. 

Jala bala, adj. fretful, passionate; 

Jala bhuna, adj. passionate, hot- 

Jala dena, v. a. to bum. 

Jalag, adv. till when, as long. 

Ja lagna, v. a. to arrive at. 

Jala'i, 8. f. a kind of nail us(k1 f)r 
seaming the boards of boats, &c. 

Jalal, 8. m. dignity, majesty, splen- 
dour, grandeur, power, glory. 

Jalamai, s. m. flood, inundation. 

Jalan, s. m. burning, heat, passion.. 


[ 125 ] 


Jalana, v. a. to burn, to kindle, to 
inflame, to light ; to make jealous. 


Jalapa, 8. m. envy, anger. 
Jalilwan, 8. f. fire worn!, fuel. 
Jalbal, burnt up, consumed with fire. 
Jal bujhna, to burn to ashes. 
Jalchar, adj. aquatic (as birds, but 

not fish), moving or going in 

Jald, adj. quick, nimble, speedy, ex- 
peditious, alert : adv. quickly. 
Jaldbtiz, a//j. expeditious, fleet, hasty. 
JaUlbazf, 8. f. haste, quickness, 

Jiildar, adj. reticulated. 
Juldi', 8./. quickness, haste, hurry, 

celerity, rashness, impetuosity : 

adv. quickly, soon. 
Jaldi karnii, to make haste, to huiTy ; 

to be ])rec'ipitate or rash. 
Jald jiina, to go (juickly. 
Jahhiiiziij, (idj. passionate, hasty. 
Jald (pidam, adj. ileet. 
Jalcbi, «./. a kind of swcetrnoat. 
Jale par non lagiina, to triumj))! 

over, to insult. 
Jail', adj. coimtfrfeited, forged. 
Jail, H. f. network, a web; a caul; 

lattice, grate; a n(;tbag for ciiafl*. 
Jiilini, 8. m. prop. Zalim, whi(di see. 
Juli papui, to iHH'omo hanl (the 

stone of a mungcx;.) 
Jiiliya, «. m. a forger. . 
Jalivji, 8. m. a lishennan. 
Jab I, adj. prop. Zalil, wliich 8oe. 
Jah'l honii, see Zali'l lionii. 
Jaiil karnti, see /:dil kanui. 
Jal jal, adj. fidl of water. 
Jaljala, adj. indignant, oxcossivcly 

iiot (the weather.) 
Jaljalami, v. n. to Ik? indignant 

IJaljantu, n. m. an aquatic tminial 
(as por|Knsi», shark, &e.) 
Jal la, ». m. a lake 
Jal lad, H. in. an executioner, a Imng- 
( man : <ulj. cruel, hard-henri^Hl 

Jalladi', 8. f. the office of an execu- 
tioner ; cruelty, villany, 
Jalna, v. n. to burn, to be kindled . 

to get into a passion, to be en- 
Jalpachchhi', «. /. water-fowl. 
Jalpai, 8. f. an olive. 
Jalpjin, 8. m, eating, taking a little 

food between meals, a luncheor 

Jalsa, 8. m. meeting, assembly. 
Jalsaz, 8. m. a forger. 
Jiilsjizi', 8. /. forgery. 
Jal thai, 8. m. ground half covered 

with water, marshy ground. 
Jal uthna, to break out (as fire.) 
Jalwana, v. a. to Ciiuse to bum. 
Jama, 8. m. a garment, robe ; nest. 
Jama, s. f. collection, sum tota" 

amoutit, plumi number. 
Jamiiat, «. /. a crowd, an assembly 

meeting, congregation. 
Jamabandi, 8. /. accounts of 11. 

revenues, auttlement of tho r> 

Jama.liir, 8. m. a native officer of tlio 

army so calUnl, tho head uf iwxf 

IkxIv of jM'oph;. 
J ima Ian', 8. /. the bu8ine>« of a 

Januihi, 8./. gaping, yawning. 
Jani^i hoiui, to lie collectiii. to a9- 

H«>inble, to ll.M'k. 
.lanmi, 8. m. u 8on-in-law. 
^x\\\\t^ kanui, to a)llect, !*» nnm.>* 

to odd t<igvthcr, to itmuiublo, t 

Jaumlg»»|4i, 8. w. tho name of a pm 

gative nut, ert)t<>n set*-!. 
Janmu,8. /. a fruit and tre<»8oci\lle 
Januinii, v. <i. to ct>ll(et, to suni ti; 

to iHtagulate, to ct>ugiul ; aI»o I 

Ziimiiim, whicli ace. 
Jrtinao, 8, «». a crowd, a collcctio; 

Janio o \^harch, 8. m. neoount of r< 

eeipt and dLibursciiicnt, accoui 



[ 126 ] 


Jama o kharch karna, to make up, 

or baltmce an account. 
Jamaora, s. m. a collection, a crowd. 
Jamawar, s. m. a kind of chintz in 

which the flowers are woven. 
Jama wasil baqi, an account stating 

payment periodically due, with 

the amount received and the 

Jambhin', s. f. a fruit of the lime 

Jamdanf, s. f. a kind of cloth with 

flowers interwoven : adj. flowered, 

Jamghat, s. m. crowd, multitude. 
Jamhai, s. /. gaping, yawning. 
Jamliai leua, v. n. to gape, to yawn. 
Jami, adj. all, universal. 
Jamidar, _prop. Zam ndar, whicli see. 
Jamin, s. f. prop. Zamin, wliich see. 
Jamin, s.f. prop. Zaniin, which see. 
Jamin dar, s. m. prop. Zamindar, 

Jammdar, s. m. prop. Zamindar, 

which see. 
Jamindari, s. /. prop. Zamindari, 

Jammdari, s. f. see Zammdari. 
Jammdarni, s. /. see Zammdarni. 
Jamini, s. f. prop. Zamini, surety, 

Jamini kabiil karna, prop. Zamini 

qabiil karna, to admit as bail. 
Jamjam, adv. always, constantly, 

Jamna, v. n. to germinate, to grow ; 

to be coagulated, to be collected ; 

to adhere, to stick. 
Jamuna, n. prop. f. name of a river. 
Jan, s. f. life, soul, spint, mind ; a 

Jan, s. m. man, a person, an indivi- 
Jaiia, V. n. to go, to be, to pass, to 

Janab, majesty, liighness, excellency. 
Janab i dili, your majesty, your or his 


Janai, ) . • ^ -i- 
Janak, n. prop, the father of Sita. 
Janakpur, s. m. the name of a city 

the metropolis of Raja Janak. 
Janam, s. m. birth, life. 
Janambhum, s. / V)irthplace. 
Janamdin, s. m. birthday. 
Janamna, v. n. to be liorn. 
Janampatri, s. f. horoscope, nativity 
Janamswarth, a fortunate, or well 

spent life. 
Janana, v. a. to deliver, to bring t<^ 

bed ; to inform, to remind, to tell 

to point out, to seem, 
Janana, prop. Zanana, whicli see. 
Janawar, s. m. an animal, a bird. 
Janaza, «. m. a bier, a funeral. 
Jan bachche, oSspring, family, 
Janbakshi, s. f. pardon of a capita 

Jan balab, adj. at the point of ex 

Jan baJab bona, to be at the point o 

Janbaz, adj. risking life, venture 

sojne, daring. 
Janbazi, s.f. risking life (in battle) 

working at any thing as if lif( 

depended on success. 
Jan bujhke, adv. wilfully, purposely 
Janch, s. m. trial, examination, test 

Janchna, examine, to inquire 

into, to ascertain, to approve, t( 

Jandar, having life, active, spirited 

lively (as a horse.) 
Jane anjane, wittingly or unwittingly 
Jane dena, v. a. to liberate, to let go 

to excuce, to pass over (as a fault. 
Jane do, never mind, let alone, don't 
Janera, s. a tall species of the mille 

Janeu, s. m. the brahmanical thread 

a flaw in a diamond. 
Janfishani, s.f. very hard labour, eX' 

treme diligence, devotion. 


[ 127 ] 


Jaiifishani karna, to strain every 

Jang, 8. /. battle, war, combat, fight : 
8. m. prop. Zang, rust. 

Jangal, 8. m. verdigris, canker (of 
eopperj. See Zangal, 

Jangal, 8. m. a forest, a woofl, a wil- 
derness, weeds, any bushy place. 

.Tangala, 8. m. palings. 

Jangal jjina, \ v. n. to go into the 

Jangal phirna, / fields to ease nature. 

Jnngal tan gal, s. m. weeds and bushes. 

Jangamushti", 8. f. boxing. 

Jangar, 8. m. the thigh and leg. 

Jangar to^nii, to Libour hard for 
one's living. 

^"f't'' )«./ the thigh. 
Jangha, j •' ° 

Jiingliiya, 1 «. ?n. a kind of short 

Janghiya, / drawers or breeches. 

Jangliiyal, 8. m. a kind of lieron. 

Jani^r, H. in. a combatiint : culj. war- 
like, h()>til(', (pmrrelsome. 

Jang knrna, t(/tight. 

Janghl, 8. m. palings. 

Jang lagnti, jmjp. Zang lagnii, whicih 

JaiiLdf, adj. wild, savage, clown, 


li billi', 8./. a wild cat. 

.Iingli kuuwa, 8. m. a raven. 

Jamg <> jadal, «. m. brawl, aquabblo, 

Junhiir, adj. going, passing away, 

Jiini', adj. of tlio heart, dear, belov- 
ed : 8. in. a lovrr. 

Jiinib, 8. /. i)art, sitlo. 

Jiini (hislinian, un enemy desirous of 
one's Hfe, a mortal (Miemy. 

Janjul, 8. in. trouble, dinieulty, cm- 
barmssmeni, |M»rplrxity. 

dan jiinwar, 8. m. num and beo^t. 

d.injir, 8. J. prop. Zanjj'r, a chain. 

J:inkan<lani, 8. /. the agonies of 

I death. 
Jiin kisi par dcnii, to lovo excessive?* 

Jan lend, to get a knowledge of, to 

Janma, 8. m. birth. 
Janmana, v. a. to beget, to make 

Jan mama, to overcome, to oppress, 

to vex, to perplex. 
Jan men jan ana, to be satisfied, to 

be comforted. 
Janna, v. a. to know, to understand. 

to comprehend, to suppose, to be- 
Jannii, v. n. to produce young, to bo 

delivered of a chiUl, to be bom. 
Jannat, «. /. paradise. 
Jannatr, adv. of paradise, heavenly. 
JanoQ, adv. perhaps. 
Jan pahchtin, 8. m. an acquaintanc 

an intimate friend. 
Jiin par ami, to be exposed to imni 

nent danger. 
Jiin par kheliui, to run tlio liazard, 

to risk one's life. 
Jiin papia, to bo refreshed. 
Jiin par nanbat ami, to bo in imnj 

nent danger of life. 
Jiin i»ar parnii, to Ixj exposed to im- 
nj inent danger. 
Jiin M) murnu, to kill. [water. 

Jiint, «./. a kind of biusket for nusing 
Jantii. 8. f. a stone-mill for grinding 

corn, a hand mill of two stones 

one over the other. 
Jantii mi. v. n. to be squeeze*!, to bo 

Juntr. «. m. on engine; an amuK t 

Juntri,». m. an instrument for i\tx\\s 

ing wire ; a conjurer, a jugi^ler. 
Jaiitr raantr, *. hi. juggling, o.i 

juring, incantation. 
Jnntu..ff. m. an animal, a oreaturo. 
Janiib. 9. m. south. 
.Janiibi. adj. southeni. 
Jtinwar. «. m. an animal, a bird. 
Janwiisii, «. m. the pliuH) at tho 

bride's house wliere the briilo- 

grooiu and his train are reccivctl 

JAR [ 128 ] 


Jao, (imper. of jana), go. 

Jap, j s. m. repetition of the name of 

Jap, j God, couutiag one's beads, 
muttering prayers. 

Japak, I s. m. one who counts his 

Jai)i, / beads, &c. 

Japmal, ) s. f. a rosary, a string of 

Japmala,/ beads for counting, &c. 

Japna, v. a. to count one's beads, to 
recite the bead-roll, to make men- 

Jap tap, s. m. devotion, adoration. 

Jur, s. f. a root : «. m. a fever. 

Jar, s. /. a root, origin : s. m. an in- 
animate body, an idiot. 

Jara, s. m. cold, coldness, the winter. 

Jarai', s. f. i)rice or act of setting 

Jaraiya, s. f. ague after fever. 

Jaran, s. /. burning. 

Jarana, v. n. to be cold: v. a. to 
cause to stud or set jewels. 

Jarana, v. a. to burn, to kindle. 

Jarao, s. rw. setting of jewels. 

Jarawal, s. /. warm clothes, winter 

Jarawan s. m. firewood, fuel. 

Jarawar, 8. / see Jarawal. 

Jard, prop. Zard, which see. 

Jardf, s. f. see Zardi. 

Jard rang, adj. prop. Zard rang, 

Jare ka din, the cold weather. 

Jari, adj. running, flowing, proceed- 
ing, current, in use, usual. 

Jari, s. f. the root of a medicinal 

Jari biitr, s. m. medicinal herbs, 

Jari hona, to flow, to pass current, to 
be in force, to proceed (as busi- 
ness), to circulate. 

Jari karna, to begin, to set on foot or 
a-going, to introduce (a custom), to 
issue or put in force (an order.) 

Jarimdna, s. m. penalty, forfeit, fine. 

Jariya, s. m. a jeweller, a setter of 

Jarna, v. n. to burn : s. m. firewood, 

Jarna, s. m. firewood, fuel ; to burn. 

Jarna, v. a. to stud, to set jewels, to 
fix, encJiase. 

Jarper, s. f. root and branch. 

Jarper se ukharna, v. a. to extermi- 

Jarra, prop. Zarra, which see. 

Jarrah, 8. m. a surgeon. 

Jarrahi, s. f. surgery. 

Jarur, adj. prop. Zariir, which see. 

Jariirat, s. /. see Zarilrat. 

Jariir hona, to be necessary, 

Jaruri, adj. prop. Zaruri, necessary. 

Jarwana, v. a. to cause to set with 

Jas, s. m. name, character, fame, repu- 
tation, renown. 

Jashn, s. m. a feast, a festival. 

Jask }*•'"■?<'**<"•• 

Jasti, prop. Ziyada, which see. 

Jasudha, s. m. a perpendicular post 

in a boat to which the mast is 

Jasus. s. m. a spy, an emissary. 
Jasiisi, s.f. the action of a spy, spying. 
Jasiisi karna, to act the spy. 
Jat, s. /. caste, sect, tribe, class, kind, 

birth, production. See Zat. 
Jat, 8. m. the name of a tribe among 


J :'. > s. f. matted hair of a devotee. 

Jatadhari, adj. wearing a head of 
matted hair : s. /. the cockscomb 

Jatal, s.f. see Zatal. 

J^^^^^-'M^-/ spikenard. 
Jatamasi, j 

Jata rahna, to be lost, to be missing, 
to disappear, to go away, to die. 

Jat bhai, persons of the same caste. 

Jat dena, v. a. to give up one's caste. 

Jath, s. m.the cylinder of an oil mill. 

Jatlia, s. m. a company, band, party, 


[ 129 ] 


Jathti bandlina, to form a party. 

Jatlit'irtlj, adv. in fact, exactly, truly. 

J.iti', 8. m. a religious mendicant. 

Jut janii, V. n. to lose caste. 

Jiit lena, see Zat lena. 

Jiit mama, v. a. to destroy one's caste. 

.Tcitpant, s. f. pedigree. 

Jatra, «./. a pilgrimage, a journey, 
march ; a festival, a procession. 

Jiitra karna, v. a. to go on pilgrimage, 
to march. 

Jatri, 8. m. a pilgrim. [time. 

Jau, 8. m. barley : adv. when, what 

Juuhar, 8. m. f. a gem, jewel, pearl, 
essence, substance : adj. well-tem- 

Jauliarat, 8. pi. jewels. 

Jaulian', 8. m. a jeweller. 

Jau jau hisab lena, to take a strict 

Jaukob, adj. half-pounded, bruised. 

Jau lauo. [ "''^- """^ ^ ^°°^ "'• 
JauQ, jiron. rel. who, what, which. 
Jaun, adv. us, when. 
Juumir, 8. /. a feast. 
.Jauslian, «. m. ornament. 
.Taiilaci, \ 8. /. mace, tiio spice so 
11, / called. 

I Ilk, «. m. dower, nuptial present. 
«Kiwa, 8. m. a clove of gjirlic, u kind of 

Htit(!li ill n( edl(!Work. 
Jawiib, 8. in. an unswer, a reply, any- 
thing answering to Hiiotlier. 
Jawub d(!na, to Iteuccounhiblo for, to 
re[)ly, to uiiHwer, to dischurgu from 
J.iwuhi, K. ?/». rt>8pon<lent, 

il) niiliii, tu bu dituuissod ordis* 
.1 iwab Ml will, 8. TO. altcreniion, con- 
T iwiihir, 8. TO. a jewel, a g»'in, &a 
liinit* es»t ncLH, subhtuncon. 
I. 8. TO. u son -in law. 
U, adj. twin (^childnn.) 
i n, adj. young : s, in. a youth, lad, 
" "1"!' V. /. u young woman. 

Jawanamarg, s.f. death in the bloom 
of youth, untimely death. 

Jawanamarg mama, to die prema- 

Jawani', s.f. youth. 

Jawani' maut, 8. /. untimely death. 

Jawani maut mama, to die prema- 

Jawanmard, adj. brave, manly, gene- 
rous : 8. TO. a fine young fellow, a 

Jawiinmardi', 8./. manliness, courage. 

bmvery, generosity, magnanimity. 

Jawiinmn, \ ., 

T . ^ \ > 8. TO. youth. 
Jawanpaiia, j ^ 

Jawtir, 8. TO. tiood-tide. 

Jawatn', s.f. mace, tlie spice so ciilletl. 

Jawedar, adj. sewed in a particular 

Jazti, 8. /. retaliation, requital, re- 
ward, compensation. 
Jiizam, 8. /. tee Jajam. 
Jazb, 8. TO. allurenuiit, altercation, n ' 

sorption, drawing us of a plast : 
Jazba, 8. TO. passion, rnge, fury. 
Jazb bona, to he absorbed. 
Jazb kariiii. Ut attract, al)oorb, imbil 

to dniw las a plaster.) 
JaziraM«. to. an island. 
Jeb, 8. /. a piK'ket. 
Jebkatni, 8. to. a | ' 
J« hal|;diana, 8. in. 
Jehar, 8./. tw«» poi 

and phu'til one o\er thu uii. 
JelVlnum, «. m. Kmj. jail. 
Juonii, r. a. to i<«it. 
Jeontir. $. /. a trttit, fi*ast, entertain- 

Jcrltfind. «. tn. prop. Zorband, a tun 

JrrUir hon»i. wm» Zerlulr lu>n:i. 
Jerilutit, adj. .me 
Jer karna. ;>n'/). /'V 1"" ^^ 
Jetii, adj. \\» iiiu« i 
^ita ki, adr. thou 
Jc(h, 8. TO. husUiud ;> I KK 1 i M thcr, 

name of the KVi>nd Hindu month, 
Jc{hu, adj. ilKr. tirstboru; Uio tint 


[ 130 ] 


and strongest tint obtained from 
the flower kusnm. 

Jetluini, s. f. the wife of a husband's 
elder brother. 

Jethi madh, s. m. liquorice root. 

Jetik, adj. see Jeta. 

Jewar, s. m. ]pro]p. Zewar, jewels, orna- 

Jewar pahinna, to put on jewels, to 

Jewna, v. a. to eat. 

Jewnar, s. f. a feast, entertainment. 

Jhabba, s. m. a tassel. 

Jhabiya, s. m. the name of an orna- 

Jhabra, adj. long-haired, shaggy. 

Jhagarna, v. n. to wrangle, to quarrel, 
to dispute, to cavil, to contend, to 

Jhagra, s. m. wrangling, quarrelling, 
contention, squabble, strife. 

Jhagra karna, v. a. to quarrel. 

Jhagralin,! adj. quarrelsome, con- 

Jhagralii, / tentious. 

Jhagrana, v. a. to set a wrangling. 

Jhagra ragra, s. m. squabbling and 
wrangling, squabble. 

Jham, s. f. freckles on the skin. 

Jhajha, s. m. see Jhanjhat. 

Jhajhakna, v. n. see Jhijhakna. 

Jhajhkarna, v. a. to browbeat, to 
speak snappishly. 

Jhajjhar, s. m. a goglet. 

Jhak, s. f. passion, nonsense, rant. 

Jbalcajliak, adj. shining, glittering 
with gold and silver. 

Jliaki, adj. passionate, raver, ranter. 

Jhakjhori', s. f. scrambling and 
wrangling, snatching. 

Jliakhna, v. n. to lament, to grieve. 

Jhakkar, s. m. a squall, a storm, a 

Jliakna, v. n. to lament, to grieve. 

Jhakmargi, s, /. the acting fruit- 
lessly or absurdly, nonsense. 

Jhak marna, to act fruitlessly or 
absurdly, to talk nonsensically, to 

Jhakola, s. m. see Jhakora. 

Jhakolna, v. a. to shake. 

Jhakora, s. m. a squall, a gust, j 

Jhakorna, v. a. to shake. 
Jhal. 8. m. sharpness, fieriness (ai 

of pepper), hot (as with spices.) 
Jhal, s. /. passion, anger, jealousy 

the heat from fire. 
Jhalabor, adj. shining, splendid 

covered with jewels and orna 

Jhalajhal, adj. luminous, resplen 

dent, embroidered. 
Jhalak, s. f. brightness, glitter, glare 

reflection of light. 
Jhalakna, v. n. to shine, to glare. 
Jhalar, s. f. fringe, frill. 
Jhalardar, adj. fringed. 
Jhaljhal, s. m. glitter. 
Jhaljhalahat, s. f. glitter, splendom 
Jlialjhalana, v. n. to glitter, to glar( 
Jhalkana, v. a. to cause to shine. 
Jhalki, s. f. a glance. 
Jhalna, v. a. to polish, to clea 

(plate) ; to solder. 
Jhalna, v. a. to fan, to move to an 

fro (as a fan) : v. n. to be soldere 

or repaired. 
Jhalwana, v. a. to cause to fixn ; t 

cause to be soldered or repaired. 
Jhama, s. m. pumice-stone, brick 

burnt to cinder. 
Jhamajham, adv. incessantly (s 

Jhamaka, s. m. a heavy shower 

Jhamakna, v. n. to glitter ; to danc< 
Jhamakra, s. m. splendour. 
Jhamar jhamar, adv. drop by dro 

Jhamjham, adv.' incessantly (t 

Jhamp, s. m. a matted shutter ( 

Jhampna, v. a. to cover, to shut. 
Jhan, s. m. used to express tl 

clanking of metallic bodies. 


[ 131 ] 


Jlmriak, «,/. ringing, tinkling, jingle, 

.lli;uida, 8. m. a banner, fi^^^, ensign. 
.IJmiidula, adj. with a fine head of 

iiair (a child.) 
Jliangti, «. m. an upper garment or 

Jhdnjh, 8. m. cymbals; horse-bells. 
Jhanjlianana, v. n. to tinkle, to 

clink, to tingle, to nng, to rattle. 
.Thanjhar, adj. tliin fas cloth.) 
Jhanjiiat, s. m. wrangling,perplexity. 
Jhanjhati', adj. jx^rjdexing, difficult, 

Jhanjhkar, 8. /. clinking, tinkling, 

Jhanjliri, 8./. a lattice; a kind of 

play with a boat by twirling it 

Jhank, 8. m. bougli of a tree, under- 
wood ; a herd of deer, flock of 

]>irds, &c. 
.lliiinka jhonki', 8./. peeping. 
Jhankar, x. m. buslies, brambles, 

Jliaidtar, 8. /. clinking, tinkling, 

ringing, chink, jingh\ rattk\ 
«lliankliani,l 8. m. a tree without 
tlhankiiani,/ IcavcH. 
Jiianklma, v. ii. see Jhakmi. 
.Ihankmi, v. n. to spy, to poop. 
.liiaoHH, 8. m. deceit, trick, deception. 
Jliausmi, v. a. to drink anything in- 
toxicating ; to decfivc. 
Jitant, 8./. thu Imir uf tho private 

parts, pubes. 
JiiauNviiu, s, m. bricks burnt to 

.lluiuwlii, adj. sunbijmt, fa<lod. 
.Iluiuwh', 8./. a wink, coquetry. 
.lliaUNvlilniz, a cixiucthv 
.lliauwni, adj. see .Ihauwla. 

ilhulnijhap, } «^*'- q^'^'^b'- 
.Ihapailmpi'. 8./. Im.^to, hurry. 
,]ha})aK, 8./. a doze. 
dhapaUna. r. «. to spring (nsatigfr), 

to siKiti'h. 

Jhapat, 8. f. a match, a spring (as 
of a tiger), rush, snap. 

Jhapat lena, v. n. to snatch, to 
spring or pounce upon. 

Jhapatna, same as Jhapat lena ; 
also> to make haste in travelling. 

Jhapattii, s. in. the spring of a 
tiger ; a snatch. 

Japatta mania, to snatch, to dait 
(as a kite on its prey.) 

Jhajxjt men lina, to become pos- 
sessed or bewitched. 

Jhap jhap, adc. hastily, quickly. 

Jhapki', 8. /. a spring (as of a tiger) ; 
drowsiness, doze. 

Jliapsa, 8. /. miny weather. 

Jhap se, adv. quickly, in a trice. 

Jhar, 8. /. heavy rain, a storm, a 
tempest ; a kind of lock. 

Jhiir, 8. m. bushes, bnunbles, uu- 
derwood ; a lustre or chantlelier. 

Jhafii, 8. TO. a stool, a purge ; search. 

Jhani demi, to submit to sciirch. 

JInifa Icnii, to search. 

Jhaia jhapte janii, to go to the ne- 

Jhapijhai*, adv. hastily, rapidly. 

Jhapl jhajka phirmi, to go to tli 


Jhiiran, s. /. sweepings ; a conrx 

cloth for wiping furuiiuro, Ac. 
Jharana, r. <i. to get swept, to iniu-' 

to be exor^'ised. 
Jhapi phirnti. to go to tlio nect^a^sary. 
Jhtif UiiuUmu, to min without 

Jliarbattus 9./. a hurricane, u storm 

of wind and rain. 

•Iliarln'r, ». m.) m i i a 

I , , • ^ > o wild bor-tree. 

Jhar (Jiilna,^ r. a. to swct'p, to 
.Iluif demi, / brush, to clear awny. 
Jhiin', «. /. a water vc8si.«l, with 'a 


Jhiifi', *. /. forest, wood, bru*hwo<xl. 



[ 132 ] 


Jhari, s. f. continued rain, wet 
weather, showers. 

Jliar jhankhar, s. m. brambles, 
large dry bushes. 

Jharjharana, v. n. to shake, to jerk. 

Jliar jhatak, s. /. sweeping. 

Jhar jhiir, s. f. sweepings ; thicket. 

Jliarkajharki, s. /. mutual, wrang- 

Jharkhand, s. m. the forest of 

• Baijnath. 

Jharna, s. m. a skimmer ; a spring, 
a cascade ; v. n. to flow. 

Jharna, v. n. to fall off (as fruit from 
a tree), to drop, to shake, to fall, 
to pour, to be sounded (the 

Jharna, v. a. to sweep, to brush, to 
clean, to knock off, to strike fire 
(as with a flint), to exorcise. 

Jharna phunkna, to exorcise, to re- 
peat spells or charms. 

Jbaroklia, s. w. a lattice, a window. 

Jhar pahar, digression. 

Jharpajharpi, s. /. fighting (as of 
birds ""j sparring, contention. 

Jliar philnk, s. /. juggling, conjuring, 
hocus pocus (particularly to cure 
the bite of a snake or a disease.) 

Jhar tiifan, s. m. a hurricane, a tem- 

Jharii, s. m. a broom, a besom ; a 

Jliiirubardar, s. m. a sweeper. 

Jharwana, v. a. to cause others to 

,Jliat, adv. quickly, instantly. 

Jhatak, s. /. twitch. 

Jhatakna, v. a. to twitch, to jerk : 
V. n. to become lean, to shake, to 
stride out in walking. 

Jliatas, s. /. driving rain, wind and 

Jhat jhat, adv. quickly, hastily. 

Jhatka, adj. slaughtered by cutting 
off the head, brt)ken asunder or 
torn by a sudden jerk ; a squall 
of wind. 

Jhaii, s. m. name of a tree similar to 

Jhaur, s. /. squabbling. 
Jhauwa, s. m. see Jhaii. 
Jhijhak, s. f. start. 
Jhijhakna, v. n. to start or boggle. 
Jhikhna, j v. n. to grieve, to lament, 
Jhikna, / to think of anything 

with sorrow. 
Jhfl, s. f. a lake. 

Jhilam, s. /. armour, a coat of mail. 
Jhilam ka top, an iron helmet. 
Jhilanga, | s. m. the netted bottom 
Jhilga, / of a bed or couch when 

worn out and separated. 
Jhillf, s. /. a thin skin, the caul. 
Jhilmila, adj. sparkling. 
Jhilmilana, v. n. to undulate as the 

flame of a candle or as water, to 

twinkle, to scintillate. 
Jhilmili, s.f. a Venetian blind, a 

Jhma, adj. fine, subtile, thin. 
Jiiinga, s. f. a shrimp, a prawn. 
Jhmgur, s. m. a cricket. 
Jhinjhorna, v. n. to shake, to break 

or tear or worry with the teeth. 
Jhinjhri, s. f. see Jhanjhri. 
Jhinka, s. the quantity of grain put 

at once into a hand-mill. 
Jhfnkna, v. n. see Jhikna. 
Jhirak, s. f. threat, jerk. 
Jhirakna, v. n. to browbeat, to 

threaten, to speak snappishly, to 

Jhirjhir, adj. running in a slender 

stream (water, &c.) 
Jhirjhirana, v. n. to trickle, to rill. 
Jhirki, s. /. rebuff, snappishness, 

frowning, jerk. 
Jhfsi, s. m. mizzling rain. 
Jhojh. s. m. a pendulous belly. 
Jhok, s. f. a jolt, a puff or gust. 
Jhoka, s. m. a contact, collision ; a 

gust, a blast, breeze or current (of 



[ 133 ] 


J]inlvna, V. a. see Jhonkna. 

.Iliol, 8. m. puckering or wrinkling 
■m of new-made clothes) ; cobweb, 
' >t ; a litter, brood, farrow, hatch, 
. birth. 

Jhola, 8. m. a stroke of the sun ; the 
palsy ; a wallet ; a knapsack. 

.Tlioli, 8. f. a wallet. 

Jholjhal, 8. m. soot and filth. 

.Thorapra, s. m. "I a cottage, a shed, 

Jhompfi, 8, /. J a hut. 

Jlionk, 8. /. a shove or push in 
swinging, the impulse of a squall 
or sudden blast of wind, a jolt, a 

Jhonk dena, to throw dust, &c. ; to 
tlirow away (tlio lives of men use- 

Jhonkna, v. a. to push ; to throw ; 
to cast fuel into an oven or fire- 

Jhonta 8. m. 1 the hair of the back 

Jiiontf, 8. /. / part of the neck. 

.Ihopfa, 8. m. 'I a cottage, a hut, a 

.lliopn, 8. /. / shed. 

Jliukil (lend, 'i * v „ i 

11 ... - , . ' > 17. a. to bond. 

Jhiikaiui, V. a. to cause to stoop, to 

b(M»d forwards ; to make to ntxl. 
.Tiiuk jiina, I r. n. to ikhI, to Ik)w, to 
.liiuknii, ) stoop, to Ki bent down- 

wurds, (as the bough of a tree.) 
.11 1 111, 8. /. body clotheH of cattle, 

.Ilitiltl, 8. m. a swing; n kind of gar- 
.lliuldna, V. a. to swing, to 8ho\'0 a 
swing, to rock (a cnullr), to <lan- 
glo, to hang, to mukt* another (us 
a dun) dane»! aft^jr one. 
Jliulns drnii, v. a. to sear, to singo, 
.lliuln.M jiinji, "I r. n. to Ih) hcart'd, 
.Ihulusnri, / singed or scorched. 
.Iliulnji, \ V. n. to 8wi?ig (for oxor- 
.liiulnii, j ci80\ to swing, to dangle, 
lit oscillnU'-. 8. in. a kin«l «>f poem. 
Jliulsiimi, r. a. to cause to singe, to 
I hinge, to sear, to scorch. 

Jhumak, 8. /. j the bell-shaped pen- 
Jhumka, 8. m. > dant of an ear- 
Jhumka, 8. m. ) ring ; a bunch of 

flowers or fruit ; name of a flower. 
Jhiirakr, 8. /. a kind of ear-ring. 
Jhumna, v. n. to wave, to move the 

head up and down, to slumber, to 

gather (the clouds.) 
Jhiina s. m. a kind of muslin. 
Jiiund, 8. m. a crowd, swarm, flock, 

troop, a clump (of trees.) 
Jhunjhltihat, 8. /. peevishness, ra- 
ging, storming. 
Jhunjlilana, r. n. to be peevish or 

fretful, to be petulant or irritable. 

to rage, to storm. 
Jhunjliunti, s. m. a child's rattle. 
Jhunjlium', 8./. little bells worn on 

the fei't; the tingling sensation 

felt when a limb is asleep. 
Jhiicmna. v. n. see Jiiiimna. 
Jhiiusna jhaQsna, i\ a. to deceive. 
Jhiiotha, see .Ihiitlul. 
Jhuoihftii jhiintiian, 8. n». leaving 
Jhu'pri, 8./. see .Iliopn. 
Jhiir, 8. m. brninble. 
Jliiira, adj. witiienxl. 
.Ihuri', 8./. wrinkle. 
Jhurma^, 8. m. a multitude, a crowd; 

a row, a conflict 
.Ihurnii. r. it. to witlicr, to ftulo (iVom 

grief , to pine, 
tllulruii, r. a. to shake fruit ftt>m the 

tree : r. n. to pino. 
J\\\i{, adj. faltft^ : 8. m. u V *' ' ' " 
tlluijnlnii, v. u. to \^v\\ 

to prove one in tlu' \\ . 

luU' vietutilH bv Unioliiiig them, jio« 
JiiU^h, lulj. »vvi .finit. 
JluijIiH, adj. liar. \ ' TT 

iliis) that whj< 

and therefore i 

fu8i», left (food) : », m. leavings of 

fi)od. [v»'ry wr«<t«'hfHl. 
Jhilflui ohiitniS, to eat l 1h> 

.Thutha jlititn, 8. m. kA\ I. 

Jhiiih bohia, to lie, to i ..^, to 

speak falsehood. 


[ 134 ] 


Jlmthlana, v. a. to belie, to falsify. 

Jhuth miith, lie, lying, falsehood; 
deception, falsely. 

Ji, yes, sir, master, madam : s. m. 
life, soul, spirit, mind. 

Ji a jana, to have the mind suddenly 
jEixed (on anything.) 

Jib, s. / the tongue. 

Ji bahlana, to amuse one's self, to 
dissipate reflection. [ous. 

Ji bar liana, to be moderately desir- 

Jibh, s. /. the tongue. 

Ji bliar jana, to be at ease or con- 

Jibh barhana, to be loquacious and 
abusive; to punsue pleasures be- 
yond one's reach. 

Jibh dabke bat kahna, to speak with 

Jibhi, s. m. an instrument for clean- 
ing the tongue ; a bit of a bridle. 

Jibh katna, to forbid by signs. 

Jibh nikalna, to be extremely fa- 
tigued or thirsty. 

Ji bura karna, to vomit, to have a 

Ji chahna, 

Ji chalna, 

■ to desire. 

Ji chhipana, j to do a work careless- 
Jichurana, / ly and lazily; to 

Jidd, 'proi:). Zidd, which see. 
Jiddi, adj. 'prop. Ziddi, which see. 
Jidd karna, see Zidd karna. 
Jidhar, j adv. where, wherever, whi- 
Jidhar, / tlier, there. 
Ji dharakna, to have a palpitation 

of the heart. 
Jidhar tidhar, odv. hither and tlii- 

ther, here and there, everywliere. 
Ji diib jana, to faint. 
Jigar, s. m. the Uver, vitals, heart, 

mind, courage. 
Jigar chak, adj. heartbroken. 
Jigarf, adj. belonging to the liver or 

Jigari dagh, s. m. indelible stain or 

mark, inconsolable grief. 

Jihad, s. m. war (especially against 

Jihalat, s. f. ignorance, barbarism. 

Jihan, s. m. prop. Zihn, which see. 

Ji^ harna, to be discouraged, to be 

Jihat, 8. /. cause, reason, account. 

Ji liat jana, to detest. 

Ji jalana, to befriend ; to plague, to 
perplex. [mind. 

Ji jalna, to be vexed or troubled iii 

Jikar, s. m. prop. Zikr, which see. 

Jikar karna, see Zikr karna. 

Ji ke badal ji den a, to take up the 
cause of another. 

Ji kholke kuchh karna, to do with 
pleasure or cheerfully. 

Jil, s.f. a high note or tone in music, 
the treble. See Zil. 

Jila, s.f. splendour, lustre, bright- 
ness ; scouring, polishing : s. m. 
for Zila, a district, a division. 

Jiladar, s. m. a person who superin- 
tends tlie fulfilment of engage- 
ments of agriculturists. 

Ji lagana, to place or fix the mind. 

Ji lagna, to contract affection for 
any person or thing; to love; to 
hanker after. 

Jilana, v. a. to give life to, to vivify, 
to recover any thing almost dead ; 
to foster, to patronize. 

Jilawatan, s. m. emigration, leaving 
one's country. 

Jilawatan bona, to emigrate or aban- 
don one's country, to be exiled. 

Jilawatan karna, to abandon one's 
country, to exile. 

Jild, s. f. the binding of a book, a 
volume, a book. 

Jildband, adj. bound (a book.) 

Jildbandf, s. /. bookbinding. 

Jildgar. s. m. a bookbinder. 
Jildgari, s. f. bookbinding. 
Ji lena, to kill. 

Jilwa, s. m. the meeting of the bride 
and bridegroom (in presence of 
the relations.) 


[ 135 ] 


Jima, 8. /. copulation. 
Jiniana, v. a. to feed, to entertain. 
Jfinar, adj. mortifying one's desires. 
Ji marna, to mortify one's desires. 
Ji meo ana, to come into the mind, 

to occur to the recollection. 
J I men jal jana, to be tormented 

with envy and jealousy. 

Ji men ji ana, to be comforted. 

J I milana, to contract friendship. 

JImma, 8. m. prop. Zimma, which see. 

Jhnme karna, \ „^^ ry-^^ i,«„„^ 
y. 1 . } see Zimme karna. 

Jimme lena, / 

J nana, v. a. to eat. [what. 

Jin, pron. rel. plur. inflect, whom, 

Jin, 8. w. j/rov. Zin, a saddle. 

Jinii, V. n. to nve : 8. m, living. 

Jina, 8./. prop. Zina, which see. 

Jiniikar, 8. m. see Ziniikiir. 

Jiniikari, 8./. see Zintikari. 

Jin bandlina, prop. 'Lin bandhnd, to 

Jinda, adj. prop. Zindn, alive, living. 

.lindagani, ».J. sec Zindagiini. 
I ilinda<:;i, 8./. see Zindagi. 

Ji nikalnii, t-o die; to fear exceed- 
ing' ly. 

Jinirt, 8./. irrop. Jina, which sec. 

Jinn, 8. m. a genius, demon, one of 
ilio genii. 

Jinnnt, 8. {plur. of Jinn), genii. 

Jinposh, 8. m. prop. Ziniwah, which 

Jins, 8./. g<nuH, kind, sort, species; 
family : ^\kA» ; corn. 

M ptinsi, to uiiderstund one's temper; 
to revive. 

.Ii' piini karnti, to harass, to tear, to 

JHTph X. 

.Ii par kliclnji, to riak one's life. 

.h pn.sijnii, to wniimssioimte, to feel 

.h phat jjinri, to be broken-hcorted, to 

ho «»m luled. 
M pliir jjinu, to bo satiated or dis- 

.Ii i>i!;hal jiinii. \ to be comi^assionato, 
Ji pi-li;ihi:i. I to feel atlectiou. 

Jira, 8. m. cummin-seed. 

Jis, pron. rel. sing, inflect, of Jo, tlat, 

what, who, whom, which. 
Jis dam, adv. when, while, whilst, 

any one. 
Ji se mama, to kill. 
Ji se utar jiina, to sink in the opinii 

of another. 
Jis jagah, adv. where, wherever. 
Jis jis, whichevtr, each of which. 
Jis ka, pron. rel. sing, whose, of 

Jis kisi ka, of whomever. 
Jis kisi ko, to whomever. 
Jis ko, to whom. 
Jism, 8. m. body of any being. 
Jismani, adj. belonging to Ixxly, cor- 
poreal, material. 
Jisnuiniyat, I ^ ^ ^^^^^jj^ 
J ism ly at, j -^ ^ 

Jis qadr, adv. to what degree, as, a^ 

much as, whatever, what^cver. 
Jis taraf, adv. where, even. 
Jis tju'ah, adv. according to, a«: 

wiiat manner or fasliion, {in) what 

Jis tjiur, adv. in what motle. 
Jis tin, whi»mever, whatever, some 

or other. 
Jis watjt. when, since, wluit time, at 

what tinjo, wlierever. 
Jit, 8./. winning, victory. [nun 
JiUi, adj. alive, living ; over, ubo\ 
Jitjib, 8. III. life, ( xiHtenoe. 
Jitii homi, to bo over, to exceed. 
JiUina, V. a. to cuuuo to win or ct): 

Jite ji, adj. ttlive, living, lifotime, 
Jiti-k, adj. as nuieli an, us many as. 
Ji^liuni, 8./. husband's elder br<^ 

ther's wile. 
Jitiyu, s. /. name of a HindU fast. 
J Una, r. a. to win, to conquer, ' 

Jit mi, wi.l adj. how much, ko mm 
Jitm',/. j uH nnich a.**, as Many. 
Jitne nu'U in as much i^tiuie , ua. 
Jitto, atO*. see Jitui. 

JOK [ 136 ] 

Jitwaiya, ) 

Jitwant, I «• ^- a winner. 

Jiii, s. m. see Jiw. 

Jiiigar, adj. resolute, bold. 

Ji nth ana, to raise to life ; to cure. 

Jivika, s. f. pension, livelihood. 

Jiw, s. m. life, soul ; animal ; a 
sweetheart : interj. bravo ! 

Jiwan, s. m. livelihood, living. 

Jiwana, v. a. to feed, to entertain. 

Jiwar, s. m. neighbourhood, vicinity. 

Jiwat, adj. brave, courageous, reso- 

Jiwgar, adj. resolute, bold. 

Jiwna, V. 71. to live. 

Jiwra, s. m. life, soul. 

Jiyada, s. m. prop. Ziyada, whicb see. 

Jiyada bona, see Ziyada bona. 

Jiyada karna, see Ziyada karna. 

Jiyafat, s.f.prop. Ziyafat, which see. 

Jiyan, s. m. prop. Ziyan, which see. 

Jiyana, v. n. to cause to live. 

Jiyara, s. m. life, soul. 

Jiyarat, s. /. prop. Ziyarat, which see. 

Jiyiira, s. m. life, soul. 

Jo, in compos, seeking, seeker : pron. 
rel. who, what, which : conj. if, that. 

Joar, s. f. the name of a grain, In- 
dian corn, maize. 

Joban, s. m. puberty, prime, youth, 

Jo chiz, what thing, wliatever. 

Jodha, s. m. a hero, a warrior, a brave 

Jog, s. m. junction, fitting ; intense 
devotion : adj. possible, capable, 
fit ; in compos, able, worthy. 

Jogi, s. m. a Hindu faqfr, a devotee. 

Jogin, s. f. female of Jogi". 

Jogni", s. f. a class of female deities 
attendant on the goddess Debi; 
spirits governing periods of good 
ami ill luck. 

Jogya, adj. accomplished, fit, capable. 

Johna, V. a. to expect, to lookout for. 

Jojan, s. m. a measure of four kos. 

Jo jo, whoever, whatever. 

Jok, s. f. a leech. 


Jokh, s. f. weight. 

Jokhim, s.f. risk, venture, danger, i] 

jury ; easily broken or injured. 
Jokhim uthana, to run the hazard, 

risk, to suffer loss. 
Jokhimf, 8. m. one who risks. ] 
Jokhna, v. a. to weigh. 
Jokhon, s. f. see Jokhim. 
Jo kof, whoever. 
Jo ki, though, although. 
Jo kuchh, whatever. 
Jola, s. m. fraud, deceit. 
Jola dena, to deceive. 
Jolah, s. m. a weaver. 
Jon, adv. as, when. 
JonhiQ, adv. as soon as,^xactly whei 
Jonk, 8. f. a leech. 
Jon ka ton, in the same way as : 

was, as before, unaltered. 
Jonk lagana, to apply leeches. 
Jon ton, adv. in some way. 
Jon tonkar, 1 adv. in any way, b 
Jon tonkarke, f some means, some 

how or other, as it could be don( 
Jor, 8. m. prop. Zor, which see. 
Jor, 8. m. junction, joint, joining, cor 

nexion ; a patch, a seam. 
Jora, 8. m. a joining, a pair, a coupk 

a pair of shoes ; a suit (of clothes, 
Joran, s. m. solder ; runnet. 
Jora war, adj. see Zorawar. 
Jorawari, s. /. see Zorawari. 
Jor dena, to cast up, to add the sun 
Jori, 8. f. a pair, a couple. 
Joriyana, to put together in order. 
Jor jar, s. m. savings, scraping 


Jor karna, ) gee under Zor. 

Jor marna, J 

Jorna, ) v. a. to join, to mend, to ad( 

Jorna, I together, iio reckon, to cas 
or sum or add up ;__to solder, t* 
cement, to set (a bone, &c.) 

Jorti, 8. f. calculation, reckoning. 

Jor tor, 8. m. contrivance, arrange 

Jorii, 8. /. a wife. 

Jorii larka, wife and children, family 


[ 137 ] 


Josh, 8. m. ebullition, effervescence, 

heat, passion, lust. 
Joshiinda, s. m. a decoction. 
JohIi denii, to cause to boil, to boil. 
.Josh khiiiui, to boil or bubble up. 
Jot, «./. cultivation, cultivated land, 

tillage ; brilliancy, light, lustre ; 

the sunbeams, the Hame of a candle 

or lamp ; vision. 
Jotf, 8. f. the string which suspends 

the scale of a balance. 

V t'ki f *• ^' ^'^^rology, astronomy. 
Jotikhi ) 8. m. an astrologer, an 
Jotikr, I astronomer. 
Jotish, 8. m. see Jotikli. 
Jotiswurup, 8t,*lf-resplendent ; an 

epithet of God. 
Jotna, V. a. to yoke ; to plough, to till. 
Jiia, 8. w. a yoke ; playing with dice, 

&c., gunihliiig. 
Jiia khclna, to gam})le. 
Juan', 8. m. a gambler. 
Jubdn, 8. f. prop, Zul)an, which see. 
.Iiihb;i, a kind of long vest resembling 

:i siiirt. 
.Iiniii, adj. separate, distinct, away, 

apart, aside, )usuiid(;r, ditlbrent. 
Judii honii, to Ix; Hcparatod. 
Judaf, «. /. w^paration. 
Jud;i judii, adj. various, one by one, 

sevtrally. Huparatt'ly. 
Judii judii kahmi, to i)articularizc. 
Judti kariui, to m-parate, tt> disjoin, 

to piirt, (o iliscngagi', to part with, 

to di.sjM).st« of. U) wll. 
Judli, 8. VI. l)attl<', war, fight.; 
Jilubdz, 8. m. a gaml)ler. 
Jiie||chati)i, m. in. a gaming-hnuflo. 
Juft, H. in. cveMnasH; a party; a 

wuplc, a matcii. 
Jufti khilna, r. a. to pair (as hinls.) 
Jug. 8. m. a p(Mi(Hl, an agisonoof tho 

four great Hindu peritKls. 
.lugali. 8.f. tho cud. 
Jugiihiii, r. a. to cliew tlio cud. 
Jiiganii, r. a. to bo careful of, tokocp 

with care. 

Jugat, 8. f. contrivance, dexterity. 
Jiigat, 8./. a pun or double meaning. 
Jugatbaz, a punster, one who is fond 

of uttering double meanings. 
Jugat i', arlj. artful, clever, cunning, 

Jughrafiya, 8. m. geography. 
Jug jug, adv. constiintly, eternally. 
Jug jug jinii, to live for ever. 
Jugni, 8. f. a glowworm. 
Jugnu, 8. m. the firefly ; a jewel worn 

about the neck. 
Jugttiua, V. a. to procure, to get. 
Juhar, 8. /. Hindu salutation, obci- 

Juhr, 8./. jasmine, a kind of firework. 
Jujh marnii, j v. n. to die fighting, to 
Jiijhna, / be killed in battli . 

^1, 8. m. deceit, cheating, a trick. 
Juhif, «. /. prop. Zulf, which see. 
Juliih, ) 8. m. a Muhammadan 
Julaha, / weaver. 
Julam, 8. m. prop. Zulm, which see. 
Julamaua 8. in. prop. Janmana, a 

fine, piiially. 
Julam houii, see Ztdm hona. 
Julami, adj. see Zuhni'. 
Julam kariui, s^'o Zulm kurnii. 
.JulliiK 8. in. a purgi\tive nie<Ucine« a 

Juhis, 8. in. the accession '^to a 

thrt)no ) : pomp. 
Juma, 8. m. Friday. 
Jumad ul u^hir, niuno of Uio sixtli 

Arabian montii. 
Jumud ul uuwal. name of tho fifth 

Mtduiuunadan month, 
.huuail us Hiiiu', name of tho sixtll 

Muhanuuudan month. 
Jum^i, ». /. a pr»\s«'nt given on a 

Friday by scluHilboys to their pre- 

Jum^nit, 8. f. Thun«ilay. 
Jumbish. 8./. motion, agitation, 
Jumcnit, $./. Thur*lay. 
Jumlagi, 8. /. iinivers^iiity. totality. 


[ 138 ] 


Juni, s. f. a loupe. 

Junun, s. m. madness, insanity. 

Jnniini', adj. mad, insane, passionate. 

Jura, s. m. the hair done up in a knot 
behind ; the hinder part of a tur- 

Jura dena, ) , 

Jurana, / ^- -' *^ P^^^^^'^' 

Jurana, v. a. to cause to join, to 
couple, to get mended. 

Jurat, s. f. courage, boldness, bravery, 
temerity, valour. 

Juri, s. /. an ague. 

Jurimana, s. m. see Jarimana. 

Jurna, v. n. to be procured or ob- 
tained, to come to hand. 

Jurna, v. n. to be joined. 

Jurrab, s. m. a sock, stocking. 

Jurua, s. /. a woman. 

Justjii, \ s. f. searching, seeking, 

Justojii, / search, inquiry. 

Justojii karna, to seek. 

Jut, s. m. a fellow, a mate, a match. 

Juta, s. m. a shoe, a slipper. 

Jutana, v. n. to be joined, to yoke ; 
to be tilled. 

Jiiti, s. /. a shoe, a slipper. 

Jutikari, s. f. act of beating with 

Jutikhor, I adj. beaten with slip- 

Jiitikhora, j pers. 

Juti marna, v. a. to beat with a shoe 
or slippers. 

Jiiti paizar karna, to kick. 

Jiitr paizar khana, to be kicked. 

Jutiyana, v. a. to beat with a shoe 
or slippers. 

Jutna, V. 71. to close with, to engage 
in close fight, to unite, to close, to 
join (as the edges of a wound.) 

Jutwana, v. a. to cause to join or yoke. 

Juva, adj. young. 

Juwar, s.f. flood-tide. 

Juz, s. m. a part, portion ; a divi- 
sion of a book consisting of eight 

Juzbandf, s. f. arrangement of the 
parts of a book for binding. 

Juzdan, s. m. a cloth in which 
books are wrapped up, a port- 

Juz o kuU, adj. totally, entirely, 
great and small. 

Jwala, s. /. flame. 

Jwar, s. m. fever. 

T , ' "' ct^^- bow much the more, so, 
«jyun, > 1 •« 

Jyiin, P^^^ ^^' ^^ ^^- 

Jyiin jyiin, at what time. 

Jyunkar, as. 

Jyun ka tyun, adv. precisely tlie 


Jyun tyun, somehow or other. 


Ka, postpos. of, belonging to; in 
Braj. pron. inflect, sing, of Kauu, 
whom, what, which. 

Kab, adv. wlien ? 

Kaba, s. m. the temple of Mecca. 

Kabab, s. m. roasted meat, a roast, 

Kababchmi, s. f. cubebs. 

Kabab bona, v. n. to burn, to be 
roasted, to be enraged. 

Kababi, adj. fit to be roasted, roast- 
ing fowl. 

Kabab karna, v. a. to burn, to rOast. 

Kabaddi, s. f. a game among boys. 

Kabahat, s. f. prop. Qabahat, per- 
plexity, inconvenience. 

Kabail, s. m. prop. Qabail, which see. 

Kabaj, s. f. prop. Qabz, costiveness, 

Kabaj karna, see Qabz karna. 

Kabalsiirat, adj. prop. Qabiilsurat, 

Kabalsiiratf, s. /. see Qabulsurati. 

Kabar, s. f. prop. Qabr, a grave, a 

Kabargali, s. f. prop. Qabrgah, a 

Kabaristan, s. f. prop. Qabristan, a 

Kabhi', ad^v. ever, sometime or other, 


[ 139 ] 


Knbhi kabhf, adv. sometimes, now 
and tlien, at times. 

K;il)lii ke, of somt time. 

\\:\\)hiY\,adv. see Kabhi'. 

!\;il)'ii naln'n, adv. never. 

lv;il>hi na kablii, sometime or other, 
first or last. 

Kabhii, | adv. even, sometime or 

Kabhiin, / other, sometime. 

Kabhun iiahm, adv. never. 

Kabi, s. m. a poet. 

Kabr, wlv. see KabliT. 

Kabil, adj. itrop. Qdbil, which see. 

Kabila, «. /. proj). Qabi'la, wife. 

Ktibil bona, prop. Qabil bona, to de- 
serve, to merit. 

Kabi'r, n. prop, name of a faqi'r. 

lOibirpantbi, 8, m. a follower of 

Kabi'swar, 8. m. an eminent poet 

Kabit, 8. TO. poetry, verso. 

Kabitti, 8. m. a poet. 

Kii]))!!, 8. m. prop. Qabza, which see. 

■ i;i karmi, j p*02>. Qabzn, &c., 
j ' lut'o karnd.i t^) seize, to take 
i i\:il)j(! nu'uhina, ) possession of. 

Kahjiyat, 8. f. i/rop. Qabziyat, which 

I Kjib ka, adv. since when ? of what 
time ? 
Kid) kab, when. 

Ivub k(\l adw «inco when? of what 
Kab Ui,) time? 

[IJjI'I till when? how long? 

lyibni, adj. j^ray, dirty whito. 

Kiib 8o, Hinco when ? 

Kabaiirat, prop. tChubHiimt, which 
' Kab tai'o, ) , ,.,, , ... 

Kab ink "t' <'," "'"" ' '"^^^ 

Kabtdak. ) ^""S- 

Kubii, ado. 8(»o Kablui. 

Kabii, 8. m. prop. Qi\\m, whij'h mh\ 
( Kabii chahina, sie Qjibu chalunii. 

Kubiirhi, adj. prop. Qabiichi*. de»- 
potic. tyrannical. 

Kabiiohipanti, 8. in. tyranny. 

i Kabuk, s. f. a pigeon- house, a box 
I for pigeons. 

j Kabul, n. prop, name of a country 
! and city, Cabool. 
I Kabiil, 8. in. prop. Qabiil. which S( 
; Kabul I, 8. f. a kind of pea. 
Kabiiliyat, 8. f. prop. Qabuliyat, u 

written agreement. 
Kabul karna, see Qiibul karnii. 
Ktibiipana, prop. Qabiipanti, which 

Kabii tar, 8. m. a pigeon. 
Kabutjir])az, one who rears pigeons. 
Kabiitarkliana, s. m. a dove-cot, a 

Kiicli, 8. in. glass. 
Ktichii, adj. si e Kachcha. 
l\ivcha)iri, «. /. a hall of justice, court, 

an office for transacting busiut - 
Kachjii, 8. /. rawness. 
Kachak, «. /. pain from sprain, &c., 

Kachakmi, v. n. to strain, to 8i>ruin, 

to twist, to Ump, to pain. 
Kacban', «. m. name of a fruit, 
j Kachar kachar, «. supping sound i:i 
! eating. 

j Kachaun', 8./. a kind of cake. 
I Kadibacl), ». in. plur. iufiuita, bmts, 
I children, family. 
I Kacbba<'hiyu, the plciiulos. 
Kadu-lui, adj. unri|HN crude, mv 
built of unlMiktHl (arih; Hilly, uu 
oxpcricncvd; faW; iH-nmUi A 
ci rtitin Htundnrd of wiighU* anil 

b mil, to got into a ragtv 

U ....|...iia, 8. Ml. rttwnc«»,rruuity. 

Kaohchhnp, 8. in. a tortoiM), :i 

Kacjuldn, a kind of horaj (with a 

hollow back.) 
K ' ' ' m. n tortoise, a t •"'' 

In a 4*'r which is I 

tarvl of cijjhty i . 

Knchchi taul, beneath tho atoudanl 



[ 140 ] 


Kachchu, s. m. name of a plant with 
an esculent root. 

Kacheri, s. f. see Kachahri. 

Kachh, s. m. a tortoise, a turtle. 

Kaclih, I s. m. a cloth worn round 

Kachha,/ the hips passing between 
the legs and tucked in behind the 
upper part of the thigh. 

Kachharna, v. a. to wash, to rinse. 

Kachhautf, s. f. a cloth worn be- 
tween the legs to conceal the pri- 

Kachhlampat, adj. incontinent, 
lecherous, libertine. 

Kachhna, v. a. to bind on or tie up 
the Kachh ; to skim up, to wipe 
up anything that is spilled with 
the hand ; to half wash or rinse 

Kachhna, | s. /. a cloth worn be- 

Kachhrn', i tween tlie legs to con- 

Kachhuf, ) ceal the privities. 

Kachhiia, 8. m. a tortoise, a turtle. 

Kachhuadahar, adj. deep and shal- 
low alternately. 

Kachh waha, s. m. a tribe of Kajputs. 

Kachiya, s. m. a reaping-hook or 

Kachiyana, v. n. to be frightened, to 
draw back. 

Kachkacli, s. m. debate, altercation. 

Kachkachahat, s. f. the act of de- 
bating, &c. 

Kachkana, v. n. to strain, to sprain, 
to twist. 

Kachkara, s. m. whalebone. 

Kaclikela, s. m. a kind of plantain 
dressed as a vegetable. 

Kachko, adj. not well-burnt, as tiles, 
bricks, &c. 

Kachlohf, ) /. . -, . 

Kachlohiya, / '• f' ^^^tempered iron. 

Kachnal, | s. f. a tree whose buds are 

Kachnar, / a delicate vegetable. 

Kachpach, adj. close, thick, stuffed 

Kachpachiya, the pleiades. 

Kachpan, s. m. rawness, simplicity. 

Kaclira, s. m. a kind of melon ; a 

rope used in boats, a tethering 

Kachur, s. m. the name of a poison- 
ous plant or drug. 
Kad, adv. when? also for Qadd, 

which see. 
Kada, s. m. slime, mud, mire, soft 

Kadachit, adv. should, sometimes, 

Kadalf, s. f. a plantain tree. 
Kadam, s. m. the name of a tree ; 

also for Qadam, which see. 
Kadapi, adv. see Kadachit. 
Kadar, s. f. prop. Qadr., which see. 
Kadawar, adj. prop. Qaddawar, tall. 
Kadda, s. m. prop. Qadah, which 

Kadhi, ] 

Kadhm, I adj. ever, sometime oi- 
Kadhii, j other. 
Kadhun, j 
Kadim, adj. prop. Qadim, ancient, 

Kadima, s. m. a kind of pumpkin. 
Kadir, adj. 'prop. Qadir, which see. 
Kadjawab, a rejoinder. 
Kado, s. m. slime, mud, mire. 
Kadu, s. m. a pumpkin, a pumpion, 

a gourd. 
Kadiidana, s. m. the name of a 

disease, tape- worms. 
Kaephal, s. m. name of a medicine. 
Kaf, s.f. foam, froth, spittle, phlegm. 
Kafan, s. m. a winding-sheet, a 

Kafanchor, a shroud-stealer ; caitiff, 

Kafanf, s. f. a garment worn by 

Muhammadan mendicants. 
Kaftira, s. m. atonement, expiation 

for sin. 
Kaff, s. m. Eng. coffee. 
Kafgir, s. m. a skimmer. 
Kafil, security. 
Kafila, s. m. prop. Qafila, a body of 

travellers, a caravan. 


[ 141 ] 


8. m. a crow. 

Kafir, adj. infidel, impious : s. m. an 
infidel, one who is not a Muham- 
mad an. 

Katiri, n. prop, a Caffre, a native of 
a part of Africa. 

Kafnana, v. a. to shroud, to dress for 
the grave. 

Kafiii, 8. f. a dress worn by Faqirs. 
^ Katilr, 8. m. camphor. 

Kiifiir liojana, \ to run away, to 

Kafur hoiui, / disappear, to 
scamper off, to vanish. 

Kafiin', adj. camphorated, made of 

Kafiiri batti, a camphor-wick candle. 

Ka{?, 1 

Kaga, / 

^ '^ • \ 8. m. paper. 
Kagaj. / * ^ 

Kagajf, see Kaghazu 

Kagar, «. m. edge, border, archi- 

KiiL^haz, H. in. paper. 

Kagliazf, a kind of lime ; a stationor, 
a pai>er -maker : adj. delicate, soft, 

Kiigijazr lembii, \ ». m. a lime with 

Kiigliazi ncinbu, ) a very thin riud. 

Kiigiiazpatr, h. m. a written docu- 
ment, a di'txl. 

Kah, imper. shuj. (of Ivahud), speak, 

Kiilui, K. m. order, saying, word. 

KuiaiUiiiii, fl. /. ultercutiou, cxikhj- 

Kiiiialut, «. /. indoloucc, tdotb, in- 

Kahulati, adj. lazy, slothful. 

Kahiiu, (idi\ whfre? 

Kaiiiina, r. a. to cauM) to speak, to 
must! to till: to 1k) odletl. 

Kahani, 8. /. a Uilo, story, fublo. 

Kuliiiu kji kahau, to what degree, 
rxtrcnu'ly, innni'n.s(>ly. 

Kaiiiiu s*\ udi\ where? 

Kahau tak, \ how far? how 

Kaluiu talak, / long? to what 
degree 'i 

Kahar, «. m. a palanquin-bearer; 
name of a caste. 

Kaharin, s. f. the feminine of Kahar. 

Kaliarna, v. n. to groan. 

Kahasuni, s. /. repetition of what 
one has heard. 

Kahawat, 8. /. a proverb, an adage, 
a saying. 

Kah dena, to tell, bid, order, &c. 

Kahe, pron. injlect. what? which? 
why ? wherefore ? 

Kahe ko, for what? why? where- 

Kahgil, 8. f. mud plaster for walls. 

Kahi. 8. f. a foraging party. 

Kiihi ka gosht, grass-feil meat. 

Kiihil, adj. slow, indolent, lazy, 
languid, sick, tardy. 

Kahili, 8. f. indolence, sloth, tardi- 

Kiihil mizaj, adj. indolent 

Kaln'u, adv. stmiewhere, tuiywhero, 

Kahiu aur, elsewhere. 

Kahiu nahiii, nowhei-e. 

Kaliiu ua kahio, somcwhcro or 

Kahili bhejna, r. ti. U^ send a nios- 
stige, to send and tell, to inform. 

Kahltintt, v. a. to eaUM3 to ^ay ; tu bo 

Kuhni&, V. a. to tell, to say, recount, 
state, bid. onhT. athrni, usHcrt, 
aver, advisis speak : ». m. saying, 
advice, unler. eonimand. 

Kahiio. adv, soniewhejns anywhetf 

Kahwtt, «. m. prttp. Qahwu, vsaXk v. 

Kahwadan, «. ti*. prtiy. Qahwadan. 

Knhwuna, t\ a. to C4iuse to 8}M>ak. 

Kui, «. /. jtrop. Qui, voniiting. 

K^i', ft. /. Uio green mould tl 
sticks to wall.s and {laveuient.-^ ; 
si'um, fur ; the gnH>n mmuii on the 
surface of st^ignant water. 

Kai, \ pron^ how nmuy? a4i* 00- 

Kai', / veral, sonic. 

Koid, 8. /. pwp. Qaid, which see. 


[ 142 ] 


Ivaida, s. m. prop. Qaida, which, see. 
Kaid hona, see Qaid hona. 
Kaidi, s. m. see Qaidi. 
Kaid kama, see Qaid karna. 
Kaidkhana, s. m. a prison. 
Kaid men rakhna, see Qaid, &c. 
Kaid lahna, see Qaid, &c. 

K ^' \' I ^^^^' ^°^® ^®^' ^ ^®^' 

Kaifiyat, s. f. relation, statement. 

Kai karna, prop. Qai karna, to 

Kail, p'op. Qail, which see. 

Kail hona, see Qail hona. 

Kail karna, see Qail karna. 

Kaim, 1 adj. prop. Qaim, which 

Kaimi, / see. 

Kaim mizaj, see Qaim mizaj. 

Kaim karna, prop. Qaim karna, to 

Kainchi, s. /. prop. Qainchi, scis- 
sors, shears ; an oblique cross. 

Kainchi 1, s. /. the slough of a snake. 

Kairi, s. f. a small unripe mango. 

Kairiankh, a wall-eye, an eye the 
pupil of which is grey. 

Kaisa, pron. adj. how? in what 
manner ? what sort of ? what 

Kaisa hi, howsoever. 

Kaisen, adv. how ? 

■ir^^-^u ' > s. m. name of a tree. , 

Kaiya, s. m. a tool for soldering. 

Kaiyal, s. m. a weigher of grain. 

Kaj, s. m. crooked, curved, awry. 

Kaj, s. m. business, occupation, an 
action, affair ; by reason (of), for 
the sake (of) ; a button-hole. 

Ivaia, s. /. ])ro'p. Qaza, death. 

Kajai, s. /. prop. Qaiza, the short 
rein of a harness ; the bridle used 
wlien the horse is curried. 

Kaj Ilk, s. m. prop. Qazzak, a robber. 

l\ajal, s. w. lampblack (applied to 
the eyes.) 

Kdjaldan, s. m. a box for holding 

Kajawa, s. m. a camel's saddle ; ai 
pannier ; a kind of box for keep- 
ing vessels, &c., in. 

Kajaya, prop. Qazaya, Avhich see. 

Kaji, s. m. prop. Qazi, a Muham- 
madan judge. 

Kajf, s.f. crookedness, crossness. 

Ka^iiya,s. m.prop. Qaziya, which see. 

Kajiya karna, see Qaziya karna. 

I^^Hs. m. seeKajah 

Kajlauti, s. /. an iron instrument! 

like snuffers, used to receive smoke 

for preparing lampblack. 
Kaka, s. m. a paternal imcle. 
Kakahra, s. m. the alphabet. 
Kakatua, a cockatoo-parrot. 
Kakhaurf, s. /. a painful suppurating 

tumor in the armpit. 
Kakhorna, v. a. see Kakoma. 
Kakf, s. /. a paternal aunt. 
Kakna, s. w^. )^ a ring worn on the 
Kakni, s. f. ] wrist, a bracelet, 
Kakoma, v. a. to scratch ; to scrape 

(the earth as fowls), to hollow, to 

Kakreza, s. m. name of a colour 

approaching to purple. 
Kakrezi, adj. purple-coloured. 
Kakri, s. /. a kind of cucumber. 
Kal, s. m. to-morrow, yesterday : s. /. 

ease, tranquiUity, quiet, rest; a 

trap, a machine. 
Kal, s. m. death; (met.) a snake; 

time, season, dearth, famine, ca- 

lamitv; to-morrow. 
Kala, adj. black, dark : s. m. name 

of a snake. 
Kalaba, s. m. see Kalawa. [belly.. 
Kalabal, s. m. the lower part of the 
Kalabattu, \ s. m. twisted silver 
Kalabattiin,/ and silk thread. 
Kalabazf, s. f. turning over head and 

heels, tumbling, juggling. 
Kaladana, s. name of a purgative 

Kalali, s. m. quarrel. [vixen. 

Kalahi, s. /. a scold, a termagant, a 


[ 1^3 ] 


Kalahkar, «. m. a quarrelsome man. 
Kalahkarini, 8. /. a quarrelsome 

Kaliir, 8. f. wrist ; a kind of pulse. 
Kalai, 8. f. prop. Qalaf , which see. 
Kalaigar, ^/rop. Qalafgar, wliich see. 
Kalai kania, to tin (vessels.) 
Kalajira, 8. m. black cummin-seed. 
Kala kos, a great distance. 
Kalai, 8. m. see Kaliir. 
ICalalin, «. /. see Kalarin. 
Kalam, «. /. prop. Qalam, which see. 
Kalcim, 8. m. a word, speech, talk, 

Kalamdan, «. m. prop. Qalamdan, 

which see. 
Kalamf, cuij.prop.QjsXami^ which see. 
Kalamtarasli, 8. in. prop. Qalam- 

tariish, a pcnknit'e. 
Kulii muoh karnu, to disgrace, to 
■ xIKjI. 

iin ul lali, the word of God ; 
111(3 Qiinin is so cidled. 
Kala na lagmi, not to have an 

advantage, not to avail. 
Kala namak, ««. m. a kind of rock 

salt; black salt. 
Kalank, «. m. calumny, suspicion, 
scandal, brand, stigma, obUKpiy, 
defamation, a moral stun or taint, 
Kulanki', titlj. liabh; to reproocli, 

Iv.ilap, H. m. starch. 
Kuhipan, «. m. bluekueiii}. 
Ivulapiit, I 

Kalupiit, > i(. m. Q calkor. 
Kidiipjdi', I 

K ;da[)nii, v. n. to ho grieved, to pn'i<'Vo. 
Kaltir, n. m. u distiller ; a BcUur of 

.spirituous li(|uors. 
Kalarin, ». /. female of Kaliir. 
Knlus, 8. m. tlio Bpire or orimincni 
on the top of u dome or [)illar, a 
Kala.siimp, j 8. m, a very vonomous 
Kalasarp, / blsvck suakc. 
Kalaii, s. m. naiuu of the fourth ago. 

Kalaunji, s. /. the name of a medi- 
cinal seed. 
Kalawa, many colours worn round 

the neck in the Muharram. 
Kal bas bona, to be in the hands of 

Kill bitiina, to waste one's time, to 

spend time. 
Kiilbud,^ 8. m. last, a mould for 
Kalbut, / shoes ; the hmuan body ; 

a figure, form. 
Kiilebaran, of the colour of a snak 
Kaleja, 8. m. the liver, courage, 

spirit, magnanimity. 
Kaleja kiimpnii, to be afraid, to 

suffer cold. 
Kaleja meo dal rakhnd, to love or 

esteem exceedingly. 
Kaleja phatna,to bo disturbed with 

Kaleja par samp phim^, to suffer 

jealousy or envy. 
Kaleja tlianilhii kamii, to obtain 

oiu''s wishes, to get eaijo. 
Kaleja ulatnii, to be fatigued with 

excessive vomiting. 
Kalej<^ se lagii leua, to caress, to em- 
brace, to love exceedingly. 
Kalejo sc^ lagii rakhnti, to take gri 

care of, 
Kiilo kos, a great distance. 
Kales, 8. tr», sickness, |kuii, tronbl 

KaU li, \ $. fi». stale victiuds, a hm- 
Kalewii, / elieon, a bnnikfast. 
Ktil piQwana, to wasto one's tint 

to H|K.*nd time. 
Kalgln, 8. /. an ornament worn on 
tile tiirlxm, a plumo ; the comb of 
a iHX'k. 
Kali, adj./. black: «. /. a Hindd 
gotlde.-«s: ink, blacking; name of 
I a fabulous snake witii one hu 
I dreil and ten IuhhIs. 
I Kalt', 8. /. a buti, an unblown flowti . 
! quicklimo, wet liiuo. 
I Kalijug. 8. 111. the fourth or present 
Uiudii ago; 


[ H4 ] 


Kalik, s. f. blackness, soot. 

Kalika, n. prop. f. name of the 
Hindu goddess. 

Kalikh, s. /. stain, spot, soot, dis- 
grace, stigma. 

Kalima, s. m. the Muhammadan 
confession of faith. 

Kalima parhna, to make the Mu- 
hammadan confession of faith. 

Kali mirch, s. /. black pepper. 

Kali mitti, s. f. a black earth. 

Ivalim ul lah, the speaker with 
God, Moses. 

KalLTya, } «• ^- ^ Christian church. 

Kalitulsi, s. /. the name of a plant. 

Kaliya, adj. black (complexioned.) 

Kaliyana, v. n. to blossom, to bloom, 
to bud. 

Kaliyug, s. m. see Kalijug. 

Kaliziri, s. f. name of a medicine. 

Kaljibha, adj. malignant ; whose 
curses prevail. 

Kal ka admi, a puppet. 

Kalkal, s. m. wrangling. 

Kal katna, to waste one's time, to 
spend time. 

Kal ki bat, news of yesterday, some- 
thing that happened very lately. 

Kalla,| s. m. the head, cheek, the 

Kalla,/ gills (of a fish.) 

Kallakar, adj. noisy, tumultuous. 

Kallakhushk, lantern-jawed. 

Kallapaya, the head and feet. 

Kalledaraz, adj. talkative. 

Kalledarazi, s. /. talkativeness, lo- 

Kalma, s. m. see Kalima. 

Kalmakal, s. /. uneasiness, disquiet, 
distraction, trouble. 

Kalmalana, v. n. to fidget, to writhe. 

Kalme ki ungli, s. f. the forefinger. 

Kalmi, 8. f. name of a creeper. 

Kalol, 8. f. wantonness, friskiness, 
frolic, gambol, play, sport. 

Kalor. s. /. a heifer. 

Kal parna, to happen a famine. 

Kalsa, s. m. a kind of water-pot. 

Kal si", s. f, a water-pot. See also 

Kalwar, s. m. a distiller, a vender of 

spirituous liquors. 
Kalyan. s. m. welfare, happiness, 

Kam, adj. deficient, less, little, 

abated, scanty, rarely, seldom. 
Kam, 8. m. business, action, act, 

deed, affair, occupation, work, 

use, employment ; lust. | 

Kamai, s./. earnings, gains, savings, | 

Kamal, s. m. perfection, excellence : 

adj. complete, entire, perfect. 
Kamal, s. m. a blanket. 
Kamal wala, s. m. a wearer or seller 

of blankets. 
Kaman, s./. a bow ; Eng. command ; 

a cannon. 
Kam ana, to come into use, to be 

of use, to avail, to stand in stead. 
Kamana, v. a. to earn; to work, 

to perform; to clean (leather, or 

a privy.) 
Kaman daghna, to fire (the gun.) 
Kamani, adj. bowed, bent: s. f. a 

spring; the sticks of a paper 

kite ; a carpenter's bow for bor- 
Kaman jana, to go on command (as 

Kaman ke tarke, early, morning 

Kamaql, adj. stupid, ignorant. 
Kamaqli, s. f. want of understand- 
ing, stupidity. 
Kainar, s. /. the loins, waist. 
Kamara, s. m. a chamber, a room, 

an apartment, a European's resi- 
Kamar baithna, to become weak. 
Karaaiband, s. m. a girdle, a zone, 

a waistband, a long piece of ciotii 

girt round the loins. 
Kamar bandhna, to begird, to get 

ready, to resolve, to be intent, to 



[ 145 ] 


Kamarbasta, adj. having tho loins 

girt, ready. 
Kumar khol baithna, to sit at ease. 
Kainar khohia, to quit service. 
Kainar mazbiit karna, to undertake 

a work of expense. 
Kamar pakarke uthna, to be weak. 
Kiuuar rah jana, to have a pain 

in the loins (from long standing, 

Kauidrthi, \ a person who carries 
Kiimai-thu, / baskets filled w^th 

tlie water of the Gangc.'s. 
Kamar ^utmi, to be liopeless, to be 

<leserted by one's friends. 
Kumasl, adj. low-bred, vile. 
Kamasut, 8. m. a journeyman, a 

workman, an earner. 
Kiimatur, adj. distracted with lust, 

libidinous, lustful. 
Kamuii, adj. laborious. 
Kamba^cht, adj. unfortunate, un- 
happy, wretch. 
Kambiikliti', 8. /. unfortunatencss, 

adversity, misfortune, wretchod- 

ness, misery. 
Kambal, k. m. a blanket. 
Kam besh, more or less, thereabout. 
Kiim clialiiiui, to carry on business. 

Kumchor, "I i n 

K, > a skulker, 

amclior, j 

Kiiiu dcklimi, to come into use. 

Kiimdew, n. yroi). Cupid; lust. 

Kiim faluun, adj. stupid. 

Kiim fursjit, \ s. J. want of opi)or- 

Kiim fiirsati, / timity, leisure or 

Kam ^li( r, adj. Bcanty, not full (a 

Knm hi mmat, a((/. spiritless, munn- 


Kam homi, v. n. to lessen, to do- 
it use. to ul)ati\ to fail. 
Kumi, adj. lil)idinons, lustful; busy. 
Kami, .S-. /. detieienoy, loss, paucity, 

il>at»>im'nt, diminution, decrease. 
;Kamij, «. m. prop. Qami'z, a shirt or 


Kamil, m. ) adj. perfect, complete, 

Kamila, /. / accomplished, learned. 

Kamila, 8. m. name of a drug. 

Kamin, 8. /. a beautiful woman. 

Kami'na, adj. mean, base, ijnioble, 
wicked, vile, of low condition, 
vulgar or common ^person.) 

Kamini', 8. /. a beautiful woman. 

Kamkiij, business, occupation. 

Kamkiiji', ac?/. laborious, active, alert. 

Kam kam, a httle, little by little. 

Kam karna, v. n. to diminislj, t<^ 
lessen ; to depreciate. 

Kiim kania, to labour, to work, to 
accomplish a bu^^ilJess. 

Kamkeli, amorous dalliance, coition. 

Kumyiarch, adj. parsimonious, mo- 
derate expenditure. 

Kamyiarchi, s. f. parsimony. 

Kamkhoriik, abstemious, eating 

Kamkhwtib, «. m. silk worked witli 
gold and silvir flowers, brocado. 

Kamir, »./. a small bhnd;eL 

Kannnal, 8. m. a blanket. 

Kam mejj himi, to emplov, to use. 

Kannui, ». j. desire, wisli, inclina- 

Kam nasib, adj. unfortunate. 

Kam nasil)!*, «. /. misfortune, bad 

Kiim nikiilnti, to make answer one's 
pur{)ose, to accomplish ouo*8 di 

Kam o ziyiid. '. vs. 

Kamp. *. f. 1 It very fine 

for making .. , . A:e. 

Kampti. *. m. a trap to eatoh binis. 

Kampiilui, «<(/. tremulous, fearful. 

KamiMimi, r. «. to ciuuie to tremble, 
to shake, to a^it4\te. 

Kampas, u |>»ir of ctMU|Kisses; a 
shaft for one horse. 

Kampaswiilii, n. tii. a land-survejfir. 

Ktun])hna, I v. n. to shiver, t 

Kampmi, > tremble, to ; quak' 

Kiuupiui, I to shake. 

K;im (pidam, ac^*. slow-paoed. ^ 


[ 146 ] 


Kam qadr, adj. worthless. 

Kam qfmat, adj. low-priced, of 
little value. 

Kam qiiwat, adj. feeble, powerless, 

Kamrakh, s. m. the name of a fruit. 

Kam rakhna, to be difficult to bo 

Kamrf, s. f. a small blanket : adj. 
weak in the loins (a horse.) 

Kam se kam, very little, least. 

Kam sliauq, adj. indifferent. 

Kam sinn, adj. young, prime (of 

Kam sukhan, adj. taciturn, speak- 
ing little. 

Kam talash, adj. scarce. 

Kam tamam hona, to be finished, 
killed or made away with. 

Kam tamam karna, to accomplish, 
to finish ; to kill, to make away. 

Kamtar, adj. less, least. 

Kamtarm, adj. least, meanest. 

Kamtha, s. m. a bow. 

Kamtf, s. f. deficiency, scarcity, 

Kamti karna, to lessen, to decrease. 

Kamwana, v. a. to cause to work; 
to make one pay his debt by 

Kam zarf, adj. ignoble, vile. 

Kam zat, low-bred, of low caste. 

Kam zihn, forgetful, without abili- 

Kam ziyad, more or less. 

Kamzor, adj. weak, powerless, in- 

Kamzorf, s. /. weakness, infirmity, 

Kan, in compos, digging, digger : 
s. m. rice-dust ; appraisment of a 
crop on the field, valuation. 

Kan, s. m. the ear. 

Kana, adj. blind of one eye, one- 
eyed ; rotten in part (fruit, nuts, 

Kana kanaura, adj. favoured, stand- 
ing in awe of or afraid to meet 
Kan ametna, to pull the ears, to 

Kanan, 71. prop. Canaan. 

Kana phusf, s.f. whispering. 

Kanat, s. f. prop. Qanat, which see. 

Kanaura. wJj. weak, delicate. See 
also Kana kanaura. 

Kanaura karna, to gain ascendancy 
over another, or to make him stand 
in awe. 

Kanautha, s. m. any situation in an 
apartment close to an angle of a 

Kan buchiyana, see Kan dabana. 

Kan bhar dena,| to excite dissen- 

Kan bharna, / sion by tale bear- 

Kanch, s. m. glass ; a disorder in 
which the intestinum rectum is 

Kanchan, s. m. gold. 

Khachanf, s. f. a dancing girl. 

Kand, s. m. an esculent root, loaf- 

Kand, s. m. a section, part, division. 

Kanda, s. m. dry cow-dung used for 

Kan dabana, to turn back the ears 
as a horse does when about to 
bite, to turn a deaf ear. 

Kan dena, to hear, to be attentive. 

Kan de sunna, to hear attentively. 

Kandha,| ^_ ^^^ shoulder. 

Kand 1 1 a, j 

Kandha dena, to assist, to carry 
away the dead. 

Kan dharna, to hear, to listen, to 
attend, to be attentive. 

Kandu, s. m. a caste whose business 
it is to parch corn. 

Kane, postpos. m. near, to, with, at, 

Kanel, s. f. the name of a ti-ee. 

Kanen, see Kane. 

Kaneti, s, /. pulling the ears. 


[ 147 ] 


il, adj. poor, friendless, needy, 

,;;iir, adj. see Kangal. 
Kiuigalimiia, s. m. want, indigence, 

poverty, penury. 
Kaiigan, «. m. an ornament for the 

Kanghr, 8. f. a comb. 
Kaiighi karna, to comb. 
Kangnd, 8. m. a thread tied round 

the bridegroom's wrist. 
Kangni', a. f. a small grain, millet ; 

a small bracelet. 
Kangojar, *t. m. a centipede. 

, .,,..,( *• '"*• ^ pinnacle, a turret. 
u radar, adj. spired. 

in. jtrop. the name of 

iiihiiui, to acquiesce. 
Iioiui, t() understand, to be 
\\!inicd or take example. 
Kani, 8. /. a spark of a diamond or 
"ihcr gem. 

adj. a woman blind of ono 

K:iiii kauri', a kaufi or shell with a 
hole in it; a bit of money of tho 
lowest value {Jig.) a farthuig. 
sii, H. /. SCO Kanya. 
yanrt, r. a. to |jo ono side, to 
;ivoid one. to dixlge, to hhun. 
Kanjar, *i. in. name of a caste pono- 
> •lly eni|iloycHi in ttclling utriu)^, 
king ropes, &c. 
ilinkana, to desire to hoar. 
Ivaiiji, f,f. Htarch, rico-wutcr, rico- 

grncl, conget\ 
'"^ "it' haus, a congto-hou.«»c ; a pound 

IS. 8. in. a miser, a niggard. 
ivaiijiisi, *i. /. UtinginesN meuu- 
Kunjii.wpanii, g. m.j ne^i}, jwunrious- 

uebs, niggiirdlincss. 
Kankan, s. m. a bnicclet 

Kankani', 8. f. piercing cold. 
Kankar, 8. m. a nodule of limestone, 

stone, gravel. 
Kankari', s. f. a small stone or 

Kan karna, to appraise (a crop.) 
Kankar patthar, precious stones. 
Kankata, adj. ear-cropt, earless. 
Kiin kiitna, to get the better of, to 

surpass, to outwit. 
Kankh, 8. f. the armpit. 
Kankhajura, 8. m. centipede. 
Klin kliare bona, to be alarmed. 
Kankh i', «. /. a side glance, ogle, 

squint, wuik. 
Kjuikhi miirna, to wink, to ogle. 
Ktinkhmi, v. n. to scream (a pig.) 
Kanki, 8. f. broken rice, the scraps 

that lly otf in j)oun<ling rice. 
Kan khol dena,"! to inform, to warn, 
Klin kliolmi, / to caution. 
Kankrela, adj. gravelly. 
Klin lagn^, to got into one's con- 

Ktinmail, «. m. car-wax. 
Kanmaihvahi, a person who pick- 
er cleans the cars. 
Kiin malnii, to punish, to chnstibe. 
Kan m«u <).U...;, ),„„,.;,, 
Kan nicu kahnu.J ' 

Ktin meu l>i^riii^ to bo be: 

Kan nu'U tel dtilko so nihnu, t*^ 

sKm^p soundly. 
Kan nieu tol (lulnd, to pretend not 

to hear. 
Klin meu unglt du rahnti, to stoj 

one's oarx, to turn a deaf uu* to 

what is 8i\id. 
Kannii, k. tii. the part of a imfvr kite 

to wiiich the string is tied. 
Ktin par luith dharnti. to deny. 
Kanpu^i. 8./. tlie It tuple. 
Kanphata. 8. in. a kind of Jogi* rr 

Hiiuhi faijir with split 
Ktin phopui. to make a : 
Klin phiiukti: , * * " ' 




[ 148 ] 


Kans, s. f. a kind of grass. 

Kails, n. prop, the tyrant whom 

Krishna was born to destroy. 
Kansa, s. m. bell-metal or white 

Kansalai,"! s. f. name of an insect 
KansalaiJ said to get into the ear. 
Kanta, s. m. a thorn, a large nail ; 
spur (of a cock) ; a fork, a pitch- 
fork; small goldsmith's scales; 
the tongue of a balance ; a fish 
• bone ; pricker (of a gun) ; an 
instrument with hooks to catch 
hold of things mider water, a 
drag ; an enemy. 
Kanta bona, to prepare distress or 
misfortune for one's self or ano- 
Kanth, s. m. the windpipe, throat, 
voice : adj. by heart, by rote, com- 
mitted to memory. 
Kantha, s. m. a necklace made of 

silver or crystal, &c., a collar. 
Kantha, s. m. a garment of shreds or 
rags worn by beggars called 
Kanthi, s. f. a short necklace of 

small wooden beads. 
Kanth karna, to get by heart. 
Kanthmala, s. m. a kind of necklace 

of gold and jewels. 
Kanth phutna, v. n. to be broken (the 
voice of a boy becoming hoarse 
as he approaches to puberty.) 
Kanti, s. f. a nail. 

Kanton par ghasitna, to drag upon 
thorns, to extol or exalt one above 
his merits. 
Kaniin, «. m prop. Qanun, which see. 
Kaniingo, s. m. see Qanungo. 
Kanwal, s. m. the lotus. 
Kanya, «. /. a girl not above ten 
years of age, a virgin, a daughter. 
Kanyadcin, the gift of a daughter or 

virgin in marriage. 
Kapal, 8. m. the forehead, the top of 
the head, the skull; fate, luck, 

Kapal khulna, to have a favourable 
turn of fortune. 

Kapal phutna, to be unfortunate. 

Kapar, s. m. see Kapal. 

Kapar chhan karna, to strain. 

Kapardhul, s. m. a kind of gauze. 

Kaparkut, clay pounded up with 
rags, cotton, &c., for making cru- 
cibles, &c. 

Kapas, s. /. cotton (undressed) ; the 
cotton plant. 

Kapat, adj. deceitful, designing, hy- 
pocritical : s. /. deceit, subterfuge, 

Kapatbhek, an assumed character. 

Kapatf, adj. insincere, false, acting 
an assumed part. 

Kapat riipdhari, a hypocrite. 

Kapkapi, s. f. shivering, trembling, 

Kapna, \ s. m. to shiver, to tremble, 

Kapna, / to quake, to quiver. 

Kapra, s. m. cloth, clothes, dress, 

Kapra orhna, \ to put on clothes, 

Kapra pahanna, / to clothe. 

Kapre, plur. dress, apparel. 

Kapre wapre, clothes. 

Kapron se hona, to liave the menses. 

K^pit' } '' ^- c^^P^^<^^- 

Kapuri, adj. a kind of betel leaf so 

Kaput, s. m. a degenerate or villan- 
ous son. 

Kapiiti, s. /. degeneracy, villany. 

Kaputr, s. m. see Kaput. 

Kar, s. m. the hand ; tribute, duty, 
custom, tax. 

Kar, 8. m. business, affair, work, la- 

Kara, adj. black : s. m. a black snake. 

Kara, adj. stiff, hard ; austere, se- 
vere, harsh, cruel : s. m. a ring 
woni on the wrists, ancles, &c. ; 
the handle of a door, anything in 
the form of a ring ; a link (of a 


[ 149 ] 


Kara, 8. m. a young buffalo. 

Karaba, «. m. prop. Qaraba, which 

Kardbin, s.f.prop. Qarabm, a car- 

Karah, 8. m. a shallow iron boiler (in 
which sugar, &c., is boiled), cal- 

Karahna, v. n. to sigh and utter ah ! 

from pain, to groan, to moan. 
Karait, \8.m. a very venomous 
Karaitti, j kind of snake. 
Kiiraj, 8. m. business, alfair, work, 

Karaj, «. m. j/rop. Qarz, which see. 
Karajdiir, prop. Qarzdar, which see. 
Karajdiiri, jyrop. Qarzilan', which see. 
Karaj deiui, prop. Qarz denii, to lend. 
Karaj leiui, \ prop, (^arz, &c., to 
Karaj maligna, / lx)rrow. 
Karaj rakhnii, prop. Qarz rakhnii, to 


ik, 8. m. case (in grammar.) 
i\ ill ilk, 8. /. a crash, a cnick, forked 

Kiu-jikii, 8. rn. the crash mndo by 

I'lcaking anything; a rigid faat 
lioni poverty.) 
Kiirakar, k. m. Kiiccessive orashoH. 
Karakmi, v. n. to lighU-ii ( tuiktd.) 
Kamknatli, «. naino nf u npecies of 

fowl wh«»Ho bont'H are hlaek. 
Kardkul, h. m. name of bird, a kind 

of heron or eurh^w. 
1\aniin, x. m. st o Kami. 
Ivmiiuat, 8. /. a minu*h>. 

I mat, 8. plur. of Kartimat, mini- 

l\ iiaiubhog, 8. in. fuhilling of dewti- 
ny; tlio 8utVtriiig or enjoyment of 
ii.<' eonseiiucncts of evil or gooil 

iiiikalW, «. m. a cabbagt'. 
1\ r;iinkarta,*j.7H. the .su|m rintcndeut 

"t any hn8inrs.H, u nmimgfr. 
Kaian, 8. m. making, doing, cause; 

lace, gold or silver lace used for or- 
namenting caps, shoes, &c. 

Karan, s. m. account, cause, reason. 

Karana, v. a. to cause to be done or 
made, to actuate, to effect. 

Karanae, «/. a kind of trumpet or 

Karanliar, s. m. doer, maker. 

Karanpliiil, 8. m. a kind of ear-rincr. 

Kanir, prop. Qariir, which see. 

Kanira, adj. hard, stiff. See Kan^ 

Karara, 1 «. m. the perpendicular 

Karara, j bank of a river, t&c. 

Kanir denii, prop. Qarar dena, which 

KAian', see Qariiri. [see. 

Kararmima, see Qamrniima. 

Karaundti, 8. m. name of a fruit. 

Karbala, 8.f. the place where Ilusain 
son of All was killed and buricil, 
the place where the t/iziya is bu- 
ried, any place where water --^ " ♦ 
procurable, a desert. 

Kiirbar, *t. m. busine.-^s, tmd(\ 

Ktirbari', adj. tit for business, aiti 
industrious, engaged hi busino- 

Karchlid, 8. ?». a large 8|X)on, a hu: 

Karchhtil, a.m. a riddle or cmi; 

Karohhi', h. /. a spoon. 

Karchhul, 8. f. an iron 8p(X>n. 

Kiirrhob, h. in. embroiiUry. 
I Kurelu)bi, adj. embroidertMl. 

Kardhaiii, n./. a gold or silver ginl 

Kurehi. 8. m. Die uame of a Itit i 

Kareni, adj. hunl, etifT, vohemeut. 

Kargidi, n. m. a weuvrr's shop; t 
hole in the ground iu which 
wenvor'a fwt play. 

Kiirlui, «. m. tt uecootioD, drinkHii 

Karin', *. /. a (iisli (»ling of the 
meal of pulse dri'ssetl with »our 

Kiirhnd, r. a. to draw forth (na a 
sword); to dmw, to dr.iw oil', to 
skin, to take out ; to delineate, to 
dniw, to |>aint ; to work llowcM 
on doth, &c. 


[ 150 ] 


Karhua, s. m. a loan, a debt. 

Kari, s. f. a young buffalo. 

Karf, in compos, making, maker, 
doer : adj. effectual, operating, 
penetrating ; the dish called curry. 

Kari, s. f. a rafter, a long piece of 
timber generally about three or 
four inches square ; a link (of a 
chain), a ring used to manacle or 
to fetter with. 

Karib, adv. iwop. Qarib, -which see. 

Karigar, s. m. an artisan, mechanic, 
artificer, a workman, a good expert 

Karigari, s. f. masterly work, good 
worlmianship, manufacture. 

Karil, s. m. the name of a plant. 

Karim, adj. bountiful, gracious, li- 
beral ; an epithet of God. 

Karimi, s.f. grace, bounty, liberality. 

Karinda, s. m. a workman, a me- 
chanic, a manager, an agent. 

Karistani, s. f. cleverness. 

Kariya, adj. black. 

Karji, adj. prop. Qarzf, which see. 

Karkarahat, s. f. cracking. 

Karkarana, v. n. to give such a 
sound as oil or butter when boil- 
ing ; to make a noise like the roof 
of a house when falling. 

Karkarda, experienced in business. 

Karkas, adj. harsh, violent, sharp. 

Karkasa, s. /, a termagant, a scold. 

Karkha, s. m. stigma, stain, blame. 

Karkhana, s. m. a workshop, manu- 
factory, arsenal, any place where 
public works are carried on; a 
great work. 

Karkhaniya, s. m. a manufacturer, 
one who superintends a business. 

Kar lana, to effect, to settle. 

Karm, s. m. action, act, business, 
fortune, fate, destiny. 

Karm a r, s. m. a grating or cracking 
sound, the noise arising from a 
dogs gnawing a bone. 

Karmarana, to gnaw (as a dog does a 

Karmi", adj. doing works, a person 
who turns his hand to anything, 

Karm karak, s. m. the accusative case. 

Kama, v. a. to do, to make, to form, 
to perform, to execute, to effect, to 
act : s. m. making, doing, &c., a 
kind of trumpet or clarion. 

Karnewala, a maker, doer. 

Kami, s. /. action, business ; a ma- 
son's trowel. 

Karnis, s. Eng. a cornice. 

Karobar, s. m. transaction, negotia- 
tion, business, concern. 

Karonda, s. m. name of a fruit, the 

Karor, j 

Karor, > adj. ten millions. 

Karor, ) [seer. 

Karora, s. m. kn inspector, an over- 

Karorpati, possessor of a karor. 

Karpardaz, a transactor or manager, 
one who superintends a business. 

Karrawai, s. f. carrying on of a busi- 
ness ; temporary arrangement or 

Karsaz, adj. adroit, dexterous : s. m. 
the Deity. 

•Karsazi, s. f. cleverness dexterity; 
artifice, trick. 

Karsi, s. /. small lumps of cow-dung. 

Karta, s. m. maker, author, creator ; 
nominative (in grammar.) 

Kartab, s. m. action, business, deed. 

Kartal, s. f. a kind of small cymbal. 

Kartar, s. m. the creator, maker, an 
author, doer. 

Kartik, s. m. n^me of a Hindu month. 

Kartiki, adj. of or relating to the 
month of Kartik. 

Kartus, s. m. a cartridge. 

Kartiit, s. f. action, business. 

Karua, s. m. a pot with a spout. 

Karua, adj. see Karwa. 

Karua kasela, adj. astringent ; bitter. 

Karwa, \ adj. bitter, acrid : strong 

Karwa, / virulent ; churlish, snap- 


[ 151 ] 


Kaywahat, s. f. bitterness. 
Kaf wa liona, to be enraged. 
Karwa khand,, the food that is sent 

for three days from relations to a 

family in which one of the mem- 
bers has died. 
Karwan, s. m. a caravan. 
Karwana, v. a. to cause to make or do. 
Karwansara, 8. f. a caravansera. 
Karwas, 8. bitterness. 
Karwat, s. f. sideways, sleeping on 

the side, turning from side to side. 
Kaywa tel, mustard-oii. 
Karwat karna, to turn over. 
Karwat lenii, to turn (in bed.) 
Karwe kasele din, hard and cruel 

Kiis, 8. f. a kind of grass of which 

rofx^ is made. 
Kii.sab, «. m. see Kasb. 
Kasab karna, to i)lay the wliore. 
Kasad, 8. m. jn-o2>. Qasil, wliioh see. 
K'nsai', 8. m. prop. Qasiii', whicli sec. 

I a kasaya, adj. ready, prepared, 

I itj.l up. 

>ahi, «. m. affliction, distress. 

"sam, 8. f, jrrop. (Jasiim, an oath. 
.X i.sam d(Miii, to udjurc. 
Kusani dihiiia, toudmiiUMter an oath. 
Kasain klianii, to take an oatli, to 

sam khildnd, to administer an onih. 

siina, V. a. to cauw to try, j)rove, 

•r asHay ; to cauM<< U\ UitightciuHl : 

' . 71, to Ix'HiMnUsd by stanihng in u 

metal v<»8Hel. 

siio, 8. in. 8tM3 Knaawnf, 
ill. s. in. a kiuil of 8W<M'tinrat. 
II, s. m. pritp. i^ixsv, which m'c. 
11 honii, sec Qnsr liona. 
Ktusar kaniii, see Qiisr kanui. 
KaH4ir nikiihui, seo Qusr niktiliui. 
Kiisnr nikhnji, k(»c Qasr rakhnti. 
Kasiiundi, 8. f. «v kind of pickle ; 

naino'of a plant. 
Kasaut^i, /». /. a touclist^>no. 
Kasjiwn.n. a handkerchief tied round 

the head on going to Ixxl, &c. 

Kasawat, s.f. tightness, compactness ; 

an astringent; bad taste. 
Kasaya, adj. ready tied up, 
Kasb, 8. m. trade, profession, employ- 
Kasba, s. m. 'prop. Qasba, a small 

Kasbi, 8. f. a prostitute, a common 

Kasbibiiz, «. m. a whoremonger. 
Kasbibazi, 8. f. whoredom. 
Kasbin, s. f. a prostitute, a common 

Kase kasae, adj. tied up, preparetl, 

Kaseni, «. m. a brazier or pewterer. 
Kaserii, 8. m. a kindofvegctahk' root, 
Kilsh, adv. would to (iod, Gotl grant. 
Kashr, s.f. the city of Benares. 
Kiishke, may it hapiwu ! God send I 

would ! 

Kashmiri, \ s. m. a Caslimerian : 
Kashmiri, j adj. producitl in 

Kashmirni, W./. a woraauof Gwh- 
Kashmiriii, j mure. 
Kasht, 8. in. want, ixjnury, distress, 

ditliculty, agony. 
Ktishto, cultivatiun. 
Kiishta kanui, tt^cuUivato Uio cartli. 

to pU»ugh, to sow. 
Kiisi, 8. J. ihe city of Hcnan's. 
Kasid, 8. in. prop. Qu^id, a mcsBuMi:: 

a courier. 
KuHis, «. in. martial vitriol, oop|>erus 
! or griMii vitriol. 
I Ka.sktit, a. m. Ix'U-motiil. 

KMsiiiassinti, c. ii. to lieoumo fatigu 
i to move {iiw body.) 
Kasna, r. a, to tighten, to tie. 

brace ; to try, to assay, to pn»ve. 

amine ; to try in nu lt*tl butt^ i 
Kiisnu *. /. en<live herb. 
Kasrat, *. /. abundumxs exc»»8S, ti. 

being much or many, practi< , 



[ 152 ] 


Kastura, s. f. an oyster. 

Kasturi, s. /. musk. 

Kasiir, s. m. prop. Qasiir, which see. 

Kaswana, v. n. to cause to tighten, 

tie, bind, &c. 
Kat, s. f. a cut, incision ; sediment. 
Katd, s. m. a dom's knife for cutting 

Kataha, adj. snapping, inclined to 

bite, snappish. 
Katai, s. /. spinning, the price paid 

for spinning. 
Katai kama, to spin. 
Katal, s. m. prop. Qatl, which see. 
Katai hona, prop. Qatl hona, which 

Katal kama, prop. Qatl kama, which 

see. [spin. 

Katana v. a. to get spun, to cause to 
Katana, v. a. to cut or cause to cut. 
Katanai, s. f. spinning. 
Katan kiitan, paring% clippings, 

cliips. [cloths. 

Katao, s. m. a kind of flowering on 
Katar, s. f. prop. Qatar, which see. 
Katar, Eng. a cutter. 
Katar, s. m. a dagger, a dirk. 
Katara, s. m. a kind of sugar-cane. 
Katarbyont, s. m. cutting out. 
Katari, s. f. a dagger. 
Katari, s. f. sugar-cane. 
Katariya, s. m. a kind of cloth with 

stripes in form of daggers. 
Katar katar, s. m. the sound oc- 
casioned by eating hard sub- 
Katarna, v. a. to clip, to cut, to cut 

out, to pare ; to cut up. 
Katarni, g. /. scissors. 
Katas, 8. m. a polecat. 
Katasa, adj. inclined to bite. 
Kat dalna, to cut off, to amputate. 
Kath, 8. m. wood, timber, block ; a 

pair of stocks. 
! Kath, 8. m. an astringent vegetable 

extract, which the natives eat with 

Kath, 8. m. contract, of Kath. 

Katha, s. f. a story, tale, fable, nar- 

Kat'hal, 1 s. m. name of a fruit and 

Kat'har, / tree, the jack tree and 

Kat'hara, s. m. a wooden cage, a 
railing, a palisade. 

Kathaut, s. m. la tub, a plate, a 

Kathauti, s. /. j trencher, a platter. 

Kathbela, s. m. name of a flower. 

Kathghara, s. m. a wooden cage. 

Kathgulab, s. ra. a kind of rose. 

Kath hona, to be petrified with as- 
tonishment ; to become callous. 

Kathi, 8. /. body ; scabbard ; wood ; 
a saddle. 

Kathin, adj. difficult, abstruse, hard, 
rigid, harsh, severe, cruel, austere. 

Kathin samai, s. m. a time of diffi- 
culty or distress, hard times. 

Kathin subhao, adj. cruel, inflexi- 
ble,- hard, severe. 

Kathin waqt, s. m. see Kathin samai. 

Kath kabar, wooden articles. 

Kath ka ullii, s. m. a blockhead. 

Kathmasta, adj. very stout and 

Kath men panw dena, to be im- 
prisoned, to be in the stocks. 

Kathna, v, a. to tell, to say, to re- 
late, &c. 

Kathor, adj. hard, severe, relentless, 
cruel, callous. 

Kathorta, s. f. relentlessness, cruelty. 

Kathphora, s. m. a woodpecker. 

Kathputli, 8. /. a puppet, a toy. 

Kathra, s. m. a tub, a trough. 

Kathri, 8. /. a small tub, a trough. 

Kati, 8. /. the loins, the waist. 

Katib, 8. m. a writer, scribe, clerk, 

Katik, 8. m. the name of a month. 

Katil, prop. Qatil, which see. 

Katila, adj. thorny : 8. m. name of a 
plant ; land covered with under- 

K^r •^'' i ^- ^- ^ medicinal gum. 


[ 153 ] 


Katit liona, to be cut, to be taken 

away (as sin.) 
Katiya, «. /. an earthen milk pot, a 

small earthen vessel. 
Katkaleji", 8. f. the febrifuge nut. 
Kat karna, v. a. to wound, to cut. 
Katkariij, s. f. see Katkaleji'. 
Kat khaiia, ] . v ., 

Katkhund. r-«-'»''^'«- 
Katkhanii, aclj. inclined to bite. 
Katkinadiir, an under-tenant. 
Kiitkiit, 8. m. a stopping of wages or 

part of a demand. 
Katkiit karna, to clip, to cut out, to 

Katniastci, adj. very stout and lusty. 
Katna, v. w. to be spun. 
Kiitna, v. a. to spin. 
Katna, v. n. to be cut, to be clip- 
ped or cut olf, to bo spent or 
passed (time, life, &c.) ; to be 
Kdtnd, V. a. to cut, to clip ; to bite, 
to corrode ; to saw ; to reap ; to 
wa-stt^ to spend (the time) ; to 
pa«s, to travel (a road) ; to inter- 
rupt, to interc(^j)t. 
Kutni', «. /. the season for cutting the 

KHiin, harvest. 
Kaf^inl, \ 8. m. a brass l)owl, a cup, 
Katora, / &c., of metal. 
Kiit/)ri', «. /. u small bowl or cup of 

Kutni, «. /. a kind of iHwt: *». in. 

prop. Qatm, a drop. 
Kii|rii, ». in. a streot of 8ho|)8. 
Kat nil', 8. f. price i>aiil for cutting 

Katndce chalmi, to do.s<»rt one's 
companion, to cut tliu Hociuty of 
any one. 
Katnm, ». f. parings, clippings. 
Ivatniiui, v. a. to cause to clip, to 
cut (mt, to leave tho hij;h road, 
straling away by by-ixiths, to 
slink away from. 
I \at(al, « /. a lump or chip of stone, 
brick, &C. 

Kattar, adj. inclined or addicted to 

bite (a horse.) 
Katthd, 8. m. a measure of capacity 
which differs in different place - 
a land measure, the twentiei:. 
part of a bigha. 
Kattha, s. m. see Kath. 
Katthak, s. in. a kind of singer and 

Katwana, v. a. to cause to cut. 
Kaudan, adj. weak in mind, dull, 

Kaul, 8. m. prop. Qaul, which see. 
Kaula, 8. m. a kind of omnge. 
Kaul kariir, s. m. prop. Qaul qanir, 
which see. [karna. 

Kaul kanir karna, see Qaul qarur 
Kaum, 8. f. prop. Qaum, which see. 
Kaun, j*ro?t. wlio ? which? what? 
Kaundhii, 8. in. lightning. 
Kauola, «. m. see Kaula. 
Kaun sii, which ? what ? what 8ort< 
KauDsal, Kikj. council, the sitting vi 

a court of impiiry. 
Kauusal karnti, to sit (a court of 

Kaur, 8. m. a mouUiful. 
Kaura, 8. m. a sliell. 
Ivauff, 8. in. a small slu'U ii^ as 

i\)in : money, fan.\ hire. 
Kaurmla, ». in. a kind of snake. 
Kaufiwala, ». m. a rich man. 
Kausjil, A'/ij/. txjuncll. 8**0 Kauosal. 
Kauwti, 8. fM. a cn>w. 
Kauwa ^hentlu, «. /. name of a 

Knwii, «. /. prop. Qabii, which sco. 
Kiiwii d(*n(&, r. a. to trick, to sham. 
Kuwuid, prop, Qawiiiil, which hv. 
KuwiU^ «. m. prttp. Qubulu, whirl- 

Kiwar, «./. Uio baskets in which th 
Miiulus ctirr)' about tho C«angv,<^ 
Kawivrwtilii, «. ni, ono who carrice 

the Ka\>-ar. 
Kuyji, 8. /. tho bo»]y, nppearance, 


[ 154 ] 


Kayar, adj. coward. 

Kayasth, ) s. m. name of a tribe of 

Kayath, / Hindus, a person of 
the writer class. 

Ke, postpos. of, belonging to. 

Kechwa, s. m. an earthworm, a worm. 

Kedali, s. f. a plantain tree. 

Kehari, s. m. a lion. 

Kekra, s. m. a crab. 

Kel, s. f. amorous dalliance, coition. 

Kela, s. m. a plantain, banana. 

Keli, s. f. see Kel. 

Kenchli, |s. /. the slough or skin of 

Kencliul, / a snake. 

Kenchwa, s. m. an earthworm, a 

Kendiiabagh, s. m. a species of 
^ tiger. 

Kenkra, s. m. a crab. 

Keora, s. m. the name of a flower. 

Ke pas, near. 

Ker, s. m. penis. 

Kera, s. m. a sapling. 

Keraya, s. m. ;pro][>. Kiraya, which 

Kerayadar, see Kirayadar. 

Kes, s. f. the hair of the head, a 
cock's comb. 

Kesar, s. /. saffron. 

Kesariyabana, yellow or saffron-co- 
loured dress. 

Keta, adj. how much? how many? 

Ketab, s. /. prop. Kitab, a book 

Ke tain, \ postpos. to, up to, for, on, 

Ke tain, j at, or denoting the objec- 
tive case. 

Ketakf, s. f. name of a flower. 

Ketik, adj. some, a few, a little ; 
how much ? how many ? 

Kewal, adv. only, solely, peculiarly. 

Kewanch, s. /. name of a creeper. 

Kewar, Is. m. a wooden door 

Kewar, V which turns on a 

Kewara, ) wooden pivot. 

Khabar, adj. uneven, rugged. 

Khabar, s. f. news, information, in- 
telligence, care. 

Khabardar, adj. careful, cautious, 

active, attentive ; taking care, on 
(one's) guard ; informed, ac- 
quainted : interj. have a care ! 

Khabardar bona, to t)e on (one's) 
guard, to take care. 

Khabardar 1, s. f. caution, care, at- 
tention, taking care, carefulness. 

Khabardar kama, to put on (one's) 
guard, to guard, to alarm. 

Khabar dena, v. a. to apprize, to 
inform, to acquaint, to report. 

Khabargir, s. a protector, a patron. 

Khabargirf, s. f. aid, care, protection, 
the taking care of a person. 

Khabar bona, to be informed. 

Khabar karna, to apprize, to inform, 
to acquaint, to report. 

Khabar lena, to accommodate, to 
give, to take care or notice (of), to 
guard, to look after, to inquire into. 

Khabar rakhna, v. n. to be informed, 
or acquainted. 

Khabis, adj. wicked, malignant, im- 
pure : s. m. an evil spirit. 

Khachchar, s. m. f. a mule : adj. 

Khachra, adj. mongrel. 

Khad, s. f. dung, manure : s. m. a pit. 

Khadbadana, v. n. to simmer, to 
make a boiling noise. 

Khadda, s. m. pit, dimple, nick. 

Khadema, v. a. to pursue, to hunt. 

Khadim, s. m. a servant. 

Khadkhadana, v. n. to simmer, to 
make a boiling noise. 

Kliafa, \ adj. angry, wrathful, en- 

Khafa, / raged. 

Khafagf, s. f. displeasure, anger, pet. 

Khafaqan, s. m. palpitation, (a dis- 
ease of the heart especially.) 

Khafaqani, adj. subject to palpita- 

Khafgf, 8. f. see Khafagf. 

Khafif, adj. light, of no weight or I 
consequence, of light cliaracter. 

Khafif hona, to be vilified, to be 
spoken ill of, to be put to shame, 
to be ashamed. 


[ 155 ] 


Kliag,«. m. tlie horn of a rhinoceros. 
Khag, 8. m. a bird. 
Khages, s. m. tlie adjutant bird. 
Khagiiia, 8. m. a kind of didh made 

of eggs, an omelet. 
Khai, 8. /. a ditch, a trench, a moat. 
Khaichna, v. a. to pull, to draw, 

to tighten ; to strip oft*, to flay ; to 

delineate, to paint; to endure, 

to suffer. 
Khainch, «. /. pulling, drawing; 

scarcity ; a cross for lifting beams, 

ridge poles, &c. 
Khainchakhainch, j «. /. pulling 
Kliainchakliainchi, j and hauling, 

struggle, scuffle ; partiality. 
Khaincliiitani, 8, /. hauling, pulling 

and hauling ; disputation, con- 
Khainch kama, to have one's own 

way (in argument, &c.) ; to stick 

to one's price. 
Kliainch kiiamct, «. /. struggle. 
Khuincli Icnii, to pull or draw out, 

to draw f a.1 a plaster), to extract, 

to extoil. 
Khainchiui, v. a. s(^e Khaichna. 
KiiaiiR'hwanu, v. a. to cauao to pull, 

draw, tighten, &c. 
Kliair, adj. grHxl, best, well: «. /. 

g(M)dncss, health, ha))pinc88. 
Kluiini, 8. m. a iish like a sprat: 

ailj. i)r(>wn. 
Khuirallyut, s. /. hoidth, wolfero. 
Khainit, 8. f. ahiis, ciiurity. 
Khrtiniti,a(/y. intendeil for elmriUiblo 

l)ur|)osc8, given (or to bo given; 

or received in charity. 
Kliairiyiit. 8./. wi'lfaro. 
Khair [diabar, 8./. uvvfB, 
K hair|ihw»ih, u fricmi, a wdl-wishrr. 
Khair\{h\vahi, 8. f. g»H)d-will, wiali- 

ing well, friendship. 
Kiiair o ^liyut, ^•. /. health, welfare. 
Khaiyjit^ j». in. a tailor. 
Khaj. 8./. the itch. 
I Jvhajii, 8. in. name of a swoctmoat 
j like pio-crust. 

Khajana, s. m. prop. Khaziina, wliich 

Khajanchf, 8. w. jpTop. ^azanchf, 

a treasurer. 
Khajla, s. m. j name of a swc < 
Khajla, 8. m.\ meat like pi 
Khajli, 8. /. ) crust. 
Khajiir, s. m. a date, or date tn 

wild date, a kind of sweetmeat. 
Khajiiriya, 8. m. a date. 
Kliak, 8. /. dust, earth, ashes, 
Khakiir, 8. m. pldegm. 
l\Jhakarna, v. n. to hawk (spit uj 

to hem. 
Khiik chhanna, to labour or to exi 

one's self to no puri)ose. 
Kliiik dalnti, to conceal a thing from 

which disgrace may be cxpccttHl. 
Kludiherna, v. a. to scaittcr abi- 

(as fowls in search of food.) 
Khtik hojtina, to moulder or pine 

Khakhornii, r. a. to scrape, to '*"'^?«'>'' 
Khiiki, adj. earthy, earthly. 
Klitiki andji, «. m. a windn'g- 
Khiik karnti, v. (u to waste, to ruin, 

to demolish ; to burn to aslies, to 

Khiik meu ntiltinii, to destroy, to 

h)K)il, to demolish. 
Khiik meu milnii, to dio, to iH»ri 

tti be niintHl or domolitUuHl. 
K' ' ' ikiui, to wander, to tdni} 

1 m. HWlH'IXT. 

\\ I Ij. huuible. 

Kliukisiri, 8./. humility. 
rChak sir }>ar upinii, ti> lament. 
Khuk siyah karnti. to plunder :ind 

lay wiuito a cYvuntry, to np«>il. 
Klial, 8. 111. a wortideiw |»»m>oh. i 

inalicious {K*nH)n: a stoni- in<>: 

for grinding im««Ueint's. 
Khal, »./. skin, hide. U'llow.-* ; rivulet 
Khiiiti, \ It. /. maternal aunt, mo- 
Kluiltu / tiler's sister. 
Khalaiq, ». /. jJur. of Khalq. m 

p«xiple, creatures, tho crt^titm. 
]h[halul, «. tik disturboucc, coufusi* 


[ 156 ] 


disorder, damage, injury, defect, 

Khalal 1 dimagh, adj. mad, hare- 
brained, hot-headed, brainsick. 

Khahis, adj. free, liberated, redeemed. 

Kliahis bona, v. n. to be freed, or set 
at liberty, to be released or dis- 
charged, to emit. 

Khalasf, s. m. a native artillery- 
man ; a tent pitcher. 

Khalas karna, v. a. to release, to 
liberate, to free. 

Khalati, adj. descended from or 
related to a maternal aunt. 

Khalati bahin, s. /. a first cousin, 
daughter of a maternal aunt. 

Khalati bhai, s. m. a first cousin 
or son of a maternal aunt. 

Khalbal, s. f. hurry, bustle, agitation, 
alarm, tumult. 

Khalbalana, v. n. to boil, to bubble; 
to be agitated or tossed up and 

Khalbali, s. /. see Khalbal. 

Khalera, adj. see Khalati. 

Khalera bahin, s. f. see Khalati 

Khalera bhai, s. m. see Khalati 

Khali, s. f. the dregs of mustard- 
seed, &c., after the oil is pressed 
out, oil-cakes. 

Khalf, adj. empty, vacant, void ; 
pure, mere, only, unmixed ; un- 
occupied, unemployed, without 

Khalifa, s. m. a fencing master, a 
master wrestler ; cooks, tailors, &c., 
are so called. 

Khalihan, s. m. Ihreshing-floor. 

Khali liath, adj. empty-handed. 

Khali karna, to empty, to evacuate. 

Khaliq, s. m. the Creator. 

Khalis, adj. pure, genuine, unadul- 

Khalisa, s. m. land held immediately 
under government. 

Khaliyan, s. m. a threshing-floor. 

1 V. a. to 
a, / flay, to 

skin, to 
take tliG 


Khal khainchna, 
skin off. 

Khalkhal, adj. loose (as a garment.) 

Khalkhalana, v. n. to boil ; to rum- 
ble, to grumble (the bowels.) 

Khalli, s. f. oil- cakes. See Khali. 

Khalli mitti, s. /. chalk. 

Khalq, s. f. the creation, the world, 
creature, people. 

Khalq ul lah, God's creatures. 

Khalra. s. m. skin, hide. 

Khalri, s. f. skin, hide ; the prepuce, 
foreskin. [tc r. 

Khalli, s. m. husband of mother's sis- 

Kham, s. m. a pillar, a post. 

Kham, adj. twisted, crooked, coiled : 
s. m. a coil, curve, crook, crooked- 

Khamachf, s. f. a bamboo lathe. 

Khamaql]', folly, weak understanding. 

Khamba, s. m. a post, a pillar. 

Kham bajana, v. a. to strike the arms 
previously to wrestling, &c., to 
challenge (as wrestlers do.) 

Khambh, ) -n , 

Khambhi I «.^. a pillar, a post. 

Khamdiir, adj. twisted, curled, bent, 
crooked, curved. 

Khami, s. f. defect, fault, loss. 

Khamind, s. m. prop. Khawind, lord, 
master, husband. 

Khamindagi", ) s. f. dominion, mjis- 

Khamindi, / tership, authority ; 

Khamir, ^ s. m. leaven, whatever is 

Khamira, / used to ferment. 

Khamiri, adj. leavened. 

Kham karna, v. a. to curl, to coil, io 

Kham marna, v. a. see Kham bajana, 

Ivhamna, v. n. to bow, to bend. 

Khamosh, "I adj. silent, dumb, si- 

Khamosh, / lence ! 

Khamso, adj. prop. Khamshob, half- 
washed, rinsed. 

Kham tliokna \ v. a. see Kham ba- 

Kham thonkna, / jana. 


[ 157 ] 


Khun, 8. m. lord, prince, a title prin- 
cipally used by Pathans. 

Kliau, s. f. a mine ; a heap, abun- 

Klian, 8. m. story, flight of rooms, 
f Khiina, v. a. to eat, to embezzle ; to 
suffer ; to get, to hold, to contain : 
8. m. food, dinner, eating. 

Khiina, s. m. liouse, dwelling, cham- 
ber, a drawer, partition, compart- 

Khana abad, (a benediction, mean- 
ing) may your liouse flourish. 

Kliunadaniiid, 8. vi. a son-in-law who 
lives in the house of his wife's fa- 

Khanadari', 8. f. housekeeping. 

Khiinajung, 8. a breeder of disturb- 

Kluinajangi', 8. f. intestine broils, 
bickering, family strife. 

Kiiunakhiirid), ttdj. ruined. 

Kliiiiiakliarabi', «. /. ruin. 

Kluiiiakiiuda, a mosque. 

Kiianam, «. /. lady, princess. 

Kliilnji pinti, 8. m. meat and drink, 
i'(M)d, iMMird, fare. 

Klianaziid, the child of a slave. 

Jviiiincha, s. m. a tray, a basket, a 
pannier ; a Iicn-coop. 

KinuK.l, K. m. ])art, portion, division 
of a iioubo, apartment, division of 
tile earth. 

Khan(l, 8. m. ooarso sugar. 

Kluindii, «. m. u sword, cutlfUM), u 

Kliandii, «. m. piece, part, portiou. 

Kiiandan, 8. m, fiuuily, race, bouso- 

* huM. 

Khandan, 8. in. tlio refuting of an 
urgtunent, confutation. 

KliiUKJaii karnii, to refute, to confute. 

Kli;inda([, ». m, a ditch, a troucb, 

Jvhantlar, ». m. a ruinous or broken* 
dow!i building. 

3\handarj', s. /, housekeeping. 

Ivliand'liar, «. m. see Khanjar. 

Khandit karna, to prevent, to inter- 
rupt, to refute. 
Khandlti, 8. m. a slice (especially of 


Khiindna, v. a. to excavate, to pound, 
Khanehara, 8. m. eater, devourer. 
Kliangiil dalna, ) v. a. to, to 
Khangiilna, / rinse. 
Khangar, s. m. semi-vitrified brick. 
Khiingi, 8. f. a prostitute. 
Khiinhiira, 8. m. eater, devourer. 
Khanjar, 8. m. a dagger. 
Khanjarf, s.f. a mode of staining silk. 
Khanjan', s. f. a small tamboiuin, a 

Khank, adj. weak, feeble. 
Khankarna, v. n. to hem, to hawk, to 

Khankliantina, v. n. to sound crazy 

(as cracked veMSols.) 
Khankhar, adj. dry and crackling (as 

a tne) ; decrepit. 
Khankhar, j «. m. anything | very 
Kiiankliar, / dry; not well filled 

(lis grain.; 
Khaukhar, ». m. anything very di 

a .skeleton. 
Khankharnii, sou Khankiirmi. 
Khaiupili, 8. f. a monastery. 
Kliuor. »• "»• sugar. 
Kluiura. »' "». «e^' Kliuiulu. 
Khansiiiimu, I 8. m. a hoUM) bt<-\v: 
Khan.siniau, / butler. 
J\hans}un:n,» 9. ^. the wii. 
Khan.Hiiiiiin.f likluuitftimuu. 
K ha us I, 8./. cough. 
Klitiusna. r. n. tt> eou/h. 
Khaiitt, «./. a | making 

holi»« in tlie gi 
Klm|mch, 8./. a splinter. 
Klm|Min»i, r. a. to destroy, to luako 

away with; to mix things of a bod 

quality with betti'r. 
Khapiai, v. ii. to sell, to go ofT, to be 

exi)endrd or nitulo away with ; to 

mix with ; to die. 
Khnppar, 8. m. an oartlicn cup used 

by Jogis, the Toasel in wbicb the 


[ 158 ] 


blood of a victim is offered ; a 

Khapra, 1 „ ^ „ +ile 

Khaprail, / «• ^' ^ ^^^®- 

Khapri", s. f. an earthern frying-pan, 
tlie bottom of a water-pot used as 
a frying-pan. 

Khapta, s. m. a broken tile ; a slice 
of mango ; bones of fish. 

Khapti, adj. insane, mad. 

Khar, s,f. coarse grass for thatching, 

Khar, s. m. saltness, barrenness (of 
soil) ; alkali, potash. 

Khar, s. m. an ass. 

Khar, s. m. a thorn, a thistle, bram- 
ble ; a spur, a cock's spur. 

Khara, adj. salt, brackish. 

Khara, adj. pure, prime, best sort, 
genuine, honest, candid, sincere. 

Khara, adj. erect, upright, standing 
up, standing, steep, perpendicular. 

Kharab, a(Jj. bad, evil, depraved, 
wicked; ruined, depopulated, de- 
serted, abandoned, lost, miserable, 
spoiled, waste. 

Kharab ahwal, see Kharab hal. 

Kharabati, s. m. a rake, a debauchee. 

Kliarab hal, down (in circumstances), 
wretched, distressed. 

Kharabi, s. f. badness, depravity, de- 
struction, mischief, an ill or evil, 
wickedness, ruin, desolation, evil. 

Kharab karna, v. a. to deprave, 

spoil, corrupt, vitiate, mar, ruin, 

waste, depopulate, to lay waste, to 

desolate. [lated. 

Kharabkhasta, adj. ruined, deso- 

Kharach, s. m. see Kharch. 

Kharachna, v. n. to expend, to spend, 

to sell. 
Kharad, s. /. a lathe. 
Kharadi', 8. m. a turner. 
Kharadna, v. a. to turn in a lathe, 

to turn. 
Kharahind, s. f. stink (of urine, &c.) 
Khara bona, to stand up, to be erect, 
to rise, to stand. 

Kharahra, s. m. a currycomb. 
Kharai', s. /. probity, rectitude, trusti- 
ness, honesty, candour. 
Kharak, s. a cow-house or cow-shed ; 

a pound for cattle. 
Kharaka, s. m. a crashing noise. 
Khara karna, to raise, to station, to 
place, to stay or stop, to stick up, 
to place erect, to erect, to procure 
a fictitious person for some pur- 
Kharak jana, to become dry (as a 
river) ; to become dear (as grain i • 
to take warning, to be apprised. 
Kharakna, v. n. to rustle, to rattu . 

to clank. 
Kharanja, s. m. masomy in which 
bricks are placed on their sides 
or ends (as in pavements, floors, 
arches, &c.) 
Khar ankhon ka, an eyesore, dis- 
Kharanw, s. m. pattens (wooden.) 
Kbaranwdar, a kind of shoes fas- 
tened to pattens. 
Kharai, s. m. a stone for grinding 

medicine, a mortar. 
Kharapan, s. m. honesty, candour, 

Kliara rahna, v. n. to stand, to stay, 

to remain standing. 
Kharaun, s. m. pattens (wooden.) 
Kharb, adj. a million million. 
Kharbar, s. /. sound of a horse's feet 

in galloping. 
Kharbarahat, \ s. f. tumult, uproar, 
Kharbari, j noise of horses' feet ; 

griping on going to stool. 
Kharbuja, | ^^ ^^ musk-melon. 
Kharbuza, j 
Kharch, s. m. expenditure, spending, 

disbursement, outgoing. 
Kharcha, s. m. expense, costs of law- 
Kharchbardar, «. a servant whose 
office is to supply the household 
Kharch bona, to be expended. 


[ 159 ] 


Kljarcln', s. f. price of stupration, 
pn)vi.-.ion for a journey, daily ex- 

Kluiivlii murghi, a young fowl. 

Kliarcli karna, to expend, disburse, 

Khaf e kliare, adv. soon, immediately, 
presently, quickly. 

Kliarera, s. m. an iron instrument to 
rub horses with, a currycomb. 

Kliarg, 8. /. a sword. 

Six" }--aharc,ambbit. 

Khan', adj. salt, brackish : «. /. oil- 
cake, clialk. 

Khsirf, 8./. a cre(,'k, a gulf. 

Kluirid, bought : 8. /. purchase. 

Klianda, lulj. purchased, bought. 

Kliaridiir, 8. m. /. a jjurchasej, a 

Kliaridiin', «./. buying, purchasing. 

Klian'd faroklit, buying und selling, 

* trade. 

Kl iiii'd kii mol, 8. m. prime cost. 

!\' ridiia. V. a. to purchase. 

' if, H. f. autumn, the autumnal 

iviiiiiij, adj. Ixnng out, external, out, 
witiioiit, outcast. 

Kliiirij karnii, to exclude, to expel, 

Klinn n\\\\i, s.f. chalk, pipo-clay. 

Kliilrish, \ 8. /. the itch, «cab, 

Kharisht, / mange. [scabby. 

Khaiishti', adj. mangy, itchy, 

Khariyii, 8./. chalk. 

l\luirj. 8./. the bnt*8 (in music.) 

Kha|l<jl, 8. in. doubt, apprehentiiou ; 
a tx>othj)ick. 

Xhaikii jfalna, r. a. to sell. 

KUajkami, 1 r. a. to sell, to frighten 

Kliaikiina, / away, to put to 

Khaikhar, purring (of a cat>) 

Kharkhani, 8. m. a currycomb; adj. 

Kliarkhapihaf^ 8. /. creaking, rat- 
tling, jarring '»\a*of a diK>r.; 

Kharkharana, v. n. to snore. 
Kharkharana, v. a. to rattle, to creak : 

to grind the teeth ; to snore. 
Kharkhariya, 8. f. a palanquin, a 

Kharkhar karna, to purr. 
Khurkhasha, 8. m. riot, quarrelling. 
Kharkliiiwind, 8. m. master, owner, 

Kharmandal, 8. m. wrangling. 
Kharmast, adj. stupid : 8. m. a rake, 

a debauchee. 
Kharmastr, 8. /. baseness, wicked- 
ness, viciousness. 
Kharochna, ) v. a. to scrajxj, t" 
Kharoychna, / scratch, to claw. 
Kliarout, 8. /. a scratch with tho 

Khariia, 8. m. a sandal; a kind of 

sewing under the armpit. 
Khari)ak, oilj. wull-burut (as tiU> 

bricks, &c.) 
Kharni, «. m. tho rough draft of a 

letter or anything written ; u 

Kharnit, «. /. a turners lath© : ». m 

a turner. 
Kharnija, 8. in. snoring. 
Kharni ju nuirna, to ^nore. 
Kluirrati', 8. m. a turner: adj. tunicil. 
Iviiartal, (k/;. Uul, depmvc«i. 
Kharuti, $. m, a coutm) kind of n 1 

Kha*!, 8./. tho niimo of a grnss < 

the r<K)t*< of which \ti{\t8 uro made. 
Khawuii, «. rii. u huiiUind. 
Kljas:injw:ib*. aifj.f. a woman whom 
^ lUivo, 

Khtisi, 8./. c<nigh. 

Kliasi, 8. m. a castmUxl goat 

INkhasis, adj. ()onurioiid, sordid, ava 

Kliaaktina, r. a. to remove, to shov. 

to shift out of the way, to slid 

away, to draw luick. 
Khaskan^, a, /. ruuulDg awuy. 


[ 160 ] 


Khaskhas, 8. f. the poppy-head. 

Kliaskhas, s. f. see Khas. 

Khaskhasana, to have a tickling or 
itching sensation in the throat. 

Khaskhas ka dana, poppy-seed. 

Khaslat, s. /. habit, custom ; quality, 
mode, disposition, nature. 

Khasna, v. n. to cough. 

Khasotna, v. a. to pull the hair ; to 

Khasra, s. m, a day-book, waste-book. 

Khass, adv. especially, peculiarly. 

Kliassa, | adj. excellent, noble, pure, 

Khassa, / good, charming, delight- 
ful, pretty, nice, fine, virtuous. 

Kliassagi, s. /. excellence. 

Khassbardar, s. m. a servant who in 
a great man's retinue carries a 

Khassdan, s. m. a box for keeping 
spices, &c., in. 

Kh'issi, adj. f. see Khassa. 

KliaSidyat, s. f. quality, innate pro- 
perty, attribute, natural disposi- 

Khassmahal, s. m. private apartment, 
the wife's apartment. 

Khassmahal, a resumption-court. 

Khiiss o amm, noble and plebeian. 

Khasta, s. m. anything fried in ghi, 

Khiit, s. /. a bedstead, a couch. 

Khat, s. f. manure, dung : s. m. a 
pit, a subterraneous granary. 

Khata, s. m. daily account, waste- 

Khata, s. f. a mistake, error, fault, 

Khatai, s. f. accidity, sourness ; an 

Khataka, s. m. a crash. 

Khata karna, to err, to miss, to 

Khatakna, v. n. to rankle, to pierce 
(as a thorn), to pain. 

Khatapati, s. f. wrangling. 

Khatar, s. m. danger, risk. 

Khatarnak, adj. frightful, dangerous. 

Khatas, s. m. a polecat ; sourness, 
acidity. [is listened. 

Khataw, s. m. a pin to which a boat 

Khatir, s. /. the heart, mind; ac- 
count, sake, behalf. 

Khatirdar,a(i/. comforter, encourager. 

Kliatirdari, s./. encouragement, com- 

* fort. 

Khatirdari karna, v. a. to comfort, to 
encourage, to treat hospitably. 

Khatirjama, adj. collected, com- 
forted, contented, tranquil, at ease ; 
s./. encouragement, confidence, con- 
tent, coUectedness or peace of 

KhatirjamI, s. f. comfort, ''confidence, 
composure or ease of mind. 

Khatir karna, to be desirous of 
pleasing, to study the interest (of 
any one.) 

Khatir khwah, agreeable to one's 
wishes, satisfactory, the desire of 
one's heart. 

Khatir men guzarna, to come into the 
mind, or head (an idea.) 

Khatir men lana, to regard, to mind, 
to care for, to attend to. 

Khatir men rakhna, to remember. 

fehatir rakhna, to agree to. 

Khatiya, s. /. a bedstead, a bier. 

Khatka, s- m. apprehension, suspi- 
cion, doubt, suspense, sound of 

Khatkana, v. n. to knock, to rap, 
to rattle (a door, &c.) : s. m. rap- 
ping, thumping, rattling, (of a 
door, &c.) 

Khatkha^, s. f. noise, sound : adj. 
difiicult, perplexing. 

Khatkhatana, v. a. to knock, to tap, 
to pat, to rap. 

Khatm, s. m. conclusion, end : adj. 
done, finished. 

Khatmal, s. m. a bug. 

Khatm bona, to be concluded or 

Khatmitha,| s. m. a mixed taste of 

Khatmithii,/ sour and sweet. 


[ 161 ] 


Khatm karna, to conclude, finish, 

Khatna, «. m. circumcision. 
Khatna, v. n. to last ; to sell. 
Khatna kanui, to circumcise. 
Khatola, «. m. a small bedstead. 
Khatolna, 8. a cradle. 
Khatpat, 8. f. jangling, wrangling, 

contention, quarrel. 
Kliatra, 8. m. danger, fear, risk, 

Khatrtig, 8. m. unnecessary work. 
Khatra na karnii, to make no diffi- 
culty, not to fear or anticipate 

Khatrauf, 8. /. the female of Khatri." 
Kliatre imcq dahni, to endanger, to 

risk, to venture, to expose, to 

Khatri, 8. m. one of the four Hindil 

castes, a man of the military tribe. 
Khatt, «. m. a letter, epistle, writing, 

handwriting ; Ijeanl. 
Khattii, 8. m. a cavity in which grain 

is kept ; a hole or i)it dug for 

burying anything. 
Kluittii, mlj. nciii, sour. 
Kliatt linii, to apprar (the beard.) 
Khatttisii, culj. Hourisli, ax'id. 
Kliatjji sag, 8. m. tijo herb sorrel. 
Khatt banana, to Bhavt* tlie beard. 
Khatt Imiiwiina, to aiusc \jb Hhavo 

the beard. 
Khattr, (ulj. sliort (a l)oard.) 
Khaftik, 8. m. a pefHou who soils 

Vegetabhs, fruit, &o. 
Khatt i kitidrtit, 8. f. coiTo«i)OiuIonce. 
K'Mit Ichatiit, U^tU'rs. 

itiiji, «((/. stale (c(M»ked rico.) 
1 1 wji, 8. /. a iMHlstend. 
1. !i;iii, 8. a glutton. 
!>:i:inl', 8. m. fear. 
K li luf kunui, 8. m. to fear. 
Kliiiufnak, (»((/. friglitfid. terrifying; 

li ight(>ned, afraid, territied. 
' idmi, r. ii. to boil, to be ngitutcd 
V heat, 
limit, ailj, greedy. 

Khaundalna, 1 v. a. to trample, 
Khaundli dalna, \ to tread, to work 
Khaundua, ) with the feet. 

Khaur, s. f. the marks which Hin- 
dus make on their foreheads with 

sandal- wood, &c. 
Khauni, 8. m. tlie rot (among sheej > 

the falling otf of the hair. 
Khawind, I 8. m. lord, master, hus- 
Khiiwinda, / band. 
Kiiawinflagi.j 8. /. dominion, ma;*- 
Khiiwindi, / tership, authorit 

Khiiya, 8. in. testicle. [faw 

Khiiya banlari kamti, to cringe, ; 
Kliaya sjddiina, to curry favour. 
Khazan,8. /. autumn, the fulling 

the leaves. 
Khazana, 8. m. a treasury, a nuiL' 

zine, gmnary, reservoir; trttu'^Ui 
Khaztiuehi, 8. m. a treai*urer, eashi- 
Khazanehigjin. 8. /. treasuretJi 

Khechui, v. a. to nin after, to pur- 
sue, to chase, to i)er!*ecute. 
Kheksji, 8. m. sin' 
Khel, 8. m. play, game, sjx^rt, fii 

pastime, frolic. 
Khelna, v. a. to play, to Hfiort. 
KhemkiiHid, t. /. health. 
Kheiiehna, r.a. mv Khaiohiui. 
Kheonti, V. (I. to row. to pa«ldle. 
Kiiep, 8. /. a trip, a voyage. 
Khep hiirnii, tu suataiu u loss on a 

Khepiui, r. a, to ]VMi» the tiiiio. 
Kheri, i. /. a kind of in>n or tttoel. 
Khen', «. /. atlerbirth. 
KiuM, 8. m. a kind of rlnUi ; a nhi < 

or wntp|H>r of such cloth. 
Khi t 8. m. a field, a field of batth 

Kliet linii. to bo killed. 
Khet chho|iui, r. a. to fleo twm t). 

Khetr. 8. /. husbamlry: mij. 
KhetiUir'i *•/• husbandry, ;. 



[ 162 ] 


Khetwala, s. m. a husbandman, 

Khewa, s. m. fare, ferry-money; 
price of passage in a boat, passage- 

Khewak, s. m. a rower, a boatman. 

Khewat, "I s. m. a caste of boat- 

Khewatiya, j men. 

Khichaw, s. m. drag, pull, draught, 
tenseness, tightness. 

Khichcha, adj. unripe (grain.) 

Khichna, v. n. to be pullld, to be 
drawn, to be extracted ; to be en- 

Khichna, v. a. see Khaichna. 

Khichra, s. m. name of a dish made 
from rice, wheat and various 
sorts of pulse. 

Khichri, s. /. the same as Khichra ; 
earnest money given to dancing 
women when they are engaged 
for entertainments ; a mixed heap 
of gold and silver coin ; a barbar- 
ous mixture of two languages. 

Khicliwana, v. a. to cause to draw, &c. 

Khidar dena, v. a. to drive. 

Khidarna, v. a. to pursue. 

Khidmat, s. f. service, attendance, 
1 ' employment, ministry, ofiSce, duty, 

Khidmatgar, s. m, a butler, a ser- 
vant, a table servant. 

Khidmatgari, s. /. attendance, mi- 
nistry, service. 

Khidmati, s. servant, attendant: 
adj. employed, in use. 

Khidmat karna, to serve, to attend, 
to wait on. 

Khij, s. f. anger, vexation, teasing. 

Khijana, v. a. to vex, to tease, to irri- 

Khijhana> v. n. to fret, to be vexed. 

Khijlana, v. a. to vex, to tease, to irri- 
tate, to trouble : v. n. to get angry. 

Khijna, v. n. to be angry, to be vexed. 

Khikorna, ) v. a. to scrape, to 

Khikorna, / scratch, to scratch up 
earth, (as fowls, dogs,&c.), to scoop. 

Khiksa, s. m. a dish made with beist- 

ings, or the milk of a cow just 

Khil, s. /. parched rice puffed out by 

heat so as to apjjear like froth. 
Khilaf, s. m. opposition, contrariety, 

contrary to ; falsehood, lie. 
Khilaf-i-aql, contrary to reason. 
Khilaf-i-mizaj, not agreeing with the 

habit of the body (medicine.) 
Khilaf-i-qiyas, improbable, absurd. 
Khilaf-i-shara, illegal, unlawful. 
Khilaf wada, promise-breaker. 
Khilai, \ s. f. charge of main- I 
Khilaipilai, / tenance. 
Khilai, s. m. a toothpick. 
Khilana, v. a. to feed ; to cause to suf- 
fer, to cause to take (an oath) ; to 

cause to play, to amuse, to play 

Khilar, adj. playsome ; an unchaste 

(woman), an adulteress. 
Khilari, adj. playsome. 
Khilat, s. m. f. a dress, a robe of 

Khilat dena, | to invest with a 
Khilat pahrana, / robe of honour. 
Khilauna, s. m. a plaything, a toy, a 

Khili, s. /. betel-leaf made up with 

different ingredients. 
Khil jana, v. n. to blossom, to bloom, 

to laugh, to be delighted. 
Khilkhil, s. m. laughter, titter, giggle. 
Khilkhilana, v. n. to laugh heartily ; 

to giggle, to titter. 
Khilli, s. f. jest, joke, humour. 
Khillibaz, adj. humorous, playsome, 

Khillibazi, s. f. humour, fun, play. 
Khilna, v. n. to blow (as a flower), to 

bloom; to burst (as grain when 

parched) ; to be delighted ; to 

Khilna, v. a. to tack, to stitch together. 
Khilona, s. m. see Khilauna. 
Khilqat, s. /. the creation, people, 

populace, the world. 
Khilwar, adj. humorous, playful. 


[ 163 3 


Khilwat, 8. f. retirement, solitude, a 
closet, a private conference. 

Khilwatkhana, s. m. a place of retire- 
ment, a private apartment, closet. 

Khi'ma, 8. m. a tent, a pavilion. 

Khimadoz. s. m. a tent-maker. 

Khimagah, s. f. a camp. 

Khinchana, v. a. to cause to draw or 
pull ; to draw, to tighten, 

Khinchna, -y. n. io be drawn, tighten- 
ed ; to be drawn or del ineated (a pic- 
ture, &c.) ; to be borne or suffered. 

Khinchna, v. a. see Kliaichna. 

Khinchwiinti, v. a. to cause to draw, 
pull or tighten, &c. ; to relieve pain 
(by cupping, &c.) 

Kniudanji, v. a. to scatter. 

Khindna, ?*. n. to be scattered. 

Khindrii, «. m. \ a pallet, a beggar's 

Khindfi', «. /. / bedding. 

Khingiui, H. m. an athletic clown: 
culj. able-bodied. 

Klu'r, fl. /. rice-milk. 

Ivhi'ni, «. m. a cucumber. 

Khinij, 8. m. tax, duty, revenue, 
• tribute. 

Kliinij laganJt, to tax, to assess. 

Iviii'ri, ». f. udder-flesh. 

Khirkf, H. a window, casement, 
wicket, Iwick door. 

Kliirnr, x. /. name of u ir«} and its 

Kiiirsii, H. m, a dish nuido withbcisi- 
ings, or the milk of a cow just 

Khis, ». m. of inferior mmlity. 

Khi's, s. f. loss : grin, shrug. 

Khisji, H. VI. a iK)ckot. 

Khisjik jjimi, r. w. to slip away, to 
i sUial away, to slide. 
jKhisjikiui, r. n. to stir, to slip, to slioor 
I off. to slip away. 

iKhisaliui, r. ;(. tu slip, to lio indinod 

' to a thing : iu{}. slippery. 

Jv'hisamt, 8./. I ^""^ ^"^"8«- 
Khisiiri, 8./. a kind of pulse, 
ivlii.siyahat,*./. vexation, frotfulncss. 

Khisiyana, v. n. to become displeased 

or vexed, to be angry. 
Khisiyanpat, «./. vexation,fretfulness. 
Khiskana, v. a. to remove, to shove 

Khiskat, 8. /.p-op.Khistak, drawers, 

Khiskhisana, v. n. to grind the teeth. 
Khisna, v. n. to become old, to decline 

in years. 
Khi'sna, v. n. to grin : v. a. to rule 

Khis nikiilmi, to grin. 
Khistak, s. f. drawers, trowsers. 
Khitiib, 8. m. a title. 
Khiyiil, 8. m. imagination, tliought, 

apprehension ; phantom, delusion, 

vision, whim, chimera. 
Khiytili', adj. fanciful, capricious. 

Khiyal karnti, to imagine, to fan( 

to think. 
Khiyiil i)arna, to pursue an object 
Kliiyjiuji, r. n. to uo worn away, to bo 

Khiyiinat, 8. /. perfidy, treaclu i 

knavery, eml)0zzlenu'nt. 
Kliiztlb, 8. m. a black Uucturo fur ilic 

hair, beani, &c. 
Khiztin, 8. /. autumn, tho fulling < ' 

the leaves. 
Khi/r. II. prop, a companion of &Io6« 

Kli(\ «./. liabit, cusioni, dispodiio: 

KluMi, *. m. a cement for nH>fs 

huusoH; milk inspissatcHl by boiling. 
Khaiii^ r. a. to mum) to lose. 
KlioUir. 8. wi. a pig*»tj*. 
Kho (jialnti, to hubitiuito. to adopt 

habit, to intriKluco a custom, t 

Khoiliinii, r. (I. to cnuso io dig. t 

cause to engmve. 
Kluxlaniyii, 8. uu a ganlener who soils 

flowers, a florist. 
Khotlani. lu^*. pook-markctl, nitt^nl. 
Kiiodmi, V. a. to dig, to delve, to 


[ 164 ] 


hollow, to engrave, to carve, to 
inoculate, to vaccinate. 

Khogi'r, s. m. a saddle on which the 
sliafts of an Ikka rest. 

Kliogirdoz, s. w. a saddlemaker for 
an Ikka horse. 

Kholi, s. m. a cavern, abyss, a pit. 

Khoi, s. /. swollen parched rice. 

Khoiya, s. f. the dry part of sugar- 
cane after exi3rossmg the juice, 
husk, skin, rind ; refuse. 

Khoj, s. m. search, inquiry, quest. 

Klioja, s. m. a eunuch. 

Kho jana, v. n. to be lost. 

Khojiya, adj. a searcher, inquirer, in- 
vestigator, inquisitive. 

Khoj khaj, s. f. inquiry, search. 

Khoj khaj karna, ) v. a. to search for, 

KJiojna, / to inquire after, 

to seek. 

Khokhi, g. /. a cough. 

Khokbla, adj. hollow, excavated (as 
a tootli, or a tree, &c.) 

Khol, s. m. a case, a sheath ; hollow 
(as of a tree, &c.), a cavity ; the 
body or hull of a boat or ship. 

Khol an a, v. a. to cause to open, &c. 

Kholanliar, s. m. opener, loosener. 

Kholar, s. m. hollow of a tree. 

Kholna, v. a. to open, to loose, to 
shine, to untie, to disclose, to re- 
veal, to uncover ; to explain ; to 
unfold, to solve, to unravel ; to 
set sail or unmoor (a ship, &c.) 

Kholra, s. m. hollow of a tree. 

Khompa, s. m. the hair of the head 
braided or tied up on the top of 
the head. 

Khona, v. a. to loose, to part with, to 
waste, to squander. 

Ivhonch, s. /. a cut or rent in cloth, 

Khoncha, s. m. a tlirust ; the clothes 
of women so an-anged in front as 
to make a pocket for holding 
grain, &c., for food. 

Khoncha khanchi, s. f. mutual 
Wi angling or quarrelling. 

Khoncha mama, to stab, to spear; 
to gore. 

Khonclii, s. f. a present given to a 
barber when he goes to invite 
guests ; part of grain which is to 
be parched taken as pay by the 
person wlio parches it ; a small 
round tray. 

Khonchna, v. a. to stuff in, to tuck 
in, to cram. 

Khondla, adj. toothless. 

Khonkar, see Kholar. 

Khonkhi, s. f. cough. 

Khonkhi ana, ) x i, 

Khoikhui, )''•»• to cough. 

Klionsna, v. n. to stuff, to tuck in, to 
thrust in, to cram. 

Kliont, blemish, defect ; flaw, de- 

Khonta, adj. deficient, adulterated, 
bad (as coin) ; false, deceitful : 
s. m. a birds nest. 

Khonta aisa bal, thick, long, dirty 
and uncombed hair. 

Khopra, s. m. the kernel of a cocoa- 

Khopri, s. /. the skull, pate. 

Khopri kha jana, v. a. to spend 
another's property, to weary by 
overmuch talk. 

Kliosha, s. m. a cluster, bunch, an 
ear (of corn.) 

Khosna, v. a. to tuck in, to push in, 
to cram. 

Khot, s. f. a blunder, vice, blemish, 
defect, fault. 

Khot'ci, adj. perfidious, counterfeit, 
base (as coin), false, defective. 

KhotaiVs. /. I g^ falseness. 

Khotapan, s. m. ) ^ ^ 

Khilb, adj. good, excellent, well, 
beautiful, pleasant, amiable. 

Khiibani, s. f. an apricot. 

Khubar khabar, see Khiibar. 

Kliublma, v. a. to affect, to pene- 
trate, to stick into ; to adorn. 

Khiibf, s. f. boauty, goodness, ex- 
cellence, pleasantness. 


[ 165 ] 


Khubna, v. a. see Kliubhna. 
Khilbsurut, adj. beautiful, handsome. 
Khubsiirati, «. /. beauty, handsome- 
Khud, prcm. self. 
Klmda, 8. m. God. 
Khilda e tnala, the most higli God. 
Khudii hiifiz, God (is) the protector ; 

a^ieu, farewell. 
Khudai, g. /. godhead, divinity : 

adj. divine. 
Klmda ka nam lenti, to administer 

ju.stico, to decide. 
Kiiuda kuro, would to God. 
Khudii khudii kaike, with difficulty, 

by h(jok or by croc^k. 
Khudiinii, r. a. to cause to dig. 
Khudii na khwiistit, God forl>id. 
Khuda|)arast, adj. (jriKl-wor.shippcr. 
Khudaparusti, «. /. the worsliip of 

Khudatar.s, adj. fearing God, vir- 
Khudiiwand, «. m. posscss^jr, lord, 

ma-sU'r, husband. 
Khudiiwandi', «. /. sovereignty, lord- 

nhij), j)rovideucti. 
Klunlawaiid i nianiat, a form of 

luldrt'sH to HUiieriors ; beneticent 

mastrr or lord. 
Kliud ba daulat, you, your worship, 

sir; .his nuijcisty, your majesty, 

your iioiiour, &e. 
Khud ba khu<l.of tliine, his, &0., own 

accor I. of itself, v«)luntnrily. 
Khu(l(li, «. /. the H|>nces in u necOH- 

sary hetween i\w l;ttU' brick |mrti- 

tions ; the Kpjic<« U\m\ which u 

t)oMi has fallen otit or Ihh'U cx- 

tractitl ; the top «»f the hcuJ wlieli 

the hair is shaven ott'. 
Khuddi', H. f. broken rice. 
KliudL'harnz, udj. selfish, 'sc^lf-in- 

ttiisjeil, dcsigiiin;;. 
Klivulj.dinnizi, ». /. selfishness. 
Khuduii, r. n. to be dug, to be en- 

^ravetl, to bo cnrvt-d. 
; Kluidiianist, adj, sulf-couccited 

Khudparastr, «. /. self-sufficiency, 

Khudpasand, adj. self-complacent, 

Khudra, adj. self-conceited. 
Khudraf, 8. /. self-conceit. 
Khudwanti, v. a. to cause to deh 

dig, engrave or carve. 
Kdiujami, v. a. to scratch, to rub 

gently with the nails, to itch. 
Khujlahat, «. /. itching, titillation. 
Khujlana, v. n. to itch, to tickle, to 

Khujli, «./. the itch, 
Khiik, 8. m. a hog, swine. 
Khukli, adj. fxwr. 
Khulana, r. a. to ojien or to cause 

open, &c. 
Khuliisa, 8. m. conclusion, inference, 

moral sum: adj. spacious, roomy. 
Khulasft liomi, to be mauitesteti. : 

become known. 
Khulfa, 8. m. y/roy). Khurfa, ])urshti.i. 
Khuliyti, 8./. a small eartlun jnit 
Khul jiiiui, to bo openinl, tt> bio>me 

manifot, to Ik< bmught to lijiht. 
Khul khelmi, to pnicti&e vico openlv. 
Khulla, adj. oinn. 
Khulnii, r. u. to o|)on, to bo oix^dihI, 

t*> be leveuletl, to ho until d or un- 

foldeil, to bo discloDiHl or unwwr- 

cd, to be lot loose or bo l(Hit>o ; to 

Ix^ dis|H>rsctl (Uio cloudsX to clcnr 

up (the sky or miu) ; to blow or 

oi>en (^ti flower.) 
]}[hulq. $. m. nnturo, qunlity. good 

ili»)K)(Ut!on, civility, |Militonoss. 
Khulwunti, r. a. to cauM to bo 

Kiuuuur, n. m. sicknotw, henducbe. 

&c. : the etVii'ts of drinking. 
Khumtiri, adj. dnniken, lan^ui.shj 
Khumni, *. m. an iuibilual «lrunkur»l. 
^luiu, 8. III. blooil; munler. killing. 
Khunul^harubi', siv Kluin^jihaniUi, 
^hiintiliidn, ailj. stained with bl< 

]|flhiincha, $, m. a small tray. 


C 166 ] 


Khundalna, v. a. to trample, to tread, 
to beat or work with the feet. 

KhundMr' } '• ^- ^^1^^^ «^ ^ *^^^- 

Khundna, v. a. see Khaundna. 

Khiin hona, to be assassinated or 
murdered, to be committed (a 

Khuni, s. m. f. a murderer: adj. 
sanguinary, bloody. 

Khun i jigar pma, see Khun pma. 

Kliun karna, v. a. to assassinate, to 
kill, to murder. 

Khun khana, see Khiin pma. 

Khunkharaba, s. m. bloody work, 
deeds of death. 

Khiin pina, to forbear, to restrain 
one's anger. 

Khuns, s. m. animosity, spite, rancour. 

Khunsana, v. n. to be angry. 

Khun sir charhna, to be distracted 
by assassinating a person. 

Khun sufaid karna, to be unkind. 

Khunt, 8. m. a corner, an angle. 

Ivhunta, s. m. a tent-pin, a pin, a peg. 

Kliunti, s.f. a peg, a pin; the root 
ends of the stalks of grain. 

Khunukf, s. f. coldness, coolness. 

Khur, s. m. a (cloven) hoof, a hoof 
(in general.) 

Khurachna, v. a. to scrape. 

Khurak, | s. /. food, victuals, daily 

Khurak, / food, eatables, one meal, 
one dose (of medicine.) 

Khuraki, ) s. f. daily allowance of 

Khuraki, / food or of money to pur- 
chase it, subsistence-money. 

Khurant, adj. very old. [try. 

Khurasan, n. prop, name of a coun- 

Khurchan, s. f. pot-scrapings. 

Khurda karna, to cliange money. 

Kimrdani, s. f. the fee given to car- 
ters besides hire. 

Khurfa, s. m. purslain. 

Khuri, s. f. a cloven (foot.) 

Khuriya, s.f. a kind of bodice in 
which the breast is made to jjrotu- 

Khurjf, s. /. a wallet, a sack. 

Khurkhura, adj. rough. 

Khurla, s. m. a hole (snake's, &c.) ; a 

Khurma, ) -, , 

Khumat, adj. very old. 

Khurpa, s. m. an instniment for cut- 
ting grass for horses. 

Khurpi, s.f. a scraper, a weeding- 
knife, tlie tool with which grass is 
cut for horses ; a shovel for clean- 
ing out a bird cage. 

Khurra, s. m. a bedstead without 
mattress, bedding, &c. 

Khusar phusar, s. whispering. 

Khush, adj. pleased, delighted, plea- 
sant, good, willing, cheerful, gay, 
glad, happy, content, merry. 

Khushamad, s. f. flattery. 

Khiishamadi, s. f. flattery : s. a flat- 

Khushamadi karna, to flatter, to 

Khush ana, to be agreeable or plea- 
sing (to) ; to be acceptable (to) ; 
to be delightful. 

Khushawaz, with a sweet voice. 

Khiishbo, adj. fragrant, sweet-smell- 
ing, odoriferous: s. /. perfume, 

Khushbodar, adj. aromatic, odori- 
ferous, fragrant. 

Khushboi, s. f. perfume, fragi*ance. 

Khushbii, see Khiishbo. 

Khiishdaman, s. f. mother-in-law. 

Khushdil, adj. happy, pleased, de- 
lighted, cheerful. 

Khiishhal, adj. happy, in pleasant 

Khush hona, to be pleased, to rejoice. 

Khiishf, s. f. delight, pleasure, mirth, 
joy, gaiety, happiness, .gladness; 
will, choice. 

Khiishi khushi, | adv. with pleasure, 

Khushi se. 
Khushk, adj. di-y, withered, 

cheerfully, gladly, 


[ 167 ] 


Khuslika, s. m. boiled rice. 

Khiish kariia, to gratify, to please, to 
delight, to amuse, to gladden, to 

Khushkhabari", 8. f. glad tidings, 
good news. 

Khusli khari'd, s. f. paying ready 
money, purchasing in private sale. 

Khush khatt, elegant writing. 

Khushkf, 8.f. dry land; the flour 
sprinkled on tlie board, &c., on 
which dough is kneaded, to pre- 
vent its adhering to it. 

Kliushlibus, adj. well clad. 

Khiishmaztt, adj. delicious. 

Khiishnawi's, adj. writing an elegant 
hand, a fine penman. 

Khutihnumii, adj. pleasant to the 
sight ; beautiful, neat, pretty. o kluirram, adj. cheerful, gixy. 

Khiisliqita, adj. well-shaped, well 

Khu.shrang, adj. pleasant in colour. 

KhuHhrii, atJj. 'ijeautiful. 

KhuHlitabu, adj. jocular, merry. 

Khushtabai, «. /. jocularity, mirth, 

Kliuslitjiqri'r, adj. eloquent. 

KhuHhliinish, adj. well-made, de- 
fiant ly cut or shaped. 

Ivliiiwhwaqt, adj. happy, plcaaod, do- 

' lighted. 

KhiiHhwaqtr, s. f. happiness. 

Khu'Hli/iii(]n, (tdj. high-flavourod, sa- 
voury, deliciou}?. 

Khuskhusiimi, to pound or bruise 

Klmwiis, "i adv. particularly, espe- 

Kliusiisan, ) cially. 

Kliw.sya, H. m. tewtielo, 

J\liutai*, 8. m. pertidy, fulsiMicss. 

)\hii(nknti, r. a. to nibble. 

)\lint:i|»ii, ft. in. ixrHdy, falsenoss. 

Klintkti, H. m. nee Khajku. 

Jvliuinn, r. a. to })luek, to pick the 
leaves, &e., of vegetables. 

Kliutthi, I *»./. the scab of a healing 

Kliiitii j sore. 

I Khutti', 8. f. a purse. 

Kliwiib, 8. m. sleep, a dream. 

Khwab dekhna, to dream. 
I Khwabkhiyal, ». m. a spectre, phan- 
tom, delusion. 
I Khwah, in compo8. wishing, desi- 
ring : conj. either, or, whether. 
i Khwahish, «. /. desire, wish, will, in- 
j elination. 
I Khwahish kamd, to wish, to desiri . 

Khwiihishmand, adj. desirous. 

Khwahish rakhnti, to wish, to desire. 

Khwiih ma khwah, ) adv. willing or 

Khwiih na khwah, / not willing ; 
nolens volens ; certiiinly, positively, 
absolutely, at all events. 

Khwaja, s. in. a man of distinctioD, a 

Khwaja ^chizr, n. prop, a 8upiK)8cd 
pro})het to whom tiie Miiliamiuu- 
dans offer oblations of lamps, 
flowers, &e., plaee<l on rafla and 
hiunchal on the river. 

Khwajjisara, «. in. a eunuch. 

Khwaneha, s. in. a tmy. 

Khwaiuhi. <tdj. having the knowUxlgo 
of reading and writing ; nwl, leurn- 
etl. [ji tmy. 

Khwiinj^sh, «. w». a doth inweriug of 

]H[hwan8anu&o,«. m. a butler, a hous^ - 

]H[iiwtit4ta, adi. desirod, wi«lioil f 
having willed or winliCHl. 

Khwesh, «. m. n kimuiuin. a son 

Khwesh qaniUit, kinnmon, rdatioiui. 

Khyul, ». m. phiy, HiH»rt. 

Ki, runj. that. i\t*. iHM'aumo. 

\\\, /xW/KM. /. t>f, Inlonging to. 

Iviiuiiai, B./. prop. Qiyiimat, whi«'!> 


Kich, •./. dirt, mud, slirac, mire. 
Kiehar. J»./. dirt, mud, Hlimo. mir^ 

tile Nime nl.Ho as Kidipi. 
Kieliar pidiar houji, to U> vi>ry v 

(the ground. I 
Kidikiduinti, r. n. to grind or guuo . 

(the iQvtli.) 


[ 168 ] 


Kichra, s. m. the gummy substance 
that oozes from the eye. 

Kichraiia, v. n. to have a gummy run- 
ning at the eyes ; to be blear-eyed. 

Kidar, j 

Kidhar, \ adv. where ? whither ? 

Kidhar, ) 

Kidhar se, whence ? from where ? 

Kifiiyat, s. f. gain, profit, gain on 
trade ; sufficiency, abundance : ctdj. 

Kifiiyatr, adj. cheap, purchased for 
less than its value, saving, profita- 
ble, gainful, economical. 

Kifiiyat karna, to save, to lower the 
price, to come down in price. 

Kikar, s. m. the acacia tree. 

Kikiyana, v. n. to shriek, to scream. 

Kil, s.f. a small nail, peg, tack, wedge, 
a bolt, the core of a boil ; the axis 
on which a hand-mill turns. 

Kila, s. m. prop. Qila, a fort. 

Kiladar, see Qiladar. 

Kilaf, s. m. prop. Khilaf, which see. 

Kil kanta, tools, apparatus, accoutre- 

Kilkilana, v. n. to be fretful, to snap, 
to snarl, to be peevish. 

Killi, s. f. a bolt. 

Kilna, V. a. to charm a sn.ike, so as 
to prevent its biting. 

Kilni, s. f. a tick (insect that infests 
dogs, &c.), dog louse. 

Kima,s. m.prop. Qima, minced meat. 

Kimat, s. f. prop. Qimat, price, value. 

Kimati, adj. prop. Qimati, which see. 

Kimiya, s. m. alchemy, chemistry. 

Kimiyagar, s. m. a chemist, an al- 

Kimiya karna, v. a. to work miracles ; 
to adulterate. 

Kimkwab, | s. m. silk worked with 

Kimkhwab, / gold and silver flowers, 

Kimukht, s. m. the leather of a horse 
or ass, shagreen. 

Kimukhti, adj. made of Kimukht. 

Kin, pron. interrog. plur. injied. 
whom ? what ? 

Kina, s. m. malice, spite, rancour, 
hatred, grudge, animosity. 

Kinar, g.»/. side, margin, edge, aside. 

Kinara,| s. ra. margin, sliore, coast, 

Kinara,/ bead), boundary, edge, 
brim, hem, border. 

Kinara karna, v. a. to abstain, to re- 
frain, to lay aside, to keep aloof. 

Kinara khainchna, to give up, to 
quit, to leave. 

Kinare, aside, ashore. 

Kinare ho jana,to retire, to withdraw. 

Kinare par, ashore. 

Kinari, s.J. (gold or silver) lace. 

Kinchli, 8. /. the slough of a snake, 

Kingn', s. f. a sort of fiddle. 

Kinkini, s. f. bells or tinkling orna- 

Kinna, v. a. to purchase, to buy. 

Kinwaiya, adj. a purchaser. 

Kira, s. m. a worm, an insect, a mag- 
got, a reptile, a snake. 

Kirae karna, to let, to hire. 

Kiraha, adj. wormy, worm-eaten. 

Kiran, s. f. the sunbeams, tiie rays 
of the sun, moon, &c. 

Kirana, I p 

Kiranachiz,/ «• m. grocery, &c. ■ 

Kirani, s. m. a clerk, a writer, a per- 
son not in the first society. 

Kirat, s. /. fame, renown. 

Kiraw, s. m. a small pea. 

Kiraya, s. m. hire, fare, rent. 

Kiraya chalana, to let out on hire. 

Kirayadar, a tenant, one who hires 

Kiraya karna, to hire, to rent. 

Kiraya lena, to rent, to hire, to take 
on hire. 

Kirch, s. f. a splinter. 

Kirha, adj. wormy, worm-eaten. 

Kirich, s. f. a kind of sword. 

Kiriya, s. /. see Kriya. 

Kiriya karm, see Kriya karm. 

Kiriya khana, v. n. to swear. 

Kiriya khilana, v. a. to swear a per- 


[ 169 ] 


Kiikira, adj. gritty, sandy. 

Kirkirahat, s. f. grittiness. 

Kirkirana, v.n. to be gritty, to grate. 

Kirkirana, to gnash tiie teeth from 

Kirrn, s. m. a worm. 

Kirmich, s. m. a kind of canvas. 

Kirpa, s./. see Kripa. 

Kirpal, adj. compassionate, benevo- 
lent, kind. 

Kis, pron. inierrog. inflect, whom? 
which? wliat? 

Kisa, s. m. a purse. 

Kisam, s.f. 'prop. Qism, which see. 

Kisan, s. m. a liusbaiidman, plough- 
man, pea.sant, farmer. 

Kisan', a kind of pulse. 

Kisbat, 8. f. the case (or bag) bar- 
bers, surgeons, &c., keep their in- 
struments in ; a piece of leatlier 
worn by a biliisti or waterman on 
which lie rests the bag containing 

Kisbi', 8. m. a dyer. 

Kise, prog, inierrog. sing, to wliom ? 
to what? to wiiich? ' 

Kishan, ?/. prop, a name of Krishna. 

Kisliniisli, n.f. currants, small dried 
grapes without stones. 

Kishtr, 8./. a vesscil, boat, a tray ; a 
b('gj:ar s plate or pot. 

Kishtikiiri, «. /. husbandry, agricul- 

Kisi', inflect. o/Kof, somo any. 

Kisi aiiuwan so, | somehow, 

Kisi g,iiwan 80, > eonio way or 

Kisi' na kisi tanih so,) other, some 

Kisi tiiraii, ^ 

l\' hirah S(\ I Konichow, in sonu' 
Ivisi'taur, j manner. 

Kisi taur so, ) 

Kis live, why? wherefore? 

Kisniat, prop. Qismat, s.f. fate, fbr- 

Kisnuiibiizi', «. f. sec Qismatlnizi'. 
KiH qach, how much ? to what de- 
gree ? 

Kissa, s. m. prop. Qissa, which see. 
Kissa kahani, see Qissa kahaui'. 
Kist, prop, Qist, which see. 
Kis tarah, "I • i - o i. •} 

Kis taur, / ^^ ^^^* ^^^^^' ' ^^^ " 
Kistbaudi. s. /. an agreement to pay 

by instalments. 
Kisti, 8. f. see Kishti. 
Kistkiliif, 8. f. see Qistkhilaf. 
Kisu, pron. indef. some, any. 
Kis waste, why? wherefore ? on 

what account ? for what reason ? 
Kit, 8. m. an insect ; the dregs of 

oil in a lamp, or that collected in 

a huqqa. 
Kita, 8. m. prop. Qita, which see. 
Kitiib, 8. m. a book. 
Kitabi', adj. of a book. 
Kitabi chilira, a long or oval face. 
Kitabiyti, s. /. a book. 
Kitabkhana, s. m. a libmry. 
Ki tai'o, podpos, to. See Ke tai'u. 
Kitak, adj. si'O Kitek. 
Kitii kita, see Qita qita. 

Kit*' '( ^'^^* ^^^wmuch? how iw..;. 
Kitna, how many? how mm 

some, several. 
Kitiui hi, howsoever, howaoovor mu 

or many. 
Kitno ok, some, somo few. 
KittiU Boe Kituu. 
Kiwtinch, k. m. name of a plant. 
Kiwar. \ »• f>»- i^ ^l<*<>c wiiicli tunui 
Kiwui'ii, j on a pivot. 
Kiyii, mirt. inntt. or 8. m. done, made, 

(UhhI, ju't, dt»inj?. 
Kiyiiri". h. f. a IhhI of a pp^rdon mado 

to facilitiito irrigation. 
Ko, /;ro«. who? postp<)». to, for. 
Kott, B. m. angle or corner \o{ the 

oyo) ; slice, division of the jack 

fruit: coo(x)n (c.f the »ilk worm 
Kohl, ». /. a cabhige. 
Kochmi, V. a. to stulT, to cram, u. 

tuck in. 
K<h1o, 8. in. name of small grain. 
Koelii, 8. in. churcoaL 


[ 170 ] 


Koeri,"! s. m. a husbandman, name 
KoeriJ of a Hindu caste whose 

profession is husbandry. 
Kofta, adj. pounded, beaten (meat), 

name of a dish. 
Koh, s. m. a mountain, hill. 
Kohani, s. /. the elbow. 
Kohistan, s. m. a mountainous coun- 
Kohni, s. /. the elbow. 
Koi, any, anyone, anybody, some- 
one, or, somebody. 
Koi dam men, soon, shortly, imme- 
Koi nahin, nobody. 
Koi na koi, somebody or other, 

some or other. 
Koka'i, s. /. a small nail, tack. 
Kokh, I 8. f. the womb, the abdo- 
Kokha,/ men. 

Kokil, \ s. /. the name of a bird, a 
Kokila,/ black cuckoo. 
Koi, s. m. a creek, a bay, a haven, 
a harbour, any long narrow pas- 
sage; name of a tribe of moun- 
Kolhii, s. m. an oil press. 
Kolhii men phirwa dena, to mace- 
rate (anything) in a press, &c. 
Kolu, see Kolhu. 

Komal, adj. soft, placid, tender, mild. 
Komalta, s. f. softness, placidity, 

mildness, tenderness. ' 
Komaltai, s. f. softness. 
Kompal, s. f. a young shoot, a 

Kon, 1 

Kona,i s. m. corner, angle. 
Kona, I 

Konadar, adj. cornered, angled. 
Kona koni, adv. corner wise, diago- 
Konakuthra, s. m. hole and corner, 

every corner. 
Konchna, v. a. see Kochna. 
Konpal, s. f. see Kompal. 
Kop, s. m. rage, passion, anger. 
Kopf, adj. passionate, rageful. 

Kopin, s. f. a piece of cloth worn be- 
tween the legs, fastened before and 
behind to a string tied round the 

Kor, s. /. edge, border, margin, 

Kor, s. m. the leprosy. 

Kora, adj. new, unused, fresh (ap- 
plied chiefly to earthen vessels or 
paper) ; unbleached (cloth.) 

Kora, s. m. a whip. 

Kora karna, to whip; to reduce to 

Kora marna, to lash. 

Koran, s. m. prop. Quran, the Koran. 

Korban, prop. Qurban, which see. 

Korh, s. m. the leprosy. 

Korhi, ad,j. a leper ; lazy. 

Kori", s. f. a score, a corge, twenty : 
adj. leprous, leper ; lazy. 

Korma, s. m. see Qorma. 

Korna, v. a. to dig out, to scoop, to 

Koro, s. m. a rafter. 

Kos, s. f. a measure of about two 
miles ; a piece added to the end 
of a sleeve, a cuif. 

Kosh, s. m. a dictionary. 

Koshish, s. f. endeavour, effort, at- 
tempt, application. 

Koshish karna, to endeavour, to at- 
tempt, to make effort or exertion, 
to strive. 

Kosna, v. a. to curse. 

Kot, 8. m. a fort. 

Kotab ! ^^•^' ^^^^^^'^ little, small, 

Kotah', I ^^"i^f' "^^^^^- 

Kotah gardan, short-necked. 

Kotahi, s. f. deficiency, neglect. 

Kotahqadd, adj. of short stature. 

Kotal, 8. m. a spare horse or palki 
which goes with a marriage com- 
pany, &c. 

Kotha, s. m. an upper story ; a house 
having two stories: adj. on edge 
(the teeth.) 

Kot havildar, 8. m. a pay-sergeant. 


[ ni ] 


Kothi, 8. /. a small Cpakka) house ; 
a small granary ; dwelling, a ware- 
house, factory ; a banking house ; 
the chamber of a gun ; tlie womb. 

Kothiwal, 8. m. a banker; a whole- 
sale merchant. 

Kothmir, «. m. coriander. 

Kothri, I 8. /. a room, a chamber, a 

Kothfi, / closet. 

Kotmir, 8.f. a kind of greens; co- 

Kotwal, 8. m. the chief officer of the 
police (in military cantonments) ; 
a village watchman. 

Kotwal I, 8./. the office of a Kotwal. 

Kotwtili cliabiitara, 8. m. a place or 
hull for ih(.* office of a Kotwal. 

Koyal, sue Kokil. 

Kriini', 8. m. see Kirani. 

Kripti, 8. /. favour, kindness, pity, 
mercy, compassion, afiectiou, 

Kripunidhan, mansion of kindness, 
a]x)do of mercy, 

KripiiHindiiu, ocean of grace or 

Kri'pi, 8./. sport, j)lay, i)astimo. 

KriMhn, ) ii.projy. name of uUindd 

Krishna, / incarnation. 

KriHlinavutiir, the incarnation of 
the g(xl Vishnu, in tho fonn of 

Krishiipiichh, j «. m. tho dark half 

Krishnpakii, J of a month, tho 

Krishnpiiksh, ) fortniglit tluriiig 
whicii th(5 m(M>n is in tlio wnuv. 

Krit, (ulj. mad(>, ihmv, p<Tfonnrd. 

Kriyii, h. /. (UumI, an act; a verb; au 
oath ; obrtcipiies. 

Kriya karm, j>erformanco of obeo- 

Krodh, d, m. anger, passion, rngr*. 

Knxlhi', \ adj. angry, wnithful, 

KitMlhwiin, / passionate, choleric. 

Knir, adj. cruel, pitiless, luird- 
luarted, seven', harsh. 

Ku. (r in-rpottitiir particle^ implying 
bad, ill, vile, Uttle, mean. 


' 8. m. a well. 

KiiaB, / ^ 

Kiiar, 8. m. name of the sixth Hindu 

Kuara, 8. m. an unmarried person, a 

Kiiari, \ «• /• a maid, a vi; 

Kuari kanya, / gin. 
Kuat, s. /. prop. Quwat, which see. 
Kub, 8. m. a hump. 
Kubachan, 8. m. indecent or j^ur- 

rilous language, ob3cenit)\ 
Kubar, 8. m. a hmnp. 
Kuber, adj. late. 
Kubhtirja, 8. /. a bad wife. 
Kubichar, 8. m. an unfair judgment, 

a wrong decision. 

Kubra, > adj. hump-backed. 
Kubra, ) 
Kucli, 8. m. marching, march, dr 

cumpment, dci)artun'. 
Kuchiil, 8./. misbehaviour, miscon 

Kuchal diilmi, ) v. a. to bniiiiD, to 
Kufhal drnii, ) crush, to overhiy. 
Kuchuli, adj. ill-U-havt d. 
Kuchalmi, r. a. to bruise, to orutili. 
Kuchli, any, anytiiing. aught, houx 

something, !M»m«'wh«t, a little. 
Kuchh aur IT > u faUo ex- 

phmation, ' !• n-nt Mtory. 

Kurhh ek, s' :.. « me lew. 

Kuehh ho, wltatever may hup|Hr 

what nmy o<nue. 
Kiu'hh ku kuohh U» ontirvl) 

Ktnhh nahi'o. noth'"" • •" ' 
Kuehli na kuehh. 
Knelih He kuchli li 

change* 1. 
Kuehh tuni ne l»api paya, have yt>u 

finind a trtnisure ? 
Kiiehi*. H. /. a mason's brush, u l»rti>li 

for while washing, a bru>h made < : 

tl»o ouUt rind of tlie e<H^m-nut. 
Kifrli karnii, to march, to dix*ninp, t*> 

depart ; to die. 


[ 172 ] 


Kuchla, 8. m. a vomic nut, nux vo- 
Kiid, s. /. spring, jump, leap, bound. 
Kudekna, v. frisk. 
Kudal, s. m. a lioe or kind of spade, 

a pickaxe or mattock. 
Kudali, 8. /. a small mattock. 
Kudana, v. a. to dandle ; to cause to 

Kudar, s. m. see Kudal. 
Kudayti, s. m. a kind of dove. 
Kudhab, adj. ill-shaped, ill-minner- 

ed, ugly, rude. 
Kudhang, adj. unmannerly, ill-bred, 

Kudin, 8. m. an evil or unlucky day, 

a day of calamity. 
Kudna, v. n. to leap, to bound, to 

jump, to rejoice. 
Kudna phandiia, to jump about, to 

leap about (as for joy.) 
Kiid phand, s. m see Kild. 
Kudrat, s.f. 'prop. Qudrat, which see. 
Kudrati, adj. see Qudrati. 
Kudrdtwala, s. m. one who has 

power, an able man. [leap. 

Kudwana, v. a. to cause to dandle or 
Kufr, s. m. infidelity. 
Kufr bakna, to talk irreligiously, or 

in opposition to religion. 
Kufristan, the land of infidelity. 

Kuhni, s. f. the elbow. 

Kuhram, s. m. lamentation, grief. 

Kuhuk, 8. /. the notes of the kokil. 

Kuhukna, v. n. to sound as the 
koyals do, 

Kujiit, adj. base, of mean extraction 
or bad caste, one who has lost his 
caste, an outcast. 

Kukar, 8. m. a dog. 

Kukarm, s. m. an evil action, wicked- 
ness, sin. 

Kukarmi, adj. wicked, vicious. 

Kukarmuta, s.m. a mushroom, a toad- 

Kiik marna, to crj, to sob. 

Kiilcri, 8. /. a spindle of thread ; In- 
dian corn. 

Kukronda, s. m. name of a plant. 

Kukii, 8. m. cooing (a dove.) 

Kukur, s. m. a dog. 

Kul, 8. m. family pedigree, race, 

Kula, 8. m. the joint of the hip. 

Kulachhan, s. m. misconduct, bad 

Kulaf, s. m. corrupt, of Qulf, a pad- 

Kulang, s. m. a fowl of a large breed. 

Kulawant, adj. of a good or noble 
family, of noble descent. 

Kulawaiiti, adj. f. of pure or noble 
descent, a gentlewoman. 

Kulbor, adj. one who disgraces his 
family. [family. 

Kul borna, v. a. to dit^gi-ace one's 

Kulbulahat, 8. /. vermicular motion. 

Kulbulana, v. n. to itch, to fidget, to 
writhe (as a worm or snake), to 
grumble or rumble (the bowels.) 

Kulcha, 8. m. a kind of bread, biscuit. 

Kulfat, s.f. trouble, vexation, distress. 

Kulhara, s. m. } i x i, x 

Kulharts./. }anaxo,l,atchet. 

Kulhiya, s. /. a cup, a small round 

Kiili, 8. m. prop. Quli, which see. 
Kulicha, 8. m. a kind of bread, biscuit. 
Kulijan, 8. m. name of a drug. 
Kulin, adj. noble, of respectable 

descent, of good family. 
Kulmai, 8. /. nobility, gentility, 

respectability of descent. 
Kull, adj. all, universal : s. m. sum. 
Kulli, s.f. gargling or rinsing the 

mouth, washing the mouth. 
Kull jama, sum total. 
Kulma, 8. m. a sausage. 
Kulpuj, the object of worship of a 

family, family priest. 
Kultaran, s. m. a youth who is a 

credit to his family. 
Kulukh, 8. m. a clod of earth used by 

Muhammadans after making urine^ 


[ 173 ] 


Kiimait, ,<5. m. a bay-coloured horse. 

Kumak, s. /. aid, assistance. 

Kumba, 8. m. tribe, caste, family, 
broth ertiood. 

Kumhar, s. m. a potter. 

Kumharf, 8. /. an insect resembling 
a wasp which builds its house of 

Kumharnf, s. f. a potter's wife, a fe- 
male potter. 

Kumhlana, v. n. to wither, to droop, 
to fade, to dry up, to be blighted. 

Kun, 8. f. podi'X. 

Kilnch, 8. in. see Kiich, 

Kiinchi', 8. /. a mason's brusli, the 
outer rind of a cocoa-nut used as a 

Kund, adj. bhmt ; stupid, slow. 

Kuiif), 8. 111. a [Miol, a well, a spring, 
or ba.sin of water, especially con- 
secrated to some holy puriK)se. 

Kilndu, 8. m. a vessel (earthen) for 
kneading bread in. 

KiHida, 8. m. a block, a gunstock, u 

bilh't of wo(jd. 

Kunda charhana, ) , , -, 

,' , , ; - ' > to stock a gun. 

Kunda lagaim, J ° 

Kuiidan, 8. ni. pure goM. 

J\uiuli', 8. f. a aUmo mortar for grind- 
ing snurt', bhang, &c. 

Kuiidi', 8. /. the act of calendering 

Kimdi' kanui, to calender (cloth.) 

Kundli', 8./. a coil, ring, curl, hoop. 

Kungni, <tdj. ablo-lxMlitHl, rul)U»t, 
athletic, stout. 

Kuiij, 8. m. a confined plmv. 

}\iinj, (uij. narrow (us a liuic.) 

Kuim' 1 . I 


Kunjrii, *«. 7». ) namo of a cjusto 

K u n j r i n , 8. /. / w ho8o busi 11086 is 
to sell vcgel«bles. 

KuniM, »«. /. sawdust, small chips. 

Kiiijrha, 8. m. namo of u gounl, a 

Kuufi, 8./. an iron bucket for draw- 
ing water ; a kind of hanging lump. 

Kunwan, 8. m. a well. 

Kunwar, s. m. the son of a nija, a 

Kufiwara, 8. m. an unmarried boy. 
Kunwiiri, 8. /. a maiden, a virgin, a 

young lady fit for marriage. 
Kupaini, mlj. unlucky. 
Kuppa, 8. m. a large leathern vessel 

for holding oil, ghi, &c. 
Kuppii honii, to become very fat. 
Kuppi, 8. /. a small leathern bottle. 
Kiini, 8. m. sweepings, dirt, rubbish 
Kura, 8. in.' a globe, anything 

Kuni, 8. m. prop. Qura, which see. 
Kuni diilna, see Qura diiliia. 
Kiifh, adj. foolish, stujiid, simpletcin 
Kurhan, «. /. grief, sorrow, lameuti 

Kujluina, v. a. to vex, to afflict, t. 

grieve, to di.spleose. 
Kurhiui, V. n. lo grieve, to mourn, t 

lament, to pine, to repine, to b 

Kunt,8./. mis<'on«luct,l»»i<l i"' '>v">i" 
Kuriz, 8. /'. moulting {v\' 
Kuriz kanui, to m«udt 1> 
Kurk, 8. m. prop. Qunj, Nvhuh *ce. 
Kurki, adj. mv ii\m\t. 
Kurkupuui, r. n. to cluek, to cock! 

(as a hiiO; to sixuk angrily, t 

murmur, to grumf'l. . 
Kuikut, 8. /. HWt« j 
Ku|-nm, 8. III. triU . 
Kuraii, It. m.i\ triUci i.ii>t.aii«ui.< 
Kiirni, n. /. n KHH>p. 
Kurni, n. /. u eluiir, a »t«)ol. a 8« at, v 

tlirtmu : tt nuM^ti fittmdntion ; tho 

ixisi* or foot ot n pillar. 
Kurtm \ t. m. n kind of tunic, a 
Knrtii. / wuistcont, n jo*kut. 

8. m. tlic tlirusli. 

Kurtliil, \ 
Kurthan j ' 
Kurthi, »./. ft kind n( vrt«^h 
Kuril, n. /. n 
women, n 

Kufuk, adj. I . ... 

Kur up,ar/; .ilMoruieci, ugly, duformcvi 


[ 174 ] 


Kiis, s. m. name of a grass, the sacred 
grass of the Hindus. 

Kusal, is./, welfare, well-bein g, 

Kusalchhem,> health, prosperity, 

Kusalkhem, ) safety. 

Kiish, s. m. see Kiis ; also improp. 
for Khiish. 

Kushada, adj. expansive, wide, spa- 

Kiishal, s. f. see Kusal. 

Kushti, s. f. wrestling. 

Kushtibaz, a wrestler. 

Kushtibazi, s. /. wrestling. 

Kushtigir, s. m. a wrestler. 

Kushti karna, to wrestle, to struggle. 

Kusum, s. m. name of a flower; 

Kusilr, s. m. prop. Qusur, which see. 

Kusiir karna, see Qusiir karna. 

Kut, s. m. survey, guess, appraise- 
ment, measurement (of boats), 
boat-toll. [board. 

Kut, s. m. paper used to make paste- 

Kut, 8. m. name of a medicine. 

Kutama, v. a. to cut with the teeth. 

Kuti, 8. /. a hut. 

Kutil, adj. perverse, untoward, cruel. 

Kutiya, s. /. a bitch. 

Kutka, s. m. a short stick, a cudgel. 

Kut karna, v. a. to appraise, to guess 
the weight or capacity of things ; 
to measure (the tonnage of boats.) 

Kutki, s. /. see Kut ; also a gnat. 

Kutna, V. a. see Kut karna. 

Kiitna, V. a. to pound, to beat, to 
bray, to macerate^ to cudgel. 

Kutna, s. m. a pimp. 

Kutnai, s. f. the wages of a pimp. 

Kutnana, v. a. to entice, to seduce, 
to inveigle, to wheedle, to coax. 

Kutnapa, s. m. pimping. 

Kutni, s. f. a bawd, a procuress. 

Kutran, that which is gnawed or 
bitten off with the teeth. 

Kutta, 8. m. a dog. 

Kuttan, s. m. a pimp. 

Kuttani, s. f. a procuress, a go- 

Kuttan pesha, s. m. pimping. 
Kutti', *•. /. stalks of grain cut for 

fodder for cattle. 
Kuttf, 8. /. a bitch. 
Kutiibkhana, s. m. a library. 
Kutum, j 8. m. kin, family, tribe, 
Kutumb, / caste, relative. 
Kutwal, 8. m. see Kotwal. 
Kuwat, 8. f. prop. Qiiwat, which see. 
Kya, what ? how ? why ? whether, or. 
Kya khiib, brave, well done, how 

excellent ! 
Kyarf, s. f. a bed (of a garden or 

field) made for irrigating. 
Kyun, ) adv. why ? wherefore ? how ? 
Kyon, / well ? then, because. 

Kyu£ke, I *'*"'«• 

Kyunki, conj. because, that. 

Kyun nahm, why not? certainly, 

Kyun na ho, why not ? 
Kuza, s. m. a goglet, an earthen pot 

for water ; a lump of sugar which 

has been crystalUzed in an earthen 


La, a negative or privative particle, 
no, by no means, without, un, ir, 
in, im, il. 

Lab, 8. m. see Labh. 

Lab, s. m. lip, brim, edge, verge, mar- 
gin, shore, coast, brow (of a hill.) 

Labada, s. m. a kind of cloak or great 

Labalab, adj. brimful, running over. 

Labar, s. m. a liar, a talker. 

Labarkhanda, m. ) nonsensical, mis- 

Labarkliandi, /. / chievous, fool- 
ish, jester. 

Labarsabar, | s. m. tittle-tattle, non- 

Labarsabar, / sense. 

Labba, s. m. kernels in fat of meat. 

Labcdii, s. m. a club or short stick. 

Laben lena, to shave or prune the 
beard of the upper lip. 


[ 175 ] 


uhiia, 8. m. \ the pot in which tari 
is collected from tlie 

Lahh, 8. m. gain, profit, advantage, 

]>(;uofit, an acquisition. 
Labli kurna, | to attain, to gain, to 
Liihh iithana, / make profit. 
Ijub i (luryii, the sea-shore, river-side. 
Lai )I aba, 8. m. sweetbread. 
lAih lena, to shave or prune the beard 

of the upper Up 

ibiia, 8. m. \ 
Lalmi', «./. / 


Labra, "I ,. ^ ,,, 

Labrii, f ^-^-^ liar, a tattler. 

La))rez, adj. brimful, overflowing. 
Lac'hak, 8./. spring, elasticity, beud- 
^ in;,'. 

I^cliakmi, V. n. to sprinp^, to bend. 
Laciiami, v. a. to Ixjud, to bow, to 

Liifliar, adj. without remedy, Iielp- 

Icss, destitute, forh^rn, poor. 
Lacharagi; \ 8.f. forlornness, lieh)- 
Liwlisiri, / fessnesH. 
La(!licl)lui, K. m. a ])undlo Tof thread), 

al»all (.r skein of tlirmd, &c. 
r^ichchhan, \ ». m. Ml<,ni, murk, symp- 
Livclilian, / torn, fentun-. 
Lacliliman. ». m. name of tlio half- 
brother of Ilamacliaudm. 
Liu'hhiui. K./. the g(Mldes8 of abun- 

<lHnt;e and wife of Viahnu ; wealth, 

rid lea. 
Lathkii, 8. m. a kind of bout; (irold 

>r Hi Ivor) lace, 
fia^likiiim, v. a. to, to Htmin. 
[iiirliklijimi. \ . , , . 

[.Mchiui, / ^' "• "* "^'"•'' to Ih)W. 
Lii'l. ."'./. a loud, bunhMi; bowek- 

tlie contend* of Iho bowels. 
adiimi, v. a. to loml. 

ilii<». «./ a load. 

l.'wji, without claim or tlcnmnd. 
lawa, rcnu>(lilo8s, incumblo. 

<]'lii, ". m. a kind of swootineat. 

diyji, 8. m. a loa^lcr. 

(llii, (ufj. darling, dtuir. 

dnii, r. u. to bt> loaded, to he laden. 
Ulna, r. a. to KmuI, to latlo, to freight 

L^ phand, g. f. lading and packing. 
Ladu, adj. accustomed to carry a 

load (as a bullock.) 
Ladwana, v. a. to cause to load or la<L 
Laf, «./. boasting, brai?, van it v, w!: 

praise, a lie, falsehood : adj'. fals^ . 
Lafaj, 8. m.prop. Lafz, a woni. a sav- 
Lafgo, 8. a liar. 
Ltifgoi', 8. /. telling lies. 
Laf kahna, to tell a lie, to lie. 
Laf mdrna, to boast, to bluater, to 

Latz, 8. m. a word, a saying. 
Ltifzan, a boaster, bragger, blusten r. 
Lafzanf, s.f. bojiating, bmgc-inix. 
Lag, to, as far as. near, till, until, up 

to, close to, whilst, during. 
Lag, «./. fixing, hiU'hing, dtft«ct, oK 

Btaclo: eiimity, mncour, spit.. 

"■•• - • **• * ' ,.; jippmucli 
' her. 

I' ncH self. 

Lagum, ti.j\ u bridlf. a bit. 
Lagji miinm. to calumniate, 
liapim dttui, to bridle. 
I^igjin, 8. m. slojiping or making 

;a Uiat, &c.) 
Lagan, 8. m. aft'iHstion, friemlship : 

a^)pointing tJie tluy of niurringo ; a 

kind of largo ilut dibh. 
Lagjiiui, V. a, to apply, to cUhmk to 

attach. U» j"ii« »" ti» ♦.. ., 

iiscrribc. ti» I 

U> Hi«t, to ill i 

to fuHton. to lOlJI 

put to work, to I 

to UM}, to impuu. !.• 

tiling in tho way of 

I^igtoli bujhanji. to cxcit*- ipiarrvU 
lAg^ #. in. i>«lation, comuxion. ud- 

herDDce, intcriHnireo. 
Laai ralimi, to Ite oooaptod or busy 

littgarna. r. a. to ruK 

Ugat' } *• /• «*P<»i*'- co«*A 


[ 176 ] 


TiOgatar, adj. successive, incessant. 

liUgawat, s.f. connexion, application. 

La^bhag, adj. close, near, about, al- 
most, by, tliereabout, bard by. 

Lag chalna, to follow closely, to 
court friendsbip. 

Lagga, s. m. affection, attachment ; a 
pole with wbicbaboat is impelled. 

Lagga na khana, to be not compara- 
ble (with.) 

Lagging./, a staff, a pole with which 
a boat is impelled. 

Lagham, s. /. see Lagam. 

Tjagliar, adj. lean, thin, meagre. 

I/ighari", 8. /. leanness, meagreness. 

Lagho. adj. preposterous, contempt- 
ible, absurd, false. 

Lagliii, adj. short. 

Laghzish, s. /. a slip, slipping, tum- 

Lagit, s. f. expense, costs. 

Laglagi, s. /. affection, love. 

Lag lagna, to fall* in love. 

Lagna, v. n. to be applied, to apply, 
to begin, to be fixed, to be attached, 
to be close (to), to adjoin, to touch, 
to be employed, to be imputed, to 
reach, to suit, to join, to close, to 
be, to become, to happen, to befall, 
to seem, to taste, to be connected 

Lug rahna, to continue without in- 
terruption, to continue fixed. 

l'^I ^'' f ^*^> desirous, adhering to. 
Lagiia, s. m. a paramour, a tradesman 

with whom one always deals. 
Lagwana, v. n. to apply, to fix, to 

cause to apply, to cause to put or 

plant, &c. 
Lah, s. m. lac. 
Lahad, s. f. a place where the dead 

are washed. 
Lahak, s. f. glitter, flash, glare. 
Lahakna, v. n. to glitter, to shine ; 

to be kindled or lighted ; to burn 

up into a flame; to wave (as 

herbage before the wind.; 

La hall, adj. not to be solved, ab- 
struse, difficult, indissoluble. 

Lahanga, s. m. a petticoat or mere 
skirt wiiicli is tied round the loins 
and extends to the feet or ground. 

Lahar, s. f. a wave ; the effect of the 
. poison of a snake ; great heat (in 
the bowels) ; a waving pattern in 
embroidery ; emotion. 

Lahasf, s. f. a cable-rope ; a rope for 
fastening a boat to the shore, &c. 

La hasil, adj. unproductive, profit- 
less, abortive. 

La haul wa la qiiwata ilia bi-l-lah]', 
there is no power or vijtue but in 
God ; ^.^., there is no striving 
against iate. It is said also toi 
drive away evil spirits. 

Lahbar, s. m. a kind of paroquet. 

Lahesna, v. a. to plaster. 

Lahi, s. f. name of a plant ; a fine 
sort of cloth ; mildew ; fowls' dung. 

Lahja, prop. Lahza, which see. 

Lahkana, v. a. to cause to shine or 
glitter ; to blow up a fire. 

Lahlahana, v. n. to bloom, to be 
verdant, to flourish. 

Lahna, s. m. outstanding debts. 

Lahsan, s. m. garlic ; a freckle. 

Lahsora, s. m. name of a fruit. 

Lahii, s. m. blood. 

Lahii luhan, adj. covered or be 
smeared with blood. 

Lahza, s. m. moment, the twinkling 
of an eye ; improp. Laja. 

Lai, absorbed (as in the Deity.) 

Lai', s. f. parched rice mixed with 
coarse sugar; bliglit, mildew. 

Lai bona, v. n. see Lin bona. 

La ilaj, adj. incurable, without 

Lam, adj. accursed. 

Laiq, 1 adj. worthy, deserving, a-< 

Laiqa, / dapted, proper, fit,, 
becoming, exi)etlient, suitable, able- 
capable, qualified, decent. 

Laiq bona, to deserve, to merit. 

Lais, adj. ready, finished. 


[ 177 ] 


. ^•./. bashfulncss, modesty, shame. 
Ui. 8. m. the name of a kind of 
ii.sitive plant. 

,, iiui, V. n. to be ashamed or 
ahasljed, to blush. 

La jawab, adv. incapable of answer- 
ing, silenced, speechless, discon- 
certed, confuted. 

T-iajliti, 8. m. viscosity, glutinousness. 

I.ajiyana, v. n. to be abashed, to be 
ashamed, to blush. 

liajja, 8. /. bashfulness, modesty, 

I>ajjaman, adj. ashamed, abashed. 

liaj^jat, prop. Lazzat, wliich see. 

L:ijjit, adj. ashamed, abaslied. 

liiijuban, prop. Ijiizaban, which see. 

LaJ Will 111, V. a. to shame, to cause to 
blush, to put to siiame. 

La j want, adj. modest, bashful, chaste, 

T/.'ik, (tdj. a hundred thousand : ». m. 

Tiak, adj. a liun<lrc<l tliou.^and. 

L;i kulam, culj. doubtless, unques- 
tionably: adv. neccsbarily, cer- 

LaKar, 8. in. wood; a large piece of 
limber, a cudgel. 

linkavbiiz, a cudgel-player. 

Lakai'lmzi', s, f. cudgel playing, 

l/akni-Juini, 8. m. a woml-cutt<T, u 
seller of wixxl, w«)od-mong('r. 

1/ikli, 8. m. gum lac, wuliiig-wax : 
mlj. a hundred thuusjind. 

LaUliii, 8. plur. of I^k, hundredh of 

Lakhii, 8. m. lac, a rt^d dyo. 

Lakliiii' dunii, v. iu to upiMmft tplM 

in siglit. 
l-ikharuj, adj. exempt from ttji8i'(»- 
nunt, rent free. 

l.akliat. prop. Laljiht, winch fcw 

Lakhaujtt, (/((/. besmmrcd wilh lac 
of piin. 

jLakhauta kanui, to smear wiili lao ; 
lo glaze (earthen vessels.; 

Lakhi, 8. f. a red colour procure < 1 

from lac. 
Lakh ki batti", a stick of sealing-wa 
Lakli laganii, v. a. to shut up or c« 

Lakhlakhana, v. n. to gasp or pr 

from heat or thirst (as birds.) 
Lakhna, v. a. to see, to look at, ' 

behold, to appear. 
Lakhnau, n. jyrop. a city in Oude. 
Lakhpati, adj. rich; a millionaire. 
Laklit, 8. m. a piece, bit, plank, 
liiikin, conj. but, yet, however. 
Lakir, 8./. a line, lineament, stn^k. 
Lak lak karua, v. n. to glitter, • 

Lakpati', adj. rich ; a millionaire. 
Lakfti, 8. m. a large piece of wwxl ; 

a hyena. 
Lakp, 8. /. wood, timber; a sUr 

stick : adj. still", enmciatetl. 
LakshmT, 8. f. the ginldt^ss of ftb«; 

dance and tluj wife of Vishii; 

fortune, iS:c. 
L^l, 8. in. a ruby. 
Lul, adj. red ; inflaiu> 

(as iron); darling, dear: s m, 

infant 1n»v, a turn ; the name oi 

small bin! ; u ruby. 
I^ilii, 8. m. a ik*hoolnm.x(or ; the 

name of u lierb; n luiid M'n'fuii. 

a major-tit >m«». 
lAihi, 8. m. u Un*. 
liiihi, 8. in. a tni.t. 
I^dach, » ticM), grc<> 

uvttti^ Ion- 
I^daeh kurua, lu cuwt, to long for» impwi* to bo Miinty {\mv 

Umx\, Ac.) 
Tijihir, H.m, the f<in»bw«l ; fate, doti 
I^iila nuig, adj. tulipcolountl. 
Ijihi^, Hci* lailMr. 
]<iilbujhakkur» « prognostic-.ilor. 
Iw4ilcliuiia, r. o. to rxciti^ (l<iiirr, 

covet : r. n. to be tantulixtHl, 

LiUciti, ailj. covctou.s int« rc>' 

is)], grvitly, a\'uricious. 



[ 178 ] 


Lale parna, to be scanty (water, 

food, &c.) 
Lalganda, s. m. sl monkey. 
Lali, s. f. a girl. 
Lali, s. f. redness, ruddiness. 
Lai kaddu, s. m. a kind of pumpion. 
Lalkana, v. a. to excite quarrels, to 

set on to fight. 
Lalkar, s. /. call, bawl, challenge. 
Lalkarna, v. a. to call, to bawl after, 

to challenge, to set up the war 

whoop, to bawl out insultingly. 
Lallo pati, s. /. ) wheedling, coaxing, 
Lallo patto, s. m./ flattering, &c. 
Lai mirch, s. f. capsicum or red 

Lalri, s. /. a kind of ruby ; a false 

stone resembling a ruby. 

Lalsa, I f ardent desire. 
Lalsa, j ^ 

Lai sag, s. m. a kind of greens. 
Liim, s. m. a division of an army, a 

Lamba, adj. long, tall. 
Lambai, s. /. length, height. 
Lambai chaurai, s.f. size, length and 

breadth; pomp, glory, pride. 
Lamba karna, v. a. to lengthen, to 

Lamban, s. m. /. length, tallness. 
Lambar, s. m. Eng. number; an 

English yard. 
Lambi, adj. f. long, tall ; a kind of 

bounding pace in a horse. 
Lambi sans bharni, to regret, to 

Lambot, s. m. a longboat, ship's boat. 
Lamehiiar,^ | ^^j ^^^^ ^ 
Lamchhara. j "^ ' & 

Lamdor, s. f. a fishing line. 
Lamha, s. m. a moment, minute, a 

glance or twinkling of an eye. 
Lamha lamha, every moment, con- 
stantly, perpetually. 
Lam kaf kahna, to abuse, to give 

Lamkana, v. n. to stretch out the 

Iiauds to take anything. 

Lampat, adj. false, lying, adulterous, 
dissolute, libertine. 

Lan, s. /. cursing, imprecating. 

Lana, v. n. to bring; to adduce, to 
introduce, to persuade; to breed, 
to produce. 

Lanat, s. f. an imprecation, curse, 
anathema, execration. 

Lanati, adj. cm'sed, execrable. 

Lanat karna, to curse, to imprecate. 

Land, s. m. penis. 

Landura, adj. tailless, docked ; (a 
person) without friends, forlorn. 

Lang, s. m. lameness : adj. lame. 

Langar, s. m. an anchor ; an alms- 
house; victuals given to the poor; 
tacking (in sewing.) 

Langar dalna,] , , , 


Langarkliana, s. m. an almshouse, a 
house were the poor are pro- 
vided with food. 

Langarna, v. n. to limp, to walk lame. 

Langar par bona, to be at anchor. 

Langar uthana, to weigh anchor. 

Langhan parna, to catch (as a dis- 

Langhna, v.n. to be jumped over,' 
to pass : v. a. to jump or leap over. 

Langhna, v. a. to leap or jump over. , 

Lang khana,! v. n. to halt, to limp.i 

Lang marnti,/ to be lame. 

Langot, \ s. m. a cloth worn ,be- 

Langota,/ tween the legs to con- 
ceal the privities. 

Langolband, a bandage to which thei 
langot is fastened. 

Langoti, s. f. see Langot. 

Langotiya yar, s. m. an old friend 
(from childhood), a very intimate 

Langra, adj. lame, cripple, [friend. 

Langrai, s. f. lameness. 

Langrana, v. n. to limp. 

Langur, s. m. a baboon, a monkey. 

Lanka, n. prop. Ceylon. 

Laii tan, s. f. cursing and taunting. 

Lantarani, s. f. boasting, aii'S, con- 


[ 179 ] 


Lao, imper. plur. of Lana, bring. 

Lao laslikar, s. m. an army. 

Tiap, 8. f. handful, the space in the 

I)ahn of the hand closed so as to 

hold water. 
Liipak.g./. a Hash (of lightning, &c.); 

the spring (of a tiger, &c.), bound, 

a snatch. 
LniKikna, v. n. to flash (as light- 
ning, &c.), to attack, to spring or 

rush forth or upon, f" t'H.l<<- haste, 

to run, to snatch, 
Lapat, 8. f. odour. 
Laptitr, «. /. lying, tattling. 
Lapatiya, s. m. a tattler, a liar. 
Lapajna, V. ?i. to cling; to stick, to 

adhen? togetiier, to cleave to. 
LajKit, 8. /. a fold ; girt, circumfe- 
rence, deception. 
Ijape|;na, v. a. to wrap up, to fold, to 

enclose, to mil, to pack. 
Lapetwiln, tnfJ.ovimiuvnUHl with gold 

or silver thread wound round it. 
Tiai)jhai), adj. niml>le, quick, 
Lapk;inii, v. a. to Ktr('t<;h out the 

hands to take anything. 
Lap lap, <((lj. ninihlc, (piick. 
lijip lap kluina, to eat quickly., 8. m. brocade, gold or silver 

I-.apHi, 8./. a glutinous kind of fcKxl, 

pollugc, |)iip, sjHH)nnu-at. 
Ijipjunil, V. u. SCO l>a|»i4im. 
I ><[al>, 8. m. a title, Hurnainc, nick- 


(laqM, 8. m. pronunciation. 
|(pi, 8. in. a kind of pii^ron. 
4wa, 8. m. u Hpnsaiuilio dii^turtiou 

<'f the fac(». 
1 :•!'. 8' /. a strinpf (of pourlii, 8cc,\ 

a tlueud, a row ; a Htmnd of a 

rop(^ or cord ; a jjariy. 
' 1 , 8. m. slaver, spittle. 

. 8. m. loviMgtKv<s,n»jixing, caress, 

playlulue.sfi of u child. 

iti, 8, m. si\' }aiX' 

; sii, 8. /'. Uittlc, quari-el, war, fight, 


Larai" karnsi, to war, to fight, 
quarrel, to wrangle. 

LnSkli, I "^*^- q^arrel«o»»«» ^S^^^ 
Layakbuddhi, s.f. childishnesji, ; 

wisdom of a child. 
Lafakpau, s. m. childhood, child i 

Laralaru «. /. mutual quarrelling. 
Lanina, v. a. to make light, to light. 
Lariinka, adj. quarrelsome, lighter. 
Layant, «. /. lighting, contentling. 
Larazmi, v. n. to shake, to quiver. 

tremble, quake, totter. 
Larbartinti, r. n. to stutter, to stii 

mer, to stiiggir, to reel. 
Larchhti, ». in. a .skeiu. 
litirha, «. m. a cart. 

Jiiiri', 8.f. a strin * • ' '^ • " 

Lariyiinii, r. a. t 

Lafka, 8. m. ab •} l»e.'ka hula, «. m. u ihild, ihiiiiivw 
liarkiii', ».f. childhooil, iHjyluHxI. 
Larkii lurki, ». boys and girU, chil- 
Lafkiipan, \ $. m, childhtxxl. boy* 
L(rkti|)aim,/ hooiL 
T^arkhanimi.) r. w. to stagger. toiri|\ 
T ' ' ' Htuttcr. toblauKi.' 

1., .- . - >ng, tlwur. 

Lar lueu nihnm tu W" in ouo'n portr. 

Lupui, r. M. to light, t«> quam'K lo 

itMitend, to Uittlc, t«i vv 
luifwaiyu, adj. fond ot 

ti tlghtiT. 
I/irxa, «. m. Hlmktng. ithi wring. ' 

mor : an wirthqtutktv 
I^inuinii, r. n. t ■ 

Mimke. quivi t 
1^18, n. m. t4>Uav,.,. ^... ....Mi. 

I^i«i, $. m. anything rlanuny or ^tt' 

Uuous, Iho milk uf plan 

Ldittaii', adj. incomtxirablo. 


[ 180 ] 


Lasdar, adj. viscous, glutinous, clam- 
my, [cass. 
Lash, s. f. a dead body, corpse, car- 
Lashkar, s. m. an army. 
Laslikan', adj. belonging to an army, * 

military : s. m. a soldier. 
Lashtam pashtam, adj. with diffi- 
culty ; with much ado. 
Lasiyana, v. n. to be viscous, to be 

Laslasa, adj. viscous, clammy, gluti- 
nous, adhesive. 
Laslasana, v. n. to be clammy or glu- 
tinous, to agglutinate. 
Lasora, s. m. name of a glutinous 

Lassan, adj. eloquent. 
Lassi, s.f. a running sore. 
Tjasukhan, s. m. abuse, improper talk. 
Lasiin, s. m. garlic. 
Lat, s.f. bad habits* whim ; in com- 
pos, contract, of Lat, a kick : s. /. 
the hanging branch of a creeper. 
Lat, s. f. a kick. 

Lat, s.f. tangled hair, a clotted lock. 
Lat, s. f. an obelisk, a pillar. 
Lata, s. m. a kind of cheap food. 
Lata, s. /. a creeper, a vine, 
Latafat, s.f. deliciousness, pleasant- 
ness, facetiousness, wit. 
Latai, s. f. a kind of roller on which 

the string of a kite is wound. 
Lataif, pi. pleasantries. 
Lat:ikna, v. n. to liaiig, to dangle. 
Latiir, s. m. a kick, 
Latar, s. f. a creeper, a vine. 
Latama, v. a. to tread down, to af- 
front, to insult. 
Lath, s. f. an obelisk, a club or sfafF; 
the vertical part of an oil mill, a 
machine for drawing w^ater. 
Lath, s. m. a stick, club, cudgel. 
Liitha, s. m. a machine for drawing 

water ; a large club or stick. 
Latha, s. m. a beam, a post. 
Lathalatham, s, m. \ . , , , . 
Lathalathi,8./. niutual beating 

Lathalathi,«./. ) with cudgels. 

Latharna, v. n. to be draggled. 
Latharmi, v. a. to draggle or be- 
smear with dirt. 
Lathbaz, 8. m. a cudgeller, a person 
who thrashes people with a stick. 
Lathbazf, s. f. cudgelling. 
Lather ua, v. a. see Latharna. 
Lathf, s. f. a staif, club, stick, crutch. 
Latinpatlii, s. f. beating with sticks, 

a club or stick. 
Lathiyana, v. a. to belabour, to 

Lathmar, see Latlibaz. 
Latlipath, adj. wet, soaked. 
Liitif, adj. elegant, agreeable, kind, 
courteous, minute, subtile, fine, de- 
licious, exquisite, witty, facetious. 
Latifti, s. m. a pleasantry, jest, joke, 

raillery, elegance. 
Latifago, a facetious person, a jester : 

adj. witty. 
Latiya, adj. a person of bad habits. 
Latiyana, v. a. to kick, to beat. 
Lat jana, to become entangled. 
Latka, s. m. incantation : adj. hung, 

Latkan, s. m. anything hanging, a 
hanging lamp ;_ drops worn in the 
ears, a pendant; the drops of a 
crystal lustre; cLippur (of a bell.) 
Latkana, v. a. to hang, to dangle, t(# 

append, to suspend. 
Latkao, s. m. suspension, hanging. 
Latkhor, adj. kicked, beaten. 
Latmardan karna, v. a. to trample, 

to tread on. 
Latmardan men parna, to be tram- 
pled under foot or disgraced. 
Lat marna, v. a. to kick. 
Latpat, adj. staggering, ti-ipping. 

tangled ; folded, tangled. 
Latpatana, v. n. to stagger, to trip. 
Lutraha, adj. kicking (a horse.) 
Lattii, s, m. a rag, a sciap of clotli. 
Lattha, s. m. a beam, timber. 
Latti, s.f. a skein; a kick when 

Lattii, s. m. a child's top. 


[ 181 ] 


Lnttudar pagri, a kind of turban. 
Lattii liona, v. n. to fall in love. 
I.iiizada, adj. of bad habits. 
1 jiiu, s. f. tiie flame of a candle, any 

pointed flame ; desire, wish. 
T.aiih, s. m. a plank, a table; a board 

or table on which anything is 

Jjau liona, see Lm bona. 
T^auka, s. m. \ ^ • ^ c 
Lauk,-,«./. fakindofpomiHon. 

Laukik, adj. ceremonial, ceremo- 
nious ; mundane, worldly. 
Lauknti, v. n. to shine, gU tter, lighten, 
to become visible, to be seen from 
a distance. [devotion, &c. 

I/au lagana,to be constant in prayer, 
Lau lagiiii, to have a conshmt de- 
sire or craving (for anything.) 
Laun, till, to, up tio ; a hot wind, 
liauna, v. a. to reap, 
liaund, 8. m. nn intercalary month. 
J.aunda, 8.m. a boy, a slave boy, lad, 

Laundabtiz, 8, m. a sodomite, 
liaundalnizi', 8. /. sodomy. 
liauiHJbaz, 8. m. a sodomite, 
l.nundhazi', 8. f. stHlorny. 
l.aundi', ) 8./. 11 girl, a slave girl, 
LauiKJiyii, / a servant girl, 
nijiung, 8./. a clove. 
Launi, 8./. wages in kind to roiijxjrs 

in harvrst time. 
Laura, 8. m. mt-mbrnm vorile. 
1 iuus, 8. m. Kuij. gi)ld or bilvcr loco. 
I aut, 8. m. turning over, inverting, 

Lautiina, r. a. to turn over, invert, to 
ttun back, to return, t<> give buck. 
I .autiui, 8. >u. u yoini" nn.n • mii ac- 

1-aut jiimi, to return. 
Lautuji, V. u. to turn over; to twm 

back, to return. 
1 -aw, 8. m. H rope, the cable of n boat. 
I .awii.s. m. parched and putVeil gmin. 
l.awalad, adj. without otlspring, 

Lawanii, v. a. to bring. 

Lawaris, adj. friendless, one whoso 
friends are all dead; without an 

, owner or heirs. 

Lawarisi, adj. without an owner. 

Lawaris mtil, propeity to which tliere 
is no heir. 

Lawazim, ) 8. m. necessary things, 

Lawazima, / requisites, baggage. 

Lazaban, adj. abusive, improper 
talk ; silent, speechless. 

Lazim, adj. incumbent (on), neces- 
sary, requisite, uigent, suitable, 
proper, expedient, indispensable, 
meet, flt. 

Laziz, adj. delicious, hiscious, sa- 
voury, nice. 

Lazubtin, si c I/izabttn. 

Lazzat, 8. f. pleasure, enjoyment, de- 
light, flavour, Uistc, savour, dcli- 

Le, having taken, taking ; till, to, 

Tx) ami, v. n. to bring, to fetch. 

Le bhagnii, to run away with. 

Ltt chalnii, to takt» awny or alontr. 
to carry, to conduct, to lea! 

Lei', 8. f. paste. 

Le jiimi, r. »i. to tiiko awiiy. ti) cany, 
to run away with, to win. 

I/*kli», 8. m. utH'ount, n ckouing. 

Iiukhak,«. m, u writt^r, an ttci^ouiitnnt. 

I Akhtiki', *./. the bn>(in4>m4 of n writer. 

lickin, coiij. bul. 

I>o IcUii. r. (I. t . to 

acctjpt of, to Li.. . jwiort, 

to bereave, 

Le mAmi, r. n. to calumniate. 

Ia'uiiI, «. m, u line. 
[ Ix'Uii, r. (I. to t4)ke, to accept, to ft»- 
bume, to rucoiw, to buy. 
Leni doni, \ $. m. tn*ink\ tnwic, 
Len den, / barter, buyini: nnd 

soiling; borrowing and lending. 
Lencjii', *. f: gont'8 dung; a cur, a 
countn*' <log. 

' L«p. 8. m. ]>lasttTing ; ointment 
L(>)itilak, 8. til. an adopted child, 

I adopted. 



[ 182 ] 


Le palna, v. a. to adopt, to rear, to 
bring up. 

Le parna, v. a. to lie with ; to in- 
volve another in one's disgrace. 

Lepna, v. a. to plaster, or smear over. 

Le rahna, v. n. to cheat, to pilfer. 

IjC rakhna, v. a. to provide, to keep 
ready, to procure, to reserve. 


Lesna, v. a. to plaster, to spread, to 

Letna, v. n. to repose, to lie down, to 

lie, to rest. 
I^ewa, s. m. one who takes; that 

which is spread on the outside of 

a new pot. 
licwadei, s. /. traffic, trade. 
Lewar, s. m. mud to plaster a wall 

Lezam, s. f. a kind of bow with an 

iron chain instead of a string, with 

which the natives exercise their 

liibar, s. m. rheum (of the eyes.) 
Libas, s. m. apparel, clothes, dress, 

attire, robe. 
Libasi", adj. false (a witness.) 
Libas poshak, s. m. see Libas. 
Lichar, adj. obstinate, determined to 

have something given (as beggars.) 
Lichar, adj. stingy, niggardly. 
Lichf, s. f. name of a fruit. 
Lichik, s. m. a sprain, a bruise. 
Lid, s. f. the dung of horses or ele- 
Lf e, for, on account of. 
Lifafa, s. m. the cover of a letter, an 

envelope, a wrapper, outward case ; 

outward show. 
Ijifafa karna, to wrap up, to enclose. 
Lihaf, s. m. a coverlet, a quilt; a 

quilted upper garment. 
Lihara, adj. vile, base, mean, con- 
Lihaz, s. m. a look, view, respect; 

regard, observing attentively ; 


Lihaz karna, to observe, to behold, 
to look (to or at), to advert (to), 
to regard, mind, observe, notice. 

Lijana, see Le jana. 

Lijliri, s. f. afterbirth, placenta. 

Lik, s. f. the marks of a carriage - 
wheel, track, rut ; ignominy, stain. 

Likanhara, s. m. a writer. 

Likh, ) s. /. a nit, the egg of a 

Likh, / louse. 

Likha, s. m. fate, predestination, 
destiny, writing: adj. written. 

Likhcli, s. f. the wages or labour of 

Likhana, v. a. to cause or teach to 
write, to get written. 

Likhant, s. m. writing ; fate. 

Likhao, s. m. \ the act of writing, 

Likha wat, s. f. j writing. 

Likh deua, ) . 4. '^ 

Likhlena, /^•"•*^^^P5^'*^™*^- 

Likhna, v. a. to write ; to paint. 

Likhni, s. f. a pen. 

Likhtang, s. m. a writer. 

Likhwana, v. a. to cause to be deli- 
neated or written out. 

Likna, v. a. to write. 

Lil, s.f. indigo : adj. blue. 

Lila, adj. blue, of indigo colour : 
s. /. play, sport, diversion. 

Lilana, v. n. to long for. 

Lilar, j s. m. the forehead ; fate, des- 

Lilat, / tiny, fortune. 

Lilkanth, s. m. name of a bird, 

Li-l-lah, to God. 

Lilna, V. a. to swallow, to gulp. 

Y-^^^^' I s. m. a lime, a lemon. 
Limu, j 

Lm, adj. immersed, absorbed. 

Ling, \ s. m. membrum verile, tho^ 

Lingn, / emblem of Mahadeva. 

Lm bona, to be immersed, to be Jib- 

sorbed (in meditation, &e.) 
Lipana, v. a. to cause to smear or 

Lipatna, v. n. see Lapatna. 
Lipna, v. n. to be plastered, smeared, 

or washed over. 


[ 183 ] 


J.ipna, V. n. to wash with cow-dun^ 
and water, to plaster. 

Liprf, 8. f. an old ragged turban, the 
rags in a turban. 

Tjipttina, v. n. see Lapatna. 

].i])wana, v. a. to cause to plaster, 
Hinear, or wash over. 

liirana, to cast their young (as ani- 
mals), to miscarry. 

Li tuna, v. a. to cause to lie or repose, 
to lay : v. n. to become besmeared. 

Tiitharnu, v. a. to draggle. 

Litliaj-ua, v. n. to be tlraggled. 

Littr,«./. tliick cakes baked on coals. 

Livvaiyti, «. m. a taker. 

Liwa Iiimi, v. a. to bring, to procure. 

T^iwana, v. n. to cause to take. 

Liytiqat, 8. /. merit, worth . skill, 
abilities, dignity. 

Liye, for, on account of. 

Lo, imper. of I^;na, take, hold: 
inierj. lo ! look, see, there now. 

Lobiiii, 8. m, a kind of gum, incense, 
Iwnzoin. [greedinesa. 

Ijo}>h, 8. m. avarice, covctousness, 

Lohhr, (uJj. covetous, avaricious. 

liobhiui, V. n. to Ik) enamoured. 

Lobiyti, 8. m. a kind of bean. ^ 

liochan, 8.111. iron lilings; lljo oyo. 

l^odhii, 8. m. name of a tril)e of hus- 

TiOg, 8. m. people, folk, mankind. 

Ijogiii', 8. f. woman. 

lioiiii, 8. in. iron. 

Loluin. (tilj. bloody. [l*ft[hanH. 

Loluini, 8. m. name of a (ttttto uiuuiig 

Jiohar, 8. m. a blaek.smith. 

l.oluirin, 8./. a bliieksmitli'.s wifo. 

l-oh:irkhrma,H. 7/i.a blaeksmitli'sHhop. 

liohbandii, 8. in. a stick ln»oped with 
iron, used us a weai)on. 

Lohchun, 1 . ,,,. 

roh.hiir, ; *• '^' '^'" "'"'-^• 

lioliiya, adj. made of iron. 

JioliMir. 8./. an iron mine. 

Loll 11. .•'. m. bloini. 

lohiilnhjin, tuij. covered witli blood, 


Lohu phatna, to have leprosy. 
Loi, 8./. blanket, flannel. 
Lok, s. m. people, a world, region. 
Lokachiiri, s.f. way of the world. 
Lokhar, s. m. cobbler's tools, liard- 

Lokna, v. a. to catch. 
Lorn, 8. m. hair. 
Lomfi, 8. f. a fox. 
Loo, adv. till, to, up to. 
Lon, 8. m. sjdt. 
Lonii, adj. salt, brackish ; barren or 

salt ( land j : the salt that efflorescti* 

from walls, &c. 
Lontir, 8. m. salt lands ; a place whore 

salt is i)rr>duced. 
L<mda, 8. in. a lump of clay, cl»»«l 
Ijor, 8. in. a tear; an earring, dr< ; 
Lofha, 8. in. a stone |Kvstle with whieli 

materials are tritunited on a stone, 

a muller. 
Lo^, 8. f. wallowing, rolling ; Eng. a 

Lo^^i, 8. in. a small metal pot, gene* 

rally of brass. 
Tjotan, 8. m. a tumbler pigeon. 
Loth, «./. a corpse, ileml U>dy. 

Iy>tnti, V. M. to wallow, to mil about, 
to Hpmwl. [or tuin < 

lx)[nu {M^ui^ V. n. to wallow, to 

lioipo^, uiij. w " - 

and to^Hing. i 

lAi^h, f. m. vi.-r. 

tits n)UCU.>i. NlllVU. 

Lulnin, «. It. frankinoenae, Ixmit : 
I^tubhiinti, r. n. to excite do&irt . i • 

allurL\ to ontico. 
Lueiichii. ». vt. a VMgnl>oml, a liK i 

tine, a rako, a protlipito. 
LuehchapauiL, ^ «. rii. liU'rtini'-i' 
Lue)i|mn. ( ki.-^hnex-. 

liUghat, 8. /. a dictionary. 
Lughuwi, (uij. lit<>nil, verbal. 
Lughawi ni.uii, literul or Terbal 



[ 184 ] 


Liih, s.f. a hot wind. 

Ijulian, adj. bloody. 

Luhanda, s. m. an earthen vessel for 
keeping salt in, an iron bucket for 
drawing water. 

Luliar, s. m. a blacksmith. 

Luharin, s.f. the wife of a black- 

Luhu, s. m. blood. 

Luliii luhan, adj. covered with blood, 

Liif, s.f. a round lump of dou2:h pre- 
pared for making into bread or 

Lujluja, adj. weak, frail. 

-/ q ' > s. m. a falling star. 

Liika, s. m. pieces of burning matter 
thrown out from a conflagration. 

Luka lagana, to inflame or excite 

T 1 , ' ' . } hide, to conceal, 
l^ukawana, j ' 

Liikh, s.f. a flame. 

Liikhti, s. f. see Lilkti. 

Luk luk karna, v. n. to glitter. 

Lukna, v. n. to lie hid, to be con- 

Luknat, s.f. stuttering, lisp, stanti- 

Luksan, s. m. injury, defect, detri- 
ment, damage ; also irniwop. for 
Nuqsan, which see. 

Liiktf, s. f a wooden poker, or stake 
burnt at one end, a firebrand. 

Lula, adj. lame-handed, maimed. 

Lunda, adj. tailless, tail-cropt, dock- 

Lunda munda, adj. tailless and bald, 

Lunrihna, v. n. to roll. 

Lundi, s. f. a ball or spindle of cord. 

Lunriiyana, to wind (cord.) 

Lund mund, adj. tailless and bald. 

Lung, s. m. I a cloth worn round the 

Lungi, s. f. } loins with the end 
passed between the thiglis and 
tucked in behind, or a cloth worn 
between the legs. 

Lunf, s. f that salt which effloresces 
from walls, &c. 

Liiniya, adj. salt, brackish : s. m. a 

Lunj, I adj. having lost the 

Lunj munj, / use of hands and feet. 

Luqandra, s. m. a rake, a profligate. 

Luqma, s. m. a mouthful, a morsel. 

Luqman, n. prop, a famous eastern 

Lui akhna, 1 v. n. to roll, to fall or 

Ijurakna, j roll off", to slip, to slide. 

Lurhakna, v. n. to roll ; to be spilt, 
to be upset. 

Lurhana, v. a. to cause to roll, to 
spill, to upset. 

Lurhiya, s. f. see Lorlia. 

Lurhiyana, v. a. to double hem a 

Lurh jana, v. n. to die. 

Lurhna, v. n. to roll ; to be spilt. 

Lut, s. f. plunder, pillage, prize. 

Lutaf, s.f. plunder, pillage, booty. 

Lutalut, s. f. plundering. 

Luta luta kar marna, to beat severely. 

Lutana, v a. to squander, to spend 
or expend, to cause to plunder or 
be plundered ; to cause to wallow 
or roll about. 

Lutas, s. f. plundering, ruin, devas- 

Liitbaz, s. m. a plunderer. 

Lutera, s. m. a squanderer, a prodigal, 
a spendthrift, a plunderer. 

Lutf, s. m. courtesy, favour, kindness, 
gentleness ; pleasantry, wit ; the 
beauty or best (of a thing.) 

Lutiya, s. f. a small pot. 

Lutnti, V. n. to be sacked or plundered, 
to be squandered. 

Lutna, V. a. to plunder, to pillage, to 
spoil, to squander. 

Lutpat, s. f. plunder and sacking. 

Lutra, s. m. tell-tale, babble^, a 
tattler, a backbiter. 

Lutwaiya, s. m. a plunderer, a spend- 
thrift, [dered. 

Lutwana, v. a. to cause to be plun- 



[ 185 ] 


IVIh, 8. f. mother ; it is often used as 
an aftectionate or respectful ad- 
dress to aged women and elder 
relatives, also to Ganga, and other 
goddcKf^es, or to a cow ; when a 
man calls his wife by this appella- 
tion it is considered as relinquish- 
ing her society as a wife. 

IMa, prep, witli, together, along with. 

], s. f. landed proix?rty, sub- 

Ma(iwh(hir, adj. possessed of landed 

IMa^sh niilki'yat, s.f. landed property. 

M-.iiiz alhili, God be tlie refuge! 
God forbid ! 

Mabadii, he it not; by no means, 
(ilod forbid ! lest. 

Mil blip, 8. m. parents, mother and 

M(d)ud, adj. adored : «. m. God, deity. 

]M;u'lialna, v. n. to be i>erverse, re- 
fractory, disobe<lient, cross, ob- 

Machiinuich, adj. filled up, stuUcnl 

INlachiin, 8. m. a shelf, a stage, a plat- 
form, a raistMl 8<n»i, a fnin»o or 
stage on which they sit to drive 
away birds, &c., from ooni-llehlH. 

Miu^luiiui, V. a. to make, to cuuhc, to 
slir up, to exciti', to pcrp«tmte. 

Macliar nuicliar, 8. m. creaking {us of 
new hIuxjs, bedstead, Sa^,) 

Machchha, 8. m. a lisli ; the munc of 
the Hindii first incairimtioii. 

Miujhchhar. 8. m. a niUM|uito, a gimt 

IMachcldii, 8./. a fish : a kiss. 

INIachh, 8. m. sec Mnchchlui. 

!Ma<"hhandar, ;♦. prop, name of a 
.logi : (i«//. stupid. 

Miichliar, 8. in. a nius.juito. 
MiU'hhh, s.f. a fish ; a 
Micldiri, 8. f. a fish. 
Machliua, ) ,. , 

.^lachhwa, j 


a fish-womaTi 

Machhwayin, ' 


Machiya, s. m. a stool, a footstool. 

Maehkiina, v. a. to wink. 

Maehla, adj. perverse, cross, ol - 

Machlai', «. /. \ perverseness, ob- 
Machlapan, «. m. j stinacy, cross- 
Maehliinn, r. n. to feel nausea, to be 

sick at the stomach. 
Machmach, an imitative sound. 
Machmachami, r. «. to creak (as a 

bedstead, or anything heavily 

Machnii, v. n. to bo made, to b© 

stirred up. 
]\Iiu"h wiinii, v. a. to cause to make, &c. 
Mad, 8. m. wine, spiritiJ. 
Mada, 8. m. tin* htomacli ; prr>/>.Mida. 
Miida, \ adj. female : #. /. a female 
Mailu, J animal. 
Madad, «. /. assistance, hel|>, aitl, 

succour ; In^tvi-leaf mixctl with 

onium and usetl for smoking. 
Mmladgiir, an asjUdtor, protector, 

aider, ally, hel|H»r. 
Madadgari, *. /. a^histance. help. 
Madud kariia, to n^sist, to nid» tu 

helj), to 8U(HX)iir. [aiuv. 

Mailad^hwuli. one who n.sks n«idxt* 
Madak. «. /. )M'ti«l-h>af uiixkI witll 

opium u ' ' '■ r }t]uokiug. 
Madur, 8 I plant. 

Mtidnr, 8. J 

Miwiari. adj. tiinUriinl. motherly. 
Madiiri, 8. in. n juggler. 
Miidanuid. adj. hd )>om of t!.c 

uiotiier, naketl. 
Mmld. 8. /. the mark plnccil somi^ 

times over alif, thu.«», ^ when t!i»» 

letter is pronouniHxl long nod 

Maddi), adv. amidst, amid; oe 

mid.llo : *. m. honey. 
Maddham, adj. middling, temperate, 

middle: utir. dimly burning (us 

a caudle.) 

MAG [ 186 ] 

Madera, s. f. spirituous liquor. 
Madfan, s. m. a burying-place. 
Madfun, adj. buried, interred. 
Madhu, s. m. honey. 

Madhumakhf, j ^. /• a l^oney bee. 


Madm, s. /. a female. 

Madma, s. m. name of a city in 

Madira, s. /. spirits, wine. 

Madkhula, s. /. a concubine. 

Madrasa, s. m. a college, a public 
school for Muhammadan learning. 

Madwan, s. /. a mare. 

Mae, s. f. mother. 

Maf, prop. Muaf, which see. 

Mafik, prop. Muwafiq, which see. 

Mafliij, adj. paralytic. 

Maful, accusative case, the participle 

Mag, s. m. name of a people. 

Magadh, s. m. name of a country, 
including Patna, Gya, &c. 

Magaj, s. m. prop. Maghz, which see. 

Magan, adj. delighted, pleased, glad, 
happy, cheerful, joyful. 

Magana, v. a. to send for. 

Magar, coiij. unless, perhaps, except, 
but : s. m. an alligator. 

Magarmachh, s. m. an alligator. 

Magdiir, s. m. prop. Maqdiir, whicji 
see. fraoiith. 

Magh, s. m. name of the tenth Hindu 

Magha, s. m. name of tlie tenth man- 
sion of the moon. 

Mag'haiya, s. m. an inhabitant of 

Maghfirat, s. p absolution, remis- 
sion, pardon. 

Maghfiir, pardoned ; met. applied, to 
one who is dead, in the sense of 
the late, the deceased, &c. 

Ma?hi, adj. anytliing belonging to 
Magadh (a thing.) 

Maghlub, adj. conquered, overcome, 
disconffited, subdued. 

Maghmum, adj. grieved, mournful. 
Sorrowful, sad. 

Maghrab, 1 s. m. the west, tlie west- 
Maghrib, / em regions. 
Maghribi, adj. western, occidental. 
Maghrur, adj. proud, arrogant, self- 
important, haughty, fastiiiious. 
Maglirurr, s. f. pride, arrogance, self- 
Maghz, s. m. the brain, marrow, 

kernel, pith. 
Maghz bhinnana, to have a buzzing 

in tlie ears. 
Maghzi', 8. f. edging, border, hem. 
Maghz kliiili karna, to distiact, to 

talk much and fooUshly. 
Maghz k liana, | to tease, to diy- 
Maghz phircina, j tract. 
Magji, s. f. prop. Maghzi, which sec. 
Magrti, adj. proud, haughty, cross*, 

obstinate, headstrong, stubborn, 

Magrahi", s. f. arrogance. 
Magrai, ) s. f. haughtiness, ob- 
Magi-apan, / stinacy, refractori- 
ness, insolence. 
Magrela, s. m. a small black seed of 

a very pungent smell. 
Magri, adj. see Magra. 
Magrur, adj. prop. Maghrur, which 

Magriiri, s. f. prop. Maghriiri', wliich 

Mali, s. m. tlie moon ; a month. 
Maha, adj. great, illustrious ; very, 

Mahabbat, s.f. friendship, love. 
Mahabliarat, s. f. the great war of 

the descendants of Bharat; the 

name of an epic poem. 
Mahabir, s.m. a great hero. 
Mahadcv, s. m. name of one of tlie 

principal Hindu divinities. 
Mahajal, s. m. a net used in fishing, 

a seine. 
Mahajan, s. m. a banker, mom y 

dealer, merchant, a creditor. 
Mahajani, s. /. the business of a Ma- 

hiija'n ; interest on money lent. 
Maliak,s./. odour, pejfume, fragiance. 


[ 187 ] 


Mahaknii, v. n. to exhale agreeable 
siMclls, to emit odour, to perfume. 

^laliiikorh, s.m. a species of leprosy. 

Mahalit, 8. m. the story of a building:. 

-AI ihaldar, «. m. the watchman of a 

Mahaldarin, s. f. the midwife of a 
Maliall or division. 

Mahall, s. m. a place, house, mansion, 
seraglio, residence ; time, oppor- 

Mahall, s.m. ylur. of Mahall, streets, 
courts, houses, «&;c. 

Mahal la, s. m. a quarter Tor part of 
a town , district, division. 

Mahalii', uilj. belonging to the se- 
raglio, a eunuch. 

Mahallsjini, seraglio, female apart- 

Mahumur,«./. Durga, the small-pox . 

Mahiinuiri, «. /. the plague, ixjsti- 

Mahangii, mlj. dear, high-priced, ex- 

Mahangi, adj. dear: 8./. a dearth, 
HJ-arcily, laniine. 

Miihaiit, K, m. a religious superior, a 
chief of the faqirs, a kind of monk. 

Maliiipap, ». 7/1. atrfK'ity, gn?at sin. 

IMahuiHipi', adj. atrocious, great sin- 

Mahuj)ra8»id, «. m. meat oftere<l to 
•lagannuth, and afterwards distri- 

Malui punish, i. m. a holy man. 

IMahur, h. f. a wife, a woman. 

iMainiraj, ». m. a great kiufi;: sir, 
ynur honour, your uuyesty, excel- 

^1 'liunijji, «. i». a Hindu emperor. 
iirajdhiraj, a great king. 
urani, h. /. an empre«s. a quoon. 
ii.itani, H. m. gnatnes.**, gnunleur, ; 
I laidc; fame, ei'h'brity : tlie b«»ne- ' 
lit. derived from any gtxxi work. , 

M:iliawa»v u. m. lac, the re»l animal i 
lye so wdled, extracted from lac j 

Mahawath, / or keeper. 
Mtih bamtih, adv. monthly. 
Mahbiib, 771.^ adj. belovid, lov«!; 
Mahbiiba,/./ s. a swcftln-art. 
Mahela, 8. /. a kind of iood given 

Maher, «. 7/1. j the name of a di 
Maherf, «. /./ consisting of rici 

other grain boiled in .vour millc 
Mahes, s. m. a name of Mahadevn 
Mahfil, ft. /. the phce of meeting, 

Mahfuz, adj. guarded, pre8en< 

Mahima, «. /. greatness, glory. 
ISIahin, adj. mr Mihiii. 
ISIahi'mi, x. m. a month : monthly | : 
Mahinii cha|hna, to U» in amar> 
I^lahimidar, n.a monthly MTvant. 
ISlahkama, «. m. a tribunal, i*outt «•! 

Mahkaiui, r. a, to exliale (a^rnt-cibU^ 

scent), to jxTfume. 
Malikilii, m/;.(Hloriferous,8p: 
Malinuih, adv. niontlily. 
I^Ialimudi, «. /. a thie M>rt of miu!; 
Maiinti. r. ci. to churn. 
Mahr, ». m. u marriugo |>orti*>n 

gilt sottlcMl ufMin the Wife U«|. 

marriage, jointure. 
Mahni, N. m. a |»tdki )>• an r. 
Mahmni. ii. /. ImvIu. t,,. in ..? .» 

woman sim'Mt 

are contlned ; 
Malinim i rnx. u ouUiLiUt. u cu. 

dentiul |<erMin. 
Mal)rUni,(i<//. uufortuimtr, wrvtcb* 

I^Iahtihar, »./. tlio lout judgment. 
MidiKiil. «. fit. tax, duty. excia0,eil»> 

toin. |N)stnge. 

m"m*!M »-"».""^ "Hxm. 
.AiahUib, j 

Mabt4ibi. $./. belonging lothcmr- 
like the moi>n : a kind of ri 

Miihtabi. It. /. a kind of U 
bluo light; a Largo ktud ui u<i.< 


[ 188 ] 


]Malitarf, s. f. a mother. 

Malito, 8. m. a person employed by 
the landholder to collect the rent 
from a village, a title given to the 
Koeri caste. 

Mahua, s. m. name of a tree of whose 
flowers a spirituous liquor is dis- 

Mahur, s. m. poison. 

Mahwari, adv. monthly. 

Mahz, adv. in vain. 

Mahzuz, adj. glad, cheerful, de- 
lighted, pleased, happy. 

Mai', 8. f. mother. 

Maibha, s. f. a step-mother. 

lyr. • i' ' > s. m. flour twice sifted. 

Maidan, s. m. a plain, open field, 

area ; a field of battle. 
IMaika, s. m. parents, family. 
Mail, adj. inclined, inclined towards. 
Mail, s. m. Eng. mile : s. f. dirt, 

filth, rust, scum. 
Maila, adj. dirty, defiled, nasty, foul. 
Maila hojana, to become turbid, to be 

Maila karna, to dirty, to tarnish, to 

Maila kuchaila, adj. dirty. 
Mail baithna, to gather a crust. 
Mail chhautna, to fine, strain, pu- 
rify, clarify. 
Mail bona, v. n. to incline. 
Mail karna, to incline, to bend, to 

Mail katna, to refine, to purify. 
Mailkhora, an apron ; a garment 

which from its colour hides the 

Mail rakhna, to associate with. 
Main, pron. I. 

Maina, s. f. name of a bird. 
Main phal, s. m. name of a fruit 

used in medicine. 
Majshat, s. /. property ^of all kinds), 

subsistence, livelihood. 
Maiya, s.f. mother. 
]\Iaja, s. m. prop. Maza, which see. 

Migadar, adj. prop. Mazadai*, whicl 

Majaf, adj. born of the same mother 
Majal, s. f. power, ability, strength, 
Majara, s. m. state, condition, cir 

cumstance, incident, occurrence 

an event, adventure, accident. 
Majaya, adj. see Majai. 
Majbiir, adj. constrained, forced 

helpless, oppressed. 
Majbiiri, s. f. constraint, compulsion 

subjection. [see 

Majbut, adj. prop. Mazbut, whirl 
Majbuti', s.f. see Mazbuti. 
Majdur, prop. Mazdur, which see. 
Majdurf, s. f. see Mazduri, 
Maj'hab, i s. m. prop. Maz'hah 
Maj'ham, j which see. 
Majhar, s. m. the middle, centre ; ii 

the middle. 
Majhdhar, s. f. the mid-stream, mid 

Majhla, ^ adj. middling, middk 
Majhola, j middlemost. 
Majholi, adj. see Majhola : s. f. ', 

small cart. 
Maj'hul, adj. unknown, littl 

known ; indolent, lazy, idle 

suhst. passive voice. 
Majira, s. m. small cymbals. 
Maji'th, s. /. name of a drug used fo 

dying red. 
Majkur, see Mazkur. 
Majlis. 8. /. an assembly, a companj 

congregation, convention. 
Majliim, adj see Mazlum. 
Majma, s. m. an assembly, a collec 

tion; rendezvous, assemblage. 
Majnnia, s. m. a compound perfume 

adj. collected, assembled. 
Majmiin, prop. Mazmiin. which see 
Majniin, adj, insane, in love; th 

name of a celebrated lover. 
Majrilh, adj. wounded. 
Majun, s. /. an electuary medicine. 
Majuphal, s. m. a galnut. 
Majiir, 1 s. m. prop. Mazur, whic 
Majiira, j see. 


[ 189 ] 


JMs) jiiri', 8. f. see Mazun. 

]\l;i jiis, 8. m. the religion of the magi, 

1!i<' mairi., adj. relating to the Majus. 

(iiic of the magi. 
^] .ikcim, 8.m. prop. Maqiim, which see. 
Makun, 8. m a place, station, dwell- 

iiijj:, abr)de, home, a country. 
ATiikaiidiir, owner of a place. 
I\l;ik;ir, 8. m. see Makr. 
iNlukhan, 8. m. butter. 
Makhami, 8. m. name of a plant. 
Makhdiiiii, adj. served, obeyed : «. m. 

lord, iiia.ster. 
Mukiilusi, «./. deliverance, liberation, 

lilx'rty, release. 
Mukhluq, adj. created, formed: «. 


i 111 liqiit, things created ; creation. 
imal, 8. m. vclvtt. 
..i..i>iimali', adj. of velvet. 
Makiiiisi, 8. m. a kind of elephant 

witliout tubks. 
Mnkhri', 8. f. a spidiT. 
MakhsuH, adj. i)e<'uliur, especial, par- 

Makka, ». m. Mecca. 
Mukkiir, 8. m. I a clieat, impostor, a 
Makktira, 8. f. j knave : a(i[/. deceit- 
ful, insidious. 
Miikkiin, 8. /. fmud, iinpostui-e, 

c'licating, rognciy. artilice. 
IM ikkliau, 8. tn. butter. 

Ivhaniyu, 8. in. a butU^nnnn. 
k\ii,8./. a lly : tln'HJjrhtfifn t*nn. 
kliu'hu's, a niiH<r, 
khi jhalnu, H( v .M 
kklii nairnu, to In i .. . . 

• iiii)loy»Ml, t) trille, to f«H>l. 
M Udii have ulcera on Uio 

1 »iy, HO OH to Ih3 constantly om- 

1 loyt**! i" driving awuy tho flies 
"•ni tluin. 

II**' > 8. m. tho Tnclian gooseberry. 

M ikofii, 8. m. a lnrg«> nnt 

iNlikr, 8. m. fraud, deceit, evasion. 

iSIakfa, 8. m. a spider. 
Makrchakar, «. m. fraud an<l 8abt< ? 


Kl'U }«:'■'•. deceitful. 

Makri, 8. f. a spider. 

Makri" kii jjila, a spider's web. 

Makriih, atJj. hated, odious, detest - 

blc,, abominable. 
Makriihat, disgusting, abominable 

Maktab, \ 8. m. a echool, a-. 

Alaktibkhann, f demy. 
Maktiib, adj. written : ». m. a lettt r. 
Mai, 8. m. <lirt, excn^ment. 
Mill, 8. m. property, wialth, nn r- 

ohandiso, goods, effects; garlan 

Mala, 8./. a Hindii roeary; a nci-l 

laro, a garland, 
Maliigi'r, 8. m. sandul-wood. 
Malagm, «. m. the colour of sand . 

Maltfhat, «./. polish (on cloth.) 
Maliii', 8. /. cream. 

Maink, *. nu an nngi?l. 

Malak 111 inaut,Uio angel of d«ftt 

MahU. ». m. MulnoM, grief, d< ?• < t 

of miml.) 
^lahun, D. UK jtrofK l^folhaiii, m'.^ 

pluMter, an ftintrnt nt. 
MmImuimI. odj, full. r»'pM«\ l»nmf' 

Ma 111 mat kartiil, to \ 

blumo, tooenMin>, t«' : 
Mnlanii, r. a. to ouuno tu ruK ^ri 

or scour. 
Mnlang, II. m, a kind of »'• '»•- 
Malar, 8,/. name of a n 
Malat, f.fii. a worn ni|v • 
Maldal, nibbing, irrindiii:;. 
MnUliir. adj. wealthy, rich. 
Malcchh, udj. nn :v ' " •" --r 


[ 190 ] 


Malepanj, adj. aged, above five years 
(a horse.) 

Malfiif, adj. wmpped up, enclosed ; 
the enclosure in a letter, &c. 

Malglioba, s. m. name of a dish. 

Malguzar, s. m. a tenant, a land- 
holder, one paying rent or taxes. 

Malguzarf, s.f. land revenue, ground 
rent. [ment. 

Malham, s. m. salve, plaster, an oint- 

Mali, 8. m. a gardener, a florist. 

Malichh, adj. an unclean race. 

Malida, s.m. bread or cakes made with 
flour, milk, butter, sugar, &c. 

Malida, s. m. a khid of woollen cloth. 

Malik, s. m. master, lord, possessor, 
proprietor, owner. 

]\Talik, s. m. a king. 
ji Malika, s. /. a queen. 
\ Malikana, s. m. an annual or month- 
ly allowance paid to a Zammdar 
by the person who occupies his 
lands, whether state or a Jagirdar. 

jNIalin, s. f. a gardener's wife, female 

Malm, adj. filthy ; sad, vexed, trou- 

Mtilish, s.f. rubbing, friction, polish- 
ing, furnishing. 

IMalish karna, to rub, &c. 

Maliya, s. m. a small vessel of wood, 
or of the shell of a cocoa-nut. 

Miiliyat, s. f. price, value. 
I; Malkhawind, a proprietor. 
J ' Mali, s. m. a hero. 

Mallah, s. m. a boatman, a sailor, ma- 
riner, name of a caste who are boat- 

Mallahi, s.f. the business of a Mallah. 

Ivlallahin, s. f. a boatman's wife. 

Malljuddli, s. m. wrestling. 

IMalmal, s. f muslin. 

INIalmast, adj. purse-proud. 

Mai mata, s.f. merchandise, goods, 
chattels, furniture, &c. 
i Malmet, adj. ruined. 
f Malmet bona, to be ruined, to perish. 

Malmet karna, to destroy, to raze. 

Malna, to rub, tread on, to anoint. 
Malola, s. m. vexation, grief, afflictioi 

Malpiia, s.m. n kind of sweet cake, 

Maliim, adj. known, notorious, ev 

dent, apparent, obvious, acquainte 

with : s. the active voice of a verl 
Malum hona, to appear, to seem. 
Malum karna, to find out, disco vei 

understand, know, deem, suppose 
Maliin, adj. cursed, execrated, ex 

Malvvai, s. /. price of scouring, rul 

bing, &c. 
Mai w ana, v. a. to cause to rub. 
Malwar, adj. wealthy. 
Malzadi, s. f. a bawd, a whore. 
Malzamin, a security, for property o 

Malzamin 1, s.f. suretyship for pre 

Mama, s. m. a maternal uncle 
Mamera, adj. relating to the paterna 

Mamera bhaf, mother's brother's sor 

first cousin, (male.) 
Mameri bahin, mother's brother* 

daughter, first cousin, (female.) 
Mami, s.f. an aunt, maternal uncle' 

Mami pma, v. a. to show partiality. 
Mamiya sas, husbands or wife's ma 

ternal aunt. 
Mamiya susur, husband's or wife' 

maternal uncle. 
Mam la, s.m.prop. Mnamala,which see 
Mamlat, s.f. prop. Muamalat, whici 

see ; Eng. omelet. 
Mamlati, adj. see Muamalati. 
Mamora, s. m. twist, ache, pain (par 

ticularly the bowels), gripes. 
Maniii, s. m. an uncle, mother'! 

brother ; a snake ; plmise used a 

night when it is deemed unlucky 

to call a serpent by its propel 

Mamul, adj. customary, established 


[ 191 ] 


.s. m. custom, practice, fixed al- 
lowance or gratuity. 

]\];uiiuli', adj. customary, practised. 

M.limlr, adj. in full, complete, re- 

Mcln, ». /. mother. 

Mcin, 8. m. character, dignity, hon- 
our, respect, haugiitiness, pride. 

Man, 8. m. mind, heart, soul, spirit, 
inclination ; the name of a weight 
(forty ser) ; a gem, a jewel. 

3Iana, «. m. prohibition, forbidding, 
refusal, hindrance. 

Mamidi, s. f. proclamation. 

]M;inati, 8. ])r(»lit, advanta^'C, gain. 

Maiiahi', 8./ i)rohibited things; pro- 

Miina karnii, to forbid, to prohibit. 

iSIanana, \ v. a. to jx^rsuade, 

jManana dananti, / to cnuHO to 
agree (to anything), to conciliate, 
to propitiate, to assuage, to soothe, 
t^) appeaac. 

i^Iiinand, «. /. m. like, resembling, 
n Hcmblance. 

Miiniir, 'I 8. m. a minaret, a turret, 

Maniirn, / a steeple. 

Mniiirth, 8. m. intention, desire, 

IM;iuasib, adj. jrrop. Mundsib, which 

M.iiiautf, 8.f. bail, security, boodi- 

luan, Hurety. 
INIaiuiwna, v. a. see Manunii. 
!Maii bhiina, v. ii. to bo ugnt»nblo to 

the mind. 
Miiihluiwan, \adj. aceept^iblc, ai;nM«- 
iM iiilijulwiui, j able, phiusaut, uuiuh- 

^I tnbhog, a delicious kiml of plan- 

I tin. 
Ml id, a particU% which, uddtvl 

iioiins, iinplirs ondowetl witli. 

Iiaving; faded, u dull colour. 
I md, ».f. tlui den of a wihl boai<t. 
^laiil, 8. m. rice-gruel, st^ircli. 
^1 I 111 la, \ (1.//. gentle, milil. alVablo, 
Uaiuhi, I ehrai., nh.f .1 sKuv. I:irdy. 

Miinda, \ adj tired, weary, fiitiguf 
Miinda, / ailing, indisposed, 1;;: 

Manda, s. m. film, speck 'on ti 

eye) ; a kind of sweetuit at. 
ISIanda, «. m. name of a sweutment. 
Mandaf, 8. m. see Mautlap. 
IMiindagi', 8. /. fatigue, lassitude. 
Mandal, g. m. a circle, orb, spher' 

disk, halo of the moon. 
Mandali', «./. an asscnd)ly,a soci< t 

a body of people, a cougregati< 
Mandap, «. m. a temple. 
Mandhnii, v. a. see !klarhnu. 
!Mandhir, 8. m. a Uiuplo. 
]\Ian<lhwana, v. a. to to e«»vir>a 

iKxik. drum, «Scc., with pare! 
Maiuli, 8./. a market, a |ki: 

market for any oue thing. 
Mandil, \ . , 

Mu.Hlir. I •• "'• " '<^'"l''°- 
Maudiyiina, r. a. to sttrch. 
Man(]ilana, r. n. to mako a circuit, ' 

hover (as birds, &c.) 
^lane, ». m, moaning, aonae, li^i: 

Maufa^t,!!./. nrofit, gain, nd\ 
Miing, N. /. a line on thu to]> 

head whore tlio hair in |Hir:< 
Manga bhejiui, to M*nd for. 
Maiigal. It. • ■ ' '•' • ' 

Matigal NUi 

the (i<n»jHl. 
Mamnuia, r. ft. to ^ 

• " • r. 
^: . r. II. to Ihifrtiw I r 

• > ank fiir and giviv 
MiiugelHJ, n. til. /. Olio tu whom 

wiiuuin is U*tnitlicHl. 
*! lomi, r. II. to Inirrow. 

i:», \ r. (i.totLnk lor. l4) 
M ; u», j to demand. l«< 

pray. cMve. solioittto waiii. 

sire, to betniUi. 
Mangui'. n. /. betrothing. a»k.i\:r m 

marriiige ; a hxui : <u/r. gmtui- 

tuualy, for uothiug. 


[ 192 ] 


Mangni rlcna, to lend. 
Man<j^ nikalna, to divide the hair in 

a straight line on the top of the 

Mangni mangna, to borrow. 
Mangra, s. m. ridge tiles. 
Mangta, s. m. a beggar. 
Mang tang karna, to ask for. 
Manguman, s. m. dignity, state, 

Mangwana, v. a. to send for, to cause 

to ask for. 
Miinh, culv. in. 

Manhai", s. /. forbidding, prohibition. 
Maliin, ) ■, . 
Mahfo, r*-'"- 
Man hm man, in the very soul. 
Manhils, adj. unfortunate, unlucky ; 

abominable. ; bad. 
Mai if, s.f. prop. Mani. 
Mani, 8. /. meaning, sense, significa- 
tion, acceptation. 
Manf, s. /. sperma genitale viri aut 

Mani, \ j. ■ ^ 

Mani, |«./-agem,ajeweL 

Mani liar, s. m. a person who makes 
or sells the glass bracelets which 
the women wear on their wrists. 
Manibari, s. f. the trade in glass 

Manind, s, m*. f. like, resembling, 

Manjan, s. m. tooth-powder, denti- 
Manjar, s. /. the blossom (of a tree.) 
Manjli, 8. m. the middle, in the mid- 
dle, in. 
Manjha, 8. m. a paste mixed with 
pounded glass and applied to the 
string of a kite to cut that of an- 
other with ; present of clothes sent 
by relations to the bride or bride- 
IVIanjhdhar, s. /. the middle of the 

Manjhf, s. m. master of a vessel, a 
helmsman, a steersman. 

Manjhla, adj. middle, second. 

Manjhna, v. see Manjiia or Manjna. 

Manjhola, adj. middle, middlemost, 

Manjholi, s. f. a small car or car- 
riage on two wheels. 

Manjil, s. f. prop. Manzil, which see. 

Manjira, s. m. name of a musical 
instrument, a kind of cymbal. . 

Manjit, 8. /. see Maji'th. 

Manjna, v. n. to be polished, cleaned, 

Manjna, v. a. to scour, to scrub, to 

Manjur, adj. prop. Manzur, which 

Manka, s. m. the vertebra of the neck. 

Manka dhalakna, to be at the point 
of death. 

Mankamna, s. /. desire, wish. 

Mankiiha, s. /. a lawful wife, a mar- 
ried woman. 

Manlagan, mind-attachi^j^ent, heart- 

Man lana, to fix the mind upon, to 
be attentive, to apply to. 

Manman, 1 adj. agreeable, pleas- 

Manmana, > ing, to one's heart's 

Manmantii, ) wish or content. 

Man marna, to resist one'^ own in- 
clinations, to be grieved or troubled 
in mind. 

Man mar rahna, to suffer pain or 
grief with patience. 

Manmata, s. m. human opinion. 

Manmauji', adj. self-conceited. 

Manmohan, s. m. a sweetheart, u 
name of Krishna. 

Mann, s. m. manna. 

Manna, v. n. to be soothed, to be pro- 

Manna, v. a. to respect, regard, mind, 
attend, to observe, obey, heed, be- 
lieve, accept, acknowledge, agree> 
allow, accede, assent, confess, con- 
sent, grant, admit, trust, yield, sub- 
mit, suppose, own. 

Mannat, s. /. a vow, a promise. 


[ 193 ] 


Manorath, s. m. desire, wish, inten- 

Manp, 8. m. measure. 

Miinr, s. m. rice-water, rice-gruel, 

Maura, s. m. film, speck (on the eye.) 

Mcinri', s. /. starch, rice-water, rice- 

]M;iri.s, 8. m. fiesli, meat., 8. f. wish, desire, intention. 
]\Iansiib, 8. m. dignity, office, 
IVIansabdiir, s. m. a magistrate, a man 

of rank. 
Munsilb, adj. related, belonging to, 

allied, betrothed. 
M!insii])a, s. m. contrivance, design, 

])rojcct, Mflu'iue, plan. 
Mansiiba baiidhna, to contrive, to 

MaiiHiIlmbaz, wlj. considerate, pni- 

driit, Hui^rinus, ingciiious ; con- 
triver, Heheiner. 
Mausiikli, (njj. cancelled, obliterated, 

alK)liwhed, annulled. 
Manta, s. /. vow, promise. 
IMiiiilar, "i 8. m. a charm, spell, 

IMaiiiar jantar, ) incantation. 
jM:iiiti<l, «. /. logic, reasoning. 
INlaiilicji', ailj. logical, logician. 
Mantra, k. m. sec Mantar. 
Miiiitn, 8. m. an cnchantiT. 
Maniiii, k. in. mind, soul, lito. 
Mniiukli, \ 
M.iinish, j 

i/il, 8./. a day's journey ; n siAgo. 
Maii/il kiifini, to flnisli a journey. 
Iflaiizu'r, «(//. a«:jrccablt<, admired, 

ciioscn, ac(M'pt4ible, upprovcnl of, 

ac(|uie8ccd in. 
Han/iin, «. /. upprobation, consent, 

il ail/air i nazar, chosen, agrcoable to 

the sight. 
[lap, 8. m. measure. 

H. m. a man. 

Mapana, v. a. to cause to bo mea- 

Mapna, v. n. to be measured- 

Mapna, v. a. to measure, 

Mapwana, v. a. to cause to r. . 

Miiqad, a. /. the anus, podex. 

Maqiim, s. m. station, place, a place 
of residence or encamping, halting 
of an army. 

Maqiimi, arZ/. residing, resident. 

Maqbara,8. m. a tomb, a mausoleun 

Muqbul, adj. accepted, acceptabl 
agreeable, taken in good par 
agreed on. 

Maqdur, «. m. power, strengtli, ability . 

Maqdur Lhar, to the best of one's 
power, with all one's might 

Maqna, 8. m. a bri<le's veil. 

Mai^sad, 8. m. intention, deeigi 
meaning, pur{>08e, object, desiiX' 
aim, scope, wisli. 

Ma(isuni. 8. m. fate, destiny. 

Maqiil, adj. reasonable, just, perti- 
nent, pro|)er. 

Miir, 8./. beating; alNittle; u ■ 

Miini, (u/y. !>oit»»n. "^Inin ; foui..; 
orovertuii; ' ' i 

Mani, part, i ui, dead. 

Maiiid. 8. m ! iij, u ht-ro. 

Miirafat, mh< Maninu 

Maiag, 8 III. u rxKul, i>nth, a way. 

M iraitim. adj. lM>und round. 

Manij. 8. i«. prop. Munu, nickncatv 

<i SUUKO. 

Muni juhil, r. n. ti> ho slain : to K 
ovorromo ; to \h^ nvrrttmu^l <r 
sunk M a lH>.r u. out 

oft* (a cara\'an. ■ i 

Mamkii. *. m. » li ! 

M^iraka knnia, t«« ; 

Maiani, 8. m. a s*xm. . 
or pur|)a8t\ 

M ini mara phiniii, to wander. 

Miinimar chalna, to piLsh on wtuicu 

Muranuin', 8. /. mutual beating, acuf- 
lie, I'my. 



[ 194 ] 


Mararamat, s. f. mending, repairing, 

Marammati, adj. requiring repair. 

Marammat karna, v. a. to mend, to 

Maraiumat karvvana, v. a. to cause 
to mend, or repair. 

Marammat talab, adj. out of repair, 
requiring repair. 

INIaran, s. m. death. 

Maranhara, s. m. smiter, slayer. 

Mara parna, to be killed or slain. 

Maraz, s. m. sickness, disease. 

Marbliukkha, adj. starved to death, 
greedy, voracious, ravenous. 

Mard, s. m. a male, a man, a hero. 

Mardak, s. m. a low fellow, a puppy, 
a rascal. 

Mar dalua, to kill, to smite. 

Mardan,s. rubbing, anointing, tramp- 
ling, treading down. 

Mardana, adv. manly, manlike, 
brave : adj. male. 

Mardanagi, s. f. manliness, bravery. 

Mardiini, s. f. a masculine (woman) : 
adj. used or worn by women. 

Mard bachcba, the son of a brave 

Mard e adnijf, s. m. a gentleman. 

Mar dena, to smite, to btat, to kill. 

Mdrdhar, s.f. thumping and beating 
severely. [rility. 

Mardf, s.f. manhood, manliness, vi- 

Mard i ad mi, s. m. a gentleman. 

Mardua, s. m. (used by way of con- 
tempt), man. [eluded. 

Mardiid, adj. repulsed, rejected, ex- 

Mardumf, s. /. manliness, bravery. 

Mare, s. m. (by) reason, on) account, 
(for) the sake, for. 

Marfa, 8. m. a kind of drum. 

Marg, s. f. dt ath. 

Marghat, s. m. the place where Hin- 
dus buiii their dead. 

Murghub, ) adj. desirable, de- 

Marghiib taba,/ sired, amiable. 

Margf, 8. f. the plague, pestilence. 

Muig i muftijat, sudden death. 

Mar girana, to knock down, to win 

(the battle.) 
Marha, adj. lined, headed, covered 

or topped y^as a drum with parch- 
ment ) 
Marhaba, irderj. hail ! welcome ! bra-^ 

Marliaiya, s. /. a small cottage or hut. 
Marliam, 8. m. a plaster, saive. 
Marhan, s /. lining, heading (of a 

drum, &c.) 
Marhata, s. m. a Maharatta. 
Mar hatana, to overcome, to beat and 

drive back. 
Marhatta, s. m. a Maharatta. 
Marhi, s.f. a cottage, a temple. 
Murhna, v. a. to cover (as a book 

with leather or a drum witli parcii- 

ment ), to gild, to case. ; 

Marhum, adj. who has found mercyj 

i.e , deceafecd. j 

Mari, s.f. plague, pestilence ; carrion] 
Marifat, s. /. knowledge ; account] 

cause, (l)y) reason, (by) meantj 

(through) the means, by. * 

Mariyal, adj. lean, emaciated, much 

reduced by sickness. 
Mariz, adj. sick, diseased. 
Marja, s. m. loss. [respect. 

Marjad, s. f. station, rank, dignity, 
Mar jana. v. n. to die 
Marji, s. f. prop. Marzi, which see. 
Markar, adv. with difficulty. 
Markaz, s. m. the upper stroke oi 

the letter kaf. 
Markhaha, ar/J. addicted to beating, 

striking, or butting ;a man or aiu- 

mal.) i 

Mar khani, to get a drubbing. ' 

Mar khapna, v. n. to die. 
Mar kutiii, s. f teating and bruising 
Mar land, to rob, to take by robbery 
Miir lemi, to smite, to conquer. 
Marmar, s. m. marble. 
Marmarana, v. n. to crack (as any 

thing going to break.) 
Mar marna, to fall in battle afte 

killing fcome of the enemy. 


[ 195 ] 


Miinui, V. n. to die, to expire ; to 
;ro vehemently, to set one's 
it upon anything. 
Miinia, V. a. to smite, to strike, to 

hit, kill, slny, beat, bang, <liive, 

slKjot, punish, mortify, Wight, 
I blast, spoil, ruin, conquer, cruck, i 

destroy, stamp, sting, stop, calm, 

quench, run. 
Miiror, \ 8. f. twist, flexion, turn. 

iiror, ) i 
aror, / 

writhe, convolution, cou- 

Miirora, "I «. rn. a twisting of the 
Murofa, / l)Owels, pain in the 

bowcils, gripes. 
m. i' 

Miuorf, ) 8. m. tlio worm of a ram- 
Ma rorf, / 

Maroriia, 'I v. a. to twist, to writhe, 

Marorn;!, j to contort, to distort, 
to grij.c. 

Maroi j)liuli', H. m. name of a plant 
the fruit of which is used in me- 

\\\w parmi, to be bejit<'n. 

Marpcch, 8. /. iiitricuci<'8 (in law or 
accounts), a dillicully, (piibblc. 

SfiirixMli ki nih, a crooked or wind- 
ing path. 

Miiipcuch, «. 800 Miirpech. 

darpi't, 8. f. buiting and bruising, 

dar .-akna, to bo able to beat. 

darsiya, «. m. un elegy, a dirge, a 

I funeral lulogium. 

ylarsiyakhwaii, a n«[)oator of an 
clei^y or till' Marsiviu 

darsiya|<[.iwani. rriwatinj? or sing- 
ing an elegy or tlio Marniya. 

larlabu, «. m. stop, degno, digiutv, 
<»llU'e, raidc «if hontiur. tinm. turn. 
[artaiiiin, h. m. a jar fi>r keeping 
preserves in. 
arluul, \ . 

. ..r }»•♦'*• J^ hammer, 
arhiul, j 

r.utol, «. m. a hnnuuer. 
la rna, s.m. name of a gmin of which 
\n\ ad is mnile. 

Mdriif, adj. known, celebrated; tho 
active voice of a verb. 

M^riiz, adj. presented offered, sub- 
mitted: 8. in. a represeututiou, u 

Marwiina, v. a. to cause to be beaten, 
to cause to be killed. 

Mufwar, n. prop, name of a countri-. 

Mafwan, 8. in. \ un inhabitani < 

Mafwafin, 8./. j Miirwar. 

INIarz, 8. m. sickness, disease. 

Marzi, 8. /. will, assent, oomtent, plea- 

Mas, «. m. a month ; flesh, meat 

Masiiiir, 8. m. prop. Musuflr, which 

Masahani, «. m. prop. i^Iiishuhara. 
which see. 

Masalmri, ». /. curtains (of a bed . 
mu-quito curtains, 

Masiiil, 8. itlur. of MasU, tlio pn- 
cepts of Sluluminail. 

Masak, 8.f. prop. Mashk, which •»•«• 

Musakat,^./. prop, Mushnqq^iit, ^^ 1 > ; • ' i 

HOC. fl'UI ■ 

Masaknd, vn * ' ' ' ; . 

Masai, 8. /. n i>. . 

simile, prt>\ . , 

Musul, «./. prop. Mnifii^l, n Uircli, n 


M />n>/>. MaMilth,>Khiol)it«v 

M .1 

. . > r. o. to •«*««•»♦>« 

Mnstilchi, «. m /^r 

II, «. m rr 


>u) work 
to crtbiii, t> 

Mii.tan. «. m. n phuv whori> n den I 

bndy is burnt: an evil spirit. 
Mahatiwir, «. m. a ptiiutor, liiuocr. 

Masuu win', t. /. i! i-n 'v ; • •' i • 
Masdar, $. m. Hrnii 

tivo or noun ot 

Mast 0. «. /. down. Muall luiini on Uio 

lips bcforu Uiti bourd gruwa. 


[ 196 ] 


Mash-, s. m. a' vetch : s.f. prop. Mad,sh, 

landed property. 
Masha, s. m. name of a small weight 

consisting of eight rattis. 4 ' 

Mashaikh, s. plur. of Shaikh, olgl 

men ; holy persons, dervises. 

Mashalchi, ^ s. m. a torch-bearer ; a 
Mashalchi, / servant who cleans 

knives, forks, and plates, &c. ; a 

Mashaqqat, s. f. trouble, labour, toil, 

assiduity, distress. 
Mashdar, adj. prpp. Ma^shdar, which 

see. '. 

Mashghul, adj. employed, occupied, 

Mash'hur, adj. celebrated, published, 

famous, well-known, noted, no- 
Mash'hur karna, to publish, to pro- 
claim. • 
Mashk, s. f. a leather bag, especially 

for carrying water, a water-bag. 
Mashkira, s^;m. a small leather bottle. 
Mash milkiyat, s. /..,_^rop. Maash 

milkiyat,' landed projperty. ♦ , 
Mashq, s.f. exercise, practice, usage, 

use. '*'■ ' 
Mashrfq, s. m. the east': 
Mashru, s,. m. a kirid t)f cloth made 

of silk and cotton mixed. 
Mashshaqf, s. f. practice, constant or 

great practice. 
Masht, 1 /. -1 * 
Mashti, } '• f' ''^^^' 
Mashti marna, 
Masht marna, 

l^' ) to 
a, / 

remain silent. 

Mashuq, s. m. la beloved object, a 
Mashuqa, s. /. j sweetheart, a mis- 
Mashwara, s. m. \ counsel, consulta- 
Mashwarat, s. f. j tion, advice. 
Mashwarat karnd!, to consult, to 
advise (with.) 

Masfhk, } "• P'^^^' ^^ssiah, Christ. 

Masihaf, adj. Christ-like : s. /. office 

or works of the Messiah. 
Masin, 1 

Mas ma, i s. m. a quicksand. 
Masina, ) 

Masjid, s. f. a mosque. 
Maskabar, the last day of the month 
Maskan, s. m. an abode, a dwelHng 

a habitation. 
Maskana, -y. a. to tear, to rend. 
Maskhara, s. m. a di-oU, a jester, j 

Maskharagi, s. /. | buffoonery, drol 
Maskharapan, s. m.\ lery, jesting 
Maskhargf, s. /, j jest. 
Masla, s. m. a precept of Muhammad 
Maslahat, s. /. counsel, advice. 
Maslahatan, adv. advisedly. 
Maslahat kafna, to consult, to a4 

vise, to conspire, to combine. 
Maslan, adv.ioY example, e.g. namelj 
Masliib, adj. crucified. ^ 

Masnad, s. f. a cushion of state, j 
Masnavi, s.^/. tfie sort of verse | 

which 'tile couplets rhyme reg^ 

larly, as in' English heroic versei 

a poem in that verse. 
Masosa, s. m^ affliction, remorsf 
' regret. 

Masosna, v. a. to regret, to grieve. 
Masraf, s. to. expenditure, expense 

disbursement. j 

Masruf, adj. expended, employe^ 

.engaged, occupied, busy. , 

Masriir, adj. glad, cheerful, gaj 

delighted, pleased. [cresenct 

Massa, s. m. a wart, a fleshy es 
Mast, adj. drunk, intoxicated; t 

bidinous, lustful, lascivious, prou 
Mastak, s. m. the forehead of 

Mastaki, s. f. mastic. 
Mastana, adv. like one intoxicate! 

axij. drunken. 
Mastani, adj. intoxicated, lustf 

lecherous, salacious (woman.) 
Masti, 8. f. drunkenness; intoxi* 

tion, lust, wantonness. 



[ 197 ] 


(fastul, s. m. mast of a ship. 
Hastuni, 8. /. a chaste woman. 
klastiiiat, 8. plur. women (of the 

lasiilv, 8. m. prop. M^shiiq, which see. 
lasiil, 8. m. prop. Mahsiil, which see. 
ladiim, adj. innocent, simple : s. an 

infant. [tjity. 

'^ ' rii'yat, 8. f. innocence, simpii- 
. .s. m. a kind of pulse. 
a, 8. m. the gums of the teeth, 
iat, 8. f. system, opinion, counsel, 

advice, a particular sentiment; 

uiidcratanding, intellect : ne<j. par- 

tide, not, di) not. 
fliit, adj. outdone, confounded. 
Iat, s. m. a vat or boiler ; a largo 

vessel or jar. 
lata, 8. m. councnl, advice. 
lata, 8. f. mother; tlie smallpox: 

a<lj. drunk, intoxicated, 
fiitiihar, adj. see INIuatabar. 
'utal)iri, 8. f. see Mnataban'. 

ntakiia, V. n. to wink, to o;;le, to 
juct. [de.'iiri'M. 

atilib, 8. plur. of Talab, wishes, 
l.iliiii, 8. m. grief, mourning. 

lilaiudar, 8. a mourner. 

afaindtin', «. / mourning, obsorv- 

aiKM' of mourning. 

iilaiiii', adj. of or relating to mourn- 


ataiiu' liluis, mourning dress. 

itaiii karnu, to mourn, to himent. 

lalaiiil>hana, «. m. houdtMif mourn- 

itaiupursi', oblatiouH, condolence. 
itainzjida, adj. mourning, atVeoliHl 
with grief on account of Uiu doath 
of some relativ«s 
at ir. 8. m. a |)ea. 

ui ii. .s. m. a convent for the oBCoiics, 
Itt pagan temple, 
ithsi, 8. in. butti'rmilk. 
Stihii, I «. in the fon^hcad, prow; 
Mha, I th<» ridgi' of a i"oof. 
Mhaii, 8. in. cliurnini,'. 
iithaniyu, «. /. a churu. 

Matha ragafnd, to implore humbly. 
Mtitha thanaknti, implies a prcjscnti- 

ment of a conclusion from ccrtuin 

marks observed in the commence- 
Mat bin, void of understandinsc. 
Mathiya, 8. m. name of an ornament. 
Mathna, v. a. to chum ; to kne;id, to 

work : 8. m. a cimrning st^itl*. 
Mathni', 8./. a ehurning-stiiff. 
Miitliii, 8. m. a buflbon, (a term of 

Matiiura, 8. /. name of a city, tlio 

birth-place of Kri:ihua. 
Mjitliuriyii, ». m. name of a caste of 

Brahmans of Mathnm. 
Ma^r, «./. eartli. 
Mati. 8. /. see Mat. 
Ma^iyana, v. n. to grumble, to do u 

tiling unwillingly. 
Mat^iytira, ». m. arable land, rich sotL 
Mat jiio, don't go. 
Ala^kii, 8. in, a largo oiirthon jar. 
Maikaiui, v. a. to wink, to oglo, ti> 

Mat kariui, to win, to oi^tdo, to bout 

(at che.H8.) ', 

Ma^lg, M. /. t snuill jar;. a wink, a 

Matl di. B. m. intention, wiiih, dcatn*, 

<V V -rn, puriKJte, purport. 

Ml! //.having an oLf.-t in 

Mntiun'i (i(hi\ r. 

tlU' MtnnUlcll. to f . . 1 ;,.,.. ^ 

Mutn, $. m tilt' I \(. 

M.itmi, r. ». to I..' mtoxi.nt. I. 

Mulni, «./. a viiwol ; a dt«H-. 

Mii|r«i, $. rn. a h(^g\«t. 

Maj^hd, «. m. buttenuilk : at^. »low. 

MnUi *• f' (^rth. 
M.iiii c^ufnti, to eonooal Uio crime or 

finlt of MTiother. 
M bury. 

M become woak or fiiiiit» 

u. ..^ ^d. 


[ 198 ] 


Matti kariia, to ruin or destroy. 

Matti men milna, to be ruined or 

Matti parna, to be buried. 

Matwala, j adj. intoxicated, drunken, 

Matwara, j drunk, 

Mauj, s.f. a wave, a surge, billows. 

Mauja, s. m. prop. Mauza, which see. 

Mauj mama, v. a. to billow, to wave ; 
(met.) is applied to express self- 
enjoyment without restraint. 

Maujud, adj. existing, present, at 
hand, existent, standing before, 

Maulavi, s. m. a learned man. 

Maulna, v. n. to bloom, to blossom, 
to bud (the mango tree.) 

Maulsari, s. f. name of a tree. 

Maun, s. m. silence, taciturnity. 

Mauni, s. f. a small round basket. 

Maun sadhna, to remain silent. 

Mauqa, adj. proper, fit, suitable: 
s. m. a fit place or time. 

Mauqiif, adj. stopped, deferred, de- 
layed, postponed, fixed or depen- 
dent (on.) 

Mauquf bona, to depend or rest (on), 
to be stopped, to cease. 

Mauquf karna, to cease, to leave off, 
to lay aside, to abolish, to abro- 
gate, to an^ul. 

Maur, s. m. a kind of high turban 
worn by the bridegroom at tlie 
time of marriage. 

Maurana, v. n. to blossom (as the 
mango tree.) 

Mauri', s. /. see Maur. 

Mausii, s. m. an uncle, mother's sis- 
ter's husband. 

Mausera, adj. mas. belonging or 
related to the mother's sister's 

Mausera bhaf, a cousin, son of a 
mother's sister. 

Mauseri bahin, daughter of a mo- 
ther's sister. 

Mausi', 8. /Tan aunt, mother's sister. 

Mausim, s. m. season, time. 

Mausimi, adj. seasonable. 

Mausim i bahar, the season of spring. 

Mausuf, adj. described, celebrated, 
praised, before-mentioned ; a noun 
substantive qualified by an adjec- 

Maut, s. /. death. 

Mauta, a calamity. 

Mautad, s. /. quantity. 

Mauwat, s. /. prop. Maut, death. 

Mauza, s. m. a village. 

Mawa, s.f. substance, essence, leaven, 
milk inspissated with boiling. 

Mawashi, s. pi. quadrupeds, cattle. 

Maya, in compos, composed of; 
chiefly consisting or made of. 

Maya, is./. kin(Uiess, compassion, 

Maya, / mercy, aftection ; illusion, 
idealism, a deception, depending 
on the power of the deity, whereby 
mankind believe in the existencQ 
of external objects, which are in 
fact nothing l)ut idea. 

Mayiib, adj. wicked, vicious, infa- 
mous, reprehensible. 

Maza, i s. m. taste, flavour, relish, 

Maza, / dehglit, pleasure, enjoys i 
ment, anything agreeable to the 
palate or mind, &c. ; a delicacy. 

Mazadar, adj. delicious relishing, 
tasteful, palatable, well-tasted, sa- 

Mazakh, s. m. a jest, a joke, plea- 
santry, [jest 

Mazakhen karna, to make jokes, tc 

Mazallat, s. /. baseneness, contempt 

Mazamm, s. plur. of Mazmun, thi 

Maziir, s. f. sepulchre, tomb, o 
siirine of a saint. 

Mazarat, s. f. apology, excuse. 

Mazbah, s. m. an altar for sacrifice. 

Mazbiit, adj. strong, firm, fixed, fas 

Miizbuti', s. f. strength, durabilit] 

Mazdur, s. m. a labourer, a carric 
a porter ; improy. Majdur. 


[ 199 ] 


Mazdun, «. /. the price of labour, 
J wagcH ; laoour, labfnirine:. 
jMazediir, afJj. see Mnzadar. 
JMazliab, 8. m. religion, sect. 

Maz'haka, s.m. humour, fun, drollery. 

IMazi', 8. m. preterite tense : adj. past 

Mazkiir, adj. forementioned, afore- 
Biiid, mentioned : «. m. mention, 
discourse ; imjorop. Majkiii-. 

Mazkur karna, to mention. 

IVFazliim, adj. injured, oppreased. 

Mazniiiii, s. m. sense, sigiiitication, 
meaninf?, tenour, contents (of a 
letter, &c.); improp.^lnjnnm. 

Miiziil, adj. dei)osed, displaced, dis- 
missed, degraded, removed fiom 

Mi'zul kamii, to discharge, dismiss, 
remove (from office, i 

^laziir, «. m. a lal)ourer, a carrier, u 
))()rter ; wiprop. Majiir. 

M.-lziir, (uJj. excused, < xcuaablo. 

Miizu'n, «. /. see Mazdiiri. 

IVI« ;^h, «. m. a cloud. 

Mcf^liUiran, adj. of the rflour of the 

Mcli, «. m. rnin. 

lM<^man, f. m. a j^io^t. 

IVb^ H.f. ^mq). M( z, a table. 

M( kh, H.f. a nail, a wedge, a tont- 
pin, a pejr. 

Mckhi ru|iniyd, a rup'<» wbi<li Ima 
lH>en li(»ll(»\V(>(i and then tllUsl with 
1( ad, copper, &c., adulU-mted. 

Mrkli [honkna, to nail. 

Mel, H. 111. connexion, agnn'mrnt, 
conibiiaitiou, concord, n-condilio- 
tion, union, mixture, mixing. 

]\lthi, fi.m.n fair, an a."KMuhly,a crowd, 
!i concourst> of people ft)r religious 
or commercial j)ur|)oecs : adj. 

Mela theljt, «. TO. a crowd, a conoouno 
of p« ople. 

l^Teb', ailj. friendly. wM'inblc. 

I^lemna, h. w. a kid. 

Mell. }><«(>>,,< in ninnn.. 1». tWCCD, Ot. 

Mend,«./. a bank (raised to separate 

fields), a border (of a pond, tank 

Mendak, «. m. a frog. 
Mendhii, s. m. a ram. 
Mendki', «. /. a frog. 
Mengni, s.f. the dung of goats, sbcc] 

camels, &c. 
Meyh, a. in. rain. 
M«uh barasmi, to rain. 
Meoh barsiinii, v. a. to cause to rain. 
Meohdr, «./. the name of the plant 

with which the natives stain their 

hands and fe<'t. 
INIeukli, 8. /. see MeVk. 
Meur. «• /• MJc Mend. 
Meo se, from within, out of. 
Meni, pron. \d ]>en. po$g. nM$. m} . 

l^Ierha, 8. TO. a ram. 
^letar, «. m. prop. Mildnr. a sweep* r 
Metanim, «. /. prop. MihtAnini. a ft 

male swtvpt r. 
Metln, «. /. the plant fenuirn«<k. 
Me^mi, r.*(l. to riVaee. t*» Mot out, t.- 

emse, to \\\\n' out, ti> annihilaU\ ti 

aniud, to can<\>l, to atulio fur. 
Mewa, 8. 111. fruit. 

Mewadiir, (!<//. truit-lx^ring, fhiiiful 
Mj'wafar<*li, 8. in. a fruitervr. 
Mewiijut, fruitH. 
Mev\»li. 8. III. a triU' \u < 

mouutniiiouN provinct > 

M»>«. 8. / a Udile. 

Mey.lMin. 8. m, an rntf*rlainrr, a ht>t>- 
Meslmni, ». / ' " ' * 

Met Uii-huii . 

\ M( z bioldiAn^ to lay th<^ doth. 
i Me/.niiin. 8. in. a wm-hi-lnw. 
M ^d, 8. m. the time of pmmifO or 

Michnr niiclmr. tiling without an 

Micidmii, W. rt. t yc«, to 

MtcliMii, j »h\\' . 
M "'->". -. .1. lofti.-.., . 


[ 200 ] 


Michrana, v. a. to eat without an ap- 
. petite. 

Mida, s. m. the stomach. 

Mighnatis, s. m. the magnet or load- 

Mihdf, s. /. name of a plant. See 

Mihin, adj. thin, subtile, fine (not 

Mihman, s. m. /. a stranger, a guest. 

Mihmandar, s. m. an entertainer, host. 

Mihmaiidari', 8. f. entertainment, 

Mihmandost, adj. hospitable. 

Mihmani, s. f. see Mihmandari. 

Mihmani karna, to entertain. 

Mihnat, s. f. labour, toil, industry, 
trouble, difficulty, calamity, afflic- 
tion, trial, perplexity, sorrow. 

Mihnatana, s. m. Ijire, wages. 

Mihnati, adj, laborious, labouring, 
industrious, labouring per-son. 

Mihnat karna, to labour, to toil. 

Mihndi, s. /. see Menhdi. 

Milir, s. /. love, friendship, kindness. 

Mihrab, s. /. a bower, an arcli. 

Mihrabdar, adj. arched (as a door- 

Mihrarii, s. f. a woman. 

Mihrban, adj. kind, friendly, indul- 
' gent, gracious. 



Mihrban I, 

Mihrbani karna, to favour, to confer 
favour (pn), to befriend. 

Mihriya, } s- /• a woman, a wife. 

Mihtar, s. m. a sweeper. 

Mihtarani, s. f. female of Mihtar ; a 

female innkeeper. 
Mijaj, s. m. prop. Mizaj, which see. 
Mijna, V. a. to rub with the hands. 
Mijrab, s./. j9rop.*Mizrab, which see. 
Mikhiyana, v. a. to beat, to subdue. 
Milan, s. comparison, collection ; the 

making of things agree with one 


/. friendliness, 
kindness, favour. 

Milana, v. a. to mix, to blend, to 
caus-e to meet, to join, to attach, 
to connect, to unite, to cement, to 
close, to compare, to reconcile. 

Milansar, adj. civil, affable, sociable, 
friendly, familiar. 

Milansari, s. f. sociableness, friend- 
liness, affability, civility. 

Milao, s. m. mixture, mixing : adj. 

Milap, s.f. agreement, reconciliation, 
union, concord, adjustment. 

Mile jule rahna, to live together in 

Milk, s. /. possession, property, right. 

Milkf, s. m. a (large) farmer. 

Milkiyat, s. f. property, possession. 

Milna, v. a. to be mixed or confound- 
ed, to blend, to meet, to join, to be 
met with, to attain, to be got, to 
agree, to accord, to tally, to be, 
united, to become connected (with;,] 
to coalesce, to correspond. ; 

Milna julna,to meet cordially ,to have '^ 
unrestricted intercourse. j 

Miloni, s. f. admixture. j 

Mihvana, v. a. to cause to mix, &c. ' 

Mimbar, s. m. a pulpit. 

Mimiyana, j ^ ^ 

Minakari, s.f. the embellishing of 
things with green colours, ena- 

-jyj-l^^^' I s. m. minaret, obelisk, stco- 

Minara, ) P^®' 

Mingni, s. f. goat or sheep's dung. 

Minh, s. m. rain. 

Miidia, 8. m. deduction, subtraction ; 
remission of revenue, &c. 

Minhai, s. f. land released from as- 
sessments : adj. subtracted. 

Minhdf, s. f. see Menhdi. 

Minjna, v. a. to rub, to scour. 

Minjumla, adv. out of or upon the 
whole; universally. 

Minnat, s. m. entreaty, humble and 
earnest supplication. 


[ 201 ] 


IMinnat karna, to entreat, to make 
earnest supplication. 

3Iiiiti', 8. /. an apology, submission, 

Miqnatis, 8. m. the magnet, the load- 

Miqraz, s.f. scissors, shears. 

Mir, 8. m. a chief, a leader ; a title 
by which Saiyids are called ; a 
winner at play; among school- 
boys he that says hislesaon lirst. 

Mira, pron. my, mine. 

Miraj, «. /. ascent, ascension. 

Miruii, H. m. a portion paid to the 
head of a department out of the fees 
received by the inferior oliicers. 

Minis, 8. /. heritage, patrimony, Le- 
reditaiy estate. 

Minisjin, «. /. a woman who plays 
and sings. 

Mirasi', adj. hereditary, inherited : 
8. f. a kind of nuisician. 

Miriisin, 8. f. see Mirusan. 

Mirch, 8. f. pepper. 

Minihu, \ s. m. chili-popper, capsi- 

IMirchiir,/ cum. 

Mird:iiig, «, /. a kind of drum. 

Mirdaiigi', «. m. a In-ater of the Mir- 
daiig ; an Indian shade to protect 
the lump or candle fioni the wind. 

Minlangiyji, 8. m. u beater of tlie 

Mirg, H. m. a deer. 

Mirgehhalii, the skin of u divr. worn 

and used a« a IhhI by devoteoj*. 
Mirgi', H. f. tl»e epilepHV. 
INIirgihii, «. m. onu uniictod with iho 

.Mir i niajliij, tho raaater of Uio coro- 

Mirjiii, 8./. prop. Mirziii', a kind uf 

Mushikar, a bird-oatchor, a buuto- 

M lit. *./. death. 

>lirtha, a<(/. fal8t\ lying, untrue. 

MiizU *• ''*' * ^^^^' of Musalmaus. 

Mirzaf, «./. a kind of jacket 
Misal, 8./. simile, likeness, simil 

tude, parable. 
Misar, «. m. Egypt. See Mishar. 
Mishar, s. m. a title of Urahuiina; a 

Hindu physieian. 
Misi', 8. /.a black jxjwder withwUii : 

the teeth are tinged. 
Misir, 8. m. see Misliar. 
Miskin, fu//. poor, miserable, hui: 

ble, wrelched, indigent 
Miskini', B.f. poverty, indigence, bi 

^lisl, 8.f. similitu I 
ISIitslaiK^u/o. for ex 

Misniiir honii, to U 

I^lismur karnti, to levtl. [v« ri/< I. 
Mij^nu, V. M. to be ground, to l>«- pwl- 
Mtsna, V. a. to grind, to pulvuri. 

to cruud>le. 
Misr, 8. wi. Kgypt. 
Mi.sni, 8. m. a liemisticli, a ain^- 

line in imh try. 
Misri, »./ Hugarrundy. 
Miitrit, (ulj. mixetl. 
Mis**!, »./. see Mi- 
Mititiir, 8./. lint > 
MiHwdk, « /. a t' 

UHV4l iw a (liMitifnet-. 
Mit «. ii». a fr t«iii|, n li>v. r 
Mitii, 41. m ii 
Mitnn, *. / 
Mitaiui. t. • 

obliti-ratv, tu blui out, tn Hbtv^it 

^* * ' A : $.wi,uyvt\ 


ni* > 

Mi{bu«. } 
Milhait, ) 

•. fM. 8\vet tnejw. 

Mitbi, «./. a ktML 

Miiln n>t'. tt kind of brvat. 

Mithiyii, ». m. a kisti, 

Mitliyu, adr, fubcly : tii(;. (also, 



[ 202 ] 


Miti, s. /. (late ; interest. 
Mitin, s. f. a female namesake. 
Mitna, v. n. to expire, to be etfaced. 
Mitr, I . . , 

Min;,/ '' '^' ^ f^"^^^^- 

Mitr t a, s. /. friendship. 

Mittlia, adj. sweet ; slow. 

Mitt/, 8. /. earth. See Matti. 

Miyan, s. f. a scabbard. 

Miyan, s. m. sir, an address expres- 
sive of kindness ; husiband, master. 

Miyana, adj. middling, moderate: 
s. m. a kind of sedan or palki. 

Miytin admi', a respectable person. 

Miyana qadd, of middle stature. 

Miyani, s.f. a cod -piece. 

Miyan jr, s. w. a mediator, a school- 

Miyan tahf, s. f. the middle fold of 
any garment which consists of 

Mizaj, s. m. temperament, liabit of 
body ; temper, hmnour, disposition. 

Mizaj 1, a(^J constitutional, habitual. 

Mizan, s. /. a balance, a pair of 
scales ; tlie sign Libra ; addition 
in arithmetic. 

Mfzan dena, \ , j i +^ ^„,,+ „^ 

M. 1 / . > to add, to cast up. 
izan lagana, j ^ 

Mizrab, s. /. the quill with which a 
stringed musical instrument is 

Mo, pron. (in Braj) me. 

Moafakat, s. /. prop. Muwafaqat, 
which see. 

Moalik,af/J. yro'p. Muwafiq, which see. 

Mocli, s. m. strain, sprain, twist. 

Mochan, s. m. see Mociili. 

Mociih, 8. in. release, deliverance, sal- 
vation, final and eternal happi- 
ness; mustaches. 

Mochi, s. m. a saddler, a shoemaker, 
a cobbler. 

Mochin, s. f. a saddler's or shoe- 
maker's wife. 

Moclma, s. m. pincers, tweezers. 

Mochras, s. m. gum of the silk-cotton 

Modf, s. m. a retail shopkeeper, a 
grain merchant, a grocer. 

Modikhana, 8. m. a pantry. 

Mogal, s. m. prop. Mugiial, a Moghul. 

Mogra, s. m. a mallet, a rannner ; 
name of a flower. 

Moh, s. f. fainting; pity, compas- 
sion, allurement, sympathy, kind- 
ness, love. 

Mohanbhog, s. m. a kind of sweet- 

Mohanf, s. f. fascination, a charm. 

Mohanmala, s. /. a necklace com- 
posed of gold beads and coral. 

Mohar, s. f. prop. Muhr, which see. 

Mohavera, s. m. prop. Muhawara, 
wliit-h see. 

Moh lena, to attach, to allure, to 

Moh men ana, to be in love. 

Mohna, v. a. to fascinate, to enchant, 
to charm, to allure. 

Moja, prop. Moza, wiiich see. 

Mukaddama, s. m. prop. Muqadda- 
ma, which see. 

Mokam, s. m. prop. Maqam, which 

Mo kaun, to me, me. 

Mokha, s. m, a small hole in a wall 
for admitting ligat and air, an air 
hole; a bamboo or grass tied 
lengthways on the eaves of a 
house, &c. 

Mokhlar, prop. Mukhtar, which see. 

M^kol }'--.-• 

Mol, s. m. purchase, price. 

Molaheja, s. m. prop. Mulahaza, 
which see. 

Molaim, adj. prop. Mulaim, which 

Mol barhana, v. a. to enhance, 

Mol lena. v. a. to buy, to purchase. 

Mol thaharana, v. a. to appraise, to 
estimate, to value. 

Moltol, s. m. fixing a price, pur- 

Mom, s. m. wax. 


[ 203 ] 


MomTmtti', «. /. a wax candle. 

Moiridil, adj. tender-hearted. 

Mom I, adj. waxen. 

Moniiyai', 8. /. name of a medicine. 

IVIonijiima, s. in. wax-cloth. 

Mom ki batti, a wax candle. 

Mom ki Tiak, a person of a fickle 

Mora raughan, ^ 8. m. wax and oil 
Mom roj;^haii, / mixed together. 
Moo, see Mcq. 
Morja. V. a. to steep. 
Moiulhti, 8.m. the shoulder ; a stool, 

a footstool. 
Moohri', 8. /. see Mori. 
Mor, \ 8. m. twist, turn, writhe, 
i\lor, / sprain. 

Mor, 8. m. a peaeock : pron. my, mine. 
Morii, pron. my, mine. [sre. 

IMorabliti, h. m. prop. ]\rurubbd, which 
Morclia, «. m. rust ; a battery. 
Moreliang, «. /. a jew's-harp. 
Morchhal, 8. m. . a fan for drivin«^ 

away flies (o>i>ecially of i)eacock's 

feathers) ; a brush. 
IMofliii, 8. m. a fiM)tstool ; the shoulder. 
Mori", 8. /. a pijK) or drain, a sub- 

Icrnincous pasjsiijjje (for water.) 
^Morinukut;, a crown or crest like that 

of the j)i acock. 
Mormi, \v. a. to twist, to turn, to 
Mortui, / bcn<l, to Bcrow. 
Morni, 8. /. a iH'a-ljcn. 
iNIorpankhi, 8./. a kind of plctisuro- 

b.nit, a barp\ 
iNIoj; 8./. see Mo^li. 
iMo^ii, adj. fut, corpulent, connc, 

tliick, hirp% bi^. j^rcut, bulky. 
.>b)tai, 8./. tatncNS, airpulmcy, lldck- 

ness, eoarseiiess, biguetui, bulk, 

MotVimi, V. a. to fatten, to feed. 


Moj^i tii/.a, adj. fat, welI-ci»nditiom*<l. 
Moth, 8./. li Inmdlc, piickup\ Iwlo, 

u load : amount, total ; u Kuther 

bucket for niising water. 

Motha, 8. m. a kind of ura--. 
Mothrii, 8. m. name <>; o; ■ ;..-e in 

horses, splint, sixivin. 
Moti', 8. m. a pearl. 
Moticluir, 8. m. a kind of sweetmeat. 
Moti ki SI lib utarni, to be diagixkced. 
M(4iy5i, «. w. a jx^rter. 
Motiya, 8. m. name of a flower. 
Motiyabind, 8. m. the name of a kind 

of blindness. 
Motki, 8. /. a fat woman. 
I Motra, 8. m. s* e Motlini. 
Motni, 8. m a buudU>. 
Mofn', 8. /. a sm dl bundle, a parcel. 
Moza, 8. m. a sock, a ht<K'kiu^. 
I Mozawala, 8. m. a slcwiciug muk« r 
! w'ller. 

I Mrij^, 8. m. a deer. 
' Mrit. 8./. d.ath. 
MriUik, 8. m. a »lead Knly. a »^^r]'»o. 
Mritya, «. /. death. 
Mil, 8. m. hair. 
Miiti, adj. dead. ' '" ' 
MuAf, adj. abs' ilh, 

forj;ivin, |Mii"i . < \- 

cukmI : f.m, for);ivinr«iJsiXciu|t 
Mu^f houii, to bo forgiven, !• 

Mu^lfi', ««(/. exempt frt>m hmiI 

t4ix : 8. /. a >jn»iit of luii«l fr 

»oviT« i^ni trw of tax : exenip* 

feniiicsion. |mrxl«tn. 
Mu^f kiinm, r. «i. t»» forjjiw, to pttr- 

«Uui. to t xcumv I 

Muf^iyan. adj. o«Ubli«hod. fixed, ap- 

Mu^i>iin knnul, fo f!». f^ nrtnMli»h. 

to up|Miint. t.> 

Mu^jiui, 8. IN n 

1 Muf^i - '■• . :.; ..^ ;. 

1 I.. ly. 

j Mu.ii . t.i liml. rtirr. n\' 

I (a.H a phy»u-i. 

I Mui^llnq, adj. 

I hunj? up. 

I Mu^llim. 8. m. an instradm-. a 

i tnu'her, a prt*coplnr. 

; Mu^nmla, 8. m. trenty, aflair, htm- 


[ 204 ] 


ness, negotiation, behaviour, pro- 
cedure, cause or suit (in hrw.) 

Muamaladan, adj. see Muamalati. 

Muaraala karna, to deal with, treat 
with, to negotiate. 

Muamala miiqaddama, s. m. cause 
or suit (ill law.) 

Muamalat, s. f. see Muamala. 

Muamalati, adj. fit for business, ac- 
tive, able to manage business ; 
acquainted with the law. 

Muamma, s. m. an enigma, a riddle. 

Muannas, adj. feminine. 

Muassir, adj. penetrating, mnking an 
impression, effecting, efficacious. 

Muatabar, adj. confidenlial, respect- 
able, reputable, worthy of con- 
fidence, creditable, trustworthy. 

Muatabari, s. f. confidence, reliance. 

Muatad, s. f. quantity, or measure, 
dose. [moderate. 

Muatadil, adj. temperate, tolerable, 

Muataqid, s. m. a believer, an ad- 

Muattal, adj. unemployed. 

Muattar, adj. perfumed, fragrant. 

Muazzaz, adj. honoured, revered. 

Muazzin, s. m. a public crier to 

Mubaddal, adj. changed, exchanged, 

Mubaf, s. m. a fillet or riband for the 

Mu ba mu, hair by hair. 

Mubarak, adj. happy, fortunate, 
blessed; blessing, congratulation; 
welcom.e ! hail I all liail ! 

Mubarakbad, may it be fortunate 1 
hail ! congratulation. 

Mubarakbadi, s. f. congratulation, 
benediction, welcome. 

Mubarakbadi dena, \ to congratu- 

Mubarakbadf kahna, / late, to give 
joy, to hail, to compliment. 

Mubaiaki", s.f. auspiciousness, happi- 
ness, congratulation, benediction. 

Mublagh, s. m. ready money : adj. 
much, many. 

Mubtadi, s. m. a young scholar, tjTO, 
a beginner. 


Muchalka, / hand, an agreement, 
a written obligation. 

Muchcha, s. m. a large lump of flesh 
or meat. 

Muchh, \ s. f. the hair of the upper 

Miiciih, I lip, mustaches. 

Muchhail, adj. having much hair on 
the upper lip. 

Miichkana, v. a. to sprain. 

Mudam, adv. or adj. eternally, al- 
ways, perpetual, lasting, eternal. 

Mudami, adj. eternal. 

Muddaa, s. m. desire, wish, meaning, 
view, object, scope. 

Muddai, s. m. f. a plaintiff, suitor, 
prosecutor, an accuser, an enemy. 

Muddaf alaihi, a defendant (in law.) 

Muddat, s. /. a space or length of 
time, a long time, antiquity. 

Muddat guzarna, v. n. to be spent 

Muddat 1, adj. of old standing, bear- 
ing authority for a lime. 

Muddat i madid, a long space of time. 

Mudri, s. f. a ring, a finger-ring. 

Mufaraqat, s. f. separation, aliena- 
tion, absence. [terval. 

Mufasala, s. m. distance, space, in- 

Miifassal, adj. distinct, full, ample, 
detailed: adv. particularly, dis- 
tinctly, in detail, fully : s. m. 
the country in opposition to the 

Mufat, jprop. Muft, which see. 

Mufid, adj. ]»rofi table, useful, salu- 
tary, beneficial. 

Mutiis, aJj.poor, wretched, indigent ; 
unmarried (a man.) 

Muflisf, s.f. poverty, indigence. 

Mut'rad, adj. solitary, alone, single, 

Mufradat, s. plur. of Mufrad, sim- 
ples, uncompounded (medicines.) 

Mufsi'd, a seditious person, author 
of evil, mischief-maker. 


[ 205 ] 


Muft, adv. gratuitously, for nothing, 
gratis, acquired witiiout cost or 
labour, given away without re- 
turn or benefit. 

Muftari, 8. m. a slanderer, a calum- 
niator, false accuser. 

Muftr, 8. m. a superior Muhamma- 
dan law officer. 

Muftkhora, adj. living at free cost. 

Muft men, gratis, for nothing. 

Mugdar, 8. m. a club used to exer- 
cise with in the manner of dumb- 

Mughaiyar, adj. changed, altered. 

Mughal, 8. m. a Moghul. 

Mughali", adj. of the Moghuls; «./. 
tying the neck and to(is aa a pun- 

Mughhinf, 8./. the female of a Mog- 
liul ; a needle- woman. 

M ligri', 8. /. a mullet for beating 
clothes with. 

Mull, 8. m. see Muoh. 

M iihabbat, 8. /. friendship, love, af- 

Muhiifn, 8. m. a kind of imlki', a 
litter in which women travel. 

Muhdfazat, 8./. preservation, protec- 
tion, guardianship, eusUHly, care. 

Miiliali/. daftx'r, s.m. a record- kecjHjr. 

Muhaiy»i, adj. prepared, roady, ar- 

Mulmiya karnfi. *! to))r«'iMirc,tomako 

Muliuiyti rukhnti,/ n ad v. 

Muluil, adj. iniiH»s«ible, absurd. 

Muluuuniiid, II. jirop. natuo of tho 
And)ian pro])h('t. 

Muhammadi. adj. Mtihnnunndnn. 

Muhanii, 8. m. \\\r mouth of a river. 
&c., inht, outh t. 

Muhar, 8./. see Muhr. 

Muhiirrani, 8. in. tho first Muhnm- 
niadnn month — hold baorvd in ho- 
nour of I lu.sain. 

Muharrir, 8. m. a writer, a clerk. 

Muhns<». 8. III. a pimple ^^on the fact' 
in youth.) 

Muhusabu, 8. vi. computation, ac- 

count, settlement or audit of ac- 

Muiiasaba len^ to settle or ou'i« 

Muhassil, 8. m. a bailiff. 

Muliawara, 8. m. idiom, usage, phra- 

Muhchang, s.f. a jew's-harp. 

Muhibb, 8. 7/1. a friend, a lover. 

Muhimm, a///. im|X)rtant, seri" 
8.f. urgent, momentous busin 
important afi'air, affair of co: 

I^Iuhlat, 8. /. respite, time, leisur- 

Muhr, 8. /. a tMiil ; a gold coin. 

Muhru, 8. m. \*an, vunguaitl. 

Muhra, ff. m. a rubber, tho inMni- 
ment with which native iiaper,&ei, 
is |K)li8hed. 

Muhredtir, adj. 8nK)othe<l, polished, 
glazed (aM pai)er. cloth. &c.) 

Muhri', 8. /. a drain, a guUor : <m^*. 
sealed ; the cuff of tho alevvo uf a 
jacket, or the (XtnMiiity of Uio l(pg 
of a pair uf tn»wsi*rH. 

Muhrkiin. 8. m. a itctd-ongrnvrr. 

Muhr karmi, to M^d. 

Muhtaj. adj. ne(tr84ittouj(, imiigrnt, in 

" " " '' I ,.y. inUigQiie«,j 

Mujuka, i. m. prop. If tni(jt<|a, whkb 


Mi^lUid. adj. ImuikI (a rolumo.) 
Mt^rah, 04^. iriiHi, proTod ; expo- 
rt encd 
^' 'V, aloDo, ooly, 

» !T,lmho. 

Mii;.i.>. "!", or < 

ttltut'hi^i U>, u U'tiipU'. 
Muiuwin. f. /. cniMtaiit attendaiM* 

MujUsj/rvN. lUi 


[ 206 ] 


Miijib, 8, m. cause, reason, motive, 

Mujra, s. m. obeisance, respects, vi- 
sit; allowance, deduction. 

Mujra karna, to visit, to puy respects, 
to make obeisance. 

Mujra lena, to deduct, to subtract. 

Mujrim, adj. criminal : s. m. a sinner. 

Miika, s. m. the fist; a thump, a 
blow. Sue Mokha. 

Mukabala, s. m. see Muqabala. 

Mukabala kai-na,seeMuqcibala karna. 

Mukaddama, see Muqaddama. 

Mukaddar, aJj. muddy, troubled, dis- 
turbed, vexe 1. 

Mukar. jprop. Miiqarrar, which see. 

Mukariui, v. a. to deny. 

Mukarrar, adj. repeated again. 

Mnkarrar karna, to repeat. 

Mukarrar sakarrar, adv. repeatedly. 

Mukh, s. m. the moutli, the face. 
-Mukhaivar, adj. bountiful, chari- 
table, liberal. [enmity. 

Mukhalafat, s./. opposition, variance, 

Mukhalnfat karna, to oppose, to envy. 

Mukhalif, adj. opposite, contrary ; an 
opponent, adversary, an enemy. 

Mukhammas, s. m. a kind of verse 
containing five lines. 

Mukhannas, adj. effeminate : s. an 
hermaplirodite, a eunuch. 

Mukhatab, s.m. the person spoken to 
or adi iressed ; tiiC second person in 

Makhatib, s. m. the speaker, the per- 
son who addresses another. 

Mukhatib bona, to turn towards in 
spiaking, to address. 

Mukii bhir, adj. opposite, in front. 

Miikhf, s.f. a thump; a kind of 

Mukhlis, 8. m. a sincere friend. 

Mnkhlisana, adv. friendly, sincerely. 

Mukhra, s m. the mouth, the face. 

Mukhtalif, adj. diverse, discordant, 

Mukhtar, adj. invested with autho- 
rity : s. m. an agent, an attorney. 

Mukhtciri, s. f. power, authority, at- 

Mukhtarkar, s. m. an attorney. 

Mukhttiikari, s. f. attorneyship. 

Muklitarnama, s.m. a written autho- 
rity, a power of attorney. 

Muklitasar, adj. abbreviated, ab- 
ridged: s. m. a compendium, epi- 
tome, abridgment. 

Miikf, s.f. a thump, a blow of the fist. 

Mukka, s. m.\ a thump, a blow with 

Mukkf, 8. /. j the fist, the fist. 

Mukt, adj. released, absolved, freed 
from corporal existence : s. m. par- 
don, salvation, absolution from sin. 

Mukta, 8. m. a pearl. 

Mukti, 8. m. see Mukt. 

Mukut, 8. m. a crown, a diadem, a 

Mill, s. m. origin, root, generation, 
principal or capital sum of money. 

Mulabbab, adj. brimful. 

Mulahaza, s. m. looking at, contem- 
plation, perusal, view, regard, ntj- 

Mulai, 8. f. appraisement, valuation, 
asking above its value (for any- 

Muliiini, adj. soft, tender, gentle, 
mild, afl:able. 

Mulaim bona, v. n. to become soft, to 

Mulaim karna, v. a. to soften, to 

Mulamma, adj. plated, covered with 
gold or silver. 

Mulana, v. a. to appraise, to inquire 
the price of anything. 

Mulaqat, s. /. a meeting, interview, 

Mulaqat karna, to visit, to meet, to 
have an interview with. 

Mulatala, s. m. roll of letters. 

Muliiyamat, s. f. softness, tenderness^ 

Mulazamat, s.f. paying respects i) 
a superior. 

Mulazun, s. a servant, attendant. 


[ 207 ] 


Mulhattf, 8. f. name of a medicinal 

root, liquorice. 
Miiii', 8./. a ra<lish. 
Muljan), prop. Mulznm, which see. 
Mulk, 8. m. a country, kiiij^dom, 

rualiu, dominion. fnilin*^. 

Mulkdiiri, «./. dominion, government, 
Muik<>fi'r;, s.f. political utl'aira ; going 

the circuit. 
Mulkr, adj. belon<?ing to a country. 
Mulla, 8. m. a Hclioolmaster, doctor. 
Multaii, H. m. Moollan, name of a 

Multam', adj. of Multiin. 
^lulttini mntt!, «. /. Armenian bolo. 
IMultavi, adj. drlnyed, postponed, 

Hj>un out, protractcul. 
Muiuk, 8. m. pntp. Mulk» winch sec. 
Muizam, adj. convicted, convinced, 

confuted, Manienhlo. 
Mumani„«. /. an aunt, mother's bro- 
ther's wife. 
INIiitnin, x. m. a Musnlman weaver. 
Minukiii. (//(/. |K)-.sihlu. 
MiMuUin homi, to be |M)ssil)le. 
Miiu, «. m. 8«e Muuh. 
IMiiiui, V. V. to die. 
Miiiuidf, 8./. proclamation. 
Mimafa, 8. m. pnilit, advanta;^, pain. 
Munaiuj, a.m. a hypocrite, intldel, 

IMunajat, «. /. prayer, mipplication. 
^liinHJjim, i, m. an astninoiuor, tuh 

MMna(|(|u. 8. m. a hivcIcm nf ritMUii. 
MMna>il), adj. pnijH'r, |H»rtiiient, fit, 

suitable, meet, becuniinp, ex|>vtli- 

(M»f, apposite. 
^IuMii/iira,f<. m. a disputation, disdUA- 

Hi<in, ar;,'ument. 
Miiueldi, 8./. 8« e Mueldi. 
IMnni], 8. in. tlio head ; a ht ndninn, a 

ring lea'lor. 
Miinc.i, 8. in. the head 
^hintlii, 8. m. the ii« ad . hi<- immi^oi 

a pap« r kitu : adj. shaven, Uild, 

lilinhhin;i, r. a. t<> sh;iv.\ 

Mundnmj, \ adj. • i, 

Mundarij, } iur 

Mundasii, 8. m. a k. _ ai. 

MuikW, 8./. copmg ot a wall. 

Mundhnii, v. a. see Miindnu. 

3lundi.8./. name of a medicinal plar 

Miin<ii, 8./. the head. 

]Muu<lhi, atlj. Hhave<I. 

Mundnnil, «. /. a necklace of ' 

Mundnii, i\ n. to he shave<l. 

Miindna, v. a to ^have; to i 
to convert or make a di.'*<i] 

Munilna, v. n. to be shut, clooto, ^«..t- 
tracte<l : v. a. to close. 

Miindna, v. a. Ut shut, to cover, to 
close, to imprison. 

Mimd|)imii, $. m. di.sol»e<liend\ inso- 
lence, arrogjuv" -^ '- ' 

Mundni, n. m. \ a 

Mnndri. #. /. / i 

Mundwana, v.a. t«>cuu>< 

Miinp, «. /. name of u K 

Miliigu, 8. in, f*oml. 

Muyh, \ 8. in. mouUi. face, ootni' 

Muyh, I nunee. ••riHiv. 

Miiuhiimuuh. (i<//. brimf\il. 

.Mnul liiiM. "ffu M.r. in'-ji in th«» mon 

I he ■ 

I Mtiu 

I •^l»'- — - 

Muuh Xnkuik^ u> o|H>n llto n • 

Muoii KinUnii, to nmlco faixn ui 


Muuii laud kamit, t'» '• ' i •'**• 

M\i\i\\ biirnti, to rpfVnin 
Muyli bi^rtn^n. to fh)un, to uuk0 

faces : lo punisli. 
>!■••• '■ •■ '■■•- '^f lasttt 

Muuhboli UUtU). 



[ 208 ] 


Munh chalana, to bite (as a horse) ; 
to eat. 

Munhchang, a jew's-harp. 

Munh charhna, to become too fami- 
liar, to be saucy, to presume. 

Munh chhipana, to hide one's face 
(from baslifuhiess.) 

Munh chirana, to make mouths. 

Munhchor, shame - faced, bashful, 

Munhchori, bashfulness. 

Munh diilna, to heg. 

Munh deklikar bat karna, to flatter, 
to speak what one supposes will 
be agreeable to one's liearers. 

Munh dekhna, to look up to (for aid, 
&c.) ; to be astonished or helpless; 
to be partial. . [surprise. 

Munh dekh rahna, to stare at with 

Munh dcna, to familiarize, to favour, 
to countenance. 

Munhdikhai', s. f. a present given by 
the friends of the family and the 
women of the neighbourhood on 
their first visit to a bride. 

Munh dikhana, to show one's face. 

Munh jhutalna, to eat sometiiing. 

Munh kala karna, to incur disgrace ; 
to punisli, to disgrace. 

Munh ka phuhar, abusive. 

Munh karna, to tm-n one's face or 
direct one's steps towards any par- 
ticular object or place. 

Munh kliolna, to abuse. 

Munh lagana, to familiarize, to be 
intimate with inferiors. 

Munh lagna, to become too familiar, 
to presume, to be saucy. 

Munh latkana, to be down in the 
mouth, to make a long face. 

Munh leke rah jana, to be silent from 

Munhmanga, requested or asked for 
by word of mouth. 

Munh morna, to turn away, to ab- 
stain or desist from anything. 
Munhnal, s. m. the mouthpiece of a 

Munh pana, to get into one's good 

Munh par fakhta ur jana, to change 

Munh par lana, to tell, to relate. 

Munh pasarna, to gape (with sur- 
prise, &c.) 

Munh phailana, to presume, to de- 
sire much. 

Munii pherna, to abstain from. 

Munh pliirna, to turn away from, tc 
be displeased with, to be disgusted, 

Muni I su karna, to change coloui 
from cold or shame. 

Munh terhakarna, to make wry faces 

Munh torna, to punish. 

Munh utar jana, to have the face 
shrunk or withered by weakness oi 

Munhzor, adj. headstrong, obstinate 

Munhzori, s.f. headstrongness, ob 

Munhzubani, adj. verbal (message 
or evidence.) 

Muni, j s. m. a holy man, a sage, a 

Muui, / devotee. 

Munib, s. m. a master, a client, r 

Munibi', s. f. mastership, lordship. 

Munim, s. m. a benefactor. 

Munis, s. m. a saint, a chief of the 

Muniya, s. /. the female of the little 
bird called amadavats. 

Munj, s. /. the name of a grass oi 
which ropes are made. 

Munje, jpron. me, to me. 

Munjh, yron. me. 

Miin ka sagga, a flatterer. 

Munkh, s. m. the face. 

Miinki, s. f. a blow with the fist. 

Munkir, adj. denying, rejecting ; one 
who denies, denier. 

Munkir bona, to deny. 

Munkir Nakir, the names of twc 
angels, who, agreeably to the Mu- 
hammadan creed, examine the 
spirits of the departed in the tomb. 


[ 209 ] 


Miinlriyana, v. a. to beat or knock 

witli the fist. 
Miin jmr muhr karna, to be silent. 
Munqutj, adj. broken off, terminated, 

Munqutj bona, to be cut off, to be 

linisheil, to be settled, terminated. 
Miinr, «• "*• the bead. 
Munriina, v. a. to shave. 
Munri', 8. f. the head. 
IMunpla, adj. bead-shaven. 
INIiinrna, v. a. to shave. [shaved. 

Mnnnviina, v. a. to cause to be 
Mu'nsiil, 8. m. see Musal. 
MuMshi, ». m. a writer, a secretary; 

a tutor, a teacher. 
Mun.shi;^(irr, «. /. the business of a 

iimiislii', secretaryship. 
M uiisi, 8. in. 2>r()y. MutihIii'. which see. 
MiiDHif, adj., ((juitable: 8. m. a 

jud^o, an arbitrator. 
MiuisilV, 8. f. decision, justice, judg- 

Miui^if nn'/iij, jjist in temiu'mmcnt, a 

person of jnopriety and la.sU'. 
Miiij H'.na, to be silent. 
VluM.shi, «. m. see Musal. 
VliiiiJashar kanui, v. a. to scntlrr, to 

tfuiitazir, adj. expecting witli im- 

IMiticnoe, waiting, tairrying for, 

lot)kin<^ out lor. 
kliiij/or, adj. luudstronjf, olintinuto. 
klu(i;ihn, \ g. m. a dnHJting-box or 
iTu(|)il)ii, / ea>o. 
^luqabaln, «. m. compuriEon, colln- 

tioii, ojtiMwition, confronting. c*>ii- 

t*st, contending, couiiiariug, |iro- 

iikabala karnii, to cont<md, to con- 

tront, to oppose, to ciuuluio, to 

roinparc, to collalo. 
lu.|;ihil, (jf(;. opiKmite, confronting, 

iiMtching, resembling. 
Imiaddnin. cu^'. antecedent, prior, 

Iu(j l(hl:uul^ 8. m. lawsuit, buainoBS, 

uii allUir, a matter. 

Muqaddaraat, 8.plHr. of Muqaddama. 
Mu([addain honii, to prtrcde. 
Mucjaddani jiinna, to prefer, to con- 

sider preferable (over.) 
Muqaddar, adj. predestinated: 8. m. 

fatt*, destiny. 
Muqaddas, adj. holy, sanctifiil 
Muqatial, adj. locked. 
Muqaiyad, adj. bound, fettered, in 

cliains, imprisoned. 
Muqiim, «. in. see Moqara. 
Maqiimi, adj. see 3Iaquun'. 
Muqarmr, adj. establislied, f • ' 

certain, infallible, unque>ti' - 

apiK)inted, employwl : adi . 

tainly, assuredly, jHwitively. 
Muqarrar hojiinu, ^ to be cfU-tAin or 
Mu(jarrar J»on»i, ^ I ' ' 

Mucpirrnn, «<(/. fix- , 

/. a tlxetl btiiKiuL 
Muqarrar karml, in fix. In i»Ul(», U* 

establish, (<> 

to assign. 
Muqbara, «. m 
Muqirr, adj i. 

aMH'rter. n\ 
M . 
M' 1 r 


Muquni. e. tii. a lauduut* an inliabi- 

Mur, «. m. Uie bead. 
Mumbba, i. m. a pf««nro, jam, con- 

]^lur»bl>9, adj. M]tm|p, (|aiidraiigular. 
Murab)*^ kaniii, to Mpiuro. 
Alumbbi, tf. «•, a iutur, guanlian, 

|iittrt)n, fiithor. 
Murud, «./. dodrr, wi^b, Intention, 

design, imriMtrt. 
Mumi, $,/. nidish. 
Mdmk. \ nd' u*l^ 

Murakh, f 
MurnVb^haK. , .oir«d 

(to do|)art.; 



[ 210 ] 


Murakhpana, s. m. j barbarism, folly, 
Murakhta, s. /. > ignorance, stu- 
Murakhtai, s. f. \ pidity. 
Murakkab, adj. compounded, com- 
posed, combined, mixed. 
Murakkabat, s. 'plur. of Murakkab, 

compounds (in medicine), not 

Murakna, v. n. to be twisted, to be 

Muranda karna, to tie. 
Muraqaba, s. m. contemplation. 
Miirat, s.f. a statue, an image, an 

idol, a person (term used by Bai- 

Murattab, adj, arranged, regulated, 

Murauwaj, adj. current, saleable, 

Murcliang, s. f. jew's-harp. 
Murchha, \ s. f. a swoon, stupefac- 
Murchlia, / tion. 
Murchha jana, to swoon, to faint. 
Murclihit, adj. fainted, in a swoon, 

Murda, adj. dead : s. m. a corpse, a 

dead body. 
Murdafarosh, name of a caste whose 

business it is to carry the dead. 
Murdani, adj. fit to die, having the 

symptoms of deatli. 
Murdar, adj. polluted, impure ; dried 

or dead (skin) : s. m. carrion. 
Murdarsang, j 

Muidasang, > s. m. litharge. 
Murdasang, ) 

Murdusho, one who washes the dead. 
Murde gliatf, s. /. see Marghat. 
Murgh, s. m. fowl, bird, cock, (par- 
ticularly house-fowl.) 
Murgha, s. m. a cock. 
Murghabi, s. f. a water-fowl. 
Murglibaz, s. m. a cock-fighter. 
Murghi, 8. f. a hen. 
Murgli i khangi, the domestic cock 

or hen. 
Muro-hiwala, s.m.\ ,, 

Murihiwali.*./. I a poulterer. 

Miirh, adj. foolish, stupid, ignorant. 

Murha, s. m. a squib. 

Muri, s. f. a radish. 

Murid, s. m. a disciple, a scholar, a 

Muridi, s. f. tuition, instruction. 
Murjhana, v. n. to wither, to fade, to 

pine, to droop, to be dejected or 

Murkana, v. a. to twist, to writhe. 
Murki, s.f. an ornament worn in the 

Murli, s. f. a fife, flute, pipe. 
Murna, v. n. to be turned back, bent, 

twisted, turned ; to turn. 
Murra, s. m. a squib. 
Murshid, s. m. an instructor, a spirit- 
ual guide. 
Muruwat, s. f. manliness, virility, 

fortitude, affection, generosity, ur- 
banity, affability. 
Muruwatdiir, adj. generous, affable, 

Muruwat torna, to cease behaving 

Miisa, s. m. a mouse, a rat : n. jprop. 

Musabbar, s. f. aloes. [cause. 

Musa})bib, s. m. the causer, the fii^st 
Musabbib i liaqi'qi, God. 
Musabbib ul asbab, the causer of 

causes, i.e., God. '■ 

Musataiia, s. m. shaking hands. 
Musafamt, s. f. travelling, travel, 

Mufeaffa, adj. clean, clear, clarified. | 
Musafir, s. m. a traveller, passenger, 

stranger. ,. 

Musafirana, adv. traveller-like. 
Musafirat, s. /. travelling, journeying. 
Musafirf, s. /. travelling. 
Musaliabat, s. f. companionship, 

Musahib, s. m. f. a companion, 

friend ; aide-de-camp, associate. 
Musal, ) s. m. a wooden pestle used 
Miisal, / in cleaning rice from' 

the husk, &c. a 


[ 211 ] 


Musalitii suD dhol bajana, to feast, to 

make merry. . Paeavily. 

Musaldhar barasna, v. n. to rain very 
Musalla, «. m. a carpet to pray on. 
Musallah, culj. armed for war, in 

Musalir, adj. one who prays. 
Musalman, «. m. a believer in Mu- 

IMusalnuiiii', «. /. circumcision; a 

female Musalman. 
Musalmi'ii, Muhammadans or a Mu- 

Musaintna, adj. named, denominated, 

iititled, called. 
Musainniam, adj. fixed, concluded, 

letermiued. '* 
IVIiisaiia, r. n. to cause to steal. 
Miisunnaf, lulj. com|)08ed. 
MiisuMiiif, «. m. comjK)8er, an author. 
Ikliisanwada, h. m. a sketch or rough 

Iniiif^'lit of a l('tl(.'r, kc. 
Mii.vaiiwir, «. m. a limner, a drawer. 
Mnsniiwirr, <<./. drawing, figuring. 
^Iiisuwat, ». f. ecjuation, evennoHM, 
juality. [convenient. 

Ikltisiiwi, (idj. equal, all one, suitable, 
Miisli, K. m. a mouse. 
Mn-li;ll)iilui, B. in. ) similitude, ro- 
Mu.-!i!il)jiiiat, *. /". / semblnnco. 
Miisluibiii, adj. like, n'.sembling : 

III. resem])lat»ee, Himilitudo. 
Mii^'liaf, H. m. the Qunin. 
Miisliiilinni, «. m. muntlily aalary, 

pay, wages. 
Mu-li!iijar, H. m. a kind of brocade. 
^Iiishiitii, s. f. a woman who mako8 
or coiieerts marriages, a go-bo- 

I ween. 

iHlMitagjin', j «. /. the making or 

II liatsi ri. \ concerting of a 
1u-!i;il i:,irr, ) nmrringv*. 

lii^ liil, ««(/. a purgative. 

Jii Inr. s. Hi. a eeunsellor, a senator. 

ishk, H. m. musk. 

I hkeu biindhmi, 'I r. n. to pinion, 
lii^likei) ehaiiuina»/ to tlO Uio 
liaiuls behind the back. 

Mushkr, adj. dark bay, approaching 

to black (colour of a horse.) 
Mushkil, adj. diflicult, intricate, 

hard, painful : «. /. difficulty. 
Mushrik, s. m. an idolater, a pol} 

Mushtiiq, adj. full of desire, dcdrom, 

wishing, longing. 
Mushtari, «./. tlie plam 1 
Musi'bat, 8./. a mi.Nfori r, 

affliction, calamity, uii,. ..-.i>,^,.j. 

misery, ill. 
jMusibatzada, adj. unfortunate. 
Muskati, «./. a umile, a grin, 
^luhkanti, r. n. to smile, to grin, to 

Muskuniha^ | *./. Hmiling, grinniii 
Muskunii, / nmirk. laughing. 
Muttkunina, v. n. to uuilc, to grin, to 

iMiishi, 8. m. see BIuhU. 
Mu.sliulliiir, 9. m. ruining. 
Mu'sladhar barasiiii, to rain very 

MuMUti, r. a. to nil for, to «t«ttl, to 

tUeli, to defrauti. 
Miirini, «. m. tlte axis of a haml mill 

tile ***'rt U III :l lll.ll'lMtli< iir \ i(N 

the . 
M 1. ijwv iA ■ 

-Mi. ij. gaining, i 

M«?<tahi«|ij, adj. worth'. 


MitHtujir. $. ' 
MuMl^uml. «i 

MuHtaiibil,.«. m. futurw the futun 

BfujitanuM, m(;. returnee'. 
Miit, «. m. urine 
Mut;^ It. m. t 

Muin^uid, aaj. uuxu^^^ 


[ 212 ] 


Mutaaiyin, adj. appointed, fixed, con- 
stituted, deputed. 

Mutaaiyin karna, to appoint, to de- 
pute, &c. 

Mutaajjib, adj. wonderful, aston- 
ished, amazed, admiring. 

Mutaajjib bona, v. n. to be astonished. 

Mutaalliq, adj. connected with, at- 
tached to, occupied or engaged (in.) 

Mutaalliq bona, to depend. 

Mutabaqat, s. f. conformity, equality, 

Mutabarrak, adj. fortunate, blessed, 

Mutabiq, adj. conformable, suitable, 
answering, correspondent, agree- 
able to. 

Mutafakkir, adj. contemplative, 
thinking, reflecting, thoughtful, 
serious, pensive, grave. 

Mutafannf, adj. vicious. 

Mutafarriq, adj. separate, distinct, 

Mutafarriqat, plur. of Mutafarriq, 
various and scattered things. 

Mutaghaiyir, adj. changed, altered. 

Mutaf, s. f. see Motai." 

Mutakallim, s. m. a speaker ; the 
first person in grammar. 

Mutalaa, s. m. reading, study, perusal. 

Mutalaa karna, to study, to read, to 

Mutalashr, s. m. an inquirer, searcher. 

Mutanaffis, adj. solitary, single. 

Mutanjan pulao, s. m. a kind of dish. 

Mutapa, s. m. fatness, plumpness, 

Mutaraddid, adj. irresolute, per- 
plexed, hesitating, wavering. 

Mutari, s. f. see Mutihri. 

Mutarjiin, s. m. an interpreter, a 

Mutas, s. /. desire or inclination to 
make urine. 

Mutasa, adj. desirous of making 

Mutasaddi, 8. m. an accountant, a 
clerk, a writer. 

Mutasaddi gar i", s. /. ofiice of a clerk. 

Mutawajjih, adj. turning or looking 
towards, attentive, favouring, 
countenancing, intent on. 

Mutawajjih bona, to turn the face 
(towards), to attend (to), to look 
(towards), to regard, to ho intent 

Mutawatir, adj. successive, succes- 

Mutawattin, s. Inhabitant, a native 
of any country. 

Muth, s. m. the fist. 

Miith, s. f. handle, hilt ; fist ; name 
of a game. 

Miithf, s. f. the fist. 

Muthi, s. f. fist, handful. 

Muthiya, name of a sweetmeat. 

Mutihrf, s. f. a hole in a stable in 
which the urine collects. 

Mutiya, s. m. bearer of burdens, a 

Mutlaq, adv. wholly, not in the least, 
never, entirely. 

Mutlaqan, adv. absolutely (not) at all. 

Mutna, adj. one who makes much 
urine, a piss-a-bed, 

Miltna, V. n, to make urine, to make 

Muttafiq, adj. agreeing, concurring, 
united: s. an accomplice, co-ope- 

Muttafiq bona, to agree together, to 
accord, to concur, to co-operate. 

Muttaqi, adj. abstinent, abstemious, 
temperate, pious. 

Muttasil, adj. joined, near, contigu- 
ous, adjoining. 

Mutthf, s.f. fist, a handful. 

Mutthi bhar, a handful. 

Muwafaqat, s. /. conformity, analogy, 
agreement, acquaintance, friend- 

Muwafaqat karna, to enter into 
friendship, to conform, &c. 

Muwafiq, adj. conformable, like, 
suiting, analogous, fit, agreeing, ac- 
cording to, congruous, favourable. 


[ 213 ] 


Miiwakkal, «. m. a vicegerent, a su- 

Muyassar, adj. attainable, attained, 
procurable obtainable. 

Mnyassar ho jiina, ) v. n. to be at- 

Muyassar bona, / tained or got. 

Muzabzab, aflj. doubtful, ambigu- 
ous : 8. doubt, suspens-e, 

Muzahamat, «. /. prevention, impedi- 
ment, hindrance. 

Muzdliim, 8. m. a preventer. 

Muzakkur, adj, masculine (in gen- 

Mnziirj, 8. m. the aorist (in grammar.) 

Muzayaqa, 8. m. moment, conse- 
quence, significance. 

Muzhda, «. m. joyful ftidings, good 

Muzi', adj. hurter, vexer, tormentor, 
p( stercr, fronbler. 

!\lnzirr, (iflj. pernicious, hurtful, bale- 
ful, injuriou.s, noxious. 

Muztarii), adj. agitated, disturbcil, 
(iistracted, afllictcd. 

Wyuo, 8. m. see MiyuQ. 


Niibud, annihilated, vani.-li' ' 

Nabiiwat, 8. f. prophecy. 
Nabz, 8. f. tlie pulse. 
Nabz dckhna, to feel tho pulse. 
Nach, 8. m. a dance, the act of dan 

Nachana, v. a. to make tn dance. 
Ntichar, adj. renndiless, ]i« Iplos. Tr- 

lorn, distressed, witliout rt-sounv. 
Nachari, «./. helplessness, impot4ai« 

Nachghar, «. m. a dancing-room, a 

ball-room. [moon. 

Nachhattar. «. m. a mnnsion of the 
Niichiz, adj. of no con«>«iucnco, in- 

signitlcant. worthh^sM, ctmtimpt- 

ible; aba • ■!.•. 

Niicluzr, *. iico. 

Njichmi, r. /.. ; 

Ntich nacliunn, r. a. to nmko to 

danc4», tf> trtuio. 
Nnchwaiyii, «. m. a dnncor. 
Nachwiinii, r. a. to nmko to dance. 
Nu<l, *. til. ft rivfr (aunmonly Nnd»., 
Nad, #. HI. ttkind of largi* iiirtlirn |«n. 
Nadunmt, <•./. niHJilnnof, ixmtritino, 

ngrtt, iKMiitiiHv. 
Ntiddii. «i<//. iu:iionu)t. «impl(\ niUr. 
\ ' •• iplUnty, 

Nitdhnti, r. a, to begin; tO jokv. 

\ ' '• • r. 

^ it l^yiviR ^'^' 

:•'?«*»- fUtixl. 
Nndtr, iuij. mn\ womlifful. olmioi 
Nndivii, «. /. n ri\Tr. a ninull irtnui. 
Ntuliui, r. 11. (o Itogin. 
Niiduru^t, adj. crrw^ki^l, untrtir, 

fills*', iuiprv)|>cr, imi»« ivii^r- 

Niidunutti'. j». f. inin!»<> 
NiSf.ii./. tb 
Nufii, $. m. 
Nafi^ *. ru. 



[ 214 ] 


Nafa hona, to be benefitted. 

Nafa karna, to profit, to benefit, 

Nafa nuqsan, profit and loss. 

Nafar, s. m. a servant ; an individual 
or person. 

Nafarman, adj. disobedient ; name 
of a flower; name of a beautiful 
purple colour. 

Nafarman bardar, adj. disobedient. 

Nafarman bardari, s.f. disobedience. 

Nafarmanf, s. f, disobedience: adj. 
of the colour of the Nafarman. 

Nafas, see Nafs. [quisite. 

Nafis, adj. precious, delicate, ex- 

Nafl, s. m. a work of supererogation. 

Nafrat, s. f. abomination, aversion, 
abhorrence, disgust. 

Nafs, s. m. the soul, spirit; concu- 
piscence, sensuality ; penis. 

Nafsani, adj. sensual, carnal, lustful. 

Nafsaniyat, s.f. sensuality, carnality. 

Nafsi, adj. of the soul, carnal, sen- 
sual, animal or beastly. 

Nafskashf, s.f. temperance, self-re- 

Nag, s. m. the stone of a ring, or a 
stone on which a name, &c., is cut, 
a jewel. 

Nag, s. m. a snake, a serpent. 

Naga, s. m. a class of Hindu faqirs ; 
jprajp. Nagha, which see. 

Nagad, s. m. 'prop. Naqd, which see. 

Nagada nagadi, see Naqdanaqd. 

Nagadi, adj. see Naqdi. 

Nagah, \ adv. suddenly, unawares, 

Nagah, j unexpectedly, all at once. 

Nagahan, | adj. sudden, unexpect- 

Nagahani, / ed, accidental: adv. 

Nagani, s. /. a serpent (female.) 

Nagar, s. m. a city, a town. 

Nagari, s. f. a town, a village : adj. 
of or belonging to a city. 

Nagari, the most common Hindi 
character of writing; called also 

Nagarmotha, s. m. name of a sweet- 
smelling grass. 

Nagaur, s. m. name of a country near 

Nagaura, adj. a fine breed of bul- 
locks so called. 

Naga war, adj. unpleasant, unaccept- 
able, unpalatable. 

Nagchana, v. n. to approach. 

Nagda, s. m. prop. Naqd, which see. 

Nagesar, s. f. name of a flower. 

Nagha, adj. vacant, void, unem- 
ployed, absent : s. m. adjournment, 

Nagich, prop. Nazdik, which see. 

Nagin, s. /. a serpent (female.) 

Nagm, \ s. m. the stone of a ring, 

Nagina, / &c. 

Naginf, s. f. a serpent (female.) 

Nahak, prop. Nahaqq, which see. 

Nahalwana, v. a. to cause to be 
bathed or washed. 

Nahan, s. m. bathing, ablution. 

Nahana, v. n. to bathe, to wash. 

Nahanf, s. f. an instrument for cut- 
ting nails ; a kind of chisel. 

Nahaqq, adj. unjust, improper, wrong, 
undeserved: adv. unjustly, im- 

Nahari, s. f. breakfast. 

Naharmunh, adj. without eating. 

Naharni, s. f an instrument with 
which the nails are pared. 

Nahf, \ 

Nahin, I 

Nahin, \adv. no, not, nay, no indeed. I 

Nahm, 1 

Nahin, J 

Nahm nihm, not at all. 

Nahm to, co7ij. otherwise, else. 

Nahiyar. s. f. wife's family. 

Nahlana, v. a. to cause to bathe. 

Naho, s. f. syntax, grammar. 

Nahr, s.f. a stream, a rivulet, a canal 
(of running water.) 

Nahurna, v. n. see Nihurna. 

Nai, s. m. a barber. 

Na'i, adj.f. new, produced in the 
present year. 

Nai, s. f. a reed. [substitute. 

Naib, s.m. a deputy, a superintendent, 1 


[ 215 ] 


!N'ail)(liwan, s. m. the deputy-trea- 
surer or accountant. 

Niiibi', «. /. deputyship. 

Naiclia, ». m. a huqqa-snake or tube. 

Naichaband, s. the person who makes 

Nailiar, s.f. a wife's mother's family. 

Niiin, 8. f. a barber's wife. 

Nuin, 8. m. the eye. 

Nainsaf, adj. unjust. 

Ndinsiifr, s.f. injuHtice, 

Nainsukh, 8.m. a tine sort of muslin. 

Niii .sliiikiir, 8. m. sugar-cane. 

Naiysi, «. m. a boatman, ferryman. 

Niijais, adj. unsuitable, unlawful. 

Niijar, 8. /. prop. Nazr and Nazar, 
which see. [see. 

Najanina, 8. m. prop. Nazarana, which 

N;ijarl)an(l, g. m. soo Nazarl)and. 

NiijarlMndi', «. /. 800 NazarUiUili. 

Kiijat, 8./. freedom, liberation, deli- 
verance, pardon, sidvation. 

Niiik * \ P^^'P' Nazdik, wliich see. 
Najins, strange in kind, of another 

•rt or species. 
Niijin, (idj. dirty, filthy, unclean. 
N;i jiri, 8. m. a star, a horoscope. 
Najiilv, adj. prop. Niizuk, wliich see. 
Niil<, H.f. the iKwo. 
Nalc, in compos, (as an affix), full, 

ntldcUnl with, &c, : 8. /. the m)««.'. 
NuUii, 8. w. the extremity of a ruid; 

llic eye of a nee«llo. 
Nal<nl, 8. in. vrop. Natil. which see. 
Nakaliyti, cuij. inimiouig. imitating. 

^saUalnavi's, «. m. a copyist. 
Jv ikiir, 8. m. refusal, drnial. 
Nakai-a, \ adj. us«>lesM, wwrtlile«, fit 

.akai-a, \ adj 
.'akdm, / fi 

for notliing, invalid. 

Nakebandi, shutting up a road. 
Nakel, 8. /. the wooden or iron in- 
strument fixed to a camel's nose, 

and to which the string by which 

he is led is fastened. 
Nakghisni, 8. f. rubbing the nose on 

the ground in prostraiioQ or by 

way of humility. 
Nakii, 8. m. a finger or too nail ; the 

string of a paper kite. 
Nil ^halaf, adj. degenerate, wicked, 

uiidutiful (son.) 
Niikhanda, prop. Ni^winda, which 

Nal>h}|:haj4, «. in. a market for alare* 

or cattle. 
NakluMlii, jm*p. Nu^hudii, which ace. 
Nakhra, i n. m. trick. arlifict\ joke, 
NaJkhni, / waggery, iibaui, pRftenoe^ 

N adj. waggiib, ihaining, 


- /• ,.lV.-,»« 

iJrtii i^.witi.^tfy. 









tli« > 


ol a 

.; liod. 


o finger, lue. 



(be wiUa; to 

.» hi 




N .• want 

t»l plinifurtt tit Joy. 
NtikhUMli kania, r. a, to dt«ph-^^'»'. 
Nal^hwitndn, (t4(/. unnMid, unhnnM^l 

illiterate, one who auitiut rxml. 
Naki. adj. nntftU. 
Nakir.9. »n. noiiu' ' 
Nakiit. «<(/. prop. N 
NtiLk ka bal, at{j, rc»puvu.xj, uonuuivd. 


[ 216 ] 


Nakkadua, a kind of game at dice. 

Nak katna, to dishonour. 

Nakki, s.f. speaking through the 

nose, nasal sound. 
Nakki munth,s,/.thename of agame. 
'NEikoSit,adj.prop. Naquwat,\Yhicli see. 

a ra, i ^^ inflammation in the 

JNakra, > 

NakraJ "°^'^- 

Nak rakhna,to preserve one's honour. 

Naksan, s.m.prop. Nuqsan, which see. 

Naksha, s.m.prop. Naqsha, which see. 

Nakta, adj. nose-clipt, noseless. 

Naktora, adj. droll, waggish. 

Nal, s. m. a tube, spout, joint of bam- 
boo, &c. ; large tiles. 

Nal, s. m. a tube, barrel or tube of a 
gun ; the navel string. 

Nal, s. m. a horse-shoe, a hoof. 

Nala, s. m. a rivulet, a brook, a ravine 
(dry but in the rainy season.) 

Nala, s. m. lamentation, moan. 

Nalaiq, adj. unworthy ,unfit, improper. 

Nalaiqi, s.f. un worthiness, impro- 

Naiaiqpana, s. m. unworthiness, im- 
propriety, wickedness. 

Nala karna, to lament, to complain, 
to moan. 

Nal anwal, s. /. navel-string and 

Nalband, s. m. a farrier, a shoeing 
smi th, 

Nalbandi, s. f. shoeing, giving a 
horse new shoes ; a light tribute. 

Nail, s. f. a tube, spout ; a gun-bar- 
rel ; the bone of the leg. 

Nail, s. f. a drain, a gutter, a sluice. 

Nal is, s. f. prop. Nalish, a complaint. 

Nalisli, s. f, a complaint, accusation 
in a law court. [tiff. 

Nalishi, adj. a complainant, a plain- 

Nalish karna, to complain against. 

Nalisii karnewala. s. m. a complainer, 

Nalki, s. /. a sort of sedan or litter. 

Nal puren, s.f. navel-string and after- 

Nam, adj. moist, damp, wet. 

Nam, s. m. name, character, fame, re- 
putation, honour. 

Nama, s. ra. a letter, writing, treatise; 
in compos, a book, history, account. 

Namahram, not a confidant. 

Namaliim, adj. unknown. 

Namaj, s. f prop. Namaz, which sec. 

Namak, s. m. salt ; bread, subsist- 
ence ; {met.) spirit, animation. 

Namakdan, s. m. a saltcellar. 

Namak'halal, adj. loyal, faithful, 
grateful, submissive. 

Namak'halali", s.f loyalty, fidelity, 

Namak'haram, adj. disloyal, wicked, 
disobedient, perfidious, ungrateful. 

Namak'harami^, s. f perfidy, unfaith- 
fulness, disloyalty, treachery, in- 

Namak ka tezab, muriatic acid. 

Namak mahall, revenue derived from 

Namanzur, adj. unwilling, unap- 
proved, null, void, not agreed, not 
accepted. . 

Namaqiil, adj. irrational, absurd, un- 
reasonable, improper. 

Namard, adj. unmanly, a coward ;? 

Namard 1, s.f. cowardice, impotence^ 

Namaskar. s. m. salutation, adoration^ 

Namawar, adj. famous, renowned. ^ 

Namaz, s. f. prayer ; the Musalma^ 
repetition of prayers. ; 

Namazgah, the place in a mosqu^ 
where prayers are read. ™ 

Namazi, s. m. a person who prays 
adj. devout. 

Namaz karna, to pray. 

Namda, s. m. felt, or a coarse woollen 
cloth used as coverings for horses, 

Namdar, adj. famous, celebrated. 

Nam dharna,to name,to fix a name on. 

Nam dharwaiia, to give a name to u 
child ; to be defamed. 


[ 217 ] 


Nam flubond, to lose one's reputa- 
tion, to (lisjcp-ace. 

Naiiict, culj. Malmet, ruined. 

Nanif^i'ni, 8. m. a canopy, an awning. 

Niiin iiona,to be famous or renowned, 
to be conspicuous. 

Niinii, adj. illustrious, celebrated. 

Nami', 8. f. coolness, moistness. 

Niimf bona, to be celebrated. 

Nuniihrban, adj. unkind, unfriendly. 

xr. ., , . '"}■«•/• unkmdness. 
Naniihrbuni, j '' 

Niim i Kliucla, in God's name. 

Nam karnii, to make famous, to es- 
tablish a name. 

Nanikin, adj. salt, salted, corned, 
savoury, saline, brackish ; hand- 

Nan I kin 1, s.f. saltness, agrcoableness, 

N^iuiiki'n pani', ])rino, pickle. 

N^iitii Ickar man^klnina, to beg alma 
ill the name of another. 

Niiin k'Tui, to praise, to repeat tho 
niinie of God. 

Nam nikiilnii, to become celebrated, 
to investigate, tho perpetrator of 
any crime, 

Niini nishiin nihna,to boorcontinuo 

^uiu () nislidn.namo and vostigo, or 

Sn\\\ rakhml, to name. 

Vainubiinik, adj. unfortunato. 

Vannid, «./. show. upi>oaninoo .* (k(/. 
a])parent, public, fiuuuuii, consfti- 

(Mious, noted. 

Sfanuid honii, to bo celobrot<Hl, t<» ap- 

S^nmid karnii, to exhibit, to display, 
to expose, to slu)W. 

5r:inmlsiini, adj. hanl. 

sfaiunnikin, adj. ininossihle. 

iJaniiina, s.m. a njodel, a patt*mi, a 
siunph', nuister, siHMnmen, typi\ ; 

^mnunjusib, adj. impm|H'r, UQfluit- | 
iil)h\ untlt, unbecoming. 

^^aiiiunid, adj. disapi)oinUKl. 

Namuwaflq, adj. contrary, adverse, 

Namwar, adj. celebrate<1, renowned. 
Nam wan', 8. /. celebrity, ronown. 
Nao, adv. no, not. 
Nan, 8.f. a kind of brca<i. 
Nana, «. m. maternal grandfather : 

adj. various, many : r. n. to put 

one thing into another ; to bend, 

to bow down. 
Nanad, «./. a aistcr-in-law, husband's 

N^nak, n. rnrop. name of a faqir. 

founder of tlio sect of Sikhs. 
Ndiftakpanthi','! i. m. a Bikh. or fol- 
Nanakshiihi, / lower of Nunuk. 
Ndn^ pnikiir, adj. of vnrioujt kind«. 
Nanb^r, «. ni. a Imkcr. 
Nilnd, »./. a largo earthen pan. 
Ndndima, v. a, Ui begin. 
Nandof. ^ t. m. husband's siitsi'H 
Nandosi, / husband. 

fc} '«'•'••-»'«>• '»-««'•* 

Nangii jlmru ••/• ■Mfohing, maut\- 
ining (as a people ksriiig a work 
shop to proToni pilfering.) 

Nanga kami, to fasM, to uncoTor. 

Nangi roidanid, sterk naked. 

Nangii munangtf,^ «(/. utterly mi 

Nanga nuingii, / ko«l. 

Nangpir, «. m. an anrltor. 

Nangi air, baro-h«Miod. 



N rt. to »trp uepiwii, Xn 

to leap oYrr. 
N r. n drawn swor^L 

\ i. ««(;. imkixl. 

N . «i*/r. no, niix. 
Naiuhiil. \ $. f. \\\\Ur\\-\\ j:r:%n«l- 
Niinhiyiil.l futher'j* f«nuly. 
Nam', *. /. mntenml pn»udmoUirr. 
Ntio i uahHri, break hit4. 
Nankii, n. »i. a litttic chiUl. a una. 
NMMiatdi. f./. a kind of aweeUneat. 


[ 218 ] 


Nannhan, adj. small, neat, natty ,tiny. 

Nanw, s. m. a name. 

Nao, s.f. a boat, sliip, vessel : s. m. a 

barber. See Nam. 
Naon, s. m. see Nam. 
Naona, v. a. to bend downwards, to 

bow, to cause to stoop. 
Nap, s. /. measure. 
Napaedar, adj. unstable, frail, fickle, 

unsteady, transitory, inconstant. 
Napaid, 1 lost, not to be found, miss- 
Napaida, / ing. 
Napak, adj. polluted, dirty, filthy, 

impure, unclean, defiled. 
Napaki, 8. /. impurity, uncleanness, 

Napak karna, to pollute, to defile. 
NapasandjUnacceptable, disapproved 

Naped, adj. see Napaid. 

Napjokh, measuring and weigliing. 

Napna, v. a. to measure, to weigh. 

Napunsak, adj. neuter (gender) : 
s. m. an hermaphrodite. 

Naqab, s. m. a veil. [less. 

Naqabil, adj. unfit, incapable, wortli- 

Naqabul, adj. unacceptable, reject- 
ing, refusing. 

Naqal3ul karna, to reject, to deny. 

Naqara, s. m. a kettle-drum. 

Naqara bajate phirna, to publish, to 
make celebrated. 

Naqarchi, \ s. m. one who beats the 

Naqari, j kettle-drum. 

Naqarkhana, s. m. the place at the 
porcli of a palace where drums are 
beaten at stated intervals. 

Naqb, s. a hole dug in a wall by 

Naqda } ^' '^' ^^^^^ money, cash. 
Naqdanaqd, j prompt payment, 
Naqdanaqdi", / ready money. 
Naqdi, adj. relating to cash (paid, 

&c.); in cash, possesshig ready 


Naqib, s. m. a servant whose business 
it is to proclaim the titles of his 
master, and to introduce those who 
pjiy their respects to him. 

Naqis, adj. bad, vile, worthless, de- 
fected, deficient, mutilated, imper- 

Naqis i akl, adj. deficient in under- 
standing, foolish, ignorant. 

Naqis bona, to be spoiled, to want. 

Naqis karna, to mutilate, to spoil. 

NaqI, s. m. a tale, narration ; a tran- 
script, a copy ; copying, counter- 
part, mimicing. : 

Naqli, adj. artificial, copied, ficti- 
tious, traditional : s. m. a butfoon. 

Naqliya, adj. mimicing, imitating, 

Naqliyat, s. plur. stories, tales. 

Naql karna, to relate, to narrate, to 
copy, to act ; to represent (a cha- 

Naqliiavis, s. m. a copyist. 

Naqlnavisi, s. f. copying. 

Naqsh, 8. m. a picture, portrait, map, 
drawing, painting, delineation. 

Naqsha, s. m. feature, visage ; map, 
plan, pattern, model, chart ; a por- 

Naqsh karna. to imprint, to impress. 

Naquwat,a(^j.weak, impotent, infirm. 

Naqiiwati, s.f. weakness, impotency. 

Nar, s. m. a man, a male : adj. mas- 

Nar, s. m. the navel string. 

Nara, s. m. clamour, noise, shout. 

Nara, s. m. red thread. 

Naraj, adj. 'prop. Naraz, which see. 

Naraji', s.f. see Narazi. 

Narak, s. m. hell. 

Narakgami', adj. going to hell. 

Naraki, adj. hellish. 

Narakkund, a well or pit in hell. 

Narangi", s. /. an orange. 

Naraiiji, adj. orange-coloured. 

Narawa,tt(Z;'. unworthy, inadmissible, 
" no go." [deity. 

Narayan, s. m. a Hindu name for the 


[ 219 ] 


Nai:iyanr, s. /. the wife of Narayan : 
adj. of or relating to Narayan. 

Niiruz, adj. dissatisfied, displeased, 
discontented, unwilling; not 
pleased or satisfied. 

<:\r'dzn.'^{,\ 8. f. displeasure, dissatis- 

saiiizf, / faction. 

\:intji, s.m.\.-, , . 1 . 

SMdi,s.f. I throat, windpipe. 

Vareti' dabanii, to throttle. 

Vargis, «. /. a narcissus. 

S'ari, K. /. a weaver's shuttle, a kind 
of Icatlier, skin. 

>I^uri', 8. /. a woman in general ; the 
pulse, an artery. 

^liri dekhna, to tcel the pulse. 

^ariyii, «./ ji tile. 
Liriyul, H. 7/1. a cocoa-nut, a haqqa 
made of u r(KV)a-nut. 

Uariyali', s. f. a hucpja made of cocoa- 

"Jiiriyar, 8. m. see Nariyal. 

^arkat, «. m. a reed of whicli mats 

<(arkr, adj. hellish, infernal. 

'farlok, «. 7/1. till) earth, tho world in- 
hahitiMl by man. 

^aiii), adj. HofI, t(?nder, miltl, jjfontlo, 
hiimhlc, HUj)plc, pliant^ easy ; do- 
f'ctive (coin), inferior (^(juuiity.) 

J^aniia, adj. Hoft. 

iuiriiai', M. /. HoftneHH, tondomess* 

^'annana, v. a. to 8oft(*n. 

Unu\,H.f. softuess, tondumoM, milil- 


ftrmiyat, j«. /. soflncHM. [Inp. 

•trm mizjij, adj. genth*, mook.yiold- 
larra, H.m. a kiml of Hrtmork. 
fa 1 1 up, H. m. tlio human ft>rm. 
raisiiigii, s. in. a horn, a wind in> 


iisiiiLrh. ti. III. th« nnmo of tho 
riiiutli incarnation of Vitthnu. 

U. <uit\ the fourth day {MUit or 
to conu'. 

s. /. a sinew, a vein. 
yips,**./. snufV: ». m. anniliilatioii, 
"destruction, ruin, perdition. 

Nasab, g. m. genoalogv, lineage. 
Na^abnama, s. m. pedigree, aooount 

of descent, genealogical tree. 
Nasabr, ) j. • ... 
NOsaburJ '«*•'•""?*"«''«• 
Nasal, 8. f. see Nasi. 
Ndsamajh, atlj. unintelligent. 
Nasamajhi, «. /. ignomnce. 
Nasdni, o. a. to spoil, to destroy. 
Niisari, 8. m. Nazarino, a CUrintiao. 
"Sis&x^adj. ill i 
Nusd^u, s. m. 
'Nash, 8. VI. an: _^, dettmctioii, 

ruin, |)oniition. 
NaHhu,^ 8. in. intoxioatioD, intoxici^ 
Na^ha,/ ting liquor; stupelaoUoo 

(from gluttony or druukenncaiL) 
Natflmbiiz, a pJrbOU who takfM la- 

toxictiting drogt, Ac.,a dninkaid. 
Niuhtibiizi, 8. /. draokeiuioM* &e. 
Nushuj^hor, (h<«? NuAhibdbu foated. 
Nashe mcu ehiir huni, to be ittta&i- 
NnMliiIti, adj. intoxicating. 
Ntishputi, 8. /. a jKnur. 
Nai4h(. adj. I'oat. titstrojfeil, periittaJ, 

M|)oiled. ruiuoil, (lehaaoliou. 
NiUlilu, 8. fik braakAialt ivpast. 
Naiibta kanu^ to hraakllut. 
Naihtar, a /. a lanoat, a flaaa. 
Naslitar lagio^l to bkttl. to i^i\^ 
Naahtarmini^ / bulutit 
Na«htkanii,to«poil,lD ■ 

•troy, to debattob, to tk><iow% r. w 

NiUliukr, m(f. uii|cral«AaI. 
Niijthukrt kanuU to art unf(ralt»(Stlly. 

1. • ' 





bv lortuii' 
Nuii'iliiit.ii./ a 

fW T'Mt fMl 

hurt, I 


[ 220 ] 


s. m. an atheist, an infidel. 

Nasna, v. a. to destroy. 

Nasi, s.f. race, progeny ,family, breed, 
caste, offspring. 

Nasi ba nasi, ) generation after ge- 

Nasl dar nasi,/ neration. 

Nasr, s. f. prose. 

Nasranf, s. m. a Christian. 

Nast, nonentity, annihilation. 

Nastaliq, s. m. a kind of Persian writ- 



Nastik mat, s.f. the tenets of atheism. 

Nasiir, s. m. a fistula, an ulcer. 

Nat, s. m. the name of a tribe who are 
generally jugglers, rope-dancers, 

Nata, s.m. relationship, kin, alliance. 

Nata, adj. dwarf, dapper, short. 

Natait, s. m. a relative, kinsman. 

Natamam, adj. unfinished, imperfect, 
incomplete, deficient. 

Nataqat, adj. weak, infirm. 

Nataqati, s. f. weakness, inability. 

Natawan, adj. powerless, weak, in- 
firm, impotent. 

Natawtinf, .s*. /. impotence, weakness. 

Natedar, adj. akin : s. m. f. relation, 

Nath, s. m. a master, husband, lord ; 
often used as an affix to the names 
of jog IS : s.f. the string in a bul- 
lock's nose. 

Nath, s.f. m. a ring for the nose 
worn by women. 

Nathna, s. /. a nostril, a ring for the 
nose : v. n. to have the nose 
pierced (a bullock.) 

Nathna, v. a. to bore a bullock's 
nose and put a string in it to 
guide him by. 

Nathni, s. f a small ring worn in the 

Nathi, s. f. a file or bundle of ofii- 
cial papers tied up together. 

Natf, s. m. grandson, daughter's son. 

Natidar, s. m. f. relation, relative. 

Natija, s. m. result, consequence. 

what necessarily follows, retribu- 

Natin, | s. /. granddaughter, datrgh-, 

Natinf,/ ter's daughter. 

Natin, s. f. the female of Nat. 

Natkhat, adj. roguish, waggish, art- 
ful, trickish, wicked, troublesome, 

Natkhati, s.f. trick, roguery, artifice ; 

Natni, s. f. the female of Nat. 

Natnf, s. f. granddaughter, daugh- 
ter's daughter. 

Natiia, 1 s. m. a juggler, rope- 

Natuwa, / dancer, &c. 

Nau, adj. new, young, fresh ; nine : 
s. f a ship, a boat. 

Nau, s. /. a ship, a boat. 

Nauabad, adj. newly-settled, colo- 
nized, cultivated. 

Naubat, s.f. time, turn ; instruments 
of music sounding at the gate of a 
great man at certain intervals. 

Naubat bajna, \ v. n. to be sounded 

Naubat jharna,/ (the Naubat.) 

Naubatkhana, s. m. a platform for 
musicians who play the Naubat. 

Nauchhawar, s.f. a propitiatory offer- 
ing, sacrifice, victim. 

Nauchi', s./.young girls kept by bawds. 

Nauha, s. m. the name of a book ; 
lamentation, moaning. 

Naujawan, s. m. a lad, youth, young 
man ; in the prime of life, in the 
bloom of youth. 

Naujawan 1, s. f prime of life, bloom 
or flower of youth. 

Nauka, s. /. a boat. 

Naukar, s. m. a servant. 

Naukar chakar, servants. 

Naukari, s. f. service, attendancef^ 

Naukari pesha, one who lives on em- 

Naumasa, s. m. name of a feast given 
in the ninth month of pregnancy.. 

Naumed, adj. hopeless, despairing. > 

Naumf, ) s. f. ninth day of a lunar 

Naumin, j fortnight. 


[ 221 ] 


Naumraaid, adj. hopeless, despairing. 

Nauiiimuidr, s.f. hopelessness.despair. 

Naumined, adj. hopeless, despairing. 

Nauiui, V. n. to beiid, to bow, to iu- 
cline downwards. 

Nauntua, v. a. to invite. 

Nauratan, a bracelet consisting of 
nine jewels. 

Naurhana, v. a. to bow, to bend. 

Nausadar, «. m. sal ammoniac. 

Naushah, «. m. a bridegroom. 

Nausikh, s. m. a novice, a student. 

Nauta, 8. m. invitation. 

Nautna, v. a. to invite. 

Nauwii, 8. m. a b.irber. 

Nauwab, «. m. a nabob, a governor 
of a town or district. 

Nauwiibi, s.f. deputyship; adj. re- 
lating to a Nabob. 

NauwaQ, adj. ninth. 

Nauwiisi, adj. eighty-nine. 

Nauwi', adj. ninety. 

Naved, s. m. invitation. 

Navi's, in compoH. writing, writer. 

Navishta, adj. written : «. in. writing. 

Navisi', «./. ill coutpus. writing. 

Navve, adj. ninety. 

N6w, 8. /. a l)uat, a vessel. [cinity. 

Nawali, «. /. distiict, environs, vi- 

Nawalii, 8. m. a morsel, a mouthful. 

NawjUr, 8. f. a titbit, a small morsel. 

Nawiiu, '"(/. ninth. 

Nnwunii, V. a. to bend downward, to 
bow, to eauiM) to Hubmit to, to causH) 
to stoop. 

witli, ignorant, unexprricuc«Hl. 

Nuwa(}t, adj. out of tiiue, unsctuiOQ- 

Nuwlsji, I g.m. a gmmlsou, a dxtugh- 

Nuwiisa, / ter's son. 

Nawjist', 8. f. u grjindilaughtiT, a 
duuglitcr's daughter. 

Nawiiz, in rompos. cherishing, caress- 
ing, soothing; playing. 

Nawazi', 8. /. in compo8. chiTishing. 

Nawiizish, 8. /. caresses, kiuduoa, 
favour, patrouagc. 

Nawazish karna, to caress, to fayour. 

to patronize. 
Nawazna, v. a. to cherish, to caress, 

to favour. 
Nawna, v. a. to put one thing iuto 

Nawwab, 8. m. see Nauwab. 
Nawwtibi, see Nauwiibi'. 
Nawwiisi, adj. eighty-nine. 
Nawwe, adj. ninety. 
Naya, adj. new, novel. 
Naytib, adj. scarce, rare, difficult to 

be found or got 
*Nayak, s.m. a corporal in native corps. 
Nayan, «. m. the eye. 
Naye panj, «. m. a horse und-r fiv.> 

years old. 
Nayo sir se, anew, afresh. 
Niiyikii, «./. mistress of a br 
Naz, 8. m. blandishments, < 

playfulness, amorous pla\ :.. 
Niiza, 8. m. the uiethni. 
Naziikat, »./. delicacy, delirai. :;- . 

Nazar, 8./. a look, sight, glance, < 

servation, regard. Soo also Nu.r. 
Naziini, 8. in. sight, view. 
Nazar ami, to come tu sight, to ap- 

|)ear, to come in tiight. 
Nuzanina, k. m. scu Nuznina. 
I Nayuir bachtimi, tt) avoid the tii:;ht. 
Na/arband, «. m. fiuiutuatitui ,of ixin- 

jurors) : at{j. fascinutol, slrictlv 

wutohod (Without being iui) 

Na7.;ii' ' iLCOuflDcni* 


Naziii. . • " J" •••'• ' 

Naxurbuxi, »,/. . 

I>osing U]H)ii ti 
Nazar knrmi, to lo. k, to m;c, to ' 

hold, v^c. 
Nazar miltimi, to Uxik ?•• •'" • • ' 
Nazarou Ht» ginui. to 1 
Ntuuir 80 gini demi, t«> . 
Kaz bardiir, ouo who bcura li.u wLuo^ 

of another. 
Nuzbo, 8. m, name of n ?- '*v 


[ 222 ] 


Nazdik, adj. near, hard by, with, 
close to, in the vicinity, contigu- 
ous, neighbouring. 

Nazdikf, s. f. propinquity, vicinity, 
proximity, approximation. 

Nazil, descending, dismounting. 

Nazil hona, to descend. 

Nazir, s.m. example, in stance, parallel. 

Nazir, s. m. an officer in a court of 
justice superior to the bailiffs and 
peons, a sheriff. 

Naziri, s. f. the business of a Nazir. 

Nazla, s. m. a defluxion of humours, 
rheum, a catarrh. 

Nazm, s. /. poetry, verse. 

Nazni, i adj. delicate, lovely : s. f. 

Naznin, j a delicate woman. 

Naz nakhra, s.m, coquetry, dalliance. 

Nazr, s. f. a present, a gift (offered 
to a superior), an offering. 

Nazrana, s.m. present, presents given 
and received when persons of rank 
meet or pay their respects to a 
prince ; a kind of tribute. 

Nazuk, adj. thin, light, subtle, deli- 
cate, brittle, fragile, nice, tender, 

Nazukbadan, a^ij. delicate. 

Nazukbadani, s.f. delicacy of form or 

Nazukmizaj, adj. delicate in con- 
stitution or complexion. 

Naz uthana, to bear with the airs or 
whims of another. 

Nazzam, a governor, a ruler ; the 
title of the prince of Hyderabad. 

Ne, a particle affixed to the name of 
the agent with a transitive verb 
in a past tense : adv. no, not, 
neither, nor ; nay. 

Nebu, s. m. lime or lemon. 

Nefa, 8. m. a breeches belt, the part 
of the drawers through which the 
string runs to tie them round the 
loins with. 

Neg, ) s. f. presents at marriages 

Neg jog, / and on other festive oc- 
casions made to relations and par- 

ticular servants, and considered by 
them as perquisites which they 
are entitled to. 

Neh, s. /. affection, love, friendship. 

Nek, adj. good, lucky, pure. 

Nekbakht, adj. fortunate, virtuous, 

Nekbakhti, s.f. virtue, good fortune, 

Neki, s.f. goodness, piety, purity, 
virtue, probity. 

Nekkhaslat,) /. , -,. ... 

Nekkho of good dispositions or 

Nekkhulq, ) ^^'^^' good-natured. 

Nekmard, a good man. 

Neknam, a good name, of good cha- 
racter or repute, renowned. 

Neknami, s.f. good character, re- 
nown, praise. 

Neknazar, sharp or clear sight. 

Nekniyat, well-meaning. 

Nekniyati, s. f goodness of intention. 

Nekokar, of good actions, a benefi-' 
cent person, benefactor. 

Nekokari, s.f beneiicence,doing good. 

Nekpak, adj. virtuous. 

Nekzat, of good disposition. 

Nem, s. m. a vow, resolution, devo- 
tion, piety. 

Nemdharm, s. m. abstinence, good 

Nemi, adj. conscientious, continent, 

Neota, s. m. an invitation. 

Nepal, n. prop, name of a country. 

Nere, beside, near, close by. 

Nesh, s. m. sting (of a venomous rep- 

Nesha, s.m. prop. Nasha, which see. 

Neshabaz, s. m. a drunkard. 

Neshabazi, s. /. drunkenness, ine- 
briety intoxication. 

Neshtar, s. m. a lancet. 

Nest, naught, non-existence. 

Nest hona, to perish. [stroy. 

Nest kama, to annihilate, ruin, de- 
Nest nabiid hona, to perish, to bo 
annihilated, to be ruined. 


[ 223 ] 


, I to d 
na, / to 


Nest nabud kama, 
Nest o iiabiid karna, 

late, to ruin, 
i'Netii, 8. m. snot, snivel. 
Nctr, s. m. tbe eye. 
New, 8. /. tbe foundation of a house, 

Newal, I «. m. a weasel, a ferret, a 
Newala, / mongoose. 
Newana, v. a. to bend, to bow 

Newar, 8. f. tape. 
Newarna, to smear with a wash of 

red enrth fa wall, &c.) 
New daliia, to found, to lay (a foun- 
Newna, v. n. to stoop, to bow. 
Neza, 8. n. a spear, lance, javelin, 

dart, pike ; a piece of reed from 

which pons are made. 

"V'/obardar, 1 

J. f ^ si)earman. 

iiind, adj. small, little. 
:l preiix to words to denote ne- 
ition, contraction of Nir. 
mat, H. f. iuvour, giaciousncss, 

ill, «. m. accomplishment, por- 
Minuncc, supply, muintenance, 
rfonuing an engagement. 
iliini, ?). (/. to accomplfHli/ to por- 
it,to perform : toprotcct, to tuko 
iR! of; tx) krrp oiui'h faith. 
1 1, (ulj. Weak, powerless. 
irn»». V. n. U> 1h< spent, to bo 
itlrd, to be accomplihhotl. 
iriui, r, a. to accomplish, to por- 
nii, to end, to spend. 
Iiiinsi, V. a. to pcrfonn, &c, Seo 
I bill I mi. 

^ll'lllirna, V. a. soo NilMir"<i. 

Niblnui, r. ;j. to scrvr, Huccee<1, pass, 
live ; to be nccomplislied, perfcctvd 
or p(Mtbrme<l. 

Nn)u, 8. m. a lemon, a limc-treo. 

Nicb, (uij. h)w, bus<», vib*. nienn, 
vulgar: below, bcMuuth, under. 

Nfclui, (»'(/. '-i-x- 'I— '■'- 

Nrchai', 8. f. lowness. 

Nichan,8. m. a cavity, bottom, valley. 

Niehant, aiJj. see Nichint, 

Nicha lincha, up and down; uneven 

Nfclie, adv. below, beneath, undt : , 
■■^'' dowp. 
Niche girana, to knock a person 

Nici»e jtina, to descend, to subside. 
Ni'clie lipar, upside down. 
Nicliakkii, adj. pure, genuine. 
Nichhawar. «. /. a propitiatory oflcr- 

ing, sacrifice, victim. 
Niciiint, adj. free from thougl 

anxiety, or care; unconcoTDe!. 

careless, at leisure. 
Nichint bona, to be at leisure, to be 

disenguged, to have finished. 
Niehofini, v. a. to wring, to siiue* / 

to press, to stmin, to extort, 
Nichofwami, to cause to wring, Sec. 
Ni'cbu, adv. below, beneath, down. 
Nieh lineh. 8. /. inequality ; the Ujw 

and downs of lit'e. 
Nul, 8./. Bleep, slit'"'" r. »■■ 'v>so. 
Nidiigh, adj. sp.t ulato. 

Nidani, ailj. bnuii 
Nidiin, adv. ut luhU ul ii Uf;ih. lust' 

after all ; an end. 
Nitlar, m//. feurb H.'<, dauntless: «<( 

without fear. 
Nidari, 8.J. iVarleHMUHs. 
Nidhaii, $. m. a pluoe,, mnn.Hi< 

\ !' ' * '• without U 

t \ ^ . . .■ iieKM. 

I NiK»ii* ('^/•» i*>^'^> »ight: watch- 

Niwjih. I ing. ctuttndy, curt*. 
I \ In. m, a gt»^^K «» ktH>i»« 

N in WMl<'h, u pn»tivt. 

.... . . • er. 

Niguhb.uii. ) ». /. watching, guar 
Nig)ihUini. J ing, 8U|HTint»'udcii» 

Inking eaie of. cu."«t*Hly. 
Nignbdar.ii. m. a watohiuau, an ovt ' 
tioer, u guanliiiu. 


[ 224 ] 


Nigahdari, s. f. watching, superin- 
tendence ; observation. 

Nigali karna, to observe, look, re- 
gard, view, oversee. 

Nigah rakhua, to take care of, to 
lay by, to guard. 

Nigali, s. /. the wooden pipe of a 

Nigalna, v. a. to swallow, to gulp 

Nigora, s. m. wretch. 

Nihai, s. f. an anvil. 

Nihal, s. m. a young plant, a sucker, 
a shoot: adj. exalted, pleased, 

Nihali, s. f. a kind of quilt. 

Nihan, s. m. bathing, ablution. 

Nihana, v. a. to bathe, to wash. 

Niharna, v. a. to look at, to watch, 
to look after, to spy, to see. 

Nihattlia, adj. unarmed. 

Nihayat, adj. very, exceeding, much, 
excessive, remarkable : adv. at the 
utmost, extremely. 

Nihayat kahna, to ask a fair price. 

Nihchai, s. m. see Nischai. 

Nihora, s. m. begging, requesting 
humbly, coaxing. 

Nihurana, v. a. to cause to crook, to 
bend, to bow. 

Nihurna, 1 v. n. to condescend, to 

Nihurna, / incline or bend down- 
wards, to stoop, to bow. 

Nihurna, \ v. a. to bend downwards, 

Nihurna, / to bow down, to in- 
cline, to stoop. [personal. 

Nij, adj. own, particular, individual, 

Nijgut, adj. true, correct (as infor- 

Nijjot, lands ^cultivated by the pro- 
prietors, [belonging to self. 

Nijka, adj. own, peculiar, pergonal, 

Nika, s. m. -prop. Nikah. 

Nikali, s. m. a kind of marriage. 

Nikah i', ddj. married (a woman.) 

Nikai, s. f. the price paid for weed- 
ing a field, the act of weeding. 

Nikal, s. m. outlet, issue, vent. 

Nikala jana, to be put out, or away. 

Nikal bhagna, to run away, to get, 
off, to be off. 

Nikal chalna, to escape; (met.) to 
surpass another. 

Nikal dalna, to deduct, to strike out. 

Nikal dcna, to expel, to eject, to dis- 
card, to drive or turn out, to ex- 
clude, to cashier. 

Nikal jana, to escape, to go away. 

Nikal lana, to bring off. 

Nikal lena, to dig up, to take out, 
to extract. 

Nikalna, v. 7i. to issue, to go forth or 
out, to be extracted, drawn, pulled, 
or taken out, to come or get out, 
secede, depart, to be performed or 
accomjilished, to exceed, to be ut- 
tered, to be produced, to result, to 
prove, to turn out, to escape. 

Nikalna, v. a. to cause to issue, to 
take out, to turn out, to expel, to 
cause to exceed, to utter, to dis- 
cover or find out, to invent, to take 
off", to exclude, to extract, to pro- 
trude, to deduce, to extricate, to 
exhibit, to produce, to hatch, to 
pull, to do, to accomplish, to pick. 

Nikal parna, v. n. to come out, to 
be drawn forth. 

Nikal wa demi, to expel, to banish. 

Nikal wana, v. a. to cause to issue, 
to cause to go out or come out, to 
expel, &c. 

Nikamma, adj. useless, good for 
nothing, base, worthless. 

Nikana, v. a. to weed. 

Nikapat, adj. without deceit or fraud, 
sincere, candid. 

Nikarua, v. n. see Nikalna. 

Nikas, g. m. skirts, suburbs, issue, 
outgoing, discharge, outlet, vent ; 
adjustment of accounts, c 

Nikasi, s. f. taxes collected on goods 
passing out of a town. 

Nikiis karna, v. a. to liberate, to set 
free. [Nikalna. 

Nikasna, y. n. to issue, &;c. See 


[ 225 ] 


Nikasna, v. a. see Nikalna. 

Nikaswana, see Nikalwana. 

Nikaf, adv. near, proximate, about, 
i with, close by. 

Ir Nikauni', «. /. weeding, tlie act of 
u weeding. 

' Nikhalis, adj. prop. Klialis, pure, 
genuine, unadulterated. 

Niiharach, without discount or de- 

Nikhamti, v. a. to strain, to bleach. 

Nikhatar, adj. implacable. 

Nikhrana, v. a. to settle, to purify, 
to clear. 

Nikosna, v. a. to grin. 

Niktf, 8. /. small sailes, a balance. 

IS^il, 8. m. indigo, blue ; the indigo 
plant : v. prop, the river Nile. 

Nilii, t/(Z/. blue, dark blue. 

Nilajjii, adj. shameles.s, barefaced, 
bold, rude, impudent. 

NHam, K. m. auction. 

Ni'lsim ghar, «. m. an auction-room. 

Nilti pila, black and blue. 

NHii thotlui, «. m. blue vitriol. 

Nribari', 8. f. a ball or squaro of in- 
digo, [gliau. 

Ni'lgjiw, 8. /. name of an animal, Nyl- 

NHkanth, ». m. nanu5 of a ])ird. 

Nilwiila, 8. m. an indigo planter. 

Ni'm, 8. in. namo of a tree : adj. lialf, 
the miildle. 

N.'nui listin, hnlf-Hlceved,a particular 
kind of jacket. 

Ninulj, if. f. prop. Namtiz, wliich S4 «'. 

Niniak. 8. m. m\i. 

Niniakdiin, s. m. a fmlt/'* H 

Nimnk'haliil. <idj. >. , *' ,ial. 

Kiiniik'haliili, 8. /. ■ dull, 

Nimak'iiamni,«(/y.>- N . uunini. , 

Kinuik'hardmi', «. /. Beo Noinuk'ha- | 

Ninian, \ adj. strong, wdid, stout, 
"Ninian, ) tight, good. 
Nimasluim, «. evening, envK- ii> il».« 

Nnubu, 8. lemon, limo.* 
Nimohtt, 8. m. a dagger, a haugcr. | 

Ni'mjdn, half dead Twith fear, &c.) 
Nimkr, adj. salt, 8<alte<l, eorn«l. 
Nimrazf, adj. somewhat satisfied) 

Nimshab, «. /. midnight. 
Niminawe, adj. ninety-nine. 
Ninanwiin, «. m. the thrmh. 
Ni'nd, 8./. sleep. 

Nindii, «. /. censure, ecom, defama- 
tion, reviling language. 
Nindtis, s. f. drowsiness. 
Nindtisii, adj. drowsy, sleepy. 
Nind bhar sona, to sleep boundly, to 

be at ease. 
Nindi', «./. sleepiness, drowsinefv. 
Ni'ndnii, r. a. to deny : r w. to sleep. 
Ni'nd uchiit; hoiui, to Im? unable to 

sleep, to have sleep broken. 
Ningalna, v. a. to swallow, to gulp 

Ninglunii, r. a. to cause to swallo 
Nipat, adv. very, exe<HHiingly. 
Nipa^nd, v. u. to teriuinute, to 4^ 

finished, to be scttliKl. 
NiptAna. r. a. to si»ttlo, to decide, to 

conclude, to terminate. 

Niput, \ 
NipUt4i, / 

adj. childless, haviii;.' 

Nir, a ^in^ixwition, only used in coni- 
positioa: it gives the idea *>( 
privation, abtMUOV, or negutiiui 

Nir, «. m. tiara. 

Nir.;. '• -^ - " ^^M. 

.lll^ iiutiriMireul. 

I ■' ■<•. 

Nil to ItHtk at. 

Nii.i . , : tireil, luueh . ; 

unuiixed, unalloyed. 

v-*^!/*'. } aiwrt, aside, in pri\ 
Nirtth*nieo,f * * 

N Iran {an. wlj. pure, fro© fn^m ^; 

l>olv; the SiiimMU" '^^ »'> ' 

Niran'kal. \ adj. in ^itii- 

Nimnkur. I out P j .tY.> 

Nirus, mlj. dry, tustt^lv^, in^pid. 



[ 226 ] 


Niras, ) adj. hopeless, despairing, 

Nirasa, / desperate. 

Nirasf, s. /. despair. 

Nirbal, adj. weak, strengthless. 

Nirbalta, s. f. weakness, impotence. 

Nirbans, adj. childless, without off- 
spring, extinct (a family.) 

Nirbas, adj. powerless, enfeebled. 

Nirbliai, adj. fearless, undaunted. 

Nirdaya, } adj. pitiless, merciless, 

Nirdayf, / hard-liearted, unfeel- 
ing, inhuman, cruel, relentless. 

Nirdhan, adj. poor, needy. 

Nirdokh, I adj. blameless, free from 

Nirdosh, > fault, innocent, with- 

Nirdoshi, ) out defect or blemish. 

Nirgun, adj. without passions or 
human qualities (an epithet of 
God) ; worthless, useless. 

Nirkh, s. m. price current ; price 
(fixed by the officers of the police) ; 

Nirkhnama, s. m. an account of cur- 
rent market prices. 

Nirlajj, adj. shameless, impudent. 

Nirlajja, s. m. want of shame, im- 

Nirlobbi, adj. not covetous, void of 
avarice, contented. 

Nirmal, \ adj. pure, clear, clean, 

Nirmala, / transparent, limpid. 

Airmail, s. /. name of a seed with 
which water is cleared. 

Nirmul, adv. wholly, entirely : adj. 
destitute of a root or origin. 

Nirog, ) adj. free from disease, in 

Nirogi, / high health and spirits, 

Nirphal, adj. fruitless, unprofitable. 

Niriip, adj. without form, incorporeal. 

Nirupan, s. m. the establishing of 
a rule, the appointing of any 
circumstance or thing, determin- 

Niruttar, adj. without answer, un- 
able to answer. 

Nis, a privative particle used in 
compos, without, &c. : s. f. night. 

Nisandeh, adj. free from doubt : adv, 

Nisar bona, to be sacrificed. 

Nisar karna, to scatter, strew or 
throw (as a public donation, &c.) ; 
to sacrifice. 

Nisbat, s. f. relation, affinity, refer- 
ence ; espousal : postpos. respect- 
ing, regarding. 

Nisbati, adj. related, having refer- 
ence to: s. m. a brother-in-law. 

Nischai, s. m. certainty, clear know- 
ledge of a thing : adj. indubitable, 
certain : arZv.ceitainly, indubitably. 

Nischar, s. m. man or animal that 
prowls about at night ; a demon. 

Nisf, adj. half. 

Nisf a nisf, halved, in halves, half 
and half. [halves. 

Nisf a nisfi, adv. half and half, in 

Nisfi, adj. halved, half. 

Nisha, s. m. see Nasha. 

Nishabaz, see Nashabaz. 

Nid|abazi, s. f. drunkenness, &c. 

Nisna karna, v. a. to be responsible. 

Nishan, s. m. a mark, sign, an ensign, 
flag, standard, colours. 

Nishana, s. m. a mark, a butt. 

Nishanbardar, s. m. a standard bearer, 
one who carries the colours, 

Nishan dena, to point out. 

Nishani, s. /. a token of remem- 
brance, a keepsake, a mark. 

Nishast, s. f. sitting. 

Nishasta, s. m. a kind of paste. 

Nishastbarkhast, s. /. manners, good 
breeding, etiquette. 

Nishastgah, s. /. a place where peo- 
ple meet to sit and talk. 

Nisi last karna, to sit. 

Ni hchai, see Nischai.^ 

Nishchar, s. m. a prowler. 

Nishe men bona, to be drunk or in- 

Nishin, in compos, sitting, seated on, 
dwelling in, &c. 

Niskalank, adj. spotless, unstainec 


[ 227 ] 


NjW. \ adj. sinless. 

Nispapi, j "^ 

Ni.sphal, adj. see Nirphal. 

Nistar, 8. m. release, acquittal, salva- 

Nisti", «./. a catalogue, a list. 

Nisyan, s. m. forgetfulness, oblivion. 

Nit, 8.f. conduct, morality, manners. 

'^it, adj. or adv. always, continually, 
ever, constantly. 

Nithariia, v. a. to purify water or 
otlier liquid by letting tlie feculent 
matter subside and pouring off the 

Nithni, adj. clear ("water whose im- 
purity has subsided.) 

Nithur, adj. hard, relentless, cruel. 

Niti, 8. /. small scales, such as gold- 
smiths use. 

Nihrf h' ( "^^- Perpetually, con- 

Xltuthke, I «^-^>y. always. 

Niw, 8. /. the foundation of a house, 

Niwalu, 8. m. a morsel. 

Niwdnu, i v. a. to bend downwanls, 

Niwuoiui,/ to Ijow ; to cause to sub- 
mit, U) cause to stoop. 

Niwiir, 8. /. tape (of a coarse kind.) 

Viwiini, i 8. in. a boat, a particular 

\iw«n*Ji. J '<•"•! of boat. 

NTiwarlmf, a tajHi- wcuvit. 

Miwilnui, r. a. to smear or wash over 

witii a washofcurtli or cow-tlung. 

Xiwarnii, v. n. to bend, to stoop. 
Niyjie, h. m. justice, «|uity. 
Niyar, adv. luar, IwHide, cloeo by. 
Niyjinit adj. hoc Nyiini. 
Niyiire, adv. n\mtt, H4»i>iimtely. 
Niynt, »./. intention, design, purpoeo, 

\iyati'. aaj. intontionnl. 
Nivat karnti, v. a. to design, to pur- 

Niyiiya, k. m. justice, equity. 

Niyaz, «. /. a thing dedicated, an of- 

Niyaz kamd, to dedicate, to devote. 

Niziim, 8. in. a ruler. 

Niztimat, 8. f. the administration of 
criminal justice, government. 

Noch, 8. m. a pinch, a scratch. 

Noclma, v. a. to pinch, to scratch, to 

Nok, 8. /. a bill, a beaV nil)- end, 
point, tip ; angle. 

Nokdiir, adj. pointed. 

Nokilti, adj. shjirp-pointed. 

Nok jhok, s.f. pulling and hauling. 

Non, 8. m. salt. 

Nomi, adj. salt, brackish. [wall. 

Noni', 8. /. etiloresoenco of salt on a 

Noniyii, 8. m. a maker of or dealt r 
salt, a sjdtpetre- maker. 

Noniytir, 8. m. name of a caste. 

Noniyii sag, 8. m. a kind i)f gnxjns. 

Nosli, «. m. a drink, a drauglit. 

Nosh farmanii, \ 

Noshijanfarnuina. L^ ,.^t,to drink. 
Nosh I jan karna, ? >»"^»"*. 

Nosh karnii, I 

Nuchnii, r. n. to l>e pinched or 

Nuchwtinii, v. a. to caoso to pinch 

pluck out, Ac. 
Niih, n. prop. Noah. 
Null, 8. m. nail (of iho fin ' 

Ac), talon. 
Vnh lonii, to trip, to stnmM 
V fJur. t>f Nujm. aUw^ 

m. MX nittixilc^r, an uth 

NuktU, (i<(/. SCO Nnkilit. 
Nuktachin, a caviller, a critic. 
Nuktnchtiii. *. /. rtivii, critiiiiun. 
Numsi, in rom^MW. xliowini*. rxh 

ting, ap|M>ariug; an tndrx. 
Nuniiii, in corn^Nif. s.f. di8})laY. ^l 

Nuniyji, ». m. h^ ^ 
Nuql, 8. Ill, a s« r >^!\{. 

Nuqrn, 8.nk a >v 1 1.. i l:or«Oi; 



[ 228 ] 


Nuqra'i, adj. made of silver. 
Nuqsan, s. m. loss, defect, detriment, 

blemish, damage, mischief. 
Nuqsani, s. /. defect, injury, damage, 

Nuqta, s. m. a point, a dot, a stain ; 

centre (of a circle), geometrical 

Nuqtachm, a caviller. 
Nur, 8. m. light, splendour. 
Niirani, adj. serene, bright, clear. 
Nuskha, s. m. recipe. 
Nutfa, s. m. seed, sperma hominis. 
Nyae, s. m. justice, equity, reason. 
Nyae kama, to judge, to administer 

Nyaeshastr, s. m. logic. 
Nyai', 8. m. a distributor of justice. 
Nyara, adj. apart, aloof, separate, 

distinct, different. 
Nyare, adv. apart, separately. 
Nyautna, v. a. to invite. 
Nyaw, s. m. justice, equity, decision. 
Nyaw kama, to judge, to administer 

justice, to decide. 
Nyorana, v. a. to bend, to bow. 
Nyorhna,"! v. n. to bend, to bow, to 
Nyorna, / stoop. 
Nyota, s. m. an invitation. 
Nyotna, v. a. to invite. 


O, the vocative interjection O ! conj. 
and, too, also : pron. he, she, it, 
that ; a vowel pronounced as o in 

Ochha, adj. tight (as clothes) ; light, 
of little consequence, trifling, ab- 
surd, silly ; mean. 

Ochha hona, v. n. to want, to be de- 
ficient (in size or measure.) 

Oda, oA^j. wet, moist, damp. 

Oda chawal, s. m. moist rice. 

Ogairah, prop. Waghaira, which see. 

Oghra, s. m. a kind of food (for sick 

Oho, inter j. heigh ! ho ! 

Ojan, s. m. prop. Wazn, which see. 

Ojar, 8. m. prop. Uzr, which see. 

Ojha, 8. m. a snake-catclier, one who 

pretends to cure the bite of snakes 

and to cast out evil spirits by 

means of charms. 

Ojhai, 8. f. the profession of an Ojha. 

Ojhal, 8. f. privacy, retirement. See 

also Ot. 
Ojlial hona, to be concealed. 
Ojhal karna, to conceal, to screen. 
Ok, 8. f. sickness at stomach, inclina- 
tion to vomit, 
Okalat, 8.f.prop. Wakalat, which see. 
Okalatnama, s. m. prop. Wakalatna- 

ma, a power of attorney. 
Okhli, 8. f. a wooden mortar. 
Okna, V. n. to vomit. 
01, s. m, name of a vegetable the 

root of wliich is eaten. 
Ola, 8. m. hail. 
Ola hojana, to become cold. 
Olak, 8. f. prop. Ulaq, a kind of 

Olkobi, 8. f. knolcole. 
Olti, 8. f. the eaves of a roof. 
Omar, s. /. prop. Umr, which see. 
Onda, adj. deep. 
Ondha, adj. upside down. 
Onth, 8. m. the lip. 
Opar, 8. the opposite bank of a river 
or pond, the further side of any- 
Or, 8. f. way, side (ward.) 
Ora, 8. m. a kind of basket. 
Orak, 8. m. prop. Waraq, which see. 
Orhna, v. a. to put on (dress) : s. m. 

a sheet, cloak or mantle. 
Orhnf, 8. f. a small sheet, a cloth 
used by Hindu women to liide 
their faces. 
Ori, 8.f. the eaves of a house. 
Oriya, s. /. a kind of basket. 
Or nibahna, to be constant to, to pro- 
tect (for ever.) 
Os, 8. f. dew. 
Osar, s.f. a heifer. 
Ostad, s. m. prop. Ustad, which see. 
Ostadi, s, /. prop. Ustadf, which see. 


[ 229 ] 


Ot, «./. screen, shelter, partition, pro- 

Ota, 8. m. a raised entrance to a house. 

Otti, adj. 80 mucli, so many. 

Oto mcQ, in the mean time. 

Ot hoiui, to bo concealed, &c. 

Otik, adj. that much, so much. 

Ot kania, to conceal, screen, &c. 

O jna, .V. a. to separate the seed from 

Otna, that much, or many. 


Pa, conj. adv. or postpos. contract, of 

Par, but, yet, on, at, &c. 
Pii, s. m. the leg, foot ; a termination 
affixed to nouns to denote the ab- 
stract quality. 
Pti andiiz, s. m. a carpet spread at 
the entrance of a room for clean- 
ing the feet on. 
Ptiband, adj. engaged, employed, 

PubaiKl honii, v. n. to bo married. 

Pii ba zanjir, (ulj. fettered, in chains. 

Pabitr, mlj. pure, holy, undefUed. 

Pabitrtii, 8. m. holiness, purity. 

I'arhil iliilna, v. a. to digest, to em- 

Piichak, 8. m. a di<>^e.stivo, a sto- 
machic, a tonic, a solvent. 

Pachiiliyji, adj. talking in an ob- 
s(H!ne maniH^r. 

Pachtina, v. a, to digest, to formont. 

I'acluinauwe, adj. nin(<ty-flvo. 

I'acluiiinii, v. a. hco Tuchhiiuni. 

Pachus, tulj. lifly. 

I'achiiHr, atij. eighty-flvo. 

I'achauni", ft. / tJio Htomnch, tho 
rntniils. th(^ guts. 

Pui'hrimr, h. /. a wtMlgi*. 

Piichchar nuirnii, to ivixnv, t<» ImmsH, 
to distn\'<H. 

Pachrhlmni, n. in. wvM. 

Piiclu'hhnNVii, n. /. a wr.sUiiy nmiui. 

Pjiclu-hhi. H. m. a bin!. 

Pachchliim, tt. m. west. 

Pachh, n. m. partiality ; tho half of 

a lunar month ; a fortnight com- 
prising fifteen days. 
Piiehli, «. m. scarification; the in- 
cision made in the poppy head 
for the opium to ooze out. 
Pachhan, «. m. west 
Pachhan, see Pahchan. 
Pachhanna, v. a. to know, to bo ao- 

quainted with, to recognize. 
Pachhiir, 8. /. a fall or throwing 

Pachhar jiina, r. n. to lag behind- 
Pachhar khand, to fall down. 
Pachhanna, v. n. to fall, to tumble 

Pachhiirna, v. a. to throw down, to 

dash down, to abase, to conquer. 
Pachhattar, adj. seventy-five. 
Piichhe, ) aiir. U'hind, after, aflor- 
PjichluD, / wardis in the abscuof, 

Pacbhiyii, «./. a weeterly wind 
Pachhna, r. a. to inoculato, to »*. 
Pachhnii, s. in. tlie a<*l of .'it'ari 

tattooing; inoculation, vaecin.i 
Paciibm, *./. the scarifying of Ui« 

poppy head to primtm' opium. 
Pttchhtiinil, r. a, to regrvt, to it'iieiit, 

to rue, to grieve. 
Paolditiiwii, *. «». rcgn^t, rDpenttmcc, 
grief, conooni. couiritioii, compono- 
tion, riMnorne. 
Pnchhwa, *. /. woj*(erly wind. 
I'luhtH, adj. twiniy-five. [knurii*- 

pBchiHi. «. /. ' "biywl with 

Pacldapi, O'ij : of flfO 

BtringM 'an* \ 

Pai'hiari. f. /. u nivK ...'•sisj.n • 

of five row8 or ulrwi ^ 
t*tiehmahuUii, \ adj. ^•{ i 
Paoluimidtt, | *n boti 
Parhnu 1, adj. niixcit. eov 
IWiinti. r. M. to lx« <i 
Puob|)noh. «. m. tb> 

io rue, iu gricvc. 


[ 230 ] 


Pachtao, ) . 

Paohta^a, | »• ™- ''<>P^'^i<'^<^- 
Pad, 8. m. the foot, footstep. 
Pad, s. m. wind expelled from be- 
hind, a fart. 
Padana, v. a. to caii«e to break wind. 
Pada non, s, m. a kind of black salt. 
Padar, s. m. father. 
Padarth, s. m. a rarity, delicacy, a 

good, a blessing ; the meaning of 

a word. 
Padas,s./. inclination to expel wind, 

Padasa, adj. inclined to expel wind, 

Padawi, ) s. f. rank, character, dig- 
Padbi, / nity, name, surname. 
Padghabra, adj. frightened out of 

one's wits. 
Padmani, s.f. a description of women. 
Pad marna, ^ v. n. to expel wind 
Padna, / backwards, to fart. 

Padna, ) •, . 
Padorf, 1 «*• '' 
Padshah, s. m. a king, a sovereign. 
Padshahana, adj. royal, imperial : 

adv. like a king, kingly. 
Padshahat, s.f. royalty, empire, king- 
dom, government. 
Padshahi, adj. royal : s. f. royalty, 

Padshahzada, s. m. a prince. 
Padvi, see Padawi. 
Pae, s. m. the foot, the stand of a 

table, chair, &c. 
Paeband, adj. fettered, tied by the 

leg ; encumbered with a family. 
Paedar, adj. firm, steady, permanent, 

durable, lasting, perpetual. 
Paedari, s. /. permanence, durability, 

stability, firmness. 
Paejama, s. m. drawers, long drawers 

or loose trowsers very wide in the 

Paekhana, s. m. a necessary. 
Paemal, adj. trampled on, ruined. 
Paemali, s. f, destruction, ravage, 


Paemal karna, to trample on, to de- 
stroy, to lay waste, to ravage. 

Paemardi, s. f. courage, resolution. 

Paemoz, s. m. a kind of pigeon. 

Paetaba, s. m. a sock, short stocking. 

Paezanjir, adj. chained by the leg. 

Paezeb, s. f. anklets. 

Pag, 8. f. a thick syrup. 

Pag, 8. m. the foot. 

Paga, 8. m. a rope fastened round 
the neck of a bullock, a tether. 

Pagal, adj. insane, mad : s. m. a fool, 
idiot, madman. 

Pagalkhana, s. m. an insane hospital. 

Pagar, s. m. a bank raised to separate 
fields ; a path. 

Pagdandf, s. /. a by-path, a by-way, 

Pagha, 8. m. see Paga. 

Pagiya, s. /. a turban. 

Pagla, adj. foolish, silly. 

Pagri, 8. f. a tmban. 

Pagur, 8. m. act of chewing the cud, 

Pagurana, \ v. n. to ruminate, to 

Pagur karna, / ichew the cud. 

Pah, 8. f. dawn. 

Pahal, 8. m. a flock of cotton; be- 

Pahanana, v. a. to cause to dress or 
put on. 

Pahanawa, 8. m. clothing, dress. 

Pahanna, v. a. to put on, to wear, to 

Pahar, s. m. a division of time con- 
sisting of eight gharis, a watch of 
three hours. 

Pahar, s, m. a mountain, a hill. 

Pahara, s. m. the multiplication tabic. 

Paharewala, s. m. a sentinel, a sentry, 
a guard. 

Pahari, s./. a hill, a small mountain. 

Pahariya, axij. belonging to or of u 
mountain : s. m. a mountaineer. 

Pahama, v. a. to put on clothes, to 
dress, to wear. 

Pahar si raten, long nights (especi- 
ally of sorrow.^ 


[ 231 ] 


Pahar tali", the foot of a hill or 

I*ahchaii, «./. acquaintance, know- 

led«^e, recognisance. 
Pahchanna, v. a. to know, to recog- 

niae, to discriminate, to distin- 
Paheli, 8. f. a riddle, an enigma. 
I'aliichanna, v. a. see Pahclianna. 
Paliila, adj. first : adv. before, rather. 
I*ahilauta, adj. firstborn. 
Pahile, adv. see Palde. 
Pahiiuina, v. a. to dress, to cause to 

put on, 
l*ahinna, v. a. to put on, to wear, to 

Pah i rand, v. a. to cause to dress, to 

clothe, to invest. 
Pahiriiwan, «. w. (kess, clothing, &c. 
I'ahirna, v. a. to put on clothes, to 

dress, to wear. 
Pahiya. «. m. a wheel. 
I'ahlii, atlj. first : adv. rather, before, 

i'iihlauu^ha, adj. firstborn. 
1 •iihlawiin, «. m. a hero, a champion, 

a stout fellow, a wrestler, 
ralilawiini', a. f. lien)isni. 
Palilr, adi). at first, in the first place, 

first, sooner, rather, Ixjfore, chiilly. 
Pahlu', «. m. the side, 
riihiiuna, V. a. to dress, to cause to 

put ou. 
Pall phatnii, r. n. to dawn. 
Pahrii, H.m. a wateh, a wntim-l ; t<»ur 

of wateh. 
I'ahrii denii, to wat' 
Pahnintl, r. a. to cm t > ;:. , i 

clothe, to invest, \'> <\y< . 
I 'ahrawu, s. /. tlrcss. 
raiiro nicu ddlnii, to givo in oliargo 

to u guani. 
i'ahn^ nuu impui, to bo given in 

charge to a guard. 
I'ahun, \ . 

1 ahuuji, / '^ 

Pahuna i, s. /, hospitality, entertain- 


Pahunch, «. /. arrival, reacii, arc- - 
admittance; sagacity, penetr.iii 

Pahunclia, s. m. tiie wrist. 

Pahunchana, v. a. to cause to arrive, 
to convey, to transmit, to bring, to 

Pahunchi', s. f. an ornament worn on 
the wrist. [to extend. 

Pahunchna, v. n. to arrive, to reach, 

Pahunchwana, v. a. to cause to ar- 
rive, convey, or conduct. 

Pahum', 8. f. a female guest. 

Pai', 8. f. a coin, tlie fourth jjart of an 
dnii, in accounts twelve pai are 
reckoned an ana ; pins used by 
weavers to wind oflf the warp from. 

Pai, 8. /. a fault, 

l*aida, adj. born, craitetl, pro<Iuced. 

Paida homi, to be born or created; 
to be earned, to be pnxlueed. 

Paidiiish, u./. birth, creation, produo- 
tion, eiirnings, profit. 

Paida karmi, r. a. to produce, to cre- 
ate, to get, to (am, to giiiu, to in- 
vent, to pn)cure. • 

Paiihil, adv. on foot : n. m. infantry. 

Pai dar pai, adv. one after another, 

Paidiiw&r, «. m. produoe of a fleid ; 
profit of trade, itc. 

Pai^^hain. «. m, a meainge. 

Paiglninui puighimt, •. /. mntnal 
niesHigoo, correapondonoo. 

PaighAnibar, W. ai. a mBawug' 

Paii/hanibur, f prophet 

'•(in, ) $./. nititodun (aipeoi- 
!xiri. / ally HA a prophet) 

nson aoulprira 


I*IUIUaisll, «. /. Ik a 

Puimdn, $. iu. .1 t 

agr(x>nient, cuui|«ttcL 
Painmun, $. m. a nH?4ktfuri . 
Puinii, f . til, u etick. 
Painiila, ». m, n gutter, n »|*oul. 
Paiuchtt, «. m. a loan ; one leg 

pair of IruwiKn. 


[ 232 ] 


Painchna, v. a. to winnow, to sift. 
Painsath, adj. sixty-five. 
Paintalis, adj. forty-five. 
Paintana, s, m. ) the foot of a bed, 
Painti, s. f. ) the side towards 

the feet. 
Paintis, adj. thirty-five. 
Pair, s. m. the foot. 
Pairahan, ^ s. m. a lon^ robe, or 
Pairahan, / shirt or shift. 
Pairak, s. m. a swimmer. 
Pairakf, s. f. act or art of swimming. 
Pairana, v. a. to cause to swim. 
Pairao, adj. beyond man's depth, 

where it is necessary to swim. 
Pairau, adj. following, follower. 
Pairau'i, s.f. following, imitation. 
Pairi, s. f. an ornament worn on the 

Paima, v. n. to swim. 
Paisa, s. m. the name of a copper 

coin ; money, cash. 
Paisa diibna, to be sunk (money.) 
Paisa dubona, to sink money, to lay 

out money without return. 
Paisa khana, to spend extravagantly, 

to waste ; to take bribes. 
Paisa lagana, to lay out or expend 

money. [penny. 

Paisa pher phar karna, to turn the 
Paisa urana, to spend extravagantly. 
Paisewala, adj. moneyed. 
Paisna, v. n. see Paithna. 
Paitara, s. m. flourishing about before 

cudgelling, &c. 
Paith, s. m. entrance, ingress, ad- 
mission, access. 
Paithalna, v. a. to force in, to make, 

to penetrate, to thrust, to run in, 

to introduce. 
Paithna, v. n. to penetrate, to rush 

or run info, to enter, to pervade. 
Paiwand, adj. joining, joined, con- 
nected : s. m. conjunction, joint, a 

patch, graft. 
Paiwandi', adj. ingrafted. 
Paiwand lagana, to patch, to graft, 

to inoculate (a tree.) 

Paiwast, s.f. junction, connexion: 
adj. joined, penetrated. 

Paiya, s. m. a wheel. 

Paizar, s.f. a slipper, a shoe. 

Paizarapaizari, s. f. fighting or mu- 
tual beating with slippers. 

Paizar khana, to be beaten with slip- 

Pajama, s. m. trowsera, long drawers. 

Pajaura, adj. mean-spirited, low. 

Pajawa, s. m. prop. Pazawa, a brick- 
kiln, [abject. 

Paji, adj. mean, contemptible, base, 

Pajimizaj, adj. mean-spirited, low. 

Pajipana, s. m. meanness. 

Pajora, adj. low, mean, shabby. 

Pak, s.f. sirup ; adj. pure, clean, holy, 
innocent, spotless, immaculate. 

Pakai, s.f the price paid for cook- 
ing, baking, &c. 

Pakana, v. a. to ripen, to dress vic- 
tuals, to cook, to bake. 

Paka pakaya, ready cooked. 

Pakar, s. f. seizure, capture, catch, 
hold, objection, difficulty. 

Pakar, s. m. the citron-leaved Indian 

Pakarna, v. a. to catch, to lay hold 
of, to seize, to apprehend, to take, 
capture, to gripe, to handle ; to ob- 

Pakarwana, v. a. to cause to seize, &c. 

Pakbaz, adj. undefiled, honest, can- 
did, sincere. 

Pakbazi, s.f. purity, honesty, candour. 

Pakdaman, adj. chaste, pure, modest 

Pakh, s. m. the first or second half 
of a lunar month. 

Pakha, s. m. see Pakhwa. '■ 

Pakhal, s.f. a leather bag for holding 
water, generally carried on bul- 

Pakhan, s. m. a kind of fowl-house. 

Pakhancl, s. m. wickedness, deceit, 

Pakhandf, | acZ/. hypocritical, deceit- 

Pakhandf, / ful, heretical. 


[ 233 ] 


I'akhawaj, «./. a kind of drum, a 

Pukhawajr, «. m. one who beats the 
pakliawaj, a drummer. 

Pukheru, 8. m. a bird. 

l*aklirauta, 8. m. a bit of gold or sil- 
ver leaf (X)vering a bira or mouth- 
ful of betel. 

Pakhri', s. /. a nosegay. 

Pakhwa, «. m. ) side, flank, gable 

Pakliwiir, s.f. j end (of a house.) 

lYiki, 8./. purity, cleansing. 

Piiki lena, v. a. to shave the hairs of 

' the privities. 

Pakiza, a/fj. clean, pure, neat, chaste. 

IMkiziigi', 8. f. cleanness, neatness, 
purity, chastity. 

Paki'za khaslut, of chaste habits or 

Pakkii, adj. ripe, mature, matured ; 
boiled, dressed (opposite to raw), 
cooked, baked (as brieks\ made 
of l)riLk; cunning, knowing, in- 
stnuted, firm, strong, proved ex- 
pent, adept. 

I'akka karna, to establish a claim, 
agreement, or proposition, so that 
no doubt or subject of dLsj)uto can 

Pakkii porhii karmi, h(h) Pakkii kamu. 

Paknii, v. n. to bo <ln»ssed or cooked, 
to ripen ; to suppuriito (aa an in- 
llamijiation, boil, &c.) ; to turn 
gny (Imirs.) 

i'ukial, r. 71. to boil in syrup. 

I'akpina, v. a. to cnusn to bo ratight, 
seizt'd or laid hoM of ; to give in 
chargr, to deliver over. 

I'ak.siil. <tdj. pure, clean, un|)ollut(H], 

Pakwiii, «. /. price paiti for ccHiking. 

Takwiin, n. in. swcetmeoits, victuals 
IViod in butter or oil. 

Takwuna, i\ a. to cnnHi> ti) Ik> drcatied 
or e(M)ked, to (Miuhu to ri|)en. 

Pal, «. in. a moment. 

Pal, 8. in. a anil ; small tent, layors 
of straw, louvos, &o., botwoeu wliich 

unripe mangos are ripened; i 

copulation of beasts. 
Pala, 8. m. frost, hoarfrost, snow ; a 

heap of earth made by children 

to separate the two parties in a 

game called Kabaddi. 
Paluk, 8. m. a kuid of greens; r! 

islier, protector, keeper. 
Palak, 8. f. the eyelid, eyelash; a 

Palakbetii, an adopted son. 
Palak daryii, «. m. clouds. 
Palakjiihi, \ 8. /. name of a mt... 
Palakjiihf, / cinal plant 
Palak ke marte, in the twinkling of 

an eye. 

Palak lagn^, closing of tho eyes. 

Palak mtirnri, \ « „ i^ «.:„i, 
T, 1 1 .1 ' ' > t>. a. to wink. 
Palak matkana, J 

Palak meu, in the twinkliiirr^fi^Ti 

Palak putr, an n i 

Ptilan, ^. w*. brill 

rearing, brottlii.^, i.......-..i..^. 

l^ilang, «. in. a bed, a beilstoad, a 
couch, a cot (to slit»p on.) 

PalangiMisli, «.m. a ooverh-t, a count - 

Palangf r, *. /. a small lHHl»U-n«l. 

Palanmi, r. a. to luddlu a bullm I 

• lUW, 

Ptilu impui^ r. ri '* to snow. 

I'aliis, «. m. naii >» which 

the lao iuiKM I lutva (hm- 

PttU* p4|>r«. ». m. ♦>><» sr e di of IIm 

l^l ■ ittUcine. 

Pil iwaslior- 

uj.: ...iT Denon. 

Pala^iia, r. n. to roluni, to chaogo, 

to turn ovt»r. ' 

1 m. 

: u mil. 
1 .... ,.., • tidl ^i^tthin tho 

power of another. 
Ptucthan, «. m. (Iritnl flour laid over 

and under bread whou ii ia rolled* 


[ 234 ] 


Paletna, v. a. to fold, to wind. 

Pall, s. f. a ladle used to take out 
oil with. 

Palisht, adj. polluted, impure, un- 

Palit, adj. unclean, polluted, impure, 

Palita, s.m. a match, a match of a gun. 

Palki, s. f. a litter, a sedan, palan- 

Palkmishm, | one who rides in a 

Palkisawar, / Palki. 

Palla, ) s. m. one scale (or side of a 

Palla, / pair of scales.J 

Palla, s. m. space, distance ; a sheet 
(generally applied to chintz or a 
shawl); one shutter or fold of a 

Pallakash, s. m. a kind of hook for 
drawing the strings of the top of 
a tent through the holes in a wall 
of a tent. 

Palledar, a porter who has bags to 
carry burthens. 

Palledarf, s. /. the business of a 

Pal marna, v. a. to wink. 

Pal marte, adv. in the twinkhng of 
an eye. 

Palna, v. n. to be reared, nourished, 
or fattened. 

Palna, v. a. to preserve, protect, to 
rear, to bring up, to cherish, to 
nourish, to breed : s. m. a cradle. 

Palra, s. m. a scale, i.e., one side of 
a pair of scales. 

Palta, s. m. recompense, revenge. 

Palta lena, to take revenge. 

Paltan, s. f. a regiment, a corps or 
body of troops, an army. 

Paltana, v. a. to turn, to cause to 
turn, to return. 

Paltaniya, adj. belonging to a regi- 
ment or army. 

Paid, s. m. a yoke (for oxen.) 

Pallida' I «• ^- ^ ^^^ ^^ flummery. 
Pal urana, to carry sail (a boat.) 

Palwal, s. m. the name of a veget- 
able and its plant. 

Palwal lati, s. f. the palwal plant. 

Palwana, v. a. to cause to nourish, 
to bring up, &c. 

Pal war, s. m. a kind of boat. 

Pamal, adj. trodden on, ruined, de- 

Pamiili, 8. f. devastation, ruin, the 
being beaten down by treading. 

Pamardi, s.f. resolution, valour. 

Pamri, s. f. a kind of silk or woollen 
cloth used as a loose garment. 

Pan, s. m. butel-leaf; drinking in 

Pan, ^ a termination affixed to 

Pana, / nouns to denote the ab- 
stract quality, and answering to 
the English terminations, sMp, 
hood, ness, &c. 

Pana, v. a. to get, to acquire, to find, 
to obtain, to enjoy, to suffer, over- 
take, to reach, accept, attain. 

Panah, s. f. shade, shelter, protec- 
tion ; asylum, refuge. 

Panah dena, to protect, to harbour, 
to give shelter. 

Panalii, s. f. in compos, protection, 
or the being the protector of. 

Panah kisi sc mangaa, to seek pro- 
tection ; to avoid. 

Panala, s.m. | a pipe or drain fixed 

Panali, s. f. j under tlie eaves of 
a house to catch the water that 
falls from the roof and conducts 
it away. 

Panapna, v. n. to commence increas- 
ing in bulk (a man, tree, &c.) ; to 
become tut ; to prosper, to flourish, 
to thrive. 

Panari, s. /. see Panala. 

Panbatta, s. m. a betel-box. 

Panbhara, s. m. see Panhara. 

Panbharin, s. f. see Panharin. 

Panel 1, adj. five. 

Panch, s. m. a council, an assembly, 
a meeting ; arbitrators. 

Panchakki, s. f. a water-mill. 


[ 235 ] 


Panchamf, \ «. /. the fifth day of 
Paiichami'i}, / the lunar fortnight. 
Pauchawaii, adj. fifty-five. 
i Paiichayat, j 8. /. a meeting of any 
Panehayatr, / particular society 
(generally as a court of inquiry) ; 
a jury, an inquest, a council. 
Panchlu', s. m. a bird. 
Panchlafti, adj. of five rows or strings 

(a necklace, &c.) 
Panchoo, as.^iociates. 
Panchpiriya, any person, Hindu or 
other, who worships the five Pirs 
or saints of the Musahnans. 
Ptinchsat, 8. m. perplexity. 
Panchtjitwa, 8. m. the five elements, 
or i)rinciplesacconling to the Hin- 
dus, viz., fire, eartii, air, water, and 
ether or space. 
Punch wuQ, adj. the fifth. 
PanchwiQ, «. /. tlic- fiftli day of the 

mcxHi or of the half month. 
Pand, «. m. jwlvieo, admonition. 
Panda, 8. m. a lirahmun who pro- 
sides at tlie temples of an idol. 
IVindiin, s.m. a box for holding betel 

and its apparatus. 
raiKJav, di'scendant of Kajii PdndU. 
I'andr,, 8. in. see Piior^'. 
Tauclit, adj. wisi*. learned : «. m. a 

learned Bniiunan. 
Panditiii, 8./. tho learning of a Bnih- 

muii, leurning. 
raiK.lit^vhiina, 8. m. a priiK>u, a lock- 
up liouse. 
ramliyjiyan, 8./. the wife of a Paor^. 
I'liutlrah, tii//. fifttMH. 
ranilialiwjiu, adj. Uritvnth. 
I'iuulniwarm 8. m. a r«)rtni^lit, 
ramluliii, 8. m. a ghost siud to haunt 

tiio river-side. 
I'ant.iuhbi,) ». /. a water-fowl, the 
Pandubi, ) coot» the tUvor. 
PuM()uk, 8. in. a turtlo-tiovu. 
Panga, 8. in. culinary wdt. 
ranghat, ». m. a paswigi' to a rivor, 
a sttiir or quay {(or dmwiug wa- 

Panfu!' } ^> ^"PPl«» 

Panha, 8. m. width, breadth. 

Panhara, s. m. a man who carries 
water in pots on his head. 

Panhtin', \ 8. f. a woman who car- 

Panharin,/ ries water on her head. 

Paniii, 1 /. V 


Paul', 8. m. water ; sperm ; lustre. 

Panflia, 8. m. an aquatic animal. 

Ptini karua, v. a. to abash, to facili- 

Ptini na'mangna, to be so wounded 
as to die instantly. 

Pani par mi, r. n. to rain. 

Piini pi pi curse exces&ivt 

Panir, s. in. cheese. 

Panirmaya, 8. m. runnet. 

Piini so patla karmi, to abash, to put 
to shame. 

Piini tormi, to draw (wat4^r, a m 

Paniyii, 8. w». water. See PoinliA. 

Paniyala, «. m. name of a fruit unt! 
ita tree. 

Paniyiind, r. irrig:ito, to wut 
to temper (steel, &c) 

Panj, a<(;. five ; of seven yean old (a 

Panju, «.m. u hand v lin- 

gers extondinl. v\n\s »w, 

gn - ' - ' • ,x... to 

h< i tort of 

til tlngonk 

Panjub, (i. ut. liuiitv ut u iHauitry. 
Panjtibi, lulj. an iuhabitunt uf the 

Pau^u kurnii.^tti l»H'k tht» finp»r» t»>- 
I'unju Uifuik^ I p'llior ^two |»i*TM>U0 

to try tlioir strength.) 
Palmar. If. ti*, the hIms (flic side: a 
Pun^ur./ sido or quarter. 
Panjan. ». /. a rib. 
Panjnyat, the tive chaptow f^f tlio 
Quniii, winch are niul ihiring ' 
mourning of a MuMilman. 
Pai^iiri; s. / a oaiidlc. 


[ 236 ] 


Panj roza, tlie space of five days. 

Panjsal, s. m. five years. 

Panjsala, adj. of five years. 

Panjshaklia, s. m. a sort or torch re- 
sembling the five fingers. 

Panjshamba, s. m. Thursday. 

Pauk, 1 s. m. a bog, mire, mud, 

Panka, j slough, quagmire. 

Pankh.s.m.a feather, a wiug ; quick- 

Pankha, s. m. a feather ; a fan. 

Pankhf, s. f. a small fan ; a bird. 

Pankhrg ^•*^* ^ P^*^^' ^ ^ower-leaf. 

Panna, s.m. a beverage ; embroidery ; 
the upper part of a shoe ; an eme- 
rald ; a leaf. 

Panni, s, /. tinfoil. 

Panon, s. m. foot, leg, feet. 

Panonpanop, U<;-.o^foot. 

Panon piyada, j -^ 

Panp, sin, fault, crime. 

Panre, s. m. a title of Brahmans, a 

Pansa, s. m. a die. 
Pan sai, five hundred. 
Pansal, j s. m. a stand where v^ater 
Pansala, i is provided for passen- 
Pansalla,) gers. 
Pansar hatta, s. m. a quarter where 

are many druggists' shops. 
Pansari, s. m. a druggist ; a grocer. 
Pan sau, five hundi-ed. 
Panseri, s. f. a weight or measure of 

five sers. 
Pansoi, s. f. a small boat so called. 
Pansu, s. /. a rib, the rib bones. 
Pant, s. /. a row, a line ; a rank of 

Pant, s. m. a sect, a religious order. 
Pantar, s. m. a desert field. 
Panth, s. m. see Pant, a road. 
Panthi, s. m. a sectary, a follower. 
Panti, s. f. see Pant. 
Panti pantf, in rows. 
Panw, s. m. leg, foot. 

Panwari, s. /. a betel garden. 

Panwariya,i s. m. a bard, a story- 
Pan wariy a, / teller. 

Panw bhar jana, numbness of the 
feet, sleeping of the feet. 

Panw dalna, to prepare for and com- 
mence an undertaking. 

Panw sona, to sleep (the foot.) 

Panw digna, to slip. 

Panw jamana, to stand firmly. 

Panw ka angiltha, the great toe. 

Panw ki ungli, a toe. 

Pa^w lagna, to make obeisance by 
embracing the feet. 

Panw paidal, adj. a foot, on foot. 

Panw pakarna, to beseech submis- 
sively ; to prevent one from going. 

Panw panw, adj. a foot, on foot. 

Panw parna, to entreat submissively. 

Panw par panw rakhna, to sit at 
ease, to sit cross-legged. 

Panw phuk philk rakhna, to do any- 
thing carefully. 

Panw piijna, to honour another, to 
avoid another. 

Panwroti, s. /. a loaf of bread. 

Panw se panw bhirana, to be near. 

Piinw tale malna, to give any one 
pain, to annoy, 

Panw torna, to be tired. 

Panw utarna, to be dislocated Cthe 

Panw uthana, to go quickly. 

Panyati, s. /. the foot of a bed. 

Pao, s. m. a quarter, a fourth part. 

Paon, 8. m. leg, foot, feet. 

Pap, s. m. sin, fault, crime, guilt. 

Papaiya, s. m. a sort of child's whis- 
tle ; name of a tree and its fruit. 

Papar, s. m. a thin crisp cake made 
of any grain of the pea kind. 

Papar belna, to undergo great la- 
bour or pain. 

Papatma,acZ/.sinful,wicked ; a sinner. 

Papbhog, s. m. suffering the conse- 
quences or punishment of sin. 

Papi, adj. m. a sinner, a criminal. 

Papiha, s. m. a sparrow-hawk.^ 


[ 237 ] 


Papin, 1 adj. f. a sinner, a criminal, 
Papinrj wicked (woman.) 
Pupi.slita, very wicked. 
PapiVi, 8. m. name of a tree and its 

Papiydda, adv. on foot, walking. 
Papkarm, «. m. a sinful action. 
Pap karna, to commit sin. 
Piip katna, to atone for sin. 
Papni', 8. /. the eyelash. 
Paposh, 8. /. a slipper, a shoo. 
Papota, 8. m. tlie maw. 
Papra, 8. m. crust. 

Papfi', 8. /. scales formed by the dry- 
inj? up of moist earth ; thin cakes 
of bread. 
I'apriyakath, «. /. a kind of white- 
coloured kath. 
Par, adj. distant, remote, other, ano- 
ther, strange, foreign : adv. and 
conj. but, yet, however : prep, on, 
upon, at, notwithstanding : «. m. 
a feather, a quill, a wing ; a fm. 
Par, 8. m. the opposite; bank or shon; : 
adv. acroHH, over, on or to tho other 
side, through, beyond. 
IVipi, 8.7/1. a .small ItutValo calf. 
Pdrii, 8. VI. quicksilver, mercury; a 

sentinel, sentry. 
IMra, 8. m. (luicksilver, mercury. 
i*ara, 8. m. a company, a body (of 

troop.s; ; a rank, a lile. 
Punib, 8. m. a festivul, holiday, foast, 

a sacre<l day. 
Parachhna, v. a. to move a lamp or 
candle over tlie headn of a bride 
and bridegroom, to drive away evil 
Hpirils, pro|)itiate gootl onua, &c, 
P.inicliin, atlj. old. ancient 
P:ii:i( hit. 8. m. atoniiuent, expiation. 

r;ii:idiiili, adj. dependi'Ut. 

Tni i]i:ii. a.m. the twolmnkH of a river. 
Tki i< istngaman, 8. m. adultery 
Piir.u i-lnganu', «. /. an adultii. ; 
Pa nig, 8. in. tho ancient uunie «ii 

Paniganda, a((/. dispersed, sentiereil, 


Parakh, s.f. inspection, examination, 

experiment, trial, proof. 
Parakhaiya, 1 8. m. an insj>ector, an 
Parakhdar, / 


examiner, prover, a«^- 

Parakhdari, «. /. the bringing of 
things to the test, the making of 

Parakhnii, v. a. to inspect, to exa- 
mine, to prove, to try, to assay. 

Parakhwaiya, 8. m. see Pamkhaiya. 

Parakna, v. n. to be liabituated, to 
acquire a habit 

Panikram, 8. vi. great power, ability, 
force, strength, prowess, r>tn>Ti[r. 

Panikram 1, at^j. bold, | 

Panilabh, 8./. fate, predesti, 

Pamm, adj. first, supn^me, be>t, > 
cellent ; u.'^ed in compos. 

Pariimarsh, s. in. atlvict\ counsel. 

Pammesliwar, 8. in. the Aiuiig) 
the Chief or Supremo God. 

Paramhans, 8. w. an ascetic ; a very 
religious man. 

Parana, v. a. to lay down, to pnt i'^ 
sleep, to cause to re|)ose. 

Paraotl'»»» "•»»• •* J<i'»*l of cake, p;i 

Panintu, rviri/. bri' " ' 

Papio, 8. III. a h. 

Pani piiuji, r. CI. ' 

Parii|«r, «<'J. wii .,i». 

Pani|¥it, \ ii.iii. i 

Paniptjt, / bem 


PuniM, 8. m, act of touching, a t«>urh. 
: Pur^H, 8. m. iwuuo of u tn^> : nul 
j made i>f tho bark of that tnn*. 

Panin. *. m, tho philotiopher'8 .stone ; 
j l*er»iiin. 
PMrasnii, r. a. to touch. 

^pjir, niutUiUIy. rcoinrocnny. 
1^ I>!»ttbwl. ) 8. w. flv* pbJlo«io- 
i'jii " ''uo 

I HI, V of 

i till ., mto 


luij. a>-quirvd. 


[ 238 ] 


Parast, in compos, adorer, worshipper, 
devoted to. 

Parasti, in combos. worship, adoration. 

Parastish, s. f. worship, devotion, 

Parastishgah, s.f. a place of worship. 

Parastrigaman, s. m. adultery. 

Parastrigami, s. m. an adulterer. 

Parat, s. m. a fold, plait, ply, layer, 
crust, a stratum. 

Parat, s. /. a large plate. 

Paratha, s. m. bread made of butter 
or ghi, and like pie-crust. 

Parati, s. f. a small plate. 

Paraw, s. m. a halting place. 

Paraya, adj. strange, foreign, belong- 
ing to another. [the moon. 

Parba, s. m. the full and change of 

Par badahia, to change (clothes.) 

Parbas, adj. depending on the will 
of another, dependent. 

Parbasi, s /. tlie being subject to the 
will of another, dependence. 

Parbat, s. m. a mountain, a hill. 

Parbati, 1 s. w. a moimtaiiieer ; a 

Parbatiya, / production of the hills. 

Parbat pahar, a long distance. 

Parbhu, s. m. lord, master. 

Parbrahm, s. m. the Supreme God. 

Parcha, s. m. proof, trial, experiment ; 
a bit, scrap. 

Parcha, s. m. a piece of cloth, a frag- 
ment, a scrap ; cloth, clothing. 

Parchana, v. a. to introduce to a per- 

Parchar, s. m. publication, disclosure. 

Parchham, s.f. image, shadow, shade. 

Parchhai'a apne se bliagna, to be 
frightened at one's own shadow. 

Parchhati, s.f. the roof of mud walls. 

Parchhawan, s. /. image, shadow, 

Parchuniya, s. m. a geneml merchant. 

Parda, \s.m. a curtain, a screen, 

Parda, / film ; secrecy, privacy, mo- 
desty, partition. 

Pardada, s. m. a great-grandfatlier 
by the Other's side. 

Pardadf, sf. a gi'eat-grandmother by j 
the mother's side. j 

Pardafash, betraying secrets. ' 

Parda karna, to conceal. 

Pardakht, s.f. patronising,supporting. 

Parda kisi ka kholna, to reveal the 
faults of another, 

Pardanishm, remaining behind the . 
curtain, modest. j 

Parda parda karna, to do a thing 
secretly or privately. 

Pardaposh, keeping a secret, a veil 
over faults. 

Pardaposhi, s. f. the throwing a veil | 
over a person's faults. »; 

Parda raklma, to give obscure hints, 
or to relate a matter in such terms 
as to be understood by part only 
of the hearers. 

Parde men surakh karna, spoken of 
women who secretly indulge in 
licentious practices. 

Pardes, s. m. a ]-emote or foreign 
country : adj. in another country, 

Pardesi, s. m. foreigner, stranger : 
adj. foreign. 

Pardhan,s.w.a president,leader, chief. 

Pardhan, s. m. another's wealth. 

Pare, adv. beyond, yonder, at a dis- 

Pare rahna, to remain at a distance. 

Pare rahna, v. n. to be in a hopeless 
or desperate state. 

Pares h an, adj. perplexed, confused, 
troubled, afflicted, distracted, dis- 
tressed, ruined. 

Pareshandil, adj. troubled in mind. 

Pareshanhal, distressed in condition. 

Pareslianf, s. f. distress ; perplexity, 
distraction, trouble, destruction. • 

Pares! 1 an karna, to perplex, to con- 
found, to trouble, to distract. 


Pareta, s.m. a reel (,for winding yarn.) 

Paretiia, v. a. to reel (thread or yarn.) 

Pargana, s. m. an inferior division of 
a country, a district. 


[ 239 ] 


Parganiit, 8. m. plur. of Pargana. 

Parf^at, adj. see Pragat. 

Pai-t^ut liona, v.a. to become manifest, 
U) appesir. 

Pargat kania, v. a. to make known. 

I'arghat;, 8<^ Pragat. 

Par girana. to get new feathers after 

]*arha, part. pass, read, learned, of 
much reading. 

Parhtiguna, adj. a learned experi- 
enced man. 

Parlian, s. f. tlie act of reading. 

i'arliana, v. a. to cause <»r ttuich tg 
road, to instruct, to teacli, to teach 
to sing or speak (^as birds.) 

Parliant, 8. f. magic, a hixjll ; study. 

Purhez.s. m. ab.stint ncc, forbearance, 
contincyce, control of the passions. 

Tarhezgar, adj. continent, cliaste : 
6. m. one wlio coiitrols his i)assions. 

Parluzgarr, 8./. abstinence, control 
of the pa,ssions. 

Parhczi', «. m. one who controls his 
jiassions : adj. fit for a person un- 
der a regimen. 

Parhcz karnti, v. a. to control one's 
jmssions ; to abstain from ; to ob- 
H(;rvo a regimen. 

I'ttVhf, s.f. crossing a river; a young 
bnfiiilo, a buftalo cidf. 

I'dr hojiinu, t<) go away, to bo off, to 
escape, to ho stolen. 

I 'arhiui, V. a. to read, to n^|)oat,to say. 

rurlniewahi, 8. in. a reader. 

I'ai'ltwana, to causu to bo taught 
reading, to te<icli to rend. 

Piin', 8./. time, tour, turn. 

I'mi, H. y'. a fairy. 

riuiclicldia,j 8. f. ordeal, oxaiuinn- 
j IVnkshii, / tion, trial, proof. 

Parikrinui, «. /. act (»f going round 
to the right by way of adoiatioii. 

Parinuin, «. m. quantity, dot)o, pro- 

! ^nml"i *•'"• ^"**'^*^» ^*^"^' *^^*- 
i'nisramr, adj. active, laborious. 

Paristan, «. m. fairy-land. 

Pariwa, 8. /. the first day of the 

moon's increase or wane. 
Pariwar, s. m. family, dependents. 
Pariya, s. f. a female butfalo. 
Parizad, adj. a fairj', a beauty. 
Parja, s.m. a subject, a tenant, renter 
Par jalna, to be witliout pnver • 

Pay jana, v. n. to lie down, to repos* , 

to abate ; to cease (as the wind.) 
Par jhalnii, see Par girana. 
Parkiij, 8. m. the business or af&urs 

of another. 
Parkaji,McJ[;. attentive to the business 

or interest of others, sening others, 

Parkala,)**. m. window gla.s8, a pano 
Parkala,/ of glass. 
Parkana, v, a. to accustom, to habi 

Par ka qalam.a pen made of a quill. 
Parkar, s.f. a ptiir of compnsst.'s. 
Parkjiri, ». /. work done with ooni 

Par karnii, to ferry over; to fini.'<l 

to perforate ; to transfix ; U> win 

Parkiis, adj. ap|)arent, conspicuous, 

cletir : «. m. light, dayli-ht. 
Parkhiii, n./. tlu« act ft 

the price piud for • 

trial, prtMif. 
Parkhuiyu, 8. m. oxnmiucr, prov» r 

fespi'cuilly of ooinH.) 
Parkhunii, r. (i. tu cauMo to iimpei t 

exuntiiio, try, m to nrovo. 

ral dudtruction (as 

r - ihcr world, a fulurti 

Parmal, n. m. pAfchod grain of jck.-. 

or biijni. 
Parman, n. m. quantity; proof, at 

test^itiou, limit ; cMiiiH\ 
Pariuat, $. m. a dilVerxMit opinion. 
Parni, P. fi. to fall, to lie down, to 

ivposo, to oucuuip, to drop; to 


[ 240 ] 


happen, to befall, to be confined to 
bed by sickness. 

Parnala, s. m. la gutter, a di'ain, a 

Pamali, 8. f. j conduit. 

Parnam, s. m. salutation, bow, obei- 

Parnana, s. m. a great-grandfather by 
the mother's side. 

Parnani, s. f. maternal great-grand- 

Par nikiilna, v. a. to invent. 

Parojan, s. m. purpose, use, exigence, 

Parona, v. a. see Pirona. 

Paropakar, s. m. the helping of 

Paropakari, s./. aiding others. 



s.m. neighbourhood, vicinity. 

Parosaiya, s. m. a distributor of vic- 
tuals to guests, a waiter, 
aiosi, I ^^ ^ ^ male neighbour. 

Parosin, s. f. a female neighbour. 

Parosiya, s. m. a neighbour. 

Parosna, v. a. to serve up dinner, to 
distribute food to guests. 

Parpaneh, s. m. delusion, fraud, im- 
position, treachery, deceit. 

Parpanchf, adj. insidious, fraudu- 
lent, artful. 

Parparahat, s. f. acrimony, smart. 

Parparana, v. n. to smart. 

Parparana, v. n. to prattle, i^ chat- 
ter ; to throb (with pain.) 

Parpat maidan, a clean level field or 

Parpota, s. m. great-grandson. 

Parpoti, s. /. great-granddaughter. 

Pars, s. m. Persia. 

Parsa, adj. abstemious, chaste. 

Parsad, s. m. viands, victuals, food 

j that has been offered to the 

Parsai, s. f. chastity, abstinence, con- 

Parsal,)^ adv. last year, the year be- 

Parsal,/ fore last. 

Parsf, 8. m. a Persian, the Persian 

Parson,ad?;.the day before yesterday ; 
the day after to-morrow. 

Parsiiram, n. prop, the sixth incar- 
nation of Vishnu. 

Parsiit, s. m. the whites, flour albus. 

Partal, s. f. the baggage of a horse- ^ 
man carried all on one bullock or 
tattii. [belt. 

Partala, s. m. a sword belt, shoulder 

Partal ka tattu, a pack-horse. 

Partr, s /. waste or uncultivated land. 

Partrt, s. f. faith, confidence, trust. 

Partit karna, to believe, to trust. 

Par tutna, see Par jalna.' 

Parvat, s. m. a mountain, a hill. 

Parvati, s. /. Durga, the wife of Siva. 

Parwa, 1 s. f. care, conceni, anxiety, 

Parwah,/ inclination. 

Parwai, adj. necessitated, having oc- 
casion for, wanting. 

Parwana, s. m. an order, a pass, a 
command, a warrant ; a moth. ' 

Parwanagr,s./. command, order, per- 

Parwanajat, s. m. orders, licences, 

Parwana kisi^ ka hona, to be despe- 
rately in love with any one. 

Parwan charlma, to grow up. 

Par war, adv. on both sides of a 
river ; quite through, through and 

Par war, s. m. name of a kind of 
goiH'd; in compos, a patron, pro- 
tector, nourisher, cherisher. 

Parwarda, brought up, nourished. 

Parwardigcir, s. m. an epithet of the 

Parwari, s. f. in compos, fostering, I 
nourishing, cherishing. 

Parwavish, s. f. fostering, nourish- I 
ment, maintenance, support, suste- I 
nance, rearing, protection.. 

Parwarish karna,to foster,to nourish, 
to maintain, to bring up, rear, 
support, &c. 


[ 241 ] 


.Parwarish pana, to obtain a liveli- 

^ Parwanti, 8. /. see Parwarish. 
I Parwati', «./. Durga, the wife of Siva. 
Pas, podpos. at the side, near, bes»ide, 

about, at, in the possession of. 
Pas, adv. after, behind, tlien, there- 
fore, consequently, iinally. 
l^iisa, 8. m. a die, a throw of dice. 
l*usana, v. a. to skim, to ix)ur off 

supei-fluous water. 
Pasand, «. / choice, approbation : 

adj. approved, gmteful, approv- 
ing, choosing, pleasing. 
. I'asjind ana,to be approved or chosen, 

to i)l(;a£0. 
Pasandjiz, 8. m. savings. [liked. 

Pasand ida, adj. chosen, approved of, 
Pasand iionii, tt) be plejised. 
Pasand karnti, to approve, to choose, 

to accede to, to like. 
IMsang, I 8. m. something placed in 
PahangaJ one scale to balance the 

other, a make- weight. 
Pasarf, «. m. one who sells 8j)icc8 ; a 

druggist, [out, expanded. 

Pasarnii, v. n. to bo spread, stretched 
Pasiirna, v. a. to spread, distend, 

stretcli out, oimju, exi>jui<l. 
rusl)rm, 8. in./, u watchnum ; a 

Hhei)herd. [keeping. 

1 *u8l)ani', M./. watch, guard, prutectiou, 
Puschuttap, 8. in. regi'ut, repcnt^ince, 

Pilsdari, »./. watcldng, giianliaDbhip. 
J'liscto, 8. m. pers|)initioii, Mweatr 
I'aseri, m. /. a w» ight of llvo aor. 
Piisghaibat, adv. in uUu'h ab»onoo, 

brliiud one's back. 
Pu-liemiin, adj. ncniteiit, suiry, 

nsliumed, al>ahhe(l. 
Pashemun lioiui. to 1m) UHhutnod. 
IWIiemiini', H. /. regnt, shunio. 
IVslnu, f<. /. w(H)l, iiuir, fur; tUo hair 

<Mi the privities. 

I""'' I adj. woollen, woollen 
l'a.h'uun:i, good^miuloofwool 

Paslim na ukha^na, to suner notiiui'z- 
from the enmity of another. 

Pashm par mama, I to despise, t' 

Pashm samajhna, ) disregard. 

Ptishoya, «. m. washing of the feet. 

Pash pash, sliivered in pieces. 

Pashtanti, v. n. to repent, to regret 

Pashttiwa, 8. m. regret, remorse. 

Pashu, «. m. an animal, a beast, 

Ptisi', 8. m. one who extracts palm 
juice: adv. near, next, close by. 

Pasijmi, V. 7i. to perspin\ to sweat, 
to melt ; to compassionate. 

Pasimi, «. m. persjiiration, sweat. 

Pasina chhutnii, lo sweat. 

Pasir, 8. f. a riU the praxx>nlia. 

Pasli phafakni, a tliriliing over t 

Pasmanda, s. m. si4vings. [hi- 

l*a.s o pesh, 8. m. eviwiion, prevarica- 
tion, hesitation. 

Pawjadd, low of stature, a dwarf. 

Past, adj. low, abjirt, mean, U'h)\\ 

Pastiimi, r. w. to r^ ■ " 

Pasta wii, *». m. st > 

Past hinnnat, a<//. . 

Pasti, 8. /. lowness, inferiority. 

Past (pidd, low of stature. 

Pjisil' I ** "*• " ^*^'*"**» *" aniimiL 
l^Ujnd, r. €L to stiteh ; to 8woU. 
l*ttt, ». f. honour, rhumcter: «. m. 

lonl, hu>l :if. 

I'ftt* *• "» "f fnllinjf or 

beating; .. ,. .. ihc vulve of »» 

folding door: cu^'. u|Nudo ik>\> 

Put, •. m. a 

in tho U| ; 
Piit, *. III. . 

whieli \N 

bruudth • 

\S\\x\^ 8. tli. :»i^u, UuilU. y\ 

uddrcHS or place to whi* : 

Pa(4i, K. til. n foil, a wtmUen aeimitar 

fur cudgelling with. 
Piitttbtt, «. iH, A very i»i)ort aock. 


[ 242 ] 


•Pataila, 8. m. a flat-bottomed boat. 

Patak, s. m. sin, crime, vice. 

Pataka, 1 s. m. a cracker, a squib : 

Patakha, / s. /. a flag, a banner. 

Pataki, adj. sinner, criminal, wicked. 

Patakna, v. a. to dash against any- 
thing, to throw on the ground with 

Patal, s. m. in Hindu mythology the 
infernal regions, hell. [garment. 

Patambar, s. m. silk, cloth, a silk 

Patau, ) s. m. roofing, flooring, &c. 

Patau, / (with planks or boards.) 

Patana, v. a. to irrigate, to water ; 
to place the beams on the roof of a 
house ; to pay money ; to besmear 
with a wash of clay. 

Pata na lagna, not to be found. 

Patang, s. m. a moth ; a child's kite. 

Patanga, s. m. a moth ; a spark. 

Patang urana, to fly a paper kite. 

Pataniya, adj. made at Patna : s. m. 
an inhabitant of Patna. 

Patao, s. m. irrigating. 

Patapat, s. m. the sound of beating 
or of the falling of drops of rain. 

Patar, adj. weak, lean. 

Patariya, s. f. a prostitute. 

Patariyabaz, a whoremonger. 

Patebaz, a fencer, a cudgeller. 

Patela, s. m.l a kind of flat-bottomed 

Pateli, s. /. j boat. 

Path, s. m. a reading, lecture, lesson. 

Path, s. m. road, path, highway. 

Patha, s. m. a young animal full 
grown (generally a goat or ele- 
phant) ; a youth or young wrestler. 

Pathan, n. prop, an Afghan. 

Pathana, v. a. to send, to despatch. 

Pathar, s. m. a stone. 

Pathauna, v. a. to send, to despatch. 

Pathi, s. f. a young she-goat. 

Pathinga, s. m. shelter, refuge, 

Pathiya, s. /. a young full-grown 
animal (applied to kids, &c.) 

Pathna, v. a. to make up cow-dung 
into cakes for fuel. 

Pathrana, v. n. to be petrified. 

Pathri, s. f. the flint of a musket; 

a gizzard ; gravel ; stone in the 

Pathrila, adj. stony (as soil.) 
Pathsala, s. f. a school, a college. 
Pati, s. m. a lord, master, husband ; 

a leaf. 
Pati, s. /. the side pieces of a bed- 
stead ; a kind of mat ; a board on 

which children learn to write. 
Pati, s. f. a letter, a note ; a leaf. 
Patibrata, adj. f. chaste (woman.) 
Patidin, adv.daily, always, constantly. 
Patil, adj. thin, fine : s. m. a wick. 
Patila, s. m. a pan, a pot. 
Patilsoz, s. f. the stand or support of 

a lamp. 
Patit, adj. abject, fallen, guilty. 
Patit pawan, purifying the guilty 

(an epithet of the Deity.) 
Patiyana, v. a. to confide in, to trust, 

to believe, to depend on, 
Patiyara, s. m. trust, confidence 

belief, dependence. 
Patjhar, adj. without leaves ; the fall 

of the leaves ; autumn. 
Patjhar hona, to lose its leaves in 

autumn (a tree) ; {7net.) to decay 

(a person from old age.) 
Patjhari, s. f. autumn. 
Patka, s. m. a girdle, a sash. 
Patka jana, v. n. to be dashed or 

thrown on the ground. 
Patkan, s. f. a knock, a fall. 
Patkana, v. a, to dash against any- 
thing, to throw on the ground witfc 

Patkani dena, v. a. to dash on tlu 

ground, to throw against anythui j 

with violence. 
Patkan khana, to fall down. 
Patkarna, v. a. see Patkana. 
Patki! dena, v. a. to dash on the 

ground with violence. 
Patla, adj. fine, thin (cloth or liquids) 

lean, delicate, weak. 
Patlai, s.f. tliinness, fineness, meagre 

ness, weakness. 


[ 243 ] 


Patna, v, n. to bo paid ; to be watered ; ] 
to be covered, to be roofed : s. m. ' 
Ti.iiiie of a city. i 

I'lMia, V. a. to roof; to cover, to fill, ! 
lo till up ; to irrigate, to water. I 
Patni', «. /. a wife. I 

Patob, «. /. son's wife. I 

Patotan, 8. m. roofinp:, &o. ; floorinnj i 
with planks or l)o;irds, kc. ("plain. | 
]*atpar maidiin, a clean level field or 
Patpat, the sound of beating. 
Piitr, \8.m. a vessel in general, a 
l*atra, / plate ; a leaf. 
Patra, g. m. an almanac, 
i'atra, «. m. a plank, a plank to sit 
\ on ; a bench, a stool ; a board on 
which dough is knejwled, &c. : 
adj. trampled under foot or de- 
♦ stroycd by locusts, hail, &c. (as a 

field of corn.) 
Patia kar dcmi, v. n. to deprive one 
of liiK power or strength ; to shako 
or pelt the fmit off a tree. 
Ptttn', H. f. a plank to write on, a 

narrow slip or plank of wootl. 
Pnlri', «./. sec i*attal. 
Tilt sill, 8. m. a hc1kk)1, schoolhouso. 
PalUi, 8. m. a l«d'; a trinkitt 
Pullu, 8. m. a look of hair; a dog's 
collar; a blind halter; a dccnl, 
])articularly a tith; lU.ed to land or 
:i (l<»ed of lease. 

i(hir, 8. m. a lea.seholder. 
1 1. H. m. the infernal regions, or 
•I a pinci? nnder the earth. 
il|rat{nl, M. /. a plate or trencher formed 
I "i Unives. 

ir, H. m. a h^f; plate or damp 
moUi\ : a decMl, diMMUneiit. 
iriitta salujni', h. /. a present given 

!•» obtain a lease. 
II*"" !i. \ 8. m. a young HiU pn^wn 
ii:l. j aninud ; a yuutli, a 

liar, *». m. a stone, 
harelmr. h. in. name of a plant 
til I tar honii, to be heavy; to stand 
Still ; to be unmerciful. 

Pattliarkala, s. m. cock (of a gun.) 

Patthar pasgnii, to be softened or 
melted (a stony heart.) [gizzar*! 

Patthn', s. f. the flint of a musket ; 

Patthrila, adj. stony. 

Patti, «. /. felly of a wheel; assess- 
ment ; a board to write on ; tli» 
side pieces of the frame of a bed- 
stead ; a bandage, a fillet ; a jilas- 
ter ; a row (of houses) ; deception, 

Patti', 8. f. a leaf; hemp, of which an 
intoxicating potion is made. 

Pattiyji, s. m. a small leaf. 

Patt"» «• "*• ^ kind of woollen cloth . 
a cloth to cover with from rain, &c. 

Patiiii, 8. m. a man who strings 
pearls ; a kind of hemp for making 
ro{X's; the sorrel plant and flower. 

Patiika, «. m. a clotli worn round tl"^ 
waist, a girdle. 

l\ituriva, 8. /. a prostitute. 

Patwiil, 8. f. a rudder, a helm. 

Pa^wana, r. a. to rcx)f, to floor ; 

Pat war, «• / ft rudder, a helm. 

I'atwiin', 8. m. one who kce(>8 aivoir 
of lands, a land steward. 

Patyjina, r. a. see Patiyiint&. 

Pautlha, 8. m, a young treo or plai 
for transplantation. 

l*aulad, 41. rn. M*e l^oltiil. 

l*aun, OilJ. thrtHM|uart«'rs a quart' 
lesH than any giv<»n nmnlNT. 

Pauuehiut, r. n. ?« T ' 

Paunijla, 8. m. a K 

Pauue, adj. ..n. ., 
of one, «M 
which niM> 

Pan pha^tui, t>) ilawii. 

Pauwii, 8. m. a ipiarler, A weij;ht 
nu^uiuro o( a <pmrt4 r of a wr. 

Pavitni, adj. Ht»o I*abitr. 

Pawiij. ». p/wr. of l*tiji, monn pmplc. 

Pawan, 8. /. air. win<i. 

Piiwiul, r. a, mv I*iinii, 

Pjiyji, \ $. m, the foot of » »iiiMv, Kumr, 

Piiya, / &c. 


[ 244 ] 


Payal, s. f. an ornament for the foot 
or ankle. 

Payam, s. m. a message, news, intel- 

Payambar, s. m. see Paighambar. 

Payambari, s. /. see Paighambari. 

Pazawa, s. f. a brick-kiln. 

Pazhmurda, adj. withered, pallid, 
decayed, blighted, faded. 

Pech, s. f. a screw ; twist, a coil, a 
plait; difficulty, perplexity, trou- 
ble; an intricate scheme, deceit, 

Pech a, s. m. an owl. 

Pechak, s.f. a ball, a skein of thread. 

Pechish, s.f. pain in the bowels, 
tenesmus, gripes. 

Pech chuuna, to bind the twists of a 
turban with care. 

Pech dalna, to throw obstacles in the 
way ; (in playing with paper kites) 
to entangle the string of an adver- 
sary's kite. 

Pechdar, adj. twisted.coiled, intricate. 

Pech dar pech, coil within coil, en- 
tangled, complex, intricate. 

Pech dena, to circumvent, to deceive, 
to twist, to screw, &c. 

Pech karna, to deceive, to trick, to 

Pechkas, ) s./ a tm-nscrew, a cork- 

Pechkasli, / screw. 

Pech kliana, to coil ; to be perplexed ; 
to sustain a loss. 

Pech kholna, to untwist, to unscrew. 

Pech khulna, to be untwisted or un- 

Pech parna, to become difficult or 
intricate, to occur (as an obstacle), 
to be entangled. 

Pech uthana, to suffer loss or distress. 

Pech wan, adj. twisted (generally 
appliedto huqqas or huqqa-snakes.) 

Pekiina, ) s. m. the artifices and 

Peklina, / pretences of a woman. 

Pel, s. m. a shove, push, thrust. 

Pelar, s. m. a testicle. 

Pel marna, v. n. to shove, to push. 

Pelna, v. a. to shove, to push ; to 
stuff, to cram. 

Pern, s. m. love, friendship. 

Pench, 8. m. see Pech. 

Pencha, s. m. an owl. 

Penda, s. m. "1 the bottom (of a vessel, 

Pendi, s.f. ) box, pot, &c.) 

Peng, s. f. the exertion made by peo- 
ple in a swing, when two persons 
keep the swing in motion without 
assistance from bystanders. 

Penna, v. a. see Pahinna. 

Peori, s. f. a yellow colour. 

Per, s. f. a tree, a plant. 

Pera, s. m. a kind of sweetmeat made 
with curds ; an unbaked loaf. 

Per lagana, to plant trees. 

Perna, v. a. to press (oil by means of 
a mill), to squeeze, to rack. 

Peru, s. a turkey. 

Peru, s. m. the stomach below the 
navel, the pubes. 

Pesh, s. m. before, in front, forward ; 
the vowel point P . 

Pesha, s.m. trade, profession, business. 

Peshab, s. m. urine. 

Peshabband, s. m. strangury. 

Peshagi, s.f. an advance (of money.) 

Peshamad, s. f. access, admittance. 

Pesh ana, to treat, to behave, to ne- 
gotiate, to come before, to occur, to 
happen, to present (itself.) 

Pesbani, s, f. the forehead, the 

Peshaur, n. prop, name of a city. 

Pesliauri, s. f. a kind of shoe. 

Peshawar, n. prop, name of a city. 

Peshbandi, s. f. foresight, timely 

Peshgi', s. /. an advance (of money.) 

Peshkar, s. m. a manager, agent, 

Peslikari", s.f. deputyship, agency. 

Peshkash, s. m. a present, a tribute. 


[ 245 ] 


Pesli kliaima, s. m. a tent or baggage 

sent on before. 
Peshqabz, s. m. a kind of dagger. 
Peslitar, adv. before, prior, sooner, 

formerly, heretofore, ago. 
Peshwa, «. m. a leader, a guide. 
Peshwai, 8. /. guidance. 
Peshwa z, s.f. a gown, a female dress. 
Pet, 8. m. the belly, the womb, preg- 
nancy, cavity, capacity. 
Peta, «. /. a large basket. 
Petarthii, adj. gluttonous, epicurean. 
Pot bandhmi, to eat less than one's 

appetite demands. 
Pet harhiina, to cjit voraciously ; to 
encroach on the share or rights of 
Pet hatlin^, to be pained or griped 

(the bowels.) 
Pf'tbhar, a/lv. bellyful. [satisfied. 
Pet bharna, to fill one's belly ; to be 
Pet, cliahia, "1 to be purged, to have 
Pet cliliiitnti, / a diarrha'u. 
Pet dikhana, to complain of poverty 

and hunger. 
Pet gafguranii, to have boborygmi. 
P(;t gininii, to ciiuse an aljortion. 
Pet girna, to miscarry 'a female.) 
Petliii, ». m. a kind of gourd. 
P('t liarbirtina, to liuve a griping or 

inchnation to hU>o1. 
Pcfhiyji, «./. a market, a Ixizjmr. 
Pcti, ». f. a Ix'lly-band, a girth- •• 

box, a tumbril. 
I'ti jiihni, to Ih3 very hungry. 
Vv\ jari homi, to bo lluxixl, tn 1 . 

IV^ ka (hikh denii, to Btnrvc. 
\\\, kiitnji, to pinch onoB bell 

stArvc on»' 8 self. 
IN'tka p;irda, ». m. tlie omentum. 
\\\ ki tig, tt, f. nrnternnl atli>ctioii ; 

Pt'i ki Imteo, "•/. l>oHom stij'n't*«. 
P( i lag jjinii, to be starving with 

Pet lag mlinrt, to bo very hungfty. 
Pei mtirni, to show partiality. 

Pet meo lena, to bear or put up with, 
to endure. 

Pet meo paithnd, to wonn one*! 
self into the secrets of another, to 
become intimate. 

Pet palna, to get a livelihood. 

Pei phiilna, to burst with laughter. 

Pei pi^h ek bona, to be greatly ema- 

Petponchhan, the last child of a 

^'tP"«'!t I adj. glutton. 

Petposua, j ^ ^ 

Pet rahm^ to be pregnant 

Pet raklidnd, to get with child. 

Pet se, adj. pregnant. 

Pet se homi, to be pregnant. 

Petii, adj. gluttonous, epicurean. 

Petwalj, adj. pregnant. 

Pewakkar, ". m. a tippler, a drink 

Pewp', M. /. see Peofi. 

Phabakna, r. n, tO slioot forth (at a 

plant) ; to grow, sprout. 
Phabnti, v. n. to beconio. to befit. 
Phabtii, adj. |)ertinent, fitting. 
Phabtf, 8./ conjtrturing wliat a pcx- 

son is by his ilress. 
Phabti kjlhmi. r. a. to wiy wluit it 

oonj«'<'tur«xi by oue'n ilre.tH. 
Phadphadumi. v. n. to itprttid (n« a 
sore) : to ferment (itiimtur ntilk./^) 
Phiig. H. m. the puuU>lN of the UollT. 
r'-vrnn, n. m. >«<*• Phtigun. 

liii, t. m. the mui«* ns IIol^. 
ini, tt. m. th<* nnuio of thf^ 
:• ventli Hindu' month. 
r. ihu. *. III. a fi«H«k of cotton 
' ' f JNitttai wetted with fti 
I r. <i. to »prrad, tooxivui t. 

U> %^itleu, to stretch out, tit oxtetwl, 
to dintiMid, t4> publiuli, to pruolaiuu 
to branch out. 
Phuiliio, «. til. expnn^ 
Plmiln^r. n. to W Hpt 
to he ex|n»nd«*d, lo bo d. 
btct>nie public. 
Pludnau^ r. n. t " 


[ 246 ] 


Phainta, s. /. a small turban. 

Phak, s. m. a chasm, an aperture. 

Phakkar, s. m. wrangling, mutual 
abuse; raillery. 

Phakkarbaz, an abuser, an indecent 

Phakri, s. f. the act of treating with 
rudeness. [betel-nut. 

Phal, s.f. a plough-share ; a lump of 

Phal, s. m. fruit, effect, advantage ; 
reward ; children, progeny ; the 
punishment of a crime ; the blade 
of a knife or other instrument ; a 

Phalana, v. n. to cause to produce, to 

Phalang, s. f. a stride, leap, bound. 

Phaldar. adj. fruitful, bearing fruit. 

Phaldayak, adj, giving fruit, fruitful. 

Phali, s. f. a cod, a pod of any legu- 
minous plant, but particularly of 
peas ; a loop ; the head of a spear 
or arrow ; a plough-share. 

Phalikash, s. m. a hook for drawing 
the strings through the holes by 
which the walls of a tent are laced 
to the top. 

Phaliyana, v. n. to bear fruit. 

Phalna, v. n. to bear fruit ; to pro- 
duce ; to be fortunate. 

Phal pana, to reap the reward of 
(good or bad actions.) 

Phal phalari, fi-uits of various kinds. 

Phalsa, s. m. name of a fruit. 

Phaltar, s. m. the fruit bearing tar. 

Phal want, adj. fruitful, advantageous. 

Phamphar, s. m. a hole, an orifice. 

Phan, s. m. the hood of a snake, his 
expanded neck. [Phanda. 

Phand, s. m. circumference. See also 

Phanda, ^ s. m. a noose, a net ; per- 

I^handa, / plexity, difficulty. 

Phanda, s. m. the i:»lace in the string 
of a pellet-bow on which the pel- 
let is placed to fire it ofi'. 

Phandana, v. a. to cause to jump or 
leap over. [trap. 

Phajidlana, v. a, to ensnare, to en- 


Phandna, v. a. to bound, to spring, 
to jump or leap over ; to ensnare. ■ 
Phanga, s. m. } , 

Phan|i,s./. I a grasshopper. 

Phani, s. m. a wedge. 

Phank, s. f. a slice, a piece of fruit • 

a part, a division. 
Phanka, s. m. a handful of anything 

eaten by being chucked into the 

Phanka mama, to eat by chucking 

into the mouth, to chuck food into 

the mouth. 
Phanki, s. f. a slice or piece of fruit. 
Phankna, v. a. to chuck into the 

mouth from the palm of the hand. 
Phanphanana, v. n. to hiss (as a 

Phans, s. m. a noose, a slip-knot. 
Phansana, v. a. to cause to be en- 
snared, caught or involved in, &c., 

to entrap. 
Phansao, "1 s. m. entanglement, stick- 
Pliansaw, / ing. 

Phansf, s. /. a noose, a loop ; stran- 
Phansi dena, v. a. to hang, to strangle. 
Phansigar, s. m. see Phansiyara. 
Phansi lagana, v. a. to kill one's self 

by hanging. 
Phansi parna, v. n. to be hanged. 
Phansiyara, s. m. a foot-pad who 

strangles passengers or travellers. 
Phansna, v. a. to noose, to ensnare, 

to entrap. 
Pliansna, v. n. to be entangled, to 

stick, to be involved (in calamity, 

&c.), to be ensnared, noosed, or 

entrapped, to be caught. 
Phanswana, v. a. to cause to noose, 

strangle, &c. 
Phan uthana, v. a. to spread the 

hood (a snake.) 
Pliao, s. 9|i. a small quantity given 

above the quantity purchased, to 

Phaora, s. m. a mattock, a hoe. 
Phaorf, 8. f, an instrument like a 


[ 247 ] 


sinall rako or hoc for removing 

tilth, &c, 
]'Kai)hola, 8. m. a blister. 
1 'li;ipliole phiitna, to break (a blister.) 
JMiaplisa, wlj. insipid; swelled. 
i'liai>hundi', ) «. /. mouldiness ; 
Piiaphundj', / mould (on fruit, 

bread, &c., from dampness.) 
Phapola, 8. m. a blister. 
Phar, «./. a gaming-table, a particu- 
lar game ; the pole of a carriage. 
Phtira, j>ar<. pa88. torn, broken, split, 

Phandirii, «. m. a vane, a pennant. 
Pharahn', adj. half-dried (as the 

ground after rain.) 
\ Pharakna, v. n. U) vibrate with con- 
[ vulsive involuntary' motion, as the 
' eyelids and other muscles. 
Pharami, v. a. to cause to be torn, 

HI)lit, or cleavetl. [at dice. 

Pharljaz, s. m. a gamester, a player 
I'harbazi, «. /. gambling, playing at 

Pharchii, «. m. clearing away or dis- 

p(!r«i<)n (of cloudw, Ac); fair 

weatlier; decision, definitive bcu- 

tence (of a judge.) 
Pharehiina, v. (i. to settle, to decide. 
riiurciilui, adj. fair (not clouily.) 
iMiarelihii honti, v. n. to clear up, lo 

iM'come fair (the wiather. ) 
IMiarchhii karnii, r. a. to bi<tlle. 
riiari, H. /. a shield, a target. 
I'hariya, h. m. a pernou who muIIm 

grain, &e., on comission. 
i'iitlr khunti, r. a. tu wurry. to bite 

and gnaw, 
riuirna, r. a. to U'ar, to lacemt*\ to 

nmd, to split, to break, to dttivo 

( wood, &C.), to tear o[X}U, to bunt, 

to rip. 
riiarphand, 8. m. trick, deooit, 

Viiiiiplianiliyji, (ulj. doceitful, irea- 

ehcnms, wiekcnJ. 
Pharpluirtdiat, «./. disquietude, agi- 
tation, tlutter. 

Pharpharana, r. n. to boost, to flut : 
Piiarphanya, «. to. a boaster. 
Pharrana, v. n. to fly (as a flafi^.) 
Pharnita, «. m. a piece of bBuilMx; ; i 

sound made by the Hying of a ll i.: 

or the breathing of a honne. 
Pharsa, «. m. an axe, a hatchet. 
Phasana, v. a. to cause to stick 

in mud,&c. , to entangle; to aiu 

to be im])risoned. 
Phasiio, 8. TO. stir! •" - ■ •■* rti^lemeut. 
I'haskan,^ s.m. • ground 

Phaskar, / wii; legs. 

Phasmi, r. ?». to I in mu<l, 

&C.X to be e;i irwl. im- 

pri - ' ■ - ' . : : .\ Iv. .1 '-. 

Pha>I .. I...S.. a. .!;..,,,. 

IMia^a, K. m. a cnu*k, a rt-uU 

IMnitak, s. to. a gate, a hirge di 
stocks, arrvst. 

Phatakha, *. to. a cracker (llrvwork.) 

Phat^dcmi, v. n. to winnow, tu ilutft, 
to shake or knot^k off any light 
thing : r. n. to l)o ik*|mnitixl. 

Phato nieo piiow deiui, to int*rf. 
in anything. 

Phatkari, «. /. alum. 

Phainti, r. ti. U* bi« torn, uplit, root. 
brr)kin), cmcktMi, torn u>undtr, to 
buntt. [pientil'uily. 

Piuit l>anM^. (*• **• to Im> pn<«UMt«l 

PhMt!'»--'- •" -' '■^- ■■' fht|l 

t).'' tu 

of a |M ii*'U \\ 
Phatuir, «. ff*. a 

PluiUnU H. TO. n III lii"^ 1^. It ti<>^ . 

Pluiw, $. m. M.V Phtti). 

Piitiyu, «. m. a tl«>ok of cottiui. 

Piieu. «. III. f««tm. fnith. 

I'hrnaiut. r. u. to fivtni. to fr>ilh. 

Plienk dena, to r' 

Phonkiui, r. (I. t .to 

dart, to let 11} mo 

at full »\M^^\ . to f^idU'p. 
Phiuik phaiik kariui. t«t ilm>v mwmj, 
Pbooppi, «. TO. the hiug«. 


[ 248 ] 


Phenta, s. f. a small turban; a 

Phenti', 8. /. a skein (of thread, &c.) 

Phontna, v.a. to mix, to beat (as eggs, 
&c.;, to triturate. 

Phenus, 8. m. biestings, the milk of 
a cow, &c., for some days after 

Phephra, s. m. the liglits or lungs. 

Plier, s. m. turning, meander, twist- 
ing, circumference ; difficulty, dis- 
tance ; equivocation, ambiguity : 
adv. again, back. [nation. 

Phera pherf, s. /. alternating, alter- 

Pher dena, to return, restore, refund. 

Phen', s. f. hawking, going about 
(with commodities for sale.) 

Pheriwala, s. m. a pedlar. 

Pher kliana, to wind (as a river), to 
meander ; to go round about ; to 
meet with perplexities. 

Pherna, v. a. to turn, to turn back, 
to return, to invert, to reverse, to 
turn away ; to walk backwards 
and forwards ; to carry or bring 
back ; to plaster ; to stroke. 

Pher parna, to differ. 

Pherphar, adj. alternate. 

Pherpliar karna, to alternate. 

Pheta, s. m. a small tm-ban ; a 

Phetna, v. a. to beat up and mix, to 
froth, to mix by trituration. 

Phik, s.f. the point of a whip, 8l!c. 

Phika, adj. weak, vapid, tasteless, 
insipid, pale, sallow, light (in 
colour), saltless, weak (as tobacco, 

Phikait, s. m. a thrower (of a spear, 

Phikana, v. a. to cause to throw. 

Phikka, adj. see Phika. 

Philli, s. /. the leg. 

Phmch dalna,\i;. a. to wash cloth, to 

Phinchna, j rinse, to squeeze. 

Phinkna, v. n. to be thrown. 

Phinkwana, v. n. to cause to fling or 

Phir, adv. again, then. 

Phirana, v. a. to cause to turn, to 
whirl, to wheel, to make to go 
about, to roll, to return, to wander. 

Phirat, s. m. rejected things ; money 
paid by a lewd woman to her pa- 

Phir jana, v. n. to return, to revolt ; 
to be distorted ; to go from one's 

Phirki, s. /. whirligig, anything 
turned as on an axis. 

Phirna, v. n. to turn, to return, to 
walk about, to go round, to whirl, 
to wheel, to wander, to travel, to 
ramble, to change, to revolt. 

Phirtabhara, s. m. return hire. 

Pliirta rahna, v. n. to wander, to pe- 
rambulate, to walk about. 

Phirti, 8. f. returning, return, home- 

Phirti ka bhara, the hire of a return 
boat, carriage, &c. [turned. 

Phirwana, v. a. to cause to be re- 

Phisalna, v. n. to slip, to slide; to 
err : adj. slippery. 

Phislaha, adj. slippery. 

Phislaiia, v. a. to cause to slip, slide, 
or err. 

Phisphisana, v. n. to be terrified. 

Phit, s.m.curse,malediction : adv. fie ! 

Phitana, v. a. to beat up and mix, to 

Phitkar, s./. curse, malediction. 

Phitkarna, v. a. to curse. 

Phitkiri, 8. /. alum. 

Phok, adj. hollow. 

Phokna, s. m. the bladder. 

Piiola, s. m. a blistei', a gall. 

Phonk, adj. liollow, not solid (par- 
ticularly jewels.) 

Phonpar, adj. hollow. 

Phonphi, s. f. a pipe, a tube ; any- 
thing. perforated or hollow. 

Phonpra, adj. hollow. 

Phora, 8. m. a boil, a sore, an ulcer. 

Phorna, v. a. to break, to burst, to 
disclose, to divulge (a secret.) 


[ 249 ] 


Phiia, «. /. paternal aunt. 
Phudakna, v. n. to jump, to leap, to 
hop, to dance about in token of de- 
Phudki, 8. f. the name of a bird. 
Phiiha, 8. m. an artificial teat or 
pap, forrped of cotton or other sub- 
stance, by which milk is given to 
a young animal, when unable to 
suck its mother. 
Phuliar, adj. stupid, foolish ; a bad 

housewife, a slattern. 
Phiiharpan, ) s. m. stupidity, folly, 
Phuharpana,/ silliness. 
Phuhi, 8./. small rain. 
Phuknii, 8. m. the bladder : v. n. to 
be blown, to be blown up fa fire.) 
Phiikna, v. a. to blow, to inflate. 
Phukni, «. /. a blow-pipe. 
Phul,| 8. m. a fi()\V(;r, a blossom; a 
Phul,/ bunch of ribands, or a cock- 
• ade; a swelling; a kind of boll 
metal ; menses ; a ceremony pt^r- 
formcd in honour of a <leceased 
I)ersoii on the third or fourth day 
after his death. 
Phiila, a^y. swelled ; blossomed. 
IMmlana, v. a. to cause to swell, to 

(hHt(Mi(l; to fatten. 
Phiihi na samatui, not to be able to 
contain one's self from delight, to 
1)0 ovcrjoyt'd, t<> exult, 
rhnliio, 8. m. swelling. 
IMmlaurr, k. /. brisad (»r cake mfule of 
frnit. antl jJuKse, and fried in ghi 
or oil. 
Pliiil haithnii, r. n. to bo glad. ^ 
Phulcl, 8. m. oil inipregnutod with 
the e8.sonce of fiowurs by Hteiping 
them in it ; sweet-w^nhul oil. 
Phiili, 8./. a disonler in the fye, ilio 

riuil jiimi, V. n. to swell; to bo do- 
lighted« to be pleusod ; to l)Ocoine 
Phiiijhari',"! 8. /. a kind of firework 
Phnljliiiri,! like a fonntain. 
Pluil jhafnA, wiu to speak eloiiuontly. 

Phulka, ac(/. inflated.puffed up . $. m. 

a kind of cake or small loaf; a 

Phulkari, 8. m. flowered cloth. 
Phulki', 8. /. a cake of raised bread, 

Phiilkobi', 8. /. a cauliflower. 
PhuUa, 8. w. I a disease of the • _ 
Phulir, 8./. / catanict. 
Phulna,"! v. n. to blossom, to blow, 
Phiilna,/ to flower; to be pleased, 

to flourish ; to swell, to be puffed 

up (with pride, &c.) 
Phiil uthna, v. n. to bo perfonned (a 

ceremony in honour of the dead.) 

Phunang, s.f. the topraodt branch of 

a tree ; summit. 
Phundnd, 8. m. a tassel. 
Pliungf, 8./. a sprout, bud, the p 

of an ear of corn, &c. 
Phuohilr, 8./. small tlrops of mir 
Phuolnini, B.m. a fountun, a j<'t tl 
Phiiohi', 8./. small dri/^li»>g min 
Phuniyii, 8. /. jHMiis piuriliH. 
Piiu'nk, 8. /*. act of blowing; a pnflT, 

a blast, blowing up (fire, Ac.) 

Phnnkiiri miimiL, 1 v. fi. to \\\m :i 
Phunktimd, ] aiako.) 

Phiinkdeii^toaetoDilre: toohann : 

Uf blow. 
Pliunknfi,p.< blow with the b^ 

\o blow up (a flro, Jtc.\ to tpl on 

\\n\ to kuidlo; to blow <;• horn, 

Plumkni, V, n. to ho blown f with 
* bronth^! *. w. the blndiler. 

Phi! ' ; ' V "" riiti, to:n I 

<-! iiioiwlY. 

Pbu;....; ... •" hhm. 

to cause to sot on \\t\\ 

"""""; },./;.. 


PliuuHt. 8./. a pimplo. 
Phiipha, •.ifkfuUier sai 



[ 250 ] 


Phuphera, adj. related through a~pa- 
ternal aunt. 

Phuphera bhai, the son of a pater- 
nal aunt, cousin (male.) 

Phupheri bahin, daughter of a pa- 
ternal aunt, cousin (female.) 

Phuphf, ] s.f. fatlier's sister, a pater- 

Phiiphi, / nal aunt. 

Phuphiya sas, s. /. the sister of a fa- 

Phuphiya susur, 8. m. the husband of 
a father-in-law's sister. 

Phuphkar marna, ^ v. n. to hiss (a 

Phuphkarna, j snake.) 

Phuphu, "I s. m.f. father's sister's hus- 

Phiiphu, / band, or father's sister. 

Phuppha, s. m. see Philpba. 

Phuriya, s.f. a sore, a pimple, a boil. 

Phurr, s. m. the noise of a bird, as a 
partridge or quail, suddenly taking 
wing, or of a small quantity of 
gunpowder exploding. 

Phurt, I 8. f. activity, quickness, 

Phurti, / alertness, agility. 

Phurtila, adj. quick, nimble, active, 
smart, alert, expert. 

Phus, s. sound, &c. See Awaz. 

Phus, s. m. old dry grass or straw. 

Phusahinda, adj. disgusting, stinking. 

Phusarphusar, s. m. whispering. 

PhusMhat, s. f. cajoleiy, seduction. 

Phuslana, v. a. to coax, to wljeedle, 
to cajole, to flatter, to decoy, to en- 
tice, to seduce. 

Phuslau, \ s. m. a coaxer, a 

Pliuslauniya, / wheedler, instigator. 

Phusphusana, v. n. to whisper. 

Phusphusawat, s. f. whispering. 

Phnt, adj. odd, unpaired, separated. 

Phiit, s.f. a kind of melon; odd, 
unpaired ; difference of opinion ; 

Phuta, adj. broken, cracked (as a ru- 

Phiita pani, s. m. boiling water. 

Phiit bona, to be divided in opinion. 

Phutkar, adj. odd, unpaired. 

Phutki, s. /. a blot, spot, stain. 

Phiitna, v. n, to be broken; to be 
dispersed, to be separated; to 
burst; to arise (as a smell}, to burst 
forth ; to sink (ink on paper) ; to 
boil (as water) ; to burst forth. 

Phiit parna, to arise (dissension.) 

Phiit phat bona, to become separated 
(from dissension, &c.) 

Phut phiit kar rona, | to weep exces- 

Phiit phiit rona, / sively,to burst 
into tears. 

Phiit rahna, to be unpaired. 

Pi, see Piya. 

Piaj, s. f. prop. Piyaz, an onion. 

Piak, s. m. a tippler, a toper. 

Pias, s. /. prop. Piyas, thirst. 

Piasa, adj. prop. Piyasa, thirsty. 

Pib, s.f. pus, matter, corruption, pu- 
rulent running. 

Pibiyana, v. n. to suppurate. 

Pichakna, u n. to be squeezed, to be 

Pichchi, adj. adhering, sticking, 

Pichchi bona, to be stuck together 
(as with glue.) 

Pichh, s. f. rice-water, rice-gruel. 

Pichha, s. m. the hinder part, the 
rear; pursuit, following, persecu- 
tion, absence. 

Pichha karna, to pursue, to chase, to 
follow^; to recoil fa gun, &c.) 

Pichha lena, to pursue, to importune, 
to be obstinately persevering. 

Pichhalna, v. n. to shp, to slide. 

Pichlianna, v. a. to know, to be ac- 
quainted with, to recognize. 

Pichhari, s. /. the rear ; the ropes by 
which a horse's hind legs are tied : 
adv. in the rear, behind. 

Piclihe, 1 adv. in the rear, after, be- 

Pichbe, / hind, afterwards, astern, 
in the absence. 

Pichhe lagna, to pursue, to follow. 

Pichhe parna, to run after, to impor- 
tune, to dun, to persecute. 


[ 251 ] 


Piehlila, adj. hindermost, hinder, 
latter, last, modern, recent. 

l*i<}ihlaua, v. a. to cause to slip, 

J'lchliu, see Picliha. 

I'iclihut, 8. m. back of a house : adv. 

I'lchhwa, 8. m. the hinder part (of a 
saddle particularly.) 

I*i(,-liliwara, s. m. i the rear, the back 

I jclihwarr, s. f. j part : adj. hinder- 
most, abaft, hinder, in the rear. 

Pichkaiia, v. a. to squeeze, to press 
together, to shrivel. 

Pichkan', 8. f. a squirt, a syringe. 

Pichjiicha, adj. liabby, watery, clam- 

IMdar. «. m. father. 

Piddii, 8. in. name of a bird. 

pl'drl; }«•/•» tomtit. 
Pifjjahm, ) v. n. to melt or be melted, 
Pi^'lialmi, j to be in fusion, 
I'igldanti, v. a. to melt, to fuse, to 

s(jftun 'an angry or hard ix^raon), 

to assuage, to mollify. 
Pi jami, V. a. to drink or be drunk, 

to stiflo one's passions, to refmiu 

from answering. 
Pdf, 8./. the juii'c of the betel-leaf 

chewed and spit out. 
I'lkdtin, «. m. a spitting pot. 
I'lkdani', «. /. a small spitting pot. 
I'll, 8. tn. an ('k4)hant. 
Tihi, mij. yellow. 
IMiir, «. /. yellownesH. 
Tilu f, 8. J\ tluj HpK.iii, a dimmtto fwm 

onlnrgemciit or inilanuiuition uf 

tlie spleen. 
Pihim, 8. 7». ft (xiftrso calico. 
Pilunti, V. a. to give or cuube to drink, 

lo suckle, to nur«c. 
Pilbin, ^•. m. an th'phnnt-drivcr, one 

who has charg«) of I'lrpliuntM, 
Pilhtiui, ».J\ the busiuetiH of taking 

care of elephants. 
Plldauilan, h. vi. ivory. 
Pill', 8. J. yellowness;* tho bligbt 

Pilinda, 8.m.\ , ,| 

Pilla, 8. m. a pup, a whelp, a cub. 

Pillii, 8. m. a worm. 

Pilna, V. a. to attack, to assault. 

Pilpa,a(7/. afflicted with elephantiasis. 

Pilpaya, 8. m. a pillar, a column. 

Pilpilii, adj. soft, liabby, flaccid. 

Pilpilaliat, 8./. softness. 

Pilpilanti, v. a. to soften. 

Pilu, 8. m. the name of a tree. 

Piluii, 8.m. a worm. 

Pina, V. a. to drink, to smoke (tobac- 
co) : 8vb8t. drinking, «S:c. : 8. m. the 
dregs or refuse (of linse'cd, &C.) ; 
the oil-cake of the i>oppy-setd. 

Pinak, 8. /. intoxication and d^o^^ 
ness from opium ; drowsiness. 

Pinas, 8. m. a disciise in the no- . 
cold, catarrh; a kind of boat *r 
barge, a ninnace, 

Pind, 8. in. IxKly, person ; l>alls Qiado 
of flour or rice and oflertHl to tbo 
manes at a religious cerumouy of 
the Hindus. 

Pindti, 8. m. balls luado of flour, <^'' 
8ee I'int.l. 

Pindiini, 8. m. a pbindoror, or i 
lager among M 

Pind chhurunii. < 

l*in<ir, 8./. a luiui- . . 

may 1h> eontninetl i . % 

ball of tolmeix); u »T 

bill of Dtrtng. 

Pindli. »./. Uh' wlf of llie Kg. 

Pin(,l imrnu. to follow, to purvui'. : 
U« intent on. 

Pinliiinii, r. d. to clotiie, to put on 
(oloUu«), to adorn, to dn<Mt. 

Piiii', «./. toba(x;o (for Hiiioking.) 

Pinjni, ». m. a eago, u trap. 

Pinjni honii. to Ih> «>r gntw Kan. 

Pink I, 8./. H»H' Pjuuk. 

i'innu, 8. III. n enko of niUj«liinl-«<?od 
reiitnining wtXvt tJio expr\>«»tim of 
tho oil, and giwn to cowh, dc f 


Piupiudna^ r. n. tu Iwiuig. to wliiz. 


[ 252 ] 


Pio, 8. m. husband, lover, sweetheart. 

Pipa, 8. m. a pipe, a barrel, a cask. 

Pipal, 8. m. a species of fig-tree: 
s. /. long pepper. 

Pipla, 8. m. the point of a sword, &c. 

Piplamiil, I 8. m. the root of the 

Piplamiir, / long pepper-tree. 

Pir, 8. m. a saint a spiritual guide ; 
an old man ; Monday : s. f. pain, 
pity, feeling, compassion. 

Pira, adj. yellow. 

Pira, 8.f. pain, sickness, anguish. 

Pirana, v. n. to have pain, to be pain- 
ful, to i)ain, to ache. 

Pirha, 8. m. a stool, a chair, a seat. 

Pirhi, 8. /. a stool, a chair; a gen- 
eration of progenitors. 

Piri, 8. /. the act of making pro- 
selytes ; old age, decrepitude. 

Pirich, 8. a saucer. 

Pirona, v. a. to thread (as a needle) ; 
to string (as pearls), to spit. 

p. ., X '[s./. the earth, the ground. 

Pirwana, v. a. to cause to press, to 
squeeze or pound. 

Pisab, s. m. the act of making urine ; 

Pisach, 8. m. an evil spirit of a par- 
ticular class, a demon, a spectre. 

Pisachn/, s. f. a female pisach. 

Pisai, 8. /. price paid for grinding. 

Pisan, 8. m. meal, flour, bottledust. 

Pisana, v. a. to reduce to meal, to 

Pisar, 8. m. a boy, a son, a cliild. 

Pishab, 8. m. urine. 

Pishach, s. m. see Pisach. 

Pishwaz, 8./. a gown or female dress. 

Pislana, v. a. to cause to grind. 

Pisna, V. a. to grind, to triturate ; 
to bruise to powder; to gnash 
(the teeth.) 

Pisna, V. ii. to be reduced to meal, to 
be ground, to be bruised or broken 
to powder; to be ruined or dis- 
Pissii, 8. m. a flea. 

Pistil, 8. m. a pistachio-nut. 

Pista'i rang, s. m. pea-green. 

Pistaul, ) . , , 

Pistol, I '' ^- ^ P^^^^l- 

Pit, 8. /. love, affection, kindness. 

Pita, 8. m. a father. 

Pital, 8. m. brass. 

Pitam, 8. m. a lover, a sweetheart ; a 

Pitambar, \ 8. m. a silk cloth of 

Pitambar, j yellow colour. 

Pitambar, a silk cloth. 

Pitana, v. a. to cause to beat, thrash, 
pound, &c. 

Pitara, s. m. a large basket, a port- 
manteau ; a kind of balloon. 

Pitari, 8. /. a small basket, a port- 

Piturpakh, 8. m. the first or dark 
fortnight of the lunar asin month. 

Pitarii, s. a glutton, a gormandizer. 

Pith, 8. /. the back. 

Pitha, 8. m. a kind of food made of 
rice and flour. 

Pithana, ^ , j a i a. i 

Pithauna, | ^•^- *^ ^^^^' *^ ^^espatcli. 

Pith den a, to run away, to flee ; to 
turn, to shrink fi-om. 

Pithiya, s. /. a market. 

Pithiya thoiik, adv. closely. 

Pith lagna, to have a sore on the 
W'k (a horse.) 

Pith par hath pherna, to pat on the 
back, to encourage. 

Prth pherna, to turn one's back, to 

depart, to flee, to withdraw. 
Pith thonkna, to animate, to encour- 
age, to pat on the back. 
Pitiya, s. m. a paternal uncle, a 

father's brother. 
Pitiya wat bhai', a first cousin (male). , 
Pitla, adj. brazen, made of brass. \ 
Pitlana, v. n. to be contaminated 
with verdigris (as food kept in 
coj)per vessels.) 
Pitna, V. a. to beat, thrash, da^li, 

strike, knock, pound. 
Pitna, V. n. to be beaten. 


L 253 ] 


PiU, s. m. bile, gall. 

Pittd, 8. m. bile, the gall-bladder; 

iinger ; emotion of the mind. 
IMtta marna, to subside (auger.) 
Pitta uikalna, to chastise. 
I'iltjwar, s. m. a bilious fever, 
l^itwana, v. a. to cause to be beaten 

or thrashed. 
Pi'u, j 8. m. husband, lover, sweet- 
Pi \v, / heart : adv. dear. 
Piwakkay, s. m. a tippler, a toper. 
IMya, \adj. beloved, dear : 8. m. hus- 
Piya, / band, a lover, a sweetheart. 
I'iyiitla, 8.m. a footman, a messenger. 
Piyadagfri, 8. /. the business of a 

Pivadai)a, adv. on foot. 
Piyaj, s.f. jjrop. Piyiiz, an onion. 
I'iyula, 8. 111. a glass, a cup ; priming 

pan ' of a muiikft.) 
Piyiilf, 8.f. a small glass or cup. 
Piytina, v. a. to give to or cause to 

driidc water ; to water, to irrigate. 
I'iyiir, 8. m. f. love, affection, loud- 
, ness. 

Piyiira, adj. beloved, a sweetheart 
Piyara janmi, to esteem. 
Piyiin', adj. beloved ; 8. /. a sweet- 
Piyar karnii, to fondle, to caress. 
Piyas, «./. thirst, 
riyiisii, adj. thirsty. 
Piyiis ])njhanii, to 4n(iieli thirst. 
Piyiis laguii, to be thirsty. 
I'iyiiwanu, i'. a. see Piyiinii. 
Piyiiz, 8. f. an onion. 
I'iyazi rang, 8. in. u nnUllsh col 
J'oii, 8. in. tt very young soriH:. 

nin'siing of any uuimul. 


Pi'chhna, v. a. to wipe, to clean. 
Poddar, 8. in. a ci\sh-KeeiHT ; u jJcrsKm 
whoso business is to reckon aud 

(>xamine money. 
Pod Ilia, 8. m. mint. 
Pt)t'. 8./. a kintl of vegetable. 
Pohdii, ji. m. SCO Paudhu. 

Pohna, V. a. to make bread. 

Poi's, interj. ho ! holla ! have a care. 

Pokhar, | «. m, a pond, a lake, a 

Pokliara, j tank. 

Polii, a/Jj. soft, hollow. 

Polad, 8.m. the finest l>.ini».^eu.s .steel. 

Pona, V. a. to make bread, to string 

Ponchhaii, s. m. wipings. 

Ponoldma, ) v. a. to wipe, to clbon, 

Poiichnti, / to expunge. 

Ponkii, 8. in. ihv. ship- worm. 

I'ontti, 8. m. snot. [out, toothlees. 

Poplii, adj. one whoso teeth are fallen 

Por, 8. /. the space or interval be- 
tween two joints ur articulations 
(of the IxmIv, or of a bamboo, 
sugar-Ciine, &c.) 

Pori, 8. /. a joint of liomboo, su.ij 
cane, &c. 

Por iK)r, adv. every joint 

Posh, in c<nnfx)ft. covering, wcarii: 

Poshttk, 8. f. vestments drcsB, giir- 
ments, clothes, raiment 

Po.^hak:, adj. lit fur mtiking gar- 
ments (ch)th.) ^ 

Poshidii, adj. concealed, hidden, 

8e«'i '. ' ''v. 

Po^ll onceulment 

Po>l .to coneeiil. 

Mtt,i V. o. to brtixi to ntir. to 
:>.i, / nourlsl), to briu}; U|>, to 
Post, «. m. crust kIioD. skin, bark, 
hide, rind; |Mtppy«heiulur capon !•« 
I. 8. III. |K>ppvho.ul. 
• , !». Tff.onr w)it> ttttnxirr^t'H* \'. 

l'«»t. .< m 

r..t, .-./. a . 

Potn, 8. m. till- 
Potai, 8. Ml. gmn 

semtum, ibo 

Pot«» *. »n, Iho eyelid ; the ciop or 

craw (^of birds;; * 


t 254 ] 


Poth, s. m. a small glass bead. 

Potha, s. m. a large book. 

Pothi, s. /. a book ; a clove of garlic. 

Poti, s. f. granddaughter, son's 

Potla, s. m. a large bundle. 

Potli, s. f. a bundle, packet. 

Potna, V . a. to besmear, to plaster : 
s. m. the cloth with which walls 
or floors, &c., are besmeared with 
a wash of cow-dung and clay. 

p^/^' \ s. m. baby cloths, clouts. 

Poya, s. m. a kind of vegetable. 

Pra, pre'p. in compos, forth, forward, 
off, abroad, away. 

Prabes, s. m. admittance, access. 

Prabhii, s. m. lord, master, principal. 

Prabhuta, 1 s. /. government, supe- 

Prabhutai,/ riority, influence. 

Prag, s. m. the ancient name of Ila- 

Pragat, adj. obvious, notorious, ap- 
parent, manifest, public. 

Pragat bona, to become public or 

Pragat karna, to publish, to show, to 
disclose, to reveal, t6 manifest. 

Praja, s. m. a subject, a tenant, a 

Prakar, s. m. manner, method, kind, 
; Prakas, adj. apparent, conspicuous, 
l clear : s.m. light, daylight. 

Pralabdh, s. f. fate, lot, destiny, pre- 

Praman, s . m. quantity; proof, verifi- 
cation, example. 

Pran, s. m. breath ; soul, life ; sweet- 

Pran, s. m. promise, vow, resolution. 

Pranam, s. m. salutation, bow, obei- 

Pranf, adj. having life, an animated 
being, a human being. 

Prapta, s. m. \ 

Prapti, s./. /^ 

Prasad, s. m. see Parsad. 

Prasadi, adj. offered to deities, &c. 
Prasann, adj. rejoiced, pleased. 
Prasann bona, to acquiesce ; to like. 
Prasann karna, to be pleased with, 

to like. 
Prasauti, s. /. a puerperal woman. 
Praschit, s. m. atonement, expiation. 
Prasbn, s. m. question. 
Prasiddh, adj. notorious, famous. 
Prasut, s. m. the whites, fluor albus. 
Prasutf, s. /. see Prasauti". 
Prat, s. m. morning, dawn of day. 
Pratap, s. m. auspices; splendour, 


Pratham, adj. first, before. 
Prathmi, s. /. the earth, ground. 
Prati, jprep. again, against, back 

again, for, in exchange, instead, 

each, every. 
Pratidin, each day, every day, day 

by day, daily. 
Pratima, s. /. likeness, image. 
Pratipal, s. m. patronising, rearing, 

breeding, cherishing. 
Pratipalak, s. m. cherisher, patron. 
Pratipalan, s. m. see Pratipal. 
Pratipalna, v. a. to preserve, to keep, 

to cherish, to rear. 
Pratishtha, s. /. celebrity, renown ; 

consecration of a heathen temple 

or god. 
Pratkal, "1 s. m. morning, dawn of 
Pratsamai, j day 
Pratyachh, adj. perceptible, obvious, 

evident, apparent, public : adv. in 

the presence of, before, evidently, 


Prayashchit, s. m. see Praschit. 

Prayag, s. m. see Prag. 

Pre«- ^ 

Prem, s. m. love, affection, friend- 
ship, kindness. 
Premi, adj. affectionate ; a lover. 
Preran, s. m the act of sending. 
Prerit, sent, despatched. 


[ 255 ] 


Pict, 8. m. a spirit of the dead, ghost, 

« vil spirit, tiend. 
1 '!( till', 8. /. a female ghost, ghostess. 
I'l it, 8. f. love, friendship, affection, 
l^ntiim, 8. m. a favourite lover, a 

Prithi, 8. f. the earth, ground. 
I'ritliiniith, «. m. lord of the earth ; 

sf)vereigii, a king. « 
l^rithwi', 8. f. the earth, ground. 
Priti, 8. f. see Prit. 
Priyii, adj. beloved, dear : «. m. a 

Piia, 8. m. a kind of pancake. 
Puarii, 8. m. cxphination of a story. 
' Pufliiini, 8.171. whitcwusi), a thin cojit 

of clay for laying on a wall or 

lloor ; the sjKjnge of a gun ; a brush 

for wiiite-washing. 
Puchani di-nti, ) to lay a thin coat 
Pucliaia phermi, I of clay, &c., on 

the walls or lloor, &c. ; to white- 
wash a wall ; to Hatter. 
Piichh, 8./. \ inquiry, invcstiga- 
Puchhar/g. m. j tion. 
Piiciihi', K.f. the tail of a fish. 
Piiciihmi,^ V. a. to, to inquire, to 
Puchiimi,/ (picstion, to interrogate. 
Pu'chhna piichhupiii, see Piiohluiti. 
Piiclih piichli, \ 8. /. inquiry, in- 
Piiciih puchiitir,/ terrofi^ation. 
PiK'hhwaiya, «. in. an iuipiirer. 
Piichhwiinu, r. <t. to vaiitm to UMk. 
i'liju, s. /. worshipping, udumtion, 

(lovotion, idolatry. 
Pujiinii, V. (t. to cauM) to worsliip ; to 

lill, to rontplcte. 
J'aiun, i». m. a worshipper; a pricHi 

having charge of an idol U^nqih*. 
Piijiiu, r. a. to wontiiip, to iulon\ to 

V(Mi(«nit«* ; to itlolu(ri»' : r. w. ti» 

1h) lilliMl, conq)h't(Hl, aoeonipliHhtxl, 

fultilU'd. pi rft'ctiHl. 
Pujnii, r. w. to \nt iilhil orcimiph'l<»<l. 
rujwiijui, r. (t. to canst' to worship ; 

to cuu*> to fill, or ci»nq)lot*\ 
riikar, \ «./. abawl.cry, call, shout, 
I'ukani,/ calling out. 

Pukiir dena, r. a. to proclaim pub- 
licly, to call. 
Pukama, v. a. to call aloud, to bav 

to cry out, to shout, to exclaim. 
Pukhraj, 8. m. a topaz, 
Pu^hta, €ulj. dressed (as victual.^ 

hiked (as bricks) ; of brick 

stone; ri|)e; sly, shrewd, kuo.. 

ing, expert, strong, solid. 
l\i^htji karna, to m:dce strong; to 

niiike shrewd ; to riiwn. 
Pu^hta paz kariui, see Pukkii kani. 
Pul, 8. m. a bridge. 
Pula, 8. m. a bundle of graas < - 

Puhid, 8. m. st^^el i" '.twr,.! 
Puhio, «. m. a kill iiMuleciC 

lletih, &c., and I •gethflT. 

Pul biindhna.t'.a.tii abuiud . to limit. 
Piili', 8. J. a small bundle of any gnuM 

or stmw, &c. 
Pulindti, 8. m. a bundle. 
Pulint:, (ulj. the intLiindino gi'nUcr. 
Pnl|Mduhat. 8. J. fvur. 
Piilpulanii, r. n. to t'l ar, ti> dn^id. 
Pul hir * > > .> ov.r whi» » 

in : I ihunimatb 

tin- : , -Ht.. h.-ix 

and tntiu \%ltt«'l4 liio wi< ' 

fall into hell, on the iby 

Pun, •. m, virtue, virtuoun urt. 

morul or ivligioug luvni : »i 

Piio. i. /. a aound of fitftiog. 

j;"""- again. 
Punar, / ^* 

r hh . / atail. 

1 r. a. MO rUohhn^ 

1 .. 

{ Puui. f,j. nilU of cotloo p^ppa^ 

for ii|>inning. 
' P"-- - '■ itiU in traJcfloi-' 

. mrtml or rr!t;H^ 



PUR [ 256 ] 


Pur, adj. full, complete. 

Pur, 'I s. m. a city, a town ; much 

Pura, / used in composition. 

Piira, adj. entire, complete, lull, per- 
fect; sufficient, just. [&c.) 

Pura, s. m. a large parcel (of physic, 

Pilrab, s. 7ri. east : adj. eastern ; for- 
mer, prior, preceding. 

Piira karna, v. a. to fill, to fulfil, to 
reimburse, to accomplish. 

Puran, s. m. Hindu mythological 

Puran, adj. full, filled, complete, per- 
fect, accomplisiied. 

Purana, v. a. to fill, to make full: 
adj. old, ancient. 

Puraniya, s. m. an old man, an elder ; 
name of a district and town. 

Piiran karna, v. a. to fulfil, to accom- 
plish, to perfect, to complete. 

Piiranmasf, ) s. f. the day of the full 

Puranwasi, / moon. 

Pura parna, v. n. to be successful. 

Sn";'}<"^i- old. ancient. 

Piirbi, adj. eastern, from the east. 

Puren, s. /. afterbirth. 

Piiri, s. /. a kind of cake fried in 

butter or ghi. 
Pui-i", a city, a town. 
Puriya, s. /. a dose; a parcel (of 

physic, &c.) 
Purkar, adj. thick, coarse, stout (as 

paper, &c.) 
Purkciri, s. /. thickness, coarseness. 
Purkha, s. m. an old man, an elder, 

an ancestor. 
Purkhe, s. m. ancestors, ancestry. 
Piirna, v. n. to be filled. 
Purohit, s. m. a priest, a family priest. 
Purs, in compos, asking, inquiring. 
Pursa, s. m condolence, kind inquiry. 
Pursa, s. m. condolence : adj. of ujan's 

height ; the extent of a man's 

reach in height, when extending 

the arms and fingers; a fathom. 
Pursish, s.f. inquiry (generally after 

health, &c.), questioning. 

s. m. a man, a male, hu- 
man being. 




Purva, s. m. the east. 

Purvi, adj. oriental. 

Purwaiya, l'--^*'"''^^'*^'^^''''''^' 

Purwana, v. a. to cause to be filled. 

Purza, s. m..a scrap generally ap- 
plied to paper), piece, bit, rag. 

Purzarur, very necessary, most es- 

Pus, 8. m. name of the ninth Hindu 
month. [ancestry. 

Pusht, s. f. the back ; progenitors, 

Pusht, adj. nourished, fat. 

Pushta, s. m. a buttress, prop, bank, 
glacis, dike. 

Pshtabandi, s. f. embankment. 

Pushta' f, adj. f. restorative, provoca- 

Puslitak, s. m. a vice in horses, 
plunging and kicking up behind. 

Pubhtanga, adj. fat. 

Pusht ba pusht, generation by gene- 

Pushtkhar, s. m. an instrument for 
scratching the back. 

Pushtpanah, s. m, an ally, a pro- 

Pushtu, s. the Afglian language. 

Puspiit, s. m. adopted son. 

Pusput karna, to adopt (as a son.) 

Pustak, s. f. a book, a volume. 

Piit, s. m. a son. 

Put, s. m. a menstruum, solvent, flux. 

Putaf, s.f. price paid for besmearing 
walls, &c. 

Piitha, s. m. the paper or pasteboard 
cover of a book. 

Putki, s.f. a term of abuse ; the anus. 

Putla, \ s. 771. a puppet, an idol, an 

Putla, j image, effigy. 

Putir, I s.f. a small puppet or image ; 

Piitir, j the pupil of the eve. 

Putr, ) 

Putra, /^•'^•^^^^- 

Putri, s. /. a daughter. 


[ 257 ] 


Piitri, 8. f. a puppet, an image. 
Puttlia, 8. m. the buttock, the hip of 

an animal. 
Puttr, 8. /. felly of a wheel. 
Puwal, 8. f. straw. 
Piizi, 8. /. part of the ornamental 

accoutrements of a horse. 
Pyala, «. m. see Piyiila. 
l*ytln^, V. a. see Piyana. 
I'yiir, 8. m. love, attbotion, fondness. 
Pyara, adj. m. }x3lovo(l, pleasant. 
Pytini juimu, to esteem. 
Pyari, (idj. f. beloved ; sweetheart. 
Pyar kamii, to fondle, to love, to 

Pyiis, 8. /. thirst 
l*y:isii, «. m. tliirst : ndj. thirsty. 
Pya.s l)ujliana, to quench thirst. 
Py; marna, to be very thirsty. 
Pydsi', adj. f. thirsty. 
Vyna lu^nii, to ))e tliirsty. 
I'viis miima, to suftVr thirst. 
Pyiis mamti, appHed to thirst which 

vanishes without drinking. 


Qdl), 8. f. a largo dish used for ser- 
ving rice, &c., in at a moal, or for 
kneading dough in, &c. 
Qiilui, 8. /. a jM^culiar kind of vent 

or uj)i)cr garment. 
Qaluihat, «. /. peri)loxity, incon- 

(^altilil, 8. m. family (wife and ohil- 
'Irtai, &c.) 
il, utiv. boforo. 

I la, 8. m. a doud, writing, a deed 
"I sale. 
(,)il>il, adj. skilful, oapablo, able, 
•Irver, wortliy. 
hi la, 8./. a wife. 
I>il hom'^ to deserve, to merit 
liil)iliyiit, adj. skill, ou{)ability, 

)nM, adi\ before. 
,)ahr, 8. /. u grave, a tomb. 
v>iil)rg»ih, "I /. 1 • 1 

lM»ii6tunJ '''A^hmym^iiwimd, 

Qdbu, 8. m. power, opportunity, po> 
session : adj. within the power < ; 
under the control of anoth«-r. 

Qabii chalani, to take advanuvjc ..f. 
to exercise one's power. 

Qiibuclii, adj. despotic, tyrannical. 

Qabiitthi'pana, 8. m. tyranny. 

Qabiil, 8. m. consent, favourable n - 
oeption, acceptance, approbation, 
assent : adj. accepted, approved, 

Qabiil 1, 8. /. a kind of food; rice 
and pulse boiled together. 

Qabulivat, 8./. a written agreement 

Qabiil Kama, \v. agree to ac- 

Qubiilna, / cept, to allow, to 
confess, to consent, to anent, to 
comply with, to reodye, to agree 
to, to promise, to make choioe oC 

Qabiil Hiirat adj. handaome. 

Qabiilsiiniti. «./. handaomeoeia. 

Qiihii ])tintl, to get adfantage or 
powi-r over. 

Qahz, 8. /. coeUyeneM. 

Qab/a, 8. m. gripe, poweMJon, wri^t . 
hantUe, hilt a hinge. 

Qabza karmt j ^ ^^ ^ ^^ 

Qiib/o mcu ItoiS. I * 

Qabztyat $. /. OQitiTeDOM, aatritt 

Qabi kami, to be ooitiye^ to griptv 
Qadah, <. m. a goMet glaia, bowl, cii I 
Qttdum, f. m. a ifMioe* a 8tep» a fmi 

ttop: the foot 
Qadam ba qndam, itep by etr; 

QadamMs, aiH. fleet 
Qadamboa, adj, kiMing the feet, pn> 

ing n'j«iMx;t«i. 
Qadan kiaatng tlio An 

Qadam ennunn, ui toooh or embm*^ 

one*8 feet 
Qadam ehUmn<, to kias the feel, t. > 

bid adieu. 
Qadam lagnit to take protection ; to 

walk woU (a liorae.) 



[ 258 ] 


Qadam ranja fannana or karna, to 
take the trouble of going or com- 
ing (spoken respectfully. ) 

Qadar, s. f. price, value, importance, 
dignity, quantity, size, measure, 

Qadd, s. m. stature. 

Qaddawar, adj. tall. 

Qadd qamat, s. m. stature, figure 
(of a person.) 

Qadim, adj. ancient, old. 

Qadimi, adj. old, ancient, aged. 

Qadim se, of old, of former times, 
from ancient times. 

Qadir, adj. potent, powerful, capable, 

Qadr, s. /. see Qadar. 

Qadrdan, a just appreciator, one who 
knows the worth of a person or 

Qadrdan 1, s. f. due regard to the 
worth of any one, patronage. 

O d^^' Y\ I ^^^' ^^"i^what, a little. 
Qafila, s. m. a body of travellers, a 

Qahar, s. m. see Qahr. 
Qahba, s. f. an adulteress, a whore. 

Qahqah, 1 j ^ laughter, horse 

Qahqaha, j - 

(iahqaha, ) ° 

Qahr, s. m. rage, fury, vengeance, in- 
dignation, calamity. 

Qaht, s. m. famine, dearth. 

Qahwa, s. m. coffee. 

Qahwadan, s. m. a coffee-pot. 

Qai, s. f- vomiting, sick at stomach. 

Qaid, s. f. imprisonment, an obstacle : 
adj. imprisoned. 

Qaida, s. m. rule, custom^ principle, 
manner ; tlie rules of grammar. 

Qaid bona, to be imprisoned, bound 
or fettered, &c. 

Qaidf, s. m. a prisoner, a captive. 

Qaid karna, to imprison, bind, fetter, 

Qaidkhana, s. m. a prison. [of. 

Qaid men rakhna, to take great care 

Qaid rahna, to remain in bonds, pri- 
son, &c. 

Qai karna, to vomit. 

Qail, agreeing, acknowledging, giv- 
ing up a point : adj. subdued, con- 

Qail hona, to acquiesce, to acknow- 
ledge, assent, consent, yield, 

Qail karna, to confute, convince, con- 

Qaim, ) adj. firm, fixed, durable, 

Qaimi, / lasting continuing. 

Qaim karna, to establish. 

Qaim maqam, a vicegerent, locum 

Qaim mizaj, of a settled temper. 

Qainchi, s. f. scissors, shears ; an 
oblique cross. 

Qaiza karna, v. a. to tie up a horse's 
head by passing the bridle to his 
tail to prevent his kicking, &c., 
while rubbing down. 

Qalal, s. f. the tinning of vessels. 

Qalafgar, a tinner of pots. 

Qalaigari, s.f. the business of tinning 

Qalal khulna, the removing of the 
disguise of any one so that his real 
qualities appear. 

Qalam, s.f. a reed, a pen, cuttings of 
trees, &c.,for planting ; a set, a slip. 

Qalamdan, s. m. a box for holding 
pen, inkstand and paper, &c., a 

Qalam f, adj. of the pen, written ; 
crystallized (saltpetre, &c.) 

Qalamkari, s. f. drawing. 

Qalam karna, to cut. 

Qalam lagana, to plant slips or cut- 

Qalamtarash, s. m. a penknife. 

Qalaq, s. m. perturbation, anxiety, 

Qalb, s. m. the heart, mind, soul. 

Qalib, 8. m. a mould, model, form 
(used in masonry for making 
arches, &c.), the body. 

Qalicha, s. m. a small carpet. 


[ 259 ] 


Qaliya, s.m. the name of a dish, a stew. 
Qamchi", s. f. a twig, a tliin lath. 
Qamfz, 8. m. a shirt or shift. 
Qaiiaat, s. f. content, tranquillity. 
Qanaat kama, to be content (on.) 
Qanat, s. /. the walls of a tent, or 

canvas enclosure. 
Qand, s. m. loaf-sugar. 
Qandhar, n. prop, name of a city, 

Q andn, s.f. a kind of paper lantern. 
Qaniiauj, n. prop, name; of a city. 
Qanun, s. m. rule, regulation, statute, 

canon. , 

Qanilngo, «. m. an officer in each dis- 
trict acquainted with its customs, 


aqd kama, to croak (as a raven.) 
•araba, 8. w. a flagon (generally for 


mibat, «./. kin, affinity.relntionship. 
Qariibali, adj. related, relative, akin ; 

f substantively) a relatiou.a relative. 
Qiinibin, «. /. a carbine. 
Qarar, « m. retit, tranquillity, firmness, 

stability, agreement, engagement, 

promise, patience. 
Qarar demi, to fix, to establish, to pro- 
Qanirf, adj. firm, stable, ratified, 

ngroed to, engaged for, pronused. 
Qanir i wii<|if, eiVectively, effwtually, 

Qai iirnama, s.m. a written ag^emont, 

treaty, &c. 
Ourauir, H. /. name of a weapon. 
(ifirib. adv. nrar, nigh, almost, about. 
[^;irnae, | ». f. a trumiict, a horn, a 
Qirnai, j clarion. 

lira, 8. m. an urinal ; bottlo (sent 
) phy.sician8, &c.) 
^rz, »\ m. a loan, debt, money bor^ 

rt>Nvo<l at interest, 
fiaizdiir, (t. a (1« btor, one who borrows 

Tiiont y or other articles. 
ig|i,>arzd»irr, ». f. IxMng iu di bt. 
>arz dtMui, to lend. 
iitfzi, adj. borrowed, being iu debt. 

Qarz i hasana, money lent without 

Qarz lend, ) . i 
Qarz mangnd, | ^ ^'^^^ 
Qarz rakhna, to owe. 
Qasaba, s. m. a handkerchiti i, 

round the head. 
Qasai', 8. m. a butcher who kills oii 

bullocks : adj. cruel, hard-htart. 
Qasam, s. f. an oath. 
Qasam demi, to adjure. 
Qasam diliina, to administer an oath. 
Qassim khana, to take an oath, to 

Qasam khilan^,to administer an Oiit 
Qasba, ». m. a tsmall town. 
Qasd, 8. in. desire, design, intenti< 

purpose, atUmpt. 
QiUMlan, adc. voluntarily, intcnii<>: 

ally, puriKisely. exf»n K«ly. 
Qasd karmi, to <I' 

jK>se Ut one's > 

tempt, to make .. 
Qasi<l, 8. vi. a couritr, an i \!igcr, a ptwtman. 
Qasida, h. in. a imkmu, a ! 
Qasr, 8. VI. diminution, 

tion, deticiuney; riu 

vunge. honii, to be deficient 
Qasr knnui, to decrauie, to dciluct. 
Qasr ntkulnii, to talcu rovonp\ 
Qasr mkhna, to bo at enmity. 
Qnssdb, «. m. a butcher wlio kil 

only bulloc^ks. 
QiiHiir, ». m t. omiMinn. a 

coming >l tloine. 

Qat^ #. /. iiimiii;, lonu, cut ^of • 

OOQt, 6iC.) 

Qatf f, «. /. a tailor's mcnuunv 
Qut^ karmi, to cut, to cut out or < •' 
Qtitiir, «. /. a line, a rtring of a: 

nmls), rank, order, n)W. 
Qtitil. $. m. a numlort^r. nn uM<aMRi) 

adj. mortal, deadly, 0tn>ng .i 

spirits or vinegar.) 
Qatl, 8.m. tduughter. enmagr, murdi . 

killing, as&asAinutiuu. 


[ 260 ] 


Qatla, s. m. a slice. 

Q;itl,s2:ah, s. f. place of murder. 

Qatl hona, to be killed ; to be ruined. 

Qatl i ^mm, a general massacre. 

Qatl karna, to kill, to murder, to 
execute, to ruin one. 

Qatra, s. m. a drop. 

Qatt, s. m. making a pen, cutting 

Qatt lagana, to mend a pen. 

Qattzan, s. m. a pin or peg on which 
pens are cut. 

Qaul, s. m. agreement, promise, con- 
tract, a word, saying, assertion. 

Qaul bandhna, v. a. to promise, to 
make an agreement. 

Qaulnama, s. m. a written agreement. 

Qaul fial, s. m. word and deed. 

Qaul o qarar,\ s. m. agreement, com- 

Qaulqarar, j pact. 

Qaulqarar karna, to covenant, to 

Qaum. ,s./. tribe, sect, caste, a people, 
nation, family. 

Qaumiyat, s. /. connexion, being of 
the same tribe, &c. 

Qawaid, s. pi. of Qaida, rules, cus- 
toms ; military evolution or exer- 
cise, drill, review. [singer. 

Qauwal, s. m. a kind of musician, 

Qawi, adj, strong, robust, powerful. 

Qaza, s.f. fate, destiny ; death ; say- 
ing a prayer after the time ap- 
pointed for it is passed. 

Qazakar, by chance. 

Qazalbashi, s. m. a kind of Mughal 

Qazaya, s. 'pl. of Qaziya, quarrels, &c. 

Qazi, s. m. a judge, a justice. 

Qaziya, s. m. a quarrel, wrangle, con- 
tention, broil. 

Qaziya karna, to quarrel, to wrangle. 

Qaziya mol lena, to take on one's 
self the quarrel of another, to in- 
terfere without cause in the dis- 
putes of others. 

Quzzaq, j 

Qazzaqi", s. f. pillage, brigandage. 

Qibla, s. m. that part to which Mu- 
hammadans direct their face in 
prayer, Mecca; (and by way of 
respectful address,) worship! fa- 
ther! &c. D'esty. 

Qibla e ^lam, his majesty, your ma- 

Qiblagah, a superior, father. 

Qiblanuma, the mariner' s compass. 

Qila, s. m. a fort. 

Qiladar, commandant of a garrison. 

Qiladari, s. /. the command of a gar- 

Qima, s. m. minced meat, 

Qi'ma karna, to mince, to cut up meat 
very fine, to bruise much by beat- 

Qimam,|). Qiwam,thick syrup. 

Qimapulao, a kind of dish. 

Qimat, s.f. price, value. 

Qimati, adj. valuable, high-priced. 

Qirmiz, s. m. crimson. 

Qism, s.f. kind, species, sort. 

Qismat, s. f. fate, fortune, lot. 

Qismatbazi, s.f. trying one's fortune 
or luck. 

Qissa, s. m. a tale, a story, a narra- 
tion ; a quarrel, a dispute. 

Qissa kahani, s. /. a tale, a story, a 

Qissa kotah, in short, in one word. 

Qissa kotah karna, to settle a dispute. 

Qissa mukhtasar, in short. 

Qist, s. f. instalment. 

Qistbandi, s.f. a settlement by instal- 

Qistkhilaf, s. f. failure in the pay- 
ment of an instalment. 

Qita, s. m. a share, a division, spot or 
parcel of land, portion. 

Qita qita, by shares, by lots or parts. 

Qita qita karna, to divide by shares, 
to distribute, to parcel out. 

Qiwam, s. m. thick syrup. 

Qiyam, s. to. standing erect, stabi- i 
lity, residence. 

Qiyamat, s. /. the general resurrec- 
tion, the last day, calamity. 


[ 261 ] 


Qiyaraat kam^, to oppress; to do 

anything wonderful. 
Qiyanai, «./. stability, steadiness. 
Qiyas, «. m. judgment, opinion, oppo- 

bition, guess. 
Qiyas karna, to guess, think, suppose. 

(^ubul, 8. m. see Qabiil. 
(iuddiis, adj. ])ure, holy. 
Qudrat,8./. power,authority, omnipo- 

Qudrati, adj. of omnipotence, not 

made or produced by man. 
Qudrati rang, natuml colour. 
^)uds, adj. holy, pure. 
<,>ull, 8. m. a lock, 
Qiihiba, 8. m. a staple. 
Qulfr, 8./. a tin ])otfor moulding ice, 

&(',., f/rop. Qutli, a copper pijHJ for 

the curve of a hucjqa-snake. 
Qulfidar, huqqa-snako having the 

(Julfior copper pi[K3. 
Qiih, K. m. a shive, a labourer, porter, 

a eooly. 
Quhna, 8. m. a sauRago. 
Quhna kasnii, to stuff, to be a tight 


Qidipil, 8. /. w. the noise mndo by 
water in the neck of a bottle when 
pouring out, guggling. 

QiiiiKpinia, a vchhcI in which the 
Kul mixture is put and thn)wn on 
jxTKonH ill the lloir. 

Qumri', 8/. a InrtliMlovo. a ringMlnvc. 

Quia, 8. in. a wagi-r, wagtTing, draw- 
ing lot^. 

Qmii (laliui, in draw lotH. 

<»Miran, h. m. tin- Koran. 

(,>iiraii kii jtinia puhiniu^toswoar ex- 

Qimln par hiitli <1Iirirnu,lto 

Qiinin utlianii, take an 


Qurb, H. VI prnpiiiiiuiiN. proximity, 
vicinity ; kindnMl. reluti<Miship. 

Qurbiin, 8. m. a sjicrilice. victim, ob- 

Qurbangith, 8. /. an altar. 

Qurban bona, to be sacriliced or do* 

Qurbani', adj. devotecl, sacrificed. 
Qurban karnii, to sticriiicr, to dev. 
Qurbat, 8. /. nearness, reIatioDsliii>. 
Qurq, 8. m. contiBcation, ueizure, tiie 

distraining of goods. 
Qurqi', adj. confiscated. 
Qurqi' parwana, a wfurant Lssucil to 

sequester a property. 
Qusiir, 8. m. fault, defect, omissi 

failing, blame. 
Qusur kanui, to fail ; to do amiss. 
Qutb, 8. m. the jx>lar «tar, the nor 

{x)le ; a title or degrte among . 
igious mendicunt«. 
Qiiwat, g.f. p<)wer, virtue, autliori' 
strength, vigour, energy . 


Ra^iyat, »./. a subject, or the m: 

jectA, a tcDani. 
Uaaiyati, 8. /. uubjection. tenancy. 
Kaaiyat^viiana, «. m, a cuUedion 

hoUM4'M for hire. 
Rjifliiyatnawiix, chorisher of mibjiv' 
Ka(iiyntpurwar, pmtt»ctor of hubj* . • 
litUt, §. /. the liquid juitv v( i 

Ktthiir, «. /. latigue, (VuttloM UU t 

RjiU»ruii, r. N. to Bitigtio onc'« »• 

to nm about fhiithwly. 
Katmt, $. m. yntp. Itnbt, pniclt< 

habit, u«». 
Uabb, i. rii. Uml, prrm*rvor .* a iiai 

Habi, 8. / pnm. Itiibl^, which 9m*. 

1?..K .. - / .(.. .......... II,,, ,|„,. 

m tlioii|>hi) 


luibit. lulj. pruduixxl in tiic vprir 

Ilnbi ul nK! - •' ' * -nonUii.i 

the Mul> 
Kabf ui un onlh of 

the Mahal 


.[ 2G2 ] 


Eabf us sdni, the fourth month of 

the Muhammadan year. 
Eabrana, v. a. to fatigue, to cause to 

run about uselessly. 

Eabrf' f *• / ^ kind of food like pap. 

Eabt, s. m. practice, habit, use. 

Eachak, s. m, a maker, a composer. 

Eachana, v. a. to set to work, to set 
a-going, to make, to do ; to make 
merry, to celebrate. 

Eachana, 8. f. forming, creating, in- 
vention, created thing, workman- 

Eachchha,''s. m. protection, guarding, 
keeping, preservation, safety. 

Eachchhak, s. m. a protector, a 

Eachhas, s. m. a demon, fiend, an 
evil spirit. 

Eachhasani, s./. a female of Eachhas. 

Eachhasi', adj. of or relating to a 
Eachhas, demoniacal : s.f. a female 

Eachit, done, made or written by. 

Eachna, v. n. to be made, to be 
created, to be employed, to be 
about (a business), to penetrate : 
V. a. to make, to form, to invent, 
to compose. 

Eadd, s. m. rejection, repulsion, refu- 
tation ; vomiting. 

Eadda, s. m. a layer of a wall, a row. 

Eadd badal, s. f. argument, discus- 
sion, altercation, controversy. 

Eaddf, adj. rejected: s. m. rejected 
things, refuse. 

Eadd i jawab, a reply, a rejoinder, 

Eadd karna, to reject, to confute, to 
refute ; to vomit. 

Eadhanagarf, s. m. a kind of silk 
cloth made at Eadhanagar. 

Eae, a Hindu title, a chief; wisdom. 

Eaegan, adv. in vain. 

Eafa, s. m. finishing, decision; re- 
pulsion, [iiig- 

Eafa dafa, deciding, settling, finish- 

Eafa bona, to be decided (a suit) 

Eafa karna, to decide, to settle. 

Eafiq, s. m. a friend, ally, compa- 
nion, comrade, associate. 

Eafizi, 8. m. a heretic, particularly a 

Eaft, in compos, going, motion. 

Eaftagf, s. f. departure. 

Eafta rafta, adv. by degrees, gra- 
dually, in process of time. 

Eaft guzasht, ) , ^ 


Eafii, s. m. darning, a darn. 

Eafil cliakkar, making one's escape, 
stealing off. 

Eafiigar, s. m. a darner. 

Eafiigari, 8. f. the employment of 

Eafu karna, to darn. 

Eag, s. m. a mode in music, music. 

Eag, s.f. a vein, sinew, nerve, a fibre. 

Eagar, s. f. attrition, friction, rub- 
bing, abrasion. 

Eagara, s. m. quarrelling ; rubbing, 

Eagara ragari, s. f. a rubbing to- 

Eagarna, v. a. to rub, scour, grate, 
to fret, to abrade, to excoriate. 

Eag charhna, to be obstinate, pet- 
tish, or proud. 

Eagedna, v. a. to pursue, to chase. 

Eag gan-ci, to sing a song. 

Eaghbat, s. f. strong desire, avidity, 
wish, curiosity ; pleasure. 

Eaghbat karna, to desire to covet. 

Eaghib, adj. desirous, desiring, wish- 

Eagi, 8. m. a singer ; a lover. 

Eagini, s. /. a mode in music. 

Eag marna, v. n. to lose virility ; to 
become impotent. 

Eagra, s. m. see Eagara. 

Eagra jhagra, s. m. quarrel, discus- 

Eagrang, s. m. music, gaiety. 

Eag resha, s. m. veins and fibres; 
everything, all. • 



[ 263 ] 


Ra^^ utama, v. n. to have a rupture. 
Rcili, 8./. road, way; manner. 
Kali, 8. f. a road, path, way. 
lialiiii, s.f. Bce Rihai. 
lliihaiah, 8. /. etay, delay, halt, 
liuham, «. m. see Ralim. 
Ruhan, «. /. method, manner. 
Rahaut, 8. m. a wheel for drawing 

water with. 
Rahar, «. m. name of a pulse. 
Riihat, 8. f. quiet, repo&e, ease, tran- 

Ralia^, 8. m. see Rahanf;. 
Rah btindliua, to Cbtabliah a custom. 

P-*lV^r* [*•*'*•* guide, a conductor. 
Rulihuri', \ 8. f. guidance, direction, 
1 tail ban', / showing the roml. 
|Jiuli batan^ to diiicuarge, dJHmJHB ; 

to guide. 
R-.ih diulua, to traverse the roud. 
Ralidari, «./. a pa.s«iK)rt, a inriuit. 
Rail deklimi, to expect, to await 
Rail denii, to give place or way. 
Rah dhiiiidhna, ti) search for tlio way. 
Rah dikhanti, to make one wait for. 
RalijL^ir, ) s. m. a traveller, a way- 
Raligi'r, / farer. 

k;:& }••'»•"»*••''»'• 

Italii, 8. m. a traveller, wavfaror. 
Ralniu, adj. mtrciful (CJotl. ) 
Rahit. adj. destitute, voiil of. 
Rah jiiiui, r. n. to wait, st4iy, delay, 

(hsiht, give up: nuuain l^unduuu.y 
Rah katnii, to travel a nnu\. 
liiih ^liarch, $. in. wny*oharg<ot, 

Iruvclhng expeubcii. 
luih khofi karni, to linger ou tiio 


.Rah lona, to go, to depiirt 

Ivahm, 8. m. mercy, cominimion, kiiiU- 

iH'SH. pity : a sort of sweot ciiko of 

a wluLo colour. 
Rjihiniin, adj. merciful, fonriving 


Bahmilnf, adj. divine. 

.iibhmar, 8, in. robber, highway 

Rah mdma, to waylay, \n r^h, to 
ruin one's prosiH-rt.s in jif,-. 

Rahmat, 8./. mercy, kiudu. .-^s piiy, 

Rahmatullah i alaihi, the mercy of 
God (be) upon him. 

Rahmdil, atlj. tender-hearted, mer- 

Riihm kama, to pity. 

liahm khami, to feel pity, in pity. 

Raima, v. a. to stay, stop, remain, Ik*, 
exist, laiit, stind, continue, lie, live, 
inhabit, dwell, reside. 

Rahniima, s. m. a road lxM)k. 

liah uapnti, to employ one's self on- 

Rahne deiLi, to giro jwrmiwrion to 

Bahne lagni, to besin to stay. 

Kahuo pdud, to obtain perinJMrfnn 
to btay. 

RahnowiLlii, an inhabitant 

Rah uik^Uui, to dovise a now mode 
of conduot 

Itahnumu, ^ «. m. a oondoolor, guide. 



pilot, 1 

I «./. guiding, gaidancc 

K.... , ;ut, to uoud ono's oMuuioni 

Riih mkiuui, to koop up an inki- 


lull nit*U right way. 
lull rawiAl), $, /, 

lUh UikiUU to oxpool. If) wmit for. 
iUdito. 'in the' rmnaiiiitig: tn Um* 

prv • tUn { 

HtUiu. I*. u Uialbinp- 

lUhu. / ] >arU»innor 

muon Uui I Me. 


lUhiiui, \ $. ni n iu.:[ii«iiynian, fool- 

Hahxani, j of p 
Rti'i. »./. achuni 
liai, i. /. a kiml oi miii»u\<\i mx^i. 


/ Uid. n 

i\ rut»U'fT. ad 


[ 264 ] 


Raichhai, broken to small pieces or 

Ea'ij, adj. customary, usual, fashion- 
able, common, current. 
Ea'ij ul "waqt, present currency. 
Eain, s. /. night. 
Ea'is, s. m. a prince, a chief, principal, 

head, citizen, inhabitant, dweller. 
Eaitlia, s. m. name of the tree of a 

kind of vetch (rahar.) 
Eaiyat, s./.jjrop. Eaaiyat, which see. 
Eaj, s. m. government, sovereignty, 

reign, royalty, kingdom, empii-e, 

realm ; a mason, bricklayer. 
Eaj, s. f. dust ; the farina of flowers ; 

menses ; the quality of sensuality. 
Eaja, s. f. prop. Eaza, which see. 
Eaja, j s. m. a king, a prince, a king 
Eaja, j at chess. 
Eajab, s. m. the seventh month of the 

Muhammadan year. 
Eajai, s. f. prop. Eazaf, a quilt. 
Eajdharm, s. m. royal duty. 
Eajgadf, s. /. king's cushion, throne. 
Eaj 'bans, ) s. m. a goose, the fLamin- 
Eaj'hans, / go. 
Eaji, prop. Eazf, which see. 
Eaji bona, see Eazi bona. 
Eaji karna, see Eazi karna. 
Eiijinama, see Eazmama. 
Eajkanya, s. f. a princess. 
Eajkarj, s. m. state affairs. 
Eajkul, s. m. a royal family. 
Eajkumar, ^s.m. a king's son, a 
Eajkunwar, j prince. 
Eajmandir, s. m. &. palace, a royal 

Eaj mistri, s. m. a head mason. 
Eajnrti,s./. political science, politics. 
Eajpat, s. m. sovereignty, reign; a 

royal throne. 
Eajpatni, s. /. a queen. 

a^ipu , I ^ ^ ^^^ name of a tribe. 
Eajpuc, J 
Eajpiitana, s. m. the province of 

Ajineer is so called. 
Eajsabha, s. f. the king's court or 


Eajtika, | s.f. the royal mark in the 

Eajtilak, / forehead, the coronation 
of a king. 

Eajwara, s. m. a king, a country 
under the control of a Eaja. 

Eakas, s. m. a demon, an evil spirit. 

Eakat, s. m. blood : adj. red. 

Eakat, s. /. bowing the body in 

Eakh, s. f. ashes. 

Eakha lena, to take in charge. 

Eakhana, v. a. to give in charge, to 
cause to keep, put, place. 

Eakh chhorna, to place, to keep, to 
have, to give in charge. 

Eakh dena, to put down, to place, to 
keep, to put by. 

Eakhi, s. f. an amulet or string 
wliich Hindus tie round their arms 
on a certain festival. 

Eakh lena, to take in charge, to take 
into keeping or service, to engage. 

Eakhna, v. a. to keep, put, place, 
have, hold, possess, preserve, re- 
serve, save, lay, set, station, apply, 
ascribe, impute, esteem, consider, 
leave, own, stop. 

Eakhna, v. a. to keep, to put. 

Eakht, s. m. goods and chattels, 
property, apparatus, furniture, ap- 

Eaklit bandhna, to pack up. 

Eakhwai, s. f. the price paid for 
keeping, &c. 

Eakhwai, j s. w. a keeper, guard. 

Eakhwala, / shepherd, cowherd. 

Eakliwa lena, to take in charge. 
Eakhwai 1, s. f. keeping, guarding, 

custody, grazing cattle. 
Eakhwaiia, v. a. to cause to keep, 

place, &c. 
Eakhwara, s. m. see Eakhwai. 
Eakkas, ) s. m. a demon, an evil 
Eakshas, / spirit. 
Eakt, s. m. blood ; adj. red. 
Eaktalii, s. m. a sort of yam. 
Eaktchandan, s. m. red sandal- wood. 


[ 265 ] 


"Riil, s. / resin, rosin, pitch ; saliva. 
Rani, ) 8. m. the seventh Hindu 
llama, / incarnation; God. 
Ranial, «. m. geomancy, 'foretelling 

by figures. 
Ramanandi", «. m. a sect of Hindu 

faqi'rs, believers in Rama. I 

Ramavatar, «. m. the incarnation of 

of Vishnu in the person of Riiina. 
Riinuiwat, «. m. system of a sect of 

Hindu faqfrs. 
Runiiiyan, K. /. the great epic poem 

<»r the Hindus which treats of the 

})ij th and actions of Itama. 
Ramazan, «. m. name of the ninth 

Muhammadan month. 
lianK^liaiidra, n. prop, son of Da- 

Haiatlia, and con(iuerr>r of I^nkd 

or G(-'ylon ; the seventli avatar. 
Ramchcra, \ 8. m. o, common appel- 
Riimc'hora, / laticm of a slave. 
Kamdnliai', «. /. an asseveration, by 

Kiima, by God. 
Biimjani', 8. f. a Hindii dancing-girl, 

a pro8titut<\ 
Bumkahauu the lUimdyan ; a long 

Rimnuil, 8. m. a sof)thsayer, a fw^ 

tiiiie-teiier, a conjuror. 
Kiimua, V. n. to roaiu, to go, to range, 

to wander : 8. m. a park. 
Iliimm, 8. in. a jwirk. 
Iliimpi', 8./. aknifc for 1 ' ' '' 
Kaiii nihitii, Ut remain 
itiim ram, 8. m. a 1 1 

Mihitatiou. (titi 

KanjluraT, 8./. the namo of a v« . 
U^\u,8.f. the thigh. 
I'an, 8. m. bulth>, war. 
liwux, /(. m. a Hiudii title uf a prinoe 

»r Ihijii. 

Unilihumi, »./. field ofUiittlo. 
Rtmd, it, in. the nititor-oil plant 
Utiiil. 8./. a widow, a wonuin. 
Itanda, \ 8. m. a plane (fur uuoottl- 
1 Ian till, / ing wood.^ 
iUiuhi, odj. driven, orivon oot^ !•- 

jeotod, ex})ollcd. 

Randa kama, v. a. to plane a board, 

Randiipd, | 

Randapa, > 8. m. ividowbood. 
Randa pan, | 

Randi,'8. /, a woman ; a pn i atiUU a 
Riindi^baz, 8. m. a whoremoogn'. 
Itandibtizi', 8. f. whoring, fornication. 
Rjindiya, ». /. a widow. 
Riind kii sand, son of a vridow, a apt . 

Randnti, v. a. to expel. 
lUindjMiros, 8. m. neighbourhood. 
Ranclsalii, 1 «. m. a widow's dit- 
Randmila, / widow's weeds. 
li^indiia, « m. a widower. 
Rang, 8. m. dye .cohmr), eoloir 

manner, nieUxxl. Hurt ; paint 

amuM'tnent, pleuMiin*. 
Rtingu, 8. m. tin, noldir. 
Raug^i, f./. the pricv |xiid fur dy 

Raiigiin^ r. '■ ♦ ' •" • • 'vij^r. 

Rangnt, «. i 

Rangilwaf, '.11'^. 

liang U\ r:< rtuusoofetir 

or Hortu : 
Baugdar, atij. (Tutiunii, ahonry^ tet^ 
Bang dekhntf, to look at or •iMDti 
the stato. ooodittoo^rMiill, tonelu 
Hton. (ir ronsrqiMiMM of anythisi; 
ItaiiLilhahiM. «.«•.» jfmmm ml- 
'v«« arnamoQli, itc^ of HAiir ' 
'."»k lioiiinA. tt> im>w i«Ic» ""ftti 

iims ithowv. 
Raiifrfo, o4/* eoiovred, |Miinic«i 

tlLninitivi'. fliiiv fihowv. inttkU. 


ol ph«J«UR\ 

Rang lagin4 r. a. to roKmr. t» |«ntnt. 
BttDg nutnUU to win L«.iii\.!s.- 
BingiA «c «. to <^ 
Bug ialiyio.« ./ 
ptoaire, uurtlu 


[ 266 ] 


Eangras, delight, melody, pleasure. 

Eangrez, s. m. a dyer. 

Eangrezi, s. f. dying, tinging. 

Rangrilp, «. m. colour, form, appear- 

Eangtara, s. m. a kind of orange. 

Eang ur jana, to change colour, to be 

Eang utarna, to become pale ; to be 

. grieved. 

Eangwai, s. f. the price paid for co- 
louring, dying, &c. 

Eangwaiya, s. m. a dyer. 
Ill Jlani, s.f. a queen or princess. 

!j Eanj, s. m. grief, affliction, trouble, 
pain, anguish of mind, offence. 
■ Eanjak, s./. priming-powder. 
Eanjakdan, s. m. priming-pan. 
Eanjak pilana, v. prime. 
Eanjak urana, v. a. to burn priming, 

to flash in the pan. 
Eanjak urna, v. n. to flash in the pan 

Eanj dena, to give pain. 
Eanjida, adj. afflicted, offended, dis- 
pleased, grieved, vexed. 
Eanjidagi, s. /. affliction, vexation. 
Eanjida karna, to afflict, to offend, 

displease, grieve. 
Eanjidakhatir, afflicted in mind. 
Eanjish, s.f. grief, affliction. See Eanj. 
Eanj uthana, to endure grief. 
Eaijr, 8. f. a widow. 
Eansawari, s. /. riding on horseback. 
Eanthi, s. /. a bier. 
Eanwas, s. m. the seraglio of a Euja. 
Eaora, 'pron. yours, of you. 
Eapat, s. m. fatigue, hard labour ; 

prcyp. Eabt, which see. 
Eapatna, v. n. to become tired. 
Eapi, s. /. a shoemaker's knife. 
Eaqam, s.f. handwriting ; character, 

manner, kind, sort ; grain. 
Eaqim, s. m. a writer. 
Eas, s.f. reins of a bridle : s. m. a 

head of cattle, (t.e., one ox, or one 

horse, &c.) 
Eas, s. m. the savour of a thing ; 

juice, humour, essence, relish, en- 
joyment ; the pith or marrow of a 

Easad, s. f. store of grain laid in for 
an army, &c., grain, provision. 

Easai, s. f. access, entrance. 

Easam, s. /. see Easm. 

Easaut, s. f. see Easwat. 

Easayan, s. m. slowness, mildness ; 
alchymy, chemistry, 

Easayanf, s. m. a chemist. 

Ease, adv. softly, gently. 

Easha, s. m. a tremom-, shaking, the 
shaking palsy. 

Eashk, s. m. malice, spite, jealousy. 

Easfd, s.f. acknowledgment of re- 
ceiving or arrival ; a receipt. 

Easida, n. compos, arrived. 

Easila, adj. juicy, luscious. 

Easiyana, v. n. to be moist ; to ooze. 

Easkapiir, s. m. corrosive sublimate. 

Easlila, s. m. a festival in honour of 
the lewd gambols of Krishna and 
the milk- maids. 

Easm, s.f. custom ; law ; model, plan. 

Easmasa, wet with perfumed essences 
or perspiration. 

Easmi", adj. customary. 

Easna, v. n. to leak, to ooze. 

Eas nikalna, v. a. to extract the juices 
of a thing. 

Easoi, s. f. victuals ; a kitchen. 

Easoighar, s. m. a cook-room. 

Easoiya, s. m. a cook. 

Easont, s. f. see Easwat. 

Easra, s. m. rope, a cable. 

Easrf, s. f. string, cord. 

Eassa, s. m. rope, a cable. 

Eassf, s./.string, cord, rope ; a serpent.? 

East, adj. right, true, just. 

-p^ ,^' I s.m. a road, a way, a path, a 

Easta! I "*'^^^- 
Easta katrana, to slink away. 
East ana, to be set to rights. 
Eastbaz, adj. faithful, honest, righte^ 
ous, to be depended on. ' 

Eastbazi, s. f. fldelity, fair play. | 


[ 267 ] 


"P'-^'j'o, adj. a speaker of truth. 

oi', 8. /.speaking truth. 

, ^. /. sincerity, tidelity. 

liuiL luudmala, adj. just, of good ac- 

tioiLS, of upright conduct. 

Riihil!, 8.7/1. a messenger, Muhammad. 

Uasiiiu, 2>Top. Ilusiim, whicli see. 

Ilaswat, «./. a kind of collyrium, a 

kind of root which is pounded aud 

used for calking boats. 

at, s. /. contraction of llut. 

tiit, .»•./. night. 

Uatal, 8. m. a larg6 beam (for scales.) 

lutiihi, «. m. a yum. 

atan, 8. m. a jewel, gem, a precious 

.stoiui ; the pupil of the eye. ^ 

Uiilaiia, V. n. to rut, t^) be lewd. 

Hiitaiijot, 8. /. name of a pluut, name 

of a medicine said to be good for 

> the eyes. 

Etutiuiimlla, B.f. a necklace of prc- 

i')Ms stones. 

R«t:irutr, adv. in the night, by night. 

Ilaluiudhii, «. m.) , ,. , „ ^a«:,k* 
„ , ,, .' f > blindness at nigut. 

Uatiumdhiyu, adj, blind at night 
lliilli, n. f. a tbur-wlict Inl carriage, a 

>acii ; the car of Jagiinniith. 
Eiillibiiii, ». m. u coachman, 
ttatlijiitru, «. m. the frstival of the 

jMoccshion of Jagainnjith's cur. 
Iliitluvan, ». 111. a eoiu'lnuun. 
iiiti. n. f. vencry, coition; a little, a 

trilling (pianlity. 
lijit ;, H. f. a wttight or moaMuru wjual 

to tight IxirhvcHiriiH ; fortune. 
Itiitib, ». m. a dailv alhrniincu of food 

(Id iiiiiiiuils), allownnoo. 
Rati ( ii iniuknii, to U'giu, to pru«|)Qr, 

) llomisli. 
(titjiigu, watching all night on roU* 

lletiiii. r. (I. to I. ' ' * *' . to 

nl«r or dcniai 
mtoij nit, in tin i ;l»t. 

Ittttri, H./. the niglit. 
luitti, H. /. a weight. [frealinew. 

wutubut, 8./. humidity, uioisturc, 

Rau, in compos, going. ^ 

Iliiud, 8. solar heat, sunshine. 
Kaughan, s.m. gn-ase, oil, L. ;. I 

butter ; varnish, lacker. 
Raugham', adj., oily ; batten'. 
Raughan i tal^, 8. m. mustard oil. 
Kaughan i zard, 8. m. melted butter, 


Raula, 8. m. i 
liaunaq, 8. /. 

dour, orna i 
Raunaqdur, " 
liaundan, 8. // 

under foot. 
Raundhnd, \v.a. to trample on. to 
liaundmi, / tread dowii«to ride oier. 
Raiut, 8. /. a paeaagc, an ETenoe. 
lUiushan, adj. we Roaluuu 
Rauza, $. m. a mauaolvuin. 
Ravan, \ ruproo. Uio soTeraign of 
Rtivana, / Laulai, the gnml enemy 

of Ruma. 
Ravish, <. /. ctistom, law, ; 

rule : avenue, walk, ( 
Raw, in eompot. going, 
Rawii, adj. right, proptT. lawful, 

allowubiu : 8. m. gtiUl or silvef 

tiliiiga; agraiuur partklnofennd, 


RtiwiuUr, I 

RuwiUlari. t. /.'appniliation. 

lUiwij. «. m, UMg«s rtutmti : ai{f. oti*> 

* tirrrnl* veiMlibK\ 

l: gobig. moviuis. ttowiaf, 

l; 'I. n pnae, a ptaport: 

tobad, doMirted. 
liuwuiuigi. 9. /. i^ iw wn g, going* dt* 

parturui, travolhug. 
RawAna lionil, r. n. lu be despatdterf, 

to git, to |«iMi : to Dow. 
Kawuua karuii, U» act a going, to 

doapalch, to Kznd. 
Rawanna, #. ei. a paa^ a pennU. ^ 
Rawifau, \$./, going, prooc^ding, 
RawAniui, ( imvelling. 
Ri&wnt, f. m. a cnMip t»f •wwprtm. 
Rawu «. m. an biitonan, a namloft 


[ 268 ] 


Ra\»ya, s.m. custom, fashion, manner. 
Rawtf, 8. f. a kind of tent. 
Raz, s. m. a secret, a mystery. 
Raza, 8. f. acquiescence, consent, 

good pleasure ; permission, leave, 
Razai, 8. f. a quilt. 
Raza lena, to take leave, to go on 

Razamand, adj. acquiescing, con- 
senting, permitting. 
Razamandi, s. f. consent, acquies- 
cence, permission. 
Razdar,acZ/. trusty,faithful, confidant. 
Razdari, s. /. keeping of secrets, se- 
Razi, adj. satisfied,contented,agreed, 

pleased, willing : s.f. good pleasure. 
Razi ba riza, resigned to the will of 

Riizi hona, to consent, to acquiesce, 

assent,accede, agree, to be content, 

to be satisfied. 
Razi karna, to content, to satisfy, 

please, gratify. 
Razmama, s. m. an acknowledgment, 

of a cause being finally settled, 

given by the plaintiff. 
Raziq, s. m. sustainer; affording 

sustenance, a title of the Deity. 
Razposhi, s. /. keeping or concealing 

Razzaq, adj. an epithet of the Deity ; 

provider of daily food. 
Re, m. a vocative used by way of 

disrespect or admiration : holla ! 

bravo ! O ! 
Reh, "l 8. f. fossil alkali, used for 
Rehf, / washing and making soap. 
Rekh, 1 8. /. stripe, line, mark, fate, 
Rekha,j destiny. 
Rekhta, s. m. the Urdii language is 

so called, being a mixed dialect ; 

mortar, plaster. 
Rcl, 8. m. abundance, plenty, 
Rela, 8. m. a flood ; rushing, shove ; 

a line or string of animals, &c. 
Relna, v. a. to shove, push, rush. 
Relpel, «./. abundance, plenty. 

Rendi ka tel, s. m. castor oil. 
Rengna, v. n. to creep, to crawl ; to 

RengnijS./. name of a medicinal herb. 
Renkna, v. n. to bray (as an ass.) 
Renr, s. m. \ palma christi ; the 
Renri, s. /. j castor oil tree. 
Renrika tel, s. ra. castor oil. 
Renta, 8. m. snot, snivel. 
Resha, 8. m. fibre, stringiness of a 

Reshadar, adj. fibrous, stringy. 
Resham, s. m. silk. 
Reshmi, | adj. silken, woven or 
Reshmma,/ made of silk. 
Ret, 8 /. sand ; filings. [or filing. 
Retai, 8. /. price paid for polishing 
Retal, ac?j. sandy : s./.sandy ground. 
Reti, 8. /. sandy ground on the shore 

of a river ; a file. 
Retila, adj. sandy, gritty. 

RetJfa!''^'}^' "• *^ fi^^' *^ P^^^^- 

Rewand chini, 8. /. rhubarb. 

Rewri, 8. /. a kind of sweetmeat. 

Rez, in compos, pouring, scattering,, 
dropping, shedding, &c. 

Reza, 8. TYi. a scrap, piece, bit ; chil- 
dren employed on mason work, 
&c. ; boys who carry brick, mortar, 
&c. ; small silver coin. 

Reza reza, 8. m. scraps, pieces : mlj. 
in pieces, broken in pieces. 

Rezgf, small silver coin ; a scrap, a 
bit, a piece. 

Rez karna, to begin to speak or talk 
(as young birds.) 

Ri, /. a vocative particle used by 
way of disresiDcct or admiration : j 
holla ! bravo ! ! '■ 

Riaya, s. plur. of Raaiyat, subjects, 
tenants, peasantry. 

Ridyat, 8. /, kindness, favour, guard- '■ 
ing, protecting, taking care (of),i 
paying attention; remission, in-| 


[ 2G9 ] 


■Eiayat kama, to take off something 
from the price asked ; to guard ; 
to show kinduess. 

Riayati", «. m. a favoured person. 

lliclili, 8. m. a bear. [frieudsliip. 

Kita,(iat, 8./. society, companioHhliip, 

Rifiuiat karnii, to associate with. 

Riiiiii, «. /. liberation, escape, deli- 
verance*, discliarged, release. 

Riliiii ba^hshnti, U) deliver. 

Riliiii dena, «. m. to release, to acquit. 

Riliilm, «. m. tiie wonib. 

Rihl, 8. /. a supix»rt tor a book. 

Rihiut, 8. /. nuirching (particularly 
to tile other world) ; death. 

Jlihlut kama, v. n. to die. 

liiluii, 8. m. the womb. 

liilm, 8. m. a pb-dge, a pawn. 

Jtijalu, adj. mean, vulgar, vile, base. 

Itijli, 8. /. choiw!, appr(»batioii, dc- 
.^irc ; pleasing, satisrying. 

Ri jli:iiui, V. a. to pK^Juse. 

Rijluia, V. n. to Ixi pleased, to bo 
gratified, to be delightetl. 

Rikiib, 8./. a dish, a plate; u stirrup; 
qiiipage, tmin. 

Rikubdiir, ket))er of the dishoB. 

^iikiibd(nil,8. /. a Htirru|)-leathor. 

Rikiibi, 8./. a dish, a plate. 

Eikabi mazhab. adj. panisitlcal, 

Hikcbi, 8. /. a dish, a plat^;. 

Rikh, J 

... I J 8. m. a sage, a stunt 

Uim, X. /. miitUr, pua. 
kiiiii, lulj. purulent. 
Rill. 8./. Uirrowing. debt 
HiLH'hh, 8./. a Uuir, 
jliiid, 1 8. m. R rcprobatr, a drunkard, 
}>in la. j a deUiuehiM', u lilncicpUtnl. 
2i lulhnil, v.a. to <ln;s8 i^vietuaLs). U> 
., cook. 

liindi', 8./. trick, fraud, dohnuohery. 
fiiugmi,tJ.w, toennp, to emwl. 
Riiii. («(/. indebted : 8. rn, u dobtor. 
Biniyu, «. «»./. a tl«'bt<»r. 
Ill Hi. 8./. the btickbone. 
Ruiyana, V. u. to cry (n» ft child) ; 
to importimc, to U>g curucttUy. 

Ris, 8./. anger, wrath, passion/ 
Risala,8 .m. a book, a tn-ati.-^ , ;i .•.luall 

tract ; a troop of horsr, 
Risalatlar, the commandi r <.f a ir. *'p 

of horse. 
Risaladuri', 8./. the comiuaad of a 

troop of horse. 
Risiilat, 8./. mis.sion, apoetleship. 
Risalatpam'ih, a»ylum of prophecy. 

I.e., Muhammad. 
Risana, v. li. to be diqileaaed, to be 

angry, to be vexed. 
Rt'sh, 8./. beard. 

Ris' ha, adj. peKsionatc, wrathful. 
Rishi, 8. m. a aoge, a aaiut. 
RishtJ^ «. m. reUtionahip, connexkin< 

Ri^ht4idar,«. m. a relatioB,* Idnanuiii* 
Rishtiulan, 8. /. rolationahip, aiUnity* 
Rishwat. 8./. a bribe. 
Rishwat dunii, to bribe. 
Rii«hwati. adj. a taker of bribes. 
RishuMt Ivi.iinii, to take bribi«. 
b' . adj. a taker of bnbsiL 

li' i. to take bribes. 

Ridiyuuu, r. n. to bo Texod,to bo 

angry, to be provoked. , 
Riiinii, r. fi. to diop akmly : to bo 

Rt't, f. f. ntf^nm. mnffOi habit, nalo. 

l: uio %d ft fiih: Iho 




Ri)'u, «. Ml. 1 1 





uoumuon, .•>«;»%. 


[ 270 ] 


Riyasat karna, to govern. 

Riyazf, s. m. mathematics. 

Rizal, \ adj. mean, worthless, vile, 

Kizala,/ base. 

Rizal pan, \s. m. meanness, baseness, 

Rizalpana,! worthlessness. 

Rizq, s. m. food, wealth, subsistence, 

daily bread, support. 
Rizq dena, t to give food, to 

Rizq palmnchanaj support. 
Roab, s. m. 'prop. Ruab, which see. 
Roai, s. /. lamentation. 
Roan, s. m. hair of the body, down, 

Roana, 'v. a. to make cry, to vex, to 

Roas, s. f. inclination to cry. 
Rob, in compos, sweeping. 
Roda, ) s. m. (a sinew used as) a 
Roda, / bowstring ; a gut, catgut. 
Rodan, s. m. weeping, crying ; a tear. 
Ro dena, to cry, to weep. 
Roen, 8. f. the hair on the arms, &c., 

bristle, nap, down. 
Roen badalna, to become sleek and 

fat (a horse), to change his coat. 
Rog, s, m. sickness, disease. 
Roghan, s. m. see Raughan. 

T>^^\\^ I adj. sick, ailing; an in- 

^S\K Valid. 

Rogiya, ) 

Rohani, s. f. see Rohini. 

Rohat, s. f. weeping, crying, tears. 

Rohini, 8. f. name of the fourth 
mansion of the moon. 

Rohii, s. /. the name of a fish. 

Roj, s. m. prop. Roz, day. 

Rok, 8. f. prevention, hindrance. 

Rokar, s. /. ready money, cash. 

Rokarbahi, s. /. a cash-book. 

Rokariya, s. m. a cash-keeper, a 

Rokna, v. a. to enclose, surround, 
stop, prevent, restrain, hinder, de- 
tain, interrupt, prohibit. 

Rok tok, let, hindrance, opposition, 

Rolana, v. a. to cause to weep. 

Rom, 8. m. down, small hair of thd^ 

Rompna, v. a. to plant, to transplant. 

Rona, V. n. to cry, to weep : s. m. 
lamentation, grief: adj. addicted 
to crying. 

Rona dhona, to be bathed in tears. 

Roni surat, adj. of a sad counte- 
nance : 8. m. a melancholy or rue- 
ful countenance. 

Roiitiya, adj. treacherous. 

Rontna, v. a. to deny. 

Ropna, V. a. to plant, to transplant. 

Rora, s. m. a stone, a fragment of 
stone or brick, a brickbat. 

Rorokar, adj. with difficulty, with 
labour and pain. 

Roslian, adj. light, luminous, mani- 
fest, conspicuous. 

Roshanckauki, s. /. name of a mu- 
sical instrument. 

Roshandiln, s. m. a small hole for 
admitting light. 

Roshandil, adj. of an enlightened 

Roshangar, s. m. an oilman. 

Roshani", 8. f. light, splendour. , j 

Roshan karna. to light, to illumi- I 
nate, to kindle. 

Roshnai, s. /. ink ; light, splendour. 

Roshni, 8. f. light, splendour, bright- 

Rosna, v. n. see Rusna. 
t, 1 . 

Rota, / meats offered to Haniimaii. 

Rotf, 8. f. bread ; an unleavened 

Rotiwala, s. m. a baker. 

Roya karna, v. n. to be ever crying. 

Roz, 8. m. a day. 

Roza, 8. m. fast, fasting ; Lent. 

Rozadar, 8. m. one who fasts. 

Roza i jaza, day of judgment. 

Roza kholna, to break a fast. 

Rozana, s. m. daily allowance ; daily. 

Roza rakhna, to keep a fast, to fast. 

Roz ba roz, adv. daily, constantly. 

Rozgar, s. m. service, earning. 


[ 271 ] 


Tlo?/rnT\, adj, one who earns. 
Kozj^'ar karmi, to serve to earn. 
Ilozi, 8./. daily food, employment., 8. m. daily food. 
Rozinadiir, 8. w. one who receives 

<l:iily wages. 
Iloz i shumar, the day of judgment. 
Itoz marra, adv. always, dtiily. 
Roznoma, W. w. a daily account- 
Itoziiiimcha, / book, a journal. 
Itoz o sliab, day and night, always, 

Roz roz, adv. daily, every day. 
ItiJ, 8. m. face, surface ; cause, reason. 
liual), 8. m. fear, terror, awe; dignity. 
Jtub(ii, H. f. a stanza of four linos. 
Jtiibakar, adj, under consideration 

(a cause.) 
Iliibakjinit, causes, &c., brought to 

court. [cause.) 

Ilu'bakan', 8. /. proceedings (of a 
Kul)aru, 8. VI. presence: adv. face to 

face, before, over against. 
Ilucli, 8. /. desire, wish. 
RiK^hua, V. n. to be agreeable to the 

mind or palate, to be approved, to 

be nliHhed. 
RiKJiiir, 8. m. blood. 
Riic, lace, siu*fuce. 
llu'('zamih, «. /*. face of the earth. 
Uiili, 8./. Houl, spirit. 
Ruluinr, adj. hi >i ritual. 
Jtuluiniyat, 8./. hpirituality. 
Uiih ul liih, tlie iSpirit of Clod, JcflUD 

Ruh ul ({uds, the Holy Spirit. 
Kill, 8./. cotton. 
Jiiiidiir, adj. quilted or stufTed witli 

L'uju, 8. m. turning towanlu, bia«. 
Knju hoiia, to be incUued ur turn* 

.mI to. 
Ruju ktimii, to have rooourso to n 

Jiiglur authority, to rcimir to. 
nhjy Itiiiti, to turn towttnU, to side 

llvith, to submit, to yicKI. 
Ridvuuu, r. a. to cause to enclose, to 

surround, to stop, to hiudcr. 

Rukao, 8. m. 


hindrance, deten- 
Rukawa^, 8./. / tion, prevention. 
Rukh, 8. m. the cheek; face, 8i<: 

point, quarter. 
Riikh, 8. m. a tree. 
Kukha, adj. dry, plain, rough, har>; 

unkind ; unseasoned. 
Rukhai, I 8. f. plainness, drjmess (of 
Kiikhai', / bread), mikind looks, 

Rukhiini, 8. /. a carpenter's chisel 
Kiikha siikha, adj. plain, bhii 

harsh (words.) 
Ru^h badalnii, to turn away fr 

(words, &c.), to be angry 

Ru'khi, 8./. a squirrel. 
Rukh karna, to turn Uio face (to* 

wards), to proceed (towards), tO 

attend to, to accede to. 
Ru^ii pheriui, to turn away from. 

bi! angry. 
Riikhra, adj. rough uneven. 
Riijvhsiir, I s. m. tlie clu<»k, fa- 
Rul^hstini, / miin, coiuplexion. 
Rujchsat, s. /. leave, liceiice, | « 

mission, dismissal. 
Ru^lisat di'iui, to permit, to diMui 

to give leave U> g«). 
RuVhsat Uouiy to do|)art, to hn^ 

hiivo to (lo|)firt 
RuVl»Hiiti, #. /. de|Kirturc, anytlu; 

given at |iarting. 
Ru^hsat kurnu, to jiermit, to gn 

\n\u\ to dimniim. 
Rul^lisat Imui, to take ono'^ leave. 

Rukiiti, r. n. to stop, to be hinder 

.,, ..,.. ),,».. I.. 1 . i.« 1^. fMicloueti. 
I von. (\ 

' i - HJy in pn«> • 

Rukv . pixvcnter. 

Rulai iu«e to crv, to v. 

RUm, fi. J : Constant 

nople, til- I :npirp. 





[ 272 ] 


adj. silvered, made of 

Kumali, s. f. a mode of exercising 
the arms by turning the mugdars 
over the head. 

Rumi, s. m. a Grecian. 

Rundna, v. n. to be trod or trampled 

Runghat, s. /. dirt, filth. 

Riingta, s. m. the short hairs of the 

Rungte khare hona, v. n. the stand- 
ing of the hairs on end (from cold, 
fear, &c.) 

Riip, s. m. countenance, form, shape, 
appearance, face ; beauty. 

Rupa, s. m. silver. 




Rupaiya, j 

Rupi, I s. m. a coin so called, a 

Riipiya, j rupee. 

Riipiya, j 

Rupjast, s. m. pewter. 

Riiposh, adj. hiding the face, con- 

Ruposh hona, v. n. to be concealed, 
to hide one's face, to abscond. 

Riiposhi, s.f. concealment, hiding. 

Riipwan, ^ adj. well-shaped, hand- 

Rupwant, j some, beautiful. 

Rupya, s.m. a coin so called, a rupee. 

Ruqa, s. m. a note, a letter. 

Ruqaat, s. 'plur. of Ruqa, notes. 

Rusana, v. n. to be displeased. 

Rusi, s. f. scurf. 

Rusiyah, adj. disgraced, criminal, un- 

Rusiyahi, s. f. disgrace, criminality. 

Riisna, 1 v. n. to be angry, to be dis- 

Rusna, / pleased, to have a misun- 
derstanding with a friend. 

Rustam, n. 'prop, one of the twelve 
champions of Persia ; a hero. 

Rustami, s. f. valour, heroism. 

Rusum, s. f. plur. of Rasm, customs, 
tees, taxes, duties, postage. 

Ruswa, adj. infamous, dishonoured, 
disgraced : s. m. disgrace, infamy. 

Ruswai, s. f. ignominy, infamy, dis- 
honour, disgrace, &c. 

Rutba, 8. m. rank, degree, dignity, 
step, stair. 

Rutba barhna, to advance in dignity. 

Rutha ruthi, s.f. mutual coolness, 

Ruthna, v. n. to have a misunder- 
standing with a friend, to be cool, 
to be angry or displeased. 

Ruthni, adj. quarrelsome : s. f. the 
name of a species of sensitive plant. 

Rutiibat, s. f. humidity, freshness. 


Sa, a prepositive particle, signifying 
with, possessed of, or related to. 

Sa, like, resembling ; an adjunct, 
the meaning of which is at times 
scarcely perceptible, though often 
it seems to give intensity to the 
preceding word, as Bara, large; 
Barasa, largish ; Kalasa, blackish. 

Saadat, s. f. fehcity, happiness, good 

Saadatmand, adj. prosperous, for- 
tunate, happy. 

Saadatmandi, s. f. prosperity. 

Saat. s. /. a moment, minute, hour. 

Sab, adj. all, every, the whole, total 
(in the inflection of the plural this 
word generally becomes sabhon.) 

Saba, s. f. a gentle breeze, morning 

Sabab, s. m. cause, reason, motive : 
postpos. on account of, by reason of. 

Sabad, s. m. see Sabd. 

Sabadhan, adj. see Savadhan. 

Sabaj, adj. prop. Sabz, wliich see. 

Sabal, adj. powerful, forcible. 

Sabalai, s. f. power, force, strength. 

Saban, adj. plur, all. 

Saban, s. m. soap. 

Sabaq, s.m. a lesson, lecture, learning. ; 

Sabaq lena, to take a lesson. t 

Sabaq parhna, to read a lesson. | 

Sabar, s. f. see Sabr. -J 

Sabar, s. m. a leather of elk's or anj| 


[ 273 ] 


kind of deer's hide for bedding ; 
an oik. 
R5il), prop. ShaMsh, which see. 
Ishi', see Shabashi. 
1, 8.m. sound in general, a sound, 
I word. 

Saber, adj. early, soon, in good time. 
Subera, «. m. morning dawn. 
Sabhti, «. m. an asiicrably, meeting, 

Sabhiipati, «. m, chief or president of 

an asHombly. 
Sablu'. all. 
Sabhf»o, adj. plur. inflect, of Sab, all, 

tiio whole. 
Sibil, H.f. water distributed to thirsty 
tiavellcrM during the ten first days 
of Mnhamim. 
Siibiq, wlj. former, preooding, fon> 
going : (ulv. fonnerly, of yore, hero- 
t/)t'ore, ago, before time. 
S^l)i«|a, K. ni. former friendship, pre- 

viouH intimacy. 
Sdl>i([an, \ according to ancient 
Sabi(i (laHtifr,/ or former custom ; 

IS lx!for(5. 
Siibiq mcD, «^?». formerly, of yoro, 

h(r('lx)ron;, ago, Ixjforo time. 
S»d)ir, atlj. pntit<nt. 
Siibit, aiij. llrm, constant, duniblo, 
shibl(>, nx<>d. provini, tuk;erUiinod, 
CMtablislKHl, confliUKHl. 
Siibit h( •nii, to lie provinl or onnflrmed, 

t^) Im' tirm. 
Siibit karuii, to conflnn, establbh, 

Verily, pn)Vo by wilmiw. 
Siibji', H.f'. jtrov. Sib/.i, which i06. 
Si.l) kalnu, '"/''. every wlicn\ 
Sal. UjI sab, \ all, every one, every- 
Sal> k«» sab, / tiling, the wliolo. 
Sal) khauwii, ndj. oinnivt»n>UM. one 
who (>ats all kinds of fotnl witliout 
Sib koi. every one, rviTy body, oU. 
Sih knchh. everything, all. 
S:ilK>t4ir, aiij. «'vcrywhcro. 
Sabr, s.f. patience, enduranco. 

Sabr l)o sati^fRMlTrom fating.) 
Sabr karna, to wait, liavr jMtn nee, 

Sabiij, adj. prop. Sabz, which aee. 
Siibiin, \ 

Sabun, I '• "• »«P- 
Stibiingar, «. m. a soap-boiler. 
Sabiir, adj. patient, mild, enduring. 
Sabiin', «. /. i)atience, forbcanince. 
Sabiit, «. / firmness, stability, coulir- 

mation by evidence. 
Stibiit, adj. whole, entire. 
Sabiit homi, to be tirm. 
Sabz, adj. green, verdant, ft-» 

rishing; grey -coloured (a i 
Sitbza, t. m. an incipient W^^id 

green Ktono worn in the cur aj) 

ornament ; ',-•■- 
Sabz bona, t 
Sabzi, n./ gi' 

culinary n. iii 

intoxicatm.: | i^. 

Sabziniandi, f.j. n ji 

mttable.s an* hoUI. 
Soch, \ (u^. true, rva\, compel : 9, < ■ 
Biioh, / truth : adr ind*****!. iri 

eamt*st, a- 
Sachiha^ 1 
Soobiii. I 

Rtichaq, «. > :itt«. 

Snclinu(i', « tt. 

SnohohA, .. ni rv,U^ 

honest, fa irv>: 

«. fit. a tru... ; 
Sarhot, a<(/. ^r 

witti mutton : 

.to iqimk truly. 
■ \. to not truly. 
Ku'liiiiuch. at{j. or aih. truly, tnir. 
8i«d, adj. hundrr<l. 
81UI, f. /. the fourteenth letter of tiio 

Arabic alpbuU't. 
Soda, #./. iioun<l. tone, whrt, nnigt^ 
voice : a«lr. alwuys, iK-rjietualJy. 


[ 274 ] 


Sada, adj. plain, white, unadorned, 
humble ; artless, open, sincere. 

Sadabait, s. m. alms or food distribu- 
ted daily to the poor, travellers, &c. 

Sadadil, adj. artle^^s, simple, stupid. 

Sadagi, s. f. plainness ; simplicity, 
sinceiity, artlessness. 

Sada kaghaz, 8. m. writing paper 
which has not been written on. 

Sadakal, adv. continually, always. 

Sadakar, s. m. a (kind of) goldsmith. 

Siidakari, s. f. the business of a gold- 

Sadalauh, adj. artless, stupid, simple. 

Sadan, adv. always. 

Sadanand, ahvays happy. 

Sadaqat, s.f. sincerity, candour, truth. 

Sadar, see Sadr. 

Sadasiva, a name of Mahadeva. 

Sadajjuhagan, s.f. a kind of faqir 
dressed like a woman. 

Sadat, s. plur. of Saiyid. 

Sadataur, a plain manner. 

Sadatauri, s. f. gentleness, affability ; 
simplicity, stupidity. 

Sadeh, bodily, in the body. 

Sadh, adj. virtuous, holy : s. m. a re- 
ligious person ; a faqir. 

Sadlian, s. m. "1 practice, accomplish- 

Sadhana, s.f. j ment. 

Sadh ana, v. a. to train animals. 

Sadhna, v. n. to be fully instructed 
or disciplined. 

Sadhna, v. a. to familiarize gradually 
to any habit, to teach, learn, habit- 
uate, accustom, use, practise, regu- 
late, to accomplish. 

Sadhii, adj. pious, honest ; a reli- 
gious person, a mendicant. 

Sadf, s.f. prop. Shadi, marriage. 

Sadiq, adj. true, just, sincere. 

Sadiq ui qaul, speaking truth. 

Sadma, s. m. a blow, a stroke of for- 
tune, adversity, accident, calamity. 

Sadqa, s. m. alms, propitiatory offer- 
ings, sacrifice. 

Sadqa dena, | to sacrifice for tlie 

Sudqa karna. / welfare, &c., of an- 

Sadqe bona, ) to become a sacrifice 
Sadqe jana, / for the welfare, &c., 

of another. 
Sadqe karna, to sacrifice for the 

welfare, &c., of another. 
Sadr, adj, chief, principal, supreme: 

s.f. government, the place where 

government is administered. 
Sadr adalat, s. /. the chief court (n 

Sadrala, n. prop, principal umpire, 

investigator or arbitrator; an of- 
ficer in the civil courts superior 

to a Sadr Am in. ^ 

Sadramin, n. prop, an umpire, inveS' j 

tigator, arbitrator, an officer in the 

civil courts superior to an Amin. 
Sadrbazar, s. m. the chief bazar in a 

military station. [court. 

Sadr diwani adalat, s.f. the chief civil 
Sadr i sudur, the chief judge. 
Sadr rasta, s. m. the highway. 
Saf, adj. clean, clear, transparent," 

pure, candid, innocent. 
Safa, \ s. f. purity, cleanness, clear- 
Safa, / ness : adj. pure, clean. 
Safai, s. f. purity, cleanness, clear-j 

ness, perspicuity. 
Safai batana, to refuse flatly. 
Safai karna, to make clean work < 

it, to accomplish fully. 
Safar, s. m. journey, voyage, travelj 

travelling, journeying : s. m. 

second month of the Muhamma 

dan year. 
Safari, s. m. f. a traveller : adj. of c 

relating to travelling. 
Safariam, s. m. a guava. 
Safarish, s. f. recommendation, ink 

Safarish karna, to recommend, to J 

Safar karna, to travel ; to go, to de^ 

part, to die. 
Safar ul muzaffar, s. m. the second 

month of the Muhammadan ye:. 
Safiit, /. plur. of Sifat, praises, quu 

ties, attributes. 


[ 275 ] 


fc^u;uil, adj. of a pure heart, candid, 

Safc'd, adj. white. 
Saibdii, 8. m. white lead. 
Baif, s. f. series, order, rank, file ; a 

SalF bandhna, to form a line or row. 
ISufgo, adj. speaking truth. 
8afha, «. w. a page (of a book.) 
Sail, 8. /. a filter or cloth through 
which drinks, medicines, &c., are 
strained, a strainer; a duster, a 
dishclout or cloth for wiping with. 
iSafuui, 8. m. a blank book, a commou- 

place book, 
fiafmama, s. m. a general release, 
I discharge from ol)ligation. 
fkifra, «. /. bile, gull : atli vrllnw. 
Sufrai', adj. bilious. 
SulViam, 8. m. a guava. 
Sat'tiilii, 8. w. p?"op. Shurtulii, a pcadi. 
Suliif, 8. m. a medicine tjikcn dry 
and unmixed, a powder (iu uppo- 
hition t(j an electuary.) 
Sug, 8. 77*. a dog. 
B^;^, 8. m. greens, edible vogetablos, 

ulinary herbs, jjotherbs. 
>agii, adj. relateil, full, owu. 
•>Qgubliar, own brother. 
Sugiii, 8. /'. bctrotliing for marriago, 
second marriage of a woiuau of 
kiw tribe. [to bctiolh. 

1 karn»i, to engage for marriage, 
1 1, iulj. all, rvt'ry, the whole. 
, ,:ir, 8. in. a kiiui of cart, 
ugar, 8. m. the sea, the ucoon. 
-^igiuiti, \ 8. /. animal food, meat, 
>u^Ciiuti', / llrsll. 
Sn:',bun, 8. 7/*. a »l()g-krepor. 
^a,:;;<ar, «. m. a kind tif cart 
)a: Itir, a<ij. small, sK^nder, iunior. 
'i^iur sinn, adj. of tender age. 
»a^ird, 8. in. prop. Shagird, wliich see. 
Mgjtat, 8. /a. gnxMis. 
Kigni, (tdj. all, every, the whole. 
Ui^un, 8. m. augury, omen ; en- 
dowed with proiHjrtietJ, qualities, 


Siigwan, 8. f. teak- wood or tree. 
Sagyiin, adj. with knowledge, know 

ing, intelligent, wise. 
Sagyanf, a^lj. wise, intelhgent. 
Sail, 8. m. a merchant, a shopkeepc r 

8. /. a season. 
Sahad, 8. m. prop. Shahd, honey. 
Sahae, \ 8. m. an aider, assistant 
Sahai, / helper: 8./. aid, help, a.- - 

Sahaj, adj. easy, not diflBcult facih 

adv. easily. 
Sahajnti, 8. m. a tree the root < 

which supplies the place of horst 

Sahiikur, 8. in, assistance. 
Siihan, 8. /. female of Siih. 
Sahan, 8. in, a courtyard, an area 

a kind of cloth. 
Sahami, adj. coloured (a« cloth.) 
Sahanhiir, adj. suiVenible, beaiubl- 

Sahtio, bearin"- ••"''•"•(Mee. 
Sahar, «. m , . a city. 

Suliani, 8. in. loU. lielp. 

Salitini dena, v. u. U) help, U.> tiAniift. 
Sahara karnti, tu abet 
Sahargiihi, s '* •' ' 'ikcn at oariv 

dawn or a < r, od among 

Muhanun ue of Huiiing. 

Stihas, «. m. < tit vuluur. 

Saiiasi, tt(//. I vu. bulil. 

Sahniir, u<(/. a 
iSahi&yuta, 8. r'. .ii.l. i.. ;■,>. .i .i^i.^i,, ,•. 

SabeUlt./. irniai.- r.M.'i].a:,i..i:. iu A 

Bomglin, luuuliuaid, cuuvubua 
Saiii, »./ a poroupiuc. 
Siiiii. an eniphutical |Hirticlc: (it i> 

true or correct, truly, indeixl, a i 

tainly : straight 
Sal lib. It. m. loni, master ; (iu compa.* 

{HltMUtMUr. |K>SHviM)d of, CJldoWix, 

Saliiba, «. /. a lady, misiroAA, &c. 
SiihiUin, moHtors, gentlemen. 
Stihibi, «./. rule, ciaiinuunl, lordship. 
Sahib i Uj^htiyar. poasessud of ({«• 

eloctiou or optiou. 


[ 276 ] 


Sahib i jamal, adj. beautiful. 
Sahibi karna, to rule, lord, govern. 
Sahib i kliana, master of the house. 
Sahib iq^bal, adj. fortunate, prosper- 
ous, [a saint. 
Sahib kamal, adj. perfect, excellent, 
Sahib saliqa, endowed with taste, a 

man of taste. 
Sahibzada, genteelly born ; a young 

gentleman ; a son. 

Saliifa, s. m. a book, a leaf, a page. 

Sahfh, adj. accurate, just, perfect, 

entire, right, certain, authentic, 

correct, genuine ; a plumb-line. 

Sahih karna, to sign, to correct, to 

Sahil, s. m. a porcupine. 
Sahir, s. m. an enchanter, a magician, 

a necromancer. 
Sahirana, v. n. to thrill, to have the 
hair stand on end: v. a. to rub 
gently, to stroke. 
Saliirf, s. /. enchantment, magic, ne- 
cromancy, conjuration. 
Sahit, jpr^. with, together with, 

along with. 
Saliiyarna, v. a. to arrange. 
Sahjana, s. m. see Saliajna. 
Sahl, adj. easy, not difficult, simple : 

adv. easily. 
Sahlana, v. a. to stroke, to rub gently, 

to tickle. 
Sahmana, v. a. to frighten, to terrify. 
Sahmna, v. n. to fear, to be afraid. 
Sahn, s. m. a court-yard, area; a 

kind of cloth. 
Sahna, v. n. to bear, endure, support. 
Sahnak, s. f. a plate, dish, &c. 
Sahodar, adj. descended from one 

Sahodar bhai, s. m. full brother, 
Salira. s. m. a desert, a plain. 
Sahrana, v. n. see Sahirana. 
Sahil, s.f. an error, mistake, blunder, 

Sahii, adj. honest : s. m. a merchant. 
Sahiikar, s. m. a great merchant, 

Sahukari, s. f. traffic, trade, com- 
merce, exchange of money. 

Saliul, s. m. a plummet. 

Sahw, s. f. see Sahu. 

Sahwaiya, s. m. a sufferer. 

Sahwan, adv. erroneously, inadver- 

Sai, s.f. endeavour, attempt, effort, 

Sai, adj. hundred. 

Saif, s. f. a sword. 

Saihiin, Mount Sion. 

Saikara, adv. a hundred per cent. 

Sai karna, to endeavour, attempt, 

Saikra, adv. a hundred per cent. 

Sail, s. m. an interrogator, asker. 

Sail, s. f. walking or going about for 

Sailab, adj. abounding with water : 
s. f. m. a flood, a torrent, a deluge. 

Sailani", adj. fond of going about for 

Sailsapata, s. m. walking or going 
about for amusement. 

Sam, s. m. lord, master ; a faqir, the 

Sain, s. /. a wink, sign, token, hint, 
a signal ; sleep, repose. 

Samji, s. m. a religious mendicant. 

Sain karna, to beckon. 

Sainkra, adv. hundred. 

Sainsath, adj. sixty-seven. 

Saintalis, adj. forty-seven. 

Saintis, adj. thirty-seven. ^ 

Saintna, v. a. to adjust, to put to 

Saiqal, s. m. polish, lustre, furbish- 
ing ; the polishing instrument. 

Saiqalgar, a polisher, furbisher, bu?- 

Saiqal bona, to be burnished or po- 

Saiqal karna, to polish, furbish, bu 

Sair, s. f. perambulation, excursion 
tour, taking the air, recreatioaif 
amusement,moviug about; perusal. 


[ 277 ] 


Siiir, 8. m. tax, duty levied on per- 
sonal property. 

Sairgalj, s. f. place for walking. 

Bair karna, to take the air, to per- 
ambulate, to travel; to read, to 

Sill's' [ *• ^' * groom, a horsckeeper. 

Sai'si', 8. f. the business of a groom. 

Saltan, «. m.prop. Shaitan, the devil, 

Saitna, v. a. to take care of, to hus- 
band; to kill. 

Raiyjili, «. m. a traveller, a pilgrim. 

Suiyiihr, 8./. travelling, voyage. 

*Saiyara, «. m. a planet. 

fcaiyid, «. m. a lord, a prince ; a dc- 

' Hfcndant of Ilusain. 

6uj, 8. /. HliajK), ornament, appear- 
ance, proj)a ration. 

Saj, 8. m. harness, accoutrements ; 

Siijai, 8. /. the nrico paid for making 
\y('\in or s<'jd)bardH ; preparation. 

Sojun, 8. m.f. a person of resiKJcta- 

Biljan, 8. m. a swoethcart, a lover. 

Rn pimi, V. a. to cjinse to prepare. 

Sajuo, 8. m. i)rei>urati()n, ornament. 

Sajawa^, $. /. preparation; contri- 

Sajdar, (idj, woll-sliaped, handsome. 

Saj dimj, 8. /. preparation and ap- 

Siijiui, 8. in. partniTship, niwociatloil. 

S.ijlii', 8. in. a partner, nn Hr»wwmt4'. 

»^!ijilii, (ulj. well hI taped, ImndMmie, 
j;rae<fiil, beautiful. 

Sijiw,! adj. alive, living, ondowdd 

8.1 jiv,/ with life. 

^".ij'. \ »' /• «» kind of minond 

SMJiimaftf, j alkali, impure carlio- 
mde of Ho<la. ("inonv 

S:(jl:i. 8. in. third l)rothcr of four i»r 

S ijna, V. n. U) 1h^ pri'pared ; to tit, to 
D<KHime, to btvse<»m. 

Sajmi, V. rt. to pn^iarc, to drraa, to 
decorate, to bedeck, to regulate. 

Sajwdna, v. a. to cau.^* t- .-..-- 
Sak, 8. m.prop. Shakk, 
Sakal, aaj. all, the ^^ 

«./. prop. Shakl, which *cc. 
Sakarna, v. a. to accept (a bill of » 

change, &c.) 
Sakas, 8. m. jyrop. Sha^yhs, which see; 
Sakat, «./. ability, strength, jjower. 

See also Sa^ht. 
Sakela, 8. m. a kind of iron. 
Saket, ailj. narrow, strait : t, m. want. 

Stikh, 8. /. trust, credit, reputation. 
Sakha, s. m. a friend, a cum|)ftuioi! 
Siikhu, 8./. a branch »>f a tpt-i*. 
Sakha wat, «. /. lil ' 
Sakhtiwat kania. 

Sakhi, «. m. aue\:^ 

Sukhi', «. /. a kind of fa(iir who 

dresses like a wonuui ; a friend, a 

Sa^jLln, (uij. I il)oral, generous. 
Ba^lit, «./. nudce. fabrication, fuBliimi, 

Suljdit, atlj. hanl, strong, tough, diffl- 

cult, olxJurale : stingy ; very 

cruel, au^tert*, H<>vert\ imndi (to 

the <-ar.) 
Si||diti. *./. hanlnem, hanthm*f«: ^ 

vi-nty, btiii;:iii< S.S ; hardship. 


esc' >iil 

not ! 
Snkiui, r. n, to U< i»t>lr. 
Siikofii^, r. H. t<i idtHnk, ahri^< 

writ ' ' !raw up. 

Bakfii. : n**m 

e«oi!^ . . 

Rnknii, §./. »mallmviM. want nf rmv 
Haknimi, r. «. to omum^ to a*^^ 

Ibill.&c); to straiten, to depn 

of ntxH'Ssary mom. 
Stiknint, *. / the entoring of the > 

into a new sign. 
Baknintf, <u{j. rokling to the Sum 



[ 278 ] 


Sakshi, 8. m. an eye-witness, an evi- 
Sakti, 8. f. ability, strength, power. 
Saktiman, adj. powerful, mighty. 

SakUa,} «. name of a timber. 
Sakuchana, v. a. to abash. 
Sakuchna, v. n. to fear, to be abashed. 
Sakunat, s. /. residence, dwelling, 

Sal, 8. m. name of a timber tree ; a 

hole made by driving a pin into 

the ground,&c. ; a year ; in compos. 

house, place, school. 
Sala, in compos, a termination affixed 

to numbers to denote as many 

years old. 
Sala, s. m. a wife's brother, brother- 
in-law ; in compos, liouse, place. 
Salabat kiincha, s. m. an intrench- 

Salabmisri, s. m. Salep. 
Salag, adj. the whole. 
Salagram, s. to. a particular stone 

worshipped as an emblem of 

Salah, s. f. peace, concord, treaty; 

advice, counsel. [police.) 

Salahiyat, s. f. morning report (oi 
Salah karna, to consult, advise, to 

take counsel together. 
Salai, s. /. a knitting needle ; a piece 

of wire for tinging the eyelids with 

a collyrium ; a match ; the wires 

or bars of a cage. 
Salam, s. m. salutation, peace, safety. 
Salam alaikum, for Salamun alai- 

Salam alek, for Salamun alaika, 
Salamat, s. f. safety, health, peace : 

a^j. safe, well, in safety. 
Salamati, s. f. health, safety ; in 

health or safety. 
Salami, s./. salute ; a present given 

to a landlord for granting a lease, 

Salam karna, to salute, hail, accost ; 

to give up, refrain, bid adieu. 

Salam lena, to return the salutation* 

Salamun alaika, peace be upon thee. 

Salamun alaikum, peace be upon you,. 

Salan, s. m. flesh, meat. 

Salana,yearly, annual, annually. 

Salar, s. m. a chief, head, leader, 
general or commander(of an army.) 

Salar i qafila, the chief of a caravan, 
leader of a troop. 

Salas, adj. three. 

Salatin, s. plur. of Sultan, kings, sul- 

Sal ba sal, year by year, annually. 

Salesale, adv. by slow degrees, indo- 
lently, lazily. 

Salgam,s.m.j9ro2>. Shalgham, a turnip. 

Sal girih, s. f. birthday, on the anni- 
versary of wliich a knot is annually 
added on a string kept for this pur- 

Salha, plur. of Sal, years, for years. 

Salha sal, for years, annually. 

Sal hasil, yearly produce. 

Sail, s. f. sister-in-law, wife's sister. 

Sal i ayanda, next year. 

Sali'b, s. m. a crucifix, a cross. 

Sal i guzashta, last year. 

Salih, s. m. a man of probity and 

Sali'm, adj. pacific, mild, affable. 

Sali'm ut taba, adj. affable, mild, | 
gentle, pacific. \ 

Sali'na, s. m. see Saliyana. 

Salmadar, an annuitant. 

Saliqa, s. m. method, knack, know- 
ledge, skill ; nature, genius, taste, , 
good disposition.- i 

Sails, adj. easy, not abstruse, simple. \ 

Salita, s. m. prop. Shalita, which yee. 

Saliyana, s. m. an annual stipend, ad 
annuity : adj. annual. \ 

Saliyanadar, an annuitant. v 

Sail ala, blessed, very fine. 1 

Sallam, s. m. a kind of coarse cloth. | 

Sallii, s. m. thongs, narrow slips ofj 
leather for stitching shoes. | 

Salna, v. a. to perforate, bore, pierce : 
V. n. to ache, be in pain, to smart. 


[ 279 1 


Salna, v. n. to pierce, to perforate. 

Salsji, 8. m. sarsaparilla. 

8alsalana, v. n. to creep (as a emake, 
&c.), to pierce (a thorn), to rankle. 

Saltauat, «. /. empire, sovereignty, 
reign, dominion. 

Salii, 8. m. a kind of red cloth. 

Saliino, «. /. the time the rakhi is 
tied round the wrist. 

Sal war, culj. by or according to the 

Sal wat, 8. prayers, benediction ; abuse. 

Sara, adj. like, alike, similar. 

8am, »./. a ferrule : prop. Sliim, even- 
( in??. 

[ Sdmd, 8. f. provisions. 
- 8ama, 8. m. time, season; concord, 
Immiony, unison. 

" 'lui bandhiiii, v.n. to be in concert. 

. iiiiichjir, 8. in. nows, tidings, infor- 
mation ; account of cireumBtanoeg 
or health. 

Sdmudiin, 8. m. prop, Sharo^dto, a 

Samadan, adj. everlasting, eiemnl. 

Bamjidh, 8.f.Um\h of a J«>gi, particu- 
larly whfri! IlindiiK, fn)m nOigious 

;• motives, submit to Ik; buried alive. 

Sammli', <tdj. (-vrrlasting, rternal. 

Siinuign', 8. /. furniture, ttiols, appa- 
mtus, articles. 

Raniui, 8. /. time, season. 

Samai, «. /. endumnce. patience, ca- 
j)ability, nxmi, si>«e<\ 

flnmaj, H. m. hocirty : multitude. 

Sanuijat, ». /. adulation, entreaty, no- 

Haniajh, «. /. rompn^hension, under- 
I Btan<ling, opinion, knowle<lgc, oon- 
I ci^ption, tliotight, 

Samajlmji, v.n. to comprehend, to 
undcrHUmd, 8Upi>o«\ think, eon- 
<'(>ive, considtT, <h»em, fancy, per- 
ceive. nppr('h<>nd. know, oonie tO 
an untlrrstanding (^with.) 

Sanuiji, 8./. musicians Uiat attend 

Samalii, 8. m. the name of a plant 

Saman, 8. m. furniture, apparata^ 

necessaries, tools. 
Saman, adj. equal, adequate, similar, 

alike, akin, one, uuifunn if 

equality, level. 
Samiio, 8. m. time, season. 
Samana, v.n. to be contained in. 

go into. 
Samdnatjl,'-/ likeness, rescmbla! 

Saman i jang. 8.m. warlike app.^ 

tus, ammunition. 
Samiinta, 8. f. see Stinuinat<L 
Samanya, adj. common, general. 
Samdo, $. m. room, s))ai*e. 
Sam^pan, n.m. conclusion, completi'-n. 
Samupit. \ adj. tunvtrnplishcd, tlni«ii- 
Samapt, / eil, jxTfecte*!. 
Samtipti, «. m. end, acrumplinlimi 

concluhion, finis. 
S^ar, 8. m. a kind of mlt 
Samar, \ «. m. fruit, pnnluco, pro6l. 
Samara, / oflfsiiring. 
Samarth, | 

StimaKh, | «. /. ability, power. 
Sanuirthatii, ) 
Sainnrtlii, \ adj. powcKul, migl 

SttUUiTthl. / ttbl" .«niw,).lM 

Samait or oamn- 
Sambiid, «. m. 

nows or intilligt ii< . 
Siimbiuidh. 8. Ih, cuni» 

Saraband hi*. «. m, n>UUnii 

dnui:t,t. r's fntti. r in Inw 

Santblutltut, V, «i. (*• »up)«'rt« j^:* )k 

■oatain, lioUl up. iij«»iiil. licip. 

shi«-ld. j»rot*M t, * ' 
SAmhhar, «. m. : 
Sambliamii, r. •: 
SamlHMihnn, #. f 
Samlmm, $. m, > 
Samdhi, a *■• ciinu » mtiuT-ui law ; 


[ 280 ] 


the relationship between two per- 
sons whose children are married 
to each other. 
Samdhin, s. f. child's mother-in-law. 
Samdhiyana, 8, m. the family of a 

child's father-in-law. 
Same, | s. m. time, season ; fit or 
Samen, / proper time. 
Samet, adv. with, along with, to- 
gether with. 

Sametna, v. a. to collect together, to 
amass ; to fold up (a carpet.) 

Samhalna, v. a. see Sambhalna. 

Samhna, s. m. encountering, front, 
confronting, facing, opposition. 

Samhna karna, to confront, oppose, 

Samhne, postpos. or adv. in front, 
fronting, before, confronting, op- 

Sami', s. f. a ferrule. 

Samil, adv. and adj. prop. Shamil, 
which see. 

Samip, adj. proximate, at hand : 
postpos. mas. near. 

Sami'pf, 8. f. proximity, nearness. 

Samiyana, s. m. prop. Shamiyana, a 
canopy, an awning. 

Samjhana, v.a. to make comprehend, 
explain, account for, convince, 
describe, inform, warn, admonish, 
instruct, apologize.* 

Samjhauti, | s. f. act of explaining, 

Samjhawa, / convincing or giving 

Sammat, s. m. a year, an era. 

Samna, s. m. see Samhna. 

Samne, postpos. or adv. see Samhne. 

Samosa, s. m. pastry of minced meat. 

Samp, 8. m. a snake, a serpent. 

Sam pat, s.f. afiluence, wealth, riches. 

Sampera, s. m. a snake-keeper. 

Sampola, "1 , 


Sampuran, | adj. perfect, full, com- 

Sampiirna, / pleted, all, the whole. 

Samshan, «. m. a cemelei-y, a place 
where dead bodies are burnt, &c. 

Samt, 8. f. see Simt. 
S:imucha, | adj. entire, whole, full, 
Samucha, / complete. 
Samudr, ) 

Samudr;, | *' "^^ «^^' ^«^^^- 
Samudrphen, s. m. the dorsal scale 
or bone of the cuttle-fish. [cine. 
Samudrsokh, s. m. name of a medi- 
Samiih, s. m. assemblage, heap. 
Samulkhar, s. m. arsenic. 
Samundar, s. m. sea, ocean. 
Samundarkhar, s. m. arsenic. 
Samundarphal, s. m. name of a medi- 
Samundar phen, s. m. foam of the sea. 
Scin, 8. f. a whetstone, a grindstone ; 
the whetting or grinding of a tool. 
San, s. m. a kind of flax ; a year. 
Sana, s. m. senna : s. /. praise, ap- 
Sanad, s.f. signature, a deed, a docu- 
ment or proof, a warrant ; certifi- 
Sanadi, adj. held by written deeds. 
Sanam, s. m. a lover. [fabrication. 
Sanat, s. f. art, make, workmanship, 
Sanatan, adj. eternal, everlasting. j 
Sanch, "I adj. true, proper, correct, "• \ 
Sancha, / exact, real. 
Sancha, s. m. a mould, a matrix. 
Sanchhep, adj. abridged, short. , 

Sand, s. m. a bull, a stallion; an 1 
impudent extravagant fellow. j 

Sanda, s. m. name of an animal re- 
sembling a lizard. 
San(la, adj. strong, fat, stout. 
Sandal, s. m. san(ial-wood. 
Sandalauta, s. m. a stone on which 

sandal-wood is ground. 
Sandal 1, adj. made of sandal- wood ; 
of the colour of sandal-wood; 
8. f. moveable steps. 
Sanda musanda, adj. stout, robust. : 
Sandas, «. m. a necessary, a sink. 
Sandasi', 8. w. a caste of HindtC 

Sandeh, s. m. suspicion, doubt, ap- 
prehension, anxiety. i j 


[ 281 ] 


'Baridelii', adj. doubtful, scrupulous. 
San dena, v. a. to grind. 
Sandes, \ 8. m. a message, news, 
N unlesa, / tidings, information. 
Siiidesi, 8. m. a messenger. 
I ►Sundhan, «. m. prying into secrets. 
I Sandhari paua, v. a. to trace to dis- 
SanrUiya, 8. f. twilight. 
ISanchif, 8./. a female camel, a drome- 
Sandnisawdr, one who rides on a 

Saii(l>i', «./. small pincers, tongs. 
Sandiiq, «. m. /. a box, a trunk, caae, 

cliist, colfer, coffin. 
Sandiiiicha, s. m. u small box, a 

Sandiiqi, adj. like a box. 
SjiikIi, 8. m. friendship, love, affec- 
Sunehf, 8. m. friend, lover. 
Sun-,', 8. m. a sp<ar or javelin ; di«- 

gui.s<;, mimicry, MJiam. 
Sung. H. m. a HU»no ; <!ompany, union, 

s(X!ioty : adv. along with, in the 

company of. 
Sanguin, 8. m. coition : mt^eting, con- 

llux, union, company. 
Km^^'ut, 1«. /. oolltM'tion, compnny : 
SuM^'ali, / tt piftoo whifH' the ISikliH 

cchbrato their religious ceri- 


Siini^'iiti', \ 8. (companion, aMOoiatet 
Siinpitr, / conmuie. 
Sangdil, adj. stony-heartod, bard- 

lic4irt<'<l, cruel. 
Smgdih, 8./. hard-hmrt<>dneM. 
Sii!i;;li!irnti, V. a, to kill, to make 

iwiiy with. 
Hjmi^dmti. «. in. a companion, n fViond. 
Saiii^hiya, 8. in. a com|»anion. 
•SuiiLCi, 8. in. a com|KUiion, n comrade, 

an iioconiplice : adj. lUony, of 

B^jp^i', 8. /. a support on which the 

f^e of a C4»rt is prop|HMl. 
ang i marmar, 8 in. marble. 

Sang i miqnatiH, the loadstone. 

Sang i miisa, a black stone so called. 

Sangin, adj. sUmy, heavy ; solid : 
8. f. a Ixiyonet. 

Sangini, «. / solidity. 

Sang i bulaimanf, 8. in. ngnie, o:i}\ 

Sang i sumiiq, jK)rpliyry. 

Sang i yashm, «. n. a kind of jai?] •■ 
or agate. 

Sting lana, to imitate, to mimic 

Sangrah, 8. m. compilation, abridg- 
ment; collection. 

Sangnim, 8. in. battle, war. 

Sangrcza, 8. m. gravel. 

Sangsar, «. m. stoning to deatli. 

Stmgsiir kania, to btone to death. 

Sanghi, 8./. jiiucers, fortvps. 

S^gtonli )«•»>• a kind of orangr. 

Sangtaniah« «. m. a stono-outtor. 

Saiigumun, uuderatauding aud ima- 

Sangyii, *./. a noun. 

Sanhak, «. /. prop. Bahnak. a di>! 
plati', tILc. 

Sani, 8./. chaff or straw mixed with 
grain as fiMMi for cuttle. 

Sjinj, ji. III. if * 1 - - » , 

Suiiiehar. n 

Sanirhara, <i 

Sanj, n. /. t vt inii^. 

Sanjuf. K. /. cd^'Ui^. U.nlrr. Inok. 
tu tlir out4T uirl of u vturuK nl. 

6ai\jikfi, ti(/;. adonird uiUt u U*rxi> 

SHnjIiiikal. \ t 

hanii.kul. / '^ 

Suujttg. 8, m. acvidrnt. event, cbaiao 

hu|i, luck ; junction. 
S»»iijogi. a |HrM)ii who baa ever} 

thing in phuv and tinier. 
Stinjiiguti, r. «. to pni^n*. 
S«4njukt. rtdi. joined* jaiiiod witb. 

Sank, \ 8./. fear, 
Sauki, / pk:ioa. 


[ 282 ] 


Sankal, s. f. a chain. 

Sankalp, s. m. a solemn vow or de- 
claration of purpose. 

Sankat, s. m. vexation, misfortune, 
pang, anguish, pain. 

Sankh, s. m. a conch which the 
Hindus blow ; a shell. 

Sankho, s. m. a kind of timber. 

Sankhini, s. f. a description of a 

Sankhya, s.f. a number : s.m. arsenic. 

Sankoch, s. m. shame, bashfulness, 
reserve, diffidence. 

Sankrant, s.f. the sun*s entering into 
a new sign. 

Sankri, adj. narrow, close, strait. 

Sanman, s. m. respect, esteem, re- 
verence, regard. 

Sanmuk, ^ adv. opposite, confront- 

Sanmukh, / ing, over against. 

Sanna, v. a. to be stained, soiled, to 
be kneaded, mixed up (as flour, 
dough, earth, &c.) 

Sanna, v. a. to knead, to mix up 
(flour, dough, earth, &c.) ; to stain, 
to defile ; to whet. 

Sannata, s. m. the roaring of the 
waves, rumbling noise made by- 
wind and rain at a distance, sound, 
bluster : adj. still, lonely, silent, 
dreary, dismal. 

Sannyas, s. m. abandonment of all 
worldly things. 

Sannyasi, s.m. a religious mendicant. 

Sanpat, s. m. the name of a disease 
in which the body is seized with 
universal chilliness. 

Sanr, s. m. see Sand. 

Sanrnf, s. f. a female camel ; a 

Sanrsi, s. f. tongs, small pincers. 

Sans, s. f. breath, sigh. 

foansa, I ^^ ^ doubt, uncertainty; 

Sansai I apprehension, fear. 

Sansanana, v. n. to sing (as water 
about to boil) ; to simmer ; to faint. 

Sansar, s. m. the world. 

Sansarf, ^ adj. worldly, of this 

Sansarik, / world. 

Sans bharna, to sigh, to regret. 

Sanskar, s.m. an essential and purifi- 
catory rite among the Hindus. 

Sanskrit, the Sanskrit language. 

Sansna, v. a. to snub, to distress, to 

Sans rokna, v. a. to suffocate, to stifle. 

Sans rukna, v. n. to be smothered or 

Sans ulti lenf, to gasp or draw in 
the breath (as a person in agony. ) 

Sant, adj. calm, tranquil, pacified. 

Sant, s. m. a kind of faqir, a saint : 
adj. pious, virtuous. 

Sant, s. f. joining, sticking; con- 
federacy, collusion. 

Santa, s. m. a kind of whip. 

Santan, s. m. progeny, ofi*spring, 

Santap, s. m. sorrow, pain, affliction, 
distress, misery, repentance. 

Santapi, adj. sad, sorrowful, afflicted. 

Sante, adv. instead, stead. 

Sant bona, v. n. to be appeased or 

Sant kurna, v. a. to appease, pacify. 

Siintna, v. a. to join tliread, to join, 
to splice, to stick together. 

Santokh, s. m. content, patience. 

Santokhi, adj. patient, contented. 

Santokh karua, to be patient, to be 

Santusht, adj. satisfied, gratified, con- 
tent, delighted. 

Sanwa, \ s. m. the name of a very 

Sanwan, j small grain. 

Siinwan, s. m. the name of the fourth 
Hindu month. 

Sanwarna, v. n. to be prepared ori 
arranged, to be decorated ; to be- 
come reformed. 

Sanwarna, v. a. to prepare, to dress, 
decorate, adjust, adorn, arrange. 

Sanwla, ) adj. of a dark or sallovi^j 

Sanwra, / complexion. ' 

Sanyasi, s. m. see Sannyasi. 





[ 283 ] 

•Sanyog, 8. m. see Sanjog. 
8aiiyo<jfi', sec Siinjogi. 
Siinyukt, adj. see Sanjukt. 
S;i[>, 8. w. a snake; a curse. 
kSuj^urda, 8. m. a musician attending 

on singing women. 
Sapat or Haputh, «. /. an oath. 
Sapod, adj. wliite. 
Sapedi, «. /. whiteness, whitewash ; 

light of the dawn. 

Sap\m; } «./. a female snake. 

Hapild. }«-^- a dream. 
Sapnii, V. a, to curse. 
I bapolu, \8.m,B. young snake just 
t'8apf)liyji, / hatcljcd. 
i^apiiran, adj. see Sanipiiran. 
Hapiit, I «. m. a tractable or dutiful 
Supiitr, / son. 
" 1 1. 8. m. a cup-])car(r, a pnge. 

|il, adj. indigcHtible, heavy, lazv. 
haqil homi, I', n. to bo fallen, to be 

Sjujiliit, 8. scarlet cloth. 
fijuiqa, 8. m. a water-carrier. 
Hiir, 8./. pith or sap of trees, Ac; 

e8.4('nce, (luintcsseuoe : «. m. ma- 
nure ; a cimu'l. 
Bar, 8. 7?*. tlie jjcad, summit, end, 

]K)int, beginning, chief, principal. 
Sjira, 8. /. a caravanwiry. an inn : 

H. m. an farthon <'<»v»r of u jMit. 
Sara, adj. lottm, nuisty, Htiiiking. 
Bttia, adj. all, the whole ; 8. iii, wifu'a 

Banih, 8. /. ;ir</p. Shanlb, which i»oo. 
Harabi, 8. m. itrop. Shnnibi, n tipU'r, 

a <lniiikanl. (an endoituro. 

h^;iracha,8. m. a t<'nt Hiiriotnuhd with 
t^arad, prop. Surd, cohl. damp, 
fcaiiit', 8. /. a caravaiiKiuy. uii iuu. 
Banu'fha, 8. in. s«h» Sanicha. 
fiorafra/,, adj. exalte* 1, promoted. 
Stndi, 8. /. praino, (H>nun(Midation. 
Sni'ahat, 8. y. n)ttennes8, nuiMlinotfi. 
8aj-ahintl, 8./. a disagn ixible smoU, 

amell of putrid mciit. 

Sarahna, r.n. to praise, m comint mI, 

to applaud, to celehmte. 
Safak, 8.f. the high road. 
Sarakat,8./. prop. Sharakat, partii : 

Saraknd, v. n. to be moved, to rcmr>% 

to move, stir, to get out of t. 

way, to budge. 
Saram, «./. prop. Sharm, which sf < 
Saranmna, v. n. prop. 8harmui 

which see. 
Saran, «./. rottenness, putrific.ition 
Baran, 8. /. an asylum, slielter, j>rv/- 

Sanimi, r. a. see Snrdhna. 
Sartina, v. a. to cause to rot» to make 

ferment ; to steep. 
Samntignt, f. m. n "^ '•• - "^ — ' ^ 

comcj* for proti 
Siirang, 8. m. achi. 
Harangi', s. /. a mui»icul ai>'i 

like a fiddle. 
Sara!i;,'iya, 8. m. a fiddler. 
Saranjain. 8. m. eonehision, end ; v 

{HiratUj^ utensils, pxxU and cb 

tels, HtorcH, matenulDi, ingrvdicnu, 

S oiicluded. 

I aro; fliiiali. 

>..:.., -i jttrprnt 

Samp, i. m. curaing, aii improctt* 

Sar»|iii, adv. fVtim head to foi>l, |o- 

ttdlv : t. m. tho wholo fhmi hrml 

t«. hu.t. 
Kurwp deiiii, \ v. a. t<> run«t\ 
Snrupuu, I prttntto. 
SuniN adj UrnU prn 

mnn\id>t; ty. 

Bi&nM, ». «♦ .. -i" . .. - ••! bcnm. 
tiiuimr, adj. all. tho wholo, ontirHy, 

(W>n» one end to tiu- ot!n r. frtno 

beginning to end. 
Baniiiiin, adj. ^unlmarv 
Sanuiiwuti. - • of 

speech n 
Bomt, 8. / i - 
Iiiarb, <u{J. all, iho whuic 


[ 284 ] 


Sarbada, adv. always, continually, 

perpetually, at all times. 
Sarbaggya, adj. all- wise, all-knowing, 

Saiban, s. m. a camel-driver. 
Sar ba mulir, adj. sealed. 
Sarbar, adj. equal ; s. m. a pond. 

Sarbarah, s. f. supply, travelling ex- 
penses, or cash to pay them. 

Sarbarah f, s. /. the act of providing 
supplies for a joui'ney, direction, 

Sarbarahkar, s. m. a commissary of 
supplies ; a steward. 

Sarbas, s. m. everything, the whole 

Sarbasar, adj. all, the whole, entirely, 
from one end to the other. 

Sarbat, s. m.prop. Sharbat, which see. 

Sarbbyapak, ) j. n ■,• 

Sarbbyapu / ''^•^' ^""P^^^^^g- 

Sarbdarsi, adj. omniscient, all-seeing. 

Sarbgahan, j 

Sarbgrahan, ' s. to. a total eclipse. 

Sarbgras, ) Ijpowerful. 

Sarbsaktiman, adj. almighty, all- 

Sarbuland, adj. glorious, exalted. 

Sarbulandi, s. /. exaltation, emi- 

Sarchashma, a spring, a fountain. 

Sard, adj. cold, damp. 

Sarda, s. m. a kind of water-melon. 

Sardal, s. m. timber put on the top 
of a doorway to support the wall 
above it. 

Sardar, s. m. a chief, a head-man, a 
commander. [perplexity. 

Sardaid, s. to. headache, trouble, 

Sardardi, s. f. vexation, trouble, toil. 

Sardari, s. /. chiefship, dominion, 
lordship, command, authority. 

Sardari karna, to act as chief. 

Sard bona, to die. 

Sardi, s.f. a cold, coldness, damp- 
ness; the cold weather. 

Sard karna, to cool, to pacify. 

Sure, adj. see Sarhe. 

Sare, a. or per. (as, " sare gaz kai 

rupai, how many rupees a yard, or 
per yard?") 
Sarepa, | adv. all, the whole, from 
Sarepao, / head to foot. 
Saresh, s. m. glue. 
Sarf, s. TO. expenditure; the ortho- 

giaphical and etymological parts 

of grammar. 
Sarfaraz, adj. exalted, eminent, dis- 
tinguished, promoted. 
Sarfaraz bona, to be exalted. 
Saifarazi, s. f. exaltation, promotion. 
Sarfaraz karna, to exalt, dignify, 

honour, ennoble. 
Saif bona, to be expended. 
Sarf karna, to spend, disburse, pass. 
Sarfonaho, s. f. grammar. 
Sarg, \ 8. TO. heaven, the firma- 
Sarga, / ment, the sky. 
Sargardan, adj. distressed, wander- 
ing, straying. [amazement, 
Sai gardani, s. /. distress, confusion, 
Saigarm, adj. intent on, earnest, 

euger, attentive, zealous. 
Sargarmi, s.f. application, attention, 

diligence, zeal, earnestness. 
Sargk^k, s. m. see Sarg. 
Sargun, adj. pos.-esbiug all good 

qualities (an epithet of God.) 
Sarguroh, s. to. the chief of the 

troops, &c., leader, commander. 
Sarguzasht, s. f. an event, accident, 

account of circumstances. 
Sarhadd, s. f. boundary, extremity, 

frontier, limits, confines. 
Sarhe, adj. (used with nouns of 

number denotes) with a half (of 

one or of the aggregate number, , 

in addition to the number speci- ; 

fied), as sarhe tin, three and a 

Sarhu, 8. m. a wife's sister's husband, 
.Sarf, ) 8./. a dress consisting of one 
Sarf, / pi( ce of cloth worn by 

Hinrlii women round the body and 

passing over the head. 
Sarifa, s. to. prop. Sharifa, a custard* 



[ 285 ] 


Sarili, adj. apparent, evident, pal- 
pable, clear, obvious. 

Sari'han, adv. clearly, openly, evi- 
* ntly, plainly. 
I;, g. m. prop. Sharik, which see. \ 

»^ai tkii, 8. f. niune of a bird. | 

San'klia, adj. like, resembling, so. | 

Sar i mil, the point of a hair, u hair's 

Sar i nau,recommencement, renewal ; 
anew, ufresh, over again. 

Siiriiida, 8. m. a violin, a tiddle. 

Sarir, «. m. body, c<)n>titution. 

Sar i nib, «. m. tiie high read, the 
liigher part of the rood. 

fi ^r v'k I ^^' *^T^o'*^'» material. 
Sar i rii, 8. f, the cepbahc vein in 

the arm. 
Bar i sal, commencement of the year. 
Bur i sham, evening, early in the 

c'vc^ning.|;, «./. tlie creation, the world. 
BariHlit, ». f. nature, temporature, 

constitution, di.spo.sition. 
Biirisiita, 8. m. cUHU)in, UHago. 
Siuisbtadar, ». m. the chief under 

native olhcer in the courts. 
Bnriyiil, adj. rotttii, Mtinking. 
fc^aiiyanii, v. a. to armnge, to pack. 
Hiirianliar, ». in. cixnitor. 
Siujii, n.jrrop.f. ruuiw of a river. 
Sat Iviinil. V. a. to nniove, to put on 

oiu^ Hide, to remove out of the way., 8. in. a rritl. 
Sarkur, 8. /. the king'n court; go- 
vernment, a HU|H'rintend(iit, a 

title l>y way of re.'>|KH't given to a 

j).rsou prt•^ent or abikMit. 
,Surkiiri, K.f. 8uj)orintondenco : a<(/. 

belonging to tiio stato or to tlio 

j^ir karnii, t«) obtain victorv. 
lirkaHli, adj. rearing the luwl, dia- 
A- ob(«ilient, refractory, rubeUiuua, in- 
. solent, mutinoujt. 
Sarkashi, s.f. disoluMlit^nce, mutiny, 

insolenco, rofractoruiOits. 

Sarkaslii kama, to disobey. 
Sarkhatt, 8. m. an agreement to hire, 

service ; bill of sale. 
Sarklnish, adj. cheerful, gay, merr} 
Sar^iishi, s.f. gaity, exhilaration. 
Sarma, «. m. winter ; the cold seaisoi 
Sarmai', «. /. winter-clothing. 
Sarmashq, «. /. copy lines ; a copy f- i 

Sarmast, adj. intoxicated (with wine, 

lust, |)ower,&c.), dead drunk. 
Sarmastf, «./. intoxication. 
Sanmiya, «. m. stock in tn\df. « a- 

pital, funds, means. [win 
Sarmindu, adj. prop. Shat: 
Sarmi, 8. /.sea Saran. 
Sarna, v. a. to rot, to ferment. 
Sarnama, «. m. title, uddj\>st<, - ; 

scription of a letter. 
Sarni, *. /. a Mhe-caniel. 
Sarnigiin, hanging the h» nl. il ., : 
Saro, 8. m. the cypn'Kh-ti • 
Sarohr, #. /. a kimi of hmi • ^r 
Sarokar, K. m. bu.sint>Hi<. ii:< : 
8aro{m,<i</r. all, the >vht'l< , ir m ! . 1 

to foot: 8. in. a vrt»l wiiJi \khi 

princH'M honour tlieir hubjtvtd. 
Sar o Hanuin. 8. m. anixintttut. 
Sarotu, 8. III. u kind of MMMcira i 

cutting lH*tel-nut. 
Samvar, «. in. a lake or large |K)nd. 
Ktirp. c in. a serftont 
Sarjtat. - II 

Sorpa »pn(r. 

Sar|»i< !iunlwoni 

Sar|H<»«li,) Uta> turlMii. 
SariMmh, f. m. a <\)vrr. lid, pol-li«L 
HcuTuf, «. IN. a banker, a moniv- 

Sarrifa. *, fii.tht> j>l:ut> %\h. rt« l«uik* 

en* tni motet tii< 
Sj»rrufi.*ybM!»kt' 'vrin^. 


intJ. . 

Sana b/. I. •./. %enhm\ trriUuioM, > 

gi'tntion, flouriiUiihg hImIv. 
Saniuu, «. m. dclihum, (hsuiy. 


[ 286 ] 


Sarsarahat, s. f. creeping sensation. 

Sarsarana, v. n. to creep along (as a 
snake), to make the noise a snake 
does when creeping. 

Sarshar, adj. intoxicated ; brimful. 

Sarshari, «. /. intoxication; fulness. 

Sarson, s./. a species of mustard. 

Sartaj, s. m. a chief. 

Sariip, s. m. own or natural shape or 
form,appearance, sbape.form, with 
appearance, with form. 

Sarv, 8. m. the cypress-tree. 

Sarwa, s. m. wife's brother. 

Sarwan, s. m. a camel-diiver. [ing. 

Sarwan, s. m, the ear ; the actof hear- 

Sarwar, adj. equal. 

Sarwat, s. f. wealth. 

Sarzad, adj. happening. 

Sarzad hona, v. n. to happen, occur, 
come out, to come to light. 

Sarzamiii, s. f. the earth; country, 
region, territory ; limits, confines. 

Sarzer, adj. humbled. 

Sarzor, adj. mutinous, rebellious, dis- 
obedient, headstrong. [dience. 

Sarzor/, s.f. mutiny, rebellion, disobe- 

Sas, s. f. a mother-in-law. 

Sasarna, v. n. see Sarakna. 

Sasna, 'v. a. to chastise, to admonish. 

Sasta, adj. cheap, easy to procure. 

Sastai, or Sastagf, s. f. cheapness. 

Sastar, s. m. prop. Shastr, which see. 

Sasu, s. f. a mother-in-law. 

Sasur, s. m. father-in-law. 

Sat, s. m. virtue ; truth : adj. true, 
virtuous, right ; adv. actually. 

Sat,arf/. seven ; the same also asSath. 

Sata, s. m. a graft. 

Satak, 8. /. a rod. 

Satakna, v. n. to run away, to disap- 
pear, to flee, to sheer off. 

Satalii, 8. m. prop. Shaftalii, a peach. 

Satana, v. a. to tease, to vex, to fret, 
annoy, grieve, harass, gall. 

Satana, v. a. to unite, to stick, to 
make to adhere. 

Satar, s.f. a line, row, rank, series : 
s. m. privities, 

Sartarbandi, s./. lines for writing on. 

Satarohan, s. m. six wolves and a 
dog who associate together. 

Satasat, s. /. sticking or striking to- 
gether, adhering, uniting. 

Sataii, 8. vexer, teaser, tormentor. 

Satbadi, adj. speaker of truth. 

Satbat, 8. f. combination, collusion, 

Sath, adj. sixty. 

Sath, adj. with, together,along with : 
8. m. society, company. 

Sathattar, adj. seventy-seven. 

Sath dena, to join, to associate with. 

Sathi, 8. m. a companion, comrade, 
accomplice, associate, ally. 

Sathi, 8. m. a kind of rice produced 
in the rains (so called because it 
ripens in sixty days from the time 
of sowing.) 

Sathin, s. /. a female companion. 

Sathisath, together, in one company. 

Sath iske, along with this, besides, 

Sathiyana, v. n. to be turned of sixty 
years, to be decrepit or in one's 

Sath lena, to take with. 

Satiionsath,together with,along with. 

Sath uske, along with that, although,, 

Sathwala, a comrade, a companion. 

Sati, postpos. from, with : 8. f. a wo- 
man who bums on her liusbanda 
funeral pile : adj. chaste, virtuous. 

Satichaunra, 8. m. the place where a 
Sati is burned. 

Satin, postpos. from, with. 

Satir, 8. m. prop. Shahtir, a beam. 

Satisati', adj. joined, glued, stuck to- 
gether, crowded. 

Satiwara, s. m. see Satfchaunrd. 

Satjug, 8. m. the age of virtue, the 
golden age. 

Satka, 8. m. a rod. 

Satkana, v. a. to balk, to disappoint, 
to cause to disappear. . 

Satkarm, virtuous action, piety. 


[ 287 ] 


Sutkhand, adj. of seven divisions or 

stories (a house, &c.) 
Fatlara, adj. seven-fold, of seven 
' rings (a necklace, &c.) 
iri, «./. necklace of seven strings. 
, .Uiuasa, 8. m. a feast given in the 
seventli month of pregnancy : adj. 
a ehild born in the heventh month. 
8atrai, 8. /. the seventh lunar day. 
Bat-na, v. n. to join, to adhere, to 

stick, to unite. 
Stitpancii kurnti, to be in doubt, to 

be unable to decide what t*i do. 
Batpa^nd, v. n. to be coufuuuded, to 

be surprised. 
iBatrali, o/i/. seventeen, 
latrahwao, adj. sevente<*ntli. 
itranj, «. /. prop. Shntranj, ohett. 
itranjr, 8. f. prop. 8iiatraujf, a kind 
of earpet. 
■ I'l, \ 8.f. the name of a book 
liy^. / written by liiiuirilal in 
IsatMing, 8. m. as80ciatlon with wise 

,th, adj. sixty-BovoD. 
ilmtt^l, 8. in. an amour; com* 
liitioii, cf)lluHion, cabal, iiitrigue. 
MM, adj. twenty-HOven. 

iiiwe^' I "*^^' ">"<^^-*o^n' 
ir, adj. HfVenty. 

.^MiiiiHi, adj. eight y-wvcn. 

SjitUiwan, adj. liltv-iteven. 

Stittii. 8. m, imrefuHl gnun 'rodueod 
to UMiii\ and made intu a 

Battur, 8. in. an enemy. 

Hatiia, H. in, sie StUlii. 

^^atuai44(knint, the enterififC nf tho 
«un into AriiM, on which day 
parche<l grain in ditftribuUtl to 
the limlimana. fpf^'P^ 

^tiin, 8. m. (i pillar, a coluiuiu a 

flktwmti. m.theprineiploof guodlMti. 

nttwau. adj. the Heventli. 

SatwHUsa, at{j. i»*»e SitmlUi^ 

ISutwanta, a<ij. virtuniui, honaat. ad- 
hering to truth, truthful. 

S^twi'o, 8. /. the seventh day of th** 

lunar month. 
Satya, adj. true, sincere, bonebi 

8. nu truth. 
Satyabadi, adj. speaker of truth.'* 
Satyunas, «. m. depravation, detttroo* 

Satviinas homi, or jana kist k^ to Vie 

the depravation, destruction, nii- 

&C. (of any one or anytldng . : 

be destroy* d or ruined. 
Satytintiiii', (uij. dcnravcd. bad, de- 

btntyed, damngea. 
Satyanas karnu kisi ka. to make tba 

ruin, destruction, or U)i«:hitif of 

any one or anything: to blMl 

Satyata. «. /. truth, integrity, \ 
Ban. a({j. a hundred. 
Siinda. 8. m. inehuichnly, 
itllo; matkaUng. 
«. a merchant 
^ .-..■.■. i./. meixshamliae, tmda. 
Baudat, o4r. malaMoholic, iDMM, 

SaudiUuhif. «. m, Inflk; barter. 
Saugand. «. /. nu cmUu ■iMHiatiiai 
Baugaudh. «. /. porftmiai 
SaugMid kbaal. Id inaka oath, to 

Haugluit« #./. a lariiy, fHvaBat rt 

8augl:;i' -'- ■••rmi aa a praarttl u« 

tD(i> f a pw i in l, mm. 

Hangti M^Md. 

Httnk. t, iM. /^rw^. Si4niii|. whieh «a. 
Sauk in. ct. pn»fK 81vaU(|iti, whkh «e« 

/mi Battel: 

> <i. Id deliwr ov«r. rotn 

tuu u> ihatga, gifv« aooalgii, w%ii^ 

ontrusi, depuat 
8anor4 «. «». a dark cokiitr. 
SnUr, «. M. iirtw. Hhu^r. whieh Mti 
Baut,«./. rival 'wil(«v coalcm|RHar7 

wifi\ ^one wiio ia ami to another 
SanlaUU m(f. of ont lalliar hf di: 


[ 288 ] 


Sautela bliai', s. m. step-brotlier. • 

Sauteli bahin, s. /. step-sister. 

Sauteli ma, s. f. step-mother. 

Sautin. s. /. see Saut. 

Sautiyadab, s.f. malice of a rival wife. 

Savadhan, adj. with attention, cau- 
tious, cautiously. 

Savadhani, s. f. caution, care. 

Sawa, adj. with a quarter, a quarter 

Sawab, s. m. the future reward of 
virtue, a virtuous action, reward. 

Sawabi, adj. meritorious, virtuous. 

Sawad, s. m. relish, flavour, taste, 
sweetness; pleasure. 

Sawai, s. m. a quarter more. 

Sawain, s. /. venuicelli. 

Sawaiya, adj. a quarter more. 

Sawal, s. m. interrogation, question, 
query, proposition, request. 

Sawali, s. m. a questioner. 

Sawal karna, to beg, interrogate, 

Sawan, s. m. the name of the fourth 
Hindu month. 

Sawang, s. m. mimicry acting, imi- 
tation, disguise, sham. 

Sawangi, s. m. an actor, a mimic. 

Sawang lana, to imitate, &c. 

Sawar, s. m. a rider; mounted or 
riding (on a ship, horse, or any- 
thing eLe) ; cavalry, a trooper : 
adj. drunk, tipsy. 

Sawar hona, to ride. 

Sawari, s. /. riding ; equipage, suite, 

Sawaya, adj. a quarter added. 

Sawer, adj. early, soon, in good time. 

Sawera, s. m. morning, dawn of 
day. [soon. 

Sawere, adv. early in the morning, 

Saya, 1 s. m. shadow, shade, shelter, 

Saya, / protection ; an apparition, 
spectre ; a petticoat. 

Sayaban, s. m. a canopy ; an exten- 
sion to the fly of a tent. 

Sayad, adv. prop. Shayad, which see. 

Sayadir, adj. siiady. 

Saya kisi ka parna, to imitate the 
manner of another. 

Sayan, s. m. sleep, repose. 

Sayana, adj. see Syana. 

Sayanpan, s. m. cunning, art. 

Saya tale ana, to take protection. 

Saz, in compos, a maker, making : 
a. m. arms, accoutrements, apjjara- 
tus ; harness ; musical instruments. 

Saza, s. f. (literally) one's desei't ; 
(generally means) correction, 
punishment, retribution, chastise- 
ment, penalty. 

Saza dena, v. a. to punish. 

Saza karna, v. a. to punish, chastise. 

Saza milna, \ , x. ■ \. a 

Sazawal, s. m. a tax-gatherer, a land 
steward ; bailiff. 

Sazawalf, s. f. the business of Saza- 

Sazawar, 1 adj. worthy, deserving, 

Sazawar, / fit, suitable, excellent. 

Sazawar hona, to deserve, to merit. 

Sazawari, s.f. worthiness, suitable- 
ness ; excellence. 

Saz baz, s. m. apparatus, accoutre- 
ments, &c. (the word baz being 

Sazi, in compos, s. f. making, prepar- 

Sazinda, s. m. maker ; musical per- 

Sazish, 8. f. combination, collusion, 
cabal, conspiracy. 

Sazwar, adj. agreeing, well-arranged 

Se, postpos. from, of, out of, by, witli, 
at, through, than; inflect, of Sa, 
like, &c. 

Seb, s. m. an apple. 

Sebi, s. f. a porcupine, hedgehog. 

Sej, s. f. a bed, a couch. 

Sejband, s. m. a cord for fastening 
bedding to the bedstead. 

Sekh, s. m. prop. Shaikh, which t'ce* 

Sekhi, s. f. prop. Shekhi, boastiug^^ 

Sekna, v. a. see Senkna. 


[ 289 ] 


Si la, a kind of rice. 

S< li, s.f. a necklace (of thread) worn 

l-y faqi'rs, 

I, 8. /. a kind of flat bean. 
Mill, ». m. a kind of silky cotton, or 

the tree producing it. 
Serabal, «. m. the silk-cotton tree. 
Seo (for Se). posipos. from, with, by. 
Sena, «. /. an army. 
Hendpat, | «. m. tlie commander of 
Sen^pati, / an army. 
Sendli, «. m. a hole made in a wall 

by tliievcri. 
Send ha, h. m. rock-fialt. 
Hendh den a, \ to make a hole in a 
Sendh nitirna,/ wall to enter by (as 

f^'iidhna, V. a. to mine. 

w ... 1 ..}*'• "*• rtxl lead, minium. 

Kt;n(hiriyti, «. a sort of mango; one 

wlio m\\» red loa<l. 
Beid^na, r. a. to toaxt, to |)arch, to 

warm before, or witli, anything 

hot, to foment, to air I l)y wurniinjc), 

t^) apply heat for removiiif^ \m\i. 
6<Mikpi, fulj. hundr(>d, |K?r cont. 
Knk Kiiiik karna. to toatit, to warm. 
St 111, (1(1 n. j^ratJH, free cost. 
Sciifhii, ». in.\ a kind of rood, reed- 
S<ntln', H. /. i gm*w. 
Stiitiui, V. (I. to adjust, to put tO 

^^r, (ulj, full, Katiato<I, MitiMtUMl : 

K. in. name of a weight ; pntp. 

Slur, which wh*. 
S<'nil), (i(lj. full of wuttT, nioi«t, frt^Nli, 


r bhur. a full Sor. 

r homl, io hv 8ati^tlt•d. 
i^n', «. /. sjititty, repletion. fulncM. 
^r karna, r. d. to 111!, to nitJHfy. 

i(t(, «. m. the head and foot ports 

E>f a betl-fmmo. 

s. m. remainder, end. 

■^eahniig.'l 8. in. i\\r ki 
i^fflUlg, / pent race 

king of Uio aer- 
of a 

I heads, on one of which ho is said 

to support the world. 
Set, cuij. white : «. m. a bridge. 
Sefrli, s. ni. a wholesale merchant, a 

Setr, \ poftpo». from, with. Ac. See 
Seti'o, / Se. 
Sew, 8. m. a kind of sweetmeat ; an 

Sewti, «/. service, wondiip, attend- 
ance on a 8U|N>rior. 
Sewa'i'o, 8. m. vermioelli, macaroii: 
Sewak, ». m. a servant, a wunthip|M>r. 
Bewakiii', #. /. 8t»rvii*c. 
Sewir, i. in. green vi»gt»talion at thi 

bottom of i>o«»U or otluT \\ 
Sewtf n*. 8. / Hu«r»r that liuh 1 • 

rill ■ ' uar. 
Sewn :tend on, to M»r%i 

to b. , . alch, in.iiUa.- 

Sew]ii, «. m. wizanl. 

Sewtf, «./. a white ro»« 

Shab, 8. ?. night. 

Shabui). m. hi. y<»uth. pnmo i»f lif«v 

ShaUduit, *. /. Muulanty. run? 

itlanct-, likfiiriw, 
Sh^luiU. 8. lit. Uic eighth Arub;.. 

Shabiina rm, Uio civil day of twi nt 

Iwr I » • -•■•• 


Sluiltniih.l iWrf^'. bmvo ! eicWlrti'. 

vi. .1. .1. .' I.. .. I 

, the nighl Utn. 

V /. pndan, a|)|*hiti». 

^Imuullf*ll. one who etajra all mgii: 
A lodger. 

Shnl^uHiir. .«. r >tta\!iij; all ttigii:. 

> watrhiQg all 

nt^rnc, nUNpii'x-*. 
8ha£iMUrf, «./. ilwpkMMm 
Shabd, t. m, Kmod, woid, foioeb 
Shabdcg. t. /. a dUh cnrnptnei of 


[ 290 ] 


meat and turnips dressed all night 
on the fire. 

Shab i barat, s. f. the fourteenth day 
of the month Shaban, on which the 
Muhammadans make offerings 
and oblations in the names (if not 
to the manes) of deceased rela- 

Shabih, adj. like, resembling : s. /. 
a likeness. 

Shab i mail, s. f. light night, moon- 

Shabma, adj. last nigbt's, stale. 

Shab i tar, ) . ■, . , , 

Shab i tank, ^•^'""'^"g'^*- 

Shabkhiln, s. m. a night attack. 

Shabkhiini, s. f. robbery at night. 

Shabkhwabi, s.f. night-clothes. 

Shabnara, s. f. dew : s. m. a kind of 
fine linen. 

Shab o roz, night and day. 

Shad, adj. pleased, delighted, glad, 
cheerful, exulting. 

Shada, adj. joyful, glad. 

Shadab, adj. fresh, verdant, moist : 
s. m. fresh herbage. 

Shadda, s. m. the banners that are 
carried with the taziya in the mu- 

Shaddil, adj. cheerful, delighted, 

Shad bona, v. n. to be glad. 

Shadi, s. f. pleasure, delight, joy ; 
marriage, festivity. 

Shadi karna, to feast, to marry. 

Shadiyana, adj. relating to marriage 
or rejoicings. 

Shadiyana bajana, to triumph. 

Shad karna, v. a. to gladden, de- 
light, rejoice, exhilarate. 

Shadman, adj. pleased, delighted, 

Shadmani, s.f. pleasure, delight, joy. 

Shafa, s.f. cure, remedy, healing, con- 

Shafaat, s. f. intercession, entreaty, 

Shafaat karna, to intercede. 


Shafa bona, \ , 

Shafa pana. j 

Shafaq, s. m. evening, twilight. 

Shafaqat, s.f. clemency, compassion, 
mercy. [passion (<m.) 

Shafaqat karna, v. a. to have com- 

Shafl:af, adj. transparent, pellucid. 

Shafi, adj. advocate, patron. 

Shafi, s. m. an intercessor, advocate. 

Shafii, n. prop, one of the chiefs of 
the four principal sects of the Mu- 
hammadan religion. 

Shafiq, s. a friend. 

Shaftalii, s. m. a peach. 

Shaghil, occupied, employed. 

Shagird, s. m. a scholar, disciple, ap- 

Shagirdf, s./. learning, studying, ap- 

Shagird pesha, s. m. a servant. 


cj, ^ . (S. w. augury, omen. 

Shagun,/ » •^' 

Shah, s. m. a king, a prince ; a title 
assumed by faqirs; the king at 

Shahab, s. m. a red colour. 

Shahadat, s. f. evidence, testimony, 
witness, martyrdom. 

Shahana, m.) adj. royal, princety, 

Shahana, m. } regal : s. /. a nuptial 

s. m. king of kings, 
an emperor. 

Shahani, /. 






s. /. empire, sove- 
reignty; adj.Yoy^l. 
Shahar, s. m. a city. 
Shahat, s. m. 2>i'op. Shahd, honey. 
Shahbala, s. m. the companion of < 

Shalibaz, s. m. a royal falcon. 
Shahd, s. m honey, 
Shahdara, s. m. the highway. 
Shahd ki makkhi, 1 /. i ^„^„ ■Uo 
Shahdnmkkh.-, j^-/- a honey-be. 

Shahf, s. f. reign, sovereignty, roy- 
alty : adj. royal, imperial, kingly, 
regal. U 


[ 291 ] 


Slr.'iliid, 8. m. a witness. 
Sliiiljul, «. 111. a martyr. 
Sliiiliid honii, to l)e killed. 
Shaliidi, 8. f. evidence, testimony, 

witness, attestation. 
Shaliid i hiil, a witness of facts. 
Sliahndi', «./. a kind of musical pipe, 

Shahnai'chr, 8. m. a player on the 

Shiniinia, «./. a celebrated epic noem, 

containing a history of the kings 

of P( r.sia. 
Rhaiipar, I «. m, strongest, feather in 
SludiparJ a bird's wing. 
Siiuhr, 8. in. a city. 
, {Sliahr a])ud karnii, to causo to be 

pojmloUM or inhabited. 
Sliiihrng, «. /. the gnuit vein in the 

SluUirali, 8./. tiie highway. 
Sliahr ])adar, an exile. 
Shahr badar karnii, to Ixinish. 
Hliaiir basjinii, t(» iniuse to bo popu- 
lous (}T iuhabitcil. 
Rhalin, 8. m. a citizen or anything 

Ixdonj^'ing U) the city, a towuMniaii. 
Shuiiikliabra, «. m. news-monger, an 

H.'ialirpanah, «./. wall, or outroQcli- 

incuts round a town. 

!lj"i'I"'"'U. m. name of a mcdiolno. 

Shalitara, / 

'/'' \ *•• «». ft l>cam. 

liir, I 

in. a mulU'rry. 




Shalitiil. 8. in. a mulU'rry. 

S 1 1 1 d I w a t , 8./. Goncu|)iMeeQC«i» 

^Iialiwatungez, adj/ lust-ezoitincf, 

laliwuti, \ odj. lascivious, lusi- 

uUiwatpamst, / ful, (tonsual. 
lahwutpaituvti, 8./. wnsuality. 
lahzjida, \ n. wi. a prina» (^Konortilly 
l6h7,a«la, / means tiie prince royal.) 

r^h^hzadagj, 8./. the i)eriod of* tl^o 
minority of a prince. 

Uiahzadi, «. /. a princt ss. 

Shahzor, adj. stout, strong, biETc, 

Shahzon', s. /. valour, heroism. 
Shai, 8./. a thing. 
Shaikh, Sije|tli, wig. «. m. an • 

man, a venerable old man. 
Shajr, 8.m. a ytooi. 
Shajn, 8./. I ■" '■ 

Shaitan, «. 

Shaitiini, «'„ , 

Shajard, «. m. a list ot alj 

pro<l(^4'usor<( '^in tin • n 

Siiakarqaml, n. hi. sweel pot 
ShiH|:h, «. /. a lK)»i:::h. brr 

tn-*') ; a honi. 
Sliaklubir, ailj. \> 
Sha^hs, It. fH. a |-. •.-■••. i^- 

BhaVhsiyat, #./. nobility, r 

Shokil. \ adj. v 
Hhakiiti, I 
Shakk. 8. 11 

tion. un< . ! 
Siiakkitr. n. /. Mi^ur. 
Shukki. tull. doubt(\il, prrpicxing. 
81iakki mtMJ, ai(^*. 

wavwinic hMilsuiig. 

shiUci. -. r. ' 


Hhukwii kumu. r. u. t<> 
Sluil. «. /. a lUuiwl : nn 
ShiiUmr, i. IM. u ^i uwl- 
Shaljfham. 8. IN. n t:.! • 

Shall, ». wi. ni>\ )• 
Shall tu, $. III. a • 

Uigpigi' or a t' 
Shal^n, «. /. a r 

&r.). a ditHhar 
SluUI.'^ ■'«■ - 



[ 292 ] 


Sham, s. f. evening : s. m. Syria. 

Shama, s. m. the name of a bird ; 
name of a grain. 

Shama, s. f. a lamp, a candle. 

Shamadan, s. m. a candlestick. 

Sliamat, s. /. bad luck, adversity. 

Shamati, adj. unfortunate. 

Shamba, s. m. Saturday. 

Shami, adj. Syrian, relating to Syria. 

Shamil, adv. together; prep, with, 
along with : adj. united, blended, 
confederated, included. 

Shami lagana, to shoe with iron. 

Shamilhal, connected from circum- 
stances, of similar circumstances ; 

Shamil bona, to be blended, to be 
united, to participate. 

Shamil karna, v. a. to blend. 

Shamil rahna, to live together. 

Shamla, s.m. the work or embroidered 
end of a turban or kamarband, 
sometimes tucked into the folds, 
and sometimes left flying loose ; a 
narrow kind of shawl for tying 
round the waist or the head. 

Shams, s. m. the sun. 

Shamshad, s. m. the box-tree. 

Shamsher, s. /. a scimitar, a sword. 

Shamsi, adj. solar. 

Shan, s. f. dignity, pomp. 

Shana, s. m. a comb. 

Shandar, adj. stately, a man of rank 
or dignity. 

Shanccarf, ) .,. 

ShanW, I '■ '"• ^«™il'™- 

Shanka, s. /. apprehension, fear; 

Shankh, s. m. a conch. 

Shaqq, s. m. a fissure, crack, rent. 

Shaqq bona, to be torn, splif, rent. 

Shara, s. m. the precepts of Muham- 
mad, law, equity; a high-road. 

Sharab, s. /. wine, spirituous liquor. 

Sharabau tahuni, nectar. 

Sharabi, s.m.a drunkard, wine-b\bber» 

Sharabkhana, s. m. a tavern. 

Sharabkhwar, drinking wine, wine- 

Sharabkhwan", s. /. drunkenness, 

Sharabor, adj. soused, dripping wet. 

Sharaf, s. m. nobility, eminence, 
rank, honour. 

Sharafat, s. f. nobility. 

Sharah, s. /. Sharh. 

Siiarakat, s.f. partnership, participa- 
tion, fellowship. 

Shararat, s. f. wickedness, vice, de- 
pravity, villany, atrocity. 

Sharbat, s. m. sherbet, beverage, 
drink, sugar and water. 

Sharbati, s.f. a kind of lime or lemon. 

Sharh, s.f. explanation, commentary, 
annotation, description ; allow- 
ance, pay, rate. 

Sliarhwar, adv. explicitly. 

Shari, adj. conformable to the shara, 

Shariat, s.f. the laws of Muhammad, 
law, justice, equity. 

Sharif, adj. noble, eminent, honour- 
able, illustrious, a shell. 

Sharifa, s. m. a custard-apple. 

Shari i amm, s. m. a public road, 

Sharik, s. m. a partner, an accom- 
plice, associate, comrade. 

Sharik hona,to partake,to participn to. 

Sharir, adj. vicious, wicked; also foi- 

Sharm, s. f. bashfulness, modest} , 

Sharmana, v. n. to be ashamed, i^ 
feel shame, to be abashed. 

Sharma sharmi, ado. modestly. 

Sharmfll' } ^'^^- ^^^^^'^^' abashed. 

Sharminda, adj. blushing, abashed, 
ashamed, modest. 

Sharmindagf, s. f. bashfulness, mo- 
desty ; shame, disgrace. 

Sharq,' s. m. the east ; rising. 



[ 293 ] 


Sliarqi', adj. eastern, oriental. 
Sharr, e. f. wickedness, depravity, 

malignancy, evil. 
Shart, ». /. condition, stipulation, 

agreement ; a wager. 
Shart bandhna, to stipulate ; to bet, 

to wager. 
Sharti, adj. conditional. 
Shart karna, to stipulate, to agree,^to 

Sha.sii, cuJj. sL\. 

Shasli o panj, (sixes and lives), con- 
fusion, pcrphxity. 
Sliash palial, adj. having six sides, 

hexagonal ; a hexagon. 
Sliastr, \ 8.m. scripture, science, in- 
Shustra, / 8titut<3s of religion, law, 

or letters, e.*?pecially considered of 

(hvine origin. 
Sluishtnirth, x. m. the object or true 

intent of tho shistra, or sacred 

Slui.>strr, adj. skillod in Hindu law or 

n ligious books, one skiliitl in holy 

science. | ilminctcr. 

Sliiistn' achohhar, tlu* Dcbiimigjin 
Sliati'r, «. 7/i. prop. Shahtir, a Kmiu. 
Sliatranj, h. /. chess. 
Slmtranjlhiz, a chcss-playt i 
Sliatranjr, **. /. a kintl of n.^. .. 
Slintranjibaf, k, in. a car(H>t-woaV6r. 
»S|mtru, H. in. an enemy. 
Slialrul;i, «. /. enuiity. 
Miattiili, adj. nuntricioua. lasoivioUB, 

ob.sci ne, K'Wil. 
Sliiiuhiir, n. in. a husband. 
Sliaukat, «./. sUite, dignity, roiigni> 

licence, majesty. j 

Shauq, «. in. ilcsire, inclinaiioD. lovo, { 

tuigerness, fondne.Hs ; gaiety, chocr- ' 

fulness ; curiosity. 
Shauq in, adj. ihsinnis, intont upon, ^ 

fond of pleasure or curiiwity ; guy ; i 

lascivious. I 

BluuKi vAxxui, ». vi. pleasuro, delight, 

Shauwal, s. in, tho tenth nionih of 

Uio Muhammaduu year. 

Shayad, adv. possibly, I 
may be so, perchance, p< i 

Shayasta, adj. well-bred, po 

Shazz, adv. seldom. 

Shekh, 8. m. prop. Shaikh, au old 
man, a venerable old man, 

Shekhi, 8. /. boasting, bragging. 

Sher, 8. tn. a tiger, a lion. 

Sherni, 8. /. a lioness, a t gress* 

Shewti, \ 8. m. business, trade, pro- 

Shewa, / fession, habit, custom. 

SliJ^, 8. m. a follower of tho acct of 

Shi^r, 8. m. poetry, Terse. 

Shi^rljcliwani, «./. reading or study- 
ing poetry. 

Shiddat, «. /. violence, forre, vehe- 
mence; adverBity, afflictioD, diffi- 

Shifii, «. /. cure, remedy, hculinv'. 

Shifd lioni, or piiii, to rero\ 

ShifuVI>una, 8. m. a hospitiU. . 

Shigaf, 8. m. split, n nt. i>lit, citli^ \ 
liNsuro, crack. Haw, crcvitv. 

Siughro, adj. cx|Kdilitm.H, qn 
lia-^ty, ftiat ; adr. M>»)n, qu 

irnti, to inako husto. 


til hliMaa. lu 1 
Siiikum. 8. III. til 

wn 11 fl«n> 

buuWl^ i 
Shikar. «. 

ShikfirUind. #. m, cordn. Af., for 

tying game in or to ^titd t<> a 

hunius ttitddto.) 
ShikiirUix; ». m, a tporttftiut^ 
SIdkurgiiii, <«./. phux- for ir 
Shikiiri, ailj. ot tho cIuuh . 

to hunting, ^o. : «. m. .• 

hunter, apurtamau. 


[ 294 ] 


Shikar karna, to hunt, to catch (as 

Shikar khehia, to go a hunting. 

Shikast, s. f. breaking, fracture, de- 
feat, deficiency, loss ; adj. broken. 

Shikastfi, adj. broken, dispersed : 
s. m. the Persian running-hand. 

Sliikastadil, adj. distressed, afflicted. 

Shikastadih', s. f. distress, affliction. 

Shikastagi, s. f. breaking, broken- 
ness ; defeat ; dejection ; affliction. 

Shikastahal, adj. distressed, wretch- 
ed, ruined. 

Shikastahalf, s. f. indigence, distress, 

Shikastakhtitir, adj. distressed in 
mind, afflicted, offended. 

Shiktiyat, s.f. a complaint,accusation. 

Sliikm, s. m. the belly. 

Shikoh, s. f. dignity, grandeur, pomp. 

Shikra, s. m. a hawk, a falcon. 

Sliikwa, \ s. m. complaint, upbraid- 

Skikwa, / ing. 

Shimal, s. m. the north ; the north- 

Shimalf, adj. northern. 

Shimalnuma, s. m. the mariner's 

Shimar, adj. vile, infamous. 

Shinakht, s. f. knowledge, imder- 
standing, acquainted with. 

^hiii'ds, 'in compos, knowing, intelli- 
gent, intimate with. 

Shinasai", s. /. acquaintance, know- 

Shinasf, s. /. in compos, knowing. 

Shinawa, hearing, hearer. 

Shir, s. m. milk. 

Shira, s. m. syrup, juice of fruit. 

Shiraza, s. m. tlie worked head-bands 
in bound books. 

Shirazbandr, s. f. a style of binding 
books with worked head-band. 

Shirbirinj, s. m. rice-milk. 

Shirgarm, adj. milk- warm, luke- 

Shirfn, adj. sweet, pleasant, gentle, 

Shirmi, s. f. sweetness, eloquence. 
Shirmtaba, adj. of gentle manners, 

of mild disposition. 
Shirmzaban, adj. eloquent, affable, 

Shirk, s. m. polytheism, paganism; 

Shirkat, s. f. partnership. 
Shirkhurda, I 

Shirkhwar, > a suckling, an infant. 
Shirkhwara, ) 

Shirmal, s. /. bread made with milk. 
Shirni, s. f. sweetmeats, &c. offered 

in memory of saints, &c. 
Shisha, s. TO. glass, a bottle, a glass. 
Shishabasha, adj. very delicate, 

Shishagar, a glass-maker. 
Sliishagari, s.f. glass-making. 
Shisham, s. f. a kind of wood. 
Shishamahall, a house or palace all 

hung with glass, a cabinet adorned 

with miiTors. 
Shishi, s. /. a small glass phial. 
Shist, s.f. aim; a large fishing hook, 

(not used in angling with the 

hand, but left attached to a strong 

line which is fastened to the shore.^ 
Shishtachar, s. to. see Sistachar. 
Shist bandhna, to aim. 
Shitab, s. m. haste, quickness ; adj. 

quick, speedy; adv. quickly, ex- 
Shitabbaz, adj, hasty, expeditious. 
Shitabf, adv. quick, hastily; s. /. 

quickness, haste, speed, despatch. 

^Z^"*^'. }■ s. TO. a name of Mahadeva. 

Shivrat, a night so called by the 

Shiwala, s. in. a temple of Shiva. 
Shlok, s. TO. a verse, a stanza. 
Sho, in compos, washing, washer. 
Shob, s. m. washing. 
Shof, s. TO. /. in compos, washing. 
Shokh, adj. mischievous, pert, saucy, 

playful, wanton, prosuniptuous, 



[ 295 ] 


Sho^hi, 8. f. mischief, playfulness, 
wantonness, sauciness, cf)quetry. 

Sholii, s. m. the name of a plant, 

the stalks of wliich, coninionly 

called light-wood, are used as 

floats for fishing nets, and fur 

• making a light kind of hat. 

Shola, 8. m. a dish consisting of rice 
and pulse lx)ilcd together and 
given to sick persons. 

Slior, «. m. cry, noise, outcry, clamour, '■ 
din, renown, uproar, tumult : adj. i 
salt, hrackish. I 

Shorn, K. m. nitre, saltpc^tre. [pctro. | 

Slioragar, n.m. a manufacturer of salt* 


Shorbor, culj. v ' ' * d. 

Shoriyat, «. /. Iioot. 

Rlior niaclian;i, '•, to 

' li Mpusht, adj, (juurraiHuiiic, iifiiHy. 
. Mtrsliiir, «. Tw. noi«"', (nini4|i, diit- 

tiirl«iiicc, hii ■ * :i. 

Shorwa, J*, m. 

Shorzanun, k. y. .A. 

Mh ,sha, «. m. a particle, a port 
r inuhlha, 8. m. «ce Hnuldha. 
Slinim, 8. VI. fatigue, ti»il. 
Shn's(h, <t<lr. Ikj^I, mout cxot 1' 

pre-(!niinent, senior. 
Bhud, 8./. the niys of th< 

sliine, nulinnrf. 
Shirda, u. m. H 
Shublia, 8. in. 

l)i'.''itilv, inif, I ioiii.f . 
Slml. .. 1...., 
Slml.u.i U:,in 
Shuhhu Ituui, 

r. n. to U< in doul>t, 
. ^ r. a. to doubt, t4> 


Slualuni, «.y*. oecurrtMHv, (*ondnff U> 

pass : adj. pmetioabU>. {towiM 
Shutll)ud, odr. so m». 1 

'shujjjld *. III. oiXMiiMition, em 
h^iutgiifa Itina. to pnuhioe sonivtlua^ 

new and wonderful. 
Shuguftii, adj. v\\M\ni\iM\, blooming. 

Idown (^a« a flower.) 
Shugufta hoiui, to l>o blown (n 

llower), to bloom, to bo deligbieu. 

Shu--; • •'. 

8./, blooming or « 

p;i I 



'iirv f.rn. 11 

Shuiiada, 8.piui 


bhuhda, 8. m. . 


baucbee, bhu 

•l.-u.-: . Irol. 


Shulida}ian, «. 

• ' -'•- 

ness, debauch 

Shuhra, «. m. \ 
Shuhrnt, 8. /. ^ 


brily, i«.|Aui, ia> 

mour, divul;:ing. 

Shuja^r^^■ ' ' • 

:... :i 1...1.I 

Shujiiat, . 

Sliukr, 8. > 

planet Vt^nui*. 

Shukniiui, «. m. 

gmtitudo, ackn< 

led^ieut of 

gTotitude, lbuik»< 


Sliukrtru/iir. ad! 



. graUtudo, Ui*n 

tlmnk. t • t. turn 


■ ■.:^ i . ..-. ur. 

tti, to bo U^tiii or t' 

j:i, locnminmo\ lo beiri 
. «. /. imivUiu): a ckiv 

.;i, r M. tn mominige or 
ton dog lo Ibo cbaM^by 
iUii MUiid abitali. 


[ 296 ] 


Shutur, s. m. a camel. 

Shutiuban, a camel-driver (or keep- 

Shuturmurgl], s. m. an ostrich. 

Slmtiirqatar, a string of camels. 

Shutursawar, mounted on a camel, 
rider of a camel. [er.) 

Sliuturwan, a camel-driver (or keep- 

Shuur, s. m. wisdom, intelligence, 
knowledge, discernment. 

Shyam, adj. black, or dark blue. 

Si, adj. three. 

Si, adj. thirty. 

Sibandf, s. m. a military soldier em- 
ployed in collecting ]-ents. 

Sichchha, s. f. tuition, teaching. 

Sichna, v. a. to water, to irrigate. 

Sidara, adj. three-doored (room, &c.) 

Siddat, s.f.prop. Shiddat, which see. 

Siddha, adj. ready, completed, ac- 
complished: valid (in law); 
proved (in logic) ; s. f. success, 
accomplishment of an object. 

Siddhant, s. m, result, consequence ; 
a system of science. 

Sidh, see Siddha. 

Sidh, adj. straight, accurate. 

Sidha, adj. straight, right, direct, op- 
posite ; simple ; fair ; candid, up- 
right; s. m. provisions, victuals 

Sidhai, s. f. straightness, simplicity, 
candour, uprightness. 

Sidha karna, to straighten, to disci- 

Sidhapan, s. m. simplicity, candour. 

Sidharna, v. n. to go, to depart, to set 

Sidhawat, s. f. candour, simplicity. 

Sidq, s. m. truth, veracity, sincerity. 

Sifalf, adj. earthen, earthenware. 

Sifarisl), s. f. recommendation, inter- 
cession, introduction. 

Sifarishi, s. an intercessor. 

Sifiirish karna, to recommend, to in- 

Sitiirishnama, s. m. a letter of intro- 

Sifat, s. f. praise : quality, attribute ; 
a noun adjective. 

Sifat, s. plur. of Sifat, qualities, &c. 
Sifl, s. m. sediment. 

Sifia adj. ignoble, mean, contemp- 

Sighra, prop. Shighra, which see. • 

Sigha, s. m. a word declinable and 
derivative, the mood of a verb, 
conjugation, derivation ; a form of 
words used in marriage ceremo- 

Sigosha, s. m. a triangle. 

Sigra, adj. every, the whole. 

Siharna, v. n. to shiver, to shake with 

Sihhat, s. f. health, entireness, sound- 
ness, accuracy, correctness. 

Sihr, s. m. enchantment, magic. 

Sihra, s. m. a chaplet, a garland, 
wreath (worn on the head by a 
bridegroom and bride at the mar- 
riage ceremony.) 

Sihrana, v. n. see Sahirana. 

Sij. s. m. a species of Euphorbia, the 
milky hedge-plant. 

Sijda, s. m. bowing so as to touch 
the .ground with the forehead in 
adoration, especially to God, ado- 

Sijdagah, s. f. the place of perform- 
ing the Sijda. 

Sijhana, v. a. to tan ; to boil, to 
seethe, to melt. 

Sijna, V. n. to exude, to sweat ; to 
seethe, to boil, to dissolve, to be- 
come soft by boiling. j 

Sikana, v. a. see Sikh ana. J 

Silvandar, n. prop. Alexander the 

Sikandarf, adj. of or relating to Alex- 
ander; a kind of yard for mea- 

Sikanjabm, s. /. lime -juice or other ] 
acid mixed with sugar or honey. 

Sikar, s. m. prop. Shikar, which see. 

Sikast, s. f. prop. Shikast, which see, 

Sikh, s. f. a spit, a skewer. 


[ 207 ] 


Sikh, 8. m. a disciple, a scholar, a pu- | 

pil ; a foll(jw('r of Niinak. 
Sikhdr, s. f. teacliing, instruction. I 
Sikhiina, v. a. to teach, to admonish, | 

to chastise. 
Sikhur, «. m. three or more strings ' 

tied together forming a support to 

hang anything on ; the cords of a ' 

buhangi', in which the bankets j 

Sikhawana, r. a. see Sikhdnd. 
Sikhcha, «. m. a skewer, a small spit. ' 
Sikhiyakubiib, 8. m. meat rousted ou 

iiHpit. ' 

SHcliiuna,^ v. a. to teach, to admo- 1 
Sikhlami,/ nish, to chastise. I 

Sikhnd, V. a. to learn, to acquire. 
Kiklipii, roaring (a horse.) 
Silikii, «. 7//. a coining <lio, an imprcs- ' 

Hum on money; sterlinL', rurniit ; 

.slumped coin. 
Rilclilna, r. a. to tench. 
Sikli, y>roy<. Saicjul, whirh we. 
J^ikligar, iiro]>. Saitjalgar, which 800. I 
SilJi honii, see Sainal bona., 
BiKiui, V. a. two Hiklind. 
Bikiia, V. V. tt) bo toiistcnl or |Nirchcd : 

r. a. to learn, to acquin*. 
Rikri', «. /, a wirerhain. 
8iktii, H. in. a ]K>U4ii(<r(l, shard. 
Sikiirmi, r. n. to Im» shrunk. 
Si'l. H. in. iiultit. «li.s]Mi}4ition; oom- 

pliiis.thN. .Mvilifv. hunmnity, po- 

IJlrl!. ; . •■11. \"-..[\. 

Mil, H. /. u hi..ii« fit whioh wplcon.&c. 

air groinid, or knives sharjH'UiHl ; 

a stone (in grueml.) 
?ilafeiu, *«./. see SilaiH'hi'. fwnvin^. 
Jilau*. /. th«' price of sewinir : Hiniin. 

lilami, r.(t. to nuist' t-^ ... i. 

^iliipeht, /»./. a wash 

in\ with a eov«M i 
■^ilNiilt^i, fi. in. two stunts* wiih whuU 

spices, i>aint, &e, art> gnnmd. 
till, H. / a whetstonr, u hone : the 

Snik of a tree wh«'n enl tlown : 
ink ; tlu» heap of grain and ehuiV 
on the til reshing- Hour. 

8ilpa^, adj. smootli. >\- 1 . !. 
Silsila, 8. m. a cli:i::i. •. ■ : • 

nation, bucct'sii«»i(, . . : • . : .. 

family, genealogy. 
Silsil i f)aul, h. in. a dial • t. -. a ; . r- 

bid copiousness of urii»r. 
Silwanii, v. a. to chum- t<» !»♦• .-. .. 
J^ilwant, adj. of goo<l or iuuiaiblc du»- 

|)osition, well-conductod. 
Sim, 8. m. silver. 
Si'md, »./. limit, r« 
Simab. 8. m. qui•^ 

S^- - ■■ -' r. M. t . ^ , • • K. 

> . I- i- .■ • ■ :: .-. ^i. to 

• • I"- .•■•iiti.M-:. -I ,•: .; .uil 

togvthif, to shrivel. 
Si'mbadan. silver* bodied, with . 

fair as hilver. [towar 

Simt, ». /. a way. path, side*, auort' 
Sinilun, seu Sindnulnn. rfnift'' 

^ >!i,'h, $. vu a falmlotu Wd, m 
>...-, r. CI. ti» mw, to ^titch. 
Nina, ji. III. breiuit. Uvumi. 
Stnabnnd. n. m. htaVH. IkhUco. 
Siiudctia, to blow the iioS(\ 
Sdifttani', «./. U*ntiii|; Uio bit<«st 
Similar, (t({/. robitat, |m»uil of 

Sin.t/t>ri, f. /. ftrpn^h. robtulnri*, 

fore*' •'«■••' "f i^wrr. 
Stboli^ j.rico paid Ibr irri- 

gati< tinff. 

Hinehuu, r. a. tu brngBlf^ lo vstvc. 
Sintlh, «. m. mm, omrno : tbo nua» of 

rtHl lead, minhniL 

' > «. M, A horn (tottiicAl.) 
*. PI. opjiim !it. dr^'fln, d<Kt>- 

\tgor div»^ 

the ww^ng Ny- 



[ 298 ] 


Singarna, v. a. to dress, to decorate, 

to embellish, to adorn. 
Singautf, a polishing tool, made of 

horn; an ornament of metal on 

the horns of a bullock. 
Singh, s. m. a lion ; the sign Leo ; a 

title used by Hindus. 
Singhara, s. m. a handkerchief folded 
' diagonally; water-chestnut. 
Singhasan, s. m. a throne. 
Singhini, s. /. a lioness. 
Smgi, s. f. name of a kind of fish ; a 

cup for cupping; a small horn 

Smgi lagcina, to cup. 
Smgiya, s. m. a kind of poison. 

SinSS;} ^-^^ a powder horn. 

Singri, s. /. a small powder horn for 
priming with. 

Smf, s. /. a salver, tray, trough. 

Sink, s. f. the culm of the grass of 
which brooms are made. 

Smkiya, adj. striped. 

Sinn, s. m. age, period of life. 

Sinn o sal, age, period of life. 

Sip, s. f. a shell ; kind of mango. 

Sipab, s. /. (used in the plural,) sol- 
diers, an army. 

Sipaha, s. m. a tripod, trivet. 

Sipahal, adj. trilateral. 

Sipahar, s. m. "I afternoon, from mid- 

Sipahari, s. f. ] day to three o'clock. 

Sipahgari, \ s. /. the miltary profes- 

Sipahgari", / fession or art. 

Sipahi, s. m. a soldier, military. 

Sipah phir jani (implies) a revolt or 
treachery in an army. 

Sipahsalar, "I s, m. a general, a com- 

Sipahsalar, j mander of an army. 

Sipai, s. /. a tripod, trivet, a three- 
legged stool or table. 

Sipar, s. f. a shield. 

Sipara, s. m. one of the thirty sec- 
tions into which the Quran is 

Siparish, s, /. a recommendation, 
intercession, introduction. 

Sipi. s. /. a shell. 

Sir, s. m. the head, the top. 

Sira, adj. mad, insane. 

Sira, s. m. head, extremity, end. 

Sirajna, j v. a. to create, to produce, 

Sirajna, / to form. 

Sirana, v. a. to cool, to make cold : 

s. m. place of tlie liead. 
Sfrat, s. f. way of life, morals, man- 
ners, conduct. 
Sirayat, s.f. penetrating. 
Sircharha, adj. proud, haughty. 
Sircharhana, to exalt, to assume, to 

be arrogant ; to show respect. 
Sirchot, s. m. displeasure, disgust. 
Sird dawal, s. /. headstall ; reins of 

a bridle. 
Sir de de mama, to be desperate. 
Sir dharna, to be obedient. 
Sir dhunna, ) to shake the head 
Sir dulana, j from affliction, &c. 
Sirf, adv. purely, merely, only, solely, 

alone : adj. pure, mere. 
Sirgarm, adj. prop. Shirgarm, which 

Sir ghiimna, to be giddy or dizzy, to 

swim (the head.) 
Sirhana, s. m. the head part or side 

of anything (as of a tomb or bed-i 

stead), tlje place where the heacCi 

rests or reclines. 

M - 

Sirhi, j degree. 

Siri, adj. mad, insane. 

Siris, or Shish, s. m. the name o( 

Sirisht, s. f. nature, temperanu 

constitution, disposition. 
Siika, or Sirka, s. m. vinegar. 
Sirkata, beiieaded, decapitated. 
Sir ke bhal, adv. headlong. 
Sir ke zor, with all (one's) might. 
Sir khujiina, to court punishment. 
Sirki, s. f. a kind of reed of whi( 

mats are made, reed grass ; a so: 

of mat to keep off rain. 
Sir marna, to take great pains, td 

search diligently. 



[ 299 ] 


iiundtina, to quit one's con- 
ions and adopt a life of men- 
Sii iiawiina, to be humble, to be 

Si'rnr, «, /. prop. Shi'mi, which see. 
Sir panisti kiiniii, to protect, to aid. 
Sir par cliarluiua, to spoil (na a 
cliild, &c.); to raise an inferior 
above one's self; to show respect. 
Sir par kliiik dalmi, to lament. 

plieriiii, to revolt from obedience. 
Sir \n\ini, to lament, 
■^irn, (ulj. mad, insane. 
$ir t)uit,iiau\val, \ «, m. salutation 
Sir tliathauwar, / (with displea- 

r t'orna, v. a. to subdue. 
)ir lit liana, to rebel, to rko up against 

}ir ut'Iiute hi pumal liomi, to )»(;d ill tlu; conuueueement > 
Mr's umlurtakinK. 
'^^ , >. in. the hciid. 

. X. m. lead ; prop. Shiaho, which 

Usiikiiti, V. n. to Bob. 

Mm!:i, n-fj. triennial. 
>i- ! ml, See Sir cliarlmntS. 
q-iii (111. H. m. see SiH^iicluir. 
1)181, H. J. prop, Sh{si, a Hiuall glass j 

-^Mii^: an almost impor- i 
1 in a vrsHol, I'tc.) 



Sitaltii, «./. coolness. 

Sitam, 8. m. tyranny, opprossion, 
injury, violence. 

Sitamgar, \ 8. m. a tyrant, an op> 

Sitam>(ar, / pressor: adj. tyran- 

Sitamgari, 8. /. see Sitam. 

Sitaphai, 8. m. the custanl-iipple. 

Si tar, «. m. a kind of guitar with 
three strings. 

Sitara, ». m. a st^ir : ' ' ' 
work; name of 
nu'iiL witii tiii-t . 

iskiyiiu liii.ii 111, to Hol». 

ISO, 8. m. a kiiul of wood or iiamo of 

a tree. 

.^piiiil, ». m. an ' for tlio 

lit'iul (worn b\ 

.--(uehar, /«. m. \' - - . oomplui- 

Mince, jr<)0<l niunuers, [n. 

!t.x. /. (low; cold, ^votnos^ nioi 
^1, M. prop, tlio wife of Hnnia. 
ituis)i,8./. pmiso. rt turning thtuiks. 

tal, (ulj. cool, cold. 

UU:i. ». f. .snmll-i)ox. 

tulchini, «. /. allspioo. 

talpa|i, {«./. a kind of lino cool mat. 

fc^i- ^ ..-, 


Pitjin', »./. a sinAll gtiitn; 
I, »./. »w. «»►•• S.i.,1 
-./. tho jml-v 

S I 

8i(l(ai, N. /'. 1 

Sithi. *./\s! 

S.tkiil. •. M. N^ 

Sivii, «. IN. n 
SivuDtt. { 
Sivnratri, I 
Siwii, ^ III' 

Siw.i.-. I 

.*^' ^^«^.l, t. m, n_-\> in;;, 

Siwuna, \ «. w. wrgo, liuiiu boitn 

♦siw.iii-i. I .lirv. 


- . .mfuriunat(\ UmL 

Si)ah« adj. bLick. 


[ 300 ] 


Siyaha, s. m. an account-book, or 
written book. 

Siyaha karna, to take an account of. 

Siyahdil, adj. black-hearted, malevo- 

Siyahfiim, ad), black. 

Siyahgosh, s. m. name of an animal. 

Siyahi, s.f. blackness ; ink ; blacking. 

Siyah karna, see Siyaha karna. 

Siyahposh, adj. clad in black. 

Siyahru, adj. black-faced ; unlucky ; 

Siyahtalii, adj. whose curses prevail. 

Siyal, s. m. a jackal. 

Siyan, ) 7. ci ' - 

Siyana.} «''^- see Syana. 

Siyaq, s. m. arithmetic by the Arabic 
alphabet ; accounts. 

Siyar, s. m. a jackal. 

Siyasat, s. f. punishment, pain, chas- 
tisement, pang, agony. 

Siyasat karna, to chastise, to punish. 

Siyasat men hona, to be in pain. 

Slok, s. m. see Shlok. 

Snan, s. m. bathing. 

Sneh, s, m. love, kindness, affection. 

Snehi, adj. kind, affectionate. • 

So, i3ro7i. correl, that, he, she, it ; so : 
posfjMS. from, &c. See Se. 

Soa, s. m. fennel. 

Sobha, s. /, beauty, splendour, orna- 
ment, dress, decoration. 

Sobhaw, s. m. nature, natural state, 
property or disposition, genius. 

Sobhna, v. n. to become, to befit. 

Soch, s. m. consideration, reflection, 
thought, meditation. 

Sochna, v. a. to consider, to think, to 
meditate, to reflect. 

Sodh, s. f. discharge (of debt) ; 
search, inquiry. 

Sodhna, v. a. to pay, to discharge 
(a debt), to liquidate; to refine 

Sog, s. m. affliction, grief, sorrow, 
lamentation, anguish. 

Sogf, adj. afflicted, grieved. 

Sogwar, adj. afflicted, sorrowful. 

Sogwari, s. f. affliction, grief, sorrow. 

Sohaga, s. m. borax. [file, 

Sohan, s. f. a kind of sweetmeat ; a 

Sohi'n, adv. before, in front of. 

Solma, V. n. to become, to beseem 
V. a. to weed. 

Soi, that, very, he himself. 

Sojh, s. f. straightness, directness. 

Sojlia, adj. straight, direct. 

Sok, s. m. affliction, grief, lamenta- 
tion, sorrow. 

Sokh, adj. prop. Shokh, which see. 

Sokhi, s. /. prop. Shoklii, which see, 

Sokhna, v. a. to soak up, absorb. 

Sokht, adj. burnt : s. f. burning. 

Sokhta, adj. burnt, scorched : s. m. 
tinder. [iiig. 

Sokhtagi, s.f. vexation, heartburu- 

Solah, adj. sixteen. 

Solahwan, adj. the sixteenth. 

Som, s. m. the moon ; Monday. 

Sompna, v. a. to deliver over, commi^ 
to charge, give, consign, resign^ 
intrust, deposit. 

Somwar, s. m.. Monday. [See Se 

Son, s.f. an oath : postpos. from, &c 

Son, s. m. name of a river. 

Sona, V. 71. to sleep ; (met) to die 
s. on. gold. 

Sonahla, adj. golden. 

Sonahla pani, s. m. gilding. 

Sonahra, adj. golden. 

Sondha, s. m. smelling like that off 
new earthen .vessel when wetted 
or from parching of pulse. 

Sondhahat, s. f. fragrance ; a smel 
like that of new earth or anything 
burnt (as food, &c., from bein 
kept too long on the fire.) 

Sondhna, v. a. to rub cloth in muj 
preparatory to washing; to mi: 
to smear. 

Sone ka nawala, an expensive ba: 
quet, a delicious morsel. 

Sonh, s. f. an oath. 

Sonh dena, to adjure, to swear. 

Sonhm, ddv. face to face, opposite 
before, in front. 


[ 801 ] 


Sonli khilami, to adjure, to make 
swear, to administer an oath. 

8oiit, s. f. dry ;j^inger. 

Soil til, «. m, a club, mace ; peslle. 

Sontebardtir, a muce-ljearer. 

South, s.f. dry-ginger; a miser. 

SoFii, 8. m. prop. Shora, uitre, salt- 

Sorah, adj. sixteen. 

Sorath, 8. /. name of a musical mode. 

Sosan, 8. f. a lily. 

p4osm', 8.f. a bluish colour. 

Sot, 8. m. f. ( a spring, a fountain, a 

3ota, 8. m. / stn am, a rivulet. 

Sotii, jHivt. itre». asleep : «. m. aijleep, 

Joii, .sec Sol'. 

k)z, 8. m. a hUmza of a marsiya or 
iae iKK'ni. 

Jozalv, 8. in. a gonorrhaja, a clap. 

i^)/aii, 8./. pricker (of a gun.) 

Jo/.isli, 8./. burning, inllammalion, 
pain, vexation. 

oziu, K./. u kind of quilt***! eovirlet. 

iruddlia, 8. VI. fuiu-ial obsequioH, 

f consisting in the f«*eding of priestH, 

i and otinr prescribed ceremuuies 
honour of ancestors. 

5r;iiii, 8. in. fatigiU', toil, paiuH. 

irap. 8. m. cursing, an imprecation. 

?ra\van, «. m. tho ear, tho act of 
111 nring. 

^r( sli, 8. m. glue, 

tfrsiiili, (ulj. iM'st, most, ozcolloni: 

i, 8. f. a word ahvavs written 
the beginning of tlu-Uindu prt»p 
nanioB of perooUH, like uuuitt'r 
rislit, ) ft. /. tho croation, tl» 

^rishii, / world. 
;jin, (afilxed to ciTtAin words, do- 
(lofces) place, station: m llindd- 
BUin, Inilia. fwideucc. 

iJuin, 8. VI. place, station. •■» -• 
'ui|>an. 8. »M. ca»i>ing to 
i)laoing, tixiug, founvlijig, « • 

Ithiipanii, «. /. ordering, arraugiug. 

StIuipit,;Kir/. , 

fixetl, fouii 
Stidr, adj. ?-. i . 

fixed ; mild, calm. 
Strf, 8. f. a woman or female in 

general ; a wife. 
Stuti, *'. /. praise, eulogy. 
Su, pr('po8. good, well, efu>y ; ,;:; 

Braj) jx>8tpo8, from or of whom, 

by, with, of, &c. 
Siiti, 8. m. a parrot; a imcking- 

ni>e<Ue ; a needle wiiu whieh 

gunny bagx aru suwod. 
Sitar, 8, m. a hog. 
Siiari, 8./. a now. 
Hilar kfi gosht, ()ork. 
Siibu, $. m. a province ; a goremor. 
Subadur, «. m. tlio chief of a pn>- 

vinee; a military ufUoer amoog 

Indian tnxtps. 
Siibadiiri, «. / - nment of a 

province; \ 
Sn' ' :; (uiwo. 

s before daybreak, 

SuUiU i tuiiU(|, dttwn of day. 

Siibajtit, $. ftlur. of Siiki. pmviiKX**. 

HuboJriui« j «. w. pare gotU: «0* 

Siiboni, / golden. 

RulMiM.i «. /* f.\\i< i Muelli ftigiaaee« 

S rftimo* 

^ i ■ aMnl, agre<able» 


s htiblui,whirii0ep« 

V r'liiiL* at tiaWn. 

^i\ O holy 

SUbtiaw.j t 
pi'rty, dij»p 
poetMl. of ;: 

Subhitii,\ «. 



[ 302 ]] 


Subuk, arfj. liglit (either in weight 
or character), unsteady. 

Subuk mizaj, of a tickle temper. 

Subiit, s. m. firmness, stability, con- 
firmation by evidence, conviction, 
proof: adj. firm, proved. 

Suchet, adj. attentive, mindful, care- 
ful, cautious. 

Sucliham, adj. subtle, thin, slender, 
minute, small. 

Suchit,| adj. at leisure, disengaged, 

Siichit,/ at ease, attentive. 

Slid, s. m. profit, interest, usury. 

Sudani, adj. well-shaped, graceful. 

Sudbatta, profit and loss. 

Sudbud, adj. see Sudbudh. 

Suddhan, adj. together with. 

Sudh, s. f. memory, remembrance, 
consciousness ; adj. accurate, cor- 
rect, pure, clear, unpolluted. 

Siidha, adj. simple, artless ; straight. 

Sudhab, adj. well-shaped, elegant. 

Sudhai, s. f. simplicity, artlessness. 

Sudhal, adj. neat, elegant, graceful. 

Sudhan, together with. 

Sudhana, v. a. to put in mind, to 
cause to remember. 

Sudharna, v. n. to correct, to be 
mended, to avail, to succeed. 

Sudharna, v. a. to adorn, to adjust, 
to arrange, to rectify, to mend. 

Sudhbudli, s. f. sense, perception, 
care, correct knowledge. 

Sudh lena, to take care of, to look 
after, to inquire into. 

Sudi, adj. (money) borrowed at in- 
terest, (money) at interest. 

Sudf, s. /. thfe light half of the lunar 
month, or from the new to the full 

Siidkhor, an usurer. 

Siidmand, adj. profitable, useful, be- 
neficial, lucrative. 

Sudmandf, s. f. profitableness. 

Sudr, ^ s. m. a person of the fourth 

Sudra,/ or servile tribe among the 
Hindus. [taste. 

Siidrani, s. f. a female of the ^Sudr 

Sufaid, adj. white. 

Sufaida, s. m. the dawn ; whiteness, 
white lead. 

Sufaidi", s. f. whiteness. 

Sufed, adj. white. 

Silfi, s. m. a Sofi. 

Siifiya, the sect of Siifis. 

Sufuf, s. m. powder (medicine) ; the 
rags put in the bottom of an ink- 
stand to absorb the ink. 

Suga, s. m. a paroquet. 

Sugan, s. m. an omen, an augury. 

Sugand, ) s. m. good smell, odour, 

Sugandh,> perfume, fragrance, adj. 

Sugandh,) fragrant, odoriferous. 

Sughar, adj. elegant, accomplished, 
beautiful, virtuous. 

Sughrai, s. m. 1 elegancy, accom- 

Sughrapan, s. f. j plishmeni 

Sugun, s. m. see IBugan. 

Suha, adj. red, crimson. 

Suhag, s. m. the red marks in the 
forehead of a woman whose hus- 
band is alive. 

Suliaga, s. m. borax. 

Suhagan, s. f. a married woman 
whose husband is alive. 

Suhagpura, s. m. a paper of ingre- 
dients for painting tlie head, pre-, 
sen ted by the bridegroom to the; 

Suhal orSuhali,s./. bread (or cakes) 
fried in butter or oil. 

Suhana, adj. agreeable, pleasant,^ 
charming : v. n. to be agreeable, toj 
please, to be liked or approved of. 

Suhana, v. n. to become, to beseem : 
V. a. to weed ; see also Suhana. 

Suhata, adj. agreeable, charming. 

Suha wan, adj. agreeable, pleasant, 

Suhawana, see Suhana. 

Suhbat, s. f. companionship, society, 
an assembly, a fair ; coition. 

Suhb;itdari,s./. associating, acquaint- 

Suhbat f, s. m. companion, comrade, , 

Suhda, s.m. yrojp. Shuhda, which seel 


[ 303 ] 


Riii', orSuiQ, «. /. a needle. l 

Suj, 8. /. swelling, rising. | 

Sii jii, s. m. a Ixirer, a gimlet, an awl. ' 
lu'Jan, B. f. swelling, rising. j 

ISujuna, V. a. to cause to swell. j 

Si I jam', «./. see Sozni". | 

Siijh, 8.f. sight, perception. t 

Sujluina, v. a. to show, to make un- 


Siijlinu,) «. w. to bo visible, to be 
SiijUnti,/ sren, to appear, to seem, 

to be able, to be set* n. 
Sij jr, ».f. tin.' heart of wheat, 08 flour. 
'lijna, V 11. tt) hwrll, to rise. I 

i^iiK, s.m. the planet Venus; Friday. ' 
Siika, adj. dry : «. m. a quarter of a 

rupee pieee. 
BuKai, atlj. white. 
f?ukiiliMichclih, 8.m. the light half of 

tlu; month, the fifteen days from 

new to full moon. 
3uKar, ». in. prop. Shukr, thanks, 

^^ rati tilde. 
Jukarna, v.n, to be shrunk or con- 
tracted, to sliriiik; to draw in, to 

(•(»llu(;t, to bhrivil. 
lukli, 8. VI., tranquillity, enay 

eircumshiiu'eH, content, happincsH, 

pli'asure, d»'light. 
liikha,| luij. dry : 8. m. dry tobaoco 
Uikha.j 4uten with Ix^ttd-leaf. 
^ukhaii, 8. in. Hpotch, language; a 


Klalnii, r. a. to dry, to oroadatc, to 

nnise to piiio away; to evaporato. 
iuVlian ihilna, r. (i. to aak, to qQO»- 

tioii, to iutern>gute. 
|nkhan tukiva, «. in. a cant word in- 

tro(lu((d Into ono'ii oonvorvatiun 

witiiout any lueuning, an cj^plotivo. 

iklianwar, <»((/. » lo.pu>nt. 

khnnwnri, >-./. el.».pienco. [llty. 
lohain, «. vi. eHM.\ xv»\, iranquil- 
:hdai*, adj. oas<MilVonling, com- 
rt(>r, irivor of iuum\ 

ikln'arsan, 8. m a shrub, the juio^ 

Sukhi, adj. at case, happy, tmi»']M 

contented, comfortable. 
Sukhi' )chatai, a ver>' tliin peranu. 
Snkhit, adj. tranquil. 
Sukh kurna, to live at ca«»e. 
Sukhlami, v. a. see Sukhumi, 
Sukhmi, I t.n. to dry. dry up. t^x?^.- 
Sukhn I ' ;''•>> 

awa ^ 
Sukh 1 
SukhtaU, *. m, a piccu <il lraUi< r 

placed onthesole wiUiin the >«li«»\ 
SuVhun, see 6u)|[han. 
Sitki, 8. /. a quarter of n 
Siikna, r. n. to dry, to h 
Hukr, f.m. tlio planet Vi 
Snkrit, 8. f. virtue, a 

1 ' 'lit, 
^ in. tliin.dt 

Su..; ,. .>;in, tluu,dr\ 

9. /. dry lUh. 
Snkuflinnti. ) r. n. to 1 

of which is given for the car ache. 
' hdiiyuk, actj* see Sukhdiii, 


ing mark • 
Huhiffiui, Ik 'I 

to bo inflni 
Sulttli,*,/. K.. 
SulnimNti, n. pn*^- 

of DavUK 


Buhinii, r. (I. to cause to alocp. t 

to munlcr. 
Sulfa, «. m, little balls of t. 

smoktHl in a huoqa, witbc;. 

intervention of a ule. 


[ 304 ] 


Sulgana, v. a. to light, to inflame, to 

Sulh, s. f. peace, reconciliation, 

treaty, concord, truce. 

Sulha, s. m. friendship. 

Siili, s. f, an impaling stake. 

Siili charhana, \ ,^ . .^ 

a n^ J . > to impale, 

bull dena, ) ^ 

Suljhana, v. a. to unravel, to disen- 

Sultan, s. m. a prince, a sovereign, 
an emperor, sultan. 

Sultani, adj. regal, princely : s. f. a 
kind of broad-cloth. 

Suliik, s. m. manner, mode, conduct, 
intercourse, treatment, civility, 
kindness, attention. 

Suluk karna, to treat, to proceed 
with, to treat with kindness. 

Sulwana, v. a. to cause to put to sleep. 

Sum, s. m. a hoof.j 

Sum, s. m. a miser. [see. 

Sumar, s. m. prop. Shumar, which 

Sumaran, s. m. remembrance : s. f. a 
small rosary, or string of beads. 

Sumarin, s. /. a niggard, a miser. 

Sumarna, v. a. to remember, to keep 
in memory ; to mention. 

Sumba, s. m. a sponge-staff, a ram- 

Sumbul, s. m. spikenard (to whicli 
the locks of a mistress are com- 

Sumiran, s. m. see Sumaran. 

Sumima, s. m. see Sumarna. 

Sumni, s. /. a sow. 

Sumran, s. m. see Sumaran. 

Sun, adj. insensible, without sen- 
sation, palsied ; void, dreary, deso- 
late and silent. 

Sun, adj. silent, dreary, dismal. 

Siina, adj. empty, deserted, void. 

Sunahrt } ^^i-go^^en, made of gold. 
Sunana, v. a. to cause to hear, to in- 
form, to tell, to warn, to advise. 
Sunanliar, s. m. hearer. 
Sunar, s. m. a goldsmith. 

Sunarf, adj. clever, skilful : s. f. the 
business of a goldsmith. 

Sunarnf, s. f. a goldsmith's wife. 

Sunbahri, s. f. name of a disease. 

Siind, s. f. proboscis of an elephant. 

Siinda, s. m. a weevil, or small insect 
in grain. 

Sundar, adj. beautiful, handsome, 
comely, seemly, good, virtuous. 

Sundari,, s. f. woman ; beauty, come- 
liness ; name of an elastic timber 

Sundarta, s.f. beauty, handsomeness. 

Sundhawat, s. m. smell, perfume, 
odour, scent ; an earthy smell. 

Sundka, s. m. a pillow under a saddle. 

Sunghana, v. a. to cause to smell. 

Sunghna, v. a. to smell. 

Siinghni, s. f. snuff. 

c^ ° / > V. a. to smell. 
Sungna, j 

Sungun lend, v. a. to act the spy. 

Sunidra, s. /. sound sleep. 

Sunna, v. a. to hear, to hearken, 
listen or attend to : s. m. hearing ; 
a dot, a cipher. 

Sunnat, s. f. circumcision ; the tra- 
ditions of Muhammad. 

Sunnata, s. m. see Sannata. 

Sunnat karna, v. a to circumcise. 

Sunni, s. m. an orthodox Muhamma- 

Sunph, s. f. aniseed. 

Siinrf, s. m. a distiller and vender of 
spirituous liquors. 

Suns, s. m. a porpoise. 

Sunsan, adj. void, dreaiy, desolate 
and silent, still, lonely, dismal. 

Sunthna, \ v. a. to strip leaves offj" 

Silntna, j vegetables, &c., to draw^ 
(a sword.) 

Sunya, s. m. a dot, a cipher. 

Sup, s. m. a kind of basket for win- 
nowing corn with. 

Supabena, j s. m. name of a bird, ai 

Supabeni, / swallow. 

Supara, or Supara, s. m. gland 
penis. J 


[ 305 ] 


Supan', 8. f. betel-nut ; glans penis. 
Sujtririsli, 8. f. see Sifarish. 
h;u}>ath, 8. TO. a good road, good con- 
Suphal, adj, bearing good fruit, 

fruitful, profitable, ut«ful. 
Siipiyiiri', 8. f. betel-nut. 
Supiird, 8. f. charge, keeping, care, 

trust, custody. 
Supurd bona, to be consigned to one's 

Bupurdr, «./. the article, &c., given up. 
^'"-Mrd karnd, to give iu charge, to 
oinuicnd to one's care, to oou- 
II, to intrust. 
»^uput, j «. m. a tractable or datifdl 
Sui)utr, / son. 
6ui)y'<irr, 8. f. betel-nut. 
Sur/«. m. a god, a deity; tone, me- 
lody, iircent, note; a vowel. 
Biir, 8. in. a hero ; ». /. a kind of 
nniHiciil instrument, a honi, a 
Siiru, 8. m. a cliapter or division of 

tho Quran. 
Siiiii, 8. m. a hero. 

Hurii<j^h, 8. m. search, inquiry, spying. 
Suni^'h lena, to 8«iaroh, to ■«• to 

))y, to inquire for. 
Suruln', 8. f. a goblet, a long^neoked 

lluHk, a gogU^t. a jar, a jug. 
Sunihidar, adj. s)iu|Kd iu form of ft 

Siinihi (u iM'url.) 
S^iruj, 8. in. tlu* Kun. 
Siira'j pihuii, \ 8. in. ooUpte of th« 
Stiiiij grtihan, / sun. 
Suiiijiuukhi, «./. sunflower. 

uni'ljcli, 8. m. a hole, orifice, pamga. 
iSuiakli, 8. m. prop, Sozigh, which 

Snning,/»./. a mine ''particularly dug 
l>y thieves), a subterraneous piUH 
Nuge : wij. light Itay ihone.) 

Supi|), 8. /. sipniug or aooldnff op 
(as ))rotli) ur the uuiae made tbere- 

Supipna, v. n. to sip. 

tSurul, 5. /". bto Surt. 

Siirat, «, /. form, figure, face, - 
tenance, jKirtmit, prr»b.i 
manner; condition, ntate, t ; 
st-ances. See altio Siim. 

Siiratan, adc. apiwinntly. 

Surutiishna, an ac«iuaintance. 

Sunitiislinai, «. /, aojuaintiiuv. 

Siirat i hal, 8.f\ a st^itcment of facts, 
written declaration. 

Siirbi'r, 8. m. a hero, a obanpion. 

Siirdfui, n. prop, name of a H 
poet and sing^ wtto was ' 
nenoe a blind man is called 8u. .... 

Sur^, adj. red. [red oolotii 

Sur^ia, «. m. a sort of pigeon of u 

Sur^i, adi, of a white, or giay, or 
cream colour (a horse.) 

Rnr)^h<ib, «. m. name of a bird. 

HurViibiithi, $. m. thunaiiie cf a dis- 
onlcr, Anthony's fife, frT»ip«*la«. 

SurVlii, «./. redness; bri 

Sur|[h(insli. atfj, dreiasd ' 

Sr~' ' — '/. honoQIftbk)^ uuuiwMirtI 

^> ^ l>old,bimftt. 

8urtua, #. m, oollyrium. 
BumuuUn, \ a box foe hokUn,. 
BomMMUUki, / Burma. 
8iiniiftlioiitf,lobtrsdiiosdloftii tan- 

palaoftbla powdsr. 
Barma U «(/. of tho colour of Burma, 

Burmiiii, My. bmvt, bokL 
Bttrmtoaa, $, «. hamtf, 
Bnr mimadL-tn ainif in ttnm, 
Snrsiir^Uiat, o^ofanmlt. 

increepiiiK ..UKliQ|M%*i 

BarsiuAiia, t . n, lo orrrp along as a 

doss when oissfiliigi 
Surt. «./rvcolleelioD,( 

SoriiUi,/ attentiva, pmdnii. 


loo. msmonr. 
I a4^. minoAiL 

Bunt, «. «./. prop, Bhurd, whioh »< 
Bnmkni,^ v. a. to swallow by gulp.". 
Sunikni,/ lo gala 


[ 306 ] 


Surup, adj. handsome, beautiful. 

Suriir, s. m. pleasure, joy, ciieerful- 

Suryani, adj. Syriac, the Syriac lan- 

Sus, s. m. a porpoise. 

Susandes, s. m. good tidings. 

Susar, s. m. father-in-law. 

Susi", s. f. a kind of clotli. 

Susil, adj. well-disposed, goodna- 
tured, polite. 

Suskarna, v. n. to sibilate, to hiss. 

Susra, 8. m. father-in-law. 

Susral,^ s. /. father-in-law's house or 

vSusrar,/ family. 

Sust, adj. relaxed, weak, frail, lazy, 
negligent, slothful, idle, slow, in- 
dolent, inactive, languid, feeble. 

Sustana, v. n. to rest. 

Susthir, adj. firm, ready, stable. 

Sustf, s.f, relaxation, languor, lazi- 
ness, slothfulness, idleness, slow- 
ness, negligence, dilatoriness. 

Sust iatiqad, adj. lax in confidence, 

Sust, or Susti karna, to relax, to work 

Sustipana, s. f. see Susti. 

Susti torna, to break one's laziness. 

Sut, 8. m. a son, a male child. 

Sut, s. m. thread, yarn ; a tendril, a 
stamen (in botany.) 

Suta, s. /. a daughter. 

Sutar, 8. m. time, opportunity. 

Sutari, 8. f. an awl, a bodkin. 

Suthan, j 

Silthan,) s.m. drawers, trousers. 


Siithni, s.f. drawers ; an edible root. 

Suthra, adj. good, well, excellent, 
elegant, neat, beautiful, adorned. 

Suthrai, s.f. neatness, beauty, ele- 

Suti, adj. made of cotton thread. 

Siitli, 8. f. string, twine. 

Sutna, V. w to sleep. 

Sutakna, v. a. to swallow by gulps 
with a noise, to become afraid. 

Suwai)^a, s. m. a sleeper. 

Suwal, 8. m. interrogation, question- 
ing, question, query, proposition, 
request, begging. 

Suwali, s. m. a questioner. 

Suwal karna, to ask a question, to 
interrogate, to beg. 

Suwana, v. a. to cause to sleep. 

Swad, 8. m. see Sawad. 

Swadit, adj. delicious, relishing, of 
high flavour. 

Swami, 8. m. a master, owner, lord, a 
husband, proprietor; the dandi 
faqirs are so called. 

Swan, s. m. a dog, a hound. 

Swang, 8. m. mimicry, imitation, dis- 
guise, sham. 

Swangi, 8. m. an actor, a mimic. 

Swang lana, to imitate, &c. 

Swapna, s. m. a dream. 

Swar, 8. m. a vowel. 

Swarg, 8. m. heaven ; the sky. 

Swarga lok, s. m. paradise. 

Swar^i'a } «^i- lieavenly, celestial. 

Swarth, s. m. self-interest, selfish- 
ness ; having one's own object. 

Swarthi, adj. selfish. 

Swarup, 8. m. see Sariip. 

Swas, 1 s. m. breath, respiration, 

SwasaJ breathing: life. 

Swati, 8. f. the fifteenth mansion of 
the moon. 

Swatibiind, a drop of rain fallen 
when the moon is in the fifteenth 
mansion, which, if into a shell, is 
believed to become a pearl. 

Swayambar, s. m. a girl's electing a 
husband for herself. 

Swet, adj. white. \ 

Syam, adj. black, or dark blue. 

Syana, adj. cunning, artful, shrewd, 
sly, knowing, sagacious, clever, 
mature (in understanding) ; growa 

Syuntha, s. m. tongs. ,1 


[ 807 ] 


Ta, adv. to, mitil, aa fiar as, so far, 
wliilst, as long as, even to, in or- 
der that, to tne end that, in such 
a manner that. 

r i.itl'un, 8. m. btink, fetor, fetidness. 

J iiaiyun, «. m. appointing, appoint- 
ment, establishment, deputing. 

Taajjnb, «. m. wondering, admira- 
tion, iustoniHiiment, Burprise.ainazo. 

Tiiujjult lionii, to he astonished. 

J'n.'ij jub kiirmi, to wonder, to admire. 

Tfi.'iia, adj, most high. 

Ta(il alltih, mteri. good God I «. the 
most high God 

Taalluq, 8. m. rolationnhip, depen- 
dence, connexion, concern, apper- 
tiiining; a manor, a lordship, an 

ra;illuqa, 8. m. landcvl property, ffeo, 
manor ; c(mn<-xion, rclationsliip. 
lalliupit, 8. jAur. oounuxiont, oon- 
vi'vuH. [oema. 

lalliiqat i dunyawi', worldly oon- 

rHallu<|<l;ir, 8. m. the lord of a manor, 
tile owii(>r of an estate, the pro- 
pi icior of a taalliKi. 

Pualbi<i(luri',M./. thr tonore, ottoe or 

eHtjit(Mif a taallmpiar. 
i'aiilliKi luklinii, to appertain, to be- 
long, to <le|»eud. 
'a^ni, ti. in. victuali, food. 
'aanimtil, a. m. medltatloii, lellae- 
tion, consideration. 
aammul karnn,to colleotone*ttelf, 
t4) conHider, to reflect 
'n;>slisliM(i, «. m. fiUUng in lofe^ 
nitikni : love, beinff in love. 
auMsur. 8. m. brooding over aflUe> 
tion. pining, lamenting, grief, ro- 
grrt, romorso. 

aansuf kam^ to grieve, lament, 
pino, regret (over.) 
li^t. It./, devotion, obedienoei 
uqizznr, «. tm apology. 
tib, ». f. heat, light ; power ; endn* 
ranee; twisting; oontortion, 

Tab, (Kiv. then, at thati 

Tab^ 8. / nature, genius tempen- 

ment, disposition. 
Tababat, $./. the practice of medicine. 
Tabaddul, 8. m, change, alteratioD. 
TabiUi,\ a4j. bad, wiolnd, depraved, 
Tabah,/ ruined, wietohed, noUed. 
Tabdhhdl, adj. ruined. 
Tabih hon^ to be dquaved. 
Tabdhi, «./. wickedneM^ depravity. 

ruin, perdition, wreck. 
TkibUif khini, tobe aflUoled. 
Tab&hfzada, a4f. mined, afllioled. 

Tab^ kar demi, to min. 
Tabih knmik to epoil. 
Tkbal, fl. m. a kind of axe. 
Tabaldir,!. m. a man who iMt the 

tabal or axe to eni down tieei or 

to cleave wood. 
T£ ba maqddr, to the vlaoil oT abi- 

litv, aa much aa poMlbla. 
Tabuioha,a m. a alapba blow.n bos. 
Tabanoha, a m. a pMol. fearttefcO. ftti, a 

leaf; a layer ori 

Tab4q, f . m. a ve«il 

doogb in. 
Tkbar, a m. H baloiiel, an om^ 
Tabarbardir,\a m. an i 
l^dianyr. / 

TOjartor, nda. 

IWidUhfr. •. /. tht M^tf of llM I 

Tiibtrthi. tavwIfcML prodwUon ef 
prodneed Vf tliegenina. 

Ti ba Stat, while lilb 

l>bbar. a m. AMaUy. 

Mir ^^VMIM 

lUbdto. a m. a kt&ee, a akylkfat 
TOidir, «VL IwiHad (•■ the Idr.) 

Tabdfl.a/. change aHeralkm, dif> 
TOidfl kniiii» to okaMa^ to 1 


[ 308 ] 


Tabela, s. m. a stable, a stall. 

Tab'lii, adv. at that very time. 

Tab'hi to, then, indeed. 

Tab' hi" se, thence, thenceforth. 

Tabi, adj. dependant, follower, sub- 
ject, [tional. 

Tabi, adj. natural, innate, constitu- 

Tabiat, s. f. genius, nature, disposi- 
tion, temperament, constitution. 

Tabib, s. m. a physician. [cian. 

Tabibi, s. f. the business of a physi- 

Tabidar, adj. dependant, follower. 

Tabidari, s. f. allegiance, obedience, 
fidelity, subjection. 

Tabidari karna, to obey, to serve, to 

Tcibi bona, to be subject, to be de- 

Tabi karna, to control, to subject. 

Tabir, s, f. explanation, interpreta- 
tion (particularly of dreams. } 

Tablyat, s. f. nature, genius, disposi- 
tion, constitution. 

Tab khana, to be twisted. 

Tabla, s. m. a small tambourin. 

Tab lag, adv. till then, so long. 

Tablak, s. f, a little drum. 

Tab lana, to be able to bear. 

Tablaq, s. m. a paper in which a 
bundle of papers are bound and 
on which the kind of papers is 

Tab tarn, \ adv. till then, so long. 

Tab tak, / up to that time. 

Tabtaqat, s. /. power, ability. 

Tabtilli, s. f. an induration of the 
spleen attended with or preceded 
by fever ; splenetis. 

Tabtori, adv. till then, so long. 

Tabiit, s. m. a coffin, a bier ; the ark 
of the covenant. 

Tad, adv. tlien, at that time, after- 
wards, in that case, so soon. 

Tadad, s. f. number, computation, 

Ta dam zist, while life remains. 

Tadaruk, s. m. remedy, an expe- 
dient, precaution, preparation (par- 

ticularly to obtain justice) ; chas- 

Tadaruk karna, to provide against, 
to make preparation, to take i^re- 
cautlon, to chastise. 

Tad bhi, adv. still, nevertheless, 
however, notwithstanding. 

Tadbir, s. f. deliberation, counsel, 
contrivance, expedient, advice, 
arrangement, order, management. 

Tadbirat, s. pi. counsels, delibera- 
tions, regulations. 

Tadfm, s. m. burial, sepulture. 

Tad' hi, adv. at that very time, in 
that case only. 

Tad se, adv. thence, since that time, 

Tad to, adv. then, in that case. 

Tafakhkhur, s. m. pride, boasting, 

Tafakkur, s. m. reflection, medita- 
tion, cogitation, anxiety. 

Tafarqa, s. m. separation, dispersion, 

Tafarqa karna, to separate. 

Tafawut, s. m. distance, difference, 
disparity : adj. distant, separate, 
far away, remote. 

Tafawut bolna, to prevaricate. 

Tafrih, s. f. rejoicing, exhilaration, 
amusement, gratification. 

Tafrih i taba, ease of mind, cheer- 
fulness, hilarity. 

Tafriq, s. /, separation, division, mis- 

Tafriq karna, to analyse. 

Tafsil, 8. f. explanation, analysis, 
detail or particulars of an account. 

Tafsil karna, to detail, to explain iu 
full length. 

Tafsilwar, adv. distinctly, in detail. ^ 

Tafsir, s. f. explanation, commentarjl 
an interpretation of the Quran. \ 

Tag, adv. till, to, up to, while. 

S|d, } '' ^- *^'^^^- j 

Tagai, s. /. the price paid for quilij 

ing, &c. : the act of quilting. 
Tagana, v. a. to cause to be quiltei 

to get stitched together. ^ 


[ 309 ] 


Taj^pii, 8. f. see Tap:dau. 
Tn<;;iruiia, v. a. to roll ; to spill. 
Tngama, v. n. to roll, to be spilt. 
Tagdau, 8. /. fatigue, running about 

on business or in search of employ- 
ment, great exertion. 
Taggf, 8. f. a kind of fishing line 

not used with a rod. 
T;i;;'liaiyur, «. m. change, alteration. 
T!iL,dialna, r. n. to be melted, to 

rarefy ; to roll. 
Taghur, 8. m. a tub, bucket, trough, 

Tugharf, 8. f. a small tub, trough or 

Tij'jfljamd, v. n. to roll, to be spilt 
Tu','lirr, 8.f. alteration, change ; aHj. 

(>)inng(Ml, dischargcil, dismissed. 
Tai^iiir hona, r. n. to bu altered, re- 
moved or dismissed. 
Tii'.^liir kiimti, to remove (from an 

)ilice), to disnusfi, to ditoharge. 
I':!;^'!!!!!!!!!, V. a. to roll. 
Tn ^liinsi. «. m. a medal, device oo a 

shield, &C. 
Ti ^'lirana, r. a. to roll, to wpill. 
Tasini, r. a. to quilt, to stitch tt)- 


T:i-Ma, V, a. to stitch, to thread. 
Tjii^ o dan, «. /. seo Tngdau. 
Tni^tor. 8. m. Inco, 
Tall, ». /. fold, plolt. ply; layer 

or stratum ; the l>ottom ; intent, 

[Taliaif, 8. {j)lur. of Tuhfo). mritic«, 

curioHitios, protiouts, choice ar- 

'uliaiya. 8. m. proparaUoo, profirion, 

piitling in onler. 

\ihaiytir. 8. in amaiement, wonder, 


iha|ji, 8 /. spelling. 

ahnjii k.»rnii, to spell. 
[^aiiMJ^jn^i. 8. VI. a form of prayer Mid 

during the night, 
hal, yot, hitherto, till now. 
lal, 8./. h(»nscwifery, houaekcep* 

iDir : sc'r V ieo. ihi t v . work, dmdserv. 

Tahal kamd, to serve, to drodge. 
Tahal lagank, to danoe atteodanoe. 
Tahalnd, v. n. to walk backwani-' 

and forwards, to take the air, to 

rove, to ramble. 
Tnhalni', «. /. a housewife. 
tnhal t^ikor, s.f. see JwimL 
Tahal t^ikor Kami, to lerve, to 

T^ham, yet, nevertheless, still. 
Tahannnul. s. m. patience, endoranc' 

forlHMmnce, loiig>foflMng. 
Taliamniul kami, to t*ndur<», bciir. 

forbear, to bo patient. 
Tahio, tutv, thither. tli< i 
Tahani, t. m. a branch or large 

hough of a tree. 
Tahini, v. a. to foM. to plr, to wrap. 
Ti hanoi, vet, hilbi rtu, till now. 
Tahio tahao, in ftich plar<>. 
Tahiinit, a /. purity, clt'Mnlin<»« 

ablation, oeromoniul puntktittan. 
TubiahC t. ta. fear. 
Taliaa naliae, o<V. mined, daitieyid. 

Tnhnttuk, a. m. alteraation, cmilri^ 

tion, diitputc, wrangle, wranglbK 
Talihaud, «. ai. a emh worn runiHi 

tlie waial, and pMring b t t i w a tt 

the lege. 
IVdi ba tab, «la. plait by plall, avrr^ 

fold. [aaoUi. 

Tab ha lah kaml lo pOe one t^^i 
Tahhiii^a/. gnmnd^iNitora stall 

in tilt marnt 
Tididafi, o4f. new. 
TtdidvgC a ?. tlie loraplngt of a pot. 

the iNimt part of Tirtaala thai 

fltkiBi to tha boHon ofa pot 
TVUi denl to tinge sUglitly. 
TM^ afir, thiihrr. theN^ eiMtlj 

thertN in thai wry diracthio. 
TAhir, adi, pore» nnsallied, < ' 
T»h mniAni, to phut 
Tab karmi, t4» fbUL 
Tt»h kar nikh<% fhld and hiy it b^ 

liukaaDittovnanalf (ia«nd to 


[ 310 ] 


express the speaker's independence, 
or his not wanting the thing spoken 

Tahkhana, s. m. a cavern, a cellar, a 
room under ground, a lower story, 
a vault. 

Tahlana, -u. a. to lead about, to cause 
to walk backwards and forwards 
(as a horse or child.) 

Tab 111, s. /. digestion, solubility. 

Tahlil bona, to waste, to consume. 

Tahlil karnewala, digestive. 

Tahliia, s. m. a manager of household 
concerns, a servant, a drudge. 

Tahlii'i, s. /. a housewife. 

Tahluka, 8. m. consternation, alarm, 
pang, agony. 

Tahna, s.m. or Tahnf, s.f. a branch. 

Tab o bala, topsy-turvy, upside down. 

Tab bala karna, to subvert, to over- 
throw, [child. 

Tahon, s. m. the voice of a new-born 

Tahqiq, s. /. ascertaining, ascertain- 
ment, investigation, trial, verifica- 
tion ; truth, certainty ; adj. au- 
thentic, ascertained, actual, real, 
indubitable : adv. truly, indeed. 

Tahqiqat, inquiry, investigation, &c. 

Tahqiqat karna, \ to ascertain, in- 

Tahqiq karna, / vestigate, inspect. 

Tahqir, s.f. despising, scorn, neglect, 

Tahqir karna, to despise. 

Tahrir, s. f. written, a writing. 

Tahrir bona, to be written, «&c. 

Tahrir karna, to write, describe, re- 

Tahsil, 8. /. gain, acquisition, profit ; 
collection (particularly of re- 

Tahsilat, s. {plur. of Tahsil), collec- 
tions, acquisitions. 

Tahsildar, «. m. a collector, a tax- 

Tahsildari, s, f. coUectorship, tax- 

Tahsil karna, to acquire, to gain, to 
learn ; to collect (revenue, &c.) 

Tahsilna, v. a. to collect, to gather a 

Tahsnahs, adj. spoilt, broken, dis- 
persed, overthrown, destroyed. 

Taht, s. m. subjection, possession; 
below, under, the inferior part. 

Taht i tasarruf, s. m. subjection, do- 

Taht lafzi, adj. literal : adv. verbally, 
literal translation. 

Taht men lana, to conquer, subju- 
gate, bring under, reduce. 

Taht us sara, under the earth. 

Tahvil, I 8. /. trusts, cash ; (in) the 

Tahwil, / charge. 

Tahwildar, 8. m. a cash-keeper, a 
treasurer. p^eeper. 

Tahwildari, 8. f. the office of cash- 

Tai, 8. m. travelling, passing or cross- 
ing over ; rolling up, folding, (in 
Braj.) adj. so many. 

Taiber, so often, so many times. 

Taid, s. f. aid, assistance. 

Tafdat, s. plur. aids, helps, &c. j 

Taifa, s. m. a band (particularly of * 
musicians and dancing women.) 

Tai karna, to travel, to pass or cross 
over ; to fold, to roll up. 

Tain, pron. thou. 

Tain, postpos. up to, to, at, (or de- 
noting after a genitive form the 
objective case.) 

Tainat, s. m. appointments, appoint- 
ment, business, 

Taintis, adj. thirty-three. 

Tairna, v. a. to swim, to cross over. 

Taisa, adj. such : adv. so, in that 
manner, in like manner, at the 
same moment. 

Taish, 8. /. anger, passion. 

Tait, 8. m. an amulet, a charm. 

Taiyar, adj. ready, prepared, finished, 
complete, alert. 

Taiyar bona, to be ready. 

Taiyari, s. f. readiness, preparation. 

Taiyar karna, to get ready. 

Taj, 8. m. a crown, a diadem ; the 
comb of a bird. 


[ 311 ] 


Taj, 8. f. the bay tree or its bark, 
woody cassia ; abandoning, forsak- 

Taja, adj. prop. Taza, which see. 

Tajagi, 8. /. prop. Tdzagi, which 

Tajanmiul, 8. m. dignity, retinue. 

Tajassus, 8. m. f. spying, search, in- 
quiry, exploring, espionage. 

Tajassus kama, to pry into, to search 
diligently, to explore. 

Tajawuz, 8. m. deviation, departing. 

Tajawuz kama, to deviate, to depart 
(from), to err. 

Taj'hi'z, 8. f. burial. 

Tajhiz tafkin, shrouding and burial. 

Taji kutta, «. m. prop. Tazikuttd. 

Tiijira, 8. f. prop. Tazim, wliich see. 

Tiijiya, s. m.prop. Taziya, which see. 

Tajir, 8. m. a merchant, a trader. 

Taj dena, to give up. 

Tajna, v. a. to abandon, to desert, to 
quit, to leave. 

Tajriba, «. m. experiment, proof, ex- 
perience, assay, probation, 
i'ajribakar, adj. exi)ert,conver8antin. 
^ajribakari, «. /. experience, 
^ajruba, «. m. see Tujriba. 
^ijub, 8.m.prop. Taaj[jub, which see. 
?ajwiz, 8. f. investigation, inquiring 
into, scrutiny, contrivance, judg- 
ment, justice; determination, trial, 
scheme, plan. 

Tajwiz bond, to be examined, <Jon- 
trived, ascertained, &c. 

Tajwi'z knma, to oxuraine, invest!- 
gate, inquire into, contrive, plan, 
to sentence or puss sontonoe, pro- 
serilH!, upiK)int, to oousider. 

Tak, adn. till, to, 1U) to, while, 
toward, near to: a./, aim. 

Tak, 8./. temper, nature, di^poeition; 
a look, a store. 

Tak. K. / look, fixed regard, gkmoo ; 
the act of aiming, pointing (a dog): 
8. m. for Taq. 

Taka, «. m. a oopper coin eqnal to 
two paiad ; moaey (in general.) 

Takabbur, «. m. arrogance, haughti- 
ness, pride, insoleoce of office. 

Takabburi, «./. haughtiness. 

Takai, «. /. a cheap trull. 

Takaja, «. m. prop. Taqaza, which se- 

Takalluf, «. m. plur. Takallufat, e« 
remony, trouble, taking much 
pains one's self in any matter ; ex- 
travagance, profusion. 

Takalluf kama, to take pains, to be 
ceremonious (in.) 

Takulluf mizaj, adj. ceremonious. 

Takan, «. m. motion, agitation. 

Takand, v. a. to aim. 

Tiikat, 8.f. prop. Taqat, which see. 

Tak bkndhna, to covet ; to point (a 

Tak or Tak bdndhni,to gaze,to stare. 

Takbir, «. /. repeating the Muham- 
madan creed. 

Takfin, «./. putting on the windinjj- 
sheet, laying in the coffin, &c 
shrouding, sepulture. 

Takfin kama, to shroud, to coffin. 

Takhfif, «./. alleviation, abatement, 
relief, abridgment, mitigation, pal- 
liation ; making light. 

Takhfif denu,to aileviate,a88iiage,ftc. 

Ta^hfif kaniii, to extenuate, to miti- 
gate, to allay, to remit, 

Ta^hir, 8./. delay. prooraatinatioiL 

Ta^[in'r homi, to delay. 

Tu^hir karnd, to delay, to pottpone. 

Tu^mina, guess, appnuMment, con- 
jecture, valuation. 

Ta^hmfnan, adv. Ijy gfuess, bj ap- 
praisement; nearfv, about 

TfM^ini, Lm. tlie ankle or ankle-joint 

TiiVht, i. /. assault, attack, inroad, 
invatiion, incimtiun. 


Ta^hta, t. m. a plank, a board ; deck 
(of aship) ; astnoU bench ; ashavt 
of paper; a bed of flowen, te. 

Ta^tabandr, wainaoot. boardiDg. 

Ta^tabandi kanUl, lo board, to 
plank. t6 floor with boardi. 

Tal^tauard, «. m. barkgainnmn. 


[ 312 .] 


Takht chhorna, to abdicate a throne. 

Takhtgah, s. f. the royal residence, 

Taklitf, 8. /. a small plank, a little 
board like a slate which children 
write on. 

Takht i rawan, g. m. a travelling 

Takht karna,to assault,attack,invade. 

Takhtnishin, s. m. a king, a sove- 

Takhtnishmi, s. f. reign, reigning. 

Takt o taraj, «. m. see Takhttaraj. 

Takht par baithalna, to enthrone. 

Takht par baithna, to reign. 

Tnkht se utarna, to dethrone. 

Takhttaraj, s, m. assault, plunder, 
devastation, depredation. 

Taki, s. /. prop. Taqi, which see. 

Tiikr, s. f. stare, fixed look, aim. 

Ta ki, so that, to the end that, until, 
80 long, whither. 

Takid, s. f. confirmation, emphasis, 
injunction, ascertaining. 

Takid karna, to enjoin strictly, to 
urge, to insist. 

Takiya, s. m. a pillow, bolster, a 
faqir*s stand ; reliance. 

Takiyadar, a dervis. 

Takiya karna, to support, to en- 

Takiya kisi par karna, to depend 

Takiya lagana, to lean, to bolster. 

Takkar, s. f. the knocking of head 
to head, butting; equality. 

Tdkkar marna, to knock against, 
{mst. from the suppliants* striking 
their heads on the ground,) to 
piay ; to curse. 

Takla, s. m. a spindle. 

Tak lagana, to gaze, to stare. 

Tak lagana, to expect, to long for. 

Taklf, s. /. a weaver's reel. 

Taklif, s. /. ceremony, trouble, diffi- 
culty, distress, affliction, inconve- 
nience, annoyance, molestation. 

Taklifat, s. /. pi. ceremonies, &c. 

Taklif dena, to annoy, to molest, in- 
commode, trouble. 

Taklif karna, to take the trouble. 

Takna, v. n. to be looked at, to be 
stared at, to look : •?;. a. to look at, 
observe, aim at, watch. 

Takna, v. n. to be stitched, &c. 

Takna, v. a. to stare at, to aim, peep, 
see, spy, watch, view, behold, look 

Taker, «. /. the sound of a drum. 

Takora, s. m. a very small unripe 

Tak rahna, to gaze, to stare. 

Takrana, v. a. to knock together the 
heads of two people, to dash the 
head on something, to dash toge- 
ther, to butt ; V. n. to grope in a 
dark place or passage. 

Takrar, s. /. altercation, contention, 
dispute, wrangle, cavil ; repeti- 
tion, tautology. 

Takrari, adj. importuning, fond of 
argument, wrangler, caviller. 

Takrar karna, to dispute, debate, 
wrangle, cavil, repeat. 

Takrim, s. f. honour, reverence, 
respect : s. /. treating with respect, 

Taksal, s. m. a mint. 

Taksalbahar, adj. uneducated, un- 
polished, rude. 

Taksal charhna, to be educated. 

Taksali', \ 8. m. officers of the 

Taksaliya, / mint. [cation. 

Taksal ka khota, adj. spoilt in edu- 

Taktaki, s. /. staring, fixed, look. 

Taktaki bandhna, to regard with a 
fixed look, to gaze. 

Takwahi, s. /. watching, overseeing, 
looking sharp after. 

Takya, s. m. see Takiya. 

Tal, adv. for Tale, under, beneath. 

Tal, 8. m. time in music ; slapping 
the hands together or against the 
arms previous to wrestling, &c. 


[ 313 ] 


Tal, I «. /. a heap Tof grain, &c.), a 

Talii, / stack, a rick ; evasion, put- 
ting aside, putting off or out of 
tlie way, rejecting a request. 

Tala, 8. m. the bottom of anything ; 
the sole of a foot. [High. 

TaUi, 8. m. prop. Tadli, the Most 

Tula, 8. m. a lock. 

Talab, 8. m. a pond, a reservoir of 
water, a tfuik. 

Talab, 8. f. pay, wages, salary; de- 
sire, wish ; inquiry, search, de- 
mand, request, sending for, sum- 
mons ; in compo8. seeking, search- 

Talii biila battina, to put off. 

Tulabiina, «. w. daily pay to con- 
stables, &c., paid by those they 
guard, «&c. 

TainlKliir, culj. desirous: part. act. 
asking, inquiring : 8. m. one who 
receives pay. 

Tai:il)gar, adj. desirous: «. a seeker. 

Talubj:ari, «. /. desirous, wishing, iu- 
piiring, seeking. 

Talab kama, to demand, seek, ask 
for, call, summon. 

Talabnama, 8.m. summons, citation. 

Tulaf, 8. m. ruin, destruction, loss, 

lalatruz, 8. m. utterance, cxproision, 

Talaf honti, to meet with a loflB, to 
1m' destroyed. 

Talaf knrnu, to waste, to oonsome. 

J'alaiyti, «./. a small pond. 

!''''"^'' I adv. till, to, up to, ^ 



('ulaiii, /. a. to cause to disappear, 
to (Mils* • to give way. 
alao. I K. m a pond* a reaeiToirof 
'ijIuo, / Water, u tank. 
'Irulapna, V. a. to iluttor, to palpitate, 
to bo restlcHH. 
Talaq, «. /. divopco, rrpudiatioD* 
Talnq dj'Uji, to <livorr<'. 
ralkquunia, t. m. a bill of diroroa- 

Talash, «. /. improp. Tal^ 

Talashi, 8. m. f. searching, searcher, 

Talash kamd, ) ^ ^ #^ ..^i, #« 
Talashna. K* '^ *? .^^ *° 

Talasna, f ^^^^ fo'- 

Tald \o\\t \ 8.f. evasion, prevaricn 
Tal batal, / tion, putthig ofl*, shui- 

Tal Im^l kama, to put off, 
Tal dena, to put ofi^ to evade. 
Tal demi, to chime. [ondei 

Tale, adv. below, down, beneaili. 
Tale tale dekhn^ to see clande^ 

tinely. [fused. 

Taleiipar, adj. upside down; eoi, 
Tall, 8.f. the bottom of anything; 

the sole of a shoe ; beneath, under. 
Tail', 8. f. a key; dapping of the 

Tali, 8./. a half-mpee piece. 
Talj, 8. m. fortune, pmeperity ; des- 
tiny (good or ba*l\ rihinjc y the siui/ 
Tiiljazmai, «./. trying one's fortuiu 
Talib, «. m. an inquirer, Bceki i 

Tall bai^ni^ to clap the liands (g« 

nomliv, by way of oeiunire aud 

ri<lieulu) ; to hoot. 
Tiilib i duuyii, worldly-minded. 
Talib i ilni. \ a tftudi nt teafchiBg 
Tiilib ul ilni, / a(Ur kuowledgei 
Ttilib ul jlmi. «./. aearohdr know- 

hHlgo, study. 
Tjtlini. «. /. teaching, InetmotlcMt. 

tuition ; a oopj to wrib ftvmi. 
Tiiliiuand. a^, lurtanale^ wealthy. 
Tiili man III, «. <k to hool; to ap- 
T?lim karni, to te*oh. 
Tiliq*, f.ei. an Intenlofy.ealalefw^ 

Tiliwar, <m(/. fortnnato. wraltbv 

TaI jtoii, r. a. to gvt out uf tlic wny. 
to dlMppear, to faniah, to pMi 


[ 314 ] 


Tal kama, to put off, to heap. 
Talkh, adj. bitter, acrimonious, ran- 
' cid; malicious. 
Talkhdana, s. m. darnel, tares. 
Talkhi, s. f. bitterness, rancour. 
Talkh karna, to embitter or make 

bitter, to aggravate. 
Talkhmizaj, ill-tempered. 
Talkhrii, adj. morose, surly. 
Tallenavisi', s. f. unprofitable em- 
ployment, wasting of time. 
Talmakhana, s. m. the name of a 

medicinal herb. 
Talmalana, v. n. to totter. 
Tal marna, v. a. see Tal thokna. 
Tal mama, to heap. 
Talmatal, s. m. evasion, putting off, 

Talmatal kama, to put off. 
Talmatol, s. m. see Talmatal. 
Talna, v, n. to give way, to shrink 

from, to flinch ; to disappear, pass 

Talna, v. a. to evade, to prevaricate, 

to avoid, to put off, to postpone, 

to defer; to put aside, to move, 

to remove. 
Talpat, adj. ruined, destroyed, more 

especially crops by the trampling 

of cattle. 
Talqm, s. f. instructing, informing, 

religious instruction. 
Talqm bona, to be instructed. 
Talqm karna, to instruct, to inform, 

to teach. 
Tal thokna, to strike the hands 

against the arms preparatory to 

Taltol, s. m. evasion, prevarication, 

putting off, shuffling. 
Talu, s. m. the palate, the ridge or 

slit in the roof of the mouth ; the 

Talua, s. m. a man who watches 

over a tal and sells wood, &c. 
Talua, s. m. the sole of the foot. 
Taluk, 8, m. prop^ Taalluq, which 


Talupar, adj. upside down ; confused. 

Talwa, s. m. the sole of the foot. 

Talwala, 8. m. see Talua. 

Talwana, v. n. to have blistered feet 
from the heat of the sun. 

Talwar, s. /. a sword, a scimitar. 

Talwariya, s.f. scimitar : s. m. swords- 
man, a sword player. 

Talwa sahlana, to rub the soles of 
the feet ; to flatter. 

Talwasna, v. a. spoken of the feet of 
an animal which are worn by 
treading on hard rocky ground. 

Talwon se ag lagni, implies exces- 
sive anger. 

Tarn, 8. m. the quality of darkness, 
darkness, gloom. 

Tama, s. /. avarice, covetousness, 
avidity, greediness. 

Tama, s. m. copper. 

Tamacha, \ s. m. a slap, a blow, box, 

Tamacha, / cuff, thump, &c. 

Tamagun, s. m. the quality of dark- 
ness, whence proceed folly, igno- 
rance, mental blindness, worldly 
delusion, &c. 

Tama karna, to covet. 

Tamaku, s. m. tobacco. 

Tamam, adj. entire, perfect, the 
whole, complete. 

Tamam bona, to be finished, to die. 

Tamami, s. f. completion, totality ; 
brocade, cloth of gold, tissue. 

Tamam karna, to perfect, to com- 
plete, to finish, to end. 

Tamamshud, it is finished. 

Tamancha, s. m. a pistol. 

Tamancha, s. m. a slap,*a blow, box, 
thump, cuff. 

Tamancha lagana, \ to give a slap, 

Tamancha marna, / &c. 

Tamanna, s. f. request, prayer, sup- 
plication, petition. 

Ta maqdiir, to the utmost of ability 
as much as possible. 

Tamasha, 8. m. an entertainment 
show, exhibition, a spectacle, sight 
amusement, fun. 


I 315 ] 


Tamashabmi, «. /. libertinism. 

Tumashagah, s. /. a place of show. 

Taraashagfr, 8. m. a spectator; one 
who sees shows or sights ; a per- 
son who exhibits sights. 

Tamashai, 8. m. f. a spectator. 

Tamasha karna, v. a. to exhibit a 
sight ; to make fun ; to jeer, to jest. 

Tamashbm, 8. m. a spectator; a 
rake, a whoremaster. 

Tamashbinf, s. f. raking, whoring. 

Tamaskliur, 8. m. buffoonery, joking. 

Tamassuk, 8. m. a note of hand, 
I bond, obligation, receipt. 

Tainba, 8. m. copper. 

Tamba, 8. m. a kind of very wide 
'liawers, almost like a petticoat. 

'laiiibaku, 8. m. tobacco. 

Tainban, 8. m. a kind of trousers. 

Tumbih, 8, /. admonition, correction, 
punishment, beating. 

Tanibih dena, "I to chastise, punish, 

Tabili karna, / correct. 

Tambol, 8. m. the betel-leaf. 

Taniboli, 8. m. a caste whose busi- 
ness is to sell betel-leaf. 

Tambolin,8./. a woman whose busi- 
ness it is to sell betel-leaf. 

Tanibni, 8. m. a copper colour (in 
pigt ons) ; a false stone resembling 
a ruby. 

Tanilju, 8. m. a tent, a pavilion. 

I'anibiir, 8. m. a drum. 

Tambiiru, 8. m. u guittxr with bIx 
wires or strings. 

Tainl)urcln', «. m. a drunnner. 

'rainl)u tiinna, to piU;li Itnt.s. 

'I'liinj, adj. covetous, grecily. 

'J'.iinir, 8./. building, 8tructuie» re- 

'Tamir liomi, to Ix) built 

iinir kariiii, to build, 
Taiuiz, 8. /. discernment, judgment, 

distinftion, discretion. 
Tandtii, 8. m, a stroke of the sun. 
J'anikauat, «. /. tlignity, pride. 
Taniki, 8. /. a little drun». 
• unki \)\{\\\x, to make proolftmation. 

Tamya, 8. m. see Tambya. 
Tamr i hindi, 8. /. a tamarind. 
Tamsil, 8. /. comparison, similitude. 

allegory, parable, an example. 
Tamsilan, adv. by way of sinailitude, 

Tamsilat, 8. plur. parables, &c. 
Tamsil lana, to allegorize. 
Tamtam {vulg. tomtom), a small 
drum, also the sound of such a 
Tamtamana, v. a. to grow red (in the 

face) ; to glow, sparkle, twinkle. 
Tamtam bona, to be cried. \ 
Tan, 8. m. blame, censure, reproach, 

chiding, reviling. 
Tan, 8. m. twang. 
Tan, 8. m. the body, person. 
Tan, 8. /. a note in music, a tone ; 

stretching, tension. 
Tana, 8. w. the warp, the threads 
that \qxq extended lengthways 
upon a loom: v. a. to heat, to 
prove, to assay. 
T^na, 8. m. taunting, reproach, scoff. 
Tanab, 8. /. a tent rope. 
Tanaffur, 8. m. aversion, disgust 
Tanak, 8. /. a harsh sound. 
Tanak, adj. slight small, a little: 

adv. slightly, in a small degree. 
T^na mama, to cast reproach, to 

gibe, to twit. 
Xanana, v. a. to extend, to stretch. 
Tanasub. s. m, /. resembling, rela- 
tion, proiK>rtion. 
Jdnatjini, ». f. a reciprocal pulling : 

a rivalry in a tnuie. 
Tanatanz, adj. unfortunate, 
Tantiwul. $. m. eating. 
Tantiwul karna, to oat 
T^naznn, 8. m. a reproacher, a 

T^nazam', ».f. taunting, jeering, scoff- 
ing, reproaching. 
I'anol), (u(/. miflorly, hanl, untract- 

T^nch, adj. perverse, audacious, 



[ 316 ] 


Tan chhipana, to hide the body or 
one's self. 

Tanchra, adj. see Tanch. 

Tanda, "i «. m. a venture (of goods) ; 

Tanda, j the goods of a banjara. 

Tandih, a person of application. 

Tandihi", s. f. application, exertion, 
diligence, attention. 

Tandur, s. m. an oven. 

Tandurust, adj. healthy, vigorous. 

Tandurusti, s. f. health, vigour. 

Tang, adj. straight, tight, narrow, 
confined ; scarce ; distressed, sad : 
s. m. a horse-belt, a girth. 

Tang, or Tang, s. /. the leg. 

Tanga, s. m. a small two-wJieeled car 
without covering, and on which 
one person only can sit. 

Tanga, s. m. two paisa. 

Tangan, s. m. a kind of horse, a 
highland pony. 

Tang ana, to be distressed, to be 
exhausted, to be dejected. 

Tangari, s. f. a small hatchet. 

Tangchai, s./. stinginess, parsimony. 

Tangdast, adj. poor, distressed, 

Tangd.istf, s.f. parsimony, poverty, 

Tang dena, v. a. to hang up, to hang ; 
to be a catamite. 

Tangdil, adj. narrow-hearted ; mi- 
serly, niggard. 

Tangdilf, 8. /. stinginess, parsimony, 
narrow heartedness, 

Tang'hal, adj. poor, distressed, strait- 
ened in circumstances. 

Tang'hal i', s.f. poverty, distress, nar- 
row circumstances. 

Tanghan, s. m. see Tangan. 

Tang'hausila, adj. unable to keep 
anything secret, blab. 

Tangf, s. f. a hatchet. 

Tangi, s. f. straiglitness, tightness, 
narrowness ; distress, poverty, 
want ; a bag, a sack. 

Tang jana, v. n. to be hung, to be 

Tang karna, to straiten, to tighten ;* 

to distress, to contract. 
Tangna, v. n. to be hung, to be sus- 
Tangna, v. a. to hang up, to dangle, 

to hang by a string, &c. 
Tangri, or Tangri, s. /. the leg, the 

Tanha, adj. alone, solitary ; private, 

apart : adv. only, single. 
Tanhai, s.f. loneliness, solitude. 
Tanf, 8. f. the warp of cloth ; the 

price paid for weaving. 
Tanik, adj. or adv. see Tanak. 
Tanis, s.f. feminine gender. 
Tan i tanha, adv. alone, solitary. 
Taniya, s. m. a kind of covering for 

the waist. 
Tank, s.f. a stitch ; an iron pin. 
Tanka, s.f. 'prop. Tankhwah, which 


Tanka,s. m. the jingle (of plates, &c.) 
Tanka, s. m. a stitcli ; solder. 

Tanka dena, Uq etitch, to tack. 

Tanka marna, ) ' 

Tanke lagana, to stitch ; to solder. 

Tankhwah, s f. wages, salary ; an 
order for mcmey. 

Tankhwahdar, one who receives 
salary, a> holder of an order for 

Tanki, s.f. a chisel for stone- work; a 
venereal chancre, or sh anker ; a 
square piece cut out of a melon to 
examine its quality. 

Tankih, s. f. deciding disputes, in- 

Tanka, v. n. to be stitclied. 

Tankna, v. a. to stitch, to cobble. 

Tanna,^ v. n. to stretch, to pull, to 

Tanna,/ sit upright. 

Tanna,) v. a. to extend, to stretch, 

Tanna,/ to pull, to row or pull an 

Tan nana, v. n. to have a sharp prick- 
ing pain from inflammation ; to 
twang, to tingle, 

Tanniir, s. m, an oven, a stove. 


[ 317 ] 


I'un o man mama, to restrain one's 

desires and be silent. 
Tcint, «./. catgut, sinew, the string 

of a musical instrument. 
Tanta, U. m. wrangling, altercation, 
Tantal, / squabble, strife ; adj. 

Tan tan, a sound. 
Tantanahat, s.f. sliarp, pricking pain 

from inflammation. 
Tantanana, v. n. to pain. See Tan- 

nana. [solid. 

Tantha, adj. powerful, strong, firm, 
Tanthai, 8. /. solidity. 
Tanti, 8. m. a weaver. 
Tan toyna, to crack a joke, to strike 

up a tune. 
Tantr, js. m. name of a Hindu scrip- 
Tantra,/ ture; charm, euchantment. 
^TuiHik, see Tanak. 
Til nilr, 8. m. an oven, a stove. 
'J'iiiiwin, 8./. nunation. 
Taiiz, 8./. mirth, joking, pleasantry ; 

ridiculing, sneering, taunting. 
TanzTm, s.f. ordering, arranging. 
Tiio, 8. m. a sheet of paper; heat, 

passion, rage; twist, coil; proof, 


dena, to twist; to stroke the 
iiiskcr ; to heat (as iron.) 
i...i klitiua, to be heated; to bo 

Taoiia, V. a. to heat, to raise heat by 

blowing with bellows, to prove, to 

T»p, 8. m. the fly of a tent. 
Tiip, 8./. fiver, warmth, heat 
Taj), 8. f. warmth, heat; a feyer ; 

tho hot season ; devout austerity, 

religious penance. 
'Piip, «. /. a stroke with the forefoot 

of a iiorsf! ; ilu» sound of a liorso's 

hoof in travelling ; a frame made 

of l)and)oos for catoliing tish. 
Ti'pii, 8. m. a hen-coop; u musquito 

scnen for buhcs 
Tapak,^. /. pain, throbbing; sound 

made by dro])ping. 

Tapakna, v. n. to drop when ripe ; to 
drip, to distil ; to throb, to palpi- 
tate ; to leap over. 

Tapak parna, to drip. 

Tapa mama, to repair a tiled roof. 

Tapan, 8. f. heat, glow, fervour, 
warmth ; the hot season. 

Tapaua, v. a. to cause to jump over, 
to cause to leap or bound. 

Tapana, v. a. to make another warm 
himself at the fire or in the sun, to 
heat, to warm ; to cause to cover ; 
to pour a libation. 

Tapas, 8. /. religious austerity, pe- 
nance, self-denial. 

Tapashshi, 8. m. see Tapasi. 

Tapashshiya, 8. /. see Tapasiya. 

Tapasi, j 8. m. a devotee, a performer 

Tapassi,/ of austere devotion ; adj. 
devout, practising austere devo- 
tion, ascetic. 

Tapassi machhlf, 8./. the mango fish. 

Tapasya, 8./. austere devotion, reli- 
gious penance, mortification of self. 

Tiipatoi karnii, j to grope, to rum- 

Tiipatioiya karna,/ mage. 

Tap charhnti, to come on (a fever.) 

Tapi, 8. m. a devotee, a worshipper. 

Tiipi', 8. /. a bricklayer's wooden 

Tap i diqq, «. /. a hectic fever. 

Tap i larza, 8. m. an ague. 

Tapish, «./. heat, warmth ; ofHibtion 

T>4> j»iiui, V. n. to jump over. 

Xaj)ku, 8. m. a drop of rain ; fniit 
falling when ripe (particularly 
mangoes) ; a windfall. [distil. 

Tiipkiina, r. a. to caust) to drip, to 

Tiipkao, 8. m. distillation, dripping. 

T«ipki, «./. a small drop. 

Tupna, V. n. to glow, to l>o heated 
to burn with pain or heat 

Tupna, V. u. to jump over. 

T^piid, V. a. to btuik in the mn «m 
belbre a fire, to warm one's self a. 
or over a fire; to wami.^to heat 

Tipni, V, n. to paw with tin* fore- 
feet (as a horse that ia impatiout) 


[ 318 ] 


Tappa, 8. m. the name of a mode in 
music ; the bound of a ball, &c., 
a jump, a bound. [(a shot.) 

Tappa khana, to bound or ricochet 

Tappa marna, to sew or stitch with 
intervals ; to read in a desultory- 

Tapsi, 8. m. and adj. see Tapasi. 

Tap tilli, \ 8. f. a disorder of the 

Tap tilli, / spleen. 

Tapu, 8. m. an island. 

Tap utarna, to go oflf (a fever.) 

Taq, 8. m. a recess in a wall, a shell, 
a niche; odd (not even); fold, 


Taqaiyud, «. m. /. diligence, assi- 
duity, superintending, overseeing. 

Taqarrur, s. m. confirmation, ratifi- 
cation, [ability. 

Taqat, s. /. strength, power, force, 

Taqaza, s. m. dunning, urgency, im- 

Taqaza i shadid,inexorable dunning. 

Taqaza karna, to dunn or teaze. 

Taqcha, s. m. a small recess in a wall. 

Taqdir, s. f. fate, destiny, predesti- 
nation, lot ; the Divine decree. 

Taqdis, s. /. sanctification, sanctity, 

Taqi, adj. defective (a horse), having 
the eyes of two difierent colours. 

Taq juft, 8. m. the game of odd or 

Taq par rakhna (to lay on the 
shelf) ; to refuse ; to neglect. 

Taqrib, s. f. recommendation, men- 
tioning one to another before 

Taqrib karna, to commend, to re- 
commend, to prepare a person for 
the reception of another. 

Taqrir, s. /. recital, narration, detail. 

Taqrir kama, to relate. 

Taqsim, s.f. division (in arithmetic) ; 
distributing, sharing, partition, di- 

Taqsim karna, to divide, distribute, 
share, apportion. 

Taqsir, s. /. fault, error, crime. 
Taqsirat, s. plur. crimes, &c. 

T^nsfrTrTJiid ^^^' "blamable, crimi- 

^'a^^frwS^'l -l,guilty, culpable. 

Taqwa, s. m. piety, abstinence, the 
fear of God. 

Taqwiyat, s. /. strength, invigora- 
tion ; reliance, confidence, trust. 

Tar, adj. moist, damp, wet, fresh, 
green, juicy; a particle which 
affixed to adjectives form the com- 
parative degree : postpos. under, • 
beneath. See Tale. 

Tar, 8. m. an imitative sound. 

Tar, adj. intoxicated, like one intox- 
icated, [palm-tree. 

Tar, 8. f. understanding : s. m. the 

Tar, 8. f. see Tal. 

Tar, 8. m. f. a thread ; a wire, the 
string of a musical instrument; 
the warp or threads placed length- 
wise in weaving ; a piece of cloth. 

Tara, s. m. a star. 

Tara, 8. m. see Tala. 

Taraddud, s. m. deep consideration, 
contrivance, debating, 

Taraf, s. /. side, quarter, direction ; 

Tarafdar, s. m. a partisan, an assist- 
ant : adj. partial, prejudiced. •! 

Tarafdari, s./. partiality, attachment 
to a party, assistance. I 

Tarah, s. /. manner, mode ; position. 1 

Tarah ba tarah, adv. various sorts, in ^ 
various ways. 

Tarahdar, adj. beautiful,well-shaped. 

Tarai, s. /. a marsh, mead, meadow ; 
the low ground at the foot of 

Tarain, s. m. stars. 

Taraiya, s. /. a star. 

Taraj, 8. m. plunder, devastation. 

Taraj karna, to lay waste, to spoil. 

Taraju, s. /. 'prop. Tarazii, a pair of 
scales, a balance. 

Tarak, s. m. a beam, a rafter; see 
also Tark. 


[ 319 ] 


jTaraM, 8. m. the sound of striking a 

blow ; adj. pretty, showy, gaudy. 
Tarakna, v. n. to be cracked, to be 

split ; to burst, to crack. 
Taramandal, s. m. the fbrmament, 

the starry sphere. 
Taran, 8. m. salvation, deUverance. 
Taran, s. m, passing over; escap- 
ing, being saved. 
Taran a, v. a. to cause to pass over or 

Bwim ; to save. 
Taraiig, s.f. wave, emotion. 
Taianjubin, «. m. honey mixed with 

lime-juice, &c. 
Tanip,«./.agitation, fury ; leap, jump. 
Taruplina, \ v. n. to flutter, to palpi- 
Taru])na, / tate; to be agitated, 

to writhe, to jump, to bound. 
Taiilq, 8. m. a crack, the sound of 

iiiiything splitting or breaking. 
Taruqa. adj. pretty, showy, gaudy; 

8(0 Taraq. 
Tai-aqnd, v. n. see Taraknd. 
roiii(|qi, 8./. promotion, preferment, 

advancement; increase; making 

progress in learning, proficiency. 
Tixi-AH, 8./. thirst, 
riiiasli, in compos, cutting : «. /. 

cutting, paring, cut, shape, form, 

tiiHliion (of clotlies. &c.) 
rnnish diilnu, to jMirc ofl'or away, 
'arashna, v. a. to cut, to clip, to 

jjiiino; to shape, to cut out. 
raraHlnia, to be cut or {Mired. 
runiHliwunu, v. a. to causo to be out 

r ]»an(l. 
Paras la iiii, to be thirsty. 
rara>iia, r. n. to long, to desire 

Tarawa, s.' iii. jeering; show, o«ten- 

ariwa iiianm, "i to rcproaoh, to 
'arawa plienknd, / blunio. 
'uiawut, «. /. freshnews, verdure, 
nioJHture, humidity, danipnuas. 
'ui»'/,ii. 8./. n Hcale, a ImlunoOt 
'lir bandiniii, to continiu^ or repeat 
an action witliout interru])Uoii. 

Tarbatar, adj. completely wet. 

Tarbatar bona, to drip with wet (but 
generally)to be covered with blood. 

Tarbaz, adj. intelligent, quick of ap- 
prehension, [sion. 

Taybazi, 8. /. quickness of apprehen- 

Tarbiyat, 8. /. education, instruction, 
tuition, bringing up, correction. 

Tarbiyat kama,toeducate,to instruct. 

Tarbiij, 8. m. see Tarbiiz. 

Tarbiija, 8. m. see Tarbuza. 

Tare, adv. under, see Tale. 

Tare ginna, v. a. to count the stars, 

I.e., to get no sleep. 
Tarera, 8. m. the falhng of water 

from a spout, or from any height ; 

a float of a fishing line, a float or 

Tarf, 8. /. see Taraf. 
Tarfain, 8. both sides, both parties. 
Targhib, 8. /. exciting desire, incite- 
ment, stimulation. 
Targhib dena, to set agog, to excite, 

incite, tempt, entice, induce. 
Tarh, «./. manner; see Tarah. 
Tari, 8./. moisture, freshness; water 

(in opposition to dry laud.) 
Tari, 8. /. the clapping of hands ; a 

Tari, 8. /. Uio juice of the palm-tree, 

vuUj. toddy. 
T^rif, 8. /. ])rai8e, praising ; a table 

of ratas of export and import duties. 
Tflinfi, adj. commendable, notable. 
Tank, 8./.way,nxid ; manner, custom. 
Ttink, adj. tlurk, obscure.^ 
Ttirika, $. /. a star ; anplo of tlio eye. 
Tari^Lh. «./. date, the day of tno 

month; annals, history. 
Tiiril^wiU', adv, daily ; at stated pe- 
riods, periodically, aocording to 

Tdriki, t. /. darkness, obscurity. 
Tarin, a particle added to Persian 

adjectives, to form the superlative 

degree; most, very. 


[ 320 ] 


Tari'aa ( ^''^' ^^^^^^' custom ; rite, 

Tanqat, ( ^'^^igion, sect ; way, path. 

Tari se, adv. by water. » 

Tariwala, s. m. a man who climbs 
pahn- trees and extracts their juice, 
or who sells the juice. 

Tarjama, s. m. prop. Tarjuma, trans- 
lation, interpretation. 

Tarjih, s. f. gaining a superiority, 
preference, pre-eminence. 

Tarjih dena, to prefer. 

Tarjih rakhna, to excel, to surpass. 

Tarjuma, s. m. translation, interpre- 

Tarjuma hona, to be interpreted or 

Tarjuma kam^, to interpret, to trans- 

Tarjumanavis, s. m. a translator. 

Tark, s. m. abandoning, leaving, 
deserting, abdication. 

Tarka, s. m. dawn of day. 

Tarka, s. m. the estate of a deceased 

Tarkana, v. a. to cause to be cracked. 

Tarkarf, s. f. esculent vegetables. 

Tarkash, s. m. a quiver. 

Tarkash, s. m. a wire- drawer. 

Tarkashi, s. /. a kind of needlework ; 

Tarkashi karna, to draw wires, to 

Tarke, adv. in the morning early, at 
dawn of day. 

Tarkha, adj. rapid (a stream.) 

Tark i adab, disrespect. 

Tarkib, s. f. composition, mixture, 
cement, make, form, mechanism. 

Tarkfbdar, adj. well-formed. 

Tarkibi, adj. composed, mixed, arti- 
ficial, artful. 

Tarkib karna, to organize. 

Tark karna, to abandon, leave, for- 
sake, cease, desert, resign. 

Tarkul, s. m. the fruit of tlie tar tree. 

Tarna, v. r*. to disappear, pass away, 

Tarna, v. a. to move out of the way, 
see Talna. 

Tama, v. n. to pass over, to be fer- 
ried ; to be saved. 

Tarna, v. a. to free, to rid, to exempt 
from further transmigration, to 
absolve from sin, to save. 

Tarna, v. a. to understand, to con- 
ceive, to comprehend, to guess. 

Tarni, s. f. a ship, a vessel, a boat. 

Tarotaza, adj. new, fresh, cheerful, 
verdant, fresh and frisky. 

Tarotazagi, s. /. newness, freshness. 

Tarpana, ) v. a. to put in great 

Tarphana, / agitation ; to cause to 
flutter or stumble : to throw over, 
to cause to jump over. 

Tarpharahat, s. f. act of fluttering, 
palpitation. [pitate. 

Tarpharana, v. n. to flutter, to pal- 

Tarra, adj. wicked, vicious (particu- 
larly a horse) : stout. 

Tarrana or Tarrana, v. n. to grumble, 
murmur ; to chatter. 

TaiTar,acy. eloquent,fluent of speech. 

Tarrara, s. m. quickness, expedition, 

Tarrara or Tarrara bharna, to gallop, 
to rush on at full speed. 

Tars, s. m. fear, terror ; compassion, 

Tarsana, v. a. to cause to long, to 
tantalize, to teaze. 

Tarsh, s. m. thirst, wish, desire. 

Tars karna, to compassionate. _ 

Tars khana, to compassionate, to 

Tarsnak, adj. timid, cowardly. 

Tarson, adv. the tliird day past or to 
come (not including the present, 
i.e. two days intervening.) 

Tartar, s. f. chattering. 

Tartara, s. m. a kind of dish. 

Tartarahat, s.f. the act of dropping 
the sound of warping or cracki 

Tartarana, v. n. to warp or crack witl] 
noise (as a plank exposed to th( 
sun) ; to trickle, to drop. 




liana, v. a. to chatter. 
'! urtarata, acT/. very greasy. 
Tartib, s. /. arrangemeut, disposition, 

order, method. 
Tartib dena, to put in order, arrange, 

compose, assort, &c. 
Tartibi, adj. orderly, methodical. 
Tar tutna, to be disjointed, to be 

Tarii, s. m. the palate. 
Tarun, adj. young, juvenile, adult : 

8. m. a young man. 
Tarunai, 8. /. ) adolescence, 
Tarunapan, s. m. j youth, puberty. 
^JVuwar, 8. f. a sword, a scimitar. 
Tarwariya, 8. 7n. a sword; a swords- 
man, a fencer. 
Tarz, «. m. form, manner, fashion. 
Tils, 8. m. a cup, goblet, a leaden 

vessel in which water is cooled ; 

the carda ; a game at cards; bro- 
Tasa, 8. m. a kind of drum. 
Tsisadduq, «. m. giving alms (particu- 

Luly witli a religious view) ; alms ; 

sacrificing, sacrifice, devoting. 
Tiisuddufi honii, to become a sacrifice. 
Tusaddui^ karna, to devote, to sacri- 
Xasak, 8. f. shooting pain, stitcb, 

TiJsakna, v. n. to liavo pain ; to 

move, to sliako. [lace, 

ri'salli, */. consolation, comfort, so- 
"isiilli dena, to comfort, toanimat«3, 

U) exhilarat(% to console. 
T;is;illi li«na, to be consoled or com- 

T;i ulhit, 8. in, domination, away, ab- 

ohite nilo. 
i isiiiuT, 8. jAur. compositions, booksi. 

I -;i nil nil, n.m. the being or bucum- 

iiit; a sunni. 
I'll- !r,i 8. m. a kind of conrso ailk, 
ra.-ar,/ the produce of a [xirticular 

rasunuf, «. 7u. possession; use, ex- 

pcniiiLurc, vxtmvagance. 

321 ] 

! Tasarruf karnd. 


"1 to take or get 

Tasarruf men lana,/ possession of. 
to apply to one's purpose. 

Tasauwar, 8. in. imagination, con- 
templation, meditation, reflection, 
conception, apprehension. 

Tasauwar karna, to imagine, to fanc} 

Tasbfh, 8. f. praising God ; a rosar ; 
of beads. 

Tasdt, |s./ affliction, trouble, annoy- 

Tasdi'a,/ anee, vexation, perplexity, 

Tasdi'a dena, to incommode, tronble, 
vex, tease, harass, distress, pester, 
plague, annoy. 

Tasdia karna, to take tlie trouble. 

Tasdfat, «. plar. troubles. 

Tasdiq, s.f. verifying, attesting, at- 
testation,, acknowledging as true. 

Tash, 8. m. cloth of gold, brocade. 

Tashaff., 8 f. consolation, ciUmness, 

Tashbil), 8. f. a simile, comparison, 
metaphor, allegory. 

Tashbih dena, to assimilate, liken, 

Tashd:d, 8. f. the orthographical 
marlv^, which shows Uiat the 
letter underiuatU must bo pro- 
nounced double. 

Tashhir, «. /. pi-oclaiming, publish- 
ing ; marking a criminal, public 
exposure (of a criminal, &c., by 
carrying him on an as^i, Ac', 
through the city.) 

Tashliir iiond, to l^ publicly ox- 
|M)scd (usacriminan ii ' 

Tnshlichi's, «. /. di.stinu 

fectly a wonl much u . . . , .. 
Bicians to denote ilioir having a. 
oertaino<l the dujonlcr of a pj. 
tient) ; diagnosis. 

Tash^^hi's karnu, to ascertain (a dln- 

Taslinf, «./. honouring: visiting. 

Taslirif arziini farmduu,! (,n»i»An8 

Tiuihrif farniiinu, / simply) to 

go, or to come. 

Tuiilirif Itimi, to come, i.«^ to lionour 


[ 322 ] 


with one's presence (never said of 
one's self except by a king.) 

Tashrif lejana, to go, or honour by 

Tasht, s. m. see Tast. 

Tashtarf, s. f. a salver, a small plate, 
a saucer. 

TashwiVh, s. f. confusion, distraction, 
anxiety, grief, disquietude. 

Tasir, 8 f. tiie making an impression, 
an effect, an impression, operation, 

Tasirat, s. plur. of Tasir, impres- 
sions, effects. 

Taskm, s,/. consolation, comfort, pa- 
cifying, soothing, assuaging. 

Taskm dena, to appease, to pacify, 
to soothe, calm, as.suage. 

Tasla, s. m. a brass vessel used by 
Hindus to dress their victuals in. 

Taslib, s. /. crucifixion. 

Taslim, s.f. saluting most respect- 
fully, homage, obeisiince. 

Taslimat, plur. of Taslim.salutatiDns. 

Taslimat baja lana, to make obei- 

Taslim karna, to salute (most re- 
spectfully), to make obeisance, to 
do homage. [leather. 

Tasma, s. m. a thong, a strap of 

Tasnif, s. /. invention, composition ; 
writing (of a book, &c.) 

Tasnif karna, to compose, write (a 
book, &c.) 

Tasrif, s.f. conjugation, declension, 
inflection (in grammar.) 

Tasrif karna, to conjugate, decline, 
inflect (in grammar.) 

Tassur, s. m. Igths of an inch. 

Tast, s. m. a large flat hollow copper 
utensil in the form of a basin. 

Taswir, s.f. a picture, a portrait, an 

Taswir banana, "I to draw, &c., to 

Taswir khainchna./ paint. 

Tat, 8. m. a shore or b.nk. 

Tat, 8. m. an element, a princi^^le, 
the essence ; pron. dem. that. 

Tat, 8. m. canvas, sackcloth : a 
counter; a very coarse kind of 
cloth made of hemp, gunny. 

Tat, j 

adj. hot, warm, heated. 

Tatal, I 

V. n. to be dried. 

V. a. to warm, to heat. 

Tatbaff, s. f. embroidery. 

Tate or Taten, from that, thence, 

Tatha, s.f. power, ability, might. 


Tatf, s. /. a matted shutter, a screen. 

Tatihrf, s./. a sandpiper. 

Tati'l, 8. f. vacation, nolidny. 

Tati'l ka roz, Fiiday; the weekly 
holiday of Muhummadan school- 

Tatiya, s. f. a screen, a matted shut- 

T itka, adj. fresh, new, recent. 

Tatkal, adv. at that time, then.'' 

Tatolna, v. a. to feel for, to grope, to 
search for by feeling, to touch. 

Tat[)unji'a, adj. bankrupt, or re- 
duced in circumstances (a mer- 

Tatrf, s. /. a fence, a hedge. 

Tati, 8. m. an element, a principle j^ 
the essence. ^ 

Tatta, adj. hot, fiery, passionate, fii-- 
rious, outrageous, wratliful. 

Tittar, 8. m. a matted shutter. 

i\itti', 8. /. a screen, a matted shut-* 
ter; a necessary office; a frame 
for illumination. 

T^tt^-' I ^' ''^•^ pony, a small horse. 

Tat ulatna, to bscome bankrupt. 

Tatwa, s. m. reality, the essential ele- 
ment, principle. 

T.itvvani, s. f a pony mare. 

Tau, adv. then, that time, in thai 
case, moreover, that, also, for, yes 

Tauba, s. /. penitence ; promising 
sin no more. 



[ 323 ] 


j T:iTil)adhar, s.f. the sound of punish- 
ing, &c. 

Taubalj, s. f. see Tauha. 

Tuuba kama, to repent (of sin.) 

Tauba tauba, inferj. tush ! fy ! foh ! 

Tau bhf, adv. even then, still, yet, 

Taufiq, 8. f. the divine grace, the 
favour of God. 

Taufiq bnkhshna, to gi'ant favour. 

Tau 111, adv. then even, still, in that 
case, at that very time. 

Taul, 8. in. Weight, weighing. 

Tau lag, ado. till tlien, so long. 

Taubif, 8. f. the price for weigliing. 

Tanlana, v. a. to cause to be weighed. 

Tanliia, v. n. to weigh, to Indance. 

Tanlna nazron mcQ, to estimate the 
orth of any one. 

Tau Ion, adv. till then, so long. 

Paul till, wei;^hing and measuring. 

Taulwiii, «. /. the price of weighing. 

Tiuiij, ado. so, in that manner, then. 

Tan 11, pron. cnrreL that, same. 

TuiiTj.snii, V. n. to bo affected or over- 
come with heat. 

Tinh[, 8. m. a collar, a yoke ; chain 
(Cor the neck, whether by way of 
-nniament or of punishment.) 

Pauqfr, 8./. honouiing, reverence. 

Taur, 8. m. mode, manner, fashion, 
way ; condition, state. 

iTaunt, «. /. the Pentateuch, the five 
bf)oks of M>»se9. 

rruiH, 8. m. a jicncock. [tion. 

iT, s.f. description, commenda- 

Tiiw, 8. m. Koe Tiio. 

rawii, 8. m. the iron plate on whicli 
l)i<ad is bnktd; tlio part of a 
liii<](yi to which tlio tobuccu is 
lixcd ; a frying pan. 
ruwMt, x. /. pilgiimngo, making? tlio 
<ii(uit of Mecca or of sorno oilier 
lioly \)\nc(\ 
\'i\v;ii, 8./. distress, misfortune. 
'await', 8. f. jtlur. of Tiiifa, troops, 
IuhkIh (particuUirly of duucing 

Tawajjuh, «. /. turning towards, at- 
tending to ; kindness, favom-, con- 

Tawakkul, s. m. trust in God, re- 
liance, faith in, or resignation to, 
the divine will or destiny. 

Tawakkul karna, to resign to God. 

Tawallud, 8. m. birth, nativity: adj. 
born, geneiated; 

Tawallud bona, to be born. 

Tawan, s. m. power, strength, ability. 

Tawana, v. a. to heat (as metals) : 
adj. powerful, able, strong. 

Tawanai, s. /. power, ability. 

Tawangar, adj. rich, wealthy. 

Tawaqqu, s. /. expectation, hope, 
desire, trust, reliance. 

Tawaqqu f, 8. /. delay, pause, hesita- 
tion ; patience. 

Tawaqqu f karna, to pause, hesitatr. 
wait, delay, dally. " 

Tawaqqu rakhiui, to expect, to hoj^ 
to put trust in. 

Tawan kh, s. plur. of Ttirikh, dates, 
histories, annals, chronicles. 

Tawassul, «. m. means, intervention. 

Tawiitur, 8. m. continuation, succes- 

Tawiizii, ) «. /. humility, attention, 

'I'awtizy, / civility. 

Tuwcla, 8. m. a stable, a stall. 

Tawil, adj. long, proli.x ; tall. 

Tawila, 8. VI. a stable, a sUill. 

Tawi'z, 8. m. a chnrni, an muulct. 

Tttwnii, V. a. see Tiionti. 

'J'awwji, 8. in. see Tawii. 

Tayaiumum, 8. w. purifying before 
prayer with smd or iliut when 
water cannot bo had. 

Tiizu. adj. fresh, nt»w ; fat, yoim;. . 
tender, gnvn ; happy, pK asotl. 

Tiizii bti taza, ac^*. IVtsIi and bloom- 

Tiiza dam, good <«pirits. hilarity. 

Tuzagi', 8./. freshness, ncAuciw; f«t- 
nesit, tcuderuess, grceuness ; plcu- 


[ 324 ] 


Taza hona, to be in good case, to 
increase, to flourish. 

Taza karna, to renew, to refresh, to 

Taza warid, new comer. 

Tazf, adj. Arabian, or Arabic ; Ara- 
bian (horse.) 

Tazi kutta, s. m. a greyhound. 

Tazim, s. f. reverence, respect, ho- 
nour, treating with ceremony and 
respect, honouring. 

Tazim karna, to honour, to reverence, 
to show respect. 

Ta zindagi, during life. 

Tazir, s. f. punishment, correction, 
reproof, censure, reprimand. 

Taziya, s. m. tlie representation of 
the tomb of Hasan and Husain, 
which is thrown into the river at 
the anniversary of the Muharram. 

Taziyadar, one who observes the 
mourning in the Muharram. 

Taziyadari, s. f. the observance of 
the mourning in the Muharram. 

Taziyakhana, s. m. a place of TAziya. 

Taziyaiia, s. m. a whip, a scourge. 

Taziyana lagana, | v. a. to apply the 

Taziyana marna, j whip, to scoui-ge. 

Taziyat, s. /. condolence, lamenta- 
tion, mourning. 

Tazkir, s.f. masculine gender ; bring- 
ing to memory, mentioning. 

Tazkira, s. m. memory, remem- 

Te, postpos. from, by, with, 

Tegh, s. f. a scimitar. 

Tehf, adv. exactly then. 

Teis, adj. twenty-three. 

Tej, s. m. splendour, glory, refiil- 
gency ; energy ; also vulg. for Tez, 
which see. [energetic. 

Tejaswi", adj. glorious, splendid, 

Tejman,' adj. glorious, splendid. 
Tejpat, \ s. m. the leaf of the 
Tejpatta, j Laurus cassia, cassia. 
Tejwant, adj. see Tejaswi. 
Tek, s. f. a prop, a pillar ; reliance; 
a promise, a vow. 

Tekan, s. m. a prop, a support. 
Tekar, s. m. an island ; a height, a 

rising ground. 
Tekna, v. a. to support, to prop. 
Tekra, s. m. see Tekar. 
Tek rahna, to lean upon. 
Tel, s. m. oil, lard, unctuous matter. 
Tel char h ana, to anoint the head, 

shoulders, hands, and feet of the 

bridegroom with oil mixed with 

Tell, s. m. an oilman ; name of the 

oilman's caste. 
Tel in, s. f. wife of an oilman. 
Teliya, s. m. name of a colour, dark 

Teliyasurang,arij. light bay coloured. 
Tel malna, to anoint with oil. 
Telna, v. a. to remove. 
Tem, s. /. snuff of a candle, the 

flame of a candle or lamp. 
Ten, yron. thou: postpos. from, by, 

Tena, s. m. a cock of the breed ci 

fowls called teni. 
Tendiia, s. m. a leopard. 
Tengra, s. m. I J ^ g^j^ 

Tengri, s.f. j ^ 
Teni, s. f. a particular breed oi 

fowls : adj. tiny, small. 
Tent, s. m. the ripe fruit of karfl ; a 

speck on the eye. 
Ten talis, adj. forty-three. 
Tenten, an imitative sound, inar- 
ticulate sound. 
Tentf, s. f. a large ripe fruit of karil. 
Tenti's, adj. thhty-three. 
Tentiia, s. m. the wind-pipe, the 

Teo, s.f. habit, custom. 
Teohar, s. m. a holiday, a festival. 
Teona, v. a. to sharpen. 
Teorana, v. n. to have a swimming 

in the he:id, to fall down senseless 

from a blow. 
Teoras, s. m. the third year past o] 

to come, year before last, yea: 

after next. 


[ 325 ] 


'Ycorhi, ] 

Teorf, \ 8. f. frown. 

Teori charhaiia, to frown. 

Teori charhna, a frown to come on. 

Tepchi, 8, /. a kind of stitch. 

Tera, pron. 2d pers. sing, thy, thine. 

Terah, adj. thirteen. 

Terahan, adj. thirteenth. 

Teras, «. /. the thirteenth day of 

the lunar fortnight. 
TerawaB, adj. thirteenth, 

rXxvi \ ^^^' crooked, bent, 

t.iil,a*bera. ) ^^"^^ ^^^^^^- 

T(3rhai, s. f. crookedness, ohliquity. 

Ti riui karna, to bend, to crook. 

Torha magliz, adj. obstinate, head- 

Tcrhi, 9./. perverseness. 

Tcniii, V. n. to bawl, to call loudly, 
to siiont, to holla; to tune. 

ToruH, .s. m. see Teroas. 

T' -u, «. m. the blossoms of the palas 
Iicc; a kind of play. 

'■ t:i, adv. so much, that much. 
!is, adj. fjrty-tiiree. 
-, adj thirty-three. 
, 8. /. I:abit, custom. 
"dj. sharp, keen, pungent; hot, 
ite, fiery, <'austic, acrid, strong, 
ipetuous, violent, swift. 
1), 8. m. nitric aeitl^aqnafortis. 

'J c/.ail, adj. intelligent, quick of ap- 
prehension, acute. 

Tezilast, adj. dexterous. 

TczfUhni, I adj. intelligent, quick of 

Tczliosh, / apprehension, acute. 

'IV/i', 8. f. slmrpness, keenni'ss, pun- 
gency, strength, swiftness, impctu- 
o.siy, 11(H) tiu'ss. 

're/tuikliun, adj. sharp-nnilod. 

n'e/.pat, 8. m. the niinu) of uu oromatio 
leaf f LanruH cassia.) 

'1\ /iiadani, adj. swift, fast-going. 

Te/iafUir, "I adj. fast-going, rapid, 

'J'e/.rau, j swift. 

Tozraut", 8./. n\j)i(lity. 

Tha, V. n. past tense, was. 

Tha, 8. m. a sound made by striking 
one thing on another. 

Thag, s. m. a robber, an assassin by 
strangling ; a cheat, a swindler, 
an impostor. 

Tliagai',s./. robbery, theft, cheating, 
swindling, extortion. 

Thagana, v. n. to be cheated. 

Thagauri', s. f. cheat, trick. 

ThagbazT, )». /. cunnuig, fraudu- 

Thagbidya, / lent, art, dexterity. 

Thagin, s.f. a female robber or cheat. 

Thagiya, s. m. a cheater, a robber. 

Tiiag lana, v. a. to rob, to cheat. 

Thag lena, v. a. to cheat. 

Tiiagna, v. a. to cheat, to deceive. 

Thagni, s. f. see Thagin. 

Thagori, s.f. cheat, trick. 

Thah, s.f. bottom, ford. 

Thahiika, s. m. a peal, a Buccession 
of loud sound, an explosion. 

Thaharna, v. n. to be stopped, to be 
fixed, to stop, to stay, to remain, 
to abide, rest, stfind, to last, to bo 
fixed on, to be determined, to bo 

Thahnina, v. a, to fix, stop, deter- 
mine, appropriate, settle, to ascer- 
tain, appoint, fix on, demonstrate, 
to prove, conclude or consider, as- 

Tbahriio, «. m. settlement, fixture, 
permanence, proof. 

purse tio<l round 
the waist ; a bag. 

rkaka, adj. tinnl, wt ary. [wciiry. 
Thakunti, v. a. to harass, 1o tirc^ to 
Thakit, adj. wearied ; astonished. 
Thak jiiud, V. «. to bo wearied, to 

Thakkti, k. in. clot^ lump (congealed.) 
Thakke ke thukke, cougealoti, thick, 

Thakmi, 1 v. n. to 1k> woMricd, to 
Tiuikna, / tire, to be fntigutcL 
Thak (hak, 8. m. a sound ; h iivl work. 

permanence, pre 
Thailii. 8. m. | 
Tlmili,*./. \^ 
Thailiyji, 8. f. \ 


[ 326 ] 


Thakthakana, v. a. to tap, to pat. 

Tliaktliakiya, s. m. a stickler, a wran- 

Thakur, s. m. the divinity ; an idol ; 
a lord, a master, chief (among Raj- 
puts) ; a landholder, a barber. 

Thakurai", s. /. divinity, lordship, 
chiefs hip, mastership. 

Thakurayan, s. /. a female divinity 
or idol. 

Thakurbari, s. f. \ -am. ^ 

thtlkurdwak,i. m.) an Idol temple. 

Thai, s. m. place, firm or dry ground, 

Thai, s. m. a large flat dish. 

Thala, 8. m. the place at the root of 
a tree for holding water ; the ex- 
cavation in which a tree is to be 
planted ; a large flat dish. 

Thali, s. /. a platter, a flat dish. 

Thaliya, s. /. a ^salver, generally of 

Tham, s. m. f. place, place of resi- 

Tham, s. m. a prop, a pillar. 

Tham, s. m. a pillar, a post ; a stem 
of a plantain tree. 

Thamana, v. a. see Thambhna. 

Thamb, ] 

Thamba, f -n , 


Thambh, J 

Thambhna, v. n. to stop, to cease, to 
be restrained, to be supported. 

Thambhna, ) v. a. to support, to 

Thambna, / prop; to shield, to 
protect ; to restrain ; to stop, to 
pull up (a horse) ; to assist. *• 

Thamna, v. n. see Thambhna. 

Thamna, v. a. see Thambhna. 

Than, s. m. a piece of cloth ; a stall 
for cattle, a manger. 

Than, s. m. the udder. 

Than, s. m. /. \ place, place of resi- 

Than, s. m. ) dence. 

Thana, ) s. m. a station, a guard, a 

Thana, j police guard-house. 

Thanadar, j. m. the keeper of a 

guard-house ; a constable, the 
headman of a Thana. 

Thanadari, s. f. the office of a con- 
stable; the superintendence of a 

Tlianak, s. a jingle, tinkle, clink. 

Thanakna. v. n. to throb, to shoot 
(as the pain of headache.) 

Thand, ) s.f. coldness, cold, a cold ; 

Thand, J (met.) a refreshing sen- 

Thanda, ) <^j. cold, refreshing, cool- 

Thanda, j ing. 

Thauda hona, to become cold, to 
cool ; to be comforted, to be paci- 
fied; to rest. 

Thandaf, s. /. refrigerant medicine ; 
the intoxicating drug made of 
bhang ; refreshing or cooling 

Thanriak, } '' f- coWness, coolness. 

Thanda karna, v. a. to make cold, to 
extinguish ; to pacify. 

Thanda parnti, to abate (anger, vi- 
rility, wantonness, &c.) 

Thandar, an animal with a large 
udder, or having an udder. 

Thand f, adj. f. cold. 

Thandi sans bharni, to sigh. 

Thanela, s. m. inflamed breast (of a I 
woman.) I 

Thang, s. f. a den of thieves. ' 

Thangf, s. m. a receiver of stolen 

Thanka, s. m. a thunderbolt. 

Thai ma, v. n. to be fixed, to be as- 

Thannii, v, a. to resolve or fix (in 
the mind), to determine, to be in- 
tent 01), to intend, to set one's 
heart on ; to settle, io perform. 

Thanon, s.f. see Tiianw. 

Thansna, v. a. to stufl', to cram. 

Thanthanana, v. n. to jingle, to rattle. 

Thanthii, s. m. the report of a musket. 

Tl ^^^^' I ^'/'^ residence, a place. 


[ 327 ] 


, I, s. f. a tap, a pat, a flap, paw ; 

i:;o sound ofji small drum. 
Tliapak, s. f. a pat, a tap. 
Thapera, s. m. a slap, a box, a clout. 
Thapf, 8. f. the instrument with 

whicli potters beat their earth, or 

with which terraces are bLaten. 
Thapna, v. a. to patch (as a wall 

witli cow dung) ; to tap. 
Thappa, s. m. ati iustrument for 

stamping leather with, a die, a 


TliuDrd^' f ^' '^- ^ ^^^' ^ ^^^P» ^ ^"ff* 

1'haprana, v. a. to slap. 

Tliapri', 8./. the clnpping of hands. 

Thupfi bajana, to clap the hands. 

Thuijfi marna, to hoot. 

Tliiir, 8. m. a large flat dish, a 

Ti ;ir, 8. m. snow, frost. 

;1, adj. erect, standing. 

li, culj. steep, lolty. 

j''!' ^' > adj. erect, standing. 

i .....hnu, V. n. to be fixed, to stand, 
"i'liariyii, 8. m. a kind of huqqa. 
Tliarra,8. /. a kind of wine ur spirit- 
uous liquor. 
Tharnina, v. n. to tremble, to quiver. 
Tliartl;ar, a<lj. trembling. 
Tliarthiinihat, «./. trcmour, shaking, 
1i( iiibliiig. (quivering, bhivering. 
itlianina, v. n. to tremble, to 
ivcr, to shiver, shake, quake. 
illiwrr, 8. /. Hce Tharlhanihnj;. 
, adj. diflcicnt (in weight, 
iiHurc, qualily, &c.) 
uk, H. f. state, dignity, 
a^haa, adj. filled, crowded. 
! Mil nd, ?'. a. to Htuflf, to cram, to 

ram down tlu^ charge oF a gun. 
Thasm', 8. /. u rammer. 
Thassjl, 8. m. a njould or form into 
whicli pliit^H of metnlH, &c., are 
beat to taki> tin* form of s of 
(inmm('nt.s &i'. ; pride, vanity. 
Tiiiif, ^•. ;/i. the frame uf a ruof on 

which the straw is laid ; arrange 

ment, adjustment. 
Thatli, 8. m. throng, crowd; pomp. 
Thath, 8. m. state, dignity, equipage, 

Thathak jana, ] v. n. to stop short, 
Thathukna, > to stand amazed, 

Tiiatl.ak rahna, ) to draw back in 

Thathtina, v. a. to strike, to beat ; 

to beat one's own head, &c. (in 

token of vexation); to harass 

one's self. 
Thathera, 8. m. a brazier, a tinker; 

the stulk of the joar. 
Thatlieri, 8. /. a female brazier or 

Thiithi, 8. /. a trust, what is given 

in charge, a charge. 
Tliathol, adj. baiiterer, waggish, jocu- 
lar, jocobe, jester, wag. 
Thatholi", 8. /. fun, humour, sport, 

joking, jesting, jocularitv, derision. 
Thatlior, adj. tee TliuthoL 
Thathrf, s.f. the frame of a matted 

screen, the fiame (bamboo work) 

of a thatched roof; shell of a 

house, a bier ; a skeleton, a very 

thin person. 
Thatr, 8./. see Thathf. 
Thaj^ha, 8. m. tun, joking, jest. 
Thniihtibaz, see, Xl'ot (''<-' buz. 
Thajilii karnd, "I to je^t, joke, crack 
'I'iiaiihtt mai;iul, / u joke, derid- 

I'hatthar, 8. in. the frame nmde <>i 

bamboo for thatching, shell of a 

Xha^^hebuz, a jester, a humorous 

jierson, a funny fellow : ac^j, 

' 'n>'tO't'b»izj', 8. /. jesting, sporting, 
I joking, jocularity, fun. 

Tbaur, 8. /. place, residence: adv. 
I np<Mi the spot. 

' J\ nur inhna. to bo murdere<l. to be 
' knocked down lifeless upon the 



[ 328 ] 


Thawa']', s.m.a mason, a bricklayer, 
an architect. 

Thegir, s.f. a patch (on a garment.) 

Thei tliei", s.f. merry-making, mirth. 

'f hek, 8. f. a support, a prop ; a large 
sack filled with grain. 

Theka, s. m. a plug, a stopper. 

Thekf, s.f. act of resting on the way 
(by a porter carrying a load) ; a 
platform for resting loads on. 

Tjieki dena, 1 to rest (a porter 

Theki lagana, / carrying a load.) 

Thela, s. m. a push, a shove. 

Thelam thela, s. m. "I the pushing 

Thela theli, s. /. / and shov- 
ing of a crowd. 

Thelna, v. a. to shove, to push, to 
move forward by pushing. 

Thenga, s. m. a stick, a staff, a 

Thengna, adj. short, dwarfish. 

Thenth, adj. pure, genuine; con- 

Thenthi, s. f. a ball of ear-wax. 

Theona, s. m. the knee ; the pastern, 
(of a horse.) 

Thepi", s. f. a cork, a plug, a stopple. 

Thepi munh men dena, to be silent. 

Thes, s. f. a knock, a blow, tripping 
against a stone, &c., a shove, a 
push, a thrust. 

Thesna, v. a. to pierce, to knock 
against ; to stuff, to cram, to ram 
in, to eat ravenously. 

Thewna, s. m. see Thiona. 

thigh', s. f a patch (on a garment.) 

Thik, adj. exact, even, accurate, 
complete, just, fit, meet, proper, 
reasonable, true, regi^lar, right : 
adv. exactly : s. m. s^m, addition. 

Thika, s. m. hire, fare, fixed price ; 
work done by contract, a task. 

Thikam thik, adv. exactly, truly, 
rightly, quite right. 

Thikan, 1 s. m. residence, place, 

Thikana, / abode ; the address of 
a letter ; certainty ; a vestige of 
anything, a place wliere any person 

or thing is to be found, boundary, 
limit, fixing. 

Thik ana, v. n. to fit, correspond, 
suit, answer, apply. 

Thikana dhundhna, to seek a re- 
sidence or employment. 

Thikana karna, to search or trace an 
affair to its commencement. 

Thikana lagana, to establish, to 
settle, to find out one's residence. 

Thikane lagana, to put to death, 1o 
kill, to waylay, to make away with, 
despatch, assassinate. 

'J'hikane lagna, to be killed, to die, 
to be put an end to, to be ter- 

Thik dena, v. a. to sum, to add or 
cast up, to reckon. 

Thik karna, to put to rights, to cor- 
rect, to adjust ; to beat. 

Thik lagna, to hit a mark, to fit (as 

Thikra, s. m. a fragment of an 
earthen vessel, a sherd, a potsherd, 
a vessel for carrying fire, such as 
faqirs use. 

Thikra, s. m. la broken piece of 

Thikri, s.f. j earthenware, a pot- 
sherd, a sherd. 

Thikri chunna, to be mnd. 

Thik thak, adj. exact, fit, accurate ; 
properly, accurately. 

Thik thak karna, v. a. to put to 
rights, correct, adjust, fit. 

Tiiiliya, s. f. a waterpot. 

Thinakna, v. n. to sob. 

Thiona, s. m. the knee ; the pastern 
(of a horse. ) 

Thip, s. f a kind of chafing dish. 

tliir, adj. fixed, stable, settled. 

Thirakna, v.n. to dance with expres- 
sive action and posture. 

Thirana, v. n. to settle (as liquor.) 

Tiiirna, v. n. to freeze, to be chilled. 

Thitharahat, s.f. numbedness, tor- 
por, torpidness. 

Tiiitharna, v. n. to be numbed or 
benumbed, to bo chill. 


[ 329 ] 


Tliithirana, v. a. to chill, benumb, 

Tliithima, v. n. see Thithama. 
Thithur, s. f. immbiiess, chilliness. 
Thithurana, v. a. to chill, to benumb. 
Tiiithurna, v. n. see Thithama. 
Tliok, 8. m. a prop. 
Thokar, 8. m. a blow, a stroke ; trip- 
ping or striking the foot against 

anything ; a kick, a stumble ; a 

Tliokar khan a, to trip, to stumble ; 

to meet with a loss or misfortune. 
Thokar lagna, to strike against the 

foot (a stumbling-block or ob4acle.) 
Thokna, v. a. to beat, to strike, to 

<frive (as a stake.) 
TliDiik dcnii, to hammer or drive 

lown, to knock. 
Tlioiikna, v. a. to knock, to hammer ; 

to drive (as a stake) ; to beat, to 


ThoQsnii, V. a. to cram, to stuff. 
Thonth, 8. m. a bird's beak or bill. 
Tliopi', 8. f. box, thump. 
Tliopiyana, v. a. to thump, to slap. 
Thopnii, V. a. to support, to prop; 

to plaster, to ])ile, to heap. 
Tlior, «,/. beak, bill ^of a bird.) 
Tlior, V wJj. a little, small, scarce, 
riiora, I fow, seldom, some, less. 
riioni bahut, wlj. more or less. 
Thoni \\\ox{\,(((ij. a little, by <logroc8. 
Tlior*^ 80 thoj-a, adj. very little. 

Tll^'ri'!'' } *-/-*^®^^^"- 
yUo.i, adj. solid, compnot, firm. 
Tlio.sna, V. a. to cram in, to Htnff. 
I'liothi, adj. blunt, not sbarp. 
lliotni, adj. t<H)thle.««; biuisc<l and 

siKMJcd (as the head of u mallet.) 
Til 11(1(1 r, «./. \\\o oliin ; j)arch('d grain. 
Til lid. h' pakarua, to flutUjr, to curry 


Tluiliar, 8. m. tho nnmo of a plont. 
P'hiik, «. in. spittle. 
Thukjimi, v. a. to causo to spit ; to 

I'au^o to reproach. 

Thiik chatna, to bjeak one's pro- 

Thiik dena, to leave, to give up. 

Thukhaf, adj. base, contemptible, 
{i.e., fit to be spit upon.) 

Thiik lagakar chhorna, to treat with 
sovereign contempt 

Thiik lagana, to apply spittle (a term 
of abuse and most indecent mean- 

Thukna, v. a. to spit. 

Thukrana, v. a. to kick or strike with 
the toes. 

Thuk tbukana, v. n. to spit, on the 
mention of any disease, as a pre- 
servative against it. 

Thumak, s.f. the act of waving or 
walking with a graceful easy air. 

Tiiumak chal, a diguified pace, state- 
ly gait, graceful carriage. 

Thumakna, v. n. to walk witli grace 
and stateliness, to strut, to walk 
with dignity. 

Tliumka, adj, short, of low stature. 

Thumki chtii, see Tliumid: chiil. 

Tliiini, 8./. a post, pillar, column. 

Thuiikiina, v. a. to cause to knock or 

Thiinth, s.m. a stump, a branch of a 
tree (^broken off at tho end and 
leafless) ; an amputated hand. 

Thunthti, adj. having the hand ara- 
putate<l; having its branches 
l«)pi)ed and leafless (a tree.) 

Thiinth r. 8./. stubble. 

Thunukuii, r. u. to sob. 

Thupilna, v. a. to cause to bo sup- 
|>ort('d, proj)ped or pla.stored. 

T1h»S nn imitative sDund, as of a 
musket ill-charged or flashing in 
the pan. 

Thusaknti, v.a. to weep, but not louA 

Tiuisiina, r. a. to cauyi> to stuff. 

TIjuskr, 8.f. ventris er<|)itu.s surdos. 

jn uski' chhonui, to bacKi'ite. 

Tliusnti, V. n. to bo stutfod, to bo 

Tbiisna, r. a. to cnuii, to stuff. 


[ 330 ] 


the mouth of t 
horse, camel, &c. 

Thuthna, s. m. 


Thuthni, s./. 

Thuthra, s. m. the mouth. [fully. 

Thutkarna, v. a. to drive away scorn- 

Ti, adj. (ill Braj.) three. 

Tibara, 1 j- j.i • 

Tibara, | ^^> *'^^'^^^- 

Tibb, 8.f. medicine. 

Tibba, ,s. m. a height, rising ground. 

Tidarf, adj. three-doored. 

Tidda, s. m. a grasshopper. 

Tiddi, s. f. a locust. 

Tidhar, adv. there, in that direction. 

Tidhara, s, m. the meeting of three 

Tifl, s. m. an infant, a child. 

Tifli, s. f. infancy, childhood. 

Tighalna, v. n. to be melted, to rarefy. 

Tiguna, adj. tlireefold. 

Tiliai", s. f. the third^part; the third 
part of a piece of cloth for making 

Tihal, s. f. the spleen, the milt. 

Tiharau, pro?i.(in Biaj.) your, of you. 

Tihattar, adj. seventy-three. 

Tihf, adj. empty, vain. 

Tihidast, adj. empty-handed, poor. 

Tihidasti, s. /. poverty, penury. 

Tihra, adj. triple, thi-eefold. 

Tihrana, v. a. to tertiate, to do the 
third time, to triple. 

Tihwar, s. m. see Tcohar. 

Tij, s. f. the third day of a lunar 

Tija, s. m. the third day after the 
death of a relation, on which obla- 
tions are oflered ; (used among 

Tijarat, s. /'. trade, commerce, traffic. 

Tijarat karna, to trade. 


Tijari, , 

Tika, s.f. a commentary ; a mark or 
marks made on tlie forehead by 
Hindus , an ornament worn on the 
forehead; the nuptial gifts; ino- 
culation, vaccination. 

- s.f. a tertian fever or ague. 

Tika bhejna, to send the nuptial 
gifts, which are presented by the 
relations of the bride to the bride-, 

Ti'ka lena, to accept nuptial gifts. 

Tikana, v. a. to retain, to fix in any 
place, to stop, to lodge, to billet. 

Tikao, s. m. stability, residence. 

Tikaii, adj. durable, lasting. 

Tikha, adj. angry, passionate ; pun- 

Tikhna, v. n. the calling (of a par- 
tridge), to call (a partridge.) 

Tikhur, s.f. a starchy substance ob- 
tained from the root of the Cur- 
cuma angustifolia. 

Tiki, s.f. a small loaf of 'bread. 

Tikiya, s.f. a small cale, a little 
cake of charcoal for the huqqa, a 
wafer, a bolus. 

Tikka, s. m. a small piece of flesh, a 
steak, chop, a collop, a slice. 

Tikkar, s. f. a thick loaf of bread. 

Tikk', s. f. see Tiki. [lihood. 

Tikki lagana, to earn a scanty live - 

Tikir, s.f. a wafer, a small round 
cake ; an ornament worn on tliu 

Tikna, v. n. to stop, to remain in any 
place, to be detained; to lodge, 
stay, to tarry. 

Tikoniya, adj. triangular. 

Tikn', s. f. a wafer ; a small round 
cake. [cart.,, 

Tik tik, a sound used in driving a 

Tiktiki,s./. a lizard. | 

Tikiir, s. f. see Tikhur. 

Til, s. m. the seed of the sesamum, 
or name of the plant ; a mole oi 
the face ; a moment, an instant. 

Til, s. f. a young hen ; a woman (sc 
named in contempt.) 

Tila, s. m. a rising ground, a smal 
hill, mound, a ridge, a hillock. 

Til^, s. m. gold; gold fringe; ai 
ointment, liniment, embrocation. 

Tilaf, adj. golden : s. /. a small fry 


[ 331 ] 


Tilak, s. m. the mark which Hindus 
make on their foreheads ; a dowry ; 
a gown. 

'I'ilii kariia, to anoint, to embrocate. 

rilakna, v. n. to be gray (the hair.) 

Tilanga, s. m. a soldier ; a paper 

Tilangi, s. f. a kind of child's kite. 

Tikirii, s. m. ^ a necklace of three 

Tilarf, s. f. ) strings. 

Tiltiwat, 8. f. meditation, reading 
(particularly the Quran, as an act 
of religion.) 

Tilcliaoir, 8. f. mixture composed of 
rice and sesamum seeds. 

Tilchattii, 8. m. a cockroach, 

Tilcnda, s. m. see Tirenda. 

Ti'ir, 8. f. a bar (as of a cage, &c.), s. m. a tidisman. 

Tili>matr, ar//. talismanic, magical. 

Tiliyu, 8. /. a young hen. 

Til kii tel, 8. m. sesamum oil. 

Tilkut, 8. m. the name of a sweet- 
moat composed of pounded sesa- 
mum and sugar. [turban. 

Till;!, 8. m. a goklen border of a 

rilhklani, 8./. a housewife or smidl 
bag for holding needles, tlireud, 
« &c. 

nihind, 8. m. a kind of song. 

Tillf, 8. /". tlie spleen or milt. 

rilmuolia, a<7/. spoken of a lamp) 
sloped HO tiiat the oil may rciich 
the witk. 
riliia, 8. m. a kind of sweetmeat. 

rilwilQ-su, m}j. SCO Tilmuohu. 

fiiiitilm, 8. m. drowsing, 
riiiitim, 8. w. a sound. 
['iiiitimuna, v.n. to give a faint light. 
.'m, iu]j. tluee. [tlioso. 

v\\\, prou. ])lur. inflect, whom, tliciu, 
'in;it, 8. /. nature, disjxxMtion, 
'inlu'O, to tl.em, to those, &c. 
i'iiilva, 8. m. a straw, u bit of tho 
stulk of grass. 

inou lluiu, H. m. tlie private parts, 
in ti rah, lufj. dispiTsed, bcutleicd, 

Tin than, 8. m. the private parts. 
Tip, 8. /. a note of hand, a cheque ; 

raising the voice in singing; the 

act of pressing, compressing. 
Tipan', s. /. the Indian gooseberry. 
Tipna, V. a. to press, to compress, to 

squeeze, to grope, to feel. 
Tipttip, 8. /. ornament, the act of 

pressing or compressing. 
Tir, 8. m. an arrow ; the bank of a 

river, the shore of a sea; near. 
Tini, contract, of Tera, thy, thine. 
Tinij li, jprop. Tarazu, which see, 
Tirana, v. a. to cause to pass over 

or swim ; to save. 
Tiriinawwe, adj. ninety-three. 
Tinindaz, s. m. an archer, a bowman. 
Tirandazf, s. f. archery. 
Tirtis, 8. /. thirst. 
Tiras ami, to be thirsty. 
Tirasf, adj. eightv-three. 
Tiras lagna, to be thirsty. 
Tirath, 8. m. see Ti'rth. 
Tir eijahlna, ^. a. to slioot an arrow. 
Tirchhii, cuJj. crooked, across, bent, 

awry, askant ; perverse. 
Tirchhii deklimi, to squint. 
Tirehhi linkii karnti, to look angrily, 

to cast unkind looks. 
Tirchlii' nazar, leer, ogle, side glanci, 

Tire hhiy una, r. »». to edge, to go ob- 
Tirendu, s. m. tlio flout of a 

lino, a float or buoy. 
Tiriiut, «. /. name of a district. 
Tirhutiya, adj. belonging to Tirhui, 

protluced in Tirhut. 
T»ri. ". /. a locust. 
Tin' bin', adj. di8))or8ed. 
Tiriyti, ». /. a woman, u fimnle. 
Tiriyii dmritr, 8. in. temulo wilea. 
Tiriyiiruj, s. in, petticoat govt niment. 
Tiikhii, 8. /. thirst ; desire. 
Tirlok, 8, tho Uirco worlds; t.<j,, 

heaven, earth, and tho regiout 

under the eartli ; tljo nnivcrai. 
Tirmiri, t. /, vortigo ; darkneas. 


[ 332 1 


Tirna, v. n. to swim, to cross over. 

Tirpan, adj. fifty-three. 

Tirsath, adj sixty-three. 

Tirth, s. m. a bacred place, a place 
of pilgi-image, pilgrimage. 

Tirthjatra, s. tlie going to a sacred 
place on pilgrimage. 

Tirthjatri, s. a pilgrim. 

Tirthraj, the city of Alahabad. 

Ti8, adj. thirty. 

Tis, inflect, pron. that, which, &c. 

Tis, s. f. a throb, throbbing, a shoot- 
ing pain. 

Tishna, adj. thirsty : s. /. thirst. 

Tishnagf, s. f. thirst. 

Tisf, s. f. flax, flax-seed. 

Tis marna, v. n. to throb. 

Tis pa, I besides, over and above, 

Tis par, / moreover, yet, never- 
theless, still, then, after that, 
thereon, whereat. 

Tis par bhi, thereupon, nevertheless, 
yet, still, notwithstanding. 

Tisra, adj. third. 

Tisrayat, s. m. a third person, an 

T/sre, in the third place, thirdly. 

Tiswan, the thirtieth. 

Tita, adj. bitter, pungent, hot, acrid. 

Titaggf, s.f. a thread of three strings. 

Titar, s. m. a partridge. 

Titar bitar, adj. dispersed. 

Tith, s. f. a lunar day. 

Titimba, s. m. an obstacle, an impe- 
diment ; stratagem. 

Titkari, s. f. the noise made by 
drawing the tongue from the roof 
of the mouth, to make horses, &c., 
proceed. [Titkari. 

Titkarna, -y. a. to urge an animal by 

titli,s./. a butterfly. 

Titna, adj. m. so many, so much. 

Titne men, in so much (time), in 
the meanwhile. 

Titni, adj.f. so many, so much. 

Titn', s. /. a butterfly. 

Tittar bittar, adj. dispersed. 

Tiwiisf, adj. stale, three days old. 

To, a conjunction introducing the 
answer to a conditional proposi- 
tion< then, that ; an adverb de- 
noting asseveration, indeed, in, 
fact ; then, that time, in that 
case, moreover, that, also, for, yes, 

Toa, s. /. act of feeling or groping. 

Toatai, s. f. searching, feeling for, 
feeling (with the hand.) 

To bhi, adv. even, then; still, yet, 

Tobra, \ s. m. the bag out of whicli 

Tobra, J horses eat their corn ; a 

Toll, s. spying, watching, espionage. 

Tok, 8. f. hindrance, prevention ; 
the influence of an evil eye; a 
promontory, a cape. 

Tokatoki, s./. hindrance, prevention. 

Tokna, v. a. to interrogate, to pre- 
vent, to challenge ; to look at 
with an evil eye. 

Toknewala, adj. narrowly inspecting. 

Tokra, s. m. a large basket withoiit 

' a lid. [lid. 

Tokrf, s. f. a small basket without a 

Tok tak, s.f. hindrance, prevention. 

Tol, s. m. weight, weighing. 

Tol, s. m. a company, a society. 

Tola, \ s. m. Si rupee weight ; a 

Tola, j weight of 100 ratis. 

Tola, s. m. a quarter or particular 
part of a town. 

Toll, s. /. a company, society, crowd. 

Tol marna, v. a. to dash one top 
against another wiiile in motion. 

Tolna, V. a. to weigh, to, balance. 

^"°>f?-«-™- I a hollowed gourd. 

Toinri, s.f. ) ^ 

Ton, adv. so, in that manner, then. 

Tona, s. m. enchantment, foscination, 
sorcery, witchcraft ; v. a. to feci, 
to grope, to handle. 

Tona taman, s. m. \ hocus - pocus, 

Tona tiini, s. /. / juggling, ma- 
gic, sorcery, witchcraft. 

Toiid, s. /. a large l)elly, potbelly. 


L 333 ] 





adj. potbellied, gor- 
bellied, corpulent. 

Toiidr, 8. f. the navel. 

Tonlia, s. m. a juggler, a conjurer ; a 

Tonhar,s./. a female juggler or con- 
jurer ; a witch. 

Tonhi'n, adv. exactly then. 

Tonta, 8. m. a joint of bamboo; a 

cartridij^e ; a cracker, a serpent in 

fireworks : adj. handless. 

i Tontf, 8. f. a spout ; a round tile 

fixed on the eaves. [a stitch. 

: Top, s. m. a hat, a cap, helmet, cover ; 

I Top, s.f. a cannon, a gun. 

Topa, 8. m. a helmet, cap, liat. 

Topak, 8. f. a small c.mnon. 

Toi)ana, v. a. to have buried, to 
cause to cover. 

Top ohalana, ) v. a. to cannonade, 

-Top chhorna, /. to fire a cannon. 

Top chhutna, j to be fired (a can- 
Top daghna, / non.) 

Top diighna, to cannonade, to fire a 

Topf, 8. f. a liat, a cap, a cover. 

Tojjiwaia, one who wears a hat; an 
European in general. 

Topkhdna, s. m. a park of artillery, 
tlie place where cannon and artil- 
lery btores are kept, an arsenal. 

Top lagana. | ^ eannonado. 
lop inarna, J 

Topmi, V. a. to bury, to cover, 

'" , ■<./. a net tlirown over a woman's 
Iki : jtron. Ihy. tliino. 
, X. m. tlic strength of a cuiTont; 
I net throwa over a woman's 

'Wn-A, jrron. thy, tliino. 

'J'(»r;i, «. m. a nuinbor of tmy?, con- 
iiiininu: v.iriou.s dislicsof fixxl, pro- 
sinted to others by gn-at ir\C'i. 

Tuiii, «. m. a purse, a bag containing 
one thousand rupees ; thu nmtcli 
of a gun ; an ornaineut like u 
clipi": ^ •■•;*-, w!'nt. 

Torabandf, s. f. the arrangement • 
sending out of trays of food ; 

Toradar, a matchlock. 

Torana, v. a. to cause to be broken 
or changed (as money.) 

Toraposh, «. m. a covering for dishes, 
&c. [p^ll down. 

Toy dcilna, to break and destroy, to 

Tor d(^na, to break to pieces, to spoil. 

Toredar, a matchlock. 

Torhi, 8. m. a trumpet. 

Tori, 8. /. a kind of cucumber. 

Torf, ado. till, up to : 8. /. a kind of 
miLstard seed. [mode. 

Tori, 8. /. the name of a mu&ical 

Torjor, 8. m. cutting out (as cloth by 
a tailor) ; arranging a speech, &c. 

Tor karna, to make a breach (as a 

Tor lena, to gather, to pluck (fruit.'; 

Tornii, v. a. to break, tear, rend» 
burst, split; to change (as coin): 
to pluck or gather (fruit, flowers, 

Torphor, 8. m. breaking, plain speak- 
ing, [ing, 

Tortiir, 8. m. breaking and destroy- 

Torwiii', 8,/. price paid for changing 

Tofwaiiti, V. a. to cause to be broken 
or to bo change 1 (coin.) 

Tosak, 8./. prop. Toshak, which 8it\ 

Tosdan, 8. m. a cartridge-box. 

To.sha, «. m. pi-ovi»ion (particular 
of a traveller, or that which is c;ir- 
ried with the funeml of a deooased 
person, to sup|M)rt hiiu during hi- 
journey to the other world), viu 

Toshak, «./. a bod, a mattress. 

To.'^halyhiina, «. m. u wardrolnj, 
phico wlicre furniture is krpt. 

TosluUn, 8. m. a pouob, a cartouch- 
box. [gwn* 

Totii, 8. m. a parrot ; tho cock uf a 

To^i, \ 8. m. loss, detUutucy ; a car- 

Totti, / tridgo ; a caudle's uud. 


[ 334 ] 


Totf, s. f. a female parrot. 
Totka, ^ s. m. a charm, an amulet, 
Totka, / a superstitions remed}'. 
Totla, adj. lispur, stutterer, stam- 
merer, speaking imperfectly Cas a 
Totlana, 1 v. n. to lisp, to spenk im- 
Totrana, / perfectly (as a child.) 

m ,]^i '• \ interj. mercy ! save ! 

Tralii tralii karna, to cry out for 
mercy ; to repent of a sin. 

Tmn, s. m, safety, salvation. 

Trankarta, s. a saviour, a deliverer. 

Tras, s. f. thirst ; alarm, dread. 

Tras Ingiia, to be thirsty. 

Treta, s /. the name of the second 
Hindu jug, the silver age. 

Tribeni, s. f. the conflux of three 
sacred rivers. 

Tribhuwan, s. m. the three worlds, 
viz., heaven, earth, and the in- 
fernal regions : the universe. 

Trilok, s. m. see Tirlok. 

Trin, s. m. grass. 

Tripauliya, s. m. a building with 
thrc e doors or arches. 

Tripliala, s. m tlie name of a medi- 
cine composed of three kinds of 
myrobidans. [tied. 

Tript, adj. pleased, satisfied, grati- 

Trisul, s. m. a trident; a three- 
pointed pike or sj^ear. 

Triya, s. /. a woman, a female. 

Tu, pron. thou. [worthless. 

Tuchh, adj. contemptible, despicable, 

Tuchh karna, to despise, to contemn, 
to disregard. 

Tuchh samajlma, to think lightly of. 

Tilda, s. m. a mound, a heap, a stack ; 
a target. 

Tuda e tiifan, accusing, charging 
with crime ; a calumniatof. 

Tuf, s. m. spittle, .saliva; a cu'se. 

Tufail, by the means, through, for 
the sake. 

Tiifan, s. m. a storm, a tempest, a 
hurricane ; calumny, defamation. 

Tufang, s. f. a mu.sket, a tube for 
discharging arrows, &c. 

Tiifanf, adj. quarrelsome, boisterous. 

Tiifan lagana, to calumniate, to de-. 

Tufuliyat, s. f. infancy, childhood. 

Tuhfa, s. m. a curiosty, rarity, tho 
best or beauty (of a thing) ; a 
piesent : adj. rare, uncommon, 
excellent, beautiful, wonderful. 

Tuhfagi, s. f. excel knee, rarity,. 
be;iuty, neatness, elegance. 

Tulifijjilt, s. plur. of Tuiifa, rarities, 
curiosities, present.^. 

Till if, thou tliysi If, thou even. 

Tuhmat, s.f. su^-picion of guilfc, false 
accusation, calumny, slander, 
falsely charging one with a crime, 
aspersion, imputation. 

Tuhmat dena, to belie, to calum-, 
niate, slander, asperse, traduce, 
accuse falsely. 

Tuhraati', adj. suspicious, ignomini- 
ous; a calumniator. 

Tuhmat lagana, see Tuhmat dena. 

Tuhukna, v. n. to- cry. 

Tujjar, s. m. a merchant. 

Tuk, \ . , 

Tuk I ^- /• ^ moment. 

Tuk, j s. m. a piece, a little, a par- 
Tiika, j tide, an atom, a bit. 
Tukam, s. m. proji.Tuld.m, which see. 
Tu karna, v. a. to thou. 
Tuk ek, for one moment. 
Tuk ek, a little way. 
Tiikhm, s. m. seed ; an eg^ ; sperm. 
Tukhm i balangu, s, m. a seed of a 

Cooing quality. 
Tukka, s. m. a sort of arrow blunt 

at tlie end. 
Tukkal, s. f. a kind of paper kite. 
Tukkash, s. m. a quiver. 
Tukla, s. m. a kind of paper kite. 
Tukir.s./. a child's kite. 
Tukina, s. m. a loop, an eye-loop, 

a button. 
Tiikra, 1 s. m. a piece, a portion, a 
Tukra, / bit, a division, a morsel. 


[ 335 ] 


Tulcfapurza, s. m. scraps, clippings, 

Tiilcra tukra, adv. piecemeal, in 

Tukra tukra kania, to cut to pieces, 
to shatter, to smasli. 

Tukrgada, a beggar for a bit of 
bread, &c. 

Tukrf, 8.f. see Tukra. 

Till, 8. w. leuiAth, prolixity: adj. 
long, tall, lasting long. 

Tul, adj. alike, like, resembling. 

Tula, s. f. the sign Libra of the zo- 

iTulana, v. a. to cause to be weigh- 
I ed ; to tar, oil, or grease (wheels.) 
(Tulawa, s. m. part of a Hindustani 
carriaire, which rests on tin; axle- 
tree ai-m and supports the body of 
the carriiige. 
!Tul baithna, to sit straight and 
compact (as in a boat which might 
be overset by sitting uneven or 

Till i kaltim, prolixity, length of 
discourse, many words. 

Tulna, V. n. to be weighed or ba- 

Tulsf, 8. f. the name of a shrub wor- 
shipped by Hindus. 

Tulsidas, n. prop, name of a Gosii'o. 

Tultawil, adj. la.-ting long. 

Tultuliinn, v. n. to become soft (ns 
a sore or boil wlien suppurating.) 

Tuhi, «. rn. ri.sing (ns the sun, &c.) 

Tulu homi, to rise (the sun.) 

'J'uni, jyrnii. you. 

Tuin. 8. m. tritles. 

ruiiiai', >t./. the j)ricc of carding. 

Tunmn, 8.m. troop, Mpmdron. 

Tmnanu, v. a. to cause to be carded. 

Tuiniindar, a m. the commander of 
a 'J'uman. 

fhim aj), you yoursc^lf. 
Nimani, pron. your. 
!tfmba, K. in. a IioIIowcmI gourd; tlio 
rind of a gourd, iu which bcggaiu 

Tumbi, 8. f. a small tumba ; a kind 
of pipe (chiefly used by those who 
exhibit suakcs.) 

Tumen, see Tumhen. 

Tuujhara, pron. 2nd pers. mas. gen. 
plur. yours, your, of you. 

Tumhen, pron. plur. object, case, to 
you, you. 

Tumhon ko, to you. 

Tumiya, s. m. thread made of carded 
cotton, in opposition to that made 
of what has been beat only. 

Tum ko, to you. 

Tiimua, V. a. to card or separate 
wool or cotton with the fingers, 
preparatory to conibing. 

Tiimri, s. /. the snout of a crocodile, 
alligator, &c. 

Tiimtiim, 8. m. a few trifles ; an or- 

Tumtaraq, 8. m. magnificence, gran- 
deur, pomp. 

Tumtaraqi, adj. pompous, ostenta- 

Tun,! 8. m. name of a tree from the 

Tun,/ timber of which furniture i^ 

Tlio, pron. thou. 

TuQ, 8. m. ventris crepitis. 

Tunak, adj. slight, weak, delicate, 

Tund, adj. active, quick, awift, vio- 
lent, fierce, spiritLti, hot, acrid. 

Tunii, 8. m. a hand or bmnch that 
has iK'en cut olV. 

Tmidii, adj. Imndles8,ono bom with- 
out hands. 

Tund Iionti, to be angry, to be dis- 

T"ndi, adj. J. bandless: /.the navel. 

Tundr, 8./. a ^mali bnmcli or htuinp 
of a tree broken at the end and 
leafless ; the navel. 

Tundi', »./. florconess, activity, im- 

;r.m.l. l.»...ll.n,i.l „ „ ^ ^ 

TunilichHrhami,) i. , • i n » i 


[ 336 ] 


Tundiyan bandhna, ] to tie the hands 

Tuiidiyan charhaua,> behind the 

TundiyaQ kasna, ) back. 

Tundklio, adj. irascible, of a fiery 
disposition, furious, passionate. 

Tuudmiziij, adj. hot-lieaded, pas- 

Tundraftar, adj. fast-going. 

Tung, \ s. f. pecking, nibbling of 

Tungar,/ iruit, &c., more for a- 
musement than from appetite. 

Tunga tangi, s. f. pecking and nib- 

' Wing! 

Tungna, v. a. to peck, to nibble, to 
chew straws, &c., for amusement. 

Tuniya, adj. tiny. 

Tuniya tota, a kind of parrot. 

Tuiikr, s. f. a line kind of bread or 
wafers thin as muslin. 

Tunn, s. m. see Tun. 

Tiin tan karna, to dispute, to wran- 
gle, to abuse. 

Tuntunana, v. a. to tune slowly. 

j?unuk, adj. slight, weak, delicate, 
thin, brittle. 

Tunukmizaj, adj. whimsical, cap- 
tious, peevish, fretful. 

Tunukmizaj 1, s.f. peevishness, cap- 

Tupak, s.f. a small cannon. 

Tupana, v. a. to have buried, to 
cause to cover. 

Tur, s. m. a mountain ; Sinai. , 

Tura'i, 8. /. the name of a kind of 

Turana, v. a. to cause to break, to 
change (as money.) 

Turang, s. m. a horse. 

Turant, adv. instantly, quickly, di- 

Turapua, v. a. to sew (in a particular 
manner), to stitch. 

Turat, adv. see Turant. 

Turbat, s.f. a tomb, a sepulchre. 

Turfa, adj. wonderful, strange, rare, 
agreeable .(anything.) 

Turiii, s. f. a trumpet, a clarion. 

Turk, s. m. a Musalman, a Turk. 

Turkan, ) j. m i • i 

Tm-kanr,r--^' ''^ T^'"^^^^ ^°^^"- 

Tuiki, adj. Turkish : s. m. a kind oi 

Turkin, s. f. a Turkish woman 

Turksawiir, s. m. a horseman, a cava- 

Turpan, s. f. a kind of stitch. 

Turpana, v. a. to stitch, to hem. 

Turra, s.m. an ornament worn in the 
turban ; a ringlet, a curl. 

Tursh, adj. sour, harsh ; ill-temper- 
ed, crabbed. 

Turshai, j s. f. sourness, acidity, 

Turshi, / har&hness. 

Turshmizaj, adj. sour - tempered, 
harsh, morose. 

Tm'ohrii, adj. cynical, morose, surly, 
stern; ugly. 

Turt, adv. instantly, quickly, imme- 
diately, presently, directly. 

Turtr phurti, adv. hastily, quickly, j 

Turt phurt, acZy. see Turt. I 

Turunj, s. w. a citron. 

Turwana, v. a. to cause to break, &e., 
to cause to be changed (money.) 

Tnsakna, v. n. to cry, to weep, to sob. 

Tiisi, s. f. a colour so called, a kind 
of purple colour. 

Tiisi, s.f. a bud, a young flower. 

Tut, s. m. a mulberry. 

Tut, s. f. fracture, breaking ; mis- 
understanding between friends ; 
harm, loss deficiency; a passage 
omitted in the writing of a book 
which is afterwards written in the 

Tuta, adj. broken, decayed. 

Tiltan phat;,in, s. m. chips, clippings, 
tilings, fi agments. 

Tuta phiita, adj. fragments, broken 
to pieces. 

Tiiti, s. loss, failui-e, deficiency. 

Tiiti, s. f. a parrot, a paroquet. 

Tiitiya, s. m. blue vitriol, tutty. 

Tiit jana, to be broken ; to pine. 

Tutka, s. m. a charm, a supe; 
tious remedy. 


[ 337 ] 


T\ii\si,adj. lisping. 

* Tutlana, v. n. to lisp, to speak im- 

perfectly as a child. 

Tutli", adj. f. lisping. 

Tiitiia, V. n. to break, to be broken, 
to burst, to fail, to break forth, or 
rush upon, to assault ; to be help- 
less or destitute. 

Tiit parna, to break in upon, to rush 
in, to be collected in crowds. 

Tiit rahna, to be distressed, to be 
weary, to be reduced to poverty, to 
pine away ; to be separated. 

Tutrana, v. n. see Tutlana. 
' Tii tii, sound of calling a dog. 
iTuzuk, s.m. retinue, pomp. 

Tyag, s.m, abdication, abandonment, 
' leaving, renunciation. 

Tyag deiia, j v. a. to leave, to aban- 

Tyiig kama, > don, to desert, to for- 

Tyagna, ) sake, to quit, to abdi- 
cate, to resign. 

Tyag patr, s.m. a bill of divorcement. 
y<i u. I ^^^^ gQ^ j^ jll^g manner ; at 

* Tv 'n I ^^® isaiiic time, then. 


U, a short vowel pronounced invari- 
aby as u in bull. 

U, a long vowel, pronounced inva- 
riably as u in t>/bo. 
I TJba, 8. J. prop. Wabti, wliich see. 

ITbachhna, v. a. to throw up water, 
to Vjalo. 

Ub;ikna, v. n. to vomit. 

llluilna, V. a. to l)oil, to make boil. 
TThaf kluibar, adj. utioven, ruggotl. 
Ubarmi, v. n. to Im) pet at liluirty ; to 

nsnuiin over and »lx>v(\ to excocd. 
Ulnirna, v. a. to set at lilxTty ; to 

economize, to resorvo, to keep in 


TJbasna, v.n. to rof, to putrefy. 
Ubhnrna, r. n. to swell, to oveiflow ; 

to bo uu laden {a cart or Ijoat.) 

Ubhama, v. a. to undo, to unravel. 

Ubhra, part, unladen (as a cart or 

Ubhra hona, to be unladen. 

Ubhrana, v. a. to lighten, to unload 
(a boat) ; to fill a vessel till it runs 

Ubkai, «. /. nausea. 

Ublana, v. a. to cause to boil (by the 
hands of another), to boil any- 
thing with such violence that it 
is spilled. 

Ubrana, v. a. to reserve, keep remain- 
ing, or in store. 

Ubtan, I «. m. a composition of per- 

Ubtana, / fumes, flour, &c., used to 
rub the body with. 

Uchakka, s. w. | a thief, a pickpocket, 

Uchakki, 8. f. j a swindler. 

Uchakna, v.n. to rise, to be raised or 
lifted, to leap, bound, spring up. 

Uchalna, v. n. to separate, to bo se- 
parated : V. a. to toss up (as corn 
in a sieve.) 

Uchana, v. a. to lift up a burden ; to 
wash the hands after eating. 

Uchat bona, to be tired, to be dis- 
gusted ; to be broken (sleep.) 

Uchtitr, 8./. the act of vexing or ren 
dering sorrowful, vexation. 

Uchakna, v.n. to be alienated; U* 
separate, to be separated (as plas- 
ter from a wall) ; to slip, to slide, 
to bound (as a sword striking n 
hard body obliquely) ; to bo bix)kuu 
or interrupted f sleep.) 

Ucluitna, v. a. to uivido, to separate. 

Uchcha, adj. liigh, lofty. 

Uchcluin, 8. /. height, elevation. 

Uclichar, \ «. m. proininoiation, ut- 

Uehehjiran, j tcrance, nrtioulution. 

Ueheharna, r. n. to si^paraU' (as the 
skin from the flesh, &c.) : to l>e 
uttered or pronounced : r 
spoiik, utter, pronouno«». 

Uehchilrna, r. a. to pron-u i . u> 
speak out, articulate. < \| i- . 

Uchchat-na, «. m. aoe Ueliu.i 


[ 338 ] 


Uchhalna, ^v.n. to leap, to bound, 

ITchhalna, j to spring or spout up 
(as water in a fountain), to spring 
or fly up ; to bounce up, to ascend, 
to beat (as a pulse.) 

Uchhalna, v. a. to throw up, to toss 
up a thing (as a ball, &c.), and 
catch it in the hand. 

Uchal parna, v. n. to become enrao^ed. 

Uchhkiin, s. m. anything placed un- 
der a vessel, &c., to prevent its 
oversetting ; a prop, a support. 

Uchhlana, v, a. to cause another to 
throw up anything. 

Uchit, adj. proper, fit, suitable. 

Uchkana, v. a. to lift or raise up. 

Uchlana, v. a. to order a person to 
separate (one thing from another.) 

Uchot, s. f. a trip, a stumble. 

Uchot khana, to trip, to stumble. 

Ud, s. m. an otter. 

yd, 8. m. the wood aloes. 

LTda, adj. of a light brown colour. 

Udai, 8. m. the rising of the sun or 
any of the heavenly bodies. 

Udai hona, to rise (the sun, &c.) 

Udar, 8. m. the belly. 

Udar pira, s.f. dysentery, a diarrhoea. 

Udas, adj. lonely, forlorn, dejected, 
sorrowful, sad. 

Udasf, adj. dejected, out of spirits, 
sad, lonely ; a class of faqirs. 

Udasm, adj. dejected, out of spirits, 

Udaya, s. m. see Udai. 

Udbhav, s. m. act of springing up 
(as plants from seed.) 

Udbilao, 8. m. an otter. 

Uddiiar, s. m. rescue, deliverance, 
salvation ; debt, loan, credit. 

Uddim, 8. m. exertion, endeavour, la- 
bour ; calling, employment, trade. 

TTd ^* I *• '^' ^®^^» intelligence. 
Udham, «. m. noise, impudence, re- 
bellion, disturbance. 

Udhami, adj. making noise, impu- 
dent, rebellious. 

Udhar, s. m. sale on credit. 

Udhar, | adv. there, thither, on that 

Udhar, / side, that way. 

Udharna, v.a. to liberate,to discharge, 
to save. 

Udhar se, from that, or the other side. 

Udherna, v. a. to undo, to unravel, to 
unfold, to strip off, rip, skin, exco- 

Udhir, adv. see Udhar. 

Udhra, adj. opened, undone, un- 
rolled (as the seam in a garment, 
or thread which has been rolled 
up in a clue.) 

Udhra pudhra, adj. see Udhra. 

Udit, adj. rising (as the sun) ; dis- 
tinguished, conspicuous. 

l/dsoz, 8. an utensil to bum wood of 
aloes (or gum benzoin) in. 

Udiil, 8. m. deviation, declining, re- 
fusing, disobeying. 

Udiil hukmi karna, to disobey orders. 

lldiil karna, to deviate from, dis- 
obey, decline, refuse. 

Udveg, 8. TO. agitation, consternation, 
anxiety, uneasiness, perplexity. 

Udyam, s. m. see Uddim. 

Uf, interj. fye ! poh ! for shame ! alas ! 

Uf karna, to lament, to disapprove nf. 

Uftada, adj. waste (land), fallen, ly- 
ing '^on the ground.) 

Ugahi, 8./. usury ; the trade of lend- 
ing money on interest of one- 
fourth, the payment of which is 
received by instalments. 

Ugahna, v. a. to gather, to collect, to 

Ugaira, prop. Waghaira, which see. 

Ugal, 8. m. that which is spit out 
after chewing anything (as betel- 
leaf, &c.) 

Ugaldan, is.m.o. spittoon, a vessel 

Ugaldan, / for spitting in. 

Ugalna, v. a. to spit out, to vomit ; 
to refund property suireptitiously 


[ 339 ] 


Ugana, v. a. to cause to grow, &c. 

Ugliarna, v. n. to be uncovered, dis- 
covered, opened, pulled off. 

Ugharna, v. a. to uncover, discover, 
unveil, open, pull oft*, unclose, bare. 

Ugharii, s. m. one who uncovers or 

Ugna, V. n. to grow, to be produced, 
to spring (as plants), to rise (as 
the moon.) 

Ugte hi jaljana, to be withered im- 
mediately on springing up (is 
applied to a hope or expectation 
which is blasted in the bud.) 

Uh, an exclamation denoting pain,&c. 

Uhar, s. m. a covering, a cover of a 
palki for women. 

TJharna, v. n. to subside (a swelling 
or inundation.) 

yhda, 8. m. vulg. Hudda, a commis- 
sion ; business, office, post, ap- 

Vhdadar, ^ entrusted with a busi- 

yhdcdar, / ness, emplf)yed, hold- 
ing a commission, an officer. 

TTi", interj. oh ! oh fie ! 

Vyd(\(\,a(Ij. inconsiderate, rash, ignor- 
ant, clownish. 

Ujiigar, 8. m. splendour: adj. splen- 
did, famous. 

Tljiila, 8. m. \ splendour, brightness, 

rjiili, 8./. / light. 

Ujalnd, V. n. to become clean, to 
whine, to be bright. 

Ujan, 8. m. jrrop. Wazn, which see. 

Ujiin, 8. m. the direction or part of a 
river which is op|K)8it() to tlio 
course of tho stream, up the stream. 
jjjar, 8, m. prtip. l.Jzr, which see. 
Jjiir. «<0- <h'Holnt(', ruined, demo- 
lished, deserted, abandoned. 
Jjarnfi, V. n. to ])ecomt« desolate. 
Jj^i-nti, V. a. to lay waste, desolate, 
injure, expose to loss, 
rjarwtinti, v. a. to lay waste by the 
handrt of a third person. 
Jhakna, r. u. to peep, to spy. 
jhalnii, v. n. to How or be jwurcd 

^ from one vessel to another : v. a. 

to throw or pour quickly from one 

vessel into another. 
Ujhalna, v. a. to pour from one ves- 
sel to another. 
Ujhar, adj, ignorant, clownish, 

clumsy, awkward. 
Ujir, 8. m. prop. Wazfr, which see. 
Ujiri, 8. /. see Waziri. 
Ujjal, adj. clear, pure, shining, 

luminous, bright, splendid, white. 
Ujjjhaf, adj. ignorant, illiterate, 

clownish, clumsy, awkward. 
Ujla, adj. white. See Ujjal. 
Ujlana, v. a. to cause to cleanse, to 

Ujrapujfa, adj. in ruins, desolate. 
Ujrat, 8. /. reward, wages, hire. 
Vjiiba, 8. m. wonder, miracle, pro- 
digy : adj. wonderftil. 
Ujwana, v. a. to cause a person to 

pour from one vessel into another. 
Ukalat, 8./. 2wo/).Wakalat, wliich see. 
Ukalatnama, 8. m, prop, Wakalat- 

nama, which see. 
Ukasna, v. n. to be excited, to be 

moved, to try to move. 
Ukatnti, v. a. to dig up slowly a 

thing buried in Uie ground,' to 

extract a secret gradually and art- 
fully, to pump. 
ITkh, 8. /. sugarcane. 
Ukharmi, v. n. to be rooted up, 

raised up or plucked up, to slip 

out (as a bone, &c.) 
Ukharnii, v. a. to root up, to em«li- 

cate, to extirp|)ate, to break or 

pluck up ; to dislocate. 
Ukharni pukhufD^ to be plucked 

or rooted up. 
Ukharwini, v. a. to cause to pluck 

or root up. 
Ukheyni, v. a. see Ukbirn^ 
Ukherwfin^ v. a. to cause to pluck 

or root up. 
Ukidi', »./. wooden mortar. 
Ukhinaj, 8. instn'ts prtxluced by heat; 

musquttoes, gnats, tlieSi Ac, 


[ 340 ] 


Ukhrana, v. a. to pluck up, to era- 

Ukil, s. m. prop. Wakil, which see. 

IJkili', s. /. see Wakili. 

I7kna, v. n. to miss, to err, to trip, to 

TJkru, 8. m. the posture of sitting on 
the hams with the soles of the 
feet on the ground. 

Uktana, v. n. to be uneasy, to be de- 
jected, to fret ; to be tired of. 

Uktana, v. a. to extract a secret 
gradually and artfully, to pump. 

Ula, adj. best. 

Ulachna, v. a. to throw out the water 
from anything, to drain. 

Ulahna, | s. m. a complaint (not 

Ulahna, / judicial), accusation ; 
reproof, chiding. 

Ulahna dena, to reproach, complain 
(to), accuse, blame. 

Ulajhua, v. n. to be entangled, to 
ravel, to be involved (in difficul- 
ties) ; to be embroiled. 

Ulajh pulajh jana, v. n. see Ulajhna. 

Ulak, 8. f. prop. Ulaq, which see. 

yiama, s. plur. of Alim, the learned. 

Ulang, adj. naked. 

Ulangna, v.n. to bound or spring over. 

Ulaq, s. f. a kind of small boat. 

Ular, adj. laden too much behind 
(a cart or boat.) 

Ularna, v. n. to lie down, to rest. 

Ulash, 8. m. leavings of a superior. 

Ulatna, v. a. to pervert, to subvert, 
to reverse, to overturn : v. n. to be 
reversed, turned over or back. 

Ulatpulat, adj. higgledy piggledy, 
topsy turvy, upside down: s. f. 
confusion, interchange. 

Ulendna, v. a. to pour water. 

Ulfat, s. f. friendship, familiarity, 
intimacy, affection, attachment. 

Ulfati, adj. friendly, affectionate. 

Ulfat 1 banda, attached from friend- 

Ulfat karna, to form friendship, to 
i)e intimate. 

Ulgana, v. a. to cause to leap over. 

Ulichna, v. a. to throw up water, to 

UJjlian, s. /. entanglement, compli- 

Uljhana, v. a. to entangle, to ravel 
(as tiiread), to involve (in difficul- 
ties, business, &c.), to embroil. 

Uljliao, \s. m. entanglement, per- 

Uljhera, j plexity, intricacy. 

Ullanghan, s. m. transgression. 

Uilii, s.m. an owl; {met.) a stupid 
fellow, a blockhead, a fool. 

Ulliipan, s. m. stupidity, folly. 

Ulta, adj. reversed, turned back: 
8. m. reverse, opposite, contrary. 

Ultana, v. a. to overturn, turn over, 
overset, upset, invert, reverse. 

Ultana pultana, v. a. to put into dis- 
order or confusion ; to reverse. 

Ulta pulta, adj. topsy turvy, hig- 
gledy piggledy. 

Ulti samajh, s. /. a perverse or ab- 
sm'd idea. 

Ulu, s. m. a kind of grass. 

Ulua, 8. m. an owl ; a kind of grass. 

Uluhiyat, s. f. divinity, deity. 

Ulwa, s. m. a kind of grass. 

Umadna, \v.n. to overflow, abound, 

Umaudna, / fall (as tears), gush, 
swell, increase, or be poured out 
(as a river, clouds, an army, the 
heart, &c.) [exultation. 

Umang, s. /. excessive joy, transport, 

Umangna, v.n. to advance with joy. 

Umara, 8. plur. of Amir, nobles, 
grandees, a noble (generally.) 

Umarai, s. /. nobility, greatness. 

Umarao, see Umara. 

Umarna, v. n. see Umadna. 

Umda, adj. excellent, great, noble. 

Umda dena, v. a. to overflow. 

y riidagi, s. f. greatness, &c. 

timed, I 8. /. hope, expectation, 

Ummaid, / trust, dependence. 

Ummaidwar, adj. see Ummedwar. 

Ummat, s. f. people, sect, a people 
of the same religion. 


[ 341 ] 


TJmmed, s. /. see Ummaid. 

Ummed se, pregnant. 

Ummedwar, adj. hopeful, hoping, ex- 
pecting : 8. an expectant, a candi- 

Ummedwar hona, to hope, to be 

Ummed wari, s. f. expectation, hope, 

Ummi, adj. unable to read or write ; 
uneducated, illiterate, stupid. 

Umr, 8. /. age, lifetime, period of life. 

Umr bhar, all lifetime. 

Umr daraz hona, v. n. to be old. 

Umra, «. m. a noble or opulent man. 

Umrai, 8. /. grandeur. 

Umuq, 8. m. depth, profundity. 

Un, a 'proii. plur. in the oblique cas^t 
those, tliem. 

Un, 8. /. wool. 

Unasf, ad,j. seventy-nine. 

Unci), adj. high, tull, lofty. 

Uncha,| cwT/. high, tall, lofty, above, 

Uncha,/ steep ; loud. 

Uncha bolna, to speak with pride. 

Unchahu|;, 8. f. height, elevation. 

Unchai,! s.f. height, elevation, emi- 

Unchtii',/ nence, tallness. 

.Unchiikani', 8./. deafness. 

Unchai is, adj. tiiirty-nine. 

Unchiin, «. m. height. 

Unchai la, v. a. to raise, to take up. 

Unchii nicha, adj. rough, uneven. 

UiJchiio, H. VI. height. 

UQchas, 8./. height, elevation. 

Uiichas, adj. Ibrty-niue. 

Uncha suumi, v. n. to be hard of 

Unchtiii, 8. m. height, elevation. 

Unchnich, uiievennesH, upn and 
downs of life, viciasitud*', high 
and low, uneven ; int'<nialily. 

Unclclna, r. a. to ]xmi' out water. 

Unco, pron. they, tiione ; he, sho. 

Uiigal, 8. m. a Hnger's breadth. 

Ungh, J 8. f. notlding, dozing, 
^ Unghaf, > drowsinckw, sleopmesti, 

Unghils, ) ilrooping. 

Unghna, v. n. to nod from sleepinaa^ 
to doze, to droop. [breadth. 

Ungli', 8. /. a finger; a finger's 

Unglf katna, to be astonished. 

Uniiattar, adj. sixty-nine. 

Unhin, for WonhiQ, exactly in the 
manner, even so. 

Unf, adj. woollen, made of wool. 

Unfda, a/ij. sleepless, unshut (eyes.) 

Unis, adj. nineteen. 

Unjiyala,/ *= 

Unmatt, adj. mad, insane, crazy. 

Unon, yron, they, them, he. 

Uns, s. m. friendship, love, aflfection. 

Unsath, aAj. fifty-nine. 

Uiisau, adj. ninetyuine. 

Unt, 8. m a camel. 

Untalis, adj. thirty-nine. 

Unti's, adj. twenty-nine. 

Unt katjira, 8. m. name of a thistle 

of which camels are fond. 
Uiitni, 8./. a female c;imel. 
Unwan, 8. m. mode, manner. 
Upa, prep, near, by, by the side of, 

with ; secondary to. 
Upadcs, 8. m. exliortiition, admoni- 
tion, instruction, preaching. 
Upadesak.U. in. f. instructor, moni- 
Upadesi', / tor. 
Upadh, 8. /. violence, injury, inju&« 

ticts tyranny. 
Upiidhi, adj. violent, unjust. 
Upudmv, injustice, tyranny, violence. 
U[)ae, 8. m. exjxjdient, plan, coutriv- 

aiiec, remrdy, niethoil, means. 
Upahas, 8. in. laughter, tun, sport. 
Upaj, 8./. Uie chorus of u song. 
U paj i t, adj. pnnl uced, propagated. 
Upajuii, V. u. to spring up, to g^w, 

to he prtKlucod, shoot fortli. 
Upnkiir, 8. m. utssibtance, benefit, 

kindncMS, favour. 
U{)akari', adj. assisting, helping ; b< 

nefuctor, biuethvnt. 
Upanui, \ »./. resemblnnoc, com|Kv- 
Upaman,/ rison, simiK* : Umttluhg 

to whiuh another is likoutxl. 


[ 342 ] 


TJpapati, s. m. a gallant, a paramour. 

Upar,| jprep. above, on, up, upon, 

Upar,/ upwards, over, atop. 

Uparawarf, adj. quarrel, wrangling. 

Upari, adj. upper or external; fo- 
reign, strange. 

Uparla, adj. superficial ; upper, the 
outside of a garment (opposed to 
the lining) : s. m. the moon. 

Uparna, v. n. to be rooted up, to be 
pulled out ; to be imprinted with 
the mark of anything. 

Uparna, v. a. to root up, to extir- 
pate, to eradicate. 

Upar se, from above, over. 

Uparwala, s. m. the moon. 

Upas, 8. m. a fast, fasting. 

Upasa, adj. hungry, one who fasts. 

Upasak, s. m. a worshipper. 

Upasana, v. a. to reverence, to wor- 
ship : 8. /. reverence, worship. 

Upasik, 8. m. a worshipper. 

Upasna, v. n. to become musty, to 

Upasthit, adj. present, ready. 

Upaya, s. m. see Upae. 

Uphanna, v. n. to boil over. 

ITpjana, v. a. to produce, to make to 
grow, to cultivate. 

Upjaii, adj. fertile, productive. 

Upla, 8. m. ) cakes of dried cow- 

Upli, 8. f. j dung. 

Uprdnt, adv. after which, afterwards. 

Uprauncha, s. m. a towel or cloth for 
wiping the body. 

Upri, adj. foreign. 

Uptan, \s. m. a composition of per- 

Uptana, j fumes, flour, &c., used to 
rub tlie body with. 

Uptan malna, v. a. to apply or rub 
(the uptan.) 

Vqba, 8. m. futurity, future state. 

Uqda, 8. m. a knot. 

Ur, 8. m. tlie breast. 

Ufa dena, v. a. to leave off, abandon ; 
to squander. 

Urak, adj. capable of flying, fledged. 

Uran, s. f. act or manner of flying. 

Urana, v. a. to cause to fly, to squan- 
der or spend extravagantly ; dis- 
sipate, blow up or away, disperse, 
filch, entice. 

Urana purana, v. a. to squander. 

Uranchhii hojana, j v. n. to fly away, 

Uranchhu bona, j to disappear. 

Urarna, -y. n. to become abandoned 
(a woman.) 

Uras, s. m. a bug. 

Uraii, s. m. a spendthrift, an extra- 
vagant person, prodigal. 

Urbasi, 8. /. name of one of the cour- 
tezans of Swarga, or Indra's 

Ur chalna, v. n. to walk with a 
stately or affected gait ; to surpass, 
to excel. 

Urdabegani, s. /. a female armed at- 
tendant in the harem, 

Urddhabahu, adj. with arms aloft or 
raised up (a posture of Jogis.) 

Urdh, 8. m. a kind of vetch. 

Urdhsans, s. m. deep inspiration, 

Urdi, 8. /. livery. 

Urdii, 8. m. the dialect spoken by the 
Muhammadans in India. 

Urf, adj. known (by the name), 
commonly called, alias. 

Ufliaiya, s. a wearer or putter on of 
a dress. 

Urhakna, v. n. to overset. 

Urhana, v. a. to put a cloak, shawl, 
&c., on a person ; to cause to clothe. 

Urhauna, s, m. clothing. 

Urhna, v. n. to put on clothes. 

Urihna, s. m. reproach, reproof. 

Uris, 8. m. a bug. 

Ur jana, to fly away. 

Ur lena, to embrace, to caress. 

Urna, v. n. to fly, to soar. 

Urs, 8. m. oblations, offerings to a 

Us, prrni. dem. sing, inflect, of Wuh, 
that, him, lier, it. 

Usana, v. a. to boil ; to winnow. 

Usanna, v. n. to boil, to simmer. 


[ 343 ] 


, TJsanwana, v. a. to cause to boil 
i' (meat, &c.) 
TJsar, adj. barren fland.) 
Usara, 8. m. a porch, portico, shed. 
Usama, v.n. to retreat, recede, shrink 

Usama, v. a. to remove, to put out 

of place. 
Usat, dflj. barren (land.) 
Use, pron. object, case. sing, of Wuh, 

him, to him. 
Usevna, v. a. to throw out the water 

from boiled rice, &c. 

Usijna, v. n. to boil, to simmer. 

Usisa, 8. m. a pillow, head of a b