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Full text of "Romanized school dictionary, English and Urdu"

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* French. 

The vowels, whether long or short, with the point under, 
thus, a, &, i, i, represent the am, £, and have a guttural sound. 



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substantive ; a. adjective ; p. pronoun ; v. verb ; ad. adverb ; pt. preposition ; pa. participle ; 
c. coiuimctlon; int. inteijection. d. den&; h. hon&; k. karna; r. rakhna. 


Abaisance, s. salam, omish. 
Abandon, v. chhoy d. tar. 
Abandoned, a. chhof a hud j kharab. 
Abandonment, s. chho^ao, tar. 
Abase, v. zalil k. be-qadr k. 
Abasement, s. tazHl, be-qadri. 
Abash, V, sharminda k. ghabra d. 
Abate, v. ghatana, kam k. ; ghatn&, 
Abatement, s. ghatao, kami. [kam h. 
Abbey, s, khanqah, ma^h. 
Abbot, s. khanqah kd sardar. 
Abbreviate, v, mnkhtasar k. ikhtisdr k. 
Abbreviation, s, ikhtisar. [chhota k. 
Abdicate, v. chhop d. tark k. 
Abdication, s, chhorao ; itizal. 
Abdomen, s. pet, shikam. 
Abet, V. madad d. yari k. 
Abeyance, s, mnmkin-ul-hnsul. 
Abhor, V. nafrat k. makrtih r. 
Abhorrence, s. nafrat, kirahiyat. 
Abide, v. rahna, makan k. 
Abject, a. zalil, kamina, faromaya. 
Abjectness, s. tazlil, zaldlat, nakasi. 
Ability, s. qabiliyat, qndrat, istidad. 
Abjuration, s. inhiraf, inkar. [kir k. 
Abjure, v. qasam par inhiraf ya mun- 
Able, a. qabil, laiq. 
Able, to be, v. saJma, qdbil h. 
Abluent, a. dhone-ki laiq. 
Ablution, s. gusl j wazu. 


Aboard, ad. jaliaz-par sawar. 
Abode, s. ghar, makdn, khana^ 
Abolish,?;. mauqufk.mansukhk. uthad. 
Abolition, 5. mauqufi, nasj^h. 
Abominable, a. makrdh, karih. 
Abominate, v. nafrat k. makruh r. 
Abomination, s. kardhiyat ; khai^bi. 
Abortion, s. isqat-i-haml, pet-gima. 
Abortive, a. be-waqt padda ; batil, be- 
Above, pr, upar ; ziydda. [faida. 
Abound, v. bahut h. kasir h. 
About, pr. charon taraf, gird ; bdbat, 

haqq men ; mashgul ; andaze-se. 
Abreast, ad. ham-kindr. [kam k. 

Abridge, v. mukhtasar k. ikhtisdr k. 
Abridgment, s. ikhtisar, ^hulasa. 
Abroad, ad, bahar ; gair mulk-men. 
Abrogate, v. mauquf k. mansulfh k. 
Abrogation, s. naskh, mauqufi. 
Abruptly, ad. ekaek, ndgahj be-imti- 
Abscess, s. phopa, dummal. [yazi-se. 
Abscond, v. ruposh h. chhipa-rahna. 
Absence, s. gair-hazri. [bhagna. 

Absent, a. gair-hdzir; fir-men dub- 

giyd, gdfil. 
Absolve, V. muaf k. bakhshna. 
Absolute, a. mutlaq, ul-mukhtdr; ta- 

mam, kamal. 
Absolutely, ad» mutlaqan ; albatta. 
Absolution, s. afu, muaf. 


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Absorb, v. pin4, jazb k. pokhna. 
Absorption, s. jazb, pina, sokh. [khana. 
Abstain, v. parhez k. baz ana, kam 
Abstemious, a. parhez-gar, kamkhor. 
Abstinence, 8, parhez-gari, kamkhori. 
Abstract, s. ikhtisar ; khulasa, ijmal. 
Abstract, v. le-j&na, nikahia j juda k. ; 

intikhab ji. ijkhtisar k. 
Abstraction, s. jaddi j ganr, tasanwar. 
Abstrose, a. mnshkil, poshida, sakht. 
Absurd, a. be-huda, be-mani, be-ja. 
Absuixiity, s. be-hudagi ; be-waqufi. 
Abundance, s. bahut, bisyari, kasrat. 
Abundant, a. bahut, bisyar, be-shumar. 
Abuse, V. gall d. bad-nam d. j bad-su- 

luki k. 
Abuse, s. gfilf, dusbnam, bad-istiamali. 
Abusive, a. bad-zaban, zaban-dardz, 
Abyss, s. ghor, gahrao. [dushnim-zan. 
Academy, s. madrasa, maktab. 
Accede, v. razi h. qabul k. 
Accelerate, v. jald k. chalana. [lahja. 
Accent, s. taJaffuz-ka nishan ; talaflFuz, 
Accent, v. makhraj khub k. talaffuz 

khub rakhna. 
Accept, V. qabul k. ; lena, pazir k. 
Acceptable, a. pasandida, khush. 
Acceptation, s. qabul ; bat-ki m^nf, fah- 

Access, s. daUfhl, dalf hul-kd r^h j nau- 

Accessory, s. rafiq, sathi, ham-gnnah. 
Accession, s. juliis, masnad-nishini. 
Accidence, s. amad-nama ; sarf-o-naho. 
Accident, s. ittifaq, sar-guzasht, majri, 

naubat ; chot, za^hm. 
Accidental, a. ittifaqi, na-gahUni. 
Acclamation, s. sh6bashi ; afrin-ka bu- 

land awaz. 
Acclivity, s. pahaf-kl charhao. 
Accommodate, v. muwafiq k. mut6biq 
k. ; zariiriyat-se j^habar lena; mail 
k. J mihmani k. 
Accommodation, s. munasibat, muwa- 

fiqat; rai&; mihmani. 
Accompany, v. ham-rdh h. 
Accomplice, s. rafiq, shank. [bahna. 
Accomplish, v. tamam k. bajalana, ni- 

Acoomplished, a. tam^ hua ; kamil. 
Accomplishment, s. nib^, tamami ; 

hunar, qabiliyat. 
Acoompt, 8. his&b, shumar. 
Accord, V. mutabiq h. eksan h. 
Accordance, s. mutabaqat, mel. 
According, jw. muwafiq, mutabiq, hasb, 

Accost, V. saJam k. mukhatib h. 
Account, V. •samajhna, jannit ; hisab k. 

ya d. ; jawab d. 
Account, s. hisab ; naql, hik&yat, taz- 

kira ; martaba. 
Accountable, a. muhasiba-dar, juwab- 

dih, zlunin. 
Accoutre, v. sajnii ; jang k4 hathyar 
Accrue, v. faida h. hasil h. ini. [lena. 
Accumulate, v. jama k. faraham k. 
Accumulation, 5. jama, farllham ; dheri. 
Accuracy, 8. durusti, sihhat. [tuda. 
Accurate, a. durust, sahih ; ^hik. 
Accursed, a. malun, makriih. 
Accusation, s. tuhmat, nalish. 
Accusative, a. sfga-i-maful. [niilish k. 
Accuse, V. tuhmat lagan& ; shikayat k. 
Accustom, V. 4dat k. rabt k. istpnal k. 
Ache, s. dard, ranj. 
Achieve, v, kama ; sar k. amal k. 
Acid, a. khatta, tursh. 
Acidulate, v, khatta y^ tursh k. 
Acknowledge, v. iqrar k. qabul k. 
Acknowledgment, s. iqrar, qabul, ftiraf, 
Acorn, s. balut. [shukrima. 

Acquaint, v. ittil$ d. ^abar d. 
AcquaJntaiice,5. 8hinasi,ashna; marifat. 
Acquainted, a. waqif, igeih. 
Acquiesce, v. lizi h. qabul k. 
Acquiescence, s. raza-mandi, qabul. 
Acquire, v. milna,pana, hasil k. tahsilk. 
Acquisition, 8. tahsil, hisil ; hasfil, faida. 
Acquit, V, be-guniih thahrana, farig k. ; 

Acquittal, s, fatwa-e-be-gun4M . 
Acre, 8. farangi jarib, zamin ka qata. 
Acrid, a. charpara, tez. 
Acrimony, s. tezi, kafwai; durushtf. 
Across, ad, aya ; par, warpar. [sakhti. 
Acrostic, 8, muamma. 


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Act, s. kam, kar, fial, amal. 

Act, V. kama, amal k. ; apni nibahnl ; 

naql k. tam^shd k. 
Action, s, kam, amal, fial ; muqaddama ; 
Active, a. chalak, chust, tez-da8t.[la|*ai. 
Activi^, 8. chalaki, chusti. 
Actor, s. karta ; naqqal, bhand. 
Actual, a. haqiqi, fi-l>haqiqat, thik. 
Actuate, v. karina, haraat d. ; asar k. 
Acute, V. tez ; sakht, shadid ; tez-fahm, 

tez-aql. [fahmi. 

Acuteness, s. tezi ; sakhti, shiddat ; tez- 
Adage, s. masal ; maqula, kahawat. 
Adamant, s. hira, almas. 
Adamantine, a. alm^si, khub sakht. 
Adapt, V. muwafiq k. mansub k. thikk. 
Adaptation, s. ^hik bona ; muwafaqat. 
Add, V. milana, joyna, izafa k. ; mizan d. 
Adder, 8, afai ; zahr-dar sanp. 
Addict, V. kho dabi&, parast h. 
Addition, s. izafa ; mizan. 
Additional, a. ziy^da, aur uchh. 
Addle, a. ganda, j^aki. 
Address, s. salam ; arzi, daxkhwast ; pat& 

sar-nama ; aql, hunar ; adab, akhlaq. 
Address, v. saJdm k. mukhatib h. dar- 

khwast k. sar-nama likhna. 
Adept, 8. hunar mand, k^mil. 
Adequate, a. muwafik, laiq, k£fi. 
Adhere, v. paiwast h. chipakn4 ; qaim r. 
Adherent, a. paiwasta, chipaka. 
Adherent, s. tabjdar, alaqad^. 
Adhesion, s. paiwastagi ; raza, qabul. 
Adjacent, a. muttasU, qarib, nazdik. 
Adjective, s. sifat, ism-i-sifat. 
Adieu, s. wid^, khuda hafiz. [mila hua. 
Adjoining, a. muttasil, qarib ; laga hua, 
Adjourn, v. barkhast ; mauquf k. 
Adjudge, V. fatwa d. tahqiqat karke 

hukm d. 
Adjunct, s. paiwandi chiz, ilhaq. 
Adjure, v. qasam khilana. 
Adjuration, s. qasam khilai ; qasam. 
Adjust, V. muwafiq k. thik k. ; faisla k. 
Adjutant, s. lashkar-ka sardar. [rafa k. 
Administer, v. hakumat k. ; adalat k. 

diid d. ; qasam khilana ; muhafazat 

k. wasi h. 

Administration, s. hakumat; hifazat 

wasi-k^ kam. 
Admirable, a. gjib, n&dir, garib. 
Admiral, s. mir-ul-bahar. 
Admiration, s. taajjub, hairanf.[4shiq h. 
Admire, v. taajjub k. mutaijjib h. ; 
Admission, 8. dakhul, dakhl, rasai. 
Admit, V. daJ^hl d. ^e d. ; qabul k. 
Admonish, V. nasihatk. tambih d. [razih. 
Admonition, ». nasihat, pand, tambih. 
Adopt, V. pasand k. ij^htiyar k. amal- 

men lan4; mutabaun& k. pasar- 

khwlnda lena. [a^hz, qabuL 

Adoption, s. pasar-Vhw&ndagi, tabanni ; 
Adoration, s, sijda, ibidat, parastish ; 
Adore, v. sijda k. ibddat k. piijna.[ishq. 
Adorn, v. araish k. arasta k. zebaish d. 

zinat d. 
Adrift, ad. bahtH hu£, baha-phirta. 
Adroit, a. chalak, tez-dast, tez-fahm. 
Adulation, 8. khushamad, chaplusi. 
Adult, s. balig, bultig, rasida. 
Adulterate, v. milauni, niqis chizon se 

iimezish k. 
Adulteration, s. khon^f, Hmezish. 
Adulterer, s. zina-kar, zani, fasiq. 
Adultery", s. zina, zina-kari, haram-kari. 
Advance, v. age j^na, barhna ; pesh k. ; 

bafhan^, saxfarazi k. ; izhdr ba^ha h. 
Advance, s» dna ; peshagi, sarfarazi ; 

bafhao, toraqqi. 
Advantage, s. faida, nafa ; fursat, qabu, 

fatah, galaba. 
Advantageous, v. mufid, faidamand. 
Advent, s. Masih i paid^ish ; kmad. 
Adventure, s. majra ; mukhatara ; tija- 

Adverb, s. ism-i-zarf ; harf-i-tamiz. 
Adversary, 5. dushman, mukhalif. 
Adverse, v. mui:halif, bar- as ; bad- 

Advertize, v. ishtihar k. ; khabar d. 
Advice, 8, nasihat, maslahat; khabar, 

Advise, v, salah d. maslahat d. ; ittild d. 
Adviser, 8. nasih, salihkar. 
Advocate, s. wakil, shatj, hami. 
^ra, s. san, zamana. 


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Aerial, a. hawaf , ismim ; buland. 
Aeronaut, s. hawa-rawinda. 
Afar, ad. bafd, dur, bahnt dur-se.[liilm. 
Affability, s. Vbush-siilibati, murawat ; 
Affable, a. khush-go, mnrawati, halim. 
Affair, s. kam, kar, mn^xnila, majra. 
Affect, V. asar k. ; ranjida k. sh&di k. ; 

bahina k. ; ikhtiyar k. [nakbra. 

Affectation, s. taqKd, bah^na, makr. 
Affection, s. jshq, mnhabbat, dlfat. 
Affectionate, a. iUfati, s^hib-i-mnhabbat, 

Affectionately, ad. mnhabbatana^ sha- 

faqat-se, piyar-se. 
Affidavit, s. half-nama ; qasam. 
Affinity, s. nisbat, mnnasabat ; rishta- 
Affirm, V. iqrar k. kahna. [dan. 

Affirmation, s. iqrar, isbat, qaul. 
Affirmative, a. iqrari, musbit. 
Affix, V. paiwaeta k. lagdna, sath-jorna. 
Afflict, V. ranjida k. iza d. satana. 
Afflicted, a. ranjida, gam-nak, dil-gir, 

Affliction, s. ranj, tasdf, gam-khwari, 

dil-giri. ' [hall. 

Affluence, s. daulat, tawangari, asuda- 
Affluent, a. daulat-mand, tawangar. 
Afford, V. dena ; kharch k. 
Affiray, s. hdngama, gauga, danga. 
Affright, V. darana, dahshat d. 
Affront, V. be-adabi k. khafif k. be-jzzatk. 
Affront, s. khiffat, zillat, be-jzzati. 
Afoot, ad. piyada, paidal, paon-paon. 
Afloat, ad. bahta j jahaz-par. 
Afore, pr. pesh, pahile, 6ge. 
Aforesaid, ad. mazkur. 
Afraid, a. ^arta, dahshat-zada. 
After, pr. pichhe, dar-pai ; b4d. [tak. 
Afternoon, s. si-pahar, do-pahar-se sham 
Afterwards, ad. b^d iske, akhirko. 
Again, ad. pher, baz ; dob^h, dusrakar. 
Against, pr. khilaf, bar-khilafi-men, bar- 

aks ; samnukh. 
Agate, s. yashm, sang-i-sulaimani. 
Age, s. $mr, sinn-o-sal ; zamana. 
Aged, a. budciha, sal-dida, pir. 
Agency, s. kam, amaJ j gnmaflTitagi, ni- 

yabatj wakalat. 

Agent, s. gomlishta, wakil ; jG£)l. 
Aggrandize, v, barhani, snifaraz k. 

Aggravate, v. ziyilda k. badtar k. 
Aggregate, s, majmfi^) jumla. [dasti. 
Aggression, s, hsonla, zabar-dasti, pesh- 
Aggressor, s, mabni-e-fasad, hamlagar« 
Aghast, a, dahshat-zada, haibat-zada. 
Agile, a. chust, ch&lak, jald-b&z. 
Agility, 8. chusti, chalaki. [hairin k. 
Agitate, v. hil&na, harakat d. ; ghabrana. 
Agitation, s. harakat, jumbish ; ghabra- 

hat, hairanl [tar. 

Ago, ad, guzashta, guzre hiie, age, pesh- 
Agonize, v. azab-men h. bahut dukhna. 
Agony, s. azab, jankandan, h^-i-n4za. 
Agree, v. razi h. qabul k. muwafiq h. 

milna ; iqrar k. 
Agreeable, a. pasandida,dil-pa8and ; mu- 

wafiq, mutabiq. [mujib. 

Agreeably, ad, l^hushi-se ; mutabiq, ba- 
Agreed, a. muqarrar ; razi, ham-awaz. 
Agreement, s. ittifaq, muwafiqat ; shart, 

ahd ; iqrar-nima. 
Agriculture, s. kishtkari, ziraat. 
Agriculturist, s, kishtkar, muzari. 
Aground, ad. zamin-par, zada^ khushki- 
Ague, s. tap-i-larza, juri. [men. 

Ah, int. ah, darega, w^e, h£e-wae. 
Ahead, ad» pesh, qabl, ^e. 
Aid, s. madad, yawari, dast-giri. 
Aid, V. madad d. dast-giri k. 
Aide-de-camp, s. bakhshi-ka musahib. 
Ail, V, dard-ras h. iza h. ranjida h. 
Ailing, a. bimar, mariz, mdnda. 
Ailment, s. bimari, marz, azar. 
Aim, V, shist bandhna, azm k. qasd k. 

Aim, s. shist, nishan ; azm, qasd, irada. 
Air, s, hawa, bad ; nawa-tarana, taran- 

num ; waza, chal. 
Airing, s. sair, haw^-l^hori. 
Air-pump, s. hawa nikilne-ke hathyar. 
Airy, a. hawa-dar, hawai ; buland, un- 

cha ; khttsh-shad, subuk. 
Aisle, s. girje-ki bhitar rah. 
Akin, a. rishta-dar, qarib ; muwafiq. 
Alabaster, s. marmar-i-sufaid. 


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Alacrity, s. V^^usM, dh&lik\. 

Alarm, v. darina, takhwif k. chaunkani, 

Alarm, s. l^nf, dar ; afat-ki ]^habar ; 

ganga, hnllar. [tars-nak. 

Alarming, a. dahshat-nak, haul-nak, 
Alas, int. ah, w4h, darega, afsos, hae- 
Albeit, ad. a^arohi, garchi. [wile. 

Alchymist, 8. kimiya-gar. 
Alchymy, 8, jlm-i-kimiya. 
Alcohol, ». tez sharab. 
Alcove, s, qubba, taq. 
AldenxLan, s, hakim, ^mil. 
Ale, 8. boza, Mr-sharab-ki qism. 
Alert, a. chnst, chalak, chaukas. 
Algebra, s. al-jabr, jabr-o-muqabala. 
Alias, ad, urf, s^niyan. i 
Alien, s. begana, garib, ajnabi. 
Alienate, v, dena, ba]{Jisna ; dil nth^ni. 
Alienation, s. hawala, tafwiz : karahat, 

nafrat; dewanagi. 
Alight, V. utama, nazil h* [waisa. 

Alike, a. baribar, eksan, mnshabih. 
Aliment, s. IsMna, khorak, taam, ghiza. 
Alimentanr, a, khane-ka, mnqauwi. 
Alive, a. jita, zinda ; chalak, chankas. 
Alkali, 5. khdr, sajji. 
AH, a. 8ab, sara, tam^, kull-hmn. 
Allay, V. thanda k. taJkhfif k. aram d. 

Allegation, s. iqrar, ijab, bahana, dawa. 
Allege, V. kahni, iqrar k. [dan, itaat. 
Allegiance, s. farman-bardari, wafa- 
Allegory, s. tamsil, misal, majaz. 
Alleviate, v. thanda k. takhfif k. kam k. 
Alleviation, s. takhfif, taskin. [rishta. 
Alliance, s, ahd-o-paiman ; qarabat. 
Alligator, s. magar, ghairiyal ; kmnhir. 
Alliteration, s. tirsia, tajnis. 
Allot, V, bantna, hissa ya bakhra d. 

taqsim k. ; dena. 
Allotment, s. hissa, bakhra ; qismat. 
Allow, V. ijazat d. rawa r. qabul k. j 

takhfif k.; dena. 
Allowance, s. hissa, baiJu» ; tankhwah j 

ratib, khoraki. 
Allowed, a. laiq-e-ijazat, wajibi. 
Alloy, 8. amezish, milanni, kahish. 

Allnde, v. IsmijB, k. ishira k. 

Allure, V. phnsland, wargaJana, fareb d. 

Allurement, s. fareb, targib, phusl6wa. 

Allusion, 8. kinaya, ramz, ishara. 

Ally, 8. rafiq, sathi. 

Almanack, 8. taqwim, roz>n&ma. 

Almighty, s. All&h taila, haq-ta^la. 

Almond, s, bad^m, lauz. 

Almoner, s, bela-bardar. 

Almost, ad. qarib, anqarib, nazdiktar. 

Alms, 8. l^airat, zakat, bhikh. 

Almshouse, 8. garib-^iina. 

Aloft, s. bala, dpar. 

Alone, ad. akeli, tanhft, jarlda. 

Along, ad, sath, hamr&h, sh^mil; ba 

darazi, lambdn men. 
Aloof, ad. diir, baid ; alag, alahida. 
Aloud, ad. chillake, buland kwiz-Be 

Alphabet, s, alif-be, haruf-i-tahajji. 
Already, ad. abhi, isi waqt ; paJale-se ; 
Also, ad. bhi, aur, niz. [chuka. 

Altar, 8. qurban-gah, mazbah. 
Alter, V. badal k. tagir k. tabdil k. 
Alteration, s. tagir, tabdil. 
Altercation, s. takrar, hujjat, jhagra. 
Alternate, a. ek-ke b^d dusra, b&ri bari- 
Altemative, s. ikhtiyar. [k6, ba-naubat. 
Although, c. agarchi, harchand-ki. 
Altitude, 8. bulandi, unchai, irtif^. 
Altogether, ad, sub-samet, bil-kul. 
Alum, s. phitkiri, zaj-i-sufaid. 
Always, ad. hamesha, harwaqt, hardam. 
Amain, ad, zor-se, ba-shiddat, jald. 
Amalgam, s. qalaf. [navis. 

Amanuensis, s. muharrir, k&tib, madad- 
Amass, v. faraham k. jam^ k. jorna. 
Amaze, v. mutajjib k. hairan k. ghab- 

Amazement, s. taajub, hairat, ghabrahat. 
Amazingly, ad. ajib tarah-se, nihayat, 

Ambassador, s. elchi, wakil-i-b6dsh&h. 
Amber, s. kahruba. [galat. 

Ambiguity, s. do-m^ni, ishtibah, pech. 
Ambiguous, a. mashkiik, pechida, mug- 

laq, mushtabah. 
Ambition, s. himmat, hanaila. 


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Ambitions, a. himmati, hausilamand. 
Amble, v. yargi chaJna. 
Ambrosia, s. amrit. 

Ambuscade, "> kamin, kamingah, gMt, 
Ambush, s. ) ghat-ki jagah. 
Amen, ad. amin. [min. 

Amenable, a. zer-amal, jawab-dih, za- 
Amend, v. dumst k. islah k. sahih k. 
Amendment, s, dnrosti, islah, tashih. 
Amends, s. jazij makafat. 
Amerce, v. jarimana k. dand bharwana. 
Amiable, a, har-dil aziz, mahbub, nek- 

nih^d. [dost-dar. 

Amicable, a. nek-khwah, khair-khwah. 
Amicably, ad. khair-j^hwahdna, dosti-se. 
Amidst, jpr. bich, darmiyan. 
Amiss, ad, taqsir, qnsdr ; galat. 
Amity, s. dosti, mihrbani, ikhlas. 
Ammnnition, s. bardt-goli, asbdb-i-jang. 
Amnesty, s. mn^f-i-nima. 
Amongst, pr. bich, darmiyan. 
Amorous, a. ashiq-mizaj, ishq-b&z. 
Amount, v, ba^hna ; tadid h. 
Amount, s. jama, jumla. 
Amphibious, a. do-ijinsari, zamfn-par-o- 

pani-men rahnewala. 
Ample, a. bara, chaura, wasf, bahut. 
Amplify, V, bafhana, bisyar k. ; tul- 

Amply, ad. bahutat-se, khasrat-se. [k. 
Amputate, v. ^zo-ko kat-dalna ya qalam 
Amputation, s. yzo-ka katao. 
Amulet, s. tdwiz, hirz, bftzu-band. 
Amuse, v. bahland ; tafrih d. khush k. 
Amusement, s, tam^sha, bazi ; tafrih. 
AnaJpgy, s, mushabahat, nisbat, qarina. 
Analogous, a. mushabih, muwafiq. 
Analysis, s, tafriq, tafsil, taqsim. 
Analyze, v. tafriq k. tafsil k. 
Anarchy, s. halchal, hangama. 
Anathema, s. Idnat. 

Anatomy, s. jlm-i-tMhrih. [peshina. 
Ancestor, s. jadd, buzurg, aba-ajdad. 
Anchor, 8. langar. 

Anchorage,^, langar-gah, lagan-ki jagah. 
Anchoret, s. gosha-nishin, zahid. 
Ancient, a. qadim, peshin, derina, pu- 

rand, hufhSu 

Ancients, s, mutaqaddamm, sibiqin. 
And, c. aur, wa, o. [aalaf. 

Anecdote, s. dastan, qissa, naql ; nukta. 
Anew, ad. phir, sar-i-nau, naye edr-se. 
Angel, s. farishta, malak. 
Anger, s. gussa, l^hafagi, ]b:hashm.. 
Angle, 8. kona, gosha ; ' nok. 
Angle, V, bans! lagana, machhll mama. 
Anglicism, s.angrezizubankimuh£wara. 
Angrily, ad. gusse-se, j^hashmana. 
Angry, a. gussa, Ipiafa, khaflhmnak. 
Anguish, s, azab, iza, aziyat, azar, alam. 
Animadversion, 8. sar-zanish, t^zir, 

t^ib, tambih. [giri k. 

Animadvert, v. t&zir k. tambih d« ; harf- 
Animal, s. janwar, haiwan. 
Animajcule, 8. bahut chhot^ kif&. 
Animate, v. jilana, zinda k. ; himmat 

bandwana, dileri d. 
Animate, v. j^dar, zinda, jita. 
Animation, a. zindagi, jandari ; cMlaki ; 

zinda-dili, dfleri. 
Animosity, 8. kina^ V^usumat, adawat. 
Ankle, s. takhna. 
Annals, 8, tawarikh, akhbar. 
Annex, v. lagana, laga-dend, paiwand k. 

wasl k. [halak k. 

Annihilate, v. nabud k. mddum k. 
Annihilation, 8, nesti, adam, halak. 
Anniversary, 8. barsi, roz-i-sal. 
Annotation, ». tabir tafsir, sharh. 
Announce, v. ittil^ k. khabar d. ishti- 
Annoy, v. khijana, diqq d. [har k. 

Annoyance, s. diqq, tasdi, takllf. 
Annuial, a. har-sala, baras-w&n. 
Annuity, 8, saliyana, wazifa. 
Annul, V. mauquf k. mansukh k. 
Anodyne, 8. taskin-bakhsh, arim-bakhsh. 
Anoint, v. tel lagana, masah k. [dawa. 
Anomalous, a. be-tartib, khilaf-i-qaida. 
Anonymous, a. be-nami, ism-i-na-ma- 
Another, a. dtisra, aur-ek, digar. pum. 
Answer, s. jawab, ijabat. 
Answer, v. jawab d. j mutabiq h. ; hazir, 

z&min h. ; hazir h. 
Answerable, a. zimma-dar, zamin ; mum- 

kin-ul-jawab, muwafiq. 
Ant, 8. chiunta, chiunti, mor. , 


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Antagonist, s. dnskman, mnkh&lif, harif. 

Antecedent, a, peshm, mnqaddam. 

Antechamber, a. jilan-kh^na, dardalan. 

Antedate, v, peshtar tarikh dalna. 

Antelope, s. haran, ahu. 

Anterior, a. peshin, mntaqaddam. 

Anthem, s, tasbih, ilahi. 

Antichristian, a. khilaf din-i-masih-ke. 

Anticipate, v. peshdasti k. sabqat k. 

Anticipation, s. pesh-dasti, pesh-bandi, 

Antidote, s. tiryak, zahr-muhra. [sabqat. 

Antimony, s. snrma, knhl. 

Antipathy, s. na&at^ karahiyat. 

Antipodes, s. taht-nl-arz sakin. 

Antiquarian, s. mntaqaddam-khwah, 

Antiqnate, v, pnrana k. ; beriwaj k. 

Antique, a. qadim, peshin, purana. 

Antiquity, s, qadimi, peshin zamana, 

Antithesis, 5. mu4raza,muqabala.[salaf. 

Antler, a. haran-ke sing-ki shakh. 

Anvil, s. sandan, nihai. 

Anxiety, s. andesha, tashwf sh, taraddud, 
iztirabi; udasi. [fikr-mand. 

Anxious, a. andesha-nak, mutaraddid, 

Any, a. koi, kase, kuchh, hech. 

Apace, ad. jaldi, shitabi-se, turt. 

Apart, ad. aJag, $lahida, juda. 

Apartment, s. kothrf, kamrll. 

Apathy, 5. be-parwal, kahili ; murdadili. 

Ape, s. bandar, hozina. 

Aperient, a, mus*hil, julldb. 
Aperture, s, chhed, surakh, shigaf. 

Apex, s. nok, sir, sar, qulla, chonti. 
Aphorism, s. masla, maqula. 
Apiece, ad. ekek-ko, harek-ko. 
Apocryphal, a. na-muatabir, mashkuk. 
Apologize, V, T^zr k. mu^zarat k. muaf 
Apologue, s, masal, hikayat. [mangnk. 
Apology, 8. uzr, mazirat. 
Apoplexy, s. sakta. [inhirfif. 

Apostasy, s. tark-i-din, inkar-i-din, 
Apostate, s, munkir-i-dfn, munharif. 
Apostle, s. rasdl, hawari. 
Apothecary, s. dawa-farosh, att&r. 
Apophthegm, s. qaul-i-mushhur, kalam- 

Appal, V. darana, 4ar dikhldna. 

Apparatus, 5. saranjam, slz-o-s^man. 
Apparel, s. poshak, libds, kapri. [alat. 
Apparent, a. zahir, howaida, sanh. 
Apparently, ad. zahiran, dekhne-men. 
Apparition, s. bhut, Ipuy&l; zahur. 
Appeal, s. dohai, murafa. [surat. 

Appeal, V. murafa k. doh&i k. 
Appear, v. nazar an£, zdhir h. dikhlai d. 
m^lum h. [shakl. 

Appearance, s. zahur, numaish, surat, 
Appease, v. taskin d. than^a k. 
Appellant, s. dad-khwah, muaddi. 
Appellation, s. laqab, nam. 
Append, v. jofna, lagan£« 
Appendage, 8. mulhaq, ilaqe-ka ; dum. 
Appendix, s, tatimma, zail. [r. 

Appertain, v. mutaalliq h. ilaqa r. taaluq 
Appetite, s, bhukh, ishtiha, ragbat, 

Applaud, V. afrin k. t^rff d. sardhna. 
Applause, s, ifrin, t$rif, shiibashi. . 
Apple, s. seb ; (of the eye) putli. 
Applicable, a. laiq, munisib, mutabiq. 
Application, s, shugl, mashaqqat, tan- 

dihi ; arzi, darkhwdst. 
Apply, V. lagana ; mutalaa k. mashgul 
h. ; arzi ya darkhwast k. ; munasib h. 
Appoint, V. thahrana, muqarrar k. 

nasab k. 
Appointment, s, jah, mansab ; taaiyun, 

mushahara ; shart, wdda. 
Apposite, a. thik, muwafik, munasib, 


Appraise, v. nirkh thahrHna, qimat 

lagana, tashkhis k. [ankao. 

Appraisement, s. takhmina, tash^piis, 

Appraiser, s. qimat-lagane-wala, ta^h- 

mina-saz, mushakhkhis. 
Appreciate, v. aziz janna, qadr k. 
Apprehend, v. pakapna, giriftar k. ; 
samajhna; dami. [khauf. 

Apprehension, s. giriftari ; samajh ; dar. 
Apprehensive, a. dart^, andeshamand, 

Apprentice, s. shagird, talmiz. 
Apprize, v. ^habar d. ittild k. 
Approach, s. amad, nazdik ana. [&ia. 
Approach, v, nazdik ana ya jana, qarib 


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Approbation, s, pasand, manzun, raza. 
Appropriate, a. \hia, makhsiis; mnnasib, 

mnwafiq. [mnqarrar k. lagana. 

Appropriate, v. makhsus k. apna k. ; 
Approval, 5. pasand, raza. 
Approve, v, pasand k. manzur k. razi h. 
Approximate, v. nazdik iai ya jan&. 
Appurtenance, s. mntaalliq. [qarib h. 
Apricot, s, khub&ni, zard-alu. 
April, s. Angrezi chautha mahina. 
Apron, 8. tah-band. [daat. 

Apt, a. m4qal» mnnasib ; tez-fahm, tez- 
Aptitnde, a. qabiliyat, liyaqat, istiadad. 
AqnEb-fortis, s. tez-ab. 
Aqnatic, a. abi, daryai. 
Aqnednct, s, nahr, mnhri. 
Aqniline, a. tote-ki si nak. 
Arable, a. khet-ke laiq, ziraat-ke laiq. 
Arbiter, 5. salis, mnnsif. [be-qaida. 

Arbitraiy, a, mnkhtar-i-knl, zalim; 
Arbitrate, v, salisi k. mnnsifi k. 
Arbitration, s, salisi, panchayat. 
Arbitrator, s. salis, mnnsif. 
Arbonr, s. knnj, darakhton-ke saye-men 

Arch, s, nuhrab ; taq ; daire-ke hissa. 
Arch, a. zarif, latif, thathe-baz; (in 

cow/p.) sardar. [mnqarrab. 

Archangel, s, farishta bnznrgwar, malak 
Archbishop, s. mnjtahidon-ka sardar. 
Archdeacon, s, mnjtahid-ka naib. 
Archduke, s. amir-i-azam. 
Arched, a. mihrab-dir. 
Archer, s. tir-andaz, kam£n-d^. 
Archery, s. tir-andazi, kaman-kashf . 
Archipelago, s, bahnt jazira-dar darya ; 

raziron-ka jama. [rat. 

Architect, s. miamar, banna, mir-i-jma- 
Architecture, s. miamari, ilm-i-imarat. 
Archives, s. daftar, tawarikh. 
Arctic, s, shimali, tarf-i-shim^ 
Arctic-circle, s, ^lat-i-shim^l. 
Ardent, a. garm, tez; tnnd, shadid, 

dil-soz. [hararat, 

Ardonr, s. garmi; sar-garmi, dil-sozi, 
Arduous, a. dushwar, mushkil, sakht. 
Area, s. maidan, sahn, arsa. 
Argue, V, bahs k. hujjat k. dalil k. 

Argument, s. bahs, hujjat, dalil. 
Argumentation, s, mza, munazaat, 

mujadila. [hujjati, takrari. 

Argumentative, a. hujjat-mand, kanul ; 
Arid, a. sukha, khushk, sokhta. 
Aridity, s. l^hushki, siikhai. 
Aries, s, burj-i-hamal. 
Aright, ad. durust, rdst, rasti-se. 
Arise, v. uthna, chaphna ; sadir h. &-jana, 

a-parna, hona; hasil h. nikaLna, 

paida h. 
Aristocracy, s. amiron-ki hukumat, 

saltanat raison-ki, jami umrao. [bat. 
Arithmetic, s. ilm-i-hisab, ilm-i-muhasi- 
Arithmetician, s. hisab-dan, siyaqdan, 
Ark, s. Nuh-ki kishti ; tabut. [muhasib. 
Arm, s. bazu ; banh ; shakh ; khalij, kol, 

sota. [ya^ bandhna. 

Arm, V, silah pahinna, musajj^ k. hath- 
Armistice, s, larai-ki muhl^^ 
Armlet, s. bazu-band ; kh^', sota. 
Armory, s. silah-khana. [sHah. 

Armour, s. baktar, janshan, jubba, zirah. 
Armpit, s. bagal. [ja^g* 

Arms, 8. silah, hathyar, saz-banduq ; 
Army, s. lashkar, fauj. [muattar. 

Aromatic, a. masala-dar; khushbudar. 
Around, od, aspas, gird-a-gird, har- 

Arouse, v. jagana, uthana, chaunkana. 
Arrack, s, araq-sharab (yane tari, 

sendhi, wagaira.) 
Arraign, v. ittiham k. baramad k. 
Arrange, v. tartib d. saiiwama,intizamk. 
Arrangement, s. tartib, intizam, sajawat. 
Array, s. poshak, libas ; saff, saff-i-jang. 
Array, v. poshak pahinna, arasta k. ; 

salf-arai k. . ^ 

Arrears, s. hisab-i-baqi, baqiyat. 
Arrest, v. pakama, giriftar k. ^ 
Arrival, s. pahunch, amad, dna. 
Arrive, v. pahunchna, ana, dakhil h. 
Arrogance, s. magruri, gustakhi. 
Arrogant, a, magrur, gustdkh. 
Arrogate, v. nahaqq, dawa k. 
Arrow, s, tir. 

Arsenal, s. silah-khana, top-khana. 
Arsenic, s, zamikh, haxtaU 


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Art, s. hmiar, fann, hikmat, hila ; hirfa, 
Artery, s. shiyan, rag. [kam. 

Artfnl, a. hila-baz, aiyar ; himarmand. 
Artfully, ad, fareb-se. 
Article, s, harf-i-tdrif yk harf-i-tankir ; 

babat ; shart ; bat ; raqam. 
Articulate, v, talafPaz k. makhraj k. 
Articulation, s. talafFdz, makhraj ; girah, 

paiwand. [hikmat. 

Artifice, s. hila, fareb, ba«hana; fann. 
Artificer, s. klirigar, dastkar. 
Artificial, a. kasibi, amali, banawat-ki ; 

hunarf ; naqli, jhutha. 
Artillery, s. top-i-jama ; goland&z. 
Artisaji, s. karigar, dastkar. [ka ustiid. 
Artist, 8. hnnarmand shakhs, kisi, fann- 
Artless, a. sada, bhola, be-fareb. 
As, c. jaisa, jis-tara, chun. 
Asafoetida, s, hlng, anguza. 
Ascend, v. chafhna, chaph-janii, nthna. 
Ascendency, s, galaba,. istila ; hnkumat, 

Ascension, s. nthna ; mar&j-i-hazrat I'su. 
Ascent, s. chayhao, bala ravi ; bulandi. 
Ascertain, v. tahqiq k. thahrana, mnqar- 
Ascetic, s, zahid, dbid. [rar k. 

Ascribe, v. nisbat d. mansub k. ; makh- 

sus k. deniy lagan^ 
Ashamed, a. sharminda, sharm-sar. 
Ashes, s. l^hakistar, rdkh. 
Ashore, ad. kinAre-par, khushki-par. 
Aside, ad. ek-tarf, alag, al^da. 
Ask, V. puchhna, Rursish k. mangn^, 

talash k. 
Aslant, ad. tirchhfi, tirchh^i-se, teyha. 
Asleep, ad. sota hda, khnfta. 
Aslope, ad. dhalu, dhal-se, mail. 
Asp, s. afai, balishtiya, sanp. 
Aspect, s. ru, chihra, surat, shakl, haiat. 
Asperity, s. durushti, sal^ti, l^hushunat ; 

Asperse, v. tnhmat lagana ; chhiirakna. 
Aspersion, s. chhiykao ; tuhmat, buhtan. 
Aspirate, v. ba-dam sarshar ya shiddat- 

se talaffnz k. [kamal arzu. 

Aspii'ation, s. ba-dam tamam talaffiiz -, 
Aspire) V. arzu r. tak r, koshish k. 
Ass, s. gaddha, l^har ; ahmaq. 

Assail, V. hamla k. hujum k. mnb&hisa k. 
AssailantjS. hamla-awar,hujum-kuninda. 
Assassin, 8. qatil, khuni, ghati. 
Assassinate, v. quit k. khun k. 
Assault, 8. hamla, hujdm, yurish. 
Assay, s. azmiish, imtihan, tajrub& ; ayar 

ya iy6r. [han k. 

Assay, v. ayar k. janchn^, kasni ; imti- 
Assayer, s. ay^-gir, janchne-wala. 
Assemblage, 8. majlis, amboh, bMy. 
Assemble, v. jama k. jama h. faraham 

kama ya hona. [garoh. 

Assembly, 8. majlis, mahfil, jamaat, 
Assent, v. razi h. qabul k. razamand h. 
Assent, 8. razi, rajamandj, qabul. 
Assert, v. kahni, iqrar k. ; dawa k. 
Assertion, 8. iqrar, qaul, kaM ; dawa. 
Assess, V. khiraj lagana, jamabandi k. 
Assessment, 8. I^hiraj, jamabandi. 
Asseveration, 8. qavi iqrar, qasam-se 

Assiduity, 5. mihnat, mashaqqat, taqai- 

yud, mulazamat. [zim. 

Assiduous, a. mihnati, mashgdl, muld- 
Assign, V. thahran^, ta^iyun k. muqarrar 

k. ma^hsus k. 
Assignation, s. mulaqat-kd iqrar. [dar. 
Assignee, s. naib, zimma-dar, ta4iyun- 
Assimilation, 8. muwafiqat, mush&bahat. 
Assist, V. madad d. dast-giri k. 
Assistance, 8. madad, pushti, yari. 
Assistant, 8. madad-gar, dast-gir. 
Assizes, 8. adalat. 

Associate, v. suhbat r. rifaqat k. rafiq h. 
Associate, s. sharik, rafiq. 
Association, 8. rifaqat, shardkat ; ittifaq, 

Assort, V. tartib d. intizam k. sanwama. 
Assortment, 8. tartib; majma-i-mal, 

muntakhab-i-m»l. [aram d. 

Assuage, v. taakin d. takhfif d. thanda k. 
Assume, v. le-lena, ikhtiyar k. ddwa k. 

damag k. fakhr k. [fakhr. 

Assumption, 8. aishz, ikhtiyar ; damagf. 
Assurance, 8. tahqiq, yaqinj iatibar, 

iatiqad ; dileri, taqwiyat ; tawaqqul ; 

shokhf, gustakhi ; bimd. [fdz k. 

Assure, v. iqrdr k. yaqm karand ; mah- 


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Assuredly, ad. aJbatta, yaqinan. 
Asterisk, s. nishan, nishani. 
Astern, ad, pichhe jahaz-ke. [nafs. 

Asthma, 5. dama, girifta-i-dam, ziq-xm- 
Astonish, v. taajjab d. mntaajjib k. 

hairan k. [ynr. 

Astomslmient, s. taajjnb, hairat, tahai- 
Astray, ad. gxun-rah, be-rah, bhatka. 
Astride, ad. sawar, panw phaila hua. 
Astringent, a. qdbiz, samet-ki dawa. 
Astrolabe, s. usturlab. 
Astrologer, s. mnnajjim, nnjumi. 
Astrology, s. ilm-i-nnjum. 
Astronomer, s. hayat-dan. 
Astronomy, s, ilm-i-hayat. 
Asunder, ad. jnda, alag. 
Asylmn, s. panah, 6sra, panih-gah. 
At, pr. men, ko, par. 
Atheism, s. dahriyat, ilhad. 
Atheist, s. dahri, mulhid, zindiq. 
Athirst, ad. tishnd, piyasa. 
, Athletic, a. pahlawan, zor-mand. 
Athwart, ad. ^ra, tirchha. 
Atlas, s. naqshon-ki kittib ; atlas. 
Atmosphere, s. haw6, bad. 
Atom, 8. zarra, shimma. 
At, once, ekbargi, yak-lakht. 
Atone, V. takfir k. kafara d. 
Atonement, s. takfir, kafara. 
Atrocious, a. bisy&r, sharir, shadid. 
Atrocity, s. sharlurat, fasad-i-kabir. 
Attach, V, lagana ; giriftar k. ; mail k. 

girwida k. [ragbat. 

Attachment, s. giriffcari; muhabbat, 
Attack, 8. hamla, hujum, yurish. 
Attack, 17. hamla k. hujum k. 
Attain, v. hasil k. pana, milna. 
Attainable, a. yaftani, muyassar. 
Attainment, s. husul, iktisab ; kamal-i- 
Attempt, 8. koshish, sa'i, qasd. [ilm. 
Attempt, V. koshish k. qasd k. s$'i d. 
Attend, v. hazir h. ; mutwajjih h. ; 

mashgul h. ; ham-rahi k. 
Attendance, s. hazir-bashi ; mulazimat, 

khidmat. [mulazim, naukar. 

Attendant, $. hazir-bash; khidmatg^. 
Attention, 8. tawajja ; agai, lihaz, taqai- 
Attentive, a. mutawaijih, mashgul. [yud. 

Attest, V. gawahi d. shahidi d. 
Attestation, s. gawahi, shahadat. 
Attire, s. poshak, libas. 
Attire, v. pahinna, araish k. 
Attitude, 8. waza, taur, dhaj. 
Attorney, s. wakil-i-adalat. [lubhana. 
Attract, V. khinchna, jazb k. farefba k. 
Attraction, 8. khinchao, jazb, kashish, 

dil-farebi. [ruba, dil-bar. 

Attractive, a. jazib, khinchne-wala ; dil- 
Attribute, s. wasf, sifat, khassiyat. 
Attribute, v. thahrana, nlsbat lagana. 
Attrition, 8. ragap, ghisao ; nidamat. 
Attune, V. sur milana, khtish-awaz k. 
Auburn, a. mai-gun, bhura. 
Auction, s. nilam. 
Audacious, a. gustakh, be-adab. 
Audacity, s. gusta^ii, be-adabi ; dileri. 
Audible, a. jo suna jae ; buland. [darbar. 
Audience, s, sunne-wala, ahl-i-majlia ; 
Auditor, s. sunne-wala, samj ; hisab-i- 

mushrif ; muhasib. 
Aught, p. kuchh, koi chiz. 
Augment, v. bayhana, ziyada k. [ish. 
Augmentation, s. bafhti, ziyadatf, afza- 
Augur, V. shugun d. fal d. qiyas k. 
August, a. ali-shan, ali-qadr. 
August, 8. Angrezi kd athwan mahina. 
Aunt, s. phupM, khala, chachi, mumani, 

Auricular, a. ba-gosh gufta, goshzad, 

kan-men-kahl. [tyar. 

Auspicious, a. maimum, mubdrak, bakh- 
Austere, a. sakht, durusht, zisht. 
Austerity, *. sakhti, durushti, riyazat. 
Authentic, a. sahih, tahqiq, muatabar. 
Authenticity, s. sihhat, haqiqat, durusti. 
Author, 8. hhii ; musannif. 
Authoritative; a. ba-hukumat, mustaqil. 
Authority, s. hukumat, qudrat, i^itiyar. 
Authorize, v, qudrat d. mulj^tar k. 

ij^htiyar d. 
Automaton, s, dlat-i-ybiud rawan. 
Autumn, s. khizan, l^harif. 
Auxiliary, a. madad-gar, muavin. 
Avail, V. kam ana, faida h. 
Available, v, faidamand ; yaftani. 
Avarice, s. hirs^ balfhili, Ulach, tama. 


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Avaricions, a. tami, bakhil, lalaohf. 
Avannt, mt, dur ho, chala-ja. 
Avenge, v. intiq&tn leak, badla I&dJL 
Avenue, s. r&h darakhton-ke darmiy&i ; 
Aver, V. iqrar k. kahna. [naka, ravish. 
Averse, a, na-raz, mnkhtiif, bezar. 
Aversion, s. nafrat, karahat ; n^sazi. 
Avert, V. dafa k. dur k. baz rakhna. 
Aviary, s. chiyiyd-lfhana. 
Avidity, s. tama, ragbat, shauq. 
Avocation, s. kam, shugl, pesha. 
Avoid, V. parhez k. ek taraf jana« 
Avow, V. iqriir k. qabul k. 
Avowal, s. iqrir, qabiil, tahqfq, izh&r. 
Await, V. muntazir r. rah dekhni, rahnii, 
Awake, v, jagna, jagana, bedar hon4 ji 
Award, v, fatwa d. infisal k. [kama. 
Aware, a. agah, waqif. * [jao. 

Away, ad. dur, gair-hazir ; int. chale- 
Awe, 8. hadbat, khauf, dahshat. 
Awfdl, a. haibat-nik, haul-n£k. 
Awhile, ad. thofd arsa, chand muddat. 
Awkward, a. an&f i, be-saz, be-waquf. 
Awl, .9. sutarf, darosh. 
Awning, s. sh&iniyiaa, siyabin. 
Awry, ad. tirchha, teya, kaj. 
Axe, s. kulha^rf, tesha, tabar. 
Axle, 8. dhuri, tir-i-charkha. 
Axis, 8. qutb, mihwar. 
Ay, ad. han j yaqm j albatta. 
Aye, ad. hameshi, mud£m. 
Azimuth, 8. alsamat. 
Azure, a. iBjn&Dj, nil-gun. 


Babble, v. bakn^, barbarand. 
Babbler, s. bakwa, behuda-go. 
Babe, s. bachcha, shir-]^ora. 
Baboon, 8. langur, hanuman. 
Bachelor, 8. miy'arrad, na-katkhuda. 
Back, 8. pith, pusht. 
Back, ad. pher, baz. 
Backbite, v. chugli khana, chugul^hori k. 
Backbiter, 8. chugul-]f:hor, gammaz. 
Backslider, s.mardud, murtadd, munkir. 
Backward, a. na-raz^ ru-gardin, kashi- 
d% Bust. 

Backwards, ad. pfchhe, dar-pas ; ultl. 
Bacon, 8. suar-ka nimkin gosht. 
Bad, a. bura, bad, l^harab, sharir ; bimar. 
Badge, s. ^mat, nishan, chapras. 
Badger, s. biju, shugdr. 
Badly, ad. bad tarah-se, be-tarah. [zati. 
Badness, s. badi, burai kharabi, bad- 
Baffle, V. mahrum k. ghabrana,befaidak. 
Bag, 8. thaila, thaili, kisa, hamiyani; 
Baggage, 8. asbib, samiui, raJ|^ht. [tofa. 
Bagpipe, s. shahna, nesha. 
Bail, 8. zamini, zamin. 
Bailable, a. liiq-i-zaminf. 
Bailiff, 8. sazawal, dastaki. 
Bait, 8. chara, toama. 
Bait, V. ch4ra rakhn£ ; ghas dina d. ; 
Baize, 8. pattu. [hulkama. 

Bake, v. tanur-men pakdna. 
Baker, 8. nan-bai. 
Balance, 8. tar^, mizan ; baqi. 
Balance, v. wazn k. pasang k. ; wasil- 

baqi k. tamsil k. 
Balcony, 8. baramada, shahnishin. 
Bald, a. ganjH, chandla, kal ,* nalatif. 
Baldness, a. ganj, chandlai. 
Bale, 8. gathar, basta. 
Bale, V. jahaz se pani nikaln^ ; ulichna. 
Baleful, a. bad-ba|^t, malul. 
Balk, V. mahrum k. na-ummed k. 
Ball, 8. gola, goli ; nich. 
Ballad, 8. gini, git. 

Ballast, 8. jahdz ko q&im rakhne-kIL bojh. 
Balloon, 8. burj-i-kagazi ya reshmi. 
Ballot, 8. quf a. 

Balm, 8. balsan ; badr^ng boya. [^ush. 
Balmy, a. ^ush-bo, muattar, narm, 
Balsam, s. raugan-i-balsan, bals^. 
Balustrade, 8. kathara, kathgha^a. 
Bamboo, s. bins. 

Band, 8. band, patti ; garoh, taifa. 
Bandage, 8, band, patti. 
Banditti, s. taifa-e-duzdan, lutere, qaz- 
Bandy, a. tefhi, banka. [zaq. 

Bandy, v. idhar udhar phenkna ; bat k. 
Bane, 8. zahr, bikh ; nuqsan, tab&h. 
Baneful, ad. zahr-dar; nuqsani, muhalik. 
Bang, V. pitna, mima. 
Banishj v, jala watan k. nik&L d. kharij k. 


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Banishment, s. jala-watan, ikhriij. 
Bank, s, kinara ; bandh, pnshta ; toda ; 

char; sarraf-khana. 
Banker, s. sarraf, kothi-wala. 
Bankrapt, s. dewaliya. 
Bankruptcy, s. dewala. 
Banner, s. nishan, alam, jhan^fi. [bazm. 
Banquet, s. ziyafat, mihmani j mahfil, 
Banter, v, thattha k. maskhara h. ma- 
Bantling, s. bachcha. [z&kh k. 
Baptism, s. gota-khori, istibag. 
Baptize, v. gota d. dnbana, istib^g k. 
Bar, V. bill! lagana ; rokna, sadd k. 
Bar, s, billif mana, mnzahimat; jfnt; 

char. [khar. 

Barb, s. ghofd; tir-ka khar, bansi-k& 
Barbarian, s. jangli, jahil ; ajami. 
Barbarity, s. be-raluni, dnnishtf. 
Barbarous, a. jahil; ajami; be-rahm, 

be-dard. [dar. 

Barbed, a. jaushan-dar ; khar-dar, ankfi- 
Barber, s. nai, hajjam. 
Bard, s. shajr, bhat. 
Bare, a. nanga, barahns ; muflis ; sirf, 

khali ; sada, mundld ; be-barg. 
Barefaced, a. be-haya, gustakh. 
Barely, ad. sirf, faqat ; mnshkil-se. 
Bargain, s. shart, ahd ; kharid-farokht j 

Bargain, v. ahd k. ; qimat thahrana. 
Barge, s. bajra ; kishti. 
Bark, s. chhal, post, chhota jaliaz. 
Bark, v. bhaunkna ; chhal utama. 
Barley, s. jau. 
Barleycorn, s. jau-ka dana. 
Barm, s. khamir. 

Bam, s. khirman, ambar, khaliyan. 
Barometer, s. hawa dekhne-ke alat. 
Baron, s, Angrezi amiron-ka darja ; ^onir. 
Baronet, s. Angrezi amiron-ka nicha 
Barrack, s. sipahikhana, chhaoni. [darja. 
Barrel, s. pipa ; nal, nali. 
Barren, a. shor, kaUap ; banjh ; be sa- 

mar ; kam-zihn. [kam-zihni. 

Barrenness, s. shoriyat; banjhphan; 
Barricade, s. kuchabandi^ nakebandi, 

Barrier, s. sar hadd, mend j haddbaadi. 

Barrister, 8. ad^at-k& wakil. 
Barrow, s. hath-gari ; tila. 
Barter, s. mnbddala, adla badl^. 
Barter, v. mubadala k. ; adla badla .k. 
Base, a. diin, zalil, kamlna. 
Base, s, bunyad, neo ; kharj, bam. 
Baseness, s. haqarat, nitkasi, k&minagi. 

Bashful, a, sharmsar, sharmgin. 
Basilisk, s. afai, zahrdar sanp. 
Basin, a. basan, tas ; hauz, tilab. 
Basis, s. bunyad, jaf , mul. 
Bask, V. tapna, dhup khana. 
Basket, s. tokra, tokri, pitara. 
Bass, a, kharj, bam. 
Bastard, 8. haramzada, waladuz .zina. 
Baste, V. pitna, mama ; charbi se chu- 
Bastinado, s. chhari-semar, zarb. [pairni. 
Bastion, s. burj, damdama. 
Bat, s. chamgadaf ; shab-para ; chob. 
Batch, 8. thok, gathar, hissa. 
Bate, V. ghatana, kam k. chhorna. 
Bath, s. gusl-khana, ha-TnTna m, 
Bathe, v. gusl k. nahana. 
Battalion, s. paltan, sipahion-ka gnroh. 
Batter, v. mama, dhana, gira d. 
Battery, s. morcha, damdama. 
Battle, s. lapai, jang. 
Battlement, s. fasil, kangura. 
Bawl, V. pakama, chillana. 
Bay, s. khalij, khari ; taj darakht. 
Bay, a. kumait, surang. 
Bayonet, s. sangin. 
Be, V. hona, rahna. 
Beach, s, darya-kinara, lab-i-darya. 
Beacon, s. nishan, aJamat ; manarat. 
Bead, 8. dana, shiba. 
Beak, s. chonch, minqar. . [partau. 

Beam, s, shah-tir, kari, tarazu ki ^andi ; 
Beam, v. partau dalna. 
Bean, s. lobiya, phali, sem. .♦, . 
Bear, s. richh, bhalu, khirs. • . i , 
Bear, v. le-jana, bardasht }t.^ (ttduia, 

tahammul k. ; rakhna ; lena ;! jafDA^ ; 
Beard, s. da^hi, rish. . [pilB^na. 

Bearer, s. hammal, mutiyd, kah^.- 
Beast, 8, haiwan, janwar. 
Beastly, a. galiz, makruh. 


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Beat, V. mimk, pi^a ; fatah k. ; dham- 
Beating, s. mar-pit ; zad-o-kob. [kana. 
BeaUi s. banka, ain^he-l^han. 
Bearer, s. ud-bil^o, sag-abi ; topf. 
Beautifal, a. khubsurat^ hasin. 
BeaatifnUy, ad. ^ubsurati-se, achohhi 
Bcantifjr, v. ^rasta k. zeb d. [tarah-se. 
Beanty, s. khubsuratf, hnsn, jamal; 

naznm aurat. 
Becanse, c. ia liye, is waste, zera ki. 
Beckon, v. ishara k. ima k. [bona. 

Become, v. mutabiq h. laiq b. ; ho-jana, 
Becoming, a. mimasib, laiq; l^husbnuma. 
Bed, 5. bichbaiina,bistar,palang; key an, 

cbaman; nala. 
Bedaub, v. aluda k. lepna. 
Bedding, s, bichhanna, farah. 
. Bedeck, v, arasta k.^ana. 
Bedew, v, tar k. namnak k. 
Bedrid, a. sahlb-i-bistar, jo kamzori-se 
bichhaune-par bamesha rahta. 

Bedstead, s. palang, cbarpae. 
Bee, s. sbabd-ki makhi, zambiir. 
Beef, s. gao-gosbt. 
Beer, s. boza. 

Beet, 8. chnqundar. 

Beetle, s, gnbrila, gabrauti. 

Befall, v. waqi b. a-papa, gozam^. 

Befit, V, mimasib b. laiq b. [pesh. 

Before, pr. age, pesbtar, pable, qabl, dar- 

Beforebandjod.aawalanj age-Be,pesbtar. 

BeMend, v, dastgiri k. yari k. madad k. 

Beg, V, bbikb mangn^ ; Utimas k. 

Beget, r. paida k. mnwallad k. janana. 

Beggar, s, faqir, bbikhari. 

Beggary, s. faqiri, muflisi, be-nawai. 

Begin, v, sbnrd k. ibtida k. igiz k. 

Beginning, 8, sbur^, ibtida, agaz. 

Begone, int, diir bo ! cbale-jao. 

Beguile, v, fareb d. bahlana, wargaJanna. 

Bebalf, 8, baqq-men, waste, |^atir, liye. 

Bebore, v, cbial-cbabia, snluk k. 

Bebavionr, s, cbalan, raviya^ snldk, 
tarf q, tanr. 

Bebead, v, sir ka^a, gardan mama. 

Behind, jpr, picbbe, picbbwaye, dar-pas, 

Behold, V. dekhna, nazar k. uigah k. 


Behold, int, dekbo ! 

Being, a. hasti w^ud ; mntanaffis. 

Belabour, v. mama, pitna. 

Belch, t\ 4akdmfi ; arog k. 

Belie, v, jhu^alna. 

Belief, s, bdwar, |tibar, ftiq&d ; iman, din. 

Believe, v, bawar k. ^tiqad k. yaqin 

Believer, s. muataqidd, iman-dir. 
Bell, 8, ghanta ; zangdla. 
Belle, 8. naznin aurat. 
Bellow, V, dakarna, pukami. 
Bellows, 8. dhaunkni, dama. 
Belly, 8, pe(, shikam. 
Bell-metaJ, f. kanaa, roin. 
Belong, V. mutaajliq b. ta^lluq rakhni. 
Beloved, a. mahbub, mashiiq aziz. 
Below, ad, niche, tale, zer. 
Belt, 8, kamarband, do-al, du-ali. 
Bench, s, ta|^bta ; chauki ; adalat. 
Bend, v. ^pha k. j^ham k. kaj k. 
khenchna ; lagina, rakhna ; nihufana, 
daban4 ; (efh^ h. nihufuti. 
Beneath, pr, niche, tale ; na-laiq. 
Benediction, 8. duf, barakat, 4shirb£d. 
Benefaction, 8, karamat, ihsan, balfii- 
shish. [i-npnat. 

Benefactor, «. karim, mu^baiyir, wali- 
Beneficenoe, a, faiyazi, nekokarf, fazilatj 

Beneficent, a. faiyas, nekokar, karim. 

Beneficial, a, mufid, sud-mohd, faid^ 

Benefit, a. faida, njmat, ihsan. [mand. 

Benevolence, s. ]|piair-khwahj, ]^hair- 
andeshi, shafaqat. [shafiq. 

Benevolent, a. lj:hair-]^wiih, nuhrban. 

Benighted, a. shab-rasida; tluiki-men 
giriftar hua. 

Benign, a. mihrban, karim, halim. 

Benignity, 8, mihrbani, karam, shafaqat. 

Bent, a. ^efh^, kaj ; mj^, miil. 

Benumb, v. be-hosh k. sun k. 

Bequeath, v. de-mama, wasiyat-se denl. 

Bequest, s, hiba, wasiyat-se bakhshish ; 

Bereave, v, le-lenii, mahrum k. [waqf. 

Berry, s. dana, habba, phal. 

Beseech, v. iltimas k. Utija k. minnat k. 
dar^hwast k. 


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Beseem, v. mmi&aih h. 14iq h. 

Beset, V. ghema, gird k. [siwa. 

Beside, pr. nazdik, qa«rib, kinare ; ^awa, 

Besiege, v. muhasara k. ihata k. 

Besmear, v. maila k. aluda k. 

Besom, s. jh^u, buhaf u. 

Bespangle, v. a&han k. 

Bespatter, v. chhit-dalna ; aib lagana. 

Bespeak, v. kah-raJdma, farmaish kar d. 

izhar k. batlana. 
Besprinkle, v. chhirakn^, pash k. 
Best, a. sab-se achchha, achchhe-se ach* 
Bestir, v. qasd k. mnsta|dd k. [chba. 
Bestow, V. deni, ata k. ba]|^shish k. ; 
Bet, s. shart, giran, hof . [lagana. 

Betake, v. jana 5 mntawajjih h. masruf h. 

mashgnl h. 
Betel, s. pan, tambol ; — n/uit, sdpari. 
Bethink, v. fikr k. ydd k. 
Betide, v. a-parna, gnzama, waq} h. 
Betimes, ad, sawere; bar-waqt, bar- 

Betray, v. dagabazf k. pakapwa d. be- 

wafai k. parda-dari k. diklilana,batana. 
Betroth, v. mansub k. nisbat k. mangni k. 
Better, a. bihtar, achchha, bhala. 
Between, pr. bich-men, darmiyan. 
Beverage, s. sharbat, shnrb. 
JBewail, v. afsos k. n^la-o-z&ri k. 
Beware, v. ^habardar r. parhez k. 
Bewilder, v, gamrah k. ghabrana. 
Beyond, pr. pare, nstaraf ; bahar ; pesh- 

tai', ziyada, siwa. 
Bias, s. mji$, mail. 
Bias, V. mail k. ragib k. 
Bible, s. kitab-i-mnqaddas. 
Bibnlons, a. halk^-pnlki ; jazib, 6bkash. 
Bicker, v. chher-chh^r k. khina-jangi k. 
Bid, V. hukm d. farman4, bat&na. 
Bide, V. rahna, tahammnl k. 
Biennial) a. do-slLla, har-do sala. 
Bier, s. jan&za, tabut. 
Big, a. bara, mo^a, jasfm ; hlonila. 
Bigness, s, barai ; qadr. 
Bigot, s, mutaassib, taassnbi. 
Bigotry, s. taassnb. 
Bile, s. pit, safra ; phofa, dummal. 
Bilious, a. sa&ai, zard-adi ; garmmizaj. 

Bill, s. ehonch, minqar; dao; his4b 

dastawez, tamassuk ; ishtihar. 
Bill of exchange, hnndi, barat. 
Bill of parcels, bijak, siyaha. 
Bill of sale, bajnamali. 
Billet, 8. chitthi, mqqa ; chail^, kmida. 
Billiards, s. anta-khel, knra-bazi. 
Billion, s. kharb. 
Billow, s. manj, lahar. 
Bin, 8. kothri, anbar-l^hana. 
Bind, V. bandhna, kasn^ ^ shart-se-bandh- 

na, band-o-bast k. ; mnnqabiz k. ; 

jild blindhnd j — over, hazir-z£mini d. 
Binding, s. band j jild-bandf, jild. 
Biographer, 8. muwarrikh, nliqil. 
Biography, s. naql, tazkira. 
Biped, s. dopaya. 

Bird, 8, chiriya, parinda, mnrg, tair. 
Birdcatcher, s. chiyi-mar, saiyad. 
Birdlime, s. lasa, chep. [kh^ndan. 

Birth, 8. paidaish, tawallnd, janam ; aal. 
Birthday, s. janam-din, s&l-girih. 
Birthplace, s. watan-i-asli, manlid. 
Birthright, 8. haqq-i-wiladat, miras. 
Biscuit, 8. khk, sakht roti. 
Bisect, V. do tukre k. taiisif k. 
Bishop, 8. mujtahid, ipisquf . 
Bit, 8. tukfa, zarra, reza; lag&m ka 
Bitch, s, kutiya. [dahfina ; luqma. 

Bite, V. dant-katnft, dant mamd ; dasna ; 
Bite, 5. kat, gazindagi ; fareb. [tez h. 
Bitter, a. karwa, talkh ; sakht. 
Bitterness, s. kajwahat, talkhi ; sakhti, 

Bitumen, s. naftah, qafr-ul-yahud. 
Black, a. bala, siyah ; gamgin ; makruh. 
Blacken, v. k41a k. ; aib lagana. [sharir. 
Blackguard, 8. shuhda, bad-ma^sh. 
Blackish, a. kala-sa. 
Blacksmith, 8. lobar, ^hangar. 
Bladder, 8, masana, phuknl. 
Blade, 8. patta ; phal, phalr^, banki. 
Blame, a. ilzam, malamat, aib. [ish k. 
Blame, v. ilzam d. malamat d. sarzan- 
Blameable, a, taqsir-war, mulzim. 
Blameless, a. be-qusur, be-gunah. 
Blanch, v. sufaid k. zaid k. -, chhilui. 
Bland, a. narm, mulaim. 


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Blandishment, 8. naz, nawaziah. 
Blank, a. khali, sada, Bufaid ; — verse, 

nazm gair-nmqaifa. 
Blanket, s. kammal, kamli, gHim. 
Blaspheme, v. kufr bakna. 
Blasphemy, s. knfr, kufr-gof. 
Blast, s. jhokd, jhakkaf ; awaz. 
Blast, V. barbad k. ; garat k. 
Blaze, s. bhabuka, shnala. 
Blaze, V, bharakna, shuala k. ; ishtih^ k. 
Bleach, v. nikham^, njia k. snfaid k. 
Bleak, a. bnrid, than^, sard. 
Blear-eyed, a. chundha. 
Bleat, V. mimiyana. 
Bleed, v. lahu-jana ; fasd kholni. 
Blemish, s. dag ; aib, jirm. 
Blend, v, milana, amez k. sh^il k. 
Bless, V. dn4 d. barakat d. mubarak k. 

bakhtyar k. 
Blessing, s, dn$-i-khair, barakat. 
Blight, s. hardfi, arqan. [bad k. 

Blight, V. kumhlana, pazhmnrda k. bar- 
Blind, a. andha, na-bina ; andhera. 
Blind, f;. andha k. na-bin4 k. 
Blind, 8. parda, patti. [bandhnfi. 

Blindfold, v. ankh mnndanr^ k. chashm 
Blindness, s. andhlaf, na-binai, kori; 

Blink, V. ank michmich^na ; chundh& h. 
Bliss, 8. farhat, sa^dat, mnbaraki. 
Blissful, a. mastoid, farhat-nak, mnbarak. 
Blister, s. phaphola, abila. 
Blithe, a. khush-o-khnrram, khush-dil. 
Bloat, V. phulana, phnl jana, bhabhrana. 
Block, 8. kunda, chatan ; ahmaq. 
Block, V. band k. ghemi, mnhasara k. 
Blockade, s. mnhasara, nake-bandi. 
Blockhead, s. be-waqdf, ahmaq. 
Blood, 8. lahu, ]|:hun; nasab, nizhad, 

khandan, zat. 
Bloodshed, s. khun-rezf. 
Bloody, a. j^hunin, l^hun-lilijida, l^hun- 

Bloom, 8. phnl, shigufa; nau-jawani. 
Bloom, V. phnlna, khilna. [^mfuwan. 
Blooming, a. phnlon-ka bhara hna; 

nan jawan. 
Blossom, s. phul, shigufa, kali. 
B 2 

Blossom, V. phnlni, khilnli. 
Blot, 8, dag, chhi( ; aib, namus. 
Blow, 8. ghnnsa, zarb ; sadma, chot. 
Blow, V. chaln4, chali^na ; phunkn^ ; 

hanpna; baj^nli ; phnlni; khUni ; 

— outy ph6nk-den£. 
Bludgeon, 8. sonti, chob, lathf. 
Bine, a. nila, nil-gun, ^smani rang. 
Blunder, 8. galat, l^hata, bhiil. 
Blunder, v. galat k. chuknl, bhdlna. 
Blunderbuss, s. damanak, banduq. 
Blunt, a. kund, be-ab ni-latif, bad- 

lih^z; sada. [ana. 

Bluntly, ad. be-imtiyiizi-se, nishinas- 
Bluntness, 8. kundi ; be-imtiyazf. 
Blush, V. khajil h. shann-se tamtamana. 
Blush, 8. ^hijlat. 
Bluster, v. garajn^ ; laf-zani k. 
Boar, 8. suar, ^huk-nar. 
Board, 8, ta^hta, takhti ; majlis ; adalat ; 

khorak ; on hoard, jahaz-par. 
Board, v. pa^a, takhte bichh^n^ ; jahaz* 

par ba-zor charhna ; kisi-ki sath khaya 

piya k. 
Boast, 8, laf-zanf, tafakhur. 
Boast, V, laf-zani k. faVhar k. dam mar- 
Boat, 8, nao, kishti. [na. 
Boatman, a. manjhi, dln^ii mallah. 
Bode, V. shugun d. dalilat k. 
Bodily, a. jismani, badan-ka ; zati, asli. 
Bodkin, s. chhonchi, sua. [firqa. 
Body, 8. badan, jism ; shakhs ; guroh. 
Bog, 8. daldal, dhasan. [was k. 
Boggle, V. pas-o-pesh r. jhajhakna, was- 
Boil, V, ubalnl, ubalna, josh dena yi 

khana, khaulna ; paklina ; garm h. 
Boil, 8, phojra, dummaJ. 
Boiler, 8. deg, kihum, kaf ah. 
Boisterous, a. tund, tez, shadfd. 
Bold, a, bsbhadur, diler, janbaz. 
Boldness, 8, bahadurf, dUeri, jurat. 
Bolster, s. taiya, b^lish. 
Bolt, s. billi, benda ; gaj, bajr» 
Bolt, V. billi lagana. 
Bomb, 8. gubare-ka gola. 
Bombard, v. gubara chalani. 
Bombardment, s, gubara, chalai. 
Bombast, s, mub^la^a, lif-zam. 


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Bond, s, band, zanjir ; flaqa, rislita ; 

taxnassnk, deucrtawez. 
Bondage, s, asiri, bandagi, golami.- 
Boudman, 8. goliixn, mamliik, banda. 
Bondsman, s. z«mm, kafil. 
Bone, s. haddi, nstokhwan. 
Bonfire, s, alao ; atash-bazi. 
Bonnet, s, kolali, topi. 
Bonny, a. kbubsurat, hasin. 
Bony, a, nBtu^hwan-dar^ liaddi-dar; 
Booby, 8. ahmaq, ulld. [qavi, zorawar. 
Book, ». kitab ; kitlib-ka bab. 
Bookbinder, s. jild-gar, sahhaf. 
Bookkeeping, s. hisab-kitab. 
Boom, s. badban-ka tir ; top ki dankar. . 
Boon, 8. bal^bish, in4m : dna. 
Boor, 8. ganwar, dihqani. 
Boot, s. moza, cbarmi. 
To Boot, alawa, ba-faida, mnffc. 
Booth, s. khaima, jhompf a. 
Booty, s. ganimat, lut. 
Borax, s. sohaga, tinkar, boraq. 
Border, s. kinara^ daman ; siwana, hadd, 

Bore, s, snrakh, roklma ; ban, bimima. 
Bore, V, snrakh k. chbedna ; khijana. 
Borer, s. barma, minqab. 
Bom, a. paida liua, zada, jana. 
Borrow, v. qarz lena, ariyat lena. 
Bosom, 8. chbati, sina ; dil. 
Botanic, a. nabati. 
Botany, s. }lm-i-nabatdt. 
Both, a. dono, har-do ; sath. 
Bottle, s, shjsba, qaraba. 
Bottom, 8, tala, tali tah, pain ; bimyad, 

bun ; darra ; knn, dnbnr. 
Bottomless, a. be-tah, agam. 
Bongh, s. shakh, dal, dali. 
Bonnoe, v. kudna, lapakna. 
Bonnd, v. kudna, jaet k. j hadd bandhna. 
Bound, 8. kud, jast ; hadd, sarhadd. 
Boundary, s. hadd, sarhadd. [niheyat. 
Boundless, a. be-hadd, be-payan, be- 
Bountiful, a. sakhi, faiyaz, karim. 
Bounty, s. faiz, bakhshish, sakhawat. 
Bow, 8. salam, komish. 
Bow, s, kaman, qaus. 
BoWf v, jhukani^, nawand, l^am k. 

Bowels, 8. antfiyan ; rahm. 
Bower, 8. kunj, darakht-i-stan. 
Bowl, 8. piyala, jam, kasa. 
Bowman, s. kaman-dir, tfr-andaz. 
Box, 8. sanduq, sanduqcha; dibiya; 

ghusa, tamacha 
Box, V. ghusa mama, tamlcha m^ma. 
Boy, 8. chhokra, lafka, kodak. 
Boyhoodj s. lafka-pan, tufuliyat. [juft. 
Brace, s. band, bandhan, patti; jcfa. 
Brace, v. bandhna, kasna ; sakcpia. 
Bracelet, s. chup, pahunchi, bazu-band. 
Bracket, s. istada, thekan ; nishan. 
Bracki^hji a. khara, lona, shor. 
Brag, V. laf-zani k. kaUa-zani k. 
Braid, s. jali, lapi. 
Braid, v. gundhna, bunna, baf k. 
Brain, s. magz, damag;. 
Brains, 8. fahm, aql. 
Bramble, 8. khar, khardar jhdri. 
Bran, s. ohokar, bhusi. ^ 

Branch, 8. ^al, d^i, shakh ; khiil, sota ; 

nasi, aulad. 
Brand, 8. dag, harf ; sokhta lukti, lukd. 
Brand, v» dngna, dag lagana, harf lagana. 
Brandish, v. bhanjna, phirana, chani<- 
Brandy, s. br&idi-sharab. [kand. 

Brasier, s. kasera, thathera. 
Brass, s. pital bir^j j be-hayai. 
Brat, 8. chhokra, launda. 
Bravado, Si dhamki, laf-zanf. [faziL 
Brave, a. bahadur, diler, j^baz ; khassa, 
Bravely, ad, bahadurana, diUwarana ; 

Bravery, s. bahaduri, dileri, jawanmardi. 
Bravo, int. shabash, afrin. 
Brawl, 8. jhagra, gauga, gulgapaya. 
Brawl, V. jhagra k. gul machaiia. 
Brawler, 8. jhagralu, takrari. 
Brawn, s. suar-ka gosht 5 pai, pattha. 
Bray, v. renkna j kutna. 
Brazen, a. pitli, biranjC ; gusta^h, behaya. 
Breach, s. darar, shigaf, sMkAtagi, 

mufaraqat, niiaq. 
Bread, s. roti, nan ; khorak ; rozi. 
Breadth, s. chaurai, pahnaf, arz ; pat. 
Break, v. torna, phorna ; ram k. sadhna^ 

dewala nikalna ; m^ul k. 


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Break, s. tut, phut, shig^f; harakat, 

rock ; — of day, tafka, bhor. 
Breaker, s. tofne-wala ; mauj. 
. Breakfast, s. hnzri, nashta. 
Breast, 8. chhati, sina ; dil. 
Breastplate, s. chapras j charama, jabba. 
Breath, s. dam, nafs, sans ; jan. 
Breathe, v. dam lena, jina ; phunknU. 
Breathless, a. be-dam, be-jan. 
Breech, s. chuta^ , pichha ; kmida. 
Breeches, s. pae-jama, izar. 
Breed, v paida k. janan^ ; byana ; nasi 

t)afhaii&, palna, parwarish k. tarbiyat 
Breed, s. zat, nasi, qism ; aulad. [k. 
Breeding, a. tarbiyat, t^ltm ; parwarish. 
Breeze, s. nasim, saba, b^d. 
Brethren, s. bhafon, biradaron. 
Brevity, s. ikhtisar, kotahi. 
Brew, V, boza-kashi k. shar&b banana ; 

b^ndhna, tadbir k. 
Brewer, s. boza-kash, boza-gar. 
Bribe, s, rishwat, ghds. 
Bribe, V. rishwat d. 
Brick, s, mt, fnta, khisht. 
Brickbat, «. rof a, mt-ka tnl^ra. 
Brickdnst, s. snrkhi. 
Brickkiln, s. pazawa. 
Bricklayer, s. riz, raj, banna. 
Bridal, a. biyah ka, arusi. 
Bride, s. arus, dnlhan. 
Bridegroom, s. nanshah, dolh^. 
Bridge, s. pnl, jisr ; bansi. ^ 

Bridle, 8. lagam, inan. 
Brief, a. mnl^htasar, kotah. [f?nlab. 

Brier, s. katila per ; sweet — , khardar 
brigade, s. dasta, tnman, kampu. 
Brigand, s. rah-zan, qazzaq, dnkait. 
Bright, a. ranshan, saf, njla ; tezfahm. 
Brighten, v. raushan k. jila k. jhalkana. 
Brightness, 8. ranshanf, abdari, chamka- 
Brilliancy, s. tabdari, ranshani. [hat. 
Brilliant, a. jaohardar, tabdar, chamklla. 
Brim, s. kinara, lab. 
Brimstone, 8. gandhak, gogird. 
Brindled, a. ablaq,lahariya. 
Brine, 8. db-shor, lona pani ; ansu. 
Bring, V. lana ; le-ana ; amal k. ; paida k. 

jazma ; kuma j mail k. 

Brink, s. kinara, kafifa, lab. 
Brisk, a. chnst, ch^lak, tes. 
Brisket, 8. janwar-k(i s(na. 
Briskness, s. chnstf, chilaki. 
Bristle, 8. suar-ka bal. 
Britain, s. mnlk Angrezf. 
British, a. Angrezi, Angrezi-banii. 
Briton, 8. shakhs-i-Angrez. 
Brittle, a. n^uk, tunaJc, bank. 
Broach, v. salna, kholna ; izh&r k. 
Broad, a. chanfa, pahn&, anz ; ba^raa 

khulasa, saf; puch, fahish. 
Broadcloth, s. banat. 
Broadness, s. chanraf, pahnii(, arz. 
Broadsword, s. teg, chan^a talwar. 
Brocade, s. kfm-khwab, zarbift. 
Broccoli, 8, qism-i-kob(. 
Broil, 8 jhagra, qaziya. 
Broil, V. bhnnna, kabib k. garm k. 
Broken, a. tuta, phuta, shikasta. 
Broker, s. daUal. 

Bronchocele, s. ghengh^, khnnaq. 
Bronze, s. pital, birinj. 
Brooch, 8. zewar, gahnd. 
Brood, 8. bftchche, jhol, nasi. 
Brood, V. sewna j fikr k. andesha k. 
Brook, 8. nala, jo'e, nahr. 
Broom, s. jharu, bnhari ; bu^e-ki qism. 
Broth, 8. shorba. 
Brothel, s. kasbi<khiina. 
Brother, 8. bhai, biradar. 
Brotherhood, s, bh^i-ch^ra, biridari. 
Brother-in-law, s. sala, bahnoi. 
Brotherly, a, biradarana, bhai-sd. 
Brow, s. abru, bhaun ; peshani ; kinikra. 
Browbeat, v. dabkfina, dhamkan^. 
Brown, a. gandrani-rang, bhura. 
Browse, v. chama, chngna. 
Bmise, s. chot, knchlahat. 
Bruise, v, kuchaln^, kutna. 
Brpising, s. ghusan-ghdsa, mnshtzani. 
Bruit, V. maahhur k. zahir k. 
Brunette, s, sanwli aurat. 
Brunt, 8. sadma, dhakJca, zarb. 
Brush, 8, kunchf ; hujum. 
Brush, V. kunchf marnA, jhS|Ti^ ; ahiste 

lagna ; daupia. 
Brushwood, 8, jhayi, jharbuta. 


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Bmtal, a. haiwani, wahshi; durusht, 

be-rahm; sang-dil. 
Brutality, s,haiwani,be-rahmi, durashti. 
Bnite,s. haiwan. janwar ; be-rahm shakhs. 
Brutish, a. haiwan-asa, be-mnruwat. 
Bubble, 8, habab, bulbola; j^hiyal-i- 
Buck, s hama, him. [kham. 

Bucket, s, dol, dolcha, dolchi. 
Buckle, 8. baksufi, chapras. 
Buckler, s. dhal, sipar, 
Backram, 8. gond-diar, jama, mom-jama. 
Bud, s, konpal, kaU, shigufa, guncha. 
Bud,v. kaliyana,shigufa k. ; qaJamlagana. 
Budge, V. hatna, sarakna, jana. 
Budgerow, s, bajia, kishtl. 
Budget, s, kisa, thaili, punji. 
Buff, s. chamfa ; zard rang-ki qism. 
Buffalo, s, bhainea, bhains, gaumesh. 
Buflfet, v. mukke mama, musht mama. 

Buffoon, 8. maskhara, thathol. 
Buffoonery, s, maskharapan, tha^holi. 

Bug, & khatmal, sas. 

Bugbear, s, haulnak, khiyal. 

Buffle, 8, ) i. 1' />• • ' 

Bullehom, s. ] *^^^' ^^^> ransinga. 

Buggy, s. ek ghore-ki gayi. 

Build, V. banana, tamir k. ; rakhna. 

Builder, s. raz, miamar. 

Buildii^, s. jmarat, bina. 

Bulb, 8, ganth, girih, piyaz. [aksar. 

Bulk, 8. mofai, ba^ai ; andaza ; jamhur. 

Bulky, a. mota, bapa, jasim. 

Bull, 8, sand, andu-bail, nar-g&o ; galat. 

Bull-dog, 8, pahlawan-kntta, sag-i-azim. 

Bullet, s, goli, gola. 

Bullion, 8. chandi-sona. 

Bullock, 8. bail. 

Bully, s. shekhi-baz, danga-baz. 

Bulrush, 8, mothe-ki bari qism. 

Bulwark, s, burj, marhaJa. 

Bump, s, waxifij phulao;mukkf, thappaf. 

Bunch, 5. guchchha, khosha, ganth. 

Bundle, s. gathri, basta, buqcha. 

Bundle, v. gathri k. bandhna. 

Bungler, 8. na-azmuda-kar, khamdast. 

Buoy, s. langar-numa. 

Buoyant, a. halka, shinab, tirau. 

Bur, s. khar-ka phul. 

Burden, s, bojh, bhar ; khiraj ; ranj. 
Burden, v. bojh rakhna, zerbar k. ; zulm 
Burdensome, a. sakht, bhari. [k. 

Bureau, s. likhne-kialmari; daftarkhana* 
Burglary, s. naqb-zani, sendh. 
Burial, 8. dafan, tadfin. 
Burial-ground, s. qabr-istan. 
Burlesque, s. bazla, mazakh, khilli. 
Bum, V. jalana, aglagina ; dagna, jalna, 

garm h. ; gussa h. ; ashiq h. mast h. 
Bum, 8. jalne-ka zakhm. 
Burning, s. jalan, soz, sozish. 
Burning-glass, s. 6tashi-shisha. [manjna. 
Burnish, v. jhalkana, jila d. saiqal k. 
Burrow, v. bil khodna, surak:h k. 
Burrow, s. khargosh-ka bil. 
Burst,i;.phutna,pha^na, tutna, tarakna. 
Burthen, s. bojh, bh4r. [chak h. 

Bury, V. dafan k. madfun k. gayna. 
Bush, 8. jhaj", jhayi ; shakh. 
Bushel, 8. gehun-ka andaza. 
BusUy, ad. chaiaki-se, ba-chusti. 
Business, s. kam,karobar, pesha,matlab, 

Bust, 8. nim-surat, adh-murat. 
Bustard, 8. j[a>ngli mur£;-ki qism. 
Bustle, s. daur-dhup, dhum-dham. 
Busy, a. mashgul, masruf. 
But, c. lekin, par, magar, siwa, balki. 
Butcher, s. qassab, qasai. 
Butcher, r. halal k. qatl k. khun k. 
Butler, 8. khanstiman, mirsaman. 
Butt, 3, nishan, hadaf ; sukhra. 
Butt, V. takkar mama, takrana. 
Butter, s. makhan, maska. 
Butteiiy, 8, titari, parwana. 
Buttermilk, s. chhachh, matha, dog. 
Buttock, 8. chutar, surin. 
Button, 8. tukma, ghundi. [ph«nda. 
Buttonhole, s. haJqa-e- tukma, ghundi-ka 
Buttress, 8. pushta. 
Buxom, a. shokh, rangtla, khushtaba. 
Buy, V. mol lena, kharid k. 
Buzz, V. bhin-bhinana. 
Buzzing, 8. bhinbhinahat. 
By, pr. se, ba, wasile j pas, nazdik. 
By and by, ad. dam-bhar-men, filfaur. 
1 By degrees, ahiste-ahiste, rafta-rafta* 


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"By no means, nabin, hargiz nahm. 
By-path, By-way, s. pagdandi. 
By-stander, s. shahid, sdkhi. 
By- word, s, kahawat, masal. 


Cabal, s. sazish, bandish. 
Cabbage, s. kobi, karamkalla. [busa. 
Cabin, ^. jhompjra ; jahaz-ki kothri, da- 
Cabinet, s. khalwat-khana ; diwankhass; 
Cable, 8. langar-ka rassa, lahas.[almBri. 
Cackle, v, kafkapana, khilkhilana. 
Cadence, s. tarazu-e-kalim ; lai, lahja, 
Cadet,s. Tunmedwar ; chho^a bhai [ilhan. 
Cage, 8. pinjra, qafs. 
Cajole, v. phuslana, damd. khnshamad k. 
Cake, 8. nan-khatai, ktdicha, shir-mal. 
Calamitous, a. bad-bakht, pareshan. 
Calamity, s. afat, musibat. 
Calcine, v, j^hakistar k. kashta k. 
Calculate, v, hisab k. shnmir k. ginna ; 

andaza k. [takhmina. 

Calculation, s, hisab, shrnnar, andiiza, 
Caldi'on, s. deg, kayahi, hand6. 
Calendar, s. taqwim, patra. 
Calender, v, knndi k. mnhra k. [i-s»Jq. 
Calf, 8. bachhra, bachhiya; pindli, ghost- 
Caliber, 8, top ya banduq-ki muhri, nali. 
Calico, 8. chhint, suti kapfa. [k. 

Calk, V. gahna, kala-patti k. darz-bandi 
Call, V. nam rakhna j bulana, pukama ; 

mnlaqat k. ; talab k. 
Call, s. pukar, bulawa j talab. 
Calling, 8. pesha, hirfa, kasb. [be-dard. 
Callous, a. sakht, gha^ila ; sang-dil, 
Callousness,^, sakhti, sang-dili,be-dardi. 
Callow, a. be-bal-o-par, lunda. 
Calm, a. sakin, astida, thir. 
Calm, V. sakin k. task in d. aram d. 

tasalli k. thanda k. 
Calm, 8. taskin-i-dary^ ; ^lidagi. 
Calmly, ad, mulaimat-se, tahammul-se. 
Calmness, s. asudagi, rahat, tahammul. 
Calomel, 8. pare-ka kushta. 
Calorific,a. garm karne-wala ,mutaharrir. 
Calumniate,v.tuhmatlagana, badnnm d. 
Calumny, s. tuhmat, ittiham, badnam. 
Calve, V. byana. 

Calx, s. khakistar, tameswar. 
Cambric, s. chandeli, mahin katan. 
Camel, s. un(, shutur. 
Camera-obscura, s. taswir dekhne-k^ 
Camp, 8. Urdu, lashkar-gah. [alat. 

Campaign,5.maidan ; ghaza, safar-i-jang. 
Camphor, 8. kafur, kapur. 
Can, V. sakna ; qabil h. 
Can, 8, piyala ; qaraba j kulhiya. 
Canal, 8. nahr, khal. 
Canary, s. gawaiye chijye-ki qism. 
Cancel, v. khatt khinchna, mansukh k. 

metna. [burj-i-sart^n. 

Cancer, 5. kek^a,sartan, hazdr-chashma; 
Candid, a. snfed, s^, saf-dil, sadiq, 

sachcha. [waqqi. 

Candidate, s. ummedwar, talib, muta- 
Candidly, ad. safai-se, mul^hlis-ana. 
Candle, 8. batti, shama. 
Candlestick, 8. shama-dan. 
Candour, s, safHj, saf-dili, sadiiqat. 
Candy, v. pakna, murabba k. 
Cane, s. bet, chhajri ; ukh, naishakar* 
Canine, a. kuttasa, sag-asd, kalbi. 
Canister, 8. sanduqcha, dibba. 
Canker, «. kffa ; chitti ; ghao. 
Cannibal, a. adam-l^hor. 
Cannon, s. top. [golandazf k. 

Cannonade, v. topenchalana,golemama, 
Cannot, v. na sakna. 
Canoe, s. donga, dengi. 
Canon, 8. qanun, ain. [chhatgiri. 

Canopy, s. sayaban, chhatr, shamiyana; 
Cant, s. makr-ki bat, charb-zabani. 
Canton, 8. zila, parganna. 
Cantonment, s. chhaoni, lashkar-gah. 
Canvass, s, wilayati tHt, kirmiz. 
Canvass, v. chhanna ; taJiqiq k. 
Cap, 8. topi, kulah, taj. 
Capable, a. qabil, laiq. [wasf. 

Capacious, a. kushada, fasih, farakh, 
Papaciousness, s. kushadagi, farakhi, 

wasat. [istjdad. 

Capacity, 8. samao, gunjaish ; qabliyat. 
Cape, s. ras, nok-dar zamin ; gareb^. 
Caper, s. d^na, tenti ; kud, laph. 
Capital, a, asli, niutlaq, sadr, auwal j 



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Capital, 8. sar-mija, mijA, p6nji ; asl ; 

dar-nB'Saltanat, ritjdhani. 
Capitulation, s. qanlqanr, ahd-o-paiinan. 
Caprice, 8. wafam, kh&m-l^liiyali, talaw- 

CapricioiiB,a. talawwun-mizij, be-qar6r. 
Capricorn, s. bnrj-i-jadi, makar. 
Captain, s. sardiir, sar-gnroh ; n»-khoda. 
Captious, a. hnjjati, takrari, chifchif^. 
Captivate, v. farefla k. mohna. 
Captire, s. asir, qaidi, bandf. 
Captivity, «. asiri, girift4ri, qaid- 
Captor, 8. pakarne-wala, girinda. 
Car, 8. gifi, ar&ba. 
Caravan, s. qafila, karw^n. 
Caravansera, s. oarie, karwanfiarlie. 
Caraway, s. ajm6d, zira-i-r6xni. 
Carbanele,5. shab-chirag; muhiiaiighio. 
Carcass, 8. lash, mnrda ; ^bara. 
Card, s, ruqa, waraq ; ganjifa, tka. 
Card, V. dhnnni. 
Cardamom, 8. ilaecM, qaqnla. 
Cardinal, a. asli, mntlaq, anwal, azim. 
Cardinal points, 9. atraf-i-jahan. [ihtiyat. 
Care, 8. fiikr, andesha ; hawala, hifazat ; 
Care, v. fikr k. andesha k. ; muhdfizat k. 
Career, 8. danf, raw^n. [nak. 

Carefdl, a, j^habar-dar, hoshy^r, andesh> 
Carefully, ad. khabard&ri-se. 
Carefulness, s. khabardari, fikrmandi. 
Careless, a. gafil^ be-khabar, be-fikr. 
Carelessness, 8. ^afili, be-khabari. 
Caress, v. nawazish k. naz k. piyir k. 
Cargo, ». bar-i-jahaz, bojh. 
Carious, a. bosida, safa, 
Canmne, 8. niyahat, surkh rang, qirmiz. 
Carnage, 8. qatl, muq^tala, khunrezi. 
Carnal, a. jism^* nsLfsani, shahwati. 
Carnivorous, a. gosht-khor, darinda. 
Carol, 8. khush, S9J*od, nagma. 
Carouse, v. shadib pina, badmasti k. 
Carp, V. aib-girf k. nukta-chini k. 
Carpenter, s. bafhai, najjjar, darod-gar. 
Carpet, s. farsh, dan, shatranji, qHli. 
Carriage, 8. g^ri; barbardarij waza, 

tariq, chal. 
Carrier, s. hammal, mothiya ; gapwan. 
Carrion, s. murdar, l^h, saf a gosht. 

Carrot, 8. g^jar, zardak. 

Carry, v. lejana, haml k. ; kam&, kHm 

nikalna, amal k. chalanji, nibahna ; 

chal chalna, raviya rakhni. 
Cart, 8, gafi, chhakpa. 
Carter, s, gafiwan. 
Cartridge, 8, tonta, kartiis. 
Carve, v. tadishni, ka^na, khodna. 
Cascade, 8. ab-shar, jham&, chadar. 
Case, 8, gilaf, miyan ; sandnqcha ; jtiz- 

d6n ; hal, halat. 
Case, V. gilaf-men rakhna, dhampna. 
Casement, 8. khipki, jharoka. 
Cash, 8, naqd, r^piye, paise. 
Cashier, 8. fota-dar, ^hazinchf. 
Cashier, v. bartaraf k. maziil k. 
Cask, 8. pipa. 

Casket, s. sanduqcha, ^ibba, dan. 
Cast, V. phenkna, ddlna ; d^aln& ; jh^rn^, 

utama ; chhitrana ; barkhilaf insilf k. ; 

tarkib lagani ,• hisib k.' fikr k. 
Cast, 8. phenk, anda^ht, ^appa ; dfail ; 

gamza, kaj-bini ; qlilib, namuna. 
Caste, 8. zat, qanm. 
Castigation, «. saza, tazfr. 
Castle, 8. qila, hiss^, kot. 
Castor-oil, 8. arand-kli tel. 
Castrate, v. khasi k. khoja k. 
Casual, a. ittifaqi, irizi» 
Casualty, «. 6.riz&, ittifaq ; afat. 
Cat, 8. billi, billa, gnrba. 
Catalogue, 8. fihrist, siyliha. 
Cataract, 8. Hb-eikir, jhamil, oh^dar. 
Catarrh, s, nazla, zukam, sardi. 
Catastrophe, 8. ^ibat, bad-anjam, iifat. 
Catch, V. pakajma, pakar-lena, girift-lena. 
Catechism, 8. sawal-o-jawab. 
Category, «. jins, darji ; halat. 
Caterpillar, 8, kff a, kamla, jhanjha. 
Catgut, s. tant. 
Cathartic, a. julllb ; mus'hil. 
Cathedral, 8. azim giija. 
Catholic, a. amim, kuU ; qdtulki, riimi. 
Cattle, 8. gae-gord, dangar, mawashi. 
Caudle, 8. achhwani, harira. 
Caul, 8, jhili, jail, pet-ka parda. 
Cauliflower, «. phul-kobi. 
Causal, a. mujid, musabbib, fa}li. 


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Cause, s. sabab, biis, j^at, wajh, wista ; 

Cause, V karana, kama, paida k. 
Causeless, a. be-«abab, na-haqq. 
Causeway, s. uncha sarak, kharanja. 
Caustic, s. tezab, h^dd dawli, muqarrih. 
Cautery, g, dag, gul, soz. 
Cauterize, v» dag d. gul d. jsMni, 
Caution, 8. ^habarddri, ihtiyet ; zamin. 
Cautious, a, khabardar, hoshy^. 
Cavalcade, 5. sawaH, jilau. 
Cavalier, s. sawar, mir-zada. [risala. 
Cav£Ury, s. turksawar-an, sawaron-ki 
Cave, Cavern, s. gar, khoh, gupha. 
Cavil, V. harf-gfri k. nuktachini k. aib- 
Cavity, s. garha, jauf ; gar. [giri k. 

Caw, V. kin-kan k. 

Cease, i;. bdz-rakhna, cbhorna, mauquf k. 
Ceaseless, a. daim, mudam, lagatar. 
Cedar, s» sarv, saro. [taslim k. 

Cede, -?;. de-denn, chhofna ; hawala k. 
Ceiling, s. ohhat, saqf. 
Celebrate,^, t^rif k.mashhurk. ;racMna. 
Celebrated, a. namwar, mashhur. 
Celebration, s. zikr-i-azim, tazim, tarif ; 
Celebrity, 8 namwari, shnhrat.[ifa, ada. 
Celerity, 8. ohusti, jaldi, ehitabi. 
Celery, s. ajwaen j^horasani. 
Celestial, a. asmani, bihishti, jannati. 
Celibacy, s. mujarradj, na-katkhodai. 
Cell, 8. kothri, hujra. 
Cellar, s. tah-kh^na, sbarab-kyina. 
Cement, s. re^ihta, gach ; saresh. 
Cement, v. jorna, milana, paiwand k. 
Censer, s. dhup-dan. [obiptana. 

Censor, s. muhtasib. 
Censorious, a. aib-jo, harf-gfr. 
Censurable, a. ilzam-ke laiq, bad. 
Censure, s. ilzam, malamat. 
Censure, v. ilzam d. malamat d. 
Cent, s. sau, sad, saikra ; pais^* 
Centipede, s. kankhajura, bazar paya. 
Central, a. bich-ka, darmiy6ni. 
Centre, s. darmiyan, bich, markaz. 
Centuple, a. sau-guna, sad-chand. 
Centurion, s, suba-dar. 
Century, s. sau baras, sad bH. 
Cere-cloth, s. mom-jama. 

Ceremonial, 8. rasm, sharrkat- 
Ceremonious, a. takallufi ; takallof miz^j. 
Ceremony, 8. takalluf, adab ; rasm, 

sbaukat. [fulan, bdze, koi. 

Certain, a. muqarrar, be-shaqq, yaqin ; 
Certainly, ad, albatta, be-shaqq. 
Certainty, s. yaqini, tahqiq, taqarmr, 

sachchai ; muqarrar chiz. 
Certificate, s. sanad, chitthi. [sabit k. 
Certify j v. muttal) k. muqarrar k. agah k. 
Cerulean, 8. asmani-rang. 
Cessation, 8. tawaqquf, muhlat faragat. 
Cession, s. de-dalna, taslim. [khisiyanH. 
Chafe, V. maJna, melish k. khijanH, 
Chaff, 8. bhusi, phokar> sabus. 
Chagrin, s. khafagi, ranj, azurdagi. 
Chain, s. f.anjir, silsila. 
Chain, v. zanjir-se-bandhnll. 
Chair, 8. kursf, chaukf. 
Chairman, 8. mir-majlis. 
Chaise, s. gapi, sej-glrf. 
Chaldron, s. koile-k^ paim&na. 
Chalice, s. piy^la, argha. 
Chalk, 8. khap mitti, khariya.[mAngn6. 
Challenge, v. lara» m^ngna ; dawa k. ; 
Challenge, «. jang-joi : dawn, talab. 
Chamber, 8. kamra, kothrf, khana ; ko- 
Chamberlain, s. hajib ; nazir. [thi. 

Chameleon, s, girgit, bd-qalamun.[mai. 
Champaign, s. maidan, sahra ; qism-i- 
Champion, 8. pahlawan, bahadur, janga- 
Chance, s. qismat, nasib, ittifaq. [war. 
Chance, v. waqi h. ittifaq h. 
Chancel, s. girja-ka haram. 
Chancellor, 8. sardar-qnzi,sadr-us-sudur. 
Chancery, 8. sadar, adalat. 
Chandelier, s. battion ka jh^. 
Chandler, s. batti-saz y^ farosh. 
Change, s. tabdfl, badli, tagaiwur ; paisS. 
Change, v. badal k. badal dalna, tabdil k. 
Changeable, a, mutalauwin, taJawun- 

taba, beqarar. [i-darya. 

Channel, s. rud-khana, nala; khari; tang- 
Chant, V. ilhan-se pa^rhna, sarod k. 
Chaos, 8. alam-i-haiyulani. 
Chapel, 8, }badat-^hana, mabid. 
Chaplain, *. padrj. 
Chaplet, s. sihra j tasbih. 


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Chapter, s, bab, fasl. [Jtibar ; shakes. 

Character, s.haxf; sifat,kh88siyat ; nam, 

Characteristic, a. jo khassiyat batlata, 

Chamcterize, v. kh^ssiyat bayan k. 

Charcoal, 8. koela, zng^al. 

Charge, s, hawala, sipnrd ; hnkm, far- 
man ; tnhammat, ilzam ; kharch ; 
hamla, hnjum ; bhajra. 

Charge, v. sipnrd k. ; hnkm k. farman 
d. t^kid k. tnhammat lagan^ ; kharch 
k. ; hamla k. ; bhama, bojh d. 

Charger, s. q&b, tasht ; asp-i-jang. 

Chariot, s. gari, araba. 

Charioteer, s, gayi-wan, araba-r£n. 

Charitable, a. mnkhaiyar, sal^hi ; khair- 

Charity,s. khairat ; khair-khwahi,faiyazi. 

Charm, v. farefla k. iadu k. nawazish k. 

Charm, s. jadu ; tawiz, tilism ; nawaz. 

Charmer, 8. jadiigar ; dil-bar. 

Charming, a. dil-chasp, dil-mba. 

Chart, 8. naqsha lab-i-dary& ka. 

Charter, s. sanad,,ahd-nama. 

Chaae, v. khedna, ragedna, pichhe dany- 
na ; shikar k. ; hanknii ; tarashn^. 

Chase, s. shikar ; said j pairavi, taaqnb. 

Chasm, s, darz, darar, shigaf. [raged. 

Chaste, a. pak-daman, pilkiza, p^a. 

Chastise, v, saza d. tambih k. 

Chastisement, s, saza, tambih. [sai. 

Chastity, s. p^k-damani, pakizagC, par- 
Chat, 8. bat-chit, guftogu. 

Chatter, v. ohirohifana, tentenk. ; bakna, 
bakbak k. ; bajna, pisna. 

Chattels, s. aabab, chizba8t,mal.[qadar. 

Cheap, a. sasta, arzan, kam-qimat, be- 

Cheapen, v. sasta k. mol ghatkna. 

Cheapness, s. sastai, arzani. [makkar. 

Cheat, s. makr, daga, fareb ; dagabaz. 

Cheat, V. fareb k. dagabdzi k. thagna. 

Check, 8, rok, zabt, mnzahamat ; tip. 

Check, V. rokna, zabt k. ; clatna. 

Cheek, 5. gal, rukhsar, ^riz. 

Cheer, v. Jhush k. tasalli d. ; hnlkama. 

Cheer, s, khnrrami ; khush nara. 

Cheerful, a.khu8h-mizaj,khnrram, shad. 

Cheerfully, ad. khushi-se, shadmana; 
ba-sar g-chashm. 

Cheerfulness, s. khush-mizajr, khnrrami 
Cheerless, a. na-khush, ndds. 
Cheese, s, panir. 
Cheesecake, s. qism-i-mithaf. 
Chequer, v. do-rangi k. abri k. 
Cherish, v, palna, parwarish k. 
Cherisher, 8. pslne-wala, parwar. 
Cherub, s. karrubi. 
Cherry, s. ald-balu, shah-dana. 
Chess, 8. shatranj. 
Chest, 8. sanduq ; chhati, slna. 
Chestnut, 8, shah-balut. 
Chew, V. chabna, chaban^ ; ganr k. 
Chicane, s. hila-hawala, lait-o-ldH. 
Chicken, s, chingni, chuza. 
Chicken-hearted, a. dar-pokna. 
Chide, V, dantna, jhipakna, zijr k. 
Chief, a. anwal,muqaddam,Bardar,bara. 
Chief, 8. sardar, rais, sharif. 
Chiefly, ad. auwalan, ^hususan, aksar. 
Chilblain, s. biwai. 
Child, 8. bachcha, lafka, tifl, pisar. 
Childbirth, 8, janna ; dard-i-zih. 
Childhood, 8. lapkapan, tufuliyat. 
Childish, a. larkasa, tifl-mizaj, nadan« 
Childishness, 8, tifl-mizaji ; nadani. 
Childless, a. lH-walad, be-farzand. 
Chill, a. thanda, sard, b^rid. 
Chilliness, s. sardi, thandi. 
Chime, 8. tal, tal-mel, thankar, hama- 
hang ; gajar. [ham-wazn h. 

Chime, v. tal d. ektal h. hamahang h. 
Chimera, s. wahm, kham-khiyal. 
Chimerical, a. wahmi, khiyali. 
Chinmey, s. dud-kash, dhuan-dih. 
Chin, 8. thuddi, zanakh. 
Chink, s. darz, chhed, shigaf. 
Chink, V. chhanchhanana, jhanjhanana. 
Chintz, 8. chhint. 
Chip, 8. chhipti, tukra, para. 
Chiromancy, s. samudrik, ramal. 
Chirp, V. churagna, chirchirana, rez k. 
Chisel, s. rukhani, chheni. 
Chit, 8. bachcha, tifl ; chitthi. 
Chit-chat, 8. bat-chit, gap-shap. 
Choice, 8. ikhtiyar, intikhab, pasand. 
Choice,a. khassa,nafis,tuhfa, pasandida. 
Choir, 8, gawaiyon-ka taifa. 


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Choke, V. gala ghontn£ ya dnb&na ; dam 

band k. ; band k. 
Choler, s. pit, safrii ; gnssa, khafagi. 
Cholera, s. haiza-bimari. 
Choleric, a. gussa-war, ttind, tiind mizaj. 
Choose, V. pasand k. chunna, ikhtiyar k. 
Chop, V. ek cho(-se ka^na ; tukra tukra k. 
Chop, s. clali ; boti. 

Choral,a.gawai7on-ke t&ife- k e mntaalliq. 
Chord, s. tar, roda. 
Chorister, s. gawaiya. 
Chorus, s. gawaiyon-ka tdifa ; jawlibf. 
Chosen, a. pasandida, chuna gay^, maq- 
Christ, s. Khodawand Tsu Masih. [bul. 
Christian, s, fsnwf, masihi, nasarani. 
Christianity ,».dinl'snwi,l'8nwi,niazhab. 
Christmas, s. Masih-ki paidaish-ka din. 
Chronic, a. der-pa, mnzmin. 
Chronicle, s. tawarikh. 
Chronology, s. jftn-i-tawarikh. 
Chrysolite, s. zabarjad, yaqut. 
Chrystal, s. bilaur. 
Chuckle, V. hansna ; kutkutana. 
Church, 8. girja, kalisa ; jamaat. 
Church-yard, s, qabristan. 
Churl, s. ganw«r, dihqani j bakhil. 
Chum, V. mathuH, bilona. 
Chum, s. mathaniya, mihani. 
Chyle, 8. kailus, ras. 
Chymist, s. kimiya-gar, ahl-i-kfmiya. 
Chymistry, s. kimiya, )lm-i-kimiya. 
Cider, s. seb-ki sharab. 
Cinder, 8. koela, angara. 
Cinnabar, s. shangarf, ingur. 
Cinnamon, s. dalchfni, d^chfnf. 
Cipher, s. sifr, sunni j ramznavisi. 
Cipher, v. hisab k. [majlifl. 

Circle, s. daira, halqa, ghera ; jamaat, 
Circuit, 8. gardish, dauf ; ihata. 
Circular, a. gol, mudauwar. 
Circulate, v. gardish k. ghumni, dau^na j 

ghumana, chalana, phirana. 
Circulation, s. gardish, dauran, ghumao. 
Circumcision, s. khatna, sunnat. 
Circumference, s, gird, gher, ghera, daira. 
Circumjacent, a.mutassil, qarib, nazdik, 

a spas. [lafzi. 

Circumlocution, 8, tul-kalam, gardish-i- 

Circumscribe, v. gher k. hadd bindhni. 
Circumspect, a. khabardar, hoshyar, 

chaukas. [ihtiyat. 

Circumspection, s. khabard^rfjliOBhyari, 
Circumstance, ». halat, kaifiyat, wuq^. 
Circumstantial, a, mufassal, wazih. 
Circumstantiate, v. mufassal bay^ k, 

haqiqat-i-hal kahna. 
Circumvent, v. fareb k. dhokha d. 
Circumvention, s. fareb, makr, dhokha. 
Circumvolution, 8, gardish, ghumao. 
Circus, 8. akhflfa, jaulan-gah. [dauran. 
Cistern, s. hauz, chah-bachcha. 
Citadel, s. qila, garh. 
Cite, V, talab k. jlam k. 
Citizen, s. shahri, ahl-i-shahr. 
Citron, 8. turanj, kama. 
City, 8. shahr, nagar, abad. 
Civet, 8. mushk ; zablid. 
CivO, a. mulki, diwdni ; ^haliq, sahib-i<* 

adab, sahib-i-suluk. 
Civil- court, 8. ad61at diwanf. 
Civilian, 8. ^mil-pesha, ahl-i-qalam. 
Civility, s. khulq, akhlaq, suluk, adab. 
Civilize, v.tarbiyat k. talim k. shaistak. 
Civil-law, diwani-ka ain. 
Civilly, ad. akhlaq-se, adab-se. 
Civil-war,5. khana-jangi, apas-men laf &i. 
Claim, 8. dawa, istihqaq, darkhwHst. 
Claim, V. dawa k. darkhwast k. 
Claimant, s. muddaf, dawe-dar, dad- 
Clamber, v. charna, sawar h. [^hwah. 
Clamminess, 8. laslasahat. 
Clammy, a. lasdar, laslasa, chipchipa. 
Clamour, 8. shor, gul, gauga, dhum. 
Clamour, v. pukarna. 
Clamp, 8. pattar, takhta. 
Clan, s. qaum, firqa, khandan. 
Clandestine, a. poshida, chhip4. 
Clandestinely, ad. chup-chupate. 
Clang, 8. kari awaz, khatakha^. 
Clap, 8. khatka ; kapak ; tali ; sozak. 
Clap, V, zarb k. lagana, tdli baj&na. 
Clapper, s. ghante ka latkan. 
Claret, 8. lal-sharib. 
Clarify, V. saf k. mail ch4ntna. 
Clarion, s, kama, turhi, biiq. 
Clash, s, takkar, zarb, jhanjhkar. 


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Glasii, V. jhanjliaii^aia ; zidd k. 

Clasp, V. bagal-giri k. 

Clasp, s. bagal-gm ; ankri . 

Class, s. daija ; qism, aana ; jamaat. 

Classic, s. mutabar, mnsannif. 

Classification, s. intizam. 

Clatter, s. khaf kharahat. 

Clatter, v. kharkhar^oa, tbakthakasa. 

Clanse, 5. fiqra, jmula ; sbart. 

Clavicle, s. hansli. 

Claw, s. naklmn, changal, pajija. 

Claw, V. kharochnl, panje marna. 

Clay, s. gil, ohikni mitthi. 

Clean, a. saf, pdk, njla. 

Cleanse, v. saf k. pak k. njlan^. 

Clear, a. shafiaf ; saf; zabir ; j^hai : ^zfid. 

Clear, v. saf k. zahir k. ; snljhana : mnaf 

k. mnbarra k. ; dur k. sark^na ; ntha d. 
Clearance, 8. nik6si-ki clritthi. 
Clearly, ad. saf, zahirana, sa£Ri-se. 
Clearness, s, shafifafi, safai, njlai. 
Clear-sighted, a. dnrandesh. 
Cleave, v. la^-rahna, chimta-rahn^ ; 

chima, pbarnli. 
Cleaver, s. qasai-ka knlbiif i, bngda. 
Cleft, s. darar, darz, chak. 
Cleft, a. -phAfi huL 
Clem^icy, s. rahm, shafqat. 
Clement, a. halfm, gafur. 
Clench, v. mntthi-meD pakapia. [log. 
Clergy, s. khadiman-i-dm Masihi ; p&dri 
Clerical, a, khadimon-ka, padnon-ka. 
Clerk, 8. navisanda, mnharrir. 
Clever, a. chalak, tez-fahm, hoshyar. . 
Clew, s. pechak, goli ; rahbari dalalat. 
Client, s. mnwakkil, mnnib. 
Cliff, s. pahar-ka pahlu, khara pahar. 
Climate, 8. &b-o-hawa, iqlim, sarzamin. 
Climb, V. charhna, saw^r h. 
Cling, V. laga-rahnll, lipatna. 
Clink, V. jhanjhanana, thanthanana. 
Clip,i;. katama, k^tna,tarnshna, ghatnn^. 
Clipping, 8. kataran, chhant. [bahana. 
Cloak, 8. fargul, labada, barani ; parda. 
Cloak, V. dhampna, chhip&na. 
Clock, 8. ghari, saat. 
Clockmaker, s. ghari-s^. 

Clod, 5. dheln, dh>ma ; ahmaq. 
Clog, 8. bojh, atkao, mana ; kharanw. 
Cloister, 8, hajra, goaha, takiya ; mih- 

rabdar rah. 
Close, V. band k. paiwand k. tamani k. 

khatm k. ; milana, jorna. 
Close, «. akhir, tamami ; barbiindha khet. 
Close, a. band ,* mahsur ; tang ; paiwasta^ 

mila, laga ; qarib, na^dik ; mukhtasar ; 

khamosh ; bakhil ; ghana, kaaif. 
Closeness, 8 kot^hi, tangi ; qnrb, naas- 

diki ; gnnjani ; kasafat, khamsahat. 
Closet, 8, khalwat-khana. 
Cloth, 8. kapfa, parcha ; dastarkhwan. 
Clothe, V. kapf a pahnnna o|rhana, poshi- 
Clothes, 8. kapre, poshak, hbas. [da k. 
Clond, 8. abr, badal, ba^lli, meg. 
Clondiness, s. badli, meg-dan, tankL 
Clondy, a. abr-numa, meg-dar, ghan- 

ghor, dhtmdhla. [goti. 

Cloat, 8. paiwand, jof ; latta, safi ; lan- 
Clove, 8. lanng, qamaful ; pothf. 
Cloven, a. shigafta, pha^a hua; khnri- 
Clover, 8. ghas-ka qism. [dar. 

Clown, s. ganwar, dihqani, betamizadmi. 
Clownish, a. ganwdlni, na-tarashida. 
Cloy, V. ser k. aghana. [betamiz. 

Club, 8. sonta, chob ; majlis, jamaat. 
Clnck, V. kntkutana. 
Clnmp, s. kunda ; jhund. 
Clumsy, a. be-saliqa, anarf, badwaza. 
Cluster, 8. khosha, guchchha. 
Clutch, s, girift, pakar, qabz. 
Coach, s char pahiye-ki gajri. 
Coach-hire, s. gari-ka bhafa. 
Coachman, s. gari-wan. 
Coadjutor, s. rafiq, sharfk, sathi. 
Coa^late, v. jamana, munjamid k. 
Coagulation, s. jamawat, injimad. 
Coal, 8. koela, patthar-ka koela. 
Coalesce, v. milna, paiwasta h. 
Coalescence, s. mel, paiwastagi. 
CoaJition, 8. qarabat, dosti. [nashaista. 
Coarse, a, mota ; be-daul, na-tarashida, 
Coast,s.samundar-kakinara, lab-i-darpu 
Coat, 8. kurti, alkhalaq ; gilaf. 
Coax, 1'. phuslana, bahlana. 
Cobbler, s. chamdr, kafsh-doz. 


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Cobweb, 8. makp-k^j^. 
Cochineal, s. qirmiz, kxrm-ddna. [dhefi. 
Cock, s. mnrg ; tonti ; banduq-kdghofa; 
Cockade, s, fite j& paron-kd gnchchlia. 
Cockle, s. ghongha ; qism-i-sip. 
Cockroach, s. tel-chatt^. 
Cock*8-comb, s. tsj-i-khurus, kes. 
Cocoannt, s. n^riyal, nirjil. 
Cod, £. machhli-ki qism. 
Code, 5. ^inon-ka mai'miia. 
Codicil, s, wasiyat-nime-ki tatimma. 
Coequal, a. ham-sar, ham-qadr. 
Coerce, v. zabt k. zer k. bazor kar^nd. 
CoetemaJ, a. ham-d^mi, ham-^bidf. 
Coeval, a.ham-asr, ham-uinr,ham-waqt. 
Coexistent, a, ham-zat. 
Coffee, s, qahwa, bun. 
Coffer, s. sanduq, petf. 
Coffin, s, t^but, kafii.* 
Cogency, 3. zor, qnwat, istiqr^. 
Cogent, a, qawi, zapur, nstuwdr. 
Cogitation, s. fikr, andesha, ganr. [liiq. 
Cognizable, a. ald-i-adilat-ke snnne-ke 
Cognizance, s, baz-khw^t, tahqiqat. 
Cohabit, v. ham-khdna h. ham-bistar h. 
Cohabitation, s. ham-suhbati, ham-bis- 
Cohexr, s. ham-wdris. [tan. 

Cohere, v. chaspida h. paiwasta h. milnd. 
Coherence, s. chaspidagi, paiwastagi, 

Ohaq. [wifiq, thik. 

Coherent, a. chaspida, nmnjamid ; nrn- 
Cohesion, s. see Coherence. 
Cohesive, a. chipchip^, las-d&',chaspida. 
Coil, s. shor-o-gul ; halqa. 
Coin, 5. aikka, zarb ; paisa, naqd. 
Coinage, s. sikkd^zaui, zarrabi ; sikka. 
Coincide, v. muw^q h, mnt^biq h. 

milna. [mel. 

Coincidence, 5. mnw^^ifeiqat, mntibaqat, 
Cold, a. thandd, sard ; sust ; be-parw^. 
Cold, s. thand, sardi, jara, znkam, nazla. 
Coldly, ad. gaflat-se, be*parw^i-8e. 
Coldness, s. thandai, sardi; be-iltifati. 
Colic, 8. q^nj, baesdl. [bdn. 

Collar, S4 gnlu-bajid, patt^, tanq ; gare- 
. Collate, V. nmq&baJa k. milani. 
Collateral, a. pahlu ba pahlu ; ham-jaddi. 
Colleague, s. ahss% raftq, hazu-mansab. 

Collect, V. jama k. ikattha k. tahsfl k. ; 

malum k. 
Collection, a. ijtim$, jama, tahsil. 
Collector, s. jama kame-wfli, tahsil-dai'. 
College, s. madrasa j jamaat-i-ylama. 
Collegian, s. t«hlib-i-ilm, ahl-i-madrasa. 
Collier, s. pahdri koela-ki khodne-wdla. 
Colliery, s. koeU-khan. 
Collision, s. dhakka, takkar. 
Colloquial, a. rozmaree-k^. 
Collusion, s, bandish, sazish, fareb. 
Collyrium, s. anjan, surma. 
Colonel, s. paltan-ka sard^, hazdri. 
Colonize, v. bas^n^, abiid k. 
Colonnade, s. chihil-situn, situn-ki qat&r. 
Colony, s. nan-^b^di mnlk ; shahar- 

badaron-ka jamaait. 
Colorific, a. rang paidd kame-w^^. 
Colour, s, rang j surat, bahdna. 
Colour, V. rangnd, rang d. ; rangin k. ; 

sharm khand ; bandnk, surat d. 
Coloured, a. rangin, mulauwan ; siyih. 
Colours, 8. nishdn, alam, jhandd. 
Colt, 3. bachher^ kurra. 
Column, s. situn, rukn, pil-pdya ; sipa- 

hion-ki qat^. [had-khana. 

Comb, s. kanghi, shdna ; kes, t^j ; sha- 
Comb, V. kanghi k. safa k. 
Combat, s. laydf, jang-o-jidiil. [wdn. 

Combatant, s. laydkd, jangawar, pahla- 
Combiaation, s. bandish, sdziah, ittifaq, 

mel, sajha. 
Combine, v. melnd, paiwasta k. jofn^. 
Combustible, a. dtashglr, jalanhar. 
Combustion, s. jalan, sozish ; hangdma. 
Come, V. ana, a-jand ; guzamd ; girnd. 
Comedy, ». naql, pekhna. 
Comeliness, s. khubsuratf, Ichushnnmdi. 
Comely,a. khubsurat, khushnuma,has(n. 
Comet, 8. sitara dumdar, jhaf u. 
Comfit, s. mithai. 

Comfort, 5. tasallf, tasklu, khatirjamaf. 
Comfort, V, tasalli d. task in k. 
Comfortable, a. taskin-bakhsh ; dsuda 

hdl J muwafiq. [nawaz. 

Comforter, s. tasalli dene-wdM, ^hdtir- 
Comfortless, a. be-ckdra, be-khushi, 



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Comical, a. maskhara, t^a^he-bdz, zarif. 
Coming, s, aD^, amad ; pahunch, rasid. 
Coming, a. ata, 4inda ; age, pesh. 
Command, s. hnkm, farm^, irshad ; 

hukumat. [mat k. 

Command, v, hnkm k. farmana, hnku- 
Commander, s, hdkim ; salar, sardar. 
Commandment, 8, hnkm, farmdn. 
Commemorable, a. jidg&r, mashhur. 
Commemorate, v. yadgari k. tazkir k. 
Commenoe, v, slmr^ k. agdz k, [^irs k. 
Commencement, s, shnru, agaz, ibtidd. 
Commend, v. sarahna, tajrif k. ; sifansh 

k. snpnrd k. taslim k. [mansuf. 

Commendable, a. tarif ke 14iq,pasandida, 
Commendation, s. tarif, madah ; sifarish. 
Commensurable, a. ]iam-andaz,barabar. 
Comment,^. tafsir,BharaJi, hashiya, tawil. 
Commentator, s. tafsir-navis, sharih, 

Commerce, s. tijarat, sanddgari, 
CommerciaJ, a. tijarati, b&zari. 
Commiserate, v. rahm k. tars khana« 
Commiseration, s. rahm, shafqat. 
Commission, s. sanad i ammi, farmdn, 

farm^b ; mnhassil-lknaj rnsum, das- 

turi ; irtikab, kama. [qndrat d. 

Commission, v. sanad d, mukhtar k. 
Commissioner, s. amin. 
Commit, v. hawala k. snpnrd k. ; bhejna ; 

qaid k. ; kamd, macbdna, irtikab k. 
Committee, s, majlis, panchayat. [sib. 
Commodious, a. maqul, muwafiq, mun£- 
Commodity, s, jins, mal, saud, asbab, 

Commodore, s, jangi jabazon-ka siilar. 
Common, a. ^m, rdij, chalni, kamina ; 

bahut ; mashhur. 
Common, s. maidan, sahra. 
Commonly, ad, aksar, barhii ; beshtar. 
Commonplace, a. raij, chalni j — hook, 

Commons, s, awam ; majlis ; khan^. [am. 
Commonwealth, s. jamhur, intizam-i- 
Commotion, 8. hangama, fis£d, haJ-chali . 
Commune, v, guftgu k. ham-sukhan k. 
Communicate, v. kahna, batlana, Ifhabar 

d. ; den^« 

Communication, s, izhdr, ifsha ; ittil4 ; 

ildqat, taalluq ; rasta. 
Communicatiye, a. ashnd-miz^j, mulaim. 
Communion, s. dmad-raft, uns, hamdini. 
Community, s. khdss-o-^m ; suhbat. 
Commute, v. tabdil k. 
Compact, s, shart, ahd, qaul-o-qarar. 
Compact, a. thos, gafs, safb, ^asif; 

Companion, s. rafiq, sharik, sdthi. 
Company, s. majlis ; taifa, mihmanon- 

ki jam^t ; suhbat, rifaqat ; kothi. 
Comparable, a, muqabil, barabar ; mum- 

kin-ut-tashbih. [ke muqdbil. 

Comparatively, ad, ba-nisbat, ru-ba-ru- 
Compare, v. muqdbala k. tashbih d. 

mildnd. [nisbat. 

Comparison, s. muqdbala, tashbih, misal. 
Compass, s. daur, ghera,ihata; pahunch, 

rasdi ; wasat, miqdar ; qutb-numd. 
Compass, v. ghema, gird k. muhdsara 

k. hdsil k. 
Compasses, s. pargar. [mandf, tars. 
Compassion, s. rahm, shafqat, dard- 
Compassionate, a. rahm-dil,,dard-mand. 
Compatible, a. laiq, mun^ib, maqul. 
Compel, V. ba-zor kardn^ zabardasti-se 

Compendious, a. mukhtasar, mnjmal. 
Compendium, s. il^tidar, ijmal, khulasa. 
Compensate, v. jaza d. taJdfS k. iwaz d. 
Compensation, s. jazd, tal^, }waz. 
Compete, v. ham-matlab h. [y**- 

Competence, s. kifayat, fardgat, qdbli- 
Competent, a. qibil, laiq ; kafi. 
Competition, s. muqabala^ muqdwamat, 

badd badi. [matlab. 

Competitor, s. harif, muqdbil ; ham- 
Compilation, 8, t^f, mujmua ; kitdb. 
Compile, v. talif k. mtikhdb k. likhnd.^ 
Compiler, s. muallif, navis. [mandf. 
Complacency, s. khushi, dil-jamai, raza- 
Complacent, a. khush-taba. [yat k. 

Complain, v. nalish k. fary^ k. shika- 
Complainant, s. faryddl, mudda|. 
Complaint, s. niUish, faryad, shik^yat ; 

Complaisance, $. muruwat, jj^hulq. 


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Complaisant, a. ^Iialiq, mnlium, s&hib- 

i-mnrawat. [mucbd. 

Complete, a. pura, tamim ; k^mil, sa- 
Complete, t;. purd k. tamdm k. kiUnil k. 
Completion, 8. tamdmi, anj^m. 
Complex, a. pech-dar-peoh, pechfU, 

Complexion, a. rang-i-cMhra ; miz&j. 
Compliance, s. razdmandi, marzi, qabul. 
Compliant, a. mnlaim, halim, banda-e- 

farmin. [dnshwdr. 

Complicated, a. peob-dar-pech, pechila. 
Compliment, s. takallnf, mndirat, saldm. 
Compliment, e. salam d. mnbiirakbadi k. 

jkhnsh^madi k. 
Comply, V. rdzi h. raz^mand h. 
Compose, V. ban&na, jofna ; tarkfb d. ; 

tasnif k. likhna ; dnrust k. reSi k. ; 

tashkin k. ; harf jamana. 
Composed, s, sanjida, mustaqill. 
Composer, s, musannif, naql-band; 

Composition, 8. amezish, tartlb, tasm'f, 

inshiL ; rafd-dafa. 
Compositor, 8, harf jamane-wdla. 
Composure, s. dsaish, itminan, asudagl. 
Compomid, v. miland, tarkib k. amezish 
Compound, s. murakkab, millio. [k. 
Comprehend, v. daryaft k. samajhna, 

malum k. ; mushtamal h. [fahm. 

Comprehension, s. daryafb, samajh. 
Compress, v. daMna, nichornd, afshurda 
Compression, s. dabao, afshurdagl. [k. 
Comprise, v. ishtimdl k. sh^nil k. 

mundarij k. 
Compromise, v. musalaha k. hamshart h. 
Compulsion, a. zor, zabardasti. 
Compunction, 8. hasrat, taasuf, afsos* 
Compute, V. ginna, shumar k. 
Comrade, «. raflq, sathi, yar. 
Concave, a. mujauwaf, khokhla. pc. 
Conceal, v. chhipdna, poshida k. mal^hfi 
OonceaJment, s. chhipao, poshidagl. 
Concede, t;. razl h. qabul k. mannd; 

Conceit, s, V^yal, wahm, khudparastC. 
Conceited, a. |^ud-pasand^ ^h^dbin, 

Conceivable, a. mumkin-ul-fahm. 
Conceive, u. samajhna, daryaft k. 

hdmila h. [j^* 

Conception, 8. hamal, pet ; khiy&l, dar- 
Concern, s, mu^mala, karobdr ; flkr, an- 

Concern, v. afiar k. dUgir k. ; aldqa 

rakhn^, mutalliq h. 
Concerned, a. dilgir, udas ; sharlk ; 

mutaallaq. [bat, haqq. 

Concerning, pr. mansab, mutalliq ; hi- 
Concert, v. bandish k. bandobast k. 

muqarrar k. [soz-o-saz. 

Concert, s. ittifiq, mel; ham-ahangi. 
Concession, s. den^, inayat, qabul j inam. 
Conch, s. s^nkh, naqus. 
Conciliate, v« tasfiya k. miUni. 
Concise, a. mukhtasar, mujmal, kotih. 
Conciseness, s. ikhtisdr, kotahf. 
Conclude, v. tamam k. Hfhir k. j qij&i 

k. m^um k. 
Conclusion, 8. tamim, anjam $ natija. 
Conclusive, a. qitj, muqarrar. 
Concomitant, a. paiwasta, lazim. 
Concord, 8. milap, muwafaqat ; ham- 

lihangi. [hajum. 

Concourse, s. mujma, bhfy, izhdihim, 
Concrete, a. munjamid, basta, murakkab. 
Concubine, s. madkhula, haram, saheli. 
Concupiscence, 8. shahwat, masti, nafs. 
Concur, v. muttafiq h. qabul h. ekdil h. 
Concurrence, s. ittifaq yak-dili ; qabul. 
Concurrent, a. muttafiq. 
Concussion, s. tasadum, dhakka, harkat. 
Condemn, v. gundhgar thahranH, fatwa 

d. ; ilzam d. dosna. 
Condemnation, 8, fatw£, saza-kd hukm. 
Condense, v. munjamid k. jamand. 
Condescend, v. farotanf k. tawajjuh k. 
Condescension, s, farotani, tawajjuh. 
Condign, a. laiq, wdjib, mun&ib. 
Condiment, s. mas&la. [sab. 

Condition, 8. hal, kaifiyat; shart; man- 
Conditional, a. sharti. 
Condole, v. mdtampursi k. 
Condolence, 8. matampursi, taziyat, 
Condoler, 8. matampurs, hamdai>d. 
Conduce, v. mumidd h. madad k. 


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Gonduoi¥6, a. myikwin, mnxnidd, eehSA* 
Conduct, $. siiluk, chalaQ, (axiqa ; rah- 

nnmai ; sarbar&hi ; tadbir. 
Conduct, V. rahnnmaiL k. pahunchan&, 

sarbar&hi k. obaUma ; cbalna, snluk k. 
Conduit, 5. nahr, naif, dbrez. 
Cone, 8. maJ^hrdt, gdo-dnm. 
Confection, s. mithii, halwa, mnrabba. 
Confederacy, s» bandisb, ittifaq, mel; 

Confederate, s, rafiq, shank, aathf. 
Confederate, v. bcuudisli k. sazish k. 

mnahada k. [dena. 

Confer, v. jawab'Sawdl k. ; bakhshna, 
Conference, s. jawab'Sawal, mnbahasa, 

Confess, v. iqrar k. qabul k. ; batl&na. 
Confessedly, ad. iqr^-se, be-shnbb^, 

Confession, s. iqrir, )tir£f qabiil. [k. 
Confide, v. jtimiid k. jtibar k. tawakkol 
Confidence, $, jtim^d, itib^, ftiqad; 

dileri. [giast^kb ; dUer. 

Confident, a. mnstaqOl; mnqarrar; 
Confidential, a. mahram-i-ria, raz-dar ; 

Itibdri. [lagn^ ; rokna. 

Confine, v. qaid k. mahbus k ; hadd 
Confine, s, sarbadd, badd, ibdta. 
Confined, a. qaidi, mahbus, tang, kotdh. 
Confinement, 8. qaid, giriftdri, band. 
Confirm, v. sabit k. yaqfn k. taadiq k. ; 
Confirmation, s, isbdt ; dalalat. [q^lni k* 
Confiscate, v. zabt k. qnrq k. 
Confiscation, s. zabt, qurq. 
Conflagration, s. atash-zadagi, agw^. 
Conflict, s. lar^, jang, muqdbala. [rat. 
Confluence, s. majma ; amboh, bhif , kas- 
Conform, v. qabuJ k. r^i h. [basb. 

Conformably, ad. mutabiq, bamujib. 
Conformity, s, mutdbaqat, muwdfaqat. 
Confound, i;. milani, mal^at k. ; ghab- 
' rini^ hairdn k. 

Confix>nt, V. muqabil k. rubard k. 
Confuse, v. ghabrdni, hairan k. nljhdnd -, 

paresh^ k. 
Confused, a. darham-barham, ultd-pul- 

ta ; hair^, ghabrd hud. [hangama. 
Confosion^ $» ghabraha^, abtari, uljhdo ; 

Confote, V. Id jawab k. qdil k. jhntkdnd. 
Congeal, v. jamnd, munjamid h. 
Congenial, a. ham-jins, hamtaba, ekdil, 

ekrang ; munasib. 
Congratulate, v. mubdnik-bad kahnd) 

tahniyat k« 
Congregation, s. jamaat, jamiyat, majlis. 
Congruity, s. mnwdfaqat, mun^abat, 

shaiistagf. [war. 

Congruous, a. muwdfiq, munasib, ham- 
Conic, Conical, a. gdodumi, nmkhrutl, 

Conjectural, a. khiydH, qiydsf. 
Conjecture, 8, qiyas, gumdn, anddza, 

wahm. [milke. 

Conjointly, ad, sharikat-se, b'ilittifdq> 
Conjugal, a. nikahi, byihi, zaujf. 
Conjugate, v. milana, tasrxf k. gard&imi. 
Conjunction, s. mel, paiwand, wasl; 

qirdn ; atf . 
Conjunctive, a. wasli ; ahartiya, mazdrf. 
Conjuncture, s. ittifiq, naubat, waqt. 
Conjure, v. qasam khildna, Utimis k. 

talab k. ; jddu k. fafian k. 
Conjurer, s. jdddgar, afsungar. [wasl k. 
Connect, v. jofna, mUtina, paiwand k. 
Connected, a. paiwasta, mutassil, mu- 

taaUiq. [rishta. 

Connexion, s. aldqa, nisbat, paiwand, 
Conmvance, 8, chashm-poshi inakdnf. 
Connive, a. igmdz k. chashm-poahi k. 

Connubial, a. nikdnl, bydh-ldL 
Conquer, v. fatah k. jitna, galib h. 
Ganqaeror,^. ^aitahmand, gpalib, gdzf mard. 
Conquest, s. fatah, zafar, istild, taskhir. 
Consanguinity, 8. qardbat,nisbat, kheshj. 
Conscience, 8. zamir, dil ; imdn. 
Conscientious, a. diyanatdar ^hudd-tars. 
Conscious, a. waqif, ^h, khabardar. 
Consciousness, s. waqdf, ^dhi, khabai*, 

ittild. [maklisuB k. 

Consecrate, v. niydz k. fida k. khass k. 
Consecration, s. niydz, muqaddas kama. 
Consent, s. qabul, razamandi, ittifaq, 
Consent, v. razi h. qabdl k. [marzi. 

Consequence, s, natija, muhdsil;mu2diqa. 


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Gonseqaent, a. muntaj, mnntaaqib, 

miiakhl^hir. [jaram. 

Consequently, ad. ba-natija, lihaza, Id- 
Consenre, s, mithai, mnrabba, gulshakar. 
Consider, v. soclm4 andesha k. fikr k. 

mnlahaza k. [yar. 

Considerable, a. .bharf,*azim, bahnt, bis- 
Considerate, a. hoshy^, durandesh. 
Consideration, s. lihaz, andesha j imti> 

y&z ; jaz&, jwaz, ajr ; b^, matlab. 
Consign, v. haw^a k. tafwiz k. de bhejna. 
Consignment, s. taslim, tafwiz ; mdl,jins. 
Consist, V. hon^, bann£, murakkab h. ; 

mntabiq h. 
Consistency, s. mntdbaqat, sh^tagi, 

mnndsabat ; jamawat, qij&m. 
Consistent, a. mnnisib, mntdbiq ; mnn- 

jamid. [jamai. 

Consolation, 8. tasaUi, taskin, khatir- 
Consolatory, a, taskin-bakhsh, iram- 

ba^hsh, [jamai k. 

Console, v. tasalli d. taskin d. ]||[Mtir- 
Consonant, s. harf-i-sahih. 
Consonant, a. mnw^q, mntabiq. 
Consort, s, l^basam ya joru, zauj, zanja. 
Consort, v. suhbat k. rafiq h. 
Conspicnons, a. z^ir, mashhur. 
Conspiracy, s. bandish, sazish. 
Conspirator, s. mnfsid, bagi, rafiq. 
Conspire, v. bandish sazish k. mnttafiq h. 
Constable, 8. thanedar, chapr^i, nazir. 
Constancy, s. istiqrar, nstuwarl, pdedari, 

Constant, a. nstawar, mnstaqim $ 8abit« 

qadam ; wafa-dar. [mesha. 

Constantly, ad, hardam, barqarar, ha- 
Constellation, s. bnrj, kaukab. 
Consternation, s. hairat, hairani,Bargar. 

dani, ghabrdhat. 
Constipation, s. bastagf, qabz, inqibaz. 
Constituent, s. muwa^dl. 
Constituent, a. asli, zati, khUqi. 
Cofnstitate, v. baniina, paidak. mnqarrar 

k. thahrana. [zkbita. 

Constitution, s. miz^j, tabiyat ; qanun, 
Constitutional, a. khilqi, zati, asli ; jaiz. 
Constrain, v. ba-zor karana, dab&na. 
Con8tramt,s. zabardasti, zor, jajar ; dabao. 

Construct, v. banand, bind k. t^mir k« 

tasnif k. 
Construction, s. ban&wat, tamir, tarkib, 

tasnif; mdni, mazmdn. 
Construe, v. tarjama k. bay^n k. 
Consuetude, s. chal, rit, ^uluk dastur. 
Consul, 8. naib, wakil ; hakim. 
Consult, V. maslahat k. mashwarat k. ; 

maslahat lena. « 

Consultation, s. mafllahat, mashwarat. 
Consume, v. ur^na, kharch k. barbed k. 

talaf k. [bar basana. 

Consummate, v. tamdm k. pura k. ; ghar- 
Consummate, a. pura, kimil ; bahut. 
Consummation, s. tamimi,itmdm,a^hir; 

gauna. [ud-dam. 

Consumption, s. I^harch, talaf; sill, nafs- 
Contact, 8. lagao, ittisal, mass, ilhaq. 
Contagion, 8. sirayat, wabii, m^ri. 
Contagious, a. sari, phailao, chhotiha. 
Contain, v. shamil k. samana j thamna, 

Contaminate, v. dluda k. n&pak k. 
Contamination, s. liludagi, napdki. 
Contemn, v. haqir janna, ihanat k. nikaa 

janna. [sauwur k. 

Contemplate, v. gaur k. t^mmul k. ta- 
Contemplation, 8. gaur, taammul, tasau- 

wur, mulahaza. 
Contemplative, a. muta'amiljfikarmand. 
Contemporary, s. ham-waqt, ham-umr, 

ham-zad. [jkhiffat. 

Contempt, 8. mazammat, ihanat, Mqarat, 
Contemptible, a. haqir, ^jhafif, khwir, 

Contemptuous, a. be-adab, gusta^h. 
Contend, v. jhagarnd, munaqashak. ham- 

chashmi k. 
Content, a. r&d, Irtish, shad, asuda. 
Contentment, s. razamandj, l^hushnudi. 
Contents, s. mazmun, fihrist. [qanaat. 
Contention, & 1 jhagr^ muniqasha ; qa« 
Contest, s. J :ciya,mubahasa;ham- 

chashmi, hamsari. 
Contest, V. takriur k. mubahasa k. jidal k. 
Context, 8. matn, qarina, ibarat. 
Contiguity, s. qurb, nazdil^i. [nazdik* 
Contiguoos, a. paiwasta, muttasU, qarlb* 


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Continence, s, parhezgirf, pilkdiniani, 
parsif. [pdrsd. 

Continent, a. phrhezg^r, pakdiman, 

Continent, s. khushki, barr. 

Contingent, a. drizi, ittifaqi. [lagat^. 

Continnal, a. dambadam, mndam, daim, 

Continnance, 8, -p^ediri, istiqdmat, mn- 
dawamat. [imtidad. 

Continuation, s, mndawamat; bafhdo, 

Continne, v. rahni, bar-pa h. thanmd, 
ba-bdl rahna. [mat, paedari. 

Continuity, s» ilhaq, paiwand ; mndawa- 

Contortion, s. pech, marofa. 

Contoor, 8. shakl, naqsha, danl. [m&ri. 

Contraband, a. man^, mamnua, ghat- 
Contract, s. qanl, ahd-o-paiman, band- 
o-bast, thika. 

Contract, v. ainthna, akf and ; kashida 
k. ; ikhtisdr k. mn^htasar k. kam k. ; 
aqd-i-nikah k. ahd-o-paiman k. ; mil- 
na, lena. [sar. 

Contraction, 8. simtdo, jakrdhat ikhti- 

Contractor, 8. mustajir, thike-dar. 

Contradict, v, baraka kahnd, zidd k. 
radd k. bar-l^ldf kahnd. [kalam. 

Contradiction, s. zidd, khilaf, radd-i- 

Contradictory, a, mnkh^lif, na-mutabiq. 

Contradistinction, s. nin^halafat,ikhtilaf. 

Contrariety, s. mnkhdlafat, ikhtil^, zidd. 

Contrary, a. mnkhdlif, khildf, bar-aks. 

Contrast, s. mnqabala, ikhtilaf. 

Contrast, v. mnqabala k. 

Contravene, v. mnzahim k. roknd. [mat. 

Contravention, s. mnkhdlafat, mnzaha- 

Contribnte, v. dend, khiraj d. madad k. 

Contribution, «. l^raj, chandd, bakh- 
shish, inam. [tassif. 

Contrite, a. pasheman, dil-shikasta, mn- 

Contrition, s. naddmat, tanba, taassuf, 
pachhtdwa. [bandish. 

Contrivance, 8. tadbir, hikmat, ijdd ; 

Contrive, v. tadbir b£ndhna, hikmat k. 
ijad k. bandish k. 

Control, s, hukumat, zabt, rok j ikhtiydr, 
qabu ; mnqdbala. [bala k. 

Control, V. rokna, mahkum k. j mnqa- 

Oontroller, s. amin ; mustaufi. [badal. 
• Controvereyj s. hnjjat, mnbahasa, radd- 

Controvert, v. mabahasa k. mnnazara k. 

radd-badal k. [kuk. 

Controvertible, a, hnjjat-pazfr, mash- 
Contumacions, a. be-adab, sarkash. 
Contumacy, 8, be-adabi, sarkashi. 
Contumelious, a. bad-zaban, dushndm. 
Contumely, 8, bad-zabani, dush-nami. 
Contusion, s. chot, kuchldhat. 
Convalescence, s, ifaqat, shifa, drdm. 
Convalescent, a. ifaqat-balpish, Man- 

pazir, naqih. 
Convene, v. jama k. majlis k. ekattha k. 
Convenient, a. liiq, m^qul, munasib. 
Convention, 8, majlis, jam}yat ; ahd-o- 
paiman. [pakka. 
Conversant, a. waqif, a^gah ; azmuda-kar. 
Conversation, 8. gnftgu^ batchit, jawab- 

Converse, s, guftgd ; l^hiUf, mukh&lafat. 
Converse, v. guftgu k. batchit k. bdten k. 
Conversion, s. taqlib, tabdil ; dil-ka ruj^. 
Convert, s. nau-mund, mutaqid. [lana. 
Convert, v. badal -dalnd ; dusre din-men 
Convertible, a. taqlib-pazir, mumkin-i- 

Convex, a. qubba-dar, gnnibaz-dar. [k. 
Convey, v. lechalna, lejdna ; hiba k. taslim 
Conveyance, s. lewaf, intiqal ; markab, 

sawari ; hiba, taslim. 
Convict, s, qaidi, bandhua. [sabit k. 
Convict, i;. gunahgar thahrana, gunah 
Conviction, 8, ilzdm, taqsir-ki sdbut; 

Convince, a. qaii k. ilzam k. bdwar d. 
Convincingly, ad, ba taur-i-ilzam, be- 

shakk, yaqinan. [shardb. 

Convivial, • a. khush-o-^arram ; ham- 
Convocation, 8. majlis>i-din ; bulawa, 

Convoke, v. buldna, talab k, dawat k. 
Convoy, s. badriqa, hifazat-ka paltan ya 

Convulse, v. alq-dna, ainthdna, maroi-na. 
Convulsion, s. ainth, msirof ; hangama. 
Coo, i\ kuku k. 
Cook, V, pakana, randhn^. 
Cook, s. b^warchi, rasuiyii. 
Cook-room, s. bawarchi-kbdna. 


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Cool, a, thanda, sard ; silyad^ ; hi mn- 

habbat ,• be-parwa. 
Cool, V. thanda k. asuda k. tb&mbhna. 
Coolly, ad, 6hifite, taamnml-se, tadbir-se, 

bo'gnsaa. [be-iniihabbat(. 

Coolness, s. sardi, thand, kamtawajjnh, 
Cooly, s. qnl(, xnntiya. 
Coop, 8. tapn, darba, khancha. 
Cooper, s. pipa-gar. 

Co-operate, v. baham kam k. mattafiq h. 
Co-ope;ration, 8. baham-sazkari, ittifaq, 
Co-partner, s. sharik, s^jhi. [mel. 

Co-partnership, s, sharakat. [chasmi k. 
Cope, V. barabari k. bamsari k. ham- 
Coping, 8. mnnder, mdkha, taj. 
Copious, a. kasfr, wafir, bahiit. 
Copper, s, tamba, mis ; deg. 
Coppice, Copse, s. jangala, jhayf. 
Copulate, V. milna jofnli, mnbasharat k. 

mnjamaat k [maat. 

Copulation, s. jim^, mnbfisharat, muja- 
Copulativo, a. wasli ; harf-i-utf. 
Copy, s. naql, nns^ha ; namuna, asl ; 
Copy, V. naql k. ntamd. [dastkhatt. 
Copyhold, s. patta, sanad. 
Coquetry, s. naz, nakhra, ashwagari. 
Coral, s. mungH, marjan. 
Cord, s. rassi, dor, (jlora ; nas. 
Cord, 8, rassiyon-se bandhna. 
Cordial, a. muqawf, quwat-bakhsh ; dil- 

kushi ; sachcha. [jan-kusha. 

Cordial, «. jawarish, dawd-i-muqawi j 
Cordiality, 8. sachchai ; muhabbat. 
Core, 8. dardna, andar ; kil. [nfz. 

Coriander, 8. kothmir; dhaniya, kish- 
Cork, s. dhattha, gatta. 
Corkscrew, s. pech-kash, dha^^-pench. 
Cormorant, s. mahi-khw^r, chuhamar. 
Com, 8» an&j, galla, dana ; gatta, gokh- 
Comelian, s. aqiq, yamani. [rd. 

Comer, 8, kona, gosha, kunj. 
Cornice, s. kangni, kagar, qamas. 
Coronation, s. julus. 
Coronet, s, qism-i-tlij. 
Corporal, s. nliyak. 
Coi^orate, a. muttafiq, kulliya. 
Corporeal, a. jismani, badan-ka. 
Coxps, 8, paltan, risala, gnroh. 

Corpse, s. murda, lash. [mat. 

Corpulence, 8. motapa, tan4war(, jaai- 
Corpulent, a. mota, tan&war, jasim. 
Correct, a. thik, durust, sahih. 
Correct, v. thik k. sahih k. ; tambih k. 

tadib k. p)ih, tadib. 

Correction, 8, tas'hfh, islah, sihhat ; tam- 
Corrective, a. sihhat-rasan, d^rust-sliz. 
Correctly, ad, thik. 

Correctness, 8. sihhat, tahqiq, durustf. 
Correlative, a. nisbat-dar, hamnisbat. 
Correspond, v. muw4fiq h. muq&bil h. j 

khatt kitabat rakhna. 
Correspondence, s, muwafaqat, mutaba- 

qat ; khatt-Ichatut; marasala,rah-rasm. 
Correspondent, a, muwafiq, mutabiq. 
Correspondent, 8. ashna. 
Corroborate, v. mustahkam k. tasdiq k. 

tayid d. tsiqwfyat k. 
Corrode, v. kh£-jana, khan4. 
Corrosive, a, gaJau, barinda. 
Corrupt, V. sayana, bigayna, galena ; 

kharab k. ; rishwat d. [rishwat-khor. 
Corrupt, a. saj-a, bigya ; fasid, kharab ; 
Corrupter, s. mufsid, aluda-gar. 
Corruptible, a. ifana-pazir, fani. 
Corruption, s. sayan, pib, rim j fasad 

tabah ; rishwat-khori. 
Cormscation, s. chamak, lauka, damak. 
Corsair, s. daryai daku ; dakaiti jahaz. 
Corselet, s. char-aina. 
Cosmetic, s. ghaza, ubtan ; husmmma. 
Cosmical, a, dunyavi, jahani. 
Cost, 5. qimat, baha ; ^harch ; nuqsan. 
Costive, a. munqabiz, band. 
Costly, a. qlmati, besh-qimati. 
Costume, 8. libas, kapye. 
Cot, 8. khat, chilrpai ; jhompri. 
Cotemporary, s. ham-asr, ham-z^d, ham« 
Cottage, 8. jhompri, marhi. [ahd. 

Cotton, 5. qutn, rui, pamba j — tree, ka- 
Couch, s. palang, khat. [p6fl. 

Couch, V. letna, pafna, dabak-rahna. 
Cough, 8. khansi, khokhi, dhansi. 
Cough, V. khansna, dhansn^. 
Coulter, 8. phal, phali. 
Council, 8. majlis, diwan, sadr. [waikil. 
Counsel; 8, nasihat,. m asla h at, pand 


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Goimflel, V, nasihafc k. malafihat d. maah- 

warat d. 
Connsellor, s. mnsliir, nafiDiafc denewa* 

la ; ahl-i-diwan, wakil. 
Count, V. ginna, shnmir k. hisab k. 
CoTmtenance, s. chihra, ru, mnnh ; waza, 

daul ; tawajjnh, shafaqat. [asrd d. 
Gonntenaace, v. mihrbani k. qadrddni k. 
Connter, ad. bar-khilaf, bar>aka. 
Counter, s. jhutha rapija ; tall^ta, mez ; 

Counteract, v. barkhilaf k. mnzahamatk. 
CoTmterbalance,v.liam-wazn k. pasangk. 
Connterfeit, a. jhutba, taqlidi, tagallnbi, 
jal. [k. ; bahana k. 

Connterfeit, v. naql k..; tegallnb 1^. jal 
Coimtermand, v. hnl^m radd k. palat d. 

mansu^ k. 
Counterpane, s. palang-poeh, libUf. 
Counterpart, s, jor^, palla, jawab. 
Countersign, v. dast-khatt k. 
Conntess, 8. ^Imam, begam. 
Connting-liorise, s. daftar-^hlina. 
Countless, a. be-8hiiinarjbe-hisab.[dihat. 
Country, 8» mulk, watan, des ; mnfassal, 
Countryman, s. dihqani, ganwar ; ham- 

watan, des-bhai. 
County, 8. zilla, chakla. [o-joru. 

Couple, s» do ; jora, juft, zauj, khasam- 
Couplet, s. bait, doba. [dun, hxmmat. 
Courage, s. dilen, jawanmardi, baha- 
Courageous, a. diler, jawanmard, baha- 

dur, himmati. 
Courier, s. qiisid, harkara. 
Course, s. daur, taz; dhar; maidan ; 

rah, rasta ; chalan, ehal ; tawatur, sar- 

rishta; uslub, tariq; of cowrse, al- 

batta, be-sbakk. 
Courser, s. bad-pa, samand, tausan. 
Court, 8. daulat-khana ; darbar, adalat ; 

sabn, angan. [dar^wast k. 

Court, V. nawazish k. ; fshaq-bazf k. ; 
Courteous, a. muaddab, khush-al^hlaq, 
Courteously, ad. akhlaq-se. [nek-nibad. 
Courtesan, s. kasbi, loli. 
Courtesy, s. adab, akhl^q, muruwat. 
Courtier, 8. darbari, huzuri. 
Courtship, s, naz-o-niyaz, jshqbazi. 

Cousin, 8, amma zid ya zadf, V^& zad 

ya z4di. 
Cove, 5. kol, khaff . [ahd-nama. 

Gov^enant, s. ahd, shart, iqrar, qaul ; 
Cover, V. chhana, dh^pna, jh^npna, 

sarposh rakhna; ophina ; ohhipkna, 

poshida k. ; panah d. mahfuz rakhni ; 

Cover, s. sarposh, dhapna ; panah ; pat- 

ta, dafti ; lifafa ; bahana^ 
Covering, s. poshish, libas ; gilfif. 
Coverlet, s, razai, palang-posh. 
Covert, 8. panah-g^ ; jhsfi. 
Covert, a, khuflya, pinhan. 
Covet, V. tama k. lalach k. hirs k. 
Covetous, a. tiimi, hirsi, l^lchf. 
Covetousness, s. tama, hirs, Ulach. 
Covey, 8. jhol ; jhun^. 
Cow, «. gae, gord, gao. 
Coward, 8. buzdil, nimard, shntnr-dil. 
Cowdung, 8. gobar; upla. 
Cowherd, s, goala, ahir, gao-ban. 
Cow-house, 8, gosala, g&o-^hana. [ka. 
Coxcomb, 8. taj-i-khurDs ; khddbln, ban- 
Coy, a. sharmOa, mahjiib. 
Coyness, 8. sharm, hijab. 
Cozen, V, da|^a k. fareb d. thagna. 
Crab, 5. kekp^, sartan $ jangali seb. 
Crabbed, a. durusht, tursh-ru ; mushkil, 

sakht. [lafzanf. 

Crack, s. darz, shigaf j kapak, chatakha ; 
Crack, v. cfaatkana, phatkamd, shigdf 

k. ; phatna, tarakna, chataknL 
Cracker, s, patakhi, atashbazl. 
Crackle, v. chatakn^, chafcharani. 
Cradle, s. pingura, p&lna, hindola. ^ 

Crafb, 8. pesha, hir&^ kasb ; hila, farebi I 

daga, syan^pan. 
Craftsman, 8. karigar, ahl-i-pesha. | 

Crafty, a. hila-baz, siyana, aiyar, fitrati. 
Crag, 8. karsra, afafa, tek. [hamwar. 
Craggy, a. kheqrkhara, unch-nich, na- \ 
Cram, v. thasna, thosna^ dhusna, 

khonchna ; chhakani. 
Cramp, 8, akaf-bai, tashannuj. 
Cramp, v. akar-jan& ; a|kana, rokni, ' 
Crane, 8. saras, koolang, laglag. 
Crape, s, kapar-dhul (kala). 


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Crash, s. d[hafSki, kharkharihat. 

Crash, v. topna, kuchalna $ kharkharini. 

Crater, s. jwala-xniikhi. 

Cravat, 8. gxil6-band. 

Crave, v. minnat k. dar^hw£st k. 

Crawfish, s. jhing£. 

Crawl, V. Hngni ; khisakiUi. 

Crayon, s. khafimitti-kaqalam. [diw&na. 

Crazy, a. shikasta, z^if ; haw6s-biikhta, 

Crea]k, v. chirchirani, maohmaohani. 

Cream, s, malai, zabd. 

Crease, s. chin, shikan, ohnnat. 

Create, v. ban6n&, paida k. \ 

Creation, s. paidaish, afrinish, Ij^hilqat ; 

makhluq^t, dnnyi. 
Creator, s, khaliq, afrininda. 
Creature, 8. makhluq ; janwar, haiw&n ; 

parwarda, banda. 
Credence, s, bawar, itibar. 
Credentials, 8. sanad, sipirish-nllma. 
Credibility, s, mnatabari, maquliyat. 
Credit, 8. jtiqfid, bawar ; hurmat, nek- 

nami ; udhar ; mnjr&r 
Credit, v. |tibiir k. jtiqid k. b&war k. 
Creditable, a. mnatabar ; n&mwar. 
Creditor, ». qarz-l^hwah, wam-khwah. 
Credulity, s, zlid-jtiqid], sari-nl-itiqadi, 

sada-^i. [sada-dil. 

Credulous, a. zud-jtiqad, sari-nl-jtiqiid. 
Creed, a. dm-ke mnjmil, aqaid ; kalima. 
Creek, s, kol, khari, khalij. 
Creep, v. ringna ; ^histe jini ; phailna, 

ngna ; chaplusi k. 
Creeper, s. bel, lata ; \dfi. 
Crescent, s. hilal, nanchand. 
Cress, 8, halim, tara-tezak. 
Crest, 8. kalgi ; tij ; tagma. 
Crested, a. kaJgi-dar. [dil-tang. 

Crestfallen, a. na-mnmed, dil-shikasta^ 
Crevioe, s. darz, shig^f, snr^h. 
Crew, 8. taifa, g^roh ; ahl-i-jahaz. 
Crib, 5.'khurli, than ; chhota palang. 
Cricket, s. jhingur, ghnrghura ; goebazi. 
Crier, 8. dhandhoriya, munadi. 
Crime, s. taqsir, ganih, jmm, qab&hat. 
Criminal, s. taqsirw&r,ganahg^, mnjrim. 
Criminal, a. jjjdiarab, mayub ; faujdirl. 

Criminal oonrt, s, adHat-i-fanjdarf. 
Criminality, s. jurm, gmi4hgari. 
Criminate, v, jnrm lagani, gun&h-g4r 

Crimson, s. qirmizf, argawanf, snrl^h. 
Cringe, v. l^haya-bardliri k. Vhushimadi 
Cripple, 8. langra, lul^ lang. [k. 

Cripple, V. lang^ani. 
Crisis, 8. bnhran ; kam4l, ain-waqt, BiaL 
Criterion, 8. alamat, nishan-i-tahqiq. 
Critic, s. nukta-dan, nukta-cM n, harf-gfr. 
Critical, a. 8ahih,thik ; b^rik, mu-shig&f ; 

bnhrani. [l^hmnla-bini k. 

Criticise, v. nnkta-shinisi k. harf-giri k. 
Criticism, s. nukta-chini, harf-gfiri, aib- 
Croak, v. mendnk-ki aw&z k. [goi. 

Crocodile, 8. magar, ghafiyal, nihang. 
Crony, s. langotiya-y&r, rafiq. [pech. 
Crook, 8. anksi, j^hamd^r, lakf ( ; kham, 
Crooked, a. tefha, tirchha, kaj„ j^ham. 
Crookedness, s. tefhai, kaji. 
Crop, 8. fasl ; pota, jhojh. 
Crop, V. chh^ntna, ka^d. [pir h. 

Cross, V. ^fA rakhna ya lag^ni ; mitana ; 
Cross, 8. salib, khaj ; 6zar ; tasdi. 
Cross, a, aya, tirchha, tefha ; magra, chfr- 
Cross-bow, 8. gulel, kaman. [chiya. 

Cross-road, s. chan-rah^. 
Cronch, v. dabakna, jhukna ; paon pafn£. 
Crow, 8. kanwa, kag ; baUi ; kadima. 
Crow, V. bang d. ; shekhi k. 
Crowd, 8. bhir, amboh, jamaat.[ghan& k. 
Crowd, V. bhjrbh^r k. bhar k. jama k. 
Crowded, a. bhara, pura, ghana. 
Crown, 8. taj-i-shahi ; hnkumat ; sihri ; 

chandi ; chonti ; dinir. 
Crowned, a. t&j-dar. 
Crown-lands, 8. kh^lisa. 
Crucible, s. kushali, ghariyli, kulhiy^. 
Crucify, v. taslib k. salfb d. 
Crude, a. kachcha, l^ham ; be-tartib. 
Crudity, s, kachchai, khami ; be-tartibi. 
Cruel, a. be-dard, be-rahm, sang-dil. 
Cruelty, 8. be-dardi, be-rahml, sang-dili. 
Cruet, 8. sirka-dan, sirka ya tel-ki shishi. 
Cruise, v. jahaz chalanii, Ba&-i-dary& k. 
Crumb, s, tukra, reza ; giida. 


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Crnmble, v. chura k. ya h. ; tnkra tnkra h. 
Gmmble, v, mafopakf shikan d. daJ ma- 
Ornpper, s. dnmclii j kafal-i-asp. [sal k. 
Crash, v. knchaliia, maaalna ; magldb k. 
Crust, 8, chhilka, pappa, papri ; post. 
Cratch, 8. lathi, baisakha, pharoi ; teki. 
Ciy, V. pnkiirna, chiUana, bulana ; rona, 

giriya k. ; ishtihar k. 
Cry, 8. pnkar, hank, nara ; boli ; &waz, 

nala, zari, wawaila. 
Crystal, s, bilanr, kachcha hira ; qalam. 
Crystallized, s. qalaml. 
Cub, 8. bachcha, pilla. 
Cube, 8. kab, shash-pahlu ; jazr. 
Cubit, 8, hith bhar, dast. 
Cnckoo, s. koel, kokila. 
Cucnmber, s. khira, kakfi. 
Cnd, s. jugiili. 

Cudgel, s^ lath, lathi, sonta. 
Cudgel, V, lathiyana, pitna. [kos. 

Cuff,s. tamancha,dhaul,thappar; muhri. 
Cuirass, s. baktar, jaushan. 
Culinaiy, a. matbakhi, tabakhi. 
Cull, V. chunna, intikhab k. 
Culpable, a. mulzim, mujrim, taqsirwar. 
Culprit, 8, gunah-gar, taqsirwar. 
Cultivate, v. ziraat k. jotna; abad k. 
. arasta k. tarbiyat d. 
Cultivation, 1 ziraat, jotii ; tarbiyat. 
Culture, J • arastagi. 
Cultivator, s, kisan, kisht-kfir. 
Cumber, v, bhari k. phasana, uljhana. 
Cumbersome, a. bhari, ranj-awar, diqq- 
Cumin, s, zira, kamun. [ddr. 

Cunning, a. siyana, makkar, hilabaz, 
Cunning, s. hikmat, fitrat. [hikmati. 
Cup, 8. piyala, jam, kasa. 
Cupboard, s, alm^ri, (basan rakhne-ki.) 
Cupidity,s. shahwat,hawa-o-hawaa ; hirs. 
Cupola, 8. gumbaz, qubba. 
Cupping-glass, s. shisha-i-hajamat, singi. 
Cur, 8. kutta, lendi ; khurjura, jhagpalu. 
Curable, a. chara-pazir, ilaj-pazir, qabil- 
Curate, s. khadim, padri. [i-shifa. 

Curb, s. zanjir, kari. 
Curb, V. rokna, thamna, muzahamat k. 
Curd, 8. dahi, chhena. 
Curdle^ v, dahi jamna, munjamid k« 

Cure, 8, iUj, ch^ri, ahif£, sihhat, ^r^m. 
Cure, V. changa k. shifii d. ch^rd d. 

ardm k. ; nimak d. [nimkin. 

Cured, a, shifa y^a, bhala-changa ; 
Curiosity, 8. riiz-joi, tajassus, shanq; 

tuhfa, saug^t. [naznk. 

Curious, a. raz-jo, khoji; ajib, n&dir; 
Curl, 8, zulf, kakul ; lahar ; kham. 
Curly, a. zulf-dar, pechild. 
Currant, 8, khushkh angur. 
Currency, 8, chalan, ch^, rawaj ; sikka. 
Current, a. raij chalni, jdri, bazdri, am ; 
Current, 8. abjari, dhdr ; raffcar. [hali. 
Currier, 8. chamar, dabbag, charm-saz. 
Curry, v. kam^na, dabdgat d. ; kharahra 

k. ; marn^ pitn^ ; khushdmad k. 
Currycomb, 8. kharalira, kharkhar^. 
Curse, V. kosna, sarapna, malun k. lanat 

d. ; satana, taklif d. [wabal. 

Curse, 5. bad-dua, lanat, sarap; baJa, 
Cursory, a. nazar-ijmali, jald. 
Curtail, v. kotah k. ghat^na, chhioitna. 
Curtain, 8. parda, masahri. 
Curve, 8. kham, tefhai, pech. 
Curve, V. kaj k. te^ha k. lach^n£. 
Cushion, s. gaddi, masnad, takiya. 
Custard, 8. fiiluda, mithai. 
Custard-apple^ s, sharifa, ^ta. [band. 
Custody, 8. amanat, nigahb^i ; qaid. 
Custom, s. dastur, rasm, rawish, chal. 
Customary, a. ba-dastur, rasmi, raij, ma* 
Customer, 8. kharid-ddr. [muli, chalni. 
Custom-house, s. sair chadki. 
Customs, 8. mahsul. 
Cut, V. katna, qata k. tarashna. 
Cut, 8. kat, zakhm ; qata, para ; surat. 
Cutaneous, a. jildi. [taswir. 

Cutlass, s. tega, shamsher. 
Cutler, 8. lohir, saiyaf, kard-gar. 
Cut-purse, s. jeb katra, kisa-bur. 
Cut-throat, s. rah-zan, q^til, gal katt^. 
Cutter, 8. katne-wala ; qism-i-jahdz. 
Cycle, 8. daur, qarn. 
Cygnet, 8. hans-ka bachcha. 
Cylinder, s. nal, pongH ; belan. 
Cymbal, s. jhanjh, manjira. 
Cypress, s. saro, sarv. 
Czar, s, Qaisar, badshih-i-Bds. 


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Dabble, v. pani-men khelna, ab-bazi k. ; 
Dagger, s. khanjar, katar. [aluda k. 
Daggle, V. lathema, sondhna. 
Daily, cki.har-roz, roz-ba-roz, din-ka-din. 
Dainty, a. maze-df(r, nafis, naznk, latif ; 
Dainty, s. tuhfa, nimat. [nak-chafha. 
Dairy, s. shir-khana. 
Dale, s. dara, wadi, ghati. 
Dalliance, s. rao-ohao, naz-o-niyaz, chu- 

ma-chati, bos-o-kinar j deri, tawaqqnf. 
Dally, V. rao-chao k. bos-o-kindr k. ; 

deri k. takhfr k. 
Dam, s. janwar-ki ma ; band, bandh. 
Dam, V, band ya b^ndh bandhna. 
Damage, s. nuqsan, ziyan, khalal, ghata. 
Damage, v. nuqsan k. ziydn k. biga^na. 
Damaged, a. dagi, nuqsan hiia, bigfa. 
Damask, s. mnsliajjar, jamdani. 
Dame, s. begam, khanam, bibi. 
Damn, v. malun k. lanat k. ; gunahg&r 

Damnation, s. lanat-i-Khuda, badaqibat. 
Damnable, a, lanati, makruh, zabun. 
Damp, a. tar, nam, martub, gila.[udasi. 
Damp, s. bhaph ; tari, nami ; khasta-dili, 
Damp, V. tar k. martub k. ; dilgir k. af- 

surda k. 
Damsel, s. la^ki, chhokn, kumari. 
Dance, s» nach, raqs. 
Dance, v. nachna, raqs k. 
•Danger, s. khatar, dar, jhokim. 
Dangerous, a. khatar-nak, purafat. 
Dangle, v. latakna, mutaUiq h. 
Dapper, a. chalak-chust, subuk-dast. 
Dapple, a. ablaq, do-ranga. 
Dare, v. himmat rakhna, jurat k. ; lapai 

m^ngna, dhirana. 
Daring, a. himmati, diler, mardana. 
Dark, a. andhera, tarik, tira, muzlim. 
Darkness, s. andhiyara, tiriki, tiragi, 

zuhnat ; jahalat. 
Darling, s. piyara, larla, jdn. 
Dam, V, rafu k. bbar d. 
Dart, 8. bhala, barchhi, neza. [gabr^ d. 
Dash, v. patakna, de-mam^; amenta k. i 
Dastard^ s. na-mard^ buz-dil. 

Date, 8, t^rikh, din j kbajur, khurma. 
Dative, a. halat-i-maful. [se khinchn^. 
Daub, V. lesnd, potna, aluda k. ; be-bunr- 
Daughter, s. beti, dukhtar. [patch. 

Daughter-in-law, 5. zan-i-farzand, bahu. 
Daunt, V. darana, dahshat d. dabkina. 
Dauntless, a. be-dar, diler. 
Daw, s. kageli, kauw6. 
Dawn, s, bhor, subah, fajr, ta^ka. 
Day, s. din, roz, yaum ; zamana j zindagi. 
Day-book, s. roz-nama, khasri. 
Day-break, s. bhor, subah, ta^rka, sawera. 
Day-by-day, ad. roz-ba-roz. 
Day-light, s, roz-raushan, bam-dad. 
Day-spring, s. bam-dad, subah, tafka. 
Day-star, s. zuhra, nahid, suk. 
Day-time, s. waqt-i-roz, din-ko. [roknii. 
Dazzle, v. tirmirana, jagmagana, nazar-ko 
Dead, a, mara, mua, mar-giya. 
Deadly, a. qatil, muhlik, halaku. 
Deaf, a, bahrd, kur, sum. 
Deafness, s. bahrai, kuri. 
Deal, s, qadr, hissa ; sanobar-ki lakf i. 
Deal, V. bantna, taqsim k. hissa k. ; tij4« 

rat k. ; muamala k. suluk k. 
Dealer, s. karbari, saudagar, baniya. 
Dealing, s. karob^, tijarat, len-den; 

al^qa, muamala. 
Dear, a. aziz, piydra ; gardn, besh-qimat. 
Dearly, ad. piyar-se, ashiq-ana j besh- 

Death, s. akal, kal, qaht, kamf. 
Death, .s. maut, faut, marg, £gl, qazfi. 
Debar,!;, kharij k. bazrakhna, mahrum k. 
Debase, v. be-abru k. zalil k. haqir k. ; 

mHauni k. khonta k. 
Debate, s. bahs, mubahisa, munazara. 
Debauch, s. bad-parhezi, masti. [walu. 
Debauchee, s. aubash, rind, fasiq ; mat- 
Debauchery, s, aubdslu, rindi ; fisq, zina- 

kari, nasha. 
Debilitate, v. kamzork. natwank. za|f k. 
Debility, s. kamzori, n^twani, zuaf. 
Debt, s. qarz, dain, w6m, den. 
Debtor, s. qarzdar, daindar, dendar. 
Decalogue, s. Khuda-ke das hukm. [jana. 
Decamp, v. kuchk.rafu chakkarh. chale- 
Decant, v, undelnik, ulendna, nithapia. 


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Decapitate, v, gardan marna. 
Beoay, s. zawal, tanazzul, utar.[bo8ida h. 
Decay, v. zawal h. tanazznl h. murjh^d, 
Deceased, a. mara, mda, marhum, muta- 
Deceit, s. fareb, makar, da^. [waff;^. 
Deceitful, a. farebi, makir, dagi-baz. 
Deceive, v. fareb d. daga d. dhokha d. 
December, s. Angrezi birahwin mahind. 
Decency, s, shdistagf, imtiyaz, adab. 
Decennial, a. dah-siUa. 
Decent, a. shaista, laiq, mdqul, mnnfisib. 
Deception, s. fareb, dag^-bazi, dhokhd ; 

nazar-band, bhnl^wa. [thahrdna. 

Decide, i;. faisal k. fatw£ d. hukm d. 
Decidedly, s. yaqinan, albatta, Barib. 
Decimal, a. ashri, ashrati ; 8. asbir. [k. 
Decipher, v. ramz batlana, khohii, t4bir 
Decision, s. infis^, fatwa, hukm. 
Decisive, a. qdt}, sbafi, yaqin, pnr^ 
Deck, 5. takbta-bandi. 
Deck, V. arasta d. zeb d. sanwimi. 
Declaim, v. fasib kalam k. taqnr k. 
Declamation, s. fasib kalam, snkban-goi, 

taqrir. [bar. 

Declaration, s. izhir, iqrar, gaw6bi, isbti- 
Declare, v. ishtib^ k. asbkara k. z&bir k. 

iqrar k. ; bolna. 
Declension, s. \ tanazznl ; zawfl, kbara- 
Declination, s. J bijsarf,taarif,gardan. 
Decline,^ v, jhnkna, mail k. ; dbalna ; 

gbatna, zawil h. ; sarf k. tasrif k. ; 

inkar k. 
Declivity, s. nasheb, sbed, iitlbr, dbal. 
Decoct, V. nbalna, josh k. 
Decoction, s. joshdnda ; josh-kam^. 
Decompose, v. murakkab-ko tafriq k. 
Decorate, v. arasta k. draish d. zinat d. 

Decoration, s. Ir^tagi, &r^ish, zfnat, zeb. 
Decorous, a. shaista, laiq, mnndsib. 
Decorum, s, shaistagi, saliqa, imtiyaz, 

Decoy, v. fareb d. wargaJana, phasana. 
Decrease, v, kam h. ghatna ; kam k. 
Decrease, s, kamti, ghati, kdhish. 
Decree, s. infis&l, fatwa, hukm. 
Decree, v. hukm d. fatwa d. farm^na. 

Decrepit, a. zaff, munhanf, kamzor. 
Decay, v. aib lagana, maldmat k. bad- 

nam d. 
Dedicate, v. ma^bs^ k. niyaz k. ; madah 

k. nam-par k. 
Dedication, s. niyaz, taqdis ; madah. 
Deduce, v. natija, nikalna, istimbat k. 
Deduct, V. waza k. minha k. 
Deduction, s. natija ; minhai ; batt^. 
Deed, s- kam, kar, fial, amal ; muhimm ; 

haqiqat ; dast&wez, qabala, sanad. 
Deed of gifb, s. hiba-n^a. 
Deem, v. samajhnd, daryaft k. qiyas k. 
Deep, a. gahra, amiq ; g^miz, mushkil ; 

daqiq ; siyiini, hikmati, pakka ; ghor- 

rang ; bhari. [muhit. 

Deep, s. samundar, darya-i-shor, bahr-i- 
Deeply, ad. nihayat ; kamil-ana. 
Deer, s. hiran, mirg, ahd. 
Deface, v. bigapia, ^arab k. ; mismdr 

k. mita d. 
Defame, V. aiblag&nd,badnamk. ruswa k. 
Default, 8. qusur, khata ; kamti. 
Defeat, v. shikast d. hazimat k. hardna ; 

barbad k. 
Defeat, 8. shikast, hazimat, hdr. 
Defect, 5. aib, qustir ; gha^i. 
Defection, s. irtidad, bargashtagi ,* na- 

farmani, bagawat. ' [jawab. 

Defence, s. hifazat, himayat, panih ; yzr. 
Defenceless, a. be-himayat, be-pan^ ; 

khula ; lachar. 
Defend, v. himayat k. dastglri k. bacha- 

na ; iqrar k. ; mu^zarat k. jawab d. 
Defendant, 8. asami, muddai-alaihi. 
Defender, s. him4yati, rakh-wala. 
Defer, v. deri k. tdl d. multawi rakhnii. 
Defiance, s. dawat-i-jang, hankar, talab. 
Deficiency, s, kamti, gha^i, kami. 
Deficient, a, kam, ghatiya, qasir, na- 

Defile, V. aluda k. naplik k. maila k. ; 

panti panti chalna. 
Defile, s. naka, sakri-gali. [J^harabi. 
Defilement, s, dlddagi, alaish, napaki. 
Define, v. hadd bandhna ; tarif bayan k. 

wasf k. batlana. 


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Definite, a. mnqarrar, mahdud, mnaiyaii. 
Definition, s. t^rif, wafif, bayan. 
Definitive, a. qatj. [kharib k. 

Defloitr, V, bikr torna, chS^ utama, 
Deform, v. bad-shakl k. be-daul k. 

Deformed, a. bad-shakl, zisht, be-daul. 
Deformity, s. bad-shakli, ziahti, be-dauli. 
De&and, v, fareb d. dag& d. thagai k. 

chhahid. [na. 

Defray, v. l^harch odi k. l^harch k. ntha- 
Defunct, a. marhdm, mnrda. 
Djefy, V. maidan-men bulana, lafai m£ng- 

na, dhirana. [nakasi. 

Degeneracy, 9. nasab-senftadagi ; ibtizal, 
Degenerate, v. tn^hm bad h. kamqadar 

h. nakas h. []j:harab. 

Degenerate, a, zalil, kam^qadr, n^as, 
Degradation,s. mazuli, be«hurmati, zillat. 
Degrade, v, maziil k. be-hurmat k. kam- 

qadr k. 
Degraded, a. be-abru, be-qadr, nakas. 
Degree, s, darja, jah, martaba, ratba, 

qadr ; nasab, nael, asl; andam, andaza. 
D^ect, V. dilgir k. ranj d. gamgm k. 
Dejected, a. ndas, dilgir. [aznrda k. 
Dejection, s. dilgiri,ranj, sanda,afsm*dagi. 
Deify, v. khnda k. khuda kar manna. 
Deign, v. mntawajjih h. tanazznl k. 

qabul k. 
Deity, «. Khnd6, All^h, ilahiyat. 
Delay, s. deri, tawaqqnf, takhir, dirangi. 
Delay, v» deri k. takhir k. 
Delegate, s, naib, wakil, pesh-kar. 
Delegate, v, bhejn^, rawana k. gnmashta 

k. ; hawala k. [zahr-dar. 

Deleterious, a. muhlik, halakti, qatil. 
Deliberate, v, socbna, andesha k. taam- 

mul k. 
Deliberate, a. mudabbir, sahib-i-tadbir, 

dur-andesh, hoshyar ; sust, kahil. 
Deliberately, ad, soch-samajh-kar, dida- 

Deliberation, s, taammul, andesha, ta- 

fakkur, gaur ; ahistagi, sustl 
Delicacy, s, zauq, ^hushgaw^ri ; nafasat, 

nazakat, mulaimat ; lutf ; nazuk-bada- 

ni j jamal. 

Delicate, a. nafis, barik ; lazzatdar; n&. 

zuk, namin ; kam-zor ; pdkiza. 
Delicately, ad. nazakat*se. 
Delicious, a. laziz, maza-dar, ]j:hush- 

gawar, dil-chasp. [^hushnudi. 

Delight, 5. shadi, khushi ; khurrami. 
Delight, V. ^hush k. [khushnud. 

Delighted, a. shad, ]}:hu8h, khurram. 
Delightful, a. dil-pasand, dil-chaspy 

Delineate, v. naqshak.taswirkhmchna. 
Delineation, s. naqsha. [bay^ k. 

Delinquency, s. jurm, taqsir. [rim. 

Delinquent, s, gunahgar, taqsfrw&r, muj- 
Delirious, a. be-hosh, hazr-go, hazyan. 
Delirium,], be-khudi, hazr-goi. 
Deliver, v. supurd k. dakhil k. ; dena ; 

azad k. ; bayan k. kahna, taqrir k. ; 

janana ; bachani. 
Deliverance, s. muJ^ilisi, rihai, bachao, 

azadi ; tafwiz. [bach^ne-wala. 

Deliverer, «. azad-kar, rihai-bakhsh. 
Delivery, s. ^halasi, rihai, azadi ; taqrir, 

guftar ; taslim, tafwiz ; jannai« 
Dell, 5. wadi, dara, nichan. 
Delude, v, fareb d. bahlana, dhokha d. 
Deluge, 8. tufan, sailab. [bahkantu 

Deluge, V, dubana, garq k. sailab k. 
Delusion, s. fareb, dhokha, mugalata. 
Delusive, a. fareb-saz, bhulau, bahkau. 
Demagogue, s, mutafanni, fitnagar. 
Demand, s, dawa, dawi, talab, khwahish. 
Demand, v. dawa k. talab k. mangna. 
Demean, v. chalan chalna, waza k. ; 

zahl k. haqlr k. [watira. 

Demeanour, s, chalan, waza, rawish. 
Demerit, s, bad-chal, na-sazawari, khata. 
Demesne, s. zamlndari. 
Demise, s. rihlat, wafat, intiqal. 
Democracy, s. haktimat-i-jamhur. 
Demolish, v. mismar k. ^4 d. dal d. 
Demolition, s. paemali. 
Demon, s, bhut, jinn, a&it. [batlana. 
Demonstrate, s.sabit k. dalfl k. dalalatk. 
Demonstration, s. isbat, dalil. [bit. 

Demonstrative,a.burhani, mudallil, mus- 
Demur, v. pas-o-pesh k. shakk k. deri k. 
Demure, a. mahjub, sharmsar. 


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Demnreness, s. hij^b ; sanjidagi. 
Demurrage, s, rukao, mkawat, rok£i. 
Den, 5. gdr, goph^. 
Denial, s. inkar, nafi, radd-i-kal^m. 
Denizen,s. bashinda,ralme-wdld, shahari. 
Denominate, v. nam d. batiina, kahna. 
Denomination, s, nam, ism, laqab. 
Denote, v. batland, nisMn d. 
Denounce, v. dosna, badnam k. izliar k. 
Dense, a. kasif, munjamid, ga^a, sangin. 
Dental, a. d&ati, dandani. 
Dentifrice, s, manjan, sanun. 
Denude, v. khali k. nanga k. [dhamki. 
Denunciation, s. izhar, malamat, tahdid, 
Deodand, s. sadqa, niyaz. 
Deny, v, ink^r k. munkir h. nafi k. 

mi^ama, na k. 
Depart, v. chale-jana, raw&ia k. nhlat k. 
Department, s. uhda, khidmat. 
Departure, s. rawanagi, kuch, jana ; rihlat, 

wafat. [rakhna. 

Depend, v. latakna ; mutalliq h. ; bharosa 
Dependance, s. alaqa, taalluq ; tab}dari j 

^timad, bharos4. 
Dependant, s. mutalliq, mulbaq. ■ 
Dependent, 8, tabjddr, daman-gir. 
Depict, V. taswir khinchn^; taqrir k. 

bayan k. 
Deplorable, a. udas ; mdtamangez, kam- 

.bakht, mubtazal. [tan£. 

Deplore, v: afsos k. zari k. rona, pachh- 
Deponent, «. gawah, shahid. [ujarna. 
Depopulate, v. wiran k. takht-o-tdraj k. 
Depopulation, s. wi'rani, paemali. 
Deportment, s, chalan, tariqjTaftar. 
Depose, v. shahadat k. j tagir k. man- 
. quf k. utama. 

Deposit, s. amanat, wadiat ; girau. 
Deposit, V. Bompna, supurd k. rakhn^. 
Depositary, s, amin, khazanchi. 
Deposition, s. shahadat, gawah f ; takht-se 
Depository, s. jins-khana, kothi.[utam^. 
Deprave, v. kharab k. tabah k. bura k. 
Depravity, s. fasad, tabahf, l^harabi, ^ha- 

bnsat, burai. 
Deprecate, v. istigfar k. ^zr chahni. 
Depreciate, v. qlmat ghatan£ j subuk k. 

hiqarat k. 

Depredation, s lut, gdrat, t&kht'O-t&rij, 
Depress, v. dabn^, daband, zer k. dil- 

tang k. afsurda k. [tangi, udasi. 

Depression, s. dabdo, pasti, zillat, dil- 
Deprive, v. le len^ ; roknd, mahrum k. ; 

m^zul k. 
Depth, S' gaihrao, umaq ; darmiyan. 
Deputation, s. wakalat, niyabat. 
Depute, V. bhejna, rawana k. ; wakil k. 

naib bhejna. 
Deputy, 8, naib, wakil, gumashta. 
Dereliction, s. tark, chhorao. 
Deride, v. thattha k. istihza k. sukhra k. 

tamaskhur k. . [sukhra. 

Derision, s. thattha, thatholi, istihza. 
Derivation, s. ishtiqaq,iBtikhr»j ; bunydd. 
Derive, v. pana, milna, hasil k. ; masdar- 

se nikalna ; nasab k. 
Derogate, v. ghatana, beqadr k. haqir k. 
Derogation, 8. hiqarat, beqadri, mswai. 
Derogatory, a. badnam dene-wala, buh- 

tan-saz, kamane-wala. 
Descant, v. taqrir k. baydn k. 
Descant, 8. taqrir, bayan ; sarod, gan. 
Descend, v. utam^, nazil h. ; asl-se h. 
Descendant, s. nasi, aulad. 
Descent, 8. utar, nazul ; nasheb ; hamla 

' hujum ; asl, nasi, nasab. 
Describe, v. bayan k. batlana, taqrir k. 
Description, s. bayan, naql, tarif, tausif ; 

sdrat, taur, tarah. [t4rif kame-wala. 
Descriptive, a. mubaiyin, naql-kundn. 
Descry, v. taknd, dekh-pdna, nidlum k. 
Desert, s. bayiib£n,dasht,badiya,wirana. 
Desert, a. wirdn, suns^n, khali. 
Desert, s. qadr, liyaqat, sazawari. 
Desert, v. tark k. chhof d. chhor-bhagn£. 
Deserter, s, bhagoird, bhaggii. [haqq h. 
Deserve, a. sazawar h. laiq h. mnsta- 
Design, s, irada, matlab, mansuba, azm, 

fitrat, bandish ; naqsha. 
Designedly, ad. j^n-bujh-ke, qasdan, 

dida-o-danista. [makkar. 

Designing, a. gh&ti, rang-amez, farebi, 
Desirable,a.margub; dilpasand,dilohasp. 
Desire, s. chah, khw^hish, arzu, murad. 
Desire, v. chahnd, khwahish k. ; 6rzd- 

mand h« darkhwasc k. j farmana* - 


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Desist, V. baz rakhna, dast-bardar h. par- 
Desk, s. likhne-ki mez. [hez k. 
Desolate, a. ujar, wiran, l^hdli, be-chi- 

T&g J dilgir, ndas. [taraj k. 

Desolate, v. njarna, wiran k. takht-o- 
Desolation, s, wirani, kharabi ; dilgiri, 

Despair, s. na-nmmedi, jka, m^yusi. 
Despair, v. na-nmnied h. m^yus h. [nak. 
Desperado, s. be-dar, gnssew^r, khashm- 
Desperate, a. na-uinmed, mdyus ; be-dar, 

Despicable, a. kamiua, zalil, khwar. [k. 
Despise, v. haqir janna, hiqarat k. tazlil 
Despite, s. adawat, fas^d ; zidd, mukhd- 
Despoil, V. lut lena. [lafat. 

Despond, v. nd-nmmed h. mdyus h. dil- 

tang h. [diltangi. 

Despondency, s, n£-nmmedi, mayusi, 
Despot, s. bddshdh-i-mustaqill, zalim. 
Despotic, a. mustaqill, mukhtar-i-kol.. 
Despotism, s. istiqlal, tasallut, zulm. 
Dessert, s. nnql, tafakknhat, mewa. [n6. 
Destine, v. mnqarrar k. muqaddar k. 

mntaiyan k.. [dir. 

Destiny, s. nasib, talj, qismat, qaza, taq- 
Destitute, a, la-char, ajiz, be-nawa, dar- 

mdnda ; khali. 
Destroy, v. nest k. madum k. balak k 

njaf d. barbad k. dh^ d. [qatl. 

Destraction, s. halakat, wairdni, paimali ; 
Destructive, a. muhlik, muzirr, mnfsid. 
Desultory, s, be-rabt, be-sarrishta, be- 

tartib ; sarsari. 
Detach, v. juda k. alag k. ; bhejna, ra- 
Detachment, s. gol, dasta. [wana k. 
Detail, s. tafsil, mufassal bayan. 
Detail, v. mufassal batand, tafsQ k. [na. 
Detain, v. bazrakhna, atkana, rokna, rakh- 
Detect, V. dekh-p£na, pakaj: pana, zdhir 

k. fash k. [izhar. 

Detection, s. khat^-giri, zuhur-i-fareb, 
Detention, s. atkao, rokao, qaid. 
Deter, v. darana, takhwif k. 
Deteriorate, u. kharab k. [qiq. 

Determinate, a. muaiyan, mnqarrar, tah- 
Determination^ s. qasd, istiql^ ; infisal. 

Determine, u. qasd k. ; mnqarrar k. ; fai- 

s&l k. ; hadd bandhna ; chukana. 
Determined, a. mustaqill, diler. 
Detest, V. makruh janna, karahiyat k. 

nafrat rakhn^. 
Deteslable, a. makruh, karih. 
Detestation, 5. nafrat, karahiyat, istikrah. 
Dethrone, v. takht-par-se utama, be-taj- 

o-ta^ht k. 
Detract, v. ghatana, kam k. aibgoi k. gi- 

bat k. iftira k. *' 

Detraction, s. ghatao, l^hafif, aibgoi, gU 

bat, iftira. 
Detriment, s. nuqsan, ziyan, l^halal, khi- 

sarat. [mukhill. 

Detrimental, a. nuqsan, kuninda, muzirr. 
Devastation, s. ujay, paimali, wirani. 
Develop, v. kholna, zahir k. wazih k. 
Deviate, v. bhatakna, gumrah h. chukna, 

gunah k. [^hata. 

Deviation, s. be-rihi, gumrahij chuk. 
Device, s. tadbir, hikmat, fitrat ; tugma, 
Devily^. iblis, shaitan.^ [nishani. 

Devious, a. be-rah, gumrah. 
Devise, v. tadbir k. ijdd k. mansubadau- 

yana ; hiba k. wasiyat k. 
Devoid, a. khali, tihi, bagair, be. 
Devolve, v. dast-ba-dastana, pahunchna. 
Devote, v. tasadduq k. Ma k. niyaz k. 

qurban k. ; makhsus k. [mail. 

Devoted, a. mnqarrar, muai/an ; masruf, 
Devotee, s. abid, zahid, riyazati. j [maz. 
Devotion, s. bandagi, jbadat, taqwa, na- 
Devour, v. bhakosna, kha-jana, khana. 
Devout, a. abid, mutabid, namazi, parsa. 
Dew, s. OS, shabnam j tari. 
Dewlap, s. chaddar, gabgab. 
Dexterity, a. chalaki, tez-dasti, dastkari. 
Dexterious, a. chalak, tez-dast, dast-kar. 
Diabetes, s. silsil^-baul. , 

Diadem, s. taj, kulah-i-shaM. 
Diagnosis, s. tashkhfs. 
Diagonal, a. kona koni ]^hatt, gosha-dar. 
Dial, s. dhup-ghapi. 

Dialect, s. zaban, bhasha, boli. [lama. 
Dialogue, s. sawal-jawab, guftgu, muka- 
Diameter, 5. qutr, d4ire-ke bich-ka k:hatt. 
Diamond, s, hira, ahuas. 


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Diaphoretic, a, pasuUi nikalne-wtU. 
Diaphragm, s. parda-i-shikm. 
Diarrhcea, s, is'hal, dast, jiiyan-i-ehikixu 
Diary, s. roz-nama. 
Dice, 8. plisa, kabatain ; qimar. 
Dictate, v. ibarat batana ; farming. 
Dictate, s. hnkm, irshad. [niiin£. 

Dictatorial, a. hnkmi, ba-hnkiunat ; khnd- 
Diction, s. ^barat, insha, mnhiiwara, roz- 
Dictionaiy, s. liigat, farhang. [marra. 
Didactic, s. nasihat-^ez. 
Die, V. mama, fant h. wafat h. [nmrlL 
Diet, s. khana, khorak, ta$m ; majlis-i- 
Difier, v. juda h. farq h. Ip'hilaf h. ikhti- 

laf h. na-saz h. 
Difference, s. farq, tafawat, ikhtilaf ; nil* 

saz-garf, na-muwafaqat ; qaziya. 
Different, a. alag, jnda, alahida, mnkhH- 

Uf, mn^htalif. [duruBht. 

Difficult, a. mnshkil, dnshwiir, sal^t, 
Diffionliy, 8. ishkal, dnshwari, sakhti ; 

mnsfbat, pareshani, pech, jhanjhat. 
Diffidence, s. shakk, wahm, be>himmati ; 

Diffident, a. shakki, wahmi, be-himmat. 
Diffdse, V. phail&ni, chhitralia, mnntashar 

k. rawaj d. 
Diffuse, a. phail6 hda ; mnfassal, tawil. 
Dig, w. khodna, garhana. 
Digest, V. hazm k. pachana ; tartib k. 
Digest, s, ainon ka majmua. [arasta k. 
Digestion, 8. hazm, pachao, gnwar. 
Digit, 8. nngli ; pann inch ; ahad. 
Dignify, v, bafhina, sarfaraz k. jzzat d. 

martaba d. 
Dignity, 8. martaba, qadr, mansab, izzat, 

jalal, iftikhar. [fasul k. 

Digress, v. bhatakna; jhaf-pahar k. 
Dike, 8, khandaq, khai ; band, pushta. 
Di^pidate, v. wiran k. tabah k. 
Dilate, v. phailana, barhana, tawil k. 

mnfassal kahna. 
Dilatoriness, s. den, takhir, snstT. 
Dilatory, a. sust, der, kahil, dhima. 
Dilemma, 8, hais-bais, dnbdha. [dirang. 
Diligence, s. koshish, mihnat, tan-dihi, 

mnlazimat. [mnlazim. 

Diligent, a. mihnatf, tandih, sargarm. 

Dilute, V. patli k. raqlq k. za(f k. [tank. 
Dim, a. dhnndhla, chnndhla ; andher^. 
Dimension, 8. and&Ea, paimaish, miqdar, 

arz-o-tul. [kam h. 

Diminish, v. ghat^ni, kam k. ; ghatna. 
Diminution, «. ghati, kami, takhfif. 
Diminutive, a. chhota, kuchak, IfLhurd. 
Dimity, s. doriya, gimti. 
Dimple, s, gal-gitta, ch^-i-zanak^h. 
Din, s. shor, gul, gauga, dhiim. 
Dine, v. khana kMna, chasht k. 
Dinner, 8. kh&nk, chasht. 
Dint, 8. zarb, chot ; nish^na, zor, quwat. 
Diocese, 8, ipisquf-ka qaJam-rau. 
Dip, V. dubna, 4ub^n&, gotad. ; mashgulh. 
Diphthong, s. lafif-i-maqrun, do harf-i- 

)llat, mila hua 6waz. [^araona. 

Dire, a. l^haufnak, haulnak, haibatnak, 
Direct,a.sidh^, mustawi ; saf,namashkuk. 
Direct, v. nish^n k. nishana k. ; batlana ; 

hukm d. ; tartib k. samama likhna. 
Direction, 8. rasta; pata, thikdna; 

hukm ; samama. 
Directly, ad, sidh4 j'abhi,isiwaqt, fil-faur. 
Director, 8. kar-kun, sar-kob j murshid. 
Dirge, s. marsiya, nauha. [pir. 

Dirk, 8, khanjar, pesh-qabz. [malamat. 
Dirt, 8. kfchaqr, mail, kuddrat ; tashnf, 
Dirty, a. maila, kachela, galiz, najis; 

na-saza. [lachari. 

Disability, s. n&-taw^ii6f, be-qudratJ, 
Disable, v. n&-tawan k. be-taqat k. zaif k. 
Disadvantage, s, ziyan, nuqsan, ^halal. 
Disadvantageous, a. be-faida, lah&sil. 
Disaffected,a,bad-khwah,nar6z, sarkash. 
Disagree, v. na-muwafiq h« mukh&lif h. 

Disagreeable, a. n^-khiish, na-pasand, 

nagawar, badmaza. [bigar. 

Disagreement, s. na-muwafaqat, ikhtilaf, 
Disallow, V. n^-qabdl k. inkar k. radd k. 
Disappear, v, gaib h. na-padid,h. jata 

rahna, kafdr ho-jand. [rdm k. 

Disappoint, v. na-ummedk. niras k.mah- 
Disappointment, s. na-unmiedi, mayusi. 
Disapprobation, s. na-pasandl, naqabuli. 
Disapprove, v na-manzur k . na-pasand k. 
Disaster, s. dfat, musibat, bad-ba^hti. 


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DIS 41 

Disastrous, a. kam-ba^t. 
DlsaTOW, V. inkar k. mukarzUi. 
Disayowal, s, inkar, nafi. 
Disband, v. lashkar mazul k. ji top-dena. 
Disbelieve, v. be-itiqad h. jtibar na k. ni 
Disburse, v, kharch k. sarf k. [znanni. 
Disbursement, s. kharob, sarf, mu^irij. 
Discard, v. bar-taraf k. mazul k. nikal cL 
Discern, v. dekhna, pahchanna, malum 

k, imtiyaz k. [fahm. 

Discenmient, s. imtiy&s, tamiz, daryaft, 
Discharge, v. bartaraf k. m^zul k. ; bqjb 

ut&ma ; khali k. ; ada k. ami k. ; 

ohhurana, Ufanii, pbenkna ; giran£ 
Discharge, s. bar-tarafi, nikas ; ufad, 

shallaq ; adii ; farig l^atti ; safi-nama. 
Disciple, s. murld, shagird, talmiz. 
Discipline, 8. talim, tarbiyat; qaida, 

nizam ; tazir, saza. 
Disciplined, a, amolfihta, mazbdt. 
Disclaim, v. inkar k. chhofna. 
Disclose, V. kholna, fash k. batlini. 
Discolour, v. badrang k. dag-ddr k. 
Discomfit, V. shikast d. maglub k. 
Discompose, v. ghabrima, muztarib k. 

barham k. ranjida k. 
Disconcert, v, khaXal d. muztarib k. tornli. 
Disconsolate, a. afsurda, gamgin, dilgir. 
Discontent, s. be-qanaati, na*riz% n&- 

Discontented, a. na-lpidsh^ na-raz. 
Discontinue, v. mauquf k. far{g h. 

naga k. [fitna. 

Discord, s. ni-muwafaqat, i]j:htilaf, tasad, 
Discordant, a. na-muwi^fiq, muj^lif, 

be-ahang. [k. fash k. 

Discover, v. dikhUnil, zahir k. ashkara 
Discount, V, cho^ leni^ batta leniL. 
Discount, s. chota, batta. [na k. 

Discountenance, v. munh phema, khatir 
Discourage, v. himmat tofna, dil chhota 

k. tai:hwifk. 
Discourse, s. guflgd, muk^lama ; waz. 
Discredit, 8. be-itibari ; badnami, ruswdi. 
Discredit, v. be-jtibar k.^:hafif k.bawar 

na k. [imtiyaz. 

Discreet, a. hoshyar, fahmlda, sahib-i- 
Discreetly, ad, hoahyari-ae, tadbir-se. 


Discretion, a, hoshyiri, imtiy^, aql. 
Discretionary, a. mutlaq-ul-|nan, ui- 

muqaiyad, n&.basta. 
Discriminate, v. imtiylu: k. tamiz k. farq k. 
Discrimination, s. in^iyaz, tamiz, tafriq. 
Discuss, V. mubahasa k. tajwiz k.[fahni. 
Disdain, s. ihanat, hiqarat. 
Disdain, v. hiqarat k. ihanat k. 
Disease, a. marz, azar, bimari. 
Disembark, v. jah^-se utamil. 
Disengage, v. juda k. rih^ k. izid k. 

kholna, bekar k. 
Disengaged, a. muattaJ, az4d. 
Disesteem, v, hiq&rat k. be-izzat k. 
Disfigure, v. bad-surat k. bad-numa k. 
Disgorge, v. radd k. ugalna. [jzzati. 
Disgrace, s. ruswai, fazihat, zillat, be- 
Disgrace, v. be-jzzat k. ^hafif k. 
Disgraceful, a, mayub, na-Bh6ista,qabih. 
Disguise, v. chhipdna, surat badal k. 

bhes baninli. 
Disgust, «. nafrat, kadlhiyat, ghin. 
Disgust, V. nafrat k. karahiyat k. 
Dish, s. rikibi, tabaq, qib, sahnak. 
Dishearten, v. tong-dil k. shikasta-dQ k. 
Dishevelled, a. pareshan. [himmat topn^. 
Dishonour, v, be-abrd k. be-hurmat k. 
Dishonour, 8. be-hurmati. 
Dishonourable, a. mayub, zalfl, na-saz. 
Disinclination, s. na-pasandi, nafrat. 
Disingenuous, a. makkir, rly^-kar. 
Disinherit, v. miras-se mahrdm k. irs-ao 

^hdrij k. 
Disinterested, a. be-garaz, be-tama. 
Disjoint, v, baud band judk k. jor aiak k. 
Durjunction, s. judai, iffcisdl, iftiraq. 
Disk, s, girda, qurs. 

Dislike, «. na-pasandf, nafrat, karahiyat. 
Dislocate, v. haddi faskh k. ya sarkana. 
Dismal, a. haulnak, haibatnak ; udas, 

gamgin j tarik. [toynd. 

Dismantle, u. nanga k. ut4r lena j panah 
Dismay ,s. dahshat, haul, ]j:hauf,hiras, dar. 
Dismember, v, waau juda jud^ k. tukhi 

tukrd k. 
Dismiss, v, rukhsat k. jaw4b d. ; bartaraf 

k. m^ulk. ^fJianjk. ; bhejzui, rawana k. 


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Dismission, 5. mkhsat, bartarfi, mazuli. 
Dismount, v. utarnA, nazil h. [kashi. 
Disobedience, s. na-farmanbard^i, sar- 
Disobey, v. ndul-hykmi k. sarkashi k. 
Disoblige, v. na-khush k. ranjida k. 
Disobliging, a. be-mnmwat. [bezar k. 
Disorder, s. be-tartfbi, be>intusami, dar- 

barni; hangama, khalbali; bimari; 

iztirabi, ghabrahat. 
Disorder, v. darham-barham k. abtar k. 
Disorderly, a. be-zabt, darham-barham. 
Disown, V. ink^ k. mnnkir h. chhofna. 
Disparage, v. be-qadr k. khafif k. 
Disparagement, s. be-qadin, haqarat. 
Disparity, s. na-hamwari, n6-muwafaqat, 

tafawat, farq. 
Dispassionate, a, ballm, salim, bnrd-bar. 
Dispatch, v, bhejna, rawana k. ; ami k. 

jald tamam k. qatl k. [kharitl 

Dispatch, s. jaldi, shitabi ; q£sid ; khatt, 
Dispel, V. ddr k. dafa k. rafa k. 
Dispensary, s. dawa-^hana. 
Dispensation, s. taqsim ; mnaH. 
Dispense, v. bdntna, taqsim k. dena; 

mndf k. mkhsat k. 
Disperse, v. chhitkani, khindana, mnn> 

tashir k. paraganda k. shikast d. 
Dispersion, 8. paragandagi, phailao. 
Dispirit, v. aznrda k. dil-tang k. himmat 

topia. [k. nlatpnlat k. 

Displace, v. bejd rakhna, sarkana, taglr 
Display, v. dikhana, z4hir k. ashkara k. 
Display, s. izhar, phailao, namud. 
Displease, v. nakhush k . bez^r k. ranj idak. 
Displeasing, a. na-gnwar. 
Displeasure, s. nakhushi, bez^rl, khafagi. 
Disposal, s. ikhtiyir, qabu, hath. 
Disp<^se, V. tartib k. rakhna; mail k. 

chahna J — o/, bechna,bech-dalna ; dena. 
Disposed, a. mnrattab, ^rdsta ; mail. 
Disposition, s. intiz^, tartib; mizdj, 

tabiat, ikho. , 
Dispossess, v. be-dakhlk. ]^h4rij k. nikald. 
Disproportion, s. be-andazagi, na-muwa- 

faqat, tafawat. 
Disprove, v. jhnthlani, bfitil k. radd k. 
Disputations, a. bahhas, hujjati; takrari. 

Dispnte, 8. bahs, mnbahafia, hujjat, 

qaziya, takrar. 
Dispute, V. bahasna, takrdr k. jhagarna. 
Disquiet, v. muztarib k. hair^n k. dnldi d. 
Disquietude, s. be-kali, iztirab. 
Disquisition, 8, munazara, tafahhus, taj- 

wiz, taftfsh. [lat. 

Disregard, s, be-iltifati, be-khaban, gaf- 
Disregard, v, na mann^ ; gaiflat k. 
Disrelish, s. nafrat, karahat. 
Disreputable,a. mswa,n&-Bh^sta,maydb. 
Disrepute, s. ruswai, badnaml, be-izzati. 
Disrespect, s. be-iltifiiti, be-adabi, istih- 

qar. [mumwat. 

Disrespectful, a. be-adab, be-lihdz, be- 
Dissatisfaction, s. na-razi, n^-khushi, be- 
Dissatisfied, a. nii-raz, na-khush. [zari. 
Dissect, V. kitnij qata k. tashrih k. ,* 

taftfsh k. ' 
Dissemble, v. chhip&na ; riya k. bahina k. 
Disseminate, v. phailand, mashhur k. 

ishtihar k. 
Dissension, s. jhagfa, q^iy^, munazaat. 
Dissent, v. na-muwafiq h. mukhalif raeh. 
Dissertation, s. taqrir, bayan, maqal. 
Dissimilar, a. mugaiyar, nd-muwafiq. 
Dissimilarity, s. na-muwafaqat, ikhtilaf, 

tafawat. [tazwir. 

Dissimulation, 8. makr, riy&, mudara, 
Dissipate, v. uf ana, sarf k. barbdd k. 
Dissipated, a. aubash, awara. 
Dissipation, s. aubashi, aw^tragf, masti. 
Dissolution, s. gudaz,pighlaha^ ; kharabi, 

takhrib ; maut, faskh ; barikhast. 
Dissolve, V. ghulna, gholni, pighlana ; 

gud^z h. ; mauqiif k. fasl^ k. 
Dissolvent, s. gudfizinda, galdne-wala. 
Dissonance, s. na-muwafaqat, na-ahangi, 

be-hamdwazi, na-mel. [phema. 

Dissuade, v. baz rakhna, mana k. dil 
Dissyllable, s. do hije-ka lafz. 
Distance, s. dari, arsa, fasila ; ta^wat ; 

muddat ; adab ; kashidagi. 
Distant, a. dur, baid, hazarmand. 
Distaste, s. nafrat, karahiyat, istikrah. 
Distemper, s. bimari, marz, ^zar. 
Distend^ v. phailana, faraijfJi k. phulana. 


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Distention, s. phTilao. 
Distich, s. bait, doha. [ri k. 

Distil, V. tapakna, chtini ; chuann, abka- 
Distillation, s. ^pkao, choao; Hbkari, 

Distiller, s, abkar, kalar. [saf. 

Distinct, a. juda, mntafarraq, mnfassal, 
Distinction, s. farq, tafawat, imtiyaz; 

}zzat, shan. [mashruhan. 

Distinctly, ad, ba imtiyiiz, mufassalana. 
Distinctness, 8. imtiyaz, tamiz, safai, 

Distinguish, v. imtiy&z k. tamiz k. farq 

janna ; charh^a, namwar k. 
Distinguished, a. maruf, miunt^z, n&m- 

war, nadir. 
Distort, V. adnthna, peoh d. khilaf bat^na. 
Distortion, s. ainth, maroy, pech ; khilafi. 
Distract, v. ashnfta k. pareshdn k. ghab- 

rana ; diwana k. [diwana. 

Disiracted, a. ashnfta, pareshan, hairan. 
Distraction, s. ghabrahat, iztiribi, bekali ; 

diwanagi, ashuftagi, sauda. 
Distrain, v. qorq k. zabt k. rokna. 
Distraint, s. qurq, zabt, rok. 
Distress, v. taklif d. iz& k. tasdi k. 

satana, pareshan k. [tangi. 

Distress, s. taklif, Sza, tasd^ ; pareshani. 
Distressed, a. paresh^, niajbur, mnfiis. 
Distribute, v. banana, taqsim k. qismat d. 
Distribution, s. bantai, taqsim. 
District, 5. zila,parganna, mahall, sarkar. 
Distrust, 8. gwnan, shakk, shubha, raib, 

Distrust, V, guman rakhna, {tiq^d na 

rakhna, b& k. 
Distrustful, a. bad-guman. 
Disturb, 'y. bekal k. muztarib k. harj k. 

harakat d. [fasad. 

Disturbance, s, harj, harakat ; hangnma, 
Disunion, s. judai, na-ittifaqi, be-ittihad. 
Disunite, v. alag k. juda k. 
Disuse, s. be-istimali, be-rawaji. 
Ditch, s. khandaq, khaf, nala. 
Ditto, 8, aizan, mazkur, wohi. 
Ditty, ». git, sarod. 
Diuretic, a. idrar-awar, mudir-ul-baul. 
Diurnal, a. din-ka, rozma, yaumi. 

Dive, V. gota mimA, dubkf m^mi. 
Diver, s. gota-zan, gota-khor, gawas. 
Diverge, v. ek nok se phailna. 
Diverse, a. mutafarriq, mukhtalif, rang- 

ba-rang, gun-a-gun. 
Diversify, v. rang-ba-rang k. [inhiraf. 
Diversion, s. tamasha, tafarruj ; sair; 
Diversity, s. farq, tafawat, rang-ba-rangi, 

ikhtilfif. [khiish k. 

Divert, v. phem^, munharif k. ; bahlan^, 
Divest, V. utama, nanga k. khali k. 
Divide, v. hissa k. bAntna, taqsim k. 

qata k. katna. [bakhra. 

Dividend, s. muqassam, maqsum ; hissa, 
Divination, s. jhn-i-gaib, falgoi, rami. 
Divine, a. ilahi, rabbfini, rahmani. 
Divine, s. ]^hadim-i-din, murshid. 
Divine, v. fH kahna, peshgoi k. batana, 

daryaffc k. [fiqa. 

Divinity, s. khudaf, ilahiyat j ilm-i-ilahi, 
Division, s. taqsim, inqisam, hissa ; ikh- 

tilaf, adawat. 
Division, s. maqsum-^laihi. 
Divorce, s. talaq, itlaq, fas^i. 
Divorce, v. talaq d. itlaq k. 
Divulge, V, zahir k. fiask k. ashknra k. 

barmala k. 
Dizziness, s. daudm-i-sir, ghumri. 
Dizzy, a. sargardan, madhosh. 
Do, V. kama, baja-lana, ami k. banana. 
Docile, a, tarbiyat-pazir, salimut-taba. 
Docility, s. farman-bardafi, tarbiyat, 
. paziri, sadhawat. 
Dock, s. guddi, khaj-i ; dund. 
Dock, V. landura k. dum katna ; jahaz- 

ko marammat k. [tabib. 

Doctor,s.maulavi,muallim ; faqih j hakim. 
Doctrine, s. maslah, mazhab ; irfan, jlm. 
Document, s. sanad, nawishta, kagaz ; 

dalil, isbat. 
Dodge, V. konll-kani k. talmatol k. 
Doe, s. hami, ahu-mada. 
Doer, 8. kame-wiUa, karta, k^uninda, fajl. 
Doff, V. utar d. 
Dog, s. kutta, sag. 
Dogged, a. machla, magri. 
Doggerel, s. na saz bait. 
Dogma, 8. qaida, qanun. 


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Dogmatical, a. khnd-nnma, barwajari- 

hftkim, mnBtaqill. 
Dogmatism, s. l^hnd-rae, hukamat. 
Dog-staT) 8. BohaiL [mnamalat. 

Doings, 5. kam, kartut, af^U, harakat, 
Dole, V. bantna. 

Dolefal, 8. gam-nak, dil-gir, andoh-gin. 
Doll, s. gnpja, gad^a, pntl4. 
Dollar, 8. do mpiye-ka sikka. 
Dolphin, s. qism-i-mahi, dnlfin. 
Dolorous, ct. gam-nak, dil-gir, andoh-gin. 
Dolom*, 8, gam, udasL 
Dolt, 8. ahmaq, knnda. 
Domain, s. mnlk, mamlnkat, saltanat. 
Dome, 8, gombaz, qnbba. [khas ; desi. 
Domestic, a. ]j:h&ngi, ghare& ; dariini ; 
Domestic, 8, nankar, khana-zid« 
Domination, 8. hnkumat, sardari ; zabar- 

dasti, znlm. [khndfaroshi k. 

Domineer, v, zor-o-zohn-se bukumat k. 
Dominion, s. Hukiimat, padshdhat, sal- 

tanat ; diyar, nahiya, raj. 
Donation, s. baVhshisb, aH, dan, nazar. 
Done, pa. kiyk, kardii, bana. 
Donor, s. bakhshinda, dibinda, data. 
Doom, 8. qaza, fatw^, hnkm; halak, 

tabahi. [thahrana. 

Doom, V. fatwa d. hnkm k. mnqarrar k. 
Door, 8. darwaza, dar. 
Doorkeeper, 8. darban, darwin, hdjib. 
Dormant, a. sota hda, khufta ; poshida^ 
Dormitoiy, 8. l^wab-gah. [makhfi. 

Dose, s, mantad, dawa-kl paimaish. 
Dot, s, nnqta, bindi, snnna. [fareftagl. 
Dotage, 8. ashnftagi-i-piri, sathyahat; 
Dotud, 8. pir-i-ablah, hawass-baibihta ; 

shefta, farefta, majndn. 
Dote, V, ablah h. shefta h. farefta h. 
Dotingly, ad. be-nihayat, ba-shiddat. 
Doable, a. dun&, dugona, dohra, do-tah, 

do-chand ; dn-ranga, do-mnnha. 
Double, V. dnna k. dohrana, do-chand 

k. ; mopia ; gird j&nd, b^ ini. [reb. 
Double-dealing, 8. do-rangi,ri7akari, fa- 
Double-minded, a. makk^*, hflabaz. 
Doubt, s. shakk, shubha, gum^, ishtibah. 
Doubt, V. shakk rakhna, shubha raklma ; 

audesha k. -, pas-o-pesh k. 

Doubt^ a. mashkdk,mushtabah,mush- 

kil ; khatar-nak. 
DoubtfUJ.7, ad. shubha-se. [yaqinan. 
Doubtless,,lajaram, albatta^ 
Dough, 8. gundhd hud ata, ]khamir. 
Dove, 8. fsOkhta, kumri. 
Dovetail, v. jopi^. 
Dower, 8. jaiiez, dahez, mahr. 
Down, 8. rom, roen ; maidan ; b^u-char. 
Down, pr. niche, tale, zer, zamin-par. 
Downcast, a. sar-nigun, zamin-par mail, 

Downfall, 8. tabahi, kharabi, khwari. 
Downright, a. s^di, saf, sidha, mahz. 
Downward, a. m'cha, past ; niche, tale. 
Downy, a. narm,mul^im, roendar, rui-sa. 
Dowse, V. ghuai. ya tam^cha m&mjL 
Doze, V. dnghnd, nim IfJiwab h. 
Dozen, 8. birah, doazdah. 
Draft, 8. hundi, barat. 
Drag, V. ghasitna, khainohna, t£nn£. 
Draggle, v. litharna, maila k. 
Dragon, 8. azhdaha, ajgar, nihang. 
Dragoon, 8. sawar, turk-sawar. 
Drag-rope, 8. gun. 
Drain, 8. mori, badar-rau, muhri. 
Drain, v. pas^d, chh^nn^ nik^ln^l. 
Drake, 8. bat-nar. 
Dram, s, misqal ; ghunt, sharbat. 
Drama, 8. naql, ndtak. 
Dramatic, a. naqli, ndtaki. [k^ kdrob^r. 
T^rapeaj, 8. poshdk, bulla, ban^ ; kappe- 
Draugh^ s. ghunt, dam-i-sharab ; nosh ; 

khinchio, kashidagi; mahr-kash ; naq- 

sha ; musauwadda ; khasf^ ; pani-topi^ 

dasta, garoh ; hundi. 
Draught-cattle, s. ladu g&e goru, bojhafl. 
Draw, V. khainchna ; ghasitni, tanna ; 

kashish k. ; chaland ; dalna ; lalchana ; 

jazb k. fSeurefba k. ; band k. nikalni, 

nikal d. 
Drawback, 8. phirta. [hundi-navis. 

Drawer, s. khainchne-wCia ; abkash; 
Drawbridge, «. pul-ta^hta, uthawan-pul. 
Drawers, a. pae-jama, izdr. 
Drawing, 8. naqsha, naqsh-o-nig^. 
Dray, 8. chhakri. 
Dread, 8. ^, dahshat, ^hauf, haibat* 


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Dread, v. dam£, dahshat khana, kliatra 

raklina. [haiil-iiak. 

Dreadful, a. dabshat-n^k, haibat-nak, 
Dreadfully, ad. be-niliayafc. 
Dream, 5. khwab, royn, khiyal-i-kham. 
Dream, V. khwab dekhna, khiyal k. 
Dreamer, $. khwab-dekhnewala ; walimi, 
khiyali. [wairan. 

Dreary, a. muhib, khatar-nak, sunsan, 
Dregs, s, talchlmt, durd, kudurat. 
Drench, v. bhigona, tarbatar k. jullab d. 
Dress, s. poshak, libas, kapre, araish. 
Dress, v, kapra pahinnd, arasta k. ; 

pakana ; marham patti lag^na. 
Dribble, v. tapakna, chdnL 
Driblet, s. khurda, reza. [bauohhir. 
Drift, 8. maqsad, irada, garaz ; tuda, dher ; 
Drift, V. chalana ,* ambar k. tuda k. 
Drill, s. barma ; sipahion-ke qawaid. 
Drill, V. salna, surakh k« ; sipahion-ko 

qawaid sikhana. 
Drink, 8. sharbat, sharab, nosh, ghunt. 
Drink, V. pina, nosh k. ghuntna. 
Drip, V. tapakna, muqattir h. 
Dripstone, s. risa-patthar. 
Drive, V, hank d. hankoma, chalanfi ; 

thonkna ; dur k. nikal d. 
Drivel, V. lar tapkana ; hazar bolna. 
Driver, s. hankwaya, gaff-ban. 
Drizzle, v. phiihar pay na, phuhi gimfi. 
Droll, a. ajib, masl^hara, sbadi-angez. 
Dromedary,s.sandni,bukhti ; unt-kiqism. 
Drone, s. majhul, sust, dhila, murda. 
Droop, V, murjhana, kumhlana, pazh- 

mnrda h. ; zaif h. natawan h. 
Drop, 8. qatra, bund, bundi ; aweza. 
Drop, V. gima, gir-parna, gira-dena; 

tapakna ; ahiste kahna ; tark k. chhof - 

na ; mama. 
Dropsical, a. jalandarf, mustisqf. 
Dropsy, s. istisqa, jalandar. 
Dross, s. mail, filizz, fuzla ; zangara. 
Drought, s. khushk-sali, khushki ; piyas. 
Drove, s. galla, halqa, qatar ; hangama. 
Drover, 8. galla-bin, chaupan, chanvaha. 
Drown, v. dubana, garq k. sailab k. 
Drowsiness, «. unghas, nind, jj^wab- 


Drowsy, a. ^hwab-aluda, nindasa, kahil. 
Drubbing, s. mar-pit, zad-kob, 
Drug, 8. dawa, daru. 
Druggist, 8. attar, pansari, dawa-farosh. 
Druid, 8. Inglistan-ka qadim imam. 
Drum, 8. dhol, tambur, tabl, naqara. 
Drum, V. tambur mama, tabl bajana. 
Drummer, s. dholiya, tambur-chi. 
Drunken, a, matwala, mast. [sha. 

Drunkenness, 8. matwala-pan, masti, na- 
Dry, a, sukha, khuslik, be-ras ; piyasa. 
Dry, V. sukhna, khushk k. sukhana. 
Dryness, s. sukliawat, khuski, yubusat, 

rukhdwat; kashidagi, kudurat. 
Dual, 8. tasniya : a. musanna. [qarrar. 
Dubious, a. mashkuk, mashtaba, na-mu- 
Duck, 8. bat, batak ; sir-jhukao. 
Duck, V. dubki mama, gota lag ana ; sir- 

Ductile, a. chimpa, mulaim, narm. 
Ductility, 8. chimyaha^, narmi. 
Due,a.laiq,munasib,wajib,maqdl ; baqf. 
Due, 8. qarz ; haqq, istihqaq ; mahsul. 
Duel, 8. do shakhson-ki lajrai. [rusum. 
Duet, 8. do shakhs ^ilkar gane-ka ek rig. 
Duke, 8. 41a martabe-ka amir. 
Dulcimer, s. sit^r, tambura, chang. 
Dull, a. ahmaq, kund ; muthra ; majhul, 

dhila; t^ra, dhundh; khwab-nak; 

udas, afsurda. 
Dullness, s, kund zihni, himaqat ; susti, 

kahiU; dhundhlai; khwab-naki. 
Duly, ad. thik, jaisa, chahiye. 
Dumb, a. gunga gung, bulan. 
Dumbness, s. gungai. 
Dun, V. taq^za k. dhama d. 
Dun, 8. mutaqazi, qarz-khwah. 
Dunce, s. ahmaq, ullu, balfd. 
Dung, 8. gobar, lid, gdh. 
Dungeon, s. siy6h-chah, bhaksi, zindfin. 
Dunghill, 8. kuf a, gobrar, mazbala. 
Dupe, 8, abla, farefta-sha^hs, sada-dil 
Duplicate, s, naql, musanna, paith. 
Duplicity, s. do-rangi, riya, makr. 
Duration,5.paedari, qiy am,baqa, iatimrar. 


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Dnring, pr. ta, bhar, jabtsik, mi-bain, 

arse-mep, darmiyan. 
Dusk, 8. dbur-sanj, nima-sbam. 
Dusk, a. andbera, sijab. 
, Dusky, a. dbumla, dbnndbla. 
Dnst, 8. dbul, gard, kbak, gabar. 
Bust, V. dbul jbajrna ; cbbanna. 
Dusty, a. gard-iluda. [farman-bardar. 
DntifiiljS. sbaista, muaddab, qadr-nuniB, 
Daty,8.farz,wajibkbidmat,adab; mabsul. 
Dwarf, 5. baiin&, nata, kotab>qad. 
Dwarfisb, a. cbbota, kotab. 
Dwell, V. rabna, basna, sakunat k. bud- 

o-basb k. ; taqrir k. 
Dwelling, 5. gbar, makan, mnqam, jagah. 
Dwindle, v, ghatna, sukafna, kam b. 

kotab b. tablil b. 
Dye, V. rangna, rang cbafbani. 
Dyer, s. rang-rez, sab-bag. [sbaban. 
Dynasty, s. nasl-i-malikin, nizhad^i- 
Dysenteiy, s. is*hal, jiryan-i-abikam, sit- 
Dyspepsy, s. bad-bazmi^ ajiran, [ras. 


Eacb, p. bar ek, ek-ek. 

Eacb otber, p, ek-digar, dpas-men. 

Eager, a. teiimand, mnsbtaq, tez, sban- 

Eagerly, adU shauq-se, arzu-se. [qin. 

Eagerness, s. arzumandi, sargamii, 
sbanq ; tnndi, tezi. 

Eagle, s, ijiq^b, nasar, bnma. 

Ear, s. kan, gosb ; kbosba, bdl. 

Earless, a. be-kan, be-gosb. 

Earl, s. amir-i-ali martaba. 

Early, a. sawere, bayi fajar ; jald, sbitab. 

Earn, v. kamana, basil k. kasb k. 

Earnest, a. sbanqin, sdi, bajidd, sargarm, 

Earnesty. s. baiana, dadni. [dilsoz. 

Earnestly, ad. Bbaa(}-se, dil lagake, sar- 

garmi-se. [balqa-i^gosb. 

••Ear-ring, s. jbnmka, ball, gosbwara, 

Eartb, s. mitti, kbak ; arz, zamin, mulk. 

Eartben, a. mitti-ka, gili, sifali. 

Eartbly, a. arzi, jabani, dnnyari, jismani. 

Earthquake, s» zalzala, bbu-cbal. 
- Ease, s. araxn, chain, rdbat, sukb ; asani, 

Ease, V. Mm d. asaisb d. bablana. 
Easily, ad. dsani-se, subulat-se, sabaj- 
East, s. masbriq, ptirab. [men. 

Easterly, a. masbriqi, sbarqi, purabi ; 

parab-ki taraf. 
Eastern, a, masbriqi, sbarqi, purabf. 
Eastward, ad. ba-su-i-masbriq, purab« 

k( taraf. 
Easy, a. aslb, sahl, salis, sabaj ; asuda* 

bal; mulaim,balim; be-parwa,nicbint. 
Eat, V. kbana, nosb k, tanawul k. ; zaya k. 
Eatable, a. laiq-i-kbuiisb, kbane-jog, 

Eater, s. kburinda, kbine-wdla, akkal. 
Eaves, s. olti, parcbbati. 
Ebb, s. bbatba, jazr ; zawl, kast. 
Ebony, s. abnus. 

Ebullition, s. josb, ub&l, [markaz. 

Eccentric, a. kaj-rau, be-q&ida ; tarik-i^^ 
Eccentricity, s, kaj-rawj, kbabt. 
Ecclesiastical, a. kaJesa mansiib, dim. 
Ecbo, s, gunj, sada, awaz-i-bazgasbt. 
Echo, 1'. gunjna, awaz ana. 
Eclat, s, raunaq ; sbnhrat, azamat. 
Eclipse, s. gahan, kusuf-o-kbusuf. 
Ecliptic, s. rahri-aftab, mintaq-nl-buruj. 
Economy, s. khana-dari, kifayat-sbi^ri, 

juz-rasi ; tartib, intizam. [shi. 

Ecstasy, s. wajd, be-l^budi, nibayat khu- 
Eddy, s. girdab, bbanwar. [lab. 

Edge, s. dhar, dam, bar, biddat ; kinara. 
Edging, s. sanjaf, magzi. [bathyar. 

Edge-tool, s. dam-dar, bathyir, dhdr-ka. 
Edible, a. khane-ka, qabil-i-giza. 
Edict, s. farman, raqm, isbtihar-nama. 
Edification, s. talim, tarbiyat, tadib, ta- 
Edifice, s. jmarat, makan. [raqqi. 

Edify, V, tab'm d, tarbiyat k. 
Edition, s. chhapa, chhapai. 
Editor,s.muallif, murattib, sihhat-rasan. 
Educate, v. tarbiyat k. talim d. sikhana. 
Education, s. tarbiyat, talim, parwarish. 
Eel, s. bam, mar-m4hi. [k. j barbiid k. 
Efface, r. metna, mitana, chhilna, hakk 
Effect,!', kama, bajalani, amal-menlaua ; 

paida k. asar k. [qat. 

Effect, s, asar, tasir, natija, amal ; baqi- 
Effects, 5. amwal, asbab, mal-o-mata. 


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Effective, Effeotual, a, kar-s&z, kan, 
mtiassir, kafi, mufid. [mam-se. 

Effectually, ad. kamil-ana, bil-kul, ta- 

Effeixiinacy,s. n^-mardi, buzdili ; nazakl. 

Effervescence, s. ubal, josh, ghuliyan. 


Efficient, a. kdr-saz, qabil, kafi, muassir. 

Effigy, s, Burat, shakl, shabih, nigar. 

Effluvia, s. bhaph, bo> gandh. [had. 

Effort, s. koshish, sa'i, jidd-o-jahad, ijti- 

Effronteiy, s, gusta^hi, shoVbi, be-hayai, 
be-sharmi. [nur. 

Effulgence, s. jila, jilwa, tajaUi, raunaq. 

Effulgent, a. jila-dar, jalwa-gar, mujalla, 

Effusion, s. bahao, rezish, rezC. [chamkila. 

Egg, s. anda, baiza. 

Egotism, s. khudi, mani. 

Egotist, s. khud-farosh, khud-numa. 

Egregious, a. ajab, mashur, kamil, saJfJit. 

Egress, s. baramad, nikas. 

Eight, a. ith, hasht. 

Eighteen, a. atharah, hazhdah. 

Eighth, a. athwan, hashtam. 

Either, p. koi ek, koi ; ya. 

!&jaculate, v. thenkna ; dua nagahkahnd. 

Ejaculation, s. dua, durud. 

Eject, V. nikal d. kharij k. radd k. bar- 
Ejection, s. ikhraj j radd. [taraf k. 

Ejectment, s. ikhraj-nama. [daqiq. 

Elaborate, a. amli, mukammal, mukallaf, 

Elaborately, ad. mihnat-se, diqqat-se. 

Elapse,i;. guzama, guzashtah. jatarrahni. 

Elastic, a. chimp 6, chimtha, lachila, dam- 
Elasticity, 5. chimthai, lachak, dam.[dar. 

Elate, V. phulana, magrur k. mutakabbir 

Elbow, 8. kuhni, mirfaq ; kona. [k. 

Elder, a, jetha, baya, kalan, auwal. 

Eldest, a. sab-se bara, nakhust-zad ya za- 

Elect, a. barguzida, pasandida, [da. 

Elect, V. il^htiyar k. pasand k. chun lena. 

Elegance, s. nazakat, lutf, l^hush-numdi. 

Elegant, a. latif, n^zuk, naznin, ^hush ; 

Elegantly, ad. nazakat-se. [tuhfa. 

Elegy, s, marsiya, soz gudaz qasida. 

Element, 8. ^^ur, juz, sansht ; ja, jagah ; 

Elementary, a. (insurj, asli, bunyadi. 

Jilephant, s, hathi, fil, pfl. 

Elephantiasis, s, fil-pa. [sarfarnz k. 

Elevate, v. uthana, baphanik, baland k. 
Elevated, a. uncha, buland, sarfaraz, 

mumtaz. [farazf, taraqqi. 

Elevation, s. bulandi, irtifd, unchai, sar- 
Eleven, a. igarah, gyarah. 
Elicit, V. nikiilna, paida k. [tar. 

Eligible, a. laiq-i-ikhtiyar, manzur, bih- 
Elision, s. hazf, harf-ka girao. 
Elixir, s. aksir, hir, araq. 
Elk, s. barah-singa, gawazn* 
Ell, s. sawa-gaz. 
EUipse, s. ahakl-i-baydzi. 
Ellipsis, s, taqdir-i-kalam. 
Elliptical, a. baizawi ; mulj:htasar. 
Elocution, s. fasahat, zabdnawari. 
Elope, V. bhagna, champat h. firar k. 
Elopement, s. champat, bhag, firar, gurez. 
Eloquence, s. fasahat, balagat, Ishush-goi. 
Eloquent, a. fasih, balig, ^hushTguftar. 
Else, p, aur, dusra, digar, 
Else, ad. nahin to, juz, ilia, wa-gar-na. 
Elsewhere, ad. aur-kahin. aur-ja. 
Elucidate, v. baydn k. samjhana, wazih k. 
Elucidation, s. tafsil, bayan, [zahir k. 
Eludo, V. bachna, chhutna ; Mia k. 
Elusive, a. bahkau, bhulau. 
Elysium, 8. bihisht, 

ijmaciate, v. dubla k. l^gar k. nahif k. 
Emaciation, s, dublai, lagari. 
Emancipate, v. azad k. chhof d.[chhoyaOf 
Emancipation, s. az^di, takhlfs, rihai. 
Embalm, v. momiya k. \[hush-bu bhama. 
Embankment, s. pushta-bandi, band. 
Embargo, s, jahiuz-ke chalne-ki sarkdr( 

EmbarkjV.jahaz-parchapiaj mashgulh. 
Embarrass, v. ghabrana, muztarib k. 
Embarrassed, a. hairan, sar-gardan, ^iz. 
Embarrassment, 8. iztirab, tasd), pech. 
Embassy, s. elchC-gari, paigam. [gama. 
Embellish, v. ^dstak araish d. zeb d. sin^ 
Embellishment, s. zeb, zebdish, ^inat. 
Embers, s. bhubhal, angare. [draish, 
Embey^zle, v. khiyanatk. gabnk. ; uyana. 
Embezzlement, s. tahwil-ka toyao ; J^hiy a- 

nat, chori. 
£m)jlepi; s. alamat, nishan, namq^ar* 


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Embrace, v. bagal-giri k. gale lagna, 

^gosh k. lena, shamil k. 
Embrace, s. bagal-giri, igosh. 
Embroider, v. karohobi k. zar-dozi k. 

chikan-dozik. but^ nik^lna,gul-buta k. 
Embroidery, s. kdrchobi, zar-dozi, chi- 

kan-dozi. [phasana. 

Embroil, v. barham k. fasad karwana ; 
Emerald, s. zamarmd, panna. 
Emerge, v, nikalna, tulii h. uthna. 
Emeiy, s. kurand, kiiranj. 
Emetic, s, muqai, qai-awar, qai-ki dawa. 
Emigi*ant, s. shahar-badar, jala-watan- 

kuninda. [watan k. 

Emigrate, u. apna mnlk chhopna, jala- 
Eminence, s. nnchan, pnshta ; sarfarazi, 

bnzurgi, manzalat. 
Eminent, a, buland,ala,murtafi, buznrg. 
Emissary, s. jasus, bliediya. [nami. 

Emit,t\ nikalna, bhejn^; dena; mahakna. 
Emmet, s. chyiinti. 
EmmoUient, a. mulaiyin, narm-saz. 
Emolument, s. nafa, hasil, fdida, sud. 
Emotion, s. josh, lahar, mauj, andesha. 
Empale, v. ghema, ihata k. ; suli d. 
Emperor, s, sliahanshah, sultan. 
Emphasis, s. lafz-par zarb, taqid. 
Emphatic, a, taqidi, bhan, zbrdar. [nat. 
Empire, s. shnhanshahi, badshahat,salta- 
Empiric, s. nim-hakim, kacha, tabib. 
Employ, r. naukri-men lagana, mashgul 

k. khidmat d. ; istimal k. ; saj k, ; 

maqarrar k. 
Employment, s, kam, karobar, shugl, 

khidmat \ihda. 
Emporium, s. ayang, hath. 
Empower," v. ikhtiyar d. mu^htar k. 

qudrat d. 
Empress, s. malika, sultana. [be-bar. 
Empty, a. khali, tihi, sunan ; khali-magz. 
Emulate, v. gibta k. hamsari k. gairat 

rakhna. [rashk. 

Emulation, s, gibta, gairat, hamsarj. 
Emulous, a, gibta-numa, gairat-mand, 

hirsi. [qabil k. 

Enable, v. quwat d. maqdiir k. tawana k. 
Enact, V. faniiana, hukm d. fatwa d. 

Enamel, 8. mina, ab, jila. 

Enamel, v. minak4ri k. 

Enamour, v. ashiq k. farefta k. shefta k. 

Encamp, v, l^hima ^Ina, muqam k. 

dera k. [parao. 

Encampment, s. khima, gAh, lashklr-gah. 
Enchant, v. afsun k. jadu k. mohna. 
Enchanter, s. jadugar, afsnngar, sahir, 
Enchanting,a.dil-fareb, dil-bur, dil-kash. 
Enchantment, s. afsungari, jadugari, sibr. 
Enchase, v. japia, jarao k. thasd k. 
Encircle, v, ghema, gird k. muhasarak. 
Enclose, v. ghema, ihata bandhna, bar h. 

bandhna; maJfuf k. [liftfa. 

Enclosure, s. ghera, ihata, bar, sadd ; 
Encomium, s, tarif, madh, tahsin, afrio. 
Encomp^s,v. ghema, gii*d k. muhasara k. 
Encounter, s. lapai, jang, jadal : mulaq^t. 
Encounter, v, larnll, muharaba k. ; muqa- 

bala k. mulaqat k. [jama k. 

Encourage, v. himmat d. diler k. khatir- 
Encouragement, s» taqwiyat, tasalli, 

dilasai, himayat. 
Encroach, v, dast-darazi k. dakhl k. 

tatawal k. 
Encroachment, s, dast-darAzf, nahaqq 

dakhl, tatawal. [rokna. 

Encumber, v. bojh d. ladna, atkana, , 
Encumbrance, s, bojh, bar, taarruz, 

mana, atkdo, rok. 
Encyclopedia, s. majma-ul-^liim. 
End, s. akhir, intiha, aajam, tamami; 

rihlat, maut. 
End, V. tamam k. akhir k. nibahna. 
Endanger, v. ^hatre-men dalna, mukha 
Endear, v. aziz k. pyara k. [tara k' 

Endearment, s. dil-dan, dil-nawazi, 

nawazish, muhabbat. [mihnat k. 

Endeavour, v. sai k. qasd k. koshish k. 
Endearour, s. sai, koshish, jidd-o-jahd. 
Endless, a/be-intihi^ be-hadd, be-shu- 

mar, mudam. 
Endorse, v. dast-^hatt k. ; sakama. 
Endow, V. jahez d.; waqf k.; wasf rakhni. 
Endowment, s. waqf; wasf, hunr. 
Endue, v. ata k. ,* fazilat d. aql bakhshna. 
Endurance, s. bardasht, sabr, tab ; da- 

wam, qiyam. 


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Endure, v. bardasht k. tahammul k, ; 

lahnd, qaim h. paedar h. [lif. 

Enemy, s. dushman, adu, khasni,mukha- 
Encrgetic, a. muassir, qavi, mnstahkam. 
Energy, s. quwat, qudrat, zor. 
Enervate, v. kamzor k. zaff k. natawan k. 
Enforce,!;. chalana,jar(k.amal-men lana. 
Enfranchise, v. azad k. khalask. chhofna. 
Engage, v. mashgul h. muqarrar k. kam- 

inen lana, khinchna ; shart k. qaul k. ; 

giro rakhna ; larna. [girawida. 

Engaged, a. masligul, ma8ruf,niushtagil; 
Engagement, s. kam, shugl j shart, iqrarj 

layai, jang. [fareb. 

Engaging, a. dil-kash, dil-nawaz, dil- 
Engender, v. paid^ k. janmana, janna. 
Engine,s. kal,alat, hathy ar j harba ; dolab. 
Engineer, s. kal-saz, alat-saz, mjniar. 
English, a. Angrez : s. Angrezi. 
Engrave,!;, kanda k. qalamkarik. khodna. 
Engraver, s. kanda- kar, muhrkan. 
Engross, v. sab ajnas mol-lena ; mash- 

gul k. ; saf likhna. [peshdasti k. 

Enhance, v. qimat cha^hana, ziyada k. 
Enhancement, s. bajrhti, ziyadati. [heli. 
Enigma, s. muamma, ramz, chistan, pa- 
Enign^tical, a.,mnglaq, daqiq, mushkil. 
Enjoin, v. farmau^, hukm d. takid k. 
Enjoy, V. rakhna, tasarrof k. khushi k. 

kamyab h. [kamyabi. 

Enjoyment, s. tasarmf, istimta, khushi, 
Enlai-ge, v. ba^hand, kushada k. ziyada 

k. ; azad k. \ [azndi, rihai. 

Enlargement, s. bayhao, kushadagij 
Enlighten, v, ujla k. roshan k. ; munau- 

war k. tarbiyat k. [sahib-kamal. 

Enlightened, a. roshan-rae, roshan dil, 
Enlist, V. bharti k. nam likhna. 
Enliven, u, zinda k. khush k. tezfahm k. 
Enmity, s, dashmani, adawat, bngz, 

khnsumat. [muazzaz k. 

Ennoble, v. sarfaraz k. musharraf k. 
Enormity, «, shararat, gunah-i-kabir, 

burai. [sakht. 

Enormous, a. azim, bara ; shadid, sharir, 
Enough, ad, bas, kafi ; kifayat. 
Enquiry, s. sawal, pursish, istifham. 
Enrage, v. gussek. gazabnakk. barhamk. 

Enrapture, v. wajd karlini, khdshdil k. 

bag-bag k. 
Enrich, v. daulatmand k. tawangar k. 

taza k. sansgar k. [likhna* 

Enrol, V. ism-nawisi k. fihrist-par nam 
Enrolment, s. ism-nawisi. 
Enshrine, v. mutabarrak jankar hifazat- 

men rakhna. 
Ensign, s. nishan, jhand^;nishan-bardar. 
Enslave, v, gulam k. banda k. tab) k. 
Ensnare, v. phandna, phasana, gii'iftar k. 
Ensue, v. hona, ajana, natija h. 
Entail, i;. bandhna, shart- se lagdna, 

chaph^a. [barham k. 

Entangle, v, uljhan^, phasana, darham- 
E^iter, V. dar an^ ya jana, bhitar ana, 

dakhil h. [i-azm. 

Enterprise, s. sakht kam, muhimm, kar- 
Enterprising, a. himmatf, diler, janbaz. 
Entertain, v. mihmani k. ziyafat k. ; 

guft-o-gu k. bahland; If hush k. ; qabul 

k. ; rakhna. 
Entertainer, s. mihmandar, mezban. 
Entertainment, 8, mihmaudari, ziyafat ; 

tamasha ; l^hushi. 
Enthrone, v, ta^ht-par bai^hana. 
Enthusiasm, s, sargarmi, gairat, khiyal- 

i-batil. [assib. 

Entice, v. wargalana, phuslana, fareb d. 

targib d. [farebi. 

Enticement, s. targib, igwd, jazb, dil- 
Entire, a. tamam, kull, kamil, sara, pura. 
Entirely, ad. bil-kull, sarasar, sarbasar. 
Entitle, v. haqq-dar k, mustahiqq k. 

khitab d. nam d. samama likhna 
Kntitled,a. haqq-dar, mustahiqq, khitab- 
Entomb, v. gayna, dafn k. gor d. [dar. 
Entrails, s. antriyan, anten, rode. 
Entrance, s. dakhl, daramad, rasai. 
Entrance, v. gash-men dalna, bakhud k. 
Entrap, v. phandna, phasana, giriftar k. 
Entreat,'{;.iltijak. iltimask. darkhwast k. 
Entry, s, dakhl, madkhul, raata ; navishta. 
Enumerate, v. ginna, shumar k. tjdad k. 
Enumeration, s. ginti, shumar. 
Envelope, s. lifafa, gilaf, khol. 


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Envelope, v. malfdf k. lapetna, dhimpna. 
Envenom, v. zahr-sluda k. zahr-dar k. 
Envions, a, hesid, hasud, bad-chashm. 
Environ, v. ghema, ihata k. muh^sarak» 
Environs, s. gird-pesh, atraf, pairaman. 
Envoy, s. elchi, wakil-i-badsh^h. 
Envy, V. hasad k. khansana. 
Ephemeral, a. ek din-ka, chandroza, fani. 
Epic, a. dasfcani, hikAyat-go, 
Epicure, s, shikam-parwar, aiyash, petu. 
Epidemic, a. phaila hua, dmm ; waba. 
Epigram, s. latffa, zarifa, rubai. 
Epilepsy, s. mirgi, sara. 
Epilogne, s, khatima ; naql, qissa. 
Episode, s. b6t-men bat, qissa dar qissa. 
Epistle, s. khatt, nama, roqa, maktub. 
Epistolary, a, khatti, maktubi. 
Epitaph, s. kntaba-i-qabar. 
Epithet, s. laqab, sifat, khit^b, nam. 
Epitome, s.ikhtisar, mukhtasar, khulasa. 
Epoch, 8. tarikh, sana, saka. 
Equal, a. barabar, eksan, hamwar. 
Equality, s. baxabari, mus^wat, hamsari. 
Equally, ad. barabar, eksan. 
Equanimity, s. qarar, jtidal, dil-ki ham- 
Equator, s. khatt-i-istiwa. [wari, gabr. 
Equestrian, a. sawari, sawar. 
Equidistant, a. ham-fasila, ham-d<5r. 
Equilateral, a. charon taraf barabar. 
Equilibrium, s. ham-wazani', itidal. 
Equinox, 8. itidal-i-lail-o-nahar, roz-o- 

shab-ka barabari ; vernal — , itidal-i- 

rabj; autumnal — , itidal-i-kharifi,' 
Equip, V. musallah k. lafai-ki hathyar 

bandhna ; art'ista k. 8az-o-s»man d. 
Equipage, s. saranjam, lawazima, sawari. 
Equitable, a. haqq, rast, ddil, munsif. 
Equity, s. insaf adl, rasti, haqq. 
Equivalent, a. ham-qimat, barabar, ham- 

taqat, jwaz. 
Equivocal, a. do-mdni-dar, mubham, 

Equivocate, v. pench-panch bat k. zaban 


Equivocation, s. do-mthii-ki bat, pench^ 

panch-ki bat. 
Era, s. tarikh, sana, saka, sambat. [na. 
Eradiation, s. khuruj-i-shnd, kiran phut- 
Eradicate, V. ukhafua, bel^-kani k. ; 

nest k. [hakk k. 

Erase, v. mitand, metna, chhil dalna, 
Ere, dd. peshtar, pesh az-in, age, pahle. 
Erect, a. khapa, istada, mustaqim. 
Erect, V. uthana, istada k. khara k. ; ta- 

mlr k. banana, [muddat. 

Erelong, ad. thoye dinon-men, chand* 
Err, V. chukna, khat6 k. gumr^h h. 
Errand, «. paigam, payam, sandesa. 
Errata, 8. galat-nama. [rast. 

Erroneous, a. galat-dar, na-sahih, na- 
Error, s. galti, chuk, khata, gunah. 
Erudition, s. jlra, fazilat, qabliyat. 
Eruption, s. nikal, khuruj ; phunsi, khuj- 
Escalade,s.kamand-and^zi.[li j fauwara. 
Escape, s. bachao, bhagna, gurez, najat. 
Escape, v. bachna, bhagna, chhutna. 
Escheat, s. la-waris mahal. 
Escort, s. badraqa, sawari. 
Esculent, s. khurdani, khane-ke qabil. 
Especial, a. khass, auwal, afzal. 
Especially, ad. khususan, auwal^. 
Esplanade, s. maidan. 
Espousals, 8. nikah, byah. 
Espouse, V. byah k . aqd-i-nikah bandhnfi. 
Espy, V. takna, dur-se dekhna. 
Esquire, 8. maharaj, bahadur. 
Essay, s. qasd, saj, azmaish j ayar, kas, 

tao ; risala. 
Essay, V. qasdk. saik.koshish k. ; ayari k. 
Essence, s. mahiyat, jauhar, asl, wajud ; 

khulasa; atr. 
Essential, a. asli, zati; zarur j saf, pak. 
Establish, v. qaim k. muqarrar k. thah- 

rana, nasab k. [chalni, raij. 

Established,a. muqarrar, muaiyan,qaim ; 
Establishment,s basti, qiyam j taqarrur ; 

qdnun ; tankhwah, amad. [sarkar. 
Estate,s.milk,mira8; hal,halat ; martaba, 
Esteem, s. qadr, izzat, jtibar, khatir. 
Esteem, v. aziz janna, qadar rakhna ; sa- 
Esteemed, a. aziz, muazzaz. [majhna. 
Estimable, a. mutabar, muazzaz, }zzat- 

ke qabil. 


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Estimate, s. bar^ward, hisab ; qiyas. 
Estimate, v. andazak. tashkhis k. qiyas k. 
Estimation, s. andaza ; rae, qiyas ; izzat, 
Estrange, u. begana k. ji nthana. [qadr. 
Estuary, s, samundar-ki khari. 
Etcetera, ad. wa-gaira, gairzalik. 
Eternal, a. azali o-abadi, jawedan, daim. 
Eternally, ad. abadan, mndam, hamesha. 
Eternity, s. azal-o-abad, muda*wamat, 

Ether, s. hawa-i-khdlis ; qism-i-dawa. 
Ethereal, a. asmani, samawi, hawai. 
Ethics, s. ilm-i-akhlaq, pand-nama. 
Etymology, s. sarf ; ishtiqaq, wajh-i-tas- 
Etymon, s. asl, asli lafz, masdar. [miya. 
Eulogium, s. tarif, madh, sana. 
Eunuch, s. khoja, khwaja-sara, hijpa. 
European, a, farangi, wilayati. 
Evacuate, v. khali k» nikalna ; nikalna. 
Evacuation, s. chhorno, nikal-ana ; dast, 
Evade, v. talnajbachna; bahana k.^hdya. 
Evanescent, a, fani, zail, chalta-hua. 
Evangelical, a, muwafiq-i-injil. 
Evangelist, s. injil-nawis, injil-kdkhatib. 
Evangelize, v, injil-ka waz k. Tsuwi msiz- 

hab-men lana. 
Evaporate, v. ur-jana, haw^ hojanft. 
Evaporation, s. bukhar hoke urna, bhaph 

Evasion, s. talmatol, bahana, hila-sazi. 
Evasive, a. hila-baz, dhokka-baz, gol-gol. 

Even, a. barabar, hamwar, mustawi, si- 
dha ; dhira. 

Even, ad. bhi, hi, waqai, sach, waisa-hi. 

Evening, s. sham, sanjh. 

Evenness, s. hamwari, barabari. 

Event, s. sar-guzaaht, waq(a, majra, nat{- 
ja, phal. 

Eventful, a. pur-hadisa, gardishi. 

Ever, ad, kabhi, kadhi, hargiz, hardam, 

Evergreen, a. sada-bahar, hamesha taza. 

Everlasting, a. abdi, azli, jawidan, qaim. 

Evermore, ad. hamesha, sada, mudam. 

Every, a. har, har-ek, ek-ek, sab. 

Everyday, s. har-roz, din-din. 

Everywhere, ad. har-jagah, har-kahin, 
oharon taraf. 

Evidence, s. gawahi, shahadat, dalfl, 

isbat, gawdh, shahid. 
Evident, a. zahir, aydn,mashhur, malum. 
Evidently, arZ. zahiran, sarihan. 
Evil, a. bura, bad, zabun, khwar, kharab. 
Evil, s. burai, badi, zabuni, shardrat ; 

afat, bala. 
Evilminded, a. bad-batin, bad andesli. 
Evil-speaking, s. bad-goi, aib-goi, if- 

Evince, v. zahir k. dikhlana ; dalil lana. 
Ewe, s. bheri, merhi. 
Ewer, s. aftaba, ibriq, dbdan. 
Exact, a. thik, durust, sahih; muntazam. 
Exact, V. talab k. taqaza k. dabake lena. 
Exactness, s, durusti, barabari, silihat, 

bariki. [ra k. 

Exaggerate, v. mubalega k. lamba-chati- 
Exaggeration, s, mubalaga, tul-i-kalam. 
Exalt, V. barhana, sarfaraz k. tahsin k. 
Exaltation, s. bulandi, irtifa, sarfarazi, 
Exalted, a. sar-faraz, sarbuland. [taraqqi. 
Examination, s. imtihan, tajwiz, tajriba, 

Examine, v. azmana, taftish k. tajwiz k. 
Examiner, s. mumtahin, tajribakar. [sal. 
Example, s. namuna, namudar, rasm, ma- 
Exasperate, V. khafa k. gussa k. khijana. 
Excavate, v. khodna, koma, khokhld k. 

gapha k. [khokh. 

Excavation, s. khodai ; garha, khokhl6, 
Exceed, v. ziyada h. barhna. 
Exceeding, a. bahut, nihayat, bisyar. 
Excel, V. afzal h. bihtar h. sabqat lena. 
Excellence, s. fazilat, fauqiyat, taijih ; 

qadr, lutf, khiibi. [bhalai. 

Excellency, s. hazrat, buzurgi ; khubi. 
Excellent, a. fazil, sharif, khass, khub. 
Except, pr. siwa, ba-juz, ba-gair, bidun. 
Except,-?;, chhor d.faroguzasht k.istisna k. 
Exception, s. chhut, tark, istisna. 
Excess, s. bahutat, kasrat, ziyadati, ifrat. 
Excessive, a. nihayat, ziyada, bahut. [dat. 
Excessively, ad. bahut, be-hadd, be-shid- 
Exchange,s. adlabadli,muawaza; chaut. 
Exchange, v. badalna, adlabadli k. mua- 
Exohequer, s. kh^sa, ]thazina.[wazak. 
I Excise, 8. mahsul. 


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Excite, V. ntHn^, chhefnd; targib d. 

ragib k. [ghabrahat. 

Excitement, 5. tahrik, targib ; hairani, 
Exclaim, v. childna, pukama, shor k. 
Exclamation, s. shor, gul, faryad, figan, 

Exclude, V, nikal d. kharij k. mahrdm k. 
Exclusion, s. ikhraj, mahrumi, pbirdo, 

Exclusive, a. alawa, masiwa, chliof-ke. 
ExclusiTely, ad. alawa, siwa. 
Excommunicate, v. musahabat-se nikal d. 

mahrum k. 
Excommunication, s. ikhraj, bedakhli. 
Excoriate, v. chhiln^, chamra ukhiirna. 
Excoriation, s. kharash, chat, ragaf. 
Excrement, s. guh, gait, alaish. 
Excrescence, s. massii, masbird. 
Excruciate, v. azab k. azar k. dukh d. 
Exculpate, v. be-gunah thahrdna, muaf k. 
Excursion, s. sair, gasht, takht. [i-afu. 
Excusable, a. mazur, wajib-ul-uzr, qabil- 
Excuse, V, uzr k. bat banana, muaf k. 
Excuse, s. uzr, bahana, mazarat ; muaf, 
Execrable, a.makruh, karih, malun.[afu. 
Execrate, v, kosna, lanat k. istiki-ah k* 
Execration, s, lanat, sarap. [qatl k. 

Execute, v. kamd, bajana, tamam k. ; 
Execution, s. amal, ada, karguzari ; qatl. 
Executioner, s. jallad, qatil. 
Executor, s. wasi ; amil, kar-kun. 
Exemplar, s. namuna, nazir, mis^l. [nasih. 
Exemplary, a. jbrat-numa, maqul, nek ; 
Exemplify, v. misal lena, jbrat-se bayan 

k. tamsil k. 
Exempt, V. azad k. khalas k. bacha r. 
Exemption, s, muafi, azadi, bachao, rihai. 
Exercise, s. istiamal, shngl, riyazat, 

amal j qawaid. [qawaid k. 

Exercise, v. istiamal k. shugl k. amal k. 
Exert, V. koshish k. jidd-o-jahd k. tan- 

dihi k. [tandihi. 

Exertion, s. koshish, sai, jidd-o-jahd. 
Exhalation, s. bukhar, bhaph, rih.- 
Exhale, u, bukhar uthana, tabkhir k. 

Exhaust, V. khali k. kharch k. sarf k. 

manda k. 

Exhibit, V. zSbir k. dikhland, ashk^ra k. 
Exhibition, s. izhar, dikhlai, namndari ; 

Exhilarate, v. khush k. shdd k.bdg-bag k. 
Exhilaration, s. khushf, tafrih. 
Exhort V. nasihat d. w^z k. targib d. 
Exigency, s, ihtiyaj, zarurat, tangi. 
Exile, s. jalawatan, shahr-badari ; shahr- 

badar, be-watan. 
Exist, V. hona, rahna, maujud h. 
Existence, s, hasti, wajud, bud, zindagi. 
Existent, a. maujud, hota. [hayat. 

Exit, s. rawanagi, kuch, mant, mkhsat. 
Exonerate, v. azad k. ibrii-e-zimma k. 
Exorable, a. \izr-paz£r, mulaim. 
Exorbitant, a. mhayat, be-andaz, be- 

hadd, be-qiyas. [na. 

Exorcise, v. bhut nikal d. jharna, phunk- 
Exordium, s. dibaja, ibtida, khutba. 
Exotic, a. bidesi, ajnabi, garib. [khilna. 
Expand, v. phailana, bichhana, khohia. 
Expanse, s, wasat ; dai'azi ; asman. 
ExpansioujS. phailao, kushadagi,bichhao, 

wasat. [bayan k. 

Expatiate, v. sair k. phema ; tafsil k. 
Expect, V. rah dekhna, intizar k. ummed r. 
Expectant, a, muntazir, ummedwar. 
Expectation, s. intizar, tarassud, ummed, 

tawaqquf. [wari. 

Expediency, s. munasabat, liyaqat, saza- 
Expedient, a. munasib, laiq, sazawar, 

Expedient, u. tadbir, jlaj, tadaruk, chara. 
Expedite, v. tajilk. jaldk. shitabk. asan k. 
Expedition, s. jaldi, shitabi, chalaki ; sa- 

far; azimat, gaza. . [lak. 

Expeditious, a. jald, shitab, chust, cha- 
Expel, V. hankna, nikal d. ikhraj k. [na. 
Expend, v. kharch k. sarf k. urana ; laga- 
Expended, a. masruf, kharch ho-gaya, 
Expense, s. kharch, sarf, qimat.[mabzul. 
Expensive, a. ^harchi, musrif, urau ; qi- 

mati, garan-baha. 
Expeiience, s. imtihan, tajriba, waqif- 

kari, azmudakari. [dasht k. 

Experience, v. azmaish k. tajriba k. bar- 
Experienced, a. azmuda-kar, -waqif. 
Experiment, s. azmaish, imtihan, tajriba. 


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Expert, a. ohnst, chalak^ waqif-kfir, kfir- 

azmuda. [takf|r. 

Expiable, a. kafara-pazir, mmnkin-i- 
Expiate, v, kafara d. takfir k. gunah mi- 
Expiation, s, kafara, takfir, diyat.[tan^. 
Expiatory, a, kafara-mansub, takfir-ku- 

ninda. [anjam ; mant. 

Expiration, s. damzani, tanaffus ; akhirat, 
Expire, v. dam chhofna, mama j akhir h. 

Explain, v. batana, samjh^na, bayan k. 
Explanation, s. baydn, tafsir, tafsil, 

tasrih, t^bir. [sir-nnma. 

Explanatory, a. mnsbarrih, bayani, taf- 
Expletive, s. takya-kalam, snkhan-takya. 
Explication, s. bayan, tafsil, tasrih. 
Explicit, a. saf, sarih, wazih, zahir. 
Explicitly, ad» saf- saf, sarihan, zabiran. 
Explode, V. phiit ya chhnt nikalna, mar- 
dud k. be-rawaj k. dur k. 
Exploit, s. muhimm, kar-i-azam, jurat. 
Explore, v. dhundhna, khojna, tajassus 

k. taftish k. [mi, chhutna. 

Explosion, 8. dhar^ka, kapak, awaz,phat- 
Export, V. dusre mulk-men bhcjna. 
Export, 5. rafbanl, irsal ; ajnas jo dusre 

mulk-men blieje jaen. 
Expose, V. fash k. ashkdra k. zahir k. 

rakhna, dalna. 
Exposition, s. sharah, tafsfl, baydn. 
Expositor, s. mufassir, mani-numa bay- 

an-kuninda. [bujjat k. 

Expostulate, v. takrdr k, radd-o-badal k. 
Expostulation, s. radd-o-badal, takrar, 

Exposure, s, izhar, ifsha ; waza, giriftari. 
Expound, V. tafsil k. bayan k. tashrib k. 
Express, v. batand, kalma, zahir k. ni- 

ehan d. nichofna. 
Express, a. saf, zahir, be-shakk, huwaida. 
Express, s. qasid, paik ; paigam, payam. 
Expression, s. lafz, boji, kalara, talaffuz ; 

izhar, bayan 5 nicho?, dabao. [malih. 
Expressive, a. pur-matlab, ittisif-numa ; 
Expressly, ad, takid-se, qasdan, saf-saf. 
Expulsion, 8, ikhraj, dafa, nindagi, nikal. 
Expunge, v. metna, mitana, chhilna, 

qala^ marna, h&kk k. 

Exquisite, a. nafis, latif, bad), nddir 

bisyar ^hub. 
Extant, a. maujud^ baqf. [andesha. 

Extempore, ad. nagahdni, filbadiha, be- 
Extend, v. phailana, bafhdna, daraz k. 
Extension, s. phailao, darazi, kushadagi. 
Extensive, a. phaila, kushdda, wasia, 

tawil J baya. [chaui-ai. 

Extent, 8. wasat, tul, pahnai, lambai- 
Extenuate, v. kam k. takhfif k. mazur k. 
Extenuation, s. ghatti, kamti, tak:hfif ; 

\izr, pozish. 
Exterior, a. bahiri, beruni, khariji. 
Exterminate, v, ukhaf d. nest-o-nabdd 

k. istisal k. [kani. 

Extermination, s. ukh^r-P^^^chdr, bekh- 
Extemal, a, bahiri, beruni, zahiri,kharijL 
Extinct,a.bujha ;madum,mauquf; murda. 
Extinguish, v. bujhand, thanda k. mita- 
na, ndbud k. [gulgir, gultarash. 
Extinguisher, s, mutfi, bujhane-wala ; 
Extirpate, v. uljihafna, bekh-kani k. mi- 
tana. [tahsin k. 
Extol, V. sardhnd, tarif k. hamd k. 
Extort, V. zabardasti-se lena, khinch 

leua, jabran le-lend. 
ExtortioUjS. zabardasti, dastdarazi,zulm« 
Extortioner, s. dast-daraz, zabardast. [k. 
Extract, v. istil^hraj k. nikal-lena,intikhab 
ExtrEict, 8. magz, araq ; muntakhab. 
Extraction, s. intikhab, istikhraj -, asl« 

nasi, nasab. 
Extraneous, a, begdna, ajnabi, garib. 
Extraordinary, a. ajab, ajib, garib, nadir. 
Extravagance, s. be-andazagi, be-dastu- 

ri ; fazul-kharchi, israf. 
Extravagant, a. be-tartib, bad-waza; 

fazul kharch, musrif. [ziyada. 

Extreme, d. akhir, aqsi ; azim, nihdyat. 
Extreme, s. al^hirat, anjam, intiha, gayat, 

hadd. [gayat. 

Extremely, ad, m'hayat, ba-shiddat, ba- 
Extremity, s. dkhirat, intiha, anjam, 

gayat ; hadd ; ihtiyaj, zarurat ; ajizi. 
Extricate, v. chhoyana, azad k. khalas k. 
Extrinsic, a. bahiri, khariji, zahiri ; arizi. 
Exuberance, 5. faziUi, kasrat, ifirat ; maa- 

sa, masbird. 


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Exudation, s. pasina, risao, raa, araq. 
Exode, V. pasijnn, pasiua nikalna. 
Exult, V. khush h. shad-dil h. fakhr k. 
Exultation, s. khushi, shadi, bashashat, 
fakhr. [nigah ; nak^. 

Eye, s. ankh, chashm, dida; nazarj 
Eyebrow, s- abrii, bhaun. 
Eyelash, s. niizhgan, papni, palak. 
Eyelid, s. papota, palak, parda-i-chashm. 
Eyesight, s. dida-i-ohashm, didar, binai. 
Eyesore, s. ankhon-ka kanta, ndkhush- 
Eyewitness, s. shadid, gawah. [numa. 
Eyry, s. shikari chirya-ka ghonsliL. 

Fable, s. qissa, kahani, hikfyat, dastan, 
Fabric, s. imarat, bina, makan. [naql. 
Fabricate, v. banana ; ikhtir^ k. uthana^ 
Fabulous, a. jhutha, banai bat, sakhta. 
Face, s. munh, mukh, chihra, ru, rukh. 
Face, V. sanine h. muqabala k. ru-ba- 

ru ana. 
Face to face, ad. amne'-samne, ru-ba-ru. 
Facetious, a* latifa-go, zarif, khush-taba. 
Facilitate, v. asan k. sahl k. sahaj k. 
Facility, s. asani, suhulat, mulayamat, 

narmi ; riwaj. 
Facing, a. samne, muqabil, ru-ba-ru. 
Fact, s. kam, fial, kar, haqiqat. 
Faction, s. bandish, sazish ; fasad, fitna. 
Factious, a.fasadi, fitna-angrez,taraf-dar. 
Factor, s. gumashta, kar-kuu, kar-pardaz. 
Factory, s. kothi, kar-khana. 
Factotum, s. ba-^har gunanaukar,harbabi . 
Faculty,s. isti dad, qabliyat,quwat,wuquf. 
Facundity, s, fasahat, balagat 
FadOj-u. kumhland,murjhana,pa<zh-murda 

h. be-rang h. ziiil h. 
Faded, a. kumhla-gaya, pazh-murda. 
Fag, V. thakna, manda h. mihnat k. 
Fag-end, s. utar. 
Fagot, s. anthi, gatha, balhi. 
Fail, V. chukna, kam h. na kami, madum 

k. dewliyd h. chhofna. 
Failing, s. aib, khata, qusur. [hona. 

Failure, s. ghatti, kamti, qusur, dewliya 
Fain, ad. ji chahta j la-ohir. 

Faint, a^ za|f, ndtawan, manda; sail 
phika, na-buland, dhima ; dil-tang. 

Faint, v, gash-an£, murchhd khana, man- 
da h. zaff h. dil-tang h. 

Fainting, s. gash, murohha, be-hoshi. 

Faintness, s, gash ; natawanf, zaifi, susti 

Fair, a. gora; khubsurat; saf, khula ; rast. 

Fair, s. mela, hath ; nis^. 

Fairly, s» rdsti-se ; bilkul. 

Fairness, s. safedi, gorai ; khubsurati 5 
rasti, sad^at. 

Fairy, s. pari, pari'iad^ 

Faith, s. din, iman ; itiqdd, bawar, bha- 
rosa ; tawakkul ; imaudari, wafadari 4 

Faithful, a.iman-dar, diyanat-dar ; wafa- 
dar, sadiq, nimak-haldl. [sadaqat. 

Faithfulness, s. diyanat-dari, wafa-dari. 

Faithless, a. be-imdh, be-wafa, namak- 
hardm, khiyanati\ 

Falchion, s. shamsher, teg, tega. 

Falcon, s. shahin, shah»baz, baz. 

Falconer, s. baz-dar. 

Fall, u. gima, papna, utarnd, ghatn^ ; 

— awayy patla h. lagar h. bagawat k. ; 
irtidad k. ; — hack, hatna, baz jana, 
paspa h. ; — dowuy gir-papna, sijda k. j 

— m,ittifaqh. razih. qabulk»; — upon, 
agazk. shur^ k. ; hajiim k. hamla k. ; — 
out 3 qaziya k. siteza k. ; waqi h. ittifaq 
k. ; — to, shuru k. ; agaz k. ; — under, 
farman bardar h. ; tartib-men h. 

Fall, s. girao, uftadagi ; ghatti, kamti 

zawal, halak, 
Fallacious,a jhutha,makr-amez,hila-baz. 
Fallacy, s. jhuth, makr, mugalata. 
Fallen, a. gir»para, uftada, zail. 
Fallible, a. nisiyan-pazir, chukne-jog. 
Fallow, a. banjar, na-mazr^. 
False, a. jhuthfi, darog, k^ib ; farebf, 

False-hearfced, a. bad-bdtin, bad-nihad. 

Falsity?^' J5.jh^th,darog,kizb,tazwir. 
Falsely, ad, jhd^h-muth, be-wafai-se, 
fareb-se. [k. 

Falsify, v, jhuthalna, jhuth kahna, tazwir 
Falter, u. haklana, luknat k. hichkiohana. 
Fame, s.nam, shuhra, ishtihar, neknami. 


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Famed, a. namwar, masbhdr^ 
Familiar, a, mulafm, kbaliq ; hamdam. 
Familiar, s. ashna, dost, yar ; bhutun. 
Familiarity, s.ashnai,ulfat, iins, ikhtilat. 
Familiarize, v. sadhna, jkhogar k. rabti k. 

asan k. [nasi. 

Family, s. gharb^r, al-o-jyal ; l^handan, 
Famine, s. kal, akal, qaht, mahangi. 
Famish, a. bhukhon ya faqon mama. 
Fan, s. pankha, pankhi ; parti, 8up.[ruf. 
Fan, V. pankh4 jhalna jk mdrna. 
Fanatic, 5. mutaassab, diwana-i-khnda. 
Fancy, s. khiyal, wahm, tasuwar, qiyfis, 

lahar ; khwahish, ragbat. [pasand k. 
Fancy, v, khiyal k. qiyds k. ; chahna. 
Fang, s. ndb, zahr-dar dant; panja, 
Fanged, a. dantaila, nab-dar. [ndkhnn. 
Fantastic,a.kham-khiydli, wahmi, lahri. 
Far, ad. dur, baid ; ziydda, bahut. 
Faroe, s. bhandaf, pekhna, tamHsha. 
Farcy, s. ghope-ki azar, kharish. [ajura. 
Fare, s. khorak, khorish ; bhaya, kirdya. 
Fare, v, khana, taam k. ; hona, rahna, 

chalna, guzama, guzran k. 
Farewell, ad. wid^, V^uda-hafiz, salam. 
Farm, s. chak, ijara, mazra, talluqa. 
Farm, v. ijare-men lena, thike-men lena, 

ziraat k. 
Farmer, s. chasi, ijardar, kisan, thikeddr. 
Farrier, s. nalband, salotari, baitar. 
Fart, s. pad, koz : v, padna, pad mama. 
Farther, a, aiir-dur, durtar, peshtar, aur- 

age ; atawa. 
Farthest, a. sab-se dur, durtarm. 
Farthing, s. adhela (sikka Angrez). 
Fascinate, v. fareftak. shefta k. jadu k. 
Fascination, s. jadu, afsun, 8ihr.[afsun k. 
Fashion, s. daul, shakl, siirat, wajh, tar- 

kib, nslub,tanr, dastur; shan, sharafat. 
Fashion, v. banana, siirat k. danl banana. 
Fashionable, a. raij, rasmi ; khass. 
Fast, s. roza, faqa. [tez. 

Fsist, a. mazbut, mnstahkam, band ; jald, 
Fast, ad. mazbut ; nazdik, pas ; jald. 
Fasten, v. band k.mazbutk. kasna, jorna. 
Fastidious, a, nak-chafhd, magrurj 


Fastndss,^. mazbuti,istihkam ; his8ar,kot« 
Fat, a. mota,farbih,jasim, charb; ahmaq. 
Fat, 6. charbi) chikn^i, rangan. 
Fatal, a. muhlik, halaku, qatil, kari; 

qazdi, muqaddar< 
Fatality, s. qaza, qismat ; badbakhti. 
Fate, s. qaza-o*qadr, taqdir, nasib, qia- 

mat) t61j, maut. 
Fatherj $. bap, pidar, ibu, bdb^, walid. 
Father-in-law, s. susar, sasur, susra, 
Fatherless, a. be-pidar, yatim. [khusar* 
Fatherly, a. bap-ka sa, pidarana, pidari* 
Fathom, s. char hath- ki nap, adam-qadd 
Fathom, v. thah lena, m^pna j daryHft k. 
Fathomless, a. a^^ths^, be-thah, amiq ; 

Fatigue, s. thakai,m^ndagi, susti, mihnat. 
Fatigue, v, thakand, manda k. 
Fatness, s. motaf , fai^bihi, jasimat, bara« 

kat-dari, sansgari. 
Fatten, v. mota k. charb k. farbih k. 
Fault, s. aib, khata, taqsii", qusur, jurm, 

galati, chuk. [la-jurm. 

Faultless, a. be-taqsir, be-qusur, be-aib, 
Faulty, a, qusurwar, taqsirwar, aibdar, 

Favour, s. mihrbani, lutf, tawajjuh, ina- 

yat, inam, ihsan, nimat ; fazl, iizr. 
Favourable, a. mihrban, madadgar ; mu- 

radi, munasib, sazkar. [dilpasand. 
Favourite,s. aziz,khatir-khwah, musahib. 
Fawn, s. him-ka bachcha, gazal. 
Fawn, V. khushamad k. khayabardari k. 
Fealty, s, farmanbardari, wafadari, itaat. 
Fear, s. dar, dahshat, khauf ; tars, taqwa. 
Fear, v. dama, dahshat k. 
Fearful, a. dar-pok, tarsnak, dahshat- 

ndk, haulnak, haibat-nak. 
Fearless, a, be-dar, be-Jihauf, diler. 
Feasible, a. mumkin, honhar. 
Feast, s. ziyafat, bazm, mihmani. 
Feat, s. kam, amal, muhim, jurat. 
Feather, s, par, bazu. [rukh. 

Feature, s, khat-o-khal, shakl, chihra. 
Febrifuge, s. tap-ki dawa. 
Fecundity, s. phalwanti. 
Fee, s, ajr, jwaz, muzd, rusum. 
Feeble, a, kamzor, zaif, natawftn, ajiz. 


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Feed, v. Vhilan^ paln^ khnrtPc d. par- 
warish k. 

Feel, V. chhuna, lams k. mas k. malum k. 
jann^, azmana ; ranjida h. dard khana. 

Feeling, s. lams, Idmisa ; dilsozf, dard- 
mandi, riqqat. 

Feeling, a. dil-soz, dard-angez. 

Feign, s, bahdna k. surat bankna, makr k. 

Feigned, a. jhutha, sakhta, majaz, lib^i. 

Feint, s. baliana, hila, mngalata. 

Felicitate, v. mnbarak-bad k. kliusli k. 

Felicity, s, Idiushi, khnrrami, farhat, 
barakat. • [giran^. 

Fell, V. k^t-d^ln4, kat-giran£ ; mdr- 

Fell, a. sang-dil, khunkhwar, be-dai-d. 

Fellow, s. raf iq, sathi, hamchasbm ; mar- 
dak,Iiaramzada ; mard ; — servant jhsia • 
]y:liidmatgar, ham-naukar ; — creature, 
ham-makhluq, ham-jins ; — labourer, 
ham-bar, ham-saz ; — sufferer, liam- 
dard, ham-azar. [ikhtilat. 

Fellowship, s, sharakat, rafaqat, suhbat. 

Felon, 8. mujrim, gunahgar, taqsir-war. 

Felonions, a. znbun, shanr, fasid, jarim. 

Felony, s, gnnah-i-azim, fasad, shararat. 

Felt, s. namad, namdd. 

Female, a. mada, madm, zanana. 

Female, s. anrat, zan. [muannas. 

Feminine, a. mada; naznk, naznjn; 

Fen, s. daldal, dhasan, jhabar. 

Fence, s. ihdta, bar, ghera ; miih^fazat. 

Fence, v. ihata k. baj* lagdni, ghema ; 
himayat k. ; hathiy^-bazi k. pate- 
bazi k. [sher-baz. 

Fencer, s. hathiy&r-baz, pate-baz, sham- 
Fencing, s. ihata-bandi ; hathiyar-bazi. 

Fennel, s. soa, saunf. 

Ferment, v. josh khana, khamir uthnd. 

Fermentation, s, ubal, josh, khamir. 

Ferocious, a. darinda, wahshi ; khun- 
khwar, sang-dil, durusht.[dili, sanlat. 

Ferocity, s. wahshat, khunkhwari, sang- 

FeiTy, s. guzar, mabar, pamtarne-ka ghat. 

Ferry, v. guzar k. par k. utama. 

Ferryboat, s. guzare-ki n£o, ghat-ki nao. 

Ferryman, s. mallah, ghat-manjhi. 

Fertile, a. tar-o-taza, zarkhez, sansgar, 

Fertility, s, tar-o*tazagi, zarkhozi, sans- 

gari, barkat. 
Fertilize, v. jaiyid k. tar-o-taza k. 
Ferula, s. qamchi, lathi. 
Fervent, a. sargarm, dilsoz, shauqin. 
Fervour, s. sargarmi, dilsozi, shauq, ha- 
Fester, v. pakna, qarha k. [rarat. 

Festival, s. id, teohar ; ziyafat. [masnir. 
Festive, a. jdi, khush, shad, bashash, 
FestiAaty, s, khushi, shadi ; jashn ; aish- 

oishrat. [na, milna. 

Fetch, V. lana, le-ana, m^un^, pahunch- 
Fetch, s, bahana, makr, fareb. 
Fetid, a. ganda, ubsa, mutaaffin, bad-bo. 
Fetter, s. beri, zanjir-i-pa. 
Fetter, v, zanjir-se bandhnd, bey i yd pai- 

kari bhama, paband k. 
Fetus, ». janin, natija. 
Feud, 8. jhagra, fasad, fitna. 
Fever, s. tap, jar, humma, bukhar.[zan. 
Feverishjd . tap-girifta,tapmail, garm,so- 
Few, a. there, chand, andak, qaliL 
Fib, s. jhuth, Idzb, darog. 
Fibre, s. resha, jhotra, ans ; sut. 
Fibrous, a. resha-dar, jhotrila, ragfla. 
Fickle, a. chanchal, talauwun-mizaj, be- 

qarir. [qarari. 

Fickl eness,». chanchalahat,talauwun,be- 
Fiction, s. banawat, jhuth, naql-i-saklita. 
Fictitious, a. sakhta, taqlidf, tagallubi, 

Fictitiously, ad. jhtith-se, tagallubi-se. 
Fiddle, s. sarangi, kingri. 
Fiddler, s, sarangiya. [mak-halali. 

Fidelity, s. diyanat-dari, wafa-dari, ni- 
Fidget, V. chulbulana. 
Fie, fie, int. chhi-chhi, tauba-tauba. 
Fief, s. jagir, altamgd, talluqa. 
Field, 8. khet, maidan, kisht, mazra. 
Fiend, s. bhut j shaitdn. 
Fierce, a. darinda, shadid, tund, durusht. 
Fierceness, s. tundi, tezi, saulat, du- 

rushti, qahr. 
Fiery, a. atashf, tez, dtashmizdj, tund. 
Fife, 8. bansri, murli, nai. [nawaz. 

Fifer, s. bansri -wala, murli-wdia, nai- 
Fifteen, a. pandrah, panchdali. 
Fifteenth, a. pandrahwan. 


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Fifth, a. panohwan, panjum. 

Fifty, a. pachas, pinjah. 

Fig, s. anjir ; (luildj gular. 

Fight, s. lafai, jang, karzar, mnharaba. 

Fight, V. larn^, jang k. 

Fighter, s. laywaiya, laraka, jangawar. 

Figurative, a. majazi, tamsili, rangin, 

hikmat-amez. ftamsil, nnkta. 

Figure, v. shakl, surat ; anK, raqam ; |brat, 
Figure, v. naqsha k. ; khiyal k. ; nukta 
Figured, a. munaqqash. [bandna. 

Filch, V. chui'aiia, uchakn^. 
File, s, sohau, reti ; qat^r ; rishta. 
Filial, a, farzandi, betasa. 
Filings, s. burada, chur, retan. 
Fill, s. bhama, pur k. ser k. chhak^ti^ 
Fillet, s. sar-band, band, patti ; puthe- 
Fillip, s. chutki, takora. [ka gosht. 

Filly, s. bachhefi, laj'ki. 
Film, s. jhilli ; phuli, jala. 
Filter, v. chhanna ; nithama. 
Filth, s, mail, dlaish, galazat, kudurat, 
Filthiness, s. najasat, galazat. [chirk. 
FUthy, a. maila, galiz, aluda, na-pdk. 
Fin, s. machhli-ki par ya bazu. 
Final, a. akhir, wapasin, pichhld. 
Finally, ad. al^hirash, akhir-ul-amr ; al- 

qissa, hasil-i-kalam. [amad. 

Finance, s. mal-guzari, mahasil, khiraj. 
Find, v.pana, Tnilna, hath-in^,hath-lagna ; 

dekhna, malum k. ; den£, parwarish k. 
Fine, 5. jarimana, tawan, dand. 
Fine, a. mihm, bdrik, patU j pak, khass ; 

aichchha, khush ; latif ; hasin ; tez. 
Fine, v. jarimana k. dandna, saza d. 
Fineness, s. bariki, safai j nazakat, khubi. 
Finger, s. nngli, angusht. [tezi. 

Finical, a. nazuk, khush-poshaki. 
Finis, 8. tamami, akhir. 
Finish, v. tamam k. anjam k. khatam r. 
Finite, a. mahdud, payan-dar. 
Fir, s. sanobar, debdar. [gazab, tezi. 
Fire, s. ag, atash, nar, sheila, agwahi ; tab, 
Fire, u. jalana, ag-lagana j chhoyna, cha- 

lana, marna. 
Fire-arms, s. topen, banduqen. 
Fire-engine, s. damkala. 
Fire-fly, s. jugnu, kirmak-i-shabt^b. 

Firelock, s. patthar-kala, banduq. 
Fireman, s. atash-kash, agwahi bujhane^ 
Firewood, s, hezam, jal6wan. [wala. 
Fireworks, s. atash- bazi. 
Firing, s. ag-ka lagdna ; mdh^n, hezam. 
Firm, a, mazbut, ustuwar, sakht, kara ; 
Firm, s. sauddgari kothi. [barqai-ar. 
Firmament, s. dsman, falak. 
Firmness, s. ustuw^i, istihkam, sakhti ; 

barqarari, paeddri. 
First, a. pahla, agla, auwal, nakhustin. 
Firstbegotten, ") a. auwal-niaulud,pahla- 
Firstborn, ) jana, auwal-zada. 
Fish, 8. machhli, mdhi ; machh. [n^. 
Fish, V. machhli mama yashikar k. ; khoj- 
Fisherman, s. machhwa, jaliya, mahigir. 
Fishezy, s. mahi-giri, machhwa-k^ k^ ; 

Fishhook, s, bansi, k&nta, qullab, shafil. 
Fishing-rod, s. qalam-i-mahigir. 
Fissure, s, chdk, taraq, darz, shigaf. 
Fist, 8. mutthi, musht, muka, ghusa. 
Fistula, s. nasur, bhagandar. 
Fit, s. naubat, hajum ; gash, zuf ; nash£. 
Fit, a. munasib, laiq, durust, wajib,qabil. 
Fit, V. sajna, thik h. munasib h. tayar k. 

saz-o-saman d. [qabliyat. 

Fitness, s. liyaqat, muw^faqat, shaistagj, 
Five, a. panch, panj. [rana, qaim k. 
Fix, If. lagana, jarna ; muqarrar k. thah- 
Flabby, a. pilpila, narm. 
Flag, 8. nishdn, jhanda. 
Flag, V. sust h. zaif h. n^tawdn h. ghatna. 
Flageolet, s. alguza, qism-i-bansh. 
Flagitious, a. sharir, shadid, buraj bad. 
Flagrant, a. zihir j mashhur, sharir, sha- 
Flail, 8. sant, khirman-kob. [did. 

Flake, a. gala ; tukf a, tah, tabaq« 
Flambeau, 8. mash^l, damar. 
Flame, s. shula, anch, lau, zaban j garmi, 

tezi, ishq, gazab. [hur. 

Flaming, s. shula-zan, shula-war ; mash- 
Flank, 8. pahlu, jamb, kindr, bagai. 
Flannel, s. loi wilayati. 
Flap, s. daman ; jhatak. 
Flap, V. jhatkana, jhalna ; phatphatnna. 
Flare, v. chamakna, jhalakna, daraakna. 
Flash, s, chamak, bhabhak, lahsik, barq. 


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Flash, v.cliamakiia,jhalaknli,barq xnamd. 
Flashy, a. chamklli, rangfl^ ; behuda. 
Flask, s. 8ingrB,barut-dan,knppi, shisha. 
Flat, a. barabar, hamwiir, yaksin ; be- 

maza; yaqin, s^. 
Flatly, ad. hamwirl-se; Baf-8^,be-tajnis. 
Flatness, s. hamwari, bajr^bari, yaksani ; 

Flatten, t\ chapta k. daban^, hamw^ k. 
Flatter, v. chaplusi k. khushdmad k. 

Flattery, s. chaplusi, khush&madi, charb- 
Flatulency, s, bai, bao, bad. [zabani. 
Flatulent, a. badi, nafiakh, phula. 
Flaunt, V. akarna, chhati phulake phihia. 
Flavour, 8. maza, lazzat, zauq ; khushbo. 
Flw^, a. darz, shigaf j bal ; aib, qusur. 
Flax, s. san, atsi, tisi. [na. 

Flay, u. ndherna, khaliyana, khil khinch- 
Flea, s. pisut kaik. [firar h. 

Flee, V. bhagni, bhag-bachnfi, gurez k. 
Fleece, s. pashm, un. [chalak. 

Fleet, a, tez-rau, tez-qadam, jald-baz, 
Fleet, s. jamiat-i-jahaz, bahr. [roza. 
Fleeting, a. fani, arizi, be-baqa, chand- 
Flesh, s. gosht, lahm ; nafs ; badan, 

shakhs, [mutalliq. 

Fleshly, a. jismani, nafsani ; wajud-ka 
Flexibility, s. chimf ai, mulaimat, narmi. 
Flexible, a. ohimfa, lachiU, mulaim, dam- 
Flexure, s. lachkao, kham, kaji. [dar. 
Flight, s. bhagna, gurez, firar, bachao, 

hazimat, parwaz, tairan ; jhol, pal ; 

tir-barani. [wahmi. 

•Flighty, a, chanchal, hardam-lk.hiyali. 
Flimsy, a. jhirjhira, patla ; zaif ; behuda. 
Flinch, V, hatna, ^alnfi, phima. 
FUng, V. phenkna, chsdina, dalna ; lat 

mBTDJk ; chhitrana. 
Flint, s. sang-i-cbakmak, pathn. 
Flinty, a. sakht j sang-dil. [jaldgo. 

Flippant, a. turtura, tartariyi, bakda,. 
Flirt, 8. jhatak, jharjharaha^ ; thagni. 
Flirt, V. thatholi k. tanazanl k. ; naz-o- 

niyaz k. ; phenkna. 
Flit, V. ufna, phatpha^anli, mak&a chhor- 
Fioat, s. firenda, bera, [ua. 

^ioat, V. bahna -, taima j sailab k. 

Flock, 8. pal, galla, halqa, jhank, bhir ; 

pashm- ka pahal. 
Flock, V. bhir-bhar k. ikattha h. jama h. 
Flog, V. chdbuk mama, kof e marna, tazv* 

yana, lagdna^ bet mama. 
Flood, 8. baph, juwar, sailab, tufan. 
Flood, V. sailab k. dubana, garq k. 
Floodgate, s. k;hurab, nalka. 
Floor, s. zatoin, takhta ; tabaq, manzil. 
Florid, a. sur^h, Idl, guld^, rangin. 
Florist, s. gul-kar, guUchln, phul-wala. 
Flounce, s. sanjdf, jhalar. 
Flounce, u. taf aphna, hath-pdnw mama. 
Flounder,r. tayaphna, chhatpatana,lotna, 
Fiour, s, ata, maida, suji. 
Flourish, v tar-o-tdza h. mubarak h. ; laf 

mama i arasta k. ; chamkana. 
Flow, V. bahna, jari h. rawan h. sailab k. 
Flower, s. phul, gul ; bahar, unfuwan. 
Flower, v. phiilna, khilna, shugufta h. 
Flower-garden, s. gul-zar, gulistdn, cha- 

Flowerpot, s. phdl-jari, gul-dan. 
Flowery, a. gul-rez, rangin. 
Flown, a. uy-gaya, bhag«gaya. 
Fluctuate, u. hiloi'na, lahrana, chanchal 

h. do-dil h. beqarar h. 
Fluctuation, s. lahrao, tamauwuj ; beqa- 

rari, uth.baith. 
Flue, 8. dud-kash, dhum-ghara. [sahat, 
Fluency, s. zaban-awari, sukhan-arai, fa- 
Fluent, a. zaban-awar, jari, fasih. 
Fluently, ad. zaban-awari-se, rawan, saf. 
Fluid, 8. pani, ab, araq. 
Fluid, a. saiyal, dbi, panisa, raqiq, patla. 
Flummery, s. fimi, faluda. [baj^-bag h. 
Flush,t'.tamtamana, sm-kharuh. ; phulna, 
Flute, 5, bansri, murb', nai. [brahat. 
Flutter, s. pharpharahat, tag-rO-dau, gha- 
Flutter, V. pharpharana, tarpharana 

Flux, 8. bahao, rezish, jiriyan, sailab ; 

ish^l, dast. 
Fly, 8. makkhi, magas. 
Fly, V, Ufna, parwaz k. ; hamla k. ; bhag- 

na, phutna, phatna. 
Foal, s. bachefa, bachefi. 
Foal^ V. bachef a byana ya annii. 


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Foam, s, phen, kaf, In^b. 

Foam, V, phenana, kaf nikaln^, ^ssa h. 

Fob, s, jeb, pbent, dab. 

Focns, s. maddr, markaz. 

JFodder, s. ghas, chara, gh^sp^t, alaf. 

Foe, s. dnshman, harif, kliasm, ^u. 

Foetus, s. janin, haml, pet-ka bachclia. 

Fog, 5. kohar^ kuhra, kuhasa, bnkhar. 

Foggy, a. dbnndhla, kuhasa-pur. 

Foible, s. aib, J^hata, qusdr. 

Foil, s, shikast ; pata, gadka ; pat. 

Foil, V. harana, shikast d, radd k. 

Foist, V. jal-sazi-se mila d. 

Fold, s. tab, chin, palla j bara, gondd. 

Fold, V. tah k, tai k. lapetna j gheri4, 

band k. 
Foliage, s. pattian, barg»bahar, anraq. 
Folio, s, do warqa kitab. 
Folk, s. log, admi-log, mardum, ashl^has. 
Follow, V. pairavi k. pichhe jana, dar- 

pai h. ; mntalliq h. tabidar h. natija h. 

mashgul h. [tabjdar, shngird. 

Follower, s. pasran, pairau, damangir, 
Folly, ». be-waqufj, nadani, himaqat, 
Foment, v. senkna, garm k,; himmatd. 
Fomentation, s. senk, kimad. [machana, 
Fond, a. shaiq, mail, ashiq ; bewaquf. 
Fondle, v. piyar k. dular k. naz k. 
Fondness, s. piyar, shauq, nawazish, rag- 
Font, s. istibag-ka hauz, [bat. 
Food, s. khana, khorak, tarn, khurdani, 

giza. [mashkhara^ bhand. 

Fo&l, s. ahmaq, be-waquf, nadan, abla ; 
Foot, ^. paon, panw, pa, qaya, pair, qa- 

dam ; daman j piyada-gan. [waza. 
Footing, s. paedari, paedan j dakhl ; hal. 
Footman, s. piy^da, paik, harkara j nau- 
Footpad, s. rah-zan, bat-mar, [kar. 

Footpath, s, pag-dandi, gali, kiioha. 
Footstep, s. qadam, nishan-i-pa. 
Footstool, s. mondha, morha. 
Fop, s. khud-bin, bank a, chhaila. 
For,jpr. waste, liye, kh£tir, barai j zir£ki. 
Forage, s. ghas, chara, alaf. 
Forasmuch, c. chunki j jabki, ziraki. 
Forbear, v. baz rahn$, dast-bardar h.par- 

' ^e^ k, chhprua. 

Forbearaxice, s, parhezi, ihtiraz ; sabr, 

bnrdbari, tahammul. 
Forbid, v. mana k. rokna, hatkana. 
Forbidden, a, mana kiya hd^. 
Forbidding, a. karih, makruh, bad-sdrat. 
Force, s. zor, taqat, quwwnt j zabar-das- 

ti ; tkair ; fauj. [jabr k. 

Force, w, zor-se karand, zabar-dasti k. ; 
Forceps, s. chimta, muchna, gahwa. [did. 
Forcible, a. zordwar, mazbut ; jabri, sha- 
Forcible, ad. zor-se, jabran, zabar-dastj. 
Ford, s. payab, thah, guzar. 
Ford, V. payab utar jana ya guzama. 
Fordable, a, pae-abi, nthla. 
Fore, a. agla, pahla, peshin, samhne. 
Forebode, v. peshgoi k, fal k . age-se janna. 
Foreboding, s. agahi ; andesha. 
Forecast, v. peshbandi k. durandeshi k. 

tadbir k. 
Forefather, s. jadd, buzurg, peshjna.[ba. 
Forefinger, s. angush-i-sliahadat, sabba^ 
Forego, y. chhorna,bazana,dastbardar h. 
Forehead, s. peshani, jabin. 
Foreign, a, ajnabi, begana, garib. 
Foreigner, s. bidesi shakhs, ajnabi mard. 
Foreknow, v. age-se janna, pahle-se ma- 
lum k. 
Foreknowledge, s. ilm-i-gaib,durandeshi. 
Foreman, s. peshkar ; mir-i-majlis. 
Forementioned, a. mazkur, mazbur.[rin. 
Foremost, a. pahla, agla, auwal, peshta^ 
Forenoon, s, peshin, chasht, do pahar-se 

pahle. [muqarrar k. 

Foreordain, v. ige-se thahrana, peshtar 
Forepart, s, ag6, agwara, pesh, muqad- 

Forerunner, s. pesh-rau, pesh-numa. 
Foresee, v- %e-se jann^. 
Forest, s. jangal, besha. [rid rakhna. 
Forestall, v. peshdastik. ; peshtar-se khg^. 
Foretell, v. pesh-goi k. pesh-kiiabari k, 

$qibat kahna. 
Forethought, s. dur-andeshi,pesh-bandi. 
Forever, ad. hamesha, mudam, daim. 
Forewarn, v. agah k. khabar d. jatana. 
Forfeit, s. jarimana, tawan, gunahgari^ 
Forfeit, v. khona, qum k. j qurqi h. 
Forfeiture, s, qurq, zabti. 


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Forge, 8. lohar-khana, lohsir. 
Forge, V. jal-sazi k. 
Forgery, s. jal-s^i, tagallub, taqlid. 
Forget, V. bhulna, faramosh k. gafiat 1c. 
Forgetfolness, s. bhul, fardmoslii, gaflat. 
Forgive, v. bakhshna, mudf k. afu k. 
Forgiveness, s. muaf, afu, bakhshish, 
Fork, s, kanta, panja. [amurzish. 

Forked, a. kante-dar, sha^h-dar, do- 

shakh-dar. [shan. 

Forlorn, a. tanhd, be-kas, lachdr, pare- 
Forzn, s. shakl, surat, daul, taswir, naq- 

sh& ; tanr, ravish, dafltur ; intizam ; 

Form, V. banand, paida k. ; shakl d. sd- 

rat band-rakhna ; tartib k. ; khinchna ; 

fikr k. tadbir k. 
Formal, a. ohalni, rasmi ; takalluf-mizaj. 
Formality, s. takallnf, tamallnq. 
Formation, s. banawat, tarkib.[qaddam. 
Former, a. pah]a, agla, peshm, sabiq, mn- 
Formidable, a. muhib, haibat-n4k, hanl- 

nak. [ami. 

Formula, 8. naqsha, q4ndn, dastur-ul- 
Fomication, s. hardmkari, zinakari, fisq. 
Fornicator, s. haramk4r, zinakar, fasiq. 
Forsake, v, chhorna, chhor d. tark k. 

tyagna. [qasam khana. 

Forswear, s. qasam-se inkar k. ; jhuthi 
Fort, s. qila, hissar, kot, gayh. 
Forth, ad. bahar, berun ; age, s4mhne. 
Forthwith, ad, abhi, fam^an, filhal, turt. 
Fortification, s. jlm-i-qilabandi ; qila, 

Fortify,v.mazbut k. mnstahkamk. sadd k. 
Fortitude, s. jurat, dileri, istiqlal, sabr. 
Fortnight, s. do-hafta, adh-mahini^. 
Fortress, s. qila, hissar, kot. 
Fortuitous, a. irizi, ittifaqi. 
Fortunate, <7. nasib-war,nek-baMLt,ba]kh- 

tyar, saadat-mand. 
Fortunately, ad. nasib-se, bakhty£ri-se. 
Fortune, s. qismat, nasib, bakht ; daulat, 

mal ; jahez. [sib-go. 

Fortune-teller, s. rammal, munajjim, na- 
Fony, a. chalis^ chiliiJ, 

Forward, a, age, pesh ; taiyar ; shokh, 

gustakh ; kachcha, kham. [chana. 
Forward, v. barhana, madad k. ; pahun- 
Forwardnes8,s. dil, chali, tezi ; gustakhi ; 
Fossil, s. kani, madani, dhat. [taiyari. 
Foster, v. palna, parwarish k. tarbiyat k. 
Foster-brother, s. koka, dudh-bhai, ra- 

Foster-child, 8. Ie-p41ak, farzand-i-raz^i. 
Foster-dam, s. dai, dada, dudh-pil6i. 
Foster-father, «. khasam-i-dai, parwar- 

Foster-sister, s, diidh-bahin,raz4i-bahin« 
Foul, a. maila, aluda, napak ; makruh, 

fasid, sharir ; badsurat. 
Found, V. bunyad k. bina dalna, banana, 

mansub rakhna ; (jihalna. [sar, jaf. 
Foundation, 8. bunyad, bina, niu ; asl, 
Founder, 5. bani, binagar, sadabarti; 

Founder, v. ddb-jan^, garq h. ; lang^ra k. 
Foundery, s. loha galane-ka ghar. 
Foundling, s. park kiyd hua lafka. 
Fountain, 8. chashma, ain, fauwara ; asl. 
Four, a. chir, chahar. 
Fourfold, a. chau-guna, char-ohand. 
Fourfooted, a. char-paya, chahar-p». 
Fourscore, a. asi, char-bisi. 
Foursquare, a. ohar-gosha, chau-kona. 
Fourteen, a. chauda. 
Fourteenth, a. chaudhwdn. 
Fourth, a. chautha, chaharum. 
Fowl, s. murg, chipya, parinda, tdir. 
Fowler, s, chiri-mar, saiyad. 
Fowling-piece, s. shikari banduq. 
Fox, s. lomyi, robah. 
Fraction, s. kasr ; hissa ; tukra, reziC, 
Fracture, 5. shikastagf , tut, torna. [fanf. 
Fragile, a. phuska, nazuk, shisha-basha ; 
Fragment, s. tukra, para, parcha, reza. 
Fragrance, s. khushbo, atr, mahak. 
Fragrant, a. khushbud4r,muattar. [pazir. 
Frail, a. nazuk, zajf, fani, beqaxar ; khata- 
Frailty, 8. kamzor i, zuaf, napaidai'i, khata. 
Frame, s. dhancha, daul, banawa^ tartib; 

hal-i-^atir ; chaukath. 
Frame,v.banana,jopia, bandhna, garhna. 
Frank, a. sada-dil, saf-dil, betakaliui'. 


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Frank, s, be-mahsuli khatt ; farangi. 
Frankincense, s. luban. [kallufi-se. 

Frankly, ad. saf-aaf, mukhlisana, be-ta- 
Frankness, s, knshada dilf, saf-dili. 
Frantic, a. diwana, sandal, majnun. 
Fraternity, 5. bhai-chara, baradari, firqa, 

hamjinsiyat. [kush. 

Fratricide, s. baradar-kushi, baradar- 
Frand, s. fareb, daga, hfla, chhal, thagaf. 
Fraudulent, a, daga-baz, hila-baz, farebi, 

Fraught, a. bhara-hua, pur, mdmur. 
Fray, s. hangama, danga, lafai. 
Freak, s. khiyal, waham, lahar. 
Freakish, a. chanchal, har-dam khiyall. 
Freckle, s. khal, dag, magas. 
Free, a. azad, ohhuta-hua ; mukhtir j be- 

gunah ) majaz, halal ; sadiq ; iisuda ; 

Free, v. azad k. khalas k. rih^ k. 
Freebooter, s. qaazak, lutera, rah-zan. 
Freedom,^, azadi . i^htiy ar, najat, faragat. 
Freehold, 8. zamindari, jagir, altamga. 
Freely, ad. apne ikhtiyar-se j kariraana ; 

be-parwa, kushada-dili-se ; muft. 
Freeman, s. khud-mukhtar, azad mard ; 

Freeness, s, sadagi, rasti ; sakhawat. 
Free-school, s. khairati maktab. 
Freestone, s. sang-i-regdar, (marat bana- 

ne-ka patthar. 
Free-will, s, mukhtari, ikhtiyar, marzf. 
Freeze, «. jam jana,jam k.munjamidh.ya 
Freight, s, bar-i-jahaz ; naul, kiraya. [k. 
French, a, Fr^nsesi, Frans mulk-ka. 
Frenzy, s. junun, diwanagi, sarsam.[sir. 
Frequent,a. ak sariya, barbar, lagatar, ka- 
Frequent, v. amad-o-raft k. aya-jaya k. 

barbar jana. [barbar. 

Frequently, ad. aksar, beshtar, barha. 
Fresh, a. sard, thanda j tar-o-taza, sar- 

sabz ;.naya ; zorawar ; surkh ; alona. 
Freshness, s. thandai ; tazagi, sar-sabzi ; 

nau-rasi. [na. 

Fret,v.ghis-jana,ragarna ; khijan^ jchhey- 
Fretful, a. chirchira, nakhush, khafa. 
Friable, a. rez-nak, chur hone jog. 

Friction, s. ghisao, ragap, malish. 
Friday, s. juma, adina, suk- [ashnd. 
Friend, s. dost, yar, rouhibb, dostdar. 
Friendless, a. be-doet, be-kas, be-chira. 
Friendly, a. dostana, yarana, mihrban, 

h:hair^hwah. [fat. 

Friendship, s. dostf, yarf, muhabbat, ul- 
Frigate, s. qism-i-jahaz jaiigi. [haul. 
Fright, s. (Jar, dahshat, wahshat, khauf. 
Frighten, i;. ^aj'aii^i dahshatdilan^, bhar- 

Frightful, a. darau, hauln^k, khaufnak. 
Frigid, a, thanda, sard ; afsarda ; be-mu- 
Fringe, s. jhalar, tiraz, anohal. [habbat. 
Frisk, v. kudakna, phudakna, nchhalna. 
Fritter, v. katarna, tukrd-tukra k. ; waqt 

katna. [harza. 

Frivolous, a. subuk, halka, ndchiz, adna, 
Frock, s. angarkha, kurta ,• jhagula, pesh- 
Frog, s. menduk, guk. [waz. 

Frolic, s. khel, kalol, shokhf, tannflzi. 
Frolicsome, a, shokh, bazla-baz, achpal, 

From, pr. se, ke, pas-se, az, an, min. 
Front, s. SHmhniS, pesh, peshani, chihra, 

munh J gustakhi, be-hayaf. 
Front, V. samne h. muqabil h. [wana. 
Frontier, s. sarhadd, hadd, marzbum, si- 
Frontispiece, s. peshgah, peshana ; pesh- 
Frost, s. pala, jafa, sarma. [taswir. 

Froth, s. kaf, phen, jh<g ; harza. 
Frothy, & kaf-dar; subuk, halka. [ziddi. 
Froward, s. kajral, khudraf, gustakh, 
Frowardness, s. ohirchirahat, gustakhi, 
Frown, u. ghurakna, teorhi^ chafhana, 

chin-ba-jabin h. 
Frozen, ct, afsurda, munjamid. 
Fructify, v, phalana, barumand k. sa- 

mar-dar k. • 
Frugal, a. kifayati, juz-ras, kam-kharchi. 
Frugality, s. kifayat-shiari, jfuzrasi, kam- 

kharch. [ja ; samara, nafa. 

Fruit, s, phal, mewa, bar ; baohcha ; nati- 
Fruitage, s. phal-phalaff, mewajat. 
Fruitful, a. phaldar, mewadar, bardar 5 

jaujidj bachcha-kash. 
Fruition, s, wusul, tamatti^i, kamyabi. 


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Frustrate, v. mahrum k. nanmmed k. tojp 
Fry, V. talni, bhunna, biriyan k. [d. 
Fryingpan, s. taba, taba, tawa. 
Fuel, s. jalawan, Indhan, hima, hezam. 
Fugitive, a. inzi^ ohandroza, be-qarar ; 

Fuiai,!;. adak. baj^an^, wafa k. tamam k. 
Fulfilment, 8. ada, anjam, tamami, wafa. 
Full, a. pura, pur, bhara, mamur, 8er« 
Fuller, s, dhobi, gazur, qazar. [mamana. 
Fully, ad. bakhubi, kholke ; bilkuUiya, ta- 
Fulness, s. purapan, puri, bharti ; seri, 

asudagi ; kasrat, firawanl ; jasamat. 
Fulsome, a, na-pasand, resh-kband. 
Fume, 8, dhuan, bhaph, bnkh^, josh. 
Fumigate, v. dhunl d. bhaphara d. du- 

dalud rakbua. [bukhar-kashi. 

Fumigation, s, bhaphara, dhuni lag^ni. 
Fun, s. khel, khillf, bazi.[dad, qabiliyat. 
Function's, khidmat, ^hda ; qdwat, istia- 
Fund, s. punjl, maya, sarmaya, asl. 
Fundament, s. gan<^, kun, miqad, sufra. 
Fundamental, a. asll, bunyadi, ziti, za- 
Funeral, », dafn, tadfifn, tajhiz. [rdri. 
Funnel, s, chonga, naif, dhuanra. 
Funny, a. maskhara, thathol, sho]b:h. ' 
Fur, s. postin, pashm, aamur. 
Furbish, v. saiqal k. jila d. 
Furious, a. tund, tez, gazabnak, dfw^a. 
Furl, V. lapetna, khinchna. [chalis hath. 
Furlong, hissa,ch^r sau 
Furlough, s. chhutti, rukhsat. 
Fui*nace, s. bhattha, bhar, atashdan. 
Fumish,v. dena, sarbarah k. arasta k. sa- 
Fumiture, s. asbab, samiin, rakht.[j&na. 
Furrow, s. reghari, chin, ]b:hatt. [wa. 
Further, od.durtar, aurdur, aurpare; ala- 
Further, u. madad d. madadgari k. 
Fury, s. gazab, qahr, josh ; diwinagi. 
Fuse, V. pighlana, galana, gadaz k. 
Fusible, a. jo galaya jawo. 
Fusion, s. pighlao, tighMo, gudaz. 
Fuss,s. tagapu, dauydhup, gulgula.[fiiida. 
Futile,a. subuk, halka, behuda, batil, be- 
Future, a. mustaqbil, ainda, honhar. 
Futurity, s. mustaqbil zamana, ainda, is- 
Fje, iiit. chM-chhi! uf ! lahaul ! [tiqbal. 


Gabble, v. bakna, barbarana, behuda 

bat kahn6. 
Gabbler, 5. bakw^, ba^baf iya, harza-go. 
Gad, V. harza-gardi k. 
Gadfly, s, dans, Ichar-magas. 
Gag, V. munh band k. dhatthiyana. 
Gage, 8, giran, girwi ; paim&ish. 
Gaiety, s. see Gayety, 
Gain, s. hasil, nafa, faida, sud. 
Gain, v. kamina, hasil k. nafa uthana, 

pana ; jitna ; l^hatCr girift^ri k. 
Gainer, s. nafi^-yab, faida-yab. 
Gainful, a. faida-mand, sud-mand. 
Gkdnsay, v. radd-badal k. mukhalafat k. 

takrir k. 
Gait, 8. chal, raftar, ravish, khiram. 
Galaxy, 8. kah kashan. 
Gale, 8, hawa, bad, nasi'm j tufan, andhi. 
Gall, 8. •pltj safri ; gazab, khusumat. 
Gall, V, ragafna, champa chhilni ; chher- 

na, diqq k. 
Gallant, a. zinatddr, zarif, buzurgwar ; 

sahib-i-adab ; dil^war, diler. 
Gallant, s. sahiq-i-nazakat ; ishq-baz, ran- 

di-baz ; jawan-mard, gdzi-mard. 
Gallantly, ad, jaw6n-mardi-se, dilerana. 
Gallantry, s. jawan-mardi ; ishq-bazi. 
Gallery, s. baramada, chhajja. 
Galley, s. qism-i-jahaz. 
Galling, a. taklifi, dukhdai, ranjawar. 
Gallipot, 8, kulhiya, martaban. 
Gallop, s. dapat, tezrawi, taz, dauf. 
Gallop, V. dapatna, sarpat jana, daupia. 
Gallows, 8. day, phansi-kath. 
Gamble, v, ju4 khelna, qimir-bazi k. 
Gambler, s. juari, qimar>baz, phar-baz. 
Grambol, s. kalol, alol, khel, kud. 
Game, s. bizi, khel, l^b, qimar ; thattha ; 
Game, v. khelna ;jua khelna. [shikar said. 
Gamester, s. juari, qimar-baz. 
Gamut, s. sarigam padni, sur. 
Gander, s. bat-nar, gaz nar. 
Gang, s. gol, garoh, taifa, jamaat. 
Gangrene, s. ghlio-ka sayan, khora. 
Gaol, s, qaid-khana, zindan. 
Gap, s. chak, chhed^phaQk, shigaf, darar 


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Grape, V. jamhai lena, khamiyazak. ; dekh- 
Garb, s. poshak, libas, sdrat. [rahna. 
Garbage, s. ojh, ojhrf. 
Grarble, v. clih^nna, jnd£ k. gar^QT ^' 
Garden, 8, h&g, bagoha, chamanzar, bos- 
Gardener, s. maU, bagban, bostanf.[tan. 
Gargle, v. knlknlan^, knlli k. gargara k. 
Garland, s, sihra, har, t^j-i-gul, phiil- 
GarUc, s. lahsan, sir. [mala. 

Garment, s. poshak, poshish, libis, jama, 

Gamer, s. gola, galla-khana, anbar-kh6- 
Garnish, v. arista k. sanw&ma. [na. 
Garret, s. tabqa bala, upar-ki manzil. 
Garrison, s. qile-ki fanj, ahl-i-qila. [go. 
Garrulous,a. bakwfiha, bay bariya,ziyada- 
Garter, s. moza-band, zanu-band, pat^i. 
Gas, s. hawa, bulbar. 
Gash, s. zakhm-i-kari, jarahat.[men ana. 
• Gasp, V. haphna ; lakhlakani, dam nak- 
Gate, s. darwaza, dar, pha^ak. 
Gateway, s, deoyhi, dahliz. 
Gather, v. jama k. faraham k. batoma, 

ekattha k. hasil k. pina, chin k. tah k. 

chnnn^. [bal. 

Gathering, s.ijtima,jamaat ; phoy^, dum- 
Gaudiness, s. taraya, rangil|-pan, naza- 

kat, zarq-barq. 
Gaudy, a, rangfl^, tabd^r, zarqf-barqi. 
Gauge, V. mapnd, paim«ish k. andazak. 
\ Gauze, s. kapar-dhul ya phul, jhilmiL 
Gay, a. khush, shddman, rangila. 
Gayety, s. khushi, shadi, raunaq. 
Gayly, ad. khushi-se, shadana, raunaq-se. 
Gaze, V. takna, tak-rahna, ghurna. 
Gazette, s. akhbar-nama. 
Geld, V. khasi k. akhtar k. 
Gelding, s. akhta, khasi ghora. 
Gem, s. jauhar, guhar ; kompal. 
^ Gemini, s. jauza, do-paikar, mithiin. 
Gender, s. jios, tanis-o-tazkir. [sab. 
Genealogy, s. asl, nasi, nasab, hasab-na- 
General, a. ixa, amum,amim, murauwaj, 

jami, mujmal. [shi. 

General, s. sipah-sdlar, sargaroh, bakh- 
Generally, ad. aksar, amumam, bilkuU ; 

Generate, v. janmana, janna, paida k, 
F 2 

Generation, 5. paiddish, tawalind; nasab^ 

nasi ; gharana, pusht, pifhi ; zamana. 
Generative, a. mnallid, janmau. 
G«nerosity,5.sakhawat,faiyazf, kaHbnat, 

bakhshish, jaw4n-mardi. 
Generous, a. salj:hi, faiyaz, karlm, ata- 

bakhsh, jawan-mard. [dil-pasand. 
Genitive, a. izafat, hdlat-i-jarr.[zukiwat. 
Genius,5. kho, khaslat, sirat ,• zihn,fahm, 
Gbnteel, a. shaista, sdhib-i-adab, zarif. 
Gentile, s, but-parast, kafir. [fat. 

Gentility, s. khulqiyatjmurawatj shara- 
Gentle, a. mulaim, garib, hallm ; sharif, 

asl-z^lda. [sahib. 

Gentleman, 8. mard-idmi, miylin-admi. 
Gentleness, s. mulaimat, hilm, gurbat. 
Gently,a<i.mulaimat-se, narmi-se, ahiste. 
Gentry, s. ashraf, ashab-i-daulat, nujaba. 
Genuine, a. asil, khalis, gairaluda, sahih. 
Genus, s. jins, nau^, firqa, qaum. 
Geographer, s. jugrafiy^-dan. 
Geography, s. jugrafiya, rasm-i-arz. 
Geometrician, s. muhandis. [hat. 

Geometry, s. )lm-i-handasa, jlm-i-masa- 
Germ, s. konpal, ankhwa. 
Gesture, s. waza, harakat, dhab, taur. 
Get, V. pana, hdsil k. paida k. kara^na, 

h^th lagna, milnii ; sikhn^ ; uthna. 
Ghastly, a. murda-sa, bhutsa, dahshat- 
Ghost, s, bhut ; ruh ; wahmi surat.[zada. 
Giant, 5. deo, i&it, mard-i-azimtan. 
Gibbet, s. phansi-k£ lakfS : v. phansi d. 
Gibe, s, tana, tana-zani, istlhz^, tanz. 
Giddiness, s, dauran>i-sar, ghumri,ghtir- 

ni, tewar; chanchalal, beqarari. 
Giddy, a. sar-gardan j clmnchal,beqarar. 
Gift, s. bakhshish, inam, ata, d^n, hiba. 
Gifted, a, sahib-i-qdwat, qdbiliyat-d&r, 

qudrat-mand. [land. 

Gigantic, a. qawi-haikal, }Mt-isd, bu- 
Giggle, V, khilkhiland, hansna. 
GUd, V. sunahli k. hall k.'tilAkari k. 
Gilding, s. hall-kiri, tila-kari, zar-nigdri, 
GKll, 8, machhli-ka gaJphard, kankhala. 
Gimlet, s. banna. 

Gin, s. phanda, dim ; qism-i-sharab. 
Ginger, s. adrak, ada, sonth, zanjabil. 


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Gingle, 8. jhanak, jhanjiian, thanthan. 
Gingle, v/ jhanjhaiiaua, (hanthanana, 

Gird, V. bandhna, kasnl^ lapetna ; ihata k. 
Girdle, s, kaiQarband,miyanbaiid,patka. 
Girl, s. lafki, chhokri, kanya, dnkhtar. 
Girlish, a. larki s& ; chanchal. 
Girth, s. tang, pnshtang, peti. 
Give, v. dena, bakhshna, ^nayat k. ata k. ; 
sompna ; chhof d. ; ijazat d. qnbul k. 
Giver, s. denewala, bakhshinda, dihinda. 
Gizzard, s, pathri, sang dana. 
Glad, a. khush, khurram, shad, masrur. 
Gladden, v. khush k. 
Gladiator, 5. shamsherb^z, saiyaf. 
Gladly, ad. ^hdshi-se, shauq-se. [rami. 
Glance, s. nigah, nazar, ramaq, jhdonli. 
Gland, s. gilti, gulthi, ghudud. 
Glare, s. jhalak, jagmagahat, tab. [hur. 
Glass, s. shisha, ab-i'basta, ab-gina, pi- 
yala ; aina. [manind. 

Glassy, a. shishe-ka ; shishe ya aine-ke 
Glaze, V, ehisha japna ; rangan d. muhra 
Glazier, s. iina japie ji. lagane wala.[k. 
Gleam, s. chamak, jhalak ; shua, parto. 
Gleam, v. chamakni, jhalakn^, taban h. 
Glean, v. khosha-ohini k. chunnd, binna. 
Glee, s. khushi, khurrami, shadi. 
Glide, V. ahiste bahna, jari h. ahiste jana. 
Glimmer, v, timtimana, jhilmilana. 
Glimmering, s. timtimahat, jhilmilahat, 

Glimpse, s. nazar-i-snbuk ; jhilmilahat. 
Ohtter, V. chamakna, jhalakna, ujla h. 
Globe, s, kura, gola, gol ; jahan. 
Globular, a. gol, gola-sa, knrawu 
Globule, s. gol-dana, goli, rawa. 
Gloom, s. dhumlai, tariki ; dil-tangi.[gir. 
Gloomy, s. dhnmla,aiidhera ; diltang, dil- 
Glorify, v. jzzat k. hamd k. tarif k. 
Glorious,a. jalil,majid, mnazzaz, namwar. 
Glory, s. jalal, azmat, falkhr ; hamd, ma- 
dsdi, tarif, [guriir rakhna. 

Glory, V. fakhr k. iftikhar k. lafzanf k. 
GloisSjS.jila, muhra, jhalak; tafstr,shai*ah. 
Gloss, V. tfi^'il k. Bharah k. bay an k. 

Glossy, a. chikna, ujla, jilwadar, muhra- 
Glove, s. dastana, dastwana. fdar. ( 

Glow, V. dahakna, dagdagana, tabdar h. 

garm h. 
Glow, s. tab, roshni, garmi ; ^azab ; jshq. 
Glowworm, s. jugni, shatab. 
Glue, s. saresh : v. saresh lagana. 
Glutinous, a. chipchipa, laslasa, lagdar. 
Glutton, s. ") petu, akkal, shikani-pa> 
Gluttonous, a. j rast ; bisyar-khor. 
Gnash, v. dant pisna, kichkichdna. 
Gnat, s. machchhar, kutki, pashsha. 
Gnaw, V, kutama, katna, chabna. 
Go, V, jana, chalna, jata-rahna ; tashrif, 
Goad, 8, paina, ar, ankus. [le-jana. 

Goal, s. nishangah, manzil, thikana,maq- 
Goat, s. bakra, bakri, buz. [sud. 

Gobble, V. ghapghap khana, bhakosna. 
Goblet, 8. piyala, kasa, jam, katora. 
Goblin, s. bhut, jinn, ifrit ; shaitan. 
God, s. Khuda, Allah-tala ; but. 
Godhead, s. Khudai, uluhiyat ; Khuda. [ri. 
Godliness,s. taqwa, khuda-parasti, dinda- 
Godly,a. ahl-i-taqwa, khuda-parast, di'n- 
Godown, s. godam, zakhira-khana.[dar. 
Going, s. jana, chalna, raftar, rawan. 
Gold, s. sona, zar, tila. 
Golden, a. sonahla, zarrin, til^. 
Goldsmith, s. sonar, zargar, tila-kar. 
Gonorrhoea, s. sozak, parmeo. [nek. 
Good, a. achchha, bhala, khtib, l^hush, 
Good,s. khubi,khair, khushi, neki, faida. 
Goodbye, s. Khuda hafiz, wida, salam. 
Goodnature, s. nek-khaslat, khushtaba. 
Goodmoming, s. sabah-ul-khair ! salam. 
Goodnight, s. masa-ul-khair, shab-ul- 

khair. [khair. 

Goodness, s. khubi, neki, bhalai, khushi. 
Goods, s. asbab, chiz-bast, mal-o-mata. 
Goodwill, s. khair-khwahi. 
Groose, s. hans, raj-hans, qaz ; ahmaq. 
Gooseberry, s. pharphota,mewa-kiqisra. 
Gore, V, sing mama, dun m&ma,bhouk- 
Gore, s. khun-i-basta, garh^ lahu. [na. 
Gorge, s. gala, halq ; tang-rdh.[bhaykila. 
Gorgeous, a. raunaqdar, aaim-ushshau, 
Gormandize, v, bhakhn^, bhakosua, 
akkal h. 


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Gosling, s. hinB-ka bachclia. 
Gospel, s. injil, ^huah-khabari. 
Gossip, s. bat-chit, guft-go ; harza-go, 

Gourd, 8. kaddu, lauki, pethd. 
Gout, s, naqras, niqris. [thimbhni. 

Govern, v. hukumat k. fannan-rawaf k. 
Governess, s. nstani, atu. [rani, axnal. 
Government, «. hukumat, riy^8at,hukm- 
Governor, s. hakim, farman-rawa, amil, 

nazim, aardar ; baf& s^bib. 
Gown, s. pair^han, labada, jama, chap- 

kan, peshwaz. 
Grace, s. fazl, faiz, taufiq, in^yat, mihr- 

bdni, lutf; fazilat, hunr, jamal, zara- 

&t ; hazur. 
Graceful, a. jamfl, zarff, latif, muazzaz. 
Gracefulness, s, zeb^, zarafat, lutf, jamal. 
Gracions,a. karim,rahim; mihrban, latif. 
Graciously, Gtd. mihrbani-se, nawdzish-se. 
Gradation, s. darja, tadr(j, tartib, silsila. 
Gradually, ad, darja- badarja, qadam- 

baqadam, rafta-rafta. 
Graft, s. qalam, shakh, paiwand. 
Graft, V. paiwand k. qalam lagan£. 
Grain, 8. anaj, galla, dana ; ratti ; zarra, 

reza, lakfi-ki ans, resha. 
Grammar, 8. sai*f-o-naho, qajda. 
Grammarian, ». qa}da-dan, ahl-i-ilm-i- 

sarf-o-naho. [sarf-o-naho. 

Grammatical, a, ba-qajda, muw£fiq-i- 
Grammatically, ad, qajde-se, bataur-i- 

sharf-o-naho. [khana. 

Granary, s. goW, anb^r-l^h^na, galla- 
Grand, a. azim, kabfr, baqra, muazzaz, 

buzurgw^r. [wasa-i-pisarzada. 

Grandchild, 8, pota, poti, nati, nlitin, na- 
Granddaughter, s. poti, natin, nawasi. 
Grandee, s. ^mda, amir, shanf, rukn. 
Grandeur, s, azmat, buzurgwari, ba|:di, 

shan-o-shauqat, hashmat. 
Grandfather, s. dada, nand, jadd. 
Grandmother, s. dadi, ndni, jadda. 
Grandson,s. pota,nati, nawasa, pisarzada. 
Granite, «. patthar ki qism. 
Grant, v. dena, bakhshn^; qabul k. riza k. 
Grant, s. bakhshish, atd, dan, inam. 
Grannie, s, dhm, rawa^ kani. 

Grape, s. angur, fnab. [se pakapn^. 

Grapple, v. kushti k. pakafna, changul* 
Grasp, s. qabza, panja, girift, pakaf. 
Grasp, V. pakafna, gahna, girift k. 
Grass, s. ghas, kah, giyah, alaf. 
Grasscutter, s. ghasiyara. 
Grasshopper, 8, phanga, ^^di. 
Grassy, a. ghasila, kah-dar, purgiyah. 
Grate, 8. jhanjhn loha-ka. 
Grate, a. ragarnd, ghisna ; charchafan^ ; 

^ar d. bezar k. [namak-halal. 

Grateful, a. ihsan-mand, shukr-guzar. 
Gratification, 8, farhat, tafrih, khushi, 

khatirdari. [maqsadwar k. 

Gi*atify, v. khiish k. Ij^h^timaw^z k. 
Grating, s. jhanjhri, mushabbak. 
Gratis, ad, muft, yu^hi. 
Gratitude, 8. shukr-guzdrl, ihsanmandi% 

namak-halali ; haqq-shinasi. 
Gratuitous, a, muft, yunhi, in$mi ; be- 
Gratuity, 8. in^m, ata, bakhshish, [sibit. 
Grave, s, gor, qabr, mazar, madfan. 
Grave, a. sanjfda, muhlb, bh^ri ; bam ; 

Gravel, 8, kankar, kankarf, sangreza. 
Gravitate, v. jhukna, rujd h. mail h. 
Gravitation, s, maildn, istirj^, jhuk4o. 
Gravity, s, sanjidagi, shikohmandi, tam« 

kanat ; saqalat. 
Gravy, 8. ab-gosht, yakhnf, 6b-josh. 
Gray, a. khIMstari, kabrll, sanjabi. 
Graze, v, charna, chugn^ ; ragii khanl. 
Grazier, s. oharwaha, rakhwala. 
Grease, s, charbi, raugan. 
Grease, v. charbi malna, rauganlagana. 
Greasy, a. charbidar, chiknd, raugam'. 
Great, a, baf a, azim, kalan, l3uzurgwar, 

qadir ; aslj, auwal ; hamila. 
Greatly, ad. bahut, nihayat, bashiddat, 

buzurgand, dilerana. [dagi ; shiddat. 
Greatness, s. barai, kal^i, buzurgi, ijim- 
Greece, s. Yunan. 

Greediness, 8. lalach, tama, hirs. [chi« 
Greedy, a. mar-bhukhi, haris, tami, Ifla- 
Grreen, a. sabz, hara, nayi, taza, kachcha. 
Green, 8, sabza, hareri ; margzar, sab- 
Greens, 8. sag, sabzi, tarkari. [za-zar. 
Greet, v, saUm d. sihib salamat k. 


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.Grenadier, 5. qadd-&war,8ipahi, garandil. 
Oreyhonnd, s. tazi-kntta, shikari-kntta. 
Gridiron, s. gnl-dan, gosht kabab kame- 

ki jhanjhri. 
Grief, s. gam, alam, ranj, afsos, dnkh. 
Grievance, s. azar, sa^ti, zahn, shiddat, 

dnkh. [k. ; gam-khana. 

Grieve, v. iiir d. ranj d. gam d. bezdr 
Grieved, a. gamgfn, dilgir, ranjfda. 
Grievous, a. dukh-dai, dardangez, gam- 
Grill, V. bhnnna, biriyan k. [nak. 
Grim, a. zisht-rii, durnsbt, mnbib, 

Grimace, t. khis, bandarbhiu), ril-kafiM. 
Grin, v, dant nikosna, khisiyand. 
Grind, V. pisnd, bukna -, baf d. tez k. ; 

satana, nicborna. 
Grinder, s, pisan-bdr^ ; diurb. 
Grindstone, s. san ; sang-i-fis^ ; cbakki. 
Gripe, s, paka^r, girift, qabz, nicbof^ 

znlm ; maror, dard-i-sbikam. 
Gripe, v. pakafna^ nocbna; maro^rna, 

pecbisb k. 
Gristle, s, knrn, cbabni baddf, gnzruf. 
Grit, s. kani, daliyi ; kankar, kirkir, reg. 
Gritty, a. balu-pnr, kirkir^, regamez. 
Groan, s. ab, karah. 

Groan, v. karabna, kabama, ab-o-zari k. 
Grocer, s. pansari, baqqiU. 
Groin, s, cbaddb^, jangbdsa. 
Groom, s. sals, nafar. 
Groove, s, sink^ janf, sbigaf, kbana. 
Grope, V. tatolna, \0Tii, toatoi k. 
Gross, a, mota, jasim, tanawar, bbari, 

azim ; abmaq. 
Grot, Grotto, s, kbob, knnj, gbir, kabaf. 
Grotesque, a. bad-surat, kaj, tircbba. 
Ground, s. zamin, arz, mitti ; bunyad, 
. asl ; sabab, bais. 
Ground, a. zamin-par rakhna ; banddq 

sulana ; mul <k. ; kamil k. 
Groundless, a, be-sabab, be-bajs, be« 
. mujib, be-tbikana, na-baqq. [kiraya. 
Ground-rent, s. mal-guzari, zamin-ka 
Group, s. majma, jamaat, ambob. 
Grove, s. kunj, dai*akbt-z^. 
Grovel, v. ringna, lotna; kbwilr yd 

faromdya rabii^^ kbaiif b. 

66 GUT 

Grow, V. ugna, jamnd, barhni, bojana, j 
Growl, u. gurrana, karkarana. [bona. 
Growtb, s. barbti, roidagi, balidagi ; ta- 

raqqi ; afzaisb ; paidaisb, basil. 
Grub, s. kijra, kij-i, kirm. [mani. 

Grudge, s, kini, addwat-i-batini, dush- 
Grudge, v, kina rakbna ; dareg k. 
Grudgingly, ad, narazi-se, basad-se. 
Gruel, s. picbb, maud, sbola. 
Gruff, a. durusbt, tursh, sakht. [rajna. 
Grumble, v. kurkurana, tartarana ; ga- 
Grumbling, s. knrkurabat, ba):bafabat. 
Grunt, V. gurrana, kankbna. 
Guana, s. qism-i-chbipkali, bara girgit. 
Guarantee, s. zamin, kafil. [bifazat. 
Guard, s. pabra, nigabban, cbaukidar j 
Guard, v. bifazat k. himayat k. chauki k. 
Guardian, s. bafiz, mubafiz, hami, amin. 
Guardianship, s. amiui, amanatdan, mu- 

bafazat, nigabbani. 
Guava, 5. amrut, safri im. 
Guess, s. qiyas, khiyal, guman, andaza. 
Guess, V. qiyas k. khiydl k. guman k. 
Guest, 8, mihman, zaif, warid. [andaza k. 
Guidance,s.bidayat,agwaj; irsbad,bukm. 
Guide, s. rab-numa, rabbar, badi, mur- 

sbid. [obalana. 

Guide, V. rab-numdi k. biddyat k. talim k. 
Guile, s. blla, fareb, makr, daga-bazi. 
Guilt, s. gunah, ^bata, taqsir, qusur. 
Guiltless, a, be-gunab, be-taqsir, mubar- 

ra^ masum. [sharir. 

Guilty, a. guiiab-gar,taqsir-war, mujrim- 
Guinea, 8. Angrezi asbrafi. 
Guise, s. surat, sbakal, waja, tarn-; 
Guitar, s. sitar, qitar. [poshak. 

Gulf, 8. kol, kbaltj, kund, dabak, amaq ; 
Gullet, 8. nareti, qalu. [girdab. 

Gulp, s. ghunt, jura, sburb. 
Gulp, V. gbuntnd,nigalna,garp-sekbdna. 
Gum, 8. gond, samag ; masuf-a, lisa. 
Gun, 8. banduq, top. 
Gunner, s. golandaz. 
Gunpowder, s. barut, diru. 
Gush, u. zor-se jari k. bah-nikalna. 
Gust, 8. jhoka, jbakord ; zaiqa, maza. 
Gut, 8. ant, antfi, roda. 
Gutter, 8, mubri, pamala, ibrez, nabddn. 


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Guttural, a, halqi, gale-men talaSoz 

kiya jata. 
Gymnastic, a. kushti-ka, pahlwan-ka. 
Gyration, s. gardish, ghurni, daur. 
Gyves, s. beyi, paekafi, zanjir-i-pai. 

Ha, int. wah-wah ! hae ! hdha ! [farosh. 
Haberdasher, s. bisati, patwa, parcha- 
Habit, s. $dat, kho, dastur, waza ; libas. 
Habitable,a. qabil-i-istiqamat,rahne laiq. 
Habitation, s, makan, ghar; sukunat, 

rahna. [mamul. 

Habitual, a. dasturf, rasmi, rawaji, ^di. 
Habituate, v. kho-dalna, ddat pakarna, 

mamul bandhna. [tamal. 

Habituated, a. kho-gar, murauwaj, mus- 
Hack, 17. tukre-tukre k. p^ra-para katna. 
Hag, s. bad-surat aurat, churail. 
Haggard, a. lagar, badshakl, zisht-ru. 
Hail, s. ola, pathar, tagarg, zhala. 
Hail, V. ole parna ; sahib-salamat k. ; 
Hailstone, s. ola, zhala, tagarg. [bulana. 
Hair, s. bal, mu, mue, kes. 
Hairy, a. mue-dar, muina, bal-pur. 
Hale, a. bhala-changa, tandurust, taza- 
Half, a. adha, nisf, nim. [tawana. 

Halfway, s, adha-rasta, darmiyan. 
Hall, s, dalan, aiwan ; diwRn-khana. 
Hallelujah, s. al-hamd-ul-illahi. 
Halloo, w. lalk^rna, pukamd. 
Hallow, V. muqaddas k. taqdis k. 
Hallowed, a. muqaddas, pak. 
Halo, s. h^la, kundal, mandal. 
Halt, V. langrana ; thaharjdna, muqam k. 
Halter, s, phansi ; bag-dor. 
Halve,!;, adhiyana, do-nimk. nisfanisfX k. 
Ham, s, ran, jangh ; suar-ki namkin ran.' 
Hamlet, s. kheya, gaon, dih. 
Hammer, s. mtool, hathora, hathauri. 
Hammer, v, thonkna, mam^, garhna. 
Hammock, s. jahazi khat. 
Hamper, s. dala, dalwa, tokri. 
Hamper, v, uljhana, phansana, pech-men 

dalna, azar d. 
Hamstring, w. patthe kdtna, pai mama. 
Hand, s, hath dast, panja ; khatt, likha. 

Hand, v. dena, hathon hath sompna, 

hath pakapke lejana. 
Handcuff, s. hath-kap. 
Handful, s. muthi-bhar, pur-musht. 
Handiness, a, dastkari, dast-qabiliyat, 

tez-dasti. [gochha. 

Handkerchief, s. rumal, dastmal, an- 
Handle, s. dasta, qabza, bent ; bahana. 
Handle, v. hath lag^na ; mu&mala k. ; 

bayan k. 
Handmaid, 5. dasi, laundi, kanez, asil. 
Handmill, s. chakki, asiya, dalenti. 
Handsel, s. buhni, pahli farosh. 
Handsome, a. khubsurat, Ifhdshnuma, 

hasin, jamil, khub, karim. 
Handsomely, od. ba-khubi, karlmana, 

jawanmardi-se. [karamat. 

Handsomeness, 8. khubi, jawanmardi, 
HandwritingjS. da8t-^hatt,hath-ka likha. 
Handy, a. dastkar, tez-dast, dast-qabil ; 

Hang, V. latkana, tangna, phansi d. gal 

d. ', jhukna, faromail k. ; latakna. 
Hangings, *. diwar-giri, parda, jhalar. 
Hangman, s. jallad, phansiyara. 
Hank, s. phenti, pechak, lachchha. 
Hankering, s. mail, ragbat, shauq, 

^hwahish. [bakht. 

Hap, s. ittifaq, sarguzasht, hadisa, qismat. 
Hapless, a. kam-bakht, be-nasib. 
Haply, ad. shayad, ittifaqan, magar. 
Happen, v, hojana, aparna, waqi h. 
Happily, ad. bhag-se, bakhtyarana, ba- 

Happiness, s, khdshi, sa^dat, 4sudahali, 

kamrani. [mand, kamran. 

Happy, a. khiish, shid, khair, saadat- 
Harangue, s, kalam, taqrfr, khitab, 

sukhn. [tasdi k. 

Harass, v. thakana, satana, taklif d. 
Harbinger, s. agwa,peshrau,muqaddam. 
Harbour, s. bandar, kol ; panah, malja. 
Hard, a. saJtht, kapa, mazbut ; dushwar, 

mushkil, shadid, bhari. 
Hard, ad. qarib, nazdik, pas ; mashaq- 

qat-se, mihnat-se ; jaldi, shitabi ; 

zor-se, shiddat-se. 


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Harden, v. sakht k. kara k. pathrHnli ; 

barqarar k. [dard. 

Hardhearted, a, sang-dil, be-rahm, be- 
Hardiness, s. dilerl ; mazbuti j gustaklii. 
Hardly, ad. moslikil-se, dnshwari-Be ; 

Hardness, s, mazbutj, sanginf, sakhti, 

dnshwarf , sang-dili, dnmshti, be-dardi . 
Hardship, s. sakht mihnat, tasdia, ranj, 

Hardware, s. lokhar, asbab-i-ahan. 
Hardy, a. mazbut, shah-zor, qawi, diler, 
Hare, s. khargosh, khai-hd. [mard^na. 
Harebrained,a.chanchal; hawassba^hta. 
Harem, 5. haram-sarii, zanana. 
Hark, int. snno ! kan rakho ! 
Harlot, s. kasbi, fahisha, zaniya. 
Harm, s, nuqsan, ziyan, zarar, zabuni. 
Harm, v. nuqsan k. ziyin k.[nah, bhola. 
Harmless, a. be-nuqsan, be-ziyan, be-gu- 
Harmonious, a. ham-ahang, khushawaz, 

pnrsoi; muwafiq. 
Harmony, s. hamahangi, hamsazf, mel, 

ittlhad, mnwafiqat. 
Harness, s. saz, s^an, saranjam ; silah. 
Harp, s. barbat, chang, bm. 
Harper, s. barbat-nawaz, changi. 
Harpoon, s. barchhi, ballam. 
Harrow, 8. henga, sarawan. 
Harsh, a. ka^ra, tnrsh, talkh, n^khush ; 

durusht, tnrsh-mizfij. 
Harshness, s. kharkharahat, sakhti, tur- 

shf, taJkhi, dnmshti, shiddat. 
Hart, s. haran, ham^. 
Harvest, 8. fasl, khari f, khirman ; mahsnl. 
Hash, V. qima k. tukra tnkra k. 
Haste, 8, jaldi, shitabi, chalaki ; jhapat. 
Hasten, r. jaldi k. shitabi k. dauyna, 

danran^. [tadbiri-se. 

Hastily, ad, jaldi-se, tnrt, jhapat ke, be- 
Hasty, a. jald, shitab, be-Uhaz, tandkho, 
Hat, s. topj, kulah, [tezmizaj. 

Hatch, V. seona, bachcha niklUnaj 

bandhna, nthina. 
Hatchet, s, tabar, kulha|i. [dushmani r. 
Hate, V. nafrat k. kfna r. kar^iyat k. 
Hateful, a. makruh, karfh, maytiq, bura. 
Hatred, s, nafrat, kar^hiyat, dushmani. 

Haughtiness, s. gurur, magruri, takab- 

bur, ghamand. [mandi. 

Haughty, a. magrup, mutakabbir, gha- 
Haul, V. khinchna, ghasitna, aincfana. 
Haunch, s. ran, jangh ; putha. [basna. 
Haunt, V. amad-o-raft k. ana-jana, rahna. 
Haunt, 8. amad-o-raft-ki jagah, basa. 
Hautboy, 8, shahnie, samae. [thikana. 
Have, V. rakhna, pana, pas h. dakhl k. 

tasarruf-men lena. 
Haven, 5. bandar, kol ; panah. 
Havock, 8. kharabi, tabahi, wir^ni. 
Hawk, 8. baz, jurr^, shikra. 
Hawker, s. pheri-wala, dast-farosh. 
Hay, 8. sukhi-ghas, alaf. [qimarbazf. 
Hazard, 8. andesha, khatra, jokhim ; jna. 
Haze, s. kuhra, kuhasii. 
He, p, wah, wuh, usne. 
Head, s. sar, sir, mund ; sardar, salar. 
Head, v . sardar h. salar h. hukumat k. 
Headache, 8, dard-i-sar, sudaa, sir-dukh. 
Headland, s. sar-i-zamin, ras-i-jabal. 
Headlong, a. aundha-sir, samigun ; be- 

lihaz se, nagah. 
Headstrong, a. sar-kash, magra, sarzor. 
Heal,v.changa k.shifad. aramk.; rafa k. 
Health, s. tandurusti, sihhat, aram, ^fiyat. 
Healthy, a. bhalachang^, taudumst, sa- 

Heap, 8. dher, anbar, tuda. [jama k. 
Heap, V. dher lagana, anbar k. tada k. 
Hear, v. sunna, kan lagana, mutawajjih h. 
Hearer, s. sunne-Wala, sami. 
Hearing, 8. sunawat, samaat, istim^. 
Hearken, v, sunn^, kan lagan^ ya dhama. 
Hearsay,s. suni-sunaibat, shnhrat,afwah. 
Hearse, 8. murda-ki-g6,ri. 
Heart, s. dil, qalb, ^hatir ; darun, magz, 

guda; shafaqat. 
Heart-ache, s, dard-i-dil, dil-tangi, gam. 
Heart-bum', 8. aml-pit, dard-i-shikm. 
Heart-burning, s. kma, bugz. 
Heart-easing, a', dil-aram, dil^s^. 
Heartily, ad, dil-o-jan-se, shauq-se; dil- 

kholke, sadiqana. [sang-dil. 

Heartless, a. be-dil, na-mard, be-rahm. 
Hearty, a. tandurust, qawi, sargarm, 
sddiq, saf-dil. 


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Heat, s. garmi, tab, hararat, £tashmizaj(. 
Heat, u. garm k. garmana, josh-men l&na. 
Heated, a. garm, tabdar ; gazab-nak. 
Heath, s. jhaf -d^r maidan. 
Heathen, s. but-parast, mushrik, kdfir. 
Heathenism, s. but-parasti, kafr,jahalat. 
Heave, v. uthana; phenkn&j phiilna; 

hllmphna; nbakn^. 
Heaven, s. ^man,falak ; bihiaht, jannat. 
Heavenly, a. ^smani, falaki, bihishti, 

jannati. [gam. 

Heaviness, s. bojh, bh&r, saq4lat ; ranj, 
Heavy, a. bh&ri, sangut, saqil ; gamnak, 

gamgin; dushwar,sast, kahil ; ahmaq. 
Hebrew, s. Ibrfini, Ibri, Yahudi. 
Hedge, s, h^, bar6, ghera, ihata, jhafban- 
Hedgehog, s. sahi, l^ar-pusht. [di. 

Heed, s. dhiyan, lihiz, khabardari. 
Heedful, a ^habarddr, mutawajjih, hosh- 
Heel, 8, eri, pashna. [y6r. 

Heifer, «. bachhiyd, kalor, osar. [tfunam. 
Height, s.iinchai, bnlandi ; farazi, kamal, 
Heighten, v, uncha k. barhiina, chafhan^, 

ziyada k. 
Heinons, a. sharir, shadid, zabun, saJ^ht. 
Heir, s. waris, w4li-ahd, haqq-dar. 
Heiress, s. warisa, zan-i-haqq-dar. 
Helioscope, s. ddr-bin, aftab-bin. 
Hell, s, jahannam, dozakh, saqr. 
Hellebore, s. kntki, kharbaq. 
Helm, s. patwar, snkkan, l^ala. 
Helmet, s. khod, magfar. 
Helmsman, s. m^njhi. 
Help, 8. madad, imdad, madadgarf, dast- 

giri, isti^nat. 
Help, V. madad k. imdUd k. yfiri k. dast d. 
Helpful, a. madadgar, mu^win, mufid. 
Helples8,, la-char, be-maqdur. 
Helterskelter, ad. ulajhpulajh, be-tartib- 
Hem, 8. magzi, sanjaf, kor. [se. 

Hemisphere, s. nisf-ul-arz, nimkura. 
Hemistich, s. misr^, tuk. 
Hemp, 8. san, pat, pa^wa. 
Hen, «. murgi ; mada. 
Hence, ad. yahan-se, ih^n-se, idhar-se ; 

is-waste, is-liye, is-maadar-se ; dur 

ho ! chale-jao ! [iske, ainda. 

Henceforth, ad, ab-se, is-waqt-se, b^d- 

Heptagon, s. haft-gosha, haffc-pahlu. 
Her, p. uska, dsko. [dan. 

Herald, s. munadi, dhin^horiyi ; tamga- 
Herb, s, nabat, buta, jaf i, sag, sabza. 
Herbage, s. ghaa-pat, sabza, charai. 
Herd, 8. galla, jhun^, ja^ha, garoh. [y^. 
Herdsman, s. galle-b6n, charw&ha, baldi- 
Here, ad. ihan, yahan, is-jagah, idhar. 
Hereafter, ad. bdd-iske, bdd azin, ainda. 
Hereby, ad. is-se, is-par, az-in. 
Hereditary, a. maurusi, nulki, ihii. 
Herein, ad. is-men, is-bich. 
Heresy, s. bid^t, ilhad, rafizat. 
Heretic, s. biddti, mulhid, rafizi. 
Herewith, ad. iske sath, ba>in, usi-waqt. 
Heritage, s. irs, miras, wirasat, warsa. 
Hermaphrodite, s. khunsa, mul^hannas, 

hijya. [hid. 

Hermit, 8. gosha-nashin, sahr^nishin, za- 
Hero, 8. bahadur, g^i-mard, rustam. 
HeroismjS.bahaduri, 8hujaat,jurat, dilerl. 
Heron, 8, buti-mar, mahi-khwiir, bagld. 
Herself, p. 6p, 6p.hi, l^hud. 
Hesitate, v. pas-o-pesh k. hais-bais-men 

h. waswas k. [bha, waswas. 

Hesitation, s. pas-o-pesh, hais-bais, shu- 
Heterodox, a. khilafi-din, bidati, ^hariji. 
Heterogeneous, a. na-muwafiq, gair-jins, 

Hew, V. kat 4<Un&, tarashna, ka^kdt k. 
Hexagonal, a. shash-gosha, shash-pahlu, 

Hexameter, s. musaddas bait, khatpad. 
Hiccup, 8. hichki. [makhfi. 

Hidden, a. chippli, poshida, nihufta« 
Hide, V. chhipana, poshida k. lukana. 
Hide, 8. khal, chamfa, post. 
Hideous, a. zisht*ru, bad-surat, makruh, 
Hie, V. jaldi chaln^. [khaufnak. 

Hieroglyphic, 8. harf-i-naqshi. 
High, a. uncha, buland, faraz, ^li ; mag- 

rur, mutakabbir ; garan, niahanga. 
Highlander, s. pahafi, kohistanf. [yada. 
Highly, ad. bahut, nihayat, bashiddat, zi- 
Highminded, a. mutakabbir, magrur, 

all-tab^. [janab-i-4H. 

Highness, s. unchai, bulandi; hazrat, 


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High-treason, s. bagawat, kluy^anat, na- 

High-water, s. jawar, chafhao, madd. 
Highway, s. shah-rah, safak, baf a-rasta. 
Highwayman, s. rah-zan, qazzak. 
Hilarity, 5. I^hush-dili ya hali, hansi, khd- 
Hill, s. chhota pahaf , pnshta. [shi. 

' Hillock, s. tfla, pahari. 
Hilly, a. pahafi, koh-sar. 
Hilt, s. muth, qabza, daata. 
Him, p, nako, isko. 
Himself, p, ap, ap-hi, khud. 
Hind, s. harm'. [zahamat k. 

Hinder, v, rokna, atkana, mand k. mn- 
Hinderanoe, s, atkao, rokao, mnzihamat, 

Hindermost, a. pichhla, pichhari, akhir. 
Hinge, s. qabza, nar-mada, chnl. 
Hint, s. ishara, kinaya, ima, ramz. 
Hip, 8. kula, puth, sarin. 
Hippopotamus, s. dary$-i-gho]ra. 
Hire, s. kiraya, ajura, mazduri, bhaf4. 
Hire, v. kiraya lend y^ k. bhara d. 
Hireling, s. ajura- dar, mazdur, thikedar. 
His, p. nska, iska. 

Hiss, s, phnnkar, hisht, safir ; talf-mar. 
Hiss, V, phunkama, phai^hanana ; tali 

Historian, s. tawarikh-navis, mnwarrikh. 
History, s. tarikh, tawarikh, dastan, qissa. 
Hit, V. mama, lagana, pahnnchna. 
Hither, ad, yahan, idhar, istaraf. 
Hitherto, ad. ab-tak, hanoz, yah^n-tak. 
Hive, s. chhatta, zanbur-kh^na. 
Hoar, a. snfaid, pakka. 
Hoard, s. punji, maya, jama, ganj. 
Hoard, v. jama k. punji k. ganj k. 
Hoar-frost, s. p61a, kohar. 
Hoarse, a. bhari-awaz, guld-girifta. [gi. 
Hoarseness, s. giriflagi awaz, gulugirifba- 
Hoary, a. safed, sufaid, pakka-bal. 
Hobble, V. langrana, matakta chaln^ 
Hobgoblin, s. bhut, paret, haulnak surat. 
Hocus-pocus, s. huqqa-bazi, bazigari. 
Hoe, 8, kudali, phaofa. 
Hog, s. suar, khuk, khinzir. 
Hogsty, 8, suar-ka ghar, khinzir-]fJiana. 
Hogshead, s. ek map-kd pipa. 

Hoist, V. nth&na, chafhann, uncha k. 
Hold, V. pakafna, gahna, girift k. rakhna, 

samdna, shamilh. ; th^mbhna ; rahua. 
Hold,s.giiift ; asra ; qaid-khaua ; dahra ; 

gafhi. [mutasarrif. 

Holder, s. rakhne-wala, darinda, dar. 
Hole, 8. gafha, surakh, chhed, bil. 
Holiday, s. id, teohar. 
Holiness, s. paki, parsai, taqdis, taqwa. 
Hollo, int. are ! ai ! ho ! aji ! 
Hollow, a. khali, khokhla, mujauwaf ; 

gambhir awaz ; riyakar, be-wafa* 
Hollow, s. khokh, phonk, garha. 
Holocaust, 8. sokhta, qurban. 
Holy, a. pak, parsa, muqaddas. 
Holy-Ghost, s. Buh-ul-quds. 
Holy-writ, s. kitab-i-muqaddas. 
Homage, s. farman-bardari, itaat, baiat, 

Home, 8, apna ghar, makan, watn, mulk. 
Homedy, a. sada, natarashida, benazakat. 
Home-made, a. khanaji, khanasaz, desi. 
Homicide, 8, mardum-kush ya kushi. 
Homogeneous, a. ham-jins, eks^n, mu- 
Hone, 8. pathri, sili. [wafiq. 

Honest, a. rastbaz, diy6nat-dar, salih, 

sadiq, sachcha. 
Honestly, ad, rasti-se, saJihana, sahqan. 
Honesty, s. r^sti, diyanat, 8idq,sachchai. 
Honey, s. shahd, asal, madh, [khana. 
Honeycomb, s. chatta, shan, shahd- 
Honour, s. abru, hurmat, jzzat, azmat, 

buzurgij rasti. 
Honour, v. |zzat d. muatabar r. 
Honourable, a. sahib-i-izzat, muhtaram^ 

dbrd-dar, sadiq. 
Honorary, a. jzzat-bakhsh, fakhira. 
Hood, «. kulah, sarposh, urhni. 
Hoof, 8. sum, khur, nal. 
Hook, 8, ankfai, qullab, kantiyi, bansi. 
Hoop, 8. knndli, ghera, haJqa. 
Hoot, 8. shor, gul, tali. 
Hop, «. kud, kudak j qism-i-daralpht. 
Hop, V. phudakna, kudakna, langrana. 
Hope, s. ummed, asa, asra, tawaqq^. 
Hopefol, a, ummedwar, mutawaqqi, 

Hopeless, a. na-ummed, mayus, lachar* 


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Horde, s. nrdu ; tiiifa, guroh. 
Horizon, s. ufuq, kinarasi-asman. 
Horizontally, ad. dar tariq-i-musawi, 

zamin-ki barabar. 
Horn, s. sing, shakh, qam. 
Homed, a. sing-dar, shakh-dar. 
Hornet, s, bimi, zambfir. 
Horologe, 8. ghari, saat-numa. 
Horoscope, s. akhtar, bnrj-i-t41i, zaicha. 
Horrible, 1 a.haiil-nak,liaibat-nak,wah- 
Horrid, > shat, angez, makruh. 
Horror, s. haibat, haul, wahshat, nafrat. 
Horse, s. ghoya, asp. 
Horseback, s, ghoye-par sawar. 
Horsebreaker, s. chdbuk - sawar. [farosh. 
Horse-dealer, s, ghore-ki saudagar, asp- 
Horse-doctor, s. salotri, charpdyon-ka 
Horseman, s. sawar, shaJi-sawar.[tabib. 
Horse-race, s, ghnr-dauf, taz. 
Horse-radish, s. sahajna-ki jaf. 
Horseshoe, s. nal. 

Horticulture, s. bag-banf, tn&li-garl. 
Hose, s. moze, jurrab, pa-taba. 
Hosier, s. moze-farosh, jurrab-gar. 
Hospitable, a. mihman-dar ya parwar, 

Hospital, s, bimar-kh&na, darush-shifa. 
Hospitality, s. mihman-dari, parwari, 

mezbani, ziyafat. [khana. 

Host, s. mihmand^r, mezban, sahib'i- 
Hostage, s. ol, yargamal, ka^l. 
Hostess, s. kadbanu, mihmandar zan. 
Hostile, a. mnkhalif, dushmani, harbi. 
Hostility, s. mukhalafat, dushmani, ada- 

wat, lafaf. 
Hot, a. garm, tabdar, tez, dtashi ; mast^ 
Hotel, s. Angrezi sarae. 
Hound, s. shikari-kutta. 
Hour, s. ghori, saat, ghanta. 
Hourglass, s. shisha-i-saat, shisha-i-reg. 
Hourly, a. har ghayi, har saat, dafatan. 
House, s. ghar, makan, haweli, khana. 

kothi ; gharana,khandan,nasl ; majlis. 
Housebreaker, s. sendhiya, sendh-chor. 
Household, s, ghardna, f handan. 
Housekeeping, s. khanadari, nafaqa. 
Houserent, s. ghar-ka kiraya. 
Housewife; s» kadbanu, zau-i-khana dar. 

Housewifery, s, khinadari, girhasti. 
Hovel, s. jhompfa, kothi. 
Hover, v. para-phirn6, thahar-rahnfi. 
How, ad. kaisi, kis-tarah, kyunkar, chi- 

guna ? ftisparbhi. 

However, ad. wa-lekin, magar, tobhi. 
Howl, V. bhaunkna, pukama, walwala k. 
Hubbub, s. gulgul, gaugd, hank-pukar, 

Hue, s. rang, gun ; hank-pukar, shorguL 
Hug, V. chhati lag^n^, bagal-men lena. 
Huge, a. bafa, kalan, azim. 

Hull ' ( ^* j^*^^"^^ kothi yi khol. 
Hum, V. gungun&nH, bhinbhin^n^. 
Human, a. insani, bashari, admi-ka. 
Humane, a. dardmand, rahm dil, halim. 
Humanity, 8, admiyat, insaniy^t ; nami- 

dili, dardmandf . [khaksar. 

Humble, a. garib, miskin, farotan. 
Humble, v. nicha k. past k. farotan r, 

tahqir k. halim k. 
Humble-bee, s. ali, madhukar, zambura. 
Humbly, ad, garibana, farotani-se, ijizi- 
Humid, a, nam, tar, abi, martub, sila.[se. 
Humidity, s, nami, tari, rutubat, tara- 

wat, sil. 
Humiliation, s, farotani, wazaat, zaraat. 
Humility, s. inkis^ri, khak-sari, garibf, 

dabao. [tifa-go. 

Humorous, a. tha^hol, khdsh-taba, la- 
Humour, 8. ras, tari, ab, khilt; mizaj, 

kho ; bazla, latif, thathe-bazi. [zi r. 
Humour, v, khatir r. nazbardari k. mar- 
Hump, s. kuza, kubfai, kohan. 
Hump-backed, o. kuza-pusht, kubra, 

Hundred, a. sau, sad ; pargana. 
Hunger, s. bhukh, gursanagi, ishtih6. 
Hungry, a. bhukha, gursana. 
Hunt, V. shikar k. said k. j ^hundhna. 
Hunt, s. shikar, said. 
Hunter, s. shikari, saiyad. 
Hurl, V. zor-se phenkna, gira-dena. 
Hurrah,mt. jaijaikar,afrin sad afrin,8ha- 
Hurricane,s. andhi, tufan, girdban. [bash. 
Hurry, s. jaldi, shitabi, tagapu, haybayi. 
Hurt, 8. chot, za^hm, ziyan, zarar. 


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Hurt, V. chot d. zakhm d. nnqsan k, 
Hurtfiil, a. muzirr, ziyankdr, nuqsdni, 

zabun. [zauj. 

Husband, s. khasam. shauhar, khawind, 
Husbandman, s, kisan, kishtkltr, mazari, 

Husbandly, 8. kisnai, kishtkari, ziraat. 
Hush, mt. chup ! khamosh ! 
Husk, s. cUiilka, bakla, post, bbusi. 
Hut, s, jhompr^, chhappar, kulba. 
Hyacinth, s. sumbal-i-hindi ; asman-jd- 

ni, qism-i-jauhar. 
Hydraulics, s. jlm-i-abrawani. 
Hydrometer, s. ab-i-paimana. 
Hydrophobia, s, nafrin-i-ab (qism-i-ma- 

Hyena, s. charg, kaftar, lak^a. 
Hymn, s. ilahi sarod, munqabat. 
Hypocrisy, s. riya, riyakdri, makr, s&lus. 
Hypocrite, s. ") riyakar, makkar, mu- 
Hypocritical, a. ) rai, makr-dmez. 
Hypothesis, s, qiy&s, andaza. 


I, p, main, main ap. 
Ice, s. barf, yakh. 

Ideals, l^hiy^l, wahm, tasauwur, samajh. 
Ideal, a, l^hiyali, wahmi, mutasauwar. 
Identity, s. eksani, mutabaqat. 
Idiom, s. muhawara, rozmarra, istilah. 
Idiot, s, abla, ahmaq, gaodi. [da, harza. 
Idle, a. sust, kahil, bekar, majhul, behu- 
Idleness, s. susti, kahili, majhuli, bekari. 
Idol, s. but, sanam, murat. 
Idolater, s. but-parast, mushrik. 
Idolatry, s. but-parasti, (badat-i-sanam. 
Idolize, V. pdjna, aziz janna, mahbub r. 
If, c. agar, gar, jo, go. 
Ignis-fatuus, s. phhaldwa. 
Ignite, V. ag lagana, jaldnd ; jalna. [la. 
Ignoble, a. bad-asl, kamina, najins, riza- 
Ignominious, a. ruswa, badnam, qabih, 

Ignominy, s, ruswai, badnami, fazihat. 
Ignorance, s. nadani, jahalat, bewaquft. 
Ignorant, a. nadan, jahil, bewaquf. [ne. 
Ignorantly, ad, nadanista, jahilana, aiy a- 

111, a. bura, bad, kharab, zabdn j bim^r, 

nasaz. , [rust. 

Illegal, a. khilaf-i-shara, haram, nadn- 
lUegally, ad. shara-ki barkhilafi-se, na- 

Hlegible, o. na-khwandani, bad-khatt. 
Illegitimacy, s. haram-zadagi, bad-asli. 
Illegitimate, a. har^mzdda, bad-asl, wa- 

ni-favoured, a. zisht-ru, bad-surat. 
Illiberal, a. tang-dast, be-faiz ; hila-baz. 
Illicit, a. haram, nd-rawa, na-jaiz. 
Illiterate, a. na-khwanda, jahil, nddan. 
Ill-nature, «. bad-khoi-khaslat, nihadi- 

batini. [b^tin. 

Hl-natured, a. bad kho-miyaj, nihad- 
lUness, s, bimari, maraz, azar ; kharabi. 
Hl-timed, a. be-mauqa, be-waqt-ka. 
lUude, V, banana, bhulana, chhalna, 

fareb d. [farog, 

niumination, s. tanwlr, tajallf, roshni, 
Illuminator, s. tajaHi-kar, afrozinda, nur- 

Illuminate, ") roshan k. munauwar k. 
Illumine, ) * ujala k. 
Illusion, 8. dhokha, chhal, fareb, khiyal. 
Illusive, a. surat-haram, khiydli, rang- 

Illustrate, v. tafsfr k. wdzih k. bayan k. 
Illustration, s. tafsir, tauzih, bayan, tabir. 
Illustrative, a. mubaiyan, musharrih. 
Illustrious, a. namwar, ndmi, mum'taz, 

buzurgwar. [nam. 

Image, s. murat, nig^r, shakl, but, sa- 
Imaginable, a. qiy^s-o-guman-ke qabil, 

Imaginary, a. khiyall, gumfini, wahmi. 
Imagination, s. J^hiyal, qiyas, wahm, gu- 

miin, tasauwar. [samajhna. 

Imagine, v. khiyal k. qiy^s k. guman k. 
Imbecility, 8. natawani, zilf, kam-zihni, 

kam-aqli. [biil k. 

Imbibe, v. pi-len4, sokhna, jazb k. qa- 
Imbitter, v. talkh k. kaywa k. ranjida k. 
Imbolden, v. diler k. himmat d. 
Imbrue, v. bhigona, dubona, aluda k. 
Imbue, V. rangna, rachana, rangin k. 


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Iinitable,a. q4bil-i-taql(d, tatabb^^paztr. 
Imitate, v. pairawi k. tatabby k. taqb'd k. 
Imitation,8.pairaw) , tatabb\i, taqlid,naql. 
Imitator, s. n&qii, matatabbj, pairan. 
Immacnlate, a. be aib, be-jirm, pak, sdf. 
Immaterial, a. mujarrad, bewajud, gair- 

m&ddi ; n6-muzaiqa, be-qadr. 
Immatm^, a. kachcha, ^ham, na-pnkht, 

na-rasida, be-waqt. [sidagi. 

Immatmdty, s. kachch^i, khlbni, na-ra- 
Immeasnrable, a. bo-andaza, be-hadd, 

Immediate, a. qarib, bilfial, filfaiir.[h&l. 
Immediately, ad. abhi, fanran, tnrt, dar- 
ImmemoriaJ, a. yad-se bahar, qadim, 

sabiq. [payan. 

Immense, a. be-nihayat, be-qiy«s, be- 
Immensely, ad. nihiyat, hadd-se ziydda, 

ba-kasrat. [be-qiyasi. 

Immensity, s. be-nih6yati, be-paynnf, 
Immerge, ^ 4u1^^ii^> Sf^rq k. gota di- 
Immerse, j * lana. 
Immersion, s. garq, gota, dabkf. 
Immethodical, a. be-intizdm, be-nslub, 

be-taur, be-danl. 
Imminent, a. nazdik, qarib, mnshrif. 
Immoderate, a. be-andaza, be-hadd, ni- 

hdyat. [chashm. 

Immodest, a. be-haiyd, be-sharm, shokh- 
Immodesty, s. be-hij«bi, be-haiyai. 
Immolate, u. qurbiini k. zabh k, fida k. 
Immoral, a. bad-kird^, bad-waza, bura, 

zabun. [buni. 

Immorality, s. bad-kari, badi, bnrdi, za- 
Immortal, a. be-marg, la-zawdl, baqi, 

Immortality, 8. haiyat-i-jawidani, baqa. 
Immortalize, v. nimawar k. namd^ k. 

baqi r. [wan. 

Immoveable, a. qaim, mnstaqill, na-ra- 
Inmmnity, s. mnafi, makhlasi, rihai, aza- 
Immure, v. gherna, band k. qaid k. [di. 
liumntability,, sabat, ek hali. 
Immutable, a. be-tabdil, be-tagir, ek bal. 
Impair, v. gha^and, kam k. biga^rna, 

nnqsan k. [dena, bakhshna. 

Impart, v. kahnfi, batlana, samjhana ; 
Impartial, a. idil, mnnsif^ be-garaz, sadiq. 

Impartiality, s. adl, insif, be-tarafdin, 
Impassable, a. be-gazara, band, [r^sti. 
Impatience, s, be-sabri, be-istiql^li, tez- 

miznji. [mizaj- 

Impatient, a. be-sabr, be-istiqUl, tez. 
Impeach, v. barlonad k. nnlish k. 
Impeachment, s. bardmad, nflish, dawa. 
Impede, v, atkdni, rokn&, mnzahimat k. 
Impediment, s. afkao, rok, mnzahimat ; 

Impel, V. chalan6, danrdnl, dhakiy&nH. 
Impend, v. latak rahnii, mnshrif h. qarib 

h. nazdik pahnnchnd. 
Impending, a. qarib nazdik, mnshrif. 
Impenetrable, a. nd-dn^hul-pazir, be- 

gnzara. [gair-nadamat. 

Impenitent, a. be-tanba, be-paahimani. 
Imperative, a. farmai, hnkdmati ; amr. 
Imperceptible, ; na-mahs^s, 

dhiste ahiste. [qis. 

Imperfect, a. na-tamdm, nli-k4mil, na- 
Imperfection, s. aib, qnsur, kami, naqs. 
Imperial, a. badshahi, shahanshahi snl- 

tanl. [z«lim. 

Imperious, a. hnkumatf, mntakabbir, 
Imperishable, a. la-zawal, na-mnrdani, 

Impersonal, a. fial-i-befai, amr-i-gaib. 
Impertinence, 8» be-adabi, gnst&khf, 

magrai. [harza, be-huda. ' 

Impertinent, a. be-adab, gastakh, magra ; 
Impertinently, ad. gnstakhi-se, be-adabi- 
Impervions, a, be-guzara, band. [se. 
Impetnosity, s. tezi, tnndi, garmi, shid- 

dat, galba. [galib. 

Impetuous, a. tez, tund, garm, shadid, 
Impetus, s. tezrawi, zor, quwat. 
Impiety, s. be-dini, ilhnd, kufr. 
Impious, a. be-din, mulhid, kafir, zindiq. 
Implacable, a. be-rahm, sang-dil, sakht- 
Implant, v. ropna, lagana, rakhna. [dil. 
Implement, s. hathyar, alat, auzar, sa- 

Implicate, v. phasdna, giriflar k. pech k. 
Implicit, a. tamam, kamil ; mafhum, 

muradi. [uzr. 

Implicitly, ad. kdmilana, tam^man, bila* 
Implore, v. dua k. iltija k. luinnat k. 


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Imply, V. mftni r. murid r. dalalat k. 

Impolitic, a. na-maqul, ni-munasib. 
Import, s. maqsad, mazmun, mani ; am- 

dani ; girani, qadr, mnzaiqa. 
Import, V. saudagari mdl mulk-men la- 

na ; batlana, mani r. dalalat k. 
Importance, s. girani, qadr, mnzaiqa, 

zarurat. [bapa, azim. 

Important, a. bhiri, gir^, mnhimm. 
Importunate, a. mutsbqazi, muqtazi, min- 

nat-kar, bajidd. [pafna. 

Importune, v. taqaza k. minnat k. pichhe 
Importunity, s. taqa^ minnat, jidd, ta- 

Impose, V. sompna, bandhna, rakhna, 

lagana, chafhana ; — on, dihokha d. 

fareb d. chhalna. 
Imposition, s, rakhna, lagana, taklif, khi- 

raj ; dhokha, fareb. [kini. 

Impossibility, s. gair-imk^n, na-mnm- 
Impossible, a. gair-mumkin, n4-honi. 
Impost, s. mahs^l, khiraj. [mnhal. 

Imposthume, s, dabil, dumbal, phofa. 
Impostor, s, makkar, hila-baz, farebi. 
Imposoire, s. fareb, talbis, hila, daga. 
Impotence, s. na-tawani, be-maqduri; 

na-mardi. [namard. 

Impotent, a. nitawan, be-maqdur, zaif ; 
Impoverish, v. faqir k. garib k. [muhal. 
Impracticable, a. na-s^htani, anhona. 
Imprecate, v. bad-dua k. kosna, lanat k. 
Imprecation, s. bad-dua, lanat, nafrin. 
Impregnable, a. mania, na-mumkin-i- 

taskhir, [k. 

^mpragnate, v. hamila k. bardar k. bhar 
Impress, v. nishan k. asar k. khatir na- 

shin k. Bu^hra pakafna. [khiyal. 

Impression, *. naqsh^ chhapi, asar, tasir ; 
Impressive, a. khatir-nashin, muassir, 

asar-gar. [k. 

Imprint, v. chhapna, naqsh k. dilnashm 
Imprison, v. qaid k. mahbus k. band k. 
Imprisonment, s. qaid, bandi. [quH. 
Improbability, s. adam-ihtimal, ni-ma- 
Improbable, a. aql-se, dur, gair-mUqul, 

khilaf-i-qiyas. [saza. 

Improper, a. ua-munasib, ua-shaista, na- 

Impropriety, s. na-shaistagi, na-maqoli, 

na-mnnasibat. [qi d. 

Improve, v, bihtar k. khubtar k. taraq- 
Improvement, s. bihtari, taraqqi, du- 

msti, islah. [be-tadbir. 

Improvident^ a. kot&h-andesh, be-tamiz,. 
Impradent, a. be-lihaz, be-tadbir, gafil, 

be-khabar. [sharmi, be-adabi.. 

Impudence, s/ gnstakhi, be-hayai, be- 
Impudent,a. gnstal^h, be-haya, be-sharm, 

be-adab. [tasir. 

Impulse, 8, dhakka, harakat, zor, asar. 
Impulsive, a. muharrik, chaldo, zor-d4r. 
Impunity, s. be-sazai, be-siyasati, be- 

aqubati. [najis. . 

Impure, a. na-p4k, na-saf, palid, dluda. 
Impurity, s. na-paki, na-safai aludagi, 

najasat. [buht^n. 

Imputation, s. lagao, ihtimal, tuhmat. 
Imputative, a. ihtimal-pazir, qabil-i- 

Impute, V. Isug&ni, ihtimal k. mansub k. 
In, pr. men, bhitar, andar, bich ; ko. 
Inability, s. na-taw4ni, n4-t4qati, na-qab- 

liyat, tangdasti. [wasl. 

Inaccessible, a. be-guzara, mumtana-ul- 
Inaccuraoy, s. galati, na-sihhat, chuk. 
Inactive, a. sust, be-shngl, majhul, kihil. 
Inadequate, a. gair-kafi, kam ; qasir, na- 

laiq, na-qabil. 
Inadmissible, a. n^-masmua, na-qabul. 
Inadvertence, ") gaflat, be-khabari, 
Inadvertency, ) * bhul. 
Inadvertent, a gafil, be-]^habar, kabil. 
Inadvertently, ad. gaflat-se, bhulkar, 

Inalienable, a. apne tasarruf-se dusre-ko 

dene-ke na-q4bil. 
Inane, a. khili, tihi, behuda. 
Inanimate, a. be-jan, afsurda, murda. 
Inanity, s. ^hulu, khala, behudagi. 
Inapplicable, a. na-muwifiq, gair-muta- 

biq, na-munasib. [luknati. 

Inarticulate, a. talaffuz-men na-khulasa, 
Inartificial, a. n^-masnua, be-sakhta, be- 

tarkib, bhol6. 
Inasmuch aS; zir&-ki, isw^stC; kyugkar. 


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Inattention, s. gafili, be-khabari, be- 

parwai. [wa. 

Inattentive; a. gafil, be-khabar, be-par- 
Inaudible, a. na-masmua, n^-siind jawe. 
Inaugurate, t;.baithalna,julus d. taqdis k. 
Inauguration, s. julus, taqdis. 
Inauspicious, a, na-masud, manhus, bad- 

bakht, na-mubarak. [muatabar. 

Inauthentic, a. na-sahih, na-sdbit, na- 
Incalculable, a. be-hisab, be-shumar. 
Incantation, s. afsun, jadu, mantar. 
Incapable » a. na-qabil, na-laiq, be-maq- 

dur, qasir. [nd-laiq k. 

Incapacitate, v, ni-qihH k. be-maqdur k. 
Incapacity, s. ni-q^bliyat, na-rasai. 
Incarnate, a. mujassam, zi-jism, akari. 
Incarnation, s. tajassum, jismgiri, autar. 
Incautious, a. be-ihtiy^t, be-tadbir, be- 

Incendiary, s. iitash-afroz, fitna-angez. 
Incense, s. loban, ud, bakhur. [chhef . 
Incense, v. khafa k. khasham-n&|: k. 
Incentive, a. mnharrik, targib, bajs. 
Incessant, a. mutaw^tir, lagitar, daim. 
Incest, s, zin^knri ba ^hweshan. 
Incestuous, a. zinak^r ba ^wesh4n. 
Inch, s, tassu, angul. [sarguzasht. 

Incident, s. hadisa, waqia, ittifnq, majara. 
Incidental, a. ittifaqi, nagahani, arizi. 
Incipient, a. mubtcwii, ibtida-k^r. 
Incision, s. chira, zakhm, burrish, kat. 
Incite, V. targib d. tahrik d. uthana. 
Incitement, s. targib, tahrfk, tahris, garz, 

bajs. [a^hlaqi. 

Incivility, s. be-muruwati, be-adabi, bad- 
Inclemency, s. be-rahmi, durushtl, sakh- 

ti, tundi. [tund, shadid. 

Inclement, a. be-rahm, be-dard, salpht> 
Inclinable, a. mjiil, ragib, mihrbkn. 
Inclination, s. mail, mnilanj ragbat, 

](^hwahish, drzu, shauq. [k. 

Incline, v. mail h. mail k. jhukna, irada 
Include, v, shamil k. muhit k. dakhfl k. 
Included, a. mundaraj, mushtamal.[liu6. 
Incognito, ad. poshida, makhfi, chhipi- 
Incoherent, a. be-huda, be-m^ni, gair- 

Xncome, s. amdaui, madakhil, h^sil* 

Incommode, v. iasdi d. iz^ d. taklff d. 
Incommunicable,a. na-guftani,n a.ka^a . 
Incomparable, a. be-nazir, be-misal, la- 

s^ni. [nasib. 

Incompatible, a, mutariz, l^hilaf, na-mu- 
Incompetency, 8, ua-laiqi, na.qabliyat» 

be-maqdun. [nasib. 

Incompetent, a. n^laiq, n^-qabil, na-mu- 
Incomplete,, na-kamil, naqis. 
Incomprehensible, ) a. be-qiyas, gair- 
Inconceivable, j mafhum,gair-mut- 

asauwar, samajh-se bahar. 
Inconclusive, a. gair-qati, be-sabit, naqis. 
Incongruity, s, na-muwifaqat, mul^ha- 

Incongruous, a, n£-muwafiq, khilaf, zidd. 
Inconsiderable, a. na-chiz, thofa, kam. 

tar; be-qadr. [be-ihtiyat. 

Inconsiderate, a. be-taammul, be-lihaz, 
Inconsistency, 8. na-sazkari, na-muwa- 

faqat, mukhalafat. 
Inconsistent, a, ^na«muw4fiq, na-muna- 

sib, mu^halif. 
Inconsolable, a. n&-taskm-pazir, gair- 

mutasalli, gamgin. [talauwan. 

Inconstancy, s, na-paedari, be-qarati, 
Inconstant,, beqar^, bewafa, 
Incontinence, \s. bad-parhezi, be-is 
Incontinency, J mati. ^ 

Incontinent, a. bad-parhez, be-jsmat, 

shol^h. [takrar. 

Incontrovertible, a. liUkalam, sabit, be 
Inconvenience, s, na-muwafiqat, taklif^ 

tasd|. [sib, diqq-dar. 

Inconvenient, a. naonuw&q, na-munar 
Incorporate, v. jama k. miJina, makh- 

lut k. amez k. [jism. 

Incorporeal, a, na-tandiir, mujarrad, be> 
Incorrect, a. na-sahlh, na-durust, galat. 
Incorrigible, a. ni-islah-pazir, la-il4j, 

shadid, sharir. [bah, salih. 

Incorruptible, a. gair-fani, n4-qabil-i-tar 
Incorruption, Is. adam-i-fani, na-s4r 
Incorruptness, j rahat ; saJ^h, sadagi, 

pakfzagl, tahdrat. 
Increase, v. bafhxui, bafhani^ ziy^da k. 



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Increase, s, barhtf, taraqqi, ziy&dati. 
Incredibility, s. na-maquli, be-ihtimali. 
Incredible, a. gair-muatabar, be-ftibar. 
Incredulity, s. be-itiqadi, be-jtibari. 
Incrust, V. lepna, lesna, poshida k. 
Incubation, s. sewna, ande-par baithna. 
Inculcate, v. sikhlana, nasihat k. takid k. 
Incumbent, a. wajib, lazim, zurur. 
Incur, V. sazawar h. uthana, lag^nd. 
Incurable, a. la-jlaj, be-daw^, be-chara. 
Incursion, s. takht-o-taraj, hamla, yurish. 
Indebted, a. qaraz-dar, doin-dar ; ihsan- 

Indecent, a. be-adab, na-shaista, fahish. 
Indecision, s. be-istiqlali, uthabaithi. 
Indecisiye,,be-isti}ikam ; n£- 
Indeclinable, a. be-tasrif. [tamam. 

Indecorous, a. be-adab, na-shaista, na- 

maqul. [sach. 

Indeed, ad, fil-haqiqat, fil-waqi, albatta. 
Indefatigable, a. na-manda, mihnati. 
Indefinite, a. na-muqarrar, gair-muaiyan. 
Indefensible, a. mumtana-ul-uar, be-uzr. 
Indelible, a. gair-mahu, jigari. 
Indelicate, a. na-sh^sta,na pak, be-lihaz. 
Indemnity, s, jwaz-i-nuqsan, tawan, ba- 

chao. [nama. 

Indenture,s. ahd-n&ma, iqrar-n6ma, qaul- 
Independence, s. istiqlal, mukhtari, be- 

niyazi, khud-sari. 
Independent, a. mustaqil, khud-mukhtar, 

azad ; be-nisbat, gair-mntaaliq. 
Indescribable, a. la-bayan, gair-qabil-i- 

bayan. [ul-fana, qaim. 

Indestructible, a. la-zawdl, na-mumkin- 
Index, s. numa, dalil, fihrist, sar-i-daftar. 
India, s. Hind, Hindustan. 
Indian-corn, s. bajra, bhutta, jo6r.[i'a k. 
Indicate,v.batlana, batana,d£d^at k. isha- 
Indication, s. dalalat, dalil, ishara, izhar. 
Indicative, a. mushir, khabari, batane-w. 
Indict, V. tnhmat d. dawai k. nalish k. 
Indifference,, be-garazi ; be- 

muhabbat. [bain. 

Indifferent, a. be-parwa, be-garaz ; bain- 
Indifferently,a(«se -, sarasari ; 


Indigence, s. muflisi, tang-dasti, faqfri. 
Indigent, a. muflis, be-nawa, gaiib, faqir. 
Indigestible, a. mumtana-ul-hazm, saqil. 
Indigestion, s. bad-hazmi, na-gawara. 
Indignant, a. gazabnak, khashmnak, gus- 
Indignation, s» gazab, khashra, qahr. [se. 
Indignity, s. khiffat, subuki, ihanat, fa- 
Indigo, s. nil, wasma. [zfhat. 
Indirect, a. na*rast, ni-durust, na-saf, 

Indirectly, ad. pherphar-ae, isharatan. 
Indiscernible, a. be-namud, na-huwaida, 

gair-ashkar. [bir. 

Indiscreet, a. be-tamiz, be-lihaz, be-tad- 
IndiscretioUjS. be-imtiyazi, be-lihazi, be- 

tadbiri. [thahrao, umumi. 

Indiscriminate, a. be-farq, be-fasl, be- 
Indiscriminately, ad. be-tafiriqi-se, umu- 

man, sab-ko. [darkar. 

Indispensable, a. lazim, wajib, zarur. 
Indisposed, a. na-saz, alii, bim^; na- 

j^hdsh, na-raz. 
Indisposition, s. nd-sazi, bimari, na-razi. 
Indisputable, a. yaqmi, sarih, sach, be- 

Indissoluble, a. mumtana-ul-infikik, na- 

qabil-i-tafriq, sakht. 
Indistinct, a. na-saf, muzabzab, gol-gol. 
Indite, v. ibarat, likhwana, farmana. 
Individual, s. shakhs, fard, kas, admi. 
Individual, a. mufrid, alag. 
Individuality, s. fardiyat, ahdiyat, tanhai. 
Indivisible, a. gair-tatrik-pazir, na-mum- 

kin-ut-taqsim. [lai. 

Indolence, s. susti, kahili, majhuli, dhi- 
Indolent, a. sust, kahil, majhul, dhila. 
Indubitable, a. be-shakk, be-shubha, la- 

kaldm, be-guman. 
Induce, v, targib d. tahris d. tahrik k. 
Inducement, s. targib, tahris, matlab, 

sabab. [bakhshna. 

Indulge, V. mihrbani k. khatir-nawaz k. 
Indulgent, a. mihrban, shafiq, khatii'- 

Indurate, v. sakht k. kara k. sang-dil k. 
Industrious, a. mihnati, jahid, kamkaji. 


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industry, 5. mihnat, sai, mashaqqat, ko- 

Inebriate, V. mast k. madhosh k. matwa- 
Ineffable, a na-gaftani, be-bayan. [la k. 
Ineffective, "^,be-tasir,batil, 
Ineffectual, > na-kati,gair-mutassir, 
Inefficacious, j la-hasil, na-karsaz. 
Inelegant, a. be-lutf, na-zeba, na-maqul. 
Inequality, s. na-hamwari, unch-nich; 

farq, tafawat. 
Inert, a. snst, kahil, majhul ; be-tasfr. 
Inestimable, a. be-baha, besh-qimat, gi- 

Inevitable, a, mumtana-i-ijtinab, muqar- 

rar, kbwah, na-khwah. 
Inexcusable, a, na-uzr-pazir, la-jawab, 

na-mumkin-ul-afu , 
Inexhaustible, a. gair-sarf, be-nihayat. 
Inexpedient, a, na-munasib, na-laiq, beja. 
Inexperience, s. na-azmiida-kari, na-taj- 

riba^kari, kachapan. 
Inexperienced, a. na azmiida-kar, na- 

tajriba-kar, kacha, anari. 
Inexpert, a. na-dastkar, no-waqif, anari. 
Inexplicable, a. na-qabil-i-bayan, la-ba- 

yan, bila-t^bir. 
Inexpressible, a. na-guftani, be-bayan, 

mumtana-ul-izhar. [bujhne-jog. 

Inextinguishable, a. mumtana ul-itft , na- 
Inextrioable, a. pech-dar-pech, na-hall- 

pazir, mumtana-i-riha. [ki. 

Infallibility, s. be-khatai, be.galatf,achu- 
Infallible, a. be-khata, sahih, achuk. 
Infamous, a. badnam, ruswa, mayub, 

fazih. [fazihati. 

Infamy, s. badnami, ruswai, be-abrui. 
Infancy, s. bach-pan, tufdliyat, tifli, lay- 
Infant, 8. bachcha, tifl, layka. [kapan. 
Infanticide, s. bachcha^'kushi. 
Infantile, a. tifl-asa, tiflana, layka-sa. 
Infantry, s. paidal, piyade. 
Infatuate, v, di wana k . behosh k . f arefta k. 
Infatuated, a. diwana, bewaquf, farefta. 
Infatuation, s. diwanagi, be-waqufi, fa- 
reftagi. [kharab k. 

Infect, V. sir^yat k. 41aish k. aluda k. 
Infectious; a. sari; chhutiha, phailau. 

Infer, v. tazwiz k. daldlat k. natija r. 
samajhna. [tija-se. 

Inferable, a. muntij, qabil i-istidal, na- 
Inference, s. natija, qiyas, hasil, bar- 
award, [tar, nicha. 
Inferior, a. ohhota, adna, kamtar, faro- 
Inferiority, s. chhotai, kamtari, farotari, 

Infernal, a. dozakhi, jahannami, shaitani. 
Infest, V. satana, iza d. harakat d. 
Infidel, s. kafir, be-din, mushrik. 
Infidelity, s. kufr, be-dini, shirk ; khiya- 
nati; haramkari. [be-payan. 

Infinite,, be-intiha, be-hadd. 
Infinitive, a. masdar, ism-i-masdar. 
Infinity, s. be-intihai, be-nihayati, be- 

haddi, be-payani. 
Infirm, a. na-tawan, kamzor, zaif, sust. 
Infinnary, s. bimar-khana. 
Infirmity, s, na-tawanf, kamzori, zuaf. 
Inflame, v. jalana, sulgana, garm k. ga« 

zabnak k. sozan k. 
Inflammable, a. jalan-har, sokhtani. 
Inflammatory, s. sozinda, muhriq, garm. 
Inflate, v. phulana, nafkh k. phunkna. 
Iliflect,i;.nawana, jhukana, tasrif k . gard k. 
Inflection, s. jiiukao ; tasrif, tasarruf. 
Inflexibility, s. sakhfci, karakhtagi, karaf, 
m'agrai. [magra. 

Inflexible, a, sakht, karakht, sarkash. 
Inflict, V. sazd d. uqubat k. tazib k. 
Infliction, s. uqubat-sazi, lagao, saza. 
Inflictive, a. saza-dih, uqubat-saz. 
Influence, v. asar k. tasir k. muharrik h. 
Influence, s. asar, tasir, zor, hukm, igwa. 
Influx, s. bahao, jiriyanij dukhul, dar- 
amad. [tana. 

Inform, v. IkJiabar d. ittila k. agah k. ja- 
Informant, s. ittila dene-wala, khabar- 

dihinda, mukhbir. 
Information, s. khabar, ittil^, agaW. 
Informer, s. khabar-dahinda ; nammamj 

gammaz, goinda. v 

Infraction, s. faskh, shikast, shikani. 
Infringe, v. toyna, faskh k. shikasta k. 
Infringement, s, iaakh, shikasfc^ shikaui, 


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InftiBe, V. dflnfi, dil-men ^WOni ; bhigonl 
Ingenious, a. zaki, zirak, tei-fahm, hu- 

narmand. [mat, hnnar. 

Ingenuity, ». zirakf, zatawat, firasat, hik- 
Ingenuous, a. rast, sdf dil, sadiq, ^halis. 
Inglorionfl, a. be-nam, be-jzzat, haqir, 
Ingot, s. sone yi chandi k4 fait, [khafif. 
Ingraft, v. paiwand lagana, jamana. 
Ingrate,a.namak-harani, nashukr-gnzar. 
Ingratiate, v. dil-men dukhl k. ^iz k. 

mnhabbat r. ^ [be-wafai. 

Ingredient, s. jnz, masalah. 
Ingress, ) dnkhul, mudakhalat, 

Ingression, > ' daramad, guzara. 
Ingulf, V. girdab-men duband ya dalna. 
Inhabit, v. rahna, baana, sukunat k. is- 

tiqtoat k. [mat. 

Inhabitable, a. rahne-Uiq, qabil-i-istiqa- 
Inhabitant, s. rahne-w. bashinda, sakin. 
Inhale, v, dam 1. hawa-ke sath khinoh 1, 
Inherent, a. zati, Vhilqi,aali, jibilli, tabai. 
Inherit, v, miris lena, irs lena, waris h. 
Inheritance, s. irs, miras, wirasat, warsa. 
Inheritor, 8. waris, miras-khor ya gir. 
Inhospitable, a, na-mihmdndar, be-mu- 

dard, be-faiz. [wat. 

Inhuman, a. be-dard, be-tars, be-muru- 
Inhumataity, «. be-dardi, sang dih, be- 

Inimical, a. muVhilif, dushmani, muzirr. 
Inimitable, a. be-misl, be-nuzir, mum- 

tana-i-taql(d. [bad, bura. 

Iniquitous, a. be-dad, be-insaf, na-haqq. 
Iniquity, s. be-insafi, zulm, badi, burdi, 

aib. [tidai. 

Initial, a. pahla, auwal, muqaddam, ib- 
Initiate, v, dakhil k. darlana, sikhlana, 

agiz karana. [i-mansub. 

Initiatory, a. ibtida-ka, shur^-ka, dakhl- 
Inject, V, dahia, bhitar phenkna, pich- 

kari mama. 
Injection, s. dar-andazi, idkhal ; huqna. 
Injudicious, a. bo-basirat, be-shu^r, be- 

Injunction, s. hukm, farmin, amr, takid. 
Injure, v. nuqsan pahonchan^ ziyan k. 

zaXui k. 

78 INS 

Injurious, a, muzir, ranj-saz, z&lim ; t4n- 

Injury, s. nuqsln,ziyan,Eulm,izd, khalal. 
Injustice, s. be-insafi, na-haqq, zulm. 
Ink, s. siyahi, roshnai ; sm-l^i, shangarf. 
Inkstand, s, dawat, qalam-dan. 
Inlaid, a. jarao, murassa, munabbat. 
Inland, a. darya-se dur, bhitarw&r. [k. 
Inlay, v. jarua, qalamkari k. munabbat 
Inlet, s. guzar, mad^hal ; khaf i, khal. 
Inmate, s. ham-^h4na, ham-makan. 
Inn, 8, sarae, manzil-gah, musafir-khana. 
Innate, a. zati, tatsai, khilqi, jibilli, asli. 
Inner, a. bhitari, andaruni. 
Innermost, a, sab-se bhitari, darani. 
Innkeeper, 8, bhathiyard, sahib-i-sarae. 
Innocence, s, be-gunahi, be-jurmf, paki, 

safai. [pak, saf. 

Innocent, a. be-gun&h, be-jurm, masum. 
Innovation, s, ijad, ihdas, i^htira ; bidat. 
Innumerable, a. be-shumar, be-hisab. 
Inoculate,!). paiwand lagana ; tikad.[wai. 
Inoculation, s. paiwand; tika, goti-]|^hod- 
Inoffensiye, a. maisum, gair-muzirr, sada. 
Inordinate, a. na-m^itadil, be-ondiza, 

Inquest, 8. pursish, baz-khwast, talasb. 
Inquietude, 8. be-chaini, be-kaJi. 
Inquire, v. puohhna, pursish k. istifsar k. 
Inquirer, 8. khoji, mutalashi, talib,joya. 
Inquiry, «. pursish, istifsar, talash, tah- 

qiqat. [muhaqqiq. 

Inquisitiye,a.khojh{, talashi, khabar-gir. 
Inroad, s. ta]i:ht, taraj, yurish, hamlan 
Insane, a. diwana, majnun, saudai. 
Insanity, s. diw^agi, junun, sauda.[ris. 
Insatiable,a. na-ser-honeka, tamakar,ha- 
Inscribe,^. likhna,samama likhna. [qum. 
Inscription,^, kitaba, raqam,likhat,mar- 
Inscrutable,a. mumtana-l-taftiBh,makh- 

f 1, jiske talash na-ho-sake. 
Insect, s. kifa, kirm. 
Insensibility, «. be-hoshi, be-hissi, be- 

waqufi, be-muhabbat. [ba-tadrij. 

Insensible,,behosh, be-waquf ; 
Insensibly, ad. ahiste-dhiste, tadrijan. 
Inseparable, a. na-mumkin-i-judai ; la* 



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INS 79 

Insert, v. dakhil k. likb-rakhn£. 
Insertion, s. idkhal, dakhilsi;, indirij. 
Inside, s. bhltar, darun, andarun, andar, 
batin. [ghati. 

Insidions, a, fitrati, rija-kar, gadddir. 
Insight, s. basirat, waquf, mdrifat, shi- 
Insignia, s» tagma, nishdn. [nakht. 

Insignificant, a. be-manf, be-huda, nd- 
chiz, be-qadr. [k&r. 

Insincere, a. na-sadiq, zahir-d^, riy^- 
Insincerity, s. na-s^qi, zahir-darl, riya- 

Insinnate, v. dar-^a, ghnsnii ; ish^ra k. 
ramz k. [kash. 

Insinnating,a. dambiz, charb-zaban, dil- 
Insipid, a be-maza, be-lazzat, be-lutf. 
Insist, V. hat k. israr k. bajidd h. 
Insnare, v. pheisana, bajhana, pakf ana. 
Insolence, s. magrdi, gustakhi, shokhi ; 
takabbnr. [takabbir. 

Insolent, a. magra, gnstal^h, shol^h, ran- 
Insolvency, s. dewala, shDcastagi. [hal. 
Insolvent, a. dewaliya, nadar, shikasta- 
Insomuch, ad. yahin-tak, chnnanchi. 
Inspect, V. dekhna, mulahaza k. tahqiq k. 
Inspection, s. nazar, nigah, lihaz, tahqiq. 
Inspector, s. ndzir, nigdhban, karora, 

I|^spira4ion, $. daxur^kaahl ; ilq^, ilhuB. 
Inspire, v. dam lena ; ilhdm k. mnlhim k. 
Inspired, a. mnlham. [qarari, fana. 

Instability, s. n4-p^eddn, be-sabati, be- 
Install, V. nasb k. mansub k. ; khilat d. 
Installation,^, masnad-nishmi, nasb,khi- 
lat-dihi. [lat-dihi. 

Instalment, s. qist ; masnad-nishini, khi- 
Instance,s. masal, namuna, majara ; dar- 
InstantjS. dam,lahza,lamha,pal. [khwast. 
Instant, a. dar-hal, turt-k^. [fauri. 

Instantaneous, a, tisi damka, fil-hali, fil- 
Instantly,ad. abhi,isidam, fil-faur, fil-h^l. 
Instead, ad. jwaz, badal, bajae, mukafat. 
Instigate, v. tahris k. tahrik k. igw^ k. 
Instigation,s. tahrik, targib, tahris, igwa. 
Instigator, s. muharrik, mugwi, mufsid. 
Instil, V. taq£tur k. ; dalna, zihn-nashin k. 
Instinct, s. aql-i-haiwani, znti-aql, mizaj. 
G 2 


Institute, s, iin, qaida, qfinun, ^dat. 
Institution, s. taaiyun, muqarrar, nasb ; 
tarbiyat, t^lim. [tdlim k. 

Instruct, u. sikhUnfi, sikhinfi, tarbiyat k. 
Instruction, 5. sikhai, tarbiyat, tflim, 
toozish. [irshid. 

Instructions, s. tajTmin, ahkam, umdr. 
Instructive, a. t^lim-saz^ ilm-numd, nafi, 

Instructor, 8. muallim, muaddib, ustiid. 
Instrument, s. alat, hathy^r, auzar, saz ; 

sanad, qabala. [madad-gar. 

Instrumental, a. tazinda, fiijli, kunan. 
Insufferable, a. na-bardashti, na-taham- 

mul, sakht. Piyat, na-laiqi. 

Insufficienoy,s.,kami, nfi-qab- 
Insufficient, a. gair-kafi, kam, na-qabil, 

n6-laiq. ^ [hua. 

Insular, a. jazira mansub, pini-se ghera 
Insulated, a. jud^, be-lagao, mafruq. 
Insult,s. ih^nat,malamat, dushnam,tanz. 
Insult, V. ihanatk.malfimatk.dushnamd. 
Insuperable, a. gair-maglub, mushkil. 
Insupportable, a. nd-bardashtani, sakht. 
Insurance, s. bfmd ; aminf . [shadld. 
Insure, v. bima k. muqarrar k. thahrana. 
Insurgent, s. faturiya, fasadi, bagi, 4si'. 
Insurrection, s, balwa, hangama fasad, 

Integral, a. pura, tamam, ktoil, sahih. 
Integrity,s. diyanat, rastbazi, sidq, salah. 
Integument, s. chhal, chamra, post, 

Intellect, s. aql, hosh, fahm, firasat, khi- 

rad, idrak. [nishwar. 

Intellectual, a. aqli, fahmf, hoshyar, da- 
Intelligence, s. aql, fahm, hoshyari j kha- 

bar, ittild. [waqif-kar. 

Intelligent, a. 4qQ, fahim, dana, hoshydr. 
Intelligible, a. qabil-i-fahm, huwaida. 
Intemperance, s. bad-parhezi, masti, be- 

itidali. [sharabf. 

Intemperate, a. bad-parhez, be-jtidal. 
Intend, v. irada k. matlab k. maqsad r, 

Intense, a. sakht, shadld, nihayat. 
Intensity, s. sakhti, shiddat, ziy^dati. 
Intent, a. mashgul, masruf, sai, dh'uni. 


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Intantion, 8, irada, mnrad, azm, qasd, 

maqsad, garaz. 
Intentionally, ad» dida-o-danista, jan- 
Inter, v. da£a k. garna. [bnjhkar. 

Intercalary, a. kabisa, lannd. [nagi k. 
Intercede, v. shafaat k. wasalat k. miya- 
Intercept, v, atkana, rokna, paka^na, 
mnzaihaniat k. [gi. 

Intercession,s. shafaat, wasalat, miyana- 
Intercesaor, s, shaf j, shaf^ miyandar, 
miyanji. [dil. 

Intercliaiige,5. mubadala, nin4waza,tab- 
Intercourse, s, ^madoraft, }laqa, suhbat, 

Interdict, w. mana k. nahi k. mahrum r. 
Interest, s, i^araz ; faida, nafa ; sud ; his- 
sa-dari. [asar k. 

Interest, v. garaz r. ilaqa r. dil-lagana, 
Interesting, a. dll-cliasp ; dil-azar ; mu- 
assir. [k. mnkhill h. 

Interfere, v. Mth lag^na ya dalna, dakhl 
Interference, s. dastandazi, dakhl ; mu- 
Interjection, s, harf-i-nida. [khalifat. 
Interim, s.darmiy 8n,asnai ,waqt,arsa,ma- 
Interior, a. bhitari, daruni, batini. [bain. 
Interline, v, satron-ke biohmen likhna. 
Interloper, 8. beja mud^hil, dastandaz. 
Intermarriage, s. gotkt byah.[tandazi k. 
Intermeddle, v. hdth ^alna, dakhl k. das- 
Intermediate, a. darmiyan, mutawasait. 
Intermit, «. dafan, tadfin. [bich-bich. 
Interminable, a. be-hadd, be-intiha. 
Intermission, s, faragat, tawaqquf, naga, 
Intermit, v. tdtil k. antar se-ana. [tatil. 
Intermittent, a. nanbati, tap-i-gibb. 
Internal, a. bhitarC, dardm, batini. 
Interpolation, s. ilhaq, fiqra dakhil, iba- 
rat tagallubi. ' [yandar h. 

Interpose, v. darmiyan ana, shaf^f h. mi- 
Interpret, V. tarjimiak. tablr k. samjha- 
na, batlana. [bir-go. 

Interpreter, s. mutarajiim, tarjnman, ta- 
Interregnum, «. badshah-gardi. 
Interrogate, v. puchhna, pursish k. istif- 

sar k. istifham k. 
Interrogation, s, istifsar, istifham, pm*- 
sish, sawal. [ham. 

InteiTOgative, a. istifhami j harf-i-istif- 

Intermpt, v. rokna, atkana, harakat k. ; 

bat katna. [zahamat, rok. 

Interruption, s. harakat, harj, atkao, mu- 
Intersect,v. miyan katna, qata-i-miyan k. 
Intersperse, v. chhitkana, idhar ndhar 
Interstice, «. fasila, phank, darar. [dalna. 
Interval, s. darmiyan, bich, asna, arsa, 

mabain, mufasila. [mntawassit h. 
Intervene, v. darmiyan parna, bich ana. 
Intervention, 8, tawassnt, miyanagi. 
Interview, s. mnlaqat, mnwasalat, didar. 
Intestate, a. be-wasiyat. 
Intestine, a, bhitari, darani, desi. 
Intestines, s. anten, antriyan, roda, m^a. 
Inthral, v. gnlam k. banda k. 
Intimacy, s. hamdami, hamdili, ikhtilat. 
Intimate, v.ishara k.agahk.jatana,kahnR. 
Intimate, a. hamdam, hamdil, hamraz, 

Intimately, ad. ikhtilat-se, bahamr^i. 
Intimation, 8, iahara^ kinaya; khabar, 

agahi. [torna. 

Intimidate, v. <[arnna, dahshatd. himmat 
Into, pr. men, bhitai', darmiyan-men. 
Intolerable,a. gair-mntahammal,ansah^ 
Intolerant, a, mokhalif, muddai. [la k. 
Intoxicate, V. mast k.madhosh k. matwa- 
Intoxicated, a, matw^la, madhosh, mast. 
Intoxicating, ai nashild, nashadar, amali. 
Intoxication, 8. masti, madhoshi, nasha, 

Intractable, a. magra, sar-kash. 
Intransitive, a. fial-i-lazimi. [khodna. 
Intrench, v. morchal banana, khandaq 
Intrenchment,s. morchal, khandaq, khai. 
Intrepid, a, diler, dilawar, mardana, 

Intrepidity, s. dileri, bahadnri, mardangi. 
Intricacy, s. nljhao, pech, pech-dari, 

^challal. [mnshkil. 

Intricate, a, pechfla, pechdar, nljha, 
Intrigne, v. sazish k. karsazi k. gathao 

Intrinsic, a. zatf, asli, haqiqi, batini. 
Introduce, v. chaiana, d^hil k. milana, 
. mulaqat k. 
Introdaction,^. idkLhal ; dibdcha, tamhid. 


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Intmde, v. hath d. ghnsn^, n£ khw&sta 

dakhl k. ' [bar. 

Intruder, s. dastand^z, mnkhill, ghnsan- 
Intmsion, s. dakhl-i-beja, dastandazf. 
Intrust, t7. sompna, snpord k. zimma k. 

amaimt rakhna. [kawat. 

Zntnition, «. marfat banazar-i-anwal, za- 
Zntwine, v. bal d. bUtna, jofn6. 
Innendo, s. iahara, kinaya. 
Inundation, 5. sailab, tafin^tngy^nf. [nL 
Inure, v, khogar k. idat d. istlmalrakh- 
Invade, v. hamla k. guriah k. chafhai k. 
In-vain, ad. be-faida, be-m^ni, be-hdda. 
Invalid, 9. zaff, mazur, natawan, be-qu- 
Invalid, a. bidtil, mansukh. [wat. 

Invalidate, v. mansukh k. batil k. radd k. 
Invaluable,a. be-baha, besh-qimat ; aziz. 
Invariable, a. na-mutagaiyir, be-tabdil, 

Invariably, ad., be-tagiri-se, ekhal-se, 

hamesha. [hii. 

Invasion, s. hamla^ hajuui, takbt, chaf- 
Invective, s. gali, dushnam, tauazani, 

zabandarazi, shik^yat. [nam d. 

Inveigh, v. ilzam d. tan tashina k. dush- 
Inveigle, w. igwa k. fareb d. lobhana. 
Invent, v, nikalnH, ijad k. ikhtir^ k. 

Invented, a. ban4, ijadya paidH kia gaya. 
Invention, s, banawat, ijad, ikhtir^, 

ihd^s, sakht. 
Inventive, a. mnkhtari, paid^-saz, zahin. 
Inventor, «. miijid, mukhtari, waz), mu- 

Inventory, «. siyfiha, fard, fihidst, tdliqa. 
Inverse, a. ulti, aundhd, wazhgun, maq- 

lub, khilaf. * [qalb k. 

Invert, v, ultana, aundhana, wnzh k. 
Invest, V. dena, bakhshni, pahrina ; 

muhasara k. 
Investigate, v. chhanna, taftish k. talash 

k. tahqiq k. tajwiz k. [jast-o-ju. 

Investigation, s. taftish, tajwiz, tahqiq. 
Investiture, 8. taqlid, tamlik ; khilat- 

dihi. [did, sakht. 

Inveterate, a. purln^, dinf, knhna ; sha- 
Invidious, a. hasad-angez, kina-angez, 


Invigorate, v. quwat d. zorlwar k. maz- 

Invigorating,a. quwat-bakhsh,maqauwi. 
Invincible, a. gair-maglub, ajit. [puaht. 
Invincibility, s. na-maglubi. 
Inviolable, a. na-mumkin-ul-faskh, be- 

futur, lazawal. 
Inviolate, a, na-mansukh, nashikasta, 

be-nuqsan, pnk ; poshida, chhipa. 
Invisible, a. gaib, na-didanl, andekha. 
Invitation, s, dawat, istida, talab, bula- 

hat. [i^wa k. 

Invite, V. dawat k. istidd k. bulana; 
Invocate, v. bulana, n^m lena, du^ k. 
Invocation, 8, du$, dawat, mnnnjat, 

istida. [i-ajnas. 

Invoice, s. bijak, chalanf, siyaha, fthrist- 
Invoke, v, bulan^, nam 1. dud k. 
Involuntary, a. be-ikhtiyar, be-irada, 

be-qasd, lachar. 
Involve, V. uljhana, phansana, daflna, 

paresh^n k. ; natija ishtimal k. natrja 

Invulnerable, a. na-zakhm-pazir, mnra- 

Inward, a. bhitari, daruni, Htini. 
Inwrought, a. khud-karidar, jarau, mur- 

assa. [zud-rauj. 

Irascible, a. ohirchira, atashmizaj, tund. 
Ire, s. gazb, khashm, gussa. 
Irksome, a. sakht, dushwar, ranjawar, 

Iron, s. loha, ^ban. 
Iron, V. istri k. ; zanjfr-se bandhna. 
Ironmonger, s. ahan-farosh,loha-bechne- 
Irons, 8. beri, hath-kari. [wala. . 

Irony, 8. tanz, hajo-malih, isthiza. [k.. 
Irradiate, v. ujla k. rosban k. munauwar 
Irradiation, s. parto-andazi, tanwir, 

shula-zani. [behuda. 

Irrational, a. gair-natiq, be-aql, yawa. 
Irreconcilable, a. sulb-na-pazir, mum- 

tana-ul-ittiftiq ; gair-mnwafiq. 
Irrefragable, a, gair-mardud, shafi, 

tahqiq. [be-ain. 

Irregular, a. be-tartib, khilaf-i-qaida. 
Irregularity, s. be-tartibi, l^bilaf-dastiiri, 

be-iini, zuUhamwari. 


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Irrelevant, a, be-jlaqa, be-nisbat, bej^ 
Irreligion, s, be-dini, ilhad, be-imani. 
Irreligious, a. be-din, mulhid, kafir. 
Irremediable, a. be-il»j, la-dawa, be- 

chara. [jlaj. 

Irreparable, a. gair marammat-pazir, la- 
Irreproachable, i a. be-junn-o-gmiah, 
Irreprovable, J be-taqsir, be-ilzam, 

be-malamat. [zorawar, mazbut. 

Irresistible, a. mnmtana-i-muqa-wamat, 
Irresolate, a. be-qarar, be-himmat. 
Irretrievable, a. mumtan^nl-hnsul, gaya 

guira, la-jlaj. [be-ihtiram. 

Irreverence, s, tark-i-adab, be-takrimi, 
Irreverent, a. be-adab, be-imtiyaz. 
Irrevocable, a. la-radd, gair-mutai^yar, 

Irrigate, v. paniyana, sinchni, bhigond. 
Irritable, a. khifiiy&n£, chirchi^ra, zud- 

ranj. [khafa k. 

Irritate, v, khijani, chhefni, satana, 
Irritation, s, chher, ^ar, ^bafagi, gossa. 
Irmption, 8. hamla, hajum,chaf hki, ta^t. 
Island, 8. jazira, ^apu. 
Isolated, a. jnda, aJag, alabida. 
Issue, 8. IfhuTuif nikas ; anjam, al^hirat, 

natija, anlad, nasi ; gul, phot^. 
Issne, V. nikalna, jari h. ya k. khoruj k. 

paida h. 
Isihmns, s, gardan>i-zamln. 
It, p. wah, yih. 
It's, p. nska, iska, &c. 
Itch, 8, khnjli, khdj, kharish. 
Item, 8, aizan, dafa, babat. [r&na. 

Iterate, v. mnkarrar k. takarrur k. doh- 
Iteration, s. takarrur, dnhrao. 
Itinerant, 8. Ichana-ba-dosh, safr-slz, sai- 
Itinerate, v. ramta-phima, sair k. [lani. 
Itself, p. wah-ap, aphi, khnd. 
Ivory, s. hathi-dant, danddn-i-fil. 
Ivy, 8. late-ki qism. 


Jackal, 8. gidar, siyal, shigal. 
Jacket, 8. knrta, kurti, anga. 
Jack-fmit, 5. kathal. [^mrat. 

Jade, 8, charkha ghoya, badsawarj pijl 
Jail, 8. qaid-]^dna, zindan« 

Jailer, s, qaid-khana-ki daroga. 
Jam, 8. murabba, mi^hai. 
Jangle, v. jhagarna ; awaz be-ahang k. 
Japan, s. qism-i-rangan, rangan-dar. 
Jar, «. j41£,gol,martaban ; kharkharithat, 

jhagra. • 

Jargon, 8. ghalbalahat, gharbar. [bell. 
Jasmine, s. gul-i-yasmin, saman, cham- 
Jasper, s. zabar-jad, sang-i-yashm. 
Jaundice, 8. kanwal, yarqIuDi. 
Jannt, u. phima, sair k. 
Javelin, 8, barchhi, neza, sang. 
Jaw, 8. jabh|-a, kalla. [maud. 

Jealous, a. bad-zann, bad-gnman, gairat- 
Jealonsy, s, gairat, rashk, bad-gnmanf, 

Jeer, 8. tana-zani k« boli k. Bn]|Lhra k. 
Jehovah, 8. Yahu, Allah. 
Jejune, a, rukha, sitha, ochla, Jkhnshk. 
Jelly, 8. murabba, mithai. 
Jeopardy, 8. l^hatra, jokhim, janbazi. 
Jerk, 8. hachka, hachkola, jhatak. 
Jest,«. that^^, khilli, isthiza, bazla, hazl. 
Jester, s. tbafthe-baz, thatthol. 
Jet, 8. faw&ra^ phnhara; sang-i-musa, 

Jew, 8, yahiidi, jahudi. 
Jewel, 8. janhar, ganhar, ratan, gahna. 
Jeweller, 8. jauhari, zewar-farosh. 
Jewish, a. yahudion-ka. 
Jew's harp, s. morchang. 
Jingle, 8, jhanak, jhanjhan, jhankar. 
Jingle, V. jhankama, jhanjhanana. 
Job, 8, kam, kar, thika kam, tahal. 
Jockey, s. chabnk-sawar. [taba, zariC 
Jocose, a. ^hatthol, that^e-baz, khush- 
Jocularity, s. thattha-bazi, khiish-tabai, 

zarafat. [nnma. 

Jocund, a, khush, Ichush-taba, khush- 
Jog, V. hachkola d. dhakka d. hilana. 
Join, 17. jo^na, millina, lagana, santna, 

paiwand k. ; juft k. [mausul. 

Joined, a. jo^ gaya, mila hua, paiwasta. 
Joint, 8, jor, ganth, girih, paiwand, band. 
Joint, a. mila-jula, mushtarak, mausoL 
Jointure, s. jahez, dahez, mahar. 
Joke, 8. thattha, khilli, bazla, hazl, latiftu 
Jollity, 8» ^ish-o-afihrat, pViftfJTnfi ni^ 


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Jolly, a. khush'O-khnrram, dilsh^d, tar- 
Jolt, s. hachkola, dhakka. [o-taza. 
Jolt, V, dhakka lagna, hichkan^. 
Jot, s. nnkta, zarra, til. 
Jovial, a, khaah, shadman, masriir. 
Jonmal, s, roz-nama ya-nnmcha, khasra. 
Jonmey, s. safar, mosafarat. 
Joy, s. khushi, shidi, l^hurranli, farhat. 
Joyful, a. khush-dil, shadman, khnrram. 
Joyfully, ad. khushi-se. • 
Joyless, a. be-khush, dil-gir, ndas. 
Jubilee, s, jashn-i-am, nauroz, {d. 
Judge, s. qdzf, munsif, hakim, amin. 
Judge, V. insaf k. adalat k. qaza k. faisal 

k. daryaft k. qiyas k. 
Judgment, s. insaf, infisal, fatwa, hukm, 

qaza ; aql, zihii, qiy^s, imtiyaz. 
Judgment-seat, s. kursi, roahakma. 
Judicature, s. qaza, hukumat. 
Judicial, a. sharai, qaziana. 
Judicious, a. aql-mand; hoshy^, d&n£. 
Jug, s. kulhra, kuza. [baz. 

Juggler, 8. bazigar, huqqa-baz, shabada- 
Juice, s. ras, araq, pani, dudh. [tar. 
Juicy, a. rasila, araq-dar, rasdar, serab- 
Jumble, V, gul-mel k. gad-bad k. milana. 
Jump, 5. kud, jasU 
Jump, V. kudna, jast k. uchakna. 
Junction, s. paiwastagi, wasl, ittisal, mi- 

lao, mel. [halat. 

Juncture, 8. paiwand, ittisal ; waqt, dam, 
Junior, a, chhota, sa^ir, kihtar. 
Jupiter, 8. mushtari, Brihaspati. [dari. 
Jurisdiction, 8. bukumat,qalamrau,amal> 
Jurisprudence, s. ilm-i-fiqa, jlm-i-shara. 
Jury, 8. panchayat adalati. [haqq. 

Just, a. 4dil, sadiq, rast, durust, rawa, 
Just, ad. thik, durust, sihhat-se ; nira, 

sirf, faqat. 
Justice, 5. adl, dad, insaf; qazi. [numa. 
Justifiable, a, haqiqi, wajibi, rast, insaf- 
Jnstification, s. be-gunah-sazi,be-jnrmi, 

i^zr, itizdr, tasfiya. [uzr lana. 

Justify, V, be-gunah, thahrana, khalfe k. 
Justly, ad. adl-ana, munsifana, rastl-se. 
Justness, 8, rasti, durusti, haqqiyat, adl. 
Juvenile, a. jawan, nau-khez, khurd-sal. 
Juvenility, s. jawaui, shabab, tufuliyat. 


Ealendar, s, taqwlm, patHi. 

Keel, 5. niio-ka dand^, jahaz-ka tal^. 

Keen,a. abdar, chokha, tez, tund, shadfd, 

garm, sh&iq, mustaid. [dat, tundi. 
Keenness, s. abdari, tezi, tezmizaji, shid- 
Keep, V. rakhna, dhami, nigahbani k. 

hifazat k. parwarish k. minna, man$ 

k. baz r. ; taza rahna. hafiz. 

Keeper, 8. rakhwala, nig^hbSn, muhafiz. 
Keeping, s. nigahbani, hifazat, hawala. 
Keepsake, s. yad-garl, yad-dad. 
Kennel,s. tazi.khana,dori-khana ,* kutton 

ka jath& ; badarrau, muhri. 
Kernel, s, guda, magz j bijdana. 
Kettle, 8. deg, degcha, tatahra, abtaba. 
Kettledrum, s, naqara. 
Key, 8. kunji, chabi, tali, kiHd killi. 
Key-hole, s. kunji-ka suralkh. 
Kick, 8. lat, lakad, thokar. 
Kick, V. lit mama, latiyana. 
Kid, 8. halwan, bakri-ka bachcha. 
Kid, V. biyahna, janna. 
Kidnap, v. laf ka ya admi chura lejana. 
Kidney-bean, s. lobiya, loba. 
Kidneys, s. gnrda. 
Kill, V, mar-dalna, qatl k. halak k. 
Kiln, 8. pazaw^, bhatthi, bhar, awa. 
Kin, 8. rishta, nata ; rishtadaron, ^hwe- 

Kind, a. mihrban, shafiq. karim. 
Kind, s. jins, naua, qism, zat, asl, nasi, 

taur, tarah. [k. chherna. 

Kindle, v. sulgana, jalana, jaln4 ; khafa 
Kindly, ad, mihrbani-se, muhibbana. 
Kindness, s. mihrbani, nekokari, lutf, 

mulaimat, suluk, ihsan, nawazish. 
Kindred,5. khweshan, aqrab^, bhai-band'. 
Kindred, a. hamnasl, hamjins, hamz^t, 

qarib. [raja. 

King, 8. shah, badshah, malik, sultan^ 
Kingdom, s. badshahat, mamlukat, sal- 

tanat, daulat, raj. 
Kingfisher, s. kaoriyala, maohhranga. 
Kinsman, s. rishtadar, l^hwesh, qarabati. 
Kiss, 8> chuma, bosa. 
Kiss, V, chumn^^ bosa leni. 


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Kitchen, s. bawarchi-khana, matbakh. 
Kite, s. chil, khad ; patang. 
Kitten, s. billi-k6 bachcha. [hikmat. 
Knack, s. dhab, jugat, saliqa, dastkari. 
Knapsack, s. jhola, jholi, buqcha. 
Knave, s. daga-baz, hila-saz, makkar, 

badzat. [bazi. 

Knavery, s. dagabdzi, hilsfsaz], fareb, jul- 
Knavish, a. da^abaz, sharir, n^dar, 

Knead, v. gandna, sanna, mandna, ma- 

sabia, maJna. 
Knee, s. ghiitna, zanu. 
Knee-deep, a. gbutne-tak, gh^tne-bhar. 
Kneel, v. ghutna teknd, dozanu, baitlma. 
Knee-pan, s, khnriya, cbapni, sar-i-zanii. 
Knife, s. chburi, kard, chakku, bakiya. 
Knight, s. bahadur, mlrza, amir. 
Knit, u. binna, bnnna. 
Knob, s. ganth, gilti ; galmekh. [thes. 
Knock, 8. zarb, mar, mnkka, thokar. 
Knock, V. mama, lagna, khat-khatani, 

tboi}kna, pa^kna. 
Knot,s. girih, gan^b, aqd, band, guljhari, 

pech. [musbkil. 

Knotty, a, ghathila; pechdar, mnglaq. 
Know, V, janna, pahchanna, waqif h. 

malum k. 
Knowing,a. pakka, waqif,hoshyar,8hin»s. 
Knowing]y,ad. jan-bujhkar, aql-ae^ dida- 

o-danista. [waqfiyat. 

Knowledge, 5. ilm, danish, shinasai. 
Known, a. jana hua, m^lum, mashhur. 
Knuckle, s, nngli-ka girih, band-i. 


Label, #. sar-nama, k^az, raqam. 

Labial, a, adharf, shafati. 

Laboratory, s. kar-khana. 

Laborious, a. mihnati, sai, dhuni ; dush- 
w^, sakht, mushkil. 

Labour, 5. mihnat, mashaqqat, sai, maz- 
duri ; kam, kar, ami j dard-i-zih ; ranj- 
dukh. [pir lagnJ. 

Labour, v. mihnat k. sai k. dukh bhama, 

Labourer, s. mazdur, quli, kar-gar. 

Labyrinth, s. pech, pech-o-tib, pech- 
dar, rah. 

Lac, s. lak ; lak, lakh, lakha. [kalabatun. 

Lace, 5. gota, jali, tiraz, mnqqaish. 

Lacerate, s. pharna, chima, ohak k. 

Laceration, 8. chlr, phar, chak, ^harash. 

Lack, V, mnhtaj h. darkar h. ghatna, 
kam h. 

Lack, 8. kami, kamti, ihtiy^j ; lak. 

Lacouc, a. mukhtasar, kotah, majmaJ. 

Lad, s. larka, chhokra, launda. 

Ladder, 8. sifhi, zina, nard-ban. 

Lade, v. ladna, bojh lagani, bhama. 

Laden, a. lada hua, bojhai, bhara hua. 

Lading, 8. bojh, bojhai, lad, ladao, bar. 

Ladle, s. doi, chamcha, kafgir. 

Lady, 5. bibi, banu, khatun. 

Lag, V. dhila chalna, der k. deri lagna. 

Laity, s. dunyadar log, sansdri log. 

Lake, s. jhfl, daryacha ; qirmiz. 

Lamb, s. bhef-ka bachcha, lel£. 

Lambent, a. lahkila. 

Lame, a. langpa, lang ; lula, lunj ; naqia. 

Lameness, s. lang^i, langi ; qusur. 

Lament, v. afsos k. nala-o-zan k. rona, 
hae hae k. [nala saz. 

Lamentable, a. miitam-angez, gam-khez, 

Lamentation, s. n&la, zari, giriya, afsos, 
iigan, wawaila, nanha. 

Lamp, 8. chirag, fatila-soz, diyfi, dipak. 

Lamp-black, s. kajal, duda. 

Lampoon,^. hajo,mazammat,bhandanwii. 

Lance, s. neza, barchhi, bedlam. 

Lance, v. chhedna, chima, pharna. 

Lancet, s. nashtar. [khtshki. 

Land, s. zamln, bhum, sar-zamin, mulk ; 

Land, v. khushki«par utama ya ntama. 

Landholder, s, zamindar, jagirdar. 

Landlord, s. zamindar; sahib-i-khana, 
mezban ; sahib-i-sarae, bhatiyara. 

Landmark, s. nishan-i-sarhadd, danda. 

Landscape, s. madd-i-nazar, mnlk-ki 

Lane, s. gali, naka, kucha. [taswir. 

Language,s. zaban, lisan, sukhan, gnftar. 

Languid, a. sust, manda, majhul, kahil. 

Languish, v, murjh&na, kumhl&ni, sust 
h. za|f h. 

Languor, s, sosti, m^ndagi, kaliili, za(fi. 


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liontera, ». fanua, qandil. 
Ijap, 8. god, godi ; daman. [pma 

liSiip, V. lapetna; chatna, cbapar-chapaf 
Ijapidary, s, hakkak, hajjar, jauhari. 
liapse, 5. chuk, l^hata ; guzdr, inqiza. 
Large, a. bafa, mota, kalan, farakh, wasf, 

azim. [salana. 

Largely, ad. bahnt-sa, ba-ifrat, mufas- 
Largeness, s. baf ai, moURi, kalaoi, ynisat, 

Largess, s. bakbshisb, in^m, ata. 
Lajyux, s, nae-gulu. 
Lascar, s. ^balasi hindi, ahl-i-jabaz. 
Lascivious, a. mast, shahwati, hawasf, 

kami. [hawas. 

Lascivionsness, s. niasti, shahwat, nails, 
Lasb, s. koya, ohabnk ; zarb-i-chabnk. 
Lash, i;. kof a mama, taziyana d. ; tan k. 

bajo k. ; bandhna. 
Lass, 8. larkl, chhokH, doshiza. 
Lassitude, s, mandagi, susti, kahili, znaf. 
Last, a. pichhla, akhir ; guzashta ; pasin. 
Last, s. qalib-i-kafsh, juti-ki lakri. 
Last, V. thahama, tikna, chalna, paedar 

rahna, kifayat k. [tikau. 

Lasting, a. paedar, qaini, daim, chalau, 
Lastly, ad. pichhe, bila-6khir, akhir-ul- 
Latch, ». phifki, billi. [amr. 

Latchet, s, sallu, tasma, kafshband. 
Late, a. der, dirang, be-waqt, pachheta j 

agla i aj-kal ; marhiim. 
Lateness, s. deri, dirangi, aber. 
Latent, a. chhipa, poshida, makhfi. 
Lately ,ad.thoredinon*ka,andakpesha£in. 
Later, a. aurbhi der-se ; anrbhi nay a. 
Lather, s, sabun-ka phen. 
Latin, s. Latin zaban. 
Latitude, s. chau^rai, pahnal, kushadagi ; 

Latitndinarian,s. be-shara, bad-mazhab, 

Latter, a. pichhla, pesfn, mutaakhirm. 
Lattice, s. jhanjhrf, jali,shabaka,chilwan. 
Laudable, a. laiq-i-tarif, laiq-i-tahsm. 
Laudanum, s. afim-ka araq. [situdani. 
Laugh, V. hansnajkhilkhil^na, khaudak. 
Laugh, s. hansa, hansi, khanda. 
Laughable, a. khanda- pazir, hansne-jog. 

Laughing-stock, s. sukhra^ mazhaka, 

Laughter, s. hansal, khanda, tazhik. 
Launch, v. bhasana, gaddi-par-se utdma. 
Lave, V. dhona, gusl k. bhigond. 
Lavish, v. ufan^, isrdf k. barbad k. 
Lavish, a. fuziil-kharch, musrif, uyaii. 
Law, s. shara, ^in, qdida«, qanun, rasm. 
Lawful, a. sharat, j^, halal, mubah, 

rawa, durust. 
Lawless, a. be-shara,be-qli;da, be-lagam. 
Lawsuit, s. muqaddama, dawa, ndlish, 

Lawyer, s. adalat-ka wakil, ahl-i-fiqa. 
Lax, a. dhila, khula, sust, kushada ; gair- 
Laxative, a. mushil, jullibi. [muqarrar. 
Lay, V. rakhna, dhama ; dena, parna; 

girana ; bichhana ; sakin k. taskm d. ; 

bandhna ; — aside^ rakh-dena, chhor- 

na J — by, bacha-rakhnd, le-rakhna ; 

— down, chho|rna, tark k. ; — hold of, 

pakarna, giriftar k. j — out, khareh k. 

sarf k. ; — wpf jama k. bacha-rakhna. 
Lay, s, sarod, gazal ; sabzar. 
Layer, s. parat, tab, tabaq. 
Layman, s. dunyad^r shakhs. 
Laziness, s. susti, kahili, majhuli, kaaal* 
Lazy, a. sust, kahil, majhol, gafil. 
Lea, s. charan, sabzar, maidnn. 
Lead, s. slsa, surb. [manana, mall k. 
Lead, v. le-chalna, chalAna, hidayat k. ; 
Leader,s. pe^wa,sardar, sargaroh,salar. 
Leaf, s, patta, barg, waraq, fard ; keway. 
League, s. mel, ahad-o-paiman ; farsang, 

Leak, v, chuna, risna, tapakna. 
Leaky, a. rakhna-dar, surakhi. 
Lean, s. dubla,- lagar ; shor, kallar. 
Lean, v. takiya k. tekna, lagke rahn£ ; 

mail h. jhukna. 
Leanness, s. dublai, lagari ; lonai. 
Leap, 8. kud, jast, khez, jhapat. 
Leap, V. kudn4, phandna, jast k. 
Leap-year, s. sal-i-kabisa. 
Learn, v. sikhna, tahsil-i-ilm k. yad k. 
Learned, a. amokhta, jilina, fazil, kamil. 
Learning, s. \\m, jrfan, fazilat, 
LeasCj s, ijera-nama, pa^^a. 


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Least, a. sab-se chhotl^ kamtardi. 
Leather, 8. Champa, chirm, jild. [chamar. 
Leather-dresser, 5. dabbag, chirm-saz, 
Leave, s, chhutti, mkhsat, ijazat, wida. 
Leave, v. chhorna, tyagna, tark k. ; hiba 
Leaven, a, l^hamir, m&wa. [k. 

Leavings, s. jhutha, pas-l^drda, pas- 

manda, baqiyat. 
Lecher, s. zinakar, randi-b^. 
Lecture, s, dars, sabaq, bayan. 
Ledge, s. kagar; tal^hta. 
Leech, «. jonk, zalu. 
Leek, s. gandana, knrriis. 
Leer, v. tirchhi nazar k. 
Lees, s, gid, talchhat, dnrd. 
Left, a. bayan, chap, yasar ; bachi h&k, 

baqi, manda. 
Leg, s, saq, tang, pindli ; paya. 
Legacy, s. hiba, wasiyat, bahra wasih. 
Legal, a. sharai, mashr^, jaiz, adalati. 
Legate, s. wakil, elchi. 
Legation, s. wakalat, elcM-gari. 
Legend, s. dastan, afsana ; raqam. 
Leger, s. daftar, khata. 
Legible, a. pa^hne jog, l^hwandani. 
Legibly, ad» saf nawisi-se, saf-saf. 
Legion, 5. tuman, garoh, dasta. [ri k. 
Legislate, v. iin-bandi k. qanun r. taflh- 
Legislative, a, ain-nnma, qanun>saz. 
Legislator, s, shdrj, wazi-nl-qanun. 
Legislature, «. sarkar, qanun-sazon-kaga- 
Legitimate, a. jaiz ; halal-zada, asl. [roh. 
Leisure, s. fursat, faragafc, chhutti. 
Lemon, s, nibu, limu, turanj. 
Lemon-grass, s. agiya-ghas. 
Lend, v. qarz d. wam d. ariyat d. udhir d. 
Lender, s. qarz dene-wala, qarz-khwah, 

Length, s. lambai, darazf, tul ; masafat. 
Lengthen, v, lambani, barhana, daraz k. 

tawil k. 
Lengthwise, ad. lambai-men, darlizi-se. 
Lenient, a. muliUm, mnlaiyin, hallm, 

Lenity, s, narmf, mulaimat, rahm« 
I^eo, s. burj-i-asad ; singh. 
Leopard, s. chita, palang, yuz, tendiua. 
Leper, s, kofhi, pesi, majzum. 

Leprosy, 8. kofh, juzam, pes, baras. 

Less, a. kamtar, kam, thofa. [kd k. 

Lessen/ 1/. gha^a, kamk. khafif k. hal- 

Le8Son,s.8abaq,dars,path ; nasihat,paiid. 

Lest, c. mabada,8hayad,khudana-]^was- 
ta, aisa-na-ho. 

Let, u. dena, ijazat d. j kiraya d. ; — ct- 
lone, chhor d. hath uthana ; — down, 
ntar d. ntahuM^ — fall, gira d. girana, 
parne d. ; — go, chhop d. jine d. ; — in, 
ane d. dukhul d. ; — out, j^ne d. az&d 
k. ; kiraya d. ; — off, ohhojna, chaJi- 
na, dagna, mama. 

Let, 8. atkao, rok, sadd, muzahimat. 

Lethargy, s. sabat, khwab-aludagi. 

Letter, s. harf ; k:hatt, ruqa, chhitthi. 

Letters, 8. jlm, ilmiyat, fazilat. 

Levee, s. darbar ; majlis. 

Level, a. barabar, hamwar, ekB^,cban- 

Lever, s. theka, dhenkli. [ras. 

Leveret, s. khargosh-ka bachcha. [pan. 

Levity, s. subuki, khiffat, halkai, ochha- 

Levy, V. jama k. fauj-bandi k. tahsil k. 

Lewd, a, mast, shahwati, nafs-parast. 

Lewdness, s. shahwat, zinak^, hawas. 

Lexicon, lugat, farhang. 

Liable, a. m^rdz, pazir, giriflfir. 

Liar, s. jhutha, kazib, darog-go. 

Libel, s. malamat-nama, hajo. 

Libellous, a. badndm-gar, bnhtan-s^z. 

Liberal, a. sakhi, faiyaz, hausila-mand} 
dil-kush4, mard-i-admi. 

Liberate, v, chhor d. azad k. khal^ k. 

Liberation, s. chhutkara, azadagi. [kar. 

Libertine, s. fasiq, rind, kharabati, bad- 
Liberty, *. azad], rihai, ijazat ; il^htiyar. 

Libidinous, a. shahwati, mast, zinakar. 

Libra, 8. bnrj-i-mizan, tuld. [na. 

Library, s. jamiyat-i-kutub ; kutub-kha- 

License, 8, ijazat, farman, parwanL 

Licentious, a. be-qaid,haramkar,badkar. 

Lick, V, ch^tna ; m£ma. 

Lid, 8. dhakna, dhapnd, sarposh, chapni; 
parda-i-chasm, palak. 

Lie, 8. jhuth, darog, kizb. 

Lie, V. jhu^h kahna ; letn^, papn^ daraz 
h. rahna, bona, makan r. mauzu h, 
— Ji/idf chhipa rahna, pinhan h. nihuf- 


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ta h. ; — in, jannii, paicUl k. praahab 

h. ; — in wait, gh8t*men rahna. 
liiea, 8, iwaz, badal, jagah. [dar. 

Lieutenant, s. qaim-mnqam, nliib ; jama- 
Xiife, 8. zindagi, zindagani Jan,hayit, i^mr. 
Lifeless, a. be-jan, be-dam, mnrda, mup- 

da-dil, sust. [^mr-bhar. 

Lifetime, 8, hfn-i-hayat, tamam ^mr, 
Lift, u. nthana, ath£-len&, chaf han£, mi- 

Ghana, buland k. afraz k. bafh£n^ 
Ligament, s. band, pai, nas, patha. 
Ligature, s. pat(i, band, ^oraf I'SAsi. 
Light, 8. nj^, roshnl, nur ; shama, ohi« 

rag, batti ; jlm, talim. 
Light, a. njla, roshan ; halki, snbiik,kha- 

f if,chanchal ; phlki ; asan,8ahl ; chilak. 
Light, V. jalana, roshan k. solgdna ; utar- 

na, na^ h. milna, pafna. [makn£. 
Lighten, v, halk^ k. bojh nikalna ; cha- 
Lightness, 8, halkai, snbuki, JJLhiffat; 
Lightning, s, bijU, barq. [roshni. 

Like, a. mnwafiq, manind^ barabar, mi- 
sal, eksdn ; honhar. [h. 
Like, s. pasand k. chahna, qabdl k. mail 
Likelihood, s. ihtimal, m^qdlat, siirat, 

guman. [lib. 

Likely, a. muhtamil, m4qul> honhdr, ga- 
Liken, v. mnqabila k. tamsil k. tashbih r. 
Likeness, s. mnwafaqat, mnm^balat, mn- 

shabahat, misal, tamsil. 
Likewise, ad. bhi, nlz ; masiwi, alawiL 
Liking, s. chah, shanq, mdU, ragbat. 
Lilly, s, sosan, saman. 
Limb, s. azu ; shakh, dali ; kin^ra, lab. 
Lime, 8, chiina, ahak ; kagzi limu. 
Lime-kiln, s. chune-ki bhatti. 
Limestone, s. kankar, chune-ka patthar. 
Limit, s. hadd, sarhadd, siwana, intih^. 
Limit) V. hadd bandhna, mahdud k. band 
Limitation, s. tahaddud, hadd ; qaid. [k. 
Limited, a. mahdud, bandh4-hua. 
Limner, 8. mnsanwir, naqqash. 
Limp, V. lang^ana, lang k. 
Limpid, a. saf, shaffaf, znldl, nirmal. 
Line, 8. dora, rasai; ^jdiatt, dhari ; satr; 

jkhatt-i-istiwa; misra, bait ; qatar,saff ; 

Ikhandaq^ morch£l ; nasi, silsila. 
Lineage, s, nasab, asl, nasi, silsila. 

Lineament, 8» khil-o-^att. 

Linen, 8. katan, bazz, kapra. 

Linger, v. der lag^a ; mart4-rahn6 ; ta- 

Lingnal, a. lisani. [raddud k* 

Linguist, s» zaban-diin, lugat-^muda. 

Lining, s. astar, batana. 

Link, 8. kari> qolaba, halqa; mahsal. 

Linseed, 8, alsi, tukum-i-kat^. 

Lint, 8. narm kat&n, stif. 

Lintel, 8, patao, chaukhat. 

Lion, 8. Singh, sher babar, asad. 

Lioness, s. shemi, b^hni. 

Lip, 5. lab, hon^h, shafat, kdnara. 

Liquid, a. ihi, raqiq, patla, muzab, gn- 

Liquid, 8. pani, db, araq, ras. [dakhta. 

Liquidate, v. ada k. patana, utama. 

Liquor, 5. pani, araq ; sharab, daru. 

Liquorice, 8. asl-us-sus, mulhattf. 

Lisp, V, tutlana, luknat k. 

List, V, l^hwahish k. chahna ; sunni. 

List, 8, fihrist, fard, ismwdrf . [jih h. 

Listen, v. sunna, kan lagana, mutawaj- 

Listless, a, sast, kahil, gafil, murda-dU. 

Literal, a. harfi, lugwi, lafz ba lafz, ^hik. 

Literary, a, ilmi, b&bat jlm-ke, fazilat 

Literati, s. ^laml^ fuzal£, sahiban-i-}lnu 
Literature, 5. }lm, (Imiyat, fazilat. 
Lithography, s. pathar-ka chhapa. 
Litigate, i/. muqaddama laf na, dawa k. 

qaziya k. 
Litigation, 8, muqaddama, daw^ qaziya. 
Litigious, a, jhagfalu, qaziya-jo, muqad- 

Litter, 8. ^oMl, chaupala, miyana ; ghas ; 

jhol; alae-balae. 
Little, a. thofa, tanuk, andak, zarra; 

chhota, sagir, khurd ; nachiz. 
Little, ad. tho^a-thora ; ahiste-ahiste. 
Littleness, 8. chho^ai, andaki, qillat. 
Live, V. jina, jita-rahna, zinda h. rahna, 

bud-o-bash k. makan r. 
Live, a. jita, zinda; sozan, jalta. [ma^sh. 
Livelihood, s. rozi, roz-gar, rizq, maishal^ 
Lively, a. zinda-dil, khush-taba. 
Liver, a. jigar, kaleja. 
Livery, s. bana, chapr^, poshak. 
Livid, a. nila-pila, uil-fam, zard« 


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Living, a. jiti, zinda ; jandar, hai. 
Living, s. rozgar, nraishat, rizq. 
Lizard, s. chhipkali, girgit, tiktiki. 
Lo, int. dekh, dekho, lo. 
Load, s, bcjh, bojhd, bb»r, bar, lad, haml. 
Load, V. bojhna, ladna, bar k. bharna. 
Loadstone, s. sang-i-miqnatis, chnmak- 
Loaf, s. paon-roti, nan. [patthar. 

Loam, 8, pindol, chikni-mitti, gil. 
Loan, s, qarz, ^riyat, ndhar. 
Loath, a. na-raz, na-qabul, kasbida. [na. 
Loathe, v. nafrat r. ikrah k. maknih jan- 
Loathsome, a. makruh, karih, ghinaona. 
Loathing, a. nafrat, karahiyat, istikrah, 
Lobster, s. bara jhinga. [ghin. 

Local, a. makani, mahaUi, jai, khaas. 
Lock, 8, tala, qofl; zulf, kakul; kai, 

Lock, V. tala d. qnfl lagana, band k. 
Locker, s, dar&j, alm^-khana. 
Locket, 8. qism-i-zewar. 
Locomotion, s. harkat, sair, naql. 
Locust, 8, tiddi, jarad, malakh. 
Lodge, 8. jhompra ; l^hana. 
Lodge, V. tikna rahna, ntama ; rakhnd, 

baithahia, basdna. [dar. 

Lodger, s. bashinda, shab-bash, kir«ya- 
Lodging, s, thikana, makan, bud-bash. 
Loft, 8. kotha, atari, bam. [mapruri. 
Loftiness, s. unchai, bnlandi ; takabbur, 
Lofty,a. uncha, buland,ala,bala ; magrur. 
Log, 8, knnda, latha. [mutakabbir. 

Loggerhead, s. ahmaq, be-waquf, gaodi. 
Logic, 8, mantiq, ilm-i-munazira. 
Logical, a. mantiqi, mantiq-paiwand. 
Logically, ad. az rue mantiq. 
Logician, s. sahib-i-mantiq, mantiqi. 
Loin, 8. kamar, miydn. 
Loiter, v, tal-matol k. t«lna, den k. 
LolljV.le^a rahna,pare rahna, zuban nikal- 
Lone, Lonely, a. ekla, akela, tanha. [na. 
Long, a. lambd, daraz, tul-tawil ; der-pa, 

dirang, dhila; dur; nihayat, bahut; 

— agro, bahut waqt guzre, mnddat- 

se ; 08 long as, jitni din, jab-tak. 
Long, u. chahna, tarasna, mushtaq h. 
Longevity, 8. umr-darazi, tul-i-umr. 
Longing, «. chih, ishtiyaq, ragbat. 

Longitude, s. tnl, daraz(, lamban. 

Longsuffering, a, mntahammil, halim. 

Longsufiering, s. tahammul. 

Longways, ad. lambai-men, ba-darazi. 

Look, V, dekhn^, nigah k. nazar k. ; na- 
zarana, surat-pazir h. malum h. ; — 
after, khabargiri k. ishtigal r. ; — for, 
intizar k. munta>zir h. b^t dekhna ; — 
out, talash k. dhundhna, nazar k. ; — 
to, khabardari k. nigah-bani k. [h^. 

Look,s. nazar, nigah ; nnma, surat, zahir- 

Looking-glass, a. dlna, abgina, mir^t. 

Loom, 8. tant ; minsij. 

Loop, 8, phali, halqa, phansi, tnkma. 

Loose, a. khnla, dhfla, knshada, chhut^ ; 
be-qaid, fahish. [la k. 

Loose, V. kholn&, chof d. £zad k. dhi- 

Looseness, 8. dhilai, kushadagi ; be-qai- 
di, be-zabti, zinakiri, ; ishal, jiriyan-i- 
shikam. [na. 

Lop, V. katna, tar^shna, katama, chh^nt- 

Loquacious, a. ziyada-go, bakkl, batuni. 

Lord, 8. malik, sahib, khdwind, wali, 
khudawand, Khnda. 

Lordly, a. mutakabbir, magrur. 

Lordship, ». malikiyat, sardari, khuda- 
wand- i-niamat. 

Lose, V. khon^, gum k. z^ia k. maglub 
h. ziyan k. nuqsan uthana, barbad d. 

Loser, s. khone-wala, hard, gumkuninda, 
maglub. [shikast. 

Loss, 8. nuqslln, ziyan, khis^ra, zawal. 

Lost, a. gum, zaia, gaya-guzr^. 

Lot, a. nasib, qismat ; hissa, bahra ; qura. 

Lotion, s. zakhm dhone-k^ dawai pani ; 
gaza. [khel. 

Lottery, s, qura-bazi, sharti, chitthi-ka 

Loud, a. buland-awaz, uncha, bhari, shorr. 

Lounger, s. harza-gard, machator. 

Louse, s. jun, chillar, sipash. 

Love, V, piyar k. muhabbat r. jshq r, 
dshiq h. 

Love, 8. ishq, muhabbat, piyar ; ashiqi, 
fshqbazi ; shahwat. [naznin. 

Lovely, a. piyara, |shq-angez, dil-ruba. 

Lover, s. ^shiq, muhibb, habib, yar. 

Lovingly, ad. ^shiqdna; muhabbat-se. 

Low, 6, nicha, zer, past, nasheb ; adna. 


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kamlna, dun, haqir j kotah-qad ; sa49ta, 
arzanj udos. 
LiDw, V, dakam», bamban*. 
liower, a. nichla, kamtar, farotar. 
Ijower, V. nicha U. dabana, utama, jhu- 
kana ; ghatana, sasta k. kam k. ; ghu- 
rakna. [siyah-ru. 

liowering, a. tarik, dhundhla, andhera ; 
Lowly, a. farotaii,be-garur,haliTn, garib. 
Lowness, s. nioliai, pasti, kaminagi, zil- 
lat, udisi. [ndas. 

Lowspirited, a. dil-shikasta, dil-tang, 
Loyal, a. naioak-halal, wafa-dar, mas- 

Loyalty, s. namak-halali, wafadari, itaat. 
Lucid, a. raashan,daraVhshan; saf, sliaf> 
Luck, s. naaib, qismat, bhag; ittifaq. [faf. 
Lucky, a. khushnasib, bakhtawar iqbal- 

mand, nek-bakht. 
Lucrative, a. faida-mand, muffd, sud- 
Lucre, s. faida, nafa, sud, kasb. [mand. 
Ludicrous, a, mas^hari, khanda-angez. 
Lug, V. ghasitnd, khmchua. [lugvi. 

Jjuggage, s, asbab, chizbast. 
Lukewarm,ai. shir-garm, nim-garm, gnn- 

guna; sardmihr, be-muhabbat. 
Lull, V. sulana, nind laua, aram d. taskin 
Lumber, s. agar-baga|:, balaebatar. [d. 
Luminary, s. r^ushnl, nur, sitara, suraj, 

chand, naiyir. 
Luminous, a. raushan, nurani, ujala. 
Lump, s. dala, ^bela, tokra, para. 
Lunacy, s. diwanagi, sauda, majnuniyat. 
Lunar, a. cb^nd-ka, qamari. 
Lunatic, a. diwana, saudai, majniuu 
Luncheon, s. nashta, kalewa. 
Lungs, s. phephye, shush, riyat. 
Lurch, s. lurhak ; afat-ki halat, khatra. 
Lurch, u. lurhakna, lurhna ; thagnd,far6b 
Lure, V. t\ima r. igwa k. fareb d. [d. 
Lurk, V. ghat-men baithna, dabakna, 
daba-rahna. [jagah. 

Lurking-place, 5. kamin-g£h, ghat-ka- 
Luscious, a. mitha, shirm, mazadar, laziz. 
Lust, s. masti, shahwat, nafs, hawa-o-ha- 
Lust,^. shahwat r. mast h. hawas r.[wa3. 
Lustre,s. chamak,jhalak,jila,raushni, ab- 
dirij raunaq; shuhrat, namwarj, jhaf. 

Lusty, a, zorawar, qawi, tandumst, moti. 
Lute, s. barbat, tambur. [hutat. 

Luxuriance, s. ziyadatl, ifrat, kasrat, ba- 
Lnxuriant, a. kasir, ziyada, wafir, phai- 
la-hua. [khush-^hor. 

Luxurious,a. aiyash,shauqm, nafsparast, 
Luxmy, s, aish-o-ashrat, rangras, nafs- 
Lyre, s. barbat, bin. [parasti. 

Lyrist, s. barbat-nawaz, 


Mace, s, sonta, chob,asa ; j^witrf , basbasa. 
Macerate, v. dubla k. ; bhigo rakhna. 
Machination, s, sazish, bandish, fitrat, 

Machine, s. ala, alat, kal, jantr. 
Mad, a. diwana, majnun, saudaj, baola. 
Madam, s. bibi-sahib, begam-sahiba. 
Madhouse, s. diwana-khdna. 
Madman,^, diwana admi,majnidn ehakhs. 
Madness, s. diwanagi, junun, sauda, sif. 
Magazine, s. makhzan, khazina, ganjina, 

Maggot, s. kifa, kirm ; laharj khiy&L 
Magic, s. jadugari, afsun, sihr. 
Magician, s. jadugar, afsungar, sahir. 
Magisterial, a. hakimi; mutakabbir, 

magrur. [dar. 

Magistrate, s. h^kim, dmil, faujd^, ami- 
Magnanimity, s. himmat, hausila^ jawan- 

Magnanimous, a, ali-himmat, jaw4n« 

mard, shujiu. 
Magnet, s. miqndtis, chumbak. 
Magnificence, s. jah-o-jalal,Bhikoh, hash- 
mat, raunaq. 
Magnificent, a. sahib-i-jalal, ahl-i-hash- 

mat, azim-ush-shan, raunaq-dar. 
Magnify, v. bEifhana; sana-khwiini k. 

maddahi k. 
Magnitude, s. barai, kalanl,andaza,qadr. 
Mahommedan, s. musalman. 
Maid, s. kuari, kori ; doshiza, b&kira. 
M^d-servant, s. asil, kanez, laundf. 
Mail, s. jaushan, zirah, baktar; dak-ka 
Maim, v. langra k. zakhmi k. [thaili. 
Maimed, a.- zaJ^hmi, ghail, langfa-liila- 


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Main, a. anwal,iziaqaddam,palLla; qawi, 

Main, s. majmua, knll ; samondar. 
Mainly, ad, aksariya, giliban, anwalan. 
Maintain, v. iqrar k. taid k. pushti d. ; 

palna, parw^arish k« 
Maintenance, s. parwarish, rozi, Ikhnr^. 
Majestic, a. shahi, khnsrawi, all, shaha- 

na, zuljalal. 
Majesty, 8. jaldl, bnznrgf, shikoh, dab- 
daba; hasn^ jahan-panab, janab-i-ali. 

Major, a. ala, bara» aksar. 

Major, «. ijihda-diur fauji ; muqaddam. 

Make, v. banana, paida k. karna, kbalq 
k. ; kaiTYana ; kamana, hUsil k. ; mu- 
qarrar k. j — amends, mnkafat k. pa- 
dash d. jaza d. ; — cuwwy with, mar- 
dalna, qatl k.; — ac(xyimt of, hisab 
k. ; itibar r. iltifat r. takrim k. ; — 
good, sabit k. dalfl d. ; tawan d. nnq- 
san para k. ; — Ught of, behuda jan- 
na, ^hafif rakhna j — Jciiown, janana, 
zahir k. masbhur k. ; — rrmch of, aziz 
janna, mnhabbat r. ; — of, bananii j 
samajhna, darjaft k. ; — over, sompna, 
hawala k. taalun k. ; — out, daryaft 
k. ; Bshk^ira k. zahir k. ; — sure of, 
yaqin janna, muqarrar samajhna ; — 
«(p, milana, tasfiya k. ; tarkib k. ; jama 
k. ekattha k. ; tamam k. ; ki taraf janii ; 
— towards, ki taraf chalna ya jana. 

Make, s. danl, shakl, banawat, surat, 
saJ^t, tarkib. [saz. 

Maker, s, banane-w. kartar, khdliq ; kar- 

Making, s, banao, sa^ht, kam. 

Malady, s. marz, bimari, az^r. [amali. 

Maladministi'ation,s.bad -hnkumatijbad- 

Malaria, s, bimat-gar bnkhar. 

Male, a. nar, zakar. 

Malediction, s. bad-dn4> lanat. 

Malefactor, s, bad-kar, gonah-gar, mnj- 

Malevolence, s, bad-jkhwahi, bad-ande- 
shi, kina. 

Malevolent, a. bad-khwah, bad-andesh, 

Malice, s, kina, bugz, adawat. 

Maiiciotts, (U See Malevolent. 

Malign, 1 a. bad-lj:hwah,bad-andesh. 

Malignant, i adawati, kina-war j bad- 
bakht, na-mas]iid, manhiis. 

Mallet, s. mogri, mekh-chu. piai. 

Malt, 8. jan, jo boza banane-keliye taiyar 

Maltreat, v. bad-suluk k . Batena,m^rpi t k. 

Malversation, s. bad-amall,rishwat-](ho- 
ri, hfla-hawala. 

Mamma, s, mama, amm^ mi. 

Mammon, s. danlat, mal. [shakhs. 

Man, s, admi, mard, insan, ILdamzad, 

Man-of-war, s. jangi-jahaz. 

Manacles, s» hath-karian, dast-band. 

Manage, v. chalana, kama, sarbarahi k. 

kdrgozari k. tadbir k. 

Manageable, a, khush-lagam, bak&r sha- 

ista, sazawar. [tadbir, ami. 

Management, s, sarbardhi, kargnzari. 

Manager, s. Barbarahkdr,k^giizar,peBh- 

kar, 4inil. 
Mandate, s, hnkm, farmin, amr. 
Mandatory, a, hukmi, farmdni. 
Mandrake, s. lakhmand, lakhmanf. 
Mane, s. yal, ayal, ohonti. 
Man-eater, 5. mardum-khor. 
Manfnl, a. mardana, diler. 
Mange, s. kharish, khnjli. 
Manger, s. thdn, khnrli, kharak. 
Mangle, v, pharna, chima, purze-pnrze 
Mango, s. am, amba. [k. 

Manhood, s. jawdnf, shabab, mardf, ru- 

juliyat, mardangi, jawanmardi. 
Maniac, s. diwana, majnun. [waida. 
Manifest, a. zahir, wazih, ishkara, hn- 
Manifest, v. dikhlana, zahir k. batlana. 
Manifestly, ad. zahiran, kbula-khnla, be- 

Manifestation, s. izhar, tanzfh, taarih. 
Manifesto, s. izhir-ndma, snrat-i-hal, 

Manifold, a. bahntsa, gdnagun, aqsanu 
Mankind, s. insan, bashar, ban-i-adam. 
Manliness, s. mardangi, jawanmardi. 
Manly, a. mardana, mardum-asa. 
Manner, s. tarah, taur, tariq, waza, dauL 
Mannerly, a. khiish-akhlaq, khaliq, mu- 

Hdanners, s, adab, akhlaqj auza, chlU. 


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ManoBuvre, s. tadbir, hikmat, fitrat. 
Manor, s, zamindari, taallnqa. 
Maiision, s. haweli, makan, Ifh^iia. 
Manslaughter, s. mardnm-koshi, qatl. 
Manslajer, s. mardnm-kusli, q^til. 
Mantle, s. labada, bala-posh, pat^d. 
Manual, a. dastl, hUth-se ban^' hua. 
Manual, s. chho^i kitab, khulasa. 
Mannfactnre, s. dastkarl, kdrfgarJ, k6ro- 

bar, sanat. 
Manufacturer, s, dastkar, karigar. 
Manufactory, s. kar-lchana; kfirlgari, 

Manure, s. pans, khad, kh&t, sir. 
Manure, v, p^nsna, khat dalni, s&mfi. 
Manuscript, s, dast-khatt, qalami, kitib. 
Many, a. bahut, bahutere, bisyar, kasir, 

aksar. [buqalamun. 

Many-coloured, a. rang-6-rang, gunagun. 
Many-times, s. barba, barbar, dafatan, 
Map, «. naqsha-i-zamin. [dafa-ba-dafa. 
Mar, V. bigafUB, l^halal k. nuqsan k. 

]||:barab k. 
Marble, s. sang-i-marmar ; goM, anU. 
March, s. kuch, raftar, safar ; sal-ka tisrd 

Hare, s. ghori, m&diyan, midwdn. 
Margin, s. hishiya, kinara, lab. [daraj. 
Marginal, a. kinirl ; hashiye-men mun- 
Marygold, s. genda ; gul-i.sadbarg. 
Marine, a. bahri, daryai. 
Marine, s. jahazf sipdhC. 
Mariner, 8. mallah, khaliisi, ahl-i-jahaz. 
Maritime, a. bahri, daryai. 
Mark, s. nishan, dag, alamat, raqm, da- 

lalat ; nishana, hadaf. [k. 

Mark, v. nishan k. ^kg d. ; nazark. gaur 
Marked, a. nishan-dar, ^Bg- d£r. 
Market, s. chauk, bazdr, h^t, pen(h.[nf. 
Marketable, a. farokhtani, b&sari, chala- 
Market-day, s. roz-i-bazdr, penth-ki din. 
Marksman, s. nishana-andaz, shast-an- 
Marl, s. pindol, tin-i-misr. [daz. 

Marquee, s. khaima, ^hargah, dera. 
Marriage, s. biyah, nikdh, sh^di. 
Marriageable, a. biyahne-jog, qHbil-i- 

nikah ; balig, rasf da. 
Married, a. biyaba, mankuh; nikahi. 

Marrow, 8, gudU, magz-i-UfitaVhwin. 
Marry, v. biydh k. biydhnii, nikah k. shi- 
Mars, 8, mirrikh, jcdlad-i-falak. [dl k. 
Marsh, s, daldal, dhasao, dhasan. [chf. 
Marshal,«.8ipBh salar; nasqchi,ihtimfan- 
Marshy, a. serab, tar, martub, silfi. 
Mart, 8. ganj, bandar, hat, bazar. 
Martial, a. lashkari, jangif, sipahidna. 
Martyr, 5. shahid shahfd. 
Martyrdom, s. shahadat. [h. 

Marvel, v. taajjub k. mutaajib h. hairan 
Marvellous, a. ajib, yjdba, achambhd. 
Masculine, a. muzakkar ; mardana, diler. 
Mask,5. burqa,bhes, chihra ; hila, bahana. 
Mask, V. bnrqa lagdna; chhipana, po- 

shida k. 
Mason, s. raz, miam&r; sang-tariish. 
Mass, 5. pinda, thua, 4^t dali; ^her^ 

jamao, ambar. 
Massacre, s. muqitalat, haliik, ^dn-rezf. 
Massive, v. bafa, kalan, azim, mota, bhd- 
Mast, 3. mastul, tir. [ri, saqfl. 

Master, s. milik, sahib, khdwind, wali j 

ustad, muallim ; azmudakdr ; n^hudd. 
Master, v. maglub k. zerdast k. ; sikhna, 

hasil k. [mil. 

Masterly, a, ustadi, ustddana, wdqif, ka- 
Mastery, s. hukumat, badshdhat ; ustadi. 
Masticate, v. chnbna, chaband. 
Mastication, s. chabwdf, chabii. 
Mastiff, 5. pahapi kutta. 
Mat, 8. boriya, chatdi, saf, pdtf. 
Match, 8, muqdbala, kushti, bazi, shart ; 

jora, juft, bardbar, harasar; biyah, 

nikah ; diya-sUdi ; tora, falita ; so^htd. 
Match, u. bardbar h. yd k. muwafiq h. 

ya k. muqabila k. ; nikdh k. biyahnd. 
Matchless, a. be-misal, las»ni, be-nazir. 
Mate, 8. sdthi, jof a, juft, rafiq, zauj ya 

zauja. [hayulani j bhari, zarur. 

Material, a. jismi, mujassam, maddf. 
Materials, 8. iahih, sdmdn, saranjam, 

lawazima. [hut, nihayat. 

Materially, ad. jismdntan ; l^zimana, ba« 
Maternal, a. madari, muhabbatdna. 
Mathematician, 8. muhandis, riyazi-dan/ 
Mathematics, t. ilm-i-riyazl, handasa. 


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Hatriz,^. qalib, S8ncha,rahm, bacha-dan. 
Matricide, s. xnadarknshi, madarkush. 
Matrimony, s. biyah, nikah, shadi. 
Matrimonial, a, nikahi, biyah-ka. 
Matron, s. mamn, bibi, khatun ; pir-zan. 
Matted, a. zholida, jata. 
Matter, s. madda, jism, jauhar, haynld, 

jii-m ; bat, kar, muamala ; mnaayaqa j 
Mattock, s. kndali, qainti, belcha. [pib. 
Mattress, s. toshak, bistar, bichhanna. 
Mature, a. pakka, pukhta, rasida, kamil. 
Maturely, ad. ba-puJ^htagi, taammul-se, 

sochke. [bnlug, kamal. 

Maturity, s, pnkhtagi, pakai, rasidagi, 
Maul, V. pltna, dhunna, thathana, kutpit k. 
Maund, s. ek man. 

Maw, 3. maida, jhojh, pot4, sangdana. 
Mawkish, a. be-lazzat, be-maza, naga- 

Maxim, s. masla, maqula, q^da, q^nun. 
May, V. sakna, bona, chahna, pana. 
Mayor, s. shahr-ka-hakinu 
Maze, 5. uljbao, pech; hairat, hairani. 
Meadow, s. margzar, charagah, tarai. 
Meagre, a. dubla, Wgar, haqir, naqis. 
Meal,s. ^ta,pisHn,be8an ; khana,khurak. 
Mean, a. kamin, faromaya, paji ; muta- 

wassit, miyana, majhola. 
Mean, s. ausat, miyau, itidal. [sud r. 
Mean, v, manj r. batana, iiada r. maq- 
Meander, s. bank, pher, ghumao, pecli. 
Meaning, s. m^ni, fahwa ; irada, maqsad. 
Meanness, s, hiqarat, kaminagi, pasti, 

zillat, ^iffat. . 
Means, 5. wasila, wasalat, marifat ; mil, 

raaya, amad, mahasil ; wajh, taur. 
Meantime, ") ad, is darmiy an, is mabain- 
Meanwhile, j men,isarse-meii,isbicli- 

men; darasna-i-waqt. 
Meant, pa. maqsud, malum kiyd, mahud. 
Measles, s, garmidana, khasra. 
Measure, v. mapna, napna, paimaish k. 

andaza k. 
Measure, s, mip, nip, andaza, paimaish, 

paimana; wazn, mizan ; tal, tan ; hissa, 

darja ; wasila, kam, tarkib. [hayat. 
Meafioreless, a. be-qiyas, be-hadd, ni- 
Measures,£.kam,tadbir,man6uba; wasila. 

Meat, s. gosht, khana, giza, taim. 
Mechanic, s. karigar, dastkar, ahl-i-pesha 

ya hirfa. ' [adat. 

Mechanics, s, ilm-i-jar-i-saqil, jlm-i- 
Mechanism, s, tarkib, banawat, sakht, 
Medal,' s. sikka, tagma. [kalbal. 

Meddle, v. hath dalna, dakhl beja k. 

madakhalat k. chhona. [labra. 

Meddler, s. dakhil, har-degi, chamcha. 
Medial, a. miyani, darmiyani, mutawas- 

sit. [gari k. bich-bichao k. 

Mediate, V. wasalat k. shafaatk.miyanji- 
Mediation, s. wasalat, shafaat, miyanji- 

gari, bich-bichao. 
Mediator, s. miyanji, darmiyani, shaff, 

Medical, ") a. tibbi, tabibi ; flaj-man- 
Medicinal, ) sub, chara-paiwand. 
Mcdicine,*s. dawa, dard, jlaj j tibb, shifa. 
Mediocrity, s, ausat, ftidal, miyangi. 
Meditate, v, sochna, fikr k. gaur k. taam- 

mul k. tadbir k. mansuba bindhna. 
Meditation, s. fikr, andesha, soch, gaur, 

taammul. [zamin-se ghera. 

Mediterranean, a. khushki-ki bich-men, 
Medium, s, ausat, wasat, itidal, darmi- 

yan, bich, wasdlat. [zish. 

Medley, s. ghalmet, gadbad, khalt, ame- 
Medullary, a. gudaila, magzi. 
Meed, s. ajr, ajura, samara, jazi. [rib. 
Meek, a. mulaim,narm, halim, salim, ga- 
Meekness, s. mulaimat, narmi, hilm, 

Meet, a. laiq, wijib, munisib, sazawar. 
Meet, V. milna, mulaqat k. muqabil h. ; 

jama h. faraham h. j hasil k. ; jorna. 
Meeting, s. jamaat, jamiat, majlis. 
Meetness,^. mutabaqat, munasabat, shi- 

istagi. [sauda, dilgiri. 

Melancholy, 8. milikhuliya, malalat, 
Melancholy, a, dilgir, malul, hazin, sau- 

dai, udas. [sadhna. 

Meliorate, v. bihtark. khubtar k. banana. 
Mellifluous, a. shakarrez, shakarlab, 

shirin-zaban. [khiSshnuma. 

Mellow, a. pakka, pukhta, narm, pilpila, 
MeludiouS; a. J^ush-aihang, alhan, nawa, 



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Helody, 9. ras, ahang, ilMn, tarlna, 

nas^ma, ^hushnaw^. 
Helon, a. pbu^ ^harbiiza, tarbiiz. 
Helt, V. galn^) galtina, ghnbiB, ghnUnH, 

pigbalni, pighlana, gadaz h. y^ k.[da. 
Melter,9, gal4k^,pighalwaiya, gadazan- 
Member, s. azd ; jns, fasl ; sharik, hissa- 

dar : sahib-i-majlis, majlisi. 
Membrane, s. parda, jhilli, jey. 
Memento, s. ishira, kindya, imi, ylidgir. 
Memoir, s. tazkira,sargiis:a8ht, tawari^b. 
Memorable, a. liiq-i-yid, qabil-i-yad, 

wajib-nz-Elkr. [safina, bayiz. 

Memorandnm, s. yad-dasht, yad-garC ; 
Memorial, s, yadgar ; andibht, ^rzi, dar- 

Memory, «. yad, hifz, bafiza, zikr. [wif. 
Menace, s. dhamki, ghnrki, tab^id, ta^- 
Menace, v. dbirana, dbamkana, dabk&nii, 

tahdid k. ta^hwif k. 
Mend, v. marammat k. sam£, sndham^ 

bibtar k. ya h. taraqqi k. 
Mendacity, s. jhufh, darog goi, kixb. 
Mendicant, s, faqir, gad^, bbikarf. 
Menial, a, naukar ; cbakar ; naokri pe- 
Menses, a, haiz, mabnd, phdl. [sha. 
MenatmaJ, a. baizi, bais-dar. [ballil. 
Menatmum, s. galane-wala, galau, mn- 
Mensnration, s. paimaisb, inasdhat, ja- 

rib-kasbi. [zamiri, ^qll. 

Mental, a. dili, qalbi, ]|:bdtir-man8ub, 
Mention,^, zikr, tnzkira, mazkur, cbarcba. 
Mention, v. zikr k. kabna, nam lena, 

cbarchi k. [zari. 

Mercantile, a. tijdratf, sandigarf-ka, ba- 
Mercenary, a. zar-asfana, j^bud-garz; 

mazdur, [rosb. 

Mercer, a. abreshm^na-faroeb, barir-fa- 
Mercbandise, s, mal, jins, qumasb ; sau- 

dagarf, tijarat. [baiparf. 

Mercbant, a. sauddgar, t^ir, baznrgan, 
Mercbantman, a. saad&gari-ka jabiz. 
Merdfal, a. raliim, rabman, rabm-dil, 

narm-dil, sbafiq. [dard, sang-dil. 
Merciless, a. be-rabm, be-shafaqat, he- 
Mercurial, a. simabi, pare-ka ; chaoicha], 

Mercury, a. sunab, par^ ; ntarid* 

Mercy, a, rahm, rabmat, marbamat, sba- 

faqat, daya. [sarih. 

Mere, a. sirf, niWl, mahz, faqat^ kbali. 
Merely, ad, faqat, sirf, nipat. 
Meridian, a. nisf-^un-nibar, znbr ; kbatt- 

i-nisf-nn-nibir. [kbubi. 

Merit, a, qadr, saziwarf, liyiqat, was^ 
Merit, v. sazdwar b. laiq b. mustahaq h. 

wajib b. mastanjib h. 
Meritorious, a. wajib-ul-ajr ; mustahaqq- 

i-inayat, sazawar. 
Mermaid, a. bint-ul babr, jalmansi. 
Merrily, ad. IfLhusbi-se, sbadana. [tarab. 
Merriment, a» ^busbf, sbadi, ^burrami. 
Merry, a. kbusb, sbad, sbadman, bansor. 
Mesb, a, ]|^bana, shabaka, j&l-k6 sura^b. 
Mess, a. khani, tam ; hamtami, sbiraqat- 

me^ kband ; kbalt, amezisb. 
Mess, V. eksath kbana, milkar Ish&aL 
Message, a. pdyam, paig^, kbabar. 
Messenger, a. qdsid, paigambar, barkara. 
Messiah, a. Masib, Masiba. 
Messmate, a, bamsufra, bamkasa. 
Messuage, a. makan, baweli, taalluq. 
Metal, a, filizz, madanf, dhat. 
Metallic, a. fillizi, madaniya, dhat-k£. 
Metamorphosis, s. tabdiUi-suratyd shakl. 
Metaphorical, a, majazi, rangin, muster. 
Metaphysics, a, ilm-i-kalam, {Im-i-map 

bad-ut-tab^i, ilkhiyat. 
Mete, V. mapna, napna, paimaisb k. 
Metempsychosis, s. tanasu^, nakl-i- 
Meteor, a. shahab, luk. [arwah. 

Methinks, v. mujhe m^lum bota hai. 
Method, a. tartib, aslub, waza, taur, ta« 

nq, saliqa. [itariq. 

Methodical, a. murattab, muntazam ; ahU 
Methodise, v, murattab k. intizam k. 

sanwarna. p^ahr. 

Metre, a. q&fiya, miz^, nazm, wazn. 
Metrical, a. muqa£Pa, ba-qafiya, manzum. 
Metropolis, a. dar-us-saltanat, i^hiUfat, 

hukumat, takbt-gah. 
Mettled, a. phurtila, tez, janbaz. 
Mew, V. billi sa awaz k. ; pinjre-mes Jft 

qaiclI^haue-meQ band k. 


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Microscope, s. shisha-i-kaJan-bin. 
Mid, Middle, a. miyani, darmiyani, mn- 

tawasdt, manjliola, bichabich. 
Mid-daj, 8, do-pahar, nim-roz, znbr. 
Middling, a. miyana, wiBBati, aisa-waisa, 

Middle-finger, s. angusht-i-wasati* 
Midnight, s. adhl-rat, nimshab. 
Midst, a. bich, darmiyan. [jhadh^r. 

Midstream, 8. miyan-i-rtiid^b&na, maj- 
Midway, 8, idhi-rab, asna-i-rah, adh- 
Midwife, 8, d&'-janai, qabila. [bich. 

Midwifery, s, d^igari, ilm-i-tanlid. 
Mien, s, waza, qiy&fa, chihra, chal.[qat. 
Might, s. quwat, qndrat, maqdur, zor, ta- 
Mightily, ad. zor-se, ba-quwat, ba-shid- 

dat, nihayat. 
Mighty, o. qawi, zorawar, mazbut, qadir. 
Migrate, v. naql-i-watan k. tabdil-i-mak- 
Milch, a. dndhar, dndhal, dudhail.[an k. 
Mild, a. mnlaim, halim, salim, momdil. 
Mildness, 8, hilm, narmi, mnlaimat. 
Mile, s. mil, £dh-kos. [minHr. 

Milestone, s, mil-ka nishandir patthar, 
Militant, a. l^nranka, lafau, jan^. 
Military, a. jangi, lashkari, sipihl. 
Military, e. lashkar, faoj, sipahion. 
Milk, 8. diidh, shir ; gabha. 
Milk, V. dohna, dudh nikalna. 
Milkmaid, s. gopi, gwalin, ahiri. 
Milkman, 8, gop, gopal, gwala, ahir. 
Milkpail, s. dohni, dudh-handi. 
Milky, a. dudhi, ahiri, shirdar, diidhs^. 
Mill, s. chakki, chak, janta. asiya. 
Miller, 8, pisanhara, asiya-ban. 
Mill-OK, 8, koltt-ka bail. [wagaird. 

Millinery, s, blbiam' poshak, topi, fite. 
Million, s. das lakh, dah sad hazar. 
MiUfitone, «.chakki-kapat, eang-i-asiya. 
Mimic, a. naqqal, muqallid, taqlidi. 
Mimicry, s, naql-bazi, taqlid, naqqali. 
Mince, v. qima k. para-para k. reza-pnr- 

za k. tnkra-tnkra k. 
Mind, s. dil, ^latir, zamir, ji, zihn, fahm j 

khwahish, irada, qasd, garaz, chah. 
Mind, V. manna, khatir-men lana^ dil 

lagana, lihaz k. dhiyan k. 

Minded, a. mail, khwah, Irzdmand. 
Mindful,a. yadawar, khal3ardar, hoshiyar. 
Mine, pr, mera, apna. [qab. 

Mine, s, kh&a, kan, midan ; snrang, na- 
Mine, v. kan khodna ; sendhna. 
Miner, 8. k^.kan, madau kawinda, na- 

qab-zan, snrangi, sendhiya. 
Mineral, s. madani, kani ya khani chiz, 

dhat, jamad. 
Mineralogy, 8. ilm-i-madan. 
Mingle, v, milni, milana, amez h. ya k. 

makhldt h. yi k. ghal-mel k. [sagir. 
Miniature, s. chhoti, shabih, taswir-i- 
Minion, s, piyara, laga-lipta,khiiyabardar. 
Minister, s. naib, gnm^hta, karknn; 

wazir, mudabbir, sadr-nishin, wakil ; 

khadim-i-din. [dena. 

Minister, v. khidmat k. hazir-bashi k. 
Ministry, s. khidmat, wizax-at, pesha-i- 

Mininm, 8. sendur, isrinj. 
Minor, a. kamtar, chhota. 
Minor, s, na-balig, niUrasida, khmrdsal. 
Minority, a, kamtari, gillat ; khurdsali, 

na-bfidigi, na-raeidagi. 
Minister, s. jami masjid ; ^hanqah. 
Minstrel, s, bajantri, mntnb. 
Mint, s. taksal, dar-uz-zarb ; pddina. 
Minnte, 8. pal, lamha, lahza, zarra, da» 

qiqa ; yadgar, sharah. 
Minnte, d. zarra-sa, barik, daqiq, bahnt 

chhotd, raqiq, thik. [dawar k. 

Minnte, v. likh-lena, qalam-band k. ya- 
Mimitely, ad, ba-diqqat, taisilana ; bar- 
dam, har-lahza. 
Miracle, s. mojaza, karamat. 
Miraculous, a. ajib, vjuba, karamati. 
Mire, s, kichar, chihla, daldal. 
Mirror, s. aina, abgina, mirat. 
Mirth, 5. khushi, shadi, khurrami, hansf. 
Miry, a. kichraha, daldala, panka. 
Misadvise, v, bad salah d. bura chetna. 
Misanthrope, s. insan dushman. 
Misanthropy, s, insdn-se nafrat. 
Misapply, v. be-faida lagana, beja ^arch 

k. zaya k. 
Misapprehend, v. nai-bujhn^, khilaf, sa- 



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MiBapprehension, «. ni-samajh, 1^hilaf-i- 

fahmidagi, ^hatd, ch6k, bhul. [ki k. 
Misbehave, v. bad-chal chalii^ bad-sald- 
Misbehavioar, s. bad-chal, bad-suluki, 

Miscarriage, 8, bad-anjami, na-sarbira- 

hi; isqat-i-hamal. 
Miscarry, v. na-ranrad h. nk sidhna, 

ch<ikn6 ; pet gima ; isqat-i-hamal r. 
Miscellaneous, a. mutafturiq, makhlut, 

baze-jama. [^harabi, badi. 

Mischief, 8. nnqsan, Eijftn, iiir, r.arar, 
Mischievous, a. mozirr, ziyank^r, sharii*, 

bad, burft. [fikr, behuda. 

Misconception, s. galatf, l^hatd, ohiik, 
Misconduct, s. badamali, badchti, badiial. 
Misconstrue, v. mukhilif bayin k. b^t 

phema, galat samajhna. « 
Miscount, V. galat-shuman k. 
Miscreant, s. badzat, marddd, har^mzida. 
Misdeed, "> s.bad-fialijgunahfjan- 

Misdemeanour, j ma, bad-chal, qusur. 
Misdoubt, V. yaqin n^-jannii, shubha k. 
Misemploy, v. be-faida mansuba bandh- 

n&, zaya k. bad-amali k. 
Miser, 8, bakhil, mumsik, shtim, kanjus. 
Miserable, a. zaJil, Vhw^, shikasta-hiU, 

pareshan-hid, tabah, miskin, naqis. 
Misery, s. khwari, shikasta-hall, paresh- 

ani, maskanat, bala. [afat, musibat. 
Misfortune, s. kam-bakhti, bad-bakhti. 
Misgive, v. andeshanak k. shakk-pur k. 
Mishap, s.bad-bakhtijbad-ittifaq, hadisa. 
Misinform, v. jhuthi khabar d. bhulAna. 
Mislay, v, be-thikana, rakhna, rakhkar 

Misle, V. tap tap gima, phuhiy^nii. 
Mislead, v. bhatkana, gumdlhk. bahk&na. 
Mismanage, v. bad-tadbiri k. bad-ihti- 

mam k. bigaima. 
Misname, v. jhuthd nam d. nam phirana. 
Misrepresent, v. khilaf bayan k. munqa- 

lib k. gairhaqq naql k. [kal. 

Misrule, s. bad-hukmi, hingama, dhundh- 
Miss, 8, doshiza, sahib zadi, bibijan. 
Miss, V. chukna, na-lagna, nd-pana, gum 

k. qusur k*^ chahna, ihtiyaj k. 

Missing, a. jata raha, gum hu&. 
Misshape, v. bad-qata k. be-anddm k. 
MiFsile, s. h^th-chhu^, durandazi. 
Mission, s. irsal, risalat, paigambari, 

Missionary, 8. injil-k£ riwej-denew^la. 
Misspell, V. galat hije k. bad-imla likhna. 
Misspend, v. ufana, israf k. ganwanH, 

be-m^ni din katna. 
Mist, 8. kohar, kuhra, kuhasa, phuhar, 

dhundh. [qusur. 

Mistake, s, chuk, galati, bhul, Ijihata, 
Mistaken, a. bhula hua, galati-men hai. 
Mistress, 8. siihiba, malika, kadb&nu, 

gharwali ; ust&din, itu ; mashuqa. 
Mistrust, 8. shakk, bad-gumani, wahm. 
Misty, a. dhundhla, dhiindhra, dhundhd. 
Misunderstand, v. khilaf samajhna, na- 

fahmi k. galat bujhna. 
Misunderstanding, 8. na-fahmi> galat; 

mu^halafat, munazat. 
Mite, 8. ghun ; zarra, reza ; kauf i. 
Mitigate, v, kam k. mulaim k. ta^hfif k. 

than^a k. 
Mitigation, s, takhf^f, taskm, ifaqa. 
Mix, V. milana, milna, makhlut h. y^ k. 

amezish k. dmekhta k. [amez. 

Mixed, a. amckhta, makhlut, mila-hua. 
Mixture, 8. milao, Amezish, imtizaj, mu- 
Moan, 8, ah, hae, karah, nala. [rakkab. 
Moan, V, karahna, n&la k. afsos k. 
Moat, 8, khandaq, khai. 
Mob, s. bhjjr, hujum, amboh, majma. 
Mock, V munh banana, chiyana, lahranl, 

masl^hara k. istihza k. 
Mockery, s. ^hattha, sukhriya, tasakh- 

khur, nazhik, istihza. 
Mode, 8. surat, taur, tariq, waza, rawish, 

rawij, chalan ; makam, parda, nawa. 
Model, 8. naqsha, namuua, naql, qalib. 
Model, V. banand, ^aul-par lana, shakl 

bandhna, naqsha k. 
Moderate, v. sambhalna, thambhna, zabt 

k. ; kam k. takhfif k. sakin k. 
Moderate, a. muatadil,miyaua, muwafiq. 
Moderation, 8, yatidal, qanaat ; sabr, 

tahammul, burdbari, mulaimat. 
Moderator, s, mir4-majlis, mudabbir. 


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Modem, a-naya, hall, mataakhkhir, jadf d. 
Modems,s.mutaa]^h^ariii,abnBe-zainai) . 
Modest, a. sharm-sar, nak, gin, ila, mah- 

juh, ni-TQAgrur, na-gustakh. 
Modesty, s. sharm, haya, hijabj gairat, 

asmat, pakf. 
ModificatioD, s, tarkib ; tabdil. 
Modify, V, sarat d. shaki bandhna, danl 

d. ; sndhrana, tabdil k. [tarzi. 

Modish, a* rawaji, rasmi, chalni, nan- 
Modulate, V. awaz banana, tarannnm k. 

dlapna. [alap. 

Modulation, 5. tarannnm, nagma, nawa, 
Moiety, 8. adha, nim, nisf. [serab, oda. 
Moist, a, nam, tar, martub, sila, gila. 
Moisten, v. namgin k. tar k. silana, 

martub k. [ras. 

Moisture, s» nam, tan, sil, rutiibat, araq^ 
Mole, 8. til, masa, khal ; chhuchundar, 

karmosh j band, pnshta. 
Molehill, 8. chhuchhundar-ka dhe^i, toda- 

i'-karmosh. [takUf d. 

Molest, V. 8atan£, khijana, chherna, 
Molestation, s, taklif, iza, ranj, tasdia, 

azar. [k. taskin d. 

MoUify, V. narmllna, mnliim k. than^£ 
Molten, a. gala-hua, ^halwan, qdlibi. 
Moment, s. dam, lamha, lahza, saat, pal, 

daqiqa ; garaz, muzaiqa, bhari. 
Momentary,a. ek dam-ka,na-paedar, fani. 
Momentous, a. giran, bh^i, sangln, mu- 

himm, zarur. [tan, raj^. 

Monarch, s. badshah, shah, malik, sul- 
Monarchy, 8. badshahi, saltanat, mnmli- 
Monday, s, pir, do-shamba, 8ombdr.[kat. 
Money, s. zar, naqd, paise, rupai, kaufi, 

mablag, maya. 
Money-changer, s, sarr^f, naqq&d. 
Moneyed, a. zardar, maldar, rupai-wi^U, 

paise-wala. [muflis. 

Moneyless, a. be-zar, be-naqd, tihidaet, 
Monger, s. farosh, baipari, baz, wala. 
Mongrel, 8, do-nasla janwar. 
Monition, s, nasihat, w^z, pand, tambih. 
Monitor, s. nasih, waiz ; khalifa. 
Monkey, s, bandar, bozina, maimun. 
Monopolize, v. ijara 1. chhenkna, mar-r. 
Monopoly, s, ij^ra^ ]$:hass-^harid. 

Monosyllable, s. ek hijje-ki bat. 
Monotony, s. ek-suri, taw^H-harkiSt. 
Monsoon, s, mausam-ki hawa. 
Monster, s, ajib-ul-khilqat, ifrit, bhut. 
Monstrous, a. ajib,azim, haulnak, shadid. 
Month, 8. mahina, mah, mas. [sharir. 
Monthly, a. har-mahini, jnibi, mahine- 

ke mahine, mih-ba-mah. 
Monument, 8, yad-gar, nishin ; alamat ; 

turbat, marqad, qabr. [marqadi. 

Mood,s. haljhalat, ^hatir,kho, siga, waza. 
Moody,a. chirchi)ra,barham,khafa, maldl. 
Moon, 8. chand, chandar, mah, mahtab, 

qamar ; new — , mah-i-nau, hilal ; full 

— , badr, pdm-m4si j — *s chcmge, s. 

tahwil-i-mto. [mah. 

Moonlight, s. chandni, miihtab, nur-i- 
Moor, 3. zangf, habshi, magribi musal- 

man ; be-abad zamin, wirana. 
Moor, V, langar ^iHnii, lagana, b^dhna. 
Mooring, s, langargah, ghat. [na. 

Mope, v. afsurda h. gamginh. udis baith- 
Mopish, a, sust, gamnak, udiJ. 
Moral, a. akhlaqi, akhlaq-numa, adab- 

amoz pandana ; khnsh-akhl^q, nek. 
Moral, s, nasihat, pand, hasil, garaz. 
Moralist, 8, adib, ataliq, nasih, wa}z. 
MoraUty, 8. akhlkq, suluk, adab, haqq. 
Moralize, v. aJj^hlaq, batana, pandbolna. 
Morals, s. akhlaq, nek-flulu k i, ad^b, waza. ^ 
Morally, ad. r4sti-se, haqq-men. 
Morass, s, daldal, dhasan, dhasam. 
Morbid, a. mariz, bimar, ^hasta. 
More, a. aur, ziyada, afzud, besh, bahut ; 

— and more, aur-anr, aur-ziyada ; — j 

or les8, thojra-bahut, kam-besh. 
Moreover, ad. alawa, siwaiske, tispar bhi. 
Morning, 3. fajr, snbah , sahar, bhor, tarka. 
Moming-stor, s. zuhra, sitara-us-subah. 
Morose, a. durusht, tursh-ru, ka^akht, 

chifchira. [mizaji. 

Moroseness, 8. dnmshtf, tursh-rui, tund- 
Morrow, 8, kal, farda. 
Morsel, s, luqma, nawala $ tukra, para. 
Mortal, a. fani, mauti, fauti ; insani, ba« 

shri ; muhlik, qatil, kari. [shakhs. 
Mortal, 9, ins^n, 6dam-zad, bashar« 


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Hortality, 5. fan4, ajal, mant ; insaniyat, 

bashriyat, ddmiyat ; mari, margi. 
Mortar, 8, gach ; hiwan, knndi, okhli ; 

Mortgage, v. girwi r. giran r. bandhak d. 
Mortification, «. saran, safawat, khura ; 

azar, ranj. [dabana, zabt k. 

Mortify, V. safna, sar'jand; kbijan^, 
Mosque, s. masjid, fbadatgah. 
Moss, 8. kai, chitti, sewar. [bayat. 

Most, a. aksar, besbtar, ziyiidatar, ni- 
Mostly, ad, aksar, besbtar, j^aliban. 
Mote, 8, zarra, kanika, nnqta. [kipa. 
Moth, 8. parwan^, patanga, ncbrang; 
Mother, 8. ma, mai, amma, madar, walida. 
Mother-in-law, s, sas, kbush-d&man. 
Motherless, a. be-madar, matdhin. 
Motherly, a. madarasa, madarina, Wiisi, 
Motion, 8* harakat, jnmbisb, hilao, dnlao; 

takrlr, bit, qaxiya, izbar. 
Motionless, a, be-harakat, sikin, stbir. 
Motive, 8, sabab, morad, garaz, matlab. 
Motley, a, rangarang, gtin^gdn, pacbmel. 
Motto, 8. saja, kitibat, ^Inmat, naqsh. 
Mould, 8. phaphdndi ; mitti j qalib, s6n- 

cha ; naqsha, tarash. [bandhnd. 

Mould, v. gundhna; banand, shakal 
Moulder, v, chiir h. mitti b. Ichak h. 
Mouldy, a. phapbundi laga. [zawal h. 
Moult, V, dasokha jhafna, par jhafnd, 

Mound, 5. pushta, mend, toda, band. 
Mount, 8. tild, pahaf i, tall. 
Mount, V. chaf hna, utbna, upar jana ji 

ufna ; sawar h. ; araish k. ; rakhnd, 

nasb k. 
Mountain, s, pahdr, parbat, koh, jabal. 
Mountainous, a. pahap, kohsar, kohistan. 
Mourn, v. gam khani, kufhna, afsos k. 

nala-o-zari k. matam k. [ya-dar. 

Mourner, s, matamddr, gamkbor, tazi- 
Moumful, a. gamgin, gamnak, gam]k:hez, 

Mourning, s.gam,m&tam ; matamf-libas. 
Mouse, 8, chuhi, musH, mush. 
Mousehole, ». chuhi-k4 bfl. 
Mouth, 8, munh, mnkh, dahan, mohdnd* 
Mouthful, 8, nawala^ luqma. 

Movable, a. mutaharrik, mumkin-ul-ha- 

rakat, uthane-jog. 
Move, V. hilna, hilSnd, saraknd, sarkand, 

harakat d. chaland, chalna, uksana, 

angez k. ; narm k. ; manana ; pesh k. 
Moved, a. mahruk, jumbida, chald hua. 
Movement, 8, harsJs^t, rawarawi, chal, 

chalan. * [harrik. 

Moving, a, dilsoz, dilkash, jigarsoz j mu- 
Mow, V. ddse-se kdtna, dirau k. 
Much,a. bahut, bahutera, bisy ar, nihayat, 

kaslr ; — how m/uchf kitna, keta ? — so 

muchf itna, etnd, eta ; — as mt6c/i,jitna, 

Much, 8, kasrat, ifrat, bisydr, bahut j — 

so much 80, yahan-tak j — to make 

much of, piyir k. nawaznd, 
Mucilage, s. las, luab. 
Mucilaginous, a, laslasa, lajlajl, lyabdar. 
Mud, 5. chahla, kichar, pank, wahal. 
Muddy, a. maila, gadla, dluda, mukad- 

dar. [pana. 

Muffle, V. lape^H, dhampna, Of hna, chhi« 
Mug, 8. db-i^hora, piyala. 
Mulberry, 8. tut, shah-tut. 
Mulct, V. jarimana k. tawan lagana. 
Mule, 8, Ikhachchar, astar. 
Mullet, 8, parhin, arwari machhli. 
Multifarious, 'i a, rangbarang, gunigun« 
Multiform, ) kasir-ul-shakal, bahu- 
Multiplicand, s. mazrub, gunya. [rupi* 
Multiplication, 8, zarb, pahara, jof ti. 
Multiplicity, 8, kasrat, ifrat, bahutat. 
Multiplier, s. zarib, zarb-kuninda. 
Multiply, V, zarb k. ; ziyada k. ba]*han£* 
Multitude, 8. kasrat, bahutat ; jam$at, 

amboh, hujum, bhif . 
Mum, mt, chup ! khamosh ! [b&t kahnd. 
Mumble, v. ghilbil k.barbafana, chabake 
Mummery, 8. bahurup, pekhnd, badbazi. 
Mummy, s. momiya. [jhap chdbna. 

Munch, V. chapaf-chapar khina, hap- 
Mundane, a. dimiyawi, dunyawi, zamani, 
Mungoose, 8, rasu, newel. [jahani. 

Munificence, 5. sakhawat, himmat, jud. 
Munificent, a. sa^hi, data, kushada-dil. 
Munition, s. lafdi-ka saman yd asbab ; 



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Mnrder, 8. khan, qatl, khunrezi, haty^. 
Murder, v. mar-dalna, khdn k. qatl k. 
Murderer, s. khuni, l^hunrez, qatil, mar- 

Murderous, a. ^hunkhwar, l^bunm, jalliLd. 
Murky, a. tank, andher^ ghanghor. 
Murmur, s, chhalchhalahat, kuf kupaha^ ; 

shikayat. ' [sbikayat k. 

Murmur, v. kufkurana, chhalchhalana. 
Muscle, s, patha, pai ; sipi-ka kipa. 
Muscular, a. go^tdiir, jasim, kungi^, 

zorawar. [sochna. 

Muse, V, fikr k. gaur ,k. andesha k. 
Museum, 5. ajaib-khdna, nadirat-kbana. 
Mushroom, s, cbbaii, dbarti-ka pbul, 

Music, 8, mnsiqi, nagma, alblm, sarod. 
Musical, a. khush-ibang, pursoz, sbirf n ; 

sarodi, musiqi, mausub. 
Musician, s. mutrib, muganni, musiqidan. 
Musk, 8. musbk, misk. [sazinda. 

Musket, 8, banduq, tupak, tufang. 
Muskrat, 5. cbbacbbundar. 
Muslin, 8. malmal, tan-zeb, shab-nam. 
Musquito, s, macbcbbar, pasbsba. 
Mussel, 8, sipi-ka kifa. 
Mussulman, 8. musalman, muslim. 
Must, V. cbabiye, boga, pajega, zarur 

hai, lazim bai. 
Mustard, s. rii, sarson, tori, ]^bardal. 
Muster, v. ginti k. maujudat 1. jama k. 
Musty, a. ubsd, safd, gumsa, bosida; 

Mutability, 8. beqarari, ndpaediLn, ta- 

gaiyur, talauwan. * 
Mutable, a. beqarar, nfipfiedar, mntagai- 

yur, mutalauwin. 
Mute,a.cbup, kbamosh, bezaban, gung^. 
Mutilate, v. langfa k. azu kdtna, nuqsan 

k. bigapia. 
Mutinous, a. b^gf, sarkasb, mufsid. 
Mutiny, s. bagawat, inbiraf,aBbob, fasad, 

bangama, danga. [gunana. 

Mutter, V, baj:ba]*anii, kufkufana, gun- 
Mutton, 8. bber-ka gosbt ; bbey. 
Mutual, a, do-tarfi, tarfain, janibain. 
Mutually, ad. do-taraf-se, apas-men. 
Muzzle, V, munb band k. jab d. 

Muzzle, 8, munb, dab^n, tbatbni ,* jab« 

Myriad, s. das-bazar, toman. 
MyrobaJan, 8, amla, balela, barriu 
Myrrb, 8. murr, bol. 
Myself, p. main-ap, main-kbud. 
Mysterious, a. maJphfi, pofibida, baid- 

ul-fabm, riiz. [kasb. 

Mystery, 8, raz, ramz, sirr, gaib, bikmatj 
Mystic, a, see Mysterious. 
Mythology, s. naql-i-jinn, deom^a. 


Nail, 8. niikbun, nakh ; mel|^b, kil, gnl« 
Nail, V. me^h marna, kil mamd. [mekh. 
Naked, a. nanga, barhana, uriyan ; zahir, 

asbkara, kbula ; sirf, l^balL [zahiri . 
Nakedness, 8, nangaf,barbanag1, uriyani. 
Name, «. nam, ism ; laqab, V^bitib ; sbub- 
Namely, ad. y^ne, kbususan. [rat. 

Namesake, 8. bamnam, sami, mit^ 
Nap, 8, nmd, jbapki, qailula. 
Nape, 8. guddf, qafa, pos-i-gardan. 
Napkin, 8. rumal, angucbba. 
Narration, 5. naql, qissa, bik^yat, abw^ 
Narrator, 8. rawi, haki, naqil. 
Narrow, a. tang, cbust, sakra, kam-arz ; 

tang-dast, tang-dil, bakbil ; garib. 
Narrowly, ad, tangi-se, sakbti-se, musb- 

kil-se, gaur-se, taqaiyud-se, bedari- 

se ; bakbil(-se. 
Narrowness, 8. tangi, sakrai, kamchau- 

fii ; muflisi, tang-dasti ; bu]b:bl, tamau 
Nasal, a. gunna, naki. [makrub. 

Nasty, a. maila, galjz, kasff, cbirkin j 
Natal, a. janami, wiladati, mauludi. 
Nation, s, qaum, millat, g^urob, firqa, 

kbaJq, tabar. [dost. 

National,a.qaumi,amam,mutIuq ; watan- 
Native, a. asli, zati, jiballi, i^bilqi ; wa* 

tani, desi. [wataiu 

Nativity, 8. janam, tawallud, wiladat ; 
Natural, a. tabai, zati, jaubari, ^hilqi ; 

latlf, zarif, njizuk ; barami. [kim. 
Naturalist, 8, kbawas-sul^isbyaddn, ba- 
Naturally, ad. bizatihi, bitabfyat, bilasl. 
Nature, 8, tabiyat^ zat, sarisbt, jaohar 


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kliaslat, kKasiyat, l^ho, mizij; jins, 
waza; maJ^hluqat, maujudat, daniya* 
INaught, s, kuchh-nahin, hech-na. 
Naughiy, a, bad, bura, kharab, sharir. 
Nausea, a. matlai, ubki. [rat r. 

Nauseate, v. j£ matlana, ji ghinina, naf- 
Nautical, a. jahazi, jahaz-rani-se nisbat- 

dar, mallahi. 
Naval, a, jahazi, bahrf. 
Navel, s. uaf, nabhi, tondf. 
Navigable, a, kishti ya jalUiz-ke jane 
laiq, l^hula. [iana k. 

Navigate, v. jaHz chsJaiia, jahaz-se ana. 
Navigation, s. mallahi, naJ^udai, jahazi- 

Navigator, 5. mallah, nakhuda, jahibs-ran. 
Navy, s. jahazon-ka jamiyat, bahijangi. 
Nay, ad. nahin, na. 

Neaptide, s. mandi ya haJki jawar.[daBt. 
Near, a. nazdik, qarib, maqrun ; tang- 
Near, pr. ad. pas, nazdik. 
Nearly, ad. anqarib, taqriban, kam-besh. 
Nearness, s. nazdiki, qurb, qarabat; 

Neat, a. suthra, ^hush-num£, nafis, pa- 

kiza, pak. 
Neatly, ad. 8athra(.se,nafAsat-se,ba4utf. 
Neatness, s, suthrai, nafasat, nazakat, 

Necessarily, ad, zaruratan, lazimana, 

lijaram, labudd. 
Necessary, a. zarur, lazim, wdjib, mnq- 

tazi, multazim. 
Necessary, s. jae-zarur ; p4e-khana. 
Necessitous,a. muhtiy, tang-dast,miskin. 
Necessity, s. zarurat, hajatjihtiyaj, mufli- 
81 ; iqtiza, Idzimat ; qaza, taqdir.[mm. 
Neck, s. gardan, gala, gulu ; gardan-i-za- 
Neckcloth, s. gaJa-band, gulu-band. 
Necklace,^, mdla, har, chambar-i-gardan. 
Necromancer, s. jtidugar, s^hir. 
Necromancy, s. jadugarf, sahin, sihr. 
Nectar, s. ab-i-kausar, amrit. 
Need, s. hajat, ihtiydj, darker, zarurat, 
lazimat, iqtiz^ [rdrat papna. 

Need, v. chahna, ihtiyaj r. darkar h. za- 
Needful, a, zarur, lizim, wajib, muqtazi. 

Needle, s. suf, sozan, sua ; kanta. [kiirf« 
Needle- work, s. silai, tiraz-kari, chikan- 
Needless, a. be-zarur, be-ihtiyaj, be-faida. 
Needy, a. muhtaj, muflis, mafluk. 
Nefarious, a. bad, burd. sharir, makruh* 
Negative, a. manfi, nafiya, s£liba. 
Neglect, V. gaflat k. gafil h. bhul-jana, 

ihmal r. l^hata k. chukna, nailtifati k. 
Neglect, s. gaflat, ihmal, be-khabari. 
Negligent, a. gafil, muhmil, kahil, sust, 

be-khabar. [Iana. 

Negligently, ad, gafilanli, gaflat-se, kahi- 
Negotiate, V. mudmala k. karobar k. mas- 

lahat k. ahd-o-paim^n k. [sawal. 

Negotiation, s. mudmala, karobar, jawab- 
Negotiator, s. miyanchi, miyandar, mu$< 

Negro, s. habshi, zangl, siy^. 
Neigh, V. hinhinand, sahil k. 
Neighbour, s. hamsaya, pa^si. 
Neighbourhood, 8. jiwar, nawahf, iep&3^ 

pafos ; hamsdyagan. 
Neither, c. na, na yih na wuh, koi nahin. 
Nephew, s. bhatija, bhanji, biradar-zada 

ya ]^hwahir-zada. [himmat. 

Nerve, s, asab, pai,nas, rag, pathd ; quwat. 
Nerveless, a. natawan, bequwat, kamzor. 
Nervous, a. asabi, mushtanda, sust, zaif. 
Nest, s. ghonsla, ashiyana, basa. 
Net, s. jal, dam, shabaka. 
Nether, a. tarla, nioha, zerin, asfal. 
Nethermost, a. sab-se nich^, zertarin, 

Nettle, V. khijana, chheyn^ diqq k. 
Never, ad. kabhu-nahin, hargiz-nahfn, 

asla, zinhar. ' 

Nevertheless, c. taubhi,tisparbhi, taham, 

bawajtid iske. [nis. 

Neuter, a. musawi, na-janibdar ; mukhan* 
New, a. naya, nau, taza, jadid. 
Newfangled, a. nau-sakhta ; nau-rasfda. 
Newly, o/i, thoye dinon-se, aznau, mu* 

Newness, s. nayai, tazagi, nau-sakhtagf* 
News,s. khabar, akhbar, waqi4t,hadisat. 
Newspaper, s. akhbar, khabar-ka kdgaz. 
Next, a. nazdik-ka, muttasil, milahuai 

muqarrab, ^qarib, b^d iske, dinda. 


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Nib, 8, nok, olionch. 
Nibble, v. kntarna, khntaknm. 
Nice, a. thik, sahSh, daqlq, nafis, lazfz, 
naznk, barik-bln, nnktadan. [bmi-se. 
Nicely, ad, sibbat-se, bar^larDsti, bank- 
Nicety, 5. sibbat, diqqat, nazakat, barik- 
Nicbe, s. taq, taqoba. [bini. 

Nick, 8. kban^i^i ain-waqt, ]|^bu8b- 
Nickname, s. laqab, urifi-nain. [waqt. 
Niece, s. bbatiji, bbauji. 
Niggard, s. ") tazig-dast,kba8ls,bal^bil. 
Niggardly, a. ) makkbidius. 
Nigb, pr. p^, nazdik, qarib. 
Nigbt, s. rat, sbab ; all n. sarfdLt towi^. 

djk(-rat ; good n. sbab-nl-l^bair. 
Nigbtingale, 8, bnlbnl, andalib. 
Nigbtly, a, sbabina, barsbab, barrai-ko. 
Nigbtmare, s, kabus, jakr4. 
Nimble, a. cbnst, cb&lik, jald, tez. 
Nine, a. nan, nob. 
Ninefold, a. nan-gnn, nub-cband. 
Nineteen, a. nnis. 
Ninety, a. nanwe, nawi. 
Nintb, a. naawan, nawan. 
Nip, V. nocbna, cbu^i 1. pale mimi^ hi 

sardi mam£. 
Nippers, s. mdcbfn, mocbn^. 
Nipple, s, bbitni, sar-i-pistan. 
Nitre, «. sbora, abqar. 
No, ad, na, nahSn, na. 
Nobility, s. amiri, abarifat, najabat, bn- 

zorgwdrl, jawan-mardi. 
Noble, a. sbarff, omda, bnznrgwar, asfl, 

alinasab, allsban. [danlat. 

Nobleman, s. amir, kbin, sbarif, rukn-i- 
Nobly, ad, sbarifana, nazibana, amir^a. 
Nobody, s. koi nabin, becbkas. 
Nocturnal, a. sbabina, sbabi, rat-kl 
Nod, v.jbukniy sar jbnkani^ nibumi, 

Nodding, s. jbnk^wat, ungb, jbapki. 
Node, s. gan^; waram, pbiila; kbatt-i- 

sabbi. [gangd. 

Noise, s. awaz, sad^, bang, sbor, gal, 
Noisome, a. ganda, badbudar^ mnstak- 

rab, mnzirr. 
Noisy, a. pursbor, sborf, awazi, kallik&r, 

dburndbamij bangama-saz. { 

Nominal, a. farzi, VbiyCli, zab&if, ni^zDi. 
Nominate, v, |babrana, mnqarrar k. 


Nominative, a. fa|l ; bilat-i-fa}liyat« 

Nonage, s, ^burd-sali, na baligi. 

Non-appearanoe, a. gair-baziri, gaibi. 

None, a, koi nabin, kncbb nabin, hech 
na, kase na. [be-wajddi. 

Non-eziatence, 8, na-budi, nestf, adam. 

Non-existent, a. nest, nabtid, niimanjud. 

Nonplns, V. bairank. la-jaw£b k. lacb^r k. 

Non-resistance, s. adam-i-mnq&wamat, 
tabammnl. [lagwiyat. 

Nonsense, 8. bebuda-goi, yawa, barza. 

Nonsuit, V. la-dawa k. radd-i-dawH k. 

Nook, s. kona, gosba. 

Noon,,nfm.roz, nisfnn-nahar* 

Noose, 8. pbansi, pbandii, kamand. 

Nor, c. na, na yib na wnb. 

Nortb, 5. nttar, sbimal. 

Nortb-east, 8» isan-kon. 

Nortbem, a, nttara, sbimiQf. 

Nortbing, 8, nttarayan. 

Nortbstar, s. sitara-i-qntnb-i-sbimfilf. 

Nortbward, ad, nttar-ki taraf, basii-e- 

Northwest, 8, bayab, bayu-kona.[sbim£L 

Nose, 8. nak, bini. 

Nosegay, s. guldasta, tnrra. 

Nostril, «. natbnd, n£e-bini, minVbar. 

Not, ad. na, nabin. 

Notable, a. masbbur, qabil-i-y&d, tarifi. 

Notation, 8. nisban-nawisi, isb&ra-nawisi. 

Note, V. llhiz k. takna, ganr k. ; likb- 
lena, daij k. da]j:bil k. 

Note, 8, nisb^, a^lamat, cbinb ; krhatt, 
obittbi ; (ip, dastawez, tamassilk ; par- 
da, maqam ; sbarab, biabiya; agabi, 
]|^babar ; nam, waq^. 

Noted, a. masbbur, m^rdf, namwar. 

Notbing, s. kncbb nabin, becb« na-cbiz. 

Notice, 8. nig4b, mnlabiza, ganr ; ij^abar, 

Notice, V. mnlabiza k. nazar k. nigtib k. 

Notify, V. kbabar d. ittil^ k. izbiur k. 

Notion, 8, Ifhijil, wabm, gam&oi, zann. 

Notional, a. kbiyall, wabmi, farzi. [hir. 

Notoriety, 8, abubratj angaabtnnmiLi, iz« 


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Noborions, a, mashhur, miruf, zfihir. 
Notwithstanding, c. ba wajud, harohand, 

balanki, taham. 
!Nonght, 8. kuchh nahin, hech, n^-ohiz. 
iNonn, 8, ism. 

iNonrish, v. palna, parwarish k. posna. 
Nourisher, «. palne-w. parwar. [gawar. 
Nourishing, a. pnsht, mnqanwi, (hush- 
Noarishment, 8. parwarish, giza, l^horak, 
Novel, a. u&ji, nan, hal*ka. [khan£. 
Novel, 8. qissa, afsana. 
Novelty, s. naydpan, nanrasf, nantarzi. 
Novice, s, nan-amoz, mnbtadi, kacha- 
Novitiate, s. nau-amozi, shagirdi. [admi. 
Now, ad. ab, abhi, akniin, hala, fil-hal> 

Now-a-days, ad. ij-kal, in-dinon, dar- 
Nowhere, ad. kahin-nahin. [in-wila. 
Nowise, a, aslan, aslan-mntlaqan, kisi 

tarah-se nahin. [kar. 

Noxious, a. mufsid, muzirr, muzi, ziyan- 
Nudity, 8. nanga-pan, barahnagi. 
Nugatory, a. be-manl, be-faida, la-hasil. 
Nuisance, s. muzirr, mukhill,wabal,dzar. 
Null, a. bitil, raddi, lahasil, mansu]|^h. 
Nullify, V, hiiil k. radd k. mansukh k. 
Numb, 8. ^0ira, sunn, be-hiss. [rakati. 
Numbness, 8. trhithrahat, be-hissi, be-ha- 
Number, s. ginti, shumar, adab, raqam 

handasa ; siga ; qi&y&y saja, wazn. 
Number, v. ginn&, hisab k. shumar k. 
Numberless, a. be-shumdr, be-hisab. 
Numeration, s. shumar, t^dad, gintl, jlm- 

Numerous, a, bahut,bisyfir,.wafir,kasir. 
Numerator, s, asli-^dad, adad-i-sahih. 
Nuptial, a. nikah^ frusi, shadiyana, 

Nuptials, 8, nikah, shadi, biy&h. [dar. 
Nurse, 5. dai, dhai, dada, anni ; bimar- 
Nurse, v. diidh piUna, diigari k» palna ; 

bim^-dari k. 
Nursery, 8. da£-^^haD% bacha-^hiba ; bih- 

naur, bfaf. 
Nurture, s. giz^ parwarish ; tarbiyat. 
Nut, 8. jauz ; heieUrmtf suparf . 
Nutcrackers, s. sarauii, sarota. 
Nutm^, 8. jauz^ j^e-phal. 

Nutiiment, s, giza, parwarish, ^hor^k. 
Nutrition, 8, parwarish. [da. 

Nutritious, a. pusht,muqanwf,parwarin- 
Nuz-vomica, s. kuchli. 


Oak, 8. baldt, sh^h-balut. 

Oakum, s. gahni, paras, piL 

Oar, s. 4^t4, danf. 

Oar, V. iknd mama. 

Oath, 8. qasam, saugand, halaf. 

Obduracy, s, sang-dili, saJjfLhti, adam-i» 

pashem&oi, sarkashi. [kash. 

Obdurate, a. sang-dil, sal^ht, magra, sar- 
Obedience, 8, taat, ita^t, farmibi-bard^, 

Obedient, a. farm&n-bard&r, mut{, tab}* 

dar, munq&d. 
Obeisance, 8, salam, taslim, komish. 
Obelisk, s. mia&e, lat, kandas^. [dari k. 
Obey, V, mdnna, farmanbardari k. tabj- 
Objeot, 8, mazhar, manzar ; maqsud, ga» 

raz, murdd. 
Object, V. iatidlz k. ^zr k. radd-i-kalam k. 
Objection, 8. iatir^, t^riz, takrar, hujjat, 

Objector, 8. m^tariz, hujjatl, takrari. 
Oblation, s. sadqa, qurbin, niy^, nazr. 
Obligation, 8. farz, farziyat, waj6b, ahd, 

shart, qaul ; ihsan, minnat' 
Oblige, V, band k. aqd k. marhun-i-min- 

nat k. majbdr k. ; ihs^ k. nmmat r. 

Vhatird^ k. 
Obliged, a. basta, multazim, majbiir; 

mamnun, ihs4n-mand. 
Obliging, a. l^haliq, mulaim, latlf. 
Oblique, a. %ex^ tirchha, kaj. 
Obliterate, v. metna, mitanii, hakk k. 

mansul^h k. 
Oblivion, 8, farimoshi, nisyan. 
Oblong, a. murabba-i-mustatll, kitabf^ 

baizawi, arz-se lamba. 
Obloquy, 8. ilzam, tan, tashnia, malilmat. 
Obnoxious, a. mutahammil, qibil, l^q, 

Obscene, a. fahish, pdch, nap4k. 
Obscenity, s. fuhsh^ mugallaza^ n^p$kfi 


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Obscnre, a. andhera, t&nk; mnsbkil, 

xnnglaq ; adna, kamin; na-m^lutn, be- 

nam. [laq k. 

Obscure, v. andhera k. mnsbkil k. mug- 
Obscurity, s. tariki, zulmat ; iglaq, dush- 

war-faJbmi ; panham', khalwat. [rud. 
Obsequies, 8, tajhiz-o-takfin, fatiha-du- 
Obsequions, a. farmanbardir, tabidar, 

mutia ; ^h^yabardar. 
Observance, s. adab, ikram, itaat, Ifhddr 

mat ; rasm, qaida, ain. 
Observation, s, lihaz, molahaza, nigah ; 

gaftar^ kaha. 
Observatory, s. marsad-i-nujumi, rasad. 
Observe, w. dekhnd, takna, nigah k. mnla- 

haza k. lihaz k. manna,riay at k. ; kahna. 
Observer, s. dekhne-w. nazir ; wafadar. 
Obsolete, a. matruk, mansukih, be-riwaj, 

Obstacle, s. mana, sadd, hail, mnzahamat. 
Obstinacy, 5. magrai,machlai,tamarrad, 

Obstinate, a. magra, machl^ mutamar- 

rid, sarkash, muanid ; qaim, mustaqUl. 
Obstruct, V, rokna, band k. mnzahamat 

k. taarruz k. masddd k. 
Obstruction, s. rok, sadd, mnzahamat, 

mmnanat, taarruz. 
Obtain, v. pana, milna, hasil k. mnyassar 

k. maqsad r. j murauwaj h. r6ij h. jarih. 
Obtainable,^. muyassar,yaftani,dastyab, 

Obtained, a. mila-hua, nparjit, yafta. 
Obtrude, v. beja-da^hl k. ya dakhil k. 
; ghnsana, bich-men ajana. [paith. 

Obtrusion, s, beja-dakhlya dukhul, ghus- 
Obtrusive, a, beja-da^chil, ghusne-w. gus- 

pbtuse, a. kund, be-nok, be-sar ; kund- 

zihn, majhul. 
Obviate, v, ^alna, dafa h. rafa k. radd k. 
Obvious, a. zahir, ^hkara, huwaida, 

Occasion, 5. bais, wasta ; darkar, ihtiyaj ; 

lazimat, iqtiza ; fursat ; waqia, halat. 
Occasion, v. sabab h. paida h. karana, 

barpa k. 

Occnltation, 5. sitarayasiyara-ka khusuf. 
Occupation, s. kam, kar, shugl, mash- 
gala, pesha ; dakhl, iqamat. 
Occupy, V. dakhl k. amal k. tasarruf k, 

lagana, istiamal k. mashgul k. 
Occur, v. hona, waq} h. papn^ zahir h. 

dil-men ani, yid ana. [ittifaq. 

Occurrence, s. sargnzasht, hildisa, waqia. 
Ocean, s, samundar, bahr-i-muhit, da- 

Ochre, s. gera, pili-mitti. 
0<itagon, 8, hasht-pahlu, musamman. 
Octave, 8. samin, sunm, hashtum. 
Ocular, a. chasmi, ankh-ka ; ba-chashm 

dfda, ankh-se dekha hua, mushahida. 
Oculist, s. kahhal, sathiya. 
Odd, a. phut, taq, fard j ^jib, garib ; 

khudsar, hawadikr. [jadal. 

Odds, 5. farq, tafriq ; galba, istjla ; siteza 
Ode, 8. gazal, re^hta, qasida. 
Odious, a. na-pasand, karih, makrdh ; 

kma-angez. [lamat. 

Odium, s. bad-khwahi, kina, nafrat, ma- 
Odoriferous, a. khush-bo, khush-bo-dar, 

Odour,s.bu,khtish ya badbd, raiha, gandh. 
Of, pr, ka, ke, ki, se, men, haqq-men. 
Off, ad, par-se, dur, bhag-gaya. [ri. 
Offal, s. fuzla, jhiitha, akhor, ojhp, ant- 
Offence, 8. gunah, taqsir, jurm, nuqsan, 

ziyan, azar ; bezari, ranjish, ^hafagi. 
Offend, V. bezkr k. az^r d. khafa k. ; taq- 
sir k. gunah k. qusur k. [da-dil. 
Offended, a. bezar, ranjida, khafa, aznr- 
Offender,^. gnnahgar, taqsirwar,mnjrim. 
Offensive, a, zabdn, ffisht, karih, napa- 

sand, muzirr. 
Offer, V. dena, age r. nazr k. ; arz k. 

iqrar k. ; flda k. qurban k. ; qasd k. 

zahir k. zahur h. 
Offer, 8, bat, arz, guzarish ; qasd ; qimat. 
Offering, 8, nazr, niy^, chafhawa, qur- 

Office, 8. ^hidmat, ami, yhda ; daftar- 

khana ; qandn, iin. 
Officer, 8. ^hda-dar, mansabdar ; sipah- 

salar, sardar. 


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^Official, a. h^kimana, sarkliri, khidmati. 
Officiate, v. khidmat bajana, niyabat k. 

fwazi k. 
Officious, a. fazul-kbidmat, halbaliya. 
Offspring, s. anlad, farzand, na8l.[fatan. 
Oft, Often, ad. barha, barbar, aksar, da- 
Ogle, V, jh^onli 1. nazarbazi k. Bbewa r. 

kankhiya dekhna. [khiya. 

Ogling, s. jhaonli, nazarbszf, shewa, kan- 
Oh, mt. ail ! aha, hae, wde, wdh. 
Oil, s, tel, rangan, duhn. 
Oilman, s. teli« raugan-farosh, kolu. 
Oilpress, s. kolu ; ghani. 
Oily, a. teliya, rangani, chikn4. 
Ointment,8. marham,mom-raugan, dnhn. 
Old, a. purana, qadim, knhan, kuhna ; 

salkhnrda, saldida, pir, bufhd,-iya. 
Old-age, s. piri, buyhapa. 
Olive, s, zaitun, jalpai. 
Omen, s. fal, yaman, shngun. [bus. 

Ominous, a. bad-fal, bad-shngun, man- 
Omission, s. bhul, chuk, qnsur, gaflat. 
Omit, V. bhulna, chukna, chhorna, hazf k. 
Omnipotent, a. q^dir-i-mutlaq, jabbar. 
Onmipotence, s. qudrat-i-mutlaq, qadiri. 
Omnipresence, 8, sab-kahin haziri, hai- 

Omnipresent, a. sab-kahin baziryi mau- 

jiid, dar har-ja. . [hama shinasi. 

Omniscience, s. jlm-i-kuU, jlm-i-gaib. 
Omniscient, a, ^Hm-ul-gaib, ]b:habir-ul- 

mntlaq, hama-shinas. 
On, pr, par, npar, bar, ko, men, dar, naz- 
On, ad, age, bajrhke. [dik. 

Once, ad. ekbar, ekdafa, ek martaba, 

bare, ekwaqt j age, peshtar, sabiq j at 

once, ekbargi, daiatan. 
On% a. ek, yak, wahid, ek shakhs. 
One-eyed, cl kana, yak-chashm. 
Oneness, 8. ekta, yaktai, ahadiyat, wah- 

dat ; yaganagi. 
.One's-self, p. ap, khud, nafs. 
Onerous, a. bhari, giran, dushwar, sa^ht. 
Onion, s. piyaz, basal, gath^. 
Only, ad. sirf, mahz, faqat, ^alT, nira. 
Only, a. eklauta, ekla, yakta, yagana, ek. 
Onset, s. hamla, hnjum, halla. 
«Outology, 5. ilm-i-maujudat. 

Onward, ad. ige, barhke, pesbtar, ba* 
Onyx, 8. sang-i-sulaim^ni. [tadrij. 

Ooze, s. chahla, kichaf : v. risnil^, jharna. 
Opaque, a. kasif, na-shaffaf, dhundhld. 
Open, a. khula, kushada, waz ; z^ir, ash« 

k&ra ; raushan ; be-sadd, be-hissar. 
Open,!/, kholna, pasama, phailana, udhef < 

na ; zahir k. kashf k. batlana, dikhana ; 

chima, katna ; shur^ k. ; khilna. [da. 
Opening, s. shigaf, darar, rah j shurd, ibti- 
Opening, ad. zahiran, khula-khula, iish- 

kara, zahir-men. [hirf. 

Openness, s. kushadagi, safai, s&dagi, za- 
Operate, v. asar k. tasf r k. kam k. amal k. 
Operation, s. asar, tasir ; kam,' amal, kar- 

gtizari ; harkat ; kar-i-jarrah, jarrahi. 
Operator, s.fajl, kargar,kargnzar; jarrah. 
Oporose, a, ranjawar, dushwar, mihnat- 

talab. [afyun. 

Opiate, 8. khwab-ba^hsh dawa, mijun-i- 
Opinion, s, rae, fikr, zann, qiyas, guman« 

khiyal. [magra, 

Opinionative, a. ]^hud-rae,-bin,-pasand4 
Opium, 8. afyun, afim, tiriyaq. 
Opponent, s. mukhdlif, muddai, harff. 
Opportune, a. bar-waqt, ain-waqt, ba- 

mauqa, munasib, muwafiq. [mauqa. 
Opportunity ,s. ftirsat, waqt,qabu, mahall. 
Oppose, V. mukhalafat k. muqawamat k. 

muzahamat k. muqabala k. rokna, at-i 

Opposite, a. samne, maqabU, rd ba ru^ 

bar-aks ; mukhalif, zidd. 
Opposite, 8. mukhalif, dushman. 
Opposition, s. muqabalat, muqawamat^ 

mukhalafat, tarruz. [dasti k. 

Oppress, V. satana, zulmk. jafa k. zabar- 
Oppression, 8, zulm, zabardasti, jabr^ 

taddi, jaur, sitam, aziyat, zulmiyat. 
Oppressor, s. zalim, sitamgar, jaiakar, 

mardum-azar. [y**^! zabdn. 

Opprobrious, a. mulamati, dushnami, ma- 
Optics, 8. jlm-i-man^ara-o-maraya. 
Optional, a. ikhtiyari, marzi-ki mutabiq. 
Opulence, s. daulat, tawangari, maldari. 
Or, Cf ya, ki, chaho, na, war-na. 


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Oracle, s. enlphaii-i-khadiii ; d&nl, $qil. 
Oral, a. zab^i, mnnh-bola. 
Orang-oatang, 5. jangU £dmi, maimiiii. 
Orange, s, narangi, naranj, sangtara, 

rangtara, kaula. 
Oration, s, sa^han, gaflar, taqrir, khit^b. 
Orator, s. snl^han-saz, pard^zwar, ^hush- 

Oratory, 8, sn^lianriinf, zabanfiwan, 

Ichushtaqnrj, fas^hat ; ibadat-kh&na. 
Orb, 8, char^h, daira, knra, gardun. 
Orbit, 8. danr, daira, gardish ; chashm- 

Orchard, #. bag, ba^cha, samaristin. 
Ordain, v. thahrana, muqarrar k. mnai- 

yan k. farmlb k. 
Ordeal, s. ag ji, pani>se azm&ish. 
Order, s. tartib, tadbir, intiz&in ; q^da, 

qanun, hnkm, farman ; qanm, z&t, dar- 

ja, martab. 
Order, v. tartfb k. intizam k. tadbir k. ; 

hulon k. farmann, muqarrar k. pdn. 
Orderly, a. ba-tartib, arasta, baqa|da, ea- 
Ordinance, s, shar^ qanun, qajda, &in, 

huku). [dm, past, haqir. 

Ordinary, a, raEnnf, amali, raij, chalan^ 
Ordination, 8, taqlid* 
Ordnance, 8, top, top-khana. 
Ordure, s. g^, chirkin, bish^hi. 
Ore, s, fiUzz, madani, dhiit. 
Organ, 8. alat, azii ; argunun. [k. 

Organize, v. tarkib k. murattab k. Iirasta 
Oriental, a. mashraqi, sharqi, purbi. 
Orifice, s. munh, surakh, chhed. 
Origin, 1 s. asl, bnnya<^ be^h, masdar ; 
Original, j nasi, nasab, nizhad, musau- 

wada, namuna. [la. 

Original, a, asli, zati, jibilli, auwal, pah- 
Originally, ad, ibtidicm, aailatan, auwa- 

lan, pahle. 
Originate, v. paida k. maujud k. ; wajud 

pakarni, shur^ h. asl 1. [araish. 

Ornament, 8, zeb, zebaish, zewar, zinat, 
Ornament, v. drasta k. zeb-o-zmat d. 

araish d. sanwdma. [bakhsh. 

Ornamental, a. aWLishi, zebawar, zinat- 
Ornamented, a. arasta, muzaiyan, zeb- 

dar, morass^ rangin. 

Ornithology, 8, tazkirit-i-tnyur, parind- 
Orphan, s, yatim, murha. [nima. 

Orpiment, s, zamf|^h, hartal. 
Orthodoz,a. mumin,dindar, 8achch£,r&st* 
Orthography, 8, rasm-i-l^hatt, imla« 
Ortolan, 8, bageri, bagrel. 
Oscillation, s, dulao, jhnl&o, thartharC 
Ostensible, a. zahir, numayan, sari. 
Ostentation, s, j^udnumii, ta£a.^h-khtir« 

lafzani. [zan. 

Ostentations, a. ^ddnumi, 0ikhir, Idf- 
Osteology, 8. haddi-ka bayan, tashrih-nl- 
Ostler, 8. saiis, sais. [izain« 

Other, p, dusra, aur, gair, dfgar. 
Otherwise, ad..nahin-to, wama, wagar- 

na ; aur-tarah-se, kuchh-aur. 
Otter, 8, udbilao, sag-abi, miihigfr. 
Ought, 8, kuchh, koi-chiz. [wajib. 

Ought, w. chahiye, zurur, l^im, laiq. 
Ounce, 8, idhi-chhatink, do-tola. 
Our, Ours, p, hamara, apnd. 
Ourselves, p. ham, ap, apas. 
Out, ad, bahar, bertin; ]|:h&rij; h^Qhi 

gay& ; l^harch-h^a ; pukar-ke. 
Out, int, dur! ohale-jao! chal-nikalo ! 
Outcast, 8. Iwara, khirij, mard^d, randa. 
Outer, a. bahari, beruni. 
Outlandish, a ajnabi, garib, beraw&j. 
Outlaw, 8, kharij-i-shara, bagi, wajib- 

ulqatl. [makhraj. 

Outlet, 8. nikas, bar&mad, munhana, 
Outlive, V. jita-rahna, ziyada jind. 
Outnumber, v. hisab-men ziyada h. adad« 

men bafhna. [bardasti. 

Outrage, 8. zulm, sitam, jafa, jaur, za- 
Outright, ad. puri, s&f, M ; jab-ka tab. 
Outrun, V, dauy-men pichhe k. [surat. 
Outside, s.biUiar, upar, bahar-taraf, zahir. 
Outstrip, V, pichhe chhorna, nikal-jana. 
Outward, a, bahari, beruni, zahiri. 
Outwardly, ad. zahiran, sorat -ana, dikhil- 

Outwit, V, kan kd^na, fareb-se harana. 
Oval, a, anda-sa, baizawi, badami. 
Oven, 8, taniir, tandur, bhaf. 
Over, pr, upar, par, bald. 
Over, ad, par j ziyada, alzud, beehi j -- 


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agamstf rubaHi, simne ; — cmd over, 

barbar ; — again^ dfgarbar, baz. 
Overanxions, a, bisyar andesha-ndk, fu- 

Overawe, v, 4ajriD4, dab&na, dahshat d. 
Overbalance, v. jhukn^ wazn-men ziyada 
Overbearing, a, turk-mizaj, zabardast.[h. 
Overboard, ad, jahaz-se bdhar. 
Overcast, v, chhini, andhera k. 
Overcast, a. andhera, ghanghor. 
Overcharge, v. ziyada qimat charhinft ; 

ziyada bojh d. ya bhamd. 
Overcome, v. maglub k. fatah k.[sailab k. 
Overflow, v. chhalakna, nina^na, labrezh. 
Overflown, a. mn^a hua,diibahua, labrez. 
Overgrown, a. bahnt bafh-gaya, phail- 

Overhaul, v« phir dekhna, phir taftish k. 
Overhear, v. san-lena, chupka snnni, sa- 

^han-ohin h. 
Overjoy, v. bahnt khiish k. biig-b^g k. 
Overjoyed, a, l^hushdil, dilsh&d, bagb^g. 
Overlay, v. dhampna, dabna. 
Overleap, v, par-kudn£, kud-parna* 
Overload, v. bahu t bojh charhana, bhari k . 
Overlook, v. dekhna, nazar k. taftish k. i 

chashmposhi k. dargnzar k. andk&ni k. 

gaflat k. [ziyada. 

Overmuch, a, bahut, nihayat, hadd-se 
Overnight, s» pahlirat, auwal-i-shabjguzri 

rat. [yat. 

Overplus, 5. bartf, ziyadatf, baqf, baqi- 
Overpower, v, maglub k. zer k. dabana. 
Overrate, v. ba-qimat ziydda andesha k. 

wajibi*se ziy&da samajhna. 
Overreach, v. tbagna, daga d. fareb k. 
Overrule, i/- zabt-o-rabt k. hukumat k. ; 

radd k. kipai, [phail-jana. 

Overrun, v. ta^ht k. tarig k. wiHin k. ; 
Oversee, v, nigahbani k. taqaiyud k. 

nazr k. [nigahb^n. 

Overseer, s, peshkar, daroga, karguzar, 
Overset, v. ula^ d. ya jana, aundhana, 

wazgdn k. [bani, nazar. 

Oversight, s. chuk, galati, bhul ; nigdh- 
Oversleep, v. dertai:-sona, bahut so jand. 
Overspraad, v, chhana, phailan^,bhama, 
Overstock, v. bharpur k. patna.[sailab k. 

Overt, a. zfihir, £shk£ra, khula. [an&.. 
Overtake, V. pahunchni, pakar 1. baribar 
Overthrow, v, gira d. ula( d. paemal k. 

shikast d. maglub k. 
Overthrow, 8, shikast, hazimat ; l^haHIbi, 

paemali. [lab. 

Overture, s. ^rz, bit, sawal, izhar-mat- 
Overturn, v. ula^ d. pala^ d. aundhana, 

zerzabar k. [na, garq k. 

Overwhelm, v. dab& d. y& mama, 4aba« 
Oviparous, a. an^aj, an^el, baiza-guz&r* 
Owe, V. dhama, dharana, qarzd^r h. 
Owl, 8, ullu,bum,p6ncha,ghughua, chugd* 
Own, p, apna, khdd-k^ nj-ka, ^hass. 
Own, V, apn&na, malik h. tasarruf r. ; qa* 

biilna, iqrar k. qail h. ; d|iwa k. 
Owner, 8, malik, ^h4wind, s^b, w^ris. 
Ox, 5. badhiya, bail. [haqqdar* 

Oyster, s. kastud^ sadaf. 


Pace, 8. qadam, gani, rafter, 3rarga. 
Pace, V, ahista chalna, yarga chalna ; qa^ 

dam-se napna. 
Pacific, a. sulh-^az, salf m, milapi, muUim* 
Pacification, a. musilaha taskin, milap. 
Pacified, pa, than4a, salim, iramida. 
Pacify, u. ^han^si k. taaalli d. I^skin d. 

snlh k. 
Pack, 8, ga^tha, basta; bojh,b&r; ganji- 

fa ; jatha, taifa. [pe^na. 

Pack, «. gat^hiyan^, bandhna, kasna, la* 
Pack-cloth, 8, befh^, lifafa. 
Packet, 8, po^i, ga^hi, pulinda ; ^k-ki 

thaili ; jahaz. 
Packthread, s. sutli, ^on, rassi. 
Pad, 8, gaddi, ^hogir ; naram-rau ghofi. 
Paddle, s. ba^hiyi, ddnd. 
Paddle, v. badhiya m^ma ; dbbazi k. 
Padlock, 8. tala, qufl. 
Paddy, 8. dhan, dhani. 
PsBan, s, karka, shadiyana. 
Pagan, 8. but-parast, mushrik, kafir. 
Paganism, 8, but-parasti, shirk, kufr. 
Page, 8. l^hawass, gulam ; safha, sahifa. 
Pageant, s, tamasha^ maozar, pekhiuu 


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PObgeantry, s, nTun^ish, hashmat) dbum- 
Pagoda, 8. but, bnt-khana. [dham. 

Paid, a. ada-kiya, diya-gaya. 
I Pail, 5. dol, dohni, kathauti. 
Pain, 8, dard, dukh, ranj, pi^j ^znr, gram. 
Pqin, V. dukhn^, dukhana, pi'rana, dard 

k. dukh d. [dayi, dushwar. 

Painful, a. pnr-dard, dard-angez, dnkh- 
Pains, 8. mihnat, sai ; dard-i-zih. 
Paint, 8. rang, rangan ; gaza, safeda. 
Paint, V. rang d. ya bharua ; naqsha ya 

taswir y& shabih khainchna ; bay an k. 
Painted, a. munaqqash, rang kiyi. 
Painter, s. rangsaz j naqqash, muBauwir. 
Painting, 8, rang-Bazi ; }lm-i-naqqashi, 

taswir-kashi ; taswir, naqsh. 
Pair, 8. jora, jnffc, jot, zanj. 
Pair, V. jorna, jnft k. ya h. miln£, zauji k. 
Palace, 8. danlat l^^na, b&rg&h, dargah, 
Palankeen, 8. p^lkl, nalki. [qasar. 

Palatable, a. mazadar,laziz,]^hdBh-zaiqa. 
Palate, 5. tflu, mazaq, kam. 
Palatine, a. talu-ka. 

Pale, a. zard, piU, sftba, plifk&, berang. 
Pale, 8, khamba, ^s^^^* niekh ; bar, badd. 
Paleness, 8. zardi, pHai, phikai. 
Palisade, 5. kathara, katbgafa, bara. 
Pall, 8. cbaddar, kafan. [ki k. 

Palliate, v. uzr-sekbafif k.ta^bfif k. bal- 
Pallid, 0^ zard, nila-pfla. 
Palm, 8. t$r, Ikbajiir ; fatab ; batbali, kaff- 

i dast, char-angnl. 
Palma-Christi, s. arand, ren^i, rand. 
Palmistry, 8, dast-sbinasi, samndrik. 
Palpable, a. qabil-nl-lams, zabir, sarib, 


dbakana, kdmpna. [faqan. 

Palsied, a. falijdar, mafluj, shall, sitangl. 
Palsy, 8. falij, rasha, shall, sitang, laqwa. 
Paltry, a. nakara, nikamma, past, haqir. 
Pamper, v. cbbakana, naz-o-n|amat-se 

pilna, ser k. 
Pamphlet, 8, risdla, cbboti kitab. 
Pan, s. t^ba, tds, karahi, basan ; piylila-i- 
Panacea, s. ilaj-i-mntlaq. [banduq. 

Pancake, s, milpua, kuku. 

Pander,^, bhafwa, 1nitn£,dal]al, qal tab&n. 
Panegyric, 8. madah, sana, tarff, wasf. 
Panegyrist, s. piadab, sanakhwan, tarif- 
Pang, 8, ranj, alam, koft, naza. [go. 
Panic, 8, haibat, haul, biras. 
Pannel, s. takbta-i-cbangosha ; palan. 
Pannier, s, kanchhd, jhauwl, tokHL 
Pant, V. hampbna ; tarasna. 
Pantaloons, 8, paejama, izar. 
Pantheon, s. sab debtaon-kft mandir. 
Panther, 8. cbita, paJaug. [l^b&na. 

Pantry, 8. bhandar, aDbar-kblma, modi- 
Pap, 8. bbitni, sar-i-pistan, pl8tan,jijiya; 

lapsi, lupn, faluda. 
Papa, s. hkhiy bap. 
Paper, s, kagaz, qirtiis. 
Paper-maker, «. kagazi, kigazgar. 
Par, 8. mosawat, barabari. 
Parable, s. masal, tamsil, mntash^bih. 
Parabolical, a. tamBil-war,tam8il-sekaha 

Parade,s. nnm£isb,ba8hmat,dhnmdhdm ; 

qaw^idgah, safgab, maidan. 
Paradise, s. firdaus, jannat,bibisht, adan. 
Paradox, s. bat jo zabiri-men bafd-nl-aql 

m^lum ho ; tarif kbilaf-i-zabiri. 
Paragraph, s. fiqra, qita, fasl. 
Parallel, a. barabar, mnsawi, mu^. 

Paralysis, s. falij, rasha, shall, laqwa. 
Paralytic, a. mafluj, sbaJil, adhangi. 
Paramount, a. baf a, sadr-nishin, bartar, 

aula tar. 
Paramour, s. yar, ashni, 4shiq, mashdqa* 
Parapet, s, fasil, kangura, sina-panah. 
Paraphrase, s. tarjuma-ba-tafsil, tafsir, 

sharh. [tufail. 

Parasite, s. khash&madi, rik£bi-mazhab. 
Parasol, s. chhatri. 

Parboil, v. nimjosh k. adhkach£ pakana. 
Parcel, s. basta, buqchi, pulinda^ ga^hri ; 

pai'a, hissa, qata. 
Parch, V. bhunna, birydn k. jbulas d. 
Parched-grain, s. bhnjna, kbil. 
Parchment, s. raqq, meshi, dafti. 
Pardon,^, muaf^afu; amarzish, bakhshish* 


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Pardon, v. muaf k. afu k. bakhshnU, dar- 

^zar k. [mazdr. 

Pardonable, a. qabil-nl-afu, l£iq-i-m\[Rf, 
Pare, v. chhllna, katama, tarashna. 
Parent, s. ma ya bap, walid ya walida. 
Parentage, 8, asl, nasi, nasab, kbdndan. 
Parental, a. walidana, padari , madari, far- 
Parenthesis, s, jumla-i-mntariza. [zandi. 
Paring, s. katran, chhilan, tai'asha. 
Pariah, 8. tappa, parganna. [hat. 

Parity, 8, barabari, mnshawat, mnshaba- 
Park, 8. ramna, shikargih, mirg-sala; 

Parley, s. jawab-sawil, gnft-o-gd. 
Parliament, s, qanmi majlis ; di wan-i-im 

o diwan-i-khass. 
Parlonr, s. dardalan, dalan. 
Paroqaet, s. tdti, sni, totd. 
Paroxysm, s. nanbat, halat, bari, galba. 
1^^ Parricide, s. qatl-i-pidar j qatil«i-pidar. 
Parrot, s. tota, tuti, sua, nuri. 
Parry, v. if d. bachana, daf;^ k, b^z r. 
^ Parsley, 8» ajmod, karafs bastanf, [chf. 
Parson, «. pddri, l^h&dim-i-din. 
Part, 8. para, pnrza, qat^ ; jnz, bahra, 

bissa, bal^hra, bh^g ; taraf, janib ; k&m, 

^mal, kihidmat. 
Part, V. b^tna, hissa k. taqslm k. jndi k. 
, ya h. alag k. ya h. tofna, tdtna ; ohhof- 

na, tark k. dena ; widd k. rolfihsat L 
Pcurtake, v. hissa 1. sharik h. 
Partaker, s. hissa-dar, sharik, satM. 
Partial, a. taraf-ddr, janibd6r, mail ; gair- 

amim, nii-mntlaq, gair-shamil. 
Partiality, 8, taraf-dari, janibdan, mail ; 

Partially, ad, tarafdari-se ; nd-tamamana. 
Participate, v, hissadar h. sharik h. 
Participation, s, hissa-darl, shar^kat, 

Participial, a. ism-i-fail-i-mansiib. 
Participle, s. ism-i-fajl -, ism-i-m&ful. 
Particle, s. tu k , zarra, reza, shamma ; harf. 
Particular, a. ^^hass, makhsus, namntlaq ; 

mnfirad, mufassal ; ajib, tuhfa ; hawa- 

dar, hamraz, hamdam. 

Particularly, ad, mnfassal^na, tafsfl^a ; 

l^hususan ; nih&yat, bagayat. [garoh. 
Pai*tisan,s.taraf-d^r,damang]r,rafiq ; sar- 
Partition, s. taqsim, tafriq, iqtisam ; hijdb, 

diwdr-takht. [wi. 

Partly, ad. kuchh, thofa, knchh-ek, juz* 
Partner, s. sharik, musharik, hissa-diur, 

Partnership, s. sharakat, shirkat,miish&* 

rakat, shamilat, sljha. 
Partridge, s. titar, durr&j, kabak. 
Parts, s, wasf, istiadad, firasat, idriik ; 

atrif, aqalim. 
Parturition, s. jann£, paidas^zi. 
Party, £. majlis, garoh, jamaat,jathll, ri« 

sala ; taraf, janib ; fariq ; shaikhs. 
Party-coloured, a, rangiirang, gunagun, 

buqalmun. . 
Pass, V. jana, chalna, guzama, par k. ; 

jdta rahn^ guzar-jana ; klfhir h. ; ni- 

barna ; katna, gawana ; jari k. muqar- 

rar k. ; tark k. chhopia ; marni ; ziya* 

da h. ; chalan h. raij h. [l^hod ; halat. 
Pass, 8. gall, ghati, naka ; parwdna ; zarb. 
Passable, a, qibil-i-guzar j aisa-waisa, 

Passage, s. guzr, rawdrau, guzara, rasta, 

rah ; sair,- safar ; zam&ne-ki guzarish ; 

maqil, maqala. 
Passenger, 5.musafir,r^hgir, rahi, sawar. 
Passion, s, khasham, gazab ; shauq, )shq, 

Passionate, a. atashmizaj, tundkho, zdd- 

ranj, garam, irzdmand. [majhul. 

Passive, a. mutahammil, burdbar ; mafvil, 
Passport, s. rawana, parwana-i-rahdari. 
Past, a. guzashta, guzara, gaya, saJaf, 
Paste, s. leyi, ahar, mami, mandi.[mazi. 
Pasteboard, s, waslli, daftin. 
Pastern, s, theona, ghuti. 
Pastime, 8, tamashd, bazi, khel, tafarmj. 
Pastor, s. chaupan ; hadi, murshid. 
Pastoral, a. chaupani ; murshid-ka. 
Pastry, s. sambosa, kh^ja, nan-i-raugan* 
Pasture, s. charagah, alafzar ; chdra,cha« 
Pat, a, laiq, shaista, durust, thik. [rai. 
Pat, V, zarb-i-subuk mama, th^pni. 
Patch; s, para, paiwand, jop, ruqa. 


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Patoli, V, jqrnl, paiwand laganiL 
Pate, f . sar, sir, khopf i. 
Patent, s. 8anad,farmaii,parw&na, barit 
Paternal, a, pidan, pidarana, abai. 
Path, 8. rah, rasta, baf, sayak. 
Pathetic^ a. dQ-soz, dil-doz, jigar-aos ja 

doz, jan-gadaz, dard-angei. 
Pathless, a, be-rilh, be-gasu^ be-tarfq. 
Pathos, s. hararat ; jan-gndazi, ij^tir- 

kashf, latf. 
Patience^ «. sabr, sabdrf, tahanmml, shi- 

keb, bardilsht, bnrd-barf . 
Patient, a. sabir, sabdr, matahammil, 

shikeba, bnrdbar. 
Patient, s, mariz, blm^, ^(1. [kebana. 
Patiently, ad. sabr-se, bnrdbari-se, shi- 
Patriarch, 8. bnsnrg, peshina. [di. 

Patrimonial, a.manrusi,niira8i,libdi,jad- 
Patrimony, s, miras, irs, milk, [watan. 
Patriot, 8, watan-dost, sahib-i-hnbb-nl- 
Patrol, 8. sharb-gard, pisb^-i-shab, ha- 

ris-ul-lail. > [ban, walini^mat. 

Patron, s. mnrabbi, dastgir, himi, pnshti- 
Patronage, s. morabbigarl, dastgiri, hi- 

mayat, pushti. [rabbi h. 

Patitmise, v. dastgiri k. himayat d. mn- 
Patronymic, a. abdi laqab, ^hitab. 
Patter, v. parparina, ^pak mama, char- 

Pattern, s. namdna, namddar, peahwa. 
Paucity, a, kamti, gha^fi, qiUat. 
Panper, s, muflis, nadar, miskin, faqCr. 
Paose, 8, waqfa, tawaqqnf, f aragat ; ahn- 

bha, shakk, taraddud. 
Paose, V. tawaqquf k, faHigat k. fikr k. 

taraddnd k. taammul k. 
Pave, v.farsh-baiidik. kharanjablindhna. 
Pavement, s. farsh, kharanja, rasta pat- 

thar-se bandha hua. 
Pavilion, 8, ^hima, sh^uniy&na, slyab^. 
Paw, #. panja, changal, paon. 
Pawn, v. giran r. girwi r. marhun r. nhn 

k. bandhak r. 
Pay,5.talab,tan]^w^ ; mahfna, mnsha- 

hira ; saliylba ; rozina ; mazdori. 
Pay, V, add k. patan^ guzar k. ; ajr k. 

qimatd.; tak&f k. jarimana d.jmama« 

Payable, a. dena, wajib-nl-ad£ 
Payday, s. tan|phwah-ka roz, talab*ki dis. 
Paymaster, «. ba]||:hshf, khazanchi. 
Payment, s. ada, patai, gazarish, ajr, wafa. 
Pea, 8, ma^ar, dana. [am&n ; aram. 

Peace, s, snlh, salah, mnsalaha, ashtf. 
Peaceable, a. snlh-andeeh, salim, mnlaim. 
Peaceful, a. iisuda, sakin, be-fasad, chnp» 
Peace-maker, s. sulh*kar, mnslih. 
Peace-offering, a. saUml-ke zabih. 
Peach, 8, shafWUd, shafl-ranj, ard. 
Peacock, a, mor, tads. 
Peahen, s. moml. [nok.. 

Peak, a. chonti, sikhar, sar-i-koh, qnlla ; 
Peal, 5. thah£kd,'garga|^a^; ^faiiihat. 
Pearl, s. moti, dnrr, Idld, gauhar. 
Pearly, a. motiha, dnrrisIL, ganharwdr. 
Peasant, a, ganwar,kisan, dihqani,n)Btal» 
Pease, a, ma^r. 
Pease-cod, a. matar-k& chhilkd. 
Pebble, «. sangreza, kankar, rora. [nd« 
Peck, V. chilhoma, chikoma, chonch mar- 
Pectoral, a. sadn, sfne-kd, chhati-ka. 
Peculiar, a. l^haaa, maljLhsds ; ajib, nirala^ 
Peculiarity, a. ^hdsiyat, ^husdsiyat. 
Pecuniary, a. naqdi, zar-mansdb, paise- 
Pedagogne, a. ustad, akhdn, mulla. [ka. 
Pedant, a. 4^m-i-]|fiiiidfaroBh, lugat-go^ 

Pedestal, a. pae-situn, bun-i-situn. 
Pedicle, j. bonf, 4anthf, ^anthal, sdq. 
Pedigree, a. nasb, asl, silsila, pusht. 
Pedlar, a. bisati, phatriya^ dast-faro^, 

Peel, V. chhflna, chhilki nt&enk ; Idtnd. 
Peel, a, chhal, chhilka, post, qishr. [ke» 
Peep, 5. nazar, lamha, jhknk ; nur-kd-tar< 
Peep, V. jhinkna ; nazar-ana, nikal-dnd- 
Peer, a. hamsar, hamqadr ; amir, shariC 
Peerless, a. be-naz(r, be-misal, lasdnL 
Peevisl^a-chirchifajzudranj ,tmiuk-miz^ 
Peevi^ness, 8, chlrchifiha^ zddranji. 
Peg, a. mekh, watad, khonta, khon^ 
Pel^ s> mal, daulat, paise. 
Pelican, a. hawasil, mahi-khurr 
Pellet, 3. gulela, gulla, goli. 
Pellicle, 8, jhillii chh&li. 


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Pell-mell, ad. kasal-maaal, dalmaL 
Pellucid, a. shaffaf, saf, ninual. 
Pelt, V, phenk-mima. 
Pelvis, 8. kokh, peril, pae-shikam. 
Fen, 5. qalam, khama, likhni ; ihata, h&fi. 
Fen, V. band k. mdndni ; likhniu [dud. 
Penal, a. sasai, t^ziH, |brati ; — laws, hn- 
Penalty, «. aaxi, tawan, jarimina, dan4> 
Penanoe, 8. kafara, tanba, tasir. 
Pence, «. paise. [lam. 

Pencil, 8, mii^alam ; sal&i, snrme-ka qa- 
Pendant, s. dweza, jhnmka, karanphul ; 

< nishan, b^nnma, dhaja. 
Pending,a. maallaqi,maltawi,be-faiflala. 
Pendolnm, 8, ghafi-k4 latkan. 
Penetrable, a. mumkin-i-naCas, nafe-pa- 
zir, ohhedne-jog. 

Penetrate, v. ohhedna, ohonkn^, ghnsni, 
dal^hl k. ; daryaft k. samajhna. 

Penetration, «. da|^ nafaz ; tesfahmi, 
zlraki, fir^bat. 

Peninsnla, «. jazfra, priya-dwip. 

Penis, 8, falana, Idat, zakar, 4an4i>[af808. 

Penitenoe,#. tanba, nadamat,pa8hemini. 

Penitent, a. taaberkar,n4dim,pa8heman, 

. mnstagfir. 

Penitentiaiy, 8. qaid-lph^Ha, tanbagah. 

Penknife, s. qalam-tarash, chliqd. [tib. 

Penman, 8, l^bush-nawfs ; mn^annif, ka- 

Pennant, «. pharahra, dhiya, nishan. 

Penniless, a. be-zar, mnflis. [do-ratf. 

penny, s. ^k4, angrezi paiai ; — weighty 

Pension, 8» wazifa, vlufa, wi^-i-guzran. 

Pensioner, 8. waufa-dar, jag^-dar, rozi* 
na-dar. [fakkir, dil-gir. 

Pensive, a. fikrmand, andeshanak, muta- 

Pentateooh, s. tanret ji. taurit. 

Pennltima, 8, hija mk qabl akhir. 

Pennrions, a. tang-dast yi dil, ba^bft. 

Penury, s. tang-dasti, mnfUsi, ihtiyij, 
maskanat. [^halaiq. 

People, 8. log, &dmf, asbkhds, l^halq, 
' People, v. 4bad k. bas&na, mamlir k. 

Pepper, 8. filfil, mirch, pipal. 

Peppermint, 8. pudina, nansL [bida. 

Peradventnre, ad, shayad, ittifaqan, ma- 
Perambulate, u. phima, sair k. 

Pwoeivable, a. zihir, namud. 

Perceive, v. dekfana, dekhploia, pahcbin* 

na, daryaft k. m^lum k. 
Perceived, a. m^lum, dekha-gayf. [zir. 
Perceptible, a, sahir, ashkara, nazar-pa- 
Peroeption,8.baslirat, daryaft, idriik, yrU' 
qdf, samajh, bujh. [jhanhir. 

Perceptive, a. modrik, daryHft-ka, sam« 
Perch, 8. chakkas j qism-i-m&hi. 
Perch, V. bai^hna, labud k. 
Perchance, ad, shiyad, ittifaqan. 
Percipient, a. see Perceptive. 
Percolate, v. chhanna, saf k. 
Percussion, 8. zarb, sadma, takkar. 
Perdition, 8. tabahf, halakat. 
Peregrination, 8. safar, mnsafarat, gurbat* 
Peremptoiy, a. qat}, natiq, shafi, li-radd. 
Perennial, a. daim, madami, paedar, bara« 

Perfect, a, k&mil, purll, tam^m, mukam* 

mal, mnsallam ; be-aib, tahir, pak. 

Perfect, v, pura k. tamam k. ; kamil k. 

nibarna. [fauqiyat. 

Perfection, s, kamtiiyat, takmil, tamami. 

Perfectly, ad, k&milana, kamal martaba^ 

fazilana, achhi tarah-se, bil-kull. 

Perfidious, a. namak-hardm, be-wafa^ 

]^h6in, gaddar. [wafi^i. 

Perfidy, 8. ^hiyanat, namak-harami, be- 

Ferforate, v. chhedn^, bedhna, snrakh k* 

Perforation, 8. chhed, sural^h rakhna. 

Perform, v, kami, banana, nibahna, ba- 

Bar lejana, baja-lana, ada k. wafi^ k. ; 

siz nawaz k. [kam ; tasnif. 

Performance, 8. ifi^, ada, nibah, amal. 

Performer, 8. kame-w. karta, fajl, kunin- 

da ; pardaz, nawaz, sazinda. 
Perfume, 8.. khiishbui, atr, raiha, ba^hur. 
Perfumer, 8. atrfarosh, attar. [hoga. 
Perhaps, a, shayad, ittifaqan, qazara. 
Peril, 8. ^hatra,^hauf, dar, dahshat. [nak. 
Perilous, a, khatar-ndk, khauf-na^, haul- 
Period, 8. daur, gardish, zamana, waqt; 

al^hirat, anjam ; jumla, fiqra. 

Periodical, a, daun, gardishi, naubatf, 

fasH, maasami, ayami. [tul-i-kalam« 

Periphrasis, 8. pech-p4ch, gturdish-i-Iafzi. 

Perish, v.. mama, nest-o-nabud h. halak 

h. tabah h« 


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Peri]aihable> a. fi&ni, zail, n^-paedilr, be- 

Perjnre, v. jhu^hi qasam khani. [rog. 
Perjiuy, 8. jhii^i qasam, sangand-i-da- 
Permanent, a.paedibr,qaiizk, mnstahkam, 

Permanently, ad. p£ed^-Be, qfiimaoj be- 

Permission, s.ijazat, ra7^, parw&nagf, izn« 
Permit,^, parw^a, rawana.,ohhor chitthi. 
Permit, v. ijazat d. parwanagi d. rawa r. 

qabul k. 
Permntation, s. tabdil, tabaddul, iwaz. 
Pemicions, a. mnzir, zabiin, mufsid, mii« 

khiU, muhlik. 
Perpendicular,a. khaf a, miistaqim,9mud. 
Perpetrate, v. kama, harakat k. irtikab 

k. gnnah k. [s^f. 

Perpetration, s. irtikab, kama, g^nah- 
Perpetual, a. daimi, mndam, jiwidan, is- 

timrari. [abadan. 

Perpetnally, ad. hamesha, aladdawam, 
Perpetuate, v. daim r. q4im 1. mndawa- 

mat d. istimrari k. 
Perpetuity, s, hameshagf, mudawamat, 

dawam, daimi, paedari, istimrar, sabat. 
Perplex, v. ghabrana, hairan k. uljhdn^ 

paresh^ k. 
Perplexed, a. ghabraya-hua, hairan, pa- 

reshan, iishufta ; peoh-pech, darham- 

barham, mushkil, dnshwar. 
Perplexity,*, ghabrahat, jhanjhat, iztidLb, 

hairani, pareshani ; pech-o-t4b, dush- 

Perquisite, & dasturi, balayaft, [llf d. 
Persecute, v. satand, khijana, azar d. tak- 
Persecution, s, tasdia, takhlif, iz^ sitam, 

zulm. [zalim. 

Persecutor, s. jafak&r, sitamgar, muzi, 
Perseverance, 8. istimrar, sabit-qadami, 

qaim-mizdji, dhun. 
Persevere, ) v. istiqlal k. mustaqill h. 
Persist, ) qaimralm^thahama,8abit- 

qadam h. istimrar k. 
Person, 8. shaJI^, ddml, ins^ kas ; Up, 

Jkhdd ; siirat, shakl, paikar, andAm ; 

siga ; — 1st p. mutakallim ; — 2d p. 

mukhatab ; — 3d jp. gaib. 

Personable, a. Vbiibsurat, ^usband&m, 

Personage, s. bara admi, ^mda, amir. 
Personal, a. shal^i, zati, l^h^s, apna^ 

khud mutalliq. [mat. 

Personality, s. ahakhsiyat ; tana, mald» 
Personally, ad, l^hiid, dp, bizzat, asalatan. 
Personate, v» surat banan^ naql l&na, 

bhes k. banna. [liq. 

Perspective, a. ilm-i-manazare-se mutal- 
Perspicacious,a. teznazar, tezfahm,zirak. 
Perspicuity, s.safai, salasat, zahirf, asam. 
Perspicuous, a. saf, zahir, wazih, khul^ 

Perspiration, a. pasina, araq, paseo. 
Perspire, v. pasijnd, pasind nikaJnd, araq. 

lana. [k. targib d. 

Persuade, v. manana, mail k. dil-nishin 
Persuasion, s, mando, targfb, nasihat. 
Persuasive, a. muassir, dil-nawaz, dil<-v 

nishin, targibi. 
Pert, a. shol^b, gustd^h, macbla. 
Pertain, v. jlaqa r. nisbat r. mutalliq lu 

mansub h. [muanid. 

Pertinacious, a. magra, hujjati, khudbin. 
Pertinacity, s. magrai, machlai, ^hudrai. 
Pertinence, «« shaistagi, munasabat, 

liyaqat. [rust. 

Pertinent, a. shdista, mundsib, m£qul, du* 
Pertness, 8. shokbi, gustakhi. [ran k. 
Perturbate, v. ghabrana, muztarib k. hai- 
Perturbation, s. ghabrahat, pareshani, 

tashwish, be-qarari, iztirab. 
Perusal, 8. mutalaa, mulahaza, parhnd. 
Peruse, v, mutdlaa k. mulahaza k. parhna. 
Pervade, v. samana, paithna, phailna. 
Perverse, a. magra, hathila, kajrau,ziddi. 
Perverseness, s. magrai« hath, kajrawi, 

zidd, sarkashf. [laf-sdzi, inqilab. 

Perversion, s. ultai, bargashtagi, barkhi- 
Pervert, v. ultana, bar^hilt^f k. bar- 

gashta k. [ta, fasid. 

Perverted, a. bargashta, barkhilaf sakh- 
Pervious, a. qabil-i-duJ^ul, mumkin-i. 

Pest, 8, marf, waba ; wabal, bald, janjal. 
Pester, v. satana, khijana, diqqk. taklif d. 
Pestiferous, a. mari-awar, zabun, mnzin*. 


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Bestilence, «. wabd, inari, sarelyat, t^un. 

t$uni, muzirr, zabun. 
Pestle, s, dasta, kutak, miisal, batt^. 
Pet) s.chirchifahat, jhanjh, Ikhafgi ; lafla. 
Petal, 8. pakhri, phul-ki patti. 
Petiole, 8. danthsJ, bont. [duA. 

PetitioD, s. arz, arzi, darkhwast, matlab, 
Petition, v. arz k. iltimas k. darkhwast 

k. chahn£. [^hwab, sail. 

Petitioner, s. arz kame-w.mnltamis, dad- 
Petrifaction, 8, patbrahat, tahjar. 
Petrify, v. pathrdna, patthar hojana. 
Petticoat, s. lahanga, ghaghra, saya.[zaj. 
Pettish, a. chirchipa, zudranj, tnnnk«mi- 
Petulance, s. sholj:hi, gustakhi, be>adabi. 
Petnlant, a. sholj^h, gustakh, be-adab. 
Pew, s, knrsi girje-men. 
Pewter, s. ranga, jast, rupjast, rasas. 
Phalanx, s, gol, garoh, paltan. 
Phantom, s. Shut, chhaya, surat-i-wahml. 
Phenomenon, 8» nadira, nadir-uz-zuhur, 
Phial, s. shishi, shisha. [ajab. 

Philanthropist, 8. insdn-dost, ^balaiq- 

dost, khairkhwah. 

ipiek nihadi. 
Philippic, 8. malamat-amez, taqrir. [ho. 
Philologer,s. sarfi, nahwl,ahl-i-8arf-o-na- 
Philological, a. sarf-o-naho-se mntaalliq. 
Philology, 8, }lm-i-sarf-o>naho. 
Philosopher, s. hakim, failsuf, ^lim* 
Philosophy, 8. hikmat, ilm-i-hikmat, fal- 
Philt^r, s. mohni, totka, latka. [safa. 
Phlogm, 8. balgam, kaf. [tabiat. 

Phlegmatic, a.balgami; sard-mizaj,8nst- 
Phlogistic, a. sozinda, mnhriq, garm. 
Phrase, s. ib&rat, istilah, sukhn, bat. 
Phraseology, s, tarz-i-kalam, muhawara, 

(barat. ' [rd, jlaj ; jullab. 

Physic, 8. tibb,tababat,tabibi ; dawa, dd- 
Physical, a. tabp, zatiJibiUi; tibbi, jlaj- 

se mutaalliq. 
Physician, 8, hakim, iabib, baid. 
PhysicS; 8, jlm-i-maujudat, hikmat. 

Physiognomy, s. ilm-i-qiyafa,|lm*i-wajl^ 

Physiology, «. ilm-i-manjiid&t. 
Piazza, 8. snyabdn, satunbandi, pesh-ti<}. 
Pice, 8. paisa, paise. 
Pick, V. chunna, chugnl, ohnn 1. inti]|ph£l> 

k. ikhtiydr k. utha 1. saf k. ; kholna. 
Pickaxe, 8, kudal, kudar, gainti. 
Fickle, 8. achar. [dlat. 

Picklock, 8. chor-kunji, tala kholne-k( 
Pickpocket, s. jeb-katra, ga^h-katta, ki- 

Picture, 8. taswir, naqsha, shabih, nigar. 
Piebcdd, a. ablaq, kabra, rang-a-rang. 
Piece, 8, tukri, para, pdrcha, purza, reza^ 
, laJ^ht ; qita ; than ; tasnif, insha ; tas- 
wir 5 banduq, top. 
Piece, v.jofna, paiwand k. jofke bafhand. 
Piecemeal, ad. tukre-^ukre, para-para. 
Pier, s. paya, satun ; pushta, band. 
Pierce, v, chhedna, chonkna, silna, nnfuz 

k. sural^h k. bindhnd ; paithna, ghusna. 
Piercing, a. chhedne-w., nafiz tezj sakht. 
Piety, 8. taqwa, taqawat, diydnat, khodi- 

Pig> s, ghentd, snar-ka bachcha. 
Pigeon, 8. kabutar, parewd. 
Pigmy, 8. bauna, kotdh-qad. 
Pike, 8, neza, ballam ; mahd-machhli. 
Pilaster, 8, satun-chi, satun-i-chaugosha. 
Pile, 8, 4her, toda, ambar ; watad, kham- 

bha ; imarat ; chita. 
Pile, V, dher k. tale upar k. ambar k. ja- 
Piles, 8. bawasir. [ma k. 

Pilfer, V, churana, chori k. musna. 
Pilferer, 8, chor, nchakka, hath-lapak. 
Pilgrim, s. ziyaratf, saiyah, haji, jatn'. 
Pilgrimage, s. ziyarat, saiyihat, hajj, jat- 
Pill, 8. dawd-ki goli, habb. [ra. 

Pillage, 8. lu^, lut-pd(, tdl^t-o-taraj, ga- 

rat ; ganimat. [nar. 

Pillar, a. satiln, rukn, khamba, lath, mi- 
Pillory, 8, chambar-i-gardan, char]^. 
Pillow, 8, takiya, baUsh. 
Pilot, 8. qaid-i-jaiiaz, afkij;!, dbshinas. 
Pimp, 8, bharwa, ku^na, dallal, qaltabaa. 
!t*imple, 8, phunsi, phupya, muhasd. 
, Pin, 8. Bozan, sulj alpin ; meVh> kha^ti* 


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ni, chimti. [rarat. 

Finch, 5. ohatld, nooh, ohimti, pech, za- 
Pinch, V. noofani, ohatki 1. chimti katna, 

dabna, [jhana. 

(Pine, V. jh&ml, afsnrda h. sdkhni, mnr- 
Pineapple, v. anannis. 
Pinion, «. par, hH, btau, pankh; hath- 
' kari ; chakkar-ka dant. 
Pinnace, s. ohhota jahkz. [qnlla. 

Pinnacle, 5. kalas, kalsa, kangora, chonti, 
Pint, s. adh-ser-ki paimana. 
Picmeer, 8. beldir, loni7a.[khnda-para8t. 
Pious, a. mnttaqi, saUh, zahid, dindar. 
Pipe, 8, nal, nali, phonphi ; nae, bansri $ 
Pipe, V. bansi jk bansri bejana. [pipi^ 
Pique, 8, bugz, kina, hasad, bad-l^wihi. 
Piracy, 8, samnndar-par dakaiti. 
Pirate, 8, samnndar-ka dakait. 
Pismire, ». chyun^i, mor. 
Pistol, 8, tabanoha, tamancha. 
Pit, 8. gajphi, g&r, magak, chah. 
Pitch, 8. ral, qir ; martaba, naubat ; hi- 
■ lat ; irtif$, afrazi, bnlandi. 
Pitch, V, khsqra k. barpa k. gapia ; ral la- 

gana i ^ibIda, gir& d. ; sir-ke biLl gima ; 

thahranl^ pasand k. 
Pitcher, 8, ma^ka, ghafa, sabd^ t^^7^ 
Pitchfork, 8, jandra, panja. 
Pitchy, a, andhera, t^rik, siyah ; M-hk, 
Piteous, a. dard-angez, dilgir ; masmun. 
Pitfall, s. chor-garb^, dahak. 
Pith, 8. gddi, magz, sir, qnwat, zor. 
Pithy, a, pur-magz, gndaila; mazbut, 

Pitiable, a. dard-angez, rahm*pazir ; maz- 

mum, kamina, haqfr. 
Pitiful, a. 1. see Pitiable. 2. dordmand, 
• rahim, shafiq. 
Pitiless, a* be-dard, be-rahm. 
Pittance, s. wazifa, kafaf, rozma. 
Pity, 8. rahm, dard, shafaqat, tars, gam. 
Placable, a. mulaim, halim, narm-dil. 
Placard, 8. ishtihar-nama, izhar-nama, 

iplace, 8, jagah, ja, makan, thikdni ; mar- 

taba, pdya, vbdsb maniab j iwaz, badli ; 

Place, V. rakhnl, dhar d. lagini, thahHl* 

n^ khara k. baithalna. 
Placenta, 8. phul, puren, kheH. 
Placid, a. salim, mulaim, halim, s^kin. 
Plagiary,^. tasnif-duzd4barat-chor,Bariq. 
Plague, 8* man, waba, ta^ j wabal, afat, 

bala, janj^, diqq. [lif d. 

Plague, V, satana, chhefnH, khijani, tak- 
Plaid, 8, gati, ntngarang kapi^ 
Plain, a, baribar, hamwar ; eihir, khula, 

saf; sada, be-zmat, bbola, sida-dil; 

nira, sirf. 
Plain, 8, maid&n, sahri. [lah. 

Plain-dealing, s. sada-dili, Hst-hiu, sa- 
Plainly, ad, saf-sif, zahiran, rasti-se, be- 

riy£ [faryad. 

Plaint, 5.nala,ndlish,ah,h£e-wiie, giriya. 
Plaintiff, 8. faryadi, muddai, d^-khwah. 
Plaintive, a. nalan, gpiriyan, gamgin. 
Plait, 8, tah, shikan, chin, chunat. 
Plait, V. shikan d. tah jaman&, chunnlu 
Plan, 5. mansdba, hikmat, tadbir, ban- 
dish; khaka, naqsha, dh^ncha, namuna. 
Plan, V, tadbir k. upae k. naqsh bandh* 

na, tajwiz k. 
Plane, 8. randa ; qism-i-dara^ht. 
Plane, v, randa chaJana. 
Planet, 8. saiyara, najm, kheohar. 
Planetary, a. falaki, saiyara mansdb. 
Plank, 8, ta^hta, lauh, patra. 
Plant, V, lagana, gdfhni, baithalnd, kha« 

fa k. rompna, bond ; abad k. [dhd« 
Plant, s, nabat, rustani, nihal, per, paa« 
Plantain, 8, kela, kadll. [bagistiln. 

Plantation, s. nakhlbandf, basti, dbadi. 
Plaster, 8. gach, re^hta ; lep, marham. 
Plaster, u^gaohgaH k.lepna,lesna,potn& 
Plastering, s. Updlfp, lesales, chdnkam. 
Plastic, a. dast-qudrat, rdp-harl, naqsh« 
Plat, 8. qata;-i-zamin, [band. 

Plate, s. bdsan, bartan, nkdbl, tabaqcha; 

Plated, a. basim, poshida, mulamma. 
Platform, «. chabdtara, saqf, machan, 
. qhhat ; naqsha. 
Platter, s. thali, kathra, kathautf, tabaq. 
Plaudit, 8. shabasfai, afrm, dast*afshaiu» 
Plaosibility, $, namdiBh-i-raati.. 


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l^laneiblei a. zllhir-iiimii, rastf-nnm^ 

Play, s, khel, b^zi, l^b, bazicba ; tamashii, 

naql-bazf, pekhna ; qimar-bazi. 
Play, V. khelxui, bazi k. qimar-bazi k. ba- 

jana ; naql k. tam^ha k. ; kama, ^ml k. 
Playfellow* s, hambaz, lango^iyi yar. 
Playful, a. aIol6, achpal, sho]|^h, chaAcbal. 
Playfahiess, s, achpali,chanohali, shoVhl. 
Playhouse, ^.tam^sha-Vb^na, n^oh-ghar. 
Plaything, i. khilanna, Mbat ya lybat. 
Plea, 8. ijizr, hnjjat, dalil, mii^Irat, d^w^ 
Plead, V. hnjjat k. dalfl 1^, d^wa k. 

jawab-sawal k. 
Pleasant, a. khdsfa, latif, diliwei, ^hush- 

nnma, l^hdb, bhaH, aohchha ; shad, 

masrur. [mana. 

Pleasantly, ad. l^hushi-se, latifana, sh&d- 
Pleasantly, 8. l^hush-tabai, Intf, latifa, 

zarafat, mazakfa, bazla, fhatholf. 
Please, v. \hnah. k. shad k. ^hushndd k. 

khatir-nawazi k. razi k. 
Pleased, a, l^hnshnud, shddman, rizU 
Pleasing, a. ]|ph|ish-nnma, dilawez, V^ha- 

Pleasure, 8, khushf , shidi, ^ish-o-ishrat^ 

rang-ras ; marzi, maqsud. 
Plebeian, s, ^mm-ka ^dmi, nich log. 
Pledge, 8, girau, rihn, bandhak. 
Pledge, t;. girau r. bandhak d. iqrar k. 
Pleiades, s. suraiyd, parwin. 
Plenary, a. tamam-o-kamal, pdrd. 
Plenipotent, a. mukhtar-i-kuU. 
Plenipotentiary, 5. waqil-i-mutlaq. 
Plenitude, s. purai, puri, kamaliyat, 

ziyadati, seri. 
Plenteous, a. *) bahut, bahuteri, bisyar, 
Plentiful, a. ) firawdn, kasir, ziyada, 
( wafir, afzdn. 

Plentifully, ad. ba-ifrdt,kasiran, bahutsa. 
Plenty, 8, bahutdt, ifrat, kaarat, firiiwani. 
Plethora, 8. ifrat-i-khdn, ifrat-i-al^hlat. 
Pliable, a. laohili, lachaktd, narm, 
; damdar. [muWyimat. 

Pliableness,5. lachak^chimthahat, narmf , 
Plight^ 8. hilf halat, waza» daaa* ' 

Plight, If. girau r. bandhak d. ^d k« 
Plod, V, mihnat k. shugl k. [iqrar k. 
Plot, 8. bandish, sazish, itti££q ; fareb^ 

fitrat, fann, hila ; qiti-i-^amin, sabza^ 
Plough, 8. haJ, qulba. [rini k. 

Plough, V, hal jotna ji chaldnl, qulba- 
Ploughman, 8, halwaha, jot&r, qolba-rin. 
Ploughshare, 8. nasi, chan, tori, phil. 
Pluck, V. chhin 1. khenc^ 1. niklU 1. 

khaso^nd, ukhairnd. 
Plug, 8. dattd, ga^a, ^bepi, then^hL 
Plum, 8. ber, bair, aliicha. . 
Plumage, «. par, par-o-bal, pankh. 
Plumb, V. pdni n4pn&, sahdl-se mapsi. 
Plum-cake, 8. lauzina, lauziy&t. 
Plume, «. par, turra, kalgi, kangnra. 
Plume, V. par jharna ; apne-tau|tarashiili^ 

mag rur h. ; par ukhapna. 
Plummet, 8. la^kan, sahul, sahol. 
Plump, a. mota, jasim, farbih, chikni. 
Plunder, 8» lu^ Id^pa^ ganimat» garat^ 

yagma. < 

Plunder, v. lutna, lu^ k. girat k. tiirlj k. 
Plunderer, a. lu^era, lu(-baz, garat-gar, 

ganim. [ban4, 4alnd, 

Plunge, u. gota d. ya mama, dubna, ^U' 
Plunge, 8, gota, ^ubkL 
Plural, a, jam^. [hutat. 

Plurality, 8. jam(yat, kasrat, t^ddd, ba- 
Ply, 8. toh, chin, shikan. 
Ply, V. mihnat k. mashgiil rakna, jidd<« 

o-jahad-se kdm k. ; tasdi 4. iiic d. 
Poach, V. nimjosh k. ohurdna. 
Pocket, 8. jeb, kisa : v. jeb-mes rakhiUi, 
Pocket*book, 8. dastaki. 
Pod, 8. chhemf , phali, chhilka, post. 
Poem, 8. shir, qasida, gazal, masnawi. 
Poesy, 8. shir, saja ; ilm-i-sh|mawi8f« 
Poet, 8. Bhi\r, nazim. 
Poetess, 8. Shaqra. 
Poetry, 8. shir, 88J9, nacm, Q-rtiz. 
Poignancy, s. tezi, tundi, sakhti, shiddat. 
Poignant, a. tez, tund, sal^ht, sham. 
Point, 8. nok, ani, moni, sar ; nuqta, bdn- 

da ; ayat ; disa, rukh ; daqiqa ; bibat. 
Point, V. tez k nok nikdlna; batan^ 

dikhl^na ; shast bdndhn^ : sahih k. $ 

nuqta raUuuu 


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Pointed, a. nokdar, nokiU ; nnkta.&mez'' 

zarif, shiiista. 
Poise, V. tolna, hamwazn k. sochna. 
Poison, s. zahr, bis, bikh, samm, halahal. 
Poisonons, a. zahrdar, samm, bisela. 
Poke, V. ohubhan^ latobia, kureln^ 

Poker, *. kurehii, lukti, 6tashk6w. 
Polar, cu qntbi, qat\> mansub, shimitlf. 
Pole, *. qntb ; danda, cbob ; jarib. 
Polemic, a. huj^&tiy bahsi, bahhas. 
Pole-star, s . najm-i-qntb, jadi. 
Police, s. shahar-ki band-o-bast, ji inti- 

zam, yi zabt-o-rabt. [dar, fanjdar. 
Police-office, s. thana ; — officer, thane- 
Policy, 8, jlm-i-bnkumat ; hikmat amali, 
t tadbir, mansuba, fitrat. [fat, nazakat. 
Polish, 8. chiknahat, jila, op, safai ; zara- 
Polish, V, yiXk d. saiqal k. opna, ghotna, 

chikna k. [zarif, latlf. 

Polite, a. khaliq, khush-akblaq yik atwar. 
Politeness, s. akhlaq, khush-akhlaqi, mu- 

ruwat, zarafat, nazakat. [fana. 

Politely, ad. b&-adab, ba-mnruwat, zari- 
Politic, a. zirak, hikmati, tadbiri, ma- 

dabbir, fitrati. 
Political, a. niulki,intizami, $mili ; fitrati. 
Politician, «. sahib-i-tadbir, mndabbir, 

rajgyani. [saltanat. 

Politics, 8, umtir-i-mamlakat, tadbir-i- 
Poll, 8, sir, sar ; logon-ka shnmnr ; bar- 

guzidagi. [na ; nam likhna. 

Poll, V. chhan^6, tarashna, katna, katar- 
Pollen, 8, parag, daqiq-i-gul. 
Pollnte, v. napak k. aluda k. khar&b k. 
Polluted, a. aluda, palid, napak. [jasat. 
Pollution, s. ilaish, aludagi, napaki, na- 
Polygamy, s. kasir-ul-azwaj. 
Polyglot, 8. majmya-i-zabanan. 
Polygon, 8, shakl-i-kasir-uz-zaviya. 
Polytheism, ». shirk, but-parasti. 
Polytbeist, 8, mushiik, but-parast. 
Pomegranate, 8. an^r, darim. [bala. 
Pommel, 8. hama, agwa ; qabza ; dum- 
Pommel, v. pftna, mama, kutna,thonkna. 
Pomp, 8. hashmat, shan-o-shauqat, jah- 

o-jalal, dhumdham, dabdaba. 
Pompion, «. kaddu, kadima. 

Pompons, a. nnmfiushi, jjlislTiiTi, buznrg^ 

war ; rangdwar. 
Pond, 8. talab, tal, hauz, pokhar. [k. 
Ponder, v. sochna, fikr k. gaur k. dhiyan 
Ponderous, a. bharl, giran, sangin, saqiL 
Poniard, 8. pesh-qabz, khanjar, ka^ar. 
Poney, 8. tattu, yabii, tangan. 
Pool, s. kund, dabra ; hauz. 
Poor, a. garib, mufiis, miskin, mafluk^ 

faqir ; kamin, dun ; za|f, kamzor ; loxi% 

Poorly, ad, faqir^a, tangi-se ; be-arans 

Pop, V. chatpat ana ya jani[, aparna. 
Poppy, 8, koknar, khashkhash, post. 
Populace, 5. 4nim, ^wamm-un-nas, jum- 

hur, log. [aziz. 

Popular, a. 4™um, murauwaj; hardil- 
Popnlation, s. abadi, mamuri, mardum- 

shumiiri, mulk-ke tamam log. 
Populous, a. abad, m$mur. 
Porch, 8. peshgah, dahliz, osira, deofbtt 
Porcupine, s. sahi, kharpusht. 
Pore, 8. masam, chhota, sui'ikh. 
Pore, V. dekha dekhna, dide phlbmli^ 

chashm dol^hta k. 
Pork, 8, 8aar-k£ gosht. 
Porous, a. masam-dar, jhiijhidL 
Porpoise, 8. susmar, sus. 
Port, 8. bandar, kol, ghat ; darwaza, dar ; 

jharoka ; chal, raftar, rawish ; qism-i* 

Portable, a. uthane-jog, halkd, dastf. 
Portal, s. darwaza, dargah, dar. 
Portend, v. dalilat k. jannna, agam d. 
Portent, 8, badfal, nuhusat. 
Portentous, a. badfali, nahs, manhus* 
Portico, 8. peshgah, dahliz, pesht^q, ji^ 

Portion, s. hissa, bahra, bakhra, nasib, 

qismat ; jahez, dahez, mahr. 
Portly, a. jasim, tanawar ; shahana. 
Portmanteau, 8, jama-dani, ^urji. 
Portrait, ». shabih, taswir. 
Portray, v, shabih ya taswir khainchn& ; 

bayan k. taqrir k. 
Pose, V. mushkil sawal puchhkar ghabrft 

d. hairan k. puchhpachh k. 


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Position, 8, waza, uiiiad, db&h, ^wal, 

halat; mnqaddama. 
Positive, a. muqarrar, yaqini; khud-rae j 

mojiba, fjabi. 
Positively, ad. yaqinan, qataan, albatta, 

Possess, v» rakbna, tasarmf k. dhania, 

p^na, qabz k, amal k. ; sahib h. malikh. 
Possessed, a. rakh-gaya ; diw^na ; sahib, 

malik. [kiyat, mal. 

Possession, s. tasarmf, qabza, amal, mil- 
Possessor, s, mntasarrif, m&lik, sahib, 

qabiz. [mal. 

Possibility, 8. imkan, maqdur, hona, ihti- 
Possible, a. mnmkin, honhar, shndani, 

Possibly, ad. shayad, bil-imkan. 
Post, s. dak, (jlakiya, qasid ; maqam, 

makan, waza ; ^hidmat, yhda, mansab j 

khamba, danda, ohob. 
Postage, s. 4ak-kH mahsul, msdm. 
Posterior, a. muakhl^har, mutaal^hkhir, 

pichhla, b^d. [tagah. 

Posteriors, s. ohutaf, pichhwaj-a, nishas- 
Posterity, s, al, aulad, nasi, l^halaf.[tar. 
Posthaste, s. danf a-danf i, danrdhup, zud- 
Postman, s. (jiakiya, qasid, paik. [sahib. 
Postmaster General, 5. jarneli dakw^la 
Postpone, V, takhir k. tawaqqaf k. mau- 

quf r. mnltawi r. [l^hatt. 

Postscript, s. tatimma-i-khatt, zail-ul- 
Posture, s. waza, tarah, hal, halat, siirat. 
Pot, 8. handi, deg, degcha, tasla ; ghafa. 
Potato, s. alu ; sweet — shakarqand.[tabi. 
Pot-companion, 8. ham-piyala, ham-sha- 
Potent, Ob. zorawar, qawi, tawana, qadir. 
Potentate, 8, farmanrawa, shahanshah, 

Potential, a. ikhtiyarf, qndrati, mnmkin. 
Potion, 8. shnrb, sharbat, jnra, nosh. 
Potlid, 8, sarposh, deg-posh, ^hakni. 
Potsherd, 8. thikra, thikri. 
Pottage, 8. shorba, shai*wd« 
Potter, 8, knmhar, kulal, sifalgar, 
Ponoh, 8. thaili, tosdan, jeb. 
Poultice, s. lubdi, lopri, loi. 
Poultry, 8. murga-murgi, hansbatak, &c. 
Pounce^ V. chaugul marna, jhapatna» 

Pound, s. adh-ser; das-rupai<k& sikka} 

Pound, V. kutna, churn^, thonknd. 
Pour, V. dalna, undelna, dhalna, nitharna | 

jari h. bahni pa^ na, barasna, jharna } 

Pout, V. honth latkana, thuthlini. 
Poverty, s. iflas, muflisi, ifliik, maskanat, 

tang-dasti, faqiri. [barVit. 

Powder, 8. chur, chur£, bukni, suluf ; 
Powder, v. churna, bukn^, chur k. 
Powder-horn, 8. singra, b^rutdan. 
Power, 8. zor, quwat, qudrat, tawanai, 

tiqat ; ikhtiyar, mukhtari ; q&bu ; hu- 

kumat; shah, sultan. 
Powerful, a. zorawar, taw&n&,qawi, qadir. 
Praoticable, a. kardani, honhar, mum kin* 
Practical, a. amali, istiamali, mashqi. 
Practice, 8. mashq, amal, rabt, istiamal ; 

4dat, kho, m^mul ; dastur ; tababat ; 

chand-mari. [k. sadhna. 

Practise, v. kama, kiy£ k. amal k. mashq 
Pragmatical, a phapphar-daJlal, fuzul- 

numd, dastandaz. [wasf, sifat. 

Praise, 8. tarif, sip&s, san^,madah,hamd. 
Praise, v. tairif k. tahsin k. sitaish k. 

saruhna. [tahsan. 

Praised, j^a. sitiida, mausuf, hamid, mus- 
Praiseworthy, a. tarif-ke laiq, wajib-ul- 

madah. [kuldnch mama. 

Prance, v. phandna, kddni, lambiyan k. 
Prank, 5. kud-phand, kalol-alol, khelbazi. 
Prate, v. bakna, bakbak k. barbaf ana» 

gap-shap k. 
Prattle, s. bakbak, gap-shap, chochla. 
Prawn, s. jhingd, chingra. 
Pray, v. namaz k. dud k. iltimds k. 

minnat k. darljihwast k. mangna. 
Prayer, s. namaz,salut,du$ ; niy az,iltima& 
Preach, v, waz k. khutba paphna. 
Preacher, s. wajz, wazgo, khatib. 
Preamble,^, dibaja, tamhtd, mnqaddama. 
Precarious, a. na-muqarrar, beqarrao» 


pesh-bini, tadamk. [dam h. 

Precede, v. age jana, peshi k. muqad- 
Precedence, 8. peshi, taqdim, sabqat. 


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Precedent, s, peBlmihUd, dafti^r-ul-fmal, 

namuna, nasir, misal. 
Precedent, ) ok peshran, peshfn, mnqad- 
Preceding, > dam, qabl, sabiq, anwal. 
I^recept, 9. hnkm, amr, waaijat, nasihat, 

Preceptive, a. hnkm-dih, nasihat-amez. 
Preceptor, s. nstad, muallim, mnaddib. 
precinct, 5. hadd, nahiya, 8iwaniL.[nafi8. 
Precious, ck qimati, giran-maya, aziss. 
Precipice, «. 4^ng, kuidalii, tek, aring. 
Precipitance, 8. jaldi, ahitab, be-lihazi, 
, harbari. [lihaz. 

Precipitate, ot. jald, ntaolii,harbariya,be- 
Precipitate, v. ^il d. phenk d. air-ke bal 
. gima ji girana, harbap k. jaldi k. 
Precipitately, ad, jaldi-ae, be-libazi-se, 

hafbari-se [harbari. 

Precipitation, 9. jaldi, sbitib, t9Jil,ntdolj, 
Precise, a. thik, sahih, darost ; muaiyan, 

mnqarrar ; takalluf-mizig. 
Precision, «. dnmstf, mhhat, diqqat; 

tahqiq, yaqfn. [nikal d. 

Preclude, v. hia r. mahrum k. mardud r. 
Preconceiye,v.age-Be samajhna y abnjhna. 
Preconception, s, peah-bini yd qiyasi, 

Precursor, s. pesh-ran, mnqaddama. 
Predecessor, 8. peshin, mnqskddam, sabiq. 
Predestinate, v. taqdir k. muqaddar r. 

Predestinated, a. mnqaddar, man^d. 
Predestination, 8, taqdir, sar navisbt, 

qaza-o-qadr. [knninda. 

Predestinator, a. muqaddir, sarvisht- 
Predetermination, 8. niorad-i-mntaqad- 
. dim, ^fmat-i-peshlna. 
Predicament, 8. hal, h^lat, nanbat. 
Predicate, a. wasf, sifat, maqiil. 
Predict, v. dge-sekahnd,khabar-i-gaib d. 
Prediction, s. ^habar-i-gaib, peshgoi, 
. waid, maa'fd. 

Predominance, 8. galba, istpa, sabqat. 
Predominant, a. galib,mnstaulf,faiq,ala. 
Predominate, v. galib h. aglab h. faiq b. 
Pre-eminence, s, sabqat, fanqiyat, afza- 

liyat, peshi. [faiq. 

Pre-eminent, a. afzal, mnmtaz, pesbdast. 

Pre-exist, v. Ige-se manjud rabnii. 
Fre-ezistence, 8, pesh-hasti, wajud-i- 

mnqaddam. [sardfax* 

Preface, s. dibacha, dfbaja, mnqaddama. 
Prefer, v. pasand k. taijih k. toqdim k. 

bihtar janni[; barhana, sar-airas k. 

rakhna. [pesbtar. 

Preferable, a. bibtar, acbchha, absan. 
Preferment, 8. bafbti, sarfarazi, taraqqi. 
Prefix, V. ige rakbni ya lagani^ darpesb 

Prefix, 8. harf-i-maabriit, addt-nl-jaz£ 
Pregnant, 8. hamila, abista^ b^ar, 

pe|-se 5 bhara, pdr. [rar k. 

Prejudge, v. be-^habar-o-taftisb muqar- 
Prejudice, 8. tqiiEeub; mail, tarafdiirfy 

iMid-gnmani ; nuqsan, ziyan. 
Prejudicial, a. muzirr, mufaidziyan-kar. 
Preliminary, a. peshrau, mnqaddama, 

tamhidi. [surmilap. 

Prelude, 8. sardgBZ, tambid, mnqaddama ; 
Premature, a. be-waqt, be-mauqa, be- 

Premeditate, v. peshbandi k. igese 

thanna ya fikr k. 
Premier, 8. wazir-i-fzam. [taqdim k. 
Premise, v. dge-se jatani, tamhid k. 
Premises, 8. muqaddamat, taqaddumat ; 

amlak, makan. [cbo^ besbi. 

Premium, 8. infm, ba^hshisb, padasb^ 
Preparation, 8. taiyari, tahiya, tadbir, 

banawari, [banttna. 

Prepare, v. taiyar k. drasta k. mauj^d k« 
Preponderate, v. bbari b. gdlib b. tarjib r. 
Preposition, 8. barf. 
Prepossess, v. mail k. r^gib k. 
Prepossessed, a. mail, r»gib. [zannl. 
Prepossession, 8. mail, ragbat, busn-i- 
Preposterous, a. be-huda,bemainl,abtar« 
Prepuce, 8. kbul|>i, galaf, chbichfa. 
Prerogative, s. baqq, iqtidar, il^tiyir. 
Presage, 8. fi&l, shugdn, daJalat. 
Presbyter, 8. sbaikh, sahib-ul-quds. 
Presbytery, 8. majlis-i-sbai^bana. 
Prescience, 8. ilm-i-gaib, pesbbini, gaib» 

dani. [dim. 

Prescient, a. (lim-i-gaib, pesbbin, g«ib« 


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Prescribe, v. httkm k. farm&n& ; batUn^ 

thahrana, mnqarrar k. muaiynn k. 
Prescribed, a, mamur, mars^m, xnnqar- 

rar, mnaiyiin. 
Presoriber, 8, farxnan-dih, amr ras&n. 
Prescription, 8. rasm, qaida, dastdr; 

nQS^ha, rasm-i-hakim. 
Presence, s, haziri, hazir-bdshi, hozur, 

hazrat ; cbihra, nazar, wajh ; — ofuwnd, 

Present, a. hazir, maujdd, rubard, samb- 

ne; hiL At — , filbMl, darin-wila, ab. 
Present, s, bakhsbish, fnayat, atii, nazr. 
Present, u. deni, ba^sbni, ^t^ k.. guz- 

rana, nazr k. age r. zabir k. dikblana ; 

jhukana. Ihilk, 

Presently, ad, ab, abbl, filfanr, fanran, 
Preservation, 5. bacbao, hifazat, mnhafi- 

zat, bim^yat. 
Preservative, a. bacbiid, hifiz, mnblifiz. 
Preserve, v. bachdnd, hifazat k.mahfuz r. 

himayat d. ; mnrabba k. idchar ban&nd. 
Preserver, s, bachane-wila, hafiz, muhifiz. 
Preserves, «. mnrrabbe, m^jun. [kob b. 
Preside, v. sadr-nishin h. sardar h. sar- 
Presidency ,5. sadr, sadr-nisbini, sardari ; 

dar-ns-saltanat. [mir-i-majlis. 

President, s. sadr-nisbln, sardar, rais. 
Press, V. d&bni, niobofna, chhanfna, 

chhapna $ tang k. nacbar k. takid k. 

taqaiyud k. 
Press, s.kolhu,shikanja; cbbapne-ki kal ; 

bhi]!, bajdra, hangama. [taaiddi. 

Pressure, s. dab, dabio, bojh, zor ; tangi. 
Presume, v. ^yal k. guman k. bujhna ; 

gustakhi r. hinimat*bandbua. 
presumption, 8. qiyas, guman, tawab- 

bum ; gusti^bi, magruri, dileri. 
Presumptive, 8. Ifhiji)!, mutasauwar; 

gustakb. [mutakabbir. 

i'retence,^. bab&na, bfla,makr, Bal^bt,vzr. 
Pretend, v.bahanak. bat banana ; dawa r. 
Pretension, s. dawa, d^wl, d^wat, iddjd. 
Preterit, a. guzashta, mazi. [karamati. 
Preternatural, a. kbilaf-i-zat, bila-tabi^t, 
Preterperfect, a. mazi qarib. 
Preterpluperfect^ a, mazi ba(d« 

Pretext, s, babfina, makr, uStfht, ^zr. 
Prettiness, s, Ijihubsdrati, husn, sntbrdf. 
Pretty, a. kbubsurat, latif, nazuk, sutbra. 
Pretty, ad, kucbb, tbora-babut,bar-w^jb. 
Prevail, v. jan b. murauwaj b. rawaj h. 
jitna, galib b, pesbraft b. tislr k. ma* 

nlma. [mi ; galib. 

Prevailing, a. jM, r^ij, murauwaj, ^mu- 
Prevalence, 8. galba, i^zuni, raw^j ; asar. 
Prevalent, a. see Prevailing. [tasir. 
Prevaricate,v.b4tbadaln6, bila-faawalak. 

lait-o-laall k. [talma^ol. 

Prevarication, 8. Mla-bawiila, lait«o-laall« 
Prevent, v. rokn^ a^na, manai k. 

tbambhni, biz r. [muzabimat. 

Prevention, 8, rok, atk&o, muman^t, 
Preventive, a. min(, muzabim, baz-dlur. 
Previous, a. pesbtar, pesbina, qabl, mn- 

Previously, ad. ^ge-se, pahle, minqabl. 
Prey,s. sbikar, said ; lut,ganimat, yaf mi. 
Priapus, 8, kandasd, ling. [ajr, ajura. 
Price, 8. qimat, baha, mol, dam ; nirl^h ; 
Prick, V. cbubbana, chonkna, cbbedn£, 

bedbn^ gafona, bindbna. 
Prick, 8. chobh, chobba, ebbed. 
Prickle, a. kan^k, l^bar, siL 
Prickly, a. ka^ila, kanfaUa, kb^rdar. 
Pride, s, garur, takabbur, dixnng, l^hud- 

binl. [phulni. 

Pride, v. (one's self,) magriir b. fa]f:br k. 
Priest, «. imam, murshid, Ij^batib, Ifhk' 

dim-i-din. [fareb. 

Pnestcraft, s. im^miya makr, murshidi 
Priestess, s. im4ma, kabina. 
Priesthood, 8. im^buat, murshidi ; im&- 

mon-k^ firqa. [bhat 

Prim, a. zahirdar, rasm-parwar, phun- 
Primary, a. pahla, auwal, asli, bunyadL 
Prime, a. auwal, asli, ]^ha8sa,tuhfa,besb. 
Prime, 8. sabab, bahiur } sbabib ; bissa-i- 

Prime, v. ranjak pil&na y& bbami. 
Primitive, a. qadim, peshin, sabiq, mn* 

taqaddam ; asli, z&ti. 
Primogeniture, s. auwal paid^isb, baral 
Prince, 8. shah-zada. malik-zida : snlt&n. 



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Prinoess, a. 8h£h-zlid{ ; niaUk& ; V^^nam. 
Principal,a. anwal, asli, sadr, pahla, bajra. 
Principal, s. sardar, rais ; jama, dsl^pniiji. 
Principality, 8. saltanat, mnlkat ; suba. 
Principally, a4. khususan, anwalan, ga- 

liban, ziyada. 
Principle, s. asl, niasdar, madda, sabab- 

i-anwal; baja, jihat ; din, diyanat ; iin. 
Print, V. chhapna, chhapa k. [qanun. 
Printed, a. chhapa, chhapa hu&. 
Printer, 5. chhape-wala, chhipi, naqqiish. 
Prior, a. Age, auwal, pahld, muqaddam. 
Priority, 8. anwaliyat, peshi, taqdim, 

taqaddnm, qidamat ; fazilat. [khana. 
Prison, «. qaid-khana, zindan, bandi- 
Prisoner, s. qaidi, bandhod, asir, zinddni. 
Privacy, s. khalwat, parda-nishini ; po- 

shidagi, pinhani ; tanhai. []j:hass. 

Private, a. tanha; mnkhfl, poshida; 
Private, 8. sipahi. [tanhai-men. 

Privately, ad. Ijphafiyan, chhipe-chhipe. 
Privation, s. adam, idam, scJb. 
Privative, 8, adami, salib. 
Privilege, s. haqq,haquq; istihqaq; badit. 
Privily, ad, chhipike, chup-chnpate, 

Privities, 8. satr, ^nrat, andam-i-nihani. 
Privy, a. waqif, a^fih, ^habardar, mattali. 
Privy, 8, pae-khana, jae-zariir.[gan(mat. 
Prize, s, bazi, hasil, shart, muzd ; lut, 
Prize, V. aziz jiinna, tazim k. beshqimat 

jannii ; ganimat janna. [hari. 

Probability, s. ihtimdl, maqnliyat, hon- 
Probable, a. mnhtamil, maqiil, honhar, 

aglab. [ba-ihtimal. 

Probably, ad, shayad, kya-jane, galiban. 
Probation, 8. dalil, isbat, imtihan, az- 

miiish, tajraba. 
Probationer, 8. mnbtadi, nan-dmoz, nm- 
Probe, 8. salai, mQ. [medwar. 

Probe, V, tona, tatolna, khodnl k. 
Probity, 8. diyanat, rasti, salah, salahiyat. 
Problem, s. masla, saw&l. [sachai. 

Problematical, a. mnshtaba, mashkuk. 
Proboscis, 8. snnd, khurtum. 
Prooednre, s. raftar, chal, waza; kirn, 
, 9mal, harkat, snluk. 
Proceed, v, chalnd, jana, gaz&mi ; ni- 

kalnl, paidd h. npajn^ ; taraqqf k. ; 

kiim k. ami k. ; dad-khwah h. 
Proceeding, s. k4m, ami, mn^mala ; mn- 
Proceeds, s. hnsul, yaft. [qaddama. 

Process, 8. raftar, ravish, waza, taur; 

mndmala ; gardish. 
Procession, s. tawaif, sawari, thatb. 
Proclaim, V. manadi k. ishtihar k. shuhrat 

d. mashhur k. phailana, dhandhora k. 
Proclamation, s. ishtihar, manadi, dhan- 
Procrastinate, v. ^filna, tamd, aj-kal k. 

der k. lait-o-la^l k. [o-Iaall, takhir. 
Procrastination, 5. tal-matol, »jkal, lait>> 
Procreate, v. janm&nd, paida k. taalid k. 
Proctor, 8. adalat-ka wakil. [har. 

Procnrable, a. muyassar, dastyab,milan- 
Procnre, v. hasil k. pana, baham p»> 

hunchana, uthana ; mangwana. 
Procarer,9. hasil kcune-wala, pane-wlUa ; 

dallal, bhafwa. 
Procuress, 8. kutni, dallala. 
Prodigal, a. nrau, mnsrif, fazul-kharch. 
Prodigality, «. israf, fazul-kharchi, urnu. 
Prodigious, a. baf a, maha, ajib, azam, 

Prodigy, 8 yjaba, ajab-nl-ajdib, aUmat. 
Produce, v. janna, paida k. phalna, np> 

jana ; lana, hazir k. zdhir k. batlana ; 

karana. [faida. 

Produce, s. hasil, mahsdl, paidaish ; nafa. 
Production, s. paidiish, hasil, phal ; tas- 

nif, insha. [dar, upjau. 

Productive, a. bahrawar ; zai*khcz, phal- 
Profanation, s. be-adabi, be-imtiyazi, 

tanjis. [haram. 

Profane, a. be-adab, be-imtiyaz ; n£pak^ 
Profane, v. napak k. aluda k. palid k. 
Profess, V. iqrar k. izhar k. tarif k. 
Professedly, ad. zabiran, iqrar-se. 
Profession, 8. iqrar, izhar, iatiraf, qanl^ 

pesha, hirfa, kasb. 
Professional, a. amali, pesha-mansub. 
Professor, 8. muallim, mudarris, nstdd. 
Proflfer, V. arz k. darpesh k. age r. ; chahniL 
Proficiency, 8. taraqqi, tahsil, maharat, 

fazflat. [amil, mihir. 

Proficient, a.waqif-i-kdr, sahib-i-taraqql^ 


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Profile, 8. tafiwCr-i-yak-chaahmf ; nfm- 

chihra. [labh. 

■Profit, s. sud, fiida, nafa, Tnnn^fa, hasil, 
Profitable, a. sudmand, faidamand, mu- 

fid, naff, 
f Profitably," cwi. ba-fi&ida, mnfid^na. 

Profiigacy, ^.badkari, fisq, fas^d, sharli- 

,rat, shuhdapan. [kharab. 

^Profligate, a, badkar, fasiq, fajdr, khwar, 
Profound, a. gahra,gambhir, ami q ; AMm. ; 

barik. [rat-nl-jlm. 

Profnndity, s. gahr^i,ymTiq ; fazilat, kas- 

Profuse, a. musrif, faziil-kharch ; ganim. 

Profusion, s. israf, fazul-kharchi j ili-at, 

^ kasrat, firawani. 

Progenitor, s, jadd, peshfna, purkhi. 
Progeny, s. aulad, nasi, dl, bans. 
Prognosis, s. pesh-shinasi. • [ban. 

Prognostic, s. alamat, nishan, pesh-kha- 
> f rognostioate, v. peshgoi k. peshkha- 

bari d. dalalat k. [go. 

Prognosticator, s. peshgo, mnnajjim, fal- 
Progress, s. chal, raftar, peshrawani; 
J, taraqqi ; sair, safar, daur. 

Progression, *. peshrawi, chal. [hanhar. 
Progressive, a. pesh-rau ya rawan, bar- 
Progressively, ad. ba-tadrij, rafta-rafta. 
Prohibit, v. mana k. nahi k. nafi k. baz 

r. rokna. [munatana. 

Prohibited, a.mamnua,manhi,niahrum, 
Prohibition, s, mana^ mumanat, manahi, 

imtina. [hikmat. 

Project, s. ijad, tadbfr, mhnsuba, tajwiz, 
Project, V. ijdd k. tadbir k. mansuba k. ; 

nikal-dna ; dge dalna. 
** Projection, s. nikal, ubhar ; pesh-andazi ; 

naqsh, rasm ; mansuba. [baz. 

Projector, s. mukhtari, mujid, mansuba- 
Prolifio, a. phal-dnr, muwallid, phalanti, 

larkori, bachcha-kash. [fassah 

Prolix, a. tawil, daraz, tul-kalam, mu- 
Prolixity,s. tul-tawili, darazi, tul-kalami. 
Prologue, 8, tamhid, sar-agaz, dibacha. 
Prolong, V. dardz k. tawil k. baphana, 
^ phailana. [quUa. 

Prominence, 8, nbh4r, afr^, unchai. 
Prominent, a. ubhar-hua, phula-hu6, un- 

cha^ zahir. 

Promiscnous, a. makhldt, miM-hak, dar- 

ham-barham, ghalmel, garbap. 
Promise, s. iqrar, wada, qaul, ahd, pai- 
Promise, v. iqrar k. qaul k. wada k.[mdn. 
Promised, a. iqrar hua, mantjid, mahud. 
Promising, a. iqrar-saz j pakbaz, l^hush- 

mizij, nekbakht. [num^. 

Promissory, a. qariri, sharti, t^hud* 
Promontory, s. zamin-ki nok, bini-i-koh. 
Promote, v. bajrhana, sarfaraz k. taraqqi 

k. taqwiyat d. dastgiri k. 
Promoter, 8. mutaraqqi, muharrik. 
Promotion, s. taraqqi, sar-far^(, barhti, 

bafhaii, taqwiyat, dastgiri. [hazir. 
Prompt, a. tezdast, chalak,ohust ; taiyar. 
Prompt, V. batl^na, yad dilani } tahrik 

k. targib d. [jaldi. 

Promptitude, 8, tezdastf, chalaki, chusti. 
Promulgate, v. ishtihar k. shuhrat d. iz« 

har k. chalana. 
Prone, a. sir jhuka, zer-rd, m6il, r^gib. 
Prong, 8. kdinta, shakh. 
Pronominal, a. zamiri, zamir-mansub. 
Pronoun, 8. zamir, adat-i-l^hitab. 
Pronounce, v. talaffuz k. nchch&ma ; qa- 

zi k. fatwa d. [chdr. 

Pronunciation, s, talaffnz, makhraj, uch- 
Pix)of, a, isbat, dalil, dalalat, burhan, 

hujjat, gawahi, shah^dat ; imtihan, taj- 

ruba, azmaish. 
Proof, a, jancha hua, ay^r-raslda; na<* 

mumkin-i-nafaz, sakht. [kiya. 

Prop, 8, tek, thuni, pusht, pushtlban, ta- 
Propagate, v. janna, upjana, paida k. ; 

jari k. phailana. [shar ; afzaish. 

Propagation, 8. paidaish, tawallud ; inti- 
Propagator, «. walid ; riwaj-dene-w. jari 

Propel, V. chaland, daufand, hankna. 
Prepense, a. mial, ragib, rujii. 
Propensity, 8. mail, shauq, ragbat. 
Proper, a. laiq, wajib, shaista, muwifiq, 

munasib ; rawa ; khass, makhsus ; du- 

rust, thik. [haqiqat-men. 

Properly, ad, laiqana, achchhi tarah; 
Property, 8. ^phrisiyat, sifat, kaifiyat; 

m»l, milkiyat, amlak. [khan-i-gaibu 
) Prophecy, $• gaib-»goi, peshiu-goi» su- 


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Prophdsy, v. gaib-kf ^^bard.&ge-ftebat- 
Prophet, 5. nabi, paiyambar, ra8ul.[lana. 
Prophetic, a. nabwi, raslili, gaib-nnm^ 
Propitiate, v. milina, mananl^mihrbank. 
Propitiation, «. kafar% mihrban-nzi, 

miUip. [flaz. 

Propitiatory, a. kafikFa-ames, mihrban- 
Propitions, a. mihrhin, i^hair-lpiwah, 

Proportion, 8. andasa, miqd«r, mniiasi- 

bat, hamwari, barabar hissa. 
Proportion, v. ham-ancUisa k. mnjuunb 

k. barabar miqdar k. 
Proportionate, a. ham-andiz, mnnagib, 

mnwifiq, hamwar. [nisib-kama. 

Proportioning, 5. ham-andaza-saxi, mu- 
Proposal, s. saw^I, ^rz. sn^han, bat, dar- 

i^hwast ; maqsud, tajwiz. 
Plropose, V, ^rz k. darpesh k. sawil k. 
Proposition, 8. see Proposal, [izhar k. 
Proprietor, 8, m&lik, V^hawind, sahib. 
Propriety, 8. liyaqat, sh&istagi, miinasa- 

bat, darosti. 
Prorogue, v. manquf k. naga k. ^ d. 
Prosaic, a. naari, nasr-mansub. 
Proscribe, v. mana k. ; qatl-ka hnkm d. 
Prose, 8, nasr, kalam-i-mansdr. 
Prosecute, v. pairawi k« darpai h. istiin* 

rir k. ; naluh k. [niilish, dawa. 

Prosecution, 8. pairawi, tiU^h, tagapd ; 
Prosecutor, s. muddai, dadl^hwah, bkdi. 
Proselyte, 8. nau-mnnd, maataqid. 
Prosody, s, ihn-i-yruz, mizan. 
Prospect, 8, nazar, did ; madd-i-nazar ; 

ummed, chashm-dast. 
Prosper, v, bal^htyar h. ya k. fari^^hunda 

h. ya k. k^myab h. bahramandh. iqbal- 

Prosperity, 8. bakhtydri, bahramandi, 

kamyabi, nekba^hti, iqbdlmandi. 
Prosperous, a. ba^htyir, ba^tawar, 

kamyab, bahramand, iqbdlmand, sar- 

Prostitute, 8. kasbf, loli, chhindl, beswa. 
Prostitution, 8, ohhinala, beswapan, 

Prostrate, v. gird d. pachh^pid, past k. ; 
* sijda k. sarbazamin r. ^ I 

Ptostratioii, 8. 8ijda» 88J jdd ; beqdwat^ 

zaifi, dilg(ri. 
Protect, V. bachdna, rakhiyd d. himfyat 

k. panih d. hifazat k. [muhdfazat. 
Protection, 8, himayat, bachao, panah, 
Protest, V, iqrar k, qaid k. ; inkar k* 

bar-aks iqrar k. [inkar. 

Protest, 8, iqrir, itiraf ; bar-aks iqrar. 
Protract, v. dardz k. tul khainchna, bar- 

Protrude, v. nikalnd ; nikal ana y£ pa|m&« 
Protuberance, s. dhibka, ubhar, waram, 

Proud, a.magnir,mutakabbir, gbamandL 
Prove, V. sabit k. dalalat k. gawahi d. ; 

imtihan k. izmana ; bona, wiqi h. 
Proved, a. subut, masbut, musajjal, 

mashhiid ; dzmuda. 
Provender, 8. ohAra,ghasp&t, alaf, khGrtUc;, 
Proverb, 5. masal, masla, kah&wat. 
Provide, v. taiyar k«inuhaiy4k. taddruk 

k. ; shart k. [shart-se. 

Provided, & dar snrat, dar hal kl, is 
Providence, 8. razzaqi, parwardigari, 

]|:hudai ; $qibat-andeshi, durandesbi. 
Provident, a. dqibat-andesh, durandesh, 

mubassir. [inayat-se. 

Providentially, ad, ^huda-ki fazal ya 
Province, 8, suba ; ^hidmat, kirn. 
Provision, s. ^hurik, khdna, giza; tai- 

yari, tadbir, tahaiya. 
Provisional, a. hal-ke liye muqarrar; 
Proviso, 8. shart, ^qd, iqrar. [shartl. 
Provocation, «. chher» chhir> gazab- 

angezi, tan. 
Provoke, v. chherna, khijina, i^^hashm- 

nak k. ; tahrik d. 
Provoking,a. gazab-cmgez,^ha8hm-afroz. 
Pi-owesSyj. jurat, shuja^t, bah&duri, dileri. 
Prowl, V, gidar-gasht k. sungta-phirna. 
Proximate, a. nazdik, qarib^ pas. 
Prozimity,^. nazdiki, takrib, qurb, ittisaL 
Proxy, 8. |w&z(, badlf, ndib. 
Prude, 8, makkara, mahjdb-i-riyakar. 
Prudence, «. basurat^ ihtiyat, lihiz, tami^ 



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Pnxdent, a. slhiVi-basirai^ hoehjr^, 

zirak, dor-andesh. 
Prudently, ad. hoshyiH-se, tadbfr-ae. 
Prone, v. chh&ntnii, qalam k. ka^ni. 
Proning'hook, s, htmavJk, diskila, 
> Pry, V. jhankna, bhed-1. jasusi k. 
Prying, «. j^usi, tajaasus, khoj. 
Psahn, 8, zabiir, astut. 
Psalmody, s. tazmir, zabdr-^wiSnf. 
Puberty, s. bulug, buliiyat, rasfdagl. 
Public, a, 4mm, amdm, mntlaq, mushta- 

rak ; mashhur, maruf, z&hir, ashklura. 
Public, 8. l^lqat, JifiiaUUq, millat, l^as- 

o-^niBi. [tasnif. 

^ Publication, 9. ishtili^r, uhir, afsha; 
Publicity, 8, izh&r, shuhrat. 
Publicly, ad, sahiian, ^liniya, Mkirs, 

Publish, V. ishtihir d. mashhur k. sahir 

k. riwaj k. ; ohhapna. [chhapne-w. 
Pucker, v, chin d. tah k. jhol d. 
Pudding, 5. gnlgnla, chh&r]|^hina, 
1/ Puddle, 8. chhapri, dabra« 

Puerile, a. bachchag&na, lap kM, ohibi- 

ola, ochha. 
Puff, 8, jhok, jhoki, phiink; phulkaj 

fuft, V, phnlni, phuUai, i^udbin k.s 

' Pugilist, s. ghiise-baz, musht-zan. 
Puisne, a. chhota, l^urd, adni. 
Puissant, a. zorawar, qiuiir, mahabali. 
Pull, V. tanni^ khainchna ; to|D&, ph&rni i 
^ . chunua ; kasna ; — doiim, giri d. mis- 

mir k. ; — off, u^hftni ; — up, ukhi^ni. 
pull, 8, tan, khench, jhafak. 
Pullet, 8, chhoti murgi, chdza. 
Pulley, 8» char^hl, p^ki, ghim(. 
Pulp, 8, gudA, magz. 
Pulpit, 8, mimbar. 

pulsation, «. fis, tapish, dha^ak, ta^aph. 
Puke, 8. nabz, nafi ; masin, dal, dalihan, 
PnlTerize, v. biikna, chtimi, aaS6£ k. 
^ Pump, 8, bamb^ pichukkH, pan! uthane- 

pump, V, pani p^ini^ bam6hal&n£;bhed 

U raz-joi k. 

Pumpkin, s, kadii, kadima, ghiy^, lank(L 
Pun, 8, ihim, z6-manaen, latifa, jugat. 
Punch, «. chheni ; qism-i-sharab ; mas* 

Punch, V. ohhedna, ohhenf mami, silna. 
Puncheon, «. ohhap, ohhenf ,* bafi piplu 
Punctilio, 8, takaUuf, nnktasanjt 
Punctual, a. ^hik, slidiq, w^dawala, rast- 

Punctuality, 8, saohohiii, khaHii, r&Bt(. 
Punctually, ad. rasti-se, saohch&i-se. 
Puncture, s. nesh, sura^h, chhed. 
Pungency, 8, tezl, hiddat, jh&l. 
Pungimt, a. tez, h^dd, tund, tlta,parpaHu 
Punish,v saziLd. siyasat d. t4nr d. ^an^na. 
Punishment, 8. naizi, siyasat, tazir, vqu- 

bat, vqab. 
Puny, a. chho^ kuchak ; kamzor. 
Pupil, 8, putii, mardum-i-chashm ; sha* 

gird, talmiz, muHd. 
Puppet, 9. putla, putll, gaiiy^, labat. 
Puppy, 8. pilliy kutrii ; mardak, l^iish- 

Purblind, a. ohundhi, ohundhla, teondha, 

Purchase, 8, V^han'd, kharidari, saudi. 
Purchase, v. \^harld k. mol lenli, sauda k. 
Pnrchasef*, 8. l^haridar, mushtari. 
Pure, a. s&f, musaffa, pak, sa£^ safi» 

shaflfaf; ^llis; pak-diman, plkiza; 

mubarra ; sirf, ^hali ; shusta. 
Purely, ad, sirf, niahz, l^hali j Ijdbalisan* 

Purgative, a. mus'hill, juU&bij sala- 

Purge, s. jullab, jhfir. 
Purge, V. jharna,petchaUinllj stf k. plik k. 
Purification, 8. tat'hjr, tidir; tasfiya, 

Purify, v.saf k. p6k k. tat'hir k. ; nitham£. 
Purity, 5. safai, safa, paki; taharat, 

p^kLeagi, parhezgari ; i^las, safa-e* , 

dil ; shustagi ; ta^zib. 
Purloin, v. chori k. musni, khiyinat k. 
Purple, a« argaw&ni, arjawani. 
Purport, 8, m^ni, maqsad, mazmun, 

mudda4, natija. 
Pi]Ml>ort| V. m^m batuoii maqsad 1^ 


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Purpose, s. irada, qasd, siyat, azm, man- 

suba, maqsud, mnrad ; on — , qasdon, 

dida-o-danista $ to whcLt — , kisliye, 

kiswaste ? [garaz k. 

Purpose, v. irada r. mansdba baudhna, 
Purposely, ad, qasdan, dida-o-danista, 

Purr, V. ^barkhar k. khnrl^hnr k. 
Purse, s, kisa, surra, thaib^ tora. [chl. 
Purser, 8. jahaz-ka bhandan-o-khazan- 
Purslaiii,s. lonajkburfajbaqlat-ul-mahqa. 
Pursuant, v. mutabiq, muwafiq, ba-mu- 

jib, basb. [k. ta^wjub k. 

Pursue, V. picbha k. dar-pai jana, pairawi 
Pursuit, s, pairawi, taaqub, raged ', ko- 

shisb, sai, talash. 
Purulent, a: pibiyahi ; rimpur. 
Purvey, v, ^borak ya rasad pabuncbana ; 

mubaiya k, taiyar k. 
Pus, s. pib, rim, resh, rad. 
Pusb, V. ^bakelna, dbakka d. tbelna, pel- 

na, relna, jbonknn ; daur«na, dabana. 
Pusillanimity, 8, be-dili, buz-dili, na- 

Pu8illanimous,a. be-dil,burz-dil, namard, 

Put, V. rakbn&,rakb d. dhama, lagana ; 

— awoAf, dur k. ; talaq d. ; — aside, 
bartaraf k. ; — 6t/, rakb-chbofna j — 
down, bairan k. ; radd-i-kalam k. 
likbna, qalam-band k. ; mazul k. ; — 
forth, daraz k. ; nikalna ; kosbisb k. ; 

— in mind, yad dilana ; — off, mau- 
qur r. talmatol k. ; uthana ; — on, 
pabinna, pabrana ; surat banand ; — 
oveTj muqaddam k. bapbana ; — out, 
bujbani, itfd k. ; pbopna ; gbab2*ana ; 
tazmin k. ; — to death, qatl k. mar- 
dalna; — together, jopia, jama k. 
muqabila k. ; — wp vnth, sabnd, bar- 
dasbt k. ; — 'up for, talib b. arau k. ; 

— upon, fareb d. [yfunat. 
Putrefaction, 8, safan, safawat, bosidagi, 
Putrefy, v. saf na, galna, ubasna ; saf ana. 
Putrid, a. sapa, gala, bosida, ganda. 
Puzzle, V. gbabranii, bairan k. paresban 
Pyramid^ s, mlw ; barman, [k, taug k. 


Quack, 8, nfm-bakim, kacbobd tabib, laf* 
Quack, V. kan-kan k. ; lafzani k. [zan. 
Quack.ery, s. laf-zani, ^bud-farosbi, 

Quadrangle, s, chau-kbuntba, sbakl-it 

murabba ya cbau-gosba. 
Quadrant, 8. cbautbi bissa, ruba ; mba- 

i-daira, basita. 
Quadrilateral, d. cbahar janibdar, mu- 
rabba, chau-pablu. 
Quadruped, 8. cbar-p^ya. 
Quadruple, a. cbau-guna, cbiu*cbaiid. 
Quaff, V. 4bokna, pina. 
Quaggy, a, daldala, panka. 
Quagmire, s. daldal, pank, dbasan. 
Quail, s. bater, salwa, sumani. 
Quaint, a. nazuk, nafis, barfk ; ajib. 
Quaintly, ad. nazakat-se, ba-diqqat ; aji- 

bi-se. [tbanharana. 

Quake, v. kampnd, larazna, daldalana. 
Qualification, s. liyaqat, istiadad, bunar, 

ittisaf, sifat. * [fiq. 

Qualified, a. laiq, qabil, sazawar, muwa- 
Qualify, v. laiq k. qabil k. sazawar k. ; 

durust k. ; mutadil k. 
Quality, s, wasf, sifat, kaifiyat, kbasiyat, 

SJrat, taba, miz£j; martaba, paya» 

darja, jab. 
Qualm, 8. ubkai, matlai ; pasbemlin. 
Quantity, 8. miqdir, qadr, andaza, mau- 

tad, wazn ; bissa, kuchh. 
Quarrel, s. jbagra, qa^iya^ ]^ar]|:basha, 

munaqisba; siteza. [layna. 

Quarrel, v, jhagaf na, qaziya k. siteza k. 
Quarrelsome, a. jbagralu, siteza-l^o^ 

qaziya-jo, lapak^. 
Quarry, 8, sangistan, ki^n-i-sang ; sbikar. 
Quart, 8* ser, ser-bbar, ser-ka map. 
Quarter, s, cbautbdi, pauwa, cbabarumf, 

ruba ; taraf, janibj wilayat ; maballa ; 

aman. [karana. 

Quarter, v. cbar-bissa k.; haainik, maqam 
Quarterly, a. si-maba, i7i-m^&. 
Quarters,^, thik/ina, b^,makan, maqun. 
Quasb, V. dabn6| dabinij mi^a^ radd 



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Qnarer, v, lahakod, gabgahlin^, iwaz 
Qnay, s. pnshta, gh&f. [marorna. 

Queen, s, malika, ranf ; begam ; farzin. 
Queer, a. ajab, ajib ; hawadar. [kin d. 
Quell, V. dabana, torna, shikast d. ; tas- 
Quench, v. bujheina, thanda k. itfa k. 
Query, s. sawal, pursish, istifbam. 
Quest, 8. kboj, ted^h, just-o-ju, tafbisb. 
Question, s. sawal, pursisb, istifbam, 

istifsar ; sbakk, sbubba, guraan. 
Question, v. s&wkL k. pucbhna ; sbubba 
r. sbakk k. [sbubba^dar. 

Questionable, a. musbtaba, masbkuk, 
Quibble, s, ibiim, jugat, hila-bawala. 
Quick, a. jaJd, sbitab, zdd, tez, cbaliik, 

cbust ; jita, zinda ; hamila. 
Quicken, v. jilan^, zinda k. ; jald k. ji 

karana, cbitan^ j bamila h. 
Quicklime, s. bari, kali, abak-i-tafba. 
Quickly, ad. jaldi, sbitabi, bazudi, jhat- 
pat, turant. [chalaki. 

Quickness, 9, jaldi, sbitab, zudi, tezf, 
Quicksand, a, cbor-b&lu, duzd-reg, reg- 
i-rawan. [durbin, 

Quicksigbted, a. tez-nazar, tez-nigab, 
Quicksilver, s. para, simab, zibaq. 
Quiet, a. sakin, asuda ; cbup, sakit ; ga. 

rib, mulaim. 
Quiet, 8. ardm, cbain, ^sudagi. 
Quiet, V, cbup kardnd, sakin k. tbambbna. 
Quietly, ad. abista, cbup-cbap, baule, 

Quietness, s. aram, asudagi ; kbamosbi, 

cbup, Bukut ; garibi, mulaimat. 
Quill, 8, sba-par, par-ka qalam. 
Quilt, 5. razai, libaf, to8h£),k, nibalin, gudf 1. 
Quilt, V, nigundna, razai banana. 
Quince, 8. bib, bihi, safar-jaJ. [sar. 

Quintessence, s. kbulasa, mahiyat, zat, 
Quintuple, a. pancb-guna, panj-ta. 
Quire, 8, kagaz-ka dasta ; taifa. 
Quirk, 8. nukta, bariki, jugat. 
Quit, V. cbborna, tyagna, tark k. bajr k. ; 
ada k. ; azad k. khalas k. [basar. 

Quite, ad, pura, bil-kull, tamaman^ sar- 
Qniver, «. tarkasb, jaba, tir-dan. 
Quiver, v. kampnd, larazna, labakna. 
Quota^ 8, bissa^ babr&, bakbrit 

Quotation, s. iqtibiis, dal^bilay tanmiyat* 
Quote, u. iqtibds k. daraj k. sanad lin4. 
Quotient, s. basil, mablag. 


Babbit, 5. lb;bargosb, lamkana, lambli. 
Babble, s. bbif, rabaq-tabaq, awam-un- 

nass, ramdu-pbatu. [l^bandan. 

Bace, 8, daur, taz; asl, nasi, nasad, 
Bacer, a tez-rau, tez-qadam. 
Back, 8. sbikanja; azab, siyasat ; tba^hri. 
Back, V. sbikanje-men kbaincbna, azab 

k. ; ^hil d. nik^lna!* 
Backet, 8. gul-gap&ra, sbor-sb^ ; dandi. 
Badiance, 8, pai-tau, shu^, rausbni, lama, 

Badiant, a, partan-and&z, munanwar, 

nuriini, daral^bsban, mutajaM, cha.- 

mak-dar. [jagmagahat. 

Badiation, s. partan-andazi, lama-rezi, 
Badical, a, asli, zati, tabai. 
Badish, s. muli, murai, turb. 
Badius, s. nima-e-daira, nisf-ul-qatr. 
Baft, 5. befa. 

Bafter, s. kaH, kdtbf, barga, kandi, koro. 
Bag, 8. cbitbfa, dbajji, latta, gudar, par- 

cha, purza. [jhanjb^ 

Bage,8.gussa,qabr, gazab, khasbm, josb. 
Bagged, a. pbata, tukre-tukre, gudaf, 

muraqqa ; kburkburd. [sbadid, 

Baging, a. gazabnak, kbashmnak, tund. 
Bail, 8. kathara, k^tbgafa, ba^a. 
Bail, V, katbara lagana, katbbandi k. ; 

dusbnam d. tasbnia k. gdli d. 
Baillery, 8» mizah, mazakb, istbizi, ^ba- 
Baiment, s, posbdk, libas, kapfe. [tba. 
Bain, s, menb, baran, barisb> barkba; 
Bain, v. barasnd, pani pafna. [baras. 
Bainbow, 8. qaus-i-quzab, rdm-dbanuk^ 
Bainy, a. barsa-barsau, barani, barisM. 
Baise, v. utbana, kba^a k. barpa k. cba^* 

bdnd ; bafband, sarafraz k. taraqqi k.j 

jama k. ; ufind, pbailana ,* palna, par- 

warisb k. [dakb. 

Baisin, s, kishmisb, maw(z, munaqqa. 
Bake, s, gbas batome-ka batbyar ; rind^ 

aubasb; kbsxilbati. 


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Bally, V. tliatbi k. ji mirnjk ; thiiinblin&, 
-Bam, 8, mendhi, bhepa. [sambhalna. 
Ram, V. tb^ni, thesna, mlirna. 
Ramble, v. phima, sair k. 4oln^ 
Rambler, s, barza-gard, iLwaniy sail&ni, 

sab-baz. [na. 

Ramify, v, shakb-dur-sb^kh k. jil bandb- 
Rammer, «. ^basni, gas. [mnstafdd. 
Rampant, a. mast, sbokb, galib ; kndne 
Rampart,;, fasfl, dew^-i-qila, shahar-pa- 
Rancid, a. bosida, bii-girifta, karwiL [nab. 
Ranoom', 5. kina, kinawarC, bugs, k4n(. 
Random, s. ittifaq, be-tbanr thikai, be- 

sbasti. [pbimi, gasbt k. 

Range, v, irasta k. tartlb d. sudhdma ; 
Ranger, s, barsa-gard, aailani ; kutta-k& 

nam. [paya, j<tb. 

Rank, s. saff, qatar; martaba, darja, 
Rank, v. saff bandbnn, qatar-se khara 

k. ; ahnmiir k. samajhna. [kasir. 

Rank, a. badbd, bosida ; lambi-cbaufa ; 
Rankle, v. kbatakna, jalna, pakna, qarba 

k. ; kjfna r. 
Ransaok, v. cbh£n-mamll, dbondb-mar- 

na, talish k. ; Mt-leni, Idtna. [anti. 
Ransom, 8, fidiya, Mi, nalbandf, ohbop- 
Ransom, 1;. fidiya ya fid^ d. az^ k. 
Rant, «. barza-goi, bak>bak, jbak. [n&. 
RapyV. tbak thak^a, thonkn^ kbatkbata- 
RapacioDS, a. Intera, nicboru, giurat-gar. 
Rapacity, 8, garat-gar{, gasab, Id^-pat. 
Rape, 8. cbira-ntaran, zabardasti, jabr. 
Rapid, a. jald, zdd, tez-ran, tez, tund. 

tarkha. [taW, zor. 

Rapidity, s. jaldf, zudi, tezi, tondi, sbi- 
Rapine, 8. lutpdt, nabb, garat. [^usbi. 
Raptnre, 8» wajd, be-I^hudi, bal, kam&l- 
Rare, a. n&dir, kamydb, ajib, naznk, raqiq. 
Rarefy, v. patU k. raqiq k. tigblan^ 
Rarity, s, n&diri, kamydbi ; patlaS, riq- 

qat, latilfat ; nadira, tnbfit. 
Rascal, 8, baramzada, sbarir, fasiq, p^ji. 
Rase, V. bakk k. mahv k. ; ^h^ni, mis- 

mdr k. [ntiola. 

Rash, a. be-lilUu:, be-tadbir, be-ibtiyllt, 
Rashly, ad, jaldi-se, be-taammnl, be- 
Rasp, s. reti, sohiin. [tadbirana. 

Rat, s, chuhJk, mds^ mush. 

Ratan, s, bet, cbhafC. 

Rate, s. qimat, mol, nirl^b ; mabsul, ^bi- 

rij ; andaza, mmiasabat ; taor. 
Rate, V, andaza k. qimat ^ahdina ; jbi- 

fakni, tambih k. [isse bibtar. 

Rather, ad, pahle, peshtar, pesh, qabl. 
Ratification, 8. taqarmr, istiqrir, iqrar, 

taqwiyat. [qarir k. 

Ratify, V. mnqarrar k. mnaiyan k. bar- 
Rational, a, ndtiq, sahib-i-aql, sdhib-i- 

idrak ; maqdl, sbaista. 
Rationality, 8. aql, fahm, idr&k, nntq ; 

maquliyat, shaistagi. Qana. 

Rationally, ad. aql-se, idrak-se, maqu. 
Rattle, 8. jbanjhanahat, khafkbarakat 

bh1mbhnnl^ dhnndhnna. [jhan k.; 
Rattle, V. kharkhafanii, jbanjhanan^ 
Ravage, v. takht-o-taraj k. wiran k. pae- 

mil k. njapna. 
Rave, V. barba|«na, bakbak k. biziyan 

bakmi, majnun-asa bakn&. [pech k. 
Ravel, V, nljhina, darbam-barham k. 
Raven, «. jangli kanwa, z^g-i-dashtf . 
Ravenous, a. mirbhnkha, petu ; darinda. 
Ravish, v. chira ntdma, hurmatlend ; ba- 

zor lena ; mohnll, ^hush k. dil-sh£d k. 
Raw, a. kacbohi, khim, na-pnkhta, na- 

rasida, na-azmuda, taza ; chhila hda ; 

na-bafta, sard. [thand. 

Rawness, s. kacbcb&(, na-pn^tagi ; sardi, 
Ray, 8. partau, sh^a, kiran, cbamak. 
Raze, V. ukhafna, malmet k. mismar k. ; 
Razor, 8, nstdra, chhdra. [mitana, 

Re€U!h, 8. pahnnoh, dastraai, qndrat. maq- 

ddr ; fareb, fitrat, hila ; pech, kham. 
Reach, v. pahnnchna ; lagna, batb-se pa- 

na ; dast-daraz k. pakra d. ; madd k. 
Reaction, 8, baz-gasht, dafa, paJtao. 
Read, v.parhna, banchn6, mut^a k. darsL 
Reader, 5. parhnewdld, pafhwaiya, qari, 

khwaninda. [laki ; knu* 

Readiness, 8, taiyirf, dmadagi, jalcU, oha« 
Reading, 8, pa^hna, qirtu^t, ^hwandagi- 

Ready, a. taiy^r, &mada, manjdd, mns- 

taidd; tez, ohalak, tezfahm, zirak; 

irzdmand. [sachcha. 

,Real, a. baqiqi| asli, yaqini, aoni, zat^ 


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Beality,s. haqfqat,asiIat,yaqfn,8aolichai. 
Bealize, v. hdsil k. manjdd k. haqiqi k. 
Beally, ad. haqiqatan, yaqmau, albatta, 

sach, fil-wiqi, fil-haqiqat. 
Bealm, a, mnlk, mamlnkat, bidshahat. 
Beam, a. bis dasta ya do gaddf kagaz. 
Beanimate, v, phir jil&na, baz zinda k. 
Beap, V. kdtna, dirait k. launa; paua, 

hasil k. 
Reaper, s, ka^waiyi, ka^e-w. dirau-^r. 
Rear,s. piohhi, pichhwapa, piohbari fanj. 
Bear, v. ntb^a, khara k. afraz k. ; bin^ k. 

tdmir k. ; p^lxia, posn^ ; chirag-pi h. 
Beason, 5. aql, fahm, idrak, madrika, 

nutq ; sabab, bdffl, tnojib, wasta, jihat ; 

dalil, hujjat ; ftidil, insaf . 
Beason, v. bahs k. mnbahasa k. muni- 

zara k. charcha k.; taammxil k. 
Beasonable, a. wajib, shdista, mnn^sib, 

m^qul ; aqlmand. [rir. 

Reasoning, s, mnbahasa, mnn^zara, taq- 
Bebel, s sarkash, bagi, asi, mnnharif. 
Rebel, u, sir n^hana, sarkashi k. gardan- 

kashi k. bagawat k. fitna. 

Rebellion, s. bagawat, sarkashi, inhirif, 
Rebellious, a. bag{, gsurdankash, m^anid. 
Rebound, v. baz-gasht k. palatna, pal^ 

khana, phima, lautna. 
Rebuff, s, jhirki, ghurki, dafa, radd. 
Rebuke, v. malamat k. sarzanish k. 

danfna, dhamkana. 
Recall, V. pher bolana ; barkhast k. ; jil&- 

nd ; yid k. ; utha-dend ; naskih k. 
Recant, v, irtidad k. inhiraf k. rile ba- 

dalna, phir jana. [tagi. 

Recantation, 8. irtidad, inhirllf, bargash. 
Recapitulate, v, mukhtasar, karke phir 

bayan k. natija-i-sukhan mukarrar k. 
Recede, v. phir jana, liatna, baz ana. 
Receipt, s. ra8id,da^hila,qabz,pahunch ; 

nuskna. [daramadani. 

Receivable, a. lene-jog, qabil-i-wusul, 
Receive, v. ien^, qabz k. qabul k. ; p^ni, 

basil k. wusul k. ; uthiLn^, khana ; ane 

dena, mihmandari k. 
Received, a. maJ^huz, maqbdz, payi,liyd. 
Receiver, s. lewaiya lene-wala, U^Z} 


Recent, a. nayi, nan, jadfd, abkli. 
Recently, ad. aznau, jadidan, thore di- 

non-se. [dan, 

ReoeptacIe,s. ^h&na» ghar, makin, jagah. 
Reception, s. ginftagi, sSfia^ y&fb ; qabol, 

ijabat, raz^ ; istiqb&l, mihmfadirf. 
Recess, 8. khalwat, posUdagi; khalwat- 

g^h, makdn, ma^f^hn ; n&ga, waqfa. 
Recipe, s. nos^ha, rasm-i-hak^m. 
Reciprocal, a. do-tarfiij^bain, tarfain, 

Beciprocally, ad. dpas-men, az-tar&dn. 
Recital, 8. bayan, taqnr, naql, aikr. 
Bedte, v: bayan k. taqnr k. naql k. 
Beckon, v. ginna, shumir k. ; samajhn^i 

janna ; ftimad k. [mnhasib. 

Beckoner, 8. hisiib-kame-w. shumar-gir. 
Beckoning, 8. ginti, hisab, shumir. 
Reclaim, v. sudhr&nd, damst k. $ bis 

taJab k. 
Recline, v. takiya k. le^a, par-jan& 
Becluse,s . gosha-nashin,khaJwat'nash{n. 
Recognizance, 8. shinaJ^t, (tiraf ; iqrar- 

nama, muchalka. [jana* 

Recognize, v. pahchanna, yad k. malum k. 
Recoil, V. palatna, palta khana, hatni. 
Recollect, v. yad k. zikr k. ^hitir-men 

rakhna, hosh pakarna. [zikr. 

Recollection, 8, yad, yad-dwari, tazkira, 
Becommence, v. az sar-i-nau shur$ k. 

phir shur^ k. 
Becommend, v, t^f k. wasf k. ; sifarish 

k. taqrib k. [wasf. 

Becommendation,5. sifarish, taqrib,tarif, 
Becompense, 8. fwaz, badla, samra, phal, 

ajr, pad&sh, mukafat. 
Beconcile, v. mildna, manani, sulh k. 

tasfiya k. muwafiq k. [musalaha. 

Beoonciliation, 5. mel,milap,salhjta8fiya| 
Beoord, 5. dafbar, tawarij^h. 
Becord, v. daftar-men d^^phil k. darj k. 

mnndaraj k. [q&nun-go« 

Beoorder, s, daftar-nawis, sarishta-dar. 
Beoonnt, v. mnfassal kahna, bayan k. 

Becourse, s, mj4, mafz, iltija. 
Becover, v. phir pana, phir paida k. wajd 

k. i Bhifa d. ya pana, chai^ k. aram h. 


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Becovery, s. Wzfjaft, husul, wajd; shift, 

sihhat, iram. [sair. 

Becreation, s. bahlao, tafarrnj, tafrih, 
Becriminate} v, pal^i tuhmat lagana, ek 

dusre se t^nazani k. 
Beqruit, v, taqwiyat d. izdiyad k. phir 

dorust k, ; nigih^dasht k. nayi bbartik. 
Becruit, s, naya sipahi. [sadhna. 

Bectiiy, v. dnnist k. islah d. sudharna. 
Bectitnde, s* rasti, aalah, sawab, khafaf. 
Bector, », sardar ; sardar-padri. 
Becur, V. pbir ana, tabwil k* yad ana ; 

ruj4 k. iJlLbtiyar k. 
Becurrenoe,s. ruj^ baz-&mad, bliz-gasht. 
Bed, a. lal, snrl^h, ahmar, bamra. 
Bedden,v.surkh k. yab. lal b tarn taming. 
Bedeem, v. azad k. rihi k. cbburana, 

fida k. ; bacbana. 
Bedeemer, s. mustakblis, fida-ba^bsb, 

bami ; al-masib. [ribai, 

Bedemption, s, istikblas, azadajf, [fida] 
Bedness, s. 8ur]{:hi, lali. 
Bedonnd, v. taqwiyat d. ziyada k. afzun k. 
Bedress, v. islah k. tas'hib k. ; tadarnk 

k. cbara d. faxyadrasi k. 
Beduce, u. pher Una ; kam k. ta^hfif k. 

ghatana ; zalil k. ; nabfid k. ; dabana, 

maglub k. 
Beduction, s. pher-lana, bazawari ; gha- 

tao, taljifif, taqlil; dabao, magldbi- 

yat ; mazuli. [yat, afzuni. 

Bednndance, s, bahntat, ziyadat, fuzuliy 
Bednndant, a. ziyada, afzun, za^d, fazul. 
Beduplicate, v. dohrana, dotab k. mu- 

zaaf k. 
Be-echo, v. pbir awaz d. radd-i«sada k, 
Beed, s. nai, nae, neza, Qal, sar, tir i 
. bansri, murli. 
Beed-grass, s. patio, sarpat. 
Beek, v. bhaph nibna ya obhnthn^» 

dbuwan nikalni. 
Beel, s. cbarkha, kalaba, cbar|^hi,ateran, 

taula ; nichrka qism. 
Beel, V. atema, paretna, lachcha banana ; 

larmardna, talmalaua, da-gmagana. 
Be.enforce,i;. taqwiyat d. taidk. ziyddak. 
Be-enter, v, phir bhiterjana, bdzdajj:hilk, 
Se-e9t£iblisb9 v. phir piuqarrar k. bah^l k. 

Befer, w. mjd k. ru-ba-kar k. eupurd k. 

tafwiz k. ; lagna, nisbat r. alnqa r. 
Beference, s, rujv, tafwiz, siparisb j ala- 

qa, nisbat. 
Befine, v, saf k. musafia k. khalis k, ; 

zarif k. nazuk k. } nukta-giri k. 
Befinement, s, saf^i ; zarafat, latafat ; 

diqqat, biriki, nnkta. 
Befit, V. marammat k. sarnd. 
Beflect, V, patta d. aks andaz k. ; taam- 

mul k. fikr k. ganr k. ; ilzam d. mala- 

mat k> 
Beflection, s. ^ks, inikas, parcbhain; 

taammul, fikr, ganr, ilzam, malamat. 
Befiector, s. aks-andaz ; mutaammil, an- 
Beflux, 8. baz«rawilni, bha(ha, jazr.[de8h. 
Beform, v« damst k. islah k. bihtar k. 

sndhrana. [sndhra, 

Beformation, s. islah, tashih, tadib, 
Befonner,s.niuslih, bihtar-saz, sudharak. 
Befractory, a. sar-ksisb} mnta-mard, 
Befragable, a. mnmkin-ul-radd. [magra. 
Befrain, v. baz-ana, parhez k. ibtiraz k. 

ijtinab k. 
Befresh, v. bahlan^, taza-dam k. £saish 

d, ; sard k. |han4^ k. 
Befreshment, s, asaish, tar-o-tazagl, iSf 

tirahat, aram } taam, l^bnrak. 
Befijge, 8. panah, asra, amn, jae-panah« 

malja ; malaz, [mnltaji, 

Befugee, 8. pandh-gir, aman-khwah, 
Befulgenoe, s. tajalli, jalwa, roshnai, tab, 
Befulgent, ct. jalwa-gar, raushan, tabnak, 

Eefund, v. pher d. wapas d. baz ada k, 
Befnsal, s. inkar, na-paziri, na-qabuli, 

nafi. [bul k. nakarna. 

Befnse, v* inkar k. nd-pasand k. n£-qa« 
Befnse, 5. fazla, a]{:hor, chhant, khoya. 
Befutation, 8. radd, butl^n, ibtal. 
Befnte, v. r^^dd k. batil k. mansul^h k. 
jhntalna. [k. 

Begain, v. pher pana, phir basil k. wajd 
Begal, a. badshahi,b^dshahana,sbdhftna, 
Begality,s. saltanat,padshahi. [kbusrawi. 
Begard, v. nazar k, nigah k; mutawajjih 

h. mnlahiza k. ; manna, aziz ja^nai 

iltifat k. » xiisbat r ; wafa k. 


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Regard, s. nigah, mxilahiza, tawajjub ; 

takrim, iltifat, dostf, jtibdr ; nisbat. 
Begaidless,a. be^parwa,l3e*kbabar,gaiil. 
Begency, s, hukumat-i-jinishin, tadbir- 

i-qaim mnqam. 
Begenerate, v. pher paida k. baz wajud k. 
Begeneration, s. nan-paidaish, nayd, ja- 

nam. [qam-i-badshah. 

Begent, s, janisWn-i-snltan, q&im-mu- 
Begimen, s. tadb(r-i-giza, timai% parhez. 
Begiment, s. paltan, dasta ; (of horse) 

risala. [marzbiim. 

Begion, s. mnik, wilayat, iqlim, diyar, 
Begister, s. daftar, awaija ; tawarikh, 
Begret, u. afsos k. hasrat r. pachhUnli, 

taassuf k. [tdwa. 

Begret, s, afsos, taassnf, hasrat, paobh- 
Begnlar, a. mnw4fiq-i-qdida,ra8mi,mun« 

tazam, qanuni, barabar, dnmst. 
Begnlafcion, s. ardish, intizam, tartfb; 

iin, qsnun, dastur-nl-aml. 
Behearsal, s. takamir, takrit, bayan. 
Beject, V. radd k. bartaraf k. dur k. ni- 

q&l d. naqabul k. namanzdr k. ; qai k. 

iigalna. [nglau. 

Bejection, s. radd, n^-qabuliyat, inkar ; 
Beign, s. bidshaM, saltanat, ^mal, raj. 
Beign, v. badsh^hi k. saltanat k. farman- 

raw^i k. [ada k. 

Be-imbnrse, v. fwaz d. tawani d. bhar d. 
Bein, s, bag, indn, zamam, ras. 
Beins, s, gurde, kamar, lank, katf. 
Be-instate, v. phir muqarrar k. bahal k. 
Bejoice, v. kbush b. yi k. shadman h. ya 

k. masrdr h. rijhna, khushnud h. 
Bejoicing, s. sbadi, shadmaHi, snrur, 

Bejoin, v. phir jo^na, b&z jama k. ; phir 

milni, baz wasl k. ; radd-i- jaw&b k. 
Beiterate, v, barber kahna, takamir k. 

Belapse, 5. ^ud-i-marz, iyada, naks. 
Belate, v. bayin k. taqrfr k. naql k. kah- 
na ; alaqa r. nisbat r. lagna, milna. 
Belation, s. bayan, taqrir, naql, qissa, 

hik^yat; aUqa,ni8bat; rishta ; khwesh, 
Belationship, a. qarabat, khweslu.[qarib. 
Belative, $• khwesh, qarib, rishtad^. 
K 2 

Belative, a. mansfib, mntaalliq, nisbatf, 

Belax, V. dhila k. kush^dak. ; farfigatk. 

sost h. narm h. ; tafarruj k. tafrih k. 
' bahldn^ 
Relaxation, 8. dhil, dhilii, kiishadagi; 

snsti, kahili, faragat ; tafarruj, tsifiih. 
Release, v. &zad k. rihi k. rihai d. chho- 

rana, chhorna. [laim h. 

Relent, v. narm-dil h. shafaqat r. mu- 
Relentless,a. be-rahm, be-shafaqat,6ang- 

dil. [tawakkttl. 

Reliance, 5. itiq&d,itiin6d, iatibar, takya» 
Relict, s, bewa, rind. 
Relief, 8. madad, pnshti ; &rktn, chain, 

takhf!f, taskm, paj ; badli. 
Relieve, v, madad d. pnshti k. ; ixkm d. 

taskin d. tasalli d. ; badli karani. 
Religion, 8. din, madiab, im&n, millat, 

mashrab. [dar, salih. 

Religions, a. dinl,mazhabi, dindar, iman- 
Relinqaish, v. chhof n&, ohhof d. ^iigna, 

tark k. dargnzam^ [zaehtagi, tark. 
Relinqnishment, 8» chhofao, tyag, ga- 
Relish,s.maza, lazzat,zaiqa, zanq jshanq. 
Relish,!;, maza d. lazizk. kh^shzaiqak. ; 

pasand k. [lafat, dareg. 

Reluctance, s. be«>diU, na-l^hushi, mnkha- 
Reluctant, a. be*dil, na-khush, kashida* 

I^hatir, na-r&zi. 
Rely, V. bharosa r. takya k. {tim^d r.bli- 

war k. tawakkul k. 
Remain, v. rahna, thahamfi, iq&mat k. 

bona ; hkqi r. ya h. paedar h. ; bach- 

na, nikalna, oKhu^ni. [bachti. 

Remainder, s. baqi, baqiya, tatimma^ 
Remains, s. baqia, fozalat ; lash, murda. 
Remark, s. nigah, agehi ; bat,kaii&, qual, 

maqula. [kahna, 

Remai'k, v. nigah k. lihiz k. igihi k. ; 
Remarkable, a. wajib-nl-mal6hiza, ajfb, 

ganb, maahhur, mumtiz. [ra pazir. 
Remediable, a. flaj-pazir^isl&h-pazlr, chd- 
Remediless, a. l&-|laj, be-oh&ra, la-char. 
Remedy,s. ilaj, chara, dawa, islah, tadbir 

Remember, v. yad r. ya k. Ifhiitir-men r. 
chetna; pahchinna. 


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Bemembranoe, s. yid, yidiwarf, obet. 
Bemind, v. yad dilana,tazkir k. chetaniL 
Bemiss, a. ^^ila, snst, majhdl, gafil. 
Bemiflsion,^ ^u» mu^, smondsh^ ta^- 

fif, riayat. . 
Bemit, v. afd k. mtiaf k. ba^hsbna ; takh- 

fif k. ghatana ; bhejna, irsal k. [di. 
Bemittance, s. ma^fi ; irisil, tarsfl ; hdn- 
BemnantjS. baq(, baqiya, tatimma; fazla. 
Bemojagtarance, 5. arzi, arz-i-ahwal, gila, 

sbikayat. [ni^ nadaxnat. 

Bemorse, s. pachhtawa, afsos, pashema- 
Bemote, a. dur, bafd, diir-daraz. 
Bemoval, s. intiqal, naql-i-makan, kuch, 

rihlat ; dafiya ; mazuli, tagin. 
Bemove, v. naql-i-makan k. nth-jana, 

chala-jana, kuch k. ; diir k. sarkana, 

dafa k. m^zul k. [j^*^ ^• 

Bemttnerate, v. bhar d. iwas d. ajr d. 
Bemuneratiye, a. jwazi, ajri. [tasitdain. 
BeBeoanter, 5. znuqabaJa, jang-o-jadal ; 
Bend, v. pharn^, obima, chak k. maflkana. 
Bender, v. pbira d. wapas d. dena, ada 

k. ; torjama k. ; haw^a k. ; kama. 
BendezTonSjS.majma. jamiy atgab. maqar. 
Benew, v. naya k. sar-i-nan k, taza k. ; 
. takarmr k. ; tajdid k. 
Benewal, s. tajdid, takarmr, tahwH. 
Beunet, s, panir-ka maya, maya-i-sMr. 
Benounce, v. inkar k. chhof d. tark k. 
Benown, 3. nam, namwari, shuhra, [zzat. 
Benowned,a.namwar, neknam,ma8bhur. 
Bent, s, oh^k, chir, shigaf ; kiraya, ijara, 

bbiif^ ; amdani, mnhasal. 
Benter, s, kiraya-d^r, ijara-dar, bharaiti, 
. malguzar. [^J^S' 

Enunciation, s. inkar, qata-i-ilaqa, tark, 
Bepair, v, marammat k. dnrnst k. sau- 

wama, sarna ; jana, chalna. 
Beparation,^. marammat, dm'usti ; iwaz, 

badla, t^wan. 
Itepartee, 5. hazir-jawdbi, badiha, zarifa. 
Bepast, s, nashta, taim, kbana. [bhar d. 
Bepay, v. phir d. ^waz d. badla d. ajr d. 
Bepeal, v. mansul^h k. batil k. radd k. 
Bepeat, u. dobara k. pber k. dubrana, 

takrar k.. mukarrar k. phir kahna^ 

naql k. bayan k. 

Bepeatedly, ad. barbar, barh^ dafatan, 

Bepel, V. dur k. dafa k. radd k. ha^ d. 
raf^ k. [k. tanba k. 

Bepent, v. pachht&na, afsos k. pasfaeman 

Bepentance, 5. pacbhtaw^ afsos, pashe- 
mani, tanba. [bayan. 

Bepetition, s, takarmr, takrar, dobrawa; 

Bepine, v, gam kbana, ranjida b. knrb- 
na, jhnma. 

Eeplace, v. pber rakbna, bahal k. badli r. 

Beplenisb, v. bhar k. bharpur k. m^mur 
k. bbam^. 

Beplete, a. pur, bharpur, bhara hu&, 
mdmur. [kasrat. 

Bepletion, s, pnri, bharti, bharpuri, serf, 

Beply, V. jawab d. radda-jawab d. 

Beply, 8. jawab, radd-i-kalam, nttar. 

Beport, ». khabar, shnhra, awazajafwah, 
nam, zikr; awaz, sada; surat-i-hal, 
kaifiyat. [khw^b. 

Bepose, s. adlm, isaish, chain; nind, 

Bepose, v. aram k. snlana ; sona ; rakb- 
na, sompna, takiya k. [zabdn. 

Beprehensible, a. mayub, qabil-i-ilzam, 

Bepresent, v. dikhlana, izhar k. batlana, 
taswir k. taqbd k. naql k. ; arz k. ; 
waqil h. 

Bepresentation, s. dikhlai, izhar, taswir, 
shabih ; arzi, arz-dasht ; wakalat. 

Bepresentative, s. wakil, naib, qaim- 
maqam. [zabt k. 

Bepress, v. daband, rokna, thambhna, 

Beprieve, s. waqfa, mnhlat, chhnt-kara. 

Beprimand,s. malamat, sarzanish, ilzam, 

Beprimand, v. dantna, jhafakna, sarza- 
nish k. ilzam d. [d. 

Reproach, v. tan k. malamat k. dnshnam 


Beproachful, a. zaban-daraz, maiamat- 
amez, tana-zan. 

Reprobate, a, fasid, l^hwar, ^hasta, bad- 
kar; mardud. 

Reprobate, v. radd k. inkar k. nafrat r. 

Reproof,5. goshmali, sarzanish, malamat. 

Reprove, v. goshmali d. sarzanish k. il- 
zam d. ^ntna. 


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Beptiie, s. kira raa,\ofi, kirm, hashrat. 
Kepablic, s, jnxnliur, ^bass-o-^mm-kd 

saltanat. [xnnl^iiilafat. 

BepngQanoe, s, dareg, nairat, gnrez$ 
Bepugnant, a. mnkhlilif, mng&yir, mn- 

naf), gair-mntabiq. [man. 

Bepulse, s. dafa, sbikast, radd, rafa, hir- 
Bepntable, a. mnatabar, nekndm ; |zzat- 

dar, bhcJ^. [jaimi, 

Beputation, 5. burmafc, {zzat, £bru, nek- 
Bepnte, v. jiimA, bajhn^, Bamajhna, gin- 

nd, simmar k. 
Bepute, s. see Bepatation. 
Bequest, s, darkbwast, arz, iltim^,B awal ; 

in — , rawaj, matlub. 
Bequest, v. darkhwast k. arz k. iltimas 

k. cbihna, inangn&, talab k. pdobhnai. 
Beqnire, v. cbahn&, xn^ngni, zairar h. 

mnqtaza b. 
Bequisite, a. darkar,zarur,lazim,matl6b. 
Beqaital,^. jwaz, badla, mnkafal^ pidisb. 
Bequite, v. iwaz k. jaza d. badla 1. 
Bescind, v. mansukb k.mauqufk. ntb&n^ 

utba d. [sbur. 

Besoript, s. farman, bnkm-n^ma, man- 
Bescne, v. cbbor^na, azad k. riba k. ba- 

cbani. [kboj. 

Besearoh, s. talasb, taftisb, jnst-o-ju, 
Besemblance, s. mnshababat, tasbabab, 

tamsil. [milna. 

Besemble, v. mnsbabahat r. manind b. 
Besent, v, bura manna, khafa b. kina r. 
BesentmentjS. kma,bTigz, adawat, gazab. 
Beserye, s. rakh-obbora gaya m^, takh- 

Bis ; sbart, istisna ; ibtiyat, kamgoi. 
Beservation, s. bachin, baz-dari ; riya, 

riy<S-k^ri j sbart. 
Beserve, v. rakbna, bacbi-r,rakb-cbbop- 

nli, jng^n^, bar-taraf r. bizr.le-rahkna. 
Beserved, a. rakb-gay^ ; sbarmiU, kam- 

go, tera-zamir, na-knsbada. [amb&r. 
Beservoir^s. banz,tdlab,abd^ ; kbazana, 
Beside, v. rabna,Bakdnat k. bad-o-b£sh 

k. maqam k. [nat, iq^mat. 

BeBidence,5. gbar, mak&n, maqdm ; suku- 
Besident, a. rahne-w. blisbinda, mnqim ; 

Besidue, s, baqi, baqiya, tatimmajbaohti. 

Besign, v. cbborn&, tyiign^, tark k. bfith 

ntbdna ; istifa k. ; sompna, sapord k. ; 

tawakknl k. ; dena, de-d&ln&. 
Besignation, s, tark, gnzasbtagi, istift ; 

tawakknl : mntaba^t. 
Besin, s. dbdna, ril, obemp, kariyal. 
Besist, V. tbambbna, roknd, mnqabala k. 

mnqdwamat k. mu^b&lafat k. mnz&bi^ 

mat k. 
Besistanoe, s. mnqawamat, mnz&bimat, 

mnqabalat, mnm&naat. [marddd. 

Besistible, a. qabil-i-madfua, mnmkin-i« 
Besistless, a. naq^bil.i-madfda,na-mam- 

Besolnte, a. barqadbr, mnstaqill, nstn- 

vrdr, s4bit-qadam ; diler. 
Be8<dation,s. azimat,qasd-i-mnsainmam, 

azm ; sabit-qadami, nstnwBii, dileri ; 

tafriq, dafa. [i-tarff. 

Besolyable, a. gallid,qiibn-i-tafriq, qibil- 
Besolre, v. tbabrana, niyat r. qasd k. 

azimatr. ball k. galdna; jddd k. taiViq 

k. batlana, sbubba dafa k. 
Besort, v. jand, ana-jdna, amad-o-raft k. 
Besort, s. majma, bbip ; dmad-o-raft. 
Besonnd, v, gnnj r. sada k. dwaz d. ; 

masbbdr k. 
Besonrce, 8. ildj, obdra, asal, mdya. 
Bespeot, v. taknm d. |zzat k. tazim k« 

adab k. ; mnnasabat r. alaqa r. 
Bespeot, s» takrf m, jzzat, t^zim, adab ; 

nisbat, alaqa. 
Bespectable, a. mnatabar, mnazzaz, ma« 

karram, mnbtarim. 
Bespectfnl, a. mnaddab, ibtirdmddr, sa- 

bib-i-imtiydz. [mntaalliq. 

Bespecting, pr, bdbat-men, baqq-men, 
Bespiration, «. dam-zadagl, tanaffiis. 
Bespire, v. dcun-lena, tanaffhs k. sans 

obbofnd. [waqfa, 

Bespite, 8, ndga, fnrsat, faragat, cbhutti, 
Besplendent, a. raasban, darakhsbdn, 

tabdar, mnnanwar. [wafiq h. 

Bespond, v. jawdb d. ; mntdbiq b. mn- 
Bespobdent, s. jawabl, jawdbdib, asdmf. 
Besponse, s. jawdb, [zimi»«**, 

Be^nsibility, s, kafdlat, jawdb-dinf. 


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Besponfiible* a. kaffl, jaw6b-dih, zimmar 

dar; mn^tabar. 
Besponsive, a. jawab-dih. 
Best, s. iram, as^sh, rahat, snkun, it- 

minan, chain, faragat; niud, i^hwab; 

takiya ; baqi, baqiya. 
Best, a. aur, aur sab, mabaqi. 
Best, V. aram k. letna, sona ; sakin h. 

faragat r. ; takiya k. manquf r. rahna, 

baqi rahna. 
Bestitntion, s. phiraii, bazdihi, wapas. 
Bestive, a. sarkash, gardankash, magra. 
Bestless, a. be-aram, moztarib ; be-qarar, 

napaedar. [bahali; shifa. 

Bestoration, 8, phir&d, bizdihi, wapas; 
Bestorative, a. mnqanwi, shifa-ba^hsh. 
Bestore, v. pher d. ya lana, wapas k. 

bahal k. shifa d. ; dnrust k. 
Bestrain, <?;. rokna, atkina, thambhnd, 

zabt k. baz r. daA>£ni. [rabt ; hadd. 
Bestraint, 5, rok, atkau, qaid, zabt-o- 
Bestrict, v. hadd k. mahdud k. band k. 

baz r. [bandi. 

Bestriction, s. rok, qaid, hadd, hadd- 
Besalt, V. nikaln^ uthna, milna, nat^ja 

h. paida h. phalna. [hasil. 

Besnlt, s. natija, anjam, phal, samra, 
Besume, v. pher 1. pher takrir k. pher 

ikhtiyar k. 
Besamption, s, baz-giri, pher-lena. 
Besnrrection, s. hashr, bas-o-nashr, ras- 

takhez, qiyamat. 
Besnscitate, v. jflana, zinda k. ihya k. 
Betail, v. ]khurda bechna, ^hurda-faroshi 

k. phntkar bechna. 
Betain, u. rakhna, laga r. tikana, nigah r. 
Betaliate, v. badla 1. fwaz d. intiqam k. 
BetaJiation, s. badla, }waz, intiqam, mu- 

kafat [k. 

Betard, u. atkana, baz r. takhir k. mana 
Betch, V. qai k. nkna, chhofiia. 
Betention,s.baz-dari, imsak,qaid ,* hafiza. 
Betentive, a. ganjaishi ; hifz-dar, qawi- 

Beticular, a. jal-d^, jhanjhri-dar, mu- 

Betinne, 5. sawaH, jilan, hashmat, zail. 
Betire, v. uth-jfind, hat-jana, chale-jana^ 

dab-janH, kin&re ho-jana, goshe-mefl 

jani. [nishin. 

Betired, a. chhipi, goshagir, khalwat- 
Betirement, s. khalwat, tanh^, gosha- 

nishini , faragat, mazuli. [talkh d. 
Betort, V. palta d» palat mdma, jawab-i- 
Betract, v. inkar k. batil k. mansui^ k. 

bat phema. 
Betreat, s. khalwat-gah, gosha ; paspaf, 

gnrez ; maman, panah. 
Betreat, v. paspa h. pasht' d. pi^h d. 

gnrez k. panah 1. 
Betrench, v. chhantn^ kam k. ghatana. 

qata. Qwaz, taJafi. 

Betribntion, s, mukafit, jaza, badla, 
Betrievable, a. pher-pane-jog, islah-pa- 

zir, q4bil-i-shifa. 
Betrieye,'u.pherpana,i8Uhk. sambhalna. 
Betrograde,s. paspli, wapas-rau ; makus, 

Betrospect, 1 8. pasbini, pasnazari, 
Betrospection, j bazpurs, taqib. 
Betnm, v. phima,pher4nayajana, palat- 

na ; phir dena ya bhejn^, pahnnchana, 

wapaa d. jawab d. tahwil k bahoahana. 
Betnm, s. phirau, pher, baz-gasht, rujd, 

nafa, mnhasil ; badla, jwaz, jaza ; phir 

den^; snrat-i-hal. [jof. 

Bennion, s, baz-wasl, phir-milna, phir- 
Beunite, v, phir jofn^, phir milna ya 

mil4nd. [fash k. 

Bereal, v. zHhir k. ashkara k. hawaida k. 
Bevel, V. aish-o-ashrat k. badmasti k. 

dhiimdham k. [ilham. 

Bevelation, s. izhar, ifsha ; wahi, tanzil, 
Bevelry, s. aish-o-ashrat, bad*masti, 

dhumdhiim ; chakafb^. 
Bevenge, s. intiqam, jaza, padash, badla. 
Bevenge, v, intiqam 1. padash 1. badla 

1. palta 1. [kina. 

Bevengeful, a. kina-war, kma-kash, pur- 
Bevenger, s, intiqam-gir, kina-guzar, 

mnntaqim, [sul, inisum, madakhil. 
Bevenne, «. malgazari, khiraj, baj, mah- 
Beverberate, v. uchhal jana, gunjna. 
Bevere, u. takrim k. tazim k. buzurg 

janna, ihtiram k. 


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iEteverence, s. takrim, tazlm, ihtirlan, 

Ikram ; salam. 
Reverence, v. see Revere. 
Reverend, a. mnhtarim, aziz, muazzaz, 

mukarram, maazzam. 
Reverential, a. maaddab, tazim-nnma, 

ihtiram-kar. [ikram. 

Reverently, ad. adab-se, ba kamal-i- 
Reverse, v. phema, nltana, baraks k. 

munqalib k. [badbakhti, afat* 

Reverse, s, ulta, aks, inqilab, khilafj 
Reversion, s. haqq-i'wirssat, gardish. 
Revert, v* phima, baz ana, aid h. 
Review, v. pher dekhna^ baz nazar k. 

janchn^, taftish kk andesha k. arz-i- 

lashkar k. [tish ; arz>i-lasbkar. 

Review, s. nazar* i-s^ni, mnqabila ; taf- 
Revile, a. gali d. dnsbnam d. malamat k. 
Reviler, s. malamat-go, tana-zan. 
RevisEil, 5. nazar-i«sani, nmqabila, isUh. 
Revise, v. nazar-i^siuii k. zuaqabila k. 

islah d. tasbih k. 
Revival, s, jilau ; tazagi, sarsabzi. 
Revive, u. ji n^hna, sarsabz h. t^za h. 

baz zinda b. jagna; jilaua, zinda k, 

jagana [radd k. 

Revoke, v. metna, ntba d. mansukb k. 
Revolt, s. bagawat, bargashtagi, inbiraf. 
Revolution, s. gardish, daur, dauran, 

ghnmad; tabdil-i-saJtanat, tahwil-i- 

Revolve, v, phima, ghnmna, daur k. 

gardish k. fikr k. andesha k. ganr k. 
Reward, s, ajr, jaz4, iwaz, bal^hshish, 

sawab, muzd. 
Rhetoric, s. jlm>i-kalilm, ilm-i-faaahat. 
Rheumatism, 5. bai, bat, waja-i-mafasil. 
Rhinoceros, s. gainda, gargadan. [wand. 
Rhubarb, 8. rewand, rewand-ohini, ra- 
Rhyme, s. qafiya, saja, manzuma, radif, 

Rib, s. pasli, panjar, panjri. [yat. 

Ribaldry, s. phakkar, fuhshiyat, puchi- 
Riband, s, ^hita, qor. 
Ribbed, s. panjri-dar, pahlurdar. 
Rice,5.(inthehusk) dhan,shali ; (cleaned) 

chawal, birinj j (boiled) bhat, khushka. 
Rich, a. maldar, tawangar, dauiatmaud, 

zardar; serab, mewadir; ^mda, fa» 

khir; mazedar, mithli. [o-zewar. 

RicheS) s, mil, daulat, m4l-o-mata, zar- 
Rick, s, tuda, tal, dher. 
Rid, V. chhorana, azad k. nik&l d. dafa k. 
Riddance,^. chhutkBra,azidi, rihai ; dafa. 
Riddle, 8» chalni, ghirbil ; paheli, ma« 

amma, chistan, lugz. 
Ride, V. sawaf h. chafhna, baithna; 

langar-par hi 
Rider, s. sawar, rakib, faris. 
Ridge, s. men4) tila^ pushtai markaoha, 

bunderl, biia-e-khana ; qulla, sar; 

kangror, sar^i-zahr. 
Ridicule, s. thattha, fhatholi, hansai, taz- 

hik, sukhriya^ istiza, mazakh. 
Ridiculous, a. muzhik, su^ra-angez^ 

yawa, harza, be*huda. 
Rifle, V. lutna, garat k. churana. 
Big, V. arasta k. sanwima. 
Right, a. laiq, wajib, shaiata ; thik, du- 

rnst, sahih, rast, bar^bar, sidha ; da* 

Right, int. Ikhiib, ^hair ; thik, saoh. 
Right, s. haqq ; ins^,* adl j ikhtiyar ; 

mal ; dahina, tarf-i-rist. [shid. 

Righteous, a, nek, rast, salih sadiq, ra- 
RighteousnesB, s, neki, rasti, sidq, sala- 

hiyat. [haqq. 

Rightful, a* haqiqi, haqq-dar, musta* 
Rigid, a. kafra, sa^ht, durusht, tund, 

Rigidity, s. kayraf, saJjihti, dnrushti. 
Rigour, s, sakhti ; thand, sardi. 
Rigorous, a. ka^rra, sakhb, shadid j thik. 
Rill, s, sbti, nala, chhoti nahr. 
Rim, s. kinara, lab, kor. 
Rind, s, chhal, chhilka, post, qishr. 
Ring, s. halqa, kundli, kara; diira, 

ghera ; chhalla ; anguthi, angushtari. 
Ring, V. bajana, jhankama, jhanjhanana, 

Ringdove, s, hamam, fakhta, panduk. 
Ringleader, s, sar-i-garoh, sat-i-halqa, 

mabni-e-fasad. [d^ira. 

Ringlet, «. zulf, kikul, gesu, jad, kham» 
Ringworm, s. dad, bhainsa-ddd. 
Rinse, v. khangalna, kachhafna, ^l^ona. 


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fiiot, 8, hungivML, ffftns^ dangi, hullar. 
Biotx)ii8,a.daiigeb^,fitDii-angez; anbash. 
Sip, V. phifDa, chik k. chinUL ; khol d. 
Bipe, a. pakka, pn^ti, raslda, bilig ; 

Ripen, v. pakna, rasida h. ; pakilna. 
Bipenesa, 3, pakil, pn^tagi; rasidagi ; 

Bipple, V. pani hilna, lahania. 
Bise, V. nthna, khafi h. chayhna, tnld h. 

t^i 1l ; Qgni ; nikalna, sahir h. ; 

barhna, zijada h. taraqqi kj Ugaz 

k. paicUl h. 
Bise, 8. agdz, asl, ibtidi ; sarafrazi, taraq- 
qi, ziyadati, izdiyid j charhau, tiil$. 
Bisible, a, zahik, ^handa-khex. 
Bisk, 8. khafcra, dar. 
Bisk, V, khatre-men dalna. 
Bite, 5. rasm, qajda, ain, taHqa, ravish. 
Bitual, 8, qaida-o-raam-i-allah ; kitab-i- 

fiqa. [matlab. 

Bival, s. harif^ raq(b, ham-^hwah, ham- 
Bivalry, 8. harifi, riqiibat, rashk, gairat. 
Bive, V, maskaua ji matakna, chirzia, 

Biver, s. darya, rnd, nadi, nafar. 
Bivet, V. me^-se jafna, mel^h mama, 

Bimlet, s. chhotf nadi nahr, naliu 
Boad, 8. rasta, r&h, sarak ; tariq, tanqa, 

ravish ; langar-gah, kishti-gah, 
Boam, V. ramna,phima,bha|aktd phima. 
Boan, a. chal, btid4mi rang. 
Boar, V. garajna, gapgarana, chillana, 

iiwaza k. 
Boar, 8. garj, gairgarihat, gnrish ; iwaz. 
Boast, V. kabab k. bhtuma, biriyiin k. ; 

tazhik k. 
Bob, V. chnrdni, ohori k. dnzdi k. riih 

mirna, daka pafna ya dena, chhio- 

lena, lutna. [luteri. 

Bobber, 5. chor, dnzd, rahzan, dak ait. 
Bobbery, «. chori, dnzdj, rahzani, dakai- 

tl, Itit. 
Bobe, 8. jama, qabi, paiiahan, khilat. 
Bobust, a. tanomand, zorawar, shahzor, 

kharmast. [^m ; panah. 

Bock, 8, chatan, bapa patthar, sang-i- 

Bock, V, hilani, ^olini, dohia. 

Bocket, s. hawai, ban. [hanri. 

Bocksalt, 8, sendha namak, namak-Ia- 

Bocky, a. pathrila, sangistan, sa^ht. 

Bod, 8. chha^i, asa, qazib, lathi 

Boe, 8, himi, gawazn; maohhli<-k& anda. 

Bogne, s. haHimzada, dagabaz, gaddar, 

hilabaz. [bila. 

Bogaery, 8. haramzadagi, dagabazi, fareb. 
Boll, u. gh1l1nnl^ phima, daar k. gardish 

k. ; ghumina, phirina, gardish d. 

charkh k. j — «p, lape^a ; — about, 

lotpot k. 
Boll, 8. ghamiio, gardish ; fard, dasta ; 

fihrist ; daftar ; — of bread, piylila-ki 

Boiler, 8. belan ; latai, lapetan ; patti. 
Bolling'pin, 8. belan, belna ; lapetan. 
Romance, s. af8iina,qissa, da8tan,kahani. 
Romantic, a. ajib, ajab ; khiyali. 
Romp, V. achpalai k. khirs-bazi k. 
Romping, 8. achpalai, khirs-bazi. 
Rood, 8, zamin-ka paimiish. [saqf. 

Roof, 8. chhappar, chhan, chhat, bam. 
Roof, V. chhappar dalna, patna, chhana. 
Rook, 8, kanwa ; dagiibaz ; rukh. 
Room, 8. jagah, maqam, ja ; kunra, koth- 

ri ; badla, iwaz. 
Roomy, a. knshada, wasi, farakh. 
Roost, s. basera, chakkas. 
Root, 8. jar, mul, bekh, aal, masdar, 

maya, bonyad ; jazr. 
Root, V. jar pakarnd, gafnli; phailna ; 

— i*p, nkbarna, njarna. 
Rooted, a. gar^-huii, jar pakapke, asil, 

mazbut, qaim. 
Rope, 8. rassi, dora, dori ; rasan, resman. 
Rosary, 8, tasbih, sabha. 
Rose, 8 gnl, gnlab, ward. 
Rosewater, 8. gulAh, arq-i-g^lib. 
Rosin, 8; damar, dhuna, ral. 
Rosy, a. gnlgun, gnlfim, gnlmkhsdr. 
Rot, v. sarna, galna, pachna, bosida h. 
Rot, 8. saran, galan, bosidagf ; khaura. 
Rotation, 8, phirao, ghnmao, gardish, 

Rotatory, a. gardish-d^r, charkhS. 
Rote, 8, nok4-zabin, azbar, hifs. 


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Botten, a. senfi, gaI4 bosida. 
Bottenness, 8, sar^at, bosidagi. 
Bough, a. kharkhara, n4-hamwiU' ; do- 

rashb, tand ; na-mnl&im ; tursb, ka^ ; 

na-taraahida» be-adabj aaJfhi, tez; 

Bongbly ad, kbarkhar&bat-se, 8a|^ti-se, 

Boughness,^. kharkbaraba^,nRhamwaH; 

durushti, saJ^hti, talkbi, be-adabi, ni- 

tanshldagi ; tursbi ; tundi, tezi ; ta- 

mauwuj. [tadir. 

Bound, a. gol, ohakrila,madauwar,muB- 
Bomid, 5. gird, danr, d&ira, gardisb, gir- 

dawan, naubat. 
Bonndness, s. golai,ohakrai, ixmdaawari. 
Bouse, v ufhdna, jagan4, bedar k. ; cha- 

lana, harakat d. ; uthna, jagna. [gaiiia. 
Bout, s, shikast, hacimat ; hujum ; ban- 
Bout, V. shikast d. hazimat d. bbagana. 
Boute, s. r^h, rasta. 
Bove, V. phirni, ramnd, barzagardi k. 

gasht k. sair k. 
Bow,s. saff, qatar, qor, zanjir,silk,Bilsila. 
Bow, V. dand mama, kheona. 
Bower, 5. dan^i, mullah, khewak. [rawi. 
Boyal,a. shahi, shahana, bidsbahi,]|:huB- 
Boyalty, s. badsbabi, saltanat, tajdari. 
Bub, V, malna, ragafna, gbaana, manjna ; 

— v>p, saiqal k. jila d. j — out, mi^ d. 

hakk k. 
Bubber, s. gbo^fni ; hathi ; jbaba. 
Bubbish, s. kurku^ kafa, kbasbik, gh^s- 

pat, agaf-bagar ; ^baraba. 
Buby, 8. 1^, yaqut, Inlyi. 
Budder, s. patwar, sukkan, kbala. 
Buddy, a. surl^h-ru, lalfam, gulgiin. 
Bude, a. be-adab, gust»kb, shokh, be- 

muruwat, nii-tarashida, n/i-sbin^^ 

nadan, jahil. 
Budeness, s. be-adabi, gustal^hi, shokM, 

na-tarashidagi, jahili. [masdar. 

Budiment, 8. asl, bunyad, qaida, ibtidii, 
Bue, V, pachhtana, afsos k. taassuf k. 
Bue, s, faijan ; vnld — , ispand. 
Bueful, a^ ^amgin, malul, udas. [zada. 
Bofiian, 8, harami, jallad, rabzan, haram* 

Baffle, V. Iahrini,sat4iii»^d. chher- 

na : barbam k. purchin k« 
Bug, 8. kammal, namad, namd£. 
Bugged, a. kharkhara, na-bamwar, im« 

cha-niob&, dumsbt. [li, dnmshti. 

Buggedness, 8. kharkharahat,nllbamw&- 
Buin, s. khsu:«bi, wirani, paemaU, tababi,. 

pareshani ; ^haraba. 
Buin, V. kharab k. wiran k. pftemal k. 

ujafna, tabah k. ; muflis k. ; bigajrna. 
Buination, a, tabahi, ^harabi, paemali. 
Buined,a. malme^ mflkhdttin,muiibadimy 

Buinous, a. \n\i'p}m^, be-marammat ; 

muzirr, mufsid, ziyankar. 
Buins, 8. kban<jlar, ^harabat, wirina. 
Bule, 8. qanun, qafda, dastiir, rasm, 

ravish, iiin, zabita; bukumat, amal; 

mistar, l^batt-kash. [satr kbinchn^. 
Bule, V. bukumat k. amal k, ; mistar k. 
Buler, 5. hakim, 4i^il, sard^ ; mistar. 
Bumble, v. ga^garan^ gurgur&na, ga^- 

Buminate,v. jugilna,jug&li k. paguran^ ; 

fikr k. andeaha k. gaur k. 
Bummage, u. ^^un^hna, khojn^ chhan 

mama, just-o-jii k, [bar. 

Bnmour, s, awaza, afwah, shubrat, ^ha- 
Bump, 8. chutar, surin. 
Bumple, V, misna, chunna, porohin k. 
Bun, V. dau^ia ; bhagnl^ gurez k. galb 

h. ; bahna, jari h. ; galua, pigalna ;-* 

(vufo/yf bhagna; — Offter, jast«o-ju k. 

jidd-o-jahd k. qasdk. ; — on, age dauf- 

na ; tdl>i-kalam k. ; — over, ama4na> 

labrez h. ; jaldi andesha k. ya bayiin 

k. ; — otU, ohuna, nikalna ; tamam h. 

basar ini ; — dovm, dabdna ; shikar k. 
Bunaway, s, bbagofa* bhagel, firari. 
Bunner, s. daurahift, dawinda; qasid; 
Bupee, 8, rupaiya. [karil; kail. 

Bupture, s. shikast, tor, ^t > P^u^ 9<^ 

wat ; badl^haya, fatq. 
Eural, a. dihatf, ganwi, griimya. [k. 
Busb, V. daufn^, relna, jhapatna, hamla 
Bust, 8. zang, zangar, morcha, mail. 
Bustio, a. dihqani, diht ganwar; na- 

tarashida, be-tartib ; sada, adlih. 


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BuBticity, s. dihqanijat, ganwarpan, na- 
Bustle, u. kharkbarana. [tarashidagi. 
Bnsty, a. zangildda, zangari, morchahia. 
But, 8. Ilk, reghari. 
Buth, 8. rahm, tars, shafaqat. 
Bathlesfl, a. be-rahm, natars, sang-diL 
Byot, 5. rafiyat. 


Sabbath, s. yamn-ns-sabt, ek shamba ; 
Sable, a. kala, siyah : s. samur. [etwar. 
Sabre, s. shamsher, tega. 
Saooharine, a. shakari, shirin, mitha. 
Sacerdotal, a. imami, shaikhana. 
Sack, 6. goD, bora, jnwal ; lu^paf , garat. 
Sack, V. m^-len^, tHkht-o-tkraj k. lut- 
Sackcloth, s. tat, ajdr, mekhli. [pat k. 
Sacrament, s. rasm-i-din fsawi Id. ; ^sha- 

e-^odawand. [nmnazza, majid. 

Sacrod, a. muqaddas^ matabarrak, pak. 
Sacrifice, s. qarban, zabah ; fida, tassadaq. 
Sacrifice, V. qurbank. zabah k. charhana; 

fida k. tassadnq k. ; chhorna, ziyan k. 
Sacrificial, a. qnrbani, fidiii. 
Sacrilege, 8. tabarruqat>ki-ohori. 
Sad, a. udas, gamgia, malul, dil*gir. 
Sadden, u. udas k. gamgin k. 
Saddle, s. zin, sarj, kathi. 
Saddle, v. zin bandhna, zinbandi k. 
Sadness, s, ndasi, gamgini, maliili, ma- 

lal, sauda. 
Safe, a. mamun, mahfuz, musallam, 

salim ; be-khatra ; na-ziyankar. 
Safeguard, s. himayat, muhifazat,panah, 

Safely, ad. salamatf-se,ba-^^hair-o-khiibi, 

be-l}:hatra. [bachau. 

Safety,^. salamat, aman, amniyat, ua.i^t. 
Saffron, s. zafran, kesar. [yana. 

Sagacious, a. tez-fahm, zirak, zahin, si- 
Sagacity, 8. tez-fahmi, ziraki, zakawat, 

Sage, a, dink, $qil, hoshyar, zirak. 
Sage, 8. danishmand, bnzurg, hakim, pir. 
Sagittarius, 8. bnrj-i-kamin, qaus. 
Sago, 8. sagu-dana. 
Sail, 8, pal, badban, dasta; jahii;. 

Sail, v. p41-Be chaln^ba-me-dary&jiuia. 
Sailor, 8, malUh, jahazi, l^halasi. 
Saint, 5. wall, safi, muqaddas. 
Sake, s* waste, barae, bahr, khdtir liye« 

m^re, sabab ; maqsud, niyat. 
Salary, s. wazlfa, tan^wah, saliyana, 

Sale, 8. bikri, bechan, farokht ; nflam. 
Saleable, a. bikau, farokhtani, riwaj. 
Salesman, s, dallal, dast-fai*08h. 
Saline, s. namakin, lona, khara, shor. 
Saliva, 8, thuk, lal, ludb, tnf. 
Salivate, v, mnnh lani, thukan^. 
Sallow, a. zard, pila, phika. [bar, Iatifa« 
Sally, s. khnruj, hujum ; J^ushlkhiyal, la- 
Sally, V. khnrdj k. hnjdm k. nikal-parna. 
Salt, 8, namak. Ion ; rock — , sendha ; 

8ea — , panga. 
Salt, a. namakin, lond, shor. 
Saltcellar, 8, namak-ddn. 
Saltmaker, s. loniya, namak-paz. 
Saltpetre, s. shora. 
Saltpit, 8. lonar, namak-sar. 
Salubrious, a. sihhat-bal^hsh, shafi, mn- 

wafiq. [mufid* 

Salutary, a. sihhat-awar, faidamaud. 
Salutation, 8, ^ salam, sahib-salamat. 
Salute, 8. } komish ; dua, durud, 

asir-bad $ b(»a ; salami. 
Salute, V. salam k. dast-basar h. du^ d. 
Salvation,^, najat, rihdi, makhlasi, sa^dat. 
Salve, 8. marham, lep. 
Same, a. wahi, yihi,ekhi,ek8an,baribar. 
Same, (m corwp.) ek ya yak, ham. 
Sameness, ». ekai, eksani, barabari, ma* 

Sample, s, namuna, namddir, bangi. 
Sanctification, s, taqdis, taqaddus, tathir, 

Sanctify, v. muqaddas k. pak k. 
Sanction, 8. ijazat, hukm, amr, istiqrar. 
Sanctity, 8. paki, taharat, quds, taqdis. 
Sanctuary, 8. maqdis, dargah ; panah-gah. 
Sand, 8. balu, ret, reg, ramal. 
Sandbank, 8. reti, char. 
Sandal, s. alga, khafaun. 
Sandy, a. balua, retila, regf. 
Sane, a. bhala, changa i be-hoah, bahaL 


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Sanguinary, a. khdn-khw&r, rez-khuni. 
Sanguine, a. khun-iting, sur^h j ummed- 

war, dil-garm. 
Sap, 8, ras, pani, araq, dudh. [miima. 
Sap, V. naqab mama, aurang k. sendh- 
Sapient, a. ddna, dqil, waqif. 
Sapless, a. be-ras, sukha, l^hushk. 
Sapling, s. kerit, paudhd, ohara, nihal. 
Sapphire, s.yakut-i-kabud, safir, nilmanf. 
Sarcasm, s. tan, tanz, milna, bolitholi. 
Sarcastic, a. tana>amez, tana-zan, talkh, 
Sardonyx, s. aqiq. [malamat^amez. 

Sarsaparilla, s. makoe, ushba. 
Sasb, s. jal, sell, patka, kamarbandj 

pinjra, aine-ka chaukath. 
Satan, s. Shaitan. 
Satanic, a. shait^ni, dozakhi. 
Satchel, s, thaili, juzdan 
Satellite, s. chand, chhoti sitara. 
Satiate, v, bhama, ser k. asiida k* 
Satiety, s. bhartf, serf, asudagi. 
Satin, s. atlas, pilam. [dauwa. 

Satire, s. hajo, tanz, mazammat, bhan- 
Satirize, v. hajo k. mazammat k. ninda k. 
Satisfaction, s. khatir-jamai, khatir-dari, 

khushnudi, rizamandi; badla, iwaz, 

tazmin. [muwafiq, barjasta. 

Satisfactory, a. ]jj:h6tir-khw6h, dilpasand, 
Satisfy, v. khatir-jama k. razi k. khush k. ; 

ada k. wafak. ; badla d. fwaz d. ; ilzamd. 
Saturate, v. bhama, pur k. ser k. 
Saturday, s. sanichar, shamba. 
Saturn, s. zuhal, khiwan. 
Satyr, s. gal, jangli admi ; aubash, fS^iq. 
Sauce, s. chatni, chashni. 
Saucepan, s. degcha, tambiya, dabbu. 
Saucer, 5. pirich, tashtari, sakori. 
Sauciness, 5. shokhi, gushtakhi, shokh- 

chashmi, be-adabi. [be-adab. 

Saucy, a. shokh, gustfikh, shokh-ohashm, 
Saunter, s. phima, ramna, harza-gardi k. 

sair k. 
Sausage, 8, kulma, qulma, languoha. 
Savage, a. jangli, wahshi, bayab^ni; 

sang-dil, be-rahm, durasht ; shadf d. 
Save, V. bachana, mahftiz r. nigah ; rakh- 

chhof na, kifayat k. ; muaf k, mazur r. 
Saving, a, kifayati, juz-ras. 

Saving, ad. siwa, ohho^kei; 

Saving, s. baqf, baqiya. 

Saviour, s. bachane-w. shafi ; al-masihw 

Savour, s. lazzat, maza ; bu ya bo. 

Savoury, a. laziz, maza-d^r,khtiish-gaw&r. 

Saw, 8, ara, arra, rninshar, karat* 

Sawdust, s. burii, burada. 

Say, V. kahna, bolna, bat k. qaul k. 

Saying, s. bHt, k aha, sukhan,guftir, qaul. 

Scab, s. papri, deoli, khasra, khuraud ; 

Scabbard, s. gilaf, miyan, niyam. 
Scabby, a, kharishti, khasra«pur, khaj- 
Scafibld, s. machan, payath. [bhara* 
Scald, s. garm panl-se jalana, jhulsana. 
Scaldhead, s. ganj, chain-chuin. 
Scale, 5. palla, palla, palra ; ma.chhli-k& 

chhilka, fils, choya; darja, silsila; durr- 

Scale, V. chaphna ; chhilka uth^na. 
Scales, s. tara^u, mizan. 
Scaly, a. chhilke-dar ; tangchashm. 
Scamper, v. bhagna, daupna, champat h« 
Scan, V. taqti^ k. wazn k. ; tabqiq k. 

janohna. [malamat. 

Scandal, s. badnami, ruswai, aib ; tana, 
Scandalize, v. tuhmat]agana,badnamk. ;' 

bezar k. [zabun. 

Scandalous, a. mayiib, ruswa, aibdar. 
Scanning, s, taqtia, wazn-bandi. 
Scanty, a. thora, kotdh, kam, qalil, tang. 
Scar, 8. d^g, nishan-i-zakhm, chihn. 
Scarce, a. kam, qalil, thofa ; kamyab, 

nadir. [nadiri. 

Scarcity, s. kami, qillat, tangi, kamyabi. 
Scarcely, ad. mushkil-se, dushwari-se. 
Scare, v. darana, bhafkana, bijhk^n^ 
Scarecrow, s. dhokha, dhuha. 
Scarf, 8. orhni, ek-patta. 
Scarify, v. pachhna k. chhedna. 
Scarlet, a. qirmizi, lal, sultanS-surkh. 
Soate, 8. lapchi, ek qism-ka kharaon. 
Scatter, V. chhitrana, chhitkana, ohhitna, 

khindana, bakhefna, paraganda k. 

Scavenger, s. ^hik-rob, rah-rob. 
Scene, s. manzar, tam^sha, madd-i»nazr. 
Scent, s. shamma, masham \ bd, shamma. 


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Scent, V. sunglma ; ba d. rtiha d. 
Scented, a, khush-bu, muattar. 
Sceptio, 8. ahl-i-shakk, monkir-i-waM. 
Sceptre, s, asa-e-shahi; qabr^-e-saltanat. 
Schedule, s. daftar, fard, fibrist. 
Scheme, s. naqsha, tadbir, hikmat ; maq- 

sdd, matlab. 
Schism, 8. bidat, rifz, iatizal, khalal. 
Scholar, s. shftgird, talib-i-ilm, talmfz ; 

dlim, fazil, hakfm. [faeair. 

Scholiast, s. sharih, hashiya-navis, mn- 
Scholimn, s. hashiya, sharah, tafsir. 
School, s. maktab, dabistan, madrasa. 
Schoolfellow, s. ham-maktab, ham-dars. 
Schoolmaster, s, ustad, mnlla, miy^DJi. 
Schoolmistress, 8. nstant, mnllani, atii. 
Science, 8, jlm, fann, hnnar, hikmat. 
Scientific, a. iimi, yaqini ; ^^im, ahl-i- 
Scimitar, s. shamsher, nimoha. [danish. 
Scion, 8, tahni, shakh ; paiwand, qalam. 
Scirrhns, 8. gilat, gilatf, waram. 
Scissors, 8. qainchi, miqraz. 
Sco£^ V. tan k. isthiza k. thatthli k« 
Scoffer, 8, tana-zan,tanz-go,thatthe-baz. 
Scold, v.jhagarna, gi^li d. jhifakna, ma- 

lamat k. 
Scold, 8, karkafla, anrat-i-zab^ndarltz. 
Scolding, a. jhif kd-jhifki, tana-zani. 
Sconce, s. shamadfua ; sar, sir. 
Scoop, V. hath-se n^h^a ; kornd, tajwif 
Scoop, 8, hatha, knmi. [k. khol k. 

Scope, 8, niyat, maqsad, garaz ; azadi, 

i^tiyar ; wusat, arsa. 
Scorch, V. jhnlsana, bhnlsana ; jhnlasna. 
Score, s.khandana,rakhna ; l^hatt, satar ; 

.his&b ; sabab, mujib ; bis, kon. < 
Scorn, 5. ihanat, mazammat, haqarat, 

Scornful, a, ihanat-numa, mndammag. 
Scorpion, «. bichchhu, bichhua, kazh- 

dum, aqrab. [saq, fasiq. 

Scoundrel, s. haramzada, badzat, qurram- 
Scour, V. manjnik, saiqal k. saf k. ; bh^- 

jdna ; pet chalana, jh^fna. 
Scourge,s.chabuk,taziyana, k ora,qamchi . 
Scourge, v. ch&buk d. tdeiyana k. kofa 

Scont» s. jasus, ^fJiabar-gir, mutajassis. 

Scowl, V. ghnrakn^ munh-tefhak. chfn- 

bajabin h. 
Scramble, v. chhina-chhanf k. ; charhn^. 
Scrap, 5. chhilan, chhantan, katran, tuk, 

tuk^a, para, tarasha, purza. 
Scrape, v. chhilna, ohholnd, khurachnd, 

ragapia, kharash k. ; jama k. jo|rna. 
Scrape, 8. tangi, kashmakash, mnshkil. 
Scraper, 8. chhalni, khurpi, khurachnl. 
Scrapings, s. khurchan, tarasha. 
Scratch, v, khujlana, khasotn^, kfauj^na, 

kharontna,kharochn^ ; hakk k. chhilna. 
Scratch, s. kharont, nuhatta. 
Scrawl, o. chithama, chiohrf khainchn^. 
Scream, v, 1 chikhna,chingh6ma,chilla- 
Screech, f na,chilchilana,chichiyana. 
Screech-owl, s. ghnghda, pecha. 
Screen, s. tatti, jhamp, parda, qanat. 
Screen, v. chbipdna, parda k. ; bachana. 
Screw, s. pech. [mazlum k. 

Screw, V. pech dena ; nichof nn, dabana ; 
Scribble, v, qalam ghasitna, bad ^hait 
Scribe, s. katib, navisanda. likhna. 

Scrip, s. thaili, kisa ; ruqa ; purza. 
Scriptural, a, mut&biqkite.b-i-muqaddas. 
Scripture, s. kitab-i maqaddas. 
Scrofula, s. gudud, marz-i-khinfeir. 
Scroll, s, fard, daftar, kigaz lape^a hu£. 
Scrotum, s. fota, thaili. 
Scrub, V. malna, ghasna. 
Scrub, s, sifla, haqir admt [masha. 

Scruple, s. shubha, shakk, wahm : sawa- 
Scruple, V, shubha r. shakk k. wahm r. 
Scrupulous, a. waswasi, wahmi, sahib-i- 

ihtiyat; daqiq. 
Scrutinize, v. taflfshk. janchna,chh^nna. 
Scrutiny, s, taftish, tajassus, imtih^n, 

Scuffle, 8, khaincha-khainchC, dhanl- 

dhapp^, dhakkam-dhakkd, mara-m^ri. 
Sculk, V, ehhip-rahna, dabak ya ghus- 

Scull, s. khopri, kdsa-e-sir ; dan^l. 
Sculptor, s. sang-tar»Bh,naqqa8h, bnt-sHz. 
Sculpture, a. sang-tarishi^naqqashf, but- 

Scum, 8. phen, kaf, ganj, mail, jh&g. 
Scurf, 5. papri, ba£li, sabusa. 


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Scurrility, s, g61i, dnshniniysabandami. 
Soarrilons, a zabindaraz, kallabar.. 
Sea, 3. Bamnndar, dariya-i-sfaor, bahr. 
Seal, 8, muhar, ^jLhatixn, ohhap; ek dary&i 

jinwar. [lagina. 

Seal, V. mnhar k. ya d. Vbatm k. liKh 
Sealing-wax, s. lakh, lakh-ki batti. 
Seam, s, siwan, dokht, darz, jop. 
Seaia, v. jorna, luilana, silai k. ; d^gni. 
Seaman, 8, mallah, jabizi, kihalasi. 
Seamless, a. be-dokht, be-silai, ek-para. 
Sea-port, s. bandar, ghat. 
Sea-service, s. l^hidmat-i-jahaz. [sahil. 
Sea-shore, «. darya-kinara, lab-i-darya, 
Sea-term, 8. jahazi-bat. 
Sear, v. jalana, gul d. jhulasni. 
Search, 5. talash, jnst-o-ju, tai'tish, ti^as- 

sus, khoj, ^ban^h. 
Search, v. talash k. jost-o-ju k« tafUsh 

k. khojna, dhondhna, jha^a 1. 
Searcher, 5. joinda, joya, mutal^hi, khoji. 
Season, s, mausam, fasl ; ayam, zamana, 

waqt, muwafiq waqt. 
Season, v. masalah d. maza-dar k. ; pak- 

ka k. ; mutad k. [mauqas. 

Seasonable, a, barwaqt, bar-mahall, ba- 
Seasoning, s, masalah, maza. 
Seat, s, chauki, kursi ; nishastgah ; ma- 

kan ; maqam, jae, jagah. 
Seat, V. baithalna $ qaim k. 
Secant, s. khatt-i-qat}. 
Secede, v. nikabia, chhu^ni, kinitr 

Secession^ s. jtizal, phu^, niklU. 
Sednde, v. bahir k. kbirij k. alag k. 
Seclusion, s, khalwat, yzlat, tanhai. 
Second, a. dusr^, doyam, sani. 
Second, s. sathi, madadgar, pnshti-ban. 
Second, v. madad k. pashtl d. yari k. 
Secondary, a. darja-i-saniya-dar, kihtar, 

nich. [tamal. 

Secondhand, a. ntra-hua, ghatka, mus- 
Secondly, ad. sanian, dnsre. 
Secrecy, 8. tanhai, pinhani, il^hfd, parda- 

poshi, khalwat ; raz dari, khamoshi. 
Secret,a.chhipa,pinhan, poahida, ma^hfi. 
Secret^ s. raz, sirr, bhed. 
.Secretary, s, mir^muoshl, hnzur-navls. 

Secrete, v, ohhipina, pinfain k. poshida 

k. ; tafriq k. 
Secretion, 8, tafriq ; rezish. [yataiu 

Secretly, ad. ohhipiike,dar»pinhani,Vhuf«i 
Sect, & firqa, zat, jamaat, mazhab. 
Sectary, s, khariji, r^zi, sahib-i-itizal. 
Section, 8» fasl, qataa, qut^ jnz, hisaa. 
Secular, a. dunyavi, duny^-dar, dahrl ; 

bar sadd sal. 
Secmidine, 8. jhilli, kheri, jer, nir*biwar. 
Secm*e, a. musallam, mahfuz, be-ljJaatra, 

mamdn; barqarar, us-tuwar ; be-^ha- 

bar, be>parwa. 
Secm*e, v. bachana, mahfuz r. musallam 

k. ; muqarrar k. ; barqarar k. ; qaid k. 
Security, 5. bachao, aman, aalamati ; 

panah; zamini, kafalat, zaipin; be* 

^habari, be-parwii. 
Sedan, «. ohaupali, bocha. 
Sedate, a. dhiri, dhima, sakin, qarir- 

mizaj, ahista. [dii. 

Sedentary, a. s4kin, be-harakat, baisdn- 
Sediment, 8. talchha^, gad, dnrd. [balwft. 
Sedition, A. fitna, fastid, aehob, hangama. 
Seditions, a. fitna-angez, mufsid, bagi. 
Seduce, v. phuslan^, bhulana,wargalana, 

igwa k. bha^kan^. [da. 

Seducer, 8. phusldo, mugwi, wargalanin* 
Seduction, s, phnsl^hat, igwa, gumrah- 

sazi, fareb. [nati. 

Sedulous, a. 8a(, mashgul, koshishi, mih- 
See, V. dekhna, nazr k. nigih k. mula- 

hiza k. basar k. ; samajhna, daryaftrk. 

See, int dekh t dekho ! lo ! 
Seed, 8, bfj, tuJ^hm, d^ma ; nutfa, manf 

aulad, nasi. 
Seed-plot, 8. bihanaur, zirriat. 
Seed-time, s. bowai, boiu<a, zara. [jL 
Seedy, a, bijaf, pur-tul^hm j rizila, pajo- 
Seeing, 8, nazar, binai, basr $ — thatf 

zeraki, ohnnkL 
Seek, V. ^bundhna, khojni, talish k« 

just-o-jd k. tafbish k. ; mangna, chah- 

na, dar^hwast k. . 
Seem, v. m^ltim h. zahir h. namudar h. 

sujhni, dekh-pa^a. [men. 

Seemingly,a(2. zahiran^siirataD, dekhne- 


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Seemly, a. shaista, saz&war, mnnasib ; 

Seer, s. bina, ahl-i-nazar, gaibdan. 
Seetb, V. sijhani, sijna, usauna, pakana. 
Segment, s. fasia, qnta, qash ; hissa. 
Seine, s. bara jal, chatar. [k. le-lena. 
Seize, v. pakarna, pakar 1. girifb k. qabz 
Seizure, s, paka^, girift, giriftagi, qabz, 

Seldom, ad. kabhi-kabhi, n^-bisyar-bar, 

shasz, thof a, kamtar. 
Select, V. chnnna, baohhna, intikhib k. 
Select, (i.cliuna-hua, guzida, muntakhab. 
Selection, 9. chmiao, intilchab, i^htiyar. 
Self, j>. ap, l^hnd, nafs ; {in comp,) hi, i. 
Self-conceit, s. khud-bini, khdd-pasandi. 
Self-defence, s. jan-ka hifazat, himayat- 

i-nafs. [khud-matlab. 

Selfish, a, khud-garaz, garaz«mand, 
Self-murder, s. khud-kashi, qatl-i-nafs. 
Selfsame, a. ekht wahi, aphi, wah. 
Sell, V. bechna, bikana, faro^ht k. baiak. 
Seller, s. bechne wala, faroshinda, baf. 
Semblance, s. mushabahat, numaish, zu- 
Semi, a. ad, adh, ^ba, nim, nisf. [hur. 
Semicircle, 5. nim-daira, adhghera. 
Semicircular, s, nim-daira-dar, adh-gol. 
Seminary, s, maktab, madrasa. 
Semivowel, s, madd-i-zaida. 
Senate, s. majlis-amiH, diwan. 
Senator, s, ahl-i-majlis, ahl-i-diwan. 
Send, s. bhejna, irsal k. rawana k. pa* 

htmchana ; — foTf bola-bhejna, man- 

gana, dawat k. 
Senior, a. ba^ra, kabir, sal-dida. 
Seniority, s, baf ai, kaJani, pin. 
Senna, s. sana, sajia-makki. 
Sensation, s. hiss, hiss-i-zahiriya batini. 
Sense, s. hiss (-pi, hawass) 3 idrik, fahm, 

aql, tamiz : mani. 
Senseless, a. be-hawiss, be-hosh, be-jan, 

be-waquf, nddan ; behdda, be-mani. 
Sensibility, s. tunuk-hawasi, nazuki, 

Sensible, a. qabil-i-hiss, mahsus; agah, 

waqif; q^il,muqir; dana, dqil, hoshyar. 
Sensitive, a.hawass-dar, zudhjss]jandar, 


Sensual, a. nafaani, shahwati,hissi.[war. 
Sensualist, s. shahwat-parast, nafs-par. 
Sensuality, s, nafsaniyat,8harhwat,masti, 

Sentence, s. fatw^, qaza, hukm : maqal, 

masal ; jumla, fiqra ; — {of the qv/rdn) 

Sentence, v. fatwa d. hukm d. [al-mini. 
Sententious, a, matin, pur-magz, qasir- 
Sentiment, s, rae, tadbir, qiyas, fikr. 
Sentimental, a. narm, mulaim, shafaqat* 

Sentinel, s. pasban, chaukidar, pahriya. 
Separable, a, qabil-i-iiraq, judal-pazir. 
Separate, v. juda k. farq k. tafriq k. alag 

k. bichhofna. [i-iq. 

Separate, a. jad^, alag, alahida, mutafar.- 
Separately, ad. juda-juda, alag-alag, mu- 

fassilana. [muhajarat. 

Separation, s. judai, mufariqat, tafriq, 
Septennial, a. haft«sali, saptabarsiya. 
Sepulchre, s, gor, qabr, turbat, marqad. 
Sepulture, s. dafn, tadfin, tajhiz. [mazar. 
Sequel, s, al^hir, aqibat j natija, phal. 
Sequester, w. alag r.'khalwat k. ; qurq 

k. ; amanat k. [qo^q) chhenk.- 

Sequpstration, s, gosha-nishini, tanhai ; 
Seraglio, s, haram-sarae, zanana. 
Seraph, s. israfil. 
Serene, a. saf, kushada, raushan i sakin, 

be-harakat, asuda. 
Serenity, s^ safai, kushadagi, sukun, asu- 

dagi, kushada-rui. 
Series, s, sar-rishta, silsila, silk, lagao. 
Serious, a, muhib, gambhir ; bhari» san- 

gin, muhimm, sanjida. 
Seriousness, s. sangim', sanjidagi, taham- 

mul, gaur, fikr. 
Serjeant, 5, haw^l-dar, dafadar; wakil. 
Sermon, s. waz, nasihat, khutba. 
Serous, a. abi, pani-sd, patla. 
Serpent, s, samp, sarp, mar, afa. [dar. 
Serpentine, a. sampila, mar-pech, pech- 
Servant, s. naukar, chakar, mulazim, 

banda, khadim. 
Serve, 'u. naukari k. chakari, k. khidmat 

k. ; iwaz h. badal h. ; kafi h. laiqh. ; ma- 

da4 k. puahti d. ; ihsan k. msuifaat k. 


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Service, s. natikaH, ohakan, kbidmat, 

bandagi ; mansab, ^bda, kam ; faida, 

nafa ; raadad ; t^am. [amoz, tez^ast. 
Serviceable, a. faida-mand, mufid ; kar- 
Servile, a. naiikar>asa, mutia, faromaya, 

chaplus, ^haya-bardar. [ri, chapliisi. 
Servility,s. gulami, ;ibtizal,l^iiaya-bai'da- 
Servitude, s. nankari, bandagi, gnlami. 
Sesamnm, s. til. 

Session, s, nishpat, jnlus, ijlaa ; mi^'lis. 
Set, V, rakhna, dhama, baithalna, nasb, 

k. ; giifna, lagan0,ropna ; mnqarrar k. ; 

t^aiynn k. , ^rasta k. ; jarna, morass^ 

k. ; gnrub k. gaib h. ; tez k. dhar d. ; 

— d(mt, shnryi k. j — agdintt, mnqa- 

bala k. ; tahr^s k. ; — aside, bar-taraf 

r. na-qabul k. 
Set, s. jora, tidfa, dasta. 
Set, a. jafaii, murass^, mnqarrar. 
Settle, V. baithalna, thahardna, mnqarrar 

k. ; mn^iyan k. ; maqam k. ; tartib k. 

^wim h. ; rafa k» mnqabala k, ; thira- 

na ; baithna. 
Settled,a. mnqarrar, mn^7an,murattab ; 

Settlement, s. band>OTbast, infi^al, raf^ ; 

thahrao ; basti, nau-abid ; maqam. 
Settler, 5. baai, basnerwala, nan-abadi. 
Seven, a. sat, haft. 
Seventeen, a. satrah, hafdah. 
Seventh, a. satwan, haftam. 
Seventy, a. sattar, haftad. 
Sever, v, jnda k. alag k. tafriq k. [bto. 
Several, a. kai, kai-ek, ohand, chajidan, 
Severally, ad. ek-ek, juda-jnda. 
Severe, a. sa^t, dnmsht, tez, tnnd, sha- 

did ; dil-aziir, ranjawar ; muhib. 
Severity, $. sakhtl, dnmshti, shiddat, be* 

rahmi ; haibattwari. 
Sew, V, 8in&, silana, silai k. do^t k. 
jewing, 8. silai, dokht. 
Sex, s. ziit, jat, jins ; nisa. 
Sexton, s. gor-kan. 

Sextant, s. suds-i-diLira, basita. [ziila. 
Shabby, a. past-o-lf:hur, dun, haqir ; ri- 
Shackle, v. zanjir-se bandhna, befi lagi- 

na ; atkana, rokna. 
ShackleS; s, zanjir, hefi, paik^i. 

Shade, s. chh^y^, chhaijiWjSaya; tkrfkit 

parda ; fanus ; ^hiyal. 
Shade, v. chhaya d. saya d. 
Shadow,5.ohhaya,parchhain,zill ; panah. 
Shady, a, aaya-dar, Baya-gnstar, chhiio?* 

Shaft, 5. tir ; minar, Bitdn ; kothi, nali. 
Shaggy, a, jhabri, rogara, jhabua, paah- 

Shake, v. hiUni, dnUna, jhakoma,jam<» 

bish d. ; hilna,duln8, kampnA, larazna, 

4ig-4ig^n^, ^agrmagana. [bish, larzish. 
Shaking, s, dol, hilao, thartharahat, jum- 
Shallop, 8. thak-thauwa, pansoi. 
Shallow, a. uthla, paitala, paedb ; be-hu« 

da, be<m$ni, be-waquf, be-dimag. 
Sham, s. bandwat, bahina, sazish. 
Sham, V. bahana k. hila^bizi k. jhnth* 

muth k. [^mez. 

Sham, a. jhutha, naqli, sai^hta, rang* 
Shambles, 8. qasaab-khana, maslakh. 
Shame, s. sharm, sharmaudagi, hay^ ; 

khajlat, hijab. [mila. 

Shamefaced, a. sharmsar, 8harmru,shar-r 
Shameful, a. sharmawar, mayub, ruswa. 
Shameless, a. be-sharm, be^haya, gns* 
Shank, 5. pindli, saq, narhar. [takh. 
Shape,8. shakl, surat,<^aul, tarash, andam. 
Shape, V. shakl bandhna, banana, garhna. 
Shapely, a. ^hush-andam, tarah-dar, 
Shard, s» fhikra, fhikri. [khtibsurat. 
Share, s. bhag, banti hissa, ba^hra, baht 

ra; phal, tora. 
Share, V. banana, hissa k. taqsim k. kat- 

na, sharlk h. 
Sharer, s. bantwaiya,bhagi,his8adar, qa« 

sim, shank. [baz. 

Shark, «. hdngar, nihang ; thag, daga- 
Sharp, a. tez, burran* abdar j nok-dar ; 

tez fahm, zirak ; tursh, khatta ; sakht, 

duinisht; shadid. [dar k, 

Shai'pen, v, tez k. bafh d. dhar d. ; nok- 
Sharper, s. ^hag, nchakka, gaddar. 
Sharpness, 8. tezi, abdari, ohokhai ; tez- 

fahmi, zirakl ; turshi ; sakhti, shiddat^ 

Sharprsighted, a. tez-nazar, mubasair. 


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Shatter, v. char k. tnkdl-tnkra k. yi h. 

kamzor k. [banana. 

Shave, v. mun^anS) hajimat ya V^att 
Shaven, a, miin4a> mnn^a, taritshida. 
Shaver, 8, mnn^waiya, hJe^jam ; thag, fa- 

rebi ; ohhokra. 
Shaving, s. chhilan, ohhilka, taraaha. 
Shawl, «. shal, sh^-bab. 
She, p, wah, vmh. 
Sheaf, s, pola, an^i. dasta. 
Shear, a. katama, miqr^z k. ka^a. 
Shears, s, katami, miqraz, qainohi. [har. 
Sheath, s. giUU^ niiyan, niyam, khol, do- 
Shed, 8, ohaabara,pi^lini, n8ara,chhaoni. 
Shed, V. 4*^ni, girana, ^halna, bahind, 

jhi(fna ; rezish k. ; gima, bahna. 
Sheep, 8. bher, bheft, mesh, goapand. 
Sheepish, a. mnnh^chor, sharmila. 
Sheep' s-eye, a. karashma-nasari, hijab- 

chashm. [kitna. 

Sheep-shearing, 5. bher-mnndan, pashm- 
Sheep-walk, 8, bher-charan, chara-gah. 
Sheer, a. nira, saf ; sirf, khali. [tao. 

Sheet, 5. chadar, chaddar,do-patta ; fard. 
Shelf, 8. ta^hta, taq, takhti, m&chdn. 
Shell, 8. sip, ghongha, kaufi, sadaf; 

chhilka, post. 
Shell, V, chhilkd ntama, ndhefna. 
Shelter, 5. bachao, saya,panah, himiyat. 
Shelter, v, chhipana, saya d. bachana, 

panah d. 
Shelving, a. ^halu, ^halwan, nasheb-dar. 
Shepherdess, s. bheri-harin, zan-i-ohau- 
Sheriff, s. fauj-dar, hakim. [pan. 

Shield, 8, 4hal, sipar ; panah. 
Shield, V. bachana, panah d. rakhya k. 
Shift, s, hila, fitrat, hila-hawala, tila-ba- 

la ; cbara ; qamiz-i-aurat, kurta. 
Shift, V. phii*ta ya 4olta rahna, badal k. 

naql k. tabdil k. ,- hila-bazi k. 
Shin, s, nali, philh-ki haddi ; pesh-i-saq. 
Shine, V. chamakna.Jhalakna, darakhshan 

h. ; sh^la k. taban h. jagmagana, ran- 

shan h. ashraf h. ; abdar h. 
Shining, a. njjal, chamakta, darakhshin, 
Ship, ff.jahaz, kishti, [raushan. 

Ship V. jahazpar chafhiua, Udoa, 

Shipping, 8. bahar, jahlxon-ka jamiafc. 

Shipwreck, 9. jabaz-shikani,|^arq*igahaz. 

Shire, «. zila, pai^anna. 

Shirt, 8. qamiz, pairahan. 

Shiver, v, kampna, tharthaHmi, larasna ; 

chiir-chur k. t^kfa-^akfa k. ji h. 

Shivering, a. larza, larzish,thartharihat, 

tharthari. [reti. 

Shoal, 8. jhnnd, jamghd^, izdih&m ; char- 
Shock, 8, dhakka, dhamak, sadma, zarb, 

chot ; hnjiim; azar, bezari ; pnli, anti. 
Shock, V. dhakka marna $ barhiam k. be. 

zar k. azar d. [j^^* 

Shocking, a. nafratangez, makrdh, ma- 
Shoe, 8, juti, j<ita, paposh, kafsh ; nil. 
Shoemaker, s. mochi, chamar, kafshdoz. 
Shoot, 8. pallao, kail, karil, qalam. 
Shoot, V. phenkna, chal4na, 4alna, anda- 

zi k. ; top ohhopna, goli mama; ngna; 

nbhama ; nikalna ; chalna. 
Shop, s\ dukan ; kdr-khana. [niya. 

Shop-keeper, s. dukan-dar, dukani, ba- 
Shore, s. kin^ra, lab, tlr, pnshta. 
Shorn, a. mnn^a, kata, tarashida. 
Short, a. chhota, kotah, kam, thora, qa- 

sir, tang ; na-laiq, na-saza ; sidha, qarib. 
Shorten, v, chhotd k. kotah k. kam k. 

ghatana ; mukhtasar k. -, tarashnii. 
Short-hand, s. mokhtasar-nawisi, hnruf- 

Short-lived, a. kam-zist, kam-ymr ; na- 

paedar, zail. 
Shortly, ad, jaJd, ba-zudi, thof e dinon- 

men. [gi ; ikhtisar. 

Shortness, 5. chhotai, kotahi, kami, tan- 
Short-sighted, a. kotih-nazar,kotah-bin. 
Shot, s, phenk, chhot, andazi ; goli, go- 
la ; small — , chharra. 
Shot, a, goli-se mira; phenka, andal^hta. 
Should, V. chahiye, lazim hai ; agar, jo, 

Shonlder, 8. kandhi, kandhi, dosh. 
Shoulder, v, kdndhiyana, kandhe-par r. 
Shout, 8, jaijaikar, nara, awaz. 
Shout, V. bang mdma, kharosh k. jaijai* 

kar k. nara k. lalkama. 
Shove, s, ihakoi, lihela, dhakka, peUu 


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Shove, V. dhakeln£, dhakka d, t^elna, 

ShoveJ, 8. bel, belcha, khodni, kndal* 
Sliow, s. numaish, surat, wajh, dekhni ; 

taninshH, na/ira, eair. 
Show, V. dikhldna, dikhann, batana, sam- 

jhana, bujhaiiR, zahir k, bayan k. t^rif 

k . kholna, dalil d burhan d. ; sikhlani. 
Shower, ». jhari, jhapis, jhamaka, jhisi. 
Showy, a. numRishi, raunaq-dar, bhar- 

kila, vangila. 
Slired, 5. katran, tardsha, parcha. 
Shrewd, a. pakka, giyann, hoshyar, aiyar. 
Shriek, V. ciifkhna, ohijch marna, ching- 

hirna, chillana. 
Shrill, a. tez-awaz, bnland-awaz. 
Shrimp, s. jhinga, chingr> ; baona. 
Shrine, s darg»h, mazar. 
Shiiiik, V. sakopna, simatna ; thithakn^, 

bichakna, hatna, talna. 
Shrivel, V. sakorna, simat-j»na, sukhnd. 
Shroud, s. kafan, lifHfa. 
Shroud, V. kafiiaua ; pan^h d. 
Shrub, 8. jhar,jh»n, buta, nihal, gulbun. 
Shrug, V. katidha hiUna, hachak rahna. 
Shudder, v. thartharaiia, kampna. 
Shuffle, V. talna, talraatol k.; baham 

mama, abtar k. ; la^patata chalna. 
Shun, V. kinara k. parhez k. baz rahna, 

bhagna, talna, alag rahna. 
Shut, V. band k. lagana, masdud k. mah- 

bus k. qaid k. ; — out, mahrum k. ba- 

har k. 
Shutter, s.jhilmil, jhamp, kewap, tal^hta. 
Shuttle, s. nal, dharki. 
Shy, a. kashida, na-knshada; badoatina- 

mail J bhafkel, wahshi. 
Sibilant, a. SLskari, safin. 
Siok, a. bimar, mariz, be<ariim, manda; 

bezar, mutanaffir. 
Sicken, v, biinar h. mariz h. ; jhnma, 

galn^, nafrat k. kapaliiyat d. [makruh. 
Sickening, a. marz-dar; nafrat-angez, 
Sickle, 8. hansua, daranti, das, dasa. 
Sickly, a. zaif, na-saz, snst, alii. 
Sickness, s. bimdri, marz, timar, ^zar, 

maudagi. [safha, taifa, fariq. 

Sid«, 8. taraf, ji^nib, rulj^h, pahlu, kinano, 

Side, V. taraf-d&r h. tashrfk k. ptmbti d; 
Sideways, cu2.pahlti-par,karwat; tirchhi. 
Siege, 8 muhasara, girdawari, ihata. 
Sieve, s, girbal, chain! [azmaish k» 

Sift, V. chalna, ohhanna, imtihan k. 
Sigh, s, ah, hai, s&ns. [bham^. 

Sigh, V. &h maraa ya bharna, ^handi sana 
Sight, s, na^ar, nigah, didar, binai, ba si- 
rat ; tamasha, manzar. 
Sightless, a. na-bin&, andha. [surat. 
Sightly, a. khush-numa, manzar, khub- 
Sign, 8. nishan, aUmat, ishara, imd, da- 

Sign, V nishan k. ; dast-Vhatt k. sahCh k. 
Signal, 8. isharat. nishani, janao. 
Signalize, v, ndmwar k. mashhur k. 
Signature, 5. dast-^hatt, likhawat, baiz. 
Signet, 8. muhar, mnhar-i-sh&hi, ^hatim; 
Significant, a. raanawi, mini-dar, dall ; 
bhari, muhimm. [natija. 

Signification, 8. mdni, fahwa, mazmun. 
Signify, v. mdni r. fahwa r. dalalat k. 

batlani, bujhdna, jatana ; ishara k. 

Silence, s, chup, l^hamoshi.sukutj nisyan, 

fardmoshi. [sakit. 

Silent, a. chup, ohup chap, khamosh. 

Silently, ad. chup-hoke, chupke, ^hi- 

Silk, 8. resham, abresham, pat: a, reshmi. 
Silken,a. reshmi, reshmina, hariri ; uai*m. 
Silkworm, s. kirm-pila, resham-ka kira, 
Sillinoas, s. na-dini, be»waqufi, sadagi, 

Silly, ti. na-dan, be-waquf, sada, bhoU. 
Silvan, a. jangall ; dihqani. [paiya; 

Silver, 8. rupa, chandi, slm, nuqra ; ni- 
Silversmith, s. sonar, zargar. [tasawi. 
Similar, a. eks&n, manind, barabar, mu« 
Similarity, s. ekaani, manindagf, bar6ba« 

ri. mnsawat, musabahat; 
Simile, s, misal, tamsU, tashbih. [sil. 
Similitude, s.mushabahatjbarabari; tarn- 
Simmer, ti. aansananljChanchandnd, sijna. 
Simper, v. musk ur ana, muskana. 
Simple, a. be-amezish, gair-murakkab ; 
mufrad, sirf, nini ; bhola, sada, yak- 
rang ; abla, be-waquf, ahmaq ; asan, 


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Simpleton, s. saif-nl-aq], ahmaq. 
Simplicity, 8, ek-rangi, sadagi, sida-dili, 

risti ; be-waqufi, beliiidagi, asdni ; be- 

zinati. [faqat. 

Simply, ad. biB-riy«, be-karaazi; sirf, 
Simultaneous, a. hamk£r, hamsaz ; ham- 

zat, ham-ahd 
Sin, s. guniih, ^hat£, jmrm, aib. 
Sin, V. gunah k. Iphati k. qnaar k. 
Since, ad, zera-ki, iswILste-ki ; jabki, ns- 

waqt-se, b^d. 
Sincere, a. sadiq, ^halis, nist, saf. 
Sincerity, s. sadaqat, ikhlas, rasti, safi. 
Sinew, s. pai, nas, asab, path ; zor. 
Sinful, a. gunahgar, iai, na-pak, mayub. 
Sing, V. g^na, gan k. sarod k. nawa k. 

uagma k. 
Singe, V. jhulaana, bhulsanil. jalRna.[trib. 
Singer, s. gawaiya, sarodi, mnganni, mu- 
Singing, 8. gana, sarodgoi, taganni 
Single, a. ek, yak, yakka, akela, tanha, 

wabid J mujarrad, be-zauj. 
Singleness, s. tanhai, yaganiyat, sidhai ; 

sidq, be-riyai. [faqat, sirf. 

Singly, ad. ek-ek, yagan, fardan-fardan ; 
Singular, a. mofrad, wabid; yagana, ajib, 

nadir. [drat ; khud-sari. 

Singularity, s.yaganagi ; ^busdsiyat, nu- 
Sinister, a. na-rast, kaj, zabun, bad, na- 
Sink, s, nali, muhri. [salib. 

Sink, Vi dubna, garq h. baithna, gafna, 

dbasna ; phutna ; utama, ghatna, kam 

b. ; dnb^na, garq k. gapna, utarn^, 

Sinless, a. be-gunab, ma8um.[fajir, fdsiq. 
Sinner, s. gunah-gar, badkar, asi, mujrim. 
Sip, V. obusna, gbuntna, piiia. 
Sir, $. sabib, khudnwand, miyan, ji. 
Sire, s. bap, baba ; jahan-panah, hazrat* 
Siren, 5. bint-ul-bahr; tbagni, mohni. 
Simame, s. gharane>ka laqab, ^andani 

Sister, s. babin, kbwahir, hamsbira.[sali. 
Sister-in-law, s. bhabi, bhawaj ; nand ; 
Sit, V. baithna, nishast k. jalus k. majlis 

k. ; phabna, thik b. 
Site, s. ^hik^na, muqam, jagah. 
Sitting, s, baithak, nishast, ijlas, julus. 

Situated, a. manzda, rakhil, mhi-h6i. 
Situation, 8, jagah, ja, maqam, makan, 

mauza, waza, hal, darja, ^hda, ^hidmat. 
SiZ) a. chba, shash. 
Sixteen, a. solah, shanzdah. 
Sixteenth, a. solahwan. 
Sixth, a. chbatha, chhathwiin, shasham. 
Sixty, a. sath, shast. 
Sixtieth, a. sathwan, shastam. 
Size, 8. andaza, miq-dar, map, lambai- 

chaufai, qalib, lasa. [dasta. 

Skein, s, phenyl, anti, larohhn, kalriwa. 
Skeleton, s. ^hathri, haddian badan-ki. 
Sketch, «. naqsha, khasra,katkaua, khar- 

ra, musauwada. [musauwada k. 

Sketch, V. naqsha bfuiana ya khaincbiia ; 
Skewer, 8. mekh, sikh, sikhcha. 
Skiff, 8, chlio^i kishti, parewa. 
Skilful, a. hunarmand, waqif, kar-shinas, 

azmuda-kar, qabil, zirak, pakka. 
Skill, 8. hunar, hnnarmandi, qabliyat, 

Skilled, a. wliqif, qibil, tajriba kar. 
Skim, V. pasana, kachh 1. jh4g I. ; subak- 

rau jana ; jaldi-se paphna. [kafcha. 
Skimmer, s. karchhani, jhami, kaf-gir. 
Skin, 3. champa, cham, oharm, post, 

chhdl, qishr, khal. 
Skin, u. chamfa khainohna ya nikalna ya 

udhefna, ka^n^, chhilna ; ghao-bhama. 
Skinny, a. chhichrail, chamral^hi, sukha, 

patla. [phandna. 

Skip, V. kudakna, chhaiangn^, kudna. 
Skirmish, s. jhairpa-jhaypi, jang. 
Skirt, 8, daman, zail, kinara. [kel. 

Skittish, a. kudel, chanchal, aloli, bhaf- 
Sky, s, asman, sama, falak, hawa. 
Skylight, 8. jharokhd, aina, roshan-dau. 
Slab, 8. ta^hta-i-sang, pat, sil. [kahil. 
Slack, a. dhila, kushada, sust, majhul. 
Slacken, v. dhila hojana, sust h. gaiil 

h. ; dhila k. manda k. kushada k. 
Slackness, s. dhilai, dhimai, susti, gaflat. 
Slake, V. bujhana, bharkana. [^i- 

Slander, s. tuhmat, buhtan, ifbirii, bad- 
Slander, V. tuhmat lagiina, buhtan kahna, 

badnam d. [saz, ^b-go. 

Slanderer,^. muftari,buhtan-go, tuhmat* 


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Slanderous, a. tuhmat-amez, tnlnnatf. 
Slanting, a. dhalii, tirohha, terha. 
Slap, s. tamanohil, dhappa, thappar tha- 

pepji, dhanl. 
Slash, s. za^hm, ghao, ohir. 
Slash. V. ka(n&, chirna. 
Slate, 8. patthar-kl takhti, pa^'. 
Slattern, 8. phuhar, chirkin anrat. 
Slaaghter, 8. qatl, mnqatala, khnn-rezi 
Slave, s, banda, gulam, mamluk ; lanndi, 
Slaver, s. lar, Inab, tuf. [das^, kanezak. 
Slavery, «. bandagi, gnlaml, cherai. 
Slavish, a. ^lanrmna, saHl haqir, ddn. 
Slay, V. qatl k. halak k. mardalna; halal 
Slayer, s. qatfl, khdnl, khun-rez. [k. 
Sledge, s. rehrd ; hathaura. 
Sleek, a. ohikna, mota-tdza. 
Sleep, 8. nind, ^hwab, nanm, dnghdl. 
Sleep. V. sona, ^hwab k. arara k. 
Sleepiness, s. nindas, unghai, khw^b-nd- 

ki yd aludagf. [ya aluda. 

Sleepy, a. nindasa, tinghasa, kkwab-nak 
Sleeve, 8. dstin. [qa-bdzi. 

Sleight, s. dhandhal, hikmat, fann, huq- 
Slender, a, patla, ohhin, nazak, mihin, 

Slice, s. phdk, quta, tardsha, waraq. 
Slide, V. phisaJna pichhalna, khisakni, 

Slight, a. patld, tnnnk, za|f, naznk, hal- 

ka, subnk. chhota, thofa. [mat- 

Slight, 8. khiffat, gaflat, ihanat, mazam- 
Slight, V. halka, janna, khafif ya subuk 

janna, hiqdrat k. [znki. 

Slightness, s. patldf, halkdi, snbuki, na- 
Slim, a. patla, dnbla, naznk [chahla. 
Slime, 8, pank, kichar, kando, kndrat, 
Slimy, a. chahlaha, chip-chipa, las-lasa. 
Sliness,5. siyanapan,chatnrai, robahbazi. 
Sling, $. gophan, gophiya, faldkhun. 
Slip, V7 khisaJnd, khisakna, phisalna ra- 

patnd, lagzish k. ; eruzamd, gnzar- 

jana ; bhulna, faramosh k. ; chhipdke 

rakhna ya jdna ghosana; chhof d. 

riha k. ; khalas d. 
Slip, 8. phisal, khisal, lagzish; saho, 

khata, bhnl ; qalam, nihal ; pa^^i, ta^h- 

ta, takri. 

Slipper, s. panhi, pdposh. 
Slippery, a. chikna, phislahi^ khislahd. 
Slit, V. ohirna, pharnd, oh&k k. 
Sloop, 8, chho(a jah^z, gnrab. 
Sloping, a. dhdld ntard, nashebddr, mdil. 
Sloth, 5. snsti, kdhili, ihmal, kasal. [kb. 
Slothfal, a. snst, kahil, muhmil dram-ta- 
Slongh, 8. daJ-dsJ, 4^asdo, wahaJ; kenoh- 

U; ohhichfd. 
Sloven, 5. galiz ddmf, mard be-nasdkat. 
Slow, a. ahista, dhiraa, dhfla, snst, kahil, 

dirang, der. [der, kahilana. 

Slowly, ad. ahista-dhista, hanle,-hanle, 
Slovmess, 8. ahistagi, dhilai, snsti, deri. 
Sluggard, s. snst admi, aram-talab, ma- 
Sluice, 8. mnhri khdrdb. [che-tor. 
Slur, 8. harf, dag, aib, ruswai. 
Slumber, s. unghnf, nim-khwab, jhapku 
Slut, 8. phuhar, chirl^in aurat [makkar. 
Sly, a. siyana, ohatur, aiydr, gaddar. 
Smack, s. maza, lazzat ; chatdkha, chu- 

ma; thappar 
Small, a. chhota, khdrd, kochak, sagir, 

kotdh ; ndchiz ; kam. [thofal, kami. 
Smallness, 8. chhotai, Jkhdrdi, kochaki ; 
Small-pox, 8. sltla, mata, goti, chechak. 
Smart, a. tez, tund, tez-kar, dast, chnst» 

chalak ; zarif, latif, charpafa. [dard k. 
Smart, v. pafpafdna, chaf papana, jalna. 
Smear, v. bharnd, malna, lesna, lepna, 

aldda k. [has. 

Smell, 8. shdmma, masham, sdngh ; bd. 
Smell, V. sunghna, bu 1. ; bas-ana yd ni- 

kalnd, bd d. 
Smile, 8. tabassnm, ibtisam, mnsknraf. 
Smile, V. tabassum k. muskurana, mns- 

kana. [k. ; baham marha. 

Smite, V. mama, zarb k. ; mardalna, qatl 
Smith, 8. lobar, dhangar, haddad, zargar. 
Smoke, s. dhudn, dhunwd, dhum, dud, 

dukhdn; bn^har. 
Smoke, v. dhuand, dhndn nikalnd yd nth- 

nd; dhnen men sukhdnd. [dukhani. 
Smoky, a. dhnnasd, dhndnddr, pur-dud. 
Smooth, a. chikna, mnhra.ddr, masqul ; 

bardbar, hamwdr, yaksan'; nd-muedar, 

be-bal ; khatir-nawaz, mulaim, shirin, 



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Smooth, V, chikD^ns, chanraSAiin, bara- 

bar k. narm k. mnlftim k. 
Smoothness, s. chiknai, mubrad^i, ham- 

wari, barabari ; manzuni ; lazzat. 
Sm<)ther, V. dam band k. ski^a rokna ; 

dabana, mana k. [sul mama. 

Smuggle, V. ghnt jk ohanki mamti, mah- 
Smut, s. kalak, kijal; lendha, ohitti; 
Snail, s. gbongha. [fuhsh, khurafat. 

Snake, 3. sanp, nag, miir. 
Snake-eatcher, s. sampern, gunl, mar-gir. 
Snap, V. chatak-jan^, ohatakn/i, chatk^- 

na, chufkl bajana ; katna ; lapaftna. 
Snappish, a. kalaha,chir-chirR, zud-ranj. 
Snare, s. phand, phanda, jal, dam. 
Snarl, v. gnrajna, gnrrina, ghnrakni, 

dbamkana. [para. 

Snatch, s, jhapa^, lapk£, chhin ; tnkra, 
Snatch, v. jhapat 1. chhin 1. lapak 1. 
Sneak, v. dabak-jana ya ana, dabiia. 
Sneaking, a. faromayaj haqir, khaebarr 

dar, dun, [riya. 

Sneer, s. nak-chayf, istihza, tanz, sn^hT 
Sneer, v-'nak cha]rhana, istih^a k. 
Sneeze, v. chhinkna, nak^jhiifu^} atsa k. 
Snip, V. katar-dalna, miqraz-se k^tna. 
Snipe, s, ch^ha. [ea rona. 

Snivel, w. ren^jhaj-n^ yanikalna; layka- 
Snore.v. kharratamarna,ghiimana, khar* 
Snort, V. phpnkarpa, farrana, [Ifhara k» 
Snot, s. rent, renta, ponta. 
Snont, s. thuthna, thuthni, n^k. 
Snow, pala, barf. 

Snowy, a. pala-sa, barf- dar barfaea snfed. 
Snub, V. dantna, dabltna, sansna. [gul. 
Snuff, s. nas, sunghpi, roshan-dimag j 
gnuff, V. sunghna, dam khinchna; gnl- 
Snuffers,s,gul-tarash, gul-gir. [tarashna. 
Snuffle, V. gungunana, nak-se bolna. 
Snug, a, chhipa, poshida; maqvil, khush. 
So, ad. aisa, wais^, jaisa, taisa, istarah, 

pstarah, yunhj, yunkar ; — long 05, jab- 

tak, jabtalak j — often as, jaiber j — 

that, ta-ki. 
Soak, v. bhigona, bhijdna, tar k. ; — up 
Soap, s. s^bun. [sokhn^, ja^b k. 

Soap-earth, s. reh, khih, sajji. 
Soar, V. oorh-chalna, buland-parwaz h. 

Sob, u sisaknn, siski bhama kuk mama. 
Sober, a. parhez-gar, hoshyar, sanjida ; 

na-mast. [maati. 

Sobriety, s. parhez-gan, hoshyari ; na- 
Sociable, "J a. milansar, milapi, snhbati. 
Social, ) ^shnd-mizaj, ulfati; majliska. 
Society, s, snhbat, mnsharakat, rifaqat ; 
Sod, 5. dh^la, chdr, chapf a. [majlis, taifa. 
Sodomite,^. fuliim-para.liiti, laiuoda-baz. 
Sodomy, s. iglam, lawdtat, laun^-bazi. 
Sofa, 8, tak:ht-posh, suffa. 
Soft, a. narm, muluim, pil-pila, gud-gnda; 

dhista; nazuk ; salim ; kachcha ; halk^. 
Soften, V. narm k. mnlaim k. pil*pilana ; 

rahm-dil k. 
Softly, ad. ahista, hanle, chnpke. 
Softness, s. narmi, mulaimat, nazuki. 
Soil, s. zamin, ^hak, mi^ti ; mnlk, wilar 

yat; sar, chirk in : mail, dludagi; d^g. 
Soil, V. maila k. gaJiz k. aluda k. [ni^ 
Sojonm, V khushbashi k. maqam 1. rah- 
Sojoumer, s. khushbash, rahne-w. musa-. 
Solace, s. dil-as^i, tasalli, ta«kin. fir. 
Solar, a. shamsl, aftabi, suraj-ktu 
Solder, s, joran, tanka, lahm. 
Solder, v. jorna, tanka lagana. 
Soldier, s, sipahi, lashkari. 
Soldiery, s. sipah, lashkar. 
Sole, s, talud, talwd, kaf-i-pa, tala. 
Sole, a, ak^la, ekla, tanha, yakta, yagana; 
Solecism, s. galat, amr-mnhal. [sirf. 
Solely, ad. sirf, faqat, mahz, khass. 
Solemn, a, sanjida, haibatwar, bhari, 

Solemnity, s, |^, (d-xiz zinat; sanjfdagi, 

haibatwari. [r. ; karana. 

Solemnize, v. m^nxta, ziisr-*i-aztm k. id 
Solicit, V- mangna, ghihna, iltimas k. 

mipnat k. [niyazmandi. 

Solicitation, s. iltimae, dar^hwist, istida. 
Solicitous, a. andesha^mand, arzumand, 

mvztariq. [sha, iztirab. 

Solicitude,^. andeaha,fikr,^halish, khad- 
Solid) a. mnnjamid, sakht ; mnstahkam, 

nstuwar, na-mnjauwaf, thos ; haqiqi, 

qawl, asil^ 
Solidity, $, injim^d, sapgini, thosai, ua-. 

tttwari ; haqiqat, sachai, Banjidagu . 


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-SoUloquj, 5. khud-kalami. [w^hid. 

Solitary, a. ekla, akela, tanha, mafrad, 
Solitary, s. khilwat-guzin, gosha nishin, 

uzlat-guzida. [bayaban, wirana. 

Solitude, 5. ekUi,tanliai, gosha, l^halwat; 
Solstice, s. raa j sv/mmer — , ras-ti8*8ara- 

tan ; lointer — , ris ul-jadi. [hall. 

Soluble, a. qabil-i-gadaz, galau, asaa-i- 
Solution, 8, galao, gaJawa^, pighlao, hall ; 

pani ; hall-i-mushkilat, dafa-i-shubha. 
Solve, V. kholna, saf k, suljhana, hall k. ; 

dafa k. [qabil-i-adl 

Solvent, s. gudazinda, galau ; zardar. 
Some, a, kuohh, thofa, chand, bizey koi- 

ek, kol, kase. 
Somebody, 9, koi, kase. 
Somehow, ad. kisi tarah, ek-na-ek tarah, 

jon ton, bawajh. 
Something, > 5. kuchh,thofasa,kuchh-ek. 
Somewhat, ) thofa-bahnt. chize: ad. 

taqribau, taqribana. [waqte. 

Sometimes, ad. kabhi-kabhi,' gahe-gahe, 
Somewhere, ad. kahin, kisi jagah, ba-jae. 
Somniferous, a. Ifihwab-awar, naum-saz. 
Son, s. betiL, pisar, farzand, (in corwp.) 

Son-in'law, s. damad, I^hwesh, jamai. 
Song, 5. git, gan, sarod, nagma, gin4. 
Song-ster, s, gawaiya, gdne-wala, mutrib, 

Sonnet, & gazal, khiy&l. 
Sonorous, a. pur-awaz,awaz-dar, buland- 
Sonship, s. be(a-pan, ibniyat. [awaz. 
Soon, ad. jaldi, abhi, thore-din-men. 
Sooner, ad. aur-jaldi, shitab-tar ; pahle. 
Soot, s. duda, sawad, kijal. [pesh-tar. 
Soothe, V. chumkarna, ^hushamad k. tas- 

kin d. tasalli k. 
Soothing, a. taskin-bakhsh, khatir-na- 
Sop, 8. luqma, changal, tukfa. [wnz. 
Sophism, s. pech, lapet, bahs i-be-haqi- 
Soporific, a. khwab-awar, sulau. [qat. 
Sorcerer, s. jadugar, nairongsaz, sahir. 
Sorcery, s. jadugari, nairang, sihr, afsun. 
Sordid, a. tang-chashm, bakhil, dani ; 

faromaya, haqir; maild, cliirkm. 
Sore, 8, ghdo, zakhm, resh, qarha. 
Sore, a. par-dard, dukhaii -, raujida. 

Soreness, s. dard, dukh ; ranj. 
Sorrel, 8, ohuica, khatta-sag, tursha. 
Sorrow, s, gam, afsos, dilgiri, ranjidagi, 

Sorrow, v. gam-^hana, afsos k. ranjida h. 
Sorrowful, a» gamgin, dilgir, diltang, 

malul, udas. 
Sorry, (u pashem&n, pachhtau, mutaB* 

sif ; haqir, dun, na-bakar. 
Sort, 8. jins, qism, raqam ; w^jh, tarah, 

taur, tariq j taiifa. 
Sort, V. raqam k. sudhamia, arasta k. ; 

muwafiq h. 
Sot, 5. matw^la, be-hosh mard. 
Soul, 8. rdh, jan, nafs. 
Sound, a. bhala-ohangd, tan*duruBt, sa- 

hih, durust, rast, thik ; be-aib ; bhan. 
Sound, 8. awas, sada, bang, ilhan. 
Sound, V. awiz k. ya d. bajna ; bajana, 

nawaz k. ; sarahna, bolna ; thah 1. pani 

mapna y& a^kalna, and^za k. 
Soundly, ad. achhi tai*ah, bakhubi. 
Soup, 8. shorbll, jus, lib-josh, [na-khush. 
Sour, a. kha^ta, tursh, hdmiz; chir-chira. 
Source,^. nikis,baramad,masdar, sar,a8l. 
Souse, V. bhigona, dubana, dubki d. ; 
South, s. dakhin, junub. [jhapatna. 

Southing, 8. dakhinayan. 
South-east, a. agni-kon. 
Southern, a. dakhani, junubf. 
Southward, a. dakhin-ko, ba-sue junub. 
Southwest, a. naich-tan. 
Sovereign, a. mutlaq, mustaqil, azam ; 
Sovereign, 8. badshah, sultin. [kargar. 
Sovereignty,^, bidshahat, saltanat, hukti- 

mat istiqlal. 
Sow, V. bou£, ropna, tukhmrezi k, ; bi 

chhana, phail^na. 
Sow, 8. euari, khuk-mada. [afrox. 

Sower, 8. bowaiya, bone-w. ; angez, khez. 
Space, 8. fasila, wasat, arsa, bich, rand- 

dat, waqt. 
Spacious, a. phailau, wasi, ariz, pahna- 

war, khushada, fardkh. 
Spade, 5. kudal, kudall, bel ; ganjifa. 
Span, 8, balisht, bilisht, bitta, biUnd. 
Spaniel, «. qism-i-kutt4. 
Spar, 8. kafijiir^tlr-cha,' patthar-kanam. 


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Spare, v. bacliaii^ kifiyat k. ohhor d. ; 

deni ; jane d. ; myif k. ^ k. 
Sfiare, a. thofa, qalil, kam ; patla, dub- 
la ; ziyada, baqi. [tang-daBt. 
Sparing, a, kam-^haroh, kifayati, juzraa, 
Spark, 8. cbingari, cbingi, patanga, a^- 

gar; cbbaild, binka. 
Sparkle, v. ohingi cbbn^a ji jbafn^, 

chingan nikalnk, obamakna, jhalakna, 

jhamjhamiina. [sban, tiban. 

Sparkling, v. chamkila, jagmaga,dara^h- 
Sparrow, s. ganriya, knnjasbk, chi'Hy^. 
Spasm, s. jakar, maror, ainth, tashannnj, 
Spatter,t7.cbhirakni,aib lagtina. [pechisb. 
Spavin, s. badda, motbra. 
Spawn, 8. macbbli-ke an^e. [talaffnz k. 
Speak, V, bolna, kabn£, bat k. ; nchama, 
Speaker, s. bolwaija, mutakalUm, an- 

kban-saz ; mir-i-majlis. 
Spear, 8, barchbi, bh£la, ballam, neza. 
Spearman, 8. bbalait, neza-bardar. 
Special, a. kbass, ma^bsua ; fazil, nidir. 
Specie, 8. naqd, zar. 
Species, s. zat, qism, jins, nan^, sinf. 
Specific, a. zati, qismi, jinsi. 
Specific, 8» dawa mnjarrab. 
Specification, s, tasbkbis, tafsil, wasf. 
Specify, V. tasbkbis k. tafsilwar kahna. 
Specimen, 8. namuna, namu-dar, bangi. 
Specious, a. zabir-nnma, ^busb-numa, 

surat-baram. [manda. 

Speck, 8. cbitkara, cbMnta, dag ; pbnli. 
Speckled, a. cbitla, cbitkabra, dig-dir, 

palang-rang. [ajab nnmaisb. 

Spectacle, 8. tamasba, manzar, mazbar. 
Spectacles, chasbma, cbasbmak, ainak. 
Spectator, 8. dekbwaiya, nazir, sbabid, 

tamasbai. [rit. 

Spectre, 8. kbiy^l, surat-i-saya, bbut, if- 
Specnlate, v. andesba k. fikr k. libaz k. 

taammnl k. tasanwnr k. ; ^barid k. 
Speculation, s, andesba, fikr, libaz, ta- 

sauwor. [^biyali, wabmi. 

Speculative, a. fikr-mand, mulabiza-dar ; 
Speculator, 8. mansuba-biz, abl-i-maq- 

sad; ^harid-dar. 
Speech, 8. boK, zaban, g^fUr, goyai; 

aul^ban, ij^lam ; tallaffuz. 

SpeecblesB, a, be-asaban, be-snkban ; la- 

jawab. [barbaric daar. 

Speed, s, jaldi, ziidf, shitab, tesrawi ; 
Speedily, ad. jaldf-se, sbitaban, tort, 

fanran, daor-a-danr. 
Speedy, a. jald, sbit£b, tez, chalik« 
Spell, 8. jfld^, afsdn, mantar. 
Spell, V. bijje k. tabajjji k. ; imla k. 
Spelling, s, bijje, tabajji ; iml£. 
Spend, v. ^barcb k* aarf k. israf k. 

urana; ki^ni, [zdU^barcb. 

Spendtbrift, «. uf&u, musrif, mntlif, fn- 
Spent, a. l^barcb boa, masrdf ; manda. 

Bust; tbaka. [jagab. 

Spbere, 8. gola, kura, sipibr, qubba; 
Spherical, a. got, mudanwar, knra-wl^. 
Spheroid, 8. qarib kura, baizawi cbla. 
Spice, 8, masHlih, garm-masilib. 
Spicy, a. niasalib-dar gamkila. 
Spider, 8. makri> makfa, ankabdt. 
Spike, 8. bal, jbomp^, ^bosba ; me^b. 
Spikenard, 8, sumbul-i-bindi, sumbnl- 

it-tib, jatim^nsi. 
Spill, V. aundbana, cbbalkana, ^hiihiii, 

bahana, gira d. rezi k. mam£ 
Spin, V. katni, sut katna ; lambanit, tat- 

wil k. ; banana ; pbemi, gbumina, 

cbarl^b mama. 
Spinage, 8. isfanaj, palak. 
Spindle, 8. takld, takua, dak. 
Spine, 8. lifh, kangror, snlb. 
Spinner, s. katanbar, katne-wala. 
Spinning, 8. katai, katnai, charkb-zanf. 
Spinning •wheel,scbar^a,charkbi,rabt4. 
Spinster, s. kanwari, kuan ; katanbari. 
Spire, 8. minar, kalas ; pecb. 
Spirit, 8. rub, nafs, j^n ; dam ; snrat-i- 

wabmi, khiyal, bbut ; dileri ; bimmat, 

gairat ; taba, mizaj; tezf, garmi; araq, 

atr, sbarab. 
Spirited, a. tez-dil, diler, zind£i-dil, abl- 

i'gairat. [batini. 

Spiritual, a. rubani, nafsani, nnjismiuiiy 
Spirituous, a. tez, tund; — U^uors, 

sbardb-bfL [quds. 

Spirituality, 8. rdbaniyat, n&-jismaniyat ; 
Spit, 8. sikb ; tbdk, lu^b, tuf. [tbuk d. 
Spit, v. 81^ lagana, giitbna; tbukna, 


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Spite, s. kina, bugz, zidd. [desh. 

Spiteful, a. kinawar, kina-kash, bad-an- 
Spittle, 8. thnk, tuf, luab. 
Splash, v. chhitkl 4alna, chhinU mnrna, 

aluda k. [malalat. 

Spleen, $. tilli, pilai, tap-tilli ; sauda, 
Splendid, a. bharkila, chatkiU, raashan, 

tdb-dar, rangila, raanaq-dar. 
Splendour, s. rannaq, jalwa, tajalH, bha- 

rak, cha^ak, jauhardari ; jah-o jalal. 
Splenetic, a tunnk-mizHJ, chirchifa. 
Splice, V, santaa, jorna. 
Splinter, s. khapach, phans, kircb, tukfi. 
Split, V. chirna, pha^na, phorna, chak 

k. ; phatna, phatna, tu^nd. 
Spail,v. bigarna.kbarabk.j lutna, garatk. 
Spoil, 8. lut, ganimat, garat, taraj. 
Spoiler, 8. bigfau ; la^erd, garat-gar. 
Spokesman, s. bolwaiya, matakallim. 
Spoliation, s. \u%, garat, tartij. 
Sponjre, s. isfanj, mud badal. 
Sponsor, s. zamin-i-din. 
Spontaneous, a. muradi, Hfhtiyiri, l^hdd- 

bakhud, ap-se. 
Spoon, 5. chamoha, chamach. 
Sport, «. kbeljbflzi, lab; bansr,bazla-bdzi, 

tha^tha, sukbriya ; sbikar ; nal^hcbir. 
Sport, V, khelnd, bazi k, ; ^ushi k. 

labv-o-l^b k. [kbilap. 

Sportive, a. khush, hansmnkh, kbel- 
Sportsman, s, shikaH, shikarbaz. 
Spot, 5. cbbit, dag, Ij^b&l; aib, badnami; 

Spotless, a. be-dag, be-aib, la-jnrm. 
Spotted, a. cbitU, cbitkabra, dagfla, 

Spouse, s. zauj ja zauja, joru ya kbasam. 
Spout,s. ton(i,pot,pae-nala; pamala,nal. 
Spout, V. uchhalna, fauwara, ohhutna, 

Sprain, $. moch, ma^or, pechisb. 
Sprawl, V. lotnd, chbatpatdna, hatb paon 

mama; galtan-pecban k. 
Spray,s. palai,8ar-i-shakb; phen-i-darya. 
Spread, v. bicbhana, phailana, pasarna, 

cbhdna, farsb k. ; cbarbana, lagana ; 

Ufann, zdbir k. asbkara k. mash bur k. 
Sprig, s. pbungi, palai, shakhcba, qalam. 

Sprightly, a. sbo^b, shid, ^lidsho-^hiii^ 

ram, chulbala, chalak. 
Spring, V. ngnd, a(hnd, nikalnd, upajni j 

ucbbalna ; chasbma nikalna ; zahirh. ; 

kudna, pbandna ; uf^nd ; laohakna; — 

ii^on, jUapatna, lapaknd. 
Spring, s. bahar, rabf; jhspa^, kud, 

lapak ; chim^hat, lacha^ ; kamancha ; 

chasbma, mamba ; asl, bunyad. 
Spring-tide, s. katbal, madd-i-kdmil. 
Sprinkle, v. chliifakna, obhi^ns, ohbita 

mama, pash k. [ganohhai. 

Sprout, 8. phnngi, ankur^, ankri, konpal, 
Sprout, V. panapna, ^k\\ nikalna. 
Sprace, V. chhaila, ohikaniya, albela, 

Spur, kan^a, mahmez. 
Spur, V. er mama, kan^a mamd. 
Spurious, a. jhu^ha, jdl, sa^hta, libUsi $ 

bardmzada. [hiqarat k. 

Spurn, V, lit mdma ; ihanat-se radd k. 
Spy, s. jasus, mutajassis, bhediya. 
Spy, V. takna, jhankna, nazar k. ; khojnd, 

janchna,dhun4hna, jftsdsf k. tajasaus k. 
Spyglass, 8. dur-bin. [siteza. 

Squalid, a. malin, chirk in, maild, ganda. 
Squall, s. jhakord, jhoka ; chillaha(. 
Squall, V. chillana, nala-ozari k. [k» 
Squander,v. u^raua, ganwana, lutana, isrkf 
Square, a. chaukona, chau yd ohdrgosha, 

Squat, V, ukfU) bai^bna, chaukan-mdr 

baithna, char-zdnu baifhnd. 
Squeak, v. chichiydnd, kikiyand, cbaiiP 

chandna- [bezar. 

Sqaeamish,a. machlahd, nd-Vihiish mizaj, 
Squeeze,!/, dabdna, nichof ua tipnd,pelnd. 
Squib, s. pa^kha, (ontd; hajo, ohhui- 
Squint, a. te^ha, tirchha. [chhundar. 
Squint, v. tirchhd dekhna. 
Squint-eyed, a. dera, ^bera* bbenga, 

kajbin, abwal. 
Squirrel, 8. gilahri, cbikbur, rdkhi. 
Squirt, 8. pichkari, damkald. 
Squirt, v. pichkari mama. 
Stab, V. Vhanjar mama, bhonknd, hdlud, 



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Stability, 8. paedari, nstnwarf, qarar, 

qiyam, thabrao- [qaim, mazbut. 

Stable, a. paedar, ustnwnr, barqarar, 
Stable, s. istabal, tawela, pae-gah. 
Stack, 8. tal, atal, dher, tuda, ambar. 
Staff, 5. lathi, sonta, asa, danda ; chhar. 
Stag, 8, b^rah-aingd, kandsar, ahu-nar. 
Stage, 8, macfaan, akba^a, tamasba-gah ; 

manscil, marhala ; darja. 
Stagger, V. dagmagann, lafbafand, la^r* 

khafana, la^patana ; be^dH'h. tarsan 

h. hairan h. gbabrana ; par-i>gunian 

k. shubha uthana. 
Stagnatefu. khafa h. na-rawdn h. band h. 
Stain, 8. dag, laka, lik ; bad>nami, aib. 
Stain, V. dag lagana, dagi k. ; harf lana, 

rnswa k. 
Stair, 8. sifbi, pairi, zina, nardban. 
Stake, 8. kbamba, kbnn^; suli, dar; 

shart, giran, rihn. 
Stake, V. khambe-se gbema; shart 

bandhna, giran d. 
Stale, a. basi, shabina, purana. 
Stalk, 8. dali danthi, bheti bont [am k. 
StaJk, v. ainthke ya akafki chalna, kliir- 
Stall, 8. than, akhor ; takhta, dukancha. 
Stallion, s. sand, asp-i-nar. 
Stamen, 8. sut, mul, zat, qiiwat-i-z£tiya, 

Stammer, v, haklini, laf ba|rana, luknat 

k. tntlana. [totln. 

Stamp, 8. chhapa, muhr, sikka, naqsh ; 

ayar ; surat, tarah. [pitna. 

Stamp,t7. chhapna, naqsh k. zarb k ; paon 
Stanch, a. barqarar, sibit, mazbdt. 
Stanch, v. lahu band k. sail-i-khun mas- 
dud k. 
Stand, V. khapa h. ya rahna, qaim h. 

barpa h. ; rahna, hona ; bardasht k. 

thambhna ; — hy, madad d. ; — aside, 

kinara lena ; — for, talib-i-mansab h. 

nmmedwar h. ; wakil h. ; — oif,ba zana 

ya rahna, dur r. ; — out, barqarar h. 

sabit-pa h. ; nikal-ana ; — to, wafa 

k. ; — in, qimat rakhna. 
: Stand, 8. istadagi, atkao, (hahrao ; dhan- 

cha, gharoncha, taJ^ta. 

Standard, s. alama, alam, r^yst, liw6, 

nisban, bairaq ; ayar ya ijar ^ namdna ; 

nirkh, bhao. 
Standard-bearer, s. alam-bardiir, mir-i* 

liwa, jhandait. 
Standing, a. istada, khapa barqarar, 

qaim ; pakka. [darja, hal. 

Standing, s. istadagi, paed^ri, qadamat ; 
Stanza, s. bait, qita, doha. [i-i-awaj. 

Staple, 8. qnlaba, 8ikri,ganj,gola; asbab- 
Star,5. sitara, tara,akhtar, najm, kankab. 
Starch, 8, mawa, mandf, dndhi, nishasta. 
Stare, v. ghuma, takna, tak bandhna ya 

lag^na, tak rahna ; zahir h. 
Star-gazer, s. sitara-shinas, munajjim, 

Starry, a. sit6re-se arnsta, kawakib-dar. 
Start, V. chaunkna, channk-nthna, jha- 

jhakn^, bharakna; chalna, dauraa, 

rawana k. ; chhntn^, nikalna ; uthana, 

nrana, nikalna. 
Startle, v. bharkana, daran^. 
Starve, v. bhukh-pivas rakhna, bhukh-se 

mama ; bhukhon mnrdalna 
State, V. bayan k surat-i-h^l k. arz k. 
State,^. hal,halat,waza; martaba,mansal^ 

shau, shauqat, ihtisham ; saltanat, raj. 
Stately, a. shahana, umda, alishan, azim. 
Statement, s. surat-i-hal, haqiqat-i-hal, 

arz-dasht ; hisab. 
Station, 8. jagah, thikana, jae, maqam, 

manzil, maqarr; mansab, manzilat, 

darja, martaba. 
Station, v. rakhna, khara k. baithalna- 

thahrana, tain k. nasb k. [qim. 

Stationary, a. sakin, n«-rawHn, sabit mu. 
Stationer, s. kagazi, ksgaz-farosh. 
Stationery, s. kagaz, qalam, wagaira. 
Statuary, s but-tarashi, naqqashi ; but- | 

tarash, naqqash. [labat. n 

Statue, 8. surat-az-sang, but, sanam ; 
Stature, s. qadd, andam, qamat. 
Statute, s. qaida, ain, qanun, amr. 
Stave, V. torna, tukfa-t;ukya k ; dafa k. 
Stay, V. rahna, tikna, ^haharna, basnn, 

bud-o-bash k. ; der k. ; zabt k. rokna ; 

thamblina, pnshti d. 
Stays, 5. angiya, choli mahram. 


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Stead, s. jagah, jae, jwaz, badal, badli. 
Steadfast, a. qaim, pa«dar, qaim-mizaj, 

Steady, a. pnedir, ustuwar, qilim-mizaj, 

Steal, V. churi k. churiina, ohura-lejanfi, 

dnzdi k. ; — wpon, ohhipdke nazdik. 

ana ; — awa/y, ch^p-chap ch&le-jana. 
Stealth, 8. chori duzdi j hy — , ohhipake, 

Steam, s. bhaph, bhaphara, bnkhar, 
Steam-engine, s. ag-ka alat. [dh^an. 
Steed, s. ghora, samand, bad-pa. 
Steel, s. fulad, ispat, khep. 
Steep, a. khdra nnchd, sarasheb, dhalu. 
Steep, V. bhigona. 
Steeple, s, minar, lath. 
Steer, s, khaila, dohan. 
Steer, v. chalana, rah-batana. 
Steersman,^, manjhi, kanhanla, kandari. 
Stem, s. bont, d«nthi, bheti ; nasi, nasab. 
Stem,v. dhar-parchayhna; rokna,bandk. 
Stench, s. bad-bo, gand, taaffun. 
Step, s. qadam, gam, pa j ohal, rawish j 

Sifhi, initba; paya darja, martaba; 

kamj (in Gorwp.) sautela or sauteli. 
Step, V. qadam r. chalna, langhna; hatna. 
Step-daughter, s. bahu, patoh, rabiba. 
Step- father, s. sasur, susar, rab. 
Step- mother, s. sas, santeli ma, maibha. 
Step-8on, s. jamai, rabib. 
Sterile, a. kallar, usar, ahor, eukha. 
Sterility, s, kallarai, usarai, shoriyat. 
Stem, a. tursh-ru, sal^ht, dnrnsht tund. 
Stem, s. kishti-ka pichhwara, dumbal-i- 

jahaz. [dari; diwan. 

Steward, s. ^hatisaman, bakawal, bhan- 
Stewardship, 5. khanaaman-gari, diwani. 
Stick, s. lakri, lathi, ohhafi, chob, danda. 
StickjV. chipatna, chimatna, satna, lagna; 

hichiicbaua, ghabrana ; chhedna, 

Stickle, V. hujjat k. tarafdan k. 
Stiff, a. kafra, sakht, kapa magra, rakha. 
Stiffen, V. kafra k ya h. sakht k. ya h. 
Stiff-necked, a. sar-kash, gardan-kash, 

magra. [magral. 

Stiffness, s. sal^ti, jafata; sar-kashi, 

Stifle, V, tsins roka4; di^Mbi, bnjhln&j 

Stigma, 8. dag, chinh, harf, alb. 
Stigmatize, u. dag chafhan^ j& lagana, 

badnami d. 
Still, a. chnp, sakit, snns^n ; sakin, 

asuda, be-harakat. [ba*wajud. 

Still, ad. ab-tak, ab-top, hanoz, t4ham. 
Still, V. ohup k. khamosh k. ; thambhna, 

asuda k. taskin d. 
Still-bom, a. niua-jana, be-jan ziiida. 
Stillness, 8. chuppi, khamoshi, sunsani ; 

^sudagf, sukl^nat. 
Stimulate, v. tahns k. tahrik k. targib k. ; 

chalana, dau^ana, jagana. 
Stimalas, s. tahns, tahrik targib. 
Sting, s dank, nesh, dans, nawak. 
Sting, V. dank mama, dankiy ana, bindhn^. 
Stingy, a. tang-dast, tang-dil, ba^hil, 

Stink, s. bad-bo, gand ^funat, taaffun. 
Stipend, s. wazifa, ^lufa, mnshahara, 

rozina. [paiman k. 

Stipulate, v. shart k. ^hahrana, ahd o- 
Stipulation, t. shart, qaul-qarar, ahd-o- 

Stir, V. khisakna, sarakn^, harakat 'k. ; 

hilana, uthana, jumbish d. 
Stir, s. hangam^, hafbari, halchal. 
Stirrap, 8. rik^b. [tasak, tfs. 

Stitch, 8. fanka, dokht, bakhiya, lapki ; 
Stitch, V. tankna, dokht k. lapki k, sina, 

Stock, s. tana, paya, gola ; kunda ; guld- 

band ; asl, nasi ; punji maya ; ahmaq. 
Stock, V, pur k. ambar lagana, punjf k. 
Stocks, 8. kunda, bar, kath. 
Stomach, s. mida, shikam, jhojh, ojh. 
Stomachic, a. hazim, gawar-kuninda. 
Stone, *. patthar, sang, hajarj sang-i- 

masana; tukhm, dana; wazn (4 sir.) 
Stone, a. patthri, sangi, sangin. 
Stone, V. patthar mama, sangsar k 
Stone-cutter, s, patthriya, sangtarash. 
Stool, 8. pirha, morha, kursi ; jhara. 
Stoop, V. jhukna nihurna, mail h. ; sar 


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faro k.; cbapna, qabnl k. rizi h. ; 

jhapat lena. 
Stop, V. rahn^ khapa rahni, band h. ; 

rokna, mana k. band k, maadud k. ; 

mauquf k. ; baz r. [nnqta. 

Stop, s. a^kao, rok bcoidi, mana ; nisbin, 
Stoppage, 8. atkao, bandi, mana ; sadd, 

Store, s, firawan(, kaarat, 4ber kbazina, 

zakhira; mdya. [bbanddr. 

Store-honse, s. ambir-j^hana, ganjina, 
Stork, s. laqlaq, laklak. [hamla. 

Storm, 8. andbi, tnfin, jbakkar ; hnjum, 
Storm, V. danf-mams, hamla>Be lena; 

gazab-se sarzanish k. 
Stormj, a, andhiyaba, tnfani, mauwaj ; 

gazab-nak. [tabqa. 

Story, 8. kabdni, dastan, qissa ; manzil, 
Stout, a. tanawar, mo|a, mazbut, qawi ; 

dilawar, pablwdn. 
Stoutness, 8. tanawari, mo^, mazbitti, 

qnwat; dileri. 
Straddle, v. tang cbhitriike cbalna, ku- 

sbada-rau cbalna. 
Straggle, v. idhar-udhar pbima, Hwara h. 

paraganda b. 
Straight, a. sidha, sojha, rast, mnstaqim. 
Straighten, v. sidhi k. rist k [tnrt. 

Straightway, ad. fil-faur, fanran, tadhi, 
Strain, v. chhanna, gama, nicborna ; 

lachkana, kachkani; jidd-o-jahd k. 

bhar-maqdur k. 
Strain, 8. moch, lacbak ma^or ; nagma, 

tarannum ; wajh-i-snkhan, sirat-i-ka 
Strainer, s. chhanni, safi. [lam. 

Strait, a. sakra, tang, chnst. 
Strait,^. ghHti,tangrab,galf ; sa^htijtangf . 
Straiten, V. tang k.saketn/ijkasna khainch- 
Straitness, s. tangi, ohnsti, sa^bti. [na. 
Strand, 8, kinara, sahil, lab-i-darya. 
Strange, a. begana, garjb, ajnab ; ajib, 

ajab, n&dir, bad$. [na-wdqif. 

Stranger, 8. i^nabi, gair-admi, begana ; 
Strangle, v. phdnsl d. gala dabina ji 

ghontna, tasma khainchna. 
Strangury, 8, habs-ul-baul, asar-ul-baul. 
Strap, 8 chamoti, duali tasma. [dhokbi. 
Stratagem, «. hila^ fareb, fitrat, fanni 

Stratum, i. tabaq, tabqa, bis&t, tab. 
Straw, 8, puwal, biohili ; naif, dnnthi, 

tinki. [bhulna. 

Stray, v. bha^kna, gnm-r&b h. be-rab h. 
Streak, 8. khatt, lakir, dhari ; partaa. 
Streaked,a. kbattddr, lafaariya, dharidar. 
Stream, 8, sail, jiryan, dhara. 
Stream,t;. dhara bandh-ke nikaln^, jari h. 
Streamer, 8. pharahra, pataka bad-namiL 
Street, s. galij kucha, rasta, sarak. 
Strength, s. zor, quwat, zorawari, tawa- 

nil, mazbuti. 
Strengthen, v. zor d. quwat d. qawi k. 

zorawar k. mazbut k. [mazbut. 

Strenuous, a, sar-garm, shadfd, tund ; 
Stress, 8. girani, sangini, bojh, bir ; zor 

qahr. [barbana. 

Stretch, v. khainchna. tanna, phailaua, 
Strew. V. chlii^kana, khindana, bichana. 
Strict, a. saJl^ht, durasht, shadid ; thik, 

daqiq ; mashgul. [gin, chhefcbbaf . 
Stricture, «. sakoiT) simtao, tangi ; harf- 
Stride, 8. phalang, shntur-gam. 
Stride, v. phalang mami ya k. [nazaat. 
Strife, 8. jhagfi, siteza, mundqisha, mu- 
Strike, v. marna, thonkna, pitna ; qata 

k. ; chhdona ; unhand ; ufana ; bajana ; 

jhafna ; bandhna, kama. 
String, s. rassi, ^wij sutli, rasan, res- 
man, tar; silsila, zanjir. 
String, u. pirona, guthna, g^nthnd ; tar 

chafhana, doH lagana. 
Stringy, a. khujhraha, resha-dHr. 
Strip, 8 dhajji, para, tarasha. 
Strip, V. nanga k. uryan k. ; ukhafna, 

n^herna utama, le-lena, lutna. 
Stripe, s. lakir,dandir, doriyi; kopa, zarb, 
Striped, a. lahariya, sinkiya, dh6ri-dar. 
Stripling, 8. nim-jawan, gabni. 
Strive, v. qasd k. koshish k. jidd-o-jahd 

k. zor m4ma, jan fishUni k. ; zidd k. ; 

dekhd-dekhl k. [^hatt. 

Stroke, s. mar, chot, zarb, sadma i laktr ; 
Stroke, V. sahlani, hathphema,ponehhna. 
Stroll, V, kttohagardi k. harza-gardi k. 

Strong, a. zorawar, qawi, mazbdt ; basin, 

aa^bt, mustahkam ; tez ; ganda. 


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Straotore, 8, banawa^, t^mir; im&rat, 

bina ; shak], surat. 
Straggle, v. h&th-paon mimn, daar-dhap 

k. jidd-o*jahd k. mihnat k. ; kushti k. 
Strut, V. akarna, ainthnR, ^hiram k* 
Strampet, «. kasM, fahisha. 
Stabble, s. danthi, nari, khunti. 
StubborB,a. sar-kash, gardan-kash^mag- 

ra, hathila, ziddi. 
Stud, 8. gul-mel^h, pbnl ; ^hail, pagi. 
Stad, v. phnl jafn^, mnrassa k. [gird. 
Student, s. talib-i jlm, muta^lam, aha- 
Studious, a. ilm-dost, tallb ; mashgul. 
Study, 8. mutalaa, tahsil-i-)lni ; shugl, 

sai, mihnat. 
Study, V. mutalaa k. {Im sikhna, dars 

k.; saik. qasdk.; fikr k. 
Stuff, V Ihasn^, ^osna, khonchni, bbar- 

na, ser k. 
Stuff, s, cbiz, jins, asbab, s&man, ra^ht, 

pai'cha, kapra; daw£. [masalah. 

Stuffing, 8. khonohi, bharawat, bharti ; 
Stumble, v. (hokar yi thes khana ; bhul- 

xi&, saho k. 
Stumbling-block, s. atkao, muzahimat. 
Stump, 8. tnnd, tbuntb, khunti. [k. 

Stun, V. be-hosh k. sar-gardan k. bahra 
Stupefaction, s. be-hosfai, be-l^hudi, mur- 

obha, sarsami. 
Stupendous, a. ajib, hairat-afza, azim. 
Stupid, a. ahmaq, be-waquf, be-?ql ; be- 

zarafat. [kund-zihni. 

Stupidity, 3. ldmliqat,be-waqufi, safahat, 
Stupify, V. be-hosb k. be-hawiss k. sar- 

sam k. 
Stupor, 8, be-hoshi, be hawassf , sarsamf. 
Sturdy, a. tanomand, zorawar, mazbut. 
Stutter, V, haklana, lafbaf ana, Inknat k. 
Sty, «. Buar-]^hana, kbobar. [tab. 

Style, 8, (barat, istilah, insha ; laqab, Ifhi- 
Style, V. nam d. laqab ya khitab d. 
Suavity, 8. shirini, mulaimat, lutf, muda- 
Subaltem, 8. mutdbf, zer-i-hukm. [rk. 
Subdivide, v, taqsim-i-sini k. hisse-ka 

hissa k. [zabt k. 

Subdue, V. maf lub k. sbikast d. dabani ; 
Subject, v. taskhtr k. ita^t k. mutlib) k. 

tai'iz k. 

Subject, 8, raafyat, farmin-bard&r ; mas- 

mun, muddai^; mubtada. 
Subject, a. mutf, tdb|, zer-siiya; mo&r- 

raz, mntahammil. 
Subjection, 8. farman-bardarl, t&bidari, 

inqiyad, itaat. 
Subjoin, V. jlhaqk.muzaf l^.pfofahelikhni. 
Subjugate, v. maglub k. zer k. qab^-men 
Subjunctive, a. sharti ; muzaf. [l&na. 
Sublimate, 8, raskapdr. 
Sublime, a. buland, raff, alf, ^mda, ^Iwi. 
Sublimity, «. bulandi, irtifi, ^Iwiyat bu- 

land-parwazi. [qamar. 

Sublunary, a. dunyawf, jahanl, taht-nl- 
Submiasion, s. itaat, wazaat, farman-bar- 

ddri, $jizi. [bjddr, farotan. 

Submissive, a. farman-bardar, mutia, ta- 
Submit, V. itaat k. sar-faro r. tab! h. in- 
qiyad, r. dabna ; age r. pesh k. ; cbbof • 

na ; qabul k. [hukm. 

Subordinate, a. cbhota, mutdbf, zer^i- 
Subordination, s. mutaba^t, mahkiimi- 

yat, zer-hukmi. [d. 

Suborn, v. jhuthi gawahf dil&n^, rishwat 
Subpoena, s, talab-chitti, talab-nama. 
Subscribe,!;, dast-khatt likbna,nam likh- 

nd ; qabul k rdzi h. 
Subacription, s: dast-khatt ; chanda, bih- 

ri, bakhshish. [khir, dkhir. 

Subsequent, a. pichhli, pas-rau, muakh-$win,madadgar,kargar. 
Subside, u. ghatna, baitna, niche JHna 

tab nishin h. ; kam h. [guzar. 

Subsidiary, a. mudwin, madadgir, khiraj- 
Subsidy, 8. ianat, madad; Ifbiraj, pesh 

kash, nalbandi. 
Subsist, V. hond, rahna ; paedar h. ; jin6, 

guzran k. palna. 
Subsistence, 8, hasti, wajdd; gnzrftn, 

ma^sh, rizq, rozi. 
Substance, 8. chiz, jins, jism, zat ; ]^hu- 

lasa, jauhar, maya, asl ,* natija ; mal ; 

ustnwari, quwat ; amwdl, asbdb,daulat. 
Substantial, a. asli jauhari, zati, man- 

jud, jismdni ; mazbut, ustuwar ; mal- 

dar, daulat-mand. [ti d. 

Substantiate, v. sabit k. daUlat k. ; has- 
Substautive, ism-i-zat, mabtada. 


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Substittlte, s. jwazi, badli, j&niBMn, q^im- 

mnqam. [shin k.^ 

Substitute, v. fwaz k. badal k. ; jani- 
Substitntion, s, Iwaz-mu^wixa^ tabdil, 

Substratum, s. nfclie-ka tabaq ji. tab. 
Subterfuge, a. bahana, hila, ghol-gha- 

mas, chbal. 
Subterranean, a. zer-i-zamin, zer-i-khak. 
Subtile, a. barik, daqfq, tunnk ; xirak, 

nukta-diin, khurda-bin, hila-baz. 
Subtility, s, bariki, diqqat ; ziraki, nuk- 

ta-dani, fann-o-farebi. [na, farebi. 
Subtle, a. zirak, nukta-dan hilabaz, sija- 
Subtract, v. ka^ni, nikalna, waza k. 

minha k. 
Subtraction, s. waza, minhd, gbatao. 
Suburbs, s. hawali-shahr, pairaman*i- 

shahr, daman-i-shahr. 
Subvert, v. zer>zabar k. tah-o-bala k. 

sar-nigun. k. paemal k. wirau k. 
Subversion, s. zer-zabar-sazC, inqilab, 

paemali, kharabi. 
Succeed, v. pichhe ana, pairavi k. ; pai- 

dar-pai h. mutawdltir h. naubat k. 

qaim-muqam h. ; kamyab h. 
Succedanoam, s. badal, iwaz, santi. 
Successful, a. kamyab, bahramand, 

bakhtyar, peshraft. 
Succession, s. tasalsul, taw^tur, tawali, 

taraduf ; miras, jae-'nashini. 
Successive, a. mutawdli, mutawatir, mu- 

salsal, pai-dar-pai. [ala-tawatur. 

Successively, ad. pai-dar-pai, ek-par-ek, 
Successor, s, jae-nishin, qaim-muqam, 

pairau. [kotah. 

Succinct, a. mujiz, muqtasar,mukhtasar, 
Succour, s. madad, yari, chara, i&nat. 
Succul6nt,a. rasna,ra8-dar, shadab,serab. 
Succumb, V. dabna, sir naw^na, maglub h. 
Such, pr. aisa, jaisa, waisa, taisa ; fulan, 

Suck, V. ohusna, pma, sokhna, jazb k. 
Suckle, V. pilfind, dudh d. 
Suckling, s, shir-khurda,shirmast, dudh- 

ka bachcha. 
Suction,. 5. chusao, khinchao. 

Sudden, a. n&gahan, nac^ahani, ek&-eki 
Suddenly, ad, nagah, nagahan, eka-eki, 

yak-a-yak, yak-bargi. [ange2» 

Sudorific, a. pas^'au, paafna-war, araq-' 
Suds, 8, sab6n-kd phen ya kaf. 
Sue,v. ad&lat-menkhainchi,dad-khwahi 

k. ; mangnd, niyiz k. 
Suffer, V. uthan^, lena, pana, sahna, 

bharna, khana, khainchna, bardasht k. 

sabr k. tahammnl k. ; ijazat d. jaiz r. 

Sufferable, a. sahankar, bardiishtani, ta- 

hammul-pazir. [parwangf. 

Sufferance, s, sabr, taharamul ; ijazat, 
Sufferer, s. dukhi, dard-khdr, azar-yab, 

sahwaiya. [yat, jza. 

Suffering, a. dukh, dard, ranj, azar, azi- 
Suffice, V. baa h. kafi h. kifayat k. wafir h. 
Sufficiency, s. kifayat, iktifa, wufur; 

Sufficient, a. bas, kafi, w6fi ; laiq, qabil. 
Suffocate, v. sans rokna, gala ghontna, 

dam-band k. [fas, sans-band kama. 
Suffocation, 8. dam-giriftagi, habs-ul-na- 
Suffrage, s. qaul, qaul-i-amm, raza. 
Suffuse, V chhana, phail&na, bhama. 
Suffusion, s, phailao, afshan ; jala. 
Sugar, s. shakar, ohmi j raw — , gur, 
Sugar-boiler, s. k»»ndu. [khand, bhura. 
Sugarcane, s, ikh, ukh, ganna, ganda, 

paunda, katard, naishakar. 
Sugarcandy, s. misri qand. [kahna. 
Suggest, V, ishara k. batlana, chitnna. 
Suggestion, s, ishara, gosh-guzari, salah; 

igw^ [kush, qatil-i-nafs. 

Suicide, s, khud-ku8hi,qatl-i-nafs;khud- 
Suit, 5. jora, silsila ; sawari, jaleb ; ai*z, arz- 

dasht, darkhwast ; muqaddama; talab. 
Suit, V. phabna, lagn^, milna ya milaua, 

muwafiq h. ya k. mtinasib h. ya k. 
Suitable, a. shaista, muwafiq, munasib, 

sazawar. [aurat, 4shiq. 

Suitor, 8. dlid-khwah, muddai ; t^ib-i- 
Sullen, 1 a. nn-khush, barham, kashida, 
Sulky, I tira zamir, munh-phula. 
Sully, V. maila k. 61uda k. ds^ lagana, 

kharab k. 
Sulphur, s. gandhak, gogird, kibrit« 


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Sultry, a, khamas, garm-o-be-liawa. 
Sum, s. mablag ; toya ; jama, jumla, ha- 

raagi; asl, Tii»ya; hasil, natija, khulasa. 
$ain, V. jorna, jama k. hisab k. ; mujmal 

k. klmlasa nikalna. 
Summary, a. mujmal, mukhtasar. 
Summary, s. ikhtisar, mujaz, khulasa. 
Summer, s. garaia, tabistan, saif; — 

house, barahdari. 
Summit, s. sar, qulla, ras, chonti. 
Summon, v. talab k. bula-bhejna, pakaf- 

mangana. [bulahat. 

Summons, s. talab-chitthl, talab-n^ma ; 
Sumptuous, a. besh-qimat, sbahana, fa- 

khira, jhakajhak. 
Sun, s. suraj, aftab, mihr, shams. 
Sunbeam, s. partau, shua-i-aftab. 
Sunburnt, a. dhup-ka jala, kala. 
Sunday, s, itwar ya etwar ; rabibar. 
Sundial, s. dhup-ghaj-i, ddira-e-hindf. 
Sundry, a. kai-ek, do-tin, ohand, b$ze, 

Sunflower, s. suraj-mukhi, gul-i-aftab. 
Sunrise, s. matla-i-aftab, tuM-i-shams. 
Sunset, 5. gurub-i- aftab, suraj-ka dubna. 
Sunshine, s. dhiip, shud-i-aftab, tab. 
Sup, V. rat-k^ khana khana, asha khana ; 

jura-jura khana. [rat, ifrat, 

Snperabundanoe,s. bahutat, ziyadati,ka8* 

sSuperannuated,a.burha,siilkhurda, khidr 

mat rasida. [raunaq-dar. 

Superb, a azim, ailfshan, shahaua, qimati, 
Supercargo, s. jahaz-ka cha^'handar ya 

kamdhar. [khudbin, kashida. 

Supercilious, a. mutakabbir, magrur, 
Super^cial, a. uparla, bahiri, baruni, za- 

hir 8(irat-numa ; khami be-huda j su» 

buk-par, be-aql. [sitat. 

Superficies, s. ru, wajh, sath, wasat, ba- 
Superfine, a. bahut bnrik ya wihin ; sab- 

se achchh4, khush-tarin. 
Superfluous, a. zaid, afzud, fazul, kasir. 
S nperint endence,^. nigahbani, sarbarahi, 

Superintendent, s, ^igflbban, sarbarah- 

kar, nazir, karfarma, sarkob. 
Superior, a. bafa, bartar, ala, aidatar, 

bihtar; galib. 

Superiority, 5. bayai, bartari, auliyat, 

Superlative, a. afzal, sab-se baya; — de- 

greej siga-i-mubaliga. [insaniyat. 

Supernatural, a. fauq-ul-^dat, fauq-uU 
Saperscription, ». sar-n4ma, bala-navisi. 
Supersede,!;, bartaraf k. naskh k. bitil k. 
Superstition, 8. din-i-batil, iman-i-batil, 

waswas. [y«h, waswasu 

Superstitious, s. ahl-i-iman-i-batil, i^hi- 
Supervisor, s. see Superintendent. 
Supine, a. utan, chit ; sust, kahil, gafil,. 
Supper, s. rat-k^ khana, asha, biyari. 
Supplant, V. ksirsazi-se tagir k. jagah 

mdma, sarka-baithni. [laim. 

Supple, a. narm, lachakta, chimpa ; mu- 
Suppliant,s. arzumand, niyazmand, mul- 

tamis, multaji. [p^on papna. 

Supplicate, v. iltimas k. niyaz k. istida k. 
Supplication, s. niyaz, iltimas, istid^s 

tamanni, minnat. 
Supply, V. dena, bakhshna; paida k. ; 

madad k. khabargiri k. 
Support, V. bardasht k. sahna j uthana ; 

parwarish k. ; takiya k. pushti d. ; 

thamqa ; sabit k. 
Support, s. tek, ^ekan, takiya, pushti 

taqwiyat; parwarish, qut. 
Supportable, a. bardashtani, sabau. 
Suppose, V. qiyas k. khiyil k. bujhna, 

Suppose, ad. farzan, m^no, jano. [za. 
Supposition, s. qiyas, khiyal, fikr, anda-^ 
Suppress, v. dabana, maglub k. ; chhipa- 

na, makhfi k, ; mansuj^h k. [kalna. 
Suppurate, v. pakna, pibiyana, pib nl- 
Suppuration, s. pakao, pibiyahat. 
Supremacy, s. auliyat, sarwarj, sard^ri, 

riyasat. [mustaqilU 

Supreme, a. bapa, ala, sadr, mutlaq. 
Sure, a, sach, yaqin, sabit, muqaiTar ; 

musallam, be-li;hatr ; qaim, mazbut. 
Surety, s. zamini, kafalat; zamin, kafil. 
Surface, s. lipar, ru, wajh, safha, sath, 
Surfeit, s. aphrai, seri. [bisati^ 

Surfeit, v. apharAa, agh^na, ser k. 
Surge, s. hilitora, hilora, mauj, mauja. 
Surgeon, s. jarrah, hajjam. 


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Snrgery, 8 jarr&hi ; jarrah-khina. 
Surly, a dnrusht, tall^, tal^hru, tursh, 

Sarmise, 8. ^hiyal, wabm, gnmia, shubha. 
Sarmountjtf. upar oharhna, galibh. parh. 
Sarname, s. laqab, Iphitab-i-khandau. 
SarpaaSttf.uparjanajSaras h. barb-chain a, 

sabqat lejana, pesbqadam b. galib b. 
Sarplna, 8. bachti, bafhti, besbi, afzuni. 
Shirprise, 8. tajjub, bairani, iisbnftagi, 

Surprise, v. mntajjib k. hairin k. ; be* 

^habar pabnnchna ya len^. 
iSurprising, a. ajib, baid(, bairat-angez. 
Surrender, v. sompna, tafvris k. taslixn 

k. hawila k. simma k. 
Surrepdtioos, a. cbora^i, masruq. 
Surround, v. gbema, gird k. mubasara k. 
Surtout, s, barani knrta. [ibnta k. 

Survey, v. dekbna, nigah k. nasar k. ; 

jarib-kashi k. masahat k. 
Survive, v. jita rahna, ji-bacbn^ b^q( r. 
Survivor, s, jo jita raba, paszinda, pas- 

manda. [mulaim. 

Susceptible, a. akbiz, pazir; narui-dil, 
Suspect, V. shubha r. guman k. ; bad- 

gnman r. taqsirwar janna. 
Suspend, v. Xingntif jhnlana, latkanlL, 

muallaq r. ; multawi r. mauquf r. muat- 

tal r. m^zdl k. [pesb, shubha. 

Suspense, 8. taraddud, bais-bais, pas-o- 
Suspension, «. latkao ; tawaqquf ; mazuli. 
Suspicion, 8. sbubha, shaJck, guman, 

wahm, raib ; bad-gumani, tuhmat. 
Suspicious, a. shakki, wahmi, bad-gu- 

man ; gumantiwar, tubmati. 
Sustain, v. bardashtk. sabna; sambhalna, 

takiya k. ; madad k. ; parwarish k. 
Sustenance, 8. parwarish, khurak, rozi ; 
Sutler, 8. bhatbiyari, banjara. [rozgar. 
Swagger, u. shaikbi k. lafzani k. kalla 

m&rna, dbumdham-se chalna. 
Swallow, 8. abdbil ; halaq, gala. 
Swallow, V, nigalna, lilnil, ghuntnl 
Swallow-wort, s. mandar, ak. 
Swamp, s. dal-dal, dhasan, chorzamin. 
Swan, s. rdj-hans. 
Swarm, s, jhun^, 4^er, izdibiim. 

Swarm, r. bbif-bbaf b. jama k. 
Swai*thy, a. sanwl^, kala, gandum-ranff. 
Swathe, v. patti ya pe^i-se bandbnii« 
Sway« 8. bul^umat, mul^htari. 
Sway, u. hukumat k. ; mail k. [kbana. 
Swear, v.qasam khanayH dilana, saugand 
Sweat, 8. pasina, paseb, ^raq. [nikalna. 
Sweat, V. pasijna pasiua ohbufna ya 
Sweep, V. jharn£, jbafa-dena, bobama ; 

^hiram k. ; uthll-lejana. 
Sweeper, s, chabra, mibtar. 
Sweet, a. mitba, shirm ; laziz, ^bush ; 

narm, muliim ; na-namkin. 
Swfeten, v, mi^hana, mi^ha k. shirin k. 
Sweetheart, s. piyaraya piyari,dil-fareb, 

dil-band, ankh-laga, ashiq y a mashuqa, 

Sweetish, a. mitha-sa [lauziynt, &c. 

Sweetmeat, 8. mithai, balwa, murabba. 
Sweetness, s. mithas, mi^bai, shirin i ; 

mulayimat. [bafhii4. 

Swell, V. phulnii, sujna, waram ^. u^bna, 
Swell, 8. phulao ; mauj, lahar. 
Swelling, s. phulao, suj j waram, gumra. 
Swift, a. jald, tez, tund, tezqadam, obalak. 
Swiftness, 8. jaldi, tezi, tez-rawi, tundi, 

Swim, V. paima, taima, shinawari k. ; 

bahna, bhasna ; ghumna, teorana. 
Swimming, 8. pairai, tirao; ghumi, tewar. 
Swine, s. siiar, ^hiik, ^binzir. [doar. 
Swing, V. jhulna, dolna,jhumnll;jhulaaay 

dulana, hilana, bhanjna. 
Swing, 8, jhulio ; jhuli, hindoU. 
Switch, 8. chhafi, bet, qazib. 
Swivel, 8. rahkala, zambdrak, janj61. 
Swoon, 8. murohha, gashf ; beboshi. 
Swoon, V. murchha ina, gash ina. 
Swoop, V, jhapat-lena ya mam£. 
Sword, 8. talwar, sbamsher, saif, teg. 
Sycophant, 8. ^hushamadi, khiiyabard&*. 
Syllable, 8. bijja. 
Sylvan, a. jangali, dashti. 
Symbol, 8. nisban, al4q[iat, sbi^r. 
Symbolical, a. alamati, sbiamum^, dall. 

Symptom, s, nisbdn, alamat, asar. 


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Synecdoche, ». zikr-i-juz, irada-i-kull, 
ja zikr-i-knll, u-ida-i-jnz. []^hana. 

Synod, s. jamiat-i-v^ma, majb's mush^i- 

Synonymous, a. ham-mani, yak-mani, 

Synopsis, s.innkhtasarjmiijmal, ^hnlasa. 

Syntax, s, naho. 

Syringe, 8. pichk&ri, hnqna, damkala. 

System, 8, qanun, qi)da, rasm, nizam. 

Tabernacle, 8. I^hima, tamb^i *, fbildatg&h. 
Table, s, me« -, takfata ; fihrist ; lauh ; na- 

ma; naqsha. [ki chaddar. 

Table-oloth, 8. dastarkhwan, sufra, mez- 
Tablet, s, lanh, takhti, pati. 
Tacit, a. chnpka, sakit j matazammin. 
Taciturnity, 8. ^hamoehi, snk^t, chupkl. 
r Tack, v. tankna, jofni i jahdz phir&na. 
Tackling, s. jahaz- ka asb&b ya saranjam, 

resman. [saflf-arai. 

Tactics, 8, fann-i-jang, lapai-ki hikmat, 
Taffeta, 8. tafba, cheoli. [banda, lunda. 
Tail, 8, dum, dnmbal, panoh; — less. 
Tailor, s. darzt, khaiyat. 
TaintjV. alud4 k.bigafna,sarana,bosida k. 
Take, v. lena, hlisil k. ; pakarni ; qabdl 

k. ; samajhna ; kamyab h. ; le-lenii ; 

nthina ; — up, a^ha-Iend j — off, utar- 

ni ; — care of, khabardari k. [hairat. 
/ Taking, s. len^, pakajr, girift; iztiHib, 
Talc, s. talq, abraq. [hisab. 

Tale, s. kahani, qissa, dastan, hikayat,* 
Tale-bearer,s. chngl-khor,ganmiaz, Intra. 
Talent, s. wazn,* tofli, sikka; qudrat, 

qablyat, idrak, janhsur. 
Talk, V. bolna, kahn^ bdt-chit k. gnftogu 

k. baten k. batiyana, bakn^, gapna. 
Talk, s. bolchil, bat-chit, guitogu, sii- 

^han, gap. [barbafiya. 

Talkative, a, bakki, batuni, batkaha. 
Talker, s. bakwilha ; qail, sukhanfan, go. 
Tall, a, lamba, nnch^ btdandbala, tawil. 
Tallow, s. charbi pi, pih. 
Tallness, s. lAmhii, anchai, bnlandi. 
Talon, V. na^un, ohang, changul, nakb, 


Tamarind, s. tamar-i-hind£, imli, tintiff. 

Tamborine, s. kbanjai-i. 

Tame, a. hili, pala-hua, baUm, rami 

Ifibangi ; dhir, kund ; behimmat. 
Tamper,v.chberna,hath ^alniij karsazi k. 
Tan, V. dabbagat k. sijhanH 3 jhanwana. 
Tangible, a. mamsus, lams-pazir, mom- 

Tank, s. talab, talao, hanl^ 
Tanner, s. dabbag, chamlr. [dahkana. 
Tantalize, v lalchani, lahran&, tarsana. 
Tap, s. thap, thopi, thapak, thappajr. 
Tap, V. thap-thapana, khat khatana, 

thapn& ; cbhedua, naqb k. 
Tape, 8. patt», qor, niwar, pbitl. 
Tar, 8, ral, qitran. 
Tar, V. rdl lag^na, dhupna. 
Tardy, a. dhila, dbima, sust, kahil, der, 

Target, s. dbal, sipar. 
Tarnish, v. maila k. aluda k. be-jila k. 
Tarry, v. thaharna, tikna, rahna j derf k. 

intizari k. 
Tartar, s. dnrd-i-shar6b, tartir ; tatar log. 
Task, s. kirn, k£r-o-bar, amal, shugl, 

wazifa; tMkit; dars, sabaq. 
Task, V. kam d. kar-o-bar mnqarrar k. 
Taste, s. chakhn^ chikhna, maza 1. zaiqa 

1. ; ba dil-pasandi, daryaft k. 
Taste, 8. ^anq, lazzat, maza; ziiqa; 

chdshni; idrak, saliqa, ziraki. 
Tattle, V, bakna, barbaf^a, gap mama. 
Tattler, s. bakki, gappi, harzago. 
Tattling, s, bak-bak, bakwas, gap, zatal, 

Tannt, v tana-zani k. tan mama chhejrna 
Tanms, s. burj-i-saur. 
Tautology, s. takrar, takarrar. [^hana. 
Tavern, s. sharab-^hina, l^harabat, kalar- 
Tawdry, a. be-nazakat, na-latif, be-saj. 
Tawny, a. jhaonra, pila, saonla, gandnm- 
Tax, s. khiraj baj, mahsdl. [rang. 

Tax, V. khiraj lagana ; tuhammat lagand. 
Taxation, s. ^hiraj bandi, talabibaj. 
Tea, 8. cha. 
Teach, v. sikhana, sikhlana, talim k. 

tarbiyat k. ; samjhdna, bujhana. 


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Teachable, a, tarbiyat-pazir [miyan-ji. 
Teacher, s. nstad, maallim, mnddaris, 
Tea-cup, s. chn-ka piyala. 
Tear, t?, phnrn") chirnd, chnk k, chithar- 

na, maskana ; kharash k. 
Tear, s, ansu, ashk, anjhu, ab-i-dida. 
Tease, v, satana, chi|>ana, khijnna, tasdi 

d. diqq k. tumna, dhanna, jh^^na. 
Tedious, a. daraz, tawil, der-rau, sust. 
Teem, v. hamila h. ; janna, paida k. ; 

bhara h. par h. mamur h. 
Telegraph, s. ishare-se jaldi ]|^abar pa- 

hunchane<'ki alat. 
Telescope, s, dur-bin. 
Tell, V. k^hna, bolnd, bay^n k. batana, 

khabar d. jatana ; shamar k. ginna ; 

TelUtale, s. chiigl-^hor, gaminaz, latri. 
Temerity, s. gustakhi, be-hoshyari, be- 

tadbiri, tahauwar. 
Temper, s. mizaj, tabfyat, kho, khaslat; 

mulayimut, sabr ; ftidal ; ih. 
Temper, v milana ; mutadil k. mnwdfiq 

k. ; narm k. ; sal^ht k. 
Tempei*ance, s. itidal, parhezgari, riyazat. 
Temperate, a. mutadil ; parhezgar j mu- 

laim, thau4a 
Tempest, *. andhi, tufan, jhakkar; ashob. 
Tempestuous, a. andhiy^ha, tufani, tez- 

o-tund, shadid. 
Temple, $. ibadat-gah, masjid, m$bid ; 

mandir, but-khana ; shiqiqa, kan-patl. 
Temporal, a. zamani, dunyawi, fani. 
Temporary, a. drizi, chandroza, thor& 

waqt-ka. [snzi k. 

Temporize, v. talna, talmatol k. zamana- 
Tempt, V. wargalana, targib k. igwa k. 

lalchana, phuslana; azmaish k. im^ 

tihan 1. [lobh; waswas. 

Temptation, s. igw4, targib, tam^, lalach, 
Tempter,s. targib-dene-w. igwa-kuninda, 

lal-chaii. [dah-chaad. 

Ten, a. das, dah ; — foldt dasguna, 
Tenable, a. sabit, muatahkam. 
Tenacious, a. sakhtgir; tang-dast.tama- 

kar ; laslasa, chip-chipa sa^ht, mag* 

ra, khud-rae. [chipahat, chaspidagi. 
Tenacity, s. sakht-giri ; laslasaha^ chip* 

Tenant, s. kir&ya-dar, ijara-dar, asami. 
Tend, v, rakhwali k. nigahbinf k. ; mail 

h. jhukn4. mutawajjih h. [murad. 
Tendency, s. mail, ruj^; maqsad, matlab. 
Tender, a. narm, mulaim, nazuk, naznin ; 

shafiq ; dardmand ; tar-o-taza. 
Tendemes8,s. narmi,m nlayimat,naza kat, 

nazuki ; narm-dili, riqqat; dardmondi. 
Tendon, 8. nas, pai, asab, patha. 
Tenesmus, s. hagas, sur. 
Tenet, s. masla, din, qaul, tariqa. 
Tenour, «. tariq, chal, silsiia, silk, 

suluk ; mdni, mazmun, fahwa. 
Tense,a. tang, kashida, tanaha. [khichao. 
Tension, s. tanahat. kashidagi, kasao. 
Tent, 8. khaima, khargah, tambti, dera. 
Tenter, s. ankfi, anksi, mekh. 
Tenth, a. daswag, dasam, dahnm. 
Tenth, s, dasans, daswan hissa. 
Tenuity, s. patlahat, riqqat, tunuki; 

Tepid, a. shir-garm, ganguna. 
Term, 8. hadd ; muddat^waqt ; jalsi ; bat, 

lafz, jbarat, istilab ; shart, ahd, qaul. 
Termagant, 8, lafankl, karkasa, dakini. 
Terminate, v, hadd k. ; tamam k. ya h. 

akhir k. ya h. chukna, chnkana. 
Termination, 8, hadd, sar>hadd ; akhir, 

anjam, tamami, ^qibat, natija. 
Terrace, s. chhat, bdm ; chabutara. 
Terrible, ) a. haulnak,sahmnak,dah8hat^ 
Terrific, ) angez, marhub, muhib. 
Terrify, v. Parana, dahahat d. takhwif k. 
Territory, s. mulk, zan^in, diyar,kishwar. 
Terror, 8. 4ar, tars, hirus, haul, dahshat, 

wahshat, khauf, haibat. 
Tertian, s. tijari, tap-i-gibb. [imtihan. 
Test, s. kasau(i, mihakk, ayar, azmaish, 
Testament, s. wasiyat-nama -, old — , tau- 

ret ; new — , injil. 
Testator, s. musi. 

Tester, s. palang-ki chhatri sfyaban. 
Testicle, s. ^haya, l^hasiya, pelra, an4. 
Testify ,v. gawabi d.sbahadat k.dalalat k. 
Testimonial, s. gawahi ztama, shahadat- 

nama, 4aataweZf 
Testimony, s. gawahi, shakadat, dalalat. 


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Tether, 8, garanwan, pagi, p&laliaQg. 

Tetrarch, s, badshah. 

Text, 8, matan, asl, masdar. 

Textare, f. binawa^, banawat, hiSt, 

Than, ad. se, az. 

Thank, v. shnkr k. ihsan manna. 

Thankful, a. shakr-g^z&r, ihsanmand, 

haqq-shin&s. [shinasi. 

Thanks, s. shukr, shnkr-i-niamat, haqq- 
That, |>. woh, as, jo, jiB. 
That, c. til, ki, kyunki. 
Thatoh, V. chhana, chhappar-bandi k. 
Thatch, s. ghas, chhappar. 
Thatcher, s. chhappar-band, gharamf. 
Thaw, V. pighalna, galna ; pighlani, ga- 
The, art, al ; wnh, yih, wahi. [land. 
Theatre, s. tama8hagah,naql]^han£, nach- 
Theft, s. chori, duzdi. [ghar. 

Theme, 8. maoBha, masdar, asl. 
Then, ad. tab, tad, tis-waqt, ns-waqt ; to, 

pas, phir. [ns-waqt-se. 

Thence, ad, wahan-se, ndhar>se ; tab-se, 
Thenceforth, *> ad. tis-pichhe, tab-se, 
Thenceforward, ) us-waqt-se, b^ us- 
. ke, bfd azan. [ilahl. 

Theocracy, a. hnkumat-i^khodi, an^il-i- 
Theology, s. {Im-i-ildhi, ilm-i-taaauwof. 
Theorem, s. masla, masdar. 
Theory, «. qiyas, ^hiyalj jlm. 
There, ad. waha^, adhar, ns-jagah. 
Thereabout, od.. lagbhag, anqarib, ns- 

gird-men ; talfihminan, qarib. 
Therefore, ad. isrwaste, is^liye, tis-liye, 

ns-wiste, lihaza. 
Thereon, ad, tis-par, it-par. 
Thesis, 8, mansha, masdar, masla. 
Thick, a, mo^, gnnda, bhari, kasif, 
. galiz ; g&rha, ghooa, kasir, bahut ; ba- 
• fa, azim ; gndla, dhabra ; mnnjamid. 
Thicken, v. ga^ha k. kasif k. ya h. galiz 

k. ya h. 
Thicket, s. jangal, jhi^huf, jh&^. 
Thickness, s. mo(af, gnndagi, gilazat, 

baral ; garhaf, tangi ; gadlai, kaddrat. 
Thief, 8. chor, dozd, nchakka. 
Thievish, a, dazd-khoe, mail-badnzdf. 
Thigh, 8. jangh, jangha, r&su 
Thimble, s. angashtana, top, top&. 

Thin, a. patla, patll, raq{q, mih(n, blrik, 

naznk, dnbla ; qalil, thori« chhota. 
Thing, 8. chiz, bast, shai ; knohh. 
Think, v. sochnl, bnjhna, qiyas k. ^hiy&l 

k andesha k. fikr k. ^uman k. ; gaur k. 
Thinness, 8. patlai, riqaqat, bariki, tuna* 
Third, a, tisra, siyum, salis. [ki ; dablau 
Thirst, 8. piyas, tishnagi, tishna ; atash. 
Thirst, V. piy4sa h. piyas lagna, tishna h. 
Thirsty, a. piyasa, tishna, ^tshan, Ipinshk. 
Thirteen, a. terah, sez-dah. 
Thirteenth, a. terahwaQ, sez-dahnm. 
Thirty, a. tis, si, 

ThiSjp. yih, yihi, in, [katara, khnr. 

Thistle, 8. bharbhdnd, bhatkatai, ant- 
Thither, ad, ndhar, wahan. 
Thong, 8. tasma, sallu. 
Thorax, s, chhata, peti, panjar. 
Thorn, 5. kanta, khar sul ; kan^agachh. 
Thorn-apple, s, dhat.ura, kanak. [kil. 
Thorny, a. ka^ila, I^har-dir; saj^ht, mash- 
Thorongh, a. kamil, pura, tamam, pakka 
Thon, p, tu, td-ap. 
Thoagh, c. agarchi* joki, gol^i, halinki, 

Thought, 8, soch, fi]pr, andesha, qiyas, 

]{^hiy6l, gaman. 
Thonghtfal, a. fikrmand, andeshmand, 

andeshn&k, mnta&kkir, mutaan^mil. 
Thonghtless, a, be-flkr, be-parwa, be- 

khabar, i^afil. 
Thoasand, a. haz&r, alf. 
Thraldom, 8. f^alami, asiri, ^budiyat. 
Thrash, y. gahna, manjn&; pitni, m&rna, 

ku^a, dalmasal k. [g^h^ 

Thrashing-floor, s. kalihan, khirman- 
Thread, s. s^t,ri8ht&, resman,d9rl; resha. 
Thread, v. pirona, lariyina, guthna, tagna. 
Threaten, v, dhami^ana, dhamki d. tab-* 

did k. jhipakna. 
Threatening, s, dhamki, dhamkahat, tah* 

did, takhwif, zijr. 
Three, a. tin, si; — fold, trigun, si-chand. 
Threshold, 8. deorhi,dihli, dahliz, ^stana. 
Thrice, ad. tin-bar, tibira, tin^fa. 
Thrifty, a. kan^-kharch, kiifayati, juz-ras, 

I Thrill, V. sahrana, tirmxrani ; sansanana. 


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Tbrive, V. barl)n8,palna, phulnA, tar-o-tn- 

za h. sar-sabz h. ; taraqqi k. k^myab b. 
Tbroat, s. gala, gnlu, halq, balqum. 
Throb, V. tisna, tis mama, tapakna, dha- 

inakn£ ; dhaip-dharana, phaf-phafixul. 
Throne, 8. takht, masnad, aurang. 
Throng, 8. bhi]r, amboh, izdiham. 
Through, pr. se, wasile-se, marifat-Be, 

saraaar, warpar, par. 
Thronghout, ad, sartapl, sarasar, anwal- 

se akhir tak, bil-kull. 
Throw, r. phenkni, jhokn^, dalna, cha- 

lana, chhofna, glrana, phenk-mama, 

nchhalna j — cwpoy, pj^enk d. ganwa- 
' na ; — down, gira d. ; — open, khol d. ; 

— offf ntamd ; — up, chhon^ j qai k. 
Thmm, s. dasi, taggi. 
Thrum, v, retna, ghisna, bajana. 
Thrush, s. ek qism-ki chifja; chh&rii, 

Thrust, V. ghuserna, pai^halna, pelna, 

thelni. chalana, dakhil k. ya h. ; dha- 

kelna, dhakka d. nikalna; bhonkna, 

hulna, khoncbna. [dhakka. 

Thrust, s, hul, khoncha, bhonk, zarb, 
Thumb, 8. angutha, angusht-i-nar. 
Thump, s. dhamka,dhappa, thonk,dhanl, 

Thunder, s. garaj, gazjan, kapak, rad. 
Thunder, v. garajna, garjan k. karakna, 

gafgaranii ; dhamkana, tahdid k. 
Thnnder-bolt, s. bijli, gaj, chhakki, sajqa. 
Thunderer, s. megh-raj, garajne-wala. 
Thnnderstruok, a. bijli-maraj hairat- 

zada, ashnfta. [bihphai. 

Thursday, 3. juma-rat, panj-shamba. 
Thus, ad. aisa, yon, yonhi, so, istarah. 
Thwart, v, mukhalafat k. muzahimat k. 
Thyself, p. tu-ap, tuhi, tu-t[hud. [ultana. 
Tiarsi, s. taj, kuUah, sarpech. 
Tick, s. ohichri, kaik ; kit-kit. 
Ticket, s. chitthi, tip, dastak, dastawez ; 

chapras. [k. dil-awez k. 

Tickle, t. sahlan^ gud-gudana; khiish 
Ticklish, a, gud-gudiya ; be-qarar. 
Tide, s. madd-o-jazr, bhatha-joar; Jtood 

— , joar, madd ; ebb — , bhatha, jazr ; 

spring — , ko^L 

Tidings, $, khabar, akhbar ; joyful — , 

Tidy, a. suthra, ardsta, laiif, nazuk. 
Tie,v. bandhna,ganthna, jakarna,baiidk. 
Tie, s. bandhan,ganth,girih, aqad; ihsan. 
Tiffin, 5. jal-pan, nashta. [minnat, haqq. 
Tiger, 8, bagh, palang. 
Tighten, v. kasna, saketna, jakapia, tang 

k. chust k. khainchna. 
Tightness, 8. kasai, sakpai, tangi, chusti* 
Tile, 8. khapra, nariya, chanka. 
Tiling, 8. khaprail. 

Till, pr. tak, talak, tori, lag, ta, tH-ki. 
Till, V. jotn^, chasna, kis^t-kari k. zi- 
raat k. [r^t.. 

Tillage, v. jutai, halwahi, kisht-kari, zi- 
Timber, 8. lakfi, ka^h, chob, shah*tir. 
Timbrel, 8. pakhawaj, tabla, mirdang. 
Time, s. waqt, zaman, zamana, asr, roz- 
gar, dauf ; mansim ; bar, dafa, gah ; 
^rsat, faragat. 
Timid, a. dar-pokna, tarsan, buzdH, l^haif. 
Timidity, 8. khanf, dar, dahshat, kam- 
jurat!. [panni. 

Tin, 8. qalai, rang, rang^, rasiis ; — foil^ 
Tincture, 8, rang, gun ; araq, kimiya. 
Tinge, v. rang d. rangm k. aluda k. 
Tingle, v. ^n-^nana, jhan-jhanana, 

tban-thanana, san-sanana. 
Tinsel, s. jag-jaga, tash, lappil ; rannaq* 

Tiny, a. nannhan, ohhota, kotah, khnrd. 
Tipple, V. sharab pina, piyala-bazl k. 
Tippler, s. sharab-J^hwar, piyalabaz, mai- 

Tire, 8. saff, silsila, qatar ; mish-i-sar. 
Tire, v. thakna, thakdna, mandak.ya h. 
djiz k. ya h. ranj d. [rasan. 

Tiresome, a. thak^u, ranj-awar, azar- 
Tit-for-tat, ad, adle-ka-badla, jwaz-mu- 

Tithe, 8. dafiiiiis, dahyaki, yshr, ashir. 
Titillate, v. gud-gudana, chul-chulana. 
Titillation, s. gud-gudi, sursuri. 
Title, 8. khitab, laqab, alqab, nam, wasT 

sar-nama, sar-nawisht ; haqq, dawa. 
Title-page, s, sar-n^ma, sarnawiaht^sar- 


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Titter,v. khilVhilana, mnnh dabkehansni. 
Tittle-tattle, s. bak-bak, gap-shap, gaft- 

o-gvL, laf-guzaf. 
To, pr. ko, ke tain, ke>p^, tak, talak, 

ta ; •— and fro, idhar-udhar. 
Toad, 8. bhek, menduk, guk ; — stool, 

Toast, V, senkna, bhnnna, biryan k» 
Tobacco, s. tambaku, tamaku, gaL 
To-day, s. aj, imroz. 
Toe, s. paon-ki ungli, angnsht'ipa. 
Together, ad. 8ath,Bamet, eksath, baham, 

ektha. milke 
Toil, V. mihnat k. danrdhup k. dakh 

bharna, zor-marna. 
Toilsome, a, thakau, mihnat-talab. 
Token, s. nishan, alamat, asar, ishiira, 

pata; yadgari. 
Tolerable, a. sabau, barddshtani, tabam- 

mnl-pazir. [r. ijazat d. 

Tolerate, v. hone d. kame d. j6iz r. rawa 
Toleration, s, ijazat,' jawaz, igmaz. 
Toll, s. mahsul, baj, rahdari, changi. 
Toll, V. bajana, mAmi ; changi d. mah- 
sul d. [bara. 
Tomb, s. qabr, gor, tnrbat, mazar, maq- 
To-morrow, ad. ksd, farda. 
Tomtit, s, pidri, phudki. 
Tone, s. lahja, sada,. awaz, naw£, nagam ; 

zor, quwat. 
Tongs, 8. dast-panah, ohimta. 
Tongae, s. jibh, zaban, lisan, boH, bha- 

shi ; zaban-i-tarazn, kanta ; zabana. 
Too, ad. bhi, anr, niz ; bahat, nihayat, 

Tool, s. hathiynr, alat, attzdr ; tabjdar. 
Tooth, s. dant, dandan ; dandana ; kanta, 

shakh ; chat, maza. 
Tooth-ache, s. dant^pira, dajrd-i-dandan. 
Tooth-brush, s. datwan, miswak. 
Tooth-pick, s. khilal, dant-khod, tinka. 
Tooth-powder, s, manjan, missi. 
Top, s. sir, sar, qulla, ras, chonti ; upar, 

ru, bahar, sath; lattu. 
Topaz, s. zabarjad, pukhraj. 
Topic, s. mazmun, mauzua, mnddaa, 

mansh^, masdar. [uparla. 

Topmost, d. sab-se uparka, sab-se mcicha, 
H 2 

Topography, s. jagahon-ka bayin, ta- 

Topsy-turvy, ad. ulat-pulat, nlt^-pulta, 

tal-upar, tah-o-bala, zer-ozabar. 
Torch, 8. mashal, falita, damar. [dard. 
Torment, s. az^b, izi, aziyat, izar, ranj, 
Torment, v. azab d. kzir d. dukh d. khi- 

Torpid, a. thithra, sun, be-hiss, be-har-' 

kat; sust, kkhil. [hiliw 

Torpor, s. thithrahat, be-hissi j snsti, ka- 
Torrent, s. sail, sail-ab, saiyala, dhara'. ' 
Torrid, a. bahut garm, mahruq, sozan. 
Tortoise, 8. kachhua, kachhuwa, sang- 

pusht, bakha. [k^ni ya kandani. 

Torture, s„ uqubat, azab, shikanja; jam- 
Total, a. sab, pgra, kull, tomam, jama ; 
Total, s. jnmla, majmua. [mutlaq. 

Totter, V, dal-malana, ^ag-magdna, hal- 

halana, larazna, ^olna. 
Touch, V. chhuna, lams k, mas k. tatol- 

na;lagna,milna; hathlagana; bajana; 

dil'-awez k. 
Touchstone, s. kasanti, mihakk, mjyar. 
Touchy, a. chif-chifa,tunuk-mizaj, atash- 

Tough, a, chim^a ; sakht, mazbut ; kara. 
Tour, s.. daur, sair, siyahat, gasht, safar^ 
Tow, *. pat, patua j — rop«, gun, rassi. 
Tow,v»gun tanna,rassi lagak ekhainchna. 
Towards, pr. ki taraf, ki janib, ke-pas, 

Bu, sue. 
Towel, s. dast-mal, anguchhi,safi,rumal. 
Tower, s. minar, buij, qila, ko^. 
Town, 8. nagar, shahr, balda, qasba. 
Townsman, s, shahri, bashinda; ham- 
Toy, s. khilanna, bazicha, labat. [shahri. 
Toy, w. khelna ; rao-chao k. 
Trace, w. khoj-lena, pichhd 1. surag 

pagdancii 1.; pairawi k. dar-pai h. 

bandhna, thahrana ; taftish k. 
Trace, s. nishan, alamat, asar. 
Track, s naqsha-i-pa, nishan, lik ; rastaj 

pagdandi ; — rope, gun. 
Tract, s mulk, zamin„ diyar, nahiya; 

risala, nama. [mahkum, garib.' 

» Tractable, a. dast-amoz, hukm^paKir, 


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Tmde, s. sandagari, tijarat, sanda^ len- 

den ; kar-o-bar, pesha, kasb, hirfa. 
Trade, v, saadagari k. tijarat k. len-den k. 
Trader, s, saudagar, tajir, baznrgan, ma- 

hajan, [asar, hadis. 

Tradition, s. kahiwat, bat, riwayat, naql, 
Traditionary, a. suni-siinai, sina^ba^sina, 

Bam4i, zabanl [badnam k. 

Tradnoe, v. tnhxnat laganl^ bnhtan kahna, 
Tragical, a. gamgin, dard-angei, haibat- 

nik, bad-ba^t, 
Train, v. sikhana, aikhl^^, tarbiyat k. 

talim k. ; sadhana ; parwarish k. ; 

Train, 8. daman, zail, dum; silaila, 

qaAir, silk ; sawari, pai*rikab, jaleb ; 

liila*b4zi, dag^-bazi, ^ 
Trait, 8. zdti kam, ^dat, daatur. 
Traitor, s, dag^baz, ^hain, gaddar, na- 

mak-haram, bagi, asi. [paikapa. 

Trammel, sjal, chhand, phand; pa -band. 
Trample, V. knchalna,paemalk.i*auudna. 
Trance, 8, be-^hudi, gash, sakta, wajd. 
Tranquil, a, aeuda, aramida, morafifa; 

hawa-basta, tbir. 
Tranqnillity, 8, asudagf, arani} asaish, 

rahat, itminan, chain. 
Tranquillize, V. asuda k. a ram d. taj|difif k. 
Transact, v, chaJana, jai'i k. karguzari k. 

mn^mala k. kam k [majara. 

Transaction, 8, mu^mala, karobar, kam, 
Transcendent, a. afzal, fazi|, fj^q, mu- 

kammal, be-naz|r. 
Transcript, s. naql, utara. 
Transfer, v. ek jagah-se anr jagab k. 

naql k. sarkaui; sompna, taslimk. ; 

pahnnchana. [sbakl. 

Transfiguration, s. tabdilri surat,ta^'i* 
Transfix, v. parwai* bedhna, bhonkna. 
Transformation, s, mas^h, tabdil-i-surat. 
Transgress, v, tofna, udui k. tajawnj k. 

khata k.; hadd-se bahir jan^. [)^ata. 
Transgression, 8, v^ul, tajawuj, t^ddi. 
Transgressor, a, mut^ddi, mutajawiz, 

hiigif taqsirwar. [dar, zail. 

Transient, a. arizi, fani, be-baqa, na-pae- 
TranaitiYe yerb, «. fi^-irmiita^ddl. 

Translate, v. tarjuma k. naql k. nlthi k. t 

sarkana, chalana. 
Translation, s. tarjuma, naql, nltha; 

intiqal, sarkaa. [snkh. 

Transmigration, 8. naql-i-makan ; tan4- 
Transmit, v. bhejna, iriaal k. rawana k. ; 

taslim k. 
Transparency, s. sbaffafi, safai, ^jirmalta. 
Transparent, a, shaffaf, saf, nirmal, ujjaL 
Transpire, v. uf-jana ; khol-jana, ashkara 

h. zahir b. [ropna ya gapna. 

Transplant, v, ek jagah-se dusri jagah 
Transport, v. utha-lejana, lad ya bhar 

lejana ; mnlk-ae nikklna, jalawatan k. ; 

be-khud k. [qal ; jahaz. 

Transport, 8, be-l^hddl, wajd ; naql, inti-* 
Transpose, v, ulaf-pulat k. pherpbar k. 

qalb k. tabdil k« [jism. 

Transubstantiation, a. tabdH-i-jins ya 
Transverse,a,ar&. ben4a,tii'chha, m^tanz. 
Trap, 8. phand, dam, kal; gha^kamingah. 
Trappings, 8, araishen, zinaten, jhabbe. 
Trash, 8, aga^'-bagar, ghas-pit, alae<. 

balae, kurku^. [dard-men h. 

Travail, v. dard-i-zih khenchna, janna. 
Travail, s. dard>i-zih, pifa. 
Travel, s, safar, musafarat, sair, siy^hat. 
Travel, v. safar k. sair k, phima, chalna. 
Tr9.yeller»^ safari,musafir,Baiyah,rahgir. 
Travels, 8, safar ; safar-nama. 
Tray, s. l^hwan, ^hwancha, kafhra, chan-. 

ger, tabaq. 
Treacherous, a. khain, gaddar, be-iman, 

be-wafa, dagabaz. [be-wafai. 

Treachery, 8. khiyanat, gadr, dagabazi. 
Treacle, 8. chota, chhoa, ti^aq, giif. 
Tread, y, pauw r. qadam r. chaina ; pae^ 

mal k. ; dabna, gahna ; dar-pai h. 
Treason, s. I^hiyanat, gadr> namak-hara^ 

mi, bagawat. [lat, dafina. 

Treasure, 8. khazana, «a^hira, eanj, dtrn-, 
Treasurer, s, khazanchi, |i:ha7fpia<^^i*9 

t^hwi]-dar. [bait-ul-mal. 

Treasury, s. ^haz^na, l^hasina, ganjina. 
Treat, v. mu^niila k. ^d-o-paiman k. 

qaul-qar^r k. ; obalanji, rabt k. ; bayau 

k. zikr k. ; ziyafat d. khilana ; suiul^ 

kf ; well -r-^ nawazna ; iU — , jafa k, 


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Treat, $, riyafat, mihmlini, bazm. 
Treaty, s, ahd-o-paim^, qanl-qarar, 

mu^mila. [awas, sir. 

Treble, oc tiguna, tihrl, si-oband ; tez- 
Tree, s. darakht, sbajar, gnobh, per. 
Tremble, v. kampni, iaraxni, tharthaHU 

n&, tharbariui) daldalana, halhalnni, 

4oliiii. [mnbib. 

Ti^mendona, a. haibat-nak, haul-nik. 
Tremor, *. larzish, larza, zaJ-zala, kam- 

pahat, ihartharafaat. 
Tremulous, ) a. lardLn, kamp^ha, thar- 
Trembling, ) tharaha; tarsan. 
Trench, s. V^bandaq, kbai. 
Trencher, 8. kathaati, kathra, khw/in. 
Trepidation, s. larza, haichal, kampahat, 

dar. [b&har jiina. 

Trespass, «. khat^,faqsir,gaD£h; hadd-se' 
Trial, s, azmaish, imtihan, tajriba ; kosh- 

ish, sai ; tahqiq, tajwiz. 
Triangle, s, tikona, si-gosha, mnsallas. 
Tribe, 8. qanm, firqa^ taiflE^ kafa, garoh, 

zat, qabCla, [gam. 

Tribulation, s, aiar, iztirab, ranj, tasdi^, 
Tribunal, s, mahkama, masnad-i-inflAf, 

diwan-I^hana, adiilat. 
Tributary, a, khiraj ya bij-guzar. 
Tribute, s. khiraj, bij, guznrish. 
Trice, s. lamha, iahea, dam, jhap. 
Trick, 8, hila, hiia-bazi, bahana, makr, 

fareb, ranj, fann, gsidr; ^dat, kho. 
Trick, 1^. thagniL, fareb d. hila k. ; arasta k. 
Trickle, v. jhirjhirana, risna, ^pakna. 
Trident, s, trisul, si-angusht. [taqtir k. 
Triennial, a. ti-sala, si-sala, tfn-barsa. 
Trier, s. azmainda, mujarrib, mumtahin ; 

hakim, qazi. 
Trifle, 8, nd-chiz, harza, zhizh. 
Trifle, v, khelna, tapatoi k. Iabat-b4ui 

k. ; latifa kahna ; harza bolna ; be- 

mun^ib kiim k. 
Trifling, a. halka, subuk ; be-hdda, har- 
za, be-mini, [sallas. 
Trigonometry, s. ilm-i-paimaishi-mu- 
Trim, v. arista k. zebi k. bana-chunii k. 
Trimming, 8. tiriiz, zerdaman. go^ jhalar. 
Trinity, «. tasHs, salis-sal^a. 
Trinket, «. zewar, zeb, gahni ; khilana. 

Trip, V. thokar khina, paon lagna ; girii 
d. ; chaknd, bhulni. [safar. 

Trip, 8. thokar, thes ; chdk, saho ; sair. 

Tripartite, a. tribhagajSi-taraf-i-mansab. 

Tripe, s. &nt, antri, ojhrf, roda. 

Tripetalous, a. tripatti, si-waraqdar. 

Triphthong, s, tin harf-i-illat-ka wast 

Triple, a. tiguna, tihra, si-chand. 

Triple, V. tihrana, tiguna k. 

Triplication, 8. tihrawat, si-chand(,ta8l!8. 

Tripod, 8, ti pai, si-paya. 

Trite, a, qadim, mashhdr, dmm. 

Triturate, v, pisna, char k. ; ragapn^ 

Trivet, 8. deg-paya, deg-d&n, si-paya. 

Triyial,a.halka, subuk, ohhota ; be-qadr. 

Triumph, s. zafar, fath, jai ; shadi. [adna. 

Triumph, v. jitna, galib h. ; sh&diyana 

Triumphant, a. muzaffar, firoz-mand, 

Trollop, 8, phuhar, gegli, bodli. 

Troop, 8. garoh, taifa, jamaat, gol; risila* 

Trooper, 8. tnrk-sawar, birgir. 

Trophy, 8, fath-ki nishan, ganimat. 

Tropic, 8, of CamceTy daira-i-ras-us-sar- 
t£n, khatt-i-sariin j — of Capricorn^ 
daira-i-ras-ul-jadi, 1chatt-i-jadi. 

Trot, V. khudrana, dulkf jana ya chalnd. 

Trouble. 8, dakh, ranj, dzar, tasdia, izti- 
rab, taklif, iz6, diqq. 

Trouble, v. satdna, khijanfi, ohhefni, azar 
d. taklif k. diqq k. tasdia d. 

Troublesome, a. ranjawar, azar-rasin, dil 
yi jim-azar, mushkil. 

Trough, 8. ka^hri, dong^ kunda. 

Trowel, s, karni, thapi. [war. 

Trowsers, 8. pae-jdma, izar, sarw&l, shal- 

Truant, 8. awara la^ka, kuchagard. 

Truce, «. tawaqquf«i-jang, muhlat. 

Truckle, v. dabakna, sar-faro r. mutfa h. 

Trudge, v, pair ghasi^i, rabar k. ahista 

True, a. saoh, sacha, dLst, yaqin, durust, 
thik ; sAdiq, wafadar. 

True-hearted, a. stf-dil, sadiq, wafadar. 

Truly, dd. sach-much, ba-rasti, fil-haqi- 
qat, wiiqii, yaqinan. 

Trumpet, s, turht, singha, Bafir, qamat 


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Trankj s. jafwat, peri) taiia-i-dara];:ht, 

eaq ; badan ; sanduq ; STin4, ]Uiurt<im. 
Trust, 8, itiqad, itibar, itimad, tawilkknl, 

BSra ; qarz ; zimma, hawala ; amanat, 
Trustee, s. amanat dar,amin,zimma-dar. 
Trusty, a. imandar, wafadar, diyanatdar. 
Truth, 8. sach, sacbai, rasti, dnmsti, baqi- 

qat, sidq, sadiqat, wafadan. 
Try, V. jauchna, azmana, asmaisb k. im- 

tihan k. ; koshish k. sai k. tajriba k. ; 

tajwiz k. taftish k. adalat k. 
Tube, 8, phonphi, chhuchhi, nai, nae, 
Tuesday, s. mangal, si-shamba. [tonti. 
Tuft, 8. gnchobha, jhundi ; chonda, tur- 

ra, kalgi. [ainchna ; larna. 

Tug, V. khaiEchna, tanna, khasotna. 
Tuition, a. tarbiyat, talim ; parwarish. 
Tumble, v, gima, gir-payna, paohh^r- 

khana ; lotna, galtan k. : kalla-bazi k. 
Tumble, 8, lotan, patkan, uftadagi. 
Tumour, 8, warm, amas, pbofa, dumbal, 

Tumult, s. balwa, bakbeya, halehal, khar- 

barl, danga, bangama, gul-fula, da^^- 

da^a, lishob. [tarannum. 

Tune, 8, sarod, nagma, iihang, tarand. 
Tune, V, alapna, iwiz militna, abang k. 

hamsas k. [damsast. 

Tuneful, a, kbdsb-awaz, kbush-ilhan, 
Turban, s. pagfi, dastar, sarband, chti*ii. 
Turbid, a. gadla,garhii,mukaddar, aluda. 
Turbulence, s. iz-tirab, khalbali, fitna- 

angesi, fas&d. 
Turf, s, chftr, chakta, chapfa, kulukh. 
Turkey, s. peru, fil-murg; Rum. 
Turmeric, 8. haldi, pitras, zard-chob. 
Turn, V. phima, phirana, ghumna, ghu- 

minsL, daur k. charkb m^ma ya d. ; 

tasnf k. tabdil k. ; badal-jani, palat- 

na ; ulatna, nltana, sar-nigun k. ; tab- 

dil-i-taztif k. ; khata bojana ; honk, ho- 

j^6; mutawajjih h. nazr k. ; fikr k. 
. andteha k. ; — away or off, mazul k. azl 

k. ; bartaraf-j&na, kinare bojana ; — 
. hackj phir janil, pher d. ; jane na d. 
- mahrum k. ; — over, sompna, taslim 

k. ; phirtma ; — from, chhoyna ; — out, 
. nikalna ; banana. 

*> ^.pher,gham^o,gardiah;pech; 
g,j girda-gird; sair, gasht ; 


tabdil, tagir, inqilab ; fnrsat ; nanbat, 

danr-i-zaman ; surat, shakl; misaj, 

kho, taba, ravish ; wajh. 
Turnip, 8, shalgam. [zalalat. 

Turpitude, 8» badzilti, ruswai, kbabasat. 
Turret, s, kangnra, minar, buij, kakh. 
TuHle, 8, kacbhua, sang-pusht ; ghiig1i£. 
Tortle-doye, 8, gbughu, fa^hta, qumri. 
Tusk, s. bafa dant, khiing. 
Tusked, a. dantail, khangail. 
Tutenag, 8, tamohini. 
Tutor, 5. ustad, muallim, ataliq. 
Twain, a, do, donon. [bat, tantana. 

Twang, 3, haphari, tan^nahat, pinpina- 
Twang, V, tankorna, ^tanana, pinpina. 
'Tweezers, 8, mochna, muchina, chim(a« 
Twelfth, a. barhw^, dwadasi. ' 
Twelve, a. barah, duwazda. 
Twelvemonth, 8. barah-maa, baras, s&L 
Twenty, a, bis, bist, kofi. [martaba. 
Twice, ad. dobar, dob^ra, do-dafa, do- 
Twig, 8 pallo, ddli, sh^hcha, kaiil. 
Twilight, 8, (morning^) sha&q-i-sabahi, 

fajr; (evening. J shafaq-nl-gurub, sar-i- 

shiUq, nima-sham. 
Twin, 8, hamzad, tauam, juft. 
Twine, 8. sutli, resman ; pech, mapor. 
Twine, v, baundiyanii, maromi, pech 

khana, lipatni. 
Twinkle, v. timtimana, jhilmilana, jag- 

magana; palak niama,machkana,maV 

k&ni, jhapakna. 
Twinkle, ) 8, palak , ma^ki, jhapkf , tar. 
Twinkling, ) fat, lamha, lahza; ^im- 

tim^ha^, jhilmilahat, lama 
Twirl, V, phirana, ghumna, charkb d. 
Ti^ist, V. ainthna, marorni, morua, ma- 

chorna, tab d. pech d. ; mapor khana. 
Twist, s, ain^h, mapor, pech, tab ; sut. 
TwitjV.t&na ji mehna mam4,8arzanish k: 
Twitch, V. nijohtni, khasotna, chhinua, 

Twitter, v. chenchen k. chauchau k. 
Two, a. do, du J — by two, do-do hoke- 

— and a half, arhai ; — /9W, do«ga- 
. ni, do-chand. 


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^TPO) S' niBhfiii, alaniat^ naqsha, tamsil ; 

chhftpe-ke harf, chhap. 
Typical, a. aldmati, dall, kinayadar. 
Typography, s. ohhapa-gari, chhapne-ka 

fann. [mi. 

Tyrannioal, a. zalim, zaldm, znlmi, sita- 
Tyrannise, v, znlm k. sitam k. znlim h. 

sabardasti k. [jaufj jafa* 

Tyranny, s. znlm, sitam, zabardaati, jabr. 
Tyrant, s, zlilim, sitamgsbr, zabardast, 

jabir, jafakar. [shagird. 

Tyro, t, nau-amoz, nau-sikh, mabtadi, 

Ubiquity, 8, h&siri-nlzirf, haisiyat. 
Udder, s. than, khiri, lewa, plstan. 
.Ugliness, 8. bad-sdrati, zisht-roi, zishti, 

bad-shakli, qabahat. 
Ugly, a. bad-surat, zisht-rd, zisht, bad- 

shakl, karih. 
Ulcer, 5. qarha, resh,nasdr, bandar-khat. 
Ultimate, a. akhir, akhin, pasin. 
Ultimately, oul. akhir, akhirash, akhir-nl- 

amr, aqibat. 
Ultimatum, s. aljihir bat, ^hiri tajwiz. 
Ultramarine, a.,samandar-par-ka. 
Ultramarine, s. ek qism-ka nila rang.[gi. 
Umbrage, 8, chhaya, saya ; bezari, l^hafa- 
Umbrageous, a. saya-dar, chhanhara, 

jhandula. [tri. 

Umbrella, s. ohhdt£,chhati,chhatr, ohha- 
Umpire, s. salis, miydn-dar, darmiydni, 

Unable, a. n&t(\wan, be-maqddr, nli-q4bil. 
Unacceptable, a. na-pasand, na-manzur, 

na-khush-ainda. [akela. 

Unaccomplished, a. ni-k&mil, na-tamam, 

na-pnra hiia. 
Unaccountable, a. be-hisdb, aql-se bahar, 

Unaccustomed, a^ be-rabt, gair-mnst^- 

mal ; nan, naya. 
Unacqusdnted, a. na-waqif, be-khabr; 

na ashna, n4-msihram. 
Unadvised, a. be-salah, be-tadbir, na- 
. munasib, gnstal^h. . 

Unaffected, a. na- ailjihta, be-riy£, haqfqt ; 

na-takallufmizaj ; gair-mutaassir,sang« 

dil. [mn^iwinat. 

Unaided, a. be-madad, be-yari, gair- 
Unalterable, a, ni-mumkin-i-tabdil, bila- 

tagaiynr. [yakjihati. 

Unanimity, 8. hamdili, ittifaq, yakdili, 
Unanimous, a. hamdil, yakdil, yakjihat, 

muttafiq, hamsaz. [radd. 

Unanswerable, a. Id-jawab, la-kalam, la« 
Unappalled, a. be-bak, be-l^hauf, nidar. 
Unappeasable, a, na-tasfiya-pazir, be- 

marhamat, sang-dil. 
Unapproved, a. na-pasand, na-manzur. 
Unapt, a. na-tezfahm, kund, na-qabil; 

n^-laiq, na-munasib. [tha. 

Unarmed, a. be-hathydr, be-silah, nihat- 
Unascertained, a. na-m^lum, na-tahqiq, 

gair-m^rdf. [I^y6. 

Unasked, a. be-talab, na-^hwdsta, anbu- 
Unaspiring, a. be-himmat,be-hausila,be« 

hirs. jVari, 

Unassisted, a. be-madad, be-dastgiri, be* 
Unattainable,a. na-muyassar, na-yab,be- 

qabd. [rab. 

Unattempted, a. na-azmuda, nd-muj£ur- 
Unattended, a. be-sawari, jarida, akeltu 
Unauthorized, a. be-hnkm, be-sanad, be- 

Unavailing, a. be-faida^ na-bakar, la^ 

hasil. [radd* 

Unavoidable, a. mnmtana-i-ijtinab, la- 
Unawares, ad. n%ahana,nagdh, yakayak. 
Unawed, a. be-bak, bo-haibat,be-takrim. 
Unbecoming, a. na-shaista, na-sazawar, 

gair-muwafiq, na-laiq, n&*zeb. 
Unbegotten, a. na-maulud, ajanit. 
Unbelief, s. be-dini, be-imani, kufr. [qid. 
Unbeliever, s. be-din, kafir, gair-muata- 
Unbiassed, a. be-mail, na-tarafdar, 

apachh. [ya. 

Unbidden, a. be-dawat, be-talab, anbula- 
Unblamable, a. be-gnnah, be-khatd, be- 

aib, la-jurm. [A^$' 

Unblemished, a, be-aib, be-mswia, be* 
Unblest, a. na-mnbarak, n^lkhujista, 

Unblown, a. na-shigufta, na-khiliu 


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Unborn, a, nil>paid% n^^sada, anjani; 

ainda. [fkah k. 

Unbosom, v. asdir kholnii, raz kahna, 
UnboQght, a, nakhai^lda^, aoinolt 
Unbounded, a. be^hadd, be-nihayat. be- 

shuman [sho^h. 

Unbridled, a. be^lBgam^be^zabt, belaid, 
Unbrotberlj, a. na-biradar-asa, be-bir6- 

danina. [maglub. 

Unbroken, a. na-ahikasta, antu^j na- 
Unburied, a. na-madfiin, angafa. 
.Unbumt, a. na-8o]|Lhta, anjala» 
Unbutton, v, ghnndi kholna. 
Uncangbt, a. na-giriffca, anpakfa. 
Unceremoniona, a, be^takallnfat, n&«ta- 

Uncertain, a, nfi-m^luin, mashkuk ; gair- 

maqarrar ; muzabzib, mntaraddid. 
Unchangeable, cb. be-tabdll, liotagaiynr, 

Uncharitable, a. n&-*eakhf , tangdast ; bad- 

^hwah, ^l>jo, dnmsht 
Unchaste, a. na-^ak-d^man, fahishjShah- 

UncircmnspectjO. be-khabar, be^tadbir, 

gafil. [khnlq, gustakh. 

Uncivil, a, be-adab, be-maruwat, bad- 
Uncivilized, a. be«tarbiyat, n^-taraahida, 

IJncle, s. (paternal,) amm, ammn, cha- 
cha, chlcha, kaka ; — (maternal) l^hal, 

khalii, mdmu, m^ma ; phupha. [da. 
Unclean, a. ni-saf, na-pak, chirkin, alu* 
Uncleanness, ». na-safi, na-paki, alaish .: 

gan&h. [saffi. 

Uncleanaed, a: ni-saf kiya hua, ni-mn- 
Unclothe, w. kapra ntama, nanga k. 
Unclouded, a. be-abr, saf, kushada, nn- 

rfinf. [jamal. 

Uncomely, a. be-naz^kat, niu-zanf, be- 
Uncomfortable, a. n6-l^i^h, na-mnwi 

fiq ; be-6ram. [la, anokha. 

Uncommon, a. nidir, kamyib, ajib, nira- 
Uncompact,a. na-paiwa8ta,na-ba8ta,zaif. 
Unconcerned, a. be-parwa, be-fikr, be- 

gaxaz, n^-Mssa-dio-, sang-dil, be-gan^. 
Unconfirmed^ a, sa-sabit, n&*tafidiq, be* 


Unconneoied, a. na-paiwasto, be-lagadf^ 

be-)laqa, be-mnah^rakat. [hur. 

Unconquerable, a. gair^maglub, na-maq- 
Unconacionable, a. be-iman, bad-diya- 

nat; na-munasib. [muruwat. 

Uncourteous, a. be-adab, bad-khulq, be- 
Unconth,a. be^talab, na-ftari^shida^ bhoii-> 

da« [hama, nangi k. 

Uncover, v. kholna, sarposh uthana, ug- 
Uncreated, a. gair-maVhluq, na^frida. 
Unction, s. malish, maa'h« 
Uncultivated, a. gair-*abad, ^a^mazrgi, 

wiran ; be-tarbiyat,' ua-tArashida. 
Uncut, a. anka(a, na<-burfda, pdra. [hiz. 
Undaunted, a. be-b^k, diler, dilawar, jan- 
Undecaying, a. na-ziil, be-zawil, na- 

Undeceive, v. kan ya ankhen kholn^, 

l^habar sahih d. khata rafa k. 
Undecided, a, na-muqarrar, gair-infisat. 
Undefiled, a. ni-aluda, saf, pak, parsa. 
Undefinable, a. na-tash^h^pazfr, nft> 

mumkin4-bayan. baiyan. 

Undefined, a. gair<»mn8hakhVha8, na-ma. 
Undeniable, a. la-radd, gair4tiraz, na. 

qabil*i-inkar. [kam- 

Under, pr. niche, tale,,8er, faro; tabi ; 
Undergo, v. uthana, kinchna, aahnay 

bardasht k. khana. 
Underhand, a. chhipa, mul^hfi. 
Underhand, ad. chhipa-chhipi, dar-par- 

da, nihani. 
Underling, s. serdast, karguzar, kam^ra. 
Undermine, v. surang dauranaya mama, 

sendh mama, naqab k. j chhipa-chhipi 

dushman h. jar-JMi^na. 
Undermost, a. sab-se nichl^ zer-tar. 
Underneath, a. niche, tale, zer, dar-zer. 
Underpart, 8. tala, nichi taraf, ru-i-zer. 
Underrate,!;, kam qlmat thahrana,chhota 

ya haqir jinna. 
Understand, w. samajhna,daryafb k. bujh- 

na, janna, mildm k. 
Understanding, s, daryaft, samajh, bujh, 

^1, fahm, idrak^ 
Undertake, v. ufhana, hath lagana, bhar 

1. paoQ (jialna, mubasharat k. azimat 

r. shuri^ k. ; qabdl k. qaul-o-qarar k. 


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Undertakings s. mubasharat, saf, qaad, 

azfmat ; kam, kar, mnamila, amsJ. 
UndeiTalue, u> kam-qimatyii kam-qadar 

jannR,hiqai*at r. chhota ya halka janna. 
Underwood, «. jh6f , jhdyi. 
Underwriter, s. bima-wala. [insaf. 

Undeseryed, a. gair-wajib, ni-haqq, be- 
Undeserving, a, na-laiq, na^saz&war, ni- 

mustahiqq. [bholl. 

Undesigning, a. be-riya, be-g araz, sadiq, 
.Undesired, a. ni-^hwasta, na-matlub, 

Undestroyed, a» n^-maJkhrub, n4 barbad- 

diya, be-eawal. 
Undetermined, a. na-muqarrar, gair- 

mnaiyan ; mntaraddid, do-dila. 
Undigested, a, gair-mnnhazm, nn-guwd- 

rida; na*murattab, be-intizam. 
Undiminished, a. na-kasta, gair-maqsur, 

anghata, pdra. [na-daryafta. 

Undiscemed, a. an-dekhd ; n4-m4Ium, 
Undisceming, a. be-basirat, be-tamiz, 

Undisciplined, a, be-zabt, nli-muallim j 

be-q^w6)d, nn-jang-dzmilda. 
Undiscovered, a» an-dekha, na-m$lum, 

Undisguised, a, be-libag, be-parda, be^ 

riya, saf, khula, bhola, sidha. [asuda. 
Undisturbed, a, be*harakat, na-mnztarib, 
Undivided, a, gair-maqsum, be-taqsfm. 
Undo, V. an-kiya k.,]|:har^b k. biga^na; 

kbolnfi. [kharab tabah. 

Undone, a. ankiyi, nl»sakhta,na-tamam; 
Undoubted, a. be-shabha, muqarrar, ya* 
Undress, v. papffi utarni. [qin. 

Undulate, v. lahrand, hilkoma, hilorna, 

mauj-zan h. [zani, tamauwuj. 

Undulation, «. lahrahaf, hilkor, mauj- 
Undutiful, a. na-muti^, na-farman-bar- 

dar, sarkasb. [ranj. 

Uneasiness, s. be-arami, iztirab, izar, 
Uneasy, a. be-aram, muztarib, be-chain, 

ranjida. [muattal. 

Unemployed, a. be-kar, na-masbgul, 
Unenlightened, a, gair-munauwar, be* 

Wbiyat, jahil, na-ddn. 
Unenvied^a. na-mah8ild,na-rashk-angez. 

Unequal, a. n^-hamwar, n^>barabar ; nl* 

lliiq, gair-muwafiq, na-qabil. 
Unequivooal, a. na-mashkuk, saf, zahiif. 
Unerring, a. achdk, be-]^hat&, nish&n 

andaz ; muqarrar, yaqin. [uH-lazini. 
Unessential, a. na-zarur, gair-muhimm, 
Uneven, a. na-barabar, na-hamw&r, un 

cha-nicha ; be-ain, ^hilaf-i-dastur. 
Unexampled, a. .be-mis61, la'sanl, ajib. 
Unexceptionable, a. na-qibil-i^istisn^ 

be-]^hata, be*gunah. [tawaqq|. 

Unexpected, a, nagahan, ekaek, n^-mu- 
UiMxpectedly, ad, nagah, yakayak, bili- 

ummed. [na-m^lum. 

Unexplored, a. na-azmuda, na-mujarrab, 
Unextinguished, a. na-mnntaff, anbujhIU 

ya. [abadi. 

Unfading,a. na-zliljbo-zawalj na-afsurda. 
Unfair, a. na^rast, be*imlin, hilabaz. 
Unfaithful, a. be-wafa, bad-ahd, bad- 

qaul ; na-pak-d£man. [achalan. 

Unfashionable, a. n»-rawaj, be-dastur. 
Unfathomable, a. atha, athah, be-tah, 

amiq. [mihrbaq. 

Unfavourable, a. na-muwafiq, l^hilif ; na» 
Unfeathered, a, be-par-o-bal. 
Unfeeling, a, be-dard, be-rahm, sang-dil. 
Unfeigned, a. be-riya, sadiq, haqiqi, na- 

sakhta. [mdlum. 

Unfelt, a. gair-maJisus, na-daryafba, na- 
Unfettered, a, be-zanjir, i^halas; be-qaid. 
Unfinished, a. na-tamam, na-kamil. 
Unfit, a. na-muw^fiq, na-munasib, na- 

Uiq, na-shdista, naqabil. [addid. 

Unfixed, a, be-qarar, na-pdedar, mntar- 
Unfiedged, a. be-par-cbal, geda. 
Unfold, V. kholna, farsh k. zahir k. ^h* 

kara k. batana, samjhana. [m^lum. 
Unforeseen, a. na-peshdida, na-dida, na* 
Unforgiving, a na-ba^hshinda, be-rahm, 

Unfortified, a. be-sadd-o-burj,be-hi8sar« 

Unfortunate, a. bad-bal^ht, bad-na8ib| 

kam-bal^ht, be-daulat. 
Unfounded, a. be-isbat, be-thik^na, b4« 

til, behuda. 


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Unfriendly, a. ni-mihrban, ni-IUilin^mi- 

saj, be-dosti. 
Unfruitful, a, aphal, aphalabin, n&-baro- 

mand, be-samar, be-fdida. 
Unfurl, V. kholna, udhefna, pasami. 
Unfurnished, a. be-asbab, be-saz, ni- 

Ungenerous, a. bad-andesh, bad-kbw&h, 

be-faiz, tang-cbashm. 
Ungenteel,a. na-jchusb-akhlaq, be-£dmi- 

yat, na-zarif, na-shaista. [kholna. 
Ungird, v. kamar kholni, kamarband 
Ungodliness, s. na-^huda-tarsi, be-dini, 

ilhad. hid. 

Ungodly, a, n&-^huda-tars, be-din, mul- 
Ungovernable, a, sarkash, munhzor, na- 

Ungrateful, a. ni-shukr-guzar, na-sipas, 

kafir>i-niamat, nimak-haram. 
Ungrounded, a. be isbat, b6til, behdda. 
Unguarded, a. be-lih^, gafil, be-tamiz, 

be-khabar. [4hab. 

Unhandy, a. na-maqul, na-muwafiq, be- 
Unhappy, a. na-]^hush, na-shad, dil-tang, 

dukhi. [mariz, bimar. 

Unhealthy, a. be-dr6m, na-tandurust, 
Unheard, a. an-suna, n&-shanida, gair- 

masmi^; be-dastur, be-ain. 
Unholy, a. na-pak, na.muqaddaa» haranu 
Unhorse, v. ghofe-se girana ya gira d. 
Unhospitable, a. see Inhospitable.[ka8h. 
Unhumbled, a. na-farotan, maj;rur, sar- 
Unhurt, a. be>chot,be zakhm, be-sadxna, 
• be-nuqsan. 

Unicorn, s, gain^a; ek qism-ka, janwar. 
Uniform, a. eksan, yakaan, barabar, ek- 

daul, yak-rang, ham war ; hamahang. 
Uniform, 8. bana, sipahi ka poshdk. 
Uniformity, s. eksani, ekrangi, baraban, 

mel, muwafaqat. [bar ; hamesha. 
Uniformly, ad, melse, eksani-se, bara- 
Unimaginable, a. be-qiy^, na-mutasau- 

war. [na-zaif. 

Unimpaired,, be-zawal, 
Uninformed, a. na-waqif, be i^habar, na- 
- dan, na-muallam. 
Uninhabited, a. na-ab£d, gair-m(mnr. 

Uninspired, a. na-mulham. [nidan. 
Uninstructed, a. na-muallam, be-talim, 
Unintelligible,a. be-samajh, n£-daryafta, 

na-qabUi-fahm, behuda. [hissa-dar. 
Uninterested, a. be-garaz, be-alaqa, na- 
Uninterrupted, a. n^-maqta, bila-fdsila, 

bila-niga, daimf. [laya. 

Uninvited, a. be-dawat, be-talab anbu- 
Uninviting, a, na-pasand, na-khush, na- 

Union, s. ittihad, ittifaq, yaganagi, pai- 

wastagi, mel, jor, jog. 
Unison, 8. ham-dwaz, ham-s&K, ek-sur. 
Unit, s. ek, ekka, ekan, wahid. 
Unite, V. milana, jopna, sa^ana, lagana, 

wasl k. paiwasta k. muttafiq k. ; mil- 

na, ek h. satna, lagna. 
United, a. rauttahid, muttafiq, ek-dil, 

mila-jnl^ paiwasta. 
Unitedly, ad. milke, ek-dili-se, ba-ittifaq. 
Unity, 8. ekiS, yaktai, yagdnagat, ahdi- 

yat, tauhid, wahdat. 
Universal, a amiin, kulli, mutlaq, j&mi 
Universality, s. vimumiyat,kulliyat, jnm- 

lagi, hamagi. [o-juzwi. 

Universally, ad, bil-kul, bil-jumla, kulli- 
Universe, 8. dunya, jahan, dlam, khalq- 
University, 8. madrasa azim. [ullah. 
Unjust, a. na-haqq, be-dad, be-insaf, 

gair->wajib ; zalim, jafa-kar. 
Unjustifiable, a. ni-qabil-i-mu^f) gair- 

mnmkin>ul-ibra. [rahm. 

Unkind, a, namihrban, be-shafaqat, be- 
Unknowingly, ad. nn-danista, anjane. 
Unknown, a. na-milum, n£-maruf, anja- 

na, be-gana. 
Unlade, v. a. bojh utama ya nikalna. 
Unlawful, a. khiUf-i-shara, na-haqq, na- 

rawa, na-jaiz, haram. 
Unlearned, a. na-khwdnda, jahil, ansikh. 
Unless, ad. agar-na, wagar-na, magar, 

bagair, ilia. 
Unlettered, a, na-khanda, jahil. [hnkm. 
Unlicensed, a, be-ijazat, be parwana, be- 
Unlike, a. na-muwafiq, na-yaksan, gair- 

mushabih, mnkhtalif. [galib. 

Unlikely, a. gair-maqul, be-ihtimil, na* 


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Unlimited, a. be-hadd, na-malid6d, be> 

Unload, v. bojh utama ya nikilna. 
Unlooked-for, a. nagahan, yakayak, bil&- 

nmmed. [ban. 

Unlovely, a. na-aziz,nfi-pasand, na-mihr- 
Unlacky, a. kam-bakbt, bad-bakht, bad- 

Unman, v. namard k. be-dil k. dilgir k. 
Unmanageable, a, be-lagim, sarkash, be- 

zabt. [dil. 

Unmanly, a. na-mardana, na-mard, be- 
Unmannerly, a. be-adab, bad-l^hnlq. 
Unmarried, a. an-byaha, be-nikah, mn- 

jarrad. [zabir k. 

Unmask, v. bhes badaln^, burqa ntarna. 
Unmeaning, a. be-mdni, behuda. 
Unmeasm>able, a, ") be-andaza, be-hadd, 
Unmeasured, a. > be-nihayat, be- 

shumar, be-hisab. 
Uumercifnl,a. be-rahm, be-shafaqat, be- 

dard, sang-dil. 
Unmerited, a. na-laiq, na-saza,gair-wajib. 
Unmindful, a. be-kbabar, be-lihaz, gafil. 
Unmingled, a, ") na-amel^hta, be-ame- 
Unmixed, a. ) zish, anmel, saf, sirf. 
Unmolested, a. gair-muztarab, be-kha- 

lish, achhir. 
Unmoor, v. langar utbilni, jah^z kholna. 
Unmortgaged, a, nd-marhun, gair-mur- 
Unmoveable^a. see Immoveable, [tahan. 
Unmoved, a. paedar, qaim; barqarar, 

sabit-qadam ; na-^hashmnak ; be sha- 

faqat, be-rabm. 
Unnatural, a. ^biUf-i-tabiat, ]^hilaf-i- 

zat ; shadid, sharir. 
Unnecessary, a. la-zarur, na-lazim, gair- 

Unnerve, v. zdjf k. kamzor k. ; dilgir k. 
Unnumbered, a. angina, be-shnm^r, be- 
.. hisab. 

Unobeyed, a. nil-mut4, na-manna-hua. 
Unobservable, a. an-dekhau, na-didani. 
Unobserved, a an-dekh4,na-dida,ohbipa. 

Unoccupied, a. gair-mutasarraf, n^-maq- 
. buz ; na-mashgdl, muattal. , 

Unoffending, a. be-gnnab, be-^hat4, n&> 

Unopened, a. ankhula, n£-kuBhlda,band. 
Unoperative, a, na-k£rgdr, na-karsnz, 

gair-muassir. [azad. 

Unopposed, a. be-muzabimat, be-khilaf. 
Unorthodox, a, na-mutadaiyin.gair-rash- 
Unpack, v. gattha ya basta kholna. [id. 
Unpaid, a. ad a nahin hu^, anpata. 
Unpalatable, a. be-maza, bad-maza ; na- 

Unpardonable, a, gair w6jib-ul-afu, 

bakhshne-ke Uiq nahin. [na-mazur. 
Unpardoned, a. gair-muaf, na*magfur. 
Unperceived,a. andekha,n^*dida,chhipa ; 

Unperformed, a. ankiya, na-pardakhta. 
Unphilosophical, a. l^hildf-i-hikmat. 
Unpitying, a. be-rahm, be-shafaqat. 
Unpleasant, a. 1 na-khdsh, nti-pasaod, 
Unpleasing, a, j na-dilpazir, na-khush- 

6qand, gair-latif. [kash. 

Unpliant, a. be-lachak, ka^a, sakht, sar- 
Unploughed, a. anjota, anchasa. [rashida. 
Unpolished, a. be-jild, be-saiqal ; n^-ta- 
Unpolite, a. bad-akhldq, be-adab, na- 

zarif. [amm. 

Unpopular, a. na-thardilaziz, be-itibar-i- 
Unpractised, a. na-dzmuda-kar, na-dida; 

nn-mamul. [be-mamul. 

Unprejudiced,a. gair-mutassib, na-janib- 

dar. * [fikr. 

Unpremeditated, a, be-peshbandi, be* 
Unprepared,, na-arasta; gair- 

mustajdd, n^-kamar-basta. [khaslat. 
Unprincipled, a. bad-z£t,bad-niyat, bad- 
Unprofitable, a. be-faida, be-nafa, gair- 

mufSd, la-basil. [bad-bakht. 

Unpropitious, a. gair-musad, n^-musaid. 
Unprotected, a. be-himayat, na-mahfuz j 

be-panah, be -say a. 
Unprovoked, a. be-cbher, be-insaf. 
Unpublished, a. na-mashhur, na-zahir; 

na«chhapa gaya.. 
Unpunished, a. be-saz^, na-muazzab. 
Unquftlified, a. na-muwafiq, na-laiq, nsk» 

qabil. . ■- 


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■Unqtieiicliable, <u mamtan^-ul-itfa, nk- 


'Unquestionable,a. bila-|tir&, b&4bnbha, 

maqarrar. [hall k. 

Unravel, v. snljbRna, kholni, udherna, 

Unread, a. ni-j^hwinda, be-talim, an- 

praba. [bejaj be-ifcidal. 

Unreasonable, a. na-maqal, gair-wajib, 
Unreceived, d. Aa-yafta j na-qabul, na- 
. pazfr-rafta. 

Unreoompensed, a, see iTnrewarded. 
Unreconciled, ti. na-milaya^ga3ra, be-feas- 

fiya, na-ham dil. [mnftadi. 

Unred^med, a. an-bacba7a,be-fidfi, gair- 
Unreflecting, a. be-lihaz, be-tadbir, gafil. 
Unregarded, a. ni-mana-bda, be-}tibar ; 
. na-dida^ andekba. [sang-diL 

Unrelenting, a, be*shafaqat, be-rahm, 
Unrepenting, a. be^pasbimani, na^tanba- 

kar, gair«-mntas8if. 
iJnreproached, a. na^mazmun, be-mala- 

mat, be^dushnam. 
Unreserved, -a. be-riya, s&f-dil, kusbada^ 

kh&tir; na-baz-rakha. [wamat. 

Unresisting, a. be*musahiinat, be-mnqa- 
Unresolved, a. na-mubaiyan; mntarad- 

did, be-qasd. [qaid. 

Unrestrained, a, be*lagani, be-zabt, be- 

Unrevoked, a. gair-mans6V^,n^-mardud. 
Unrewarded, a, be-ajr, be-muzd, be-jaza, 

Unriddle, v. kbolna, hall k. samjhnna. 
Unrighteons, a, na-rast, gair-salih, be^ 

nekokan. [ganah-kari. 

Unrighteoosness, 5. bad-kari, na-rasti. 
Unripe, a. na-pokhta, kachcha, ^ham. 
Unrivalled,a. be-nazir,be-miaal,yagana; 

Unroll, V. udhefna, kholnd. 
Unruffled, a. be-iztirab, sakin; snnsan. 
Unruly, a. be-lagam, be-zabt, sarkash. 
Unsafe, a. na-amin, be-salamat, khatar- 

nak. . [tahhar, na-pak. 

Unsanctified, a. na-maqaddas, gair- ma- 
Unsatisfied, a. na>razi, nd-asuda i^hatir, 


Unsatiable, a. see Insatiable. [pasfrlU 
Unsatisfactory, a, na-saz, na-sawad, n6- 
Unsavoni^, a. be-maza, be-lazzat. 
Unsay, v. hit phema ya ultana. 
Unsealed, a. be-muhr, khnla. [se bihar. 
Unsearchable, a. taftish-se b4hir,tahqiq- 
Unseasonable, a. be-waqt, be-gah, be-ja» 

na-laiq. [maqul. 

Unseemly) a. nd-sbaista ni-saza, luU 
Unseen, a. andekha, ni-dida, gaib. 
Unserviceable, a. na-bakar, na-mafid, 

na-k^ra, na.kam. 
Unsettled, a, be-qardr, n&-sabit; na- 

mnqarrar, gair-mnaiyan. ■ 
Unsevered, a. gair-mnnqat|, paiwasta. 
Unshaken, a. andola, be-jnmbish ; gair- 

mnztarib. [se nikalna. 

Unsheath, v. gilaf-se khainchni, miyan- 
Unsheltered, a. be-paQ|ih, be-saya, be- 

Unshod, a, nange-panw, be-n^l. [shida. 
Unshorn, a. ankatra, an mnnda, na-tari- 
Un8ightly,a. bad-nnma, bad-surat, kari h* 
Unskilful, *) a. na-waqif,n8-kar-azmuda. 
Unskilled,) na-8hinas,be-hiinr,be-aql, 

na-rasa. [nishin. 

Unsociable, a. na4shnli-mizaj, khaJwat- 
Unsold, a. na-farolj^hta, an-bik4. 
Unsoldier-like, a. na-jawan-mard, nlU 

Unsolicited, a. ni-darkhwista, be-istida. 
Unsolicitous, a. be-parwa, be-andesha. 
Unsophisticated, a. be-limezish, kh£Hs; 

be-riya. [khwista. 

Unsought, a. an-khoja, an-manga, na- 
Unsown, a. an-boa, gair-mazrua. [taqrir. 
Unspeakable, a. ni-guftani, ni-qabil-i- 
Unspent, a. n^-masruf, na-mabzol ; na- 

Unspotted, a. be-dag, be-aib, pak. 
Unstable, ) a. be qarar, na-paedar, be- 
Unsteady, ( qiyllm,na>8abit,chanchal« 
Unstring, v. kbolna, utim^, be-tar k. 
Unsubdued, a. na maglub, na-maqhdr. 
Unsubstantial, a. be-wujud ; fdni. 
Unsuccessful, a. na-kamyab, be-maqsad, 

na-murad. [munasib. 

Unsuitable, a. na-mnwafiq, n&*laiq, na- 


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Unsnpported, a. ba-ymud ; be^madadgi- 

ri, be-yari. 
Unsusceptible, a. na-pazir, na-qabil. 
XJnsuspected, a. ni^maznun, gair-mnh- 

tamal. [b&rshakk. 

Unsuspeoting, a, be-g^man, be-mazanna, 
Untamed, a. na-ram, sarkash, wahshi. 
Untasted, a. anohakha, n^-ohashida. 
Untaught, a. na-muallam, be-talim, na- 

Unterrified, a, be-bak, be-parw&, nidar. 
Unthankful, a. na-8hiilu>, na-ha<][q-8hinas, 
. na^sipas. 

Unthinking, a. be^fikr, be*andesha, giifil. 
Untie, V. kholna, aqd kholna ya hall k. 
Until, ad. jabtak, jablag, ta, hatta. 
Untimely, a. be^waqt, be-zaman. 
Unto, pr, ko, ke-tain. 
Untold, a. ankaha, anbola ; be^bnmir. 
Untouched, a. anohhaa, na^mamsus ; be- 

shafaqat, sangrdil. 
Untoward, a. ziddi, sarkash, magrd ; mu>- 

zahim, mukhnlif. [kash. 

Untractable, a. be«zabt, be^lagdm, sar- 
Untried, a n^Wizmdda, gairTmujarrab. 
Untroubled, a. beriztirab, na-rranjida, 

Untrue, a, na-rast, jhutha ; berWafltL, 
Untruth, 3. narrasti, jhuth. 
Untutored, a. nti-muallam, bort^Um. 
Untwist, ) u. ndherna, suljhana, peoh 
Untwine, ) kholna, hall k. 
Unusual, be-qajda, be-dastur, be-riwij, 

gair-rmami^l. [taqrir. 

Unutterable, ot. nittgo^ni, ni^qabil-i- 
Unvanqnished, a, na<*maf lub, ajit. 
Unvaried, a. be«tabdil, b&rtagaiynr, gair* 

Unveil, v, be^hijiib k. be^parda k. z^hir k. 
UnviolatedjO^na^mazlttm; na7mansii||:h, 
. antata. 

Unwarily, ad. borkhabariTse, gUfilan. 
Unwarrantable, a, na?qabil-i«muiU',mum* 

tanna-ul-ibrd. [w4jib. 

Unwarranted^ a.beTij&zat,be-8anad, gair-r 
Unwary, a. berihtiyat, b&>khabar, gifil. 
Unwashed, a. andhoi, na-sluista, na-saf . 

Unwearied, a. na-manda, athak. 
Unwelcome, a. na-khush-ayand, na-pa^ 

sand, na-maqbul, ni-kkush. [mar. 
Unwell, a. na-saz, sust, manda, alil, bi- 
Unwholesome, a. niigawara, nH-khush- 

guwar, n^tmuwafiq. [achal. 

Unwieldy, a. bhari, girin, wasni, azim. 
Unwilling, a. na-rizi, nar^hush, be^U, 

Unwise, a. niAin, be^^ql, be«waquf. 
Unworthy, a. na-saza, ua-shaista, n&- 

laiq, be^adr. [gi. 

Unworthily, ad, be^azawaH, b&cBhidBta- 
Unwritten, a, anlikha, na-navishta. 
Up, pr, upar, par, bala ; khara, uthi, jaga, 
Up and down, nicha-uuch^, jahan-tahan. 
Up to, tak, talak, laor, i^o, ta, hatta, bhar. 
Upbraid, v. sarzanish k. malamat k. meh- 

ni mama. [sambh^lna. 

Uphold, V. uthana, th^mbhna, dharna, 
Upholsterer, s. asbftb-bechnewala. 
Upland, a. unchi-zamin, paha^ . 
Uplift, V, uthana, chafh^nd, unchd k. 
Upon, pr, upar, par, upare, bala. 
Upper, a. uparla, b^latar, bartar, ala. 
Uppermost, a, sabrse uncha, bala-tarin« 
Upright,a. IjLaafa^sidha, rast, salih,sadiq, 

nek. [sadaqat. 

UprightnesSfS. khar^i, sidhai, rasti,sal^, 
Uproar, s. h&nk pukar, dhnm-dham, gul- 

gapara, gauga, hangama. 
Upset, v. ultana ya ulatna, zer zabar k. 
Upshot, 8. anjam, natija. [ya h. 

Upside, a. taraf, b^la. 
Upside down, ad, ultapul^ tale-upar, 

zer-zabar, tah-o-bald, samigun. 
Upstart, 8, nau-daulat, kal-J^a admi, nau- 

Upwards, qd, upar, blUa, faraz ; ziyada. 
Urbanity, 8, muruwat, ]^dsh-a]|^hlaqi, 

Urge, V. taqfixa k. takfd k. ibram k. 

ba^'idd h. ; hinkna ; chalana; lalchana, 

targib d. 
Urgency, 5. t^!&z&, zururat, sakhtf , tangi. 
Urgent, a, mutaqazi, ^uriir, iazim, mu- 



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Urine, 8. pesh&b, batil, shiiah, mut. 
Urn, 8, surahi, ^brez, dalo; goldan, sa- 

Usage, 5. snldk, harakat ; chal, chalan, 

ravish, rawaj, rasm, ain, dasfcur. 
Use, 8. tajriba; amal, kam ; istimal; ^dat, 

ain, ravisb ; tasarruf, tamatt^i ; faida, 

nafa, darkar. 
Use, V. kam-men lana, chalana, bartna ; 

suluk k. ; istiamal k. mamdl k. 
Useful, a. kamka, bakar| faida-mand, 

mufid, nafi. [naqis. 

Useless, a. na-bakar, na-kara, be-faida. 
Usher, a. nstad, khalifa ; arzbegi. 
Usher, u. mnlazimat ji. mnlaqat karan&, 

darmiyan lana. 
Usnal,a. chalani, mamuli, mnranwaj, raij . 
Usually, ad. aksar, beshtar, muwafiq-i- 
Usurer, s. byaj-khor, sud-khor. [dastdr. 
Usnrp, w. ohhin-lena, zabrrdasti-se ya 
. na haqq tasarruf-men lena. 
Usurpation, s. na-haqq taaamif, taddi^ 

gasb, zabardasti. 
Usurper, s. dast-daraz, zabardast, gasib. 
Usury, 3, byaj, sdd-khori. [kam. 

Utility, s. faida, manfat, nafa intifa, sud. 
Utmost, a. nihayat, gayat, aqsa, bhar- 
Utter, a. nihayat, tamam, akhir.[maqdur. 
Utter, V. talaffuz k. kahna, bolna ; beoh- 

na ; jari k. ; zahir k. 
Utterance, s. talaffuz, lab-o-lahja, gnftar. 
Utterly, ad, sarasar, bil-kull, mutlaq, 

kamiUna, nihayat. [intiha. 

Uttermost, a. akhir, aqsa, nihayat j s. 
Uxorious, a. zan-mnnd, zan-parast. 


Vacancy, s, khulu, khala ; faragat, fur- 
sat ; gaflat, ihmal, majhuli, be-fikri. 

Vacant, a. khali, tih{, mnattal; be-kha- 
bar, gafil. 

Vacate, v-khali k.; chhorna, hath uthana. 

Vacation, s. naga, tatil, zaman-i-faragat. 

Vacuity, s, ) ^hulu, khhla, khali jagah. 

Vacuum, s. ) jauf. [kuchagard. 

Vagabond, s. awara,aubash,rind; saiyar, 

Vagary, s, lahar, mauj, khiyal, wahm. 

Vagne,a. na-inuqarrar, gair-inuaiyan, be- 

Vain, a. be-faida, batil, be-mani, behuda, 

abas; lafzan, ]|:hud-faro8h, khdd-bin, 

Vainglorions, a. lafzan, kallazan, ahekfai- 

baz; khud-numa. 
Vainly ,, abas, be-mani ; lafza- 

ni-se, ba-l^hud-faroshi. 
Valerian, s. billi-lo^an, bilai-kand. 
Valetudinarian, s, alil, shikasta^miziij, 

Valiant, a. diler, dilawar, bahddnr, shnja. 
Valid, a. mnstahkam, mazbdt, dnrnst, 

sahih, jaiz. [bdti. 

Validity, s. dumsti, sihhat, yaqini, maz- 
Valley, s. wadi, darra, nichan. [jaat. 
Valonr, s. dileri, dilwari, bahaduri, shu- 
Valuable, a, besh-qimat, qimati, giran- 

baha; aziz. [tashkhis. 

Valuation, s. taaiynn-i-qimat, takhmina, 
Valne, s. qtmat, baha, mol, qadar. 
Value, v. mol thahrdna, qimat taaiynn 

k. ankna ; aziz jann£, Jtibdr k. 
Valve, s. kewar, pat ; sarposh. [peshrd. 
Van, 5. harawal, muhfa, pesh-i-lashkar ; 
Vane, s, bad-numa, pharahra, dhajja. 
Vanish, v, kafdr h. gaib h. jata-rahna, 

Vanity, s. be-hddagi, butlan, subuki, 

hawa-parasti ; khud-faroshi, laf-gnzaf, 

Vanquish, v. fatah k. shikast d. magldb 

k. tornd, jitna. 
Vanquished, a . magldb, maqhur, maftdh. 
Vapid, a. be-maza, phika, sitha, be-ras. 
Vapour, s. baph, bukhar, baphdrk, gubar. 
Variable, a. mutagaiyir, mutalanwin, 

be-qarar, na-paedar. [fat. 

Variance,^, ikhtilaf, munazaat, mul^hala- 
Variation,- », tabdil, tagaiyur, tahwil; 

tasrif, [buqa-lamun. 

Variegated, a. gunagdn, rang-a-rang, 

raqam-raqam. • - 

Various, a. mutafarriq, mu^^htalif, juda- 

juda, gdnagun,, rang-a-rajig j be-qarar, 



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Yaniish, s Ink, raugan. 

YarnishjV. luk chajrhan^, rangan d. chik- 

nana j rangin k. takhfif k. 
Vary, v, badal d. tabdil k. tagaiyur k, 

rang-fi-rang k. yd h. mnjjLlitcJif h. lia- 

dal jana, tafawat h. 
Vase, s, zarf, guldan, abrez. 
Vassal, 8. raaiyat, iabjdar, asami. 
Vassalage, s, raaiyati, tab)dari, gulauii. 
Vast, a. bajra, azfiu, wasf ; bhari ; bahnt, 

Vastly, ad, nihayat, gayat, ziyada. 
Vat, 8, hauz, ohahbacha. 
Vault, s. gunibaz, qabba ; tahkbana, 

bhaiinra ; maqbara ; kud, phand. 
Vault, V. kudna, phandnd. [khi k. 

Vaunt, V. laf marna, laf-o-guzaf k. she- 
Vaunt, s. laf-zanl, laf-c-guzaf, shelj:hi. 
Veer, s. pbima, ghumna, gird k. 
Vegetable, s. nabat, rustani ; baqla, sab- 

zi, tarkari bhaji. [o nama k. 

Vegetate, v. ba^hna, ugn^ jamna, nasho 
Vegetation, s, nasho-o-nama, nabat, roi- 

dagi, balidgi. [tundi, hararat. 

Vehicle, s.gayi, sawari, markab.[bahana. 
Veil, s. niqab, hijab, miqna, burqa j libas, 
Veil, V. hijab k. tanaqqab k. burqa dalna, 

chhipana, dhamphna. 
Vein, s. rag, nas ; IJiatt, lakir ; piinja, 

sama ; kho, tabiat, mashrab, mizaj. 
Velocity, s. tez-ravi,bad-pae, zudf,chust(. 
Velvet, s. makhmal. [sukhan-farosh. 
Venal, a. farokhtanl ; zardost, zarparast, 
Vend, V. bechna, bikrik. baia k. ishtira k. 
Vender, s. bechwaiya, beohne-wala, fa- 

roshindaj (m comp.J farosh. 
Venerable, a. muazzaz, muhtarim, mu- 

karram, buzurg, muhib. 
Venerate, v. mnnna, tazim k. ihtiram k. 
Veneration, s. ihtiram, ikram, takrim, 

taz(m. [bat. 

Venery, s. jima, mubasharat, wati, suh- 
Venetian, s. jhilm'il, ohilwan, [mukafat. 
Vengeance, s. intiqam, badla, padash, 
Vengeful, a, muntaqim,.kma-kash, kina- 


Venial, a, wijib-ul-afu, m^zur ; chhot^, ' 
Venison, s. harn-ka gosht, gosht>i-ahu. 
Venom, s. zahr, samm, bikh. [mjazi. 
Venomous, a. zahri, zahr-dar, samm. 
Vent, 8. chhed, surak:h, nikds, rah ; dhun- 

wara, dud-kash ; farol^ht, baia ; izhar, 

ishtihar. [na; bechna. 

Vent, V. chhofna, nikdlna ; zahir k. kah* 
Ventilate, v. hawd d. bddkashi k. 
Ventilator, s. bad-kash, bad-zan. 
Venture, v. him mat bandhna, qasd k. sai 

k, dileri k tahauwur k. ^hatre-men 

dalna, jokhim uthana. [girau. 

Venture, s. khatra, jokhim ; sai, qasd ; 
Venturesome, a, be-b4k-o-parwa, diler, 
Venus, 8, zuhra, nahid. [janbdz. 

Veracity, 8. sachchai, rasti, sidq, sadaqat. 
Verb, 8, fial j active — , fial-i-mutaaddi j 

passive — , fial-i-majhul. 
Verbal, a, zabanf, lafzi, munh bolfi; 

— noun, ism-i-masdar. 
Verbally, ad. ba-zaban, ba-kalam j lafz- 
. ba-lafz, sukhan-ba-sukhan. 
Verbatim, ad. lafz-ba-lafz, sukhan-ba« 

sukhan. [hariyala. 

Verdant, a, sarsabz, tar-o-taza, hara, 
Verdict, s. fatwa, hukm, qaza, tajwiz. 
Verdigris, s. zangar, pitrai. [infisal. 

Verdure, s. sarsabzi, sabzi, tazagi, harai. 
Verge,s.kinara,lab,hadd ; chhari,qamchi. 
Verge, v. jhuknd, dhalna, mail h. 
Verify, u. tahqiq k. tasdiq k. tashih k. 

sabit k. [albatta. 

Verily, ad. fil-haqfqat, fil-waqi, yaqinan, 
Verity, s. sachai, rasti, durusti, haqiqat. 
Vermilion, s. shingarf, ingur. 
Vermin, s. kif e-makore, hawamm, muzi- 

yat. [zaban-i-madari. 

Vernacular, a, desf, mulki ; — language. 
Vernal, a, bahari, rabai. [fanni. 

Versatile, a. mutalauwin, haft-rangi, har- 
Verse, 8. shiar, nazm j bait ; misra; fiqra ; 

ayat. [dan, waqif. 

Versed, a. azmuda-kar, kar-amoz, kar- 
Versification, s. tanzim, aruz, jlm-i-shiar, 

qafiya-bandi. [shiar k. 

Versify, v. tanzfm k. nazm irasta k. 
Version, s. tarjama, tarjuma, naql. . 


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Terticai, a. eir-npar-ka, simt-nr-r^i. 
Vertig^i 8. ghami, ghumri, sargardani, 

Very, a. bahnt, nihliyat, gayat, ziyada, 

hafi ; wahi, hi, 1, (the last two are post- 
Vesicle, 8. phapola, libila. [fixes. 
Vesper, s. sitara-e-sham, sahra ; sham. 
Vessel, 8. zarf, awand, bartan, basan j 

pipa { nali, nai ; rag ; jahaz, kisht^. 
Vest, 8. jama, karta, anga. 
Vestibale, 8. deopht, peshgah, dah}iz. 
Vestige, s, naqsha-i-pa, nisha4. 

Ve^rt?^;.""' 1 poshak,Ubas,kapFi,jima. 
Vetch,5. ardh,rehla, masin, masur.moth, 

kalthi, Ghana, dal. [rana sipdhi. 

Veteran,s. jang-azmuda, k^rs^azmuda, pn- 
Vex, V. chherna, satina, khijlina, rijh^- 

na, diqq d. tasdf d. 
Vexation,^. tasd(, iza,azardagi,ranj ,ohher. 
Vexatious, a. iza-rasan, azar-dih, dil- 

kharash, dnkh-dai. 
Vexed,a.azarda,ranjida,miiztarib, Ichafa. 
Vial, 8, shishi, shisha. 
Vibrate, v. jhulaiia, hilan^ jambish d. ; 

jhnlna, hilna, iahakna, jnmban h. 
Vibration, 8. tharthan, tirmirahat, jnm- 

Vice, 8. bor^i, badi, badkari ; zabuni, sha- 

rarat ; aib, nuqsan, khot ; peoh ; ja? 

nishin. [bala-nishin. 

Vice-president, 8. mir-i-majlis-ka naib, 
Viceroy,5.qaim-mnqam,subadar, nawab. 
Vicinity, s. qarabat, jaw4r, ham-sayagi, 

nazdiki. [sarkash. 

Vicious, a. badk&r, shanr, fasid, aib-dar ; 
Vicis8itade,5. daur,daQran, gardish, nau- 

bat, inqilab, tahwil, tadbil. 
Victim, 8. qntiian, fida, mara, sadqa. 
Victor, 8. I gazi, galib, firoz, firoi- 
^Victorious, a. j raand,muzaffar,fatah- 

mand. [di, dast-burd. 

Victory, ». fath, zafar, galaba, firoz-man- 
Victusds, 8. khaua, ^hnrak, tadm, giza, 

zakhira, tosha. 
Vie, V. barabari k. hamsarC k. dekh^e- 

khi k. gairat r. rashk r. 
Viow, V. dekhna, takna, nigah k. nazar k. 

View, 8. nftfar, nig^h* lihas ; madd-i-na? 

zar ; azimat,murad,mans(iba, maqsiid. 
Vigil, 8. chauki, j^, bedan, be-|^hwabi. 
Vigilanoe,«. chauka8i,bedaiu,agahi, ^ha. 

bardan, hoshyari, basirat. [hoshyar. 
Vigilant, a. chaukas, bedar, ^habardir, 
Vigour, 8 zor, quwat, taqat, ^nfiiwiin, 

tawdnai. [but, nstuwar. 

Vigorous, a. zorawar, qawl, tawani, maz- 
Vile, a. nfch, past, ^hwar, be-qadr, zalil, 

haqir, kamina, dun. [tarah-se. 

Vilely, ad. hiqai*at-se, ba-shararat. bad* 
Vileness, 8, khwari, hiqarat, be-qadri 

ziilat, pasti, duni. 
Vilify,v. badnkm d. buhtlln k. aib lagana. 
Villa, 8. batika, rag, mufassal-ka ghar. 
Village, s, ganw, bastl, dihya dih, qarya. 
Villager, s. ganwar, dihq^n ya dihqani. 
Villain, s. haranuUida, sharir &dmi, bad- 

zat, fajir. 
Villainous, a. hvaci, bad, sharir, fasid, qa- 

bih, naala } haqir. 
Villany, s. har^mzadagi, badkari, shari- 

rat, fasad, qabahat. 
Vindioate, v. be;gunah sabit k. yzr lana ; 

intiqam 1. ; taid d pushti d. [maruz. 
Vindication, 8. pdzish, uzr, mazarat, arz- 
Vindictive, a. kina^kash, kinawar, intir 
Vine, s. darakht^irangur, t4k.[qam-kash. 
Vinegar, 8. sirka, Ichall. 
Vineyard, a. bag-iTangor, angiiristan, 

bagistan, absal. 
Viol, 8. bin, rabab, sarangi. 
Violable, a. mumkinii-ruaqs, zawal.pazir. 
Violate, v. bigafna, kharab k. jabar k. 

nuqsan k. ; tof n^, fasi^Lh k ; hurmat 1. 

bikr tofna. [parda-dari. 

Violation, «. shikastagi, faskh, naqs, 
Violence, 8. zor, jabar, jaur, sitam, jafa ; 

taddi, zulm,zabardasti ; shiddat,tundi. 
Violent, a. sakht, shadid, tez, tund; 

dtashmizij, gazabruak. 
Violin, 8. sarangi, rabab, chik^a, saz. 
Viper, 8, afi^i, i^a, nag. [kanwarL 

Virgin, 8. bakira, doshfza, chii'a-band| 
Virginity, 8. bikarat, doshizagi, chira. 
yirgo, 8. burjrirsnmbnla. 
Virility, s, niardi, rajuliyat. 


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YiriniaJly, ad. fil-hciqiqat, fil-waqf, fil- 

zatihi, ^inan, asl-men. 
Virtue, 8. neki, khdbi, bhalai,iie1cokari; 

qnwat, zat^ ^hasiyat, sifat, wasf^ tasir. 
Virtuous, a. xiek-]j:ho, -khaslat, -kirddr, 

-bakht, -nihad, -pak, -zat, -tinat-o-kar, 

I^hub ; pakdaman, parsa, pakiza. 
Virulence, s, saPiti, shiddat, sbararat, 

Virulent, a. shadid, sa^t, tez, sharir, 

, Visage, s, munh, chihra, ru, rue. 
Viscous, a. "> laj-laja, las lasa, las-dar, 
Viscid, a, ) obip-chipa, chaspan. 
Visibility, s. zuhur, namiidarf, manzun. 
Visible, a. z^hir, namddar, manzur, sa- 

rih, ashkara. 
Vision, 8. binai, basarat, nazar ; ohhay^, 

l^hiyal, sdrat-i-wahmi. [lahari. 

Visionary, a. I^hiy ali, wahami, tasauwuri, 
Visionary, s. sahib-i-l^yal, Jj^yall, 

Visit, V. mulaqat k. milnd, ziyarat k. 

iytidat k. 
Visit, s, mulaqat, milap, ziyirat, lyadat. 
Visiter, s, mulaqf, mulaqat-kame-wal6, 

bhe^waiya, zair. 
Vista, s, znadd-i-nazar ; saya-dir rah. 
Vital, a. jita, zinda ; jan-bakhsh, hayat- 

bal^hsh; hayat-mansub. 
Vitality, s. jandari, haiwaniyat, jan. 
Vitals, 8, jigar, jigarband ; zat, jauhar. 
Vitiate, v. bigafna, I^harab k. tab^h k. 
Vitiated, a. bigira-hua, l^harab kar-diy^. 
Vitriol, 8, tutiya, zaj. [tabah. 

Vituperate, v. malamat k. ^ib lagaua. 
Vituperation, a. malamat, sarzanish. 
Vivacity, 8, zinda-dili, dil-shadi, sho^hi. 
Vivid, a. tez, raushan, chatkila j shokh, 
. Vizard, a. burqa, mukh^s. [zinda. 

Vizier, s. wazir, Grand v. wsair-i-^zam^ 

Vocabulary, s, lugat, farhang. 
Vocal, a. nawai, sauti, awaz-dar. 
Vocally, ad. ba-nawa, ba-awaz, bat-se. 
Vocation, s. kam, pesha, hirfa, kasb; 
Vocative, 8. nida. [dawat 

Vogue, 8, chal, ohalan, riwaj. 

Voice, 5. Iwaz, sadi, saut, naw£ ; qaul ; 

stga; active — , siga-i-maruf j passive 

— , sfga-i-majhdl. 
Void, a ]j;h&li, tihi ; muattal ; mansukh, 

batil J — of caret be-parwa. [qai k. 
Void, V, nikalna, 4&li^a, chhoynd, hagna. 
Volatile, a. kafur-siflfat, bu^liar-sa j chan- 

chal, simab-tab^ subuk-sar. [daz. 
Volcano, s. jwald-mukhi, koh-e-atash-an- 
Volition, s. chahat, ^hwahish, ikhtiy^r, 
Vblley^ 8, shaikh, bay.* 
Volubility, s, zaban-awan, zaban-chala* 

ki ; gardish, char^h. [dauwar. 

Voluble, a. zaban awar, zaban-chalak. 
Volume, «. jild, kitdb, daftar ; andaza, 

Voluntarily, «. ^hud-ba-l^hud, ba-i^hti* 

ydr, ap-se. 
Voluntary, a. HUfhUyiri, iradati, qasdi 

Voluptuary, s. 1 aiyash, jashni, shikam- 
Voluptuous, a. J parast, shahwat-pa- 

rast, nafsani. [awar, mustafrig. 

Vomii^ 8. qai, radd, istifrag j dawa-i-qai- 
Vomit, V. qai k. radd k. istifrag k. 

ubaknd ; ubkana. 
Vomiting, 8. qai, radd, istifrag, ubkai. 
Voracious, a. khivL, petuk, akkal, liaris, 

jua-ul-baqar. [kar. 

Vortex, 8. bhaQwar, girdab, warta, ohak- 
Votary, s. fidwi, banda, farman-bardar. 
Vote, 5. qaul, qabul, i^htiyar. 
Vote, V. qaul d. qabul k. muqarrar k. 
Vouch, V. gawahi d« shahadat k. isbat k. 
Voucher, s, gawah, shahid j dalil, shaha- 
dat, sanad, dast>awez. 
Vouchsafe, v. mihrbani k. tawajiuh k. 

ij^t d. 
Vow, 8. nazar, ahd ; niyat. 
Vow, V. nazar k. niyat k. , ' . 

Vowel, 8, harfi-}llat, harakat. 
Voyage, s. safar-i-darya, tari-ka safar/ 
Voyager, s. musa£lr-i-darya. [haqir. 
Vulgar, a, 4mm, amum ; ijirfi ; kamina, 
Vulgarity, a, nichai, pasti, kamtnagf, 

hiqarat. [pazir. 

Valture, s* gidh, kargas, nasr. 


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Wadding, s. nawala, ^ikli. [oh&liuL 

Waddle, v. dagmagi ohil-chaln^ mataktd 
Wade,v.khare-p6nw utamajpayabchaliia. 
Wafer, s. tikli, tiidya. 
Waft, V. jaldi pahnncliaiia, iqra-lejaiii, 

baha-lejana ; par k. ; yhwr k. 
Wag, 8. maaJbihara, thathebaz, thatholijfi. 
Wag, V, 4olana, hilana ; hilna. [bazla-baz. 
Wage, V. kama, rakhni, shart r. 
Wager, s. giran, shart, dilo. 
Wager, v. shart r. giran r. daobandhn£ 
Wages, 8. talab, tanjkhwah, mnshahira, 

wazifa. [rafat. 

Waggery, s. maslpiaragi, ^hathebazi, za- 
Waggish, a. maskhara, ^athebaz, zarif. 
Wagon, 8. bojhal gafi, chhak^a, araba. 
Wagtail, 8. mamola, khandrich, khanjan. 
Wail, V. nala-o-zari k. wawaila k. ah-o- 

Wailing, 8, nala-o-sir(, wawaili, nanha. 
Waist^ 8. kamar, miyHn. 
Waistcoat, 8. choli, fatuhi, knrta. 
Wait, V. rahna, (hahama ; rah dekhna, 

intizari k. mnnta^ar h. ; — wpon, mnla- 

zamat k. IJLhidmat k. ; hazir h. mnl£- 

qat-ke waste janiL [bash. 

Waiter, 8, ^hidmatgar, mnUizim, hazir- 
Waive, w. chhopia, chhof d, tark k. 
Wake, V. jagna, jagana, nthni, n^hani, 

bedar h. ya k. [bardar. 

Wakefol, a. jagta, bedar, chankas, kha- 
Walk, V. chaind, phimd, sair k. gasht k. ; 

ohalana, phema, tfthlan/i ; — to cmd 
• fro, idhar ndhar phim^ j — m, bhitar 

jana, da^hilh. ; — out, bahir jana $ — 

ojf, chala-jani. 
Walk, 8. sair, gasht, chalan ; chal, ravish, 

raftar ; rail, sairgah, gnlgasht. 
Walker, s. chalwaiya, sair-kame-w&la. 
Walkingstick, a. ohhapi la0ii, 98^. 
Wall, 8. diwal, diwar, bhit. 
Wall, u. diwar bandlma, ch&rdiwixi k. 
Wallet, 8, jhoU, jholi, zambil, j^una-dani. 
WaUow, u. lo^, lolpot k. galtan-pe- 


Wan, a, zard, pfla, phika, himirg&n. 
Wand, 8, chhari, chhikuni, asa. 
Wander, v, ramna, phimd, jabajH phim£, 

gasht-o-gnzar k.; bhataktd phima, 

gomrah h. be-rah h. 
Wanderer, s, ilwara, be-rah, dar-ba-dar. 
Wane, 8 zaw^, kast, tanazznl, ghatao. 
Wane, v. ghatna, kam h. zawil-men lu 
Want, V. chahn^ mangna, khwahish r. ; 

ihtiydj r. mnhtaj h. ; darkar h. zarur 

h. ; kam h. qasir h. naqis h« 
Want, 8. hajat, ihtiyaj, zardrat ; kaml^ 

qnsdr ; tangj, mnflisi, gadai. 
Wanting, a. kam, naqis, qasir. 
Wanton, a, shol^, khilafi, chanchal; 

shahwati, mast, mastani, chikna. 
Wanton, v. khelna, shol^ k. chanchal h. 
Wantonness, 8, sholchi, chanchalahat, 

hawadari, shahawat. [harb, razm. 
War, 8. iBLfii, jang, jadal, karzar ; jihad. 
Warble, v. lahaknii, lahkana, chachaha- 

n£, gan&. 
Ward off, v, dafa k. ra£^ k. tal d. 
Ward, 8, parwarda, yatim ; mahalla, tola. 

ghar,dandana;qaid; chanki,nigahbani. 
Warden, s. hafiz, nazir ; amln, am^at-dar. 
Wardrobe, 8, toBha-Jkhana^ jama-|diana. 
Ware, 8, mal, jins, mai4, chizbast^ as- 

bab, sanda. 
Warehouse^ s. jins-JJLh&oa, asb&b-l^hana. 

makhzan, kothi. [jangawari« 

Warfare, s, see War j also, jangbazf. 
Warily, ad, ba-ihtiyat, Ichabardari-se. 
Warlike,a.laranka, diler Jangamoz, jangL 
Warm, a. garm; tez-mizaj, sargarm, 

Warmth, s, garmC, hararat, tapish ; dil- 

garml, gazab, masti. 
Wam,v.chet£n^gatina,^|:habard.agihi d. 
Warning, 8. ohetana,^abar, agdhi,ittil4. 
Warp, 8, tani, tar. 
Warp, V. ai^thna, marof khana, kaj- 

khiun k. ya h. sakofna, terh£ h. [tak. 
Warrant, s. sanad,farm&n, parwana, das- 
Warrant, V, farman-gozar k. mu|^ht^ k. 

i^htiydr d. ; jaiz r. ; mnaf k. ; poshti 

d. ; tasdiq k. dalalat d. 
Warrantable^ a. jaiz, rawa, lazim, wajib. 


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Warrior, .8. jangf, bahadur, gifi mard, 
Wart, 8. mass^ UU, masbird. [pahlaw^n. 
Wary, a. hoshy&r, durilndeBh, sahib-i- 

Wash, u. dbona, dbo-4<^lii4 pakMma, 

sho k. p&ni-se b&£ k. ; gusl k. nahana. 
Washerman, ». dhobi, ga^nr; — woman, 
WaBp,s. bimijzambur, zambura. [dhobin. 
Wa8pish,a. chi|rchir^ zudranj, bad-miz^j. 
Waste, V. kam h. ya k. ghatnii, gha^ana, 

galn&, galana, l^harch k. israf k. iif^nd, 

barbad d. khona, ganw&na. 
Waste, a. wiran, paemal, ujar, ]^har&b» 
Waste, 8, isriif, beja i^harch, ur^o, barba- 

di ; wirana, bayab&n„ ^haraba. 
Waste-book, 8. khasfa, khata. 
Wastefal,a. n^ao, musrif, mubazzir,mut- 

lif, fazul-lfharch. 
Watch, 8. bedari, chanki; nigahb^i; 

pahra; pdsban, chaukid^; pahar; 

ghari, saat. 
Watch, V, bed&r r. chaaki d. nigihbin! 

k. ; takua, mg6h k.; r&h dekhna ; 

agah h. Icbabardar h. hoshyar. 

Watchful, a. bedar, khabardar, chaukas, 
Watchhonse, s, thana, chauki-^hlma, 

Watchmaker, s. ghan-saz, saatgar. 
Watchman, s. pahriya ya pahrua,chaTiki- 

dar, nigahban, pasban. 
Watchword, 5. chaukjdaron-ki bat, shiar. 
Water, 8. p^', ab ; peshab. [p^hi k. 
Water, v. p^ d. paniyana, sichni, ab- 
Water-bearer, 8, bhistf, bihishti. 
Water-closet, s, pie-IJLhana, jae znrur. 
Watercourse, «. nala, ab-rab, 4b-gazar. 
Watercresses, s. lat-putiya, deo-kandar. 
Waterfall, s. jhimi, abshar, chadar. 
Waterfowl, 8, mnrg-abi. 
Waterlily, s. kamal, kof, nflofar. 
Waterman, 8. Akn^i, kishtibAn, mallah. 
Watermelon, 8. tarbdz, hindnwana. 
Watermill, 8. pancbakki, asiya-e-ab. 
Watery, a. abi, abdar, serab, tar j panih^ ; 

patla i be-maza, pans^ 
Wattles, s. thathr^ thathri, tatti ; murg- 

ka phul. 
Wave, s, lahar, mauj, hilora, hilkora. 
N 2 

Wave, V, lahran&, hilkomi, mai^j mitmii ; 

jhumn&; bhanjna;pharphair6na;diilan&, 

hilana, phirana; ishar^ k. talna, ^1 k. 

Waver, v, hiohakna, taraddud k. pas-o- 

pesh k. [plchhll. 

Wavering, a. mntaraddid, be-qarar, aga- 
Waz, 8. mom, shama ; sealiTig — , 14kh. 
Wax, V. moml k. lakhiyina; barhna, 

Wax-candle, 8. mom batti, shama. 
Waxen, a. momi, mom-se banaya. 
Way, 8, rah, rasta, tariq, saluk, ravish, 

dastur, wajh, taur, tarah, surat j by — , 

wHste, az-barde. 
Wayfarer, s. ") rahi, rah-gir, rih-gnzir, 
Wayfaring,a. > rah-raw£n,salik,mDsafir. 
Waylay, v. rah marna, kamin k. ghat 

lagana. ^ ^ [ziddi. 

Wayward, a. hathila, magr&, sarkash, 
Weak, a. kamzor, zaif, natawan, sast, 

4jiz J z^f f-ul-9ql J behuda, patla, phlka, 

si^ha; halka ; narm. [buk k. 

Weaken, v. kamzor k. za}f k. tofnl^ su- 
Weakness, 8, kamzori, za)fi, natawanf ; 

halkdi, sabuki, narml ; patldi. 
Wealth, 8. danlat, mil, xndldiri, zar, zar- 

dari, tawangarl. 
Wealthy, a, daolatmand, mildar, zardar, 

tawangar, gam. 
Wean, v. dddh chhorina ; b£z r. 
Weapon, 8, hathiyir, alat-i-jang, silih, 

harba, anzar. 
Wear, v. ghisni, ghisana,ragarni ;pahin. 

na, oirhna ; wajh r. surat r. numaish r.. 

farsuda h. ghasua ; tekna, rahna. 
Wearer, 8. paharwaiyi, poshakdar. 
Weariness, 8, thakii,mindagi,sust],taab. 
Wearisome, a. thakiu, azar-raaan, maUl- 

angez. [bezar. 

Weary, a. thaka, minda, ta^b-dir, sust. 
Weary, v, thakana,mandak. bezar k.yih. 
Weather, 8. haw&; mausim, aiyim ; din, 

hangam, fair — , ^ush-hawa^ khuli- 

din ; foul — , bad-hawa. 
Weather, v. bachke nikalna, khainchni. 
Weathercock, s. bad-numa, hawa-numi ; 
Weave, w. binn&,banna, nasj ]l, [be qarar. 
Weaver, 8. tanti, bafinda^jalihj'^a julaha. 


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Web, s. thiin, parcha ; jiH ; jhilli. 
Webfooted, a, wasl-pa, pfton-jora. 
Wed, V. biyah k. yi. lana, biyahna, mkkh. k. 
Wedding, a. biyah, nikah, shadi. 
Wedg6, a. pachchar, phani, meVb, tbekiL 
Wednesday, s, bndh, ch&r-Bhamba. 
Weed, 8. ghas, ghas-pat, ]|Lhas,chikhiiran. 
Weed, V. cliikhama, nikana. 
Weeds, 8. matami-libas, randi'SiUL 
Week. 8, hafta, athwara. 
Weekly, a. harhaffca, hafta-ba-hafta. 
Weep, V, rona, giriya k. giriyan h. zari 

k. ansu ohhorna, wawaila k. 
Weeper, 8, rone-w. ashk-reZjashk-afshan. 
Weeping, s. rona, giriya, ndla-o-zari. 
Weevil, «. ghnn. [ashk rezan. 

Weigh, V. tanln^, tanl k. wazn k. ; jiinoh- 

na, andesha k.; ham- wazn h. ham-sang 

h. ; sangm ya bhari h. ; nthana. 
Weight, 8. tanl, wazn, siql j girdni, b^, 

bojh, bhar ; sang, tola, bhari ; ayar ; 

qadar, qudi'at. [mnhimm, lazim. 

Weighty, a. bhari, sangin, giran, saqil ; 
Welcome, s, kliair-da4j i^hair-maqdam, 

Welcome, a. dil-pasand, dil-khush,maq- 

bdl ; mubarak, IjLhush-aind. 
Welfare, 8. bhalai, bihtari, khairiyat, 

l^hair-o-afiyat, nek-balfdiiti. 
Well, 8, ku^ indara, ohah, baoli. 
Well, a.achchha, bhali, V^ush, nek, neko, 

baj|f:htydr,mabarak ;bhalachanga, tan- 

dnrost, ardmida. 
Well, ad. achchhi, achchhi tarah, khub, 

bil-lcludr, l^hair, nek ; as well as, jaisa 

ki, hamchnnan. 
Wellbeing, s. khairiyat, &c. see Welfare. 
Wellborn, a. nek-asl, pak-nizbad. [zarif. 
Wellbred, a. ]chush-akhlaq,V^hush-atwar, 
Well-nigh, ad, anqarib, nazdik. [dost. 
Wellwisher, s, khair-^hwah, nek^^hwah, 
Welter, v. lo^na, chhatpatdna, galtan h. 
Wen,5.gumra, batanri,ma8bird ; galgan^. 
Wench, s, lafki, chhokri ; laun^i, kanez ; 

chhinal, kasbi. [windy dabur. 

West, 8, pachohhim, magrab, garb ; — 
Westward,ad.paohchhim-ko,ba-sue mag- 
Wet, a. bhiga, gila, tar, nam, abi. [rab. 

Wet, V. bhigoni, tar k. nam k« 

Wetness, s, gilai, tari, nami. 

Wetnurse, $. dhai, diidh-pilii. 

Whale, 8, samnndar-ka maha maohh. 

Wharf, 8, gh4t, poshta. 

Wharfage, 8, ghat-ka mahsdl. 

What, p, jo ; kann, kya ; — else, anr- 

kya? — <?ie», to-kya? 
Whatever, p. jo-knchh, jeta, sab-kachh, 

har-chi, jo-koi, jis-qadar. 
Wheat, 8, genhnn, gandum. (Itatnina. 
Wheedle, v. phnslana, bhulILn^ dam d. 
Wheedling, 8. phoslahat, dam-b^i. 
Wheel, 8. pahiya, paiya ; chak, ohar^h ; 

charkha, char^hi ; phirkf. 
Wheel, V. phirni, ghnmna, gardish k. ; 

janlan k. ; ghnmana, phirana ; chalana. 
Wheelbarrow, 8, ek chakkar-ki ga^i. 
Wheelwright, s. pahiyi-banane-w. 

charkhkar. [aundha d. 

Whelm, V. daba d. dnbana, garq k. ; 
Whelp, 8. pill^ bachcha ; dog's — , sag- 

bachcha ; tiger's — , baghela. 
When, ad. jab, jiswaqt, chun ; kab, kis- 

waqt, kai, chi<waqt ; just — , osi-waqt. 
Whence, ad, kahan-se, kidhar-se ; jahan- 

se,jidhar-se; kis-liye,kis- waste; isliye, 

la-jaram ; kis-admi-«e ; — soever, ja- 

hansu, kahansd. [waqt. 

Whenever, ad. jadhi, jabkl, jabkabhi, jis- 
Where, ad, kahan, kidhstr, kis-jagah ; 

jahan, jidhar, jis-jagah; no where 

Whereabonts, ad, kistaraf, kidhar-ko ? 
Whereas, ad, ohanki, halan-ki, azbas-ki, 

ba-wajude-ki, bar-aks. 
Whereat, ad. tis-par, tis-piohhe, as-£n. 
Wherever, ad. jahiLn-jahan,jahan-ki, har- 

gah, kahin. [kaheko. 

Wherefore, c. is-liye, is-waste ; tiswaste^ 
Wherry, s, pansoi, dongi, palwar. 
Whet, V. chokh k. dhar k. tez k. ; n^^- 

na, chhefoa. 
Whether, c. kya, ya, khwah ; kamisi^. 
Whetstone, s. san, sili, pathri, fasan. 
Whey, 8. dudh-ka pani, ab-i-shir, ab- 

Which, p. jo, jawn, ohi, ki 3 kaim» kauiis^ 


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While, ad, ") jabtak, jablag, jitne-men, 
Whilst, ad. } jis-waqb, ta-ki. 
While, s, waqfc, maddat. 
Whim, 8, lahar, khiyal, walim, manj. 
Whimper, w, ririyana, thmiakna, ahiste 

rona. [mizaj. 

Whimsical, a, lahari, khiy^li, talauwun- 
Whine, v. jhikna, jhinkna, ririyana, roni. 
Whip, 8, kofa, chkbuk, tdziyan^, qamchi. 
Whip, V. chabak ya koyd mam^, taziya- 

na lagana. [phirina. 

Whirl, V. phirna, ghnmnlL; ghumana. 
Whirlpool, 8, pird-ab, bhanwar, warta, 

garq-ab. [bhawandar. 

Whirlwind, s, gird-bdd, bagula, balenda, 
Whisk, V. sehathna, kuchi phirana. 
Whisk, 8. kucha, kachi. 
Whisker, s, mochh, barut. 
Whisper, v, phusphnsana, kan^-phusi k. 

kana-kani k. 
Whisper, 8, phnsphns^wat, kanakani. 
Whistle, v. siti bajana, safir mam4, cha- 
Whistle, 8. siti, sailr ; bansri. [hakna. 
Whit, 8. til, tinka, zarra, nuqta. [pak. 
White, a. safed ya snfaid, gora, dhaula, 
White-ant, s, dimak. 
Whiteness, 8, snfaidi, bayaz, gor&i, ajlal. 
Whitewash, v. kali pherna, ohhuana. 
Whither, ad, kidhar, kis taraf. 
Whitlow, 8. ungalhapa, dard-i-nal^hun. 
Whittle, 8. chhun. 
Whiz, u pinpinana, sansananli. 
Who, p. jo, jin, jaun, ki ; kaun ? 
Whoever, p, jo koi, har-ki, har^kas, jo. 
Whole, a. sara, samucha, tamam, kuU, 

sarasar, matlaq, sab, daj>o-bast; sahih, 
. durost, be-aib, musallam. 
Whole, s, jmnla, knlliya, hamagi, jama. 
Wholesale, 8, thok-bikri, yak-ja faroshi. 
Wholesome, a, muw6fiq, sihhatawar, 

shifdras^n, ^hush-gawar, gawara. 
Whore, s. chhinal, kasbi, loli, yar-baz, 

fahisha, qahba. [bagi, chbindlpan. 
Whoredom, 8. zinakari, mard-bazi, qah- 
Whoremonger, 8, ran^i-baz, kasbi-baz, 

zinakar. [waste, kaheko. 

Why, ad. kyon, kyonkar, kisliye, kis- 
Wiok, 5. fatila^ palita, battt« 

Wicked, a. bura, bad, bad-k&r, zabdn, 

sharir, fasid, mayub, bad-^ho, bad- 

nihad, bad>zat. [rarat, zabuni. 

Wickedness, s. bnrai, badi, bad-kar(, sha- 
Wicker, a, jhau-ka bana, beton>8e bana 
Wicket, 8, khijrkS, darfcha. [hua* 

Wide, a, chanfa, chakla, pahnii, pahna- 

war, ari'z, knshada, faral^h, wasf ; dur, 

bajd. [phailana. 

Widen, v, chaup^na, chakUn^, pahn^ k. 
Widely, ad, was|-an, anzan; durana, 
Widow, 8, bewa, rand, randiya. [bajdan. 
Widower, s. randua, be-zan, be-zauja. 
Widowhood, s. randap^, bewagi. 
Width, s. chanraijpahnai, 9rz,pat; kushi- 

dagi, wasRat, phailao. [shdn k 

Wield, V. chalana, phirina, bhanjna, af- 
Wife, 8, joru, zauja, mankuha, qabila. 
Wild, a, wahshi, jangali, dashti, bayab^- 

ni ; wir^n, bayaban, dasht, sahrai ; be- 

adab, na-shinas; be-qarir, har-jae; 

khiyili, wahmi; sarkash, be-lagam; 

Wild, s. ") jangal, sahra, bayaban, 

Wilderness, s. ) dasht, wirana, khara- 

ba, wahshat, badiya. [bahana. 

Wile, 8. hila, makar, fareb, fitrat, chhal. 
Wilful, a. hathila, hathi, magra, sarkash. 
Wilfully, ad, jan-bujhke, dida-o-danista, 

qasdan ; magrai-se, sarkashana. 
Will, 8, marzi, riza, arzd, khwahish, khd- 

shi ; il^htiyar hukm ; wasiyat nama. 
Will, V, ohahna, mangna, irida r. hukm 

d. farmana. 
Willing, a, razi, rizamand, Ichush, ragib. 
Willingly, ad. khushi-se, ir£de-fle, ba-dil- 
Wily, a. hila-baz, roba-baz. [o-jan. 

Win, V, jitna, galib h. bazf-lejana; -^ 

over, girwida k. 
Wind, 5. hawa, bad, batas, bao ; hot — , 

samum ifavowrable — , b^d-i-muwafiq; 

contrary — > bad-i-mukhalif. 
Wind, V, mofna, maropia, pech d. baun- 

diyana ; pherna,phirana ; phima,ghum- 

na, pech khana ; bajana, phunkna. 
WindingjS. pher, moy, bank, pech, marof . 
Winding-sheet, s. kafan. 
) Windmill, s, asiya-e-bad, pawan-chakki. 


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Window, 8. khirki, jharokh^ daHoha, 

raiizan, t&bdan. 
Windpipe, 8. saijisi, nali, halq, hnlqum. 
Windy, a. hawai, hawa-dar,tiifani,andhi- 

yaha ; badi, naffiil^. 
Wine, 8. sharab, mai, bida, khamr. 
Wing, 8. par, bal, baz^ ; lashkar-ka pahlu 

yd bagal. [tair. 

Winged, a. par-dar, bal-dar, parinda, 
Wink, V. palak ya chashmak mama, mat- 

kana, jhapk^a ; — at, ankh chhipana, 

chasbin-poslii k. igmiz k. ishara k. 
Wink, 8, palak -mdr, chashmak, gamza. 
Winner, s.jitwaiyd,galib,mnntafi. [ramz. 
Winning, a. mohnd, dil-mba, dil>awez, 

Winnow, v. nsand, pachhof na, pha^akni, 

saf k. ; janchna. 
Winnowing-fan, s. sup, chhaj. 
Winter, 8. jafa, sarma, zamistan, shita. 
Wipe, V. ponchna, pharchhana, saf k. 3 — 

out, mitAnd, mita d. 
Wire, 8. tar-chain. 
Wire-drawer, s. tar-kash. 
Wisdom, 8. ddnish, aql, danii, zirfikf, 

fahm, khirad. 
Wise, a. aqimand, danishmand, ^hirad- 

mand, zirak, dana, aqil, dlim, hoshyar. 
Wise, 8. tarah, taur, wajh, surat. 
Wisely, ad, aql-se, hikmat-se, aqilana, 

6am£y'h-ke. [irada, murad. 

Wish, 8. chah, l^wdhish, arzu, ragbat^ 
Wish, V, chahna, l^hwdhish r. arzu k. 
Wished-for, ad, margub, pasandida, dil- 

Wishful, a. ") arzumand,muslitaq,mnsh- 
Wishing, a, ) tahl, ragib, mutamanni. 
Wit, 8. ziraki, zarafat, zihn, tez-fahmi, 

aql,idrak; sahib-i-zirakf,tez-fahmadmi. 
Witch, 8, sahira, jadugamf , dakini. 
Wicthcraft, s. j^dugari, sihr, afsun. 
With, pr. se, sath, sang, ba, ba, ma ; 

maa; ham ; men, bich, bich-men, dar- 

miyan ; par, upar. 
Withal, ad, sath-iske,upar-iske,niz,ham. 
WithdraWjV. hatna, sidhama, chhip-jana, 

baz ana^ baz-ralma; baz lena, u(ha 


Wither, v. sukhnd, kumhlana, mmjbin&f 

jhuma, pazhmurda h. ; sakhana. [na. 
Withhold,!;, baz r. a(kana,roknli, chheuk- 
Within, pr, bhitar, andar, darun, bich, 

men ; — reach, muyassar. 
Without,^, bahar,berun; bagair,be,bilay 

ba-juz, siwa, chhofke. 
Withstand, v, mnqdwamat k, rokna, sam- 

bhalna, th4mbhna, samnd k. 
Witness, s. gawah, shahid, shahid ; ga- 

wahf, shahadat. 
Witness, v. gawahi d. shahadat k. 
Witty, a. tez-fahm, zarif, zirak, latifa-go, 

harraf, latif. 
Wits, <. aql, hosh, hoshyari. 
Wizard, 8, jadugar, sihir, afsungar. 
Woe, 8, gam, andoh, ranj, afsos, dareg. 
Woeful, a, gamgin, alam-zada» ranj-alu- 

da, pareshdn, zalil, haqir. 
Wolf, 8, bheriya, gurg. 
Woman, 8, randi, aurat, zan, nan. 
Womanish, a. zan-asfi, zan-ana, ^urat-s^ 
Womankind, s.alam-i-msa, firqa-i-zanan, 

aurat-zat, ran^i-log. 
Womb, 8. rihm, zihdan, bachchadan, pet. 
Wonder, v, mutajjib h. tajjub k. ajab k. ; 

hairan h. mntahaiyir h. [koramat. 
Wonder, 8. ajab, tajjub, hairat; m^rjiza, 
Wonderful, a. ajib, ajab, hairat-angez, 

Wont, V. mijitddi h. ddat yd istimal r. kar- 

na, rahna, karta-thd, raha-thd. 
Wonted, a. m^tadi, mdmuli, muwafiq-i- 

Woo, V. mangni k. talab k. naz-o-nizaz k. 
Wood, 5. jangal, darakht-zar ; lak|i, kath. 
Wooden, a, lakfi-ka, chobi, chobin.[chob. 
Woody, a, jangali, dara^htsar. 
Woof, 8, band, bhami, pud. 
Wool, 8. pashm, suf j roan, roen. 
Woollen, a. pashml, pashmina, uni. 
Woolly, a. pa^hm-^ldr^ saif ; pashm-dsa ; 

Word, 8. bdt, su^han, kaldm, lafz, lugafc, 

qaul ; l^habar, paigam ; iqrdr, ahd ; in 

a — , hdsH-i-kalam, garaz. 
Work, V. kam k. ami k.mihnat k. kama- 

na, karna^ asar k. tdsir k. ; gf^dnii^ 


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josh k. ; — outy niihnat-se k. ; — ttp, 

gazabnak k« 
Work, s. kam, kar, kirobar, ami, m^a- 

mila ; shugl, milinat ; banawat ; naqsh ; 

Workman, s. karigar, kamera, dast-kar. 
Workmanship, 5. karigari, dast-kan, 

banawat, hathanti. 
World, s. dunya, jah^n, $lam, rozgar, 

zaman ; khilqat, khaliliq, log ; for all 

the — , kamal-i-martaba. 
Worlding, «. dunyadar, dimyd-parast, 

Worldly, a. danyawi ; dnnya-parast. 
Worm, s. kipa, kenchwd, kirm ; peoh ; 

eaHh -*-, kharatin, kenchwa j ship — , 

ponka. [ghuna. 

Worm-eaten, a. kiyaha, kirm-j^hurda, 
Wormwood, s. afsantin-rumi, nagdana. 
Wom-ont, a. purani, kuhna, farsuda; 

gayiUguzra. [tana, khijani. 

Worry, v. bhambhofnd, pha|>kh4na j sa- 
Wo(r8e,a. bara,aiir-biiri,badtar, zab^ntar. 
Worship, s, puj^ parastish, bandagi, 

jbadat, sijda ; hazrat. 
Worship, V. puja k. parastish k. |badat 

k. sijda k. [jib-ut-tazim. 

Worshipful, a. q^bil-i-parastish, mnstau- 
Worshipper, 8, pujari, jbadat-gar, ^bidj 

(in comp.J parast. [bad-tarin. 

Worst, a. sab-se bnra, bnre-se-bura, 
Worsted, a, magldb, shikasta. 
Worsted, s, uni-sut, pashm-i-reshta. 
Worth, s, qimat, mol, baha j qadar, mar- 

taba ; fazilat, liy^at, l^hubi, waaf. 
Worthless, a. na-kara, na-bakar, be-qadr, 

na-chiz, na-kas, past-o-khur, na-laiq, 

Worthy,a. laiq,wajib,sazawar,miistahiqq ; 

mustaujib, shaista ; bhala, nek, khiib. 
Worthy, s. mard-i-nekokar, nek-akhlaq 
Wound, s. ghao, zakhm, jarahat. [admi. 
Wound, V, zakhmi k. [dar, majruh. 

Wounded, a. zakhmi, zakhm-dar, resh- 
Wrangle, u. jhagapia, jhagjra ya ragr^ k. 

Ia|rn4,khatpat k.qaziya k. munaqashak. 
Wrangler, 5. jhagralu, laraka, bal^hepiya, 

Wrangling, s. jhagya, ragra, qaziya^ 

Wrap, V. lapetna, lifafa k. orhn£, tah k. 
Wrapper, s. bethan, lapetan, lifafa, dast- 

Wrath, s. gazab, qahr, khashm, jazba. 
Wrathful, a, gazab-nak, qahr-llluday 

Wreak, v. intiq^m L d£lna« [peoh. 

Wreath, s. sihra, t^j-i-gul, mala ; marojr. 
Wreathe, v. marorna, lapetna; baundi- 

yana, sihrd bandhni. 
Wreck, s. shikastagi, tabahi, haUk; 

jahaz-shikani ; tuti hui jahaz. 
Wreck, v, tofna, tabah k. mami. 
Wrench, a. chhin-lena, marof 1. ainth L 

Wrench, s. maro|r> moch, pech. 
Wrest, V. khainch L chhin 1. marorna, 

machofna. [pachhari h. 

Wrestle, v. kushti k. ji la^na, pachhajra- 
Wrestler, s, kushti-gar, ya gir, ya bajs, 

psJilawim. [nigofa. 

Wretch, s, kambakht, miskin, bad-nasib, 
Wretched,a. pareshdn, ashufta, muztarib, 

bechara, be-nasib, dukhi ; haqir, zaJil, 

Wretchedness, s. pareshani, be-charagi, 

ashufbagi,kambakhti; kammagi,pastiy 

Wright, s, bafhai, mistri, darodgar. 
Wring, V. marorna, machorna, ain^hna, 

pech d. nichofna, dabna, shikanja k. 

khainch 1. [jhuri. 

Wrinkle, 8, chin, shikan, chunat, sikof. 
Wrinkle, v. chin dalni, sikopna, jhuri 
Wrist, 8, pahuncha, kalai. [lana. 

Write, V, likhna, likh d. raqam k. tahrir 

k. ; qalamband k. ; likh-bhejn£ ; tasnif 

k. insha k. 
Writer, s. navisinda, raqim, katib, mu- 

harrir ; musannif, muallif. 
Writing, s. likhawat, navisht, tahrir, 

tarqim ; tasnif, insM ; navishta, khatt, 

Wrong, a. na-rast, ni-durust, n^-haqq, 

gadr-wijib, sharirj na-muwafiq, na- 
laiq, galat, be-rah. 


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Wrong, 8. zolm, taddi, jafa, zabardastf, 

zararj nuqsdn. [be-adalat. 

Wrongfally, ad. be-ins&fi-se, bila-haqq, 

Wrj, a. tef hi, tirchha, kaj, ^^ham, banka. 

Tacht, s. qism-i-chhoti jahaz. 

Tarn, s, ratald. 

Yard, 5. sngan, angn^ chank, sahn, hita ; 

gaz ; pal*ka dandi ; alat, zakar. 
Tarn, s. But, un-ka sdt. 
Yawl, 8, palwar, dongi, kishtL 
Yawn, V. jamhina, jamhai 1. kbamiyiza 
Yea, ad. hdn. See Yes. [khainchna. 
Year, s. baras, sal, san, sanat. 
Yearly, a. salijana, ek-sala, ekbarsi. 
Yearly, ad. har-sal, har-baras, s&lhasal, 

salana, sal-ba-sal. [qat r. 

Yearn, v, marofna, marof khina j shafa- 
Yeast, 8. khamir, maya, mawa. 
Yell, V. chikhna, chiUini, gireo mama. 
Yellow, a. pila, zard, asfar, z^farani. 
Yellowish, a. pili sa, zard-s&. 
Yelp, V. bhannkna, haanhann k« 
Yes, ad. han, sach, bale, are. 
Yesterday, s. kal, kal-gaya, pichhU-din, 

diroz : day "before — , parson gaya. 
Yet, c. taabhi, tkpar-bhi, lekin, wa- 

lekin, amma; hanoz, ta-hanoz, ta- 

ham ; alawa, siwa lake. 
Yield, V. nikikia, dena, paid& k. hasil 

k. ; — , np jana, phalna ; zahir k. i 

sompna, hawala k. taslim k. $ qabul 

k. i kam h. kamqadr h. 

Yoke, s. Jul, juath, tanq ; gnlami^ far- 

manbardari ; joji, jaft. 
Yoke, V. jotna, nadhna, jiiath-meQ laganli, 

jnft k. ; bindhna. 
Yokefellow, 5. ham-jnft, ham-kar, siibi. 
Yonder, Yon, wuh, samhne-ka, udhsu> 

ka, parla. 
Yonder, ad. ndhar, s&mhne. 
You, p. tum. chhota, naya. 

Young, a. jawin, l^hurdsal, kam-umr; 
Young, s. bachcha; jawanon, khurdsalon. 
Youngster, s. laf ka, chhokra, jawan. 
Your, a. tumhara, apna, ap-k&. 
Yourself, p. tumhi, aphf, tnm-ap, khud. 
Youth, 8. jawani, shabab ; jawan, balig. 
Youthful, a. jawan, l^urdsal, ta|a. 


Zeal, 8. garmf, hararat, hamiyat, gairat. 

Zealot,8. sahib-i-gairat, zihid, mutaassib. 

Zealous, a. garm,>6argarm, janfishan, dil- 

Zedosey,5.nirbisi3Jadwar,zummbad. [soz. 

Zenith, s, simt-ur-ras, simt-un-nazar. 

Zephyr, s. bdd-i-saba, nasim, dabiir. 

Zest, 8, maza, zaiqa, lazzat, 2auq. 

Zigzag, 8, tefha-banka, kaj-o-pech. 

Zinc, s. dastiA. 

Zodiac, 8. muntaqa-ul-buruj. 

Zone, 8. kamar, kamarband, mintaqa ; 
torrid — , mintaqare-mahruqa ; tem- 
perate — , mintaqa-e-muatadiliEb ; frigid 
^•, mintaqa-e mabruda. 

Zoology, 8. ilm-i-hajwanat, janwaron-ka 



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