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1. The Ifugao language 

The Ifugao language is spoken by a group of people by that name living in the Province of Ifugao and 
several surrounding provinces of north-central Luzon, Philippines. About 150,000 people speak this 
language as their mother tongue. The Ifugao people are famous for their wet-rice culture in one of the 
most mountainous areas of Southeast Asia. This has produced a hardy people who have carved out the 
spectacular rice terraces. Many scientists and others have studied and written on the very intricate and 
highly developed culture that has developed around this agricultural system. Little, however, has been 
done to describe the dialects of these people which have played such a significant role in making this 
possible. This dictionary is a description of a selected portion of a dialect of Ifugao spoken by people 
living in the Batad Ifugao valley of north-central Ifugao. The valley slopes towards the southeast and is 
bounded on three sides by mountain ridges, clearly circumscribing the Batad Ifugao dialect area. The 
speakers of this dialect, including those living outside the dialect area, number no more than a few 
thousand. However, closely related dialects are spoken across the northern part of the province, down 
the eastern side, across the south and in numerous settlement areas in surrounding provinces. A large 
number of people living in these areas speak either Batad Ifugao or closely related dialects. About 50,000 
people speak a dialect similar to what is described here. 

Batad Ifugao Dictionary 

with Ethnographic Notes 

Compiled by 
Leonard E. Newell 
Summer Institute of Linguistics 

Francis Bon'og Poligon 
Ifugao Language Consultant 

Foreword by 
Harold C Conklin 

Copyright 1993 by the Linguistic Society of the Philippines 
All rights reserved. 
ISBN 971-1059-24-X 

0693 2.0c 

Linguistic Society of the Philippines 
Special Monograph Issue, Number 33